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File: 1560282667792.jpg (Spoiler Image, 851.56 KB, 1800x1616, 1559271815410 copy.jpg)

No. 820903

Previous thread: >>>/snow/812233

>Shayna caught eating out at a hamburger joint with Fupa
>Multiple twitter and snapchat accounts banned
>Typical mental breakdown imminent - says she's "working on her mental health"
>Begs for money for furniture and buys almost an ounce of weed instead
>Orbiter decides to help her release "merch". Nobody is really sure why.
>Shay caught with Fupa at beer fair because of a reflection in her sunglasses
>Shay continues to buy more and more Twitter followers
>Shay adopted a dog even though she lives in a tiny apartment with no consistent job.
>Shay continues to drink every day and go on paranoid twitter rants

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- do not include or harass Shay's family
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https://www.instagram.com/dolly_mattel/ (deleted)

KYLE NATHAN PERKINS (alias: Fupa; Fupapa):
http://youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com (deleted)

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No. 820906

File: 1560282891967.jpg (78.36 KB, 749x1111, IMG_20190611_205423.jpg)

Girl looks dead inside

No. 820911

I had forgotten all about the thread pic but it’s so fucking good hahahah.

No. 820916

Kek. Please make it a habit to add a smol fupa to every future thread pic

No. 820924

oh the braids are back lol this is officially a cycle she goes through

No. 820931

File: 1560287125093.jpg (87.19 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20190611_220449.jpg)

Her "humiliating" video is supposed to be her as a blow up doll lol.

No. 820943

lol, such humiliation. I’ve seen this same kind of video from a ton of sex workers, probably done much better than she ever could.

No. 820944

File: 1560288251136.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 764.11 KB, 1242x1266, 582EDF2B-042F-4622-B657-F8EE4C…)

why does she like talking about how much she pukes? What is attractive about that? sucking on 2 inches of dildo and puking isn’t sexy. maybe to men with micro dicks, but other than that…

No. 820950

Let's not forget: her actual audience is a group of old degenerate mouth breathing basement dwellers that have exhausted porn so much, they have to rely on mediocre gross "porn" to ignite something in them.

No. 820951

A blow up doll wouldn't vomit Shay, you're supposed to be "built for sex" not wretching over 3 inches.
I hope the dog is locked out the way or it would deffo come eat her vomit.

No. 820952

good god the way she over lined her lips with the red lipstick is absolutely atrocious and extremely off-putting

No. 820953


If it's not kiss proof that excess lipstick will make her teething look even more painful.

No. 820954

These photos look like 2 different people because of the filters. It's wild and outing her catfishing

No. 820958

What the hell is nightmare maedication

No. 820959

uhhh so that's vomit on her shirt? okay…

No. 820960

You sound really naive about men. Facefucking until the girl pukes is really common in porn these days.

No. 820961

She a idiot it’s probably somekind of “training”

No. 820962

This girl is making the entire human race look bad

No. 820963

She’s probably referring to weed and her increased tolerance for it.

No. 820964

File: 1560290109403.jpg (66.81 KB, 576x1024, IMG_20190611_225536.jpg)


No. 820966

this bitch needs to reevaluate her life lmao jesus

No. 820973


Maybe not wear a white shirt?? And use makeup that's better

No. 820977

the vomit stain on her shirt oh my god

No. 820979

That’s actually “the look” for the blow up doll thing. It’s supposed to be way overdone and stupid looking.

No. 820980

yeah but it involves deepthroating, not sticking 2 inches in and barfing. she also regularly talks about vomiting from anxiety and not eating and shit, so her now talking about it in a supposed “sexy” context is fucking weird and offputting.

No. 820981

Lol that’s not even a lot of spit. 3 times you “threw up” sure Jan. It looks like spit and foundation, tbh. I’ve seen basic blowjob videos sloppier than this. I feel sorry for the buyer, he was probably expecting much more than this.

No. 820984

i never feel sorry for anyone that gives her money for this shit

No. 821000

so she's supposed to be on cam starting right now, I'm in MA so I can't check but something tells me she won't be

No. 821005

On her snap she said she’ll be late because she has to get weed. She “can’t can with out weed”

No. 821006

She already been on snap saying she will be 30min-1 hour late cos she's gone to get weed and of course begging for someone to pay for it

No. 821012

If you have to be inebriated in some way to do your job, does that really look like you love your job?

No. 821021

What if you quality test alcohol

No. 821023


Probs another reason she won't call it quits. It's the only job she can be drunk & high during kek.

Also if it were anyone but Shay, I'd be like ok, weed helps relax/loosen up and maybe makes it more fun… But it is Shay and she's late to HER own first schedule of the week because of it and we know it's an actually dependency to get through another day of total "thriving".

No. 821024

File: 1560297450753.jpg (675.88 KB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_20190611-172627_Vid…)


Her begging today is horrible. "if you don't pay me the second time you say you are, I'm blocking you and to be unblocked is $100."

Or they'll just move on. Kek she says she'll be on cam at X-time, but will be several hours or just not show up…

No. 821031

We need her clown face in the next thread pic

No. 821033

100% yes

No. 821044

File: 1560300609316.jpg (173.52 KB, 1080x1178, Screenshot_20190612-014932_Chr…)

Lol she completely dodged that it was to be with fupapa. "It's just a cool place!"

No. 821047

LOL who would choose to move to Tulsa just cos it's cool'. It's a shithole.

No. 821057

she still has fur in her dildos

No. 821059

she said on stream that she is very itchy because she changed medication, keeps scratching her legs constantly too

No. 821063

No. 821065

File: 1560304144213.jpg (139.17 KB, 1080x926, Screenshot_20190612-022643_Chr…)

She was itching her hands constantly saying it was something they use when they do your nails. Idk anything about that shit.
But everytime people didn't talk she moaned whilst sitting there scratching her hands in a slumped posture. Way to be enticing Shay.

And she's gone. An average of 22 viewers, makes sense with all those legit twitter followers right?

She made 44 tokens lmao

No. 821067

So she lasted just over an hour, leaving because no one spoke to her. Yikes

No. 821073

This makes her teeth look even worse

No. 821074

File: 1560304730914.jpg (Spoiler Image, 374.85 KB, 1072x850, Screenshot_20190611-205515_Twi…)

Very flattering

No. 821076

File: 1560305164482.jpeg (222.01 KB, 1242x508, 2A7D040F-C315-4D66-8DF2-1FE9E0…)


No. 821078

Yeah, for a full-body seizure.

No. 821086

seconding this, it cracks me up every time i visit the thread.

that dildo looks infected, it's probably just her lipstick but ew.

she knew what time she said she'd be on, either get the weed well before then or pick a different time, omf.

No. 821093

she’s probably referring to prazosin which is a beta blocker. its a med to lower your blood pressure but one of the side effects is that you don’t remember your dreams so they prescribe it to people with ptsd and nightmares. idk why anons on here are saying there’s no such thing as nightmare meds or that it “only works for ptsd nightmares” when it takes 2 seconds to google. girl needs help and all the pills in the world wont fix her. she just has to quit the sex work shit and move back to mass

No. 821100

I just googled prazosin and it’s used exclusively for those with ptsd and it’s apparently coming out that there are side effects with nighttime only use. I wish all the armchair psychiatrists would calm their asses down and just take Shayna for what she is. Idk why y’all start taking everything so personally whenever psychology comes up. We know you’re medicated, it’s fine.

No. 821113

File: 1560313049016.jpeg (51.57 KB, 640x373, 244FC4DC-30A0-46B7-A513-1C879D…)

Her old snap is still up for me?

No. 821114

The pattern on that pillow makes it look like stink lines are coming out of her which is far too appropriate.

No. 821215

i legit thought the same exact thing, i thought someone had photoshopped the pillow

No. 821254

File: 1560351467896.jpg (246.95 KB, 1080x684, Screenshot_20190612-095634_Twi…)

Sure Shay, you definitely arent just lurking the threads.

No. 821276

Maybe not that exactly but she sure as hell recycles/saves screenshots of people sending her money to make it seem like more

No. 821280

File: 1560355380527.jpg (479.69 KB, 1079x1695, Screenshot_20190612-090229_Twi…)

Confirmed, kek

No. 821281

File: 1560355689673.jpg (321.54 KB, 1080x1668, Screenshot_20190612-090803_Twi…)

Shay, if you're going to fake these, at least crop the time.

No. 821282

File: 1560355806037.jpg (393.98 KB, 1080x2158, 20190612_091038.jpg)

Last one. I swear she can't get any dumber but then she exceeds my expectations.

No. 821285

LMAO caught in the act

No. 821288

This is so funny. This is why you shouldn't talk out of your ass. People will call you on your shit.

No. 821289


This is so hilariously pathetic.

No. 821290

It'd be a huge surprise if she even has enough money in her account at any given time to send to herself given her impulsive spending.

No. 821292

could this not be chalked up to the timezone(s) of whoever is taking the screenshot?

No. 821293

lol SHE would be the one taking the screenshot

No. 821297

Timezones would only change the hour, not minutes. So it makes no sense that she's posting them at times that are later than it currently is.

No. 821299

Super tinfoil. she’s been hooking and needs an excuse to where she gets the money so that fupa doesn’t trip and that’s why she been posting the old ass screenshots of people sending her money

No. 821300

screenshot of the tweet itself dude not Shayna's screenshot obviously

and I only ask because minute-wise, each of these three tweets were posted within like 15 minutes of the venmo or whatever app she uses. So depending on if anons who screenshotted them were in the same time zone or not⁦ (changing the hours but not the minutes of the tweet's timestamp) they could arguably be legit "donations" to the poor shayna fund. that she posted about 10-20 minutes after receiving because she has to show them off immediately.

not saying she has never recycled screenshots, just that these three are debatable

No. 821301

lmao yeah im a moron.

No. 821303

i went through her twitter to try to find these to see if the times were different because i'm in a completely different time zone to her, but she's deleted all of them. if that's not proof then i don't know what is.

but also no, it shows her timezone on there not ours. her most recent tweet was 1 hour ago at 9am. where i live it's 6pm. so yeah she fucked up

No. 821304

File: 1560359280280.png (122.21 KB, 1262x558, Screenshot 2019-06-12 at 18.07…)

here's proof

No. 821337

im still seeing them

No. 821347

oh i don't know why they weren't showing for me then. maybe twitter glitched or something

No. 821356

It's probably the sensitive content firewall warning that they put on automatically if you're not logged in with the sensitive content warning disabled

No. 821378

File: 1560373593094.jpg (Spoiler Image, 339.55 KB, 1067x1053, Screenshot_20190612-160611_Twi…)

So much begging today (1/2)

No. 821380

File: 1560373645727.jpg (Spoiler Image, 360.98 KB, 1075x840, Screenshot_20190612-160634_Twi…)

All within 20min kek (2/2)

No. 821382

File: 1560373769474.jpeg (184.51 KB, 750x953, D1C11C6C-DF02-4DDF-BD2B-A2FBF3…)


No. 821383

so this was a custom that someone paid how much for that she's now giving out for the price of a lunch? okay then…

No. 821384

$100 an hour to listen to this bitch give advice when she is failing…sounds about right.

No. 821385

why does she always try to pretend she was a child model?

No. 821386

File: 1560374004915.png (1.2 MB, 823x864, 2019-06-12 17_13_51-1560297450…)

>sex work has heightened my confidence

No. 821387


Trust me, if she did model she would have posted many throwback pics by now. She's making up shit

No. 821390

Is she bragging about being in ballet when she was age 3 to 4 years old? Wow such a star

No. 821393

" i just feel like being in front of ppl has always come naturally 2 me!!"

Literally a couple hours ago she said couldn't cam without weed????

No. 821404

That’s $1 per nude. I really did not think she could sink lower.

No. 821405

Sounds like she sent this question to herself as well.

No. 821413

It’s heightened your confidence yet 99% of your photos are with a snap filter. And you cam low quality from a distance so no one can see how ghoulish you really look.

Dollar menu nudes. Something all high quality “porn stars” offer.

No. 821415

if i remember correctly, she was in a catalog for dance costumes. one photo of her, that was it. nothing special. i wouldn’t call that “modeling.” also kek at the ballet at 3-4 years old because i think a year ago on tumblr she claimed she used to be a ballerina or something

No. 821424

File: 1560378208926.jpeg (314.71 KB, 1920x1080, 1_VTjjfe5s0WNz4D7W3N981A.jpeg)

No. 821425

File: 1560378507598.jpg (98.55 KB, 618x412, Miranda-Sings.jpg)

No. 821426

It's even more pathetic than that, it was literally just the free photos that every dance studio takes on recital day lmao not even a catalog. She completely fabricated the whole modelling thing. Also I'm dying at how she thinks her running in a circle as a 3 year old is actually doing ballet. She's beyond desperate and needs to exaggerate severely

No. 821428

It's literally so funny if I met her I'd just laugh the whole time. "Modeling" I actually cackled.

No. 821436

File: 1560380093747.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 4000x3000, 5658CB46-6E2D-4A3D-A321-4C5D30…)

Literal nightmare fuel

No. 821437

you can really tell how much she hates this in her eyes.

No. 821439

File: 1560380339794.png (39.4 KB, 594x475, 2019-06-12 18_59_17-Window.png)

orbiters ftw

No. 821443

Was… this a custom? Shay please ..

No. 821454

File: 1560382199425.png (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 750x1334, CD15C4B2-DA43-4D92-8583-BD07C6…)

No. 821456

She's probably not getting any sales/tips because her audio is atrocious. Get a fucking mic that works. Jesus.

No. 821457

She really humiliated herself like this for $10? Wow that's embarrassing.

No. 821462

Lmao. This is hilarious and just disgusting. And that fake voice is just god awful.

No. 821466

oh my god, this stupid bitch. yeah men are gross and like gagging porn but ffs she's so bad at blowjobs. fucking train or do SOMETHING if you are going to act like an uwu hardcore sloppy bj bimbo. dont act like you are deepthroating when you are barely doing anything. shayna is so repulsive and mediocre.

No. 821468

File: 1560383974032.jpg (55.11 KB, 638x547, Screenshot_20190613-005845_Chr…)

Howling at her about to vomit on those 3 inches. No wonder she likes fupa so much.

No. 821473

File: 1560385577591.jpg (150.67 KB, 1080x1098, Screenshot_20190613-012525_Twi…)

Another lolcow reference disguised as "an anon message" lol

No. 821474

she needs to stop lurking so hard. Or lurk harder and take some of the advice in the last thread.

No. 821475

This video is really breaking the TOS of mv, no vomit allowed

No. 821477

File: 1560386112373.png (415.89 KB, 552x747, 411517CA-3225-4BDE-94AE-D16B22…)

I dug up this from an old thread >>765994
Here's her "modeling" as a child. This looks like a school picture. Maybe even a cheap clothing catalog. I mean, for christ sake, it looks like someone just draped a sheet in front of a window and took the picture.

No. 821481

That's almost certainly a dance photo.

No. 821482

God her audio is shite.
> Do you wanna put me in my place and show me what a dumb little cock socket I really am?
> horrifying slurping noise, dry heaving
> Do you like humiliating your little dolly
> The only thought I need in my dumb little brain is your cock
Grade A script right here. This is the Academy Award winner.

No. 821483

No. 821484

Why is she suddenly posting about what has been said here. All of her threads could be deleted and she’d still blame all her problems on da haturz

No. 821486

File: 1560386753178.jpeg (214.89 KB, 1024x1024, D7A099D5-4573-44FD-9B5D-6051A6…)

No. 821487

You're right anon but judging by their previous no action action against Lana rain for masturbating in public in front of a children's playground I can't think they take their rules very seriously. Although Lana makes them bank, Shay doesn't make shit.

No. 821488

This honestly reads like a really bad ripoff of this video: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c9272dc4d51b

That’s actually doing the fetish properly. Shaynas is just doing a lazy, half assed rip off.

No. 821489

She's going on the defensive because she has nothing going on with her life. So she kicks it into high gear searching these threads to have an eDgY response. Then comes the asspats from the orbit of creeps while her bought spambot followers post SEXy BABE HOT SLUTSE X FUN TIME CLIKC LINK ASS BOOBYs under her tweets.

No. 821490

WHY does she post these photos with zits all over her ass???

No. 821491

Cos she never doesn't have zits.

Presumably she doesn't edit them out because she does videos that exposes it or she had 0 editing skills.

No. 821492

She just posted caps exposing some “haytur” for pity, yet for some reason isn’t posting any of these mean ol’ tumblr anons? Sure Shay.
So obviously unbothered.

No. 821496

File: 1560388558660.jpg (571.95 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190612-201538_Twi…)

Why would you reblog this onto a Twitter you use to sell porn?

No. 821498

"woke" points?

No. 821499

File: 1560389811642.jpg (149.07 KB, 1080x1101, Screenshot_20190613-023614_Twi…)

This being her reaction to selling 1 video is very telling

No. 821502

File: 1560390592425.jpg (180.62 KB, 1074x551, Screenshot_20190612-205000_Twi…)

Ummmm real dommes don't do that

No. 821503

File: 1560390628295.jpg (392.77 KB, 1079x1152, Screenshot_20190612-205012_Twi…)

When is she going to drop this? Begging for money doesn't make you a findomme Shay

No. 821504

lol draining their bank accounts of $40?

No. 821505

Says a lot about herself that she thinks 60 dollars is draining lol.

No. 821508

Isn't this bad business? She's posting pussy shots for free. No wonder she makes no money lmao

No. 821511

File: 1560392162856.jpg (346.2 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_20190612-211625_Twi…)

Doing more lurking Shay?

No. 821512

Holy shit, that is not an edit?

No. 821513

blackmail is so cute and barbie!

No. 821514

lol she really thinks she’s marginalized because she has a flat ass. fuck off shayna, maybe girls with actual fat asses want their moment in the spotlight for once.

No. 821518

She needs to stop posting spread asshole pussy shots for free and give her orbiters more incentive to purchase. Why would anybody buy anything if they can just go on her twitter for free and get j/o material ?? As nasty as it is

No. 821521

$60 is a lot when you’re selling dollar menu nudes. Every time I think she can’t fall any lower.
She’s basically diminished her worth. (What little was left at least)

No. 821526

File: 1560397451612.jpg (Spoiler Image, 443.75 KB, 719x1280, scrote.jpg)

I mean it kinda does kek

No. 821527

The fact that she doesn't take the time to even facetune her damn butt acne out is infuriating lmao. No horny man wants to see that shit. She'd probably sell more pics if she made an effort to edit her photos like everyone else.

No. 821529

I had to stop myself from actually editing those out while making her scrotum realness pop

No. 821530


No. 821533

Wtf, her labia looks like a tiny ballsack and her ass has so much assne. Jesus Christ, how horrifying.

No. 821537


How about none of them? Yikes

No. 821538

It's edited

No. 821539

She could fix it IRL too in a couple days of treatment. Folliculitis, easy cure.

No. 821542


This is the most I've ever seen her take tbh. But I also just thought… This bitch has a loose dildo, there's no excuse to not be properly deepthroating or sucking it. It's not an actual dick stuck to a body. Deepthroating is really about the angle. And she has all the time in the world to practice on dildos.

No. 821547

"An anon sent me __" is her new way of publicly responding to shit she's butthurt by on here kek

No. 821553


Oh my fucking GOD. This is her worst vid yet. The gagging, the slurping, the broken up horribly done baby/dumb voice, the puke sound in the teaser clip, her facial expressions… all of it. A literal and figurative mess. Delete this pleaseShay.

No. 821567

Shay is a scrot without being male, incredible

No. 821610

File: 1560420752892.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 102.39 KB, 563x1281, 9D57FC5E-0C5D-41CC-997D-1BBED2…)

I took the photo you edited (so ignore the ballsack for a sec) and edited out her assne, filtered it and cropped it and it’s crazy how much better (even if it’s just slightly) her content could be if she 1) put even 5 minutes of bare minimum effort into her work and 2) didn’t include her face. I’m not an editing expert, this took 5 minutes on a shit mobile app. Sort it out shayna

No. 821637

Why would she post herself as a kid on her porn twitter? like, put two and two together. that shit is gross af . Also, i'm highly sure she stole someone's stock photo

No. 821641


I have the strangest feeling this is another camwhore trying to prove how much better she is at being a degenerate.

No. 821642

Is she seriously threatening to out her customers?? this is why she has no real fanbase. wow

No. 821645

some people get off to that, if she hasn't discussed it with them beforehand that's fucked up, but it is possible that they have previously discussed it

No. 821679

File: 1560435603298.jpg (473.37 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190613_102002_com…)

This definitely isn't a self post /s

No. 821688

lmao it sounds exactly like her jfc. she's absolutely shameless.

No. 821707


Girl at what age are you gonna start thinking 'hmm might be good to save money for emergencies'

This charity case shit got old a long time ago, she's going to have wrinkles and still be doing this

No. 821740

“Us lovely clients of yours” LOLLLLL

Also, she could just get her phone screen replaced, she doesn’t need to get a whole new phone. I’m betting she’s just trying to get around the Snapchat and twitter bans.

No. 821762

Genuinely makes me wonder what she even thinks she’s gonna do in the future. E begging is not a solid career lmao it’s not even working out for her now. No place is gonna want to hire someone who’s prior work history has been peeing in diapers and puking on herself. Good luck shay

No. 821767


If she ever tries to get a normal job she'll have to explain several years of having no employment listed on her resume… how do you explain internet whoring during a job interview, chronic unemployment doesn't sound much better. She's fucking up any chance at a normal stable income by keeping this up for so long

No. 821768

I know I’m really late but you can use a proxy

No. 821776

File: 1560452901196.jpg (327.47 KB, 1075x759, Screenshot_20190613-140822_Twi…)

Oh please Shay

No. 821778

File: 1560452953729.jpg (1002.43 KB, 1077x1441, Screenshot_20190613-140836_Twi…)

Drunk Aunt again

No. 821779

just imagining this scenario is making me want to kms

No. 821782


More like future homeless alco offering blow jobs for five dollars

No. 821783

yeah well u do already fit the picture with that jelly belly(nitpick)

No. 821785

Is she bringing this back because she couldn't fulfill the fantasy with Fupa?

No. 821789

File: 1560453876428.jpeg (731.92 KB, 1242x1380, B0FAD8F4-AD53-4283-BCA1-C1F221…)

more daily fake woke posts from ur fave drunk auntie

No. 821792

File: 1560453943796.jpeg (586.94 KB, 1242x692, 297A09B6-D820-460B-9B7A-5AA904…)

this is such a sad home and sad work space. She literally puts everything in one corner to make it look like the rest of her apartment isn’t terribly empty. how sad must your life be when you decorate and arrange your home simply for social media?

No. 821793

File: 1560453970128.jpg (234.4 KB, 1080x953, Screenshot_20190613-142612_Twi…)

The comments under her step mom post

No. 821794

File: 1560454007601.jpeg (316.62 KB, 1242x532, 1D3B8875-B399-48CB-BEC5-283B56…)

“Don’t need money for my phone but I need it for shopping so send me money because I don’t like working ever”

No. 821796

I wish she would stop with this 'fat pussy' phase she is going through.

No. 821797


My exact thoughts. Like why would they pay even a dollar for a nude when there's a free pussy shot right on the post and more free nudes a scroll away? I guess she's hoping it'll be her dumb orbiters that will call her "cute" or pathetic guys that think they're getting "personal" nudes. Like it's such a private special nude for them because she sends it to their dms. Which is bs because it's probs 3 pics she took earlier that day or even days ago that she's recycling to everyone.

No. 821799


Hiding that massive outbreak with her hand aside and not WKing, but these almost look okay since she has sunglasses covering half her face and is trying to pose. The low quality is really helping hide everything so that she almost, ALMOST looks cute or whatever she was trying at. Almost had it, Shay. Then we see the full photo >>821778
and it goes back to a nope.

No. 821801


The fucking febreeze can (?) on the bed kek I'm fucking crying

No. 821803

The phrase you're looking for is "spilling out", shay. You'd think English isn't her first language.

No. 821808

Lel her words make it sound like she's dripping discharge down her leg

No. 821832

lol she's just like trump~

No. 821842


No anon it's leaking out. Leaking! Her pussy is so fat and her shorts are so small it's just leaking out! A heckin' leaking! It's an existential crisis!

No. 821873

I can't believe the shit she wears out. She is going to the mall, in a fucking see through little titty belt with no bra…. How does she not have any shame?

No. 821874

i don't usually go around saying "she was asking for it" but like………….. she has to get harassed on the street, you can see her fckin nipples

No. 821882

File: 1560465093378.jpeg (300.18 KB, 1123x1182, 3CB194C6-EFC5-428A-868B-06BE8E…)

The delusion…

No. 821889

If I saw her dressed like that at the mall I'd be wondering if she hooked from the trailer park.

No. 821892

Shay loves musty ass small cock though. She's still chasing one, it belongs to Fupa. I highly doubt those girls are looking at her because they are threatened. They probably want to know if her drug of choice is meth, heroin, alcohol, or crack and just can't tell. She always looks like a street urchin whenever she goes out.

No. 821894

>I’m hot

Yea, you’re a hot fucking mess. They’re staring at you like how people stare at a crackhead screaming at their own shadow. You go to the mall dressed like trailer trash. The delusion is fucking strong with her.

No. 821898

lol i think the majority of girls at the mall with their boyfriend are pointing out how she looks like she just walked off the set of a new episode of jerry springer.
people don't usually turn around to stare at you because you look good, shayna.

No. 821900

File: 1560466263280.jpg (705.99 KB, 1080x1899, Screenshot_20190613-174711_Vid…)

How can one girl be so delusional? All day I've thought how she literally looks like a cheap hooker, and it's probably what everyone around her thinks. There's a difference between being tastefully dressed with lots of skin showing, and just looking like straight up trailer trash.

No. 821902

also keep in mind this is the middle of tulsa, oklahoma. so the majority of people probably actually do think she's a trailer park prostitute or something. also you know she's not sucking it in like she is in these pictures while she's just casually walking around, so who knows what this whole getup even actually looks like in person.

No. 821909

She already does this.
Oh look, all dressed up to sit around at home.
>now tht i don't have 2 drop 300 on my phone
What? Did she just change her mind on that beg? Or did something not get capped that I'm missing here? Or did she read >>821740 and finally take our advice for once? SHAYNA SEE A GYNECOLOGIST FOR THE LOVE OF GOD
>plywood door
This looks like the kind of dressing room you find at a Goodwill. If it didn't have an ad on the door, I would think that it is.

No. 821920

She’s only doing it because it’s popular on twitter at the moment and she thinks she belongs in everything

No. 821921

it's old navy

No. 821923

She probably takes it as a compliment because her self esteem is beneath the earths core at this point

No. 821925

File: 1560467469592.png (346.34 KB, 720x1187, Capture _2019-06-13-19-03-24.p…)

So, where is she while you're out shopping?

No. 821926

No those girls are looking at you thinking 1. She’s probably a drug addicted hooker and 2. “Im so glad I’m not her”

No. 821927

Imagine going to the mall dressed like a trailer park hooker so you have something to tweet about

No. 821929

Her apartment is such shit. First it was leaks, then they had to fix all the outlets in most of the apartments, now her thermostat is broke. Could she possibly have found anything shittier? But yes keep convincing us you’re living in bimbo luxury Shayna.

No. 821934

Dog dying of heat exhaustion chewing on musty dildos at the apartment whilst she's shopping begging for the money and taking changing room selfies. Nice Shay.

No. 821935

So I was just thinking…. She doesn't own a vacuum cleaner….her entire apartment is covered in dirty carpet….

No. 821936

Hell, I'm not even sure she owns a plate. She seems to have nothing domestic. I bet her bathroom has never been cleaned, bet it's rank.

No. 821943

I know for a fact I’m not jealous when scantily clad whores walk around when I’m out with my boyfriend. She looks like someone we’d point and laugh at. She looks so uncomfortable and her weird compensation is really telling how low her self esteem is. This rat faced tranny bodied whore lives such a bleak life it’s not even funny. Cooped up in a dingy apartment high and drunk begging for mere dollars from weird old lonely men. She has no friends, no family near her and really no future. I can’t wait in 10 years to read about her adventures as a dried up wrinkle faced Wendy’s cashier since we all know she won’t ever give up sperging online

No. 821950

Yeah.. I'm usually like "girls can wear whatever they want" but this… this just looks ridiculous and kinda out of place. She does look like a hooker walking around like that during daytime

No. 821953

I hope there’s no children at whatever mall she’s at. That top is so sheer, you can clearly see her nipples. And this girl delusional if she thinks people are staring at her cause she looks “hot”

No. 821957

"Can but shouldn't" is probably the sentiment I'd go for here. She looks like garbage and like she's trying too hard.

And as another anon said if people are saying to their mates "past look at that person" and they turn around it's because it's negative. You don't wanna be caught looking. It's not cos you're hot Shay lmao.

No. 821959

It's weird to see her without the big stupid winged eyeliner for once.

No. 821963


The only girls who would be jealous are girls uglier than her with boyfriends on the same level and that's pretty far down. Also yeah, I hadn't noticed her nipples through it on first look, but wow. I would think security could ask her to leave? That's something that could be kinda slutty cute for a beach day or something, not the fucking mall. I'm all for girls going braless, but she is just so distasteful about it. In fact, I don't think she owns a bra aside from the basic bitch CK underwear set she has.

No. 821966

Major tinfoil but I think that her vagina looks red and raw all of the time (aside from dry fucking herself) from hooking on the side and banging johns. If you’re banging multiple dudes in a day, it’ll look like that

No. 821967

this is stupid tho, she wouldn't be as broke as she is and someone would've found her advertising by now

No. 821973

File: 1560473877884.jpg (480.22 KB, 1080x1241, Screenshot_20190613-175741_Twi…)

Get a clue, he doesn't want to sit next to you, lmao.

No. 821974

she wouldn’t do this because she hates sex. pimps don’t want girls that hate sex and can’t even give blowjobs.

No. 821975

“only in Tulsa” um, no? plenty of people would do this especially around you.

No. 821976

Holy shit bitch Shayna…put some clothes on. You know you can dress like a whore TASTEFULLY right??
Like there’s $10 crackhead prostitute (you nailed it) and then there’re $10k hooker who fuck athletes and shit. Dress for the job you want you utter disgrace…

No. 821977

File: 1560474164714.jpeg (932.77 KB, 1242x1341, A6C6C358-655E-423D-A81A-3091CC…)

LMAO two days into her schedule and she already has an excuse why she can’t show up. Ffs, why can’t she just do her basic ass JOB?!

No. 821978

Pfft doubt. This bitch can barely leave the house to get fast food. If she was hooking shed at least have hoe friends to tell her to get a fucking grip and take a shower sometimes.

No. 821979

File: 1560474227088.jpeg (817.15 KB, 1242x1095, 26AC966E-07AA-4CF9-897B-8937A6…)

she’s taking the night off to go to the bar and look like a crackhead auntie, while sitting outside in the heat. so…why can’t she work without a/c?

No. 821981

Nope, it's PacSun in the Woodland hills mall.

No. 821982

AND the door isn’t even fully closed

Nasty ho

No. 821983

She's on snap complaining that it's "illegal" that no one has bought anything off her wish list or sent her something in over a week

No. 821985

I’m triggered by bitches like her so much who goes through the wine/beer cool girl phase… Shay shut up lmao that beer looks flat as shit, not unlike your ass. Stop pretending like you can tell an ale from a cup of piss because you’re so goddamn dehydrated all the time.

No. 821986

wouldn't it make more sense to go buy a fan or something. it's 78 degrees there, not like its 100.

No. 821990

She wants to stretch her ears to an inch

No. 821993

maybe ppl don't want to buy her fuck all b/c of the constant begging. like she went from being sad she dropped her phone to ~forgetting~ she had insurance on it so it'd only cost her $30 to get fixed, to getting $150 sent from some alleged sugar daddy for it.

also constantly giving away free nudes on twitter, she doesn't get there's little incentive for ppl to buy her anything.

hahaha, she will fuck them up b/c she doesn't seem like she has the patience to do it right or to care for them between stretches. that won't really fit with her ~baby bimbo uwu~ thing she tries to go for either but hey, i really want to see her try and fail.

No. 821994

i cannot believe anyone would go to the mall dressed like this. her bra is completely see through. the only time i could see anyone wearing this is a music festival in the summer. but NEVER with those accessories.

No. 821996

File: 1560475948696.jpeg (916.62 KB, 1242x1179, 3DC983B0-F578-4215-858E-B28241…)

No. 822000

Aka drunk enough to think she looks good

No. 822003

cant imagine why that dude didn't want her to sit next to him looking like this /s

No. 822004


Late Day 1. Not making to it Day 2 because of insert bs reason/really wants to go out drinking. Also how many vids was she supposed to do this week?

No. 822006

File: 1560476450052.jpg (192.36 KB, 750x1334, D8-9_KaW4AENI3i.jpg)

full size for full effect

No. 822008

does she have a skincare routine or at least take remove her makeup properly? it looks like her skin is struggling under the makeup

No. 822013

Her face is saying "I wish I was dead"

No. 822015

Dis bitch still out and she's left her puppy in apartment with broken AC and while someone tryna work on it?

No. 822016


This place allows dogs obviously, but she hasn't said Noodle is with her at this point. So yeah. Too hot for Shay to cam, but she'll leave her dog there to go get drunk!

No. 822019

The bar might but obviously but obviously the mall doesn't and she hasn't gone back since saying more work needed to be done and she went shopping nearly 3 hours ago

No. 822027

File: 1560480688792.jpeg (175.69 KB, 750x974, 22180ED1-3D7F-4BF8-AFC7-21B41C…)


sHe'S nOt LiKe tHe OtHeR gUrLZ, she's a special bimbo

No. 822029

people know you as barbie because you've shoved it down everyone's throats

No. 822041

Anyone coming to you for content is because you’re the bargain bin bitch but go off
Literally no one calls you Barbie… They’re barely calling you Dolly, which sounds like a Chinese ripoff. And like Barbie is dead ass one of the most basic hoe names? Every other stripper calls herself barbie.

No. 822048


She didn't take it to the mall, but she did say she took her to Petco when she figured out the a/c was busted. But yeah, it's been there for most of the day and I doubt Shay even has a house fan for it. That's really not good to leave pets or a puppy especially home alone for most of the day in the summer heat.

No. 822049

she has a patio and prob left it outside. i don't think it was that hot out today. could even be with fupa, who knows.

No. 822051


Right?? Not even just strippers. I see bleach blonde basic bitches, fatties, and alt girls use it too. They just add some stupid thing to it like _____ Barbie. (My personal cow is "Metal Barbie" and loves generic 80s rock bands parading around like a hoe in basic bitch ways wither her hella fried bleach blonde hair lmao). It's overused as all fuck. Any blonde or girl who latches to the pink aesthetic goes for it. Oh but Shay is so extra special alt girl now with pink hair and don't forget her stretched ears and not like those other bimbos lifestyle.
Do forget her nose piercing tho since even she's apparently dropped that shit about it making her so hardcore kek.

No. 822053


I mean, that's also irresponsible af. Pups shouldn't be left alone outside all day and evening. Shay doesn't have a legit job, so there's no excuse. Just a really shitty pet owner overall. Just another reason she shouldn't have a dog, much less a breed like that, much less a puppy.
Not trying to sperg about the dog sorry!(dog sperg)

No. 822056

File: 1560485882661.jpeg (78.02 KB, 500x420, 8CDFC1E0-7525-4585-9643-B5CC1F…)

Can’t unsee her hideous nails

No. 822058

File: 1560486088321.png (585.02 KB, 453x473, hippo teeth.PNG)

lmao me too they remind me of hippo teeth with their super weird angle. She clearly goes to the cheapest place she can find

No. 822065

I feel like bimbo fetishists probably care more about ya know, the girl being/acting like a helpless idiot than anything else anyway. Like yeah, they want a girl who's young/"hot" but I really doubt small boobs or stretched ears are a deal breaker. And honestly, pink hair fits the aesthetic as much as blonde does so idk where she's going with that one.

No. 822085

This looked like one of her worst/most embarrassing videos yet so I took one for the team and bought it. Enjoy, anons.

No. 822089

Brilliant anon.
I watched it and I feel very disturbed…

No. 822091


i regret my decision.

also, is anyone put off by her voice? in my head she sounds completely different and her actual voice is somehow even more jarring.

No. 822093


Dear God. The sounds she makes, the faces she makes are all so disturbing and not sexy in the slightest.

I wonder what someone that actually has a bimbo fetish/sloppy/whatever the hell fetish this is would think of this video. It's just so… Cringe. Is this what they like?

No. 822095

I'm like 90% sure she has faked the stain on her shirt.

No. 822096

seriously…she was talking all this game like she puked so much but she never even puked in the video. Scammy Shay at it again.

No. 822099

she seems very much like a flailing child to me. i can't even criticize her. she's obviously very mentally stunted and someone should be protecting her from herself. this is a shitshow.

No. 822100

when will she realize this aesthetic doesn't fit her? the way she talks like that is headache inducing

No. 822101

This is absolutely horrible wtf. How does she honestly spend so much time around her dildos and… still suffer with an inch of silicon in her mouth.

No. 822103

This is hands down the worst porn acting I have ever seen. Even by cam whore standards

No. 822106

File: 1560503851110.png (Spoiler Image, 208.26 KB, 414x377, Screenshot_2019-06-14-02-13-48…)

I know some men have low standards, but I wonder if someone can genuinely beat their meat to this.

No. 822110

File: 1560505147963.png (183.46 KB, 360x360, Screenshot_2019-06-14-02-37-08…)

So enticing. Don't you just want to be her sugar daddy? /s

No. 822111

File: 1560506111287.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 131.34 KB, 1124x596, 76C9CE24-1755-424C-B340-D1A7CA…)

The hardest of keks

No. 822112

I mean… it’s just nipples. I’m more worried about her fat pussy „leaking out“ than her titties

No. 822113


this needs to be the next thread pic omg

No. 822114


this needs to be the next thread pic omg

No. 822115

this is a cursed image

No. 822117

her nails are legit pointing upwards on some fingers, what absolute pennies is she paying for them, even drugstore stick ones would be better at this point

No. 822119

Am I retarded or is it actually difficult to read with the way she types lmao

No. 822139

Okay, what’s with all the cuts? Plusbshe never has it in her mouth for more than 10 seconds, and then it’s a random cut to another angle. If I was trying to jack off to this I’d have a really hard time. She’s been making porn for how long? This is basic shit. She probably only did one take of everything, realized she only had a few minutes of useable content so decided to recycle shots and just jump around. She also didn’t puke at all. How lazy.

No. 822143

You can literally hear the vomit come up her throat at 4:17. She just swallows it back down and keeps going.

No. 822146

File: 1560518335011.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 300.62 KB, 1818x1818, ACFD2DB9-6E3D-4984-8165-26BE6E…)


No. 822149

this tested my personal gag reflex in that when she started making those gagging sounds on the 2 inches of dildo, i found myself almost throwing up.
this is a new low, even for her and the fake voice was coming off more creepy than sexy.

No. 822155

File: 1560521420247.png (824.53 KB, 725x617, Screenshot_5.png)


No. 822172

File: 1560525079264.jpg (289.73 KB, 1076x605, 20190614_034549.jpg)

She's really doing well with this one

No. 822173


this has to be a fucking troll video. she cant actually think this was good.

No. 822174

File: 1560525651358.jpeg (156.41 KB, 1153x819, F3D79A43-6D37-47BE-B186-020B0D…)

Jesus her teeth look horrendous. She seriously can’t think this looks sexy.

No. 822182

File: 1560527418669.gif (1.66 MB, 320x180, 93B13C9F-F284-42C1-8BE1-30EB33…)

Does she even watch the porn she makes because wtf was this? How did she record, rewatch, edit and then think yes this is what gets people off I’m honestly flabbergasted lmao

No. 822184

Is this satire? It looks like satire. No one would think this is attractive.

No. 822185

File: 1560527715835.gif (1.92 MB, 320x180, F01D99C1-B36A-49AB-A123-7F6E50…)

part 2 of wtf lmao

No. 822186

God damn this was just awful. The painfully bad acting with that fake voice. The putting on lipgloss bit was my favourite, so hilariously bad, and then the rest was just gross.

She dropped and had bits of sick some up on her bed she sleeps on and hasn't changed the bedding. I bet she only has the 1 set

No. 822188


This should have never made it to the internet. I feel upset even knowing about this

No. 822191

File: 1560528630530.gif (2.14 MB, 262x262, 98F8CDA4-654B-4980-8FC8-4C82D0…)

No. 822192

File: 1560528697101.jpg (105.58 KB, 805x811, shayafraidinsane.JPG)

I honestly can't even watch it. I feel genuinely ill even trying to. this is legitimately the worst she has ever done.

Here is Shay complaining about having to be around those people who "have problems" to get her psych medication. Haha shay, when will you realize you also have problems? I'd rather be around someone muttering to themselves than this gross bitch.

Clearly she needs some different meds that actually work cos whatever she is on aint making a difference.

No. 822195

Anon you are braver than any US marine

No. 822198

That look of disgust she shows on her face, as if she is aware that this is awful. I cackled

No. 822199

This honestly made me feel so dirty and gross in a way I felt like I was watching some actual autistic girl do this shit.

No. 822201

lol wtf this is so insensitive???
especially coming from the self-proclaimed "mentally ill bitch"
idk why i'm surprised though

No. 822202

can someone please tell me what a "cock socket" is and why she's saying it over and over? lmao. was that a specific term the customer asked to be used? it's bizarre.

No. 822203

I wanna know how much someone paid to have this as a custom. Cause I would want my money back

No. 822210

this bitch. ooooo this "mentally ill bitch"

but the second she encounters people who are visibly mentally ill it's "omg ~~sensory overload~~ from people talking quietly to themselves! I don't get ~~sensory overload~~ walking through a crowded mall in the middle of the day with people staring at me being half naked, only in quiet waiting rooms with maybe two other people talking quietly! THAT gives me an anxiety overload! it's not because I'm a judgmental shithead and think they're inherently bad/violent, it's because… uh… muh mental illness!!! I'M the one suffering!"

this is why no one wants to hear about your "muh mental illness." because you simultaneously don't want to do anything to treat its roots (just medicate me numb docs), want everyone to drop all expectations of you down to zero so you don't have to work because uwu sad, and also want to use it as a ~cute aesthetic~ e.g. pink pill cases.

Having to face the truth that mental illness isn't pretty and some people have it worse than her just isn't part of her perfect sick bitch image.

No. 822212

File: 1560533065809.jpg (118.87 KB, 1080x550, Screenshot_20190614-122417_Sam…)

A comment on her blow up doll video. I guess this person doesn't know that Shay is a scammer

No. 822214


Once you start feeding the puke fetish perves… she'll be making 'shitting my panties' vids next

No. 822217

most people don't want to see other's nipples while they're doing normal things like shopping at the mall. her entire stomach being out is fucking gross, too.

No. 822219

File: 1560534009089.png (27.3 KB, 643x190, ew.png)

Not only did she repeatedly tweet about puking so many times while filming, plus the stain on her shirt, she also has puking advertised in her actual video description. Absolute scam yet again

No. 822221


She doesn't have the stomach to get away with it anymore. In vids she's still always showing it where I think she needs to consider her changing shape and what would look better now. Mainly not wearing cropped tops


The eternal dilemma on this thread is who to judge harder, shay or the dudes into this shit, like pissed off puke lovers lol

No. 822222

Says the self proclaimed "mentally ill bitch" who mutters "anal" repeatedly to herself on crowded airplanes

No. 822231

Google is a thing.

No. 822234

do you not know what being facetious is?

No. 822235


It's a socket for cocks anon, get with the program

No. 822236

She advertised herself puking but did not puke for those who don’t want to waste their life watching this terrible video.

No. 822238

File: 1560538666568.gif (269.78 KB, 452x332, iYOXpB3.gif)


No. 822244

banner material tbh

No. 822257

File: 1560541827863.jpg (106.75 KB, 633x883, bb1.JPG)

Shay says she was diagnosed as bipolar…1/2

No. 822258

File: 1560541852615.jpg (63.1 KB, 641x506, bb2.JPG)

…And now she is a #BipolarBarbie 2/2

No. 822264

Fresh coming from someone who claimed to be whispering “anal” a few dozen times while on an airplane full of people.

Shay is visibly mentally ill and we are all subjected to her autism. Welcome to how we feel about you.

No. 822265


If she actually cares about her bipolar diagnosis she'll stop drinking completely

No. 822266

FFS. Honestly when is she ever on a manic high though? She just seems miserable and masking it with drugs, alcohol and buying dumb shit.
I swear so many Cows say they are bipolar. Is it really that common cos it seems it's just become this edgy label that is used to gain pity and try excuse their shitty behaviour.

No. 822267


Well seeing as she's apparently bipolar now she's not above having moments like this herself, mania can cause you to act like that too shay. Have some fuckin empathy cos it might be your future

No. 822269

Will she fuck. I predict this will change nothing apart from her mentioning it all the time.

No. 822270

All she cares about is the attention/symathy she can get

No. 822271


She does have an unnaturally high opinion of herself at times when her life is absolute shit so that could be her high of sorts. Has a god complex where she thinks she's has power over her 'clients' when in reality she's humiliating herself for a few quid

No. 822272

Hewwo, I'm heckin mentally ill now, so start pity-purchasing my shit content daddy uwu

No. 822276

Don't you want to pay a girl to absolutely humiliate and degrade herself for you and then read a few days later; guys I just found out I'm bipolar!

No. 822279

Ily anon. This is my absolute favorite thread, idk if you guys remember that video I made a while ago but goddamn I need to make a new one bc this girl is a fucking mess

No. 822281

Seriously I thought this part was supposed to be a joke. I actively cringed.

No. 822288

Okay but when did this happen? I follow the threads but dont recall and cant find this

No. 822295

File: 1560544822831.jpeg (135.16 KB, 633x356, 43067DA8-1B9F-457A-BF99-9C7C39…)

This is so unsexy and unsettling. Fuck.

No. 822298

Still sexier than Shayna

No. 822300

The fact that she’s going to act like she’s better than the people there, wow fuck you shayna.

No. 822301

And she even said she puked 3 desperate times in 5 minutes. Like way to lie, there was barely any spit even. There’s chicks out there who make actual messy/sloppy blowjob videos. Maybe it’s not something everyone is into but there’s a way to do a fetish right. If she’s going to claim to be a fetish princess than maybe she should do some fucking research and give a shit about her JOB.

No. 822302

lol bipolar 1 or bipolar 2? this bitch is lying.

No. 822303

Holy shit that was grim. Maybe I am vanilla as fuck but what kind of fucking creep gets off to something like that….

No. 822305

“I’m looking forward to life getting better”

Hey retard, medication doesn’t fix all your problems and fix your shitty life situation and your stupid decisions. It just helps even you out, and help with spikes in mood. That’s literally it. She really thinks taking a pill is going to make everything all better. I’m almost certain they’re giving her a placebo. That would be hilarious.

No. 822306

File: 1560545721271.png (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 1383x971, Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 4.54…)

why the fuck did I watch this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 822307

Jerri had more sex appeal than shay ever will

No. 822308

this is going to be a perfect scapegoat for her. she can cry oppression points now because she has a mental illness and is now a poor uwu fragile sex worker. if she was fat, cows could collide and she could get phoebe to ride for her

No. 822309

ive read through every single shayna thread and its been fairly grim but this is the only pic thats genuinely made me need to look away

No. 822310

I think so too. I wouldn't be surprised if the doctor merely mentioned that bipolar was a possibility and something they'll look into, and Shayna just ran with it so she could proclaim to be BipolarBarbie

No. 822311

bitch needs therapy more than anything, but she will never go more than once a month like she needs, if she goes at all. she is going to probably get lithium and get bloated as fuck from water weight, feel like shit, stop taking anything, and then really fuck up her brain.

No. 822312

yeah because that's deeply humiliating, guarantee you men would get off to that

No. 822313

She goes off about wanting to be taken seriously for her mental illness and then turns it into a cutesy hashtag. fuck off shayna, you make everyone with mental illness look like an asshat.

No. 822314

Why does she look like ariana grande here

No. 822315

does she even have money to pay therapy? i'm sure she will ask for money to her cucklords and then spend it on weed

No. 822316

i think she is still under her dad's insurance. so she probably has the means to go, but no actual will because she doesn't want to better herself. she just likes the pity points being a mentally ill sex worker gives her.

No. 822317

So yall ignore the fly that flies through the shot around 3 mins in lmao

No. 822318

File: 1560547256449.jpeg (68.5 KB, 696x374, 0B792426-1620-4427-903E-041D92…)

No. 822321

Grandma lost her dentures.

No. 822322

hey look it’s the same Ariana grande Stan from the last two threads. You good anon?

No. 822323

They keep trying to make it a thing. Stop Gretchen.

No. 822325

Did she say "do you want to make my mouth your little cock socket?"

No. 822327

Somebody combine these two into a banner

No. 822329

"No cos by the looks of it that socket is malfunctioning badly"

No. 822333

Wow I just spotted shayna irl, she is with fupa. I hate it.

No. 822336

proof or it didn’t happen

No. 822340

I'm screaming

No. 822342

It’s amazing, but we’re lolcow.farm, not .com.

No. 822345

File: 1560552917523.gif (1.08 MB, 300x100, ezgif-5-f384efa45ba3.gif)

good call

No. 822349

File: 1560553132973.jpg (1.5 MB, 3024x4032, Gremelinspotting.jpg)

No. 822353

holy SHIT hahahaha
how tall is she? or is fupa an absolute manlet

No. 822354

manlet confirmed. also, nice man-back, shay

No. 822355

I’m laughing so hard

No. 822356

File: 1560553354097.gif (671.03 KB, 320x176, abhSZ1e.gif)

oh shittttttt this is delicious

No. 822359

File: 1560553530877.gif (1.56 MB, 366x274, giphy.gif)

Delicious. Finally some good fucking food.

No. 822360

Hahaha fuck. Is this a fast food place?

No. 822362

oh my fuck. this is like when someone saw kiki at walmart.

No. 822365

File: 1560553681181.jpg (46.76 KB, 722x800, LUL.jpg)

i think she's like 5'5" or something so his whole tumblr persona makes a lot of sense now if he's just a lil guy

No. 822366

the man has legit hobbit ears. I seriously cannot believe she stayed in Tulsa to fuck microdick Fupa.

No. 822367

Fuckin fupa with his lying ass angry Snapchat rant. "I don't see dolly!" "I don't deal with that chick no more" "I randomly bumped into her at the beer festival". Shut up fupa, this skanky bitch is more important than your kids? I can't see why he'd lie unless it had something to do with his ex wife and kids.

No. 822368

If she’s 5’5” and you take away the ponytail, he’s maybe an inch or so taller than her. He’s probably 5’6-5’7”, which is still fairly short for a guy. These two are pathetic.

No. 822369

Fupa confirmed about 5"7

No. 822370

I wonder if this will compromise his stupid ass. That is exactly what he gets. This isn't something he can easily deny. Shay melting down on Twitter when?

No. 822372

her life sucks and it's all she deserves. stuck in a boring ass city with a skinny dicked short man who is ashamed to be with her. shay, you are completely wasting your 20's.

No. 822373

We all speculated correctly that they see each other at least every Friday if not more.

No. 822377

Are her shorts torn on the left above the pocket? Or am I seeing something else?

No. 822378

I think it's her phone or something

No. 822383


This is too fucking good. Can't wait for Shay to cry about haterz stalking her and Fupa be like "oh uhh I just ran into her at a fast food spot!". The damage control should be hilarious.
I know it was an accident/coincidence but well done OK anon.

No. 822387

File: 1560556744033.gif (1.81 MB, 467x246, 6D3DE07B-F8FD-4C93-B9A0-1A5D1A…)

tbh the only good thing about her new video is all the hilarious cringe gif options it gives.

No. 822388

File: 1560556766859.gif (1.67 MB, 533x301, B24F2BC5-0F47-4835-BFFF-FA2F6E…)

No. 822389


This stuff isn't milk & should be saged.


Now this. This is some creamy milk & didn't need to be saged.

No. 822390

You get that the wrong way round anon?

No. 822392


This should have never made it to the internet. I feel upset even knowing about this

No. 822393

Cow spotting is my favorite oml. I can’t wait for the Twitter melt down about being stalked and feeling unsafe! Where was this??

No. 822394


Love yourself

Get some shorts that fit. That muffin top CANNOT be comfortable, especially if you’re claiming to have a “fat pussy” ://

No. 822400

too sick to go to the doctor to get more medication, never too sick for FupaDick™

No. 822401


Lets call it /s

No. 822402

TulsAnon, Is this fucking Ikes?

No. 822403

Kek, I wonder what classy Tulsa establishment this was at

No. 822413

No its not. I'm not sure if I'd be considered doxxing to say where she was.

No. 822419


I think it's ok tbh. People were finding what complex she's in and that didnt get banned. They did it to see how much rent was there and how low class it was, but still sharing it and doing that was iffy.

Other restaurants/bars shes been at before have been revealed though.

It's kinda a gray area because it's all public places and info. Shes made it obvious about that bar she always goes to for example. Most people on here are just laughing about the places she lurks, but I guess it just takes one weirdo to actually stalk her. Idk admins ought to weigh in.

No. 822427

Usually we only talk about it when shay makes it obvious where she is. If you're really currious you can do your own google-fu to figure it out.

No. 822440


Yeah, that's good rule of thumb tbh. I don't personally care. knowing them it's some mid to low tier burger joint lmao. Looks like it's not fast food, but also not a nice restaurant.
The important thing is that they're clearly together and caught in the act yet again.

I wonder if they are actually dating/a couple or just hooking up. Or like I tinfoiled before just friends (maybe with benefits) because she has no one else and he's also a loser lmao.
Then again, if they were just friends, they wouldn't try to act like they don't hang out. So I guess it's one of the first two options.

No. 822442

Meh Fupa’s probably stringing her along and messing around on the side. I hope Shay is smart enough to make him wrap it up. Also she is built like an absolute fridge, good lord.

No. 822444

I honestly don't think fupa could find anyone else to fuck. That's why he's still seeing shay. And you know shay is too stupid to use a condom.

No. 822448

I completely agree with this. And Shayna is evil she’s for sure using this dude

No. 822452

Scrot detected

Shayna absolutely blows but to insinuate her 22 year old broke ass is taking advantage of the 30-something gainfully employed father of two is hilariously stupid.

No. 822458

Man, I know we call him fupa and all, but he's chubbier than I imagined. That shirt is clinging to him in all the wrong ways. Shay looks like a plank as expected.

No. 822464

Anon, where did you think the name came from?

No. 822466

She’s completely borderline, not bipolar. There’s no helping that.

No. 822467


So now that we've had multiple Fupa X Shay sightings… Can we confirm Shay is such a sad piece of shit that she really is trying to be Fupapa's ~Alt dream girl~ with the colored hair (pink being the only color she would do) and the nose piercing and wanting to stretch her ears to an inch, wearing more black, etc. How long before she start saying she wants ink? I think she did mention it once before.
Pathetic that she lives in fuckin Tulsa, OK and is doing stupid shit to herself over this manlet and his sweaty chode. Better hope that anon is right and she is at least getting money or something of value from him kek

No. 822469

nta but regarding her wanting tattoos in the past – if you visit her profile on myfreecams and scroll all the way to the bottom, the ONLY comment anyone has left for her is from several years ago when she scammed someone for money for a tattoo. they posted on her profile about it and she never got it

No. 822470

Shay if you're lurking this thread, PLEASE fucking put your lips over your teeth when sucking dick. That is, unless a toothy bj is actually asked for, and in that case, then you should probably suggest a cheese grater which definitely would be more arousing than the cringey videos.

No. 822471

Nah I think shayna found herself her low iq sugar daddy. Her whole aesthetic is on some “I’m taking your money you pathetic loser

No. 822476

File: 1560573365536.jpg (17.69 KB, 275x150, 1559403503570.jpg)


Lmao figures.
Actually I know I recalled her saying something about a tat recently so I went into the previous thread and it's relevant because her b-day is coming up. So yeah lol

No. 822477


So… back to her using Fupa?? Because Fupa is an employed low iq dude banging her and she's dressing for him clearly.

No. 822480

Tinfoil: her “sugar daddy” circlepay/cash app posts are her allowances from Fupa kek

No. 822482

I don't recall fupa ever giving her money. Only buying her cheeseburgers. I have a feeling that one orbitor harleyxx or whoever is half of her payments. Shes the only one who really interacts with her when shay cams

No. 822483

He housed her lol

No. 822484

Fupa posted a pic of Jon with another girl a out an hour ago. Probably cause they found out about the pic

No. 822485


No. 822486

Post pic

No. 822487

An anon gets a pick of Fupa and Shay in the wild and you can’t even take a pic of your phone for proof?

No. 822509

People going all this length to get us milk, and you can’t even download Snapchat to get it yourself and contribute a little?
We’re not here to do everything for you.

No. 822511

Please not again with this argument. This is an imageboard ffs.

No. 822514

I’m blocked

No. 822515

I was thinking this just the other day on some heavy duty tin foiling . Or it can be a misdirection of somekind. People who make money don’t show off like that her brain works in weird ways

No. 822522

File: 1560585089602.jpg (467.07 KB, 960x1820, Snapchat-1275183637.jpg)

Don't argue over the snap name, I did that MYSELF. There's videos of them on his snap as well. No Shayna in sight KEK

No. 822527

Looks like a brunette Shayna

No. 822529

Except younger looking. Which is sad because I’m sure she’s older than shay.

No. 822541


Just found out my crazy behaviour is down to being bipolar, been put on new meds.. perfect time to get a tattoo!

No. 822569

Tinfoil: fupas out with this chick to deny he was with shay when his ex wife catches wind

No. 822582

Bless you for the milk

No. 822587

My thing is, if fupa really was done with Shay then why does he even have the snap still. It's only connected to her so why wouldnt he have deleted it when they "broke up" and disconnected himself. If it really caused so much trouble why does he have it? They're digging a hole for themselves and it's so hilarious to watch when they think they're being so smart and sneaky

No. 822588

My question is why she's bothered to move out and why do they lie?

No. 822594

1000%. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was a tinder date just set up or a friend of his.

No. 822595

Seriously? she's sucha nasty bitch. i doubt she does even keep up with house work

No. 822598

Because fupapa ex wife will sue and apparently his dick is worth losing everything

No. 822608

Shayna is a cuck. And not in the hawt NTR threesome tumblr edge posts way she claimed. This man is fucking her while out of shame, hiding her from his family, wife and main/public chick. Like she’s a literal prostitute he uses every Friday. This chick is stealing Fupa’s funds, not you Shayna lmao
She ruined her opportunity with Dawn for this piece of shit, just wow.

No. 822614

She seems to be really quiet on social media since those pics were shared yesterday. I don't know how she can proceed with her delusions about how great she is when it's pretty evident that her life is shit.
I just don't understand why she is so desperate to be with this man. Then I remember how gross she is, how many normal dudes would be super grossed out by her content. She isn't even just a normal hot cam model or something. She panders to the worst elements. I guess Fupa is the best she can do.

No. 822619

i do NOT get what is so great about fupa, his cock is small, he isn't rich, he has kids… its amazing that she is so stuck on him

No. 822623

Looks like the same shirt and stretchers in the photo

No. 822631

His weird ass ears give him away

No. 822632

It’s because she found someone who isn’t completely disgusted with her

No. 822635

This is true. she’s always a cuck

No. 822636

Maybe Fupa still sees her because Shayna is the type of person who would be like, “if you don’t come see me I’ll kill myself and it will be your fault!!!” Kind of shit.

No. 822638

If she actually did start taking meds I wouldn’t be surprised if she snapped out of her autism and deleted all her social media

No. 822640

She’s definythe type to manipulate someone into feeling sorry for her

No. 822646

She’s probaly been real quite cause who wouldn’t be freaked out if someone actually found you and snapped some pics and posted them on lolcow

No. 822647


Imagine if she found the perfect meds to help her and she snapped out of all her shittiness but also realised just how bad it is that she's lived her humiliating lifestyle and it's online forever..

No. 822655

Well during the height of Fupa-era we saw how cringey he is about getting attention and being edgy or smug to get it, and he dove right into being "Daddy Mattel" to ride Shayna's short coattails for more attention and followers. A reason a lot of cows are cows is because they cant tear their ego away from public social media.

I also think they're together just for convenience. Fupa gets laid and Shayna gets him to buy her beer. I also can't imagine her uprooting again and leaving Tulsa to fend for herself elsewhere.

No. 822662

To be fair if I were her and without the delusions to help cope with the realities of shayna’s life, I’d def kms.
Sorry for morbid musing but…who will even find the body? It will have rotted for weeks in her grimy apartment before someone notices since she never keeps work schedule and Twitter constantly getting deleted.

No. 822668

Honestly, I think fupa loves the fact that he has his own fuck toy hooked up in a shifty apartment to use every Friday night in exchange for some money towards her rent. That's my tinfoil at least. She's like his once a week prostitute all for him.

No. 822681

When Fupa deleted his old Tumblr, he said he was going to delete his Snapchat too. He didn't. When Fupa "dumped" Shayna, he said he was going to delete his Snapchat too. He didn't.

He keeps it because he likes the attention, and we've seen him publicly beg for nudes ("I'm sad and sick, send nudes" on his story when Shayna went to Denver) so he probably uses it to chat/sext/swap nudes with girls other than Shayna. He's not going to delete what gets his chode attention.

No. 822692

double post but Shayna stays with him because she's desperate for male attention and validation from any source. probably because she feels replaced by her dad's new family. she doesn't have other people in her life, she gets all her affection from Fupa. at this point, her self esteem is definitely wrapped up in how he sees her. I bet she only feels attractive if she thinks other people find her attractive, with the main person being him. (that's why she's always yelling about strangers looking at her.) that's why she's pierced her nose, dyed her hair, and changed her style since they "broke up". she's doing everything she can to keep him semi-interested, because she relies on him for any positive attention. plus he can get what she provides (free pussy) from literally any other girl, and without the crazy wrapped around it, so it's only a matter of time before he moves on and she's left desolated in bumfuck "cool area" nowhere.

same reason she "works" the way she does. she'll do ANYTHING for attention and validation from any man, no matter how humiliatingly cringey. part of why she needs to be in therapy and not just medicating the thoughts away, she's got some self-esteem/personality issues. if she ever actually saw a psychiatrist for therapy I wouldn't be surprised if they screened her for cluster B shit.

No. 822697

File: 1560623685292.jpg (Spoiler Image, 152.57 KB, 1123x1480, IMG_20190615_193258.jpg)

What an unappealing picture. And she's trying so hard to arch her back to make it look like she has an ass

No. 822698

I completely agree. She has no one else in her life at this point and is desperate to keep him (no matter how shitty he treats her) because she would be completely fucked on her own in Tulsa.

No. 822702

These trendy blankets that look like a burrito or marble are just awful. They usually look like dirt/shit stains or just grime in general. Shay’s nasty unwashed skin on top of it is the cherry on the garbage pile.

No. 822704

why does she look so dirty?!

No. 822709

File: 1560627416727.jpg (Spoiler Image, 356.92 KB, 1079x1173, Screenshot_20190615-123632_Twi…)

"someone sent me money but I want more!"

No. 822716


omg anon, how did it felt like when you saw them?
Specially knowing what kind of gross shit shay does? Fuck, I always love when farmers run into cows because they are no celebs, just more or less average people so everybody around them has no idea about their history that is being shared online.

No. 822717

If she wakes up to this what seems like every other day why is she always broke?

No. 822718

There's some evidence further up that she reposts screenshots. Also, she lives off junk food, booze and weed. That adds up fast

No. 822728

You anons that think Fupa gives her money are hilarious. Bitch is paid in hamburgers and we all know it.

No. 822743


Yeah, and beers like other anon said. I think as dumb of a chudster as Fupa is, even he wouldn't just be giving her money lmao. And I think with their dynamic and given her "job", she wouldn't have the balls to ask him for any. She'll just beg on Twitter.

No. 822747


She has zero money management. Even if she got $300 a day, she just goes out and blows it on stupid shit, eating out, drinking out, weed, sometimes dog stuff now, the mall, the uber to get around whwn Fupa taxi isn't able to, etc.
This bitch spends money like she can afford it, when really she saves 0 of it and thus will beg for rent at the end of the month. She's really the ultimate mooch with her lifestyle. Puts her nasty self online and begs for other gross girls to pity her or tumblr lense idolize her (Harley chick) and a few desparate, dingey dudes to send her money to fuel her vices and seld destructive behaviour.

She doesn't get $300 a day though. Thats the most shes gotten really. Usually gets $40-100. And yeah, living like that, that ain't shit. One day she'll wake up to nothing (as shes complained about recently) and it will continue that way. Then what will she do? Her 5 real followers can't support her forever.

No. 822758

This picture has a natural thick layer of bacon grease and must over it

No. 822759

This picture has a natural thick layer of bacon grease and must over it

No. 822766

this pose just looks like a dude's ass
turn off the hdr for the love of god

No. 822783

File: 1560638382161.jpeg (933.25 KB, 1242x1491, F7A73AA8-9765-4C6D-8D8B-9DA070…)

Apparently this is what happens when shayna “goes crazy” with her makeup.

So crazy she couldn’t even use blush or eyeshadow. Girl you have no makeup skills.

No. 822786

looks the same as always except her brows are big and jacked looking instead of narrow and jacked looking. still can't do makeup girl.
funny how moisturizing her lips doesn't even come into play here. why don't you do something really crazy and put some chapstick on, shay?

No. 822790

So crazy it's still failing to cover up a zit on her cheek

No. 822791

seriously her dry crackhead lips trigger me and always have

No. 822799

Good god she can't even take care of the one lip she has.

No. 822800

and still no blush…no bronzer..no chapstick..no eyeshadow…no lipstick…no highlighter? I honestly am amazed at how shay has been doing the same horrible look for years and never even tried anything new. also shay really is the kind of ratchet thot to use skin and eye product testers, I hope she at least used the disposable applicators

No. 822809

she looks exactly the same, maybe just with shittier eyebrows today. her wings are always that big, they always look like tweezers when paired with her eyebrow, there's so little space in between the two points.

still colorless, dry, and crusty looking. when will she learn about moisturizer, or about blush/bronzer/contour/highlight/literally anything designed to give dimension to the face so it's not a cakey mask like always

it looks like she actually took a step back in her makeup "journey" here, those wings really call to mind the old (pre-pink vomit) Shayna's black eye horns. Remember she used to be like "I don't care what you think, I think this looks good and I always will so I'm going to do this forever!!!" she's really heading back in that direction

No. 822830


Why does she refuse to at least use chapstick or some sort of lip color??? No one does a complete makeup look and leaves their lips untouched lmao it's baffling

No. 822846

I see you are not dealing with tweakers on the reg, looks like typical tweaker lips to me.

No. 822852

File: 1560651382994.png (16.83 KB, 586x181, 2019-06-15 22_16_43-Window.png)

she retweeted her bipolar post lmao i don't know why i find that so ridiculous and funny

No. 822859

File: 1560652508832.jpeg (494.27 KB, 1242x1264, 26312AD6-218D-4C0A-8F11-FBF20B…)

first post; “my tripod broke in the middle of filming!!!”

next post; “currently filming!!!”

Shayna, if you’re going to beg at least be good at it.

No. 822861

File: 1560652666340.jpeg (509.96 KB, 1242x985, F440B289-5F75-47CC-829E-C0BFD6…)

this right here is solid proof that 1) she’s a huge fucking liar and 2) she doesn’t even bother to do more than one take of any scene.

It’s important to do practice takes, make sure the camera angle is correct and clear, that the audio is good, that everything in the scene works, etc. but no, Shayna does the bare minimum every single time. She’s been doing this how long? 3 years? And she still can’t figure out how to make a quality clip?

No. 822862

the reason she sounds so awkward when she speaks is probably because she’s just coming up with the dialogue on the spot and doesn’t bother to reshoot it.

No. 822863


Shouldn't it be Suck Dick Soleil or Cirque Dick Suckleil? I mean none of it is good. It's just as usual, she thinks she's clever but settles for the simplest thing when it could be better with just another braincell and a minute of working it.

No. 822865


With how much she cut edits her vids, she ought to do multiple takes anyway. Or ya know, just film it through twice anyway so you get two takes of footage to pick between. But nah, she's a pro. Give her $100 for advice sessions.

No. 822878

All the jump cuts in the last video made no sense. She barely even kept the dildo in her mouth for more than 10 seconds, then it would cut to some random angle. I think that she thinks editing is just fucking around and putting stuff wherever to make it seem interesting. As a dude who watches porn, I don’t want 10,000 cuts. I want to be able to focus on something, at least for a minute or 2 before there’s a cut. I may be jerking off but I still need something that will hold my attention.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 822879

trashy as Shayna is, I'm 99.999999% certain she does not smoke meth

the 0.000001% is if her "prescription anxiety meds" turn out to be meth, I'll happily eat crow as we watch the slippery slope turn into a fucking avalanche off a cliff. but that's not gonna happen.

watch her steal your ideas while lurking and post it with these better puns

begone, scrot

No. 822880

We don’t care about your dick or your porn habits, anon.

Why you’d think anyone would care is beyond me.

No. 822881

I was referring to how her porn is terribly edited and acted, was that not the point?

No. 822883

The weirdest part is that you come here to complain about her videos and even masturbate to it. Share those things elsewhere, no one cares.

No. 822884

LOL typical man who thinks we care about his pornsick habits. Go back to 4chan where they actually might give a shit about your opinion.

No. 822885

Anon, he's saying that as a porn VIEWER, Shays videos aren't great, not that he watches her videos. Stand down

No. 822890

do you not watch porn at all or something? you’re weirdly angry over this.

No. 822893

File: 1560656270339.jpg (152.58 KB, 1773x716, PicsArt_06-15-08.36.04.jpg)

Sometimes I wonder if this is all a character/persona and she's totally different irl.

No. 822899

Thank god for this male perspective! I really struggled to understand why Shayna's porn is off-putting until your penis was included in the discussion.

No. 822900

Will you dykes calm the fuck down, lmao. His comment was like 90% of the comments in the rest of this thread, just including dick.

No. 822901

dudes aren't allowed, it's not rocket science and it wasn't necessary

No. 822905

If she's bipolar she needs to take her meds and get off the weed for anything to actually help. She doesn't want to help herself. She just thinks some guy with money is going to come along and want her as his little pet. Not going to happen.

No. 822907

File: 1560659067230.png (Spoiler Image, 638.17 KB, 589x783, 2019-06-16 00_24_55-Window.png)

ummm this is disturbing. put her in a crate while you're doing this shit???

No. 822909

poor dog, he just wants attention, it's really sad(sperging about the dog)

No. 822911

don't "as a dude" then get mad at anons telling you to gtfo, no 'dudes' allowed. we all know what crappy porn looks like


why would she not put the dog up? How do you not feel weird with your pet next to you while you're half naked and spread open like that… shay girl, put the stupid dog up when doing porn, that's just fuckin weird. Honestly take the dog for a good walk before so she's more chill and maybe you wouldn't even have to put her in the kennel

No. 822912

>as a dude who watches porn

Glad we got your expert opinion. Your penis really contributed to that paragraph.

I knew this would happen. Shit is weird and creepy. Keep your dog off the bed and off the camera Shay. You have a fucking dog crate. Use it.

No. 822916

calling her new puppy a monster because the dog is just being a dog and is probably bored out of her mind looking for attention

Exactly. Puppies tire out quick, it wouldn't have to be more than like a half hour walk for a couple hours of quiet rest. but nope that involves being out in public but not at a bar, which is too much for Shayna's anxiety. what if she saw another person and they dared to say words that weren't directed at her??? can you say SENSORY OVERLOAD????

No. 822917

File: 1560660553793.jpg (485.99 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190616_004723_com…)

Fupa fb post. Kek.

No. 822918

File: 1560660585710.jpg (409.63 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190616_004919_com…)

And another cause kek.

No. 822919

Haha someone's lurking!

No. 822924

File: 1560662824534.png (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 750x1334, C361F722-B8FE-4B6B-9693-ED205A…)

Kek, Fupa come get your girl

No. 822927

Alternative? That's a funny way to spell "Fupa please take me back, I miss your chode and unslightly body"

No. 822929

Yikes…. even if this accidentally happened behind the scenes, why would she post it? it looks like some weird dog porn shit and I am not here for it. why is she so desperate to be as trashy as possible? clearly the puppy is not the one that's the monster here.

No. 822935

Man she needs to get over tumblr. No one cares about it.

No. 822940

File: 1560669818303.jpg (82.47 KB, 1773x648, PicsArt_06-15-11.52.35.jpg)


No. 822944

Good god girl make a personal account, we know you’re just attention whoring with the ratio of personal posts to porn posts

No. 822987

it's so funny that she refers to it as her "work Twitter". like the only "work" she uses it for is begging the same 10 followers for the same $50 weed/booze/junkfood funds in exchange for the same 100 old videos. Everything else is just the flaming wreckage of her personal life, illustrated by every thought that runs through her head.

need an example? why the FUCK would you go on a rant about being "diagnosed bipolar" on your BUSINESS twitter? is your brand morphing into "mentally ill bitch" and you're gonna start mentally fucking yourself up even more for money? have some self-preservation instinct dumbass that is not a good path to go down. Using your mental illness as a ~selling point~ is disgusting and attracts the wrong kind of person.

And if that's not why you talk about your personal medical information on your "business" Twitter, then why? is it really truly for business? or is it an account for finding validation from any and everywhere you can? the social media addiction is strong with this one, I'm starting to be amazed at how bland her life is while her motivations are so perplexing

No. 823008

She def wonders why her sales aren’t higher, why she doesn’t make more in can, why she has to buy fake followers.. people watch porn as a sense of escapism and fantasy, and the barrage of personal posts does the exact opposite. She’s trying to sell this “uwu pink bimbo baby” but her real personality shining through ruins the entire illusion

No. 823012

File: 1560688713923.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 194.21 KB, 1242x671, CA03D5C9-8B1D-4DF6-B525-A16B61…)

Is she shoving her underwear into her cooter???

No. 823016

What the actual fuck dude? Imagine posting this.

No. 823027

File: 1560693588364.png (230.34 KB, 750x1334, 763770C3-6B2B-4CA8-A44D-B12047…)

>two tiny feet
LMAO just no, shayna

No. 823032

The self-infatilization is honestly so disgusting. This reminds me of the diaper baby video train wreck. Why are we still implying that you’re an elementary school aged child? Disgusting.

No. 823038


Yah "panty stuffing" is a kink, unfortunately in this particular case it isn't just Shay being an unsexy moron

No. 823039

File: 1560696265467.jpg (557.28 KB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_20190616-074434_Chr…)

Omg ew

No. 823040

Why would she do this to her dad

No. 823047

i nor anyone else needed to know what her dad looks like
jfc shayna

No. 823049


really smart idea showing your dad on the same account you show your nasty cunt & pimple ass

No. 823051


'Thanks for not disowning me dad'

No. 823053

>I've decided to even try putting a dildo between my two tiny feet and sucking on it while putting my feet behind my head!

bitch is your mouth on the back of your head? how you gonna suck a dildo that's being held behind your head? or are you admitting your feet don't actually go behind your head and that this is more false advertisement?

No. 823065


Yeeeah… this is why she needs a separate account for personal shit. Don't post shit like this on your fucking porn Twitter. Omg Shay. Was this above or below her new vid about sex acts for Daddy? Fucking wow Shay lmao

No. 823067

File: 1560702994883.png (259.99 KB, 750x1334, D752EBBA-DB8A-45A7-9922-1B2F40…)

>I miss my dad
>buy my porn
This is weird as fuck to have in the same post lol

No. 823070


I'm confused cos she's always bitching about 'the way I was brought up'

Is it just her Mom that she hates then?

No. 823072

File: 1560704537764.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 718.93 KB, 1242x1145, 5160118D-CCC2-4B3A-B77D-DC3A79…)

Way to talk to your 9 fans Shayna

No. 823074

oh lmao i was sure she was talking about Fupa

she's kind of ruined her dad's image, knowing what we do about her porn

No. 823075


Armpit stubble, grey looking skin and showing the first signs of developing back fat rolls

No. 823077

File: 1560705703350.png (26.69 KB, 725x156, Capture.PNG)

Every day she stoops lower.

No. 823079

or just fucking walk, then the dog wouldn't be all up in your face when you're filming or whatever.

can't wait to see the new schedule she sets that won't be followed. wasn't she supposed to make three videos in the past week? she also didn't update her onlyfans, like how hard is it to do when you're posting free nudes all over twitter.

No. 823083

Yup. Just her mom, cos her dad doesn't care. Her mom actually wants her to do better. Seems like Shay just has problems with women in general.

No. 823088

File: 1560707815954.png (22.16 KB, 742x136, Capture.PNG)

Wonder what brought this on.

No. 823093

No one paying for her Uber so she can't afford brunch? Lol

No. 823099

File: 1560708699538.png (44.35 KB, 733x290, Capture.PNG)


Crazy how she can talk about her dad then retweeting posts about dad fucking.

No. 823102

Fupa has plans today

No. 823116

File: 1560711790654.jpg (230.6 KB, 1185x685, dolly1.jpg)

incoming "another camwhore ruined my day by hashtagging me. gibe money pls" pity party

No. 823117

File: 1560711831901.jpg (330.23 KB, 1304x1115, dolly2.jpg)

No. 823119

Shay just learned about the word "clout" and is throwing it around everywhere. Wonderful

No. 823121

File: 1560712814019.png (520.54 KB, 583x432, Capture.PNG)

Shay's on MFC.

>pretends she has no idea how a gym membership works

>wants someone to tip 420 tokens to roll a blunt
>scolding Noodle offcam telling her "I don't want to hang out right now"

No. 823122


i just love how upset she is that the other person could be right. "this ruined my post and made me uncomfortable"
well i wonder how comfortable your dad is with having his face shown on a twitter account that shows you pedo pandering, your pimple covered ass and crotch,and your daddy kink.

No. 823123

File: 1560712906346.png (472.32 KB, 584x435, Capture1.PNG)


Shay was wiping down her blunt rolling tray with a cloth. When Noodle jumped up she threw the rag for her and let her chew on it.

No. 823124

File: 1560713087168.png (512.46 KB, 582x442, Capture2.PNG)

>"I use a dog's bowl as an ash tray"
>"I thought I might get a small dog until I realized they're like $1000!"
>filled bowl with weed ash or something then set it on the floor next to the dog
>"I think I'm hot. I mean I think I'm hot enough to get on cam and sell my ass."
>more rambling about getting a gym membership when Fupa had to force her to use one machine
>yells at her dog "This is my blunt, go away!" when it barks

No. 823127

JFC this has to be a form of animal abuse? You put your weed/ash in a dog bown and then assume your dog won't get into it?? Poor noodle.

No. 823129

File: 1560713891837.png (508.11 KB, 571x438, Capture.PNG)

Her dog tried to eat it at one point too

No. 823131

She's left a huge pile of weed just on the bed as she walks off like what the fuck? It's a disaster waiting to happen

No. 823133

File: 1560714339862.png (480.92 KB, 570x428, Capture.PNG)

>keeps yelling at the dog until someone tips for her to pet it
>"There's a sock for you to play with. Go play with that."
>got tipped to strip 10-15 mins ago, has yet to do it
>dog almost ate her weed AGAIN
>now asking to be tipped to drink

No. 823135

Tells the dog to play with a sock??? Wtf?

No. 823137

File: 1560714679423.png (545.93 KB, 592x433, Capture.PNG)

>set her leftover weed on her tray on the floor (next to the dog bowl filled with ash)
>refusing to strip
>apologies to the guy who tipped for it, saying she can't strip to the music on
>downing Mike's Hard Lemonade instead
>people legit tipping saying "don't be mean to your dog"

Going off her expression I say Noodle has 2 weeks before she's sold off for weed money when people stop tipping her to show the dog some attention.

No. 823139

Why does she always repeat herself a million times? Signs of a true moron.

>you ruined my post

Such a victim.

No. 823141

File: 1560715003568.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.33 KB, 976x771, Screenshot_20190616-205406_Chr…)

Jesus that "strip". It was like being mooned by a child

No. 823143

File: 1560715269746.png (Spoiler Image, 1.93 MB, 1156x1296, Capture.PNG)

Drunk Auntie really feeling herself today. Linedance strip tease followed by a backyard booze fest.

No. 823146

File: 1560715615857.png (Spoiler Image, 513.22 KB, 586x436, Capture.PNG)

Jesus christ, Shay.

Someone asked about if she had a Lovense. She pulls it OFF THE FLOOR then drops it back on the floor. Looks at it so confused.. then admits she has no idea how to use it and this is her first time.
She's trying to set it up to her phone to react to music.. instead of using it for tips.

She's asking people to test-tip it.. while staring at her phone. She doesn't even have it set up to her computer, much less to react to tips.

Camgirl 101 and Shay fails at it.

No. 823148

File: 1560715732318.png (Spoiler Image, 493.69 KB, 557x414, Capture1.PNG)

>starts talking into her Lovense thinking there's a mic in it reacting to her voice
>keeps switching between saying "Hello" to phone and the vibe
>"I feel like an idiot…"
>literally can't figure out what's causing it to vibrate when she talks

No. 823150

she has two phones

No. 823151

To be fair I think she pulled it from the drawer but then dropped it immediately lol

No. 823153

File: 1560716177053.jpg (98.06 KB, 1063x853, Screenshot_20190616-211621_Chr…)

Punches for pennies! The classic.

No. 823171

She made the stank face so many times during that cam session lmao

Also seriously Shay. It's a big ol puppy. It wants love and attention. It needs training and exercise. Just because you couldn't find a small dog to adopt doesn't mean you can treat this one like an accessory anyway. A fucking dog bowl as an ash tray? Use an actual ash tray like the rest of the goddamn world and have the dog bowls be for the actual dog you absolute imbecile.
Maybe get her some proper toys and for fucks sake crate her when you're "working". If you don't want to be made fun of for using your own, get a fucking different one. Usually the stuff she's done regarding the dog is borderline, but that cam show warrants actual criticism.

No. 823200

File: 1560774240193.jpg (Spoiler Image, 418.12 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_20190617_082012.jpg)

She looks like a juggalette kek

No. 823216

>scolding Noodle offcam telling her "I don't want to hang out right now"


No. 823217

Didn’t she’s have a cat in Tulsa too? Did she’s give it up for adoption to get a dog?

No. 823218

no it lives with fupa now

No. 823220

so instead of giving your dog a fun day + exercise + attention by going to the dog park, you're going to lie in bed and ignore her… was this not exactly what we predicted she would do. If you want her to chill out when you're camming you have to tire her out first. She's so incompetent it's amazing

>and why would I need clout? are you famous or something?
topkek Shayna getting her delusions of grandeur challenged is amazing, I can see her head spinning in rage like the Tasmanian devil

she uses socks as dog toys? that's so irresponsible and dangerous. I've had a dog die from ingesting a sock. Just buy her fucking normal dog toys jfc. Although she probably can't stand squeaky toys because it reminds her of the dog she's trying to ignore's existence

wow kinda tinfoil but I really wouldn't put it past her that the only reason she got the dog was to exploit her for "donations" and tips. The unconditional love and affection was just an extra because she's so isolated.

she's also somehow claiming she still has ribmeat, yet refuses to acknowledge that means the dog and the cat are supposedly in the same place (since Tumblr doesn't see all the fupa outings) and won't answer questions about how they interact(Stage II terminal autism)

No. 823228

It wouldn’t surprise me if that’s strictly the only type of people she attracts

No. 823229

Also how I’m surprised she’s been able to keep that shirt clean all these years

No. 823230

I fucking love it, she is literally the worst camgirl ever and has to resort to punching herself for pennies because she can't figure out an app on her phone/computer that would make her 10x what she makes normally kek keep it coming Shay you train wreck

No. 823244

File: 1560791652770.png (173.1 KB, 750x1334, 9D371389-2906-4562-A456-842D37…)

This will really get the men in the mood

No. 823252

File: 1560793678095.png (258.55 KB, 750x1334, 493EC1D1-1BD0-47C1-86AB-96EC74…)

Also lmao

No. 823254

Oh my god shay this is so low. I have diabetes and I have a service dog who will literally save my life if my blood sugar drops too low. It’s not the same thing shayna with your uwu anxiety + support animals aren’t allowed in most public places unlike service dogs. People who just register their animals as support animals for no reason other than anxiety truly make a mockery of the amazing things service dogs can do sage for blogpost(blogpost)

No. 823267

She needs to lay off the booze, her face is bloated af. Probably likes the water weight in her tits but those empty calories are catching up fast and I don't see her moving around all that much. How long till she hits Megan Marie status?

No. 823269

So who's going to go save this fucking dog? This dog doesn't deserve this.

No. 823299


Having a service dog yourself, you should know there is no registry.

No. 823321

I’m a mental health nurse and am so fucking tired of hearing about her “bipolar” disorder and her meds. I call so much bullshit. And if she is actually taking meds, hope she told her doctor she’s smoking too because that could really mess you up. With most psych meds you get over the side effects in 2-3 weeks max anyway, if you take them like you’re supposed to. She clearly has borderline personality disorder, not bipolar. She’s just trying to make up an excuse “out of her control” to not do shit and complain about normal activities adults do. What a fucking train wreck.(blogpost; armchair)

No. 823322


A quick google search can save you the time of posting a hopelessly moronic post like this. Also, it's the dog that needs emotional support, Shay. Maybe take proper care of it and intetact with it lovingly. Otherwise you are just furthering using it as an accessory and internet points.
Any dog can be a support dog. Doesn't mean it gets to go everywhere with you. The only exception it will get is that you can get a companion order for it so that a landlord has to allow you to have it live with you, regardless of pet policies.
That dog could never be a SERVICE dog with or for Shay. That requires real training and a person with a disability that needs it to perform tasks or be on alert of the persons health to act in emergencies.
So no, Shay, you wont get special previleges for the dog to be a support dog. But go ahead and take the asspats from dumbasses and also be warned about the heat from people who sperg on that topic because that gets into "disabilities" territory.

No. 823323

File: 1560804316974.jpeg (343.3 KB, 1936x1936, 3ED935CB-1832-4D6D-A7DC-8B8532…)

Orbiters trying to get Shay a sugar daddy through brat grrl’s post kek

No. 823326


people dont understand that it takes weeks of proper usage for the meds to stabilize to a point where you can actually assess the sideaffects or if they are working. You cant just go off them either, that fucks with you harder and leaves you worse mentally. Trying out meds is hard and takes dedication. Docs are quick to prescribe them, but really they should be taken as a last resort or along side trying actual lifestyle changes to improve quality of life and mood as well as mindfulness practices. But thats way too much work for people like Shay.

No. 823337


I'm not that anon but maybe you two are in different countries so it varies?

Dog is only a pup and her mental health diagnosis doesn't even seem clear right now so naturally she's in a hurry to get this sorted, Queen of poor priorities and bullshitting

No. 823338

File: 1560806967219.png (468.75 KB, 1125x2436, DBD0163D-8BF4-4556-8B3D-182995…)

wow shay I can’t believe that happened!

No. 823340


When your dog is your only friend…

No. 823343

This is the same person who was complaining 3 days ago about visibly mentally ill people who talk to themselves and behave oddly.

No. 823346

File: 1560807576472.jpeg (104.07 KB, 1242x401, 3691ABE2-AF89-4AFB-A002-A1EFA8…)

Would these be appropriate side affects to the medication?

No. 823349

This seems like the type of side effects that arent normal and you should contact your doctor about.

No. 823362

If, hypothetically, she starts to neglect the dog or if her actions can be interpreted as animal abuse, is it cowtipping if someone calls animal protective services? I don't want that dog to get hurt because she's a selfish asshat.(yes, it is)

No. 823367


She’s probably gonna get reported by her neighbors and get the dog taken away if anything.

A bunch of anons on a image board trying to report her to PETA or some shit probably won’t get too far. She’ll just cry cyber bullying and there are probably plenty of dogs and cats that are worse off than noodle who will take priority over her.

No. 823368


All part of the adjustment to new meds, similar happens when you go off them cold turkey too

Just terribly attention/sympathy seeking to list the effects in a fucking tweet lol

No. 823371

Her snaps earlier were a bit telling.

"I don't know what to do apart from drink"
She's almost realising she has a problem but shrugs it off with "but I'm 21, if I was in college no one would bat an eye"
The denial is still there.

"I have no friends"

And then "I feel soOoOo nauseous"
>Smokes weed

Can't be that bad then.

No. 823373


There is no point in her taking meds if she's going to continue drinking and smoking

I've known bipolar people that won't even touch caffeine, anything that'll send you up or down.. she's not serious about changing

No. 823394

isn't brat grrl the british prozzie who started when she was like 14? that's a cow crossover.

i feel like we used to have a thread on her but i can't find it for some reason.

No. 823396

She should still contact her doctor. SNRIs tend to make your extremities tingly and can even cause a shocking sensation at the base of your neck. It’ll even out once she’s adjusted, but it’s common to be put on an additional medication to combat the negative effects until you balance out.

You definitely absolutely cannot drink on them though.

No. 823404


If she can't even stay off drink/drugs while she's adjusting to the new meds, she's fucked

Don't know whether her doc has pointed out the obvious reasons for that, probably has but she's too reliant on other substances to even let the meds start to work

No. 823406


Part of her story today. Isn't this like so rude.. and offensive..

No. 823409

She very obviously wants to just be an internet personality/influencer as a "career" and not a sex worker, thats why she rarely actually works and shares so many unattractive personal details of her life on her work accounts.

No. 823410

Having an accent has nothing to do with how you were raised and your education. She's such an idiot

No. 823411

File: 1560818575088.jpg (194.43 KB, 1080x823, Screenshot_20190617-194133_Twi…)

Cause you barely give her attention

No. 823412

>I was raised correctly and got a good education and didn’t grow up in trash
But yet an alcoholic at 21 and willing to post free videos of her ass and pussy on twitter whilst also punching herself for cents on the dollar on cam? Uh?

No. 823415

So having an accent deems you as trash and poorly educated but selling your putrid body for a hamburger doesn't? She's a walking stereotype of a trailer trash Jerry Springer guest.

No. 823416

Hahaha I could see her on Jerry Springer dragging fupa along

No. 823420

One minute she's saying "maybe I'm dumb" then bragging about being educated and not trash and her "bimbo" thing is supposed to be she's stupid so what is she doing?

I mean she is naturally stupid, doesn't need to act it. She thinks cos she doesn't have the cliché accent she's smarter? Lol.

Honestly if that says anything it's that she was extremely lonely and never spent enough time around other people to pick up on the accent.

No. 823432

obvious but it's starting to look like shayna has real honest to god daddy issues

also that bimbo blow up doll video is one hundred percent disturbing and disgusting, it's like watching freaks fuck at the state fair sideshow and i don't think she has a genuinely erotic bone in her body, she looks like she hates sex tbh

No. 823439

Did you all see the trailer for her cirque dick Soleil video? Shes basically just kicking the dick at one point. Sorry idk how to upload it, maybe a smarter anon can

No. 823440

File: 1560823883031.png (70.74 KB, 584x313, Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 10.0…)

She's pathetic

No. 823442

File: 1560824088923.jpg (889.11 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190617-211320_Tum…)

The person above this goes into detail about how to register animals as support animals or therapy animals etc but watch her just get a fake vest for the dog

No. 823448

File: 1560824917727.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 163.2 KB, 1053x694, 6B121696-076F-4EA7-B5F6-3B577C…)

I am legitimately frightened by this picture

No. 823449


She's acting like Tulsa is sooo pet friendly when really that's how pretty much everywhere is at this point (at least the US). Like yeah, if its got outdoor seating or is a pet store then dogs are allowed, inside is service pets only and that includes pretty much everywhere except maybe certain restaurants.

If she's not having trouble with the landlord about having the dog, then there's no reason for her to be an ESA aside from Shay wanting to be a dumbass for attention.

No. 823457

That dog has zero training, let alone basic manners. Noodle will forever have zero training or basic manners- he'll im sure shay get's mad when she "doesnt just walk on her leash." on those "walks" they go on.
Idk why or how she things she'll be able to even consider Noodle as a "service" or "emotional support" animal.

No. 823463

deranged yoga instructor. i know this sounds weird but her head looks gigantic to me. like her face is swollen or something? idgi

No. 823465

Her face is swollen from dehydration, alcohol, and throwing up.

No. 823502

I'm so bored of her one trick. It's not even unusual to be able to do that and her legs aren't even straight (i.e she's not actually that flexible)
You're still sitting on your ass Shay just with different legs

No. 823504


I don’t think she realizes but it’s illegal to refuse entry to service dogs in any establishment in the USA. (Yes including restaurants.) So a sign that says only service dogs just means “no pets allowed, except for the ones we legally can’t keep out”.

But that’s irrelevant to Shay because emotional support animals and service dogs are completely different things. And she will never train her dog anyway.

No. 823517

No. 823584

File: 1560877068668.png (221.49 KB, 750x1334, F934291E-644F-4376-A669-F39882…)

1) no, your makeup has never matched your skin, you’ve just been lurking
2) didn’t she just say this a while back and was begging for money that day too?

No. 823585

she should change her name to Reimbursement Barbie, she says that word so fucking much.

No. 823590

It's such a weird, unappealing word too. Like in no way does it invoke provocative feelings or have any kind of fetishtic connotations.

I wonder if her dad dropped her on her head as a baby and that's why he hasn't completely disowned her – like he feels responsible for the trash heap he's inadvertently sent out into the world.

No. 823610

File: 1560881994282.jpg (336.97 KB, 1080x1303, Screenshot_20190618-131908_Twi…)

Why does she always have to tell this fake story? She even told it in one of her "professional" shoots

No. 823612

No teacher would ever say this…

No. 823614

File: 1560882335556.png (318.21 KB, 750x1334, 8016E9B0-6288-4AB0-9895-7994B3…)

Lmao. Proud of herself for buying deodorant? What??

No. 823616

File: 1560882493288.png (318.59 KB, 750x1334, 8C8CC25A-1432-49A4-A85F-A2788A…)

No. 823624

File: 1560883392788.jpeg (120.53 KB, 1242x267, 35131749-E463-4EC8-8013-622C4A…)

didn’t think basic black eyeliner and cakey foundation would total up to $175

No. 823626

she probably actually spent $25 but needs $150 for weed money

No. 823650

File: 1560886342712.jpeg (782.72 KB, 1242x1325, 83A4116A-DF46-4778-B33E-13D10E…)

She legit just spent 600$ on herself.

No. 823651

lol great findomming, shayna.
she's probably spending gift cards she got from her family for her birthday or something.

No. 823661

Is no one directly giving her money for a shopping trip? I know it's probably part of that findom kink thing, but it seems weird to be a "findom" and use your own money to buy things, only to ask people to reimburse you for no reason

No. 823663

She’s doing a “vid of her mall haul” on snap - snap anon come thru

No. 823666


Hello daily tweets about being bipolar, we used to get tweets about her loving anal oh so much, now we just get vague and meaningless tweets about 'getting better'

I don't see any major improvements happening within her twenties, the self awareness and motivation isn't there

No. 823667

File: 1560888266658.png (202.2 KB, 750x1334, E78EC073-1F64-4475-8978-7B3CBC…)


No. 823670


Welcome to life, shay. If you had real life friendships you'd give gifts and get gifts..

No. 823673

I love how she is telling on herself here. Revealing how gross she is. This shit ain't sexy at all. She's been much grosser lately

No. 823679


She's proud of herself for shopping for basic hygiene items? She rewards herself by shopping for (self-given) birthday treats

Being bipolar and lonely = shopping to fill a void

No. 823700

Maybe she'll treat herself to a shower, or brushing her teeth when her birthday comes

No. 823702

Shays lack of connection with people is seriously sad.

She seems to think people are only good for giving her money and validation and she's missing out on any real quality of life cos she's too shallow and selfish to look beyond herself. Tweets pointless updates about herself all day long, for what?

No. 823710

Your fresh questionable Bipolar diagnosis aint why you've been deteriorating and are nasty but go off

No. 823739

I can’t bleieve this trailer trash thinks buying items for basic everyday hygiene is “self-care”. Use your money to go to a spa, get some deep conditioner for that fried hair, and some fruit instead of buying hamburgers and alcohol, shayna.

No. 823743

your b-day isn't until the 26th, you went shopping and realize you want money for other things so are just saying that you did it for your b-day. this is just your usual careless spending, why should ppl ~reimburse~ you bad choices? also didn't get anything for the dog b/c she can just play with a sock, how nice.

No. 823752

File: 1560897213711.jpg (115.2 KB, 912x1773, PicsArt_06-18-03.27.02.jpg)

At least she admits that when she's not working, she's just smoking weed.

No. 823768

File: 1560900395873.jpg (177.59 KB, 895x1554, PicsArt_06-18-04.19.34.jpg)

samefag, but she's taking steps to stay on top of her hygiene.

No. 823780

this was posted hours ago

No. 823800

Shay buys marvel crop top
"I'm not really into marvel I just thought it was cute"

She's one of those eh. People hate that.

She spent $160 on makeup and she still gonna look like shit. She could achieve the same look for so much less.

No. 823802


Antidepressants are not prescribed alone and in absence of depression for bipolar because they will cause mania. Bipolar always calls for mood stabilizers and possibly atypical antipsychotics.


There is no federal / ADA registry or certification for either service dogs or ESA's. [thank you, service dog anons in the Munchie thread!]

No. 823803

File: 1560906181086.jpg (231.03 KB, 1080x1315, Screenshot_20190619-020159_Twi…)

>things that didn't happen

No. 823804

File: 1560906215660.jpg (118.54 KB, 1080x652, Screenshot_20190619-020205_Twi…)

No. 823807

i mean the maintenance people can come in whenever they want, but go off

No. 823816

She probably just didn’t want him seeing her sad apartment with dildo’s hanging on the wall.

No. 823822

File: 1560908526127.jpg (619.58 KB, 810x1892, 20190618_204013.jpg)

So here's the full Twitter story of what she said happened, and here's what she said happened in her Snapchat. I highly doubt this happened at all, especially because of how fast she's back to opening packages.


No. 823824

File: 1560908771521.jpg (481.24 KB, 1080x1131, Screenshot_20190618-204540_Twi…)

Drunk aunt strikes again

No. 823827

I have her snap story. Will be posting soon

No. 823836

that's like at least twice the normal amount of wine in that glass. even in public she doesn't hide that she isn't a social drinker, she's there to get wasted

No. 823838

"You have a lot of stuff" lmfao pk so this story is fabricated af. Then he asked what site she was on?? Sure Jan. Sounds like a maintenance dude came by and she's such a social retard and trashy recluse she couldn't handle it and spun it so wildly as if it was some creeper dude posing as a maintenance guy trying to hit on her or something. Shay, you gotta stop. No one knows you irl or gives a fuck that you're a dollar store whore.

No. 823839


Whats this thing she does with her neck and face lately? She looks like a frumpy bird or a down syndrome kid.

No. 823841

If a maintenance guy did stop by and saw that shit show of a apartment, I'm betting he's reporting her to management than vice versa. I've seen a few cam girls kicked out of their apartments or at least not had their contracts renewed by the apartment managers. All he'd have to do is tell them it stunk of weed and she could be kicked out.

Also, what is the bedroom being used for?? Originally she said it was going to be a separate cam room, but from what I've seen she's been caming in his living room/children's bed.

No. 823842

File: 1560912249204.png (642.37 KB, 750x1334, 00F8C09C-6297-4F90-8AAB-043D88…)

She was on her snap story bragging about the fact that she’s so proud of herself for being able to afford a ‘few hundred dollar’ bag. The purse was literally on sale lmao

No. 823844

This seems plausible because she does actually seem shaken and men are often trash.

But those jean dresses are absolutely not flattering lol

No. 823845

Of course it’s Michael Kors lmao the true status symbol of a rachet bitch
Shayna IS bipolar goddamn I can’t imagine how else she can feel herself like this if not for mania-induced delusion

No. 823848

lol at her manic spending

No. 823850

No, it didn't happen. It's Shay, she makes up stories like this all the time

No. 823853

Believable until she pulled the "What site are you on?" "You're really cute". She should report that creep if it actually was true, otherwise he'll just go knocking on some other lonely girls' doors. I hardly think she'd be ashamed of someone seeing a bunch of dildos on her wall, so I don't know why she would even spin a story into this.

No. 823855

File: 1560914390835.jpg (132.57 KB, 1415x753, SmartSelect_20190618-221913_Tu…)

Tf is this supposed to mean

No. 823857

No. 823860

she's getting fat from the liquor and it's starting to show. she's noticeably heavier in the face. upper arms and thighs are looking bigger, too.

No. 823863

It says the folder is empty?

No. 823869

24 hour notice before entrance into the home is generally legally obligated. Or just a confirmed estimated time frame, if she requested a service. She might have ignored the calls/email reminders. This place is a shithole though. Or, more likely, this story is all a lie.

No. 823889

No. 823891

File: 1560919268509.png (879.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190619-003717.png)


This is the actual purse she got. Can't wait to see how bad her expensive makeup looks

No. 823894


Scarier than than that clown from IT. Can you imagine this crack ho crawling out from gutters to attack you at night?

No. 823898

Genuinely don’t know why you’d spend this much on a bag, let alone an ugly one. Especially when you’re begging strangers for your meals.

No. 823916

Didn't she get a MK bag from her family for Christmas? She'll stop using all this shit within the week anyways.

No. 823918

The other one is cuter than this one. This bag looks like chewed gum that fell on the floor and picked up crumbs.

I believe a maintenance man showed up, and that’s it. Notice how EVERY SINGLE MAN that comes to her door has something weird and outlandish to say? It’s almost always a story. She’s insane and falling deeper and deeper into her manic delusions. Her mentality has never aged past 15 and it’s showing.

No. 823961


Ok on the real tho if they gave her an SSRI and she's actually bipolar, all this is gonna deteriorate into a big shit show. Hello chemically induced mania.

No. 823972


Buying lots of stuff and planning a tattoo, both great things to do while you're waiting for new meds to kick in.

It's bad that she has nobody to check in with when she's looking manic. All the hair re-dying and spending starting looking like impulsive/manic spending a while back. If she keeps deteriorating she'll end up on disability and really be kicking herself over all the wasted money then. Can easily see her turning into one of those 'crazies at the clinic' that made her feel so uncomfortable lately

No. 823982

After this big birthday maul haul I’m pretty convinced she has borderline personality disorder not bipolar considering she’s so emotional, impulsive and manic(armchair)

No. 823984


Impulsive, lack of personal relationships, resentment over parenting/childhood, choosing sex work, bit of an addictive personality, making up little pointless stories every day, poor emotional regulation.. maybe

No. 824006

I’m trying really hard not to arm chair but HPD and BPD have a lot of cross over. I’ll copy paste exactly what google says the symptoms are because they have Shayna written all over them in my opinion.
“Behavioral: preoccupation with physical appearance, seeks to be the center of attention, or talks dramatically
Psychological: considers relationships closer than they are, depression, or easily influenced by others
Also common: inappropriately sexual or provocative behavior or rapid shifts in emotion”(armchair)

No. 824017

and it's Michael Kors which isn't even an aspirational brand

No. 824028

Lol no shes just stupid, wants attention and found an easy way for validation and to scam people

No. 824044

feel like she made a post about how her cam stuff was out when they were fixing the outlets making it seem like it was funny and now it's suddenly weird and creepy that someone is acknowledging it. fucking pick a lane.

No. 824045

lol she absolutely did

No. 824053

Why does she look like a thinner Tuna Luna in this???

No. 824076

Seriously. She always talks about how hilarious it would be to answer the door naked, or in lingerie when ordering food.
Suddenly she’s uncomfortable when she gets the exact scenario she wants?

No. 824082

Wouldn't it be considered indecent exposure if she answered a door delivery naked? She's so fucking stupid.

No. 824088

File: 1560972544314.png (350.06 KB, 750x1334, 8BDC8B90-4AA2-446B-A80C-95219B…)

What would she even talk about…?

No. 824091

Probably storytimes

No. 824092

Literally nobody said that. A zlist camgirl wouldn’t get popular anyway. Twitch would be a better option, but since it’s so saturated already with ethots she’d be in the exact same spot.

No. 824095

She doesn’t really play video games other than some normie casual shit on switch

No. 824110

Oh god, if Dolly tried to be the next Tana Mongoose… THE DELIVERY GUY FUCKED ME WITH A TOOTH BRUSH.

Cringing hell.

No. 824113

File: 1560975619183.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.39 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20190619_211926.jpg)

The absolute STATE of her heel…

No. 824114

File: 1560975705383.jpg (224.02 KB, 1080x739, Screenshot_20190619-152026_Twi…)

Cause this totally happened

No. 824119

File: 1560977151358.jpg (116.35 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20190619_214524.jpg)

Girl what the fuck is this outfit?

No. 824123


Cashapp does have limits, but they are hardly worth mentioning.

Cash App lets you send up to $250 within any 7-day period and receive up to $1,000 within any 30-day period.

You can increase these limits by verifying your identity using your full name, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your SSN.


No. 824127

She looks like a minion. I'd call it Dolly Minion or Minion Mattel.

No. 824130

File: 1560979493446.jpg (611.67 KB, 1080x1504, Screenshot_20190619-162353_Twi…)

Orrrr did you have a suicide attempt Shay?

No. 824131

her name is shayna

No. 824132

lmao i hope this is supposed to be /s
suicide attempt is a huge reach

No. 824133

lol she's just desperate to seem edgy

No. 824142

If this really happened, why didn't she post about it earlier for edge points?

No. 824144

Making a custom would require… work

No. 824145


I was totally going to say this. She would just smoke weed and do her fake stories and rant about her opinions and experiences in SW.
Tana is pretty awful, but Shay would still be the Dollar General rip off of her. Fake, gross, annoying, obnoxious, and full of herself.
She'd never gain the traction and fanbase like Tana though. The only people who would watch her shit would be a few orbiters and farmers kek.
Also like she said "so much time and work/effort". Shay can barely edit her crappy porn together and never keeps her cam schedule. She's boring live and a trainwreck in videos. She would be clueless on
how to put together a good YT vid and get outside subs.

No. 824146


Lmao Shay, you dumb bitch. This is probably for the IRS. You know, taxes?? Yeah if you're bringing in more than 1k a month, they're gonna need to have your SS and shit so they can probably forward it to the IRS at the end of the year. Have fun trying to do your taxes or get audited you moron.

No. 824148


This is Shay being a basic bitch sheep. She bought the "Hot Cheetos" shit from F21 but knows it's ugly so she's covering it up with the other semi trending item – overalls.

No. 824151

I wonder what is she going to say to them since she can't prove that she works a normal job

No. 824152

File: 1560982297307.jpg (176.66 KB, 1079x826, Screenshot_20190619-171106_Twi…)

Begging for $30?

No. 824153

The shirt says marvel?

No. 824155

File: 1560983510212.jpg (78.26 KB, 1077x301, Screenshot_20190619-173004_Twi…)

Nobody is that stupid shay

No. 824156

The only time shes gonna get four digits is if its xx.xx kek

No. 824157

File: 1560983594424.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.63 KB, 375x148, 20190619_173233.jpg)

Yeah what the actual fuck is happening here

No. 824159

Aww how cute. She thinks she’s actual sugar baby. honey, 1000 a month isn’t sugar baby status.
That’s the equivalent of a super shitty part time job.

No. 824163

Looks like a burn victim’s foot. Disgusting.

$30 for what? A screen protector? They’re like $10 on amazon for a pack of 2. Her prices for shit make zero sense. If she was a true sugar baby, wouldn’t she just get a monthly “allowance” from a sugar daddy? Instead of the constant begging? I’ve never seen someone beg so much in my life. I mean, aside from an actual homeless person on a street median with a sign.

No. 824165

File: 1560985399258.jpg (135.14 KB, 1079x534, Screenshot_20190619-180256_Twi…)

Her next reimbursement

No. 824166

I wonder if she ever thinks about all the money shes blown/wasted and where she could be now if she had just used it responsibly.

No. 824168

File: 1560986226713.png (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 1125x2436, C43FEA0B-5341-4B8E-9025-544BE4…)

“I just made too much money, that’s why cashapp banned me.” No, Shay. It’s because you’re an idiot and didn’t tell your Splenda daddy that putting blatantly sexually suggestive memos for payments gets you banned. Everything has to be a flex with her, no matter how ridiculous.

No. 824169

Judging by her reckless spending and constant begging I'd be surprised if she's ever even had more than a grand in her account at once. She seems the type who will run it down to absolute zero.

No. 824172


She was banned?

No. 824175

She'd be shut down so fast. This would bring the banned-account salt to a new level.
>"UGH y r my videos always demonetized? they r toootallyy clean! all i did wuz suck on my buttplug!"

No. 824178

File: 1560989758973.jpg (230.49 KB, 1080x911, Screenshot_20190619-191452_Twi…)

More money wasted

No. 824187

god I wish she would just bank something. an iwatch is useless trash when you have an empty bank account.

No. 824190

Obviously not gonna happen but hypothetically if Shay managed to be a young pumpy and made over 1 million dollars do you think she'd blow it all just like she did?

No. 824199

Who is she going to be meeting there? She can't just pick that location without some kind of motive.

No. 824200

File: 1560995356342.jpeg (289.74 KB, 1242x878, FE4078B5-B90F-4CBB-8222-83B722…)

Lol I know the watch she wanted it’s a cellular watch which she wouldn’t need because she’s never off her phone

Also for someone who makes fun of android users you think she call it the proper name apple watch Instead of iwatch

No. 824201

A little tinfoil-y but what if she's going with Fupa? They've been to Texas together before

No. 824203


Oh lmao my bad. I caught a second at the end of the last drop box vid from her fake story rant when she started pulling clothes and stuff out of a bag from the mall. I coulda sworn it was the Cheetos shirt since it was yellow and orange and shit and she only shops at F21. I mean tbf her wearing an ugly Marvel shirt is just as basic and retarded. I dont think Shay has read anything in her life that wasn't on social media or here kek.

No. 824205

Oh yeah, back when they posted about his job being so nice that he could travel.
When he literally just goes off site to train people for AT&T

No. 824212

nah she even says in the video "i'm not really into marvel but it was part of the outfit"

No. 824214

That is so dollar baller.

No. 824218


Lol what outfit? The overalls?

No. 824221

Yeah she saw both items on a mannequin and just bought it like the most basic bitch

No. 824223

File: 1561000491854.jpg (454.32 KB, 1076x2008, Screenshot_20190619-221223_Chr…)

So what is Shay going to do when the only place she can still use is closing down? Kek

No. 824233


Wow. For someone who brags about aesthetic and being so fashionable, that's pretty lame. It's not even a cute outfit. It's ugly af. You can get overalls from Walmart or the thrift store. Marvel shirt is hideously colored. Also shit you can get at Walmart. But Shay has to blow her money on stupid shit and think she's thriving.

No. 824234


Have a breakdown. Make a couple twitter rants. Beg for more amazon giftcards. You'd think it would make her cam more to get money the legit way for a camwhore, but nah. She'll keep begging and use it for pity points.

No. 824235

I mean it was forever21, probably the same price as Walmart

No. 824259

And the fact that she bought it as “an outfit” just because it was on a mannequin.
Girl has no style, she gotta take advice from mannequins and she still fucks it up

No. 824262

Never used circle pay myself but can't she just use something like paypal?

No. 824267

File: 1561014825070.jpg (295.3 KB, 1613x1453, PicsArt_06-20-12.10.39.jpg)

Not sure if this is important, but she had a bit of a rant

No. 824268

I had the same thoughts when I posted. She can't afford to fly down there. But fupa could be on a "business" trip again.

No. 824270

Shayna… Theres a block button on asks for a reason

No. 824272


Once again the "tumblr anons" being code for us lmao. She's mad about the snap anons posting her ugly outfit and fake story rant here for us to laugh at.
She's just paranoid af and wanted a reason to turn off anon asks I bet. Sorry people here don't kiss your ass like your 5 real followers, Shay.

I seriously doubt anyone is cowtipping on tumblr anymore.

No. 824278

Someone's been lurking and got their feelings hurt kek. Shay we aren't creeping from the shadows, you literally post this shit for the world. We just log it so you never forget your lovely fuck ups! ;)(emoticon use)

No. 824280

I mean how is she wrong, half the anons here are in her snap or cowtipping her regularly.

No. 824293

she can't use paypal cos they don't allow adult content on there

only one or two people here have her snap and it was only one person that had that cringey fake twitter account to cowtip. she's just lurking here but she can't say it cos she knows it'll look bad (and cos it might direct some of her few followers to come see all the awful shit she's pulled)

No. 824297


How do you get a bipolar diagnosis and bang on about it on twitter but never think to yourself 'I need to watch out for impulsive behaviour like overspending'

She'll be at the clinic talking to herself next

No. 824301

Nobody has been doing anything to her, especially lately. Shay loves to be the victim and there are still one or two anons that always fall for it. She has to earn her pity money. And she lies all the damn time.

No. 824313

I'm not falling for anything. I know she lies and I also know this thread is full of cowtippers pretending they dindu nuffin.

No. 824321

Shea been banned from PayPal and a lot of other paying services because their TOS doesn't allow it. She also can't use Google wallet, and many big banks (Chase, bank of America, ect) do not allow sex work services.

Straight from PayPal- "You may not use the PayPal service for activities that… relate to transactions involving…. certain sexually oriented materials or services.”

No. 824324

File: 1561040579850.png (322.96 KB, 750x1334, C11BD76A-E599-4D34-BFBF-AF705B…)

>take some time off
From what though?????

No. 824325

She’s is the worst pet owner

No. 824326

File: 1561040788897.png (288.32 KB, 750x1334, B5C29015-96A9-434C-83F7-E5F323…)

No. 824334

Kek this sounds like it could be shay(hi [cow])

No. 824335

There are also vendetta camwhores that prolly would not be farmers, there are plenty of people who don't like Shay besides farmers. Don't fall for Shay lies anon.

No. 824342

She what does she need a vacation from? She doesn't do anything. She'll be doing the same shit she does regularly. Drinking heavily by herself, eating junk, ignoring her dog and finding a new way to be the victim of something

No. 824368

as if this thread would have 35 installments if it weren't mostly grudgy camwhores posting boring nitpicks about the condition of her frigging heels and trying to fucking nonstop slaughter the cow, are you kidding me

i think we should start taking bets on the likely posters here, it would certainly be more enlightening than the milkless cowtipping

No. 824371

So wait, she’s going for one fucking night? Kek business trip for fupa confirmed

No. 824381

File: 1561055399007.png (766.92 KB, 750x1334, 20764785-50F4-40CF-ACDA-0CDA3F…)

Unm excuse you anon, shes leaving for TWO days.

No. 824399

I think this is her way of lashing out about the Fupa and Shay sighting and the anon posting their photo on here, without actually acknowledging it.

Fupa admitted to “running into her” at the beer fest. We all know that’s BS but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. However, they were clearly together at whatever restaurant the anon saw them at. You can’t exactly wiggle your way out of that scenario. And I’m sure she got anon-asks about it. She usually loves to respond to that and post it but didn’t this time.

No. 824400


Yeah such a vacation. 2 whole nights at a air bnb in Austin. "Take a break" lmao first off she doesn't work hard or anything. Second, does that mean she's gonna be off her phone for at least one goddamn day and actually chill tf out?

No. 824410

File: 1561058389157.png (312.56 KB, 750x1334, 2F73486E-5C7C-4D0D-B181-CF932B…)

Is this supposed to be irony?

No. 824411

File: 1561058541259.png (357.73 KB, 750x1334, B25F93A5-7F5C-44A7-9BED-62C357…)

No. 824415

Maybe it’s just the meds kicking in.. otherwise, what kind of hypocrisy is this?

No. 824417

File: 1561059307740.jpeg (272.47 KB, 1242x875, 64ADD32B-1438-464B-A576-F96E93…)

…stop smoking constantly maybe?

No. 824419

I'm honestly starting to think shes a troll. Im just shocked at this lack of self awareness. ( I know shes not, but it's easier to believe she is because it's just so …ridiculous)

No. 824425

Didn’t she just call a follower rude and tell them to block her because the follower questioned why she posted a pic of her dad on her sex work account?

No. 824433

File: 1561061608622.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, 386026C7-DC2F-4CA8-B227-779965…)

No. 824435

This has to be a joke. These things are word for word what she does. Her lack of self awareness is insane

No. 824439

File: 1561062130023.jpg (239.43 KB, 1080x1006, 20190620_152144.jpg)

Please let this happen.

No. 824440

Lmao. Oh my gosh. Yes a great idea is to have your first ever tattoo on your fucking face

No. 824441

what in the fuck…?

No. 824445

I love it. So alt and baby bimbo! Go for it shay. It’s the smartest idea you’ve had in a while.

No. 824453


Yes, I hope it. No reputable place will give someone a face tat when they have absolutely no others and walk in smelling like their bio hazard bin

No. 824455

People have to pay to.. compliment her?

No. 824459

What the actual fuck?
She's acting pretty manic lately and I don't know if I'm noticing it just now or if she's starting to pretend cause ~so bipolar~

No. 824462

I honestly doubt she's taking her meds as prescribed. That plus the amount of alcohol and weed make me think this could be the beginnings of a legit maniac episode.

No. 824474


Did she forget how she has blasted potential customers and makes posts all the time about people needing to pay her for literally any interaction? Also, she always complains about everything. Bitch complains about waking up to no tips or 15 mins going by and no one "reimbursing" her. But go off Shay

No. 824475


Because she is not in therapy.


Is she flying? She needs a valid ID.

No. 824479

yeah i don't think tsa allows temp id's anymore and i doubt fupa is driving 7 hours so that will be interesting

No. 824482

Didn’t she go to Italy a while back? Passports are good for 10 years and is an acceptable form of ID. Assuming she didn’t lose it.

No. 824497

File: 1561070974779.png (18.73 KB, 593x239, 2019-06-20 18_49_05-Window.png)

so epic and edgy, shay.
she is really on one today lol.

No. 824507

File: 1561072749937.jpg (329.67 KB, 1074x748, Screenshot_20190620-181830_Twi…)

She liked this pic. Is this where she got the tattoo idea?

No. 824513

This doesnt even surprise me

No. 824514

Your ID can be expired up to a year if you fly domestic. I only know this because I had to use a temp ID (and brought my expired one just in case) and that's what they told me.

No. 824516

Is she acting extra retarded because her "sugar daddy"gave her more money than she is used to? Seems like she is feeling overconfident because she of it. She is letting one good day go to her head. She'll be begging and whining about how nobody is tipping her in a week.

No. 824523

I’d dead ass pay Shay to get a face tattoo please lord let it happen

No. 824530

File: 1561077898877.png (893.52 KB, 750x1334, 2BE97336-30C2-4008-9224-40F4D6…)

Why tho? Why @ everything she’s suggested today?

No. 824531


Something cringy and retarded like "Im baby" no less.

No. 824532

“I’m baby” is a retarded kirbh meme that is only current right now. Could you imagine getting “I can has cheeseburger” on your face in 2007? Not only is it a passing meme it’s also gonna age badly given the context image being a 50 year old woman with that tattoo. It’s one thing to be fully committed to being tatted which is fine but shay will be stuck with that embarrassing tattoo and maybe a few other trashy future ones

No. 824533

File: 1561078060604.jpeg (12.35 KB, 300x250, B586BAA4-3460-4392-A363-2DBEC0…)


No. 824535

I'd throw some money in there as well.

No. 824538


Oh I actually thought it was for her stupid "baby bimbo" shit, but tbh it being a meme like that is even worse. One would think it was a prank, but no, Shay is just that fucking retarded and off her shit. Astounding. A meme on your face. Jfc. I remember being like 7 and wanted a pokemon tattoo on my face lol. It's wild that she has the brain power and thoughts and impulse of a child.

No. 824542

Anon, do it. You already know she’s dumb, manic and motivated by money. The only thing that stops her from fulfilling her impulses is her lack of money.

No. 824544

File: 1561079605567.jpg (209.05 KB, 1080x722, Screenshot_20190620-201236_Twi…)

How is she this stupid

No. 824546


Yeah it came from some typo in a screenshot even though basic tumblr ddlg bitches use it just like their “henlo pupper” vocabulary

No. 824547

No way she would sit through the pain. Or come up with a story about the pain "made her wet" or some dumb shit like that

No. 824549

seriously, shay with a face tattoo would make my YEAR. I hope she does it

No. 824550

she could literally just get "babygirl" or use a sticker/filter with it.

No. 824557

File: 1561081198052.png (374.58 KB, 750x1334, 8AB56516-E4D0-4923-877F-11446A…)

Is she low key bulimic or what? Who talks about vomiting on literally a daily basis in any context possible?

No. 824564

Nothing low key about it. She talks about puking constantly. Next step is pnp levels and live streaming it.

No. 824613

File: 1561086627141.jpg (35.34 KB, 330x330, z31-lil-peep.w330.h330.jpg)

She's always so late to the game.

She's just going to look like some kind of lilpeep fangirl tbh.

No. 824616

why would you wait until the show has ended and the character has been assassinated in more ways than one to cosplay her? talk about bad business sense lol she'll make like a tenth the money she could have three months ago

No. 824617

She is a lil peep fan girl lol

No. 824633

i know she meant over her brow but imagining this stupid text as her actual brow is funnier.

also the answer is pretty easy to figure out but she's stupid so i hope she just pounds makeup over it before it's healed and fucks it up.

she can be her own kind of bimbo, how dare you, lol.

No. 824656

She drinks a ton so it's most likely from being drunk or hungover.

No. 824663

Every single day tho..?

No. 824664


Yeah, if she was bulimic she'd be thinner kek. You're on to something anon. Drinking all the time without hydrating and tbh I was thinking maybe stuffing herself with low quality food or gross leftovers that don't sit well with her gut.

No. 824666

Lol you don’t necessarily lose weight when you’re bulimic tho. You can actually gain weight from it.

No. 824675

Also she would allude to it for attention too. Not in the context of how she does currently. I guess it's possible but I think she would try to milk it for pity and give up when she saw it wasn't helping. I imagine she's just a drunk and overeats. She could be failing bulumia by purging every few days and still gaining wait tho lmao

No. 824682

She isn't, she just wanted to mention that she takes medication lol

No. 824684

I swear. And she must have a really crappy doc if she is prescribed some medication while still drinking every day and smoking weed excessively. Does her doc not mention that she might need to cut back on that? Something just ain't adding up, unless the docs in tulsa just don't give a fuck

No. 824685

Maybe she doesn't even tell him that, because she doesn't want to face the reality

No. 824686

I was out on my meds and my doctors had no idea I was smoking and drinking. She needs to drop it in order to have her meds work, otherwise it's pointless to even be taking them. But… Look at who we're talking about.

No. 824811


Pretty common knowledge that alcohol is a depressant and common sense that it shouldn't be mixed with psych meds, the information leaflets advise on that too, so even if the doc somehow didn't: Shay's just making retarded choices as always

No. 824832

has shay ever shown proof or pictures of her medication??? i've been following the threads and haven't seen any, and part of me believes that she's making this shit up because she has this urge to just flaunt EVERYTHING, even her shitty michael kors bag. if she had meds you know she would milk that shit for whatever she could ("uwu i need reimbursement for my pills that insurance covered send $400 for old outdated nudes u already have uwuwu"). she also never mentioned mood stabilizers until they were said in this thread, but idk maybe i'm just being crazy

No. 824839

the only thing she's posted so far was the pill case in the last thread

No. 824840


I'd throw money in if she tattooed "Baby" and "Girl" in place of he eyebrows a la Jenna Marbles' "HELL YEAH"

No. 824905

File: 1561143743998.jpeg (132.03 KB, 750x1044, 9664F864-1E9B-4982-A30B-91CED1…)

I just looked through her Amazon birthday wishlist and there’s four Littlest Pet Shop toy sets on there. She’s turning 22, why not have people spend money on things you can actually use? Not to mention that she has a puppy that could swallow the pieces.

No. 824906

File: 1561143751682.jpg (Spoiler Image, 540.05 KB, 1080x1222, Screenshot_20190621-140143_Twi…)

This pic is nightmare fuel. And wtf are those faces she does in this?


No. 824909

File: 1561143874035.jpeg (130.15 KB, 746x1056, D8C2482A-66FB-43DC-95AB-C14504…)

No. 824922

it looks so angry

No. 824924

File: 1561145712347.jpg (Spoiler Image, 552.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190621-203344_Twi…)

Nice shitstains Shay.

And yes it looks sore as hell, it should not be this red around.

No. 824925

File: 1561145905972.jpg (Spoiler Image, 475.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190621-203641_Pho…)

Bruh what?

Also her Hitachi has some sort of stain on it.. nice.

No. 824926

Is she trying to do ahegao? The worst of all worlds combine.

No. 824928

Looks like it but she just looks like a rabid dog

No. 824930

Not my cow, not my farm, just passing by, but wtf is her wrong asshole????

No. 824934

File: 1561147002842.jpg (34.7 KB, 377x590, Screenshot_20190621-205548_Sna…)

Lel this screenshot

No. 824936

omg!!!!! this picture is the most hilarious one i’ve seen yet of her, i actually lol’d. the ahegao just isn’t for some people, they just end up looking retarded. and her asshole is looking really rough… also it looks like there is literal shit? on her and the blanket?? srsly though i’ve never seen such an angry red looking asshole.

No. 824937

And what were those noises she made with this face

No. 824949

File: 1561148525391.jpg (431.07 KB, 1080x1426, Screenshot_20190621-151952_Twi…)

She still acts like she's better than everyone and makes you pay to interact with her 1/2

No. 824950

File: 1561148567197.jpg (207.61 KB, 1080x709, Screenshot_20190621-152003_Twi…)

We love the fake positivity

No. 824955

i was re-reading her first thread and she talked about how much she couldn't wait to get off of tumblr.

No. 824991


If she’s in therapy and seeing a psychiatrist she’s probably lying to them. Which means she’s not truly ready for therapy. And most psychs will prescribe you meds and not really care if you’re doing drugs on the side unless they’re hard drugs.

She was probably warned to not smoke weed and cut back on the drinking but decided not to do that because going cold turkey isn’t fun

No. 825003

>i love my fellow sex workers

does she think they love her? they phased her out of the community for all of her bullshit… she's not in any semblance of the "community" of sex workers. she doesn't have any friends other than the neckbeards that pay to see her pull tard faces and destroy her weird ass. the delusion of it all.

No. 825018

File: 1561161635669.jpg (528.95 KB, 1346x2048, IMG_20190622_005939.jpg)

She described this picture as looking "so hot". Lol…

No. 825025

Did she put foundation on her euebrows..? Didn't she spend almost 200 on makeup? Jesus Shayna, we know you lurk here. Fix your face.

No. 825026

and in her hairline kek

No. 825027

File: 1561163150568.jpg (Spoiler Image, 694.97 KB, 1079x1259, Screenshot_20190621-192452_Twi…)


No. 825028


Looks like she tried to draw an arch and missed filling in the gap to her real eyebrow. Foundation in the hair. Caked and cracked. This is so fucking messy it's hilarious.

No. 825031

that $200 from sephora putting in work

No. 825032

Reminds me of the young girls on IG who post pictures of themselves with a few hundred dollars, aka their rent money they’re about to drop off to the leasing office. As if $500 is something to be proud of lmao. Let alone…$120? Bitch has no idea what it’s like to have money

No. 825033

File: 1561163986558.png (495.86 KB, 594x520, 2019-06-21 20_39_22-Window.png)

well, for one your face is blurred into next year

No. 825035

Her foundation is like an inch into her hairline.

No. 825039

Likely weed money

No. 825041

File: 1561167855051.jpg (288.41 KB, 1080x1137, Screenshot_20190621-204353_Twi…)

No. 825042

it’s also all over her nose stud lol im surprised it hasnt boiled up yet

No. 825059

Not really much to brag about when it’s just going to be blown on hamburgers, beer and forever21.

No. 825061

What if it's just her parents or fupa wiring rent money?

No. 825062

Lmao she’s really trying to do aheago now that it’s popular on twitter. I can’t with this girl. Get some fucking creativity.

No. 825068

Anyone who posts pictures flexing with cash usually comes off like the person is in some shady line of work whether that be the drug industry, sex industry, a shady place where they pay you under the table, or a MLM.

No. 825070

her foundation is too dark and too yellow toned, even in a filter that blurs you can see the huge difference. wew.

No. 825075

File: 1561175740100.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x2087, 79EE38E7-78CA-4C32-9462-70A1E9…)


No. 825116

Double eyebrows. Bold choice.

No. 825117

anal with no lube and a complete lack of basic hygiene literally that's it

No. 825190


After making her "$1000 tip" Shay doesn't see a need to work, which is why she's been so quiet lately. It's super funny how she thinks $1000 is a lot and shouldn't keep that ball rolling.

I'm starting to think either fupa sends her money or her dad does/he pays for her apartment.

No. 825226

File: 1561222185348.png (3.76 MB, 750x1334, BD58F04B-00AD-44CF-97C2-E5E602…)

Why does she never take a break from smoking when she constantly has like bronchitis-type shit going on? Like vape or something, bitch, Jesus.

No. 825237

lmfao, she really does believe that. I thought she wanted to be successful. She should be trying to make that kind of money daily, if she wants to be considered some successful cam model. she's laughing about it and thinks she's hot shit, but doesn't realize how stupid she looks…

No. 825247

she was trying to raise $1000 to fly herself home for her birthday, I wonder why she's planning on going to Austin instead now, especially because she has the money for it. I wonder if her family told her not to come home.

No. 825260

She can't take Fupa to mass for a week. He does like Texas.

No. 825286

File: 1561233249768.png (Spoiler Image, 4.64 MB, 1792x828, 97867B04-33CF-447F-8F5B-9551EE…)


No. 825288


Not like she has a work ethic otherwise, but these people are just enabling her. She sees no reason to work as long as dumbasses send her pity or cuck money to waste. Its conditioned her badly. So when the free money doesnt come in, she just begs harder and acts entitled. All she does is blow off her "job" of camming and content making and pushing real sales of her stuff. And its a joke because she has no life and nothing else she does with her time aside from drinking.

No. 825296

File: 1561234844768.png (305.42 KB, 828x1792, 7C39C762-E6C1-4A22-B751-47726D…)

gets 1k tip once

No. 825320

wow shayna, congrats on getting a months worth paycheck of a minimum wage job…… 3 years later

No. 825323

the noises she made while doing that face where honestly worse….

Shay doesn't have an ounce of sensuality or sexuality in her body. Her porn is an imitation of porn that is an imitation of real sex. It's like a knock off of a knock off.

No. 825357

File: 1561246058310.jpg (244.5 KB, 1080x769, Screenshot_20190622-182647_Twi…)

Sounds like another train wreck

No. 825359

File: 1561246590266.jpeg (109.14 KB, 750x753, 11339DD8-EF2E-4F56-ABFA-2E06B6…)

This sounds borderline like a hoarder, why doesn’t she just return the shoes or donate them afterwards?! Is that what her other room is full of now since we never see it? Just useless shit she hoards?

No. 825361

File: 1561246791444.jpg (906.27 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190622-183822_Tum…)

Going on about the kennel she booked

No. 825364

She already did a cowgirl themed video ages ago, did her drunk ass forget?

No. 825377

Maybe. There were no Friday night date night pictures posted.

No. 825381

Was probably the same noise when she got the 1k tip

No. 825390

as an Austin native, I’m so excited to see what trash bars she goes to n her realization that she is nowhere near “alt baby” enough for Fupa lmaooo. bitch will look basic as hell here and definitely sweat off her awful makeup

No. 825393

File: 1561249981055.jpg (286.84 KB, 1080x1092, Screenshot_20190622-193236_Twi…)

Next purchase?

No. 825395

File: 1561250038707.jpg (430.78 KB, 1080x1311, Screenshot_20190622-193321_Twi…)

This is literally for children. She has to make a kink out of everything

No. 825396

File: 1561250083137.jpg (210.73 KB, 1080x744, Screenshot_20190622-193419_Twi…)

Says the chick who made the Trump porn

No. 825398

I would rather see a field full of MAGA hats than Shay's rancid ass. She should look in the mirror to get an idea of what disgusting looks like.

No. 825404


Lol it's sounding like the kennel gonna take better care of the dog than Shay ever does. Even a 3 star one would. Idk why she's acting like she's a great "dog mom" when she leaves the dog all day or all night to get drunk/go shopping and hardly plays with her. I'm sure she gives her cheap food (from Petco) and tap water. So like?? Why pretend you care about the kennel she'll be in for two days Shay? I hope she leaves the dog there so she can get a vacation from Shay and then be rehomed to a better place.

No. 825405

She has like 10 pairs and they’re all dirty and grimy platform heels. She posted a pic in the Fupa Palace of how proud of her closet she was and it looked horrible.

No. 825406

She’s acting like she’s the first person that’s ever owned and cared about a dog lol

No. 825407

I assumed so, she still talks about the stuff she finds that she hadn't yet unboxed from time to time (example her bongs).

How is any of this true? Lmfao. We know how poorly she treats her dog. She makes Noodle play with a fucking sock. If it is true, this time away from Shay will treat her better than Shayna ever could.

Kek, Shayna is always remaking the same shit.

No. 825434

Why is she going off about what they’re going to do? And acting like her questions she’s asking are over the top? Those are standard questions to ask.
She’s acting like she’s spoiling her dog or something? Standard care is not spoiling Shay. But to your dog, the bare minimum is spoiling I guess. Sounds like they’ll take better care of her dog than she currently does.

Congrats on taking your dog to a dog kennel?

No. 825465

this coming from the person that said "lol give me $75 and i'll adopt a dog" like a bunch of thought went into it or anything
it's purely virtue signalling at this point

No. 825502

Did Shay ever get her shit back from Dawn? I can't remember. Saged for nta.

No. 825510

Eventually I think, she posted about finding a bunch of her old clothes awhile ago.

No. 825543

Sage for nitpicking i guess but how much do yall wanna bet she gives noodle some shit food like pedigree and says she wont eat anything else because "shes picky"(stop the dog sperging)

No. 825588

I have a feeling that Shayna doesn't even take Noodle out 3 times a day herself…

No. 825591

She's lucky if she goes out once a day

No. 825599

If she really took noodle out like she needed she'd be flaunting it on her snap and twitter. Theres no pics/videos of them out on walks. Yet I'm sure there will be after her routine lurks kek

No. 825600

Does this mean incoming face tattoo?

No. 825605

Nitpick. Dogs love socks. She might be a shitty owner in other ways but that isnt one of them.

No. 825640

Shit like this and that flimsy children’s day bed just make her life seem so bleak. The booze is definitely sleeping into her chipper uwu bb vibe because she’s oversharing with an audience that is not interested in hearing about her pills, mental health, buying shaving cream, etc… when she can’t even put the bottle down long enough to have any idea if they are even working as intended.

No. 825659

File: 1561310153736.jpg (484.13 KB, 1440x1263, 20190623_121511.jpg)

Aggressively spending money

No. 825671

No one goes to a fancy restaurant alone. She’s going to Texas with Fupa.

No. 825686

File: 1561314378948.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1242x1545, C769070B-9CA9-4135-96BD-E5F8D6…)

Shayna, for fucks sake just use some lube. She’s complaining about how much it hurts on her Twitter. Just. Use. Lube.

No. 825687


Birthdays are for family and friends to make a bit of a fuss of you, But in Shays case she makes a big fuss of herself and it appears nobody else cares half as much as she does, Sad at that age

No. 825700

I think she needs more than just lube. She needs a gynecologist. How do you live that way, her shit always looks so red and painful.

No. 825705


Some do, but its still gross and bad training. Pups love shoes too, but you dont let or encourage them to chew on and play with your belongings like that because they will then assume its all fair game. Like if you give them a crappy sock and they see thats ok, then they will go for nice socks when given the chance and at that point scolding them will be confusing to them because you've set them up on the wrong track.

No. 825709

File: 1561318129116.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.77 MB, 1242x1545, CFAE7AB5-DD95-4ACC-ABC1-4B4E9F…)

15 minutes can save you 15% on looking fucking mangled. Why does she insist on having sooo much blue in her pics, just makes her angry crotch looks even more like raw meat.

No. 825716

File: 1561320546193.png (42.29 KB, 589x606, 2019-06-23 16_08_36-The Birthd…)

has she always said the tit veins were from getting a flu shot??

No. 825717

No. 825719

File: 1561320725228.png (10.26 MB, 1242x2208, 016ABA88-DEC9-45BC-9068-CA5A97…)

Body shape: box

No. 825720


her face legitimately doesnt even look real here.

No. 825722

It barely is.
>>825018 is the reality

No. 825726

how many filters are on this? jfc

No. 825769

i still have no idea why she can't make a account for her bitching about life and one for sex work.

Her compartmentalization skills are shit.

No. 825773

This orbiter is always up Shays asshole. This is her fucking fan base.



No. 825774

File: 1561329645480.jpg (Spoiler Image, 341.74 KB, 1060x753, Screenshot_20190623-173946_Sam…)

Wtf is this face

No. 825778

Because she'd get no followers on her non SW one

No. 825781

That’s the face of someone who’s never had a real orgasm so they have to guess with their face.

No. 825783

Kek, she already gets next to none. She could just buy followers for the non SW account too. It's clearly no issue for her.

No. 825784

File: 1561332239113.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.09 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190623-182243_Twi…)

Absolutel fucking nightmares. It looks so angry. Open with caution

No. 825786

>sooo much blue in her pics

I'm sorry can you point to the blue in that picture? I'm seeing mostly pink, and warm lighting as usual.

It seems like the ~uwu baby bimbo~ schtick is just her cover for being so shit at appearing sexy/experienced at this point. If she pretends to be a literal baby (creepy potty training vid, for example), she can't be expected to know what sex is actually like (not just lying back and taking it easy shayna style.)

If she marketed herself as a mature adult, she would have to draw people in by showing that she actually knows how to look and act sexy, and do more than lie on her back in the same pose every time, or choke on a half inch of dildo.

No. 825794

I'm so tired of seeing her tongue. She went from that weird tongue behind the teeth thing to this.

No. 825795

I don't understand how she's not ashamed by this

No. 825796

should i even ask what the crusty cornstarch looking particles are?

No. 825797

Well from the preview alone not one of those orgasms sounded genuine.

No. 825798

crusty asshole and dry pussy with some spit on it. this really makes me want to buy her porn. barf

No. 825800


I love how you can clearly tell it’s spit and water on her jacked up snatch. Buy some lube Shaytard it’ll help with you actually looking wet and turned on bc those noises you make mannnnnnn

No. 825803

File: 1561336483993.jpg (264.43 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20190623_203302.jpg)

Sage but I'm curious, how do teeth get chipped and wavy like her two fronts are? Is this decay, grinding, or something else?

No. 825805

File: 1561336898430.jpg (266.99 KB, 1078x1112, Screenshot_20190623-194115_Twi…)

No. 825806

prob grinding who knows, the tooth chips have been discussed at length in past threads and not worth getting into again

No. 825807

Crooked ass tooth maybe?

No. 825808

I used to smoke oxy on foil when I was a fuck up and noticed my perfect teeth turned brittle and thin towards the end and now look like shays.

I don’t buy she’s just doing weed. She HAS to be doing something else.(no1curr)

No. 825809

Dis bitch saying she bought her dog multiple toys but what? The pup wants to play with a person not just with itself?
Why doesn't she understand this? You are meant to play with the pup with the toys, not just shove a dog toy in it's face and expect it to be amused. Pups can wanna play for hours (with you, not with itself) it's most likely a pup in a litter that used to play with its siblings so you can't just tell it to play alone, it wants interaction.(dog sperg)

No. 825810

Shes get people paying for reblogs to "over 150k followers" on tumblr again

No. 825812

Tinfoil Watch it be her biggest scam yet. Next thing we hear is she gets arrested for credit card fraud. Its crazy to belive that people give her their hard earned money

No. 825813

No. 825815

nobody gives a fuck

No. 825819

can everyone stop blogposting itt for literally five seconds? it's become absurd.

No. 825822

This bitch has no sense of business skills after 3 years it’s just hilarious at this point

No. 825827

she's mentioned sugar daddy a few times, a random ass trip to TX, shes fucking or going on a date for these large amounts is my tinfoil

No. 825830


It's really nasty and careless to post a pic that's supposed to be a close up sexy higher def pic and have toilet paper or who knows what crumbles all around your ass and go "that's fine, I'll post it right now!" YIKES

No. 825837

No. 825839


And the pattern on the blanket right under her ass looks like a shit stain. It's almost like she's doing this on purpose

No. 825849

im on this tinfoil. shes scorting now probably


i vote for either as new thread op

No. 825852

I have this too and it’s caused by a
slight cross bite. The middle of your front teeth hit the bottom fronts at an angle and wear down the enamel in the middle of the tooth(no1curr)

No. 825874

I was talking about the blue undertone. Her pictures are always cool toned even when she’s plastered it in pink shit. Cool lighting, no warmth whatsoever. You can see that all the white surfaces look blue. Even all of her pink garbage are cool pinks. I understand Shayna has no taste or knowledge of colors but she needs to stay away from cool shades. They just create horrible contrast with her yellowed skin and sand papered vulva. Even that one time she wore a yellow dress, it looked horrible because it wasn’t the right shade.

No. 825875

this picture smells like fish and shit

No. 825886

I wouldn't be surprised if it was from the frequently vomiting, eating away at the enamel

No. 825960

Does shayna save her money at all? She'll have 1k for like a week and once this person stops tipping her she'll go back to begging for rent money again. Does she not know how to save? Does she just spend literally all of her money on stupid shit and not think of the future at all?

No. 825977

Are those payment screenshots she always posts from Circle Pay? Aren't they shutting down soon? What's she gonna do then?

No. 825993

Cry and beg

No. 826005

Tinfoil These big tips have to be her dad. In the past when a guy would send her money it’d only be like $20-$100. She posted about how she was waiting for her first four digit tip and then she got it a day or so later? I just refuse to believe some rando is giving her that much money. I’ve only seen top ranked cam girls be sent that much

No. 826040


Why assume it's her dad…? If the tips are fake, then more likely it's her sending them to herself or making fupa do it. I personally don't think they're fake though. Men are gross and there's obviously ones who are into shay's white trash sideshow.

No. 826041

Top ranked camgirls get bigger tips than this. It's actually sad that these are the first big tips Shay has ever gotten when she has been doing this for so long. I know it's hard to believe that someone would pay her that much for anything because she is gross, but I don't think her customers care at all.

She lies so damn often, it's hard to tell. But I wouldn't be surprised if some desperate idiot gave her that money.

No. 826047

I don't think she has enough money in her bank account to send herself $1000. I do not believe she could save that much and not blow it on a shit ton of booze and weed. And yeah, there will always be men pathetic enough to do that shit, I'm just surprised they've chosen an inactive nobody like Shayna

No. 826071

Seems like the big tips started coming recently with her new mental health diagnosis so I also wouldn't be surprised if her sugar daddy was fake and just her real dad who thinks he's helping her in a time of need.

No. 826187

File: 1561417511841.jpg (265.41 KB, 1080x1143, Screenshot_20190624-180440_Twi…)

You mean the $700 you probably just spent on shopping?

No. 826199

Remember valentine's day when she went to a hotel & released a vid she sent to someone's partner talking about how she was going to be fucking them. Escorting kek

No. 826200

this tinfoil is retarded, stop

No. 826202

File: 1561420509606.jpg (237.92 KB, 1074x788, Screenshot_20190624-185410_Twi…)

No. 826209

File: 1561421967747.jpg (443.04 KB, 1080x1192, Screenshot_20190624-191846_Twi…)

This is not sexy at all

No. 826218

HA $50 for advice from someone who has to beg on Twitter for money for meals! I seriously hope that no one is dumb enough to send her the money and ask her for advice, I'm sure that there are at least a few camgirls who would DM someone for free to give them advice.

No. 826221

Oh yeah the old bong right next to the toilet maneuver. Good one, shayna.

No. 826222

Didn't she say several threads back when she was starting to do pro work in LA that she never shaves her legs?

No. 826230


So much for laying off shaving and waxing instead, huh? She said last time she shaved she cut herself and it was all bad and shes done shaving. But I guess she was just really drunk and its too much to wax.

No. 826246

File: 1561429098242.jpg (260.35 KB, 1440x1230, 20190624_211152.jpg)


No. 826248

No wonder shw cuts herself with that razor. It doesn't have a swivel head

No. 826258

File: 1561430355885.jpg (463.56 KB, 1080x1633, Screenshot_20190624-213845_Twi…)

She's so full of it

No. 826260

>also don’t ask for one

Says the girl who asks for everything under the sun no matter how cheap to be “reimbursed”

No. 826261

it's a disposable razor

No. 826271

why tf does her foot look like patrick star

No. 826279

i think she was talking about shaving her nether region.

watch her never wear this stuff.

No. 826286

Okay but her rent is not $700. Her rent is more likely $400 for a studio in Tulsa and the fact that she has to ‘flex’ $700 is sad.

No. 826291

She literally said it was $400 when she first moved in and that she had to pay fupa $900 for a lease for several months but the lease was never spoken of again

No. 826308

I wonder if he's keeping her around so she can't forget about paying him back, if she really does owe him money. which I don't find hard to believe. I doubt he would ever see it paid back though

No. 826316

File: 1561447168690.png (212.1 KB, 1080x1228, Screenshot_2019-06-25-02-16-50…)

Looks like Fupa is going. Why is she telling on herself lol? Surely Shay won't be driving herself on a solitary road trip to Texas.

No. 826351

can shay even drive? and even if she can, there's no way she'd be under the legal limit for alcohol (and also no way she won't be smoking weed)

No. 826387

lol yeah it has to be fupa. shayna wouldn't drive for 8 hours, she can't even be arsed to stay on cam for 2.

No. 826398

She doesnt own a car and would've begged to be reimbursed for renting one. Have fun on your call center business trip with Fupa Shay!

No. 826411

We will be able to tell when shes on the road, either fupas car or a rental, we all know she cant sit in a car for 8hrs without going on social media or posting on snap. She gives herself away each time it's really funny

No. 826419

Shayna is too young to rent a car in the US. Virtually every rental place requires someone age 25 or older to sign, for insurance reasons (18yo drivers fresh from the road test are supposedly more dangerous than 60+yearolds who got their licenses 50 years ago by walking in and asking for it)

she's getting driven, either by Uber (LOL) or by Fupa.

No. 826420


And there's the matter of her expired ID which I assume is her DL.

No. 826423

File: 1561475857722.jpg (107.17 KB, 1439x675, Screenshot_20190625-101503_Tum…)

Prob not driving if shes posting on tumblr. But who knows.

No. 826424

so where is the dog atm?

No. 826440

She can rent a car, she just has to pay a small underage age fee everyday she has the car. And back when she was Shay-gnar she had her DL and a car so she knows how to drive and can. it’s very likely she’s driving herself or she’s going with one of her new found friends. Or fupapi.

She has also been suspiciously quiet on snap the last few days. Hasn’t even posted anything today and she’s been up for a while. Probably that dumb ass “got my first big tip and I don’t have to work anymore” mindset she has going right now.

No. 826441

she's so retarded it's insane

No. 826442

she had it boarded

what friends are you talking about lmao

No. 826443

File: 1561477474810.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1242x1649, 63E843A7-9234-4AEC-94EC-104665…)

Something about this look makes her look like even more of an addict

No. 826474

Is it just me or do her arms look disproportionatly fat here? Why can she never take a flattering photo of herself?

No. 826484

maybe she uses the "large tip excuse" as a way to slowly but entirely phase out of camming? it's obvious she doesn't like it, and i'm sure the horrors she has created last month (first the cake vagina vid, then the blowup doll bullshit) have pretty much scarred her for life just as much as they scarred us.
there's no way an orbiter/"customer" (of what!!! ass boils!?) paid her a thousand dollars, for sure. has to be her father or fupapa, so if they're willing to put her broke ass up then she might as well quit while she's so so so far behind lol

No. 826489

Ah yes the roadtrip QT restroom selfie

No. 826502

File: 1561485269600.jpeg (748.25 KB, 1242x1086, 5FDCD10F-EEFE-43B1-9FEC-7478FE…)

wasn’t she just selling all 900 videos for $50 the other day?? lmao.

idek the actual amount but isn’t it a couple hundred videos? hahaha

No. 826510

She doesn't have that many videos lol. But yeah she usually has some sale where you can buy all of them. Birthday sale. I need to move sale. I need to be with Fupa sale. I need to get weed sale. Bitch is the discount cam model for nasty neckbeards.

No. 826552

Holy shit she looks in pain in these selfies. And elderly. What the fuck is going on.

No. 826554

lmao she look so cracked out here. what on earth…

No. 826579

Her face looks extremely puffy here. Her laugh lines are not usually that deep. Maybe the alcohol bloat.

No. 826652

File: 1561501333723.jpg (328.9 KB, 1080x1245, Screenshot_20190625-172152_Twi…)

No. 826663

I thought it was a Skype call? With DMs she could easily take hours to reply then tell you your time is up

No. 826677

the fact that she's been doing this under 5 years, is ~thriving~ in a shitstain of an apartment in bumfuck Oklahoma, & wants $ for advice screams scam, let alone "30 minutes via DM"… what advice could she possibly have to give lol???
"just like, cater to as many disgusting fetishes as possible, & don't forget to ebeg every single day!!!"

No. 826681

I hope they get pulled over for fucking smoking a blunt while driving.

No. 826689

File: 1561505091060.jpg (456.19 KB, 1080x1140, Screenshot_20190625-182421_Twi…)

It's a fucking tiny house

No. 826690

File: 1561505132931.jpg (512.31 KB, 1080x1176, Screenshot_20190625-182514_Twi…)

No. 826694

It's like her apartment but clean and furnished lmao same day bed and all.

No. 826700

No fupa reflection in the shades yet?

No. 826711

lmao i'm cracking up right now because she described it as a "loft"

No. 826719


The bed is in a loft above the kitchen.

No. 826720

yeah but when someone calls something a loft i'm expecting some kind of nice apartment in downtown austin, not whatever this is.

No. 826726

How much do you want to bet she's going to smoke in in there and stink the place up?

No. 826733

This is Shayna, not someone with a regular income. She’s staying at one of the shitty old small houses on one of the little side roads.

No. 826737

File: 1561510684042.jpg (Spoiler Image, 895.07 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20190625_195655.jpg)

We know fupa is taking these kek(don't abuse the spoiler)

No. 826744

WEAR A FUCKING BRA SHAYNA. At least with a white shirt. I can’t believe she’s never gotten kicked out of a public establishment for having her full-ass nipples on display.

No. 826745

That toe clench

No. 826746

She thinks it’s quirky or sexy or something

No. 826747

Tbh in Austin, this is perfectly acceptable. You see girls at their regular jobs braless, not to mention going completely topless at Barton Springs.

No. 826748

File: 1561512498052.jpg (161.79 KB, 1077x625, Screenshot_20190625-202714_Twi…)

No. 826755


They're just trolling us with the reflective surfaces now.

(Why the spoiler?)

No. 826758

File: 1561513671377.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1720, BAC6C710-B596-4326-892F-DF6931…)

that facial bloat though, she’s even got a double chin forming. yeesh.

No. 826763


Another factor to consider for the weight gain is the medication

No. 826765

You can move wherever you want Shay, you just wont, cause you cant save money or leave your weird boyfriend who keeps you a secret.

No. 826769

File: 1561514104397.jpg (648.7 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20190625_182217.jpg)

Wtf is going on with her nail beds??? Is this from her acrylics?

No. 826774

oh God. looks like old chemical burns or something.

No. 826775

Isn’t crazy how much power we have over her? Like she has to hide her boyfriend from a WEBSITE and she’s basically his shameful secret (he’s still single on fb).
How do you let the internet have that much control over your life?

No. 826804

she said before that she had an allergic reaction to the acetone they used on her

No. 826817

I mean I’m not trying to WK but everyone wants to keep at least one tiny thing personal/private. Especially something as humiliating as her/their current situation. I don’t think it’s that weird to keep your boyfriend who’s too embarrassed to acknowledge you irl a secret lol.

No. 826821

File: 1561516406509.jpg (258.3 KB, 1079x974, Screenshot_20190625-213259_Twi…)

"Super Liberal." Ok Shay

No. 826857

That's why she's tilting her head up in every photo

No. 826858

hahaha holy shit this is the new nasolabial folds right here. Fucking nail beds. Congrats. It just looks like the falsies were applied too far up and/or they grew out, exposing the nail bed. This thread is officially more retarded than kiki's. I want to say this pathetic level of nitpick is from other camgirls but Shay is a literal non-threat to you guys. So, what gives?

No. 826872

This picture would almost look nice on it's own cropped if I were able to ignore it was Shayna

No. 826877

Was going to say the exact same thing kek just looks like nail glue or her cuticles are gross from her fake nails growing out.

No. 826895

Not to blog post but I live in Austin and god I hope she doesn't move here, no way could she afford it anyway.

No. 826919

It’s insane. She complains about making her $400 rent in Tulsa, good luck making Austin rent!

No. 826964

how is that an “”insane nitpick””? Did you zoom in?? That shit looks disgusting. Like her whole finger skin is peeling off.

No. 826986

i like how she has her toes bent to try and make her feet look smaller

No. 827031

nayrt it just looks like she chews on her skin and needs a fill to me, you are way overreacting. believe me, i zoomed in because i literally couldn't figure out what y'all were sperging about.

No. 827049

The lack of bra isn't a problem. I wish more women embraced it, honestly. If she couldn't afford Denver, there's no way she can afford Austin. In her most recent snap, talking about being a wizened Rafiki (smoking a weed pen and showing off the skyline behind her) at age 22, she's wearing a fupa sized (xl) black shirt. Extremely unfitting for what she wears for herself normally and right up the alley of band shirts that fupa wears.

No. 827053

where the fuck do you live? lol it's totally normal to not wear a bra

No. 827184

File: 1561559302485.png (343.09 KB, 576x328, Capture.PNG)

No. 827194


No woman of her age has ever mentioned her own birthday quite as much as this

No. 827268

But people are buying the Blowup Doll video at least, I’ve seen like 5 automated sale tweets for that video. Can someone explain to me WHO is buying that video? The picture should be enough to scare people away, and as many of us saw here, she put the dildo in her mouth for max 20 seconds at a time, not really even giving a blow job to completion.

No. 827289

Pornsick men are buying her content. She will do things to herself, like in that "Blowup Doll" video, that require not having any dignity or pride in who you are. She demeans and humiliates herself, the more she does that the more money she will make.

She is too lazy to pull herself together and try to be smarter about doing this. This shit is gonna haunt her one day cos it's embarrassing and disgusting.

No. 827332

File: 1561569495729.jpeg (667.85 KB, 750x1334, 2C26C87D-9220-458E-9B76-B1E562…)

If you look closely you’ll notice a fupa looking shape trying to keep distance

No. 827348

Lol on Snapchat she's blatantly wearing one of fupa's shirts. Somebody post it.

No. 827362

File: 1561571253460.jpeg (870.01 KB, 1242x1066, F33019A8-9626-4561-9EE4-F4A8BB…)

She wears the ugliest most basic clothing, and looks like she’s legit special needs. Why do people give this girl money?

No. 827365

File: 1561571353870.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1674, B62B3002-6D46-45AE-9007-380541…)

Her grandma lookin ass

No. 827366

What's her newest snap

No. 827372

What's her snap? I think it either got deleted or she blocked me (probably the former)
That dress is so unflattering she looks so bloated and shapeless kek. And she needs to stop wearing white before she ruins more clothes with her shit and pit stains

No. 827374


No. 827377

Without sounding WK here. Why hasn’t she just tried to launch a SFW vlog channel? She clearly has more passion talking about story times. music and what she bought at the mall than she ever seems to making porn?

No. 827381

All those shoes she supposedly owns but she still only brought flip flops.. basic as fuck

No. 827387

have you seen her on cam though?
She sucks at being interesting for longer than 2 minutes.

No. 827409

File: 1561574958423.jpg (656.58 KB, 1079x1917, 20190626_134745.jpg)

That's the same thing I thought Anon. She's not even trying to hide it anymore.

No. 827415

Chelsea Grin… definitely a Fupa shirt. The hoops they're jumping through to hide each other from their lives, only to be foiled by the simplest slip ups.

No. 827471

Also a random vape pen has appeared, probably fupapi's.

No. 827515

File: 1561583169792.jpg (257.1 KB, 1080x1332, Screenshot_20190626-160556_Twi…)

No. 827526

She should learn how to pose and smile. This pic of her before her lunch is awful. She looks honestly so ugly with that gaping mouth and frizzy hair. How embarrassing for someone that is meant to sell themselves.

No. 827527

The white shows how nasty and grimy her teeth are too.

No. 827535

Nah, they were very public together originally before the baby mama drama. When you’ve made it public once you can’t really go back from that

No. 827558

yeah exactly. the fake breakup is what made it embarrassing. hence my op.

No. 827602

File: 1561593051116.jpg (779.21 KB, 1079x1451, Screenshot_20190626-185030_Twi…)

She looks thrilled

No. 827605