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File: 1525795465650.png (82.55 KB, 706x445, 1524612991126.png)

No. 576753

Do not infight or sperg, whiteknight or nitpick appearances or you will be reported there is lots of evidence and posts about her bs in previous threads, learn how to look
The Story So Far
Previously had a stoner blog known as shay-gnar and switched over to sex work when it became popular. (while still having minor followers >>>/snow/548764 )
!! ⦁ Recently changed her handles from DumDolly to Dolly Mattel, after watching RPDR for a week.
⦁ Definitely lurks the threads about her
⦁ Below average looking problematic tumblr / camwhore.
⦁ Got wasted on drugs and got caught cheating on her boyfriend and cried rape.
⦁ Claims to be a CSA and rape survivor and uses dd/lg and rape fantasies to work through her trauma.
⦁ Begs people online for money and gifts that she claims she is entitled to it because she's a porn star, even though she supposedly makes 55k a year
⦁ Uses drama as a way to market her content
⦁ Meets up with old men from tumblr for sex and films it.
⦁ Whenever anybody disagrees with her she plays the victim card and throws a tantrum.
⦁ Admittedly doesn't wash for weeks on end.
⦁ Has made numerous racist jokes, including calling a jewish person "baby hitler", and making a parody of Trump's "grab me by the pussy" claiming it to be satire.
⦁ Starts drama and throws a pity party when people call her on her shit saying every one is jealous of her "bomb ass porn"
⦁ Her niche is "i will fuck your dad" and punching herself in the face for 50 cents
⦁ Labia looks like a breeding grown for -something- due to poor self hygiene and over-waxing with no exfoliation and same day masturbation. ( >>487910 ,
>>487913 , >>487926 , >>487927, >>487935 , >>476771 , >>480326 )
⦁ Born in 1997 but still considers herself "19" for the last two years
⦁ Serious daddy and abandonment issues due to her always saying she will fuck your dad and your grandpa and is constantly viewed as a sex object by men. Speaks volumes to how replaced she feels. Someone "stole" her daddy. So she fantasizes about doing the same to other people.
⦁ Gets mad about her own contradictions making her look like an embarrassing hypocrite
Calls people out for wanting to get out of abusive living situations using a GoFundMe after she was just begging for donations to fix her hair right before the "most important thing for her career" up in Montreal (which she never managed to complete before the trip) (MV loft - all the other models seemed to be annoyed with her obnoxiousness) the way she speaks about abusive situations and people who were abused tells a lot. She fetishizes them and their abuse, no sympathy or empathy.She chastises people who live in abusive living situations and ask people for help, but exploits abusive situations in order to get people to give HER money. ( acts like it's different than making a GoFundMe because she compensates people with her "porn".)
⦁ Asked for donations and tacky wishlist items for her new "studio apartment" but never a bed
⦁ Claims to be gay/lesbian but showed disgust on cam when asked to go down on her "Gf" only caters to being a lesbian for guys and a shock factor She’s bi for the attention. She looks disinterested in any gif or other media that involves another woman.
⦁ Visited another dumblr whore Mia (Sadbaffoon) and looked unprofessional the entire time (at least she made Shay bath and shower)
⦁ Has a n(ew) BF? Neckbeard FUPA
⦁ "Dates" a 60 year old man she calls Sir
⦁ Dry fucks herself (ass and pussy) without any lube and is lazy about all of her videos
⦁ Does the same thing in every video, just with a different outfit
⦁ Makes aggerated sex faces and looks very disinterested in a lot of her videos
⦁ Frivolous spending as soon as she makes any money and then complains and asks for money right afterwards
⦁ Forces a baby voice in all of her media when previous stoner videos of her she's talking normally >> http://dollymattel.tumblr.com/post/173296089014/everybodys-favorite-stoner-princess
⦁ Constantly preaches "support girls supporting girls" and "don't support sex workers who bully other sex workers" when she literally does that almost once a week.
⦁ Her "fans" savagely attack any one/thing that is against shaynas word with absolutely no evidence as to why they're attacking someone
⦁ Thinks everything she says is important and worth saying(Shayna voices her illogical, hypocritical opinions.) She always rants about things, and a week later, she's voicing the complete opposite. She's done this countless times to the point that it's her personality.
⦁ Constantly tries to be edgy but just makes herself look even more (stupid and) embarrassing.
⦁ Has been gaining weight but still insists she's smol and skinny uwu
⦁ Sleeps on the floor in her "Studio apartment" has a giant tv but no bed not even an air mattress. Sleep on a pink(piss and shit on) rug on the floor
⦁ Previously filmed with hardtied and insex >>>/snow/547159 (I'm not quite sure what else to say about that subject)
allows minors to follow and comment on her instagram and tumblr
⦁ claims she was a child model and a ballerina dancer (was this before the "abuse" of being grounded?)
> 100% lurks >>>/snow/540546
http://thesaddesthoe.tumblr.com http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com
archive photos: >> http://archive.is/dollymattel.tumblr.com

Previous Threads
>>>/snow/538195 there really is a lot of golden milk in this thread

**4.1 Don't post personal information that leads to real life harassment. No street addresses, phone numbers, or places of employment, unless the subject has published that information publicly on their social media.

4.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.**

Violating the above rules will lead to a swift permaban.

it is recommended to not be eating while viewing this thread

archived answered asks- theres so much more than these but just wow. (taken from previous thread)


(welcome to her blog-y she hates her mom -if ur new)

(how they found her blog)

(ask how her parents found out about her camming)

(how her mom doesnt understand her n how she shoved misogyny down her throat and how she doesnt get that shayna wants to be a cam girl n how her mom send her emails/txts for schools and jobs- boo hooo soo abused by an awful bitch)

(this literally makes me want to vomit- asked how her mom found her blog- she literally says "she’s the type of person to try and dig up dirt on me so she has an actual reason to be mad at me other than just being a bitch"-wow shayna)

(wow such a shitty mom… makes up but then proceeds to still bash her to her followers)

(y she is courageous for sticking up to her mom- lulz)

(barf- y she's a strong person bc of what she went thru w/ her mom)

(y her blog was private/ brother backs up mom)

(tells asker u dont need parents- more about her mom and how she compromised their lives- her mom lost her poarents when she was only 12)

(how thes dumblr loser minions perpetuate her delusions and warped thinking)

asked y her mom is such a bitch and how they better be blessed w/ a child like her


how other pples mom like her more

(how her mom is jelly)

(more boo hoos and how her mom told connors mom about the camming)

(her justifying her blog to her mom)

(ultimatums from her awful parents… blog or us)

(ask about suicide, her experience w/ her parents n what they were doing pushed her)

some other archived links from the deleted threads:

This ones long, talks about her childhood and rape
(section highlighted is of an ASK where she mentions kinks to overcome rape)
(mentions rape & mentions shaving her head)

Her eating disorder

Her weed allergy

No. 576756

previous thread >>>/snow/551438

No. 576775

sage for irrelevant but this has got to be one the best thread descriptions ever and it consistently is. thank you thread maker anon props to you

No. 576779

With the cherry on top, the new thread picture! Incredible

No. 576781

File: 1525798464792.png (168.1 KB, 720x749, Screenshot_2018-05-08-12-52-10…)

LMAO exposed her ass and she fell for it. She literally doesn't make a damn dime and if she does, it all goes into "equipment" anyways. She guaranteed throws out more than she makes and then begs online.

So really, I say treat her like the bum on the side of the road she basically is doing the same thing lol

No. 576784

File: 1525798795865.png (234.34 KB, 720x1150, Screenshot_2018-05-08-12-58-14…)

acts as if you have to choose between working a real job and camming on the internet

Its not hard, you leave your day job to go home, set up some lighting and shoot porn and then edit it down.
So. Damn. Hard.

No. 576788

Didn't she set up a fundraiser for a new camera a long time ago? Yet she still hasn't bought one/had one bought for her

No. 576793

Camming and creating content isn’t the same as being a stripper or fssw, period. you don’t make your own hours as a stripper. I hate how she thinks she can speak for all sex workers like bitch you make shit quality porn from your stank studio apartment that you never leave. But I’m sure you’re the authority to go to when people need to know about sex work.

No. 576802

> since moving into my apartment I've definitely strayed away from asking 4 help w lil things
…. Did she forget she was begging for props literally for her Rapunzel video? Eating Cheese itz all day isn't grocery shopping, Shayna.

No. 576822

File: 1525801782587.png (4.89 MB, 1242x2208, CAFEA119-E2C7-4867-B877-F7D745…)

please god don’t let her get these

No. 576823

File: 1525801855321.jpeg (389.98 KB, 1242x1093, CD60BF57-BEC0-496D-A2D7-2204E8…)

samefag but sorry. i couldn’t not post this. is she ever going to be honest about her height? it keep changing

No. 576827

bitch is going to shit salons if they always fall off.

No. 576828

I'm placing bets she just goes to walmart for her nails and hair.

No. 576836

talks about maintaining professionalism yet types like an 11 year old from 2002

No. 576837

that’s what happens when you’re an average basic bitch

No. 576838

or the cheap ones at malls.

No. 576840

Begging… is still begging whether you give them shit videos or not. She bets for shit that is literally at most 20 dollars. Name the last time Shay has ever paid for something used in her videos.

No. 576841

She acts like she’s lived in this new apartment by herself for a long time, she even said she’s been there almost 6 months and goes on about how well she’s doing by paying her rent every month but like she moved in beginning of March, it’s only been two months now meaning she’s paid rent, what, three times? Wow so impressive shay, no other 20 year olds can manage that like you!

No. 576845

File: 1525803144805.png (595.47 KB, 750x1334, EE24508E-FA23-4258-945B-B3FDC9…)

Deleted the first post from this morning

No. 576855

oh the sheer utter delusion..

No. 576877

can someone explain how a clip of a retarded looking girl chewing bubblegum is considered porn?

No. 576882

also why the fuck is a video of her getting rubbed down with lotion more expensive than a video of her getting fucked by a girl with a strap on? how fucking stupid can you be? She claims she’s so business savvy and knows so much about the biz but can’t even properly price a video.

No. 576916

File: 1525807818647.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, BE5E7B6D-B53D-41F3-BEBD-0E5FA7…)

She’s deleted pretty much everything having to do with her long ass rant but I got this before she did

No. 576946

>4 abt 2 weeks b4 u decide 2 quit
This was painful to read, Shay is both extremely toxic and illiterate. Goddamn.

No. 576947

She probably weighs a lot closer to 119 than 109.

No. 576949

Tbh, I think the weight thing isn't milky at all and hope we don't derail into the usual weight guessing posts and "I'm 5'3" and 109 lbs and she is fatter than me lol" blogposts.

Shay is fairly thin, though in a sad hank-hilled, no hipped little boy with tits sorta way. There's a lot milkier stuff about her.

No. 576953


there is absolutely no way that this girl is 5'4 and 109 lbs

No. 577023

I posted it because obviously the story was fake and that’s the milk. Nurses/doctors always take your height/weight, shaynut just wanted people to feel bad that she has body image issues. We all know she compulsively lies about her measurements/age/everything.

No. 577031

File: 1525816131999.png (162.99 KB, 720x1135, Screenshot_2018-05-08-17-46-32…)


No. 577032

File: 1525816196967.png (203.31 KB, 720x1134, Screenshot_2018-05-08-17-46-38…)


No. 577033

File: 1525816217104.png (215.21 KB, 720x1139, Screenshot_2018-05-08-17-46-48…)


No. 577035

Okay first off, I had so much trouble reading these, she reads like an illiterate child who just discovered text speak.
Secondly, isn't she putting up this dolly front? Everyone I've talked to with a dollification fetish, wants their fucks to act brainless (and usually lifeless), and people with a bimbofication fetish want the same thing, and i swear she only keeps saying she's a "baby bimbo" because she can't handle not thrusting her emotions and problems in peoples faces for attention. Now of course in any form of fetish/bdsm, there's after care, and a life outside of their fetish, but she's just producing porn? None of the creeps jacking off to her bullshit seem to even care enough about her to think about doing that, so why bother complaining?
She doesn't seem to grasp that no one cares enough about her problems to justify all her whining
Sage for rant

No. 577048

im successful enough to not have to ask for help except with lil things

is on tumblr begging for $800 worth of equipment

So successful to bare minimum of an adult. Round of applause for the 20 year old girl JUST realizing shes doing what's called "life" but she doesn't make enough to support herself through this job. She is crying on tumblr "because it shows people shes a real human being"

No. 577116

99% sure she just sent that ask to herself to get attention kek sad

No. 577127

>one dollar bills

No. 577175

Is she really so stupid that she doesn’t know Twitter, instagram, fetlife, Facebook, and tumblr are ALL social media sites?

No. 577319

How does shayna not get worried about meeting random men off the internet. Like this guy could be anyone, maybe she really is a dumb bimbo if she doesn’t even do background checks beforehand

No. 577335

Somewhere in the prior thread he posted that his dream date would be one where he daterape-drugs a woman, she wakes up screaming in his basement, and then never wakes up again

Everyone should be ready to dial 911 if she doesn't keep everyone updated on how this went

No. 577343

Only thing i'll be ready to do is read her obituary. This has become a darwin award meme at this point

No. 577396

Didn’t Mia do a video with bubble gum not that long ago?

No. 577408

That thread pic kek

No. 577414

This is so bad. This does not look like the face of a 20 year old

No. 577423

she did. it wasn’t specifically titled anything w bubble gum but one of her porn intros starts with her chewing bubble gum. i think it’s either no makeup or cozy girl cums. something like that. sage bc i’m too high and lazy to search for caps but she definitely did. shay has no original ideas

No. 577425

File: 1525881184388.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 773.11 KB, 1242x1095, CAA0A00F-0F1D-4201-A704-B05A67…)

found it. starts off with her chewing gum. repost bc spoiler didn’t work at first

No. 577486

are you KIDDING me shay? you're filming a professional video when your lipstick looks like that? it looks like it hasn't been reapplied in like two days. EW.

No. 577493

File: 1525889940313.jpeg (611.25 KB, 1242x688, D905C5A3-E7A7-4361-A711-A2AE41…)

This is truly a confusing video…

No. 577501

those fucking wings jesus lord

No. 577503

Jesus christ, those wings are so thick and just go straight up? The wing end and the brow end are suppose to look like they'd intersect at some point (with space between obviously) but that wing looks like it'd cut that poor ugly brow in half. Why is her eyebrow a literal half circle sperm shape? Did she never learn to do them after middle school?

No. 577516

Can someone explain how this is considered porn in any way? Watching a chick with chapped lips eat bubble gum isn’t sexy. at all. maybe watching a girl with nice plump hydrated lips would be sexy.

No. 577518

That wasn’t a professional vid. It’s just another of her half assed vids on the floor

No. 577519

shay: "I'm so glad I stopped doing my makeup like I did when I was a stoner blog, those wings were ridiculous"

2 months later here we are again, she has not changed them at all lol

No. 577520

If I had any sort of mouth fetish this would turn me off instantly.

No. 577521

she said that after she watched RPDR for a week and thought she could do makeup. kek.

No. 577524

Okay, what happened to Sir who she was previously fawning over in her mentions? This isn't the same guy, I wonder if Shayna will just keep him as a sidepiece/source of cash, it doesnt look like this fat fuck has much if they have to meet at a hotel.

No. 577527

well the dude who is her sir is basically a client. He has a wife and has her come over now and again for bdsm play with him and his wife. They don’t pay her, but they feed her, take her shopping, and give her a place to stay. He’s not a significant other in any way. She’s literally just a toy to him.

magical FUPA dom tho, is a creep who thinks drugging a girl is consensual non consent. I truly hate doms who think that if they consented to sex prior [to being drunk or drugged] then afterward it’s okay to fuck them. No, that’s rape. If you have sex with someone who can’t say no because of whatever reason, that’s fucking rape. Shayna is going to get herself hurt one day. It almost seems like she wants to be raped, like truly raped, and that’s why she talks about it so often. It really seems like she thinks being raped is a compliment or something.

No. 577528

I always think it tells more about her when she insults people, because she'll always go for the "ur dad is spending ur college fund", she's probs salty about her own father not paying attention to her.


She acts like a trooper for working and paying her rent and bills, which I won't put down but also it's nothing exactly exceptional either. Lots of people, me included, managed to go to school and pay their rent by working and studying at the same time.

She's probably salty as hell that a lot of people never had to resort to camming and begging or are successful camgirls and get gifts in the thousands like gucci bags rather than a $30 amazon gift card.

Like legit I'd be mad at myself if I had to exchange porn of myself for some shit like a toaster. She's trying so hard to fake it but we all see her cramped one room studio and the view must be terrible too for her to not showcase it.

No. 577537

File: 1525895100373.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 540x304, pullback.gif)

this is such an awkward gif, wow. she looks like shes pulling away. she just looks so uncomfortable.

No. 577733

Seriously, she keeps trying to bait him with other girls by sending anonymous asks because she’s so fucking insecure and paranoid.

No. 577747

File: 1525911271097.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 9284B901-D163-465D-B30E-7F1852…)

Her hair just stands straight out when she moves. Go get some olaplex done girl. This is horrific. I’m embarrassed for her.

No. 577838

File: 1525917663427.jpeg (103.63 KB, 640x449, 344B2303-7424-47D0-848B-D71385…)

Shayna after her boyfriend says she looks better in black

No. 578131

This was informative! Do you have any more Shayna tea you can spill?

Agree that she’s going to find herself in a really bad place one of these days and not be able to get out of it without getting hurt for real. A lot of these tumblr tier ‘oooh rape is so sexy and hot!’ girls think they want something until they get it. I don’t see things ending well for her.

No. 578140

its because dumb girls on tumblr have seen rape being sexualized and think it’s a compliment if a guy rapes them. Like she’s just SO attractive that he has to fuck her, and that makes her irresistible. Tumblr is toxic AF for abuse, BDSM, and mental health.

No. 578142

File: 1525967041850.jpg (Spoiler Image, 322.55 KB, 537x810, tiedtogether.jpg)

No. 578147

File: 1525967394102.jpg (Spoiler Image, 597.97 KB, 800x1200, HT1.jpg)

she looks even more half-assed then her first vid with them.

No. 578148

File: 1525967418995.jpg (Spoiler Image, 502.56 KB, 1200x675, HT2.jpg)

No. 578149

File: 1525967443620.jpg (Spoiler Image, 569.59 KB, 1200x675, HT3.jpg)

No. 578150

File: 1525967487781.jpg (Spoiler Image, 570.17 KB, 1200x675, HT4.jpg)

kek shes taller than this girl too. but youre so smoll right shay?

No. 578152

I can’t believe this is real, it’s like a fucking parody

No. 578154

Her vagina keeps getting worse REEEEEEEE!
It looks like they didn't even bother putting make up on there this time

No. 578159

I don't understand why she always tries to look so terrified in her shoots and like she's not enjoying it all

No. 578167

She barely put makeup on her face lol

No. 578168

her nails get longer while her pussy gets more fucked up.

No. 578175

Her pussy is so gross and pimply in this, there's multiple visible whiteheads and I regret zooming in. The girl behind her looks rightfully scared.

No. 578178

Bad acting.

No. 578180

lol she honestly looks like one of the more um, unattractive chicks who did porn back in the seventies. is that her thing? she wants to look bad? hardtied must be hard up for talent if they keep using her.

No. 578182

The girl who filmed with her just posted about being freshly tested.
I wonder if Shay's vagina scared her into getting checked kek

No. 578184

File: 1525969820839.jpeg (61.3 KB, 960x538, DD6AE041-9AA0-412B-8414-096D72…)

Looks like something outta a trafficking ring, got nothing against kinks and such but this looks hella unsettling

No. 578186

Whatever it is how is it that it has remained untreated for so long

No. 578219

daaaaaaaaamn her hair looks like shit she looks like she's regrowing her hair after a chemo treatment or something, it's all thin and whispy and also somehow looks like it's not attached to her head

No. 578223

shay has admitted to going weeks without bathing, buys only cheez its and pink wine for groceries, and has said she's too scared to leave her house very often. I highly doubt she goes to the doctor, let alone a specialist for her infected bits

No. 578257

File: 1525978473384.jpg (31.52 KB, 600x452, Chin-Chan_NEW_HeadWall.jpg)

Dang you don't want rope rubbing on those sores.

Her face here reminds me of no chin girl.

No. 578258

File: 1525978671905.jpg (Spoiler Image, 648.88 KB, 1200x795, 04.jpg)

Poor girl had to have that sore filled vagina right in her face.

No. 578303

No. 578341

File: 1525983519623.png (Spoiler Image, 2.72 MB, 1334x750, 18B6F1A3-82BF-43E5-8722-A1851A…)


No. 578353

Imma vom, why does she not save for laser hair removal instead of constant waxing and shaving. Rather spend some coinage than have pus filled spots all over and major rashes.

No. 578356

File: 1525984482446.jpg (75.29 KB, 500x500, 3e869c83-756a-4e3e-b904-48565b…)

Shay's Aesthetic

No. 578360

Seriously, at this point she's got to have spent more on waxing over and over than it would have cost for laser.

No. 578371

Anyone else having trouble playing it?

No. 578388

Those pores

No. 578527

File: 1525991375069.jpg (38.43 KB, 227x475, inlove.JPG)

lmfao saying shes in love with the dude shes never met. i can't with this chick.

No. 578528

File: 1525991452384.jpg (24.9 KB, 227x311, inlove2.JPG)

oh, its the "love of her life" sorry

No. 578533

the music is dumb loud in this

No. 578535

why does she act like shes about to cry when she gets the ball gag put in? she even acts uncomfortable touching the other girl to take her clothes off.

No. 578542

She always acts like this in her shoots. It seems like she thinks people aren't supposed to enjoy bdsm

No. 578545

File: 1525992074909.jpg (34.11 KB, 702x354, stance.JPG)

this is how former ballerinas stand, right?

No. 578546

lol I'm pretty sure that's how she thinks kids stand, it's kind of gross really

No. 578548

What are those shoes?? They're so dirty!

No. 578550

Shayna is pretty much offensive to all five senses.

she sounds horrible because she tries to talk like a baby.
she looks like if you touched her she'd be sticky.
and she admittedly doesn't shower, so she probably smells so rancid all the time that it gets in your mouth and you can taste it. like salty garbage.

No. 578552

and we all know how horrible her and her genitals look. thats a given.

No. 578555

her feet look too big for those shoes.

No. 578558

Her poor vagina, it must hurt and itch like crazy. Definitely not very sexy to look at

No. 578561

and then she scratches it with her creepy witch fingers

No. 578564

And if she doesn't wash properly just think about all the dirt and bacteria under those claws, that's a problem for people who do actually bathe so hers must be rancid. Imagine the smell.

No. 578573

Given that you can see her individual toes through the shoes I'm gonna bet they're too small

No. 578595

File: 1525994501080.jpg (25.81 KB, 422x359, makeup.JPG)

wtf is this makeup, Shay? youre at a porn shoot, at least learn how to do your makeup.

No. 578597

she really thinks that putting on thick black liner and eyelashes makes her good to go

No. 578606

File: 1525994939207.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.24 KB, 608x353, closeup.JPG)

why the hell would you want a close up like that cameraman? eeeeek.

No. 578623

File: 1525995942776.jpg (59.1 KB, 600x459, IMG_2147.JPG)

Her vag looks like that toxic spongebob burger

No. 578625

at 37:34 you can truly tell how much Shay hates eating pussy. shes crying and whimpering and pretending to eat this chicks pussy. its pathetic.

No. 578627

Can anyone put the vid in Dropbox?

No. 578628

can someone explain why Shay, at 38:35, is moaning when the OTHER girl is getting the wand on her pussy? Shay you do realize thats not your vagina and that nothing is happening right?

oh wait, acting

No. 578648

tbh people who like receiving oral and don't give back are pussies. get over it, shay. you wanna be a porn star you gotta eat some pussy.

No. 578661

well if she wants to be a porn star that claims she loves and is so super attracted to women, then ya. Also I love her claim that she doesn’t do penetration, even though all of her pro shoots have involved penetration. I have to say it’s nice to watch her get fucked with lube.

No. 578664

Yes shay we are all so transparently jealous of your 35 year old, rape loving, FUPA “daddy”

No. 578674

Once I was inclined to agree with you about the laser treatment, but I’m not so sure anymore. You don’t want the bare look at fifty though, the once happy cooch begins to grow sad and droopy.

For some women.

t. ob/gyn nurse

No. 578677

This is really gross but I mean, I’m sure there’s got to be ~some reason they keep hiring her, it’s not like she can act or is interested in girls or even being a proper subby

what if there are people who have a fetish for popping pussy pimples?

I’m sorry. I really am.

No. 578689

oh no that image just fried my brain… but I suppose there's something for everyone…

No. 578690


>traveling the world


No. 578692

Those ropes need to be burned after this shoot omg

No. 578731

Never have I seen a vagina in that condition in any porn

No. 578750

faye reagan, but kinda different. still just as gross.

No. 578783

Okay, serious question. Has she even traveled outside of the United States? She's been where, to Florida or something to visit another camgirl? Does she seriously think that qualifies as "traveling the world"?

No. 578800


OT but Faye Reagan was addicted to painkillers and I'm pretty sure that genital warts gif wasn't actually warts.

No. 578833

the other girl's nails are so cute shay wht the fuck is wrong with you

No. 578893

Why does she always resort to the Dorito covered in your basement living loser stigma it's a 2002

No. 578903

Self projecting

No. 579029

Next thread image pls

Although we’ll probably get cringier ones when she finally meets fupa daddy

No. 579032

File: 1526015309892.jpeg (89.21 KB, 639x625, 67BA052C-51F4-4E8F-BCA6-5F0CF6…)

Deleted the file to crop it better sorry

No. 579034

No kidding. She sleeps on a dirty shag rug on the floor of her tiny, dirty apartment and boasts about her diet of Cheez-its and gatorade.

No. 579239

File: 1526038596948.png (884.2 KB, 1198x596, dollymattelsworstfears.png)

Dunno if I've done this right and I apologise for how shit it is but >>578147 and >>578356 sparked my brain and here we are

No. 579300

Lol this is funny but we need another thread picture not involving soap. She has other hilarious milk besides not bathing

No. 579319

File: 1526047095043.jpeg (312.08 KB, 1242x956, C500B013-57C2-40CE-8274-5FDCF5…)

this reeks of a self sent ask. why are they meeting in mexico?? she’s going to get murdered

No. 579323

This is so sketchy.

No. 579326

So many other options yet they chose Mexico. I wonder which one of them came up with that idea

No. 579336

god I hope she's not being trafficked out of the country

No. 579337

Let’s wait a week and see.

No. 579338

It's probably just Fupa's way of trying to impress her that he ~travels~ the country. Still weird as all fucking hell considering she already claims to love this guy…. Then again I'm not too surprised considering how bad she's been reaching to call someone daddy.

No. 579339

That’s a possibility but unlikely. High chance they both become a victim of some sort of crime unless they sit in their hotel room all day

No. 579357

lmfao jesus christ girl. meeting a dude from the internet in Mexico? Yah sounds really smart.

No. 579366

Girl if ur gonna meet a dude off the internet for violent sex, at least demand some quality compensation?
You’re gonna go stay at his cheap ass company paid single bed non smoking hotel room, be treated to goldfish and gas station pink wine, in motherfucking Mexico?? Are you at a resort, you going to the beach?? Or are you just another rent-a-pussy men fuck whilst on business trips away from their wives. Real hoes know they deserve better.

No. 579382

I vote this for next banner

No. 579386

This thread is going to be used as evidence in court when Shay goes missing/is violently murdered

No. 579418

on that note anyone who has her snapchat better screeenshot that mofo's face

No. 579488

I’m almost sure we will not see his face at all

No. 579530

File: 1526061963934.jpeg (98.08 KB, 750x548, CDEBA9EA-8C41-4B90-99EA-9F6D68…)

this is from his blog. so, is he not going to see her again til the fall? will they make it that long

No. 579564

File: 1526063105122.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.28 MB, 750x652, 7FF9F96B-71B7-408F-B1DE-51CC61…)

someone call the exorcist

No. 579580

I’m desperate to see what he looks like, not even gonna lie.

No. 579613

He'll have no chin, but a chinstrap goatee. Or some other kind of awful facial hair that ugly guys use to accessorize. Callin it

No. 579634

I still can’t ynderstand why she was moaning when the wand was on the other her girls pussy

No. 579638

Kek she can’t go that long without attention. He’ll dump her once he realizes he can’t keep up with all the attention and validation she needs in a constant basis.

No. 579699

Yeesh. She really has zero clue how to be sexy. It's actually hilarious how unattractive she is. She better figure out how to get a real job soon or else she'll have no real source of income.

No. 579707

i mean shit, if she worked on her makeup, drank some fucking water, took care of herself, and actually gave a shit about the quality of the content she puts out, she might actually be watchable.

the probably with shayna is that she already thinks she is perfection. she doesn't think she needs to improve or change anything, ever. because she's lazy as fuck but conventionally attractive and thin so people will buy shit from her regardless of her effort or attitude. and im sure even her dumb ass realizes this, which is why she believes shes hard working and famous. when in reality, people love conventionally attractive trashy looking bitches in cheap low quality porn.

No. 579782

File: 1526075101779.jpg (44.15 KB, 526x315, lol.jpg)

He said he's there on a work trip. His "work" is prob already paying for his hotel for the work trip, so he's doubling up and using the $40 daily stipend on Shayna/work/vacation. bauhahaha. How fucking cheap. Mexico is very inexpensive. Nothing special. As long as you have the days off and the passport, anyone can go.

Ha! watch him sell her for hey kidneys.

If he travels Mexico as frequent as he says, bet you he's fucked some cheap hookers. Prob contracted a few std's. Especially with the painful desperation with Shayna, and the super low standards.

No. 579808

File: 1526076490152.jpg (35.46 KB, 258x396, 59982016.jpg)

>tbh were so lucky tht were both in places in our lives where we can make something like this happen, i feel so blessed

so lucky they both met someone just as desperate and delusional.'a 30 yr old fupa-neckbeard who gets off on the ego boost bc his girl is dumblr famous, even tho it's for being a liar, delusional, and having the most disgusting pussy. So blessed to finally found an outlet for his resentment for women and desires to abuse them in guise of a kink. So great they both are able to have a passport and make a trip to a 3rd world country

No. 579833


> run my fingernails through his beard

Finger NAILS….that just sounds so creepy. Imagine her scratching his beard with her nasty talons.

No. 579933

Shayna's cooch is so diseased I bet if she did get an STD from him she wouldn't even notice

No. 580038

File: 1526092842911.png (46.19 KB, 720x620, Screenshot_2018-05-11-22-39-00…)

Well damn lol

No. 580041

oh shit

No. 580045

File: 1526093570568.png (499.59 KB, 960x539, tumblr_p8lg4rWPc21wkuxmho2_128…)

No. 580046

It might have gotten shut down for spam posting. all she posted was automatic sales tweets half the time.

No. 580049

File: 1526093789582.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.59 KB, 960x539, fupa.jpg)

Here's the other photo if anyone doesn't want to click the link (I had the photos saved lol but got beat to posting)

No. 580067

He literally stated word for word "they're just waiting for her to post my face to snapvhat so they can talk shit"
And all i could think about was how hes lurking here too and doesn't give a damn for the mounds of proof of her being a tragic lying accident lol

No. 580068

She gets naked for these men sooo quickly kek
Its almost as if she thinks that she has to consistently be naked for men to be into her

No. 580071

I mean he probably got ignored by every other cam whore and Shay was probably the first one to actually pay attention to this "dom". It is embarrassing to watch them claim they love each other when they literally just met. What ever happened to her girlfriend?

No. 580075

how long til she gets drunk and does a donkey show?

No. 580087


When she puts that vagina in his face - we'll see.

No. 580099

He probably thinks this thread is a lie lol

No. 580163

He doesn't need to murder her, just abuse her. He has the whole thing documented as consenting (enough to protect himself) and they're in another country. She's really an idiot.

No. 580192

i honestly didn’t even think of that. that makes everything more sketchy and just shows how truly retarded and desperate for attention shay is

No. 580217

Shay is the exact kind of girl to post his face without his consent. Eventually it’s gonna start feeling like he’s embarrassed to be seen with her so she’s just gonna do it. It’s definitely gonna be like a candid of some kind on Snapchat where she brushes it off as casual.

No. 580259

File: 1526131553876.png (59.4 KB, 720x647, Screenshot_2018-05-12-09-24-56…)

I mean… They were just complaining about anons… But go off my dude lol

No. 580261

File: 1526131625056.png (71.75 KB, 720x598, Screenshot_2018-05-12-09-24-13…)

And i really don't have to say anything about this one, it speaks for itself

No. 580263

I thought he was soooo busy and important though? How does he have time to video chat for hours daily?

No. 580333

LMAO what ever happened to her girlfriend though for real what does she have to say about this seeing as shay didn't fly herself out to meet her girlfriend before she went to europe for 9 months or w/e?

No. 580347

File: 1526139348090.png (111.44 KB, 516x502, classic.png)

damn shay. you better be getting paid for this. I wonder how long they're gonna last if there's no money in this situation. they're both too fucked up for this to be healthy for her. even if this were like a sugar arrangement you always discuss limits and what intimacy will be allowed/expected, what gifts/shopping/money will be exchanged, how much free/alone/uninterrupted sleep time will be required for the baby each day, stuff like that. it's much more professional and planned out than what she's doing, leading me to believe she's not doing it for money.

also the thought that he's got her outside US legal jurisdiction right now is honestly terrifying like she is in a foreign country where she knows no one and is staying with a man she's known for what? a month? and had sex on the first night so things will only get more wild from here. he will try to keep going further every night and I just hope he listens if she safe words

No. 580366

sex with someone the first time meeting them. So respectable, Shay. Kek.

No. 580368

They broke up cos Shay didn’t get enough attention and because Shay doesn’t actually like girls.

No. 580386

"all i could see was her pigtails bouncing in the back"

Hilariously disgusted that her go-to hairstyle when meeting with older men is Pigtails, keep milking pedophilia

No. 580396

doesn't really sounds like shayna. like gasp.. her ~daddy~ pretending to be her. RIP

No. 580401

I picture them eating rustlers burgers and sharing the cheapest bottle of rose wine.

No. 580406

Grocery store wine is gourmet for dumpster fires like Shay, kek. She thinks convenience store wine and goldfish are good eats.

No. 580417

File: 1526145346188.jpeg (211.95 KB, 1242x738, 61376EB0-C11D-4017-944C-E04653…)

meets FUPA dom for the first time, starts calling him the “love of her life” and “her God”.

Ya, this is gonna go down the drain pretty quickly seeing how quickly she’s becoming so obsessively attached. Eek.

No. 580422

she does this with every single relationship since Conner. They show her attention and positive praise, and in a few weeks or less she becomes obsessed. She has this idealistic view of what a relationship should be. She wants a relationship that’s completely one sided, where she receives all the praise, attention, validation, pleasure, and money she wants while giving nothing in return. She doesn’t believe she needs to give anything in return.

This is just going to be her cycle for years until she gains some self awareness. She’s going to be used as an object for years until she learns.

No. 580461

Her man boy. Based on the way he dresses he doesn’t have many friends. None his own age anyway

No. 580464

this whole thing is really, really sad. sometimes I want to feel bad for her but then I realize, wait, she’s a total hot mess dumpster fire.

No. 580477

Its really like a train wreck. Can’t help but watch. The decisions she makes are shocking. The people she dates. Showing her pussy Is one thing but showing her pussy when looks like that is mind blowing. She gives no fucks on a whole different level. Almost admirable if it wasn’t so god damn gross

No. 580479

All it really is, is they're both super clingy and super needy. Seeing as how he's 30 with the fashion style of the 23 year old warped tour goer who's favorite band is freaking Attila. C'mon.

Its not hard to see why these dumpster fires collided. A) He wants validation for being heavy and constantly turned down by sorta semi attractive women Or B) he's been married for a while, hooks up with average shmo looking girls for nice rendezvous while being away on business trips because he hates going home to his family.
And well.. We all see shayna. She literally forces herself everywhere because if she isnt the center of atten… She'll just *~ddiiiiiieeeeee~*. Its so painfully obvious she's starving for attention 24/7 to feed her inflated ego that she deserves some good out of all of her self-created bad.
She ranted about how her time is money and that her time is valuable.. I bet you she isnt charging one damn dime for meeting with him and everything else.

In the end it'll be just like the guy she moved to WA for and the recently gone girlfriend.

No. 580488

File: 1526150534430.jpg (104.27 KB, 720x508, 2018-05-12_14.40.18.jpg)

The plot thickens?

No. 580490


You know, if I was trusting enough to go out of the country to meet up with some guy I was crushing on, and within 24 hours he was on fucking Tumblr responding to dumb ass anon questions, I would be furious. But then again, Shayna is probably the one sending the asks, so there ya go.

It really speaks to their priorities that they’re both on social media instead of devoting all their time and attention to each other. Especially in th first 24 hours.

No. 580494

They need various sources of attention. Shay is basically dating herself

No. 580495

He’s older than 30, he’s in his mid 30s. Thinking 33-36.

No. 580524

Definitely closer to 40

No. 580538


Fupa, if all the ~haterzzz~ are pathetic and irrelevant, why are you still lurking here??

No. 580608

It seems like they're both on tumblr 24/7 especially fupa. If you click on the little arrow of their post, you can see the time which they posted at. And you can see how he is posting at least 4 times an hour. Shouldn't they be spending time together instead of being on tumblr lol?

No. 580617

could possibly be a queue running

No. 580656

File: 1526161532843.png (948.61 KB, 1080x720, Photo on 5-12-18 at 5.43 PM.pn…)

not a looker just like everyone expected

No. 580659

He looks okay looking. At least Shay finally gets to sleep on actual bed though.

No. 580660

File: 1526161843498.png (672.48 KB, 1080x720, Photo on 5-12-18 at 5.49 PM #2…)

r u sure

No. 580674

Kek, he doesn't look remotely like a "daddy" type at all. More like your bum older brother who lives in the basement and mooches off your parents while drinking bud light with his high school friends since he can't get any mature friends.

No. 580676

Wtf is going on in the corner of that photo kek, a ghost of shay just lurking….
They look like the kind of people who still hangout highschool pot heada and think they’re cooler cause they’re older but really they’re losers kek

No. 580684

These filtered pics look ok
But these seem closer to reality. They look terrible

No. 580738

File: 1526165590261.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1315, Screenshot_20180512-185152~2.p…)

Those. Feet.

No. 580739

File: 1526165624565.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1343, Screenshot_20180512-185141~2.p…)

I. Can't.

No. 580740

What is that? Is that a blister?

No. 580749


Well - she thinks he’s “handsome” and he appears unbothered by her leprosy cooch, sooo…, hooray, I guess?

No. 580752

File: 1526166031201.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.68 KB, 1200x628, Callus_1.jpg)

It's a big yellow callus. She has them on both feet.
Fucking gross, Shay.

You'd think with so many foot fetishists in the cam world, she'd take better care of her feet.

No. 580762

she looks like a mess. He looks like a short fat idiot. tru luv

No. 580764

Rocking that 35 year old Mom look shay.

No. 580766

they look like two old parents trying to recapture their youth down in Mexico for one last run now that the kids are off to college, kek

No. 580769

If Shay actually took care of herself, she could possibly live out her fantasy of meeting a rich older man who would take care of her and give her a nice life. Then she wouldn't have to punch herself in the face and beg for money online. She could focus on other shit instead—learning how to be an adult and going to school, for example. She'll never do that though.
She's gross and insufferable. It'll take too much work to fix her.

No. 580775

File: 1526167456019.jpg (14.06 KB, 600x331, uwu.jpg)

No. 580782

not at all understanding why she lies about her sad little porn career. what's the point? not only does she look like an absolute trashy try-hard bimbo, but all her gross antics and anatomy are all over the fucking place attached to her name and face.

everyone googles everyone any more, so… yeah. she ain't fooling anyone.

No. 580783

Omg how… tall is he. Because it’s either he’s really short, like really short, or he’s still short and Shay is much taller than she claims ( we knew this, but it’s so obvious now)

No. 580789

File: 1526168313267.jpeg (250.88 KB, 1242x1101, 6AD10492-2B68-4C4F-817D-91B31E…)

i feel like they lurk here and make jokes based off what we say to make themselves feel better lol

No. 580795

File: 1526168626731.jpeg (704.24 KB, 1242x1631, AB16EFBC-C25A-4465-BF99-35415C…)

samefag but i also found this gem. it’s a post filled with tips for dating when you have bpd. fupa reblogged it so i wonder which(if either) has it

No. 580821

Neither do
Shay doesn't want to take accountability for herself and fupa just wants to seem appealing and wholesome to kinky (self destructive) borderlines who thirst over anyone who shows them the slightest amount of attention. Borderlines on tumblr especially are easy as fuck to abuse and manipulate. "I respect women but I still want to pretend-rape them". Not deep. Men are pigs, next.

No. 580858

doesnt that neko cow that shayna always has beef with have bpd or some shit?

No. 580877

Is this a joke about him looking like old Jonny Craig

No. 580899

I'm really surprised no ones talked about his height yet. What's up with cows and manlets? He can't be taller than 5'8, and I feel like that's generous

No. 580930

Someone has. But you’re right. And 5’8 IS generous. I mean I assume she’s wearing some sort of platforms instead of those gross white shoes she wears to everything but they can’t be that massive that they’d make them so close in height unless he was already a wee Fupa.

This puts them in an uncomfortable position though. Because if he claims he’s tall it means she’s tall not not smol or whatever the fuck she claims. But if she sticks to her guns then he’s a tiny man for sure.

No. 580982

WOAAH imagine making all this fuss over a bog standard guy you can find anywhere. Who is actually worse than he looks because he wants you drugged and then dead in his basement, literally. #youvebeenwarned

Like can you not find an average joe who doesn't also want to kill you?

No. 581001

So he's just some dumpy ginger trucker who wears jean cut offs and edgy hot topic tees? Alright.

Tbh, they do kind of match each other? They both look like late 30 somethings who are trying to dress/look like they are still in their teens. They look very white trash. Like the kind of couple you see hanging around a sketchy gas station at 2am asking for spare change so they can get a tank of gas.

No. 581008

File: 1526182111523.jpg (291.82 KB, 1653x1653, gervais.jpg)

Why does he looks like Ricky Gervais playing a HxC kid for a skit.

No. 581043

File: 1526185722099.png (935.13 KB, 701x1084, Screenshot_2018-05-13-00-24-53…)

Im glad she lurks here this much.

No. 581089

I think she has reblogged it at least once before. This pic has been making rounds on tumblr for so long. Doubt she got it from lolciw

No. 581147

!!! He's the Dorito eating living in parents basement fantasy of shays

No. 581160

That's exactly what I was thinking. I'm leaning towards the idea that Shay is actually 5'5 (we been knew) and he's around 5'6-5'7. Whoever compared him to Jonny Craig earlier was right with busted appearances and height. The dude looks like a scuffed roadie.

No. 581264


she looks older than him…

No. 581273

She looks dead

No. 581356

File: 1526230632520.jpg (469.73 KB, 1013x1663, Screenshot_20180513-175600.jpg)

This shit is so embarrassing and the way she talks is so insufferable

No. 581387

no shayna, you don’t love him. you idolize him for whatever reason. love takes time, period.

No. 581421

once the lust and puppy love that happens at the beginning of a relationship ends, he'll get pretty tired of her shit. I give it a few weeks after she gets home, at most. she needs an endless supply of attention, positive praise, and validation. if he points out any flaws she has or anything she needs to fix to make the relationship work, she'll throw a tantrum. she can't make any kind of relationship work anymore since she refuses to give anything. she just takes, takes, takes and thinks the only thing she needs to "give" in return is sex.

i really wish this chick would just grow the fuck up and act like the independent adult she claims to be. any retard can make money and rent an apartment, doesn't mean they act like an independent adult. she literally needs people in her life who will give her attention and positive praise, which is why she has no true friends and just has her internet fan club.

No. 581422

File: 1526233556456.png (132.21 KB, 720x543, Screenshot_2018-05-13-13-44-35…)

Imagine getting to go on "vacation" to Mexico…. And only getting to see the hotel room and maybe a couple of restaurants around the block lol

No. 581423

File: 1526233710940.jpg (24.62 KB, 228x297, rape.JPG)

"I love being played with in my sleep"

translation: "I love being molested and sexually abused, I find it really fun and sexy."

people who are sleeping cannot consent. and this guy calls himself a dom? nah, he's just a rapist.

No. 581425

she acted this exact same way when she was gushing about her fat cow "girlfriend". she talked about how perfect she was, and how much she was in love with her.

then 2 weeks later shes talking about how people emotionally manipulate and abuse her. its just the cycle alllllll over again.

No. 581429

How can you even claim you love being played with in your sleep? You're fucking asleep, you don't know it's happening.

No. 581433

If this isn't proof that she's sick in the brain, idk what further proof is needed. She needs fucking therapy. This isn't okay and it certainly is not okay to those of us who have actually awoken while in the middle of being abused.

Fuck her.

No. 581439

hes not taking her out of the hotel room because he doesn't want to be seen taking out the trash. kek.

No. 581441

Sometimes you think "how can that not wake you up?" But hey my ex bf told me he came on my face whilst I was asleep and cleaned my face after. 1. Ew, why would you wanna do that 2. How did I not wake up, like wtf.
She needs to realise it's not cute and affectionate, if someone wants to be sexual with your unconscious self then they're fucking weird and disgusting. That's not normal, it's predatory.(blogposting)

No. 581448

File: 1526234847501.jpg (223.68 KB, 1280x719, 499076d0-c710-4ca9-949c-40528e…)

No. 581449

File: 1526234866062.jpg (232.79 KB, 1280x719, 67fdd057-d1a3-47fb-91fc-22d4b6…)

The clawww

No. 581451

File: 1526234967641.jpg (63.1 KB, 357x289, 20180513_190926.jpg)

Nice neckroll fupa

No. 581454

File: 1526235045741.gif (494.26 KB, 500x249, X1gjl.gif)

No. 581456

that was fucked up of your ex. good thing hes an ex now. ill never understand these gross motherfuckers that get off to fucking sleeping/unconscious/drunk/drugged women.

No. 581457

jesus motherfucking christ thats her hand?!

No. 581459

Samefag but my ex used to touch me and try and fuck me in my sleep and I always woke up it's hard at least in my experience to stay asleep
Not that I was down for it but shit happens(blogpost)

No. 581462

this wasnt like a shit happens thing, it was a planned thing. which makes it that much creepier knowing that he wants her to be drunk/sleeping/drugged before he fucks her. why else would he be feeding her alcohol constantly while shes there?

No. 581468

There's no disputing he's a predator, he outs himself as one on his shitty little Tumblr. No normal man sits reblogging rapey porn all day, although it's not real, his obsession with this stuff is, and dumb cunts like Shayna makes them think it's ok.

No. 581489

what's that thing clipped to the headboard?

No. 581491

Just a shitty reading lamp I believe.

No. 581509

His septum looks like boogers and his beard looks unkempt. Also, Shay looks as old as ever. He face is just getting worse and worse.
They are a perfect couple appearance wise

No. 581514

imagine him trying to eat her rekt pussy and his giant cow ring keeps getting in the way. mmm yes spread that piercing cheese on my infections, daddy.

No. 581531

Now that she's becoming a "goth gf for daddy!!!", is there a chance she will let her hair rest for once and stop bleaching it?

No. 581534

These people really don't know what goth means, do they?

No. 581536


well, the tumblr definition of "goth" means just wearing a bit of black and act ~mysterious~.

No. 581551

oh and liking crystals and tarot cards and pretending your a witch. that too.

No. 581555

Even he thinks she looks ugly in pink kek he's pushing really hard to make her wear black.

No. 581558


Thanks for pointing this out. He’s consistently drugging her. I mean I know alcoholism is ~edgy and normalized but let’s be real here, it’s incredible how fucking oblivious they both are that they’re alcoholics but it’s even more fucked that he’s literally living the dream. He’s a sick fuck who found someone miserable, dumb and easy to manipulate to make all this psycho dreams come true. I hate this. It makes me sick.

No. 581565


>When you met your weird rapey boyfriend only 24 hours ago and he's already trying to change you

Like where does "goth gf" fit in with ddlg? Nowhere, what is he daddy to a teenage goth? Kinda seems like he doesn't want a ddlg relationship at all and just wants a goth wannabe who enjoys being assaulted while they're asleep

Man this guy is awful

No. 581595

Exactly. He doesn’t want to be her daddy he just wants to beat her up and rape her and she’s available.

No. 581596

yeah, this guy reminds me a looot of my ex. I'd told him in no uncertain terms that touching me sexually while I'm asleep was a flat no, due to my child hood etc. He'd do it anyways, amongst other things. He was a predator masked as a dom. Late found out he'd been charged but not convicted of sexual assault multiple times, and I recently discovered he'd been arrested (and jailed this time) for sexual assault on minors, possessing/producing/distributing child porn and bestiality and on and on.

Wonder what kind of skeletons are in this guys closet? I mean, there's simply no denying this creep won't listen to any boundaries. He certainly doesn't seem to have any.

Sorry - I know this was blog-posty, but the parallels to mine and other anons here's pasts is uncanny.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 581636

My ex-husband used to do the same thing—feel me up or start fucking me in my sleep, despite waking up and directly telling him each time that it's creepy and I hate it. Then he'd act all hurt, like something was wrong with me for not wanting it. It's alarming how often this apparently happens to others too. Why are men so gross? Why does Shayna fetishize and normalize this shit?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 581637

Wow yeah, I had no idea how common this was until I read the recent comments on here. I'm not sure if she's posting about it to fit her image or if she genuinely thinks it's flattering. Either way, she needs to get her mind sorted

No. 581642

can people stop blogging their personal rape stories?

as much as i hate her, i just hope she makes it out of this "relationship" in one piece.. and stuffed in a suitcase somewhere in mexico…

No. 581644

I feel that's why it's good that she seems to be on snapchat/tumblr constantly while she's over there

No. 581683

I know they both leave an absurd paper trail of where they are and what they’re doing so he wouldn’t really be able to get away with anything, but I also hope she was smart enough to tell a close friend ( whoever that may be) where exactly she’s going. I feel like no one is in her corner but she claims she has friends.
I have a feeling this will actually last a while. I think he wanted someone to abuse and this is the perfect opportunity. But it’ll never get serious in any traditional sense.

No. 581685

Why are they going back and forth on tumblr if they’re literally with each other

No. 581694

ur obv jst jealous of how much they r n luv w/ each other!!!!!! the world needs 2 c what real luv looks like!!!!!!!! wipe the Dorito dust out of ur eyes nd look!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 581724

It’s like they’re both trying to make someone else jealous

No. 581727

eh, I'm not in the whole stranger danger camp. don't get me wrong, what she did for their first meeting was reckless and stupid. but I don't see him as being an actual 'abuser'. he comes off a lot like her, a retard who just spouts rapey/abusive dribble to fit into a certain image. I think they're both just gross, dumb and lonely. That's not to say I think their 'relationship' will work or be overly functional, but I think anons in this thread are giving too much stock to the idea he'll hurt her (when, beyond their stupid public fantasies, there's no real proof of this).


this shit is also ridiculous. yes, it's disgusting and wrong if you tell the guy you don't want it. but in their case, she's obviously pre-consented and enjoys it. it's not impossible for a girl to be ok with 'sleep sex' or whatever, request it, or give consent prior to it's happening. she's not being raped/molested as far as we know, unless she truly doesn't want it. yes, I get it, if she's fucked up or asleep she can't give full consent in the moment. but it's not fucking unheard of for people to fuck when they're intoxicated, or give prior consent for the sake of a fantasy. and as far as we know, that's what it is, rape/abuse fantasies, not actual rape/abuse. there is a difference.

not to defend this garbage fire, but christ lolcow gets so ridiculous self-inserting and projecting their own feelings/experiences instead of looking at the actual situation to the extent we know it

show me some real proof of him being an abusive partner or sexual offender, or get back to the facts we have as of the moment: they're disgusting, trashy, misguided, immature and unhygienic flakes

No. 581733

the white knight is back

No. 581738


if people being concerned for her safety offends you so much, well… dunno what to tell you. that's your damage.

Shay spends a lot of time online practically begging to be a victim, and seems to be doing everything in her power to be one. one day, she'll get what she wants, and maybe finally figure out why fetishizing rape and abuse disgusts so many people.

No. 581748

None of the posts I quoted had anything to do with her safety, don't try to cover up the blatant off topic moral fagging and blogposting with 'but we care about her'. I already said I agree what she's done is dumb and I don't disagree she might end up being abused, but claiming fupa is an abuser and that she's being raped/molested is just a reach. maybe he is and maybe she will be, but we have no proof of it yet. that's just the blunt truth of the situation, no matter what we think might happen

No. 581811

>Men: lol you wouldn't want a woman who's shit in bed and just lies there
>Also men: known to intentionally fuck/try to fuck their unconscious girlfriends and wives

No. 581832

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say nobody on lolcow wants her to be hurt. People watch "celebs" (used in the loosest possible sense) via lolcow for amusement. A very small percentage of people have a vendetta, sure.

The rape-blogging happened because she is normalizing rape scenarios as cute daddy dom uwu when actually…it's a symptom, or a behavior of a sex predator, see: >>581596

>Hihih sex predators are so cute I love daddy!!!

Do you see the problem? Not only is she in actual danger because, yanno potential sex predator with necro fantasies, but she is also constantly posting that shit on tumblr for however many (possibly teenage) fans she has.

No. 581892

this is such a heavy narc tactic god i wish he'd suffocate under the weight of his own fat

No. 581898

File: 1526258515134.gif (Spoiler Image, 981.39 KB, 263x263, 640D9791-1388-48D3-9136-8B7A66…)

Lmaoooo I was lurking and found this shit. But he punched her in the cervix guys. As someone with a bf who regularly runs into her cervix I can guarantee all 5 inches of this, did not.(spoiler NSFW)

No. 581912

when did he say he punched her in the cervix

No. 581926

Thanks for your input, 15inchpenis-chan

No. 581930

i just remember her post saying he was feeding her alcohol and dick. but yah, i dont think his very average member could do any serious cervix ramming.

No. 581932

does she only know how to make the retard smile face and "this is what i think classifies as sexy" face?

No. 581934

>the peasants

and here you sit, 35, with a strange penis pouch thing, on tumblr, hitting on 20 year old below average sex workers. yer s0 edgY

No. 581936

ot do yall know if shay is on birth control lmao

No. 581939

she can barely remember to shower, wipe her ass, and brush her teeth. i doubt she could remember to take a pill every day.

No. 581942


you've been with her for 24 hours, and only talked to her persona over kik. but sure. love.

No. 581943

chubs honestly thinks he has it all watching a movie everyone ever has watched in a hotel room with some ratty self destructive 20 y/o who will inevitably point fingers at him once something turns sour for her

No. 581946

once the alcohol wears off and reality hits, either she or he will think, WTF did I get myself into? and be pressured into a LDR or something like that and end up being miserable in a shitty relationship with no receiving. I'm not sure who I feel more sorry for– the skank or the disgusting pervert.

No. 581952

Both of these assholes are stuck in highschool oh my god

No. 581953

She must really hate her mom, it’s mothers day and she’s in Mexico with this guy

No. 581967

I'm pretty sure she's had/got nexplanon (the matchstick implant in your arm.) I'm trying to remember what made me think this, I think she posted a pic and she has the scar in the right place, or maybe she mentioned it. but she definitely at least used to use nexplanon.

No. 581975

oh look another boring "porn" involving shayna looking like a twink and squealing.

No. 582025

>She got waxed very shortly before coming over for our playdate, so the paddling I've done so far has already created quite the sore and swollen.
This guy's illiteracy aside. Is he straight up trying to make excuses for the poor state of her vagina in the description of the vid? Totally not just terribly infected, it's all just from the paddling you guys!

No. 582029

damn you're so right lol I bet he won't be filming with her again

No. 582064

“To enjoy being in my presence”

no one said that Fupa stop projecting!

No. 582072

File: 1526267596460.jpg (168.84 KB, 1077x1236, Screenshot_20180513-230846_Tum…)

Looks like their relationship is off to a rollicking good start

No. 582273

I know you lurk here so when you're back home, tell us what you caught from Shay so we can try and help her fix her genitals. That shit's nasty and I'm tired of seeing it pop up all the time

No. 582284

Fucking hell lmao someone implied shay has a drinking crutch and always needs to drink and he comes out with that
That's the most sensitive and defensive thing I have ever seen. These absurd cows write their own downfall every time

No. 582399

File: 1526303045585.gif (1.73 MB, 327x327, ebddcb81-1112-48c0-a1d3-685253…)

Have we posted his cringe worthy Dom GIFs?

No. 582401

File: 1526303071084.gif (1.67 MB, 291x291, a373ca5a-2f75-41f6-899d-02f65a…)

No. 582403

File: 1526303089791.jpg (109.82 KB, 756x865, 98fc177a-b854-42b6-a28e-c69b97…)

No. 582404

File: 1526303122460.jpg (Spoiler Image, 101.25 KB, 768x1024, dd1f0c33-7828-48db-8472-a2d8a9…)

Longjohns. So very dom

No. 582443

File: 1526306589479.png (54.54 KB, 1080x813, 20180514_150303.png)

Oh boy, he's not even feeding her

No. 582452

Awe c'mon now.. He'll just say he too caught a bad case of ingrowns lmao

No. 582457


Jesus, these are as cringey as the guy with the belt

No. 582500

Digging the Transformers shirt

No. 582502

its really weird how they go back on forth on tumblr yet are with each other. why do you need to post on tumblr, "daddy do this to me" when youre WITH THE DUDE?!

i know you want to show everyone how much you claim to be in love but youre not, sorry. youre in puppy love and thats it. once that stage is over he'll realize you can't function without positive praise, positive validation, and attention 24/7.

you can never point out her flaws or anything she needs to change. she will morph her personality into the person you want, because she doesn't have any actual personality herself. once you point out anything wrong she does, she's gonna flip on you. she has done it with every relationship (friends/sexual/romantic) she's been in since she started doing this bimbo crap.

and then she blames everyone else claiming shes "broken" and "abused" and just needs someone to love her and never tell her anything bad about herself. with her ideal person she is always perfection, can never do anything wrong, and never has to take care of herself. she lives in a fantasy world of alcoholism and internet porn. hopefully when she hits her 30s shes not still doing this bullshit.

she is really really far gone.

No. 582503


Shayna should really stay away from anything that's not solo. The other girl just outshines her and reminds people how gross and disgusting Shayna is, on top of how incredibly selfish she is, just like real life, she doesn't reciprocate here, and it's the biggest turn off for anyone watching. Shayna's a walking oxymoron with that diseased snatch in "porn". The clashing aesthetics at first is weird af. Shayna looks dumb. I'm guessing the heels make Kate Kenzi taller to be Shay's height so the rigging would be balanced, but it looks ridiculous. Last hardtied vid, I didn't like that Shay's hair was up, she looked awful, but her hair looks so bad down. As usual, Shayna looking like trailer trash. At least those perspective shots of Kate Kenzi's ass were glorious, and salvaged the rest. Kate Kenzi looked great, her moans were sexy and didn't sound like a drowning raccoon like Shayna. For someone who prides in vanity, why does Shayna always looks so awful in her vids. At least hardtied put another girl in there with better looking privates. Shayna's lucky she got paired with her and not with anyone else, like herself. kek. Can you imagine having to touch Shayna's crotch? Good guys at hardtied at least put a shield of a strap-on between the poor girls face and Shayn's toxic wasteland.

No. 582504

i absolutely thought this was a trans dude at first.

No. 582508

in her hardtied shoots, her makeup looks like she woke up late that morning and said, "oh shit i have to go to a shoot ummm…." throws on eyeliner and fake lashes, some concealer "ahhh yes that is wonderful porn makeup, i don't need any more cos im just a perfect baby with perfect skin and no dark circles!"

No. 582511

Baahahah, this guy is so grosss! The only thing he's got going for him are the pics without his face.

No. 582516

i wouildn't say gross. they're both just painfully average. shay tries so hard and fails so hard trying to be not average, and in the end makes herself look even more like a basic ass dumpster fire. he looks like hes trying to create an image for himself at 35 and failing miserably to fit in with the cool goth kids.

35 year old mom and 35 year old magic penis pouch dad ride again.

No. 582528


Anon, your so kind. They are legit white trash.

No. 582547

Why the fuck is she shaking like that after he barely hit her butt? She looks like she just got electrocuted

No. 582568


No. 582582

Shay thinks she likes the concept of BDSM, but when it comes time to actually participate she's in over her head and doesn't like it, but plays it like she's an amazing actress and it's a show she's putting on but she's actually miserable

No. 582604

Oh god. These two are hands down the cringiest. The tiny feminine gloves, his shitty plastic nose ring, that faded af purple transformers tee, his awkward posing and lip biting. It's all so bad.

No. 582642

i bet this dude plays second life

No. 582663

shiiiiiit he probably still thinks assassins creed is edgy.

No. 582694

File: 1526323624062.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.95 MB, 378x217, creepu.gif)

super creepy that she posted this. its pretty clear what she wants. to be raped while drugged. eek.

No. 582824

That white septum ring looks sooooo bad

No. 582857

File: 1526335350412.jpg (51.72 KB, 226x625, gooff.JPG)

>drama needing, attention seeking, coat tailing ass bullshit

you mean your entire existence and marketing strategy, shay?

No. 582859

File: 1526335475298.jpg (41.38 KB, 238x477, pt1.JPG)

(1/2) she loves claiming shes famous but can't handle what actually goes with having your name out there.

No. 582862

File: 1526335632798.jpg (29.62 KB, 240x310, pt2.JPG)

(2/2) she also loves describing all the "awful" things OTHER sex workers do, even though its literally just listing all the shitty things she does and has done in the past, acting like shes never ever done those things because shes "professional" and everyone else is a sack of shit compared to her.

but she totally supports other sex workers, even the ones she doesn't like. totally.

No. 582865

This is really gross tbh. Anyone who has this kind of fetish is probably a rapist themselves.

No. 582913

What is Fupa's job?

No. 582925

if he travels as frequently as he says, there's a chance he may be an engineer of some kind. its clear he isn't an entrepreneur or business man, as he wouldn't be taken seriously in a million years looking the way he does. he probably does some sort of behind the scenes work, weather its some sort of engineering work, or IT work. probably something in that kind of field.

No. 582956

Honestly, I suspect he's a trucker and they were lying about him "flying business class". The dude doesn't look like a business man, he looks like a sleezy trucker.

No. 582976

you can fly business class and not actually work in business. crazy, i know.

No. 583153

Alot of young guys I know that don't have proper education and have nowhere to work go work for big oil companies and they travel alot, sometimes they pay for your plane in business class. But I live in Canada so it could be different depending on where you live. It's literally just getting thrown around to do cheap manual labour

No. 583169

No shit, anon. I was implying he could be a trucker, who has to drive all over, and try to pass the travel off as "flying business class".

Something like this might be plausible. Not sure why they would send him down to Mexico though. I just can't imagine this guy working any kind of respectable business or sales rep type of job.

No. 583181

since he (I guess) gets sent to places outside the US it sounds like some sort of IT job or maybe factory job. With the way he looks I doubt he does anything outside of the realm of manual labor.

No. 583443

why tf are they spending all their time in the hotel room? if i was in mexico right now i'd be on the beach

you think shay would be posting beach pics but we haven't seen a single one.

No. 583475

>business trip to the mountains
So what is he, a heroin courier?

No. 583543

wth ever happened to her shoot at the MV loft? she came out with one pic from her huge professional photo shoot and said she took vids too? so wth? the other girls came out with their vids, so its not like she didn't get it or something. kek maybe shes just embarrassed.

No. 583554

It's not like they blocked her for spouting hateful shit literally all the time… not at allllll.

No. 583563


What even are those tattoos?

He's a cluster of what the fuck.

No. 583569

File: 1526394677572.jpg (67.17 KB, 685x856, de602517-ea0b-46de-aa34-4ca8a2…)

One is a pet semetary thing, doesn't acknowledge the others that look like crap nothingness.

No. 583596

she’s also a loser for thinking this is romantic and exciting and thinking she’s in love. kek.

No. 583970

File: 1526417959822.jpg (234.46 KB, 1280x1280, 7e9130c7-22db-4002-a6b0-a2d285…)

Damn these all look sad as hell from the back

No. 583972

File: 1526417975765.jpg (227.05 KB, 1280x1280, 9574dd3b-e4bc-419b-a638-01b8c9…)

No. 583974

File: 1526417991664.jpg (229.49 KB, 1280x1280, c7b4274f-72dc-4ac2-afb5-0999c0…)

No. 584005

is anyone watching her takeover on netfilxblog snapchat?? she is so corny and cringey

No. 584051

if you're watching then post caps

No. 584061

File: 1526423071015.png (139.35 KB, 720x628, Screenshot_2018-05-15-18-22-49…)

Kek she showed off those bikinis…. Just to sit by a pool while vacaying in Mexico City with the man of her dreams WHILE he's on the job.. Jesus Christ this is embarrassing

No. 584076

So she's been drunk the whole time, yeah?
All their pics and posts mention what and how they're drinking. Only mention of water/food is when Fupa got an ask about it and he needed to cover his ass

No. 584094

It’s pretty depressing watching her talk about how in love she is and then spend most of the day by herself trying to find something to amuse her since her “daddy” is off at work and left her with nothing to do and no where to go.

No. 584112

It's a travesty that their first meeting is like this, I've spent times like this with very close friends years into knowing them but your first encounter? Jesus. Why wouldn't he just book some time off work and organise it properly where she is the priority, not his job.

No. 584137

File: 1526427811982.jpg (24.56 KB, 226x263, body.JPG)

based on how her body looks now, im guessing shes doing a no-eating bender right now. then when she gets home she's going to engorge herself on take out, sugar wine, and cheese crackers. then she'll have the bloating again. right now she looks like shes sucking in majorly and hasn't eaten a decent meal in a few days. she obviously has some kind of binge eating disorder as well as some kind of mental issue(s).

real great "daddy" though, making sure she has all the alcohol she can drink but doesn't leave her any way to get a decent meal besides crap room service.

No. 584146

File: 1526428151334.jpg (151.41 KB, 750x1334, filtered.jpg)

is she capable of taking pics without this filter or does she look to old and haggard without it?

No. 584159

ofc tumblr is open too

No. 584162

File: 1526428887715.png (311.14 KB, 720x695, Screenshot_2018-05-15-19-59-40…)

Oop,she's got food yall.
And a real great view kek

No. 584163

File: 1526428916401.png (839.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-05-15-20-00-25…)


No. 584164

her body is so weird. how can you be so flabby but be able to see bones on your chest? even if she spends all day sitting on her rug, how can you have ZERO muscle definition like that?

No. 584170

If he really loved her he would have set up some special spa day, or hair and manicure or something,
But instead he just leaves her alone in a hotel room in a foreign country with just alcohol.
Proof she’s just an easy fetish fuck for him.
It’s so sad that she doesn’t even see it. He’s getting everything he wants out of her while leaving her with nothing.

But Shays right, we’re just sooooo jealous

No. 584178

I was a skinnyfag at age 20 too with no exercise. If she keeps drinking she'll be a chunk in a couple of years.

No. 584180

It's fine to have a drink on a first date but getting smashed? That just screams at least one of them is uncomfortable and shy about it.

No. 584190

looks like the stuff you get in the hospital. eek.

No. 584193

pretty hilarious though how much she lurks this thread. we post that he hasn't been feeding her, she hasn't been eating. so she just haaaas to post a pic of her room service kek.

No. 584195

from binging on junk food and alchol and then not eating for a few days, then binging on junk food and alchol again. your body has no time to turn the food into usable energy, and it just turns to bloat and flab with no muscle defintion.

No. 584295

File: 1526434142489.png (575.62 KB, 720x1024, Screenshot_2018-05-15-21-17-29…)


No. 584303

kek, long legs? i think you mean "optical illusion"

No. 584309

by being lazy and starving yourself instead of putting in the effort to work out and tone your body, i see it all the time esp w girls who also have a poor diet lol. she's lost weight but it's all muscle mass, she's skinnyfat it's sad bc her ass is 1000x more atrocious

No. 584311

also you can see her bones bc she's probably dehydrated from drinking so much and subsequently puking

No. 584332

you can see her bones because she’s sucking in and doesn’t have any bloat from eating

No. 584342

i was referring to her chest/collar bones in the photo where she's laying down, i honestly can't even see her ribs or hip bones despite how hard shes sucking in

No. 584415

I mean, cheaper to have Shay come out, lay around the hotel all day, and fuck you every night than to get a hooker. He's basically paying her with cheap Mexican room service and convenience store snacks.

Ngl, her hair looks better like this. Not nearly as disgusting as how she usually styles it. Poor girl has zero booty though. You can still see her vagina sores despite all these filters too.

No. 584531

Wow Shay, I'm so jealous. Baked brown buildings and MAYBE the hazy outline of a mountain in the distance. Does she have any sense of self- awareness?

No. 584630

That filter makes your eyes bigger, skin brighter, removes dark circles and makes your face rounder and smaller. And she has been non stop drinking for ??? three days ???
So in conclusion:
>"Does she look to old and haggard without it?"

No. 584665

File: 1526460976042.gif (5.02 MB, 351x640, 20180516_045517.gif)

Oh boy

No. 584716

what is it with cows thinking everyone is obsessed with them, is it just projection?

No. 584751

Because they’re stupid and genuinely think people like them for their personality and opinions. But in reality people just love watching the train wreck.

No. 584758

ugh ew varying shades of pink with a black pleather skirt is so ugly. learn how to style girlfriend

No. 584795


Her voice is so fucking deep and hoarse I don’t blame her for trying to change it, she really needs to learn how to do better voice and actually be consistent with it first though

No. 584804


She really said she has a gorgeous pussy. Hmm yeah Shay that's why earlier in the snap story when you lowered your shorts you immediately decided to keep them on when the sores started showing. Girl….

No. 584831

What does she mean by an 'innie' vagina?

No. 584833

Does she always act like this or is she drunk?

No. 584836

Well she’s always drunk so I think it’s fair to say she’s always like this

No. 584840

From what I've seen in most of her nonporn videos she always acts like this. She is so awkward in front of a camera and just lets whatever spill out of her mouth.

No. 584856

File: 1526482090965.png (169.51 KB, 720x770, Screenshot_2018-05-16-10-41-01…)

So remember folks,
You can go from living at home with your parents, to moving aaaallll the way across the country and have old men pay your bills.. And its considered "doing it all on your own"
Ya okay

No. 584858

File: 1526482148171.png (464.21 KB, 720x789, Screenshot_2018-05-16-10-40-15…)

chaging for fupa before the eyes

No. 584860

That wrinkle on her forehead is deeper than the Grand Canyon. She needs 20 units of Botox pronto

No. 584874

why would she say that she’s insecure about her pussy because she’s an innie. Umm p sure she knows damn well that large labias are shamed and called gross and “innie” labias are considered more beautiful and acceptable. That literally makes no sense

No. 584879

what the fuck that looks exactly like a ballsack

No. 584886

Has she always been Tana Mongoose-esque obnoxious or once again imitating people she wishes she could be? Tana is actually getting money for being a dumb blonde bimbo.

No. 584896

She doesn’t have an innie vagina though? You can clearly see her inner labia between her outer labia. She doesn’t need to spread her outer labia because they’re so puffy.

She has an average vagina, just like everything else about her. Average and basic AF

No. 584899

Nicole Dollanganger phase incoming?

No. 584902

So she listened to Nicole Dollanganger? When cows collide. Imagine Shay befriending Millie Graves kek.

No. 584903

She talks like utter trailer trash and also looks the part

No. 584913

File: 1526486162541.gif (1.62 MB, 430x242, 960u.gif)

You can tell that she recently watched Rupaul's Drag Race and is trying to act "fierce" and shit like the queens.
Honey, you're not a gay man. You just sound stupid when you talk this way. Stop.

No. 584917

Nah, "Daddy" probably regularly jerks it to her and she's trying to emulate her style because "That's what daddy likes uwu!!!"

No. 584919

File: 1526486618433.png (125.38 KB, 720x417, Screenshot_2018-05-16-11-54-11…)

does saying what I eat require a trigger warning?

No. 584920

Yah because she has no style of her own and just morphs into whatever people want her to be/whatever is popular at the time

No. 584926

File: 1526486958987.jpeg (157.55 KB, 750x1200, 241C6CDC-B5D0-444E-B11F-86ACC7…)

um? does this mean she posted this?

No. 584928

I strongly doubt she would be stupid enough to actually share it. I'm sure either she's really dumber than I thought or someone is just using her name to make it seem like it is her (or is trolling her)

No. 584942

If anyone would do that kind of thing it would be her

No. 584962

What's that dark shit floating in her drink? Wonder if she's dumb enough to drink the water.

No. 584968

Lmfao it’s a mimosa retard

No. 584971

idk if you guys know but you can put any name you want in dropbox.

No. 584974

File: 1526490656255.png (89.06 KB, 269x172, Výstřižek.PNG)

yeah but most mimosas dont have fucking flies or whatever floating in it

No. 585012

>"Buy my snapchat, that's all I'm saying. I have like this GORGEOUS puffy pussy. and like, I spent a really long time being insecure about it considering the fact that like, I'm an innie. like, all of my vagina bits are hidden by my….. beautiful… puffy pussy lips. Anyway, the point is, you should buy my snapchat!"

No. 585013

samefag but I did not put that long pause around the word "beautiful." SHE did.

No. 585015

Kek her vagina is average at best. And def not an innie because you can clearly see her inner labia without having to spread her pussy lips. and no she doesn’t have a puffy pussy lol

No. 585028

Wasn't the netflixandchill tumblr amongst those guys who are/were taking videos without permission and redistributed them for their own pricing without inclusion or knowledge to the girls???

No. 585035

File: 1526494144791.png (534.97 KB, 720x943, Screenshot_2018-05-16-14-08-15…)

In case anybody wants to see how this goes, she's actually on mfc kek

No. 585037

File: 1526494178937.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.78 KB, 719x1280, ebd829ed-467a-4892-a6b7-5ef128…)


Yes she's not got a huge amount of labia but this is not an innie.

No. 585038

File: 1526494255047.jpeg (52.06 KB, 306x355, e3b3d7fc689aab75dca4c84fe15211…)

It reminds me of butterfly cakes

No. 585042

those look far too appetizing to be at all reminiscent of her funky snatch.

No. 585045

She's gone already kek. I've never really watched her live before, was she drunk or just always that retarded?

No. 585050

File: 1526494820203.png (690.52 KB, 1080x866, 20180516_192013.png)

Her pants gaping. Fupa's not been feeding her

No. 585057

If she doesn’t immediately get tipped/complimented or receive positive praise within the first like 20 minutes, she leaves. She has no work ethic whatsoever.

No. 585075

Well no one has topped and 1 person is talking. She's talking about well she's doing with money and then going on to say she spends all her money on mostly drugs and alcohol lol.

No. 585076

This guy is a sad excuse for a dom if he is just leaving her behind with nothing to do but get drunk and waste her time. He could spin the situation to his advantage, tell her sexy things she can or can't do while he is gone, tell her how he wants to find her when he returns. He is clearly doing none of that or Shay would be bragging about her dom daddy like no tomorrow.

What happened to the "extreme" kink stuff they said they'd be doing? I thought he was big into knives and duct tape? Shay has been really quiet about anything except vanilla spanking and regular old sex…..

No. 585083

>Uses filter
>Still has dark as fuck circles and eye wrinkles

No. 585089

She's trying to play dumb. In the porn business she knows damn well that women in porn get SURGERY to have an "innie" vagina.

No. 585092

Makes me laugh she listens to like old Motown music, doesn't really go with her asthetic.

No. 585099

Lol well there are plenty of women who have one naturally too.

No. 585104

She has 35 people in her room, and only three of them are members. No one is tipping or talking. She's just lying there saying "uuugh I'm dying" as her room count drops.

Give it up, Shay.

No. 585113

Us lurkers prob the ones making up most of the 35 also lol.

No. 585115

I think you're forgetting about her 60s retro mad men-esque revival looks where she wears awful curled hair and skirts.

No. 585131

like I said if no one compliments her or tips her in the first 20 mins she just lays there grumpy or leaves. Such a hard worker, Shay.

No. 585134

The thing about being s camgirl is that you need to put on a show. You can’t just sit there slouched over doing noThing and expect people to tip you. Sorry shay, I know you want it to work like that but it doesn’t.

No. 585146

Think she's gone for good now. 0 tokens in an hour. Honestly what else does she have to do though, she's just stuck in a hotel on her own in the middle of nowhere.

No. 585148

File: 1526498716743.jpg (50.04 KB, 227x612, daddy.JPG)

KEK. defending "daddy" and how their relationship is just perfect.

No. 585149

i still can't believe that she thinks its love after a month of talking on kik. how desperate can you be?

No. 585157

File: 1526499290886.jpg (20.87 KB, 233x223, calledit.JPG)

for a second, let's imagine this dude was the complete opposite of who he is. preppy, clean cut, business man type, and he wanted her to have a cute preppy/pink baby aesthetic. you KNOW she would 100% go even harder with the pink/baby aesthetic. but since this dude is emo AF and likes metal, she's already decided to change up her style for him.

its very clear that she has no true style, or personality, of her own and just relies on other people and what they like. once she stopped being friends with that psychedelic-freak-out chick, she started moving into ddlg/pink/baby aesthetic and sex work instead of the hippy/goth/emo/stoner aesthetic, also because ddlg was gaining huge amounts of popularity on tumblr at the time and she just wanted to keep up with it in order to keep gaining fans. she has never truly been herself, and i dont even think she knows who she is at all.

are her "fans" really that stupid that they can't see what she truly is? all she is is a parasite, who leeches off of others creativity and aesthetics in order to be popular. its pathetic, and yet she claims to be so original and be such a hard worker.

No. 585181

Yikes, this is so typical of her. She jumps from one style to the next without second thought. What's she going to do with all her pink shit?

No. 585183

Yeah netflixandchill is one of those blogs that got busted for saving and sharing content. But we know Shayna doesnt care if she gets reposted/her content is everywhere "its free publicity".

No. 585193

File: 1526501396964.jpg (66.23 KB, 500x500, highschool.jpg)

and of course she had to post this to hammer it in. tbh her skin looks better, her body looks better, and she seems happy. sad.

No. 585214

lmao sweet little girl never worked for you, I'm actually excited to see your new brand. please do a full rebrand. make yourself like regina george, wear pink on wednesdays

No. 585216

WOW she legit changed her whole style just for this dude? she's wearing all black and a choker, like, he likes the old you better shay lol change yourself for your man? don't you always tell girls to dump their boyfriends when they start trying to change their girl?

No. 585224

right because being fierce is exclusive to gay men and drag culture. you sound ignorant when you talk this way. stop.

No. 585225

Lmao she does say that shit

No. 585227

It’s because she tries to use the same lingo and tone and she’s just winds up sounding like a trailer trash idiot instead of a fierce queen.

No. 585229

That's an old pic, I think she just posted it to show what her new look is gonna be or something
I think they were commenting more on how ridiculous it is that she watched drag race and suddenly decided to base her look/personality/name on the contestants

No. 585260

That hotel room looks so cheap… The shitty headboard, pathetic lamp, next to a tacky wall(?). Shay is legit getting fucked for free in a $70/night Motel 6 and boasting about it. I guess it’s a step up from a rug on the floor.

No. 585263

Fam this started after she watched RPDR for the first time and literally re-named herself after Trixie Mattel.
You can't tell me she isn't emulating the way they speak when she only started with that a few months back.
You sound pressed anon. Don't take this shit so personally

No. 585264

File: 1526503843995.png (452.91 KB, 508x866, 2018-05-16-16-44-dollymattel.t…)

>tht whole thing i had abt not understanding why ppl r into knives has come 2 an end i need this desperately

I wonder why she changed her mind?

No. 585267

File: 1526503879635.png (26.91 KB, 480x258, Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 4.48…)

o right

No. 585271

>stupid and moldable

Doesn’t sound sketchy at all!

No. 585273

why would you want someone who’s “moldable”? Wouldn’t you want someone who’s confident in who they are? Oh right you want someone who’s extremely insecure so they can completely rely on you, got it.

No. 585276

listen, i understand the point you tried and failed to make. like first of all, WOC are the personification of "fierce" in pop culture. fierce queens literally try to emulate WOC, so when you're saying she's "copying" the tone and lingo of drag queens you really mean she's trying to emulate WOC. i'm not about to let you sit here and say she's trying to be "like" queens just bc she's trying to be "fierce". that is all i meant. you guys really don't seem to know anything about drag culture outside of rpdr. also trixie's not even fierce so please reach further, fam(derailing)

No. 585277

damn, all it took was one man to completely change her from wearing pink? She looks 10 times better in this outfit than she has ever wearing pink. It's still hilarious she was so desperate for a "daddy" that she's going to change her look for him.

No. 585284

well unfortunately this isn’t a thread about drag queens so go cry somewhere else

No. 585285

It’s an old pic, she posted it after her “I’m a bad bitch Barbie” text post just to hammer it in

No. 585292

File: 1526504860403.jpg (16.84 KB, 466x86, notemo.JPG)

just so everyone knows its NOT EMO GUYS ITS HARDCORE METAL OKAY

No. 585296

Barfing at moldable

No. 585301

Ehh, shut the fuck up lol

No. 585335

Lmao hey Shay your bf just called you stupid.

He keeps going on about "stupid trolls" too. Is stupid good or bad? Pick a side fupa.

No. 585375

File: 1526508469277.png (580.15 KB, 720x1060, Screenshot_2018-05-16-18-06-00…)

I wonder if shayna is sending him the anon crap pretending to be one of the thread users because he is gushing one of his female friends? Lol

No. 585380

File: 1526508691980.png (174.77 KB, 720x870, Screenshot_2018-05-16-18-10-02…)

We can put it to rest, she officially announced it

No. 585467

Fupa is just happy to be having some attention on his page for the first time probably. Makes me laugh when people say "great blog". Like all he does is repost dodgy shit porn and occasionally post the bottom half of his crusty face. Wow, what a blog!

No. 585480

and dont forget his constant back and forths with the same girl who is literally with him IRL. so captivating.

No. 585514

Is she pretending to have an ED now too?

Damaged dolly phase deffo incoming.

Good eye anon. Def looks like a bug or something. Mimosa shouldn't have anything solid and dark in it. Nasty.

Maybe she's not pretending to have an ED? She has been looking thinner lately and her sternum area is getting grotesque looking as of late.

No. 585548

When she was on cam earlier her panties were gaping off her body and she couldn't stop messing with it and talking about it. That seems worrying. She's obsessing over it and in a positive light.

No. 585549


What in the Tumblr….

No. 585557

I don’t think she has a full blow eating disorder yet but she’s definitely got some issues with eating and problems with drinking.

No. 585643

keep talking about her having and ed and soon enough shes gonna believe it and and try to use it for more brownie points

No. 585652

That can also happen with the elastic if you don’t wash it after wearing it a few times. I have some shorts like that I wear to bed and if I don’t wash them they stretch.

No. 585656

He's a 30+ year old wearing American eagle? Cringe.

No. 585818

File: 1526532360311.jpeg (200.13 KB, 750x1334, 33ECF914-E82E-4008-A86D-30B908…)

Tbh even this mess would work better than the aesthetic Shay has been trying for. Bet she’ll start mimicking this crowd

No. 585861

File: 1526536875367.png (2.39 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2018-05-17-01-59-56.p…)

Look the transformation has begun. Or maybe shes just practicing for when she gets murdered by 'daddy'

No. 585869

She just loves copying crusty outdated aesthetics doesn’t she? Does Shay have a personality of her own? As a someone who has quietly collected antique dolls for years upon years, it’s just embarassing to even think about having that in common with this loser. These girls give normal doll collectors such a bad rep. Sage for rant/no milk.

No. 585905

She still looks cheap (despite her 2nd hand prada heels kek) but she does look a lot less dirty than usual? It's definitely a more flattering look, but there's still a lot of room for improvement.

No. 585911

I mean this looks way better than she usually does but still.
I can't believe she literally dropped her aesthetic so fast kek.

No. 585928

Why the fuck does she need to move to cali/seattle anyway? All she does as a job is shove things up her butt. She could do that in the boonies as long as she has an internet connection.

No. 585946

File: 1526550818440.jpeg (332.67 KB, 1242x1194, 94974EE6-E8F7-4E96-A1AE-239E28…)

she’s literally so fucking retarded. if she was really into bdsm she would know what a contract was and wouldn’t be making herself look so stupid

No. 585948

File: 1526550866367.jpeg (158.54 KB, 1242x592, B5A6895A-9D41-484E-8102-257EF1…)

retard pt 2

No. 585949

File: 1526551040672.jpeg (419.33 KB, 1242x1132, 7C089C14-784E-4979-8598-DD63B8…)

aaaaand retard pt 3. she’s always been a joke to bdsm but now she’s just showing her ass

No. 586035

She really doesn’t understand shit, does she? She tells others not to say anything about what goes on in her relationship, and in the next breath shit on people who use contracts in their bdsm dynamic.

Shay, tip; if you don’t want other people shitting on your relationship/dynamic/rules/whatever, maybe don’t do it to other people hmm?

No. 586039

its really sad that he encourages her shitty behaviors.

No. 586053

File: 1526564407310.jpg (72.01 KB, 547x446, uwerenoone.JPG)

clearly, its the OTHER people that need a thicker skin. not you though, fupa. even though you were a no one before dolly posted that you held some importance to her.

No. 586057

so sorry for off topic but THOSE BANGS I can't look away

No. 586059

she's probably showering because "daddy helped me make rules to keep myself happy and healthy (for him)" and he wouldn't touch her unless she washed herself

No. 586061

File: 1526564794077.jpg (29.15 KB, 228x306, calledouy.JPG)

translation: "i got caught saying something dumb but im going to act like i didn't because my life is perfect and i can't do anything wrong ever, just you peasants."

No. 586063

she acts like such a fucking child, its astonishing

No. 586065

> living in your mother's basement w cheeto dicks
Is this legit the only insult she can ever come up with? she does realize not everyone criticizing her automatically means they have a dick. She's such a "bad barbie" hashing out the same insults over and over.

No. 586066

>"if you don't support our relationship i hope you die"

>"why is everyone always telling me to die?! im perfect i don't understand!"

No. 586086

File: 1526566216854.jpg (47.9 KB, 232x596, doesntknow.JPG)

welp she officially leaped off the deep end, telling people that if they sign contracts its abuse.

No. 586089

File: 1526566478600.png (693.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180517-100920.png)

Oh god, it's starting: she posted this ~ spooky hospital aesthetic ~ pic with Nicole lyrics

No. 586091

It really doesn't surprise me she never heard of contracts… Then again this is the same girl who wants her bf to drug her and touch her when she's fucked up. She's so desperate for this whole daddy thing that she's completely putting her trust into a man she JUST met. I know this guy is harmless more than likely, but she's still very lucky he didn't murder her the first day they even met.

No. 586110

it doesnt surprise me either. but if its something you don't understand why just shit on it and make a big joke about it? then call it abuse? if you dont understand it either look it up or ignore it. i don't know why she felt the need to make a joke about it and then get all upset when people were like "hey, that was fucked up"

No. 586123

damn. a contract is literally just so you have it in writing so it can't be like contradicted by one member if shit hits the fan later in the relationship, or if there is minutia that need to be written out so you can even remember it. like. it's just writing things down and agreeing rather than only speaking about it and agreeing. it never has to be shown to anyone else in the world.

honestly to me it just sounds like she doesn't understand that limits might need to be thoroughly discussed and hashed out, with safe words and expectations and what to do in specific situations. it sounds like either 1 she isn't /really/ into BDSM like she claims, or 2 she is straight up into abusive relationships where she lets men do whatever they want with her without discussing it in detail beforehand

No. 586162

File: 1526569656139.png (10.61 KB, 312x354, shay.PNG)

didn't she just give out death threats to anyone to doesn't like her "relationship'

No. 586170

well yah, because its okay for her to tell anyone she wants to kill themselves. but if someone tells her the same thing, its a huge scandal.

No. 586171

File: 1526569932372.jpg (14.05 KB, 228x149, ahyes.JPG)

shes secretly really smart guys, thats why yesterday she posted that she only passed highschool with a 65.5 gpa. shes like a genius though.

No. 586172

kek, she very clearly is an idiot though.

No. 586178

Did this bitch just compare herself to SELENA?????

No. 586181

How funny would it be if that anon came from fupa trying to convince himself he isn't rubbing his penis pouch against a complete retard?

As cringe as fupa is, I get the impression he's just using her as a cumdump stand in til he can get someone he actually wants; hence changing everything about her. I also think even though he says some dumbass shit himself, he sincerely finds her to be unironically stupid. I think their maturity gap is huge, even with fupa being incredibly immature, and it's weighing on him

No. 586182

Can someone please put this god awful dumpster fire out???

The fact that she's not looked into actual BDSM information is sad, and she's trying to do this as a 24/7 dynamic? Plus, the fact hes apparently this big burly dom, And is almost to his 40's and has also never heard of a contract??? Neither of you are actually interested in bdsm and i(amongst others) wont believe otherwise. You all just want to be abusive and when shit hits the fan later on, you're going to wish you had your rules and regulations on hand.

But i forgot, intelligent dumbass who loves being messed with in her sleep is her shtick and pathetic washed out dom who enjoys meth and showing sexual violence like its an actual arousal is his so… Winner goddamn winner i guess lol

No. 586186

File: 1526571003724.png (90.55 KB, 631x885, IMG_1820.PNG)

Fupa follows sin-doll which is one of shay's outspoken haters lol I wonder if she knows. Sin-doll was the one who replied to an anon months ago with an awful screenshot of shay as a reaction picture that really had everyone laughing

No. 586187

wth even in 50 shades of grey they had a contract. how can you be in the bdsm community and not know contracts are a thing in some people's dynamics?!

No. 586196

Because Shay and Chub are bullshit liars who act as if they've delved into this lifestyle for the lifestyle itself.

They need to quit spending so much time on Tumblr and realize dynamics exist that require contracts(you know damn well the stuff they reblog is contract worthy) and if she's going to shit on lifestyles, we can gladly shit on hers. Neither of them know how to function a BDSM dynamic, they're to busy lying about it because they're edgelords who sit on tumblr romanticizing the absolute lowest of acceptable BDSM porn just to make each other look cool.

I honestly think they belong together. He wants an idiotic, moldable dumbass who will listen to his every beckoning call whilst being treated to bare minimum as long as he looks good.

I give it a few weeks once she gets home. He said he maybe spends 25% of his year getting to be home. So im seriously wondering what she sacrifices for them to talk for hours on end everyday? Cause you know he aint sacrificing crap lol

No. 586204

tbh he seems like the kind to start a relationship with her just to gain more attention kek

No. 586226

She constanly contradicts herself like this. What is the truth?

No. 586228

She is so corny and transparent. She thinks she's changing lives.

No. 586232

Translation: “I’m such a positive person and looooove spreading positivity!!! Everyone should love themselves like I love myself!!! It’s super easy!!! I’m not above telling people to kill themselves, but I’m sooooo positive everyone!!!!”

No. 586237

yesterday it was bad bitch Barbie and knives. Today it’s fake positivity and rainbows. She has no semblance of a personality whatsoever.

No. 586258

the fact that a horrible book by a terrible author understand bdsm more than a chick who claims to love and engage in the lifestyle is just sad.

No. 586294

…. Anyone got the cap of him saying he didn't start getting anons until they got together???

Cause, ya know… Piecing two and two together wouldn't be very hard in that situation lol

No. 586358

lol he claims to not give a fuck yet checks this board and replies to every message from/about anons

No. 586362

He’s not aware that by talking to anons he’s also proving that he has nothing going on

No. 586381

>They … have zero knowledge of who I am, what I do, or anything else for that matter.
>I've accomplished more this last year than any of them have in their lives.

I love when cows make this assumption. Fupa, we know more about you—based on your shitty blog and life choices alone—than you know about any of us. We're anonymous, after all. And you're with Shayna. That's all we need to know.

No. 586386

Haha these people messaging about anons probably have noooo clue about this board, they're literally talking about the anons on tumblr…

He's lurking so hard lol I wonder if he's gone back into the threads? To see viable proof that his girlfriend is a scamming, lying, manipulative, horrible scab on the earth?

There's proof her pussy wasn't infected until she moved out to Washington(high proof of infection/std/untreated sores), proof where she's scammed money for extensions and slewed pictures on tumblr of freshly bought weed, she's bashed people for trying to work a minimum wage job and start gofundmes to get some sort of assistance to get somewhere in their lives, she has bought swers snapchats to post and laugh at in front of her followers.. Hell she JUST admitted on cam a few nights ago all she does with her money is get weed and wine?

Like, we aren't the shit bags.. Your girlfriend is, dude. Kek

No. 586402

This isn’t even close to being the entire list of things she’s been called out on

No. 586419

A shitbag like Fupa won't care if he's dating another shitbag. He finally has his stupid, moldable baby bimbo to live out his super edgy Tumblr dom rape fantasies.

No. 586424

Very true, i left oyt a lot bc honestly… There's too damn much. Maybe with others she'll be able to redeem herself, but i will never sympathize her.

I wouldn't befriend her in fear she'll make gross unwanted advances to the men i live with, i wouldn't give her a cup of water if she was on fire. But that's my opinion, will others agree? Yeah. Will others disagree? Yeah. She needs thicker skin. This girl smeared her own name before the age of 18.

Cry wolf one too many times, nobody's going to give a shit when he eats your ass.

No. 586549

File: 1526589866981.jpg (24.38 KB, 407x419, Capture.JPG)

you're walking down an alley and this comes running at you screaming "buy my snapchat", wwyd anons?

No. 586565

Run home. Take a shower. Run to the pharmacy. Buy Valtrex as a prophylactic.

No. 586578

Give her a face cloth and a cardboard box

No. 586588

Pepper spray it

No. 586603

Funny how every praise anon she gets uses emojis. Most asks rarely include emojis on anybody else's account.

No. 586609

why do I get the feeling she'd spit at you as she shouts/talks

I know it's nitpicky and a far cry from most's idea of bad dental, but fuck that one uneven tooth bothers the shit out of me

I also imagine her being one of those people where if she gets close enough, you can smell the stench of her ears rotting from her uncleaned plastic tunnels

No. 586649

There is no way those lazy oaf vans are real. Definitely cheap knock offs from a dodgy market

No. 586693

That’s a ridiculous statement you can definitely find vans in Mexico, it’s not like lazy oaf is some high end brand.

No. 586726

…that's her idea of money well spent? cheap hoodies and ugly ass shoes?

No. 586731

Plus Vans are cheap as hell, so why would anyone buy knockoffs? At the same time, Vans are cheap as hell, so why would anyone brag about them?

Oh yeah, cos Fupa wears them and Shayna is turning emo so he'll love her.

No. 586786

File: 1526597476790.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.07 KB, 421x750, herhair.jpg)

it looks like she hasnt washed her hair in days. its like a dog that got caught in the rain.

No. 586795

They’re $80 on the website and sold out. Sometimes people brag because of exclusivity. They perceive rarity as valuable

No. 586804

the coat doesnt fit lol its too long on her arms. also someone sent an anon saying "real fur? :/" and she replied saying "yeah flamingo fur wtf do u think" and then swiftly deleted it lmao, why get so mad at an anon concerned abt her potentially paying for animal abuse?

No. 586812

I wonder if she spent her money or his?

TBH I'd be pissed if I flew down to Mexico to meet my ~daddy~ and we stayed in a hotel his work paid for, never went out together, he left me there alone all day, and to top it off, only spent $200 on me when we finally left the hotel room to go shopping. If he even bought that shit for her. I'm guessing he didn't, or she would have mentioned how Fupa Daddy is spoiling her.

No. 586836

She probably felt smart for insinuating pink fur doesn't exist. Dye does though, Shay. If you got that in Mexico I'd bet it's dog fur too.

No. 586865

I mean it's almost certainly fake as she wouldn't be able to afford real fur but there also is a problem of products claiming to be faux fur but containing real fur.

Everything she's bought looks like stuff you'd get in Primark (UK fag) for about £60 altogether.

No. 586878

So she got all this at h&m. Wooo so high class.

No. 586887

real fur is usually the same price to produce as faux fur, if not cheaper (hence shops claiming real is faux) so it is probably fake but if she got it at some random market who knows, they could be mislabelling it

No. 586962

File: 1526607693234.jpg (20.89 KB, 222x253, lmao.JPG)

lmao you guys, shes a stylist now.

No. 586963

File: 1526607745182.jpg (39.59 KB, 221x475, stylist.JPG)

i really feel like people are fucking with her rn, unless people really want someone to pick out their clothes who doesnt understand matching and contrasting.

No. 586974

That's totally her sending Anons to herself
Nice use of heck

No. 586998

the delusion is strong with this one.

No. 587005

File: 1526611142761.jpg (22.46 KB, 538x192, fupa.JPG)

someone points out his fupa but he doesn't even know what it is lmao

No. 587014

Who ever is responsible for this, You are great

No. 587017

File: 1526612357868.jpg (44.83 KB, 507x452, fupapt2.JPG)

>"you sound concerned"


No. 587043

haha what. the mons pubis is way lower than a fupa. educate yourself!

No. 587046

I never would of guessed that fupa was an actual word I thought it was just a name that someome had gave to his ridiculous pouch lol

No. 587067

is not a word lol it stands for fat upper pussy(penis in his case) area

No. 587073

it's fat upper pubic area.

No. 587110

It's 100% her own money lmao. The extent of fupa's spending so far has been taking her to a convenience store for Sprite. Even though it's manic af she's obsessed with this guy and she's too much of a pussy to actually ask him for money like a real sugar baby would.

No. 587149

Most of these clothes are flesh coloured and look cheap as hell.
Only remotely cute thing are the thongs

No. 587225

File: 1526643253251.jpg (27.74 KB, 563x322, newvid.JPG)

No. 587227

File: 1526643318647.jpg (27.2 KB, 562x320, killit.JPG)

kill it with fire please.

No. 587230

God those nails. I just wish someone would snap them off. It's not wonder her whole body is one big acne and sore map because with her bad hygiene you know she's not cleaning under those whenever she's done filming or even in the bathroom.

No. 587263

her sense of style is sooooo bad doe

No. 587290

Does she ever wash her hair or?

No. 587325

File: 1526654954911.png (187.91 KB, 720x874, Screenshot_2018-05-18-10-41-36…)

It sounds like her mom was really a pos like she claimed

No. 587327

File: 1526655040494.png (366.44 KB, 720x637, Screenshot_2018-05-18-10-42-01…)


No. 587328

If anons would actually post captions/tags, that video was after he fucked her brains out in the shower uwu

No. 587335

File: 1526655469366.png (148.93 KB, 720x689, Screenshot_2018-05-18-10-55-32…)

No. 587337

They posted the link to it, is that not enough? And lol just cos she was gonna n thI shower doesn’t mean she washed her hair or her grubby pussy

No. 587338

She only uses the abusive Mom narrative when she needs people to feel bad for her and she doesn’t have any other scapegoat.

No. 587345


Omg that video was so uncomfortable to watch. Why is she talking like that? Also why has she felt the need to continually tell her followers that she's having sex?? I remember my first time too, Shayna. Lmfao.

No. 587346


When she's "heckin suffering" from sex when you're not even doing the work, bc that's how out of shape she is.


Fupa ginger redneck neckbeard also has a higher voice than Shay. It makes me giggle. Her man voice is lower than her Daddys. No wonder she uses that fake baby voice all the time. How awkward watching her aesthetic then out comes some man voice.


Lulz @ her calling herself "privileged for being naturally skinny" kek.

No. 587354


More like, Shayna's always been entitled and insecure, and had a mom who actually listened and would do anything for their daughter. Look at how needy, insecure, and demananding Shayna is. She admittedly has a deep insecurity about her tits, of course you know her mom went through the whole "love your body talk" but you know how Shay is. Her mom prob just offered her that as a solution to alleviate any fears and concerns she had, to know that there is at least something to be done about it in the future if she really couldn't bare to live life having veiny tits.

This just proves how much of LIAR Shayna is. For years she said her mom was abusive, and put her thru hell. Then she shared her story and all it was, was her mother being a mother, loving her, and Shayna's resentment of being grounded. Shayna loves to play the blame game and wouldn't pass up an opportunity to play the victim.

No. 587356


If it wasn't for so many people calling her out on her lies and bullshit, she'd still be portraying her mom to be abusive, and saying she's suffered so much trauma from her "abuse". SMH

No. 587359

She calls $200 a shopping spree?!?! LOL! What even is this shit. She has no taste. LoL at the troll anons. When is she ever gonna get that she's being mocked. She just looks so stupid when she cant help herself but answer anything that strokes their ego. You're in a 3rd world country buying knockoffs. Her style is hideous

No. 587366

He's getting his use before she goes home, can you imagine how long its been since the guys had anyone sorta even begin looking his way? She's stroking his ego of him being a "Dom" and he's stroking her need for constant sexual affection. They're using each other and slapping a "happily in love" sticker on it lol

No. 587371


Listening to her talking about fucking the FUPA is so gross. Mental image of his fupa just spilling over her, and rippling as they smack flesh. Why is she addicted to making herself look so dumb? I thought she was supposed to be like an elitist, or conceited aesthetic? Yet she always says and does things that just lowers her and exposes her bottom of the barrel status and standards. Like a bimbo hot barbie would dress a lot better, and definitely not be bragging about touching a ginger fupa with cheap tattoos who skips every leg day. I would be mortified and so fucking embarassed to be seen looking the way she does, or to be seen with him. She shoulda just stuck to not showing his face and leave people guessing. Seeing those snaps of his face is a joke. He's nasty and looks like his way up on the spectrum. IDK why I thought he'd be at least a little bit cute.

She's a moron for even engaging in anything with him. So is he, but he at least has the excuse of the pseudo dumblr fame thru her (even though it's that remnants of being an ex-stone, then going into porn having the nastiest diseased pussy, being delusional and being a liar), but he's prob reveling in the increase of activity in his embarrassing as heck blog.

No. 587373

how are braces "baby bimbo" lmao. braces are not for aesthetic ya dumb cunt - they are to FIX ur crooked ass teeth. & "class things up"?? suddenly braces arent classy? whats unclassy is having teeth that look like a broken picket fence & being ok with it because "pain and money"!!! she already looks to be constantly in pain because of her diseased vagina so i'm pretty sure she can handle a wil bit o toof pain. where is she even going that she needs to class things up, she literally does not leave her apartment/whatever motel she's been holed up in.

No. 587376

They’re acting like they never experience being with another person

No. 587378

she 100% claimed that it happened because of a vaccine. that she got injected and within 5 minutes her titty veins were visible. can anyone find this screenshot? slash has that ever been documented in the history of vaccines

No. 587385

File: 1526659049364.png (687.2 KB, 1080x591, 20180518_165610.png)

Pretty sure this why anon asked about braces.

Man she looks tired for a 20 year old, and this is with that dumb heart filter on.

No. 587399

Because she rarely gets fucked by another human being. I’m fully certain the last person she had sex with was Conner.

No. 587401

errr…Mexico isn’t considered a 3rd world country, Mexico City is actually a fairly large tourist spot.

No. 587404

the image of his obese mons pubis slapping against her infected vagina is going to haunt me

No. 587407

Actually on tumblr a lot of girls into the whole “teen porn” pedo shit use braces for aesthetic reasons. Like that black cow shayna loves so much, I think her tumblr is like candy something? Idfk but she got braces for the aesthetics, literally no other reason but to make her seem more like she’s underage.

It’s fucking gross pedo pandering is all it is.

No. 587409

Lmfao she diiiiid, I’ll go look through the old threads and see if I can find it.

No. 587411

Wtf am I looking at right now?

No. 587413

It will always be a second/third world country no matter how devoloped a country it becomes. They need to double their gdp to not be considered third world and that’s not happening anytime soon

No. 587418

I just did a cursory search and couldn't find it, godspeed to you, I laughed so fucking hard the day I read that shit

No. 587420

File: 1526660340104.png (350.88 KB, 720x1029, Screenshot_2018-05-18-12-16-33…)

Could you imagine dropping in ranks over 30 points from not uploading….. Because you're spending time with him?? Lol

She's probably not even thought of filming, she's a joke and the only reason she even gets attention is because people think she's being bullied constantly.

This is her job, and she doesn't know how to do it.

No. 587421

a second and third world country are very different.

anyway, enough with the derailing

No. 587422

the other day she was talking about uploading a new vid and getting “all this work done” aaaaand she wound up going on cam for 20 minutes and then getting drunk. Such a hard worker this one.

No. 587425

she knows how to do it, she just doesn’t give two fucks about quality or work ethic. she puts out videos when she feels like it, does the same routine nearly every time, and then for a week after talks about how she works so hard and she’s so professional and how difficult her job is. She fucks herself for money, and doesn’t put any effort into her camera work, editing, creativity, or acting. She gives the BARE minimum and expects everyone to be amazed by her.

No. 587429

Sorry for derailing but GDP is $9000 per capita. banks consider México a third world country based on that and so does the rest of the world. Sorry

No. 587435

For instance, alien video???

No. 587436

Or BD dildo? That she could actually get for free through the site by getting ahold of the people who run bad Dragon and talking to them about her sex work and content.
Know a handful of girls who have done this
And it's free.
So where is it kek

No. 587454

She got it already but said it’s too big so she doesn’t want to use it. Lmfao bitch can’t even use a tape measure to see how big the toy would be, fucking idiot.

No. 587458

Didn’t she also spend like a bunch of donated money on she from dolls kill hat she said was for the vid? Then took two pictures and never actually shot the video? Yah, really great work ethic with this one.

No. 587470

all that it sounds like in this video is that 1) she hasn't had actual real sex in a long ass time and 2) she has no muscle whatsoever if she can't hold herself up with just leg strength. and 3) if you were able to get your leg over his shoulder that means your either much taller than you say or hes a short motherfucker.

and kek at the ballerina shit

No. 587483


>if you were able to get your leg over his shoulder that means your either much taller than you say or hes a short motherfucker.

Eh? You can do that being a short girl with a tall guy. They lean over you and you're slightly lifted

I think weight is more an issue with that position if bellies are in the way.

No. 587487

I’m just going off how she described it. She just said she got on her tiptoes and swung her leg over his shoulder, like a cute random thing or something. I think they’re about the same height though.

No. 587519

He does look pretty short. Well definitely not tall.

No. 587527

I think this is a very best picture of her
It does not show her face

No. 587529

Lol is there any more from that shoot? Because all the pics we’ve seen have her face covered which is hilarious

No. 587547

thats candygirl1997, she's legitimately dumb and not even in a cute way lmao. she completely excused the "baby hitler" thing but got mad at her for having a black dildo and then excused her for all the racism when people called out her hypocrisy, shes beyond self absorbed i think thats why the love each other so much
sage for ot oops

No. 587864

This exactly. Shay, posting online about your relationship with a random dude from Tumblr is NOT a good look for what you’re trying to portrait.

No. 587911

it’s pretty telling that the first day she was with him she started talking about how much she was in love. That never works out in the end.

No. 587925

File: 1526687916148.jpg (35.96 KB, 535x262, bigbeforeher.JPG)

>i was big before her tbh

okay, keep telling yourself that. kek

No. 587926

and yes, tumblr IS a blogging site made for teens, retard. it wasn't created for middle aged men to run porn blogs, although thats basically what its turned into.

No. 587981

Is anyone supposed to believe this fupa isn’t pressed af, responding to all these anons trolling him? Shouldn’t he be pounding that scabby pussy? Sad!

No. 588070

You mean Angela / Himeka / bunny? >>>/snow/550456

No. 588110

no? I'm talking about shay. why did you reply to my post about her having titty veins because of a vaccine?

No. 588166

File: 1526707542475.png (157.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180518-222529.png)

But they both don't care what we say guyzz

No. 588167

File: 1526707568844.jpg (463.57 KB, 803x1525, Screenshot_20180518-222509.jpg)


No. 588168

File: 1526707656704.jpg (199.53 KB, 803x1485, Screenshot_20180518-222658.jpg)

Every single post gives me a "heckin" good laugh

No. 588170

File: 1526707728511.jpg (511.22 KB, 810x2365, Screenshot_20180518-222817.jpg)

Already announcing they are in love

No. 588173

File: 1526707804688.jpg (734.35 KB, 810x3254, Screenshot_20180518-222936.jpg)

Someone sent him an ask earlier about Shay needing to drink more water, maybe she got it through to her thick head

No. 588182

They have some of the strangest interactions I’ve ever seen between anyone online.
This bartender must of been creeped out. I wonder if she was part of the conversation at all

No. 588197

He’s obviously loving all the attention he’s getting because of her.
How sad that he’s asking for asks when he should be hanging with Shay.
He must be bored.

No. 588204

Both of them must be boring if they can’t stay off tumblr seems like they are on all day answering anons

No. 588216

File: 1526711845513.jpg (183.16 KB, 526x769, 482.jpg)

sex work & her parents

No. 588221


He's probably a 30 yr old ginger white male from the midwest with a fupa who is loving the pathetic ego boost from dating this grandma faced gremlin from tumblr KNOWN for having the most disgusting pussy in porn and for lying about being abused.

Wait.. these are facts…

No. 588230

KEK, he picks "broke and living with parents" as an example? It should already been a given that a 30 yr old should have a considerably large savings and already paying a mortgage. It's him showing off his gut, fupa, the lack of muscle mass on his legs, having shitty cheap tattoos, and then embarassing themselves only by having their face seen cuz ur girl happened to snap it. Now people have confirmation that your fucking gross. Like bro do you realize, aside from the dumblr minions and losers that stroke your ego, consisting of like 16 yr olds and losers only excited from getting their anons answered… and the troll anons you get just to see how dumb you are to post something something you think is nice. You're like a trainwreck for the rest.

Like does this guy not realize number 1, he's a joke. 2, You're like with the grossest person on tumblr. When you've been on tumblr for 6+ yrs obsessively reblogging your shit 1000x a day like Shay… Doing what they she thinks is "edgy" to make up for the fact that there's absolutely nothing about the way she looks, and especially how she lives her life that anyone would want. Just be fucking happy that some people found Shayna's corky and awkwardness although weird, but kinda charming back in the days when she used to be a stoner blog. BC as a stand alone kink blog or porn blog or whatever it is now it's just a joke. If she was never a stoner, noone would know about her. Bc she subjected everyone to her "porn" including minors and used her followers that were only there for stoner/weed content as a customer base. Like that is the grodiest thing someone can do. 6 yrs of acting like a dumbass on the platform. If someone had that long doing what you're doing, they'd be a way better position than what you're She's seriously almost lucky she has a nasty pussy. Bc that's her gimmick. Who the fuck would want to be known for having pimples and boils and diseased toxic vag.

No. 588232

File: 1526714242132.jpg (59.43 KB, 519x549, kn84.jpg)

She goes out looking like a trailer trash? LOL!!!!!!!

She's drinking that with ice? Someone's going to contract another disease or worms from that water.

No. 588240

Shay, is this guy really the best thing you can do?? Did you really pictured yourself dating a loser tumblr “dom” one day?

No. 588244

God, how fucking sad to ruin your relationship and force distance with your parents just so you can follow your 'dream' of not having a real job like a responsible adult.

No. 588245

File: 1526717549273.png (Spoiler Image, 2.1 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2018-05-19-04-12-19.p…)

Wtf is this
Muscle tone = non-existent

No. 588256

rip the titties on her ass are bigger than her actual titties

No. 588274

File: 1526725962991.jpeg (67.31 KB, 970x746, F26A93C9-405D-41CA-A718-EAF86A…)

reminds me of this

No. 588363

>a sfw job
>a safe for work job
so… a job? jesus christ

No. 588364

right? the bartender must have been like "you're seriously ok admitting she's so much younger than you and it's creepy for you to be dating her? hmmmmmmmm better leave a nice tip I don't get paid enough for this shit"

No. 588371

"we're at the bar but we can't stand to make conversation so pleaaaaase entertain me. wht the heck? only four asks? cmon guys I'm drowning herem this guy is so awkward he doesn't even know how to talk to me for more than 5 minutes at a time, I have to answer your questions instead"

No. 588373

>"believe it or not, ur intentions can be entirely pure & can still be offensive. wow what a concept."

but when people call you out on your offensive actions (that tbh how could a decent person ever think they were "pure intentions") it's all just ~drama~ to you and you're above it? and you get to delete all traces of it and your ""apologies"" from your blog? yep that's some real accountability

No. 588375

perception is reality
L O L, perception is an interpretation and reality.. Is an actual state of being, oh crap who would've guessed?

You know, if he's so concerned, we can always go back to just focusing on her? She's doing/done enough wrong that this thread will always be a thing. Not to mention, you're going to have her being an utter bitch again to her "fans" and nobody is going to interact with her.
Admit it fupa, you're into the fuck and the fuck is only with you so she can get a break from her shithole life in that studio apartment nonstop creeping through tumblr hahaha

You're not the only one with a career here, either. Im sure almost everyone in this thread has a job and spends most of their time working/paying bills/taking care of pets/maintenance for vehicles.

Shay does none of that. You're dating a feeble minded woman who lets; other men/women pay her bills, she has no car, she has no friends, her cat is probably matted to hell and back from never getting to see a vet. To even validate this claim, when was the last time she filmed for a company? Been a little bit. When was the last time she filmed a video/put out content? A couple of weeks.

Is she even considered a sex worker? She puts out content like three times a month, if that? If anything she's just a broke bitch living in a hole in Seattle tryna make it big and earning a few bucks on the side lol

No. 588387

File: 1526740591274.png (60.75 KB, 720x501, Screenshot_2018-05-19-10-35-13…)

Omfg it gets clean, y'all!
Bets on brown water?

No. 588400

Imagine going on an ~international trip~ with the ~love of your life~ and you spend it glued to your phones at a bar. It’s even more sad that their inside jokes are tumblr related too. What a life.

No. 588403

if perception is reality then you truly are miserable and in a nasty relationship that is being built on sexual assault

No. 588440

File: 1526745790204.jpg (31.09 KB, 529x234, fupalove.JPG)

so its official, she hit him up.

she's desperate AF. its funny because she used to always talk shit about "tumblr doms" and how fake and cringy they are, and how no matter how hard they tried she would never fuck with them.

aaaaand look at you now, Shayna. always being hypocritical.

No. 588441

Wait, don’t you need to be around other people to have inside jokes?

No. 588442

their inside jokes mainly come from making fun of anons on tumblr. yes, seriously.

No. 588503

and hasn't she sworn multiple times to stop meeting people through tumblr? can't wait tto see this bite her in the ass

No. 588507

You mean bite him on the ass? Shayna will eventually claim abuse and move on

No. 588528

I mean on one hand Shay should know better by now and seems to be aware of what she's getting herself into at least in the way of fetishizing the worst that can come of this but on the other Fupa is a fat sack of shit chasing down unstable 20 y/o girls to stick his chub in and actively wants to abuse them. So if it comes to he said she saids I don't really believe he'll be in the right by denying nothing happened, even if Shay is clearly just looking for pity.

No. 589209

File: 1526817995739.jpeg (745.64 KB, 1125x2319, B10B4C11-1251-4769-9A08-603DF8…)

it’s really creepy her bf is reblogging photos of an actual child being taken away by the bogeyman to his type of blog..

No. 589244

File: 1526824016393.png (106.27 KB, 1080x1293, 20180520_144637.png)

So apparently he's 5"11.

No. 589250

Wtf not long ago he said he was 6’1”

No. 589511


Long time lurker, first time posting. I am the anon that sent her the ask about her fur coat.

I asked this to see how fucking retarded she is, this is faux fur. I can tell just by the picture.

Sage for nobody gives a shit but am professional furrier and have dyed many a furs pink. Fur coats are really not all that expensive, a coat similar to this with a short-pile fur (let's say…"generic" farmed rabbit, not rex) dyed/sewn/lined/pockets/zipper would cost me next to nothing to make.

No. 589547

I can live with all the other shit she pulls, it makes no difference to me, but I have asked multiple times who the hell is looking after the cat (because its a genuine concern of mine, I used to work for an animal rescue). Fupa has all the time in the world to attempt to bash anons who ask about him and Shay's relationship but any Ribmeat questions are conveniently ignored. Nobody's looking after the cat guys. And she wants a dog one day?
Get real Shayna, either fork out for proper pet care and stop impulse buying crap you don't need or face up to the fact you can't be away as much as you are and have an animal. It's not fair on your cat.
Grow up, being an ickle baby isn't cute or going to save you when animal welfare comes knocking on your door.

No. 589867

OT but I didn't know furrier's were a thing or rather that's what you're called, but pretty interesting!

No. 589920


Yep, it's a interesting job. Pink is actually my most used dye color, funny enough. If this girl wanted the real deal (not like she could afford any of the pink furs I currently have on the market…) she would love my shit, lmao.(no one cares)

No. 589930

I thought they were not all that expensive? unless they're still luxury

No. 589937

No. 590242

File: 1526916758348.png (343.21 KB, 539x960, shay.png)

And she says she would never change for a man.

No. 590256

I love that that's her idea of "goth". You're gonna need try harder Shay.

No. 590260

she…said she was going home Tuesday? Why is she already home??

No. 590263

dude wth she has no shape. her upper body looks like a box in this picture.

No. 590264

She constantly changes for other people, never for herself. She has no personality, she just molds into whatever is the trendiest thing at the moment and claims it’s cos she’s just so trendy and on point.

Once she grows up and learns who she is maybe she’ll get better. Who knows.

No. 590270

why do cows think wearing a few black things once makes them goth?

No. 590275

Lol watch her new video be some shit like “heavy metal masturbation” while wearing emo band tees and fishnets.

such edge. very goth.

No. 590283

File: 1526920866051.png (551.39 KB, 539x960, coolmom.png)

cool mom incoming

No. 590284

her eye brows are so thick. girl why

No. 590289

>Shayna, the basic bitch next door.

it's pathetic that she has no personality.

No. 590298

>nymphomaniac, mentally ill monster

But that's what you are.

No. 590304

you can’t be a nymphomaniac if you never have sex, Shayna. Masturbation doesn’t count as being a nympho kek

No. 590307

File: 1526923362562.jpg (23.9 KB, 532x183, uhm.JPG)

says this as he is currently trying to change shay, and succeeding

but dont change people.

No. 590309

It makes it more ironic cause she would get pissed at anons for missing her old style. Watch her claim that she's 'totally always liked black'. She's basically ruining the ""brand"" she was trying to set for herself.

No. 590313

This guy is the type of guy that would usually be a joke on tumblr yet shayna was all in his inbox? I know some are worried about her but she seems to be the predator

No. 590319

she put herself in a box. her fans love it. if she even veers slightly away she's going to get shit for it. maybe next time don't limit yourself and box yourself in. thought you were "such a great, professional business owner". anyone with half a brain can tell you that boxing yourself in fucks you over in the end, as you can never expand to more things (like different fetishes, different looks, etc) without it looking absolutely fake.

No. 590322

oh god shes advertising the summer party barbie vid again.

i may vomit everywhere.

scratch that, i definitely will vomit after viewing that.

No. 590411

File: 1526933432517.jpg (232.36 KB, 1264x1264, IMG_1831.JPG)

I cant believe how chunky she looked last summer holy shit. Now she looks like a starved alcoholic. Find a healthy middle ground, shay.

No. 590413

Eww. Shows how desperate and pathetic Shay is, another display of her super very low standards. I wouldn't even acknowledge that guy.

No. 590414

she cant be this skinny. she was as fat as the left like a month and a half ago or so

No. 590416

it’s also the fact that when she binges, she eats absolute shit. junk food, takeout, pre-prepared crap. I doubt she knows how to cook for herself. Then she won’t eat/eat very minimally for a few days and just drink sugar based alcohol. Then when she binges again she balloons and get super bloated and chunky looking because her body isn’t processing it correctly.

The girl has serious mental issues and needs help. She needs help with her eating issues and her delusional thinking. She’s also a perpetual liar.

Do better, Shay. Not worse.

No. 590417

It’s also the angle too, and the filter.

No. 590443


She had a roommate before during the 1st pic, they were most likely the responsible adult and kept up with the groceries. Shayna doesn't leave her apartment, is too broke to get groceries and get them delivered except for like once a month that she brags about. Regardless, she's never had a flattering body type. She just has really awkward proportions. That face though, her face is comical and reminds me of a rodent.


She's never really been hot, there was the fact she smoked, and if it was to your taste, her super curly hair that were attractive before. She out grew that aesthetic, just like she'll out grow this one…Which she currently is at a rapid rate. She has really bad wrinkles and she's ruined her the one thing about her that salvaged the fact she wasn't very pretty which was curly hair. She doesn't stand out with straight blonde hair, she just fades to the background, and the way she's been wearing her hair lately looks so white trash. TBH, even though the attitude is part of the "image" being conceited and talking about how she's so hot doesn't suit her. Especially since she isn't. She just looks dumb and really delusional. She's lucky for the people who take it as sarcasm bc it's so ridiculous. The saddest and scariest part is when you realize she thinks it's true.

No. 590451

All I can look at her her pussy boils and pimple scars that have surpassed her pubic area and are crawling down her leg. She's in Mexico, get some sun girl.

Fupa is lucky it's acceptable not to show your face in the kink community. Shay's super lucky most of all. Seeing his face in those snaps just made me laugh. She's prob so happy she can still take pics but have his head cut out. ahagah

No. 590470

I’m oretty sure that’s just a shadow? Those things occur in pictures.

No. 590503

You must be new here, in the threads its shown her "ingrowns" go clear down her thighs and butt

No. 590524

that’s fucking disgusting. I don’t want to even check the old threads if I’m gonna see that

No. 590542

They likely aren’t ingrowns at all. My best guess is it’s untreated Folliculitis which is basically a bacterial infection that causes hair follicles to become red and inflamed. It tends to be caused by a lack of hygiene because it’s a type of staph infection. You can literally get rid of it with an over the counter anti-biotic I have no idea why she hasn’t dealt with it because it’s really itchy and uncomfortable.

No. 590543

Wait so how old is the first picture? She's had the pussy problem how long?

Why would you not go to a doctor? Use creams? Try stop shaving? Like wtf. She most pick at them and try pop them. But I don't see any more wounds/irritated spots on her, just on her pussy area.

No. 590547

It’s not like she gets health insurance by camming she’s probably can’t afford a doctors visit or to pay for cream. She has too many other pink things to buy!

No. 590557

The first pic is from last summer when she did her summer party Barbie vid. Her cooch was really fucked up in that vid

No. 590559

Britfag forgetting you have to pay for visits. How much would antibiotics and a cream cost?
She needs to prioritise her own damn health over ugly clothes. Especially when it's a physical problem that directly affects her work, no one wants to see an inflamed pussy. Looking after that area should be her absolute priority.

No. 590561

She's always desperate to look like a child, which is why it confuses me as to why she straightens her hair. Curls always look more childlike due to their association with people like Shirley Temple and she's constantly throwing out bait to be validated by pedos so I would have thought she'd keep the curl and sink even further in to depravity. So either she didn't think outside of the 'I must be barbie' box long enough to realise or she's not as terrible a person as I thought. Kentucky fried weave is neither young nor cute, not that Shayna was ever either of those things.

No. 590572

She’s not creative enough to think outside of the box.

No. 590587

There are places all over the us that work through donations. The visit shouldn’t cost her more than getting her nails done. The bad side is the pricing of medication without insurance. She should try to get rid of it with medicated shampoo from amazon first. Doubt that’ll solve the problem but it’s more likely than her going to the doctors

No. 590614


She could visit Planned Parenthood and get a complete gyn exam, STI testing, and meds at no charge.

No. 590715

i feel the same way about her fake nails. it's such a weird juxtaposition

No. 591091

Someone eradicate the nuclear damn trash.

If this pos can literally support someone whose scammed thousands of dollars out of people's pockets, sure FatFace. She's not a hard worker, shes not creative, she has no shape, and is a disappointment to everyone she knows which is the real reason she wont go home.

she's plank from ed, edd, and eddy. A boring flat piece of board that NOBODY BUT YOU want this hoe. Bc thats what she really is, you know because shes OPENLY sugared around Massachusetts AND Washington.

God…. I can't wait to be in my mid thirties and not screwing a stretched out trash bag LMAO

No. 591093

lol she should have looked at what sort of studio you can get for over 1k in Seattle before claiming that. Her apartment is very basic

No. 591096


No. 591105

Seattle really is that expensive, studios average $1k usually, higher depending on the neighborhood. Shay is an idiot and could just live in a cheaper city near it like Fed or Tacoma or even the burbs of Seattle since she never leaves her apartment anyway. But I guess she wants to say she lives in a metropolitan type area instead of a bumfuck place like she used to.

No. 591107

It’s believable for the city, I’d say she’s even getting a deal if she’s paying less than $1500. in san francisco and around it a studio like hers is $1600 at least. I pay $2100 for a two bedroom in an older building within 20 miles of sf.

She’s pathetically naive if she thinks she’s going to find somewhere in or around LA for the same price or less, even in a shitty neighborhood. That being said, I really hope she does still end up moving to another city she knows nothing about, and actually has to live around and compete with a whole population of people who are down there to get famous just like her. She’ll get over herself reallll quick.

No. 591114

File: 1527004837217.gif (1.46 MB, 374x210, tenor.gif)

Holy shit, the cringe is real

No. 591155

And then she’ll say “we should all support each other, and not call each other names!”

I can’t with this girl.

No. 591159

kek, I live in one of the most expensive counties in America and pay 1100 for a two bed two bath apartment. You made a fucking STUPID ASS DESICION SHAY. 1k+utilities for a fucking STUDIO?! you are so god damn dumb it’s unbelievable.

She claims to be so great at shopping but doesn’t even know how to shop around.

No. 591163

Can’t be stretched out if she barely ever gets fucked.

No. 591212

File: 1527012823568.jpg (651.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180522-111223.jpg)

Look up studio apartments on Craigslist in Seattle and it's believable 1/3

No. 591217

File: 1527012891037.jpg (604.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180522-111229.jpg)


No. 591219

File: 1527013075031.jpg (525.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180522-111240.jpg)


I live less then 100 m from her and it's even arounthat expensive. Location and by the ocean it adds up

No. 591243

what, how do you know you live within 100m of her?

No. 591246

That's not how it is in Seattle unless you have connections and/or roommates. We are having this big housing issue and prices are skyrocketing all over the Sea-Tac area. It's a normal price for Seattle.

Shay is a dumbass for moving to an expensive city for no damn reason when her job is not dependent on location at all and she rarely goes outside anyway.

No. 591253


Eww. No one wants that guy. She's got nothing to worry about. Shayna might revel in the internet flattery, but in person, she's not even a 3 or a 4. She has bright yellow hair, ridiculous nails, dresses in blaring head to toe pink, wears lashes everyday in public while looking like a homeless grandma. People of course will look. Shit, I'd look. But she misses the truth, and just takes any attention as flattery. People also look at at homeless people on the street, car accidents, train wrecks, and litter on the ground.


The thought of Shayna's pussy just made me shudder. Why is this girl in porn? Who lied to her and made her feel like it was a viable option for her? Her vagina is supposed to be her main asset. Would you put like black moldy fruit on display at the farmers market? Fuck no! It's just not right, unhealthy, offensive, and in violation of several codes. Even people with 100x followers than her aren't even a fraction of how delusional as she is. That's all it took for this woman to show her rancid pussy to the world? … Compliments from some losers on tumblr when she was a hipster chick? LOL~ Like that's so sad. She's so out of touch with reality. She really is in a delusional bubble. Wtf will happen when that shit pops? BC I stopped being convinced that she actually believes she's got anything going for her, or that she thinks she's somewhat attractive like she lets on. Noone can be that delusional.. right?

No. 591260

can't be stretched out even if she fucks every day lmao stfu with that stupid myth

No. 591267


1k is so cheap! She's lucky! That wouldn't even cover studio here, not even the outskirts or even suburbs, maybe the really bad areas though. How come she only got a 6 month lease? She's so lucky it's inexpensive where she is! Aside from having no furniture, and no decor, she really doesn't have much else. Her studio by itself is kinda ghetto. Her base boards and those weird sawed off uneven cabinets show why her rent is so cheap. It is super outdated. IDK why she thinks over 1k is a lot? People paying half of that… where? Like the projects? What' funny is that people that do pay less rent than her in other places also have cars, furniture, clothes, food, other bills, and you know actually have things with their life that brings their living cost PAST hers. Shay has nothing, an apt with no furniture, shitty clothes, no food, shitty hair, no car, doesn't go out. KEK. She talks about this shopping habit of hers, but she really doesn't buy any nice things. She shops as much as a regular person. The only thing is, is that's all she can pretty much afford to do. She can't afford to do the things other people do, so her "spending all her money" on rent and her shitty cheap pink clothing is prob huge for her. I always giggle when I see her "haul" pics, or shit she gets. KEK.

No. 591300

Bc he's obviously not used to the attention and lowering himself and answering random people for the anon's amusement has been normalized by Shayna.


First 3 are super super cheap but they are really small, really bad kitchen and appliances. You gotta compare Shay's though, her's is really outdated, she has carpeting in her living area, outdated kitchen, closets, etc. The finishes in the 4th are way nicer than hers. All in all, she's getting a deal. She doesn't have the nicest place so it makes sense why it's that cheap.

No. 591306

File: 1527018845179.jpg (115.33 KB, 510x326, lol.jpg)

Does she realize she's like the most delusional person ever?

No. 591353

File: 1527021425045.jpg (880.17 KB, 1565x1488, fupa.jpg)

No. 591371

These images put together create new found levels of cringe.

No. 591422

I wonder who is feeding her cat while she is/was out of town

No. 591434

Yesterday she said her neighbor watches the cat. I really hope so. I wouldn't put it past her to just put out tons of food/water and hope for the best while she's gone for many days.

No. 591438

File: 1527029126778.jpg (321.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180522-154514.jpg)

Her neighbor

No. 591455

How does she wipe her ass without getting shit under those talons? Legit question…seeing them up by her mouth, knowing how much bacteria is under those…I can't.

No. 591503

Her asshole can def get stretched though.

No. 591506

Wtf they’ve been talking for a month and they JUST met, and she’s saying he’s the person she wants to “spend the rest of her life with”? Running into shit too fast is how breakups happen, dumbass. This is probably why her other ex’s broke up with her, cos she dives into the deepend head first.

No. 591528

This new long distance relationship is dangerous for her. She's very clingy and I can't imagine what would happen if he broke up with her while they were apart. She would lose her damn mind and have a britney meltdown lol

No. 591533


kek this bitch can't even model. licks lollipop this is modeling right?! im a porn star right?! VALIDATE ME

No. 591536

lol fair point. yuck

No. 591538

and the fact that she doesn't use lube just makes it that much worse. cringe.

No. 591570

File: 1527039207433.jpg (63.79 KB, 548x426, inlovefupa.JPG)

alright, fupa. ill check my sources.

No. 591572

File: 1527039527929.jpeg (627.27 KB, 1242x1404, EB5D948D-7CD1-4F01-B45E-9F7A84…)

So I checked my sources, aka your fucking girlfriend. That was easy.

No. 591630

you can spend your life with someone without getting married

No. 591637

common law is basically marriage. unless they plan on living nowhere near each other for the rest of their lives, of course.

No. 591711

idk how much he loves her when he reblogged a gif of himself trying to show off his dick in spandex a couple hours after she left.

No. 591762

FUCKING KEK. This definitely sounds like something someone would say when they’re in love. “We have things to do” sounds like he had fun fucking you when he was bored and alone and now he’s over it

No. 591850

So instead of being a conceited fat fuck he's gonna go the way of Shay and develop an obsession then become the stereotypically thin, scrawny wimp of a 'daddy' who can't handle criticism?

No. 591851

> You don't know how me I much we appreciate

wow, and I thought she was the dumb one

No. 591854

We're evil jelly meanie haterzzz because we said maybe it's a bad thing to have an infected vagina and to rape people

No. 591856

I think they forgot to stop and find out what Goth is. It'll just be the usual blonde teenager with cat eye liner and a black choker and crop top that every wannabe wears and swears they're the goffest goff that ever goffed because their fave rapper wears black sweats

No. 591877

oh god. his voice. I am nauseated.

No. 591879

He has no neck, and more breast tissue than she does

No. 591881

didn't even answer the question. did he delete the picture? if so LMAOOOO SO MUCH FOR NOT LETTING ANONS GET TO YOU

No. 591885

samefag but I just scrolled back to April in his archive and it is GONE

No. 591887

Top kek

No. 591889

I mean…. If you're going to be running your herpes, fupa.. At least spill it out of your mouth correctly?

Nobody's jealous here. Nobody wants either of you LOL. NOT ONE person wants her job because well.. She doesn't do/make shit for a wage kek. We all have apartments and houses while she's basically sleeping in her kitchen while her cat shits in her work studio lol

Jealous of a girl who shoves toys up her anus cause her pussies too infected? We could literally tell she was following advice from this thread. Hell, with us spewing on about the childrens underwear, she's changed over to fully cotton panties. Her sores have started going down AND she was making improvements.. But "daddy" knows best, even though youve only been talking for a month HAHAHA

Guys like this are just pure amusement, keep bringing up the most insecure things about Shay (this thread) because theres legitimate proof through these threads of her scamming and screwing people over. True, the thread got to the point where dumbasses started jumping in and just spewing about her looks(yawn), but she's given away so much already.

She has spent so much time scared about this thread and now hes literally blasting on about EVERYTHING that gets posted here, but doesn't recognize that the people leaving him anon hate DID NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS PAGE PRIOR TO YOU. We can tell you love the attention, hence why you get any. We love your reactions. Come see us again, soon!

No. 591927

File: 1527087619138.png (45.53 KB, 618x386, fupa.PNG)

I hope the rules are her showering while eating healthy

No. 591933

Too early for "rules" because you don't know her or her life or needs yet. Not too early to punch her in the face, fuck without condoms, or talk about how much you "love" each other and wanna spend the rest of your shitty lives together on your shitty blogs.

Alright, Fupa Daddy.

No. 591962

baghaha please stop skipping leg day. I'm convinced he prides in his toothpick legs to give the illusion that his sorry pork arms could somtimes look like muscle on good day with certain lighting as hes straining…also why is his head so big?

We all know under all that ginger neckbeard are more chins than your girlfriend has.

No. 591978

File: 1527093865317.jpg (10.08 KB, 213x200, Um gtclick quotnextquot _e69de…)

Le retarded smug….

No. 592034

that lurking proof is just beautiful

No. 592035

please wash my eyes out with mace.

No. 592041

File: 1527097197924.jpeg (339.06 KB, 2000x1183, A4824361-12A0-4F42-A903-AB70D1…)

Literally every time FUPA goes to the gym it’s chest and arm day. Are we never going to have leg day and just wind up having a body like Kronk?

No. 592043

Well you’re already saying your in love, and that you know each other so well. So what changed, Daddy? Oh ya, different anon. Gotta act different for different anons.

No. 592047

I feel like Shayna has a deeper voice than he does when she isn’t baby talking

No. 592059

nah. Tbh she has a pretty average voice. Literally everything about her is average at best.

No. 592092

Compared to him? yes. she has a deep voice

No. 592203

who actually cares tho. she doesn’t sound like she’s been smoking for years or anything. nit pickers always bring this shit up every thread. Her voice is fucking average.

No. 592249

It's just noticeable because she changes it so drastically

No. 592250

Suggestion for Shay's uggo boyfriend's thread nickname:


No. 592256

Her voice isn’t horrible it’s just deeper than his. She has a normal voice

No. 592260

File: 1527111669960.jpg (147.42 KB, 600x632, tk.jpg)

No. 592305

I don't think anyone has said it's horrible, people just comment on her natural voice because she alters it so much

No. 592455

The fact that he seriously thinks lolcow is one anon person is hilarious in itself.

Facial expression too accurate.

No. 592523

Holy shit he has SO MANY products. All on the floor and filling the shelf behind. What is he using them on? His fupa hair?!

No. 592526

wait isn't he staying in a hotel for work? why is that bathroom gross

No. 592528

Just from a quick zoom in they all look like they’re hair styling products or shampoo…. garnier is clearly visible.. can’t tell if it’s mousse or hairspray…. that’s a lot of products for one guy…

No. 592532

lorax lookin ass

No. 592542

She's relatively thin, and yet she has such a saggy ass and backrolls? Shay is the definition of "skinny fat".


This is definitely not a hotel bathroom. Bets on fupapa having a wife and kids?

No. 592546

YES. I was going to say tinfoil theory but what if those are his wife’s products. What if she’s super vanilla and that’s why he seeks out other women he can beat up.

No. 592562

he def at least has roommates! damn! now I really wanna know if he's married

No. 592578

-fried hair
-dirty bacteria filled nails
-a face with no shape and huge eye circles
Shay please for the love of god drink water, use moisturizers and take a bleach break

No. 592579

Please take notes shay! I’ve been pointing out all the gaslighting things my ex did to me so maybe she’ll see the signs. But then again she’ll probably just paint it as “oh it’s because he’s daddy he’s suppose to be mean uwu~”

No. 592740

She looks like she has progeria with that chubby cheeked shapeless yet skinny face and all those wrinkles

No. 592752

She looks like a posed corpse

No. 592753

True, her face is exactly she same she just moved her hand. I don't know how she manages to make literally the exact same face

No. 592765

File: 1527170633370.png (106.7 KB, 1080x934, 20180524_150250.png)

Man hasn't even payed and watched one of her videos. How embarrassing your bf can't even bring himself to watch your terrible porn.

No. 592773

“He spoils me soooo much”

jackass can’t even watch your porn, and tries to boast “I don’t really watch porn” like he’s some super strong dude who just doesn’t have the time for that. He doesn’t “spoil” you if he doesn’t even care about your job. Sorry not sorry.

No. 592776

>Doesn't watch porn
>Essentially runs a porn blog


No. 592777

> is heavily in to posting his own kink content, we know he doesn't fuck anyone regularly
> doesn't watch porn

So how exactly are either of them involved with bdsm outside her vids? Because neither of them fuck anyone and he doesn't watch anyone else do it, they don't attend fetish events or anything like that

No. 592778

whenever she uses the word heckin i want to kill myself.

No. 592780

you can be involved in bdsm with your partner and NOT go to fet cons or have multiple partners. its actually really easy.

as for Shay, she doesn't really know much about bdsm. she acts like shes dug so deep into the kink community and experienced so much but she really just skimmed the surface. bitch didn't even know contracts existed. they both seem fairly new to bdsm, and if fupa isn't that hes just an idiot. he reposts shit from dom "teachers" on tumblr, kek. hes made his own edgy dom posts too, but he doesn't sound like he knows about power play dynamics too well.

they both are retards, perfect for each other.

No. 592781

But he doesn't have a partner is the point, he fucked Shay for a while but he's been on his own otherwise, so if he's not partaking in it at all bar making his own gifs an videos then I'm not sure how he's involved.

No. 592783

you also don't have to have a partner to be into bdsm. really not sure what's making this difficult for you.

to say you can "only" be into bdsm or part of the community if youre currently participating in a bdsm relationship with another person is just…stupid.

No. 592784

theres also NO evidence that they just met to fuck and aren't currently dating. all the signs point to LDR

No. 592796

shes literally saying she can't function without five inch long nails jutting from her fingers. i can't.

No. 592797

Lol she answered my anon(cowtipping)

No. 592807

It's absolutely fucking vile, even if you change them regularly I still find them a gross prospect especially at that length. How long has she had those nasty pale pink ones on? Feels like a bloody long time. Imagine the smell.

No. 592809

She always gets the same color, almost all the time. So it looks like one set is on for a month.

No. 592810

Mouth spurge, but if they've been on for 3 years (almost) straight, her nailbeds are RECKT and she is going to have a very tough time ever getting real nails to grow.
They'll be flimsy and she won't be able to wear them after awhile.

Patiently waiting for one of those talons to get ripped off of her hand

/nail tech/

No. 593041

File: 1527200810795.jpg (Spoiler Image, 166.21 KB, 719x1280, noazz.jpg)

lmfao, hank hill is making cookies everyone

No. 593045

File: 1527200924365.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.38 KB, 492x628, fakeabusept1.JPG)

more about how her mother is a terrible abuser

No. 593046

didn't mean to spoiler that pic, sorry.

No. 593051

File: 1527201220185.jpg (16.96 KB, 223x190, explain.JPG)

can someone explain why people think shes so "strong"? shes never had trauma, shes never been abused. all of her stories have been proven false by either her own idiocy or her old friends. so why do her fans think shes this strong girl whos been through so much and pulled through? she didn't work hard to get where she is, and she doesn't work hard to put out better content. she got popular as an emo/stoner/the doors/hippie blog and then thought "oh, people want to see me naked because im thin and white, why don't i get into sex work today?" and started posting naked pics and camming. then she got a few fans and thought she was the shit so went all out and has spiraled into a girl who doesn't even know who she really is anymore. its fucking sad to see how much internet fame has gone to her head.

No. 593055

>She always gets the same color, almost all the time
why is she so fixed on this ugly ass color? why is she so fixed on this hideous aesthetic? it just doesn't fit her
her face doesn't look that bad here outside the weird angle

No. 593056

because shes fucking stupid. this has been confirmed.

No. 593062

File: 1527202358089.gif (Spoiler Image, 973.64 KB, 500x280, fuckincringe.gif)

1) sorry for the extreme cringe
2) i think this is the only position shayna is aware of, or can do.
3) why is this gif SO FUCKING CRINGY

No. 593064

Her mother probably invisioned a well educated daughter who didn't settle on the porn industry for her future. And I don't think Shayna has milf potential, she's not even 25 yet and she already looks like an unkept, amateur milf. She's going nowhere in this. she's already past her prime.

No. 593066

a milf is a mother you WANT to fuck. shayna is a chick who looks like she's had 2 kids and wants to re live her youth. shes a not mom who THINKS everyone wants to fuck her. she doesn't even look like a shitty milf.

No. 593085

File: 1527205112636.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.99 KB, 800x800, highaf.jpg)

jesus shay how fucking high did you get before this? you look tweeked out.

No. 593110

lol I think that's just her attempt at looking like she's enjoying herself

No. 593119

nah this bitch is tweeked the fuck out.

we all know shes a druggie so its her druggie high face mixed with her attempting to be sexy with her chapped lips

No. 593120

the crazy eyebrows and fried hair don't help her situation

No. 593123

isn't this an old pic?

No. 593125

Yes but still hilarious. She recently reblogged it

No. 593182

has anyone noticed that after hanging out w fupa daddy her typing style has completely changed? she actually types pretty coherently now. is she changing for him? finally giving up the baby talk schtick?

No. 593186

File: 1527213056972.jpg (237.42 KB, 522x964, 175447.jpg)

It's actually really frightening how deep into her delusions Shayna is, and how she views reality. Does she really believe this? Is she really incapable of seeing the truth that her mother and everyone else is in… which is REALITY. She calls her mom abusive, and has had nothing but the worst things to say about her. What exactly did she and does she want? So if her mom approved of her doing drugs and all her other bad behavior when she was younger. Posting suggestive content and soliciting herself while still a minor, trying to get free shit from strangers on the internet. Using her real name, and posting photos of outside her home, etc. Being extremely unsafe, then pulling her boyfriend and his family into it and not caring if people had his address, as long as she got free shit and money. Putting others in harm especially minors. Children she subjected her porn to who were followers of hers before on the same account she has now, kids she encouraged to follow her and ask her for her illogical, unsafe advice. That has even been a main topic of their disagreements (links in thread description). Shayna has never cared about others, only herself and what she can get. Then now being an adult known for being so shameless and delusional that she'll parade her boil infected pussy on the internet for money. So if her mother accepted all this, she wouldn't be abusive?

No. 593229

this was posted already.

No. 593230


At least Shayna isn't superficial when it comes to being with someone. For pushing this conceited persona, and constantly doing things out of vanity and looks, I really thought she'd be with a guy that was attractive. after seeing those snaps where he shows his face.

She must think it's impressive or something, bc she does it in everything. It really isn't very aesthetically pleasing. This is super cringe, thinking about anything touching her pussy makes me shudder. All the content I've seen her do with Mia has been all pretty cringe, they just clash, def not in a good way. The faces Shayna makes ups the cringe level tenfold. They ruin everything she does, she needs to work on that and the way she sounds. It's horrendous.

No. 593233

The first part was, but she added the 2nd part to it which hadn't been posted yet.

No. 593372

God I wish she would close her fucking mouth in at least SOME pictures

No. 593483

she is superficial. she just has horrible taste and fupa is what she genuinely finds attractive.

No. 593565

It’s pretty sad imo. She talked to this guy on KIK for like a month and then was like “I’m in love”. It just seems like a desperate person longing for attention so badly that they’ll latch onto anything that validates them. Alsocita strange that everyone she’s been attracted to since she’s started in porn is literally the complete opposite of Conner. It’s like she’s trying to forget that it was ever a thing in her life, and trying to make a new personality and new life and failing horribly.

No. 593566


I would be so embarrassed to be seen with him. I'm convinced she just likes fat ginger neckbeards. Remember the other ginger neckbeard she went to Cali for. He took those atrocious pictures of Shayna with that other girl who looked better than Shayna, and completely overshadowed her(why she doesn't post them, she did post ones with just her in it lolipop on bed, 3 inch roots). The other ginger posted a majority of the photos and gifs that Shayna didn't. So basically Shayna will fuck you if she can get something out of it, like to "travel" a place to stay, and a few days worth of shitty content and gifs. But ginger neckbeard 1, didn't care for Shay, was already fucking and making content with other girls the next day after she flew home. At least ginger neckbeard #1 had already been on tumblr before and was before it became super apparent that Shayna had a diseased vag. And Shayna was just another thing to add to his portfolio as a photog, but those pics turned out so bad, he's lucky for that other girl who saved the shoot. He ended up posting a ton of gifs with the other girl also. Ginger neckbeard #1 also had a way bigger bulge, nicer face, no fupa, wasn't delusional, and didn't have a low self esteem like fupa ginger neckbeard #2. Fupa ginger neckbeard #2 is so pathetic, he's not used to getting any attention even if it's mostly negative. He's a fucking joke.

No. 593570

File: 1527257297689.gif (1.68 MB, 332x332, tumblr_oprx81vOUQ1rmiw96o2_400…)

This was from the other ginger. At least ginger #1 had better tattoos


No. 593576

Wasn't Shayna also hoping to make content with Ginger-Fupa Neckbeardm #2? She did say she couldn't wait to take pics of the gross shit they did in one of her posts.

No. 593577

File: 1527257701664.jpg (150.05 KB, 925x934, bh.jpg)


Ginger Fupa Neckbeard #2 looks just like Ginger neckbeard #1. Look, Shayna also turned goth for the first Ginger Neckbeard.

No. 593596

File: 1527260016990.jpg (231.08 KB, 720x827, 2018-05-25_10.51.07.jpg)

This girl changes her persona more than she changes her infected underwear, and she's letting everyone know their scumbags for posting her porn here lmao omg

No. 593598

File: 1527260065805.png (75.55 KB, 720x426, Screenshot_2018-05-25-10-49-15…)

Thinking sex work and being a stripper are the same??

No. 593601

File: 1527260209741.png (250.88 KB, 720x630, Screenshot_2018-05-25-10-56-05…)

Content coming from Mexico, bets on if she has any footage with fupa?? Lmao

No. 593605

Because Shayna self posts. Right now she’s selfposting to prove to us that she spends soooo much money on rent. Come on, do you really believe all the infighting and deflection is from anons? This is the same sad bitch who spent all her time in Mexico begging for asks. The same sad bitch who posts her porn the fucking second it gets released. When she gets triggered by us making fun of her shitty work in her shitty porn is when she shows up to derail hard.

She’s been here since drop.

No. 593609

Stop sending us to her tumblr and just post the pics here. This is an imageboard, thanks.

No. 593610

strippers are SWers

No. 593612

Stripping falls under the umbrella of sex work, anon.

No. 593613

He lost a hundred pounds since…the last post? Okay, fatty.

No. 593614

File: 1527261512681.png (122.89 KB, 720x596, Screenshot_2018-05-25-11-10-53…)

Two videos.
This is literally the reason she CHOSE sex wor- masturbating in front of her camera a few times a week as a career. She doesn't want honest work(im not deferring that sw is honest work but she has LIED about her career to everyone), and she doesnt want hard work.

She went to Mexico, could've filmed some crazy ass video ideas that im not willing to spill out for her to read and steal, and all she did was this shit.

Im sorry for the real swers here who are earning and creating and constantly supporting their craft. She's an embarrassment.

No. 593617

Fupapa is Connor 2.0?

No. 593618

lol calm down shayna

No. 593619

Fupa said he didn't want to film any porn with her calling it "her thing".

No. 593629

Only because his body is shit.

No. 593682


No. But Fupa is Ginger #2. Ginger #1 was from cali, this guy ( >>593570 , >>593577 )

It's creepy. Shayna's 2 ginger neckbeards could be twins fr.

No. 593688

File: 1527269257789.jpg (26.65 KB, 525x299, hfhjg.jpg)

Shayna sucking dick? Bhahgahhaha! Oh god, if anyone's ever seen her BJ vids you know why this especially comical. Giving head = coughing and gagging the first 3 centimeters. So gross

No. 593690

You think he reciprocated? You couldn't pay someone to touch her vag, or place their face close to it. GAG. Everyone calling her out on not knowing how to suck dick finally got to her. But the thought of her sucking his dick, kinda just lowers her. This girl is spiraling downhill.

No. 593699

File: 1527269998950.png (142.45 KB, 534x788, 4dt8.png)

Last samefag. Her loosing it. She does this shit 2-3 a month. It's really sad that Shay looks and refers to it as a real relationship and love. FUPA has been straight referring and treating it like a straight dom/sub, dd/lg arrangement and not the "love" Shay calls it. It's super sad. Of course he's gonna have to start changing the way he refers to it once she throws a hissy fit, wait til dude sees her true colors and the abyss of hell that is her depth of insecurity. Also her begging for weed. But she "makes 55k/yr"

No. 593702

Right? She should be crying to "the guy she wants to spend her lifetime with", not her blog. They are "in love" I thought.

No. 593708

Seriously, she'd make more money selling those cheap, fugly festival bras she used to make n try to sell before someone lied to her and told her she was cut out for this profession. Or even pretty enough to sell herself. Thank goodness she's willing to degrade herself to rockbottom to make up for the lack of looks and talent.

No. 593722

the rectangle ass fridge body on LOCK

No. 593723

She though she was special and could make a living off it because creeps constanly asked her for nudes. what she doesn’t realize is that she caters to bottom feeders. Like herself

No. 593725

Thirst trap? The type of woman attracted to this is beyond thirsty

No. 593730

Wow it’s almost like she was just a quick free to fuck fling while he was working or something
He genuinely doesn’t care.
Poor Shay thinks they’re totes in love, when he’s talking to other girls but can’t even respond to her sad lonely posts.
How sad.
You sure know how to pick em dolly.

No. 593732

That guy was just a photographer, he’s actually a chill dude. He’s not a creep like fupa.

No. 593735

Stripping is sex work. Omg.

No. 593736

Is that supposed to be an ass

No. 593737

It’s a video you imbecile. You can’t post videos. Get your head out of your ass.

No. 593740

That's called you're a lazy sack of shit and your mind is begging for stimulation other than that poor piss covered rug

No. 593743

She’s also constantly talking about how she doesn’t like giving head, has a really bad gag reflex and just doesn’t like it. She won’t even do customs with blowjobs. So I doubt that she did, probably just him hoping.

No. 593748

does anyone have a pic of connor? I've seen him mentioned a lot but have no idea what he looks like

No. 593751

whut, I think this guy is even uglier than fupa #2. but they're both pretty hideous.

No. 593752

That's called you're a lazy sack of shit and your mind is begging for stimulation other than that poor piss covered rug

No. 593754

an anon said that he no neck earlier in this thread. fupa def reads here. hi, fupapa!

No. 593755

Wait having no neck is a good thing? Waaaaaaat

Are we going for the Clive Anderson look or something

No. 593758

File: 1527273521079.jpeg (819.56 KB, 1172x1671, B3914EF9-0354-4D99-88C1-7B76AE…)

It’s even funnier because Clive Anderson is a ginger too.

Soon he’ll look like a kronk bodied, no neck, Clive Anderson motherfucker.

No. 593759

File: 1527273647827.jpg (34.39 KB, 500x351, justposted.jpg)

she just reblogged this. she views obsession as love, and genuine caring. she needs to step back and take things slow. but she wont. she just drowns herself in the deep end and blames it on the other person, every single time. she gets way too attached, way too fast. this girl is desperate af for attention and validation. and people call her strong and confident. KEK.

No. 593761

File: 1527273760034.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 540x304, shitquality.gif)

wtf is this shit quality? really shay?

No. 593774

wow she really must be desperate hiding those ass boils

No. 593780

dark, grainy, shadowy, horrible angle, just ugh.

she uses all these low angles make her ass look bigger but they just look ugly. she has no idea how to use a camera.

No. 593812


Wasn’t Ginger #1 going by the URL theropegeek on Tumblr? It appears he’s deactivated for whatever reason, I’m surprised he wasn’t mentioned after the photoshoot with Shayna because I’m pretty sure they had sex while she was visiting him. That happened before her genitals started looking so diseased.

This is speculation obviously, I just wouldn’t be surprised if theropegeek was the start/cause of her infected vagina. I don’t know if it’s an STD or the constant hair removal.

This is also why Shayna shouldn’t be fucking random kinkster men from the internet, she is gutter trash

No. 593818

no, theropegeek is a different dude. he's also a giant asshole.

ginger #1 is a photographer from california, who she only met once.

theropegeek is a dude who shes met with numerous times, first time was the barbie choking vid that was like 2 minutes long. then they met again when she had that shitty pink vinyl dress that made her look like shit. the third time she was wearing the white lingerie and the pig outfit. i think they've also done one more as well.

ginger #1 is irrelevant, as she only worked with him/met him once, and never claimed any sort of feelings for him. theropegeek/thebeautyofrope on tumblr…their relationship is weird. i don't like him because hes a misogynistic asshole, but it seems like she doesnt research most of the people she works with or just all around doesn't care OR just wants to seem edgy for working with them.

No. 593820

to add, i believe theropegeek is from seattle, and is how she met that fat bitch she claimed was her GF. its also one big reason why she wanted to move to seattle so badly.

No. 593837

File: 1527281460545.jpg (46.49 KB, 565x468, oldpics.JPG)

shes been reblogging tons of old pics from when she first started to appease fupadad, kek.

she should really never do any mouth or face focused stuff. its really uncomfortable. i really think if she didn't show her face she would do about 100x better.

No. 593838

first started sex work*

No. 593855

I wonder how she feels that even her own bf misses her old look considering she used to throw tantrums whenever people would say they miss her old look.

No. 593864

Is Ginger #1 not on tumblr anymore? Or does anyone have anymore of the pics they took?

No. 593867

File: 1527283433388.jpeg (358.79 KB, 1242x1721, F9E9F3BB-61CE-4952-BA31-0923D7…)

Totally something to reblog when your girl is loosing her shit

No. 593892

you're so right. idk why tf she's dating him if it isn't for money. or at least being a spoiled girlfriend. he should have paid for EVERYTHING on the trip. idk if they even went to the pyramids like they said they might? did anyone see that on snapchat? because it sounds to me like he told her to come to mexico and then kept her in the hotel room all day while he worked and she just waited for him to get back and they would get drunk and have sex.

I forgot about those bras lmao

No. 593909

honestly it's like a bad movie the way this shit plays out perfectly. she gets attached, they fuck, he bounces. I wonder what it was specifically that turned him off.

hey dude, we know you lurk here. when all is over between you and shay, tell us why you left her.

No. 593935

File: 1527286511608.jpg (38.23 KB, 521x564, twophones.JPG)

shes important now, she has TWOOOOOO phones.

No. 593955

he looks like a meth head from the upper midwest who talks really fucking slow and has saggy grandpa tits

No. 593995

Are those…man boobs?
And idk if this is tinfoil or not but the college lanyard and ID card makes me feel like he might do lab research work? Im not sure why UT would send him to Mexico but I'll look into projects later. If you don't have a PhD though the pay is absolute shit.
Source: I am also a lab researcher for the same school

No. 594009

tbh i think hes some kind of contractor. hes a fat dumbass from the midwest, i really dont think hes going to be doing lab work, kek.

No. 594027

Because you know, he’s always switching it up.

Why even point it out if it’s literaly always chest and arm day, dumbass? You need leg week. No, leg month.

No. 594028

Shay will literally let anyone hit it raw because she thinks they’ll tell their friends about it or some shit and she’ll get famous as the chick he hit raw. cause you know, it’s so uncommon to find FREE dumpster sluts this day and age.

No. 594037

ugh, i hate to imagine shay getting pregnant. she'd probably do preggo porn..

No. 594045

>have yet to see evidence of a leg day yet despite all his gym pictures, always "shoulders and neck" "biceps and triceps" never core or legs

No. 594071

she already has an obvious STD so it's not like she has anything to lose. besides, pills/implants are pretty accessible to p. much anyone in a city

No. 594085

File: 1527302158091.jpeg (57.04 KB, 640x360, 038B4A49-1FCD-4A76-9CD4-012832…)

No. 594086

File: 1527302190762.jpeg (53.61 KB, 640x360, 0C35DD74-ED81-44EF-817B-F4668B…)

No. 594087

File: 1527302225521.jpeg (93.01 KB, 640x360, CB7E8193-6F1D-45AC-AA3A-6E01DA…)

No. 594088

File: 1527302272537.jpeg (673.03 KB, 1242x2130, A84D3437-556D-4C0E-A21A-211707…)

He even had her eating good

No. 594089

File: 1527302331464.jpeg (612.61 KB, 1242x2141, C7FF1A3E-D06A-4D29-92D5-8DBF9B…)

No. 594093

That actually looks delicious too

No. 594100

Hey maybe in a month or two the effects of the healthy food will make her look more alive.

No. 594105

awwwww get u a connor. glad he got away lol

No. 594108

These are years old my friend
Anything with that guy, good god, curly hair is ancient Shayna

No. 594109

good food*

No. 594111


Wow. What a downgrade, in her appearance and the men she’s dated. Connor actually looks normal. He matches her old aesthetic too. How long did they date for? She got lucky with that relationship and ruined a good thing by cheating on him.

I wonder what he would think about his nasty ex girlfriend showing off her pus filled sores on the internet and shoving plastic eggs up her ass. Connor dodged a bullet

No. 594134

Damn she use to actually look alive
Wtf happened??

No. 594141

So she can buy a $1000 new phone but not a bed

No. 594152

File: 1527310057432.jpeg (763.23 KB, 750x1290, 6EE4CBF6-416C-4A80-833F-CF4BC3…)

He can take himself out for “$100” dinners…but did they even go out like this at all? Shay wouldn’t have been able to stop herself from documenting it so I guess he really did keep her holed up in that hotel. He didn’t even treat her to a decent dinner date, but they’re sooo in love.
I cannot wait to see this crash and burn lol

No. 594153

I think she always looked pretty rough… Not normal for a girl her age to have deep wrinkles on her forehead like that. In 2 years max she will be like gordon ramsey kek

No. 594161

He's confused. Fupa has no neck due to his fat chins and fat around the place that's supposed to be his neck. But he legit thinks it's because he has muscular shoulders. Buahahahahahha!! He and Shay and meant for each other. Delusional as fuck. If it wasn't for his beard, noone would know where his face ends.

For someone in her line of work, on snap, her blogs, her txting packages and shit I'm surprised it took her this long to finally get a phone. LOL. She's so fucking behind. It's sad that she celebrates getting a new phone like it's a huge deal. It's a fucking phone, about time you upgraded your shit. That outfit is hideous. But it looks good in contrast to that face.


His tits are bigger than Shayna's.


Stop skipping leg day. For the love of god. Why are your feet so small bro?


She dated Connor in Highschool. They were both kids. He was vegan, she wasn't, but he used to have a vegan blog. She basically used him as a surrogate dad, leached off him and his family. I agree, he's so lucky to have escaped that situation. Shayna was tolerable when she was with Connor. After he dumped her and kicked her out, that's when she started posting fully nude shit and e-begging went 10fold, and lost she her shit. TBH, Shayna's always been Shayna, manipulative, obnoxious, delusional, conceited, scammer, liar, leach. etc. but the "smoker hipster" aesthetic to be chill and Connor kept her shit at bay.

Lol. Yep, better spend that per diem. I wonder if Shayna contracted worms or parasites from drinking Mexico water and ice. I noticed ice in her drinks. She's dumb af. He's even worse for being her host and not looking out for her and warning her not to drink the goddamn water, or the ice. Bad Fupa

No. 594163

Shayna needs serious help and therapy. Her self confidence is at an all time low and she doesn't respect or love herself enough to break away from these loser guys. She seems to always learn her lessons the hard way. I genuinely do feel bad for her. I wish she loved herself the way she should so she wouldn't look to crappy people for validation. She doesn't deserve to feel that crappy and have that guy just ignore her. She clings so easily which is another sign of low self worth and confidence. Shayna, stop doing sex work. Go home. Apologize to your family/mom. Talk to your old friends, but this stuff you've been doing for the past year isn't healthy for you. There is no future in this. Please value yourself more than materialistic objects and shitty boys.

No. 594168

she takes all good advise as negative criticism just let her crash and burn

No. 594308

I think they dated almost 3 years

No. 594310

That water thing is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. Mexico City is a huuuge tourist attraction, can people on this site use their heads when commenting? I’m sure in shitty areas of Mexico which there are plenty, yah you probably wouldn’t want to drink the water. But really? Stop with the reaching it’s like you’re doing fucking gymnastics

No. 594311

It’s hard to feel bad for someone who’s done all of this to herself. She can and could’ve stopped the cycle. But no.

No. 594313

this is so rough, her butthole has white flecks on it. shay, clean yourself. and you're right her labia are so swollen and red/bumpy looking. she needs to get to the doctor. that shit must be so uncomfortable.

proof that her eyeliner game has not improved AT ALL despite what she calls her "glo up" lol ok

he was like a nutritionist, or something like that! it was his job to come up with tasty vegan things. I think he called it a "hollistic life coach" and she just went to a man who feeds her goldfish crackers and pink wine

No. 594314

How are they reaching? It's generally recommended not to drink tap water in Mexico, regardless of whether or not you're in a tourist destination.

No. 594526

Tinfoiling a bit, but not too long ago didn't she say she was getting close to her camera goal on/with amazon gift cards or something along those lines???

What if… The iphoneX is her "new camera"? She has an apple computer and an iphone.. Maybe its just too coincidental shrugs

No. 594537

that would be hilarious and extremely plausible

No. 594574

She most likely got it on a plan for a flat $300 and $30-40 a month for 20 months or something. That’s what I did for my X

No. 594589

File: 1527367658023.png (83.6 KB, 720x627, Screenshot_2018-05-26-16-45-55…)

Awe, they're gonna cuddle on the dirty rug and Frisbee plates over into the sink in the corner!!

No. 594646

nah she’ll just put the plate on the floor, have her cat lick it up and then call it clean and put it in her cabinet

No. 594737

No one's reaching. Coming from someone who's actually traveled to th country. You should never drink tap water or get ice in your drinks. Regardless if you're in TJ bar or a 5 star resort. For any American travelling to Mexico, or any third world country, they usually always are warned not to drink water/take ice with their beverages. What's dumb is you getting butthurt over a very common warning people heed when traveling to Mexico and other foreign countries.

No. 594751

>a bright spot in my busy life
i.e. you don't mean much to me

No. 594801

what’s dumb is the infighting. both of you shut up.

No. 594812

File: 1527386464181.jpg (40.73 KB, 393x615, lullll.JPG)

this is hilarious. Fupa asks her to change, and she starts posting old shit from when she first started and wasn't 100% all about everything being pink and little and being a bimbo. now shes back to wearing dark lipstick and black clothes and claims its just her usual style. shes so fucking transparent with no personality.

No. 594817

I noticed that line too. Means I'm busy don't bother me
The joke being he's clearly not busy ever and is constantly on tumblr replying to asks and reblogging shit. I'm sure rudeness like that is all swept under the daddy umbrella so it's fine!!!

No. 594818

really sad that she needs to change her whole style and personality for a man to stay with her.

No. 594819

he really does answer questions and post wayyyy to frequently for someone who is so super busy like he claims.

No. 594824

File: 1527386870525.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.1 KB, 750x750, normalnails.jpg)

remember how her nails used to be a totally normal and acceptable length? wtf happened to this girl?

No. 594844

she seems to have a whole lot of chest acne mixed in with her freckles.

No. 594855

File: 1527390257810.jpeg (52.79 KB, 590x295, BB222365-E032-482B-B555-DBC1B6…)

I imagine this pic has been posted tons of times in her threads but I can’t wait for fupa to finally visit and it be like this.

If he even does visit. He’s obviously getting bored of her. She has to change her personality and looks to get his attention, but he still just answers other girls asks when he’s “so busy”.

No. 594944

He’s answer every ask I sent almost Immediately but I’m sure he’s very busy

No. 594952

Labia so big I thought it was a ballsack

No. 594957

Everytime I visit this thread I put extra moisturizer on my forehead and drink a big glass of water. Her lines are so unfortunate… she is the personification of a cautionary tale

No. 594985

This thread got fucking depressing

No. 595156

File: 1527437139983.jpg (493.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180527-085648.jpg)

Still allowing minors to follow and interact

No. 595159

File: 1527437315223.png (131.05 KB, 720x419, Screenshot_2018-05-27-12-05-07…)


This speaks volumes. I was a follower of her before this comment. As someone who's been sexually assaulted in life, she cant even care enough to TW something.. She makes me uncomfortable and she needs to stop acting like she was raped….. This stuff hurts and nobody who's actually been through this real trauma would want more of it. She is so so so sick and i pray she finds her comfort before letting men rape her and then claim abuse after the fact….

No. 595162

File: 1527437677118.png (148.11 KB, 720x596, Screenshot_2018-05-27-12-11-57…)

Paranoia, manic anxiety and schizophrenia display

No. 595168

She spent 1000 dollars on the iphone x before she got a bed.. I would consider that a joke of a person.

No. 595256

Well she ain't too paranoid to meet random freaks off Tumblr, I'd never be able to do that.

No. 595261

That's not labia, anon.

No. 595275

File: 1527447075029.png (148.31 KB, 450x450, LLEepicFupapa.png)

I was bored (and think that Fupapa is a brillant nickname, gg anon.

No. 595285

unless I'm missing something major,that is* her labia majora.

* like a joke, basic female anatomy, whether or not you're referencing what I am… y'know.

No. 595288

No. 595295

She's so white trash. She went to Mexico and all she has to show for it is what? Absolutely nothing. looking like a 45 yr old great-grandma seems to be her aesthetic lately. You know the ones from a trailer park, most likely addicted to meth, had a kid at 15, then their kid had a kid at 15, then their kid hand a kid at 15. Having a ginger neckbeard fupa pudgefuck with cheap tattoos and no leg muscle just adds to it.

No. 595306

Video of Shayna gaping her asshole. Warning: boils, pimples, scarring, all over her pussy/ass.


No. 595311

File: 1527449704985.jpg (614.57 KB, 2044x1544, DollyMattel_16052018_2049_MyFr…)

No. 595316

She actually looks cute sometimes but most of the time she just looks like she’s dying

No. 595317

you guys think she could still pull off this look? she's actually quite cute there tbh

No. 595326

The look isn’t bad it’s her face

No. 595331

File: 1527451412362.png (Spoiler Image, 486.51 KB, 720x1025, 20180527_160306.png)

No. 595333

File: 1527451523820.png (Spoiler Image, 582.46 KB, 720x1000, 20180527_160506.png)

No. 595351

File: 1527453618135.jpg (33.7 KB, 801x590, um.JPG)

every time i return to this thread i reach new levels of regret and disgust

No. 595389

Jesus why would you take a vid with your ass and genitals looking like that?!

No. 595426

Thats a good question. Why would she post this? How does she justify it?

No. 595434

Probably by saying something along the lines of 'you're dad watches it so blah blah blah'

No. 595437

“It doesn’t matter im famous”
“Your dad seems to like it”
“It’s because of TRAUMA”
“I don’t get those idk what you mean.”

Shay should be less about “treat yo’self” and more about “wash yo’self”. Greasy ass ho.

No. 595439

Its gross but also alarming. I’m convinced she’s not right in the head.

No. 595451

This is literally her admitted she wants to be raped and finds it sexually thrilling. there’s nothing okay or justifiable about this.

No. 595452

this is more a pure show of anxiety induced delusion. Getting so paranoid and anxious that even the slightest hint something isn’t right in your idealistic life, and you spiral into delusion. And yet she picks on people with mental illness and calls them fakers. This girl makes me want to punch a wall.

No. 595460

ooooooh noooooo

No. 595541


To be fair she does have a fairly active thread on an image board where strangers dissect her entire life.

No. 595546

she'd probably get more views doing pimple-popping vids than this. she certainly has enough acne to make it work.

No. 595557

An image board called lolcow, not really something to brag about. She still seems to think that she's actually famous

No. 595558

For the most part it’s just people discussing the things she post but there a person or persons that go a kind of far. What’s creepier? Her Snapchat or the person who leaks it? Serious question

No. 595560

She sells her nudes and videos and makes them public for free, not sure you can count it as creepy if someone has them/posts them.

No. 595564

I love the milk don’t get me wrong but but when someone takes the time and uses apps to video record her private snapchats is kind of disturbing

No. 595567

idk people take the time to download videos in a bunch of threads, eg onision's

No. 595569

True but it’s still very weird and crazy

No. 595583

It happens to all cows. All over lolcow, gurugossip, LTT, LSA, 4chan and any other site that people are talked about. It's extremely common. Maybe PULL is more your speed though with how gentle they are, patting themselves on the back for being "good people" while still talking shit. Just my 2cents.

No. 595589

No white knighting just sligtly astonished at how far people go to document things

No. 595590

iPhones have that function built in. It's not that hard anon

No. 595601

of all things that's what bothers you in this thread?

No. 595618

fuck i wish i could like posts sometimes. I vist shayna's thread for bodyhorror tbh, couldn't do that without the cappers. what's an imageboard for without posting images of content?

No. 595629

File: 1527478260977.jpg (47.24 KB, 720x480, 2018-05-27_23.26.24.jpg)

Y'all, hell has frozen.
Shay is trying to get a bed before fupapa gets in town!

No. 595649

honestly that thing would BARELY fit two people. such an uncomfortable sleep if that's why she's getting it. just get a fucking bed it's just as expensive omg or are you afraid of admitting you don't have one

No. 595650


Shayna, you're a "porn star" and you can't even afford the most basic furniture. Look at your life and your choices!!! (And your pimples snatch)

No. 595651

Wow this is so sad that she’s JUST getting a bed. And it’s not even an actual bed. Jesus Christ.

No. 595652

She’s begging for money for a bed yet she makes soooooo much money being a cam girl. Makes sense.

No. 595654

it's the width of a twin bed. find a double omggg

No. 595660

It's funny how she actually addresses everything after it gets pointed out in these threads.

this was posted a few days ago. >>591267

It probably slapped her in the face how much she took for granted when she moved with absolutely no furniture, since her last place was furnished. Gave her a false sense of stability having those basic essentials already there. A blanket , teddy bear, and a rug she's pissed on. Those are her "furniture"

>>595650 She doesn't bathe. Dirt just accumulates on her body, pore get clogged, she's perfect breeding ground for bacteria. She doesn't drink coffee, doesn't smoke cigarettes, yet her teeth are incredibly yellow. It's plaque build-up. She keeps the same style for almost 2 weeks, from not washing her hair. At least she doesn't have much for a water bill, since she already admittedly doesn't bathe or shower for weeks. Not cleaning yourself could have possibly flown with the hippie stoner aesthetic. But definitely not with this Bimbo Baby shit.

No. 595662

When you punch yourself in the face for less than a dollar and post videos of yourself eating your own cold vaginal discharge clumps and you still can't afford a mattress…

No. 595666

File: 1527483095100.png (80.16 KB, 720x463, Screenshot_2018-05-28-00-48-16…)

If you go through the wishlist, you can realize for yourself that she doesn't have shit.

Also, she has a real bed on here as well for $500


No. 595669

Oh god, this girl needs a real friend. One who that has nothing to gain or loose from her. Not clout, content, promoting themselves, or even live in an area she'd like to visit, nothing. A real friend that doesn't kiss her ass and just add to the delusions or one that are too nice to tell her the truth, which is what seems to be all she gets. Then again, Shayna probably wont ever take the time to befriend a person if they're already not kissing her ass, and why would she ever befriend a person who doesn't possess something she'd benefit from. So that means she lives in this bubble of self perpetuated delusions aided by dumblr losers who just wanna see their anons answered or be acknowledged by a quasi known blog in a small corner of a community that doesn't even want her in it. . and known for being that frizzy haired girl who used to be a stoner that lies about everything, and shamelessly makes porn with pimples and boils all over her infected pussy.

No. 595686

Fupa is disgusting. He has pictures of children among his plethora rape gifs.

No. 595692

He also claims to be the great nephew of Anthony Perkins but I doubt it.

No. 595722

File: 1527490468975.jpeg (84.29 KB, 640x600, 5530A83E-B59F-4B51-99B3-888BFC…)

Anthony Perkins was an only child, but okay.

No. 595736

File: 1527492177758.jpeg (24.73 KB, 360x240, 23335D72-9CC3-46AB-98F5-762CDE…)

The only way this works is if Starlite Melody Randall (Anthony Perkins's wife's sister's 41-year-old daughter) is his mother.


No. 595750

The resemblance is uncanny! >>592516

No. 595761

Isn't it obvious Anon? Starlite Melody Randall had him when she was 11!!!!! Obviously it would have brought great shame so he's been a secret all this time.

No. 595763

He's so full of it. She's clearly too young to be his mother and there is no way this bum is closely related to this very wealthy family. Starlite's mother, Marisa Berenson, who in this scenario would be his grandmother is a famous model/socialite of her time and has a networth in the millions.

He's a terrible liar.

No. 595764

He's like kids that lie and say their uncle is Spider-Man….
He's in his 30's……..tragic.

No. 595784

Maybe She and Fupapa will go full ddlg and he will bathe her for her.

No. 595790

$500 is nothing, especially to someone 'successful' in sex work. I hope she's just finessing these guys and that she can actually afford it because if you can't afford to drop $500 when you're working full time then you're fucked if something health related or an emergency comes up. With how much she apparently works she should have more than that saved up. She could have made a fair amount had she filmed with Fupapa or made him pay her, as they're meant to have a Sugar Daddy type relationship so it wouldn't be that abnormal as she's the type that would give him sex. How can you be bad at being a fucking Sugar Baby?

No. 595917

File: 1527521598851.png (740.3 KB, 720x1014, Screenshot_2018-05-28-11-26-03…)

Could you imagine saying you're a sugar baby/baby bimbo (gag) bc you want old half dead men's money… But you cant even be bothered to ask this elder new guy/"Daddy" for cash??? Stupid.

But anyways guys, she's changing her aesthetic again lmao

No. 595923

File: 1527522432994.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 94.22 KB, 750x750, 48A7577E-1B31-47E7-8431-61BD6A…)

My biggest question is why she posts things like this of herself? I know this is old but did she really think this was a good picture?

No. 595937

File: 1527523733967.png (44.59 KB, 720x427, Screenshot_2018-05-28-12-07-41…)

Aweeee Poor fupapa lost all of his female friends due to Shay:(

No. 595943

Shayna wouldn't look good in any of that??

No. 595947

that first one would look so shit on her. tiny tits, and the black would make the red swollen genitals that more obvious

No. 595953

lol she actually said she loved this photoset

No. 595961

Please get a real bed Shay I’m legit so worried about you. You can make monthly payments in memory foam mattresses (like Casper) it’s so affordable and easy. A bed frame is less than 200$. It doesn’t need to be pink. Your body needs this.

No. 595962

She's abusing and damaging her body for 50cent, you can't even afford a coffee or a pack of gum for that price. Kek have some self respect.

No. 595974

File: 1527528301079.png (Spoiler Image, 763.17 KB, 591x1280, wth.png)

wtf is this makeup??? and now we know she finally got the bad dragon toy but just has put off making the vid for like over a month now, kek.(spoiler nsfw images)

No. 595975

File: 1527528355710.gif (1.8 MB, 379x379, yourwingstho.gif)

no shay, your wings aren't supposed to touch the end of your eyebrow.

No. 595976

spoiler that shit please

No. 595977

my bad, sorry.

No. 595978

File: 1527528460181.jpg (15.23 KB, 599x135, alien.JPG)

No. 595979

It’s not like she went to a nice resort in Mexico. Fupa clearly does some kind of minimum wage physical labor job, your employer will pay for your travel hotel and food expenses but they put you on a tight budget and you’re limited to shitty hotels. Furthermore fupa had to sneak shayna in since the employer only covers a room for one person. Shayna being the equally poor white trash that she is was probably just star struck by fupa working abroad. As for not leaving the hotel…obviously it was in some remote industrial little town, she’d have to travel out to get to anywhere nice and she’s too dumb to figure that out safely.

No. 595985

Is that.. makeup on her boob? I know her boobs are being but that is a lot worse than usual

No. 595987


Her hair looks god awful. I'd rather see her crusty curl bangs or her ~princess cocker spaniel pony tailz~. She really makes herself look ugly.

No. 595996

On her supposed 55k a year she should be able to afford that in less than a week. That should have been priority over literally everything else she's bought in the last four months lmao

No. 596000

Maybe nitpicking, but that vein freaks me the FUCK out. I got some titty vein, I think everyone does- but I have never seen anything like that in my life

No. 596002

It looks like she left it in those braids for 3+ days. fuckin grimy.

No. 596006

Yeah that is one crazy ass vein, especially for small breasts. It looks like a diagram of veins in the body.

Also she isn't super pale, it is pretty bizarre, and it seems to keep getting more prominent, she may be shooping to make it stand out more for originality points and to cater to a niche.

No. 596025

she doesn’t have the skills to photoshop something like that, lol. it could be because she’s gaining some weight and her skin is being pulled even tighter, you can see the veins more. It could also be because she’s using a new camera and hasn’t yet figured out how to focus it correctly. I’m gonna go wth the latter, she seems dumb enough to do that.

No. 596044

File: 1527535259720.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.8 KB, 720x720, 2018-05-28_15.18.26.jpg)

Flu shot my ass.
Minimal research shows not one bit of evidence for that type of medical event to happen.

Now im curious when she's going to spill about surgery, because her iphone editing skills suck lmao

No. 596051

Yo wtf are those scars under her boob

No. 596066

That’s not a scar. When you have boobs you tend to get creases and lines on and under your breasts because of the way they sit on your chest.

No. 596069

what surgery???

No. 596082

File: 1527537984847.png (Spoiler Image, 426.1 KB, 720x578, Screenshot_2018-05-28-16-06-04…)

"not a scar"

Ya okay

No. 596084

Love how she called herself ethereal and now every other anon ask is calling her that. Can you make it much more obvious that your sending yourself anons or what because she is definitely not ethereal and I doubt anyone would call her that

No. 596085

What could she have had surgery there for?

No. 596088

It could just be stretch mark

No. 596089

File: 1527538265919.png (Spoiler Image, 2.74 MB, 1242x2208, 1B3051E4-807B-428E-829D-0DB3E6…)

Deff a scar there

No. 596091

I don't see how her having a scar is interesting tbh.

No. 596093

that could be a stretch mark man. it’s pretty common on breasts. that and natural skin creases. if she had breast surgery you know she would be talking about it constantly.

No. 596097

with the thinness of the skin on her chest I would bet that’s a stretch mark. take off your tinfoil hat anon, and get to the real milk.

No. 596098

Owner of fake tits here. That is definitely what faded implant scars look like. It's pretty much in the exact spot and the right length for under the muscle. Who knows, maybe she had small implants done at some point. They come in all sizes.

I'm not saying her boobs are fake for sure, but it's such a weird, random spot to have a scar if not from implants.

No. 596100

As others have pointed out it's a common place to get stretch marks, particularly if you have thin skin, like she seems to since she has visible veins (can we stop with this now)

No. 596103

if you know anything about Shayna, you’d know that if she did get any kind of implants she would be bragging about it for weeks. She’d be playing up “recovering from surgery” and asking for money to make her feel better. Shayna is not the kind of person that can keep anything secret.

So let’s stop with the tinfoiling unless you have proof she has implants, hmm?

No. 596104

File: 1527539900254.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.17 KB, 720x720, 2018-05-28_16.34.36.jpg)

I just cant buy its a stretch mark, especially because I too have fake tits with slight stretch marks. A literal quick google search will result in proof the flu shot wont do anything to make the veins in your chest more prominent.

But what a quick google search will show is that an augmentation can cause your chest veins to become prominent.

tinfoiling i guess

No. 596106

Or ya know, thats what her mommy bought for her to feel better about her chest? Instead of her mommy offering surgeries to cover her prominent vein

She's had this mark since she started showing her tits on Tumblr. So it more than likely/couldve very well happened before tumblr if you could imagine. Unless some kind of medical surgery goes through the underneath of your titties now shrugs

No. 596107


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 596128

I nominate >>591353 for the new thread pic

No. 596131

>>596128 seconded

No. 596132

lmfao "its my compression underwear" please make this the new thread pic

No. 596133

Thread maker anon here, I had already decided that was gonna be the pic <3 it's too perfect not to be. I love everyone's artsy contributions

No. 596139

When your general pool of photos ranges from "Jesus christ I look like the embodiment of disease" to "Eh, I look cracked out of my mind but at least my vagina isn't leaking pus" you take what you can get I guess

No. 596148

I know it's shallow but her boob veins do make me kinda uncomfortable, in that they're just SO extreme they look so out of place and they're on both sides now. I like anatomy but they just don't improve her already pretty disastrous skin. I know some people probably love it but it reminds me a bit of some early breast cancer signs like changes on the skin and it's pretty jarring. Sage for no1curr

No. 596153

wtf is that makeup? wings touching her eyebrows. she has not improved her makeup game at all like she claims. and good lord her pubic area is barely even visible and it looks AWFUL

No. 596154

fucking LUBE, shay.

No. 596155

It could even be from self harm, people have done it really fucking weird places to hide it from parents etc, I've seen them all over people's ribs so on and under breasts isn't too unusual. It does just look like a stretch mark though.

No. 596156

she's only wearing it in braids again becuase fupapa has made it clear he prefers her hair curly, and she is so moldable

No. 596166

I've had boobs for decades ,they are much bigger and hang much lower tjan hers and with that said I've never gotten random scars under them like that . Do you even have boobs? Because it doesn't sound like you do lol

No. 596173

File: 1527545443522.jpg (4.72 KB, 250x207, stretch-marks-on-breast.jpg)

This is what breast stretch marks look like. Whatever she has looks like an incision scar

No. 596174

File: 1527545502490.jpg (14.06 KB, 342x227, StretchMarkRemovalBA7b.jpg)

No. 596176

Surgery incision scars are about 1 1/2 inches wide which looks about the exact length of her scar. Also, if it was a stretch marks, which it's not, why is there only one in the same spot on each side? Her scar is a precise line, it's clear someone cut an incision there , where as a stretch mark is imperfect and not a straight line like that, it's literally the same length on each side in the same spot

No. 596184

File: 1527546104102.png (Spoiler Image, 401.13 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180528-182002.png)