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File: 1568440247753.jpg (179.4 KB, 1440x1608, 1567754978257.jpg)

No. 868478

REMEMBER: sage, no nitpicking and blogposting and STOP POSTING ABOUT HER UGLY VAGINA AND HER ZITS

>still no camming

>butthurt about not getting top in MV contest because she has no fans
>disgusting dry fucking vids as ususal
>continuing to become an alt girl to win back fupa
>some “boy” taking her out on dates, either fupa or a tripod
>getting fatter each day (but she’s dieting!!)
>everyday is a booze and drug binge
>continues to whine about personal life and mental illness on her “SW” acc
>fupa vague posts about her on facebook >>860631 says that she gaslighted him, and financially dependent on him
>”these hatur SW are always getting me banned and spreading rumors!!”
>doesn’t actually work out, eats a handful of blueberries and almonds and frozen fried rice from costco
>begging for rent money and the usual panhandling (says a lot, doesn’t it shay?)
>being the hypocrite that she is >>866502 she says not to post pics of family/child on SW profile when she had posted pictures of herself as a young child/pictures of her fathers face on her twitter
>manic tweeting, muh bipolar disorder
>thedollymattel gets suspended, her 9th twitter account gone, begs for another on snapchat to break TOS once again
>reminiscing about her tumblr days because literally no one gives a shit about her anymore

- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- no discussions about abrattypixie unless something actually relevant to shay happens between them

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dolly_mattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumdollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/stupidestbaby (suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilbarbiegrl (suspended)
https://twitter.com/mattel_dolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollymattelx (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollyxmattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumbbydolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/thedollymattel (suspended)
CURRENT: https://twitter.com/DollyMattelMV
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/dolly_mattel/ (deleted)

No. 868480

Why does nobody link the last thread anymore?

No. 868483

No. 868495

Okay but how funny is the list of deleted twitters tho. Toppest kek.

No. 868524

Agreed, kek. How long of a time span has it even been since she started getting her twitters deleted? It feels like she's gone through all of those accounts in a span of a few months

No. 868553

If fupa actually got gaslighted by this girl that would be the funniest thing ever. How would that even work?

No. 868577

It’s funny that he’s calling her out for being toxic when in reality they’re both toxic

No. 868587

Honestly I can totally see shaynut guilt tripping him into taking care of her because she believed it was owed to her for being with some noname tumblr dom. I’m not sure how much D/s was actually a part of their lives off of the internet, but I’ve seen subs use their submission as a way to manipulate their emotionally weak doms. Fupa definitely has an inferiority complex too so I really wouldn’t doubt he’d fall for it.

No. 868589

File: 1568475430354.png (40.22 KB, 588x393, buy some.PNG)

Same thing different day. As I said in the last thread she does the same dumb shit and expects different results and is surprised when she gets the same shit again.

No. 868592

File: 1568475542203.png (13.81 KB, 580x108, sure.PNG)

She looks at edited grainy photos of herself. I feel like some of these insecure over confident people on twitter feel like if they say it enough, it'd come true and/or people won't see that they are insecure as fuck.

No. 868601

File: 1568476309286.png (33.29 KB, 587x339, fjfj.PNG)

Lol, I love this "Sex workers are deleting their free work"

Dudes who buy it-"Pornhub.com, Xvideos.com, Google Images"

What the fuck? Free porn exists bitches, yall not special.

AND SHAY ISN'T doing this. She'll still give out free nudes (for attention and 5 likes) and content.

These bitches really think they are the only ones with bodies.

No. 868604

File: 1568476462831.png (363 KB, 597x393, kffk.PNG)

No. 868606

shay can retweet this stupid crap all she wants and she'll still go back to posting her dirty bunghole as soon as she feels that attention withdrawal hit again

not to mention i have a feeling at this point even the most desperate of her orbiters want her to stop posting kek

so that diet plan and gym "membership" has already gone down the shitter if she's posting ancient pics again, huh

No. 868615

And she's been talking about being drunk again so that phase lasted about 4 days lol

No. 868624

Say what you want about Shay but the best thing she has done for self as of late what change up her hair. I always forget how horrendous these bangs were

No. 868628

File: 1568480196734.png (3.37 MB, 1242x2208, 7BE1959A-4BFF-475F-8FEB-BE75A2…)

“It’s time to make my ass FAT”

She bought protein powder and preworkout kek

No. 868630

lmao why did she waste all that money? she's not going to actually work out.

No. 868632

her background looks different, looks like she removed shit from her wall, maybe she actually cleaned her toys

No. 868635

She's going to blow up if she'll use the stuff and not work out

No. 868636

I think she moved the string lights to another room

No. 868637

Did she even go to the gym yet?

No. 868640

Lol that's not going to make her ass fat. And yeah everyone knows that's for people who seriously workout. It will not be good for you otherwise.

No. 868646

Why is she so extreme and wasteful? She can never be reasonable, whenever she gets anything she gets either too much or too less.

then she never uses it. She's the queen of quick fixes.

Also, doesn't she have an bike? Why not use that for porn AND to actually lose weight? She wastes her money constantly on the dumbest shit.

No. 868649

She moved the string lights to her other "work space", aka the corner with the fuzzy stool.

But she unboxed some new lights on her snap that she said she'd hang up on the wall where her dirty toys are.

No. 868650

Moving shit is probably what she meant by “cleaning” aka her excuse to go out drinking a couple of days ago

No. 868652

Lmao, she's just gonna gain if she uses them. Why can't she just do squats?

But I don't think she has the genetics to ever have a fat ass, unless she did some major working out only surgery/fat injections is gonna change that

No. 868654


That Hyde pre-workout stuff is way too strong. Lol she's going to be a crack head from that.

No. 868658

she wants the quickest fix possible. Anything to stop her from having to do ANY real work.

She constantly tries to take short cuts & every time they fail or are poorly researched.

She doesn't need all that shit. All the bitch needs is to cut down drinking, drink more water, eat better (or better portions)walk/ride her bike/jog/exercise everyday and she could easily tone up her body. She's not as big as a house.

It's not like she doesn't have all the fucking time to do these things. She's not doing sex work 24/7. I feel like she's either sleeping or playing fortnite.

No. 868660

This is actually hilarious. These powders have lots of fat an protein in them, if you don't do the right workouts you'll just pack on pounds. She probably spent over $100 on all of this and it's going to get thrown out.

No. 868676

File: 1568490069430.jpg (124.43 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20190914_204045.jpg)

What is this cheap ugly tracksuit?

It's brand new and already looks grubby

No. 868678

File: 1568490149741.jpg (110 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20190914_204051.jpg)

Seams look like they about to bust

No. 868681

Probably some cheap shit from Amazon.

Time to actually work out now Shay. Posing in gym clothes and talking about doing it isn't the same thing as actually doing it.

No. 868682

It’s Amazon chic

No. 868687

i can't believe how many times she's remade an account on twitter. 10+ times! will she make it to 20? will she ever give up? is she just going to do this forever? don't they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results?

she acts like she needs twitter to ~survive in the industry~ but obviously she just wants to blog. she doesn't have anyone else to talk to/give her attention. crying about people "ganging up on her" to mass report her is just a ploy to garner sympathy aka more of that sweet, sweet attention.

No. 868688

File: 1568493270371.jpg (838.84 KB, 1080x1864, 20190914_153401.jpg)

Pretty sure it's this 10$ tracksuit off Ali express. It has the stripe on the hood and all. Couldnt find one exactly like it on amazon.

No. 868691

when you buy cheap chinese garbage on amazon it never looks like the picture anyway.

No. 868699

her skin looks so rotten and infected here, once again. but shay is totally a photography school prodigy who pays so much attention to detail!

No. 868700

They're literally meant to give you fat that you can turn into MUSCLE. With protein to sustain it. Is she really that retarded?? That stuff isn't for weight loss at all. It's actually to give you mass that you tone and work via lifting and similar work out. And creatine will fuck you up if you drink it and do nothing. Also like another anon said, Hyde is really strong. Shit can be rough even when you're using it properly.
I hope she drinks them and does nothing like she does. Shes gonna freak when she sees what they do when you arent working out properly to gain mass in muscle. Otherwise they literally will go unused.
Honestly though even if she makes it to the gym she's going to have no clue what to do or how to do it right. Idk why she didnt buy a pink yoga mat and just do easy crunches and leg lifts and shit. Gym equipment is mostly for muscle building or keeping toned. Doubt she'll use the treadmills.

No. 868701

File: 1568495487804.gif (2.98 MB, 600x338, DE486B6D-6E0D-43D3-8FBF-D0D8F2…)

Whenever I think of Shay working out, I think about that progressive commercial with “Janice” moving slowly on a stationary bike taking selfies. They look the same age too.

No. 868702

she 100% spent more than 100 on this. the big bottle is at least 80 and the two others are near 50$

No. 868706

I almost wish Anon's aint say shit, just let her think this will help her. She lurks and may be making a fake ask about it now, to explain herself.

No. 868707

She'll try it once, not like it, and never take it again

No. 868708

Same, call me petty but I just like to watch the cows crash and burn on their own.

No. 868709

File: 1568496400304.jpg (271.95 KB, 1076x1037, Screenshot_20190914-162707_Chr…)

Mental break down incoming..

No. 868724

Shay: “Ima just keep this all to myself before I start saying shitty stuff lol”
Also shay in the same tweet: tries to shade/ guilt trip other sw’s
Like, they’re not “mean” or “out to get you” they’re just trying to stay away from you and your toxicity also don’t use “ima” you’re so embarrassing kek

No. 868725

She’s idiotic it’s imma or i’ma lmao

No. 868728

This is so fuckin stupif cause people HAVE BEEN. What, did she expect the same people to put in the effort to find and refollow her when this happens literally every month??
Girl people don't want to put in that much effort for someone who begs constantly and nothing else

No. 868736

shes selfish & the funny thing is, she buys her followers, she only cares for the number because the amount of interaction she's getting, is almost the same amount she got before .

3 or 4 people commenting, not over 100 likes, she reposts the same tweets over and over hoping more people will retweet or like them.

She claims she doesn't care about numbers & constantly talks about it but it's obvious she does. Having more fake followers didn't give her more sales.

No. 868743

"I see you help other sex workers! NOT ME!" shut the fuck up, this is only going to make people not like your ass.

Also, think WHY people aren't so quick 2 support you? Didn't you just say women were toxic? Ask your male supporters to help you.

Also YOUR FUCKING BUYING FOLLOWERS. She must be broke from buying that bullshit.

No. 868777

Well why don’t you just pay for retweets from other sex workers then shay? Lmfao maybe if she didn’t make other sex workers pay for her to support them they’d be more keen to help her out.

No. 868802

File: 1568516266859.jpg (170.08 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20190914-215847_Twi…)

No. 868825

shay makes other ebeggers look good. pls get some dignity shay.

No. 868839

lmao wow she's not even trying to hide the begging anymore. and not "go get a drink/a couple drinks". no effort to be cute or charming. just "someone send me money so I can pay for my alcoholism please I'll give you a ridiculous number of nearly-identical videos that I made years ago"

why not go to the gym instead?

No. 868851

This is so pathetic. This tweet sounds so desperate just by reading it.

No. 868877

Which is why she deleted it lmao

No. 868910

Just when I thought Shay couldn't be more pathetic. It's a wonder she's not having health issues with how much she drinks and smokes weed every day.

No. 868912

Fupa usually heads out on weekends he doesn't have the kids, I wouldn't doubt she was trying to scramble to "accidentally" show up at one of his regular hangs.

No. 868963

File: 1568563167734.png (Spoiler Image, 238.16 KB, 591x433, ldl.PNG)

she has zero shame

No. 868995

Did she use that photo with the nasty ingrown hair boil thing for a MV contest? if so that’s dry heave worthy

No. 868996

At this point I think those of us who occupy the shayna threads have seen her cooch more then anyone who’s seen her videos

No. 868997

Forget about the area we can't speak on, the picture just looks gross. Her hands look like old lady hands and dirty. Her nails look irritated and dirty, she literally looks like she's trying to get some peanut butter out the bottom of the jar.

There's not one thing sexy about this picture. If you told me this was granny porn or an trans woman, I'd believe it.
Whatever filter she uses makes her constantly look filthy, red or grey.

The picture is just dry and not at ALL what I'd want advertising my porn.

No. 868999

You don't turn fat into muscle. They're calorie dense - if you don't use those extra calories to build muscle, you'll gain fat.

No. 869011

File: 1568578311438.jpeg (187.34 KB, 750x1012, 674D338B-43BE-4093-BB72-81B26A…)

she just loves making herself look bad lol

No. 869017

Nah Anon, this is how someone who loves their life and choices act.

and look! she got 10 likes because people love to encourage their favorite sex worker to drink themselves to death.

No. 869023

i kinda wish she had kept trying to follow her LA Girl dreams. what a spectacle that was for a minute. watching her waste away in oklahoma where her only joy is gastropubs (after wasting away in seattle with much of the same) is getting depressing. i'm becoming jaded. new fupapa business trip soon?

No. 869032

At this point she hits a new low everyday, it’s honestly kind of sad but I feel bad for her pets they don’t deserve a life like this

No. 869058

File: 1568586766708.jpg (598.9 KB, 809x2131, Screenshot_20190915-173305_Chr…)

Cam girls infighting is absolutely hilarious to watch.

No. 869061

I was just about to post this. She's BORED bored. Who brought popcorn?

No. 869062

File: 1568587028208.jpg (203.08 KB, 1080x1380, Screenshot_20190906-214714_Twi…)

No. 869067

I can't believe she wants attention from the sw community so badly that she's starting drama I CANNOT.

No. 869068

I thought she hated Cancel & callout culture but now she's saying others deserve to be cancelled because they hurt her ugly ass?


Who cares.

No. 869071

She's serious losing her mind. She's so depressed, drunk, upset (970 followers until she buys more) and broke that she's doing anything.

Every day it's a new contradiction. Who cares about something that happened a year ago?

She has ALL these posts on LC of her talking about how she's above drama and all that but all she's been doing is being involved in it.

The best thing about this is Shay's going to keep calling people out until someone calls her out. I hope it's that Dawn girl, it'd be the ultimate slap in the face for someone with more followers to shit on her.

No. 869076

File: 1568588270184.jpg (71.16 KB, 517x496, IMG_20190915_155742.jpg)

Looking through the cluster of reeee-ing camgirls and apparently this was the start of the drama years ago,kek. Shay stays scamming.

No. 869082

Damn Neko been mad for about 4 years now

No. 869085

when will she learn this shade of pink makes her skin look hideous?

No. 869096

Neko was caught posting in here a few years ago. She forgot to crop out her pic in a comment section iirc.

No. 869099

Ah yes, getting drunk, then going out to get more drunk instead of going to the gym and using the muscle gain aids she just spent $200 on.
Whatever happened to her healthy eating? You wont see results without quitting drinking Shaytard!

No. 869101

The vendettas these girls get are insane

Oh I am KEKKING this is even better than I thought. Sw Twitter is a mess

No. 869102

File: 1568591570770.png (733.53 KB, 1273x2048, Screenshot_20190915-165214.png)

More sperg

No. 869103

File: 1568591757959.png (228.1 KB, 1080x1625, Screenshot_20190915-165240~2.p…)


No. 869105

Just do it dumb ass. But don't be upset if someone reports or contacts MV for the rules your dumb ass breaks.

I love how she's crying about something that happened a year ago & wants to ruin someone's career, yet no one should report her for violating terms of the social media sites she's on.

No. 869106

File: 1568592225130.png (343.72 KB, 2048x1023, Screenshot_20190915-170443.png)

Her hypocrisy runs so deep.

No. 869108


"it's okay for me to do it but when other do it, it's TOXIC AND BULLYING."

No. 869112

So her plan is to ruin this girls "buiness" because she did something bad to her??

Isn't this what Shay's so strongly against?

No. 869117

File: 1568593546639.png (427.17 KB, 1080x1125, Screenshot_20190915-172346~2.p…)

Incoming rants
Pt 1

No. 869119

What does she mean it’s scary? Shit like that happens all the time it’s the reality of working in a competitive industry

No. 869120

File: 1568593827958.png (570.32 KB, 1080x2098, Screenshot_20190915-172358~2.p…)

Pt 2

No. 869121

File: 1568593928089.png (1.11 MB, 1125x2048, Screenshot_20190915-172411.png)

Pt 3

No. 869123


I hope she continues this, she's a porn account but she's getting pissed over old drama and NOT working.

This looks so great for her. She's trying so hard to get someone cancelled.

What a loser.

No. 869124

File: 1568594094035.png (143.29 KB, 1080x1178, Screenshot_20190915-173138~2.p…)

Pt 4

Oh she's carrying on alright

No. 869125

Shay's drunk, high and angry.

No. 869126

File: 1568594170962.png (724.52 KB, 1830x2048, Screenshot_20190915-173453.png)

Pt 5.

Please shut up shay. This is conveniently being brought up to make people feel sorry for her so she can get her followers back.

No. 869127

Nah you look like a petty bitch. This person did something that had ZERO EFFECT on your broke ass, you contradicted yourself a million times & your "trying" to ruin someone's "career" because you were too coward to speak out about it.

Also no one cares, that girls going to be fine, meanwhile all the effect she's putting into this she could be making porn.

People aren't going to follow more and those dudes DEF. aren't going to give you more money.


No. 869128

Does she think everything that has happened to her and everything other people have said is because of Neko

No. 869130

Lol maybe, when you google her name "racist" pops up after it, then here.

If you go on tumblr there are multiple people shitting on her. All of them aren't that one person.

People have legit reasons not to like her.

No. 869132

File: 1568595475126.png (793.59 KB, 1115x2048, Screenshot_20190915-175734.png)

God make it stop

No. 869133

Pretty sure that Daisy chick was also outed on tumblr for selling porn while underage, Birds of a feather…

No. 869134

iirc she got her Twitter shut down once it got out she made and sold stuff as a minor. Surprise, surprise that this is who's in her corner

No. 869137

She makes me laugh when she talks about keeping her SW community safe. She acts like she’s the community’s mommy or some shit. Also laughable since she does none of that. But I guess if she claims to be keeping her community safe, then her “cancelling” someone doesn’t come off as hypocritical??? Who knows. Shay is a moron with 2 remaining brain cells drowning in alcohol.

No. 869139

Hasn't her content been leaked by multiple different sources? Is she only doing this because it's another sex worker?

No. 869140

File: 1568598235018.png (41.09 KB, 610x257, Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 9.43…)

A tweet she's since deleted.

No. 869141

File: 1568598330507.png (30.7 KB, 600x303, Capture.PNG)

yeah, you do deserve it

No. 869143

How is this protecting anyone? this person did something to her a year ago and didn't fuck with anyone else.

She even explained why she did what she did. She's not protecting anyone from anything!

No. 869144

How can she prove that? She doesn't. Also if she cares about protecting people why doesn't she "protect" them by showing people who they are?

What a ugly asshole

No. 869145

Okay but leaking your shitty porn isn't putting you or anyone else in any danger so wtf

No. 869146

File: 1568598581246.png (341.71 KB, 575x640, Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 9.47…)

I think she's doing this because she feels it invalidates all the backlash and criticism she's gotten over the years. Like, she feels it proves that it was just someone's (or a few people's) personal vendetta against her and she didn't actually do anything worth criticizing or "canceling" her over

No. 869147

and most their porn is fucking leaked anyway, most these bitches aren't making big bucks, they say it's a "career' but in a few years most of them will be either trying to get their life togeather, having kids or just working at mc donalds or some shit.

No. 869148

File: 1568598696782.png (410.17 KB, 1076x1181, Screenshot_20190915-185015~2.p…)

They're claiming that the account that's been cowtipping is Nekos, which is potentially hilarious

No. 869150

File: 1568598781695.png (862.8 KB, 2048x1953, Screenshot_20190915-185337.png)

Shay…shut up

No. 869152

Making what right? She moved the fuck on like you should, Shay's milking this and the three or four dumb asses (thinking they can gain something) defending her are nobodies.

No one cares, you have like 10 fucking threads detailing all the shit you've done. Tumblr hates you. You're forever going to be linked to the bullshit you've done.

No. 869153

These dumbasses probably think all of these threads are run by Neko too. I guess she's been very busy.

No. 869154

This site is PROOF it's not one fucking person talking shit about Shay, what a bunch of idiots. Now Shay thinks NOTHING was her fault.

No. 869156

File: 1568599043990.jpg (337.01 KB, 1074x1303, Screenshot_20190915-205810_Twi…)

Shay, for the love of God, SHUT UP

No. 869157

She's a victim now and is blaming ONE person.

No. 869159

I find it funny that she think she's doing something but those same Sexworkers coming to peep in on the drama (all five of them) aren't retweeting your shit or informing their followers to follow you.

They weren't around until you had drama.

No. 869161

She needs to grow up and move on. Not everyone has to like you. Not everyone is going to like you.

No. 869164

File: 1568599369867.jpg (337.9 KB, 1080x1103, Screenshot_20190915-210334_Twi…)

Ok, since WHEN is Shay a child grooming victim?

No. 869165

File: 1568599401747.jpg (407.17 KB, 1080x1238, Screenshot_20190915-210139_Twi…)

No. 869167

File: 1568599447371.jpg (201.45 KB, 1080x601, Screenshot_20190915-210516_Twi…)

No. 869168

She's a child grooming victim ever since people started saying shit about her video talking about making and selling porn when she was undersge

No. 869169

She's a blatant racist and called homeless people scammers. all of that was done when she was an adult so, can't really use the teenager excuse anymore.

No. 869170

File: 1568599523436.jpg (497.87 KB, 1080x1567, Screenshot_20190915-210601_Twi…)

No. 869171

File: 1568599553682.jpg (123.37 KB, 1080x424, Screenshot_20190915-210621_Twi…)

No. 869172

why are people putting words in Shay's mouth? the bitch never said she was groomed. She used her story of camming underaged for an fucking custom.

Meaning she MONETIZED fucking doing underaged camming.

No. 869173

So it's cool for her to monetize a video (calling it humiliation) camming underage meaning she was making and disturbing underaged porn that could get her & everyone in her house in trouble?

No. 869176

Oh no it's okay because she was totally coerced into doing it. Everything she's done wasn't her choice, it's because she was coerced. Obviously.

No. 869177

and how was she "put' does this bitch know something we don't? because in Shay's video she made it very aware that she was camming underaged.

Shay has never ONCE mentioned being groomed. Also, Shay isn't some poor child trafficking victim, she isn't some girl from a broken home whose poor and didn't have any opportunities.

Shay could've done ANYTHING. The bitch chose to do porn underaged for attention. Again, putting everyone under the roof she was in jeopardy because Shay wanted attention.

If they have some proof of her being groomed or coreced they need to post it. Shay used her underaged cam story to make money.

We'd never known if the bitch hadn't sold it.

No. 869179

we aren't ruining her life, she already did that years ago and continuing

No. 869180

I know teens make dumb choices but the fact they are trying to create a story for Shay is fucking idiotic.

No. 869181

She wouldn't be doing this if she still had her old account with 15k. She's only doing it because shes on a new account and wants attention.

No. 869182

and she'll probably delete it all soon too.

No. 869183

why is it that whenever people want proof of her apologies, she refuses to provide them, yet expects others to have receipts of their apologies to her from years ago? she needs to try and keep the hypocrisy to a minimum if she wants people to believe her.

No. 869184

File: 1568600274360.png (762.27 KB, 1289x2048, Screenshot_20190915-191731.png)

God her orbiters are blind

No. 869185

I know why Shay likes her she's a fucking hypocrite just like her dumb ass.

No. 869186

"Cancel Culture is cancer"

"Nope, we're canceling…"

I wonder what these losers think they'll get from defending Shay? Shay doesn't do SHIT for oribters.

No. 869187

also shays life isn't ruined because of this. It's ruined because of Porn, weed, alcohol, her choices, and her attitude.

No. 869188

Not to mention Dolly has a shit reputation. Why piggyback someone no one likes and who's always surrounded by drama?

They aren't cam girls at this point, these are washed up Tumblr girls who just don't want to work.

No. 869190

and I bet everyone of them are begging for chump change

No. 869192

They're all trying to suckle off our little cow's teats.

No. 869200

File: 1568603219622.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, 6F3A005A-0984-454E-B12A-B08A29…)

OH the Same Lana bee that posted her ID card with her full government name on it and then blamed 3 black girls for doxxing her when she obviously did it herself… The same Lana bee that did it herself and ran a supposed charity cam show for the ACLU but just blocks people and accuses them of being "political" when they ask for proof of the donation for this https://twitter.com/LanaBeeOfficial/status/1146225468028248064… Yeah she's a great v believable person lmfao if your a racist scammy piece of shit! The same Lana bee that got banned for telling tik tok CHILDREN to do porn??? Lmao

No. 869202

Hey, thats great, Lana Bee is a piece of shit like Shay meaning she attracts shit and if anyone who supports her finds their way here they'll see that trash attracts trash!

So keep digging that hole Shay. Everyone who interacts with your dumb ass gets exposed for being shitty.

No. 869215

The thing is that no one ever said shay was groomed LanaBee is a nut and frequents lolcow to defend herself she did it on a board about some girl she had gotten in a fight with anyway she’s actually crazy and she stretches the truth to make herself and those who haven’t had beef with her look better she’s just as idiotic and self important as shay

No. 869216

Also just as deluded as shayna

No. 869220

Hope she becomes a shay calf and they become friends and give us all the glorious awful milk

She sounds a mess like yours truly (shay)

No. 869232

Messes attact messes.

No. 869239

File: 1568608174615.png (468.72 KB, 2048x930, Screenshot_20190915-213018.png)

The dramatics

No. 869264

File: 1568611857121.jpeg (2.02 MB, 3840x3840, C1212936-C056-4B45-A86D-F47542…)

Someone in the previous thread suggested it and I was bored. So here you go.
Couldn‘t be bothered to add more screenshots.

No. 869275

Does lana bee have a thread somewhere? I find her and her circle to be so milky. It's like all of the sex workers that happen to be shitty people are friends with each other.

Sage for unrelated, just asking so i can fuck off to talk about lana on the appropriate thread.

No. 869279

…suggested what? its just shay pics with quotes. it'll probs be next t h r e a d p i c though because its so lackluster, as usual.

No. 869281

fair point anon but you can't say "lackluster thread pic" in a thread with the current picture kek

No. 869298


She did but it got nuked

No. 869329

it'd be great if her dumb ass got a thread JUST because she was fucking with Shay and defending her.

I really hope they become friends, because then Shay will REALLY get blackballed by other sex workers.

No. 869340

She's in the general camgirl thread her other one got nuked because it was obviously a self post

No. 869341

Lana's thread got nuked for being a self post I mean

No. 869363

tbh I think Lana wants Dolly's level of don't give a fuck mixed with drama.

No. 869368


No. 869370

File: 1568640924956.png (796.01 KB, 1290x2048, Screenshot_20190916-093423.png)

She's going to milk this until she gets enough attention from it. Now this chick has been harassing her and leaking content for years, it wasn't just one time. Do they have lives at all?

and lmao at how much theyre gonna milk the underage thing. she's done plenty of dumb shit as an adult.

No. 869385

Wait a minute….isn’t this (Shay) the same bitch who bought that kawaiidabber or whatever chicks porn solely to laugh at it or am I confused?

No. 869387

I know she had an issue with her on Tumblr because she was basically jealous of her (kawaiidabber) but idk if she ever bought content

No. 869392

I vaguely recall a post about it that kawaiidabber made and that's what happened. I'd look for the post but I don't use Tumblr anymore

No. 869395

why are these two bitches lying? it's the same two, saying Shay was groomed now saying she was leaking content for years? Shay didn't even say that. She said she leaked something a year ago.

The op is 100% right, if Shay and that Gummi bitch are agaisnt cancel culture, call her out and move on.

The girl hasn't done the same sense, so who cares?

No. 869398

also instead of Shay making porn, advertising her dead social media on other social media, she's worried about fucking drama? This isn't going to get her money.

The two people so involved in this seem to be just fame whores who like drama, as soon as this shit is over, they won't be buying shay's porn.

They won't be retweeting shit past a few days. I hope fellow sex workers keep calling her out for wanting to "cancel" someone.

The more sex workers who tell her she's wrong, the more enemies she'll make.

and that Lana girl seems crazy enough to interact with Shay so much because she wants to show up on Lolcow.

I hope she never gets a thread and after this drama, she's never mentioned here again.

No. 869429

File: 1568652383660.png (319.41 KB, 583x372, fk.PNG)

RIP Diet

No. 869431

File: 1568652472684.png (11.54 KB, 582x84, begging.PNG)

No. 869432

this is actually funny as fuck. she bought protein powder too, is she just trying to get fat so she can do feeder porn?

No. 869434

File: 1568652794940.png (74.79 KB, 646x536, Capture.PNG)

I'm not going to give this bitch ANY attention after this but where did Shay apologize for doing underaged porn? Did she ever even mention it?

This bitch is flat out lying about shit.

Shay has never said sorry for doing underaged camming, she never said she was groomed into doing underaged camming. She never claimed she was "forced"

She sold the story for someone to get off too.

No. 869439

File: 1568653292036.png (13.74 KB, 582x132, ffff.PNG)

And this girl does not seem to give TWO fucks about it. It's so funny a bunch of ugly bitches are running around crying about her and she's just chilling.

Even Shay's drama is weak as fuck. I cannot wait until she gets more drama thrown at her ass.

Also say barely gained any followers from this, no one's buying her porn, nobody gives a fuck, if anything now there's people trying to figure out WHY people hate her.

No. 869450

File: 1568654994893.jpg (51.07 KB, 345x695, 1500746534467.jpg)

Went back to the first thread and found potheadkitten/kawaiidabber's post. Sage for old milk, but I wanted to include the screenshot for farmers who cba to click the link.

Shayna basically stole content (accessed her private Snapchat without payment) to laugh at her.


No. 869451

File: 1568655109481.png (192.26 KB, 1073x1130, Screenshot_20190916-102347~3.p…)

Stop whining, shay

No. 869452

File: 1568655167094.png (236.58 KB, 1076x1493, Screenshot_20190916-102459~3.p…)


No. 869453

Shay-"don't hate me for things that happened years ago! I sorry for SOME of the things that happened!!! Cancel Culture is wrong!"

ALso Shay-"Hey lets hate this one bitch & blame her for everything thats gone wrong because she did something to me a year ago and APOLOGIZED for it!!"

Shay's full of shit about being too scared to speak up. A year ago the dumb bitch was in the right. A sex worker released her work.

Thats fucking something reasonable to be upset about. Shay just felt bad about her twitter being taken down, she probably has been blaming this one chick for everything & felt drama would get her more followers faster.

newsflash! Shay gained nothing from this. The same people who dislike her STILL dislike her.

No. 869456

Maybe the bitch isn't sorry? Move on, you aint getting another apology.

Also, I hope this shows her that this "Cancel Culture is bad because it happened to me!" bullshit is bullshit.

Cancel Culture is bullshit (doesn't work & is childish) but Shay doesn't hate cancel culture she hates people don't forgive her for the shit ton of shit she's done.


No. 869460

Shay doesnt hate cancel culture, she hates being cancelled. And given the fact everyone is always trying to cancel shay, she will act like she hates it.

No. 869461

why does she still have to make it right? What is Shay expecting to get from her, a long winded apology specifically noting how superior Shay is or some crap?

No. 869516

exactly, and she even retracted one of her apologies which probably didn't even acknowledge what she did, just a generic 'oop, sorry' yet doesn't get why ppl don't accept that.

do your fucking job so you can get it yourself. not even offering pix/vids in exchange, just fork over money for someone else to get high.

No. 869519

File: 1568665451838.jpg (Spoiler Image, 95.85 KB, 749x1164, IMG_20190916_212509.jpg)

What is this mess?

No. 869521

Her skin looks like there's a deep layer of dust or ash on it.

No. 869522

and she looks so unattractive in the face, it's like really getting crazy at this point. The braids are back, ugly glasses are back, she looks inflamed and the fucking camera is extra grainy and orange.

Great work Shay.

No. 869528

Holy fuck that’s pink overload. It’s so distracting

No. 869530

She’s so cringey the anime bikini top looks genuinely small on her I know that’s the look and maybe it’s her tits that make it look weird but it’s just doesn’t look right on her

No. 869531

I almost thought that because how she was posed that was stomach fat until I realized it was her tits.

The bikini is horrible and cheap, she looks like the dustiest cosplay of the starbucks logo.

No. 869532

the bottoms don't even fully cover her crotch/lips. once again making it look like she has a ball sack peeping out from the sides(genitalia sperg)

No. 869534

To be fair it’s a micro bikini. It’s supposed to be unreasonably small.

No. 869535

I know it just looks bad, why did she choose to pose in the most unflattering way possible?

Also why no makeup…nevermind it's shay.
She probably didn't even shower, just threw this on for an low effort picture

No. 869538

File: 1568668258799.jpeg (191.56 KB, 707x1120, F7CC2AEB-8D8E-4A21-A91D-92E1BA…)

Does she really think this hot?

No. 869541

Is she going to become one of those girls that doesn't shave her armpits(nitpicking)

No. 869545

She is always crazy butthurt when she is on the receiving end of a callout post but its ok when she does it?

No. 869553

she looks like pixielocks oh no

No. 869570


Jesus Christ Lana Bee needs to shut the fuck up, she was in the same circle of cancel Dolly Mattel camgirls. She spergs and cries about everything. There was a Lana Bee thread but it's locked now.

No. 869571


I wanna say it was Lana Bee, Cruel Chulita and Lisa the Succubrat all fighting on /snow/.

Is Lana the new Pixie? I'm curious as to why these soft grrl Twitter hoes are all about her now. I think a lot more people in that demographic frequent lolcow than they're willing to admit.

No. 869579

Lmao I just noticed the veiny tit in OP pic

No. 869585

File: 1568692526610.jpeg (573.94 KB, 828x1160, EE0A2B24-1439-4B9A-9DDB-1E4736…)

She can’t actually think this is attractive

No. 869595

Here she's facetuned so hard she looks like she's wearing a mask of herself
And here I wish she had

No. 869598

Cruelchulita, Lanabee and Lisa are all crazy bitches, we get it, if you want to talk about it try making a new thread about their drama but keep it out off shay’s

No. 869599

I know Shayna is aware of the threads about her and that she looks at them she even tweeted about it a couple of months ago but I’ve heard that she’s posted on one of the threads in the past does anyone have any screenshots or links to this?

No. 869626

Her skin is kind of… ashy? It would be a good idea to wear some darker and cooler color to make her look less like a dead hooker dumped in a ditch. Or exfoliate 2x a week and wash her body everyday, but we know she hates that.
Saged because no contribution. But how can one really contribute when she's not even doing anything? My brain has seen her selfies so many times it could create a 3D bust of her mug– and it's so boring.

No. 869631

File: 1568713600035.jpeg (49.81 KB, 780x479, EB315298-F220-4723-94C6-80A1AC…)


she looks like the grinch sometimes

Omfg if the grinch were dusty dirty nasty baby pink colored hahahah

No. 869682

File: 1568729774041.png (Spoiler Image, 629.97 KB, 432x738, oof.png)

No. 869701

Holy shit. She has to be appealing to some weird niche fetish of ass pimples. There is more ass cheek covered by zits than not covered at this point. That girl ain't right.

No. 869706

Is this Luna's fault as well? Did she ruin her skin along with her life?

No. 869715

it's been like that forever. also newfags make yourselves painfully obvious by calling her "dolly". it's not her real name lol.

No. 869749

Girlfriend needs to start using those circular acne treatment wipes on her ass, ew(ass analysis)

No. 869753

Of course, Luna was mean to her scamming ass a few times, which sent Shayna on the downward spiral. It could never actually be her fault based on her choices, no. It's always everyone else. She was groomed into sex work, she was forced to move in with Fupa, etc. She has no accountability for her own actions and choices but wants to throw stones.

No. 869755

I'm still dying over the two bitches running around defending her saying she was "groomed' and people can't judge her.

As an ADULT Shay sold her Underaged camming story for a sexual custom.

They just made a story up for her ass, the best part? Shay's not going to EVER defend those two idiots like they are defending her.

People STILL hate Shay regardless, lol. What a boring sad idiot.

I cannot believe they said she tried to ruin Shay's life, how? People believe Shay's racist, a scammer & everything else on their own.

What Luna did was a drop in the bucket for shay's rep.

No. 869766

y'all I'm really starting to think she shaves her ass a bunch and her hair follicles get irritated and that's why she's got such bad assne, I literally cannot think of any other reason for it to be this bad..

No. 869769

Sitting on your ass alot and having oily skin/not showering will give you assne.

Imagine if she did shave her ass though that would be hilarious

No. 869772

What bothers me the most is her absolute contradiction of baby talk in her posts, and flat, affectless personality in her live vids. Last Christmas she did a whole "buy my wishlist and I'll open it on cam" show. It took her more than an hour to sit naked rolling a blunt. Every few minutes she'd absently comment, "Yeah…I'll open this stuff in a minute." When the opening finally commenced, every gift was met with a "wow..cooool…thanks," and tossed aside. The whole time, orbiters were sending 'tips' through chat to pick which present she opened next. The mood was uncomfortably tense, as Shay alluded to her and fupa's breakup and things going down the toilet in that regard.

This chick just does absolutely fuck-all for her character or to separate it from reality. She's not over the top bubbly or cutesy, she's not sarcastic or cruel…she's just boring. This is why she's constantly begging for money. She needs to fully invest in a character personality for the cam, something she can detach from outside of work. As of now, she has absolutely nothing for anyone to take interest in.

No. 869773

I don't think she even shaves her legs. Can you imagine her going through the extra effort to shave her ass? lmao

No. 869775

seriously, at least the girl "bullying" her has a brand. I have no idea why Shay tries so hard to make herself seem like a legit sex worker when she could just put the work in and be a legit sex worker.

No. 869777

I'd almost feel bad if Shay wasn't insufferable. She chose this life, she chose to play life on hard mode, when she could've easily used the platform her parents given her and did shit the normal way.

You'd think the way Shay was acting, she was raised in a crack din and didn't have anything. She could've actually been doing something positive for herself, instead, she's begging & arguing with bitches online about crusty as porn.

I wish someone would tell these sexworkers, porn is free! You bitches aren't special, you aren't doing the world a favor!

Give people a reason to want to buy your porn.

No. 869779

I don't see how you can say she wasn't groomed, unless you think children can consent to sex acts. Yeah, her selling a custom about it as an adult is disgusting. But I don't get the anons acting as if her selling nudes as a child is funny or milk.

No. 869781

It's milk because her orbiters are choosing to use it as a narrative for why everything she does is excusable.

No. 869782

plus she's claiming to have trauma from it. Someone who has trauma from that wouldn't monetize a video, as an adult, where she giggles about it and is talking about it under the context of "kinky humiliating sex things"

No. 869784

(i'm the anon your responding too) you are right. Let me choose my words better. I don't think that a child can consent to sexual acts (obviously).

My point is they are choosing to run with a narrative that Shay's not using, shay never said sorry for camming underaged, she never said sorry for selling a custom as an adult using her situation for money & also making it seem like it's not a big deal.

They are going around telling flat out lies, of shit that didn't happen. First, they were saying Shay didn't cam underage, then when the video came out, they were silent, now she's groomed and "apologized" for it.

But your right, I do need to choose my word better. I get caught up sometimes because it's Shay.

I feel the people running around defending her don't know the full story. they just heard, "She cammed underaged" not understanding that people were upset that she cammed admitted it as an "humilationing" act and was smiling and treating it as a joke.

(I also never found it funny that she cammed underaged, but it is milk because the reason it came up again was because a few threads ago some orbiters were lying about it happening, it's also illegal)

No. 869785

It wasn't camming she clearly said she sold nudes

No. 869786

File: 1568741294093.png (123.23 KB, 1285x463, Captureh.PNG)


This is what she said in the video WORD FOR WORD.

No. 869787

My bad then, I was remembering the part where she said some dude paid her with a camera and I thought she said she sold nudes to him.

Tbh I think she's lying, you can't cam underage as there's no way to sign up (as a streamer) on any site without ID. unless she uploaded her DL and it went through or something.

But her laughing about it during the whole thing is so creepy.

No. 869788

she most likely used skype to cam. no ID or proof of age needed.

No. 869789

There's Skype and such, which would explain why she got paid in the form of a gift, not a pay-out from a cam site.

Aside from camming underage, I hate how she feels it's appropriate to talk in detail about the ways she used to masturbate as a child and tie herself up to her bed. Just sickening.

No. 869790

It just seemed like it was a digital diary, not something thats meant to turn someone on.

I feel like alot of the things she spoke about were in bad taste. Putting her parents in it, her ex boyfriend's mom,underaged stories etc.

No. 869792

I honestly didn’t read that far until now and I have a new found hatred for this bitch. This isn’t just her talking casually either. She said all of this with the intention of turning someone on, knowing they would jerk off to it. Shay has done a lot of fucked up shit but that takes the cake.

No. 869795

Oh and at the end she says she's wet. So talking about underaged camming makes her wet. The whole video was fucked up.

No matter how you sliced it, it doesn't look good to put something like that out there.

No. 869796

No, someone paid her money to take a video detailing the 10 most humiliating kinky things she's ever done. She monetized what she's now calling trauma and grooming. She monetized selling child porn fully knowing it was wrong. She monetized telling stories about how she masturbated as a child.

She fully knew what she was doing and the type of audience that would see it. She needs to be held accountable for it.

No. 869798

Have you seen the tweets of her orbiters defending her? They're all saying the only reason Luna did anything to her (over a year ago) was because of Shay selling porn when she was underage. Theyre not mentioning all the scamming, and all the shit she's said and done as adult. They're literally blaming all of it on "she was a victim of child grooming"

No. 869812

That would take seconds to meitu out too. She just doesnt even try

No. 869814

That and she doesn’t wash her clothes which are also tight and don’t breathe well

No. 869816

She’s not disliked for one reason it’s a long ass list not that her orbiters or new “friends” care to know since they’re farther up her ass then her small ass dildos

No. 869818

No ones forced her to do anything that she’s put out, it was her idea to start doing sex work maybe she was groomed as a young child but camming at 17 was 100% her decision

No. 869819

She’s taking the whole dd/lg kinky thing too far

No. 869820

But does Shay ever get wet? No

No. 869821

Her talking about inappropriate shit that she did underage totally contradicts the mini argument she just had with a random sw about not posting or mentioning children in the sw Twitter community

No. 869823

It’s possible if she used a fake id

No. 869824

Shes literally claiming the only reason she got into sex work was because she was coerced/groomed which is the biggest fucking lie in the world.

No. 869825

I thought she said it was for attention?

No. 869826

she got into sex work because it was popular on Tumblr, and she was popular on Tumblr. Meaning in order to stay popular she had to keep up.

No. 869827

Who the fuck groomed her?? Who could/would have coerced her into it? Plus wasnt she dating her high school bf at this time? Conner or something?

No. 869835

Yeah, but it seemed like he didn’t care I know she used to post about him calling him “daddy” and shit I think she means that she got into kinky stuff with him and is trying to pull off that she was groomed but most of her twitter followers aren’t aware that she was a popular stoner girl on tumblr and have no clue about her boyfriend from that time also his mother allegedly found out that she was doing sex work and told her mom so shay could not be disclosing this because she doesn’t want to deal with her mom but the whole “his mom told my mom” thing goes against her “my brothers shit friends told everyone” story. I read in a older thread the thing about her ex’s mom if anyone was wondering

No. 869839

She's probably saying she was groomed by men on the internet, which isn't uncommon. Why does it matter if she was dating someone? You can still be groomed.

I'm not saying she was though, just clarifying for you.

No. 869840

Can you sage and maybe use punctuation? I can't understand any of this.

No. 869843

File: 1568751430269.png (360 KB, 2048x1529, Screenshot_20190917-131635.png)

She's already got 1.5k on her new Twitter. Who does she think she's fooling

No. 869847

Holy hell reading the past threads, I thought her butt went through some ups and downs and it seemed ok for a while but dammmn wth kek

No. 869848

Can I just ask why so much of fupa's Facebook is public? Especially with how he use to cry on snap that he has stalkers who follow him to the gym and harassed his family and friends? He looks like a hot topic keyholder

No. 869849

Fake followers daddy came through again I see. So what, is buying engagement to match the obviously fake followers too expensive? Or just not possible? She wastes money on fake followers as if that's going to entice people to pay attention to her. We've all seen her face, putrid body, and stale, borrowed personality, so I feel like that would be the dealbreaker for most people with more than 1 1/2 brain cells.

No. 869852

in one of the older threads theres a post of her talking abt camming underaged and some guy sent her a camera or something and shay’s mom found it and gave it to the police station

No. 869853

Plot twist: Fupa is also an attention hungry, characteristically vacant person that actually enjoys attention of any kind. If he was actually bothered by all the "stalkers", he would have gone private as quick as possible, instead of running to a public platform to give them validation. Then again, maybe he just thinks he's in the clear now since he cut the umbilical cord from Shay's acne riddled ass. Tinfoil aside, I almost believe he checks up on here regularly, tossing out a few shady posts here and there, hoping someone here will find it and post it.

No. 869857

That's not tinfoil thats the truth. He wouldn't have a public relationship thinking Shay made him famous or whatever, if he didn't love attention good or bad.

He enjoyed the attention not only from Tumblr but also he felt that as an 30 something year old man, pulling a younger girl made him look "cool".

He didn't take Shay serious at all.

No. 869860

Shut up, it’s all in earlier threads and it’s very easy to understand if you got your head out of your ass. Basically the mother of the boyfriend who she got into kink with told her mother about her sex work. This goes against what she said earlier about her brothers friends finding out about it. I just remembered this because it seems like she’s either trying to elude that her first sexual experiences (with the ex) were preceded by grooming and later that he got her to cam and make videos, which isn’t true. Or that random men groomed her into making the videos like the one where listed humiliating things she’s done. I think it’s interesting how many lies she’s told about how her family found out about her porn and decided to bring it up when the screenshot of the dialogue from the humiliation video was posted. Also, it’s very low and in bad taste to make fun of someone’s punctuation.

No. 869865

File: 1568754995103.jpg (100.46 KB, 800x679, flat,800x800,070,f.jpg)

>Also, it’s very low and in bad taste to make fun of someone’s punctuation.

No. 869868

It’s not really a plot twist, he totally mooched off her tumblr persona to boost the popularity of his tumblr and now that they’re broken up he knows that if he subtly brings her up on his Facebook it will be posted on this thread. His need for attention probably has to do with low self esteem

No. 869869

It’s been said before but I bet he looks at this thread or has in the past.

No. 869871

This is an internet thread, not english class. kek.

No. 869874

File: 1568755847492.png (12.76 KB, 589x90, lies.PNG)

No. 869875

This is what, the 8th time shes mentioned going to the gym now? I wonder if she'll actually go. Beyond that, I wonder if she'll actually work out or just end up livetweeting for asspats for 30 minutes while maybe walking on the treadmill, taking selfies at the squat rack instead of squatting, and then go home expecting to be 'reimbursed' for her membership fees.

No. 869886

I was going to say that she should just go to gym already and not make a big deal but it’s over sharing shay so that’s not a possibility

No. 869889

File: 1568757608725.jpg (522.61 KB, 1080x2010, 20190917_165853.jpg)

Lol at the people in her replies. Im guessing the attention brought from her most recent twitter drama isn't the best as she was expecting

No. 869890

her orbiters are responding and think it's also Luna. idk why they want to pin it all on one person. many people have expressed their dislike for her on Twitter.

No. 869899

they're probably just cowtippers from here

No. 869900

Nice email.

No. 869902

Agreed, all the twitters started this month.

No. 869905


ugh jesus what video is that? manyvids is usually pretty good about not letting that kind of shit fly if its brought to their attention

No. 869907

I think she posted it on her very first twitter and that’s why there’s no link to it or anything but obviously it was discussed on the thread at the time

No. 869909

Kek at the hot topic key holder, he does but honestly he probably still shops there

No. 869910

Didn’t fupa pick out her outfits for her at one point in their realtionship and pulled it off as a dd/lg thing when in reality shay’s just lazy

No. 869911

"hey guys that pink cheap sweat suit I wore to sit around my house, or that nike set that I wore just to take a picture in my backyard!"

No. 869927

File: 1568768939763.jpg (159.98 KB, 1077x639, Screenshot_20190917-200833_Twi…)

She deleted the first tweet and just re posted it

No. 869931

Tfw your fake followers don't give you the attention you wanted

No. 869932

File: 1568770604431.jpg (654.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190917-203601_Twi…)

This looks really unflattering

No. 869933

File: 1568770631713.jpg (550.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190917-203611_Twi…)

Nice zits Shay

No. 869936

She's sucking in so hard, kek

No. 869937

File: 1568771904105.jpg (161.34 KB, 1077x583, Screenshot_20190917-205755_Twi…)

Much sexy Shay

No. 869939

OnlyFans anon, you gotta come through

No. 869940

She always talks about cumming but at this point I really doubt she actually has any ability to cum or squirt

No. 869943

How is this gonna be different from any other cum show? She NEVER showers

No. 869947

File: 1568774067426.jpg (125.06 KB, 1080x572, Screenshot_20190917-213359_Twi…)

Why is she even going this late?

No. 869949

So she can run into fupa

No. 869950

fewer people to watch her embarrass herself when she has no fucking idea what she's doing/doing nothing but taking pictures

No. 869953

Bad nitpick but the deodorant smear on the bra doesn’t surprise me, probably has layers of the shit to replace bathing.

No. 869957

Shay’s the kind of person to replace perfume and dry shampoo with bathing

No. 869958

If she had underwear she probably wouldn’t regularly change it

No. 869969

She does have underwear. One pair now it seems, the black calvin klein. Haven't seen that hello kitty pair in awhile. Maybe it finally molded over. She goes commando everywhere

No. 869972

She’s been taking about going to the gym for a few hours like just go, why does everything with her have to be a big deal? Does she really have nothing else to do then making a big deal out of a mundane activity that lots of other people do every day?

No. 869977

File: 1568781725542.jpg (515.34 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190918-064122_Bra…)

Lol @ all of these

No. 869980

15 mins on a treadmill and lightheaded? Is that a joke? Lol. I think that’s a normal length for a warmup even for a beginner…

No. 869984

knowing she doesn't wear undies, if she actually goes to the gym and manages to work up a sweat these outfits are going to be so gross.

No. 869991

She most likely smoked before hand, would not doubt she was drinking earlier and she never drinks water. She drank pre work out and doesn’t exercise. I’m not even shocked she’s struggling for a few minutes on a treadmill or that she thinks a treadmill is going to do anything for her ass.

No. 869997

Lmfao right??? She keeps saying she's working on getting a thicc ass but like? How? Drinking pre work out before walking a treadmill for probably more like 10 mins won't get you anywhere… Its a waste of the pre WORK OUT. Is she just too embarrassed to say she got fat (not like actually fat but bloated and bigger)?

No. 870019

She was also doing weak ass squats on snap

No. 870021

She was using cringey captions too like “doin a gym” and “doin a sweat”

No. 870022

She wore a full face of her ugly ass makeup minus the liner to the gym, lashes, caterpillar brows, the works like is she really trying to see fupa that badly?

No. 870023

Why is she announcing that she’s going to start using tumblr again? Like no one cares

No. 870024

File: 1568796561865.jpeg (279.24 KB, 750x1334, D1D336FA-2FE2-4F7A-B2E5-4DCDB8…)


No. 870025

File: 1568796654414.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 4EC6EE8F-6678-4211-A381-5BBBE0…)

No. 870026

File: 1568796737314.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 0D6488B4-1CF8-411F-9BD5-20BE81…)

Both photos are from her tumblr and honestly she looks so stupid

No. 870027

She also posted photos from the locker room which was discussed in the last thread how that’s fucked up because it’s a public changing room

No. 870028

File: 1568797026098.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, 2DDDC040-0771-4734-B1B0-AADAC2…)

I mean does she really not care or is she just that unaware? I mean it looks like no one else was in there with her but posting pictures from a locker room is something you just don’t do

No. 870029

File: 1568797101161.png (2.59 MB, 750x1334, 76CFF761-03B3-4C51-A7D0-6E675F…)

No. 870030

File: 1568797212028.png (690.67 KB, 750x1334, E3A0E68F-601D-43E6-8A9E-2BE63A…)


No. 870050


>grow butt

o….okay shayna

No. 870058

Not to defend her, but people take selfies there constantly?

>3 workouts

What? If she keeps that up she'll quit in a week.

No. 870063

File: 1568806222761.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 349.96 KB, 1242x2208, A2E518B4-185D-4669-A6E4-DE3AF6…)

No underwear underneath her gym clothes confirmed

No. 870064

File: 1568806286557.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 398.4 KB, 1242x2208, F8BA51ED-2365-46E7-8857-B765C4…)

She looks fucking r e k t

No. 870067

File: 1568806403088.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 376.63 KB, 1242x2208, FFA181B2-C034-4C89-B6B4-7DE854…)

Still trying to do the ahegao face, but just ends up looking retarded lmao

No. 870068

File: 1568806445036.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 381.89 KB, 1242x2208, 61390CA2-7E85-4138-8704-162151…)


No. 870087

goddamn, THAT is some terrifying shit. i feel bad for the poor dude who was just trying to beat off and was met with this

No. 870091

lol, wonder where she gets her raging assne from…

No. 870093

Kek this is the same gym her and fupa went to. So is it fupa date gym night now? Or is she going there in hopes to meet up with him? We all know he went to the gym late at night

No. 870096

She was 100% trying to accidentally run into him because she probably knows when he gets off work

No. 870105

that’s actually stalking. stop it, get some help Shay.

No. 870114

That may be why her ass was so "nervous" or she was pushing it off until the exact day she knew he was going.

Or she's just being shay and being lazy as hell.

Does anyone with Fupa's facebook have any milk??

No. 870118

I'm happy Shay's back on tumblr, they don't like her ass on there and I'm positive everyone who hated her then, will be back to hate her again for the fresh milk.

I also think she's doing that because she's attracted a bunch of trolls/"haters" to her page, since her drama.

There's more "woke"people on tumblr, who will
"cancel" and call her out there.

No. 870120

"Oh look, my pimples are red and irritated so sexy"

No. 870128

Very true, she’s totally missing her large following on tumblr but honestly she’s just embarrassing herself

No. 870133

when I was trying to find her page, All I saw was a bunch of people explaining why Shay was bad, now there's going to be fresh posts now that she's back, explaining why she's STILL bad.

It's so dumb of her to use '"dolly mattel" mostly because it makes this narrative of it all being "luna" bullshit.

She's sending people to a place thats full of her past misdeeds.

No. 870136

It's what Shay does though. She's constantly setting herself up for failure and then acts like a victim when people call her on her bullshit or she doesn't get the attention she craves. She's getting too old to be doing it still though.

No. 870139

File: 1568824951392.png (1.57 MB, 1797x2048, Screenshot_20190918-124129.png)

translation: "I'm going to sit on my ass scrolling through Amazon all day, you should send me money for that"

No. 870142

File: 1568825141158.png (684.63 KB, 2048x1782, Screenshot_20190918-124433.png)

Why is she THIS upset? The person wasn't rude to her.

Tbh she probably should have taken it. might have helped her quickly fading porn career, if you can even call it that.

No. 870144

What about her alien porno, hasnt it been like what, over a year since she promised she’d do it?

No. 870145

Shay's rebranding into an "Cancel Culture call out whore"
She wants attention so if she can get some calling out random people no one gives a fuck about, then she'll do it.

let's look at what the drama did for Shay?

Did she make more money then usual- No.

Did she get real followers and more interaction-N0

Did she gain two SWers to Wk her- For now

Is she getting more tips & Amazon cards- No

Is she still begging and buying followers- Yes

In conclusion, she gained nothing but two drama loving whores.

No. 870148

What does she mean by “making a living” off of her content she barely makes enough to pay rent

No. 870149

She’s so stupid for using tumblr again, her blog is flagged as nsfw so her blog doesn’t come up when you search it, as mentioned before it just leads to a bunch of people talking shit about her

No. 870151

At the beginning of the year her whole reason for not using tumblr anymore was because of the “opression of sex workers and nsfw content” because of the nsfw ban and honestly none of her followers care about her anymore

No. 870153

I don’t know if masturbating in different outfits is a career tho

No. 870154

Shayna no one goes to you for G/G content. You've made what, 3-4 videos with girls? All where you look awkward as fuck?

You make solo porn, period. And it sucks, because you have no creativity or sex appeal.

No. 870158

File: 1568826578929.png (4.69 MB, 750x1334, DA83CFC1-EB65-4EFD-BE4A-DE73A7…)

This was reblogged from shay, I found it from an inactive fan account on tumblr. I remember when this happened and it’s still as cringey

No. 870160

RIGHT! And in that one video on pornhub, she looks disgusting and disgusted touching that girl she did it with.
Shay doesn't do GG content because she's not bisexual, two because she hates other girls & three, she probably sees how dusty she looks compared to those other sex workers.


I've always felt like porn is something that people do when they want quick money & have no skills to get it.

Pursuing a "career" in selling nudes and solo's (that get leaked online anyway) is the dumbest way to make money, unless you are something special and you hustle your ass off.

Even then, you could be using that energy and/or saving money you make, to do something else.

Which none of these girls do.

No. 870164

That woman got paid nicely, and she was a relatively good domme. Shayna was so fucking awkward in that video though.

No. 870167

It was just so cringey how shay acted in the video and generally in any video she made with another woman especially when she claims to be bi despite hating other women

No. 870170

File: 1568827452155.png (885.36 KB, 656x492, djdjd.PNG)

I was reminded of this picture of how awkward Shay is around other sex workers. She looked better then she does now then but she always likes to stand out in the wrong way.
She looked like the annoying sister that one of the swers invited because she kept begging

No. 870174

File: 1568827726570.png (783.47 KB, 1328x2048, Screenshot_20190918-102722.png)

Ah the poor me" train is up and running. Choo Choo.

No. 870180

File: 1568827972960.png (798.38 KB, 1206x2048, Screenshot_20190918-103020.png)

Pt 2

So NOW it's ban evading? What happened to it being "haydurs"

No. 870181

Like the twitter owner would want Shay (I know she's joking but lord)

and Nah, it's not only because backlash, you're just a nobody Shay, which is why she went back to Tumblr.

Maybe it's time to go back to mom or dad & figure shit out.

No. 870184

When the drama doesn't work in your favor and you wind up looking like a stupid terrible liar. Oh, bless your heart you retard.

No. 870195

“my sales are down”
But Shay, I thought you made a living from your dryass solo porn?

No. 870207

File: 1568831582449.png (315.17 KB, 2048x571, Screenshot_20190918-143221.png)

"successful" is that what we're calling it now?

No. 870219

Hold up. Didn’t Shays tumblr get deleted or something and she lost all her followers? How could she have 150k followers if she had to make a new tumblr account?

No. 870220

? Successful??

Where? She's been begging for chump change, almost missing rent, crying about NOT being successful & when she was with Fupa that was probably the best she was doing mentally and business-wise, which is a low fucking bar.

Because she was fucked mentally still, but at least she sorta had a life.

No. 870222

It never got deleted.

No. 870223

The only life she had was being cooped up in her Fupa McMansion and going out with him at night since he didn't take her out in sunlight.

The only time she was ever successful was when she first started sex work on Tumblr, because she already had a huge following and was actually willing to put in work. Once she realized she barely had to do anything and she would still have fans, she stopped even trying and just went on a downward spiral from there.

No. 870228

It did get nuked but she got it back. You anons must have joined in later cause she was losing her shit.

No. 870241

I thought she had just freaked out over the threat of it being nuked, because of the porn ban. Guess I forgot.funny how she's running back to dead Tumblr though, after her Twitter drama didn't work the way she planned.

No. 870245

It got deleted several times back in December but she emailed them allegedly and got her blog back but it’s flagged as nsfw

No. 870247

The only time Shay has a life was before she started making content

No. 870249

Her porn is fucking boring. You can literally open a few videos at once and around the same few seconds she does the exact same shit. I think my favorite one to rip on is the piss puppy vid. I absolutely do not believe that she has a dog fetish…or any genuine kink. Even the ddlg shit seems so forced. And I'm betting 100% that she and fupa haven't truly ever separated. Kinda miss his snap rants though. "Ay yo…y'all gotta stwahp asking me about dwolly mwattel! It's ruining my life! I didn't wealize the wepercussions or dating an internet whore!"

No. 870253

Been reading these threads forever and it always weirds me out that farmers buy and watch her vids.

No. 870254

nta but there are free previews of all of them on mv…?

No. 870259

Those vids are full of milk lol. Nta but i know farmers buy them just to document her horridness. Like the OF/snap anons, we get lots of milk through these farmers

No. 870276

File: 1568840358602.jpg (143.4 KB, 1071x400, Screenshot_20190918-155838_Chr…)

Kek, saw the new banner is up

No. 870278

File: 1568840523561.jpg (192.07 KB, 1080x678, Screenshot_20190918-160107_Twi…)

Found it a bit ironic that she retweets a post like this considering she sold content when she was underaged with no verified sites.

No. 870305

File: 1568847779093.png (61.49 KB, 882x457, fjdjd.PNG)

she thinks she's so clever, but says the same shit every day. Funny thing is she's only had one Dad, with young kids, who told his baby mom she was a digital artist and who used her and shit talked her online after.

No. 870306

File: 1568847802038.png (15.18 KB, 587x128, sure.PNG)

No. 870316

Im a longtime tumblr hate-follower and she used to reblog the previews dozens of times per day. There's another particularly laughable vid where she mashed a bunch of fruit with her feet.

No. 870321

File: 1568849465874.jpg (Spoiler Image, 631.79 KB, 1080x1566, Screenshot_20190918-182233_Twi…)

That shmoopshmoop account posted this

No. 870322

File: 1568849508798.jpg (381.04 KB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_20190918-182159_Twi…)

The comments on the video of her admitting to camming underage

No. 870323

It's really fucked up they are blaming this on all on Luna, if we didn't know it was an actual person, I'd think Luna was their code for here.

No. 870327

File: 1568850066225.jpeg (68.1 KB, 750x377, 056A60D4-2B4E-4FD4-8373-D3575D…)

She tries way too hard to be a ~kinky~ tumblr girl kek

No. 870328

I cannot wait for her to bring the "everyone's Luna" shit on Tumblr and people get on her ass.

No. 870330

Well considering she lurks here and you mentioned you’re not a sex worker and that she doesn’t interact with you, it won’t be hard for her or anons to figure it out. Good job outing yourself I guess

No. 870338

I guess it's just easier to assume it's all one person than admitting the fact that tons of people within the community and outside of it despise you.

No. 870353

File: 1568854292097.png (730.83 KB, 1768x2048, Screenshot_20190918-205046.png)

She seriously just reposts shit from Tumblr and her old Twitters, word for word. Wow.

No. 870355

why pay to look at a crusty bitch when you can watch crustless swers for free?

Also remember she said there's "no money on tumblr" back when she was giving advice.

Now she's back to tumblr until she buys more followers.

No. 870356

She goes on these spergs and tweets abunch hoping one will go viral lol

No. 870359

Her viral days BEEN over, she seriously needs to move on.

No. 870360

Bruh I think it's time to find a new "career path" but you're too damn lazy and stanky

No. 870363

She’s never posted any of this on her tumblr although it is tumblr-esque and is similar to what she’s seen others post, honestly she’s just trying to be relatable so she’ll get engagement from actual people

No. 870364

Don’t we all hate follow her on tumblr tho?

No. 870375

i hate that i was right, could you imagine using a machine that she sat on with this butt and just a layer of ~gym gear~.

the filter glitching is hilarious.

No. 870381

Grandma took out her dentures and is exposing her saggy pussy lips, send help

No. 870394

File: 1568867075847.png (261.7 KB, 1242x647, 5B7B2A81-C056-481C-95B5-2D0DFC…)

I saw this tweet and decided to add it to the thread because of shay’s whole “fuck cancel culture but fuck this bitch” shit fit from the other day.

No. 870408

What the fuck is wrong with her??? She's so lucky the man she found on Tumblr was Fupa and not some violent man. I remember when she went to Mexico with him after knowing him for like 2 months, I was certain she was either going to die or get beat up for real. She puts out this image that she wants to be straight up abused and violated, and that's the type of man she will attract: violent abusers. What the fuck, Shayna.

No. 870438

Shay really doesn't understand kink and it’s so cringey how far she’ll go to be relatable

No. 870503

File: 1568906189406.png (871.83 KB, 1483x2048, Screenshot_20190919-111507.png)

she's such a fucking pick me. nothing in that tweet is calling those boys rapists. she really really does not belong in the sex work community if she's going to shit on women in it while praising men who harm them.

Plus the irony of the whole thing is just hilarious

No. 870508

Didn't Shay say she wasn't going to interact with that chick anymore since all that racist shit came out? Hypocrite Shay strikes again

No. 870517

File: 1568908199807.png (213.17 KB, 595x458, 1544476348199.png)

Pic related.

No. 870521

she doesn't realize how her male-aligned identity makes her look pathetic yet lmfao?

all of that caping for men and she still has to beg for money…

No. 870538

Literally all Shay does online is "Clapback" at people who weren't even talking to her. She constantly gets so fucking triggered by everything.

No. 870539

File: 1568911619455.png (53.42 KB, 625x468, mfmf.PNG)

I found this funny lol, don't know if it was posted here.

No. 870543

File: 1568913095157.png (Spoiler Image, 1.93 MB, 1400x2048, Screenshot_20190919-131053.png)

I seriously don't even know what she's going for anymore.

No. 870548

looks like she sprinkled dried oregano all over her pussy

No. 870553

She makes people pay for this shit on her onlyfans, then just goes and posts it on twitter for free a day later lmao. Scammy Mattel back at it again

No. 870555

I truly want to slap the fuck out of the assholes who pay to see grainy ass pictures of Shay.

There's no point for her to even lock ugly pictures behind paywalls, she shows them anyway.

That must be why people don't ever buy her "texting" service, they know she won't do it and anything they talk about she'll probably post it online anyway.

No. 870569

I didn’t even know she had a texting service, so obviously she’s shit at advertising too

No. 870570

File: 1568916510358.png (143.28 KB, 577x715, Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 2.04…)

Some porn star passed away at age 40 and Shayna is starting twitter drama. 1/4

No. 870571

File: 1568916544817.png (171.38 KB, 589x710, Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 2.04…)


No. 870572

File: 1568916664814.png (147.16 KB, 574x627, Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 2.04…)


No. 870573

That's not even what people were saying though. Shay wouldn't even care if the lady didn't do porn.

In fact, you can say Shay is making someone's passing about her defending sex work.

and how is it whorephobia? No one's calling her a fucking whore.

If anything, I saw people discussing how drug use & porn go hand and hand and looking at Shay? You can see that clearly.

Shay's only cares because she feels like people are judging sexwork & drug use, the shit that she does.

No. 870574

File: 1568916758152.png (131.08 KB, 591x541, Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 2.03…)


No. 870576

"most the people I know" Okay bitch, so the small survey of people you "know" means something?

Also, I love how they are mad because people are saying it's "porn" but how the FUCK do they know it wasn't porn?

They don't care about this girl passing, they just care about defending sex work and drug use.

Which a SHIT TON of porn workers will tell you, is shit that happens ALL THE TIME.

No. 870578

All Shay is trying to do is prove to people that shes woke and "cares" about the community. She doesn't actually, but getting into pointless arguments apparently is the way to show how woke you are.

No. 870580

File: 1568917836512.png (805.93 KB, 1670x2048, Screenshot_20190919-142918.png)

"I w3nT t0 gRaPhIc DeSiGn ScHOoL"

Bitch look up some tutorials on YouTube, you have ALL DAY since you don't do anything else. But you wanna focus on filming? Right.

No. 870581

It's so funny because NO ONE cares about Shay. I guess cancel & callout culture is good when Shay does it.

I truly think she feels that she can get more fans being outspoken about random shit, but no one cares.

They don't. She can't advocate for the community because there's so many times that shay has direspected it.

No. 870585

That's a farm name, isn't it? Is someone tipping?

No. 870586

most likely, but tipping would involve leading her here in some form so I'm sure it's just some farmer looking to get their 2 cents in.

No. 870592

90% of the anonymous interactions she gets on twitter are farmers that have this weird complex of wanting to get her attention

No. 870594

They just want to instigate so she'll say something dumb and reactive that makes her look bad. It's rotten milk.

No. 870596

Stop poking the cow poo, it's embarrassing. Also nobody cares about your hot take, it has nothing to do with shayna

No. 870597

She’s so dumb, the issue isn’t about pornstars it’s the dangers of being a professional pornstar, it’s not whorephobia and the argument isn’t against anyone it’s about the industry. I hate how sex workers pull out big words during arguments that they don’t know how to use. No one asked for her input.

No. 870600

Hiring an editor is a scam waiting to happen

No. 870601

It’s really funny how she feels the need to defend sex work when she’s the type of person who makes the industry look bad

No. 870604

She’s never done professional porn full time, she has no idea what that situation is like although she works in the same industry it’s totally different then fucking yourself on a day bed high on weed in your shitty apartment. She’s need to shut up

No. 870610

It's really disturbing that so many girls who don't even DO Pro-porn and are basically selling homemade porn, are constantly sticking up for the pro-porn industry.

You know, one of the most exploitive industries there is, especially for women. I always get super confused when I see people only talking about the great parts of sex work and not the horrible sides of it.

These twitter Sworkers are constantly painting a picture of the industry that makes it looks easy and safe. Then when they do speak out it's only towards the customers.

Not these shady companies, not the thousands of past & present porn stars who speak about how fucked it is, not how they aren't paid their worth, not how dangerous it is.

Shay should shut the fuck up about professional porn.

She doesn't know this lady's life. She doesn't know what role porn played in her life, so she needs to stay out of it and stop trying to project, only to protect herself.

No. 870615

"Oh yeah I don't have the money right now but once it sells I get back to you sure thing!"

she's the kind that would want someone to do the work before she even pays them a dime.

No. 870616

can't pay her rent on time & is always begging, but she's going to pay someone to edit her 2 videos she makes every two weeks? Nah. Doubt.

No. 870619

it's literally because they think what they are doing is pro-porn.

No. 870657

File: 1568929292739.jpeg (205.56 KB, 1242x1582, 9252887D-B9E5-420A-B769-0FE2EA…)

Good god!

No. 870658

so less than a week for this one? Top Kek

No. 870659

The funniest thing this is probably the most real followers she'd ever had.

The drama didn't do SHIT for her.

I guess this is Luna's fault. Not her ban envading or breaking TS.

No. 870663

Go away “Luna”

No. 870665

Ah, a kek this good feeds the soul.

No. 870666

Wtf are you talking about? We've been talking for days about how they keep blaming one person for everything that happens to Shay.

It was a fucking joke (but I wouldn't be surprised if shay & her orbiters blame her)

No. 870667

Every time her twitter gets taken down it's not Shay's fault, it's people reporting her or some other bullshit.

No. 870668

She hasn't posted to snap or Tumblr about it so get your popcorn out

No. 870669

That's what you get for trying to be woke and you wind up harassing people in the process. No one wants to hear your thoughts on anything Shayna.

No. 870673

She hasn't posted to snap or Tumblr about it so get your popcorn out

No. 870676

Maybe this will make her consider doing ANYTHING like literally, ANYTHING different.

Or she'll just make another twitter account and the cycle will repeat.

No. 870678

File: 1568930745256.png (211.37 KB, 2048x1337, Screenshot_20190919-150425.png)

Spoke too soon

No. 870680

Hell, rehab, back home, to the shower….

No. 870681

I can't wait for her full blown meltdown

No. 870683

D for all of the above

No. 870684

She posted on her snap for people to follow her Tumblr for now. Maybe she's finally giving up on Twitter?

No. 870685

Right, because if anyone uses Tumblr, an anti-porn/NSFW platform, it's going to be…dudes looking for ass and titties and a chick that rarely if ever puts out content and just whines and begs for money. Right.

No. 870691

File: 1568932533868.jpeg (84.71 KB, 750x667, E8D2C5E3-53AA-43DD-9A5B-25163E…)

No. 870693

File: 1568932580632.jpeg (255.28 KB, 750x1101, 85F3833B-917C-4813-AD1E-E54C2D…)

No. 870694

But does it help with being problematic and annoying?

No. 870695

She wastes so much money on the dumbest shit. I bet she's never going to the gym again.

And again, didn't she tell someone there's no money on tumblr??

No. 870698

File: 1568933460713.jpg (832.5 KB, 1080x1814, Screenshot_20190919-165917_Vid…)

She also posted this on snap.

No. 870700

how can she keep not getting it

try something different you imbecile

No. 870707

She also posted on snap something about whoever makes her a new twitter will get a “few free vids” but they’re all the same so…

No. 870708

Trying to regain her stoner popularity? That boat has sailed Shay, nobody cares about you, or girls who smoke weed on tumblr anymore. Go to rehab.

No. 870709

Does she not get that making new twitter accounts after getting banned again and again is literal insanity?

No. 870710

Tbh she should go back to MA, she needs to get over herself and realize that her parents just want what’s best for her and this ain’t it

No. 870712

I wonder what she’d do with herself if her tumblr got deleted. There’s no way she can buy the 100k back and she sure as hell couldn't regain them naturally.

No. 870714

Dumb cunt probably didn’t even get reported. Twitter mass locked a ton of SW accounts today and has been cracking down on bots like crazy. She probably just got caught in the purge because yanno she insists on breaking rules and is a SW

No. 870715

That’s a good point, she always acts like the victim but this time it just isn’t her

No. 870716

Many gyms have the option to bring a "guest" for free x number of times a month. She's probably going as fupa's guest

No. 870723

Nah, she's dumb enough to fall for all the promotional bullshit so she probably got some too tier "gold" package because "she deserves it"

No. 870724

imagine thinking weed is gonna help your mood disorder

No. 870725

Stop cowtipping

No. 870733

File: 1568940316772.jpg (634.64 KB, 922x1767, Screenshot_20190919-194307_Vid…)

No. 870734

Someone made a new Twitter for her and is calling it a “Dolly Mattel fan page” for “work updates” she posted it on snap, I would screenshot and post here but I don’t want to get blocked, but she really thinks she’s fooling twitter with the fan page bullshit

No. 870736

File: 1568940478049.jpg (310.83 KB, 918x1770, Screenshot_20190919-194333_Vid…)

No. 870738

How does she not get that Twitter doesn't want her there.
Just like Mariah, making a new account doesn't mean Twitter doesn't know that you're the same person they already banned.
Like good god, let it GO

No. 870748

Has she forgotten that she does have two other accounts still up, and that could be a reason why the new ones are getting purged?

I can't find the other one, but I know the name was "dolly Mattel stan" of some sort. Fans made them for her. She probably lost contact with them and can't get into the accounts, kek.

No. 870752

Watch, now she'll use this as an excuse to never post the video she promised to her onlyfans subscribers. Kek.

No. 870757

>"i've made a living off of my porn!"

>giving out porn for twitter accounts

No. 870779

is she going to include hazard pay for the poor soul who will fry their eyes having to look at that.

this one seems pretty active, wonder who is using it. also has less than 400 followers which is far more accurate than her thinking thousands actually want to.

and yes, she probably won't deliver that double penetration video and i wouldn't be surprised if she lost onlyfans subs.

No. 870793

Wow Shay projecting much?? Lmao shes so triggered because she has to wake and bake every morning, smoke and drink all day, and finish the night drinking more just to get through her shitty day to day existence kek

No. 870876

File: 1568985267699.jpg (150.77 KB, 1078x847, Screenshot_20190920-081401_Tum…)

Shay, you literally post EVERYTHING

No. 870878

File: 1568985322253.jpg (141.91 KB, 1080x706, Screenshot_20190920-081108_Tum…)

We all know this won't happen. And if she's so "successful," she shouldn't have to worry about her income

No. 870879

File: 1568985346508.jpg (85.24 KB, 1080x579, Screenshot_20190920-081057_Tum…)

More like you broke the rules

No. 870880

File: 1568985391954.jpg (245.48 KB, 1078x1123, Screenshot_20190920-081031_Tum…)

We all know it's her fake voice

No. 870885

File: 1568986062528.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 62.96 KB, 750x446, 34AFC68C-D51F-46D1-89A6-AA11F6…)

More like 100% idiotic

No. 870891

File: 1568986443899.jpeg (73.36 KB, 750x571, 7DDA741A-68CF-4B8B-BE62-AA45C8…)

“Pops off my back” lmao how delusional

No. 870910

the day she went to the gym she even tweeted about going live on her onlyfans "later in the day". ofc never happened and she deleted the tweet lmao

No. 870918


>superior overlord of porn


No. 870927

The funniest thing about this whole thing was ALL that drama she started meant nothing.

Like literally nothing, she might as well not had said anything at all. She wasted her own time & others time trying to "cancel" someone, when her fucking twitter was canceled in the end lol.

No. 870951

File: 1568998617195.png (655.17 KB, 1626x2048, Screenshot_20190920-125308.png)

from a monetary standpoint, this makes no sense.

So, one person would spend $100 and get 4 customs, which normally cost $150 (base price) each, which would equal around $600. Plus they get all of her vids, and daily nudes, and texting.

But then another person would spend $150 for just ONE custom video? No, that's not a deal, that's a straight rip off. she really has no idea how to price anything properly.

No. 870958

I couldnt imagine someoen sending her 100$ at the beginning of the month, and her actually fulfilling all of these for that month. She'd probably ask for more tips to do the rest or come up with excuses

No. 870961

>without giving too much away
>literally posts her gaping butthole

this is what she should've been doing for months instead of begging. not like she'll actually stick to the schedule, but if she's really that "worried" she wouldn't be spending the way she does.

No. 870965

Maybe she keeps getting banned for using the words Barbie/Mattel. I wouldn’t be surprise if that’s why she keeps getting shut down. If I owned those brands I wouldn’t want them associated with this

No. 870967

So she’s advertising her texting service after it was talked about here? Quit lurking shayna

No. 870969

Kind of ironic how Barbie is all about empowering girls to be the best they can be and achieve their dreams but Shay’s at her worst

No. 870971

File: 1569003031757.jpeg (73.03 KB, 750x530, 5AB30060-354B-428C-B1F5-C05596…)

Why is she playing hard to get? We all know no one wants to be with her

No. 870973

Twitter can't ban her for that, lmfao. It's literally just ban evading and nothing more.

No. 870974

kek she’s oblivious

No. 870975

2k for a dinner date Shay? Real high end escorts don’t even charge that much lmao she’s got to be delirious. You’ll suck and fuck Fupas micro penis in exchange for a bar burger and a couple beers but you really expect anyone to pay $2000 to be anywhere near you?

No. 870976

Neko/Luna or Shay??

No. 870982

I was wondering what happened to that Arianna Grande anon just yesterday lmao Now we just need that Ribmeat anon

No. 870983

There's so much tacky/gross/dumb shit that shay has done for chump change, I love how she's pretending she's worth a lot, when there's so much proof of her selling herself cheap or for free.

No. 870985

I think they can though. intellectual property.

No. 870991

No, they can’t. Or if they can, they don’t care to. Other wise they’d go after bigger fish like Nicki Minaj or Trixie Mattel.

No. 870995

I promise you, Mattel does not care to go after a bottom tier sex worker with ass pimples who exposes her asshole in public restrooms.

No. 871009

File: 1569009533454.jpeg (161.77 KB, 750x939, AF128428-2900-421F-89E7-2A775F…)

How embarrassing

No. 871010

How fucking dumb.

No. 871011

Wonder who she stole this idea from.

No. 871022

"Cum tax" or "fap tax" is usually used by dommes. Any time she's low on money she attempts to use domme tactics to get money. Yet she's branded herself as "100% submissive bimbo Barbie"

She's a fucking moron.

No. 871031

File: 1569011894578.png (51.06 KB, 1080x395, Screenshot_20190920-163640~2.p…)

lmao she said this almost exactly TWO MONTHS ago, last time she cammed. that she would set up a schedule that week and be on regularly.

two months. how many videos has she made in that time? like three?

No. 871038

File: 1569014267383.png (455.18 KB, 2048x784, Screenshot_20190920-171629.png)

>"I'm trying to be really careful"

The next post is literally 2 pics of her gaping her uncensored asshole. How fucking retarded can you get.

No. 871039

I'm not posting the pics cos that's some fucking nightmare fuel

No. 871040

Only her dumbass orbiters feel bad for her

No. 871043

File: 1569014567472.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 109.77 KB, 750x609, F9A5A4C9-4B55-4050-896E-3A46A1…)

Another incest video, how original

No. 871044

so much for being careful with the new account…

No. 871051

this thread is hilarious mostly because of shayna, sure, but the rest of you salty camwhores reeeeeeing about her schedule or whatever makes it really priceless. which one of you gets the upboats for constantly uploading her disgusting porn for free? you put a lotta work in, vendetta-chan.

No. 871052

Fucking spoiler that shit holy hell.

PS, that's not a new video

No. 871053

Shut up Shayna/Lana/Orbiter.

No. 871054

Aww the whiteknight is here; maybe Shayna will let you fuck her dry cooch if you fight hard enough for her.

No. 871055

Shayna literally thinks she can do whatever she want.

No. 871056

File: 1569016080876.jpeg (231.54 KB, 1242x831, E645B47E-50D4-4654-AEEF-CE91D0…)

Get ready for this train wreck

No. 871059

aka- "come watch me softly tap my ass with a dirty paddle, watch me lightly slap/punch my face for pennies, watch me press a toy against my numb dry clit & be gross in general"

If it even happens.

No. 871060

"Come watch while I slouch naked on my dirty floor and scratch myself and ignore my audience"

No. 871066

Shay, if you’re going to pretend to be someone else don’t type in lowercase letters as usual.

No. 871067

It seriously sounds like Lana Bee, too which is hilarious. Didn't she once make her own thread for herself?

No. 871075

No but she does lurk, if you’re talking about the cruelchulita thread that wasn’t her, she has a very specific way she types but she did post in it tho before it got locked.

No. 871079

Let’s stop derailing tho

No. 871083

Why do all the problematic twitter sex workers type in lower caps? It just seems so annoying to have to hit the shift key every time you type just to give you a certain “aesthetic” it doesn’t do anything besides make them look dumb

No. 871087

File: 1569019786780.png (32.63 KB, 598x440, sponsoredbymcdonalds.png)

lowkey trying to get into feeder porn, huh Shay?

No. 871094

Welp, there went her diet

No. 871096

Ugh, that one orbiter is so try hard, you can tell some of these bitches really think that Shay has something to offer them.

No. 871097

Whatever happened to her collab video with that orbiter sw who never shows her face I think she went by bratty or something like that?

No. 871098

It never happened lol. Shay hasn't mentioned it either. Last I saw of that orbiter she had a girlfriend or some shit.

No. 871121

File: 1569024099537.png (306.17 KB, 2048x645, Screenshot_20190920-200110.png)

please yes for the love of god

No. 871122

her face and voice and whole affect make me want to strangle something


No. 871123

I hope she doesn't mean on life, hopefully, she means this "career" but I have a feeling she's going to say, "But I won't give up because blah blah blah"

No. 871126

cos she's a strong independent woman who runs her own business and is super successful and positive.

That's what she's going to say, just praise herself and never admit to her many many constant failures. She's never going to get anywhere with that attitude. She quit her first ever job because she didn't like the manager telling her when she did something wrong. She's such a brat and thinks everything she does is great.

Prepare for the multiple self praise tweets about how strong she is

No. 871127

File: 1569024445541.png (592.65 KB, 2048x1296, Screenshot_20190920-200654.png)

I don't think she can go one hour, let alone one full day, without social media of some kind.

No. 871134

She's just drinking peach liquour out of the bottle on her snap jfc

No. 871139

File: 1569026789170.png (724.37 KB, 2048x1647, Screenshot_20190920-204558.png)

It can't be a job if you're not even doing the work.

No. 871140

"Well, I was gonna work, guess I can't now!"

No. 871152

There are camgirls who do just fine with no social media presence whatsoever. You need to come up with a better excuse than that, Shayna.

No. 871163

Guess that means she’s not camming tonight kek

No. 871166

nta but it’s so funny that she (and a lot of other people) think you can change the size/shape of your ass much at all by working out. sure if you’re super dedicated and using the right weight and exercises you can build some muscle but it’s absolutely NEVER gonna be a drastic change. especially not if you don’t take it seriously.

No. 871169

According to her snapchat, she just finished filming and is now smoking and playing fornite

No. 871175

you wanna know a form of social media that will never ban you for posting adult content/asking for money in exchange for adult content???

MYFREECAMS, dumb bitch! if you cam regularly then 1. you'll make money regularly, 2. people will know where and when they can find you regularly, 3 people will interact with you more regularly

it's almost like… Twitter and Snapchat… aren't replacements for doing your job, and buying followers does absolutely nothing for your ~success~

No. 871184

Honestly, if she used mfc regularly and only used social media to post her schedule, advertise her services and new content, she’d be pretty successful

No. 871186

File: 1569034928281.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 138.11 KB, 750x1334, CFD2F83B-49D7-4C6E-ABB0-F41C1F…)

No. 871188

She posts more lewd shit on her social media, I can't believe people pay for this.

No. 871191

I think shay annoys/baffles me more than any other cow because she literally has it so easy but won’t do a n y t h i n g. There is tons of free advice available for her, anons writing paragraphs of things -actually helping- her, and all the free time to do it - but she just…doesn’t. I don’t know what her end game is here. I don’t know what she thinks she’s doing. It’s so frustrating to watch. Luckily also hilarious, but still. Get it together girl

No. 871192

File: 1569035723876.jpg (150.66 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20190920_200623.jpg)

I know the filter is doing most of the heavy lifting, but she appears to actually be wearing blush for once and there's some improvement

No. 871194

File: 1569035842165.png (3.77 MB, 750x1334, D2F20D1C-AC83-4321-8140-2CBF8B…)

The highlights of the videos that shay posted to her new snap tonight include this creepy face and her calling peach schnapps “mango candy”, pronouncing the words correction and liquor weirdly, doing a awkward dance, and off course getting hammered all while listening to Whiskey Bar by The Doors, classy.

No. 871200

The way she awkwardly acts likes shes going to spank her snon existent ass right before the camera cuts to the outro. Kek.

No. 871201


A lot of filter work but her face looks better than usual she actually tried on her full face makeup. Surprising since she got her shit deleted. I guess she thought she was going to cam lol. Also didn't she tell someone to post tease clips to make people want more and yet here she is again showing off her tits and ass in full and posting full nudes for free??
Like other anon said , she really needs to post her schedule and very minimally then just actually use mfc and shit to WORK and have a somewhat stable income. Girl just thinks she'll go viral with one of her dumb tweets. It ain't happening. Memes won't pay your bills anyway Shay.

No. 871202

You've literally just described the job kek. camming, promotion, and advertising. the job she claims to do. but that's still too much work for her… she'd rather just remake 1000 Twitter accounts to beg from, and sell the same "100+!!" videos, which she supplements with new versions of recycled ideas, angles, and positions every month or two.

No. 871208

And she doesn't even have it on the right area of her face. For fucks sake Shayna get it together.

No. 871213

File: 1569041961539.jpg (240.35 KB, 1078x888, Screenshot_20190920-235409_Twi…)

Guess shes washing away her sorrows at the bar again. This trainwreck is really depressing to watch. The best thing she could've done for herself was get on cam. It is the easiest and most direct way to connect with her audience and I get that she avoids cam for the sake of hiding her dull personality but gosh she never ceases to amaze me with the amout of excuses she can make.

No. 871214

>each bar bathroom
shayna what the fuck

No. 871215

I truly wonder why she only goes out on Friday as if she works all week and Friday is her time to have a little fun.

Lol. It'd be one thing if she did other shit during the week, but every friday, we hear about her being at the bar, this fake/real/fupa "cute boy".

The reast of the week she's a shut-in.

No. 871217

Guys, she has chapstick on. Let’s give her a round of applause! I hope she begins trying something else besides her cat eye look that she does everyday.

No. 871221

She’s so pathetic, only going out on Friday's trying to “run into” fupa like she did at that beer festival earlier in the summer

No. 871234

You’re so right, what really annoys me about Shay is that she was so well off before she started sex work. She probably had so many opportunities and came from the kind of lifestyle where she could’ve gotten into almost any college and not have to think twice about money but she chose to fuck up her life and beg for rent every month, I really don’t feel bad for her because she did this to herself and didn’t think anything out past being popular on tumblr

No. 871239

lets see what Shay got out of it after all these years?

-Countless deleted social medias
-40 threads about her here
- a bad rep
-a bad relationship with her mother

So nothing positive or worth it.

she did ALL of this just to end up worst & with less than when she started.

Remember when she was bragging about leaving home earlier than her brother?

Compare the two. Maybe you should've stayed longer Shay.

No. 871241

Does she not realize that the amount of alcohol she drinks is probably the biggest factor in her weight gain, and that eating a handful of almonds or going to the gym once a week isn’t going to undo all the damage she’s doing by pouring thousands of empty calories down her throat?

No. 871251

She probably thinks eating fatty foods can be worked around by somehow trying to store that fat in her ass but she’s not built like that and as another anon mentioned that’s a lot of work and effort that Shayna isn’t capable of so much for a “phat ass”

No. 871253

I also thought it was really funny how she tried to market herself as having a nice ass when she was skinny and know that she isn’t skinny, her insecurity about it is showing all she ever had going for her sex appeal wise was being thin but that’s subjective(halt thou autism)

No. 871378

File: 1569098520285.png (Spoiler Image, 2 MB, 2047x2048, Screenshot_20190921-134111.png)

Shayna….. No.

No. 871380

You'd think this dummy would be working but nope.

No. 871381

What the fuck is she taking a picture on? A fucking Nintendo DS?

No. 871391

File: 1569101267974.jpg (Spoiler Image, 485.23 KB, 1080x1118, Screenshot_20190921-162639_Twi…)

No one thinks your alcoholism is cute Shay

No. 871392

File: 1569101294947.jpg (Spoiler Image, 921.03 KB, 1080x1926, Screenshot_20190921-162708_Twi…)

The assne though

No. 871396

its ok to be a little late anon, but we already know

No. 871398

I think her Instagram got taken down

No. 871409

Nah it's still there

No. 871435

nitpick but is this seriously what she wore to the bar? so trashy

No. 871450

Hahaha seriously. She’s basically wearing pajamas/lounge wear. Definitely not on a date with a “cute boy”.
I know it’s knitpicky but all the other threads are being rampaged with scat porn and I’m scared to open any other threads.

No. 871467

Tbh her ass and legs are just looking plain gross fat. Not "phat" or thicc like she wants or likes to pretend. She always had tree trunk legs up to zero buttcheeks but like… now it just looks like fat person trunk legs and weird gross fat person butt. Not saying shes fat just her body really takes unfortunate shapes.

No. 871493

File: 1569125977142.jpg (214.47 KB, 1080x1421, Screenshot_20190922_001713.jpg)

Wat… How do you say that and then proceed to sell your content for a couple of bucks… She's just awful.

No. 871494

Girl, you literally ask for dollars on a daily basis. Did you not just ask for someone to send you money to buy a skin on fortnite? I mean I have literally know idea how much that is but I can’t imagine it’s more than a few dollars. Or money for a cheeseburger?

She’s not a brat, she’s an alcoholic with deteriorating brain cells.

No. 871496

The only reason she has anything resembling an ass now is because of weight gain. She actually looks a little better heavier because at least it gives her some kind of shape. She just has unfortunate genetics and working out and losing weight will only make her body look more boyish.

No. 871497

Kek I was just about to post this.

Someone's clearly salty and missing their $300 tip "glucose father." she's probably dying for money for some sweet, sweet bot followers.

No. 871508

What has Shay done to deserve $100? I really want to fucking know. She's the one who sells all her porn for less than $100 when she's desperate, she was begging for $50 just to go to the bar.

She was just asking someone to send money for a fucking fortnite skin (a waste of money), I seriously want to know what Shay does for her customers thats worth $100+.

People work hard for their money, so maybe you should work hard to get it.

Obviously, those men think you are worth $10, which Is how you present yourself.

You slap yourself on camera for fucking pennies.

She constantly sells herself and content for chump change.

No. 871511

The fact Shay considers this a "Career" and she saves no money & has zero plans of doing more then selling nudes, making the same videos & begging, is fucking scary to think about.

It's one thing to use this as a stepping stone for something bigger, but Nah, she's living tip to tip making less then a 16-year-old with their first Mc Donalds job a week.

She has ZERO plans for her future and is in a "Job" that is constantly put in Jeopardy every few weeks.
There are titty streamers on twitch who make more then what she makes in a week in a few hours.

Shay's so fucking lazy and her rep online is so shot she can't even do that.

No. 871512

i wish her twitter would just keep getting immediately nuked so she is forced to get an actual job

No. 871515

I feel like if she quit sex work, she'd probably actually try twitch or youtube, anything so that she's in front of a camera and she thinks she doesn't have to do much work.

For some reason, Shay thinks she's good looking enough and her personality is great enough that people will just want to watch her.

Then when that fails, she'll run home to her parents, whine about her mom/dad on twitter for a few months and then MAYBE get a job or look for one all while whining about how she can't get one because of her "past"

then when she finally gets a job and she'll act like the first bitch who ever worked and shit on sexwork.

No. 871569

Agreed. She's the epitome of the girl that was once popular in high school and thinks she can still get away with anything. Truth is no one gives a shit about her broke pasty ass.

No. 871583

and she wasn't even popular in high school lol. people hated her because she always started drama and lied about being raped and thought she was the coolest shit ever because she smoked weed

No. 871600

File: 1569169112179.png (Spoiler Image, 288.39 KB, 590x511, depressed.PNG)

Why would anyone buy a custom from you? You take forever to do your job in general. At any moment your social media can be banned and you'll use that as an excuse.

And she's smoking herself to sleep. This is the life Shay wanted, isolated, having to use drugs & alcohol to deal with her life choices.

Funny how she exposed that SW and blamed her shitty life on her but her life is STILL SHITTY.

No. 871604

File: 1569169411067.jpeg (166.3 KB, 750x1334, 18F9704F-B93D-476B-AC5C-0F81D9…)

Why… would you even post this

No. 871608

I really want to know why she went to the club like that. At least, in the past no matter how tacky her outfits were she actually *tried, but this looks like a pajama set from Family Dollars.

She looks like she woke up and just went to the club. Didn't do her hair, brush her teeth, wash her face anything.

For someone who brags on their looks & whole job is based upon looks, you'd think she'd be using the money to update her wardrobe and hair.

but I guess when you have a weed addiction, alcohol addiction & you spend large amounts of money on dumb shit you won't use, it's hard.

No. 871629

Well, she attempted to expose and cancel them and failed miserably.

No. 871647

File: 1569177885738.png (12.29 KB, 589x128, sad.PNG)

this is kind of sad…You chose this life Shay.

No. 871653

Maybe get sober, work a "vanilla" job, and move out of bumfuck Oklahoma?? Just a thought.

No. 871665

No sympathy. She has every opportunity to stop her life style and go home. She acts like she has no where to go no one to run to. She is more privileged than most sex workers I imagine just on that alone. She is the product of her own misery.
She has no idea how to be happy because she does everything in life out of spite and self validation. She’s still young and has a very good chance to bounce back into a normal life.

She won’t tho. She’s got too much pride(??) to just go home and say “my choices were poor and I see that now. I’m ready to grow up”.

No. 871670

I really do wonder what her dad says when people ask about Shay, since he's the one who said, "I don't care what you do as long as you pay the rent"

It seems like despite her shitting on her mom, having this gross daddy fetish that they still are there for her.

Which makes this SO fucked up.

No. 871737

then make a change. your customers don't want or need to listen to your fortnightly breakdowns ad infinitum. you're only going to get worse if you keep this up. you're not going to wake up magically happy and okay someday. no one is going to swoop in with a wand and fix your life for you. take some responsibility. in your words, "do a heckin adult" and fix your shit.

anons have referenced it before, that quote about how insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. you're clearly not succeeding, Shayna, no matter how hard you try to convince us (and yourself). everyone has been able to see how sad your life has been since you left MA.

No. 871743

Beggars can’t be choosers

No. 871744

She’s been wearing that outfit since Friday, it’s not new that shay is fucking gross but really? Wearing the same clothes you went out in all weekend? That’s just sad

No. 871745

File: 1569187778618.jpeg (55.72 KB, 750x469, 282A8A24-A30F-46BD-A7F5-DA7A88…)

When you act like trash, you’re going to be treated like trash

No. 871759

File: 1569188958014.jpg (88.75 KB, 1080x728, Screenshot_20190922-174830_Twi…)

No. 871762

what the hell is she talking about?? If you kill yourself thats on you, I hate be harsh but shut the fuck up Shay. I hope people are calling her ass out for that.

No. 871767

She doesn’t even hide that she lurks anymore, she’s trying to draw attention to the “haturz” that talk about her on threads but maybe she needs to realize that her poor decisions are talked about, I’ve never seen anyone say that Shay should kill herself no one was talking about her committing suicide just that she needs to get her shit together there’s a large difference between ending your life and admitting that you fucked up

No. 871772

If you're whole life and self-worth is based on whether or not you can continue to half-assed do sexwork then you have problems beyond someone simply implying that

No. 871773

She’s so pathetic, watch her blame this on her bipolar like bitch shut up. You’re the stereotypical crazy bitch. Sit down.

No. 871775

how long has it been since she cammed? lol

No. 871778

If she reads here she'll see that no one wants her to kill herself, yeah there's appearance nitpicking but a lot of helpful advice as well, that she does not take.

No. 871782

File: 1569191031546.jpg (399.27 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20190922-172230_Twi…)


No. 871785

She really sees her line of “work” as the end all be all of her life, that’s really sad I mean she’s in her early twenties there’s so much she could do in life but she limits herself and it’s really aggravating

No. 871787

She should of moved out of Oklahoma when she was motivated to do so a few months ago she’s gone down hill since living there and it has nothing to offer for her outside of fupa’s chubby dick

No. 871789

Question: because it is painfully obvious she has zero interaction on that account, does that mean she earns next to nothing with her " work"? Is she mostly spending and not earning?

No. 871799

More then likely

No. 871800

My only guess as to why she’s still “thriving” as a sw is because her dad gives her money sometimes

No. 871810

My thing is what kind of dad is that. I understand him not being able to stop her or whatever, but she's been self-medicating herself with weed & alcohol, letting dudes hit her as a "kink" outside the bedroom, doing pedo-porn, calling her mom a cunt etc. etc. etc., there's so much Shay has done.

So many time this dumb ass has put herself in danger and his only thing is, "As long as you pay the rent"???

No wonder Shay has fucked up views of men.Also if he's helping her out that just defeats the whole, "As long as you can pay the rent" stance.

She's doing this job (badly) and she's NOT paying the fucking rent.

No. 871815

He’s an enabler and honestly from what it sounds like, not a good parent. You can spoil your child but that’s not raising them and they turn out to be shitty like Shay. She’s so determined to make her career work and it’s aggravating

No. 871817

I feel like her lack of respect for her mother (women & herself) is somewhat due to him. I would not be surprised if he blamed the divorce, Shay having to be a big sister & have normal responsibilities aka "ruining her childhood" all on her mom.

Plus her mom not jumping for joy that her daughter is doing pedo-porn is another thing that made Shay hate her mom.

I just feel their relationship is toxic as hell. However, at the same time Shay could just be a "Pick me" and just think women are all toxic jealous bitches.

No. 871819

True, even if her childhood was shit her mom just wants the best for her and I bet her dad does too but he doesn’t know how to express it, I also think expressing emotions and communication was an issue within her family when she was growing up

No. 871820

And it probably still is

No. 871827

That doesn’t excuse her dumbassery tho but, her upbringings a definite factor in that

No. 871835

Aaaaand that’s why you have no friends.

Grow up, Shay. Stop acting like a fucking child.

No. 871853

Shayna: I'm unhappy with my life
Everyone: then change your life
Shayna: how dare you suggest suicide?

girl. get help. that's all anyone is suggesting, and this response makes it painfully clear how trapped she is in her own brain. she sees her options as staying a miserable e-beggar forever, or death. that's some next-level black-and-white thinking.

Her MFC profile says she last broadcasted on the 23rd of July. She probably started a broadcast on the 22nd and then stayed online until after midnight, making today exactly two months since she last cammed. either way, it'll be at least two months as of tomorrow.

the saddest part is fupa dick isn't even being offered anymore. she's got nothing for her in Oklahoma, she's just slowly pickling herself in her apartment and dragging her poor pets down with her.

No. 871860

She couldn’t, she doesn’t make enough probably and it’s super cheap to live here compared to other major cities

No. 871862

I meant move back in with her dad because it’s her only option, but realistically it’s not going to happen

No. 871872

File: 1569203523344.jpeg (57.57 KB, 750x258, 621CAA05-6FF7-43B2-A2DC-58F727…)

Boohoo, whiny mattel can only get plastered six nights out of the week at a dive bar

No. 871873

It’s really funny how she calls local bars and restaurants that she goes to her establishments like imagine working at one of her “establishments” and seeing the bitch from last night in the same outfit walk in, kek

No. 871877

File: 1569203718104.jpeg (63.45 KB, 750x366, 132EE6DB-303C-44BA-A4A4-CB7D7B…)

Twitter clearly doesn’t like you, shay and you’re an adult get over your “I’m babey” shit already

No. 871879

File: 1569203924354.jpeg (36.24 KB, 750x227, 501445C0-85CB-4EC7-8CE8-073745…)

The thing that has always aggravated me about Shayna is that she’s so resistant to self examination and changing things about yourself, she’s had the same personality online since she was in high school and she refuses to make things work if they aren’t the best, there’s nothing wrong with leaving something if it’s not fulfilling or telling someone that they were right and she doesn’t get that

No. 871881

File: 1569204109880.jpeg (104.33 KB, 742x476, B31AA16E-73C2-4880-9674-3C0E69…)

Retweeted by the same person who cammed on Skype at 17

No. 871882

didn't Mia say it was impossible when she was defending Shay?

No. 871902

have any of you ever considered that he has 0 idea what her life is actually like? I can guarantee there's no way he would look for his daughters porn and Shay lies to herself on a daily basis, multiple times a day, so of course she will lie to her dad about how she is doing, what she is doing and who with.

No. 871912


No. 871914

The typing in this reply radiates Shay energy, no offense to the anon if they aren’t her but something feels off about it

No. 871916

Especially the part about what she’s doing and who with like, stop trying to make the cute boy happen, it’s not going to happen.

No. 871930

That reminds me, has she posted anything about her pets lately? I wouldn’t be surprised if her depressed ass already got sick of Noodle

No. 871940

But Shay said her dad knows what she does, thats why she hates her mom, she doesn't approve of it & her dad doesn't care as "Long as she pays the rent"

He also asked her if she "Slaps herself for money" & and her brother found her porn blog, they all know what Shay does & if they dont' a simple google search would clue them in.

No. 871942

This does sound like Shay or an orbiter tbh, I agree with you.

No. 871947

Can we stop parroting what Shay said her dad said lmao. Lets be honest that line sounds like something she made up to sound like her dad is open minded about her choices as long as she's responsible. He most likely isn't and she's not, soooo. Especially if the tinfoil about her dad pitching in to help her get/keep a place, etc. are true. It just doesn't really add up or sound legit.

No. 871975

What do we know about her brother anyway? Is he an adult? Does he voice his opinions on Shay's bullshit?

No. 872003

File: 1569229428985.jpg (76.59 KB, 1080x538, 20190923_040206.jpg)

Pulled this from her brother's account, shared bc its definitely relevant to current situations kek

He's definitely younger than her, I'm guessing late teens.

No. 872004

I remember her saying he was 16 a few years so ago so he’s with 17-19 now she also made fun of him for moving out later then she did so he’s probably in college

No. 872007

lol what I wouldn't give for Shay's brother to come here and trash talk her

No. 872050

I'm not Shay i dont even live on the same continent as her, just another farmer. I stand by what i said tho, i really doubt she tells her dad everything truthfully, as long as she can manipulate anyone for money i think thats what she does

No. 872051

Sorry i wasnt even thinking about anyone in particular, just wanted to get the point across that she probably doesnt tell him anything

No. 872056

While I would kill from some milk from him too, I doubt he would venture into yet another place littered with photos of his sister's gaping asshole, anon.

No. 872074

he’s 18 meaning he posted that when he was 10. couldn’t be LESS relevant. leave her brothers alone.

No. 872084

You fucking idiots, Shay's threads already got shut down once for bringing her family into things and now all you people can do is speculate about her father and bring up old screenshots of her baby brother are you fucking serious?

No. 872087

I seriously doubt she's going to get rid of the dog at the moment, because she has no other source of affection in Oklahoma. She 100% got that dog for the unconditional love she would get from her, since every human in her life recognizes how pathetically toxic she is to be around eventually and leaves. The dog can't leave, can't criticize her, tell her to clean up, tell her to do her job, tell her it's hard to breathe in the smokey funk of that tiny apartment… she just wants attention and the dog will always give it to her.

I think for right now (may change in the future) she's more likely to get rid of RibMeat. But she's too stubborn to admit how much happier they would be in stable homes with families to give them the enrichment they need. The animals deserve better but Shayna doesn't really care about anyone but herself

No. 872088

File: 1569246537150.jpg (129.4 KB, 920x438, Screenshot_20190918-034229_Chr…)

Speaking of posts with ShayEnergy, this post from one of the Onion threads screams Shayna. I really wouldn't be surprised if she follows some of the bigger cows to make herself feel better.

No. 872089

what's with all the shayna-post tinfoiling? She uses that phrase because she's heard other people on the internet use it, and since she has zero original thoughts or ideas of her own, she can only regurgitate what she thinks will get her Internet Points.

She also talks about how anyone who posts on lolcow is a basement-dwelling cheeto-eater, so it'd be double strange for her to use that insult from both sides of the coin.

No. 872090

It really pisses me off how she’ll put noodle out on her tiny ass patio when she doesn’t want to deal with her, it happened a couple of months ago when she was filming one her obnoxiously long rants on snap and she was like “I put noodle outside when she gets hyper but then she’s more hyper when she comes back in” like no shit, there’s only so much space for your dog to run around, dumbass.

No. 872092

File: 1569247524363.jpeg (60.08 KB, 750x307, E49FAC42-9EB2-4908-8BA8-67D090…)

I lost it at “hella sniffles” and “nose blowing content”

No. 872093

File: 1569247648438.jpeg (121.56 KB, 750x809, 94CE4044-33F2-4462-98AC-FC1220…)

Maybe they decided to not purchase a personal video from you because after asking those 36 questions, they realized it would be the same video they could pay like five dollars for during one of your sales

No. 872095

So she's advocating that her customers not be informed? Just buy shit from models without making sure their money is being well spent?

Also people ask you a million questions because they don't trust you'll do it.

No. 872101

File: 1569249760710.png (123.78 KB, 602x679, Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 10.4…)

"Something is telling me" HI SHAYNA

No. 872102


This is the kind of stuff that could probably be ok to just think to yourself like everyone else but its retarded as fuck to share online and it makes you look like a whiny immature cow.

No. 872115

Girl, Twitter is not your diary

No. 872118

“Dear diary, today while reading what the haturz had to say about me on lolcow, I had the brilliant idea of doing everything they have been telling me to do for months but due to my lack of originality I’m going to claim it as my idea so I look like a better person- xoxo, Dolly Mattel”

No. 872119

Even considering that Shay's asshole is posted multiple times in every thread; I still think this is the one of the most wholesome lolcow threads.
Farmers actually give Shay good advice, and if she listens she will improve her situation.

No. 872121

Everything in this tweet was suggested to her a couple of days ago, just shut up, stop lurking and do it

No. 872122

>tfw you've fucked up so bad even drama vultures want to see you do better
i swear to god if she still refuses to cam properly and rag on twitter TOS for wrecking her shit…

No. 872124

Yall remember when Shay was Gatekeeping complaining?It's so funny she was JUST bitching about other sex workers being in drama & talking shit when they should be working, but thats all she's been doing.

I truly think her mental health is so bad because she has no one else to blame. For so long I truly believe she blamed that one Swer for all her issues & now that it's out, she realized, "nah, my life is still shit"

I thought the key to being successful in sexwork was working hard and staying out of drama Shay?

No. 872125

also, "hey in order for me to make money, I have to do my job and work harder at it"

Is literally all she's saying. She's made schedules, she's said she's going to put out videos etc. etc. she does the same thing over and over.

It's about time she realized there is no sustaining amount of money in being a twitter/Tumblr sex worker.

She has ALL the time to pump out videos, be camming & just be hustling her ass off. She's always at home, she doesn't have any friends/a boyfriend, she has nothing holding her back.

But nah, she'd rather get triggered on twitter, buy shit she doesn't need and wait for another twitter/social media to get taken down, instead of doing something different.

No. 872163

File: 1569260750397.png (17.83 KB, 576x139, fjf.PNG)

No. 872164

"until my next mental breakdown in 2 weeks"

No. 872168

Hey Shayna, come here I got something to tell you. You know what's holding you back? Making you have negative thoughts? You know what's making your life bad?


1. Sex Work
2. Laziness
3. Mental Illness that you don't treat & use as a cop out
4. You
5.Isolation b/c of sexwork & laziness
6.Your life choices
7.Sex Work
8.Addiction to Alcohol, Weed & Attention
9.Bad attitude
10.The scams you've pulled
11. Not taking accountability for ANYTHING you do
12. Doing the same thing and expecting different results

If only, she could put all this loyalty into something that'll actually make her feel happy & better.

No. 872170

I don't know if I feel she's doing this to prove us and the naysayers wrong anymore, I seriously think she thinks she has some grand endgame at the end of this.

The way she's talking is as if she has some type of plan, but she doesn't. Her plan is to sell nudes and Solo porn until…what?

At the end, she's going to end up wasting her 20's and having nothing to show for it.

but years of embarrassing porn, this site and no money from it, no buiness nothing.

No. 872171

I really want to know if she thinks she'll get some prize for sticking it through? If she'll be famous? If she'll be looked at as someone special?

It's really baffling.

No. 872172


It truly baffles me. How many time is she going to hit the SAME wall?

No. 872173

It really is astounding that she can't seem to cam consistently for even a Friday - Sunday schedule, let alone every night. Release at least 1 vid a week. I know we all say it, but I just don't get how that can be your choice of means to earn money and have nothing else going on in life and yet always find an excuse to not do it and sit on Twitter all day instead.
It just doesnt get through her head that shes a cam sw and camming regularly means regular interaction, more people will see her and be more inclined to tip her, it will give her some routine in her life, regular payouts, etc.

No. 872177

It's not like she has anything else going on, it's pure depression, laziness and her being on something all the time. All because of what? HER JOB and life choices.

She moved there for Fupa and now she's all alone & Depressed. Either she has to change the formula or change her life.
Nothings going to change if she doesn't.

No. 872184

When will she truly realize AND accept that the Tumblr fame days are over. They will never come back. The road she really chose was SW. She will never reach Twitter fame even if one of her dumb posts made it to meme status.
The SW industry is continuing to grow. No matter how OG she thinks she is, she's the same as all the tumblr girls who hopped on the e/cam girl trend. Theres more every day. It's easy to get into and there's tons of younger, cuter, actual kink girls. If she wants to continue on in this making more than chump change, she needs to put in work.
Like if she wants female orbiters for tumblr-like attention then she ought to work on her IG more and get a dispensary job or something. If she wants to actually get money doing the job she chose then she needs to cam and do the SW things. Pick a lane Shay. You're only getting older.

No. 872191

I think a major factor in why she’s not successful is because she’s rude to her customers, supporters and her orbiters and if she is nice it always seems like she stops being nice to that person at one point (like the typical sw who she’ll be nice to for while and then not interact with them anymore) generally she’s not pleasant and has no customer service skills to sell her porn

No. 872192

File: 1569263677279.jpeg (30 KB, 750x227, 977141E0-821B-4977-A262-071DE0…)

But does she really need more Forever 21 and Amazon clothes? No, priorities

No. 872195

File: 1569263769500.jpeg (151.27 KB, 750x805, FFF4A404-2050-4DD6-A72A-4CBBBA…)

Take a shot everytime Shay references Spongebob in a attempt to be ~quirky~

No. 872198

Maybe if you didn't spend so much money on dumb shit you'll have all the cheap cute shit you want.

No. 872200

File: 1569263932508.jpeg (130.33 KB, 750x413, C50730DA-D1DF-47F2-AE98-194D88…)

Kek, she posted this on tumblr too

No. 872201

I think she just posts these sad depressing statuses so she can come back the next day and be like “I’m going to be strong and power through this!! I can do it!!!” Cause then her orbiters will cheer her on and she gets attention for fake woke points.

Like people who post on Fb about feeling better about drinking water and cutting back on sugar and they get all these ass pats for doing the bare minimum. I hate fake-woke people.

No. 872210

File: 1569265216774.png (280.64 KB, 2048x1101, Screenshot_20190923-115904.png)

Back at it again. Putting those tips she "really needed" to her usual use.

No. 872211

File: 1569265304919.jpg (253.67 KB, 800x850, 20190923_120136.jpg)

She freaks out over the problems in her life and instead of taking baby steps and staying accountable for more than an hour, she tries to come up with the solution right then and there, posts her "revelation", then feels enough relief to forget about it and move on.

No. 872213

She posted a couple of videos on her snap story about how she had just gotten back from the dog park and was about to take a shower and then edit her video

No. 872243

File: 1569269783350.jpeg (106.23 KB, 750x797, 0EA6677B-E8A7-485A-9C2D-453DA3…)

No. 872244

File: 1569270148029.jpeg (88.93 KB, 750x269, 5DBCB0E6-21A1-4286-8688-EDF43A…)

Someone asked her a bunch of questions on tumblr and this was one of her answers like I knew she delusional but this is something else.

No. 872245

If the world belonged to her she wouldn’t be barley paying rent in Tulsa

No. 872247

File: 1569270293822.jpeg (79.4 KB, 750x323, 7C2BFFA8-A3C1-4A80-A686-4FF49A…)

This reminds me of a Pinterest quote. Live, Laugh, Love, Shayna

No. 872251

She hasn't made any progress, though! At least for a while there she was cranking out vid after vid and spamming her social media with reposts of them. For the last year, it's just been internet panhandling more or less

No. 872253

Legitimately nobody sees her as a force to be reckoned with. She doesn't command any power, mystique, or knowledge. She is a walking contradiction

No. 872262

She’s so easy to make fun of and ridicule so if anything, she’s the force that’s always reckoned with

No. 872272


New video trailer with that fake ass baby voice

No. 872274

File: 1569276600328.jpg (Spoiler Image, 303.87 KB, 1076x631, Screenshot_20190923-170911_Twi…)


No. 872275

File: 1569276629960.jpg (Spoiler Image, 311.26 KB, 1080x636, Screenshot_20190923-170928_Twi…)

Why would you post this

No. 872276

File: 1569276725705.jpg (Spoiler Image, 309.36 KB, 1080x631, Screenshot_20190923-171139_Twi…)

No. 872277

File: 1569276769121.jpg (Spoiler Image, 245.88 KB, 1076x612, Screenshot_20190923-171156_Twi…)

Why does she think this is cute?

No. 872286

File: 1569278983348.jpg (220.35 KB, 1080x710, Screenshot_20190923-174903_Sam…)

No. 872287

File: 1569279013838.jpg (316.12 KB, 1077x1100, Screenshot_20190923-174926_Twi…)

We all know Shay wouldn't do this

No. 872288

No. 872292

Why is her sound so shit though? Nothing ever requires me to turn my phone volume up to full. And then the Hitachi kicks in and it's deafening

No. 872296

Gross pedo pandering again

No. 872304

Snapchat is solely for communicating with others and watching stories. A private story is the same concept as posting a video on MV or Only Fans. But sw’s always get really pissed off when they get banned for breaking tos, even if what she was saying by was possible she’d still be bitching because they’d be taking too much money from her. In reality shay’s just pissed because she doesn’t have the monthly income she used to have when she had a private story.

No. 872308

Nice pedo pandering there, Shay.

You -might- have been able to get away with pretending to be a small child when you were 20lbs lighter and looked younger. But your axe-wound of a vag and deep forehead lines of a 40 year old smoker make this laughable and less disturbing.

No. 872310

she bought an expensive microphone without doing research and it's not the best for what she uses it for

No. 872314

File: 1569285393292.png (138.12 KB, 1080x704, Screenshot_20190923-173010~3.p…)

Panhandling as usual

No. 872315

File: 1569285474443.png (61.47 KB, 592x639, cvv.png)

nice one, shays got real priorities. its obvious she's scamming people to give her more money when she hasn't removed her previous panhandling

No. 872320

File: 1569286611137.jpg (Spoiler Image, 667.24 KB, 1080x1695, Screenshot_20190923-195537_Twi…)

How does she look at this and think "yes, this is hot"

No. 872324

I 100% believe her dealer gives her shitty weed and overcharges her dumb ass for it, Shay barely inhales.

No. 872333

Why does she keep trying to do this face? It doesn't look cute on her.

No. 872335

>get back to the gym
you barely did anything the first time aside from posting pix and tweeting about how you felt like you were going to pass out.

No. 872341

She’s probably thinks her ass looks good enough for people to not notice

No. 872350

Yeah same. I was confused and the whole preview was awkward as shit. The panting?? The ahegao face that's completely out of place. The grating sound of the vibrator. Terrible fake voice.
Just throw the whole vid out. No one is getting off to that. Boring, poorly made, bad quality… just no.

No. 872351

Samefag sorry.

I dont get the ddlg thing shes doing with this either. Shes way too adult looking to even pass as a tween. But shes supposed to be little enough to be coloring and pillow humping, but then… pulls out the huge hitachi?? Idk she just doesnt pull it off.
Shes done other nasty pedo pandering videos that made more sense and followed the kink theme. How does someone get worse at their job, much less sex work lmao. Her vids have always been bad because shes gross and a bad actress but this years vids have really been irredeemably awful.

No. 872353

She reminds me of those people who go backpacking and them panhandle I'm the street for "money to travel the world" fuck out of here. You made your bed.

No. 872378

File: 1569299480180.png (140.88 KB, 348x208, 9FD083DB-D2FE-4814-B86A-A21649…)

In shay fashion - the best picture to summarize her life:

No. 872447

Even if she doesn't want to give up "being a sex worker" or her kinks, she could still NOT DRINK ALCOHOL or SMOKE WEED whilst taking her medication. And no, drinking and smoking but quitting her meds is not the right answer. Regular schedule, adequate nutrition, sense of accomplishment, taking care of your health— all of this would help her. As would going to therapy to deal with her sense of emotional emptiness, because that hole can't be filled with a dildo. I like laughing at cows, but her life is boring, repetitive and somehow still getting worse. She wants to go sex work? Cool. But maybe having a part-time job on a side would give her enough money to be less desperate for 10$. Desperation is not attractive.

By the way, what happened to that other cam girl she was supposed to hang out with her? The one who came here to defend Shayna. Did it happen or did it fade into obscurity?
This also reminds me: Shayna, get some friends. Guys or girls, doesn't matter, but friends. Even the best romantic or sexual relationships can't give you everything; you need to be ready to give back though. Ffs.

No. 872453

File: 1569334110323.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 136.98 KB, 750x1334, 73214D57-FAB0-42F1-944C-CE9CC6…)

Giving off some serious gypsy rose vibes

No. 872472

I barely laugh at Shay anymore, I swear the last few threads have been full of people saving her from doing dumb shit and trying to give her good advice.

No. 872476

File: 1569338132757.jpg (75.64 KB, 1080x614, Screenshot_20190924-161504_Twi…)

It just gets sadder and sadder

No. 872477

jfc, shayna

No. 872480

"I'll keep fighting to stay happy"
"Can someone please pay my bill?"
Oh honey no we reached rock bottom AGAIN

No. 872481

and she has a pinned tweet where you can buy all her videos and get 4 customs for only $100. Why would anyone bother?

No. 872488

… is she doing this deliberately because she saw it get her more sympathy last time?
i'm kinda wary taking shay seriously even when she seems this pathetic, let's not forget how savagely manipulative and scammy she can be

No. 872493

She’s a full blown addict for sure now. No one else would prioritize weed and alcohol over their bills.

No. 872496

File: 1569340199595.png (44.69 KB, 598x199, Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 11.4…)

Imagine being this irresponsible that now your pets have to suffer for it too. Go get a job Shay.

No. 872497


the begging is just sad at this point. Shay just get a part time job at McDonald’s already

No. 872498

oh my god she literally already had her electricity turned off? whew lawd. doesn't it usually have to be pretty late for them to shut it off?

No. 872499

I truly wish there was a way to add up how much Shay makes in a month and how much money she spends on the dumbest shit just to be like at the end of the month, "Hey, I'm broke can someone send me money??"

As soon as money touches Shay's hands, she spends it like she's a 17-year-old still at home with mom with no responsibilities.

She's insane, She does the same thing month after month, after month and when the same things happens, and she's ALWAYS surprised.

It's really crazy at this point. I can no longer give the pinch of sympathy I was giving her.

No. 872500

Imagine having this SAME issue with them not cashing out last month and STILL wasting all your money (If she even made enough to pay it this month) and depending on this money for an important bill.


No. 872501

When I first read her post I had assumed it was shut off. Kind of felt bad for but she buys a lot of weed so I stopped feeling bad

No. 872502

She's literally had her electricity shut off for failing to pay her bills and was talking about spending $100 on weed yesterday. Jesus Christ girl.

No. 872505

She JUST said she spent $100 on weed yesterday

She's a idiot, it's impressive to be this irresponsible.

No. 872508

I bet shay's weed man is rich selling her bullshit weed and overcharging her dumb ass for it.

Spent $100 on weed yesterday, today her lights are off because she can't hold onto money.

Wow, Shay, this is low. You need help.

No. 872513

She’s gotta be pretty behind on her bills if that’s how much she’s paying or she’s leaving all of her lights and electronics on when she’s not using them. I don’t live in the US but where I live it’s about $30-40 USD per month for electricity in an apartment with 1-2 people. Big yikes

No. 872517

File: 1569342389606.png (43.49 KB, 598x182, Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 12.2…)

Amazing. Somehow this is all everyone else's fault but hers.

No. 872526

Who would want to support someone saying this, "Haha I want to give up on life because of YALL, not my own choices, YALL NOT SUPPORTING ME is the issue"

It's fucked up to try and guilt people into retweeting you

No. 872527

Also it drives me fucking NUTS that she does this, "I'm going to give up on life because sex work isn't going well"


No. 872528

Thats her logic? "Sex work isn't working, welp fuck my life, I'm done lol lul" wtf? Does she not think she's capable of anything else?

No. 872529

She’s in the 200s rank on MV, which means she makes around 1.5k-2k a month on there. Payout is twice a month, which should make it easier for her to budget for bills. Should. If she was a responsible adult. This doesn’t account for whatever she makes e-begging and on OF. She’s just. The worst at budgeting.

Having your electric turned off takes months of missing bills doesn’t it? Grow up Shay holy shit.

No. 872530

She expects people to retweet her for free when she charges other people to retweet their stuff??? Gurl pls

No. 872531

Every time she gets money she spends it immediately on overpriced weed, overpriced drinks & Alcohol or some other shit.

So when she DOES have money, it's gone within the same day it seems.

I also wonder how much she spends on Fortnite, Shay has a very addictive personality.

No. 872533

As much as you might think everyone owes you everything in life- that’s not how the world works. Other girls work hard on their own to get their following and be successful. And here you are being pissed off because you can’t piggy back off of other girls? Fuck off Shay. Work harder and it pays off. Moron.

No. 872534

Karma works fast, shay was just ragging on other sex workers for complaining and here she is.

She was trying to get that SW off of Manyvids and ruin her income and here we are.

Also, funny how those orbiters fighting so hard for shay are nowhere around, lol.


Great point lol.

No. 872538

The best bet for her would just to go home, even if she doesn't quit porn, she just needs to clear her head and figure things out.

Talk to someone

No. 872545

Tulsa anon here. Electric at an apartment runs 80$-100$ easily, but they normally don't shut off until its been a month without payment. She probably is trying to cover late fees as well. Also they would have sent her multiple shut off notices so its only her own fault that she waited until it actually shut off. i hope all of her devices die from lack of charge and she gets stuck wallowing in her bad decisions. This is so embarrassing its laughable. She has worse money management than a teenager

No. 872547

File: 1569346819354.png (66.6 KB, 589x563, Capture.PNG)

No. 872549

File: 1569346965945.png (45.15 KB, 593x337, Capturej.PNG)

Funny how she has to threaten to "give up on life" for people to send her money.

She does this every end of the month btw.

Also, I'm not familar with the payment service but I kind of feel like it may just be her dad sending her money & she's making it seem like it's her customers or something.

No. 872551

I can't wait for her to spend whatever she doesn't use for her bills on dumb shit and whine about not being able to pay rent soon.

No. 872552

File: 1569347210816.png (29.38 KB, 616x392, Capturejj.PNG)

No. 872555

So what's gonna happen when her laptop and phones die? She's gonna sit in the bar bathroom until she hits 1% and start posting flash-nudes while sitting in a stall toilet until someone sends her money for a drink?

No. 872557


Since we know this shit's just gonna happen next month too, does y'all's electric offer payment plans etc too? Cos man this dipshit is really failing at life if she can't handle setting THAT up.

No. 872559

looks like paypal

No. 872561

LMAO p sure it is judging by the font. They have a pretty strict no-sw policy. Unless she's got her PayPal anywhere on her profiles, it's def her dad.

No. 872570

she can probably cam for her bill money, but wont??

No. 872573

Yeah this. Some places have crappy wiring and what not. My bill is over $100 each month. But you get calls and mail shut off notices for a month after you dont pay, then a final one. She had a month to beg or put money aside. So that's why it seems shifty. Post the bill Shay otherwise I have doubts shes sitting in the dark. Sounds like next level sympathy scamming.
Or maybe she really is that retarded and irresponsible.

No. 872574

Honestly wouldn't doubt it

No. 872575

I can't wait for her money to come in and to watch her blow it on dumb shit and act ALL happy and everything's well and good until next month.

No. 872577

File: 1569351516673.png (11.97 KB, 583x86, flf.PNG)

No. 872578

Right?? It's almost like that's a CORE part of her SW job? She would have consistent followers/customers if she just did her fucking job and got on cam to earn money.
But no, she thinks it should all be handed to her just by asking or for the vids she's already done.
And if she gets on cam and doesn't make a lot she pouts about it and then doesn't want to keep the schedule because she's too dumb to realize you have to have a schedule to gather a following and more people will come to the stream as they see shes on each night or weekends.
She only wants instant gratification or death basically. Her mind is black & white thinking like an immature child.

No. 872579

She's entitled and I have no idea why, she puts NO effort interacting with her customers, she doesn't like to work in general and I truly feel like becoming Tumblr "famous" or whatever you want to call it just for smoking weed, made her think, "Oh I can just do shit online and my personalities/looks are so bomb people will pay me for it!"

No. 872582

Shay could be pumping out At LEAST 3 or 4 porns a day because she does nothing and her porn is all the fucking same & low effort.

She literally has NO work effort.

No. 872583

Instead of "flexing" how about you pay your fucking power bill and get it back on and be fucking thankful like wtf

Acts suicidal boo hoo me, then she gets a little bit of pity money/money from her own father and immeadiately bounces back to being a strong positive entitled bitch lmao get real help Shay

No. 872584

That sw got a girlfriend and doesn’t interact with shay anymore

No. 872593

File: 1569353434264.png (58.26 KB, 585x379, rfjrj.PNG)

"I feel like killing myself because no one supports me!!!"

Dad sends her money, "Everything's fine" now i'm going to eat, watch tv and "edit" the same porn that i've been editing for days. Smiley face.

No. 872594

File: 1569353672645.png (32.59 KB, 586x459, FINE.PNG)

No. 872597

If her dad did send her money and has, I wonder how many times she's screenshotted her dad sending her money and pretending it's from a customer, thats super fucked up if true.

I seriously doubt men are sending her more then 5-$50 bucks.

No. 872598

Definitely not cashapp or venmo. This is 100% the paypal mobile layout. She doesn't offer paypal because her work one was banned meaning she likely only has a personal one which pretty much confirms its her dad lmao.

No. 872599

One day it was for weed next day groceries now the light bill. For the past 3 days she’s been coming up with reason to ask for money

No. 872602

The past days kek you mean EVERY DAY of her sad life? Girl thinks it's a personality to e-beg for every single thing in her life and thinks she's successful living hand to mouth every single day.

No. 872604

Yeah but last few days she’s been asking for specific amounts. $120 seems to be what all her bills are priced at. Kind of suspect

No. 872607


Always makes her bios ironic and laughable when the only dad's wallet she's draining is her very own.

Sad that he enables her so much. It's one thing to help your kid with a power bill, but to keep sending her money every month instead of telling her to buck the fuck up and take care of herself and lie in the bed she made… It just encourages her to stay stubborn and entitled since she has her fall back when she can't put the rent money together. Makes her think it's fine to waste money on whatever. Gives him a sob story and he'll never check her social media to see how she blows her money or begs. But ya know, THRIVING.

No. 872611

I had the same assumption when she was getting a lot of money through Apple Pay a while ago like lmao, her “sugar daddy” could of been her actual father and she was just pretending that it was a customer

No. 872629

File: 1569357925662.png (339.24 KB, 2048x761, Screenshot_20190924-134503.png)

Amazing how less than $350 makes life worth living again.

No. 872632

so now that she can't blame one person she's moved on to guilting, shaming & calling out her followers/other sex workers for her own issues?

She always whines about support, yet she makes people pay for her support and barely retweets them.

No. 872633

File: 1569358221522.png (71.66 KB, 598x498, Capture.PNG)

No. 872641

She's like emotionally scamming people now. "Oh im so sad and depressed, no one supports me, I think I may give up on life!!!"

And then she gets money and everything is fine?

But her whining never works, she's still not getting anymore interaction or anymore retweets or anyone to talk too.

I can't wait to watch her follower count go up mysteriously. .

No. 872643

File: 1569359115890.jpg (28.78 KB, 616x419, j.JPG)

"NO ONE INTERACTS WITH ME!!I feel like giving up on life!!"

Someone interacts- Ignores them

No. 872658

Did her snap get deleted again?

No. 872675

File: 1569362178839.png (380.22 KB, 2048x1623, Screenshot_20190924-145524.png)

Good God, Shayna.

No. 872690

If her electricity is off, how is she watching TV and editing? It can't possibly be on again already. Either, jesus, she can't even plan two hours ahead for what she's going to do when her laptop runs out of battery, or Scammy Mattel did her thing again.

No. 872708

Ok this one proves it without a doubt that she buys followers, since there were 0 follower gains on Saturday.
I really can't understand why she wastes money on spam fake followers. Like this bitch really that obsessed with the number? It's not increasing her interactions, customers don't care (no one does actually) so like? Not to mention her twitter will inevitably be deleted again.

No. 872730

Sage for blog but when it was shut off when I was a kid, it was always a day or two before it was on again, or at least the next business day.

Now that you brought it up I'm 10000% convinced this bitch is scammin' yet again because she wanted to hit the bar.

No. 872740

If you look at her followers there’s a lot of no profile pic accounts and some joined September 2019. It’s so blatantly obvious

No. 872741

Maybe she truly thinks that she’s buying actual followers? Or that these followers will be interested in her porn. She’s a total moron and I would not put it past her. She probably thinks she’s investing into her business or some dumb shit.

No. 872757

What I really don’t like about Shay is how spontaneous she is with spending but especially with her purchasing pets, she has a growing dog living with her in a tiny apartment and an adult cat, she has no electricity so her animals are suffering with her. At this point she should still be living with her dad because she can barely function

No. 872758

File: 1569371279958.jpg (82.88 KB, 1080x318, Screenshot_20190924-192735_Twi…)


No. 872761

Seattle’s more expensive then Tulsa, she’s even said so herself she needs to get over herself and move back in, I’m sure her dad will let her

No. 872763

She acts like she doesn’t know when she gets payed but she does, she can’t even blame it on bipolar or depression. It’s her spending problem, she’s too proud to get therapy or realize that she fucked up and it’s painful to watch, she’s almost at the same place she was in back in February when Fupa kicked her out and she was traveling all over the place to avoid being homeless

No. 872765

I’ve always wondered how much she gets paid and how much she spends but this is just sad

No. 872766

How long until she begs for rent money?

No. 872767

File: 1569373466042.jpeg (130.09 KB, 828x782, 69845F9B-889E-44BC-8451-BE43F9…)

Shay even ur “internet friends” are calling you out

No. 872774

That's a subtweet if I've ever seen one

No. 872775

Lmfao wow called the bitch out.

Must have been really upset by >>872643

No. 872786

Shay’s new orbiters are catching on to her BS. Bitching about how no one retweets you or supports you, while you do NONE of that yourself to your fellow SWs.

People don’t like entitled bitches, Shay. You’d think you’d catch on after burning all those bridges.

No. 872796

Holy shit lmao. Shay has NO friends and she even ignores her orbiters, and somehow she thinks that will make her money?

No. 872799

File: 1569381270341.png (67.84 KB, 500x756, 803D389C-8532-4D78-8187-891412…)

someone make a collage of the crap she posts now and these quotes

No. 872810

Put this next to her video descriptions for her pedo pandering videos kek

No. 872863

I think she should. Just too regroup, this move has been nothing but drama for her.

It may be best to just go home and try to think shit through.

But I think she'd rather stay where she is, struggle, be lonely and let her mental health & physical health slip.

Which is sad.

No. 872920

Kek, she means Lana Del Rey not Lanabee, she needs to clarify and be logical. Lana Del Rey just started touring why would she be in Tulsa Oklahoma like do those pictures of Lana Del Rey and the cop look like Tulsa? No it’s New York City, dumbass

No. 872921

File: 1569419810295.jpeg (68.07 KB, 750x191, 7097FC0D-1704-45E8-A08F-F1F046…)

You what?

No. 872977

File: 1569427376523.jpeg (296.83 KB, 1125x1179, 51F1F5CD-2703-48A2-9B76-E75292…)

In one hour: I can’t get groceries today send $100 for all my vids
Later: I still don’t have enough to pay rent

No. 872989

I love how she’s begging on twitter and tumblr too, like how pathetic do you Have to be to copy and paste the same thing to tumblr that you posted on twitted just to get money? I thought she said that tumblrs dead and no one uses it anymore. It’s also annoying how she said “I thinks” like at least own it and be like “I’m getting hair done” like she used to

No. 872990

File: 1569428949536.jpeg (52.56 KB, 750x360, CAEE0E5C-A318-42CB-B528-0D5BCA…)

No. 872991

Remember when she gave that sex worker advice and said, "there's no money on Tumblr, twitter is how you get money"

but for her there's no money on EITHER platform.

I bet she's going to be almost late on rent too. I'm starting to believe the bitch is scamming her own dad at this point lol.

No. 872992

As a cosmetology student, she really annoys me with her hair because you know her lazy ass can’t be bothered to book a appointment so she probably walks in and asks for a color treatment which requires a consolation before the actual appointment because those things take time to plan and get the color for the client right and whoever is coloring her hair is doing her dirty because it’s so unhealthy and not in the shape for colors like pink that take a lot of dye to achieve that color(as a who cares)

No. 872993

Shay just needs to stop at this point there are high schoolers more responsible then her

No. 872995

I guarantee you she's using the pity money from yesterday on her gross hair.

No. 873029

File: 1569434542510.png (78.14 KB, 591x398, Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 2.00…)

Honestly what drugs does she do because this doesn't make sense

No. 873032

That's…not how digestion works.

No. 873036

She so beyond delusional now

No. 873039

I feel like she was either lying about the whole thing, or she told her dad her bill was more then what it was for extra money.

No. 873040

On snap she was at a Halloween store. She said that she’s buying three costumes this year, and she’s doing a giveaway, if the winner guesses one of the three costumes, they won a video. I bet her whole e-begging, no electricity fit was to fund her trip to buy costumes and get her hair done

No. 873042

File: 1569436447346.jpeg (334.75 KB, 750x908, 2A3810A9-1C54-466C-815F-486069…)

Her new tumblr description is too funny, more like “my daddy pays my bills”

No. 873043

So that’s why her electricity is turned off

No. 873044

why did she pick that middle picture? It's horrible

No. 873046

she has mentioned feeling jealous of/replaced by her father's new wife and kids. so maybe she's thinking "sure he spends way more time with you and isn't so ashamed of what your life is like, but he pays MY bills! being able to pay your own bills is actually SAD! daddy's girl 4 lyfe"

No. 873052

File: 1569439011755.png (74.6 KB, 592x350, Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 3.14…)

Sure Jan. And this makes even less sense than I originally thought.

No. 873055

this may not be true but I find something so funny about someone not wanting to touch her puss so they go for anal, since they see all the bumps.

She's such a liar, and again if this is true, it's funny how the person fucking her ass can't even pay her bills, which leads me to believe it was Fupa, coming to fuck her like a sex doll and ignore her.

She also said multiple times she hates anal. The way she makes this seem is that someone literally comes, fucks her and then the reast of the week doesn't even talk to her. Because she's always whining about not having anyone to talk too.

Thats not sexy, thats sad.

No. 873057

Like you know something is wrong with Shayna in many ways, that there are so many sex workers who have boyfriends/girlfriends but Shay doesn't have that or friends.

That one orbiter has a gross fiance AND a girlfriend, lol. This is just embarrassing.

No. 873058

She didn’t, it’s one of her most popular posts so it’s shows up at the top of her tumblr

No. 873060

Girl, masturbating with a dildo in your ass isn’t anal. I really doubt she’s getting any unless she’s whoring herself out

No. 873069

If you're gonna lie, at least make it believable. I don't think she's ever cum in her life. Nor does she have a "cute boy" in her life. And we all know she wouldn't fuck herself with a dildo just because she wants to kek.
She over shares every time she goes out or does anything, so if she was actually seeing someone, we would see "my make up is SO cute tonight" posts and shit like that before, not just sex bragging after lmao.

No. 873098

File: 1569446521132.jpg (44.63 KB, 597x371, fkf.JPG)

9 likes for her fake story lol

No. 873105

She’s been trying to save up for a new camera for like 2 years. And each time she hits her goal she buys something else.
Who is she trying to fool?

No. 873106

Didn’t she buy a rose gold MacBook back when she was homeless? I know for a fact a canon is pricey but a new MacBook is really expensive

No. 873112

Is she trying to reference that dumbass South Park episode?

No. 873113


It's funny how she just spends her time posting on OnlyFans instead of camming or making vids.

I know she has to because of the subs but I'm just saying, those subs aren't going to stick around and she's gonna make what? $500 a month from it? Enough for rent check, maybe? Her plan is to beg for the rest of her bills and addictions and necessities or call her own dad?

No. 873122

File: 1569450117084.png (2.42 MB, 750x1334, 49DA8D22-A1E6-4509-8C22-5738C1…)

No. 873123

File: 1569450180005.jpeg (96.62 KB, 749x1157, EFV6He4XUAAOv48.jpeg)

… I don't know what to say beside I've never seen such a cheap and wrinkly costume….

No. 873125

Does she think that anyone takes her or her content seriously? No one does

No. 873126

File: 1569450436804.jpg (220.28 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20190925_182601.jpg)

68$ for that crap????

No. 873131

File: 1569451649586.jpg (156.12 KB, 1080x487, Screenshot_20190925-173909_Chr…)

Keeping your electric on would be a good start…

No. 873138

Anons please stop being confused about her electricity. It was supposedly out but she got it back on after magically receiving PayPal money.

No. 873140

$75 for a bleach, color, and cut? Damn Shay, that's even below BestCuts. That's Walmart salon-tier. No wonder it's so bad and doesn't last.
She probably tells her dad she's doing graphic design like they did to fupa's ex-wife.
>I did anal last night
She says this like she EVER does vaginal.Guess it doesn't really make much difference anyway, since her pussy is drier than a dehydrated 70 year old.

No. 873147

OH this is definitely where that money went

No. 873149

This looks dumb and cheap though, also where is she wearing these outfits? Just for porn? IS she going somewhere else a party or…so she's just wasting large amounts of money on shit she's going to wear once?

Why not just get a cheap outfit? This looks cheap anyway.

No. 873151

She goes to a salon school and gets her hair done there by students, that’s why it’s so cheap and looks like shit

No. 873152

File: 1569455509996.jpg (203.38 KB, 1074x758, Screenshot_20190925-185109_Twi…)

No. 873156

No shit, the last time she got it done, she posted a picture from a beauty school

No. 873157

“Salon school” lmao

No. 873176

File: 1569459811855.jpg (141.59 KB, 1080x479, Screenshot_20190925-200309_Twi…)

No. 873177

Her posts make my brain melt. wtf does this even mean?

No. 873178

How does she know what other 22 year olds do lmao she barely goes outside and when she does she's usually drunk

No. 873179

Sounds like a sad life for a 22 year old. Nothing she does is goals. Not sure why she thinks she’s the poster child of youth and fun.

No. 873180

everything she says on social media is with hope to get a viral tweet, thats it.

No. 873182

I think she means her 5$ flipflops from forever 21

No. 873183

File: 1569460868827.jpg (602.26 KB, 1080x1401, Screenshot_20190925-202044_Twi…)


No. 873184

File: 1569460905026.jpg (989.38 KB, 1080x1950, Screenshot_20190925-202034_Twi…)


Why the glasses

No. 873185

that first photo is really unflattering

No. 873186

File: 1569460981210.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1966, Screenshot_20190925-202024_Twi…)


No. 873188

why the socks and sandels though?

No. 873191

Those aren't birkenstocks they're the cheap rubber ones that all the basic bitches are wearing…

Why is she like this??

No. 873200

Can “quirky one my berkies” be incorporated into the next thread pic with the dinosaur onesie picture?

No. 873202

Lol sounds more like the life of a 17 year old that think they're cool.

No. 873209

But she hasn’t moved past being 17

No. 873210

Is this second hand cos it looks fucking filthy?

No. 873212

I think it’s just the design

No. 873215

You know $65 wouldn't be a terrible investment for her, if she would do some footage with that whole "broken puppet on a string" thing.

No. 873217

Why does she have a fake carpet with a blanket under it, all on top of her apartment carpet?

No. 873219

All Halloween costumes are cheap looking with a $60+ price tag.

She's going to do maybe one Halloween porn vid. And shes as creative as a bag of rocks so get ready for "Blackmailing Your Clown School Sister" or "Sexy Clown Blackmails You".

No. 873247

so just her usual makeup then.

there's already clown porn around, i bet she thinks she's doing something ~quirky~ and different but it'll be the same damn video, dry fucking and dumb faces she does. she probably doesn't know how to make one, but a balloon 'animal' dildo would be funny.

No. 873273

that cellulite tho… has she actually updated about her supposed healthy eating/gym routine?

No. 873288

she asked for money 'for healthy food & the gym' like it costs money to stop drinking & walk/run or do excersizes in her apartment. not having money is just an excuse not to do it tbh.

i thought she was having people guess what costume she was doing for a prize? and then she just goes and posts it anyway

No. 873339

File: 1569512713657.jpg (272.33 KB, 1630x1080, PicsArt_09-26-10.44.16.jpg)

Halloween is supposed to be the day to dress up as something you're not, shayna

No. 873340

This is truly beautiful

No. 873341

Seeing Fupa back there just really made me feel sad for Shay, that's the kind of guy she pulls? She meets some weirdo on fucking tumblr and lets him slap her lol, what a mess she is.

No. 873357

A masterpiece, truly. Please be the next thread pic. The details are amazing and the little fupa is always a great kek. White claw over coors might have been more fitting but still a 10/10

No. 873362

File: 1569516379975.png (125.99 KB, 593x698, Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 12.4…)

Scammy Mattel back at it again.

No. 873365

It’s not that hard to make the same video as always while using two dildos

No. 873366

File: 1569516989850.jpeg (144.05 KB, 750x655, F89AB715-365D-4670-9134-8F0D6B…)

My bets are on a darker pink, purple or black for her hair

No. 873367

She’s been “adjusting” to her new medication for three months

No. 873370

Her mental health in check HOW? She hasn't done ONE thing to get her mental health in check.
She's been playing fortnite, watching tv, getting her hair done, buying cheap-looking expensive costumes, getting drunk, getting high, buying overpriced weed, begging and starting drama.

She has ALL THE FUCKING TIME IN THE WORLD to do the video and MORE. How long has she been promising people that video?

That's super fucked up. I love how she brings up, "Mental health" like that really is fucking crazy to me, she's using that excuse as if she hasn't documented her ass doing NOTHING.

No. 873371

"hey I know I promised my customers a video, but my mental health is bad but oh yeah, I'm about to take some ugly pictures and get my hair done."

Also, why not fucking take pictures AFTER your hair is done.

I think black will look harsh on her tbh.

No. 873374

Lighter colors like a soft blonde or brown would look good on her

No. 873378

18 days ago she was talking about the double penetration clip.

No. 873382

>I haven't filmed my dp video because of my bad mental health

I mean, when WOULD one film a dp video if not while being mentally fucked up…

No. 873403

>not here to make excuses
>does it anyway

the way to apologize is recognize what you did wrong and make the effort to not do it again, not blame your mental health and other things while asking your followers to forgive you for not doing what you promised, again.

good ol' scammy mattel. she was just giving out 5 vids from mv yesterday for $15 and now offering all of them for someone to pay for her hair update.

No. 873404

File: 1569524027416.jpeg (44.52 KB, 750x242, 0B8B5668-57EA-40CF-8E56-4D5D35…)

If you cannot pay for it you shouldn’t be buying it, dumbass

No. 873406

She constantly is giving out all her videos for anything.

No. 873428

she’s gonna give ALL of her videos for a cheap $60 hair job done by some students? lmao, im convinced this girl is definitely broke

No. 873434

File: 1569530905353.jpg (187.87 KB, 901x1200, EFafF8iX4AM2-uf.jpg)

I'm guessing she's wearing purple because she's going to color her hair purple, but why does she look so much like a grandma here? Also I think she has a stain on her turtleneck. Where did she even get that outfit? It looks unwashed straight out of a thrift store or something.

No. 873435

File: 1569530944751.jpg (190.05 KB, 901x1200, EFafF7TXYAEl9jP.jpg)

No. 873437

File: 1569531117920.jpg (237.91 KB, 1080x925, Screenshot_20190926-155118_Twi…)

Yeaaah okkkkk, we'll see about that

No. 873438

The pink background always makes her look so dirty. Like she is dirty as well but the pink does her so wrong.

No. 873439

File: 1569531203452.jpg (Spoiler Image, 424.42 KB, 1079x944, Screenshot_20190926-155233_Twi…)


Welp, I guess no more diet

No. 873440

File: 1569531235227.jpg (130.78 KB, 1075x650, Screenshot_20190926-155251_Twi…)


I never understand her pricing

No. 873444

It just kills me how she has to raise her eyebrows in every. single. picture. Girl, that is not your look! You can look sultry without making that stupid wrinkly forehead ass confused face.

No. 873453

File: 1569533027081.jpeg (75.99 KB, 750x200, B044D68D-54F2-4F42-B4C8-3E635E…)

I think irritated is more accurate

No. 873456

Why do you put on makeup but leave your lips dry as fuck? Does she not like moisture anywhere on her body?

I feel like she hates Lube because she doesn't shower, and she's always dry & using lube means she'll have to shower.

No. 873462

File: 1569533370446.jpeg (86.67 KB, 750x274, D5A5695F-BE6F-4991-9238-8C3BF8…)

I have the same top, it’s from target and I’m pointing that out because it’s a Peanuts brand top with Woodstock the bird on it and I think it’s really funny how she’ll lift it up or tie it to hide that

No. 873464

It was thirteen dollars on their website

No. 873471

not trying to wk but how is that milky

No. 873476

I just think it’s kind of pathetic how she’s trying to hide part of the design like don’t buy it then

No. 873482

File: 1569535469215.jpg (126.72 KB, 1080x348, Screenshot_20190926-170418_Twi…)

Boo hoo

No. 873492

Does she realize that she can go and not spend a bunch of money?

No. 873493

chances are the background itself is also covered in filth

No. 873507

File: 1569538064096.jpeg (91.62 KB, 750x228, 2762F6BD-FDD0-4E0D-8018-CEFAC0…)

She’s been talking about getting her hair done for hours, is she really sitting in a salon chair with no money to pay for the appointment?

No. 873508

Maybe she’s on a payment plan. Kek

No. 873513

she's going for that jillian vessey wrinkled forehead look.

No. 873515

She's been begging ALL day to get her hair done. This shows that no one gives a fuck about her or her content.She also hasn't spoken on the video she owed people.

So her mentals good enough, to take pictures, beg to get her hair done/or get her hair done and beg for money for an carnival & promise a custom, but not to give people what you said you would??

No. 873526

File: 1569541103104.jpg (887.12 KB, 1080x1846, 20190926_183716.jpg)

Her hair is so damaged. But I definitely like this color for her more. And it looks like she didn't get her roots bleached(?) so maybe shell eventually have healthy hair.

No. 873527

File: 1569541141059.jpg (38.3 KB, 593x399, fjfjf.JPG)

No. 873528

I like the purple; if she would ditch all the pink clothes; she could look ok.

No. 873531

She goes to one of those chain beauty schools to get her hair done, figures

No. 873533

So she had money to get her hair done?? Or this whole time was she asking for money too reimburse her hair?

No. 873535

File: 1569541810593.jpeg (166.52 KB, 750x836, F816B37F-2311-4121-A1E3-14FE93…)

For money and attention? She acts like she’s so above tumblr but she never will be. She was using tumblr every now and then to reblog aesthetic shit before she decided to “announce” her comeback

No. 873536

One hundred dollars even is really cheap for full color, it’s really sad that even the cheapest color service is too expensive for her

No. 873537

File: 1569542052840.jpg (212.63 KB, 901x1200, EFbagN6XUAAhoL0.jpg)

No filter

No. 873538

File: 1569542195244.jpg (219.81 KB, 901x1200, EFbagN6XoAYewmF.jpg)

No. 873540

Oh man this isn't a good picture of her, she looks like someone's 35 year old mother and again, no lip chap. Man Shay.

The color isn't that bad on her but it's harsh on her face.

When she goes to her dirty pink house and takes a picture with her grainy camera it's going to look worst.

No. 873542

oof is right. I can't believe she posted this, with the back of her head looking like a brillo pad. Getting it professionally styled with buckets of product will hide it for a couple days Shayna, but you've just shown us what a rats' nest your hair is when you're the one taking care of it. cut it short and try again.

No. 873544

Seems like she fucked up her curl pattern too. Her hair still looks dry and damaged.

No. 873552

File: 1569546115978.png (1.9 MB, 2048x1885, Screenshot_20190926-180014.png)

Hold onto your white claw, she might actually work tonight

No. 873554

Her dry lips trigger me.

I like the color, it’s better than the pink. Also her hair hasn’t been breaking off inch by inch since she stopped bleaching it.

No. 873555

How do I already know that this is gonna be like 4th time this month she is saying she is going to get on cam, and then just doesn’t.

No. 873557

How is this "spooky"?

No. 873565

Some of you have no reading comprehension. She said “welcoming spooky season with a new hair color” Aka “new hair color for fall”

No. 873566

File: 1569549194507.jpeg (108.99 KB, 750x289, B308F907-81A5-4E67-9922-9CE0A7…)

Wow, spoopy, she’s so ~quirky~

No. 873567

It's just purple. Nothing "spoopy" about that

No. 873568

Kek she took this down

No. 873570

Yes, I'm sure the damaging hair dye job is just what she needed to really do her job. That's exactly what's been holding her back.

No. 873571

File: 1569550639328.png (212.17 KB, 668x360, Screenshot_2019-09-26-19-16-40…)


She should quit it with the damn boomerang eyebrows

No. 873574

If she extended the eyebrow pencil or whatever she uses to the front of the eyebrow a little bit to make it square and to the back a little bit to extended it. It would look like everyone else’s eyebrows >>873571

No. 873575

stop biting the skin off your lower lip. who wants to bet she has pica and eats it?

No. 873576

is her thigh dirty or are those stretch marks from weight gain? she looks so uncomfortable.

No. 873577

probably the imprint from the bottom of her shoe

No. 873583

me either, she posts this anxd then a couple hours later tweets that for $100 [alleged cost of getting her hair done] she'll do a custom or give all her videos. pretty sure she has more than 50 but seems pretty desperate to give them all for various amounts of money.

she also says to follow her on only fans for tit pix then posts one anyway on twitter b/c she just can't help herself.

couldn't even put on a bra to get her hair done.

smtge way she over draws the top is weird, just follow the natural shape and fill in/blend the front b/c doing this makes them look like slugs.

No. 873587

she should just use some brow mascara or something, her natural brows aren't even that bad, they're just thin. idk why she does this to herself.

No. 873590

File: 1569554253022.png (312.31 KB, 498x377, Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 11.1…)

wow she's on! first time in months

No. 873591

That's what happens when you don't take it consistently and repeatedly indulge in activities that counteract it like binge drinking.

No. 873592

File: 1569554899302.jpeg (211 KB, 1242x901, 0A8339DA-4201-4A56-A54D-5EF230…)

Fake story time! She went into Apple to get her screen repaired. She gives them her name and they take the phone to the back, only to come back to her and ask if that's her phone. When she confirms it is, they ask her "Who's dolly mattel?". She tells them it's her "work name" and the employe replies "Oh, what do you do?" She said she was a blogger. What does she even get out of writing fanfics like this?

No. 873593

God she legit looks so much better with dark hair

No. 873594

God she's back punching herself for 10 tokens

No. 873595

is this like day 5 of this outfit?

No. 873597


Fake news you need to give them your legal name for repairs as they ID you when you come back for pick up

No. 873598

I’m hoping this did happen. Just imagine the employee going home and googling her name out of curiousity then this thread is the first thing they find.

No. 873599

Multiple stains. This is a really bad look and the glasses make her look 30 years older at least idk why she insists on wearing them. They're not cute at all. Like not even in a dorky way. They are old lady glasses and they dont hide the lack of make up but rather draws more attention to how haggard she is.

Lmao when is she not having a sale or discounting/giving her vids away?? She's pathetic.

No. 873603

You missed when she was telling her "cute boy" story, who made her cum 4/5 times from anal and there was blood and semen afterwards coming out of her… I have it recorded, because she has to be drunk and on something else tonight with how she's acting.

No. 873604


It's a pink toned "raspberry" purple at that. It's going to look like shit after a couple washes because this bitch has NO idea on how to take care of her hair in general but especially colored hair.

I agree this darker shade looks better on her than everything else she's tried. Her clothes are ugly and dont compliment it, but… we can only expect so much from Shay.
At the rate she avoids showering she'll get a couple weeks out of this color before it fades into a multi pink and plum mess.

No. 873605

Lmao she didnt see anyone and Fupa has a chode. Dick has gotta be big and the dude has to not know wtf hes doing to make a gaping asshole bleed. So def fake story. Nice try Shay. The real question is if she drunkenly fucked her own asshole or if there wasnt any anal at all.

No. 873606

Guys, don’t fret, we’re talking about the household name of porn. As she said herself.

She’s delusional and it’s hilarious to watch this.

No. 873609

Depends, working out doesn't automatically make cellulite go away, some women work out and diet for years and still have cellulite, another thing is just squishing fat like that in general will make it look bumpy even if you look smooth standing up

No. 873610

she just said "if I dress like a cow will you tip me more? That was pretty clever"

No. 873611

She is popping a pimple on cam

No. 873615

Her "cute" boy story.
Shayna, you are literally ruining your body. Use some fucking lube.

No. 873617

More clever than TND's "am cow" pics where she is posing on the floor next to the dog's bowl.

All my favorite lolcows are merging into one pathetic trashy pink blur.

No. 873624

God her audio is atrocious. Get a new mic that works for what you're doing ans stop playing music like that Shay.

No. 873626

I have a feeling she doesn't know how to set her mic up and she's by default using her laptop mic. I have to set up the use of my external microphone and it's default is my built in one which sounds like crap. maybe that's what the problem is and I wouldn't be surprised

No. 873639

I bet she doesn’t even own a real supportive bra, that shitty Barbie underwear set that she wore for her workout themed video doesn’t count

No. 873642

Even her made up story’s are a mess, If she really did anal with a cute boy who made her bleed she would of been talking about that part the other day when she was tweeting about the whole “omg I just did anal” thing someone should send her lube to her P.O. Box as a gag gift

No. 873643

if the story is real she lets men ruin her body more then she does.Not because she likes it but to keep them around & she knos thats the only way.

also she'd use that as a excuse not to do the DP video.

No. 873645

File: 1569574418925.jpeg (60.48 KB, 750x272, 17D56036-C9C8-4CC0-B36D-FF3BCC…)

Okay? No one asked

No. 873649

>51 notes
tumblr can't be this dead, can it!?

No. 873651

It's funny the shit she does on tumblr does NOTHING to help her sex work. It's just so she can get attention from corny ass "quirky" shit she probably takes hours to think about
She uses tumblr because she feels she can get a little more interaction, because twitter is dead for her

No. 873654

Also everytime she gets her hair done like in two days it's up in a two ponytails, braids or messed up

No. 873657

File: 1569576160015.png (114.34 KB, 1080x876, Screenshot_20190927-022121~2.p…)

How is she even surprised anymore

No. 873684

That's what she's saying? She gave them her legal name, but they saw "Dolly Mattel" all over her phone and asked who that is, as it doesn't match the name she gave them. It's still bullshit, but some of you need to learn how to read.

Anal damage will so quirky and kinky when she can't hold her shit in public.

She does look a lot less washed out with darker hair, though. But she's tacky as hell, so I'm sure she'll go back to an ugly pink color.

No. 873686

File: 1569589617955.jpg (Spoiler Image, 605.63 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20190927-080624_Twi…)

No. 873705

No. 873707

She only ever seems to cam immediately after getting her hair professionally done. Is it because shes too ashamed to show what it normally looks like on cam?

No. 873732

>here’s my tit- send me money!
Just pumping out the bare minimum.

Also, I just can’t get over her special needs faces. It’s embarrassing.

No. 873734

and no one does lol, how long are we in for a "Here's all my videos for $100 I need to pay rent sad face" twitter post?

No. 873745

No because nobody reimburses her pathetic ass so she goes on cam to hopefully make money. She left after 2 hours last night and she didn’t even get naked kek

No. 873759

She said someone paid her for a private show

No. 873767

Kek shes a really thriving cam girl!

No. 873778

File: 1569610384984.jpg (39.77 KB, 592x335, Capture.JPG)

"I'm mindful of spending too much on one video, but I spend 100's on the bullshit I don't need, like weed, alcohol, bar drinks and workout powder. (I haven't used and don't know how to use)

No. 873779

File: 1569610586490.jpg (35.51 KB, 581x279, dkd.JPG)

And I bet you if she doesn't link it again right after this, she'll do it later. then the same thing will happen and she'll be shocked.

No. 873780

File: 1569610671594.jpg (47.83 KB, 580x348, Capturejj.JPG)

Wasting money on dumb shit she'll never use again. For a video, she'll probably end up being like, "Hey I need $50, if you give me $50 I'll give you all my videos!!!"

No. 873783

This is easily $50+ she'll be asking for again by tomorrow

No. 873784

File: 1569611317090.png (58.18 KB, 572x239, Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 3.06…)

Apparently this is the reason for the fabric. This video is going to be a shitshow.

No. 873786

Ew…just the thought of that dry fabric going in her dry irrated puss makes me feel quesy. No wonder even in her fake "cute boi' stories they don't want vaginal.

She probably still has firework residue in there.

No. 873787

and how dumb of her to just spoil it, I hope this goes viral and she looks like a mess, lol.

No. 873788

what the fuck kind of idea is this…?

No. 873792

and how is that sexy? I also bet her dumb ass is going to put that in the preview so there's no reason to buy it.

I really think Shay feels porn is for more then dudes to jack off too. She thinks they care about the dumb shit she does. She does this for social worker asspats and attention, more so then money.

No. 873794


Yeah ok, everyone knows now. She doesn't have even the slightest awareness of business techniques and how to be successful… yet feels like she can charge for her advice lmao fuckin wild.

Also yeah, how the fuck is that actually going to work? Sounds horrible and like she thought it was funny/quirky in her head, but not about actually doing it. She'd have better luck doing in in her ass, but then they'd come out shit stain covered.

No. 873808

Uhh did she buy entire bolts of fabric?
She’s such an idiot. Can she even sew?
And she bought entire bolts for small scarves?
Her dumb ass is just going to cut them into squares without hemming the sides, and she’s gonna get frayed fabric stuck in her coochie.

No. 873816

>Takes unflattering pictures
>Refuses to take advice on how to take care of her body and choose an aesthetic that fits her
>Makes shitty unsexy videos practically destroying her genitals for shock value instead of something actually appealing
>Refuses to get help for her ass zits and boils, makes videos popping them, doing unflattering poses, and shoving shit covered dildos in her ass
>Begs for money, often offering little to nothing in return, begs in cringey ways

No. 873817

I think she took the pic when she was taking them to the counter to be cut. She's dumb, but probably not THAT retarded.

Omg the frayed strings lmao I can't wait for this shit show.

No. 873818

>Uhh did she buy entire bolts of fabric?
kek I knew someone would ask this as soon as I saw that pic posted, its very obviously a green Jo-Ann's cutting table before she got it cut. I wonder if she can measure and how much she asked them to cut.

No. 873822

The better question is when they ask "what are you making??" how does she respond? A fumbling lie or I'm a ~pron star~ duh. Lmao probs just says it's for Halloween, but I'd love to hear her fake story about it.

No. 873832

Maybe im being nitpicky, but isn't one of the reasons she dislikes her mom is because her mom was ashamed of her job, doesn't support it & didn't her mom tell people Shay did something else and Shay didn't like that?

Yet, Shay makes up a lie and seems ashamed of her job in this story? So why is she mad at her mom for not supporting her and lying, when she lies about as well?

I'd think Shay would be really proud of what she does the way she acts.

No. 873838

Yeah, her and a guy on her cam show last night we’re talking about arranging a private show on skype. Did she ever end up getting naked last night? I fell asleep while she was begging for 300 coins to reach her naked goal

No. 873845


Nah she ended up doing a private show on MFC instead I dunno if was with the same desperate ass dude tho

No. 873846

It probably fell through, but she took the opportunity to get off cam and not work lmao

No. 873848

File: 1569621623623.jpg (28.26 KB, 588x279, Capture.JPG)

No. 873851


She doesn’t need clown makeup or any props because everything about her is already a tragic joke. But makeup first, dumbass, the nails still need to set to stay on your hands for more than three hours

No. 873857

Sorry, I’m just assuming she doesn’t know what yards or meters are and would be dumb enough to buy the whole thing.
Also I think it’s Walmart fabric.

One thing that’s definite though is she is definitely not washing it before sticking it in her vag.

No. 873860

My question is still how? Is she going to ball it up and cover it in lube? Or just stick it in her like a tampon, How???

and again, how is that sexy? Is this funny joke porn? I feel like she makes porn more for other sex workers to give her attention then for sex or to sell it.

Maybe it's because that "blooper' shit got attention and Shay can't help but milk every little thing until it's as dry as her lips.

This is going to be another embarrassing thing she's done and thats going to be online forever. People are laughing AT you shay. Not with.

No. 873865

She won’t actually jam them into her vag. You couldn’t get more than one or two in there. She will likely just make it look like they are coming out of her. Which isn’t hard to do if you angle it right.

No. 873878

I wish you were right anon, but you're probably overestimating Shay's intelligence

No. 873884

surprised she didn't say the employee recognized her from her vids or something.

what fucking details???

have seen this done in a burlesque show before and it was way better than whatever she's gonna do.she could've just bought a set of magic scarves but that probably wasn't ~aesthetic~ enough.

No. 873914

File: 1569634468426.jpg (536.08 KB, 1080x997, Screenshot_20190927-203336_Twi…)

No. 873916

File: 1569634495031.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1944, Screenshot_20190927-203346_Twi…)

Why this outfit though?

No. 873917

she wore those camming

No. 873918

File: 1569634632826.jpg (824.46 KB, 1080x1632, Screenshot_20190927-203659_Twi…)

No. 873919

the shorts

No. 873924

she usually looks ratchet but this is another level of pajama trashiness

No. 873925

i take it she's with fupa since his default heart filter is on

No. 873926

if she with a man its sadder she was begging for money to buy shit. You'd think the mn fucking her every Friday would pay for things.

No. 873929

This bitch legit nasty,man.
She be wearing the same shorts EVERY FUCKING DAY this week.
And we all know she don't wear underwear. Imagine the discharge crust build up by now. Yo. I fucking can't with this thread sometimes. I can literally smell this thread scrolling through the cows.

No. 873940

File: 1569637649992.jpeg (326.86 KB, 550x746, E69A73E6-7D83-4C81-99EB-97E103…)

No. 873944

>spent hundreds of dollars a couple months ago on clothes
>wears the same crusty pajamas for a week now

She’s clearly with Fupa for 2 reasons- you only go out in public looking like THAT when you’re pretty established/comfortable with someone. And the signature Fupa heart filter. Shay never uses that filter anymore.

No. 873946

Shay, PLEASE find another ~designer piece to flex. You can go to TJ Maxx or Ross and no one will know better. Let the Michael Kors wallet die.

No. 873947

File: 1569638468019.jpg (127.25 KB, 1080x509, Screenshot_20190927-214020_Twi…)

No. 873952

Not to mention i really doubt she'd tell some boy about her online presence. One search of her would scare them off

No. 873957

File: 1569641599508.jpg (490.4 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_20190927-223202_Twi…)

kek. So she half ass diets one week, then is done. Im honestly surprised fupa is keeping her around this long

No. 873961

is there a reason why she hasn't tried using a proxy? or would that not help with twitter?

No. 873963

I think she tried a proxy at one point and it didn't work. But she most likely didn't clean out her cookies & other traceable data or spoof a new MAC address, so it was basically pointless.

No. 873984

This purple hair looks really good, I'm surprised. Both pink and blonde wash her out+make her look older

No. 873986

If this is dolly she looks great, but why is her nipple popping out of a hairdresser's after shot (presumably)

No. 873987

Not only is this the same outfit she’s had in all week, but those…are slippers. They’re not meant to be worn outdoors and she’s wearing them in a fucking barnyard

No. 873988


I think it's a edit of this photo-


No. 873989

No. 874001

>Dad slippers, gross pink shorts, see through dirty white shirt
Lord I know it's a fair and all but dammit you'd think she would put in a little effort

No. 874003

It's Shay and she looks like ass. But anyway.

No. 874008

She’s in depression gear 24/7 jesus can’t even put in a little effort to catch the Friday dick

No. 874021

Does she know that voter registration lists in OK are public information and her name and address will be available? Smart move Shayna

No. 874048

Dont encourage that, it'll lead a dumb farmer or newfag to try doxxing

No. 874053

I'm definitely not meaning to encourage it. I'm just saying she's not thinking it through.

No. 874054

So people should just…not vote, in order to avoid internet doxxing? You're totally far gone, anon.

No. 874067

Her name isn’t dolly.

No. 874089

File: 1569689675710.jpg (40.91 KB, 613x410, rkrf.JPG)

Imagine if Shay was with someone (we don't know) and every five minutes she wants them to take a picture of her with her mouth open like an idiot.

No. 874090

File: 1569689712668.jpg (45.37 KB, 598x448, f.JPG)

No. 874092

File: 1569689866428.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.59 KB, 579x550, Capture.JPG)

Get ready to see these pictures retweeted a million times.

No. 874093

File: 1569689890882.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.7 KB, 592x546, fkii.JPG)

No. 874096

damn so she's really letting Fupa badmouth her on Facebook, call her a gaslighting lying loser, and still going back to him? and not even that – she's dying her hair, changing her clothes (from shitty child's to shitty adult's), and molding herself into his MPDG instead of her ~barbie bimbo~ brand, which she's clung to with her moldy talons for years.

Registering to vote in OK is her preparing to live there for at least another year. how incredibly sad; she's living in a one-bedroom with two cramped young animals, isolated and miserable, out of her element for some guy who doesn't want to be around her other than meeting up for Friday-night sex. He probably sees other women when he can find someone else to creep on. He's probably MUCH happier now that she doesn't live there, lurking in his bathroom closet drinking and crying and camming. At least she did her job while she lived there.

It's funny when Shayna says we all just live in our parents' basements (which she calls "living at home" kek miss living with your dad much?) but besides the fact that that's just… a weak comeback and blatantly untrue, she's the one broadcasting where she lives, and it's small, dirty, and pathetic. definitely more disgusting than any basement I've ever seen, just based on the despondent energy her living situations always give off.

No. 874098

Because what else can Shay brag about? Her moving out is the only noteworthy thing she's done really.

Sex work has been horrible for her & that's not us talking our asses, every few days she's crying about her life, but refuses to see/acknowledge that her doing the same thing over and over is the issue.

She's fine with being someone's friday fuck thing, if thats even true. She wants human contact and a man SO BAD, that she'll settle for only seeing someone on Friday, them fucking her in the ass making her bleed and then going on with life.

Meanwhile, she goes back to begging alone, being alone and thinking likes & orbiters equal friends.

If she had a friend who wasn't stuck in the same lifestyle as her or wasn't some gross dude wanting to fuck her and use her, someone would've been told her ass this isn't it.

Shay wants someone to enable her, tell her, what she's doing means something when it doesn't. She's gained NOTHING stable from sex work.

No. 874100

She used to shit on people being in debt from going to school, but I'm postive people would be in debt a million times before living the miserable life that she does.

I bet those people still have friends, families, and an normal outlook on sex and life.

I bet they see themselves as more then their job/majors.

All Shay see's herself as is an sexworker/object. Nothing more or less.

No. 874110

she's beginning to photoshop the shit out of her body as well. these don't match the pictures that were taken at the fair at all, that girl is built like a box and has a moonface. shayna is just plain fat now and it shows, she's shopping in a waist and cheekbones.

No. 874121

Shes not fucking fat. She gained weight but shes far from fat. Why do people always nitpick this, like she has so many other worse qualities.

Also low key feel sad about the photo of her eating a donut burger because she almost looks like a normal silly alt girl but then you remember her lifestyle and it all just becomes pathetic.

No. 874140

To be fair to Shay, she lives in Oklahoma. She wasn't the only one at the fair in pajamas. Living there normalizes public trashy appearance.

No. 874145

why does this offend you? she is heavy and much like other cows who sell themselves, is misrepresenting her self and her body to her paying customers. i'll rephrase: shayna is boxy and is photoshopping herself in order to try and gin up sales. it's like giving a fresh coat of paint to a busted down car.

No. 874150

She's not on them yet.

No. 874180

I don't think Anon is offended. They're pointing out how she's still a fairly thin girl. She's not heavy, she just has a boxy boyish shape to her. It gets nitpicked to the point of ridiculous in this thread. It's been pointed out multiple times that it's annoying and unwanted.

She's what, MAYBE a size medium? most likely a small in shirts. She can still manage to squeeze herself into large children's clothing. It's nitpicking, and it clearly says not to do that at the top of the thread.

No. 874238

The photoshopping of her body from the neck down IS a new development, however, leaving aside the angriest vulva in Oklahoma. She's clearly ashamed else why would she bother? It's a bit like Mickey Deer who is sort of cute but still does ridiculous shoops. I agree that it's unnecessary, but there have been other photos posted recently in the thread where the difference is notable, and the altered pics are always the ones for her, ahhh, job.

No. 874241

When her information is put out on voter registration lists, anons better refrain from posting her address. As tempting as it can be, don’t get the thread shut down

No. 874246

Her weight gain is really obvious and fair food isn’t going to do anything positive for that, but at this point bringing it up over and over again is beating a dead horse.

No. 874251

File: 1569703480418.jpg (35.58 KB, 615x372, Capture.JPG)

I'm positive some of her orbiters have said things like this, also, Shay, you were JUST trying to "Cancel" someone and warning people about them.

but because you saw tweets of people saying that about you, you want to subtweet and it's wrong to call people out??

No. 874252

File: 1569703524610.jpg (34.66 KB, 628x328, f.JPG)

No. 874254

File: 1569703568401.jpg (47.1 KB, 583x326, fjf.JPG)

No. 874255

someone's feeling hostile today.

No. 874256

File: 1569703704610.jpg (16.55 KB, 585x91, Capture2.JPG)

No mention of that video she promised people. So she can sleep, talk shit on twitter and watch tv all day, her mental health is good enough to go to a carnival but not to give people what she's promised them.

No. 874258

File: 1569703938543.jpg (51.65 KB, 608x439, sk.JPG)

So I looked and I found this, maybe she's referring to this, but i've for sure saw people say word for word what she's saying right now.


No. 874259

How about you approach them and stop making tweets about those people on your dead social media you fucking idiot?