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File: 1573586944332.png (1.24 MB, 726x789, 1571838280523.png)

No. 892447

First Thread >>738758
Second Thread >>836614
Third Thread >>871951

The continuing misadventures of Heather "Insert Interest Here" Steele!

> Does Urban Exploring and Paranormal Ghost Hunting (badly)

> Proclaims to be an Empath, Wiccan, etc
> Cries constantly about Youtube numbers when she rarely uploads any good content
> Cries over boys too much when she's nearing 30 years old.
> Acts like a desperate high schooler wanting a boyfriend all the time.
> Calls any man she dates "boy."
> Posts "sexy" photos of herself on her "photography instagram"
> Doesn't collect vintage toys anymore, proceeds to shit talk vintage toy collector community.
> Seems to have drama follow her no matter what hobby she joins.
> Constantly plays the VICTIM.
> Proclaims everyone hates her and that she has no one and that she's a nobody.
> Refuses to get a job and relys constantly on her "dying youtube channel."
> Claims everyone is out to ruin her life.
> Did a complete 180 so quickly and ditched her pastel life and went into a "store bought witch" mode.
> Is in debt because of Killstar.
> Is known to lurk on Lolcow religiously

Recent milk:
> Lives with her mother and younger sister, claims she's independent
> Recently got her license, is still afraid to drive on her own
> Accused of using Go Fund Me money for personal and useless purchases
> Always has a "rare day off" from her full time job at least 3 times a week
> Uploads a video opening up trash bags of her old vintage plush, milking views and money for the very community she threw under the bus
> Repeatedly tells the toy community "fuck you", says the community is toxic and she wants nothing to do with them anymore since receiving comments on her videos and Instagram posts calling her out for her hypocrisy
> Says she's going to sell her toys and keep a few of them, only to say that she's going to burn all of them, then immediately backtracks and says she's going to sell them all
> Posts "proof" that her ex-husband abused her, although the evidence just proves that she's crazier than any of us thought
> Claims to be deleting her Youtube and having less of an online presence, starting with having her Instagram go private

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/user/FreyaBunny19/
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/heather_explores/

No. 892459

>>says goodbye to social media
>>>continues spamming her Instagram story talking about why she just CANT sell her camera????

No. 892465

perfect thread pic lmao

No. 892467

Her long winded goodbye video. She's so dramatic.

No. 892473

Didn't she only get like one comment about the camera? She keeps bringing up the GFM to make herself look better to the people she scammed. Those people who keep bringing it up, they bring it up for context. She dug herself in deep and is scrambling to come out "on top" lol.

Countdown to how many hours until she comes back on her ig stories, lol

No. 892480


Her tendency for misdirection and focusing on non issues are one of the things that annoys me most. She always latches onto a harmless and easily addressed criticism she got lately to distract away from the real reasons people are starting to realize her true colors.

She's also the queen of minimizing her actions.
> "People are so mad at me for spending a bit of my own hard earned money, literally because i bought a fucking sweater/boots/jacket/more boots/this cup/a movie ticket/these 2 Jeffrey Starr palettes/sheets/blankets/pillows/shirt/antique ugh"
Her "one thing she bought for herself as a treat" changes daily, and she seems to only ever address the last item she got, refusing to acknowledge that it builds up.

Her personality is built of doing many shitty things and apologizing for the least offensive of them. It's to the point where I wonder if she's just manipulative or if she lacks a modicum of self-awareness and legitimately doesn't see how shitty she is.

She's swallowed by her drive to be the victim.

No. 892481


If she's going to take a break from social media sites such as Instagram, it needs to be for several months not days lol. She seems to be addicted at posting on a frequent basis so i'm doubtful she'll achieve this but she really does need to focus on sorting her life out and not concern herself with finding a new boyfriend so quickly. Not sure why she keeps talking about not selling her camera, odd.

No. 892485


I think it starts as a distraction technique, but the issues seem to distort and warp in her head to fit her new narrative, until the issue she chose to focus on is all she can focus on. I wouldn't be surprised if she's said it enough by now that she's warped the real reasons people are upset in her mind and really believes it's about her keeping a camera.

Either that or she's manipulative as hell and is choosey about which criticisms she acknowledges.

No. 892486

Since I know Heather reads this and is all about pulling her receipts right now, I want this receipt about who commenting about her damn camera. Cause to me it sounds like one of two situations or possibly a combo of both. Perhaps mom politely told her to sell her camera as a way to get her away from social media because it was rotting her mind and the girl needs the money more than the social media right now. You know she should be focusing on her mental health and a real job-not on a fantasy world of being a famous YouTuber who changes their identity every five seconds and has a crisis with every comment she gets. So sell the camera and use the money to ACTUALLY get ahead in life. You can buy a camera again when you actually have the means to support yourself and our in a solid place in your life to do so. It’s like the girl has no concept of budgeting or what saving money is or how to really prepare for the future she wants. If you want to someday be a traveling photographer, you need to save up a lot of money and work really hard. Your iPhone can take damn good pictures in the mean time while you save up to a place where you have a roof over your head and have a car to get you places like oh I don’t know…your freakin job. The second reason I call BS on this camera comment is I think she is just feeling guilty because she took the camera instead of her cat and she knows it looks bad. She speaks her guilt out loud all the time. And now she is choosing to run this SOOOOOO many people commented about me and my camera (ummm I need the receipts Whitney! and maybe I’ll believe you) to create a new victim narrative to distract from the real issue which is she called an entire community of people that supported her and gave her money and followed her channel and sent her fan mail to fuck off. She called them childish, said they dress stupid and she was merely playing a character and we are all idiots and immature. She can keep distracting with her ever changing stories about fleeing from abuse and everyone is ganging up on me, but girl you don’t have the receipts. You take one (and I mean one if there is even a minuscule one) constructive criticism comment and you let exaggerate and implode in your mind and then you retell it as if WWIII just happened. And you wonder why no one believes you anymore. You are the girl who cried wolf. You can’t keep your stories straight. You told people who cared about you and gave money to you to fuck off. They were standing up for themselves because you called them childish and immature and stupid for what they liked and you had outgrown it so it was dumb to you now and you think them standing up for themselves is being a hater. Well by that logic-you are a hater for standing up for yourself. They merely were responding to you being rude and mean to them. You are a hypocrite. You can keep telling yourself you are the most successful you’ve ever been and then five seconds later cry and moan about how lonely you are and how everyone hates you and you have no friends and no one will date you-well I wonder why. Your black and white thinking and absolute hypocrisy is ridiculous. You try to manipulate the narrative and play the victim and pushing the “abuse” narrative when their are people out their really fighting and fleeing for their lives makes me sick. You need to go to therapy and take a really long look at your life. And your dramatic farewell speeches on IG are something else. We all know your narcissism will bring you back in…oh give it 2-3 days. You are digging yourself into a hole you won’t be able to get out of. It doesn’t matter how many times you delete your rants. Once posted on the internet-it’s forever. Don’t forget that. GO GET HELP!

No. 892488


Seems like she gets her kicks from incensing others, posting insults and starting shit and then deleting everything so that she can claim people are attacking her for no good reason, and she has to defend herself guys she's a strong independent women and if you clap at her she's gonna clap back she will no longer be a victim fuck the haters.

This has definitely been a strong pattern the whole time I've paid attention to her. I'm really glad farmers have been starting to record her shit the second its out there before she thinks to delete. Good work, all. It's getting harder and harder for her to deny her dogshit personality and the attitude she slings at people.

It's actually amazing how little foresight she has for consequences.

No. 892489

>[20 seconds later]
>I would like to clarify what goodbye means

Never change

No. 892491


I kek'd so hard


God damn, preach

No. 892492

I think she knows damn well what she is doing. She knows how much “rare” day off irritates everyone because it is so obvious she has a bazillion days off. She constantly uses it now to set us off. She has all the signs of being a manipulator and a troll. I think she is a Trisha paytas wannabe.

No. 892494

I couldn't stop laughing at that part. I wish I could make a gif and add the text of her saying that.

No. 892497

File: 1573593566940.gif (4.29 MB, 270x480, goodbye.gif)

No. 892498


fucking lol thanks for this

No. 892499

I think she knows what she's doing. Why else would she constantly delete stuff, if she didn't know she was in the wrong.she might be delusional enough to think her behavior is justified. And she might be delusional about some things. But she is actively aware of a good part of it.

No. 892500

hahaha! you're awesome anon. That is classic.

No. 892502

She made her ‘goodbye’ rant an actual story highlight on Instagram. Who does she think still feels bad for her? The only people who aren’t pissed off at her are the ones who don’t follow her closely enough to know what’s going on to begin with. Soon enough they’ll all learn. I wonder how long it’ll be before she just links this site on her Instagram because ‘I know who I am and I’m bigger than the hate. I’m better than the haters. Just look what those bullies are saying about me!’

No. 892540

Okay so her new insta is witch_of_the_lens but it's real exclusive.

No. 892546

Okay so instead of addressing the fact that she trash talked the toy community she's gonna babble about her camera and cry about how much she hates social media and then make another account anyway? Is she EVER going to address this?? We keep trying to explain it in the simplest way possible. Heather, we are not mad at you for THIS, we're mad at you for THIS. And then she gets all in her head and completely makes something up!

No. 892554

Why is she even posting this on her stories. If you wanna keep in touch with your friends…you should know who they are and reach out to them privately to follow your account. She still needs attention so bad lol.

No. 892579

File: 1573603766873.jpg (595.55 KB, 1080x1803, Screenshot_20191112-190632_Ins…)

No. 892580

File: 1573603806209.jpg (143.44 KB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_20191112-190647_Ins…)

No. 892582

You hit the nail on the head. She deflects hard. I think many anons here are wondering if she really is manipulative and scummy or just retarded and actually can't self-reflect.

With how much she's been slinging around the phrase "rare day off" I was getting troll vibes too, but she says it with such earnest and from everything I know about her, she's not very smart, so I can't see her pulling off an elaborate trolling scheme. She's not good at lying, other anons have pointed out her exaggerated tells. I think she's just stupid, potentially autistic, and doesn't realize just how often she says it.

Ah, there she goes, account-hopping now that she's pissed off this batch of followers. How many usernames has she gone by now at this point? How many existed before anyone started taking note of her? You gotta wonder what this kind of person was doing on the internet before they had any notoriety.

No. 892588

File: 1573604991340.png (14.71 KB, 1123x104, Capture.PNG)

Someone posted an "exposing Heather Sparkles" video a few months back (something about Heather copying her? Lame and not milky) and this was a comment on that video. Shame on Heather for lowballing this person, she knows exactly what those sweaters are worth.

No. 892597

What is this

No. 892621

Heather walking around in the snow looking sad is so damn funny

No. 892646

She looks like Ann Coulter, and not “a younger Ann Coulter” either. Not aspirational, Heather.

No. 892665


Didn't someone say she did camming with an ex boyfriend or something? I wonder if she's planning a new career in lewds like every other girl on IG

No. 892690

File: 1573619952948.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, 1573523020214.png)

pretty sure the "you should sell your camera" remark was from an IG comment, I don't follow her but it was posted in the last thread

it was just one remark but seems her whole identity on these alts is about her camera wtf chill

No. 892697


genuinely, fuck, that's the funniest thing I've seen this week

reminds me of George Michael's sad snoopy walk

No. 892699

Whenever she tries to look contemplative and sad she ends up looking constipated.

No. 892711

File: 1573624029560.jpg (777.73 KB, 1440x1870, Screenshot_20191113-003555.jpg)

Let me get this straight…

You post all your dirty laundry for everyone to see, someone, makes ONE COMMENT, ON YOUR CAMERA, and you go to shit over it?

Then, you post the sound clips of you and adam having an argument, which had NOTHING to do with the problem people have with you, and that just made you look psycho. On top of that, you made it sound like Adam was "on top of you "…listen to those clips carefully….

1. At no point there was any sound of struggling

2. No one was out of breath, when you actual fight with someone, your adrenaline kicks into gear and your heart rate goes up, causing a change in your voice, and your breathing.

3. Did you let adam know you were recording him? Bet you didn't think that one through, did you?

You deflect everything when the problem is you. You can't handle constructive criticism and clearly you can't talk like a rational person with your husband, the one you cheated on with, not once, but twice.

When your profession is with law and dealing with domestics every single day and other shit show events people call 911 for, you learn a lot through cases. So heather, you can't fool someone who SPECIALIZES IN THIS FIELD. And you're going to loss horribly in court.

Stop seeking attention from people you don't know and you won't be in this situation.

No. 892712

I love how she talked about how she was only able to grab what she could.. Yet she grabbed all her pairs of boots and clothes and everything that WASN'T her vintage toy collection – THAT was brought to her by Adam.

No. 892714

When did her camera make her money? She never sold prints of her work, nor could i see any sane person buying her pictures, they are over saturated with filters.

So, again, when did your photography make you money? What made you money was your toys on youtube. Killstar didn't make you money, your picture's didn't make you money, your toy collection did, that's why you will never delete those videos, you're stupid in many ways heather, but not stupid when it comes to that .

No. 892715

Adding to more what I said, she said she wanted to make money off of photography.. But she never did. She barely did anything since she left Adam except driving lessons and "got a job." Instead of doing that GFM, she could have sold that camera and went about a few months without it and possibly bought a new one within a few paychecks or asked her mum nicely to get her a new one for Xmas.

Also, it's nice to know that it seems like she completely ignored her vintage collection and Timmy and went to buying useless shit. She has the weirdest priorities in items.

> Rare day off yesterday.. And today.


She clearly wants people to message her and praise her or do something and tell her how great she is if she had to make all these stories about leaving; why go through all this about a small comment about "selling her camera?"

Her ex-therapist is right, why does she care so much about what others on the internet care?

No. 892716

No. 892720


> Makes this video, comments are still turned off so NO discussions can happen in her comments.

She keeps talking about how much she works.. I think someone needs to take a count on how often she mentions "rare day off" per week. I am still calling BS on her 40hr per week.

The more she says "independence woman", the more it loses its meaning.

Loves how she does a video where she's surrounded by everything she's bought in the last month-ish. And it looks like her mum let her paint her room grey like she wanted, it looks like she is staying where she's at.

> More to life than collecting stuff..

Seems like she always collecting SOMETHING

> Goes on how she dressed like every typical "goth/emo" during that time period

> Wasting $200 per month in a "luxury" storage unit.

I want to call major bullshit on this too. I might have found what company she's going through.. but it's about a 10' x 20' unit. Why do you need THAT much room for just TOYS? Does she seriously have that much "shit" to fill up storage unit meant for a 3bdrm house?

> Keeps bringing up her "abuse"

> Still brings up the camera comment, making it seem like tons of people are saying it and that it's not just ONE person that said it.

> Shows off her "self harm" scars.

I can't make out whether or not if they are. It's a weird place for them to be.. Why up on your shoulder? Didn't she have a crow at one point? Couldn't she have gotten those scars from the bird? Because more self-harm scars I've seen are wrists or thighs, easy to reach places that can be covered easily.

> Claims she has them all over her body (but only shows the one on her shoulders). Mentions she always has to cover herself up because of it. Says she did it because she was always rejected by EVERYONE; family, peers, everyone..

Odd enough she doesn't get emotional when talking about what she's done to herself..

> Reads message/comment from someone (whose practically giving her praise).

Shows emotion for the first time during this video. This person has been following her since her gaming content.

> "I'm probably the realest person you'll ever meet.."

> Starts crying around 33 minutes in the video.

> Talks about having a baby one day
> Wanting a man-talk, along with her "dreams"

> I won

> Tries to sound inspirational before the video ends.

Towards the end of the video, this all felt like a huge deja vu moment. I feel like she's posted this video before but with a different outfit and background.

No. 892721

Her telling that sob storie about how when she is old wit her heirloom camera at the end was so outta place and weird. WTF does that even have to do with all the internet drama she acts like she came back from the war. Talking about how she won, girl wtf did you win exactly.

No. 892724

File: 1573627413564.png (1.82 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191113-014147.png)

"I just wanted to clarify what goodbye means"…

And then…


No. 892725

God can she just leave the internet already like she keeps saying she will?

Her icon vs her insta story is like that what you see in the commercial vs what you get meme omfg

No. 892727

Getting such gaslighting vibes off this video. The defensiveness when deflecting is really telling

No. 892728

File: 1573628750342.jpg (1 MB, 1440x2468, Screenshot_20191113-020514.jpg)

No. 892807

I nearly spit out my coffee when she said she was the realest person you'll ever meet,is she for real?

We all thought pastel-wearing/happy/cheery toy collecting Heather was real but then that was revealed to simply be a "persona".

No. 892808

>"I'm getting a shit ton of hate for numerous reasons"
No, you're getting a shit ton of hate because you're a shitty person. There are no numerous reasons, that's literally the only one.

Every time she says "rare day off", I want to scream.

>"I'm done having to stress about this person saying this about me, and it's not true, and I need to show my receipts."

>Says immediately after "Let's talk about this."
I'm dying, kek

We all know the only reason she's still posting to Youtube and that she started posting on her heather_explores account again after "leaving it" is because she has thousands of followers there. She can't just up and leave all of that attention.

No. 892810

In that video, she asks if anyone has ever considered that there's more to life than just collecting stuff. I checked Instagram and so many of my collector friends still follow her. HOW? Surely they're just doing it for a good laugh, because she's such a shit person and has been constantly talking shit on the toy collecting community, especially in this past week.

No. 892818

Maybe people want to keep up to date in case she starts listing stuff for sale? But I do think quite a few people just can't look away from this trainwreck. I know I can't.

No. 892846

She's got some nerve saying there's more to life than collecting stuff when she's been showing off her recent tacky buys on Instagram. She's happy to make money off of old toy/BJD videos on youtube she still has on there despite having nothing but contempt for those hobbies and the communities within them e.g the bulk of her subscribers. Geez she needs to get a life and shut her mouth up. Every time she opens her big mouth more garbage spills out. I bet she doesn't permanently delete her channel at the end of November like she claimed she was, she was just hoping more people would fawn over and say "don't do that, we'll miss you Heather". Perhaps her behaviour is intentional as she knows people will still watch her videos out of curiosity hence her viewing figures. She's let the mask slip by showing her true colors by flipping out when people have asked her honest questions that she doesn't want to hear but are truthful. She has no integrity whatsoever leaving up videos on her youtube channel about hobbies she has since belittled on Instagram and the communities within them. No one should be supporting this girl by re-watching her old videos because it was all bogus as hell. No one disrespects a hobby they were supposed to be once very interested in just because they've decided to move on to something else. She fails to realise that her "collecting" both dolls and vintage toys is the reason why she gained so many subscribers in the first place. Clueless or perhaps playing a dim-wit to get attention?

No. 892847


Lol I think this person was being sarcastic when they say "good for you for disabling comments and whatever else you do to avoid critique" She's a gutless wonder who's slipped up and revealed the spiteful and egotistical individual she is. Heather is such a dishonest person and has clearly never heard of the story of the boy who cried wolf. She's lied so many times when she does finally speak the truth no one will believe her. To be a great liar you have to have a superb memory which she doesn't have therefore she has screwed up time and again with her contradictory comments.

No. 892861

The video was temporarily privatized today but it looks like she brought it back. Story has been deleted though, did anyone catch it?

No. 892910

It looks like the I'm Done Doing THIS video is unlisted. I thought maybe it was deleted, but I was able to watch it through the link in this thread.

Keeping up with Heather is basically a full time job, lol She uploads and deletes things so quickly. She never thinks before she acts.

No. 892920

Yeah. It is. And there's no "rare days off" either.

No. 892940

File: 1573674635349.jpg (293.75 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191113-144556_Ins…)

First time post, sorry in a noob. It looks like julietthepastelprincess may be spilling some tea on the heather situation this evening. Might be worth watching.

No. 892944

You don't have to put anon in the name field.

Should be interesting if that's what her live is going to be about.

No. 892980

Thanks for the heads up. Is anyone recording it? I'm on mobile so can't.

No. 892992

File: 1573678515143.jpg (369.16 KB, 1440x1878, Screenshot_20191113-155249.jpg)

I know what you could of done with all those rare days off…

No. 893077

I am actually in the process of downloading her YT channel videos and I am going to upload them to archive.org her trashing her channel is idiotic and retarded

No. 893229

@julietthepastelprincess's live right now is insane.

No. 893276

Some interesting tidbits from the live:

- you guys remember the video Heather made where she cried about “losing my best friend” that she had only met like two weeks prior? Well apparently that best friend was a Tinder date who happened to be married (on a break from wife). julietthepastelprincess was “the third wheel” on this date because she drive Heather to meet the guy and had tit ah along with them.

-Heather was scared that the tinder guys wife had messaged her on Instagram as asked julietthepastelprincess to log in for her and check the message because she was too pranoid to do it herself.

- julietthepastelprincess was told to lie for Heather back when she made plans to meet up with Ryan at a New Years party last year. She basically had to say to Adam that Heather was going to stay with her when in reality she was with Ryan.

- julietthepastelprincess confronted Adam about how he was treating heather in front of her and his friend. Adam then said that Heather has told him hat she was weird and quiet but “fuckable.”

- on Heather’s birthday julietthepastelprincess drive to her in a blizzard just to take her out. They were on their way to an exploring meet up where Ryan wa supposed to be attending when they had the accident. Heather called the police before Juliet could get a hold of her insurance and ask for a tow truck so she had to ask Adam to forward some money through her payoal just to get her car towed (whcihbshe kid him back for). Heather thenbhad the audacity to say all over social media that it was the worst birthday ever.

No. 893282

Her video is up on her page in anyone wants to take a look at it or record it.

No. 893294

Is explorer Ryan the one who is married? I wonder what was so great about him that had Heather dickmatized so bad.

No. 893296

No I believe it was another tinder guy.

No. 893302

aw man, I'm nutso curious but I won't be home for ages and I'm afraid it'll be gone… can one of you kind souls record it please?

No. 893311

Is anyone saving some of her funnier vids for the future once she deletes them all? I have a few already but I can't stomach doing more of this, hearing her meaty drawling is making the rest of my brain cells die.

No. 893324

damn that was really crazy. I feel bad for juliet, she ignored a lot of red flags because she wanted a friend, but heather completely took advantage of her. But it was brave of her to do the live, you could tell she was hurting. I wish I could be a fly on the wall or on heather's other acct. I bet she is absolutely going off the rails lol. You're a fucking cunt heather.

No. 893326

Juliet is a very sweet person. She's geninue and she was completely taken advantage of by heather. Juliet was a fan of heather and heather took every opportunity to use that to her advantage, go shopping with, use her to take her on dates. But this is not the first time heather has done this to people, there are more people she has done this to that i know personally that i won't name. She has a wonderful tendency to use girls but when it comes to guys, actually, shes the same with guys too. But i understand exactly what juliet was saying. Here was heather, her idol, someone she admired, who she thought the world of, to eventually wake up and see how much of a piece of shit heather is. Heather changed drastically when she changed her physical image, she thought she was hot shit when in actuality, she's the ugliest person. We've seen so many people exist her life and its clear as day why. It's coming full circle where everything is biting her in the ass.

No. 893347

Poor juliette. Watch heather throw a shitfit and try to villify her.

No. 893386

You can't be female and friends with Heather…period. As she'll only see you as competition and she's so vain she can't be seen around any attractive woman. She's so conceited (in love with herself) that she can't make real life friends of the same sex. I'm sure anyone that she met through Instagram or youtube was left downhearted when they met her in person, the reason why she can't keep friends. It wouldn't take long to see her for who she truly is and not the act that she puts on for people on Youtube etc. She's the problem, not them. It's so easy to put on a fake personality for a relatively short video but it's very hard to keep up the pretence in real life.

No. 893407

I felt so bad for Juliet after watching her live. It was clear that Heather really messed with her, mentally, and she was very emotional during the whole thing. She felt genuine, and was even saying how she hates the thought of lying, which is something Heather had her do for her at least once. What a manipulative bitch.

There was also another old friend of Heather's in the chat during the live, Rainbow (she has a new username on IG now though). It seems she and Juliet are friends now. She was offering her words of encouragement throughout the whole live, which was nice to see.

I believe everything Juliet said. She even had notes written down on paper so she could get everything out there. I really felt bad for her.

No doubt Heather is going to find out about this and respond, but Juliet has said that she's done with this. She spoke about it so she could move on from a toxic friendship that died way back in February.

No. 893428

>”during the darkest months of my life I was going to all these cool, crazy places and exploring”

Wait. Thought you were controlled. Thought you weren’t allowed to leave or do anything. Thought you were a ‘hostage’ in that apartment. Did you not specifically say you weren’t allowed to have friends or go out?

Because it seems to me that you were just lazy and didn’t want to get a job, or learn to drive. You were TOLD to get a job. But you just wanted to sit on your lazy ass because YouTube was your full time job. You were TOLD to get your license. But you didn’t want to because you were ‘so scared.’

You held yourself back because you wanted everyone to feel bad for you. You were and are the abusive one. To your ex husband, to your friends, to your cat, and to yourself. You held yourself back because you thought it would help you out in the future when you tried to pull the abuse card in court. But it won’t because your ‘evidence’ only proves you’re a liar and you exaggerate and make things up. It only proves that you are mentally unstable.

>”I’m free now. I’m safe. I finally have a job and my license.”

This just proves you’re capable of providing for yourself and that you were just lazy.

Also you had a job before you were ‘forced to leave/escaped’ (because you keep changing your mind about that situation) so no one ever held you back. It was quite the opposite.

You were never in danger and no one made you leave. You said you were going to and then took your sweet old time getting out. You left in a fit of rage over a situation that only existed in your warped mind. It never even happened. No one ever threatened or hurt you. You overreacted like a middle school girl. No one is holding your possessions hostage. You had and still have a key and the ability to get your shit. You’re just too lazy to do it. No one gives a shit about your stuff but you.

You have the audacity to complain about how your shit was packaged up and stored when you couldn’t even be bothered to do it yourself. It could’ve been thrown into the storage unit all over the floor but instead everything was boxed and bagged so it didn’t get dirty.

You’re mad because people finally see through your goddamn act and they’re not buying your ‘victim of abuse’ bullshit anymore. You’re freaking out because you’re losing your pity following. Nobody ever told you to sell your camera. Nobody ever told you they were mad at you for changing hobbies.

You lied about your situation. You lied about everything. You were never in danger. You wanted more pity.

As soon as the ‘situation’ that ‘forced’ you out happened in your convoluted little mind, you called mommy to come and save you. You were never in danger of being homeless. You put yourself into every ‘bad’ situation by making shit up and then you expect people to feel bad for you. And now you’re upset because nobody is falling for it.

Cut the shit and grow up.

No. 893435

All of this. Thank you for saying everything everyone here has been trying to say and supporting the timeline that SHE provided.

I feel bad for the suckers who followed her on her new "18+" account. Have fun listening to her cry about her "haters" and how she says that everyone hates her. She'll probably also add some lie about people threatening her or telling her to kill herself.

No. 893454

Oh the milk is definitely overflowing on her new account.

No. 893466

I hadn't made it through this entire video before, but I just got to the end of it and what terrible acting! Heather, stick to your day job (that may or may not exist).

>"I know I'm going to be a grandmother someday."

>"2019 has been bad for me with romance."
>"I'll wake up next to the man of my dreams- or maybe no man!"
I just want her to stop talking.

No. 893469

If you or anyone else is following her new account, post milky updates here.

No. 893475

Seconded. Please share the bounty of milk.

No. 893519

I just. Don’t understand how she thinks anyone still believes any of her lies ( >>893428 ) she can’t even keep them straight anymore.

No. 893758

She unlisted her latest video so i got a chance to watch it. What's this miracle job opportunity that she got hired for on the spot? Did she really just get a seasonal job at target?

No. 893759


It's definitely a job at a department store. My guess is Marshalls or TJmaxx. She doesn't have any other qualifications for anything, she just has a G.E.D.

No. 893783

Saged because I'm not sure if this was posted on the last thread.

No. 893790

I shop a LOT at target in my free time because my choices are basically target or Walmart and (ew Walmart) and I can tell you she definitely works there because all of her ‘treats for working hard’ including her stranger things sweater and the boots are from target. And she mentioned she makes 13 an hour and will be making 15 next year and that’s what target brags about constantly to hire people. She’s 100% working at target.

No. 893800

I'm honestly bored with her. It's the same song and dance on a repeat cycle.

No. 893835

"Heather Sparkles is the biggest inspiration in my life!"

Now that's just painful.

No. 893838

"Heather Sparkles is my biggest inspirational."* lol

No. 893839

I think they might actually be autistic.

No. 893841

Oh shit, my bad. I don't know anything about that person, other than them needing someone better to look up to.

No. 893844

Wow. Kind of feel like an asshole for posting that now.
Hope they didn't get ripped off by her gofundme.

No. 893873

This video makes me so sad, and I feel like a good chunk of her fanbase is a lot like the person who made this video. They honestly and truly look(ed) up to Heather and were inspired to collect toys because of her. I hope these fans all find new collectors to follow and enjoy, because Heather doesn't deserve this admiration at all.

No. 893993

Saged but heather must be having a fit with instagram taking down the amount of likes for a picture. She also lost about 50 followers and it keeps going down. I hope its a wake up call for those who are still blind.

No. 894090

There is a photo of Heather’s MLP collection at the end of the My Little Pony Toys That Made Us episode.

No. 894107


The producers of that show take peoples images from online and use it on their show. Even if they don't ask you permission, they can use your photos from Instagram or youtube. If it's not watermarked, its free game.

No. 894108

I think people submitted photos for the credits part. Someone on one of the MLP forums said they had, at least.

No. 894217

File: 1573881014944.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, D80E507E-62B4-4122-94E3-7947F3…)

No. 894218

File: 1573881047322.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 62D41C25-FE6B-41C1-95AC-C88890…)

No. 894225

She actually looks less special needs than usual in these, but I can’t put my finger on why that is.

No. 894256


Didn't she post these weeks ago? this is old.

No. 894261

Brown hair looks so nice on her. Something about her makes her look less crazy-eye here than she does normally. Maybe it's the vegan-ism that caused the crazy-look to happen to her, kek. But like I know she got that dental work between this photo and now, which might have caused changes to her jaw.. But tbh she looks less insane and more approachable here. But we all know that even back in 2011, there was still some part of her that's just as horribly "messed up" as she is now.

Also, do ya'll ever wonder if she posts photos of this to bait lolcow into talking about her and trying to make us seem like we're gonna bully her for her looks? I mean, I feel like she does that. She never posted photos of how she looked and "make fun of herself" until she found out about this site..

No. 894282

It's because now she is completely unhinged.

No. 894293

She honestly looks better and more approachable in these photos. She doesn't have that wide eyed crazy look. Just looks like a normal person really…kind of a sad change.

No. 894328

I think part of it is that "smiling with her eyes" thing she insists on doing now. It makes her look fucking terrifying.

No. 894341

She was wants to be a ‘scary spoopy witch’ so I guess she likes looking terrifying even though she looks like a psycho not witchy. There’s no difference to her.

No. 894431

File: 1573927321132.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, 396761B5-7445-456A-BF3F-C80E04…)

No. 894432

Is this new? She just can't stay away, huh? It's a sickness…

No. 894449

Wait. I thought she'd quit that account. Can't say I'm surprised she's full of shit, but she didn't even have the willpower to last a week.

No. 894462

kek did she read this >>894328 and then post this >>894431 ?

This >>894225 was me and I didn’t mean she looks less psycho (although that’s true too). I meant she specifically looks less slow. Something about her face now just screams sped to me. Her voice and the way she talks too. She looks and sounds mentally handicapped.

No. 894540


Does anyone have a download? T h trying to make a decent video that compares dates posted, with hail pics and when she visits her "days off" are.

No. 894648

File: 1574031123129.jpg (751.49 KB, 1080x2001, Screenshot_20191117-175039_Ins…)

Heather is mostly posting selfies in her stories on her heather_explores IG account, but this comment someone left her under one of her posts is so cringe.

No. 894670

That person says nice things to Juliet too but I dont that person, seems so fake. Especially after juliet's live that person wants to kiss heathers ass still.

No. 894674

File: 1574032901560.jpg (797.98 KB, 1060x2089, 20191117_152051.jpg)

Bought herself more 'tReAtS'

No. 894675

File: 1574032964828.jpg (949.03 KB, 1056x2090, 20191117_152039.jpg)

And those damn teeth again

No. 894709

holy split ends

No. 894897

Agreed. Her hair looks fried. If she can get expensive dye jobs, she can get a fucking trim.

No. 894927

Guarantee she didn’t pay to have her hair bleached/that shit. That’s why it looks so bad. Because she can’t afford the upkeep.

No. 895018


She probably could if she didn't need a spoopy new Target shop every day, unfortunately that tends to eat up a budget pretty fast

No. 895031

File: 1574105157290.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2088, 20191118_112458.jpg)

Oh boy /sarcasm

No. 895127

Nothing says "independent woman" like showing off mommy's car keys.

No. 895132

File: 1574123657240.png (411.89 KB, 475x909, Capture.PNG)

Heather's back to rambling on her insta stories and of course she's not addressing anything that was brought up in julietthepastelprincess's live.

No. 895169


Give it time, right now she's "grown and independent "

No. 895227

I can't believe this bitch has a thread, lmao. I remember her from her bjd days. I couldn't stand her damn lisp or how dull she was.

No. 895230

The fact that she posted a video of her putting the car key in the ignition and turning it is ridiculous. I laughed so hard.

Almost 30 and bragging about driving. Amazing.

No. 895231

File: 1574142753569.jpg (940.29 KB, 1079x1994, Screenshot_20191119-005134_Ins…)

Such a badass, guys.

No. 895245

She's really begging for people to praise her, isn't she? She must be yearning for some attention after that week of having comments turned off and hiding from the world after her horrible fucking meltdown over nothingness.

No. 895250

How about getting your own place and car first and then thanking your mom for not kicking you to the curb despite you saying she was awful person.

No. 895261

She meant to say "go for adventures on my RaRe dAy OfF!"

No. 895266

Such a badass warrior queen. Getting her license when most people have their permit at 15 and are ready in their 16th birthday. What's her next adventure? Actually paying bills!?!?!

No. 895278

ngl, if she had an actual mental disorder or a physical disability I'd be impressed with a post like this. Otherwise? No. No pats on the back for doing common adult things.

No. 895573

oh buuut anon, she was in suuuuch an abooosive relationship where she was totes controlled and couldn't do anything she wanted but now she's free and can do whatever she wants and wastes her money on shit that isn't necessary to her life~

No. 895581

File: 1574217538771.png (256.04 KB, 750x1334, 90494A7A-1293-484A-A0F5-3A855A…)

Her response to Juliet’s live last Thursday.

No. 895582

File: 1574217571743.png (374.81 KB, 750x1334, EF60D6EA-968D-464D-8540-C9BCD0…)

No. 895584

File: 1574217594590.png (369.03 KB, 750x1334, A39F3577-7F6D-46DC-AF9A-F05D2A…)

No. 895585

File: 1574217615146.png (569.08 KB, 750x1334, 02CE61FF-47F1-4DE2-AE8F-5508AE…)

No. 895586

Distance yourself? Juliet got away from you right after you fucked her over though. Why would she do that if you weren’t the one who made things so bad, given the chances she gave you.

No. 895587

File: 1574218076685.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, EA600071-CB87-4A1A-A43E-70588A…)

More target shopping on a “rare” day off to treat herself for working “so hard” lol.

No. 895716

Based on that live, Juliet isn't the only one who has dirt on Heather.

Juliet said that N, because she didn't want to use real names, was someone that Heather assumed had started the first thread on here on lolcow. Instead of confronting N herself, Heather had Juliet do this despite the fact that she and N were already friends. Juliet deleted N and everything, and sent her a message without getting N's side of the story. After actually talking it over with N, it was determined that N had nothing to do with the lolcow thread, Heather was just going off of assumptions while making Juliet look like the bad guy. Juliet apologized to N and she said the two of them are friends again, and that N is actually kinda cool.

In the chat on the live, Heather's old friend Rainbow was there. She chimed in every once in a while. At one point she said that Heather's friendship didn't feel genuine to her, and that's likely why the two of them stopped speaking. I feel like N is Rainbow.

All of this is to say that I don't understand how Heather can continue to play victim in this situation. There are at least two ex-friends out there who no longer speak to her and don't have very nice things to say about her, so it makes sense that people would start to pick up on this and see the light. Heather is toxic and she can't even apologize for being a bad friend or own up to her mistakes. Instead, she's doubling down on it and making it seem like everyone should feel bad for her.

She says that none of this online stuff matters and is just bs, but Juliet and Rainbow both hung out with her irl and she treated them both like crap. These weren't just online friends, these were people she had physically met.
She messed with real people who considered her a friend and now it's coming to bite her in the ass.

No. 895753

File: 1574268216613.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, E1654925-9BDE-48A0-84EB-489DB3…)

Heather had a date with a guy she connected with via OkCupid this last Saturday (on her “rare day off”) and had to “treat herself” for it/

No. 895755

File: 1574268272799.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, E54074BA-7353-4EFE-97C0-421052…)

Of course she had to document it with a photo shoot that she made him take.

No. 895756

File: 1574268359138.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 5334EA3A-2D7D-4FE7-AAEB-09B20D…)

She hasn’t mentioned anything about it since. Either she lied and never had a date, he cancelled on her ass, or for once she’s trying to keep her private life hush hush.

No. 895764

Taylor Swift, eh? SooOOooO WiTchY, spooooky girl.

Basic ass. Sage for nitpick.

No. 895832

Is this on her private IG?

No. 895847


I share this nitpick and for some reason it's one of the things I find most annoying about her. Every time she shares those dweeby ass IG stories she's jamming T Swift, Avril Lavigne or Maroon 5. Much goff, so spoop.

No. 895853

But Anon, anyone who dares imply that goth is a music based subculture is a gatekeeping hater who just wants to bring her down because they can't accept her finally being her true self. Duh!

No. 895901

File: 1574292481705.png (20.43 KB, 379x520, Heather video's toal videos.PN…)

So after about a week of fighting with youtube and their ever changing code and then having to wait for my downloader software to be updated and patched. I finally today got all the videos downloaded I have Fios Gigspeed internet so it really didnt take too long to download but attached if the number of files and the space it took up on my 2TB video file hard drive.

I think I will work on uploading them to Archive[dot]org Friday

No. 895903


I used to be her friend and she burned me and blocked me everywhere, thank god i have alternate accounts i can still keep track of her and supply you all with the Spilled Tea

No. 895910

You're doing the lord's work anon

No. 895911

Any details of what she did to you? Without outing yourself of course.

No. 895919

I don’t think she really listens to the spooky music aside from maybe the birthday massacre. The music she uses on her stories always seems like she typed in a keyword and picked the first thing she liked the preview of

No. 896041

File: 1574338542446.jpg (989.07 KB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20191121-005711_Ins…)

When 10 pairs of black boots aren't enough.

No. 896046

File: 1574339955521.jpg (636.43 KB, 1079x1912, Screenshot_20191121-005653_Ins…)

Now we're moving on to white boots, I see.

No. 896047

File: 1574340043796.jpg (737.49 KB, 1080x2077, Screenshot_20191121-005631_Ins…)

I'm so tired of her fakedeep posts and continuing to play victim. Once again she's insinuating that she's done nothing wrong and that people only hate her because she "changed".

No. 896056

I am confused, I thought she said goodbye. Shoot, she even defined what "goodbye" meant to her…..

Then she said she was sticking to her photography ONLY.

Then she said her online life doesn't mean anything and she has so much to work on "offline".

Who is this person, and what is she doing exactly?

No. 896060

An attention seeker who can't keep her personal business to herself because she has no real life friends and needs validation from people on the internet.

No. 896164

Has anybody else noticed that she's been dressing a little less spoopy lately? Maybe that phase will end soon and we'll get the next "real Heather."

No. 896171

File: 1574363713408.png (713.06 KB, 750x1334, 9E2DD2ED-E5D5-46F1-BEC0-118C57…)

Anyone else remember when Heather was pretending to be a domestic abuse victim who conned people out of their money through her GFM because she’s was going to be homeless? During this time she said she was “so appreciative and blessed” for those who donated to help her and that she promised to donate the same amount of the GFM to a women’s shelter” in order to give back.

Well she’s been doing a hell of a lot of shopping lately; and I’m wondering, Heather, (since you’re reading this) have you donated $500 to a women’s shelter like you PROMISED?

She needs to held accountable for it since she’s bold enough to plaster her waste of money on her Instagram stories. And I expect her to show off that tax write-off for her donation as proof as well.

No. 896207

File: 1574368724120.jpg (572.97 KB, 1080x2090, 20191121_123720.jpg)

Here we go again.

No. 896225

Good to see that she has her priorities right (sarcasm). She must be living it up staying at her mammas place. She's got so much money she can spend it on several pairs of boots. She's so shallow, she's stated in the past there is more to life than things but clearly she doesn't follow her own advice, such a hypocrite. Thought she was staying off of social media, didn't last long? She just had to come back to show people photographs of materialistic things she really doesn't need. YAWN!!!

No. 896228

Nothing says "psychic empath witch saving her money" like a pair of boots with a giant tacky hexagram on them. Cool.

I actually own one pair of killstar boots that I paid 30 euros for. They are fine. Just… fine. Pretty much all of their designs are the same. Basic…

No. 896260

be glad you didn't pay more. killstar quality is bottom of the barrel, on top they made my feet stinky.

No. 896272

Yeah. I would not have paid full price. I see a lot of their fabric items around, and they're flimsy and feel like aliexpress junk. For someone who doesn't care about material things Heather sure likes her labels.

The sad thing is, if she'd gone about her spoopy gawf qween transformation by just thrifting herself a new wardrobe, she would have had vlogging content, far more money to spend on being an ijndependent warrior woman, and probably a lot more respect given her. But that's heather for you. Always doing the laziest and most predictable thing. Being creative with your wardrobe takes effort. Best just buy the instant edgelord teenager kit.

No. 896283

I was thinking about this last night.. She went on about how she's going to give back, but I doubt she will. I bet she thought that was something everyone forgot about.

Also, I was thinking. With Heather saying how abusive Adam is/was, why is then Adam dating a girl who looks like she isn't afraid to say whatever is on her mind? Abusive people go after people who are easy to manipulate, not "strong" people like how new GF is/or seems like.. But of course, Heather says (or said at one point) how the two liked to gang up on her.. But like I said, an abusive person wouldn't really do that. They wouldn't "leave" the person they're abusive to date someone who is possibly "just like them" to have the two of them "abusive" the person they just left.. That just – it doesn't work like that at all. An abusive person goes from one person to another, using them how they can and making them feel like shit in the process. They go after EASY pickings, people who are EASY to manipulate and easy to go after to make themselves feel better about themselves and when they're alone, they realise how shit they are and thus they feel shit and are always wanting to find someone to be with the start the process over again.. Now WHO does that sound like?

But yeah, yeah, asides from all that bullshit.. Heather says shit and just thinks in a matter of days or weeks people will forget about what she said. Maybe she has the mindset that she thinks everyone is stupid and will forget what she said so she can get away with it all so quickly. She won't ever give back $500 to a woman's shelter or volunteer any time at a woman's shelter – she's above all that. She's going to spend her "hard earned" cash on herself because she earned it.. Not save it up so she can buy a car and get a place of her own.

No. 896492

Not to mention, I doubt heather has even met the new gf because why would they meet? Doubt they’d want to be friends. Heather probably acted like she was ‘in danger’ because she was mad that Adam was no longer wrapped around her finger and she was mad because she realized she finally had to move out and get a life.

No. 896571

I don't buy any of Heather's bullshit. She's already proven herself to be a habitual liar. She's selfish and is a master manipulator. Her words are not to be believed at any time, especially when she's dropping those crocodile tears in her many videos. For someone who wishes change and self improvement for herself for so long, you'd think she'd already have made those changes. But no, she's still just swirling around in that same shit filled toilet she calls "reality". I have no doubts that 5-10 years from now, she'll still be doing this same thing. She's gone from beyond sad and has moved to pathetic. Get some fucking help, Heather.

No. 896605

Guess she'll will be deleting her channel on youtube soon or at least the vast majority of the videos on there now that youtube has started flagging videos that could appeal to children under the age of 13. She always has an ulterior motive for what she does. She'll delete it not because she's decided to no longer insult the toy collector community etc but because she's been forced to. She certainly won't want to risk being fined over $42.000 per video that the FTC may claim is in violation of COPPA. How my heart bleeds for her….not!!!!

No. 896745

File: 1574479373691.jpg (984.26 KB, 1080x2081, 20191122_192154.jpg)

Her crap came in the mail

No. 896746

File: 1574479406871.jpg (886.46 KB, 1080x2078, 20191122_192133.jpg)


No. 896747

File: 1574479509312.jpg (628.19 KB, 1080x2087, 20191122_192144.jpg)

No. 896748

File: 1574479610943.jpg (735.25 KB, 1080x2074, 20191122_192203.jpg)

And who's cat is this?

No. 896749

File: 1574479648734.jpg (750.4 KB, 1079x2079, 20191122_192124.jpg)

No. 896775

Most likely, and that is one of the reasons i downloaded all of her videos.

"The internet never forgets"

No. 896776

maybe her mom or her sisters cat?

No. 896788

It looks like she's trying to throw her "love" onto this cat that doesn't want anything to do with her. The other video before this; the cat looks so hesitant to get near Heather. She'll try and make this her next animal accessory.

No. 896851

That is a new cat. The body language, the way it is acting, looking around like it is freaked out, the way it is sniffing heather, that is a brand new cat. If that piece of shit got a new cat, if i ever see her, i'm just going to punch her in the face, just make it simple and punch her hard in the face.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 896879

Fuck you Heather. Just… fuck you. I didn't know my opinion of her could get any lower. But here we are.

No. 896918

How long until she abandons this one too?

No. 896919

Surprised she didn’t opt for a black cat because, you know, her “spoopy aesthetic.”

No. 896920

I thought her mom wouldn’t let her bring Timmy with her?

No. 896926


That isnt Timmy, tim is blackish grey and white, that is an orange and white tabby

No. 896927

Correction, that's a Calico.

No. 896949

I know it’s not. What I meant is her mom wouldn’t let her bring her cat home but lets her get a new one.

No. 897009

If she just gave up Timmy, I would honestly be fine with it. Cats hate moving, which would be especially important given the fact she's still pretending to want to move out of her mom's house. That would be two moves for him. And Adam, for all his faults, really seems like a good pet owner. Giving up Timmy might actually be viewed as a selfless act.
But then getting a new cat, when she does not have a permanent residence and does not know what her housing is gping to look like, completely destroys that argument. What a selfish cow.

No. 897020

Exactly. Her getting a new cat just makes me so angry, because she made it seem like she really wanted Timmy but couldn't take him, one of the reasons being her mom wouldn't let her.

Plus, didn't she said every bit of her money is going towards a car and a place to live? Pets need to eat, vet appointments, etc. Having even a single cat isn't cheap.

No. 897023

I don't think it's a new cat. By the way her stories were last night (sorry didn't screenshot) I think she was on a date with someone and went to their house and the cat and possibly her dates? that's what I got from all of that, the background looks like a completely unfamiliar place and plus she posted she was in brownsville again. not sure how far that is from where she lives but maybe she went on a date to brownsville and went back to their place.

No. 897024

Yeah she was on a date with OkCupid guy from the week before.

No. 897027

yeah I think with the cat acting new was because heather was a new person in her space and the cat was checking her out and acting cautious. I don't believe she got a new cat, that would be absurd.

No. 897031

I hope you are right. That would be best.

No. 897224

What was the long ass video story (rant?) she put on her Instagram story last night? Anything milky? I missed it and she of course deleted it.

No. 897261

I didn't get a chance to record it but I remember thinking it wasn't worth it. God I'm trying to remember, nothing she says sticks in my head she's so boring. She was excited that she drove herself on her own essentially, I only watched half because it seemed like the same old I-believe-I-can-do-anything-because-im-a-strong-independant-lady-fuck-the-haters shit. She may have mentioned more at the end, not sure.

No. 897305

Other anon pretty much got the gist of it, it was so boring that I'm also having trouble remembering what it was all about. She talked about how scary it was driving in the rain, that she cut someone off and felt bad, and that she was given a sort of "employee of the month" gift at work that she and a few other people in her department got. She mentioned that she didn't want to say what the gift was because that would give away where she works.

No. 897347

Then I bet she didn’t get no employee of the month gift. I’ bet the moment this job gets rid of her, if she actually has one, she’ll start sayin how people found out where she worked, etc. But since she won’t give any details then I bet she doesn’t have a job or if she does then she isn’t getting no 40hrs, fulltime job shit because then they would have to give her benefits and no company truly wants to give their employees benefits because it “costs too much.”

Also in her story, didn’t get screencaps, she’s going out to buy shelves to store her collections. And she’s not driving herself. She’s most likely having her mum driving herself. If you have your license, wouldn’t you want to keep driving yourself no matter what or is she that lazy now?

No. 897360

File: 1574630244825.jpg (668.27 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-11-24-13-12-10…)

Heather just fucking go to a thrift store and spend $15 like the rest of us broke ass bitches

No. 897366

god these are so fucking ugly. scratch $15 she could find one for free on craigslist and fix it up nicely but why be smart when you could engage your addiction instead

No. 897367

File: 1574630704979.jpg (1.38 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-11-24-13-13-17…)

Also I know this is said to death in these threads, but her Barbie Pink lip color always makes me want to vom. Especially with the spoopy wardrobe it looks super out of place. It didn't even suit her in her pastel days tbh, it just looks so awful. I've haven't seen a person alive who pulls it off, except MAYBE Nicki Minaj and it still has a hideous-color look on her. I honestly can't believe she hasn't ditched it, its the least flattering part of her wardrobe and that's saying something.

No. 897379


Also you don't even have a place to live!! why are you buying furniture before putting that money towards a place??

That cabinet is going to be oh so helpful when you're living out of your car, idiot.

No. 897394

Haha what car? That’s mommy’s too.

No. 897395

getting a shiny new cabinet to display extra stuff in doesn't change the fact that you're hoarding

No. 897487

Yeah. That "minimalist lifestyle" she was talking about is going really well…

No. 897510

What do you expect it's a piece of IKEA furniture, chances a piece or 2 will be missing

No. 897514

File: 1574650821028.png (1.15 MB, 1242x2208, 2019-11-24 21.56.20.png)

170 bucks for that piece of shit. heh and the nearest IKEA from her location is approximately 40 minutes away, close to 30 miles

No. 897549

She also had to post TWO videos of her putting on this god-awful colour. Why? Does she think it's "sexy" that she's putting on lipstick? Like I don't understand it.. And honestly she could get away with not putting on lipstick because she has such thin "white people" lips

No. 897577

File: 1574666216930.jpg (935.36 KB, 1080x2087, 20191124_231556.jpg)

I guess shes staying over okcupid dudes house, and hes taking her shopping?

No. 897578

File: 1574666255720.jpg (704.17 KB, 1080x2088, 20191124_231546.jpg)

I guess hes the one taking her cringey photos of her.

No. 897585

File: 1574670052444.jpg (622.27 KB, 1080x2088, 20191125_001932.jpg)

So shes drunk now and sounds air headed asf. Dude has no idea what hes in for.

No. 897587


deleted already, she fast

No. 897600

Tell me I’m not the only one who saw the gummy worm videos. And also her licking his nose ring. What the fuck is happening

No. 897601

Oh man. Poor dude.

No. 897602

I saw it too.
I need to get me a recording app. Shes deleting faster and faster.

No. 897615

I don't understand why she posts these videos just to delete them. Well I hope to get more milky videos of her obsessing over her next victim. Another idiot who'll drive her around only to do what she wants only. He looks like Andy Dick.

No. 897638

Wtf are the gummy worm videos

No. 897639

Don't pity him, he's the one too stupid to google an okcupid match's name.

No. 897642

They look like brother and sister. Ew.

I can't really feel bad for the guy. It won't be long before this relationship goes up in flames.

No. 897646

File: 1574691840332.jpg (562.8 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20191125-092136_Ins…)

She keeps making it seem like she's a part of some elite group of people who work 40 hours a week.

Welcome to be a regular adult!

No. 897648

I’m doing 10 hours of overtime a week and she’s acting like working 40 hours is so rare honey maybe for a high schooler but you’re a grown ass woman get a life.

No. 897654

File: 1574692366602.png (2.29 MB, 1242x2688, 50714992-92A9-490D-AF0F-80AFE7…)

Like, take your own advice.

No. 897752

I wonder if this is directed at her "haters" or if it means she already drove off OKCupid guy.

No. 897828

File: 1574720392118.jpg (659.23 KB, 1080x2090, 20191125_141933.jpg)

Shes still at dudes house it seems. She got another 'rare' day off, of course.

No. 897857

Why does this guy look familiar? I feel like I've seen photos of him before? I wouldn't be surprised if he knows Ryan in some way, kek.

Also maybe he looks familiar or maybe every white guy in that area all look the same.

No. 897877

I think he just looks like he has a serious case of generic face.

No. 897949

File: 1574731143981.jpg (691.51 KB, 1080x2088, 20191125_171758.jpg)

She was at his house and now she just got off work? Tf

No. 897972

File: 1574736462905.png (444.14 KB, 485x899, Capture.PNG)

"It's so hard to edit photos or to look back in my gallery anymore because what I realize more and more as a photographer is that I am just immortalizing everything I've lost or that I'm about to lose, and it's really hard to look back at my photos from this summer and see people that are no longer in my life. People that I love, that will never be in my life again and I am just documenting everything changing, and by having those photos it's like that time will never end but I also can never move on from it. So it's just something I've been dealing with lately and it's really hard to try to edit photos like I'm trying to now and then I'll see old photos of people that are gone, and it's just really tough so… I've just been dealing with this, and I will just have to continue to fucking deal with it because that's life. People are temporary and you really shouldn't trust anyone, and you shouldn't get attached to anyone or anything because it all goes."

No. 897987

File: 1574739699701.jpg (1007.36 KB, 1440x1976, Screenshot_20191125-224019.jpg)


His name is ryan….notice a pattern here?

No. 897992

It looks like she found herself a “spoopy” fusion of Ryan and Damien.

No. 898009

Oml she has a type smh

No. 898010


Yup. If you wear glasses and take pictures of crap and look like a dirty hipster,and your name is ryan (3rd guy named ryan) that's heathers type.

No. 898024

Looks like hipster ryan made his profile private now, guess heather gave him the heads up.

No. 898032

it's okay, some gems are of his are still on the internet

No. 898034


I can't stop fuckin laughing lol fuckin awesome lol

No. 898035

File: 1574755328195.jpg (1.61 MB, 1920x2560, 19-11-26-03-00-42-145_deco.jpg)

Indeed heather does have a type…brain dead.

No. 898045

Jesus. Thanks heather. I see some great milk flowing in the future.

No. 898046

His tounge looks so dirty ew

No. 898081

Amazing find, anon. Just amazing.

No. 898185

File: 1574796777607.png (3.17 MB, 1242x2688, EC369C81-C587-4C80-9B39-8EE383…)

Hmmmm……sound like anyone we know…?

No. 898373

File: 1574823734663.jpg (626.01 KB, 1080x2083, 20191126_190053.jpg)

So she bought herself a flannel shirt and a beanie because she imagines dressing up her 'dReAm BoY' good lord

No. 898377

File: 1574823784746.jpg (708.97 KB, 1080x2091, 20191126_190108.jpg)

Another cat. I cant tell if it's at her moms or somewhere else.

No. 898379

File: 1574823963562.png (268.04 KB, 482x908, Capture.PNG)

On her phone while driving, what an excellent thing for a new driver to be doing.

No. 898401

So I guess this means Ryan No. 3 isn’t her dream guy?

He’s probably not financially stable enough for her to mooch off of.

No. 898411

File: 1574831260508.png (1.59 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191127-000555.png)

No. 898416

Beat me to it, Anon.
Here we go again!
Then she ranted how he was a player so shes ghosting him lol

No. 898422

I love how she says that "she's done" with it all, but then cries out to any "boys" watching to change her mind, etc. etc.

Maybe this is why no guy wants to be with her? She's so fucking hard to read. Does she want someone? Or does she not? She contradicts herself within the same fucking sentence.

No. 898424

File: 1574835228307.gif (3.47 MB, 480x270, 3o85xkbFYrFJfHQMq4.gif)

He posted this on his facebook with the caption "mood." Maybe he just found out who she truly is.

No. 898435


the men's clothing rant


and the no boyfriend boo hoo rant

No. 898442

RIP Ryan no 3. We hardly knew ye. Now it's up to any future Ryans to bring the milk.

No. 898443

The "boy clothes" rant is super creepy. That's a real turn-off for anyone who googles her.

No. 898465

And once again, everything is deleted, guess they kissed and made up

No. 898466

So concerned about men’s flannels. So concerned about her dream boy. Not a care in the world about the cat she abandoned. I’m sure he’s better off without her anyway.

No. 898481

File: 1574862141819.jpeg (145.75 KB, 750x707, 1C97CDC2-F1D4-4DE0-B501-C36278…)

She’s not following Ryan No. 3 anymore.

Her desperation for a “boy”—any boy at this point—is so unattractive. I bet it’s overwhelmingly palpable in person meeting her which is why men run for the hills away from her. I mean, realistically what does she have to offer to a potential mate? At 30 years old she’s just now learned how to drive, is working for the first time in years, lives rent free at mommy's house, has a shopping and hoarding addiction. Not to mention she’s got a bunch of baggage on her because of her online presence. I can’t see any normal, rational man taking that mess on.

No. 898485

She is insufferable but she clearly matured at like the slowest rate possible. She does a lot of dumb fucked up shit but I can’t help feeling sorry for her because her life seems really pathetic. Her ‘boy’ obsession seems really weird because of how she dates and how she goes about it and the words she chooses, but it’s not super strange for her to want to find love, especially since she’s in her 30’s. The older you get, the harder it gets, what if she wants children and all of that. She just sucks at dating and will literally go out with any loser who gives her attention. She needs to grow up and stop calling men ‘boys’ and probably also stop sleeping with people who haven’t committed to her. She has a lot of growing up to do but social media and desperation is not doing her any favors. Step away from your phone Heather, go to therapy, grow up, giving up the toys does not mean you matured overnight

No. 898491

Being a part of the toy collecting community that she shit on before, I find it funny that most of us are far more mature than Heather will ever be. Most of us have jobs to fund our hobbies, we have lives, families, etc. You're right, giving up those toys doesn't mean she's any more of an adult than she was before. She's incredibly childish, and doesn't seem to be interested in changing any time soon. That will always be her downfall.

No. 898497

So she said she ghosted him?! I'm thinking this won't be the last we hear about Ryan #3

No. 898499


He will forever be in your heart and mind. Never truly gone Rip in piece

No. 898504

Yes, she ghosted him…just as any mature, independent woman would!

No. 898520

Indeed. Ryan 3 got off super easy. Knowing heathervshe'll at least stalk him for a while and get deeply upset at anything he does that isn't related to her.

Also I am absolutely determined to refer to the next guy she ensnares as Ryan 4, regardless of his actual name. They're all Ryans now.

No. 898523

Considering that she says something like, "i'll catch my next little fishy…" sounds like dudes are just objects to her, and she should just admit she's just looking for dick and not associate sex with "love."

Also, nitpick, but eww at her shit talk about Dr. Martens, maybe if she didn't hoard ugly, cheap and shitty quality boots, she probably could have had at least 2-3 decent pairs of docs at this point.

No. 898530

She hates on anything she can’t have, anything she didn’t think of first, anything she can’t afford, or anything that isn’t hers. Because she’s immature and materialistic. She’s rather have 15 pairs or crappy fake leather boots than a pair of nice leather ones. Which is weird because she’ll drop $100+ on ugly killstar boots that are ALSO fake leather but doc martens are ‘too expensive’. At least they’re worth the price. But they’re not witchy enough for her.

No. 898547

So she's gonna try to dress more unisex or masculine now? What happened to the witchy vibes lol Heather, you don't need another new wardrobe, you can barely coordinate your "goth" stuff! I guess she's gonna be a hipster lumberjack witch

No. 898554

I feel like her next phase will be

'I think I'm a lesbian, men suck so where is my dream woman'

No. 898599

I swear she said she was bi anyway, so why does she keep going after "boys"?

No. 898605

Because in her outdated worldview men support women, and she needs a breadwinner. She also seems more interested in the idea of her "dreamboy" than in the actual Ryans thwmselves.

No. 898610

File: 1574889679588.png (746.35 KB, 750x1334, E93E6154-1C7D-4B6E-813C-6E6322…)

Or you could just, you know, put the money into your savings account. Jotnliek you need yet another pair of black boots.

No. 898625

File: 1574892255457.png (2.65 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191127-170332.png)

She talks like a fuckin idiot

No. 898626

Not in a relationship when Thanksgiving occurs = buying two pairs of black boots instead of one??? I seriously don't understand her logic.

No. 898627

She shops so much. Like who gives a shit if you have a job and have the money to spend – doesn't mean you should. Unless her mum is hella rich and she's going back to her old lifestyle of having unlimited funds.

No. 898635

Heather you’re going to be with your mom, sister, and stepdad for thanksgiving; you’re not fooling anyone.

Also, this is just sad. In the same way that she would buy toys to fill her void she does it now with shoes. It’s a never ending cycle.

No. 898661

File: 1574898201191.png (424.23 KB, 495x905, Capture.PNG)

We already know that leading up to this rare day off you've been spending, so my guess is you'll find a way to spend tomorrow too. Because treat yourself, right?

No. 898663

File: 1574898313855.png (842.05 KB, 482x904, Capture.PNG)

Buys another pair of boots that she admits is ugly because for some reason she finds it absolutely crucial to have a pair of "winter heels."

No. 898664

File: 1574898397037.png (435.51 KB, 488x914, Capture.PNG)

So what do you think, farmers? Did she buy both pairs and is now pretending she only bought one?

No. 898674


she's deleted the first story showing off both black boots, so I'd say it's a good bet yes.

No. 898684

File: 1574901789889.jpg (648.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-11-27-16-42-20…)


No. 898695

File: 1574903620605.png (1.97 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191127-201158.png)

Oh god this is so bad

No. 898701

File: 1574904753916.png (699.25 KB, 750x1334, B1EAD8C1-624B-49AC-AE7B-9C78EA…)

She’s moaning about her lack of a love life, how she’s going to be alone tomorrow for Thanksgiving, and “adulting.” So the usual.

No. 898711

Now she was to do lingerie photo shoots. Anything to get a man attentions…her personality isn't making the cut, guess that's her next resort. Watch her start a pateron for this shit too.

No. 898717

Heh wait until black Friday, i work retail, im a manager at where i work. and this is probably her first experience at Season. Lets see if she survives Black Friday.

No. 898719


Just followed him, lets see if he accepts(cowtipping)

No. 898796

If she's working a job, she won't survive it. She'll complain and cry and whine and there's no way in hell she would get a day like that off. If she said Black Friday went amazingly and she did so great and she makes some excuse to how great things went then she isn't working.

No. 898802

She supposedly works at target (based on the not so subtle hints she was dropping about how much she makes and the shit she buys after ‘work’ every day.) you do not get thanksgiving off at Target. It’s literally all hands on deck. Who is she trying to fool?

No. 898815

This is exactly why I resented her doing videos on vintage toys. She gives mature adult toy enthusiasts a bad name and was the stereotype of someone that non-toy collectors believe we folk are. Many adult toy enthusiasts are mature, have a family and don't act like a 10 year old etc. That's why I was never convinced that she truly was passionate about toy collecting in the first place. Instead it seemed that she was "behaving" the way she thought adult toy collectors are and the way she bad mouthed us when she supposedly moved on and "matured" confirmed this. Her remarks were very obnoxious and delusional. Her pink hair, pastel clothing and childlike personality was what appealed to so many viewers including children who typically wouldn't be interested in older toys. I picked up that there wasn't something quite right about her from the get go. It's a shame so many genuine youtubers who are adult toy collectors don't get anywhere near enough subscribers in comparison. She was pretty much clueless about many of the toy lines she owned and didn't bother to do much research beforehand, again if you're that passionate about something you are going to know quite a lot about the toys' history etc. She's an utter phoney. Now she's spending loads of cash on "goth" tat and I expect she will barely wear any of it just like all those kawaii style clothes she had before, some of it she hadn't worn at all. She loves wasting money, such a catch for a mature gentleman…..not!!!!

No. 898817

Working in a retail outlet such as Target is such a bad idea for someone who clearly has a spending problem. She must be in lots of debt surely???

No. 898818

Sure appears to be spending money quicker than she's earning it

I mean she doesn't connect with people on any meaningful level so I can see why she's got a void in her life to fill. In the long run therapy would work out cheaper than her spending habits

No. 898820


Even if you've moved on from a hobby you were supposedly once passionate about, you would NEVER EVER then become the very person that criticizes the hobby and alleges it's immature.
Also why on earth did she do a video titled "Adults can't collect toys" this gives the initial impression that she thinks people of a certain age shouldn't collect toys. It certainly didn't come across as her defending the hobby till you watch the video and discover that she feebly claims that collecting toys is okay. However she puts her mouth in it again by saying she doesn't like using the term adult toy collector as it sounds kinda creepy. WTF, no it doesn't. Heather has no sense in that brain of hers whatsoever.

No. 898821


Her life is so empty she has to fill it with junk. Incredibly sad really. She needs professional help but at the moment she seems unwilling to get it and chooses to continue her delusions.

No. 898826

If she meant it sounded creepy because it sounds like someone who ‘collects -adult toys-‘ I can understand why she thought that way, but at the same time, grow up.

No. 898835

Maybe if she owned some adult toys she'd calm down from talking about boys all the time

No. 898912

File: 1574968561417.png (5.13 MB, 1242x2688, 141C2EA7-69C5-49F9-A0B1-758866…)


No. 898929

at least she is self aware?

No. 898934

File: 1574975946989.jpg (372.05 KB, 1080x2082, 20191128_131824.jpg)

Here we go.

No. 898935

File: 1574976026423.jpg (756.17 KB, 1080x2088, 20191128_131812.jpg)

Yeah we're hAtInG cuz you're spending into debt lol
Then later shes gonna be bitching she has no money for her car

No. 898946

she makes it sound like she's working at a mine at 20 hours per day lol

No. 898947

File: 1574978444177.jpg (18.14 KB, 800x450, nick-young-confused-face-300x2…)

Bitch what the actual fuck?? Who the fuck buys 5 pairs of boots at once when they work a minimum wage job? Heather is mentally stuck as a teenager and her mom babying her is only helping her live the fantasy of no bills or responsibilities. I'd love the next thread pic to be of all the boots she's bought.

No. 898992

File: 1574988694438.jpg (627.43 KB, 1080x2094, 20191128_165102.jpg)

No. 898993

File: 1574988732832.jpg (458.21 KB, 1080x2100, 20191128_165048.jpg)

I dont think I would be proud of that…

No. 898996

No posts about gifts for friends and family, how very classic Heather. Who wants to be her friend anyway, tho?

No. 899000

She has the worst taste. I don't know what kind of quality the boots are, but those boots with the crescent in the heel are legit fug.

No. 899008

Well we know she has no friends, and she likes to pretend that her mom and step-father don't exist, and her sister is only mentioned out of jealousy it seems so yeah, she literally has no one else to buy things for. Not that it means she should be buying herself all this shit.

No. 899013

The moment she puts some of these on shes gonna realize she cant even walk in them (it was hard for me anyway) and they will just end up sitting on her shelf used only for photoshoots. It’s such a waste.

No. 899057

Cost aside, isn't she gonna run out of opportunities to wear that many different boots? And she seems to ONLY have boots now-doesn't she need some work appropriate shoes and some comfortable flats or something?

I can't really imagine going on a long walk with big clunky boots like that but I only have three pairs of different shoes so maybe I just can't relate. Idk.

Would think she'd be more interested in different outfits than 100 black boots. Not gonna have much re-sale value either.

No. 899122

File: 1575012157373.png (761.38 KB, 750x1334, 7E674334-0407-4C61-8C2A-1AE422…)

No. 899123

File: 1575012201450.png (663.23 KB, 750x1334, 48CADB69-1A4A-46BA-B11A-A6021D…)

No. 899131

File: 1575014680261.png (507.22 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191129-030207.png)

No. 899133

Does she really think we give a shit? You're open with your legs, not with who you really were. Yeah, we get it now, you're fuckin nuts, no need to prove it anymore, we got it.

No. 899171

I work in retail and I shop because my life is so dull, hold on to your hats guys, it's gonna get wild! Lol

No. 899186

Of course, she deleted all that Lol

No. 899189

Strange, I thought she “didn’t care” if this ruffled some feathers? Whatever happened to “I don’t need to validate myself to anyone!”? Grow a pair and stand in your truth Heather!

No. 899196


She's trying so hard to be a badass rebel, but she just comes across as sad and unhinged. Let's not forget she's damn near 30 years old and not a teenager.

I hope that everyone who donated to her GFM is kicking themselves as they see what she's spending that money on. Her excuse is always "I only had it up for a day, then I closed it." But that day was long enough for suckers to donate and she took the money and ran.

No. 899203

>we're born alone and we all die alone
Damn. Cutting her mom out of the equation again. What a spoiled brat.

She's also doing that thing again where she doesn't take responsibility for her actions and she shifts to blame on everyone else for why she's the way she is. We all know that it's 100% her fault that she's lost the friends she had this time last year, and that her pattern with these "boys" she dates makes it obvious that she's the problem, but instead of realizing this and trying to fix her faults, it's easier for her to act like the entire world is against her. Then her followers fall for the act and pity her. That's all she wants.

No. 899228

File: 1575042952992.png (1.32 MB, 698x1000, 20E94774-FDD5-42AA-97AD-13352E…)

jesus christ you guys this isn’t even all of it

No. 899231

There is nothing wrong whatsoever with adults who collect sex toys. There are plenty of them on youtube. It was still a pathetic thing to say even though I guessed she was probably thinking along those lines. As unless she thinks the people that watch her have a low intelligence they would know full well what type of adult toy collector she considered herself as. Personally I prefer to use the word toy enthusiast but she only had the toys in the first place to fit in with her current pastel aesthetic at the time. She wasn't a genuine toy admirer who was interested in their origins, design etc, they just looked good on display especially for Instagram.

>>898947 Lol, I don't get her logic. Does she actually think buying all this tat and photographing it is going to impress people, strangers no less? I don't believe she is buying all this out of the money she is earning herself because most people who begin working for a living become more choosy about the things they buy with their hard earned cash. She just seems to throw money away like there's no tomorrow. Her Instagram account is either her moaning about not having a boyfriend, cringeworthy quotes or photographs of her latest purchases, how incredibly dull is that, why would anyone genuinely find that exciting? And of course they don't give a shit what she wastes her money on, boasting about buying another pair of boots isn't something to be proud about. I also wonder who these special souls are supposed to be, besides her relatives, who does she actually know in person (that she meets up with on a regular basis) that she is close friends with? Stangers on the internet don't count.

No. 899234

She can't be working hard enough as far as i'm concerned, if she was she would be too tired to keep posting online, she most likely wouldn't have the time anyway yet she seems to have regular time off even though she hasn't been in the job for that long, something doesn't add up. Who in their right mind wastes money on a pair of boots they find ugly just because of the heels, so lame.

No. 899235

File: 1575044164990.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, 9EC1744D-53E1-40D7-BBC8-35C9DE…)

No. 899246

No one here ever said there’s anything wrong with ‘adult toy collectors’ or ‘ADULT TOY collectors.’ We said if she meant that, it COULD sound creepy/ weird. Some people would take it weirdly. That doesn’t mean there’s anything WRONG with it, but people react differently.

No. 899256

She's a broken record. Imagine having to listen to these rants in person every day. Do you think with her retail job and black Friday, she will have the energy to rant today?

No. 899301

Cracking up laughing at the 'me' count in this post. It's her fave word for sure, closely followed by I

No. 899328

Acting like she actually had to do anything if she even worked today

No. 899348

I read this as "get ready for tons of incoming milk!" and I can't be more excited. You go, Heather! Make an ass of yourself for our entertainment! Maybe being a professional cow is her calling.

No. 899351

Yeah what the fuck? By definition no one is "born alone." You have to have someone give birth to you. The disrespect towards her mother is so aggravating, but then I remind myself that Heather's mom has no self-respect and doesn't care that her 30 year old daughter is crashing at her house for an indefinite period of time, spending obscene amounts of money on boots rather than moving out, and consistently trash talking her online, so I shouldn't waste my emotional energy feeling angry for her.

No. 899521

Tinfoil: She's deleting quickly in order to narrow down the list of farmers posting screencaps, lmao

No. 899573

Nah, she's not that smart and has been deleting her posts since the very beginning. The OP of the very first thread even mentioned Heather deleting her snapchat stories quickly after posting. FB anons have said she deletes things fast all the time.

No. 899591

File: 1575091676622.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2090, 20191129_212725.jpg)

I dont think she worked. Hmm

No. 899623

Well at least she got one part right, I can certainly see her dying alone

She's going to spend her whole life chasing people away with her shitty personality and then just scratch her head wondering why it keeps happening

No. 899869

File: 1575162235114.jpg (968.56 KB, 1080x2088, 20191130_170327.jpg)

-rolls eyes-

No. 899897

I don't think so either. Her make-up looks just recently put on. Like she looks well too put together for surviving possibly 8hrs of black friday crowds.

I honestly thought it was the same photo from the "surviving black friday crowds" post except the only difference was that her hair was curled. But then I noticed she had no eye shadow on.. Which it's just like – you put effort into doing your hair but not the rest of your makeup? What?

No. 899904

>>899869 has she been quiet on Instagram these past two days? do we think she is actually working?

No. 900010

Is it me, or did Heather actually spend less when she was spunging off Adam than she does now that she's "working so hard and saving every penny." She was still a terrible hoarder. But it seems to have been mostly goodwill outlet stuff, rather than pairs and pairs of overpriced boots.

No. 900020

She can't stand being single so she self medicates with stupid purchases

No. 900034

Apparently being single is worse than being in an "abusive relationship."

No. 900081


eh, Adam was pretty controlling with money despite his whole "she lives off my dime, I spoil her" manipulative rhetoric. Of course now that she has her own money that she is completely in control of she's going to spend more. she definitely has a shopping addiction, though, and she buys absolute crap with it, but Adam was also controlling/abusive.

No. 900197

You're probably right actually. It's so easy to assume that Heather is lying. And I do think she lied aboyt a lot of stuff concerning her and Adam. But he was also a controlling dick. The best thing for her to do if he was financially controlling would have been to get a job and become solvent. But that does not excuse his dickishness. They were just two horrible people who found each other.

No. 900247

How is telling someone they can’t spend the money YOU earn at YOUR job on useless shit controlling??

No. 900262

The th ikng is, it's not if that's what you're doing. But if you're using money as a bargaining chip in a relationship (do what I say or you can't have x) or use buying someone stuff or supporting them as a justification for shitty behaviour and hold it over them, that is deeply fucked up. I honestly don't know the details of their relationship, and wouldn't take either of their word for anything. But Adam has mentioned that he felt he could be a dick because he bought her stuff. Not cool.

No. 900366

File: 1575254638191.png (871.73 KB, 479x913, Capture.PNG)

Today's purchase.

No. 900415

Those big Starbucks cups are around $20-$30, and she just bought a similar cup with a witch last Halloween. I'm surprised her mom doesn't say something.

No. 900495

It was the opposite. She would make him buy HER stuff because she kept promising if she got what she wanted, then maybe he’d ‘get some’ and maybe they’d ‘talk and work it out.’ She manipulated him. Maybe he is a dick but she was the one manipulating.

No. 900525

She's so manipulative that even anons on here fall for her sob stories sometimes

No. 900539

Apparently they ignored the logic behind why he didn’t let her control the money. Look at her inability to save money. They would’ve been homeless and starving. She has no self control.

No. 900569

Adam has his dickish ways, but he was a million percent correct in controlling how their money was spent. She made maybe a couple hundred bucks via Youtube each month, but she didn't work a single hour while they were together. He paid for her hair appointments, he paid for her glasses, to get her teeth fixed, etc. All the essentials -food, housing, a vehicle- that was all him, too. Heather contributed pretty much nothing and still got an entire, beautiful room to herself for all of her toys and clothes.

She made zero effort to be independent while with him. She was comfortable. Why do you think it took her so long to move out despite months and months of claiming abuse?

We see how she's being now that she has a job and her own money to blow. Instead of trying to get out of mommy's house, she's just buying useless junk while preaching that she doesn't care about material things anymore and that "stuff" doesn't make her happy.

No. 900766

Anyone else catch that she likes her own YouTube videos

No. 900816

File: 1575343487414.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, E5F0FFC2-C2CE-4698-81FA-EACF5C…)

No. 900825

File: 1575344825599.jpg (753.86 KB, 1080x2079, 20191202_194432.jpg)

Ohh now what?? Boohoo

No. 900950

Taylor swift again. Such a dark edgy spooky goff.

No. 900956

Taylor Swift, Stabucks, and obsession with "fashion", being a "photographer" who mostly posts iPhone pictures to her Instagram…totally spoopy and unique, you guys! She's definitely not like other girls and no one understands her tortured soul!

No. 901413

File: 1575436848977.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, F4A7543E-4404-4339-A230-844C7F…)

What a diverse collection of footwear.

No. 901414

File: 1575436904102.png (598.73 KB, 750x1334, 479A4670-407A-4F3A-B724-00DBE1…)

And yet she’s still going to be crying about boys come tomorrow.

No. 901491

Didn't quickly meet the doormat of her dreams so obviously all the apps are 'toxic' Wow she can't even break up with an app without publicly bashing and blaming it..

No. 901513

Well said Anon. She should take up speeddating. She could creep guys out in record time.

No. 901529

I would actually pay to see her do a speed dating vlog lmaoooo

No. 901532

Classic Heather, kek. The dating app is the toxic one, definitely not her!

No. 901560

She calls the dating apps “toxic” but in her private account she posted stories about certain guys (or “fuck boys” as she calls them) that hit her up on these sites. She basically trashed them saying that they were creepy and pathetic. Sounds like toxic behavior, no? Beggars can’t be choosers Heather.

No. 901594

Oh man! To see the look of panic in her dates' eyes once she opens her mouth.

Heather, I know you lurk here. Think of the views!

No. 901617

Is she still posting on that private account?

No. 901693

Nope. All crickets since she came back to her main account after two days.

No. 902086

File: 1575562807928.jpeg (2.68 MB, 1242x2193, 9E704344-B258-4F44-ADC3-A36840…)

I thought doing this was cool/cute too. In middle school. When I was 12.

No. 902090

She's made similar 11:11 posts recently. The poor girl is eternally 13 years old.

No. 902194

File: 1575585009021.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 7422CD36-859E-4055-9670-6D834F…)

She’s posting really cringey insta stories while “sitting in [her moms car] and watching the sunset” after work.

Apparently she’s “made a new connection” and is “happy things are falling into place” after so much heartbreak this year.

No. 902208


How many times does she have to have a positive self-talk chat?

No. 902223

She makes it sound like she came from a concentration camp. Shut up, you're in the situation you're in now because it was forced on you.

No. 902411

File: 1575618470767.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2102, 20191205_234558.jpg)

So is this legal? I've never heard anyone do this before but she took this dudes remains from a grave and is getting it 'processed'? And she wants to put his toes on a necklace?? Like wtaf!

No. 902435

It is probably not legal (state laws may be different, I don't know). There was someone on Tumblr a few years back who was taking bones from graveyards that had been washed up after a storm and was arrested for it.

No. 902447

That, my friend, is graverobbing.

>>902435 is right. I don't know what the specific laws in her state are either. But this tends to be the kind of tging people frown on and punish. Especially since tgis wasn't just a bone she found while out and about. It's something she actively took from it's designated resting place.

She sure loves and respects cemeteries and appreciates them on a deeper level…

No. 902450

She said it was a bunny carcas. Not the actual person that's buried there.

No. 902453

She can go to jail. It’s a misdemeanor in the first degree to ‘unlawfully’ take human remains.


No. 902456

File: 1575637770175.png (251.45 KB, 750x1334, 16C63125-C2C8-4D52-A6D6-7FEEDB…)

No. 902457

File: 1575637798786.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, D75DF761-21D3-4A64-B87B-4B1C56…)

No. 902458

File: 1575637828684.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, A1014028-6F88-4AC7-816B-0A38AB…)

No. 902459

File: 1575638006814.jpeg (730.42 KB, 2048x2048, EFF51A35-282C-4234-97E7-4F6AFE…)

Her Killstar haul. She’s also getting yet another pair of black boots.

No. 902460

File: 1575638030582.png (297.86 KB, 750x1334, E47B65A8-D7D5-4A58-B6E5-70FC72…)

No. 902462

File: 1575638242489.png (749.18 KB, 750x1334, 296E8CA5-8846-4F80-AC01-11A43A…)

She’s meeting up with “someone special” and getting a “self care weekend” of new hair and nails to prepare for it.

Can’t wow to see what “Ryan No. 4” looks like!

No. 902463

Pretty certain she said this was an animal carcass. But she deleted the picture anyway from her stories so who knows…

No. 902504

File: 1575646799494.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, FD265B33-728C-4704-8464-4A898E…)

“I’m going to soak in the bath now and then try to be a productive member of society today…then again I’m a productive member of society every day…”

No. 902506

LOL i'm sorry for laughing but in that pic she looks stoned out of her head

No. 902521

File: 1575651185131.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 67BA60D5-1979-4D91-8DD7-EE155A…)

Or the blood of the people you’ve sucked dry with your constant playing the victim card.

No. 902569

Heather. You don't have "enemies" so much as people who are just fed up with your bullshit.

No. 902611

She thinks way too highly of herself if she really believes anyone of us is her “enemy.”

Heather, YOU are your worst enemy.

No. 902723

It's a bunny carcass. She said it in her insta story and let's be realistic here, do those bones look anything like a human? Come on now, think before you start having people believing its human bones.

On another note, the fact that she took some of the bunny bones is weird as fuck. Like, why? Who does that? Seriously some weird ass psycho shit.

No. 902750

Calm tf down. I was half asleep when I was watching her shitty story, my bad! I didn't hear her say rabbit or animal. All I heard her say was her friend Bowman or whatever tf. I'm sorry I made a mistake geez.

No. 902780

Drama in the drama thread. Drama-ception

No. 902788

Oh please, of all the things cows get up to, saving something weird/cool you found is pretty normal.

No. 902792

She'll take the bunny bones and then what? I bet they'll just sit in a box, dirty, and she won't do anything with them. She's all about wanting to start all these projects but never goes on with them. Back in her "pastel days" she wanted to learn how to draw, tried for like a day or something before quitting – but even then she was copying Pound Puppy drawings or some shit like that; something that fit the ~*~*pastel uwu aesthetic~*~*~.

Nice to know after being away from social media for a few weeks, Heather still hasn't changed and is still wasting her money on shit she doesn't need and not using her money on thing she does need – like her own car and a place. She must be getting really comfy at her mum's place and plans on staying there for a long while. Sad to know that all $500 or whatever it was of GFM money went only towards driving lessons and not towards a security deposit for a place or a down payment for a car. She could have used her own "job" money or her mum's money to pay her driving lessons.

No. 902810

Not to mention that she's spent way more than the gofundme money on endless pairs of boots she doesn't need. If she'd bought about five pairs less she could have reimbursed everyone who donated to her.

No. 902851

She's supposedly vegan but wants to turn the bones of a rabbit into shitty costume jewelry. I don't know if wearing the remains of an animal is part of the vegan ideology.

No. 902886

Depends on the vegan. I know a few vegans who are actually taxidermists and work with found animal remains. They object to harming animals for food or convenience. But if the animal is already dead anyway and you didn't contribute to it dying, that's okay with them, since it's not causing any additional suffering. But other people may feel differently.
Having said that, i don't think heather has thought about it that much. Is she even still vegan?

No. 902891

She eats ice cream and coffee filled with whipped cream and milk and eats regular pizza way too much to even consider still calling herself vegan.

No. 903043

File: 1575748366805.jpg (987.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-12-07-11-50-17…)

the only person I've ever seen look worse with their roots touched up

White hair is just not a good look on her… it makes her look ancient

No. 903046

sage for no real contribution but the "smiling with her eyes" trick makes her look like she's straining to melt her phone with her heat vision or some shit

No. 903131

Yeah. She's going for "ethereal witch" But instead just looks like an unhinged aunt who thinks of herself as "eccentric" but the rest of the family avoids at family functions.

No. 903163

File: 1575771597077.jpg (860.16 KB, 1080x2093, 20191207_181754.jpg)

It looks like shes wearing a wig lol
And that outfit, yikes

No. 903169

Doesn't even look like her; she looks like a completely different person. But yeah, looks like she's wearing a non-lace front wig. Oof.

Strongly prefer her roots showing when it comes to the light hair colour. She's so pale to begin with, so I bet in person (and even in photos) the colour just washes her out. I feel like if she wants to be "witchy" go with a dark hair colour (not black) but like a steel grey or dark grey of some sort. Just something to contrast against her pale-ass transparent skin.

No. 903194

The white hair and that clown make up is such an awful combo.

No. 903234

Looks like a breeder in this.

She's dumb enough to be one.

No. 903291

She's mentioned wanting children before. Would be a good way to hook a guy in.

No. 903310

File: 1575814678970.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, 961070A6-E38A-4EB0-8ABE-78EB72…)

No. 903314

Oh god. A new Ryan appears.

No. 903316

File: 1575815397499.jpeg (418.22 KB, 750x1190, 9EC89882-00D4-4470-8EC3-62F78E…)

No. 903321

So we know that he listens to skinny puppy (a view so cruel is a line from "worlock") and that his haircut makes him look like the top of his head is a weird slope.

No. 903434

I noticed now heather turned off sending her messages through her stories. I wonder if people were sending her 'hAtE'

No. 903437

His entire instagram feed seems to be completely generic and amateuristic pictures of cemeteries. So they seem perfect for each other.

No. 903463

File: 1575843940974.jpg (1.28 MB, 1080x2094, 20191208_142448.jpg)

That hair color really isnt doing anything for her. She's looking like a little old lady.

No. 903468

Her hair seriosuky looks like a cheap wig you get at Party City.

No. 903473

Just any other colour would be better. If she wants to look dark and spooky she doesn't have to go for black. Like >>903169 sayd she could go for grey, or even just red or lavender or just anything that doesn't make her look like she's on the way to church bingo. Some people look super good with white hair. But heather can't pull it off.

No. 903549

Man that picture makes her look ancient and the white hair certainly doesn't help. She legit looks like she is trying to cosplay someones grandma. She certainly looks like she could be in her 40 in that pic.

No. 903590

File: 1575866842814.jpg (1.25 MB, 1061x2089, 20191208_204554.jpg)

She looks bad. She could a put something else on, it looks bad.

No. 903591

File: 1575866872793.jpg (882.73 KB, 1080x2089, 20191208_204609.jpg)

Lord, it looks bad lol

No. 903607

Knowing how vain and full of herself Heather is she’s probably annoyed at how bad she looks here.

I feel like with darker hair it would have worked better. The white hair washes her out because of the exposure.

No. 903619

Really does justice to the crazy eyes though.

No. 903620

Her face bugs me so much in this photo more than her hair. It's giving me the feeling of people who overly photoshop themselves to where they are unrecognisable in person and then you meet them in person and they look nothing like their photos. Or maybe it's the fact that she's wearing such light coloured makeup in a photo that's strictly picking up blacks and whites (okay maybe it's more sepia, but w/e it's not picking up colour) and her light coloured makeup is showing NONE of her features to where she just looks so.. featureless. I don't know, there's just something about this photo that doesn't do Heather justice. But like on all the tin-types I've seen and have/had, I've never had it to where the person looked horrible in it.. It's just heather looks bad in it.

No. 903641

Omg, how many times is she going to use that song "season of the witch" , Jesus christ, it's so annoying

No. 903677

That center hair part is doing her no justice! It would be WAY better if she had a side part.

No. 903828

But.. but.. she won't be able to pull off that witchy aesthetic if she does a side part! Only witches do a center part. It says so on pinterest.

No. 903831

She over-does a lot of songs if you "listen" carefully. She only plays one song from any artist that isn't Birthday Massacre and the song HAS to mention cemeteries or vampires or hexes or witches or magic or ghosts. I swear she just googles "witchy songs" or some shit like that because all the songs she uses has the same "theme" to it.

No. 903919

So…when is that Gofundme money going to be "paid forward" again

No. 903936

It'll never be paid forward. When more people start asking her about it, she'll either say she did it or she'll say that she's not in a financial situation to be giving back yet.

No. 903938

The fact that there's glue on "leather" boots.. That doesn't sound like good shoe making. I know there's glue on your normal sneakers and all that, but on boots that's cost $125.. Oof.

Boots #1 - $125
Boots #2 - $125

And who knows what else she bought from Killstar, I doubt it was just those two pair of boots. Must be nice to (so-far) spend $250 on boots and not have to worry about "paying-it-forward" to a woman's shelter like you promised.

No. 903979

>this is my big christmas gift to myself
yea, and something tells me it's not the only one

>(unwraps like a 15th pair of generic high heeled boots that look exactly the same as the ones she's shown many times before)


No. 904021

Fun drinking game: for the next month take a shot every time Heather buys herself an "early christmas present."

No. 904052

File: 1575987578642.jpg (669.87 KB, 1080x2087, 20191209_164553.jpg)

Who said what to her now
She deleted seconds after she posted.

No. 904053

File: 1575987761567.jpg (711.8 KB, 1080x2086, 20191209_164540.jpg)

I made a mistake trying to screen shot and hit the 3 dots in the corner. I tried redoing but she deleted almost immediately after posting. Why even post to begin with. And I wonder who said something to her? Someone messaged her but deleted the messages, someone who was a friend?

No. 904055

>says she's a stranger on the internet, doesn't have time for make believe internet bs
>constantly airs all her dirty laundry on the internet because she has no real life friends
This bitch…

No. 904057

yeah it’s easy to spend your hard-earned money on shoes when you’re still leeching off your mom for necessities in your late 20s

No. 904058

this is 100% a diss at lolcow. hi heather!!!

No. 904062

Agreed. Hi Heather. Hope spending your money on boots rather than paying back the people who donated to you, donating to a women's shelter, helping your mom with the bills, or saving up for your own place makes you feel proud. Like the successfull adult you are. Just a hint, the reason most of us don't brag about working constantly is because we just get the fuck on with things.

No. 904078

Buying several pairs of near identical boots is NOT THRIVING. Heather, spending money as quickly as you are earning it is. not. thriving.

No. 904082

File: 1575995116107.png (48.63 KB, 1080x90, its like morse code at this po…)

>Do you even have a life?
Idk, do you?

No. 904122

>I work 8 hours a day
Literally everyone does. How fucking special needs are you to be bringing that up every day? Hope that hoard of boots you have keeps you warm when your mom gets sick of you and kicks you out finally.

No. 904267

For someone who works 8hrs a day, she sure posts a lot in her stories.

She must think she's above everyone else because she works 8hrs at the shittiest place ever that "loves her so much." I still doubt she even works 8hrs because the only time showed the money she had in her account did not seem like 40hr a week type of pay. Maybe she works 8hrs a week. kek

No. 904270


She says she makes $13 an hour and she showed her paycheck as being roughly $580 which equates for about 50 hours of work. She gets paid every two weeks, so that would mean she’s working 25 hour weeks on average.

No. 904299

File: 1576025930381.png (2.33 MB, 1440x1758, 20191210_195133.png)

Why does she buy those stupid ass boots and she can't even walk in them. Watch her video on her profile, she looks like she's just learning how to walk and giggling about it. If i spent that much money those pink boots, them shits better have no flaws. Killstar has one of the worst ratings in their quality yet she continues to support such shit. She is so pathetic, now all of a sudden she is special because she works? You should of been working since you were a teen like most normal people do. Cant wait for her mother to get sick of her ass and give her the BOOT,get it? BOOT!? I'm gonna stop lol

No. 904300

I rather pay more and get Doc martens boots, which I did. I hated that she threw shade at DM but she cant even walk in those shitty made crappy ass ugly shoes.

No. 904303

Nobody can walk in cheap ass shoes from Killstar, at least not without ruining your feet.

>Cant wait for her mother to get sick of her ass and give her the BOOT,get it? BOOT!? I'm gonna stop lol

LMAO don't stop! I loled.

No. 904322

For having so many clothes also, she loves wearing the same things over and over. Or does she think she can only wear Killstar with Killstar? If so, she has no sense of style.

So of course she's lying about how much work she actually work. Does she not realised that full-time work is 40hrs per week? not 40hrs per pay period? Or is she that stupid also?

At least with DM, you get your money's worth and they last for a long fucking time. Maybe it's because they don't give off that witchy aesthetic and there's no pentagrams on them she won't care for them and thinks they're beneath her. For the price that she spent on those two pairs of ugly-ass Killstar boots she just bought, she could have bought herself some DM's plus have money left over.. But we all know she isn't smart with money.

No. 904323

Heather got hired during Targets SEASONAL $13/hr. application period. Which is still going on. She definitely doesnt work 40 hrs. a week because seasonal is part-time random hours and will most likely lose her job after Valentines day if not sooner.

No. 904324

How do you know? You got proof? Learn to sage if you don't have proof.

No. 904326

>>904324 The proof is in front of your eyes if you've ever driven past a Target or looked at the dressing rooms she snaps all her pics in. They're the only place that starts at $13. The ads prove SEASONAL.

No. 904399

God, she looks so fucking stupid here. Just straight up tacky.

No. 904401

Yeah, that outfit is so unflattering on her, but then again she has already proven previously how dog shit her fashion sense is.

No. 904419

But she started in September. They don’t start hiring seasonal until mid-late October.

No. 904443

File: 1576070636578.jpg (194.04 KB, 1080x667, Screenshot_20191211-082243_Goo…)


Sure they do…

No. 904468

Good digging Anon. Once she gets fired from her seasonal job she'll just claim haters were stalking her there. I can't see them taking her on as a permanent hire.

No. 904480

Being a seasonal hire is pretty much all she could hope for considering she doesn't have any job experience and is almost 30 years old. So this makes a lot of sense. She'll be looking for another job after the new year.

No. 904481

I worked at Target last year. They’re not wrong. They start accepting applications in September but the interview/hiring process for seasonal doesn’t start until mid/late October. Great job finding an article on google.

No. 904483

Yea I’m with >>904481 my friend worked there last year and he was hired in September and he wasn’t seasonal. He was hired as regular employee. Not defending heather’s shitty attitude of anything but we shouldn’t assume anything. We should go off of what actually happens instead.

No. 904555

File: 1576098422614.jpg (918.23 KB, 1080x2090, 20191211_130643.jpg)

Such ugly ass boots

No. 904557

All of the boots together like that, you can really see how cheap the Killstar boots are. It just jumps out of the picture even more than how tacky they are.

No. 904558

I can’t believe she got two of the same pair of boots just because one is patent “leather” and the other isn’t

No. 904560

Trust your magic… and your mom putting up with your bullshit.

No. 904576

None of these are going to last a month when winter really hits in her area. Such impractical and cheap boots.

No. 904592

I mean.. $125 isn't cheap. They're just horribly cheap-made boots that are way over priced. For the same price, Heather could have gotten a pair of Doc Martens and they would last during a handful of winters but nah, she's dissing DM for whatever fucking weird-ass reason she has.

No. 904600

Tinfoil perhaps: maybe some "boy" who jilted her loved docs?

No. 904602


Because DM isn't as cool of a name as "Killstar" and DM don't come with a crescent moon or a Pentagon (maybe they do, i have no idea since i don't buy that stuff, feel free to correct me)

Also, she wants to be noticed by killstar. She thinks out of the thousands of people who model alternative clothing , she will be chosen by killstar and have a job (which is so far from reality)

She's like a male peacock. She has to wave killstar around to get the attention of her dream spooky boy. She's going to show off those shitty feathers of hers to get some pale dick.

No. 904612

Haven't seen DM have any tacky witch aesthetics but Killstar will never have her be a model. She looks stiff and awkward in photos. She thinks Killstar mixes with Killstar and refuses to "mix brands." She has no sense of fashion, even if she buys "fashionable" items. Plus she doesn't have that "look" that the models on the Killstar website have. She's as bland as white bread.

No. 904629

Killstar are notorious for not paying their models. But honestly, they have their pick of twenty-somethings who match that aesthetic far better than dumpy cronefaced heather does. The sheer arrogance of this woman is staggering.

No. 904671

File: 1576123751807.jpg (690.23 KB, 1080x2088, 20191211_200704.jpg)

Why though? Is the photographer Male and wants to tap that or what?

No. 904672

Okay I just looked at his IG and theres a lot of skin. So I wonder if shes gonna do nudes? Gross

No. 904677

She’s said she’s not opposed to “artistic nudes.” Plus it’s not like she allegedly didn’t send nudes to a bunch of guys in exchange for things in the past.

No. 904755

File: 1576155641431.png (1.08 MB, 1242x2688, CE58C61D-5B36-4C2E-83CC-FCF0BC…)

This disturbs me to no end. Why does he use the word ‘kids’. I know people genetically use the term ‘kids’ to refer to people who are NOT kids, but as an account who is mostly nude photography, I don’t think that’s the smartest idea. That’s creepy as hell. Of course heather would be all over this.

No. 904757

Generically not genetically.

But point number 2, I wonder how trashy heather’s ‘photoshoot’ is going to be. Think she’ll try and hook up with this guy, or do you think she’ll try and claim he assaulted her.

No. 904769

Both? Though given how sleazy he seems, I wouldn't be surprised if he did assault her.

No. 904776

File: 1576161007620.jpg (146.12 KB, 1080x529, Screenshot_20191212-092641_You…)

There's an idiot on YouTube replying to all the negative comments towards Heather. We're nearing the end of 2019, more thab 1 year of Heather's bs has been on display, and she still has people defending her. Amazing.

No. 904777

File: 1576161170339.jpg (47.96 KB, 1080x194, Screenshot_20191212-092736_You…)

This one really makes me laugh. You mean all those subscribers from that period in her life when she was just "acting" like she was into vintage toys and kawaii fashion? It's not like she started a new channel when she made that change in her life.

No. 904801

$10 says that's just Heather incognito doing damage control. She's that pathetic.

No. 904807

File: 1576167694187.png (441.14 KB, 750x1334, 1F6FD8A0-7F38-4E1C-AE26-4061E0…)

No. 904808

I'm sure she does have "a million" ideas, which she'll just steal from other content creators and dub as her own.

No. 904810

So when is Heather going to go ahead and delete her old content like she said she was by the end of November? Like she said “a couple of hundred bucks a month from these videos is not worth the “hate.’” And what about that collection? Is it still in your moms basement—errr, I mean in “a $200 a month storage unit”? After seeing how much shit she spends on crappy Killstar for anyone else believe hat she has the toys in a storage unit? They’re in her moms unfinished basement where she also has the gym equipment.

No. 904811

Yeah but let’s face it these stolen ideas never come close to the originals. They come off as really shitty copies.

No. 904814

I’m sure it’s in a unit because her mom won’t let her store all her shit there. She won’t even let her have her cat, let alone the rest of her crap.

No. 904818

Of all the lies Heather tells, this is the only thing I actually believe. I don't think her mother would actually let her keep all crap in the house, even in the basement.

No. 904819

Of all the lies Heather tells, this is the only thing I actually believe. I don't think her mother would actually let her keep all crap in the house, even in the basement.

No. 904840

First thing I thought as well.

No. 904877

I believe it because only she WOULD spend extra money because she was told it was ‘climate controlled’ even though all indoor storage units are climate controlled. It’s called AC. We all know she likes to spend money on things she doesn’t REALLY need so why is this hard to believe for some people?

No. 904893

I thought the same thing.

No. 904901

File: 1576188175234.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, F83E38EF-AA33-46F9-8159-F1E876…)

Of course you did. I bet she rewards herself after every bowel movement as well.

No. 904910

Done with work on Thursday? Why does she keep insisting she works full time?

No. 904923

At this point with all the extra effort she puts at trying to “troll” lolcow, the joke’s on her because she continues to burn herself out whilst we call her out for it, because she’s an idiot.

No. 904936

File: 1576192318075.png (4.06 MB, 750x1334, 2A4F0019-D4FC-4CE9-B6D1-795798…)

Now seeking foot fetishists.

No. 904937

Those boots are amazingly fug. Heather really does have the worst taste.

No. 904940

Yeah. She's sure showing us… and also any future employers or partners who google her. Wouldn't be surprised if that happened to ryan 3. Probably came on here and saw all of her crazy.

No. 904955

Those boots jus look like pure, sad pleather. The XD uwu am goff is such a fucking weird attention grab, not an ounce of authenticity

No. 904961

File: 1576198239875.jpg (897.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191212-192909_Ins…)

According to her packing list she spent $500 dollars on shit, butt ass ugly junk clothes she can't justify even if any of it was "on sale"…

….and I'm guessing hiding it from her mommy since it was in her backseat, picked up from the UPS store…her poor mother seriously needs to see this shit!

No. 905004

her fashion show of all of the items she bought was really cringy.

No. 905029

I know I'm super late to this, but remember when she changed her Gofundme goal from 1k to 500 for no discernible reason since she doesn't need to reach the goal to retrieve the money? I wonder if she did that so that if people eventually shame her into making good on her promise to donate equally to a women's shelter, she wouldn't have to pay as much.

No. 905118

File: 1576235577264.jpeg (708.85 KB, 1243x2315, A1E0CF89-0947-4512-A023-D490CF…)

Figured out who Heather copies ALL her ‘looks’ and ‘hobbies’ from. Right down to the story highlights and poses.

No. 905128

Wow. It was sure decent of her to make good on her promise to donate $500 to a shelter! Oh, wait, no. But I'm sure homeless domestic abuse victims everywhere are so grateful for Heather expanding her tacky boot collection.

No. 905239

Most of these items are S or XS … Vanity sizing? Or maybe my eyes are just screwy, but she seems like she'd be a M - L in standard sizes to me?

No. 905250

She is 100% an M-L.
When I was a blind idiot fan of hers, I bought a clothing item she was selling that was marked as smaller. I am typically an XS-S in US sizes, but the item I bought was labeled as size M and did not fit me at all. I had to alter it.

No. 905274

File: 1576270055673.jpg (829.3 KB, 1077x2088, 20191213_124710.jpg)

Ohh yeahh?? Mama's gonna buy it?

No. 905317

she might just be really short tho. at least it looks like it in her vids

No. 905320

Car shopping? Is she sure she's ready for this responsibility? I guess if she can drop $500 on tacky clothes and boots, money is no issue.

Can confirm, she's short. Just over 5 ft. I've met her in person.

No. 905326

File: 1576275923560.png (830.39 KB, 750x1334, 06A4FA95-271B-43A5-AF29-E6998D…)

Which your mom co-signed for, but small victory I suppose.

I wonder how she’ll “treat herself” after this lol

No. 905333

I'm the same anon who bought the clothes from her. If she really is 1-3inches above 5ft, then we're about the same height.
I could tell she was a bit thicker than me, but I thought maybe she was selling clothes from when she was younger or something.
Either way, I'm not shocked for her to front like she's smaller than she currently is.

Honestly, it's more likely she's trying to emulate/imitate someone well-known like grav3yardgirl or Hello Batty on youtube, than a random instagramer with barely 300 followers.
Heather is pretty basic and just copies the aesthetic of the 'spoopy goff gurl', so she has automatic similarities with any other basic goff girl who explores abandoned buildings.

No. 905410

File: 1576288385045.jpg (1016.1 KB, 1080x2092, 20191213_175300.jpg)

No. 905421

I just cant fathom having my heart set on a 2005 Mazda 3. That's really the model you were after? Which one of her ex "boyfriends" drove a Mazda 3?

No. 905424

She probably has spoopy sugar daddy. All of these big expenditures within days apart? She's definitely handling someone's chode for all these new goodies.

No. 905437

Or she's just been putting herself in massive credit card and loan debt, and pretending it'll take care of itself somehow or that she'll deal with it later.

No. 905440

Look out, world! She can barely manage to drive, and now she's loose! Hope her insurance is really good.

No. 905442

Killstar runs big. I bought a few dresses in M and wish I had bought S. Or it could be they only have XS and S left on sale items.

No. 905460

Don't really see it happening. Maybe some 50 year old dude. But a I agree with >>905437 in that she's probably racking up debt. She's done it before, also with killstar. And I bet mommy payed for the majority of that car.

No. 905468

I can't imagine a car from the early 2000s would cost very much, around 5k at most? Her mom probably bought it for her. I hope she's got a plan to pay her back.

No. 905470

This is Heather we’re talking about. She’s NEVER going to make good on her word to donate the GFM money to a women’s shelter, much less pay back her mom for the car, roof over her head, and whatever else that woman has given her.

No. 905551

She copied this chick right down to the stupid ‘poses’ and white hair. This chick had pink hair before. Shocker. Their Instagram feeds are identical aside from the fact that the other chick actually knows how to take a picture. Also, heather follows her. So it’s highly likely that she stole at least one aspect of her life from this chick.

No. 905552

File: 1576332154233.png (563.79 KB, 750x1334, E2A4CD45-28C5-46E5-B885-9A8C3D…)

No. 905565


No. 905581

Hitting puberty does NOT make one a woman…sorry bitch. Heather, you're a sad excuse in the female race and you give us all a bad name. There's no "haters" here, can't blame us for criticizing the free entertainment that is your sham of a life you put on display for all to see. Ever hear of keeping a little mystery about yourself? Being classy, not trashy? No?? Didn't think so.

Keep on keepin on girl, we can do this shit all day…

No. 905582

Imagine being her mom and hearing Heather say "MY relationship with MYSELF is the only one that matters!"

No. 905586

Ahahaha she should go into sex toys…collect something she won't give up on!

No. 905630

>you give us all a bad name
ew, some femanons on here are actually more cancerous than heather

No. 905643

File: 1576351605022.jpg (2.1 MB, 1440x2629, SmartSelect_20191214-132344_Ch…)

Heather's new dude.

No. 905645


Ooh, a new Ryan. Are those Doc Martens on his feet? How long will it take him to use those to run the fuck away.

No. 905649

Holy crap, these middleaged teenagers really keeping hot topic in business, crazy to see

No. 905651

Are you just trying to be funny?

No. 905668

File: 1576357189055.jpg (826.71 KB, 1080x2091, 20191214_125831.jpg)

DeAtH mEtAl BaRbIe but listens to Taylor Swift lmao /nitpick

No. 905676

File: 1576358586026.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, 5EC5D7F3-21CD-4172-8B64-F1040A…)


Ryan no. 4 is taking Heather out today. Even with a car of her own she still asks for the guy to pick her up and drive her ass there.

No. 905680

Death metal barbie? None of the three words in that description applies to her. She's dead ambition cindy.

No. 905681

I see his IG is private now lol

No. 905688

Ah. The cycle begins.
1 Find new Ryan.
2 Complain to Ryan about how the haters are persecuting you.
3 Let your mask slip and show current Ryan the writhing tentacled eldritch madness that lies beneath.
4 Scare off Ryan.
5 Say that Ryan was a jerk who only wanted to sleep with you. All men are jerks and players. But that's okay because you're a strong independent woman and all you need is to love YOU.
6 Sob on instagram about how you don't have a boyfriend and will never find your "spoopy dream boy" while obsessively hunting through Tinder for your next Ryan.

And repeat…

No. 905699

This is not the same guy he has a right hand tat in that Flickr album. I’d like to know where anon came up with the idea viewsocruel is him

No. 905701

File: 1576362895993.png (8.65 MB, 1242x2208, DA82B167-35DC-47AF-BE7B-A9EB2D…)

No. 905721

Viewsocruel is the new Ryan because when Heather took those recent mausoleum photos she tagged him as being the one that photographed/filmed her. And that was the day she said that she was going out with a “special someone” that she had “connected” with.

No. 905722

Could she be juggling two Ryans? Or tinfoil?

No. 905737

God where’s his eyebrows? Is this the last victim heather found in tinder before deleting it? Because he looks like some of the people you’d find on tinder. He’s the least attractive Ryan of them all so far. Oof heather must be desperate.

No. 905747

I don't for a second believe she hasn't reinstalled tinder.

No. 905783

new Ryan looks like if leukemia could operate a camera, she's not even aiming for cute anymore. Bizarre.

No. 905787

is he a druggie? cause he really looks like one

No. 905791

File: 1576375574159.jpg (528.92 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191214-180448_Ins…)

2 hours ago on her ig, btw. sorry for shit quality

No. 905792

File: 1576375600191.jpg (1.2 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191214-180503_Ins…)

No. 905829

File: 1576384916077.png (782.77 KB, 1242x2208, 2019-12-14 23.35.02.png)

I work for a national Auto parts store and those cars are pieces of shit and i just looked up the Bluebook value for that car and if she spent more than $3500 she for taken for a "ride". Also the Recall is for the airbag system

No. 905844

oh my god, did you hear her voice when she was talking to him about the "doge" grave? can someone record it so everyone gets to hear her cringy voice change while she talks to her new Ryan?

No. 905848

No. 905871

His username suggests he's a skinny puppy fan. So the whole wan pale shaved eyebrows look might be intentional and cultivated. On some people it looks striking. He just looks like a sad little tadpole.

No. 905872

Good job heather. Informed consumer as always.

No. 905889

File: 1576414711407.png (956.54 KB, 750x1334, 8161E4BE-F499-47F3-921E-4B7C09…)

No. 905890

File: 1576414738158.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, B143E12D-4057-47B3-94F7-984463…)

No. 905891

I'm a sucker for grown men who shop on aliexpress.

No. 905892

He's got an Author & Punisher logo on his bag too so maybe he'll introduce her to some real dark music.

No. 905894

File: 1576417163319.jpeg (46.2 KB, 600x750, F9AE5EE9-250C-4A03-8AB0-FED5B0…)

Oh wow she’s dating skinny Pete from Breaking Bad.

No. 905901

He looks like a 16 year old cursed by a wizard to age into a 45 year old.

No. 905910

suddenly once her kawaii phase is over, she started cursing openly and it's so cringy

No. 905930

Heather's so open and proud about how easy and desperate she is. Embarrassing.

No. 905946

Yeah. I think "playing hard to get" is bullshit. But openly and creepily flinging yoursrlf at anyone isn't a great idea either.

No. 905974

Tinfoil but is this chick in any way connected to any of her previous Ryans?

No. 906001

No. 906052

File: 1576450240792.png (3.02 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20191215-174918.png)

No. 906053

What happened to the video?

No. 906078

So her and new Ryan are official.

No. 906085

Wonder if he knows that? I think it's a little strange that he hasn't "liked" any of the tagged cheesy soulmate posts she made…

No. 906086

Oop never mind

No. 906097

Long distance relationships are so hard? They can't have been togwtherthat long, right?

No. 906106

She’ll say anything for pity points at this point.

I wonder how long until she goes for some dark aesthetic that isn’t goffick witch. She did try and call herself a death metal bar he or some shit.

No. 906119

Yeah…usually you go out for at least a couple of weeks to decide on that. Look like she just met him. Didn't she just go out with another guy earlier this month? Coming from someone who was in a LDR, Heather doesn't seem like she has the maturity to handle one.

No. 906121

My first thought was; what if he doesn’t think they’re in a relationship and thinks they’re in that position where they’re still friends but they like each other?

No. 906127

But this is Heather; she moves real fast when it comes to relationships. In a months time she’ll be looking for some new dick to hop on.

No. 906161

STFU, Heather. You know this will be over in less than a month.

No. 906192

They don't exactly look touchy feely in her video or photos. He seems to be keeping a normal distance. Contrast this with her last Ryan (Ryan no 3) who's nosering she was drunkenly licking by this point.

No. 906199

I hate how she always has to post about working, or driving, or doing literally any other mundane normal adult thing as if she's doing something amazing.

Also, is she going to keep saying the specific car that she has every time she drives it?
>"Driving the Mazda to work was so amazing!"
Good for you? I get being excited about a new car, but there's something about the way she posts that makes it come off as thinking she's better than everyone else because she "bought" her car.

No. 906213

b-but she works 8 hours a day!!! that one time she left after a 9 hour shift!!! this is special, because most adults certainly DO NOT work 8 hours a day!!

No. 906431

File: 1576543618938.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, 3E808D3E-3781-4DE5-A3CA-C70487…)

No. 906433

File: 1576543644481.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, CA898AEF-98BF-48E8-8E4C-2A02E4…)

No. 906434

File: 1576543666082.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 24E79BC0-241F-4000-B639-ACECB8…)

No. 906445

Death threads? Really? As for her getting off her ass and selling her collection, I'll believe it when I see it.

No. 906453

File: 1576546756648.jpg (973.58 KB, 1080x2087, 20191216_173859.jpg)

Stfu heather good God

No. 906466

File: 1576547781975.png (3.58 MB, 750x1334, B21C2828-1B23-40D7-9B6C-061D11…)

Sounds like she really is working a seasonal job.

No. 906469

No shit. Her behavior, hours she works, (or doesn't rather) timing and pay provide evidence that she's seasonal…but I got banned for using my brain and common sense to put it all together. Just watch, soon there will be a Heatherpocolyspe tyraid of posts when she gets let go. Mark my words!

No. 906476

Do you think that doll she keeps featuring is the one she was looking at at the antiqued mall during her "date with herself"? The one she described as being expensive?

No. 906478

Relax, it’s more so in regards to the fact that she’s kind of admitting it in a post she made herself.

No. 906484

Nothing gets by you eh?

No. 906489

omg heather you could have afforded a safety net a long time ago if you didn't waste all your money on tons of cheap shit. wait till she gets kicked out of target come january and she sets up another go fund me

No. 906495

Even if she saved every dime from every paycheck she wouldn't be able to afford 1st, last and security deposit on even the cheapest place on her own. I wouldn't doubt her enabling mommy puts it up for her just to get her ass out of her house.

No. 906498

File: 1576551166064.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, 0CAF8F65-DBD2-4DD6-B11F-C22369…)

Submitting questions to herself again, I see.

No. 906501

Yes it’s the same one. She wanted to purchase it but said she didn’t have the room for it.

No. 906507

Just making a post with a picture. As in the way this site works. But, play “detective” all you want, just back your shit up with some proof is all. I don’t doubt there will be the kinds of posts you mentioned, but if you want to be the one to post that “breaking news” don’t forget to submit a photo or someone else might beat you to it.

No. 906535

I don't "play" detective darlin, I am one, for starters. And I believe the posts where the proof is in the language is my "shir being backed up". Or can't you read and form a cognitive conclusion without pictures? Barney fail you early or what? Take the stick out of your ass anon.(cringe)

No. 906547

Sage your posts if you have no milk.

I won't believe the death threats until Heather shows "proof" of it.. Unless us discussing her is considered a "death threat" in her mind.

What's unpredictable about January if it's clear she knows what's going to happen? kek. If she didn't just spend $500+ on Killstar she would have $500 towards this safety net of hers.. Or, you know.. If she didn't buy so many pairs of boots one person doesn't need. Seriously, I don't think she doesn't realise she shops and buys useless shit too much. I think she just sees it's on sale and think it's a deal and gets it. Just because it's on sale doesn't mean you saved any money, you still spend $X-amount instead of $0 if you didn't buy it.

No. 906551

lol, relax man. You’re the one that’s wound up tight and getting all heated for no reason. I’m just reiterating what other anons have said.

No. 906553

File: 1576558119168.png (3.73 MB, 750x1334, E6A3ABBD-5B23-4A10-BC93-75B27B…)

No. 906554

Nobody here is wound up, man. Just calling you out on your b.s. posts with facts….I smell a snowflake. Don't dish it if you can't take it.

No. 906557

nah, judging by the number of pairs of killstar boots, plus the recent 500 dollar haul, plus all the ~30 dollar clothes/accessory purchases she makes daily, she could have saved up for a place to rent next year before she actually fins a 40hr per week job. she doesn't live in sf or nyc lol

No. 906559

wait till she sees this and posts never before seen screenshots of fake dEatH ThReaTs written to her by herself

No. 906561

Snowflake? Lmao, whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess. Calling me out on what bullshit though? You took my comment about heather basically outing herself on seasonal work way too seriously and are now getting butthurt so much so that you went on a rant about getting banned for “using your brain.” I just pointed it out because it’s a post she’s made where she’s worried about next month as if she won’t have a job, which alludes to what people like you have said, but it’s straight out of the horse’s mouth, know what I’m saying?

No. 906577


can you both shut up and get back to talking about Heather? No one cares about your petty back and forth, saged or not.

Does anyone have any guesses on how Heather and her new Ryan met? Instagram?

No. 906578

No I bet it was tinder. They started hanging out after she deleted it. That's what I guess anyways. She hasn't ever met any guys through IG and we all know she can't meet the "perfect goffick witch boy" in person.

No. 906611

His entire instagram feed is super generic pictures of graveyards. So I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they met on instagram.

No. 906670

He also follows her private Instagram account. I feel like he’s the “special friend” she talked about weeks ago that “supported” her throughout the Ryan #3 debacle, the drama with the supposed “deaths threats” over the toy video, and all the crazy dramatic shit that followed after.

No. 906714

Some of y'all are dense..
Heather works at Target so of course she's been working 40hrs a week during Christmas time. The worried about January is the fact that she's a part time worker and will be back down to 25hrs a week.
But knowing this and she still slurges constantly shows how much of a liability she actually is when it comes to money.

No. 906723

nta you were slapfighting with but how about learning to sage if you’re so clever, I don’t understand what you’re so hostile over

No. 906733

Heather, no one truly cares about you that much to want you dead, FFS.

No. 906762

That's how you know she's asking herself these questions and that no one really care about her enough to ask anything. She can't give a simple answer. Instead she has to go off topic about the "haTeRs" for pity points.

Literally no one is sending her death threats, I'm sure.

No. 906774

So heather once again, has removed all the questions to herself post lol i mean seriously, she is that full of herself to fake ask questions? Again, she thinks she has a flood of people worshipping her. And how can anyone make any threats? She's limited her comments and you can't messahe her so she is full of shit

No. 907254

File: 1576713832615.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2090, 20191218_160334.jpg)

You look dumb period.

No. 907281

She'll never be satisfied. She buys stuff planning for a cabinet for ages. Then once she'll have this one she'll just buy more stuff to put in it. The cycle never ends.

No. 907282

She kind of reminds me of Sophia from The Golden Girls here. That hair just ages her.

No. 907308

Her hair is so overprocessed at almost 30 it will be breaking off and she'll be balding before shes 40 years old if she keeps at it.

No. 907309

scrolling down /snow/, she legit looks like a grandmother in passing
the lipstick doesn't help much either

No. 907500

Based on all of her dream cabinets and other furniture she wants, her future home is going to look tacky af. That's fitting, considering her hair, her makeup, and her clothes. I still don't know what it is that all these guys see in her that she's been with multiple guys this year. Her personality is garbage, too.

No. 907513

They see an easy lay, which Heather has openly and proudly announced herself to be.

No. 907564

Agreed. There's a reason she's had this many guys in a year. None of them stick around once they get to know her.

No. 907674

File: 1576797790444.jpg (727.42 KB, 1080x2087, 20191219_152159.jpg)

Ohh here we go….

No. 907680

Not to mention, even if a guy is self-destructive enough to actually want something serious with her, finding out she's still married to another guy probably isn't a turn on.

No. 907695

She looks so old here. White or grey hair can look really striking with a young face, because of the contrast. But Heather is 30, and a rough 30 at that. It doesn't look like a concious choice on her. It looks like a sign of agr. Pretty much any other colour would look better on her.

No. 907725

Serious question, is she on the spectrum or just an attention whore? She posts her face more than anyone I have ever seen.

No. 907726

File: 1576810180024.jpg (555.15 KB, 1080x2084, 20191219_184818.jpg)

Yup and got rid of a narcissistic user. I didnt want to put their name but we know who wanted to go ghost hunting in the blizzard and put this persons life in danger.

No. 907896

File: 1576853687400.png (227.8 KB, 750x1334, 95E7908D-1BB3-4689-8B99-25DEEC…)

Same old story….

No. 908091

File: 1576887769159.jpg (913.31 KB, 1080x2091, 20191220_162238.jpg)

Uhh k?

No. 908117


She could have bought an FM radio transmitter for half the price of that CD, and it would let her play any music off her phone. She just fucking loves an excuse to spend money for no reason.

No. 908123

such a spooky goff listening to taylor swift

No. 908129


honestly she has the lamest, most embarrassing taste. 16 year old girls have more refined aesthetic than Heather.

No. 908190

She must think a car having a CD player is rare or something? or something cool?
I have a brand-new 2019 car and it still has a CD player.. They're still around; it's not like they're "rare" like cassette players.

No. 908374

File: 1576958937943.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, 189A2F3F-6694-45B6-B95C-A0BE36…)

Creeping around the cemetery with Ryan #4.

No. 908376

So apparently, heather is on Netflix. She mentioned in her Stories that her collection was featured so I'm assuming it's for the Toys that made us show.

No. 908425

During the credits, along with tons of other photos from collectors. So not a huge deal.

No. 908428

which episode? it annoys me that she didn't say anything. I assume the my little pony episode?

No. 908452

samefag yeah, it's just a tiny picture of her collection with her name underneath at the end of the My Little Pony episode.

No. 908610

Well not really, if she bought it at a thrift store, then she got it cheap. Those FM transmitters if you want a good quality one can be more than the price of a CD, plus most of them don't work for shit

No. 908651


a deluxe edition 2019 Taylor Swift release, maaaaaybe in a thrift store but it really doesn't seem likely. I don't want to assume but it seems more like she picked it out brand new. it's going for $32 on Amazon. also I got myself an FM transmitter from Best Buy and was wondering if the $15 one would perform as well as the $50 ones (same brand, just more bare bones, seems high quality still) and it's still working well a few months later. if you're okay with not answering calls or having a controller on the actual device, I don't think it's something you need to splurge on.

Never mind though… as I'm talking I'm realizing she would never settle for the $15 one. She would want the fanciest one with skip control and it would end up being twice what that CD cost. You right lol

No. 908667

File: 1577040414384.jpg (1022.61 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20191222-134308_Ins…)

Nevermind the CD player, but how round and dumpy does she look in her latest "photo shoot"?? Can't help to think she definitely 'shops more than her face usually…this one must've slipped past

No. 908671

No. 908751

Not to defend her at all but I think this is the angle coupled with the fact that she can't dress herself for shit. It's a Killstar haul, who cares if it makes me look like a pregnant dwarf etc.

No. 908763

Big oof when someone in their weeb middle school phase can dress better than this 30 year-old woman.

No. 908766

File: 1577057763029.png (400.5 KB, 413x762, idiot.png)

I'm fairly certain petrol stations in the states have signs that say don't use your cell phone when getting petrol.. I'm guessing she thinks she's above those warning signs.

No. 908769

Got gas all by herself! We are so, so proud.

I hate how she boasts about doing totally normal things that all adults do, every day. She sounds like an idiot.

No. 908833

Tbf, I've never heard that? People use their phones all the time at gas stations here. Smoking is dangerous though of course. She should be aware of her surroundings though, I hope she's got her car locked. Still, super cringey shes's trying to brag about something so average.

No. 908940

File: 1577082978830.jpg (282.19 KB, 720x960, 20130411-092841.jpg)

I think this is what anon was talking about.

Also I just realised that Heather is getting the Supreme gas. Does she know that if your car doesn't need it, don't use it? Or does she think that the most expensive gas is the best gas to get? Because her Mazda only requires regular gas..

No. 909018

Ha, she's so full of it. People call her out on her contradictions and hypocrisy and she responds by claiming she's had death threats, what utter rubbish. She's had plenty of free time by the amount of posts she's been making on instagram, she could have begun selling off her collection some time ago. She has a lame excuse every time someone asks her about her collection. She's such a whiney wimp.
Oh gosh the hatred, it's terrible…not. She keeps trying to emphasise in CAPITAL letters the TON of hatred she's getting which clearly shows she's exaggerating for sympathy and it's therefore made up. That's something a kid does. Hurry up and sell the collection you clearly never gave a damn about in the first place. No amount of so-called abuse would force me to sell off possessions I truly cared about. People called her out on the fact that she said she'd moved on from toys yet was trying to capitalise financially on youtube by doing another half-hearted video featuring them even after insulting the adult toy enthusiast community. She alienates herself from people then has the cheek to fault them when she only has herself to blame for all of the mess she created for herself. Stupid girl!!! She's a gutless wonder who would never have the decency to admit she made a very poor error in judgment and understands why people feel the way they do. Delete your channel for goodness sake and stop the whingeing. Can't understand why anyone would enjoy following this girl, she is so tedious and dreary to watch. She's an insult to ones intelligence with the shit she writes. If anyone believes it, they are loopy like she is.

No. 909037

Heather is so dense that I could imagine her getting supreme gas for her car because she thinks it's "better for the car" than regular gas.

Also, she said "nothing bad happened this time", while getting gas. Is she implying that something bad has happened before? Except she said this was her first time getting gas herself. Did she expect something bad to happen? She's so dumb and confusing.

No. 909106

File: 1577122571708.jpg (605.63 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191223-123337_Ins…)

Now claiming her ex husband who she says is blocked on everything, is telling her not to put supreme gas in her car and that everyone bitching about it needs to "get a fucking life"….RIGHT. Hi Heather! Way to creep on yourself here and blame others for your stupidity, as usual!

No. 909115

By claiming her ex-husband is the one saying this, she's hoping to get extra pity points from her dumb followers. If she says that she saw the posts here on lolcow, then she's openly admitting that she visits the site. I doubt Adam cares that much about what she's doing with her life right now anyway. If he's blocked on everything, how would he know what she's doing and be able to contact her about it so quickly? If this isn't proof that she creeps on this site, I don't know what is. She's just using Adam as a cover up for obsessing over what we say about her here.

Hey Heather! Maybe you should get a life? We all know you aren't working full time and you certainly aren't that busy outside of work.

No. 909116

She’s such a liar. How would Adam be able to message her if she blocked him?

And I bet Heather spends so much time on lolcow more than Adam ever did. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the one googling herself one day and found the thread about her. Kek.

I mean it’s clear that she checks this at least daily because she was so fucking quick to jump on that anon comment about gas.

No. 909119

ding ding! "i'm above it and sleepy early," my ass.

She probably has to throw Adam into the mix now, since it might somehow come into play whenever ryan #4 dumps her (she's already said she's no longer talking about the other 3). Wouldn't be surprised if that's her setup that he and online people harassed him and told him "lies" about her.

No. 909124

Oh for sure. It's only a matter of time before Ryan 4 runs for the hills. But of course it will be our fault. Strong independent warrior women don't need to bother with introspection.

No. 909126

But Ryan 4 bought her a spoopy necklace. That means it has to be love and he's in it for the long-haul.

Honestly, the rate she meets new guys is alarming. And the fact that she's so trusting and goes off with these guys to secluded cemeteries. The girl is not thinking properly and could find herself in a world of hurt doing that.

But as for this guy, he may actually stick around. He seems like he wants his internet fame and haters can bring attention to his way. I feel he'll stick around for a couple of good lays and his 15 minutes of fame before he bounces.

No. 909134

File: 1577127991739.png (36.81 KB, 328x286, The heather cycle.png)

So. I suck at Paint…

No. 909135

this gives a whole new meaning to >saving the thumbnail

No. 909152

File: 1577133373352.jpg (611.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191223-153425_Ins…)

Oh yeah, she definitely is on here and guaranteed every hour. She posted this 2 hrs ago, right after the initial "get a fucking life" Adam blaming even though blocked rant.

Heather, you're not important, just entertaining. Hello again!

No. 909172

Imagine dreaming of the life Heather current has. YIKES.

>small victories

Or "totally mundane, normal shit that 30 year olds have been doing for years".

>amazing and loving boyfriend

They've been together for like a week? Maybe 2? kek

>every bridge burned was worth it

Hear that, toy community/bjd community/people who thought Heather was actually their friend? Fuck you! You meant nothing!

What bothers me the most about Heather is her exaggerated sense of importance. It's irritating. She complains about being lonely, she practically begs for people to hang out with her, her family probably only deals with her out of pity, she's been in love with 4 Ryan's over the course of a year, she totally works full-time at a retail job, she just got her license and is only now learning to drive without someone else in the car, doesn't have her own place to live, posts 30+ stories a day on Instagram that her mostly selfies -but everyone is a hater and wants to be her! We're all just jealous of her life!

No. 909179

Yeah. I'm her age, and what have I got to show for it. Nothing but an MA and a career, and a steady partner and house ownership. I just really wish I could spend all day on instagram lying about my work schedule and throwing myself at any guy who'll fuck me out of pity. No wonder we're all so bitter on here.

No. 909186

File: 1577137676945.jpg (27.49 KB, 240x240, living my dreamz.jpg)

You probably don't even have any Killstar or a severely unflattering shade of lipstick do you

No. 909189

samefag but >>909134 and I have been personally victimized by image search

No. 909200

File: 1577139778582.jpg (820.72 KB, 1080x2088, 20191223_141803.jpg)

Yes we're all jealous of someone who falls in love with anyone at the drop of a hat. Yeah jelly of loving someone who looks like Marilyn Manson on crack sans make up.

No. 909218

Nor do I have a huge hoard or a substantial ammount of killstar debt. I should really talk to my mom about moving back home…

No. 909281

That stupid fucking hat. She looks ridiculous in it. Why don't you just wear a pointed witch's hat while you're at it, Heather. FFS.

No. 909299

i think heather is convinced that adam is a regular here and all because she blocked him on social media. honey, he's lived with you every day for several years. clearly he's had enough and is blessed to have moved on, unlike you. we are a simpler folk here at lolcow. we have the strength to keep going because we haven't been personally screwed over by you so we just find your antics entertaining

p.s. can i get a shoutout in your next ig story?

No. 909313

Think about this for a moment. Heather has no real life skills, she really learned everything from Adam, Adam's Audi needs Premium fuel, Heather probably assumed that her car needed Premium. Hence why she fueled her Mazda with it. It wont hurt it….just her pocketbook

No. 909436


It's highly likely that either she reads Lolcow herself or gets a relation to do it for her and report back. She loves provoking people by coming out with bullshit then quickly deleting it, in an attempt to cover her ass.
Heather gives off a negative energy (all of her own doing)and fixates on the odd comment she may receive that SHE interprets as "hateful" even if they are just asking a honest question. She exaggerates these comments even if the majority of the comments are harmless or even supportive. This is not rational behaviour. She deliberately incites people and when anybody rightfully calls her out on it, she then makes out she is a victim of MEGA harassment and uses that as an excuse as to why she's moving on to yet another past-time/style etc. She's going through yet ANOTHER phase with the goth/witchy look and then when she's bored and wants to change again, she'll blame it on people giving her a hard time. I always thought she gave off weird vibes in her youtube videos even with the cutesy clothes and pink hair. She has a strange vacant expression behind the eyes. Perhaps its due to her being spoon-fed by those closest to her that she never learnt to mature properly and has a stunted way of thinking. If she thinks dressing the way she does now makes her mature she's sadly mistaken. It's very pitiful really. Most of the so called haters she speaks of are just imaginary people she's conjured up in her head. Her mind is warped.

No. 909439

No shes just crazy and narcissistic

No. 909479

I was reading back through the first thread as a sort of "Heather's year in review" because she keeps yammering about how 2019 was such a year of ~personal growth and discovery~ for her, and from my memory, she's just stagnated in every way that matters, so I wanted to go back and be sure for myself. I noticed the original poster mentioned that Heather said, "when something negative happens in your life, it's just a result of negative energy you're putting out and it's the universe sending you a message that you need to change." What flipped in her brain where once she was all for taking responsibility for her actions and how others perceive her, to how she is now, totally deflective and blaming others for the shortcomings in her life? Who or what convinced her that she is so right about everything and it's everyone else that is the problem?

No. 909538

Her followers constantly tell her that she deserves better, that she's a wonderful person, etc. because they don't actually know her. I think she started to buy into that herself, which is why she constantly seeks validation on Instagram. It makes her feel better about herself, because all the friends she had irl know how shitty she actually is.

No. 909767

File: 1577290082008.jpg (621.19 KB, 1080x2094, 20191225_080746.jpg)

No. 909779

She isn't even "the woman she needed to be" ten years ago. She's a thirty year old bragging about her parttime job and pumping her own gas. I also love how she calls it "her new living space" rather than her mom's house. Because if she got an apartment she'd be spamming it all over instagram.

No. 909812

Is it really your "new living space" if it's your mom's house? And you've been living there since September? It really does sound like she's settling in, I guess mom is just as big of a pushover enabler as expected.

No. 909864

It’s funny that she keeps saying shit like
‘Setting up my new room.’ She really does sound like a teenager. If you’re trying to convince people you moved out on your own, you wouldn’t say ‘my new room’. She’s just giving away that she’s never leaving her mom’s house and she’ll only ever have a bedroom and nothing else. Lololol

No. 909868

She's probably hoping to find another Ryan to move in with. But I don't see that happening anytime soon.

No. 909878

I bet she would love to have a Ryan that will take care of her like how Adam did. The Ryan will be working their arse off all the time while she stays at home, "working" on videos and doing practically nothing. It's clear she wants someone to take of her while she claims to be an "independent woman."

No. 909941

File: 1577336231195.jpg (1.25 MB, 1080x2089, 20191225_205652.jpg)


No. 909942

File: 1577336424635.jpg (639.23 KB, 1080x2084, 20191225_205716.jpg)

And he looks like death warmed over. /nitpick
Oh and stop bragging about doing good for people, it just makes it look like you do it for likes and congratz….oh wait. lol

No. 909952

Ffs she even force fake cackles like a witch…maybe she should work on perfecting that on her next "rare day off"…

No. 909959

My thought is that she'll say this is paying it forward instead of donating $500 like she promised to a woman's shelter.

No. 909962

nitpick but - if you think her cackle is bad, have you heard her fakey "I'm cute" voice? fuck I hate it.

No. 910025

Ugh. Her fake baby voice. It's so bad. It's part of why I never liked Heather, even in her pastel days. She was just so obviously faking it. And occasionally her voice would slip. Usually while complaining about Adam.

No. 910516

File: 1577416844670.png (535.22 KB, 389x758, dumbass.png)

That's called either they're getting close to getting rid of you.. Or you did leave your job and this is your way of saying it until "stalkers found where you worked."

No. 910521

She probably was working seasonly

No. 910560

File: 1577426291885.png (2.61 MB, 828x1792, AC0896D1-2A50-4A58-AB1A-92728B…)

she’s officially in love lol(namefag)

No. 910580

Because this is her first job she's only just now finding out Christmas is peak time for retail. There are no hours to give for the rest of the year, basically her hours are 14 a week which is perfectly normal for a part-time job, and she did Christmas overtime. But is framing it as a surprise, and also throwing some e-begging in there despite living with her mom, who is probably not charging her rent.

No. 910582

The fact she got a job and learned how to drive and be independent is progress, however the narcissistic drama seeking and desire for a constant revolving door of Ryans is less good.

No. 910600

But Heather I thought you were going to burn all of your toys?

No. 910604

She might have gotten hired right before seasonal hiring started, that's how I got my first job long ago. So she may keep her job, but the hours will be shit until the weather starts to warm up and people get their tax returns. Even then it will be part-time hours. Which is why I was surprised she bought all that expensive clothing when she had a car to pay for. She's going to be hurting bad and will need a second job for sure. You shouldn't have burned your online bridges Heather. Try getting your community to support you now.

No. 910608

Oh god. If her hours get cut and she takes on a second job nobody will ever hear the end of it. Even if it's just a few hours a week she'll claim to have two fulltime jobs and work SO hard to "provide for herself." Or mommy will end up paying her car payments too.

No. 910631

It sounds like she literally sees being "in love" as a vital aspect of her life, and if she isn't, she can't truly be "free," whatever the hell she means by that. I've never seen someone over the age of 16 so desperately in need of being attached to someone else.

No. 910632

She has not learned how to be independent at all, she can barely drive her own car places without freaking out and sitting in a parking lot for an hour working up the courage to put it in drive. She's living in her mother's home at the age of 30 and is pretending she's not. Where have you been?

No. 910701

Listen, good on her for "getting her life together " , only because it was forced on you because you were never leaving Adam's place. You got a job and a car, great, all great accomplishments, but you also had a lot of help. Mom took you in, mom co-signed the car, and mom is providing a roof over you head in a beautiful home. Quite frankly, no one gives a shit what she does anymore yet she still puts it out there that people give her shit? I highly doubt it. I highly doubt people are sending her direct messages saying negative stuff about it. What heather has to realize is this, when you put your whole business out there, prepare for people to comment. People were sympathetic of her until her real colors were showing. Stop bitching that "we are holding you back" because we are not, it's your YouTube. make whatever content you want, but when it comes to toys, the people never forget, so you are being forewarned.

No. 910726

File: 1577479486372.jpg (741.83 KB, 1080x2089, 20191227_124413.jpg)

For her 'new living space

No. 910739

No. 910747

She probably applied for a stack of credit cards once she got her seasonal gig and didn't think about the interest payments because they're not spooky.
Don't be surprised if she suddenly sells a bunch of distressed worn Killstar shit by this time next year.

No. 910752

Buying bathroom furnishings for a bathroom she doesn't own, the day after she mentions having her hours cut by 65% and needing to sell things to get by? I smell another GoFundMe-era financial panic.

No. 910779

File: 1577491501613.png (3.83 MB, 750x1334, 111CAB5C-D506-4961-A8F6-D179E6…)

Who is she trying to fool that she doesn’t read this thread?

No. 910794

File: 1577496593773.jpg (608.8 KB, 1080x2088, 20191227_172911.jpg)

Doesn't she always do 'sElF cArE'?

No. 910801

You're not goth trash Heather. You're just trash. Trash is as trash does.

No. 910806


And of course she deleted this already

I don't know why she says stupid shit like this, stop trying to get sympathy out of people.

No. 910908

Or why not just get a second job instead of spunking the collection money which could easily set her up in her own place. The mind boggles..

No. 911000

Because she has no intention of moving out. She'll stay with Mommy for as long as she can.

No. 911121

File: 1577577632883.jpg (644.48 KB, 1080x2097, 20191228_160026.jpg)

Blah blah

No. 911128


how long has change been coming now, Heather?

No. 911129

Shopping is not a "creative avenue" dear.

No. 911194

fucking hell, she uploaded a new rant on ig. can't record, but you can guess that it's the same old broken record about haters, as always. came here to say that i only now noticed she uses face filters because at some point in the video she blinks and ends up having two sets of lashes on one lid lmfao

No. 911196

and obviously she starts to cry at the end, boo hoo, nobody takes her goff phase seqiouswy qwq Heather, dear, take a fucking break from the internet. find a better job, get out more with your spooky new ryan if he's still around, work on your driving skills, etc.- oh but wait, she'll cripple without attention, right right….

No. 911202

The reason why she is ranting is because she will most likely be back to square one and not have a job because it was seasonal. She also doesn't qualify for unemployment so she's left with nothing. Her income was YouTube with the toys and she fucked it up, plain and simple

No. 911205

That’s true. She’s definitely trying to score pity points because everyone “hates me” and I’m just “trying to be me.”

It’s funny how she tries to say she’s not attached to her boyfriend when she posts cringey ass clips on how al up on his nuts she is.

No. 911223


It is pity points. Now she wants to explain the GoFundMe? Now she wants to go back to toy reviews? She needs money, plain and simple, she's pretty much crawling back to the toy community for help to revive her channel and that ship sailed long ago. She's like a crack head, she keeps coming back for more attention, doesn't matter bad a good.

No. 911261

File: 1577618143557.jpg (179.37 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191229-061554_Ins…)

No. 911306

It always is Heather. You just don't learn. Just get offline for a while and sort your life out.

No. 911469

File: 1577667816179.jpg (641.93 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191229-170338_Ins…)

aw shite

No. 911475

Wow I didnt know that was gonna happen!!! Sike
It was coming Lol

No. 911487

I never seen someone go through relationships so bloody quickly.

No. 911512

LOL she was already bragging about how great her life was now that she had everything she wanted including the relationship. How does she even find the ability to immediately post about the "relationship she finally needed" having ended already? Like that shit to any normal person would just be so fucking embarrassing to even post so quickly after.

No. 911518

File: 1577675236100.jpg (849.52 KB, 1080x2087, 20191229_190726.jpg)


No. 911522

Same shit, different day. Get it together and stop being a broken record, Heather.

No. 911534

What a sad sack of shit. Truly independent people dont feel the need for validation or explanation..I agree, it IS embarrassing how little self-respect she has when filling the world in on her personal drama. Ever here of keeping a little mystery about yourself? If you don't want judgment or criticism don't put it out there for all to see! What a total fucking idiot…

No. 911655

Goodbye Ryan no4. We hardly knew ye. But congrats on getting out of there in time. Next will be her asserting her strong independent womanhood for a while. Then it's back to crying about being single until the next Ryan comes along.

No. 911661

Somebody who isn't a toddler at graphic design should make a better version of >>909134

No. 911665

File: 1577709619683.jpeg (742.67 KB, 1311x1668, 1C831701-7197-4FBE-BFE8-E28A8C…)

No. 911666

Was she dating this new guy for even a week? Geez

No. 911673

Didn’t have enough time to do the one I REALLY wanted to do but this one still sums up her cycle with those crazy eyes and that fake smile

No. 911676

It was definitely less than a month, and she was already so in love with him too! Dude got out in record time lol

No. 911704

Thanks Anon! Very nice. I nominate this for the next thread pic.

No. 911731

The guys might stick around longer if you don't declare undying love within the first week/day and post online all about The One

Just dial it back a bit and these guys might stick around for longer.

No. 911751

I doubt she'll ever understand a concept like this, she's too deep into the cycle. She'll be old and gray before she actually realizes why nobody likes her, if she ever realizes. Honestly, reading this thread and taking some advice, or even just looking at herself objectively or learning not to take herself so seriously (actual self reflection, not her compliment-seeking self-deprecation humor), is probably her best chance at improvement, as we are more honest about her than anyone else in her life. But I doubt she'll ever see anything here as constructive. We're just haters to rebel against, just like Ryans will always just be jerks who broke her heart out of evil.

Honestly, I kind of wish I had a thread about me to refer to. It would be a little helpful to my anxiety to have all my toxic traits laid out so that I could fix them more easily instead of wondering if or why I chase people away. It might sting at first to read, but if you're not stubborn about it and don't take the super harsh stuff seriously, there are some really helpful points that people have made.

Unfortunately she doesn't seem like the type for self-growth or self-awareness, and I guess the people that are that type don't get threads made lol.

No. 911786

File: 1577738181632.jpg (724.91 KB, 1080x2093, 20191230_123521.jpg)


No. 911796

she has a car, what is actually stopping her from accomplishing exactly this? Is she retarded?

No. 911798

Well well well….look who went to the storage unit and is getting her white IKEA shelves back to mom's house. It's coming guys, the "goth heather really wasn't me because I was trying to impress boys" rant.

No. 911897

File: 1577760884302.jpg (1.04 MB, 1079x1877, Screenshot_20191230-215441_Ins…)

No. 911899


I rather give my money to someone on ebay then to ever give her a dime. Crawling back for help from the toy community. We all saw this coming. Honestly, she can just fuck off.

No. 911919

I still feel like she's not really gonna sell her toys. Or she's gonna sell basic ones that aren't the ones people actually want, like she did on her depop.

No. 911930

Ain't no one wanna buy her accursed toys? Wow.

No. 911940

File: 1577768410042.png (2.83 MB, 750x1334, 7DE216D2-86E5-4144-BD42-A8A0CF…)

Trying to bait guys.

No. 911941

File: 1577768437428.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, A84903BC-9253-42A4-A08A-66511A…)

No. 911943

She seems to be baiting hard. Can't she just be content with being single for a bit? Or is she only wanting a man so badly so that they can pay for her shit like Adam did?

No. 911949

What trash. So pathetic and insecure she feels the need to show skin for validation. (slut shaming rant otw)
Well here it is.
Bitch you ain't worth shit. You need mental healthcare and really ought to be selling your toys for that. Seriously

No. 911980

Is it me, or is the cycle as seen in >>911665 speeding up with each new Ryan?

No. 911991

Im honestly baffled with her. Is she purposely picking the douchiest ugliest ryans because shes into being treated like shit?? All the ryans she went out with are third rate mens who looks and act like shit, and yet she is constantly whinging on being single. Just how horrible of a person is she that none of this ryan can stand her for just a few months?

No. 912027

Tinfoil, but I think she craves internet attention more than a relationship with a spoopy boi regardless of what she says. So yes, she purposely seeks out trash guys looking for a fling because then she has something to cry about on instagram. She's her own worst enemy.

No. 912053

She definitely loves and craves the attention. I also think she's not really capable of loving herself as she claims to and just seeks for that in relationships. She strikes me as someone with daddy issues so, it makes sense if that is the case.

No. 912080

Here is the thing with heather: any attention, good or bad, is attention to her. She misses people praising her, sending her stuff in the mail, she misses being "loved" by the internet. She was also getting a shit ton of attention during last year with Adam and the whole situation with her and him cheating. Then it continued with her appearance change, then the boys, etc etc. She's been getting attention from the internet for a really long time. For people to not give her the attention she seeks, it's a huge blow for her. Negative attention is good attention for her, even when she claims people are "harassing " her. She makes up shit so people can respond to it. Those pictures she posted, all for attention. I hate to say it but she's an attention seeking whore. All the selfies, half her Instagram pics is her. Photography saved her life…by having people take pictures of you? This shit was entertaining when it first started, but it's become so dry and sad. Sad that heather refuses to listen to anyone and continues to make the same mistakes over and over.

Unless you start selling yourself to a sugar daddy, no man is going to pay their way for you like Adam did. It's a whole new generation of men and guess what? Most women are paying their way for men!! It's become ass backwards but it's been proven.

No. 912147

File: 1577832074081.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x2092, 20191231_143910.jpg)

So shes staying indefinitely at her moms.

No. 912148

Already compiling her hoard list. She doesn't sound nearly as enthausiastic about finding her own place. She really wants to be grav3yardgirl. Without the budget that is.

No. 912407

True. She keeps insisting she's a strong, independent woman yet everything she does contradicts this. A strong independent woman isn't desperate to find a boyfriend, they are happy to be single and enjoy their…..independence lol. She lurves the attention however its backfired big time becasue so many of her former supporters can't stand her high and mighty attitude. She is very self-centred, doesn't genuinely care about anyone else and it shows badly. In her eyes any attractive woman is competition, they can't possibly be her friend, she is so self absorbed and behaves worse than a bratish teenager. I would think any mature fella will avoid her like the plague.

No. 912436

Only heather could paint being a seasonal hire as being a victim

No. 912482

She knew she was a seasonal hire too. When she was a hostess she went out to look for her target job. But apparently it never occurred yo her to do that now. Did she think they would make an exception for her?

No. 912485

File: 1577912678972.jpg (689.57 KB, 1080x2095, 20200101_130435.jpg)

Lmaoo modeling?? Good luck with that lol

No. 912514

Paranormal team? Hah. Setting aside whether or not "paranormal" stuff exists. As >>912407 pointed out, she sees women as competition snd scares off guys. She seems to have been a shitty friend to anyone who's met her.

No. 912726

File: 1577971815344.jpg (207.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200101-171053_Ins…)

Little Miss Psycho_Explores does know how long a decade is…right? I mean who is she fooling (besides herself)? She can't make it through a month without a public breakdown and pathetic oversharing much less a decade…

No. 912741

Everyone turned their backs on you Heather, really? It wasn't that you burned your bridges with all of them, or treated them like shit? Riiiight.

Nothing is going to change for Heather this year because she isn't willing to change, and she really needs to. She's a terrible person.

No. 912784

god I hate this attitude. if everyone around you is "turning their backs" then stop and consider that its probably you who is the problem.

No. 912807

Yeah. It takes a lot for me to decide that someone is just irredeemably bad. But I think you may be right about heather. Whatever is going on with her is really starting to affect her abillity to function and maintain relationships with friends and partners. She seriously needs some form of mental help. I know she won't seek it out, but she really should.

No. 912811

See this is the problem with Heather, she loves herself too much and won't take any responsibility for any wrongs she has done, instead she has to blame everyone else. The same old story. She is in a cycle of destructive behaviour. It isn't the folks here on lolcow she has to worry about, it's clear the intentions of the majority of people on here who simply want her to buck up her ideas and stop being a brat as they don't approve of her awful behaviour. The people she should worry about are the ones who claim to be her biggest fans but who may have an ulterior motive. Those that bolstered her ego by supposedly fawning over her looks, weight-loss and so forth while encouraging her to pursue a completely new direction with her choice of clothes, youtube channel content etc. She is obsessed with the opinions of strangers and as she is so obviously guillible anyone who may have been envious of the fact that she appeared to have a very generous husband (who allowed her to have a WHOLE room deadicated to her hobby)and easy lifestyle will be privately delighted that they have succeeded in helping to distroy not only her reputation and comfy lifestyle but that she is now WORSE off than before. Before she was living in an apartment, had her own collection/filming room and didn't have to work. Now she is working a rather menial, unsecure job, and is living at home with momma and only has one (bed)room to show for it. BRAVO to all those concerned. She'll never learn, she can't trust anyone on social media hence why you don't devulge to much information about your personal life and should take what other peope say with a pinch of salt. If her supposed supporters told her "hey heather you're great, you should strip naked on a live stream and charge people for it" she'd probably do it lol. Apparently it was her fans who encouraged her to launch a gofund me campaign and because she felt she needed convince people that she was truly in dire circumstances decided to do it even though she knew it was a load of bull. Ultimately no one put a gun to her head and forced her to do it, she must take full responsibility but it highlights how naive she is when it comes to the influence of people she doesn't actually know and hide behind the veil of anonymity online but may have ambiguous motives as to why they would actively embolden her to make very (stupid) questionable choices. She loves the attention even when its detrimental to her, she's blind to this. she will never learn and things will never improve while she remains addicted to social media instead of genuinely improving her life away from the internet.

No. 912816

I honestly question how sincere some of the apparent admiring comments are that she receives under some of her youtube videos. When people make negative comments about your other half for example (and they don't really know them at all) it helps to plant the seeds of doubt and paranoia in ones mind. As she is so big-headed it wouldn't have taken much to convince her further that she deserved someone better hence her motivation to sleep with someone else and her subsequent arrogance. I know folks on here have said she's behaved like this before with a previous boyfriend but people encouraging her is just going to make her more delusional than ever and this is very harmful. She needs to distance herself from social media altogether but she shows no inclination to do so. She really has nothing to brag about at all.

No. 912821

I honestly don't think she'll ever quit social media or even take a significant break. It would undoubtedly be the best thing for her. But if she's not being praised on social media and posting pics of herself she's not an "influencer" or " artist." She'll be just a broke lonely retail worker living with mum. And instead of facing that and making changes to improve her life she would rather cling to this fantasy self she's built up.

I honestly don't think that it's just her fans that led to her split from Adam. They never seemed to actually like each other too much. Not much to be jealous of there, being a womanchild stuck in the house.

No. 912826


She's living with her mom that she critized intially by saying she wouldn't let her live there, it would be very hurtful if she knew what her daughter had been saying about her online. She doesn't mention her mom much either does she, like how grateful she is to have such a generous mother who's allowing her to stay at home indefinitely, ungrateful bitch.

I'm not saying the split was just down to her supposed fans but what i'm trying to emphasise is the reality of being influenced too much by people you think are supporting you but actually might want to see you fuck up. You can't trust anyone but she's so naive she can't see this.She has to use her brain and realise she needs to grow up pronto and focus on her life without being guided by strangers who may not have innocent intentions. She's far more likely to listen to those she thinks admire her than those who don't and there will be some people who will take advantage of that.

No. 913005

File: 1578028806656.jpg (705.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200103-001616_Ins…)

So…now she's considering herself an "idol"…and is stealing someone elses delusional rant a.k.a.self-motivation, to make excuses for her shit behavior as a human because she finds it relatable. Makes sense.

No. 913040

File: 1578037928017.jpg (244.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200103-024750_Ins…)

Just more proof she creeps on here vigorously…and is a pathological liar even to HERSELF.

Hi Heather! You pathetic weak ass bitch….(hi cow)

No. 913117

I love how she only picks up on the one piece of "validation" rather than the huge ammount of critisism, both constructive and otherwise.

Hi Heather. Some of us hate you. But some of us are also genuinly worried. Talk to a therapist who can provide a neutral outside perspective and give you the help you need. Because you do need help. You are not thriving. You're being toxic and delusional, and making it impossible to feel sorry for you.(hi heather)

No. 913189

Pfft, idol? Maybe back when everyone thought she was a genuine person who did the whole fairy kei/pastel aesthetic thing people looked up to her but now? No way

No. 913236

This cow is so boring and the only reason she still has a thread at all is because she churns out a ridiculous amount of low-quality bait posts every day.

No. 913393

She's a stage 5 clinger in every aspect of her existence. It's sad, and yes some people might be genuinely concerned, but she's too old to be blaming the world for her issues. She's all about truth and honesty, living as her most "authentic" self, but what she fails to realize is there is NOTHING authentic about her. She's an absolute sham of a human and until she gets a true reality check, like being kicked out of her mom's basement (new room, bathroom, most likely away from her mother and together in the basement), she will never ever get it. It's actually fucked up how she compares herself to people that are honestly struggling and on the streets and have fought for their lives. Its sickening really. She's got no clue what a struggle is. But hey, what goes around comes around. Hope she sees how all that universal prophecy applies to her as well.

No. 913411

I think one of the reasons she goes through men so quickly is because they google her Instagram name and find lolcow - they see proof of who she really is and run for the hills. I mean I am sure there are other reasons but I really feel like this is a big one. sage for no milk.

No. 913462

File: 1578121067576.jpg (423.33 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200104-015422_Ins…)

$100 says this poor soul is the next new Ryan…he lives near her and commented on her latest cry for attention whoring post…

No. 913464

File: 1578121519123.jpg (454.36 KB, 1080x2220, 20200104_020118.jpg)

"This is nothing compared to what's coming next! ;)"

Looks like she's already got her classless "modeling" gig with that gross photographer lined up…urgh…2020 is going to be her rock bottom

wait for it.

No. 913535

Now. I only found out about this place a little while ago. Basically I was following Heather on You Tube for a long time. I liked her. So when she gave out her snap chat I added her. That's when I got really worried for her. Like one night I couldn't sleep genuinely wotried. This was when the whole Adam situation happened.I spoke to her and helped her with some suggestions.
But yes about half a year ago I started an instagram account and recently wanted to reconnect with her with it. My account is private because I like it that way.
I sent her a message commenting on how I really liked a hand mirror she had collected as it wouldn't let me comment. So I wrote her a nice message saying along the lines of 'Hi glad to see you are doing well now after the trouble you had. Ive been busy with life and now have an instagram' Basically being a nice caring person. I was following her for a bit but left when I couldn't comment and had no reply. Then just recently I found out she had blocked me! What the hell and thatsee when I became confused and found this forum.
I'm not that bothered about Heather but I did feel that as someone who genuinely had worried about her and been subscribed to her that I've been treated unfairly. I'm literally a good person. Not malicious at all. It seems that just because my instagram profile was private or something I got thrown in the bin. I'm beginning to realise that she probably jumps to conclusions and blocks alot of others for no reason. She sort of makes people not like her. Wow.(no1curr)

No. 913543

Hello anon. Welcome here. Most of us have a similar story to you.

Just a friendly hint. You don't have to fill in "anonymous" as your name. If you leave that field blank it will automatically list you as "anon."

No. 913625

wow that was a whole lot of text for a whole lot of nothing

No. 914202

File: 1578293104026.jpg (673.12 KB, 1080x2090, 20200105_224505.jpg)

Hayy spoopy boys look at me!!!

No. 914251

God does she purposely look sad so people will “pester” her asking her what’s wrong? Or is she hoping she’ll get a cute boy to message her asking what’s wrong and give her attention? Ffs she’s cringier than a current day middle schooler

No. 914316


Taking those nude pics before bathtime!

No. 914446

It takes a special kind of guy to fall for the "naked and also on the verge of tears" look. What is she going for?

No. 914487

File: 1578352602926.jpg (511.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200106-180702_Ins…)


a.k.a. shit the rest of us mere mortals have been doing since we were kids.


No. 914492

what's she doing here that's supposed to be adulting?

No. 914508

File: 1578354926584.png (540.05 KB, 486x903, Capture.PNG)

So Heather bought a bunch of antique photographs today (who needs to save, right?). Apparently she wanted to treat herself yet again for driving.

>"This is a very special day. I drove here by myself and showed myself that I'm a boss bitch."

How many days in a row can she pat herself on the back and buy herself presents for just driving?

No. 914511

Grocery shopping. That screenshot is from a completely necessary and not at all awkward shot of her legs walking through walmart.

No. 914542

If she wants to look like an adult that’s doing something with their lives, don’t grocery shop at Walmart. It seems like their food is notorious for getting you sick and seems low quality overall

No. 914565

Lol this is the pettiest nitpick of all time. Walmart carries the same brands as any store. The issue is she thinks grocery shopping is "adulting"

No. 914687

In hideous
patent leather boots that belong on a toddler no less…I mean come on, all those pieces of shit #killstar she wears and THOSE are the best she can do on her mega day out driving solo? How's she gonna pick up a spoopy new Ryan at the antique shop that's probably annoyed by her by now, in those things??

No. 914720

File: 1578380115931.png (412.17 KB, 528x966, shehaschanged.png)

guys, you'll never guess what. Heather is going strong. Proving us wrong. She IS Smart guys. Seriously, when will she stop with the constant "I'm such a fighter" phase?

No. 914740

Smart brave people tend to be too busy doing smart brave things to brag about themselves.

Smart, brave, and humble too. Heather really is a catch.

No. 914763

Successful at barely being able to drive on her own at 30, successful at having a 14 hour a week job, successful at living with her mother, successful at ruining all of her friendships and relationships! Heather truly is a woman we should all strive to be like.

No. 914807

Sage for Blogpost incoming.

I haven't been here in a long time and only came back because this chick was rec'd to me on Insta because someone I know followed her and liked a bunch of her posts, and it took me a while to remember where the fuck I'd heard her name previously (BJD). I'm concerned she's going to latch onto him as Ryan #5 even if he doesn't reciprocate.

He usually handles stage 5 clingers by pretty much ghosting so I guess she'll get her spooky boy finally.

I'm also 30 and lagging behind on a lot of things due to pretty major tragedies, so I get why she's so proud of herself for things that seem mundane, but the way she broadcasts every one of them, the crocodile tears in some of her videos, she seems like she's somewhere in the Cluster B realm because she oozes histrionic narcissism.(Blogpost )

No. 914825

File: 1578421231162.png (2.38 MB, 750x1334, 447A7DD8-75FE-40C7-A3EB-047041…)

Waiting for her to cry about whatever video she makes and all the “hate” (constructive criticism) she’ll get.

No. 914826

It irritates me that Heather will ask for ‘opinions’ and ‘suggestions’ and then cry and play victim when people give her exactly what she asked for, just because people are telling her the TRUTH and trying to help her, not just telling her what she wants to hear. All she cares about is attention. Why can’t she just grow up.

No. 914852

Because her stunted emotional growth is rooted in mental illness but apparently even in this “therapy is hip” day and age she’s too prideful to see one. She’s mentioned it in sob story videos about her ex husband but it’s clear she’s not actually seeing one because any therapist worth their salt would tell her she needs to get off social media if it’s allegedly the root of her problems, at least until she’s in a better spot emotionally and mentally. Or she’s just picking and choosing what her alleged therapist tells her, but I still doubt she has one just because she’d probably consider therapy a waste of her hard-earned treat yoself boss bitch dollars.

She wants the haters to go away but she shit on two whole communities and countless real life friends. The only thing that will save her isn’t constantly bringing up criticism by brushing it off as negativity and pretending to be above it while dwelling on it regularly, it’s actually offering a public apology admitting to what she’s done wrong. That’s accountability, that’s growth, not this fucking 2008 MySpace “fuck tha haters!” horseshit.

No. 914996

File: 1578446893275.png (2.1 MB, 750x1334, E4BBC956-388C-4DCE-8EA6-52F001…)

Yet she keeps fucking posting about it. Heather, since you apparently lurk: strong independent women don’t instigate and then pull the victim card when they get called on their shit, they either woman up and admit they made mistakes, or they shut the fuck up and move on. You keep acting like you’re strong and above everything but you’re a narc using the consequences of your actions for false clout.

Strong women don’t talk about how anxious they are doing the most menial acts of independence, they just do it despite the anxiety. I have been in the exact same place as you and yet I don’t put on a performative display and use every tiny milestone as an excuse to spend frivolously. You’re 30, you should be saving for your own place. Your grocery cart was a mess and clear you don’t know how to grocery shop any more than you know what gas to put in your car. Reach out to a local mental health advocacy program that will help you get on SNAP and therapy and possibly help you find an apartment. Learn how to budget.

Strong women also don’t deliberately record a conversation with their ex husband where they’re demanding a divorce and getting upset while their husband sounds frustrated but trying to reason, then blatantly over-act in those videos knowing they’re gonna share them for victim points. They don’t lie about recording those things for legal reasons (it’s been two months, when’s the hearing?) and post them to YouTube with obvious chop-shopping. You were both immature and it’s great you got out but stop acting like you did nothing wrong.

Strong women aren’t constantly putting themselves in the role of victim.

No. 914998

>post them to YouTube
Meant Insta stories. Honestly the amount of stuff she shares in temporary stories and live feeds knowing they’ll self-delete is manipulative as fuck.

No. 915038

Her comedy of errors is what keeps her "haters" from ceasing. Nobody is jealous of her self-absorbed narcissism, but she will never see that because she is a sociopath. She uses people until they no longer serve her needs, makes up bullshit stories to play the VICTIM , then disposes them as she's on to her next prey. She will never stop, never grow up, never get it. Ever. She needs to disappear from any and all social media and call it a day. Period

No. 915105


Why are you saying she's mentally ill? I'm confused. It really seems like everyone's quick to call people who act up mentally ill, when in reality some people are just assholes. I think she's a self-centered brat, from the little I know about her (only briefly looked in on this cow).

Visit a sidewalk in DTLA and see what real mental illness looks like. This girl's just an asshole.

No. 915139

>She uses people until they no longer serve her needs, makes up bullshit stories to play the VICTIM
Yeah that's why I'm worried about my friend. He's local but he's not a graveyard/urban explorer though he'd probably be into that. He doesn't have Tinder afaik. So they must have met locally. I don't think he'd have any interest in being Ryan #5, but he's a MAGNET for Cluster B's like her and at least twice they've caused him immense amounts of stress when he didn't even return their affections.

I'm actually kind of proud she didn't shit-talk Ryan #4? Or did that just not get posted?

Calling it:
>There were conditions to her mom taking her in, but she's putting no effort into abiding them.
>Mom is in a tough spot, can't just kick her daughter out.
>Frivolous spending means she's not saving money to rent an apartment, loses part time job.
>Assumes she'll become a ~Influencer~ and make enough to live on her own, zero comprehension of finances and actual cost of living.
>Things get heated at her mom's, cries about it on social media until a man takes her in.
>Adam, rinse repeat.
>StRoNg InDePeNdAnT wOmAn

Could be why things went so fast with Ryan #4.

Her Urbex vids have less than 3k even after months of being up– not even close to her toy and BJD videos. She would need thousands of overall views per day and a high CTR. Doing the math, it also means her previous claims of making "a couple hundred per month" from Youtube is probably another lie.

At BARE minimum, she'll need at least 1.5k$/mo to keep living in the PGH suburbs, which means to rely on Youtube alone, she'll only be making a portion of what she needs just to survive. You need to be in the top 3% of Youtubers at 2mil views/mo to make a livable income. She could get a roommate, but that would require not being fucking insufferable and routinely burning bridges.

Because I'm studying psychology and she exhibits traits of Cluster B personality disorders, which include ASPD (sociopathy/psychopathy), Borderline, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Histrionic Personality Disorder. Not all mental illness' are in extremes, Anon. By saying DTLA is "what real mental illness looks like" you're purporting that anyone who isn't at that literally-shitting-in-yards-and-screaming level of mental illness is faking, which is counterproductive. A lot of people start off fine, and just spiral, go untreated, possibly get into substance abuse, and it becomes difficult if not impossible to pull them out of that rut. Skid Row has one of the largest homeless populations in the country and homelessness usually exacerbates mental illness, turning some otherwise functional adults nonfunctional.

No. 915173

She's bitching in Insta Stories again. Someone record it and post it pls.

No. 915215

"cleaned up my inner circle"
What inner circle? She wishes she had a tight knit group of friends to speak of lmao.

No. 915226

Your "inner circle" is your mom. And she supports your ass.

No. 915227

Here's her rant.

Exactly what I was thinking. She has no inner circle.

No. 915229

Wild how she does all this Urbex stuff where she risks falling debris, unstable footing, tetanus, asbestos poisoning, lead poisoning, mold, squatters, and more, and has clearly disregarded safety precautions like leaving her filter mask in the car, yet mundane tasks like driving and grocery shopping give her such big panic attacks she has to buy rewards for herself.

No. 915230

haha, but you bring up a good point.

She has to continue that "abused and battered woman" narrative to play into her bullshit and the GFM people she conned.

No. 915239

I agree, but being a part of the urbex community myself I can tell you she's no urbex. Not really. she goes to the same two places over and over and anything else she's been to she's invited herself along. She hasn't traveled outside of an hour drive when people would cart her ass around and I highly doubt she'll be doing anything truly daring or brave on her own. She's a poser and just likes to cling on the coat tails of others that out in the work. She's got no brass about her to do it seriously.

No. 915240

*put in the work

No. 915241

betcha she bought herself a new pair of boots to reward herself for making this "no bullshit" video

No. 915257

Seems she's been a poser in every community she's joined. She just does so much talking and very little doing in anything she tries to do. I wonder how long this new hobby will last before she says that it was just her way of dealing with her divorce and that wasn't her at all.

No. 915262

Yup. The BJD, toy collectors, and pastel communities all hate her because she shat all over them. The goths hate her because she's an obvious poser who claims a music based subculture is "not about the music." Spoopy people don't give a fuck about her because her style and "quirly weird" interests are all extremely cookie cutter, and hundreds of girls on the internet are doing it better than her. And she's quickly fucking and then trashtalking her way through the Urbex community.

I wonder what phase will be the "real Heather" next. For a while I thought beauty influencer, but she seems to have given ip on that.

No. 915285

>I'm actually kind of proud she didn't shit-talk Ryan #4? Or did that just not get posted?

She continued to follow him on Instagram, he unfollowed her though and blocked anyone who was lurking (he posted a story to see who was lurking - smart guy)

Anyway, Heather liked a few of his Instagram pictures after they broke up. And as of today, he is now following her again.

No. 915294

Oh no. Run Ryan number four! You don't want to end up like Ryan number two!

No. 915297

It wasn’t just the bjd, toy and urbex/paranormal/goth communities she tried to join and was supposedly “chased” out of (she burned her bridges). Don’t forget she originally started as a “gamer girl” with her kitty persona and of course was also “chased” out of that community. I’ve been slightly curious seeing her set up her computer in her bedroom at her mom’s house (she has posted images on her IG) because that looks like a gaming station set-up. She can’t seriously be thinking about going to back to the gaming community. I mean it’s been a long time, but if her plan for new YouTube content is going back to gaming videos?? Oh boy…they are going to eat her alive.

No. 915352

She has no stable sense of self. I'd feel sorry for her if she weren't so destructive to the people around her.

No. 915367

I was wondering about the gaming thing too. Didn't she post a picture of herself in a gaming shirt recently? If her part-time job isn't paying well, and she's set up her room at mom's house, it must mean she doesn't have a lot of cash to spare, so streaming on Twitch/Mixer/Youtube or even uploading gameplay to Youtube could be something she is considering. Time will tell I guess.

No. 915372

Thank you vid anon
Your efforts are greatly appreciated

never forget who bought her all of her gaming equipment (and PS4 + games) as seen in earlier videos
hint: it wasn't her

No. 915389

With her hinting at doing some sort of sexier/glamour shots, I wonder if she'd try to move in on pin-up or Gothabilly styles.

No. 915392

Please do NOT give her any ideas I don’t want to see that cringefest. Her making those dead stare faces at the camera looking dumb and confused but her thinking she looks sexy…..no THANK YOU.

No. 915453

Oh god. Burlesque. Please no.

No. 915505

I would NOT pay for these photos if she tried to sell them. The girl needs to learn how to actually model first. Doing that dead stare doll expression won't get you anywhere if you want to become a model. And it's more than standing in front of a camera wearing patterns that clash with one another all because they say KILLSTAR on them.


No. 915563

Nah, those would be too much work for her and require grace she doesn't have. I can see her try to insert herself into BDSM or a fetish community, just because she wears all black and probably thinks she could be a dom because she's a WaRrIoR wOmAn.

No. 915602

Oh dear god no. Though she also strikes me as the DDLG type. What with pretending to be cute and wanting guys to take care of het.

But just because she'd be terrible at burlesque doesn't mean she wouldn't try it.

No. 915604

Yeah, I can also see her being into DDLG.

I don't think she'd try burlesque because it's not "dark" or "edgy" enough. She probably would only go for whatever she thinks Killstar would notice/repost.

No. 915605

File: 1578593244830.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x2086, 20200109_100636.jpg)


No. 915606

File: 1578593296519.jpg (680.42 KB, 1080x2092, 20200109_100626.jpg)

No. 915607

File: 1578593511758.jpg (63.73 KB, 540x960, tumblr_7659482b9384b0db8c83997…)

Was just about to post that one, lol. This one was from last night. Just part of her obsession with being in a relationship, or a hint of something?

Her entire act of being herself is purely for validation, or else she wouldn't talk/post about it so much. Plenty of people are "themselves" and don't talk about it as much as she does. Her interests aren't even this unique. They're not common– yes– but her witchy aesthetic is a dime a dozen, and so is her obsession with antiques, especially in PGH. All those expos she goes to (like the Mothman one) and oddities shops should be indicative of this, but she keeps acting like she's so alone in the world because she's just so ~different~.

>"Fuck you haters! I don't care what you think! I don't have to validate myself to anyone!"
>/proceeds to complain about haters and validate herself
Like clockwork.

A majority of these awkward, internet-dwelling girls who do burlesque have no idea what they're doing. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets into it, but I also don't think it'll be her thing, especially since she'd probably feel any type of sex work will just chase "boys" away.

Or a buttplug with her face printed on it since she likes being up her own ass so much.

No. 915608

File: 1578593640899.png (680.41 KB, 750x1334, 4002F36B-F9BC-41C0-A021-D56EE9…)

She posted part 2.

No. 915624

And of course, she deleted them. Why even post that bullshit if shes gonna delete anyway? Lol

No. 915656

File: 1578602016330.png (4.31 MB, 750x1334, 5E617267-62D7-4C5E-958F-CAD864…)

Which one of her gaggle of Ryan’s is she vaguing about.

No. 915660

LOL, bull-fucking-shit, Heather. How many times did she state she finally "her true self" after dying her hair like a rainbow while wearing those pastel clothes?

No. 915665

File: 1578604172476.jpeg (388.57 KB, 750x1044, FD7BB9AA-B9A5-4DA2-B93A-A2D556…)

The hashtag is already removed. She wants to be a Killstar model so bad, but ether would never want someone with her reputation.

No. 915671

If she truly wanted to be left alone, she wouldn't POST 20 TIMES A DAY. She doesn't want to be left alone, she wants to go back to being praised by the internet instead of laughed at. She made her bed and is whining about having to lie in it.

No. 915674

>but ether
*But they. my phone's autocorrect like to be weird sometimes.

She likes the asspats she gets every time she has a breakdown, no matter how big or small. Her entire existence is "validate me!", and she'll get that from those posts and then delete them. Imagine what her Insta would look like if all these text posts and videos were on her feed instead of her stories, and she never deleted anything.

No. 915689


someone suggested once that she posts controversial stories and then deletes them so quickly, and then checks this thread, as a way of narrowing down which of her followers update here. I personally can't imagine she would think to do that on her own, but I expect she read that post here and it might be something she thinks about when deleting.

it's also that she's a drama queen and loves to post inflammatory shit, delete, and play victim. it's just sometimes she sounds so baitingly shitty a person that you have to wonder.

No. 915695

I feel like the “narrowing down followers” theory is too clever for her. She doesn’t seem to be the calculated type, just the reactionary type. She’s wildly unstable as you can see in some of her videos where she goes from calm, to passionate fuck-laden rant, to calm, to on the verge of tears— rinse repeat. She probably just has a sudden burst of anger, posts, calms down, panics, and deletes.

No. 915870


I feel like it is too, but it's entirely possible she read it here and took it into consideration. sometimes I wonder if we're training the cows lol

No. 915933

Maybe. Though I find it telling that she picked up on that, but not the relationship between her behaviour and the reactions she gets. Or her Ryan cycle. Typical Heather.

No. 916201

File: 1578708558891.jpg (594.79 KB, 1080x2092, 20200110_180855.jpg)

Seems she never had lips lol/nitpick
Also, sad face lol

No. 916263

File: 1578719164131.png (Spoiler Image, 3.38 MB, 750x1334, 03E548D8-FF31-4C4F-8B99-FDA5D3…)

She posted blood from a small cut around her leg and then ended the series bitching about how “I’m sure someone will take this as a negative thing, if you’re offended by blood than don’t fuckin follow me”. People cut themselves when shaving, Heather. No1curr. Did you just start growing hair? It’s okay honey, but soon you’ll start bleeding from places, please don’t post videos of that.

Also the only people I know who are “offended” by blood aren’t offended by it, but actually triggered by it, so good job shitting on people with a legitimate phobia or trauma just because you can’t stop being hung up on your “h8rz” despite claiming otherwise.

No. 916291

Heather, no one wants to see your nasty feet either, FFS.

No. 916303

Yep, this bothered me as well. The second I saw it, I thought to myself she should have given a warning about what she was going to show. Some people pass out at the sight of blood, and I'm sure seeing it on a screen can cause that happen too. She wants people to consider her feelings and thoughts, but she can't do the same for others. I'm honestly surprised she still has supporters at all.

No. 916403


Why does she keep acting like she didn't do anything?? Like everyone just turned on her out of nowhere??
Does she really believe that? Is she that delusional? Jfc she keeps trying to change the story. As is the pastel/toy community didn't send her things all the time and welcome her with open arms.

No. 916502

Stuff like this makes me question if she is legitimately mentally challenged?

No. 916537

Partly kidding herself. Partly to rope in new people who just come across her channel I think. Bear in mind that quite a few people only follow her on youtube, and have no idea about her frequent instagram meltdowns. For someone just casually watching some of her videos without any context it might generate sympathy.

No. 916599

Bahahhaa seriously…her feet are so fucking ugly…ugh gross(autism)

No. 916882

Sorry if this was brought up already I'm kinda new here.

Is she thinking she can just keep her old channel and thousands of subscribers and change the content? Isn't the new YouTube rule (the whole kid content stuff) going to affect her? She can't do that, right?

No. 916932

Probably not. Though to be fair the actual enforcement of the new policy isn't clear yet. Maybe she can get away with putting a disclaimer on her videos. Knowing Heather, she will certainly try it. And then play the victim if it backfires on her.

No. 917091

File: 1578871693109.jpg (807.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200112-152753_Ins…)

holy fuck

No. 917111

File: 1578873245495.jpg (20.56 KB, 400x300, crazy-eyes.jpg)

No. 917118

Any Ryans out there with a ventriloquist dummy fetish? Because we have a girl for you!

No. 917218

Help! help i'm scared

No. 917219

ugh sorry ppl, forgot sage
Was too frightened, I guess

No. 917221

File: 1578883068811.jpg (159.25 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20200112-183712_Chr…)


She finna burst a blood vessel

No. 917226

She looks like a goosebumps villian.

No. 917237

so I've been sitting on this a while waiting to see if someone else would be the one to post it, and I'm starting to wonder if I'm doing sort of a disservice not sharing it. I recorded most of the live that julietthepastelprincess did, but I didn't know whether I felt right posting it since she really opens up and goes to some vulnerable places. But I am thinking it sheds a lot of light on Heather's character.

I really like Juliet, and she doesn't come off badly or petty at all, just hurt (maybe that's why I feel bad, my heart goes out to her). She acknowledges during the live that she knows it will probably be recorded and posted somewhere and wanted to go live anyway, she even left it up afterwards. (I felt a little guilty when she said that, it was in response to someone confessing that they'd been recording but had changed their mind about sharing.)

I don't know, do you guys feel it would be inappropriate to post? She wanted to go public with it… I feel like it's disrespectful to Juliet in some sense but in another it's respectful to her story.

Maybe someone who also caught the live could weigh in? I don't know if it's dumb to ask, but there seems to be a good amount of empathy and sensibility in this thread.

No. 917245

And she want to model more, yikes.

No. 917246


No. 917247

Having caught the live I found myself being uncomfortable seeing Juliet so hurt and emotional. She seemed so vulnerable and anxious and you could tell it was hurting her having to recount everything heather pt her through.

But I can also see why her account is important in shedding a light on who Heather is and how she uses and then disposes of people. Would it be possible to just upload the audio of the live and not the actual footage?

No. 917248

Tinfoil maybe. But we know Heather lurks here. It's entirely possible that if you do post it here she'll see it and feel compelled to respond somehow. She's quite impulsive and might trashtalk Juliet.

No. 917251

You could upload it and just delete the video if you change your mind

No. 917265

I missed it and always wanted to watch/hear it. Even if it was just the audio of it, that would be fine.

No. 917270

I’m beginning to feel like she has another Ryan based on some of her postings. Is anyone else getting that impression?

No. 917282

I personally wouldn't post the juliet video. Its over and done with. No reason to post old shit.

No. 917283

She's having another stories meltdown.

No. 917287

Ever since she went back to her "old roots" she's had more meltdowns then when she was with adam during her pastel life.

No. 917295

File: 1578897473165.jpg (36.24 KB, 551x982, heather's 312th meltdown of 20…)


>one last YouTube vidyo

>harassed by the internet
>my abusive ex is the ringleader
>escaped my abuser
>not gonna invalidate meee
>my abuser who I escaped
>I love work because I can stay away from the internet
>learning life skills
>my small circle of friends
>some of you who follow meee think I'm fuckin hilarious
>escaped my abuser
>my really good friend Craig, who is my ex
>fuckin harassing my friends and exes
>helped me escape my abuser
>I am banishing the negativity

Same old same old

No. 917296

>my really good friend Craig, who is my ex

He will forever be Ryan #4

No. 917297

She is so dramatic. In her stories she's vowed to not come back to YouTube because she can't. Everyone hates her. Everyone has told her to kill herself. Everyone wants her to live a lonely existence.

Who is this everyone? I haven't heard a single person wish any of those things…

She has fixable problems if she would just fix them. She's too busy making this false dialog of the world being against her vs figuring out she is the common denominator in all the problems. At some point she needs to stop and address the issues in her life or she will end up married to another Adam.

No. 917298

I love how she finds anyway to throw blame onto Adam even though he's been "out of the picture" for awhile now and doing his own thing and keeping to himself. But nah, she's gotta keep bringing Adam up and how he's in charge of the lolcow thread.

Also she always says that Adam "abused" her but as she ever said how? Or was that video she posted a month or so ago suppose to be the proof of him abusing her? Because it sounds like she's over acting tears while he's trying to talk to her like an adult.

But yeah I want to see these people/person who is doing these death threats because there's none that exist here. Unless every comment = a death threat in her eyes?

Also she's very wishy-washy (or whatever the term is) on wanting to do youtube again and saying she'll never do it again. FFS do what makes you happy Heather. Keep doing YT if you want to, if you don't want to, stop hyping your fans up only to disappoint them.

No. 917299


if she says loves work because she can stay away from the internet, does she not see that maybe she should unplug?

No. 917306

If people were sending her "death threats " or telling her to "kill herself" she would of posted those messages/users on her stories.

But since they don't actually exist, she can't.

She's trying to stay relevant so she has to make up shit.

No. 917317


She's just so damn obtuse. Stop ignoring the real reasons people are turning on you, Heather.

No. 917329

File: 1578908121553.jpeg (161.71 KB, 750x1014, 1EA08E91-8D9C-4E88-95E3-634506…)

Is she just gonna conveniently forget when she coerced a Tinder guy to take her to stalk a man she may or may not have ever been dating, to his job, so she could take photos/videos of him where he couldn’t say no? Because I’m pretty sure people dislike her for shit like that more than they dislike her for changing her style.

Honestly I know it’s cow tipping, but in the age of cancel/callout culture, why doesn’t anyone gather all these things and put them on blast?

No. 917371

Oh ffs. Just make a new channel already. But she would never do that. She's salty she can't have her cake and eat it too. She wants to upload to her current channel and benefit from the subs that are already there bc she knows her urbex spooky bullshit won't get those kinds of numbers she needs on a new channel. If making videos and her hobbies are such big passions, then it shouldn't be about the money. Start from the bottom and be humble Heather.

No. 917380


She just can’t accept the fact that Adam moved on and couldn’t care less about her anymore, can she? She continues to blame him for everything because she, the real abuser, no longer has control over him. She can’t stand to see him happy with someone else, can she? Who does she think she’s honestly fooling with this whole ‘I escaped my abuser’ bullshit? Does she think people don’t know she’s lying? How long was he trying to get her to leave and stop digging him deeper into a financial rut? If she was in such ‘danger’ with him, why did she continue living with him when she had plenty of opportunities to ‘escape?’ Is she trying to convince her ‘fans’ or herself?

No. 917383

When I was still friends with Heather, Adam didn't try at all to make me hate her or manipulate me in any way. During one of their fall outs, he tried to get me to speak some sense into her because, in his words "she considers you a really good friend", and she didn't want to hear it. Instead of being an adult and talking with me, she blocked me and we never spoke again. It's been almost 2 years now since that happened.

ngl, I have no idea who these friends are that she could be talking about. At least when I was friends with her, she claimed she didn't have very many people she talked to.

Drinking game! Take a shot every time Heather says abuser, validate, independent, "build a life for myself", "everyone fucking hates me".

No. 917386


I'm sure like most relationships, they had their ups and downs. But in no way shape or form was she "in fear" for her life or safety. She is the type to post EVERYTHING. Has she ever posted marks or bruises on herself? Has she ever posted any messages from adam saying he is going to hurt her? No. In fact, she was living a good life living job free, having a man pay for everything. She didn't realize how good she had it until reality hit her in the face.

Let's face it, her youtube channel is dead unless she goes back to that lifestyle of collecting toys and kawaii shit.

Remember about 2 weeks ago she said she was going to post her toy sale? She hasn't. And the reason why? She is 100% thinking of going back to youtube to get money again for her toys. She keeps procrastinating. If she was so "done" with that lifestyle those toys would of been sold over a year ago.

Her job cut her hours, she has no degree or background in anything except YouTube. Her YouTube channel was known for her toys but she fucked that up with the community. So what is left for her to do? She shot herself in the leg and she's regretting it.

If she is so into death and all this shit, she should work in the morgue or be an undertaker.

No. 917389

Now that you mention Adam, wouldn’t be surprised if she keeps blaming him because she lost her case against him and thought she would get some kind of compensation out of it and now is really fucked.

No. 917391


Is the divorce even finalized? I would assume no, I feel like she is the type to drag it out because of spite.

No. 917400

True. I can see her dragging it out as well and crying about it. It’s probably not going well for her, because I doubt she has enough evidence to depict abuse.

No. 917401

Surprise, surprise, she deleted the meltdown already.

His Insta is set to private now.

She was comfortable in her pastel life because people actually enjoyed her and it was a good community. She only made all these changes for Ryan2, and kept trying to validate them because she knew deep down she wasn't being genuine. She keeps sharing the same HS photos no one asked for claiming "This is the real me!" as if everyone who ever had a goth phase in High School is supposed to go back to that or else they're being inauthentic.

She wasted all that time and energy trying to self-validate over a man who, in the end, didn't want her at all and she burned that bridge for good by refusing to be satisfied with a friendship.

She's miserable as she is because all her actions over the past year have alienated anyone and everyone, but instead of being the 30yo "woman" she claims to be and admitting she fucked up and she's sorry, she continues to be a child and have emotional breakdowns spouting the same old nonsense.

No. 917410

okay white knight, adam is literally insane though. go read the first thread again, look at the tweets he typed with his own hands. he wasn’t some perfect uwu amazing supportive husbando. he was a fat neckbeard control freak.

No. 917412

Agreed Adam was a huge dick. That does not negate all the bullshit Heather pulls in any way. But lets not pretend Adam is some noble suffering martyr. Him being a controlling toxic piece of shit and her being a toxic abusive harpey can both be true at the same time.

No. 917414

exactly, some anons need to recognize this.

No. 917433

But what I want to know, is that his true personality, or is that what he became because of heather? I mean if he was really a controlling dick, wouldn’t you think he’d be single again? Wouldn’t ‘new girlfriend’ (still don’t know anything about her/but also don’t truly care) have run for the hills already?

No. 917436

*just asking questions, not defending anyone. I just want to explore every possibility because I don’t like to wink to heathers level and assume things about a person if I don’t know all the facts.

Sage because this isn’t really relevant

No. 917440

>Wouldn’t ‘new girlfriend’ have run for the hills already?
Lol how old are you, anon? Just because a person has a gf/bf, doesn't mean they're a good partner.

>I don’t like to wink to heathers level and assume things

Read past threads. Even then, all we can do is speculate. This thread isn't on Adam, so obviously we don't have the objective, full 100% real facts on Adam. Or on Heather for that matter.

Playing the devil's advocate isn't always useful, anon. Sometimes it's a waste of time.

No. 917449

Honestly the way I interpret it from everything I’ve seen and read it sounds like she’s always been codependent so Adam just rolled with it and never pushed her to learn how to function as an adult. Adam and Damian both seemed stunted in many ways. No stable, level-headed grown man will want Heather and all her insecurities and instability regardless of her hobbies and fashion choices. It sounds like she latched onto Ryan1 and began trashing Adam and Ryan1 saw two fucked up married adults and tried to help them both out, and they threw him under the bus for it. That became the catalyst for everything else and Adam, being just as much of a stunted mess, started making shit decisions too. Like I feel the only reason they stayed around each other so long after things went to shit was because they still loved and cared for each other but they were both too far up their own asses to take accountability for anything. I don’t think Adam was as controlling as she claims especially because it’s patently obvious her accusations of him not letting her leave the house contradict past claims. I think she was a NEET and he enabled it but once she started collecting Ryan’s she needed to make excuses as to why she was almost 30 and codependent, so she created this narrative of “oh he controlled me” instead of just admitting she was fine staying at home and not doing anything with her life while living off his dime.

There’s some business in past threads about both Adams new girl and Damian making posts here and her being an insufferable cunt, but I personally take things like that with a grain of salt because it could just be some troll trying to shake up the thread.

No. 917455

sage your shit, that’s not how real life works. if it was, nobody would ever bother with Jonny Craig (from the taylor nicole dean thread if ur unfamiliar) and yet no matter what he always has a girlfriend despite everyone knowing he’s a rapist. someone getting into a relationship doesn’t suddenly mean they’re a good person.

No. 917462

File: 1578936353615.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, E7A8CA04-2936-448D-B293-E3B42B…)

Heather “I broadcast my entire life on the internet where things are permanently etched and proof is irrefutable, but everyone is just lying” Steele.

No. 917505

Having a partner doesn't mean that you aren't a dick. If it were, nobody would be in an abusive relationship. Lots of people stay in relationships with nasty people even if they are able to leave. They do so out of fear, guilt, or simply because their partner is highly manipulativr. Best case, Adam was a dick before and has changed his ways. Worst case, he is lovebombing his current girlfriend. And there's a whole spectrum of possibillities in between.

Also, nobody can "make" someone a controlling dick. Being controlling is not a good, healthy response to a good relationship. It is not a matter of self-defense, either physically or emotionally. Just because someone is shitty for you, doesn't mean that makes fucked up behaviour justified. It is everyone's responsebillity not to let their pain turn into wanting to hurt or control other people.

Sorry for lengthy post and blogposting. But the argument that "you make me act this way" is an excuse often used by abusers to get their partners to stay. And mirrorring that sentiment is not helpful. I know you weren't trying to be mean, but >>917440 is right. It's not aslways good or justfied to play devil's advocate.

And not trying to WK for Heathet. Obviously she's a shitty terrible person. And her lying about abuse only makes it harder for real abuse victims to be believed.

No. 917514

All this talk about Adam and rehashing the debate about his actions, I looked up his Insta and it looks like he’s either engaged or married again, as of July.

No. 917521


Thanks so much for your input guys, I really appreciate how level headed this thread is. I decided to
upload the video but I blocked Juliet's face, I am thinking if she thought it important enough to share and leave online it should be included in Heather's story. Especially since she addressed being posted and iirc said it doesn't bother her anymore. That being said, she deserves to not have her face blasted all over someone else's thread. She is such a brave soul and I really admire her for speaking up and standing her ground, and for what a pure heart she seems to have. I will feel really bad if she starts getting shit for it, I can only hope any mutual followers can discern that she is most definitely the victim here.

I firmly believe it's important to not be afraid to call people out on their shit, and it's hard not to follow that.


Sorry for the audio quality, you'll have to turn it way up, maybe headphones.

No. 917535


Sage for no milk
A lot of people just put a date in their bio to symbolize an anniversary (even just dating) but who knows

No. 917537

He moves fast! That's not super healthy. But if he is married again that means the divorce from heather is finalised.

Thanks for posting anon. I agree that juliette seems like a lovely person, and deserves to be heard. I hope she leaves all this nastiness with Heather far behind her.

No. 917554

It has a wedding/engagement ring next to it.

No. 917585

Ive seen people do that just when they’re taken. Doesn’t always truly mean engaged.

But leave it to Heather to make a rant and delete it. She can never just let it be and leave up her rants for the whole 24 hour. If she wants to rant, journals exist. But she won’t be coddled by Fans for writing a journal entry that won’t be posted.

I can’t see how someone can post so much of their fucking life to the internet. Surprised she never did something stupid and mention her SSN online. Kek

No. 917611

I mean hey we could just figure it out instead of making assumptions.

No. 917619

JFC, Heather. This is NOT how you smile with your fucking eyes!

No. 917623

Non-stop crocodile tears. Fuck off, Heather.

No. 917625

Her friends? Her mom, sister…possibly a cat.

No. 917696

Reposting link for the person up top so that it's embedded.

No. 917713

Nah you guys are right. Plus thinking back, Heather was forced out in October, so we would have heard if Adam and the other girl were engaged. I guess the emoji just threw me off and I really didn't think about it.

There's such a contrast between her demeanor and Heather's. She's so genuine and lacks that kind of conceited attitude Heather has. She's not trying to prove herself like Heather is constantly, she's just giving her take on things even if it means saying things she did that weren't in the best taste, or admitting why she made bad choices but not for the sake of justifying those things.

You can tell how nervous she is saying some things because she genuinely feels guilty and anxious about them. When she talks about third-wheeling a date, she's not getting snippy and indignant like she's trying to prove something. She gets upset a lot towards the end but grunts and calms herself, rather than letting her emotions fly all over the place like Heather. She's a victim of Heather's but she avoids saying Heather's name so many times. Heather doesn't seem to give one ounce of a fuck about name-dropping.

Heather never comes off as an actual victim because she's as bad an actress as she is a liar.

No. 917755

Re-watching this is really getting me heated. Anyone who even thinks of supporting Heather needs to watch this and then they can decide if she's truly worthy of defense. You can tell from Juliet's voice just how much Heather hurt her.

What I wouldn't give to be face-to-face with Heather and have her address this. I feel like the only way Heather can deal with her own shitty behavior and personality is to completely ignore it, which the nature of social media allows her to do. She can just delete it and pretend it never happened, right? "Who cares that everything on the internet is permanent and people are actively recording and screenshotting what I'm doing and talking about it! If I delete it, I can't see it, so it's not real, right? And then I can just say everyone is taking me out of context and is just looking for reasons to hate me? Lalalalalaaa, I can't hear you!!!"

Until she gets fully cancelled like an anon mentioned earlier, she can just waltz through life burning everything and everyone in her wake with zero consequences. I'm not saying we should cowtip, but boy do I hope she gets held accountable.

No. 917757

She wasn’t forced out she left in a cry baby fit of rage and it was late August I believe.

No. 917765


That is correct, she left because adam had his girlfriend over. How dare he! Seeing she was already dating 3 different guys at that point. She's allowed to move on but not adam. Narcissists at its finest.

No. 917777

Her life was also threatened! lol
She claimed adam’s gf being there was “endangering her life” or something along those lines.

No. 917807

Her life was ‘endangered’ because she knew she didn’t have control over him anymore and couldn’t continue using him to get her stuff. Her cushy comfy life was in danger because she had to get a job and be an adult, but she was never in any physical danger. It’s honest to god laughable.

No. 918034

The sad thing is, a lot of people in the toy community still follow her after that live. I'm a part of that community and we still have 30+ mutual friends. I really don't understand how they all didn't drop her after that. Her Instagram isn't even interesting, it's just pictures of herself in "spooky" places and then stories of her fake crying and being upset over the same things.

No. 918048

We're watching the trainwreck, not supporting her.

No. 918054

Probably keeping an eye on when and if she's selling her collection.

No. 918057


Both of these.

No. 918058

I'm part of the instagram lurker group, and there's no way in hell I'm becoming one of her financial enablers. Any toy collectors that buy her toys off of her are just as gullible as the GFM donators. If you disapprove of her adult baby behavior, don't financially support it. The toys will come up on the market again, and you just know Heather's gonna mark hers up stupid high.

No. 918096

That's reassuring. We all know she's never going to sell those toys, though.

No. 918124

Maybe she's realised that selling them will diminish her audience.

No. 918130

I first heard of Heather from the BJD community back in the day and part of the reason she got so much hate there was for flaking on sales, so it might not even be that she's holding onto them to start up YT again, it's probably just that she can't manage even the basic executive functioning to list, sell, and ship them.

No. 918135

I don't doubt that this is the reason. Heather just seems like a supremely unmotivated person with no sense of urgency. The fact that she changes her mind about YouTube and the toys about 400 times a day leads me to believe that they're just going to rot in that expensive storage unit until something finally kicks her out of neutral. She won't sell them of her own accord, she'll have to be forced.

No. 918136

That won't happen unles her mom kicks her out. Which seems unlikely.

No. 918207

I also heard of Heather because of her BJDs. I think it's more than that though, I heard a doll wig maker closed her shop down cuz of heather. I'm not sure of the details. Also, when she didnt like a bjd she had, she gave it to Adam. But when he started customizing it, Heather wanted it back. And that's when people started disliking her more. And there were tons of Confession posts about her on tumblr. But I think that was covered before.

No. 918519

File: 1579100567663.png (439.77 KB, 750x1334, A45BE49C-9E1F-48B8-8CD2-9A1DA5…)

Tinfoil there’s probably a new Ryan.

No. 918561

Oh crap. Ryan no5 here we go.
We should take bets on how long he lasts. I call three weeks.

No. 918584

I'll bet one of my starcastles that he doesn't even last long enough to get dragged on a cemetery photo shoot.

No. 918589

I bet he lasts one streamed clip where he looks awkward and uncomfortable, and she's sucking on his face.

No. 918638

3 weeks is pretty generous, spoopy Ryan No.4 didn't last 2 weeks. Speaking of, his insta is back to public. He's just as mentally unstable as she is lol.

No. 918650

File: 1579119705958.jpg (514.58 KB, 1080x2086, 20200115_122156.jpg)

Ryan #4 gave her a bday gift

No. 918652

File: 1579119754204.jpg (910.08 KB, 1080x2093, 20200115_122146.jpg)

No. 918680


I don't understand their relationship. What were they before the whirlwind 2 week relationship? Why does he keep making his insta public and private back and forth? All it is is graveyards who cares? and why is he mailing a gift instead of giving it to her in person? they clearly have met.

No. 918686

His taste in women is as bad as his taste in jewelry. Classy choice Ryan no4.

No. 918725

Maybe he's trying to stay on her good side because he doesn't want to deal with the fallout of Heather smearing him?

No. 918828

It's clear he ordered this through a website and someone else wrote that message that he typed in to the computer.

Also fun tinfoil I thought of, there is no Craig. It's just Heather buying shit and making it seem like someone else is buying her stuff. topkek

No. 918870

he probably bought it for her when they were still dating and had to get rid of it so sent it anyway.

No. 918901

So I don't follow Heather at all on Instagram, never liked/commented on her photos, never viewed her stories etc. Yet for some reason she blocked me, and I know she blocked me because I can see her posts if I'm not logged in. It's just really bizarre for her to block my toy collecting account out of nowhere.

No. 918951


this was me once lol. started dating someone when her birthday was coming up so I felt obligated to get her a gift, but by the time it arrived and her birthday rolled around I had decided to break it off. she wanted to have one last talk about it so I gave it to her then because I didn't want to hanging around making me feel like a bastard.

I bet that's what it is.

No. 919034

File: 1579173196758.png (3.53 MB, 750x1334, B0AE200E-F2D0-49CC-BAD4-FD027D…)

I’m confused. Does she think someone stole this carousel pony purely because of her? Like someone who happened to be local went out of their way to go find and take him from wherever he was just to stick it to her? She doesn’t need a Ryan 5, there’s only enough room in her bed for herself and her ego.

No. 919073

Oh Heather. You fucking narcissist. Ever imagine it might not be about you for once?

No. 919129

Of course not, the world revolves around Heather.

No. 919359

File: 1579222759610.png (832.72 KB, 536x988, dumped.png)

So she was wearing her fangs when Ryan 3 dumped her? Cringe.

No. 919391

Oh honey…

I'm pretty sure "she showed up to our date dressed like a toddler, but wearing shitty plastic vampire fangs" is the kind of dating horror story you tell your friends about years later.

No. 919494

File: 1579239990299.png (722.34 KB, 750x1334, 8475CCA7-B38E-425A-B7D9-D22E35…)

I’m 99% sure they were never dating. Everything I’ve gathered seems like he never wanted her. She just took any little sign of friendliness as a sign of interest, rewrote herself to appeal to him, aggressively and performatively tried to justify the changes, then after months of social media and real life stalking he met up with her to let her down easy so she’d stop obsessing, but she didn’t want that, she wanted his approval and validation through reciprocation of feelings and essentially put him on a pedestal. When it was clear she wasn’t gonna get that, she had a meltdown on social media and dragged him through the mud, implicating him in the same way she’s done to everyone else who doesn’t give her exactly what she wants.


No, Heather, you’re a laughing stock because you’re so up your own ass you might as well be a human Klein bottle.

No. 919504

I wouldn't be surprised if she made that account to act like people are making accounts to "stalk her." And even if someone did, their name wouldn't be a bunch of jibberish because that would be "too suspicious" and look like a weird bot account.

No. 919842

File: 1579301198549.jpg (802.78 KB, 1080x2084, 20200117_144553.jpg)

Such a narc, she got prints done and of course, she got pics of herself. She wants to hang them on the wall over her bed. Smh

No. 919854

Over her bed?! Normal people don't typically put up photos of themselves alone. Especially over their bed. She is certifiable

No. 919887

That picture is terrifying. Attack of the 50ft narcissist.

Seriously though, putting up pictures of just yourself, rather than pics of you and friends etc, is super weird.

No. 919985

Who else has pictures of themselves all over their walls? I’m telling you…she is a wannabe Trisha Paytas.

No. 919993

File: 1579321417739.jpg (551.59 KB, 1080x2086, 20200117_202331.jpg)

Funny you should say that…..

No. 920112

File: 1579369585189.png (12.08 MB, 2700x2700, heather_.png)

No. 920137

No. 920173

I screamed, lmaoo!!!

No. 920230

This is awesome I almost did a spit take when I saw this. Good job Anon

No. 920269

I nominate this to be the picture for the next thread!

No. 920282

that top left pic - woof.

I also nominate this for the next thread pic

No. 920339

this is the ugliest thing i have ever seen in my life

No. 920341

Absolutely. This is great!

No. 920371


Literally the funniest shit I've seen by far with the heather memes lol

No. 920391

>Latest Insta story
It infuriates me that she’s basically lying about her past 2 years to turn it into an inspirational story. I think I’d feel like she’s actually changed if she wasn’t trying to spin the story to sweep all her own mistakes under the rug. She hurt a lot of people too and I can’t imagine being one of those people and watching her say things like “Well these things weren’t meant for me uwu.” I wasn’t even one of the people she cut out or part of the toy community she kept throwing under the bus and it feels like a slap in the face for her to be spinning the story like she was the victim of everything and never did any wrong.

No. 920399

Doublepost but it also sounds like she's not deleting YT after all and wants to come back to be a motivational Youtuber.

She'd be more of an inspiration story if she'd be authentic. This all just seems like another case of Heather trying to craft a likable persona for validation while not actually being true to herself.

No. 920420

In true Heather fashion, she deleted said story already. What was she saying?

No. 920428

Another example of Heather invalidating innocent people who have done nothing to her. Her and her ex boyfriend are paranoid! Not everyone is a villian. Heather doesn't like being invalidated one bit but she sure as hell likes to invalidate innocent people with her paranoia.
I'm sure she still has him under her little 'histrionic narcissistic' thumb. He's probably hoping to get back with her but he's narcissistic supply until she gets a new man in her life. She dumped him because she's 'tired' of graveyards.
That's Heather. Isolate. Use. Dispose. She's still hung up on the Ryan with the 'Blue eyes' who didn't stay around long enough to be used.
She's angry and picking on the wrong people. A lot of people just follow. Your an enemy if you don't lick her ass. She's making more people, who didn't even give a shit about her or in fact even supported her, dislike her by the day. Feeding off drama by creating it. It's all her being the victim despite the trail of used and invalidated victims of her own that she leaves in her wake.

No. 920453

Haha, also missing #raredayoff, but considering her hours were cut I suppose everyday is a rare day off for her.

No. 920464


Yeah we stopped hearing about the rareness of that, full stop. I wonder if she's going to bother getting another job? If she's living with her mother and spending a $200 paycheck on non-essentials every month while eating someone else's food, she could survive a pretty long time on even those hours I think, and have lots of time to work on her failed internet personality.

Hang on… is her mother the new Adam? She walked herself out of one situation where she was being taken care of, to another. Wonder if we'll start hearing about abuse as Mom gets sick of her shit.

She'll not grow up, I'm thinking.

No. 920484

File: 1579459922569.png (3.5 MB, 1512x1512, heather2_electricboogaloo.png)

Her mother was the original Adam.
She lived at home before moving in with him.

No. 920488

Didn't she live with another guy before adam? She has already lobbed accusations at her mom, like claiming she couldn't stay there because she voted for Clinton.

No. 920491

She mentioned in one of her earlier BJD videos (filmed in her old room) that she was going to be “moving out with her fiance.”

No. 920499

She lived with a guy in California back when she was a gamer. He was Adam’s best friend. She and Adam hooked up on her then-bf’s bed, and she refused to move out when they broke up. Once she finally got her ass out of there she and Adam moved out of state and lived with Heather’s mom until thy got a place.

And now she’s back at her moms.

No. 920680


I can't believe she got away with the victim narrative for so long. Adam seemed like a dick but no wonder he was bitter tbh

No. 920721

Here’s the video from this morning.


No. 920727

File: 1579495585297.png (227.6 KB, 750x1334, 1F876CFE-8774-4BDD-BBCC-ACEA49…)

I don’t know which cemetery she took all those photos of herself leaning on gravestones, but these are the rules of the Allegheny cemetery. Just like she didn’t do any research or obey any safety regulations when she was trying to win Ryan2’s affections, she can’t maintain basic tact and respect with any of her shitty graveyard modeling.

No. 920742


I imagine most cemeteries have similar policies but I'm not sure. Anyway, she's selling them too lol damn

No. 920767

Remember, Heather believes that these rules don't apply to her. She's better than all those other photographers that this rule applies to.

Though honestly I've never seen a cemetery with these rules; though I have heard of the rule of not photographing funerals when they're happening.

No one will buy her photography. It's all bland and half the photos she got printed are of her. Who wants a badly modelled photo of her? …Well someone that isn't heather.

No. 920946

Imagine dying and 100 years later this bitch taking selfies on top of your grave. It wouldn’t fly if she did it with a modern grave but because they are old it’s okay? there’s still someone under there? It’s never sat right with me to be honest

No. 920952

Oh, another video where Heather pretends to sound deep and introspective about life even though we all know she's not that intelligent. What a surprise.

No. 921013

I am rolling this is so perfect. I also vote next thread pic! Anon you are the best.

No. 921023

It’s a state issue, and even then its left up to the cemetery to enforce their rules about the use of photographing the graves. Not sure about the commercial use of the photographs though. If she really intends to sell prints of her graveyard shoots (the ones she’s ordered are primarily her abandoned exploring pictures) she needs to do her research and make sure she can legally do it; otherwise she’s in for a rude awakening.

No. 921024

Check her latest stories. She's started getting graveyard prints ready.

No. 921081

File: 1579565284320.png (2.96 MB, 750x1334, 2956EA26-45F3-40C3-A9F7-A8C213…)

She’s opened questions.

Heather it’s really simple. People make mistakes and you’re not the first person to make an ass out of themselves during a rough time in their life. The more you deny your own fuck-ups the more people are frustrated with you. If you were raw and honest and looked back on 2019 and admitted you hurt a lot of people, you’d actually be respectable. Instead you continue to act like you’re this saint who could do no wrong and the whole world was just against you.

No. 921107

I wonder how long this episode of "leaving youtube" will last.

No. 921109

Considering it was only 1 or 2 days ago she was trying to claim she was going to come back and make inspirational videos?

She most definitely has a new boy now. I think he bought her that sisters photo. She's already posting all this stuff about how much she loves someone. That was fast.

No. 921131

Maybe it’s Ryan no. 4 coming in for seconds.

No. 921192

File: 1579581288083.jpeg (95.24 KB, 747x490, 5C52F0B9-99CC-41AA-9136-0EA101…)

This was on a top view selfie. Oh no.

No. 921236

how is that picture even hot? but can I say that I am looking forward to seeing the cringy glamour shots?

No. 921237

File: 1579592042559.png (1.06 MB, 934x1134, nothot.png)

same fag but I figured I should include the actual picture in question

No. 921292

There she goes saying that she doesn't have to validate herself anymore. I wonder if last year she learned what validate meant, and decided to use it every day in a sentence to sound smart. The word has lost all meaning at this point and it's her fault.

Jfc that's a terrible picture.

No. 921307

It looks like she’s squeezing her boob as if she’s trying to milk herself

No. 921316

oh no! lol. At first glance, the pendant on her neck kind of looks like a wart.

No. 921363

No joke thought this was an early transition military troon with a buzzcut

No. 921367

File: 1579634016793.jpg (620.54 KB, 1750x2500, heathersface.jpg)

This is all I see every time I see her face. Those glasses absolutely don't do her any favors.

No. 921391


lmao I've never been able to figure out who she reminded me of with the glasses. You hit the nail on the head.

No. 921392

File: 1579637224214.jpg (649.51 KB, 1080x1226, Screenshot_20200121-142707_Ins…)

No. 921398

lmao!! I think this might take the cake for the next thread pic.

No. 921446

File: 1579641851384.jpeg (385.54 KB, 750x1334, DE31B274-7C92-4855-906E-DB67EE…)

She deleted the questions already. Typical Heather. Looks like she only got the YouTube one and the one that was borderline ass kissing.

Ryan 5 must be a real sucker if he’s putting up with this much attachment so quick.

No. 921450

That quote