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File: 1571752068728.jpeg (42.02 KB, 275x106, 1571458704204.jpeg)

No. 883248

Continuation of the discussion on all the frail sick poorly ana warriors of Instagram and beyond.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/870272(shit thread)

No. 883259

Krueger reminds me of Jake fake goth from the alt thread.

I'm going to place my bet on another scratch attack by Laura on Laura on Saturday.

No. 883263

File: 1571755707908.jpg (825.7 KB, 1080x1921, 20191022_154734.jpg)

Dare I say smorven is actually looking… healthier?

No. 883271

She looked pretty good in that last pic too. Sad thing is, we know it won't last.

I would've thought the people working on her case would have a meeting after ward round? If you're in with something less…complex…the specialist usually tells you there and then if you get to stay, some idea how you're getting along according to them.

I know she's a pain in the arse, but she really is fucked up. I want her to keep up improving, but…not optimistic.

No. 883276

File: 1571759255419.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, 7B293614-643B-47DF-B67B-B188B4…)

I’m so honored my shitty Freddy Krueger cropped comparison made the banner lol!

Going back to Georgia here’s the story photo that accompanied her pass out post if anyone’s interested in the full text. Just wondering how her blood sugar would ever get low, and I wonder what calorie dense meal she had for dinner kek. Let me guess burger and chips! Much anorexia, very frail dainty and sick kek how does her lil heart even continue beating what a warrior

No. 883277

File: 1571759522192.jpg (30 KB, 324x294, lol.JPG)

Georgia: Dad, I have to be honest. I'm restricting to only breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks but each meal was only zero coke.
Georgia's dad: Lol, whatevs.

No. 883278

You’re my new favourite anon for the banner pic. Hats off to you, you’re doing the lord’s work.

And hats off for bringing the Georgiemilk. I can only imagine the dramatic flinging of herself to the ground as she “fainted”. Then, with shaking hands, desperately trying to bring herself back to her wobbly, frail knees so that she could crawl to the kitchen to find just enough sustenance to give her the energy to make dinner.

No. 883314

File: 1571767094711.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20191022-185721_Ins…)

Here's the update from her ward round. I don't get why she acts so surprised at the prospect of being in for longer. Maybe this time they're going to work on weight restoration?

No. 883386

File: 1571776655630.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 221.33 KB, 750x1009, 03310964-06FC-41DB-A56C-7471D5…)

Love a good Kelsey shop

No. 883391

She got marfans or some shit with them long ass limbs

No. 883408

File: 1571778960597.jpg (Spoiler Image, 133.64 KB, 964x939, PRI_88739247-e1570426364945.jp…)

No. 883410

She reminds me of a more passive she-who-must-not-be-named, only with slightly better shopping skills.

No. 883437

File: 1571780722539.jpg (222.76 KB, 1074x643, mpa.jpg)

Is anyone else here familiar with MyPancakeAddiction.com?

It's been my personal lolcow grounds for a while now. It's basically MyProAna's retarded PC cousin. It advertises itself as a safe space for ana-chans to talk about being ana-chans. And it most definitely is NOT pro-ana, how could you even say that? There's a recovery section, after all! /s

You have to be a member to see most of the "good" stuff, so if anyone's interested I'll drop some screens. The site admin in particular is pretty exceptional.

No. 883439

I heard of it around the time people were migrating from mpa because of the glitches. This one and ED Central. I couldn't be arsed to join, but please do drop some screen shots and I might have a look for the milk.

No. 883455

File: 1571783105933.jpg (152.41 KB, 1070x658, anama.jpg)

I took a lot of full-page screenshots so I'll look through them later and post the good stuff. Idk about ED Central, but Pancake seems to have actually taken off.

For now, some info on the admin (I can confirm all of this with screenshots, just gotta look through em):
-26 years old, birthday is May 3rd
-not too sure on the location, either North California or Texas.
-self described weeb, wears cat ears in public, is an "involuntary age regressor"
-schizo-adjacent, doesn't bathe for weeks at a time because muh depression, actual laundry list is "EDNOS, PTSD, Major Depression, Borderline Personality, Schizoaffective, EDNOS" (yes EDNOS is listed twice)
-lives with her parents, no job, self-described NEET
-self medicates with weed or alcohol. I believe she pays for it with a modest tugboat.
-Is in therapy, has only told her therapist that she runs a website, not the nature of said website. Apparently the boyfriend knows it's an eating disorder website but hasn't actually checked it out.
-was in a poly relationship with her ex-husband (divorced in September) and current long-distance boyfriend who doesn't want to meet her in person yet despite dating for, IIRC, 2 years (might be 3)
-genderfluid, does not tolerate evil TERFs, truscum, or other bigots on her website!!
-apparently committed involuntary manslaughter at age 7. From her description it seems like a genuine tragedy caused by negligent parents, I just thought it was really fucking bizarre to bring this up online.
-has expressed some uncertainty/guilt about running an eating disorder website, does it anyway because "when I was a teenager nothing could stop me" or something along those lines

More to come.

No. 883462

>apparently committed involuntary manslaughter at age 7

Wait, what?

No. 883475

File: 1571784212039.jpg (51.95 KB, 825x344, capture.jpg)

Again, seems like it was an unfortunate accident. Just absolutely floored me to see someone admit something like this online. I had to include it.

No. 883479

Doubt there's even a shred of truth to it. It's all about that attention and shock factor. It's a competition of "who's had the most traumatic childhood" with these cows. I suspect most of them had pretty mundane middle class upbringings and these lies are their desperate attempt to liven up their unremarkable lives.

No. 883491

Don’t know if you know who Soren Hayes is, a druggie “anorexic” who’s made like a whole trauma manuscript but this reminds me of him because it’s said so casually and probably not true

No. 883503

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if it were fake. Even if it did happen, it's definitely attention-seeking. She has another thread where she gives explicit details about her ex-boyfriend raping her, asking everyone if what happened to her was really rape. I don't care to speculate on if that story were true or not, but she very clearly already knew everyone would say it was rape.

On mobile so no screenshots of this atm

No. 883504

Kek your welcome, glad to contribute!
Imagine if she actually passed out how big of a deal it would be for her? She’s probably like take a photo where she fell, make a long post about her long term anorexia Nervosa is catching up with her kek it be a monumental point in her life to actually have something bad happen to her lol
Yea Georgia things are so “not good” that you can end this post with a fucking lol. Like even she sees her eating as a joke how are we not supposed to. I would love to know how that conversation goes. I bet if she said she’s going to start eating more he’d be like… why lol. She doesn’t need to eat more she needs to eat more healthy

One can only hope, when farmers started posting about her again I honestly didn’t know who it was, not saying she’s gained a ton but her face looks completely different. Probably why she’s only posting the fraction of her face with the tube in it lol

No. 883511

Wait right there. A NINE year old would have to be disabled or mentally challenged (or a midget) to fall in a bathtub and drown, no?

Yeah but being tortured in a snuff warehouse is pretty standard conversation.

I hope this girl grows out of this. Definitely milky.

Idk if anyone's ever watched the British docu about proana sites (years old, so geocities ones), it's on yt called THE THIN CLUB.

She reminds me of the the girl in it who had a livejournal page and thought she was an ana coach. Really milky cow. Shame it was so long ago.

No. 883513

Duh lol. Soz the kid was nine months old. Still don't believe it.

No. 883632

Yet to come across a proED forum owner/admin that actually has a restrictive ED!

Back in the day it was all
cw: 158

Or they turned out to be a man who also didn't have an ED. PrettyThin was in that Fearne Cotton ProAna documentary and that was a man.

To be honest I didn't really realise pro forums were really a thing anymore beyond MPA given Instagram etc.

No. 883636

I think proana got a lot subtler and sneakier in the form of the so-called pro recovery / warrior / minniemaud community on Instagram, where everyone is pretending to be recovering in a sneaky plot to make others eat more so that they can be the spoopiest anaqween.

No. 883637

Ed twitter is the same

No. 883675

There are a bunch of DID fags on that site too.

But generally it’s what you would expect from a proana site: lots of fat wannarexics, attention-seekers, and some legit skelles that members fawn over or act concerned about. Some members are kinda milky, but mostly just sad/pathetic.

No. 883739

Definitely a lot sneakier to avoid having the site pulled down.

Turning hints n tips into "harm reduction" tips for one. Same content, but with a warning "don't do this!!1"

mpa is mostly full of wanarexics. Kinda good in a way because chances are they'll give up trying and failing to restrict and go on with their life. The "thinspo" threads haven't changed since the year dot. You can tell the wanas because their posts are women who look gloriously healthy. Healthily slim, tanned, thick hair, good skin. The ones who look at "bonespo" either do it to ogle the carwrecks or they really do have an issue.

I don't get how mpa isn't something the internet police chase after.

No. 883769

File: 1571856037250.png (290.37 KB, 1080x1783, Screenshot_2019-10-23-11-37-25…)

Yeah, like I said it's basically the SJW version of OG MPA. Lots of DID fags, 14 year old trans guys, 20 year old non-binarees, and other Tumblr-esque cringe.

The LGBT section is the funniest part to me. Occasionally a thread will pop up from someone looking for advice regarding their gender identity. It's always a female with some kind of body dysmorphia. You could be so well-intentioned, so polite, so eloquent, and none of it would matter if you dare suggest that maybe their issue is caused by something other than being trans. You get a lot of young teenagers being sassy in return, who for lack of a better term, fagsplain the intricacies of gender to the much older members who are typically LGBT themselves.

Aside from that, it is mostly sad/pathetic. I don't think the site admin has bad intentions, just that she's a geniunely stupid wannarexic. She seems to actually believe the site is a wonderful place that has done wonders for her mental health. Pic related.

I think the site has evaded detection due to the dumbass name and privacy settings. You have to actually make posts and be online for X amount of hours to get full access. Googling "mypancakeaddiction" gives few results.

No. 883771

File: 1571856247257.jpg (597.15 KB, 1074x1844, 2019-10-23 11.39.07.jpg)

Anyways, it seems likely that she's aware she was posted here, if this conveniently timed post is any indication. She also has a status update acknowledging that EDNOS was in her signature twice, something I pointed out in my second post about the site. Very lulzy that the first response is to rage about the normies not understanding the poor widdle ana-chans.

No. 883774

~reduce harm~

>Would you ask someone paralyzed to take a jog every morning?

No, but I'd recommend they take medical advice and take any kind of physio to improve circulation etc.

Yeah, she sounds thick as shit.

> if you dare suggest that maybe their issue is caused by something other than being trans

Pathetic how they work on gender stereotypes to define male and female, but that's another thread.

There's a sub reddit I think is the only place where there's no pro ana humble bragging. The only ED forum-y place in the history of the interwebs. The rest are just a showcase for kids wanting to catch the ana.


I loled. God forbid someone isn't self diagnosed with an ed and therefore a normie!

No. 883779

File: 1571858890979.jpg (230.82 KB, 877x877, bodycheck.jpg)

>Yeah, she sounds thick as shit.
Indeed she is. Here's a compilation of various selfies and body checks for fun, and to back up the anon that said they hadn't seen an actual thin ED forum owner.

No. 883781

File: 1571859204811.jpg (18.38 KB, 535x190, mpd.jpg)

Speaking of DID fags… Another self-dx for the collection, cry-typing included.

No. 883782

File: 1571859336254.jpg (126.35 KB, 617x629, sewerslide.jpg)

And another good screenshot I found. It's her asking if there are any sites like hers, except centered around suicide. Because that sounds like a great idea.

No. 883787

Ha, who the fuck wrote that? Obv self diagnosis because it's been a long time since it was referred to as mpd. so much sitgma but mot freak ouy out!!!1

This is seriously like a creche for wanaemos. Nice friend to find a suicide forum for a suicidal friend. How caring.

Is this the admin posting all these? Is she the one who thinks she's ~mpd~?

No. 883790

File: 1571860795697.jpg (Spoiler Image, 769.11 KB, 1110x6342, intro.jpg)

Yes, anamanaguchi is the admin of MyPancakeAddiction. I find her posts the funniest.

Image is spoilered because it's long as fuck. It's her introductory post, including the responses, minus the signatures in an attempt to make the screenshot smaller.

She also has an AMA thread if anyone wants to see that.

No. 883791

Why is that pink arrow pointing at her crotch? Is that her thigh gap?

No. 883794

File: 1571861214503.jpg (71.31 KB, 847x477, gap.jpg)

Yes, she was estatic to have developed a "tiny, keyhole gap"

No. 883796

File: 1571861558425.jpeg (708.56 KB, 1125x1648, 2AF92658-E3AA-4F2F-A1E5-8CC4E6…)

Was this one seriously self-posting, I hope not because she really fucks me off. Constantly being melodramatic and going off about how “unwell” she feels. So tired of it but can’t bring myself to unfollow.(self posting again, ban evading, samefagging)

No. 883799

File: 1571862008041.jpg (41.83 KB, 1076x261, arizona.jpg)

Location confirmed, Arizona. Don't know how I missed this.

No. 883801

You might want to crop out the massive amount of people you follow that follow her if you’re gonna bitch about it. You a friend of hers? You may not want to be so blatant about it if you’re going to post her account on here lololol and where’s the milk anyway, her account is on private

No. 883803

File: 1571862265497.png (6.83 MB, 1125x2436, 036A84D3-4D8B-4CF5-BD92-D737E5…)

she makes me want to kms, imagine being on a ward with this bitch who keeps sticking her leg in the air llike there’s fuck all wrong

No. 883805

No, just a lurker that follows her and other cringy people on the site. Though I don't think the usernames that appear actually correlate to who you follow. Still probably a good idea to crop it out though.

The screenshots are the milk, as the entire site is restricted if you're not a member. Thought that was clear.

No. 883810

crop out your phtoto next time newfag. Also I wonder what would happen if the nurses told her she needs to stop doing that . would she feel "unsafe"? We won't ever know because she gets what she wants

No. 883811

>no sage

No. 883812

File: 1571862695573.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x1257, 6FB70E72-0CD6-4BFE-A3F2-826A15…)

So Laura makes a post about her friend…where all but ONE of the photos are of her? She makes me sick, I feel awful for her “friends” - she just uses them as props in her endless “I am the most sickly anorexic” regime. Entertaining though, nonetheless.

No. 883816

how do i delete it i’m not used to being this much of a cunt

No. 883824

fucking newfags.

Laura never ceases to amaze me with her ego. Is that a friend she's in IP with?

No. 883827

Sage for samefag but I just noticed - is that more scratches on her forehead or has she gone down the smorven head banging route?

No. 883844

It's her mating ritual

No. 883849

Just change your profile pic

No. 883853

I just hope she wears knickers.

No. 883856

It was self posting Molly Maguire. She has the Simpsons profile pic.

No. 883861

Well that's awkward…

No. 883869

Considering she's a facebook friend of Laura's it's doubly awkward.

No. 883880

Um… stretching? Have you never left your house before? Girls posting pictures in flexible poses is nothing new or weird, are you ok anon?

No. 883887

I leave my house every single day and I have yet to see a grown ass adult stick their leg over their head in public places for pictures. It’s unnecessary and attention seeking.

No. 883888

File: 1571870772520.jpg (89.15 KB, 1024x663, BSRHJMGK24QQUBUH7WAQYZLDBI.jpg)

I do it all the time. Several times a day, just like Laura. I see everyone doing it and I just have to do it too. Img - me in Aldi earlier today, for example.

Seriously >>883880 is a newfag troll.

Is the mod from pancakeaddiction on mpa? >>883790
Odd how so many of these overweight anas ~used to be thin~ before medication. OMG I was spoopy but I took 2 asprin and now I'm huuuuge!!!

No. 883907

Her hair must be filled with e. Coli since she’s always rubbing the soles of her shoes all over her head. Plus don’t get the sense that she’s big into bathing. GROSS.

No. 883910

Yes, she's on MPA under the same name. It's pretty empty, just old posts advertising PancakeAddiction. I think she had an older account but I don't know what it was, might have been deleted.

No. 883930

File: 1571874938299.jpg (213.26 KB, 1888x1227, MAIN-Celebrity-Yoga.jpg)

It's not like she's doing it in the middle of walmart ffs it's just a yoga pose, do you guys not leave your house or something?

No. 883961

Uh 2/3 of these pix are in fitness studios…. How many times have you seen a person in street clothes in the middle of wherever bust into a contortionist position? Stop WKing and GTFO.

No. 883981

why did ashley's thread die? her latest instagram post made me lol. blaming her dad for all her problems. also, mocking everyone who was awaiting her death bragging about making another birthday. can we still post about her here or no?

also been wonderin gwhat happened to erika….

No. 883998

She wasn't "in the middle of the street" she was in a garden looking area of her ward, I'm js there's much better things to milk outside of "she did a yoga pose outside and posted on Instagram, how crazy and weird no one does that!"

No. 884009

Read much? I didn’t say she was in the middle of the street, I said
>> in street clothes in the middle of wherever
AKA she is not dressed for yoga in a yoga studio or a specific setting to take a yoga account picture, she literally sticks her leg over her head WHEREVER she goes. I cannot believe you are defending this lunacy. Even a pure yoga account doesn’t engage in that sort of absurdity.

No. 884017

sage for no new info but Stop being a WK, she does it to be annoying. I also think she does it to hold onto some part of her "dancing" days. She's just a nuisance and I know damn well anybody in that unit would get annoyed

No. 884041


why are you defending this cow? she's literally done this in the middle of coffee shops in public. that's EVEN worse, because other people are trying to enjoy a scone and latte they paid for with money they EARNED and have to look at this gross NEET desperately trying to attention whore

No. 884058

File: 1571895959494.jpg (523.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191024-011623_Ins…)

No. 884059

File: 1571895993430.jpg (269.15 KB, 712x853, Screenshot_20191023-214402_Ins…)

No. 884060

File: 1571896025523.jpg (313.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191023-004041_Ins…)

No. 884065

“If I kill my self, that will show my asshole son!”

What a shitstain.

Why are you so obsessed with defending this goblin who smears her crotch on every table, train doorway, tv cabinet, and cafe floor she can get at?

No. 884070

File: 1571899935715.jpg (288.07 KB, 1080x1881, 20191024_164924.jpg)

2 pieces of toast, even if white, IS a meal. Its basically a base breakfast for any one one minimal calories. 280cals is enough

No. 884072

She’s never gonna stop trying to be anorexic and she’s never gonna get below a size 14 in au women’s unless our vanity sizing gets worse. She’s boring as shit tbh. How many years can she pretend to be starving?

No. 884073

Tbh i check Ashley gossip on kf. You could resurrect her thread here if there's milk. She's the original farm anachan, so i don't think it's a necro crime to post without sage (?).

Erika was last seen looking amazing and doing life. That was within the last year. She keeps herself private so thats a good sign.

No. 884074

File: 1571901081718.jpg (717.26 KB, 1080x1629, 20191024_171044.jpg)

Looks normal. Get off the EDP. Save it for those that need it

No. 884082

wait so why is there so much hate on shay? First time poster here I usually just lurk but she's the one person I don't see any milk behind, unless I'm just missing a whole heap of info haha.

No. 884084

Surprised Laura hasn't created a tellonym so people can ask stuff considering she seeks drama 24/7

No. 884088

>Worrying this much about how rando women dress and stretch
Underage aren't allowed

No. 884092

>>884088 oh shut up already, this infighting bs is boring.

holy shit, what a bitch
is she always like this?

No. 884114

She’s been discussed to shit in the past threads. Lurk moar

No. 884117

File: 1571922454593.jpg (188.09 KB, 720x814, 20191024_135614.jpg)

No. 884133

she posted medical notes from a hospital computer monitor (outing her invalid ED diagnosis) pretending to be a nurse aka self posts constantly.

she also sends Georgia hate on tellonym.

No. 884153

File: 1571933037934.jpg (258.7 KB, 1030x1832, 20191024_180309.jpg)

She's struggling hahahah what the hell

No. 884157

Even if she restricted (in her definition) for 6 years she wouldn't lose a pound. Wtf is wrong with toast? Some working people skip lunch altogether because they don't have time. These are people who aren't obese either and they don't fade away. She scoffed two slabs of carbs. She aint struggling. Proof is in the pudding.

No. 884163

Any idea who ‘amarmitelovingvegan’ is? She must know Katy and Maria well - don’t know enough about her.

No. 884182

No idea but she isn't saying anything that we don't think ourselves. She probably writes DMs to her and signs her name so that's why she calls her Hayley.

No. 884219


No. 884263

2 toasts not enough?? What the hell, maybe it’s not enough for weight restoration for really underweight anas, but for Georgia is more than enough. Hell, even one toast + some fruits would be good for her, she’d healthily lose weight.

No. 884265

There was vegemite on the toast. It's good to see she's not restricting with condiments.

No. 884298

lmaooo anon you killed me

No. 884316

What is sage?(...)

No. 884318

No. 884377

y’all are so fucked up

No. 884391

No. 884399

File: 1571973043976.jpg (320.55 KB, 833x696, 20191025_103730.jpg)


No. 884401

Wait how much weight gain do meds actually cause typically? I'm going to a psychiatrist soon, hopefully not more than 1-2 pounds(blog, derailing)

No. 884405

It depends on the person and the medication. You could not gain weight, gain a few pounds, or gain from anywhere from 10-20lbs. If you believe you’re gaining weight too quickly or in large amounts, talk to your psych or doctor to see if the medication is right for you.

No. 884406

Anons would argue psych drugs pile on pounds. My experience is some give you the munchies so eating more puts weight on. Never had any gain. Dome even give you less appetite.

Yeah red text blogpost but don't worry. Dont be afraid to tell your psychiatrist about that fear. If you restrict you sure as hell won't give in to munchies

Aaaaand fuck me
Is that >>884399 Georgia suckiyin for dear life?
Not wking the girl but if she learned to dress for her size, she could pull that figure off and im not even taking the piss.

No. 884410

Medications like olanzapine are used in anorexia to decrease agitation and increase appetite. Its main side effect is increased appetite. Hence why people gain weight on antipsychotics. The medication themselves do not make someone gain weight.

Medications like topiramate are used in BED to decrease appetite thus decreasing binges. Its also used off script in PTSD as a second line for nightmares(medfag)

No. 884411

i've heard of some meds slowing down metabolism or speeding it up too. my sister's meta became too fast to the point of passing out daily and needing hospital IV shit bc her meds were just eating at everything even though they stopped her being a psycho.
90% of meds for like anxiety, depression, adhd, etc they will list weight gain or loss as a symptom but it wont always happen and lots of the people here claiming that their meds made them gain weight they either 1) stopped restricting bc their anxiety or depression was dealt with rather than the actual drugs making the body store fat or 2) the drugs made their appetite increase leading them to have larger portions or snacking (the munchies ya know). blogging i know thats just my observations and opinions.

No. 884419

It’s the increased appetite for most non-Ed people - they feel more hungry ( there is a technical medical name ) so eat more without really realising- hence they gain weight. But for people with an ED the hunger signals are fucked up anyway. ED consultants in the uk like to put Ed patients on olanzapine ( even if they don’t need an antipsychotic!) , and their first choice anti depressant is mirtazapine ( google the side effects of that).

No. 884423

Was she the one on IG who spent all day BPing or taking overdoses and had a rabbit ? While claiming she was trying to recover?

No. 884499

Ash thread is on autosage. you can post there anytime without problem, it just won't get bumped. >>>/snow/241927

No. 884518

>>884401 quitiapine (sp?) Makes me so hungry constantly. I literally never feel full. So the medication itself didnt make me fat, but the constant hunger did. I lit went from 100 pounds to 180 in 2 years lmao. I decided it was worth it though for the stability it gave me. Thats what it all comes down to. Is it worth it?

Blog posting I know.

No. 884521

File: 1572014947931.jpg (586.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191025-104814_Ins…)

No. 884536

This is a self, or IMO more likely vendetta post. They have 470 followers. It is a fairly standard ED freakout, not saying it isn't ridiculous and like…make uour own food then but, they aren't pro ana and IMO not a cow either.

No. 884543

If u wanna be an ana-chan and starve yourself to death or do a overly restrictive diet that's fine but don't expect other SANE people to go along with your shit especially of they're the ones paying for your groceries and making your food.

She's lucky her mum doesn't kick her ungrateful ass out of her home. Fucking childish bint.

No. 884554

Who is she?

No. 884563

That's either an old looking 40 year old, or an horrendously old looking 20 year old.

No comment with a ss is generally a self post.

Whoever this goblin is is a shitty person. Despite an ED, that's some apex tier ungratefulness.

No. 884565

She looks very like a girl who went to a private clinic South Africa and was fixed.

No. 884567

File: 1572026299113.jpg (68.59 KB, 921x562, Capture.JPG)

Our poverty striken Becky went and had a manicure today. She said it was her mum's birthday present from her. Reminds me of when Aly used to take pics of herself blowing out her mum's birthday cake candles. Becky's one of the most materialistic people I've known of.

No. 884578

that pattern is horrible lmao they're gonna look diseased from a normal distance

No. 884593

I'm assuming it's either a giraffe print, or one of the spotted cats.

No. 884595

Yeah, I'm sure she's been saving those pennies all year…
I can't even tell what that pattern is supposed to be? There are petri dishes with nicer looking bacteria than this

No. 884596

File: 1572031583679.jpeg (150.58 KB, 1080x1080, nailthoughts fall nails.jpeg)


Supposed to be tortoiseshell like img.

No. 884599

File: 1572031767889.png (689.6 KB, 914x375, Untitled.png)

Ouch, the comparison.

Her mum probably paid for her own present, which was in fact Becky's present.

No. 884609

She didn't even post what her mum had done at the salon!

No. 884610

Like a spoiled kid who has to have their own present to unwrap on their sibling's birthday.

Happy 60th, Jackie!

No. 884613

(sorry anon had to repost)
Of course she didn't. It's all about her.
Since Becky's been mentioned more here lots of her posts include fake concern about her mum and how her behaviour is hard on her, how she wants to make things easier and……
Anorexia can make the best of people act like selfish twats but I suspect with Becky those qualities are innate

No. 884616

I remember one post in particular where she was saying what a bad night she was having and her mum was too with fybomyalgia and w/e else. She didn't show any concern about her mum other than that, it was all me, me, me.

On fb she tags her ~i cant go on~ posts with her mum's name. I really do think that it's in her nature without mental illness to be so self centred. Many people with EDs try to hide their bad feelings from others to not worry them, but this one wants nobody else to ever imply they're worse off than her.

Btw, that salon's in Prestwich which is where the local hospital with an ED unit is. Would've been a better present to hand herseslf over and sort her shit out so Jackie can have some peace in her twilight years.

No. 884626

The thing is she wants it both ways. She wants to be the sickest but has regular appointments with a social worker and GP. If things were dire or she was deteriorating fast she wouldn't still be in the community regardless of how fucked the NHS is atm.
Life is unbearable enough to post snotty selfies and details of daily breakdowns on insta but she can do ~fashion~ and makeup and garden centre jollies. Proper therapy though? Nope, too traumatic.
She should be in some sort of unit if only to give her mother a breather. Not necessarily an EDU either. She's reminiscent of a Smorven. If only more wards were equipped for feeds.

No. 884627

The thing is she wants it both ways. She wants to be the sickest but has regular appointments with a social worker and GP. If things were dire or she was deteriorating fast she wouldn't still be in the community regardless of how fucked the NHS is atm.
Life is unbearable enough to post snotty selfies and details of daily breakdowns on insta but she can do ~fashion~ and makeup and garden centre jollies. Proper therapy though? Nope, too traumatic.
She should be in some sort of unit if only to give her mother a breather. Not necessarily an EDU either. She's reminiscent of a Smorven…a shit load of personality problems, manipulation and zero insight. If only more wards were equipped for feeds.

No. 884629

File: 1572036320360.jpg (47.23 KB, 331x530, Capture.JPG)

She plays the mental health card for sure for not doing anything productive with her health.

She can go to a tv exhibition thing in Birmingham, a flower thing in Southport, a salon, gets her hair done, goes to busy stores, concentrates for long periods of time making that crap she puts on ety, as you say, puts outfits together and does make up, despite BDD she has multiple pictures taken every day, (and has a HUGE full length mirror in her room).

She' apparently so poor she needs donations yet she buys makeup, clothes, (notice she had one of her drawings printed on a sweater?), buys from Hobbycraft, HAS A PLACE TO LIVE, talks about furniture her mum's going to buy when they get a new place to live.

She has regular GP appointments she sometimes doesn't attend but her bloods must be ok. She shouts at her social worker for "not doing anything".

Now she's talking about her mum buying her a Nintento Switch for xmas and going shopping in the Boxing Day sales.

"This is only a snapshot of my life". Yeah, right. She writes that she's a MENTAL HEALTH ADVOCATE. I mean…y'know?

No. 884632

>mum and nim happy and relaxed
CCG funding a bed as many miles away as possible - that'd be a true Christmas miracle.

(also, Zara clothes and Harry Potter makeup. calling it now)

No. 884637

No pressure on Jackie to come up with the cash then. I saw that sucky Potter eyeliner in Boots. £10.

I'm not surprised she loves Christmas. Cozy home and lots of things for free!

No. 884661

File: 1572042840416.png (615.36 KB, 1072x675, Screen Shot 2019-10-26 at 11.2…)

coffee.cats.recovery created a mental health meme account. Speaks for itself really.

No. 884685

File: 1572045822003.jpeg (670.96 KB, 828x1443, 3A3F8F06-97DE-498A-9E1D-3A8073…)

I’ve been waiting weeks for a fucking recovery.chii relapse update and she posts a picture of her cat. Fml. Looking forward to her coming back completely relapsed but ready to “really do it” this time

No. 884714

Oh man, i just went and looked at it and its so cringe kek

No. 884733

surprised she hasn't got constant memes about her hypos just like her story posts….she really likes going on about how sick she is. that bmi 18-20 is super sick.

No. 884743

It says shes ip at the moment do u know where
Does she have milk on her private account

No. 884798

Can the vendettafag quit already? No1Curr at this point. Waiting with bated breath for a relapse is pretty scummy as well.

No. 884800

File: 1572084782574.png (808.39 KB, 1070x564, capture.png)


"Dissociative seizures" would be the latest. I don't really know where to start to be honest. She called herself "medically trained" the other day as if her treatment chasing obsession makes her an informed professional. Give it up and get a job, seriously.

No. 884835

Seems pretty milky, does she have her own thread? I lurk but never noticed
Bsl at only 3.5 and then dipoed twice more snd dissociated for over an hr (then finds a snickers to take a selfie lol im so quirky) kek
Seems like another one whos obsessed with medical career to stay around the drama

No. 884836

Pardon the typos

No. 884864

that seems to be a trend…hint the illnessfakers reddit being full of "medical professionals" with too much time on their hands.

Alas, coffee.cats.recovery with her "super frequent hypos"

No. 884884

She is - Laura- parents paid for her to go to Montrose in South Africa for a few months to stop her BP and exercise addiction. Nothing particularly milky about her- except obviously the clinic didn’t cure her ED! She doesn’t look like she has an ED.

No. 884895

>>She doesn’t look like she has an ED.
Because having an eating disorder has a specific "look".

Has she reverted back to BPing and overexercising then? Pegged her as an anorexic going by her freak out over chicken, not a bulimic.

No. 884925

Was her old Instagram ‘bye-bulimic’?

No. 884951

File: 1572107915635.jpg (11.96 KB, 233x350, 152db1499016604.jpg)

gimpgirl55 probably one of the biggest ana lolcows ive ever seen in a while.

Her 400+ page thread (''becoming a skinny bitch pt2)

Her snow thread (its fairly new)

No. 884984

File: 1572111755185.jpeg (352.5 KB, 735x1098, AA5DBA4A-9F87-48DE-9CF2-8D7B2B…)

wtf is that post

No. 884989

>“oh boi, my daughter passed out in the bathroom. Better take a pic for her gram!!!“

No. 885032

I’m guessing this is a self-timer based dramatic recreation. Picturing her setting it up is delightful.

No. 885037

Im sorry but nobodys mother would do this, maybe if her mother took it to be like "look at you, your a pathetic excuse for a daughter" kek but i doubt any mothe would do that if their daughter was as close to death as she claims.

No. 885042

The self-timed photo, the allusion that this photo was taken "in the moment", the added drama of the black and white filter… how long til she makes another post saying "I didn't say my mom took this picture!!! I was just recreating what she saw!!!" She probably won't, since her asspatting audience will go straight to 'poor wittle sick baby' mode.

No. 885043

File: 1572119566731.jpeg (570.41 KB, 750x1231, B7F93D5D-A6CD-4B3D-B135-746167…)

I just noticed kelsey put her age in her bio, and earlier this year she said she was a sophomore or was gonna be a sophomore in high school. It’s just inconsistent??

No. 885047

She is a self-pity something. She doesn't even try to get better. I think it's pretty sure that she will die one day.
I would NEVER feel sorry for her. Pathetic

No. 885053

Held back because of treatment?

No. 885070

Kelsey's been 17 for about 2 years now, all the more likely it seems like a troll

No. 885078

She uses year old photos for a fact. The age thing's probably to appeal to the pervs.

No. 885079

She just admitted to my friend that she photoshopped her old stuff, but denies using photoshop now.Ill post the pic in a sec

No. 885082

File: 1572124098473.jpeg (117.33 KB, 640x1136, 0B8DE2B0-0F24-4C1D-AC9E-F26B69…)

She really thinks we are stupid. Not my conversation by the way(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 885100

File: 1572126463464.jpg (108.04 KB, 1080x414, Screenshot_20191026-234353_You…)

I was watching a "what i eat in a day-2000 kcal" video by some random girl on yt and came across this comment by my fav vegan health queen kek

No. 885103

This lie became pretty popular among vegan anachans a few years back. No one can tell you you're clearly dying of malnourishment based on your skeletal body if you continually assert that you've inverted the basic principles of thermodynamics and that eating 3000+ calories daily of healthy food makes you spoopy.

No. 885104

File: 1572128151220.jpeg (374.6 KB, 750x837, 7A4226A6-67F7-49D2-87EC-61850B…)

This was really embarrassing and cringe worthy to watch. I had to give up .

No. 885105

Yet to see these people like >>885103 mentions give some links to legitimate scientific proof and trials to back up their claims.

Miffs my muff that she's saying her family are typical "British" and this is how we'd all react. Is she going the route of wanting people to send her food from other countries for "British people react to …" videos?

No. 885106

Well. She’s got a PO Box so I’m pretty sure she’s not even trying to be subtle about wanting people to send her free stuff…

No. 885111

Imagine taking nutrition advice from someone ready to be embalmed on the spot

No. 885142

Wonder what that last message is about? 'Nobody told you anything you saw it'. Some anachans have been posting about Kelsey and there's questions going around on tellonym about her photshopping

No. 885145

Kelsey contacted my friend saying she has people telling her that my friend is talking shit. Kelsey is the one who viewed the story when she talked about her initially, nobody told kelsey

No. 885146

But Kelsey is imaginary.

No. 885152

Ohhh, Kelsey. Maybe she was sending those weird questions around on tellonym to a bunch of anachans. At least she's aware people are talking about her ridiculous looking pictures

No. 885194

File: 1572138060124.png (397.62 KB, 931x481, Capture.PNG)

CRIPPLING coffee.cats.recovery. Crippling enough that you can get on a plane to New Zealand for a holiday from your IP holiday from life, then go back IP in time for Christmas. The ultimate sick kid (ahem, nearly 30) lifestyle.

No. 885198

File: 1572138503548.png (447.94 KB, 931x486, Capture2.PNG)

For reference

No. 885199

File: 1572138543923.png (445.37 KB, 933x485, Capture3.PNG)


No. 885206

Confused…. she looks weight restored.

No. 885211

She does. She got private insurance and is riding on some shit about low blood sugar and psychological "seizures" from all the terrible terrible trauma she's had in her pampered life.

No. 885247

What's Becky's Facebook, again?

No. 885254

she even got toobed for a bit for her super speshal blood sugar

No. 885313

Apart from messed up images is there anything else on Kelsey? If not, then is there some decent milk with someone else? Kelsey shopped photos is boring the crap out of me!

No. 885329


I read through her thread. Am I Ana Chan or does she not look thin? She's weird.

No. 885335

File: 1572172950588.jpg (242.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191027-103210_Ins…)

Laura is going clubbing whilst sectioned?!

No. 885345

Her face is looking fuller AND less scratched. Discharge imminent (aka some ambiguous post about some dramatic antic she’s going to pull to force them to keep her admitted imminent.)

No. 885346

You're an anachan yes.

No. 885350

File: 1572178847097.png (339.7 KB, 392x730, capture.png)

Coconut milk? Over her "anorexic" phase then. Better come up with something else little bean.

No. 885362

It is 20cal/ 100ml so pretty acceptable to anorexics given it is less than skim milk…

Not saying Laura has anorexia, I just think this gibe at her makes no sense!

No. 885365


…actual coconut milk has much more, closer to 200 kcal/100 ml. of course if it's one of those gross coconut milk drinks with most of the contents being water like almond milk, the calorie count is around what you said.

still, going clubbing and constantly going out to cafes… scratching her face a little is really enough to keep her in treatment? no significant weight loss either, it's all angles. your tax money at work, people.

No. 885373

It's weird she used to say she was broke and nearly homeless, then she suddenly brought a fancy car, got private health insurance, moved into a independent flat that must cost a fortune. She either milks the system to the eyeballs or lied about being broke af

No. 885475

File: 1572206388330.jpeg (369.7 KB, 828x825, A76D2B39-3B76-4F0D-8367-0B27C7…)

Yet another instalment of “FIRST TIME TRYING XYZ OMG!!1!1”. To be honest, I had to stop at the line “my life has literally just been changed by a pickle and cheese baguette”. What a sad “life” that must be…

No. 885498

She never had cheese and Branston pickle? It's a fucking ploughman's lunch. Is it too working class?

Is she actually still in hospital at this point?

I've not been interested in this girl's thread, but from what I've seen her body's quite masculine. I can never tell if someone's that size because they work out or if it's an underweight thing.
She's definitely bordering on the unwell side if she isn't already. Her arms kinda look like cocktail picks.

I predicted she'd do a face scratch session this weekend, but she must be holding off seeing how she had to go clubbing and had a social with her friend and a kid.

No. 885514

This cow has so much potential tbh.

No. 885515


You might start to think she keeps food orgasming to lure in feeders lol
I would love to know if she gets "real" feeder-mail in her PO box lol

I wonder when and how her channel will ever evolve from this train wreck. And when the YT comments will finally catch up on her bullcrap. She should have gained a whole lot more by now. In "real" recovery your don't stay extremely obsessed on food that long.

No. 885517

Or they get off to watching her mum eating. Elzani's too sexless to think that anyone would be interested in fetishising what she does in any way lol.

Almost all the well known ASMR creators have spoken about perv mail or stalkers. I saw a load of comments on a lesser known channel saying he had a video idea regarding latex gloves. I reckon anyone who has a popular channel's going to get sex pests. These freaks can turn anything into a sexual thing - even model railways I bet.

No. 885533

File: 1572215307321.jpeg (22.03 KB, 256x320, EC74C214-CE27-41C8-B113-6A065B…)

I’m so glad we are finally talking about this cow. I followed her for a while as she is a kiwi but she seems to just ship every year or so when docs realise she’s bullshitting all her medical issues. Some old caps for reference

No. 885534

Jump ship* sorry

No. 885535

Actually watched this vlog for the first time in months and months. I skipped bits and she STILL repeated herself over and over?! How does she not realise when she is editing?
God I wish she was just in daypatient treatment so that she'd get told to shut the F up and eat her meal/ snack in time and without seeking reassurance! She'd also have to be away from her mum…who she calls her best friend.

It is like every clip she is thinking 'this could be a thumbnail' ahhhhhh!

No. 885536

File: 1572215529684.png (5.01 MB, 1242x2208, 9E021C31-6ACC-44D1-8140-97E307…)

Anyone know what this shit was about?? (She who must not be named’s story)

No. 885538

File: 1572215569451.png (4.43 MB, 1242x2208, 4FA5630B-0A97-4D19-BCCE-6C30C5…)

2 this one as well

No. 885547


no idea, but i can only assume Korey posted some more irresposible shit on her private.
Also, major kek at koreys main account and her recent posts about crystals and being given a placement in a fucking HOSPITAL as a dietitian.

if i was having an anorexic dietitian rock up to my bedside, deciding my meal plan i would hardly be able to contain my laughter!

No. 885551

Worse still, imagine your KID is in the hospital for an eating disorder and rickety, drug addled Korey pulls up to their bedside with her crystal voodoo and starts tippity-typing out a meal plan.

No. 885566

File: 1572219512009.jpg (180.8 KB, 992x602, maxresdefault.jpg)

I never know who's not to be named because I always think it's OG Whann. There's a T name who can't be named so it's probably her, but oi, that means you shouldn't be posting about her.

If I thought a medic who was into crystals was treating anyone I'd give them a wide berth. New age bullshit stops at panpipes for relaxation imo, and that's pushing it.

Recovering from an ED must be extra hell with having these screaming melodramatic bitches running around creating drama. They should have their own hospitals/clinics/islands.

No. 885581

Are these about her being on the pipe?

No. 885582

File: 1572223530270.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x1971, D8D406E2-B4D0-43FC-8574-977B1F…)

Don’t forget about her “spiritual trauma” from being kicked out of her church and how she thinks god is punishing her and by eating her dinner she therefore killed her aunt…

No. 885583

File: 1572223748435.gif (1.17 MB, 205x211, jfc.gif)

Aaaaand that's what superstition does to a person.

No. 885584

"Sorry if I sound like a total nut job"

Keep trying. You sound like a leech. You can't call upon crazy at whim you dumb bitch.

No. 885585

Go get raped or something. Get the real deal trauma if you're that committed to being a victim.(A logging)

No. 885586

That would only happen if she stands on a telephone directory, turns around twice and recites the words to "Ebony and Ivory".

No. 885587

come on thats not a nice thing to say. besides, pretty sure shes mentioned that the has childhood trauma along those lines

No. 885592

I do not care how insufferable a person is, telling someone to go get raped is a one way ticket to hell. Seriously shame on you.

No. 885601

at least shes aware she sounds like a total nutjob. she also thinks she was "dying" of her anorexia.

No. 885614

Yeah I’m pretty sure she already has been so.

No. 885616

It sounds like she’s going for an ocd vibe here but not quite getting it

No. 885654

File: 1572241529312.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191028-064154_Ins…)

How can you wear something like that what the fuck

No. 885676

messiest outfit

No. 885679


this is the typical fat facebook mom selfie angle… nice

No. 885689

File: 1572255204755.jpg (526.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191028-045907_Ins…)

No. 885690

File: 1572255251970.jpg (499.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191028-045945_Ins…)

No. 885695

Wow way to make your aunts death about you
This way she be be the victim in any situation and not have to take any accountability
And htf donyou get kicked out of that many churches? Like wtf are you doing

No. 885706

shes way too old to be doing this sort of shit

No. 885714

Her food obsession is ridiculous - given the amount of weight she’s restored you’d think by now she would have something else to focus on like college or uni or work but all she does is about food still.

No. 885740

this is such a vile thing to say, i’ve contributed to shit talk on this site but this is too far

No. 885752

File: 1572274924287.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1563, kittenthistle.png)

I've been going through the old threads because this one is such a clusterfuck. Remember KittenThistle from way back? I checked her recent posts and she's less milky but still spoopy and posting body checks disguised as outfits of the day. Come on, girl. We see you tilting those toes in for the thigh gap and flexing that arm so your tendons pop.

No. 885761

Fuckin yikes, that was really too far, you’ve graduated from being a regular shit talked to just a regular old cunt trying to be edgy, fuck off.

No. 885764

I assume you're talking about the "get raped" comment and I agree with you but holy fuck. Learn to sage. Also, you've replied to the wrong post and you even did that wrong.

No. 885780

I haven't seen her for a long time. She looks better than the last time I saw a pic but could be her baggy clothes making her look less spoopy.

No. 885791

File: 1572282062128.png (2.41 MB, 1457x2048, Screenshot_20191028-114711.png)

Her face looks fuller but she's still underweight. She's still doing those tumblr-ana poses. Gotta push that butt out so your thighs look smaller. And her food pics are all veg.

No. 885793

File: 1572282735492.jpg (410.87 KB, 720x1048, 20191028_171155.jpg)

No. 885794

File: 1572282738387.jpg (25.59 KB, 301x314, bean.JPG)

She dresses less like a toddler now, so that's an improvement even if her ed hasn't improved.

Laura hasn't fallen into a coma yet. Her face is sunken.

No. 885796

Lol we posted at the same time.

Discharged so played mental. There's surprise. Thought she was being sent somewhere else. It's almost as if there's nothing wrong with her. Poor sick bean.

No. 885797

>>885796 last time she went missing she was just in her garden lmao

No. 885799

“thankfully she has been sectioned” i’m sure she is thankful, probably another month of sweet drinks, crotch shots and facial mutilation in store for us then!

No. 885801

i can’t believe anyone would want to spend that much time away from home in a hospital unless something was really bad at home or something?? does she have a shitty home life or horrible parents or something?

No. 885803

Her friend Crying Emily used to do that. She'd say she was in danger being followed or something but we noticed the pic she took was a fence near her house ha.

Only section 2. They won't keep putting up with her shit. There are stacks of people like her who do shit like throw a tv out of a window to get put back in, but they get sent back home next ward round. Leeches.

She just likes not having to be an adult.

No. 885806


that's a pretty chubby face for a frail little ana. and honestly all her face scratches always look like someone who picked a zit too much and it started to bleed, nothing more. such self harm~

also wearing xxxxl clothes to seem more skinny. why they keep taking her in, why? the only diagnosis that actually fits her is munchausen's. she doesn't need to be sectioned for that shit, just told by her friends and family to stop playing these crying wolf games and grow the fuck up. next time she ~disappears~ they should just ignore it. you don't negotiate with attention whores.

No. 885820

File: 1572284484420.jpg (79.52 KB, 923x558, paedo.JPG)

That convicted paedophile is still on insta. He keeps changing his username. How is he still there when he's been reported? I hope he does starve himself to death. Don't think I'm being an edgelord saying that.

No. 885825

Holy misuse of hashtags, transman!

No. 885830

File: 1572285372283.jpg (49.83 KB, 590x550, paedo still alive.JPG)

Death won't come too soon for this one. Hopefully it's heart will give up.

No. 885857

8 slices of toast for dinner wtf??

No. 885866

He's a useless fuck who obviously can't even cook a meal. He only throws it up anyway.

Weird he keeps the egg sangas down but throws the lattes up.

No. 885872

Eh is it weird? It’s a million times easier/less disgusting to puke up a late than an egg sammie.

No. 885874

I would've thought that the feeling of having solid food in the stomach would feel more disgusting than liquid, but he's not even disgusted at being a kiddie molester so…

No. 885881

I kind of feel like this “friend” gets off on taking care of her and her drama. I also feel like she attracts these overweight girls with mental health problems who like being close to a “little Ana fairy” to live vicariously through her or something? It’s very weird.

No. 885886

I kind of feel like this "friend" is her.

No. 885887

Agreed. Or at least this post; it is extremely questionable to have someone else “post on your behalf.” Poor delicate sick little crazy bean is too fucked in the head to say that after a week of clubbing and drinking lattes she decided it was time to go back to the warm fuzzy hospital.

No. 885889

File: 1572294179571.jpg (67.82 KB, 778x320, Capture.JPG)


She's a pea from the same pod. Likes involving herself in the dramas.

No. 885891

File: 1572294606004.png (898.22 KB, 652x934, drdray.png)

Ah, look. Everyone's favorite Doctor in Denial is going as White Noise for Halloween.

No. 885892

quite honestly which is easier, posting it yourself from your phone which is already logged into your insta, or tracking down your log-in information then getting it to your friend? pathetic either way.

No. 885894


No. 885932

Seems like a massive lie to trap more underage girls or of-age women who look like young girls. He (because i refuse to believe he’s genuinely trans and not doing this to escape his actions) is still overweight and was obese. Begone pedo

No. 885936

sage for no new info but didn’t an anon earlier this week say laura was looking healthy, and it was a matter of time until she did something to stay in? kek they called it. She needs to go home and face real life. She’s so babied it’s ridiculous, she wouldn’t last a week in treatment centers in the US

No. 885943


I posted that she was due to fake a meltdown to stay in >>885498
, but at the time I didn't know she'd been discharged.

It's so OB-VI-OUS what she's doing. The MH services must know she's playing the system but there mustn't be much they can do about it.

Doing a bit of self harm isn't going to keep her in indefinitely, so she's stepped up her game. It's going to be rinse and repeat.

No. 885945

(the fake SRA/DID anachan turned they/them girl used to do the same. For months housing benefit was keeping her flat open but she kept getting out and doing exactly what Laura's doing. Time for Laura to fake MPD).

No. 885946

I thought of your post as soon as I saw the update though! Idk why that friend annoys me so much, but I think she’s super gross and highly manipulative herself.

No. 885947

They're like a double act. On her tellonym she's saying, I WAS THERE WHEN THE DOCTORS MENTIONED A COMA!!!1) I wouldn't be surprised if she was giving Laura ideas how to stay in seeing how she pulls similar tricks herself. She's a psychology student lol.

No. 885965

This reads like a 12 year old making her first post on mpa. Some nice mittens aren’t gonna make her 19, blonde, and post-edit-model pretty and she’s either genuinely retarded or she’s trolling hard for saying it.

What’s with mid forties people and playing a round of baby’s first thinspo account? Planned out purging? What sort of look at me don’t look at me shit is that? The pity party is all laid out and this disgusting fetishist is begging for a victim like bunny did with his fake cast.
Bet he will get a pass for predatory creepy shit because pweshus tranny.

No. 885999

She looks like the hills have eyes. Such an unfortunate head. Inside and out.

Likely story. All these ana-chans who claim seriously low blood sugar always conveniently have enough fat stores, but try so desperately to market this idea they're frail and sickly.

No. 886012

Cannot figure out why her face is so lopsided? It almost seems like she does it on purpose to make herself look more deranged

No. 886026

File: 1572314142747.png (6.73 MB, 1242x2208, BAE7F6A9-6E25-48AD-B358-53C599…)

Sure allegra you’ll look just like her, ask for donations much?

No. 886034

Mocking someone for the shape of the face they were born with doesn’t really seem like a reasonable thing to do…
I get the sense that, it’s surely NOT eating disorder stuff that is her problem rn.. idk, I don’t want to see folk here reporting that she’s gone yknow since her “milk” these days is only genuine mental illness symptoms… maybe it’s time to leave her alone.. focus on someone else n let her doctors work it out. How can we claim someone is faking it more than her entire team themselves can? I don’t think we have that right. I don’t know her but I think, even tho she self posted we should let it go now, it’s gone far enough….

No. 886044

I can't believe she doesn't have second hand embarrassment from constantly asking her followers for free stuff. Thought she might have learned after begging on her story for someone to bring her xanax. Get a job, Allegra

No. 886045

I get what you're saying about the rabbit mittens. Okay, animal fur IS the warmest "fabric", but she's bought those and bragged for a reaction. I think they're disgusting ethically, but it just makes me think she's a dick out for confrontation. They fugly at that, real or faux.

youtube for you. It's bizarre how her face has changed. It's not only lack of cosmetics. She's started to look like some Chernobyl dust got to her and it's acting on her system.

I don't really understand why blood sugar would affect her (educate me if there's an explanation). I know some overweight women who have blood sugar drops and need to scoff a Mars and they're not diabetic.

White Knight rides in. Trot on to some other village. The doctors HAVE worked it out. They discharged her. Oh, let's blame NHS negligence eh? [next post]

No. 886046

File: 1572315895450.jpg (32.88 KB, 775x202, r2.JPG)

for WK

No. 886067

File: 1572321382490.jpg (617.3 KB, 1080x1964, 20191028_204448.jpg)

Yikes. Not only does she "rarely ask for shit" (didn't she "need" money for another pregnancy test just last week?), she sounds proud that her mamma paid for a manicure as a reward for, drum roll.. cleaning her 26-yr old ass's room.

Her parents just bought her a new bed and skin care, plus treatment x2 and paying her bills for a year. Oh and still pay for her therapy. Must be nice.

Seriously though, it's just sad that she clearly still doesn't understand how privileged her life is.

No. 886070

So true it’s fucking pathetic. And Xanax before her treatment spell: I know I wouldn’t be trying to lose weight and b/p DIRECTLY out of treatment but if it’s free sure why not just throw it away.

No. 886071

Love how she whites out their name but forgets to do so in her comment. Now her passionate fans can roast that poor person for telling the truth.

No. 886090

I'm sure nobody cares, but I was in treatment with this girl. It's wild to see her posted here. The ED world is so small.

Anyway. I peeked at her Tumblr. Apparently she went to Castlewood? That's interesting. I knew another girl who went there. I guess it's old news now, but did any of you hear about the alleged Satanic abuse there? Crazy stuff.

No. 886099

someone of physical risk can't behave how she does. god these people think we're fools.

No. 886109

I don't understand how Laura's supposed girlfriend 'dween' sticks around for all these years considering she's pretty normal.. Laura will leach onto anyone who would so much as smile at her.
It's all about drama and attention.. She's 23? Acts like a child who throws her dummy out the pram at the slightest thing… You're an adult Laura, grow the hell up.

No. 886110

in Elzani's video, BRITISH TRY TRADER JOE'S FOR THE FIRST TIME, at 3:30 even her grandma is orgasming over food LOL the entire family is weird if u ask me

No. 886111

and when she eats the maple cookie

No. 886112

also why is she training herself to like bananas? never heard anyone trying to learn how to like a food.. u either like it or u don't O.o(O.o)

No. 886115


bro when at 13:48 she said she is fucking the food. uh ok..

No. 886119

It's not actually that uncommon. It's possible to retrain tastebuds, it's why you should always keep trying to get kids to eat their fruit and veggies, eventually something twigs. Same as you can reverse tolerances to foods via elimination of them for a period.

It's especially important in people who need to try to break through a very limiting diet (like the people who only eat say - crisps, or chicken nuggets).

No. 886122

why the fuck aren't any of y'all saging

No. 886125

New fags

No. 886133

File: 1572346949500.jpeg (34.43 KB, 563x415, image.jpeg)

too hangry

No. 886152

File: 1572350504708.jpg (299.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191029-080038_Ins…)

No. 886153

File: 1572350568100.jpg (480.44 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191029-080008_Ins…)

No. 886154

File: 1572350642545.jpg (686.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191029-080025_Ins…)

No. 886155

What in the world does she think she’s accomplishing by posting this?

No. 886158

I'd assume it's because some people use their accounts like a place to vent, or to find their not alone with situations. Doesn't make her seem any less of a POS though in general.

No. 886177

Putting clothes on =/= magically morphing into the model in the photograph

No. 886178

I can't think why the son would want to leave this cozy, welcoming environment where his mom livestreams his life on Instagram and calls the cops on him

No. 886183

definitely! he should be thankful to have a parent obsessed with entertaining people on ED instagram.

Most of these older women in ED/recovery instagram are creepy, absorbed in drama and the lives of others, to the point they try and "mother" struggling people ie. invade their privacy.

No. 886207

holy shit, this is one of the most egregious things i've seen in the pro-ana threads. what kind of mother calls the police on their seemingly non-violent child and then takes pictures for fucking snapchat? i know that EDs give you garbage brain but this lady is above and beyond. nowhere near as spoopy as ashley but i would argue even more vile. god, i know i'm too pressed about this, it's just so insane to see someone pull this shit and then brag about it on the internet, like how insane and out of touch do you have to be? this is some onision-tier shit

really sorta makes you appreciate all the teenage girls who still have some time to pull their shit together and stop being histrionic on the internet. at least she-who-shall-not-be-named never called the cops on anyone and recorded it, kek.

No. 886235

according to the post, his parole officer was contacted, who then called the police on him. the kid must be on parole and a common term that goes with it is not leaving a designated area/or leaving without permission, he could have been processed as a flight risk?

No. 886243

File: 1572370627087.jpeg (408.06 KB, 750x914, C23BE680-F0CE-4A5F-857F-853F12…)

Why do her parents let her prepare and cook dinner for the whole family? Basic concept of ED recovery is to take the control away- yet they seem oblivious to it and let her do everything . And I can’t imagine all that standing and cooking and chopping is helping her bad back either.

No. 886261

File: 1572373589591.jpg (644.41 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191029-182606_Ins…)

No. 886262

So convenient and kind of them to let her keep her phone though. Most polite “involuntary sectioning” of all time, or just a bucket of bollocks?

No. 886264

I was trying to figure out what a PO was. Don't they ankle tag kids where she lives?

It's weird to upload that pic. I don't think I've seen an adult wash their dirty laundry in public so hard as she's doing.

No. 886273


Stripped her bed of sheets, took away material she could hang herself with. Pic is of bed sheets. There's bullshit in the air.

No. 886285

File: 1572376853228.png (3.33 MB, 750x1334, F7D69709-C697-4CC8-B0CB-FBA2B8…)

She can’t remember yesterday at all supposedly but can read through this thread. Since you’re reading laura, get a life. Stop playing in this fantasy. This hospital is not the playground you wish it was. Everyone is tired of your shit, if strangers on the internet are tired of it then so is people in your life. We know at this point you’re faking for the sake of staying hospitalized. go home

No. 886287

Get something to do other than playing hospitals?

Thousands of depressed people at home can't be arsed to get up and switch a light on/get out of bed/watch tv, etc. yet this cunt is supposedly all dissociative and having a crisis but is doing internet, taking photos and doing instagram.

You're really sad, Laura. I pity you. You chose to make your life atm playing mental IP instead of trying something else with your life. Hopefully being detained in a cell's going to put you off wasting emergency services time again.

No. 886288


Go squeeze your zits some more, Laura. No wonder you have to scratch your face with all the sugar you're getting from that starbucks, shit fucks up your skin. Drink some water for once and go home. Hospitals are for actually sick people who want to get better. You just pretend to be sick and want to get sicker to be the sickest frailest little snowflake. And it's boring. You're an adult ass woman act like it.

No. 886289

Also, you said they took your bedclothes. You didn't say you kept one. Maybe look into distance learning while you're hanging around. Education opens many doors.

No. 886294


Can the mods possibly ban discussion of this one? It's making me cringe how much she's playing up to this attention.

No. 886295

Honestly Laura is getting on my nerves. Being hospitalised is so horrible, degrading and dehumanising but she just HAD to post it everywhere

No. 886298

Like I don’t doubt she’s suffering with something but why post it on social media you know?

No. 886299

Hey mini mod. Great idea. Then we're left with discussing Elzani and her First Time videos. At least this one's got milk and her faking is outed here.

No. 886302

File: 1572378359254.jpg (477.89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191029-194610_Ins…)

No. 886306

File: 1572378619789.jpg (44.08 KB, 475x768, fake.jpg)

MPD for sure. Must be an alter typing for her. The "little". Awaiting stories of eating babies and hooded figures.

No. 886309

Barely drinking? But she’s drinking coffee on her stories all the time?

No. 886377


Getting your mom to pay for getting nails done for 54$, because you cleaned your room… lmfao what the actual fuck

the privilege is strong on this one, stop trying to be an edgelord "who's had a tough life" by starving and doing drugs and just accept that you have every possibility to do what you want, grow tf up damn

No. 886378


Getting your mom to pay for getting nails done for 54$, because you cleaned your room… lmfao what the actual fuck

the privilege is strong on this one, stop trying to be an edgelord "who's had a tough life" by starving and doing drugs and just accept that you have every possibility to do what you want, grow tf up damn

No. 886387

Nice try kek

No. 886422

What's up, Laura? Get a life and quit abusing the mental health system if you want us to quit talking about you.

No. 886428


Trying not to blog but seriously this is some BS. Even though Laura’s not the teeny tiny faerie childe she desperately wants to portray it doesn’t matter - if your blood sugar drops as low as 2 staff do NOT fuck around. They don’t “wait for you to go into a coma” ffs if you don’t accept food/fortisip/glucogel/equivalent and the unit’s not equipped to handle it, you’re off to a medical ward (or A&E at the least). Don’t comply? You’re getting sectioned and possibly NGed too. What you DON’T get is leave to Costa. It could be literally next door you’re still not going unless you’re stable.

Not surprised she’s back already. I get the impression she knows exactly what to say/do to get sectioned (the docs/AMHP have to cover their arses after all) and that’s what she needs help with: the histrionics. Even as an inpatient she seems to have a healthier social life than many ‘normal’ people

No. 886433

i Don’t get how she has her phone if she’s sectioned but isn’t allowed covers/blankets? And she’s allowed leave AFTER her blood sugars were low enough that “they were waiting for a coma” I call bs

No. 886438

I'm interested to see what lengths Laura goes to to get put back in hospital when she's discharged. What's one up from "going missing" and threatening to be an hero? Whatever it is, she'll try that.

>I get the impression she knows exactly what to say/do to get sectioned

This 100% She's learned how to exploit the system and she's doing it.

No. 886449

She's just taking the piss now
She probably feels like shes starring in her own soap opera.
I agree if we stop posting her all shell have is her wannarexics
Gtfo of hospital Laura, realize how privilege you are and stop wasting resources. Youre not as unwell as you try to portray and everyone can see it
Sage for rant

No. 886450

>Personally with Laura I’d take the phone instead.

She's safe with the phone. She couldn't do insta if she decided to up her game, smash it, swallow shattered glass/electronics as self harm.

All she's saying really is bs. It's easy to get admitted. As a person living alone, all it would take is for me to call the Crisis Team over, say I'm suicidal and there you go. Why the fuck I'd do that idk. It's sickening that funds are wasted on malingerers like her when there're homeless people with obvious MH issues who're ignored. NHS cash could be used to find housing/hostels for them but…people like Laura.

No. 886451

There are things you can “do” with bedding whereas a phone wouldn’t pose the same risk. idk where you are but in the UK it’s pretty common to still be allowed your phone even if sectioned (depending on the unit, care plan, risk assessment obvs)

tbh in Laura’s case I’d be inclined to take away the phone instead.

No. 886458

>hat an unpleasant thing to subject yourself to for attention

Pretty much the same as the physical illness Munchies who subject themselves to the most invasive, undignified procedures for medical attention.

No. 886459

Sorry anon had to repost but yeah exactly.

The thing is the people who sectioned her probably see right through it but duty of care innit. The 136 adds ~legitimacy~ but what an unpleasant thing to subject yourself to for a few more days/weeks of hanging around a hospital campus. The coffee must be excellent there!

No. 886474

Its like a game to these people. I sense BPD in Laura for sure. Frequent flyers to hospital when someone really in need could need that bed…but of course she puts on some last minute histrionics to take one up.

No. 886493

She sounds more like Histrionic PD

Histrionic personality disorder is characterized by constant attention-seeking,
emotional overreaction, and seductive behavior.
People with this condition tend to overdramatize situations, which may impair relationships and lead to depression. Yet they are highly suggestible, easily susceptible to the influence of others.

Shes more about the attention seeking ave valuation from others rather than emotional dysregulation

Sage blog

No. 886498

HPD symptoms

Self-centeredness, feeling uncomfortable when not the center of attention
Constantly seeking reassurance or approval
Inappropriately seductive appearance or behavior
Rapidly shifting emotional states that appear shallow to others
Overly concerned with physical appearance, and using physical appearance to draw attention to self
Opinions are easily influenced by other people, but difficult to back up with details
Excessive dramatics with exaggerated displays of emotion
Tendency to believe that relationships are more intimate than they actually are
Is highly suggestible (easily influenced by others)

No. 886502

File: 1572400617730.jpg (48.29 KB, 302x377, Capture.JPG)


It's impossible to armchair with ig though. You can't tell how much is exaggerated for a good story or if it's genuine.

All I know about Laura is she wants people to feel concerned about her and she wants to appear vulnerable. Even that feels fake judging by her past behaviour when it was all about makeup and dance.

She's totally milking the cute wickle bean look after me thing in this pic.

No. 886504

Yikes that's a face only a mother could love

No. 886597

File: 1572428338190.jpg (410.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191030-053759_Ins…)

No. 886605

>drinking alcohol behind the wheel

No. 886641

Just like Smorven- she’s allowed her phone even when everything else gets confiscated.

No. 886643

The thing I don’t understand about Elzani is that she appears to have none of the other co morbid issues that other people with eating disorders have- she doesn’t SH ( that we know of), isn’t depressed, doesn’t have BPD or PTSD or OCD , etc. It’s just her family dynamics that are screwed up.

No. 886646

Not to armchair, but if she’s not the absolute picture of female aspergers, I don’t know what is. And probably ocd too.

No. 886652

in the uk adult wards you can keep your phone even if they strip everything else from you, cause they'll even take your charger - you only can't keep it if you're in PICU.

No. 886656

No she hasn’t got Aspergers- that and if she had ASD was debated a few threads back- someone asked her directly in the comments on one of her you tube videos - and they would have given her that diagnosis when she was IP but they didn’t .

No. 886657

Yeah, and if you asked her directly whether she’s restricting / purging / doing sneaky shit behind the scenes she’d lie about that too…

No. 886658

File: 1572446984399.jpg (148.92 KB, 1054x578, qa5Vu3V.jpg)

Some cringe from the new MPA. I had to highlight the text because she insists on writing in a super, super light pink.

She has an alt account for Octavia (an alter) who is literally a character from the TV show "The 100" lmao.

Sorry if this is bad milk or OT, just thought it was ridiculous the DID faggotry going on there.

No. 886662

She and her ~alters~ need to get back to tumblr. Why post about a totally different made up mental illness on a forum where people aren't going to be able to relate/give support?

No. 886672

No ! She just doesn’t answer those questions - over and over people have asked on her YT and IG if she is- she just ignores them, but when it came to the Aspergers she denied it. I can see why someone would lie about restricting/purging/exercise etc , but why would she lie about not having Aspergers- seems a pointless thing to lie over.

No. 886677

File: 1572449597971.jpeg (53.04 KB, 594x391, image.jpeg)

Talking of Elzani- thought these comments on her latest IG were amusing

No. 886680

File: 1572449624655.jpeg (51.23 KB, 631x389, image.jpeg)

No. 886684

nothing adopting fake personalities/did to blame your shitty behavior on.

No. 886708

Elzani is weird but she was literally a skeleton a couple years ago. It's only now after 2-3 years she's gaining weight. Idk if this is a farmer cow-tipping or trying to get a reaction but of all the cow ITT who lie about anorexia/disordered eating, Elzani is not one of them.

No. 886711

Pretty sure Elzani has a bad reputation other than here. I know there was a thread about her on mpa, and knowing how bitchy and dramatic some of the younger ED people are it could just be a random who dislikes her for whatever reason.

Nobody can doubt she's lying about having an ED, it's the volume of food she was eating/is eating that people were pulling her up on.

She's doing well, but there's still a lot of ed weirdness with her. The fact she's annoying might piss people off, but I'm not into trying to trigger anyone genuinely trying to recover. That's just a really ugly thing to do.

No. 886721

God I just can't watch, why does she announciate every word like that?!

No. 886722

I only watched a minute of it. Her speech and the way she rarely blinks is unnerving. How can someone be so excited to go into a high street coffee chain, drink coffee and eat a baguette? I notice her watch count is 11k. Didn't she used to get more views? Very few likes or dislikes. Oh, I wonder why lol. Tedium.

No. 886728

File: 1572457670478.png (7.08 MB, 1242x2208, 0BAB7502-828D-4B30-8EB4-800C7A…)

Hangs out with friends for the first time in awhile.. and they OD, I see how Allegra has no friends.
Before anyone says it I use her real name because I know she lurks hard and it pisses her off when we use her real name so that’s why

No. 886735


Yeah she's not very well liked on MPA, from what I've seen. Even other fellow anorexics find her weird, annoying, and straight up not interesting. There have been some debate about the possibility of her purging what she eats on her videos, if I remember correctly.

No. 886769

File: 1572461418739.png (23.71 KB, 300x364, probably asking people for loa…)

Wow, do you think Becky Chuckles is thinking of recovery??

No. 886785

File: 1572464407876.jpeg (473.74 KB, 1242x2060, 6614E1FE-5F1E-4886-876B-BD93BF…)

Literally just screaming for attention and for someone to tell her “oh you’re so small/I’m so worried/i wish I looked like you”
Like hey Allegra! Did your parents not just drop loads on your treatment? and this is how you act not even two weeks later? Grow up and realize that being sooper thin is basically not an accomplishment lol.

No. 886789

Why do I feel all posts about aly are by just one person? >>886785 Do you know her irl?

No. 886791

Nope don’t know her at all, just a long time follower who likes to laugh at the nonsense she puts herself into.

No. 886909

def not just one person, I also post abt aly's shenanigans

No. 886926

Who the hell is this? I want to see the face of a retard who tries to pass off her fanfic real illness like that. what a fucking cringe. It looks like a self inserted fanfic of a mentally challenged 11 years old.

No. 886950

What’s coffee cats up too she’s so milky but I don’t follow her

No. 887015

Yeah me too, I think shes a hilarious shitshow but should probably be locked away

No. 887027

Bet Laura will try and get sectioned for Christmas so she can make Christmas shit for her family and loved ones and also make her followers sympathise because she's 'oh so sickly'…

No. 887030



>sooper thin


No. 887033

Don’t be a cuntyanachan.

No. 887038

She’s 5’6 you anachan, and I was implying that’s what she wants, is to be 80lbs and dying again because people cared about her then

No. 887039

that would make her bmi 16.5. wtf is wrong with you

No. 887119

I'd be shocked if she was? Not voluntarily anyway. For all her whining she seems quite content with her life of garden centres, ~arts~ and begging on the internet. Maybe she's reached the point where she doesn't have a choice.

No. 887161

i don’t like aly but that weight is low, stop being an anachan dude

No. 887241

What is her MPA username? Sorry, this is one of my first times using lolcow.

No. 887258

self post?

No. 887289

when you post, don't write anything in the name or subject fields, put 'sage' in the email field. more: https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 887305

She's deleted it now!

No. 887313

Have you seen that laura’s Friend sharni is now having a ‘breakdown’ on her vent and is scratching her face too. Sounds like she wants to get admitted from what she’s saying

No. 887320

post caps you troll.

No. 887349

It’s in the screenshot under her profile pic

No. 887352

File: 1572609304922.jpeg (112.46 KB, 750x799, 93AC0E30-29C1-4F76-9ECC-24BA42…)

Elzani crying about shortbread biscuits - why the fuck is she telling her mum which biscuits they can and can’t eat- when it was her mum who probably bought them in the first place. But when she says she was ‘saving the shortbread biscuits for her what I eat in a day vlog’…. um isn’t a vlog like that just meant to be a normal day - not something you’ve saved up special foods to eat for camera to show everyone how well you are doing?…..
And I can’t figure if her face is filled out from weight gain or if it’s from purging - or both.

No. 887355

Can’t disagree with the title of the video though! She very much is living WITH an eating disorder, rather than living in recovery from one.

No. 887366

Probably both. I don't doubt for one second that shes using compensatory behaviours for all these "challenges" and such.

No. 887373

File: 1572614905977.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1921, 20191101_132837.jpg)

Smorven putting in effort to make sure her tube and bleeding through neck wound is in the shot despite looking better than ever.

No. 887375

Seeing her makes me sad as she is quite intelligent but is living a stagnant life….if she embraced the nutrition she is being offered and made changes in her life she could reach her dream of being a surgeon.

No. 887379

She really won't. She has full insight but this is what she wants from her life, she wants to be a revolving door patient. She's totally and utterly fucked, she'll stay a chronic case forever. Medicine - particularly specialising in surgery - requires you to be able to cope with stress, and to accept help when you need it. She can't even cope with recovery. Intelligence isn't just book smarts, she's emotionally retarded.

No. 887390

It also requires one to tolerate not being the centre of attention / sickest snowflake in any given environment, which seems to be a real sticking point for her!

No. 887397

Morven a surgeon? Are you joking? She can’t ( won’t ) even look after herself.

No. 887398

Watching the video for most of it , it could have been done by anyone ( as in without an ED)- aside from the fact it’s entirely about food- it was only this bit that someone who didn’t know her would realise there wasn’t something right .

No. 887404

lol that's makeup you fools

No. 887405

So many reasons why that will never happen. The thought of Morvs wielding a scalpel is legitimately terrifying.

No. 887406

Some good news - looks like insta banned the tranny nonce bulimic.

No. 887422

File: 1572625870977.jpg (73.47 KB, 802x601, 0.JPG)

I stand corrected. Just another name change. Boo.

No. 887431

File: 1572627313039.jpg (448.54 KB, 593x994, Screenshot_20191101-124827_One…)

Aly: abuses the fuck out of her meds
Also Aly: "my mean psychiatrist gave me weak drugs"
And every psych I've ever seen does monthly appointments why is she whining about that

No. 887449

She's so annoying. Maybe try behavioral techniques to manage anxiety alongside the meds instead of being a pillfiend all the time?
Also, are anxiety meds like depression meds, where you have to wait a month to truly see how they affect you?

No. 887479

She claims she’s “tried everything” and the only things that work are the tough stuff, like yeah no shit it’s why here highly regulated. It takes a while, at least 3 weeks to see any difference in psych meds but she doesn’t care about that when she can just bitch to her followers.

No. 887513

That screams "ew but it's hard and I don't want to" to me
Like tough shit, it's gonna be hard, put in the work and stop wasting your parents' money

No. 887524

Exactly that. She also wants stimulants again but her psych was worried about her BMI so her solution? Give in to ED! That’ll show my psych!

No. 887611

Depends on what antidepressant they are on, fluoxetine takes six weeks to start acting as an antidepressant and anti anxiety medication, but the side effects can start straight away and they can make people worse before they get better

No. 887612

Reason being is because fluoxetine has a long half-life, I guess some meds don’t work but fucking around with SSRI’s are just going to make the person worse.

No. 887616

cool story webMD. can we not start guessing random drugs and playing doctor on lolcow? also sage your shit

No. 887620

I didn’t wanna sage at that time thank you. Anyway reason being I know about that was because I study nursing okay don’t hate on me I’m just sharing what shit I know, okay?
Anyway hope everyone has a good night.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 887630

>>887620 nta but stop posting emojis, nurse chan.

No. 887701

File: 1572663822754.jpg (789 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191102-030055_Ins…)

Yum. So nourishing..

No. 887705

if she eats it there's literally nothing unhealthy about porridge

No. 887716


Yeah, and I can dump a half bottle of ranch on a salad the LETTUCE is still healthy. Come on.

No. 887997

File: 1572724711999.jpg (Spoiler Image, 323.85 KB, 720x880, 20191102_215641.jpg)

Does she still photoshop or is this real?

No. 888001

i'm more grossed out by the general grime in this photo, that unicorn spread jar looks like it's been touched by 49 grubby 8 year old hands at a family barbecue, the bowl looks like it hasn't been washed, ever, the black fibres all over everything, just ew

No. 888024

at the very least she turned up the contrast so her bones are more visible.
a lot of people on here insist that she shoops her whole body but i’m pretty sure she is really that thin, i mean she posted a video body check that you can find a few threads back

No. 888040

_ghostofme is talking on her story about how she didnt get a job because they said she was too weak and she’s calling it discrimination… she literally cannot be a BMI more than 12 though. I feel like that makes perfect sense because employers obviously don’t want their employees to be looking like they’re one foot in the grave and/or passing out or worse on the job. Sad how she can’t see that

No. 888047

Her mpa says her bmi is 12.3

No. 888048

You know ghostofme's mpa user?

No. 888066

does she just not have any organs or something

No. 888099

If this is real (because she obviously is thin to begin with), where the fuck are her organs? And why hasn't she been admitted to a hospital if she's a minor? These are 2 things that don't make sense to me, especially the hospital. There's no way a girl like that walks around a high school and nothing happens

No. 888104

Kek seriously? This is fake as shit. The real question is why her account’s still up, nice of IG to ignore obvious ana chan posts. Unless they’ve decided she’s so far from real life that it’s art (major kek, she’s terrible at shooping).

No. 888106


Shoo, May.

I'll never believe this isn't someone making these images. That's not even the colour of human skin annd the shade and contrasts are way too harsh. Where are her veins? Even Ashley wouldn't lool like this. It's getting really pathetic.

No. 888108

Ig are really a bunch of shits. Idk if it's been the same in other countries, but a couple of weeks ago this thing about ig deleting anything about suicide/self harm IMMEDITELY was all over the news.

That paedo was reported, they didn't take his account down even though it's a blatant ToS not to have sex offenders. Instead reported the posts about starving himself to death/not eating for 10 days AND THEY DELETED THE ACCOUNT! So, it's okay to be a paedo yet not to do the ED thing, but "Kelsey" and others can post this ridiculous shit and they get to stay.

I know people like Ash and that Emily skeleton are sick but really, no they shouldn't post their shit all over instagram. Shouldn't disabled people be able to post deformities? Of course they should, but these skeles could do something about their condition instead of humble brag.


No. 888109

how come if you’re not totally trashing a cow on here you guys automatically assume it’s a self post? Lmao.

No. 888111

Learn to chan, newfag.

No. 888304

I realize this is old news but my eyes just rolled so far back into my head I can't stop myself from responding… jfc this is dramatic- anyone can recover. Some slower than others, and some have to bust their ass and some have it easier. If she's someone that needs more time and needs to bust her ass and doesn't feel like doing either of those things, more power to her, her life, but spending that time insetad circle jerking about how EDNOS is basically brain damage is the dumbest thing I've ever heard

How old are these people?? Like good god, let's not lay down and die on the internet before we can legally rent a car

No. 888314

Where is she on kiwi? I've never seen her before and I love her already

No. 888322

kek love that she interpreted that as discrimination to validate how super spoopy she is, rather than she didn't get the job because someone as out of shape as she is at a 12 BMI is obviously not going to be competent at basically any job. They have to think you'll be an actual asset, not just not discriminate against you.

No. 888323

I thought this question was tongue-in-cheek but I guess not… this is not real. As other people wrote, there are no organs. There would also be a disgusting amount of tendons and veins running everywhere.
Yeah, if this is a legit 17-year-old who is going to(/on leave from) high school and actually looks like this and isn't in intensive treatment, the school would get CPS involved on her behalf because that's literally child neglect

No. 888343

Yeah the person editing is defs playing around with shading and painting on some features - like the ribs. I mean check out the thigh/hip bone bit like even if you get mega spoopy your hip/thigh bone does not look like that. Also the size of the ribs are so not comparable to the rest of her so it’s defs the dark/light painting on of body features

No. 888349

File: 1572782274027.jpeg (240.81 KB, 750x1025, 45CE465F-C9BD-4017-8599-03478D…)

I agree especially in photos like this the proportions just aren’t real. Even if she was emaciated her body wouldn’t look like that, under all the sucking in and popping her bones out there’s just a terribly photoshopped normal body.

No. 888358

File: 1572786691147.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, C12F1B80-86B0-4799-BC06-6EC6B0…)

Even if ghost did get the job she wouldn’t make it through the first shift, get triggered by the food, then ‘relapse’.
She’s a cocky twat with a smug smirk.

Her mpa user is ‘ganja gremlin’, although since she now has insta anachans following her the account isn’t used for attention much anymore.

No. 888364

Taste the rainbow…. then taste it again

No. 888392

So Laura who never eats or drinks had been drinking Starbucks literally every single day?
Glad she ate something but seriously she says she doesn’t drink much at all but she’s constantly posting photos of coffee

No. 888403

what's funny about her pics is how her clothing always fits perfectly

No. 888414


She can't photoshop veins in though! That wouldn't look ~glamorous~

The dead giveaway is that her face always looks full. Also, her neck is thicker than her thigh. Those ribs are ridiculous.

No. 888469

Hi this is May or _ghostofme. I would really appreciate it if you guys stopped posting me on here . I have remained silent about it for long enough but this bullying is ridiculous . People tell me when I get posted on here and I don’t know what I did to deserve this kind of bullying . If you have a problem with me you can message me instead of posting about me anonymously .(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 888471

May, you’re too brain dead to properly understand. But we can talk about whatever we want. I know you think you’re entitled to pity, but we won’t give that to you. Sorry!

No. 888482

People are just going to talk about you even more now…
If you really wanted people to stop talking about you then you would have made your social private and only accepted requests from family members or close friends and not air your private life to strangers online.
Just confess it that you enjoy the attention.

No. 888491

Stop self posting so much then, maybe? You self post when you want the attention and then get mad when someone else posts you when you don’t want the attention. Play shitty games, win shitty prizes, my dear.

No. 888506

This is exactly what's happening. She posts about herself and gets butthurt when nobody takes any interest.

No one WANTS to talk about you. You're boring. Idk if you're trying to out anons by getting them to follow or DM on insta, but really nobody cares.

Lol, there's nothing to say about you. I'm sure there are forums you can discuss being thin or w/e with. Don't bother us.

No. 888606


No. 888630

no 1 here will believe these pics are accurate until we get Kelsey's obituary. i think her shooping is very minimal, shes deff terrifying to look at irl im sure

No. 888654

Lmao it’s cute you think she looks like that. No minor in high school looks that way without someone getting involved

No. 888656

itd be easier to lie about her age then shoop these pics from a healthy body. and you dont need to be condescending, anachan, to make your point about about kelsey known

No. 888659

Lmao I’m not an anachan for believing her horribly photoshopped photos aren’t real. As many others have pointed out already: she has no organs in her pics. Her clothes fit perfectly to her frame (not loose/baggy), her skin is the wrong color for someone that sick. She has no veins/tendons where she should. Is that explanation enough or are you just as dumb as her followers?

No. 888675

No. 888684

doesn't look overly shopped tbh, other than adjusting shadows/contrasts. you can see the veins on her stomach/ribs. all her tendons are poppin. I don't doubt she's at a VERY low weight. organs shrink a lot when you're at a low weight so stop saying 'omggg where are her organsss'. y'all are just trying to find nits to pick.

No. 888707

Learn how to use this forum before posting, newfag. I've also never heard of organs 'shrinking' in anorexics kek. The elderly, sure, but she still wouldn't be THAT tiny. It's unbelievable that people believe her shoops

No. 888761

File: 1572889408796.jpg (130.84 KB, 640x879, 75242077_704095000000102_89062…)

Kelsey's back looking about 8 feet tall with those thighs

No. 888815

This is likely a self post but whatever, I'll take the bait. See how the carpet in that triangle space between her legs is so much more zoomed in than the carpet on the outer side of her legs. One hundred percent convinced she's doing this as a prank though. The photoshoping is somehow getting "cleaner" yet more obvious all at the same time.

No. 888821

Not a self post, just the first thing I saw this morning on IG. I didn't even notice the space between her legs but she forgot to photoshop her foot. I just thought it was hilarious to think of her standing up with thighs that long.

No. 888824

I agree that her pics are very obviously shooped but the whole ~where r her organs~ crap is kind of fruitless. Like have y’all never seen emaciated people? Google it, they exist, their organs shrink too. They don’t take up much space.

No. 888836

That and the cushion looks like two different pictures glued together

No. 888850

No indents either from her "sitting" on it.
Seems like she's being really careful with who she accepts now too. I do wonder if anyone is legit buying this crap though, what are the comments like on her account?

No. 888862

Lots of 'you're so tiny please get help' and her responding with 'I'm okay'. Its been said before that she'll delete and block anyone who calls out inconsistencies but there's one comment on a post that said 'Don't you live with your parents?' that she never deleted or answered
On her previous accounts the comments would pile in but she never responded to them. Its interesting that she responds to almost every single one now

No. 888877



Here’s Kelsey’s video bodycheck for the anons that insist that her whole entire body is photoshopped.
I still think there’s some light shooping going on, at the very least she’s turning up the contrast so her bones are more pronounced.

I do have a hard time believing she’s in high school though. Unless she’s being homeschooled by the world’s most neglectful parents, her school would get involved and she’d get 51/50’d without a doubt.

No. 888885

Can't you tell by the expression how hard she's sucking in and breath holding? A lot more "flesh" on her too there, granted that vid is from before her supposed treatment. She does shoop more than just adjustments, it's kind of clear to see.

No. 888900

exactly, if she exhaled she would look somewhat normal

No. 888915

File: 1572900841391.jpg (420.86 KB, 720x1132, 20191104_155407.jpg)

No. 888924

the anachans in this thread are fucking ridiculous. obviously she’s sucking in, but she still looks extremely underweight. no healthy person could possibly look like that from sucking in. look at her legs…is she sucking those in too?

No. 888926

File: 1572901727350.jpg (419.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191104-160840_Ins…)

No. 888943

File: 1572904729199.jpeg (176.23 KB, 828x1147, E9D64BD8-F8D7-4023-89E5-B9A2A1…)

Is she still in hospital or….? Also, how does she have endless money for coffee and clothes? She doesn’t seem to come from a rich family, so I don’t get it. Also, someone called her the “cutest little bean” in a comment on her recent post and I almost gagged. Don’t encourage her people!

No. 888970

File: 1572907725967.jpg (36.95 KB, 700x593, 3c0e7d5287967222604f9a8702d454…)

Okay, I won't say "nice try", even though I'm aware "Kelsey" blatantly self posts.

The stomach always looks so flat and ribs so extended because she's obviously done the vacuum stomach yoga exercise. It's a standard pose for bodybuilders and wanarexics. There are workouts to achieve it on youtube and I think at one point there was a 30 day vacuum challenge.

Img, not an ana chan.

No. 888986

File: 1572909811074.jpg (564.17 KB, 1071x1836, 20191105_092334.jpg)

Guess who has reappeared looking healthier

No. 888995

How does she look totally different? I don't just mean healthier, but like a totally different person??

No. 888997

File: 1572910730653.png (1.2 MB, 1335x533, anafaces.png)

Adding to the Kelsey debate, I just made this quickie collage. At the weight she claims she is, her FACE isn't at all ravaged by ana. Not even slightly. Again, it seems whoever makes these pics wants to keep her looking prettier than genuine skele people. No veins, no tendons, not even cheekbones or sunken eyes.

Notice Aly on there. She wasn't even claiming to be a twig like Kelsey yet her face looked horrendous.

No. 888998

Soz, should've spoilered.

No. 889010

>>888986 are there any photos of her? the video is so blurry

No. 889014

Thank you for this, anon. Even a person at a normal weight can pull off the vacuum stomach pose

No. 889023

Nobody cares, self poster.

No. 889028

she will probably claim a bmi of 10 still

No. 889029

>that's a pretty chubby face for a frail little ana
Even the skinniest girls with eating disorders can have fat faces, Eugenia Cooney for example has huge cheeks and always has, even at her spoopiest. You can only lose so much face fat if you're naturally big-cheeked.

No. 889035

File: 1572916804367.jpg (14.9 KB, 244x242, nope.JPG)

nta, but I do not call these big cheeks or a healthy face. Note her teeth sticking further out than when she was previously at a good weight.

No. 889050

Legit noob question: how do you consistently hit Ana sleep dart? The timing always throws me off.

No. 889054

Just aim for tanks at the beginning. Get a feel for it, the rest will come on its own.

No. 889056

File: 1572918567830.jpeg (287.1 KB, 750x732, ECD54DB4-B15E-477B-B2C5-056FC7…)

her face did eventually slim down but for awhile her cheeks were definitely there

No. 889063

Idk, this just seems like her face contorting while smiling plus she wasn't wearing foundation so ofc she looks more ghastly. She has always had a full face, like, in this pic it looks less full than usual but it's sitll more full and round than the average person's face. Also, hair falling out is a common symptom wannarexics and actual anorexics talk about, but Eugenia has a genuinely full, beautiful healthy head of hair. Not everyone gets the same physical symptoms.

No. 889068

File: 1572919405662.jpg (62.56 KB, 491x344, chocolate avocado.JPG)

Laura has no physical signs of being an anorexic who exists on water. None. Eugenia is irrelevant. There could also be reasons why EC's face was looking full/puffy/swollen. We don't know what her illness is/was, so…

The point is Laura is playing at eating disorder.

You think someone who's only been drinking Starbucks for weeks (apparently) could manage img? Lol. It'd be great if it was that simple.

No. 889077

Yeah, sorry to make this about Eugenia, I just get butthurt when people insinuate that being anorexic means you have to have a sunken-in face. Salt and even sugar can make your face retain a lot more water, and bulimics usually have more swollen faces.
Anyway, Laura is definitely trying to seem far worse than she is.
You know, broadcasting your supposed eating disorder online has never made sense to me.
Sorry to bring Eugenia up again, but this time it's more relevant. Anorexics almost never want people to know they're anorexic. They want to keep people concerned and guessing and on their toes. And of course they want to be seen as ~naturally~ skinny while still receiving tons of concern.
I am immediately extremely suspicious of anyone who's really open about anorexia while not in recovery or making no attempts to recover, really. It's like none of these wannarexic cows have any brains.
Even the "actually" anorexic ones seem like they became anorexic with attention in mind more than weight loss or control.

Laura acts almost exactly how the 2012 pro ana community on tumblr acted, it's so transparent and disgusting.

No. 889108

Stop self posting lmao

No. 889114

Nah mate. She'll be in bed. I'm not Laura or Eugenia.

No. 889125

That's rich. This website only ever mentions Laura because she's been ramming herself down our throats since 2015.

No. 889134

You're making no sense and if you think >>889068 is a self post, you're paranoid or stoned?

No. 889136

File: 1572925204491.jpg (2.03 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20191105_113612542.jpg)

Was having a lurk on vk and came across two picture of K
Similar positions, similar bralette but you can see how edited and contrasted the bottom pic is
Theres no doubt the real K is probably spoop but she or someone else is ramping them up. Im not sure why? Shock value? Or an obsessed vk creating their own version of her? Who knows

No. 889141

I love searching vk for this crap. No doubt the person we know as Kelsey has an ED. There was a pic of her tubed with an inspirational comment about how she's going to beat her disorder. THEN a week later she was back to posting skele snaps. Seemed odd how they would've let her out of hospital still emaciated and how quickly she changed her mind. I think it was the kelsey.xx.oo or w/e it was account. It makes me think that it's someone stealing her photos and editing them.

No. 889142

I wish hospitals weren't so stupid when it comes to.. well.. everything psychiatric, I guess. Even psychiatrists are like this. What sane person familiar with the nature of Anorexia would think someone like this would keep what little weight they gained while in-patient or tubed?

No. 889205

Maybe in countries where it's pay as you go, families run out of funds. In the UK, the NHS funding is so bad there isn't very good aftercare.

I was going to say that once they'd had the patient gained to a safe weight then they let them go for outpatient therapy, but with K, if she's real, fuck knows what the deal is.

If you've browsed vk, you might've noticed Quarantine_13 (no, I'm not her!). She's pretty much an nth away from Ash tier. I can't find any info about her (and don't want to follow her twitter), but I do know that if people with EDs and they're adult fail to attend appointments they get discharged and then just patched up when they flake out with physical symptoms.

No. 889267


Please dont post Jade on here, out of everyone posted on her she actually unwell and is trying to get better. And none of this 'self posting'bull$hit. People call posts a self post so much when 3/4 it's just someone with a vendetta

No. 889268

Oh god my grammar is horrific on that post^ oops

No. 889287

any photo presented w/o comment is a self post. someone who dislikes that individual would either have something to say, or would post a photo where the milk speaks for itself. report self-posters and move on

No. 889323

File: 1572969694125.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1242x1757, 6BE1FA5C-B994-49D9-8424-116DB6…)

(i’m not too sure how to use this forum still so i apologise if i’m doing this wrong or if this is nitpicky - i will delete it if so)

nourisht0flourish posted this last night, look at the background and specifically the MUG. everything is sticky(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 889333

Delete and repost without your real email in the email field. You should only ever put “sage” in the email field and never fill out the name. Read the rules they’re not hard.

No. 889372

Wow yikes at the newfaggotry running rampant in here lately.

No. 889383

For real. Don’t post if you don’t know how.

No. 889401

Kek eerie.moth is that you

No. 889409

i read the rules i just don’t understand a thing lol - thanks for letting me know

No. 889442

File: 1572992241442.jpg (643.26 KB, 1076x1913, 20191105_231508.jpg)

I don't understand why she's eating at McDonalds and stuff and trying to keep it down like come on why McDonalds… Doesn't this trigger a b/p for her?

No. 889444

Because they are clearly shooped and fake as hell. Take the whiteknighting elsewhere, newfag.

No. 889446

No1curr. Lurk more and figure shit out yourself instead expecting farmers to spoon feed it to you

No. 889447

lol go get a personality, don’t be a dick to people who’re trying to help contribute..

No. 889473

If you want to post, put the word "sage" (without speech marks) in the place next to where it says email. That's all you have to do. No name, no subject.

Rules are basically what not to do and the main one is not to namefag, ie don't out any name in the Name field. It'll automatically come up with Anonymous. Also ALWAYS sage unless you're posting something pretty interesting and milky because if you don't it'll bump the entire thread to the top of page one and that's a pisser.

Anons being pissy about new anon, cut her some slack. We need new farmers and we were all new once.

Choke on your burger.

As for >>889323 it's not even the stickiness of jars and stuff that grosses me out. Not even the rainbow puke concoctions. It's how she uses her clothes to rest her plate on.

No. 889506

Omg yes. Her bedsheets also..I shudder to think when they got cleaned last.

No. 889508

File: 1573001489743.jpg (558.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191106-004904_Ins…)

How the actual fuck does she think this is an inspiring pic to post? It's gross!

No. 889516

I love how most recovery account people take ages setting up their food photos to look oh so yum and she…really, is that bed linen? How can someone make coffee and get the sachet so filthy? I won't say what it looks like, but that could easily be a toilet and someone's had problems either end.

No. 889517

ugh, i thought that was an actual photo of diarrhea shit. obviously the most filthy bulimic in the ed community.

No. 889536

That looks disgusting. Does she ever clean her dishes?

No. 889550


What happened to spoopy ashley? She still alive and well?

No. 889556

No. 889560

Once every couple of months she sticks them in her bath and has a good soak with them. Probably finds a lot more dishes and packets of goop when she does her biennial changing of the bed sheets.

How many forks is she sleeping on on any given night?

No. 889667

Organs shrink dude. stomachs and livers shrink slightly when severely malnourished

No. 889678

Go check thread for recent update

No. 889729

The one on kiwifarms is updated regularly.

No. 889759

anyone keeping up with @ames.recovers IP adventures? Goes on about how much shes struggling with her anorexia and PEG feeds, loves being IP yet doesn't want to be sent to a specialist ED unit because it won't allow nonsense.

No. 889769

File: 1573054602940.jpg (343.65 KB, 720x1124, 20191106_153642.jpg)

No. 889787

She's not being transfered to a super special unit then? Another ~suicide attempt with much drama~ imminent then?

No. 889817


No. 889863

It’s the beginning of November??? Aka Xmas is almost 2 months away still… this girl is OTT

No. 889903

As in she is from New Zealand

No. 889904

Am I the only one noticing the huge plastic tote that appears to be filled with various food in nourishtoflourish’s bedroom for all her posts… I feel like you only have a big stash of food in your bedroom if you’re purging it all

No. 889905

Yes. She purges everything and everything she owns is stained with vomit, dirt and month old food. This isn’t speculation, it’s pretty much fact.

Now, learn to sage you newfaggy piece of shit before we get autosaged. This thread is fucking shameful lately.

No. 889906

You're not the only one. I've mentioned how I suspect she keeps her food in carrier bags and boxes in her room. Even the stuff that's supposed to be kept in the fridge. Even if you take a snack into your bedroom, would you take a plastic bag full of the ingredients in there with you? She must have one hell of a food stash. It'd also explain why her jam jars are so sticky. She doesn't use a dishcloth to wipe it when she's used the jam.

When I followed her I remember she used to have fairly healthy stuff. A lot of sarnies on a plate all neatly laid out (hairs included though). Now she's eating pure junk. If I loved near her I'd have to watch out for her. She's almost as fascinating as Aly was when she went to places with Ma C.

No. 889907

Lived near her* I would never love near her.

No. 889925

File: 1573083100648.png (10.47 MB, 1242x2208, D3830A61-B84A-4286-BE3D-F70D9C…)

She is back with the nasty minion mug. How does a grown person eat that much candy? Almost every dish (I can't can't call it food) she post has candy, gummies, or chocolate.

No. 889931

File: 1573084976090.jpg (395.95 KB, 1200x803, childrens-party.jpg)

All that's making my teeth hurt. She really is turning into a total sugar consumer. Lol at the nuts and plum for health benefits.

That looks like it's from a kid's party and they've grabbed a bit of everything from the table (at a skanky house).

No. 889934

All carefully unwrapped too, so she can get it down AND back up again with maximum efficiency

No. 889962

Don’t be such a cunt, i can point out the disgusting stained food stash in her room

No. 889967

Getting pissy with new anons or complaining about posts of no interest to you is as shameful as the thread being loads of self posts. Pack it in and stop whining.

No. 889973

File: 1573090346153.jpeg (163.25 KB, 1440x1439, DEC95F57-0DBE-49BB-8364-BC4771…)

An older pic from nourisht0flourish. No wonder she used to stick her food out the window to get a nice background for her pic, her room is a cesspool of junk food and purge fluid. Note the the filthiness of the bowl

No. 889975

File: 1573090482879.jpeg (231.06 KB, 1440x1440, 0A3F5334-6754-446F-B447-9A918F…)

Also an old pic. But posting to show all the food on plates and disgusting,open food packages in her room. Does she just let muffin/breads sit out on plates in her room? She was probably mid binge and for some reason had to take this pic of her “meal” to show what a recovery warrior she is. Why not just be open about the bulimia? Plenty of people have accounts where they share there binges

No. 889977

oh my god, i really shouldn't have enlarged that. the mug is disgusting, how do you even get your things to look like that, am honestly nauseous

No. 889989

I'm convinced she doesn't own a dishwasher

No. 890028

Look at how dirty the yogurt lid is. My guess is she had it in her room not a fridge. And right whats with the muffins there still in the silicon mold.

I swear that she just uses it and puts it back in the tub of nastiness.

No. 890029

Dude what the fuck is this??? Half of this food looks like it’s already been purged. Absolutely foul.

No. 890030

I'll be honest, I almost wanna ask that her shit be put behind a spoiler tag bc I'm sick of seeing her filth
I can't imagine how anyone can live like that, let alone be so proud as to post it online

No. 890034

I was thinking the same thing why would you post that when it looks filthy. Does she not care or is she just lazy?

No. 890036

With binge attacks bulimics basically have to race to get the food ready before guilt and the rational part of the brain starts catching up. And it's easier to purge the more solid snacks like gummies and muffins if it's eaten along side yogurt, ice cream, watery oatmeal or pudding.

No. 890068

She actually stated one time that those meals full of fake sugar and zero cals was part of a meal plan a dietician/nutritionist gave her. What kind of whack job professional would ok that? I call bs
When she binges, she doesnt wipe/clean her hands as she goes so she gets all that sticky syrupy crap over everything. Her fingers in her story posts were so nasty. I had to stop following her cause it all just grossed me out too much
Sage for blog

No. 890091

What I don't get is why she adds protein powder to everything?

No. 890099

File: 1573119739370.jpg (432.06 KB, 1091x1221, fcfdd02c-d80f-403b-a9ae-9dbe00…)


Her hands - jesus yes the yellow fingers massively gross me out. I have never seen a full photo of her but the hands make me never want to.

No. 890108

File: 1573124107984.jpeg (698.17 KB, 1242x1308, 8304EE42-A411-4F06-B1D1-FA70DC…)

i swear to god if becky gets one more feature in something for being a pathetic self pitying waste of space i’m gonna lose it. she’s not seeking help, doesn’t seem to want to, has nothing inspiring or interesting to say, WHY is she always being given platforms to seek attention and play the victim?

No. 890109

Wasn't her meal plan posted here recently? (All these ana chans run into one). I think it was her because I remember she had to have full fat yogurt but she has fat free Muller.

I don't get how she chooses 10 cal jelly over sugar jelly. I mean, cutting down on sugar is good, but she has gummies and sugar, sugar, sugar but then sugar free things. It makes no sense.

Because she never addresses anorexia, only in passing. For her it's BPD she wants to bang on about which, while valid, isn't going to kill her like her anorexia is.

I looked at that article online and had to stop reading because of her bullshit.

No. 890110

File: 1573126005604.jpg (89.12 KB, 519x503, Capture.JPG)

Also going to mention killjoy Becky and how she doesn't want people to celebrate Bonfire Night because fireworks make her cry. Loud bangs PTSD because of her time in 'Nam.

No. 890120

aly's in her stories oversharing and bragging about how the guy was impressed she was such a "painslut" after….getting choked lmao
She's so painfully tryhard

No. 890126

what the hell? is she jaundiced, why is her skin bright yellow?

No. 890132

File: 1573130360227.webm (14.21 MB, 720x1440, 2019_11_06_20_03_43_3.webm)

almost forgot to share Aly's "classically-trained opera singer" pipes
And I'm not a singer so maybe I'm way off base, but she sounds super nasal and flat to my ear

No. 890133

Eh.. not to WK or anything, but I think she's trying to fit the song/singer. I think there's a natural bias to do that. It does sound nasally, and off though. Has she actually got any recordings of singing for the genre she's (supposedly) trained in? Because opera and pop are two different things.

No. 890138

File: 1573131973408.jpg (368.13 KB, 596x1424, 20191107_230420.jpg)

Kek that's all you do shay. You make your medical issues known to everyone because you attention seek. Whats the point of half these pictures? Imagine getting someone to take photos of you in hospital and then taking pics of a routine cannula thinking its a big deal. BPD much

No. 890139

remember how she outed herself claiming to be a nurse and leaked her own medical notes about how she doesnt even have anorexia and that its all for admissions lol

No. 890141

And now she is in NFC getting all the attention she wants in the private system

No. 890146

Yeah im still confused af as to why she did that

No. 890149

File: 1573137482245.jpeg (646.86 KB, 750x1102, EDA66697-EC0B-4D32-859D-3E747A…)

No. 890157

>I won't go into the ins and outs of what's been going on with my intake
>teehee refeeding plan x

God, all instagram anachans are fucking unbearable. What a load of shite. She has complete insight and still refuses to make steps to improve her mental health.

Grow the fuck up Laura, and actually contribute to society, instead of being a drain on the already incredibly precious and abused resource that is the NHS. And no, you don't deserve the encouragement or support from anyone online. All you do is broadcast your self-harm and disordered behaviours to vulnerable people.

No. 890164

File: 1573142243001.png (Spoiler Image, 9.41 MB, 1242x2208, 09EA4583-65DA-47EF-A0FA-838638…)

My eyes only go to the mound of what looks like literal shit that’s between the minions eyes on that mug, sometimes I wish Instagram would censor her photos for her

No. 890169

>safe refeeding plan
>had to no problems wolfing down a chocolate and avocado dessert thing at the weekend
>has visibly gained weight.

I support her if she ever decides to do anything productive with her life, until then, lol.

No. 890170

Disappointing. Out of all the deserving people they could have given a platform to they choose this absolute melt.

>lack of nutrition
Okay, Laura.

No. 890171

Not guilty coffee's made by the Skinny Food Co. Don't they sponsor her? Have they seen her photos??

No. 890181

File: 1573144265164.jpg (357.87 KB, 1436x1652, hhhhh.jpg)

I present to you anons another specimen from mypancakeaddiction:

> "cripplepunk"

> DID because of course
> pushing 200lbs
> "severely anorexic"
> "doesn't know how to restrict to lose weight so severely"

this place is wild

No. 890186

CRIPPLE punk. How bout if you're not part of the punk rock community, you can't use that label? These fuckin people.

Sage for angry punk rocker.

No. 890187

>"violent, self destructive, angry"
>"totally out of character"

Really? Add spoiled, self pitying and petulant to the list and that perfectly encapsulates Becky's 'typical' character. Every day there's another thing, another meltdown, another tantrum despite being handed everything on a plate. She should be ashamed, just not for the reasons she thinks.

No. 890188

Oops, this MPD-er forgot to say "we" instead of "I".

Why the fuck has she given measurements with no bra??

No. 890190

File: 1573144951797.jpg (35.9 KB, 528x607, not much then.JPG)

This is Becky's Christmas gift wants list. Being such a ~mental health advocate~ you'd expect at least a "£5 donation to [mental health charity]" mention, but this is Becky, of course.

No. 890191

>Nintendo Switch (Not the new lite)
>Proper laptop (Not android)

The audacity of this ungrateful bitch.

No. 890195

>not the new (cheaper) lite

She is truly insufferable.
I wonder how much of this crap she actually ends up with considering the ~poverty~ her and mummy live in.

……kidding. We all know she'll get that switch.

No. 890196

File: 1573145641848.jpg (24.95 KB, 299x576, Capture.JPG)

Such poverty she's joined the ana fave Starbuck's club.

Why do they all drink expensive coffees? Even those sachet's Nourish2 gets are £2.49 each. Bitches need to discover Alcafe's flavoured coffee. Only £1.99 a jar and bootiful.

No. 890212

Frugal is fun tbh. Charity shops, secondhand bookshops/libraries, 50p DVDs at CeX, illeglly downloading hundreds of magzines, etc. I don't think these snowflakes know second hand goods exist. It has to be NEW and it has to be theirs NOW.

It speaks volumes that Becky thinks her followers are going to pay £20 for a shitty clay pendant she made without imagining they don't have that kind of disposable income.

Oh, I just read struggling Laura's off to see Mary Poppins tonight. Cafes, cinema, theatre…they have pretty good social lives for scared, struggling lil beans.

No. 890220

Stop. This is embarrassing

No. 890224

Charity shops are a godsend. And with Becky always sperging about ~fashion~ and vintage shit you'd think they'd be a goldmine but no, she prefers Zara and Primark of course!

No. 890231

There's usually something by Zara in Barnados for £2 in great condition. P sure people go there to resell things on ebay. She wants a handbag. The do them for a quid. Again, hardly used and names like Ted Baker. She wears something new every day, wtf does she need more clothes for anyway? She even tries to sell them on depop she has so many.

No. 890239

Oh absolutely.

The list makes me wonder what Jackie's getting for xmas. More "arts" ? Another salon visit Booboo can make all about herself? An epic meltdown after finding out the laptop's refurbished instead of brand new?
Place your bets.

No. 890275

File: 1573154460568.jpeg (284.54 KB, 828x637, 62079913-4CEB-4CFF-ACD6-8B0510…)

Omg surprise of the century: E hasn’t been going “all in” per her last video but she’s REALLY gonna do it now! Because she’s really fed up now. She also confirms that she hasn’t gained weight in months and that she’s still “really really really underweight, even if she’s not her illest” (clearly wanting people to comment that she’s still skinny enough to justify eating). Gotta love that REAL RECOVERY, eh?

No. 890305

She looks ike she gained though. The truth is she's been lying how much she's eating.

This pic reminds me of the Brady Bunch parody films. Her 70s hairstyle, the 70s brick fireplace, the orange, brown and mustard. I don't think it's even intentionally "retro".

I can't watch her videos because repetition. Idk how anyone has the patience with her anymore.

No. 890307

Adding - even the a mug's something from tje 1970s. How uninspiring. She needs to decorate and get her hair done. That'll make her feel better.

No. 890320

um p sure it never had anything to do with music

No. 890325

File: 1573159944101.jpg (74.67 KB, 673x271, defopunk.JPG)


Noo, don't make this thread like the alt one where they discuss goff in minute details.

The kid who's playing DID ana chan is making stuff up. She doesn't think about anything deeply. She probably thinks "punk" makes her sound anarchic or w/e. Take it with a grain of salt. I think punk also is a slang word for a rent boy in the US decades ago, so let her get on with making up labels. It won't catch on. There's already a "criplife" hashtag.

No. 890334

Are you an idiot? She lives with her parents that's why everything looks old.

No. 890335

I'm not an idiot. I'm the same age as her mother. My flat does not look like a 70s throwback. Her parents were born in 1969-ish. This look was popular in the early-late 1970s.


No. 890338

You're nitpicking though, I doubt she has control over how her family home is decorated.

No. 890345

Okay. Only mentioned it because it's weird to see that style these days. About time Elzani found her own place to stamp her own individual style on…whatever that is.

No. 890347

File: 1573163230704.jpeg (208.45 KB, 733x1059, 452A840E-E601-4ACF-8191-AE3AD4…)

Haven’t mentioned this one in a while. Well this “ana chan” shaved her hair off for attention and still calls herself an ana despite obviously being chubby. What’s wrong with these people? She looks even more autist than before.

No. 890351

No your right about E not having control over the decorations, I wonder if her room represents her ideal style though? If so seems pretty plain and average

No. 890355

She isn’t milky just weird, leave it out. Her personality is just retarded in general and “gets off” to Becky and Elzani.

No. 890356

Didn't recognise her. Has she had a Britney Spears style meltdown or has she turned Buddhist?

>No cameras

She's an ex WK. Nothing much else to her tbh.

No. 890359

Think Brittany?

No. 890385

Chubby? Hardly.
Just seems weird not milky

No. 890401

Why am I not surprised -she said the same crap last time about REAL RECOVERY. She should just admit she needs help and go IP again and get properly therapy ( as in elations- mental not the retail kind).

She needs to stop lying to herself and others. There is only so many times she can keep talking about ‘trying my hardest’ and lying to everyone.

No. 890405

No. 890450

File: 1573177212486.jpeg (538.59 KB, 828x1142, 82B34777-EF79-4482-92DC-2E810B…)

I think this chick was maybe talked about awhile ago. She’s supposedly going to be a lawyer and deletes most comments where someone tries to call her on her shit. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to follow her ED account for quite some time, but it was quite milky. Does anyone else still follow her/have more info?

No. 890514

Oh god here we go a gain more BS about real recovery. She is so deluded

No. 890522

' I'm feeling cold all the time so I'll just sit here in a tshirt and eat a Mars ice cream'. ' I feel awful so I'll just go out for shopping trips and dog walks with my mum'.

No. 890534

File: 1573196109443.png (864.45 KB, 1080x1891, Screenshot_20191108-053839.png)

Her bulimia is showing in that pic.

can't imagine why a mental health magazine would feature edited photos and narcissistic IG of someone so sick and so thirsty for attention. I fucking hate the world for their glorification of anorexia and mental illness. Becky loves nothing more than to be in the spotlight, holding her bony hand out for some free Molton Brown.

No. 890535

double post, but…
"give up my arts" lol how passive-aggressive.

Why does she sell the worst things she makes? Her drawings are pure cheese but there is talent there. But she sells the misshapen lumps of clay, the hedgehog with a boner, enters that severed head with flowers on it in a competition. I don't get it.

No. 890543

her hoodie is from manchester metropolitan university's sports union….if anyone cares

No. 890544

File: 1573199514555.jpg (103.13 KB, 720x960, 1075502_103664553344286_632869…)

Expensive taste!

It's sad to think how she could've become a decent artist if she'd bothered to recover and go to art college. She makes these twee things because she has no experience of life and she's influenced by 60 year old woman. She's never mentioned artists she likes, so once again she's only concerned with what SHE produces. Those naff puns she writes on her drawings spoils the picture imo.

Her mum posted this img four years ago. Becky's work's deteriorated since then. This is at least more imaginative than what she does now.

Not one etsy item was sold despite this talk about her ~creativity~ in the MH magazine.

Also noticed that she sells the ugliest items of clothing on depop and keeps the decent stuff for herself.

That's my neck of the woods. Wonder if she's local.

No. 890561

>severely anorexic

Kek. Please keep updating us, pancake anon. Pancake is MPA'S autistic cousin and this shit is hilarious.

No. 890570

I second that. At least pancake seems way more milky than the instagram shit-show

No. 890588

File: 1573210968294.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x1632, 0DEC36E0-329A-443B-AC1E-D39393…)

pretty sure i will regret it vomit

No. 890590

I knew it was going to be something gross but i still clicked. Whyyy
Jesus christ i wonder how long thats been accumulating? And she has so many milky drinks, itd have to reek!

No. 890594

>>The body is 26, but I am 16

great, looking forward to pedos using this as an excuse

No. 890595

Eg her evening Magnum ice cream has now shrunk to a Mars ice cream.

No. 890597

File: 1573212624181.jpg (30.84 KB, 306x436, Capture.JPG)

I just had a look at Ashley's ig for the first time in ages. Henry Roth/Bill Bockman still leaves her comments.

This one's…interesting. No shit he's a predator, but wasn't that obvious to her in the beginning.

Yes, she has her own thread, but posting this here because he's one of the vk cows who gets off to spoops.

I've never made myself puke, but heard some bullimics say how difficult chocolate is to purge. True or false or different with everyone?

I'll pass on the chocolate mint grape slop combo, thanks though,.

No. 890599


I looked into signing up for the milk, but that rule about having to make x amount of posts is way too much hassle.

No. 890604

File: 1573214732306.jpg (488.52 KB, 500x499, omnomnom.jpg)

educate yourself about muh DID anon
>tEh hOsT is severely anorexic
>it´s because of the kId aLtErS who don´t understand nutrition uwu

No. 890606

I was feeling all irritated about having to do grocery shopping this afternoon and THIS really gave me laugh. Ty anon.

Fake DID people really bore me in general, but this one's unintentionally funny. Damn it, I'm going to sign for an account.

Hope they let the fat kid finish his cake.

No. 890634

File: 1573223377764.png (8.56 MB, 1242x2208, 9524AC09-221D-4E9E-B7C0-372F5B…)

Lmao at Aly having another meltdown because she can’t sleep (maybe getting off the internet would help) but god damn she is so fucking dramatic. Constantly fishing for attention and for people to care so she can snap at them.

No. 890637

File: 1573223554945.png (9.65 MB, 1242x2208, 976A92EF-703E-4D96-B01B-F11A63…)

This one for good measure too. Just has to fish for people to tell her she’s not.

No. 890643

File: 1573224616156.png (2 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191108-083626.png)

Maybe go to therapy and treatment then?? Goddamn.
This one is my fave
Like she's living in an apartment with no job for months and hasn't been kicked out yet bc her parents pay for everything, not to mention she's somehow still buying overpriced juul pods, but she's sooooo down and destitute, there's nothing worse than her situation except for being a literal crackwhore, wah wah wah
It's like she's ramped up the dramatics since her BPD diagnosis or smth

No. 890647

Aly: fasts for 2 days
Also Aly: omg why am I not super thin I will kill myself for this unfairness.

It’s so pathetic she wants to kill herself so “that’ll show her psychiatrist for not helping her when she asked for her old meds” (that she abused). She won’t reach out to her parents cause “they won’t understand” and her best friend told her he’d bring her to the psych ward if she kept having these “dark thoughts” yet no one cares about her kek

No. 890655

File: 1573228010933.jpg (724.79 KB, 1067x1898, 20191108_154609.jpg)

Laura popping back at us for saying she drinks nothing but liquid sugar. Sugar free, no cream, no drizzle is the way to go!

No. 890707

Starbucks doesn’t carry sugar free caramel. Also there’s a lot of sugar in the soy milk and in the base used to make the drink. Sure, Jan.

No. 890732

It probably does in the UK. They have a lot more sugar free options or at least lower sugar versions of what is in the states because of the sugar tax. But in any case would be a large sum of money she asked herself that question since she knows we have been questioning her Starbucks habit

No. 890765

>Caramel Light Frappuccino: 100 calories
>Take your choice of three sugar-free syrups: vanilla, hazelnut or caramel for great flavour without the added calories.

Source: starbucks uk website

She mustn't feel cold like spoops do if she can tolerate frappes.

No. 890773

Chocolate is really rough to purge. But she probably does it so much it doesn’t affect her

No. 890788

File: 1573246889147.jpg (718.95 KB, 1080x1627, Xitcjg.jpg)

Someone mentioned further up that theyd never seen N2F full body pic byt ive managed to find

No. 890790

File: 1573246947099.jpg (781.64 KB, 860x1599, Der.jpg)

Full body

No. 890793

File: 1573247487394.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1208, DADA349B-0CE4-4AD3-A9D1-9CED47…)

Fuller body (from a few threads back). Also, who the fuck take a picture like this?! Just casually stripping in the garden?

No. 890798

Thanks. That makes sense. I've seen/read bulimics who complain about chocolate and bread but that's their main binge. They're long term bulimics (that awful brebek girl binged on them). I didn't think something like that would get easier. Flourish's creations are pretty sloppy as well so I guess that helps.

More thanks. I'm nta who asked for a body shot, but I'd never seen one. This surprises me because the garden's so well kept and … clean. I wonder if her parents ever go into her room.

She's definitely not got the figure of someone who eats so much crap.
Oh wait, I remember this one >>890793 Yeah, no way is she maintaining that with her rainbow vomit snacks.

No. 890800

Adding, the more I look at these pics the more I feel bad for her parents. They're obviously house proud and her room must be like goff Dorian's. It must seriously stink.

No. 890812

Do you think she made mom take the naked garden pic too? Insult to injury!

No. 890820

Aagh, I didn't even think who was taking the picture. I really, REALLY hope it's a self timer. She thought she'd take a selfie after dumping her bags of puke in the dustbin.

That really is a weird shot though. It's not even a bikini, it's bra and knickers! In the garden! When it isn't even sunny!

Anyone know her height? She looks tall. You can tell at this point she'd been gaining because her body's all out of proportion - skinny arms and ribs but her legs look okay.

Bet she uses her hair to wipe her jars and bed clothes.

No. 890827

this has such a specific evil energy

No. 890885

File: 1573256162085.jpg (47.07 KB, 330x580, sure jan.JPG)

Laura's on a refeeding programme (…) yet the hospital let her go for a dance session. Sounds legit.

No. 890915

I still follow her ED account but she stopped posting on it a long time ago, last post was feb 2018 where she said she was leaving the account. Now she just seems to live a 'normal' life with her anorexia and has appeared to maintain her weight for a couple years, I don't think she'll ever recover but there's no milk either

No. 890926

Her last post was a day ago.

No. 890928

File: 1573261547853.jpg (61.52 KB, 812x599, Capture.JPG)

No. 890989


her eating disorder account hasnt been updated since last year is what they were saying

No. 890995

File: 1573279680427.jpg (30.88 KB, 562x180, 20191109_051151.jpg)

Ash's bday is soon. I wonder if a post will happen saying how lonely she is and how she's not going to get anything…but would be so appreciative if anyone could send her anything just so she has Something to open on the day.
Amazon list link in profile

No. 891012

How old is she at this point? 26?

No. 891013

I was talking about her ED account, not her normal insta

No. 891030

File: 1573304908816.jpg (387.58 KB, 720x1045, Screenshot_20191109-070136_Ins…)

No. 891035

ok thanks

No. 891037


Shes already looking healthier. You have to admit that as she got admitted the first time she had lost weight, but it all seems to have been restored now.

No. 891042

Ohh. It's incredible she got through law school. She must have the energy level of a flat battery.
I hate to see comments on that personal account where everyone's saying she's beautiful. Mostly from the usual perv4spoop guys, but…

She said she saw a nutritionist last week. If her problem was not eating, they would've fixed up a ~refeeding~ plan or meal plan when she arrived. She should be discharged soon. There's no reason to keep her in. There never was tbh.

No. 891055

>>890885 lmao so she's on the verge of going into a coma, but exercise is fine!! a lot of anorexics get put on bed rest when they first enter hospital, or at the very least they try and stop from exercising.

No. 891056

File: 1573316420505.jpg (374.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191109-161937_Ins…)

She has so much leave? The ward must know shes doesnt need to be there.

No. 891059


what a punchable face. just use some acne products so you don't have so many zits to scratch anymore. legit think all her scratches are just zits she oversqueezed and they scarred. not surprising on her starbucks diet as that shit is liquid sugar. inb4 "it's all sugarfree" it's still bad for you. i think she also eats like shit since she only gained weight from her previous pics, and i mean even before she was on ~refeeding~. she's always been average weight and will keep on being average weight, that's why the mental ward let her exercise. idk why they coddle this particular case of munchausen's so much but sometimes it happens.

No. 891063

hunty needs some concealer

No. 891111

Was the peado deleted off insta?!!! I went through my following but can’t find him anymore?!

No. 891126

I can't decide what's worse - these poses where she's trying (and failing) to look like a cutesy kid, or her old pics where she's trying to look like a model.

Yeah, he got deleted! HOWEVER, I searched his name on insta and came up with this https://www.instagram.com/_angel_2019_/
He might be back.

He doesn't appear to be active on any of his other social media accounts:


Hoping he put himself out of his misery.

No. 891292

God damn she’s regressing… she needs to be permanently kicked out of the hospital for her own good

No. 891316

File: 1573362918510.png (863.57 KB, 720x1080, Screenshot_20191110-050509~2.p…)

Maria's looking better or do i need to rub the sleep out of my eyes? Haven't seen her look this healthy (far from, but ykwim) without heavy filters.

No. 891387

This definitely looks like it has a filter on though, just not one with animal ears.

No. 891395

File: 1573397630082.jpg (332.16 KB, 708x1048, 20191110_145223.jpg)

Laura pointing out she wears kids clothing again

No. 891399

Zara kids goes up to age 13-14 years with a waist measurement of 28 inches. But Zara’s size 10 in the women’s section has a waist measurement of 27.6 inches lol

There’s really no need to buy kids Laura. It’s pathetic

No. 891458

File: 1573405986261.png (1.04 MB, 928x1180, Screen Shot 2019-11-10 at 10.1…)

is it just me or is ganer looking particularly spoopy in her latest video? "#strongnotskinny" kek

No. 891464

She looks average

No. 891466

File: 1573408815369.png (5.67 MB, 1242x2208, 98305BB7-4C2F-49B0-A6E7-F9C1FE…)

Biggest fucking eyeroll ever at this one.
Are you shocked, may?

No. 891467

They probably don’t think she will live long enough to make it to thanksgiving

No. 891468

She blocked me when I pointed out that she eats literally the exact same thing every. single. day.
Was this another video of her using the children at her family event as barbells to prove how #strongnotskinny she is? Gotta make sure she's still the centre of attention, right?

No. 891507

kek hardly. she's gained weight from her super spoopy lowest to be sure but she's still underweight and clearly afraid of gaining any weight as fat instead of muscle. hardly someone to be taking fitness and recovery advice from.
pretty much

No. 891516

Why is she mad? Did she actually think her family would want to make a nice dinner that they payed for only to hear her barf it up within a couple minutes? She’s always a victim i swear

No. 891536

File: 1573421063040.jpg (511.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191110-161358_Ins…)

No. 891537

File: 1573421136871.jpg (554.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191110-161404_Ins…)

No. 891539

File: 1573421202240.jpg (291.43 KB, 713x1142, Screenshot_20191110-162412_Ins…)

No. 891541

>>891537 I just find this cute not milky, what’s wrong with this one? Has she got a milky history?

No. 891542

>>891539 that is actually really irresponsible practice if they really let her go knowing full well her intentions. Ridiculous.

No. 891543

Regardless of whether or not she looks better, she is still severely unwell and has probably damaged the hell out of here body to the point of no return.

No. 891553

Nobody said she wasn't unwell?

No. 891562

She looks more dead eyed than the stuffed animal,who in their right mind would find this pathetic creature cute?

No. 891577

Back story? I don’t know this one?

No. 891582

Obvious self post since there’s no content or milk. According to her insta she doesn’t even claim to have an ED so pointless for this thread.

No. 891590

Ah. I expected that was the case. The follow up commentary made me think maybe she used to be a spooperspoop or something. Disappointing. Carry on.

No. 891733

File: 1573458000638.jpg (118.13 KB, 570x646, Mooooo.jpg)

Has meltinglikehoney been discussed? Dont tell me to lurk moat cause i do. The blue hair seems familiar. Anyway found her today and she's your typical 19yr old cow pudding photos of tubes and canulas aaaand saying how much she hates it but doesn't want to do residential. Tags the hospitals in her photos. Very dramatic every post has a TW on it. Stats on page. She even posted a video of her 'hospital box' that she brought home and…. she brought the fucking ng home with her…. aaaand is keeping it in the box
If you feel shes milk worthy i can post pictures

No. 891736

File: 1573458239515.jpg (407.58 KB, 1080x1197, Moomoo7.jpg)

Whats in the box, in the box, what's in the box today

No. 891754

Yeah her name is Imogen. Has many accounts. Is in Perth, Australia. Seems super BPD like shay. Why the fuck keep a used NG in a box? Ew

No. 891755

File: 1573464447100.jpg (627.62 KB, 1078x1687, Cup8.jpg)

#feedingtube #ng #ngtube #nasalgastrictube #ngt
All those hashtags (and more) for a cup of chai. So necessary

No. 891762

Imogen seems to be healthy weighted like Shay too

No. 891783

She’s a little milky but honestly just seems like an underage wannarexic that thrives off comments and likes

No. 891784

Scrolled on her account and didn’t find the box of used tubes anywhere?? Maybe she deleted it because she realized it was fucking gross?

No. 891791

File: 1573475436640.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20191110-091400.png)

fucking becky

No. 891800

Underage? Shes 19
And obsessed with the tube
Read the captions dont just go through pictures

The chai tea post

No. 891802

Shite If shes 16 then disregard and delete plz

No. 891817

The profile it brings me to says 16?

No. 891819

Unless we’re looking at different profiles, she sure seemed underage to me.

No. 891820

File: 1573481673503.jpeg (343.16 KB, 1242x685, 587B20A5-8CEA-48B7-807D-7348DE…)

No. 891829

That’s not even the same pic or account used in the originally screenshot wtf

No. 891832

No i fucked up. Got profiles mixed up. My bad sorry
Since shes 16, how so you delete them

No. 891840

Press the box in the corner of post. Press delete. Boom. Only you can delete your posts unless admin does.

No. 891842

Bit late now, you have 20-30 mins to delete a post i think it was. Just learn from it i guess. But you're safe with the ages, unless you yourself are under the age of 18.

In the rules it says:
"You must be over the age of 18 to post here.
Do not make threads on subjects under the age of 16."

No. 891853

Im over 18
Lesson learnt. Be more coherent when farming

No. 891856

no one cares about you

No. 891901

this maddy girl, though… i’m surprised the thread didn’t find her when she used to be milky. scroll a ways down her profile from before she went to treatment and you’ve got a nice collection of super dramatic hospital shots that make me laugh wondering how exasperated it must have made her friends/family to play photographer

No. 891903

File: 1573497837696.jpeg (545.96 KB, 750x1041, 6125AA59-C91A-4292-A2B9-091E5D…)

No. 891906

That’s her “sad because the nurse says I’m fine but agreed to put in an IV line ‘just in case’ “ look. Classic.

No. 891907

File: 1573498370140.jpeg (672.19 KB, 750x837, 7612FC50-6068-4C84-9354-AAFDA0…)

Realized this one’s sixteen so no longer off limits and i’ve been thinking — Laura-in-training?

No. 891939

When you're an adult and use cartoon plasters to stick on the tube. I've seen others on ig that do this. Like, so discreet.

I saw that girl's account. Apex tier medical paraphernalia fetish.

No. 891950

This one loves the validation she gets from flaunting how “sick” she is. Not to mention how bratty she is to her mum. I hope the staff at her unit give her some home truths.

No. 892001

she certainly loves it
plays the super sick game despite partying and such before hospitalisation occurs

No. 892018

she also used to be obese

No. 892029

Images for the image board?

No. 892032

Yeah, it pisses me off when private accounts are discussed and no one posts imgs. It's not like we all start following these people when they're brought up here.

No. 892090

File: 1573524257034.jpg (834.46 KB, 1080x1697, 20191111_153329.jpg)

Thats who i was trying to post but fucked it up
Heres another pic of her body near shut down

No. 892091

holy shit her pose kek

No. 892138

File: 1573530941935.jpg (288.48 KB, 709x1084, Screenshot_20191111-205332_Ins…)

Gretchen.Sparkles is disturbing as hell. Who takes body check photos with their child?

No. 892141

File: 1573531555560.jpg (527.58 KB, 720x1188, 20191111_210623.jpg)

Weirded out.

No. 892143

i had never heard of this chick before so i scrolled through her insta for a bit and found this one. wtf.

No. 892147

Might want to delete and repost and blur the kids face out

No. 892150

File: 1573532591422.png (3.37 MB, 828x1792, B1838807-8A49-4589-8A49-E15054…)

The cycle continues… wonder what happened this time?

No. 892162

File: 1573533784545.png (584.18 KB, 460x940, Screen Shot 2019-11-11 at 9.42…)

No. 892176

Monday was probably ward round and she was discharged so had a scratch to get back in.

What a fucking waste of oxygen.

No. 892182

Went through her account and nothing seems milky apart from some mirror selfies
The weirder things is you say you looked through her account and dont mention shes friends with Ash and has seen her recently and will be soon? Thats more milky
Its her personal account on public so dont post pics with the kid
When she posts pics/update about ash then come back otherwise she boring

No. 892187

File: 1573536368588.jpg (884.27 KB, 1080x1608, Pgp8c97.jpg)


No. 892190

File: 1573536534001.jpg (497.3 KB, 1080x1514, 8tc7pfpum.jpg)

And 5 hours ago … but you don't mention? Do i smell self post? Does someone want the recognition of being friends with the spoop queen?

No. 892209

Jfc Ash looks human with flesh n all that. Miracle filter.

No. 892210

Nobody stays friends with Ash for long. Don't get too attached to the lich.

No. 892260

after the third "ootd! leggings are from the gap. sorry I didn't post yesterday, I was tired." caption I got bored and stopped reading. i agree she's boring and sad but posting body checks with your kid is still super fucked up

No. 892269

File: 1573559920497.jpg (317.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191112-115835_Ins…)

No. 892280

Shes a pro fisher that one
Im almost 'entertained' to see what is going to be her problem now. Its just a matter of time before shes munchie

No. 892287

I would say she’s currently a munchie. I feel like she would transition to whining more about physical symptoms but then she would have to sacrifice her beloved “leg over the head” pose

No. 892293

this dumb bitch picked at her acne scabbing and smeared the blood across her face and got re-admitted AGAIN??????? this girl pulls the most pathetic stunts to keep the spotlight on her at all times.

she’s fine to go out clubbing and drink alcohol and sugary coffee drinks but GOD FORBID she leave her cozy center stage spot of illness faking.

how are the nurses and doctors at the facility she’s at not seeing the clear pattern? it seems like every time she’s close to discharge she pulls this shit.

I’m not a UKfag so I don’t know the protocol when it comes to malingerers. Could somebody elaborate?

No. 892295


samefag but I went through the threads again to see where this started. she started the face-scratching stunt around two months ago (at least the frequent scratching).

always seems to be when she posts more about going out (aka close to discharge) around every two weeks or so.

seems she’s pulled the stunt around 3-4 times now, if not more. once again, I must postulate: why have these doctors not kicked Laura out for being an obvious drug-seeker and malingerer??

she even says the same shit “I hate this I hate me” yeah Laura we get it, you love the attention and aren’t original (or are in a drug-induced haze).

No. 892341

File: 1573573025113.jpg (31.64 KB, 323x574, twat.JPG)

Going off this pic, looks like they sent her home. I've seen that fluffy bed cover in her room.

No. 892351

Yeah at least head bangers commit to it

No. 892394

File: 1573578410620.jpg (45.78 KB, 662x180, 20191112_085452.jpg)

Mods dgaf anymore as long as pic related apparently, just fyi..

No. 892412

honestly she's kind of boring and doesn't seem milky at all? even her older weird hospital pix weren't particularly glamorizing or OTT attention whoring. she seems like she really wants recovery and is in treatment. not WKing but just stalked the shit out of her and she is dry AF.

No. 892414

All the same, it's common curtsey and respect. It's not the kids' fault that the parents are cows so it's always best to respect their privacy.

No. 892421

Nah. Anyone who legitimately wants recovery and for whom the hospital isn’t just an accessory for their attention whoring doesn’t make sure every emergency room visit is photographed and publicly posted. You’re white knighting.

No. 892513

File: 1573595196649.jpeg (703.86 KB, 750x1107, D4E91E6D-C2DB-4A6F-B7E4-BE6B65…)

So this is why Laura is back in hospital, because the bestie she met in her last admission is now back too

No. 892523

Haven't been on one of these threads for a while, but what milk does Laura have? I remember her self-posting and exposing her "friends" back in 2015 or 2016, why are you guys giving her attention? If I remember well she was caught selfposting relatively recently as well

No. 892526

File: 1573597585669.jpg (312.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191112-222557_Ins…)

No. 892537

Imagine if she didn’t have pervasive acne to scratch up! She’d have to start actually scratching hard enough to make wounds. It’s very clearly just acne spots that have been picked and a lot of blood smear. How does she think she’s actually convincing anyone otherwise?!

No. 892570


She makes sure never to do so much damage it could leave any permanent scarring. If she was at coldnessinherheart level face harm then sure I'd take her seriously, but picking and grazing does not warrant a hospital bed.

No. 892581

And yet she remains in hospital month after month.

No. 892692

File: 1573620340831.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 86FA2308-23D6-4A91-AB22-2A5BCB…)

Yikes @ may posting on MPA BMI 14 forum

No. 892693

Laura, you are the biggest creep ever. You've been self posting on this site for 4 years. You're such a weirdo lmao. Just stop!

No. 892700

If you don't think shes milky then you're an anachan and you're totally WK. Shes a milky snowflake. Go look at the stories on her page. She has one specifically for inpatient where her friends posted updates from her and mentions calories and special programs she got in etc etc her profile and captions are milk enough and then theres her weird front pose so you can see her arms and legs
Go back and read or gtfo

No. 892701

File: 1573622339294.jpg (726.7 KB, 1078x1596, Ckuxkyxyoyou.jpg)

Shes literally actively redtricting while in php. That was only 4 months ago. Shes says a lot of stuff like that but puts a lol at the end
And wtf is that pose

No. 892703

File: 1573622902569.jpg (1.01 MB, 1074x1734, 7pdf7odyo.jpg)

Shes been ip for months, went php, went back ip, got into a super special program, restricted, on purpose through it all then says "I never expected this to happen" its all bullshit and butt pats
Dont blame the gun if you're the one pulling the trigger
This fucking pose

No. 892705

File: 1573623050813.jpg (576.66 KB, 1065x1315, Cupgpg074.jpg)

Who tf poses like this
Thats not a natural stance
Ok done im getting nit picky now

No. 892706

File: 1573623320034.jpg (535.88 KB, 1080x1920, Vent.jpg)

Nope def not milky

No. 892717

Apart from Smorven and Elzani which of the cows on here are in the uk and which are in the US ( or anywhere else)?

No. 892739

i’m late but i like how it looks like she’s checking her face out on the screen rather than looking at the actual camera, gotta get the best gore shots

No. 892746

looks a healthy weight to me

No. 892747

Those thighs!

No. 892761

Laura is UK
Nourish is UK
Becky with her 'arts' is UK

No. 892775

File: 1573644550760.png (2.6 MB, 1242x2208, 893ADDA6-9CA0-4B45-82C4-55AA0E…)

there’s something about her face that is just so punchable

No. 892776

she’s evidently always had some pretty shitty skin too, obviously her need to stay admitted and have the spotlight on her has fucked it up worse

No. 892781

Why is she constantly posting old pictures as if it means anything, she looks the same just minus a fringe?

No. 892795


something I’ve noticed about Laura over the threads is a sharp decline in her use of makeup

she used to kind of dress her age, wear makeup, do her hair, etc (at least from what I saw long ago)

it’s such a drastic difference from the ratty, musty-looking, unkempt mess that she is now prancing around in children’s clothes with a bunch of scabs all over her face

attention is one hell of a drug

No. 892797

I’ve seen a similar, albeit less dramatic, trend with elzani. As she looks decreasingly spoopy, she seems now to go out of her way to look as haggard and unwell as possible through other means (unflattering angles and lighting, no makeup, messy hair). In fact, I think she speaks even LESS coherently now than she used to, as if she’s trying to prove that she’s still “sick” and still “deserves to eat unrestricted”

No. 892804

I agree, I really want Laura to have her own thread. Her malingering is abhorrent and the milk is overflowing. Especially if she’s been self posting for 4 years, that just makes her even more interesting for some reason.

No. 892863

Talking of Elzani - that bowl of porridge she made has got to have been expensive.

No. 892882

File: 1573666641474.jpeg (355.03 KB, 828x716, D13E4E69-E2D4-4939-BECC-01CE78…)

Pic for context, because this is an image board.
Undoubtedly expensive indeed. And she preaches about eating these things and “treating yourself” with absolutely zero self awareness that not everybody has a rich mumsy and dadsy to cater to their every whim. She’s 20-something and has never worked a day in her life, lives at home, and does nothing but eat and go for dog walks. Yet here she is rambling on like a wisened “recovery warrior”. K.

No. 892916

And ‘she’ bought the nut milk- I guess with the money she earned from her job….

No. 892928

Ah yes, the “”job”” that we’ve never heard any more about. Deeply curious about that one.

No. 892948

I'm waiting for her sister to come back from uni and have a go at her over how little progress her real recovery is made- her sister is the only one who stands up to elzani and talks any sense and hard truths.

No. 892987

File: 1573677928292.png (148.67 KB, 716x627, Screenshot_20191113-204305~2.p…)

Could she be any more pretentious about making a crochet owl.

No. 893010

File: 1573680460334.jpg (251.12 KB, 720x1061, 20191113_212746.jpg)

No. 893015

Why does she take these stupid fucking pictures, she looks like she’s fisting her own asshole

No. 893029

File: 1573681800980.jpg (416.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191113-215019_Ins…)

No. 893036

Why do i not believe this is the end of her having these moments of ~crisis~?

Got to say this, I wish this unicorn trend would fuck off. Why do these cows all own stuffed fucking unicorns?

No. 893059

She is BORING and her milk tastes like fucking water. What is wrong with you? These threads have always been shit but at least years ago we banned discussion on cows who self-posted.

No. 893076


NTA. I agree she's nowhere near own thread status. Unless she becomes a whore with scabs who says she's a goth who hoards animals and was a child star in snuff films she stays in with all the other wanarexics.

BUT I do like keeping track on her. She irritates me hard and so that's a good sign of her being a cow. It's interesting to see what she does to get readmitted and it's also miraculous to see how one can go from spoopy (at angles) to a chubby faced munchie in eight weeks.

She didn't self post years ago. That was hers and Crying Emily's friend Gracie. Laura self posted her and got her friends to post not too long ago, but they were banned. We'd be stupid to believe a cow's never self posted once or twice (or more). She's not Ember level.

I like how if a potential employer searches "Laura Banks" they'll see this shit show and give the job to someone more worthy. Who wants to employ someone who suddenly wants to get out of work so keeps going in the stockroom to scratch away at their face so she'll get put in hospital.

No. 893078

File: 1573685575429.png (270.54 KB, 750x1334, 889098E6-9615-48D6-A92A-DA2AA9…)

She’s also preaching about recovering and being weigh restored on her instagram and then posting about throwing up on Twitter

No. 893082

Has she only just started the bulimia thing?

No. 893092

File: 1573687014396.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x1396, 43FC29EA-A7C7-43DD-9898-C079D0…)

Zoom in on the filth at the top left and bottom right corner(you could include the food as filth too) If this is her bed that she’s taken the picture on I am scared, just look at the crumbs and the stain of some sort on the right. Also why on earth has she brought the almost empty soup can with her it wouldn’t surprise me if she ate the soup cold.

No. 893099

Prepare yourself, anon - that IS her bed. There are pics previously posted of her stained bed linen (stained with food). Her clothes are her tablecloth.

All the crumbs and grime in the ridge of her bed/duvet/quilt is beyond repulsive.

I wouldn't be surprised if she has a little camping stove thing in her room. Remember the barely cooked Linda McCartney sausage rolls? Could even have one of those tiny halogen heaters.

It really is getting worse.

No. 893112

Yep but she was denying it on twitter as well, I looked and it seems like she deleted it..

No. 893118

are you guys stupid? she's a youtuber and obviously profits from that

No. 893129

Omg lyk totally. Youtubers are all sooper rich! /s

Adsense revenue for a youtuber with <100k subs and with only a fraction of those subscribers actually watching each marathon vlog is pretty negligible. She is 100% supported by mommy and daddy with maybe a couple hundred dollars a month coming from youtube (and that's being extremely optimistic). I'm guessing her videos often get demonitized also, due to mental health related content. Not exactly advertiser friendly.

Maybe learn how the internet works before you jump on here calling other people stupid. Also, learn to sage.

No. 893139

I was going to write something like this.

There's a difference between being a "youtuber" and being someone who posts videos on youtube (with Elzani being the latter). Her views count isn't good. Uploading a video of herself eating porridge isn't a job.

Sad that little kids in school way they want their career to be a YouTuber. That site's changing a LOT. Pretty sure very soon very few people are going to make an actual living off their channel.

No. 893209

File: 1573695717480.png (335.42 KB, 600x852, Screenshot_20191113-173506~2.p…)

Newfag here. Has this cow been discussed? Goes by the name Emily,posts daily NORMAL food logs but claims her "anorexia" is really bad. A supreme example of a wannarexic.

No. 893219

File: 1573696937312.jpg (732.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191114-015640_Ins…)

Does anyone else follow this chick? Claims multiple chronic health problems. Has lines and feeding tubes for nutrition but can eat and drink when it suits her. They get conveniently pulled out on a regular basis. She admits to EDs in the past but then posts stuff like this and multiple body checks!

No. 893247

Someone needs to point her towards Wacky Jacquie because all them toobs can and will kill you.

She probably is more suited to the munchie thread since she's popular on r/IF right now.

No. 893269

She lurkin

No. 893323

That is repulsive. I imagine she smells vaguely of mold and puke.

No. 893325

>She didn't self post years ago. That was hers and Crying Emily's friend Gracie. Laura self posted her and got her friends to post not too long ago, but they were banned. We'd be stupid to believe a cow's never self posted once or twice (or more). She's not Ember level.

She literally did, and she forgot to crop out her avatar multiple times. She also went around tipping cows and starting beef with other people in the community.

No. 893333

Analeise is more of a munchie rather than ED faker etc. She is discussed in length on reddit. Her tubes etc arent for her ED.

No. 893338

And it was another 'first time' I'm trying alpro nut milk

No. 893350

File: 1573716930270.jpeg (246.23 KB, 1024x1024, 51DAEFA7-C9F9-4355-806F-CC8B31…)

Gained weight? Doesn’t look like it

No. 893351


honestly i can only wonder how long it will be until her heart finally gives out

No. 893352

as there’s absolutely no way she’s keeping all this food down

No. 893361

I don't think this looks that bad, at least not compared to these >>889925 >>889975

No. 893363

all that filth, and it looks like that sauce plopped on the side of her plate is spilling over onto her shirt tablecloth. absolutely revolting.

No. 893381


Thanks. I had no idea there was a munchie thread.
She has so many ED followers from before, she knows what she is doing with the pro ana posts.
She needs help asap before she goes the way of Jackie.

No. 893385


I didn't notice her avatar on posts but don't doubt she starts shit with her ~friends~ Shes as genuine as as a market stall Vuitton bag.

No. 893541

She did self-post, her screenshots of her own "friends" showed her avatar. I don't doubt a vast quantity of the posts made her about her were self-posts made by her. She self-posted months ago too, what makes you think she stopped? We give her attention and more excuses to "hurt" herself. Look at this fucking post >>893010 1 view??? Seriously? She's so obvious and she's not entertaining enough to warrant her posting herself here.

No. 893572


she looks much thicker, definitely gained. still on drugs. still has an ed, just simply gained. she only posted that shit to justify her unintentional weight gain that had already occurred. she had to post pics of this trip or how else would she justify gettin biiiiger

No. 893585

Either you’re korey posting this shit for validation that you’re still skinny or you’re a deranged anachan. She’s still obviously underweight and still exudes holier-than-thou superiority.

No. 893589

File: 1573776263902.jpg (36.95 KB, 300x449, stop the war.jpg)

Nta, and couldn't care less about that particular cow (it's the one who suddenly became ~spiritual~?), but she looks fine. That's a healthy weight. I never bothered keeping a track on her so can't remember how spoopy she's been, but anyone would say she looks slim here, not skinny. Low side of healthy.

No, not her. No not ana chan.

No. 893596

I agree she looks more on the slim side of healthy with good angles

No. 893600

File: 1573778641506.jpg (863.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191114-151157_Ins…)

Her fingers are so grubby!

No. 893607

Fucking hell. I love to be disgusted. What's the pet thing? It's the plastic thing with a paw on and something "pet" written on it. Imagine if her tray was a kitty litter tray.

Yeah, her nails are black underneath.

How come these ahem recovery anas all eat sweet things? Do any suddenly go savoury and spicy? Maybe just me not having a sweet tooth, or maybe a good Indian takeaway binge would burn coming up?

Cracks me up how she uses these awful pics to promote a brand and they don't block her.

No. 893630

late but Tina is one of my favourite munchies, she can't even pull off anorexia right. on the subs they all like to worry about how smol n tiny she is and how she's definitely gonna die from her super severe ED…when she looks perfectly fine.

No. 893646

Oh hell yeah you don't want to purge anything spicy! Or too dense.
N2f has fake sugar stuff,then she purges it, so id say her bsl's are always off and her body craves the sugar (not armchair dx, just opinion) She used to eat nicer stuff, like salad sangas and stuff but then it became dessert-fest

No. 893647

File: 1573785991394.jpg (449.57 KB, 1071x1428, Fishyfishy.jpg)

Someones gone fishing. Like is there any more blatant attempt?
Also hi Maddy, we know you lurk

No. 893650

I mention her sometimes, but that brebek has a video where she's having a binge and eating hot, spicy Peri Peri (or is it Piri?) chicken. Must be some masochism going on there. I notice she barely chews food either which must make things difficult.

Do we know N2Fs real name? Don't mean a doxx thing, just her first name? Feels weird calling her Nourish but I do like n2f since you wrote it.

Don't know her. That's some stretching to put Laura to shame. If you gotta bust some tendons and perform gymnastics for a bone shot I think you're pretty much fine if standing up straight no bones are sticking out. Go ahead and try to be a stagosauraus though.

No. 893657

Some ana died a few days ago, anyone know who?

No. 893662

Well it aint gonna be Ash.

What tags do they usually use on ig? Usually every ana on the planet suddenly was their bff.

Had a quick look on mpa, but nada.

No. 893668

Freaking thank you! She’s a small person to begin with. Her comparisons are from when she was young and had baby fat. She posts pics with her mom and you can see she’s the same size. Not going to keel over and die from her anorexia and found munching works better for attention. (r/illnessfakers documents all her posts but is a pc nightmare that gasps at her sooper emaciated body) also some documentation on older LC threads circa 2017ish

No. 893676

Probably because there's a lot of fake sugar options that are lower calorie, while savory stuff tends to be harder to make diet versions taste decent.
Like that "coffee" could just be black coffee with a tiny splash of some low cal milk and some fake sugar syrup so it's super low calorie but it looks like it has more.

No. 893720


good god, she popped the lid of that soup and then let it fall into the soup and lay there. see the pop-top poking up through what's left of the soup?

do you think she rinsed that lid before she popped it? she just let all that dust, bacteria, and all those germs marinate in her soup

absolute pig

No. 893743

Out of all of her disgusting mold and hair covered pictures, you decide to nitpick the can lid? I mean it's not like she's actually going to eat the rest of that.

No. 893753


dude technically every thing we say here is a nitpick. pointing things out is nitpicky. shut up. and the disgusting mold and hair have been mentioned a thousand times. the girl is an obvious pig. i'm just pointing out that she's next-level if she's opening cans on her bed and letting the lid sink in

normal people open cans in the kitchen, or at some table, and toss or recycle the lids. it's a worthy nitpick

No. 893757

She’s clearly still underweight.

Nobody looks that sick still when they are the low end of healthy.

No. 893778

Something needs to be done about nourish, her parents should haver her sectioned if they can cos I genuinely believe she sits in her room all day in the dark binging and maybe even being sick into a bin/bag in her room. Sometimes I swear there is puke on her fingers in the pics or she just never washes her hands. She looks really ill and jaundiced, her hair and skin are fucked and her whole neck is swollen. I hate seeing people live like this. I think she should honestly be the one in a mental hospital not Laura. Bulimics die all the goddamn time no matter how many chia seeds they sprinkle onto their shitty food. I know I’m being a fucking autist going on about it but It’s so frustrating she seems to be making no effort and just denying everything.

No. 893786

now youre just trolling

No. 893787

Considering that’s the first time I’ve said anything in this entire thread, no I am not trolling.

Korey is clearly not recovering or gaining weight. She isn’t at a “low healthy” weight and that is pretty obvious. She has a long way to go to be healthy, especially if she wants to be a dietician.

No. 893795

You're the only anon talking any sense, and you don't sage your shit.

No. 893796

File: 1573823955316.png (140.41 KB, 1468x484, Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 6.19…)

finally ganer getting called out on her shit on her latest video kek

No. 893807

File: 1573825391095.png (53.85 KB, 1460x144, Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 6.25…)

also this from another recent video "…so this bone scan is going to see if my weight training and my good nutrition has increased my bone density and whether i do actually have osteoporosis anymore…i know they say you can't reverse it but i think i said in a video a while back that i reckon that i can, i'm going to prove it wrong anyway."

shortly after she admits she's never had a menstrual period ever…not much chance of improving your bone density in that case. honestly i wouldn't care since she at least admits she knows she's still underweight and not healthy, except that she markets herself as coach and has people telling her how ~inspirational~ she is. you can also really see how unhealthy she truly still is here, look at her hair

No. 893808

File: 1573825438544.png (837.43 KB, 1540x808, Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 6.25…)

No. 893813

Thank you

And my apologies, I know how to sage now

No. 893814

She really shouldn't be weight training with osteoporosis, how do her doctors let this fly

No. 893819

Most of the people in these threads are ana-chans that don't know what a healthy body looks like, so I wouldn't bother arguing with them.

I wonder what she deems an extreme excess? God, even eating several thousands of calories for a long period of time is healthier than whatever the fuck she's doing to her body. She'll be crippled in a few years.

No. 893825

File: 1573829242444.jpeg (473.44 KB, 750x1080, 52C2B80B-5D39-43E4-9EFF-465B87…)

No. 893828

let’s see what kind of crisis she gets herself into on this overnight leave………

No. 893832

Cue another round of picking her acne and smearing the blood around only to get discharged and then re-admitted before Christmas.

No. 893833

I don't know why, but the first thing that comes to mind isn't "uwu so smol & flexible" (aka such a dainty dancer). She reminds me of the people who unashamedly lift up an arse cheek to fart, audibly and publicly. Can't stand seeing her leg poses, can't imagine it being nice to be around.

No. 893836

I bet Elzani idolises her as a recovery goal .

No. 893846

Firstly: please sage, goddamnit.

Secondly: naw. She doesn’t eat enough for elzani to idolize her. E doesn’t aspire to be a fitness cow, she wants to be like grackle or Rebecca Leung. She wants to eat a bunch of crappy food and mysteriously stay extremely slim.

No. 893871

I disagree- if you look back at some of E’s first IG posts she was a gym bunny, and in one of her recent YouTube blogs she went on about being strong and having muscles like her dad.

No. 893878

i would be surprised if she's being honest with her doctor about her exercise. also the appointment mentioned in the video notwithstanding, i'm pretty sure she's trying to recover with basically no medical supervisor like all these cows do, she never mentions a dietician or therapist etc.

No. 893880

File: 1573839208930.jpeg (289.53 KB, 1097x1814, 136810E6-016A-4824-A0F4-57F5C3…)

Remember Bekah? She thinks she’s recovered…..suuuurre girl. Just not milking the Ed anymore going full on munch.

No. 893884

I repeat, learn to sage, don’t be a new fag.

Gym bunny is way an exaggeration. She had a couple clips of her in the gym when she was fresh outta hospital (v pathetic to watch and since deleted) and has only talked peripherally about fitness. I don’t see her having the focus or discipline to actually reach any fitness related goals because it takes too long. She’s got toddler-level brain function and patience. Sure, she might have been a swimmer pre-Ed and she might’ve mentioned wanting to run a marathon in October a year ago (kek), but it’s all about the food with that cow.

No. 893951

Bekah just realized she could get more attention as a munchie, plus she can keep her eating disorder and just call it gastroparesis. She’s a piece of work and was already scum, and this is just gross.

No. 893971

All may be true but she has gained a SIGNIFICANT amount of weight

No. 894048

Having a feeding tube while eating and a sudden inability to exercise will do that. Mostly just the excessive calories, though.

No. 894072

Anon used to have Bekah leaks are there updates on her munching? Tina is her protégée

No. 894104

File: 1573865929111.jpg (716.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191116-005534_Ins…)


Check out all the food packages just lying around her in the background of this pic.
Surely her parents pop their head in?

No. 894109

>Not bragging

Looks like she's got a stash of bread and a tin of custard there. If that checkered black/white thing is her PJs, she's been wearing them for days and she rests those sticky bottles and hars on them.

Her parents are probably nuts. A lot of these ana parents are nuts. Italian Aly's mum was, Elzani's mum is, Becky's mum is. It's only the dads who are obviously taking no shit.

No. 894110

No. 894112

File: 1573866888291.jpg (42.07 KB, 340x566, bs.JPG)

Becky's doing this. Lol.

No. 894178

File: 1573875705203.jpg (626.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191111-041429_Ins…)

No. 894182

File: 1573875826354.jpg (520.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191111-041439_Ins…)

No. 894184

File: 1573875995830.jpg (459.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191111-041445_Ins…)

No. 894216

Looks like she is deficient in a few minerals by the looks of her nails, which wouldnt be very surprising

No. 894295

Who is this?/context/no1curr

No. 894363

File: 1573916190417.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191116-134657_Ins…)

You crave it because you drink it often and its not a fear

No. 894366


bitch, maybe drink some water instead? she’s consuming way too much sugar and is probably dehydrated af if she’s craving a 99% sugar coffee beverage.

talking about craving sugary drinks just makes you look more like a fat cow and not a delicate ana fairy no matter how much you try to pass it as a “fear food”

No. 894369

File: 1573917543671.jpg (748 KB, 1080x1601, Porgey.jpg)

No. 894370

File: 1573917603472.jpg (402.6 KB, 1080x1054, Nuggm.jpg)

Sorry, i had to fo it in 2 posts otherwise it wouldn't all fit

No. 894372

File: 1573918112140.gif (1.8 MB, 440x336, beautiful.gif)

No. 894426

File: 1573925913094.png (1.1 MB, 828x1792, F46E5540-C967-4204-A525-46DDEC…)

Nobody fear, georgie is going to eat when she gets home! Can’t have that waif losing any more weight!

No. 894428

File: 1573926822432.gif (171.15 KB, 421x336, nomnomnom.gif)

She has an issue drinking an ana's favourite from a coffee shop but doesn't mind all the sugar in alcoholic drinks. Okay then.

Sad that so many of these people have to cling on to their fake ED to have anything halfway interesting to talk about.

No. 894433

File: 1573928198702.png (3.58 MB, 828x1792, B14C32AF-B27E-4E6E-A923-0FD922…)

It’s a very read ED, just not the one she’s claiming. Maybe not even an eating disorder actually, that could just be her body type, but definitely takes some kind of neuroticism to insist on being anachan despite…everything…

No. 894436

Her calves are so big she can't even get the two sides of her boots to join when laced up. I'd be really concerned about her obesity and dealing with it than her fanciful ideas about how she's so skinny when she's 3/4 this size. This is so unhealthy it's making my knees hurt.

No. 894496

of course, shes got to go along with the "what everyone else does" script. thats why she used to push for a tube.

No. 894598

File: 1574027171859.png (3.13 MB, 828x1792, 746BC542-88FD-484C-84A8-AEBBD1…)

So hungry she was nearly in tears…okay then. Wasn’t this right after a night of drinking and binge eating though?

No. 894600

That doesn’t mean anything. If you’ve read up on binge eating at all or experienced it, you’d know that a lot of people experience extreme hunger (especially when restricting for a while) and/or can’t seem to get full.

No. 894607

"so hungry i was nearly in tears" is a next level perma-fat type thing to say. there people who are literally starving to death out there, u wont find this type of behavior from them.
normally i ignore georgia posts b/c i come here to talk wbout skellies, but that is some emotional eating embarrassment right there

No. 894628

She hasn’t been restricting for a while. She literally was out drinking and eating the night before. She’s also not some spoopy underweight anachan who’s body needs to repair itself. She’s not even a normal-but-below-setpoint weight. She’s obese and eating very regularly. Being “in tears” because she’s sooOoOo hungry is purely ott dramatics.

No. 894656

right if you have an actual eating disorder not just one for Instagram

No. 894658

right if you have an actual eating disorder not just one for Instagram

No. 894660

She’s getting massive in a way that’s more sad than funny. Girl really believes she’s starving with them knuckle dimples.

No. 894671

File: 1574032749106.png (187.18 KB, 720x716, Screenshot_20191117-231023~2.p…)

Not extreme hunger, anon. The word your looking for is greed.

Img is #374 of Becky's How To Draw Attention To Yourself In Public lessons. Real Rain Man behaviour right there.

No. 894684


No. 894695

@lilvegiebean has some potential milk with her unstable shitposting

No. 894696

Imageboard. Screenshots. Context.

Private account but her Tell is boring
>Do you see Ed professionals? Only a gp

No. 894697

then post caps of it idiot

No. 894839

not WKing but she was born with her liver and other organs outside of her body and is in chronic respiratory failure. with or without an eating disorder she’s clearly very ill and pretty much dying which would make most young people unstable

No. 894845

Those flakes are sweetener. She's ordered an iced coffee - just coffee, milk,sweetener. Looks like blended ice, too.

No. 894846

What flakes? The white stuff is icecream/cream

No. 894851

Ice cream and cream blend in. Whereas sweetener hardens up in the cold milk and ice, you have to push Starbucks etc employees to do it if you want it, because Sweet n Low just goes so hard if it's not blended properly and it's considered "gross".

No. 894862

File: 1574066033112.jpg (Spoiler Image, 505.96 KB, 1080x1498, literally what.jpg)

This… This isn't what human bodies look like.

No. 894865

i'm laughing so hard right now i've been waiting for this to get posted here.

her legs look like freakin hot dogs i can't handle it

No. 894866

how is that even possible?

No. 894871

i don’t think it is? realistically at this point, of this was real, shes at an ashley isaacs level, and ashley can’t even walk up stairs let alone walk more than a minute. and she expects us to believe that she goes to school and is functional? this screams imskinnybeautiful shoop drama all over again

No. 894872


I don't know @lilvegiebean but it is possible - usually a congenital malformation called diaphragmatic hernia where there is a hole in the diaphragm which the organs are pushed out of as a baby is developing in the womb. Can cause problems with lung development - sometimes fatal at birth. I knew someone with this - she didn't have a belly button due to the reconstruction of her abdomen.(medfagging)

No. 894875

Omg the kelsey creation's wearing a skin hood. Big fail lol.

Georgia's a woman who makes up for any artificial sweeteners in other ways obviously. Possibly eats lard judging by her size. It's safe to say that a spoon of sugar isnt going to make any difference to her intake.

No. 894876

File: 1574070299635.png (226.18 KB, 611x437, Screenshot_20191118-094330~2.p…)

Srsly, wtfs going on here

No. 894879

I just can't, it simultaneously bothers me and makes me crack up laughing. They really need to see what emaciated bodies look like, the anatomy of it, to actually learn how to photoshop correctly. It's looking so plastic/unnatural at this point, how are the legs even connected because that's not how joints work/show at low weights. I don't get how people say "she's just upping the contrast", christ.

No. 894880

Its quite easily real. Its called omphalocele. A lot of people have been born with it an go on to lead normal lives after having a skin flap surgery to cover it.
Tali has had the skin flap surgery but her liver was too big to place back inside due to her scoliosis (shes had surgery for this also) so a majority of it does sit outside her body still. It causes respiratory issues as you can imagine. She can still do things and go places. Theres a gymnast in usa Kendall someone who was born the same.

No. 894885

ok doc if her organs are somewhere else can you specify where in this photo exactly.
also while you're at it please explain the completely different carpet texture between her stick legs lmao.

No. 894886

YOU are talking about kelsey.
Everyone else is talking about Tal. Or "lilvegiebean".
More than one person is being discussed but it was made clear with people's names being used. Learn to comprehend before you comment

No. 894890

I just can't even with those legs
Theyve given up a bit here, the PS on the lower half is just comical. So many things wrong with it.
Not one blotch, wrinkle, freckle, or pore

No. 894891

Carpet different textures, wardrobe door is warped, legs weird as fuck, not one of her better shoops.

No. 894892

It's like she used ms paint to draw them on

No. 894893

My point was that she's calling it a "win" when it's literally just sweetener, milk, ice, and coffee.

No. 894895

still no caps

No. 894901

those bendy noodle legs, lmao the actual audacity of "kelsey" to post this. unfortunately u follow actual idiot teens on IG who will likely think this is legit

No. 894902

and by u i meant i follow actual idiot teens

No. 894916

How is it that her underwear is never ever baggy?

No. 894920

When you’re obese, choosing the diet version of a sugar-bomb coffee drink IS a win. I don’t think that’s what she meant though. Kek.

No. 894923

her underwear has anorexia too anon

No. 894933

File: 1574090272260.png (Spoiler Image, 818.73 KB, 1242x2208, C1DF2A21-20C6-4734-B993-D73009…)

Tals scoliosis

No. 894934

File: 1574090324013.png (Spoiler Image, 2 MB, 1242x2208, D04FE170-72AA-4035-8D99-72260C…)

can’t find any current pictures of her liver

No. 894937

One person started talking about a person who was a baby with their organs on the outside. Another replied. The rest of us don't care about her. We can't even see her fucking profile.

No. 894939


Okay, stop. This is an ED thread, not a wonky back thread.

No. 894940

Don't want to see her liver. Jesus. Wtf.

No. 894941

I think the point the above anons were making is exactly that. She is unwell not milky so shouldnt have been brought up.
Someone else questioned it not being possibly hence the follow through.

No. 894946

yeh thank you. she’s not milky

No. 894955

File: 1574093698246.jpg (61.95 KB, 1127x469, dont all rush at once.JPG)

I'm feeling the same kind of revulsion I feel when I look at n2f's food. Not a good photo for selling some skin tight leggings.

She's started wearing makeup again. Some kind of Amy Winehouse thing going on. Below:

No. 894956

File: 1574093724730.jpg (23.85 KB, 298x294, morphin laura.JPG)

No. 894958

Standing in a corner and covering your ears with your hands? That's not a healthy reaction to dealing with having an argument in a store. That's attention-seeking and she even admits it. Amazing. Must be awful to have to go anywhere with her, so unfair.

No. 894960

Don't get why she's selling her second hand shit for such high prices.

No. 894968

Can't say I've ever heard of this bizarre reaction being recommended as a coping mechanism by any therapist.

I thought the same. She's selling a Primark jumper for £7. It probably cost that new.

No. 894993

she need to close that mouth immediately ugh! shes constantly pulling these faces w/ her lips looking like theyre about to fall off
>in b4 nitpick

No. 895001

What the heck is a skin hood? Google is not helping me

No. 895047

File: 1574108630764.jpg (337.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191116-180545_Ins…)

The fact that Laura is super short makes her bragging of wearing childrens clothing even more pathetic

No. 895052


this pose just makes me so angry. it looks like a dog pissing or letting out a pungent fart. it's not cute at all, it's disgusting, no one wants to see your rotting fish crotch. also any normal weight woman fits into kids' sizes if they want to, there are clothes up to age 14/size 170 cm and they are not really smaller than an adult size small/medium so yes the bragging is retarded. and kids nowadays are bigger anyway so…

No. 895057

What's porgie doin

No. 895063

Fuck off

No. 895064

Honestly, we've established she lurks here, right? Right after we started bitching about how fucking annoying it is when she lifts her leg up like a bargain bin black swan, she started dialing it up to retard levels. Props for trolling but grow the fuck up, Laur. Get a job. Quit mooching off the healthcare system. You're not pitiful, you're pathetic.

No. 895081

sorry if this is off limits or has already been discussed but does anyone know what happened to paris account?

No. 895092

She's changed her @ to something totally different.

Can any anon remember what it is?

No. 895101

File: 1574117032603.jpeg (605.38 KB, 750x1263, 68FAEC3C-7B3F-4571-AD90-C471DB…)

here you go

No. 895136

File: 1574124150608.jpeg (282.62 KB, 750x1176, FE4F1A01-22B6-434A-96AE-6BFB70…)

Surprised no one has talked about this spoop yet. Very pro Ana her tells are full of people asking what she thinks of people using her as thinspo and what she eats and her weight. Seems like she doesn’t care who she influences

No. 895141

Private account. Doesn't look like a megaspoop.

No. 895142

idk if this counts because this is someone from MPA. But I have a funny suspicion that someone on there… cough still.ill is lying about being euth'd.

No. 895143

Why does she always have to do that pose? it grosses me out.

No. 895144

I think its all an attention grab.

No. 895146

thats spoopy on its own, any body checks?

No. 895148

File: 1574125245229.png (1.74 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-11-19-10-58-08…)

@Sarstruggling videoing herself taking shit tons of laxatives


No. 895150

File: 1574126125174.jpg (26.48 KB, 285x511, 0.JPG)

Don't know that person. You mean she's doing a dignitas thing for anorexia? I thought you had to have a terminal physical illness for assisted suicide. Why do these people like to brag about how they're about to die (but they never do).

Okay. I just looked at her. See, she's hardly at a level where they'd kill her off. She looks healthier than people walking the streets.

No. 895151

apparently she has organ failure due to her 20 something years of having an ED so she qualifies for assistance in suicide. Every post she makes is about how she is going to die. Her latest post was "Its my time to go, finally. Didn’t have to wait for Euthanasia". It's seems like a weird flex to me personally.

No. 895154

Sounds like she's got that syndrome. The one where you lie for attention and sympathy. Meh.

No. 895155

File: 1574126527564.png (322.87 KB, 750x1334, 15632A90-3182-4EB1-974F-EAE397…)

Screens from her tell

No. 895159

>10 posts

No. 895164

I mean she mostly post on her story just trying to bring in some new milk. Smh everyone complaining there’s no new milk but complains when someone tried

No. 895176

File: 1574129920388.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1898, F434244E-2FB4-4622-90D1-801D85…)

ahh been taking notes from laura i see

No. 895179

where is said milk then

No. 895182

Becky next. Facial harming is the new arm cutting it seems and they're all in the same clique.

No. 895184

File: 1574130253736.jpeg (359.7 KB, 1242x1964, 0EB86D95-8F2D-4B0F-B15A-E2A8A0…)

typically the only body checks seem to be of just her arms

No. 895185

i thought she had only signed a DNR after her spoopy halloween heart attack

No. 895188

With her body deformities its no wonder. She has no ED milk. Move on

No. 895199

Yeah, she obv has a problem (her biggest one being wearing a red bracelet lol), but her need to flex and angle makes her generic ana. Usual feelings an ED gives a person. What I don't get about pro anas who actually do feel like shit is why they want to promote it as an alternative lifestyle.

Imagine putting forward the idea that being anorexic is something to embrace so others might be inspired to not think about recovery.

Complete with best top for maximum exposure of thinness. It's revolting.

No. 895200

I posted >>895199 without realising she was the scoliosis girl. I really feel for her with medical issues outside of an ed, but the things I wrote above, I can't take back. Idk, she's really mentally fucked up to me and can't really be milky because she's so far gone.

No. 895206

She’s missing a few sternal bones hahaha

No. 895209

Her legs look like bendy Barbie doll ones. She reminds me of serial killers who fuck up to be discovered, but people either know this is shooped and don't care, or don't know and believe it.

No. 895216

Her sternum is right there but OK

No. 895290

File: 1574173916837.jpeg (385.02 KB, 1242x1963, D23A9DD1-8A80-45BE-8C2B-DF9415…)

milky or not someone cowtipped

No. 895291

Georgia probably alerted her to being mentioned on here. They follow each other

No. 895292

File: 1574175243456.jpg (36.01 KB, 638x359, 1995.jpg)

Check who's following her/she's following. They usually add each other when there's been a tip. Either fatso or the bald twat.

Only says what's there to see anyway. Retro red bracelet lol.

No. 895297

Or she’s a self-poster, like many of the recent submission. For these attention whores, playing the victim gets them asspats, so they’re willing to degrade themselves.

No. 895305

Yeah, she posted that less than an hour after it was posted here.

No. 895306

I feel like the people who self post on here want to be made fun of so they purposely get triggered & in turn, lose weight. Some people really are that desperate

No. 895311

I’m totally here for the fat wannarexics. Most of the skelles are boring

No. 895318

The skeles are drama queens. I prefer the fat wannas as well. I often wonder how many of the cows post here as farmers because they're bitchier than we are. They're two faced with each other and at least we don't pretend to care about them then call them behind their backs.

Wonder how that other fat atypical's getting on. Megan/Meghan. Good that she had the sense to make herself scarce even though she stuck herself in hospital for attention.

No. 895323

i honestly think it was the porker georgia who tipped her off

No. 895333

I was following megan until a few days ago when I deleted her. She basically stopped posting on insta.

No. 895343

File: 1574187486140.png (1.84 MB, 1242x2208, 8BB1238A-5DEF-4379-BD24-EB93E8…)

anyone heard of @rexiacct she recently requested to follow me and i followed her looking for milk and she didn’t disappoint
harboring bags of puke and maggots in her closet
i screen recorded but forgot i couldn’t post the video

No. 895358

Ew wtf. She sounds worse than nourish. Post screenshots from the video

No. 895376

I feel bad for bulimics that have to do this, it's not a nice situation to be in - and it can be part of the addiction itself (binning bags/containers and clean up is also a form of purging/relief in the end), but christ did she actually film it? I don't understand why there's no shame or self-disgust, not to blog but in dark days i couldn't imagine ever sharing or picturing/filming any part of the process. Mind boggling.

No. 895392

thankfully she didn’t film the actual clean up, that was a screen shot from the video tho
i don’t think i could have stomached her recording it she claims it was hundreds of maggots

No. 895413

File: 1574198442069.jpg (472.65 KB, 1062x1888, 20191119_221458.jpg)

Does anyone know this girl "bearcrumbs"? There was nothing milky about her at first, just bodychecks until I noticed the awfully bent closet behind her. I thought she didn't shoop her pics but when I saw this I laughed

No. 895414

File: 1574198475445.jpg (Spoiler Image, 712.42 KB, 1080x1728, 20191119_221539.jpg)

Theres another pic of her

No. 895417

File: 1574198611364.jpg (443.7 KB, 1075x1718, 20191119_222232.jpg)

Wtf is this fuckery

No. 895423

Pretty sure that’s just her jacket hanging weird. Or she really sucks at photoshop and thinks ribs are directly connected to the waist kek. She’s mildly spoopy but just seems to be a run of the mill ana, not much milk.

No. 895431

That looks shooped tho. Like… thats a super tiny waist. Who has that in real life

No. 895439

Definitely shooped. That waist is absurdly small. Also, look at her arms—they’re normal. The proportions of the whole thing are fucked.

No. 895451

Lmao that’s strawberrydiet (changed user) she’s been brought up before. The potential shooping is new, but she’s not really milky otherwise. Mostly just white trash party girl.

No. 895467

File: 1574204584289.jpg (110.14 KB, 614x1136, ZomboDroid 19112019145536.jpg)

No. 895469

Just scrollin' through. This is 100% the worst shoop I've ever seen. At least TRY.
You can see how warped the closet door behind her is…the fold(?) of where the door opens at the bottom isn't there.

No. 895523

apparently its not a pro ana bracelet

No. 895525

Worst whoop you’ve ever seen? You might want to scroll up and look at Kelseys shoops then. Dae doesn’t exactly fit into the anachan thread (however if she continues to shoop she might) but if there’s ever a white trash thread she would fit in perfectly there. On her main she’s posted her new bf a few times and on his account he posts bags of coke and Xanax on his profile all the time. Daes milk lies more in the junkie area, not so much here

No. 895543

>>895185 wait, whos the euth'd girl? I scrolled back up but getting mixed up with cows

>>895306 you hit the nail on the head. While they don't mention it on ig, you can imagine them telling the Dr how theyre being victimized on an image board. Much trauma. Such vulnerable. Much head bangs.
Any reason is reason enough for them

No. 895548

File: 1574211229933.jpeg (462.1 KB, 750x804, BC3F7287-4987-4924-8548-350EE5…)

looks like laura's finally getting what she wants. Im an amerifag, is daypatient similar to iop or is it inpatient?

No. 895551


day patient means that you go get treatment at the ward during the day but go home for the night. no more cushy hospital bed for our acne scab crotch exposer, wonder how long it'll take before she picks at some scabs and gets taken in again?

No. 895552

Daypatient for me (only saying that because different hospitals might provide different daycare. Not blogpostin') was being at the hospital for a certain amount of days. Usually start at 4 or 5 days a week and it's decreased when they think you're making progress.

Then you sit around and smoke til 4.30pm (not any more though lol) and there were things like woodwork, pottery, OT things (none of that now either because of funding cuts - thanks Laura et al!). You're there to be observed really.

You then go home, so not ip.

It was shit. A room full of people with differing levels of mental illness sitting/walking around talking about being ill or rambling incoherenctly.

Obviously Laura chose to stick with wherever she was because it sounds "fun". Now she gets to be off work for a year sticking her leg up in the air for ig.

No. 895553

Euth'd girl is someone on mpa.

No. 895554

Oh, and it wasn't on the ward. It was in a separate part of the psych area so no contact with the IPs.

No. 895559

the shoop they're referring to is the door frame behind her, not the folds on her shirt lmao

No. 895574

shes pretty boring because she hardly ever posts but i remember about a month ago she made a story saying she told her bf (who she would brag about and post pics of) that she hadnt eaten in days and he "cool story bro"d her. i wanted to @ her like girl come get your trash

No. 895577

some day patient/treatment centers also often have staff that are trained to restrain you if you commit any self harming behaviors in front of them. hope she doesn't try to do that face raking in front of them for show because she will be in for a surprise.

No. 895580

i don't get why she's saying they don't usually do this for a crisis. She's been ip for months and only stayed a day or two recently when she was discharged and acted out to get the crisis team to hopefully get her back in hospital.

Sounds like they're sick of her shit and day care is a compromise where she's going to get attention she wants but isn't hogging the bed for sicker people. Then again, day care's usual if you've been in psych for a while, like a transition to dealing with real life again.

She's going to look stupid if she starts doing the face scratch thing. It's not going to get her put back on the ward if 99 per cent of the time she's swigging coffee and doing dances.

I'm glad she's being treated outpatient. She'll have to stay there during the hours she's told to so no socials with friends for lols.

No. 895623

File: 1574226329969.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x1864, 20191120_150315.jpg)

Massive KEK. Literally.

No. 895642

More like php. But when they drop to fewer days/week it’s basically iop.
From what I can tell meg is out of the recovery community. Wonder how her life’s going but also think it’s better for her to be in the real world instead of a wannarexic dream

No. 895652

You're boring porgey no 1 curr

No. 895658

I wish Georgia had her own thread she reminds me of baby amberlynn reid

No. 895670

She's insinuating what with bloating? Is she pretending it's an ED thing?

Hope you get to fart yourself better, Georgia. Better hold off on that diet coke today.

No. 895671

File: 1574233618284.jpg (48.95 KB, 337x585, aw.JPG)

My advice would be stop being a snowflake and deal with it. Also stop presuming that you don't deserve some criticism. Now stop making sad face stories and get on with your life.

No. 895698

No she just wanted to mention she 'lost'

No. 895702

Lost a sock.

No. 895719

the only advice she needs is to get off insta and put down the fast food
girl i-

No. 895731

"Perfectionism." kek. George, you're a fat girl with bad eyebrows. Quit fooling yourself.

No. 895741

this thread always derails into fat shaming georgia, all i hear is bones rattling here, that's why the thread is so shit

No. 895742

For somebody who seems to know this thread so well, you can't sage for shit. We only call out Georgia for being fat because she's doing her best to portray herself as a dainty, starving anachan. We have eyes, Georgia. We know you aren't anorexic.

No. 895745

Eating disorders affect fat people too just not the ones here. We skinny shame and fat shame. Stop being so ~sensitive~ about being fat.

No. 895746

Of course she’s bloated and her stomach hurts, she does nothing but binge on junk and shit. Seems like she’s realized she can’t play the fat anorexic game, so switching to being a munchie. She already claims POTS (kek, the magic dx for any wanna munchie whos dehydrated and over caffeinated), now she seems to be going for some vague GI issue. Her weight still makes it obvious she can eat just fine.

No. 895754

File: 1574268223406.jpg (296.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191120-153100_Ins…)


No. 895760

That makes her a plain old attention seeker then and that makes her worse. At least if she had bpd she'd have an excuse for her behaviour, but she's just an idiotic lying twat who wants to be seen as being more mental than she is.

She's like someone on a reality game show who does something outrageous so people are going to talk about her. She's obviously not underweight in those pics.

No. 895761

Because that’s what’s easiest to purge. Such “recovery” kek

No. 895771

that huge cursive "no" next to those completely manic looking pictures holy shit this looks like one of us made this to trash her

No. 895775

File: 1574272413833.jpg (27.12 KB, 309x263, 0.JPG)

Poor Becky's suffering so much financial hardship she can't afford to go for facials…oh wait

No. 895777

File: 1574272528488.jpg (343.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191120-175453_Ins…)

Laura said she got put on a section 3

No. 895779

Sure Jan.

If it's true then she must be happy but why say that when she said she was doing daycare?

No. 895780

Going for a facial isn’t an accomplishment, it’s a luxury many people cannot afford. She makes herself out to be the victim in everything, and it’s disgusting. She’s just fortunate to live in a country where she gets paid to be sick, heaven forbid she’d ever have to work for anything.

No. 895782

I get benefits but my facial is a 99p Superdrug face mask at home! This is the place she had that awful manicure. Idk how she affords it. Like, of course the government pay for my basics and I'm grateful, but how the fuck would it cover salon treatments?

No. 895817

File: 1574278948921.png (2.31 MB, 1242x2208, FC50493B-68C8-4FF4-B7EF-FAD658…)

mays trying to get ketamine treatment via gofundme
i’m pretty sure the money she spends on food to purge is enough for the first infusion

No. 895829

Fuck off Laura no one here is going to start claiming you have bpd so you can use it as an excuse for your pathetic behavior.

No. 895845

File: 1574281908932.png (1008.16 KB, 640x1136, 003D2836-75BB-4F55-8031-46A9A3…)

If she stopped getting her nails done, buying new clothes every week, and eating out multiple times a day then her benefits would easily cover it.
She’s said before, when she kicked her ex out, that she gets 2,000dollars a month.

If she did start this treatment she’d freak out and quit as soon as she began to gain any sort of weight so I really don’t see why anybody would donate.

The irresponsible fuck also filmed while driving, probably stoned & on klonopin too.

No. 895856

File: 1574283484462.jpeg (483.38 KB, 1242x1981, 15C38224-11CE-4A54-B62D-334A20…)

evidently you were not the only person to point that out

No. 895860

All this means is that she’s constantly on lolcow, which is annoying. I give her until the end of the year honestly.

No. 895862

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all rush to the internet and beg every time we wanted something?

Cry me a fucking river, May. You have had so many opportunities to better yourself but have chosen to turn it down every time and cry online about how mean your therapists and doctors are even though they have literally offered you everything they can.

No. 895869

dam I wish I got 2k a month for doing nothing, dreamy!

No. 895876

what kind of financial aid pays out monthy? almost all of them pay by the semester and are only going to cover school, not outside expenses

No. 895882

Sorry to ask but why the heck would she need money for Ket? Is it legal in her country to get high off ye ole donkey dust? Why speed up the wrecking of organs unless she's aiming for the coffin?

No. 895884

recently ketamine infusion therapy has blown up for PTSD and major depression with evidence that it could help with eating disorders but i see it as her trying to get high honestly

No. 895900

May just put the link of her gofund me back. Wow. Lol at her "I keep 2 meals down, I'm fighting so hard, look I have pizza and sweets for lunch!!" I would be blessed if I get 2000 a month without doing anything. What an absolute rat she is

No. 895906

just gonna add that while it’s very true that American universities (assuming she’s american) only pay out financial aid by semester, it’s not entirely true that it all goes to school. some students get more than enough financial aid to cover their tuition + other school expenses per semester and receive returns of whatever’s left over after everything’s covered. I highly doubt she had enough financial aid awarded for this supposed “$2000 a month” she has for nonschool expenses but she might’ve taken out loans too (which also only pay out per semester). either way, the lies she’s pulling out of her ass don’t really make any sense to anyone who’s ever experienced any form of higher education and it’s far-fetched that she‘d be able to receive so much via aid even if it was true.

No. 895907

you and the other anons talking about how your poor ass would benefit from free money need to take a step back and realize how pathetic it is to post about. this isn’t your fucking blog.

No. 895984

File: 1574311705274.png (9.92 MB, 1242x2208, 88F29717-A152-4521-9427-491153…)

Lmao Aly back on her bullshit, can’t even manage staying sober either and just has to brag about that.

No. 895994

What’s going on with Elzani? Does she only post insta stories now?

No. 896010

None is monthly. And if it actually is financial aid it just proves she’s still in contact with her terrible evil parents who clearly support her financially. Her creepy ex bf roommate who takes pictures of her weirds me out more than anything. Fat boy watching his bulimic gf and gets off on it. >>895671
Like there isn’t a link between perfectionism and weigh. Wow Georgia you’re so special scientific studies don’t apply!

No. 896039

File: 1574337634957.jpg (762.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191121-115412_Ins…)

Look at the grime on her phone!!
I see she is back at it with the skinny shit too…

No. 896051

Out of all of N2F's creations, this has to be the most disgusting and gagworthy shit I've ever seen. It literally looks like sewer water.

No. 896069

It's almost like she's never even looked at any photographs of food before. If you're talking about how delicious something is, make it look NOT like nightmare-doodoo for once. It's really disturbing how she can see this and believe it would look good to anyone. Just how??

No. 896071

>Albeit difficult to push myself
The pretentious, grandiose descriptions she uses to narrate herself doing completely normal things make me insane.

No. 896145

After years of observing supposedly recovering anorexics, I'm seriously starting to think that they need to be retaught what food is supposed to look and taste like. They all seem to have no understanding of flavour and mix together the most disgusting combinations. That coffee looks like the contents of a septic tank and she somehow thinks that's good to drink. It's not right.

No. 896158


I'm convincing myself that she's trolling because this is beyond vile

No. 896160

File: 1574361600230.jpeg (420.33 KB, 828x695, BBB47967-F777-47CF-84CA-8D90F3…)

I put my time in on the last video, someone else be the hero we need to watch this video and tell us how many times she says “recovery is so fun!” And/or “I know I’m not doing my best but now I’m going to REALLY do it!”

No. 896165

File: 1574362305527.jpg (251.7 KB, 1076x1052, Screenshot_20191121-181629_Ins…)

The post she commented on is irrelevant but Becky is doing a JourneyToEmma and trying to one-up people by inserting her woes. Cue a post begging for some poor sod to buy her a washing machine?

No. 896174

shes really trying to make that girl feel guilty for making some progress in her life since becky could never

No. 896178

I’ve not watched the video yet but her mum should have taken total control of all her food a long time ago ( as in when she left IP). E has used the word REALLY so much it’s even more irritating than her use of ‘divine ‘.

No. 896182

No she shouldn’t. E is a grown ass adult, her mom isn’t obligated to do anything for her and I don’t think it’s fair to think it’s her mom’s job to step in. That being said, her mom done fucked up with how she’s handled (enabled) this whole recovery charade and indulged E with expensive food, filming equipment and zero expectation that e goes to school or gets a job. The whole family dynamic is fucked up. Best thing they could have done for her would be to have gotten her sectioned or kicked her out to fend for herself once they realized she was using them and making a game of pretending to recover for attention.

No. 896189

File: 1574366216387.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x1872, E47B5985-52C8-4A2E-9B2C-CA9FAA…)

unsurprisingly she’s back in hospital, no doubt she’ll be “fighting hard” for a few day’s then discharge herself before you know it

No. 896213

i really wish she could either commit to dying or commit to recovering b/c this dance is so fucking overdone. i refuse to follow this cow, & i hate talking about her b/c all she wants is the attention. at the same time she is easily the milkiest in the thread because shes such a piece of shit

No. 896273

File: 1574375146799.jpeg (5.32 MB, 3000x3000, CD7A5973-D750-434D-B7EE-6CAEFA…)

She just keeps on giving.
Would any sane doctor or psych give an unstable severely anorexic woman with constantly bad vitals and bloods a Vyvanse script?
Anon who said she’s drug seeking after the ketamine infusion bs hit the nail on the head.
Sage bc she’s fucking irritating

No. 896311

File: 1574379467141.jpg (707.98 KB, 1080x1207, Hbd2.jpg)

No. 896313

File: 1574379503654.jpg (251.3 KB, 1080x987, Hbd.jpg)

Ash made it another year

No. 896315

Fundamental basis of pretty much every EDU treatment centre/programme in the uk is to take the control