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File: 1575229133655.jpg (110.14 KB, 614x1136, 1574204584289.jpg)

No. 900161

Grab a sugar-laden starbucks as we continue to send our #support to the best and the bravest #EDrecoverywarriors on instagram and beyond*

(*photoshopping, ebegging, bed blocking, crotch baring, scab picking, POTS munching and anorexia diagnosis all optional)

previous thread >>>/snow/883248(shit thread)

No. 900175

File: 1575230466961.png (13.17 MB, 3087x3087, 9CF01B3C-BFA0-4CC3-85BA-58454F…)

Anybody else notice she’s looking plus sized now? Also, the left is the original she was tagged in. The right is her edit. In the original you can see how filthy her clothes are. But gotta change the filter to look pale and smudge out the dirty clothes.

No. 900186

File: 1575231889741.png (180.39 KB, 1033x874, wannarexia.alert.png)

Searching for known members, I found some funny posts- these were from the ANOREXIA part of mypancakeaddiction. These posts are not recent, but I lurked their profiles and nothing's changed. Are we focusing on instagrammers or are forums like MPA fair game?

Not very detailed thread description, lol. But OP pic is great.
I wouldn't call that plus sized, but her face and shoulders look filled out. Definitely gained weight.

No. 900195

Apologies, first thread. Pic courtesy of anon >>895467

Pancake is a goldmine. 99% self diagnosis, shitloads of DID fakers, admin is nuts. Fair game imo

No. 900218

This screams of selfpost. I don’t think anyone would call her “plus sized” unless they were fishing for someone to respond saying she isn’t.

No. 900227

lmao those are my two weaknesses, obese CW and medically impossible UGW. these girls need special ed classes more than anything

No. 900235

It’s ridiculous how often people want to say self post. Bekahs isn’t a self post. She’s legit bordering on overweight now. It also irritates me how she clearly edited her photo.

No. 900238

File: 1575239013727.jpg (259.03 KB, 1080x1558, Screenshot_20191202_082238.jpg)

She was mentioned in the last thread after posting about peeing herself, but ah, yes, much emaciation. She's now using a second account as a food diary, @rexie.skeleton or something. Curse To The Bone for making "rexie" a thing ugh.

No. 900244

if Bekah recovers even somewhat, that's a good thing. I hear your bones rattling, anon.

Bekah is a longstanding thread subject and not a self-poster (that we know of).

No. 900258

File: 1575242111371.jpeg (599.24 KB, 828x1498, D575C388-E09F-4C89-AB86-984881…)

I’m deeply triggered that georgieporgie is 100g away from her goal weight for today. Any guesses as to what it is? 250? The waif is going to blow away in a strong gust at this rate!

No. 900263

Right? I've looked at her profile too and damn. Pancake is like MPA's cowardly sibling, too. MPA only hides certain parts of the forum, but everything is hidden on pancakes unless you register. What's with this fear of being discovered, lol? I wouldn't be surprised if anamanaguchi was lurking this thread.

>>900227 But they are calorie-counting pErFeCtIoNIsTs, anon. On a serious note, is that why they're always looking for a buddy? Asking for tips?

No. 900327

Measurements like 100 grams matter when you’re so emaciated you’re about to die. For Georgia, it’s probably just a matter of doing a wee and she’d be at her goal of 100kg. She’s clinging to this eating disorder so hard. If she redirected the effort she could have achieved something worthwhile instead of extremely short fasts followed by binging.

No. 900351

She's 100% over 100kg, unless she's really short. her calves alone are probably like 40kg each. Girl does my head in.

No. 900359

torn up over 100 grams? top kek trying to LARP anorexic mindset

No. 900372

File: 1575255845480.jpeg (116.8 KB, 750x1150, B0D73796-26D1-413D-84D3-97C6E4…)

Doesn’t she claim POTS? I’m no medfag so idk if this would be something normal for that or if is she just making this all up (the vitals) to sound sooper sick and spoopy? I always attributed her high heart rate rate to her high body mass stressing out her heart. Overweight ppl breath harder and get out of breath their hearts have to work harder to do simple tasks so I always assumed she’s just fat and out of shape lol. Anyone have any ideas on what she’s trying to get at here? uwu ana or look at my severe POTS?

No. 900384

She’s trying to sound sick. Severe anorexics can die in their sleep when the heart slows down for sleep since they have exceptionally slow hr as it is. Georgia probably had a hypnic jerk and hopes it’s heart damage from not eating all her lunch.

I’d guess about 125kg average, 88kgs as a lowest adult weight. Looks to be average height, like 165cm or so.
She needs to stop reading wasted and unbearable lightness so often because it’s getting too obvious she’s referencing them in her play.

No. 900395

yeah she's such a classic hypochondriac like focus on something like this to distract yourself from your terrible life and forehead wrinkles like you're fine you used an app (?) to track your heart rate it's not gonna be 100% reliable

No. 900414

Yeah her and shay have POTS apparently so use the tachycardia as MUH unStaBle anoReXiA

No. 900428

Both of their self-diagnosed POTS are just for asspats, because no one takes their anorexia claims seriously for obvious reasons. Ana chan munchies just realized jumping on the “spoonie” wagon gets them more attention, so it’s easy for them to post random shit like their out-of-shape heart rates and #thathappened stories about passing out. Anyone can dehydrate and caffeinate themselves into POTS symptoms, so an IG POTS diagnosis means absolutely nothing. Same for all the other popular easy-to-fake illnesses, it’s just for asspats. Playing the sick snowflake anorexic doesn’t get the “oh poor you”s it used to, but apparently being “chronically ill” does.

No. 900430

Whether Georgia is 100 and something kilos or 90 something kilos, she’s still severely obese. Good for her for supposedly losing 10 kg, but we all know she’s a dramatic little turd and she truely doesn’t look like she’s lost anything. That’s when you know you’re fucking massive, when a 10kg weight loss isn’t noticeable not even enough to shift you out of the morbidly obese category.

No. 900432

Bekah is a career attention whore. She’s not recovered, she’s just found illnesses to fake that let her be sick forever, without having to ever be responsible for herself or give up her eating disorder. Just now she’s gained weight by pretending she’s a rare unicorn spoonie snowflake or whatever, who’s so special she has to have a long term nasal feeding tube because she can’t have one that’s hidden under her clothes. She’s still the disgusting trash who taught young girls how to purge out an NG tube during ED treatment and has been kicked out of pretty much every ED recovery program in the US.

No. 900452

File: 1575272671683.jpeg (553.51 KB, 750x1093, B5D16B9C-56DF-400B-80E2-2864DE…)

First off, which photo is before and which one is after? and second, she’s being admitted in january? why? this is the first i’ve heard of it. i’m over her and her useless admissions. you’re fine eating and other than thinking you’re fat you have no other symptoms.

No. 900485

File: 1575279878460.jpeg (1.21 MB, 828x1527, 45E19719-8F1A-4630-8C13-FC1952…)

She had to go back ASAP because “muh anorexia is gettin so bad”, duh! Clearly an urgent case. Life or death. Can’t have her losing any more weight!

No. 900502

Tbh her face looks less fat on the right picture, but even so, the only worrying thing about her is her dead inside stare. Unless that's all an act too.

No. 900507

Just lose weight like a normal person you fat cunt. She's pretending to have an ed so people don't call her out for being a greedy pig, so she can eat all her sugar high cal junk without getting told off for it. Stop lying.

No. 900531

File: 1575289789331.png (5.79 MB, 828x1792, 59E153BF-A8C9-4D29-BF66-E129C5…)

That’s my issue with her too. Like, I dgaf that’s she’s fat, it’s how she pretends eating is SsooOooOo hard and she’s desperately sick with anorexia that pisses me off. Who do you honesty think you’re fooling, Georgia? Healthy vegetables and roasted meat is challenging because it’s not the shitty junk food you usually eat, not because you’re a dainty ana fairy! Note: she was eating a lollipop and mozzarella stick in recent previous posts.

No. 900538

i just cant imagine proudly attaching your face to this whiny bullshit. she needs to leave the internet & actually work on herself gd

No. 900541

This is my problem with her, too.
I get the whole ‘you can have an ED at any weight’ thing; but claiming atypical anorexia without actually losing a significant amount of weight after all these years? That ain’t AA.
Eventually one with AA would indeed become anorexic as they are literally afraid of food and weight gain.
If she is fasting/restricting between binges I’d say bulimia. If no compensation pure BED. If a combination of factors for random amounts of time, with no distinctive pattern, OSFED.

I’d have sympathy for her if she were honest. As for the POTS? BS. She’s overweight and inactive, HR monitors are not accurate and give ‘off’ readings frequently.

Maybe the psych stay will do her good as she definitely struggles with her mental health; but she will resist getting better despite being given help because then what is there for her to whine about?

I suspect her ‘fainting’ incident was just her looking to avoid work and/or get asspats. It’s not uncommon for self-harmers to pull stunts like this, or even for normal people to feign passing out to avoid work.

Curious to see how the dainty one survives Christmas food.

No. 900556

I honest to god believe she’s got zero eating disorders. Not Ednos or binge eating, even. She’s just fat, lazy and attention seeking.

No. 900561

Also, tachycardia isn't anything over 100, it's more like anything over 120. I'm at 99bpm right now and it's just because Georgie's munchie bullshit is pissing me off. God, her shambling her blubber from her bedroom to the kitchen would probably get her above 110.(blog)

No. 900562

Ugh, she's doing the childish ana thing with sippy cups and cute. Winnie the Pooh next.

She's full of shit. Nobody can suddenly switch their fear of food on and off. Saturday: so scared of food I'm on diet coke. Sunday: had a roast dinner! Nope, nope, no.

She was definitely avoiding work. She posted a few days ago that somebody had given her shit at work.

Sad she fell into the ed for friends thing because she's actually got potential to be something else seeing how she's studying and has ambitions. Generally the ig anas don't have anything else (except Becky who makes things some times, but intellectually she's dull).

Not only insta ana chans. So long as anons post screenshots if it's on another forum (particularly a closed forum), I'd say it's okay?

No. 900570

Agreed, anon.
It’s not unusual for most young people to have a slightly raised HR. There’s so many things that can affect it that it’s mostly irrelevant to document it unless it is actual tachycardia that is affecting ones life; even then it can be easily managed with the right medication. Has Georgie-porgie ever mentioned being on a beta-blocker for her super serious POTS?

A lot of these insta-anas really should appreciate the help they are offered, especially if their insurance covers it. Some countries literally do not have the bed space for those in dire need and these cows hog beds whenever possible.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of the cows get into munchiedom once they move on from their ed… there’s already a few who seem to be experimenting with vague sYmpToms

No. 900576

When you actually ARE fat, thinking you’re fat isn’t a symptom of an ED. It just means you have some grip on reality.

No. 900602

Considering she lurks here, I expect to see her talking about how she’s prescribed beta blockers for her “POTS” anytime soon

No. 900657

Beta blockers wouldn't be advisable in POTS..
Generally it'd be fluid, salt or fludrocortisone to increase blood pressure in turn preventing the tachycardia.

High or low HR on it's own is not POTS.

POTS is tachycardia in response to movement (i.e. sit to stand) DUE TO the drop in blood pressure. If the tachycardia isn't accompanied by a BP drop… it's not POTS/ autonomic dysfunction it's just really severe lack of fitness/ some other heart condition that needs investigation!

No. 900675


Actually a lot of expert doctors still use beta blockers for POTS with more refractory tachycardia.

But she doesn't have POTS, so it's not really relevant. POTS is inherently a pointless thing to discuss in this thread because a valid POTS diagnosis can't be made in a patient with active ED… And with the fat girls, it's extra ridiculous because although it's not at all codified or part of the criteria, there absolutely is a POTS 'look', and doctors with any expertise know that. Fat, deconditioned losers claiming POTS are just unfit. Anorexics claiming POTS are just anorexic.

It's a different clinical entity, even though the majority of POTS patients are also pretty thin (but not anachan thin).

No. 900738

You’re mostly right, but beta blockers are used to treat POTS successfully in some cases. There’s multiple meds used, not just fludrocortisone (which doesn’t help everyone, fyi). However, Georgie Porgie doesn’t have POTS, so if she’s prescribed beta blockers, it’s for their interested use, as her blood pressure is desperately trying to fight against her obesity.

No. 900746

All this medfagging and no one is pointing out that Georgia would need significant postural pulse changes to even be considered for a diagnosis. She’s a young, obese woman. Not the poster child for a POTS diagnosis or atypical anorexia given her lack of weight loss and general size

No. 900774

Probably has beta blockers because she has an obesity induced cardiac issue. Wouldnt be surprised if she has PCOS or diabetes. She is high risk for metabolism disorder

No. 900788

Why has she been kicked out of so many treatment programs?

No. 900808

She’s been to so many because she made it her mission to see them all. She was banned for teaching younger patients tips and tricks. The only one to outshine her eating disorder field trips is Ariana Magro (if anyone has leaks on her plz update)

No. 900810

Also an extensive history of noncompliance. Her insurance eventually refused to pay for anything else except a nursing home, and that’s when she went the munchie route and started claiming that she couldn’t go to treatment because her fake illnesses were “too complex” kek. Eventually she just started pretending that she doesn’t have an ED, and went total munchie. But overall just being a general attention whore and scumbag in numerous ways. Like her current feeding tube is on her face on purpose, she didn’t have problems with her G tube, it just didn’t get her enough asspats hidden under her shirt. And she was a nanny with another tube on her face, while claiming she passed out often. She’s also had numerous “give me money” schemes to pay for treatment she wants just for the asspats and to escape any adult responsibility.

No. 900811

Ol’ toothless! She hasn’t been mentioned in a while. Probably still gaming the system in some way or another.

No. 900829

She seemed to go from years of hopping to and from treatment centers to nothing but I unfollowed her. My biggest regret. Would love any leaks she’s one of my faves
(For anyone interested she was mentioned around thread 16 or so?)

No. 900855

This is an image board.

No. 900891

So post some instead of whining about it. And learn to sage, newfag.

No. 900923

Anybody else sick of miss pathological liar ig user scumtier?

She constantly makes and deletes post about this mysterious disease she has, but it’s very obvious she just has an ED. When other people have posted photos of her with them she comments things about her thighs being chubby or whenever she posts selfies with her obviously empty stomach out she says “belly full of ___” like she’s trying to say she’s gorged and her stomach is full.

I know that there’s no way no one else has noticed this. Once she said “I always knew this would one day kill me” like she has cancer…. insanity.

Not proana but if someone could point me to a better thread I’d gladly migrate there.

No. 900948

I don't follow her, but she has been mentioned here before earlier in the year ( >>821620 ). Googles picking up that she was mentioned in thread requests, but they said to dump her here. Seems like another photoshopping attention seeking munchie though.

That being said, wonder what happened to atravelsaway in the end. New name new ploy somewhere?

No. 900957

First time I've heard of her although I do remember the pic anon posted above.

Not much content to go off, but she kind of loves herself and even with so few posts she's really annoying. Idk anything about her.

atravelsaway - that's pilot Patrick's girlfriend? Lol. She's got to be around somewhere. That was some big time stalking/delusion going on. Hope she isn't in another coma.

No. 900969

I first thought that this is the same person as used pet / Aubrey (also known from the egirl thread). She is also very sickly uwu and seems sketchy af

No. 900970

File: 1575385639949.jpg (646.22 KB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20191203-100507_Ins…)

i was the person who posted about her in a previous thread. she's absolutely in it for the asspats and attention but gets away with it by claiming this ~mystery illness~ idk if she photoshops but shes a girl who thinks its okay to dress like a little in public so she's a bottom-feeder anyway

she also whiped her account not that long ago, i see that as another attention seeking tactic

No. 900973

Something wacko's going on because that knee to waist ratio's as bad as Kelsey's grasp of anatomy.

No. 901006

How's that self love going?

No. 901034

i just cant get over her punchable face. a decade of anorexia? shut the fuck up porgie.

No. 901062

File: 1575403025033.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 270.87 KB, 483x718, A5D17E47-4099-4CE8-857D-C1EBAF…)

As requested. No it is not a self post.

No. 901069

Wtf is that

No. 901088

File: 1575406307662.jpg (560.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191203-214954_Ins…)

No. 901089

File: 1575406408748.jpg (632.94 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191203-214946_Ins…)


"belly full of" yeah…., especially love the #ootd

No. 901126


Does she do anything else?

No. 901137

not anymore, just noticed she deleted practically all her photos and her highlight that in short said something along the lines of "please dont comment on my weight I have a severe chonic illness"

No. 901144

she did have a sex work side account but idk what the @ is
#ootd lmao girl this is some hooker shit

No. 901157

File: 1575413234391.jpg (488.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191203-224555_Ins…)

Laura trying to appear totes anorexic by using childrens cutlery and bowls. Very paris and so even.

No. 901166

She's going to say she has DID, I swear. Hope her story involves Satanists.

This is fucking pathetic. She caught the toddler wanarexia from instagram.

No. 901190

Also chronic illness isn’t an excuse to be underweight forever. If she truly was sick and couldn’t eat enough, her doctor/s would do something. Toobs aren’t just for ana chans and munchies.

But her problem is less chronic illness and more ana scumbag attention whore syndrome.

Maybe I’m wrong, but doesn’t an OOTD require clothes??

No. 901361

She’s a tubie—she wiped her account after people were fed up with her shit and commenting about how her supposed “illness” wasn’t adding up. Before she had tons of selfies of her posing to look as thin as possible with a tube in her nose, constantly.

I wish I had thought to keep caps but the way she talked about her so-called chronic illness was super fishy. She’s just a spoiled anorexic munchie, doesn’t have to work or lift a finger. She’s totally allowed to photoshop (there’s plenty of old pics with major warping around her waist) as long as she claims a super sekret illness she will never give a name or speak of other than to say it’s why she poses like a thinspo queen.

She had a greasy boyfriend for a short period and when he posted a mirror selfie of them together, she was doing the thinspo pose with her legs wide apart and still commented something about how chubby her thighs looked with a keyboard smash. That’s when I knew she was full of shit, spoken like a true neurotic delusional rexy.

No. 901362

Also to add: some months ago she shaved her head claiming her hair was falling out in rapid patches “because of her illness.” She didn’t shave it to the scalp, she left a good 2cm of hair and it was full with not a single sparse or bald patch. I’ll check to see if she has any Russian fan account or whatever when I get the chance to post the proof.

No. 901516

File: 1575462479272.jpeg (41.38 KB, 755x392, image.jpeg)

Rebecca Leung looking a lot more healthy -wonder if Elzani will still idolise her now.

No. 901530

This isn’t milk. Gtfo.

No. 901620

File: 1575481068845.png (4.49 MB, 828x1792, 8B5795B5-F940-4234-948E-C506DD…)

Recovery.chii being an attention hungry cunt again. Note no body shot because she’s probably losing weight again.

No. 901687

File: 1575492040000.jpg (206.52 KB, 491x582, 20191204_203827.jpg)

Some of today's grossness….

No. 901694

Is that not even on a plate?

No. 901700

I think the red/white/brown/orange situation is a receptacle and not food but you can never be sure with her.

No. 901711


Thought it was melted cheddar cheese and some gross thick sauce at first glance. But it's likely a plate shaped like a reindeer with a santa hat?

No. 901741

Dat alpro lid tho. Yummmmy. /s
It’s crazy that somehow in her fucked up brain she posts these things without realizing how utterly disgusting her surroundings are. Even serious hoarders generally try to hide their filth, not give it its own instagram platform.

No. 901822

I think i see the reindeer and santa hat now. thanks anon. I was having some serious optical illusion issues

No. 901890

I…I think it’s just sitting on a very dirty stool

No. 901892

Its a winnie the pooh with xmas hat plate

No. 901914

It’s 100% not Winnie the Pooh, it’s a reindeer head with a Santa hat as >>901711 stated, Pooh doesn’t have antlers kek
Now that we’ve sorted that out, the plate looks surprisingly clean for her. It must’ve just came right from the store, not used yet, and undoubtedly not washed before using it here either!

No. 901931

To the left…is that an envelope? A food splattered parcel? Good lord she’s a disgusting bulimic mess

No. 902037

Did Chii start her account again?

No. 902076

Don’t think so. Since “taking a break” from her account she has posted a couple of time to let people know she’s still alive.

No. 902079

File: 1575562406952.jpg (25.7 KB, 364x590, a life of grime.JPG)


To the left is parcel. Possibly some of the free syrup she gets sent to her. Also - get ready to gag - a yogurt lid with a USE BY date in JUNE (I can see the 6/20. It looks like a rat's been chewing on it.

No. 902083

File: 1575562723469.jpg (367.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191205-161742_Ins…)

No. 902089

They don't sell Ensure in the UK as far as I know. We have Fortisip.

No. 902091

As a person who knows her irl I can confirm that she’s not coming back and that she actually seems to be gaining weight and being normal around food (as far as I can tell. Idk.) I know her through treatment and generally don’t like her but she actually seems to be doing better than I’ve ever seen her.

No. 902097

We have ensure here in hospital and can be prescribed by GP - not too sure about for sale in chemist, (they have ensure juice, ensure plus, etc.) Suprised she's not asking for universal flavours, ensure has chocolate etc. Didn't journeytoemma used to do something daft like make a slushy icecream with them? Not actually seen fortisip strangely enough (and hope i never have to), could be a region thing.

No. 902102

File: 1575566846756.jpg (66.37 KB, 696x590, cant do today.jpg)

Yeah, could be regional. On medical wards and ED units here in the North, Fortisip is the standard.

I know that in some areas cancer patients were refused NHS prescriptions of Ensure because they're £3 each. Yeah, probably depends on the health authority, although I don't even remember it existing as an option in the UK a couple of decades ago.

I don't understand why Laura (who doesn't need any help hydrating with sugary drinks) would want to waste 300+ calories on liquid. We've seen her eat fancy chocolate and avocado things so obviously it's not like she has a fear of solids. Still, makes her appear more disordered, eh.

Sad to see Becky can't do anything today. Not that she had anything to do (but later was pictured with some naff Harry Potter trinket in a shop). Haven't had a crying shot for a while, so I'll leave this here.

No. 902107

Doesn’t sound like you are actually friends with her son wondering how exactly you are able to “confirm” that she’s not coming back and also appears to be eating normal?

No. 902108

I literally ran into her yesterday at the grocery store and she looked like she gained weight (she was in a winter jacket so it’s hard to tell) and she regularly goes out for coffee with a mutual treatment friend and apparently orders lattes and baked goods and whatever. And on Facebook it looks like she’s out doing normal people stuff.

No. 902122

File: 1575570207497.png (7.29 MB, 1242x2208, 4FEBFF8B-BD57-4290-B108-489969…)

How pathetic, and obviously searching for validation and attention. If someone honestly said she had chunky legs you know there’d be 25 stories bashing them. 2 weeks out of treatment and she’s already blowing all that money

No. 902206

Did you see her story where she asked people for an opinion on a poll and then blocked the people who voted for the 'wrong' answer, just because it pissed her off? What an unstable mess, hard to believe she's 28

No. 902211

You think blocking is harsh? She'll shoot to kill anyone who says her thighs aren't shrinking!

No. 902219

File: 1575587147168.jpg (895.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191206-000137_Ins…)

" if you dont feel sorry for me, for being in this position I put myself in, you're a mean fucking bitvh and you're blocked"

No. 902224

File: 1575587253981.jpg (746.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191206-000023_Ins…)

why do you post 8000 stories of you taking a shit, like just relax damn, no one cares. love that she didn't want to be an e-begger but still asks for stuff

No. 902226

File: 1575587285005.jpg (928.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191206-000036_Ins…)

No. 902231

ya it's almost like you have a personality disorder, weird right? go to therapy, goddamn

No. 902236

File: 1575588885737.png (2.27 MB, 1242x2208, 9FC38F03-4DAB-4BC6-B59F-6524C4…)

I don’t even have words for this bullshit…

No. 902237

What an unusual thing to post is she really bored or just so deluded that she thinks her describing herself taking a shit is interesting kek? Omfg I regret whatever I did to get blocked, I’m missing out on some quality cringe lol.
>>902219 well that answers why she’s insta obsessed and has no real life outside of it … insta the only place she can make every comment nice to her and censor out anything that is critical or even a minor annoyance. She doesn’t have to account for literally anything, and she gets asspats for her wanorexia lol. It’s like an alyhugbox. It’s interesting she acts all confident and egotistical but it’s clear she’s very insecure. I remember watching her lives and she just reeks of desperation. It definitely comes across in these ott posts

No. 902250

those stories were endless it was at least 10 stories of just talking about her BM. And she’s honestly surprised her body suck after fucking it up with lax and restriction? Kek

No. 902261

File: 1575591088527.png (2.34 MB, 1536x2048, BA10FE82-B37F-412E-83A3-29FD82…)

OMFG i seriously can’t stand this cow! she comes off as an attention seeking pro ana whore to me!

No. 902267

File: 1575591637893.jpg (99.86 KB, 809x602, 0.JPG)

I had to unfollow she pissed me off so much. Her follower's comments are p much the kind Cooney used to get:
>The face you make when you haven't eaten a real meal for years ..

With ana chans wking her.

I mean, why post this to illustrate beetroot soup?

No. 902268

File: 1575591678346.jpg (65.07 KB, 792x591, blek.JPG)

…and this is plain pathetic

No. 902271

Crop out your icone, diarrhea.

No. 902283

That’s really good to hear, I hope she stays okay

No. 902470

I am co-signing this prediction right now.

No. 902472

damn this girl looks boring

No. 902519

She's pro ana. If you follow her side account she posts often about how she wants to die, how she only drinks almosd milk from an actual baby bottle, and posts shoutouts to pro ana accounts. I dm'd her and asked her why she promotes those accounts and she said "because they buy shoutout"

No. 902530

what is the side account? i'm thirsty for milk from miss "i just burn more than i eat"

No. 902537


Who even is she? Paying her for a shoutout? Is she supposed to be famous? Who the hell would want a shout out from a baby bottle suckin' girl who's way in love with herself.

She reminds me of creepy chan.

No. 902553

Claims she's not an e-begger but had one of her followers buy her a whole halloween costume, for her to not ever wear it. She's delusional

No. 902579

her side is belosnezhnoe. forgot to mention she drinks baby formula from a bottle and when she posts food sometimes people will be like "will you eat that?" and a couple times has responded something along the lines of "should i eat that? or is it too many calories?" shes legit crazy

No. 902737

>>902579 clearly she's trolling, I don't know how people fail to see it. People get all sorts of butthurt when they see a girl as underweight as her and she knows it, y'all are amusing her. No milk here, that's just what girls like her and Katya Andreeva do

No. 902742

This is true. All she has to offer is people speculating about her weight as she posts pics of herself with pizza and cheesecake. It's not as if her style's anything to draw a person to her. Most of her followers are going to be wanarexics and those perverts. She's dull. Nothing about her except being thin. Meh.

No. 902963

dont insult creepy chan like that

No. 903076

It’s disgusting that she is doing this, the very fact that she is flaunting a mental illness around and portrays eating disorders as a glamorous condition shows how sick she really is, and to engage in these behaviours should be considered assisted suicide, there is no doubt in my mind that her posts trigger people.

No. 903211

Off at a tangent but anyone know anything about the twins? Or that Hannah McKee girl?

No. 903284

>>903211 the twins are still alive. One was admitted recently for a couple of weeks

No. 903309

File: 1575814613188.jpg (900.53 KB, 1080x1548, Screenshot_20191208-091311_Ins…)

the only thing milky about hannah is she refuses to gain weight & is one of the MANY anachans who loves kid shit as an adult woman. pic only somewhat realted (mostly nitpick bc i hate when ppl say "adulting" like taking care of yourself & your responsibilities is something new or difficult) other than that she's engaged & just got her first apartment away from home which is way more than 90% of what the other chicks in this thread will ever do

No. 903351

Hannah McKee is probably the best out of any of these losers. She loves to show off her spoopy legs in tights but at least she doesn't spend her days e-begging or living off her ma.

No. 903386

Same old with the twins. Coffee shops, cats, co-dependency. M actually seemed to be doing slightly better when K was IP but don't see that lasting tbh

No. 903411

I so agree about all the kid stuff… it's so embarrassing. I feel so bad for their family.

No. 903418

What about Laura Jones? I think her name was weebabe or something?

No. 903422

How does a woman who uses children's colouring books and watches kid's films and uses the term "adulting" manage to hold down an adult relationship, let alone get engaged?

Is she actually capable of leading an adult life and uses all this childish crap for effect/to fit in?

No. 903428

I get the impression Maria is being forced to stay like this by katie

No. 903432

I cant speak to how she manages to be in a relationship or hold down a job, but (without wanting to WK) I think in the case of Hannah a big part of her fixation on certain things - many of which are childish - is because she has a long standing ASD diagnosis. Ive known her for nearly 10 years now and can categorically say that unlike certain cows cough smorvs cough cough its actually a legit diagnosis and not just one she exaggerates ridiculously.

No. 903453

i think shes a teachers aid or something similar, so like …. having an affinity for childish things seems slightly more appropriate than if she worked in an office, but i still find it cringe in general
idk shit about her relationship but its not hard at all to find men who think a childish woman is cute

No. 903454

>>903418 I think she finally got out of hospital and is in supported living. she started a hashtag about travelling with mental illness? she's not very milky.

Does anyone know Hannah(?) she loved oasis and cats. Had several cat tattoos. had an awful relationship with her mum. Refused to gain weight. I used to follow her on tumblr. She was pretty popular on there.

No. 903456

Talking about smorven, she confirmed what everyone's been saying (that she's healthy) in a picture of her legs. I wonder what she'll do now that she isn't spoopy any more. Honestly did not believe Morven restoring to a normal weight would ever happen in my lifetime.

(I'm aware this is shit-tier milk but the milk hasn't been fresh since the glory days of Em W)

No. 903457

File: 1575843114006.jpg (893.67 KB, 1080x1692, 20191208_221205.jpg)

Forgot to include the screenshot because I'm a bona fide retard.

No. 903458

Is she still in hospital?

No. 903460

Yep. Still in hospital with a tube. Only juat been granted leave apparently

No. 903461

No. 903462

File: 1575843654430.jpg (1.19 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191209-082047_Ins…)

No. 903465

File: 1575843990522.jpg (Spoiler Image, 370.99 KB, 1080x1502, Screenshot_20191209_082630.jpg)

The wavy ass twig arm and Betty Spaghetti limbs have me rolling

No. 903466

hahahaha, not to mention her spine! bitch be looking like a fuckin stegosaurus

No. 903472

File: 1575844972612.png (605.45 KB, 720x631, Screenshot_20191208-223844~2.p…)

Those head bumps look like dermal implants. They all be wanting to be looking like dinosaurs.

Phone home. If she had those proportions, her neck would snap.

No. 903474

File: 1575845345711.jpg (458.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191208-224837_Ins…)

No. 903477

File: 1575845407463.jpg (Spoiler Image, 609.06 KB, 720x1440, PhotoEditor_20191208_224924805…)

So much fuckery going on

No. 903478

At least you can smile about it, eh.

No. 903483

File: 1575846454527.jpg (577.88 KB, 1074x1911, 20191208_230744.jpg)

Good question, Laura, why ARE you like this?

No. 903506

If youre talking about the Hannah i think you are, shes still refusing to gain weight despite multiple ‘no this time i really mean it, im going to really try’ announcements, has a bmi in single digits, still does ridiculous stuff with her food and still has a terrible relationship with her mum.

sage bc no new milk just another anachan spinning her wheels for years online

No. 903528

File: 1575852581941.gif (1.44 MB, 640x360, why.gif)

I'll never understand how the bona fide spoops choose to be spoops for years. How do they not get sick to death of it all? I mean, feeling ill physically, mental illness intensifies, can't eat what they really want to. Recovery's tough, but living that way is rougher. If they're not pissed off with their ed, how are they not pissed off with recording every detail day after day?

No. 903556

She doesn't exactly look totally weight-restored to me, but she looks a lot better. Obviously she doesn't have a choice in the matter because she tubed and involuntary but I am so glad wherever she is is going for actual weight restoration and giving her a damn chance at recovering… seeing so many of these people living in hospitals for months maintaining the weight they came in at blows my mind.

Not to blog, but this is what's horrible about EDs- you feel like they are truly fascinating and utterly fulfilling the entire time. I assume that's part of why these cows aren't embarrassed by broadcasting their lives online- they don't see themselves as having spent years doing literally nothing with no future in sight

No. 903557


Because they have one thing that makes them speshul

No. 903558

File: 1575858800765.jpg (33.79 KB, 540x540, sweet snoflake.jpg)

>you feel like they are truly fascinating and utterly fulfilling the entire time

Maybe for 2 or 3 years tops, but then it's soul destroying.

Yes. Special. Quite unique (along with their hundreds of like minded followers. P sure the internet created these sad creatures.

No. 903562

I think it can be soul destroying and completely fascinating and fulfilling at the same time.

People don't just keep doing something that is causing life to become absolutely hellish if that something doesn't have anything going for it

No. 903611

Yes I remember her- plates of baked beans girl and peas. Never grew up. Vanished off IG

No. 903612

Any more pictures?- I don't follow her so can't see stories

No. 903623

She’ll last less than a week before she’s starving herself back into her toddler pants and slamming her face into the floor when her poor parents try to encourage her to be a person. Morven is, IMO, one of the nastier ones outside her ig poor me act.

No. 903655

File: 1575895062172.jpeg (924.4 KB, 2048x2048, 9589FCB8-7F58-4487-A8FD-3C79F5…)

The dainty one, who couldn’t even manage to eat roast veggies last week, seems to be doing so much better this week. eating mince pies, disgusting looking hot dogs, stir fries and taking a MUCH NEEDED break from the gym. A true ana warrior. Top kek.

No. 903657

this is not milk tbqh

No. 903661

Are you familiar with Georgia? She’s morbidly obese but cries “atypical anorexia” whenever she wants to justify eating her shitty junk food (“challenging her ED”) and feigns fainting from malnutrition to get out of work. Much milk.

No. 903662

File: 1575898832357.png (474.12 KB, 828x1792, 432D6891-5AEE-45CB-B111-845DE3…)

Pic for emphasis. Always whining how hard food is. Yeah. You got to be morbidly obese by starving yourself. Kay Jan.

No. 903672

yes i know who georgia is, her not going to the gym and cooking stir fry is not milk

No. 903673

Depends what context she means, but food - not just for people who restrict - can be hard. It's not uncommon for bulimics, BEDs or EDNOSers (or what ever the new fangled name is for it) to struggle with controlling food. Wanting to eat, yet not wanting to eat (or not wanting it to escalate), having that constant battle in your head is just as draining regardless if you end up shovelling food in your trap or not.

I don't know why, I just don't see her as all that milky right now. If you've never truly recovered, the limbo between disordered and trying for normalcy can just be a hellish place to stay in limbo in, horrible split in the brain - common in all sorts of addicts who've tried for a better life and relapsed. Not to white knight, just thought i'd give for food for thought. I don't quite "get" the whole Georgie fascination.

No. 903699

Fuck off with the Georgia updates. Some fat chick pretending to be a starving ana is not milk no matter how hard you try to make it be.

No. 903725

Kek no please keep them coming Bc I’m blocked. What does she mean by not coping lol? Like as in georgie porgie your weights caught up with you and your starting to realize it’s all the excess fat not “POTS” slowing u down and causing your heart to race when you walk to the kitchen? Honestly the only mental illness this girl has is body dysmorphia but it’s not where she sees herself as thin like most ed ppl do I think this girl actually sees herself as “the dainty one” like she’s come right out on posts saying she knows she’s fat or whatever but I think imo she thinks she looks good… especially when she posts those makeup glamour shots with the terrible eyebrows. It’s like after trying to convince an entire online community (and failing) that’s she has or has been anorexic the only one she’s convinced is herself. She needs help. Like a dietician, a therapist, or just a person in her life to tell her how it is. Ik she frequents our thread but I think she needs to hear this from dad, or her grandmother or something…. every time I see a body shot she gets bigger. The more she lives in the wanorexic delusion the bigger she gets.. Kek how is that, just that not milk lol >>903699

No. 903731

Exactly, I don’t get the white knighting going on here; she’s pure milk (homo milk, not that skim shit). She literally throws herself on the floor just as an excuse to go to the hospital to get lots of attention and pictures to try to bolster her “anorexic cred”

No. 903732

I don't think she's disordered. She's a fat chick who doesn't know how to diet properly and hasn't really got a grasp on what's "fat" and what's "thin".

Some fat people try to diet by starving for max weight loss (in their heads) but haven't got the willpower, so end up scoffing everything to feel not hungry.

That's not even binge eating, that's fucking around with stupid diets. If she went to Weight Watchers she could lose a lot fast and see it at her weight. She needs to read up on food to curb her hunger or snacks with protein. In short, do a proper diet.

It's really bad that in countries like Aus she can pay to get tubed. That's the last thing she needs. Who the fuck would tell her to gain weight or maintain? It's nuts.

No. 903791

File: 1575924534304.jpg (439.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191209-204758_Ins…)


No. 903792

>>903506 what's her user? Sounds like the hannah I'm on about. Does she live in the north of england?

No. 903796

As a bonafide lactard I can confirm that a few sips of a dairy product isn’t going to bother your stomach slash unless she drank those few sips 10 mins apart there is no way her stomach would react that quickly. Always fishing for pity.

No. 903807

Sage for blogpost, but my mom had to drink those when she lost weight because of cancer. She couldn't finish a bottle because it caused her a lot of gastrointestinal issues. It's not just the lactose, there is also a lot of oil and random assorted shit in it, so I sorta believe her that her stomach couldn't handle it.

No. 903829

Yet she can ~handle~ copious amounts of sugary coffee? She has to be trolling at this point. Surely she is just posting this shit for our benefit now.

No. 903839

File: 1575934845777.jpg (21.72 KB, 321x462, 1.JPG)


Not like she'd waste away without a fucking Ensure.

No. 903841


she's really piling on the pounds now that she stopped trying to be anorexic and started going full pimple picking attention whore instead

No. 903842

Holy shit! I've never seen a picture of her where she wasn't obnoxiously throwing her leg above her head or rubbing her crotch on a table to show off her splits. True progress.

No. 903844

You are right
What do you mean she isn’t spoopy anymore? she is still severely underweight, don’t need any scales or charts to realise that.
Yes she is a little bit more weight restored than before but she is still at a huge risk, years of starvation would have retarded her brain and organs up massively.

No. 903845

It’s not about her weight though is it?
Her organs and mental health as well.

No. 903846

If you say so..

No. 903847


I thought it was Georgia

No. 903848

Tbh I am happy for her, hopefully she will get on with her life instead of giving into ana

No. 903849

She bravely fought and slayed Ana.

No. 903852

I have no idea if that’s sarcasm or not, good night anyway

No. 903914

File: 1575945972620.jpeg (150.17 KB, 750x952, DCFA6B10-0805-4E76-8E74-DA3D0D…)

Now georgia is pretending she purges? As if she does any type of compensation…successfully Lol. why would anyone believe this? Sometimes the air is dry and ppl get nose bleeds. Or maybe this whole thing is made up just so she has an excuse to update her followers on the symptoms she’s feining. I’ll believe it when I see it.. as in the weightloss georgia. You’ve been starving for over a year yet defy science by growing more massive ? Unexplainable kek

No. 903925

….. she has always purged….

No. 903942

she has a problem with binging if anything, not purging kek

she’s making this shit up for frail sick ana points
why else would you publicly blast this to an audience of hungry bitches and wannarexics

you can’t get as much validation from dr google

No. 903950

Posts like this by her also tip me off for being fake, remember a week ago or so when she 'fainted' and hit her head? She was showing that damage on her forehead even if it meant showing off her atrocious hair, I seriously doubt something like this happened without her documenting at least a picture

No. 903968

You can purge and still gain weight. Unless you purge everything you eat and don't binge, you likely will. If you're bingeing regularly you're likely to gain weight.
She likely binges daily and purges that (likely not all of it) along with eating regular meals/snacks with high calories so the purging doesn't compensate.

No. 903970


What is with the sudden influx of Georgia whiteknights? Georgia herself posting or?

No. 903984

Wouldn’t be surprised because she’s constantly on here, she always says she’s on here and checks.

No. 904033

Georgia's constant rat posts make me gag. Her room already looks disgusting and those things must make it stink to high hell. And she's clearly letting them walk around all over and shit and piss all over her bed. She's just a crazy fat rat lady. Goals.

No. 904064

I don’t know, but it’s disgusting, much like the cow herself.

If she’s purging or not it doesn’t matter, posting about purging and generally being a wannarexic. She’s clearly making shit up to seem sick when her only problem is her inability to stop stuffing her face.

No. 904069


It's like she's using an eating disorder as an excuse why she's not getting anywhere with the career she's chosen. Instead of blaming a competitive career or a shitty employment situation, she likes to take the blame off herself. And get some pity. I've noticed some munchies and wanarexics pull the same trick.

No. 904073

File: 1575992828996.jpeg (648.77 KB, 750x1164, DBAA9108-78AA-486B-BA84-7A1CE4…)

How in the fuck can she be eating those hot dogs and this stir fry >>903655 with like oil and meat but she has to “plan the whole day around a piece of fish” does she forget she documents a lot of her life and half of it is unhealthy food? Since she lurks here I’m going to guess she’ll post to her story that she’s been purging more or “compensating more with exercise”. Dude u do not maintain this weight without overeating lol period. She is massive and there’s no way she’s eating one dainty meal a day

No. 904075

File: 1575993098728.jpeg (609.37 KB, 750x1236, FBAC317B-9C93-4286-A5D8-0D7D5B…)

Part 1
Would you look at that Georgie Porgie is on an outing with another wanorexic… I guess they stick together and commiserate. Perfect time to introduce a new cow thanks georgia!

No. 904077

File: 1575993866153.jpeg (220.74 KB, 750x1200, 74DF135F-AD25-443B-A44D-9AD676…)

Part 2
This is Lee who has a hilarious username of littlestlee even though surely she’s not the littlest kek. She used to have an account full of milk but it got deleted. This is her second. She’s never been thin or underweight but claims on her story that she’s getting meal plan increases and that she is underweight (she’s kind of like aly in that she’s slim but not really severely underweight but sees herself as a waif) she’s got a nose hose as an accessory and couldn’t wait to get one. Like her profile pic is a super old pic of her with a nose hose, everyone on tell said to change it kek but she needed that proof on her new account until she could get some new tubie pics… and if you look at her feed on her story it’s a small amount of 1.0 feed which is not usually used for weight gain so the idea she needs to gain even a pound is debunked. She eats ice cream, fairy floss, and a even snuck in chocolate for an advent calendar yet she has a gd feeding tube …. keep in mind she’s “anorexic” so she’s not purging this shit. It’s very weird bc ever since she got deleted her stories are where the milk is so my apologies there aren’t a ton of profile photos to go through but it’s about time we’ve tried introducing some new cows, I have one other wanorexic in mind but we’ll start with this livestock first.

No. 904081

She's been mentioned before, I think.

Question for anyone who smokes and for whatever reason's had a nose hose - does the smoke not make things taste weirder? Like, exhaling smoke through your nose, or even inhaling and smoke leaks down the nose. Doesn't this fuck uo the tube or something? Soz but I see so many of these people smoking with tubes and it makes me think how it'd be shit, like smoking with a blocked nostril.

No. 904099

I find it odd how she's acting almost like she's been made(!) to drink it. You'd think with her ~super severe anorexia~ she'd try and use the veganism or intolerance as some kind of excuse but nah, she's almost definitely asked for these to be prescribed (or at least gone along with whatever misguided staff member suggested supplements) so she can look more valid for the 'gram.

Keep kidding yourself Laura.

No. 904100


She definitely doesn't need to gain. Australia seems to freely give ngs to anyone that wants one.

No. 904106

The short girl named Hannah, obsessed with Oasis and cats and living in the North of England as an only child with an alcoholic mother (apparently) is still on Insta. She went IP last year for a while, was discharged and slowly lost all the weight. Complains about not being able to drive her car, doesn't work and constantly posts asking for reassurance about some meal plan or another. Screenshots to follow, but I'm not sure if she's milky or just damn irritating.

No. 904108

She's not on an ED ward, and so they'll just give her a nutrition drink if she asks. Its standard if you don't feel like eating. All you've got to do any ward (medical or other) is ask for a meal replacement drink. She's definitely doing it for insta.

No. 904110

That’s the one- sounds just like her.

No. 904111

File: 1575998819997.jpg (1.29 MB, 1080x1894, 20191211_032459.jpg)

She seems to be hanging around both Shay and Lee. Both currently in new farm where nose hoses are for everyone and where georgia is going back to in jan. Wannarexics gotta stick together

No. 904114

Ensure aren't prescribed as often as Fortisip as they're more expensive for the NHS. Fortisip is at least lactose free (it has milk but is fine for people with lactose intolerance, just not people with dairy allergies etc) so I highly doubt it would cause her a problem. Also juice versions of supplement drinks still have milk in. Calogen is vegan but ofc that is not as cool or well known as Ensure/Fortisip.

No. 904117

>>904106 I just want to know her user, but screenshots would be great!

No. 904119


Ensure is lactose free as well. Or at least in North America.

No. 904120

Just as it is being an ~ana vegan~, being picky about her damn Ensure is another way of being awkward. They'd create dramas in an empty room for instagram.

No. 904126

File: 1576000658732.jpg (1.51 MB, 1428x2214, 20191210_174834.jpg)



No. 904129

Who cares about pricier formula, she's clearly wasting away! Not like they haven't pissed away enough funding on her already.

No. 904172

that is not someone that actually needs a tube.

No. 904183

I was
and thats exactly the Hannah I was thinking of. Didn’t realise about her mum though, was always (perhaps mistakenly) under the impression her parents were still together and are just infuriated with her and coping as best they can with her nonsense (given how much reassurance she asks for on IG, one can only assume she drives her parents up the wall… I’d start drinking too if I were her mum).

All that being said, I’m not sure she necessarily belongs here - shes infuriating and acts like an entitled brat when it comes to her family, but never begs for money and is genuinely physically unwell (which wont help her inability to think clearly)… I’m not entirely sure shes milky.

No. 904185

I looked at the ss when it was posted here and she just sounds like she's genuinely ill. She's dealing with an alcoholic mum as well? Nah, she's not milky. That shit's got to be tough, and they all do the stroppy kid thing when they're adults if their brains are starved.

No. 904189


I'm pretty sure her parents are still together despite the alcoholism. It just sounds like an altogether strained environment.

I agree re: lack of milk, moving on.

No. 904199

Anyone think that Laura has Munchaussens syndrome. The description seems to fit her perfectly

No. 904200

No. She's just playing at being mentally ill.

No. 904226

Caitlin and Amy Lee both definitely have Munchausen's, Laura is just typical BPD/HPD bullshit

No. 904232

Oh my gosh this really makes sense and brings it full circle, of course three people who want to portray eating disorders end up friends in the same clinic, birds of a feather flock together. Or more like cows graze together kek. I’m not following the latest Shay account what’s going on with her? And I can’t imagine the milk when georgie goes for her new farm vacation. I wonder if all three of them will be there together. Anyway it’s going to be really funny to see georgia go from eating stir frys, burgers and hot dogs to pretending she can’t eat for the tube. Is that how it works at this new farm place? It seems like there is a protocol and clearly like with Lee they aren’t trying to make her gain weight so they probably get Georgia’s game when she comes in, put her on a small amount of a low calorie feed, run it over a long period to satisfy her, she starts eating she leaves.. I guess you can pay for anything now.

No. 904238

File: 1576020476927.jpeg (193.57 KB, 1080x1794, A93C5CA1-436A-4434-96B2-C38B04…)

a mysterious chronic illness that she will not pin a name to. interesting.

No. 904276

Cant work out how to screenshot it as its a video, but Laura posted about ‘trauma… the visions… the voices’

Laura should be ashamed of herself. Trauma ruins lives and isnt something she will ever understand.
Whichever farmer predicted this deserves a medal

No. 904289

File: 1576025045829.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 750x1334, B29BC31D-884D-4F48-BBA5-0B3A86…)

Tw Bc Laura self harmed her neck somehow, Dont know how you >>904276
didn’t mention this, I’ll post what your referring to as well though, and it’s a boomerang you can just screenshot it for future reference.

No. 904293

File: 1576025218890.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, A727EB26-2154-48A5-BE90-769CCF…)

No. 904331

Did she delete this story?

No. 904336

She did, probably because she sees how ridiculous, inapropriate, and attention seeking it is to post a fucking boomerang of all things of a serious self harm. No sage bc answering question

No. 904347

learn to sage
i've been wondering if/when lee would show up here kek. hilarious seeing the difference in how much smaller she looks in her posed photos vs that one on georgie's story.

No. 904367

Yea there’s absolutely no hiding in a candid photo. Part of me feels like georgia would be the insecure friend that would post unflattering photos of her friends to make herself feel better. I’m not say lee looks unflattering here >>904075 but her Shay and georgie are all trying to come off as skinny and Lee doesn’t exactly look like a waif in this photo at all.. definitely sending some shade kek or maybe it’s just jealousy or she’s just trying to show off she has ed friends who knows. I still think it be the ultimate farmfest if they were all there together simultaneously. They’d just feed off each other’s attention seeking and insta would be even more of a competition than it is now. May the best wanorexic win and action! Kek so ridiculous. a scheduled admit for Georgia, like a damn vacation

No. 904369


her trauma is that one time someone promised to take her to starbucks but couldn't. how dare this coddled zit scratching compulsive liar start trauma larping. luckily it's obvious because she never mentioned any twaumah before, she just failed at anorexia so now she needs a new condition to play pretend.

No. 904386

Then how is it that ghostofme whatsername presumably b/p's daily on what looks like a lot of food yet manages to still lose weight and be skelly ?? Maybe Georgia gags up a mouthful and thinks shes purged her stomach clean

No. 904396

>>904289 they must have threatened her with discharge

No. 904397

May knows how to purge effectively .. if thats a thing. Georgia only purges like once a week then freaks out cause muh eating disorder. She binges the rest of the time hence the weight gain

No. 904439

Some people are “good purgers” both in that they purge until they get everything up and also likely purge absolutely everything they eat. They’re the ones that get really skinny and nowadays (DSM 5) get the dx AN B/P subtype because of their low body weight. Other people may purge frequently but not everything they eat/don’t force themselves to get everything up and they are normal weight or overweight. If Georgia is actually a purger she should probably be considered bulimic since she’s obviously not losing weight.

No. 904452

shes gained more weight!

No. 904484

File: 1576082604958.jpg (470.05 KB, 640x992, IMG_8332.jpg)

didn't she just have and keep that disgusting stir fry down? what would be the point in lying to your vent account kek

No. 904486

As long as she decides that she wants to be friends with other attention seeking wannas, she's going to be tied to having to lie about not keeping food down even though nobody ever sees a weight loss.

Unless she decides to do full on body shots and pics of her weighing scales, she can get away with pretending. At least until after her next vacation…I mean, admission.

You're a fucking fool, Georgia.

No. 904500

How long before she starts claiming to have alters?

No. 904504

File: 1576086255387.jpg (119.67 KB, 500x433, laura.jpg)

When she's bought bits and pieces to wear to fit the different ~alters~. Probably taking notes from chickpea/casper as I type.

No. 904578

Laura was diagnosed with PTSD ~5 years ago.
100% agree all the boomerangs and showing lig marks etc is complete cow shit/ milk but the PTSD isn't a new DX it's what she was IP for as a teen.

No. 904610

What's her ~trauma~. Literally anything that made someone cry can be labeled PTSD. If she had the diagnosis do long ago, she wouldn't be playing up this bad after therapy for it. She's escalated her attention behaviours rather than toned it down.

Nothing will persuade me she isn't taking the piss.

No. 904615

I know this might sound strange but as someone who had AN I know that I can eat a lot without gaining, it seems to me that you have to absolutely go for it like mad to gain, I’m not sure really about her b/p, it wouldn’t surprise me though, EDs will do anything to stay or get thin.

No. 904643

Counter point: I'm someone with AN (recovery) who gains at the drop of a hat. It seems to be a problem with intermittently eating.

If you eat 2000 calories every day spread over the day, it should be fine.

If you eat 900 once a day, or like, in a short period, you might gain.

I suspect that's happened with Georgia, although she has lost a little weight this year. I still think it would come off faster if she'd spread her calories out.

No. 904645

Okay I'm sorry, but this is some bad maths anon. If you are over three feet tall you are not gaining fat on 900 calories a day. Water and constipation weight, maybe. Your statement that Georgia might be overweight because she is not eating often enough is very generous lol.

No. 904651

Lets be honest, shes probably fucked her metabolism with yo-yoing so itd take some right ole restriction to see any loss

No. 904679

>If you eat 2000 calories every day spread over the day, it should be fine.
>If you eat 900 once a day, or like, in a short period, you might gain.

What the fuck am I reading

No. 904681

File: 1576126532699.png (257.06 KB, 640x1136, 11438F09-436A-49F6-BB77-A95DEF…)

Not at her weight it wouldn’t, anon.
Metabolic damage is usually minor in individuals at higher weights.

The AN anon who found 3k calories hard to gain on was likely in a recovery phase where the body exerts extra energy as it must repair vital functions and depleted resources before the body can begin to actually regain fat. 3k calories a day is on the very low end of recovery calories!

As for the anon claiming they gained on 900; this ‘gain’ is, of course, temporary. If one goes from restricting on very low calories, especially if it was low volume food, and then begins eating higher calorie and volume food then one would appear to gain. The gain here is literally just food weight.

I’m not sure how tall Georgia is, but she would lose eating 1.5-2k for a long time before needing to reduce calories. At least she gets some decent activity while at work; I wonder if another stunt will be pulled kek

No. 904682

#EDlogic aka not even remotely logical

No. 904685


this is probably the first time i’ve known of an anachan to be so desperately misinformed on this exact topic lol. you HAVE to know that weight gain/loss is 100% owed to calories in v. calories out. the amount that you eat is what matters…. not how fast you eat it ??? what you’re saying makes no sense. a binge on 900 calories if that’s all that’s eaten through the day will absolutely not cause more weight gain than a normally paced day of eating 2000. where are you getting your ideas?

No. 904691

This sounds like it comes straight out of r/fatlogic. There's no real gaining on 900 calories unless you're an actual dwarf.

No. 904732

>putting "ng tube" in bio the way some fujos might put their pronouns

this is sad tbh. this really applies to all pro anas (especially the ones who've been around for years like bekah) but honestly what a sad life to lead. no education/career aspirations or life plans, just their entire lives revolving around competing with other anas on IG to see who's the sickest. in a fucked up way it's great life fuel because i never want that to be me no matter how depressed i might get.

No. 904737

So Laura states in her story that she needs to go back to how she looked one year ago.. Yet in the comparison photo she looks no different except picked spots on face,Deluded Laura.

No. 904740

It's an odd thing how anas brag about IPx12 or NG TUBE. It's like if a bunch of OCD people made it a social thing and listed their symptoms, or if depressives listed their meds. I still believe it's an internet monster. While people said there was a stigma to mental illness/EDs, most times people who endured them didn't feel the need to broadcast it.

No. 904745

yeah eating disorders have always been competitive the internet just made it worse

No. 904752

I don't remember people wanting anorexia either. The world's beyond fucked when an illness becomes something desirable. Nobody wants cancer, yet anorexia's on wishlists.

No. 904761

I honestly believe that wanting and eating disorder is a form of mental illness in and of itself (just not an eating disorder).

No. 904775


People definitely do this for all kinds of illnesses. Whatever you’re quietly dealing with, someone out there has it proudly listed in their tumblr bio for maximum pity. It’s one of the grosser things the internet has normalized.

No. 904805

The funny thing about listing number of ip stays or ng tube fed in bio is that it literally means nothing. Some of these people have never been sick or skinny or disordered a day in their lives but fein symptoms like munchies to get ip brownie points.
I think whether it’s mental or physical it’s in that munchausen/facticious realm of bullshit
Both op right, even claiming having anorexia for pity points when visually and behaviorally the audience of followers can tell your bullshitting them gets some idiots to give ppl like geourgia, Lee, Shay and Laura pity. The only thing georgia is probably suffering with is high blood pressure, impending pre diabetes and a rapid heart beat from over exerting her lazy dainty bones at work. I think someone mentioned it a while ago that weight watchers might help her. I agree a structured plan could help anyone … who is committed, however lol, Geourgie Porgie can’t even commit to having fake anorexia on Instagram and posts food spam and her ever growing body shape. She’s almost like the aussie amberlyn Reid. Someone get this cow a YouTube channel bc id watch this train wreck. Can you imagine the new farm vlogs? That be whole, unpasteurized milk.

No. 904815

It goes way back. There’s a lot of discussion about how girls in the 1980s were trading anorexia tips in Marya Hornbacher’s book Wasted, for example.

No. 904817

File: 1576170186445.png (Spoiler Image, 663.17 KB, 1079x632, q1.png)

This bitch…


No. 904821

File: 1576170267464.png (Spoiler Image, 948.12 KB, 1090x630, q2.png)


No. 904824

>spread awareness
>show support

why are they always lying? is it just a means of making themselves feel better?

No. 904856

She probably thinks it stops twitter deleting her account. It's the same as ig anas "pro recovery but not in it". Must work if she's getting away with it.

No. 904873

I hate her dude. She can’t even walk anymore then asks people if she can eat. Crazy

No. 904882

I've seen her on the pro ana groups at vk. When someone posts a pic of her she HAS to say "that's me!" Damn proud of her skeleness and sick bags by her bed.

No. 904885

she'll die soon

No. 904888

File: 1576184201886.jpg (28.58 KB, 1024x683, are-cockroaches-disgusted-by-h…)

I don't bet on those things after saying the same about Ash four years ago. They might have the same gene.

No. 904918

File: 1576191094128.png (954.5 KB, 750x1334, 941585A8-C269-44D3-B61C-AA9070…)

Don’t know if this cow has been brought up before. Self diagnosed with a whole range of issues including DID and anorexia. Says stuff like people will regret when I die from my ED but is easily over 200lbs. All their alters are wild and they’ve started weighing a story on their ‘inner world’ screengrab from story bc most of their posts are about alters

No. 904944

What in the ever living fuck is that

No. 904946

Oh my god, finally someone interesting. Please provide more details!

Sorry for going off topic, but is there a thread for DID cows? I could have sworn there was one, but I haven't been able to find it again.

No. 904950

File: 1576196321022.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 7C5B5F2A-4EDB-460F-B053-6DA94F…)

I’ll try I find them so annoying all their story’s are long ass videos. But occasionally some milky gold. No idea wtf is going on with them hard to keep up

No. 904951

File: 1576196527958.jpeg (87.73 KB, 966x1449, fast forward 10 yrs.jpeg)

Holy shit. More details. How fascinating.

That's cute. Her ~alters~ must take turns on her phone.

No. 904965

did this person draw on that door???
also i am very interested, i love a good fake did cow

No. 904967

Looks like it. These are the only pics I've seen, but I want to check out her scuzzy living conditions. This >>904950 looks like a room where you know you're going to get murdered.

No. 904984

how'd you even find her?? she has like 17 followers

No. 904987

File: 1576201398903.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 12A8EE29-6BC6-45B1-95B4-30BC01…)

So this new farm place just lets people drop their own tubes? I wouldn’t be surprised if lee and her buds started dropping their own at home and pretending to be on feeds or something just for the gram. Fingers crossed georgie doesn’t learn yikes. Also this is a weird thing to brag about. Having had “so many tubes” you how to do it yourself is nothing to brag about lol but here she is FKN CONQUERING ok Lee lol your still not the dainty skelly u think u r.

No. 904988

They put them in at night and take them out during the day. Relatively easy. Some ppl leave them in for the whole time

No. 905015

File: 1576205660370.jpeg (428.42 KB, 750x921, 16085771-C592-48FE-865C-67FE46…)

Oh you mean people like lee? Gotta have it in for those outings so everyone can see how shes a super special warrior when she eats her ice cream

No. 905032

File: 1576209172951.jpeg (204.75 KB, 828x700, E8FDC848-BF83-45E1-BECF-AE4CB1…)

>system of 2k+
KEK how does she even remember them all?

No. 905034

how are all these girls "anorexic" but they're clearly overweight?
don’t you have to be underweight to be diagnosed with anorexia?
idk if i’m remembering this wrong, but when i was diagnosed with EDNOS i was told the reason i wasn’t specifically diagnosed as anorexic was because i wasn’t underweight. even though my period stopped and had all the other symptoms of anorexia, i wasn’t underweight so i was never diagnosed with it.
so if these girls were actually getting treated for eating disorders, shouldn’t they all have EDNOS? or can you have anorexia and be overweight now?(blog)

No. 905036

Your diagnosed when your underweight but you retain the diagnoses regardless of weight and are considered “in partial remission” if your mental state and behaviours remain the same after weight gain.

But to be diagnosed you have to be a low weight for your body which is different for everyone. BMI criteria is not used anymore, at least where I am in Australia anyway.

No. 905037

Sorry forgot to sage my last reply.

The way it’s done now for where I am in Australia was changed because you used to get people who were literally on their deathbed at BMI 20 because their bodies couldn’t handle the restriction or they’d dropped from a high weight but they weren’t considered “sick enough” because they didn’t have a AN diagnosis even though physically and mentally some were much sicker than someone with a BMI of 15.

No. 905073

Of fucking COURSE she's self diagnosed. Cute that her "alters" have fun little arguments. I am so keen for this cow, but due to so few followers, I'm concerned it was a self post.

No. 905078

I assume this is nourish?

No. 905098

Not a self post but I don’t want to put myself since I saw she had so few followers. So please try and follow bc the more followers she has the more milk we can get. Trust me you’ll get sick of trying to go through all her posts just for what to share here. Plus do you think she’d be able to even type without signing with an alters name?

No. 905123

its…… its impossible to have that many alters. couple hundred is possible in extreame cases but into the thousands isnt. that looks like a big case of maladaptive daydreaming, role play and just being a fucking stupid bitch.

No. 905124

honestly. im at the point with this cow where i pray someone sits her down, smacks her upside the head and really tears into her for her bs. shes just scrambling to be the sickest and most abwused baby ever,,, no one believes you laura.
take away her phone, force her to delete her social media and start being considerate of the people around her and how fucking privlaged she is. shes such a spoilt whore. either she'll learn to be a decent person or finally die.

No. 905138

! That's not how it's done in the UK. You get diagnosed with a BMI 17.5 or less. Higher than that they will put Eating Disorder/ OSFED.
However they don't remove the dx as soon as you go over 17.5 so someone could be diagnosed with anorexia but have a BMI of anything.

But… diagnosis doesn't matter that much here. In certain areas there is specialist treatment for all BMIs up to 40, in other areas there is nothing unless BMI below 15. That's why there are so many English people at Glasgow Priory in Scotland.

No. 905143

File: 1576243059642.png (4.67 MB, 1242x2208, A0767CB4-9FC9-4D81-BBC7-4FCD94…)

Is she honestly surprised people only follow her for her body checks? Not to mention all the creeps who like her posts because she is basically nude in all of them?

No. 905153

i muted her storries b/c no1curr about her talking-thot-a-thon every damn day so thank u for sharing

No. 905202

Does she really think we are too dumb to see this as a humble brag in disguise? No ppl aren’t liking it bc its a stupid emaciated pro ana thinspo body check your sucking it in like always aly… ppl are liking it bc you put a story in your caption and as this op mentioned >>905143 tons of creeps probably follow her for the semi nudes. Yet another one crying out anorexia whose stayed the same weight for ages. I totally know she lurks here bc she’s both conceited and has low confidence so any attention entertains her. But aly literally I dare u to post a pic without sucking in or posing lol. Ugh how must it feel to be average without sucking it in so devastating I got blocked for a different reason but I’ve heard of her blocking ppl simply for asking why she sucks it in for every photo lol. My god, the control and censorship, none shall pass Allegra’s safe zone kek

No. 905208

File: 1576259607389.jpg (460.18 KB, 1080x1660, Screenshot_20191213-175320_Ins…)

Morgan's been discharged. Any bets on how long it'll be before she's back this time?

No. 905249

Bet they only let her out for Christmas - she’ll be back IP in the new year.

No. 905257

I was going to mention the time of year. Medical wards, psych wards are crazy busy with temporary admissions over Xmas/New Year. I get the impression these cows want a lovely cosy time at home, then back in when things get dull and they've opened all their presents.

It'll be difficult for them to get in over this period if that's what they want. Until then they can talk about their festive ~struggles~ on ig for asspats.

No. 905260

File: 1576268861709.jpeg (388.54 KB, 828x775, 0B1FC90A-A54F-41AF-8E97-CC7254…)

I get the impression she’s really desperate to make sure every remembers how super sick she is/was. She’s not going to be able to actually recover if she keeps her identity so completely wrapped up in being sick / anorexia / weight gain / eating alllll the foooood. She’s still playing the game of trying to be the sickest snowflake.

No. 905270

File: 1576269733726.png (1.03 MB, 954x694, F7XdSGe.png)

people are already commenting on how inappropriate this is

No. 905271

She takes food obsession to another level - even for an anorexic - her vlogs are nothing else and she doesn't have anything else except food. Still don't understand why 37k people want to watch her eat- if she had a talent or was interesting ….
Not watched the vlog but will be interesting to see if she mentions therapy ( or the lack of)- she's never talked about it ever.

No. 905272

That's as it is ! Totally . It will be all over her 13 year old sisters Facebook page soon.

No. 905273

yeah this is honestly cringe to watch. over an hour and a half of showcasing her ~worst moments~ in the hospital and trying to convince everyone that she's still super sick and anorexic… it's literally one long body check, "looks how sick I was!!" talks BMI, lots of crying, etc
Is she still braindead or does she just have no self awareness period? Why would you be okay with showing such private moments, (that should honestly stay private.. the excessive silent naked body checking is kinda weird)??

No. 905279

and she's already deleting comments

No. 905281

Did she actually mention what bmi she was, I glossed over so much but I thought it was obvious you don't say stuff like that

No. 905283

Can the bottom left pic please be the banner pic for the next thread? That would be my one and only Christmas wish!

No. 905288

File: 1576271862120.jpeg (450.87 KB, 740x905, AAB284AB-9D98-4198-BAAC-5089A1…)

Honest to god laughed when I saw this shit. she’s so funny, like imagine your family taking this picture and keeping it this long

No. 905293

I know its been mentioned before but I honestly do think she has ASD. Girls often go undiagnosed for a while and if she was wrapped up in her ED during her late teens doctors would assume it would be cognitive effects of malnutrition. The awkward forced eye contact, the lack of empathy or awareness of others, her next-level obsession with food, even the way she holds herself. The repetition of phrases like 'yea baybeee' or 'divine' could be her learning from her mother and assimilating the social cues.

No. 905294

The big “21” button..the whole thing is just pure cow gold.

No. 905295

File: 1576272928342.png (2.39 MB, 828x1792, FBEF1CB9-1021-4A7C-9547-B95C3F…)

Ok but am I the only one who didn’t know she was so skeletal spoopy? Like I never went too far back in the lore but I genuinely had no clue she looked so fucking gross and skeletal. jEsus no wonder she’s so hung up on her Ed, she realizes she can’t ever get back to that without dying

No. 905302

How tf did her family let her get like that, how did she get so bad?!

No. 905312

how old is she? i never understand how teenagers can get this bad before their parents do something

No. 905314

She was 20 turning 21

No. 905324

Despite how it seems with dickwads like Laura, getting help for EDs on the NHS can take ages. Idk if she was outpatient first? At that weight it's possible she was still left to her own devices and the medical people would patch up any physical issues. There are long waiting lists whatever spoopiness someone's at and a lack of ed units/beds.

Idk if she went private but if her parents didn't do that then tgey should be ashamed.

No. 905325

(Soz if she answers those questions in the vidya, but not watching that shit).

No. 905331

By manipulation. The family become enablers because they are afraid of making them angry- same way addicts and extremely obese families are.

“If I shout at my starving daughter then she won’t eat at all, so I’ll let her live off of her safe food because at least she’s eating!”
“My daughter threatened to run away if I take her to the doctor, so I won’t take her so she is safe”
“When I tried to encourage her to drink the milkshake I bought she threw it at the wall and screamed at me. I won’t do that again.”

The parents probably thought they were doing the right thing already- but ED patients are sneaky & deceitful. Maybe she ate everything parents gave her but spent all her free time exercising it off. Etcetc.

No. 905374

This anachan ruins it for me. The bone rattling in your writing is so obvious everytime.

No. 905378

File: 1576282525262.jpeg (135.94 KB, 1536x340, 775D5B07-D991-41DF-82C5-67C728…)

Well this is going to get deleted soon, the others got deleted, this was a rare find.

No. 905391

100% correct comment. This vid is exactly why so many anachans cry about not being sick enough to recover. It’s such a competitive, fucked up illness and everything from the thumbnail to the way she deletes any comment that isn’t telling her how skinny she is is Elzani’s way of pouring gasoline on the fire. If it wasn’t blatant what a proana scumbag she was before, it surely is now.

No. 905403

her mother needs to start reading her youtube comments if she isn’t already

No. 905404

Watching this made me realise just how much she actually knows about eds and the system. She plays clueless and innocent almost. But she knew exactly what she was doing and what was happening. She never really talks about hospital or how things went down so it was pretty interesting to see her talk about it. Could have done without the "tell me how sick I was" videos though.

No. 905420


Should I feel bad for laughing at this, because I don't.

I notice a sprinkle of comments about the thumbnail. Bet they'll be gone tomorrow, but I totally agree that posting that shit is bang out of order. Desperation for views?

No. 905430

File: 1576292636964.jpg (720.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191213-185620_Ins…)

Aly: gets hit on at work, gives him her number, goes to meet him at a hotel the same day…? You do you but that seems unsafe. And I'm sure it's not at all related to her being devastated by getting stood up by that couple she had a threesome with yesterday.

No. 905431

this makes me appreciate merry rose howley. say what you want about her but i appreciate how her ed story videos were low on the thinspo pictures and didn’t seem like pro ana bragging

No. 905432

anyone else think she just makes this stuff up

No. 905435

Absolutely. A young woman who supposedly hooks up with randoms for sex as often as she does and doesn't suffer any non consensual injury/trauma would be slim.

No. 905436

I'm also sceptical that her appetite for sex would be so high if she's so malnourished. Everyone knows that libido is shot with anorexia.

No. 905443

Not sure any anachans have an appetite for sex … Just attention.

No. 905445


seeing how bad she was makes me even more angry at her enabling family. wtf are they doing thinking someone who got to this state can recover on their own without a dietician, therapist, etc? insane.

No. 905447

File: 1576295296440.png (250.34 KB, 394x454, Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 8.46…)

imagine looking at this and thinking this is something you should show the world. kek.

No. 905449

Looks kinda like a less fucked up hartley hooligan (RIP)

No. 905463

She really does, your right there.
There are so many subs with EDs and yet she does this, she knows what she is doing and it’s sickening.

No. 905464

This is concerning, she needs a leash.

No. 905497

Don't think she caught the quick nipple shot in that clip, oopsy daisy

No. 905499

this is a fucking img board. post screenshots or gtfo!

No. 905509

Or future employers or your kids

No. 905510

File: 1576324540528.png (1.56 MB, 1586x884, Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 4.52…)

started watching but had to nope the fuck out at this. 1 hr 47 minute body check, no fucking thanks. also is it just me or it is really weird that she even has all this footage? who tf thinks to film all this shit while they're in the hospital basically on their deathbed? like did she plan to make this video all along or…?

No. 905517

Hearing her talk she’s so much more clued up about ED manipulation than the innocent idiot she has portrayed herself as in all her vlogs.

No. 905518

yes this video really shows how manipulative and deceitful she really is. living with her must be a nightmare.

No. 905519

I also think it's fucked up that she made videos of all this. Like why would anyone love to see themselves crying when they are near death? Sick

No. 905520

I love the way she’s put ‘documentary’ in the title!
Her talking now ( as in when she’s sitting in her black T-shirt )- she’s almost normal - as in none of the ASD side of her- she can string two words together and be coherent .

But the fact she was videoing the stuff in the first place is unsettling and weird- like why?

No. 905521

Imagine her sitting there spending hours pouring over the footage to make the video, reliving her “glory days” of being the spoopiestspoop, proud to show off to all her followers that she was the sickest. YouTube should take this shit down. I hope to god it’s at least demonetized.

No. 905522

File: 1576327542682.jpg (81.02 KB, 1080x463, IMG_20191215_014347.jpg)

georgia's going for the munchie route now, apparently

found on a munchie page i was creeping but recognised georgia from this thread

No. 905524

I didn't know she'd been in hospital before when she was 17.her dad said she nearly died then too? She's never actually given a full story on all her bs.

No. 905540

quick, someone tell her she needs her chiari malformation corrected! faking eds is old hat.

No. 905558

holy shit go off mochi

No. 905566

File: 1576337253412.jpeg (316.94 KB, 1242x965, 84D718AE-B1A7-4031-AA70-2C9066…)

Georgia’s comment on Elzanis ig post KEK

No. 905568

Translation: stop posting skinny pics because I am jealous, plus you remind me that with anorexia comes a skinny body and I am a whale.

No. 905571

Kek when Georgia claims to have been pretty close to this bmi! In the past Imagine,

No. 905578

File: 1576339524120.jpg (16.78 KB, 339x339, 11737998_941972789179708_35584…)

This envy fuelled hate boner is pretty funny. She was sperging about Elzani on her Tell and offended Elzani fans. As much as E is a fake, I like that she's something Georgia would love to be. She'd rather be faking recovery from spoop to healthy weight than from obese to healthy weight.

The one she has on her fb where she isn't huge has her looking really pretty (imagine!). No way does she look underweight, but it's the closest to looking a healthy weight. She's unrecognisable.

No. 905593

File: 1576342444312.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 3464x3464, 111F4DA1-C6CA-4B13-B6BD-2D3F5A…)

I really wanna support her but I’m so tired of watching her destroy herself. It’s a never ending cycle and she cant get out of it alone but she cant see it. It’s stupid to say things like that when she’s OBVIOUSLY dying from this. she always ends up in hospital then freak out about gaining WATER weight and sign out ASAP! Ugh so frustrating ending cycle, she always ends up in hospital then freak out about gaining WATER weight and sign out ASAP! Ugh so frustrating. Not to mention she thinks she has a special kind of anorexia bc SHE CANT even think of weight restore, she wants to “recover” and still be underweight

No. 905595

She looks like that Bella doll from breaking dawn. The one of her all skelly and dead kek.

No. 905608

File: 1576346128836.png (852.86 KB, 1438x756, Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 10.5…)

i seriously can't get over her filming herself while lying in the hospital looking like a corpse with her distraught family members around. tf? what must her mum and dad have been thinking?

No. 905609

File: 1576346163702.png (1.06 MB, 1512x810, Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 10.5…)

No. 905610

i was wondering too how they were so ok with her filming all of that. why was she even filming it she didn’t have a youtube channel yet did she?

No. 905612

shes trash why would you want to support that?

No. 905615

yeah that's what really gets me, she wouldn't even have had a reason to film at this time. it seems so attention seeking and planned

No. 905620

All I can think to say is Christ. The entire family is fucked up. Sister included. This is…not right.

No. 905623

tbh I think her sisters do see through her act, i know the one that's in the picture once called her out in a video for her failure to gain weight/"real recovery" BS. i feel sorry for them because their entire adolescence will have basically been dominated by elzani's illness and now they've got her shoving the camera at them constantly. can't imagine how annoying that would be.

No. 905646

Projecting much? Agh the bone rattling is so obvious everytime anachan

No. 905648

No. 905653

It's so obvious that Elzani controls her entire family through manipulation. She has them wrapped around her little finger, especially with them allowing her to film such intimate moments in the hospital where they're pretty much pleading with her to cooperate.
Not to mention the whole video is basically there for her to revel in her illness, she specifially made it to showcase how sick she was and get asspats.

No. 905664

E has some serious attachment separation issues with her parents- it's really screwed up.she can't spend any time away from them.

No. 905665

File: 1576356532931.png (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 1574x1339, Whoops.PNG)

Okay cunt

No. 905666

That's a fleshy tit for someone who's otherwise so emaciated. I bet she'd have a nicely proportioned body if she stopped fucking around with rapidfire weight gain and loss.

No. 905672

E out here like “hey guys I know the holidays are super tough with an eating disorder. Here’s almost two hours of how skinny I was teehee. Have a good holiday season. Your triggers are your problem!”

No. 905673

If you ignore the arms and legs that’s a perfectly healthy young woman. Why does her weight loss only effect her limbs?

No. 905696

pretty much. Like how tf does she not see how triggering and damaging this would be to broadcast publicly to people with fragile mental states… in what world does she think it's appropriate to share these overly intimate moments?
Throughout the entire video the one constant remains that Elzani appears immensely selfish and uncaring as to how her actions affect her family. It's shocking that her parents don't insist on therapy to at least deal with the fucked up family dynamics. Instead, Elzani cries "they think I'm a nutter! they think I'm mental!" and basically says she'll never let it get so bad again so she can at least go home and eat her mom's food. Then she manipulates her way into never actually addressing and working on her underlying problems. It seems her mother will do anything to make her little baby stop crying.
Now, Elzani appears even more self centered by showing off obviously triggering material just to stroke her eating disorder's ego. I feel so bad for her sisters and her family. It must be horrible to live with her.

No. 905697


Alright anachan… you're delusional!

No. 905703

Stop being a fucking anachan Jesus Christ. This isnt Georgia, it’s clear this cow was emaciated, it’s ok to admit that.

No. 905705

wow you're very wrong

No. 905711

I've seen others upload stories about their illness but never as full length as this shit. Even tv docus arent as harsh and in the end the people do recover, unlike Elzani.

Recording all this before she even had a channel? Why? Don't think I've seen anything so fucked up by posing as motivation.

No. 905719

I really think she is on the autism spectrum. Her special interests are food and documenting everything. Recording and rewatching.

I don't care what people say about her being assessed and not having it! I really think her parents are delusional enablers and will have said things like 'no Elzani was a totally normal child' when clearly she had and has attachment issues and is markedly different developmentally from her sisters.

That doesn't mean that I don't think she is manipulative or that all her behaviours she is unaware of (like posting triggering images on a recovery channel!) but I think she is autistic, particularly in reference to the idea of 'female phenotype' autism (which isn't really female exclusive,just people who try to fit in and manage to some degree to fit in).

No. 905720

You are delusional AF. Go back to MPA

No. 905723

I don't know her motivations for it (prior to having a channel i mean - can hazard a many for why she's putting it online still), but it's oddly not an uncommon thing. Before youtube people used to create their own sort of video diaries/documenting their lives for a variety of reasons. A chap that springs to mind was a heroin addict and he loved to record things in general, and he recorded his "journey" as an outlet, died in the end though when he actually reached treatment and it was turned into a documentary. Some seem to do it as a weird take on things they've seen on TV like intervention (without the intervention part), where as others just like to have video diary formats compared to written as an outlet. it feels so weird to see someone sharing things online though, especially when she should know her audience - so shitty and attention seeking.

No. 905729

The heroin guy sounds interesting. Is it available online?

I agree with anons re the autism. It's glaringly obvious. Not only with her videos, but how she chose an OU degree to actually going the usual route. She must struggle in lots of areas of her life and seeing how regular her sisters are, it's not as if upbringing made her that way.

No. 905732

Phones playing up for photos but anyone find tectackles milky or just ill? Can't decide. Recent story posts idk

No. 905735

I get the vibe she knows how dangerous it is and simply doesn’t care. She cares more about the comments she gets saying she is so skinny and people wish they had been as thin as she was more than she cares about hurting people. Sick and self-centered but I guess that’s what eating disorders can do to people

No. 905743

seeing the impact elzani’s attention seeking behaviour has on her family gives me the worst second hand cringe. She knows what she’s doing, how does she keep revelling in her shit without someone in her family calling her out on it.

No. 905750

File: 1576369757501.jpg (481.96 KB, 1080x1799, Screenshot_20191215_102637.jpg)

My apologies if this has been posted but, this just in! May thinks she will never have to weight restore because she's naturally underweight! Imagine putting out the concept to a solely eating disordered following that you can recover if you're underweight.

No. 905755

No. 905766

wtf no. look at her pelvis. also maybe in that screencap her torso doesn't look quite so emaciated but if you look in the video, you can see every bone in her upper body. go back to mpa.

No. 905780

loving the idea that hypermetabolism is a sign you don’t have to gain weight any further

No. 905782

File: 1576374828758.png (442.42 KB, 917x496, Screenshot 2019-12-14 20.36.24…)

This bloody eye-kleenex is GOLD

*First comment after much reading, looked @ guide, plz tell me if wrong.

No. 905786

You done good. Sage n all! Welcome on board.

No. 905794

Yes, it's on YouTube, Ben: Diary of a heroin addict

No. 905796

Aww, thanks for that. I'm downloading it right now. I can't bear most self created diaries of ED recovery, but drug addiction recovery/attempted recovery is really interesting. The addicts are a lot less irritating in general.

No. 905858

Im wondering if the reason E wasnfilming was to later create a 'My Anorexia story'. They were all the rage in late 2000s. They were all basically a brag. Everyone of them starts the same. Pics of them young 'i was a regular happy child' then come the progression of spoop pics with some form of ED song in the background. Theyd get millions of views and was obviously ED fuel for a lot of people. Easy to search on yt.
So after that babble, maybe she was filming to make a anachan style 'my ana story' type post. In any way she knows and knew what she was.doing. NO one would think to do that if they were in that position

Sage blog

No. 905859

File: 1576400351954.jpg (448.76 KB, 1079x1526, Imnotlikeothagirls.jpg)

Since its an img board-example

No. 905860

Eww i dont know who is more cringeworthy in that video. E or her parents

No. 905866


Ha, you mean Caitlin, right? I thought I saw Georgie creeping around there.

Love how Caitlin, who always showed strong munchie tendencies and is quite the narc, has dove headfirst into the EDS fantasy.

No. 905867

I've been saying this all along. She's definitely got ASD. And her parents are so fucking daft and totally play into her manipulation (at least her mum does, her dad seems somewhat okay)

Also why did her mum agree to bring her in all that chocolate to hospital?? Like when she said she was eating 200g of chocolate a night when she clearly wasn't supposed to do because of re feeding risks. And I doubt she even kept that shit down. That was all kinds of fucked up to me and totally not normal for parents to be going against medical advice all because Elzani wanted a lil secret binge.

No. 905875

yes anyone who doesn't live under a rock knows about those types of videos but i doubt most people plan to make them while they're acutely ill- it's a decision they make after, usually in recovery it seems. that's basically what's so fucking weird about it, the timing, as if it was something she planned to do from the start of her illness. if that makes sense.

No. 905876

I second this tbh
once you've seen one "my battle with anorexia" video, you've seen them all. 9/10 the song is that insipid "skinny love" song lmaooo

No. 905882

Probably nitpicking but how was Elzani 21 and still relying on mum to cook all her food?

No. 905893

Courage by superchick

No. 905900

I was watching it thinking why and how is she videoing this? Like why record yourself crying ? And some of the stuff really appeared like there was a documentary maker following her and recording her. It’s just weird .

No. 905903

Occasionally Fiona Apple's Paper Bag.

No. 905904

She goes on about being at home and eating her mums food instead of hospital food- but if she’d been eating her mums food she wouldn’t have been put in hospital . And her mum bringing in chocolate ? For someone with RAN that’s mad.

No. 905908

Re videos Silverchair Ana's song lololol

Ya "mum's cookin" is such a blatant excuse to GTFO of there. But I do think ~extreme hunger~ is an actual thing medicalized tx doesn't pay enough attention to and the ED internet sure has in the last couple years– it was a pitch to that (n maybe real whatevs)>>905904

No. 905909

whoever you are, learn to sage

No. 905914

Special needs and an overbearing mother.

Throwing another ana docu song into this thread's playlist.

No. 905916

File: 1576421771670.jpg (13.15 KB, 343x380, fuuuuuck offfff.JPG)

This story of Becky goes to show how much she piles on the misery for attention.
>giving in

Good to see your spergs are just minor rants and nothing as serious as you'd like us to think, Booxy

No. 905947

Breathe me- by sia

No. 905948

To the ‘how’ - web cam on laptop- doesn’t need to be a phone camera.
As to the ‘why’ no idea.

No. 905949

The thread about Elzani's video is already four pages long on mpa.

No. 905963

We don’t all have well-used MPA accounts to view the content. Screen caps of any golden milk plz.

No. 905967

File: 1576436600571.png (93.69 KB, 1151x566, wk.png)


Soz, I thought anyone could see the forum but not some of the content for members only.

No golden milk. Most are saying what we've all said on here. Lots of powerlevelling (of course), some talk about brains, some WKs. Might as well be lolcow without red text "blog post".

I can't get my head around people calling her "sweet". At best she's non threateningly irritating. Sweet?

No. 905969

File: 1576436802487.jpg (152.63 KB, 1242x547, Capture.JPG)

This is the best post imo. It's not me because, in my defense!, I registered for research purposes.

Someone says they wish she'd spoken about what she thinks caused her ED, which is something I'd like to know as well.

No. 905984

That’s the question she avoids- what caused her ED- she’s never mentioned it at all . Nor therapy ( although that might come up in the HU video).

I pity her sisters going back to school tomorrow .

Her extreme attachment to he parents- especially her mum makes me wonder if she has some form of BPD/EUPD- with the extreme form of abandonment . She still can’t survive without her mum. There is parental support but her parents are way over the top. And hospital parking isn’t cheap- everyday for 6 weeks at about £4- soon adds.

Still genuinely surprised she apparently didn’t realise she was being given a MHA on day two ( but she was so incoherent and bawling )- and that they didn’t section her. Bet her parents had something to do with it.

No. 905994

Nearest relative has a right to refuse a section. Her nearest relative will have been the older parent. Wouldn’t surprise me if they said they didn’t agree to the section.

No. 905995

Parents who are so easily swayed by tears of their child who doesn't want to do something, specifically GET WELL TO STOP THEM DYING, really fuck me off. I don't understand. Her mum should be ashamed if she refused the section, unless she wanted her daughter dead. Oh wait, she should be ashamed if that's what she wanted too.

No. 906005

File: 1576442586955.jpg (82.15 KB, 1167x598, bawbaw.JPG)


No. 906006

But Drs can over rule nearest relative and get a court order.

No. 906007

The irony is that mpa bumps up against a lot more laws than lolcow does.

No. 906010

They don’t always though. I can honestly see her parents saying no to it and saying some bullshit that she will stay voluntary and do what she’s told to do.

No. 906011

File: 1576443668844.jpg (106.91 KB, 808x568, Capture.JPG)

If that insta is really this mpa member's account, I'd say she's using an old profile pic and isn't the weight she claims.

That site's full of shit.

(the farm's highlighted btw because I was looking for Aus wanas seeing how they all have socials at the New Farm place).

No. 906012

File: 1576443692182.png (180.37 KB, 854x318, imageedit_2_2657986962.png)

I thought this comment was spot on about E

No. 906014

I agree, except their last paragraph. She (I presume she's a she) is confusing those wonderful people who give support with fucked up anas who only want to know someone if they're skele.

Otherwise, yeah. When a walking skellington says you don't have to look like a corpse to get validation…yeah, sure Jan…

No. 906015

Which section of MPA is it under?

No. 906017

General ED Discussions. Thread's called Elzani's Hospital Video. It's near the top,.

No. 906018

No. 906019

I know anorexics are obsessed with food but does anyone else find it weird how much E actually loves food? Like she can restrict until her BMI is 10 but as soon as she goes into hospital she’s eating every meal and snack and sneaking chocolate to stuff her face with and is obsessing over how good her magnums taste. Not a supplement drink or any anxiety over eating in site. How sick with anorexia can she really be if she has no fear over eating sweets and will happily eat every meal. She’s crying with happiness over a magnum instead of crying because it’s so difficult to eat??

No. 906020

Idk how common it is, but in that docu about Dana the 9 (?) year old anorexic, they said as soon as she entered Rhodes Farm she was eating everything. They said it's because they'd taken away her control…and she was hungry.

I do find it odd though. She still must fear gaining weight because look at her, so I'm even more confused how eating isn't an issue. Especially things like chocolate and ice cream.

No. 906023


With a 9 year old they’re still just a little kid so I imagine they’re probably scared of what’s been going on in their head and probably more relieved to just eat. Also they probably listen to adults and do as they say more because they’re a kid.
On the other hand, E acts like a kid.

I know they do the whole eating to get out thing but E was eating beyond her meal plan eating extra chocolate and picking the cake options instead of the lowest calorie or ‘’healthiest’ option. I just can’t get over how she can restrict to a bmi of 10 and then a day after being admitted will eat cake and sweets and everything given and more

No. 906027

I read your first sentence and was thinking your third!

Is it possible that her problem isn't food and she was doing it for attention? I mean, that's a mental illness in itself and she definitely had to be ill to starve herself so hard. This is one of the reasons I'd love to know how it all began with her.

Apart from the little kid Dana, I haven't ever seen or heard of anyone who can really enjoy food when the day before they were starving…unless they barf it.

No. 906030

Rhodes Farm was a massively fucked up clinic that almost killed a lot of people via refeeding and really fucked up a lot of others.
The dealt in complete fear "don't eat and you won't see your parents again" imagine how that is for an 8 year old?!

So so good it is shut down now.

No. 906032

i cant tell if this is bone rattling or if you guys are just a little uninformed? refeeding goes differently for everyone. specifically in younger patients who are in a severe state upon hospitalization, there’s a good chance they’ll be exhausted enough to relinquish control and eat without making a fuss, and that does sometimes lead to eating over the mealplan and choosing higher calorie options directly as a result of having restricted the same things for ages and now having ‘permission’ if not pressure to eat them. sage for a lil blogpost, cuz i saw it happen with a girl on my unit and it confused me the same way so i looked into it. basically you reach a breaking point where you just don’t have the capacity to deny your body/mind what they want anymore. i don’t think it’s worth questioning the validity of her disorder over

No. 906033

I didn't know it was shut down. That documentary about the place (the one with the girls, not the boys) made me think it was a bit of a shitty place. The girl (can't remember names) who said if you refused to eat they'd blend cream, chocolate and stuff and give it them with a feeding tube. I still don't know if she was making that up.

I know it had successes, but that Dee woman came across as an ogre. It's like you don't want the staff to wrap the kids in cotton wool, but she was the opposite.

Has anyone asked Elzani about how she developed anorexia? The comments I read are usually people telling her she's brave etc etc and tip toe around the big questions. Unless she deletes them. I wish I was the family's neighbour. I'm nosy like that.

No. 906035

I was >>906027 and I'm uninformed. I know sod all about refeeding but that's what I was saying - Elzani was given "permission" by having someone else tell her what she had to eat. Nobody's saying she doesn't have an eating disorder.

No. 906054

Idk what people are on about here. Trying not to blogpost but having been in and out of treatment I’ve seen tons of patients come in and immediately go from (presumably) eating almost nothing and being at incredibly low bmi’s to wanting to eat everything in sight once given the external permission and validation of a hospital bed and a treatment team fawning over them. E allowing herself to finally eat all the shit she probably fantasized about while fighting to get to the lowest possible weight (for maximum possible attention) isn’t anything unusual. Not every anorexic is automatically plainly afraid of food, it’s more nuanced and complicated. Given that 99% of us farmers are anorexics / recovered ourselves, I’m amazed this even needs to be said?

No. 906061

Take your uppity ana chan attitude elsewhere, newfag. No1curr you’ve been in treatment. Go back to MPA.

No. 906070

If anyone can get out of Elzani why she developed an ED they will be a very sly person- she never ever answers or talks about it.
Wonder what their family therapy was like….

No. 906080

File: 1576457480494.jpeg (136.34 KB, 750x987, 3718E6AF-44F9-44C7-BD68-0A4AD9…)

Oh my god why on earth would anyone post a photo like this? Following this cow from when sh was first brought up generally pretty boring typical wannorexic but this photo my god I’m crying

No. 906095

>Essential building blocks of the body
>Every single cell
>Your literal DNA

iT mAkE u SiCk.

I mean these retards do crack me up. Quality entertainment.

No. 906099

i honestly think this girl has fucked her brain up with drugs and shit nutrition. hate her endless stories but can't look away esp when there are gems like this lmao.

No. 906101

Does she have vomit in her mouth in this pic? What is this???

No. 906104

Lol probably has I can’t be bothered looking at her stories or posts often so if you ever want to share something entertaining with us please do. She just annoys me so god damn much

No. 906105

I honestly don’t know it’s either she stuffed herself with food and took the pic or started throwing up and took it. Either way, why?

No. 906136

Obligatory not trying to blog post but I agree with you. Restricting and binging are usually two sides of the same coin and the relationships with food are more complicated than everyone just being 'scared' of it

No. 906146

Rhodes farm was about as barbaric as the Capio/Florence nightingale in London . Absolute hell . I think it got assessed as being ‘unfit ‘ by the QCC .

No. 906151

Basically Elzani is just really fucked up in the head and needs to sort ot her separation issues with her parents or else she will never recover .

No. 906152

I agree. It's a permission thing and if you're being made to eat food/gain weight, it comes down to "well fuck it, may as well eat what I have been craving all this time".

No. 906174

Can't find it- can you post a non archived link?

No. 906180


Her parents are absolutely complicit in keeping her an eternal child. The video shows that clearly, keeping her in a baby-like state where she just sleeps and comes down for an hour of cuddles but not seeking help despite the fact she's near death, creepy as fuck. Do they treat her sisters like this?

No. 906183

File: 1576494239256.jpg (4.67 KB, 250x174, 5OL3E.jpg)

>offended at being called pro ana
>is literally posting on a site called "my pro ana"

No. 906185

the way she talks alone makes me think she has ASD. so stilted and awkward. no normal human talks like that.

No. 906194

File: 1576500900737.jpg (506.02 KB, 1080x1819, 20191216_225120.jpg)

Still using up those resources with vomit worthy "inspo" kek

No. 906196

In the video, the part where she says "I'm not even my thinnest", I'm pretty sure she's one of those ana's who believed she was fat and it was all body focused rather than food control and it didn't begin as attention seeking till after she was made to go to hospital and realised how much online attention she could get as some kind of ana icon. Is there any record of her online stuff until she started "recovering". I'm assuming she probably has an ana tumblr somewhere, most ed girl with no life like her use tumblr.

No. 906206

Apart from the online newspaper article about her swimming team, there's NOTHING from or about her pre yt. She really doesn't have anything at all that makes her interesting. Swimming for school. That's it.

No. 906214

No. 906220

File: 1576512748181.png (154.37 KB, 1360x566, nomnomnom.png)

I ran out of space pasting her food tweets.

No. 906224

A couple of threads back there was a series of their annual family Christmas pictures that showed her at a healthy weight in the first three then total spoop in the fourth. If I wasn’t at work rn I would dig it up.

No. 906227

I'll link it. I can probably find it p quick.

Didn't an anon say in her video Elzani said she was first admitted at 17? Doesn't sound like it on that twitter. I should watch that vid, but ugh.

No. 906228


>>798976 found via google images "Elzani lolcow Christmas"

No. 906235

File: 1576515782574.png (685.02 KB, 849x396, one of these things is not lik…)

Spot the difference.

No. 906247

File: 1576518551030.jpeg (812.67 KB, 1242x1895, 8AFF3138-462F-42D9-B1C3-024EEF…)

I don’t know if this one has been mentioned before but is similar to Laura. Makes out she’s super ill and on deaths door when she’s not, same old relapse then real recovery bullshit and her followers don’t help by lying to her that she’s super teeny tiny. The pictures don’t do it justice but if you follow you’ll understand.

No. 906250

File: 1576518693925.jpeg (484.36 KB, 1242x1793, B461F491-506F-43B1-B03B-552D41…)

Second picture.

No. 906254


Has she posted recent pic?

P sure she can be prescribed Forcical and other minerals. 300 calories is wasted on a damn drink. If these cows are British, they should go to the shop and buy those Ensure type things alkies have instead of draining the NHS because they'd rather have a shake for photo opp.

No. 906261

Ensures are prescribed/bought for alchies too, just saying - It's given in detox. No idea what you're actually on about.
>> 300 calories wasted on a damn drink
Peep that though.

No. 906266

I'm on about how the anas want to be prescribed Ensure because it makes you part of the Ensure Ana IG gang. If you're prescribed asprin, it costs the NHS £9 when you can get it in Poundland. Instead of the NHS paying for Ensure, they should buy the Nurtiment stuff out of their own money.

Oh, you're the peep anon. Peep what? Who the fuck would want to drink a not so nice 300 Ensure when you could actually eat something is what I'm saying. By that I mean, the fakers like that cow.

No. 906271

There was one post about her swim team giving her a get better card around that age on her twitter, if anyone can screenshot that'd be cool. For some reason I can't screenshot right now. If she was admitted I don't think she was scary spoopy like age 21. It might have been because she was under 18 so got admitted easier. It's crazy how fast she turned skeleton. It's kind of sad reading her twitter because she seemed so normal now she acts brain dead and freaky.

No. 906275

File: 1576523494554.jpeg (249.48 KB, 750x643, BC9246E7-CF78-478D-9550-ED0163…)

It’s interesting af following her mindset as the years go by on twitter. At first there’s a lot of tweets about her mum actually annoying her and the more recent you go there’s more and more about how much her family mean to her and not wanting to be away from them ever.

Same with food, it’s peppered about going back but it’s always “can’t stop eating” “just ate my body weight in nutella”, would explain why she only went real spoopy later on if she spent her teenage years bulimic

No. 906280

File: 1576523767106.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2457x3072, F5729689-E5F6-4E4C-B32C-1282AD…)

No. 906284

Yeah. If she ate her body weight in Nutella at her spoopiest it would barely cover a slice of divine tiger bread. Kekekekek.

No. 906294


Why are British ensure pluses smaller and have 55 cals less than North American ones?

No. 906309

Oh that makes so much sense, she was probably hospitalised for low potassium rather than weight

No. 906321

How is that relevant to anything being discussed here? Seriously, go back to MPA if you want to whine about minor caloric discrepancies. Also, learn to sage.

No. 906324

theres a sugar tax in the uk. most of their sodas are less calories too. but also you could have googled this

No. 906342

File: 1576530945455.jpg (773.02 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20191216_211353_com…)

She has a non Ana tumblr

No. 906343

File: 1576531071126.jpg (34.09 KB, 620x388, award_2743486b.jpg)

Wow. Congratulations on the most ana chan comment I've seen on here this whole year!

Becky's saying on insta how the dog knows she's not feeling well and goes to tell her mum. Reminds me of Skippy the bush kangaroo.

No. 906344

Does she always use her real name because she has no imagination to create a decent username?

No. 906371

File: 1576535799785.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3465x2444, legitservicedoggo.JPEG)

How dare you anon this is clearly a happy animal and not at all terrified! Becky even "feeds her etc"

No. 906374

It'd help more if she learned to feed her fucking self. The dog looks so depressed always.

No. 906413

File: 1576541182553.jpg (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, 20191217_100602.jpg)

Note the McDonald's receipt

No. 906417

Kek don’t worry anon the only thing the dainty one gets for lunch is a Diet Coke!

No. 906425

I cannot stand her deer in headlights eyebrows to her hairline all the time. Whhhyyy does she do that???

No. 906430


Raised liver enzymes and tachycardia are more than likely due to Georgia’s BMI .. her BMI being high not low. Sorry Georgia.

No. 906447

Therefore, perfectly healthy, so quit the I've not eaten for weeks routine.

No. 906494

I don’t understand how everyone doesn’t find Becky painfully fucking boring.

No. 906504


Becky's phenomenal dullness is part of the appeal for me. She has the head of a 60 year old woman (because she only hangs out with her mum), despite her ~BDD~ she takes multiple pics of herself every day in the same Pepe frog pose. She thinks she's amazing at clothes but dresses like shit. She calls herself an ~artist~ but the stuff she put on etsy is fucking abysmal. Her very thinly veiled begging @s at companies hoping for freebies are disgusting. Idk, I like to be repulsed by this self proclaimed mental health advocate who does fuck all to make herself mentally healthier.

No. 906567

She has nothing to her without her ED- what was her OU degree in?
No mention of the new job or her winged shoulder blade recently.
She is as attached / reliant on her mum at the same level you’d expect from a 13 year year old not a 22 year old.
People do come from nowhere on the internet to have big followings - but they are the kind who want sponsorships or to earn money - I don’t think 37k and her latest video will be earning her much money or respect - unless she’s planning on selling her story to a trashy magazine .

No. 906619

File: 1576583491166.jpeg (784.69 KB, 828x1568, C63502CC-7348-442D-9841-BFC8B0…)

Has elzani’s eating disorder Ig always linked to her personal Ig? It does now and there’s a goldmine of somewhat normal, pre-spoop content.

No. 906620

ffs learn to sage

No. 906649

File: 1576589912166.jpeg (507.98 KB, 750x748, C1D82875-4350-4DDC-BEA2-279E2F…)

She looks so much better when she’s not spoopy, she looks haggard now

i hope for her and her families sake she gets her shit together

No. 906657

Pretty sure she did an OU degree in business. I might be wrong as I can't remember how I know that.

No. 906667

File: 1576596778579.jpeg (340.24 KB, 750x1187, B06F0D55-3505-45EC-9150-952B57…)

Kek oh yea she looks super depressed…laughing at the fact her “best gal” is an average weight person with a nose hose. I just find it so funny that she’s super sad and depressed and can’t eat anything but icecream, cotton candy and drink beer off the ward, and chocolate from her advent calendar on the ward. Can anyone tell me why she’s had a feeding tube for over three weeks kek? I mean fine lee pack on all the unnecessary kg you want. I’m starting to see that having the “appearance of having an ed” albeit a total fail is much more important than actually being thin or any aspect of the actual suffering an ed comes with. These ppl don’t care they just want attention. Look at that shit eating grin. Both of them. Tubes like fucking accessories for wanorexics lol. Speaking of which any georgia updates? Looks like shes been on private for a bit

No. 906683

Forgive my ignorance, amerifag here, but can someone explain what exactly is an OU degree? Is it different from regular university?

No. 906684

The other one has a toob too?!?

No. 906686

Open University I believe, it's long-distance/online further education.

No. 906691

Pure cringe when weight restored cows go on outings together and keep their toobz in. If they’re well enough to galavant and drink beer, they’re well enough to take out the nose hose.

No. 906709

File: 1576604032105.jpeg (479.09 KB, 1818x1818, 089190AF-717E-4825-9565-4A1F0B…)

Dr shopping for benzos and diuretics, to Ketamine infusions, to vyvanse, to begging guys for pain killers…
Apart from her new drug seeking, she’s still her usual recovery/relapse self.
What happened with the ketamine anyway? Did she pocket the money or actually refund?

No. 906761

Meant she could stay at home and with her parents rather than have to be separated from mumzani.

No. 906777

People who do OU courses are usually older than standard students (18-21) and they fit the online course in with work. A lot of prisoners do OU if they're in for a while. Myra Hindley got a degree with the OU. Not sure why she'd choose that over studying at a usual uni. She drives, so she could've gone to the uni nearest to where she lives. Idk what grades are expected to take a degree with them though (if any).

That was a sad tweet when she said her mum was away for the night and she was missing her. A NIGHT.

No. 906793

You don't need specific qualifications to do an OU degree. For instance lots of people have done them once they have kids because they didn't have the chance when they were 18 (for instance did a trade from age 16 rather than academic exams (A-levels) for uni).

It is distance learning, now with loads online but it used to all be by post.

Some chronically ill people also do them because it's more flexible than needing to attend class i.e. a friend with cystic fibrosis or because of missing lots of exams due to illness as a teen.

With mental health conditions it's more common to take a year out for treatment and/or go to a uni close by. But also tonnes of people go all across the country (bearing in mind the size of the UK).

Some people also choose it for financial reasons even at 18-21 because it's cheaper and you can work full time alongside it in quite a good job (like not just work lots of evening shifts around classes).

Basically, Elzani staying at home isn't 'normal' even for those with anorexia/ mental health conditions. It's another extreme. THOUGH based on where she was hospitalised her local uni sometimes requires AAA/ A*AA so that may well not have been an option. I think her closest uni requiring far more flexible grades would be an hour commute but it may well be 2 hours (on small winding roads)

Saged obviously…

No. 906796


>You don't need specific qualifications to do an OU degree

I thought this was a case.

I haven't looked at unis where she is, but isn't there a X University and a University of X? (ex Poly)? The ex Poly's are generally more lax with grades (speaking as someone who would definitely not have had the grades for a Uni but okay for ex Poly).

She either had piss poor grades (notice she talks a LOT about her coursework and exams and not her results, or she didn't want to move away. It's sad if it's the latter because despite being odd, she didn't seem to have problems making friends at school. The uni life might've done her some good, and I think that being a full on student is what getting a degree's all about.

She doesn't strike me as someone into academia, but she needs to do something because she can't keep uploading taste tests forever, unless her dad gives her some token "job" at is building business.

No. 906824

Yes kek.
Exactly! Especially bc I have heard that at this new farm place you can have drop and pull over night feeds, granted this would be traumatizing to the nose so I can understand opting to leave it in but if your having planned outings why not just pull it so you can look normal… oh wait because like >>906691 said they’re weight restored so they need their sooper speshul toobie to show that their anorexia is still very serious and life threatening as they chug another beer absolutely ridiculous, ott, attention seeking. Maybe I’m the weird one but wouldn’t a normal person feel awkward or weird going out like that with a fricking tube taped to your face like what else says look at me it’s all too much lol.

No. 906828

whats even more kek-producing is that the newfarmclinic allows you to put your own NGs in…so these cows willingly go there, insert the tube and then complain about feeds to pretend to be sick

No. 906834

File: 1576626234973.jpg (610.81 KB, 1061x1802, Screenshot_20191218-002430_Ins…)

Has this girl been mentioned before ? I dont want to photo dump etc if her stories been played out

No. 906840

Only if she sorts out the serious attachment issues to her mum- her early vlogs and the film had people saying how wonderful her mum is, but I’m sure their relationship is part of all of Elzanis eating problems .

No. 906850

>>906667 ohh how infuriating this ill people really dont care what anorexia is TRULLY about, like the suffering or being thin
Stfu anachan, its an illnes and is different for everybody, and anyway the seek for attention and care from others is really common in EDs so nothing new, just that you can stand people with a normal weith having an ED. Theres no milk in being ill but not skin and bone

No. 906852

Do you want to come back when you make sense? Thanks.

No. 906853

I second that, kek

No. 906855

you sound like an atypical rexie

No. 906859

File: 1576631440828.jpeg (253.27 KB, 750x1141, E42E1791-92E6-43EB-A967-F99997…)

I found another one of Lee’s accounts and it’s even more milky kek. She’s basically integrating the tube into her *~ aesthetic~* She looks like a total fool lol

No. 906860

File: 1576631582366.jpeg (352.41 KB, 750x1083, C363E2D9-FA68-4C07-A184-40AF94…)

Part 1 Photo set
Like wtf

No. 906861

File: 1576631657554.jpeg (196.51 KB, 750x1097, 3B28DFBE-4F42-4ADD-BB39-6C8C3A…)

Part 2 Photo set
Yet another ice cream but we really need a tube 24/7 for 1.0 that looks like maybe one can minimum lol

No. 906862

File: 1576631859965.jpeg (598.54 KB, 750x1148, 644954FF-91EA-4F11-A35F-A2645D…)

Gotta have cute eye attracting tape, bc a clear tegaderm is just to invisible. Kek attention whore

No. 906864

File: 1576632664522.jpg (540.63 KB, 1065x1731, Screenshot_20191217-232352_Ins…)

No one really answered i dont remmeber much if anything about her but i could be wrong so sage

No. 906868

File: 1576632816249.jpg (676.51 KB, 1080x1727, Screenshot_20191218-000641_Ins…)

Seems she a begger too
The most milky thing about this is shes inpatient now but claims shes not in recovery and doesnt want to be there. I suppose they actually used the money for treatmwnt and not art supplies or some bs

No. 906870

File: 1576632900489.jpg (721.84 KB, 1079x1716, Screenshot_20191217-231517_Ins…)

The broken Bambi legs seems to be one of her favourite poses kek

No. 906871

File: 1576633071835.jpg (733.68 KB, 1080x1722, Screenshot_20191217-235308_Ins…)

The blatancy of these selfies is embarrassing

No. 906875

Thats so cringeworthy

No. 906876

File: 1576634041554.jpg (505.11 KB, 1080x1470, 20191218_094254.jpg)

fish fish fish
pat pat pat

She's also a horse girl (or woman, i think shes 30?) Has anorexia, DID, c-ptsd, OCD and "just too much"

No. 906885

Don’t forget that the whole reason for the gofuckme (her claim) is that she’s “too complex” for NHS treatment and needs to go private, because she’s got DID. Yet she doesn’t want recovery so what the fuck is all that money for? She also briefly claimed EDS and POTS because she ‘dislocated’ her hip (still went running) and someone suggested it. Her entire IG just screams attention whore even without the third-person, self-made gfm.

No. 906887

On her ed account she acts like she “can’t tolerate it” or the plan is too hard. She’s living it up on this account >>906862 kek. I’ve never seen someone more chuffed to have a tube other than maybe Bekah

No. 906892

Its so true, i lurked her page, screenshotting milk but i basically filled my album with them
Wtf is with all the ana chans turning munchie, i swear soon this will be pro-ana-munchie scumbags thread

No. 906893

File: 1576637223213.jpg (561.83 KB, 1080x1470, 20191218_104640.jpg)

No. 907018

File: 1576677839220.jpeg (439.53 KB, 640x1045, AA07BC67-7884-45A8-BE44-532C99…)

Has this lady been talked about before?
Every second post is basically a “i am going to kill myself very soon convince me not to” and then every other is a “life with an eating disorder is so hard no one understands” and every photo is a spoopy body check or child items.

No. 907025

You must be new.

No. 907160

She sounds just like Paris.

No. 907165

>>907160 …..it is

No. 907233

I honestly 100 % people here are being unfair with elzani: it's very common for people who are that young to film absolutely everything. Makes no sense to us (+29 ppl) but it's what they do.
It's also hilarious that farmers are demanding her to know why she became anorexic , like fuck guys if she knew she would be totally recovered. Many of us never get to pinpoint a specific reason.
Also this made up controversy here about her video , wtf, she is allowed to film/edit and broadcast whatever she wants of her experience, is her life, she doesn't have to baby sit the internet to avoid "triggering" ppl. That being said, she has tons of issues to figure out, and can be criticized like anyone who makes their life public.

But let's be fair, she actually seems like a sweet girl. All anas are manipulative, selfish, childish, dumb. Is what our ed makes us be. It's a sickness.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 907242

Wtf with the subject field? It'd be great if you knew how this board works as well as you know how sweet Elzanis mind works.

No. 907258

What i would really like to know about E is what caused her ED, and why she left IP early and has never had follow up help or professional therapy etc - it’s strange for the uk system and she’s never talked about either. But then she’s never mentioned her job or her winged scapula again either .

No. 907264

Take your WK bs else where
Quit blogging
You understand the concept of this thread right? Dont like it then gtfo

No. 907277

Paris looks like shes gained a little weight. Still awfully thin though.

No. 907292

I know the point of recovery isnt primarily to look prettier at all, but she could be close to beautiful at a decent weight. She's obviously interested in personal style. Doubt we'll see a remarkable improvement, but she does look a bit better.

No. 907303

I don't even know how to reply to specific comments and i don't care. I wasn't being a white knight for elzani , i just felt it was the only case here where ppl were being assholes for no reason.

I think it's better to criticize people like georgia who are clearly stupid and fake.

No. 907306

Don't know how to sage either huh

No. 907307

Read previous threads

No. 907354

Ok white night
And there are pages full of reason why elzani is a cow

No. 907359

If you don't think E last video is full cream full fat milk then you're probably an anachan yourself

No. 907378

What has she done to her hair? It’s 3 years since I left IG and she hasn’t changed much! I’m guessing by her name she is still eating 97g of strawberries every day.
If she was serious about killing herself she would have done it by now not just whined about it wanting sympathy .
Out of interest she looks slightly less thin in the photon- has she put on weight?

No. 907381

You are in the wrong place - go find somewhere else to support poor sweet Elzani and her lies and fucked up attachment issues. She’s an attention seeking.

No. 907387

File: 1576734186259.jpg (871.61 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191218-213544_Ins…)

Jesus, is Lee fucking serious? I don't understand how her "eating disorder" works, it seems like she's happy to eat/drink or tube anything equally.

No. 907390

E is in her mid twenties acting like a preteen. Her behavior is not age appropriate. And even if it was normal for her to record everything, why did her parents let her do that?

No. 907435

File: 1576747951242.jpeg (186.75 KB, 720x1108, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

Shes a drug addict too. She knows she's skinny. Shes just looking for attention

No. 907439

File: 1576748429428.jpeg (128.44 KB, 720x1057, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

Wildstruggles is very milky. I want to stop unfollowing her but its so entertaining. Kek

No. 907443

Why is she milky?

No. 907449

shes a xanax fiend and is your stereotypical pro ana..right down to making pro ana bracelets.

No. 907450

she definitely doesnt need a tube, given she eats pizza and other junk constantly while not in new farm.

No. 907454

I agree she is so pro and keeps denying it. Its so disgusting

No. 907455

Huge kek

No. 907461

'So tired i cant be bothered drinking! But ill make an instagram poll post instead'
Who tf asks that shit but also does it? These cows are taking the fucking piss and theyre abusing medical equipment and using it as a…diet aid, for lack of a better word rn. Ive seen a lot of shit on here but for some reason that pic made me so angry

No. 907511

File: 1576767375904.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191219-155506_Ins…)

Aly… no one dares to press no incase you go on a rampage again and blocks everyone

No. 907553

Everyone can have a thigh cap if you don’t put your knees together and then cut them out of the shot

No. 907554

I was wondering if anybody would post her kek. She's not as milky as others posted here but she's a wreck to watch. Very manipulative and calls herself fat all the time while weighing 100 pounds. Really immature and seems psychotic, her life is always going downhill but it's her own fault.

No. 907556

You actually hit the nail on the head with you said diet aid, bc these cows eat regularly outside of clinic, they often lose weight on a caloric diet of what their body actually needs lol. I feel like they just go to treatment to lose weight. Honestly so fucked kek.
Kek at the fact that she can have unlimited coffee and the Drs and team aren’t worried about it being a diuretic, appetite suppressant or just generally taking up space that could be used to eat lol. Probably bc they know these girls are wanorexics and they aren’t worried. They’re just taking their money or insurance to pump out a profit, they don’t care what rediculous ppl come in. I mean they tube georgia lol.. like come on what are the standards/protocol at the new farm clinic
No Aly, you look the same. Average. Just imagine if every follower was honest lol she’d block her entire following kek. Followers: you look the same aly your not anorexic Aly: blocks every negative follower that disagrees with what she wants them to say it’s like she’s baiting them to weed out the ppl who won’t kiss her ass. What a controlling wanorexic loser lol

No. 907569

File: 1576779680089.jpg (890.18 KB, 1070x1902, 20191219_162733.jpg)

This one's been discussed in a few older threads but I haven't read much about her recently. All that bitching a few years ago about how the Retreat would cure all her problems only to continue on her one-woman munchie crusade to drain the NHS. Syill not convinced she isn't causing these medical crisises herself.

No. 907594

I don't know if she causes the crises herself tbh I don't think she does (she definitely DOES have underlying conditions, she doesn't always follow medical advice and therefore gets ill but that's not the same as faking, obviously every anorexic is 'not following doctors advice' because otherwise they wouldn't be underweight.)
BUT she is an absolute nightmare to be around very competitive about every symptom of every illness not just ED.

No. 907624

Oh lord no not her again.

No. 907653

Do you know her?

No. 907666

Shh anachan no one cares if she does or doesnt have a thigh gap

No. 907668

context bro, she's asking people if she looks like she lost but she fake posing to make herself look skinnier

No. 907669

Tbh, she looks the best I've seen her here. I don't pay her attention except what's posted here and her legs look a lot less spoopy than they used to.

(By "best" I mean healthiest). As if she doesn't already own an accurate scale.

No. 907672

ehm an anorexic making ana poses and seeking validation, nothing new or milky

No. 907765

Yeah no this is all fatphobic nonsense- speculating on behaviors of ppl in larger bodies /= milk to me personally. Sorry. Thinly disguised "meals", nose hoses n scratches, childish bs w/ Mommy are hilarious. Why are you so dedicated to AN as a dx of ~skinny ppl~??? Hello might we live in a racist hegemonic society? Undoing diet culture=part of recovery. Again, imho other ppls larger bodies r not milk. Sorry.(back to twitter)

No. 907775

Which post are you replying t Wtf are you talking about? Are you atypical or something? Fatphobia what? Oh go away.

No. 907779

"Why are you so dedicated to AN as a dx of ~skinny ppl~??"
bc that's literally what it is you dumb cunt.

No. 907784

File: 1576818407656.jpg (5.66 KB, 250x250, 1494625852203.jpg)


No. 907792

Sounds like Georgia's working on her next yt upload.

No. 907819

Hissss go back to tumblr please. Fatphobia isn't real but fat consequence sure as shit is. Someone sounds salty that a clinical diagnosis involves a weight criteria.

No. 907826

But anon muh malnutrition! fat person cries
Atypical anorexics should just sit and eat their food. (Literally and figuratively) Take your osfed and stfu

No. 907829

lol fatty

No. 907844

Wtf gtfo
Get permission from mummy next time you want to use the big wide web

No. 907846

Were not obsessed with AN dx, the cows are. Its not the weight we care about its the behaviours. If georgia was realistic with herself and her dx we wouldnt give a shit.
Where are all these WK coming from ffs

No. 907853

Kids have off for the holidays. There’s always an influx but it’s not as bad as spring break or summer

No. 907866

File: 1576837302448.png (103.41 KB, 355x313, ezaniiiicow.png)

what? AN dx criteria is an underweight BMI, not fat-phobic just a fat-fact. if you're referring to Georgie porgie nobody is having a go solely because she's overweight, its because the things she claims she's doing doesn't add up when you look at the bigger (lol) picture.
Are you actually blind or just that daft, nobody is being an asshole to E for no reason but you obviously cant see through her stupid facade which is literally as translucent as her pale spoop skin.

Stg everyone here is either a cretin straight from the dark depths of mpa or an atypical WK. Sip the milky goodness or fuck off

No. 907880

ok then focus on the behaviors. that's the hilarious part. EDs and diet culture are damaging for ppl in all bodies, including larger ones. miniblog since u asked i am ~technically emaciated~, but why would it matter if I wasn't? i'm not tied to weight or diagnosis. it's not abt mememe. i don't make an idiot of myself on social media. cows who do deserve mockery regardless of size. moving on.

No. 907881

Can you just quit with the blogging and reeing, "technically emaciated anon" (no1curr and no one asked). You're shitting up the thread. Click numbers to reply to specific messages, lurk more and learn how to use the message boards without seeming like a twit.

No. 907890

File: 1576851536833.jpeg (646.81 KB, 750x1071, 29D6E0C0-BBDC-46DA-A7F2-449BC2…)

Kek Lee, facepalms your not even trying to look like you need that tube anymore and the caption?? I can think of several other things “your eyes are saying” like fuck those clinic workers I’m pulling another one over on them.

No. 907891

File: 1576851864716.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 096A3B9D-4C03-49BD-B2A5-A0E3B1…)

Well yes when you go out and eat a burger probably chips and beer, your going to be bloated and too full for challenge! Oof it’s really going to bite her in the ass when she gains a little too much weight at this clinic. No one that knows much about new farm has explained anything but if this cow can just malinger her way in here and stay for ages with a tube all the while going on outings eating like a regular human…she going to gain kek it’s coming Lee! Your anorexia is fake but the consequences of your eating regularly and getting tube feed calories is very real lol

No. 907893

File: 1576852021298.jpg (1011.63 KB, 1080x1705, 20191220_142450.jpg)

Anyone else see these monstrosities yesterday? I'm still recovering. Who the fuck puts all that in soup????

No. 907894

File: 1576852130172.jpg (572.1 KB, 1080x1440, 20191220_142808.jpg)

Full description for anyone that wants to feel sick too….

No. 907895

O ty anon. I wonder about her creations every day. The gherkins in soup is the stomach turner. Yeah, anything pickled is great with actual cheese, on crackers or a sanga, but in soup? The mushy peas thing. Her plates of food are chaos.

No. 907898

Who puts that much soup? Someone trying to lube up their esophagus so everything comes up even more easily than it went down. Delish.

No. 907903

I wish people would post more nourishtoflourish ITT, she won't accept my follow and her concoctions are hilarious even if they do make me retch

No. 907907

I wanted to say this too, but thought it'd be an unpopular opinion. A post of her food is a special highlight of this thread.

No. 907908

File: 1576858370636.jpg (54.92 KB, 492x394, 7d8bd22ec65bc27f223ff4c7f2ab26…)

No. 907909

File: 1576858584518.jpg (36.76 KB, 500x379, f.jpg)

You forgot the accessory.

No. 907911

Having a bowl of soup is hardly pushing the boat out in general, it's probably about a tin's worth at most. But it does feel like she is bulimic, or at least purges, with the combinations she picks.

No. 907912

File: 1576859853948.jpg (1.37 MB, 1079x1737, Screenshot_20191220-163621_Ins…)

She lasted like three days

No. 907923

File: 1576865239842.jpg (775.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191220-180455_Ins…)

Sweet potato mash on a crumpets. For breakfast. Yikes.

No. 907924

File: 1576865357999.jpg (684.03 KB, 1079x1586, 20191220_180607.jpg)

breakfast description

No. 907998

She really hasn't a clue - they dont section people for no reason?
Out of interest has morven ever tried to kill herself or does she just moan about being dead?

No. 908013

WITH cocktail olives on top. Maybe she doesn't need to stick her fingers down her throat. Her concoctions are the culinary equivalent of ipecac.

No. 908018

Those are picked onions.

No. 908026

I meant to say cocktail onions! Typing too fast for my own good. My bad.

No. 908027

Whatever happened to Kim and her poor children?
Geez she just screams personality disorder

No. 908028

Still the same Ipecac effect I imagine. Her combos are so strange she may as well stick everything in a bowl and mash it up.

Ha! The onions made me think of Kim. I wonder if her children are still surviving on a mouse portion of cheese and half a cracker. Their skin's probably peeling with vitamin deficiency.

No. 908060

Is…is that KETCHUP underneath? Omg ketchup (probably a weird, skinny syrup version), sweet potato and pickled onion on a fucking crumpet?! That’s gotta be a record for one of her most horrific creations yet. Reminds me of ganergainz(?) and her usual dinner monstrosities.

No. 908102

oh dear god that is ketchup. she mentions it in the description >>907924

No. 908225

How old is this girl? Cause in this photo she looks 41yr old in pigtails

No. 908264

File: 1576920536483.jpg (446.67 KB, 1080x2099, boohoo.jpg)

So May is completely outing herself as a drug seeker. Another cliche ticked off the list.

No. 908281

Idk if thats enough to say shes outing herself as a drug addict. Her teeth are fucked and would cause a truck tonne of pain.

Shes like 19

No. 908296

Is that raw parsnip?

>A post of her food is a special highlight of this thread.

No. 908300

I think she may be genuinely autistic, no other explanation for the stuff she mixes together.

No. 908306

The kicker imo isn’t the weird combos, because we all have or know someone who has some weird af food combos they enjoy, it’s that she posts it publicly thinking others would be anything less than 100% repulsed. Like, she honestly seems to believe other people think her food creations look delicious (as well as thinking her gross, unkempt hair makes her look like an ethereal goddess and that no one notices that everything in the background of her pictures is food/vomit/shit stained). It’s next level delusional.

No. 908312

blogging about ana chan bs skip over if you dont care just explaining things: (not an ana-chan just a psych student)
we all make fun of the fucked combos and i def think they're disguting but I have to say when you starve or have an ED you crave weirdo combos of shit and try to just shove everything into one meal. sorry for blogging but I see lots of people say "why do that???" is bc the cravings and a fucked over brain from not eating properly (not just starving, as in just being a general wanarexic or even binging about meals) makes you think anything is good if youre lacking certain nuterants and stuff.

No. 908313

Per the post directly above yours: I don't think people are ACTUALLY shocked that an anorexic person eats weird shit, they're confused that she posts it publicly with pride.

No. 908322

You clearly know nothing about autism. This is the absolute opposite of “autistic” food combos. It’s one thing to call elzani, who displays true traits of ASD an autist, but this is just ignorant.

No. 908324

N2Fs combo pride isn't the thing I find confusing. It's the filth, the stains on her bedding, the greasy, sticky jars, using clothes to put her plate on that's disgusting. She doesn't care that anyone sees how grimy her surroundings are and how she keeps food in her room in plastic bags and old boxes.

No. 908344

True true. Sorry if I’m not understanding English isn’t first language. I feel like it’s some kind of bragging with the gross photos of food in ways of “I’m eating recovery queen” and amongst Ana chans it’s a “I’m eating the least or super low cal stuff still” because things like Laura posts is still text book Ana foods (the onions) and minimal amounts. Least she can stop claiming the haven’t eaten in three weeks I’m dying in coma no one believed in first place.

No. 908375

I don’t want to blog but I’ve known autistics, both low and high functioning, to just be putting anything together and enjoying it. Autism is very diverse as a condition.

No. 908412

It's a far more common autistic characteristic to struggle with multiple textures/ tastes/ colours together and eat things seperately. And/ or eat the same few foods repetitively which can lead to severe deficiencies/ weight problems (ARFID)

Not saying that no autistic people mix foods together in odd combinations etc. But I don't think N2F's foods exhibit autistic behaviours. Much more the typical restriction (of fat) leading to obsession with tasting EVERYTHING, hoarding behaviours etc.

No. 908416

N2F's lack of awareness of the grossness astounds me tbh. She posts her gross porridge bowls with a ton of technicolor syrups and haribo floating in it, resting on her stained comforter with hairs stuck everywhere, garbage in the background… yet by her captions it seems like she thinks she's the next Ina Garten. Totally divorced from reality.

No. 908437

Some people never grow out of a childish way of eating. It's like maybe you know some people who still rip the crusts off their bread/toast or only eat the pieces of pizza with the good bits on. It's like she's still a kid putting her food together and throwing in some gummies and syrups because she never grew into eating in a more "adult" way. Does that make sense?

Her parent's house looks nice and pretty middle class. That last pic posted above, it looks like she's taken a pic of her plate in a porch or conservatory. It looks weird that she's squatting over a dead plant with a tin of soup on the window ledge. She spends time setting up her food (even though it looks like unicorn vomit), and taking pics but, yeah, her lack of embarrassment at how grubby her own surrounding is is really difficult to get over. Same goes with that pic where she's doing a full body shot in the garden IN HER UNDERWEAR. Like - ???? wtf lol. I wish I'd followed. I miss the gross.

No. 908456

File: 1576980843151.jpeg (873.57 KB, 743x1208, 5F2B6819-A710-498D-BE92-252AD3…)

I bet if she actually had problems she wouldn’t be able to laugh at or scooter away from them kek. Oh lee what r u doing? Helmet, glasses, scooter, tube? TOO MUCH lol. How tf long do they let these cows stay at new farm, any informed aussiafags here?

No. 908457

I've been wanting to know the answer to that one too. I'm not even being a bitch when I say that she looks a good healthy weight. She looks healthy. Obviously no mobility/energy/stamina level problems. Why the FUCK is she tubed? This bitch eats. She does NOT need to gain more weight, she looks fine. Are New Farm feeders or something?

No. 908516

my expereinces with the gross aussie mental health system has been… bad to say the least. im p sure the reason these cows stay in so long is a combo of two things 1) the farm is getting more money the longer they have people there so why send them home if they dont want to + get money out of them and 2) if you say you have no intent of getting better or threaten self harm or a relapse when you leave they'll keep you in its two ends of the same snake tbh. cows want attention, services want money.

No. 908539

This is spot on kek, and anyone who is disgusted is just a cyberbully, shes clearly an inspirational warrior despite multiple disordered eating habits, an intense fixation on food, skelly even though she consumes thousands of calories every meal…

No. 908544

Apart from being socially awkward and a total idiot/twat/knob making a fool of herself in front of the camera and talking like a 13 year old, what makes you so certain she has ASD? Yes she’s obsessed with food but isn’t every anorexic ? She’s got none of the other symptoms of ASD- she has no routine to her life and nothing like OCD. She’s far more along the lines of having BPD with her attachment /abandonment issues with her mum and the things that go with BPD, or histrionic or narcissistic personality disorder and being a drama queen.
There’s a lot more to ASD that just bring really stilted in front of a camera, and I don’t think anyone with ASD would have the weirdness to want to film her entire hospital admission. I think she just needs to grow up and sort her mummy issues .
There were parts ( not many) in her hospital vlog where she was sitting talking and you could see her brain was functioning normally , she was talking rationally and was making sense and stuff. I think a lot of the things people on here have labelled her as having ASD with are just because her brain was so malnourished - they are less.
I’m not saying she’s normal - no fucking way- just that if you look at all the different criteria for an ASD diagnosis she doesn’t have many at all.

No. 908549

Can we stfu about Autism. Its a spectrum disorder, people will present differently

No. 908556

On a seperate clinic autisim note, does it just seem everyone at the clinic in australia (leah, georgia, shay, olivia) all claim to have autism, POTS and need toobes?

No. 908561

Agreed but she has more traits of other disorders than ASD- i don't think she has ASD ( too normal in most things)- but every time she makes a vlog or is a drama queen someone goes' oh she's so clearly got ASD'. Having it or not brings no milk to her- it's the other ED/family relationships that are interesting.
She still doing her real real recovery?….

No. 908590

File: 1577012834342.jpg (873.3 KB, 1080x1728, 20191222_110618.jpg)

Parsnips on a bun anyone?

No. 908592

New farm (never going to stop being funny) is legendary for tubing if you don’t comply with the meal plan. It’s the state ED service that is so aggressive - none of the private clinics in Sydney will tube afaik (off to the public system…), and the public places really only tube for medical need (tachycardia, postural drop, bgls etc). It’s

No. 908596

I had to unfollow N2F for obvious reasons. Is she still doing all the chocolate and (non)sugar feasts? It looks like shes changed up the menu a bit

No. 908599

You’re the only one with autism here pal, thinking you’re an expert when all you seem to have is a knowledge of autistic stereotypes

No. 908603

That’s my point! Elzani doesn’t have ASD and everyone keeps saying she does- and yes I do.

No. 908607

Please, for the love of god, learn to sage. No1curr about your autism-fuelled projection.

No. 908608

She displays obvious traits of ASD such as her speech and eye contact and I wouldn't be surprised if her anorexia was caused by it seeing how her family history and background is

No. 908611

Agree! Deffo in the 30% of people admitted for their ED who have ASD.
Echolalia in an attempt to 'fit in' repetitive conversation and phrases.
No friends
Obvious difference to siblings
Stilted speech even at more stable weight.
Special interest- need to film and record everything!
Lack of self awareness

Big fear of going inpatient due to leaving family and there being "other people".

Seems much more focused on food rather than body image distortion.

Anyway, people are clearly bored of this conversation.

No. 908612

File: 1577020588262.jpg (665.8 KB, 1079x1797, Screenshot_20191222-131553_Ins…)

Quite ironic how Emma is complaining about someone else being competitive when she's as bad as that other spoopy Becky (not e-begger extraordinaire Becky J) with trying to outdo every other anorexic.

No. 908613

All QLD private facilities are like this as are the public. They use the QuEDs. Dieticians are too scared to let people miss a meal when in real life its what happens

No. 908615

ED thread has turned to a ASD thread

No. 908619

Where is the milk if E ( or anyone else) has ASD or not?

No. 908685

May isn’t naturally underweight. She’s posted a before and after & she’s actually naturally overweight.

No. 908690

No one gives a fuck about May.

No. 908702

are you talking about that photo of her as a young teen that she put next to a spooky body check - because it’s sad to think what she turned into as an adult but also there’s no way she’s naturally underweight. i’ve only heard that rhetoric from people who obviously have an ED and are trying to act like they don’t.

No. 908705

File: 1577047331583.jpg (373.21 KB, 720x1031, 20191222_204151.jpg)

That caption

No. 908708

Why wear a mini skirt then? She always looks so dirty like her clothes and her hair need a good wash. She's been sent home then. Good.

No. 908712

I think the worst part is her face- namely that retarded facial expression she has 100% control over.

No. 908715

Yeah, but at least her leg isn’t obnoxiously thrown above her head! Small blessings.

No. 908717

File: 1577049112028.jpg (209.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191222-211122_Ins…)

>>908708 she responded to you

No. 908721

How odd Laura struggles AFTER Christmas when for most people it's now and the actual day that's most difficult at this time of year. Those expensive gifts must be good medicine! Thank god she's not in the hospital missing out on all the family fun!

No. 908729

? Loads of people struggle in January. There is Blue Monday or whatever it is called.
Not saying that's the case for ED people but January is well known for being a tough month mental health wise.

No. 908737

No the sugar and chocolate is still there. Her night snack usually specialises in all things sweet.

No. 908738

Can someone post a screenshot of this? Curious to see it

No. 908739

File: 1577053717782.jpg (915.81 KB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20191222-222750_Ins…)

Why is there sweet and savoury on the same plate?
The beans are touching the pies!!!

No. 908741

As n2f’s creations go, this is one of the least appaling

No. 908745

File: 1577054333198.jpg (56.28 KB, 346x480, 80006180_1976146689197924_3967…)

How long can one foot really be?

No. 908746

That face looks pasted on that is hilarious.

No. 908747

Them knees though. And rediculous stretched crotch.

No. 908749

Yeah, its face is not attached properly and doesn't fit or fill the head right. And the colors are off, too … It's really nightmarish. Starting to seem like someone's "edgy" art project.

No. 908803

File: 1577060284070.jpg (Spoiler Image, 145.29 KB, 813x1080, 14kg.jpg)

The concept of Blue Monday was based on pseudoscience. January's tough for a lot of people because they've racked up debts because of Christmas. These wanarexic/ana chans love Christmas because of the free stuff, like Becky. The day after when they don't have things to open, they ~struggle~.

The face doesn't even look like her. Wtf have they done to it?? I always lol at the blobs whoeveritis puts on her nails.

Img is something ana predator Bill Bockman put on his vk wall. I imagine "Kelsey" uses her as a template.

That crotch gap tho.

No. 908811

That Becky was never spoopy kek so hi Becky!!

No. 908847

Can any QLD-fags (or anyone else) confirm whether New Farm is public or private?

Georgia and Lee would NOT get admid
tted to a public clinic; as there are something like 30 public beds. I've seen people who don't eat rejected because there are so few beds.

Which explains the tubes and long stays: public clinics only want to save your life, private clinics want to solve your mental health problems, and won't take you if you are actually dying (they'll send you to a medical hospital until you're well enough to be in a psych hospital.

No. 908848

Forgot to sage. Disgusting.

No. 908853

It's private. Hence why beds are easier to come by.

No. 908861

Can confirm New Farm Clinic is private. Its run by ramsey health

No. 908939

Out of morbid curiosity, how are people finding these vk pages/what are the URLs? I keep seeing mention of vk but all I seem to find is a Russian social media or something.

No. 908956


>>vk but all I seem to find is a Russian social media

Well, yeah? that's what it is.

No. 908961

And all it takes is one idiot doctor dx’ing non existent medical problems (eg. POTS) for all these cows to have a lifetime of playing sick without anyone expecting them to recover. Or there’s just a culture of self-dx that goes along with wannarexics. We’ve seen plenty of that with the ED/munchie crossovers that are insanely common.

No. 908995

Entire body is emaciated face…normal. That knee tho
Ha! Ramsey, that makes sense

No. 909040

Solostinmymind? She definitely was/is spoopy.

No. 909050

No one cares about you Becky, go away

No. 909064

File: 1577117037669.jpg (782.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191223-160321_Ins…)

No, it's really not…. looks like curdled vomit

No. 909071

Wow. She got her pot to look identical to the one on the rice pudding lid! I need to rush out and buy these sponsored products. Yummy.

No. 909072

>youre lacking certain nuterants and stuff


No. 909074

Hush. Anon is only a psych STUDENT. Mustn't have been studying eating disorders (at the University of Lolcow) long enough to spell the word nutrient correctly.

No. 909085

Nta but they literally said english wasn't their first language

No. 909100

Oh I didn’t know her name was Becky, I meant the Becky who is now a munchie

No. 909109

Apologies. I retract my nitpicking.

No. 909114


No. 909145

File: 1577131549226.png (526.5 KB, 720x1203, Screenshot_20191223-200232~2.p…)

Yes, you're really"fat". How is she going to afford going to Australia?

No. 909156

File: 1577133628905.png (1.19 MB, 828x1792, D25319CD-AFE4-431C-B8E8-FED03A…)

“All-in-pro-recovery-mommy-blogger-extraordinaire” Kim is back at it doling put healthy exercise advice to her followers. The fact this woman sells herself online as being a “recovery warrior” while pushing diet foods for profit is both hilarious and gross.

No. 909171

Holiday or work? No doubt funded by taxes. Strange how people who are too sick to do anything get to go away.what about travel insurance ?

No. 909185

No worries anon, I should have specified.

No. 909195

File: 1577138895985.jpg (44.66 KB, 301x435, fuck off.JPG)

eBeg Becky's a miserable bitch. A family as neurotic (and miserable) as this shouldn't be allowed to leave their house. Merry fucking Christmas to you too.

No. 909199

eh, what she's describing is incredibly rude and invasive. i can buy being anxious about it. leaving the drinks though? what a waste

No. 909201

It would be if events happened as she said, but I doubt a mother and three kids RAN over to her dog to stroke it. She even said it rarely happens, and I'm betting she's dramatising events here.

People can act like unthoughtful twats, but that's life. How about when Becky said she shouted some nonsense phrase out of the car window at someone and she was puzzled they took it badly.

She's planning to do the Boxing Day sales, she shops at the Trafford Centre, Arndale Centre, etc yet she flips her wig over someone petting her dog? I'm not surprised she doesn't have any friends. She's a horrible person.

No. 909231

Omg can you imagine the tantrum she probably threw in whatever overpriced coffee establishment they were at too! Of course, she delicately refers to that as her being “in a state”. Her verbiage is definitely carefully calculated to maximize her victimization.

No. 909237

File: 1577144326279.jpeg (591.83 KB, 750x1207, 0E4535A2-99B9-4CA3-BF07-D4FF15…)

Kek omg… she was always healthy, she never looked dead. Does anyone really think they are making her gain there when she looks like this >>908456 or is she just trying to sound like a sick dainty ana who needed to gain weight? She just looks so chuffed to be posing with the tube and feed. It just makes her look more ridiculous being a healthy weight and having a tube and talking about needing to gain weight. I get some ppl struggle and need a tube at an average weight.. but this girl time and time again shows she has no problem eating food most ppl with EDs would feel fear foods. Dumb.

No. 909239


Ridiculous bitch. (Her, not anon).

No. 909251

does anybody know roughly how tall she is? because if she’s my height she’s also roughly my build (not to sound like 32inch waist-chan) and there’s no fucking way she needs to be tube fed. I assume she’s at a private facility and is basically paying for the pleasure of feeling like a special sickly waif?

No. 909258

Yeah, it is rude to do this, and people should be more aware. That being said, every. single. time. becky goes out and does anything, she ends up "in a state." Makes everything about this bullshit PSA laughable.

No. 909260

It pisses me off how the dog's allowed in public buildings because she bought it a fake service dog lead from ebay. A chihuahua is an ~assistance dog~ because, what?, she's a spoop? She'll be okay when she gets her games console, unless her mum made her something out of a pile of trash like Becky gave her mum.

No. 909261

File: 1577150440811.jpeg (795.8 KB, 750x1116, 02FC90F1-5219-4BB7-9B4C-2A20C0…)

And what the fuck is the tube station? Is that the trough all the cows feed from kek? In my opinion anything going in the tube, pump rates should be handled by the nurse, like I’ve seen this girl with syringes and flushes and shit and I’m like… why lol? I mean 1 bag of 1.0 feed Isint a lot if your really trying to gain weight (she could be having more but since it’s overnight I doubt it) whose to say the ppl who actually need the tube dont just get rid of it lol, if they’re in control of the pump …not trying to give any cows ideas but like wtf? I guess it goes back to what this person said >>908847 there not actually sick so it doesn’t really matter, they aren’t a liability to the clinic.
I’m not exactly how tall she is but on insta she never disclosed her weight or anything like that. Actually I think she said she was 5 7 at one point but that’s total bullshit bc im not that tall and shes waaaaay shorter than I amZ I’d guess like 5”5 based on how long her limbs are. Look how short she is in this photo. She probably just pretends she’s taller so she can lie to herself about her BMI omg the mental gymnastics. Bye it’s very hard to find a full body shot of her and this one is from 2018 so she does look considerably different now. has gained several lbs lol

No. 909287

Its a place at the nurses station/medication room where you go to get your NG inserted and/or feed hooked up/attached. It helps the nurses know who needs medications and who just needs their feeds etc

No. 909350

Benefits money ! What else. Is her sister still in hospital. She doesn't seem to realise you can't just run away from your problems.

No. 909377

Wait if they're in charge of running their own feeds why can't they just eat? If they can chose to run feeds on their own they don't need tubes.

No. 909381

File: 1577188665825.jpeg (844.42 KB, 828x1567, 2DD82858-32AC-4A59-86C8-BA9A3E…)

Please explain how this is a 22(?) year old woman writing a caption like that, making smiley faces in her cereal and somehow insisting she’s a healthy adult…

No. 909382


>I'm very happy because mixing cereals is so fun

What am I reading here…

No. 909390

I'm confused, I have heard of tubes being inserted only at certain times or for non compliance, but how does this work? Dont you need an xray when one is placed to make sure it's in the right area!? Surely they cannot xray someone everytime if its daily. Also would t such frequent placements cause damage to the nose or elsewhere? And why even remove them daily? I used to think it was due to removing the ability for patients to flaunt the tube, but possibly its to stop tube purging? Does anyone know the answers to these? Pulling and replacing tubes like this does not happen in my country

No. 909393

Not really. Logically you'd know if its in the right spot. If its in the lungs the patient will continuously be coughing. Go in 50 something CMs for an adult, aspirate yellow stuff, you're in the stomach.

No. 909397

Also yes constantly taking out and putting back in an NG tube will cause barotrauma. Hence why people only on night feeds leave them in 24/7

No. 909418

File: 1577199774387.jpeg (120.11 KB, 745x736, F85BA0C9-C412-44DC-A15C-C243B9…)

Apparently E is thinking of taking up weight lifting .

No. 909422

I thought she had a bad back / winged scapula ?

No. 909432

So this clinic basically glorifies tubes?!
This kind of jokey poster would absolutely not be allowed in most EDUs!

Unless someone is being discharged from hospital with tube feeds for a medical reason I don't understand why they are allowed to be involved with running their own feeds?! If you can't trust someone to eat then how can you trust them not to interfere with the feed?

No. 909438

Way back when she first got out of hospital she posted some vids of her (still at a super spoop weight) weightlifting. It was cringe af.

No. 909443

Everything about that clinic sounds off. I wonder if there are any cases of malpractice reported online from newspapers.

It'll be fun to see her bulk up on protein. I can't watch her, but I'm thinking she thinks this is going to be her new "thing" for youtube, like other ~warriors~ who take up weight lifting. Great way of her to calculate her macros 24/7.

No. 909446

Literally the next ganergainz. I’m predicting her going on and on about “BOOTYGAIIIINS OMG!” While never making any noticeable physical progress beyond where she’s at now.

No. 909514

The vlog ion her new channel is pretty cringeworthy too

No. 909518

File: 1577220419170.png (388.31 KB, 828x1792, ED45B4E6-8752-48FE-ABE5-0B25A1…)

Georgia reminding everyone that she’s sooper sick and going to treatment soon. Cringey enough that a clinic would send such a text, worse still that she would post it on Ig. I swear to god these cows really have turned treatment into a version of summer camp.

No. 909523

File: 1577220814752.jpg (24.78 KB, 300x233, she got tubed.jpg)

> these cows really have turned treatment into a version of summer camp

If I could be arsed (and could write music), I'd turn the ana chans into a musical. Farmers here could write the lyrics and source the tubes etc. We could base each cast member on a cow.

No. 909539

i would pay to see that

No. 909555

Let's go, girls!

No. 909567

they all pretend to hate it in the same way too. really reminds me of >>909237 implying she'd cry about the ordeal of being tubed if she didn't beam for pics with it
i feel like these girls are so bored and understimulated that they're completely fascinated with the idea of any point of conflict or drama in their lives, even if the drama is manufactured and the conflict is something anyone can sign up for.

No. 909572

Oh great another cow/ana swapping one disorder for another

No. 909581

File: 1577232956627.jpg (50.75 KB, 366x517, 0.JPG)

Idk about weightlifting, know nothing about anything body shaping gym like thing, so can anyone tell me what the point of weightlifting is? Is it to get a body like the random I found on ig? Or is it all about competition? Or both? Just trying to figure out where she's coming from with this.

No. 909582

(Ofc referring to Elzani)

No. 909584

well, it works for some people with ana tendencies because you can eat a lot of calories while still maintaining a low bodyfat and heal your weakened body, but some anas just swap anorexia for orthorexia

No. 909587

I'm just wondering why she doesn't go back to swimming. It's something she was good at and it's good exercise. Maybe it's impossible for anyone to figure out where she's going with anything she does.

No. 909589

Swimmings can be hard when malnourished. Minimum 2 hrs/session, 6km+ up to 12x a week (if youre serious) then comps and weights. Theres no way shed be able to maintain competition standard

No. 909590

Its still about control. When weightlifting you have to eat v specifically, counting macros and micros etc so they still get to be disordered, but under the veil of being 'healthy'

No. 909592

File: 1577235051620.png (983.2 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2019-12-24-19-46-34…)

Yikes. I see no weight loss. Still grotesquely fat with zero fashion sense. Ewww the mirror.

No. 909593

Some people like the appearance of muscles, the health benefits, and feel better mentally when doing it (even though any form or forms of exercise can have many of those mental and physical benefits, some people just like lifting, especially people who dislike cardio). That said other posters aren’t wrong that sometimes it involves ED mindset or at least liking to obsess over tasks and numbers.

No. 909603

File: 1577236637692.png (2.56 MB, 1242x2208, 36743F06-2984-4C97-A304-9F27F8…)

what the actual fuck paris

No. 909656

File: 1577247959430.jpeg (354.97 KB, 639x1203, 5174B049-6669-48C7-A110-9FD844…)

What’s with all the wannarexic Aussie cows getting admitted with nose hoses at normal weights and insisting they can’t survive outside a hospital? This one hasn’t been actually underweight in years, yet keeps claiming to be practically dying from anorexia. She also tends to pull the face-clawing bit for attention.

No. 909691

Has she put on weight or is it just the glasses?
I can’t understand why she is still alive .

No. 909692

Not forgetting the kite surfing she wants to try . Are that family made of money? She does nothing all day and sponges off her parents like she’s still a kid. What happened to her job? I can’t see her second yt channel being very interesting .

No. 909696


You don’t need a x-ray when a tube is placed. They can test the level of acidity in your stomach with a syringe to check it is in place.

In Perth we have one private hospital and the psych rejects 90% of patients except for her favourites and people literally are not getting the help they need and yet New Farm they get away with so much shit.

No. 909718

But according to her, her program's 'The Best' kek
Then explain all the revolving door-ers

No. 909726

As someone who has been there, it is a personal challange to do the competitions. Lifting weights in general even to this point keeps the body functional and joints healthy. You'll find people cross train also. I.e marathon runners also lift weights to strengthen joints for repetitive wear. Lifting weights increases BMR and bone density. Also, no second trips with shopping/groceries

No. 909737


I know right.

People either end up back on her program upwards of 10 times if she likes them, or end up in the state system which is doing shit all to help us.

No. 909738

Its BS she's the only admitting Dr to the only Private facility to have an ED program.
As i hear it, she also has pull over admission to WAEDOCS

No. 909816

File: 1577303246523.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 560.11 KB, 750x1204, 91D8A955-36DD-4247-AB41-95BC1D…)

I’m so glad you posted this one. She is absolutely nutty….. She’s ridiculous and yes she totally does the face scratching thing like Laura. spoiler for the disgusting, scabby, bloody face

No. 909817

File: 1577303472712.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 424.59 KB, 750x1030, 316FA126-B911-4D00-8D34-51CC51…)

Also I’m absolutely repulsed when she puts her photos in black in white kek, she wrinkles her forehead creating these strange crevasses and then the wounds just look like some skin disease lol wtf are these ppl thinking posting these, honestly why kek!? Spoiler again for farmers who don’t care to see this repulsive monstrosity

No. 909820

I never realized how common this is. Skin picking and head banging. They look like meth heads.

No. 909821

File: 1577304036350.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 569.98 KB, 750x1204, 99C00ACB-79C6-4305-B741-1F0406…)

This photo really captures the whole aesthetic, we got the face wounds so everyone knows she’s a sooper strong warrior battling mental illness and the feeding tube to prove that she’s still sick even though like >>909656 said she hasn’t been underweight in years. What I’m wondering is who in the fuck would date this? I am guessing the guy I blacked out is her bf. Not saying anything about her appearance but as for mental stability that is certainly questionable lol. I thought ppl self harmed in places that were hidden or places that could be easily covered, kind of a suffer in silence thing, but with this chick and Laura it’s more like look at me I’m struggling I scratched my face kek. Another spoiler for the gross face

No. 909827

> I thought ppl self harmed in places that were hidden or places that could be easily covered,

That used to be the case pre instagram. Usually arms and people covered them with long sleeves, stomach or thighs. Looks like she has acne and she picks at them. That crater face is going to look great when she's older. Faces of meth for sure. Shame there's no cure for attention seeking. These cows are kinda like the antithesis of the girls on youtube who have really terrible cystic acne and break down during videos where they're documenting dermatological treatment.

No. 909828

File: 1577304848456.jpg (32.31 KB, 306x314, kama sutra.JPG)

Oh, and she's back at it. Here's my mary xmas to you, farmers!

No. 909831

I call this pose “look at my cooch, grandma!”

No. 909833

didn’t really notice it before but in this pic she looks like she has mild downs? or am i nitpicking lol

No. 909839

File: 1577307807546.jpg (53.83 KB, 568x592, 00.JPG)

Looks vaguely so in the eyes in this pic which is weird because she doesn't even have an epicanthic fold.

Speaking of eyes, mine can't roll back any further to the back of my head with how cliched she is. Img related.


No. 909840

File: 1577307838205.jpg (59.2 KB, 738x495, 0.JPG)


And who the fuck tags this shit? Oh, she does.

No. 909843

File: 1577310431582.jpeg (150.12 KB, 1055x649, F8316568-BD7C-4B74-AC02-1B26E4…)

Such a dainty lil festive faerie! Almost as wide as the tree

No. 909848

>>908803 wtf picture is this??

No. 909851

>>908516 Blog-ish, sorry: but this message board has been very enlightening on how other countries treat EDs… in the US, regardless of what you say or threaten short of specific plans to kill yourself or someone else in the next few days, if you meet discharge criteria aka eating somewhat and usually keeping it down and a minimally healthy weight you’re out. Imo we honestly don’t keep people long enough and have a bit of a revolving-door system as a result, but god damn it’s better than entertaining healthy people in programs for months while letting their connection to the actual world die off. It’s honestly sad to watch

No. 909857

She’s one of the worst attention whores. Can’t even call her an ana chan tho, because she’s at and has been at a healthy weight for a long time. Her ED consists of her refusing to eat or drink anything just long enough to get a toob for the photos and to play sick little ana chan.

No. 909860

Her hulking shoulders and gibbon arms really ruin her attempts to look as skelly as possible.

No. 909867


Sage for blogpost

There are many people who self harm in hidden places, eg. Tops of thighs and wouldn’t even self harm on their arms and wear long sleeves in fear of someone seeing. The people who self harm by cutting their neck, arms whilst purposely wearing short sleeves, face and hand scratching etc. are 90% of the time doing it purely for attention, they want people to see it. Yeah some people do it as a genuine cry for help but usually it’s an attention seeking behaviour and behavioural, not something psychological. Seeking attention off family, friends, nursing staff, trying to prove their ill etc. Seen most often with personality disorders. A clued up nurse knows that the ones who hide it are the ones to keep an eye on. It’s the same with suicidal thoughts, the ones who hide it are more likely to just do it and the ones who always go on about wanting to die are generally the ones who take purposely non lethal overdoses or call them self an ambulance. It’s a behavioural thing.

No. 909869

I agree with this completely. It's tragic that so many people complete suicide and the family and friends weren't even aware that the person had being feeling suicidal, or that their depression had become so unbearable. Doing the public self harm on visible parts of the body over and over has got to be for attention. Doesn't mean they're not ill, but there're too many laying it on thick for instagram shots. It's become competitive and contagious. I get the thing about not letting self harm be a stigma, but that doesn't mean it's okay to flaunt your gaping bloody gashes all over social media. It's the ones who keep it quiet and don't get the wounds treated and they get infected that I'd be more concerned about.

No. 909875

Probably why USA has shit health care

No. 909877

That looks like a man in that dress.

No. 909879


WAEDOCS will admit you as soon as you’ve lost 1 kilo a week for 3 weeks or your medically unstable regardless of weight. I had a friend who was admitted to Charlies because she went from obese to overweight. She lost 1 kilo a week for 10 weeks which isn’t exactly dangerous when your obese to begin with, they kept her in for a week on full bed rest, specialed etc and threatened to tube her.

So I don’t think she has anything to do with WAEDOCS. Hopefully this new residential program we are getting at Peel hospital will help. Mind you I don’t understand why they put it so far out of Perth, because its going to make it hard for families to visit.

No. 909881

File: 1577320972487.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1360x828, pervert.png)

Welcome to the world of pro ana chan old perv Bill Bockman/Henry Roth. The one Ashley called a "predator".

No. 909882

File: 1577321089287.jpg (40.67 KB, 551x362, lol.JPG)

The face only a mother (and a pervert) could love lol.

No. 909888


Are we sure it's self harm and not OCD/dermatillomania? People with those issues can pick their skin anywhere due to the compulsion, I wouldn't say that's attention seeking

No. 909901

For a second I thought I was in the youtube drama thread, this was J* in the picture, and "she" was referring to the dog

No. 909903

Old bbc doc suggested on YT and hilarious all the way thru- v expired milk, fwiw.

No. 909916

You said she hasn’t been underweight in years, I scrolled back to like 2014 on her insta and she looks exactly the same. I’m
Starting to think this was a self post with a slight humble brag about being underweight thrown in. Where’s the proof ? Where’s the spoop? I was on board with this nutter until I looked more into the op. (I could be totally wrong though, so sorry if I am op) Unless she didn’t document her spoopyness on insta I doubt it happened though. Maybe I missed it but I didn’t even see a transformation Tuesday post or something dumb like that where weight restored anachans relive their glory days. Id like to see Han/Freddy Krueger 2 please, but make it spoopy kek >>909656

No. 909918

Oh I've seen that. I looked her up on facebook at the time and she's a very healthy weight now.

This one's the lulsiest with Lilly being the biggest ever pro ana cow who should be included here. I'd love to know where she is now.

No. 909969

Does anyone know why she is going to Australia? Holiday? Work? How long? How did she pass medical clearance to go.

No. 909986


when i saw that she said australia, my first thought was "holy shit is she coming over here to go to New farm"

No. 909998

File: 1577356982289.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1125x1932, 7FDE0A82-05FE-45C9-BE7E-45E9AF…)

Her food always looks unappetising, but this is just depressing

No. 910007

File: 1577358067347.gif (2.15 MB, 498x280, B70682DE-D824-4261-A00F-97E0B4…)

This is actually sad to look at. Mustard, ketchup and bbq sauce with a soggy frozen Yorkshire pudding, frozen veg from a bag with fucking cocktail onions, and some sort of beans that look like cat sick. Who the fuck cooked this? Her mother? Father? If I was served this on Christmas I would spend the rest of the day violently weeping.

No. 910015

I think appeals to anachans because it's swapping one diet obsession with another. Eating while weight lifting is all about hitting macros. For munchies and anas there's also the optional supplement regimes that sort of mimics medication.

The need to eat a nutritional diet of mainly protein and the mental benefits of exercise would probably benefit E a lot, so good luck to her I guess.

No. 910019

Nothing says “robust, meaningful, full recovery” like eating a Christmas dinner of all your usual safe, shitty foods alone in your squalor. Truly an inspiration

No. 910034

Does anyone by any chance know anything about Paris Melody Raven?
I don’t follow her regularly (because of how repetitive and boring her posts are), but since it’s been her birthday some time before Christmas I’d love to see the yearly breakdown.

No. 910048

have you been living under a rock or something? she's been discussed quite a bit in previous threads

No. 910050

Anon doesn’t even know how to sage. Setting expectations pretty high thinking she/he would actually take five whole minutes to go back a thread or two. Best guess is the anon IS this “Paris” person and is feeling butthurt over lack of attention, so she’s trying to stir up some discussion about herself.

No. 910170

Becky is a miserable bitch but allowing your kids to run up to a random dog is exceptionally dangerous.

No. 910172

Sorry but there's no way Elzani has BPD can we stop diagnosing every single attention seeking weirdo with autism or BPD.

No. 910175

KEK! I can see it.

No. 910253

Maybe not but she has a real fear of abandonment - classic BPD

No. 910285

She's saying they were sitting in dome place drinking tea (where dogs shouldn't be allowed anyway) and the mum and kids "ran to the them" and the dog was being held by her or ma. It's a fucking chiuhuaua not a Rottweiler and I doubt they monbed her as she claims. There had to be a drama every day and she's created one out of nothing.

No. 910289

Mobbed not monbed.

No. 910292

Another self post.


Paris is boring

No. 910304

File: 1577395902734.jpg (417.21 KB, 1079x1485, Screenshot_20191226-213113_Ins…)

Laura standing with her legs 3 feet apart to pretend she has a thigh gap like she hasn't posted recent full body shots.

No. 910359

File: 1577400617345.png (1.23 MB, 905x578, bwuk.PNG)

Flourishing chicken, kek

No. 910385

File: 1577402929280.png (159.78 KB, 318x225, 0.png)


What's up guyz?
Becky looks like J* I've thought this often.

No. 910464

I was thinking more the exhumed corpse of Paula Yates but that's also a lot like Jeffree, so…

No. 910470

File: 1577410802209.png (164.35 KB, 222x299, 0.png)

Oh I love Paula Yates too much to imagine her exhumed corpse, but I can see it. Looks dead either way. And to think she says she looks like Keira Knightley.

No. 910517

Oh my god one trait out of 9!She MUST be BPD. /s
Kek you fishin
Add 4 more traits then shed have it. OR everyone can stop armchair dx

No. 910520

File: 1577417188658.jpeg (174.02 KB, 750x1034, CB9A082A-BFFF-4522-9DF1-94BCD8…)

Part 1
Oh my gosh what needs could she have that are “too complex” like wtf kek?!

No. 910525

There was another ana cow a while ago who used to bang on about how she was ~too complex~ for a particular hospital. Can't remember who it was.

No. 910526

File: 1577417882740.jpeg (122.09 KB, 750x1051, 319ACD1C-7C6A-4209-AD10-C8656E…)

Part 2
The first comment is the best though “New Farm?” According to these aussiefags >>908847 >>908853 because it’s a private clinic, beds are easier to come by and it’s for people who aren’t on deaths door, so I’m not exactly sure why she’s acting like she’s a critical patient and then saying New Farm is an option, bc if she was as complex as she’s claiming to be and this farmer >>908847 has there shit right then New Farm would not be an option. She’s just another cow for the New Lolcow Farm Facility kek. Filled with average weight “anorexics” begging for tubes but pretending they hate them while taking a shameful amount of selfies… ugh what a sad life

No. 910529

I think your talking about bekah georgy and she wasn’t too complex she just wasn't accepted for behavioral problems because she was giving adolescents ED tips and is overall 100% non compliant. That also marked the beginning of her munchie switch bc she was saying they wouldn’t take her bc she had too many medical problems, I know people who have been in treatment with her and the only medical problem she had was anorexia. She’s actually massive now and blaming it on Cushing Syndrome that she doesn’t have kek. It’s quite funny actually

No. 910532

No, it wasn't her. I think it was a Britfag.

No. 910553

Didn’t her instagram get deleted?

No. 910555

Are you Emily Norely?

No. 910557

>>909726 or Gainer Gains?

No. 910564

i feel like a stupid hag asking this question but, what exactly is an Ana Chan?(emoji)

No. 910569

an anorexic idiot. learn to sage and read the rules

No. 910581

Fucking newfags.

I checked this one's account out due to the constant "hasn't been underweight in years", and it seems like the only time she looked remotely underweight was when she was a literal child. Chances are that was purely her child's metabolism doing it not anorexia. The older she got the more weight she put on, not to say that she's enormous. It just seems like a normal progression of metabolism slowing down as she reached adulthood. I'd share the pictures but I don't know how we feel about under age pictures, even if the person in them is now an adult.

No. 910584

File: 1577436269367.png (2.06 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2019-12-27-18-40-48…)

Has anyone talked about caloriewhore_ I've followed her for a while and she never used to be milky until just recently when she started saying all this shit

No. 910586


No. 910587

Jesus christ is this another DID cow?

No. 910597

Yup another DID cow see her all the time but didn’t know if she was milky enough to share. She had a picture draw by one of her little alters and also her version of it from the kid telling her from inside

No. 910599

I hate the DID faking assholes as much as the next person, but she has 378 followers and is a private account. A cynical farmer might even suggest youre self posting…

No. 910601

I saw that and all I could think was what the actual fuck. Like who shares or does that. O wanted to share it but I didn't know if it was milky enough and then I saw this and had to

No. 910602

And I'm not I can garuntee you that, I've been following her for a while. She was okay and then she started all this.

No. 910654

You mean you just showed up out of the blue, not knowing how to sage and you want us to believe you're not her? Righttttt

No. 910656

If her only milk is DID why would she be in this thread? It’s just like jonzie who I believe was banned from here. She’s a munchie now with DID, Not sure but I think she was banned but currently no active ed milk or anything related to that on her account. Both anyway my point is yes, both lolcows no doubt but I don’t think she (or jonzie) belongs in this thread. Unless u post some more ed milk or something else besides fake DID bs kek. Also she’s private does she even accept followers op?

No. 910657

Jonzie was never banned she just deleted her account and went private on a tiny new account so the milk ran dry. She was my all time favorite cow, if you have milk share please! She’s claiming DID now? Kek that’s pure gold.

No. 910658

File: 1577463147850.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, 550D2AB3-C823-42F7-BF1C-C1B85A…)

That’s weird Lee because you seem pretty happy…. she’s like the most jolly depressed person I’ve ever seen on insta. Not even that fake it till you make it bs she looks like she’s living it up and having a ball with all of her friends at New Farm, gets leave whenever, gets drunk, endless tube selfies to feed her ego. What more could she want? Then she says “I still don’t know if I can fight it” well yea its pretty hard to fight something that doesn’t exist like your anorexia kek. How long is the average New Farm stay? Is this cow just going to keep making them unnecessary gains for months? Where is the end of this shit

No. 910660

File: 1577463368449.jpg (655.23 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20191228_021337.jpg)

I am not her, if I was I wouldn't still be here. I'm a long time lurker first time posting so stfu. Her post on her account never have any milk. It's only her stories which I've posted the only milk from today. And yes as far as I am aware she is still accepting followers but I wouldn't know 100%. Like I've said twice already I've been following her for a while

No. 910661

She sucks in 99% of the time and never really shows her body naturally. Constantly C&S but still goes on about the weight gain and then eats a decent meal. And she has been maintaining at the same weight for like the past 3 months

No. 910662

I’m happy to provide the milk I just don’t want to get a temporary ban if we’re not allowed to speak about her kek. Can more farmers confirm this? Before I go nuts posting shit I’ll just post her accounts but she does change the names regularly domi_system is one and the other is alexys_1018

No. 910694

I thought jonzie was in jail for dealing heroin or something

No. 910721

iirc she was charged for it, idk about jail tho. last I saw she was claiming DID (including "littles" bc lol of course) still munching away but no mention of mamabear

No. 910746

She's never been banned. To my knowledge the only banned topics in these threads are E, E & T.

No. 910773

File: 1577490107227.jpeg (336.06 KB, 1095x1375, A2DF64E5-D662-412B-8461-C64354…)

Yeah…. toootally recovered if you post before and after shots of yourself, guessing this one turned totally fitness freak judging by her obsession with ice skating and frozen.

No. 910775

Not WKing because I dislike this one as much as anyone else, but it's got to be said she's done well and apart from the hair looks stacks better.

No. 910786

File: 1577494928182.jpg (755.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191228-010141_Ins…)

Looks like spunk….

No. 910789

File: 1577495114779.jpg (835.8 KB, 1055x1732, 20191228_010532.jpg)

I don't have words for this one….

No. 910790

File: 1577495515988.jpeg (631.62 KB, 750x1180, 6AD52CD5-D9A9-42F1-A4B5-1E53D8…)

She’s not in jail she got arrested for a possession of paraphernalia charge I believe, if you are aware of her full name, you can search it and find her in public records really easily. But anyway this is what she’s up to now… all this different names in the story highlights are her alters and story highlights made by or pertaining to that alter….. its full blown insanity. The sad part is, she already messed up and proved that it’s fake bc she says she has amnesia when she’s anyone but “the host” which is herself, yet she knows exactly who she switches to and how many times she switches a day… she says it to make herself sound worse than others like “most people don’t switch as much as I do” or “it’s rare to switch alters as many times as I do a day” just like she has to be the sickest munchie and the sickest ana, she’s gotta be the worst DID case. But I think she’s totally lying bc how would she have both amnesia and also be ale to remember all of these vivid details…. sounds like selective amnesia to me kek! Lmk if u want more farmers

No. 910796

These girls do not think about what they eat after "recovering" and they are hurting their bodies just as bad when they eat so unhealthily. I get that when your recovering its like go ahead and eat anything and they are pushed to do so but how much sugar this girl eats is horrible. Its not like she is immune to getting high cholesterol or diabetes

No. 910802

Don't worry, it's mostly aspartame and other no-calorie sweetners with N2F. I mean, her diet is still ridiculously unhealthy, but probably mostly because it lacks nutrients (and ends up in the toilet before her body gets a chance to digest it), not because it's too sugary.

No. 910809

She doesn't even do real sugars though, it's all "skinny" sweets full of chemical sweeteners which is arguably also awful for you.

No. 910821

Yes more Jonzie pls

No. 910846

File: 1577511057146.jpeg (407.3 KB, 750x992, E7E78AF5-D1D7-45AF-A7CB-5E4DD5…)

So she posts as each alter sometimes and she has two “littles” or like child alters one is called Rae and is like 4 and doesn’t communicate and tot is 6 and “fronts” more I’m guessing this means appears more? She uses all this esoteric DID nomenclature no one would fucking understand unless they did serious in depth research and watched several real stories and documentaries. So here’s “Tot” posting

No. 910848

File: 1577511321798.jpeg (221.15 KB, 750x1017, 493D8C5D-36F7-4853-88C3-2CFD34…)

Here’s a screen grab of “tot” playing with some horses or something and she acts like the cat got mad in the video but it legitimately just ran across the bed kek, like she’s trying to assert that her DID is so real EVEN the damn cat notices and doesn’t like the littles … mmm sure jan l think your cats probably just hate you lol

No. 910849

more like turned into a Mad Max extra

No. 910851

File: 1577511818951.jpeg (351.42 KB, 750x1211, C7108F33-0EF8-4C1D-A6EF-B44BE5…)

Part 1
She’s still using ED symptoms to munch her way into the hospital but is going full out DID. here’s her at halloween embracing the little aspect of the alter thing…. I really think its just another aspect of her need for attention. I don’t think she does it for any other reason than the attention, maybe to escape some adult responsibilities but this cow just loves the attention and coddles.

No. 910852

File: 1577512149643.jpeg (445.15 KB, 750x905, 4F501BAA-77E2-4320-8E10-CC90CE…)

Part 2
Attention seeking text post and hashtags, check lol. Like did she really hashtag amnesia yet she recounts the entire memory like wtf? It’s so obviously bs I don’t know how anyone buys this shit. She’s only saying she has amnesia bc people who actually dissociate, and switch personalities or identities don’t remember, they have legit amnesia and time loss. But since jonzie just web md the symptoms she’s just hash tagging it without actually weaving it into her poorly woven lie. What a fail kek

No. 910855

File: 1577512465281.jpeg (283.72 KB, 750x1213, E5CC5AD8-5B2E-4FA4-9CBD-87EFDE…)

She also still creates her own message conversations with these fake iPhone interfaces to make it look like she’s chatting up her clinicians, or like they have a sooper special bond. More like unethical bond… I hope for the therapists sake this is 100% fake lol

No. 910856

File: 1577512674381.jpeg (348.43 KB, 750x1217, 0DFF2CC9-5721-4187-965D-2B4D3C…)

Part 1
Another conversation I believe to be fabricated, more milk in the text post in which she explains and speaks about “jordan” another one of her alters kek

No. 910857

File: 1577512786639.jpeg (390.1 KB, 750x829, 703A844B-937E-4481-8EDD-4F4358…)

Part 2
The text post… I love how she signs it -Alexys as if it’s ever anyone else but her posting it (for any new farmers not familiar with this cow her names alexys jonzie so she goes by both names)

No. 910858

I have answered the call kek lmk if there’s more specifics you want to see, she has some medical stuff, munching/ed hospital stays with shooped photos, and then more DID content. She also had a YouTube channel but I can’t seem to find the account if I find it I will post because it has nearly all the videos she posts of herself as the alters on her account. It’s great milk

No. 910861

You are doing gods work! Bring all the sweet jonzie milk!

No. 910867

Wow, I haven't seen fabricated texts with a fake therapist like this since the Kaydee days (May she rest in peace).
Jonzie really never moved on from that era of lolcow drama, huh? Though, gotta admit I've been pining for the haydays of this thread lately, this has come just in time ahaha. How long has this oh so super real DID been her shtick?

No. 910868

The second-hand embarrassment is strong with this one. PLEASE be fake.

No. 910882

File: 1577522466600.jpeg (203.15 KB, 1536x1056, 27FA3515-9370-46CF-9D60-4A169D…)

You mean this?

No. 910888

the cringe….my god…that is a psychiatric issue beyond DID.

No. 910900

So her 6 year old alter knows how to use Instagram and sign their name. Sure Jan.

No. 910929

Kek, your welcome! I was dying to post it when people were talking about other cows and DID but I ignorantly thought she was a banned topic for some reason… milk got a little dry on the farm here so I’m glad to contribute! I’ll post more when I get the chance but I suggest people follow her for the videos just in case I can’t find her YouTube channel I really think she made it private.
I’m not sure when she started this the first Instagram post is November 5th of 2019 so not long. She claims to have had alters her whole life though. And that her trauma and CPTSD caused it. Just to let everyone know CPTSD is not indicated in the DSM 5 lol. People like I believe Laura and definitely Jonzie just like to say they have it so they can claim their ptsd is extra bad lol. Idk I see that floating around a lot but that’s not a real diagnosis. There’s no reason to delineate ptsd that way bc it doesn’t change the treatment or anything it just gives them muh mental illness brownie points. >>910888
Yea it’s called munchausen kek with a side of OFSED and attention whoreitis kek. Jonzie, in a nutshell, one crazy, f*cked up, attention seeking, over the top, lying, nutter lol.

No. 910938

It's good to see her back but is she still ed heavy? Just thinking maybe stick her in the DID thread with no sage. I kinda see farmhands being picky about her in the ana thread.

I want to know more about the drugz.

No. 910948

All of this is so good!!! She is seriously one of the most crazy delusional attention starved cows out there. But ever since she deleted her old account and went private really uptight about letting people follow her. Seriously you are lucky you have access to this sweet sweet cream. Post moar this is some of the best milk we’ve had on this board in ages.

No. 910956

do you think these stupid bitches (like Georgia for example) would be cured of this innate need to be sooper sickkkk and sooper frail if the internet itself stopped existing? I feel like 50% of the reason these cows don’t recover or get on with their life is because of the internet

No. 910957

Absolutely. Pre internet, unless they were inpatient, they wouldn't have contact with people with eating disorders. Online they like make friends with whoever they want, learn the lingo and habits, say whatever they want to get pity or asspats. I'm convinced they'd get on with their lives without the webs.

No. 910958

Adding - same with self harm and these DID cows. If they don't see it, they don't do it. Notice how things like headbanging and face picking's a trend atm?

No. 910968

cPTSD is starting to be diagnosed in the UK. It used to be PTSD from multiple events.

Now "Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (complex PTSD, sometimes abbreviated to c-PTSD or CPTSD) is a condition where you experience some symptoms of PTSD along with some additional symptoms, such as:

difficulty controlling your emotions
feeling very hostile or distrustful towards the world
constant feelings of emptiness or hopelessness
feeling as if you are permanently damaged or worthless
feeling as if you are completely different to other people
feeling like nobody can understand what happened to you
avoiding friendships and relationships, or finding them very difficult
often experiencing dissociative symptoms such as depersonalisation or derealisation
regular suicidal feelings." (Mind UK)

DID is caused by early childhood trauma and is basically nothing like it is presented on YouTube/ Instagram. I personally do think it exists (I know not everyone does) but all this stuff where people have names for all their alters, 'switch' all the time and catch it on camera, can describe in detail the alters etc. …nope. Goes without saying I think this cow >>910855 is a load of cowpat!

No. 910977

Agreed there’d probably be less of it. But even on wards you get similar happening, trying not to blog but being stuck on general psych with an ED is the most frustrating experience when you get other patients clocking on to the ~sweet sweet~ staff attention that comes with extra obs, meal plans and stuff. Not tryna like gatekeep EDs but they’ll literally ask outright how to purge or what a food/fluid chart is and next mealtime you see them making a song and dance about refusing or ~feeling tOo fAT~ forgetting staff have seen them ordering nightly takeaway and crap up until then. It’s dumb as shit.

tldr; the internet doesn’t help but people like Georgia, Laura etc. will always exist

No. 910985

I think it's one of the Elizabeth Loftus books where I read that DID doesn't exist as such, but some people (not tumblrinas or igdids) use the faking personalities as a coping mechanism, which makes sense to me.

Haven't got another book/stats in front of me (think the book is Satanic Panic), but after Sybil was published:
>Shirley Mason was the psychiatric patient whose life was portrayed in the 1973 book Sybil. The book and subsequent film caused an enormous spike in reported cases of multiple personality disorder. Mason later admitted she had faked her multiple personalities.

Kind of like the ig of those times.

No. 910986

It’s interesting because don’t some clinicians believe cPTSD and BPD are basically the same thing? Like, Laura says she doesn’t have BPD but even though I’m not a medfag that list is….telling imo

No. 910990

No. 911029

I think it is important that trauma is recognised in BPD but basically cPTSD is 'you have BPD but we recognise you have experienced trauma'. It is quite distinct from PTSD imo and the person would still need the DBT input to address their issues.

Basically I don't get why people think it is such a great diagnosis (I mean, why is any diagnosis great?! Why are we here?!) but people brag about it and don't seem to get it is a BPD rebrand

No. 911030

Absolutely! Tbh you'll also find it in schools, dorms…

No. 911175

stop crying cause your starved ass doesnt have all the staff atention you need anachan, just stop crying

No. 911208

File: 1577599592243.jpg (541.44 KB, 1080x1779, Screenshot_20191229_160731.jpg)

Previously talked about, but what is with the current trend of anachans going munchie?

No. 911214

it's a good axis of control - can't eat bc gastroparesis, no ED to see here!

No. 911221

also means more attention

No. 911222

they can't handle being "normal" so they always need some sort of an illness to show off how poorly and frail they are.

No. 911272

I hope the therapist sees through it but is continuing to see her to study the munchie part of her. Thing like how much she lies and switches and holes in stories. Is she delusional or have no sense of self, a constant need for attention and affection. In any case, that therapist isnt treating her for DID.
Ah Alexys, ive missed seeing her posts. Does she have an up to date lolcow thread or kf?

No. 911273

she gets updated in the munchies thread at kf and only just got updated here - no standalone threads that I'm aware of.

No. 911274

BPD is a spectrum PR and can manifest outwardly or inwardly. Its often mixed up with Histrionic PD (because of the attention seeking etc) Heres HPD symptoms

*feel very uncomfortable if you are not the centre of attention
*feel much more at ease as the ‘life and soul of the party’
*feel that you have to entertain people
*flirt or behave provocatively to ensure that you remain the centre of attention
*get a reputation for being dramatic and overemotional
*feel dependent on the approval of others
*be easily influenced by others

Im no medfag im not dxing anyone but cows like Laura fit HPD, not BPD
Just my opinion/ observation

Sage for blog(Armchairing )

No. 911288

File: 1577636104116.jpeg (388.86 KB, 750x1207, 9C4A16A6-935B-4CFE-B804-C32051…)

Do I continue posting jonzie milk!? Someone mentioned a DID or munchie thread I don’t want to spam this thread with jonzie hospital pics and DID shit if she doesn’t belong here lol. But part of me thinks she will always be an honorary cow of this thread bc she’s still fucking claiming anorexia even though she looks like this… and has legit highlights dedicated to the garbage, unhealthy food she eats

No. 911292

File: 1577636624595.jpeg (598.97 KB, 750x1216, 99568E13-78F7-46BE-8DC6-C91DF6…)

Another photo of her anorexic legs featuring tot, she’s literally describing herself.. as “too sweet” tots not real jonzie it’s you lol your just trying to find away to compliment yourself more. Not to nitpick but I’ve never seen a toddler with thighs that.. strong kek omfg why is she still claiming anorexia, I will never understand. In this video she’s just playing with the tutu talking about her long legs in a baby voice like pretending there’s an actual child inside her adult body.

Btw for old farmers mama bear is very much in the picture, they do lunch, jonzie accompanied her at some opioid walk, she met with mama bear and some of her students to talk about you guessed it, herself and opioids… to “educate” the students. Fuck I better post that shit too lol. All of that was dumb but what I was thinking was shit don’t u have Gastroparesis or anorexia how are u eating this garbage!

No. 911340

Oh what a surprise. She chose the toddler out of her list of characters to start ~fronting~.

No. 911350

File: 1577649455236.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 800.01 KB, 828x1579, F47280EB-E148-4252-933F-AE0285…)

(Spoiler for spoopy underwear shots) Anyone catch the ~*~sooper insperashenul~*~ progress picture ganer posted for Christmas? Is it just me or does she 100% still look anorexic in the after shot? Being slightly less spoopy =/= recovered. And she markets herself as a fitness coach. Kay. (Will follow up with whole caption).

No. 911352

File: 1577649587379.jpeg (560.39 KB, 828x1587, B6E98A9F-6162-4663-8F3D-6B8076…)

(2/2) right. “Strong not skinny”, because she’s definitely not still emaciated. Okay then.

No. 911353

Obviously she's improved BUT lack of body fat is evident. Fitness coach and her bones are so visible. Too right she still has a long way to go to achieve her dream job because she needs to get to a good weight. Posting this is proof she's still fucked up.

No. 911367

File: 1577652733043.jpeg (434.33 KB, 1125x1915, aimless.jpeg)

This fucking idiot.

No. 911369

>full blown flu

Yeah because you can totally be arsed to apply makeup and fanny around on insta when you have ~full blown flu~

>I've never had that before

Except last year when she posted a selfie of her crying and in agony because she had the ~flu~

What a sorry little life.

The dog looks terrified.

No. 911370

Nimbus forever has a look of “someone please shoot me”. #freenimbus

No. 911378

File: 1577654432805.jpg (24.41 KB, 333x604, free nimbus.JPG)

You can't get out of bed for anything if you have flu. Especially in her state. Why are they taking a DOG into a healthcare place?

She's written how she wants to write an article for a mental health magazine. I don't understand how she doesn't realise how ludicrous that sounds.

No. 911379

Her "flu" is non existent but it just proves what a shitty person she is. You don't "force yourself" to an appointment (presumably a healthcare one) when potentially contagious. Selfish bitch.

No. 911382

File: 1577654616661.jpg (54.78 KB, 867x488, artist.JPG)

>horrendous fever
>a lot of pain
>no sleep
>Mummy getting me ice cold cloths
>ok, quick selfie

No. 911406

File: 1577658727875.png (3.42 MB, 828x1792, 3FBC156C-9D9E-43CF-8A81-3CC72F…)

Opinions on @sorcha.blossoms? Is she even acc sick tbh I don’t know like someone asked her on Tellonym is she a healthy weight & she said no buttttt…. looks p healthy to me hun(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 911414

this is not a thread about healthy weights

No. 911427

Like fuck she has flu and way to go spreading it about if you did.
What a selfish attitude to have.
Poor dog is being swallowed be giant coat!

No. 911430

File: 1577662116708.jpg (1.05 MB, 810x2236, 20191229_232811.jpg)

Why is it always so raw looking?

No. 911433

jesus christ this woman must go through an industrial drum of pearl onions weekly I don’t understand why

No. 911436

Salt mimics fat for certain receptors in your mouth and brain (without the calories of actually just eating fat) which is why you see lots of anacows going fullhog with salt, soup, pickles (including her pickled onions), saurkraut, etc. I'm assuming pretty much everything she eats is the lowfat / nofat version, much like how she eats the low/no sugar versions of otherwise sweet foods, salt is her way of subconsciously trying to fill that nutritional void.

No. 911468

I really believe she cooks in her room with a small halogen oven. She never cooks things properly and she keeps her bag of chips (US fries) in her room.


No. 911533

Read the rules newfag
Her boots don’t even fit. Let the girl live. FYI we aren’t guessing BMI anymore so LC isn’t the place for you

No. 911545

File: 1577679457621.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x1712, 112CD3F3-CD8A-48F4-92B5-B3EC3B…)

tsk tsk tsk Georgie so so so frail and dainty now

No. 911554

She really haunts that McDonald's, huh?

No. 911555

Someone’s gearing up for an ‘emergency’ IP stay with a nose hose. Heaven forbid she drop below the weight of a baby whale.

Seaworld called, Georgia, they said your contract’s not up yet and they’re expecting you back in the tank by tonight.

No. 911557

did n2f block anyone else randomly? the only interactions i had with her was just liking her posts and she blocked both of my accounts

No. 911562

Which is before and which is after?

No. 911577

Credit to her she actually is losing weight at a healthy speed. She should keep going. She'd be healthy then

No. 911579

File: 1577685430704.jpeg (370.3 KB, 1024x1820, 14203351-5176-4B66-9D23-A88CF0…)

has anyone mentioned this trash can? recovered from anorexia and like many cows is suddenly super unwell with EDS and other shit. i mean who puts “ive got a catheter” in their bio LOL

No. 911581

File: 1577685648956.jpeg (185.07 KB, 1124x1858, BAAE9F45-25FD-4ADA-9E94-47813E…)

Georgia love, your body iSn’T cOpiNg because you’re morbidly obese

No. 911593

no fucking way thats supposed to be nearly a 30lb difference unless georgias nearly 6ft tall. all she does is lie & exaggerate

No. 911613

File: 1577692679514.jpg (757.59 KB, 1080x1751, 20191229_235053.jpg)

I know Aly has been too boring to be on here lately, but doesn't this seem like she's tempting fate/the internet just a little bit? Or am I just a total dick?

Like if I cared enough I would scroll back and find out where she got charged, contact the judge and let him know that she has a well-documented history of continuing to misuse drugs and behave irresponsibly (with screenshots) even After going back to rehab (again). Just saying.

No. 911621

Nah, anon that sounds like cowtipping. Just let her face the natural consequences of her actions.

No. 911642

File: 1577700171322.jpg (1007.42 KB, 1080x1848, 20191230_200143.jpg)

It's mayonnaise soup with some leaves in it. That's not a salad

No. 911644

kek at how she twists her legs to make her appear skinnier… such an ana chan
She maybe lost a few pounds but I doubt she dropped 13 kilos.
Poor Georgia can't even finish a SALAD. Sure we're going to believe this. That's why you're still obese, huh?

No. 911646


Unless you have any explicit incriminating photos with identifiable dates etc (because photos can be old) then no one is gonna be interested. I'm not saying I wouldn't be happy if she gets incriminated because she's a nasty piece of work but I don't think a social media photo is gonna cut it

No. 911652

she has literally just moved her leg lol 13kg yeah probably just weight dropping from around your poor organs

No. 911670

if she couldn’t finish half a salad then she wouldn’t be fat. has this fat sow actually been diagnosed as an anachan? I would say she’s larping because… well look at her but she parades around a tube in her photos. assuming she doesn’t have her own thread?

No. 911674

File: 1577714367553.jpeg (246.08 KB, 773x1673, C29D95A2-11DC-4B43-B57E-0EA7E6…)

new level y’all

No. 911677

Want to bet she picked out (and ate) all the croutons, nuts, chicken and cheese? The only part she couldn’t finish was the lettuce. Gotta focus on caloric density when you’re that malnourished though, right? Kek.

No. 911684

By complaining enough at therapy/her dr she got an EDNOS diagnosis. She claims the type is atypical anorexia.. but she has not lost a dramatic amount of weight in years.
She claims she was anorexic at 15 or something, yet any photos from around that age on her insta/fb look very normal.
If she was anorexic in the past then that would be documented somewhere as she apparently went to a unit, there has never been any proof. There are many overweight tubed pics, no skelly pics.

I guess the asspats she gets when ‘struggling’ are just too sweet to resist.

Side note; that ‘salad’ looks ridiculously oily.

No. 911688

File: 1577720062407.jpeg (156.6 KB, 828x1792, 090446AC-8265-4CEF-AD69-17794E…)

i know it’s old milk but i’ve just come across this on twitter, people are still going back to watch elzani’s horrible video over and over to trigger themselves, as i expected. she’s either super thick and clueless to what she’s doing or totally evil doing it on purpose and doesn’t give a shit 1/3

No. 911689

File: 1577720097691.jpeg (168.98 KB, 828x1792, 221F0D82-9E0C-428F-8A36-DF2D8D…)


No. 911690

File: 1577720189303.jpeg (190.03 KB, 828x1792, F269ACE9-3A46-4649-89DE-45121C…)


No. 911698

Ah yeah but that Sorcha blossoms one is pure annoying anyone seen her YouTube what I eat in a day claims she’s in recovery but restricts the minute she’s even on leave from hospital no wonder she gets so much hate about it on Tellonym yet still doesn’t change

No. 911728

File: 1577727415453.jpeg (170.36 KB, 640x906, 0EA9D8D8-4C19-4270-95F5-2ABA55…)

apologies that this will be old milk for most people in this thread so i’ll sage everything but. she couldn’t have been older than 16 in this photo, so she should be thin at least, assuming she’s recovering slowly from her hospitalisation at 15. still fat. she definitely doesn’t have an eating disorder but she probably has some sort of attention seeking personality disorder. a new favourite cow of mine

No. 911732

That annoyed me too. Why do all these spoops preach such recovery bs whilst remaining underweight and restricting

No. 911740

She’s attention seeking and has realized that crying “atypical anorexia” gives her a free-pass with respect to eating all the shitty food she wants. If anyone suggests she should eat less / eat healthier foods she can cry back at them about being “triggered” and how she needs to “challenge” these foods (despite obvious evidence that the only thing she needs to challenge is her unwillingness to address her obesity)

No. 911762

I don't understand why Georgia loses weight but then checks herself into a place where they put that weight back on. I also don't understand WHY do they put that weight back on her?

No. 911763

>she twists her legs to make her appear skinnier

and switches a white t shirt for a slimming black one

No. 911795

Elzani's toast always looks like she spreads the bare minimum of jam or whatever on it. It's pretty pathetic compared to the other stuff she claims to eat.

I predict a hard relapse in 2020, she's already on the way there. Too much exercise and barely enough food. It's mindboggling that people actually view her as a role model.

No. 911800

That’s likely how she eats when the camera isn’t on (ie. tiny portions, diet foods), paired with hours of “dog walks” and exercise to offset her filming days.

No. 911847

I’m just waiting for her to relapse - it has to come. Also her second video on how she ‘recovered’ without any therapy . Her Xmas vlog was pointless and boring.

No. 911848

How can she relapse if she never recovered? Her whole uploads are relapse in slow motion. Ofc she'll pretend she's doing well and go on holiday and Ma will pretend everything's fine.

No. 911854

File: 1577754641826.jpg (785.68 KB, 1080x1663, 20191231_010658.jpg)

Simple? No rank!

No. 911895

Was this before or after she ate it

No. 911937

What does she think she's getting out of posting pics like this?

No. 911978

I think sometimes she forgets to photograph her food before she’s eaten and purged it, so she does it after instead.

No. 911979

She’s gotta be milky enough for her own thread. Everything she does is so embarrassing. What the fuck must the nurses think of her? What a pathetic life to live.

No. 911984

She doesn't ever seem to do anything except follow her mum around or vlog about food.. Of course 2020 will be the year of real recovery - wait fir a NYR from her.

No. 911990

Bland Christmas dinner, bland quinoa thing. Is this a new n2f eating trend? I'll miss the unicorn spread and gummy sweets ngl.

No. 911998

if anons can get access to current updates about her she for sure could sustain a thread. I thought her socials were a bit locked down though?

No. 912046

I mean I for sure hope the kidney beans are cooked given they are toxic raw!!!

No. 912047

That quantity would make you a little sick if anything at all. Wouldn’t do much harm. Point is moot because she probably threw that slop right back up anyways.

No. 912090

Shes not milky. Try harder.

No. 912102

They'll be out if a can. She wouldn't have the patience to cook anything from scratch.

No. 912137

File: 1577829635433.jpg (757.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191231-215859_Ins…)

Don't worry, there is still unicorn vomit.

No. 912144

What is the point of this food? Is she trying to get in more calories by shoveling in sugar? None of these girls seem to understand how to eat properly. At least the quinoa and bean mush above has some fiber and protein.

No. 912145

as much as this post she made got on my nerves, that's probably not necessary.
I'm sure Aly can land herself into more trouble all on her own.

No. 912153

She must have a sweet tooth because who else counts Pick n Mix as dessert?

Thing is, with the cakes and sweets, she's going to feel hungry quickly even if she's getting calories (if she keeps it down).

No. 912267

Did y’all see the shit Kara was talking about on her Instagram live? she was acting like a fucking BITCH!, And i had screen recorded half of it.

No. 912284

no, elaborate

No. 912287

I DID! Honestly I kinda agree with everything she said though. She could have said it more nicely but essentially all she said was that elzani is a twat and that her anorexia documentary video was stupid and she called out people for asking how she’s doing when really they just want to know if she’s gained weight or not. She rose to “fame” because of clickbait progress pictures so I can kinda understand why she would think most of her followers only care about seeing what her body looks like now. Idk, I don’t get the chii hateboner in here. Doesn’t seem particularly milky.

No. 912306

Chii isn’t any better than Elanzi. She loves the attention she gets for her before and after pics, and reposts them when she needs more asspats. She also pretends she’s better than other ana chans, claiming she’s actively in recovery. But she’s yet to get to a healthy weight even after several years of ‘recovery’. Kara holds onto her sick identity just as much as any of them, with an added air of superiority. She’s just another ana chan attention whore who’s wasting oxygen while playing innocent sick snowflake.

No. 912341

Not to WK, but in what world if chii as bad as elzani?! E spends hours editing together clips of herself eating and showing off her body, expects endless asspats and literally does shit all else. Chii hasn’t posted in months, almost never shows her full body and at least seems to have kind of an actual life (job, her own home, etc). Idk, I can’t put them on the same level.

No. 912362

File: 1577889315302.png (152.37 KB, 750x1334, D5B28840-6817-4C63-B056-3AF708…)

I thought she deleted her instagram? She’s very self righteous, she IS recovery and everyone else is pro Ana scum. These are some of the conversation I’ve had with her.

No. 912363

File: 1577889359765.png (158.17 KB, 750x1334, 22CD986F-54E3-4DE5-825A-3C3FCC…)

No. 912365

File: 1577889385692.png (180.03 KB, 750x1334, 54913214-BBBB-4632-81DA-94E636…)

No. 912374

IIJM or does it kinda seem like we’re lacking context here since anon has cropped out whatever her question was and probably cherry picked what parts of the conversation she’s showing. Even still, I can’t disagree with chii here or claim she’s being milky in any way. She’s being mean, but I don’t think she ever tried to represent herself as particularly sweet and empathetic so it’s not really a shock.

No. 912393

This isn't interesting. Drama in the ~community~. It isn't surprising these ana chans have a herd mentality if they consider showing off body checks a requirement for joining their ~community~

No. 912414

Epitome of a vendetta post. Did Kara hurt your feefees?

No. 912420

Agree with the vendetta theory. Seems like an anon is too invested with chii and is the one who recently tried to stir shit about her here recently.

I understand how some cows really miff your muff, but contacting them and posting here…that's kinda crossed the line.

No. 912479

File: 1577911672386.jpg (33.85 KB, 532x524, 0.JPG)

Perfect opportunity to post a video of kicking your spoopy legs around then.

No. 912516

Same, I don’t think she’s milky and I honestly am glad she’s calling people out like that- the whole “yes I do think my recovery is better because I’m challenging myself and gaining weight” comment is pretty refreshing. As another poster said too, she seems to have a life outside of the internet unlike most of these people.

No. 912532

if you have screen recordings you should post them. i missed it and i think most people here would like to see elzani called out

No. 912622

>>912414 Agreed yeah– chii is self-
congratulatory in a human way and prob correct in this case stfu yr bad unless more context…curious re her moves tho, never followed & she went semi-dark (opaque?) so plz keep showing that wholesome Canadian bagged milk.

No. 912682


I thought Elzanis second channel was going to be about ‘loving her best life’ and vlogging non recovery stuff compared to her original channel - but the whole of the Boxing Day vlog is all about food.
Do 21 year old still play board games ? That’s what kids do.

No. 912697


21 year olds definitely still play board games, I don't think that's particularly unusual. It's just a normal family/friends activity

No. 912704

File: 1577960691399.jpeg (1000.14 KB, 1242x1219, 42D4B6E7-03C0-48F6-9FD3-7FB492…)

There is a user I follow on ig (babicomplex) and for a while, she has advocated against pro ana and even claimed she has her own share of the disorder. Despite snapping back at girls who comment stuff like “OMG ur so thin I wish I was you” and her saying “it’s unhealthy to encourage me to look like this you don’t wish you were me” ect, she poses in ways that make her look even thinner and exaggerate her thigh gap. In this photo, you can see her knees are pointing inwards and she’s wearing shorts to exaggerate the thigh gap…. I find this milky imo cause she’s constantly saying “ don’t say you wish you looked like me I’m ill you’re encouraging my ed” ect, she will consistently post pictures of her body in classic ana poses. Really makes me feel she is pro ana but covers it up by having a go at any followers who envy her weight. If you look her up on google search as (medik8lyn) you will see what I mean. Thoughts?

No. 912708

File: 1577963203050.jpg (811.61 KB, 1080x1833, 20200102_210554.jpg)

Toob is out. Tantrum is occuring. Dad coming to save the day. This new farm place is hilarious

No. 912720

Aus is on fire. Shame it's not confined to the new farm play group.

No. 912725

They had to take the tube out to make room for Georgia at the toob station! I predict a solid flow of golden milk as soon as she’s admitted.

No. 912737

Doesn’t seem that interesting, just another who seems to think she’s smaller than she really is?

Another anon here eagerly awaiting the milk after our resident salad dodger Georgia waddles in! They’re probably reinforcing the furniture as we speak

No. 912763

”Entirely fucked over with my progress and plan” and yet she’s had her tube removed lol meaning she’s progressed to the point where she clearly doesn’t need it (even though she never needed it) but like she’s literally admitting to being mad about not having a feeding tube kek.. does she see how dumb she looks
Top kek this had me dying lol. The fucking stupid tube station hahahahah I can’t imagine being a client and seeing someone like her at the tube station! I agree, decent milk to be expected from our dainty frail georgy
Reinforcing the furniture kek I had to respond to this lol. I can’t wait to see the stunts she pulls this time!

No. 912801

File: 1577994482815.jpg (882.11 KB, 1072x1718, Screenshot_20200102-194531_Ins…)

Carrot cake doesn't have lumps of left over carrots in it from the night before….

No. 912803

File: 1577994609545.jpg (905.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200102-162348_Ins…)

It's gonna happen!

No. 912812

File: 1577996708397.jpg (50.73 KB, 610x380, carrot cake.jpg)

If anyone is wondering what the white log is on top of that, it's one of these.

No. 912814

As far as n2f goes, this almost looks appetizing. Least revolting concoction in a while at least.

No. 912819

It makes a small difference that she's not eating on her filthy landfill of a bedspread for a change

No. 912823

Losing 6 kg just makes her healthier kek. She could starve for a while before anything would happen to her, other than maybe preventing her early death from obesity. Does she really think she’s fooling anyone? It’s obvious she can eat, and way more than she needs.

No. 912825

Losing 6kg in a week wouldn’t be healthy regardless of starting weight and obese people can absolutely be malnourished, but I don’t think that’s the case with georgieporgie. If she actually lost that much (doubtful) it’s 100% water and shit and she probably weighed herself after a big meal for the high weight and first thing in the morning for the low one. She’s just trying to set the stage for when she enters treatment and suddenly needs immediate medical intervention to stop her from wasting away.


No. 912829


Nobody with an ED willingly books themselves in to be tubed. Shitty taste in fiction btw.

No. 912831

File: 1578000259040.jpg (757.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200102-212344_Ins…)

Don't worry. Back to grossness now.

No. 912834

This thing that looks like someone jizzed into a bowl of pick n mix is less gross than cold carrots with oatmeal tbh. However, her filthy towel and the brown gunk under on her middle fingernail really is stomach churning.

No. 912836

Just don't get admitted then!

Why is she being admitted??? I don't understand why you can just book yourself in when it isn't a crisis. She isn't a risk to herself, she isn't having ECT, what is this place?

No. 912837

>what is this place?

This informative video tells us that transport is good.

No. 912838

File: 1578001861222.png (77.6 KB, 1314x550, 0.png)

And here are some reviews

No. 912860

It's called upstream approach. Prevention management. In US they wait for you to get sick. In Australia they prevent that from happening. She's going in for another lot of TMS and PTSD stuff

No. 912884

They're doing a great job >>912838

No. 912932

Not to mention that they seem to have a culture of promoting self-diagnosis of chronic illness. Everyone comes out with a dx of POTS, which has so many symptom overlaps with an ED that patients with active eating disorders cannot be appropriately evaluated for it (an ED will look like POTS especially with just the basic diagnostic test). I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an idiot doctor dx all the cows, the place doesn’t seem to have their shit together at all.

No. 912935

it seems to pander to anyone who wants some Ip attention. All of the cows who go here, @littlestlee, @shay.w.99, @georgiakcollings are not requiring refeeding but because they have private health, the clinic goes kah-ching bingo.

No. 912943

What's Australia like for ED treatment in general? Every ana chan I hear of over there either gets pretty much ignored or left to play with their paraphernalia like at the New Farm. I've been following someone on mpa whose been a spoop for years. When she put ip she was flushing food down the toilet and purging in her ensuite. Now she's out and all she gets are routine bloods every now and again. It's shit here in the UK, but Australia's something else.

No. 912955

File: 1578019498921.jpeg (670.31 KB, 750x1154, D68AA53F-AB9E-4633-B356-D9CCC1…)

Anyone notice how much bigger the wanorexics like lee, Laura and here Shay look in photos not taken by them lol? Like candid or not controlled by them they look completely different… she looks like 15 pounds heavier here than her last few insta posts wtf

No. 912961

Checking tagged pics is usually a revelation. It's one of the first things I do when I'm checking up on a cow.

No. 912967

But anon tagged pics means cant control poses thus illusion of being ill.

No. 912968

just to see how dumb Georgie is, how many farmers here still have access to her venting account?

No. 912969

Not me, but didn't follow at the time unfortunately.

No. 912975

oh no she'll drop dead any second, quick get her a tube stat!
also it's telling that she's getting tubed at new farm rather than an actual hospital which would laugh at her and send her on her way

No. 913065

Is New Farm a cult? People seem tp get baptized after being there

No. 913067

Well don’t eat then you fucking fat cunt, it might actually do you some good

No. 913069

File: 1578043802164.jpeg (107.48 KB, 600x558, 35B2290D-F947-4A8B-A835-187B4B…)

Can someone please post Georgia’s picture on to this mans face and include it in the next thread photo? I don’t have access to photoshop

No. 913072

I think you have to be a heathy weight to go there ha ha ha

No. 913080

They had Gemma Walker and Amy Uebergang there so you can be any weight really

No. 913083

it's a place for attention-seeking girls and women who have wealthy parents with deep pockets, no more no less.

No. 913092

It’s literally the feeding trough for the internet’s milkiest wanarexic cows. I can vividly picture them being trucked in like cattle, waddling up to the tube station and plugging themselves up. They could probably make booming profit by having an on-site photographer to maximize the requisite nose-hose photo ops!

No. 913100

oh god can we get a reality series please

No. 913107

Public hospitals admit below BMI 14 for psych, 12 for medical, and a heap of physical markers.

There are 36 beds for eating disorders in the public system, most of them are at those hospitals and not at clinics.

Private clinic is more about mental health than refeeding. If you can prove you have an ED, you don't need to be dying to get a bed. Take that part how you will.(bmi)

No. 913113

File: 1578066835881.jpeg (101.04 KB, 721x375, 041F475B-F4C9-476D-AF12-AD335A…)

This is exactly the kind of trash I’d watch