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File: 1574239482533.png (33.81 KB, 593x257, ti1YVFl.png)

No. 895681

Hey art nerds! This is a thread for everyone's favorite starving artist, Becca "All give and no take" Hilburn!

Becca Hillburn is an artist and art supply reviewer currently living in Nashville, TN with her living ATM/fiancee. She's behind the blog Nattosoup as well as her very own YT channel. Her primary claim to 'fame' used to be art supply reviews and field tests, but now she's most known for her bitterness and mediocrity. Egotistical and whiny to a fault, she'd rather sit back and play pretend art teacher to her 2-3 student workshops and sell 2 dollar prints at 12 cons a year than use her Masters to get an actual day job. Her primary personality trait is her two-facedness, presenting as a pleasant and helpful teacher upfront while harboring whiny resentment and bitterness beneath. She's also the artist behind '7" Kara' - an all-ages webcomic about Becca's ADHD self-insert ripping of The Borrowers and Thumbelina, rendered in muddy watercolors that she could totally do digitally. Becca shills the fuck out of this comic, going so far as to get physical copies printed for her to sell at cons and donate to lending libraries.

>Has been on YT for several years but even with her 'popular' blog cannot manage to break 10k subs. The vast majority of her videos hardly make it over 300 views.

>Nothing is ever her fault. Blames 'baby artists' and fans for depending on her too much without giving her anything in return (as in, not throwing money and love at her feet).
>Considers herself a watercolor expert despite her muddy, poorly-mixed colors and weak grasp on composition.
>SCAD alumni. Apparently didn't network enough to land an industry job out of school.
>Allegedly used to spend 7k a month on video editing - even though her videos are meandering, rambling, poorly shot messes.
>Obsessed art supply hoarder. Begs her fans to email art supply companies on her behalf to send her free shit then turns around to complain about having no room for any more.
>Goes on about her ADHD so far as to make an entire vlog series about how it sux to be hur guise.
>Actively resents her tiny pool of viewers and students, talking shit behind their back about how they don't support her enough.
>Made her obviously uninterested fiance 'interview' her at a cons… Just so she go on rants about how underappreciated and overworked she is.
>Has a hateboner for the online stationery retailer Jetpens.com (which she insists is an art supply store) because they refused to send her PR after she harassed them for it. Claims that she's single-handedly responsible for popularizing them, despite Jetpens being an established retailer before she started giving them 'free promo' at cons. She vagueblogs about them on a regular basis despite following their official social media accounts.

No. 895684

Thank you for making this thread!

No. 895691

Honestly I remember when she was first brought up in the salt thread and many people said she was nice, even if her art ain't perfect. But now it seems that was a total farce, and that her art's not only not that great but she's got an awful personality too.

I understand being frustrated about not getting recognition for what you do, but sometimes you gotta start to realise that what you're doing isn't working out, and that you should change gears and try something else instead of constantly pushing for doing the same thing and expecting success.

No. 895715

7 inch Kara… it sounds like the name of a tranny porno…

No. 895720

File: 1574258141865.png (1.67 MB, 1143x595, Screenshot_2019-11-20 7 Kara -…)

god this is so bad, has she improved since the first few pages? also the website is really shitty for viewing a webcomic cus it takes quite a bit to load the page, kills the pacing all together.

No. 895728

A sample of her 7 grand worth video editing. Minimal edits, just some background music and title cards and a transition every once in a while, barely any cuts. Poor composition (what is all that trash on the left of the frame), dull raw colors that could have been corrected for that price, muddy audio… and no thought put into making it more palatable to watch.

She does post three times a week but 7000$ a month? She was legitimately scammed.

I think her videos would be more watchable if she switched to voiceovers because she goes in long boring rambles and barely any part of her process can be sped up, she will also sometimes cover the mic and doesn't do retakes. People on Youtube, specially the kids she's aiming for, love quick and snappy editing on videos. Hers remind me of channels run by elders except without their ASMR factor, her voice is so loud.

No. 895747

Am I being too gentle with my brushes or am I right in thinking she's a bit too heavy handed and rough with them? I mean, it's just watercolor, you don't have to go that hard. One of the perks of that medium.

No. 895762

File: 1574269714864.jpg (2.08 MB, 1200x1808, 1574078279812.jpg)

I posted this in the other thread, I just thought the face was so creepy in the last panel. Also, I can't quite understand what's happening

No. 895801

File: 1574276898920.jpeg (897.06 KB, 1536x2048, ECB07F5F-E7C7-45DE-BE43-FBDD6A…)


I think you hit the nail on the head here, for someone who’s bread and butter is making comics, they’re all incredibly hard to follow and have really janky expressions.

No. 895802

So I’m not the only one who immediately thinks of dick length when I hear her say seven inches all the time? Lmfao Why did she choose that name

No. 895809

File: 1574278233034.jpeg (296.18 KB, 1084x759, 510F138B-7CA7-4BAE-984E-D580EB…)

What is cast shadows

No. 895814

Are these all from the same comic? Why do the characters' eyes range from giant anime style to tiny dots?

No. 895816

When you get further way it's supposed to simplify or sometimes it's comedic but her visual storytelling is so poor it just looks inconsistent like the entire comic.

No. 895821

Her work is so doughy. It's tough to look at, let alone to try and follow in any sequential order. She has some nerve acting entitled to everyone's attention and money like she does.

No. 895835

these 2 pages made me retake which way i'm supposed to be reading. it is really hard to follow, no action seems to be linked to another or you can't tell wtf she is trying to convey.

No. 895885

She shits on her few supporters so much that I can't tell if she made the comic to get fans or to gather a hater following so she can be passive aggressive at specific people without being called a bitch.
Also, everything she draws and paints looks like it's from a low-budget 90s cartoon. Having a cohesive palette like >>895809 would help the muddiness, make the shit anatomy and questionable perspective less obvious, and would make the comic less painful to look at overall.

No. 895887


Those raggedy ass watercolor lines around the figures… I've literally used watercolor three times in my life and even I could do a better job than Becca "Professional Watercolor Comic Artist" Whatever her last name is.

No. 895904

I joined the discord server so see what “discord nonsense” was happening and I can’t see what she’s talking about. In fact, the only nonsense I see is her complaining about her life to everyone in the server. Nobody else is as whiny as her

No. 895909

She HAD to be mispeaking when she said she paid 7k/month for editing. Maybe she meant 700 a month or 7k a year? Still way too much but more reasonable. Don't know what her fiance does for a living but I doubt his income is even that much a month.

I know going to art school doesnt necessarily make you good artist but holy fuck she has a MASTER'S in this. What a colossal waste of time and money to not even come out with prospective job contacts.

No. 895930

I think she's supposed to be listening for parental figures so she can sneak out? That's my guess. Super muddy and unappealing though.

No. 895938

>I know going to art school doesnt necessarily make you good artist but holy fuck she has a MASTER'S in this. What a colossal waste of time and money to not even come out with prospective job contacts.

This is what confuses me about her. How could you go to an art school for the 6 years it takes to get a Master's and not walk out with a single job contact. Not a one. It makes me wonder if her personality was so cantankerous that nobody wanted to work with her. She's 32 so if she went to university out of high school then she graduated around 4-5 years ago. I thought art universities were primarily used for collecting contacts and networking.

No. 895953

Iirc she went to a louisianna state college for her bachelors in art. For her masters she went to SCAD, which is an actual art school with successful alumni, but also pretty much a diploma mill. They have pretty much no standards for art quality when they choose students to accept, all they care about is if they can pay tuition. They are not known for forcing students to learn intensively or even really gain a lot of skills, I know several artists who went there who are unemployed and have mediocre skills at best.

No. 895955

That's pretty much all art school is good for. If you manage to graduate without any job offers or contacts, you fucked up. I know people who dropped out halfway through and still left with multiple job offers.


Ah. Explains a lot.

No. 895967

I'm so glad I never got a degree in art, nobody you're paying has the guts to say "you're bad at this, maybe try doing something else." You have to find out the hard way after buying the degree… in Becca's case, very long after.

No. 896000

I found out about her from her art marker showdown posts and her supply reviews. She seemed pretty chill, but apparently it was all just a farce.

When I was toying around with the idea of doing a comic, I looked to her for some resources, and I'm kinda glad I didn't go through with that.

No. 896011

lol I found her through reviews of cons before she got involved with kiriska and how to be a con artist. She was super chill on her blog seemingly, but I think cuz she’s been doing cons for years and trying to get her mediocre comic off the ground with no payoff and now that social media is more integral to art, she really needs a therapist or some shit instead of spewing on social media how she feels entitled to success.

That being said, I just saw she’s planning to kickstart her book or something and I’m excited to see her eventual blowup cuz it won’t work out

No. 896048

I feel like now would be the worst time for her to try to kickstart a damn book. She barely has an audience. What's she gonna do? Complain until people give her money? It hasn't worked before.

No. 896080

Why would she film her students and point a camera at them for 2 hours….I hope she at least asked if she could film but, why point it at them? You can’t even see her PowerPoint or anything, what’s the point

No. 896297

Did Becca change her catchphrase? In the latest video she says "heeeey arty friends" instead of "HEY ART NERDS".

If this is what all her classes are like, then I can see why she averages at 3-4 students. Becca seems like such a dry, uncharismatic teacher, and this goes on for almost two hours. It's like she's giving a powerpoint presentation for a high school class she doesn't give a shit about. Looks like her class is a majority older people and retirees.

Lol, the majority of her comic examples are manga. Would it hurt her to be a bit less weebish?

No. 896755

Thing is with Becca, her “style” is manga-ISH but it doesn’t look like she uses or reads actual manga cuz if she did then her comics would make a fuckton more sense or just be better in general. There’s so much GOOD manga out there now, not to mention the classics like Tezuka and Urasawa, that she can’t lean on the crutch that manga is so “mysterious” and unknown, like every weeb with an internet connection reads manga. Her style seems more lifted from someone vaguely remembering what sailor moon dubs from the 90’s looked like except they were going blind and hadn’t seen them since.

Im so tired of these basic ass white women artists trying to get on with styles obviously lifted from manga, Becca just does it badly. It occurred to me since I frequent the baylee jae thread that she and Becca are quite similar in style ways but Becca wishes so badly to have the audience that baylee has

No. 897136

File: 1574571010260.png (23.95 KB, 583x205, xI8FZjp.png)

What a take, Becca.

No. 897142

thanks for making this thread, i love insufferable art cows

who is this bitch and why would she name herself after one of the most disgusting dishes.
she's hollybRown levels of entitled too kek

No. 897148

Wh..what. Is she serious lol how delutional..

No. 897174

Does she ever think or talk about anything but herself, or….

No. 897182


is she stupid? her comic isnt getting picked up cause its a shittier rehash of stuff that's already out there. Arrietty, The Borrowers, The Littles, theres a bunch of stories about tiny people that much better then her comic

No. 897186

Yeah and most of those don't have such a massive appeal that everyone knows them (I've seen none of those) because the concept itself is so. Fucking. Boooooring. Just like her stupid pointless comic. If she would just move the fuck on already…

No. 897187

Honestly, can someone even tell me what her comic is about? Like, I get that it's about tiny people living among normal humans but is there an actual overaching storyline? All I ever see Becca draw is her gape-mouthed self insert standing around doing nothing. Does 7" Kara actually have a plot? What about it is interesting? Also, why hasn't Becca realized that the teen to adult fanbase she's trying to capture wants nothing to do with her 10 and under comic?

No. 897191

Oh hey, this bitch! I met her at a few cons some years back. Her and I and a circle of friends did cons “full time”, as in we both made our livings off of it. Except she would rarely ever break even at cons and she would try to teach all of us how to “make it” as a con artist. I wasn’t raking in money like old school Amuria or anything, but even my circle of people did better then her. Her table ALWAYS seems empty. Her husband funds her trips and she never makes enough for profit, only breaking even if she’s really lucky and it’s a really local con.

People never bought her prints and shit, I only ever saw her getting money from penny dirt cheap commissions. She was always working on them from open to close and beyond because it was the only way she could make money. I remember she would put up reviews of cons saying they were shit and business was slow so it’s not worth going, but I was across the aisle from her and it was fine all weekend — her table was just a desert wasteland.

Then at the end of the cons she would always come around asking us blatantly how much we made, which is super rude. She would tell us that she runs the How to be a Con Artist thing and that if we needed tips to email her. But she never told us how much she made… and no one took her seriously.

Anyways Sage for blogpost but this girl is delusional to the nth degree

No. 897193

File: 1574590333789.jpeg (185.42 KB, 794x1200, A-r6B3Qp.jpg:medium.jpeg)

was looking around her twitter and this is one of her recent uploads. the facial expression with the huge cheeks and triangle mouth actively makes me want to punch this character in the face

No. 897194

Oh god, she’s one of /those/ con people. I’ve seen too many like her in my own local con scene so I know exactly what you’re talking about. She’s very similar to a group of guys I know in town who make shit tier comics and get pissy when people don’t buy them at cons. Like they don’t get why it’s so unappealing to everyone but them. The only difference between them and Becca is that they have day jobs and none have a SO to take care of them financially.

Also, asking what people made while not disclosing your sales is such a tacky and cunty thing to do so I’m not surprised by this.

No. 897200

File: 1574593839464.jpg (580.28 KB, 971x1200, 59b31521be4c100001a26e06_Thron…)

Becca strikes me as dated. She's like watching a teenager from 2002 trapped in a 2019 30 year old's body. I don't blame people for not approaching her table at cons, traditional art does not compete well with digital art if the art itself and the use of the medium is not very good and her ideas are dull looking, ie, she was selling dark wood charms a la Holly Brown when the teens and very young adults that make up most of convention attendance will gravitate towards acrylic, bright colors and things that pop. If you can't tell what something is until getting super close it's not a good sign. But of course as someone from a time capsule she's pretty bad at digital art too and sticks to default brushes and settings.

The (lack of) editing in her videos is also boomer tier, what can I say. There is a video of her doing a voiceover tutorial and mid way you can hear her talking to her SO loudly and voices overlap because she didn't even mute the visual track. Her attitude is that of a milennial though lmao.

No. 897202

Samefag but to further my point, a recent video in which she went to Kyoto's manga museum and cried because american anime inspired art was represented and she finally felt validated unlike those 'mean school teachers who laughed at me!' It's like her brain is stuck.

No. 897209

"Honk" seems like a weird onomatopoeia for clarinet?? I mean I guess it works but it feels off here, maybe also because of the facial expression

No. 897254

Sage for band sperg but most oboe beginners honk when they try using it. Actually most reed instrument players do that, so it’s accurate. Although squeak would’ve been a better word to use imo because both happen.

No. 897306

this is old but its just so embarassing

-self deprecating and pity party throughout the whole interview, interviewer (her fiancee lmao) probably getting secondhand embarassment

-"i thought you werent allowed to show these pages for this anthology yet"
Becca: smiles smugly and shows them anyway

-bragging about how """inclusive""" she is by pointing out every person of color she drew in a comic. "Look, heres a hispanic! Heres a couple of africans!"

No. 897311

Jfc she's so out of touch…how does this happen. She needs to get friends.

No. 897318


is her table just original/generic merch? how is that gonna pull anyone in when she's literally at ANIME los angeles? like of course she's not gonna make money if the majority of what she'll selling is original work that most people have no idea about and she's surrounded by merch of shows people are actually fans of

No. 897336

Yikes, this was hard to watch. Asides from the weird thing going on with the camera that made everything wobble, her saltiness at other people working on zines is unbearable. Her begging people to buy zines directly from her because of her “financial woes” is sad but not as sad as throwing in a mention of her dad dying because she was annoyed people were late with their zine submissions.

She said in a tone lacking empathy:

>they’re still shaking people down for submissions. I know life happens, believe me I lost my dad, I know life happens.

That necklace is so tacky jfc

No. 897384

I am so curious about her relationship dynamic with her fiancee. There's no way she's this bitter and annoying all the time, right? He enables her delusional shit so much.

No. 897493

This was posted in the other thread but if you haven’t seen the video of him talking about living with her here it is. Very uncomfortable

No. 897503

>They've been dating for 10 years
>he wanted to be a comicbook artist but gave up his dream to get a real job
>he is the main provider of financial and emotional support to Becca otherwise she'd have to get a Job

No. 897515


so becca didnt want to do this cause "she gets frustrated easily" and decided to just use her fiance who said he didnt want to do this but becca was an annoying btch so he ended up giving in. wow she is just a total c*nt huh

No. 897546

File: 1574656422316.png (50.19 KB, 831x408, rRaEwZJ1ss.png)

Here's what she tagged this video with
The last one is weird

No. 897547

I know that tag's supposed to be haha funny joke but she's really wearing the fact that she wants to be cared for on her sleeve.

No. 897576

The legs don't even attach to the pelvis properly - and why is her right shoulder jutting out like that?

If this is recent, then Becca obviously doesn't know how to draw, period.

No. 897581

Honestly her fiancee gives me 'dad' vibes - like he feels obligated to take care of her as opposed to having equal responsibilities, maybe with a touch of guilt for some reason

No. 897584

I’ve been a clarinet player for years and have worked with oboe players, it bothers me a lot that the instrument is that small and thin cuz a real one isn’t that small unless it’s a soprano instrument. It would be wider and longer, especially if the person playing it is younger and of a smaller frame, so like could she even be bothered to gather reference of someone playing one?

Especially if she spooges over manga so much, manga artists trace and use reference all the time but she draws like she doesn’t even look at humans

No. 897593

My parents had a similar relationship, my dad stayed with my mom and remained loyal to her despite her mental illness and the emotional abuse she did to me, not out of love but out of his sense of his sense of honour he believed

No. 897865

She’s really serious about that Kickstarter huh… thats a temper tantrum waiting to happen.

No. 897930

Yeah. I've been thinking about that. Hardly any of her endeavors have any sort of audience, she can barely manage to break even at her cons. What makes her think this KS will be anything but a total disaster? I'm half expecting her to lowball the cost just so the campaign doesn't fail. That, or she makes her fiance back her project anonymously to artificially inflate the demand for her comic or to keep the Kickstarter from failing.

No. 897997

If she’s so valiant about “assussuhbillitee” of comics why kickstart it at all? Just make it free to read online and get a day job to pay the bills like the millions of other people who also feel passionate about the development of the youth and volunteer their free time for them

No. 898003

I've been in the same webcomic-creator circles as Becca before and running a kickstarter for your comic is 100% a vanity thing. Most people have small audiences, but set the goal very low, think $500-$1000 dollars. Printing an indie comic in a small run isn't necessarily expensive at all, thanks to sites like Ka-Blam, so successful kickstarters for no-name comics are not an anomaly at all. Take something like this for example:https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1691223860/heroic-shenanigans-volume-1
Of course, this is assuming she decides to be reasonable and set her goal to something low and realistic. She'll be out of her mind if she asks for more that $1000

No. 898011

betting on her fiancé funding most of it just so it reaches the goal… cause ya know it ain’t reaching it by sheer money from “fans”

No. 898040

If Becca really cared to be able to sell her art she should be able to look at actually successfull artists and study what makes their art attractive to the average consumer, you can't expect to sell the same amount of products as a pro while having super bland unappealing art like Becca, its just proof she doesn't really care about selling a good product but just wants the perks of being a popular artist while demanding people to buy her crap art, that KS will be a failure either way

No. 898052

She seems to legitimately think that successful artists just have the success fall in their lap without any effort. Her bitter discord rant about Kasey made it obvious that she has no real understanding of how hard most arttubers have to work to get popular - not only do they have to produce a lot of artwork consistently, but they have to be good at marketing themselves and social media trends.

No. 898059

Tbh there are a lot who get by on sheer luck despite having no skills in art or marketing themselves. I’d put money on her being bitter that her art never “took off” like some other artists.

No. 898063

This is so nostalgic. I use to follow the nattosoup blog a decade ago when I was thinking about going to SCAD for an MFA. Its insane to me that her stuff hasn't really changed in all that time.

lol this is great. Makes me feel grateful

No. 898109

I used to follow the how to be a con artist blog she co runs on Tumblr and man she has always had a shitty attitude. She always made passive aggressive posts when people asked questions that had been answered before by telling them to use the search bar and then she would make little psa posts about how people need to understand she isn't paid for doing it and that she doesn't have time to answer questions that have been answered. The point she tries to make is fair enough but damn is she rude about it.

No. 898248

Getting some hostage vibes from this video. Like I keep waiting for him to give a secret sign that this is all against his will. He looks so trapped, and not just because he doesn't want to do this specific video. Like, trapped in a life he hates.

No. 898257

Are there any screenshots or videos of the rant? I'm kind of interested to hear more about this.

No. 898414

File: 1574832428215.jpeg (46.35 KB, 275x215, 201FE3AB-5E43-4F5D-B031-175C04…)

No. 898417

i can understand why she’d be jealous but at the same time, this is so petty? lol just admit you aren’t worthy of her success and move on

No. 898421

Stuff like this makes me wonder if she intentionally or subconsciously teaches people much younger and older than herself as a way of narrowing the competition. Becca can only see this as a popularity contest that she's losing and it's just burning her up on the inside. What does she think Kasey owes her? A chunk of her subscribers? Fuck off, Begga.

No. 898427

Can't believe Kasey is just another evil baby artist who sucked poor Becca dry and then went on to be massively more successful than her like some kind of watercolor vampire /s

Kasey's personality is as bitter and shitty as Becca's so I can see why they used to be friends, but unlike Becca, Kasey actually works pretty hard tbh. Maybe Becca should let go of her unwarranted ego for a minute and realize she will never succeed without any work ethic.

No. 898553

Usually you'd say when the student becomes the master the old master did a pretty good job too. lol But in Becca's case. I can see why she's bitter and jealous about that but, honestly, that's stuff you only think in weak moments and should never announce publicly. And instead of shitting on other maybe think about oneself, what's the stuff she's doing wrong, what's Kasey doing different to her, etc. pp. But as we all know Becca's not capable of honestly judging herself and her public image.

No. 898620

File: 1574891398922.jpg (110.11 KB, 457x701, 1571594155016.jpg)

she runs an art advice blog but 90% of the time its just to self promo herself and dont actually give any useful advice. thank god for kiriska

No. 898630

>comics about tiny, cute people
>my comic, Kara, beautiful watercolor illustrations I've completed
Jesus christ, can you be any more shameless. I also hate how she always has to emphasize that her comic is in watercolor, like it's a good selling point. Especially because her watercolors are shit to begin with

No. 898631

she's SO wrong on this one. Poster sized prints sell very well. If your art isn't trash, that is

No. 898637

even for mini prints $2 is dirt fucking cheap. i know becca convinced herself that she is a good artist, but this kinda stuff just makes her sound like a young artist who started selling prints way too early and under prices themselves to get any profit.

No. 898648

I dont understand why she always has to mention that her comic is watercolor? I dont know if I've ever seen her mention her comic and not mention its medium. I've seen tons of watercolor comics, its not that unusual of a medium? And even if its not as typical as ink or digital, its probably one of the more conventional mediums still. Hell, i've seen experimental oil paint comics and other much more unconventional styles and they never use the medium as a selling point

No. 898649

I didn't realize how cheap her stuff actually was- and even then she barely sells many at cons. I wonder how even less she would sell if they were average priced.

Is it common to just be this pathetically unsuccessful? Like, I thought TwistedDisaster and Holly Brown were a really sad example of not getting anywhere with an art career but Becca somehow beat them

No. 898656


wow this in infuriating as hell, she's only saying sht as it applies to HER. "for me, larger prints have never sold" "MY table" " "MY mini prints" jesus christ how are you gonna say youre here to help people when youre just gonna ramble on about yourself

No. 898666

I just checked the howtobeaconartist tumblr and it's been like 2 months since becca has given any advice, it's been just kiriska, becca just came back once to promo her outdoor book event

No. 898770

So her con table is basically full of original art and her comics? And she expects the congoers to just flock to her table? What does she think anime conventions are? People don't go there searching for some obscure poorly made comic lmao

No. 898792

I think it's pretty common to be unsuccesful in an art because it's a risky field to be in, it's just that most of those people wouldn't want to make it worse by embarassing themselves online and ruin the little chance they had of ever being hired anywhere… like Becca or Holly

No. 898795

If you go back in her blog far enough to the con reviews, she also does $1/$5 commissions too and that’s what mainly sells for her at non-craft faires, mostly cuz like she never has anything for anime cons (idr if she’s done comic cons) that people actually WANT. plus she tries to shill her comic at them when like, people who do anime cons have stepped up and surpassed her by a great deal. Like for real, her commissions look like what you’d pay $1/$5 for, but seriously like how low is her self-respect in that you’d work for below minimum wage.

Like, she also has the aura of someone who’s so scared and unsure of their own work that they become defensive with massive overconfidence even though she seriously lacks the skill and it feels like she thinks she doesn’t have to learn anymore cuz she has a masters. The opposite is true of actual, good pro artists like a ton are just super humble and also keep learning in addition to also being teachers. I’m also wondering if Becca doesn’t do cons as often anymore cuz there’s so much more younger people who are way better at everything

No. 898801

File: 1574935909740.png (44.86 KB, 599x383, 4Cn1ura.png)

How Becca and her fiance met. It's not to hard to gather just how annoying and obnoxious Becca must've been in high school and university. I doubt she hasn't grown up one bit.

No. 898837

the way she speaks of him is really humiliating. if I saw my boyfriend speak of me that way, in public, I would get rid of his ass in a second.
it's not normal to think it's okay to say in front of the whole internet your fiance was 1) a rebound, 2) someone to practice confidence onto, 3) too greasy for you to love them.
she's a bitch and possibly slightly autistic.

No. 898907

File: 1574967213030.jpeg (107.33 KB, 584x1200, ZyRSDNV_.jpg:medium.jpeg)

hscdds i think she's stalking this page

No. 898908

File: 1574967235533.jpeg (68.21 KB, 584x1200, tXrOgAPb.jpg:medium.jpeg)

No. 898910

I don't think so. Sounds tame to me. If she would knew about this thread she'd breathe fire and brimstone for sure.

No. 898922


Watercolor is one of those mediums that is really easy or really hard. Doing light, messy washes like Becca can look really nice, but you need strong pencils or inks to go with it or lots of layering and hard contrasts if you're not doing the line work. She does neither so it looks like shit.

No. 898959

The lack of self awareness here is astonishing. Maybe apply your own advice to your art 'career', Becca?

No. 899024

>make a new life

Why is she acting like her high school relationship was some decade-long marriage? You weren'r making a new life, you're just moving onto college. Jeez

And that's an awkward way to mention your fiance - it doesn't have that cute unexpected twist that those stories typically have, it just sounds rude

No. 899081

Oh wow, I briefly encountered Becca once on Google+ (which gives you some idea how long ago it was). The details are fuzzy after all this time but I recall she was complaining about how no one buys her comics at anime cons. I suggested, like, try comic book cons to sell your original comics, but she was adamant that she had to sell at anime cons b/c some editor reviewing her portfolio told her that her comic was "OEL" so she could only sell it at anime cons. (OEL was a dumb marketing term used by TokyoPop referencing American comics that were vaguely manga-ish - again this tells you how long ago this was.)

So yeah, doesn't sound like she's changed much! At the time I think she'd just finished SCAD & was funded by her mom; she seemed to think having the degree meant she should be automatically making a good living doing her comics. She seemed very naive and extremely stubborn about listening to advice.

No. 899086

>OEL was a dumb marketing term used by TokyoPop referencing American comics that were vaguely manga-ish - again this tells you how long ago this was.

This is hilarious because OEL was a term only really used by Tokyopop and I think Antarctic Press to pass off otherwise completely Western comics while still calling them 'manga'. It's kind of a death flag for comics. Even otherwise decent comics slapped with the OEL label went unsold just because weeaboo kids buying Tokyopop manga would pass it up in favor of 'authentic' titles. That editor sounds old and out of touch and Becca's dumb ass is stubbornly eating up that advice.

Becca keeps going to anime cons because they're more numerous and she's a weeaboo. She's just like Holly, consumed with wishful thinking, getting ego boosts off of seeing people buy their shitty merch.

No. 899515

File: 1575076692942.jpg (329.56 KB, 1080x1672, IMG_20191130_081615.jpg)

Idk what's she whining over in this? Her art friend critiquing her and not giving her "incentive/rewards"?

No. 899518

File: 1575077485833.png (26.3 KB, 742x150, screenshotAtUploadCC_157507746…)

No. 899589

>I'm not a robot designed to give positive feedback and encouragement
>Also only validate and say nice things to me or I'll be sad!!!

Honestly does she listen to herself ever? She has no self awareness at all.

Yeah her fiance is definitely in too deep. He's been forced into a parental role because she's a womanchild with untreated ADHD and a giant ego and he's probably convinced himself that if he leaves her she won't be able to take care of herself.

No. 900278

File: 1575245163554.png (23.62 KB, 600x171, Ydz7kYU.png)

Becca is acting so desperate for validation on Twitter. Art Twitter's currently having a discourse over those children's art supply kits and she hasn't shut up about ~the alternatives~ for like two days straight. I get the feeling she's projecting too hard onto these hypothetical children that are getting the cheap art kits for Christmas.

No. 901427

Tbh I thought she would do an art video with one of those boxes but other tubers like baylee are already jumping on that ship

No. 901490

File: 1575454479986.jpg (413.18 KB, 1526x2289, PicsArt_12-04-05.02.54.jpg)

becca's hate boner against nsfw artists reminds me of

nsfw artists aren't stealing your nonexistent spotlight, nor you being a kid-friendly artist makes you special

No. 901526

What about Becca's comic "inspires" and "educates" children though? I tried to read through 7 inch Kara and I didn't notice anything didactic, yet she constantly praises herself for supposedly teaching kids. I can't help but feel like she knows her art looks like shit and uses "it's for kids!" as an excuse for that.

No. 901676

File: 1575490809479.jpeg (138.32 KB, 750x994, E3619BD6-1F0F-48A0-80F0-F99B49…)

Decided to check out her discord and Jesus Christ how inconsiderate do you have to be to take away from someone grieving over the death of a family member to “boohoo twitter is being mean, art supply discourse”

No. 901961

Wow, what a bitch. She couldn't even take a literal day to not refocus back on herself.

And she's like uwu my anxiety/SAD is so bad right now and twitter is triggering me

She must have a legitimate problem

No. 901964

how inconsiderate and disgusting. i’m surprised she hasn’t been called out for that (from what i can see she hasn’t). any person would be rightfully offended as fuck

No. 902445

File: 1575631164366.jpeg (317.8 KB, 1583x2048, 10EBB864-B98E-4E1E-A8F5-ADBFB7…)

I can’t believe she’s going on twitter, going on about making instructional art books for kids using THIS as examples. Like, this is worse than a Christopher hart anime book, it has no basis in any anatomy or structure at all

No. 902446

File: 1575631298138.jpeg (991.43 KB, 1551x2048, 524DE8AF-9862-46D0-9A9D-4BBECF…)

Lol what the fuck is this swollen lip deer thing too, especially cropping her arm off like this

No. 902466

hand and foot horrible, and what's with that inward curve on the shoulders? besides that it could be worse but if this isn't just a sketch, but what she wants to put into a book then she needs to clean up the line work and straighten everything cus its all slightly tilted.

No. 902479

I can tell it’s done by Becca because her figures all have the same shitty posture and saggy boobs as she does

Honestly she and her bf looks really unhealthy, like bundle up it’s not impossible to get sun in winter.

No. 902561


OMG anon, you're right. That deer bust looks exactly like hers. (Although I don't mind "saggy boobs". Better than female characters beyond their twenties with fake boobs like porn stars.)

The picture itself is boring. A deer with ridicolous big lips, dark hair you can't see because of the sad green behind it that looks like haystacks. Nevermind that uninspired grey background and snow that looks like white blood splatter.
Is that deer going to be run over by a car any moment or what? lol

No. 902927

She looks like a deer bimbo, or a character from that upcoming Cats movie. Jesus Becca.

No. 903817

Going out for ramen for 10k subs celebration?

I like how she mentions that she makes her fiancee do interviews with other artists because he has 'nothing to lose'. Becca what do you have to lose, exactly? You already have a reputation for being a whiny, two-faced hack. If anything, networking with other artists (or as she'd consider them, the competition) would be good for her. That is if she could restrain herself from talking shit about them behind their backs.

No. 903871

What bothers me most is that she draws the shoulders like there aren’t muscles and skin covering it, like she stopped learning anatomy after finding out what a skeleton looks like and doesn’t look at real people. It’s completely backwards as to what traditional art teaching does cuz that has more of an emphasis in life drawing and actually drawing a person, she shouldn’t be teaching if this is the knowledge she wants to pass down to people.

No. 903956

Why does she bother making him interview people at all? Like what's the fucking point? Is she trying to sneak protips from other artists?

No. 903983

She probably has no irl friends and/or they were like kasey and moved especially cuz becca’s insufferable. She probably involves him cuz wasn’t he an artist before? So she’s thinking it’s a bonding time and a way to have him participate but he clearly is uncomfortable with it

No. 905375

File: 1576281921255.png (90.06 KB, 1080x492, Screenshot_2019-12-14-07-03-54…)


No. 905395

Welp she must not be talking about this thread

No. 905415

i think the "and nobody took the bait" is so people don't come here and join in lol

No. 905422

File: 1576290525432.jpg (2.02 MB, 2726x4096, uhhhh.jpg)

god i get mad at other art cows like holly for never learning anything but becs really takes the cake for most rage inducing style

nothing about this is racist but if i was black, i'd be offended because its just that fucking ugly that it almost seems like malicious intent lmao

No. 905423

She really doesn't know how to paint a smooth wash does she?? It's almost as if all her darker skin tones are mixed with granulating paints. It looks…really badly painted to me.

No. 905434

would honestly look better as a solid color instead of the weird shadows

No. 905467

She needs to learn how to use watercolor if she's going to insist on working with it. It looks like a shitty digital imitation of watercolor.

No. 905500

I guess we're not her only 'haters' but that doesn't surprise me

No. 905505

it maes me wonder how many layers does she do on a single color. Even Kasey knows when you draw cartoons you don't overdo it with more than 2

No. 905575

Whoa it’s bordering on blackface

No. 905730


i wonder what the 4chan-like site is, i kinda wanna see what theyre saying about her over there

No. 905808

File: 1576380776745.png (364.08 KB, 720x618, Screenshot_20191214-193114~2.p…)

No. 905809

File: 1576380870506.jpeg (137.63 KB, 1000x923, ELsT0MHW4AAAWT5.jpeg)


No. 905810

File: 1576380974845.jpeg (762.07 KB, 2048x1360, ELsT0LxW4AEKJT_.jpeg)


No. 905811

File: 1576381012789.png (273.04 KB, 342x640, ELsT0L4W4AYBbN6.png)

No. 905812

File: 1576381056046.jpeg (644.47 KB, 1377x2048, ELsT0L6XYAYtbPJ.jpeg)

No. 905813

File: 1576381506185.png (1.79 MB, 682x1024, tyty.png)

No. 905816

I think that's her sleeve, not a wonky titty.

No. 905817

i know anon, because it's composed so badly in the thumbnail it looks like a tity. just like how h brown sometimes makes her OCs dicks look huge due to her crappy shadow placement

No. 905818

Uh, are the right ones redraws of the left? Or are these four drawings she plans to redraw?

No. 905826

It's a meme on Twitter you just find random work from 2009 and 2019 not full on redraws

No. 905827

This is such an awful composition.

This is cuter than most of her characters tbh.

No. 905831

File: 1576386417542.jpg (247.11 KB, 786x1200, ELdQLEDW4AAHAuz.jpg)

Becca should abandon watercolor and find another way of coloring because this is all so cloudy. The shapes are all blobby and not dynamic at all, and there is no contrast to draw your eye in

No. 905832

File: 1576386725681.jpg (553.44 KB, 786x1200, ELdQLEDW4AAHAuz.jpg)

Maybe I'm nitpicking, but in grayscale you can really see how everything just melds together, especially in the top three panels. Nothing is defined clearly

No. 905833

Maybe she does mean this thread, but she thinks that as long as she isn't doxxed it doesn't matter. Like doxxing is the only end game on a site like this. I can't imagine coming across a thread where people are talking about how bad my art is and what a nutcase I am, and me thinking "whew,they didn't dox me! What a relief!" but she is kind of delusional so…

No. 905834

It could be PULL or maybe even the first time she was mentioned in the general art thread. I feel like if she found an entire thread about her she would have more to say. But who knows maybe

No. 905857

Had a look, I couldn't find a PULL thread on her, only this thread popped up when searching from what I could find.

No. 905863


maybe a nitpick but her consistency is shit in her storytelling too like if she doesnt know what a video is how would she know what a photo is, I mean she's learning everything from basically just this house, right?

No. 905864

I don’t think you’re nitpicky because you’re right, her value hierarchy with figures is lacking, like if she does any value studies she clearly doesnt understand the importance of it especially with local colors. Like in that first panel, she understands darker things need to be in the foreground but the cat blends in with the figure of the girl, why does it have to be there and why can’t it be lighter if it’s farther back? The tiny girl sticks out in the last panel cuz of relative value but why is her hair blending in with the darkness? Why does she also change positions without explanation?

I also agree with >>905422 and this goes with the whole thing about value, like how dark the skin of the girl is is borderline offensive because she has no idea how to render black skin other than “dark”. Like the skin of someone with more melanin and pigments in it reflects the light a lot differently than it does white skin but the way she colors this girl is like if she’s never looked at a photo of a black person before. If she going to keep sticking to this style where she renders watercolor instead of doing something that suits her line work better like flat color washes, then she needs to learn how to render better and use colors correctly.

Well if she is reading this thread, I hope she knows she’s doing a disservice to people and kids by teaching them incorrectly and showing them she’s unwilling to learn and grow through others and continual learning. Just because you have a masters degree doesn’t mean you’re a good artist

No. 905874

File: 1576411445033.jpeg (147.31 KB, 861x1024, D1511CE1-3669-40D0-BE6F-235B08…)

Yeah I think the unicorn girl actually is a lot better than her art right now. Like it’s digital so she didn’t muddy it with rendering and the understanding of clothing and anatomy is way better than her comparison image

Why does she always leave the rendering lines and sketch in stuff like this? Including this “convention sketch” she probably did for five bucks. It doesn’t look good with her style, it just looks like she’s too lazy to erase it since blue/non photo blue/red is used in the reproduction of a drawing. It’s like she’s too proud of her shitass anatomy to erase it

No. 905899

Why aren't they looking at each other? And the sketch lines just highlight the awkward posture. that girl is leaning so hard to the left.

No. 905935

File: 1576426286191.jpeg (706.02 KB, 1767x2600, 6A390A9A-E57A-4BF5-9F61-20032F…)

I like that she gave Kara her mother’s speech bubble in the middle panel

No. 905958

I don’t think anyone mentioned yet that Kara switches sitting on shoulders suddenly in the next panel. This plus the speech bubble error in >>905935 reminds me of how inconsistent Holly is with her comics too. Both her and Becca even have the same “paw hand” problem.

No. 905990


i guess her shitty watercolors skills can at least pull attention away from huge mistakes like that wow


also why do we never see the acorn mash in the bowls, its like theyre just eating air

No. 905991


that thumb in the bottom left corner has to be broken for it to be like that

No. 905992


what is the salt fish thing like is that meant to be a running gag or figure of speech?

No. 906092

File: 1576459483688.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1092x944, 14C0BBE7-7854-48B7-9625-D9C4A5…)

Someone who hasn’t read the comic, please tell me if you think this looks like Kara has a dirty naked ass or just some tan pants

No. 906094

She look like she just what herself and threw away the pants

No. 906128

thanks for pointing out those inconsistencies (the shoulder switching, the speech bubble placed wrong) cause now I solely want to read her comic to discover more of these absurd mistakes. Oh but she’s a professional artist gaiz

No. 906141

Ngl scrolling by this to check other threads made me double take on whether or not I’m seeing a kid with a shitty ass. Should’ve made the outlines on he cuffs of the pants leading into the boot more obvious if they’re gonna be the same color as her skin tone.

No. 906145

lol it really looks like her whole ass is hanging out
The pants are so close to her skin color, there's only a slight difference in hue

But is she trying to climb up/down that ledge? It looks like she's just lying on a flat surface

No. 906155

dirty pants

No. 906171

She doesn’t indicate the plane changes of the step in a way that makes sense, like she should change the value of the edge going down and the plants in the front don’t help cuz she doesn’t show the ground accurately. So it looks like she’s bent over on a flat plane with her ass hanging out and seriously, she expects this is quality in something for kids?

No. 906173

I assume it’s supposed to be some sort of thing from the “stores” like what they sayin the comic so it’s like her term for a preserved dried fish or something. It might make sense in context but isolated like this, it’s just super confusing why they’re eating acorns and fish in a way that sounds like they’re straight out of like a Laura ingalls wilder book

No. 906176


wait i just realize that she doesnt even tape the borders to prevent the watercolors from going over the lines. "professional artist" lmaooo

No. 906178

File: 1576491558970.jpg (204.45 KB, 600x624, duhhh.jpg)


How can Becca spend time sketching and painting this without realizing it looks terrible? It doesn't reflect what she's saying in the least.

No. 906265

File: 1576520451593.png (665.81 KB, 640x480, 7BEA6A65-4AC6-4A34-A7B1-4CEDD6…)

Lol the thing is is that she DOES. If u look up any of her watercolor tutorials on her website, she does tape her work but she uses hardware store blue painters tape. Also I don’t know if she knows loose watercolor paper sometimes needs to be stretched/sized since a lot of them will be coated in a thin protective layer of sizing (usually it’s gelatin) and that fucks up your painting ability if it hasn’t been washed out. But she’s also just a shit painter

Honestly if she’s so adamant about “testing” art supplies (aka getting shit for free from jetpens cuz she’s an “educator”), she needs to try new tape like gummed paper tape or just a watercolor block cuz clearly her material choices are garbage and whoring yourself to companies who will give u free stuff isn’t working

No. 906285

i know everyones talking about how bad her art is, but honestly art like hers is a dime a dozen, its her attitude that grates me. This vlog is supposed to be celebrating the anniversary of the how to be a con artist blog but it immediately turns into "waaahhh people are saying hi to me at cons but not buying anything" like how ungrateful can you be? As someone who regularly sells art and has friends that do as well, its never been a rule that you have to buy something everytime you see someone you recognize or support, hell me and my friends dont buy everything each of us make from each other, you can support someone without it always being monetary. Maybe those people don't have the money to buy something from you but still want to show support?

No. 906319


guilting your fans into buying your shit not because it's good art/somethign that could make them happy, but because it's in exchange for help/advice is a surefire way to ensure no one will ever come up to you again and screw any chance of making connections

No. 906320

Talks about not being “fairly rewarded” for her time when people don’t buy from her at cons when they recognize her… because she spent a few hours answering questions… Becca, most people who give advice don’t immediately expect to be rewarded for doing so. Most people do it out of wanting to help the community, not for personal gain. I wasn’t expecting the first few seconds to immediately jump from mentioning the anniversary of the blog to “I took time out of MY schedule to respond to you and YOU didn’t buy from me!” What a rotten cunt…

No. 906322


ig she was completely in it just for rewards cause she's barely on the account anymore, the few times she is, it's just to promo her events. thank god for kiriska

No. 906332

“I don’t have a sugar daddy”
> literally has a fiancé to mooch off of

No. 906345

"i want you guys to have help i want to see diversity in the artist alley"

2 min later "i just feel punished for helping my competitors"


a lot of contradictions for a 10 min video that wouldve been better spent practicing the art shes so upset about not selling

No. 906358

File: 1576533415090.png (1.33 MB, 1304x638, Left Lean.png)


I thought of this comment when I stumbled onto her Behance. They all are leaning left.


No. 906375

I couldn’t get through that video, not even 5 minutes in and she’s off complaining about “her time” and how no one bought her stuff, wah, how dare they. Someone needs to take her down SEVERAL notches.

No. 906378

I'm surprised no one has linked her video she did a couple of days ago about darker skin tones.

No. 906416


professional artist puts camera at an angle that covers her making the art

No. 906424

File: 1576542302988.png (372.62 KB, 890x1270, Screenshot_2019-12-17-07-23-45…)

Talking about values and contrast, I can't see shit

No. 906444

Nitpick but I was trying to draw while listening to this and the music is just looped and drones on for the whole video. She needs to find more songs to cycle through. It's an easy fix that wouldn't induce a headache for her subscribers.

No. 906487

But she spent 7k on that editing! Lol

No. 906530

She keeps doing small town anime cons too, for someone that’s an “expert” she should know that of course her shit won’t sell, original art rarely sells especially when it’s a kids comic cuz people who attend those are mostly teens to young adults who only tend to buy fan art from fandoms they like. She’s very quickly labeling herself as a bitter bitch to not associate with too, she’s digging her own grave cuz she’s from a small community and of course people will know this.

What bugs me about that line in diversity is that like, if she goes to any con that isn’t her dinky podunk, 2k attendee or less cons then she’d see there’s already a bunch of diversity in AA’s. AA’s don’t need her to encourage diversity but she thinks she’s some sort of white knight innovator or something, she’s so delusional

No. 906546

plus her art isnt even close to an anime style (does she think it is?) it looks like a western how to draw anime book.

I assume weebs want anime and manga at these things not some 4kidz shit

No. 906598

It's hard to read the words, but this is the best thing I've seen from Becca so far

No. 906669

The way she sells her art makes me feel second-hand embarrassment, like she talks how beautiful and good is it in many of her videos and begs for people to buy it, and then berates her audience for not buying stuff from her, is that a "strategy" of her well thought marketing plan

No. 906707

God this vlog made me angry. The entitlement of this womanchild is out of this world. I especially cringed when she bragged about seven inch kara by saying "It's a really delightful watercolor comic, I can not endorse it highly enough." No, it's ugly as fuck. And "I don't owe you anything." Guess what? We don't owe you anything either. God, she's delusional and full of herself.

No. 906895

File: 1576637481182.jpeg (553.86 KB, 750x1012, ACBF1F04-8391-4063-ACE6-EF879A…)

heeeeeere comes becca

No. 906896

Why does she act like she is the only art teacher on the internet? The stuff she covers is the most oversaturated topics and hers get thousands of less views than other versions of the same tips.

No. 906902

Bless her fiancé… imagine the rants and rambles he has to go through on a daily basis if she’s willing to put THAT out on the internet for all to see her bitter ass.

No. 906907

File: 1576641421786.jpeg (123.68 KB, 675x1200, EOW65yz0.jpg:medium.jpeg)

wait 2 chapters this YEAR??

jesus if thats her work pace then no shit she's getting no results

No. 906910

File: 1576642201137.gif (330.75 KB, 200x200, giphy.gif)

I'm honestly wondering why she's so entitled and acts like her art is like the renaissance. That's the vibe I'm already getting from her reading this thread. And her nasty personality isn't helping her either.

>Saged for my rant about this pompous artist.

No. 906920

The fact that she compared her work to ghibli made my eyes spin, also the way she talks about her set up at cons is so self congratulatory and she talks as if she is so business savvy, becca you barely sell 5$ comms lol

No. 906921

i cant hear her videos for some reason. i dont have videos muted on yt so idk what the problem is help hdsfvb

No. 906922

like on here, i cant hear it. and i dont want to give her clicks

No. 906930

>[I prefer not to sell at] superhero cons, where they treat girls, like, super crummy
>selling original art at an anime convention

Nobody goes to a con expecting their originals to sell, having that audience is a rare gift. You can tell she sets herself up for failure and forces conversations back to herself/her comic all the time

Also, the cheery hyper voice is really fake and really irritating, makes me feel like a toddler.

No. 906934

Jfc she is stuck in 2009 if she honestly thinks women are being negged by dudebro comic artists at comic cons still. Like I'm sure there is the occasional outlier but it's not the same as it once was.

No. 906942

She released volume 1 in 2014, consisting of 4 chapters. She’s done 4 more chapters (and a bonus chapter I guess) in 6 years. She’s been trying to shill the same book for 6 years with nothing new? Of course it’s not selling

No. 906965

Yeah a “superhero” con that’s super heavy in artist alley like emerald city up in Seattle is more than half women and nb artists. I know she’s on the AANI on Facebook so she SHOULD know that a majority of women do tons of cons and while there is occasionally weirdos, like grow a thicker skin and work on your marketing.

Tbh I expect this kind of slow pace with someone who works a day job but other than “teacher”, which it does t sound like something she does more than occasionally, what the heck is she doing??? Plus if she’s been working on it for so long, then why hasn’t she developed any shortcuts like most people do when they’ve been consistently working for years?

She seems to think she’s god’s savior to weeb artists for some reason just by virtue of age?? Which she never ever was nor does she change her ways in the evolving media/marketing spheres. Like it sounded like when she did her masters in SCAD, they barely had a sequential department and she had to create a ton of her own curriculum, so she thinks she’s an innovator in that means but like, get real Becca you only had to do that cuz scad took your money but didn’t know shit, that’s how a for-profit art school does. People don’t need to learn from her, she’s better off becoming like an elementary school art teacher rather than becoming even more of a bitter bitch cuz nobody listens to her cuz her tools and style are outdated as fuck

No. 906971

Wtf? Becca, no one even asked for all that and I doubt anyone even uses them. You are by far one of the most useless 'teachers' on the internet. There are tons of better resources to learn from, so stop acting like you are owed anything.

No. 906991

What? How dare you criticize Becca's beeeyuuutiful award-winning full-color water-color all-ages comic!

Seriously, though. I had no idea the production of this mess was that slow. All this 'grinding' and teaching she's doing and she hardly has 10 chapters over 6 years. She talks that shit up way too hard to barely have enough material for a full volume.

Becca, you're best off going back to school for child education and becoming a kindergarten teacher.

No. 907019

> All Ages
> Showing boobs in thumbnail
Pick one

No. 907027

Wait, is that a porn comic in the thumbnail? It's a topless woman titled 'Eat it up.'?

I would not even feel comfortable letting Becca teach kindergartners - she's very fake nice and would probably be mean to the kids for not appreciating her genius

No. 907045

What the fuck? What does she expect to happen?

Becca stop trying to make Kara happen, it's not gonna happen!

No. 907046

File: 1576683901515.png (248.63 KB, 247x423, bec.PNG)

There are definitely plenty of other artists out there with better nuggets of wisdom than the entirety of what "knowledge" Becca has shared, who aren't even an ounce of how insufferable Becca is. It's like she wants to think the internet is as small and clueless as whatever tiny ass bumfuck town she lives in and that she's truly the weeb art messiah.

Part of me thinks she honestly doesn't care that much about art. How do you go about doing art for so long, even going to get a masters for it, and yet you still put out… this? She just wants the validation and the praise.

Seeing her only get to far and have to resort to making passive aggressive comments to her audience is like some sort of karmic justice lol. Becca has such a nasty fucking attitude, I'm glad she's stuck at the bottom of the barrel. Imagine just how much more insufferable she would be with hoards of fans patting her ass and giving her undeserved money. I'm surprised she's gone this long without getting kicked off her high horse yet.

No. 907050

She made an entire video bitching about another artist a con with titty art that was backfacing from their table that could be seen from her side… she went on and on about how she was so “kid friendly” and was offended on the imaginary kid/parents behalf. But she puts that image on the thumbnail as something she sells at her table. Lol ok Becca. Tits are terrible, traumatizing and harmful to the development of children unless you’re shilling it.

No. 907111


OMG, I never thought about how long she's working on this comic. What the eff? And then there are artist's like Dina Norlund who coloured her comic in like, what, half of December (her plan were five pages a day for ten days). kek

Srsly, Becca needs to get her shit together an stop waisting her time with complaining.

No. 907163

A big reason she works so slowly is she refuses to do digital and insists on her shitty water colors. Also she spends most of her time making YouTube videos of swatching art supplies for no discernible reason.

No. 907201

So this isn't good or anything but her copic coloring does look more better than the watercolors. She should just ink with microns and use copics if she wants to do traditional comics so badly.

No. 907251

File: 1576713508871.png (319.33 KB, 1080x1388, OK boomer.png)

People in chat: talk about distribution of wealth amongst generations


No. 907268

This delusional woman's ego is the size of the fucking ISS.

No. 907311

if becca is so desperate for money why doesn't she post her garbage tutorials on skillshare? maybe if she sees them flop horribly she'll realize she sucks at art.

seriously if holy brown could make money on skillshare maybe becca could too kek

No. 907370

She talks as if every artist who does tutorials and draws webcomics are doing just as bad as her but in reality there are tons of artists who are just doing great with their webcomics or their teaching careers cons, commissions etc. It seems as if she has never stopped to think that the problem might be her, that the content she produces is just super boring unappealing shit nobody wants to buy. But no, she'd rather blame everyone who doesnt throw money at her

No. 907374

Why is she so fixated on "young" artists? It's so weird. Like that's her go-to scapegoat for anything, from her non-existent career to Wikipedia dying someday. You would think someone who targets children with her work would understand that they are much less likely to have money than an older audience.

>they nickel and dime it out of me for free

So not only are you a terrible artist, but a terrible businesswoman. But it's such a mystery why you're a broke nobody…

Seriously. There are so many ways to monetize your work that are loads easier than oversaturated platforms like youtube. Skillshare would be the best format since she likes to make tutorials so much. She acts like making free shit for other people to use and somehow skyrocket to success off of is her cross to bear, I think part of her must get off to playing as a martyr.

No. 907382


hdsfcd of course she wouldnt actually monetize her tutorials, if she did then itd be obvious that no one is actually listening to her advice and she'd have no strawman to bitch about

No. 907385

File: 1576733315736.png (92.95 KB, 602x711, Kohai.png)


Because she had this obsession with the whole Senpai/Kohai dynamic self-proclaiming herself as the 'Senpai'

she has toned it down since then, but here is old milk

No. 907393

Lol love it when some old as fuck pretentious white woman from bumfuck nowhere Tennessee adopts Asian/Japanese terms to describe herself. She’s a senpai to nobody, I think getting a useless masters degree has super inflated her sense of self

No. 907399

nah, delulu people like becca can twist ANYTHING into not being her own fault. if she didn't make any money on skillshare or w/e, she'd just say the platform wouldn't push her stuff for xyz reasons.

considering the tweet in the OP pic has her saying "genkiness level" this shit shouldn't surprise and embarass me, but here we are.

No. 907405

Ironic because she constantly whines about people not appreciating her but I hardly see her talking about any art outside of her own. Don’t think she acknowledges any ‘kohai’. Its just about her own gain. She wants people to look up to her.

No. 907419


funny how she says to acknowledge your kouhais but is out here telling her fans theyre her opponents and that they owe her stuff

No. 907423

So this is her 'beautiful' watercolor technique? This is streaky and amateur as shit.

No. 907430


Her youTube videos are rather short and she doesn't edit them herself so there is not that much time spend. Although she does a lot of them.

I work with watercolour myself, and yes, they are time consuming because of drying time but still. I think it's quite easy to colour more than a double spread a day if she would switch between pages while they are drying. Also the size she's working on seems rather small and her stuff is far from beeing full of detail or challenging perspectives.

The first volume has 110 pages, let's say the second one does also. That's 18 pages a year the last six years or 1,5 pages a month. Even if she spends half a year or full year on working on story/ research and sketches, she's really, really slow.

No. 907611

If Becca spent less time complaining and more time drawing, she might actually improve.

No. 907621

45 outfit changes in one 30 page comic chapter…why would you do that???? I tried to read the comic and she changes Kara’s hairstyle and outfit so much I couldn’t tell if t was a new character or not and made it so confusing. Just give them one outfit, make alternatives for special parts, not a new one every scene! And she spends so much time designing all the new outfits, no wonder she’s only done 8 chapters

No. 907673

File: 1576797789539.jpeg (343.23 KB, 1301x1311, BF7B5F56-978D-4E66-A703-F18C8D…)

“Look at me, I’m SO. SELFLESS. Look at all that I do for all of you ungrateful shits.”

Does Becca think there aren’t tons of other small arttubers who do the same thing as a passion project? With how much she constantly has to state that she’s taking her own precious time, resources, and knowledge to do it, the less and less it comes off as a passion project and the more it just screams “GIVE ME MONEY AND VALIDATION (BUT MOSTLY YOUR MONEY!)” Her and Holly feel like opposite ends of the spectrum to me. Becca won’t let the fuck go of her failure of a webcomic/youtube channel/blog, meanwhile Holly can’t stick to a small set of things to sell/make if her life depended on it.

No. 907676


To be fair, every female artist I know has been negged by a dude at a comic con at least once or twice. Just kinda sadfax. D:(D:)

No. 907760

Yeah, this. Becca is uniquely impervious to any insults, advice, or suggestions. She's 100% convinced her artwork is great and it's the audience's fault for not recognizing that, and she's also convinced that she knows exactly how to market her work, despite all evidence to the contrary. She is like Teflon, and reality is but a small amount of cooking oil that will easily slide off of her.

She really is the anti-Holly Brown, who hates herself but inexplicably has a huge following.

No. 907865

File: 1576837042220.png (165.3 KB, 1080x838, Screenshot_2019-12-20-17-16-42…)

non-milk but wow?

No. 907879

Lol do they even want to get married? Everyone's relationships are different and I know it can cost a lot depending on what people want but like ..they've been engaged how long?

No. 907899

I wonder who is going to pay for all of this, its more than obvious it won't be becca and her artist "income" lol

No. 907938


all 45 are new designs for this one chapter and its already chapter so is she making new outfits every chapter? like the characters are always gonna wear something new? how tf does that make sense?

No. 908020

I might be reading into this too much but this feels like a subtle dig towards her fiance. Like "I thought he'd marry me years ago but he kept dragging his feet."

No. 908023

File: 1576877783105.jpg (417.1 KB, 1597x928, Screenshot_20191220-223132_You…)

She went to art school, right? And yet I'm here marvelling on how bad her pencil grip is to get a drawing callous from a colored pencil here. Wow.
It would benefit her too, if she worked on the corect one, so her lines wouldn't be so heavy in general. Her fingers must hurt a lot.

No. 908031

Becca digs at everything and everyone so I wouldn't even put this past her.

No. 908038

She said she got arthritis from drawing so much in college

No. 908061

Most artists I know get RSI’s in some way from drawing but half of them are not dumbasses and went to doctors to address shit. Biggest example is the comic artist yuko ota, who wrote a book/drew a comic about the nerve damage in her arms and learning to draw with her non dominant hand (she’s a similar age to Becca just more prolific and well known).

If her grip is causing her pain and damage, she should see a doctor instead of whining on the internet but she lives in America in a shit part of the US where there isn’t good poor people insurance so I’m willing to bet she either doesn’t have it or her fiancé has shit tier. I wouldn’t put it past her to whine about not having insurance to go see doctors on the internet for points

No. 908088


all 45 are new designs for this one chapter and its already chapter 8so is she making new outfits every chapter? like the characters are always gonna wear something new? how tf does that make sense?

No. 908089

I noticed that many american / canadian artists (at least those doing YT artentainment who went to for profit diploma mills) have bad grip and issues with joints. Which is super weird to me, because if you go to traditional art school in Europe they make sure the arists have proper grip simply to avoid issues like it. I've heard that a very talented girl didn't get accepted, because the teachers saw her bad grip and posture during exams and told her to come back when she got it right. I had to take an art course for credit and the teacher from that art university made us effing stretch before and after 3 hrs long lesson. I kinda appreciate it now.

Looking at how Becca draws, my fingers curls on sympathy pain.

No. 908235

It’s a NA thing but with Canadians, they have universal healthcare so everything is covered cost wise but usually it takes months or so to see a specialists and sometimes I think someone like a physical therapist or masseuse are not covered by their universal care. It’s still better than Americans, we’re basically kind of fucked for preventative shit so getting treatment is hard, especially on a freelancer/poor person’s income and if you aren’t on healthcare plan through a parent (provided you aren’t over 26) or through a spouse or you did service in the military (through the VA).

But yeah, it might have changed slightly since I went to school, but most art schools don’t do anything that involves stretching or taking care of yourself. I don’t know if it’s a fully American thing, but there’s also a point of pride for lots of people to continue working their bodies past the point of pain, like if you listen to any stories about the animators on the first toy story a lot of them recall breaking their bodies to finish it. And fundamental classes definitely don’t stress the importance of grip, I just remember like they taught us cursive writing more in elementary school rather than something useful like how to hold a pencil correctly. I’m hoping with more awareness now especially online that there’s more of a movement to not mess up your body for art but who knows.

She’s definitely gripping too hard but she’s just like a baylee Jae where she doesn’t do shit to make her life better even though she has the means to. Like it’s pretty easy to recognIze you grip too hard if you develop pressure calluses and doing steps to prevent it like wrapping styluses in foam or learning to draw lightly. But just like her, Becca is stubborn and will not do anything to solve that

No. 908237

She’s bullshitting herself if she thinks that’s a good comic technique. Like if you want your characters to wear so much stuff, then make an art book or supplement for it? Stick to character/clothing design? Her story is already impossible to read and she doesn’t know how to plan pages and pace it in a manner that makes sense, like this just makes it stupider to parse if everyone keeps changing clothes for no reason

No. 908269

the stupidest thing about her comic is that there are so many other ways it could've gone. she couldve had a little person adventuring the world or a little people war or something but instead she decided to go the cliche overdone little person secretly meets human and learns about human things schtick that literally every other little people story has

No. 908338

She could have even gave it a twist by changing it aesthetically. This cottagecore ghibli aesthetic is just like every other story about little people, she could have made something you don’t expect for this kind of story but went the most basic route

No. 908462

Did she just say a tight schedule is inking one page a day??? also this is basically just another rant about how overworked she is and how no one appreciates her. Bonus points for bragging about how great kara is again

No. 908464


if it was a really complex and detailed piece, it'd make sense but her stuff is literally just the most basic of lineart

No. 908466

kinda a nitpick but naming a character as bland as kara 'kara' is such a stupid move cause all anyone's gonna hear is 'chara'

No. 908475

do you mean the discord server for her 'collective' inkdrop cafe or does she have another personal one

No. 908482

the eye line does not connect with the cell phone

No. 908511

God I hate how she rambles. So she basically said she hates her art if she can’t take a day off from inking one page a day to celebrate her birthday… lol what?! This bitch needs to chill and pry her head out from her ass.

No. 908517

Nah, I think she announced on server the ink drop server is dead or something. It's probably the other one.

No. 908521

Nitpick i guess but is anyone else annoyed Kara is pronounced Care ah? I always thought it was Kahrah.

No. 908522

as if anyone would give a shit if she stopped inking for her bday. like the world won't stop turning if you dont release a comic page jfc

No. 908536


I feel like Becca is telling her 'audience' what she wants someone to tell her because she is all over the place.

Also, lol to her 'not being able to get crit' she doesn't come across as someone who would listen if she got it.

No. 908542

If someone did critique her “beautifully hand drawn watercolor paintings” (lol) she would probably immediately fire off a series of passive aggressive tweets bitching about the audacity that person had to criticize her work… She’d probably thrown in a mention that they never bought from her either.

No. 908546

so I just noticed that she holds her pencil in a way that pushes heavily into the junction between her thumb and index finger. now I know that everyone has their own way of holding the pencil that's natural since it's how they've always hold it but isnt the point of it being natural is that it's unconscious the most comfortable way to hold to them? cause I mean it doesnt seem to be because she does a lot of heavy linework.

No. 908563

i knew as soon as she mentioned her boyfriend suggested something to save time (testing color combinations digitally) she would immediately dismiss it for no reason

No. 908575


the dad is injured and stuck in bed…..seriously could this comic be more arrietty bootleg

No. 908598

Funny cause she said Arriety is her least favorite ghibli movie and doesn't like when people compare kara to it

No. 908622

she is either very strongly unconsciously influenced by it cus her visual library is small as shit, or completely consciously and just hates it when people point out the obvious.

No. 908639

File: 1577035427541.jpeg (410.41 KB, 750x1008, 97549364-C5B1-4FFD-A7AF-6C8166…)

300-600 is incredibly cheap for a wedding dress that isn’t a cheap knockoff….what does she expect?

No. 908652

She should go her usual cheap route and look for affordable dress options at Dollar General and Walmart. You know, to stay on-brand for her channel.

No. 908654

that’s absurdly cheap for a wedding dress.

No. 908659

I wonder how many $1-$5 commissions she’ll have to take on to cover the dress cost, ouch!

No. 908670

theres a lot of things you could do with the concept of 'little people' just having them being small humans living in a real humans house (but not borrowing their tems to use as clothes because thats 'demeaning' ??) sounds incredibly boring. Just…why is she making the comic?
Thats the problem a lot of kid lit artists have, they just make something because its easy and take no consideration to what kids actually like or want to read.

No. 908672

File: 1577041287679.jpg (70.94 KB, 410x360, A19998-2094680889.1514360872.j…)

like Hakumei & Mikochi, you can tell right away theyre not 100% human. I havent seen this anime but its already more compelling than just visual blandness

No. 908701

in this "interview" she said ppl kept saying her book is just like the borrowers, and then defends herself by saying "thats the point!!!" and then saying if she had an editor she could have gotten it better across that its supposed to be like that for the first book and then become different from the borrowers in the second one. Becca, you dont need an editor for that, just be more original

No. 908703


She could look into bridesmaid dresses, or any other white dress, or every other evening gown actually. A wedding dress does not have to be white.
Never understand why someone would buy a dress for 1k+ that they only would wear once (ideally).

No. 908716


she wanted to have vol 2 out by 2016 but its 2019 and shes only barely finished chapter 8 wow

No. 908718


its funny how she says that she tried to not take the anime kid mindset and think more like an adult and made kara a character that isnt cliche(princess, girly girl, tomboy, etccc..) when kara is very obviously the stereotypical klutzy 'quirky' mc like so many other western mcs

No. 908719


I like how she says "shes not a tomboy, she doesnt carry a gun" as if that has any correlation

No. 908786

Lol wtf

Shoujo main characters are all bland klutzy snowflakes too. Tbh her characters and writing feel very low tier 90s anime to me.

No. 908806

'a lot of readers like me saw Hermione as African british haitian and were upset when Emma Watson got casted'

yeah I call bullshit

No. 908907

Yeah like I honestly don't care at all about black Hermione, she's fine w/e but she was very clearly white in the illustrations within the books so claiming people were upset about Emma Watson in the early 2000s is a fucking reach.

No. 908924

File: 1577078319431.jpg (541.13 KB, 1280x1714, tumblr_p4m9dfnaR51w5w15ao1_128…)

More about her process. Does she take very long time in digital lettering and editing, because if what she said is true she painted a page a day.

That aside, I think her comic would read better if she draw it digitally like this

No. 908928


i didnt even recognize yorsuba there wow. and if it takes her a week to do 4-6 pages then how is it possible that in one year, she only did 2 chapters, i.e. about 60 pages?

No. 909006

i do wonder if she is really just extremely slow, maybe even a perfectionist (though that's probably a reach with her skills), or if she just fucks around all day instead of working. do we know how long she worked on the first chapter?

No. 909144

she spends all day making videos talking about drawing instead of just drawing

No. 909174

Doesn't she have untreated ADHD? People with ADHD typically struggle with motivating themselves to do literally anything and often can't commit to projects/deadlines. She probably spends most of her time procrastinating and when she does sit down to work it's only for a brief period or she gets distracted.

No. 909233

Yeah, but instead of recognising that this holds her back and working on it, she makes passive aggressive videos about how much she suffers from ADHD and demands money and praise for shitting out a comic page every so often. You can have ADHD and still get shit done, as long as you work hard on it, and Becca is too far up her own ass to do that.

No. 909302

There’s a lot of coping mechanisms you can learn when you have ADHD so you can function, like from experience it’s a struggle but it’s very common enough now especially in art twitter to find the resources you need. But like, if you need more help then like go see your doctors for reals? But yeah, Becca is the type of person that is also “everything is everyone else’s fault and not mine cuz I’m putting the hours in” kind of person so she’s far from being cognizant of her disability and how to work

No. 909303

She probably “babies” her pages so much like a traditional illustrator does instead of realizing that you can’t do that as an artist because of time. Like there’s so many ways you can make a watercolor comic page fast with shortcuts or make a page look like a watercolor in other ways, but she’s so set in her way is the “right” way that she’s too thick to realize she needs to speed up if she wants to tell her story or sell a book in any capacity. It makes me realize she probably has never worked freelance or worked with a very strict turnaround schedule for another person or a director before? Like she’d know better if she was working for someone else, she even takes her cheap ass con commissions home when she doesn’t finish and she only asks like 1$-5$ on those

No. 909892

File: 1577325625084.jpeg (179.11 KB, 733x922, 2A9C6CE8-BAA2-44AA-953F-53495C…)

Becca trying to make a wholesome and encouraging post for everyone only to turn it back into “give me money” again

No. 909896

File: 1577325775310.jpeg (372.42 KB, 750x964, 05DA9565-E96B-49DB-A887-B9208B…)

Remember when she said “I don’t have a sugar daddy”

No. 909904

in her latest buying guide she said instead of giving how to draw books for christmas for a kid, request them from a library. Talk about being cheap…

No. 909907

Did she think she was going to get rich and famous doing FREE classes for children??? Becca you aren't Bob Ross. Also if she wants money and recognition for hosting shitty classes why doesnt she just become an art teacher? Pretty sure she is qualified to become one with a Masters in fine arts.

No. 909928

this is from 2017 but she tried to make her own convention via livestream to try to sell stuff and holy shit why is this so funny to me. I've never heard of someone doing this


No. 909937

>instead of making demands on the faceless wider world, I challenge you

how about you challenge yourself becca? every other tweet is you screaming into the void about how everyone needs to give you money. god have mercy on her fiance, he must've really given up on life if he's planning to commit to this overgrown egotistical toddler for life.

No. 909945

she should be grateful anyone bought any commissions at all or even accepted such an absurd premise but instead she is complaining it wasn't enough, yet again

No. 909948


Becca gives off strong karen energy, like I can imagine her complaining loudly and being passive aggressive to the staff while asking for a manager

No. 909954

That's not as "glamorous" as being a convention artist, I guess.

What DOES she want? Like, does she expect her youtube channel to take off any day now? Does she expect people to send her money for literally no reason? Does she think being a con artist is actually a sustainable income? I don't really understand her goals. It feels like she's trying to stick her finger in every pie (youtube, cons, classes, reviews, webcomic etc) but she is mediocre at every single one so none of them succeed.

No. 909971

Comics/webcomics actually did some kind of streaming con in 2014 started by Danielle Corsetto of Girls with Slingshots called ComfyCon where webcomics people had panels and held sales in their online stores for it. Iirc it was moderately successful because people actually READ the comics the creators were from and they had reach on social media. Becca went into this cuz she had a grudge against mechacon, she was too slow for FCFS and couldn’t beg enough to be put on the waitlist, and didn’t have an online store or a good streaming setup

Becca making her own streaming con and going to the lengths of setting her fuckin table up is just too funny and her expectations that people who would go to mechacon would see her LOL. She acts as though she’s the draw for these people when it’s like, you’re kidding nothing but yourself Becca

No. 909982

the biggest flaw to her bussiness plan is how she states that she dislikes making fanart and will only makes fanart for stuff she really likes. Who the hell is gonna discover her and be attracted to her stuff based purely on her original art. And in addition, she talks about it as if people should flock to her regardless, that people should prioritize their sales around her. "Selling kara means more to me then selling fanart" "if you can, please buy kara instead to support me* btch its not their job to buy your stuff, it's your responsibility in drawing customers to you

No. 909997

The only reason I wouldn't consider him a sugar daddy is because sugar daddies generally pick women who are hot. That's not the case here lmao

No. 910012

sorry if nitpick, but i'm starting to hate becca's profile picture more and more. what she writes already gives away her shitty fake niceness, but the pfp just really puts that nail into the coffin, it's so annoying.

No. 910014

It's always the most bitter mediocre artists that look down on fan artists lol. Like I'm sorry you can't make a living with your shitty art Becca but stop acting like what you're doing is morally and intellectually superior to artists that are actually making it with art. You're not even close to doing that.

No. 910071

Or maybe he simply just loves his fiance and wants to support her

No. 910108

There's a difference between supporting her and enabling her to put his money into a comic nobody reads, expensive editing for shitty videos nobody watches, and conventions where she sells nothing. He looks miserable in videos and she's obviously bitter and upset 24/7. This goes way beyond "support".

No. 910262

File: 1577393352121.png (50.71 KB, 678x569, becca.PNG)

If Becca wasn't so insufferable I might actually feel a bit bad for her after reading this entry.

I can't believe she actually thinks she has an audience though. I figured most of the people who would stop by her table at cons only knew her for her 'how to be a con artist' shit and not actually for her art, or were random passerbys with an impulsive shopping habit and saw cheap commissions available.

She mentions fleeting popularity, but what popularity has she ever enjoyed? And yet despite realizing that cons cannot be depended on as an actual source of income, she refuses to get an actual job (art related or otherwise). I know the post is 2 years old, but still. She also only got 2 commissions during a 6 hour stream. Did she take 3 hours per commission or just stare blankly at the camera for most of the time?

No. 910291

I've only been tabling two years and am fully aware that the number of people that buy things from you at a con and then follow you online is small. She's delutional. The teenagers buying things from you at anime cons are not your 'fans' Becca they just want souvenirs for their mini vacations. She's so inside her own head it's unbelievable

No. 910340

This. It's not a situation of supporting a partner while they accomplish their dreams, he literally does EVERYTHING for her. He had to give up pursuing his own art career and get a normal job to support them both. Meanwhile Becca spergs into the void 8 hours a day and refuses to even get a part time job to contribute. She even admitted that she's made zero progress in the last decade. It is beyond time to throw in the towel but he continues to play caretaker/interviewer/punching bag to his womanchild fiance instead of putting his foot down.

No. 910397

…god just do something else becca. that made me aaaalmost sad but not enough to not remind myself what a selfish person she actually is behind her words of “I’m helping you guys fOR FREEEE so please pay me back for everything I’m doing for FREE.” Kara isn’t ever going to sell, hell almighty.

And the way she goes about complaining like shown above isn’t exactly helping her cause.

No. 910412

File: 1577405007905.png (1.73 MB, 1600x1067, Screenshot (510).png)

I am entirely new to this bitch but how DUMB do you have to be to think this is a good idea???

No. 910418

damn this is a really pathetic sight

No. 910419

The desperation is palpable

No. 910424

i honestly kind of want to get a table next to her at a con and sell a bunch of fanart and merch successfully just to see her seething hdsgguvnfjnjvf

No. 910427


this is so stupid wow the point of putting merch and prints on the table is so people c an shuffle through it and browse it irl. she couldve at least propped the charms up and made all the prints face the camera. also what is that muddy af mudkip

No. 910486

the livestream got 5 views too, over 6 hours, makes it even more pathetic

No. 910527

this part made me sad, giving up art for entitled pussy? i bet he's better than her as well and she got so offended that she made him quit.

No. 910547

This is one of the saddest pictures I've ever seen.

No. 910551


where are you watching this, none of the ustream links from the earlier blog link work

No. 910565

this is her own screencap she took and posted in the blog linked

No. 910634

oh how dreadful, a man actually sacrificing in a relationship rather then being pampered.

No. 910636

anon are you alright in the head? it doesn't matter whetever they are a man or a woman, dealing with a demanding and honestly embarrassing spouse like becca is hard. no one should need to completely provide for their partner, if he doesn't mind cus he can afford it, good for him, but i'm sure he'd rather have her also have an income to fall back on.

No. 910697

File: 1577472592694.png (129.09 KB, 599x505, udRs6pb.png)

Begga's asking for tips to buy what basically amounts to a bigger version of those foldable children's art kits.

No. 910699

He's not "supporting" you, he's enabling you. You're a leech, using his good will to piss away his money on fruitless ventures.

No. 910700

“Please donate money to me so I can donate opened art supplies to children”

No. 910724

Out of all the virtue signaling I've seen from internet artists Beccas is by far the most fucking annoying. How about you donate a new kit, for the children, especially if you're asking for donations. Artist loft is literally the cheapest student grade art supplies. The holier than thou attitude is the worst. I dont get why she's wanting to donate to new artists and then turn around and sperg out about those same baby artists ruining her "career" on twitter??

No. 910728

Judging from the hoard in her house from the videos she posts, she could easily just donate supplies she isn’t using for children’s charities instead of begging for donations to buy a kit and then donating it. Plus, no one is going to watch the fucking video so what’s the point? Does she do this shit to keep busy instead of working on her own crap? It’s no wonder she never improves.

No. 910732


It's putting the cart before the horse. People only seek opinions/help/tutorials from an artist after they've earned a reputation as a talented and respectable, not before.

No. 910765

File: 1577487408029.jpg (14.34 KB, 480x319, 1531401087257.jpg)

becca is squeezing the life and money out of her bert from seasame street looking ass husband.
do skillshare you talentless leech attempt to succeed on your own or else you're proving everybody that's laughing at you right.
oh god can you imagine if she has children? poor bert would have to raise him on his own and also be the breadwinner.

No. 910772

Considering how much Becca begs and bitches about money, I don't think he is comfortably supporting her. Which makes it all the more confusing that he seems to be moving forward with tying the knot, but I guess he's just given up at this point. Sunk cost I guess.

No one on this good earth has EVER asked for an Artist Loft product review, and especially not from Becca.

No. 910776

oops, wasn't trying to imply he is comfortably supporting her, just that in the really small off chance he is, he would probably rather have her have any kind of income.

No. 910805

I'm curious what he does for work, didn't they meet at art school? If he also has an art degree but isn't working in that field he probably isn't doing something that pays a lot, probably a dead end desk job that pays 50k a year max, if that. Certainly not enough to warrant spending 7 GRAND A MONTH on an editor. Even with a dual income most people could not comfortably spend that much per month on something like that.

No. 910830

I think she got her bachelors at a random ass state university in like studio art or something and they met there so he probably has an unrelated degree cuz she makes it sound like his art interest was a hobby but hers is the _real thing

No. 910839

I'm so curious how good/shitty his art is. Being better than Becca is a low bar but if he is that'd be pretty funny.

No. 910934

So for going to this con she wasted like 800$ and only sold 200$ worth of stuff? Also people were more interested in her charms rather than kara in an indie comics con lol

No. 910980

I watched all her con recaps and it’s sad that they’re all basically the same- losing money or just making pennies. She keeps saying “this con isn’t a big moneymaker for anyone” and that everyone always did as poorly as her during every con but that’s definitely not true. Ive gone to SPX for years and people’s books are always selling out, there’s a reason people fly to table there. And her complaint of no editors walking around- they are there Becca, they’re just not approaching you.

No. 911054

I have a theory that part of the reason Becca is so delutional is that 10 years ago when she was new to the con scene her competition was much more basic and on her level and now she just sees her own improvement in tunnel vision and doesn't seem to realize how far ahead of her people ten years younger than her are. She just blames it on 'kid lit' not being popular (which, it isn't at anime conventions.) but she hasn't improved in years.

Honestly though if she just switched to digital with line art instead of her hideous water color she would save time and sell more. Although I would also suggest she let go of Kara and start something completely different.

No. 911249

her mannerisms and delusion remind me of chris chan tbh

No. 911271

sage for off topic but I sorta think joseph is kinda cute

No. 911276

I'll never understand how a woman who's been on this planet for almost four decades can dress like a 4-year-old girl and a 60-year-old spinster at the same time.

No. 911279

File: 1577633034430.png (16.89 KB, 593x126, T0MYrQi.png)

I know 'cheap and accessable' are part of Beggar's brand, but something tells me that if she had the means to afford pricier supplies she'd be shilling them left and right without thinking twice. She's so self-absorbed and delusional that I could easily see her telling young artists to ask their parents to 'support their hobby' with expensive supplies if they were just a bit more accessable to Becca herself.

No. 911618

File: 1577693756864.jpg (347.79 KB, 1080x1458, Screenshot_20191229-235632.jpg)

I find it kinda ironic that she's the one answering this question

No. 911631

Tabling at a con and not at least having an online portfolio or social media to put on a business card is just shooting yourself in the foot. You don't need a following to make money at a con, but having something people can look up and spread word of mouth helps way more than it hurts.

No. 911647


this still sounds like her trying to promote/prove herself. 'There are plenty of artists who have no online presence and do well at cons'

No. 911669

I'm sorta worried about when Becca's plans on having kids. I can just imagine her taking a baby carrier to conventions because she just gotta sell those 1 dollar commissions. She might even try to use the baby to guilt trip people to buy her art.

No. 911720

Becca is the best cow!

No. 911788


oh god she would. anyone who give a casual "oh you baby's so cute" as theyre passing by would immediately be stopped by becca saying thank you and then rambling on about how being a mother is hard but even so she still makes an effort to come and attend cons for her 'fans'

No. 911837

File: 1577750104485.jpeg (435.01 KB, 1166x975, CCF6351B-0AAC-48A1-A071-AD8F93…)

No. 911838

Her response to a thread on Twitter discussing young artists being discouraged about low numbers and making art that is appealing.

No. 911839

Is she physically incapable of thinking about anyone but herself?

No. 911852

>little to show

It's like she's soooo close to a moment of revelation but just misses the mark. No one cares about your crusty ass Begga, not everyone is entitled to a successful art career.

No. 911925

File: 1577765552328.png (302.63 KB, 602x902, k_begga.png)

I have no words.

No. 911932

be kind

oh no someone tried to comment on her twitter and now she has to control the response

she used the same phrase when people complained they were being ignored in her art discord

No. 911977

>clearly i'm the reason this good product is so popular

No. 911981

She really offers little of substance in these reviews and the way she speaks grates on every nerve end, I dunno if it's just me though

No. 911987

File: 1577779875850.jpg (165.73 KB, 1200x675, garbage.jpg)

Pffft. Reminds me of pic related. Anyone who was even slightly artistically inclined as a kid had to deal with this horrible piece of junk.

Never, ever buy those kits that have like five different media in them. They're overpriced and they suck. Just buy small packages of things like paint or pencils until your kid figures out what they like.

As a kid, I literally got crayons from restaurants better than the ones in those kits.

No. 912004

not this discourse again please. some people like these some don’t. still there are a lot out there and it’s fair to try and find one that’s less bad than the rest.

No. 912008

It may just be me, but I swear I can almost feel the passive-aggressive anger Becca's feeling over not getting that damn kit. The whole "it's popular because of me' thing is just her way of trying to make herself feel better. She's such a fucking child.

No. 912021

It’s sold out because of Christmas you fucking woman child

No. 912026

I finally got around to watching this video and there’s a part at 16:15 where she accidentally puts the elevator audio over her main audio and it just completely blocks out a whole minute or so of her trying to talk about something. After a while I thought it was funny to listen to elevator music in place of her terribly grating voice lol. There’s also blurs that appear way too early and some that don’t even appear to cover other faces at all, like wow, $7000 a month for these edits? Yikes. Also around the 27:30 mark she talks about how she wishes the editors were given something to more easily identify them otherwise she “would try to sell to them the same way she would sell to anybody else” but does it really make a difference? If your work is good and compelling, why does an editor need a different selling pitch? I don’t sell books at cons so maybe there’s an actual reason but it just came off as weird to me.

No. 912038


Ahh yes I cracked up the first time I saw the audio part, also this is why the editors shouldnt have anything that identify them cause people would get weird around them trying to kiss up to them or making them various offers, it would be very overwhelming for an editor, I can also see becca totally doing all that to an editor and then being bitter when she gets rejected

No. 912064

Yeah all 3 parents you foisted your opinion on are def the reason. Is there a term for this level of delusion? It cant be healthy.

No. 912207

tried watching her new video and the music she chooses for the timelapses are just terrible wow

No. 912232

Just from the thumbnail you can see the deathgrip she has on the pencil kek

No. 912294

File: 1577862985596.jpg (480.46 KB, 1080x1769, notmilk.jpg)

old and not milky but it's not art cows if they don't blame their uni and teachers for their art failure

also real improvement?

No. 912298

Nah that’s exactly it. 10-15 years ago, it wasn’t as hard as it is to get into cons, especially like small ass anime cons like Becca does. Now it’s much harder cuz accessibility and social media have made much more better artists with stronger portfolios or actually merchandise that caters to people not to mention many big cons are juried now. It’s sad cuz she definitely is a member of AANI on Facebook especially since the “how to be a con artist” tumblr is one of the first places people recommend, so she KNOWS how tough the competition is and how good people are now but it’s a testament to her own pigheadedness that she thinks her basic stuff is still viable in this day and age

No. 912302

I THINK that’s the university of New Orleans? Which it’s like, what did you expect from a public university that doesn’t have a dedicated arts program in the field you’re interested in? It only lists “fine arts” and i wouldn’t doubt she was so dim that she didn’t get a tour of the facilities beforehand. I am an old too so I know how harder it was more than ten years ago to learn cuz there wasn’t as many online resources, but it’s telling that she SAYS she went and studied all those books but then now refuses to learn from the world around her still. She’s definitely one of those people who got their shitty college degrees and think that means they’re done learning

No. 912303

*adding: there is plenty of public universities in the United States that offer illustration and animation focused degrees, San Jose state in California is one of them, so there’s alternatives to expensive private art schools.

Tho begga ended up going to an expensive private art school anyway for her masters

No. 912309

The first two same pose girls look like they’re from a deviantart dress up game lol

No. 912320

God those swollen troll paws she draws on her 'chibi' are so fucking ugly. Truly trigger worthy.

No. 912322

At first thought these were recent pics lol but damn… I actually attended demos held by Glenn Vilppu and used that manual to study. It’d be a damn shame if he saw her current work and heard her boasting about “absorbing” his material… because it’s clear she hasn’t learned a fucking thing. If she ever attended one of his demos, he would for sure put her in her place. But knowing Becca, she thinks she’s better than master artists with decades of experience.

No. 912351

Honestly her shitty anime art shows a lot better use of color and perfectly passable digital work compared to her sloppy ass watercolors

No. 912467

File: 1577909467840.jpeg (410.71 KB, 750x1005, 0EB80AAC-249D-433A-9392-2AA9AC…)

Looks like she’s gonna make her fiancé take care of the kid lol

No. 912478

She is, by all definitions, a womanchild.

No. 912493

Praying that Joseph wises up before he has a kid with her, but he probably thinks a baby will magically turn her into a responsible person. They need to take that money they'd spend on a kid and use it to get her some therapy for her out of control ADHD instead.

No. 912571

God I hope Begga doesn't bring an innocent child into the world. I can already see the laundry list of neurosis and complexes that poor child would develop. God forbid they develop any artistic inclination. Becky would no doubt intentionally stifle her own kid's talent so they never surpass her and keep herself first. That, or she'd whore her 'art prodigy' baby art nerd out like a failed artist flavored Margo Palermo.

No. 912616

File: 1577933918640.jpeg (540.48 KB, 1152x2048, 80D7F535-52F3-48FB-9949-492A42…)

This is what she made with the art kit she asked for money for. She said this took her 10 HOURS…

No. 912648


The way she said digital art can be sterile and how she likes to see the "sketchiness" that an artist drew it and then delivers stuff like this… a good digital artist could have done this in 2 hours tops and looking less muddy, digital art is not sterile becca, and your art only looks muddy and dirty not "sketchy" and natural

No. 912649

No. 912650


which video is this from

No. 912665

why are the eyes so up high? why does the character have liver spots? are those supposed to be freckles?
i like the weird plant she drew so she wouldnt have to draw legs

No. 912695

File: 1577955593224.jpeg (124.6 KB, 818x1200, q5FfKbBh.jpg:medium.jpeg)

wait i just realized she didnt even come up with the name of race of the little people in her comics herself, she just straight ripped them from another fictional story

No. 912700


Nah, that novel is so old, Lilliputians became a standalone term over time and can nowadays generally refer to small people. But it has a racist undertone as it was used to described persons of short stature during freakshows. Wouldn't recommend using it for real people. It's a bit sad she doesn't use Gulliver for referencing, could enrich her comic.

No. 912713


the only ridiculous thing here is that you didn't know that Lilliputs were originally from Gulliver…

No. 912740

How does she still not know how to construct a human face

No. 912863


It was this video anon someone posted already earlier

No. 912914


this pisses me off as a digital artist. does she not know that there are pencil brushes? grandma clearly hasn't gotten used to the digital age. also kara's hair in the final panel is kinda annoying, why is the left side randomly curving out more but the hair on the head is held back. it honestly makes it look like shes balding on that side

No. 912973

she says she has a huge spending problem at cons, so much so that she makes her fiance go buy stuff for her because he is better with money and shes so impulsive that half the stuff she buys she doesnt even like…..in her SPX costs she spent more on buying comics than the money she earned??? I understand spending a lot on the hotel or table and not being able to make the costs back, but willingly spending more just buying at the convention than you sell? She does remind me of an older holly brown.

No. 913066

SPX usually has a ton of good comic creators from a bunch of different genres, I’m honestly surprised she managed to get a table there since it’s a lottery based con and she’s surrounded by much better children’s comics artists like Raina telgemier. But compulsive overspending (and compulsions in general) is a part of ADHD so of course she’s shifting the management of the problem to him rather than treating herself aka the actual problem

No. 913109

File: 1578064641261.png (327.69 KB, 640x537, begga.png)

>surprised she managed to get a table
>lottery based con

why surprised anon?

Also, Begga just posted this to her YT. The bottom two heads are passable, but when she starts to add "anatomy" to the top two it just looks so fucked, I can't understand how she doesn't see how shaky that line work is in the top row compared to the bottom.

No. 913110

The fourth head is the best art I've ever seen from her. She obviously has no knowledge of form, construction and anatomy but that sort of extremely stylised shape-based stuff looks kinda cute. Why does she draw Kara in the awful second style instead of this one?

No. 913143

Kara is a self insert. She claims she isn't but I side eye that so hard.

No. 913146

The fact that she denies it is so laughable

No. 913247

Oh god that top left head is so wrong

No. 913254


its like she went for realism but only with the nose

No. 913414

Honestly I feel that if she drew her comic like the bottom right, it'd be more successful

No. 913476

Right? It would be way more appealing to kids and even some teens might think it's cute enough to try. She should have switched to that style for the little people at least and ofc dropped watercolor.

No. 913477

"Young artiste and their new-fangled tablets!!! Digital art isn't as AUTHETIC as traditional! Also you are the reason I am poor and shitty!!!" -Begga, probably

I agree, that sort of style is universally cute to both kids and adults and has way more character. Her "manga-inspired" semi-realistic style is ugly and kinda uncanny. It's like the kind of art former weebs who learned to draw from anime make when they're trying to to learn realism, except they usually advance past that awkward in-between phase pretty quickly while Becca has been stuck there for over a decade.

No. 913490

I think I was more surprised she left whatever Midwest area town she lives in to do a con rather than the lottery but she’s done stuff like TCAF before (and mentioned the fishy things you have to do to bypass customs). She doesn’t do the con circuits and even then, only does small ass anime cons. Though not surprised nothing came out of SPX, her style is very similar to popular manga-like artists who do mainly kids stuff like faith Erin Hicks, so at a con like SPX there’s lots of publishers networking for many kids and YA comics, but her technique and inconsistency is really killing her.

No. 914455

File: 1578347379560.png (280.63 KB, 590x475, eE7OKZu.png)

Why the hell did she use this mess as the image for this post? The first thing you notice is the weird pencil grip.

No. 914473


i tried holding my tablet pen like that and how the heIl are you meant to do anything with that grip, you cant move your wrist at ALL

No. 914549

It looks like a penis, not a finger

No. 914580

Honestly if you're gonna do a cutesy style anyway nobody's gonna kick up a fuss if you draw this kid whole-fisting a pencil. But the attempt to make it look like a real holding of a pencil was her downfall

No. 914702

File: 1578373765397.png (31.48 KB, 653x534, karares.png)

Maybe one of her new year's resolutions should be to actually learn how to draw and stop being so bitter

No. 914705

Kinda sad the ADHD/anxiety and marriage stuff aren’t higher priorities on this list than the comic literally no one is interested in. I know this gets said often but it really is like staring into Holly Brown’s future.

No. 914711

I don't think they are being listed in order of importance.

No. 914715

>establish strong boundaries

…with who? Her non-existent audience? She knows literally NO ONE asks her for this shit, right?

No. 914739

Lol she acts like she's some poor helpless martyr who people have taken advantage of - when in reality, it was her choice to always do things no one cares about

No. 914741

Begga has an almost borderline level of 'I hate you, don't leave me' with her audience. She's obviously resentful of her wimpy audience and what they won't do for her but she's so insecure and delusional about her work. Nobody wants this ugly comic she's devoted her life to pumping out at a snail's pace. No one cares for her twitchy CWC-style rants about how she's so beleagured and overworked. Her brokeness is her own damn fault. Nobody looks at Begga "baby artists need me" Hillburn and sees someone worth supporting, and her numbers reflect that. Most of these 'baby artists' she talks about helping so much are more into people who actually do shit, like Jazza. Not some bitter womanchild who doesn't know how to dress with a 5-year grudge againts a stationary store who she still follows in case they do any giveaways.

No. 914838

File: 1578424136335.png (30.37 KB, 916x151, nsy.PNG)

Becca has been complaining in Discord as Youtube have marked her as a kids channel.

No. 914912

File: 1578436782365.png (49.1 KB, 946x275, Screenshot (96).png)

"I cant try out twitch you guys, it would make me actually focus on my art"

is that…not what she wants???

No. 914915

it's hilarious she words it as it not being her fault if she stops posting tutorials, and that it would be a blow to the community or something when she herself doesn't know fundamentals.

No. 914920

Okay, so she puts out tons of tutorials nobody asked for, goes on record calling herself a teacher despite her lack of skill, lack of charisma and minuscule audience then gets mad when people don't 'appreciate' her correctly.

Now she's considering moving to Twitch, where she'll have to build her audience from the ground up, get even fewer views per stream than she does per video and just continue being her same old mediocre self.

No. 914926

Shes not moving to twitch, someone in the discord asked her if she ever considered trying it and she said no

No. 914976

File: 1578444306528.jpg (135.45 KB, 1080x636, IMG_20200108_074442.jpg)

This is how you get arthritis.

No. 914979

File: 1578444516570.png (211.3 KB, 483x323, CaHmhxB.png)


No. 914980

She actually mentioned a few times she has arthritis now and got it in college

No. 914981


people naturally hold a pencil in a way thats most comfortable to them so why is she naturally holding it in a way that causes her pain i dont get this

No. 914982


lady you wouldnt even be able to move your wrist enough to draw that if thats really how you hold it

No. 914984

File: 1578445172481.jpeg (377.49 KB, 2048x1547, Vn72K2DB.jpg:large.jpeg)

i love how the stick is going through her dress and crotch

No. 914985

whoa what the hell is that, I've seen weird ways to hold a pen but this truly is wild

No. 915106

She would probably blame her bad pencil holding on not having learned how to hold one in college since she blamed it for not teaching her anatomy but like, its been like 15 years how long can u hold a grudge against not being good at learning

No. 915122

how many people are in her discord? i wanna join just to see the mess but i dun want her to like, zero in on me if theres barely anyone in it

No. 915125

I actually thought this was Becca's hand but then I saw the Sonichu…

No. 915128

File: 1578474479703.jpg (60.74 KB, 1080x592, Screenshot_20200108-100605_You…)

Samefag but Becca's hand for reference, so this is why she got a "drawing callus" on her hand…

No. 915132


tried it for like 2 minutes and the junction between my thumb and index already feels sore

No. 915133


if this is how she always holds pencils then its no sht her teachers were hard on her like shes not gonna be able to make smooth lines/curves or large circles like that, we can even see in her videos that she has to kinda manually drag her hand instead of using her wrist

No. 915181


The character is supposed to be sitting on the broom, so of course it goes through her crotch, I’m confused what you’re trying to say here. This one actually looks surprisingly okay-ish

No. 915201

yea, the broom makes sense and i like how the skirt poofs up, though the arm placement is weird.

i can't believe she was never told to correct her grip, there's no way no one noticed this. and if she knows she holds a pencil wrong she could correct it herself.

No. 915219

>yea, the broom makes sense and i like how the skirt poofs up, though the arm placement is weird.

It's rather about how the broom goes through the skirt in the front and skirt not folding under the broom. The width of front fold is rather small, so it would ride up a bit and fold inwards along the broom stick.

No. 915276

File: 1578512874210.jpg (675.39 KB, 2048x1547, IMG_0104 1 (1).jpg)

Same anon, with 5 min of free time. This is why it looks weird how she drew it (red lining the hem of the skirt).

No. 915279

File: 1578513126795.jpg (347.5 KB, 2048x1547, IMG_0104a.jpg)

And this is how it should look like. Tho whole pose if off balance and out of sync with the flight direction. So the skirt hole for the broom to go thru is the smallest issue.

No. 915466

Yeah Becca has no idea how clothing works, like on the photo >>906358 posted from her behance too, she just puts t-shirts on everything without knowing how things work on top of a figure plus how clothing adds to character designs. Like she has a vague understanding of draping in your first edit anon, but it’s very “I looked at sailor moon once and now I can draw folds” because that dress would be shorter in the front and lower in the back with where her edges are. Your edit is much better cuz it suggest the skirt is a full circle with the bunching in the front, but the whole outfit is like etc especially with a giant bow obscuring part of her face

No. 915763

File: 1578614929113.png (434.53 KB, 585x493, p0RMO3h.png)

I don't think her method of using cheap paper for entire watercolor comic pages is working for her. Shit looks patchy as fuck.

No. 915765

That adult man has the face of a thirteen year old girl with a beard lmao

No. 915769


their eyes most definitely are not looking at the same thing

No. 915779

God… Kara's dad is giving the viewer bedroom eyes. I don't like it.

No. 915811

That weird jutting shoulder… The creepy come hither stare. This character is genuinely frightening lol.

No. 915833


the ponytail lowkey looks like a d1ck

No. 915860

this is a holly tier hoard…i know its from 2016 but with the amount of reviews shes done since then its probably worse now

No. 915876

All plants are composed of cellulose, Becca. The difference is the texture, sizing and how it is milled. Also wtf why is she so insistent about using subpar watercolors over using good quality digital programs or idk, screentones and ink. Like wow it's not been an industry standard to use watercolor in a long form comic book ever for a goodreasons.

No. 915877


yeah she's only really doing it to seem unigue and quirky by being one of the few to "stick to the traditions" or whatever. it only works if she's actually good at it and I hate to admit it but a good example is kasey golden, she works watercolors really well(her actual drawing are sh1t though)

No. 915908

The worst part is her use of watercolors make her mediocre artwork look even worse. They're all just blobby muddy messes. Even just inking her lines before painting would make them look 10x better.

No. 916067

I can kind of understand doing a watercolor comic because it's a hobby, but flat washes with inked lines would look way better. Or a true lineless style like some artists do with flat gouache– either way, keeping it simple would help her drawing skills a lot

No. 916072

File: 1578693198402.jpg (697.28 KB, 1244x1920, sHBkewZ.jpg)

There's nothing inherently wrong about doing a comic in pencil with watercolor in the style Becca does it. The problem isn't the medium, it's that Becca is just really bad with watercolors.
Beasts of Burden is another comic done in watercolor, which uses some similar techniques as Becca's. The difference is that one artist knows that they're doing, and the other one doesn't.

No. 916098

File: 1578696590646.jpg (83.49 KB, 585x792, beautifuldarkness.jpg)

Beautiful Darkness is a full watercolor comic and it's gorgeous. Great-looking, elaborate watercolors are very possible, it's just Becca sucks too much to pull it off.

No. 916114

Yeah, Becca's biggest failing is honestly just her own incompetence as an artist. There are many Twitter artists with much fewer followers than Becca whose art posts regularly get a lot more attention than hers, because the people who follow them actually like their art. None of Becca's followers seem to give a fuck about her actual work, and most seem to be more interested in the reviews/resource posts.

No. 916149

Her twitter is very offputting to me because it’s just spam after spam of links to try to milk old shit she’s done, idk about you all but when I click on an art account and see “75k tweets” I immediately click off

No. 916237

Becca glorifies herself as if she was the only person who creates art tutorials and complaints how she should charge for her knowledge and how abused she is and then there is CSP that has hundreds of much more useful tutorials made by pros that are free to the public lol

No. 916245

File: 1578716809160.png (1.2 MB, 674x928, AAD040B0-0E6C-437C-AC18-617CFE…)

Since we’re also going down the watercolor comic hole here, Becca’s other weakness out of many is being stuck in the “I saw an anime once in the nineties” style she insists upon. BD’s like Blacksad are watercolor and a lot of European comics are very technically good in medium. I think Blacksad is digital now but are done in a style that mimics watercolors. But of course Becca has to be queen weeb except not actually

No. 916251

Also with Beasts of Burden, Jill Thompson has also been open about being slow because of her tendonitis/RSI’s too but she’s been in comics forever so it doesn’t take her five years to release an issue. All of Becca’s issues are just excuses and stuff she doesn’t understand she needs to work on but she has no self awareness

No. 916280

And she acts like even mentioning an art supply is her doing a great service to the company and she should be applauded and compensated for it

No. 916297

I love her grudge against jetpens cuz it’s like yeah wow Becca, their YouTube page with 300k subscribers really needs you, a YouTube personality with 10k, because they can’t just survive selling hard to find Japanese stationary around the world!

No. 916328

File: 1578745090203.jpg (657.85 KB, 1280x1969, 95e9cfb635be0c69d6dd1b8cc3c154…)

Hey, Becs, no excuse, there are actually american monthlies done all in watercolor. It's just all about skills. Which she'd have, if she didn't procrastinate.

(This ine is Ascender/Descender by Dustin Nguyen)

No. 916332

Why all the artcows have their workplace such a mess? Bayley and Holly too. They all hoard art supplies looking for next holly grail and their work is mediocre at best and yet they try to present themselves as art pros.

(And on the other hand there are the planner girls with sterile planner rooms and so fucking boring lifes they need to plan laundry.)

Is this a psychological thing? Peer pressure? Are those things related to how they present themselves because they try to live up to the stereotype of a messy artist?

No. 916340


My guess is mediocre artists need to keep trying shit because they can't seem to figure out what's not working. While experienced artists usually will stick with what they like and develop other skills (values, expressions, character design, basically everything that makes the above comics really stand out). New media can be super fun, but it's also pretty distracting if you're not careful

No. 916377

What size are Becca's pages again? This example is both subtle and nicely detailed, as opposed to the blobby mess Becca makes

No. 916386


It looks to me like she's working on A4 (or a similiar size you have in the US). It's definitely smaller than your avarage 9.4 x 12.6 in paper.

No. 916834

File: 1578821110199.png (2.55 MB, 1242x2208, 63E155E9-67A1-488F-B609-426477…)

In 10 hours, she has spammed this same image 8 times in between extremely mediocre how-to-draw segments… just look at all the dashes… jfc Becca, you don’t have to post this obsessively to your non-existent fanbase because “algorithms”. No one cares.

No. 916835


who is gonna pay $120 for 2 days of mediocre art hdsfrvuhbh

No. 916836

Lol wow must be a shitty art school if she’s allowed to teach there for money. Wasn’t she crying about like only two attendants to her cheap lessons at an art school?

No. 916841

That drawing on the right looks like one of Jazza's hideous bobblehead characters

No. 916880

if we discount the fact that she has no grip of fundamentals and will only teach stuff you could find for free on the internet, isn't this class overpriced or this is normal by us standards?

No. 916899

That is crazy overpriced, I took some art classes as a kid and it was usually around $5-$10 dollars a class, or $50-60 for 8 weeks I think. Thinking that people are gonna shill that much money out for a no-name talentless artist is crazy, especially if she's trying to aim this at kids (since no sensible adult would want to attend this).

No. 917316

Yeah it’s super overpriced especially since she’s a no-name and doesn’t even come from that college? So it’s mystifying why they are even doing something with her when it’s like, you’re better off letting a student or alumni teach for that much. Plus she’s advertising same, cheaper classes she offers at art stores cuz she’s been spamming HARD on Twitter most recently. Like tbh, you’re better off buying like a years membership to Skillshare cuz that’s only like a hundred bucks

No. 918305

File: 1579050989506.jpeg (256.93 KB, 750x1032, A108EA2E-BD83-4C1A-9BB1-4BB81B…)

oh yeah I totally want to be taught by master painter, begga.

No. 918425

Oh my god…

No. 918428


it would look a lot better if she used masking fluid but i bet it would be too "sterile" for her

also what is that foot its like playdough

No. 918455

Trying to understand who's foot that is and just, what is it connected to, this is a very confusing set up of limbs

No. 918464


i think its the dad's foot resting on a pillow but the perspective is just all kinds of fcked up

No. 918475

Oh god that arm hair, that foot… what the fuck, Becca

No. 918499

The choice of colors is so bad I didn't know what I was looking at for the longest time… the colors are so dark and all competing with each other, everything is so poorly painted as well

No. 918575

Are those freckles ???? It looks like they have a skin disease, each freckle shouldn’t be almost as big as an eyeball

No. 918677

Is that their bedroom? God that looks like a fucking mess.

All this trouble for a shitty art kit from the lowest-level store brand? Did this become one of her ADHD-fueled hyperfixations?

Also lol at the editing mistake at 2:10.

No. 918707

Is this the kit she begged for money for and bragged about how she was gonna donate it? Making an hour long video bashing it doesn’t look good after begging for money to get it, and this whole thing was made to “prove that there’s good cheap art kits” but it backfired a ton. This doesn’t make her look good.

No. 918708

File: 1579127396134.png (3.75 MB, 2208x1242, D3712981-2330-4FF6-8F3E-85D7D9…)

At 1:45 her fiancé whispers “Michaels” to her because she referred to the product as being from “Hobby Lobby”… twice.

And here I thought her hoarded workspace was bad, it looks like her whole home is that way too. This is just miserable to watch. She couldn’t get a tripod setup for this so she uses that poor bastard to do literally everything? Jfc dude, don’t put a ring on this.

No. 918709

Why is that so shit tho??? How the fuck is there gaps that big, it doesn't even look like a cute, stylistic choice, just looks like complete bum

No. 918710

She didnt even properly test the acrylics and oils, she just swatched each of them on a canvas…the quality of acrylics and oils comes down to how they blend and layer, and she didnt even test for that. Begging for money for this video just to give a half assed review. She didnt even draw a picture with it.

No. 918722

>At 1:45 her fiancé whispers “Michaels” to her because she referred to the product as being from “Hobby Lobby”… twice.

Oh no the horrors

No. 918763

I don’t think it’s a nitpick if her job (?) is to make YouTube videos. She got the info wrong and then didn’t even edit it? Pretty lacklustre

No. 918781

File: 1579132960687.png (1.71 MB, 1736x961, bec.png)

No. 918785

File: 1579133371704.png (3.58 MB, 1551x887, becca.png)

what is that face? why does she always make freckles look like liver spots. how can you draw for so long and still produce middle school art student tier work?

and she feels entitled to teach???

No. 918786

File: 1579133561570.jpg (98.33 KB, 540x790, same90.jpg)

i feel so bad for bert-fiancee. i dont even know if he's a decent person but no one deserves a womanchild as a partner.

No. 918794

It wasn’t even edited out ffs. She prides herself on being a professional at this and the video is rife with errors. You’d expect some quality especially after she begged for money in order to get this video made.

No. 918843

Fucking hell her living space stresses me out just looking at it. I can't imagine a non-ADHD person being able to live in this environment without losing their sanity. Most partners of people with untreated ADHD are incredibly miserable, so I can't imagine that he's happy in any capacity. For his sake I hope she ACTUALLY gets treatment but I feel like her ego is too big for it to work.

No. 918848

My 2020's predictions for Begga

>She's gonna marry bert by the end of this year

>She will have at least one child by 2023
>She will bring her baby to cons and use it as prop to goad people in to buying her shitty merch
>She will make zero progress in her art carrer
>She might start bringing up the fact she is a mother in all her conversations

No. 918853


oh she's definitely going to milk the whole 'oh im a mother but I still work freelance and put my book out because its how passionate I am, even with a baby to care for'

No. 918883

She spent five minutes on those? Most artists could draw a figure like that (and better) in half that time.

No. 918902

i think its supposed to be for parents, but
1) adults buy these because they're clueless, so they're not gonna look up a review saying if its good or not, and
2) they'd just read a quick one sentence review on amazon if anything, and not a video that's a fucking hour long

No. 918905

no, she hasnt bought that yet, she bought two other sets because she says the one she wants is sold out

No. 918911

File: 1579152464426.jpg (222.63 KB, 1600x1199, file.jpg)

Yeah I didn't want to sound nitpicky but I thought the same exact thing. It shouldn't take her 5 minutes to do shit like this considering how long she's been drawing/studied drawing for. Pic related is just one I pulled from google but this artist does in 30 seconds what Becca barely accomplished in 5 minutes.

No. 918914

>>918911 Yeah becca cares more about adding "anatomy" and all those tiny details rather than capturing the form of the pose and movement, that's why all of her art and studies look so stiff, she cares more about wasting hours and hours rendering (badly) rather than focus on her drawings.

No. 918918

And the anatomy is not even correct, that’s the big thing. Like why is the back leg of that jumping one bigger than the front and why is there so much space between whatever she thinks the rib cage is and the pelvis? She uses senshistock for these, which is a perfectly fine reference model source, but because all the models on there wear bathing suits, you don’t see the musculature you need if you’re gonna use it for studies. Also how convenient is it that the last pose on the right looks like every other standing figure with mismatched legs that she draws 90% of the time?

No. 918926

Becca is definitely one of those artists who thinks the more sketchy lines and unnecessary details you add, the more ~artistic~ the sketch looks.

Also I haven't seen the reference pic but the boobs on the jumping girl seem way too low set for a pose with the back arched/chest out.

No. 918929

I watched the video so you don't have to
She didn't know oil paint needed turpentine to use and complains that she can't swatch the oils because not even walmart has turpentine (they do)
the video is 20 minutes of overview, 20 minutes of swatching, then 20 minutes repeating what she said in the swatching.

If you're going to review these art kits at all a better way would be to have a 5 minute video showing artwork using the supplies, already made off screen not in real time… and then just say the pros and cons and prices of each and bottom line which you'd recommend to buy.

No. 918962

File: 1579161324364.jpeg (873.29 KB, 900x1840, A88AA546-DF6C-42B1-9FD2-4661AB…)

I can’t find the specific pose (she said she was using the pose timer and it probably pulls some poses senshistock only puts in her paid packs) but I’m pretty certain it’s from one of the jumping packs like this one so Becca doesn’t know anatomy well enough to actually put them on the pose. I actually thought in her drawing, the bottom of the ribcage she drew was actually the boobs. The bodysuit obscures the anatomy but someone who actually knows anatomy could still make a fluid figure and not the scary skeleton monsters Becca makes up

No. 919043

File: 1579175746388.jpg (149.1 KB, 1072x1023, bert.jpg)

Sage bcs late, found out bert actually works bioinformatics field. Bioinformatics scientst yearly income averaging 70k, google says.

No. 919082

Ugh, the rib cage on the left one looks like an extra pair of saggy titties

No. 919401

Becca’s nonexistent editing has been spoken of to death but FUCK. Pretty soon after the whispering she also says “just cut it” like cut the video but left it in… this isn’t complicated editing. She literally does the bare minimum of drag and dropping shit into the timeline. She can’t even be bothered to slightly cut the end of the clip off. Does she even watch her videos back? Probably not. She’s definitely quantity over quality, watering down what tiny bit of quality she already doesn’t have down to nothing.

Did she pay $7000 a month for editing because she’s too technologically stunted or what?? Kids who start out making terrible videos for shit and giggles can even cut these things out.

No. 919608


I still think those 7k editing costs are made up.
Or it's the overall cost for all her videos bc she roughly uploads a video a day, so that adds up.
Whatever. I doubt she is paying for editing at that point.

No. 919863

File: 1579303483964.jpg (223.38 KB, 1054x1284, Um_no.jpg)

No. 919874

man based on that little ass picture it looks like bert is more talented than becca in the drawing department
what the fuck is she talking about? has she seen baylee jay? even holly brown for that matter still has some kind of fan following despite churning out garbage with a matching attitude.
she's really doing quite the feat in mental gymnastics trying to justify her lack of success. it's amazing how much confidence she has in her mediocrity.

No. 919875

Baylee, Kasey, Pre-channel abandonment Holly, Rae, Waffles, Emily and Echo don't add ANY spectacle to their channels and are all successful. The problem isn't 'males are more popular' Begga, it's you.

No. 919882


literally its only jazza who's a prominent male in the online art community, it's basically mostly women.

No. 919899

If she compares herself to the likes of proko, moderndayjames or james gurney then she is delusional lol, of course they are men who are very successful in the educational art community but not because they are men but because they actually have a lot of useful knowledge they have shared and actually know how to do art, you can't even think your art is on the same level as theirs becca

No. 919925

File: 1579310038224.png (131.31 KB, 645x717, boofuckinghoo.png)


No. 919977

File: 1579316152432.jpeg (444.71 KB, 1108x1671, 6DCCFD9E-1CDF-4708-85EB-586357…)

She’s so fucking out of touch with art and comics that it’s embarrassing. We literally posted about Jill Thompson up higher in the thread with Beasts of Burden, she and like Colleen Doran and Nicola Scott have been in comics since the nineties. And western “big-two” type comics are of course predominately male, BUT if you look at indie and children’s comics, then the market is half of not mostly female? Manga, webtoon, children’s books, like the inherent perceived misogyny she has of an industry she’s not even a part of is an excuse. Like go fuckin sperg on cape comics but she’s stupid cuz that’s not a type of comic she wants to do. Artists like Raina Telgemier have been on the NYT bestsellers list bigger than cape comics and she does kids comics.

You just have to have GOOD art. And also checking out who she follows on social media, they’re all prominent industry artists and mostly female. Like this isn’t an excuse anymore, there’s been women in various illustration industries for years.

No. 920050

File: 1579339006877.jpeg (272.13 KB, 1080x1622, BvzP90E-.jpg:large.jpeg)

how did this take her 2 months to SKETCH

No. 920057

She says it’s huge so it’s taking a long time but if it’s digital how does size matter??? Does she only work on things at 100% size or something fucking stupid?
She needs to make up better excuses…

No. 920381

She has no sense of time or urgency to do anything, like she doesn’t set deadlines for herself which is a must if you’re working for yourself or doing something like a webcomic with a schedule. So she can waste time doing fuck all on a sketch that doesn’t even have proper perspective or anatomy (like is that rabbit like half chicken or something? It doesn’t even have front legs) and being all woe is me cuz it took her so long. I think she’s too dim to realize and has no experience working as an illustrator (aka working for someone else) that she’s never gonna do anything at the pace she’s “working” at, she’ll die of old age before she even starts the second chapter of her comic

No. 920418

Rabbits and cats don’t walk the same way Becca. Rabbits hop and don’t awkwardly stand like that on their tip toes. How do you have access to thousands of google images and still get it wrong??

No. 920605


Those animals are either too small or those mushrooms are way too big.

No. 920619

File: 1579479558068.png (257.48 KB, 1208x1102, Screenshot 2020-01-20 at 12.17…)

She was venting about how it's okay to want to see an end result from years of "investment" into her art.

No. 920896

Lmao at least holly will actually have a back and forth with her fans, Becca just screams into the void like this without even trying to be sociable or make jokes.. it’s kinda sad tbh. She needs friends to vent to, this isn’t a good look

No. 921151


"Investment" generally involves planning, and also not being a leech.

No. 921152

File: 1579576333458.png (452.46 KB, 1080x1541, Muddy.png)

poor animal looks like it's dipped in a mud

No. 921169

how is it standing with both legs raised on one side and her leaning on it

No. 921174


her boots and part of her pants basically blends into the tortoise. also for a merchant, someone who sells their goods/wares, that's a really messy wau of loading her items onto transport. Why not have the tortoise pull a wagon, wont everything spill out the minute she undoes the net

No. 921178


also the girl herself isnt even making contact with the ground so all her weight is on the tortoise

No. 921179


that left front leg is 100% not attached to the rest of the animal

No. 921182

File: 1579580064168.jpeg (110.54 KB, 546x680, L--FCfGK.jpg:small.jpeg)

why does she insist on drawing these ugly af noses? also the fact that she needs this much sketch lines for something this simple is sad

No. 921185

I wish she'd stop using granulating paints inappropriately or use higher quality watercolor paper.

No. 921203

File: 1579583131672.png (8.84 KB, 768x480, FMV_(The_Faces_of_Evil).png)

Becca's art reminds me of the legend of zelda CDI animations, they are both on the same art level

No. 921223

Why does she work so dark in watercolor of all mediums??? Her shit looks muddy because theres no contrast at all.

No. 921247

File: 1579594601588.jpeg (260.4 KB, 1080x1540, rO701Szx.jpg:large.jpeg)


i put it in grayscale for comparison, it looks like a huge mush of shadows

No. 921259

the illustration itself is fine
but yeah, there's no contrast. Either the tortoise needed to be a lighter colour or the main character needed a brighter palette.
Doesn't help that the pants and her skin tone are identical to the tortoise skin

No. 921284

The darks and lights seem so randomly placed

No. 921308

File: 1579616813790.jpg (674.84 KB, 2411x3017, becca.jpg)


It's really such a shame, because the illustration could actually be decent with some good colors. Normally you see amateurs draw polished turds but becca has flipped even that on it's head. Not only are the values totally screwed but she has no knowledge on color theory either, like how hard would it be to do a little bit of research? This artwork seems to be middle eastern/ south-east asian themed, so it shouldn't have been so hard to do a simple google search on colors and patterns they wear to use in your artwork.

No. 921551

I’m astonished she thinks black is a shading color like she hasn’t grasped color at all. Watercolor is supposed to be a transparent medium too so going 100% black on the shadows is just so amateur and sloppy

Considering she has no idea about whatever illustration industry she wants to work in, I doubt she would spend any braincell of hers doing “research” for an illustration. Her stuff always shows a superficial understanding of anything

No. 924140

File: 1580062229376.jpeg (104.79 KB, 640x480, 6E05F37C-EE77-47B3-B9C9-7DBFA8…)

Perhaps this isn’t milk— is it a common practice for artists to ask for donations to make a review? The markers in the screencap are $35.

She claims to donate them afterward.

No. 924172

I don’t see the point in it. There’s plenty of reviews on these markers, why pay money to just see her swatch something everyone else already has done, they should use thier money to just buy the markers instead of donating it to her for her opinion.

No. 924192

Well, she's always been good at the bargain bin look. All it needs is muddy watercolours and a rant about how nobody appreciates her epic skills.

This would make so much more sense if she was asking for money to buy new art supplies to do commissions or something.

No. 924193

The bottom right tweet, there she goes thinking she’s doing everyone a great service again by not charging for “time and exp testing, recording and editing”… for a box of cheapo markers she could probably easily afford or bug her fiancé for. God she is so entitled.

No. 924290

At the very least she could do a giveaway with the markers to one of her subscribers or something. But a library, really?

No. 924300

Has Begga ever done a giveaway, or does she insist on 'donating' to these nebulous 'children in need' or 'the library' (a shelf in her studio)? Tinfoil, but I don't think she's actually giving away anything after she reviews it.

No. 924338

That would explain her hoard of unused supplies. Besides, kids don't even care about quality art stuff - they just want supplies that are easy and fun to use. Becca has seriously misguided intentions

No. 924509

Catherine from Katnipp just reviewed the ohuhu markers just the other day and she was given those markers by the company. I don’t know what her goal was but it just really seems kind of cheap that you have to do a fundraiser for $35, like if your “job” of making art and videos isn’t giving you enough revenue to have a spare 35$ to make a video, then something is wrong there. Plus she has a patreon, she couldn’t just do that there?

I hopped over to her patreon and she has a long public post about being “newly inspired” to work but has ADHD. Was she even formally diagnosed or is she just self hopping that bandwagon? A lot of people in indie comics and creative industries online on twitter have adhd and I’m wondering if she just self diagnosed cuz of her issues but is now just milking it for sympathy instead of actually getting help for it

No. 924541

I think this is her way of getting something from her audience like "hey you want me to review this product? well you gotta pay for it" just so she feels she is getting compensation out of her videos

No. 924612

In her adhd series she said she was diagnosed and used to be medicated. But she uses it as an excuse to not do anything; so many successful artists have adhd or other roadblocks. The creator of Pokémon has autism.

No. 924790

New video, so she has money to buy multiple planners but not for supply reviews, also lol complaining and being salty about inspirational quotes being on some planners cause the people who make them don't care about her but only care about making money

No. 924844

If you need to beg for $35 dollars to buy markers to review, you shouldn't be buying those markers. I've never heard of art supply reviewers asking for money to buy products to review before. Honestly, most of the ones I know of get art supplies sent to them by companies for free in exchange for a review, so the company can get the attention and promotion.

No. 924875

It's funny because she has once said that she has issues with crowdfunding for enamel pins because they 'don't cost that much to make' and people can easily save up the amount needed

No. 924899

God she’s an idiot, that doesn’t make sense at all. Enamel pins can cost upwards of a couple hundred to make and she can’t even afford 40$. Sure, you can save up the amount to fund a run of enamel pins but like, if you have an actual job that pays you money, begga.

No. 924947

File: 1580213835349.jpeg (111.06 KB, 475x640, B8F42670-E27C-4B6F-8A88-E62644…)

From her watercolor tutorial she just posted on her blogspot

No. 924979

That's some Holly Brown style horror-food, even has the lean.

No. 924981


The whipped cream looks like poop

No. 925033

Everything’s so bright, is this baby’s first watercolor class or does she really think this looks aesthetically pleasing?

No. 925062


kek It's a change form her usual muddy colours.


She shades as if she would use markers.
And the arrangement is also so not pleasing.

No. 925396

File: 1580303412557.jpeg (114.85 KB, 640x429, E0A7F03E-1F3A-499E-AA28-561E58…)

This is from the same entry as the dessert one, it looks like she just uses straight up tube colors and doesn’t mix any of her colors together, which explains why they’re vibrant but none of the colors look like they’re blended like a marker in addition to her no knowing jack shit about color theory. Her palette is super clean too,. The other examples she uses a Japanese style paint set (cuz of course she has to show off more than one) and those have no mixing areas so like yeah, she has no idea how to use the mediums she thinks she specializes in

No. 925397

File: 1580303727819.jpeg (268.61 KB, 1200x1200, E927ADED-D9DD-4820-BA68-2FDF0D…)

Compared to more better watercolor artists (this is Iraville on IG), her palettes are always messy AF cuz she mixes her colors and that keeps them harmonious (and she said in an IG AMA she never washes them out either). Her style is clean too even tho she uses watercolor so I feel Begga blaming watercolors on her messiness is just another one of her excuses that’s not just herself

No. 925652

File: 1580341083219.png (1.28 MB, 656x899, oh_no_begga.png)

https://twitter.com/Nattosoup/status/1222646818649055241?s=20 sauce.

Her face looks like its melting under her eyes

No. 925701

she complains about jetpens at the end

No. 925746

File: 1580356693516.png (138.7 KB, 1010x561, Screenshot (124).png)

No. 925754

Begga just cannot keep Jetpens out of her mouth.

No. 925758


its so obvious that she was too lazy/didn't know how to draw fruits layering one another so she just made *)% of the parfait, cream

No. 925759

No. 925764

God it looks like she has dark circles or even black eyes bruises. Is that supposed to be blush or shading?

Plus Becca shades every section individually without giving the whole thing an overall light source

I will say that I like this better than all her other stuff though - the colors aren't too gross, and the edges are reasonably smooth and clear

No. 925769

Art like this makes me think Becca art is hindered with her using watercolors. Dont get me wrong it's all still flawed with or without but it seems like she doesn't have the foresight needed to use a medium like watercolor which takes some more meticulous planning than for something like digital art on a tablet where you can erase and easily change things if needed to.
It's still all flawed fundamentally though and the first real improvements should be made there regarding things like composition, proportion and basic color theory.

No. 925772

She pillow shades and it kills me.
And of course her lack of knowledge with values doesn't help this. Her darkest dark is just the dark red on the belt/tassels and hair bow, but that's it. It's not even that dark or in the right places, assuming the light source is coming from the top or upper righthand side.

Her work could look slightly better if she did something as simple as adding thin lineart in black or brown ink to separate the mud puddles of color. Not full hard lines.
Just something to help reinforce the forms and give more of a sense of depth. But as >>925769 says, she seems to lack the foresight to experiment and think about her work this way.

No. 925862

It’s hilarious her unawareness of everything around her cuz like, people think you’re entitled Begga cuz you keep trying to extort supplies from jetpens and running your grudge all over social media cuz you think you’re the queen of webcomics cuz you work ever so hard.

I don’t know what point she’s trying to make with this cuz is she mad at younger artists for actually working paying jobs to buy supplies? Is she surprised that labor + time = money, not realizing she literally had a fundraiser two days ago to get 40$ ?? Like ok go off

No. 925863

I think she’s too deep into making watercolor comics her “style” that it’s a sunk cost fallacy now. She’s wasted so much of her time making her shitty watercolors that she probably feels she can’t up and do something new or learn more than her shitty technique, completely unaware she’s doing damage to her career. Her old digital art imo is loads better than her current watercolor style cuz it isn’t and doesn’t have a chance to be muddy as fuck. Shes like watching a train wreck

No. 927568

File: 1580704686440.jpg (262.28 KB, 1080x1225, IMG_20200203_104917.jpg)

No. 927589

File: 1580717217303.jpeg (134.39 KB, 940x788, EPuok9CXsAAF1Mj.jpeg)

these chibis look like theyre jazza's

No. 927595

>I thought it would earn me friends and supporters
I love how she pretends she does all these stupid tutorials and lessons out of the goodness of her own heart and in the same breath outright admits she did it for popularity and money. Just get a fucking job, Begga. Go work part time at a Michaels or Hobby Lobby or some shit if you want to be paid for your time.

No. 927596

Tbh jazza’s look better cuz most of his work looks done. Ugly, but completed.

No. 927598

Honestly she's such a paradox, it seems. On the one hand, she's saying how good she is for making tutorials and art supply reviews, but at the same time complains and complains about not being famous and not being recognised.
In her discord, she was saying how it's not wrong to expect returns from what she's done, like commissions or comics. She was saying how if she puts energy into it, it's fine to expect something back. When the reality is that online art, webcomics, and youtube are usually fruitless endeavours. Not many people go into these fields expecting a direct return monetarily or popularity wise. People make youtube content or webcomics because they want to, and maybe sure they might have the idea that they want to be noticed some day, but for the most part it's incredibly disheartening to expect it.

Anyway that was a blogpost. Becca needs to learn how to enjoy art as opposed to thinking of it as a money maker. Maybe then she'll start to improve.

No. 927614

Im on her server and she has a tendency to make everything anyone says about herself. It's quite annoying.

In the vent channel, someone will vent and she will say "Oh, I know how that feels, when I was working on Kara.."

You can tell how bitter she is. If she was sincere she would have way more connections in the art world, but just like Holly, she likes looking down on people and thinks she deserves better.

No. 927627

Okay fine Becca, protect your sacred knowledge and let's see how it goes

No. 927749

>If someone wants it for free, they can look it up. It's there now

?? The internet didn't just come into existence yesterday Begga. This is no longer the early 2000s. Free art tutorials are abundant on the internet nowdays, 99% of them much much better than yours.

It's no one's fault but her own that she's an idiot and thought her knowledge was worth anything and spent god knows how long putting out shitty tutorials when she could've been working an actual job or improving herself.

No. 927772

The sad/funny thing is that there's not a single thing Begga claims to know that hasn't already been taught by a better artist.

No. 927785


exactly. she constantly raves about how the howtobeaconartist blog has helped so many people but its clear that kiriska carries the bulk of it, begga herself just uses it to ramble about herself and promo her events

No. 928428

Even her events are overpriced. You can just snag a skillshare membership or trial and learn from a ton of better artists for way cheaper than the classes she offers but she’s just a teacher for people who don’t know any better. They’re worse than her if they think they can learn things like “manga basics” from her, it’s like she uses teaching to also pad her ego

No. 928950

I feel bad for her 'students' because they're probably just hobbyists doing it for fun, so they don't know what to look for.

No. 929080

File: 1581042687983.png (162.53 KB, 596x384, V8HpaD9.png)

I can't help but think that retweeting this was some kind of passive-aggressive remark on Becca's part.

No. 929186


begga that only applies when theres a demand for the labor

No. 929210

File: 1581071365885.jpeg (264.39 KB, 1080x1498, bne0vysy.jpg:large.jpeg)

not milk

found this on r/choosenbeggar and i doubt this is our begga but i honestly would not be surprised if it is

No. 929221


Just for the sake of entertainment I choose to believe it's our very own Becca

She would probably blame her lack of response on her adhd, and then insist that the week she 'spent' working on this project was wasted, and since time=money, she has been robbed. Robbed of time, of course, that could have been spent working on her comic that she barely has time for because she is always being used for her skills and not compensated!

Poor, poor Becca

No. 929341

Link to the post?

No. 929383

No. 929431

>I'M the pro and YOU are a student!!!!!!

Begga your income is literally 5 dollars a year, calm down.

No. 929432

Wow, Bitcha.

No. 929433

That noël anon is far too patient. Becca doesn't deserve them.

No. 929434

I can just imagine her eyes bugging out, voice raising and body twitching as she goes on about how she's GREAT and PROFESSIONAL and TOO GOOD for a LOWLY hairdryer.

No. 929442


Holy shit what a cunt! I have never seen someone so condescending before and how dare she get all pissy at a question and then in the same breath talks down to the other person just because they're a student. Becca was a huge fucking cunt here and her status as a "professional" means nothing when her fucking life project of a comic is in every aspect a massive failure.

Becca reminds me of the 20-30 year olds who've never had power in their lives so when they finally become an adult, they become a total cunt towards anyone younger than them; demanding respect while talking down at them and if they dare to speak up to you, you get the "You'll understand when you're older" excuse. Everything about becca just reeks of that and it's one of the personality types I hate the most.

Noel should've also stood up to herself and called becca out for that but I can understand why she would not. I hope the next time she does though. Gosh I almost wanna burst into the server and call her out myself, getting really tired of this shit.

No. 929448

File: 1581120222235.png (543.79 KB, 1042x2796, becca is fucking rude2.png)

discord anon here :) i deleted >929423 because i didnt want to doxx the other person lmao. reposting so anons can read it

No. 929460

File: 1581121622798.png (204.52 KB, 1002x1350, beccamessage.png)


Ok I did what I threatened on doing and shot her a message. I don't even care anymore, her attitude towards everyone is so awful and someone needs to say it to her straight up. Sorry that the formatting is garbage, writing a such a long message on a small chatbox was a mistake.

No. 929464

your conviction is admirable but damn the cowtipping is disgusting lmao i dont have autismo but im sure it doesnt feel good

No. 929468

congrats on looking like a big ol retard

No. 929470


this is gonna give her a free victimizing pass but itll be funny to see how she responds to it. I hope you didnt use your main account to do that cause I wouldnt put it pass begga to send people to you

No. 929473

File: 1581123801766.gif (220.39 KB, 500x378, 54654854.gif)

kek narcs like becca don't learn and won't ever learn. you just outted yourself to her and now she can be a perma victim.
you can show her how horrible she is, use all the evidence and thoroughly explain it to her but you'll achieve nothing. in her little narc mind all she can she is shes a victim and a martyr forever and always and nothing will change that.s

No. 929478

You sound like Chris Chan lol.

No. 929485

File: 1581125245003.jpg (3.03 MB, 2029x2934, ENUFdUzWwAAQLdC.jpg)

I think the best part is that the artist Becca was talking to is a better than she is, and actually knows how to use her tools well, and actually seems to have people who enjoy her art, looking at her social media numbers. Becca needs to seriously pull her head out of her ass. This artist's works looks way more professional than hers

No. 929488

If this was the artist she was being a cunt to, then maybe SHE needs to be the student cuz this application of paint is WAYYYYY better than whatever stuff Begga makes, like they actually understand the medium they work in wow

No. 929489

Oh my god I want to print this screenshot out just so I can rip it into a million pieces and set it on fire

No. 929493


do they have any watercolor works we can use to compare with begga's?

No. 929555

Cowtipping aside, this is pretty pointless. I'd be very, very surprised if this made even a tiny dent in Becca's impermeable ego. Like, a lot of the cows here put up a big front and act egotistical but it's just to cover up their insecurity. That isn't Becca. She is incapable of finding fault in herself and if someone else points out one of her faults it falls on completely deaf ears. She'll pick out one tiny phrase in your message to her and twist it into proof that you're jealous of all her accomplishments, or something like that. Or hell, she could twist the whole thing so you're actually praising her! She's literally delusional.

No. 929556

Sage for rambling but Becca overestimates herself too much and thinks it's everyone's fault she is not a popular shoujo mangaka with a ghibli movie based on kara right now, she thinks she works hard but she actually just produces garbage and expects people to buy it and appreciate it, she can try and blame it on sexism or mean editors who ignore her "potential" but at the end of the day the blame is all on her, her shitty attitude, crappy art, and poor story telling skills. And no matter how much she screams and yells into the void it won't change her reality of being a failure as an artist. Hell in a sense she even reminds me of dobson.

No. 929562

File: 1581137591276.jpeg (875.48 KB, 1218x1600, ffvf.jpeg)

the rabbits in the back are either on a hay wall or the ground just chose to stop continuing beyond them. becca really cant do perspective can she

No. 929565


did the rabbits sht on the hay or what

No. 929575

She is such a massive condescending cunt. How hard is it to discuss different art methods without getting defensive? Does she also not realize hair dryers have a cool and a low setting?
”oh you sweet dear, I forget you are a student and thus inferior to a professional such as myself" barf

No. 929584

I just started playing this as background noise so I haven’t been paying attention to the actual substance of the video, but she keeps cutting her audio clips a couple seconds too early or just leaving weird long pauses mid sentence and it’s fucking annoying. This is basic editing Begga, holy shit.

No. 929612

Yeah, she always draws feet like that on her figures so there’s no plane definition so the legs are different lengths. And the rabbit in the foreground is smaller than ones in the background, so her sense of scale is still off as well, like if she is supposed to be small then why is everything similar sized? If she knew what a horizon line was then it’d help the image but since she’s always right and never wrong, then it’s OUR fault for her image is incorrect.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a personality disorder on top of the adhd, she’s a complete narcissist to the point where she can’t see any of her flaws and she’s so used to being the only artist teacher in her area and head that any critique is an attack on her. She paid her way to her degrees but she wouldn’t be able to work with an editor or an agent or something with her condescending and shitty attitude, she’s lucky she even gets work teaching ten year olds at an art store.

No. 929694

It's a very dramatic scene in which poor mama bunny is being pushed off a hay-covered cliff by her two nefarious babies while 7-inch Dildo has her back turned

No. 929696

I don't think she's rude and condescending to people like editors or agents– she seems to fetishize authority so she'd probably just pretend to listen to people like that, though any criticism they gave her would just be water off a duck's back. She's an asshole to anyone younger or with less education than her because she thinks they should all respect her authoritah & she gets livid if one of them DARES give her advice when she obviously knows better. She's probably pretty good with teaching little kids, because they'd consider her an authority figure no matter how bad her art is because… they're kids.

No. 929834

Why would you do that

No. 929946

Truly you know how to review such a fine piece of work. Cracked up tf up, anon.

No. 929994

Been going through the old vlogs lately and there are so many hidden gems. She’s been truly insane for a long ass time, maybe even forever.

No. 930005

File: 1581256283731.png (445.99 KB, 1280x433, tumblr_q56rwceP2c1x4dymxo1_128…)

>Hell in a sense she even reminds me of dobson.
Lets not go that far, despite her many many faults Becca at least has an outer shell of normality and some common sense, she doesn't even come close to the entitlement and hypocrisy of Dobson

No. 930140

Holy shit this video is bad, it's painful to even sit through. I don't know how she thinks this is acceptable to deliver. Her patreon shilling is also extremely creepy in this video, she sounds deranged at parts whenever she mentions her artnerds. Maybe she thinks if she shouts it from the top of her lungs more people will want to give her their money

No. 930158

I agree with you anon that Dobson is far worse, but career wise they are similar, both failed artists in their 30's who feel entitled to sucess and blame everyone else for their faults.

No. 930264

she's an art teacher, that's way more Dobson has ever achieved, and at least Becca tries

No. 930309

I’m not a watercolor artist, even then I could tell she doesn’t know how to really use them. Like her black character looks so washed out and like she has vitiligo. Why does she need to put so much water on it no wonder it takes forever to dry and she can’t use a hairdryer. I can’t think of another YT artist this shitty with watercolors.

No. 930340

Tbh I don’t think she’s ever worked for anyone similar to an editor and anything outside of her personal commissions, and she doesn’t seem to have any meaningful art related friends who are willing to give her any sort of reality check. No doubt cuz of her personality and insisting she’s the ONLY person doing her kinds of stuff, like she’s going on and on about being in a “niche” when kids comics are pretty big in publishing, she’s just too dumb and stubborn to even try. She really should just become a schoolteacher cuz at least it’ll be a consistent income, but she’s also one of those people who think cuz they went to art school and paid for a degree, she’s “done” learning

No. 930375

Well Dobson actually had fame for a period of time a decade ago, hit frontpage every other day on DeviantArt. Becca has never reached this level of attention if not for a viral tweet linking to resources.

No. 930405

Wouldn’t she have applied for a school teaching position by now? Tinfoil, but I doubt she’d make it past the interview process because I can’t see anyone wanting to work with her for more than a 2hr workshop.

Speaking of, She’s not really an art teacher. She’s a workshop teacher. There’s a huge difference between putting in 40 hours with 100+ students and 4 hours for 6 kids and 2 of their parents.

No. 930502


Let's not forget that there are lots of studied teachers, why should anyone employ her as teacher.

No. 930562

Being a school teacher would require obtaining a teaching license (depends on the state but I think most states require one, and whatever other hoops Texas/Louisiana might put in place to get the license/keep it) and Begga definitely does not have the money to go back to school or even do one of those fast track education programs to get one. She churns out her "life passion" of a comic at a snails pace, she'd fucking shit herself having to stick to the demands of a school schedule with lesson planning, grading, etc. It would be consistent income but there's no way she would last.

No. 930584

She does has an MFA but in one of her vlogs they told her her MFA doesn’t count or something

No. 930602

Yeah she has an MFA from SCAD I think in sequentials and comic books but there wasn’t an established program for it then (like ten plus years ago I think?) so it basically was a self-directed degree for a “masters”. Plus masters in fine arts degrees are basically just portfolio building classes, she could have also gotten her teaching credentials while doing it but I think she was so jet set on being this fantasy of a children’s book comic artist that she didn’t know you need money to eat. And SCAD is one of those diploma mill art colleges too, they’ll basically give you a degree if you pay for it

No. 930684

Dobson just happaned to be in the right place in the right time, when deviantart was still a new placee and hadn't found its proper footing

No. 930713

Elementary school art teachers don't have to be amazing artists, but they have to deal well with children. Becca wouldn't be able to handle a bunch of kids making messes and playing around, and she would end up becoming one of those useless cranky teachers that every student hates

No. 930859

I'm not surprised they told her it doesn't count. Just because she has a masters in anything doesn't mean she's got the background or knowledge to teach in a proper classroom setting. Like >>930405 said, there's a crazy difference between "teaching" a handful of kids/adults for like two days out of the week for a couple of hours, versus hundreds of students with 40 hours in the classroom and god knows how many more outside of it. I've tried to watch some of her workshop videos but it's so fucking boring- how would a classroom of 30 kids deal with that? She also just goes on and on about a whole bunch of irrelevant shit lol.

No. 930866

File: 1581436176249.jpg (511.79 KB, 1080x1423, 20200211_094705.jpg)

Apparently requesting for kofi donations for her reviews is Becca's way to stablish strong boundaries with her audience

No. 930954

why is she making absolutely everything negative, her bitterness just oozes out of everything she writes.
she could have said "sometimes my audience wants me to review supplies I wouldn't usually buy for myself, ie really cheap or bullet point markers, since money is tight you may want to consider donating if you would like me to diversify my reviews", way easier than all that whining.

>even WALMART !!


No. 931004

This is so baffling to me because I'm sure I've watched a vlog of hers where she complains about being sent art supplies to review because she doesn't have the space for all the supplies she's sent by fans.

No. 931017

1:58 I'm losing my mind

No. 931059

What the hell is happening with the editing here. Also haha 'that's disgusting', that's so real

No. 931152

File: 1581467491362.jpg (350.61 KB, 1080x1895, IMG_20200212_073055.jpg)

Am I the only one who think the old one has better colour? The new looks oversaturated and muddy.

No. 931155

not a fair comparison, these are two very different settings.

No. 931211

What is this screenshot from anon? She sounds so condescending and as the other anon put it perfectly just so damn negative! I want to trick this bitch into taking a DMT trip so she can sort her shit out cuz she needs some divine intervention at this point

No. 931212

Bullshit. Even if it is different settings, you can still compare them with value contrast especially because there’s no lighting other than ambient lighting.

The first one is better because the overall lightness of the watercolors helps the art out a lot even though the colors are roughly all the same and the shadows especially on the first panel are the same colors as the trees. The line work works with the watercolor better. The second one is intelligible with saturation and value contrast, if it’s a different setting then make like the last panel more obvious that it’s different, right now the house is blending into the background of like an alleyway or something? You can’t even tell. Plus the lighting makes no sense, if the figures at the bottom have shadows underneath them, then why do the shadows on the bucket and round things going to the left? Why doesn’t the house also have a cast shadow that strong and why doesn’t the clothesline and the stuff on it cast shadows? It benefits the first one that there isn’t strong lighting or she tried to do fancy shadows cuz the line work is still more solid

No. 931219

It's the picture she put herself as a comparison on her blog


No. 931223

No. 931237

>they sent me these markers for free and didn’t compensate me in any other way to review them. You guys should do it instead if you want me to keep reviewing stuff I got sent for free.

If she’s so assmad about companies not paying her then don’t review them and waste the whole 12 hours it took to draw something for the video. It’s not rocket science.

No. 931251

I get the feeling that Becca is legitimately addicted to alcohol markers.

No. 931257

That actually scared me a little lol

No. 931295

File: 1581500897669.png (201.34 KB, 1080x1488, Bdhebdjaj.png)

I feel sorry for him

No. 931297

Her cats love him for some reason? They're probably sick of you, Becca.
Also, Joseph says he's already too involved in her nonsense. He's clearly uncomfortable and being forced into it. I feel bad for him too.

No. 931360

Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s a marker sniffer tbh

No. 931985

File: 1581667595219.png (4.45 MB, 1029x1800, 952CDA41-7839-4F04-B21E-836F49…)

Her IG stories are obnoxious in how she lays them out but at least you can see exactly how she overworks a piece to death.

No. 932027

Her sense of color is just awful

No. 932117

Seriously, I can't get over it. Even for a diploma mill, you think she'd pick up SOME sense of color. Even the text colors are horrible together, come on Becks

No. 932257

Becca really doesn't know how to draw or make compositions, kara is not perfectly centered and the flowers around her are arranged in a weird way it doesn't look intentional at all, it doesnt look natural, only messy as well as unappealing, something an amateur would do, for someone who likes to brag about how they are an art teacher with years of experience she is still at a beginner level at best. Hell I don't even think she draws thumbnails for her art illustrations

No. 932262

kara's neck is way too long and makes her head look even bigger then it already is. and making the leaves that black just doesn't work well with the pastel-y flowers and outfit. becca really cant do sht

No. 932265

File: 1581726793574.jpeg (1.77 MB, 4096x2304, EQg08GYWkAMiJkm.jpeg)

this guy/girl looks like theyre high

No. 932266

WHY does she always go so dark??? Like it was going ok and then it's like somewhere between masking/unmasking the leaves she ruined it. Contrast is important but those leaves are straight up black.

No. 932268


theyre not even looking at kara and why is the mouth so far right? also the turnip chin? really?

No. 932282

File: 1581728549104.jpeg (587.62 KB, 2160x1440, EQxMdHoW4AAcIaq.jpeg)

its just a sketch so why does she already have 27 layers and a group

No. 932289

Jeez, I thought I used too many layers when sketching, but 27???? Maybe she's got other sketches on some of those layers? But still that's why too man..

No. 932355

Did she put every like on its own later, I'm so confused. The only thing that would make sense is her doing multiple sketches on different layers before settling on that one.

No. 932356


the way she has all those tabs out at once stresses me jesus


but theyre all visible, so everything we see now consist of all 27 layers plus the group

No. 932357

I would pay Becca in good jetpens stationary to see what the fuck is on every layer.

No. 932359

If you really zoom in on the image, in the thumbnails for each layer you can see little bits and pieces from all over the drawing. Hard to discern exactly what each one is, but it looks like every single element has its own layer (for example I think layer 24 is the 3 large leaves behind her head).

I'd bet the group is probably the low-opacity sketch you can slightly see under the current sketch, wouldn't surprise me if every limb had its own layer.

No. 932372

Jesus this, her editing and how she couldn't figure out how to screen record on her phone makes me think Becca is on a boomer level when it comes to computers. I get what she says about not having had as many resources and tutorials from a young age as kids do now, I'd understand being delayed in advanced video editing or digital rendering but this is inexcusable. She's only in her 30s and she's had the same access to those resources kids have herself for years now.

Makes me think she had too much pride to look up any tutorials and she fell off technology. Not good when she's trying to make a living from doing art online.

No. 932377

File: 1581758334248.jpeg (733.66 KB, 1600x1063, EQmSK7OXsAcl6er.jpeg)

1/2 so did she not even look at a size reference for this or..?

No. 932378

File: 1581758363273.jpg (66.01 KB, 500x392, 61xXZmIY0JL._AC_.jpg)

2/2 because this is how big an elephant ear plant is

No. 932380

More and more I understand why she is so painfully slow at completely artwork. Putting every single element of a SKETCH on different layers is fucking nuts. So ridiculously time consuming and unnecessary. And then I'm sure she just does the same exact thing while inking coloring etc.

No. 932388

File: 1581761436583.png (208.46 KB, 1080x1007, Screenshot_2020-02-15-17-08-43…)

Why she thinks she is a victim so much? I have literally never seen anyone actively ridiculing her art talking trash or argue with her except here

No. 932390

File: 1581762702871.jpeg (63.18 KB, 726x410, elefantöra.jpeg)

offtopic, but the elephant ear can be bred to be alot smaller and is also common as an indoor plant.

No. 932394

Because she puts in so much “work” into her art that she feels like she’s OWED fame and popularity and that people who have it don’t work as hard as she does, so it’s everyone else’s fault that her book hasn’t been picked up and she isn’t making money off of it. She’s delusional, of course, cuz she only compares herself to accomplished people like Miyazaki and makoto shinkai and thinks she’s at that caliber of artist when she doesn’t actually compare herself to peers or have any knowledge of the industry she wants to go into. It’s everyone ELSE’s fault except hers, which is why she keeps blaming external factors like not doing well at shows or sexism or people not appreciating original art when the fact of the matter is, she has no idea her art is bad and forgettable, which is also why nobody really talks about her other than here cuz it isn’t worth anything in the end. It doesn’t say anything but she thinks she’s the most brilliant comics artist ever cuz she has degrees and teaches

No. 932396


true but she also said that she wanted to convey the fear and wonder of being in a world so much bigger then yourself so it'd odd she'd make these usually large plants a smaller bred size

No. 932397

I think she puts every separate element on a layer but she doesn’t do anything like colored line art or digital coloring so there’s no real need to have separation like that. She’s too precious with preserving her sketches, especially like her keeping the blue lines on her commissions, which is ironic cuz when she paints over it, she completely washes out any sense of line art or sketch cuz she’s so bad with color and mixing

No. 932402

File: 1581764809626.jpeg (425.22 KB, 2160x1440, EQxKG2GXkAAMjOV.jpeg)


that definitely seems likely given this sketch has at least 43 layers and the only difference is more flowers

No. 932407

That's way more than 43 layers, look at the scrollbar…

No. 932410

Watch you bleed out? Really? Becca, you're not some amazing, selfless martyr that people are trying to destroy or something.

No. 932414

I've literally visited botanical gardens where the elephant plants were this size. It makes sense to exaggerate proportions in art.

Why is the art thread like this

No. 932439

begga acting like this tweet for artists who make a living applies to her when she makes like 3 dollars a year lmao

No. 932465

Holy shit, over 40 layers and 5 groups for that? Does she make a new layer any time she makes a new line?

No. 932476

This seems less ADHD, more Obsessive compulsive personality disorder imo

No. 932510

Or like that's an artist problem when in fact it's just a Becca problem

No. 932553

File: 1581804898096.jpg (715.25 KB, 2289x1288, 7inchdld.jpg)

another decent image wasted because shitty rendering everything is so dark it has no contrast or value. I start to think she's reverse midas at rendering

No. 932557

I don’t understand how she says she’s inspired by children’s book illustrations when those are known for having light airy washes of color. If the one on the right was detailed with colored pencil it would have been much better than the finished product.

No. 932571

File: 1581808915966.jpeg (745.24 KB, 1600x1100, EQneR5SXkAEM5e4.jpeg)

so does kara have measles now or what. the attempt at blush and freckles just looks like a bad rash when becca does it

No. 932573


she also cant do perspective for sht because kara would be way smaller front that angle. and naomi is practically sliding off the log

No. 932588

Because they’re huge. Each freckle is the size of her nostrils, they should be at least four times smaller.

No. 932621

Let’s just get it out there once and for all: Freckles on a tiny character makes no sense Becca!

No. 932623

If she just left them on her face, across her cheeks and nose, it might be OK but her insistence on putting them all over the body makes Kara look like she's part Liliputian, part leopard girl, or she's got a disease or something.

No. 932657

I find it interesting that she doesn’t use sepia-toned microns for the freckles. Maybe she has something against mixed media, or maybe they are just supposed to be huge freckles because, uh, tiny people skin

No. 932669

To distract from muddy colouring and horrible perspective

No. 932693

She's so devoted to doing her watercolors, by her definition, "correctly," that I'd imagine so. I'd love to hear her justification.

No. 932713

The scale is so off in both of these drawings too, like the lack of perspective and proportion, she has no idea how to show that Kara is small like why are the girls almost the same size in the first picture and why are they sitting so far away if she is in the foreground? Or why doesn’t she depict her with things that make her look smaller, why are all their tools and clothes still normal sized looking? It’s like she wants to be SO different to Arrietty/the borrowers that she hampers any visual storytelling she can do

No. 932727

Wow, I was trying to figure out where I knew this girl from and I realized how.
First, some of these artists she is fighting with are my friends.
Second, back when she first made the "how to be a con artist" blog I used it all the time. I was 17 and couldn't work a normal job due to a health issue so cons/art commissions were my only income. I remember messaging her asking for advice and she told me my art style was unappealing and I should probably rework it. That killed my self-esteem at 17. I also really opened up to her about my families bad financial situation and my health issues and how I probably couldnt go to college and she told me to reconsider everything and maybe go into customer service. She is giving damaging advice to kids if its still advice like this if I took her advice I don't know what I would be doing, but I never went to college and I'm working as an artist in the animation industry. I do think she tries to bring people down she feels threatened by. I'm 6 years younger than her, I think, I couldn't imagine what she is saying to people even younger than me.

No. 932728


wow her style is barely subpar and she thinks she can tell other people their style is unappealing, how entitled can she get. also I fcking hate the "go into an easier career" 'suggestion'. Honestly, im pretty sure she just said that to discourage you from 'taking her fans' away or whatever

No. 932729

LOL so much for helping out 'the baby' artists. God, she's such a fraud. Everyone around and above Begga is competition in her eyes, and she'll stoop to some pretty sickening lows to drag them down to her level. How miserable can you get?

No. 932731

File: 1581852794501.png (273.84 KB, 1080x1331, Screenshot_2020-02-16-18-28-56…)

Tinfoil, but the most likely "nagging" her mother does is probably that she would stop obsessing over kara.

No. 932743

Man, reading this really infuriated me. I’m so sorry she did that to you, anon. She really should drop this “teacher” bullshit because she really doesn’t have anyone’s best interests in mind besides her own. Sabotaging others while in a position where people look up to you is such a shit thing to do.
I hope she languishes in mediocrity for the rest of her life.

No. 932745

I cant imagine the amount of narcrage if Begga found out a ~baby artist~ she told to give up years ago managed to land a job in the industry without even going to school.

>3 great resources!
>use shitty planner
>my mom and fiance who might as well be my mom do the rest lol

No. 932758

File: 1581864372784.jpg (151.26 KB, 1080x1230, IMG_20200216_214601.jpg)

Old tumblr post (2013 I think) but damn I don't think she's purely joking

No. 932783

Funny she gave you the advice she should take herself

No. 932815

File: 1581880414888.jpeg (530.85 KB, 2048x1365, 9DF8056B-9AE6-48C1-BDD0-E9F606…)

31+ layers and there’s a scroll bar that goes up…..

No. 932819

Wow, I’m glad you’ve succeeded in spite of everything, anon. I really hope kriska kicks her off that blog cuz all she does is bring the info down and want to sink others down with her. And the audacity of her suggesting you go into customs service when she can barely sell $3 commissions at cons.

No. 932821

Seven years later, I don’t think she has any friends at all, especially in social media to promote her shit if you look at her engagement numbers on like twitter or ig. Her bitterness comes across through her desperation and shitty content.

No. 932829

Doesn't this all feel just a bit mean, she has no fans, no audience, no sponsorship what so ever, the only person who supports her is her simp finance

No. 932859

Up until now I'd always assumed Becca might be a lot of bad things, but was probably pretty good with kids & giving them art advice but now I can't even give her that much of the benefit of the doubt. Going by what you say, it sounds like the only reason she spends so much time "giving advice" to young aspiring artists is they're the only people she can bully and belittle. Disgusting.

No. 932869

Not gonna lie I defended Becca the first time I saw people post about her on the artist salt threads, but after seeing all this shit come out I really can't feel bad about making fun of her a little bit

No. 932870

File: 1581900346685.png (227.07 KB, 462x449, a4d5e823f66da3c0618912327b6519…)

Same Anon that posted about her giving me terrible advice at 17. Pic related because that is my art from when I was 16/17 when we were talking. So not that great but yeah lol I was a junior in high school ffs.

The advice she gave me just pissed me off so much, I never really thought of her after that till I saw this thread. She needs to stop hosting workshops for kids. Thank you everyone for agreeing with me hahaha, I was really nervous posting that reply. I don't really have a public art presence anymore just because I'm shy. If she finds this thread I'm sure I'll get an email from her but maybe not, I draw very differently now.

No. 932881

Well, no one forced her to be a pompous bitch way into adulthood. She made her bed
Damn, that's even more irritating. Becca's muddy coloring NOW doesn't even come close to this old drawing. Who the fuck does she think she is lmao

No. 932892

She does have support, having a bf to take care of her while she indulges in what is essentially an art hobby is HUGE. Don't feel bad for her, she has a rotten attitude and seems so ungrateful for her easy life. There are a lot of talented artists out there working to make a living all on their own.

No. 932921

What the fuck, this is miles cuter than her work. What an absolute cunt. Not to wk you but this unironically looks better that her current art by a long shot.
Honestly I'm starting to see a pattern, I think she feels threatened by young artists with potential. She got really mad at Noel earlier ( >>929448 ) and she's way ahead of Becca in skill, appeal, and straight up Twitter popularity. I think Becca is just a plain old crab in a bucket

No. 932960


yeah this is way better then anything becca can shill out rn and heII you said this was from years ago so becca's own style was probably even shttier then it is now.

No. 932979

She treats any company who wants to work with her with an obnoxious level of entitlement. She still shit talks jetpens after all this time. It’s Becca’s fault if companies don’t want to sponsor her. Still some companies send her stuff for free and she whines about not being paid for a review when she’s not obligated to do one.
What company would want to deal with her???

No. 932989

File: 1581922523705.jpeg (48.61 KB, 500x600, AFBFB4F8-0A03-4F73-AA05-74A770…)

Wow becca

No. 932991

Wasn’t she also shit talking Kasey Golden cuz she knew her back before she moved to Canada cuz kasey did a couple cons with her so she said she taught her everything she knew and thus felt owed that kasey should help promo her cuz she was successful?

If she wasn’t a huge entitled bitch about everything and feeling “owed” success and publicity, then yeah this thread would be a bit mean cuz her work is boring, weak, and not notable. But this thread and what started out on the salt threads came because she tried to start a fight with jet pens on twitter cuz she thinks she’s entitled to them because she claims she brought them their audience. She’s a cow cuz she’s delusional and has no idea how her industry should work, like she blames sexism for the non-success of her comic when like nearly all of the comics on the NYT bestsellers list are all kid comics, and she’s clearly spiteful and jealous of other artists despite “knowing” more cuz she paid for a “masters” from SCAD.

I’m pretty sure she knows of the thread by now cuz she’s said like at least we’re not doxxing her, which apart from the one anon who wanted to white knight and stuff to make her know she’s a bitch, but mostly her hubris and stuck up-ness about being all-knowing is what keeps her from learning from this and other artists in general

No. 933019

That's not that special, a supportive husband should be the norm not the standard

No. 933164

I think she's fascinating to watch and that she's earned this thread. It's her reward for all of her hard work.

I'd been following How to Be a Con Artist and reading her materials reviews for years, but I never knew she was like this up until perhaps a few months ago when I compared her tone of writing to Kriska's in one of the Artist Salt threads. It was one of those "I thought it was only me" moments, so it's good to know that it wasn't. I noticed her tone when reading the merch articles, but I noticed it even more on her Natto Soup blog when I was in the process of learning about using watercolors in my work and searching for tool reviews. Even though I was learning, it was clear, in a lot of her reviews, she didn't know what she was doing but wouldn't admit this despite being an "expert."

It would be one thing if she were some eccentric watercolorist with an inflated ego but largely harmless. But if she were that, she'd likely have a real following.

Instead, she makes a strong effort to reach out to children and I feel as if this wasn't the case years ago. She went from 'all ages' to 'young artists/kids.' She's the epitome of >>932989

No wonder she felt threatened. She clearly had an eye for potential, but where it could have made her into a good art teacher, she chose to try and weaponize it. I'm glad you didn't take her """advice""".

Saged for blogpost

No. 933266

File: 1581992694142.jpg (421.37 KB, 2289x1288, karabenson.jpg)


That's rich coming from someone whose "cute" and "beautiful" art style resembles this.

No. 933318

File: 1582019808083.jpeg (243.53 KB, 1080x1531, DtXJpuUv.jpg:large.jpeg)

becca just dumped a bunch of her stuff in someone's art promo tweet, which is valid but she made like 15 tweets and even started promoting an art supply in it too?

No. 933319

She's trying to throw out those feelers for free PR from Pentel.

No. 933383

Is every side of those rectangles on its own layer? Something must be seriously wrong with this woman

She acts like she deserves everyone's attention, so I don't see anything wrong with giving it to her

No. 933388

>When Pentel doesn't give her a sponsor

'I have supported and promoted this company free of charge for so long, but this is the last straw, I will never use Pentel products again!'

Yes, but nowadays both partners usually have to work, but Becca basically gets to loaf around, teach a couple of workshops, complain online, and not work on her comic

No. 933391

Becca acts like she’s self supported tho and denies her being fully supported by her fiancé, which definitely isn’t the case

No. 933440

Every time I think back to how she described herself as creating "beautiful watercolors", I want to die.

The upper right style is almost passable if for no other reason that it isn't a blobby nightmare.

No. 933496

"7 inch Kara in beeuuuutiful water color"

No. 933516

File: 1582070102287.png (485.13 KB, 1080x1658, Screenshot_2020-02-19-06-53-47…)

then pentel, next faber castell
why she do black skin so ugly, it's patchy too.

No. 933538

She has no idea about color or about layering watercolors, like she uses visual shorthand’s without understanding them so she thinks you can fake dark, non-white skin when it’s not that easy. Example like in this copic tutorial, you can see all the layers he puts to recreate dark skintones because skin tends to be more luminous than like a hard surface, which is easier to fake on lighter skin cuz you can see the blood through it more. But Becca goes straight to dark and has no consideration for the transparent nature of watercolors, like her approach on dark skin is dangerously close to being a racial stereotype than it being an actual human coloring

No. 933547

It bothers me so much that she tweet and IG spams like this cuz she’s so thirsty for attention though she didn’t tag or hashtag Pentel on any of the tweets like she did with the hashtags on her IG stories for that painting. Like her desperation and hyperfixation on promoting herself while doing this is so strong but like, it’s also why she has little to no engagement cuz who the f wants to see her being all thirsty on their feeds like that?

No. 933568

The ear bothers me so much it looks monstrous, as if its merged with her cheek

No. 933600

She also has no idea about facial contours; she just gloops on color over color with no thought as to where the shadows and highlights should be, whereas in the thumbnail to this vid you can see the facial features very well because it was drawn by someone who's actually competent. Not just random blobs of color.

No. 933604


God there are some problems with that picture. The blooms shriek overworked crap. Why the hell doesn't she lift/scrub???

No. 933635

Begga I’m begging ya to stop coloring Naomi’s skin like this. She looks so washed out and blotchy compared to your white characters. This looks like something I’d do freshman year art class and you’re claiming to be an old pro. My sides they’re dying.

No. 933647

She would probably complain that because she didn’t learn anatomy at school cuz she attended some random ass university and not art school. But the artist in this video also attended a state university too, she just has excuses for her shortcomings cuz it’s everyone else’s fault except hers

No. 933653


the blotchy parts is proof that she never lets the watercolors properly dry before trying to add more color

No. 933661

Ironic because she went on a tirade on her discord over the fact she's a professional who doesn't use a hairdryer to dry her colours and therefore waits for each layer to dry fully. And she said that way she can work on three or four illustrations at a time.

No wonder they're all so messy and blotchy, she can't focus on one for long enough. Just use a hairdryer, solve your problems!

No. 933670

File: 1582109821549.jpg (225.72 KB, 800x718, IMG_20200219_175340.jpg)

Out of curiosity I read her "beautiful watercolor comic" and this particular panel makes me snort

No. 933674

File: 1582110674955.png (27.14 KB, 675x335, begga.png)

She posted to her blog on Valentine's Day, and I couldn't help but get a good laugh out of this.
I almost feel like she's obtuse enough to not realize the irony of her saying any of this….but it's also likely she's just trying to make it look like she's got it all figured out because she's a pwofeshional uwu just living her best life.

No. 933676


man where do I even begin. the cat's face looks detachable and naomi's feet look stiff af. and yeah you can always be creative with your paneling but that doesnt even do anything? like theres no need for it to be a random square in the corner of another panel, it serves no purpose

No. 933678

Strange she didn't mention jospeh(her fiance)

No. 933687

Like she ever think about other people when it's not related to or benefits herself

No. 933695

If you took Becca's ego and evenly distributed it across every artist that's ever existed since the beginning of recorded history, they'd all have pretty healthy self esteems. That's how fucking full of herself Becca is.

No. 933740

File: 1582134268452.png (392.22 KB, 687x816, begga2.png)

I thought maybe she had mentioned him earlier on in the post, but I just re-checked and nope. In fact, she starts off the blog post by talking about how Valentine's Day is never about romantic love to her, and her mom is her true Valentine. She doesn't even mention his name. She might mention him in the video of the blog though.

kek I think the part she added about "reasons why you love you" is also just her trying to justify her narcissism.

This girl is trying so hard to look like a wholesome, artmom, watercolor guru.

No. 933788

I feel like the whole "unconditional love a mother gives" is nice and sweet, but not even a single mention or shoutout to her long-term-boyfriend-turned-fiance-turned-sugardaddy? Damn. Despite all the shit he's stuck through and put up with for her lol.

No. 933809

>This continued well after I started having boyfriends.

Not only that but she also makes it sound like she is currently single and her fiance doesn't even exist and her mom is the only constant Valentine in her life.

No. 933938

File: 1582162227044.jpg (136.14 KB, 836x836, c348638c76609e00ea51afd67c3392…)

I can't be the only one who's noticed how her webcomic is just a much shittier version of Arrietty. I get that it's supposed to be based off of Thumbelina or some bs, but I swear I saw somewhere that she loves Studio Ghibli so wouldn't put it past her.

No. 933965


og it definitely is. but what makes it so much shttiter(aside from the muddy af water colors and bland story) is that her 'designs' dont convey that theyre little people at all. kara constantly wear really modern/detailed clothing that looks store bought whereas in this picture of arrietty, she wears a simple dress and uses a laundry clip to put her hair up

No. 933976

Becca compares her comic to ghibli stuff as well so I wouldn't put it past her

No. 934083

File: 1582189084251.jpeg (742.29 KB, 1152x1473, AD232294-2299-4912-9012-3CC969…)

yeah tiny people in a large world are not super original, she even blurbs The Borrowers in her description of Kara, but she doesn’t know anything about character design even though she has “character design” in her portfolio. But same as what >>933965 says, why doesn’t Kara wear clothes that look more handmade like the actual Borrowers? And how did they get doll clothes that look like that if it is the case? I honestly think she hasn’t written anything about Kara other than like what her initial story is, like if you’re gonna invest so much into this then why wouldn’t you think this out more?

Reading the salty good reads reviews was fun tho and seeing she had self rated herself to boost the rating up

No. 934098


can anyone who has access to the entirety of kara get screeshots of parts where its a direct rip-off? i wanna see this lmaoo

No. 934099


It's on here:
(Warning: atrocious site interface and slow loading)

It is the premise that makes it Arietty bootleg, to sum up the story:

>Dad hates human, he hides knowledge of human from Kara. Oh, his leg is also injured and is bed ridden

>Because they are informed that humans are moving in near their living space, they planned to move.
> Parents argument, mom is raised near human, dad's fear is baseless yada yada.
>Kara of course being rebel, tries to escape on her own and in her way befriend a human (Naomi)
> Kara likes Naomi at first, Naomi gives her food, doll house, and dresses.
> At certain point Kara has an unreasonable tantrum because Naomi gave her dress, she hurt her arm and leave.
> Kara back home, mom is worried, more argument with dad, the moving is postponed, dad fall from the stair… Wait what? The chapter ended?

No. 934100

File: 1582194474065.png (415.7 KB, 1080x1138, Screenshot_2020-02-20-17-22-51…)

Samefag, I recommend reading the comic because it's a goldmine of "Beautiful and adorable" art and storytelling examples to poke fun at.

This particular scene cracks me up

No. 934102

File: 1582195176640.jpg (487.27 KB, 720x1085, tumblr_ol0tsh4P5M1w5w15ao1_128…)

wait kara has a love interest?

No. 934103

File: 1582195559839.jpg (683.13 KB, 1280x944, tumblr_onlc00R8wz1w5w15ao1_128…)

ok this is an example of how becca is terrible at visual storytelling. this page is mean to shock the reader cause the grass has been cut or whatever but there hasn't been a page showing what the grass looked like before and the family didnt hear the lawnmower, which would probably be really loud, so the readers have no idea what kara's "oh no"-ing at until she expositions it the next page

No. 934106

everything about this absolutely sucks, holy shit lmao… the impossible poses, the weird shadowy figure, the shitty little face on his foot… stunning. this is true art

No. 934131

You can just tell Begga intended this to be some magnificent 'wow' moment in her head, but on the page it's just so flat and wonky.

No. 934183

i don’t know shit about art but even i can tell this is actual fucking garbage. why are the background colours so splotchy and why is the perspective so weird? where even is the light coming from?

No. 934198

I am starting to think that Becca doesn't feel any kind of romantic love - her emotions seem stunted

No. 934200

Also the fact that some parts of the fence line up fine, some are barely off, and some just straight up lead into nothing/come from nothing and that shit is annoying.

No. 934213

It's not just the premise. It's also her lack of solid worldbuilding that works against her big time.
Everything that makes up the world Kara lives in, is regurgitated from some other story. The name of her little people (personally I think 'lilliputian' as a word is ugly, clunky, and outdated), the way they interact with the humans,, the lack of information on their background… I mean it's fine to take inspiration from other things, but you still have to add your own ideas and concepts in between to tie it all together, which Becca has not done.
It doesn't feel like a real, live, breathing world of little people exist in Kara's world. Kara and family just feel like more human characters that just happen to be small.

If you hadn't of explained that, I would have thought she was "oh no"-ing because they put up a chain link fence.

No. 934248

LOL it looks like he's magically warping to another dimension

Is Kara mentally disabled? 'I hope I can see you again' means exactly that.

No. 934257

Why is he swinging out his arms as if he's dancing down the stairs? Who the fuck steps onto a step with their heel jammed right into the corner of it? I don't even understand how he's supposed to have hurt his foot or tripped from that.

No. 934277


What the eff. That's one holy grail of cowness, rating your own book, publicly without shame. Thank you for looking it up on Goodreads, I've never thought someone really bought and read Kara. One reviewer's name is also Joseph Coco, guess it's her fiancé?


I thought "What's that supposed…" refers to him kissing her.


Is that Kara's mum in the background? It looks like she's been hanged, oof.

No. 934314

He way these pages are misaligned with each other is anger inducing.
Cmon don’t have your girl look like she’s flashing him in the last panel Becca, the skirt isn’t that long why does she need to carry it?

No. 934336

I was going to say she's only carrying her skirt because of the berries in it, but looking back at the page, she's already dropped both berries on the ground in shock… and yet both hands are up…? If she's dropped the berries, shouldn't both hands be free of the skirt or down by her sides? How is the skirt still up but the berries on the ground?

No. 934408

File: 1582239886247.gif (343.22 KB, 862x596, ewsnKSD.gif)

(blogpost I went to SCAD)

I've been reading this thread for awhile and just came to the realization that if she went to SCAD as a graduate she should have be able to have had access to work closely with professors. The illustration department and seqa departments have always been closely linked.

Daniel Powers in the illu dept is specifically a watercolor children's book illustrator and there is no possible way she could have not gotten (or at least been recommended) guidance from him, and yet here we are.

No. 934436

File: 1582243311583.jpeg (68.4 KB, 459x489, oF-wP5zV.jpg:small.jpeg)

found the arrietty rip offs. first we have this which is pretty much an exact copy of one of the scenes from the movie

No. 934437

File: 1582243377458.jpeg (640.48 KB, 1276x1897, Dzxxxmz9.jpg:large.jpeg)

then theres arrietty's iconic pin sword

No. 934491

Every time I see her art, I can’t get over how bad the watercolor painting is. The pencil underdrawing is especially distracting. I still can’t believe she has a masters.

No. 934506

File: 1582254313019.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x2484, narcissism.jpg)


The full review. It just speak for itself when the longest, most positive review is written by her.

Prepare your sick bag, folks.

No. 934516

It's possible she was one of the "lost cause" students that spent more time arguing than anything, so they let her through with the lowest possible grade because she was a cash cow and was probably a great example of what NOT to do, if nothing else. No point in wasting time and energy on someone who refuses to learn.

No. 934580

I had a classmate like that when I was in art school (if you could call it that, AI is garbage). I had a pretty competent teacher for an illustration class that gave a student a D because he was tired of seeing her repeat his classes and wanted to be rid of her. I honestly couldn’t blame him because she was delusional about her skill level and pretty obnoxious about insisting on turning in animu trash.

I’d hate to have been stuck in courses with Becca, I bet her classmates have horror stories.

No. 934613

She went to SCAD and got her masters in the sequential art program and showed some of her work in this blogpost https://nattosoup.blogspot.com/2011/09/year-at-savannah-college-of-art-and.html , which is all ink and pencils so do both branches overlap? Like the school I went to had comics as a class you could take in the illustration major but everyone took illustration core classes which included one where we had to work in watercolor.

She has waxed poetic so much about going to art school for her masters and like reading this post https://nattosoup.blogspot.com/2013/02/things-ive-learned-from-art-school.html vs comparing her work now, it’s like do you even take your own advice?

Lol I went to a school that basically was “pay for a degree” and there was a ton of different people at different art levels, like the only way you could fail out of a class was to not do the assignments but you’re an asshole to yourself since you’re paying so much money for school why aren’t you doing it? But yeah Becca reminds me of just those average students who do the assignments to pass but don’t know what the current art landscape of the industry she wants to be in looks like. And since she was in a masters program too, I wonder if there wasn’t a lot of emphasis on foundations since you’re expected to have known them

No. 934615

File: 1582277461382.jpg (417.73 KB, 1028x1600, Inks2.jpg)

It's no surprise that she sucked (and still sucks), but her black and white comics looks WAY better than what abomination Kara is.

No. 934617

What's the point of copying another story this closely like this? It's reinventing the wheel, especially since Becca's story has nothing new to add or say. It's not like she's subverting, commenting on, or parodying Arrietty in any way– it's just the same story with the characters renamed.

This is why it's important not to get married to one idea if you're an illustrator– your screwed if the idea is crap. It's better to have several concepts on the back burner.

No. 934628

On her review in >>934506 she said the currently nonexistent volume 2 and 3 are the turning points that will subverts aforementioned stories.

IMO not an excuse for a lacklustre, bootleg of a volume 1.

No. 934634


she cant say itll "turn the story on its head" when the story has barely started out yet. we know close to nothing about these characters other then their cliche one-word slapped on characteristics

No. 934639

This reads more like a query letter to a publisher than a review. Why would readers want to know all the themes and character arcs in advance?

No. 934640

Yeah like what the eff is happening in here still isn’t super clear, especially that last panel, but when she’s limited to only line and ink it’s slightly stronger. Like it shows lots of her foundational weaknesses a lot especially in anatomy and leading the eye around the page but it doesn’t have the muddy watercolors making it more shitty looking

Also this is slightly related, but fellow art school anons does it also irritate you when people refer to teachers/instructors at art schools as “professors”? Like they don’t have professorships or PhD’s like at actual universities, they’re usually just older working artists (heck some didn’t even work in an industry after a while). it’s like the sign of those pretentious dumbass people at school like Becca who have no idea how art works

No. 934641

Plus like, how much has it even progressed since this review over four years ago too? She’s gonna be like 90 years old and Kara would only be at like chapter 3

No. 934659

>fellow art school anons does it also irritate you when people refer to teachers/instructors at art schools as “professors”?

Why would it? It's tradition in art academic circles showing respect to your teachers. IMO stickling to their trade/academics titles is more ridiculous and pointless in art world- are you calling someone who only has MA level education a Master? Then PhD a Doctor? Maybe your teacher's assistant is a Bachelor? "Bachelor Anderson, could you pass this to Master Smith, please?"

It's changing only recently because of generally laxer societal rules in adressing people and what is respectable way to do it. Doesn't matter in the long run. 40 years ago calling your teacher by their name just because they are older working artists would be unacceptable. They are not "just" that, which is why they teach.

It's a you issue if you percieve it as pretentious, not Becca's.

No. 935072

File: 1582333010387.jpg (126.02 KB, 427x640, Satellite-001.jpg)

Yeah like this isn't amazing but jfc it is 10x better than Kara. The best thing Becca could do is let watercolors go.

No. 935141

This is…so much better than Kara holy shit.

No. 935146


the fact that the first 2 panels' left side dont align kinda annoyes me but yeah this is better

No. 935162

looks like a generic Indy-comic you'd find in the 90's, but much better then her current work

No. 935166

She's still packing in waaaay too many details into each panel, but this is so much easier on the eyes than Kara. You still get kind of lost in the details, but it's not so hard to refocus. With Kara, you get lost in the muddiness and that's it. You can't even read it.
Lol it reminds me of those comics in old Highlights magazines.

No. 935177

She says at the end of that blog that she'd entered grad school only being self-taught in human anatomy. If that's true she should get her money back from where she got her undergrad because holy shit that's inexcusable. Unless her undergrad degree was in, like, business admin or something. Like, getting through an entire 4 year art program with no life drawing classes? Bruh.

No. 935206

She's on a Twitter tirade about Faber castell not giving her money or handouts for her reviews

No. 935211

File: 1582352990497.png (297.67 KB, 1080x1493, Screenshot_2020-02-22-13-23-11…)

Real word artist?

CMIIW but isn't it what you have to do being an ambassador? To only promote and be dedicated to a certain brand for a period of contract. Does she think when she's being a Faber Castell ambassador, that means she can also shill Prismacolor while sucking on sweet FC money.

No. 935214

File: 1582353805146.jpeg (452.4 KB, 860x1300, 0CA62E30-63B7-4765-83D1-926DFA…)

She’s really gonna pitch her art to people to get them to buy faber castell stuff?

>With Faber Castell supplies you too can make beautiful traditional art like mine!!!

No. 935329


I've never seen her using Faber Castell materials. They don't even sell watercolours, except their Albrecht Durer pencils, and some markers I think. Mostly people know them for Polychromos and school supplies, both things Begga is not known for. I really doubt FC will sponsor her, there's nothing in it for them.

No. 935419

It's better than Kara, and it makes me feel that Becca only wants to do children's books because she thinks it's easier to write
Also, this page has the same problem with lack of eye contact lol

No. 935505

IIRC Faber-Castell sent her PR at least twice before. I don't know why, exactly. I think she personally contacted the company itself.

No. 935587

American public universities are like giant daycares. I went to a no name state school because my parents wanted me close like begga and the professor they got to teach my life drawing class was a collage artist who told the class he didn’t know how to draw the figure.
“Fine art” degrees at public universities here are for art historians kids. Sage for blogpost

No. 935675

File: 1582427257574.png (472.19 KB, 632x392, becca.PNG)

It genuinely confuses me how Becca has all these guidelines to make her art less flat, yet when she inks it, it becomes flatter than a fucking board. I don't get how people even manage to sit through her videos either, 40 minutes of a speedpaint that should easily just be 10 minutes.

No. 935678

File: 1582427434290.png (433.59 KB, 437x335, beccaa.PNG)

For anyone interested in seeing the final "product"

No. 935701


she has the same problem a lot of young artists have: unnecessarily overdoing the sketch and not putting enough thought about how the coloring will look

No. 935703

File: 1582432599352.png (333.65 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_2020-02-23-11-35-41…)

No, you screwed up.

No. 935706

These guidelines: am I a joke to you?

I don't understand how you can build a form with guidelines and then end up with a result which has 0 of those forms.

No. 935729

She makes up anatomy because she doesn’t know it well and won’t learn things like muscles at all for some reason ( you can super tell because she always leaves out the trapezius and all the muscles that connect the head to the torso and just connects bones to where she thinks the collarbones are). And she teaches “volumetric” drawing but also has no idea how 3D shapes lay on top of each other, like the arm in the front that’s bent is very flat even though she drew tubes as arms. I think she does it cuz she has a preconception on how you “should” do a drawing when really, she needs something like this to be a thumbnail, supplemented by reference and more study (since there’s a lot of things that are also off about this drawing)

No. 935735


the most notable is how in the sketch, she made the arm tube shaped like previous anon said, but in the finished product, theres no overlapping line to show where the bent is, its just one solid shape with no dimension

No. 935743

It's like….somewhere between sketching and lining, she starts to not see the figure as a whole, but as separate lines and shapes, kind of like how each line and shape gets a different layer when she does digital art.
It's ironic because usually the foundation of a drawing is constructed with basic shapes and lines, then built up to a cohesive figure as the drawing progresses.

Her process is so backwards, but she's such a 'real artist' and 'professional'.

No. 935789

how much do you think we make up, becca's youtube audience

No. 935793

tinfoil but she goes on and on so much about being safe for work and child friendly that I'm dead certain she is horny about the micro/macro thing in her borrowers fancomic

No. 935897

File: 1582479973818.png (32.3 KB, 1132x644, 39763f4c7303fd9f6659280e6e5792…)

Did Becca forget to pay for hosting?

No. 935908

Maybe YOU are just horny anon. Nothing so far she's made gives any indication that she gets sexual joy out of it (at least, as far as I can see). Maybe if she had Kara in a romance with a human? Like a Bee Movie situation. But nothing so far gives off "I'm drawing this to get off" vibes.
Many artists (especially ones with ADHD, I speak as one myself) tend to get obsessed with something and hyperfocus on it, sometimes for years. So it's very possible that's all it is. That's also tinfoil, but also likely.
It's also possible she kind of forced herself to latch onto "the little people" as a gimmick and pushes being "family friendly" so hard because she it's her "brand" and she wants to fit herself in that crowd. It feels like she thought she was going to post Kara online and take over the art world by storm with this unique, clever, and intriguing comic in beautiful watercolor.

No. 935917

Probably around half? Her vids get what 100 views?

No. 935921

Ok becca(hi cow)

No. 935946

kek definitely not Becca.. just calling it like I see it. Until she has actual evidence of sexual tensions in her work, or some form of porn by her pops up, it's hard to say that's the case. Not saying it isn't possible, just giving other possible reasons.
She's delusional about herself and her work, it's likely she thinks she's doing something groundbreakingly amazing and that's why she pushes it so hard.

No. 936002

File: 1582493919032.jpg (145.04 KB, 600x600, 5b0e99fe7f4cf94eb8b1510f-large…)

fc does sell paints (guache, watercolor and even oil paints) but there's a reason they're not well know for them. their paints are on the cheaper side and are mainly for beginners and kids to use at schools. i feel like they would suit her artwork though

No. 936022

Usually it's hard to make a cat look really ugly, but somehow Becca manages

Lol it's a stretch but I love this tinfoil

No. 936059

Can't decide which is worse. Becca's warped ugly cats or Holly Brown's smarmy ugly cats.

No. 936089

Isn't her current site is a blog?

No. 936121

File: 1582512559384.jpg (771.35 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_02-24-09.45.03.jpg)


Pick your fighter.

No. 936126

She has the .com listed on her twitter so she has both.

No. 936158


Yes, I remember. Good point. I forgot about this set because they don't sell it where I live. Isn't that a product sold in China? Think I saw a video of someone reviewing it but they bought it on Wish or somewhere similiar.

No. 936185

kek, hope this becomes the next thread pic

No. 936265

If they bought it on wish then it’s probably just a bootleg watercolor palette using the Faber-Castell name. FC is more well known for pencils, though they also make like student grade kits and Becca reviewed their watercolor markers.

Faber Castell has a link on their page about what their brand ambassadors do https://www.fabercastell.com/pages/faber-castell%c2%ae-usa-brand-ambassador-program which yeah that’s clearly what it is. I can’t help but think she was trying to shake them for more free stuff but also is too stuck on being a watercolor artist to try pencils so just blames the company for that instead of her own choices. The contract says you can only use their products so how hard is it to say you’re not a good fit for the company rather than like burning any possible bridges on Twitter

No. 936324

Becca is almost even more sad to me because what she consumes IS so wholesome. Like the my 600lb life people, I always think, damn why don’t they just get addicted to heroin like normal people. It takes a special kind of fucked up to OD on something that’s meant to make your life better.

No. 936330

File: 1582551880266.png (130.37 KB, 500x500, persian_alola_form.png)

God, it has the same weird features as the Alolan Persian. I would say Holly's cats are cuter

No. 936547

File: 1582581329025.png (1.08 MB, 1180x980, Screenshot 2020-02-24 at 9.53.…)

No wonder Becca's coloured for Naomi are super muddy but also somehow overly saturated. She doesn't have a good variation of warm and cool colours, nor does she have a good variation of blue tones. They're all so bright.

No. 936659

File: 1582598652439.png (813.63 KB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_2020-02-25-09-40-49…)

Said that this is the result of the pallette, my eyes are burning. Muddy dark colours with clashing bright colours, you're right.

No. 936686


istg naomi's face here is so fcking annoying. the triangle mouth with the puffed up cheeks just makes her look aggravatingly weird

No. 936747

I know this is an older painting, but for some reason, there is something fundamentally better about this one vs her usual tripe like >>935214
I didn't know why for a while. But now I realize, it's because this is one of the rare times she did a solid black line art over top of the watercolors. This painting is a muddy, blotchy, ill-colored mess, and Naomi looks like she has the mumps, BUT overall this is little better than her usual thanks to the line art.
It really helps disguise the color tangents, overlaps, and bleeding. Too bad she can't seem to realize this.

No. 936763

Naomi is so transparently a black character written by a white person. Not that that's off limits or bad always but she really doesn't even try lol. All of Naomis photos are of white people? Really? Okay then lol. This just looks like Becca's room as a teenager with a token stand in.

No. 936772


naomi is apparently a weeb given the anime haired sailor school uniformed poster and the asian wall scroll. also is that a picture of a wig on a muscled arm

No. 936823

exactly, the lineart helps a lot. I dont get why she dropped it.

No. 937043

Yeah a ton of those colors don’t look like they would mix well together and she doesn’t have a brown, so she’s probably trying to mix brown from a red-green complement, not knowing that the clashing of temperature and tone is why the colors look unnatural and muddy

No. 937044

File: 1582675666265.jpeg (64.84 KB, 253x450, 385CF847-CCE3-4971-8484-4E3B16…)

It bothers me so much that you can easily google “playing an oboe” and get a girl of a similar age as a reference in the first results and yet she goes by “knowledge” which makes it look more off than it should

No. 937068

This is the most uninspiring collection of colors ever. Six fucking purples, two yellows, nothing in the orange-brown range, and all the blues and reds are basically the same? What the ever loving fuck, becca

No. 937073

Anons, in >>935703 you can see she has another palette with some mixed browns. I doubt she's using the small one for skin tones. Guess it's more for clothes and stuff.

No. 937097

Is playing the oboe so physically taxing as to make someone sweat? I honestly don't know.

No. 937104

File: 1582684763799.png (198.99 KB, 884x1565, Screenshot_2020-02-26-09-30-39…)

> I'll use the proceeds from this tier to purchase the item, and film a thorough review for YouTube, as well as pay my editor to edit subsequent videos.

So, how much is the video editing cost? Who is this "professional" editor that costs 7k a month?

Tinfoil, but it's possible the editor is actually herself/bert given how bad it is for an actual professional. The 7k is just to rouse sympathy and gain the sweet money.

No. 937189

I mean that’s another problem then cuz that palette has too many colors and she blew them all out for the photo, like that palette alone is like 40+ wells then you have 20 more for that secondary palette? Benefit of the doubt, some can be repeats, but having so many colors makes sense why her stuff looks discordant or like straight tube colors , I doubt she knows anything about color harmonies or mixing cuz you don’t NEED that many colors,

No. 937246

File: 1582712532860.png (251.43 KB, 1080x1367, Twofaced.png)

After reading what she did to >>932727 anon, I wanna throw up reading this

No. 937346

I used to do really basic video editing as a kid and it absolutely blows my fucking mind how she or her supposed video editor makes the mistakes that they do. Her types of videos don't need a dedicated video editor because they aren't complicated to edit and she's not on a rigorous video uploading schedule. It's literally just cutting out excess fluff (because she goes on and on and on and repeats shit that can be taken out to simplify whatever she's explaining) and making sure there's no issues with audio overlapping/cutting out too soon/missing (which is a very frequent issue in her videos). If she took the time to watch back her video even once she would be able to see all of these issues, but all she wants to do is immediately get them up and onto youtube for those sweet, sweet pennies (or maybe even none at all since her channel has been marked for kid's content). She's definitely a quantity over quality type of person and it shows not only in her videos but in all of her art too.

If shes highballed that number to gain sympathy, she just looks like a fucking idiot instead. It's literally the equivalent of walking into a store, handing over thousands of dollars, and getting a product that is clearly fucked up or broken. Even if she made a mistake and meant to say $700, $70, even $7!! she still looks like a fucking idiot for paying any money to anyone for the final product that they give her.

sorry for video sperging, it just really riles me up whenever I decide to check out a video of hers and there are these glaring editing issues lol

No. 937857

The $7k thing was either a lie or a mistake cuz how much do they make in a year? Not 100k that's for sure.

No. 938310

Bert actually has a pretty decent income IIRC? but definitely not enough to pay an editor 7k a month for any extended period of time. Especially considering that the editing has always been super basic and full of mistakes.

I think that Begga just misspoke, exaggerated or flat out lied, she does all three of those things consistently.

No. 938693

I think she may have gotten swindled by an editor (or was so demanding that the editor added fees like especially if she had so much feedback on editing that she basically handheld then) but the most likely reason is she does the editing herself and thinks that’s what it’s worth

No. 941161

Lol has anyone seen this?

No. 941275

How to make bad comic even worse.

No. 941291

Becca… There's a reason why animated/motion comics usually work best digitally and not with watercolour, they can be edited so much easier. The editing make the art look really off.

No. 941302

Begga couldn't even get one other person to do voice work…

No. 941318

Of course she'd do that tryhard cutesy voice for Kara

She's such a weeb, i bet she only watches dubs of 2000s anime

No. 941334

Maybe this is the editing she spent 7k on? It would make a lot more sense than spending that kind of money on her other videos

No. 941341

she's still stuck in the 2000's anime phase and never grew beyond that

No. 941400

File: 1583436305125.jpeg (251.38 KB, 1242x527, 62CA4931-FEF9-4D2A-9D79-14A7AD…)

She has people credited as VAs in the info.

This “motion comic” is just so piss poor in its execution that I can see her sinking a ton of money on inexperienced people who are just barely fluent in Adobe After Effects. But it’s not like they were starting with solid work to begin with. What annoyed me the most besides the pacing was the obvious photoshopped out pencil silhouettes of the characters in each frame. Like, jfc clone stamp it out or something!

No. 941406

File: 1583436815724.png (1.47 MB, 1800x1440, 004DB132-9497-437E-BFF3-5D70EB…)

Samefag but I decided to search the site just because and theres that familiar block of text about Kara…

No. 941504

>0.40-.50 per word
I might just be stupid but this feels like a really overly complicated way to price voice acting.

No. 941511

This is actually a very Japanese way of pricing voice acting. Voice actors who voice the quiet characters hardly get paid, because it's based on words/lines said rather than how important the character is.

No. 942291

Becca on Twitter rn giving 'advice' on how to self manage when working from home. Bitch it takes you three months to do a single page istfg.

No. 942425

This is so bad I barely know where to start.
For one, why does the cat purr so loud, so long? And why does Kara react as if she had no idea it was there when it jumps on the box, as if she couldn't hear it? How has she read about tigers, yet doesn't know what the common house cat is? Why did she ask "what's a pancake"? If she really didn't know what they were, she'd think it's just a name and not realize it's a food.
Is this Naomi and Kara's first time directly meeting? Why is it so lackluster and chill? This is giving me a headache.

I can't believe Begga calls herself a writer.

No. 942706

The tiger thing is a good point lol it makes no sense.

No. 942931

Yeah so she's aware of tigers, which would basically be a giant godzilla creature to her, but never read about cats? Even then, she's never caught a glimpse of a cat or heard a meow? Plus I thought they were raising rabbits.

No. 943266

Take a shot every time she says Kara

(P.S. This video cost me $7k to edit)


No. 943307

Thank you for this, anon

No. 943544

This is beautiful anon

No. 943632

kek i didnt realize it was looping and i thought i was having a stroke

she sounds so pretentious.

No. 943902


And now the remix: They're taking the liliputians to Isengard.

No. 945125

Anyone else feel like Becca's recent trend of 'pencil reviews' is just her padding out her channel with reviews nobody asked about? This review is so useless. It's not a specialty pencil. It doesn't have any special gimmicks or features. She may as well be reviewing a Dixon Ticonderoga.

No. 945169

if you're going to make review videos like this, compare like ate least 10 different brands to at least make it worth the viewers time

No. 945181

>Becca's recent trend of 'pencil reviews' is just her padding out her channel with reviews nobody asked about?

I thought this was the entire premise of her channel.

No. 945231

File: 1584155896582.png (245.76 KB, 1080x1379, Screenshot_2020-03-14-10-17-46…)

Strange thing is she's so adamant to push her content to children, while adults with more attention span can't even comfortably sit through any of her tutorials.

27 more replies are her promoting herself.

No. 945247

I think deep inside she knows she's not good enough to appeal to adults, and she tries to market her amateurish art to children because she thinks they're too simple to know any better

No. 945273

The problem is that there is nothing about her art or channel that is appealing to children. If you look at any popular channel that is pushed for kids, it's very easy to tell why it's so successful with that demographic - art style, music, colors, etc all designed with what appeals to children in a certain age range watching youtube. Nothing about Begga's rambling, disorganized, self-important bullshit and hideous kind
-of-anime-but-not-really style appeals to anyone, but least of all kids. If she bothered to do any research at all to figure out how to have a more successful online presence she'd realize this, but despite being 30 she still thinks she's just entitled to views and money and that the success fairy is gonna show up any day now with the audience she deserves.

No. 945652


why would she think anyone cares about a mechanical pencil….the only use it has in art is to sketch and maybe do full blown pieces but even then thats only people who want a challenge because most traditional artists use pencils that give them a variety of textures, like graphite sticks or charcoal. and even THEN its all dependent of the lead itself. what, is she gonna do reviews on different brands of printer paper next?

No. 945815


There are mechanical pencils which are known to break their leads repeatidly. Or there are surely brands out there with scratchy/ particulary smooth leads. But it doesn't justify a whole video about a single pencil.

No. 945842

She would get more attention if she did those clickbaity 'drawing with all my mechanical pencils' type videos. She certainly has more than enough supplies to do so, but for a supposed children's content creator, she is incredibly dry and dull. No child or adult wants to see her.

No. 946086

File: 1584328463161.jpeg (422.48 KB, 2160x1440, ETF9ycaWAAQFKT1.jpeg)

who the hell holds a knife liek its a pencil? also 39 LAYERS

No. 946100

The fuck. Did she make a layer for each pen stroke?

No. 946144

It looks like only the ten most recent layers are visible here. I think all the other groups are different drawings.

Ten layers is still way too goddamn many for a sketch, though. Something like this should have ba maximum of two.

No. 946202

God I hate the way she organizes her work space, and she has so many other projects open as well as desktop tabs, it looks so messy and unorganized

No. 946203

File: 1584367221223.png (185.06 KB, 1080x605, Screenshot_2020-03-15-06-56-32…)

Her work desk is a whole mess, ew… How can even you work?

No. 946335

I don't understand why she shaded under the flowers when the blue background is supposed to be the sky? She says she added more blue so the "flowers feel more physically in the environment" but how do they create shading ON THE SKY? Also the pooling colors really make everything worse.

No. 946422

She’s like a more cluttered Baylee without the audience and that’s saying something since baylee lives in her own cat pee covered filth

No. 947130

File: 1584563309032.jpeg (247.21 KB, 1080x1731, -9HBkoeu.jpg:large.jpeg)

so she wants an art style thatll get her clout, not one that's personal to her or reflects her progress or anything like that

No. 947176

here's the thing these arent 'styles' the three non-chibi heads are the top are basically identical with SLIGHT and honestly negligible differences (i.e. if those all showed up in a comic no one would say it's off model) the only difference in the chibi style is how the iris is drawn. There's the other one that could still be the same style bust just from a more detailed scene.

She really is playing at being an artist with these half assed claims of 'substyles'. None of these look Ghibli at all.

Tip: you cant claim to draw in different styles while drawing the hair and facial anatomy the exact same way

No. 947377


None of these look remotely like ghibli, kiyohiko azuma, or disney afternoon. She desperately needs to broaden her skill and be open for new things, instead of clinging to her ugly methods.

sage, but I notice the lack of activity with her usual egocentric bitching? is it because the cowtipper or it's just dry milk season?

No. 947382

I just checked her twitter and she just now posted a multi tweet sperg about her shitty cell coverage but she refuses to change providers. And previously, it’s actually her birthday today and she’s trying to peddle her YouTube channel as art education for kids at home with the recent quarantines. It’s been slow for her recently but with social isolation and self quarantines, she might be out of work since people have been told to avoid crowds (though I don’t know the situation in TN).

This is a stupid exercise cuz it isn’t “style”, it’s just different kinds of eye shapes and proportions. She already HAS a style and if she actually took the time to learn anatomy and her basics instead of whatever it is she does now, cuz it’s clearly not working, her style would be ok. But I think if she was clearly looking for clout, she’d be more in tune with what brings you clout in art spaces like IG and Twitter, she more is like stuck in the 90’s vision of being “the first American mangaka” cuz she still thinks she’s anime senpai

No. 947432

Dude this 5 billion layers per basic shitty sketch habit is the most bizarre thing about her. It genuinely perplexes me.

No. 947647

File: 1584666236716.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, 32B62A18-003E-470B-A364-280208…)

No. 947660

Wow, that is extremely embarrassing… She is desperate for any kind of attention during the pandemic.

No. 947693


who can even read that poster, she took the picture from so far away

No. 947701

The bad composition and ugly handwriting on the sign are the biggest crimes.

No. 947702

File: 1584675894144.jpg (314.18 KB, 992x1200, Becca.jpg)

>I'm late and missed animal crossing preorder. I'm upset so nobody can talk about it in my vicinity!

No. 947718

kek she isn't even pointing at the sign with her left hand.

That sign gives me major "8 year old's first lemonade stand" vibes. What is even the point of this? Is she trying to appear like a ~real artist~ by posing next to a ~handmade sign~ in her front yard, as apposed to just drawing an ad like a normal person and posting only that?
Becca this does more harm for you than good. It just showcases that you are bad at composition (for both the poster and this photo in general), bad at lettering, and out of touch.

No. 947805

I swear they could simplify the Mensa IQ test if they just replaced it with “hey can you make a legible sign”? It seems to be .001% of population that can do it.

No. 947867

File: 1584722085995.png (145.59 KB, 500x554, select-your-fighter-yard-yard-…)

It's true a lot of people on average can't seem to create a well designed sign that is actually legible and makes sense (pic related is case and point) but like.. Becca is an 'artist'. She is a person who prides herself (way too much) on her "skills" with visual arts. She shouldn't necessarily have issues with letter crowding, tangents and eligible lettering. Especially as a "comic artist" who creates "beautiful watercolor comics". I know she doesn't do traditional lettering, but the point still stands.
It blatantly shows just how bad her skillset (or lackthereof) actually is.

No. 948149

Honestly those examples are more legible than Beccas attempt and I’m dying, thank you anon

No. 948819

File: 1584971088740.jpg (835.12 KB, 1080x1541, 20200323_074236.jpg)

It looks like the gundam has a dick

No. 948823

it's a very cute idea, and more entertaining than generic girls with plants. Just mediocre result, with her usual stiff pose

No. 950058

File: 1585266359564.jpeg (11.96 KB, 360x278, EUEUnmaWsAgw5RX.jpeg)

first of all, these dont even look that different. and why would chibis have a different structure for gender? chibis are literally meant to exaggerate proportions. and this was meant for patrons?? like she thinks people actually wants to pay for this??

No. 950249

those both look like they're leaning/off balance. I feel sorry for her patrons.

No. 950358

File: 1585361195653.jpeg (36.27 KB, 400x278, A656213E-F6DF-40B9-9C8A-163E9B…)

Yeah every time she does “designs” that are just standing they’re always tilted off to the side like that and she doesn’t correct them. Which just shows she has no knowledge of standards in the industry, like in character turnarounds they can stand contrapposto like this but still look balance, and no knowledge of how planes work in a 3D space like the ground

No. 952209

File: 1585657495891.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, anisa.png)

i was going to say she looks like low shelf anisa but anisa is already budget
she's dollar tree anisa

No. 954183

File: 1586020289257.png (289.86 KB, 1080x1029, Screenshot_2020-04-05-00-10-41…)

I'm creeped out

No. 955684

File: 1586305840483.png (504.68 KB, 595x559, FoSNZWv.png)

I know this dead horse has been beaten to mush but how could she possibly look at this and think "Yeah, this is a good representation of my skill."

The painting is so blotchy and uneven.

No. 955710

If I didn’t know she did these in watercolor and just saw them, I would have assumed she did them in like crayola markers cuz that’s how bad she’s at at them

No. 955817

I wish someone would just come out and tell her it's ugly. I want to see how she'd react

No. 956687

She strikes me as a person who would full out Karen about it if she was criticized cuz they don’t “understand” that it’s children’s comics or understand watercolor is the way it is cuz she uses it like that. Probably on social media as like a subtweet but definitely on that discord she has.

But she also strikes me as a person who has never had her portfolio reviewed seriously by other artists or like at all. It doesn’t seem like she makes any effort to get better by making friends in the art world, like the groups she was in like Ink Drop Cafe have disbanded and she doesn’t participate in like the artist alley international group on fb despite running that AA tumblr with kiriska on tumblr. And she doesn’t go out and shop her book or portfolios to known comics publishers, like she is still in the idea that kids comics/manga is impossible so she’s THE senpai of it

No. 956934

I've said this before but she seems to just blow off any kind of peer review; like if another artist tries to give her honest feedback it's just like the teacher talking in a Charlie Brown cartoon. I don't know how she'd react to a more overtly insulting critique like just saying it looks ugly– probably subtweeting and grousing about it on discord, like you said.

No. 957063

Yeah the one thing I think she doesn’t understand is that a lot of the things about the art world depend on networking and peer review, like you want other people to buy your book/pitch of course. Even pros in various industries still get peer reviewed sometimes. She’s also pretty out of touch with what her industry (children’s books/comics) and the art industry wants, it would benefit her a lot if she went to a children’s book convention or a art one like lightbox expo and just LISTENED and got her art reviewed but she’s too narcissistic and fixed in this role that she’s the only art senpai doing this that shes really just hurting herself

No. 957290

File: 1586640437472.png (33 KB, 592x265, E1Q6ncj.png)

Classic Begga.

No. 957300

wtf, why would she do this instead of privately contacting people she knows who've been published? Is anyone going to respond to an open call like this?

No. 957389

She has some mutuals who do art but like yeah, they’re as rando as she is like who’s gonna care about a blurb from someone nobody knows as well? Theoretically, your agent or you send out ARCs to other authors in your field for free for blurbs but I don’t think she actually can afford to do that. And her tweet under it she says she has anxiety for asking but like, you are asking?? You have to cold call people, the worst they could say is no

No. 957726

That's what I mean, privately contacting mutuals and asking them individually for a blurb is pretty normal but putting out an open call and hoping someone who's actually been published will volunteer to write a blurb for you out of the blue is just lol. Like, I get it's very very uncomfortable to ask for a favor like that, but as you say, she's asking anyway and if you want to get anywhere you have to occasionally get out of your comfort zone.

No. 957762

yeah I think her massive overconfidence actually is masking her actual non-confidence in her work, like she’s posturing at being a senpai and her watercolor being so speshul when hopefully deep down she knows her work isn’t good enough and she’s too afraid to leave her comfort zone to actually learn how to get what she wants out of it. Like it was on the other art thread I think where someone posted a tutorial from a Japanese artist that explained as like you gain more confidence in your work, your line work becomes more confident and fluid and beginner artists usually have choppy line work. Becca is the epitome of under confidence since she uses so many layers for really no reason and is afraid to erase. If she had more she should be shopping her book out to publishers and agents or working freelance like many artists. It seems like she only has plans for a kickstarter which is massively gonna fail and I can’t wait

No. 958089

Because she has no friends and privately contacting her mutuals would be effort. And we know Begga never put effort into literally anything. Once again she just expects that shit will fall into her lap magically because she wants it to and still doesn't understand the concept of actually working for anything.

No. 958134

I wish she would put this much effort into asking someone to go over her thumbnails and script so she has a person other than herself or her yes-man fiancé edit her story. I mean, what’s the point of asking others to do this anyway? I hope a published artist does take her up on this, reads that drivel and actually gives her critique. Not that she’d listen.

No. 968060

File: 1588431471903.png (1.5 MB, 1086x1150, wtf even is this.png)

Sage for not being milk, but I got Begga's sponsored ad on my facebook today and it's just awful. The cover image she chose doesn't display the title properly (look at the tangents the title has with the window) and you can barely read the tagline. Also that description makes 0 sense. How is this girl a "writer" of a story when she can't even use English properly?
I checked out the actual facebook page and one post in particular caught my eye. Sorry if it's been pointed out before, but I noticed that in this drawing, Kara has backwards hands.
These are mistakes a 14 year old learning to draw makes, not a "professional, real artist making beautiful watercolor comics".

No. 968211

File: 1588453901621.png (2.75 MB, 750x1334, image0.png)

I currently live in New Zealand and I woke up to this monstrosity in my instagram stories.

No. 968286

sage for extremely minor nitpick but the name of her comic bugs me so much, "7 Inch Kara" sounds like the Title of a cheap porno movie

No. 968327

File: 1588481883330.jpeg (867.81 KB, 1159x926, A285724B-B1C6-46F5-BC08-06F9CB…)

Why do people always have to start shitty marketing copy with questions? Like if this is supposed to be marketing her and her comic, none of the copy she wrote explains what the heck these are nor does her weeb ass username explain what she does. The one tweet she has for FCBD is more what she should have written for these. But I guess you gotta use that stimulus money somehow

No. 969184

LOL those hands - how does Becca not see how retarded that looks? Also, yes, her color/position choice for the title really works against it. That little tagline is practically invisible

No. 969296

i swear i’ve gotten ads for her comic on instagram and twitter about 8 times in the past few days. on my main insta where i follow her as well as my finsta and a weight loss account which are completely u related. they’re really bad ads too.

No. 969855

File: 1588781695483.jpeg (593.21 KB, 750x1108, 405EC8D8-E43E-4979-960A-5D405E…)

Looks like she’s making ads for the Kickstarter

No. 969936


"The epic tiny tale continues" I wouldn't describe Kara as epic, probably bland at best

No. 969950

File: 1588793575555.png (488.05 KB, 492x572, lmao.png)

>epic tiny tale
>your favorite tiny people comic

Maybe she thinks, if she says this kinda stuff enough, it'll become true. Or she'll convince people to see it that way.
But I wouldn't put it past her to actually believe this tripe.

No. 970243

Is the figure on the left supposed to be holding something? It is so hard to tell what that blob is? I was looking at the hands cuz they’re the hands of someone who only copies hands from old 90’s sailor moon manga because she hasn’t even drawn the right figure’s right hand, it looks like a stump

No. 970244

It’s so weird she’s trying to market her stuff now when the Kickstarter link leads to nowhere. Like wouldn’t it be better if it was during the campaign? So people have somewhere to go?

No. 971051

Wait, she paid for an ad for her Kickstarter before starting the actual Kickstarter…?

Every time I think her decision-making can't get any worse, she somehow surprises me.

No. 971145

Her art is so ridiculously bad. She obviously rushes through everything and doesn't take any time to plan or reference anything. Just slops it together to get it done ASAP.

No. 971154


I think that's supposed to be a spider?? I'm not 100% sure.

Her watercolors make me sad. They shouldn't be this fucking muddy and dark. Why can't she just find watercolor tutorials and apply what she's learned. Even if her anatomy is wonky, at least she could claim the colors are good.

No. 971176

Honestly this is just kinda sad, she's spend 6 years of her life on this low average comic that no one has ever heard of, at the rate she's going the comic might get finished when she's in her mid 30's and then what, what will she have

spending 10-15 years of her on this comic

No. 971348

She’s apparently gonna get married during this pandemic because “she can’t wait any longer” girl you just want to be on his insurance plan and income….

No. 971626

shes 34. Shes been working on the first 2 volumes for 6 years, and said its gonna be 4 volumes. so if she keeps the same pace she will be 40 when its done.

No. 972136

She thinks because she has an MFA from SCAD that she doesn’t need to learn anymore or take any advice from others when like actually, you basically just pay for your degree at SCAD regardless of what your portfolio looks like and you never stop learning as an artist. She really is just harming herself cuz she’s so delusional that she’s this amazing artist but she’s out of touch with comics/kids comics with examples prior in the thread and her Kickstarter will definitely fail. Like her personality is so offputting and arrogant like, I doubt she even asks any fellow artists for help

No. 972473

File: 1589228272028.jpeg (523.33 KB, 750x1004, FEA00C24-A77B-4648-A27D-90A759…)

Becca continuing to complain nobody gives her attention for her tutorials, probably brought up due to the current scad drama

No. 972757

Lmao I saw this and she’s said she went to SCAD to develop her anatomy and foundational skills and like, she strikes me as the person at school who didn’t do a lot of the basic drawing and shit from life because “it’s not in her style” to draw realistically. And like, it’s hilarious and delusional of her to think she’s of a level of art instruction like actual watercolor teachers on YouTube and other learning platforms because her technique is still very amateur and unrefined compared to the hundreds of other ones, especially in terms of production and technique as well. She really needs to instead, use the resources that everyone has been sharing on twitter for extended learning without school to ACTUALLY learn, or actually WATCH a YouTube video from a real teacher like James gurney or even like aesthetic artists kelogsloops or makkocino cuz she’s just super in denial that she has any chance of success at her current level

No. 972823

>The fact that I did this should be enough
Really? No one owes you anything, Becca. It's your own fault you wasted so much time making crappy tutorials that even kids don't want. You don't get a medal of honor just for making them.

She acts like she literally forged the path for online art tutorials and she deserves recognition for her contributions to art history or something

No. 972848

Becca, no one cares how much time you took out of your life to make tutorials, especially when they are just low-level illustrations and spotty information.

Does she really not understand this, or is she pretending to and convincing herself that people will eventually be stupid enough to fall for it?

No. 973084

File: 1589322740574.png (367.98 KB, 1080x1970, Screenshot_2020-05-13-05-27-29…)

Everytime she puts "support local artist/convention artist/webcomic artist/art educator/small business" shit I always feel she's just talking about herself.

I know Instagram stories aren't required to be aesthetically refined, but this is embarrassing to come from an "art educator." The texts are barely readable.

No. 973136

i know its from 2018 but this bothered me so much

-the anthology book she was in, 1001 knights, the coordinators gave copies to each of the artists to sell for themselves and they told them to price it at $50 but she said it was too expensive so she priced it at $30. This isn't fair imo because then everyone would buy it from her and the other artists wouldn't get to sell theirs. Idk it just seemed scummy.

-she bought a cricut and has never used it because she doesnt know how to….This is from 2018 and I remember her mentioning it again in her 2019 spx recap so shes had it for years and still has never used it bc she couldnt be bothered to figure out how…….

-"im somebody that needs a lot of praise and encouragement and i dont get that"

No. 973178

>bc she couldnt be bothered to figure out how……
That's ridiculous. It's basically just printer software. It takes about 5 minutes to figure it out. I dunno about making your own vectors, I assume it's likewise easy as pie if you can already use Windows 95 onward software.

No. 973272

You don’t need to know anything about vectors to use a cricut, they COME with their own software and there’s tons of tutorials on YouTube from everyone that does either stickers or vinyl. Like Katnipp at least has two, it’s what her store uses for her planner stickers. She’s really just making excuses for her own failings at this point and now it might be too old at this point to sell it.

The thing about her selling the books for lower is not just shitty on her part to other artists cuz that was less than what the physical book cost during that Kickstarter (the book cost 40$ as a exclusive to Kickstarter, so 50 is reasonable) so she’s devaluing the art of like 200 other artists, many of whom also work in kids comics and satellite industries, but also cuz she’s eating into her OWN profit as well. Like often if you’ve contributed to a book, they’ll sell you copies at cost depending on your contracts so like, by selling it under MSRP for whatever reason (I suspect it’s cuz when she was doing cons like she has no confidence people will buy shit that isn’t priced as low as her 1$ commissions) she’s missing out on profit. It’s scummy on a lot of levels but also I find it hilarious she isn’t listed as a contributing artist anymore on it

gRaPhIc dEsIgN iS mY pAsSiOn

No. 976236

Untreated ADHD Becca giving advice on how to focus and her advice to to over caffeinate…that’s terrible advice

No. 976363

File: 1589923562206.png (728.35 KB, 570x1829, pointless newsletter.png)

Becca's been sending out these newsletters to promo the comic and it's just hilarious. She included everything.
>Badly drawn, painted, and composed cropped images from the comic
>Assuming people care to know or would know what people in her personal life these characters are inspired by
>bragging about it taking 6 years to do 200 pages, as if that's an accomplishment
>bragging like she's the first person to do a comic in a traditional medium
>letting her cat lick her paint water and just taking a photo of it instead of preventing it

No. 976407

“6 years to do 200 pages”
That’s less than finishing 1 page a week…

No. 976493

The fact the pages look as horrendous as they do for the time she took in making it is extremely sad lol.

I also had a good chuckle at the part where she mentions getting insight from other artist friends for editing. Who wants to bet that’s a flat out lie? That or she did ask and she ignored any valid criticism they had.

No. 976513

LMAO wow like does she think this is how comics and books work? No company is gonna give her an advance to draw a book if it takes her SIX years to make this one, like if it takes you a full week to do a page then maybe do something else? Like if she was able to multitask this could have all been done before the century ends.

Every day she reminds me more and more of a baylee without the twitch stans, from her shitty and slow art, to the hoarding of supplies and now of the like blatant disregard of her cats in her space. Like paints have dangerous pigments in them and cats are small enough to where small amounts can get them seriously ill but lol sure it’s cute

No. 976533


I guess she doesn't realize a strong resistance to caffeine is a common thing for ADHD people and not…everyone? She really shouldn't give out this kind of advice. I mean, I know only like 10 people will see it, but still.

No. 976545

File: 1589963833115.png (247.62 KB, 1080x822, kekku.png)

How do you mess up a study this bad? She didn't post the reference but christ… The colors… The perspective… And the japanese writing looks like scribbles.

No. 976710

File: 1589996737166.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1818, EBB953BE-BEFA-4E86-ACA8-A1D489…)

Some fool on my Twitter TL RTd her link to the Kickstarter launch page.

No. 976711

File: 1589996920913.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1684, E4FECFF9-1FC4-4849-9F52-65ACE0…)

Can you really call it a hiatus when it takes ages for you to update anything to begin with? lol

No. 976875

this is from 2018 but it was unlisted and i found it in a playlist. She brings her weeb artist alley table to a librarians conference and her booth sticks out like a sore thumb, she breaks down crying on camera in the alley because she "had such a hard childhood because she got bullied for liking comics" and someone came up to look at her table, and she said "hi, feel free to look, im just having a breakdown, as you do" and it gave me such secondhand embarassment. Then in the car she kept going on about how she realized at this convention that the anthology she was in (1001 knights, the book she is selling for way less than she was told to) had one image of nipples in it, and one comic had some curse words, and she got mad because it was listed as "YA" even though thats YOUNG ADULT and YA/teen books with cursing isnt uncommon. She blamed the organizers of the book for not mentioning theres one image of breasts and light cursing, even though shes the one that didnt read all the way through and put it on her table. She gives me a feeling like she thinks shes better than other comic artists because shes family friendly.

No. 976890

there was a video of hers i saw a while back (might have been one of her comic process tutorials?) where her cat kept wanting to sit on her lap and she kept yelling at him and calling him stupid and it made me uncomfortable how legitimately aggressive she sounded, it seems like shes more bothered by her cat than anything from what ive seen from her videos

No. 976901

I have watched scots tots and even I couldn't finish this, this is way too painful

No. 976960

Like I kind of understand her logic cuz I also have ADHD and caffeine is a stimulant, like most adhd drugs are BUT yeah this is shit advice. The tolerance definitely is a thing but you need to be screened for underlying heart issues too, the REAL solution is talk to a fucking doctor and go to a fuckin psychiatrist if you need help?? Don’t tell people to self medicate if they’re actually suffering?

No. 976961

Omg like, I’m stunned that she can’t even copy the text as symbols when she took the damn photo herself like you think as much of a weeb as she thinks she is, she would know shit. But she’s like the Airbender movie but a person

No. 976970

Lmao it makes more sense now that she’s not listed as a contributor to that anthology on its main page anymore, if she’s gonna throw a bitch fit publicly then good on the organizers on distancing themselves from it. Plus that project was in 2016, like I’m wondering if people just don’t invite her to these anymore cuz she’s just a shitty person online. And yeah, like if she ACTUALLY read YA, there’s lots of very adult themes in a ton of them, like Hunger Games is a YA novel. She just is a church lady at this point too about all this, hard to believe she’a in her thirties when she’s acting like a Karen over a boob

No. 976993

Around the 50 minute mark is when she starts complaining about 1001 Knights (Please put time codes or something next time you view anything of interest so others don’t have to suffer her hour+ long ego wankfest)…
The sense of entitlement she gives off is so extremely off putting it’s no wonder no one wants anything to do with her professionally. That and her art is just so damn god awful.