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File: 1574645508015.jpg (133.26 KB, 395x667, 1562078480641.jpg)

No. 897463

Alternative title: "Mods please don't lock this one before it even starts" Edition

Dinara, aka Develv, 28, is an artist on DeviantART known for making fetish art of eunuchs. She often shares her account on the site with her sister, Elvira, 26, whose own account and username is Elveo. The lion's share of their infamy stems from their antics in the Russian art and fanfic community, and the site HolyWarsoo has been archiving their antics since 2015.

The sisters have a bizarre fixation on historical young boys who were the victims of genital mutilation and sexual abuse by older men. They combine this fixation with a general disdain for other women, often making their eunuchs resemble fashion models, while actual women are drawn to be plain, unappealing and/or broad-bodied, at best, or strange, ugly caricatures with mannish features, at worst.

Points of interest:
>Elv is known for editing actual Wikipedia pages to distort information, and match her and her sister's eunuch romance yaoi fantasies
>Psuedohistorians in every way, constantly claiming that this or that woman or group of women were actually beautiful men (for example, Amazons or nymphs in Greek mythology actually being men all along) or not female-identified (Hatsheput being a trans man)
>Both are intense apologists for the abuse and castration that eunuchs went through, claiming most of them were not victims, but "glorious, beautiful, innocent angels" and "figures of power". They enjoy writing fanfiction and drawing fanart of these historical figures, romanticizing their ordeals and completely reimagining their appearances
>They defend pedophilia in general, and sexualize living boys who are CSA victims (Bachabazi), young Jewish men and boys, gay Middle Eastern men, MtF transsexuals, intersex people, etc under the guise of "appreciating male beauty" or "supporting love"
>They were homeschooled and raised in some sort of hypermisogynistic cult by their insane father, which may explain their internalized misogyny
>They believe Jesus was a eunuch
>They are staunchly against any depictions of Biblical angels or certain historical figures (mainly eunuchs) as anything but beautiful (often white-looking) otherwordly, feminine beings, in spite of the actual Bible and real life photos of eunuchs contradicting them
>They love to post their own psuedoscience about eunuchs, trans people and intersex conditions
>Elv once burned a book for not being gay enough, and both sisters complain that lesbians get too much attention while gay men are ignored
>Both of them have racist views against non-white people, despite not being white themselves (they are Eurasian), and their father believes that the caste system was "great"
>Both claim to be against sexual content for being "impure", but love to draw fetishistic content (including BDSM) of eunuchs
>Elv is obsessed with Tom Hiddleston and Nicolas Cage, and has made multiple edits of them to make him look more like women
>They raise their cat on a vegan diet, and constantly shoop themselves to look like their eunuch drawings
>Chronic sameface in all their art, possible tracing and fucked up anatomy to make their eunuchs look as "perfect" as possible

Currently, their main fandom is Detroit: Become Human, and most recently, Dev's work was featured in a fan zine full of fanart. They are still fascinated with eunuchs (especially Elv), still write their fanfiction, and still carry the same views as before. Discuss their antics here.

Dev's accounts
DeviantART: https://www.deviantart.com/develv/
DeviantART #2: https://www.deviantart.com/devakami
Virink: https://virink.com/elveo
VK: https://vk.com/id157395929
VK #2: https://vk.com/albagoas
Tumblr: https://siringadev.tumblr.com
Tumblr #2: http://bagoastheeunuch.tumblr.com/
Pinterest: https://ru.pinterest.com/devarikami/
FicBook (fanfics): https://ficbook.net/authors/54924
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Iluvatar3

Elveo's accounts
DeviantART: https://www.deviantart.com/elveo
Virink: https://virink.com/develv
VK: https://vk.com/esiringa
VK #2: https://vk.com/elveoart
VK #3: https://vk.com/fatihfrumos
Tumblr: https://elveo-art.tumblr.com/
Tumblr #2: http://fatihfrumos.tumblr.com/
Tumblr #3: https://eovinmygod.tumblr.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/elvtransylvania
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.ru/elvenkingforest/
Proza (her translations of various pieces of literature and history): https://www.proza.ru/avtor/elfira
Poetry.ru (her translations of Ottoman poetry): https://www.stihi.ru/avtor/fatihsultan
YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0TKvCN11BWdEagxnl_OnJg
RuLit (fanfics): https://www.rulit.me/books/dlya-ego-udovolstviya-download-free-494361.html

HolyWarsoo thread, where most of their milk is collected, preserved and discussed (For those not fluent in Russian, please us Google Translate or DeepL translator: https://www.deepl.com/en/translator - Russian anons welcome to translate!):

Previous threads:

No. 897469

File: 1574645778956.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1574, 1571024946492.jpeg)

Brian Dechart gave Dev some recognition, not knowing the depths of her depravity.

No. 897472

File: 1574646000531.jpg (89.6 KB, 473x750, tumblr_d7cabba72bc8d10c8e30617…)

Recent fanart of the Joker by Elv. Complete refusal to acknowledge anything non-bishonen about whatever male character she likes, as per usual.

No. 897479

File: 1574646646554.jpg (295.61 KB, 1000x768, 8iUUaEmW1U4.jpg)

I should have added that they're into writing and drawing DBH characters as eunuchs as well. Dev in particular enjoys drawing gay porn of them. Remember, though, she is asexual, and her art is of pure intent.
>Connor-intersex in a very seductive-feminine image is just a fantasy, a continuation of the AU theme from the story "Androgin" and "Not Like Everyone." Special work, made to order. The full version in large size on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/dev_elv (not because I do not want to share, but because not all people are ready to understand and accept this type of beauty in young men, unfortunately. So , who wants to see the full version, please contact in private messages, I will send😉)

>"Connor had great difficulties, the society did not accept him as he was. It recognized only two sexes, male or female. There is no third. And so that society would no longer perceive him as defective, he chose a female image and a female gender only one by one However, inside he remained a guy whom only his twin brother, Richard, understood and accepted. Richard is his defender and his second, strong and courageous half. He is the only one who loves Connor and sees him as a boy. seen in connor not a phenotypic girl (maybe a trans girl or an intersex girl), and Connor was forced to accept it. He just wanted to live and enjoy life. He did not want to always explain to people who he is, why he looks like that, he was tired of fighting. go with the flow and tell people what

>For those who do not know, to avoid questions: Connor is a genetic man with testicular feminization syndrome, in which the male body externally has a female phenotype with developed mammary glands and hips.

>Other illustrations for the work of Androgin:

>With Richard:
>Before going into a feminine look ( alternative version):
>Links to fanfiction in posts)

No. 897486

>Alternative title: "Mods please don't lock this one before it even starts" Edition
Don't whine, just make better OPs and it won't happen.

No. 897490

Are they gonna argue Arthur is some intersex pure creature next? God I hope so been catching up on these two since I used to see them pop up on DA.

No. 897553

File: 1574657865770.png (114.28 KB, 1150x512, cringeworthy tags.png)

Peep the tags on a fanfic Develv illustrated. Repulsive. Does she perhaps have a fanfic account we don't know about yet?

Story for the polyglots in here (illustration incoming): https://ficbook.net/readfic/7815955/21489879

No. 897554

File: 1574657995680.jpg (771.52 KB, 805x1100, i gagged.jpg)

No. 897653

again?! dechart never bothered to check who they are. barf.

No. 897850

>They believe Jesus was a eunuch

what? when did they say or draw jesus geting his dick cut off ?

No. 897918

These are really bad, wtf

No. 897925

Have people actually confronted them about their delusional rewriting of history? I know they wouldn't listen but it'd be fun to watch them rage kek

No. 898067

File: 1574772055927.jpg (15.85 KB, 433x368, cage.jpg)

>Elv is obsessed with Tom Hiddleston and Nicolas Cage, and has made multiple edits of them to make him look more like women
>Nicholas Cage
WHAT? Source on that?

No. 898101

I think OP is wrong here, they never said that, Deva just portrayed him the same way she portrays eunuchs (I'm russian anon who follows holywarsoo thread from the beginning, so I'd remember if they said something so fucked up).

No. 898463

File: 1574854895192.png (4.8 MB, 1867x2048, 1565260612574.png)

OP here. I got it from here:
>Early images (Byzantium) painted Jesus beardless and asexual. It was even believed that he could be an eunuch (whether spiritual, from birth it is unclear), but such a version was, and was accepted with pleasure by the sect of eunuchs in Russia.
>Then the cult of masculinity began, and Jesus began to be painted bearded. Closer to the time of classicism, they began to portray it as powerful, powerful, with heroic features. And only Russian painting depicted him as a thin man with features close to realism of an ordinary and stern man, exhausted by austerities. Sometimes they also painted with a beardless youth, as in the icons of Good Silence (if I am not mistaken) and in the picture of Vasnetsov, where Jesus sits on the throne.

This I was wrong on. I thought pic related was an actual edit of theirs while scrolling through the past thread for recaps. Sorry to disappoint, lol

No. 898789

GOD. I fucking hope they dont ruin my boy joker too i swear to god–

No. 898799

File: 1574935685315.png (269.34 KB, 720x641, 1562083691256.png)

I showed pic related to someone discussing the sisters and they told me that the description of their "eunuchs" sounded like people with Klinefelter syndrome

>Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic condition that results when a boy is born with an extra copy of the X chromosome

Symptoms that coincide with what their eunuchs are like

>Taller than average stature

>Longer legs, shorter torso and broader hips compared with other boys
>After puberty, less muscle and less facial and body hair compared with other teens
>Enlarged breast tissue (gynecomastia)
>Tendency to be shy and sensitive

There are some more serious ones such as
>Absent, delayed or incomplete puberty
>Weak bones
>Low energy levels
>Difficulty expressing thoughts and feelings or socializing
>Problems with reading, writing, spelling or math

sage for non-milk

No. 899016

To me it looks like she's just jumping the bandwagon, this pic doesn't look even quarter as polished as their usual stuff. OR Elv is trying to branch out with her artstyle a bit, she's been always less of a cow than Deva.

No. 899069

File: 1575000684505.png (138.03 KB, 720x900, 20191129_121018.png)

Elv is such a crazy fan girl it snt even funny anymore

No. 899070

File: 1575000797669.jpg (45.2 KB, 550x433, tumblr_nwms9cKlrp1u6zoljo1_640…)

Yeah but it doesnt happen when you cut a mans balls off right?

The pic at the top

No. 899071

Forgot to add

>Its just cringy as hell

No. 899083

Good lord, its about underage twincest…I'm gonna translate just the summary for now :

"Twins Connor and Richard loved each other very tenderly, hugs and kisses - was normal for them. But it never reached full incest, they didn't even suspect that something like that could happen between them. During a summer vacation, they didn't go with their parents to grandpa's summer cottage - a place surrounded by forest where their secrets are hidden, and where strange things happened to the twins"

Like I scrolled through the first chapter and there is a really weird sex scene between Brian and Gavin? (never played detroid idk who they are)

No. 899135

No it's genetic but i found interesting how similar they were.It almost seems like they took all the "positive" traits and left out the health issues

it's most likely a coincidence tho

No. 899173

so…are they lesbians in major denial or what? I just don't get how you can hate women so much you view them all as short fat trolls and project all feminine beauty traits onto castrated men, while you yourself are a woman… do they think they're actually eunuchs and their parents 'lied' by saying they were female??? it's like internalized misogyny taken to the extreme, how have their brains not exploded from the contradiction

No. 899174

yea pretty much, that was discussed here before. Wont be surprised if they actually were lesbians or bi

No. 899175

File: 1575029945462.jpg (Spoiler Image,463.76 KB, 704x1000, d7pvxdn-07fc6755-3334-41e0-8ff…)

>>Byleist is older Loki's brother, son of Laufey. Jotuns are ancient gods, therefore incest does not make sense.

yeah nice try elv, theyre brothers but its nOt inCEST. I know your just horny

No. 899322

Is Loki an eunuch too? What's going on with that body and face, no definition whatsoever, doesn't look human.

No. 899507

None of the things they draw are human lol

No. 899587


>there is a really weird sex scene between Brian and Gavin? (never played detroid idk who they are)

Gavin is just a dumb dick. He's not really a memorable character, but IIRC that's his only trait. The Brian thing is kind of interesting, though– there isn't a character by that name, but the voice actor for Connor is named Bryan Dechart. It seems like fans of the game would be pretty into him (like Dev apparently is, see >>897469). It would be so creepy if Dev's online social circle wrote a real person into their fanfic. Btw, thanks polyglot anon! The Develv online universe is like a car wreck.

No. 899932

I did some more peaking and it looks like Connor and Richard characters are sons of Brian? Also it seems like a woman named Amelia is mother of Connor and Richard, and wife of Brian(they have a weird platonic non-sexual relationship, she shows up few times like hi, sorry,bye). And Connor's + Richard's grandparents were Lorent Dechart and Gabriel Dechart (brothers) who also had incestuous relationship between them. Its a mess…

No. 899934

In the comments under that picture she gushes about how 'feminine' the Joker was in the movie (his gestures, long hair, thin body, how he dances and jokes around). The picture was a present for someone she seems to be friends with.

No. 900013

So in her weird twincest AU the "parents" of the twins are Bryan Dechart and his RL wife Amelia (who also starred in DBH)? And "Richard" is a human name given to the RK900 android, Connor's twin. I can't find anything about a Gabriel or Lorent Dechart though, don't know if they're real people (shudder) or not.

No. 900456

File: 1575274072090.jpeg (65.71 KB, 632x865, received_2229733923794726.jpeg)

Yeah its um…off putting coming from her especially, considering her and her sister sees everything in their wierd fetishized lenses

Arthur is just rlly socially awkward and its obvious plus, his hear lenght srsly makes him feminine? Come oooon

His thin body? The guy is malnourished for gods sake

No. 900460

*Hair length

No. 900752

File: 1575335484491.jpg (150.43 KB, 666x1000, ddl5zz2-059859f3-d556-43dc-bd8…)

I love how almost everyone in the comments agrees that elsa does not look like a boy here. She just looks like regular elsa but with shorter hair

No. 900762

File: 1575337052755.png (382.83 KB, 800x1182, Screenshot_2019-12-02-20-30-56…)

Lol how is Elsa supposed to be a dude in this?

Love how Elveo went apeshit when someone told her Elsa looks the same and only looks a teensy bit like a boy

No. 900791

>I also removed makeup
Didn't know men woke up with bright pink eyelids and white eyeshadow at the inner corners of their eyes.
To be honest, it's like they have no clue what "androgyny" even means. They're completely enraptured with hyper-femininity (as much as they may dislike actual women). They literally just draw women, remove the breasts and say "Behold, a man of beauty and youth!". I know their standards for men aren't that high, considering the crush on the guy who played Loki, so why can't they just look at actual androgynous male models and work from there?
For two sisters who are obsessed with male beauty, they sure suck at portraying it.

No. 900844

Yea its an absolute shitfest and i love it

No. 901540

File: 1575466257529.jpg (2.27 MB, 2505x4060, 20191204_212323.jpg)

Sorry for bad quality. I cant find good quality pics

I dont know why elv is insistent in drawing radu like an eunuch when he probably isnt

No. 901541

File: 1575466333789.jpeg (16.14 KB, 390x673, images (7).jpeg)

Its houseki no kuni levels of bad

No. 901626

You know what's kinda Ironic is that people in the past thought the same way as these two, that castrated men were uninterested in women. Of course castration (forced or voluntary) doesn't change someone's sexual orientation, and there were many cases of relationships between harem women and eunuchs, even though it was forbidden.

No. 901830


Well they did admit that they hated heteronormativity, which sucks for them cuz thats the vast majority, no wonder theyre so hateful

No. 901889

File: 1575519053401.jpg (40.54 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Oh my god…I watched that Russian cartoon as a child…the reason why Kai looks like a boy is because HE IS a young boy drawn for little children…Also way to call out modern art…..the most famous male character from soviet cartoons, Karlson, is far from anything androgynous lmao

No. 902551

I'm the anon who made that pic, it was just one of their pieces on Amy Schumer's face that by coincidence turned out to look like Nicolas Cage lmao

No. 902808

Thats hilarious.

No. 903718

File: 1575910920536.jpg (119.4 KB, 1280x704, you_are_all_i_have_by_develv_d…)

they both basically did the same thing with these two pictures, but elv did it better by not giving loki an over feminized face and make up. though i'll have to admit dev did thor justice by not drawing him as a woman lol

No. 903723

File: 1575911061346.jpg (82.15 KB, 1280x640, brothers_by_elveo_ddly6vu-full…)


No. 903813

I was the anon who's thread got locked. Thank you for opening another thread, I'm glad to see people are still talking about these two. Also props for compiling everything better than I ever could.

Is it just me, or is Thor's face the same in all three of these pictures?

No. 903822

i'm also noticing that now since you pointed it out, maybe they are copying each other or just used the same reference? or they both traced it.

No. 904749

i notice that they recycle poses all the time

No. 906511

File: 1576552386710.jpg (352.59 KB, 615x870, d8jpkd2-935663cc-3d0a-4bd4-a29…)

suppose to be different kind of races but im not exactly sure why it comes off as racist…

No. 906640

not really racist, they just drew everyone with white features. that's what happens when someone has such a hardcore same face syndrome, you can really only tell the black dude is supposed to be black because of his skin color.

No. 906654

that's the thing, there is no black guy, only a Hindu one.
Why are there two white 'eunuchs' and no black one?

No. 906692

I think the one on the bottom right is supposed to be white and the one in the middle is their imaginary perfect aryan race that they photoshop themselves into

No. 907494

"Behold, here is the perfect human being, and he has manboobs and microdick"

No. 907759

Sounds like a cuckhold to me anon haha

No. 908275

Honestly I kinda do see some racist tones in this, not for how she portrays the races themselves (although I do agree they all have white features) but because her "non-ideal" race eunuchs are all sitting down or hunched over with closed off body language, whereas her oh-so-perfect dreamed up ayran goddess eunuch is in a tall, graceful, and 'open' stance.
Even if the bottom right one is white, she obviously sees him differently from her "ideal" for some reason.

Maybe that's all just tinfoil, but that's the impression I first got when I saw this.

No. 908605

I think thats pretty spot on

No. 918012

File: 1579007245633.jpg (382.44 KB, 1000x1238, Mo.Dao.Zu.Shi.full.2338428.jpg)

I'm honestly amazed these two haven't gotten into Mo Dao Zu Shi. It has exactly the kind of aesthetics and history-inspired politics-filled plot that these two cream themselves over. Then again, if it's not historical figures, they seem to be more into funny-looking white men.

No. 918021

File: 1579008397059.jpg (141.67 KB, 900x823, in_purple_by_develv_ddnqay4-fu…)

Still shilling the patreon

Elv has also been posting selfies recently and sperging about her "love for the East" and how it started in India. She has actually been pretty active on Instagram recently.

No. 918024

I lol'd, the obsession continues I see.

No. 918066

It's really a shame that they're that way, the rendering on the fabric is fantastic, they have a lot of potential

No. 942727

I dont give a shit how well they draw

I fucking hate all of their subject matter(necro)

No. 946993

File: 1584545429334.jpg (115.62 KB, 824x969, arcane_idol_yardan_by_develv_d…)

When you draw a girl but say its a dude kek. I cant read the fucking reply chain on this post anymore…

I feel like i lose my braincells whenever i see her 12 paragraph descriptions and replies

No. 946995

They stagnate so much. How long have they been drawing this exact same style with stiff or no facial expressions, with this subject matter?

No. 946998

This is wonky as hell but, again, she could not be more transparent about that she's attracted to women but afraid to actually admit it. I'd say it's sad if not for how creepy a lot of their content is.

No. 947011

Oh well, when your autistic you wont get tired of drawing the same shit over and over again

No. 947364

their art reminds me of sakimichan in a way. at first glance it looks beautiful, but as soon as you look closer you see all the wonky anatomy.

No. 948114

Thats actually a nice comparison

No. 948115

Honestly if you edited out the signature and told me Sakimichan drew this, I'd believe you. It has all the same anatomy mistakes Sakimichan normally makes– lazy background, enormous disjointed hips, puny hands, inconsistent light source, uncanny valley face, etc.

No. 951278

File: 1585587858499.jpg (102.63 KB, 436x900, 454f75bcedac84bdc74aca65b2829f…)

Mehmed the Conqueror killing John Sphrantzes.

No. 951279

File: 1585587932193.png (40.61 KB, 691x486, 3434.png)

Elv blames 14-year-old rape victim for (allegedly) trying to kill his rapist.

No. 951316

Dev must hates the word 'woman' but draws one exactly in detail

Gross. "Bought and sold" should never be apart of some uwu romance fantasy

No. 953501

File: 1585885695284.jpg (243.83 KB, 1000x800, ddsif5v-f52126ed-03f8-40dc-92b…)

>>Ethiopia was the source of eunuchs to the Ottoman Empire, although it is hard to find information on their lives and personality, moreover their appearance. There is a historical stereotype that black eunuchs were “ugly” and “hideous” on the contrary to beautiful women of harem - which is just a racist lie of European travelers of the past eras (even and especially such as Richard Burton who recorded the stories of 1001 Arabian Nights, and John Lewis Burckhardt, Eldon Rutter and many more).

Ironic considering dev is doesnt like blacl eunuchs.elv drew this btw

No. 953591

I mean she's drawn black eunuchs in the past and African eunuchs(captured and sold by Arabs) existed all way up to the 1960's

No. 953620

I like her art but I can't with the eunuch label.

No. 954395

Dude, that doesn't look nothing like a Ethiopian in any way. He looks like a greek/Roman statue just painted a shade of brown.

No. 954526

File: 1586064095024.jpg (628.96 KB, 3024x4032, IMG_2617-2.jpg)

tbf east Africans have some Semitic admixture, which leads to lighter skintone and or more Caucasoid features

No. 954556

She just looks black anon and shes dark, beautiful woman, black woman that is not “mixed”

No. 954558

NTA, but this isn't really true of South Sudanese people (Ethiopians are a different story, though), so it's kind of unfitting to use a picture of Anok Yai for this.
Africans just have more than one phenotype, there isn't really anything "Caucasoid" about it, any more than the reverse is true for European people.

No. 954692

File: 1586113049347.jpg (Spoiler Image,25.88 KB, 615x409, LdJIm9m.jpg)

Sorry but thanks to the skincolor it looks like that one white german model that wants to be black…..I jsut cant unsee

No. 954920

File: 1586139589792.png (Spoiler Image,306.98 KB, 728x546, how to hide that you are a eun…)

I wonder if Develv knows that eunuchs peed themselves alot cause they couldn't control where their pee went and there even is a saying in China that goes "As smelly as a eunuch."

Having that said it really does bring their art in a whole knew perspective.

No. 955209

I admit my understanding of castration/eunuchs is not amazing, but doesn't it usually mean just removing the balls? And not necessarily the dick. Wouldn't they still be able to pee normally as the testicles aren't necessarily for the bladder to work properly? If it is the case they remove everything I could see that. But you can still see the sausage in some of Develv's pictures.

Saged for musing about how eunuchs or male anatomy works.

No. 955300

so correct me If I am wrong ?

Their dad is a Tatar(a Turkic ethnic group in Russia) and their mom is Vietnamese and they grew up in Russia, Eastern Europe and south East Asia

No. 955491

Now thats hilarious

No. 956416

File: 1586447427920.jpg (153.18 KB, 766x1043, blossoms_by_develv_ddua63a-pre…)

>>Boys can wear dresses as well as girls can wear men's clothes. In addition, androids are gender-fluid  

RK800 (Connor) and his twin RK800-60 in brotherly friendship, art for April ART challenge. 

No. 956679

This is literally looks like some random porn sick twitter scrote porn art, like I can't believe this was made by an actual woman

No. 956688

Anyone else feel like she's getting closer and closer to admitting she's a lesbian?

>I just like extremely feminine men wearing dresses and also they are genderfluid so they can be women SoMeTiMeS but I'm not a lesbian in deep denial wtf no way

No. 956725

sad. she could be making cute lesbian art but decides to do this degenerate shit.

No. 956760


>>iM not gAY i juST liKE feminiNE dICKS

No. 956772

what difference does it make? ever heard of death of the author? dev can say these are guys all she wants but doesn't look like it to me.

they're absolutely lesbians who are too scared to come out because of their psycho religious family.

No. 956865

can someone give me the exact details about what their family history ?

No. 957458

Fuck anon I can't stop giggling

No. 962775

File: 1587452139809.jpg (108.76 KB, 745x1072, past_and_future_by_develv_ddv8…)

>Two of my favorite characters together; the symbol of DBH is >Connor; the symbol of eunuchs and androgynous beauty is Bagoas, known as the male lover of Alexander the Great. Past and future. Human and android. Eunuch and sexless AI.
>Strong, and at the same time soft, sophisticated personalities capable of love and friendship.
>Dangerous and cunning agents in the service of the mighty of this world.
>I think if they met in the same universe, they could become best friends😊

>I portrayed them together on the advice of my friend and in honor of 1,000 subscribers in my group. By the way, here: https://vk.com/albagoas

>P. S. They are both MALE!!!

This fucking crossover…

No. 962833

>sexless AI
> They are both MALE!!!

No. 962892

damn how can you contradict yourself in the same paragraph?

No. 963183

this has been said a million times before but eunuchs aren't a natural state for human beings, its like pointing to people are born with severe disables and saying that's a naturally occurring, when its not

No. 963186

They're really bad at drawing faces.

No. 963207

File: 1587520799315.png (71.17 KB, 720x615, 20200422_095605.png)

So someone asked elv about this

Im pretty sure she doesnt wanna watch cuz "iT doesNT hAve enOUGH gAY in iT" or some shit like that

I havent personally watched but i read some reviews and i heard for the most part is that its fairly accurate, changing only some things but still faithful enough. You guys can correct me if im wrong in this one

No. 963214

tbf she's actually right here, they removed all mentions of Mehmeds underage boy rape victims

No. 963216

>when you're so repulsed by actual men that you just make them women or robots
Can relate tbh

No. 963229

Oh yeah i heard that too

But she probably just in it for mehmed and radu or something, but doesnt she just think that they were just his male lovers and not rape victims?

No. 963254

She likely has a more romantic view on the situation, rather then the awful reality which even the show creators are brushing under the rug

No. 963259

File: 1587528946304.jpg (176.19 KB, 672x690, de1bed2f5315bc41a48a1777df646d…)

Thats for sure

No. 963263

File: 1587529220524.png (Spoiler Image,618.87 KB, 720x845, 20200422_121912.png)

Arent these two suppose to be radu and vlad? Like…their brothers. This confirms she definitley draws porn of them

No. 963268

File: 1587529512005.png (Spoiler Image,403.22 KB, 720x736, 20200422_121940.png)

Anyway i also found another account from elv…


No. 963284

strange that neither party seems to have a penis, like they really seem to hate penises

No. 963289

I noticed that both of the sisters just suck at drawing dicks in general maybe thats why or maybe they just think its vulagar cuz theyre closeted lesbians

No. 963304

the fact they can draw horrific rape, blood and abuse but not draw the actual penis shows that they aren't fully straight

No. 964893

File: 1587781190141.jpeg (28.87 KB, 710x432, images (6).jpeg)

Im not the only one that thinks this looks bad right?

No. 964901

If you didn't know the characters, you could definitely not tell this was ezra miller and colin farrell. She same faces everything pretty hard.

No. 968739

File: 1588584701753.jpg (556.42 KB, 666x900, ddw5yrh-a9dd34e4-18e3-4ef1-9a2…)

This is by far one of the worst anatomy ive seen from them thus far

Also elv just spergs about hermaphrodites and how they are perfection incarnate and obviously she hasnt seen a real naturally born hermaphrodite

No. 968750

from that angle it looks like a tearzah drawing

No. 968802

Thanks for confirming my suspicions. They really did my boy Colin dirty… I wish they had just skipped the references and let him be another smooth-faced chick.

No. 968807

File: 1588604537538.jpeg (17.02 KB, 554x554, images (12).jpeg)

I see what you mean

No. 970724

File: 1588915863722.png (188.17 KB, 720x995, 20200508_132011.png)

Same anon that posted this

I recently saw this comment and they are spitting straight facts. Develv always had this perverse undertones in most of their work. From the scarce clothing, themes, body types, sexual situations and sometimes nudity it shows. They hide under the veil of calling it innocent, pure and beauty to hide their fetishes. Once they get called out on it they bullshit their way out of it cuz they know deep down that theyre perverts too

No. 970775

>You don't praise our work? You're a pervert and mentally ill!

Such grace in their replies.

No. 970780

I love how theyre so overly offended

No. 970797

>draw rape victim in sexualized fashion
>someone rightfully calls it disgusting


No. 970828

File: 1588947287823.jpeg (42.91 KB, 612x501, images (8).jpeg)

I cant help but look back at this atrocity

No. 973758

File: 1589436570332.png (191.37 KB, 720x760, 20200514_140148.png)

I keked so hard

They apparantly have a twitter

No. 973759

File: 1589436660898.jpeg (238.96 KB, 1290x521, ES-OpZ3UYAAYxMe.jpeg)

No. 973760

File: 1589436783532.png (494.35 KB, 720x986, 20200514_140022.png)

No. 973761


> people are complaining over incest ship on said screenshots

> wuh wuh why r u so HOMOPHOBIC!!

No. 973763

File: 1589437680439.png (145.69 KB, 800x450, f4anfl67qt411.png)


> asexual/agender

No. 973764

Honestly they might be, even in the smutt they draw >>963268, dicks remain wholly absent

No. 973799

What do they do then? Dry hump?

No. 973803

File: 1589453513303.jpeg (549.81 KB, 1102x1200, EXbSmLnUEAA79zv.jpeg)

Something i found on twitter

Kill all whamen

No. 973804

My god its not even funny how much they really hate women

No. 973806

File: 1589454972679.jpg (Spoiler Image,170.92 KB, 1100x740, EW3Js_FU0AUeBUo.jpg)

It's totally innocent, you guys are the perverts, this is not a fetish at all

No. 973812

>asexual non gender specific ai

No. 973824

File: 1589459925347.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.69 KB, 308x219, 20200514_203557.jpg)

Yes very innocent and pure. Your a pervert if you think its not

No. 973833

totally not a woman

No. 973836

File: 1589462445804.jpeg (347.69 KB, 808x1200, EWeXXDsVAAA6apJ.jpeg)

I found this on their twitter. I wish i didnt. Im cringing hard

No. 973866


Honestly…it looks like lesbian porn to me. Are they lesbians in denial?

No. 973868

File: 1589468793566.jpg (Spoiler Image,210.69 KB, 1100x740, L9egQEK3br4.jpg)

Uncensored version.
First time I've seen them paint a dick.
The consensus is yes.

No. 973876

They have tho albeit this looks better than the usual sausage baby dick castrated boy thing they draw

No. 973878

Imagine bring the guy who played Connor and finding this in your twitter feed

No. 973880

a lot of women i know look more like their “eunuch” drawings than their drawing of what they think all females look like (minus the micropenis of course). i want them to meet a eunuch in real life and realize that castrated men don’t look like tall thin flat-chested women

No. 973889

File: 1589473198637.png (211.91 KB, 720x631, 20200515_001942.png)

Did she burn this book too?

Dont we all anon? Id pay to see the look of horror on their faces when they realize the truth but we all know that theyll be in denial and continue to live in their fantasy world

No. 973890

File: 1589473320029.png (65.34 KB, 252x232, 20200515_002159.png)

No. 973907

I think they showed one of their drawings to Dechart once and he saw it, thankfully for him it wasn't the softcore porn eunuch incest art. I can't even imagine what one would feel after seeing so much artwork of this kind with your face on it, though I guess actors would be used to it.

No. 974339

Would be great if he did. Who knows, maybe he already saw it

No. 974352

File: 1589525809778.png (334.88 KB, 720x774, 20200515_145608.png)

Like this actually happens in gay weddings. *ignoring the description above

No. 974359

I think when she means "gay weddings", she really means gay male weddings, like they don't even want to acknowledge that lesbians exist

No. 974362

These two have really given me a new view on how fujoshi-ism seems to frequently stem from a shame or discomfort of being female or female sexuality… Of course theirs is a little more unique than the average yaoi lover.

Weird shit, man.

No. 974369

they really took their lesbian feelings and projected them onto "gay" "men". i know it's a fujo stereotype but most gay fujos i've seen that do this aren't so literal about it

No. 974374

it’s not uncommon for lesbians to be fixated on gay male culture, although this is a very extreme case. it’s what happens when internalized misogyny intersects with internalized homophobia, and also the fact that gay culture is a lot more popular and gets a lot more recognition in the mainstream than lesbian culture. i feel bad for them honestly they seem incredibly repressed and the people who they’re harming the most with their weird fetish art is themselves

No. 974376

Holy tone-deaf, Batman.

Like it's a good sentiment but the execution (heh) is completely tasteless.

No. 974384

I was once interested in detroit become human but these crazy sisters ruined it for me

No. 974445

give it a chance, it's nothing like those spergs make it look like. Their content is so OC I don't even see it as Detroit fanart

No. 974470

Is it any good?

No. 974621

It's nice if you look at the graphics and the relationship between the robotman and copman, but other than that it's kinda weird and not well thought out.

No. 979812

File: 1590581587392.jpg (83.28 KB, 751x1064, sherlock_and_watson_under_disg…)

I didnt even realize that pride month is coming. I am dreading at what kind of bullshit theyll say and draw next

The pic is a crossdressing sherlock with watson

No. 979947

This chick is so out of touch with reality that she doesn't realize she is hurting the community she is supposedly supporting.

No. 979957

what in the name of the Lord is that face

No. 980121

Compared to their usual art Sherlock's face is ridiculously flat. Watson's face looks 3D, why isn't his? This seems more rushed than usual. Do they use watercolor very often?

No. 980292

I dunno. This piece is pretty old tbh

No. 980745

File: 1590756815998.png (127.83 KB, 720x1017, 20200529_204744.png)

Pretty old but i love how they unknowingly deny that theyre basically drawing women

No. 986674

File: 1592018303884.jpg (259.87 KB, 934x1920, 2de6714c-6f47-494b-a0b2-ace0b7…)

Whenever I see devs art of eunuchs in dresses and shit I keep thinki,g of those bad "call me emperor" ads where it has a dude in a dress.

No. 987982

File: 1592277749964.jpg (28.76 KB, 215x245, 20200616_112200.jpg)

Kek anon. I can totally see the resemblace

Pic is unrelated, i just think this doodle is stupid and ugly

No. 988024

What's with the nipples?

No. 1010982

File: 1595407353200.jpg (216.95 KB, 625x1000, F91Ud1R6Kac.jpg)

Elv draws the Serpent, Adam and Eve.

No. 1010984

Where's Adam…?

No. 1010986

Adam the eunuch, lmao.

No. 1011037

Wouldn't be surprised if they made Eve a eunuch too. All women are dickless men in their world.

No. 1012009

The Labrys on her thigh… wig, closeted lesbian confirmed!

No. 1016797

File: 1596477470181.jpg (11.27 MB, 5891x5112, shit-sheet.jpg)

30 of May, 2020.
Deva is ecstatic about actor playing Hank (old detective) in Detroit jokingly saying that he "would marry Bryan if he wasn't married already" (Bryan Dechart is the actor playing protagonist in the game).
Deva is convinced the actors are in love and draws them (not the characters but actors themselves) intimately hugging, and tags both actors on Twitter. The text goes:
>"I would've married Bryan…" said Clancy Brown on QD stream and made Hank/Connor fans and LGBT+ part of DBH fans really happy! So, I imagined that if they got married in an alternative universe? Just imagined… so sweet
>#DetroitBecomeHuman #DechartGames

People tell Deva it's in bad taste to tag real people in your ship stuff.

Deva starts to find excuses:

>These are not real actors, I wrote that this's just a fantasy from an alternative universe where they didn't meet their wives, but married each other. It's just like a movie, not real people. They are actors and know that this is just imagination, not reality. So.

She even accuses Bryan of liking inappropriate tweets.

She deletes the tweet and reposts it without tags, rants about it in russian with her friends on Twitter, and it seems to be the end of it…
But not quite.

15 of July, 2020
The fandom may have forgotten about that one tagging story a month and a half ago. But Deva hasn't.

She creates a sudden thread about "desturbing heteronormativity" in Detroit fandom while she was "attacked" for one "innocent art" wich she doesn't even ship. Yes, it's about that art with real actors.
The "het couple" she rants about is literally Bryan Dechart and his wife Amelia who also played in Detroit. They have their own tag #dechartgames for their gaming streams and it no longer has any relation to Detroit game itself beyond that the main part of fans have come from Detroit fandom.
So yeah. That "het couple" is fucking real, they are married people and have zero obligation to post about Detroit in the tag they've made for their own streams.
But that's such injustice for Deva! How dare people appreciate these two heteros when she has to repost her gay RPS art because she's not allowed to tag the actors? Obviously it's because the fandom is homophobic! And Deva's in a hurry to tell everyone about it.

Fandom reacts.

Deva goes berserk. Enemies are attacking her behind her back! Homophobia! Heteronormotivity! The horrors!

Shit hits the fan, Deva gets personal messages, whines and changes the narrative, the art is asexual and aromantic now, it is absolutely innocent and therefore you're homophobic.

How dare people draw these two married people and tag them with their personal tag, it's heteronormative!

Deva defends gay rights! Sexual orientation is very important. (And that's why she draws two heterosexual married men as a married asexual aromantic gay couple).

… and Deva turns full sjw reciting some bizarre blog (its author has long rejected their beliefs).

26 of July, 2020
Finally Deva closes her Twitter and rants about how she is such a poor abused artist in a toxic homophobic fandom.
And likes these absolutely crazy replies (use translation option) about Bryan and Amelia's marriage being fake and that Clancy would marry Bryan for real.

Then she replies to Bryan's tweet, whining how she was abused by bad fandom, apparently not realizing that he won't see it since her Twitter is private and he doesn't follow her.

29 of July, 2020
Faithful fans has licked Deva's suffered ego and she opens her Twitter.

But the war is not won yet.
She goes to the ultimate arbiter. Bryan himself.
He doesn't write her anything, just sends links to his later tweets which basically mean "you shouldn't care about something someone on the internet thinks about you". Deva is convinced he's made these tweets just for her.

Suck it, haters! Now Deva believes she is bff with Bryan. The end.(namefag)

No. 1016817

File: 1596480302448.jpg (1.42 MB, 2425x1762, Prostitute.jpg)

Deva comes to comments under the tweet dedicated to Amelia and her character (keep in mind that it was actors' marriage anniversary recently and people are making lot of posts and art for them).
Deva insists that Amelia's character is not important and is just a prostitute.
It happens at the same time when Deva rants on twitter abiut how heteronormative the fandom become and everyone ships "Brymelia" while Deva was forced to repost her Bryan/Clancy rps art.
(Amelia's character, android Tracy, is deviant and has self-consciousness while being used as sex-doll in brothel. If anything it's sex slavery, not prostitution.)

No. 1016867

How can someone turn internalized misogyny into an obsessive hobby?

No. 1016921

File: 1596496243435.png (64.37 KB, 604x532, 111111111111111.PNG)

These people are reading so much into the lives of these actors for no reason over a slash ship. Assuming things about this marriage they have no way to know or verify, truly crazy

No. 1017495

File: 1596570531123.jpg (609.16 KB, 1300x940, Ebg-QL3U4AMzkCh (1).jpg)

No. 1017496

File: 1596570561607.jpg (954.81 KB, 1300x940, Ebg-QL3U4AMzkCh.jpg)

No. 1017581

Where do I buy a print?

No. 1017954

They fucking DEMAND that the actor likes and comments on their very sensual ship art and go cry to their followers if he doesn't? How delusional are they?

It's been months that they're obsessed with DBH, a mediocre game that came out more than a year and a half ago. They preach about it being pro LGBT and whatever when there's like one lesbian couple and literally none of the homoerotic content between two main characters like they somehow see. At this point they're worse than any fujo I've ever seen.

No. 1018966

Deva channels her inner guru on Twitter.

>“Loving yourself”- is so common now that it has become a toxic positivity and obsession. It's impossible to love ourselves if we don't know who we are.

>We are not our body, we are not our emotions, we are not our thoughts. The true self is beyond this.
>But those who say "love yourself" will not tell you this. Because they don't know themselves. How can you love the imperfect and unstable, what is our body, emotions and thoughts?
>Without understanding the essence, even good words turn into lies and poison with toxic positivity.

No. 1019373

next thread pic, my sides

No. 1024060

I used to be a lot like this.
In high school, I worshipped gay men and drag queens, I thought women were stupid fat broodmares who could never be as creative or intelligent or beautiful or strong as gay men. “It’s biological destiny” I thought.
I hated being a girl so much and thought that gay men were perfect and like elegant intelligent angels.
I went to Datalounge (like 4chan for gay guys) and they made fun of fat housewives and called them “fish” and “Fraü”, I bet they’re calling them “Karen” now.
So much of my life I wished to be a Gay Man and/or Japanese.

Sorry for the blogpost.
I didn’t have an authoritarian upbringing either, I jut read what men thought of women online. Maybe I still think this way. I even considered having a hysterectomy. Men think women are stupid and disgusting, and some days I agree.

I think these Russian ladies’ art is visually elegant / cute, but the ideology it portrays is the problem. Saying “Sameface!” is just cope tbh. There are many successful artists who have a sameface problem but have nice skills that make up for that.
But it portrays their ideal of a perfect angel that is tall and slim, not like a woman which the Ancient Greeks saw as short fat deformed men.(blogging)

No. 1024070

How old are they? I wonder if they'll grow out of this but if nobody check them irl probably not

No. 1024163

Dev’s twitter says July 7 1991 as a date of birth so she’s 29. I don’t know about Elv.

No. 1031660

Shit man. I thought this thread was dead, after seeing that shitfest on twitter i didnt think they could get any crazier

No. 1031704

Caps please

No. 1031853

File: 1598976872057.jpg (735.67 KB, 1200x906, Ef3gr1lUEAAO1kv.jpg)

again with the
>draw a flat woman
>call it a man

No. 1031856

>those tits
Can relate

No. 1031893

File: 1598979982762.png (233.82 KB, 720x774, hjghghj.png)

nta but could it be that they're talking about elv being creepy and the btstards aren't having it

No. 1032681

You fucking idiot thanks alot for banning me for 2 days, i was referring to the top post

Yes anon i was refering to that

No. 1032687

File: 1599099260765.png (55.38 KB, 359x337, 20200903_101456.png)

Anon…are you defending them?

No. 1032732

Nta but should have contested it with mods. Sometimes they accidentally hand out bans.

No. 1032817

Anon is likely a fujo defending her own

No. 1032828

Please get therapy holy shit

No. 1040353

File: 1600350456777.jpg (165.22 KB, 700x1000, HclxHM5YC_U.jpg)

im not the only one who thinks this image is wierd right? wtf is going on with the top ones neck??

No. 1040357

Ew ban imaginations

No. 1040360

I did red lines for this and I can't understand how the torso of guy in the back is supposed to work. Also nitpicking; but his little finger is too long
It's just looks souless and sad

No. 1040361

File: 1600351987247.jpg (55.88 KB, 436x527, Capture.JPG)

>> 1016797
i guess one of her responses with that gross shipping the actors irl thing (seriously people shouldnt fucking ship real people that arent in a relationship). There she goes acting like a victim again

No. 1040362

do you have a pic of the red lines you did anon?

No. 1040367

His neck would literally have to be broken to be like that, I think. I am also curious to see the red line sketch another anon did, but that is what sticks out to me.

No. 1040523

It's as if the neck and head were drawn straight first and then they just rotated it as they were. The neck literally doesn't connect naturally to the shoulders.

No. 1058381

File: 1602660299356.jpg (318.59 KB, 699x1000, P7pdar_m7d8.jpg)

this is some next level body horror

No. 1058388


This is so creepy. What's the link? Knowing these girls, it's even weirder in context.

No. 1058429

its on elvs vk account. Its just some dumb fanart


No. 1058620

Saved i just need to say this edit cracks me the fuck up and i make point to look at it almost every time I browse threads

No. 1059757

File: 1602836044691.png (1.34 MB, 598x6010, z6br0Mb.png)

It's middle of October and Deva STILL won't shut up about how terrible Bryan Dechart and his wife Amelia are, how they CENSOR her art - despite running to them for help every time twitter calls out her bullshit.

No. 1060488

Wow what a shit show

No. 1062954

Wei Ying and Lan Zhan are too manly for them

No. 1069526

File: 1603898012178.png (521.38 KB, 720x665, 20201028_231044.png)

I did not search this whatsoever i just found it. This is fucking hilarious but terribly accurate at the same time

No. 1104806

File: 1607654447496.jpg (49.87 KB, 297x750, tumblr_6dda0aa00c87c9bb0b0f4c0…)

Broken neck

No. 1121272

File: 1609716061663.jpg (625.76 KB, 831x2470, 9sE37Cm.jpg)

Elva seems to be into kpop lately (no idea who that's supposed to be, I'm not a kpop stan). Her skills are deteriorating, while Deva is stagnating.

No. 1121333

That's Jungkook and V, is she claiming they're eunuchs too? lmao

No. 1121599

What is that facial expression on the third panel conveying?
Wouldn't be surprised, those kpop boys seem to be right up her alley. Kpop Connor coming soon maybe?

No. 1121635

I hope they're not tagging the real group with this shit, it's even cringier than the connor one.

No. 1162873

File: 1613476009755.jpg (83.9 KB, 900x576, the birth of venus henry cour…)

Thanks to the sisters, out of habit, I expected her to be a eunuch.

No. 1173395

File: 1614619682863.jpg (167.47 KB, 1032x774, when_he_smiles_by_develv_deev8…)

>>There is no one around. Just the two of them ~

Are we seriously doing this now with tom holland and robert downey jr? Even in the context of marvel, itd be pretty sick to ship them

No. 1173421

hope you're enjoying your first day on the internet, anon

No. 1173430

Yeah, this ship is pretty common as gross as it is.

No. 1173543

You really expect anything else from the fandom where one of the most popular ships is two brothers?

No. 1185197

File: 1615834258414.png (Spoiler Image,4.29 MB, 1082x2925, изображение_2021-03-15_214935.…)

They trace everything. If their arts resemble normal people start looking for the image they've traced.

No. 1185201

anon it's called referencing. literally every good artist does it

No. 1185208

No, when every line is miraculously exactly the same - it's tracing.
Deva and Elva can't draw people for shit.

No. 1185210

File: 1615834726812.jpg (Spoiler Image,988.58 KB, 1200x2984, Без имени-2.jpg)


No. 1185211

not a single line is the same lmfao it's just the same poses. grow up

No. 1185224

every line is exactly the same?
i challenge you to overlay the drawings with the references, since you're already down bad with the sperging.

No. 1185225

Kek looking at gay porn to prove a shite artist uses photo references, based

No. 1185407

>What is that facial expression on the third panel conveying?

That he just sharted his pants.

No. 1185437

File: 1615853767981.jpeg (130.61 KB, 966x623, E713DB68-F0E0-4978-8441-57B7B6…)

No. 1185438

File: 1615853903837.jpeg (51.09 KB, 531x500, 0D847623-3D9A-4939-920B-88112F…)

No. 1185636

File: 1615892780800.jpg (70.04 KB, 1007x1058, Screenshot_20210316-120528_Chr…)

yup tracing confirmed

No. 1185730

nta but are you purposely being obtuse

No. 1185865

>Almost every line is exactly the same but look! This arm is a little longer and thinner so it can throw people off or fit the character/picture better, so it's totally not tracing!! Even if the rest lines up perfectly!!
As a piece of shit who has traced, that's what you do. You trace most of it but change some things up so it doesn't look completely traced and can fit with different character designs, or maybe the traced picture doesn't look good enough and you change it to fit your tastes.

Though I'm surprised by how they went from "our art is not vulgar disgusting porn!! It's pure like the angels and eunuchs uwu" to tracing gay porn to draw their favourite kpop idols fucking. At least they're honest with themselves now.

No. 1223058

File: 1620105387234.png (381.81 KB, 397x505, 5f39a24b2a03839049dcab8a668fe6…)

>Develv defending herself. (necro)

No. 1223076

I knew these girls were horny but boy are they horny

No. 1223077

"It's research, don't look at me like that"

No. 1338043

It varied from place to place and culture, some removed the twigs + berries and others just the berries. Sterotypically eunuchs in the Arab and Catholic Europe world were the second while Chinese did the first. Also if the twig was just removed they could still impregnate women but I don't think that was mainstream.(necro )

No. 1338075

Wait, when did they start to draw graphic intact guy on guy porn? Not very pure at all for a cultist.

No. 1338332

There is an uncanny resemblance between these chicks' artstyle and that of Phobs (also Russian)..are they related or what??

No. 1338369

Idk who that is, but the sisters' art takes heavy inspiration from Orthodox Christian saint icons. So that's probably the link.

No. 1338589

It looks like Russian fairytale art style. But Phobs was a really popular artist so I'm sure a lot of people were influenced by her too.

No. 1338643

I wonder if they like Timothee Chalamet. Their artstyle would suit his face. I can imagine Dune fanart.

No. 1338733

Their father is a russian tatar but they aren't christian though, he belongs to an extremely misogynistic transnational Hindu cult(which might explain some of their ideas regarding gender) they also grew up consuming Yaoi porn and vidoegamees while also moving around and never settling

No. 1341970

File: 1633485652432.jpg (143.5 KB, 620x930, E4v4BiuXMAQIw4P.jpg)

i don't really see the resemblance, phobs can draw ment that look like men (cf. picrel).
and as >>1338589 said, phobs was popular enough to inspire copycats.

No. 1364285

I miss those weirdos

No. 1406476

File: 1641074287956.jpg (250.84 KB, 939x1200, 20220101_155604.jpg)

Dev is now obsessed with spiderman and Mysterio , the cringy part it's she really believes the actors are inlove too ,

No. 1406535

To be honest I never would have guessed that this was meant to be Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal if you hadn't told me.

No. 1407111

looks like Carrie Moss with a fake beard hugging Keira Knightley with short hair

No. 1477246

I'm here to say that I still fucking despise these crazy sisters(no1curr, necro)

No. 1477253

I miss them.

No. 1477330

i think about them all the time, i miss them too

No. 1479654

File: 1648106339661.jpg (392.27 KB, 1080x1933, Screenshot_20220324_151315.jpg)

Old news and everyone already knows but I was scrolling in elveos tumblr and saw this post. Yeah you still drew fanart of a real person fucking his apparent half brother radu in a cringe vampire au of still the real person. Don't deny it I know you love incest

No. 1479656

File: 1648106405657.jpg (386.13 KB, 1080x1818, Screenshot_20220324_151224.jpg)

No. 1479660

File: 1648106992632.jpg (207.13 KB, 1080x1120, Screenshot_20220324_152914.jpg)

No. 1479661

File: 1648107113865.jpg (Spoiler Image,271.95 KB, 1080x1413, Screenshot_20220324_152930.jpg)

No. 1479663

>I didn't draw Vlad having sex with Radu

No. 1479666

>It might just be human passion that any damaged person could experience being a hostage

Fucking your own brother?? Pretty sure I wont fuck mine if im in alot of stress. These sisters probably fuck to come to that conclusion

No. 1479698

the fact they’re sisters and both openly draw incest fanart greatly disturbs me

No. 1479720

They could very well just happen to have the same fetish but seeing the stuff they write and how wierd they are theres still a possibility

No. 1479736

I'm sorry but this made me laugh for real

No. 1479740

They're sisters, into porn and specifically incest, and they're also into extremely feminine women (that they insist are beautiful eunuchs uwu). One of them even identifies as an eunuch and shoops herself to look like one. They could be fucking.

No. 1479755

File: 1648124684774.jpeg (37.94 KB, 430x620, images.jpeg)

By any chance do you think Radu got groomed by mehmed? Tho its said they were "intimate" I feel like he really got groomed since the dude called onto him to his bed and kissed him which causes radu to stab his thigh and run away. Plus the guys older too by 9 years i think but idk how old they were when they met

No. 1479840

Are there pictures of them? Oh and, proof they're together? They seem to be self hating lesbians who are weirdly obsessed with incest, they might have a weird psychosexual relationship with one another and feel ashamed about it.

No. 1479915

There are pictures in the previous thread

No. 1480088

I fucking hate that if I google the historical figure a bunch of develv drawings with their bishonen/hyperfemimine version of Radu shows up what the fuck

No. 1481012

It's embarrassing and spreads misinformation

No. 1481056

Wow you’re totally right. That’s incredibly annoying and shitty. I can’t believe their ahistorical depictions are plastered all over the search results. Actually infuriating, these sisters are awful..

No. 1481070

I googled a Roman figure I was interested in and someone's femboy toyhouse OC popped up immediately, very frustrating

No. 1481132

File: 1648227945492.jpeg (38.48 KB, 450x600, images.jpeg)

I get bothered by this, knowing elveo and her pedo apologist shit pls just stay away from kids and dont draw them in sexy see through robes

No. 1481235

what do they mean by wrench?

No. 1481268

Probably the words “wretch” and “wench” filtered through their eunuchy minds

No. 1481882

File: 1648291187812.jpg (54.67 KB, 800x800, 20131113164844VL1V5OCCSPIQ7_70…)

His neck is wrench

No. 1483669

File: 1648398018472.jpg (859 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220328_001615_com…)

God the possibility of radu being groomed makes me uncomfortable, plus this is just creepy, afterwards he cut his leg when he trying to kiss him and coerce him into having sex. Guy literally climbed a tree and waited until mehmed left, super romantic

No. 1526872

File: 1652380600027.jpg (215.95 KB, 1000x763, Tumblr_l_215995182868227.jpg)

Why censor the nipples??

No. 1526875

no nipples allowed on tumblr

No. 1526876

Not even male ones?
That looks like a middle-aged man with a little boy…urgh.

No. 1526900

who are these two supposed to be

No. 1526932

Dechart and… bearded Dechart?

No. 1526974


My guess was gonna be Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhall from the Spider-Man movies but idk they're really just airbrushed fleshbags with hair

No. 1527175

File: 1652403726644.jpg (500.93 KB, 1080x2041, IMG_20220513_085932.jpg)

That's spiderman and Mysterio

This isn't any new info but I'm glad someone else has a brain and saw that dev and elveo are fucked up

No. 1527186

File: 1652404195351.jpg (547.47 KB, 1076x1786, IMG_20220513_090008.jpg)

Idk about this, it's kind of a stupid generalization to think that all eunuchs are effeminate gay men but other than that atleast this person saw drew the bs of these sisters

No. 1527192

File: 1652404336440.jpg (871.99 KB, 1080x2141, IMG_20220513_091146.jpg)

No. 1527197

File: 1652404440528.jpg (646.54 KB, 1080x2167, IMG_20220513_091120.jpg)

No. 1654155

File: 1663843936092.jpg (265.91 KB, 514x700, dbu44mv-9cdd2bc2-2699-4e31-af2…)

I was bored so I Made it straight or lesbians, however you see it. Turning Radu into a woman is way too easy so why not go to the other direction

No. 1654156

File: 1663843985015.jpg (270.03 KB, 514x700, dbu44mv-9cdd2bc2-2699-4e31-af2…)


No. 1654171

I got really excited to see this thread bumped, I miss this cow. Vast improvement anon but you probably should have saged this.

No. 1654174

Oh my bad! Also thanks anon I actually have a couple more edits. Btw I think elv recently made a cringy kpop ship comic. Idk where to get that tho other than the holywarsoo thread and I don't really wanna go back there

No. 1654186

How tf are your shitty edits milk?

No. 1654192

Kek, are they in İstanbul? The autism..

No. 1655077

like most fujos, they essentially draw titless women and call it a guy, so it shouldn't be that hard

No. 1655350

love this one nonny

No. 1960198

File: 1706413281400.jpg (83.61 KB, 548x900, angel_and_demon_by_develv_dd64…)

Right is supposed to be Connor (RK800) eunuchized(sage your necro)

No. 1960264

File: 1706442134892.jpg (297.36 KB, 848x1100, tumblr_2cd14827f3193e085d82abd…)

Kawaii eunuch Sephiroth.

No. 1960269

File: 1706444004533.jpg (300.36 KB, 702x1000, tumblr_9292913219cd8d3dd951988…)

2024 bagoas.

No. 1960282

>don't know who that is
>look him up and the first picture is their art-works
>also he was some Persian eunuch sex-slave of the persian emperor emperor and possibly the sex-slave of Alexzander(though all details of an alleged relationship comes from some fujo novelist)

No. 1960346

Ngl I wish I had their skills kek

No. 1960430

Hilarious but wasted talent

No. 1961731

omg i can't believe they're still around i hadn't thought of develv in years, thank you for this nona i will now reread these threads (also i feel like i should've seen a ff7 arc coming kek)

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