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File: 1576868884385.jpg (694.33 KB, 1242x914, Photo Dec 20, 2 05 57 PM.jpg)

No. 907942

Last thread: >>899588

REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and blogposting and STOP POSTING ABOUT HER UGLY VAGINA AND HER ZITS

>Old milk:

>Still begging on twitter and sitting on her ass all day in her gross empty apartment
>Anon found out she had a warrant to her name due to multiple traffic violation, still haven't showed up to court to pay her tickets >>881243
>Got dumped by her new ~cute boy~ due to being an embarrassing alcoholic tard in public, is currently 3 weeks "sober" >>880425
>triple pen vid lul >>875166 spoiler, its gross
>depressed about not having money while bragging about spending $100+ on weed and booze
>realizes actual effort means something >>876046
>sigh, 12th twitter account suspended, lucky for her some orbiter makes her another @IRLbarbie
>has to make $300 by tomorrow to pay her bills (yikes, we knew all along) >>876404
>gets mad because people continue to make light of her shitty behavior >>876646
>cute boy becomes play partner >>877259
>HARASSING another SW >>877412 shay becomes mad because some other sw made a better executed post than she did and accuses her of copying her.
>makes a public tweet subtweeting the SW, calling her a “boring, uncreative ass” (wow you’re so positive shayna!) >>877419
>sends her orbiters to harass the girl, who ends up not evening knowing who shayna is and is overall positive about it >>877466
>shayna in turn, deletes the subtweet to hide her shame of being a trash talking bitch
>SW who was falsely accused is shown tweet that shay deleted of her trash talking and sad she was involved in some petty drama >>877476 >877483
>shayna does not apologize to her in any way. “I’VE CHANGED I SWEAR, IT WAS 5 YEARS AGO, I WAS A DUMB TEENAGER” (what a bright ball of sunshine you claim to be)
>butthurt about losing fake followers >>877555
>collared, who cares >>877760
>haters ruined her last relationship >>877904
>sick of the SW community because she’s “so nice!!!” and everyone else is so mean (didn’t you just harass a fellow sw?) >>878648 >>878660

>New Milk:

>mostly up to the same antics as above
>went to therapy a few times. ~muh mental health~ sperging constantly as a result. first claimed bipolar and now claims BPD
>went home for thanksgiving and immediately spiraled about hating it and hating her family. "why can't i talk about MY job!" sperging
>mom gives her tons of clothes/jackets (so evil)
>blames weight gain on meds, definitely not binge drinking and poor diet
>back to regular drinking and getting drunk. most recent camshow featured her drinking a bottle and a half of wine and smoking two blunts (directly in noodles face)
>admits to being poor and spending all her money on weed
>hasn't cammed in ages (did for first time last night, which was a depressing mess), keeps saying she has so much new content but it all needs to be edited.
>the great "cheap content" fiasco. talked shit on SW that price content low, yet sells her OF for 3$. MV is 50% off.
>gets called out by numerous other SW and dragged pretty hard. she deletes a ton of shit and tries to backpedal
>is in a clear downward spiral again (was she ever out of it?) - her only contact besides her dad is her "daddy". she admits she has no friends.
>anal anal anal
>"on god"
>proclaims she doesn't use snapchat filters as much because new phone camera is awesome. proceeds to facetune the shit out of herself and spend hours edited cell phone selfie sets
>continued consistent begging for weed money, dinner money, christmas tree money, you name it
>the hair frying saga. dyeing pink. bleaching. dyeing whatever it is now. wash rinse repeat.
>just generally seems like she thinks nothing is wrong and wont accept she needs help
>admitted on cam last night she lost bad dragon dildo, along with several other things

- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- no discussions about abrattypixie unless something actually relevant to shay happens between them

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dolly_mattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumdollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/stupidestbaby (suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilbarbiegrl (suspended)
https://twitter.com/mattel_dolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollymattelx (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollyxmattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumbbydolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/thedollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/DollyMattelMV (suspended)
https://twitter.com/Dollythemattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ←– CURRENT
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ <- CURRENT
https://www.instagram.com/dolly_mattel/ (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/thedumdolly/ (deleted)

No. 907947

File: 1576869357444.png (112.6 KB, 701x583, Screenshot_20191220-120954~2.p…)

Fishing for compliments or did she notice her double chin and had a mental break down?

No. 907950

Fishing for compliments and trying to give off the appearance she is not still drinking and smoking all day

No. 907951

Watched her entire wreck of a cam show last night and here’s a summary after what was documented in last thread. Shit was dark. Girl needs help.

>Evil mom is getting her a new bed for Xmas. But she doesn’t want to put it together. Evil EX friends helped her put this one together.

>Discusses how poor she is cuz she spends all her money on weed. Talks about needing more weed before Xmas when she’ll be alone.
>This one dude keeps tipping her to drink. He called her out on custom she owes him (grinch one where she’s Cindy Lou who getting virginity taken) but she says she can’t do it cuz she doesn’t have a green dildo.
>Had a semi sexy song on and changed it to like a virgin when it came time to strip. Looks like a drunk aunt dancing.
>Texting constantly and isn’t even looking up when people tip her. She’s mad at whoever she’s texting and keeps saying she needs to get drunk. Throws phone. At one point did what she was tipped for and went right back to texting.
>She put noodle out and forgot.
>Talks about being wet but it’s clearly yeasty white discharge.
>blows smoke right in noodles face repeatedly.
>Talking about her weight gain and how she’s lucky it goes to her tits and ass.
>Talking about how she loves creampies while petting noodle. Noodle was in bed for over 50% of this night
>Return of the fakest edging ever. Literally has yeast leaking out of her.
>Is now just wasted and just chugged the last 1/4 of the wine bottle. Literally can’t complete a task without people reminding her what to do.
>Rolling a second blunt. Still owes edging and cumshow. Is now drinking coffee to stay up because got tipped 50 tokens.
>Is ignoring the guy reminding her about edging.
>Talking a lot how she made a name for herself by being on cam and then lost train of thought. Refocused and said she’s sad she has lost connection with people in recent months by not camming. Sounds like she’s going to cry.
>Been trying to open a new bottle of wine for 10 minutes while noodle jumps all over. Poor thing needs walks and attention.
>Someone asked about her friends and she said she doesn’t have any. “Friends aren’t for her”. She is a homebody so she doesn’t need friends?
>Talking about how she thinks she has BPD. How she either loves people or hate them. >Noodle won’t stop barking and she’s just talking about BPD good lord.
>She now owes 13 “edges”. Turned the lights totally out in room now and is sitting in dark. Of course she’ll accomplish all this edging in 3 minutes.
>She slipped into baby voice dirty talk for her fake edging. The faces plus that and how drunk she is and it’s so bleak.
>Meanwhile ribmeat is freaking out in the background. Noodle randomly jumping in.
>She’s made like 150$ at this point.
>Acting like she can’t do math to count the times she has left to edge and barely holding the vibe on her clit.
>Just said she lost her tripod. In addition to inhaler, bad dragon, and cam wheel. Ok. >Noodle is now barking and growling in background and Shay is having a breakdown about it.

No. 907952

File: 1576869538860.jpeg (Spoiler Image,541.41 KB, 1242x907, 4525D40D-EFE1-411D-A7E1-59ADF5…)

The yeast. THE YEAST.

No. 907953

File: 1576869566838.jpeg (Spoiler Image,519.32 KB, 1242x860, 146E5F99-A9F2-40A6-9CEB-2537DC…)

She fucking showed it to camera proclaiming how wet she was. Insane.

No. 907954

File: 1576869790741.jpeg (Spoiler Image,531.48 KB, 2048x2048, 45FB72A4-AE4E-4CAA-87BF-A81FDA…)

Thriving. Poor noodle with all that smoke.

No. 907955

File: 1576869817444.jpeg (Spoiler Image,498.63 KB, 2048x2048, 96C15957-B9A5-4F63-BFE2-F766DC…)

Continued total lack of self awareness.

No. 907956

File: 1576869858231.jpeg (Spoiler Image,474.72 KB, 2048x2048, AB885667-700B-45FF-91BD-D38F2F…)

The edging show in the dark. Very professional.

No. 907957

File: 1576869901821.jpeg (Spoiler Image,768.17 KB, 1242x1081, 8C7179ED-7D11-4D3D-BE77-10387A…)

That about sums it up

No. 907958

Worst part is she saw it from her computer screen, reached down and pulled it out, said "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT", looked at it, said "oh that's why I thought I was so wet", then showed the camera and ATE it. It was awful.

she confirmed she's insecure about her stomach since gaining weight. you'll notice in the caps that even though she was paid to strip naked, she left her skirt on like a belt to cover her stomach for the entire night.

Noodle was confused and clingy the entire time because Shay never cams, so the dog isn't used to it. Probably doesn't understand why her owner is doing stuff (for once) and not paying attention to her. She stuck her snout in Shay's crotch at least three times before I had to stop watching after the yeast-eating

No. 907959

I hate to hear someone say this about themselves but Shayna, maybe just maybe if you feel fat, ugly and you know that you have addiction issues, maybe you should, I don't know…do something about it?

You are upset that the drinking,smoking and bad eating has finally caught up to you, so maybe you should do something about it?

Does your "daddy" need to make you some rules, that you'll follow for a week because he's giving you attention in order for you to do something?

I also love how the only time Shayna self reflects (and half way does it) is when she's having issues with a man.
Not for herself, nope but because she made "daddy" upset.

No. 907961

Her Evil Cunt Republican mom who Shayna wanted to call out about Trump the other day is buying her striving, successful daughter a BED.

It's been 4 years and Shayna, this girl DYING to talk to her family about her sex work, the girl who HATES her mother for not supporting her, is JUST NOW getting a proper bed, so she can raw fuck a loser asshole and send tweets about her cunt of a mother.

What a horrible fucking mother. She also gave her some clothes! What a shopaholic bitch! How dare she buy her mentally ill, fucked up daughter who shit talks her publically a bed. A bed that she's going to use to do porn on and her mother probably knows that, but the horrible cunt republican bitch is buying it for her anyway.

The nerve of HER. What horrible lady.

No. 907962

She really drank that whole bottle of wine!? Drinking wine by yourself isn't bad or anything but chugging a whole bottle of wine to yourself, straight from the bottle… like what the fuck. Not cute or classy at all, just depressing as fuck.

No. 907964

No. 907965

Her dad probably told her mom that she sleeps on a bare mattress on a children's daybed with a dog and a cat and her mom feels BAD for her. She's not buying a bed because Shayna asked for one (unless Shayna did ask for one, in which case she's even more two-faced and spoiled.) She's buying a bed because she learned how her daughter is living and feels obligated to send her a third piece of furniture for her apartment she's had for almost a year.

No. 907966

File: 1576870991271.jpg (Spoiler Image,446.81 KB, 1080x1512, 20191220_194308.jpg)


No. 907967

Not just one. She opened a second and drank at least half that. Plus two blunts. Bowl hits. And bong rips.

No. 907968

File: 1576871096027.png (235.59 KB, 760x1161, Screenshot_20191220-143601.png)

no no, it's much healthier to completely isolate yourself and have no friends and sit alone in your apartment drinking and smoking and invest all of your energy into one man who doesn't want to spend time with you apart from your weekly sex appointment

No. 907969

People on cam last night were shocked she was sleeping on the day bed. It was sad to watch her tell them that it is her bed

No. 907971

File: 1576871226815.jpeg (606.53 KB, 1242x961, 1576820535283.jpeg)

Looool I was the one wanting to see that fupa in all its Glory since she's always sucking in in her photos. Glad to see it make an appearance last night. This is why I miss her being on cam. It's just a shit show and I love it.

No. 907972

>posts a picture of her stomach

you should learn what a fupa is lol but same. it really is such a trainwreck. sad as hell but can't look away, and she gets smashed and doesn't filter herself so she tells WAY more about her sad life than she'd ever admit elsewhere.

No. 907974

File: 1576871501580.png (201.06 KB, 623x399, Capture.PNG)

here's the follow up to this post btw, the part Shayna didn't quote.

No. 907975

I s2g the dudes watching this and actually tipping her just have a fetish for trainwrecks humiliating themselves. So many men love shit like this. The more obviously miserable the girl is the more they love it. I have no doubt she won't stop making coin any time soon because sick fucks flock to girls like her to see them suffer.

No. 907976

here she goes again, getting triggered about dumb shit and not daring to address it in the thread because she's afraid of people coming at her.

Why is MRA barbie even worried about an account that is obviously a Feminist account? Oh yeah, so she can be MRA Barbie and bitch about it.

No. 907977

>she ate it
why, god

No. 907978

>MRA Barbie
topkek anon, she's got her next Twitter handle for when she gets suspended again.

No. 907980

She literally looks like she's farting/shitting, n like a painful shit at that, so unsexy

Also.. eating yeast infection? Mm

No. 907981

she treats her dog like shit too. she's just nasty.

No. 907982

File: 1576872380880.jpeg (98.72 KB, 485x544, A6DF4DF2-2C5B-474C-BEE1-6CE53E…)

> Worst part is she saw it from her computer screen, reached down and pulled it out, said "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT", looked at it, said "oh that's why I thought I was so wet", then showed the camera and ATE it

No. 907983

seriously! kicking her head out of the way, forgetting her outside and saying "it's cold out too!" as she lets her back in, etc. she never once said anything to her that wasn't in an annoyed tone/borderline yelling. dogs pick up on that shit. It actually kinda reminded me of whoever that chick is who just got caught abusing her dog on camera

No. 907987

It’s also upsetting because noodle clearly has no training and Shay has no authority over her - which dogs need honestly. Noodle wouldn’t listen to her for shit, just kept jumping all around because she was bored and needed attention.

No. 907988

File: 1576872961933.jpeg (Spoiler Image,133.82 KB, 1125x785, B0D15E3C-643E-4F83-A7A2-A143BB…)

For the anon who wanted to see her new fupa

No. 907989

File: 1576873116427.jpeg (Spoiler Image,156.2 KB, 1029x774, 6BED16C9-79B6-40CC-B291-7C0B4D…)

After watching last nights show I believe this is part of it too. Her seemingly regular even said something along the lines of liking seeing her struggle to roll a blunt bc she was too shitfaced (reposted bc forgot to put spoiler)

No. 907991

File: 1576873480424.jpeg (Spoiler Image,431.48 KB, 1800x1240, ACBC0D62-7C0D-4D0C-9295-07AA17…)

More pics from her horror of a cumshow

No. 907992

Why THAT butt plug. I’ll never understand. It looks like a prolapse. There are so much better ones out there.

No. 907993

File: 1576873663957.jpeg (310.79 KB, 1242x778, 332179B3-B1E2-48B2-932F-238B80…)

No. 907994

Comeback? The room had 6 real people in it at any given time. The other 30 were guests (aka I always assume it’s us). You got shit faced, spent most of the time trying to control your animals or incoherently talking about life shit, and smoking weed.

No. 907995

That is genuinely alarming. That's the equivalent of around 9 glasses of wine in however long she was on cam.
If she keeps going down this road she's going to get too fucked up and end up choking to death on her own vomit.

No. 907996

I'm pretty sure she was on for like an hour, when I saw her tweet about being on cam it was "1 hour ago" and by then she was offline.

I don't understand how she isn't sick. Drinking and weed don't go well if in excess.

No. 907997

I thought her butthole was prolapsing for a minute woof

No. 907999

It's honestly ASTONISHING how different she looks from just a year ago. Is this really medication? She honestly wasn't so bad looking not too long ago if she tried. What the fuck happened?

No. 908000

File: 1576874603141.jpeg (41.83 KB, 388x514, 1576873480424.jpeg)

I don't know how somebody could watch this and be able to gain a shred of sexual pleasure with the seizure-esque faces she makes. Why, Shayna?

No. 908004

Hahahahahaha I'm sorry, I just fucking can't

No. 908006

She kept making this face, I don't understand why. I think she might have been trying to bite her lip in a sexy way but… it looks like she's trying to imitate Popeye or something.

She was on MV Live for about an hour, had some issues, and switched to MFC for a couple more. she was probably broadcasting for ~3 hours

No. 908007

She was on for almost 4 hours actually.

No. 908008

anon, are you retarded? healthy discharge can also be white and can also look like that depending where you are in the menstrual cycle

No. 908009

Hahaha yes! I was hoping the OP picture would be this one. Her face looks so round and grey. And she looks so fucking depressed. It sums her life up perfectly right now. Bleak.

I think she’s truly in denial how sad her life is…and that’s why she drinks and can’t be sober. She refused to be self aware. She can’t accept where she is in life because she will have to tell her parents they were right. And Shay will die before she allows that to ever happen.

My side are in fucking orbit. Shay threads are garbage and haven’t been great in months, but I live for these moments. Those fucking faces…I can’t. She looks absolutely special needs. Thank you shay for the laughs

No. 908010

It was chunky. I know a yeast infection when I see it. I also have a vagina. Sit down.

No. 908015


yeasty or not, this bitch pulled it out of her scabby snatch and ATE it live on camera. vaginal discharge of any kind is not generally edible and shayna is a gross retard. praying for the poor anon who had to suffer through that shit, hopefully they didn’t develop ptsd

No. 908017

>vaginal discharge of any kind is not generally edible

…yes it is though.

No. 908022

She looks like Popeye

No. 908029

uh do you not consider semen edible either or

No. 908032

Kek leave the 12 year old alone. Healthy discharge isn’t dangerous to consume in any way. Yeast isn’t either really. But just…. so gross.

No. 908033

Her metabolism slowed down. The excess food was going towards growing up, but from now on it will all turn into blubber.

No. 908035

The only reason I think it's just regular discharge and not arousal fluid is simply bc it's Shayna and she doesn't get aroused by anything
Either way her eating it is fine health wise, but with her hygiene it was probably disgusting

No. 908036

have y’all never watched porn before? so many girls eat their own discharge, it pretty normal in porn and most guys love it. y’all are vanilla as fuck.

No. 908037

the only thing that gives me pause is Shayna herself was shocked when she noticed it, and said "what the fuck is that???" in a loud voice, had to pull it out and bring it up to her face to identify it. not something a woman does with her normal discharge.

also have a tinfoil that it was old jizz from her uwu Daddy

No. 908040

double post. just checked and she's deleted this tweet kek

No. 908042


The first image reminds me of Big Boo from OITNB when she uses the tool as a dildo.

No. 908047

>Talking about her weight gain and how she’s lucky it goes to her tits and ass.

lmao what?

No. 908048

Antidepressants/mood stabilizers mixed with alcohol, blunts and skipping basic skincare does that to your face. I've been there. Your face turns grey and bloated, you get purple dark circles and your eyes are pretty much constantly yellowish or bloodshot because of the weed. She'd have to quit drinking and smoking to get her face back, but I really don't see that happening anytime soon.

No. 908050

In her almost defense, she pointed out how it goes to her belly too and how sad and uncomfortable she is with it. It was honestly really sad to watch.

…but regardless your ass isn’t fat Shay

No. 908054

What's the point of seeing a therapist when you don't want to change anything that's the issue?
To Shayna sex work isn't the issue, weed isn't the issue, alcohol isn't the issue, isolation and anger isn't the issue.
So what is there to even talk about? She just wants the therpist to go, "Oh you are so right to follow your dreams, oh weed is how you cope! Oh you are a bad bitch, you don't need family and friends!!"

then she's only being so "open" about her issues because she fell out with that guy & is still recovering from all that drama she started. As soon as she's back with him, she'll go right back to the person she was, and thinking nothing is really wrong.

No. 908055

File: 1576883983008.png (13.5 KB, 587x82, g.PNG)

No. 908056

I can’t believe her eyebrows got even worse, they make her face look so deformed and huge now. To think anons used to complain when the tail was too long lol

No. 908057

File: 1576884081546.png (17.89 KB, 580x127, 1.PNG)

No. 908058

>uwu most guys LOVE seeing you eat your chunky thick white yeasty discharge it’s super common!!!! Y’all sooooo vanilla XD

cringe. Jump back into reality. Anyway yes DISCHARGE is white and can be healthy but when your pussy is wet and AROUSED it’s not supposed to look like that lol. Most of the time if it’s from being horny it’ll be much clearer and not nearly as thick. That is all.

No. 908062

you are the cringe here acting all squeamish like her vag has the plague. it's regular discharge that's been sitting there for hours, and yes you can scream WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT when a lot of it comes out at once like this which is normal too depending on your menstrual cycle. some women produce more discharge, some produce whiter but it can still look like that and be healthy. many guys get turned on by it and it's fine. seriously, some vag-owners here acting even more pathetic and nitpicky than some 12 y/o virgins who have never seen a pussy in person

No. 908064

she drank… so much. how many calories are in that entire bottle of pink moscato? and then, she drank MORE? i can't get over how fucking busted shay is ending this year looking like. it's honestly really, really sad.

she was so self-destructive last night and it clearly had a lot to do with the Random Dude not giving her enough attention. shay, he is not your boyfriend and he does not care about you. this bitch needs REHAB, truly.

No. 908067

I have literally never heard of anyone eating their actual fucking discharge goop, let alone in porn. It might be some obscure fetish, but it's still absolutely disgusting. The vaginal fluid of an aroused woman is clear, not thick and white. Full on eating a clump of goop is different from sucking on some wet fingers, jesus fucking christ.

No. 908068

One might assume a professional sex worker would at least rinse off that chunk of discharge that's been sitting there for hours before going on cam

No. 908069

I literally only criticized your embarrassing post where you claim men love seeing chunky white yeast being devoured lol please relax. I was none of the anons saying it’s gross, that was my first and only post. My personal point is simply that it looks like straight discharge and doesn’t appear at all like actual wet pussy alright? I never said “omg disgusting!! Discharge shouldn’t exist it’s infected!!”

No. 908072

Exactly, literal thick discharge is not sexy, aroused wetness is hot. I don’t get why there’s fighting over this.

No. 908073

And this.

Now stop the fucking yeastgate infighting and focus on all the other glorious milk that presented itself last night.

No. 908075

agreed. like figuring out how many fucking calories she ingested in the form of sugary alcohol alone

No. 908078

from my calculations a bottle of barefoot pink moscato is around 610 calories

No. 908086

She was also chugging peppermint mocha almond milk coffee whatever shit. The sugar between that and the wine must be intense.

No. 908090

Well at least it's rose.
Less alcohol and less calories than red or white.

But yeah shay, you on your way to becoming an absolute burger. Wine addition hit me in the lbs, it will to anyone. When I was 22 I was still thin too. Watch out Shay it's coming!

No. 908094

Yeah, at 38 it really treats your body different right kek

No. 908096

She drank so much… I wonder if she gained a pound or two from going on cam? It's amazing that she wasn't puking her guts out by the end of it

No. 908098

File: 1576889920490.jpg (193.16 KB, 1080x1023, Screenshot_20191220_195733.jpg)

No. 908099

File: 1576889956142.jpg (349.82 KB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_20191220_195705.jpg)

Latest from OF


No. 908104

File: 1576890617347.jpeg (Spoiler Image,344.41 KB, 1202x1627, 07349FC8-7087-4FC9-B8FE-500148…)

More from last night (1)

No. 908106

File: 1576890650562.jpeg (Spoiler Image,340.35 KB, 1242x1614, 9E627249-DE98-46FF-96AF-2C974E…)


No. 908109

File: 1576890806500.jpeg (Spoiler Image,352.22 KB, 1242x1686, 8EC9D68A-E4EF-4C1B-8BCE-618F92…)


No. 908111

even though she deleted this [nice lurking], before she was saying how "amazed" she was with her 'comeback' and that it was "so much fun". and then she's always bragging about how "cute" her stupid photo sets are, so what happened?

also i don't think she had many sales for her mv anniversary day lol, and claimed she wanted to get on cam again but we probably won't see that until well into the new year.

i feel like she talked about doing the cindy lou who thing since last year. not surprised she's scamming on her customs, she likes getting the money but doesn't want to do the work.

No. 908112

holy fuck is this new?!

No. 908113


i posted the initial comment kek sorry anon, didn’t realise there would be infighting over shayna holding up her yeasty goop to the camera like a beauty guru just because it’s edible or because men like it in porn (cringe)


she definitely regrets it. whatever money she made is probably already been spent on junk food, booze and weed while these screenshots are in the thread forever. i wonder if her desperation for money will bring her back soon or if she’s gonna go MIA for another six months kek

No. 908118

Okay but if men like it in porn, and she is a sex worker who makes porn, it would make sense that she did it. so I don't understand what you're freaking out over?

No. 908119

oh nooooo Shayna. Turning off the lights doesn't hide this horror show.

she also tried to put her feet behind her head last night and couldn't even get them like more than a foot away. her one trick is gone. she's officially a zero trick pony

No. 908125

She made under 3k tokens last night which is less than 150$ I think. So yeah that will be spent on weed before Christmas with the way she smokes. I still don’t get how she has no money though… between MV and OF she has to be making 3k a month. Not a massive earning but when your rent is like 600$.. you should have something left over

No. 908128

Obviously not anon. She’s blonde in that pic and at least 15 pounds lighter. Keep up with the thread.

No. 908131

I honestly think it's the depression meds. if you really pay attention whenever she first started taking them in the spring that's when she started gradually putting on weight. She's always ate like shit and been an alcoholic. The meds are definitely a part of what's going on. When I first got on medication it was the same way for me

No. 908132

File: 1576893692625.jpg (688.77 KB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20191220-195312_Twi…)

It was probably the cheapest thing on the girl's list

No. 908133

do you think her parents wonder why she's gaining so much weight? that's probably why her dad came to visit–he was checking on her because she looks like she's gone off the deep end. this next to a photo of her from her tumblr days is just jarring at this point.

No. 908134

>she's blond in that pic
You're the one who needs to keep up, or at least open your eyes. her hair is the faded purple it was just before she dyed it. this was taken in the last month, tops.

No. 908136

This is exactly why

No. 908139


No. 908143

You can literally get those in the dollar store.

So sad how Shayna has to buy friendship.

No. 908145

File: 1576895005717.png (1.46 MB, 2048x1308, Screenshot_20191220-212025.png)

it's pretty wild to me how she has had her OnlyFans for only a few months, but has already managed to put almost 1600 photos on it, and only 25 videos. Why doesn't she delete old ones and actually make them exclusive? Why is she so fucking stupid when it comes to marketing? And why the fuck does she think one photo set should be 100+ photos?

I have absolutely no idea how this woman has managed to have any sort of income with how she markets herself and how poorly she attempts to run it as a business. It's baffling.

No. 908146

Jesus. My God. As an old Anon from the Charlotte Charms thread, Shayna please recognize. This is giving me whiplash.

No. 908148

they must be, but it's definitely not pivotal. parents usually don't care so much about appearance. he probably came because she still doesn't have a job and is always begging for money or complaining about her shitty apartment

No. 908149

File: 1576895399966.jpeg (Spoiler Image,83 KB, 422x750, tumblr_obgfwfboEj1rmiw96o1_500…)

RIP Shayna

No. 908152

not to mention her birth control method (depo-provera shot) is proven to cause weight gain

No. 908153


yup. people who work average full time jobs would know how to budget the kind of money she makes, but within a day of making over $100 the money is gone toward fuelling her binge eating, drug and alcohol dependency or retail therapy which are all just a temporary distraction from reality. what astounds me is that her parents don’t seem to realise just how hard she’s spiralled into her delusional state since moving away

No. 908154

File: 1576895733274.png (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 2048x1843, Screenshot_20191220-213403.png)


No. 908155


No. 908156

Yo. I do not legit understand. How you let yourself go this far? How you look like a woman at 18/19 then turn into this >>907957

No. 908160

Yikes. how unfortunate. she even looked good with the thin brows. how do you go from this to whatever the fuck kind of goblin she is now?

No. 908161

File: 1576896570922.png (82.3 KB, 155x275, 1533717385311.png)

Y'all 'member how much we hated this hair color/style on her? She legit looks cute here now compared to the shit we gotta witness now. What the fuck happened

No. 908162

can someone explain what's happened to her nose? why is it like 3x the size now?

No. 908163

File: 1576896650079.jpeg (Spoiler Image,496.04 KB, 2048x2048, 36F0A883-5B3E-49B1-8647-754816…)

No. 908164

in this pic it's clear that she knows somewhat how to do makeup so I just don't understand. Is it because she always had people telling her any little tiny thing she did was perfect and amazing?

No. 908165

I think her face proportions have just gone wild with weight gain. I don’t have experience with the shot or the type of meds she’s on - can weight gain even be managed with the two? Or is she just fucked even if she tried

No. 908168

File: 1576896983777.jpg (321.96 KB, 716x955, 20191220_185659.jpg)

So heres a photo dump from the hour I watched her last night. It was so fucking boring. Basically she just talked to binkie and was on her phone. Repeatedly touched her greasy hair with her filthy nubs. Tried on jackets her evil mom sent her and released her gut. Oh and drank and smoked of course. In between noodle drama.


No. 908169

File: 1576897060845.jpg (198.03 KB, 720x515, 20191220_152034.jpg)


She got up to get the jacket and realized her skirt was hiked so far up you could see her panties full on from the front so she pulled it down but then

No. 908170

If you do normal exercise on depression meds and eat a fairly normal diet, you shouldnt have too many issues keeping your weight steady. Depo provera can be different though and can affect literally every woman differently. It's an every 3 month shot so it's a big boost of hormones to your system. I'm honestly not sure why she still uses it if she knows it affects her mental health and weight so badly.

No. 908171

File: 1576897189849.jpg (295.37 KB, 720x913, 20191220_185606.jpg)


Got up to break up noodle and rib fighting a couple times, stopped noodle from knocking the tree over, looked for the wheel, etc. Left this bleak scene of that filthy yin yang pillow that's seen some real shit and her other stained pillow collection

No. 908172

File: 1576897268761.jpg (317.74 KB, 1200x1200, 20191220_220031.jpg)

If you told me this was the same person I honestly wouldn't believe you

No. 908173

File: 1576897292786.jpg (314.63 KB, 720x925, 20191220_185633.jpg)


I finally bailed after nothing happening and her being a drunken boring mess for an hour. She started to pick her nails while ignoring tippers.

No. 908174

she definitely wouldnt be fucked whether she tried or not. she may not be able to effortlessly be thin anymore like as a teenager but the weight gain from birth control and meds can be managed with diet and exercise. but some people just like to use it as an excuse.

No. 908177

This girl just doesnt entice or tease on her cam shows. She talks to a girl and ignores the people tipping her or trying to get her to do things. Sits there chugging wine and getting frustrated with her dog. I dont watch cam shows much but I click random ones and they are all engaging with their room guests or have things going on, if not actually doing sexual things. Hers is just so depressing and not fun to watch. Her shows are always like this.

No. 908179

File: 1576897762365.png (1.48 MB, 1531x2048, Screenshot_20191220-220504.png)

Yikes. Legit don't know what's going on with our cow. She took our advice with the eyebrows and darker hair but she looks fucking awful. The eyelashes are doing no favors. She looks fucking grey. I'm concerned..

No. 908181

Some angles last night she looked cute tbh. I dont mind the paleness. But her face more front on isnt good and when she does profile shes looking down at her phone and giving herself a double chin.

The eyelashes need to go for sure.

No. 908192

This picture should be used for a drug commercial on why you shouldn’t binge drink alcohol

No. 908197

File: 1576901034243.jpeg (Spoiler Image,427.69 KB, 1229x1605, 7BD2A32A-8915-41C8-B423-DD8CE5…)

I’m sorry but.. this is literally your choice Shay. You chose to not go home for Xmas. Last time you were home you complained about how much it sucked. You don’t get to use it as a manipulation tool now.

No. 908203


she still doesn’t realise that everyone has already seen all that they want to see because she can’t go five minutes without posting her ballsack. no one wants to buy her gifts and get nothing in return, especially when they can scroll for five seconds and see her naked for free

No. 908210

She was bloating up before the medication. Could be the BC

No. 908214

Jesus Christ, that is sad. She looks so pretty on the left. I haven’t been following these threads for that long so I didn’t realize she used to actually be attractive.

No. 908216

It’s not BC or depression meds. She’s been getting steadily fatter since she turned 21 because her diet is 90% alcohol. Alcohol is just empty liquid calories and it also makes you bloat and retain water. She also only eats processed, salty foods and never drinks water. It’s a recipe for water retention and bloat, which is why her face looks like that, plus fat gain from all the extra calories and literally never moving her body.

No. 908217

It’s definitely that and depression ig. If she worked for rehab she says “sober one week” “ eating healthy this week” “l” whatever’s good 4 u this week”” if she stuck to it more than 2-3 week+ t’d make a difference, this coming from someone CLOSE to the same position other than the length and extremes.

No. 908221

File: 1576904862249.jpg (19.35 KB, 271x390, https_//i.ytimg.com/vi/FzFKXMv…)

It's been a long time since she's given me Strega Nona vibes. Something about the way her nose and chin curl toward each other

No. 908228

No. 908231

Her eyebrows are like 2 millimeters long now and it’s highlighting her huge pale round moonface and her ridiculous eyelashes

No. 908232

Oof blurring it made it worst. Her vag lips are the ugliest I've seen.

Also her crater thighs are honestly the worst thing imo as far as the fat on her body. Like having a gut is whatever you can use angle and clothes to hide it and it's normal as an adult but… her legs were already trunks but the cellulite just goes past her ass and attacks her thighs horribly. Yes cellulite is normal but it's so excessive on her upper legs now. It's really bad. Probably from sitting on her ass so much tbh.

No. 908233

Samefag. She cropped and blurred her thighs in that pic but

THIS is what I mean:

No. 908234

I’m so convinced this woman has never had an actual orgasm and has no idea what she even likes.

No. 908238

File: 1576910070810.jpg (Spoiler Image,135.83 KB, 692x778, 20191220_223410.jpg)

No. 908239

File: 1576910121498.jpeg (131.73 KB, 464x598, 5C8D3F8A-E144-4AB5-AC50-066C97…)

I don’t know how she’s never had an orgasm. I mean I can see her just letting a guy slam her until he cums and doesn’t orgasm herself. But she should easily be able to make herself orgasm.

I seriously just fucking can’t with this face tho. I literally lose it every time. These need to be brought together in banner size for all to see. Shay banners are my favorite after Queen Pixy’s

No. 908243

Not only is the tail too short now, but there's a mile between them. Yikes.

No. 908252

Can u just not

No. 908285

it's the weight gain, same thing happens when you lose babyfat. I used to weigh more awhile ago and my nose looked noticeably bigger but now that I'm near underweight, it got smaller.

No. 908309

aside from the whole aesthetic she has going on, she looks like she could be a 1920s actor or model or something. she looked genuinely good. it makes me really sad seeing how she’s gone so downhill. hopefully this will be a cautionary tale to anyone

No. 908318

>1920s actor or model
Idk why this makes me laugh kek.
But I agree with you. Not only did she look better but she had a support system in place to help achieve her dreams. But Shay never aspired to work hard to achieve anything, and that's the sad part.

No. 908320

>1920s actor or model or something
I'm not of the camp that Shayna is some she-beast (although considering the weight gain and spiraling lack of hygiene, it probably won't be long til she gets there), but she has only ever been somewhat above average at best. She has never been modelesque, even by vintage standards.

>>908149 is probably the most conventionally sexy she's ever looked, and she still looks like a washed-up video girl from the '80's new to Miami or LA from the trailer park. Even here she looks like she's in her early 30's despite being 20? 21? in this photo. It's why the uwu little pink diaper baby princess schtick never suited her to begin with.

Her previous attractiveness and sex appeal came 95% from her thinness and body, and now that she's gained weight she looks dumpy and plain. She's not ugly for a run-of-the-mill person but she doesn't have any sex appeal at all anymore, especially not the kind needed to be a PoRnStAr.

No. 908325

Um. I'd say the opposite. When you're too thin and lack fat on your face it makes your nose appear bigger. You never see a fatty with a big ol' beak

No. 908326

But if you notice, her nose has spread as her face has gotten rounder. It hasn't gotten outwardly "bigger", persay, it's gotten flatter and wider.

No. 908327

You can sometimes notice this happening with pregnant women, their nose will look flatter and will widen the further they get into their pregnancy.

No. 908345

She went from Ukrainian hooker who at least was doing sex work to trailer park mom chugging wine and e begging all day.

No. 908350

File: 1576951679634.jpeg (680.33 KB, 911x1091, F062B2A5-E086-4F97-BDBB-8280C5…)

Exactly. The skin is being pulled by fat filling in the face. The nose doesn’t change, but the skin around the nostrils is what’s being affected. That’s why she does that stupid face all the time …where it’s like a retarded pout. Because she’s trying to elongate her nose again.

No. 908356

File: 1576955963084.jpg (105.62 KB, 1080x737, Screenshot_20191221-191855_Twi…)

This bitch don't even have enough money in her account for a few dog toys? Yikes.

No. 908357

File: 1576956025097.jpg (308.12 KB, 1080x1119, Screenshot_20191221-131939_Twi…)

Wasn't it Noodles birthday the other day when they were getting her that dog bed? When her "daddy" had her lay in it? Good job trying to scam people Shay

No. 908367

she has to beg for money for dog toys, imagine what it'll be like if Noodle ever gets sick.

also brings to mind her "no gofundmes if you drink/smoke/eat out/enjoy life in any way" attitude. it's not okay to start a gofundme for vet bills, but begging on Twitter for presents for a dog (not even friends or family) is totally fine if you're Shayna

No. 908368

glad she decided to not have that dress lifted up all the way with her ass zits on display this time

No. 908370

File: 1576958484138.png (405.11 KB, 2048x655, Screenshot_20191215-171225.png)

Her Bday is Christmas. I doubt she forgot to cash out.

No. 908372

I doubt she's going to use the money on her dog, even if she gets nothing, she knows that begging for a dog may get her some money.

No. 908395

Smells like someone covering up weed money begging

No. 908411

File: 1576969926035.png (617.9 KB, 1380x2048, Screenshot_20191221-181140.png)

I'd love OnlyFans anon to confirm if she ever did that anal video. Most likely not.

Keep making those empty promises, Shay.

No. 908431

probably not, look how long it took her to put out the video when she first got the fuck machine, has she even used it since? that was a good investment. she'll drag out doing it as long as she can just to get ppl subscribed.

No. 908432

She probably lost the machine

No. 908433

File: 1576973563559.jpg (Spoiler Image,341.78 KB, 1080x1457, Screenshot_20191221_191020.jpg)

OF anon here.
No anal f machine vid.
Her vids actually all suck. They are all like 23 seconds. Basically the same shit she posts for free on Twitter. Garbage. Her photos are awful too. Curiosity got the best of me so I tossed her $3 to see what she had to offer. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You literally get it all on Twitter for free. I predict there will be a lot of canceled subscriptions in Jan. Kek.

No. 908434

File: 1576973603293.jpg (Spoiler Image,560.44 KB, 1080x1335, Screenshot_20191221_191035.jpg)


No. 908436

Oh fuck no that's so unsexy

No. 908438

Her eyebrows are way way too far apart, there's no definition, just an over-plucked 'u'
She looked quite striking in the past, Def would say pretty and she actually looks clean !

No. 908442

wait you don't get ANYTHING for tipping? does she really think her content is that good?

No. 908443

let me get this straight. she posted a better version of this photo on Twitter for free, then posted this on her paid OnlyFans?

what a fucking piece of shit.

No. 908444

When your eyelashes touch your eyebrows, you have a problem sis.

No. 908445


yikes. she looks like my congestive heart failure patients. i am worried about this girl

also, dem neck rolls……

No. 908448

File: 1576977525326.png (43.92 KB, 300x100, shay-banner.png)

No. 908451

File: 1576979231275.gif (481.75 KB, 299x216, 23ECE147-E64C-4FDD-BD29-6F4056…)

No words

No. 908453

>imagine making these faces un ironically
I'm convinced shayna feels nothing from her pussy and clit and has 0 sexual feelings. And based how she attacked her viewers that one time for wanting her to be sexy on a camsite, hates sexualizing anything. that's why she sits on her ass doing nothing every time she cams.

No. 908455

this is your current porn career Shayna.


No. 908458

File: 1576981054100.jpeg (400.04 KB, 1242x1317, 94C14EF3-B2D2-4A3A-A7A8-E41FD4…)

Posting your income is tacky no matter who you are.

No. 908461

she's gotta be drunk. she's never posted her income so explicitly. thanks for capping before she inevitably deletes anon

No. 908465

It’s also like… infuriating because this shows she shouldn’t be begging for money for every little thing like she does. It’s time to grow up and budget like an adult Shay. Make a savings account. Stop smoking blunts. Stop ordering out constantly. Invest in your health and yourself instead and life will be better. You can do so much better than this!

No. 908467

File: 1576982319967.png (1021 KB, 1937x2048, Screenshot_20191221-183758.png)

She's just fishing for validation at this point. She has to be tipsy.

No. 908469

File: 1576982420745.png (517.09 KB, 2048x1808, Screenshot_20191221-184011.png)

Ah yes, coming from the beacon of positivity herself

No. 908470

File: 1576982623783.jpeg (Spoiler Image,320.69 KB, 750x2036, 99DCB06D-34BA-4C72-BD6B-A22D33…)

I’m the other OF anon, not sure if these have been posted. Also, >>908433 Are you going to renew your subscription next month out of curiosity? I was happy to pay 3 bucks for milk but the fact she wants us to buy videos after we’ve subscribed is retarded, especially at her quality of videos

No. 908471

>that first pic
When did her face become so round?

No. 908472

File: 1576983184933.jpeg (Spoiler Image,149.78 KB, 750x1024, 1E5E432D-1AD8-4160-BAC4-2FBF11…)

She looks like a fucking hunchback Sasquatch

These are some of the ugliest most unflattering pictures she’s ever posted. Her feet also look huge which isn’t the hottest look lol. Like I get that she’s trying to pander to foot lovers but still.

No. 908473

She has no neck now. Try elongating when you pose Shay it will help.

No. 908474

wtf there's no reason she should be begging for rent on her $600 apartment every month girl BUDGET

No. 908477

Yeah..this brag just makes her look bad and backfired.

No. 908478

She only makes this progress due to heavily discounting her onlyfans. Try bragging about it when you don't constantly sell your subscriptions for a few dollars.

Shayna has found her niche though, I'll give her that. Sloppy white girl humiliating herself for gross dudes nets her enough to live decently in Tulsa. I hope she gets called out for this the next time she fucking begs.

No. 908480

I honestly feel like more sex workers/women/orbiters support her then men tbh. I would not be surpised if most the people buying her only fans were people just trying to support. I see more sex workers then dudes lusting after her on her twitter too.

I could be wrong.

No. 908481

I think there are a lot of men who like the bimbo / sloppy / trashy thing she goes for. If the guys on the camshow the other day who were egging her on are any indication.

No. 908483

I think alot of them also like when she gets drunk and stupid and humiliates herself by just being, well, herself.

She could play that up as a brand. Sloppy, messy, trashy hoe that doesn't give a fuck. but no, instead she tries to pretend like she's some expensive high class bimbo barbie who deserves to be pampered. When in reality she's a trashy chick from Oklahoma with addiction and mommy issues who likes to embarrass herself for pennies.

No. 908485

I have a feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of the skirt-around-the-bellybutton look now. she hates her paunch.

No. 908486

This also looks like she’s wearing a diaper. OF anon thank you for the milk. Please keep it up.

No. 908490

Also maybe could be that whole “obtainable” thing. That’s why neckbeard fatties like momokun…she’s gross and has low standards. Shay is bottom barrel and her last boyfriend(Fupa) started as a Tumblr fan. She talks about how she lets her “””daddy””” bang her ass constantly. So they probably have hopes they too can tap and go with no real obligation to stick around.

No. 908491

The top photo is heavily smoothed out on her face and the second one is not kek

No. 908492

Nope. Not spending another dime on her scammy ass.
The videos on her fucking OF are recordings of her laptop screen…. Twitter literally gets better quality than the shit she posts.
She doesn't put out weekly cum shows like she advertises.
Every photo in a set is the same. Every set is the same as the last, with the same special needs faces and poses,just with different cheap ass clothes that she's bulging out of. It's as boring as her cam shows (which legit have put me to sleep twice). I follow a few other swers OF (including some who shit on shay) and they far faaaaar surpass shaynas trailer trash crap.

No. 908494


i hope her orbiters remember this every time they see her posting her daily beg for money. she’s made herself look SO bad by posting her income, why would people working 9 to 5 jobs want to give their money to some greasy loser who makes more than enough money to live on but wastes it all on weed, booze and food? this idiot’s life is a cautionary tale for young girls lol

No. 908495

Holy shit the “recordings of her laptop screen” blows me away wtfffff

No. 908496

File: 1576987213358.jpg (195.45 KB, 1080x1595, Screenshot_20191221_225854.jpg)

So she has over 300 subscribers, but averages about 30 likes per photo and this type of interaction….

No. 908498

Honestly that’s pretty standard interaction on there. I’m on there with just under 400 subs and people don’t interact for shit. Like max 40 likes on posts.

No. 908501

File: 1576987755362.jpg (Spoiler Image,159.2 KB, 1080x830, Screenshot_20191221_230707.jpg)

Yep. Look at the angle she's even recording it from. And they are shakey. This one is 18 seconds long….. Quality stuff here guys.
There are a few that are actual files but she's totally scamming with her description of what you get for paying.

No. 908502

File: 1576987798348.jpg (Spoiler Image,661.95 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20191221_230435_com…)

Also… This.

No. 908503

Wtf are these doings being like SO WORTH IT on about??

No. 908504

File: 1576987832349.jpg (118.3 KB, 1080x348, Screenshot_20191221-220638_Twi…)

Another thing she won't do

No. 908505

Well she has to beg for money to get the ejaculating dildo first

No. 908507

File: 1576988477585.png (1.05 MB, 1310x804, dolly.PNG)

Came across this on youtube.

No. 908508

File: 1576988678599.jpg (Spoiler Image,257.17 KB, 1080x1526, IMG_20191221_232121.jpg)

For example, another sw I follow who has a decent OF worthy of my $3, has close to 300 videos that range from 1-10 minutes. If her subs don't drop drastically at the end of the month then idfk, people are nuts.

(tried to blur out who the sw is cause it's not relevant. Though she does suck a dildo better than shay could dream of, and she doesn't even do dick in rl)

No. 908509

you left her url in bottom right just FYI

No. 908510

What is this relevant to?

No. 908513

File: 1576989348783.jpg (Spoiler Image,286.42 KB, 546x1402, Screenshot_20191221-223515_Sam…)

She hasn't even been promoting this

No. 908518

>another sw I follow
yikes, dude.

No. 908524

There’s nothing yikes about following/subscribing to swers, moron.

No. 908525

okay sw

No. 908529

?? Uh not that anon but a lot of posters here are SWers. Just like how a lot of cosplayers post to cos-cow threads. The fuck are you on?

No. 908531

Yeah this thread is probably like. 50% SWers in some way lol. Get over yourself.

No. 908532

Yeah, one of my fav parts of this thread is that it's obvious that a lot of posters are sex workers with zero self awareness. You're all equally gross, stop trying to brag about it.

No. 908533

Lol k SWERF. Let’s get back to focusing on Shay before the mods start handing out infighting bans.

No. 908538

File: 1576994100463.jpeg (Spoiler Image,295.01 KB, 1238x1330, 4EB73A0C-822B-411A-9AD1-1D3044…)

She’s hittin the town lads

No. 908543

Bruh…those fucking eyebrows. She made them shorter in the tails and is now making them thicker??? Girl. What is you doinggggg. Her forehead looks like the same texture as asphalt. At least most clubs are dark to hide those forehead craters.

No. 908545

choked laughing, ty. just another case of her buying something, hyping it up, making mediocre content and forgetting it even exists.

same, i know she's lazy but what is the point of that.

No. 908553

damn i havent been here in awhile she has gained FAST

shes starting to look like hatchetface from cry baby especially in the cam show pics lmao

No. 908554

>unironically calling people SWERF on Christian website lolcow dot farm
Hide your mental illness please

No. 908558

File: 1576998132232.jpeg (118.89 KB, 1023x758, E02EB5CB-CC1B-4B2B-8457-02268B…)

you have to go back

No. 908568

she really just does anything. those nails can't be comfortable

No. 908571

It's so embarrassing how little she wears in late December. And those tacky cheap shirts.

No. 908583

I know its Oklahoma but the things she wears to the "club" are just a big icky yikes. Like what is this outfit and hair?? Trailer park drunk auntie strikes again!

No. 908586

theres hundreds of vids of her smoking on the internet. but this isnt one of them.

No. 908602

Wtf is this look, she looks like she's about to do a quick run to the 7/11 hoping not to see anyone she knows on the way.

No. 908620

Honey at least accessorize…

No. 908626

File: 1577031273215.png (Spoiler Image,2.73 MB, 1415x2048, Screenshot_20191222-111251.png)

grey washed out skin, ass pimples, and a greasy face.

I think when she "edits" it's actually just her scrolling through her pics while she tells herself how hot and desirable she thinks she is. Because these are all pretty quick fixes. She overuses the blur tool in some photos but then doesn't use it to hide her ass pimples.

No. 908633

that second pic makes me wanna scream

No. 908645

Look at how filthy and calloused her fucking feet are. What is that brown spot in her foot? For someone who basically never leaves the house and doesnt do any kind of physical work at all, that is absolutely disgusting. Does she really not realize how dirty and greasy she is or does she think nobody will be able to see in the photos?

No. 908663

File: 1577040021109.png (139.48 KB, 760x705, Screenshot_20191222-125459.png)

Shayna: chugs 1.5 bottles of wine over the course of four hours
also Shayna: I don't normally drink

the blacked out stuff is the orbiter complaining about something unrelated

No. 908665

File: 1577040156916.png (50.41 KB, 760x200, Screenshot_20191222-133502.png)

also this one. no one has responded.

No. 908669

>I don't normally drink

Um, Shayna, what???

No. 908680


"I dont normally drink"

Shay please. People who aren't seasoned drinkers wouldn't chug a bottle and a half of wine from the bottle in a couple hours. Who is she kidding?

No. 908681

Its time to re-buy that cheap skirt shay. Using it as a girdle isn't a look sis

No. 908695

What’s up with her eye bags??? Aging her at least 10 years. They’re really bad. And the brows are getting way worse, funny that she can’t seem to figure out a consistent shape for them since making them smaller.

0 self awareness.

No. 908697

Also samefag sorry but I JUST looked at her hair after the fact and who the FUCK leaves their house looking like this, this is not even a cute messy bun. This is a whole greasy ass mess.

No. 908698

It's like a messy bun done poorly and then drunkenly slept on.

No. 908707

>>This one dude keeps tipping her to drink. He called her out on custom she owes him (grinch one where she’s Cindy Lou who getting virginity taken) but she says she can’t do it cuz she doesn’t have a green dildo.

this is really coming from the same bitch who tried to call out pedo pandering sex workers when she does the SAME THING. I cant stand her. How can she not see a grinch porn as extremely problematic? Especially one where a girl's 'virginity' is stolen. sounds like rape pandering too

No. 908709

File: 1577047784463.png (1.08 MB, 1601x2048, Screenshot_20191222-154813.png)

Shayna fucking stop with the virtue signaling. You look retarded. (1/2)

No. 908710

File: 1577047811035.png (965.03 KB, 1926x2048, Screenshot_20191222-154835.png)


No. 908711

samefag but I don't think she knows what trope means, kek.

No. 908722

Her really trying to push the 'being a sex worker is great!' narrative while she drinks, smokes and binge eats her way into obesity to escape her issues is really hilarious.

No. 908723

Not drinking often would worsen hangovers if anything because you're not used to having them. She probably smokes or drinks as soon as she wakes up. Her perpetual intoxication masks her hangovers so she thinks she doesn't get them in the first place. Her drinking is seriously dangerous and she needs rehab.

She's bloated and making poor eyebrow decisions because she's constantly drunk and/or high.

No. 908733

Tbh I don't even believe she donated that $25. Probs someone elses screencap lmao.

No. 908740

File: 1577053930585.jpg (118.71 KB, 1080x1824, Screenshot_20191222-223023_Chr…)

Well she's dumb enough to twee5 about this so now anyone can see her actual name on the donations list.

For a sex worker charity you'd think they'd encourage not using real names

No. 908748

Well her orbiter poppy wasnt stupid enough to use her real name. Shayna is a fucking moron.

No. 908750

kek @ Poppy donating a dollar more just to outdo Shay

No. 908752

File: 1577055767651.png (Spoiler Image,1.79 MB, 1279x2048, Screenshot_20191222-180142.png)

No. 908753

File: 1577055788221.png (2.76 MB, 2048x1949, Screenshot_20191222-180221.png)

this face is nightmare fuel

No. 908754

did she have braces as a kid? I feel like her teeth are getting more and more crooked. adding to the crackhead transformation

No. 908756

No one is really missing anything since you post everything for free on twitter shay

No. 908757

she's shown some pics from when she was a kid but I dont think she's ever had braces. Tbh if she did she would probably talk about how much she was bullied for it or some bullshit story.

the pushing her tongue behind her teeth thing is weird though, it makes it way more noticeable that she has crooked teeth. She doesn't have to always smile like a retard but she chooses to.

No. 908758

Was JUST about to say this anon. And from what the OF anon has showed us, no one is missing any good content

No. 908759


My god, her face is rough. Definitely looks like she’s always hitting the bottle and getting zero sleep.

No. 908760

god i hate this buttplug so much, every time she uses it i think her asshole is really fucking dirty or she had an anal prolapse (which with her no lube anal action i wouldn't be surprise if she will soon) until i take a second look at it.

No. 908761

Yeah, that picture is literally her showing off her pussy, asshole and tits, what else is there to see? I used to follow her as a fan, and I have never had any reason to pay for her content because it's all out there for free. I was actually surprised she was a sex worker, I just assumed she liked posting her nudes and kinks online for the fuck of it. Now it seems like she doesn't enjoy any of the things she's doing, but can't back down anymore because she can't handle anyone telling her "I told you so". Poor thing, I just hope she changes her name and gets off social media before this whole thing spirals even further.

No. 908762

Congrats on making the same amount of money a month that a cashier does, Shayna. Truly makes humiliating yourself on the internet worth it. How would you ever get by without ~sex work~?

No. 908764

I fucking can't with this bitch, doing actual pedo pandering porn, posting pictures of her actual father and herself as a child on her pedo pandering porn Twitter… Did her dad know his picture was wedged in there between shots of her whole anal cavity, on god??

No. 908768

All I said was that she has posted some pics before, i didn't say where or when. But most were on her Tumblr before she even got into porn so, I'm not sure what you're freaking out over.

No. 908774

She did post pictures of her "Child model" days on her twitter in between nudes so they're not really freaking out at all

No. 908776

She used to be so cute with the blonde hair and bangs, without the huge lashes and overdone makeup. Too bad she fried her hair with the bad dye jobs. The darker colors just make her skin seem dirty.

No. 908781

sage your autism the bangs were never cute

No. 908788


Her forehead is getting more unfortunate every day, and the bangs would also cover her eyebrows while she tries to grow them back. Just thinking efficiently here.
(Sorry, will learn2sage.)

No. 908793

Why the inner parts of her eyebrows look smeared off?? lmao
Proud of her for finally learning how to blur tool on her rash gash. Too bad she can't edit her unfortunate face to look good.

No. 908814

They're not smeared off, she never put it on. She shortened her brows from the front, not the ends, because she's a fucking retard. She needs to change the shape all together and go for a more straight slightly arched thinner brow instead of this weird half circle she draws on.

No. 908816

File: 1577063262845.png (769.12 KB, 1277x2048, Screenshot_20191222-200705.png)

sure, same as how you were gonna stop drinking, start going to the gym, washing your face regularly?

She won't be able to last more than a week without throwing a pity party for herself. She needs the attention.

No. 908817

she needs to stop announcing these goals on her social media if she’s just gonna completely blow it off after two weeks, like her dieting and attempt to stop drinking.

No. 908818

>tell us to quit our jobs
Because you fucking should, Shaytard. You’re not good at it, don’t seem to enjoy it, and has nothing to show for it. Any therapist who’s told her she should quit sex work is doing it out of her best interest, not out of sex work discrimination.

No. 908821

this is the first she's acknowledged how unprofessional she is, I wonder if she'll stick to it. otherwise she just looks even sloppier.

exactly. just do better, Shayna. stop saying you've grown and changed and just prove it through your actions.

No. 908824

File: 1577064318371.jpg (411.21 KB, 1080x1379, Screenshot_20191222-192443_Twi…)

No. 908825

>0 Christmas content
>video she promised weeks ago
>"probably" do her job in the next 9 days

No. 908828

well we already know one isn't going to get done because she even admitted it on cam.

why exactly she took the custom order if she knew she couldn't do it? Is she just that much of a dick?

No. 908829

kek shayna discovers the concept of time-management after making videos for years

No. 908830

Weird moment of clarity but ok. Like everything else, it'll last a week.

Kek at her implying her "business" could compare to big legit businesses.

You dont produce content PERIOD, Shay. It's literally a joke. You never do holiday content you say you will, you just use old content. You take a fucking month to film 1 short choppy low quality vid you build up almost daily. Can't get a goal vid you promise or a costom done in an even remotely timely manner. The 100% payout day was the first time in months you actually cammed and it's obvious why. I mean what the actual fuck.

You're not even a sex worker at this point. You're an onlyfans thot shilling old content and scamming. You sit on your ass getting wasted af and taking awful nudes of yourself and that's fucking it. Literally get a life you scrub.

No. 908838

File: 1577067004263.png (2.25 MB, 1245x2048, Screenshot_20191222-210947.png)

She has a literal open sore on her chest wtf

No. 908841

she was just saying how excited she was to make xmas content, waited until a few days before to churn out that sad mess and she's over it already? guess she didn't get ~spoiled~ with holiday stuff or that many sales and thinks that her next thing is going to entice ppl.

she likes the money. who knows how long they've been pending. she's done this enough times that ppl shouldn't even ask b/c they're nothing special and she makes it available to everyone anyway.

No. 908843

i know this gets said more often than not but jesus christ, she looks HORRIBLE. shay, replace at least three drinks of liquor a night with water and it would do you WONDERS.

No. 908855

I think this is a mole she scratched and made the area around it red

No. 908858

So when she was on cam she said "so I thought this was a pimple so I popped it but it turns out it was a mole haha so now I have this"

Not only VERY sexy to talk about, but really shows how totally smart and sober she is.

Looks like she keeps picking at it.

No. 908862

You can actually pick off moles, which is what it looked like she did. She needs to stop this nonsense and get help. She's intoxicated on either weed or alcohol or both daily, and has started picking her skin.

No. 908863

Sweaty, ur eyeliner is longer than ur eyebrows girl omg. Hell everything on your face is wider than ur brows kek

No. 908864

Could have put a cute band aid on it but no, men love looking at open sores

No. 908867

You should absolutely NOT pick or scratch a mole off. For many reasons. Google ffs. Anyway, that's not what she did. As I said, she told everyone on cam that she thought it was a pimple and tried to pop it. Nasty in of itself.

No. 908880

didn't say you should just said you can

No. 908883

File: 1577071911538.jpg (310.02 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20191222-213130_Twi…)

No. 908890

Implying she can even cook. We all remember that nasty dinner you made Fupa, there's a reason he never asked you to cook again. She's gonna get booze and order take out like usual. Then probably post about how she doesn't need anyone on Christmas because she's a strong, badass swer. Then when she gets really intoxicated, she'll cry type on twitter about how she misses her family and she feels alone and something something mental illness.

No. 908896

File: 1577072937932.jpg (145.3 KB, 1080x878, Screenshot_20191222-214825_Tum…)

Is she going to be on cam or OnlyFans on Christmas? She can't keep her stories straight

No. 908903

I don't understand all these spoiled hoes who act like getting gifts on Christmas is a necessity. You're a grown ass woman lol.

No. 908906

Onlyfans has a live camming feature. Momokun does it

No. 908946

Imagine having no friends to foster you for Christmas. Imagine your ~daddy~ won’t even bring you a plate of leftovers. Who are you even fake cooking holiday food for? So fucking depressing… Shayna I heard the psych ward is lively around this time of the year, maybe go detox there instead.

No. 908962

>I will stop venting about my personal life on my work twitter

An hour later

>I'm going to spend Christmas alone and can't cook or even Google simple recipes by myself

WHY doesn't she make a separate, personal Twitter? Oh yeah, because she can't separate her own persona from her online porn persona, because it doesn't exist.

No. 908966

It's just honestly jarring to read posts about her dad and her dog in between promises anal machine fuck videos and pussy pictures. This isn't professional, it's just sad. People don't want to pay sex workers because they feel bad for them, they want to pay for actual content. But why would anyone pay for something they're already getting for free? This is why she should quit sex work. Not because it's immoral, but because she's bad at it, doesn't enjoy it, can't keep a consistent schedule, can't separate her personal and work life, can't do her job sober, and has absolutely no business sense.

No. 909009

It’s obvious she can’t, she got mad at a girl for not being her porn persona 24/7. Her sex work isn’t a job it’s purely mental illness at this point. Kinda sad she’s 23 and has nothing but a rashy gash and a Moldy apartment

No. 909028

If she leaves sex work she'll have nothing to base her personality off of anymore. She's addicted to internet validation.

No. 909046

>Her sex work isn’t a job it’s purely mental illness at this point
damn that's otm. i remember her going hard about how this is her "career" and bragging about not being a wage slave, etc. (although more recently she posted about longing for a normal job.) it's ironic how desperately she wanted to be seen as an authentic, Real Sex Worker that she royally fucked up her ability to actually do the work. she basically has no balance in her life at all… getting a real job to pay the bills and e-begging on the side might have put her in a better position in life and her so-called sex work career. most people develop responsibility/discipline and make a few friends when they enter the workforce. she's only developed alcoholism so far.

No. 909047

File: 1577113109695.jpeg (537.07 KB, 1242x1128, D41215F3-2443-4C22-BC68-8768EB…)

Does this sound super gross to anyone else?

No. 909048

File: 1577113152089.jpeg (1004.81 KB, 1242x1344, 9D465951-7998-48FF-9170-C39517…)

Also didn’t you buy a dog bed the other week? When you laid on it in the store? Begging timelines are getting confusing

No. 909051

It could seem normal, if she doesn't tweet every other day about her ~Daddy rawing her butthole~. Her twitter is so nasty that talking about her actual dad seems nasty just by proximity. she's said she'll stop venting and whining on her twitter, yet I don't see how this is any better

No. 909052

She's begged for money for noodles "birthday" 3 seperate times now. Fucking stop Shayna. Make content. Put the work in. Make your money like everyone else does. Stop panhandling. Shit even people on the street seem to work harder than Shayna, they'll dance and sing and do tricks for money. Shayna just thinks she deserves it.

No. 909062

Who in the FUCK would want to give presents to a sex worker's dog, unless they have a bestiality fetish?

No. 909063

Dude what even is this comment

No. 909078

If she's talking about her Actual father, why post this? I'm waiting for her to make an personal twitter and all she does is complain and cause issues.

No. 909091

I think this trailer may have been discussed already, but it's seriously the funniest thing ever. Especially the end. Girl is 22 and can't find her own clit.


No. 909093

File: 1577120916732.png (Spoiler Image,590.63 KB, 1070x611, Screenshot_20191223-120758~2.p…)

that's not your clit, retard.

No. 909099

i agree, but this is old and should be saged

No. 909107

Not only is she 22 but she is also a fucking sex worker, it really baffles me. No wonder she hates her job

No. 909130

The beginning with “good morning hun” is so awkward and poorly acted it felt like a Tim and Eric skit

No. 909142

Is noodles birthday even REALLY Christmas? I feel like this is some made up crap and an excuse to beg for shit. In 6 months she will want gifts for noodle on her “adoptiversary “. And probably use half of them in her gross puppy-play crap, like how she “tested” noodles supposed dog bed she got her. Which clearly she didn’t.

I just assume most of what shay says about her personal life is a lie.

No. 909150

File: 1577133329124.jpg (294.03 KB, 1080x935, Screenshot_20191223-143422_Twi…)

No. 909151

File: 1577133356954.jpg (100.33 KB, 1080x336, Screenshot_20191223-143412_Twi…)

So like yourself?

No. 909153

Well that didn't last long did it

No. 909155

damn that's one fake freak out to look real quirky!! cus she has anxiety!!! and depression!!! and bipolar!!! and!! and!!

No. 909157

Wow shatna so unprofessionnal. The CEO of Twitter would NEVER say anything like this on is feed!!! On god!!

No. 909161

Maybe some people support sex workers because they look nice enough to fap to, and are not at all interested in their personal lives or Twitter fights? Just maybe?

No. 909162

not even a day later and she's already being negative. Also, this is VERY unprofessional, calling other sex workers "Snakes"in front of ur thousands of followers shayna, remember you said that?

Shayna just embrace that you are the Callout & Cancel Culture Queen.

No. 909164

Don't be too hard on her, chronic substance abuse… I mean biborderline disorder causes memory loss, it's not her fault!

No. 909168

It's not the hairstyle, it's more to do with her weight gain (especially in her face) and shit lifestyle that's ruining her appearance. She did look cute before she went off the rails in my opinion.

No. 909204

why doesn’t this dumbass make a personal twitter account? she can’t go one day without tweeting personal things or her thoughts that no one gives a shit about on her work account and it makes her look unprofessional

No. 909205

It's because at this point she can't make any more Twitter accounts. She had to get an orbiter to make her this new Twitter.

No. 909206

File: 1577140662625.jpg (232.13 KB, 1070x1522, Screenshot_20191223-223610_Twi…)

I'm sorry what?

This is surely not a thing. Highly unprofessional. Deffo wouldn't happen in my country. Any American anons confirm?

No. 909209

I've seen a lot of therapists and have never been given gifts or even felt like that was okay to do. Seems pretty weird to me unless you'd been like seeing them for years or something.

No. 909210

I've been seeing my therapist since high school and she's given me one gift, it was intense from her trip to Japan(blog)

No. 909212

Why don’t you just say who and why, Shayna?? Since cancel and call out culture is SOOOOOO bad and horrible, and tweeting and fighting sex workers is so unprofessional and uncouth and negative, and you’re such a beacon of positivity and GOOD FEELINGS

Surely, subtweeting other SWers and being vague is SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Bitch seriously you are so stupid.

No. 909213

Very unlikely. Not going to blog about it but like other anons said, if you haven't been seeing them for years and it's not a very meaningful gift, it's a weird boundary to cross. Makes me wonder if Shatna bought it for herself to lie about, or if she's just proving her therapist is crappy and that's why she likes her (for telling her what she wants to hear.) The therapist was late too, seems like everything we've heard has been a mark against her.

No. 909214

maybe not even a psychotherapist? But like a “licensed counselor” or student??? That seems more likely.

No. 909216

Her pussy looks like someone literally cleaved a chunk out of a Ken doll

No. 909217

Shay is making this up. This therapist did not give her a blanket and popcorn. It’s highly inappropriate. And she’s seen this therapist like what? One other time? No.

She’s an idiot and anyone who thinks this story is true is an idiot. It’s just another one of shay’s attempts to get retweets.

No. 909220

I got a card on my 18th birthday from my therapist but she was with me for like 4 years and helped me go through court cases and stuff so some therapists might. It looks like a gift she’d hand out to all her clients tbh very impersonal and something warm and snack for the holidays

No. 909222

$5 says this is what her dad sent her in the mail and not a gift from her therapist

No. 909226

File: 1577142587376.jpeg (353.88 KB, 1242x1727, 358B67CA-75C7-4A40-9F27-B12A35…)

You nailed it anon

No. 909227

Not American, but I'm currently training as a psychotherapist and one of the things they cover in the introductory levels is that gifts are something you should almost certainly avoid

No. 909228

I've had a therapist give me candy around the holidays, but never a blanket. That's weird to me. Even weirder that she called it a blankie.

No. 909229

There's a really good chance it's just a counselor, which is way different from a licensed therapist.

No. 909232

Is dad just being a boomer or is the tone on this text really clipped?

No. 909234

I think her dad is just texting like the boomer he is, but it's interesting (read: fucked up) that she wants the same type of detached, commanding attitude from her """daddies."""" Gross.

No. 909236

Sorry for blog, but answering the question: my boomer dad texts EXACTLY like this.(blog)

No. 909242

It could be a situation where the agency had a donation of blankets and snacks and they are giving them out to the clients that need them (not that Shay does). Especially if they cater to those with lower/no income. There's no way it's a "special thing only for her". It's a hand out at best.

No. 909243

the anons that went to high school with shay always said she was a pathological liar, and that's so easy to see with these weird "quirky" stories she makes up all the time

No. 909247

While I think she's a POS and embellishes, I don't think EVERYTHING that comes out of her mouth is a lie and anons waste so much time trying to prove or disprove EVERYTHING she says. Like, she's clearly posting a picture of the blanket and popcorn. Maybe the place she goes is giving them out to their clients for Christmas. We'll obviously never know but I hate the tinfoil in Shay's threads lately. The lack of milk is leading to lots of reaching

No. 909248

I think this is what happened. I don't think she's going to a private agency because she can't afford that. The Adult Health services in my city does stuff like this for Christmas because the holidays are rough for those with mental illness and it's a kind gesture. You can tell by the way it's bagged and it's a cheap blanket you can buy in bulk probably

No. 909249

Just speculating but maybe its because she kept being immature about christmas alone so it might be some sort of a small gesture from her terapist, or maybe lonely Shay gifted her stuff and she felt obliged to give something to her to.

No. 909256

she has a history of lying, it’s really not that serious

No. 909259

that looks like a blank spot that would fit that blanket perfectly, kek

No. 909262

File: 1577150627846.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1242x1675, 7816D4EB-17E9-4E91-B3F0-4B667E…)

another of anon here, she’s just posting everything on twitter to only fans pretty sad. Can’t wait to see her flip out when January comes and all her subs are gone

No. 909265

that is one of the least flattering angles she’s pulled so far. reads less sexy and more fat guy with manboobs struggling to sit up.

No. 909266

File: 1577151461707.jpg (397.86 KB, 1080x1322, Screenshot_20191223-193724_Twi…)


Shay, you come HERE to see everything posted about you

No. 909267

File: 1577151468788.png (335.73 KB, 1187x1416, IMG_3500.PNG)

if they're too small, and you know they're too small, don't take photos of your dog in them and take them off straight away instead of letting your dog be uncomfortable just so your orbiters get to see what a 'great' dog mom you are. jesus fuck shay

No. 909269

File: 1577151521159.jpg (356.48 KB, 1080x1366, Screenshot_20191223-193737_Twi…)


Shay, your mental health will continue to be shit if you stay a "sex worker"

No. 909271

That dog looks miserable in every photo she posts of her

No. 909272

File: 1577151660588.jpg (346.17 KB, 1080x1184, Screenshot_20191223-194104_Twi…)

Coming from the girl who ADMITTED to camming underage

No. 909277

wonder how much of that cotton under the tree the dog has swallowed

No. 909284

The only reason people even show them to you or even care is that YOU call these people out Shayna. You just subtweeted today about people being snakes. You always acknowledge the people who don't like you one way or another.
100% of your business has ALWAYS been online. The moment you feel you are done wrong, Shayna's going to make a subtweet at a sex-worker or call them out as she always done.
She's not professional at ALL. You post about teenage thoughts, your family EVERYTHINg on your professional account.
Your mental health is MORE effected by the drinking and smoking you do on medicine then a few people on twitter not liking you. Oh and the "Boyfriend" you have.

No. 909285

Yikes she just never learns. I thought she was done posting full nudes on Twitter. Like everything with her, it lasted one (1) whole week. Even at $3 her onlyfans is a rip off with the way she posts everything for free.

No. 909286

Such a sad Christmas tree and sad dog. Kinda hurts how bleak her life is.

No. 909288

File: 1577154657412.jpg (352.72 KB, 1080x1324, Screenshot_20191223-203017_Twi…)

So if your address was missing, then how did 2 people already buy her something, like she said? Sounds like more lies

No. 909293

she probably made this up so she doesn't look so pathetic and lonely after nobody decided to buy her anything

No. 909295

Fr that's the saddest christmas tree like putting Charlie brown to shame kinda sad

No. 909297

The drinks were both laying down.

No. 909300

Looks like a typical light up walmart tree which can actually look quite nice if you take the time to spread out all the branches to make it look full. It legit looks like she took it out of the box, tried to spread the branches for 2 minutes, then gave up and called it a day. That's why it looks so shitty, she's lazy when it comes to everything in her life.

No. 909301

File: 1577156519897.jpg (582.84 KB, 1080x1076, Screenshot_20191223-210159_Twi…)

I thought her birthday was Christmas. Get your shit straight Shay

No. 909304

File: 1577157512159.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20191223_221439492.jpg)

Just a little bit of editing would go a long way for her. Lay off the booze, Shay, and lengthen your eyebrows!

No. 909305

you tried but I think there's just no fixing this anymore

No. 909306

it looks the same to me, y’all wasting your time with these edits lol she doesn’t give a fuck beyond her own delusions

No. 909309

File: 1577159045052.jpg (140.44 KB, 1079x515, Screenshot_20191223-214352_Twi…)

If your mom is so "toxic", then why are you calling her Shay?

No. 909310

File: 1577159094795.jpg (167.92 KB, 1080x618, Screenshot_20191223-214334_Twi…)

Porn that she has already posted to Twitter or porn that she will eventually post to Twitter

No. 909314

nah I can tell the difference. It’s subtle, but her face doesn’t look like it’s made of clay with is what makes her new face the most unsettling to me.

No. 909320

i’m baffled she doesn’t realized how hazardous that is for noodle. goddd, she shouldn’t have a fucking dog. any pets, for that matter.

No. 909321

Well, at least her eyes don't look like a pair of testicles anymore

No. 909322

a normal dog owner, especially a dog like noodle that appears to be some kind of lab mix, would be stupid to leave ANYTHING on the floor, let alone a shit ton of essentially loose cotton balls. absolute retardation on her point and just asking for it to be eaten. we all know shayna has no concept of furniture or cleaning up though, so why am i even surprised?

No. 909334

File: 1577166796702.jpeg (157.4 KB, 1242x315, FC83B7D6-9A9B-4CBF-A5EB-D8BA65…)

1) This isn’t funny. 2) one of the few times she’s said bf and not daddy? 3) you should be taking your meds at near the same time daily 4) for the love if god stop mixing meds with weed and alcohol

No. 909335

Her "meds" are prolly ice or snack anyway look at her decline..

Sage for tinfoil

No. 909336

Her fupa is fucking massive now. Holy shit.

No. 909340

wonder what she'll do when her weed & alcohol habits get so pricey she can't afford her medication anymore?

No. 909347

>ice or snack
What are these? Sounds like some kind of street drugs, anon…you okay?

No. 909356

nta, but I think they meant to say ice and smack, which are street names for meth and heroin.

No. 909359

lol if she was on those she wouldnt have the time to be on twitter all day and she wouldnt have the money to buy the dumb shit she gets. and people lose weight on those drugs, not gain like crazy. this is a retarded tinfoil. shes just a run of the mill alcoholic who smokes pot. which makes a lot more sense considering she's gained so much from all the empty calories + her bloated appearance.

No. 909368

I can’t believe she still tries to say she’s bipolar when she clearly has never been diagnosed nor seems to display actual symptoms at all. Shay, instead of going to a counsellor and faking that they have you presents, maybe get actual therapy.

No. 909385

I love how 14 people like this. Shows that even her orbiters give no fucks about her ass to go, "hey Shayna take care of yourself" and the tone of this makes me sad.
Her bf was probably sick of talking to her ass and she was probably freaking out or having a moment and instead of being there for her, he probably just said, "take your meds" and hung up or some shit.
"my mom's buying me a bed, my dad sent me some cider! but I can't RELY on them to pick up their phones whenever, I need them, but I shit on my mom constantly and I don't DO ANYTHING they ask of me!"

No. 909402

I still don't understand how she thought a big ass mole she's had since ever was a pimple. Are her chin rolls so large now she can't look at her chest? Or she just that legitimately retarded?

No. 909403

File: 1577197223396.jpeg (1013.81 KB, 1536x2048, EMbzeOmXUAAzEfx.jpeg)

Wearing clothes that are way too small for you is not flattering AT ALL, Shay. Accept you've gained some weight, Christ. And put that skirt you've had for 5 years and masturbated in a thousand times to rest. Thing could probably crawl on its own now. Wearing it on your ribcage looks retarded and it doesn't hide your gut. You're not fooling anyone.

No. 909414

I can bet we'll be seeing a lot of that skirt, worn as an apron/belt, now that she's admitted she's self-conscious about her stomach. She gets paid to get naked and can't even handle doing that anymore.

No. 909437

So uhh, is that the bed they both share that she tested in Walmart? Or no anon was right she didn’t actually get the dog a bed.

No. 909453

Wearing too small clothes just accentuates how much weight she's gained. That's why it's important to buy clothes appropriate for your size. It's still possible to look good at your size, Shayna, just gotta find stuff flatters your body type.

No. 909455

That heart pillow and yin yang pillow are looking musty and dirty as fuck. Doesn't help that I think she used that heart pillow to hump on in one of her vids so it makes even grosser

No. 909460

File: 1577208253860.jpeg (217.7 KB, 1242x738, 12D094B0-9B4D-485B-B41D-8CF804…)

This is such an annoying take. Sure working hard and making content allows you to make your own hours, and allows you to make “passive income” during non working hours. But wording it like this is gross and stupid. You don’t work nearly hard enough to brag like this Shay.

No. 909466

File: 1577209852017.jpg (Spoiler Image,287.57 KB, 1025x1705, Screenshot_20191224_124956.jpg)

Scammy Mattel at it again

No. 909470

The delusion here is amazing. Shaytard you’re not getting paid a guaranteed hourly wage whilst wearing sweatpants and going out etc, most of the time you make like 2$ max during the short amounts that you leave home. Plus you’re getting paid for the content (yours is repulsive but still) that you filmed and posted, and you don’t make very many sales lol you made 800$ in a month on what was it, only fans or that other site MV? In October. it’s not the same at all as
a person who works a steady job OR is even a camwhore but a camwhore with a proper work ethic and who actually works period unlike you who literally doesn’t even cam or film anymore. Retardation and false bragging

No. 909482

How do you not know what size your dog is? Just about all dog clothes go by weight or with easily understandable size guides.
Then again Shayna likely hasn't taken the dog to a vet past the first one after the adoption.

There's two kinds of verification. Age verification is having a recognized 18+ site that checks your ID to verify your age in order to sell anything there.
The video verification is to verify your identity on social media to prevent anyone thinking you're a catfish or using stolen photos.

The fact that Shayna doesn't know this after years of being a 'professional' is ridiculous.

No. 909500

She has fat person legs now it's horrible. Like her thighs are crater filled and trunks and her knees are huge looking lmao tf
Those $3 socks putting in WORK to contain her beastly calves

No. 909522


She really has absolutely no muscle definition, look at those legs. She looks like a lipoedema patient. If her damn clothes fit she would look more proportional/be able to style herself strategically. Idk why she’s in such denial about her weight gain but it’s doing her zero favors.

No. 909524

she admitted to having gained weight, it's just that as usual she doesn't wanna change anything about her situation cus that requires effort.

No. 909532

her dirty matted carpet makes me worry for the dog. thank god she has enough sense to take her to the groomer regularly.

No. 909533

she's absolutely never taken that dog to a groomer, plus as a lab mix it's easy enough to wash them at home yourself. labs do not need haircuts.

No. 909536

File: 1577224925525.jpg (104.9 KB, 1080x780, Screenshot_20191224-220122_Twi…)

I wonder how much of a disaster it will actually be.

No. 909541

File: 1577225475510.png (Spoiler Image,957.11 KB, 1080x1540, Screenshot_20191220-154429.png)

She really do be wearing that skirt on her ribcage kek

No. 909542

This is just… not flattering or attractive. In any way. Jesus fuck why. This is literally your job Shayna. Do you not have any standards at all?

No. 909543

>My current look
Soooooo.. more too small clothes she's bulging out of? Every time she says she looks bomb she always looks like total shit. Always fucking greasy, same boring routine make up except with even worse eyebrows now, with an outfit lazily put together and looks like it took maybe a 60 second thought process because she's too fucked up to even function. She's so annoying how much she hypes herself up and to quarter ass everything.

No. 909545

File: 1577226846911.jpeg (192.35 KB, 768x1024, 4E0A803E-0A2A-4BB1-8669-7F18A9…)

No. 909546

playing a 6 to 12 year old for a porn. Wow.

No. 909550

The pillow batting “snow” looks… dirty. Likely from smoke staining.

No. 909551

jesus fuck what is that look supposed to be, she looks like an actor in her 40's badly dressed up as a child for a christmas movie.

No. 909553

fucking blog
I went on a walk today with my friend. Crying in the woods about my life. Thought if Shayna and was able to just laugh. "God, at least I'm not her."
She really fucking makes you think about your life differently if you're sad lmao(nobody cares)

No. 909554

I feel like she could have like. Done some contouring to make the more who-like face?

No. 909556

Lmao. Looks like garbage and of course a big fucking yuck for using a child character for porn.


No. 909558

same she’s actually motivated me with her pathetic life trajectory. like. “at least I’m not shayna.” It genuinely helps when one feels rock bottom.

No. 909561

Shayna "KeEp mInOrs SaFe" Clifford

No. 909562

A staggering 5 baubles on that tree lmao thriving

No. 909575

This is fucking horrific! and what the hell is that mask in the bottom right corner, in front of the gift bags?

No. 909577

It's the paw of a teddy bear lmao it took me a minute to figure that out

No. 909580

this can’t be “the look” she was talking about serving???? it looks like an actual old woman wearing her nightie from goodwill.

No. 909583

Sorry not done reading the thread but I like how Amethyst self posted a screenshot of her own fucking OF and bragged about being able to suck a dildo and nobody noticed because that's funny as fuck hahaha.
She's the girl who was posting about Shayna on twitter in the last thread.

No. 909591

She looks like a mix of Ann frank and gypsy rose Blanchard lmao

No. 909594

how could you tell?

No. 909597

This isn't cute or funny. This is HORRIBLE


No. 909600

So she's not shoving real candycanes up her ass this year?

No. 909604

Yep it's really incredible when you think about how fucking low she really is. Puts your own bullshit in perspective.
"At least I'm not Shayna" is like my mantra these days.

No. 909606

what was this? looks like it was deleted

No. 909607

Whatever this was it's been deleted lol

No. 909608

Did anyone get a screenshot?

No. 909611

I have a screenshot. Hold on

No. 909612

No. 909613

File: 1577237941585.jpg (143.88 KB, 1080x525, Screenshot_20191224-193848_Twi…)

Get ready for the cringey baby voice

No. 909619

Can't view.

No. 909621

wow lol thread pic material

No. 909624

LOL I was lurking and noticed this too! I wouldn't be surprised if she self posts her subtweets about Shayna as well.

No. 909625

does she have a new tiktok account?

No. 909626


Dolly “I don’t normally drink” Mattel can really knock it back.

No. 909627

File: 1577240369400.png (69.34 KB, 169x168, Capture.PNG)

Because you want a little moment of "what the fuck is that?!" in your porn that's not seeing her bits.

No. 909628

What website should I use to link the whole video?

No. 909629


No. 909630

No. 909631

I looked and can't find it

No. 909637

Umm. Oh my god.
And this is her perfect look. Lovely.

No. 909638

File: 1577244491158.jpg (216.7 KB, 1080x730, Screenshot_20191224-212743_Twi…)

OF anon, PLEASE come through with this trainwreck

No. 909641

File: 1577244583363.jpg (Spoiler Image,553.8 KB, 1080x1172, Screenshot_20191224-212902_Twi…)


This video is going to be a horror movie

No. 909642

File: 1577244643985.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x1580, Screenshot_20191224-213049_Twi…)


Look how tight this is on her

No. 909643

File: 1577244687547.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1080x1724, Screenshot_20191224-212728_Twi…)


Yikes. You can TELL this is heavily edited

No. 909644

File: 1577244869383.jpg (Spoiler Image,954.81 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191224-213414_Twi…)

Even MORE yikes

No. 909645

This feels so wrong to look at. Like I really feel like I'm watching someone with special needs. I do think Shayna has a borderline low IQ. Shes delusional and all but she has this weird confidence and lack of self awareness that can only be attributed to being…a true fucking moron.

No. 909654

Omg OF anons come THRUUUU

No. 909661

Omg why is her bootyhole gaping? This is tew much…

No. 909663

File: 1577251397109.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1242x1626, 03ACAC85-B2D4-40CD-856D-987364…)


No. 909664

File: 1577251534665.jpeg (Spoiler Image,850.42 KB, 1242x1404, 7DCAA61A-9253-4BBE-9FFD-D121A1…)


No. 909667

Did she post the video yet?!

No. 909668

So she can make this Grinch type video, but not the custom one?

This is pure CRINGE

OF anon, PLEASE come through with the milk!


No. 909669

File: 1577252365493.jpg (104.78 KB, 1080x330, 20191224_233927.jpg)

Kek, the comment under the video

No. 909670

File: 1577252497878.jpeg (204.01 KB, 1242x500, C1C358E2-B243-4B89-9597-F871C8…)

WHO HOLE. And the description isn’t even complete?

No. 909671

Can confirm Tiktok deletes videos where people are special needs or in a position where they can get bullied.

No. 909673

I have a feeling she's going to get a lot of shit for this video

No. 909674

I can't even find the account it was posted on

No. 909675

The Grinch got to her before she could finish that godawful description…who hole

No. 909677

that might be one of the single worst things she’s ever written down

No. 909679

I wonder if she’s gonna delete the whole post just to get rid of this comment

No. 909680

Its gonna be the black dildo thing all over again. Lol watch I'll find your comment again when it does

No. 909683

File: 1577254266965.png (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 1466x2048, Screenshot_20191224-220950.png)

OOF. I'll bet this is the next to be added to her list of "problematic" videos

No. 909684

She could have been Martha May who or like. Any fictitious who at all. But she went with the lou who name and got the same wig and childish nightie. A mess.

No. 909685

yeahhh if she was dead set on this concept she could’ve at least used an adult like the mom or something? that commenter is absolutely right though, the original character is a 6 year old

No. 909690

File: 1577255456464.png (310.57 KB, 750x1334, 49282B5A-FFD9-4E56-AA21-0B0C08…)


No. 909693

why does she always kick her legs like that in her videos…..

No. 909694

I sure hope so. If she got dragged for this the milk would be exquisite. Plus she deserves it anyway on a moral level, you have to be a real degenerate to lewd a 6 year old. Not even anime twitter would stoop this low and they’re known for pedo pandering. Just looking at her photos makes me a bit sick to my stomach even though she looks 37.

No. 909697

No. 909698

Thanks, I hate it.

No. 909711

File: 1577268020359.gif (Spoiler Image,5.76 MB, 600x1067, 0C9F07A4-890D-42DB-B30A-1F3F02…)

I refuse to believe this woman has ever had an orgasm or even knows what one is because what the absolute flying FUCK is this

No. 909719

I think she does it to look more childlike which is gross

No. 909724

is this sped up? Jesus christ

No. 909725

I wanted to barf when she called her asshole her “other chimney”
What is going through her head when she’s editing these does she really think it’s good???

No. 909729

It gets worse with every loop, I feel like I'm watching someone having a seizure or something.

No. 909732

i actually can't believe that's the look she went for, i really thought she was going to do something else for the video and this was just for pictures. some anons have been speculating that most of her money comes from dudes who get off on her humiliating herself, but i don't think "special needs woman acting like a child" appeals even to them, unless they are real sickos.

No. 909734

I genuinely had to rewind bc I thought I heard her wrong.

This acting though and the pedo pandering is so just straight cringeworthy, wtf does this girl think!!!

crossing fingers for milk after people call her out

No. 909740

I'm telling you, IQ of 76.

No. 909744

She looks like a turkey having a fit.

No. 909753

Not only that but this stupid hypocritical bitch is always preaching and talking down to other sex workers about how they need to keep minors safe and out of the sex community like she's holier than thou. Then she goes to make a video of a 6 year getting raped by a Grinch home intruder.

No. 909765

Anon, you sped up the leg shaking (sadly I would believe you did not)? Looks like a sad attempt at an orgasm.

Shay, to simply put it "you're doing it wrong"!


No. 909775

nta but it’s not sped up, it just lost a few frames when it was converted to gif

No. 909777

I think she's either going to ignore it or make some bullshit, "it's not a real character no actual minors were harmed" and sadly, the people that stan her don't seem to have an issue with pedo-pandering…

No. 909791

Yikes! At one point I saw something white on her asshole, I'm assuming it was some of that cotton stuff on the ground. Well she clearly didn't notice it and went to shove the candy cane back in her ass and that piece of fluff went right along with it. Also who in the fuck touches themselves like that? Come on Shayna, digging around at your vagina is not sexy and there's no way that can feel good.

No. 909793

didn't say anything about haircuts(?) but i highly doubt shay bothers to bathe noodle herself. she can't wash her own ass or pick up the garbage on her floor. even if she did bathe the dog at home, noodle's still rolling around on her dirty carpet all day. she's posted about the groomer before. point was she's too lazy to care for her dog but at least she'll pay someone else to do it.

No. 909798

I've never watched her actual videos since anons usually post the good stuff until this one. How the hell can she be going on about how much shes "editing content" when the bitch can't even do simple noise removal on the audio. The buzzing background is grating, also one of the shots has unsynced audio

No. 909801

She's insanely delusional. In the future once she grows the hell up she'll look at her horrible content and see it for what it is: embarrassing and ratchet.

Plus her neckbeard followers and insecure cam model orbiters keep kissing her pimply untoned ass every time she releases something. She eats that shit up and believes she's truly the cream of the crop. Her mind is rotted out.

No. 909802

>the only person who has something positive to say has RAPEDMUTT as thier handle
way to keep a classy crowd, Shayna.

No. 909815

isn’t that the same candy cane dildo that someone on the thread from last year said she should’ve used instead of shoving real candy canes up her ass? at least she look this one piece of advice

No. 909818

Yes anon lmao i remember

No. 909889

File: 1577325228450.png (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 1545x2048, Screenshot_20191225-175117.png)

Ah, when cows collide

No. 909891

File: 1577325581132.png (321.79 KB, 1080x1942, Screenshot_20191225-175514~2.p…)

No. 909894

File: 1577325727500.png (Spoiler Image,556.53 KB, 1024x1383, Screenshot_20191225-180052~2.p…)

The Twitter backlash has begun.

No. 909895

honestly threads on Shayna are becoming increasingly sadder than fun every single #

No. 909898

Can't wait to see her rationalize this.

No. 909902

I'm loving people are calling her nasty ass out. Let's see how Shayna makes this about mental illness or calls out another sex worker to try to ignore this or talk about her mom being a trump supporter you know, the normal shit that Shayna does to distract people or try to.

Imagine thinking, "hey, I want to make a christmas porn..hmm, how about I make one about the grinch fucking a CHILD character? Yes, thats what I'll do!" She's taking an actual child character and the likeness of that child and using it for porn. There's NO way she can make this NOT problematic.

No. 909906

seems so far like she’s just going to ignore it
that first callout post was 4 hours ago and all she’s posted about since then is anal and advertising her mv/of

No. 909910

File: 1577329392176.png (227.38 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20191225-195807.png)


No. 909912

File: 1577329505490.png (200.73 KB, 1080x1468, Screenshot_20191225-200029.png)


No. 909913

Im sick of these twitter sex workers, they all think they’re better than one another but they’re all pedo pandering lazy pieces of shit. That girl honestly looks like she’s sat in shaynas bedroom, that’s how similar they all are. How is “ageplay” porn okay ever? Whether it’s an actual character or not, anyone who does it is equally degenerate, the fact that shayna is an outcast among These skanks and their morally bankrupt orbiters speaks volumes to how truly fucked she is.

No. 909914

File: 1577329565584.jpeg (255.25 KB, 1241x1388, 50BC4D3A-4EEB-4522-BDD3-E9CAAF…)

People are calling her out. They’re sick of her. I wonder if she’ll realise why but that’s a long shot..

No. 909915

I wonder how long it’ll be before she cracks and goes on a twitter rampage

No. 909920

File: 1577330089488.png (Spoiler Image,415.77 KB, 1080x1755, Screenshot_20191225-183758~2.p…)

Inb4 dolly vs camgirl Twitter arguments in the morning

No. 909921

File: 1577330178239.png (1.03 MB, 1949x2048, Screenshot_20191225-201426.png)

That would be hilarious because she retweeted this stupid bullshit earlier today. But we all know how much she loves contradicting herself kek She'll definitely crack.

No. 909922

File: 1577330277878.png (650.09 KB, 1171x2048, Screenshot_20191225-191707.png)

I'm surprised she hasn't hidden all the replies to her video tweet.

No. 909923

She probably hasn’t noticed or is trying to keep them there for evidence when she goes on her woe-is-me rants

No. 909924

File: 1577331130738.png (1.01 MB, 2048x1831, Screenshot_20191225-202950.png)

Recognize, Shayna. You're the negative shit talker no one wants in the community you so-called love.

No. 909926

Saddest part is, she really can't step away from sex work. She can't afford that. She absolutely sucks at her job and hates it but she has no education, training, or real interests.

No. 909927

Didn’t that girl get called out by Shay a few weeks ago and nothing came of it?

No. 909930

Nah that was someone else, I can't remember.

No. 909931

File: 1577333634460.jpg (121.24 KB, 352x338, 1561871971384.jpg)

Oh, i'm here for this

No. 909934

Wasn’t she supposed to cam today?? Lmao

No. 909936


she was supposed to stream opening any amazon gifts she got sent for christmas but i doubt she got any

No. 909938

for real, all these sex workers responding are as embarrassing as shayna imo. the self-righteousness here is insane.

No. 909940

She's definitely had the opportunity to see them now, she's retweeted the post again.

No. 909944


srsly. does virtue signaling somehow help grow their business of helping gross horny men get off? what're they getting out of it?

i'll bet if we took the time to dig through their pasts we'd find some real problematic shit. and what have they done in their lives to help the children, women, race relations they're online pretending to care about? how much of their gross cum-dollars are they giving to the afflicted IRL?

i'll bet the dudes paying them, you know, the guys they keep encouraging/gassing up to continue to be total creeps are the same monsters they're alleging shayna is (i personally just think she's massively retarded) but they've got no issue having relationships with THEM

No. 909950

Honestly who cares what these camwhores have done or do, make a thread if you’re so concerned about their actions. This is about shay and her milky dramas

No. 909951

didn't someone request and paid for her to make the Cindy Lou-Who video? Can't find the screen shot atm
She could have kept it private?
This confirms it for me that she doesn't care, is well aware it's fucked, and is making it public to reel in more pedo fans.

Who is she referring too? She has already admitted she has no friends. Shayna, people who are stupid enough to pity you on the internet are not your friends.

No. 909963

File: 1577342769910.png (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 1505x2048, Screenshot_20191225-224540.png)

The saga continues

No. 909965

That will probably be her excuse.
>“Guys it was just a custom it’s not my fault!”
She accepted it though, knowing she would be portraying a 6 year old girl. She has no excuse.

No. 909966

Considering she disabled the comments for this picture set on tumblr…. Its very clear she knows what she's doing and doesn't give two flying fucks that she's doing it to begin with lol

No. 909968

Right, These girls are saying the SAME shit we are saying. I don't care what they did or didn't do, nor am I going to look into each person fucking judging Shayna to be sure that they have the right too. No one's even saying anything but it's gross she's using a underaged character to make porn. I love how everytime Shayna gets called out people come out the woodworks to try to make us look at sex workers or rando twitter uses calling her out, even if they aren't even saying anything crazy.

No. 909972

Who cares if these girls are equally as shitty, they’re clearly hiding it enough or just probably not awful people unlike Shayna that’s why you have to dig.

We’re here to spectate a cow not her peers. Make a new thread for the other camwhores or shut up about them please

No. 909989

I feel like this thread is full of sex workers who think they’re somehow better than shayna, who dog pile other women but allow men to straight up degrade and abuse them, who all wear the same pastel puke clothing and harbour the same degenerate “fetishes” they pretend to have for neck beard clout. I just want to say you’re all equally as fucking shitty, unimaginative and worthless as shayna and I can’t wait for twitter to ban porn. It’s already a completely oversaturated market and most of you would earn more cleaning toilets. I’m sick of people coming here to sperg “as a sw I can’t believe she buys those cheap disgusting nappies to urinate on. Or those glass dildos to shove in her warty dry anus. She should use lube and expensive nappies that say “pretty princess” like I do! Oh when I pretend to be a baby getting raped, I don’t make myself a specific character so it’s okay!” I fucking hate shayna the most, but I hate twitter sex workers universally and I don’t think there’s any standard they could ever live up to to make themselves not repulsive kek.

No. 909990

Of course literal who camwhores are gonna be a bunch of pick me virtue signaling hypocrites lol this thread is so shit because the bitches here can barely contain their smug. Let’s never post their shitty anti-Shayna tweets again because they add nothing to the milk.

No. 910001

I agree, I’m sick of hearing it and it happens every goddamn week, they’re lecturing her for some disgraceful infraction that is minor when compared to their own behaviour. The only difference is they’re less physically repulsive and don’t look actually hilarious when they suck a dildo or fake an orgasm, still morally bankrupt, compliant in their own oppression and the trafficking of other women. I wouldn’t be interested in a thread for these other whores bc their porn is admittedly good enough to not make me laugh hysterically but they are still just fucking whores and I don’t care about their opinion of another whore, there are so many of them that a cam whore cow thread would be unreadable and unmanageable.

I just want to see funny gifs of shayna but this thread is so full of smug.

No. 910004

This whole thread seems like it’s derailing and turning into a useless debate on camwhores and both the for/against sound dumb

Can we get back to shay milk now pls

No. 910009

you two can of course leave instead of derailing the thread with your sex worker rage boners if you think the thread is dry of milk.

No. 910010

>I just want to see funny gifs of shayna
this is the opposite of milk wtf? Chill your SW hateboner, anons like you are ruining all the fun.
Whatever you think about camwhores, and however stupid they are, they're producing great milk by calling Shayna out. Just enjoy the show

No. 910026

What great milk are they providing unless it’s straight from their own udders? All they do is fucking virtue signal, how is that great milk? You act like they’re providing some sort of wit or insight but they’re just regurgitating the same shit that gets said to her on twitter all the time

No. 910030

File: 1577364313713.jpeg (534.47 KB, 750x1069, 8D4C2470-A94D-40C8-984D-602DEA…)

infighting aside, here’s easily the dumbest conversation i’ve seen in regards to shayna’s pedo porn. apparently dressing up as a six year old while you shove a dildo up your ass is “little play”, ddlg and the degenerates that pander to it make me genuinely nauseous

No. 910040

shut the fuck up already, we don't care about your SW hate.


oof, nothing like defending pedo-pandering porn because of your pathetic ageplay kink.

No. 910042

File: 1577369547568.jpeg (27.47 KB, 601x601, 8100F59B-AD35-4A40-9942-EC5785…)

lmfao at all the salty lurking camwhores coming out of the woodworks(derailing)

No. 910044

I’m fairly certain she did this shit last year but I don’t think she ever made it/shared it. I’m p sure she got the same reactions from the thread and twitter

No. 910057

It would take all of two seconds for this lazy fuck to scroll through shays twitter and realize she’s not a degenerate age player.
>kinkshaming is gross
Stop revolving your identity around sex and you won’t be offended so much.
Shay is honestly less annoying than any of these other camwhores, at least she’s open about her degeneracy without this sjw shit.

No. 910058

God this turned into walls of infighting text fast. There's a cam girl thread, people just here for the current Shayna milk and are posting the community backlash, chill.

No. 910075

File: 1577378141455.png (164.31 KB, 1080x888, Screenshot_20191226-083444~2.p…)

Like clockwork, the Twitter sperg begins

No. 910076

File: 1577378238053.png (638.11 KB, 2048x1242, Screenshot_20191226-083449.png)

Part 2

No. 910079

Didn't Shayna say that the porn was going to be about "Cindy Lou" and the grinch in that cam show?"

No. 910080

Already deleted lol. Though her argument is invalid because she did portray herself as a minor by dressing up as a CHILD CHARACTER and just changing the name to dolly. She DID portray a minor all the way down to the fucking hairstyle and pink nightgown that she wore in the movie. What the fuck is this girl thinking.

No. 910082


Is she seriously this stupid? She’s literally using the characters name minus replacing the first with hers. We all knew you were referencing Cindy when you added Lou to the name retard.

No. 910083

File: 1577378644310.png (711.99 KB, 1161x2048, Screenshot_20191226-084407.png)

Yes, she seriously is this stupid

No. 910085


>This one dude keeps tipping her to drink. He called her out on custom she owes him (grinch one where she’s Cindy Lou who getting virginity taken) but she says she can’t do it cuz she doesn’t have a green dildo.


She's not a pedophile or none of that, but to pretend that the character isn't based on a 9 year old and she didn't mention "cindy lou" is bullshit.
She'd be better off just apologizing and moving on because people aren't going to let this go. But apperently people aren't supposed to judge Shayna anymore so…

No. 910087

File: 1577378736958.png (611.32 KB, 1942x2048, Screenshot_20191226-084511.png)

I can't really even tell what she means by this….

No. 910088

Someone should post that her dumb ass SAID it was about Cindy Lou getting her virginity taken from her LIVE.
and she's dressed JUST like Cindy.

No. 910090

did you reply to the wrong post?

No. 910091

I wanna know how she’s gonna justify playing a 6 year old

No. 910093

File: 1577378944030.jpg (97.69 KB, 720x656, IMG_20191226_164834.jpg)

shut yo bitch ass up

No. 910094

File: 1577378974544.png (613.93 KB, 1980x2048, Screenshot_20191226-084921.png)

She already deleted all of the other tweets kek

No. 910095

i do really wonder who she was targeting this at since even the ageplay people are upset. maybe i'm just naive, but i don't think even the people who get off on her humiliating herself would be able to get off from this.

No. 910096

File: 1577379057040.png (946.87 KB, 2048x1861, Screenshot_20191226-085045.png)

Are you suuure shay? Are you sure you aren't just disgusting?

No. 910100


This is Shayna's thread. No one cares about the "horrible" things these other sex workers have done according to you. This thread is a bunch of people making fun and judging Shayna, a bunch of ANONYMOUS people. There could be people just as worst or the same level as worst Judging Shayna. From the very beginning Shayna's thread has been about the things Shayna does and our & others reactions to it.

It's never been about funny gifs, it's about us bitches judging, watching and laughing at another bitch. This happens EVERY week because SHAYNA does something EVERY fucking week and it's been that way since the beginning of this thread.

No. 910102

So she made a porn portraying an underage character, then when people call her out she says THEY are vile, hurtful, and disgusting. That makes a ton of sense.

No. 910103

according to >>907951 yes

No. 910104

so this clip is about and adult Who from Whoville wearing a child's nightgown, opening up toys for children but its NOT about a child??


No. 910105

File: 1577379248369.png (524.89 KB, 2048x950, Screenshot_20191226-085351.png)

No. 910106

Pretty sure Lou is their middle name anyways, considering that every single character in the movie has the last name “Who” with some variation. Only Cindy”s family has the middle/last name Lou, but she can’t pretend like she was cosplaying the mom because she got a Cindy wig and the pink nightgown from the scene where the Grinch breaks into their house and Cindy finds him. That was literally the prompt for her porn in the first place. I’ve seen her backtrack badly before, but she must think everyone is as retarded as her if she genuinely believes this excuse will work. Shay, I know your last two brain cells are screaming for help, but you’re not fooling anyone.

No. 910107

This is SO gross and fucked up to do. No one wants you to kill yourself. No one wants that.

No. 910109

>makes a controversial porn
>gets rightfully criticized for it
jfc shayna

No. 910110

File: 1577379517347.png (380.05 KB, 2048x653, Screenshot_20191226-085836.png)

No. 910111

I feel she should just apologize. Thats it, doing this, "I wanna kill myself because of yall!!" Is so fucked up and manipulative. Just say, Yeah i did it. You wore the wig, you wore the outfit, you even said in ur live that it was cindy lou and was about taking her Virginity. There's so many ways to handle this differently and better then she is.

No. 910112

Her pulling the suicide card is a shit tactic to place the guilt. Bruh just delete the video/photos and apologize to get the fire off your ass. Smh

No. 910113

File: 1577379718290.jpeg (41.79 KB, 640x238, 2EA3ED19-DB49-4012-AF88-0B82FE…)

It’s lonely at the top, huh Shayna.

No. 910114

Ah weaponising suicide, I'm sure that will go down well for you Shay!

No. 910115

That should be an indication that you're genuinely wrong, shay. Also you look pathetic ASKING for backup

No. 910116

File: 1577379816722.jpg (81.17 KB, 1080x569, Screenshot_20191226-170329_Twi…)


No. 910117

WHAT? Is she serious? so now she's going to get upset that her orbiters aren't sticking their necks out for her? So is she going to call them out and hate them if they don't? Stand up for yourself Shayna. Do anything but deny what we see. You protrayed a child character for an porn. Apologize, delete it or move on, but throwing a fit and threatening people of making you want to "kill yourself" isn't going to help ANYTHING.

No. 910119

Wow, instead of deleting the porn, issuing an apology, she'd rather quit sex work and threaten sucide? Not one person here wants you to kill yourself here and yes, people want you to quit sex work for ur own well being but not because you got called out and you can't take it.
Call ur parents and go home, shit call anyone.

No. 910120

How the Grinch Stole her SW Career

No. 910121

File: 1577380028278.png (773.96 KB, 1430x2048, Screenshot_20191226-090653.png)

She really thinks this is a solid argument. Also caps lock is on, we're at code orange

No. 910122

please quit, not because of asspained camwhores but for your own benefit.

No. 910123

omfg if only it were that easy lmao.

we support you quitting, Shayna! go home and start over, pretend the last 4.5 years were just an awful dream for everyone, and turn your life around!

No. 910124

File: 1577380197669.png (Spoiler Image,140.23 KB, 883x620, lololo.PNG)

shes so mad shes trying to deflect blame

No. 910125

File: 1577380250267.png (827.76 KB, 1520x2048, Screenshot_20191226-091049.png)

No. 910126


imagine if she'd picked an ADULT character? Just say sorry and quit Shayna, by fighting this you are only making people come at you more. You can fix your life. You can move on.

WOW so she's saying, "go hate this person and make them want to kill themselves!" Thats heartless. She's admitting she's wrong!

No. 910128

she's admitting she fucked up and trying to tell people they shouldn't be upset with HER in the same breath. classic Shatna

No. 910129

she really should do it, she is completely fucked mentally and always acts like a womanchild. she doesn't even try to defend herself, just throws around insults and acts ignorant. she needs real help.

No. 910130

Hahah oh the classic "it's not only me therefore I am not wrong". No Shay, it doesn't work like that.

No. 910131

File: 1577380377593.png (Spoiler Image,653.38 KB, 2048x1808, Screenshot_20191226-091147.png)

She's really trying to throw other grinch porn under the bus

No. 910132

So the person who recapped that live made that up days before Shayna made a porn doing JUST THAT? She's dressed as Cindy thats all that matters

No. 910133

i feel like this is a farmer cus i don't think any of the sexworkers calling her out watch her shitty cams, but if not good on them calling her out on just straight up lying.

No. 910135

I remember an anon saying she was recording the live, can you please upload it to dropbox so we can confirm she mentioned the words “Cindy Lou Who” and “virginity”. Her victim card is working, there are already people kissing her ass because she’s throwing a fit about being boolied, but I think a soundbite from her live might actually make her lose the 3 orbiters she has left kek

No. 910137

File: 1577380548165.png (72.46 KB, 1080x554, Screenshot_20191226-091409~2.p…)

Cue the violins, boys.

No. 910138

could anons calm down a bit, at this point every tweet of hers is getting double and triple posted lol

No. 910140

The milk is actively flowing we are excited lol

No. 910142

>I played myself
you sure did, dumbass.

also this is RICH considering how many sex workers are trafficked/forced into the industry, the exploitation and violence SO many women face just to survive. REALLY bad take, Shayna, I hope she gets more shit for this.

you sit alone in your apartment and beg on Twitter for a living. must be fun to still be on your parents' insurance, being bought a bed for Christmas from your ~ebil Republican mother~. but getting Twitter hate makes her The Biggest Victim

No. 910143

File: 1577380910885.png (236.98 KB, 859x420, 3.PNG)

Kind of funny when you search "Cindy Lou Nightgowns" the ones Shayna is wearing POP right UP.

No. 910144

File: 1577381110791.jpeg (329.45 KB, 1125x1868, E93A9E9B-FC89-4FBD-B1FA-9EF49D…)

It’s the same for wigs. Second result is hers.

No. 910145

File: 1577381226399.png (6.46 KB, 974x61, 1.PNG)

from a year ago

No. 910146

File: 1577381255745.jpeg (115.33 KB, 1242x496, A049625B-96D5-46E8-A735-0979DB…)

No. 910147

File: 1577381456825.jpg (2.1 MB, 1920x2560, inCollage_20181130_113255208.j…)

"Dolly Lou WHO" Holding a teddy bear (no one wants you to kill youself Shayna, just say sorry and move on, call you're parents or something)

No. 910148

File: 1577381767099.png (383.53 KB, 2048x496, Screenshot_20191226-093545.png)

Yea sure you'll just forget and stop clogging the timeline….

No. 910149

File: 1577381890682.png (94.22 KB, 808x591, Screenshot (149).png)

>life would be better if i just quit and worked at a weed shop

a rare moment of lucidity

No. 910150

File: 1577381907828.jpeg (41.6 KB, 402x429, 870F6DFC-6259-4D25-9E80-60F4D4…)

New thread pic

No. 910151

File: 1577381944613.png (59.07 KB, 607x574, all.PNG)

"Yall make me want to kill myself!" one mintue-

The next-

"Oh people are responding to my bait and are telling me i'm right! Crisis averted! I'm fine now"

Almost as if you didn't want to do anything, you just wanted people to stop and stick up for you.

No. 910152

Thank you discord anon. Why can't she take her own advice and just do that, she'd make more money and wouldn't have to ask for weed $

No. 910153

File: 1577382068693.png (859.48 KB, 1159x2048, Screenshot_20191226-094055.png)

I bet she'll be subtweeting about this in an hour.

No. 910154

It's one thing if they don't have an issue with the porn, it's another to flat out LIE and pretend that the likeness and theme of the porn weren't based upon an actual child! She's lying and she's doing the fucked up, "Yall making me wanna kill myself" in order to manipulate people into not calling her out.

That's the main issue. She's lying and deflecting. she's not taking ANY responsibility and this is the same girl who calls people out.

her orbiters are doing her a disservice. People aren't being negative or hateful.

No. 910155

I honestly don't think she's apologized for anything… Ever.

No. 910157

Sooo she’s not quitting? Shayna no take backsies you bitch

No. 910159

File: 1577383605334.png (855.55 KB, 2048x877, Screenshot_20191226-100559.png)

I thought she wanted to quit and disappear? Now it's funny I guess?

No. 910160

File: 1577383684810.png (1.53 MB, 2048x1395, Screenshot_20191226-100732.png)

How did it go from "end me" to "lol silly Twitter"

No. 910161

I think I may be done with this thread, she's really disillusioned and mentally unwell. I've never seen someone fuck themselves over So hard over the smallest easiest to fix shit.
She did not ONe thing wrong. Everyone else is wrong. It's just disturbing. She sounds like Onision.

No. 910162

File: 1577383903905.jpg (104.22 KB, 1080x475, Screenshot_20191226_131033.jpg)

The mental gymnastics to justify her pedo themed porn is strong in this one

No. 910163

and this, "people are making me want to kill myself!" shit is WAY to far and so fucking low. One mintue she wants to die, the next she's cool because people are agreeing with her? Do the people who follow her not see how fucked that is? She JUSt did the same thing to her boyfriend. That shit is fucked up.

No. 910171

File: 1577384786747.jpeg (510.34 KB, 1125x2940, 10515AAA-B1E0-4E9E-BA6B-7E7888…)

Shay’s favorite shit-for-brains orbiter Lana Bee coming through with the another cold take. Saged because it’s not really milk but my god, pedos of a feather really do fly together.

No. 910173

There really be near lethal amounts of brainworm in the """sex work""" community. Wow its almost like basing your entire identity on giving crusty old men boners damages your psyche or something.

No. 910174

Obviously all for epic meltdown but let’s not start unironically calling Shayna a pedophile. That’s actual retardation. Don’t make important words meaningless.

No. 910176

File: 1577385373845.jpg (79.92 KB, 713x531, 1570381752982.jpg)

>DDLG is a normal kink

No. 910178

File: 1577385621862.jpg (461.97 KB, 1080x1425, Screenshot_20191226-123950_Twi…)

Admitting she does this all for attention and "clout"

No. 910180

File: 1577385732755.jpg (261.86 KB, 1080x1327, Screenshot_20191226_134033.jpg)

Lol shayna you POS, thank god for your bought followers and your flock of pedos "kink" apologist

No. 910182

These are the exact same photo capped within minutes apart but with enough time to switch from light/dark themes. Nice blatant selfposts, fat retard

No. 910184

I guess she won and everyone calling her out were "kink Shamers" because she threatened wanted to off herself, in order to get people to feel bad for her?

Because before she threatened Suicide NO ONE was sticking up for her. She's a truly vile person and out of ALL of this, if people don't think her saying people calling her out was making her want to kill herself isn't so fucked up and Vile, truly shows the people she hangs with. She did the SAME thing to that dude she's fucking.

Did the, "I don't wanna live" bullshit. Thats worst then anything. She's FINE now. Funny how she wanted to die but now since she has five people defending her, she's all good?

No. 910186

? How is this a self-post? I'm not that Anon but maybe two people posted the same thing?

No. 910189

I can't believe she's lying so hard because she said it on live. I wish we were able yo record her lives because she's been saying that Grinch n Cindy idea for a while. Even in the stupid can live. Holy shit.

No. 910190

I could be tinfoiling but since she’s lurked this thread recently I would not put it past her to double post the same shit to get us to talk about it

No. 910191

anon are you suggesting shayna is double posting her own posts? that's a big ass reach imo, she is known to delete her tweets after they get capped and made fun of here.

No. 910192


>>907807 this anon said they recorded her live show so hopefully they post it

No. 910195

Ah I see. I probably am reaching too far then. Sage for my tinfoil + autism

No. 910196

Luna and this gothicckitten girl are tipping hard with the lolcow copypasta kek. gothicckitten is going back and forth on the same thread with her main account lmfao

No. 910197

I love how she only wants to kill herself when people are calling out problematic behavior and being "mean." But an hour later she's joking around and saying she's the Regina George of SW? That's not how suicide works, Shayna. Stop being an manipulative asshole. You deleted all your tweets begging for orbitors to stand up for you or else. So now that they did (somewhat) you're acting like this did not effect you at all. We have screenshots of you saying you were blubbering mess and wanting to off yourself. Stop trying to act like a bad bitch. Once again, you're not fooling anyone.

No. 910198

Has she been to therapy other than the first session she made a huge deal of? Correct me of I'm wrong but I don't think she has been mentioning it. I was really hoping therapy would get her out of her self dug hole.

No. 910199

She's back making self righteous faux positivity tweets now that she has her army of fellow cows backing her up.

No. 910200

She posted about being there on Monday I believe it was

No. 910202

I hope so because I know she's said it on snap and live. Shes back peddling so hard. If you're imagining the Grinch doing that to a 6 year old. Real or not. You're gross. Then the suicide baiting to not hold herself accountable. Whenever I feel bad about her horrid life. She reminds me why I shouldn't and she did it to herself Lol.

No. 910204

some anons have been speculating that she doesn't actually go to a licensed professional since it's pretty weird to receive gifts from a therapist. i think she might not have weekly sessions though (unless she mentioned she does), but instead monthly which really won't help most people, especially someone like her.

No. 910208

So was the actor who played Cindy not a fucking child? This isn't a cartoon kid, this is her copying the likeness of a CHILD actor playing a CHILD.
But I guess we shouldn't say anything because she'll want to kill herself and she's LYING. That's the biggest point, she's lying and suicide baiting. Making a joke of suicide and using it to manipulate people.
I find myself feeling bad for Shayna and talking about her here, I try not to be So brutal but shit like this makes it impossible.

No. 910215

Can you imagine a rapist in court saying " well this guys a rapist too! What about him! Leave me alone!" Then the judge letting him go because there is multiple rapist n shitty people in the world. That's not how the world works but shay supporters are fucking dumb Lol.

No. 910218

No shayna YOU are disgusting. You’re a lying psycho manipulator. You literally bought a CINDY LOU WHO COSTUME AND WIG, you copied her innocent childlike facial expressions and tried to act like a child doing sexual stuff for the first time and you made the video all about the grinch, an old adult male creature, blackmailing the obvious young child (who was opening KIDS PRESENTS!!!) into performing sex acts for him. And now you’re lying and trying to say “n-no I didn’t!!! You’re all MAKING ME KILL MYSELF!! I’m innocent perfect shayna and you’re all evil and ugly!” Like the pathetic worthless cunt you are. You are disgustingly toxic and dishonest >>910113
Hahahaha this is hysterical. What a fucking brainless loser

No. 910221


Here she calls someone a bitch

Here she >>907231 whines about people calling her a name (a bitch)
and here we are, she's calling people bitches.


So unprofessional.

No. 910225

File: 1577389443177.png (1.01 MB, 1708x2048, Screenshot_20191226-114401.png)

The preaching….

No. 910226

File: 1577389492158.jpg (534.14 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20191226_144027_com…)


No. 910227

File: 1577389514199.png (349.88 KB, 2048x635, Screenshot_20191226-114500.png)

From suicidal to smug in less than a few hours

No. 910228

I'm positive that the girl who played Cindy Lou doesn't feel good that bitches like Shayna are fucking using her CHILD LIKENESS to make porn of the grinch raping her. It's Shayna fault. This situation wouldn't be around if she picked an ADULT but she picked a child.
Dolly Lou Who. Cindy Lou Who. Who the HELL does her dumb ass think she was fucking tricking? It's not a kink, to want to watch a adult, dress as a child actor from a movie and get fucked. It's gross no matter WHO does it.

No. 910229

File: 1577389997498.jpg (575.99 KB, 1080x1490, 20191226_135235.jpg)

Before she does a dirty delete

No. 910230

since when does she have bpd???

No. 910231

bpd is borderline personality disorder right? i thought she was bipolar but i could be wrong

No. 910232

Once again refusing to take any responsibility for anything. God I hate this bitch.

No. 910234

File: 1577390448524.jpeg (100.19 KB, 640x360, 0CDD647E-706D-4C89-8BB3-A66C3E…)

Shayna please just quit sex work and quit drinking and go work a stable regular gig at a dispensary good fucking lord they’re always looking for young female budtenders. it would force you into healthier routines and maybe meet some nicer people. get off the fucking internet.

No. 910235

i really don't get why she doesn't just do this. i feel like she over dramatizes a lot about how bad the internet makes her feel bad, but she is still in a horrible living situation, i can't believe the filth doesn't bother her or she really cares about sexwork.

No. 910236

So people should care about her ass and worry about her mental illness and how being called out effects her but she was asking her followers to "Defend" her which means the THOUSANDS of real followers she has, could possibly go fuck over other people in the name of Shayna? She told that one SW mental illness isn't a excuse, so how come it's a excuse for her?

Also how come she's able to turn off and on her mental illness? So the cure for her outbursts is people defending her?

No. 910240

You mean LunaKat? The girl who leaked Shay's content, justified it by saying she was paranoid that Shay stole her bank info, and then faked a suicide attempt when she got called out for it?

Shay is a pedo panderer and all around dumpster fire.

You're both trash.

No. 910242

I think she just goes through manic episodes constantly and doesn't have a healthy place to vent so she fucks herself over like this all the time

No. 910243

fuck off Shayna, You told that girl her mental state wasn't an excuse and you use YOUR mental state as excuses when people call you out or you have issues with ur boyfriend.

No. 910245

She's been saying so since she started therapy

No. 910246

Everytime this girl comes up you come here and go, "She's just as bad as ME!!" We told you a long time ago to make the girl a thread if you think she's so shitty and milky.
No one cares about leaked content on a site that LEAKS SHAYNAS CONTENT all the time.

No. 910247

thought it was bipolar

No. 910251

It was.

No. 910252

Not the same anon but I do get tired of the Luna saga getting brought up constantly. It comes across like vendetta post and it's milk that's gone bad.

No. 910254

I didn't even say her name. it comes off as Vendetta and self posting that every time someone mentions the situation (to show the hypocrisy and nothing more) "someone" comes and goes, "She did this and that" Like we fucking care.

No. 910255

No anon you're right. She probably thinks BPD stands for bipolar disorder.

No. 910256

Whats her discord

No. 910257

How does it feel knowing you harbor the same opinions as Shayna does >>910225 ? Calling her and her orbiters pedos doesn’t diminish the meaning of the word, the truth is the that you can’t be a ddlg pervert without some serious wires being crossed in your brain. Maybe they’re not outright child diddlers but they get off to LARPing as little kids during sex and that’s close enough that I’m comfortable using that label. Call it what you want, at the end of the day it’s just a smaller branch of the same tree.

No. 910258

File: 1577392963909.jpg (154.95 KB, 1080x537, Screenshot_20191226-144230_Twi…)

Either cause you bought them or they're creepy old perverts

No. 910259

"yall making me wanna kill myself!"

hours later…
Bragging about gaining followers…

No. 910260

File: 1577393314244.jpg (213.11 KB, 1080x963, Screenshot_20191226-144841_Twi…)

Probably one of her orbiters

No. 910261

File: 1577393339542.jpg (330.71 KB, 1080x1221, Screenshot_20191225-203901_Twi…)

No. 910266

File: 1577394393651.jpeg (104.36 KB, 750x230, 3FC44639-C58F-4B83-9230-E5AB9D…)

fupapa mention alert

No. 910267

lmao jesus

No. 910268

why was she talking to him?

No. 910272

File: 1577394537465.jpeg (170.84 KB, 750x702, 46BCB9A0-F78A-4353-84CA-423CB7…)

another money begging excuse

No. 910273

Why the fuck would he be paying her phone bill

No. 910275

Holy shit that's so embarrassing she's really having her ex pay her phone bill. He's a fucking moron…

No. 910276

Shut off her phone..? So he's paying her fucking phone contract? What!

No. 910277

omg lol he still pays her phone bill, that's ridiculous

No. 910278

Subtweet and block insinuate the ex was on her twitter. Fupa on the twitter now? Kek she is really doing one for herself today

No. 910280

You don't have to be on twitter to view people's shit but he was on it when people found him out so I wouldn't be surprised if he has an anonymous acc these days.

No. 910284

Shay talks about being so self reliant and paying her own bills
Only to turn around and admit Fupa has been paying for her phone bill even tho they aren't together. And she was Shit talking him not long ago

No. 910287

top kek, truly

No. 910288

File: 1577395249476.jpg (522.15 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191226-151900_Dis…)

Feel like I missed a bit that they deleted but here is what i got (1/2)

No. 910290

File: 1577395306836.jpg (510.44 KB, 1080x1874, 20191226_152157.jpg)

No. 910293

I don't like DDLG ageplay shit and I don't like Shay and I don't want to defend her but let's be honest this girl is right about literally every other camgirl portraying an underage character at some point, especially the weeby ones. I think people are only outraged about the character choice because it's Shay specifically and it's kind of pathetic of all the bad things to complain about Shay people chose this dumb video like she hasn't made worse pedo-pandering shit before lol

No. 910295

LMFAO maybe she should get a job and pay her own damn phone bill then this wouldn't be a problem. Maybe she could beg her dad to pay it.

No. 910296


Yikes. These orbiters aren't doing her any favors. He's her ex for fuck's sake. It's not his responsibility to take care of her because she's a shit person and gets herself into this garbage constantly. Never thought I'd ever agree with Fupa, but here we are.

No wonder she's so fucking delusional. Her orbiters keep telling her that her trash behavior is totally okay. These people aren't helping you, lmao.

No. 910297

who fucking cares lol

No. 910299

So her ex is threatening to cut her phone bill off and thats a issue because she's "Mentally ill", so should he continue to pay money for someone that he's not seeing anymore?

What the fuck is this logic. He's not fucking her or with her, and it's HIS money. Why would he care about what she's going through?

No. 910303

and if the ex is Fupa, he's been paying her phone bill this whole time? Or is she talking about the new boi being her ex? Because if she's talking about Fupa shayna can fuck ALL the way off. He has NO reason to fucking pay her phone bill or do anything.

Can the facebook Anon come through with Fupa news? This is literally baffling to me how fucking idiotic she and her followers are.

"She's mentally ill and people are picking at her! Her ex should pay her phone bill! It's fucked up"

no it's not.

No. 910305

Are her retard orbiters trying to make her horrible shit life even worse by fuelling her narcissistic delusions lol?

This is one of the best Christmas gifts this year to be honest. I love all this milk and shayna getting what she deserves from everyone

No. 910306

lol i'm so sick of the term "mentally ill" being thrown around by her and her orbiters lately. they act like she's bedridden and incapable of taking care of herself when she brings all these retarded circumstances upon herself.

No. 910307

Yeah we need fupapa screenshots lol. And I agree so much, it’s fucking INSANE to demand that her ex keep paying her phone bill or else he’s abusive and “silencing a mentally ill person”.. like that’s literally some psychotic phoebe tickner manipulative shit. Can’t wait to see shay crash and burn even harder from how her nutjob orbiters encourage her.

No. 910309

Pretty sure she referred to new boi as "bf" less than a day ago.

No. 910310

of course this dumb cow is gonna bring suicide into this. “i mAdE a bAd mIstAkE aNd iM tOo gOoD tO aPoLogiZe sO iM gOnNa tHrEaTeN tO kiLL mYsElF”. okay then do it

No. 910311

Mentally Ill means that Shayna cannot be held responsible for ANYTHING and everyone should love and do whatever she needs and wants.

I hope her Ex calls her out, since she's talking shit about them.
This has to be the dumbest thing I've seen in this thread. Someone's forced to pay her phonebill or keep her on their plan because Shayna's mentally ill.
What's that logic? That's So toxic and manipulative.

No. 910313

File: 1577396514619.jpg (236.97 KB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20191226-144127__01…)

I know Shay isn't the only girl that has ever been in his life but lol

No. 910315

File: 1577396575121.jpg (208.78 KB, 1080x1236, Screenshot_20191226-144250__01…)

No. 910316

Doesn’t fupa work for a cell phone company? Kek.

No. 910317

>flawless makeup

confirmed not Shayna kek

No. 910318

Lol I meant to post that it couldn't be shay then with the photo hah

No. 910319

I appreciate the screenshots but shays makeup is so ugly and poorly done and she doesn’t even wear eyeshadow or blush or bronzer etc etc so I think this is about someone else lol. I guess fupa didn’t post about shay and her phone bill whining?

No. 910322

Yes he didn’t post about it because he is an actual adult that can handle things in private instead of splurging online about their personal business like fucking shaytard.

No. 910323

I love how one mintue they are talking about how Successful she is and how people are jealous and there's not truth to ANYTHING thats being said and it's not shayna's fault, but in the same breath, someone goes, "he's cutting off a mentally ill person's phone!"

as if successful, Shayna who has SO many people who are so jealous of her success can't pay her own phone bill?

No. 910325

Good for you and your ego Shay, bought yourself some followers in the wake of your drama.

No. 910326

Kek she wants to create a target symbol on her forehead. It would be a fake target and she would put it there herself. How ironic

No. 910328

Shay; the next Katie Hopkins

No. 910329

And of course, she's now deleted these tweets lmao

No. 910331

Wow this bitch is really producing milk for the holidays.

There's very little chance it's the Friday butt fuck dude because he only wants sex from her and they just met a few months ago. Really doubt he'd let her on his phone plan. We know she hasn't seen anyone since Fupa. And before Fupa it was?? And if it's an ex before Fupa, that would be even crazier for them to still have Shay on their plan. Def think it's Fupa, but honestly not doubting she made up that message because she is absolutely insane for attention. And not in the quirky ~bipolar manic bimbo~ way she likes to pretend. Like in the delusional narci, pathological liar way.

No. 910333

why should she mention that fupa pays for her phone bill? that’s just embarrassing

No. 910334

File: 1577398125399.png (79.65 KB, 760x379, Screenshot_20191226-170605.png)

sage bc it's not the milk we've been getting today, but worth documenting what day her bed was delivered so we can see how long it's gonna take for her to get it set up.

No. 910342

Now that i think about it does make sense Fupa's paying her bill or has her on his plan. It makes sense why Shayna has never trashed Fupa post break up.

That is if she wasn't with Fupa this whole time. Either way, he's a dumb ass to be paying her bill and if he was paying her bill or having her on his plan, then that makes the "relationship" with this "cute boy" even more sorry and meaningless. I doubt he cares that Shayna's ex pays her bill and is still in contact with her enough to talk shit.
But we know this dude doesn't care, so it makes Shayna look even more thristy and desperate.

No. 910344

it's always been fupa and it's hilarious that he's threatening to cut her shit off bc any negative inkling related to his identity throws his anger for a loop, being a faux anonymous bf or not

No. 910345

File: 1577399457852.png (54.18 KB, 775x387, 1.PNG)

I know this isn't milk but there's SOME bit of smart in her Discord

No. 910346

File: 1577399495046.png (43.89 KB, 802x344, 3.PNG)

No. 910347

File: 1577399516571.png (32.18 KB, 765x248, 4.PNG)

No. 910349

File: 1577399589750.png (57.63 KB, 800x381, abuse.PNG)

"Borderline abusive"

No. 910352

>they just broke up
So either these orbiters don't know about Fupa and Shay breaking up last year or the big break up earlier this year was Fupa as people tinfoiled

No. 910357

meanwhile we always saw fat boy fupa in ill-fitting band t-shirts and a baseball cap everyday

No. 910364

Shayna, if you're feeling suicidal and not coping well, this might be when you should, oh i don't know REACH OUT TO YOUR THERAPIST. THAT YOU PAY. TO HELP YOU COPE.

No. 910365

It’s definitely fupa. He works for Verizon or something. He probably has a discounted plan and she’s been one of the lines on his plan.

No. 910375

This serenity girl sounds like a massive snowflake who lives with their parents.

No. 910376

Not that I think it would be right in any sense but I reckon these morons think her "ex" is the one who broke up with her in the drunken fiasco rather than fupa almost a year ago.

No. 910379

I'm pretty sure Fupa was around until July fourth for the fireworks-in-ass fiasco. That seems right up his nasty alley. She lived with him after she came home from Colorado before she found her new apartment, and they were spotted (sunglasses reflection) together in the early summer.

No. 910384

hmm i wonder where her “daddy” is now that she supposedly had a mental breakdown and felt suicidal

No. 910387

File: 1577403180648.png (897.52 KB, 1531x2048, Screenshot_20191226-153257.png)

This reads as "pls don't turn off my phone I'll be good"

No. 910388

File: 1577403210991.jpg (410.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191226-233158_Twi…)

Lmao why is she acting like this message was in her defense? And is she trying to say saying "I'm baby" is the same as portraying a child character in a sexual situation? Shay you do both lmao

No. 910390

File: 1577403357516.jpg (414.65 KB, 810x1546, 20191226_173551.jpg)

The whiplash she must go thru. Jesus.

No. 910391

It's sad the ONLY time she can be somewhat self reflective is when it comes to a guy. She shows NO remorse, snows NO signs of EVER doing anything wrong, unless it's towards a dick she's fucking or she's fucked.

It's sad, she has no respect towards her fellow sex workers (mostly women) or really herself.

No. 910392

File: 1577403405296.png (535.64 KB, 2048x1559, Screenshot_20191226-153620.png)

Apparently porn Twitter actually reported it to manyvids

No. 910393

The girl has the same Twitter name and photo as Shay I'm keking at the irony rn

No. 910394

imagine if she got banned from mv lol

No. 910395

talk to your therapist about this, not fucking twitter. if your "mental illness is taking over your whole life" then you should be talking to the person who you pay to help you with thee things, not twitter.

No. 910396

MV won’t do shit about it and she definitely won’t get banned.

No. 910398

you do realize dark and light themes are an IOS options? they’re just 2 different anons posting at the same time

No. 910401

Shes REALLY leaning on the ~muh mental illness~ card so hard it can barely support the weight

Take some actual responsibility. You're not mentally ill in the way you want people to think you are, Shay. And it's not an excuse or place to pin your bullshit.

No. 910403

Lol there are many Dolly's in the porn industry. And their pics are nothing alike

No. 910406

Kek the girls name is literally the same as what Shay had the whole month of December and she's wearing the same shirt from one of the most recent videos that also has a photoset of her using the same ballgag wearing the same shirt. She posts about being your favorite bimbo dolly. Like jfc can't you see it? I get there's plenty of girls that go by dolly but this is just a copy paste Twitter bimbo

No. 910407

Um no. Mental health doesn't make you full retard, also she does this over and over. She never actually apologises and admits wrongdoings just "muh mental health, can't blame me".

It's a kick in the face to anyone struggling with mental health. This is why there's a stigma of attention seeking, cos people like you Shay. Shut the fuck up.

She wouldn't even have the guts to kill herself because she's not actually suicidal, she'd do a few cat scratches and take 6 paracey and be like "omg I so nearly died"

No. 910408


No. 910414

File: 1577405347688.jpg (829.27 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20191226_190758_com…)

Glad to see that she also ignored her discord orbiter who got raped on xmas. Such class

No. 910417

Anon are you fucking ok

No. 910420

What the fuck? Do you have caps?

No. 910421

Lmao yeah man but in the past not so much. Just tickles my tits when grown ass adults use suicide as a threat and shit.

No. 910425

One of manyvids biggest sellers is Lana rain and she literally made content masturbating in public Infront of a children's play area. Newsflash they don't care as long as they're making money from you.

No. 910426

woah woah woah what about her orbiter? caps?

No. 910430

File: 1577406287688.jpg (342.55 KB, 1080x1084, Screenshot_20191226-182439_Twi…)

Her orbiters are so dense

No. 910431

There's caps all in this thread of Shay's Twitter labeled "Santa's Fave" and the look the girl is using is on Shay's Twitter.

No. 910432

File: 1577406377154.jpg (170.33 KB, 1077x615, Screenshot_20191226-182606_Twi…)

Why subscribe when she posts everything from her OF on Twitter?

No. 910433

This person was in sex work BEFORE Shay(derailing)

No. 910434

And? She's still blatantly copying her while being a farmer that's all I'm saying. It's pretty obvious

No. 910435

How do you know this? Are you her?

No. 910436

File: 1577406639596.jpg (374.64 KB, 1080x1354, Screenshot_20191226-183020_Twi…)

It's funny how she only retweets from this account when she spirals

No. 910437

Cause I followed her. And who the fuck cares. This thread is about SHAY

No. 910438

File: 1577406806497.jpg (502.04 KB, 1080x1277, Screenshot_20191226-183333_Twi…)

Posts this and then also posts about crying

No. 910439

File: 1577406844865.jpg (271.07 KB, 1080x907, Screenshot_20191226-183259_Twi…)

Yeah, that's exactly what's going on

No. 910441

Well considering the account is from 2018 I think you're self posting but ok sis

No. 910443

File: 1577407703467.jpg (289.77 KB, 1080x1168, Screenshot_20191226-184808_Twi…)

Lol a "break." We'll see how long this lasts

No. 910445

"oh no! People are criticizing a sex worker for sexualizing a child character, pretending it's not what she was doing, using her mental health to excuse her behavior and saying people are making her want to commit suicide, but being fine as SOON as people defend her! She's constantly calling others out for their behaviors and constantly putting down others work! But I don't like that! Time for to be Captin Save a Ho for a Ho that'd never do the same for me!"

No. 910446

She's taking a day "off" from retweeting, stalking other sex workers and subtweeting? She doesn't do shit BUT sit at home and play fortnite.
Her mom brought her a bed and unless I missed it, I noticed she didn't post ANYTHING about how grateful she is, as she does when her dad does something.

No. 910448

File: 1577408103650.png (214.63 KB, 1080x1198, Screenshot_20191226-175336~2.p…)

No. 910449

An orbiter must've sent this

No. 910450

Either there really isn't a bed, or it's going to stay in the boxes

No. 910451

>>909266 is hilarious to read after what's happened today.

No. 910453

ur a god among mortals, anon

No. 910455

So lets vote about whats gonna happen with the bed her evil mother got her.

A. She keeps both the new bed and day bed and actually keeps them separate (films her nasty porn on the day bed, keeps other real bed for sleeping)
B. Keep both, film and filth on both
C. Throw out the day bed because apartment is too small and she doesn't care, be a degenerate beggar on the bed her mom bought

No. 910458

File: 1577409203783.jpg (411.07 KB, 1080x1698, Screenshot_20191226-191253_Twi…)

Is already in a scandal, gets a porn idea from a child's cartoon

No. 910459


B she's already said on Discord that now she has more places to film

No. 910463

Didn't she say she appreciated her mom for buying it? Isn't that how we know she bought it? Idk it seems like a very odd nitpick unless that's what happens in these

No. 910468

File: 1577410710211.jpg (379.45 KB, 1080x1246, Screenshot_20191226-193815_Twi…)

What happened to her taking a "break"

No. 910474

she has no other way to get attention now that fupa’s annoyed with her

No. 910476

>I'm sorry for my manic behavior today
This. Is. Not. How. Mania. Works.
You simply threw a temper tantrum because people called you out so you used suicide as a manipulative tactic to get people to stand up for you because you're a immature loser who can't woman up and stand up for own self and admit when you fuck up.

No. 910478

so fupa is her "partner".all the tinfoiling finally been confirmed? I am dead. the milk is so sweet

No. 910482

Still tinfoiling

No. 910483

What milk? Am I missing it? What got confirmed?

No. 910493

Nothing was confirmed other than her ex paying her phone bill. We know fupa is her ex and he happens to work for a cell service call center so he is likely the ex. I think the new bf isn’t fupa but some other trash who took her back after he dumped her briefly for being a drunken mess in public. So fupa has been paying for her phone while she’s ‘“dating” some new anonymous trash who is using her for sex. She has probably been one of the lines on his company phone plan since they got together, but I don’t think the new “bf” is actually fupa. Fupa is the ex that’s too lazy to take her off his plan or he’s just using her for sex on the side too. She definitely differentiates between ex and new bf.

No. 910497

File: 1577413991517.jpeg (44.66 KB, 448x528, 51D41B90-E22E-46EA-AAED-B8F27A…)

Bless you anon for saying what I was thinking.

No. 910498

She was saying that the guy she's dating dumped her and she was talking about him on Twitter and he said he was going to turn the phone off. I don't think she's talking about fupa. I think she was legit trying to get pity money because her new bf added her to his plan because she was saying she needed money to get off it. If it was fupa I'm pretty sure he wouldn't add Shay to a company plan and he wouldn't have a contact or anything.

No. 910507

To add to this tinfoil, it might be why/how she got a new phone a month or two ago, when her current on-again-off-again "daddy" first added her to his plan

No. 910511

Disgusting lmao I like how she used to be like "I want my work space separate from my living/sleeping place". Im sure her mom would be thrilled and that's probs half the reason Shay will film on it too. She thinks its so spiteful to evil mom.

No. 910519

Other sex workers doing similar things doesn't make it okay. Maybe sex workers need to stop pandering to pedophiles for a quick buck and men should stop being shit.

No. 910522

Thank you so god damn much anon

No. 910534


ex telecommunications worker here.

You'd be surprised who will add people to their phone plan. Discounts, promotions, etc all come from new lines of service, which is why I want to point out due to a promotion he could of kept her on the plan. Obviously without knowing more detail there's no way to say one way or the other, but for discounted or free phones you have to maintain the line for the entire installment plan otherwise you are responsible for the up front remaining cost of the phone. The only other way to get rid of it would be to transfer it into her name which lol would never happen since she has no credit.

No. 910535

File: 1577418790092.gif (673.17 KB, 500x264, tumblr_981cec4745bbdf19b481abe…)

>The Regina George of SW

No. 910536

it’s funny to see SW twitter come for her for doing different iterations of the same fundamental concept(s) they all subscribe to: DDLG and all of its synonyms

like newsflash you’re not empowered you’re just not so slyly mimicking pedophilia for chump change. no morals here so why do they pretend they’re any better? burn it all down I say

No. 910537

She JUST called the friday butt fuck dude her bf a day or two ago…
And since the dude ONLY wants sex from Shay, I don't think he would add her to his phone plan after a couple months of weekend fucking.

No. 910538

Ok everyone stfu about other camwhores doing degenerate cam whore things. No one cares, this is a thread about Shay's nasty ass. She finally gets called out about CURRENT shit and ya'll wanna infight and bitch about SW morals and compare them to this bitch. Yes, a lot of SWers are just as nasty, but this ain't about them. This is about the particularly nasty one providing entertainment as a very public trainwreck that the thread is about.

No. 910540

nah I think the ex is fupa.
Tinfoil: She does have a new “bf” who isn’t fupa but fupa’s paying the phone bill. She probably guilts him because she’s stuck in Oklahoma because of him. She moved all the way there for him, and he dumped her. I’m not faulting him for that, but that’s probably what she reminds him constantly. I think in the beginning when she moved back to OK from Colorado they were still broken up and just hooking up because he felt like he was obligated to hangout with her, but I don’t think he was ever planning to TRULY get back together with her.

No. 910541

it's tough for me to enjoy any of this as milk because it all stinks of self-posting. not singling this tweet out in particular, frankly all of these twitter callouts are just as cringe as shay is, but w/e.

shay has this uncanny talent for doing the thing that will make her look the most retarded, every single time. it's pretty amazing, when you think about it. this gif is almost unbearably bad, it's fucking cursed.

No. 910543

This comment wins the thread

No. 910556

yeah but then here >>910390 she says "when talking about my partner" so maybe she slipped up and she and fupa are still on-again-off-again? or she's just retarded and can barely string two sentences together without needing a bong rip kek

No. 910563

She has literally no self awareness…

No. 910591

calm down femcel

No. 910592

I think she called her partner her ex because they've just broken up; actually from her spergings I believe they are on and off and have a pretty messy relationship. From her "humbled" tweets it seems they made up after the Twitter spat and he's back to being ~a partner~ now.
It all points to a new guy, I don't believe fupa is still in the picture.

No. 910596

File: 1577440542074.jpeg (647.51 KB, 1717x1579, 93538D48-C9EA-4B93-B436-2C3A02…)

Just try a LITTLE BIT harder(nitpick/ fanart)

No. 910603

You're right and you should say it. All these camwhores with 20 twitter followers getting mad at you know you're right too.

No. 910610

Please stop sperging over them and just focus on shay(continuous whiteknighting)

No. 910612

Keep the focus on Shay, ignore virtue signalers unless they reveal themselves here.

No. 910637

I 100% agree with this

No. 910641

File: 1577460663601.png (34.53 KB, 668x352, f.PNG)

No. 910642

Practically no difference. She's still not cute. She needs to make some REAL changes to be even somewhat hot at this point. She can start with drawing full eyebrows that actually fit her face and getting less ridiculous eyelashes. Then set up a proper diet and lay off the booze. Get clothes that fit. But she won't even do the small things sooo.

No. 910643

Shay wouldn't even do a disclaimer. She's too lazy and stubborn lmao. She thinks she shits rose smelling gold and can do no wrong.

No. 910646

We already know what she's going to wear, that pink cardigan, that too small checkered skirt, her hair in those fried ponytails, those too tight socks.

Her porn is for other sex workers at this point. I swear if she wants to make short shitty videos why doesn't she fucking go to school?
Also, Shayna thinks she does no wrong, as long as people tell her it, so what does it matter? If she puts one or not, everyone else is wrong for seeing her cosplay as an underaged character problematic, especially when Shayna is lying about it and then turned the issue into "kink-shaming"
Shayna knows all she has to do now is say she wants to die and demand other sex workers defend her. She thinks she's untouchable.

No. 910647

File: 1577461392900.png (19.42 KB, 573x210, 1.PNG)

No. 910648

File: 1577461428874.png (18.52 KB, 591x173, 2.PNG)

No. 910649

File: 1577461475301.png (17.47 KB, 584x170, 3.PNG)

No. 910651

File: 1577461686494.png (26.6 KB, 615x185, Capture.PNG)

Hates SJW's, hates call-out culture, is an MRA Barbie, but is always trying to tell people what they can and cannot say. Can and cannot do. Whats offensive or not but loses her SHIT when anyone dares to do the same to her.

No. 910653

> the R word
lol grow up, shayna

No. 910666

Really thought this girl was about to have an epiphany but as we already know gaining followers is her “mental illness” medication and she’s fine now

No. 910716

Am I reading this right? Did Shayna ACTUALLY apologize for being problematic?!?

No. 910727

I kind of feel like she's only apologizing because she has people on her side and she feels like she's being the bigger more mature person.
If no one was on her side she wouldn't be saying this.She cannot Standalone, she knows now all she has to do is talk about wanting to die and play the bullied victim.

It worked this time, so for Shayna if it works once, she'll think it'll work everytime.

No. 910734

this is nitpicking, since if she said nothing to this person about it you'd be "see!!"

No. 910741

File: 1577482138254.jpg (Spoiler Image,511.52 KB, 1080x1573, Screenshot_20191227-152831_Twi…)

Majority of these people will not renew

No. 910745

nitpick but why does she spell it like dollhaus instead of dollhouse lol is it more nazi bullshit

No. 910748

lmao she got you bothered huh. go back to twitter

No. 910749

she stole it from RPDR if I'm not mistaken, or some other show she discovered 5 years after everyone else. as ever, nothing about her is original.

No. 910760

It's from Drag Race

No. 910782

if shayna's not going to quit sw, the least she could do is become one of the faceless ones. she'd probably find more success that way, she looks genuinely deranged here and it's probably the worst way to promote content people have to pay for

No. 910785

File: 1577494570936.jpg (48.51 KB, 311x333, 20191227_165526.jpg)

No. 910808

Fuckin wall eyed bitch kek

No. 910829

File: 1577506552656.jpg (295.65 KB, 1080x1432, Screenshot_20191227-221550_Twi…)

This was posted December 4th. OF anon, did she ever do this?

No. 910833

Not the anon you’re talking to, but tbh…. I think we ALL know the answer to that, we just can’t call her out about it bc she’ll threaten to off herself

No. 910837

It's really sad that $40 is worth a "holy snot".

No. 910850

File: 1577511674769.jpeg (1.27 MB, 4096x2730, C80BCC6D-4091-440E-BF7B-1464DE…)

No. 910853

File: 1577512381828.jpg (38.73 KB, 600x603, Oh_My_Sides!.jpg)

wtf she let herself go haha

No. 910918

lol @ kyle for constantly bragging on fb about how shit his exes are but whining for being blocked by/lording a phone plan over shay. it's pathetic she can't pay the fees to get out of it herself but damn he could just cancel her and move on.

i'm amazed she got this close to a reasonable idea before the urge to victimize herself took over. she was almost there! if only she had sensible friends around who cared about her and not a discord server of braindead orbiters.

No. 910935

File: 1577551918914.jpeg (988.84 KB, 1242x1822, 6ED6A5A0-4422-4279-B251-4B1B63…)


No. 910936

File: 1577552038069.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1234, 30869776-E387-4787-B451-2FBD59…)

Twitter might be causing you distress… but that hair, girl…. and that SAME mf cropped Cardigan.
By mid 2020- I’m hoping she just goes the fuck home. Twitter isn’t tumblr, people there won’t deal and put up with you. People will dig and stalk and find whatever you think you could’ve hid on tumblr.

No. 910940

she looks like the son in Elf

No. 910950

She makes money and for someone So vain you'd THINK she would'nt be wearing the same sweater AT LEAST twice a week, that her hair would be better, that she'd be put togeather. If she is a mess inside, I'd think someone like her would be put togeather on the outside, because we know she doesn't care about ACTUALLY trying to improve inside.

No. 910955

Also, In 2020 I think best bet for her is to get a part-time, go to school and change her name. Her real name will forever be linked to this place and sex work. I truly doubt she'll ever quit tbh. She doesn't think she has anything else to offer the world and she feels without social media and praise she's not anyone or anything.

No. 910964

Hair is all fuckin matted. Probably hasn't washed it since she's gotten it dyed. Legit the most gross bitch, with her ol rodent face.

No. 910966

File: 1577555984624.jpeg (657.02 KB, 2048x2048, EM4zr8eXUAAIinG.jpeg)

She looks like a homeless woman who should be living in a tent City somewhere. Goddamn

No. 910967

File: 1577556037237.jpeg (641.18 KB, 1242x1041, A58C7415-6F78-4406-9ACF-D96B18…)

So… now the anal machine video will be here “Monday” Kelley
It’s been 3 weeks+ Shay, you’ve swindled your followers and none of them are gonna care for it

No. 910970

I thought she just loooooooved sex work and masturbating cuz she's hella not like other girls that she'd love to make content and should be dropping new vids left and right. Looks like she just likes being a lazy bitch who gets handed money for no reason instead. Just be real with yourself, Shay. You don't like this line of work even though being a whore is probably the only thing for your dumbass cause you have absolutely no other skills.

No. 910971

IDK how onlyfan works but since it will be the first of jan, will her subscribers have to pay for a month full price lol?
Also she looks just like jessica yaniv in the last pic

No. 910972

you know she looks bad and all, but its SO nice to see her in other colours than her constant pink garbage shit, the more 'natural' colours go way better

No. 910976

God her hair looks like it's starting to dread lol. Jesus Shay, take a shower

No. 910998

I mean… she wasn't off Twitter. She did a big purge of her tweets and left only shit promoting her content. Almost like… doing her job and being professional got her sales instead of being a drama goblin and posting bullshit!!

No. 911008

she deleted the tweet about the fuck machine lol

No. 911021

i'm pretty sure it'll go up to full price, yeah. not talking from experience on sex work sites but whenever you buy a membership like xbox live and it's discounted you have to pay full price the next month

No. 911038

File: 1577566013247.jpeg (949.53 KB, 1242x1979, A65091B8-C9EB-498B-8546-D6DB63…)

Eh.. I don’t expect anything else from someone with cheeseburger grease sliding off their mouths as they type about their “Cheeto fingered haturzzz”. She’s rearing in new unbeknownst customers, with false promises.
Also, kek at her likes… she’s really needing validation and trying so hard to not say anything. Idgaf when she sits down at the end of the day(or really, sits around all day), she’s gotta realize her own morality about children went out the window when it came to this and thats where the problem stems from. "Bad publicity is still publicity".

No. 911039

That's okay.. It'll trickle from $3 to a whole whopping expensive $6 (she literally said $6 is wholesale herself)

No. 911070

It's 30 days from the day they subscribe. Nog a consecutive day like the 1st of each month. If you sub on the 4th you pay the each month on the 4th, and so on. basically she will have a slow trickle back down to her usual number of orbiters

No. 911120

File: 1577577517467.jpg (545.22 KB, 1080x1249, Screenshot_20191228-174144_Twi…)

Now she'll beg for money to buy more Sims games

No. 911122

i like how you can look at someone's sim and guess the kind of person they are

No. 911133

imagine my shock when even her sim has terrible hair and eyebrows

No. 911134

Gotta love how she made herself curvy when everyone knows she shaped like a fridge

No. 911135

yeah the boob setting is on like 100 lol

No. 911137

This is how she sees herself, I guess?

No. 911143

File: 1577580948011.jpg (166.45 KB, 1080x592, Screenshot_20191228-185541_Twi…)

This will be her new addiction

Notice how she didn't mention that she needs to bathe herself irl, just eat

No. 911148

It's not really the best addiction for a weed addicted, alcohol addicted, shut-in. Especially since you can dump infinite amounts of time and a lot of money into Sims games. It's easy to get sucked into building a better life for yourself while not tending to your irl needs.

No. 911150


I know a Sim doesn’t have to be an exact replica or even based on yourself, but since this is Shayna… she was really generous with that boob size and making herself a weight she hasn’t been in a long time loool.

No. 911152

How is this the first time she's played the Sims? Just what she needs though to heavily indulge in a fake life and ignore her actual one

No. 911155

File: 1577584720099.jpg (234.03 KB, 1080x736, Screenshot_20191228-195818_Twi…)

Sims is all we're gonna hear about for awhile

No. 911157

I’d rather her talk about her stupid sim character than her r/ihavesex anal princess updates.

No. 911161

File: 1577586539977.jpg (Spoiler Image,578.96 KB, 1069x1746, Screenshot_20191228-202502_Twi…)

Or see all the content for free on her Twitter

No. 911164

omg oLd MeN xDD
she’s such a cringelord and actually thinks it’s cute and quirky lol

No. 911168

oh wow, she probably wants ppl to forget the stupid shit she said but yea, she should be using it for just business anyway.

over 1500 pix of her doing the same shit with dumb faces, just take all my money lol.

No. 911191

i’m….not a twitter sex worker. go back to tumblr.

No. 911193

File: 1577595586696.png (276.74 KB, 750x1334, 4EFB4B1C-E0F6-4ACA-B459-8C7E02…)

she is getting way too into this

No. 911195

How does this even happen in the sims? Or is she just making shit up

No. 911197

so your business account shouldn't have your "manic episodes" on it (i.e. panicked meltdowns when you get rightfully called out) but tweeting 100 times in one day about the Sims is somehow more professional?

No. 911198

There's no hate mail in the sims. A simple Google search will confirm. I don't think it leaks your sims "information" either

No. 911199


She’s absolutely making all this shit up and anyone who’s even remotely played sims will be able to tell lol

No. 911201

i don't like shay at all but you can receive hate mail and shit in the sims 4 get famous (one of my friends plays it a LOT and talks to me about it). she isn't making this up for once

No. 911206

Shayna has get famous based upon the hair she's wearing here >>911120 its a dlc hair from Get Famous, Sims can get hate "mail" or calls and their numbers can get leaked. So she's not lying really as you said.

No. 911207

File: 1577599215298.jpg (143.49 KB, 1080x514, Screenshot_20191228-235943_Twi…)


No. 911228

File: 1577605150894.jpg (Spoiler Image,281.83 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_20191228_233655.jpg)

She really hasn't washed her hair since the salon, huh

No. 911230

so much breakage, those short pieces of hair at her nape must be from constantly being matted

No. 911231

nah she definitely has, can tell because its already faded out. makes me sick that she BLEACHED it before dyeing it dark. must have been some 16 yr old high school dropout that did her dirty. it's pretty funny tho, really really hoping she goes back blonde. it's only a matter of time with her unchecked bpd bullshit.

No. 911234

File: 1577606114378.jpg (83.65 KB, 1080x288, 20191229_015533.jpg)


No. 911235

Yes Shayna please accentuate your giant nose

No. 911236

yes please accentuate that damn honker you have

No. 911237

File: 1577606405303.jpg (109.28 KB, 1080x346, 20191229_015635.jpg)

I think you're right anon. Also this comment just shows where her mentality is at the moment. It's like she know's shes at rock bottom but the girl has too much pride to go back home.

No. 911245

Okay this is LITERALLY the ugliest and nastiest she has ever looked. Imagine calling yourself “IRL doll” and claiming you snag rich older men while in reality you look like… this. This looks like a hairy chunky truck driver, armpit hair and all, some wide meaty masculine arms and shoulders and tragically oily yet fried dry tangled grown out hair he’s just too lazy to trim or wash.

No. 911248

This is a new low of ugly for trailer park auntie. Like it's not even remotely fun or funny. This is alcoholic aunt Sharon of 3 kids and twice divorced 5 dollar suck jobs for a joint gross.

No. 911253

Tbh, I wish she would go back to a stoner girl aesthetic. The Dolly brat persona is difficult to maintain and has been falling apart for a while.

No. 911267

imagine tweeting shit like this then trying to convince your audience that you haven't been drinking.

falling apart is an understatement, it didn't even look good in the beginning since she has zero hygiene.

No. 911281

File: 1577633804074.jpg (387.28 KB, 1790x1214, homelesswomanbegsforweed.jpg)

sage for 5 min fanart

No. 911282

AHAHAHAHA if thats not the next thread photo, i quit
This is literally her at work… Imagine your grand scheme of things isnt for a house, a car, a reputable future, college, debt.. No. Just a little bit of money to supply your weed and white claw habit.

No. 911285

Why would a selfproclaimed Bimbo not wash her hair and post her armpithair bareface, considering her "porn" is on the digusting humiliation side I dont see why she keeps the bimbo persona while publishing nasty images to

No. 911318

File: 1577643262945.jpeg (177 KB, 1241x768, 42E4F082-E858-4E58-B6A5-2FA4D6…)

I… She isn't serious? Lol
"to prove i can pull off anything"
This is insanity. She looks rounder, more oily, sad, desperate, greasy… all you "proved" was that your hygiene matches your personality- nonexistent.

No. 911319

File: 1577643433795.jpeg (Spoiler Image,783.52 KB, 1242x1209, 4153CF2B-E102-4134-ABA6-487E76…)

Samefag, but uh 1/2 guess she's trying? Kek
I must've spoke too soon

No. 911322

File: 1577643456366.png (Spoiler Image,4.54 MB, 2208x1242, D4C3F921-AC4E-40C9-9737-CDF6AE…)

No. 911325

all those broken off hairs….

No. 911329

lol documenting her monthly shower

No. 911338

Why the fuck would you post this. Like wtf. Especially on a platform where your PAYING CUSTOMERS can see it. Jesus fuck Shayna why.

No. 911342

Oh my god I'm gonna puke. All those broken ends. Pathetic.
The greatest question of all time is where the FUCK is Shayna's shame

No. 911346

Next thread pic for sure!
I wonder what look she was going for cos she certainly pulled off homeless.

No. 911347

Why…wouldn't you rinse all the hair off your body. I know it's (mostly) human hair but it's disgusting to see it broken off and wet all over her

No. 911363

Let's be real…. She would post a video of her shitting on the sidewalk in front of a Target at this point lol "publicity is publicity" afterall

No. 911364

maybe she’ll do another fireworks in the vag video for new year’s kek

No. 911368

Which is so depressing. Working hard and saving up for any/all of these things is SO rewarding and does wonders for your self esteem. You're reminded that you can accomplish these feats and are independent. But I guess Shayna is happy scraping the bottom of the barrel.

No. 911380

this looks like a photo used as evidence from a crime scene kek

No. 911402

i think she wanted to be blonde but either realized it wasn't going to happen in one salon session or someone actually told her and they talked her into the dark dye. she even said it wasn't what she wanted and somehow expected to be ~barbie blonde~ again after having multiple colors on her hair.

yea ok, that's her hair was bleached and she said she was going back to blonde. she could've just grown her own hair out and cut off all the damaged shit instead.

No. 911403

>Wanted to prove I could pull anything off
Yet this is the worst she's ever looked but go off, Shay kek You talk about all the time how ugly and insecure you are. Ooooooooonce agaaaaaaain, not fooling anyone.

No. 911443

File: 1577664530045.jpg (349.67 KB, 1078x1096, Screenshot_20191229-180844_Twi…)

Lol yeah we'll see

No. 911446

i'd say 'take a shot every time she mentions doing the fuck machine video' but we'd all be dead or in the hospital with alcohol poison.

No. 911448

Lol who would volunteer to record this mess?

No. 911450

So her OF don't get to see the video for free?

No. 911455

Was just thinking about that. I swear I've heard the words anal fuck machine at least 10 times in the past 3 or so days.

No. 911456

File: 1577665288170.jpeg (Spoiler Image,777.31 KB, 1242x1495, 817C078A-91A8-4E4E-94F5-98FDE0…)

Soo…… Whats gonna be different from this? The literal difference is anal. This isnt a "NEW! NEVER BEFORE SEEN MACHINE!" Shes… Shes already used it and filmed herself using it? Nobodys gonna care lol

No. 911466

it'll be the exact same except she's fatter and more annoying than she was 4 months ago

No. 911489

10/10 she looks so much like Emily Speck here

No. 911500

File: 1577671523498.png (80.25 KB, 760x315, Screenshot_20191229-205828.png)

confirming she truly thinks that moving the sliders to have the biggest tits/smallest waist/widest hips possible creates a "simulated version of herself." the persistent denial that she looks like a flabby fridge is amazing

also played the Sims for THIRTEEN HOURS rather than doing any of the videos she's said would probably be up before the new year, or taking her dog for a fucking walk

No. 911508

the $5/$10 is for 'behind the scenes' bullshit.

she even retweeted the first video like 8 tweets before she talks about making the new one lol.

No. 911541

Does she not realize how AWFUL she's going to look in 4k?

No. 911549

are these edited? she doesn’t look as wide

No. 911556

What's with her covering her nipples lately? Everyone can simply find uncovered photos on her twitter

No. 911565

Idk shes really inconsistent with censor/tease pics. Because it doesnt take long to scroll and find that one of her on her back, tits out, pussy spread, ass agape, looking deranged. Shes trying to post less full nudes lately, but shes not sticking to it completely. Also dumb because they're just tits.

No. 911574

File: 1577684922555.png (110.58 KB, 1182x452, Screen Shot 2019-12-30 at 4.10…)

sage for not really relevant but what the fuck you legit have no costs for shipping etc, you use the same 3 outfits and dildos, and you put minimal effort into filming/editing or just like turning yourself on?
but i guess her OF is only 6 dollars at most so if that doesnt show what she thinks her shit is worth then idk what does

No. 911584

File: 1577685979341.jpeg (286.85 KB, 1242x496, 01D320AF-6D00-45E2-A0EB-C1D8A6…)


>> may or may not be having someone film it in 4k

No. 911585

File: 1577686046946.jpeg (842.86 KB, 1242x1580, 2D4C79AA-313A-4358-9A5A-EB76D0…)

Stop. Putting. This. On. Your. Work. Account.
Nobody buying porn cares about personal bullshit.. lol

No. 911594

too depressed to eat but not to drink entire bottles of booze lol get real, shayna
this is like the 5th time she’s said she’s going to start going to the gym and it’s never going to happen

No. 911596

You’re right, she’ll go once, make up some story about how ALL the men there couldn’t stop staring and how all the women there were envious, and someone asked for a vial of her sweat or some outlandish bs she’ll vomit up

No. 911597

Begging for new workout gear begins soon even though she bought some roughly 2-3 months ago and used them once

No. 911612

Tbf she probs can't fit into the ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY work out fits she begged for then kek

No. 911658

laughing at the image of this dumb drunk bitch wobbling all over a treadmill and coughing her lungs up from her 4-blunts-a-day lifestyle.

No. 911699

File: 1577721799616.jpeg (735.34 KB, 1242x1454, 10012E34-EF67-4602-BB11-DD6CC6…)

Glad you can read my advice, Shay.
However, a house costs more than that apartment you're not even paying your own bills for… The meltdowns, the hard work, the excessive cash you'll need? It's not going to work because you have no determination and no will. When life gets tough you're either finding Solace in a bottle, weed, or poor ass losers.. Go home and recover first.

No. 911700

i like how 3 of the 7 "big things" on her list just pertain to her appearance lol why is getting a car so low on the list??

No. 911701

Well seeing as she doesn't go anywhere and is always some kind of intoxicated I don't see a car being relevant for her.

No. 911709

Anyone who sets goals at the beginning of the year will never keep them. It’s just a meme at this point. If you couldn’t be bothered to change your lifestyle 4-6 months ago, how is a change in the year’s numbers going to help? It’s not.

I believe this will be the year shay crashes hard and hits rock bottom. She’s gone significantly down hill over the last 18 months and getting worse by the month.

No. 911711

Getting a car is so low on the list because I'm pretty sure her license is still suspended after her bench warrants.

No. 911724

File: 1577726581500.jpeg (455.13 KB, 1242x833, 9631AC98-2374-400E-BC98-461A8E…)

Lol this girl really can’t go 5 minutes

No. 911729

the same community that comes to ur aid and defends you so you won't "want kill myself!!"
also, you are doing the same exact thing.

No. 911730

and then when people call u out you are going to lose ur shit, but here you are, throwing shots in the dark because we know you are a coward.
Funny how it's okay for Shayna to shit on her community and other sex workers, she's so negatitive.

No. 911735

"create a piece"
"learn the skills"
"unique work of art"

shayna retweeting any of this as though she has the slightest bit of familiarity with any of these concepts
my fucking sides

No. 911737

She said the same thing last year and look where she's at now. I can't wait for full homeless tent city barbie in 2020.

No. 911739

Remember when she said >>909921

No. 911741

File: 1577730061815.png (193.03 KB, 375x197, z8I66GO.png)

i mean.. she finally got really close to looking like a ratty old doll with glue seepage

No. 911742

File: 1577730126415.jpg (145.16 KB, 1080x758, Screenshot_20191230_132055.jpg)

No one care about how you decorate your bum apartment. Get a fucking job

No. 911747

I'm really doubting her mom bought her JUST a bed frame with no mattress. Scamming again. Reposted because I forgot to sage.

No. 911787

Didn't she also buy a tube of whey and other supps? Wouldn't be surprised if it expired already or she threw it away considering the taste

No. 911789

I'm sure she already has a mattress provided to her by her mother.

No. 911799

File: 1577741718808.jpg (202.13 KB, 1080x690, Screenshot_20191230-153456_Twi…)

No. 911803

She can't help herself can she?

No. 911808

Wants to buy a house yet begs for money in the tweet below, at least create some content and maybe the e-begging wouldn’t have to be a thing Shay!

No. 911809

So she admits she only follows people for clout and not genuine support. Yikes.

No. 911815

Yeah this seems really suspicious. If her mom just bought the frame then she should have been referring to it as that and not a "bed" this whole time.

My guess is either she thought the children's day bed mattress would work on it or her parents gave her money to get a mattress and she blew it or is straight scamming. I think she's trying to get money for her big 3 (Food, booze, & Weed) and a new bed set/decor pillows to filthify.

No. 911816

How about focus on one of those things. You're gonna fail trying to tackle all those big things at once.
She's so far off from renting a house on her own lmao. Or getting a car even.

She doesnt need to see a derm tbh like if she just fucking drank water, ate a little better, removed her makeup at night, and did very basic exfoliation/moisturizing her face skin is fine. She can fix her assne too by showering and washing her underwear and now sitting on filthy surfaces all the time. And as for her rash gash… just like… wash it and leave it tf alone. Stop overshaving!!! Shave properly and just trim the bush and shave the labia every week or 2.

Consistently go to the gym. Start with very simple shit. DRINK WATER. Eat out less, ease up on the alcohol.

There ya go. Free advice for cheap fixes to her appearance that she won't take.

The material shit is again, a lot further out of reach for her. That requires a lot more dedication and mentality changes. Money. Etc.

She can change. Shes only 22. But she needs to start taking the advice. Start with ONE of the simpler things to change like skin or body. Stick with it. Feeling good from the health changes and confidence of following through and looking good will carry into the other goals.

No. 911818

Bitch what the FUCK


I don't think anyone is even talking about her on Twitter. She just fucking fires in the dark like anon said. She really just can't fucking stop.

No. 911822

File: 1577747798495.jpg (258.73 KB, 1079x980, Screenshot_20191230-171553_Twi…)

Did the people who bought before even recieve their clothes?

No. 911824

When youre self employed even people who make 10k+/month consistently for years have an EXTREMELY difficult time getting houses just because no one wants to give a loan to someone who doesn't have 100% consistent income. She was making less than $800/month until 2 months-or-so ago. Good luck with that.

No. 911829

File: 1577748851950.jpg (329.47 KB, 1080x1834, Screenshot_20191230-173310_Tum…)

Yeah, you're SUCH a domme Shay

No. 911830

I would THINK she means just like renting. Not actually getting a house.

No. 911831

She's back to reblogging old pics of herself on tumblr

No. 911832

Even renting a house is difficult

No. 911834

what would she even do with a house? lmao she can’t even furnish or clean a 500 sq ft apt

No. 911849

self-employed people are usually vetted extremely not only for income amount but income source at that. good luck doing big girl things when your only proof of taxed income is thotting around on the internet with asshole agape, if that. putting aside peoples' prejudices against sex workers (and most people do carry negative associations about them; the real world isn't a tumblr and twitter hugbox bubble), being an entertainer or artist of any sort is viewed as financially precarious by creditors, bankers, landlords, etc.

literally the only thing she could do to improve her life in any substantial way is quit sex work and get a real job of any kind.

No. 911855

if this is even true, what a fucking bully. It's not cute that you were such a bad person people thought you got off to it.

No. 911857

File: 1577755220502.jpg (253.94 KB, 1080x1119, Screenshot_20191230-191930_Tum…)

She shames people on twitter for unfollowing someone because of who the follow/retweet from, yet she has this on her tumblr

No. 911858

File: 1577755246454.jpg (1.07 MB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20191230-183049_Tum…)

Something she retweeted, kek

No. 911859

the perfect close up of her dry lips

No. 911860

i enjoy that she tweeted somewhat tangible goals and immediately tacked a totally superfluous purchase to the end of the list. then she started being dramatic about "the sex worker community" and begged for a mattress. she'll never change.

"new year new me" is normal but with the cleaning and the 12 hours of sims 4, she seems kind of manic right now.

No. 911862

File: 1577755649439.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2007, Screenshot_20191230-192532_Tum…)

Scrolled way back on her tumblr. Apparently she used to make bras?

No. 911863

File: 1577755691256.jpg (370.72 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_20191230-192721_Tum…)

I thought the only job she's ever had was a server and she "walked out"

No. 911878

If she stuck to this she could’ve eventually made some cool designs and she’d have a career and a legit business. Sex workers can run a business but Shay’s isn’t and never will be.

No. 911879

File: 1577759158365.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x1836, Screenshot_20191230-202403_Tum…)

Another old post

No. 911881

File: 1577759345476.jpg (155.42 KB, 1077x795, Screenshot_20191230-202839_Tum…)

Even old Shay wasn't funny

No. 911884

File: 1577759558681.jpg (507.61 KB, 1080x1320, 20191230_203249.jpg)

How fucking old is this shirt that she still wears

No. 911886

File: 1577759813721.jpg (1.17 MB, 1079x1617, Screenshot_20191230-203521_Tum…)

Natural hair Shay 1/4

No. 911888

File: 1577759939540.jpg (404.09 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20191230-203550_Tum…)


No. 911889

File: 1577759976742.jpg (753.42 KB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_20191230-203624_Tum…)


Looks a lot better than what she has today

No. 911890

File: 1577760015750.jpg (514.88 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_20191230-203652_Tum…)


She actually looks normal

No. 911892

Its one those 5 euro h&m croptops, i think they sold it about 6 years ago, it's not a bad thing to keep old clothes as long as she fits them

Why did she and still does look like she is in mtv's 16 & pregnant or teen mom

No. 911893

One things for sure, her teeth have always been disgusting

No. 911894

File: 1577760257064.jpg (305.25 KB, 1077x957, Screenshot_20191230-204414_Twi…)

No. 911896

Anyone know what happened to fupa?

No. 911898

I mean, it's not funny but at least there's a semblance of wit here. Compared to the inane epic maymay buttsex jokes she posts now, it's obvious how much she's fried her brain.

No. 911901

Yeah cause your Michael Kors bags will retain their value sis…

No. 911902

File: 1577761226471.jpg (348.12 KB, 1080x1616, Screenshot_20191230-205949_Twi…)


She will not make a video with the bad dragon or anything else she found

No. 911903

File: 1577761261415.jpg (316.75 KB, 1080x955, Screenshot_20191230-210003_Twi…)


She's been in OK how long and STILL had things in boxes

No. 911906

Oh, she's back to having a "boyfriend."

No. 911907

File: 1577761638883.jpg (723.19 KB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20191230-204759_Tum…)

She's always been cringe

No. 911911

File: 1577761913191.jpg (183.16 KB, 1080x619, Screenshot_20191230-211154_Twi…)

No. 911912

I don’t think it’s fair to judge a teenager on their fashion choices tbh.. we all made bad decisions at one point.

No. 911914

how fucking messy was it??? she posted that pic a couple threads ago and the shit was barren. was there just trash strewn about to the point that you couldn’t see the floor or what?

No. 911933

yes, i want to buy stuff that has touched her that probably reeks of weed and pets and hasn't been washed.

she 'cleaned' to set up the bed, not to make herself or her pets more comfortable, or even when her dad came to visit, but for a piece of fucking furniture she will likely ruin and use for her gross porn.

No. 911938

File: 1577768151993.jpeg (345.14 KB, 1242x584, C20EA1A0-30D2-4148-B531-877683…)

reading through the old threads & came across this. i genuinely think shayna just needs to change her name & go completely off the radar at this point. she needs to give up & go home for the sake of everyone. i feel so bad for her seeing how quickly and intensely she’s declined

No. 911944

will never happen. she’s too starved for attention and delusional.

No. 911945

File: 1577769676371.jpg (480.26 KB, 1080x1118, Screenshot_20191230-232123_Twi…)

Very sweet of you Shay

No. 911946

File: 1577769714467.jpg (127.61 KB, 1080x541, Screenshot_20191230-232212_Twi…)

Is this going to become her new thing now?

No. 911947

probably. just like how she was the biggest wrestling fan for 3 whole days.

No. 911953

i'm sorry but are we just going to ignore how hilarous these are? that jumper. the poses. she looks like a 12 year old meth head, desperate for a wee.


No. 911966

She looks like any other kid of that age. Teenagers are awkward-looking, Twitterfriend.

No. 911971

She's still stuck in that one day shr will be as famous and beautiful as Lana del ray mentality. Even if she has no talent she think she has a wonderful personality.

No. 911973


Not saying much, but I think this look is when she looked her best. At the very least, best looking eyebrows she’s had.

No. 911975

oh my bad i thought we were here to drag this chick, thanks so much for your guidance

No. 912010

Idek why anon is going that far back into her tumblr. It's been discussed and it's been seen. It's not new nor is it milk. She looks like a very average teenager. It's just dumb to make fun of it or even to say she looked cute. She was a dumb teen like everyone else has been. No one should care.

Her looks peaked during her blonde stoner blog days and even then she wasn't super hot or anything. She was just skinny and hadnt started making herself into a giant dumpster fire completely. She had her 15 mins of fame and she'll never get over it. She wants to blow up but she never will. At best shes notoriously a stupid bitch, but even then she's not that well known.

No. 912011

she'll blow up anon, just in weight not in followers.

No. 912012

You mean how much of OTHER PEOPLES money you've spent on cheap shitty quality pink garbage? Quit trying to flex Shay. We've seen how you dress yourself. Your wallet and some shoes are the most expensive thing you own and they're ~$100 or less items kek.
Your net worth is two "cheemsburmgers" and an 1/2 oz of mid quality weed.

No. 912023

the thing is , she doesn’t understand you can be beautiful and “famous” in your own way. like you don’t need social media to value yourself like that but she doesn’t understand that, it’s all about numbers to her even when she is doing terribly.

even when dating fucking fupa she was better than now , she really needs some guidance from her family or something.

No. 912034

>she doesn’t understand you can be beautiful and “famous” in your own way.

lol anon this isn't sesame street, she's nuts.

No. 912039

File: 1577805698314.jpg (175.02 KB, 719x1280, aaaffca4-91bf-45be-a3e7-294a6c…)

nta but i just can't believe this is the same person as current shayna

No. 912040

why? she still looked grimy and old for her age. you guys gas her up on her old pics way too much

No. 912041


because her facial structure/features are completely different. she just looks like a different person, not trying to gas her up.

No. 912042

Yeah. She actually had a jaw then. Doesn't mean we're saying she's a looker. She looks normal than she does now. Her face had some kind of shape and form. Not some playdo moon face. This is what happens when you keep being a cunt I guess.