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File: 1578104829040.jpg (387.28 KB, 1790x1214, homelesswomanbegsforweed.jpg)

No. 913353

REMEMBER: sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiam when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread.

>Whole Milk:

>>just when we thought she wouldn't make any Christmas content she puts "Dolly Lou Who" out and oh boy, is it a fun time! Complete with Shay suicide baiting, saying it isn't her fault she suicide baited (that's just mUh MeNtAL iLlnEsS) >>910229 , begging her orbiters to stand up for her, totally unbothered attitude after recieving validation, and a very close (almost) escape to reality >>910414 >>910390 >>910388 >>910387 >>910225 >>910180 >>910116 >>910121 >>910290
>>bf/daddy/imaginary friend Clifford threatens to cut her phone off for vague tweeting about him on her Twitter >>910272 discord sycophants are as unreasonable as you would expect >>910345 >>910346 >>910347
>>claims she's always sad around this time since last year and compares it to PTSD. She is potentially baiting with fupa milk but nothing genuinely milky has been posted yet. >>913162

>1% Milk:

>cammed for the first time in a long time, went about as well as expected >>907951
>still larping her mental illness >>909150
>credentials of her "therapist" are brought into question, but it's unclear if Shay is just a really bad liar or if her therapist is actually crossing professional boundaries >>909206
>couldn't afford to fly home for Christmas, whines and cries over how she's spending her "First Christmas all alone" like she didn't isolate herself in bumfuck Oklahoma for some fupa before growing her own >>908883 money will fix all her depression though so just send gifts >>908896
>mom gifts her with "bed", Shay hints that she now needs a mattress. Week later claims she bought her own >>911742 >>913322
>blames weight gain on meds, definitely not binge drinking and poor diet, resolves (again) that she is definitely going to the gym and going to eat her blueberries and chicken breast (again), ON GOD!!!!! >>912771 >>911699 >>911585
>anon grabs screenshot Shay posted of her OnlyFan earnings, proving she genuinely doesn't know how to budget and makes her begging that much more pathetic >>908458
>attempts to scam for Noodle's "birthday" conviently falling on Christmas >>908357 >>909048 Presumably no one sends anything because it's radio silence from Shay
>"I dOn'T NoRmALLy DrInK" and in the same discord chat claiming her hangovers have lessened in intensity.. ok, Shay >>908663
>she shows a bit of self-awareness about her venting on her business Twitter >>908816 …and it's over >>909151
>brand new anal fuck vid is realeased, unremarkable and boring in all ways except Shay's complete lack of hygeniene and/or mirrors

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dolly_mattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumdollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/stupidestbaby (suspended)
https://twitter.com/lilbarbiegrl (suspended)
https://twitter.com/mattel_dolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollymattelx (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dollyxmattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/dumbbydolly (suspended)
https://twitter.com/thedollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/DollyMattelMV (suspended)
https://twitter.com/Dollythemattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie ←– CURRENT
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ <- CURRENT
https://www.instagram.com/dolly_mattel/ (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/thedumdolly/ (deleted)

No. 913355

File: 1578105066211.jpg (488.93 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_20200103-202319_Twi…)

Supposedly her new bed, and she still needs a mattress

No. 913357

Previous Thread: >>907942

reposted after fixing the lc links

No. 913360

Thats going to look so disgusting from all her filth and smoke

No. 913362

Maybe your stupid ass won't "fall out of it cuz am dum bb" considering it's an actual bed and not a child's day bed. The fact her parent's (aka her "evil, Trump supporting" mother) has to lay down money on their bum ass daughter cause she has no idea how to take care of her self is sad. But she's totally loving such a lavish, sugar baby lifestyle tho, right? It's funny she wants to talk down about people going to school/college but she has NO CLUE on how to take care of herself right down to having no food in the kitchen cause she can't cook, no kitchen appliances, no furniture, can't/won't clean, no place to put her clothes besides her dirty ass floor, has to beg her parents and followers for the most basic shit, still no car and has to Uber everywhere lol You're fucking pathetic, Shayna. Legit bottom of the barrel, nasty ass whore.

No. 913365

File: 1578106176292.jpg (509.07 KB, 1080x1536, Screenshot_20200103-204916_Twi…)

No. 913370

Nothing to contribute, but excellent thread OP. Including all the links to older posts was nice, but I really like how you sorted it between whole and 1%

No. 913375

File: 1578106970104.png (580.77 KB, 2048x1909, Screenshot_20200103-215732.png)

To all the anons who wanted to say her "PTSD" (lol bullshit) was from her relationship with Fupa, naw, dawg. She WANTS this. She wants men to punch her and abuse her all for the sake of looking "kinky" and "better than u vanilla bitches" Unless she's the gross type of cunt to claim abuse from a BDSM relationship after the fact which I wouldn't put past her considering she thinks her mom was abusive simply for being a protective mom. She doesn't have PTSD from Jack shit. She's using it, just her other mental illnesses, as pity points. That's it. She's a user and a manipulator. If anything, SHE'S the abusive one.

No. 913395

File: 1578109714507.jpg (482.94 KB, 1077x1302, Screenshot_20200103-214848_Twi…)

She won't win again like last year

No. 913396

File: 1578109767825.jpg (191.65 KB, 1080x821, Screenshot_20200103-214940_Twi…)

Can't wait to see this train wreck

No. 913413

Are you seriously suggesting someone can’t be abused because they are into BDSM. Get a grip buddy

No. 913424

It’s actually a cute bed. Too bad she will trash it in no time.

Lmao not that anon, but I suggest you slowly re-read their comment. They said nothing of the sort. And learn2sage

No. 913432

File: 1578114565263.jpg (166.13 KB, 1080x612, Screenshot_20200103-230927_Twi…)

That's why you're always begging for money, right Shay?

No. 913434

File: 1578114624046.jpg (248.5 KB, 1076x848, Screenshot_20200103-231030_Twi…)

Why does she say "club" when in reality she goes to a bar?

No. 913437

18 year old shay would be shocked and afraid of what she's become now.

No. 913441

File: 1578115880614.jpg (160.42 KB, 1080x848, Screenshot_20200103-233054_Twi…)

How long until she says she "sober" again?

No. 913442

File: 1578116000425.jpg (522.34 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_20200103-233114_Twi…)


No. 913443


Few minutes later…who's gonna pay for my drink.>>913432

No. 913447

Lmao is she slimming her pics or is it just the bad quality

No. 913449


lmao this is the look she was talking herself up for? Not even for Oklahoma is this hot.

No. 913450

so i guess we’re at that stage where her spandex clothes are the only ones that fit her

No. 913453

She truly does have bipolar lol

No. 913457

File: 1578120412910.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 119.52 KB, 750x981, 734EE4E5-F108-49DF-BF7E-500428…)

OF anon here. She sent this in mass message today. Fucking gross

No. 913466

Lmao idk WHY she thinks Walmart faux gym wear for the basic bitch is so ~hot~ and a look to wear to the club. Throwing a gaudy jacket over it doesnt make it fashion, sweaty!

No. 913467

This needs a double spoiler. Ewww. Look, there's a way to have a bush/hairy pussy but still keep it tidy. This absolutely ain't it.

No. 913470

File: 1578122633133.jpg (149.12 KB, 1080x833, Screenshot_20200104_022247.jpg)

Then why do you live in a gross empty apartment in OK and can't even dress yourself?

No. 913474

LMAO Shayna the only time you say that is when you're choosing an apartment

No. 913480

we all know that her priorities are skewed. she makes a decent amount of money that could go towards fixing her apartment up, buying healthier food and nicer clothes but instead spends it all on ugly poorly made items, alcohol and drugs.

No. 913489

How much would you say she makes? I don’t get the impression that she’s making very much at all

No. 913521

in the last thread there was a picture of her earnings for a few months, and if i remember right it was in the 1k-2k range which isn't bad with her apartment being only 600$/month. but obviously if she is really planning to move away from here and live in an actual house her earnings would never work out for it. she also spends everything she could put into savings or self improvement on booze and weed like anon above mentioned.

No. 913522


>>908458 she posted this in the last thread, not sure if this is before or after OF takes a %20 cut

No. 913523

guess i remembered somewhat right, i'd assume that's the after OF cut value, but maybe she makes even less in total.

No. 913570

File: 1578154852795.jpg (17.05 KB, 399x379, Screenshot_20200104-162007_Twi…)

Kek. Bitch look like Voldemort if he was painted by Picasso

No. 913583

Lmao this would make a great SFW porn meme.

>my face when I eat too many Taco Bell supremes at 3am

No. 913610

File: 1578161607598.jpg (130.08 KB, 1080x598, 20200104_121319.jpg)

AKA how Shay gets her meals

No. 913612

That new healthy lifestyle starting with Shay going to Costco to eat all the free samples lmao

No. 913613

Is she trying to convince herself? 18 year old shayna ridiculed people who asked for donations. That’s 90% of her work now

No. 913640

File: 1578169841877.jpg (177.3 KB, 1080x614, Screenshot_20200104-143057_Twi…)

We'll see how long this lasts

No. 913646

File: 1578170649578.png (42.55 KB, 590x227, 2279C980-9B2A-47DE-B4A8-A5D56E…)

Reminder of how she almost made live action kiddie porn a year ago

No. 913653

Someone convince me this ain't fupa because it sounds like some weak shit he'd say

No. 913661

it's sad that she seems to have to say something sexual and fucked up to get his attention. I just imagine her saying the shit she vents about on Discord or twitter to him, and him not answering or giving her someone or two-word bored answers, and then her having these breakdowns and asking him to come, but him making excuses.
it seems like NOW she knows the only way to get him over, so he can spend a couple hours with her and listen to her is sending him a text about sex.

I'm in the same boat. It's all tinfoil and we can't prove it so it's best not to dwell on it until we know for sure.

No anon WE are the ones who are disgusting and pedo's because we are connecting the child character to the child character she wanted to portray in her porn. There's nothing wrong with an adult using an actual child actors likeness of a character for porn. Nothing wrong with it at all.

No. 913669

It's either Fupa or she made him up to make Fupa jealous, since we know he reads her Twitter. The guy has no personality, does and says exactly the same shit Fupa did, doesn't buy her things beside that shitty collars she probably bought herself (and Shayna only needs men to buy her things and give her attention). And we all know she would flex everything the new guy does and couldn't stop herself to post at least some cryptic pictures of them together as soon as she enters the relationship. Oh and this "we were driving and saw dogs" story rewritten from an old tumblr post supports this tinfoil.

No. 913691

File: 1578176452947.jpg (81.38 KB, 1080x912, Screenshot_20200104-222020_Twi…)

Shut the fuck up Shay, it's a children's film.

No. 913694

Brave of her to continue to exploit children's material after she got called out for dressing up as a child character in one of her porn.

No. 913695

Does EVERYTHING have to be about sex with her? Does she have anything else to her personality besides just sex? Like, wow, instead of just watching a children's movie or show and taking ANYTHING ELSE from it, you have to let your Twitter know that you just see it to make "quirky" sex comments about it hoping it'll weirdly go viral? How attention starved and pathetic do you need to be? She's so fucking annoying. And the fact she watches a ton of children show and movies about always have to associate the underaged characters with sex is fucking weird. You think she'd back off of that weird shit after the Christmas fiasco but like the other sex workers said, she's just trying to cause problems because it still gets her attention.

No. 913696

She posted a photo laying in bed with the guy and his dog. It’s not Fupa.

No. 913698

Thought that was debunked considering the girl in that pic wasn't even Shay? Just some random Discord person? If I'm thinking of the same pic you are, that is…

No. 913699

That wasn't a picture of her anon, someone got confused.

No. 913700

How about you like Else and/or Anna because they're apart of a wildly popular Disney film intended for children and don't associate it with sex in any shape or form? Stop being fucking weird, Shayna.

No. 913702

File: 1578178183221.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 2048x1173, Screenshot_20200104-174827.png)


No. 913707

It's kind of gross that she seems to only go to sexual thoughts when it's media or things that are marketed towards kids.

Like why think like this? I get the pedo-pandering pays off for her and gross bitches like her but it's starting to make me question that may be the only thing Shayna DOES get off to truly is sexualizing children characters and media.

Like who watches Frozen and thinks, "Elsa is a top, Anna is a bottom, LUL" or "Haha imagine if that child gets fucked by the grinch" or "LuL imagine porn with Eleven, LUL"

I wonder how people react to male sex workers pulling this kind of shit?

No. 913709

File: 1578178949456.png (37.86 KB, 607x369, Screenshot (182).png)

professional sex worker everyone.

No. 913710

this would require someone else to be involved and her fuck boy doesn't seem that interested. also super gross imagery considering her "orgasms", gdi shay.

>anal star of the year
don't want to count how many anal vids she actually put out on mv but lol that she thinks she's any kind of star with the content she makes.

No. 913711

This is the same girl who has been known to lose her SHIT whenever people ask her for advice on sex work, but here she is asking for FREE advice, when she could literally look at the mountains of free porn to get a idea of how this works and/or buy some of her peers work so she can see how it's done.

But nope. People aren't allowed to ask Shayna for advice for free or ever, but Shayna's allowed to ask for advice for free from other sex workers and customers.

No. 913712

holyshit, i didnt even see this post before. she's disgusting

No. 913713

>Can't film without repeating myself
>Can't film without embarrassing myself on my lack of knowledge

Lol at the somewhat self awareness. Must have saw all our shit talking after that pile of hot, sweaty garbage called the anal fuck machine video when she kept repeating herself and awkwardly stroked the machine's dildo while saying cringey shit like, "I bEt U wiSh DiS wuZ uR CaWWk luuuul"
This is your job, Shayna.

No. 913714

and it’s not even just that video but literally all of her videos are like that

No. 913717

File: 1578180629013.png (645.07 KB, 1242x2208, 5DC0E484-E0DA-4EC3-B025-E202C3…)


Bruh…. Does she even know HOW to sex work???
"Do you all know how to insert something sexual???"
"Can you give me ideas for sexual videos"

This is your damn job, Shaynasty…..
She literally said this screenshot a couple of days ago. What the fuck should anyone pay you for, if youre not coming up with the ideas on your own? Youre not bringing out surprising content? You're not making actual exclusives?
Theres a hairy line between sex work and virtual begging, and its her nasty asscrack

No. 913720

File: 1578181594494.jpeg (235.07 KB, 1242x438, E2D3DD48-F743-4083-BC9C-9D46B8…)

Pt 3 of the tweets
kek JUST remembering shes got a bf to do her work for her instead of firing up her only brain cell.

No. 913731

File: 1578183507203.png (343 KB, 750x1334, 47A733C0-EAFF-41F8-9A38-882D4B…)

they’ve all been 1 month subs so far tho lol

No. 913734

File: 1578184534763.jpg (545.13 KB, 1079x1481, Screenshot_20200104-183552_Twi…)

Yeah, we'll see

No. 913737

>once i make 100 unrealistic lifestyle changes it’s OVER for you bitches

No. 913738

Until she realises that actually takes effort. A fuck it attitude is easy, getting over it isn't.

No. 913752

>less weed
>camming regularly

It'll be turning 2025 and she'll still be struggling to do this.

No. 913764

She'll regret tweeting all this crap in the future. It's like setting yourself up to fail. She could've kept quiet and announced when she actually achieved something but nah. She won't stick to it. "Prove to the haterzzz" is not a technique that works.

No. 913765

How long does it take this dumb bitch to “gather workouts together”? It’s been weeks of her saying she wants to workout. Shay if you’re reading this, just fucking do it don’t be a sore fucking loser and complain about it.

No. 913775

How long ago did she ask for an uwu gym daddy for workout clothes? And bought pre workout and whey protein. And then got winded on the treadmill after 15 minutes and never went back to the gym.

Not to mention the whole 10 days of eating blueberries, almonds and frozen microwaveable frittatas.

She ain’t gonna do shit.

No. 913776

Its almost like… she read here and actually had a moment of self awareness! Of course she had to make a smug attempt at funny tweet about it though. Its just embarrassing. That's a loooong list of dedication until it's over for us bitches!

Kek at "grow a fat ass" sis that ain't how it works. You're never gonna have an ass, sweaty. Just try to tone what little you have and lose some of that thigh cellulite.

All that aside. I really do hope she tries to make progress this year. Like most of these ones are realistic and achievable for her. Not like getting a car and moving into a house and shit in her original list. These physical things she can do. But will she?

No. 913781

File: 1578192086485.jpg (208.82 KB, 1076x934, Screenshot_20200104-204138_Twi…)

No. 913793

File: 1578193255406.jpg (105.37 KB, 1080x445, Screenshot_20200104-210057_Twi…)

More drinking

No. 913796

Lol Yes. I'm sure people would pay to hear you bray like a fucking mule while "cumming"
And the only reason she wants to sell just audio is because it takes less effort than video. She really is a lazy sack of lard shit. Lol She sure does looooove her job.

No. 913797

No. 913798

The problem with all this is this takes effort and hard work. Shayna's worst sin is sloth. She's always been a lazy shit and the weed doesn't help. As much as I like weed, it really does make lethargic at times and gives you munchies like all hell. It takes work to actually do your job and take care of your body/looks and learn to cook and to actually do different make up techniques after staying with same ass, basic ass high school makeup. And why go to dermatologist? All she needs to do is wash her face, exfoliate, and moisturize. Is that so hard? Her skin's not even bad. She gets some face zits but, like, who the fuck doesn't? Unless she's going for her ass zits hahaaa Or for her moles cause she is mole-y and sometimes they need to be checked.
But I digress. She's too lazy to change any of this. She thinks shit will just fall in her lap without putting in any effort.

No. 913800

File: 1578193952691.gif (690.99 KB, 200x235, 3D903134-EF4F-4B72-BA38-C32778…)

my actual face reading that question

No. 913805

What even is the sound of her fake cumming?? I barely notice it tbh like in the anal fuck machine vid it was maybe two slightly louder awkward moans and then the vid abruptly ends. Was that it?

No. 913806

I said this last thread. Her skin aside from her nether regions is decent enough that a very basic skin routine would be fine. Big thing is she needs to wipe her makeup off before passing out. Her vag she just needs to leave tf alone and wash it and BUY UNDERWEAR and BOTTOMS THAT FIT. Wash the underwear, less time sitting on nasty public toilets should help her assne.

No. 913820

since i got thread pic i am granted a wish from the lolcow fairy — i wish shayna would either quit the internet for a while and just work at a dispensary, or finally hit her absolute rock bottom so that we can at least have a catalyst for a less depressing 2020 trajectory

No. 913822

More like, she ordered this herself

https://twitter.com/IRLbarbie/status/1213669362810400770?s=19(this is an imageboard)

No. 913823

File: 1578197936737.jpg (169.29 KB, 1080x616, Screenshot_20200104-221859_Twi…)

1. There goes what money she has

2. Perhaps her next addiction?

No. 913824

What the absolute FUCK. Complete retard.

No. 913828

impressive how she's becoming exponentially trashier.

No. 913835

File: 1578200495259.jpg (100.94 KB, 1080x454, Screenshot_20200104-230135_Twi…)

No. 913859

Why does she think typing this retarded is cute.. it’s the most unsexy tryhard cringe shit ever, I guarantee every male following her thinks it’s annoying and ridiculous too (but then again that’s implying anyone besides farmers are reading her tweets lol)

No. 913862

Well most of her real followers are also cringey dumb SWers.

No. 913866

Has anyone else noticed that she's not begging for money the way she used to, or is it just me? She'd be begging for gambling and drink money by now.

No. 913868

She said she had a nice payout recently. Once she’s low on that she’ll make up some story about the dog needing something or an item she can easily go buy at the dollar store

No. 913951

Yeah it’s because last month she got paid in full instead of them taking a percentage so she made more than usual

No. 913957

She only had one day where she got full sales and that was her MV anniversary that nobody bought shit on. She didn't have an entire month of 100% sales.

No. 913958

She had a giant spurg about minors in NSFW spaces, went on and on about the guy who sent her a camera. I went to screen shot and they disappeared. Did another non grab them before she deleted them?

No. 913961

I did lmao
A giant clusterfuck of screenshots so give me tiiiiime

No. 913962

File: 1578245999706.png (75.6 KB, 599x555, 1.png)

i have (1/4)

No. 913963

File: 1578246035148.png (69.18 KB, 579x572, 2.png)

No. 913964

File: 1578246154742.png (72.46 KB, 589x603, 3.png)


No. 913965

File: 1578246196289.png (71.9 KB, 617x583, 4.png)

lol at the Homeland security thing

No. 913968

in jail for decades? a lot of murderers don’t even do that much time

No. 913970

This is such a bad picture. Her pussy does not even really look hairy, it just looks dirty

No. 913971

File: 1578246900512.jpeg (799.58 KB, 1242x1847, 6FDD0767-21D3-464D-B51F-CD2F2A…)

Ayyye nvm then! Someone beat me to it lol
It really sounds manipulated to not get shit on by someone who’s being shit on for following minors and KNOWING about it

No. 913973

Not once in this whole thread did she mention how she put minors at risk when she switched from her stoner blog to a NSFW blog

No. 913977

Like everything she says, this shit is a half truth thing at best. Something did happen, but a lot of the details are fabricated by her to push her own narrative. Like literally at the halfway point of the tweets is probably the point it just becomes made up to feed her weird lying narcissism. And I'm not victim blaming because obviously that shit happens and I believe it is likely it did to her but… who's to say it all started and went down like that. Who's to say she actually did disclose she was 15 in the first place. Why not use his username or anything. She loves to callout but never directly.
Again, not saying it didnt happen. Just gotta take everything Shay says with a grain of salt and it's not far fetched to assume she pushing a self serving narrative.

No. 913981


heres last time she told this story, for reference

No. 913983

File: 1578249724563.jpeg (679.22 KB, 1242x1261, 2A52CA1E-BB8F-4D48-9B09-177D12…)

Anyone notice she said “Some guy just slid in my DMs from nsfw twitter” but she didn’t post a picture of her messages from him, she only shared another accounts dm message and it was posted at the exact same time? So…. where’s the messages he sent you Shayna?? >>913971

No. 913984

oof i should have seen this coming before having to delete an entire reply. she is already inconsistent with the age she mentioned, but at the same time the sentences look almost copy and pasted so that's weird. and of course retelling the entire story just makes seem like it's even more for pity.

No. 913988

i can’t wait to see this retard tweet photos of her eating a cHeeMsbUrgEr two weeks from now. there’s no way shes gonna keep up with the weight loss again, let alone 10 other goals that she’ll give up on after realizing it takes real effort to reach them. but at least she’s realizing she looks disgusting and needs to fix her appearance.

No. 913989

So yeah the ages are different in this version and in this "original version" she made him out to be the predatory one 100% him in the initial interaction. Whereas in the one from today she approached him and was the one pushing and going on about how mature she was and shit.
Also in current version hes a teacher and she knew he had kids DURING engagements with him. Whereas in the prior she didnt say he was a teacher and said she found out AFTER that he had kids.

Also the homeland security catching him story is different. In old version they trapped him with an ad selling sex with a minor. In her current version they found pics of her and other minors on his computer.

Idk the whole story is very contrived. Like I said, it's only partial truth from her. We'll only every get her warped and self serving, inconsistent perspective.

No. 913996

The weirdest thing about this is, you'd think someone who been through something SO horrible wouldn't sell the story (or any stories from when she was underaged) In a custom. Im not denying it didn't happen but it's kind of fucked up she went there to get a dude off.

Also, ALL of this happened right? She had all these horrible things happen in her youth, meaning her parents knew this, so why the FUCK did she think her mom was so crazy trying to get her daughter help when she first moved out?
How can she NOT see why her parents think sex work is horrible for her? You had a horrible situation in the past that no doubt effected her mental health. Then you act out constantly, by your own words, why is it SO crazy that her mom wouldn't want her obviously unwell child moving to stay with some guy and getting into sex work?

No. 914007

What Im not getting is why did she change her age? In
>>766286 she said she was 16 now she's saying she was 15.
Then she said in the past he was late 30's and now she's saying he was 30?

Then she goes, "When I got closer to 16 he lost interest" but in the old post she goes, "When I got closer to 17 he told me he wasn't interested" she even added the "heartbroken" part to the newer version >>766287

She kept the Homeland shit at 19, but left out how they told her he'd been talking to 5+ minors and the "Ad" he'd answered that was fake. Would they tell her all these details of how they caught him?

Why lie about her ages?Like it's still horrible, I don't get it and it's obvious she re-read what she wrote, so she seemed to purposely make herself younger.

I alwasy believed something like this happened so it's just weird of Shayna do to do.

No. 914008

Pity points.

No. 914013

>gross older “dom” on tumblr with kids
Rofl. Sounds familiar.

Ok I have no idea how homeland security works (maybe she means FBI?) but how would they be able to identify Shay from her CP and get her contact info? Did the dude have her full name? Did they contact her via tumblr? This part seems made up.

Is this her whole reasoning behind why she does gross pedo pandering?

No. 914014

I should revise and say *did he have her full name/info attached to her images? Obviously he had her name but if they stopped talking after an extensive period of time, wouldn’t most of their conversations be gone? Her info lost? I have so many questions around this for some reason lol

No. 914016

File: 1578260002951.png (653.52 KB, 2048x1335, Screenshot_20200105-162944.png)

This is fucking RICH being retweeted by the cunt that is Shayna Clifford after she said that sex workers with "low quality" pic/vids aren't allowed money or attention or retweets or when she said sex workers with low prices on their content are just fucking cheap and EVEN ADMITTED to being jealous when someone who does her aesthetic better and gets more attention. Sit the fuck down with your nasty crater ass, Shaynasty. Shouldn't you be at the gym or some shit. Go away.

No. 914019

This is such a cunty thing to post so much for her being postitive she's starting 2020 off great!

No. 914021

I guess only SHE'S allowed to brag when she's doing good, huh? Cause God forbid if a lesser known sex worker with not the best camera or not the best quality or not the biggest follower count has a good payout and brags about it then her chicken shit ass will subtweet them putting them down. No wonder the sex community wants absolutely nothing to do with her and ostracizes her stupid, hypocritical ass.

No. 914023

Wow this is exactly what your cumbrain followers want to know on your business account where you're trying to sell sex, such a turn on. Imagine being Shayna's therapist, hearing about her totes traumatic online grooming story and still somehow supporting her failed SW career? She's a walking stereotype of "twitter whores are all mentally ill train-wreck drug addict with self-esteem inverse of ego".

No. 914027

File: 1578261884078.png (1006.68 KB, 1242x2208, CB702548-EF06-4A73-B868-6BBCA4…)

no words

No. 914034

Lol She's really on the pity party WoE iS Me I'm SEw TraWmAtizEd suCh a SpEshUl SnoWfLakE train today, huh? Grow up, Shayna. No one thinks the super sad girl Tumblr aesthetic is attractive anymore. This isn't 2010. Even Felice Fawn grew outta that stupid shit. Go watch some more children's shows and sexualize the underaged characters some more, you fucking creep.

No. 914037

Kek I'm sure her siblings have a completely NORMAL relationship with her parents but because she's a disappointment to her family, healthy, normal family relationships "sounds fake"
Stupid ass bitch. No one can help you chose the ho life cause you're retarded but go off.

No. 914064


sage for no contribution but omg where is Felice nowadays kek

No. 914070

Shay seriously acts like her life is 1000x harder than everyone knows it is lmao. Her dad still spoils her and gives her money and gifts and visits and takes selfies with her yet the way she talks you’d think she was abused by him. I know she’s open about her big spooky mom but even then her mom has literally never abused her in any way and she had the most standard upper middle class childhood ever. She has some severe psychological defects and attention whoring issues.

No. 914095

File: 1578277941321.png (Spoiler Image, 2 MB, 1242x2208, DA380F16-C799-4CBD-AD15-91C6ED…)

Gaaaaaag lol

No. 914096

>working in therapy
bitch where you've been to therapy like 5 times max, and it's clear from the shit you share that you're not fully honest about your life with her

possession of child porn can get you 10 years per image

No. 914101

This is disgusting. Why would she post this on her SW twitter? Is she that desperate for attention? Imagine some orbiter going to jerk off to her crusty ass nudes (for free of course) and then seeing a 4 tweet sperg about getting sexually abused

No. 914103

This doesn't look like someone else did this to her. Looks exactly like she did this to herself. The placement is way too off. Jesus what a loser

No. 914104

You know, I'd love to know the amount of times Shayna has had sex that felt good to her, it seems she thinks letting a dude do whatever to her body, rather she likes it or not makes her "not like other girls" when it seem she does not enjoy this shit at all. She does whatever will get her attention and keep the guy around.

No. 914106

all i can see is the huge yellow callous on the bottom of her foot

No. 914108

This is so true, think about it Shayna is known for pedo pandering I really wonder how many dudes got off to her story about being preyed after as an minor rather then nodding and going, "right'. Her audience doesn't care about minor's safety, in fact hearing stories of young girls and boys in these situations may turn them on.
Even Shayna thinks so, remember when she talked about underaged stories and her camming underage in that custom?

No. 914113

As much as I hate her I can't get with this tinfoil. The she couldn't cane herself like that from those angles.

No. 914115

I'm assuming this "beating" came from this convo >>913375 and she could have definitely whipped herself.

No. 914119

You assume she texted that to herself and that leads you to believe she had to have beaten herself? That's a reach anon

No. 914120

Yeah that doesn't make sense. Either fupa or the new "cute boy" did this. We already know she's into it and she's done it before so it's not hard to believe at all

No. 914121

Yeah does this bitch not ever get pedicures at all jfc

No. 914153

manlet handprint

No. 914156

File: 1578285984052.jpg (135.03 KB, 1064x1083, Screenshot_20200105_234532.jpg)

Congrats for winning Favorite cow of 2019 Shay

No. 914164

well she finally got 1st place in a contest

No. 914177

File: 1578289773975.jpeg (826.01 KB, 1242x1814, B3D81F2A-5603-4D26-A440-0B5033…)

Like, on god, she looks horrific lmao

No. 914179

how does cellulite like that form that fast??? i don’t remember her ever having cottage cheese thighs this bad up until recently

No. 914182

Poor girls genetics aren’t kind to her. I’ve seen people 2x her size have less cellulite

No. 914184


Kek I was just thinking that. Congrats Shay! I think 2020 will be a milky year.

No. 914187

and so far down on her leg, practically at her knee. It's truly impressive honestly, she must have absolutely no muscle mass. genetics, a shit diet, substance abuse, and a completely sedentary lifestyle have caught up quick.

No. 914191

the only time i’ve seen cellulite go down to the knees is on someone morbidly obese. this chicks body really doesn’t distribute fat well lmao

No. 914238

Surprised she hasn’t jumped on the whole “donate to Australia and I’ll send you a nude” train all the SWers are doing right now

No. 914254

She'd never be able to keep up even if she owed 10 people. Plus they can just get them for free scrolling down her Twitter.

No. 914263

Yeah homeland security knew who she was and how old she was from those photos and ofc she still had the same number… even her bullshit stories are unbelievable.

No. 914325

File: 1578331876020.jpg (Spoiler Image, 134.17 KB, 1080x579, Screenshot_20200106_123004.jpg)

Of anon here.

She put up a 45 second video of her cellulite, assne and fupa.


No. 914326

File: 1578331917686.jpg (Spoiler Image, 167.92 KB, 1080x652, Screenshot_20200106_123020.jpg)


No. 914327


Yep, and homeland security would contact the minor, not the minor's parents. She's fucking stupid.

No. 914329

File: 1578332034704.jpg (Spoiler Image, 112.21 KB, 1043x466, Screenshot_20200106_123035.jpg)


No. 914336


No. 914338

“Turns out my bf is a good photographer”
all pics and videos posted from the floor

No. 914340


Holy shit what is this bitch DOING to herself. Gonna take longer than her week long wanna be healthy shtick to fix all of this mess.

No. 914345

She desperately needs rehab at this point

No. 914347

File: 1578333970287.png (31.76 KB, 587x314, Capture.PNG)

No. 914348

File: 1578334025014.png (Spoiler Image, 63.71 KB, 608x372, 8.PNG)

No. 914349

File: 1578334132009.png (87.5 KB, 612x613, cringe 1.PNG)

No. 914350

File: 1578334155196.png (38.66 KB, 599x317, cringe 2.PNG)

No. 914358

She's got to be trolling if she thinks she has a chance.

In what world would she think this looks good? Even if some people are into bruising, I'm POSITIVE they aren't into irritated acne bumps, dirty pillows & sheets.

I'd love to meet the assholes who buy her shit. There's SO much you can get for free out there and so many better girls. Shayna bounces from kink to kink not being into really ANY of them, just trying to suck as much attention as she can and/or hoping she goes "Viral".

No. 914361

Lmao anon don't wish to meet these kinda people, if anything it's better to stay the fuck away from them.

No. 914368

Pure on horrorcow

No. 914377

>I didn't think of this ahead of time
story of her life

No. 914378

oh… so she actually has cellulite going all the way down to her calves… what in the fuck has she done to herself?

No. 914397

File: 1578339149258.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.62 KB, 555x645, 5d2.jpg)

Her lumpy ol body and all the irritation everywhere is LEGIT gross as fuck lmaoooooo

No. 914401

File: 1578339717453.gif (568.17 KB, 217x199, giphy (13).gif)

Get your nasty ass to the gym, Shayna, Jesus Christ hahahaha

No. 914402

I'm sorry, but I'm gonna kink shame. This is fucked.

No. 914403

she looks abysmal. this is really some horrorcow Luna-tier shit. her horrific lifestyle has truly caught up to her in more than one way. the nasty bruises, the sores on her ass, the obvious straining to grasp at her asshole and make it gape, all while sitting in her usual matted and dirty surroundings – i'm really at a loss for words.

good god girl, get a grip. get a job and leave the house for more than picking up weed and booze and for parading your stanky pajamas at "the club." statistically most professional pornstars quit after three years. she's doing this now for over four years with literally nothing to show but a ruined body and rapidly declining mental health.

No. 914406

>all while sitting in her usual matted and dirty surroundings

For real tho, has she done ANY recent vids or photo sets where she's not fucking sitting down?? She's claims to work so hard on her content yet she barely even fucking stands up anymore. She probably doesn't even take her poor dog on a walk. Probably just lets the thing shit all over the back patio.

No. 914423

this photo is pure horror from beginning to end.

does shayna know she won a lolcow award? good job, shayna.

No. 914458

File: 1578347839287.jpg (157.74 KB, 1073x1008, Screenshot_20200106-215712_Twi…)


No. 914467

File: 1578348528165.jpg (124.02 KB, 1080x892, Screenshot_20200106-220837_Twi…)

Good to see her goals of eating healthier and smoking less weed are going well.

No. 914491

Her earnings are easily achievable by other jobs that are far less humiliating lol. She gets by but she acts like she's making more than 30k, she should be making much more anyways considering she's showing her naked body but I digress.

No. 914544

lmao wasn’t she suppose to start her diet and start going to the gym today? this bitch can’t complete a goal to save her life

No. 914548

File: 1578357155964.jpg (278.72 KB, 1080x1021, Screenshot_20200106-182616_Twi…)

No. 914553

File: 1578357517354.png (13.47 KB, 580x82, 2.PNG)

What ego Shayna? You were just talking about feeling like shit about yourself.

No. 914555

Looool She even said she was gonna go to the gym today (Monday). Glad to see her work so hard on those resolutions by sitting on her zit infested ass gorging on Chik Fil A while being a stoned loser.
Love how she calls herself cute then tweets not long after complaining how she looks. Yo. Hey. Dumbass. GET. OFF. YOUR. ASS. It's called work. A nice body isn't gonna come binging on Netflix and fast food. You have all the time in the world. You have dog you could go on walks with. What the fuck are you doing?

No. 914557

File: 1578357578855.png (33.75 KB, 591x329, a.PNG)

No. 914560

Kek she's really trying to act totally not bothered that she put up some horrendous pictures of her nasty cellulite legs and her fupa all hanging down to say hello hahah Go eat some more fried chicken, Shaynasty.

No. 914570

Well, you'll never be that and you are throwing away what you do have…. Shes just going to get worse with age. She doesn't realise she's past her peak.

No. 914582

Shay was gonna go to the gym
Before she got high
Shay was gonna eat some berries & deli turkey
But then she got high
She's a eating nasty chicken sandwiches sitting on her crater thighs
And do you know why?
Because she got high
Because she got high
Because she got hiiiiiigh

No. 914585

Lol she’s just describing a BDSM dungeon. Does she not know those exist? Yes, there are absolutely places where consenting parties can watch other consenting parties get fucked.

No. 914590

You don't get a say about that Shayna, you pedo pandering asshole

No. 914592

No no no, Anon! This is Shayna! She's totally an icon and innovator! This drunken rambling is 100% original! Wow! Such genius!

No. 914594

Yuuuupppp. This coming from a girl who watches children shows/movies and constantly makes sexual remarks about the underaged characters. It's that vicious predator cycle, huh, Shayna? You're a fucking gross creep like the lot of em.

No. 914597

I'd like to point out the only reason Shayna's talking about Pedo's and Minors so much is because of the Dolly Lou thing.

No. 914598

Bless you for this anon

No. 914599

File: 1578360204107.jpg (609.16 KB, 1080x1495, Screenshot_20200106-192151_Twi…)

Shay, wear a bra that actually fits you

No. 914601

It’s hilarious to me how shay is constantly demonstrating her ignorance of the kinks she claims to me soooooo into.

No. 914602

File: 1578360324761.jpg (128.42 KB, 1080x670, Screenshot_20200106-192548_Twi…)

No. 914604

Yeah, that's exactly the face someone who claims to love anal makes

No. 914606

she'll have to buy an entire new wardrobe to have anything that fits at this point

No. 914611

even if she were to buy a new wardrobe, she would probably keep buying the same small sizes she use to fit into

No. 914612

Seriously. Booze plus a totally sedentary lifestyle are a recipe for beefin’ up and she’s not doing the actual actions that she would result in weight loss. of course, she’s still trying to say she’s just a delicate uwu bb. And all of this we see is with filters

No. 914614

She should just lean into it and become a feedee. We all know she doesn’t have the discipline to actually work out or lose weight, and there’s decent money to be made in feeder porn.

No. 914619

Wait when did I miss this? That's gross who was she doing that to? I see her posting about Hannah Montana a lot but maybe I missed that

No. 914621

It's because of the post about the guy who slid in her dms yesterday who is grooming minors. She screenshot and sperged about it yesterday.

No. 914625

She always be saying weird sexual shit about kid shows and movies. Most recent one was saying shit about Elsa and Anna from Frozen. But she's constantly watching Disney + and has to put sexual undertones to fucking DISNEY movies. She only seems to want to make "cosplay" content when the characters are underaged a la Cindy Lou Who and Eleven from Stranger Things.

No. 914645

File: 1578363928548.jpg (112.73 KB, 1080x450, Screenshot_20200106-202501_Twi…)


When is she going to stop calling her pussy fat?

No. 914646

File: 1578363967979.jpg (169.27 KB, 1080x720, Screenshot_20200106-202526_Twi…)


The dude can just Google her name or scroll through her page and find it without joining her OnlyFans

No. 914648

I agree. She doesn't give a fuck about her body anyways, might as well go full ham.

No. 914675

I was going to say never, but because the rest of her will be catching up soon, she might have to stop using the word "fat" altogether. because people will stop seeing a "fat pussy" on a thin girl, and start seeing just a fat girl with a fupa that's spilled over to her vulva.

No. 914681

This is the most unflattering angle I’ve seen a chubbier girl use. She really needs to look at bigger girls and get pose inspo

No. 914685

she's more worried about the bruises turning ppl off than all the splotches that are constantly present, i can't.

No. 914706

honestly. she seriously needs to work on clearing up those ass zits instead of worrying about her bruises

No. 914714

LOL this is literally that homeless crackhead on the street corner screaming about what a successful millionaire movie star he is. Yep, totally reality!

No. 914716

Her mental illness is truly exploding out today, delusions of grandeur are strong. I can’t blame her though, being as hideous and trashy and talentless as shayna must be incredibly difficult.

No. 914719


keke her pussy is fat now, but only because the rest of her is, too.

No. 914751

Your pussy being inflamed and irritated due to constant misuse to the point of gross discoloration is considered a fat pussy now? Hoookay, Shay, whatever helps you sleep at night. Too bad MV don't have Grossiest Pussy Star cause you'd actually win a contest.

No. 914752

Her constant flipping between "I'm so great and perfect!" and "I'm so ugly and insecure." is hilarious. Girl is insane and not in a cute way.

No. 914755

she'll do anything except work out, look after her hair, get a tan etc

i feel like if she cant achieve something instantly she just doesnt even bother.

No. 914828

File: 1578422135699.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.47 KB, 640x819, contest_1578417643.jpg)

lol this is the pic she chose for the MV contest

No. 914841

Yeah she's bipolar so it kinda falls in line with that

No. 914863

Its like… not the worst, but not a great pic for a contest by any means. It's boring.

No. 914867

bipolar doesn't mean you change your personality every 5 seconds

No. 914874

she looks like a rat kek

No. 914875

Glad she was smart enough to chose a pic where her butt pimples aren’t on full display

No. 914887

Bipolar isn't constant mood changes its more like having an elevated energy for a few weeks/months and then switching to depression for some time. There's mixed phases that involve both behaviors at the same time so if she's truly bipolar maybe this is what she deals with more.

No. 914916

Late to the party but jesus christ I fucking violently dry heaved at this. Imagine PAYING for this content

No. 914930

Yah she's unlikely to be bipolar. Her behaviour screams BPD.

No. 914937

File: 1578440169540.jpg (Spoiler Image, 236.59 KB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_20200107-232427_Twi…)

Kek her idea of getting shit "DONE" is uploading a video she filmed and edited ages ago to MV

No. 914945

File: 1578441427879.jpg (Spoiler Image, 583.37 KB, 1080x1397, Screenshot_20200107-175731_Twi…)

No. 914948

>"rides" the kraken
>is doing missionary for the 1,588,472nd time

you say you've changed Shatna but your porn hasn't changed at all

No. 914952


Y'all remember when we thought the mismatched pink and horrible bleached braids at Kyle Nathan Perkins in Tulsa, OK were her at her worst? kek

No. 914966

File: 1578443019562.jpg (165.98 KB, 1080x621, Screenshot_20200107-182323_Twi…)

Says the girl who constantly talks shit on her twitter

No. 914972

There's lots of different levels of bipolar but everyone I've personally experienced with it also had hallucinations and very bad delusions during a manic phase. Think people who say they are God, or that someone is watching them. (not all act like this or even experience it, i know, don't get personally offended) She really never struck me as having Bipolar.

Definitely leaning towards BPD. Really no one knows what she has, she doesn't show much personality other than 'alcoholic weed loving anal bimbo baby', we don't know if she even has depression. People get misdiagnosed pretty much everytime, I swear. Psychology is a hugely flawed system. Who knows.(Armchairing)

No. 914999

File: 1578447234959.jpg (378.85 KB, 1080x1153, Screenshot_20200107-193405_Twi…)

Is she drunk?

No. 915003

i give her 12 hours until she has something nasty to say about someone else

No. 915004

File: 1578447917435.jpg (387.42 KB, 1080x1105, Screenshot_20200107-174158_Twi…)

Bpd is what she currently says she has. I think the confusion comes from her initially saying she was diagnosed as bipolar, then later rediagnosed, and also that whole frequently lying her ass off thing. (To be fair, though, bpd doesn't sound too far-fetched for some of her behaviors.)

No. 915008

I honestly think she thinks BPD stands for bipolar disorder.

No. 915010

I think the same anon. If it was Borderline Personality Disorder, she would be milking up the "uwu am sick baby" shtctick

No. 915020

I think she definitely has depression. She has no motivation and she doesn't take care of herself and has no respect for herself. Sounds like extreme depression to me tbh.
Sage for medfag

No. 915023

I agree and the rediagnosis makes sense too. She obviously gets manic and posts like crazy and has meltdowns. The delusional thinking and narcissistic behavior scream bpd too

No. 915025

She’s definitely a borderline bitch. No doubt about it. Meets every single criteria for borderline personality disorder(armchairing)

No. 915027

I don't remember her being "rediagnosed" with anything, but in her return to camming in >>>/snow/907951 she was discussing how she "thinks she has bpd".

Ever since, she has been crying "muh bpd uwu" and comes off like she's trying to perpetuate the symptoms, like in >>>/snow/909150 it seems like she suddenly has the fear of being abandoned.

Idk, I think she's trying to find new illnesses to blame her shit behavior on. The suicide baiting and blaming it on her web m.d. diagnosis is a great example of that.

No. 915041

File: 1578452818089.png (346.41 KB, 828x1792, D1412AC5-DE6C-4449-AB4B-5F0EBF…)

No. 915043

File: 1578452926550.png (516.62 KB, 828x1792, 902A1907-29D9-4AD7-8D85-8AB5FA…)

No. 915048

oh my god can she stop with the faux suicide baiting? it’s becoming one of her more embarrassing tendencies at this point

No. 915049

File: 1578453263501.png (225.41 KB, 828x1792, 1267B6DF-BB17-4C61-A7C0-5339C7…)

And another one

No. 915057

I have BPD and went through extensive DBT (the only known* therapy to treat BPD & make it manageable) aaanyway she’s definitely milking it because only tumblr self dx refer to a “fav person”, what next she’s going to act like she splits all the time. She’s just an alcoholic lazy ebegger who doesn’t have BPD and is trying to mirror the most common symptoms.(stop bpd derailing)

No. 915058

I initially thought she was just a moron, thinking bpd stood for “bipolar disorder,” but the favorite person thing makes me think she is legitimately playing up the borderline angle. She’s definitely sperged about muh bipolar so idk what she’s going for here. Her latest tweets sounds like she’s just yanking shit off the borderline memes subreddit trying to retcon a personality for herself. Favorite Person is def a borderline thing.

No. 915060

Must've been lurking and decided to commit to her self diagnosis of borderline like every other loser bitch on social media. Its so cringe. You can just have and experience abnormal, negative, and mentally ill symptoms and NOT have to put yourself in a box with a label of a disorder and parade it around every post.

No. 915079

File: 1578459023003.png (185.97 KB, 750x1334, A0F44AA1-169B-4EEC-98FD-D5D4AB…)

No. 915081

Shayna you fucking idiot don't do that. Fix your diet and stop drinking, get your priorities straight holy shit

No. 915087

Thanks for the blog.

No. 915091

she probably edited them out considering there's a couple present in this still >>914937

right, but that would require actual work and not taking her meds is easier.

No. 915107

Or stop drinking and go to the gym?

Lol I love how she thinks if she just stops taking her meds she’s going to magically drop weight

No. 915108

Imagine being such a no life pornsick bitch that your ONLY positive thought is “at least if I killed myself men would still buy my nudes online for 5$ teehee” so pathetic and sad. Try to fix your horrible existence shayna

No. 915142

She's unmotivated because she's been smoking weed 24/7 for the past 3 years.

No. 915144

Shayna: Should I cut back on alcohol and drugs that mess with my emotional and mental states when mixed with my necessary medication, learn to cook healthy meals, and using walking my dog as an exercise?
Also Shayna: Nah, I'm gonna just stop taking my meds to get skinny.

No. 915146

I just fucking love what a braindead brickhead she is

No. 915147

Just like the mental health talk, the "Favorite Person talk" and the Sucide bait, this is another one of her, "Hey, Boyfriend! I'm over here losing my shit, having a mental break down! I think I'm fat, ugly and I'm purposely acting reckless! My mental health depends on YOU and me not wanting to die depends on YOU, so please let's be cool again (emoji)"

She did this last time, started talking about wanting to get lip injections and all that bullshit.It's really kind of fucked up.
She wants people to come and go, "You aren't fat, we care about ur mental illness!" she wants him to call and ask to fuck her and make up.

No. 915151

Shayna here-
"Lol I'm sick of yall drama and talking shit! Lol! I'm unfollowing you because all the drama! LOL!"

Shayna here-


"I'm not good at being a friend"
We can tell. When Shayna has drama in her time line what does she do? She loses her shit, starts suicide baiting, screeching about her mental and help and then ASKING PEOPLE TO DEFEND HER AND JOIN HER DRAMA.
So she's basically saying, "hey, no matter how much you've defended me and stuck ur nose in my drama in the past, if you have ANY drama, I'm going to unfollow you!"

She's selfish as hell, and I really don't know how her orbiters don't see that. If someone goes "i'm not good at being friends with ppl" that should be a warning that, this person isn't someone who cares about you. They care about what you can do and as soon as the going gets rough they are out.

I'd love to know all the drama her orbiters got into and how much Shayna did to show visible support to them.

No. 915154

File: 1578480100074.png (44.07 KB, 577x422, 1.PNG)

Why doesn't she just make a personal twitter and post this shit? She can buy twitter followers for that too. Just like her BF, does she expect these people who to come to her for sex & to get off care about anything else but sex and getting off?

No. 915160

Because without the promise of nudes she would have literally no followers or interactions.

Her day-to-day thoughts and musings wouldn't be interesting enough to warrant a follow if she didn't associate her account with sex work.

No. 915165

she posts this rant about how she wishes for the murderer to be caught and that they must have been like an animal… predatory one i suppose, and yet we all remember her glorification and sexualisation of violence and torture/ murder related topics. this is how one can get killed Shay

No. 915212

She doesn't want to be a sexworker, she wants to be an influencer whose tweets people care about, and I think she started the sw thing to get famous enough for people to care about her even as she eventually quits to do something else, like youtube or something. She just has this illusion that she already is famous and interesting enough for people to care about her tweets, and she acts accordingly. I bet she wishes she was good looking enough to make money from selling lingerie pics and classy nudes, but she makes hardly any money doing the most humiliating things one could ever think of, but she wants to believe her thoughts actually matter.

No. 915228

Thissssss. She got into sex work because, honestly, it is easy-ish work. Sex sells. Period. She was a dumb but somewhat popular Tumblrina and saw that people were wanting nudes from her. She has no other job history besides maybe a f&b job for like a month.
Hypothetically, if she finally found her sugar daddy that just gave her money to sit on her ass, smoke weed, gorge herself, make dumbass tweets that she thinks is so hilarious, and watch stupid shows, she'd never make content again. I guarantee it. She wishes she got to be one of those Insta influencers and get thousands of likes per photo and get money through ads and endorsements like all the other thots but she never figured out the formula because she's a cringelord retard who thinks she so QuIrky n CoOt but she's average and boring as fuck. She really needs to humble herself

No. 915233

Her lack of self awareness is astounding. Is appalled at murder while her "cute boy UwU" literally whips and bruises her. She's lucky she hasn't encountered a man more depraved than him who might actually take things further than just bruising.

No. 915247

She moves SO fast with people. She barely knows someone before she allows them to do the whole "BDSM' thing and she's calling them daddy & all that dumb shit.
I don't think at this point Shayna can BE in an kinkless relationship. I feel if she ever met a guy not into this shit as a lifestyle and just wanted to get to know Shayna, not Dolly Mattel, she would think they are a boring creep or some shit.

No. 915253

>I'm going to stop using my business account for my meltdowns

why did you make a discord server to connect with people and then say you don't know where you can connect with people other than your public business twitter? if you're lonely do something about it, it's clear that twitter meltdowns don't make you feel any less lonely. go talk to your boyfriend. if you can't talk to him about your feelings he shouldn't be your boyfriend.

No. 915261

I personally feel the discord has become less about Shayna, and more about her orbiters lives. They talk about things other then sex work, sex, memes and bullshit.
They actually have lives they discuss and I think that makes Shayna uncomfortable and kind of pisses her off.
On her twitter even if no one cares, it's about her. On her discord it's often not really about her, they talk when she's not around all the time.

No. 915270

honestly y’all are wilding. Shayna is a fucking idiot and all the guys she chooses to fuck seem to be chronic losers and not real “doms”, but being into BDSM doesn’t correlate to condoning murder lmao

No. 915281

I definitely agree, they'll be talking about something unrelated or giving each other advice and she'll just jump in like "I walked outside today, be proud of me" and they'll stop their conversation to shower her with praise. I bet they do pity her, and are there half to see what she says and half to give her the option of having ANYONE to talk to. since we all know she doesn't have any friends and her "boyfriend" is annoyed by everything she does (except spread her legs for him)

She's absolutely the most boring of everyone who speaks there regularly and I think she knows it and has withdrawn because of it. The only things she talks about are her ass, her dog's misbehavior, and memes. that's all she's got

No. 915311

File: 1578519803857.jpeg (720.94 KB, 1242x1409, D8BB7EFC-A362-4830-8626-5B5C7A…)


No. 915314

File: 1578520209874.jpeg (806.93 KB, 1242x1713, 1C1D50D1-71E3-4FE5-A584-1B5D92…)

Crazy to see the girl in full unedited motion

No. 915319

Ah yes, instead of actually work for her goals, she can just stop taking her meds to try to drop weight and beg for thousands of dollars to put down and an off the lot car! Which she will totally do and not blow on retarded shit and weed! Does this bitch even still have her license? And its been said before, but she's intoxicated 24/7 so she shouldn't be driving anyway.

No. 915321

Quick someone make her a gofundme, so we can get this drunk, high & reckless Broke Barbie on the road!
Why does she need a car?
1. You don't go anywhere Shayna
2. The car will be used for gross porn
3. You are very irresponsible and have no care for yourself or others.
4.If you saved you could get ur own car

No. 915323

I can't wait for her to get stretch marks with how fast she's gaining.

No. 915324

I guess when all else fails on this path of "trying to make it in pron" she'll be able to sleep with noodle and rib in her backseat while e-begging for change in between parking lot stays and motel 6 sleeps with random hook ups loool shrugs

No. 915326

File: 1578521610446.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 799.91 KB, 1242x1733, BFD6E091-A427-4790-92DB-D93BFE…)

No ass and full pudge saga

No. 915328

File: 1578521638037.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 226.95 KB, 1242x1712, 2FCA5192-DAA6-46E4-9532-C4711E…)


No. 915332

Even curvy Barbie isnt a fucking lard ball, she should really drop calling herself that or claiming she's a bimbo.

A bimbo is someone who actively makes herself more appealing to men, thereby objectifying herself, Shayna. Barbie is a successful doll.

What are you?

No. 915335

Maybe she should name change to 'Lumpy Barbie', at least it's more accurate.

No. 915336

welp she’s completely let herself go at this point

No. 915338

File: 1578523724957.png (410.1 KB, 562x542, Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 9.19…)

i'll just leave this here

No. 915344

File: 1578524751759.png (Spoiler Image, 287.73 KB, 760x1099, Screenshot_20200108-180142.png)

you can also tell from how high she's got her leggings hiked up, and how there's still a little muffin top, that they're way too small for her. she's squeezing into the clothes she wore 25+ pounds ago and it shows, they don't fit her properly anymore.

pic is kinda blurry but it makes sense if you watch the video. they dig into her stomach, must be uncomfortable. deleted/reposted bc I wasn't sure if it needed a spoiler

No. 915353

she sure is built like a fucking tree log

No. 915354

truly goblin faced with a fridge body. girl, get a hobby and a better personality because there's not a single chance you'll get by in life with your current looks.

No. 915358

Why the fuck does she always take nudes in gross public bathroom? Not very glamorous to be associated with toilets and piss. She has a terrible image.

No. 915359

It pisses me off too because i'm sure it's illegal. She has no idea how to disconnect from her sexworker image. Imagine if this was a man doing this in a public restroom

No. 915360

Kek she looks like she should be on the cover of bum fights- felony female edition.

No. 915364

I was thinking that, u can just imagine the stale pee stank going along with these lovely images. A truly dank and dismal picture

No. 915378

File: 1578532080266.jpg (436.64 KB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20200108-190731_Twi…)

This will end up being ripped off in a week

No. 915386

Shimmery sheen nails to match her pork-sweat sheen.

She really has no idea what colors compliment her skin.

No. 915387

File: 1578532921236.jpg (303.32 KB, 1080x975, Screenshot_20200108-192223_Twi…)

No. 915394

File: 1578534427423.jpg (264.38 KB, 1080x973, Screenshot_20200108-194722_Twi…)

No. 915400

File: 1578535838019.jpeg (52.57 KB, 750x280, 39ADA198-FFDB-413A-8C2E-540CBD…)

…we know

No. 915405

They look like she dipped her fingertips in grease

No. 915406

she doesn’t even take body showers

No. 915412

File: 1578538674589.jpeg (273.19 KB, 1242x642, A6A585FA-7C84-4362-BF69-18138A…)

Ahhh now she's getting it

No. 915415

Yo. Her hair must smell mildew-y as fuck. Lying on damp ass braids all day. She's disgusting.

No. 915422

keeping your moldy struggle braids in for days on end until they crunch into shape and having actual natural curls are two separate things, shatna

No. 915446

finally she admits her content is embarrassing. I wonder how much of it she regrets. I'd bet at least half, for her to feel normal enough to tweet about it

seriously so gross

No. 915460

this, at best she gets greasy waves that are very far from being anything close to curls. she spends enough time online, it wouldn't be hard to watch a video on how to get her curls to show. then again her hair is pretty damaged so not sure how it would go.

No. 915462

Her braids are disgusting but I’m always surprised she even puts in that much effort. Seems like it would be difficult to do with her ~baby bimbo nails

No. 915497

did she finally get that tan she was talking about or is that unfortunate lighting?

No. 915501

I'm guessing unfortunate lightning coupled with that nail colour makes her skin look like that.

No. 915508

Ive never seen someone with such straight sides before. She has no waist

No. 915513

Don't forget when she met that rando old guy and used to spend days at his house locked up in the basement in a cage.

No. 915525

her body has always been straight but at least the look worked when she was skinny

No. 915534

damn she has the hands of a 40 year old woman, also she won't even be able to touch her own pussy without stabbing herself.

No. 915535

No. 915541

because she's an actual rat

No. 915543

It reminds me of the moon face emoji KEK it’s a very unflattering angle for her, but every angle is unflattering

No. 915559

File: 1578587165659.jpg (24.75 KB, 445x550, Screenshot_20200109-172603_Twi…)

Ooft girl

No. 915564

Good lord she actually looks like fucking ET here.

How’s that diet and gym going, Shay?

No. 915568

So sweaty. So greasy. Literally oozing out her fried food and soda diet out her pores.
Good job trying to seem LoL So CuTe n QuiRkY and really just outing yourself as being an ugly naked mole rat.

No. 915571

And, of course, she's wearing that same ass cropped cardigan. Such a fashion icon, everyone. Wearing the same shit, everyday, for months on end.

No. 915575

>It's the best way to maintain my curls
Literally, no it's not???? Braiding (white people) hair while wet can cause more damage. There's A TON of online curly hair forums that'll help you know your exact hair type/texture and tell you how to care and maintain curls. It's REALLY not that fucking hard. How is a girl that's on her phone 24 fucking 7 not just randomly look up how to properly care for curls just for the fuck of it??? Her looks is apart of her goddamn job but she just really doesn't give a damn. She's clueless.

No. 915601

seriously. shay if you’re lurking, listen to this anon and go look up your hair type and how to maintain it. you could have such nice curls if you took care of them.

No. 915610

File: 1578594680110.png (93.19 KB, 275x265, C2FDC220-9A95-49AF-B438-53708F…)

What is whassup (wassup)
Got yo nigga in tha club (got damn)

No. 915611

File: 1578594773038.jpeg (238.89 KB, 584x657, 95032404-8295-4805-92B0-25D4C3…)

No. 915613

File: 1578595603597.jpeg (102.36 KB, 600x600, 60C58ABB-8D0D-4297-AEB4-D40269…)

Definitely not an artist, but enjoy

No. 915615

the accuracy of the face shape is actually uncanny, god she needs to detox and eat healthier.

No. 915617

is this not edited? oh no

No. 915626

I hate this aaaaaah. She's so fucking ugly. Imagine in another year. We'll have a full blown snorlax.

No. 915638

File: 1578599935665.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 1242x1847, FE7F6155-C5BF-47CE-86CC-7F9563…)

Imagine throwing out old ass content constantly because you know you're a lazy drunkard who has the saddest life of an e-bum..
.. Oh and begging for someone else's money to go on vacation vs just taking a vacation and showing that off

No. 915640

File: 1578600027836.png (73.2 KB, 1080x972, Screenshot_20200109-125809~2.p…)

sage for no milk, but the things she posts on her social media are just.. bleak

No. 915641

File: 1578600099665.jpeg (508.32 KB, 1242x1142, 805422CC-6244-41D7-B66C-79C2A5…)

Samefag but she also gave us this info lol

No. 915646

File: 1578600595069.jpg (6.55 KB, 95x105, chuck.jpg)

No. 915648

If she stayed over her boyfriend's we'd for sure have some nudes or selfies in his bathroom. I do believe she'd do this, the ONLY time he gives her attention is sex, I wouldn't be surprised if Shayna tries to talk about her feelings while fucking because she knows her time with him is as long as the fucking is going on.

No. 915650

Please add the nose ring Lol her nose is that same shape

No. 915655

Lmao, she is the spitting image of it.

No. 915659

I don't get why this keeps being said. We obviously fucked with fupa enough to make her not want to bring the new guy into her work stuff. We literally have no clue who he is or how they interact other than 2 text messages so maybe he just doesn't want to be involved like fupa.

No. 915662

Except the only reason we care and know about this guy is because Shayna talks about him ALL the time on her WORK twitter.We have an idea how they interact because of SHAYNA.
Everything she posts about dude is about sex, or when they have a fight she shares it, or how we'd know for a FACT if this guy did anything good for Shayna she'd brag about it on her work twitter because she can't help it.
All I was saying is, when Shayna goes ANYWHERE she takes selfies. A selfie in the bathroom isn't going to fucking dox this guy.
I didn't say, "She going to show this guy, ha ha ha" but she shares A LOT about him. We do have CLUES because Shayna posts them. I'm not pulling shit out of thin air.
I can speculate about how they interact because SHAYNA constantly makes tweets and shit about how they interact.

No. 915666

I think she only shares parts that are edgy or her perv followers will think is cool. We all know Shay panders to her orbiters. Speculation is all we have but that doesn't equate to knowing and it seems to get passed off as a fact in this thread for some reason. Maybe he just doesn't want her taking any photos there because it's a distinct place or she just doesn't want another fupa situation. That's what I'm thinking because she's going to great lengths to hide this one just like she did with the guy in Washington or wherever she moved to before fupa that she tried to be poly with

No. 915670

i’m still convinced he’s made up

No. 915672

same, i think she captioned her picture "collared" not knowing it was a thing and then when people were congratulating her she just ran with it.

Just like how she said she had bpd despite saying bipolar in the past & now shes all of a sudden posting "favorite person" stuff.

No. 915699

I’m 95% sure he’s a basic 20 yr old tinder fuckboy. He probably wants the casual sex but knows that shays batshit crazy and doesn’t want anything to do with her personal/work life

No. 915705


These pictures are from this summer right??? Wtf happened to her bod??

No. 915713

blame it on the a-a-a-alcohol.

No. 915717

or just doesn't exist

No. 915719

I wonder if she would even have the credit to get a car. Oh, who am I kidding, she would get some cheapo buy here pay here junker.

No. 915720

Remember when we thought this was her low point look-wise? I 'member.

>I was a pretty slut with a big ego who loved being in front of a camera
Except you're not as pretty anymore and it's SUPER obvious you're insecure in front of a camera with all your retarded nervous and fidgeting habits. Lookin like a crack head looking off to the right every 0.5 seconds and playing yo hair constantly, girl, speak with fucking confidence.

She has taken photos in a room with better lighting with the background blurred out tho… I was wondering if it was the bf's. It's the one where she says some like "wanna pull on my nipples" But I dunno. I ain't no internet detective.

No. 915721

Just change the eyes to "poopie brown" as she describes them. she wishes she had blue eyes

Can't take photos in a bathroom you've taken hundreds of photos in already. if the fupa tinfoil is true, that is

No. 915729

I'm starting to think her eyeliner is so thick because she just reapplies more ontop of the old instead of ever taking it off

No. 915731

I get her not posting pics with him. Sure. Though posting his hand or something wont doxx him. Especially a fucking bathroom pic. My guess is if hes real, he probs just told her not to because he doesn't want to be associated with her bullshit and "work" and she probably tried to play it cool and be like oh yeah no prob I wouldnt want you to get into shit like my ex! I'll keep those hayturz guessing!

Dude so clearly just uses her for sex and its really awful that she either refuses to admit it or worse, she thinks it's ok because shes so quirky. Shes nasty and cringey but the dude is a real sleazeball. Only fuck he gives about her is putting his chode in her ass.

No. 915732

Been discussed before, yes obviously. Half the reason her face is so gross all the time is because she passes out in her makeup every night. Liquid liner doesn't just smudge off or come off in the light shower she does. So yeah, she just cakes it back on over the crusty remains. Same with her eyebrows. You can see multiple tails on them in a lot of pics. Its gnarly. There's lazy and not doing a lot for your skin and then there's the Shay way where you make negative efforts and can't do the bare minimum every now and then

No. 915737

File: 1578612329099.jpg (512.3 KB, 1080x1149, Screenshot_20200109-172542_Twi…)


No. 915738

File: 1578612377448.jpg (1.34 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200109-172626_Twi…)


That background is HORRID

No. 915739

File: 1578612443693.jpg (946.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200109-172720_Twi…)


No. 915741

wow. a small dirty chair in the corner of your apartment with pink table mantels hung up on the walls. you’ve really outdone yourself shay, kek

No. 915743

The pink cheap wall foil or whatever it only brings out how dingy and dirty that fluffy pillow chair thing looks.
So what? She's going to put some lights over that foil thingy, put some stuffed animals on the ground, and move her paddles? maybe throw some fake flowers?

No. 915744

lmao is that a pink tarp?

No. 915748

Probably a table cloth
Filter. Some apps distort the edges of images when using a filter

No. 915749


Yeah that's really strange looking wtf?

No. 915753

This horrible pink tarp looks like when the chemicals used to cure bacon make it shine green in the light. And that dirty stool is so sad

No. 915756

Shit is bleak and ugly af. Tacky. Despite self proclaiming to have an eye for aesthetics she really just picks the stupidest, gaudy, pink thing she can because she has no style skills.

AT LEAST smooth out the folds so it doesn't look as trashy. The folds really make it irredeemably bad.

No. 915758

Also the filter fuck up or whatever is going on in the bottom right and her overall look here makes her look like a pregnant trailer park slag.

No. 915759

Color is awful, folds make it look like cheap weird tile, and the ratty bench is so used up and dirty, Great job Shay, you somehow made your surroundings even more dismal.

No. 915760

Lmfao it looks like crackhead Barbie put tinfoil over her trailer windows

The folds are too much. What an awful backdrop.

No. 915767

Iron your backdrop you slob… Jesus pay attention to these kind of details

No. 915772

Laughable that you think she owns an iron

No. 915773

File: 1578616388593.jpg (348.36 KB, 1080x1197, Screenshot_20200109-183251_Twi…)

She doesn't want to film because of the bruises. More like she's too lazy to film

No. 915775

Ironing a plastic party city tablecloth is probably not a good idea, a worse idea is hanging it on your wall and calling it a good thing.

No. 915782

>I was explaining
i.e. I tried to use my bruises as an excuse not to film a custom video someone is waiting for, and they called me on my bullshit. just let me be lazy! don't question me, don't make me work! you already paid for it and I already spent the money on weed anyway

No. 915787

Is this "boyfriend" a longtime fan of her porn? Or did she just out him as being the same person she's been with the whole three years, aka Fupa?
Red flag anyway if this customer/"boyfriend" made note to remember the bruises. The amount and the fact that she was never without them. Scary shit imo

No. 915789

If it's her boyfriend it's kind of gross because he's remembering bruises someone ELSE put on her fondly LOL.
Does seem like this may be a customer who wants a custom and she was turning them down? But she could be talking to her BF about not wanting to film with the bruises. I think she's talking about a customer tho.

No. 915791

yeah seems like a customer because they’re messaging on snapchat

No. 915795

File: 1578619486565.jpg (117.04 KB, 1440x921, 20200109_192244.jpg)

If letsplaymurder isnt fupa and is the mystical bf then he probably is a mid 20s tinder fuckboi

No. 915807

Fupa had a fake sob story about how all his family died so…

No. 915809

File: 1578620732637.jpg (451.43 KB, 1080x1057, Screenshot_20200109-194528_Twi…)

Why that shirt in front of that background

No. 915810

File: 1578620839733.jpg (691.22 KB, 1080x1449, Screenshot_20200109-194639_Twi…)

No. 915812

File: 1578620897281.jpg (319.76 KB, 1080x363, Screenshot_20200109-194701_Twi…)

Her new twitter header

No. 915815

i will never not be disgusted by her choice to use matte lipstick over her scabby lips

No. 915816

lol really? it looks so gross and sweaty though

No. 915817

She really went and bought some cheap tacky material and covered the wall with it I'm dead. She's so embarrassing.

No. 915821

lazy background blur doesn't make it look any better.

that's a really odd and sad choice, couldn't even put text on it or something.

No. 915828

He said he was in a foster home because he didn't have family or some shit and we found out his sister and Dad were dead and his mom is alive but apparently not in the picture. I guess I don't get your point though about the Tumblr guy in the screenshot.

No. 915830

I think it's got to be a customer. Her and fupa weren't interacting 3 years ago and she always posts screenshots of texts not Snapchat with her new bf. I think this is whoever she's making the custom for

No. 915832

I know Shayna will take this as a compliment, but she looks like a teenage boy, with caked-on makeup whose cross-dressing for the first time, in his mom's old clothes & Jewelry. The lopsided ponytail ruins whatever look she is trying to do.

No. 915835

Didn't she buy material for that Halloween video? She couldn't go get some pretty fabric to hang on the wall? She got some material to do that dumb trick for a video no one really brought but not for a backdrop?

No. 915838

File: 1578623693613.jpg (250.41 KB, 1080x951, Screenshot_20200109-202349_Twi…)

Ok Shay

No. 915839

I thought she hated callout out posts? Thinking face

No. 915840

All I can focus on in that second pic is how dirty the bottom of her feet are

No. 915844

didn't she do the same when she was still at fupas?? i remember it being cheap fleece fabric.

No. 915845

File: 1578624830094.jpg (305.25 KB, 1440x688, 20200109_185303.jpg)

Wash your fucking hair Shatna. Gets some damn Head & Shoulders for that flaky ass scalp

No. 915846

She's 22? Yikes. Time to make friends with moisturizer and going outside.

No. 915847

But also Shayna: it isn't pedophilia it's a kink where they Fuck me while I pretend to be a baby

No. 915848

If she walked the distance between her eyebrows, she might finally lose weight.

No. 915850

File: 1578625816422.png (324.6 KB, 2048x688, Screenshot_20200109-220547.png)

Kek Coming from someone who gets butthurt over other girls who do the same aesthetic as you even tho your aesthetic is over saturated as fuck and not the least bit unique. Everyone and their dirty grandma is a DDlg dumbass.

No. 915851

File: 1578625941627.png (33.2 KB, 1080x229, Screenshot_20200109-220620.png)

AKA she don't wanna be called out or else she'll totes kill herself lulz

No. 915855

She's also made this tweet on every Twitter she's made

No. 915856

shatna your brain damage is showing, you scream and sob constantly accusing random people of copying you even when there is zero evidence lol.

brandy from the trailer park with 5 kids meets a literal RAT, incredible!

No. 915878

I can't understand why she didn't lean into the tackiness of all of this and wear her hair curly for an 80s look. She really isn't good at marketing herself.

No. 915879

Dat big unblended highlighter spot on her nose… Oof

No. 915910

File: 1578644869785.jpg (420.45 KB, 2048x1749, IMG_20200110_092650.jpg)

Did she buy a children's dress up set? Kek.

No. 915915

the crumpled paper sash… i can't
what a spoiled, rich, super glamorous bimbo baby image kek

No. 915921

Aww look it’s Dollar Store Barbie

No. 915925

don’t know if it’s just the filter or if she doesn’t know her foundation color but her face looks way brighter than the rest of her skin

No. 915946

File: 1578660573035.png (692.37 KB, 2048x520, Screenshot_20200110-074918.png)

Imagine being too fucking lazy to watch YouTube tutorials on how to do eyeshadow kek

No. 915951

no doubt she's also worried that no one will ask her any questions because most of her followers are bought

No. 915954

That crown looks edited on lol

No. 915959

why does she line her bottom lip like that?

No. 915961

"send tips 4 props!"
Buys a 99cent plastic pageant set

No. 915967

File: 1578667956300.jpeg (58.43 KB, 750x435, 67BD04F1-7503-451A-AC58-398ED5…)


she clearly doesn’t need makeup tutorials, she can come up with bold new ideas on her own, like using eyeliner as an eyeshadow or drawing an ass on her lower lip.

No. 915970

teeth whitening tool working overtime

No. 915971

This…is the most embarrassing thing she's ever posted. She really thinks no one will know she bought a dollar store princess set. She thinks she looks glamorous. This is peak white trash barbie.

No. 915972

Kek is she so drunk she forgot what lips look like?

It's not like a fuck up, she's clearly done it like that on purpose. But why, I don't know.

No. 915974

Guess us making fun of her teeth finally got to her, because she whitened the everloving fuck out of them, kek. This is honestly one of the saddest pictures she's posted in a while

No. 915975

File: 1578670998101.jpeg (1.83 MB, 2048x1749, E962523E-3470-4BC4-A23F-3EF78B…)

i didn’t edit her face, if she elongated her eyebrows and made her lips look normal she would almost look ok.

No. 915977

i'd really like to know where us saying "your eyeliner isn't supposed to touch your eyebrows" translated into "pluck your eyebrows really short".

No. 915998

unfortunately this doesn't help her moon face and the shitty chunky eyelash extensions she has. and that her face only ever looks smooth when she has filters cranked up to a thousand instead of being able to use foundation properly lol.

No. 915999

Ouch. Why is her hand in focus but the wand all blurry? This whole picture looks so tacky and confusing

No. 916016

File: 1578678806673.jpeg (260.88 KB, 828x911, 22E49FAF-4E4A-4BB6-82D6-0292A7…)

when was the last time she even mentioned the alien porno? because as far as i remember it's just been anons talking about it

No. 916019

Nice one btw

I'd swear the whole thing is a filter, the necklace and earrings too lmao. I guess it's all just that bad. Cheapest "props" worn poorly. No pun intended lmao.

She probs had to buy props herself because begging people to do her job for her didn't work. So her budget for 5 ideas that her shitty "bf" and orbiters helped her come up with was $10. Dug up some old outfits and her bad dragon dildo to save even more! ~Budget Bulging Beggar Barbie~

No. 916020

We the real ones. Kek We've been here since the beginning. We "deserve" the alien vid after all this time!

No. 916024

her eyebrows keep getting thinner and further apart. someday she'll just have the last quarter inch where it touches her eyeliner left. can't get rid of her signature pinchers! It was a good decision to shorten the outer end, Shayna, but you shouldn't pull the inner edge past your third eyelid or you look like a teenager who got excited with a razor

that being said, she ditched the wings (probably to prove she occasionally washes her face, right after we were discussing her just layering it on top of yesterday's application) but didn't do ANYTHING else to her lid. She really does look like a child who doesn't know shit about makeup, with the butt-lip and 0 attempt at eyeshadow

she talked about it sometime this summer/fall, when she promised it would come out "that Friday" but then she lost the dildo somewhere in her tiny apartment (probably under a mountain of trash)

No. 916069

Because her idea of "editing" a photo is using a shitty automatic smart blur, so it thought the wand was part of the background and blurred it with the background but not her hand. It also blurred a big strand of her hair, and look at the disaster over her right shoulder. Looks like shit.

No. 916090

File: 1578695757121.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 724.63 KB, 1242x1481, 92D91DA3-9F9D-4080-AEC6-47C2F3…)

… Its like shes squeezing syrup on those breakfast sausage corn dogs …. lol
Where is her damn sex appeal Bc at this point, all I’m picking up is that shes a parody persona. This is atrocious haha

No. 916091

No. 916093

File: 1578696026305.jpg (450.8 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_20200110-164033_Twi…)

Video coming in a sec

No. 916094

No. 916099

Wtf are these cuts? She can’t even record a sentence probably? Jfc shay how drunk are you

No. 916100

Clash of the pink again!!! Dollar General Barbie, Walmart Clearance Barbie! She should stop adding so much dialogue to her stuff, it makes everything worse.

No. 916105

okay. shayna you must be both drunk and high because you look horrific. her weight gain and her tiny eyebrows has made her face transform into fucking "jessica" yaniv, it looks like a big meaty man face/jaw with a wig and then eerily, creepily dressed up as a 5 year old girl on halloween. can't believe people thought shay was impossibly ugly a year ago, because this is mortifyingly, shockingly bad.

imagine looking like this on camera and watching it back but still posting on twitter 24/7 about how you're the "cutest girl in the world".. sometimes i almost buy the tinfoils about her doing more drugs than weed simply because i can't comprehend how on another planet she is lol

No. 916108

File: 1578697461784.jpg (494.03 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200110-170428_Twi…)

Same anon who posted the video. She deleted it, kek

No. 916111

I like how she casually is now a “big” supporter of using lots of lube in her content.

No. 916113

All her videos are the same, like literally the same. All you need is to buy one, and you have them all basically.
Shit fuck that, if you are a fan just lurk on her twitter long enough, she'll post a trailer or a clip of something sexual for free to get off too, I have NO idea why people buy her porn it's ALL the same.

No. 916115

all i can focus on is that wrinkly ass background. she really can’t buy a small steamer for like $15 to fix it? that alone would slightly improve the quality of the clip. don’t get me wrong, it’d still be tragically bad but at least it would be one less struggle element…

No. 916121

File: 1578699464630.png (Spoiler Image, 619.61 KB, 871x494, Screenshot (198).png)

how can she look at this & think its a flattering pose to be in. (from the preview of her new video)

No. 916122

I like that everything she seems to portray, ends up coming off childlike? Or is that how shes passing off content now? "They asked me for this, i didnt really want to but publicity is publicity"
Funny part anon, back in mass she was always in the woods with her two friends (one of whom has since passed of a heroin od) smoking weed, eating mushies, consuming liquid lsd, taking xanex(pls dont come for me on proof, it was allllll her tumblr used to be about before she discovered her anus had feelings) so honestly… Its not far fetched but i also can't find it in me to believe that she'd separate weed money for anything else at this point besides alcohol and cheemsburngers

No. 916124

"i'm setting up a new work space smiley face"

Aka, "I put a table cloth and/or cheap material on my wall and put that dirty stool in the corner!!"

No. 916126

She's a pedo panderer who I'm honestly starting to believe she MAY really get off to wearing cheap children's clothes and props, Why she can't help but sexualize everything that has to do with a child.

She can't watch a kids show without thinking of porn or sex, she cannot looks sexy to save her life, so trying to look like a child is what she feels she pulls off, but most the time she looks like a boy in drag.

No. 916128

That's one giant princess foot

No. 916132

watching someone down something in lube holding it like she's downing a burnt hot dog in ketchup at family bbq is the last thing i would find as sexy. does she have like… any awareness of what is attractive outside of her delus??

No. 916135

it's such an unflattering picture

No. 916143

her expression reminds me of the screenshots of pixielocks making weird faces that get posted in her thread

No. 916167

Her body has changed so much, it’s crazy. She still poses like she has her old body, and it’s not doing her ANY favors.

No. 916168

File: 1578703925379.png (77.44 KB, 252x179, ET.png)

No. 916170

File: 1578704148878.jpeg (630.81 KB, 1242x1196, 4740B559-F9FD-4E11-868E-0F7299…)

It looks like a face I’m dead

No. 916171

File: 1578704169499.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.69 KB, 450x666, Screenshot_20200110_195423.jpg)

Of anon

No. 916172

File: 1578704195858.jpg (Spoiler Image, 137.99 KB, 668x575, Screenshot_20200110_195439.jpg)


No. 916174

File: 1578704304113.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.08 KB, 624x525, Screenshot_20200110_195518.jpg)


No. 916178

File: 1578704695691.jpg (Spoiler Image, 408.9 KB, 904x513, Lumii_20200110_200237978.jpg)

different of anon… same lines as in every vid where she goes "woww!!! what a pretty, huge cock!!!" in the most special needs fucking way

No. 916180

This is said literally every time she posts a new fully naked photo but it looks like she gained a bit more. Does her new daddy pay her in burgers like fupa did

No. 916183

She's starting to look like that Makeup "guru" who buys followers from /pt/

No. 916184

2020 will be the year of shay ballooning up rapidly

No. 916189

Jesus. This is like camgirl 101, never make the lube application obvious. I'm not going to give her tips on how to avoid exactly what she's showing off but this is amateur hour after 4.5 years

yikes, now I understand why she kept her skirt on the entire time for her last broadcast rather than actually being naked. that stomach is something. learn your angles at this new weight Shayna, the stuff you did when you were thin is unflattering now

wow she looks like such an alcoholic. that red nose and those tiny bloodshot eyes and the bloat oof just when we think it can't get any worse

No. 916192

I'm fucking dead.

This needs to be the next op.

No. 916193

>This is like camgirl 101, never make the lube application obvious.

oh fuck off. this is the kind of stuff only other camwhores care about

No. 916197

ummm excuse me… she is gaining extremely fast

No. 916199

Ntayrt but I thought it was a bit weird she did it so obviously too. She looks like she's putting ketchup on a hotdog lol! She is literally not even live on cam, this is supposed to be like a porn video/movie she could have edited it out. Really, she is just showing us she learned to use lube

No. 916213

Lmao implying she gets off on anything. Nothing but material shit and attention makes her feel anything.

No. 916216

she looks like fucking venom from spiderman or whatever

No. 916223

It's funny how in the trailer she shows her pussy with the lube leaking out to make it look like she came

No. 916226

She's dropping in the MV awards too

No. 916238

File: 1578715490966.jpg (Spoiler Image, 641.68 KB, 1080x1121, 20200110_230434.jpg)

of anon… look like what? special needs?

No. 916239

File: 1578715583440.jpg (Spoiler Image, 694.12 KB, 1080x1315, 20200110_230634.jpg)

WOW this one is rough

No. 916240

Is it just me or does she have visible lumps on her tit? Are they cysts? They look weird.

Inb4 tittie sperging, I'm just making an observation.

No. 916241

Why is she suddenly whitening her teeth in pics? As if everyone hasn't already seen how they really look

No. 916246

File: 1578716863198.jpg (676.87 KB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_20200110-220101_Twi…)

She literally posted the same pic on Twitter, but cropped her boobs out

No. 916247

I have a feeling her subscribers count on OF is going to be dropping

No. 916254

Lol I was gonna say her teeth don't look as jacked but it doesn't distract from her huge bloated moon face

No. 916258

her head looks comically huge.

No. 916273

I was trying to keep it together but this comment broke my composure. I’m wheezing.

Jeeeeesus. She’s going to be pushing obese status by the end of the year. I’d put money on it.

She looks like she’s trying to win a hotdog eating contest.

No. 916289

File: 1578728877572.png (Spoiler Image, 206.54 KB, 622x562, pepe.png)

Every time I think she can't go any lower, she some how finds a way.

I thought I could see Pepe but this is better.

No. 916295

She looks like she has Treacher Collins syndrome

No. 916298

Ah yes, porn princess in children's plastic tiara, necklace and earrings.

It's also making me uncomfortable that she's put those cheap plastic shitty fake earrings in her stretched ear holes

No. 916359

File: 1578750182298.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 3264x2724, BeFunky-collage.jpg)

I made a comparison from a thread bit over a year ago and now and wow… I know this has been said for a million times and I'll say it again, she has really let herself go. This isn't in any way some weight gain that just happens when you occasionally indulge in chocolate and alcohol after your teenage years.

No. 916364

i love those posts where she was like "the fat goes to my boobs so it's a good thing" when in fact a year ago they looked bigger because she was slimmer. she really has one of those body types that just doesn't look good when gaining weight cus it doesn't distribute fat nicely, and she can't seem to realize this.

No. 916381

we get it, shay got fat, we don’t need people posting this shit every single day as if it’s news.

No. 916382

This is what happens to a lot of girls in their mid 20s. Until then they could eat whatever they wanted without working out and they stayed thin, but suddenly they start gaining weight and think they can't do anything about it because they're not used to moderating their consumption and working out. Add to that the lethargy that comes from daily blunts, the bloating from getting drunk several times a week and the possible side effects of psychiatric medication and constant stress, depression and anxiety, and boom, you've gained 50 kg in a year. Of course the only thing she's going to do about it is the easiest, which is stop taking her meds, because they're the only thing not bringing her instant gratification. Please Shayna, save up some money, stop doing sex work and degrading yourself, change your name, apologize to your parents and move in with them for a while until you can manage your emotions without drugs, learn to meditate, exercise and eat healthier, and try to learn who you really are, and love yourself. It's not really the end of the world if you did some dumb shit you're not proud of when you were a young adult. It will get better, and most of it will be forgotten in 10 years. But if you keep doing it year after year, it won't be as easy to start fresh.
(Esl here, thanks for bearing with me)

No. 916385

nta but seeing an actual comparison instead of "hehe she got fat" with no photos is a nice change.

No. 916401

she gained weight in her nipples

No. 916418

you can't gain weight in your nipples or areolas, retard. her areolas look larger probably because of the skin stretching.

No. 916426

it was a joke, can you chill the fuck out? jesus christ.

No. 916498

I've noticed before she always does her lower lip like that and I just can't fucking understand why it irritates me

No. 916500

These comparisons really drive home how much she's fallen. It's not just the weight either, she looks so desperate and deranged.

No. 916503

I really cannot believe how veiny her tits are. And just on one as well. Unfortunate

No. 916517

I want to feel bad for her because I can’t imagine having to broadcast my body to the world to pay my rent when I’m embarrassed and uncomfortable about it. Abject af

No. 916520

File: 1578771431142.jpeg (809.01 KB, 4000x3000, 4277005C-DA50-492F-923C-61F347…)

yeah but she’s not being forced to. it’s her own will. she even said on discoed a few days ago that her mom has basically begged her to come home and get some kind of real life experience for free.

No. 916522

File: 1578771584423.jpeg (293.59 KB, 1242x573, 02CEF6FF-6161-4FE4-97E6-5EB98B…)

…… loooooooool
Someone better tell her before the internet does

No. 916524

what the fuck does this even mean..???

No. 916534

I think most people would take the city clerk job over what Shay has to do. Did she forget she barely clears 3k a month and has to do all kinds of humiliating stuff to make that? At least her mom doesn't have tons of embarrassing photos and videos distributed all over the internet. At least she doesn't have a reputation as a lazy cam whore.

No. 916536

I love how she’s insulting her mom’s job as if Shay’s is sooooo much better. I bet your mom isn’t begging for rent money on the internet though?

I’m actually surprised her mom’s asking her to come back to live with her. I would’ve thought it would be her dad. She always made it seem like her mom wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with her. She got her those Disney on Ice tickets, emailed her job opportunities, gave her those clothes, bought her a bed, and she even still TALKS to Shay and yet Shay’s got nothing good to say about her. She hates her mom because her mom doesn’t approve of her doing sex work, that’s literally the only beef. Makes me sad.

Everyone’s said it a million times but I’ll chime in: SHAY, QUIT SEX WORK AND GO HOME. You’re miserable and unsuccessful. I know you’re probably still doing this out of spite and to not let the “haters” & your parents win but seriously, you’re spiraling out of control mentally and physically and at this point it’s not entertaining for anybody

No. 916545

I honestly want to believe that her mom may keep up with a thread here and there and even resorting to fake accounts just to keep up with her(due to being blocked by shayna on prob everything)
Her mom doesnt show being batshit crazy, her mom sees that her daughter is wrecking her fucking body for PENNIES while being both ENCOURAGED AND HUMILIATED by hundreds if not thousands of people. Her mom is out here working for the city clerk without a single struggle, Shayna.. Quit bashing your own mother.
Punching tiddies for pennies < comfortable job not worrying about next meal

No. 916551

>volunteering gets me no money and i have no selflessness

>i dont wanna live rent free

how can someone be this stupid and insufferable

No. 916552

>i prevent men from getting blue balls uwu . they jerk it to me. i'm doing so good

So, she wont volunteer for the good at a hospital, but she'll degrade herself to an object for pennies a day? got it

No. 916564

was thinking the same thing, she looks like a fat kid with moobs now, especially when she sits.

she also didn't account for all the free content she gives away on twitter or in her video previews.

No. 916568

WOW, I wonder how that makes her orbiters who work normal jobs feel? So you are better then them Shayna? Her mom's not harming herself, others, and doesn't have people who loathed her online.
Her mom can maintain a house, relationships and normal life. Her orbiters are SO dumb, Shayna putting down someone's normal job is her being a snob

No. 916569

Man. Sometimes i forget how much of a twat she is. She doesn’t have “empty nest syndrome” you dumb bitch. You’re her only daughter and she doesn’t want you reduced to a street walking whore. Like any mother doesn’t

No. 916570

File: 1578776261194.jpg (89.41 KB, 1080x652, Screenshot_20200111-215705_Twi…)

>GoNnA sMoKe LeSs WeEd

Sounds like it Shay.

No. 916572

File: 1578776443984.jpg (Spoiler Image, 320.1 KB, 1080x1835, Screenshot_20200111-220002_Twi…)

Shay retweeting loads of this lass, is this the backdrop she attempted to copy but failed miserably?

No. 916575

Id like to believe that too. But I don’t think that’s the case. When she first started out her mom found her tumblr blog but I think she said her brothers friends outed her? There’s no reason for her mom to look her up on the internet and I don’t think she talks about her internet haters when she’s invited over for the holidays. Also, fupas ex wife had NO idea what shayna really was and someone had to send the lolcow link to her. What i’m saying is I think someone would have to personally send the link to her parents, and if they did she’d probably go on a sperg rampage on twitter or discord about it.

No. 916595

holy fuck the mental instability and delusions of shay and this pathetic orbiter are too much i can't take it, i can feel my brain cells fucking expiring

No. 916596

Fucked back into her pussy??? Is it swollen or has she just never had sex

No. 916597

i sure hope she hasn't seen the thread at all, no mother would want to see her daughter like this. even if she was successful sex worker it would definitely be embarrassing to have her mother see her photos.

No. 916602

This literally only happens when you aren't aroused and wet
Which proves she just hates sex

No. 916606

i mean all she would have to do is google her name lol

No. 916607

Shayna seems to WANT to talk about that shit with her parents, I want to know what parts of sex work does she think would be appropriate to share with parents who are OBVIOUSLY against it?

No. 916610

Exactly. She just put out on her twitter for everyone to see that she hates sex.
Your pussy doesn't even have to be "fat" for that to happen. It's just lack of lubrication

No. 916613

Nah sis you got a dry purse

No. 916630

The fact that she thinks this way only shows that the only way is down for her. Anons often roast her camming skills like camming is something she should be doing, but it's clear that she uses it for attention more than anything else rather than work to make a living.

No. 916632

Yep, she even asked the chick where she got it from and then immediately purchased it for herself. But she's totally original, a true trendsetter.

No. 916635

If that happens it means you're unaroused and probably have saggy floppy grandma pussy lips. Gross.

No. 916636

File: 1578783335611.jpg (230.27 KB, 1079x712, Screenshot_20200111-165435_Twi…)

So more pedo porn?

No. 916637

File: 1578783384288.jpg (221.66 KB, 1080x709, Screenshot_20200111-165508_Twi…)

Your diet and smoking less is going SO well Shay

No. 916638

No. 916645


Wow, finally mentioning “Daddy” without anything sexual mentioned. Cue buttfucking tweet in 3…2…1…

No. 916647

lmao. with shay it's that her vagina just simply looks like a saggy deflated ballsack. but like every other part of her life she's delusional and lies to herself to console her ego so she twists it into having a "fat pussy" vomit

No. 916648

new tumblr? did her last one get taken down? after they disallowed nsfw content i don't even get why she had an account there.

No. 916651

Why does she miss what she never stopped? This shit is So gross. It really makes my skin crawl thinking of all the men like fupa who have kids & are into women acting like minors when they fuck them.

Like, imagine knowing ur boyfriend is into this shit and you have kids, with toys, pacifiers, diapers etc. laying around?

No. 916652

Girls got two top lips kek I can't with this lipstick application

No. 916656

i used to occasionally get pangs of sympathy for Shayna because her life is so sincerely bleak and void of meaning aside from getting high, eating junk food and humiliating herself on the internet. never again. she makes it abundantly clear that she is choosing this miserable life, away from family, friends and any other potentially positive influence, out of her own volition.

she isn't doing this because she has no choice, like so many other women who must resort to sex work because they really have no other options. her family, and her super-totally-terrible-no-good mother in particular, are ready to welcome her back with open arms, with a job and no burden of rent to boot. and yet, she refuses so she can keep parading her rank gash and fat gut on the internet for male attention. she is irredeemably self-absorbed and genuinely disgusting. she really deserves to live in the shithole she's willfully dug herself into. here's to more inevitable milk in 2020.

No. 916658

apparently she's always been a cunty retarded brickhead, i remember anons who allegedly went to high school with her said a long time ago (2 ish years i think?) that she was just a miserably bitchy rude idiot to all teachers no matter how nice they were and that she was just so shitty lol. shayna is a real worthless excuse for a person. i love seeing her get fatter, lazier and just overall worse over time because she deserves it. cannot WAIT to see what her "life" if you can even call it that will be like in 5-10 years.

No. 916664

Shayna has bragged about how shitty she was in school, she's the type who'd do anything for attention. She was probably the type to bully teachers and people she felt she could, but just talked shit about people she was scared of to her friends.
Just like she does on twitter today

No. 916677

Lol you aren't even exaggerating

No. 916682

Lmao seriously so much for cutting back on weed. Also I find it weird that she always says how many grams when it's big amounts. Like wtf. Call it in the fucking increments in relation to an oz like normal fucking people. This is like her "I have sex" posts I swear.

Also kinda doubt she got an oz and a half for $100 without getting absolute shit tier weed that won't do anything for someone with her tolerance. And lets just guess how long its gonna last her. A week? She didn't buy 5 carts though! So another dispensary run is gonna happen in a day or two.

No. 916687

Wow he spent like $20's on you. I love how suddenly he cares about her mental health. It's not like he hit her up like, "I'm hungry want to go out to eat?" I doubt he was thinking about her mental health. Probably was just hungry.

I do the same I feel bad but then I see how she treats her mom & other people, and I stop

You can tell he does so little for her because she brags EVERYTIME he does the smallest things

No. 916691

This comment fucking got me lmao

No. 916697

for real? Proof? I'd believe it with how hypocritical and dumb she is. Tacky pink drape with fairy lights over it. SUCH AESTHETIC. These cam hoes are all the same lol.
But its rich of Shay to make vague callout posts about others copying something generic like "daddy" kink shit, when she does things like this, THEN has the audacity to call herself creative and so original. ~nEw wOrK SpAce iTs So CuTe iM sUc H a gReAt DeCoRaTor gUiSe~

No. 916700

File: 1578791826600.png (1023.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200111-185329.png)

Hahahaha yoooooo she really be thinking lining her lip is a look tho? Someone come get this manlet chubby child with her pointy ass man boobs loooool

No. 916702

File: 1578792128217.jpg (57.71 KB, 719x327, Screenshot_20200111-172215_Chr…)

No. 916708

Does she ever realize that if she goes "viral" that means that the angry sex workers who hate her, are going to call her out more and more, then people are going to catch on and she'll REALLY have hundreds of people at her neck.

No. 916715

maybe if her twitter followers were real and/or people liked her she would have less trouble going "viral"

No. 916720

File: 1578794796537.jpg (289.04 KB, 1080x1073, Screenshot_20200111-200657_Twi…)

Lmao we'll see about that

No. 916721

File: 1578794830810.jpg (374.75 KB, 1080x1657, Screenshot_20200111-200637_Twi…)

No. 916724

>dear dolly

love how she only donated to post it on her twitter for praise lmao

No. 916730

If she was serious she would start right now. Why does it have to wait until Monday? You can see her failing before she even begins, keep setting yourself up for that Shay. Jesus.

No. 916731

>bursting at the seams
lmao watch your phrasing, shay

No. 916733

my guess is she ends up releasing a grand total of zero videos next week

No. 916742

She will do one. One trainwreck boring vid by the end of the week.

She just released one last night that's shes been working on for a week +, she needs time to relax guys geez.
Honestly if she releases another next week that's two this month so far, so she might break her own record!

No. 916754

she looks like a chubby 13 year old boy in drag and its so unsettling

No. 916756

File: 1578802472939.jpg (230.56 KB, 1080x769, Screenshot_20200111-221401_Twi…)

When is someone going to tell her she isn't funny or quirky?

No. 916757

Also, what happened to her "uwu I only do anal" moto

No. 916758

File: 1578802548411.jpg (263.55 KB, 1080x874, Screenshot_20200111-221342_Twi…)

Voting ends the 18th. She'll drop by then

No. 916760

right, it's not like she has anything going on besides editing all the pix she recently took. which apparently consists of just lazily blurring the background. she shouldn't even announce what she wants or is going to do; just make the content and then promote it when it's out ffs.

No. 916764

So I guess she just abandoned the other "sfw" tumblr she made? Irlbarbiedoll

No. 916765

Wow it’s almost like. Not being wet and having a fuckboy fuck you raw, you might have to spread so your labia doesn’t get caught

No. 916771

All that's on her new Tumblr account is stuff re blogged from her old one. So, not sure why she made a new one

No. 916774

File: 1578805893452.gif (Spoiler Image, 13.14 MB, 640x352, 7C50E18D-F795-4192-BF49-317B21…)

Here’s a gif of what’s to come. I’m uploading her 7 min video from of to Dropbox now, taking for fucking ever. It’s awful.

No. 916777

File: 1578806701725.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 253.93 KB, 750x1778, 7115F718-83CE-43D6-8867-D2AE76…)

She also posted these. I enlarged the second one, because I’m not trying to pussy sperg, but is that a tear from being unlubricated? I might just be seeing things

No. 916791

I definitely think that's a tear or something

No. 916795

Fucking OW

No. 916798

Looks like an open sore? This is weird

No. 916802

She probably clawed herself spreading her dry- I mean fat pussy during sex

No. 916806

>ass 2 mouth vid

She really gets trashier with every tweet. No class, and no hygiene.

No. 916807

That looks like an open sore, shays cognative dissonance never ceases to amaze

No. 916832

File: 1578820635674.gif (1.8 MB, 245x165, 24ED037F-7A49-4D24-B6B1-63DA97…)

>>916731 she was foreshadowing this tragedy… >>916777

her mind…

No. 916838

She just looks completely dead inside.

The cut isn't there in the first image. She probably did it to herself trying the spread her labia with her nails.

No. 916872


It honestly makes me so happy that her mother still loves her and cares about her, after all Shay has said and done. Apparently her teenage rebelling phase against her mom is just taking longer than some other people. As much as I love reading about her antics, I don't want her to end up on the streets when she finally loses everything.

But this shit is still ridiculous, like is she seriously thinking that she could still make retarded baby porn camming at her mom's age? Or even 5 years from now? Seriously?

No. 916884

you guys that are rooting for her are weird lol she could pack up and go home any day but chooses to live this weird embarrassing lifestyle instead

No. 916886

i sometimes wonder if she has such a trashy confined life style because she is depressed, but it feels more like she is depressed because of this life style that she just doesn't wanna fix.

No. 916892

I empathize with her because I used to be a lot like her at her age. Not as bad, but still, an immature, mentally unstable, cringy edgelord with mommy issues and a substance problem, thought I was the shit because men would pay to fuck me. I'm just really glad I woke up and got my life together at 25, and didn't fuck my life over even more. I hope she does too at some point very soon.

/projecting & blogposting(blogging)

No. 916895

I hate her so much, she is totally foul inside and out. The only reason I want her to get better is so her mother is happy, shayna alone can fuck off to hell for all I care.

No. 916917

Shayna plz

No. 916919

Riiiiight??? At this point, her mommy sperg is so damn faked and played out. You can tell in the discord pictures that she has to be reading those back saying "… That sounds dumb/stupid/unbelievable". Its like the instances in the thread where too many people start talking about her vagina and Mod steps in.. Lol you wanna intervene and be like "do you realize how fucking dumb you sound?"
But at the same time, its hilarious to me because all of this proves shes doing sex work because its who she is; A shut-in recluse who is catching karmas hands for all the crap she's thrown at other people (purchasing AND laughing at two lgbtq women persuing sw, keeping giveaway prizes and lying about where the gifts went, her age when she started camming, doxxing her own family.. The list carries)

No. 916928

File: 1578848734103.png (21.25 KB, 797x143, hh.PNG)

No. 916930

not wanting her to be on the streets is fair. how many people have lost everything before they had a chance to change their ways?

No. 916941

Honestly? the chances of Shayna being on the streets are very slim. She has parents who are probably constantly telling her to come home and she knows going home is ALWAYS a option.


everytime I read this I get more and more pissed off.
"I hate my mom because she judges my job!!!"
But then,
"Ha ha bitch you work at for the City Clerk shut up ma"

Also real cool of her to say what her mom even does. She cares more about her boyfriend's information getting out there, then her own mom.

No. 916945

Yea sure you've been discriminated against for your rats nest hair, Shayna. Shut the fuck up.

No. 916957

i thought she just didn't know how to spell Monica anon lol, don't think you can call that comment racist, just really catty.

No. 916968


Here’s her newest video. At the end she says “do you like that” and it abruptly cuts, because you need to tip 3 for the actual video. In the drop box vid it’s cut a second before that, I messed up trimming the file.

No. 916971

Monique is the French form of Monica, it’s not racist (sage for ot)

No. 916974

The notepad paper sign on the door and the fact she looks like a giantess in a cupboard, I am dead.

No. 916975

ooh it's french, i thought the anon who deleted their message said that it sounded racist because it was like an african american spelling of it. sage for overseas anon being out of the loop lol

No. 916979

She’s a terrible actress holy fuck. Everything is so cheap and tacky.

No. 916980

File: 1578855920960.jpeg (198.68 KB, 750x397, 46EAE261-A747-4087-B065-3C8D1A…)

for real, this is the goofiest shit I’ve ever seen lmaooo

No. 916981

If her mom makes fake accounts to keep up with her and posts on this thread that's disgusting and very weird and I'm sure she does because there's always some anon here to wk her mom saying how much she cares and all that.

That's probably where Shay gets her mental illness from.

No. 916983

Lmao ok Shay(hi cow)

No. 916987

Not Shay it's just weird af to say she obviously cares because she keeps up with a thread about her daughter and looks at her porn. That's weird. It's not caring. It's weird.

No. 916988

And saying "her mom doesn't show being batshit crazy" is dumb because no one has any info or screenshots about her mom. We know Jack shit about it so let's keep the thread about Shay and stop sperging and wk Shay's mom

No. 916990


i cannot get over the noises she makes whilst putting the dildo 2 inches into her mouth. surely this just makes her audience feel sick

No. 916991

>keeps up with a thread about her daughter and looks at her porn
we have no confirmation of this though, i don't get why you are saying this like it's certain. most likely she doesn't even know her account names so if she even wanted to check she probably couldn't find it.

No. 916994

I was responding to the anon saying her mom is working as at the city clerk and shows that she's not crazy while also implying that she keeps up with her thread and makes fake accounts to keep up with her

It's a really odd double take without having intricate knowledge of her mother first handand seems like a self post. My point is that if those things are indeed true, her mother is just as sick. There's no proof of her doing it, just like we don't have proof her mother isn't a fucking Trainwreck just like her daughter is

No. 916995

I mean if she google's Shayna's name Lolcow and Dolly mattel comes up. So it's possible she may know her sex work name,

No. 916997

It's literally the first thing that comes up

No. 916998

Amazingly unsexy, almost impressive actually. The greyish tint over everything and the gagging on an inch of ugly dildo, truly a comedy

No. 916999

oof, sorry anon misunderstood your post.

true, kinda assumed her mother to be not very tech savy and wouldn't think of doing that, but since its the first result it's very possible she knows her account names.

No. 917001

TBH if Shayna had anything she could post to prove her mom is the devil, come on anon she would. She's posted every single thing she thinks her mother has done wrong over the years. The fact all she has to say is, "She wants me to come home! She wanted me committed when i moved out suddenly! She doesn't like my job! She's a trump supporter! She went to work so I had to take care of my brother!"

Nothing, Shayna, her number 1 hater, has said, has made anyone feel that her mother is as crazy as Shayna.

The only reason people BROUGHT up Shayna's mom was Shayna was talking about her, so even if that anon had some dumb tinfoil, they weren't just bringing up her mom for the hell of it.

Shayna's mom hasn't shown anything to say she's this horrible person, Shayna on the other hand has, many times and has also shown her mother cares about her.
Many times.

No. 917008

Why doesn't she use her lips to suck dick? It looks like shes trying to give a blowjob with her teeth

No. 917012

File: 1578859266344.png (Spoiler Image, 193.13 KB, 551x307, Screenshot 2020-01-12 at 2.56.…)

This girl will never learn attractive angles for her ever growing fridge of a body.

No. 917015

File: 1578859475310.jpg (38.07 KB, 640x960, 5eb.jpg)

>"This dress is so tacky"

No, Shay. It's because your arms are too fat and the dress is too small.

I can't believe she left that part in the video. She's struggling to get out of the dress for 5 minutes wtf

No. 917016

she sounds so nervous. if i didn't know who she was, i'd guess this was her first ever porn. nothing about this seems like blackmail from her, which is what i thought the point was. unless the point is…he's blackmailing her? and the talking bit is way too long. if i was a dude getting off to this, i'd just skip the entire beginning.

No. 917018

I dont watch porn a lot or anything but another thing that she oughta know by now is angles with the dildo. Like keeping the bottom out of frame or on the ground to give the illusion to people watching that it's a dick attached to a dude like the plot is about. She starts out doing so but then feels the need to wave it around and shove it down her throat and choke on it, thus killing the fantasy more than her gags. Idk hopefully you get what I mean. It just seems like girls that are good at porn and are doing scenarios like this would make the dildo seem more dick like so Male viewers could picture themselves on the other end of it basically. Not a girl clearly fucking herself with some silicone pretending theres another person in the scene.

Then again her viewers are mostly orbiters and farmers so…

No. 917019

I thought it was funny because I feel she only said that because she realized from other peoples commentary how ugly it is and she was trying to be like "oh I totally didnt think it was cute!! I knew it was tacky!" When really it's like sis you picked out the dress and we all know you thought you were a ~lil pwincess~ in it nice attempt at a save.

No. 917029

Lol why is the sash blank? She could've easily taken some puffy paint and wrote something on it. I thought she was so "detail oriented" with her videos

No. 917032

File: 1578861435539.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.23 KB, 1080x685, Screenshot_20200112_193423.jpg)

How does her mons pubis have a fat roll

No. 917034

It doesn't??? Idk what you're looking at. Her pubic mound is fine. It's her gut above it, aka a FUPA

No. 917038

Also what doesn't make sense is she doesn't go back to the dressing room, just starts getting naked on stage? Kek

No. 917056

She's developing a fat girl coochie where the fat at the top of the pubis hangs over the vagina which doesn't get fat
She also has a fupa

No. 917057

she sounds so out of breath and awkward. i can't stop laughing, this is genuinely so cringe.

No. 917058

sorry to samefag but
"being pretty and funny just comes naturally to me, so I could just sit and daydream about your cock."

What does this even fucking mean

No. 917059

gut ≠ fupa
Gut is above the belt, fupa is below. directly above/on the mons pubis is where the fupa lives

Knowing Shayna she's not going to do anything to get back to her thinner weight, and she's not going to do anything to improve her "job performance" (aka learn what actually looks good) so we can expect her content to get scarier and scarier. she's too stubborn and not sober enough to actually make a change one way or the other

No. 917066

You can gain slight weight in your pubic mound but it's mostly genetic. she just has a gut. I've seen skinny chicks with fat pubic mounds because it's just how they're built, you can't lose weight there.

No. 917078

i think what she's trying to say is that she didn't have to make an effort with the beauty pagent, because she's so naturally "pretty and funny". so she could just fantasise about his dick on stage instead of putting thought into her answers. it is quite difficult to work out though, so i'm not entirely sure. don't blame you for being confused anon

No. 917079

yeah sorry but if anyone is truly indulging in shay's delusions and lies about how big and spooky and uguu abusive her mom is… you're an idiot. literally ALL shay has EVER posted about her mom is that "she's so awful! she keeps offering to let me live with her for free with zero bills to pay! and she doesn't support me tearing my holes up for ugly fat middle aged men online :((( oh oh and she's CONSERVATIVE!" that's it. if her mom had say, hit her, called her a whore or something actually harsh she'd never ever shut up about it. i don't think anyone should be like, overly white knighting her mom but it's very clear her mother is nowhere near the ~literal satan~ that shay dreams up and imagines.

No. 917084

Yep, noticed that too. Showing it's actually a plain old rubber dildo really kills the illusion and purpose and I don't understand how she does not realizes that by now.
I guess working angles to make it realistic is just to much work for her

No. 917086

She's pretty much confirmed it's the latter. There are tweets in previous threads saying that she's doing this out of spite.

No. 917088

The whole concept is stupid, she starts out asking someone to cheat for her so she can win, then says she wins regardless? It's fucking retarded. If you need to cheat to win a beauty contest clearly you're not effortlessly beautiful.

Also wtf is she wearing? Is this a beauty pageant from 1940? Has she seen any recent beauty pageants and what they tend to wear? She's so fucking lazy and her concepts are retarded.

No. 917097

She probably can't fit into the kind of dresses they wear in pageants now

No. 917110

I believe we are actually looking at stage: rock bottom now more than ever after watching this. It was was really difficult to watch in a way that made me more uncomfortable than anything else she’s shat out.

No. 917113


Jesus what a shit show she is

No. 917149

thanks i hate it

No. 917151


I don't think she knows the difference between blackmail and bribing.

No. 917153


Good point! Couldn't even bother to go back to the other "room"

No. 917159

I don't think we've seen rock bottom yet. I never thought she'd light fireworks from her asshole, yet here we are

What do you think rock bottom will be? Her mom flying out to scoop her off her floor?

No. 917160

she's been spiraling really fast in the last 3 months or so, she's definitely not at her rock bottom yet but 2020 will be the year for sure

No. 917162

File: 1578876948147.jpeg (72.31 KB, 527x619, C5991E46-D238-4F0A-A50F-66DDF2…)

ah yes, thriving

No. 917199

that piece of hair sticking up the whole time lol. i like how many times she said dressing room in the beginning b/c she doesn't know how to write dialogue and the cheap fabric fucking crinkling when she moved around on it.

can't wait to see the whole four videos she said she was going to put out this week.

No. 917200


These are workout lines

No. 917206

workout lines…? what are you on about?

No. 917209

Are you for real? My sides are in orbit. Thanks for the keks anon

No. 917211

oof that red nose and moon face. I wonder if she's started drinking from the moment she wakes up yet, we know she's seen wake+bakes every morning for the past 4+ years. I wonder when a "drink with breakfast" will become a regular thing, but I'm p sure it has already. Her morning trip to the convenience store for a sugar-filled vitamin water probably includes a nip or two

No. 917213

File: 1578882415383.jpg (40.79 KB, 400x373, 1414_1_Shawn_opposum_2785.jpg)



giving me major possum vibes with those scraggly whisker looking lashes, double chin, and expression, kek

how can she not like…see herself how other people see her? that whole video is so horrid…

No. 917216

>what are workout lines

Oh anon…

No. 917223

I’m laughing that anyone could think these unfortunate pockets of fat distribution are actually muscle definition created from working out.

No. 917225

am i missing something here? i’m not confused as to what they are, i’m confused as to why someone would think she has them. unless they’re referring to something else?

No. 917229

Pixyteri once called her fat rolls "workout lines." The more you know!

No. 917232

rip anon for your reference went over these babby's heads

No. 917233

thanks for the explanation. i don’t know the finer details of pt’s lore

No. 917239

Kek. Classic.

Fucking special needs porn. She should just market that instead. I’ll bet it’s untapped.

No. 917249

Didn’t she say that during her “skinny” days she’d just only drink wine all day instead of eat? Probably been substituted with 7/11 beer and munchie-craved nuggets.

No. 917264

God damn this has to be a troll. Is she really just so fucking unself aware. I’ve been following this cow from the deleted threads and she never fucking fails to make me physically gag.

No. 917277

This is such a classic cow moment, and it's depressing no one recognises one of the Queen's beat quotes.

No. 917278

you'd think lighting fireworks from her asshole would be rock bottom. Alas…

No. 917281

Don't you feel old too, anon?

No. 917288

File: 1578894698248.gif (81.78 KB, 300x100, B699AFC2-FD24-46C3-B378-FF1FDA…)

Rock bottom?! Shay is only just beginning to shine.

While she will never come close to the queen, she is definitely grade A lolcow material. And 2020 is shay’s year for sure. Maybe she will even make it to /pt/ if we all stay on our best behavior.

No. 917395

When she takes out the dildo and starts licking all over her damn face is top tier comedy gold

No. 917405

File: 1578928104252.jpg (Spoiler Image, 392.62 KB, 1070x1640, Screenshot_20200113_100716.jpg)

Of anon. Just saw the comments from "mark".

Can't wait for the Twitter meltdown over this.

No. 917406

File: 1578928126391.jpg (Spoiler Image, 337.46 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20200113_100701.jpg)

No. 917407

File: 1578928148045.jpg (Spoiler Image, 247.88 KB, 1056x1471, Screenshot_20200113_100730.jpg)

No. 917408

lol comments aside, what kind of blur tool hell is going on in this picture?

No. 917409

this mark dude sounds like an idiot, but makes me wonder, do her other subs complain about the quality of her videos? or is it really just mostly other sex workers who only sub to her to "support" her?

No. 917413

no idea why he would pay her for her onlyfans when she posts this kinda shit all over twitter. she's always flaunting her (probably self inflicted) bruises in an attempt to seem like the kinkiest kinkster of all time. not trying to defend shayna by any means but this guy's an idiot.

it's probably a mix of her orbiters along with degenerate men that love seeing desperate gross women degrade themselves for pennies. and hate followers possibly. her porn is just so poor quality and bad that i can't imagine anyone genuinely liking it other than those creeps.

No. 917429

File: 1578931155639.jpeg (392.79 KB, 1242x1460, 08B03696-3EE9-48F4-AE3D-FC6CD3…)

-Imagine putting this on your working account.
-Imagine if you'd just go home and disappear from the internet for awhile???

The simplest shit to fix when you're not really on bad terms with your familyshrugs

No. 917438

Because meds don't magically fix all issues, you actually have to do shit to get better. But that requires effort so there's that.

No. 917441

i dont know what medication she is specifically talking about here but plenty of meds interact with alcohol & i bet she isnt honest with her doctor about her drinking.

No. 917443

>i would do just about anything to make my nightmares stop
as long as that doesn't include binge drinking, smoking inordinate amounts of weed 24/7, changing my diet, or exercising

No. 917444

Lol I doubt she’s honest about anything with her therapist.

Shay would rather take “nightmare meds” and keep her brain drowned in alcohol and weed, than do therapy once a week to deal with her issues.

No. 917446

Also a lot of them cause nightmares

No. 917451

Hmmm…I wonder who you tell these things too instead of running to your work twitter where people JUST want to see ur naked body?

Maybe a boyfriend? Maybe friends? maybe a discord full of people chatting about mundane things? Maybe family?


No. 917454

she’s gotta try to squeeze out every possible drop of attention she could get

No. 917464

File: 1578936693089.jpeg (855.26 KB, 1242x1733, FF6B55CA-15AB-461B-9329-0F28D6…)

Bets it doesn't happen?

No. 917467

>make up is legit the last one on the list
damn she really thinks what she does with her make up requires a lot of time and effort lol. her braging about all the prep she has to do just makes me thing she is going to do even less than usual.

No. 917483

File: 1578939729192.jpeg (576.59 KB, 1242x1433, 70DC8C24-6754-45A0-8BB5-3656A4…)

Huh….. Poor mark. Being blasted for having an opinion. Professional move Shitna

No. 917487

calling out her own customers classy.

No. 917488

>gonna clap some alien cheeks in area 51
Shayna being months late to the hype as usual.

No. 917490

She had to refund $3 and is begging for it back from new people

No. 917491

Lets keep this on file for when she eventually vagues about this daddy of hers being abusive

No. 917492

and for when she calls out other sexworkers for putting their customers on blast or talks about hating callout culture

No. 917495

File: 1578940637462.jpeg (248.95 KB, 1242x543, 9B7DF040-EDF8-4C03-A6BB-F089F0…)

Oh don’t worry, that one AND this one are on file kek

No. 917500

She is so bothered by this, it's such a dumb thing to flip her shit about. She takes the smallest things and blows them up.

No. 917523

File: 1578943188784.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, CB12048A-3B45-4264-90B0-9B780A…)

LMAO shayna, please.

No. 917524

Oh my god, this bitch is unintentionally hilarious.

No. 917529

File: 1578943933943.gif (2.13 MB, 480x260, whosaidthat.gif)

bitch where

No. 917536

Loooooool I remember someone threads back saying her whisper-raspy babyshit of a voice sounded like a fake Ari .. is that who she’s referring to??

No. 917545

File: 1578944841541.jpeg (322.76 KB, 1242x738, F21D2F83-179E-4A12-982A-A536D7…)

her tweets can be rich, but her likes man…. her likes are absolutely riiiiich

No. 917570

Lmao dude what goes on in her head when she likes shit like this. Surely it's not " ah yeah i absolutely do this, lol so me you're so right ima like this ".

No. 917591

Shaytard, please go to the eye doctor because you’re fucking blind. Wait you can’t even drive or even have your own car lmao nvm

No. 917594

What's up with these social-media-based women wanting to imitate Ariana so much? I swear that's the third social media cow I've seen this year who was reaching to seem more like Ariana.

No. 917661

Because she’s a cute, small and thin superstar who has the money to buy expensive brand clothing and jewelry and some cows think their life is similar because they have a few thousand followers and old men buy them things.

No. 917662

File: 1578952164285.jpg (175.18 KB, 1080x591, Screenshot_20200113-154949_Twi…)

No. 917698

i think i am a bit refreshed to know that she is still going to therapy after her nightmare sperg earlier. good on her if true

No. 917721

File: 1578955191559.jpg (77.43 KB, 719x277, Screenshot_20200113-143819_Chr…)

not to armchair but the fact that she automatically turns to wanting to fuck her own asshole when faced with situations that make her feel uncomfortable is concerning and she should probably let her therapist know this. idk if anal is a helping coping mechanism shay jfc

No. 917724

lol she goes like once a month

No. 917726

sorry for the samefag but I meant healthy not helping

No. 917750

>doing research
oh, please. why does she act as if any of her content requires more than twenty minutes of preparation and more than two brain cells to create. she's going to stick a dildo in her ass, as usual, and spout the same five cringey lines of dialogue that she always does. the only thing that really changes in her videos is the ever increasing size of her gut.

No. 917780

File: 1578963539105.jpg (470.4 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20200113-185840_Twi…)


No. 917781

File: 1578963596861.jpg (377.51 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20200113-185916_Twi…)


So much kek. She will NOT follow through on deleting the app

No. 917783

File: 1578963660744.jpg (266.1 KB, 1080x1038, Screenshot_20200113-190111_Twi…)

Get ready for a cheap looking set as always

No. 917786

This bitch is straight up DELUSIONAL. does she not realize her following should be/is horny guys?? This is the ultimate turn off. No one gives a flying fuck about your mental health journey shay Jesus Christ

No. 917787

>"when i'm manic"

bitch you won't delete it because you won't realize you're manic.

No. 917792

why wait? twitter does her no favors regardless of whether she's manic or not

No. 917793

so shes gonna delete and reinstall the app every time she has a mood swing? ok lmao

No. 917794

why the fuck does she even share this stuff on her twitter? take it to the discord lmao why did you even create it?

No. 917797


Honestly like… she seems to be doing a lot better? Shay if you're taking our advice, you should get a part time normie job so you can get out of the house and give your BPD ass some semblance of a stable schedule.

No. 917799

she seems the exact same but with new mental health quirks

No. 917800

Love that she confuses her stupid temper tantrums with mania.

No. 917804

File: 1578965885322.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1504, 3BFD92E9-0ECB-4B33-8378-D34996…)

>>I spent years trying to figure out

…..it’s still gonna be shot from the floor you dumb cow lol like
Nothing was worth the wait because it’s not going to look any different

No. 917805

well it's only been one day so far so yeah she's going to play up her recovery in the beginning. it's just talk, after all. i will be surprised if she applies any of the advice the therapist gave her, otherwise she will be throwing a tantrum by next month

No. 917818

she’s been seeing a therapist for a while now and nothing has changed or will

No. 917820

Ariana girl, I'm so sorry.

No. 917823

File: 1578967459418.png (Spoiler Image, 7.52 MB, 1536x2048, EONHe2NWkAA5boQ.png)

it has some really weird dent in it? has been letting noodle chew on it or has it really been in shitty storage?

No. 917829

yeah those definitely look like bite marks lmao

No. 917836

So basically her dog got to it and now she's going to shove it up her dry vagina. Keeping it trashy I guess.

No. 917837

File: 1578969364423.jpg (411.75 KB, 1078x1350, Screenshot_20200113-203529_Twi…)

No. 917839

So then shouldn't she be deleting her Twitter app if she's "manic"

No. 917842


Is it just me, or would the tentacle dildo she has go better with the look of everything else?? Especially with the chew marks on this one like nasty.

No. 917843

Literally no one had any expectation for you to film this today, Shay. We all knew you’d come up with an excuse you lazy twat.

It’s funny how when she was at therapy, all she wanted to do was be home and film. And now, she’s home and has the opportunity to film and she would rather do anything else. Lol.

So this means you’ll be deleting your app then Shay? How convenient of her to have a sudden ~MaNiC EpiSoDe uwu~

No. 917844

She probably found it when Noodle sat next to her gnawing it…

No. 917845

All her pictures have such awful lighting, everything's so grey. Just bleak.

No. 917847

Not only are there chew marks it also looks discolored somehow and dingy…

No. 917849

Minipress/Prazosin (alpha blocker for high blood pressure) is used for the treatment of nightmares (often prescribed for people with PTSD). It does interact with alcohol and cannabis. Not sure if this is the one she is on though.

No. 917853

You know, this almost looks promising. Dungey dildo aside. But once Shay enters the frame with her nasty self and awful dialogue, it'll all be ruined. All on the floor.

No. 917854

She probably won't even get half of this in her

No. 917860

I'm not buying it. We know she doesn't know what manic really means because she uses it incorrectly all the time (people calling me out? my twitter spergs are just be being manic, not me feeling cornered and lashing out) but this one seems like such a lie. If she were manic she would be tweeting non-stop about how excited she is and how great her content is and a million other weird narcy things.

also she definitely thinks BPD stands for bipolar if she's still claiming to have manic episodes

No. 917864

ahahaha, i love how easily she can be caught in her lies. she couldn't even drape it nicely and would like to add on to laughing at the fact that she spent literal years making a decision for the background when it looks like this.

>i just wanna produce the best content i can
it will be the same tier effort and result as everything else she's done, why even pretend it might be 'the best' lol.

No. 917883

File: 1578976641768.jpeg (302.93 KB, 1242x577, 728F3273-1B1E-4162-A7A9-DDDF77…)

>>Such mania
>>2 stressed 4 it 2 B tha best
>>need porn clothes from amazon pls

No. 917888

File: 1578976957232.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.56 KB, 776x624, Screenshot_20200113_234053.jpg)

Of anon.
Posted vid from neck down, giving herself 50 smacks. She is a fridge.

No. 917892

it’s bizarre how quickly her entire body shape has changed

No. 917893

That backdrop just makes me feel uneasy, as does the fact that there’s zero lighting her and makes it look like she’s in a 1970s peep show booth

No. 917894

i love how her waist/stomach is becoming wider than her boobs bust and hips/ass lol. she's just so unfortunately built

No. 917895

Wots she talking about mania is the best state for executing your weird ideas

No. 917900

She said she found it last thread when her bf n her were cleaning her room. Probably didn't even clean it .

No. 917917

File: 1578981411576.gif (Spoiler Image, 7.89 MB, 640x1164, DA7E9F4F-C7CA-4E0D-B567-973EA9…)

Other of anon here. Video isn’t worth posting I don’t think so here’s a gif

No. 917918

okay special needs grandma…

No. 917920

She’s an idiot making shit up. She has no idea what she’s talking about. She doesn’t have bipolar or borderline pd. She’s just a lazy, entitled cunt using mental illness as a crutch.

~uwu I’m having a bad mental health day and can’t work. Pls send me monies so I can buy clothes for porn

No. 917921

File: 1578982321521.gif (975.43 KB, 417x250, E140D437-2DBF-4321-8B68-422A06…)

No. 917923

What in the ever-loving FUCK is she doing. Also didn’t she have like dark ass purple and black bruises like yesterday? Where did they go?

No. 917924

File: 1578982972743.jpeg (244.71 KB, 1242x631, BA21FE08-FA8B-4DD6-8234-819CA5…)

The absolute state of delusion

No. 917926


oh my god, this is so embarrassing that it physically made me recoil.

No. 917928

What. The. Fuck. How does this girl not know how to shake her ass? She shakes her whol body. Wtf!!!

No. 917933

Either it’s an old video or she put makeup on her ass so people don’t complain on her of anymore lmao

No. 917938

She thinks she's so quirky and not like the other girls but nothing about this is remotely attractive. The chicken arms she does while shaking kek.

Thank you as always for sharing these cursed videos of anon

No. 917940

File: 1578987201473.gif (427.29 KB, 220x135, FBA84BA8-A229-4C51-8763-665063…)

This might be the most revolting thing I’ve seen in a hot minute.

No. 917950

"shitty storage" name of her vag or asshole?

No. 917952

sorry anon uh i think you accidentally just leaked a gif from your grandma's trailer park porno.. i refuse to believe this is a 22 year old full time "sex worker" who brags about how perfect she is on twitter every day

No. 917961

File: 1578991732732.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 160x120, A743269B-976F-41B4-98F5-38EA7B…)

This’ll be Shayna in a week

No. 917966

why do they already have the same ass though? lol

No. 917979

Now that you say that it does look like she's doing the chicken dance

No. 917995

File: 1579003307662.png (29.39 KB, 728x174, Screenshot (200).png)

now shes saying she has bpd and bipolar instead of just getting them mixed up

No. 917996

File: 1579003361502.jpeg (746.06 KB, 4096x2304, 5D73E03A-15D0-4581-A568-A9C6C6…)

I’m late but I’m also surprised no one else made this reference

No. 918007

Well… at least the fabric looks kinda nice and interesting. Better than the pink one and it sorta matches the theme.

No. 918031

i honestly believe that she's never been to therapy or is on any medication? she showcases everything in her life and all we've seen is a pill case that she bought a long time ago, but no medication. i'm probably just tinfoiling, but if shay had the opportunity to post pictures of pills i think she would've already because ~i'M mEnTaLlY iLl Be NiCe 2 mE~. i agree with >>917920 in that she just claims that she has mental illnesses to use to her advantage and to get people to not call her out. she's not fucking manic. she's not bipolar or has bpd. shut up, shay.

No. 918039

what are these nebulous coping methods she keeps claiming to have learned? because she's clearly not employing any of them as per her breakdown yesterday.

also, i've never met a therapist who was so keen to dish out multiple serious diagnoses after only a few sessions with a client. i feel like she's really trying to coax her therapist into giving her an official stamp of insanity so she can run around being a horrific human being without consequence

No. 918042

I believe she’s on meds only because it’s really the only explanation for her sudden weight gain. Of course alcohol and eating shitty food everyday will have you gain weight but she put on 40 lbs practically overnight. I think she always ate shitty and drank a lot but her metabolism prevented her from gaining the weight super quickly. When you go on an antipsychotic you can gain 10+ lbs in the first month. I think her eating habits also don’t help whatsoever but I do think she’s on medication. Do I think it’s helping? Not at all

No. 918043

File: 1579013543479.png (1.08 MB, 1798x1080, 4AD64290-3460-487C-B4B6-E08AA7…)

I was lurking some of the older threads and found this. We were just talking about Shay’s relationship with her mom and making speculations so I thought this would be relevant. Her mom brought Shay on a vacation to Florida with her and Shay decked her mother’s boyfriend in the face. And she still has the audacity to sit here and trash her mom.

No. 918045

she's on birth control

No. 918046

This is seriously giving me Chris-chan vibes. Like that one video where he was dancing with his ass out in the Walmart dressing room.

No. 918049

File: 1579014290813.jpg (543.52 KB, 1080x1441, Screenshot_20200114-090450_Twi…)

Oh please, Shay

No. 918052

File: 1579015073993.jpg (158.85 KB, 1080x603, Screenshot_20200114-091751_Twi…)


Take your own word of advice when you have a Twitter melt down after people call you out

No. 918056

>>917495 oh look she does exactly that.

No. 918063

That backdrop looked ok on her phone pictures but looks like total ass on film and almost not worth the effort. The setup looks dim and creepy and not cool and futuristic. It’s hilarious how she brags about her eye for creating professional content but doesn’t know the basics about lighting. Inb4 someone buy me box lights off my wishlist so I can remake the video u guys!!!

No. 918084

I too was grounded for most of freshman and junior year and it doesn’t mean my parents were abusive

Phones and internet aren’t some human right

No. 918095

birth control pills shouldn't make her gain that much (tho i don't know if it's side effects get worse with the amount of alcohol and weed she consumes) and i wouldn't be surprised if she was actually diagnosed with depression and that's why she gets the pills.

No. 918099

Anon stop I thought this was her lel

I'm still laughing at this tweet, you might want to get tested for austism while you're there, Shayna

No. 918105


Oh my god I CAN'T with this bitch. Getting grounded for being caught doing drugs in high school is not abusive you absolute fucking moron. She is such an entitled twat, does she actually truly believe the shit that she says? No one can be this stupid can they?

No. 918109

Have you not seen how much she eats and drinks? And what type of food she consumes?If you're shoving that many calories into your body and never even getting out of bed, you'll store those calories. And that's how you get fat. Yeah, BC and medication can make you gain weight, but in Shay's case it'S clearly from eating like a pig.

No. 918118

File: 1579023473631.jpeg (962.75 KB, 3464x3464, 1068A8C3-0DD5-4570-B55F-140C2E…)

No. 918121

So….. Shes not mentally ill…. Shes lonely kek

No. 918140

She says that she only has three coping mechanisms and none are healthy. But here >>917995 she says she has better coping mechanisms that her therapist showed her. Just says whatever she needs to in order to illicit sympathy.

Stop smoking weed and drinking while on fucking mental health meds you sped.

No. 918149

I thought this was a fucking copypasta, there's no WAY this bitch is serious? This is proof if anyone needs one that Shayna cannot take any responsibility. There's not one thing that her mom did that's abusive in this story.
I love how she says, "i didn't want him alone with them" then gave NO reason as of why, because it's a fucking LIE. She's constantly pulling whatever she can out her ass, making it seem SO horrible to fit this narrative that she's not some spoiled white bitch who lost her SHIT because her mom fucking grounded her once?

No. 918150

I love how all criticism is seen as bullying.

No. 918152

so when she left home and finally was free of her abusive mom, her mental health started declining? Something doesn't add up

No. 918153

So she's in the discord saying she's not taking her meds anymore while she's having a manic episode. What an absolute dipshit. No wonder everyone leaves her. She's destructive and just blames everyone for her actions

No. 918154

File: 1579028867093.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3464x3464, 8ED536A6-5F53-48AD-9F0D-0173FF…)

sorry the collage is kind of a hot mess

No. 918155

So she's supposed to get her meds changed today and she decided to get on discord instead. What a joke.

No. 918156

Meds are never going to help her.
She wouldn't get diagnosed with something like bpd after a few visits with a therapist. Even bipolar is unlikely. Like I've said before, you can have some symptoms of disorders without actually having the disorder. But yeah, she just wants to latch on to whatever will get her attention and pity. Depression just isn't edgy enough and marketable like "Bipolar Bpd Barbeh". The only symptoms I see from her are fucking delusions and a shocking lack of self awareness.
Real talk her only issue is her SITUATION. AKA THE WAY SHE LIVES HER LIFE. sex work, lack of relationships except with gross dudes that only care about sex, living in squalor, requiring validation and money from others to be happy which all revolves around her job that she sucks at. Shes backed herself into this shitty isolated corner literally and figuratively.

If she had a part time job somewhere, it would really be good for her. She would spend less time on Twitter, because she wouldnt "need" to be on it and would have other things to fill her time, interact with REAL people in the real world, fucking move around outside, have steady income that wouldnt rely on her humiliating herself, etc.

She just refuses to see it. Shes got nothing after 4 years of this. Shes the lowest shes ever been. And shes not getting any younger. She wont give it up though, her ego cant take it.

Shes taken meds for a year and they havent helped clearly. Because it's all bs and she doesn't take them properly

Sorry for the wall of text. Also she gets the birth control shot which is the WORST one honestly. It makes you gain weight and gives you BAD MOOD SWINGS and shit. So she ought to discuss that with her therapist and women's doctor.

No. 918157

So… her response to her declining mental health is to stop taking her meds when she could be working out and bettering herself, maybe even getting a job somewhere and having actual human contact for once? The meds probably weren't even working from the amount of white claw she chugs a day but she's really taking a step backward.

No. 918158

A reminder that this girl has a "boyfriend" and a family begging to help her.
Honestly I feel like she does this when her and her boyfriend have a falling out.

I don't know why she feels people "use" it against her. When she constantly uses it to excuse her bad behaviors, so of course when she acts up people will go, "it's her mental illness" like she wants.

No. 918164

Yeah that has to be exhausting to deal with if how she reacts on social media is any indication. I bet she blames him for how she reacts to everything too. It's never Shay's fault

No. 918167

she said something about people "throwing her mania in her face" (in the very center of the collage) and how she'll use it as an excuse to stop her meds. it's either Fupa or the new boy, she doesn't talk to anyone else.

shitty of him if he did guilt her for mental illness, but I'm more inclined to believe they probably just told her to get help and her treatment clearly isn't working, and she took that to mean she should quit her meds and change nothing

honestly do believe she has BPD for things like this. she is relentless and I could imagine being in a relationship with her would be a never-ending cycle of cleaning her drunk ass of the floor and getting screamed at for having boundaries and wanting to have a life outside of her.

No. 918168

Did she have it thrown in her face or was it brought up because she was acting crazy(emoji)

No. 918169

I like how she just seems to ignore every one who’s trying to relate to her and she just continues to shoot off about herself.

Her issues are- she’s lonely. She has a “boyfriend” who isn’t really there for her, except her wretched puss and ass. She could be trying to get closer to her mom by talking to her about this shit. But she chooses to stick around orbiters because it's safe. She knows they’ll only suck her ass- where as her mom will be uwu so abusive and offer her a safe place to live rent free.

I used to feel a tiny bit sorry for her during the Fupa-saga but I’ve lost ALLLLLL sympathy. She deserves to be living in a fucking homeless shelter in her crusty unwashed pajamas.

No. 918171

they probably just told her to stop sperging on twitter 24/7 and she took it as an "attack on her mania"

No. 918174

yeah, they know shayna is crazy, so i don't feel too bad for the asshole, but we see how Shayna acts online and I think it's not easy to see her constantly doing fucked up things and then blaming her mental illness for it.

I feel like once her therapist tells her, her lifestyle, drinking, "Career" is bad for her mental health, Shayna will be trashing her on twitter.

It feels like whenever she agrues with this guy she does something reckless and posts it so he can see it and feel bad.

No. 918177

Because every time she has this "mania" she always goes, "I have no one else to talk too" meaning she's fallen out with that dude.

No. 918178

File: 1579031619679.png (174.62 KB, 760x828, Screenshot_20200114-143627.png)

newest excuse not to work is because she's gained weight. add it to the list alongside "there was a tornado warning for 10 minutes this afternoon" and "I had to buy weed". she won't do anything to change it, she'll just stop paying the bills and beg on Twitter once her power goes out

The second messages are after an orbiter suggested she join some discord servers for people with BPD, in order to talk about it and find helpful resources. she doesn't want to be in a server where she's not the special one. if she's treated just like everyone else in the server, what's the point?

No. 918179

so she doesn't want to cam or make videos because she's fat now but she also doesn't want to quit her "job"? pick a lane, shayna. you can't beg forever. also i thought she was coming out with 4 videos this week? so far we have zero, as i predicted.

No. 918181

she probably doesn't want to join a bipolar/bpd group because she hasn't legitimately been diagnosed and is afraid they will catch on after talking to her kek

No. 918190

Considering her poor personal hygiene, squalid living conditions and lack of motivation to do anything I wouldn't be surprised if she did have actual depression. If it is depression why doesn't she do a google search and learn that there are antidepressants that don't have weight gain as a side effect. SRIs and SSNRIs exist.

No. 918213

What psychiatrist diagnoses a patient

No. 918216

that's literally their job. maybe you're confusing them with therapists, who do not diagnose patients. it's also possible for your psychiatrist to provide therapy.

this part of her story seems consistent at least, plus she said she had an appointment to change her meds but "had a bad morning" i.e. was probably too hungover and ashamed to order an Uber.

No. 918217

Sorry, my browser froze. What psychiatrist diagnoses a patient with bipolar disorder, when said patient is takes birth control shots?! Those shots cause extreme mood swings, anxiety and other terrible side effects, which is why it's illegal in my country. Shay, if you're reading this, please don't take any more bc shots, switch to the implant or an iud instead.

No. 918222

I get why anons are shitting on her, but I think this could be a turning point for her. She sounds like she's realizing her behavior is making her miserable, not anything external. If her therapist manages to convince her to delete twitter, stop whoring herself out and at least stay on her meds, Shay might have a chance.

No. 918224

her realizations aren't going to help her situation if she continues to make herself the victim of literally all of her circumstances when she has tons of easy ways out

No. 918225

Absolutely agree. She refuses to fix her life because that would require getting a part time job and she can't have that cause she has some psycho vendetta against lolcow and her mother. She literally said in her two whole ass episodes of Dolly Mattel-ivision (an idea that she once again abandoned) that she has continued sex work out of SPITE and PETTINESS. Not because she loves it and has a talent for it. Which is honestly fucking pathetic. I can't imagine living my life so concerned about what other people think of me and admitting that some of them were right to the point of absolutely destroying my life and letting mental illness run rampant.
She's ruining her own life and she's so far up her own ass that she can't humble herself and see the steps to take to dig herself out.

No. 918230

File: 1579039320355.png (347.28 KB, 2048x565, Screenshot_20200114-170138.png)

And whose fault is that? Get off your flabby ass, bitch.

No. 918232

It's sad after 4 years she's finally seeming to somewhat realize what a mess her life is. It's sad that she was doing better with Fupa and Fupa is a asshole, but at least he pressured her to do SOMETHING.

seems Shayna needs guidence, hmmm..I wonder where she could get that from?

No. 918236

kinda sad because i don’t know if shay realizes that if she stopped oversharing and embarrassing herself, which is 99% of the milk she has, there would be no more threads on her. we’ve had tons of cows fade into obscurity never to be mentioned again, and that’s always been because they stopped being milky. just stop sabotaging yourself and shit will get better shay

No. 918242

That’s a lie- shay doesn’t touch herself unless it’s work related.

Also…booooohooooo you’re not smart enough to save your pennies for a con and plane ticket? I’ve never known someone to fail so hard at life. There are junkies and homeless people that hustle harder and work for what they want.

No. 918245

are you new or something? She has this "turning point" every time she goes to therapy. Nothing ever comes out of it. Don't be naive. Not so long ago she said she's going to stop oversharing on Twitter and be 100% professional and here she is, oversharing about her mental illness. She's full of shit anon, she's always been.

No. 918247

something i just realized: shay is such a perfect example of that one bitch almost every high school has, that weed smoking uwu stoner cool girl with either dreads or curly matted hair who constantly does drugs at school, skips class, is rich and spoiled therefore they don't have a worry or care in the world and who drones on and on about how evil and abusive their wealthy upper middle class parents are for grounding them lol. she was such a cringy caricuture, sad how she still won't grow up

No. 918248

Making a big ass list and not doing anything on that list? Sounds to me like she's just fucking lazy lmao. Or at most she has depression.
If she was really manic she would've just done all those things

No. 918250

File: 1579042835768.jpg (519.04 KB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20200114-170027_Twi…)


Yeah Shay, you had it "made"

No. 918251

Actually one of the symptoms of mania is starting or planning multiple projects and not actually finishing them. Mania doesn't always equal productivity

No. 918252

File: 1579042889595.jpg (366.41 KB, 1080x1233, Screenshot_20200114-170152_Twi…)

No. 918253

What happened to the only job she ever had was an Olive Garden waitress and she walked out?

No. 918254

File: 1579042983651.jpg (231.73 KB, 1080x781, Screenshot_20200114-170325_Twi…)

This video is NEVER happening

No. 918255

all that shit on discord just to do NOTHING.

No. 918256

don't forget all the minors you subjected to it

No. 918257

>"i'm so sad i've gained weight :((("

>"orders chik-fil-a

shay what the fuck are you doing?

No. 918258

Because she'd rather blame mental illness and other people aka whoever triggered her for her lack of motivation instead of coming to terms with the fact that she's a lazy pos. It's not your bfs fault you sit on your ass all day and eat and pout.

No. 918259

She's fucking delusional

No. 918262

i'm so glad that shay won favorite cow in the lolcow awards because she has seriously, somehow, been losing brain cells lately and especially in the last few weeks, she is just acting like the biggest fucking absolute retard of all time. everything she tweets or says in the discord is a pathetic joke. 2020 is already proving to be the year that her idiocy hits rock bottom (i think.. but she always manages to go lower) i don't know if it's just me but she seems to really be getting more delusional and she can just never ever put 2 and 2 together, so so dumb 24/7.

i also still love how before she kept bragging about her ~blueberries and turkey~ and her ~trips to the gym~, protein powder etc and that lasted barely a week.. and now she pretends that never happened, openly admits she's putting off work laying in bed all day smoking weed, eating greasy fattening food, and watching her so quirky true crime shows. cant wait to see her hit 200 pounds soon! congratulations shay

No. 918263


Shay either accept your lifestyle choices will make you porky or change it.

Fat girls make money from porn too but insecurity doesn't.

No. 918264

But that's why just a few months ago you were charging $100 for it? I feel bad for the newbie sex workers who paid for that scam.

No. 918270

File: 1579045263741.jpeg (358.17 KB, 1242x959, 7F3F7B2C-19C7-4E24-977B-2B95F4…)

That’s not how it works Shay. You put your and in/nominate yourself, or your agency does it, and then work your fan base to vote for you.

No. 918277

Is she really stupid enough to think the only people who go to avn are those who got nominated?

No. 918283

Maybe one year you’ll work hard, get on cam regularly, build up a legit following, film quality content and stop using your business twitter to talk about your insecurities and how fat you are.

Then, maybe…just maybe, you’d deserve to be nominated for something. But being a lazy fat entitled slob, unfortunately, isn’t anything to be nominated for. Because if there was a category for “worst sex worker”, I’d fucking nominate you in a heart beat.

I’d say a good half of anons here aren’t sex workers, but could probably be better sex workers than Shay, just because they’re learning from Shays mistakes, and what not to do as a SWer.

No. 918285

I hate being this person but any decent psychiatrist won’t diagnose BPD and Bipolar at the same time, it’s either one or the other, they mimic each other but have a big differences. I truly don’t think she has either and she’s just trying to get in on the “big scary mental illness” train.

No. 918286

She’s been doing this for 4 years and doesn’t understand how AVN awards work? If she was truly trying to be the star she claims she is wouldn’t she be already nominating herself etc?

No. 918288

lmfao bullshit, you can be diagnosed with both and pls gtfo with the medfagging. sage for ot.

No. 918290

She isn’t even seeing a psychiatrist though, right? Also I really truly believe she’s seeing like an LPC or a student psyc or something bc it does not make sense for them to be diagnosing her with EVERYTHING.

Mostly tinfoil and sorry to armchair but fr all signs point to shes not seeing an actual doctor, psychiatrist or psychotherapist at this point.

No. 918291

File: 1579048623158.jpeg (746.46 KB, 4000x3000, 5D0E6CB8-22BB-47B8-86AD-99D587…)

No. 918292

never gets old to me when someone says their reason for saging but can’t actually do it right kek

No. 918294

Anytime she fucks up she claims it's because she's manic. Mania doesn't happen like that. You have it, sometimes for a little while like a week, and then you go into depression mode. Then back to mania. It doesn't just randomly pop up one hour and go away the next.

No. 918297

Remember when she used to always post her tips, when she’d get like $100-$250 at a time? Sure has been a minute since she did that. Wonder if her dad finally cut her off lol

No. 918298

Did she ever set up the bed her abusive mom bought for her struggling ass? I would be depressed as shit too if I slept every night on a bed too god damn small for me

No. 918299

LOL fuck that's so true. also since she got a "boyfriend" she hasn't posted almost literally any tips at all or any money amounts from alleged paying male customers. either her now "boyfriend" was the one always tipping before maybe or her dad quit sending her money lol.

No. 918302


No. 918308

She literally just did like a few days ago??

No. 918321

Yeah that tinfoil is dumb she's been posting screenshots of $100 and $200 tips this week. Just stop already. Her bf isn't tipping her and she's not dating a customer if she's dating anyone at all

No. 918323

I'm starting to think Shay's mom posts in this thread. Another anon said it the other day and there certainly is a mommy wk popping up a lot rn

No. 918324

She’s not manic, if she were she would be more active and not sleeping. It almost sounds more like anxiety over wanting to make videos but knowing that her body looks like shit so she’s self sabotaging and putting it off while berating herself in her mind. Anxiety is not mania lol.

Also it’s possible (but gross) to eat mostly fast food and lose weight if you’re strict about calories…one of the few times I ever went over 125lbs was when I was deluding myself that eating “healthy food” alone would result in weight loss but I was eating however much of it I wanted. But of course Shay doesn’t care about either portion control or health.

Sry for blogpost and lite anachanning(no1curr)

No. 918325

this is an absolutely retarded tinfoil even by this thread’s standards

No. 918332

Nta but, it's not that big of a stretch. It's normal to want to know what your kid is up to, for better or worse. She knows how Shayna is. Looking here and seeing what's going on is probably a lot less horrifying than letting her imagination run wild. She birthed this mess, it's no more disturbing than looking in the toilet after you take a dump

No. 918333

Lmao y’all are fucking wild thinking her mom posts in here, just because most of us agree that Shays mom clearly cares about her daughter. Shay bitches about her mom all the fucking time being abusive, so we point out how not-abusive she is and how spoiled Shay is.

In what fantasy land does that equate to Shays mom posting here? Boomers are easy to spot and likely Shays mom has no idea how to use or lurk this site.

No. 918338

The op of the comment a few days ago said shays mom could've popped in to look at a thread or two and people are acting like they said her mom avidly posts here?

No. 918339

The wking of Shayna's mom isn't "She's a great mom, oh I love her!" it's simply pointing out how SHAYNA'S full of shit and has no true reason other than being a spoiled angry brat to dislike her mom.
You'd think it'd be people posting love letters the way some people act about it lately. People aren't randomly bringing up Shayna's mom.

No. 918341

She’s been doing this for 4 years and doesn’t understand how AVN awards work? If she was truly trying to be the star she claims she is wouldn’t she be already nominating herself etc?

No. 918342

Shays mom be in the thread like, Damn bitch still got the same diaper rash

No. 918357

File: 1579057476003.jpeg (126.07 KB, 750x558, 6B8415B5-DFA0-4AFE-9723-B33647…)

No. 918358

Looks like someone did some dumb shit and tried to blame it on being manic.

No. 918361

File: 1579057955250.jpg (327.47 KB, 1080x1178, Screenshot_20200114-211221_Twi…)

It's HILARIOUS that Shay liked this

No. 918362

(Tinfoil??) tbh I think she's had multiple flings since fupa. The first one (who "collared" her, kek) broke up with her, than she got a new fuck buddy who ended things with her, and now I think she has yet another fuck buddy who she thinks is her boyfriend.

I don't think any of them have actually been her boyfriend, just fuck buddies and that's why she doesn't want to show them. Because if it was actually her boyfriend she'd do anything to show him off. Either that or she has multiple fuck buddies at once, I wouldn't put it past her.

No. 918363

wow, just wow, shayna. she likes this while making up excuses constantly about her "mental illness" and asking people to tip to "make her feel better".

Shayna you are the queen of begging for donations.

No. 918364

So if she isn't talking about Fupa, I was right, all this bullshit happened because she fell out with her boyfriend. If they get back togeather or she gets a new guy, she's going to be happy go lucky again.

No. 918366

therapists cant diagnose mental illnesses, psychiatrists do that. its pretty unprofessional of a therapist to imply such a serious mental illness after only a few times speaking to a patient

No. 918367

therapists can give preliminary diagnosis and mention it on patient charts for a psychiatrist to look over. Most therapists and psychiatrists work with each other to get the correct diagnosis for a patient, unless the psych is also a therapist, which does happen as well.

No. 918368

did… she admit to be narcissistic??

No. 918369

same anon but any preliminary diagnosis or speculation shouldn't be taken as a definitive diagnosis. Shayna just wants to be mentally ill so badly she'll latch onto any buzzword the therapist says, then go home and look up all the symptoms and try and mimic them.

No. 918371

honestly at this point it seems like she just latches on to whatever anons here seem to label her with

No. 918372

weird thing is that narcissistic behavior isnt normally a symptom/trait found in those with BPD.

I truly think she has NPD, based on her delusional thinking, the way she acts when things don't go in her favor, her impulsive behavior, her crazy acts to get attention("my mom is abusive" "I have serious trauma" "my ex was abusive" "I'm gonna go kill myself since people don't agree with me" etc), and the fact that she doesn't think she needs to change anything about her lifestyle or behavior but everyone around her needs to change. She also surrounds herself with yes men who coddle her and feed her delusions.

No. 918374

No. 918384

File: 1579061398951.jpeg (728.87 KB, 4000x3000, A36C350B-55C3-4AB6-BA11-EFFEB4…)

No. 918385

When is she going to out her bed up??

No. 918388

More like rat nest buns. Wretched lmao.

No. 918393

"hello police? I want to report grand theft chin"

wtf is this pose and why would she put it out in public

No. 918395

she looks like one of those skinny white bitches who talk mad shit but get their ass beat in the mcdonalds parking lot

No. 918417


Her Discord seems utterly depressing. I'm getting the feeling that when she's not complimenting herself, she's bitching and moaning. I don't think she knows how to have a conversation. Based on these screens, I'd say she hasn't the slightest notion of reciprocity. It almost seems like she's talking AT her flock instead of talking to them. She seems REALLY self-centered.

And I don't believe she's on medication because, like another anon suggested, she'd have taken photos of the pills (Luna-style). She'd flaunt and complain "ugh, breakfast" with photos of pills on her tongue or in her hand. When someone discusses medication as often as Shaytard, they're going to eventually say the name of the drug(s). She's never mentioned it, because she doesn't know what medications would be appropriate to name (because she isn't on anything).

She also says "talk to my prescriber". She's never mentioned ever seeing a licensed doctor.

What you're seeing is a spoiled, self-absorbed brat. People in manic episodes don't know they're fucked-out, and end up walking around naked thinking they're the second coming or drowning their children because God told them to. Or on the milder side, ripping apart their roof because they intend to re-shingle and abandoning it halfway through. She has no IDEA what a real manic state is like.

No. 918418

Your poor description of mania is not even close to what a manic episode is like. Stop medfagging. People going through manic episodes aren't in psychosis which is what you're describing. We've literally seen pictures of her med case and her meds when she first got on them so I don't think that it's really being debated that she's on medication.

No. 918419


Shay's idea of a manic episode is freaking out in her tiny apartment because something didn't go her way. It's never spontaneous, just look at her history–her "mania" is always the direct result of a perceived disappointment.

Getting all bent out of shape because you planned to work and the reality of following through weighing heavy is what happens when you're a soft little brat who never learned about taking responsibility.

No. 918420

And Shayna absolutely walks around naked thinking that she's the second coming she's the most narcissistic and delusional person I've ever seen. She literally has narcissistic personality disorder or some sort of personality disorder(armchair)

No. 918421

File: 1579071751520.jpg (41.68 KB, 453x599, iml00115d8z31.jpg)

Shitposting but wow looking at this pic she reminds me of Chin-chan

No. 918423


Post the pics if you're going to bring them up. I'm saying she's not on any meds, and you're saying she is… so prove me wrong. Also, get familiar with Bipolar because psychosis happens during manic episodes for many of its sufferers. Mania isn't all cute and cheery ~~~gettin shit donneeeee~~~. It can be very ugly.

No. 918438

take out the skinny part and you'd be correct

No. 918441

File: 1579077254488.jpg (217.19 KB, 1080x1295, Screenshot_20200115_033205.jpg)


No. 918442

File: 1579077275519.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 306.15 KB, 2048x1152, EOTrFpQWAAUQX-n.jpeg)

No. 918443

File: 1579077300554.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 243.55 KB, 867x1024, EOTGv1vXkAAJBdn.jpeg)

No. 918445

Omg why does she not understand you cant just throw every shade of pink together and think it's good. Attention to detail my ass. The outfit is tacky but she should have ditched that singlet or whatever light pink thing thats going on underneath and just done all the neon stuff and titty jewels. The bulging also ain't cute.

This vid is going to be a serious trainwreck lmao a new low to start the new year.

No. 918446

I imagine she was probably getting in her mothers face aggressively because of weed withdrawals, and the boyfriend got between them because he doesn’t want his gf to get tetanus after being swiped in the face with her Walmart claws.

No. 918447

Or honestly just the singlet and the shoes. Maybe nude colored fishnets with the jewels. She put too much shit on and none of it fits or matches.

No. 918448

File: 1579078064003.gif (6.01 MB, 360x270, CD9B9DA9-6AE4-48A4-9366-11D033…)

Gibby is sexier honestly

No. 918456

File: 1579080249445.gif (13.67 MB, 600x1067, 9E7A7663-521C-43E9-8687-E0F274…)

mom can you pick me up I’m scared

No. 918457

oh my god someone come get their heavyset drunk middle aged uncle, he's dressing in drag again!

No. 918459


she really looks unhingend, its scary that she's been going down so fast lately.

(also sorry to bring it up again, but what therapist/doctor would diagnose someone who's clearly never sober?)

No. 918463

Wow. She had to have this skirt altered to fit her. The triangular side panels and waistband weren’t there originally. She literally had to add about four inches to the waist.

No. 918465

Wow. She had to have this skirt altered to fit her. The triangular side panels and waistband weren’t there originally. She literally had to add about four inches to the waist.

No. 918466

I highly doubt she paid money to get it altered and I hope you’re not suggesting Shayna can sew

No. 918467

its a panel of stretch fabric added to the pvc to work like an elastic waistband since pvc is fucking unstretchable plastic. lets be real anon, shay would never put that much effort into anything.

No. 918468

Really wish people would stop making blanket statements about what mental illness symptoms are "like". Some people with bipolar II do experience manics that peak for an hour or so then abate. What makes it impossible to tell with Shitna is that she drinks too much, smokes weed, is inconsistent with meds, and lives a miserable life that would make most people feel emotionally unstable. If she sorted all that out and still felt/acted like this then it would be easier to believe she has bipolar.

No. 918473

File: 1579088735525.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.68 KB, 768x1024, EOTiBjTXUAAcunA.jpg)

She's Squidward, she says

No. 918484

File: 1579091510873.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200115-132030.png)

For having "gotten tumblr famous for being a hot stoner gurl" she can't even make decent faces while smoking

No. 918489

File: 1579091970006.jpg (Spoiler Image, 565.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200115-133746_Twi…)

This shit is so cringe.

Her stuffing herself into the outfit she bought over a year ago is embarrassing.

Someone post the old picture when she first bought this stuff, I want to see the difference.

No. 918495

File: 1579093968626.png (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 750x1334, wowowow.png)

No. 918496

Her eyes look absolutely dead and soulless

No. 918497

wew those deffo look like teeth marks on the dildo

No. 918503

File: 1579096930812.jpg (Spoiler Image, 249.4 KB, 1080x1350, Collage 2020-01-15 09_01_48.jp…)

Of anon.

I felt like I was watching a special needs kid spaz the fuck out.

Girl is fried.

No. 918505

File: 1579097153361.jpg (219.31 KB, 1080x1620, Collage 2020-01-15 09_05_55.jp…)

Shayna, check yourself in girl

No. 918507

File: 1579097390277.jpg (156.95 KB, 1072x605, Screenshot_20200115-080948_Twi…)

Yeah you definitely "made a mess of cum" Shay

No. 918509

What was she doing?

No. 918520

The teeth marks and little black dog hairs on the dildo really sell the rock bottom narrative for me.

Did she use craft paint or something on her skin? Looks like she used acrylic paint and it’s peeling on her chin. Shit looks crusty and gross. Also laughing at her low tier low effort body paint designs on her arm and chest.

She always makes this one face when she blows out the smoke. It’s the ugliest face ever and I honestly don’t get why she does it. It’s like a face you make when you stub your toe. I get she’s trying to make the smoke billow out in a large cloud, but there’s ways to accomplish that without lookin g like a massive tard. Whatever. She deserves to look like a fucking mess.

She should have done porn from the neck down. Or covered her face somehow. Her body isn’t banging, but she had a decent skinny-porn body.

Her eyebrows have always been tragic tho, jfc. At least here they’re closer together but god damn. Get it together girl.

No. 918523

Such high quality porn. You can tell it’s been in the works for a year. Truly worth the wait

No. 918529

>it won't fit
>my asshole is bleeding

Maybe because you have no concept of prep? You just shove things in dry and likely don't even clean them.

I can't believe she even tried to use this after her dog chewed on it and left holes in it. That and there's not a speck of lube on it.

No. 918535

So she wants to win anal star of the year but can't even manage to get a slightly bigger dildo in her ass? Wow

No. 918537

"I take so much time thinking of concepts, makeup designs, outfits, I'm very very detail oriented, a total perfectionist"

Rubs some rave makeup on her face and calls it outer space. I'm dead. Of she didn't boast so much about how perfect and detail oriented she wasn't wouldn't nitpick but she really did this to herself. It makes it that much more noticeable how much she half asses everything.

And what happened to the original outfit she bought from dolls kill that was ridiculously expensive so she had to beg for it? Did she lose that too?

No. 918538

that thing is going to pop open like a can of biscuits any second

No. 918539

There's gonna be 5+ minutes of video of her just attempting to get out of it, kek

No. 918541

this chick is spiraling hard. she needs to go back home, seriously.

No. 918547

File: 1579104764404.jpeg (98.46 KB, 600x428, 10F26712-BF83-430F-9C53-3B4ED9…)

Here’s a side by side comparison.
All I can say is… oof.

No. 918548

File: 1579104915539.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 68.64 KB, 510x438, 7EC173FF-2C20-43C8-814B-12E2E8…)

Another angle, sage for being basically the same pic

No. 918554

I can’t want til she gets more flabby because what’s she gonna do? Work out and diet? She’s tried that multiple times and doesn’t even stick to it and goes back to begging for cheeseburgers

No. 918555

is there really a market for girls taking bong rips in porn? I swear all she does is stick something up her ass and smoke

No. 918557

the funny thing is that i remember it being discussed that it actually looked too big for her on the left kek

No. 918580

The singlet actually was a bit big on her, it wasn't skin tight and she still had room to move. The skirt fit perfectly. Now it's just busting at the seams like a can of biscuits.

No. 918582

Pretty sure that's a leg wrap on her arm… like she probably bought leg wraps and realized they are too small to fit her legs. This whole outfit and video is just bleak. Give it up and go home Shay.

No. 918585

File: 1579109049595.png (907.57 KB, 2048x575, Screenshot_20200115-122309.png)

Ahh yes, so cute, laughing at your panicked dog after you take a video confining them to a closet.


No. 918586

File: 1579109159522.jpeg (146.97 KB, 879x1024, EOTGvfpXkAAALVM.jpeg)

this is just sad to look at, especially after how much she hypes up how much thought and detail she puts into everything. This shit was thrown together in an hour, max.

No. 918590

since she had the outfit from ages ago, the only things she bought recently were the background fabric, which she even said is too small so no thought there, the paint which is really shitty quality and prolly not even body paint and the pasties which are just tacky. so yep, absolutely no thought put into this.

No. 918594

the blur tool really doesn't do her any favors, she better leave it alone. i can't tell if it's glitter or grease on her tits. it looks like she's got flakes in her hair, too. hopefully her next vid is in the shower

No. 918601

Well if anything her tits look like alien lifeforms

No. 918602

File: 1579111368176.png (250.35 KB, 760x1074, Screenshot_20200115-124048.png)

she confirms she wears press-on nails. "across the street" is also where she goes to get her sugary drinks for breakfast every morning. It's pretty obvious when you zoom in on >>918586 so all her ~nail daddies~ are just paying for weed and booze

this shit is so evil. I couldn't even watch the whole video. who intentionally causes their dog distress and then laughs at them? poor Noodle deserves someone who will put on the effort to train her properly. couldn't go in her crate because as we see here >>918442 Shayna doesn't have any furniture so she has to use it on "set" (the floor where she films all her videos.)

despite the obvious weight gain (her boobs don't fit into the bodysuit anymore, that's why she added the pasties) these could have been taken in the same empty, dirty room. where is the success, Shatna? what do you have to show for 4.5 years at this? where is the growth? and I'm not just talking about your waistline.

get serious help. don't just try to medicate the bad moods away. CHANGE your life, so you have fewer things to feel bad about. you're trying to bail out a boat full of holes. you're still sinking.

No. 918611

The bodysuit really just reminds me of a dog harness

No. 918617

I am no expert, but I don't think she got any body paint. She probably used makeup, judging by the smudging

No. 918618

Noodle is running around the house you can tell because she runs from the hall to the other room so it appears she's filming this is in the bedroom. Noodle isn't in a closet anon

No. 918623

I just saw her with the door and figured she was either putting noodle out on the porch/weird backyard area like she's done before, or it was a closet, I couldn't tell.

Either way laughing about your dog panicking isn't funny or cute.

No. 918634

Omg good one

Oh yeah I forgot she had this outfit planned over a year ago. Then she just threw more tacky neon shit on? Wow such effort. The "paint" kills me. She couldnt google some alien symbols and do it with real body paint nicely? After tweeting she was stressing about details and doing research girl shut up. You dont even know how to dress yourself much less add details. Should just be the singlet and pasties and shoes. But now she doesn't have the bod/confidence to pull that off.

No. 918648

She posts pictures on snap usually of her at the salon getting them done I think she's just a dumbass that breaks nails and glues them back instead of just spending money on getting it fixed. She's just cheap and tacky

No. 918649

Also that picture is from when she lived in Seattle anon

No. 918653

nta but they’re saying it’s not an improvement

No. 918658

File: 1579121148533.jpg (2.39 MB, 2560x2560, 20-01-15-12-44-14-140_deco.jpg)

Who wore it better?

No. 918665

Another good one

This is why she hasn't changed her basic ass makeup. I mean look at the chalk paint she tried to do. There's zero creativity and what little is there is not even done nicely and clean. She's a joke. Imagine bragging about how striking your content is and how creative and perfect you are and this is the extent of your efforts and abilities.

No. 918669

File: 1579122198521.jpg (416.49 KB, 810x1436, Screenshot_20200115-150243_Twi…)

Here we go again. Wasn't she supposed to move to a different unit in December/January?

No. 918670

kek, anon

No. 918671

What's her snap these days?

No. 918681

"just found out" bitch what you would know when your lease is up. Even if your drunk stoned ass forgot, you just went through this phase a month or two back where you were gonna frantically pack your shit up for a month to move units.

When is her stuff not on fucking discount lmao and she never has money left over, sounds like her dad or bf isn't helping her move this time.

kek look out for her on cam! discounted porn that she totally never does!

No. 918688

Well she just got dumped so her bf is definitely not helping this time

No. 918690

I'd really love to know where she's storing this bed her mom got her and why shes not talking about it?

No. 918698

She still hasn't bought a mattress for it kek

No. 918704

File: 1579127126996.gif (802.25 KB, 400x251, rollsforcurves.gif)


drunk auntie's going to Fyre festival

No. 918714

Lol yea she’s an idiot. I’d bet she will sign a new lease with the same place. She should have been saving a couple months ago. And she was just talking about how she finally unpacked all her last boxes.

I don’t believe she pays her own rent, and I don’t really see her father paying to help her move. What for? To move to another garbage apartment? She doesn’t make enough to rent a house. And the fuck would she do with a whole house? She’s better off in an apartment or granny unit.

No. 918715

File: 1579128498419.png (886.38 KB, 2048x1878, Screenshot_20200115-174701.png)

Boohoo no body cares. Especially the pervy dudes following your sex work Twitter, you dumb fuck. How's that deleting the Twitter app when you're ranting? Oh not at all? Oh not doing any of those coping mechanisms you learned the other day? Color me shocked.

No. 918720

Wow. Wearing a leg wrap on your hammy lunch lady arm. So innovative! Very iconic! Detail oriented!!

No. 918727

It seems like this guy breaks up with her every single week.

No. 918732

Lol bitch has no pictures of him I'm sure. Still not convinced he ever existed.

No. 918734

File: 1579129910878.png (26.13 KB, 792x197, 1.PNG)

No. 918737

I think she was dating some shitty dude who only used her for rough sex, then when he got what he wanted he dumped her
This is why starting relationships based on your totally edgy real kink isn't smart

No. 918738

File: 1579129958882.png (13.59 KB, 768x92, 2.PNG)

No. 918740

File: 1579129982523.png (12.96 KB, 734x95, 3.PNG)

No. 918745

It kills me how she never takes responsibility for the other things she does, but every time she fucks over this guy, suddenly she knows how bad her actions can be.

It makes me wonder how bad she can really be to this person?

No. 918747

i wouldn't be surprised if she has angry outbursts when she's drunk or something and they're just like "i don't have to deal with this lol" and dip out

No. 918748

File: 1579130512660.png (29.93 KB, 771x181, 5.PNG)

No. 918749

This is ridiculous, this isn't what a boyfriend does this is what a parent does. She wants a father, not a daddy.

No. 918751

If only she had parents begging her to come home to do the VERY things she wants EVERY boyfriend to do.
If only.

No. 918756

Expecting your partner or friend or parent to give you structure, as an adult, is absurd. You moved out, you take care of your own shit. Stop expecting people to coddle you and fix YOUR problems.

No. 918757

Nah, it's actually lingerie elastic. Probably bought it along with the fabric

No. 918758

OT but

>judging by the smudging

would be a great name for a band

No. 918759

I don't think he was using her for sex and threw her away I think she had an episode and went nuclear. I think she's probably been able to rope him back in with manipulation and sex but based on her spergs on Twitter, she seems up and down a lot

No. 918762

Yeah that's what I'm thinking because we don't see or hear the things that she says when she's upset and if she really has BPD or bipolar it can be pretty nasty

No. 918764

I feel bad for picking at her for this but, she never took her meds, took them seriously and drank
& smoked while on them. She also always posting about eating, didn't she JUST order some food the other day?

I'm not getting why she's acting like this guy was such a huge part of her life, when it seemed she wasn't doing any of those things anyway. She only brings up her mental illness when she fucks up or she fucks up with this guy.
Even if it IS fupa, he still did not seem to give a fuck, Shayna has not been doing better mentally or physically since seeing the guy.

In fact, she's been worst in some ways, she doesn't leave the house, doesn't talk to anyone but him or the internet.
She says these things because she wants him to feel like if he leaves he's responsible for her downfall.

No. 918768

She does the "I have no one else to talk to" before she starts her rants.That's how I always know it's not her realizing what's going on, it's because she's not talking to the one person she talks to.
She really needs to go home.

No. 918772

i think he was most certainly using her for sex because she has nothing else to offer, however i agree that he left because she acts like a horrible narcissistic psycho on the regular, whether it be an episode or just shayna being an asshole.

No. 918773

she said last night she was ordering chikfila lol

No. 918782

"I forget to eat" lmao.

Shay if you are actually this useless then you really need to not be in a relationship until you learn how to actually care for yourself.

No. 918788

This sounds exactly like what she expected out of Fupa. Literally said she wanted him to tell her when and how to do everything. He would tell her/force her to drink water. He acted more like her father than anything. And I’m pretty sure he bitched about that on his Facebook? He didn’t name her but it was obviously her. He claimed she was gaslighting him etc etc.

Not saying this guy is Fupa, but that is what she wants in a relationship. And why she will never have a successful relationship with that mindset. Men don’t want to fuck something they have to treat like their daughter. And even if they do- it’s not something that will workout long term. I can’t imagine having a partner I had to literally baby.

No. 918795

File: 1579135886985.png (191.21 KB, 750x1334, AC5F7104-D50C-4EC9-8022-FAFB34…)

No. 918797

Id say maybe her one humane contact ditching her would show her maybe being so far from home with complete mental instability would tell her something… but it seems she’s only reflecting blame to the mental illness so she doesn’t have to take it.
Good for him, especially if what fupa said could have truth. Why be with someone who blows up on you for not taking care of them, offers no type of apology and then reels you back with terrible bj’s??

No. 918798

I wish someone would tell her how emotionally abusive this is to do to someone.I know her discord orbiters love to blame everyone and call them abusive for the smallest shit, but it's not abusive EVERY time they break up Shayna does this?

She's laying it on thick today. This "Structure" talk is the same as that "favorite person" talk, when as I said before, this person was not making her do any better, AT ALL.

No. 918799

by "structure" she means "a man I can treat as a surrogate father"

No. 918804

She only confides in people that will enable her so she feels better about herself. She also creates the narrative so we without knowing the whole story, she'll look like a victim and her orbiters tell her she can do better when in reality, she's the problem. Not whoever broke up with her. It's gross to watch them Pat her ass and tell her she's fine and doesn't need to change

No. 918806

How can this dude be her “everything” they’ve been dating for like less than 6 months??? Lmfao. And this is the second time this shit has happened hahaha.

I can’t believe her dumb ass. She really is throwing a pity party. Mental illness my ass, attention seeking ass. Emotionally abusive ass, lazy, irresponsible hoe. Wow she makes me so mad.

No. 918810

File: 1579137613445.jpg (165.19 KB, 1080x607, Screenshot_20200115-192026_Twi…)


No. 918815


Forgets to eat? She sure doesn't look like that's the case lel.

No. 918816

It also means "someone else taking responsibility for me so I can blame them if anything goes wrong or if I don't do something"

No. 918817

No. 918818

this bitch was talking about how instead of working she was ordering chick fil a in bed LAST NIGHT. she's a lying manipulative dickhead lol

No. 918826

So structure to her just means having a boyfriend? How fucking immature and pathetic and OH YEAH fucking manipulative as fuck. Grow the fuck up and learn to be independent, you piece of shit.

No. 918830

No wonder he broke up with her. She's a fucking mental case. And she's probably 10x worse IRL. Having complete tantrums and meltdowns over the stupidest shit. Apparently can't remember to take her meds on her own? Like how hard is it to set a timer on your phone to remind you to take meds? Holy shit. Dating her would be like just adopting an autistic child. Like, no dude (especially in their 20s) wants to date a pathetic womanchild. She probably cries and blows up his phone if he goes and does real life shit like work, hang with friends, do hobbies, ya know, shit she doesn't even do because all she does is sit inside all day and gorge herself on fast food. That's literally her life. She's so lame and uninteresting. The DatInG A SeX wOrkEr quirk would wear off REAL FAST. Sex only gets you so far in a relationship. I'm honestly half laughing half scoffing at how pathetic she's being. WAHH I DuN gOt a BoYfRen nOw, iMMa Jus KiLL mySeLf aNd No mOaR meDs 4 MeeE WAHHH
She's an insult to women everywhere. Take her out please.

No. 918833

File: 1579142003158.png (810.46 KB, 2039x2048, Screenshot_20200115-213112.png)

See. It's not just farmers saying this shit, Shayna. We're not saying it so we can parade about being right. Having a part time job WILL DO WONDERS for you. It's a structure that'll put you in outside situations and meet new REAL people. God forbid you wake up before afternoon and have to use the name Shayna Clifford and not be such a lazy sack of shit. Fucking do something with yourself.

No. 918834

She thinks another person will fix all her problems for her. In reality, relationships never work if you put pressure on your partner to basically fix you.

No one is obligated to fix you, Shayna, only you. Fuck buddies aren't there to fix your problems and give you structure, nor is a serious partner. Period.

No. 918835

A college course is a great idea. It's easy to maintain, and maybe she can learn something about photography or lighting or editing or decent marketing that will help her in her chosen job.

No. 918836

See that's the bad thing. And extremely unhealthy. He really is her everything. Because he's the only IRL human she sees and talks to and hangs out with. And that puts a huge strain and responsibilitiy on someone both mentally and emotionally. Having to basically babysit your significant other and hold their hand and walk on egg shells is no way to live and he probably got fed up with it. Like really. Does this guy have to call her to remind her to take meds? Who the fuck wants to do that?

No. 918841

It honestly sounds so stressful to date her. My blood pressure is rising at just the thought of trying to put myself in this dude's shoes. Never know what Shayna you'll get. The wailing womanchild, the suicide baiting cause TWitTer Be MeAn, the attention starved clingy human-shaped tumor, the throwing things cause you didn't say the right things, the narcissist that just is constantly talking about herself and her famous Tumblr days. Like it all just sounds too much. At least she admits to being a handful and basically a goddamn psycho at this point.

No. 918844


This reeks of guilt tripping bullshit. It sounds like she’s self-aware, but really it’s self-deprecating to keep this guy from leaving her. If she’s saying this to her discord, no doubt she’s baiting him with it, too. Guilting him so he won’t leave. Abusive af.

No. 918845

Agree. She's never this self aware when she hurts others in her life. Just this dude. She's being manipulative and that's it.

No. 918847

Omfg get a grip girl.
A man isn’t going to love your mental illness away and if you think otherwise, you should go to your local emergency room and commit yourself to the Behavioral Unit .
>>I need a man to feed me
>>I need a man to remind me of basic daily tasks
>>I need a man to shave me
>>I need a man to bathe me
She’s a fucking nut job

No. 918855

It's always the abuser claiming everyone around them is abusing them. Abusers love to act like victims. She's been doing it since she was 13. She's just a manipulative piece of shit who should rot.

No. 918858

File: 1579145814085.jpg (Spoiler Image, 104.76 KB, 927x535, Screenshot_20200115_223625.jpg)

Of anon

Wow. This was beyond awful.

No. 918860

File: 1579145844309.jpg (Spoiler Image, 137.17 KB, 972x461, Screenshot_20200115_223610.jpg)

I don't even… I cant

No. 918861

looks like two raw chicken breasts pushed together

No. 918862

File: 1579146227780.jpeg (194.46 KB, 1024x680, 7F3CCE6F-2BD9-4FE7-96AB-867D3C…)


No. 918864

Who wants to bet that those stickers glow in the dark?

No. 918868

Did she post random clips? Or did she post the actual video?

No. 918884

File: 1579148598796.gif (Spoiler Image, 6.21 MB, 640x1164, 2D53556E-002A-4D25-881A-B91D38…)

Actual video. I’m the other of anon, uploading vid now but I’ll torture you guys with some gifs while we wait

No. 918886

Bruhhhh…. the chief called and he really saying this ain’t it lmao

No. 918887

File: 1579148824126.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.67 MB, 640x1164, 87786B14-3AD3-4248-9FDB-83EEAF…)

I can feel these panties cutting off her circulation from here

No. 918891

Kek. The anon that said it would take her 10 minutes to undress was right.

Jesus all that cellulite….actual thicc girls don’t even have that much. Its like a dirty nylon filled with cottage cheese.

No. 918893

File: 1579149465435.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.93 MB, 640x1164, F7899983-25A1-4781-B67E-DFF78A…)

No. 918894

File: 1579149524209.png (314.85 KB, 640x608, fcd9cf9c-b20b-48e0-8845-f47cec…)

oh no no no no. that second angle is some found-footage-horror-movie shit, not cute porn shots.
I'm not sure if it's just the fishnets casting shadows, but her legs look like they're completely covered in cellulite. the dim lighting, the pink washing her out, she looks grayer and lumpier than ever before.

No. 918896

File: 1579149595117.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.68 MB, 640x1164, 36871645-7B12-43EC-8015-96C4FF…)

No. 918897

you can see her nails catching on her crotch as she rips and just oof
No wonder she had that open gash a few pics ago

No. 918898

dry as the fucking sahara as usual

No. 918900

please tell me she keeps the skirt on the entire time.

it's fucking clear plastic, Shatna, it doesn't hide anything. It just bunches up and makes you look chunky because it's two sizes too small, and adds even more rolls

No. 918912

The skirt actually kinda worked at her old weight because it gave the illusion of hips when she has none, but now… oof

No. 918915

File: 1579153182904.jpg (25.96 KB, 300x237, s-l300.jpg)

It's a (very cheap) stripper leg wrap. They have elastic like that at the top to keep them up. The nicer ones have like a garter at the top but these are obviously amazon's finest.

No. 918919

God damn man the lighting here is making me cringe. She could at least hide the cellulite if she got better lighting. This looks BAD.

No. 918940

I'm getting really confused, why is she so… Feral? She come from a regular family with loving parents, has siblings, grew up in MA and not in a remote trailer park. She used to have friends. Now it seems like she's completely oblivious to everything. Did she ever open a fashion magazine? Watched youtube videos? She looks so trailer trash and has no idea how to treat people. She has 0 hygiene and can't take care of anything at all. Where did she learn this??

No. 918943


Video finally uploaded. The dialogue is probably her worst yet. Video cuts abruptly at the end like last time because you need to tip to get the rest

No. 918945

File: 1579157982647.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 107.16 KB, 733x458, F69C97A1-1F01-4FED-B27C-41488D…)

Also, not sure what her hairline situation is here…

No. 918949

could she not take a fucking measurement? she thought it was "the sickest fabric" just a couple days ago and just now realized it wasn't enough?

what exactly was so hard about this to film, aside from not being able to put the dildo in her butt?

but she just wants to be told she's "little" and "too stupid" and ~uwu baby~ to do anything.


idk what she even says at the beginning b/c there's a loud noise and then she kicks open the door. it's so cringey and embarrassing all the way through, there's a bunch of random noises that cut through the silence of no other background noise, the lighting shifts weirdly and this is really what took her so long to put out, lol.

No. 918950

that's breakage from braiding her hair while it's wet and leaving it in for several days. You can tell, it's broken at each length where the braid would travel down her head.

She talks about getting ~the most out of her curls~ yet she's literally snapping her hair and giving herself a mullet instead.

No. 918955

File: 1579159020385.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.39 KB, 1125x615, E219F49B-140C-444A-8557-500DE8…)


No. 918961

i feel the same way, she has somewhat wealthy parents too who took her on multiple vacations to fucking europe etc as a teen yet her brain is somehow just delusional pure nasty trailer park trash. shay is a special kind of retard. i just really think she's a scary mix of narcissist + stupid (plus her alleged bipolar/BPD whatever it really is)

No. 918967

Honestly not the worst dialogue for a Shay vid. Not her worst bj or angles overall. Though a couple were awkward/not good. But there were still big mistakes from someone who claims to be detail oriented and for a vid a year in the making.

The lighting changes were really bad. Also the big thing that bothered me was the concept itself. So shes a "conspiracy theorist"… then why the tacky alien get up?? Like the paint and outfit were all alien like. It makes no sense. I thought she was gonna be an alien princess. So that was really odd. The "probe me, daddy" title was dumb af too.

No. 918978

if i remember when she bought this outfit like two years ago now she was still very lithe and far from what she looks like now. i wanna know how she looked at herself and thought it was cute anyway because it could worked so much better when this stuff u kno… fit?

No. 919030

The lighting was really bad…..I think it could’ve been cool if she’d got a blacklight and played up the UV shit but then that’s probably too difficult for her to figure out

No. 919041

The line "I'm here to get my cheeks clapped" in the beginning made me cringe so hard.

No. 919047

File: 1579177755997.jpeg (138.08 KB, 1124x781, 990D2033-5A5C-40C0-A79F-0856E6…)

it's an achievement to sink this low and still think you're hot shit

No. 919060

hot shit except in the "currently on fire" sense. i swear her faces get more and more ridiculous with each new video – is this something she's doing for the benefit of this thread? i wonder what goes on in her head as she's editing these trainwrecks, it's not like she does it blindfolded

No. 919062

For such a MeMe QueEn, she'd know the fucking "getting cheeks clapped at Area 51" meme ended in fucking September. Fucking retard.

No. 919067

She fucking does hahahahah

No. 919080

After all this time it still gets me how her pussy lips stick together from being so insanely dry. You can almost hear the gross peeling-apart sound. Most girls are wetter than this even when they’re not horny.

No. 919085

No, she just needs to quit sex work and stop trying to use the internet for attention.

No. 919095

I visibly cringed. This looks so painful… Also, the other anons are right in saying this lighting is the worst and doing her no favors. She looks grey and sick, but maybe she's going for that true alien theme?

No. 919110

I couldn't watch past the blowjob. I was cringing too hard.

She literally licks it a few times and starts making retching noises. How is that sexy??