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File: 1588794570303.jpg (249.06 KB, 600x400, Tooth Truth.jpg)

No. 969968

Previous Threads:
Marilyn Manson #1 : Fuck You Edition
Marilyn Manson #2 : Chin of Sin Edition

Old thread bio updated

By popular request, one unified thread to collect all milk on Marilyn Manson, 51 year old drug addict, washed -up rocker, serial abuser and rapist still trying to live vicariously through his glory days of the 90s when he was still young and the drugs hadn't completely fried his brain.

> Accused by multiple ex girlfriends including ERW of rape, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, torture, forced confinement and forced drug use

> uses his barely legal fanbase to find young girls to groom, abuse and take advantage of while dangling the same one liners of helping with their careers, putting them in a music video or wanting a serious relationship
> Publicly talked about wanting to beat ERW's skull in with a sledgehammer
> May or may not be using multiple sockpuppet emails to harass and stalk girls, alleged to have fake Model Mayhem account to find 18 year old girls to groom under the guise of photographing them
> May have had a sexual relationship with Lilith Levisis (also a cow; see thread) when she was underaged, tried to pit her against his other girlfriend at the time, Gabriella
> Has assistant (sockpuppet? ) named Jude who has been implicated in verbal and emotional abuseand stalking towards young girls
> long term drug addict and alcoholic who hit the wall going 100 m/h then got liposuction and tried to claim the bruises were from being beat up by his ex
> torpedoed his marriage to Dita Von Teese over 10+ years ago and still trying to remake every girl he dates into her image
> Long term on/off relationship? with Lindsay Usich, 35 y/o NEET and Dita skinwalker who met him when she was 25 and has been implicated in verbal abuse and stalking herself, using his phone to send nasty message to other woman he is dating or friends with, and being violent to fans
No significant social media links; except the official @MarilynManson.
Lindsay Usich's instagram is @LindsayUsichOfficial, comments disabled

Discussed in First Thread:

>Receipts from multiple accounts discussing accusations of abuse/assault by many including ERW, Esme Bianco, Clare Buley, Louise Keay Bell, Ashley Morgan,

>Harassment and death threats from Manson and/or orbiters including ex assistant Judd and anonymous 'online troops'
>Horrorshow performances from Lindsay and Mom Hope Harvey harassing and talking shit about/to Manson fans
>Also discussion of just who is controlling who in the Manson/Lindsay relationship
>Mansonisabusive kindly shared many receipts and info
>Paranoia and suspicion a-go-go about general circus that surrounds El Chinno Manson and his Hollywood Hareem
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for >> 951424

Discussed in Second Thread:
>More receipts, maybe from whacko liars, maybe from genuine victims of the Manson Sleaze Wagon
>Lindsay concentrates all efforts into sharing updates from blissful Covid cohabitation, inc lots of plants, cats, other sickly stuff but most importantly - usually flashing what looks like an engagement ring
>Also shares a post from her cousin, who speaks of an encounter with Manson, in which Manson refers to Linds as his 'fiancé'
>Farmers work out this anecdote actually reveals that the 'engagement' happened about six years ago
>It's decided once and for all that Madelyn is a deluded pick me, although, entertaining. Made a half-hearted attempt not to give her any more airtime as she selfposts and encourages orbiters to post
>A slew of other batshit fans come to light
>Mansonisabusive IG account visits and shares very interesting caps, we thank her
>still waiting for the 666fearless full story
>Die Antwoord/Zheani/Manson connection is mentioned - Zheani has dirt on Manson, but who knows what
>Discussion of Linday's catfish accounts including Ticklish Witch, Mina Lowry and others
>Talk of superfan turned superhater, Tiziana Collins aka Titti, and whether she faked her own death to return as her own mother
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for >>958209

No. 969972

Tooth front and centre, as requested.

No. 969976

I don’t understand why Madelyn is even discussed anymore when she never dated him. Its a dream come true to have her photo put in with his and Lindsays on here lol she loves the attention

No. 969981

File: 1588795565640.jpeg (163.29 KB, 828x1049, E74BA98D-AA51-4F40-8374-5111C6…)

Agreed. She’s a narcissistic, delusional, holier than thou bully.

No. 969992

Love the collage, thanks anon!

No. 969996

Not sure it’s a dream come true to be dragged on lolcow. I followed the new thread pic request. I am but your humble servant. I was trying to illustrate Madelyn’s madness. Lol.

>>969992 Thanks!

No. 969997

Can someone please explain to me how Madelyn lives this way with no job or income in LA? She has what appears to be a nice place, ANTIQUE furniture in like new condition (aka not church thrift store cheap finds ), purebred cat that costs $600, dresses from designer labels. How is she living this way. I get it, rich parents exist, her parents must be rich but who just bankrolls their daughter to live for years in LA doing nothing but stalking some washed up drug addict. Is she at least in school?

No. 970000

I think it's okay to have her in the picture because she runs mansonisinnocent account, who tries to protect Manson but basically spreads allegations against him via popular hashtags lol. And, let's not forget, Lindsay dmed her, Lindsay's mom talked to her online.

to add to the thread info:
numerous posts from fearless account were posted, including texts from Manson where:
> there is proof he fucked courtlyn cannon
> he insults Lindsay
> confirms Lindsay mistreated his father
> says Lindsay's mother tried blackmailing him + her tweets alluding to blackmailing him
> frames supposedly Mickey Rourke for raping supposedly Evan

We also got to know a few more side chicks:
> Amie Nicole Harwick (mansonisabusive was kind to bring her dms with Amie)
> Emma Sagriff (baby sitter for Manson's father)
> some Danish girl Viktoria (she posted dms from Manson where he talked shit about John 5)
> anybody else?

We got evidence Lindsay Usich talks delusional bullshit to underage fan accounts. Lindsay is also big on buying bots. from 23k to 100k in two weeks!

Currently cow is mocking at Lindsay via instagram posts and seeking halp.

the new pic is AMAZING

No. 970001

I forgot to add

>in his texts to fearless Manson supposedly (lol) lies Lindsay physically abuses him.

No. 970007

Don't forget
>Manson was supposedly lying to some fans and friends he loves Lindsay and was hiding her from public to protect her from haters even though he used to follow a hater account and liked their posts.

No. 970008

Thanks anon, OP here. I meant to add most of that stuff myself, got sidetracked looking up Emma Sagriff’s name, then forgot and posted. Lol.
Glad you like the collage.

No. 970009

File: 1588798792389.jpg (153.03 KB, 870x575, eNZiwqt.jpg)

Does anybody know if that's true?

No. 970011

File: 1588799128266.jpg (154.31 KB, 854x560, cRcafoj.jpg)

I can't help loling

No. 970042

File: 1588803875402.jpg (5.2 MB, 4159x7184, Untitled-1.jpg)

No. 970072

File: 1588806618388.png (628.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200506-180546.png)

Another cap from mansonisinnocent. I think she's running out of "proof" that he's innocent. The last two posts have just been encouraging messages aimed toward him. Also, anyone pay attention to the Aime Harwick shout-out post? Madelyn couldn't even be bothered to spell her name right. I know it seems like I'm just nitpicking here, and I kinda am, but seriously she does everything she can to seem like she has a connection to Manson and that he hasn't done anything wrong.

No. 970091

File: 1588808514466.jpeg (356.65 KB, 750x1197, BF607C34-A44A-4402-821B-609677…)

Remember the tinfoil in the last post that the self help cap in Billy Corgan’s post was written by Manson? Then we debated whether Lindsay had liked/unliked (still shows as liked for me).
All the girlfriends/orbiters seem to follow each other (wives and girlfriends, assistants etc), but Manson and Corgan don’t follow each other’s hangers on.
Manson follows Corgan, Corgan has unfollowed Manson (don’t know when). Something’s going on.

Posted cap again to refresh your memory.

No. 970105

File: 1588810211518.jpeg (226.46 KB, 750x732, 20727765-7490-48E0-ADB9-4C1063…)

Recent (1 week ago) comments on a Shooter Jennings photo taken by Manson. I collaged the caps, so it might be slightly misaligned.

No. 970106

Can't help but lol at whatever Madelyn posts on Instagram. Bitching about HOW landlords COULD POSSIBLY ask for rent during Corona times. Why's she
bitching, her parents pay for everything anyway, lol. Same goes for Lilith. Once you know that their parents pay for their lingerie pics it gets a lil awkward. At least for me, lol.

No. 970111

File: 1588810966392.jpeg (419.84 KB, 1126x1700, BC59D139-C538-4FA1-A2E3-0E6338…)

The FB cult group is a goldmine, several fans have said Lindsay or her mom harassed them.

No. 970112

File: 1588811083578.jpeg (99.38 KB, 720x1280, 47E1F161-4716-4731-89C6-8F3802…)

From Mansonisabusive, but found in the cult group. Another cap of 666fearless, Lindsay, and gremlin_winterfell.

No. 970115

Rich parents obviously. Lilith's parents aren't poor either and they always pay for her to go to rehab. It's obvious Madelyn and Lilith don't have a job or a model career. They let their parents pay for their nice LA places + smack and various other drugs (in Lilith's case)

No. 970125

That's no news at all. Both Lindsay and Manson abuse each other. They clearly don't love each other. Lindsay uses him for money and the Hollywood kinda lifestyle and she's his alibi + apparently her Dad has some dirt on him. We all know the story. I just keep wondering how Lindsay can post about them and almost brag about it when she knows he's cheating on her whenever he leaves the house or goes on tour.

No. 970147

I don’t understand why parents enable their adult children like this. They will remain emotionally stunted, narcissistic, and entitled. Madelyn easily fits all three of those categories.

No. 970154


I don’t have access to either of Lilith’s accounts but last I saw her rich republican father finally pulled the plug and banished her to some shit house in upstate ny. It took 3-4 years of her acting like a drugged out clown publicly online but he finally cut the cord.

Madelyn on the other hand appears to be at least 25 (if she met manson in 2013 at age of 18) but probably closer to 29-30 and her parents still bankroll her life no questions asked. She isn’t even actively pursuing a career of any kind in photography, just taking stupid selfies that look like even even more banal versions of Lindsay’s already mediocre photos.

No. 970158

File: 1588815100095.jpeg (321.5 KB, 1497x1626, D86BBE20-BF97-4E05-813D-746AFB…)

Found more on Titti in the cult group.
Crazy fan or not, Manson tagged her in a post (not removed). https://www.instagram.com/p/3g4Wl2nxBt/?igshid=3ih1yow0fx8p

No. 970262

Anon from the last thread said Lindsay gave away Danish Viktoria personal information. Is it true? Any receipts?

No. 970287

That's nasty.

No. 970292

I disagree that Lindsay abuses Manson. There's no sign that she's in the position of power. Otherwise he would marry her long ago, but instead he said he's "newly single" in 2015, she had to hide from public for more than a year, he insulted her in insta, she wore one dress for months, he was fucking many fan girls on tours and had multiple side girls, followed them openly on insta. Lindsay apparently couldn't control it. It's only last few years that he treats her significantly better because he's probably scared of the accusations.

No. 970293

Manson is a disgusting human being so he could not choose a woman with a minimum of dignity and sanity. She has a dirty and messed up mind just like him.

No. 970299

I really don't know. I think they're both just abusive to each other. She tries to be manipulatative toward him and takes it out on his female fans and he allegedly locks her in the bad girl room and hits her. You get what you give, I guess. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯(¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

No. 970314

File: 1588861026525.jpeg (500.62 KB, 750x1040, 6B066A7F-6DCC-4E48-A8BD-EA63CC…)

The Provider Module forum is good too, but lurk discretely. It’s a fan site, so they are wise to provocation and shut down gossip hunters immediately.

No. 970323

> she wore one dress for months
just like she wore her jeans for a long period of time without washing it before she met Manson.
She's def not into hygiene.

No. 970325

File: 1588863308610.jpg (174.52 KB, 1280x448, pNQDBQa.jpg)

I searched for Lindsay mentions on PM and found this. Excuse me?

The page if anybody interested:

No. 970327

Esme mentioned that he filmed some violent video with her and posted pictures of her mutilated body without her consent. I remember he posted some pictures of someone's mutilated body on Myspace. Wait just a sec, I'll post it.

No. 970329

File: 1588864090147.jpg (105.55 KB, 1500x660, wrAT8Cf.jpg)

No. 970331

Yep, I've seen it.
Anybody interested can lurk mansonwiki, they have photo archives of his media accounts.
For example http://www.mansonwiki.com/wiki/Marilyn_Manson_photography
Or http://www.mansonwiki.com/wiki/MySpace_photo_gallery_archive
His fans keep record of his crimes well, lol.

I mean why he had to post about it openly? Could it be he hired her as an actress? 'I want to kill you like they do in the movies' makes new sense now.

No. 970336

File: 1588864927753.jpg (749.69 KB, 1050x641, kljj24R.jpg)

The fact that he posted lingerie soaked with blood and Patrick Bateman reference makes me feel disturbed.
It's December 10th 2010 and 26th.

I will post a pic that says he wrote Devour on December 10th.
That's bad. I mean his fans keep evidence of his crimes.

No. 970339

File: 1588865255113.jpg (270.46 KB, 875x593, rW1oeXD.jpg)

He was and is so fucked up. (and I fucked up the year in the prev post, it's 2009)
That's probably Evan's lingerie all in blood.

No. 970498

File: 1588889946598.jpeg (141.5 KB, 750x727, 7D48F484-E2C9-4B11-9C77-A90AA1…)

So is this…

No. 970527

Is misty_brooke trans or a drag queen or something? I feel like most of the women who've dated Manson have been bi, including Lindsay. I read somewhere that Dita used to fuck girls and ERW publicly came out. It makes sense. I mean, my attraction to him, yes, current day, was what really made me realize that I'm bi. Wasn't it discussed in the last thread that she shows "bisexual tendencies" toward female fans?

No. 970530

Okay, so nevermind. I just read that she's married to Shooter. Is that her connection to Lindsay? Maybe they're just playing with each other. Don't most people do that with their friends?

No. 970535


Yeah it’s Shooter’s wife. Of course they’re fooling around, what I think is ‘nasty’ is the gross way Lindsay creeps on everyone like the minute they post something, she’s in there, commenting the most pointless flattering stuff. Like I said in an earlier post, she triangulates with Manson’s friends, forges connections so it’s harder to ditch her. In the meantime no one ever replies to her. Cringe.

No. 970549

Honestly, if she was my girlfriend, I'd hide her from the public too. Manson must know that he can't spend the rest of his life with her. That's 30+ years if he's lucky enought to live that long. Eventually, that "dirt" she has on him will come out. He's gonna get tired of putting up with her shit. I don't even understand why Lindsay stays. She's gaining nothing, and they clearly don't love each other. Maybe the sex is just so good she can't leave. lol

No. 970566

File: 1588897636043.jpeg (397.25 KB, 750x1204, 79343EB5-C6E9-4283-BCE2-F2A646…)

I think it’s a case of backing the wrong horse. Lindsay has ‘scored’ a famous person, but one that’s washed up to fuck, who most people are embarrassed of and are pity-friends with him. Unless they are dickheads too, Depp for example. The dickhead friends don’t even acknowledge her existence. So it’s bleak all round. I imagine they probably do love each other, and will stay together, he needs looking after, she needs to feel relevant. Plus she semi-ignores the side chicks. They’ll keep on in their toxic codependency until one of them kicks the bucket.

However…he threatened that 2020 is going to be a big year for him, in this cap, so let’s hope the shit show will be back in town and there’ll be a waterfall of milk.

No. 970577

Seriously, I do hope they break up. Maybe she'll release all the milk she's got on him. Not saying it to be mean or anything, but really, they need to stop. I don't think they love each other. I think she's in love with the "fame", and he loves that he's got someone to take care of him. What he needs is a live-in nurse, and she needs a long stay in a psychiatric hospital. They'll both find someone better, I'm sure.

No. 970607

File: 1588901566832.jpeg (209.53 KB, 1503x1068, 4A2B2F6D-B872-453B-BAD9-161E50…)

Lindsay update, currently it’s Russian bots.
I know these updates get repetitious, but I feel like if it’s not documented she’ll try to bury or downplay it somehow later.

Tinfoil, and obviously I could be wrong, but I feel like Manson might retire after this album. Idk.. he’s getting older, years of alcohol and drug abuse hasn’t left him in the best of health, people are becoming more aware of his abuse. He’ll probably still do little projects here and there, but I can see him trying to slip off the radar after the album and supporting tour is done.

No. 970610


Anon are you serious? She is complete goblina who peaked at 20-25 and even that is being generous. She has no skills or talents, no interests, nothing of her own to define her life except being Manson’s 1rst wife. Has never worked a day in her life, no work history, probably does not even have a bank account. What other man would possibly want her and how will she live without him? Go back Florida and live in her moms basement ?

No. 970614

Up 12.3k in one day on fri 25 That’s a laugh. Why would anyone take pleasure in seeing their follower account go up in a bot way? Jokes.

No. 970641

I mean, I see where you're coming from, but I think you'd be surprised how many men don't care as long as you have a pretty face. Granted, she's not exactly a model, but in the real world, she's pretty. Maybe she'll get a sugar daddy. lol ¯\_(ツ)_/¯(emoticon)

No. 970712

File: 1588914863061.jpeg (80.8 KB, 750x415, 5D49C586-35EE-417B-92D9-7F2FD6…)

No. 970714

File: 1588915040320.jpeg (38.47 KB, 750x286, 7216E536-8E2F-4D6D-8120-9BDB40…)

No. 970716

File: 1588915193277.jpeg (74.65 KB, 750x359, 3F6A43FE-60A0-49F6-A34A-3F58A5…)

He liked a troll tweeting about it

No. 970736

She is mental case. How did she get away with posting personal information?
And, excuse me, she treated fans like shit but was quick to abuse the power of being public side chick? You don't even have fans, moron.

She says Viktoria was a stalker, meanwhile anon found proof she was one more side girl of Manson.

No. 970742

Vicky wrote him in a message "best blowjob in 5 minutes" and asked if he got thongs with him. If you google a telephone number she was messaging you'll find out it used to belong Brian Warner.

No. 970771


Thanks anon for the Vicky stuff.

No. 970776

You do realize ERW starred in True Blood as a vampire queen around this time, right?

No. 970784

File: 1588937847103.jpg (135.93 KB, 640x1136, zgHcIw7.jpg)

From the previous thread. You have to make an effort to read "best bj in 5 min" tho.

No. 970822

Nta but does it change something? The coincidence of his posts and lyrics is scary af.

No. 970866

If that's still his number, could we run a full background check? All the arrest records could lead to more milk. Also, I'm kinda curious how much he weighs. :,-)

No. 970869

Do you know how to do it?
I am a zero at that type of activities.

No. 970872

There a few websites you can do it on, I think. I've got no clue either. lol

No. 970881

Nah, I don't think they're legit.

No. 970882

Yeah, but the real ones cost, and I don't think any of us are actually willing to pay for that.

No. 970887

File: 1588953242027.jpg (50.12 KB, 706x399, IJy59KI.jpg)

Nope, I don't think $5 will reveal any trustworthy information. I think these type of websites are useless, and I wouldn't love to go darknet for Manson, lol.
But the first website in search results gives this, lol.

No. 970888

So, that's still his current number? Why would he give his number out to girls if they're just gonna share it? Is he really that dumb? lol

No. 970889

File: 1588953384845.png (17.94 KB, 683x148, 2020-05-08_10-56.png)

I have a paid subscription to one, but nothing on there. 3 Emails and a website

No. 970893

Viktoria shared that number (the cap, okay) a few years ago already.
Lindsay and Manson are dumb and dumber lol.

Nothing more interesting? sad emoji

No. 970908

Has anyone shared Lindsay's number? Not that it matters, just curious why everyone exploits Manson's dumbassery without doing the same thing to Lindsay. They're both idiots. ಠ_ಠ(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 970931

Probably because she doesn't have side girls and doesn't share with them her phone numbers.

No. 970980

File: 1588966335235.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1217x1643, DC53AEC5-DB9E-4BF7-878D-AA1FE7…)

Another strange interview.. he uses the kitty litter box and opens his door with a gun unsure if it’s a real cop or someone in costume.


No. 970988

Tbh nothing strange.
But the part where he says he may not remember who he's having sex with is a lol situation. Lindsay already was around at the time.

No. 971006

Honestly, if I was her, I would probably be crazy, too. He just publicly admits that he has sex with other women. Maybe one day she'll get fed up with all of it and release all the milk. He has no empathy for her whatsoever.

No. 971018

>tbh nothing strange
How many litter boxes have you taken a shit in, anon?

No. 971074

I think what anon meant to say was it's no that strange for him. Seriously, it's not surprising at all that he'd do that. But I doubt he took a shit in a litter box. I mean, what would he wipe himself with? Maybe he made it up… Although, I wouldn't put it past him to walk around with crap all over his ass, with how bad I've heard his hygeine is.

No. 971203

Manson is still talking to Madelyn. I know this because of her recent posts on Mansonisinnocent. I had a feeling that was her account, but I wasn’t sure until I read the comments & then the posts.

No. 971209

He had her post something I said in a private message to a fake account that’s either him or one of his goons he sent on his payroll to stalk me.

No. 971214

Manson saw I was exposing him and realized I figured him out, so he made false allegations on me.

No. 971218

What Evan Rachel Wood said in her testimony is the truth and I believe her.

No. 971220

Manson takes shits in litter boxes and walks around with crap on his ass? Lmfao! He is so fucking gross!!!! How could anyone wanna be with this disgusting asshole?!

No. 971221

For everyone who said something about Chris Hansen… it’s possibly in the works on exposing Manson and what a sick predator he is.

No. 971228

Bull - fucking - shit… You're clearly someone who stumbled onto the thread for the first time because you felt the need to write "Anon" in the name section. Anyone who knows/frequents this site knows that it does it automatically if you leave it blank.

Congrats on finding the thread. Why don't you read quietly and stop trying to derail

No. 971231

We've all established that Madelyn is fake. Her appearance in the collage art isn't because we think she's legit, it's because she's waltz to our threads multiple times a week trying to make herself sound credible. She is fake and mentally ill.

No. 971232

Those drugs really must’ve fried his brains and turned him into some retard. Does he realize how serious it is to falsely accuse someone of a crime.

No. 971233

Yes I am new and just found this. What of it? Nothing I said is BULLSHIT. You fucking moron. He did make false allegations. And he is still talking to that stupid ass Madelyn.(newfaggotry)

No. 971235

Interesting that Jessicka was sure he's running Lindsay's twitter. She told it to him in her email to him and she was apparently talking to him in her twitts to Lindsay. If he really used to run Lindsay's twitter account it makes the whole situation different. But Lindsay was still aware.

No. 971240

We would love to see caps or anything to back up anon words usually.

When artists tour the world, sometime the conditions are so bad that litter box is really not surprising.
As for the gun, I don't think it really happened. Mm talks much but that's everything he's got.

How do you know?

No. 971241

The idiot is accusing me of what he himself does!

No. 971245

Are you that eyeletblack anons discussed in the previous thread?
I hope no.

No. 971253

Because I’m going to be the one talking to him. But this isn’t going to happen for awhile yet.

No. 971254

Chris Hansen is working on two similar cases (Onision and that weird Dahvie dude) for the most part he stays away from mainstream celebs. If someone were to investigate Manson, because of his social standing it would be some major journalist and most likely treated like the R Kelly, Weinstein situation. It would be a scandal that would go above Chris Hansen's reach and straight to magazines and major journalists that cover celebs. Chris mainly confronts average joes and people with internet following or relatively small fanbases.

No. 971256

No. I messaged with that eyelet black account and I knew something was fucked up. That person is definitely not Madelyn. I’m pretty sure that’s someone on Manson’s payroll that made that account and they’re doing shady shit.

No. 971269

Lindsay and Manson are both fraudulent scumbags who are going under fake accounts to scam fans and other people. They go around lying and that’s why their whole situation doesn’t add up. I also would not trust or believe anything that comes from that 666fearless account because its either Manson or Lindsay.

No. 971277

“Anon” sounds like @eyelet.black who is:

They all write the same way and tell the same delusional story about him being behind tons of other accounts.

No. 971278

ffs it seems some dumbheads found the thread and started spreading complete bs like 'everybody is on Manson's payroll' or 'everybody is Manson's\Lindsay's fake'. Anon who are reading this post rn, you may not know about it, but you are on Manson's payroll on even days of the month and also a Lindsay's fake on odd days of the month.

> I also would not trust or believe anything that comes from that 666fearless account because its either Manson or Lindsay.

What's your logic?

Could you fg flicker through the first two threads before posting nonsense?

No. 971279

It cannot even be that fearless is Manson or Lindsay because Billy Idol knows her. I remember Madelyn was paranoid like that and told fearless is Lindsay.

No. 971281

Madelyn accuses everyone of being Lindsay lol

No. 971282

I know who’s behind eyelet.black, it’s a different person.

@dawn.marie.r, @miss_dangerx,
and @guitar_gunn all have that s-t-u-p-i-d way of spelling curse words.

No. 971283

Hmmm you sound exactly like miss_dangerx and her multiple accounts calling M & L “scumbags” over and over again.

No. 971285

Manson has fakes on social media. But what that chick Mary dawn and her buddies say is waaaaaay exaggerated. I remember they were talking of Manson's fakes on tinder which I think is bullshit. Manson acts dumb sometimes but not that dumb. I believe he has probably several fakes on social media and sites like model Mayhem to get girls.

No. 971289

>As for the gun, I don't think it really happened. Mm talks much but that's everything he's got.

Why is it that every time Manson says something fucked up in an interview people assume he’s lying? So he’s been lying to journalists and fans for years?

No. 971290

I think he lied bc he wants to be seen dangerous and edgy, while in reality he's never been like that imo. That's why I assume that was a lie.

No. 971310

Manson fucked Avril Lavigne, then later in an interview said he didn't want anyone to find out because he was embarrassed. They also collaborated on a song together, "Bad Girl". How many side chicks are we up to now? Seriously, I wanna know.

No. 971331

Which interview? Lola Blanc also dated Manson and wrote a song about him, “Don’t Say You Do.” - http://jonalisblog.com/2016/06/15/lola-blanc-makes-her-swaggering-return-on-dont-say-you-do/

I doubt we’ll ever know Manson’s real numbers, but it’s obvious he’s a serial dater.

No. 971337

No. 971344

Wait? Manson’s embarrassed to say he fucked Avril Lavigne? But he’s not embarrassed by the hundreds of ugly skanks (including Lindsay) he’s fucked the past 8 or 9 years? Umm…
Avril is absolutely beautifull.
Shouldn’t it be the other way around? And she be embarrassed by him?

No. 971346

Not to be a dick, but we covered Lola. Previous threads.

No. 971347

File: 1589034630383.jpeg (216.79 KB, 1668x1024, 9C62EDB9-B27B-40B9-8F07-9F1186…)

Up 18k in one day.

No. 971349

Lol at them planning Rock Power Couple world domination from their skeevy Cali sex shack.

No. 971351

I'm not defending Lindsay, because most of her follow count is obviously fake, but a few days ago, I did click on a few profiles and they seemed real. A few had posts from a long time ago with actual captions. But I do agree, about 70% of them are fake. If they do have "internet troops" and they know about this thread and that people realize what they're doing, why does she keep buying bots? Does she really think people are that stupid? lol

No. 971365

Why is Lindsay talking to underage fan accounts? That’s creepy and sick. Is this like the Onison shit? Is she trying to groom for Manson?

No. 971371

File: 1589039610990.jpg (173.96 KB, 584x1080, gyJT5hc.jpg)

Btw Russian anon the account you talked to posted this.
Kinda want to know wtf happened.
I will die if that's because Lindsay read the thread and fought with them.

No. 971386

Fucking lol at Madelyn commenting on that post. She's EVERYWHERE.

No. 971388


I don’t think this girl Dawn or eyeletblack are delusional. Even Bella Thorne posted on her account a DM coming from one of his fakes. Seems weird that he wouldn’t message her from his real account. I’m wondering if he did that because he’s trying to hook up with her and wanted to hide it from Lindsay. And Bella Thorne is gross. She’s one of the nastiest sluts in Hollywood.

No. 971389

Hah, yes! Finally some potential milk. Russian anon, what’s the deal with this, please?

No. 971396

Maybe that's why he went after her. Doesn't matter if she's high-class or not, he just wanted to bang. She was almost a sure thing.

No. 971402

You hear that, Madelyn? MM is so in love with you that he’s sending dm’s from a fake account to hook-up with Bella Thorn! SO CRINGEY. What do you have to say now?

No. 971403

Wasn't Madelyn insulting or bashing Bella? I remember something like that from the previous thread.

No. 971408

I don’t know. But she’ll believe any lie he feeds her. I just can’t deal with this level of stupidity.

No. 971412



No. 971418

Could it be miss_dangerx made her way to lolcow?

No. 971422

I might get backlash but so be it. I also don’t think Paperblinds and eyeletblack are delusional. Both are basically saying the same thing, that Manson runs some of his own fan accounts. There’s plenty of evidence that Manson has fake accounts, he even posted selfies under a fan account that was noted in the first thread. Plus Bella Thorne, Lilith Levisis claiming he creeped on her pretending to be a 16 year old girl, his modelmayhem accounts, etc.

Dawn/missdangerx/guitar_gunn is a different story, imo. Maybe something happened to her with Manson, idk, but I think she’s a loon.

No. 971425

Yes, Madelyn tweeted that Bella Thorne’s book is shit.

No. 971427

Also tweeted a video of her negatively reacting to Bella Thornes song. I don't understand why she hates on Bella Thorne so much, Bella actually has an established career was on Disney for a while so she's definitely paid her dues. She's not famous "just because" and def not dinb enough to think falling in love with a rockstar will bring her fame.

No. 971432

CURIOUS: I wonder how he feels about the fact that half of these women WOULD NOT have any romantic interest in him if he weren't "Marilyn Manson"

If he stopped the cameos, the tours, the celeb associations (Johnny Depp), interviews and social media and then decided to retire, I wonder how many women would be still down to date him…

He will never truly know if:
- these women date him for him
- if they date hin outta curiosity and edginess.
- if they date him for financial reasons
- for experimentation and experience (dating him knowing they will most definitely break off/reject any engagement or attempts of marriage or any long term commitment to him but still dating him because he's fun and adventurous)

No. 971434

His biggest mistake was trying to find the "best looking" girl possible that he could actually score, instead of looking long term. He talks a lot about icons like Marilyn Monroe and detain for "it girls" in holywood yet that's the exact category of women that he dates (dita, evan, rose, various pornstars, struggling actors, sex workers, strippers…)

No. 971436

File: 1589049064828.jpeg (211.78 KB, 750x1252, 46689A74-05B4-430D-B370-4B7E9D…)

Eyelet.black is posting screens from here on her Instagram.

No. 971437

So does Mansonisabusive. So what?

No. 971438

File: 1589049357776.jpg (261.37 KB, 1029x982, ANZTyks.jpg)

Seems so. He used to date a german model (on the photos I attached) before he met Rose and had flings with Jenna Jameson and Traci Lords, all of them were very beautiful but those relationship didn't last.

No. 971439

I’d guess mostly for the experience or the possibility of maybe be the one that set him straight.

I was a bit wild when I was younger and I know I definitely would have sex with him given the opportunity. I wouldn’t do it now of course, but it would be a fun story to tell now if I had done it in the past.

No. 971441

File: 1589050484806.jpeg (173.04 KB, 750x1125, B5E29F9A-F088-4C3D-BCB9-F67EFB…)

Eyelet.black is probably the one posting on here about her delusional theory about him being behind fan accounts. Eyelet.black thinks he’s behind @masi__da which is a fan account. English is not masi__da’s native language. No way he is behind that account. The woman who runs masi__da is Masoomeh Delafkar. In her older highlights you can see her name.

No. 971442

File: 1589050605667.jpeg (76.1 KB, 750x980, 1A2140E2-BE07-4D5E-86C2-103E18…)

This is masi__da. Manson is not running masi__da.

No. 971446

The guy is in his fifties, he’s bound to know by now he’s ugly as shit but that doesn’t matter because he’s famous. So really it’s a moot point.

No. 971447

Eyelet.black previously (and unfortunately deleted) that other people have accused masi_da of catfishing and that they refused to live chat with anyone.

Idk if she’s telling the truth but it’s sketchy.

No. 971462

File: 1589052964445.jpg (89.58 KB, 635x425, zs8g5yS.jpg)

>Russian anon, what’s the deal with this, please?
I messaged her, let's wait.

>Manson fucked Avril Lavigne

I hope you'll like the pic.
There is a fan group on VK, they used to have a lot of amazing photoshops, now the albums are closed but you can scroll if you want a few laughs.

No. 971463

Thanks Russian anon!

And very much lol, I do indeed like the pic.

No. 971474

File: 1589055129976.jpg (235.15 KB, 1262x1022, sealmg.jpg)

You are welcome!

I got nostalgic and scrolled almost till the end myself. I found a few milk-related(?) things. For example, fans started talking about Manson&Lindsay wedding in 2013 (a lot of discussions of a new ring), and in May 2013 they posted that Manson and Lindsay "parted for a while".
What's more, Manson's official website was hacked(?) in 2013. I will post caps with translations tomorrow. It's a national holiday in my country so I am a bit drunk, sorry for making you wait.
And I found that pic. The caption to it says a girl went to m&g in LA and asked Manson to sign that pic with seal manson aesthetics Manson signed it, said that it's funny and he's aware of that fan group and he appreciates and likes it. BUT the face he cricled is not his, meaning that it's photoshoped and he was not SO fat in 2009.

No. 971491

Wow. Ok I caught up on the other threads. Can you blame anyone for thinking that with all these fake accounts? And 666fearless would never confirm her identity. But I still would not trust or believe her. She went from saying what a backstabber Manson is and all that shit about Lindsay to trying to lie for him. Like lying about him having fake accounts.. She’s shady as fuck.

No. 971492

>Trying to lie for him
What do you mean?

No. 971493

Oops,I misread but I don't remember she posted anything about his fakes. She posted about his flying monkeys, not fakes.

No. 971502

All that is irrelevant, he’s engaged to Lindsay. And she’s a scumbag whore like him that is ok with his disgusting cheating lifestyle. He also doesn’t care that they’re only with him because of who he is or his money because he’s a narcissist.

No. 971520

I mean she lied about him having fakes and trying to pass it off saying it’s “Judd”. She knows damn well Manson uses fake accounts and what he is doing with them. Because nobody goes from calling their “friend” a backstabber and abuser to all of sudden defending him by lying for him. I also think she’s lying about the whole Lindsay thing and she’s just trying to bait people.

No. 971526

I've got an impression something was weird with the whole thing. She was always so paranoid that what she posted will become public but there was actually one account on insta (nushirichard?) that spread shit about Lindsay all over marilynmansonnews account apparently getting info from her and she never said anything to them. Judd does harass girls. LKB posted rude messages he sent to her. But I think he was a lot his sockpuppet.

No. 971527

I remember catsanddevils once went berserk on one fan account saying fearless is Lindsay. She was said fearless isn't Lindsay for sure, that she posted photos of her bruised body. Unfortunately I didn't manage to save screens. Someone here in the previous thread told she posted her abuse story tho.

No. 971528

Yeah I just love how Lindsay and Manson post about their fake asses like they’ve been in this happy relationship… and Lindsay with her boring basic posts “oh it’s all butterflies and rainbows” when people know the truth about their low-life sick past. They are embarrassing themselves. Especially with her fraudulent followers.

No. 971531

Does Manson have fake followers, too? Wouldn't surprise me. Manson has had Instagram since 2012(?), and Johnny Depp just got one. Guess who has more follows? lol

No. 971534

And does that surprise you? It was stated about 800 times by now that Madelyn always thinks everyone is Lindsay once people call her out for her asylum behavior. She just refuses to believe that Manson isn't her soulmate and her monster or her future husband, l o l

No. 971535

Anon, do you remember anything posted on VK about Ryan (not in the seal group lol)? I don't want to be specific cause I don't want to get you biased.

No. 971537

No, not at all. I'm wondering about fearless.

No. 971553

Honestly, why do give fearless and dawn and whatever they're all called so much attention? Every random person could claim shite and fake texts/mails and tell a tale to drag someone just cause their ego is bruised. Where are pics with him? Where's their proof?

This Dawn person screams "multiple personalities" to me and fearless idk man. They're all weird and obsessed. Same goes for mansonisabusive. No sane person would spend all their free time on a random celeb. Unless maybe their ego is bruised. Or you're Chris Hansen and actually want justice. Which certainly can't be said for mansonisabusive with her private account and password protected blog. L o L

No. 971556

Fearless' 'fake' dms had too many coincidences to be fake. And it would take her million years to fake everything that accurately.
+ How do you fake being tagged in his post? Or how do you fake a video with Manson and his crew?

No. 971558

>Or you're Chris Hansen and actually want justice.
Why can't a random person want justice?

No. 971561

You know >>971556 got it right - Manson tagged a post with fearless.

No. 971583

She never said he had fake accounts. Eyelet.black and Dawn/miss danger are the ones saying he has fake accounts. They don’t even have proof that he has fake accounts. Maybe crazy people pretend to be him and maybe catfish and eyelet.black and dawn/miss danger think it’s him but it’s not him.

No. 971596

File: 1589067809593.jpeg (172.08 KB, 750x865, 47EF80D4-07F5-4E8A-98D8-370B23…)

Hope supporting taping of conversations is sketchy.

No. 971602

Did Manson fuck fearless? Seems like all the side chicks that he's wronged have posted his messages or their experiences with him being violent toward them or someone around them.

No. 971604

I never said that 666fearless said he had fake accounts. I said she was lying about it. And yes he does use fakes. He was literally using a fake to DM Bella Thorne. And she tagged his fake on a post.

No. 971606

She claims “no” she was just a “friend”. Somehow I don’t buy it.

No. 971611

My tinfoil is that it didn’t get that far for whatever reason. She was more intense with “my friend, my friend” blah blah. In the end she was disposable because he just wasn’t that into her/timing was wrong and she didn’t become a side chick, so she uses the fact they didn’t have sex as leverage to prove she really mattered without having to be a side fuck. But in reality she probably could have been.
People always seem more into him than he’s into them, ultimately, I mean. Not necessarily when he’s being intense with them at points, I just mean when push comes to shove his ‘reality’ is his staff and Lindsay. And the rest fall away. Fearless obvs thought she was more important than she was.

No. 971618

I'm not saying fearless wasn't "friends" with him at the time. She's probably one of the only ones that actually talked to him out of all lunatics discussed on here. But like anons said, I don't buy she didn't have sex with him cause otherwise she wouldn't be so mad and investing so much time.

Dawn however? And Madelyn? Etc. All talk, no proof, multiple fake accounts. Screams mental illness.

Sure, random people can want justice, but would they really spend all their free time on researching and posting if they weren't involved with either the predator or a victim? Doubt it.

No. 971619

Doesn't mansonisabusive have a Tumblr? I think I saw it once, but it wasn't being updated regularly anymore.

No. 971620

Yep, her Tumblr is/was password protected, which makes me wonder why she bothers with her insta and her Tumblr at all when everything is private and not accessible to everyone. Doesn't strike me as someone who wants justice or expose him for real.

No. 971623

You can't make a Tumblr private. I've got a Tumblr, there's no option to go private. Maybe that's why she stopped updating it?

No. 971631

You can be totally aggrieved at some cunt without having fucked them…?

No. 971641

If you google it you'll find plenty of tutorials on how to password protect your Tumblr. Not sure if it's still possible tho.

I agree, but she just seems too similar to his side chicks when it comes to her behavior and the way she goes about it.

No. 971645

You’re the last person in the world who should be talking about multiple personalities. Or people with mental illnesses. You are one of the most depraved, sick in the head scumbags on the planet .

No. 971646

Did I miss something? Who is it you think you’re talking to?

No. 971649

I don’t know I’m getting a different vibe. Either Dawn/miss_dangerx or fearless bruised his ego & they have something damaging on him.

No. 971655

Ugh. I was a fan of his years back when I was 17 or so and went to a meet and greet. Basically you meet him and take a photo. Well he wrapped his arms around my hips and forced a kiss on me. Really not surprised to see him on here being a fucking creep.

No. 971661

What is the fake he used with Bella? I saw her tag him on a text he sent her but I never saw a fake tagged or any DMs tagged.

No. 971664

Manson is abusive. But there's nothing real about mansonisabusive.

No. 971666

The person using the word “scumbag” is Dawn/miss danger. My guess is she thinks you’re Manson or Lindsay lol.

No. 971667

Manson is abusive. But I asked everyone to use their brain with it comes to the legitimacy of the mansonisabusive account. For someone with "proof" of his abuse she does a lot of hiding. A lot of policing on the account and goes through random paranoid episodes boots random followers. She confronted me accusing me of being Manson when my profile is public and has photos of my face and children….but yeah I'm manson.

No. 971675

As someone who has been around since 2015. Mansonisabusive is just a super fan who was lucky enough to con screenshots from random side chicks. I bet half of the girls that sent in screenshots don't even know who they were talking to. They were befriended by a crazy fan and then had their conversations shared. Someone should ask Jordan, Gabriella, Lilith who exactly they were talking to in the screenshots exposed, my guess is a super creepy fan: mansonisabusive. For her to be about the victims and getting justice she sure did expose a lot of details for drama purposes…

No. 971677

Do I support mansonisabusive? Yes. Because he's abusive. Do I question the reason behind her making the account? No. Seems like a ploy to get more information about what goes on in his personal life. She made this account as some disguise to get side chicks intrigued enough to talk to her about their personal relations with Manson. She's using exposing him as a way to claw out for information from people

No. 971679

Fearless? I think there's truth to that. Definitely more truth than mansonisabusive. He did tag that account in a post. He does have fake personal accounts, he and Lindsay both do. Back when Lindsay had no social media we'd somehow manage to see new selfies posted on the tag. Both of them have Instagram accounts apart from their public ones available to the public.

Want to find their secret accounts?

Your best bet would probably be getting access to Ashley's Instagram and scimming through her followers for random accounts.

No. 971680

For some reason I've always felt like Evan was somewhere on Instagram. Just seems like there's someone on the inside directing the research

No. 971684

What's Ashley's account name?

No. 971687


But good luck… I doubt anyone will get any form of access to any of her posts.

No. 971688

Her Instagram is private. I don't have the option to scroll through her followers because I'm not one of them. Anyone have access to her account?

No. 971692

Ashley is married to a member of smashing pumpkins. I'm pretty sure she was managing the band stalkers before Lindsay even started dating Manson. That being said no one is getting access to that account lmao. She's been around the Bush on top of the fact that she has two young children.

No. 971693

New selfies of L were posted by a fan in France. The fan thanked Hope for sending them to her. I’ll see if I can find the fan account who talked to Hope. She had a few accounts like richesse elodie and jonii some crap. She’s blonde with Manson tattoos.

No. 971696

I'm on data, so I can't, but there are private instagram viewers that you can use to view private accounts without following, if someone wanted to check that out.

No. 971698

File: 1589079219629.jpeg (138.01 KB, 828x1099, 82D1267B-F8B9-4127-871F-490074…)

This is the screenshot… there’s a new tag on it! And it wasn’t tagged to any accounts yesterday!! Something strange is going on!

He wants to take photos ultra “low-key”. Eww!!!

No. 971702

File: 1589079892564.jpeg (233 KB, 828x1408, 4B44D249-F39E-4B07-9424-EE0969…)

Here’s the new tag on it!!

No. 971703

File: 1589080007128.jpeg (377.68 KB, 750x1048, 806748B9-338F-40E3-B312-20EEFB…)

The fan keeps changing her name, but here’s one example. Hope leaked the photo to the fan.

No. 971705

File: 1589080089227.jpeg (328.93 KB, 750x912, B3385CCF-4DAB-4E4C-B2C4-11F8DE…)

No. 971714

How old is Hope, anyway? Any records on her being mentally ill? I'm starting to wonder… Maybe it's just her age. I mean, older people tend to not understand how the internet works. They all sound so stupid. What kind of mother knows that her daughter is being abused and just lets it happen?

No. 971774


The first photo is from a public event, the second is probably Photoshoped as I remember a similar pic of Lindsay without Manson.

Mansonisabusive is around not from 2015, it was discussed in the prev thread. C'mon, someone who wanted to push the narrative she's just a crazy fan at the beginning of the second thread is back. It's getting old. Btw mansonisabusive shared with us everything she had on her Tumblr in the previous thread.

No. 971776

File: 1589097160187.png (502.63 KB, 965x2253, 2838363883.png)

Is it a joke? Sorry, I'm having a hard morning and may have misunderstood but didn't you just took a cap of the cap posted in the first thread? Fake milk?

And I like that one anon brought there some mansonisinnocent vibes trying to say that Evan is "directing research". Lmao

No. 971808

What are they? Names/pointers?

No. 971812

that's nonsense.
there is no such software.

No. 971831

File: 1589117690675.png (148.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200510-083430.png)

There are plenty of them, I just can't load the website all the way.

No. 971838

Don't you know that these sites are all fake? They ask for human verification but nothing happens. There is no way to view private profiles unless you are a hacker or something.

No. 971841

Oh dear God. We're lacking brains today arent we? No one download any of those apps that claim they can view private ig profiles. They're not legit, full of spam and they often cost money. There is no possible way to view an account that is set to private in real time. You'd have to be some hacker or something.

In all honesty I don't think anyone should be bothering her sister Ashley. She has kids. She has a business. There's no reason her accounts should be flooded with the autistic nonsense that MM fans bring. If she went public she'd be tagged in pictures of Marilyn Manson for the rest of her cyber existence so good on her for being private.

No. 971843

No one mess with her sister. I actually like her sister…she seems like she has a head on her shoulders.


No. 971846

I know it was already addressed in the 1st(?) thread, but does anyone have links to those LKB tweets where she talked about what haopened between her and Manson? I skimmed through the other thread, but I couldn't find any.

No. 971847

Easily found if you search online.

No. 971852

She posted her story on her facebook and their messages on her twitter.

No. 971856

File: 1589125225884.jpg (995.39 KB, 1788x2275, Hj949ld.jpg)

It's LKB story from her facebook. Sorry, but I won't post here their messages, there are hundreds of them.

No. 971858

File: 1589125854880.jpeg (445.38 KB, 1800x1232, 1584993639135.jpeg)

This was posted on LKB twitter later. From the previous thread.

No. 971872

So, when Lindsay was messaging underage girls, she possibly could have been grooming them for Manson?

No. 971889

russmarilynmanson hasn't answered me so far.

> anything posted on VK about Ryan
Welp, if you expect me to say something like "Ryan fucked Lindsay", there is nothing I can tell you because I know that rumour was all around instagram but in fact I read completely the opposite. A girl that went to m&g during BV (?) era had a conversation with Ryan and the latter described Lindsay as the most "evil person" he'd seen. I put "evil person" in "" because that's a direct quote from her, she didn't translate his words into Russian. If you want, you can search for her comment, I am not into it. I read one more story of a girl who'd been to a gig of a band that either performed with Manson or had an experience of meeting\performing at the same fests, I really don't remember, and they said almost the same. The guitar man said Lindsay was annoying and talked too much about things Manson would never confirm. Unfortunately, I completely don't remember the wording, it might have been not in Russian or not on VK.

No. 971897

Did your source specify what the things Manson wouldn't confirm? Their marriage? We should all know by now that they're not getting married anytime soon. Everyone else has realized it, except for Lindsay. :-\

No. 971905

that she's his bride if I am not mistaken. nothing about marriage.
the band must have been Alice Cooper.

No. 971906

btw you are not supposed to use emojis

No. 971919

File: 1589137866068.jpeg (314.89 KB, 727x1114, F25F568F-73C3-47D5-BA80-39042C…)


Seems like she doesn’t want to talk about it…

No. 971947

Maybe she doesn't want to talk about it because there's nothing to talk about… I think a lot of those accounts that are "exposing" Manson or Lindsay are ex-fans that have found a reason to hate him or girls that are jealous of Lindsay for being his girlfriend. I mean, I'm not saying that they're innocent or that some accounts don't have real proof, but I feel like a lot of them are doing it for questionable reasons. mansonisabusive and fearless both have questionable reasons as to why they run those accounts and are so dead set on revealing everything he's done. I do agree that he's abusive and he's done some very wrong things, I just don't think that everything we read is true.

No. 971953

You know Evan's testimony is enough to say he's a horrible creep without anything mansonisabusive or fearless posted. But mansonisabusive doesn't post anything else but what is already posted on the internet. Mostly it's Evan's, Esme's testimonies, his own interviews etc. I don't care of her reasons but I can think that as a teenager mansonisabusive probably did some mistakes she may regret now. It may be a reason why she posts on his abuse. I know couple of his fans who researched independently because they were concerned about the whole situation and they found out same shit.

No. 971958

This account is not a gossip/revelation account. It’s a Russian Manson fan account who was in touch with Lindsay. Russian anon here shared caps of them with us. Perhaps Lindsay saw it. More likely though it’s something else.

Regarding Mansonisabusive - in general -her contributions here have been appreciated, so whatever your opinion of why she even runs the account is irrelevant.

No. 971983

File: 1589146656367.jpg (876.27 KB, 2560x910, D8dS_MqyPqE.jpg)

Lol basically you said exactly what I was hoping for. I read about "evil person" too, it was after mm show in Ekaterinburg. In the second thread I wanted to object claims that Ryan fucked Lindsay, but I had no receipts. I hoped you'd have a ss or anything if you saw that comment. That's sad.
I cannot find the comment, it's gone, disappeared. I found a few references to it though, and I've managed to track down the author of the comment (that girl who went to meet and greet), it was in 2013 btw. I am thinking to message her but I don't have a fake page, that's a problem for me lol.

You are right about Alice Cooper, but it was not his guitar man, it was a drummer. I am attaching a ss of the post and two translations (yellow - Russian website, it's more accurate; and Google Translate if anons like it more).

No. 971986

Thanks for the effort with the translation, anon. Appreciated.

No. 971987

You are welcome!

No. 972105

What kind of person would want to talk to underage kids? It just seems bizarre an adult messaging with kids.

No. 972111

Does anyone know the actual identity of mansonisabusive?

I think Fearless was faking everything ,and I agree what anon said about her maybe making up that she had any actual beef with Manson or Lindsay and it was her just trying to bait people. Her screenshots of texts didn’t have any time stamps on them. It just seems sketchy she went quiet and deleted her comments on Manson News around the time Manson went to Greece with Lindsay. Along with the other accounts hating on Lindsay, like nushirichard. And now Manson News and Lindsay are following each other - when wasn’t it supposedly Lindsay who blocked Manson’News account on Manson’s account? Anyone else seeing something wrong with this picture?

No. 972115

Maybe Lindsay messaged mansonnews and somehow made amends with them. I don't think there are any truly reliable sources,. especially fearless. Supposedly, she had beef with Manson, but as anon stated there were no timestamps or proof that any of it was real. Another anon said something about mansonisabusive just being a fan, which is unlikely because why would a fan try and "expose" someone that they admire? Of course I agree that Manson is an asshole who's done some very bad things. His victims that have come forward, whether they've named him or not, are valid and reliable sources. I mean, I'm not saying that all the accounts with proof against him aren't being truthful. It's just really sketchy, especially the reasons why they run the account. Fearless's reason was because he'd "backstabbed" her, but then she seemed to be more against Lindsay instead of him and started to paint him as a victim of her abuse. Manson and Lindsay are both narcissists, in my opinion. I'm not a verified psychologist, but it's obvious to me that they both have some serious egotistical problems. I'm betting that he's made up with fearless and that's why she's so against Lindsay now because he's been lying about the things that she's done – like when he told Gabriella that she hit him to hide the fact that he got liposuction. There's a lot of evidence of him being abusive. I wouldn't put it past her to be the same way. They really deserve each other.

No. 972117

Yes, Mansonisabusive’s identity was revealed in the first thread. Why she collects DM’s and articles on Manson is debatable, but considering he’s a serial abuser I suppose someone has to centralize the information.

No. 972122

I was the anon that said mansonisabusive was a fan. Like I mentioned in my post, mansonisabusive posts screenshots that have NOTHING to do with actual abuse. Her approach isn't just exposing abuse, she posts and collects private conversations he's had with random women and posts them on various accounts. For someone who is accusing him of abuse she AND fearless take an unusual interest in the "tea" aspect of his life. They both take a lot of interest in Lindsay. Other side chicks…even the ones that HAVENT accused him of anything.

Why would a fan do this? Why would a fan do anything. The abuse whistleblower facade puts her in the perfect position to be contacted by side chicks or enemies of his, by neutralizing herself pretending to be a whistleblower shes also setting herself up for a situation where she's able to learn more information about him and his interactions. She's basically giving his ex friends a platform to anonymously talk shit about him + the fact that she gets to have personal conversations with side sidechicks and people close to him.

Who would spend all that time structuring an account like that if they werent fans?

That account is basically a part time job. She's so paranoid that she's going to get busted that she unfollows everyones daily. Like I mentioned above, she accused me of being Manson or working for him even though my account was public and had photos of my children.

Why the hell is she so paranoid if what she's saying is allegedly true?

No. 972124

Her platform of choice is a bit suspicious as well. Why Instagram? Why not YouTube? There are other commentaries about his abusive relationship with Evan on YouTube.

It's clear as day that the person who runs that account has been around the Instagram fan community for a while. She even follows some fan accounts. Yes, manson is abusive. Yes, its nice to have the screenshots in one place. But if anyone who thinks mansonisabusive has had some kind of relationship with him in any capacity is an idiot.

No. 972126

Duh she's fake! They both are…I was disappointed at how stupid everyone was on the other threads. Just because they somehow managed to produce milk, doesn't mean that they're legit. Half of the screenshots Mansonisabusive and fearless posted were available on the lindsayusich tag in 2015-16.

- I do not take ANY of those text conversations with him to heart. Unless they're conversations with fans and side chicks. Half of those conversations in the last thread have no names on them or any indicator of who "he" is allegedly having the conversation with. Youd think if you collected screenshots from a sidechick, youd know who is in the conversation.

- One of the screenshots posted above was from a fucking texting app. Someone texted themselves using a texting app number and the app left links all over the chat bubbles. Why the fuck would Marilyn Manson need to use a texting app to text women? Not even a romantic conversation either. Just causal talking. It makes no fuckin sense.

- Half of those screenshots don't have dates or time stamps.

- Some of them are straight up from older models of the iphone set up. They have current dates but a version of IOS that hasn't been used in like 8 years.

- Some of them are just text boxes. You can't see the photo company, the battery life or anything determining that this was a real conversation. Even if we did want to match up the time displayed on the phone and the time the text was sent, we fuckin couldn't because it's cropped.

- These text messages he's allegedly in make him seem like 5 different people. The texting style isn't even consistent.

….just so much more off shit… anyone who believes any of this is an idiot.

No. 972127

Exactly. That's why I don't believe that she's a reliable source. Why is she so paranoid if everything she's said is true? I'm not saying that's she's been lying about it all, because he obviously is abusive, with all the women that have came out with stories of what he's done to them, but I think mansonisabusive is more worried about gossiping instead of getting justice for his victims. Maybe she's just another Madelyn. It might sound stupid, but I think she might be angry at him for dating Lindsay instead of her. I do agree with the other anon, though. She hasn't been romantically involved with him, even if she does want to be. The whole fandom is batshit, really. Whatever, I probably sound crazy.

No. 972128

People will say "ooooh he's using a texting app to hide from lindsay"

Nuh uh. I don't buy it. I highly doubt this 50 something year old man is tech savvy enough to pull anything like that off. The notifications will still show up on his phone and itll still show up as an app. Seems like he'd just buy another cell phone. He has no issue making other accounts to hide himself. What's another cell phone?

Plus, since when is Lindsay in control?

No. 972133

I do believe Bella Thorne's messages were real, though. It's not a texting app, so she wasn't sending them to herself. Also, LKB'S texts on her Twitter seemed pretty real. I'd post them here, but I'm on data so it won't go through.

No. 972134

To me it seems like Mansonisabusive is scared of being accused of slander.

She is VERY paranoid for someone who allegedly has all this solid evidence that he's abusive scum. And I'm not saying he's not innocent. It just seems like if she had all this legit TRUTHFUL evidence against him and had this real backstory about him abusing her, she should be the safest chick in the world, she shouldn't be so paranoid all the time as if he's going to find the account and take legal action. Concerned for her safety? I don't buy it. She's concerned she'll get in trouble for slanderous comments or rioting or something. I'm betting that she probably has Lindsay blocked. She probably has Manson blocked. She keeps her account private.

Something is fishy here and it's not just Lindsay. Mansonisabusive is a fruad.

No. 972138


- Madelyn is a fan and claims she had a full on love affair with the guy. His whole fandom is crazy.

- Teena Byrd.

- Titti Manson.

- All those girls that allegedly committed suicide or died after hanging out with him backstage.

- Those mentally ill girls in Italy that killed that nun and used his lyrics in a notebook.

- The girls that agreed to be a part of his film "groupie"

- The deaf broad that let them turn her into a subway sandwich and let them piss on her.

- That one really sweet girl that went on Howard Stern offering Manson her virginity.

All of them are batshit

No. 972140

Bella Thorne had that Manson side profile tagged for months. She also posted other DM’s people sent her at the same time. Anon also posted a screen of the IG profile she tagged, it wasn’t a texting app.

No. 972142

It's kind of ironic because on Howard Stern, after the show when the camera guy was following him around, he said, "I'm a gentleman. I don't like to meddle with girls' feelings." or something like that, and here we are. lol I think that was before all the allegations came out against him, though.

No. 972143

I don’t understand your logic, Mansonisabusive is a fraud because her profile is private? She answered why herself in the first thread. I don’t believe she ever claimed Manson abused her personally either? She posted a story a while ago that Lindsay keeps removing her account from following her, doesn’t sound like she blocked Lindsay.

No. 972150

She's a fraud because she's paranoid about Manson finding out about everything she's posted. If all of it's true, why would she be so worried about him finding out and dragging her into court?

No. 972151

I doubt she’s worried about Manson finding out, I’m sure he’s already aware of everything she’s posted. It’s all interviews and his/side chicks DM’s. She said her profile is private because crazy Manson fans stalked her and kept reporting the account and private accounts are more difficult to remove.

No. 972153

Yeah, I can see that being a reason, but another anon said that mansonisabusive accused her of being Manson, when she's got pictures of her kids/family on her page. She's super paranoid about him seeing everything she's put together, apparently.

No. 972155

I don’t know the backstory to that, but I would take it with a grain of salt unless anon posts receipts.

No. 972158

He has changed A LOT over the years. It's almost as if it's multiple different people. I'm sure if someone knew him personally they wouldn't think this but just his demeanor towards fans at concerts and his interviews: a huge personality switch.

I like his music but I don't think I've liked him as a person since maybe after Evan and Dita. At that point he seemed very jaded and pissy. One of the reasons I never considered a meet and greet, was a huge fan of his art and didn't want his current personality to ruin it for me.

No. 972159

Plus with his parents dead… that guy is probably a fuckin nightmare.
It always seemed like he was trying to balance how much Marilyn Manson he should be and how much Brian Warner but now that his folks are dead there's probably no one to keep him morally accountable for how he treats people.

No. 972162

I mean, I don't think he ever felt morally wrong or guilty about anything, even before his parents died. He was allegedly abusing Evan while his parents where still living. I think there are even pictures of them all together at Disney World, right? He's clearly a narcissist. I don't even think he has the emotional capacity to be able to empathize with other people, after all the things he's supposedly done.

No. 972165

Anon who bothers to post about mansonisabusive is themselves paranoid. Now I really need receipts for your story about mansonisabusive saying you're Manson. Why those messages from Tumblr bother that much? They are old, I remember much more of them posted by different accounts in 2016. Mansonisabusive doesn't post anything unrelated to his abuse now. If she'd worry she wouldn't post anything here. Seems like you are his fan trying to defend his ass.
Ok, there are no time stamps but how about photos of girls with him together or in his bathroom? It's not something you can fake.

No. 972175

So people have spoke with mansonisabusive via FaceTime to confirm that’s the actual person? Or through another source. Is she in any pictures with family or friends tagged to confirm that’s the person?

No. 972177

Yes there are photos of her with friends and there's her personal account on insta. But I don't think I'll post anything of it here.
Did anyone have FaceTime chat to eyelet.black? Seen their photos?

No. 972181

Like with how fearless is tagged in a picture. At least now we can confirm she’s who she says.

But didn’t know she’s just groupie. HAHA! It seems Manson’s been lying to his bitches telling them he doesn’t have fakes. No wonder - they don’t want to believe he’s been talking to other skanks.

No. 972185

I don't see any reasons of concentrating on mansonisabusive here. Most of info posted here isn't even from her account. We talk here not of her, it seems like trying to derail.

No. 972188

omg idk if I should waste my time writing this but okay, let's give it a shot.

>I think Fearless was faking everything
How do you fake being tagged in Manson's post? How do you make up a video where you are standing super close to him and his crew? I and another anon posted about it, I posted a cap of that video. That video was original, neither I nor another anon had seen it before.

>Her screenshots of texts didn’t have any time stamps on them

Go to the last thread and look at the caps with your opened eyes, many of her texts had time stamps. Some of her texts are from 2016, maybe that's why her app design looks outfashioned.

> It just seems sketchy she went quiet and deleted her comments on Manson News around the time Manson went to Greece with Lindsay

I don't remember the details but she could have been threatened. Anons posted in the last thread that Judd had been threatening her. She previously called him a sockpuppet on Manson's payroll, you do the math.

> And now Manson News and Lindsay are following each other - when wasn’t it supposedly Lindsay who blocked Manson’News account on Manson’s account?

That's a good question, I wish you messaged marilynmansonews about it, what does it have with proving fearless is false?

> especially fearless. Supposedly, she had beef with Manson, but as anon stated there were no timestamps or proof that any of it was real

go to the last thread and take a look at them again. What is more, anons found a lot of coincidences in his texts and what was going on in his life. It can hardly be faked.

> Fearless's reason was because he'd 'backstabbed' her, but then she seemed to be more against Lindsay instead of him and started to paint him as a victim of her abuse

Are you kidding? I do agree she disliked Lindsay but she basically said Manson PAID two people to harass her. How does it make him a victim? Btw, she said he was a coward, that's not 'he is a victim'.

>I'm betting that he's made up with fearless and that's why she's so against Lindsay now


>mansonisabusive posts screenshots that have NOTHING to do with actual abuse
would be nice of you to post some caps.

>and posts them on various accounts

would be nice of you to post some caps.

>They both take a lot of interest in Lindsay

fearless hated Lindsay, I think mansonisabusive is interested in her because Lindsay is his gf and MAYBE because Lindsay's mother (and Lindsay) harassed her.

>Why would a fan do this? Why would a fan do anything

I am a fan of his music. Why do I post here? Because I can.

>She's so paranoid that she's going to get busted that she unfollows everyones daily.

Would be nice to see caps of a statistics or anything. I mean anything to prove she unfollows people daily. As long as I was keeping an eye on her account, her following number never really changed. Probably +1 or +2 in half of a year.

> Like I mentioned above, she accused me of being Manson or working for him

Would be nice of you to post some caps.

>Half of the screenshots Mansonisabusive and fearless posted were available on the lindsayusich tag in 2015-16.
This is absolutely not true for fearless content. Did you even follow her?

>One of the screenshots posted above was from a fucking texting app.

what's the number of the post? I am really interetsed because I didn't notice or pay enough attention.

>Some of them are straight up from older models of the iphone set up

Because many of the texts are from 2014 and on?

> You can't see the photo company, the battery life or anything determining that this was a real conversation.

I crop every cap I make from my phone lest the battery\time\company is seen, that's for privacy reasons.

> These text messages he's allegedly in make him seem like 5 different people. The texting style isn't even consistent.

They're indeed consistent to my eye, but that's subjective.

I am tired at this point. Why don't you even post caps\post numbers to support your stance, idk.

No. 972189


No. 972191

Yes but are these people “tagged” in the pictures to another account? That’s something to look for to make sure they are legit.

I don’t know if anyone has FaceTimed with eyelet.black.

No. 972192

Honestly who cares if mansonisabusive was interested in gossips. Maybe she was in 2015 when she was like 15 (?) Since then she was attacked so many times by crazy fans and Hope that it doesn't add up anymore. By the way lilith posted one of her messages in her stories, it's in a previous thread. It's even scrolled down a little so it does not look exactly as it was leaked on insta. It confirms her DMs from him are real.

No. 972193

No, she prolly photoshopped herself embracing two girls. What is your motivation to post so much on mansonisabusive? Are you trying to make people deanonymize her? It won't happen, sorry. We are talking here of Manson, not mansonisabusive.

No. 972194

Lol anon. Have you considered that she is older then her teens and might have a professional life that she doesn’t want connected to her activity in the celebrity gossip/expose world? That she doesn’t want her her google results to come up connected to manson’s bs?

No. 972214

There wasn't anything on that tumblr except for a link to that drive stuff. She used to have that link in her bio.

No. 972216

She once posted a story saying that Manson blocked her on both accounts, her personal and mansonisabusive. Lindsay only blocked her on her personal.
So I guess they both know what she does. That archdandy guy among others even publicly threatened her with legal action on one of Rose McGowan's posts. Hope Harvey did so on her own account as well years ago.

No. 972219

The content she posts consists of articles and videos mostly and they are all available on the internet. If that's "truthful" one can only decide for themselves. Her bio even says that it's just a collection.

She was never abused by manson bc she never met him.

I think keeping your account private and the comments turned off is better than dealing with trolls all day long.

No. 972231

I totally believe Fearless knows Manson and is legit. I just don’t know if all the fighting with Lindsay and Manson was real, and if everything she was saying was legit. If she was being honest , then why would Judd’s threats scare her.? Just like her sending me a message threatening me. I told her to shut the fuck. But thanks Fearless for validating Manson pays people to harass them! That part is true.

No. 972233

Receipts? Why did she threaten you?

No. 972234

So she’s claiming to be a “victim” of Manson?

First of all, accusing someone of slander is not that easy - you have to prove malicious intent - which is very hard to prove most of the time.

The only reason Manson was able to do it with Lexa is because she filed allegations of an actual crime against him ,which got dropped due to lack of evidence. So because of that, he was able to easily turn around and get her for slander. And Manson’s abuse claims aren’t like the Harvey Weinstein situation where hundreds of women are coming forward. Also, because Evan or Esme won’t name him, it makes it harder for victims to come forward.

No. 972240

He did shit to ERW and Esme when both of his parents were alive. But still can't imagine why would someone depressed over the death of his parents rape, have girls captive and sexually abuse them.

No. 972241

Good job, anons. I can add that I don't get why so much worries about mansonisabusive caps from her Tumblr. Those stories of girls from 2014-2016 are least damaging for Manson. I believe we talked in the first thread why they would talk to anonymous accounts and wouldn't go to police. Because Manson just was deceitful to them to get sex with them and emotionally abusive. It may be considered as a sexual misconduct in some states but you can't go with this to LAPD. With the exception of Clare Buley/Lilith Levisis who may be underage, who he allegedly groomed from 16 years old girl fake account and who he allegedly gave drugs. But Clare didn't talk to mansonisabusive about this to my knowledge. She talked to Gabriella, his ex girlfriend. Again Jordan posted her story on WordPress. Lola Blanc had nothing to do with anonymous accounts but her story is typical for her.
Most girls who accused or implied anything criminal (rape, captivity, sexual abuse etc) did it in their testimonies or in their social media accounts (ERW, Esme, Ashley Morgan, Ashley Walters, LKB) and didn't share it to mansonisabusive. Mansonisabusive is just reposting. But there are plenty of accounts and sites that post on his abuse or people who collect info without posting it. Who cares who reposts. It was already said that mansonisabusive mostly reposts, her caps from her Tumblr is old and there were more of caps of his messages, photos and videos posted in 2015-2016 posted by different accounts. I've read messages posted in 2016, LKB messages, it's consistent to me and I've read his messages to fearless and jessicka posted here, it's consistent to me too. I find this obsession with mansonisabusive sketchy and indeed seems like trying to derail.

No. 972248

Because, she said I’m spreading lies about Manson.

But if Manson was all those things she was claiming , why would she fucking care what I said about him?

That’s because either a.) she was lying about everything, or b.) if she was in fact really having issues with Manson… then it’s like the one anon said - she made up with him.

No. 972250

What were you saying about him? What did she say to you? You don’t have receipts of her threats? Share the milk!

All this talk about fake accounts he runs sounds delusional and crazy af. Eyelet black is posting DMs she sent to him but never responses he sent prob cuz he never responds lol. And that dawn/miss danger just calls him a scumbag but has no evidence of any connection to him. Like where are the receipts?

No. 972251

I believe he used to or still has fakes to groom girls but what dawn or eyelet say sounds like bs tbh.

No. 972252

You can just turn the notifications off. And he definitely has a burner phone. He said he had one on the Howard Stern show… and that he would text Justin Bieber on it.

No. 972259

Does anyone have DMs from his fake accounts? I’ve never seen any screens from fakes.

No. 972264

I’ve lurked all of Dawn’s social, and it doesn’t look that she was ever a fan of Manson. The only person I see that maybe she’s a fan of is Bret Michaels lol.
What did she randomly just decide one day to pick on Marilyn Manson for no reason, lol? Something had have made her come to this conclusion about Manson and his fakes.
She said he had a fake Jesus account she connected him to. And that there was a woman he followed on his fake account, and this woman followed both his real and fake account.

No. 972267

I got lost. Who is Dawn?

No. 972268

File: 1589199031759.jpeg (356.32 KB, 1350x1800, 1FD4D3D4-2426-4BB8-8F08-068A0B…)

I took a screenshot of this from her Facebook.

No. 972277

WTF. What is her Facebook name? This looks insane LMAO

No. 972278

She’s someone claiming he has tons of fakes and calls him a “scumbag.” Or S-C-U-M-B-A-G. She is miss_dangerx and guitar_gunn. Always accusing but has no DMs or any other evidence. Talks nonsense about him stealing crap from her social media lol

No. 972320

File: 1589207498325.jpeg (362.11 KB, 1677x911, 704B44EB-000C-4E39-8FF1-FD11B9…)

Lol does she expect answers from bots.
And why are most her current pics of Manson the same, he laying down with his cat, no face.

No. 972341

Looks like she cut his arm off and uses it as a prop lmao

No. 972342

I had the same problem with her until I blocked her. But that was a year ago or something.

No. 972346

File: 1589210902203.jpg (215.83 KB, 607x1080, M6Z69Gz.jpg)

She posts meaningless stuff. Her weight is disturbing imo.
It was Marilyn's dad's bd a few days ago, and then Perou's (Manson's long term photographer) bd. I was expecting her to post photos with them to 'prove' she was around but nope. She posts about herself and manson's arms only.

Btw nice nails. What's about 'stay home'? lol

No. 972347

Caps. It’s an image board.

No. 972348

I bet he's stoned as fuck and that's why his face isn't in any of the pictures. I mean, there was that one thing with MGK, but he hasn't posted on IG since the 16th(?) of last month. In all the pictures, though, it looks like he's wearing the same shirt. Who else wants to bet neither of them have showered or changed clothes since quarantine started? Not that they did it all that often before…

No. 972351

>there was that one thing with MGK
… and he was high af.

No. 972355

Yeah I watched that last night, stoned as fuck.

No. 972363

I'm not surprised that they're both stoned. She's a bitch, he's abusive. Probably the best option at this point, to be honest.

No. 972366

UMM…USE UR BRAINS PPL. I don't want to offend anyone but this sounds like bullshit.

She's needs therapy because her networking plan didn't work out?

She's a fuckin groupie, what does she expect!?

- She meets a man at his concert, goes backstage with him, listens to his sweet nothings, the relationship takes a romantic turn (keep in mind a romantic turn could be considered innocent flirting or someone reading kindness as flirting), he gives her his number and then he moves onto the next city.

- She technically did use him for financial gain. She's friends with him with the understanding that he'll connect her to people and purchase her artwork. What is she doing for him in this Friendship?

- He ghosts her… which is something she should've expected because he's a rockstar and visits multiple cities a week, probably collecting women and starting similar relationships: groupies.

- She's clearly rude enough to ask him for money once she realized he didn't do what he said he would: purchase her art.

- She gets all emotional and probably guilts him into doing it.
He sends the money and then she returns it.

- He tells her she should work on stuff on her own. Which is actually valid advice because even with his help, she's still going to need to work on her own and prove herself after networking.

Idk. Some of yall are dumb. Did she have a sexual relationship with him while she was underage? Did he physically harm her?

It sounds like Jordan's story. You can't get mad when someone loses interest in you. Yes, he could've handled it better but…

What was he supposed to do if a young girl (who's a fan of his) was sitting face to face with him talking about her art? Kind of no choice but to lie. Is he supposed to discourage while hes sitting with her face to face?

On Twitter, if some aspiring rapper tags his soundcloud and a famous rapper interacts with it, is it emotional abuse if the famous rapper likes the work but doesn't attempt to network?

No. 972369

It's not called abuse. I'm not defending him but him telling her to sell her prints is valid advice. Him telling her to price them high because it adds value and exclusivity to the work is valid advice. He gave her some valid advice.

It's called someone not being interested in you and blowing you off. He probably couldn't keep his story straight because he probably didn't give her much thought.

After a failed networking attempt most people move onto the next thing. They don't continue to contact the person. If he couldn't even remember the contents of their last conversation he clearly doesn't value the friendship.

I'm betting she's claiming abuse because she realized she couldnt get money out of him and couldn't get relationship clout either because he wasn't interested.

No. 972374

I'm sorry but Evan and Esme experienced real mental, physical and emotional torment.

It's not abusive if someone decides they don't want to use their platform to further someone else's career. A LOT of his fans are artists. Its not like she met him at a coffee shop, she met him in a groupie situation. Why should he extend his connections to this girl and not other fans?

No. 972384

I find disturbing tho following moments in lkb text. She was drunk and sick when she was going to have sex with him but ok, maybe he was drunk as well. Then something creepy. He painfully grabbed her wrists in bed, said to look him in his eyes, gripped tighter as she struggled or tried to look away. I'd want to know what weird shit it is.

No. 972386

At last sage your bullshit.

>She's a fuckin groupie, what does she expect!?

Not to be treated like shit from Manson and his assistant?

>She technically did use him for financial gain. She's friends with him with the understanding that he'll connect her to people and purchase her artwork. What is she doing for him in this Friendship?

At his suggestion, he offered it.

>He ghosts her… which is something she should've expected because he's a rockstar and visits multiple cities a week, probably collecting women and starting similar relationships: groupies.

And later messaged her because he apparently wanted to continue the friendship.

>She's clearly rude enough to ask him for money once she realized he didn't do what he said he would: purchase her art.

She didn’t ask him, he offered to buy her print for $500.

> She gets all emotional and probably guilts him into doing it. He sends the money and then she returns it.

Guilts him? He’s an adult, if he doesn’t want to buy her art then he shouldn’t have sent it. She returned it because his assistant was rude af to her. Mason insisted on sending it again.

>He tells her she should work on stuff on her own. Which is actually valid advice because even with his help, she's still going to need to work on her own and prove herself after networking.

Which she does, she’s still working on her film without his help.

>After a failed networking attempt most people move onto the next thing. They don't continue to contact the person. If he couldn't even remember the contents of their last conversation he clearly doesn't value the friendship.

I don’t believe she contacted him, Manson contacted her.

>It's not abusive if someone decides they don't want to use their platform to further someone else's career.

It’s how Manson went about it that’s fucked up.

No. 972388

I would agree with you if he hadn't groomed her for a second time as described above.

No. 972395

…and I would if their sex wouldn't be so creepy as it's described >>972384

No. 972411

File: 1589220341279.png (393.22 KB, 828x1792, A0B7C305-617A-4798-8F20-034978…)

Here’s that glass of milk….

She also tried giving bullshit denying about how he has guys picking up girls on social media for him. Even Louise Belle validated that Manson does in fact do this and posted screenshots of a guy that works for him trying to pick up some skank on twitter for him.

No. 972412

Did you really talk to Manson about fearless activity?
thx for the cap.

No. 972413

No I never said anything to him about her.

No. 972414

He used to pick up girls on Myspace himself so prolly technically it's true he doesn't send guys to pick up girls on social media. I've heard he does on his shows tho.

No. 972420

Why do think fearless would know of such things as him sending guys to pick up girls on social media? I don't think he would tell such things to a woman he's a friend or romantically involved with.

No. 972421

File: 1589221279386.jpeg (157.16 KB, 828x1052, 5BACC83A-6E2B-45FC-A6C9-8C847E…)

This looks like a guy to me picking up a girl for him on social media. Also, yes he picked up girls himself, but he did have guys pick them up on MySpace as well. Apparently, a guy named Mick is who picked up Lindsay on MySpace.

No. 972424

Because she claimed to KNOW everything he does. All his “tricks”.

No. 972425

are you some kind of detective? lol

No. 972427

I don't remember her saying anything like that. And how do you know of Mick. Proof pls.

No. 972429

Right? Did she just get bored one day and decided to put in a hat bunch of rockstars’ names of who to accuse of fake accounts and Marilyn Manson got picked the lucky winner. LMFAO!

No. 972440

I hope you don't get me wrong, I mean no offense but if you dmed fearless Manson's instagram post in order to prove he watches you (via 'his boys' it doesn't matter), you are not far from eyeletblack.

No. 972447

Mick is Manson’s tour manager. @durtymick.

The cap that >>972421 share is from Manson’s bus driver.
Real quality people. lmao.

No. 972448

Louise here. This site was brought to my attention a while ago by someone who posts here. Just want to say that I would appreciate if certain assholes on here could refrain from constantly dissecting people, calling me a groupie and getting facts wrong. Same goes for other victims. People are really tired of having shit constantly dragged up and treated like entertaining drama for your shitshow. Our trauma is not your "milk."

I was never a groupie, just a young naive fan who met my idol and was taken advantage of and got reeled in by it all. But if you want to call me a groupie then go ahead, I'd rather be a groupie than a loser sitting on a gossip website shitting on abuse victims for "milk."

To clarify, I never asked him for shit, he would promise things then go back on it. I wasn't super confident in my artwork and had low self esteem, he would give me all this praise and say he would help me get a job in Hollywood, encouraged me to raise the prices of my art prints to a ludicrously high price, was weirdly controlling over the whole thing, picked which prints to sell. THEN when I followed his instructions, he accused me of financial extortion, using him, being an average artist, insulted me, basically tore my self esteem to shreds, went back on promises. Or allegedly it was Judd the Fud who sent messages, fuck knows, I don't care anymore who sent what, they're both abusive dickheads. Judd was blamed, fired, rehired, fired again, denied involvement, then went batshit crazy threatening and insulting people. Another time M told me to use the press about him for publicity for my film, and when an article was released (you can Google it, Glasgow Live) he got pissed at me for the article, I ended up apologising and crying on the phone like an idiot, he decided he was no longer going to "help" me like he initially offered. I think he just liked playing around with power. He seemed to enjoy playing games. I never gave a shit about the money, I genuinely did trust him and considered him a friend, thought we had this special relationship because who wouldn't want to hold onto that idea with your favourite rockstar. We'd email a lot and spoke on the phone occasionally. I was a fan and I always saw the best in him despite the many red flags. I had on my rose tinted glasses, so I think that's why he liked me, I was easy to manipulate.

Anyway, back to the point, it wasn't me being this conniving groupie trying to swindle my way to the top of the art world by befriending Manson. To address your condescending bullshit- I'm currently writing a novel, finishing up the editing and animation for my short film, pre lockdown I was working doing film teaching, I have a degree in animation and post grad qualifications and awards I've won for my work, so yeah, no shit, I don't need "help" from an abusive rockstar. I actually did an art piece called Hollywood Won't Help You, which is something he said to me in an email. I've never been into the whole networking thing and I'm not a goldigger, so fuck this whole narrative.

There was a lot of shit that happened, not just the art print ordeal. I'd like to see how much better some of you would have handled the situation being in my position at that age with your idol. He was also sexually abusive yes, but at the time I didn't tell people about it and downplayed it in my head and blamed myself and made excuses for him. When I did try to bring it up with him, just being like hey that thing that happened was quite upsetting, he'd deny things ever happening, made me feel like I was crazy, threatened with a legal team (allegedly Judd the Fud sent the legal threat emails, again, fuck knows). But he also gaslit me on the phone, so yeah, not all Judd. I never wanted to go public with it all, just wanted an apology. I found out about all the other abuse with other people and decided it was best to come out with it.

Pretty sure I already covered all this in my original post. I needed therapy because it was fucking traumatic being fucked in the head by someone I used to look up to, and I had to accept that yes, I was abused. Coming out of all that fantasy type thinking and realising who he really was really broke me at the time. I gave up on my film for a while, lost interest in making art, was a depressed mess. I had trolls coming at me telling me to go kill myself, a hate page at one point, people calling me a liar, attention seeker, now a groupie I guess. It's really great how your poor judgements and traumatic experiences get spun into drama online. "Groupie" is a convenient way to victim blame someone- oh they're just a dumb groupie.

I know I'm going to get shat on for posting on here, IDGAF if you don't believe my experiences, if I was gonna make up a story I don't think I could've come up with something so bizarre involving a horror movie, art prints, an unhinged assistant and crazy word salad emails.

Just asking if some people on here could TRY, just try to be a little more empathetic and respectful towards victims, I know that's a big ask. As a side note, the collage is fucking hilarious, yes MM is abusive, but all this victim blaming and conspiracy theories and picking people apart doesn't help anyone, that's all I'm saying.

No. 972450

So, Manson's bus driver just choose's random "pretty" girls to bring on tour?

No. 972451

as far as I remember Mick didn't work for him in 2009-10 (you can also track it by browsing his instagram), he had a different crew with him. His assistant was Ashley back then.

Could that bus driver choose girls for himself not Manson? Still creepy af.

No. 972453

I believe you. Please don't be upset. You don't deserve it after everything you had to survive. There are always assholes unfortunately.

No. 972455

…ANOTHER fake fuckin screenshot. You have to be an idiot to think this post is a real conversation.

FIRST: Why the fuck would the Instagram app BLEND IN with the tool bar screen.

SECOND: Its clear that the time bar was not cropped out of it at the top. Why would it display a time at the top but show ZERO notifications. ZERO wifi bars. ZERO network bars.

THIRD: Why would it just say "December 24th" and the time, without adding the year as well? I know different parts of the world write dates differently but NO ONE leaves out the year. Why would it have part of the date and the exact time but not the year the message was sent.

FOURTH: You magically have a screenshot on this very topic talked about today? If you had screenshots and access to fearless. why post them now?

Seriously… reading this thread I figured everyone was a lot smarter. Like this thread seemed very fact based and neutral about the information shared. In #1 and #2 people could engage in mature discussion on the validity of some of these posts. No one took it personally. Which is why I'm thinking fearless AND Mansonisabusive are here writing on their own behalf trying to add credibility to themselves.

No. 972456

People will always discuss shit, you'll have to deal with it. It's unfortunate but that's reality.
I am sorry for everything that happened to you, I hope you can move on. Lurking on websites like that won't help you, people will always have their opinion, sometime that opinion is fucked up.

No. 972457

I don't think Mick picked up Lindsay on Myspace for him. Manson talked once in his interview about it. That he started to talked to a girl on Myspace and she turned to be a psycho.
I heard he does for himself.

No. 972460

I'm sure it's Mary dawn with her friends are posting here their bs. Mansonisabusive appeared already in first thread if you read carefully.

No. 972461

I understand that it's probably really upsetting to be called a groupie and talked shit about, but there wasn't much information on it, besides your Twitter and the articles on it, and we're just kinda taking in information as we get it. From the things I've read, personally, it seemed like you were a groupie. Now that you've clarified everything from your point though, it paints it more like you were a fan that he took advantage of. Yes, I do agree that Manson is abusive. He abused his power by taking advantage of someone that looked up to him.

No. 972462

Fair enough. You were treated like shit, for real. No judgement from me. Good you’re aware that you might get dragged for posting here. Glad you like my collage.
Bear in mind that this thread is going to attract a lot of salty Manson fans, victim blaming is inevitable. Keep on keeping on.
FWIW thanks for your post. It goes without saying, if you chose to post anon, for some milk spilling on the cow himself, it’s always appreciated. That is, after all, why we are here.

No. 972464


Honey if it’s upsetting to see this thread the best thing you can do is close this site and never access it again. Writing a defensive blogpost is only going to attract more attention to you unfortunately. $5 says some weird content about you is going start appearing soon on puppet accounts like mansonisinnocent or one of crazy Madelyn’s sockpuppets.

No. 972465

You made your trauma milk by exposing it to the public. What did you think would happen?

If all this happened why the hell are you posting online about it and not seeking legal action in attempts to help some other girl in the future? For attention? You are part of the problem. You're enabling his abuse and if your claims are true (which I doubt they are) another woman being sexually assaulted by him is on YOUR hands.

If you're well enough to write up a full article on him and well enough to post on forums, you're definitely well enough to report him to the police and make a statement. Even if you don't get justice for your specific situation, reporting him will at least bring attention to him in the eyes of your police department. If for some reason he visits your city and does it to another girl, itll at least be brought up to the PD's attention in case another woman reports.

So what are you doing instead? Posting stories online for attention. At least Evan and Esme are thinking about other women and testifying. You're clearly using it for clout which is fine but don't come on here threatened that people treat your abuse like gossip when you're the first person that introduced your abuse as gossip.

And how do we even know you're real? Do you have social media? Can we put a face to your claims or are we supposed to just take your word for it? Because last time i checked you didn't dish out any proof other than your story: a fanfiction. And sweetie, anyone can write fanfiction. It's not hard. I could turn around and write an abuse story and post it here as well. We all could. Doesn't mean there's a lick of truth to it. Hell, at least in Jordan Arentz case theres actually photo evidence that she's even been in the same room as Manson.

You're "story" sounds a lot like Gabriella. She's an artist. She did a painting of his cat. She met him and collaborated. Your story just sounds like wishful thinking tied into the stories of other women that actually knew him. You're literally no better than Madelyn with her delusions.

Yes. You are a groupie. A groupie. You got with a famous person backstage because he picked you out of the crowd as the "fun of the night" and most likely left you and your city the next day not even thinking anything of it. He's never turned a groupie into a girlfriend. I'm not sure what you were expecting but he fucks his fans but doesn't do relationships with them, everyone knows this so I'm not sure how you didn't get the memo.

No. 972471

A helpful tip for you hun: if you did get abused, you should spend less time on forums about your abuser and more time healing as a person.

The fact that you frequent this forum enough to tell when exactly you're being brought up in discussion is actually concerning.

Also… here's some advice: If you don't report your abuse, in the eyes of society the crime never happened. You're inability and unwillingness to report him ensured that no one would EVER believe your story or take you seriously.

Someone fluffing you up and giving attention and then taking that attention away because he lost interest is NOT abuse.

Someone consenting sex but feeling uncomfortable about it afterwards is NOT abuse.

Someone being an asshole towards you is NOT abuse.

In a situation where you're being mentally abused and hurt, common sense should've told you to leave him alone. I don't understand how you can turn a blind eye to the fact that he was blowing you off.

In Jordan's story she says he eventually told her to leave him alone. In your case, he told you to leave him alone (without words) many times. Especially when he got argumentative when you confronted him.

Are a minor? Did he sleep with a minor? Because if you're a grown woman you should be able to see certain signs that tell you he's not interested in a friendship or anything with you. Most women wouldve accepted that the first time he blew you off. Take a hint.

And his assistant? Sounds like you were harassing. Why would his assisted be pressed about money that isn't his? You clearly did something that made them both feel like they had to give you money.

In all honesty you sound like a prostitute or high class escort. You're pressuring this guy to "buy your art" because you guys hung out once. Seems like he didn't send it in enough time and you got pissed and started asking for it. Is this money truly about art or did you do something in trade for exposure, art sales or networking?

No. 972472

She definitely wasn't a girlfriend. I'm not sure why she's so angry about being called a groupie when she clearly was in a groupie situation.

Based on Manson's recruiting tactics he didn't even spot this one and stalk her before pursing her. Seems like he legit picked her out of the meet and greet group and said, "this will do" and went on with the night. At least with Gabriella, Jordan, Lilith and everyone else, they were actually pursued instead of presented to him in a room.

I just can't see how she puts herself in a groupie-like situation. Everyone knows people pay for meet and greets in Hope's the artist will find them interesting and pursue a conversation longer than the avergaw "Hi, I like your music. Goodbye" thing.

She actively put herself in a position that many women get taken advantage of in and agreed to be taken advantage of and only cared about for one night but then gets angry and hurt when he moves onto the next city and the next girl.

No. 972477

I sent that picture because Manson does send his goons aka “internet troops” (as he calls them)… and they are watching.

Why do you people keep lumping me in with this eyelet black? There is nothing I have in common with that account! Eyelet black never had any personal interaction with anybody! Only sent him one-sided DMs to his real account. Which is all bullshit and a set-up! I see now what Manson did… That person works for him and he had that person make that account to try and discredit me whenever I say anything about his fakes.

No. 972481


Found the article. Here's the thing guys, he was probably pissed off that she didn't allow him to okay the article and have his press review it. She really should've just accepted the money, created the film, let him see if he wanted his name tagged to it after he views the finished product.

Around the same time he was having this issue with Lana Del Rey and another artist where they made this rape scene in collaboration with a video he was doing with Lana. He didn't want his name added to that and had to make a public statement that he didn't take part in that part of the video and had no idea it was even added.

He spent 20+ years building his career. (Not the best career in the world) but she should've let him see the finished outcome before she publicly declared his part in it. Imagine if the movie had some weird undertone that didn't align with his personal beliefs.

He donated to the movie, he did not say he'd take part in the filming and actual work. She should've created it and got back to him to show him where his donations went to and then he could've promoted the finished product and his part in it.

This is how you collaborate in the art world people. Unfortunately she was in the wrong.

No. 972483

I personally wouldn't tell you anything some people have already said here but since they did it Iadmit that I agree with the point you had to go to police. I'm disturbed by your descriptions of his picking up methods and I have to say I was scared after reading the description of your sex with him. You are still an adult. It's all your decision. But if you read carefully previous threads you know that he allegedly has had sexual relationship with Clare Buley who may be underage and that he groomed her from 16 years old girl fake, that he at least talked dirty to 15 years old girls, touched and tried to drug on his tourbus 14 years old girl, had one stand night with underage in London in 1996. Please I'm not saying you must immediately go to police. Just think a minute that you were not alone who experienced "relationship" with him. There were more girls some of them may be underage. ERW testified he raped her. She can't do anything because of SOT. And, yes, if you don't go to the police the crime never happened.

No. 972485

Also, her getting money from him was pretty unique and lucky.

If she actually went to art school she should at least know that you can apply for art grants from your city. Him donating money was actually pretty nice because most artists spend years doing roulette with the cities arts scene/organizations trying to access art funds and continuously applying and getting denied.

It's irresponsible for her to claim his involvement in a film that didn't even exist yet. A film he probably had little information on…

No. 972488

What's up with women thinking sex with this guy will be kind and soft.

What part of that man reads "tender lover."

Out of all the men to sleep with: Marilyn Manson. If you're not comfortable with the possibility of dying during sex, dont consent to intercourse with a man that cuts, pukes, dry humps, touches and pisses himself on stage.

This guy went to jail for molesting / fuckin a security guards head during a live show.

What part of him reads "hi I wait for consent"

I'm not being nice to the abuser but come on, basical survival skills should tell you not to get in bed with someone who comes out wearing lingerie and slithers down to the edge of the stage and forcefully fucks anothe guys HEAD in front of hundreds. What the fuck

No. 972489

I can understand that that LKB did put herself in that situations and she could have left if she wanted to. If he didn't let her leave, that's a whole slew of other problems that she needs to release. But what a lot of you guys are missing in your long ass essays about how she should've filed a police report, is that she did file a police report. It's on her fucking Twitter. She said that she reported him to the police, and that she had to go through questioning and everything. Check your facts before you decide to write a book on why she's not a victim. She did put herself in a groupie situation, and he's an asshole, but what he did to her while they were having sex – that is abuse. It might've been a small thing, but it probably still had an impact on her. Yeah, she might be doing it for clout, but we don't know that for sure. Maybe he actually did do something even worse to her that she hasn't told anyone about, I don't know. But yes, she did file a police report.

No. 972490


And just bc she acted unprofessionally with that whole film thing doesn't mean she deserved to be sexually assaulted on a tour bus.

No. 972491

I'm betting she DID NOT file any report. Because if she did, they would've instructed her to keep quiet about it while they investigate. Confessing online is actually THE LAST thing they tell u you shouldn't do. And it's not like she went to real press like Esme and Evan, Louise went to social media: twitter. Plus now lolcow, an actual gossip forum littered with stuff that may or may not be true but is automatically littered with drama and mess that the police probably won't even waste resources on getting the truth.

Almost every woman that has accused a celeb of sexual misconduct goes to the police BEFORE the press. BEFORE social media.

No. 972495

Such a milky day!

No. 972496

Maybe she didn't. I might've gotten it wrong. But I don't believe Rose McGowan went to the police first, did she? I may be wrong, but I think she went to the media before. If this turns out to be anything like the Weinstein case, which it may if Esme or Evan name him, lots of other women will probably be taking to social media to reveal everything. I can't wait until quarantine is over and he fucks something up. He'll slip sometime, and when he does, it's all gonna come out.

No. 972497

>That person works for him and he had that person make that account to try and discredit me whenever I say anything about his fakes.
The self-esteem we all wanted but never had lol

No. 972499

Jordan has actually a proof she was in his bathroom lol. She didn't go to the police because Manson didn't do anything criminal to her.

No. 972502

Thank you anons.
Almost broke my face reading previous posts.

No. 972506

What, those epic tomes? They were some pretty heated blogposts. Kek.

No. 972511

Just too much lecturing to my liking.

No. 972512

How is that fake? Lmao. I’m sure screenshots look different with different phones, and that’s just how my phone takes screenshots. I don’t know why theres no year. And the time is at the top because that’s the time I took the screenshot and I didn’t crop it out.

It was never posted before because I just got on this site. And the topic got brought up because I said it was sketchy how fearless went quiet… and then an anon said she was being threatened by Judd… then it reminded me about when fearless threatened me. Anon asked for some milk, so I went to get it and posted it.

No. 972517

And it is showing the network bars. Put your glasses on.

No. 972526

You sound like you're thick as pig shit. You can easily Google me and find my social media. I originally posted my experiences on my Facebook art page. I spoke with my therapist about reporting to police but after she consulted with an expert in victim support, fed back to me that if I reported it would likely just be put on file and nothing would happen, because so much time has passed and there's no physical evidence. It would also be hugely traumatic and I'd face a lot of questions. Fuck you, seriously, people like you with your victim blaming and superior attitude are the scum of the earth. I hope you never get abused or raped. Or maybe that's the only way you'd get any real empathy. I'm actually currently dealing with a separate issue, where I did go to the police right away, so don't really have the energy to drag up old shit on top of all that.

No. 972527

Those aren’t “women” they’re skanky dirty ass hoes, because no real women would ever have sex with THAT. And he has to probably have gotten the aids by now. Disgusting.

No. 972530

That was not related to Manson, that is a separate issue.

No. 972534

That's an awful thing to say. You are the exact reason that so many women have self-confidence issues. There's nothing wrong with fucking and enjoying yourself. Yeah, they might've made a bad decision, but he was the one who chose to abuse them and the power he had over them. Different people are attracted to different things. They didn't want to be abused. Those women are victims. Have some fucking respect, you asshole.

No. 972535

I just wanted to support lkb and to tell that probably what she says is true. One person posted on Russian social media a story that gave me similar vibes. Not about help or messaging but about sex. I translated the comment from Russian and I'll add the link for the russian anons here:

She told me that he likes to watch and say what to do, which is rather rude, but not sharp, quiet domination.


No. 972536

Oh really? You can just apply for art grants so easily? Gee, I hadn't thought of that. Guess what, I did apply for funding but there's a ton of competition for these things and there's not a money tree available. I had an entire Kickstarter campaign for the film.

He never donated that money, by the way. He paid $500 (£300) for 3 art prints and 2 drawings I made, a price which he set himself. It wasn't a charity, he bought products from me.

No. 972537

The world would be a better place.

No. 972541

Sorry you misunderstood. That wasn’t directed towards the victims. It was meant towards skanks like Lilith, Lindsay, Dita, etc.

No. 972542

Isn't Lindsay a victim?

No. 972544

Lilith was very young and groomed. She obviously wasn't fucked before she met him. If you google you can find that she was decent and was an intern in the museum.

No. 972545

What do you mean "likes to watch"? You mean, like, fuck with the lights on? Or watch girls touch themselves? I'm not completely understanding.

No. 972546

That's still incredibly fucking terrible to say.

No. 972547

Lol. Visit her thread anon. She was like that before Manson.

No. 972548

Again, he TOLD me to post about him. I was following his instructions. Did you read everything I wrote? Glad there are so many experts on the film industry on here, maybe you can send me some links to your showreels and IMDB pages, I'd love to see your work.

No. 972551

Sorry, I think google translator interpreted wrong. But she literally said "he likes to look". Maybe the word "to watch" would be correct too. She didn't give any other details, I thought though she may mean to look in his eyes as lkb said.

No. 972556

I've been a working artist for 8 years now. I went to grad school… if I'm being honest you don't NEED much for independent film making. Just equipment and other creators willing to do free collaboration for the exposure (these people are normally colleagues or art school classmates)…not random cocaine taking rockstars with a history of insanity and abusive behavior.

Him buying your art or giving you and kind of compensation was actually a nice thing to do. A lot of artists go years without selling work. Oh, and jobs exist. I'm not defending him but if I remember correctly: he was out there making his own flyers for his shows and passing them around. His band did not get handouts and got rejected by a few lables. That being said, although he's a peice a shit, he did pay his dues and worked his way up.

Honestly it's not a good look on your part to publicly dwell on one of the first few people that paid for your work. He did give you valid and helpful advice. Just because he didn't pursue a relationship with you doesn't mean he's abusing you.

And honestly sweetie, you clearly refuse to report him. If you're not going to push forward and get justice, you might as well just stop talking about it. In the eyes of the law these events you're describing technically don't exist. Because now your name is all over these threads and all over social media. You've basically made a cyber footprint of yourself all over and that doesn't seem like something that would BOOST your career.

I really hope you get the help you need and work on your art. Take this as a lesson and move on. The guy is friends with Johnny Depp, if you push forward like this with no police report, no evidence and years of talking about it online? You might end up with your name being tarnished before you even get the chance to create large films in Hollywood.

Seriously, if you're not going to report, for the sake of your career, just drop it.

No. 972561

Answer this question: Did you give the news website his information so he can confirm what they're saying is legit? Did you allow him to review the article before it was posted?

The guy has been working for 20+ years. He has all kinds of shit written about him; good and bad. I would be pretty fuckin annoyed if my PR team randomly got word that some random international magazine is posting a public article without allowing me to review it beforehand.

This is someones career we're talking about here.

No. 972564

He left bruises on her wrists while they were having sex, and stuck his hand in her underwear on his bus. It was her first time. That's fucking abusive. She does deserve justice for what he did to her, and she said that she reported him to the police. Check your facts before you post.

No. 972565


Loool you don’t get to ‘review’ articles before they are written you fucking dolt. That’s not the way journalism works.

No. 972566

The article clearly says that he donated money for a film.

If he only bought your artwork why the hell are you reporting to news websites that he's funding your film and somehow personally backs the project.

If he bought your prints what does that have to do with your movie?

Please keep up with your lies…

No. 972567


Actually you do hun…

Celebs typically get contacted for a comment.

Once you did the article did you send them his information so he can confirm this or comment on it? I'm guessing that's a no.

No. 972569

Jesus Christ.

ROUGH SEX IS NOT ABUSE. Did she tell him to stop?

No. 972570

I'm not even gonna address all this victim blaming bullshit. Only reason I commented on here is because people, not just me, are sick and tired of constantly having bullshit spread. This shit comes up in Google. And it angers me to see people with such a disturbing lack of decency getting entertainment from dissecting abuse victims. Yes, it was abuse, and no I won't be giving you any more "milk," you can go educate yourselves by reading up on how abuse works and affects victims. It's wild to me how on the internet I'm apparently this dumb groupie when in reality I'm quiet and spend most of my time at home. Groupie is not an insult, by the way, if someone wants to identify as that and live that lifestyle then that's great. It's just not what I am or ever was. I've never followed bands around on tour. I know slotting me into a category is an easy way to dismiss me and think smugly to yourself "I'd never be abused because I'm so sensible." When I was handed an aftershow pass after doing a meet and greet, I didn't realise that sealed my groupie title. I should've been a sensible 19 year old and said "no thank you, I don't want to go hang out with my idol, I'm a good girl who doesn't put myself in bad situations."

You know whose fault abuse is? The abuser.

No. 972575

You are giving milk by staying here and posting.
Some anons are retarded and can't bring themselves to read about abuse.
You cannot educate them about it bc they don't want to. Just leave the thread for your own mental well-being.

No. 972577

You leaving the thread? Fine by me.

Seems to me that you were perfectly fine with sex with your idol up until you realized he wasn't funding your artwork like you expected him to. Read your own words. You started getting negative feelings when you realized he was blowing you off and not funding your work like he said he would while whispering sweet nothings. I bet if you got you in a room with a big time Hollywood director you wouldn't even be telling this story. You're sharing it because you feel wronged and insecure about your work. Grow up. And the worst part? Instead of just accepting that you were ghosted, you post a story like this all over the place.

Why didn't you report this alleged abuse right after it happened? Why did you wait to see what you would financially gain first? You knew what you were doing. Seems like you were okay with everything but eventually started getting more and more impatient with the fact that you had sex but didn't gain anything from it and that's when you decided to come forward.

You know if he had came through with his connections and got you in a room with someone important, you wouldn't even be telling this story. It's the fact that he blew you off romantically, artistically and financially that is making you chatty Cathy about abuse.

No. 972578

i believe you, and i'm sorry people are being ignorant and abrasive about your experiences. i also don't believe it's your job to stop him from reoffending, the onus of his behaviour falls squarely on his own shoulders. just because your experience wasn't as dramatic or "extreme" as the other women doesn't mean that it wasn't traumatizing and destabilizing for you.
that being said, i really feel like you should set up a website blocker and block this thread. i know from experience that being placed (or in this case, sorry to say, placing yourself) in the position of having to defend yourself like this just causes you to regress, and ends up fucking over your emotional state. there's no winning or convincing, here, these people have made up their minds, and you are only going to end up causing yourself more pain and stress.
even if you were the "perfect victim" with a more drastic experience, went to the police, had solid proof, advocated for the other women, etc, people would find a way to nitpick, dissect, theorize, invalidate, criticize, and blame you. it's just the nature of gossip boards like lolcow.
defending yourself here isn't going to achieve anything worthwhile. i do hope you will take care, and wish you well.

No. 972579

If you were SEXUALLY ASSAULTED you would not be bothering your abuser about MONEY.

You would want nothing to do with him. Him ignoring the friendship would be a full on blessing had you actually been assaulted.

No. 972580

I don't understand how someone could mentally abuse you and ignore you at the same time.

No. 972583

No one is nitpicking any of the other victims. She's getting criticized because she's sketchy and her story makes no sense.

If she didn't use him and he only purchased her artwork prints, why did she use his name for her movie?

Him spending 300 on prints and then her using the same 300 on her movie does not mean MARILYN MANSON FUNDED MY FILM… It means: MARILYN MANSON BOUGHT MY ART AND I USED THE FUNDS TO HELP WITH MY NEXT PROJECT.

No. 972584

It was shitty journalism on Glasgow Live's part. Manson told me to use his name for publicity for the film and said he loved the idea and concept art and wanted to support it. I emailed Glasgow Live to request if they'd like to do a piece on the fundraiser, I wrote a bit about the project and mentioned Manson's support. I emailed Manson to tell him I contacted Glasgow Live and told him what I put. He did not object. Glasgow Live never replied to my email, but went ahead and published the article on their website pretty quickly. When I saw it I immediately sent Manson the link. I was kind of surprised and slightly annoyed how they made the article about him and had his picture and everything, I had imagined it would just be like a side note at the end or something. Manson didn't respond and gave me the silent treatment for weeks. I got upset, was trying to figure out if something had offended him, was apologising profusely. Eventually he agreed he was annoyed about the article but didn't specify why. I apologised and explained how they had just gone ahead with the article without even responding or running anything by me, and he had told me to use his name for publicity, I was only following his instructions and didn't know what I'd done wrong or how I could've done things differently. It ended up being this horrible situation where he sent me all this nonsense word salad, was being confusing and saying he didn't want to support it anymore, then changed his mind, didn't want to be friends anymore, then did. It was a panic attack inducing nightmare.

To the person saying the article says he gave a different amount. Do you realise I am Louise? I am the person in question. Would you like a screenshot of the PayPal payment? I can go look it out.

It is slightly confusing, in the original crowdfunding campaign he did donate. On Kickstarter you only receive the money if your campaign hits its target. Mine did not. So all the backers received a refund, Manson included. The article was released during the time the campaign was running, and reported on him having backed the campaign. It's common for crowdfunders to post publicly about celebrity backing, if they can get it. It boosts interest in the campaign. It didn't work for me unfortunately, maybe Manson fans are all broke, who knows. Lots of fans did share the article around and it brought some hype.

Can I just point out, this was my first ever attempt in my life at crowdfunding. It's not as easy as it looks. I don't have the privilege of having wealthy parents, I live in a shitty area in Glasgow, I don't have cash to splash or fancy equipment lying around. Having MM support my project was the most exciting thing ever at the time then it turned into a nightmare.

You people are strange, you're desperate for "milk" and write all these long comments for me and ask a bunch of questions but if I respond you're on your high horse being all "why are you responding?" and criticizing me for being here. Tell me, if you knew a bunch of people were on a forum posting about you and saying some untrue things, would you not look at it too? Again, this thread was sent to me by someone who posted on here.

Less of the patronising and assumptions please, I did go for therapy and moved on, over a year ago now. I don't post about him unless I'm defending people from him or Judd the Fud or other trolls. I haven't actually tweeted about him in a long time, people on here seem to be confusing some of my tweets with a totally different scenario.

No. 972585


She used him. He bought her artwork to help her finance her next project, she tells him about a movie and I'm guessing he shared some words of support at first. And then she talks to the media and used him and made it seem like he was taking some kind of artistic role in her film and that it was collaborative.

There's a difference between being friendly and donating money to a friend so they'll be able to make their film vs him knowing the script and everything and actively wanting to throw his horse in the race and make this film with you because it's something he artistically wants to be a part of.

I'm guessing when he said you could use his name, he meant when you actually had a finished product and you could say "marilyn manson financially backed this film" and get press that way.

No. 972586

The sexual abuse and the funding/buying art prints are two separate issues. First and foremost, if he did grab her wrists hard enought to leave bruises, make the girls take their shirts off so he could judge who had the best body, and stick his hand in her underwear, then she should have reported him, if she hasn't already. I believe it was on her Twitter that she reported him. The art print/funding part is totally different. Allegedly, he said he'd fund her movie. Then, he bought art prints. So, technically, in that article, she wasn't exactly lying because she thought he would be donating a fund. She was sexually abused, if what she said was true, but the money part is still a really gray area to me.

No. 972587

I never made it seem like he had any artistic input into the film. I addressed this in my previous comment. He told me to use him. He actually used that wording.

No. 972589

Why would you send journalists information about a film you didn't even do yet?

You do realize that he gets paid for some articles right? That you're basically stealing when you deny someone the opportunity to financially benefit from their name being used.

You might not mind the free clout because you're just starting out but he's been in the business for years, he probably has people that review his media coverage. He's not struggling artist but has multiple people on his payroll that need paychecks as well. He probably couldve benefited from that article in some way had he been included in it from the beginning.

He's not a mainstream celeb anymore. His coverage is pretty limited and he's always been specific with who he allows to interview him and the kind of press he interacts with. If you notice theres a lot of talk shows and radio shows where he's showed up twice. He seems particular when it comes to media

No. 972590

The recent posts on my twitter about reporting involve a different situation. Not Manson. Which I've already stressed. Whether or not you're illiterate or a deliberate troll is a really grey area for me.

No. 972592

Again, it's very common for crowdfunders to contact media for publicity to build hype. And the responsibility for the article lay with the journalist who wrote it. Criticize them, not me. I was literally just following his instructions. I see now that was a terrible mistake and no one can be trusted.

No. 972593

My advise for you is to leave this forum. Don't take it rude but save your time and nerves. You have already explained everything several times, some people don't want to understand and they will ask you questions even if you continue answering until tomorrow.

No. 972594

I can understand that you're upset because of some of the things being said about you, but I'm on your side about this. English isn't my first language, and sometimes I still have problems understanding. The money part is unclear to me. I did agree that you were abused. You could try being a bit nicer.

No. 972597

So this girl came on this forum to criticize us for talking about information she broadcasted all-over social media?

She's coming on here angry like we raped her or something. Girl, leave. If you didn't want it discussed by other people why the fuck would you tweet about it and blast it over social media.

Twitter can talk about it and see it but us, people that actually dislike him, aren't allowed to talk about it in the context of us bitching on here about how trash he is as a person? Um….

No. 972599

That's good advice and I will take it. I said my piece and people can believe what they want. It's not easy to avoid seeing this stuff and it can be hugely triggering, it's extremely maddening to be constantly misinterpreted and doubted and having misinformation spread. I hate seeing bullying going on, but I understand that's the point of this site, there's actually a bunch of petitions to shut this site down because so many people have committed suicide. Just something for people to consider. It might seem like harmless gossip for people who are detached from the whole situation, but for people involved it's very real and painful.

We're currently in lockdown, there are thousands of people dying. Boredom brings out a lot of online drama I guess.

To the person who made the grey area comment, that's understandable if English isn't your first language, it just came across as cold to me. A lot of people are commenting too fast for me to read everything and I was trying to respond.

No. 972600

Don't even bother apologizing to her. She's coming here to bitch at us about discussing information she released. I'm guessing she watches the thread because it took her like thirty minutes after her being mentioned for her to storm on here and start arguing with people because she doesn't want to be talked about.

No. 972601

I hope you never get raped and abused and have a forum calling you names and tearing you apart.

No. 972602

It's hard seeing this stuff? You've gotta be kidding me… We don't even talk about you on here. You were mentioned once on the first thread and then never mentioned again. If anything we declared your story, just like Madelyn's being the ones that are least likey to be true. No one has tried to look for you on social media or anything like that. We tend to talk about girlfriends here and you fall under the category of groupie. There's just too many groupies to talk about them here on the thread.

Matter of fact, we were talking about mansonisabusive. Are you mansonisabusive? Is this why you've decided to join our conversation today?

No. 972603

I mean even if I do get raped one day. The last thing I'm going to do is continue a friendship with my rapist and bother him about giving me money.

I'd like to think that I'd have enough common sense to not sell my art to my attacker…OR refuse to tell the police but tell all my mutuals on twitter…..but that's just me.

No. 972605

I'm sorry if that came across as cold. I didn't mean for it to sound that way, sometimes I just have problems understanding. If anyone speaks German, it would be very appreciated if they could explain the financial situation to me. Anyway, let's talk about something else. We've already established Louise's story. I'm sure she's tired of us gossiping about her here, as she's said.

No. 972606

I'm normally not this bitch on this thread but there's something extremely fuckin annoying when these girls find this thread and use that as an opportunity to talk about themselves and get attention. Madelyn does it all the time…like that time she posted "proof" while talking about herself in third person.

No. 972607

I agree. It gone too far.
Some people are crazy or unstable. Please learn to ignore them, don't let them make you upset.

No. 972608

yes you guys are, actually. not just ex-fans posting about their experiences on social media, either. there was more than one anon doubting evan rachel wood despite the circumstantial evidence corroborating her testimony, because she happened to make a somewhat positive throwaway remark about manson in an interview, before she came out with her story. someone even had a conspiracy theory that the whole story she came out with was an attempt to promote westworld and sidestep criticisms about its content.
it's their right to post whatever opinions they please, but there has definitely been a shit ton of nitpicking about other women who have come forward.
this thread has attracted a lot of obsessive manson fans and haters alike, and none of them know how to integrate, as evidenced by the truly exceptional levels of sperging, constant emojis, unsaged posts, accusing people of manufacturing fake milk, a handful of attempts to get us to dox people (mansonisabusive and fearless, before you tell me i'm mistaken), and nonstop nitpicking of every woman in his orbit.
not minimodding or telling anyone what to do, just saying.

No. 972610

I've actually been mentioned multiple times, but I was referring to all the victims named on here. It's upsetting for people. Not just me. If calling me a groupie makes your ego feel good then ok, I'm a groupie.

I am not mansonisabusive and do not talk to that person.


I was not raped by Manson. Once again, that is a different situation involving a different person which has been reported to police. I experienced very grey area incidents with Manson which I won't get into because anything I say will be disbelieved and picked apart.


There's something really fucking annoying when anonymous trolls gossip about people who have done nothing wrong then get pissy when the person they're discussing has the guts to call them out.

No. 972614


>there's actually a bunch of petitions to shut this site down because so many people have committed suicide.

The more you come on here trying to self righteously moralize to the posters the less empathetic most people on here are going to be to your situation. You've now established yourself a major character in this narrative, will probably end up in description of the next thread and it WILL come up on the top page of your google search results.

I don't think your story is a unbelievable story personally, I think your were very naive and Manson took advantage of you and you trying to make the best out of shitty situation is being framed as mercantile. It sucks what happened, but you can't control what people say freely on the internet and trying to fight with people's right to free speech never ends well. This the kind of magical thinking I'm accustomed to only seeing in Boomers that don't understand what the internet is. Just walk away.

No. 972617

Translation: I pointed out some uncomfortable facts and now I will be punished. I should keep quiet and let you freely insult people and spread misinformation without correcting it, so as not to spoil your fun. Got it. It's not a hobby I understand personally, but whatever makes you happy I guess.

No. 972620

If people commit suicide over your forum, maybe you can make a collage in the next thread with photos of their dead bodies, that will be really milky and hilarious.

No. 972624

I think Manson really just never grew up. He never got any sexual attention when he was just starting the band, and now that he's older he's trying to make up for it by fucking every hole he can find, whether that person consents or not.

No. 972625


What "Facts" did you bring up? There is exactly one petition to deactivate this site, and it indiscriminately lumps together kiwifarms, lolcow and sites like PULL. All the victims on there ( 2 people ) have never had threads on lolcow, only kiwifarms. It's sad that they commited suicide and the culture of kiwifarms is why I have never personally posted there, but it has nothing to do with you sperging over here.

Your extremely use of hyperbole is honestly making me think the other posters may have been kinda right about you exaggerating aspects of your story with Manson. I'm done with this derail, if you wanna dig your own grave continue to do so.

No. 972626

No. 972628


2 of these are the same petition. 2 of these are newspaper articles. It's currently 2:00am in Scotland. Please sage, senpai-kun

No. 972632

The newspaper articles and suicide stories are literally about Kiwi Farms, not Lolcow. She's not even trying at this point.

No. 972633

Can we please talk about something else? I mean, she's said everything there is to know, except specifying exactly what Manson did to her. I'm sure she's tired of hearing us talk about her. Does anyone have any new milk? Anything new to add?

No. 972634

I thought the articles might provide some interesting reading, but I forgot people on here don't like reading. You're right, it is 2am in Scotland, I have insomnia due to nightmares.

No. 972635

You're upset with this site because most of us are dumbasses who won't listen. Completly understandable. But please don't lump all of us together. Some of us are agreeing with you. We're not all assholes.

No. 972645

it's called the iphone x ya nonce

No. 972657

File: 1589249665139.jpeg (271.06 KB, 1010x1615, EE3B2B13-E13C-4DCC-B465-62B916…)

New Manson story and Lindsay going on about their engagement.

No. 972660

You literally came here on your own.

No. 972662

I know it's kinda her style but these pictures look like shit (from a photography standpoint) Great boobs tho I'll give her that.

No. 972669

File: 1589250202937.jpeg (183.65 KB, 1448x1007, 05F186F4-89D3-45CB-B2EB-EB53E8…)

Oh, and a 16k jump in one day.
Keep in mind that she’s been involved with Manson for ten years and had 35-ish K followers before the bot invasion.

No. 972678

"Soon to be husband." Yeah, right. lol Anyone else think it's hilarious that people still think they're getting married?

No. 972684

He is 100% marrying her. I am not suprised he did not do it already. Spouses cannot be compelled to testified in court. He may be a cracked out junkie who fried his brain, but he has never been stupid. ERW testifying into court, his BFF Johnny Depp being stuck in purgatory for years,he can sense which way the winds are blowing. Also maybe he is tired of the drama, he is in his 50s now and Im sure his health is poor after years of obesity/drugs/touring, and Lindsay is the only girl who seems to genuinely want to be with his nasty ass. Except Madelyn lol

No. 972687

I believe they’re getting married but “soon to be husband” and “beautiful partner” sounds forced and like propaganda.

I agree. Tinfoil, but I think he agreed to marry her if she pretends he’s a wonderful person. There’s just no way he could cheat on Lindsay multiple times, be accused by many of abuse with some evidence that he’s abusive to her, as well, and she can carry on like it’s nothing. She’s either brainwashed, delusional, or paid off.

No. 972695

It's not gonna stop the cheating, either way. I'd be surprised how many women still want him after he's married. My guess is they'll stay "engaged" for a long time. I don't think they'll get married. She really just seems delusional, her mother too. I'd love to see what their offspring would be like, not that I think Manson's still producing. lol

No. 972702

He didn't cheat though. They were broken up when he started talking to Jordan, Gabriella and Lilith.

No. 972703

But she was still around… All I'm saying is that she might not be going anywhere anytime soon, but I don't believe they'll get married. He was fucking a lot of different girls at the same time. Not to open up that can of worms again, but I believe LKB had relations with him while he was with Lindsay – not meant in an offensive way, if she was to still be reading the thread. He's still gonna fuck other girls no matter what goes on with Lindsay. Maybe ERW or Esme will name him. If one of them does and he's convicted, he won't have a reason to keep Lindsay around because she won't need to keep quiet anymore. It's all just a bunch of bullshit, honestly.

No. 972705

Actually, in LKB'S Facebook post, she said that his girlfriend joined in – so yes, he was with Lindsay at that time.

No. 972712

Even though I'm not a fan of them as people I'm kind of happy for them. I like weddings

No. 972713

However, I don't see why they're keeping it as a secret. Could've did a short little press release "the couple plans to get married at small private ceremony …."

When he got engaged to Evan he wouldn't shut up with the "My girlfriend…" "…My fiance Evan Rachel Wood"

Why be so secretive this time around lol

No. 972730

How about Courtlyn, Aussie? They are 2014. Definitely cheated.

No. 972733

Forgot alllll about them tbh. He did say that she checks his underwear with a blacklight. I don't think that's something you'd do if your partner had no history of cheating

No. 972734

I didn't mention Tondra Dene, she posted several pictures with him backstage in 2013-2014. She's exactly his type but I don't know if they has had a fling. He was seen with an unknown woman who was very cosy with him already in 2012. Not saying he had groupies in the hotel in Russia in 2012 and 2014, we discussed them in previous threads.

No. 972735

Fuckin leave lmao.

No one is harassing you on any of your social media (none of us at least) you had to dig for this forum and honestly you're the one that took it upon yourself to comment. No one asked you. No one private messaged you.

If anything you've spent all day arguing and harassing us. Don't like what's being said here?
- Take legal action
- Shut up
Or click the "x" in the corner of the screen and leave.

Maybe try Reddit… maybe they'll be more receptive to your lies, drama and need for attentiom

No. 972736

Can we get a mod to look at these posts by Louise and hopefully block her IP from the site?

She's spamming the thread with anti lolcow petition links and she's disclosed her personal identity which I'm pretty sure is against the rules.

No. 972737

Even tho I'm on LKB side I support this just because it would be better for her. She apparently can not stop commenting here which is bad for her and I'm seriously concerned. She was answering til 2 am here.

No. 972739


All these posts were done by Louise if in case this makes the mods job any easier.

The original post where she exposes her identity.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the validity of her claims but I think we all can agree that this thread is not a place for victims or the faint hearted. It would be in her best interest and the sanity of the thread to just block her.

No. 972741


All these posts were done by Louise if in case this makes the mods job any easier.

The original post where she exposes her identity.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the validity of her claims but I think we all can agree that this thread is not a place for victims or the faint hearted. It would be in her best interest and the sanity of the thread to just block her.

No. 972742

If lkb still can read it. Since your story is public it will be discussed by different people. This forum isn't that important actually. I know it was discussed on social media. On reddit, insta etc. You can't make people kinder and better. There are and will be always people who will be evil to you. You can't stop mansonisinnocent. Just try to ignore.

No. 972744

If Manson is as bad as she claims I don't understand why she would risk her safety commenting on a thread that will basically archive everything she's saying.

Keeping Louise's safety in mind I personally think the mod needs to lock the thread and delete her posts if possible. We already know people on his payroll visit the threads.

She can expose him but her participating in a site like this might make him angry. He and Lindsay both watch his fandom closely, even the anti fans like us.

I post with the weird feeling that someone from his team is always reading this site daily waiting for us to uncover stuff

No. 972749

The worst marriage announcement ever. It's 'hi! I'm getting married to Marilyn Manson: that's a photo of him. That's a photo of my tits because that's the only interesting thing about me'. If she wrote about travels she could send pictures but who would be interested in photographs from his tours? That's the only way how she's travelled with him.

No. 972751

If LKB will happen to read the post I want to know what she thinks of fearless. After a short discussion in the last thread, I had an idea that LKB's tweets about Judd stalking her friend were about fearless. So how's fearless doing? Why didn't she go to police? Anon posted she wanted to go to police when she was actively posting on Instagram.

No. 972763

She told two fan accounts they will keep it private. Wtf?

No. 972766

1. Why is she always naked? 2. Did Manson lock her in a room with no electricity and no clothes? 3. Only two new pictures?

No. 972777

File: 1589279744737.jpg (162.13 KB, 937x539, VipVe35.jpg)

rus fan account answered me she made a post with a joke alluding to his weight. Lindsay saw it, took it as an insult, complained and unfollowed. I asked for a cap, waiting.

Manson's social activity is strange. He always posted something on his dad's bd, he used to post on mother's day because his mom passed on mother's day, he did not congratulate Perou (which is strange, they are having a project rn) but he posted "Dali happy birthday" and a story about marriage. I can't get what's going on.
I think his management posts for him while he is all drunk and probably cannot even get out of the bed.

No. 972782

Lol, to me it looks more like Lindsay is running his account. He constantly likes everything she posts and doesn't seem to like as many girls (if any at all) pics anymore. Sketchy as fuck.

No. 972784

File: 1589281414899.jpg (178.36 KB, 939x614, 5Hd07Uy.jpg)


Meanwhile Lindsay is another level of cringe.
For somebody who claims to be all into photography and art, especially her husband-to-be favourite artist, her knowledge of Dali (sorry, I don't know how to put a proper dot above i) and Gala relationship is very poor. Gala was a prostitute to say the least, untalented bitch obsessed with money. Many of Dali's pals loathed her, she lied to Dali a lot, used his money to buy presents for her never ending line of lovers. She abused Dali a lot. Btw he abused her too, to the extent he broke her ribs when he was beating her one day. Both were druggies btw.
I mean it MAY be that Manson&Lindsay are a lot like Dali&Gala but not in the sense of art or anything to be proud of. I would never want my gf to compare our relationship to Dali&Gala, if she did, I would get worried immediately, lol.

Her comments are hilarious though. They live together and she needs to claim her love in the commentary section. He could bother to put a like, really.

The main point of their "wedding" is to get her clout. She wants to get verified. In order to get verified it's not the followers what you need, you need mentions. You need to prove your persona gets enough attention from people. That's why Manson started tagging her and posting stories. That's why she had to write to that magazine about their wedding first of all, she's not interesting without this "marilyn manson is my future husband". Btw these pics are probably old.
I think Manson wants to get her verified too. Firstly, for the narc that he is it's embarassing for him to have a nonentity (thx anon from the last thread for the word) as his partner. That blue tick will calm down his ego just a little bit, from Rose\Dita\Evan to Linsday - even a bigger downhill than his career after Eat Me Drink Me.
Secondly, he is old, has poor health and will probably need a nanny soon. Lindsay will be his nanny for free, she traded her life for a mythical status of a gf, then a wife, of a rock icon, while in reality she's been a loser side chick to a washed up druggie with fried brain and lost artful eye. She'll soon become not a loser but a bitter loser, let's suppose they'll get married, she's gonna have a husband who'll cheat on her. Only erectile disfunction will stop Manson.

Idk why some anons like Ashley. She is definitely aware of their relationship and does nothing. Same for their mother. She had "photos and reports" and went on licking his ass once she wanted more money or made sure Lindsay would never be back on her budget.

Sorry for my poor English or potential mistakes, didn't know how to put things simple today.

No. 972827

When Madelyn was saying he'd been changing in his IG posts, I didn't think there was any truth to it. Maybe she does know Manson? I'm not saying romantically or anything, but something's up and she knows about it. Don't get me wrong, she's still batshit. Anyone ever consider that maybe Lindsay keeps Manson locked in the bad girl room? lol Like, I know it all seems that he's in charge and abusive and shit, but I think she's just as bad as he is. Does anyone else think that maybe when she commented that thing about Dalí and Gala she knew what she was saying? I mean, she's dumb, but maybe she did know. Maybe she's proud of being an abuser and being abused.

No. 972839

I doubt anon who posted above knows him personally kek. These conclusions can be made by anybody who's been observing his social media presence for quite a while.

No. 972841

Maybe Manson or his internet troops are lurking. Lol Someone mentions he hasn’t posted in a while and there’s a new post hours later.

No. 972842

I'm not saying I know him personally. I don't, thank God. But what I mean is, what if Madelyn isn't just crazy? She's crazy, but maybe she knows what she's talking about, in some areas. Why has he changed so much? The wedding? Is he so stoned Lindsay's doing his social media for him?

No. 972844

Who, LKB? Or Lindsay? I'm sure most of his gifriemds have taken it up the ass a few times. Not so sure about LKB. As far as I know, they only fucked once, so it's hard to tell.

No. 972845

LKB. Wondering if she offered up that ass in exchange for him promoting her "art," which of course he never did. LOL.

No. 972846

Oh come on, one doesn't even have to know him personally to notice that he doesn't seem to use insta the way he used to. Madelyn spends all day on Instagram scrolling through hashtags and stalking all people he follows, so of course she would notice.

No. 972861

Ok, since you're all so interested in the details, I was anally raped by my ex in January, and this was my first and only time doing anal. I was pinned down and said no multiple times and was bleeding and injured, and I reported to police and my rapist confessed to his crime in writing. That is what my recent tweets were referring to, not Manson. So no, I did not have anal sex with Manson and I'm not desperate enough to offer sex in exchange for him buying my art. I have had sex with 3 people in my entire life. I am not an escort as people have accused me of being. There was no discussion about Manson buying my art until a year into our friendship and ONCE AGAIN I did not ask him for anything, he offered. Stop spreading misinformation. Just STOP.

No. 972866

Somebody ban her.

No. 972874

I believe you and I’m on yours and other victims side, there’s more then enough evidence that Manson is an abusive douchebag who should be cancelled.

But these assholes are trolling you. Don’t waste your effort on them.

No. 972875

I read about this online, too. I’m sure of it. Except you didn’t name what it was he was trying to get you to do. I also remember seeing a photo of your ex. Yikes.

Really do take the advice of the anons saying you shouldn’t post here. I’m guessing a farmhand will ban you. If it’s any consolation the conversation did seem to be steering away from you.

It’s an anon board, you can’t expect all the anons to be measured people who aren’t going to say horror show stuff. Because they will.

Sorry you’re getting a rough time from some.

No. 972887

Ugh, all your essays on here make you sound like a 7 year old child and make you sound anything but believable.

And there's this tweet of yours. "I'm trying to leave it in the past". Sure Jan, that's why you mention Manson at least once every month. And then post essays about him on fucking lolcow. Got no sympathy for bitches that milk their trauma and have 0 other topics apart from MUH PTSD, MUH ABUSER, I AM SUCH A VICTIM. If you can't teal with people talking about you you should've never made accounts on the internet + shared that story about Manson. Cause what the fuck did you expect?

And now stop bumping this thread and go back to Twitter.

No. 972890

I'm sorry to hear what happened to your anus. Now go away, please.

No. 972891

Ugh. Crawl back into the Mansonite sewer where you belong. Why are YOU here if you can’t deal with his victims speaking out?

LKB is defending herself, I’m sure it’s disturbing af to read bullshit about yourself online. And yeah, it’s difficult to get past trauma, I imagine especially so when your abuser is famous.

No. 972893

I'm not defending Manson you fucking retard. But this is a place to gossip and not a self-help group.

No. 972895

Nope. You’re attacking LKB and attempting to discredit her.

No. 972901

File: 1589305102057.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 282F58C6-E97C-4BE0-8607-B33A91…)

It seems to me like Team Manson is battening down the hatches.
My tinfoil is they’ll be whitewashing any past misdemeanours by portraying themselves as a solid rock art power couple, hence the Dali and Gala reference, and now the possibly inadvertent Suzie Cave skinwalking (see cap).
Lindsay built up her follower count with bots, as anons helpfully proved, and now is branching out, adding all the Manson allies and famous orbiters (Courtney for one).
They are transforming themselves into something they see as credible in the art and fashion world, ready for Manson to release his next album (which he threatens is coming out this year) and hit the ground running.
It’s so obvious.
Defo real that his IG use has changed quite drastically. His stories are pretty anodyne you say the least. He’s putting his cloak of respectability on, and Lindsay gets to swan around as his foil.

No. 972902

Jesus fucking Christ

This thread went from a MM gossip thread to a total IG gropie shitshow. Who gives a fuck WHO is doing it, I wanna hear deets about Manson and the shit he's done, I don't give a flying fuck who is posting it as long as the milk flows. But 100+ posts going in circles over IG screenshots? Fuck off.

No. 972903

Thank the lordt. Sense enters the sphere. Me too anon, me too.

No. 972907

File: 1589306079944.jpg (220.54 KB, 1080x994, IMG_20200512_185242.jpg)

My point is we've heard her story 80 times by now and everyone has their own opinion of it. Clearly she's suffered cause of him, so I don't understand why she thinks it's a grand idea to write essays about it still. Especially on here.

She should just try and put it in the past like she said she would cause people will always talk. Can't stop that.

And as for me discrediting her; maybe we just have a different view on abuse. Cause him being an asshole and treating her like a groupie and not paying her or whatever ain't abuse to me. It's just shitty behaviour.

No. 972908

Yep, noticed the same thing. Manson wants to appear as respectable as possible given the new interest in his abuse. But once the quarantine lifts and he’s back to cheating and picking up groupies on tour, it won’t last long, imo.

Does anyone think this marriage will last? Manson doesn’t have the best track record with long term relationships.

No. 972912

Both of you deserve to be raped and die from coronavirus.

No. 972915

Lindsay, unlike Dita, will never have a bit of dignity or self-respect, she will never leave him. Manson won't give a fuck to go and file a divorce. So this marriage will definitely last imo.

No. 972921

File: 1589308086860.jpg (18.24 KB, 320x320, IMG_20200512_112355_698.jpg)


I've noticed some parallels in wording. I thought everyone was grasping at straws at first but the timing of the posts (her posting it and then it immediately getting posted onto his account) I can't really deny it at this point. She is definitely running his social media.

"My beautiful partner…."

"My beautiful…."

No. 972923

File: 1589308183198.jpg (20.85 KB, 454x454, IMG_20200512_112406_198.jpg)

No. 972927

YOU people were posting misinformation about me. I only posted here to clarify the facts. You're trying to make it seem like I came here randomly to write some essays. If you can't handle being called out, don't be a gossiping cunt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 972930

I think the beautiful part is a stretch, imo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she has a hand in running his account.
Manson’s latest post, “All my art will be available soon in multidimensional formats” sounds like his manager posted it. It doesn’t sound like a typical Manson post.

No. 972931

I agree. Shitty behavior that someone with a brain wouldve called him out and cut him off for.

She was claiming gaslighting. An abuser would need to CARE in order to properly gaslight. All their miscommunications came from him not really engaging in their conversations and FORGETTING things mentioned because she's a random groupie he met ONCE for ONE NIGHT all the way across the world. He wasn't gaslighting, he was forgetting the conversations because he probably had 500 other women between then and didn't give enough of a fuck to remember what they talked about.

And then he was probably annoyed some chick he probably doesnt even remember being physical with, is calling him asking for money and using his name in articles.

He's a shitty person but it sounds to me like he was annoyed at the fact that a groupie was doing everything in her power to leave her groupie position and had enough nerve to ask him for money, use his name AND confront him about his behavior. Hence the "I dont want to argue" part of her story.

No. 972932

This is something you learn with age…if you’re not invited to the party, don’t go. If you were once invited to the party, but that offer has been rescinded, don’t try to get back in. Write it off as being played by a shithead. That’s the way it goes.

No. 972933

She wants to leave it in the past but spent a full 6 hours posting on here yesterday.

I'm sorry but someone being mean to you isn't abuse. It sucks but most people with common sense walk away from assholes. They don't provoke them further… the second she sensed off behavior she shouldve deleted his number and moved on.

Who continues to talk to someone who clearly is showing no interest in respecting them as a person?

No. 972934

Ffs can you stop battling with her?
Fyi having sex with a person whom you gave alcohol and/or substance (which he supposedly did) is abuse to say the least. It's also a crime.
Just fucking stop being that stubborn retard. Go mess with her somewhere else, create a fake and keep spitting your nonsense in her dms. Stop derailment you two idiots.

No. 972935


You’ve made your opinion known, stop derailing the thread. You weren’t there, obviously there’s more to the story because according to LKB much of their conversation happened over the phone.

You don’t get to decide what’s abusive if weren’t on the receiving end of it.

No. 972937


Girl you just said MANSON RAPED YOU…

You wrote a full fuckin book about it yesterday.

You got anally raped by a BOYFRIEND and Marilyn Manson holding your wrists and not liking your art is MORE TRIGGERING TO YOU?

What the actual fuck lmao.

No. 972938

What is a moderator summoning jutsu?

No. 972939

I said the same thing last night… I just want to talk about Lindsay's trashy self. :((:()

No. 972940

So… Let's go back to the IG posts or something. LKB has made her point. Everyone has a different opinion. I swear to God, if one more person derails, I am going to lose my shit.

No. 972941

Just report their posts.

No. 972942

Please don't post anymore screenshots from her on this specific thread. Honestly just make her, her own thread if she insists on invading the conversations here. Lilith has her own.

This is thread is going to be hell and insanely unfair to anyone who reads through it in the future. Ugh

No. 972943


Tinfoil but I think the mods are on this thread already, and they aren’t banning her on purpose so she will continue to make herself look dumb in retaliation for her condescending “yOUr LiTErallY kIlling PEople” moralblog. I have mixed feelings cause her attitude is so holier-then-thou and self-congratulatory but on the other hand this like a form of self-harm, this woman is ruining her own art career by creating content for potential collaborators to find her sperging out and being crazy.

No. 972944

I have a fuck ton of screenshots of our conversations to back up what I've said, but nah, no milk for you lot. You'll just say it's photoshopped or fake anyway and pick it apart and get all overexcited and throw your rattles out the pram in a rage again. You wanna talk about 7 year olds? You sound like fucking toddlers with your "milk" and inability to read and process information or experience empathy for other human beings. I don't need to prove shit to a bunch of anonymous losers. I'm out, you can all get back to your turd farm and pick on someone else. I'm really not that interesting.

No. 972945

Get the fuck out…

No. 972946

You've overstayed your welcome babydoll… Just show yourself out now…

So sowwy we're so means to yuh!

sigh If only you didnt click on this website and routinely check it multiple times an hour.

No. 972948

File: 1589309929588.png (292.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200512-135855.png)

Manson never had more than one thing in his Instagram stories until recently. One was was
SJ and another was a leg tattoo, but the others are of L.

No. 972949

She probably made him after her cousin’s 7 year old engagement announcement failed. lol

No. 972950

More proof that it's her.

She saves her highlights in a unique way (a brand new highlight section for every post)

Everyone else makes a category like "home" or "cats" and sorts them out but she saves hers as brand new highlight category each time.

No. 972952

She's DYING for some news outlet outside of that Instagram page "mariylnmansonnews" to get word lol.

It almost makes me feel bad and want to email some sites the little clues she's desperately dropping.

Someone notice this girls ring before she kills herself trying to get noticed!!

No. 972953

Yeah, but Manson does that, too. Up until really recently, the leg tattoo thing was the only thing in his story. It was named "Highlights", too. Then, the album thing with SJ, and after that it was just Lindsay. I bet he's gonna be pissed though if he finally gets sober enough to realize what she's doing. Bad girl room again. lol

No. 972954

I responded on here one day. You losers spend hours and hours on this shithole. Nah, you didn't hurt my feelings, you're just nobodies taking out your issues on others. So hilarious how you wee bawbags are so obsessed with strangers. My career will be just fine pal. At least I have skills and achievements in my life.

No. 972956


Tinfoil, but do we know for sure this is still LKB or is someone trolling her?

No. 972958

The funniest thing ever:

Everytime Dita and Manson take a photo together (even though Lindsay is sometimes in those photos with them) the media outlets reference their marriage that happened 10 years ago (sometimes don't even mention Lindsay's name even though shes in the photo with them)

No. 972959

You're upset because lots of us are assholes, and that's fine. But we are trying to move on and you're just bringing it back up. Get off the thread. I understand that you were abused and it's frustrating when people say things behind your back, but go. We're moving on, you need to as well.

No. 972960

Imo would be better stop talking of her here. It's very annoying, terrible, sickly etc.
I'd better concentrate on Lindsay.

No. 972964

>It almost makes me feel bad and want to email some sites the little clues she's desperately dropping.
Lol i have kinda same feelings for manson, i wish i wasn't lazy af and tried to reach out to some big YouTubers so that they could make him relevant again. But guess he wouldn't love it. lol

No. 972965

It seems like he sobered up for that machinegunkelly video, I think his last selfie was taken on the same day.

He's visibly lost weight in that video. He had a significantly slender face, I wonder if he's doing meth now.

I imagine his tolerance to normal recreational drugs is pretty strong by now.

He's gotta be out of it on something strong and paralyzing if Lindsay is able to post this much.

No. 972966

Dita is respectable and classy. Lindsay is only in it for the "fame" and the money. She's never been passionate about her photography. Just like Anon said "Oh, let me take pictures of my tits because it's the only interesting thing about me!" I will agree, great tits, though. You know what they say about crazy chicks, though. They're better in bed. Maybe that's why Manson sticks around. lol Anyways, they're referencing Dita because there's nothing good they can say about L, besides they're getting "married".

No. 972968

Pay attention to when he smiled. Chubby cheeks. There are different techniques to use to look slimmer, so that explains the photo on his IG page. I don't think he'd do meth, personally. But then again, I don't really know.

No. 972969

File: 1589311079066.jpg (191.69 KB, 1600x856, Misery.jpg)

Whenever Lindsay posts those photos of his arms, this situation comes to mind:

Stephen King - Misery

No. 972971

Very off topic so I apologize. Anything to cleanse the thread of Louise nonsense at this point.

No. 972973

Omg you killed me.

No. 972975

I don't think he does meth but he definitely drinks a lot. I noticed he uses red light or dark light when he shows his face on photos or videos last time. Is his face red lol?

No. 972977

Because Lindsay has no accomplishments of her own. International model? Where’s the proof of that? Professional photographer? Unpaid work doesn’t count.
Her only claim to fame is being Manson’s insane side chick, now fiancée.

And no that’s not jealousy talking, she’s odious. She and her mom have a history of harassing fans and other women Manson was involved with. According to 666fearless screens, blackmail too. Not to mention she’s fake af with her bot followers and covering Manson’s crusty ass pretending he’s a great guy and “beautiful partner.”

Truly, she and Manson deserve each other.

No. 972992

If you've been to another country and had someone take a full body selfie of you —- instantly an international model according to Lindsay. Pathetic lol.

I'm married to a talent scout and I'm not the best looking in the world but I can't see Lindsay or Ashley as models. They're pretty women yes but in the eyes of an agency…idk

I think Ashley could get signed somewhere. Lindsay on the other hand might run into issues when it comes to her eyebrows, skin and hair. Both have amazing bodies though…its just models these days have to be naturally striking.(no1curr)

No. 972993

Have you seen her legs and posture?
Amazing bodies, kek. Prolly boobs.

No. 972996

Manson has been shaving his eyebrows for years, but when he grew them back for a little while during HEOL(?) they still looked fuller than hers. A lot of girls plucked their eyebrows really thin during the early 2000's, and I guess they just won't grow back. I'm not even gonna mention the color. If you dye your hair black, get your eyebrows, too or at least fill them in. It's just common sense.

No. 973024

I think most of us are just nitpicking now. I mean, yeah, she's trashy and stays with her (alleged) abuser, possibly abusive herself, but let's move on. Anyone got any new milk?

No. 973032

Lindsay isnt ugly, its mainly her personality. I do feel bad about people teasing her about her appearance and (as a woman) I imagine its tough dating him knowing he's publicly had some GORGEOUS women in the past (pornstars, famous actresses, strippers, gorgeous groupies) and that she'll always be compared to them.

Outside of Hollywood she's really pretty and would have no issue getting the average Joe and he's not the best looking either. In his career he's basically "on again off again hot" like hot one year and ugly the next.

His fans think she's ugly because they put him on a pedestal as some gorgeous God.

No. 973033

File: 1589317204399.jpg (162.58 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20200512-135848_You…)

I found him extremely good looking in this music video collab he did. I'm not sure what era this was though


No. 973034

File: 1589317231475.jpg (174.47 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20200512-135916_You…)


No. 973036

Really, I feel like he's been attractive through most of his phases. But how he's been accused of treating women and his racism is a huge turn off. He's very smart and very handsome, in my opinion, but his personality sucks. He and Lindsay have that in common, except she's got half a brain.

No. 973042

Pale Emperor era, I believe.

No. 973057

There won't be new milk bc he's in self isolation.
Sad but true. Gotta wait till autumn, I think.

No. 973074

You underestimate his ability to fuck shit up haha. Give it time…

I have a feeling he's retiring soon but he needs that marilyn manson ego filled so I'm guessing there will be a lot of online drama. He'll turn to online cheating and sexting in trade of groupies.

No. 973078

File: 1589322193412.jpeg (75.09 KB, 422x604, 264F1673-338F-432F-85F3-F7C695…)


Lindsay and Ashley aren’t hideous but they aren’t attractive either. Lindsay has done worst then Ashley imo because of poor lifestyle choices, she was cute like 10 years ago circa this photo but that’s it. It’s obvious she isn’t his type physically either, most of the woman he’s been with in relationships ie rose, dita, Evan, esme, Gabrielle, dr amie, Jordan ect have some combination of curvy body, shorter, big boobs, square jawline/round baby face ect.

No. 973087

Is this thread just filled with Manson obsessors that want to know everything about women he’s had sex with? This is the weirdest thread I’ve ever been in…

No. 973093

Yeah. And I’m guessing that’s why farmhands haven’t been around that much? Feels like this thread is a bit of an anomaly which has attracted lots of Manson fans.

No. 973095

Yep, unfortunately, the third thread has been suffering from massive dumbheads invasion.

No. 973110

Most of his fans are just brainwashed and refuse to believe he's done anything wrong. Most of them are Dita copycats. Personally, I am a fan of the music, but his personality is shit.

No. 973112

Most of his fans are brainwashed and refuse to believe he's done anything wrong. Lots of the girls are either hardcore goths or Dita copycats. Personally, I am a fan of the music, but his personality is shit.

No. 973113


When in the history of this forum has dumbhead ever been used? Am I missing something? Or am I really just trying to talk to a bunch of 40 something year old ex-goths?

No. 973119

Dumbhead isn't lolcow slang.

No. 973121

> evan rachel wood
> curvy body
> big boobs

No. 973122

She may not have had big tits, but she did have that baby fat/square jawline look.

No. 973124

Seems so. The first thread seemed okay to start, but it definitely attracted a bunch of weird newfags who clearly thirst after him in some way and shitpost.

Honestly can't comprehend how anyone could still find his saggy, nic cage on meth visage still attractive enough to obsess over, but cows will be cows I suppose.

No. 973129

Exactly. It isn’t even slang that’s used. The people itt sound out of touch.

No. 973196

>> Most of his fans are brainwashed and refuse to believe he's done anything wrong. Lots of the girls are either hardcore goths or Dita copycats. Personally, I am a fan of the music, but his personality is shit.

I agree with anon. Honestly, since Louise started posting here and the fans have come in defending him, the thread just isn't as milky.

No. 973199

File: 1589341594744.jpeg (213.67 KB, 750x642, 42C9C1BB-68FE-4C45-B84B-778BBB…)

yeah this is new milk. She also posted a few months back she’s filed criminal charges on MM.

No. 973200

Eh, if she actually filed charges something would have probably happened already.

No. 973204

How do you know? Maybe that’s why she doesn’t show people what she has because there’s a real legal investigation going on.

No. 973206

whoa that doesn’t look good. how did she find out that he was doing this?

No. 973219

Idk you would have to ask her. From what I get from her posts she somehow connected him & his associates to all these accounts, and he only revealed his identity just to fuck w/ her becoz she “bruised his ego” or did something to him. maybe?

No. 973222

why would he do that to her? what a total shitbag.

No. 973223

He must be abusive that he would want just fuck with some girl like this

No. 973226

File: 1589348823082.png (787.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-05-13-02-31-59…)


No. 973227

File: 1589348854487.png (597.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-05-13-02-32-05…)

No. 973228

File: 1589348897340.png (679.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-05-13-02-32-21…)

No. 973230

Oooo… this is some fresh milk. I’ve stalked her too. I think she said she was going to be filing charges, but don’t know if she has yet.

No. 973231

QUESTION FOR EVERYONE: this is anon so answer honestly if you can.

So we obviously know about the 2016 drama but did anyone personally find any of those women on their own while sluething? Like came across their profiles and made the connection (Madelyn, Gabriella, Jordan, Lilith…etc)


Did you guys find out like me (a random throwaway account/super aggressive anti Manson/side chick account on the lindsayusich tag)?

I'm starting to think that these girls were exposed out of spite. Like Lindsay or someone making accounts to direct attention to women as some attempt to sabotage.

I know we discredited Madelyn but it's starting to make sense. Who the fuck would expose these girls and tell them about each other so they drop him all together?

NONE of these women were famous and he didn't even follow some of them on social media. There basically just normal women like not famous. He could have a normal woman right now and we'd never know.

So how was that connection even made if his fans had no idea who these women were?

No. 973235

He didn't take any of these women out into situations where they'd get photographed with him.

Other than him posting Gabriella and Lilths following, how would the OG exposer know where to find these women, who they were and all that.

No. 973237

are u the real marilyn manson?

No. 973238

File: 1589349483733.jpg (107.52 KB, 327x517, IMG_20200513_024737.jpg)


No. 973239

prove it

No. 973241

I'm, like, 95% sure you're kidding. Hope you are, at least. I mean, it's not milk but it is kinda funny, so kudos to you anon.

No. 973243

cuts his arm
OH YEAH(pure autism)

No. 973244

it is true i can't believe oh my god

No. 973245

Okay… So, anon has had their fun spamming the thread with "pictures of Manson". Let's get back to the milk. Don't get me wrong, that was hilarious, after I found out I wasn't getting sued or some shit. When the pictures didn't load I got scared that he'd found us out for a minute. Anyways, back to the milk.

No. 973247

This image is cursed.

No. 973248

I wouldn't doubt that Lindsay would do something like that to keep him to herself. Wasn't Lilith friends with Gabriella or something? I think I remember something like that. I've got no doubt that it was Lindsay, though.

No. 973249

Probably just not a native speaker.

No. 973252

No. 973257

Gabriella was pretty opened about their relationship in 2015 to my knowledge. So was Lilith. Yes basically some of his girlfriends were exposed on insta by some anonymous accounts. Like Gabriella, Lilith, Emma, Courtlyn, Aussie, Jordan, Charlotte Stokely, Charlotte Free and several more. But Lola Blanc doesn't have anything to do with social media drama. She opened on her own.

No. 973266

LOL what’s happening here? This is creepy as hell. Anyone think this is him?

No. 973281

I found out about most of them through the Marilyn Manson News fan page. It’s been said that Lindsay and Manson run that page. And Madelyn was outed several times by anon accounts on Manson News about her fake accounts like cats and devils.

Regardless of who did the exposing… I say good for them for exposing him. That’s fucking shitty what he does.

No. 973283

> It’s been said that Lindsay and Manson run that page

No. 973287

This….. this thread needs to be contained. Yall need to go to a manson fanpage.

No. 973297

Well when I first came onto the Manson News page they posted about a girl dressing up as his cat - and they knew what happened at the meet and greet. Also, this fan page recognized who I was by the things I was commenting.

No. 973300

How would some random fan page know my identity only after commenting for a month at the end of 2018.

No. 973302

WOW Manson is on crack. And yeah this is probably him fucking around.

No. 973307

I did my best not to bitch around but you are unbearably stupid. Not a single person here is interested in "Manson is behind THAT account" shit, especially if you don't give your assumptions some solid logic and caps. This is not your safe space where you can freely post your nonsense without even learning how to sage ffs. This is not milk, this is your retarded illusions based on nothing.

The thread is getting cancerous.

Learn how to sage.

No. 973308

File: 1589368995149.jpeg (50.59 KB, 750x368, 93DB9BB4-1DBB-467A-A21C-FB1E1A…)

Go do a twitter search on this name. Manson used to make all these Jesus accounts… but because I kept reporting them, they kept getting suspended, But now because I figured out his fake Jesus accounts, he deleted them all. He tried to make another one but changed the name to ‘cheeksngeeks.’ And is now running some sick porn account. He makes these accounts to have “fun” with people? He’s a fucking SICK ASS DISGUSTING FUCK!!!

No. 973311

Where's the fucking evidence that Manson is behind these accounts? Nobody believes you until you show real evidence!

No. 973313

File: 1589369799934.jpeg (64.1 KB, 817x473, 77660E64-59A3-484C-A51A-1F1784…)


if that’s him… lolol… omg that account is gross! he really does need help.

No. 973314

Wait? That’s fucked up? He’s into dick?

No. 973315

I doubt it's him. Until we see real evidence, there is no point in blaming him. Anyway he needs help even though he's not behind this account lol

No. 973320

This thread is being used by middle aged manson fan girls like it’s the chatroom of a fansite. This is not what lolcow is for.

No. 973334

I know. A lack of milk is further compounding this tragedy.

No. 973335

Go to a fan page to defend ur ‘idol’ somewhere else.

No. 973347

At risk of sounding dramatic, if this continues further it just encourages more of these weird transients to flock here and continue to post with no regard to the rules, and they’re mostly unmoderated and I’m assuming it’s because this thread is so void of actual farmers. We don’t need women who post like this here.

No. 973351

“Genuinely”? More like his money and fame makes them want to be with his nasty ass. He’ll be spending his honeymoon in prison.

No. 973353

The first two treads were just fine. If some anons get banned, this thread will be fine,too.
I personally think the thread should be closed till the end of the quarantine or release of the new album because newfags can't refrain from meaningless posting.

No. 973354

I guess we'll still have to wait to see him in prison.

No. 973357

File: 1589380070774.jpeg (334.24 KB, 1536x1255, 7AB9D5F0-EA34-4F69-B4DD-EF505C…)

The marilynmansonnews account is strange. Idk who runs it, but I first found about it from the Litlth Levisis thread because it was one of the accounts that spilled info about Gabriella.
That account is also the only one that spilled gossip about their engagement from Hope Harvey and seems to have a lot of ‘inside’ info.

No. 973382

Are ya’ll just hating on Lindsey because she is trans?

No. 973384

Is she? I've never heard anywhere else but here that she is. Where's the proof? I think we're just trying to come up with fake milk, at this point.

No. 973387

Lmao She has an identical twin sister who has kids.

No. 973388

I really don't think that's him. Not because he doesn't have fake accounts, but because he's obviously obsessed with women.

No. 973389

We need a fuckin MOD… I've been reporting since the Louise nonsense and NO ONE has cleaned up this thread. I even posted a list of suspect comments.

Forums can ban IP addresses.

- Everyone fueling Louise coming here needs to be banned.

- The person posting the photos of that lady needs to be banned.

- The people not saging during the Louise argument needs to be banned.

- Louise needs to be banned for exposing her own identity

- Madelyn needs to be banned.

- Anyone talking about that rape needs to be banned.

- The people addressing everyone in the forum and getting high and mighty about us posting here needs to be banned.

I fuckin thought the red writing meant that a mod edited the comment? If so, why do we have a mod commenting "pure autism" but not issuing bans for derailing and breaking site rules? What the fuck.(>>>meta, miss autist )

No. 973394

It doesn't need to be closed. It needs to be monitored again. The first thread was monitored to the point where I got banned for a few days being mistaken for someone else posting.

The second thread had a slight mod presence but this current one has zero mods.

That lying cunt Louise probably directed trolls onto this site because some of us didn't believe her "woe is me" rape story, which is valid because everyone has the right to NOT believe something read and said on the fuckin internet.

No. 973402

More transients coming into this thread demanding things when they aren’t accustomed to the board, stick out like a sore thumb, and are only here to sperg about a doughy has-been senior citizen. Lord.

No. 973403

It seems he’s obsessed with dicks too. Didn’t he say in an interview he sucks dick? That account looks like it’s definitely him.

No. 973404

Please shut the fuck up you braindead weirdos

No. 973406



No. 973408

No. 973410

He did say that in an article or interview.. I read somewhere he sucked Trent Reznor’s dick.

No. 973424

sage your autism newfag

No. 973426

Not all of those people need to be banned. I think you're going a bit overboard.

No. 973432

It’s probably bullshit but why so hostile? It’s a gossip site, get over yourself.

No. 973437

Ok but what does this have to do with anything?

No. 973439

That's fair, you're right. However I assumed lolcow was only used as a drop off place for milk. We make short comments about the most recent milk posted and then move onto the next thing. Hence why we're anonymous. Drop your milk, say your short piece and move on.

All these people are writing two page long opinion pieces. It's turning into a chatroom.

No. 973440

Lol gtfo.

You all need to learn to integrate and stop with your mini modding bullshit.

The thread is a sack of turds because the cow attracts pure autism, both haters and orbiters.

No. 973445

We’re all hostile because this thread is a pathetic display of Manson-worship from obvious transplants that have no interest in merging with the board or adhering to the rules. You all earned that hostility when you came here and decided to act like retards over a 51 year old man.

No. 973446

>a drop off place for milk
>drop your milk
>say your short piece
“How do you do fellow farmers”

No. 973449

Anon posted a screen that Dawn supposedly filed criminal charges >>973199

Dawn (I assume) came on board to claim Manson is behind accounts to elaborate the the screen posted. >>973281 >>973308

Anon tells board we’re all retarded and no one is interested in his fakes. >>973307

It is true? Idk. But I’m not sure how that equates as Manson worship.

No. 973451

Here on out, let's just drop the milk, comment and go on to the next piece. So tired of hearing the minimods complain.

No. 973452

I don’t know about Trent, but he gave a bj to Twiggy on stage.


No. 973456

Is it true MM used to shit in Korn's food??

No. 973465

Manson did a lot of shit onstage to be shocking, I wouldn’t take it seriously.
Although, under the dating timeline on Mansonisabusive there used to a couple comments alluding he’s bisexual and had affairs with men. Unfortunately I didn’t take a screen and it’s been deleted. Probably just unverified gossip though.

He pissed in Korn’s food.


No. 973467

Lying cunt = her rapist is being arrested by police, confessed to the crime and has other victims. Move on. It has nothing to do with Manson.

No. 973470

I think they used to wear strap-ons or some shit like that to make it look like they were actually blowing each other. Didn't Jessicka wear one once and Manson sucked her off on stage? I think I remember this one video of concert footage during MA era where he flogged a girl or she pegged him or something like that. Should still be up on YouTube, if anyone wants to go watch.

No. 973473

He also talked about giving girls Plan B the night before. I believe he used the word "made". You think he put it in their food or something?

No. 973488

>drop the milk
Are you a stay at home mom in her 40s?

This is lolcow. You bring forth receipts with claims. I don’t know why you guys haven’t grasped that yet.

No. 973505

The Plan B remark was made during a Rick and Morty commentary. Might have been a joke, but since it’s been established he doesn’t like condoms and has no known children, I give it some legitimacy.


No. 973515

File: 1589400227832.png (186.31 KB, 719x1151, Polish_20200513_150046352.png)

Both of those comments were mine. First off, no, I'm not a stay-at-home mom in her 40's. Go fuck yourself.

Secondly, if you'd have bothered to read it, something I doubt most people on this site do, you would've seen. Here's a receipt.

No. 973516

From the same article:

"Everyone needs a Morty in their life,” Manson says while watching the character cope with his family. “Someone to just abuse constantly. I always like to keep a few Mortys around."

"Yeah…" Love agrees.

No. 973538

The whole point of this site is to have threads with screenshots. It’s an imageboard. You are simply retarded. That is no ones fault but your own.

No. 973545

File: 1589403441029.jpeg (213.55 KB, 897x2042, 35BF4B33-2B33-43F7-95F4-1677ED…)

Here is the evidence: This is the text msg I sent directly to him. Because of all his aliases I called him “Johnny” to be silly.

No. 973548

File: 1589403559219.jpeg (86.55 KB, 750x681, 9C0ADE00-5004-46F6-8F57-80D609…)

When I used to have Twitter I went under an anon account archeangelofgod.

[Now look at the dates]. Just a week later after I sent that text I was sent that tweet by another one of his fakes (that Happiest Olg account) to tell me that Jesus account (sonofgodandman) was his. He did that because he recognized who I was.

No. 973549

How do you know it's Manson? There is nothing in your caps.
I am being as polite as possible.

No. 973550

File: 1589403724163.jpeg (378.29 KB, 1446x1630, 301EA4D9-FABE-417F-AD3D-25AAFD…)

He also used to have that Jesus account on Instagram (sonofgodandman_) which he deleted. He followed that ‘Wonder Woman’ on his Jesus account. And he only followed 12 people. She followed both his real and fake account. He made the Jesus account on Instagram at the beginning of 2019, a few months later that ‘Wonder Woman’ started to like and comment on his real one. Which confirmed those Jesus accounts were in fact 100% him.

No. 973552

Why did you black out who the text was sent to?

No. 973554

Because it’s a phone number and that would be doxxing.

No. 973555

I guess my question is how did you first become aware of his alleged other accounts? What started this? How did you get his phone number to send a text to?

No. 973558

Why is this thread so lawless. Where are the mods…?

No. 973560

Of all the accounts mentioned, marilynmansonnews seems the most believable, imo.

I do think Manson has fakes, but those screens >>973545 aren’t proving anything.

No. 973563

Do you know him personally? Did he do anything wrong to you?

No. 973569

People can post anything they want.
It can be complete bullshit but it’s up to the reader to determine if it’s legit.

Written at the bottom of this page -
“The lolcows posted here are, shockingly, not works of fiction or falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as false.“

No. 973578

The thread is just a joke at this point. Last two were okay, but this one is just filled with trolls pretending to know Manson and giving false milk. One if the most interesting points was when Louise joined, even though it was hell for a while.

No. 973582

No they can’t. That’s why there are rules. In any other thread you tards would be banned.

No. 973588

File: 1589408257402.jpeg (806.03 KB, 1203x1459, D8D65575-3B80-4AE5-A46E-8B1E49…)

This is the only rule I can find pertaining to posting bullshit.

No. 973592

I have yet to see any content in this little shithole that isn’t low quality.

No. 973594

you're obviously new. sit down and integrate.

No. 973603

If people would just stop spam posting/bringing fake milk, we wouldn't have this fucking problem. Just do what you're supposed to do, and follow the rules. It's that simple. A mod seriously needs to come in and ban all the dumbasses that have been sitting on this thread.

No. 973638

…huh? A newfag is trying to school me for pointing out that this thread is a dumpsterfire? Nice lolcow slang generator. You still reek of desperation.

No. 973693


This thread is shit because mod is the same mentally handicapped idiot that's calling everything "autistic" or "pure autism" / and is actually a fan of his. Maybe if she stopped drooling all over the keyboard she'd be able to mod. …Idk…just my opinion.

No. 973706

This thread is shit because no one here knows how to sage

No. 973712

Yeah. Sure. I’m sure that’s the only reason.

No. 973713

I didnt say it was? Idk why your mad lol I just tried to be sarcastic to someone not saging their bull but go off

No. 973722

I’m now convinced at least 3/4ths of this thread is just the same dense burnout mommy refreshing over and over, unable to adapt to board culture and with no interest to contribute anything except stupid trivia about a 50 something year old pile of lard

No. 973749

How about everyone shuts up, we share the milk, comment, then move on? It's not that hard. You guys are just a bunch of idiots. Newfags, sage and don't make any unnecessary comments.

No. 973754

File: 1589435480583.jpeg (31.3 KB, 350x330, 54291D44-D13C-4A21-9032-68462C…)

Did anyone mention about fiona apple and Manson yet? I thought that Manson wrote about her in his book?

No. 973755

Not much different then Madelyn posting her ‘evidence’. Mods didn’t interfere then either.

Roll with it, people.(this is not instagram)

No. 973765

I think he did mention her in his book, but I'm pretty sure he did hint that he didn't fuck her. Lost my copy of the book, but if anyone else remembers that particular part and would like to post a receipt…

No. 973771

Basically another woman he stalked and then asked out. He said he was a fan of her music and really liked her but thought she was too fragile (whatever that means). He basically said he had a crush on her but something caught his attention and another guy walked up trying to flirt with her. Then basically asked her to go to Howard Stern's movie premiere with him she originally said no but later changed her mind. Then apparently his ADD kicked in (again) and he started throwing his attention somewhere else, some other guy started talking to her at the premiere and he basically got annoyed and she eventually went home because she wasn't into the whole scene.

That was in 1997 though. I'm a fan of hers and I think they did a song together but I'm not sure.

If you Google their names together there's an extremely creepy spin article about it where he rambles on about her vagina and other weird shit

No. 973772


Here's the article. He also wrote a song about her…apple and Sodom I think(samefagging)

No. 973801

I’m sorry but YOU are literally the newfag—and your posting style is odd, so it’s pretty obvious that you are constantly posting. Give it up.

No. 973830

That is something you’ll have to wait. I can’t discuss any further. But I promise the story will come out.

No. 973834

No. 973855

Can you atleast sage your ama

No. 973863

Can't you talk about it now because the police are investigating him?

No. 973873

I've been on here for all three threads. My posting style isn't odd or you wouldn't have thought that it was me when other people were posting. I post maybe 5 times a day total on here. Seriously, go fuck yourself.

No. 973906

File: 1589475286899.jpeg (316.19 KB, 828x1562, 8D6B2664-C36B-4739-8934-129DE8…)

Possible catfish account of Lindsay—and/or one of Manson’s “online troops”.

No. 973918

Muh asthma

No. 973944

Not to be a dick but that account was discussed in one of the previous threads. That's one of Manson's defenders, very active on mansonisinnocent page => evidence of zero iq. That's highly unlikely it's Lindsay or Manson.
Idk why you fail to sage, really.

No. 973976

…so? and? this is relevant HOW?

No. 973977

She’s definitely a fake.

No. 974028

No. 974035

Yes, he is that insecure apparently. He blocked this person's account. Lindsay blocked him first.(imageboard)

No. 974073

File: 1589487947009.jpeg (517.79 KB, 750x1198, 9921FB15-731D-4D92-8642-3FE12E…)

lol. Love this. He’s such a baby.

No. 974088

If I was Lindsay, I'd be taking chin pictures while he was asleep. Seriously, how can she not exploit that?

No. 974102

Maybe they will be in her exhibition. Collection of chin pictures taken over the last decade. Alongside her boobs pictures.

No. 974109

I don’t understand you freaks. Did you just migrate here to obsess over Manson? This fangirl shit is embarrassing. Absolutely no genuine milk anymore, just y’all obsessing over women who got near someone you never could. Baw.

No. 974115

They are trying so hard to build her a hint of a career. All pictures are 10+ y.o. That's embarrassing.
I really wish some journslist got interested in his abuse and dragged every single piece of Manson and her. That'd be a show I'd be ready to pay for.
I know Westworld will have one more season, I hope Evan will get more social power and get him rekt, lol.

I hope they are trolling, otherwise I'll break my face facepalming.

No. 974116

Not obsessed, just bored and the shit is hilarious. Also, what's this new link on her IG page?Does she actually have a career after all?
Also, how come none covered the engagement story in the newspapers?With the level of fame he has they should write about every single move in his life.Is it possible that noone gives a shit? Wierd because they write about reality shows stars and not a single word about those two.

No. 974118

File: 1589492175421.png (533.96 KB, 828x1792, 16C2EC8C-93B0-466B-BDE8-7F6E20…)

The only people that would think this is “false milk” are either people being willfully stupid or Manson’s goons trying to lie for him.

You think this was any coincidence after I told 666fearless about that Jesus account and how knew it was him, he deleted the Jesus account (CuckForYourSins was a new name that he used when he made a new account on twitter) the very next day? And then Instagram? I don’t think so.

DM sent on Dec. 27, 2019

No. 974119

File: 1589492294532.jpeg (61.75 KB, 740x476, 5FEB7E69-7958-4DD1-A1C4-1710C1…)


Deleted account Dec. 28, 2019.

A tweet by one of his followers.

No. 974122

Yeah if that’s not shady as fuck.

No. 974123

I am still in the 'that's not milk and your evidence is poor' camp but that's a bit more interesting now. Why did she delete her messages and what was her response?

P.s. ffs anon who posted fearless content. Share her post about abuse!

No. 974128

It’s relevant because that account is some fake ass bitch who is cat-fishing and uses misleading tactics to get information. And awareness needs to be made.

No. 974141

I wasn't fangirling. I said if I was Lindsay. That doesn't mean that I wanna fuck him. It means I think it would be funny.

No. 974153

>break my face facepalming.
You new tards are insufferable

No. 974181

Is your life complete now that you have unnecessarily offended other people? I hate to see you stupid TARDS offending people just because you are anonymous. You clearly don't have a life outside of this site.

No. 974205

If there's no mod to clean up here you should just go with the flow instead of calling people out for being retards. You're worse than than them for arguing about whether something is milk or not. Just shut up if you're not a mod.

And yes, Manson probably does check this thread, but the one pretending to be him is definitely not him cause the picture that went with his posts is not even him you retards.

No. 974221

This is like the fourth time you’ve said “go with the flow,” please chill out dinosaur.

Highly doubting Brian Warner knows anything about this thread, or cares. The mere thought is paranoia. Look at that man. He does not give a shit about any of you lol.

No. 974228

She literally just deleted her replies. Which means she’s been in this thread. She probably deleted them because she knows she’s full of shit.

Her response was of her trying to tell me that account wasn’t him because that account tweeted when he was on stage. And I was thinking… “oh, hell no bitch, now I know you’re lying”. And I knew he didn’t tweet on that account while on stage because I was checking. But he would always tweet on that account like clockwork right after his show.

No. 974233

I personally find these mysterious fakes of Manson and the deal w/ fearless way more interesting than his used-up skanks.

No. 974240

File: 1589505749792.jpeg (56.4 KB, 1058x377, A2F5328D-C85C-4130-B9A0-6E17AC…)

Manson’s new book is coming out and the title of it is called ‘21 Years In Hell’

Gee I wonder where got that title?

No. 974246

Why didn’t this scumbag get the name for his book from one of his boring truck-stop hoes?

No. 974257

File: 1589508554362.jpeg (140.5 KB, 828x833, C43B9F2E-B752-4B0C-9411-B441A0…)


JESUS FXCK!!!!!! How does this low-life live with himself?!?

No. 974261

Manson doesn’t know anything about what it is to live in hell. You can’t fucking destroy what is already DEAD. He thought he could wreck me. But he’s only made me more stronger and powerful.

He’s a scumbag junkie that can’t deal with reality so he escapes with sick addictions to fill his void of emptiness. Because he is fucking WEAK.


No. 974284

Someone is parodying me. That’s pretty fucking funny.

No. 974285

You seem mighty obsessed with calling out these “truck stop hoes” and “used up skanks. Projecting much?

No. 974309

Actually… yeah… except those are low-grade, brain dead truck-stop hoes and I’m high-class. I charge a million dollars a head.

No. 974331

You're reaching and it's embarrassing.

MM isn't the only one with the ability to delete an account. You couldve told her, she could've messaged the account asking and the person could've deleted because they didn't want drama.

Use your brain. Do we really think a 50 year old man is sitting around on a fake Twitter account posing as Jesus? Do you hear how insane that sounds lol…

Even if he and Lindsay did have fake accounts somewhere (which we know they do because there's selfies being leaked all the time) there's a good possibility it's used so they can go incognito and stay updated on their personal friends.

I'm sure he has an account to talk to girls to. Or maybe someone let's him use their account or something, I highly doubt he'd use his secret account to communicate with fans in the manner you're claiming he is. The guys a huge idiot but he's been around for over 20 years now, I dont think he needs to run his own fan stuff now and interact in any way that isn't the basic double tap on Instagram.

If anything, theyve clearly granted certain privileges to certain fan accounts. Lindsay has been caught chatting to fans and sharing little information to them and giving them the okay to release said information.

No. 974333


…Again…. a reach.

This isn't the first time he's talked about hell. There was "the long road outta hell" "antichrist" "heaven upside down" …ect. If anything his use of that phrase is cringeworthy because it's so expected.

I'm not a fan and I'm not defending him but girl, you didn't trademark the phrase. What? You want compensation because you sorted out the same group of words in a Facebook status years ago?

No. 974337

Bold of you to assume this coke head (MM) knows how to read.

I like chatting on this site but it makes the group look so delusional when someone claims that the cow is secretly reading the thread.

This thread didn't even exist two months ago. Someone had to request this thread. Lolcow isnt really a mainstream gossip site. He's a controversial figure, I don't think his pr team would even have enough time to worry about gossip threads.

No. 974380

This is the first time I posted on here in days, so I'm not the same anon. But this thread is just anons being retards to other anons anymore lol

No. 974397

Why lie.

Agree. Fangirl shit.

No. 974759

Riiiight. Ok let’s say fearless did message that Jesus account, if that wasn’t Manson, do you really think the person running the account would care and delete and lose all their followers again after making another account for like the tenth time all just because fearless messaged them? If she did message that account and he deleted, it was only because it WAS Manson.

And tell me another thing - how did things in private DMs I was saying to some person end up as tweets on that account?

Also, that Wonder Woman chick was following both his real and fake account. I don’t see how you can deny that.

The only reason you’re trying to defend the asshole is because that account made him look like the biggest piece of shit in the world with his hating and bullying of Christians on that account. Not to mention he was soliciting with a bunch of the ugliest prostitutes on that account. And even trying to fuck with a married woman.

No. 974769

Ew. You're really pushing this.

I'm not defending anyone I'm common sense. Hun, that 50 year old man is not making fake accounts to confuse and mess with his fans. I'm not sure what he does in his spare time but I'm pretty sure it's not that.

This whole fandom is so cringy and ridiculous. …especially the younger fans. I'm guessing you're probably a teenage who needs attention bc you're clearly not getting it at home so youre creating some Twitter account trying to pretend that it's a washed up rockstar secretly using it be creepy or whatever to get followers and attention. Just like Louise.

Go away for fucks sake.


No. 974770


Why do care / actually angry about who this guy fucks.

Here on lolcow we don't care who he fucks or if they're prostitutes or not, we just like to watch the messy drama and embarrassing exposings like him getting liposuction.

You genuinely sound angry about who this guy sleeps with and it's hilarious.

No. 974771

Of course he’s talked about hell… BUT what I said in that post was word for word and he only changed the number part. And he just happens to be using the same title on a book that I said I would use on a book. Uh huh.
And yeah actually, that would be MY catchphrase.

No. 974790

Well bitch, did you write the book?

Can't claim the titles of shit you've never made. Boo hoo. Have fun proving that in court.

You did not discover that title btw. That's like someone claiming that they discovered the phrase "like bat outta hell"

No. 974794

There's little proof that he even knows you.

Delusional like Madelyn…what? He stole the title name out of your head telepathically? Its debatable if you even know the guy.

No. 974797

Even if you did know him. It's hilarious that you'd even assume he's paying enough attention to you to steal an idea.

With that other girl Louise, she couldn't even get the guy to remember their last conversation

No. 974813

Yeah I totally went around creating fake Jesus accounts to pick up on whores and pin it on Manson. And then told that Wonder Woman I was him so she would follow his real account. Now that would be fucked up. LMFAO

Nope. Sounds to me like you’re the fan girl. I was never a fan of Manson.

As anon said, the only person in rock music I’ve really ever been a fan was Bret Michaels.

No. 974824

File: 1589612121300.jpeg (290.31 KB, 828x1518, 3FECB669-7CE1-449E-95E0-966635…)

Yeah I was that Jesus account and got a verified actress to tweet me all the time. Haha

You wanna know why she was always tweeting him? Because she was also one of the few people who knew that Manson was behind that account.

No. 974825

I hope you'll get banned since you exposed your personality.
You are worse than Madelyn. The latter was a little bit funny and had a photo of his cat.

No. 974831

NO THAT’S THE SAME THING!! Find me another book that has that title. Do you realize I can’t use that title now for my book? you son of a bitch.

The title is everything. Do you know hard it is to come up with a good title? And Manson didn’t write his book either, lol. I bet anything he used a ghost writer. How could his lazy, drugged up ass even be coherent enough to write a book?

No. 974834

Get that check book ready motherfucker.

No. 974835

This is book by Perou. He wrote it, he'll publish his photos of MM.

No. 974836

Believe me, he pays attention to A LOT to what I say. So much so, that he made fucking false allegations like a scumbag.

No. 974856

That’s crazy . He must like what you say to use that for his book . What allegations did he make about you ?

No. 974859

Please get over yourself.

I work in publishing. A lot of people use ghost writers and they do it across many writing mediums.

Someone who isn't use to writing large scale like that would need a ghost writer to assist them with the outline and structure of the book. Unless stated otherwise it's fair to assume that most celeb autobiographies had some kind of professional help.

NOT a fan of his but didn't he start out doing music journalism and interviewing celebs?

Sorry sweetheart. You can't claim a title of a book that doesn't even exist. Plus it's just a title…there's a possibility he didn't even choose the title himself publishers want to sell books and the title/cover photo is actually one of their marketing techniques.

No. 974861

Listen you're insinuating that he stole your intellectual property but you have zero claim to the title.

It would be different if you had a book in the works or a book already published with the same title …but you don't.

The art world is a vicious place. If you have ideas for your own work don't be a dumbass and share it until you've officially claimed it.

No. 974866

Off topic: I was a fan of Bret Michaels too. He was so fucking hot years ago. Ugh. Why can’t more men look like him.

No. 974891

Can we maybe get two separate threads- one for Manson drama and rumors, one where his thirsty fangirls can run in circles talkjng about his groupies and trying to find out who all the truth accounts are because the IG groupie truth account shit is sandbagging this thread.

No. 974909

File: 1589638885542.jpg (874.49 KB, 782x1081, dIfO69P.jpg)

The abuser finally married his main victim?
In central polaroid she's wearing a white dress(?), and one more polariod above must be from the same day judging by her hair and contouring.
The girl has been putting up with his cheating for years but what she really needed to get the ring was corona and full isolation. lmao
Btw Manson's favourite numbers are 5 and 15.

Side note:
Manson shares his management with the Die Antwoord (Ninja drugged and supposedly raped a girl). The girl, her name's Zheani, talked a lot to a youtuber, Edwins Generation, who's covered the DA scandal AND Poppy's scandal (another Manson's friend).
I wonder if Zheani told EG about Manson, Manson's a great video material in the end. lol

No. 974912

Well congratulations, it would be truly tragic if she didn't get anything after slutting around with him for 10 years. I don't think he will dare to kick her ass with all this abuse acuusations. He finally has a live in caretaker and she is settled for life.
Also, they shared a story with her participating in some project, check out her IG story. So that and photography so she can be known for something other than getting MM off when they publicly confirm or announce their wedding.

No. 974928

Again, at this time I cannot discuss. But I will say - I even had to laugh because it’s so fucking ridiculous. I just can’t believe all the bullshit this asshole has done and put me through.

I just can’t wait until everything is over and I can get this scumbag out of my life, and I never have to hear again about his sick habits and his pathetic whore, which will all eventually go to shit.

Like anon who was parodying me said- he’s only made me stronger.

No. 974934

That’s BULLSHIT! That’s MY title! I made claim to it the day I made that post!

No. 974944

Manson doesn’t need a ghost writer. He went to college for journalism, he knows how to write perfectly. The only reason he’s using a ghost writer is because he’s a lazy ass too busy making fake accounts being a sicko on social media and druggie to write his own book.

No. 974948

Bret Michael isn’t bad now, but GOD he was so hot when he had real hair.

No. 974949

File: 1589643891465.jpeg (76.94 KB, 804x844, ADFD2AF1-9EEF-4112-9FC4-B19278…)


No. 975001

This thread is so fascinating, it feels like I’m watching my mother and her friends reminisce about their crushes in middle school.

No. 975040

File: 1589659362047.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 3721x2153, YCY5gCa.jpg)

Welp, I think I am going to post about fearless and share her abuse story because after reading this thread I have a few doubts about her.

First of all, while I was looking for her abuse story one more time, I found that cap where she is being passive aggressive towards mansonisabusive (I censored personal information of mansonisabusive, and I censored the like lines for my privacy). It was proved fearless frequents the threads (the 1st for sure) in the first thread. If you happen to read, firstly, could you tell me why you had to be this mean to somebody you has invested a lot of her time investigating the abuse of the man you also accuse of abuse? Lack of logic?

Secondly, why did you delete your messages to that idiot who shitted all over the thread? Why did you even feel the need to defend him? Why did you happen to know when he was performing? You were crying all over instagram how he had to be put in jail and what?
>Her response was of her trying to tell me that account wasn’t him because that account tweeted when he was on stage.

Btw I hate to admit but this stupid texts of Dawn might be (okay, they really are) stupid but I think that jesus account bs might be real. He had fakes (not some fakes for private messaging like he used to talk to Bella Throne) but some real fakes to audience groupies during THEoL. He picked up Lindsay and Stoya via fakes on MySpace. Stoya confirmed in an interview (see a saged samfag post, it will have mature content).
A little bit of more proof:
>By auditioned, I mean, he invited girls from MySpace to hang out, and found one that worked for him (Stoya). and he picked her because she had a small level of fame/notoriety from her pornography work. She was into him, just like the other girls were…the difference with her is that he liked her enough to keep her around. That kind of stuff goes on more than you'd think.
If you want more: https://www.voy.com/85692/6/7579.html

Instagram is new MySpace for him. Have you searched that wonder woman? Porn, fetish, pale skin, dark hair and eyes. Hello typical side chick pack.

For those who say
>Do we really think a 50 year old man is sitting around on a fake Twitter account posing as Jesus? Do you hear how insane that sounds lol…
Did you google that Viktoria girl? She's somewhat a porn model in a Sims-like virtual game. Anon posted a cap of a newspaper in Danish, she probably lives not in the US. I wonder how they met, ha. Call me a crazy, retard, whatever. But a 50 year old man played an online virtual game and found himself a sidechick there. Check out her instagram, btw. Very telling.

Thirdly, why did you delete all your comments? Did you want to undo the damage? Why did you have to silence every single person you accidently shared your content (see the second and the first threads). It's illogical.

Finally, why didn't you file Judd? You said you were going to file him and yet nothing. How can it be that he successfully harassed (or is still harassing) you just a year after and you couldn't do a thing even though you claimed you had everything to report him? (for proof see the last thread, anon posted they talked to fearless, she confirmed Judd harassed her; thus, most likely LKB was tweeting about fearless).
One or another has to be a lie.

It is now clear to me that you a hysteroid whose ego was damaged and thus you decided you would drag your backstabbing friend on instagram. I don't think dms fearless posted were fake, but I think at some point he successfully groomed her back and she decided to prove she's a loyal friend again. It will happen again to you, idiot. Like I said in the previous thread, you knew how abusive he is, you knew (and you admitted) you were his flying monkey and it turns out after some time you were taken back to his internet troops. Congratulations. Meanwhile I'll post your story of abuse without censoring your face. If you keep serving one of the biggest abusers I have seen, I have zero compassion for you and I am not going to protect your privacy.
(if somehow my logic failed me, welp, sorry, but that will add information to Manson’s abuse history anyway)

I think fearless even befriended Louise to silence her because what she says has significantly changed. I wonder why. You used to claim that:
> Manson teams sent you legal threats
> Manson sexually assaulted many girls, including underaged
> Lindsay participated in assaults
>Lindsay was grooming you for him

Louise, if you still frequent, I want you to answer. You coming here and moralfagging triggered me. You were so vocal about your recent abuse even though nobody asked you to but why did you ignore the question regarding fearless? That’s a false friend you have.
I will write a separate post, probably won't sage it because it has a lot on Manson, Lindsay, and LKB.

No. 975041

File: 1589659529037.jpg (Spoiler Image, 196.46 KB, 510x720, OLt17Zt.jpg)

Stoya 1\2
the first paragraph

No. 975042

File: 1589659569298.jpg (Spoiler Image, 217.97 KB, 510x720, JaI5ZRr.jpg)

Stoya 2\2

No. 975045

Wait…does this mean we are back in business? There’s a lot to unpack here. Thanks anon!

No. 975048

File: 1589661260248.jpg (439.55 KB, 1922x783, vfwlBrs.jpg)

So, if Louise keeps lurking, I hope she does, that’s for you. Or that kind anon who once pmed her might want to message her again, thx. I know a lot of anons don't want that posted here again, but I think it is going to be a bit milky.

Well, Louise, you react very emotionally to the words of gossipers, but you must understand that as soon as you post information about yourself publicly, people will express their opinions, interpret your story in their own way, whatever it is. This is inevitable and it happened to all the people who made their stories of abuse public. You also need to understand that people on the Internet are not experts, and they will always gaslight and victimblame. I think you decided to post your lengthy story and his emails because stories of the girls in 2016 served you an example. Welp, I think you were aware these girls were probably bullied too. How do you feel for Clare Buley, btw? She was underage, he groomed her from a fake, abused her, she got severely bullied. If he did it once, the chances he’s done many more by now are high.

You mentioned that your therapist told you not to go to the police because they would ask you a lot of questions and it wouldn't help your trauma, but he did not dissuade you from writing very explicit texts on social networks and posting them openly, although that could provoke harassment and would be much more traumatic than an intimate conversation with a policeman who, hopefully, is trained to deal with situations like that. Your conversation with police would have remained secret unlike your posts and tweets. “Do not go to the police but keep shit posting on Twitter” said not a single good psychotherapist ever (like, good job, dude, fucking burn your diploma).

Also, please, let me be skeptical about the fact that Manson didn't rape you. Neither you nor even your therapist can say for sure since you are not experts. A police officer with proper training and background, after questioning and investigation, will be able to qualify Manson's actions, under which crimes they fall: rape or sexual abuse. Because a) if you think that you went with him voluntarily to the room, as so many stories of abuse begin, b) if you are confused that he helped you later, (MJ helped the boys and gave them expensive gifts, fyi), then I have to say that rape does not cease to be rape, if you are confused that you did not tell him to stop, then many would not have been able to because of a state of shock.

Now one more thing. You're a grown woman and you can do whatever you want but for some reason you're not saying it that Lindsay not only took part in sexual assaults the night you had sex with Manson, but she also groomed you impersonating Manson. You should also be aware that Jessica did receive some reports of abuse from girls, she mentioned one of them in her group, and the girl was only 14 . You were a member of her group, you read and liked her posts, you commented. Jessica stopped all insinuations and accusations against Manson after he fired Twiggy. Nice trade of beliefs, great feminist fighter, kek. I think that “exchange” was to her benefit. Use your brain and give it a thought. There are vile things both Lindsay and Manson have been part of, Lindsay, for example, she may be grooming young girls for him rn. Just like she did that with you.

Thank you for coming to my second TedTalk.

No. 975050

you are welcome my friend.
I am genuinely interested in feedback because I hope my logic is not faulty.

No. 975059

Can someone green-text or screenshot the parts of these articles that have milk in them?

No. 975062

You should probably clarify that this cap is from Jessicka’s ‘Sparkle in Darnkess’, FB group, and that Pinche Pogo is Stephen Bier, ex keyboard player of MM.

No. 975063

File: 1589663224654.jpg (212.24 KB, 856x618, n1CHHEn.jpg)

here you go

oh, I definitely should have, thank you!

No. 975064

First cap is second page of next cap. Bad quality but you can read it just about when expanded. Basically says Manson picked her up on MySpace, sent her a message, she told him to fuck off as she didn’t believe it was him. Eventually agreed to meet. Press put about some stories that he shaved a swastika into her pubic hair. She said it’s bullshit. Couldn’t be arsed to read the next bit. Then they split and he got engaged to ERW.

No. 975067

Thanks, anon! Have any other women accused him of picking them up over the internet? Besides LL/CB or Stoya? And I believe he said he pretended that he wanted Dita for a music video so he could spend time with her.

No. 975146

a.) At everyone who says Manson doesn't know about this thread; he's quarantined with Lindsay. Do you think Lindsay has anything better to do than stalk insta profiles/tags and do you seriously believe no newfags/groupiefags have messaged her about this thread? No way.
They're aware of it.

b.) This person that claims Manson copies her words is batshit crazy and needs to be banned.

c.) Fearless is one of the only ones that definitely knew him and sounds the most believable.

d.) If Lindsay and Manson actually got married he basically confirms all the abuse stories cause there's no way he's married her out of love.

No. 975177

I second this, I want Manson milk. I find the groupie chat to be incredibly boring and would love to have two separate threads so I can strictly read about MM and his stupid shit.

No. 975195

Does he know how much trouble he can get for making false allegations?

No. 975196


No. 975197

Those bruises are yellow meaning they're in the last few stages of healing. If she's taking a photo to document why would she snap a photo after (what looks to be) weeks after the actual assault. To have a bruise like that there needs to be at least two weeks of healing. No one turns yellow right after breaking the blood vessels.

There's also fresh lacerations on top of the bruises that look bloody, like where someones index finger and middle finger would land if it were a punch except the shape of the bruises dont even look like a fist, let alone a grown mans fist. Not even a foot could make a shape like that. The bruises look extremely round and organic which makes me think it was done with the meaty part on palm of someones hand and that's a injury someone could do to themselves. The lacerations look fresh and the bruise looks semi healed which makes me think she did something to make it look worse than it actually would. Had both marks been done at the same time the healing contrast wouldnt be so crazy looking. A bruise is red because the hemoglobin in your blood is full of oxygen and iron. As your bruise fades, it takes on a yellow tint. There's no way she could naturally have a semi healed bruise with lacerations that look so fresh they almost look bloody.

And her face? Looks like sun damage. Her skin actually looks scaly which is making me think sun damage or that one skin condition where the skin reddens. Fair skinned people or people with low melanin could actually turn their skin that color by rubbing it too long. The only way to really know if the facial injury was legit is if she posted photos of the healing progression. A fair skinned person could make themselves flush, snap a photo and then present it as an injury but unless you see a photo of her an hour later, you can't really tell if that's a real injury.

The bruises are also in weird places. I don't want to trigger anyone so ill spare everyone the photos but a simple Google search of "sexual assault" bruises will give you an idea of what that would look like. Also in weird places for a regular assault, typically there would be bruises on the outside of the arms, the face, chest but mainly the face/mouth and neck. Never heard of someone getting in a fight and beating the inside of someones leg or inner arm.

I'm not saying she's lying but this is not convincing.

I would say self inflicted initial bruising. Self inflicted lacerations and not enough information to determine the state of the face.

I know all of this because of school and I'm psychotic :)

This girl should stop punching herself. I'm worried.

No. 975199

I want to believe these girls so badly because I know him and his team are terrible human beings but most of these ladies are having a hard time convincing people that HATE him (Us) I can't imagine how easy it'll be for a courtroom (of possible fans) to throw out all of this crappy proof.

And then when you take into account that he's in the United States and some of these assaults were done abroad, how would the be able to summon this guy into a different country and investigate an assault with evidence this crappy.

I just hope they're keeping the damning evidence to themselves and this is just random information and nothing they'd actually use in acourtroom.

No. 975202

Also the skin under the eye is so thin and delicate and has so many blood vessels in all directions that had she been hit there with a hand or fist, that would be her worst injury. That would probably be the one that would end up black and blue. It just looks like facial redness. Had she been hit under her eye or around her eye, had she even slightly damaged those blood vessels under the eye, it would be a lot worse. That area of the face is so delicate that people actually get black eyes when they get nose jobs any disruption in that area would be extremely visible. There is no halfass black eye.

No. 975203

I'm expecting to see fearless on here just like Louise. My criticism of her injuries will probably spark 3 more days of arguments and for that, I'm sorry.

Use your brains people. He's an abuser but that doesn't mean THESE are the women he's abusing. There are probably others with more damning evidence, working on reap cases against him. We have no idea what could possibly be in the works, we're in the metoo movement.

All these girls expose him on social media and that's what makes me doubtful. As someone who has been assaulted before I can comprehend the idea that someone would post their evidence publicly like this and risk damaging their entire case just for attention and recognition amongst a small group of people (not even manson fans, mainly manson haters…us) if they're victims they could get justice and possibly get compensation for the damage he's done to their lives. Above fearless says she had to leave work, why would someone risk the validity of their case to talk to internet fan accounts? Not a rhetorical question.

No. 975205

I got lacerations and abrasions mixed up. It's very late in my country and I'm high.

*abrasions… she has fresh abrasions.

No. 975206

i thought the face one looked fake.

No. 975207

You have a point but you just started the apocalypse. They will flood the threads now with their autism.

No. 975210

Off topic, but if you zoom in on theose Polaroids, you can tell his nose looks a bit red. Most people's skin is at least a little pigmented around that area, especially if you have eczema. A friend of mine used to have that around his nose, and it looked really similar to that. My point in saying this isn't that Manson has an undiagnosed skin condition, kek. I'm just point out that, had he been wearing makeup, it wouldn't have been visible. He wore it to his wedding with Dita. Why not with Lindsay? It really shows how much effort he puts into that relationship. I just think it's funny.

No. 975216

I don't know about you guys but I wouldn't marry anyone who wouldn't confirm or deny that they're even engaged to me lmao.

I get some people like keeping stuff a secret but he's ranted on and on about his other girlfriends over the years.

When a man loves you he won't stop talking about you, he'd want everyone to know that he's with you especially if you've agreed to marry him.

He proposed to Evan like three times and announced it each time lol even though they would just breakup all over again. He did like 2 separate engagement announcements.

No. 975225

Tbh, I don't think that their marriage'll change anything. I mean, she won't be called to testify in court if someone name's him as their abuser, but that's about it. The side chicks are still gonna be around. She'll never have him to herself, completely. But hey, if she's okay with being a live-in caretaker for him to stick his dick in, that's her prerogative. Seriously, I'm considering that she may be mentally ill, besides her obvious narcissism. She's codependent on someone who couldn't give a shit if she lived or died. I'm no psychologist, but she's showing some signs of histrionic personality disorder. Dramatic, thinks relationships are closer than they are, preoccupied with her physical appearance, extremely dependent. I'm not saying that everything is her parents's fault, but if Hope really has evidence against him, she's a shitty mother for letting her live like that.

No. 975226

it’s probably gonna be the batshit crazy one that actually takes Manson down.

No. 975227

Especially if he made allegations on her that aren’t true. I think that’s criminal.

No. 975228


I think it’s established in the thread at this point she has some kind of mental issues since she seems to have passed no major adult milestones since moving out of her parents house in her early 20s, never worked, no interpersonal development, no established long term goals, this sham of a marriage for Manson’s personal benefit doesn’t count imo. But I would class her more as low functioning borderline, she isn't particularly attention seeking.

No. 975229

Honestly if someone who looked like Lindsay tried to groom me, it wouldn't work.

There's not enough white vans, promise if stardom, candy or chloroform in the WORLD

No. 975231

I don't think she's ugly. Just compared to his other girls, she's average looking. In the real world, she'd be considered beautiful, or at least very pretty. I'm sure it's hard on her being compared to his exes. I think a lot of fans just say she's ugly because they're jealous. Not that I'm saying you are, but the fanbase is pretty wild lol.

No. 975240

https://www.instagram.com/p/B-zd7HMFMPF/?igshid=i0t7767ecnj2 just look at this, it's almost like he is embarrassed. An in love man would give her a hug and a big kiss in front of everyone at the party just for making an effort to sing.
I actually think she is very pretty and not a fame whore just underdeveloped as a person, like someone already said. In her mind, she won a prize by marrying Manson and is completely blind to any common sense thinking.She will never leave him and he might improve his public with this long term relationship that became a marriage, if anyone buys the story.
English is my second language, sorry for mistakes in typing and stuff.

No. 975247

Apparently he’s a fucking idiot.

No. 975248

Fuck you. You should get banned.

No. 975252

File: 1589701926590.jpg (453.59 KB, 750x750, gothcorn.jpg)

Describe what Manson is like in bed. Sex is always a juicy topic to hear about.

No. 975263

Lol, we didn’t have sex in person.

No. 975276

So…you didn’t have sex, period.

Jfc dumb hoes need to get a different hobby.

No. 975289

Are you butt hurt about something?

No. 975296

NTAYRT but you sound a tiny bit obsessed. How has MM been in your life exactly? I tried reading all the IG caps but not having faces to the names of those accounts plus multiple accounts allegedly being run by the same few faceless people who all rather look alike is too much to keep up with. Can't you just remove yourself from the drama and ignore it all?

No. 975304

When I was lurking on her facebook I saw she posted to her friends about him stalking her for years. I guess she’s been friends with someone that she knew from her hometown that Marilyn Manson is related to.

No. 975309

Lol no, just wishing for more milk and less fantasy.

No. 975314

I have no idea who you are referring to, sorry. That's the problem, there's so much "she" and "her" going around I can't tell who is talking about whom or who is doing what. I can't tell who I'm replying to, who the anon I'm replying to is talking about or who is even being discussed anymore- but it looks like someone is checking up on MM online and saying he's stalking her?

This is all playing out like vendettas or like some anons ITT are personally invested. Otherwise, it wouldn't be so assumed on an anonymous image board that everyone posting can keep up with this endless merry go round of copycats and sockpuppets without getting confused.

No. 975375

So what were his sexts like? Did he send dick pics?

I always figured he would have an edgy bat tattoo there or a bunch of pain olympics tier piercings all the way to his taint.

No. 975382

lol I think despite the front he puts on he's probably pretty boring. Being an obese alcoholic/drug addict can't be great for your sex life

No. 975394

Weren't there girls who said he was into piss and extreme bondage stuff? Having erectile dysfunction wouldn't stop him from producing pee or being violent.

No. 975398

From the rock star thread in OT:

>No way to verify this, but I’ve met a few people who had stories about Manson. One had an ex gf who was a mua on their tour and she told him there was a young girl backstage who’s only job was to sit totally silent with her hands tied behind her back in a box of cat litter and have Manson pee on her to get him “hyped up” before the show. He called her “kitty girl” or something like that. Another of worked in the music industry and hung out with him. He said he had a secret modelmayhem photography profile that he would use to find 18 year old girls and message them “hey I”m Marilyn Manson, I want to do a shoot with you” to try and get them to come to his house and have sex with them (and I guess take a few crappy photos). A third girl was just a party girl druggie in LA that said he was always at every shitty party she went to and was always offering her coke.


NTA and I know I'm really late but here is an article talking about his 1998 autobiography, The Long Hard Road out of Hell
>"After an opening scene in which Manson recalls watching his cross-dressing grandfather masturbate to pictures of bestiality, he recounts his own exploits, including burning off a groupie's pubic hair with a cigarette lighter, playing a game with his band that involves spitting into a groupie's asshole, forcing numerous groupies to "confess their sins" while strapped to a homemade torture device, yanking on still another groupie's clit ring before shoving his thumb up her rectum, and generally mistreating one or more women per page."
>"The centerpiece of the book is, appropriately enough, chapter 13. Strauss presents it as a straight Q and A with Manson, who brags at length about an incident in a Miami recording studio involving a deaf groupie named Alyssa–a pseudonym that's close to her real name, according to a source who knows her. The girl likes metal because she can feel the vibrations of the music, and she is thrilled to be invited into Manson's lair. Once there, she is stripped to her boots and covered in raw meat."

>"Next, Alyssa is sodomized by guitarist Twiggy Ramirez and keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy with their dicks taped together, fucked by Gacy, peed on by Manson and Twiggy, and joined in the shower by guitarist Daisy Berkowitz. For good measure Manson tosses a dead salmon into the stall, a modern analogue to the infamous shark incident in Stephen Davis's Led Zeppelin biography, Hammer of the Gods."


No. 975442

Wow. In his interviews, he always claims that he's "no sexual deviant". I mean, I wouldn't put him past lying, but why would he lie about shit like that? Isn't that part of his image? I'm not saying the things here aren't true, but why would he lie about that? Not a rhetorical question.

No. 975509

Sage. Your. Bullshit.

No. 975519

I'll sage when you choke

No. 975534

jfc I'm not even that anon youre responding to but this post is 100 percent cringe. Where the fuck are the mods this thread is full of aids. Literally full of newfags or people posting false shit.

No. 975545

Honestly, at this point, I think we've just gotta go with it lol. Share the milk and ignore the comments I guess.

No. 975562

Any thoughts on these "banned" Heaven Upside Down Ads showing various girls in compromising situations?


No. 975580

Those weren't just girls. In the third video, maybe the other two as well, I haven't gotten a chance to watch them yet, there were two men fucking each other. Seemed to be a bit nonconsensual because of one of them pushing the other away and their facial expressions. I don't know, maybe not. Also, it looked really underdeveloped, like someone had taken it with a cellphone. You guys think Manson is into men? I always thought he was obessed with women. Maybe that's his cover-up. He does seem to be a little homophobic, especially on Graham Norton, if anyone else has seen that episode. I don't know which gender he prefers to bone, but I can say that it's highly, highly likely the rumors about him being into hardcore BDSM are true. It's always been a part of his image, even though he claims to be pretty vanilla in the sack. Jenna Jameson, in her autobiography, said that the only things kinky about him were the arm-sucking thing and the anal. But there have also been other sources that say he's into piss and extreme bondage, like an anon above said. I honestly don't know. Maybe he only shows that side with certain girls that he thinks won't tell? The "kitty girl" story kinda makes me feel like he might be into pet-play, too. I guess his grandfather's bestiality-watching habit really had an impact on him, kek.

No. 975583

I watched the last two and most of the first. There are some men in the first and it's nothing but men in the last, but the middle is all girls.

No. 975607

It was pretty hot, actually. Like him, I’m also into BDSM.
But knowing now what he is, I feel so disgusted.

And no dick pics, Lol. But one time I was looking up about him and I came across a dick pic by accident. He used to do porn.

No. 975608

File: 1589791342342.jpeg (65.7 KB, 828x597, A423F7D9-2B8B-4F75-A729-7A5053…)

Yeah I think he’s into men. Especially after coming across a couple fake porn accounts he’s going under. There’s this one porn account though I’m not sure about, but the one account where he tried to make another Jesus account (sonofgodandmen) and then he changed the name and made it some sick porn account. I seriously wanna throw up.

No. 975611

Got proof those accounts are his?

He seems bi. He supposedly sucked one of his bandmates on video.


>>The film begins with Manson sucking bandmate Jeordie 'Twiggy' White's flaccid penis through a condom at the house party before the groupie shortly after that arrives at the door (brandishing a piece of artwork as a gift); she is then invited inside, where things become progressively more disturbing. She is pressured into drinking Stephen 'Madonna Wayne Gacy' Bier's urine from a wine glass (Bier also being a member of Manson's band), which she eventually does, but only after convincing Manson to also partake. The contents of the remainder of the short have not been made entirely clear, although it has been revealed that the groupie is at one point tied up, a gun is introduced into the situation by Manson, a fight breaks out, and blood is shed.

>>Only three people are confirmed as having seen the short; Manson himself, Andy Dick (comedian friend of Manson's), and Manson's manager, Tony Ciulla, the former two of whom discussed the short on a 2002 episode of Dinner for Five and the latter of whom, after viewing the film, implored Manson to hide the masters, believing that if it were to be released, Manson would likely go to jail and/or end his career.

>>Manson obliged Ciulla for the most part, only releasing a very small portion of the film, seen at the end of his 1998 live video album Dead to the World. The segment showed a tied up, distressed woman (with her face either obscured or out of frame) screaming and being tormented by Manson, before reciting the phrase "Jesus loves me for the Bible tells me so." at his forceful command.

No. 975613

He claimed to be a sexual deviant in his autobiography, so either he was lying then or he's lying when he says he's not a weirdo. Either way, there's a lie somewhere.

I'm placing my bets on him being into kinky stuff because some girls have come forward saying so.

>Manson explicitly confessed to having violent fantasies toward Wood. He even describes a gruesome pattern of emotional abuse, pointing to Christmas Day in 2008, which he describes as a low point of their relationship: “Every time I called her that day—I called 158 times—I took a razor blade and I cut myself on my face or on my hands.” He continued, “I wanted to show her the pain she put me through. It was like, ‘I want you to physically see what you’ve done.’”
>According to Wood’s testimony, the abusive experiences she described happened “a decade ago” and seem parallel to Manson’s admissions. She recounted “sick rituals” of “binding me up by my hands and feet to be mentally and physically tortured until my abuser felt I had proven my love for them.”
Back then she was 18 while he was 36.

No. 975614

Huh. What was his porn name?

No. 975615

Right? He calls himself a “hopeless romantic”. Bull-fucking-shit. He’s really a sick depraved subhuman scum.

And sounds like he’s an abuser that gets off on sexual violence and goes under the guise of BDSM.

No. 975640

He is not into dudes. He admitted to have another mans penis in his mouth but that was for work. I don't know if he meant on this porn or something else, but he did say it was for work. Those banned promos are to shock people, as usual. I don't think he is bisexual
I do believe he is a sexual deviant as said in a book and his constant obsession with anal sex. He also said he would shy away from a three way which also could be the truth because he is very insecure about his physical appearance which is why he always wore a lot of makeup and becomes worse with the age.
I believe he is all talk and no action when he brags about having sex at least 5 time a day.I doubt he can do even once a day these days.

No. 975641

Anyone know anything about him making snuff movies? I didn't find anything interesting about this thing, I just read messages from some people talking about it, but they didn't provide any links to prove it's true.

No. 975657

He just used his name Marilyn Manson. He posed in pics for a gay men’s magazine in the 90’s.

No. 975665

This is why I deleted my Facebook, I’m fucking fed up with people copying my shit, and having spies and his goons all over my social media.

No. 975668

See!!! He even admits to using a “fake” profile on a site!!! And most people here think I’m posting false shit!!!

How fucking gross he tries to look for 18 year old kids!!! I told you people this is what this sick fuck is doing under these accounts! He’s also using fake accounts to pick up minors.
And when he made the statement in an interview that there needs to be a dating app for “sexy kids” …that wasn’t a joke!

No. 975671

Post. Proofs.

No. 975696

This is all the details I can give. I know it’s vague, but when I found this Jesus account on Twitter it’s how connected him to it. People can take it or leave it.


And how is it I knew he was going under fake accounts even way before I saw articles of him talking about using fakes?

No. 975698

File: 1589818021440.jpeg (55.62 KB, 750x457, E42A1C1B-D2FC-4AB0-A9A6-44F17F…)

There was also Satan account on Twitter (S8n) he would always tweet from that Jesus account. He once subtly hinted it was him on the Satan account. It could also be a guy that works for him, I don’t know.
But that Satan account was also being used to pick up skanks and had allegations of getting nudes from minors for follows. It’s fucking sick.

No. 975700

File: 1589818383943.jpeg (160.5 KB, 750x1067, 3E1E5638-D2CE-459E-90DB-CBC5D7…)

With all these allegations of pedophilia how could this not be connected to him?

No. 975709

Look, I believe Manson has fakes.
You’d have to be an idiot at this point to deny it.. but when you make claims that he’s behind accounts like s8n it doesn’t help your credibility.
An article posted a pic of the guy behind s8n. Why are so many accounts that you believe he’s behind connected to religion? Just an observation.

No. 975732

File: 1589823614996.jpeg (188.12 KB, 889x1567, DAF7BD89-C3B3-40AB-95C7-C0EDA3…)

Lindsay’s still going with the bots.
Some fan accounts have even teased her about it but she doesn’t seem to care enough to stop.

No. 975738

I think she’s gearing up for some kind of serious photography/public career because some third tier gallery in Los Angeles lists her on their roster now, and this is her like crackhead 21 y/o (the age she stopped developing mentally) attempt at PR and marketing.

No. 975750

File: 1589825664366.jpeg (106.45 KB, 828x854, EA7348B8-0A22-41BD-BF30-D184D5…)

I said I didn’t know for sure if he’s the Satan account. That guy could work for him… maybe he’s an intern.., and it’s possible maybe Manson was also using the account. He was always tweeting the Satan account to him and making these type of sexual gay comments.

No. 975757

It would absolutely make sense he would be fixated on these accounts revolving around religion, because, isn’t this what his whole music career is mostly based off? God. Satan. Hell.

No. 975767

>And how is it I knew he was going under fake accounts even way before I saw articles of him talking about using fakes?
The thing is we will never know if it's a lie or not.
Could you post a piece of your conversations with him? Just for anons to compare with other his conversations we've seen.

> allegations of pedophilia

there aren't any allegations, you see.

double that

No. 975774

File: 1589828393625.png (322.08 KB, 474x415, 1B9ACE78-9F3B-496F-88BD-7C6518…)

>allegations of pedophilia
>there aren't any allegations, you see.

There’s this which is concerning. If there’s a shred of truth to this I hope one of these underage girls will press charges. The state of California recently extended the statue of limitations on sexual assault on minors, they might still have time.

No. 975807

File: 1589832490036.jpeg (63.79 KB, 657x360, 820F5BE1-9B48-41B2-8219-2CEEE2…)

More allegations. She was telling the truth. And it makes me so disgusted how she recanted.

Someone needs to look into that Satan account about getting nudes from minors. It could very well be connected to MM. He’s a sick twisted fuck.

No. 975808

Isn't the @s8n Twitter account run by some random middle aged guy in Birmingham?

No. 975811

Some article said he’s some guy that’s 24 from the U.K. But he could’ve somehow been involved with Manson since he was always tweeting him on the Jesus account.

No. 975824

Isn’t it fucking interesting how Marilyn Manson’s worst albums were when he was associating with scumbag whores? One of them being Lindsay. And he even made a statement about how she blocked his creativity —but all of a sudden she’s so wonderful now.


Then he makes 380 with ‘Heaven Upside Down’ being one of his best albums coming in at #3.

What a fucking piece of shit.

No. 975831

Here’s an article that explains why s8n was originally accused of pedophilia.

>That guy could work for him… maybe he’s an intern..,

For what purpose? What would Manson get out of paying some dude to run a Satan parody account. I suppose someone could directly ask s8n if they’re connected to Manson.

I think it’s quite possible you might have some accounts right and are confused about others.

Honestly, I’m more interested in what info you have on marilynmansonnews. That account leaked info on Gabriella and follows some interesting people.. mostly Manson’s exes and accusers.

No. 975836


Marilyn Manson was my daddy years ago. We met on a page for search sugar daddys being a sugar baby. He was very mature and masculine and he has a big penis. He forced me with his big hands and also choke me with them when we where having sex. He says in my ear that i'm only his. He's awesome and sweet. We don't talk too much now but i still remember these moments and he was the men of my life. We traveled and have sex all the time. Dita Von Teese never knew this, it was our little secret. He still loves me and thinks about me everytime. I was the girl of his dreams. I'm proud of it. I think that all of you are jealous of him…you are so sad and you never will get a man like him. Also Mansonites and i will kill you if you don't stop talking bad things about him. You are warned. Fucking black bitches talking shit about the love of my life. Go to hell.

No. 975840

No. 975851

First warn…don't mess up with me…i'm psycho and dangerous…Manson is only mine…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 975862

Sure sweaty, did manson sama try to teach you english as well?

No. 975891

I messaged @s8n on Twitter just a few minutes ago, asking if he was directly connected to Manson. If he replies, I'll post screens.(cowtipping)

No. 975921

“fucking black bitches…”

I can guarantee you that you’re not special or memorable to him, at all, whatsoever. He does not still think about you years later. You were a flavor of the month, like every other girl. He literally says that BS to every other female and their mamas who spread their legs for him, for more than 3 weeks. Embarrassing.

No. 975930

File: 1589844268151.jpeg (144.48 KB, 828x1198, 078BE0D2-6B95-4E67-BE19-A8A19B…)

Even MMNews is following s8n’s Instagram.

MMNews is definitely someone associated with Manson —or it is him. Someone once sent me a message saying that it was both him and Lindsay. And it would make sense considering how that account went from hating on her to suddenly switching it it up. Just like a lot of those fan pages did. And it’s been rumored that pathetic whore was using fake accounts to hate on herself. Like what kind of screwy ass do you have to be to do something like that?

I even confronted MMNews, but of course they deny it.

I was investigating shit when I came across that account. I suspected it was Manson only because when I first started commenting (it was around Nov. 2018) they knew who I was even though I was using a fake account. He always recognizes me by the things I comment (like he did with the Jesus account). Which would be about shit only me and him would know about.

No. 975989

File: 1589849326619.jpeg (125.66 KB, 828x701, F0C23976-09E1-43BB-A4E2-3185E7…)

This sounds like it’s this screwball from this account

No. 975997

>hopeless romantic
>has tons of one night stands, repeatedly cheats on his girlfriends


No. 975998

Because when you're pretending to be someone else, you typically don't use usernames that relate to your real self. If he was smart he wouldn't use religious usernames.

No. 976000

Protip: all men are pigs. Manson says sweet words to every girl he has sex with, he probably doesn't remember you.


No. 976004

So is she just writing fanfiction? She doesn't look like Manson's type.

What makes you think it's her? I'm not seeing any Manson posts on her instagram.

No. 976008

Lots of people write fanfiction about him, kek. I'd say that's all she doesn't. No offense to her, but I don't think he'd be into someone like her. He usually dates really beautiful women. I don't know what he was thinking with Lindsay. lol

No. 976010

File: 1589853026595.jpg (Spoiler Image, 143.1 KB, 928x1280, dingus.jpg)

Found the porn.

No. 976024

There were some more. One had Manson's dick in it. It wasn't as big as Jenna Jameson said it was. lol He's on the larger size of average. I looked for that picture, but I couldn't find it again. Anyone else have it?

No. 976038

File: 1589857716984.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.54 KB, 600x900, n0haojv41jb01.jpg)

this one?

No. 976047

Yes! Maybe he wasn't hard and that's why it looks smaller than Jameson said it was, kek. Looked bigger in that Instagram video.

No. 976060

That's a pretty nice dingdong, not gonna lie.

No. 976072

Lol I got so used to seeing his horrorplanet pics on here forgot he was young and attractive once, I feel like this is two different people sharing the same life/identity

No. 976076

He wasn't hard, was he? It's not a rhetorical question, lol. He doesn't look hard to me either.

No. 976078

okay new fags, back to instagram with you.
these pictures have been public knowledge for over 20 years.

No. 976092

File: 1589877147486.png (428.48 KB, 447x450, what.png)

>young and attractive
Are we looking at the same picture anon?

No. 976162

This is the most lawless and pathetic fangirl thread I have ever seen on lolcow and I am wholly perplexed as to why it isn’t moderated or locked

No. 976189

If it gets locked, they go everywhere else.

No. 976201

It's much more effective to just make a new thread and leave the spergs here when things like this happen.

No. 976214

File: 1589906260112.jpeg (195.57 KB, 1310x1205, 680ED060-994D-4FAC-BA2F-2B077A…)

I wonder what’s up with lilacs20?

Who sent you a message?

Thanks, bye.

No. 976271

It's probably a fake of someone he knows. However, Manson has been acting strangely on social media lately.

No. 976275

I follow requested the other day and was denied pretty quickly.

No. 976277

It’s most likely someone he knows who decided to stop posting on ig and just abandoned it. Very simple concept.

You freaks are truly, honestly insane.

No. 976280

Obviously it’s not abandoned if anon was denied a follow request quickly.

No. 976283

What makes this milk? How does obsessively sifting through the hundreds of people Brian follows constitute bringing forth anything of interest? You wackos need a group chat or a penpal. Maybe therapy.

No. 976286

We’re discussing his fake accounts, Manson occasionally follows fake accounts.

Hundreds of people? Lol He recently followed this account, from my view it’s the fifth down on his follow list.

No. 976288

And feel free to leave if we’re boring you.

No. 976293

It’s private and it’s empty. That doesn’t mean it’s fake.

This isn’t milk. It isn’t even worth mentioning. You Manson tards have made literally no attempt to integrate and everything you share here is pure garbage.

I pray only that this thread ends up autosaged like Dakotas. All this has doing is
attracting and welcoming more of your kind like flies to shit. Literally any other thread would have been torched for all of this bullshit weeks ago, I don’t see why this has been the only exception.

That is not how this works.

No. 976294

So you contribute nothing but bitching about this thread but insist on staying. Ok.

No. 976297

File: 1589913842777.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.21 KB, 1000x1000, MM_DoubleCross_sextoy_1024x102…)

If we need therapy, you need this. Honestly, GFY

No. 976301

The problem is that instead of hopping off the thread when there clearly isn’t anything new or interesting to contribute, you dumb bitches keep trying to force it. It’s usually bumped at least once a day for no particular reason.

You post 20 year old photos, compliment the chinless blob’s cock (desperate), obsess over who he’s had sex with, make conspiracies about who he’s following, etc. Even the diatribes I see that are apparently meant to be insults just look like thinly veiled love letters that are clearly written by scorned fans.

What was the point of removing him from the celeb cows thread and creating his own saga if it’s only serving the purpose to be a time capsule for transplants to come and shit up with useless bullshit?

No. 976334

File: 1589918935928.png (169.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200519-150725.png)

Anyone notice that he followed Lindsay? Idk, maybe the rumors about her running his account rn are true. He's never followed her before. They're really trying to prove that they're a happy couple, huh? lol

No. 976340

He follows her since the day she created her account.
He used to follow her for 2-3 days just to unfollow later in past.

No. 976341

I don't think that's "trying to make milk". Why would he follow a private account, and why would that person give him access to her account unless there was something going on between them? I mean, it could be one of his fakes, but why would he draw attention to his own fake account? Like, what's the point in having a fake if you're just gonna let people know it's you?

No. 976342

Didn't he do that just to mess with her though? Like, "You're my only option right now, so I'm gonna follow you, but when I find another side pussy, I'm just gonna unfollow again." Serioudly, what's the fucking deal?

No. 976348


No. 976349

interesting that dita also apparently left on christmas

No. 976351

My tinfoil is it’s a side chick but why would Manson follow his side chick from his main for Lindsay to see?

No. 976361

if you look at writing credits, manson doesn't really appear to do a whole lot for his music besides the cringe lyrics and """singing""". its either john 5, twiggy, the guy he replaced john 5 with, etc, etc

No. 976437

I think he writes most of his songs, but he doesn't score the music… If you Google the lyrics, right at the bottom of the subpage, it gives credits, at least on my phone.

No. 976438

File: 1589936559938.png (1.99 MB, 1854x1152, Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 7.02…)

This photo claims to show Lindsay in her wedding gown, and was liked by her official account.

No. 976445

I believe it, but how would that account even have a pic of Lindsay in her veil? Unless it’s photoshopped.

No. 976447

This is honestly adorable.

No. 976450

Fucking yikes. You can see she's crying on the inside.

No. 976464

That photo is years old, and she likes everything they post under her hashtag.

Please fangirl somewhere else.

No. 976471

Why does she even stay with him if she's so upset, apparently? I understand that it can be very hard to leave your abuser, but they've been together for ten years. I think they're both abusive and just too codependent on one another to split.

No. 976485

File: 1589946906402.gif (826.87 KB, 320x240, original.gif)

Yeah, I agree. Back in the day he looked like a silky haired yaoi protagonist but at some point in the 2000's his chin went missing and now he's a total horrorshow.

Do you think Lindsay really cares? Surely she wouldn't have stayed with him for so long if she wasn't okay with him sleeping around.. it seems pretty obvious he's addicted to casual sex. I don't get how someone could marry a rockstar without expecting to be turned into a she-cuckold.

It's probably just coincidence. Dita left in 2006, the incident he described was in 2008.

Probably love of money, love of fame, daddy issues and some sprinkles of Stockholm syndrome.

No. 976500

I know because I talked whoever that person is on that account for over a year so I recognize their personality. She’s trying to mimic me by using the words “dangerous” and “psycho”.
And yeah she talks a lot about Manson. I think she’s a catfish and those are not her real pics.

She’s definitely writing something. And if anything I said to that person gets out, I know exactly where and who to trace it to.

No. 976504

I don’t know all who he’s dated, but from what I’ve seen they just look like basic stupid ass skank looking whores.

The only ones who were even pretty were Rose and Dita. Evan was nothing exciting. He just got the first kid that would sleep with him because he’s a sick fuck.

No. 976506

Well he’s with Lindsay because she’s okay with his lifestyle. Beautiful women aren’t into that sick shit.

No. 976508

Probably not anymore… it’s probably got fungus and herpes all over it now.

No. 976510

File: 1589951995113.jpeg (152.39 KB, 1536x1080, 8D071B5A-DE4E-4DAB-8E0E-5D3BE4…)

This person… she’s also friends with that palliatian.elixer.

No. 976514

Okay, but that doesn't mean anything, does it? They're both Manson fans. Manson fans connect. It's not that big of a deal unless there's proof that one or both of them have connections to Manson.

No. 976531

File: 1589959272820.jpg (641.68 KB, 2828x1077, esme.jpg)

He had sex with some girls less attractive than others, but no one homely like Palliation Elixir. No offense, but she looks like an autistic transgender dude.

Other than Rose,Dita, Evan and Ulrisch he dated Esme Bianco, Isani Griffith, Stoya the porn star and a bunch of other Hollywood tier girls. Even his ex assistant Ashley Walters was decent looking.

Yeah, that's my theory. She puts up with abuse like sleep deprivation, he gives her a luxurious lifestyle. She's probably just a long-term whore to him.

No. 976544

Yes… it does mean something. They have a connection to Manson. That Lareva knew over a year ago when she messaged me about his allegations on me. Then she said she was kidding.

And that scumbag Manson knows I’m telling the truth.

No. 976548

File: 1589965687303.jpeg (270.21 KB, 1536x1264, 74135251-CEE8-4FB9-8F39-0607C9…)

Lmao… Manson’s probably into transgenders. But I’m almost sure
palliatian.elixir is a fake account and those aren’t really their pics. I don’t know what’s going on or who’s really on that account, but they’re doing some shady shit.

This is also another stupid bitch he got with. He first met her online. Then looks like he actually went to meet her in person.

No. 976561

File: 1589968828358.jpeg (114.61 KB, 828x901, 42920759-F405-414E-9BF5-B9E32D…)

So if Manson switched the Jesus account to this porn acct. & that’s one of his fakes, that means he’s tweeting a 16 year old telling him that he should make a porn acct. That’s child pornography! & iillegal!

No. 976563

I literally can't stop laughing about this shit show here. Manson has plenty of whores calling him Daddy and FUCK ME in his comments. The last person on Earth who would need fake accounts to get girls is him, lmao.

This Dawn lunatic that keeps spreading autistic nonsense (that every random account belongs to Manson) needs to be locked up in the asylum. Possibly share a cell with Madelyn, lol.

As far as I know he used his official account to comment on Lilith's post. He used his official account to like Carolina B's pics. He used his official account to like Gabriella's posts. Do I need to go on? The only possible reason why he'd have fake accounts now is cause Lindsay's controlling his official account.

And the rest of his side chicks he most likely picked up at m&gs or some events/gigs. That's it.
What's with all the idiots spreading rumors with 0 proof? I thought this was a thread based on facts and receipts and not sperging from crazy hoes.

No. 976582

Lmfao… the only reason I’m saying that porn account may be his is because when he deleted the Jesus account (CuckForSins),
he first made it as another fake Jesus account before he changed it to that sick porn account. >>973308
Which YES - it is a FACT he was running those Jesus accounts.

If anyone needs to be locked up in an insane asylum it’s that scumbag!

I also have no reason to defend Madelyn, but yes, he is still talking to that pathetic ass bitch.
And that’s another reason why she keeps posting all that disgusting lovey shit indirect posts about him.
Which it’s hilarious btw how much photoshop she does.

He’s obviously using fakes to do shady ass shit other than picking up skanks.

No. 976585

Literally this entire thread is sperging from crazy hoes.

If the point of this thread was to “contain” the Manson fags, all it’s doing is making them comfortable posting pure autism. This entire thread is embarrassing and the topic was highjacked by pasty 40 year old overweight goth mommies.

No. 976596

What the fuck was the TOPIC?! You people were just posting about his stupid ass skanks. The same regurgitated crap that happened years ago.

What’s autistic about exposing his fake accounts? Dumb fuck. That’s obviously hitting a nerve with someone and they’re trying to cover for him.

No. 976600

I’m a 110 year old goth posting. Who gives a fuck.

No. 976604

Dawn goes to police station: I'd like to report that Marilyn Manson runs fake accounts asking minors for pornography.

Police: Ok, can I have your proof?

Dawn: Got none at all, but it's 100% him!!!

At least talking about the hoes he fucked had a point. Point was to list all his shitty behaviour/abuse here. And not random accounts he most likely has 0 to do with.

No. 976613

>>976471 she must get something out of 10 years of relationship and she earned it by putting up with him-a carefree life. I believe they are gonna announce their wedding or already marriage after quarantine, he has a new album and she a kind of photography thing going on. What happens behind the scenes doesn't matter anyway.She knows he sleeps around but also that he is getting older so he won't be able to do that for much longer. She is also in a very powerful position because she could get his ass incarcerated if she reported him for abuse, her father is a lawyer, someone already mentioned. They could take him down.

No. 976619

File: 1589984268180.jpeg (76.02 KB, 526x909, 591E3FB6-8C9C-4BC7-9580-2D900B…)

What’s everyone’s favorite MM style/era? Mine is def Born Villain for aesthetics. That hair! <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 976630

Please…someone make a new one holy fuck.

No. 976638

That photo is old as fuck and was taken by Ashley Walters. Ashley doesn't talk to Lindsay anymore. For obvious reasons.

No. 976640


Get the fuck out.

Those of you fangirling over a rapist should be ashamed of yourselves.

No. 976641

Can we do an appreciation thread where we share and discuss positive gossip and rumors? Celeb gossip doesn’t need to be negative to be juicy. It would be fun to share our pics and stories of cute MM/Lindsay sightings, encounters at Meet and Greets, photos of their rumored wedding, etc. Lindsay is honestly super sweet irl and she is good for him. I have never seen MM so happy as in recent years.

No. 976646

Ciulla Management doesn't represent Die Antwoord anymore. They removed the band from the website.

No. 976647

You sound retarded.
Go and fangirl over a rapist and his accomplice somewhere else.

No. 976649

I don’t think you get the general ethos of lolcow. Read. The. Rules.

No. 976651

There won’t be a new thread, you don’t just get to start a new one cause this one has retards ruining it. You’re meant to follow the lolcow rules, and if half the people here had, understanding it is an image board, for milk, not a conspiracy/fan girl into chat room, would mean this thread not turning into a flaming trash fire.
As >>976301 said, hop the fuck off until there’s milk to share. And do that by sharing receipts. Image. Board.

No. 976652

Ok… now this shit is what’s fucking autistic.

No. 976656

File: 1589988994992.jpeg (147.54 KB, 828x973, 7D03DF15-8979-4038-B763-E00B27…)

One of Manson’s fake accounts where he was telling me about that pathetic Madelyn. He always makes ‘Alice In Wonderland’ references about her. That motherfucker had the audacity to be cowering under a fake account copying my shit and then telling me about some fucking boring ass bitch.

No. 976659

File: 1589989688138.jpeg (248.7 KB, 828x1191, 44E2D73A-AFC1-4EB2-9251-6DF825…)

There you go motherfuckers. Tell me I’m wrong.

And here she is referencing ‘Alice In Wonderland’.

No. 976661

I'm going to attempt to be nice to you here:

You might find his Reddit page more useful then lolcow. I'm not going to judge you for being a fan (I seriously don't care) but you'll definitely find more engaging conversations somewhere else with actual fans of his. The people on Reddit would be more than happy to discuss all the recent shit he's done.

…This is a gossip site.

…You're not going to run us off, if anything we'll gossip around you and ignore your comments all together.

…No ones evil. We're not trying to hurt him. We're not harassing him online. We're not harassing his fans online. We're talking about him on a site that isn't even connected to him.

You might as well save your time and go somewhere else. This man has accumulated people that hate him for almost 20 years now. It doesn't matter how much time you spend on lolcow, you're not going to change peoples mind.

No. 976663

This girl is mentally unstable.

(She's taking a photo of her sitting in lingerie wearing a mascot head.)

What part of this image reads "sane"

No. 976666

Nicely put, anon. 10/10.

No. 976668

Well, it’s a start. But…there’s no receipt to show this is clearly Manson. We know Madelyn is mentally unstable. We know about the Alice references. But the thing that’s missing is solid or even likely proof that that account is run by Manson.

No. 976687

These text messages are from a year ago… Look at the time label. It could have been Manson, I'm not saying it wasn't. But how is this relevant now? We already know he's got fakes. This doesn't prove that it's his fake anyway.

No. 976702

Like the tainted love video

No. 976707

File: 1589995881287.jpeg (227.24 KB, 828x1432, 52C1500D-32C8-4A23-8D93-CC36FA…)

There’s no doubt she’s definitely mental, especially thinking he’s her “soulmate” while he’s been fucking around with hundreds of skanks the past 7 or 8 years. I just can’t wrap my mind around how someone can be this clueless.

But that’s not it… there is more.. here he is talking about his “book”. And look at the that… a little over a year later his book is coming out.

He also posted to my account on Nov. 2018 the lyrics to the ‘The End’ (which I don’t have the screen because he blocked me on that account).
Oh wait… but didn’t Manson come out with that cover?

No. 976712

Okay, that's not great proof, but I think it's still pretty believable. Do you have any screens of him admitting who he is? What went on between you and Manson, anyway?

No. 976725


I'm sorry honey, but Manson doesn't type like an autist. And they're not even texts but a Facebook convo. Stop being retarded and shut up if you got 0 proof or milk.

No. 976740

You are a fucking RETARD to a ridiculous degree. This forum has been around for years, we aren’t creating some stupid fucking conspiracy to cover up for this old fat fuck. You autistic faggots have ruined this thread.

All of your posts say skank this, skank that. Every single one. Shut the fuck up and go worship the Manson shrine you obviously have in your closet.

No. 976742

File: 1590002816622.jpeg (190.43 KB, 735x1199, BE2ED3EA-8AFC-4E67-B0FA-EA10F2…)

Madelyn without photoshop lol this is what he’s pining after?(vendetta)

No. 976773

t. thirsty hoe who wants to know whether the dick pic she got from some random incel claiming to be Manson is really from Manson. Protip: you got trolled by a neckbeard.

And you're not exposing a fake account when you speculate with fuckall evidence, you're embarrassing yourself.

While the sperging is off topic, it's entertaining in a way. Maybe we should make a thread to watch crazy fangirls? These thots remind me of crazy Gail minus the schizophrenia.

- Nobody is sleeping with him because they find him attractive, they're just starstruck. The same thing will continue to happen well after he's 90 years old. He will continue sleeping around all his life.

-Having a lawyer dad doesn't make her more powerful than a rock star millionaire lol.

A celebrity appreciation thread might work in off topic. That being said, it's pathetic.

No. 976775

Reminder that if you managed to date Manson he would set your pubes on fire and abuse you to his heart's content because in his eyes you'd be pathetic and replaceable. He's no goth Christian Grey.

No. 976781

He's not pining after her. He most likely doesn't even know her. She's mentally ill and needs help, at this point she's delusional to the point where it's not even morally right to talk about her here.

She claimed text messages from another confirmed side chick were actually hers.

She posts delusional rants on Twitter where she rants that Lindsay is a "witch"

She claims he's in love with her.

She's a grown woman with NO job that sits around with her cats all day taking lingerie photos and posing with vampire teeth.

She posts about herself on this thread

In her convo screenshots with Lindsay, it doesn't even seem like Linday was 100% sure if this girl was fake or not.

She bullies confirmed sidechicks online.

She makes fake accounts.

No. 976789

File: 1590013265660.png (61.94 KB, 928x430, fangirl.png)

Sounds like a prime candidate for a psycho fangirl thread!

Feel free to edit this pic btw, I know it sucks.

No. 976796

No shit he doesn’t type like that. You don’t think he can disguise how he types?

You must be the retard if you can’t see the proof here:
1) He talked about Madelyn.
2) He talked about his book.
3) Posted lyrics to ‘The End’ way before the cover came out.

No one said anything about a conspiracy, but it’s pretty apparent what you are doing by how defensive you’re getting about it.

Yeah I’m sure that’s what you think -I’d have a shrine like some psychotic. Get the fuck out of here. You’re literally a bunch of dumb fucks. I call them skanks because that’s what they are - and he’s a scumbag.
Where in your fucktarded head do you get I worship him?

No. 976803

Lmao the drawn picture looks like Manson.

No. 976804

He also devotes his entire life to coom, so it makes sense.

No. 976806

This is 95% of posters itt.

>skanks, skanks, skanks, skanks, skanks
Your terminology is so outdated. The fact that you immediately point to some sort of coverup conspiracy instead of just accepting that you are cancerous and annoying says volumes. This thread doesn’t contain helpful or vital information. It’s just you screaming about “skanks” and fangirls trying to fit in and doing everything but.


No. 976807

I mean, there's some evidence that she's right. That account talked about madelyn, Manson's book and lyrics he couldn't have known about unless he had ties to Manson. Plus it's pretty much confirmed Manson uses side accounts. It's probably the easiest way for a celeb to pick up cute girls without getting swarmed by gross ass girls like in this pic >>976789

No. 976808

I’ll tell the whole story when it’s the right time. There’s a lot of things I can’t discuss.(ban evasion)

No. 976810

He talked about Alice, not Madelyn. He never actually wrote MADELYN.

He never talked about his book. You think he copied you just cause the title contains the word hell.

Even I posted lyrics to The End 10 years ago cause it's a bloody tune and it's not a fucking Manson song.

So stop being a retard and move on and stop being butthurt cause he doesn't love you/didn't return your love, lmao. Your local asylum is waiting.

No. 976816

Please ban Dawn. She's the main hoe that made this thread go downhill with her 500 screenshots and psychotic sperging. And she probably also posted about this thread on her 16 fake accounts. That's how the fan bitches got here. Louise probably had something to do with it too. Stop discussing attention seeking autists on here or else this thread will never go back to what #1 thread was like.

No. 976817

File: 1590017076211.jpeg (5.2 MB, 4159x7184, F2246D49-933B-4BD8-9438-99AA67…)

This girl is a nutcase. I’m not going to reveal who I am but I’ve been referred to as one of the less controversial “side chicks”. I might come out with my story someday. I know for a fact that Manson and Lindsay make fun of her. He has never met her and they have both called her a stalker on multiple occasions. She 100% has histrionic personality.

No. 976819

You're right about Madelyn. But this whole "I won't reveal who I am just yet" is also getting old. Either you say it or you don't and remain anon and don't even mention it. Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 976820

File: 1590017419764.png (9.36 KB, 256x234, you.png)

If he made you sign an NDA, you couldn't openly discuss it ever. There would be no right time.

If you really want to talk about conspiracy theories I suggest making a thread on some other site so we could watch you and our threads wouldn't get shitted up.


No. 976822

>lindsay is a witch

That brings back memories of crazy gail calling Putin's wife a mind controlling Jesuit lol. Good shit.

No. 976829

Sorry for being a newfag, but how do they get chewed up? Are you talking about fan backlash?

Imo you should disregard the haters, in the end their opinion is meaningless.

No. 976830

I understand. I’m sure it’s annoying. Put yourself in our shoes. I’ve just seen what happens to the girls who share their stories. Years later I still see my name on here though. I also never signed an NDA so I look forward to being blunt if I ever decide to write a book.

No. 976831

Yes. Imagine people harassing you and making assumptions about you purely based on your appearance or social media presence. It sucks if you don’t want to be famous and you aren’t prepared for that.

No. 976832

Only attention seeking autists with no real proof/receipts get dragged here. No one ever said anything against Evan and Esme. Lilith went from victim (he lied to me sobsob) to "I'll always feel love for him", so no need to feel sorry for her. Louise's story makes 0 sense too cause she didn't go to the police regarding Manson but when she was raped by a different fella a few weeks ago she immediately went to the police. Soooo…we sure have our reasons why we drag some of his "victims".

But I also get why you wanna make profit off your time with Manson in your upcoming book kek

No. 976833

Make your social media private and remember that most negative comments about your looks will come from girls who are jealous they couldn't get in Manson's pants and girls who like tearing other girls down because it makes them feel slightly better about themselves. It's not genuine negativity.

No. 976835

Gabriella, is it you?

No. 976838

Doubtful. Gabriella craves fame, this anon doesn't.

No. 976840

Nevermind, I confused her for someone else.

I'm new to all this drama, so I'll hush now. My bad.

No. 976841

File: 1590019012613.jpg (353.49 KB, 1037x1581, IMG_20200521_015633.jpg)

I find it funny how this Coco person who also fucked Manson got friendly with Gabriella. It's like there's a secret army of side chicks but they don't do anything with their info hah

No. 976845

File: 1590019349985.png (598.89 KB, 490x710, teale.png)

How do you know coco fucked Manson?

No. 976847

No, Gabriella is one of the very few ones that never made a huge deal out of it. Some of her texts and dms were leaked, but she mostly kept it to herself. Definitely one of the sane ones that never turned into -the girl that had a thing with MM-
Actually one of the only ones I feel sorry for cause she doesn't strike me as a fame+celebrity hunting girl.

No. 976854

File: 1590020152220.jpg (230.37 KB, 1080x1227, IMG_20200521_021545.jpg)

Pretty obvious seeing as they had photoshoots together and liked each other's posts all the time. And some anon posted her tweets on here

No. 976864


Is it true Manson is never sober?

No. 976871

When I first met him he told me he would do quaaludes with a famous actor friend. Drank Tito’s vodka from sun up to sun down. Did so much coke you could build a snow man. I honestly don’t know how he is still alive.

No. 976887

Yeah, it’s called solidarity between women fucked over by a douchebag. We’ve covered all these women in the first and second thread.

No. 976889

You’re Dawn Marie. You seem unstable.

No. 976900


You’re actually wrong. Try turning the paranoia down a notch.

No. 976902

I mean look at his physical appearance and how much it went downhill.I’m sure he has a huge complex of health problems that he either minimizes, ignores or doesn’t know about. He’s probably going to die within the next 10 years, just my guess.

Tangent but I feel like he blames ERW for fucking up his life but I think it was getting together with Dita that really ruined his life, he basically stopped being culturally relevant after they got together and started skinwalking her cheesy burlesque/WWII soft core porn brand when he built his fanbase on being a American pop culture referencing jerry springer esque genx freakshow bad acid trip. That probably was what caused his depression and accelerated alcoholism/poor decision making and getting divorced + continuing downward spiral that’s still in place today.

No. 976904

You are on the wrong site to try to play this bullshit, and farmers are not fooled. You are clearly a compulsive liar trying (a little too transparently) to garner attention via an ANON image board. Bring forth caps and proof, or shut the fuck up. You sound insane. You are not being as coy or mysterious as you apparently think.

No. 976910

This thread has been taken over by fangirls who are only here to discredit victims and defend the piece of shit that is Manson.

>Lilith went from victim (he lied to me sobsob) to "I'll always feel love for him", so no need to feel sorry for her.

Except that he creeped on her pretending to be a 16 year old girl and she was 18, possibly 17, when she dated Manson.

>Louise's story makes 0 sense too cause she didn't go to the police regarding Manson but when she was raped by a different fella a few weeks ago she immediately went to the police.

Right, that makes her whole story bullshit. You weren’t in her situation and it’s not your place to judge why she did or did not report it at the time. LKB never claimed Manson raped her. She said he gave her liquor and was aggressive towards her.

>Actually one of the only ones I feel sorry for cause she doesn't strike me as a fame+celebrity hunting girl.

Why would anyone want the attention of being a sexual assault victim? Do you it’s easy to speak out against a celebrity? All of women who have spoken out against him have been stalked and harassed, sounds like a blast. Gag.

>You’re Dawn Marie. You seem unstable.

Fuck off with the assumptions, not everyone who speaks out is batshit crazy Dawn.

No. 976914


Get your fucking panties out of a bundle

No. 976916

File: 1590027999695.jpeg (146.12 KB, 823x1123, D244E55E-B2E7-4685-AD62-6F6CCB…)

Tagging him so fans flock to her page? Lol

No. 976924

Hell yeah.
Diamondsandpollen is just gatekeeping for Madelyn, did you notice how they list all of his supposed exes in their highlights and slip Madelyn in? Lol

No. 976931

Maybe sage your bullshit, share something of value, stop lying for attention from strangers, or shut the fuck up

No. 976954

Did she seriously create her own fan page? Why does this not surprise me.

No. 976967

What does that do to his personality? I imagine he must be a shell of a man if he's perpetually wasted.

Why do you think he blames ERW and not Dita? Dita is the one who dumped him and he still seems obsessed with her.

I don't really see how Dita ruined him. He stopped being culturally relevant but that happens to every star after a few years, doesn't it? Very few manage to stay in the limelight for long.

No. 976968

The email field is where you simply type the word “sage” in order to keep your meaningless, uninformative reply from bumping the thread for no reason. If this thread is so important to you, bookmark it instead so you stop making a nuisance of yourself when you aren’t contributing.

No. 976976

Fuck off with the mini-modding.

No. 977044

Lmfao nta but I think this dumpster fire needs a bit of it. There are mfs bumping this thread asking to make this a mm appreciation thread

No. 977047

I mean it’s interesting he talked shit about ERW constantly and there’s even a blind on crazydaysandnights that he called last year her telling her he should have killed her when he had a chance (tbh idk how much I believe CDAN ), talked shit on Rose as well on the subject her ruining his career but not Dita. Not that I don’t think he wasn’t absolutely seething at Dita daring to divorce him but he seems have put her on some kind of idealized pedestal and blamed ERW exclusively for his poor decisions that he made prior to ever meeting her. I’m simply saying him meeting Dita was what fucked up his career, not through any fault of hers of course. He dropped off exactly when he started being lazy and basing his music off his relationship with her, and went even more downhill with that cringey ERW inspired Lolita daddy gimmick he did for his next two albums. People liked him for making weird faces and dressing like trailer park tranny satanist outcast, not larping as goth Hitler with a bunch of suicidegirls dresses like 1920s showgirls. That was Ditas thing and even on her it was bordering on cheesy.

No. 977073

A NDA doesn't last forever. Jason Sutter talked quite openly about Manson eight years later.