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File: 1586810779721.jpg (214.82 KB, 591x400, Chin of Sin.jpg)

No. 958209

Previous Thread:
Marilyn Manson #1 : Fuck You Edition

Old thread bio updated

By popular request, one unified thread to collect all milk on Marilyn Manson, 51 year old drug addict, washed -up rocker, serial abuser and rapist still trying to live vicariously through his glory days of the 90s when he was still young and the drugs hadn't completely fried his brain.

> Accused by multiple ex girlfriends including ERW of rape, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, torture, forced confinement and forced drug use

> uses his barely legal fanbase to find young girls to groom, abuse and take advantage of while dangling the same one liners of helping with their careers, putting them in a music video or wanting a serious relationship
> Publicly talked about wanting to beat ERW's skull in with a sledgehammer
> May or may not be using multiple sockpuppet emails to harass and stalk girls, alleged to have fake Model Mayhem account to find 18 year old girls to groom under the guise of photographing them
> May have had a sexual relationship with Lilith Levisis (also a cow; see thread) when she was underaged, tried to pit her against his other girlfriend at the time, Gabriella
> Has assistant (sockpuppet? ) named Jude who has been implicated in verbal and emotional abuseand stalking towards young girls
> long term drug addict and alcoholic who hit the wall going 100 m/h then got liposuction and tried to claim the bruises were from being beat up by his ex
> torpedoed his marriage to Dita Von Teese over 10+ years ago and still trying to remake every girl he dates into her image
> Long term on/off relationship? with Lindsay Usich, 35 y/o NEET and Dita skinwalker who met him when she was 25 and has been implicated in verbal abuse and stalking herself, using his phone to send nasty message to other woman he is dating or friends with, and being violent to fans
No significant social media links; except the official @MarilynManson.
Lindsay Usich's instagram is @LindsayUsichOfficial, comments disabled

Recap from the previous thread…

>Receipts from multiple accounts discussing accusations of abuse/assault by many including ERW, Esme Bianco, Clare Buley, Louise Keay Bell, Ashley Morgan,

>Harassment and death threats from Manson and/or orbiters including ex assistant Judd and anonymous 'online troops'
>Horrorshow performances from Lindsay and Mom Hope Harvey harassing and talking shit about/to Manson fans
>Also discussion of just who is controlling who in the Manson/Lindsay relationship
>Mansonisabusive kindly shared many receipts and info
>Paranoia and suspicion a-go-go about general circus that surrounds El Chinno Manson and his Hollywood Hareem
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for >> 951424

No. 958218

I like the collage

No. 958221

I meant to add the following, which a kind anon summed up towards the end of the previous thread…

> So, to recap, a list of his exes/friends who have either heavily implied it’s MM or have spoken out against him.

* Evan Rachel Wood
* Esme Bianco
* Gabriella
* Ashley Walters
* Ashley Morgan
* Louise Keay Bell
* Jordan Arentz
* Paperblinds
* Clare Buley (included for being young and preyed on by his fake, underage account)
* Lexa Vonn (debated but she does have proof she knew him)
* 666Fearless/Michelle
* Lexus Amanda
* Amie Nicole Harwick

No. 958222

Thanks anon, I tried.

No. 958241

OMG the collage… I'm dying. lol

No. 958244

File: 1586813260205.jpeg (53.81 KB, 750x556, C19D57E2-7F23-4AD4-ADAC-8F9696…)

You forgot to add Laura mansonisabusive. That witch should be on the list. She has so many screenshots and has accused him.

No. 958246

Mansonisabusive wishes to remain anon, and I totally see why. GTFO with your shit.

No. 958256

Dear Madelyn or whoever you are from her camp, why are you so desperate to push the narrative "mansonisabusive" is a failed Marilyn's side chick? She's obviously not. I have been following the drama just a little bit since 2018, on and off though (I want to thank reddit for bringing fearless up to my eye).
I don't know much about mansonisabusive but I have seen her account, she is 100% NOT his side woman. Even if she was (apparently in parallel universe) how does it change everything Marilyn has done? Are you an idiot? If mansonisabusive had a fling with Marilyn = he cheated on you. Do you have common sense? Some brain cells? Ha?

Mansonisabusive, if you want, you can post first, I will keep my fearless screenshots for the end of the week (I should hope I won't forget to post them lol). That idiot (pardon me) is asking you to post what you have about her.

No. 958260

A lot of people wish to be anon. Nobody cares who wishes to be anon. Mansonisabusive does not care about privacy. She posts DMs. Look what she did to Amie. Amie trusted her and she posts her DMs. I have DMs between Malena and Laura. Maybe I should post them.

No. 958261

File: 1586814826610.jpg (30.23 KB, 334x350, A7G3S6t.jpg)

It aint much but it's honest contribution.

No. 958262

File: 1586814842135.jpeg (593.4 KB, 1758x1231, 58BDE93C-D27D-4600-AEA0-39B55F…)

Rock Fest 2019. In case there’s any confusion if he shops his face.

No. 958263

Well said.

All we care about is the cow and his orbiters. Whatever beef you have with Mansonisabusive, we clearly respect their wish to remain anon as we want to continue talking with them, and for them to keep spilling the tea. Begone with your personal beef.

No. 958264

Let's see these Madelyn screenshots since Madelyn insists on derailing the thread

No. 958266

File: 1586815066843.jpg (1.14 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20200412_141409223.jpg)

I fixed Madelyn's Instagram post.

No. 958267

That missing tooth got me harooing like an hillbilly.

Is this your own work? Kek.

No. 958268

Receipts or it didn’t happen.

No. 958269

Is this real? It must be the worst case of letting yourself go that I have seen in recent memory.

No. 958270

File: 1586815273305.png (298.75 KB, 477x476, Screenshot 2020-04-13 at 23.01…)

No. 958271

Her monster. ❤️ The love of he life ❤️ Her soulmate ❤️

Lmao. If I thought that was my soulmate I would have my self comitted

No. 958273

I know why Lindsay does not post. She is watching the drama we have here. lol

>Is this your own work? Kek.
Nope. Just saved it bc it warms my heart. lol

Post or go fuck yourself. You see it's pure consumerism here. Just milk. Have milk? Give it. No milk? Go have fantasies about sucking your monster's cornichon.

No. 958275

Which anon said they had Madelyn screenshots in a drive? Would love to see those released now that we know she frequents this thread

No. 958277


No. 958279

File: 1586815931955.jpg (46.65 KB, 960x943, tHvg3sJ.jpg)

I wish you had fixed her post with that one lol

No. 958281

File: 1586816038830.jpeg (198.05 KB, 960x1200, 743CAA49-060F-476D-8664-0DD6E4…)

It’s real, look up Lou Brutus on FB.
Almost forgot this one, from the same photographer.

No. 958282

File: 1586816115824.jpg (343.1 KB, 1021x1080, GsoZ6dr.jpg)

or that one.

my pics are better lmao

god imma about to die of laughter

No. 958287

Oh hell no…my sides, my sides…I repent.

If only 15 year old me could have seen future Manson (yeah was a long time fan).

No. 958288

File: 1586816420403.jpeg (174.58 KB, 750x485, C4701DCA-EA60-4811-A045-982E09…)

Screenshot from the new pope, for people thinking some of these are fatshoops, nah bro.

No. 958290

File: 1586816467275.jpeg (352.64 KB, 1533x1969, 76653B3D-4E20-4B8E-A195-174240…)

Lmao I know he wears a grill but it looks like more shit is going on with his teeth. Wtf is a rich celebrity going around with missing teeth?

No. 958291

File: 1586816519209.jpg (54.37 KB, 1080x1046, qKcCYRS.jpg)

I will post Lindsay just to have some diversity

No. 958292

The hair isn't helping >>958279

No. 958293

She looks as if she's morphing into Manson here.

No. 958294

File: 1586816654633.jpeg (248.2 KB, 750x490, AA0A4CCA-706E-44A2-A12F-70C7F3…)


Really idk how any of these young girls can be in any way attracted to him, the only one I understand is Lindsay cause she has no life and she’s rekted looking too.

No. 958295


I'm sure I saw a post in this thread a little earlier, saying they'd wait until Mansonisabusive posts her receipts. They must have deleted.

I don't care who posts first…I'm eager for all.

No. 958297

>If only 15 year old me could have seen future Manson (yeah was a long time fan).
You know, I am not ashamed to say I really liked everything he did in terms of art and performances when I was 15 too. It's been a long road now. It's unbelievable how he burried himself.

It's still there >>958256

No. 958300

Oh yeah, thanks anon. I kept scrolling past that as I didn't think it was that poster.

I was a huge Manson fan circa 96-2000. Then I got older and grew out of it…still love some of the music/aesthetic in a formative years way, but, as I say, I grew up. There's nothing lamer than an adult teeny goth.

No. 958301

File: 1586817420787.jpg (29.59 KB, 512x288, unnamed (2).jpg)

No. 958302

File: 1586817499187.jpg (208.23 KB, 1071x1500, the-walking-dead-tv-show-seaso…)

No. 958303

Post or don't come back with your lame Laura shit.
Who's Malena? One more side pussy?

No. 958305

File: 1586817708492.jpg (190.09 KB, 1000x1500, the-walking-dead-tv-show-seaso…)

Missing teeth, filthy nails, not to mention the rest… does anyone really dare to touch this man?

No. 958306

File: 1586817916558.jpeg (852.78 KB, 1536x2048, 0414F3F1-51A2-48A7-AB68-342A78…)

And his nose hair jungle.

No. 958309

> filthy nails
Who knows what this 'filth' is. He is big on anal sex, no condoms, poor hygiene… I don't want to say anything but who knows, who knows… Probably Lindsay's poop…

No. 958318

Looks like a literal troll. Ugly inside out. Is anyone actually taking him seriously these days?

No. 958345

File: 1586823919746.jpeg (511.57 KB, 750x1181, 72CC7AC3-E92A-4380-973D-68D771…)

Amongst the fan base there are some properly crackers people (along the lines of @palliation.elixir).

This account, @blacksunofmelancholia, popped up in the last week or so, taking its name from a reference to one of Mansons last oblique posts (taken from a book by Julia Kristova). It’s another middle aged woman who looks like she could have been a fan in the 90s. Scroll through her posts and you’ll find some really random shit hinting at her either being 1) a completely cracked fantasist or her being 2) a completely cracked fantasist but perhaps there’s something in it.

No. 958347

File: 1586824349220.jpeg (852.27 KB, 750x1077, 1FFDFC8B-792C-4526-A5A0-C23CDB…)

From what I can piece together from her ramblings, she’s conflating some sort of abuse or ill treatment, being a victim/the one to blame, something to do with Michael Jackson and Manson…I mean it’s really whacko land. I think she’s Polish. There are other photos with writing on, guessing Polish. I’m curious, in any case…

No. 958381

File: 1586829416523.jpg (70.56 KB, 630x460, 742xxkmbf3r41.jpg)

>Best thread name
>Best collage (poor, poor chinchan though!)
9.5/10 OP. Glad this skeevy asshole has his own thread. Nothing to add but hope this will make you chuckle.

No. 958382

Haha, OP here, thank you!
Weird, I was thinking only yesterday whether I’m the only person I know to use the word skeevy, and if anyone here would know what it meant. And there you are.

No. 958385

Apols for Chin Chan abuse…I’m sure I will burn.

No. 958389

Madelyn, pulse check. We’re still waiting on receipts you ever met Manson or this scandalous bomb.

>I will keep my fearless screenshots for the end of the week (I should hope I won't forget to post them lol

Dude.. you’ve already kept us hanging for ages.

No. 958397

nevermind the nose hair look at those GUMS

No. 958448

These pics are making me cry .. with laughter
He really should have taken a cue from the pro ana community

No. 958449

It seems like he would've aged better had he stayed with Dita. He looked semi well kept back then.

No. 958456

I think it shouldn't be questioned who is controlling who in Manson and Lindsay relationship. She was locked by his own words, wore the same dress for months, disappeared and appeared, stayed away the social media for a while. She was obviously sent to live somewhere else out of his house when he was together with Gabriella, Jordan, Amanda and any other girls who were at his house. He was fucking chicks all the time, texted them (girls leaked massive amount of his messages in 2016), followed chicks on Instagram.
Lindsay definitely tried to control him but she barely could succeed at it since he's in the position of power. He clearly mocked those her efforts in his interviews and I think he lied to others about her behavior to manipulate them and make people bully her.

No. 958501

From the previous thread:

Dita von Teese (talked of and insinuated an abuse right after they divorced).
Jessicka Addams accused him of or implied an abuse, assaulting women, dating underage girls.
Marilyn Manson himself admitted or hinted he locked girls, including Lindsay Usich, in a small soundproof room, admitted he coerced girls to anal sex but talked of it as a joke.
Jenna Jameson (talked of sexual abuse).
Mother of Jennifer Syme (accused him of supplying her daughter drugs).

No. 958508

I'd love to investigate all this in real life, imagine how much more shit would come out. I'm in Hercule Poirot mode

No. 958509

Right? Kek.

In other news…

I’m in ‘pls give us the caps already, Mansonisabusive’ mode.

We are on tenterhooks here!

No. 958512

I'll just leave the link here. There are more than 100. Hasn't been updated since 2017 though.
Let me know if it doesn't work.

And IG says I created my account in Fall 2016, I had another account before that but it was deleted.
I'd also like to see the conversation I had with 'Malena'.

No. 958513

Thank you!

No. 958514

The link isn’t working I’m afraid.

No. 958524

The link doesn't work!

No. 958532

Looks like a fat granny lmao

No. 958534

No. 958536

Yes! Brilliant, thank you. I’m strapping in.

No. 958538

Lola Blanc, implied he fooled her pretending he wants to date her in order to get sex.

No. 958541

Well, Lola didn't imply. She was taking of it openly.

No. 958543

Thank you so much!

Will anybody do the job and post it all in the thread?

No. 958544

Oh god, Lindsay really can't write a sentence without a mistake.

No. 958548

File: 1586867306327.jpg (701.87 KB, 2070x1205, rVJiJ9l.jpg)


I will post everything that is on the drive in collages. The naming is how it is on the drive. MadelynsHalfThruth Collage.
For lazy anons.
I will start with Madelyn since she asked for this.

No. 958549

File: 1586867544014.jpg (724.29 KB, 2270x1242, nUdkuzv.jpg)

MadelynsHalfTruth Part 2.

No. 958550

File: 1586867923811.jpg (543.94 KB, 2560x1193, UEpg8CF.jpg)

LindsayIsRude + LindsaysBullshit Collage Part 1

Lindsay dmed Madelyn??? Omg. And Madelyn posted it in stories? Not bad.

No. 958552

"Marilyn is not a womanizing cheat. He was never with multiple women." Oh Madelyn. Again making it look like the only reason he started cheating is cause Lindsay is mean to him. But I still don't understand Madelyn's place is in all of this. If Manson really loved her (lol) and was so badly treated by Lindsay… wouldn't it make more sense to go to Madelyn instead of fucking fangirls and models for YEARS and YEARS? Which he would still do if he was able to go on tour. Makes 0 sense, Madelyn.

No. 958553

File: 1586868260829.jpg (395.87 KB, 2560x1308, i4WX4il.jpg)

LindsaysBullshit Collage Part 2

Jordan Arentz bonus DMs about Lindsay.
Lindsay speaks perfect German.

No. 958555

File: 1586868477174.jpg (295.33 KB, 2198x1234, jWjQ1ot.jpg)

LindsaysBullshit Collage Part 3

No. 958556

Ooh the juice. Thank you.

First impression about Jordan’s story was that I felt for her.

It’s been five minutes since and I’m starting to wonder if perhaps she was also deluded.

Although, like every woman, I’ve been tricked before.

It’s a steaming sack of shit, isn’t it? Manson’s shenanigans I mean.

Oh yes and secondhand embarrassment at his amorous texts to Gabriella. Crrrrringe.

No. 958557

File: 1586869012635.jpg (371.81 KB, 2066x1158, QyezqiZ.jpg)

Hope Harveys (Lindsay's mom) DMs.

HopeHarveysDMs + HopeHarvey + random stuff with Lindsay Usich Collage

No. 958558

File: 1586869314304.jpg (648.17 KB, 2494x1274, NHbyCi6.jpg)

Some random things with Lindsay and her mom.

Funny + AttentionWhore + Thehashtagsomg + some posts and stuff

No. 958560

File: 1586869510273.jpg (394 KB, 1990x1434, sYIf1bm.jpg)

Part 2

No. 958562

File: 1586869752891.jpg (462.94 KB, 1804x1230, uLhdDC5.jpg)

Part 3 + Whatspeoplesend

No. 958563

File: 1586870032888.jpg (503.51 KB, 2118x1286, RrqetyM.jpg)

Part 4 + AttentionWhore + Thehasgtagsomg + WhatPeopleSend + Funny
+ the PIG comment

No. 958565

File: 1586870305393.jpg (884.37 KB, 2560x1244, yqXE2Zq.jpg)

More of Hope Harvey + Funny Collage

Madelyn features Lindsay and Gabriella in her stories.

No. 958566

File: 1586870464442.jpg (120.44 KB, 1002x593, FASnCCk.jpg)

Hope Harvey Part 2 + attention whore pic

Gonna be posting his dms to side chicks now.

No. 958567

File: 1586870542041.jpg (64.49 KB, 567x567, fXolfUt.jpg)

I missed one more attention whore, sorry.

No. 958571

File: 1586870959082.jpg (936.8 KB, 2560x1534, HYZcuJ3.jpg)

OtherLoveAffairs + AttentionWhore + Funny + randoms stuff I missed, sorry. Almost done.

Gabriella and Clare Buley featured

No. 958574

File: 1586871471874.jpg (470.38 KB, 2266x1186, o63WOHU.jpg)

Almost the last portion of Funny and randoms stuff. I am not going to post Facts and Jordan's blog. I think it has already been posted.

So Manson got a tatto dedicated to his cat and she posted it was for her? Cool.
Broken twin. Who said she is jealous of her sister?

No. 958575

File: 1586871837499.jpg (837.94 KB, 2302x1157, UIu6E59.jpg)

Aaaaand the last randon stuff collage.

Lindsay's showing off + Women Manson fucked when he was in relationships with Lindsay? Some quotes, Lindsay's old blog and more.

If you want to read more facts, quotes, etc. Please download what mansonisabusive has posted. >>958534

Mansonisabusive, we are super grateful!!!

Anon with fearless posts, when are you going to post?

No. 958577

File: 1586871968358.jpg (40.52 KB, 567x567, 8i5dICt.jpg)

Missed that one.
Lindsay leaked information about Manson's new house?

No. 958596

It seems that he has deceived her into believing that theirs is true love and with other girls it's just sex and nothing else. She patiently waits for him knowing that sooner or later he will run to her and they will live happily ever after. I know it's really sad but I don't see any other explanation. Maybe she should get help and he should be kicked in the balls.

No. 958607

Madelyn also said that Lindsay is an intersex and for this reason she cannot get pregnant even if Manson would like to become a father. She had written it under a post, but I don't remember where. Madelyn is desperately trying to prove that he is a good man but she is failing epically.

No. 958608

Lilith Levisis, “Listening to the guy who first put a needle in my little veins..”

No. 958610

Cringe af.

No. 958611

She must be really really unstable and naive if she's still holding on to the bullshit he told her years ago.

Like all the other women.
But of course he's good at manipulating people and making them believe every word he says. Especially young girls. Would love to see him trying to talk his way out of everything that's been posted here so far.

No. 958617

Does anyone have caps for Lola?

No. 958620

He can't get out of this. And I really hope that one day he has what he deserves.

No. 958622

mansonisinnocent is trying to clean up his image, but with poor results

No. 958626

Gosh, anons did you see his amorous texts? His writing style shouts 'I am retarded and just want to fuck you'. It's not he is good at manipulating, it's just all his victims had to be crass.
Can you picture falling for such shit? love love love emojiesx100 What the actual fuck? and I will never let you go Omfg

Overdose of cringe.

Google Lola Blanc + Marilyn Manson.
Or take a look at the previous thread.

As for Lindsay, anons were right about her. Stupid, unintelligent, unambitious, talentless manipulative addict who traded her body and life.
These two POS deserve each other.

No. 958633

File: 1586881257772.jpeg (185.85 KB, 1272x916, D37831D6-A46E-4483-9E3B-654F8C…)

Mansonisinnocent follows diamondsandpollen (Madelyn’s friend who likes all her posts) and the #himtoo movement (popularized by right wing, Trump supporters).
My guess is Madelyn is behind that account.

No. 958637

File: 1586881614032.jpg (40.74 KB, 824x247, 6CLOI35.jpg)


No. 958639

>Would love to see him trying to talk his way out of everything that's been posted here so far

I bet he'll say "It was Judd! Not me! But I will fire him. Can we be friends again?"

No. 958644

Any time you wanna go go go with the Fearless caps…we here!

No. 958645

He is retarded so it may be possible.

No. 958646

Kek yes. I had to read them three times to digest the frat boy ham fist attempt at sex talk. Jeez.

No. 958649

File: 1586883175021.jpeg (500.85 KB, 750x1194, 80B7A752-87E9-480E-A241-2454CC…)

The caption lol

No. 958657

File: 1586883633622.jpeg (534.38 KB, 750x1181, 323E6820-74E0-4AF4-8650-1ED345…)

In case you haven’t seen it…

No. 958659

He got her pregnant back in the day and she had a miscarriage or something and had to get what he calls an "abortion." Thing is she was like 4 months and they actually had to induce labor which would technically be considered a "stillbirth." In his book he said he went to the clinic with her and then said one of the most disturbing things ever: he talked about wanting to keep the dead fetus

No. 958660

I hope they do one also for his missing teeth, like "manson and the lost teeth"

No. 958661

File: 1586883982892.jpeg (341.91 KB, 1089x1824, 851144F8-7E3C-409F-9BD1-FBA058…)

Blocked by Lindsay lmao

No. 958662

that caption killed me lmao

No. 958668

File: 1586884933200.jpg (658.44 KB, 2560x1796, KdeVP6m.jpg)


I have been reading through the milk. Jesus, I cannot believe this is the man who created the Triptych . It's so awkward I cannot express with words.

I have managed to arrange some of my screenshots. The order might be wrong, I also beg your pardon for the quality. I had to recover these files from SD, uncompress it and make it into a collage. But it's readable as I see it.
I do have the mama bear stuff (btw Lindsay's mom deleted some very precocious tweets, ha). I will post more just a bit later today. You have enough milk already. lol


No. 958672

File: 1586885230239.jpg (716.67 KB, 2560x1400, dbYHVkI.jpg)


I might have messed up the narration in this one. I hope you figure out.

No. 958675

File: 1586885490946.jpg (941.64 KB, 2560x1796, omVyXx3.jpg)

The first line is part of 2\4 but the second one has some random pictures I don't remember if they are connected to anything I have or not. 666Fearless posted it out of nowhere so I don't remember the right place of these posts.

No. 958679

File: 1586885596160.jpg (682.49 KB, 2560x1460, WoXNw2k.jpg)

The last one for now.

No. 958681

First cap - the snippet of article, you can see the testicles bit. I know this journalist personally. It is not a fabrication.

No. 958682

That email is probably from Manson, like how Judd supposedly emailed LKB.

No. 958684

>like it was written in the 1600s
Laughed hard at this. Before I read the post comment, I thought “who the fuck thinks this colonial great grandfather x 5 language is cool?”

No. 958689

Is this woman the Leyla anon talked about in the previous thread?

No. 958690

He wanted Lindsay to expose her. He said the same thing about Dita in this interview.

No. 958693

I don't know but I don't think so. That raven girl's English sucks.

No. 958696

So fearless helped Manson get rid of haters he had? The second cap in the second line.
Who was wondering why haters disappeared in the old thread? You got the answer here.
One more flying monkey JC.

No. 958735


This is def manson lmao Lindsay is too dumb to use this type of vocabulary even if she wanted to. The more this thread goes on the more I feel sorry for him tbh, he kind of reminds me of a Nabokovesque character that just becomes more and more trapped in the hell of their own making in a way that’s obvious to everyone but him.

No. 958736

File: 1586892756122.jpg (764.91 KB, 2495x2160, uUD7cEy.jpg)

Three more. 1\3
As I said, I am not posting anything about her heavy abuse story but I have to make public two details: it happened on 01/18/2018 and @hueperson tried to bully and silence her.

And finally the Mama Bear stuff. When I was following fearless I did not screen the defining hope twitter account for these tweets so I don't know these tweets existed but I see no reason not to believe fearless since you already found "poke the mama bear". She probably deleted shady tweets after fearless posted about it.
Hence the blackmailing version appears to be real. Sadly, surprisingly, or hilariously, it's up to you to choose.

I will try to recover the Gone Girl video anon was speaking of in the 1st thread and post tomorrow with more screenshots.

No. 958737

File: 1586892909946.jpg (628.54 KB, 2560x1321, gZwW5FP.jpg)

The Mama Bear
The second line is about that strange account again, I don't remember where it's supposed to be.

No. 958739

File: 1586893089705.jpg (277.26 KB, 1280x792, NnvwbKv.jpg)

The last for today.

No. 958745

It's definitely not 'Leyla', and tbh I don't think her name was Leyla. It's something Leyla-like, probably Lily.

No. 958746

No. 958747


No. 958748

File: 1586894086767.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, E10096AA-07F1-4461-852E-5DAD1E…)

Anon, do you have a screen cap of 666fearless posting this? I swear I remember her posting it. Thanks.

No. 958750

Is it bad that I'm kind of rooting for Lindsay in this. Madelyn is delusional, even more than I orginally thought.

"He used Gabriella as a decoy because he doesn't want someone he actually cares about to get hurt"

Girl it's just Lindsay, not the frontline in Iraq.

No. 958751

Thanks for all the collages, anon! Good work.

No. 958753

Kek anon

No. 958757

File: 1586895296888.jpg (47.91 KB, 468x472, dMVsyOM.jpg)

Yes, I do but I haven't worked on it yet. The quality sucks. I will post a better version tomorrow. I am not sure if I have the caption for this one though.

No. 958758

All this talk from Madelyn like she intimately knows him and she has yet to produce a shred of evidence that she actually knows him. If Madelyn had pics or DM’s WITH Manson don’t you think she’d plaster that shit all over the net? Her mouth is too big to keep that to herself.

No. 958759

I think I have a screen on a drive. Fearless was private and would not accept my follow request but thankfully Malena Himmel sent me all fearless screens.

No. 958760

I would root for Lindsay just to see Madelyn butthurt, her posts brighten my quarantine. But, unfortunately, Lindsay appears to be even worse, just imo after mansonisabusive posted the caps.

No. 958761

That’s the crazy whore Marcy who was emailing fearless lol

No. 958762

Your name dropping is hilarious.
Did he cheat on you with Malena? Oh, wait a sec. He couldn't cheat on you because he never dated you. My bet Marilyn chose her over you.

No. 958763

My quarantine is getting better and better. Lmao

No. 958764

Madelyn's twitter went private today lol.

No. 958765

Wut? How will her monster read her dedications? Will their love survive?

No. 958767

anon stop pls lmao

No. 958769

Madelyn: “Lindsay is the one that wrote that post apparently Jordan did. She used texts between Marilyn and I..”

So Lindsay hacked Jordan’s blog, wrote a multi page statement against Manson with intimate details, produced a photo with Jordan and Manson, all based solely on Madelyn’s texts?

Madelyn needs to be institutionalized.

No. 958773

File: 1586897357597.jpeg (189.13 KB, 750x1071, 5A18266D-399B-455C-B40C-B6D65E…)

Hope lol

No. 958775

File: 1586897456634.jpeg (114.53 KB, 750x567, 4B2D0410-09A4-4CC3-9212-0F9FB0…)

No. 958777

File: 1586897607879.jpeg (164.36 KB, 750x824, 197290BC-496C-4D07-BA6B-D69347…)

No. 958780

File: 1586897812353.jpeg (198.02 KB, 750x1059, A22942EC-C89E-42E6-857C-9A32FD…)

No. 958781

File: 1586897825922.jpg (33.83 KB, 750x423, IMG_20200414_215536_377.jpg)

Madelyn is jealous of him hanging out with Taylor Swift lol. I remember she was also bashing Bella Thorne when he befriended her.

No. 958783

File: 1586897904984.jpg (53.34 KB, 750x536, IMG_20200414_215533_901.jpg)

Madelyn fighting with Hope.

No. 958784

That woman traded her own uneducated daughter to a rapist. And she was fully conscious while doing so. She even blackmailed him to take her daughter or btw to get money from him. Now she licks his fat ass on her twitter. Wtf she dares open her mouth about a complete stranger's family?!! The 'best' mother in the world.

No. 958786

File: 1586897976311.jpg (87.72 KB, 750x955, IMG_20200414_215531_822.jpg)

More Madelyn madness.

No. 958788

>First cap - the snippet of article, you can see the testicles bit. I know this journalist personally. It is not a fabrication.
Dear anon, I don't want to push you or press on you but could you, hypothetically, show the 1st and this threads to your friend journalist? Love you to the moon and back. lol

No. 958790

Madelyn hearts Trump.

No. 958792

Idk, but it’s pretty obvious Manson is lying. He said the same thing about Dita on a talk show.

No. 958793

File: 1586898903208.jpeg (165.43 KB, 750x883, 70488EFE-B5B5-4101-B55B-8251CC…)

Hope loves to attack fans

No. 958794

I'll just post some interesting videos.
Manson and Ashley Walters, his former assistant, in 2013.

No. 958795

File: 1586898980774.jpeg (71.85 KB, 750x360, 67A267BE-4C3B-4EF9-8645-D526FC…)

No. 958796

Manson's doing some weird shit to ERW, beating (?) her.

No. 958797

One more weird video, I think with ERW, but not sure.

No. 958798

File: 1586899211057.jpg (157.84 KB, 1000x515, marilyn-manson-fat-cupid-with-…)

For Madelyn.

No. 958800

Lindsay hasn't posted for 4 days.
Still locked.

No. 958806

Totally fair request, but sorry I can’t. In all honesty I would die of shame to show him this thread. Lol.

He wouldn’t care, and it would be super cringe on me to share I know him and also that I spend my free time sleuthing Manson.

To further the case that his writing is not a fabrication, I can say neither his editor (who I also know) nor the publication would ever dare to push through an interview with lies in it. Ever.

No. 958809


Where did you find these videos on the deep web? lol
This video is very confusing, I only see ERW (maybe) covered in bruises and Manson in some scenes

No. 958813

Yes I checked before and still no posts or stories. lol

No. 958814

Art films that Manson made eons ago. They are well known.

No. 958815

I am not the one who posted but you can Google Marilyn Manson Official website video (yes he put it onto his website) and there you go.
It seems like a BDSM session, in one of the videos the woman (erw?) is absolutely not scared of him, her posture is not defensive, her shoulders are open. Must be high.
I think it was consensual and yet manipulated.

No. 958824

“Manson plays the violet wand”

No. 958829

File: 1586901650332.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, 2C845771-5198-48D5-B4FF-593B05…)

Wonder if she’s found us yet…? She just posted a story.

No. 958831

I bet she does. Lindsay would always check social media. Shit like that. Talked to stalkers. Just like her crazy mom.

No. 958834

Does Lindsay actually work for her sister?

No. 958836

I’m sure she and Manson both do. Let’s not forget his “internet troops.” As far fetched as that sounds, an ex band member and Manson himself confirmed it.

No. 958840

She obviously promotes her and takes some (shitty) pictures for her site. But what I find extremely interesting Lindsay didn't do a shit for her sister before. I believe they weren't probably even in touch for a while. Suddenly she takes photos for her site and promotes her on social media. Ashley was seen several times with her and Manson together in 2018, last and this year. Why so suddenly, Ashley, dear?

No. 958841

Internet troops = dandyarch lol

No. 958842

Found his Facebook, his real name is Marty Gruss.

No. 958847

He’s been around for years. I remember him from when I was FB friends with pogo. He’s just a huge fan, a kiss ass, pretty harmless. I’m sure he’d be kept well at arms length by any inner circle people. I meant to say this the other day, and forgot.

No. 958849

The guy has troll accounts on twitter and instagram harassing victims and trying to make him look innocent by spreading lies.

No. 958850

File: 1586903504648.jpg (12.61 KB, 750x176, IMG_20200414_233041_998.jpg)

Arch dandy defending MM against Esme accusations when it was obviously him she's talking about.

No. 958852

File: 1586903570206.jpg (70.08 KB, 750x577, IMG_20200414_233045_917.jpg)

Talking about mansonisabusive.

No. 958853

File: 1586903620865.jpg (66.22 KB, 750x575, IMG_20200414_233101_008.jpg)


No. 958855


I wonder who could be behind this account…

No. 958856

Cody Franta is another one.

No. 958857

Look at the previous thread on Manson, he got an exclusive and expensive M&G guitar for free from “friends.”
His whole Twitter is pretty much bashing Manson victims: https://twitter.com/mrarchdandy?lang=en

I also vaguely recall LKB posting about him harassing her.

No. 958858

Guessing you posted the caps?
I’ve seen them before, but thanks. That’s hardly harassment, he’s just a sucker fan ass kissing and defending his lord. Hell, we’re worse here. Kek.
Seriously, he’s just some loser fan in butt fuck nowhere sticking up for King Chin.

No. 958860

I get your point but don’t think he qualifies as any real victim basher. Yeah he’s on the attack, and not to wk here, just pointing out the obvious, he doesn’t believe that the accusers are telling the truth, which I guess is his prerogative. Loads of the Mansonisinnocent fanclub are batshit. Especially, I’m sad to say, the teen girls.

No. 958862

I've never got an impression that mansonisabusive is obsessed with Manson. I believe she has an immense sympathy to ERW. All her posts are about his girls not him.
She didn't post negative about Lindsay gardening but I remember she told Lindsay does home work, works in Manson's garden and mothers Manson that's why he's probably still with her.

No. 958875

Madelyns bio is the epitome of cringe

Artist. Virgo. Vampire. Synesthesia in six forms.🐇“Oneiric. ℭ𝔯𝔲𝔢𝔩. Strange. 𝔈𝔯𝔬𝔱𝔦𝔠”

Jesus Christ. Madelyn sweetie. You’re not an artist because you post photos of Egon Schiele or your Lily look-alike cat. You’re a NEET with no redeeming qualities. Drop the act.

No. 958876

File: 1586905895063.jpeg (348.15 KB, 1800x896, C5D0E898-776B-4828-ACD7-93708E…)

Another example and LKB’s response.

No. 958878

Mansonisabusive exposes and bashes everyone lol. She said she has had accounts for years. She even keeps a drive with milk. Obsessed with him and his girls means milk for us.

No. 958880

Yeah. She’s cool. She produces the milk. We happy.

No. 958888

File: 1586906712281.jpeg (189.11 KB, 750x861, 56AEF6F5-87BA-43FB-9802-C1F83A…)

No. 958889

File: 1586906891872.jpeg (154.18 KB, 750x732, 47CA54E8-E5B1-4F3F-BAE1-0B2CF2…)


No. 958890

Anons isn't the blackmail version illogical?
Lindsay's mom could post it to anybody.
Do you blackmail a person to marry your child? That's against common sense?

No. 958893

I mean let's think about it. Hope stalks Evan's Twitter, she liked the tweet about 'Manson is happy with Lindsay and not abusive'. I can understand if a person had a beef and then turned neutral but it's 180 degrees in this case.

No. 958935

File: 1586911597697.jpeg (58.52 KB, 750x377, F67C68E6-FE6E-4464-8B14-C72BAC…)

No. 959049


What the fuck does "baby manson time" mean? (Referring to the screenshots with the text messages)

No. 959052

I'm not defending Lindsay but Madelyn is the LAST one that should be talking. What exactly does she do for a living? Model Mayhem? Half the women on that site never see any real gigs, they end up having their amatuer friends photograph them to keep their headshots updated but after a few years of no work they end up doing porn or they start stripping. Pretty sure half the college girls at USC/NYU probably have Model Mayhem profiles or consider themselves "models" or actresses.

Again, not defending Lindsay but I'm not a fan of Madelyn in general: she can say whatever she wants but at the end of the day Lindsay is the one that lives with him rent free.

Madelyn is so blind that it's almost insulting to other women around the globe. I reverse searched some of her photos hoping that this was some kind of catfish because the fact that theres a woman walking around being this stupid seems almost criminal. She needs serious help

No. 959065

Baby fetish maybe?

He likes young girls, he certainly seems attracted to infantilizing sex.

No. 959081

I strongly believe Madelyn is all talk, nothing more. She claims they’ve been in a relationship since 2013 but not a single photo of them together exists that anyone is aware of. She doesn’t even seem like his type, imo. Would Manson really date a right wing, Trump supporter?
I also really doubt she could supposedly be in a relationship with him for 7 years and still defend him so rigorously. With the exception of Rose, most of his exes have either hinted or outright accused him of abuse. Or we see some evidence of it regarding Lindsay.

This whole thing is a figment of her delusional fantasy.

No. 959090

To be fair Rose admitted he talked shit about her after the breakup and blamed breakup on his drugs abuse.

No. 959096

File: 1586935351444.jpeg (89.74 KB, 696x392, 7226578B-A132-41D2-875F-1AD234…)

OMG. Baby? WTF Cringe. And who the hell is this? He has too many women to count. Now stuck at home with maybe just 1 woman.

No. 959099

He still can text women. There's pornhub in the end.

No. 959105

File: 1586936188409.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, CB5456B7-73F4-4787-9831-A431C5…)

Pornhub replaces Model Mayhem

No. 959107

Lol he used to date porn actresses such as Stoya, Traci Lords, Jenna Jameson and I can see Charlotte Stokely on the collage. He was seen with Charlotte at Jordie's wedding. Now all he has is pornhub. Poor baby.

No. 959115

File: 1586937887049.jpg (76.4 KB, 734x1000, 1586937261925.jpg)

So "baby Manson time" could be like this?

No. 959128

File: 1586939911802.jpeg (431.32 KB, 1503x2048, 3536C6C5-8AF1-4E5A-9FB7-FDAC9C…)

No, more like this. Lmao

No. 959129

Look how cute he is, little sweet Manson… LOL

No. 959138

File: 1586942363663.jpg (153.95 KB, 980x597, 1a8ZOXM.jpg)

Found this weird shit on mansonwiki.
I don't know if it has anything to do with baby Manson thing tho.

No. 959148

From what I understand when he says "people were always shooting weird-colored liquids up my ass. Kind of like today" maybe he means that he likes to "play" with his ass? Maybe he likes to play wearing diapers and to get changed by a girl who plays his mom? I don't know but it all seems very strange.

No. 959151

File: 1586945292827.jpg (310.01 KB, 1069x1069, 20200415_110709.jpg)

No. 959152

Baby Manson is having a tantrum… lmao

No. 959155

Who's Marcy?

No. 959158

She’s a delusional whore

No. 959165

Hahaa! Brilliant anon.

No. 959168

very informative anon.

No. 959257

File: 1586965875189.jpg (123.29 KB, 483x602, U9MgBz6.jpg)

The good news is Madelyn did not go private on Instagram.
I found her sister account and I want to say her sister is a much more Manson woman than Madelyn is.
Could he go after Madelyn just to get closer to her sis?
And one more question. Does Madelyn work? How does she pay her bills? Don't tell me her depop gets her enough money.

I think they just need it for their brand. Twins working together, and prolly Ashley is the only one who tolerates Lindsay, they're relatives in the end.
One thing Madelyn was absolutely right about is that Lindsay has no friends. Her sis Ashley does have close friends, a lot of pictures with them on Instagram but Lindsay really is a self-broken twin. lol.

No. 959321

Madelyn’s alt account, catsanddevils, often comments on the account, marilynmansonnews. She got into an argument with someone on that account and they said her parents are very wealthy and she lives off them.
Don’t know if it’s true, but it kinda makes sense.

No. 959331

File: 1586972061271.jpeg (162.32 KB, 1536x503, D6251FBE-7E78-4B7B-A2D8-AE39D6…)

No. 959345

>if I see a woman with ugly feet, I get angry.

No. 959414

>>if I see a woman with ugly feet, I get angry.
Imagine the fury he must feel when he looks in the mirror then.
He is like the worst neckbeard ever.

No. 959419

File: 1586980510714.jpg (240.35 KB, 741x1085, hhhXwMz.jpg)

Found this on mansonisabusive.

No. 959435

File: 1586981942438.jpeg (995.88 KB, 1800x1519, 0B90EDA9-0D1B-44DE-960F-E5F8F8…)

“Marcy/mrmannix” was the name of the person who supposedly emailed 666fearless.

No. 959458

That whole interview is wtf. Some highlights:

“ Britney, Christina or Justin - who's your favorite?
Justin. I met Justin at my girlfriend's show. He was sitting behind me with his mother, and 1 said, 'you know a woman has three holes between her legs?' Because earlier that day I had watched a sexual education documentary for retarded people. . .”

“Do you have any bedroom habits that annoy Dita?
She refers to me as turning into a Dracula. If I've been drinking absinthe and it's past four in the morning when I come to bed, I do really depraved things to her against her will. She always likes it in the end, by the time the sun rises.

She gets two hours of teeth action?
Well… (long pause) It's more Vlad the Impaler.

Do you use moisturizer?
In regards to that? Anal-eze or Oil of Olay?”

“ Have you ever met Michael Jackson?
No, but I have a puppet of him! (Manson dashes out the room and returns gleefully with a horrendous figurine.) I shipped this home and - no lie - the nose broke off! (He shows me. It has no nose.) And I'm very good friends with Lisa Marie Presley, but I forgot about her relationship with Michael Jackson - as she would probably like to- and this was hanging in my hall. I felt kind of bad when she came over. So I did a little puppet show with it and made her laugh.

Isn't she a bonkers Scientologist?
I don't talk about religion with her, but I don't think she's bonkers. I said to her, look, you can't get more punk rock than getting married to and/or fucking a baby dangler. He's a baby dangler! At this point he's saying, "fuck it, my nose has gone, I'm gonna dangle a baby." Manson suddenly leaps to his feet again. ‘I also have this! Worth about 700 bucks!' He bounces back in clutching another Jackson doll more horrible than the first, 'This is about when he built the big statue and thought he was Stalin. You'll notice they went back and reconfigured his face to look more like now,' He flips a button and the doll sings 'Black or White', Manson is delighted.”

No. 959478

File: 1586984283160.jpg (156.7 KB, 1088x1024, 9K9YC8P.jpg)


I skimmed the old thread. This must be her portrait.

No. 959485

What drugs did he use that fucked his health up? I take prescription meds for various health problems and sometimes get paranoid that I'm just fucking my health up more in the long-term.

No. 959506

Manson meltdown on stage, February 15, 2018. Someone in the comments section transcribed his gibberish.

“I don't wanna be anymore, so I don't wanna love you with another song so I sing. Wo, wo, wo, wo, wo, WOW. That's why I'm here and speaking in… English. Don't want to confuse anyone. Just saying I, ask you guys what my hearts about to, I can't even look at you in the eyes because I told how much that I loved you and I came inside you but I'm so sad and now all I can say, wow… Good news is I'm not going home so I got my fuck and I got my you, and, so is Bill, so is Juan, 2 is Dan, so is Paul, so is Judd, so is… Come on you guys this is like a fucking bar again. You guys don't understand that, we just came from Boston. We just came from audible cities that actually respond. And I must wow. I spent over 20 mother fucking (inaudible) w, o, w, is a palindrome wow. It's the same working what I got that's all, that's what it's all about. I offered you my heart. My valentines you smashed into a little piece of shit. But I psyched your mind yeah because I don't have a heart to be getting with. That's why you should even want to say it, wow, like WOW… (Inaudible) I'm not a (inaudible)"

No. 959507

Lmfao oh my god, so fucking gross

“No, I do not cleanse, tone and moisturize. I sometimes wash. I sometimes apply lotion. But I have a naturally greasy, dirty composition to my body. And if you don't wash off all your make-up at night you don't have to put it on in the morning”

No. 959512

Ah yeah. This. This is beyond cringe. Those poor fuckers on the payroll. At this point it’s time to go home.

No. 959516

My guess is that’s a random photo used by either Manson or his assistant to catfish her. Why would Manson give her email to some woman to send a strange threatening message with a fake auto-reply? Just odd.

No. 959519

Having read both threads, I want to say common sense does not apply to everything Manson related.
Look at his relationship with Lindsay.

No. 959876

File: 1587048463877.jpg (86.46 KB, 517x526, PE8LtMb.jpg)

Guys, I found Hope's Facebook. It's milky af. Just look at this. She says him there's too much info in the interview, her boy. So sweet, right?

Highlights from the interview she posted:
>Upstairs, behind a closed bedroom door, is the raven-haired Usich. Manson allows that she won’t be coming downstairs tonight. Maybe they’ve been having some relationship issues. Maybe she doesn’t understand that when he writes a song for his new album like “The Devil Beneath My Feet,” with lyrics like “Don’t bring your black heart to bed/When I wake up, you best be gone or you better be dead,” he’s not necessarily referring to her, even though they did come from a text he sent her.
>“I called it Beaver Mountain,” he says, “and it’s where I had sex with certain individuals that may or may not have resulted in my divorce.”
>“I am flypaper for damaged women,” he says later on, specifying no one in particular.
>“I have a blacklight flashlight at home, which will show if sperm is on anything, and Lindsay has used it on my underwear to see if I’d done something naughty when I was out. I said, ‘Fooled you. I might have changed my underwear. How do you know that I didn’t?’ She goes, ‘Because you don’t change your underwear.’ I said, ‘That is true. Good answer. Good answer.’
>“I’m not big on showering,” he says. “If anything, I do more of a ‘hooker shower,’ undercarriage and armpits, but I haven’t done that yet today, so if you’re planning on going down on me, you might want to wait until later.”
>“Are they crotchless?” asks the 14-year-old who lives inside the 45-year-old. Then he says, “Anything can be crotchless if you carry a knife. And anyway, we just want to confirm the five times.”

Usich pauses. “Uh, yeah,” she says. “It’s been much more than five, but yes.”

Manson isn’t done with her. “So,” he says, “I imagine you’re probably just nursing your lady parts with a bag of ice right now?”

Another pause. “Uh, yeah,” she says. “I can’t even walk straight.”


No. 959943

File: 1587057928817.jpg (440.38 KB, 1884x1244, dprh2SM.jpg)

Cringy pictures of Marilyn with groupies!

No. 959947

File: 1587058374667.jpeg (156.24 KB, 1414x475, 31E554CE-BE77-4598-976E-934A86…)

Found this on reddit, has anyone heard anything about these death threats?
And how wrong that poster is. lol

No. 960117

File: 1587073291862.png (2.27 MB, 3509x1045, pathetic.png)

Can we discuss how retarded mansonisinnocent is? What kind of morons follow them?
And the owner of the account brags they've worked with abuse victims? This has to be an outright lie. I hold a degree in a related area. How on Earth can somebody who studied clinical\behavioural psychology ever believe ERW was an abuser in their relationships? ~TRULLY ABUSED~ just fucking coined a new term.

They keep tagging justice_for_himm. The last time that account was mentioned by anon it had significantly less posts. I wonder what kind of unscientific bullshit they post.

No. 960150

> “A truly abused woman would not continue to dress in a way that her abuser found to be pleasing.”

What the fuck does that even mean? Evan should only wear potato sacks to avoid being called a liar? They’re grasping for straws and it shows. Also, I’m 95% sure Madelyn is behind that account for multiple reasons already stated.

No. 960163

File: 1587075632768.jpeg (424.34 KB, 1792x1423, B424F470-12F2-45B7-A5BC-BAA66E…)

Look who’s tagged in that post, catsanddevils and Madelyn’s friend, diamondsandpollen. It sounds like her demented rhetoric.

No. 960182

Madelyn went private on Twitter and the timing shows she frequents the thread.
Mansonisabusive spilt a lot of tea on Lindsay. I think
(1) they stole her milk and posted in their account to prove how terrible Lindsay is. That's the only explanation how they could post that many in just a few days.
(2) Madelyn is behind that account. She's def a zero in psychology but has to play important and professional to make her crap more credible.

No. 960209

The thing that astonishes me is IF (big if) Madelyn had a thing with Manson, he cheated on her multiple times and she would be in the category of used. She defends a man who refuses to publicly acknowledge her and used her for a pump and dump.

No. 960225

I think Manson had a fling with her, probably no longer than 2-3 months otherwise Lindsay wouldn't have invaded her dm. But I agree with you in general.

No. 960241

People talked about Madelyn's other accounts. One of them harassed me years ago saying "Did you fuck MM? My friend is involved with him. You better back off. You're just a whore to him anyways.'

Would post screenshots but she deleted all her messages once she noticed I was laughing about the whole thing and not telling.

Back then I thought it was Lindsay, but now that y'all pointed out other accounts that might be Madelyn…it definitely was Madelyn. Stop being jealous and get help, M. x

No. 960243

Why did she think you had a thing with mm?
Just wanna know how her radar works. Does she just jump on random girls?

No. 960246

Which is exactly why all of us call her delusional. No sane person would wait YEARS (or her whole life, lol) for a guy who's clearly not interested anymore. Madelyn's life: replying to MM gossip accounts, harrassing girls, getting a Devon Rex (obviously)/posting lingerie and artsy (schiele) posts to impress her monster + tweeting angry shit aimed at Lindsay when 0 people ever like her tweets. Insane as fuck and needs to be hospitalized.

No. 960247

I posted my m&g pic + wrote about how I experienced it all. And all of a sudden I had this account accusing me of taking him away from "her friend cause she was involved with him".

No. 960249

Omg definitely Madelyn, even though both Hope and Lindsay have been doing the same thing for years. "My friend" outed her, Lindsay/Hope usually goes with "my man".

No. 960254

I genuinely find it so weird how much time Madelyn and also Lindsay and Hope invest in social media to defend MM or to bicker with fans. But have you noticed that ever since Lindsay returned to social media she went from hating all fans and being rude to them to following fan accounts and liking posts and commenting hearts and stuff? Almost feels like she doesn't even run her own account…

No. 960267

I think it's for his reputation. If Evan or other victims decide to go publicly accuse him, nobody will defend him or say a good word. His fans is everything he has now. He's openly with Lindsay now and she's part of his brand, image. I believe they have an agreement, she can brag he is "her man" but she has to or even must be nice to his fans. If she truly believed fans like her, the comments section wouldn't be disabled.

No. 960270

Btw it's funny that everything you said applies perfectly to Lindsay's mom Twitter and Lindsay on Instagram.

No. 960279

Is it just my tinfoil or Manson is shading Lindsay in his posts? She's been posting cats, hearts emojis and all that love implied bullshit and he posted a quote from "El Desdichado" and now is "feeling trapped inside like a Catacomb Saint".

No. 960411

Manson and lindsay at the airport in 2015.

No. 960419

Wheres a the video like this of Madelyn?

Oh right

No. 960421

I've never seen any videos of him and Madelyn. I've seen video of Clare Buley with him on tour, Gabriella with him backstage and several videos with him and groupies backstage lol. Do you know what is funny? According to Madelyn Manson doesn't fuck groupies but there's A LOT of videos and photos with them backstage or in the hotel.

No. 960444

Madelyn is now back to tweeting about souls being created together.

No. 960458

Yeah. I thought the same.
He clearly has a sense of humour, and she takes herself way too seriously. That airport video - seems like she’s the one acting like they are there for her, rather than him.
He likes to cover his chin a lit, doesn’t he? Lol.

No. 960502

Lol she is so easy to manipulate.
Gets mentioned there -> closes twitter
Reads it proves that she frequents -> opens twitter

As dumb as Lindsay.

No. 960518

Notice with the hashtags on Mansonisinnocent post, Madelyn is trying to piggyback the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp situation - #johnnydeppisinnocent #marilynmansonisinnocent

No. 960527

File: 1587138577521.jpg (790.31 KB, 2487x2570, xp5amjg.jpg)

Tweets of ERW about the abuse. Via mansonisabusive.
I have more of her and Esme tweets, saved some of them myself. When I have more time I'll post it as well.

No. 960533

File: 1587139353354.jpg (176.45 KB, 2208x604, dvNJKll.jpg)

Well, I found a tweet and a stories of Esme. ERW talked of sleep deprivation too, Ashley Morgan hinted at it.

No. 960592

File: 1587147280388.jpg (3.46 MB, 3129x2178, VJ71p5Q.jpg)

I think it's the last part of 666fearless screenshots. If I find more, I'll post, but that's very unlikely.
As I previously said in the old thread, I am not posting some screenshots as I respect 666fearless as a survivor.
I failed to recover the Gone Girl video, it was posted in stories, I tried recording it, the file is broken. Anon from the old thread gave a summary of it:
>About the Gone Girl reference she posted a video of Manson and his PAs laughing and repeating Gone Girl obviously meaning Lindsay. I had never seen the video before so it had to be original.

Enjoy. 1\4

P.S. She's talking about finding haters. Can somebody explain?

No. 960593

File: 1587147342141.jpg (894.14 KB, 2560x1757, aSggjfn.jpg)

No. 960594

File: 1587147393981.jpg (660.49 KB, 4282x1785, U76gMuX.jpg)


avoid getting banned for flooding.

No. 960595

File: 1587147428037.jpg (662.9 KB, 2777x1162, SJi2t4d.jpg)


la la la

No. 960608

Thanks for the screen grabs. Appreciate the milk!

The thing is, like I’ve said before, a fan can never really be a friend. A relationship that’s mainly carried out over a phone can never be a secure relationship. I’m not saying what Manson does is okay, but I am saying “what did this chicks think was gonna happen?”

They are playthings in a cat and mouse game. 666fearless is 100% right when she says “you’re disposable unless you’re on payroll.” That said, she shouldn’t be so butthurt.

Sorry to sound unfeeling.

No. 960614

I agree she shouldn’t have gotten involved with Manson, but I’m sure she didn’t expect to be harassed, stalked, and catfished.

If Manson can’t be friends with fans, who should he be friends with? Other famous people only? They didn’t have a romantic relationship and it appears Manson wanted the friendship too.

No. 960617

How can anons know he didn't fuck her?
I am in the "He fucks everything that has a hole" camp. Sorry for rude wording.

No. 960618

Sasha Grey?
He could only wish.

No. 960622

True, I say it from a perspective of 20/20 vision. And that it’s not me.

His friends are his peers, including the ones he hasn’t met yet. Fans are disposable, no matter how unique or interesting. There’s always someone else that will adore you. The playing field is not level, therefore, unless there is something utterly exceptional about you, something that Manson needs and can’t get it anywhere else, it never will be level.

His orbiters - real life people - will always win over fan relationships, whether fucking or no fucking involved.

No. 960626

We don’t know for sure, but 666fearless wrote that they were just friends.

>His orbiters - real life people - will always win over fan relationships, whether fucking or no fucking involved

I generally agree with you, but my understanding is they originally met in LA, offline, and had a friendship offline, as well.

No. 960632

Aye, that’s true I guess. I always assumed they met on an unequal footing. But tbf I probably would have done the same thing - pursued the friendship - in her position.

No. 960648

>Thanks for the screen grabs. Appreciate the milk!
You're welcome!

666fearless met Manson when she went to his show many years ago and got a backstage pass.
I didn't post that post of her (omg how do I aviod tautology?) because it is not milky or anything important.

No. 960657

Oh my fucking God this Madeline chicks twitter is insane. I almost feel guilty that someone this mentally ill and living a clearly isolated life is going on without professional help.

- She tweeted something on his birthday for the last 4 years.

- I've counted about 45 soulmate quotes but eventually stopped counting.

- I've counted maybe 20 angry tweets aimed at Lindsay.

- I've counted about 10 aimed at Manson directly, from what I can tell…

I thought about making a throwaway account to tell her to get some psychological help but with someone this far gone, being rude to them is almost criminal. In her state of mind its almost the equivalent of throwing insults at someone mentally handicapped.

No. 960666

Agree, I almost feel sorry for her she’s clearly not well. What does she hope defending Manson:and bashing Lindsay will bring, Manson running into her arms? He’s marrying Lindsay ffs.

No. 960668

This poor girl (who is gorgeous by the way) thinks an aged and drugged up Marilyn Manson is her fucking soulmate.

- To the point where she is using her real name and tweeting dozens of "hidden messages" hoping he'll see them.

- She has it in her head that his real life girlfriend is straight up evil "a WITCH" and has somehow hypnotized him and stole him away from her. That she somehow has some non human hold on him.

- She thinks he secretly shares these feelings. Even though in the screenshots above she states that he thinks she did something she didn't do. Which all in all would basically mean he's already discarded her and lowkey probably doesn't even think twice about her these days. What's creepy about this is the fact that she insinuated in her own words (screenshots above) that he thinks she did something she didnt do, which would make it safe to assume they're not on pleasant terms meaning she's posting all this about a ONE SIDED relationship.

She needs to really get her dignity together and leave that man and his intersex "wife" alone.

No. 960675

I wonder what her family think. Her sister? Parents?

No. 960676

>He’s marrying Lindsay ffs
He's been marrying her for good 8 years already.

No. 960677

Yes! He's friends with some pretty powerful celebs that probably have the best publicists out there. He's buddies with Johnny freakin Depp. If he wanted the Lindsay situation out of his life, he has the resources and connections to do it and do it in a way where she leaves quietly. The guy left his then wife for a 19 year old girl and said fuck off to any outside opinion and I'm sure Dita has seen some off stuff that could be useful.

It's just soo sad to see Madeline's mental state. Even in the occasion he does cheat on Lindsay, he's probably moved onto an entirely NEW batch of women by now. We're discussing 2015-2018 drama, who knows what's going on in real life. These are also the women WE know of. There's probably more that didn't connect with his fan accounts and dish out his dirty laundry

No. 960678

I will sound insane but I considered tracking her parents down and sharing this information. What if it comes out that they're really married? I'm assuming she's hanging onto the fact that he's never publicly confirmed the engagement but what if he randomly decides to drop a wedding photo? Will Madeline harm herself over it?

I just think that there's some mental instability going on and family and friends need to intervene before someone tracks down a marriage certificate or wedding pictures and this girl harms herself or others because she thinks she's met her soulmate.

No. 960680

…and if I (or someone else) contacts her parents and they confirm none of this is true, well then it's worth it because at least we'll know that this girl isn't a danger to herself.

No. 960684

>I will sound insane but I considered tracking her parents down and sharing this information.
I was hoping you'd say this lmao

I don't know if it's a good idea though.

>what if he randomly decides to drop a wedding photo? Will Madeline harm herself over it?

He's posted plenty of photos of him and Lindsay together. Madelyn is still alive, you shouldn't be so concerned. You are being so sweet to a person who's been spreading insane lies and harassing people.

No. 960689

File: 1587157153441.jpeg (76.95 KB, 750x120, C4E44E36-11D3-466D-8B5C-5021AD…)

She’s not the ‘subject’ but I’m sure the rules extend to people discussed within.

No. 960692

I wasn't planning on finding her parents.
The anon >>960678 is just too kind.

No. 960697

File: 1587157725035.jpg (135.37 KB, 750x1008, c5hUmck.jpg)

I was meaning to examine Madelyn's twitter and OH MY I have found one more Manson's hoe.
How many? Just how fucking many more he's had?

No. 960699

File: 1587157767821.jpg (351.15 KB, 683x1080, 9l3Xn6E.jpg)

No. 960706

File: 1587158521999.jpg (85.13 KB, 1154x781, JRcmd7P.jpg)


Very standard Manson chick. Does he even remember their names?
She's not changed her instagram name since haters found her. Sgab71 works for Manson.

No. 960707

Someone called @donnagrimes777 follows Madelyn on twitter, could be a relative?

No. 960715

File: 1587159065803.jpg (30.31 KB, 456x194, f7Cu0zT.jpg)

More from twitter.
Mansin is one of the most know big MM fans, he's friends with Manson.

No. 960719

File: 1587159144258.jpg (29.83 KB, 444x238, nBcZV8O.jpg)

and the last from twitter.
They dated openly?

No. 960721

I'm not going to message anyone in her family for now. It was just an idea. If her behavior escalates someone should consider it though (obviously don't post about it on here as "milk" because it's against the rules)

No. 960722

There's "crazy" (someone doing something for shock value and attention) and then there's "crazy" (someone who is genuinely mentally ill, is acting up because of it and needs help.) I haven't decided where Madelyn falls yet but …

No. 960733

File: 1587160348085.jpeg (256.98 KB, 1800x1207, CA81EF08-8141-4905-B414-D1F3E8…)


No. 960747

File: 1587161841527.jpeg (454.88 KB, 1800x1669, 28185813-95EA-4DDF-A35C-14D38F…)

I’m on the side of genuinely mentally ill. They had a fling in 2013 and 7 years later she’s still obsessed and thinks he’s coming back for her.

Also, her love dedications directly contradict Manson’s character. He cheats, doesn’t appear to respect or love her back, and has clearly moved on.

No, this goes beyond shock value or attention, imo.

No. 960753

File: 1587162173942.jpeg (455.24 KB, 750x1157, 232AF321-CA0B-4F9F-9E69-01C2DF…)

So is Lindsay really going through old posts from Manson’s side chicks and ‘liking’ them?
Lindsay’s new account didn’t appear until December 2019. This photo of Gabriella, on her @sourgirrrl account, is from May 2019.

No. 960769

Actually not sure that is Gabriella, but it’s still her account.

No. 960787

That's her or her art insta at least.

She had a tumor on her spine that she got removed and it apparently damaged the nerves in her hands so she's not painting, it's basically inactive.

No. 960789

It's so weird. Why? Just why?

No. 960791

Lindsay follows mutedfawn. Could she check their tagged and like everything without looking?

No. 960793

Well TBH, she doesn't really have a reason to hate Gabriella. I'm pretty sure Gabriella fucked off the second she realized she was being played, removed herself from the situation.

No. 960794

Yes. Could be. I think that’s actually MutedFawn, not Gabriella.

So either it’s coincidence due to close knit LAfags or just plain old fuckery.

No. 960798

Yeah but Lindsay has been on the scene on/off pretty much the whole time. And seeing how spiteful she can be, I can’t imagine her being genuine or pleasant to any side chick - even if she and Manson we’re on a break. Lindsay kisses ass to exes who she imagines are useful/famous…Dita for example.

No. 960801

Lindsay kisses asses of everyone who's meant something to Manson. There's no goodwill in her actions. Ever.

No. 960803

Fated to meet.. omg. Lame. And cringy.
Who was behind that account? Were they hating on Lindsay, Manson, or his girls?

Dear Fearless, if you frequent, could you please.. Lol

No. 960805

>>960798 one of these…
* Either why sheer accident
* Maybe Gabriella has him blocked and he used Lindsay's account (unlikely)
* A weird power move Lindsay is doing to make the girl uncomfortable.
* To redirect attention to herself so she can show off her ring and everything to a side chick because she's still insecure
* Maybe they ended things in a civil way once the drama cleared. Gabriela doesn't follow Lilith or Jordan or anyone else part of the drama and they used to be chummy they'd post about how they made friends from the situatuon, I think Jordan bought some of Gabriella's art but clearly something happened because none of them are following each other aymore (I think) so maybe once she disconnected her and Lindsay became cordial, not friends but cordial.

No. 960808

>so maybe once she disconnected her and Lindsay became cordial, not friends but cordial.
Manson abused Gabriella, would anybody sane try to be cordial with somebody loyal to their abuser? I doubt that. But I do agree Gabriella was the most decent one from all his side chicks.

No. 960833

Do we know that for sure? Has she made any solid accusations? Not doubting you, just curious

No. 960835

She's suddenly nice now

No. 960839

This sounds like an underage fan/whistle blower that tells all the girls about each other. I learned about Madelyn via this account (or a similar one) back in 2016.

No. 960842

Quick question…Who is Fearless and why do they get mentioned on here?

No. 960843

File: 1587170480228.png (608.85 KB, 750x1334, 02492AD0-FA31-40B9-A0B5-18B069…)

You need to lurk more.
But as I’m here, yes, Gabriella revealed stuff about him, such as Manson asking her to change her hair colour as she looked too much like a ‘Suicide Girl’. Basic coercion stuff. Making her feel shit. There are caps in this or the previous thread.

No. 960847


This is just my personal take but this seems like desperate attempt by someone who has no female friends, to make friends with woman that her only friend (manson) has a high opinion of or at least not a terrible one. They seem to be a “solid “ period rn so maybe she doesn’t feel like she has anything to lose. I don’t see her doing this with people like Clare or Jordan tho that have no skills or social clout.

No. 960848

Lurk on here or his Instagram fan accounts for this info? Which accounts? Last time I lurked his fan accounts I found a girl that said she would "drink his cummies"

No. 960850

Friends close and enemies closer

No. 960889

Yeah, lurk on here. I’m sure we did all the Gabriella stuff in the previous thread?
OMG anon yes I know what you are referring to. So gross. His infantilisation of sexual stuff is just hilarious.

No. 960951

Gabriella was one of girls who didn't accussed him while #metoo movement started. Since Hope and Lindsay defend Manson I suggest they are trying to turn Gabriella into their friend or just to make sure she won't tell anything publicly in the future.

No. 960968

I noticed Lindsay's avoiding ERW, Esme and her circle, Ashleyorgan etc but follows and comments Rose, Dita, some girls who may be involved with him in past. Now that Gabriella is in trouble is a good opportunity to try to befriend and mute her. I wonder if Lindsay will follow next time Courtlyn Cannan.

No. 960973

Jordan said that while Manson wasn't abusive to her there are girls who know "angrier darker" side of him. Is it a hint at an abuse? Who are those girls anyways? I think she may mean Gabriella since she lived with him for some time. Gabriella is an important witness. I can see why Lindsay would try to draw Gabriella on her side. Gabriella needs a support now, she's going through something terrible now. The perfect opportunity.

No. 961032

Lindsay used to follow Gabriella back in 2016 or 2017 (before she deleted her old account) and liked and commented on her photos and Gabriella would comment back. Maybe she becomes friends with his other women thinking they won’t be with him if they are friends with her.

No. 961034

Hundreds? Too many to count.

No. 961039

When did Gabriella live with him? I never heard that. He had a few women around him at the same time and they posted photos in his house like bragging they were with him. I doubt Gabriella lived with him when he had Lindsay, Clare, Jordan, etc… at his house. So stupid how they were all fighting over someone who sleeps around. Like he’s some prize.

No. 961068

There are pictures of Gabriella in his house. Of her working on her paintings. So I assumed they may live together briefly. Gabriella may live with him briefly in fall 2015, Clare was at his house in January, Jordan dated him briefly in spring 2016.

No. 961089

File: 1587199767174.jpeg (269.68 KB, 749x1005, 34A31DFD-A187-4A33-9E60-EA05DC…)

Here’s another one. Her Facebook has a lot of Madelyn sounding cringe around 2015-2018.

No. 961090

File: 1587199806026.jpeg (81.79 KB, 512x639, 06951833-7BCB-47D3-9612-C7F258…)

No. 961095

File: 1587199985390.jpeg (134.56 KB, 750x486, 6FE84C7E-D343-4DD8-89C3-227F8D…)

No. 961097

File: 1587200076460.jpeg (194.22 KB, 750x1085, 7D67721C-756F-46AE-8533-008D69…)

No. 961100

File: 1587200199401.jpeg (80.09 KB, 690x730, 0DE5E9AE-0A5A-4A20-AA35-749F3A…)

No. 961103

File: 1587200347487.jpeg (56.16 KB, 750x195, 6ADA40C1-BCC9-4456-AF3A-B6F462…)

No. 961107

File: 1587200648768.jpeg (253.18 KB, 750x965, 4ED18861-BE66-45B6-85A2-84B244…)


No. 961111

'He smells like a dream'
WUT?? lmao

No. 961135

Honestly, I do seriously find Manson attractive, but the things that I've read he's done so far here makes me wanna rethink that.

No. 961137

File: 1587205753724.jpeg (261.02 KB, 961x1280, 3F6AD7A4-9C87-4C98-BCD1-5CF9C8…)

Part of a conversation I've had with Emma Sagriff two years ago.
To me, it seems like she wasn't around Manson much.

No. 961142

Interesting. One of his women asked who she was and he said he didn’t know. Just some fan. But she took care of Hugh. I think he lies to all his women and just strings them along. I don’t want to out the person who asked but will let her know and maybe she’ll have screens of what he said.

No. 961144

There's a photo of her lying on Manson's chest. Not romantically involved? Oookay then…

No. 961146

He comes across as one big liar. It's the impression after reading the threads.

No. 961148

Mansonisabusive, why did she approach you? Did you tag her?
It will be hilarious if she lurked on your account.

I think she worked for him and got fucked occasionally. She must have been very 'user-friendly' for him.

No. 961157

She works for Manson and talks about "a bunch of side chicks"
So there actually are a lot of side chicks.

No. 961161

For the love of god, can you all please learn to sage your posts?

No. 961191

File: 1587222221339.jpg (393.8 KB, 1280x995, qQ8NT38.jpg)

Does anybody enjoy the ~coincidence~ that Manson is friends with Die Antwoord (not so recent scandal with drugging and raping an underage girl, who resembles a lot the frontmen's daughter, by Ninja), with Poppy and Titanic (not so recent scandal about identity theft and extremely abusive relationships)? As far as I remember Manson and DA share the management, Tony Ciulla management.

Poppy&Titanic Thread >>>/snow/581474
The DA milk was discussed in celebs. Manson starred (with Dita, btw) in their music video 'The Ugly Boy'.

No. 961192

Yes, I do. I mentioned the Ninja/Yolande/Zheani beef in the last thread. I’ve never fully got into the Titanic thread. Will have a good lurk at it now.

No. 961200

I'll probably get banned because of my unpopular opinion but this womans information should be removed from the site in respect of her privacy. Manson attracts a lot of trashy demented women that resort into online harassment and if she really has nothing to do with his romantic life, it's in her best interest to remove her from the ig accounts and thread posts.

No. 961204

Does anyone on this site care about respecting privacy and preventing online harassment?

No. 961205

There is a pic above that shows how much "she has nothing to do with his romantic life".

No. 961207

File: 1587225759238.jpg (171.98 KB, 1065x1280, IMG_20200418_175920.jpg)

Don't think she was mentioned on here yet. She went to a m&g many years ago and they had a fling (think I saw it mansonisabusive) and then in 2018 she posted videos from the side of the stage at a Mm gig in Italy. But quickly deleted them again. My guess is they hooked up again and then he discarded her again.

No. 961216

File: 1587228432579.jpeg (551.76 KB, 1098x1938, 142A3E4B-8704-4C8C-BF3B-08B77C…)

Yep, they dated. Manson briefly followed her on IG too in 2018.

No. 961220

File: 1587228802604.jpeg (84.44 KB, 1087x863, 98299E77-5674-48D5-AC49-6DDFE1…)

Also, this could mean ANYTHING but I did notice she followed narcissist sociopath around the same time that Manson followed her and she posted the videos. It very well could just be a coincidence but she didn’t follow Manson back.

No. 961221

This means nothing changed, it's just like anons who watched the drama described. Nothing. Lindsay is back to showing off their relationships, Manson mocks at her in subtle way (in the past he was much less 'gentle' with her) on Instagram, no marriage so far, Lindsay keeps leaking information to his fans, her mom keeps attacking mansonites, Manson continues with his side chicks. The only difference is that both his side chicks and Manson are a bit more secret now.
The only new shit is Madelyn. She must be institutionalized though, I hope her family will take care.

Can somebody share their theory what could be happening in 2016-2017? That's the period when Hope was active with her blackmail thing. >>958736
And what can she have on him? She says 'reports and photos', of his abuse to Lindsay? Anything else?

And what is that yicotseng account? Fearless posted >>958737 they've been around for like 5-6 years already.

>but she didn’t follow Manson back

I bet he's been trying to regain his hareem but is being continuously rejected by every girl but Lindsay. Good for him. Rot in Hell with her, moron.

No. 961222

She's super pretty!

How does he talk to someone who pretty like her and then go home to Lindsay.

No. 961225

hah probably takes drugs to alter the reality lol.
It's like it says in an old sexist joke: nothing else makes a woman prettier than a bottle of vodka.
(I gotta say it works for men too lol)

No. 961228

I'm probably barely brushing the surface but from what I understand they broke up in 2015 but she was still lingering around harassing his new love interests. I was around lurking the Instagram accounts in real time and the overall theory was that Lindsay had something incriminating and people theroitzed it was something to do with underage girls OR it was something that went down in their relationship basically she's trying to extort.

With her harassing his new love interests during their "break" or whatever it's clear that he needed some kind of story to explain why his "ex girlfriend" is currently harassing them.

No. 961233

I bet Hope has nothing.

Her having information of her daughter being abused and not turning him in would label her the worst mother ever. If someone is abusing her daughter it wouldn't make sense for her to blackmail him into staying in a relationship with her daughter (so he can continue the abuse)

No. 961236

It was going the same way before 2015 as said in the old thread. What changed that much that blackmailing occured?

True but I don't think those 'photos and reports' tweets were fake. Whom could she address it?
In messages from Manson he say there will be no money train for her. I assume she tried blackmailing him, he put a stop to it and stopped giving her money? But why is he back to Lindsay now? There is no logic at all.

No. 961244

I'm going to sound like a therapist

His parents died and he has no siblings. In his entire career it seems like he's always had a woman on his arm or someone taking care of him & saving him from his self destructive behavior… he's super codependent. That being said I think he stayed with Lindsay and wanted marriage because she's the only constant in his life. I can't speak on his emotions because I've never met the guy but him telling all his side chicks "I love you" and moving them in fast might be him trying to replace Lindsay while he's still with Lindsay. I think he approaches these chicks so he can somehow develop a safety net.

Rose - rebound from Missi.

Evan - rebound from Dita

Dita - rebound from Rose.

Esme - rebound from Evan or Stoya.

Isani - rebound from …?
…and then a bunch of random groupies in between.

No. 961246

Tinfoil, but..
In his autobiography, Manson said he was sexually abused at a young age. He also said in an interview that his mother had Munchausen syndrome by proxy. He must carry many scars from that and I think his codependency on partners, seeking love, and abusing others is a manifestation of that.

No. 961248

File: 1587232702545.jpeg (210.48 KB, 1536x684, 503C764A-74C9-4B03-9556-A78C71…)

No. 961251

Carolina did follow Manson again in 2018. And he followed her too. But after Italy they both unfollowed each other. So like I said, I'm sure he went back to Lindsay and dropped her like a hot potato again.

And yes, Manson is unstable as hell and always needs someone to mother him/adore him/make him feel like he's a great person. He can't be alone at all. His Blood Honey lyrics really say it all: "I fuck every broken crazy girl instead of hanging from my ceiling"
I really don't think he's a bad person…I mean he IS, but it's probably the demons/mental illness making him act this way. It's no excuse though. What he needs is actual help. And probably retire and stop messing with girls and drugs and vodka.

No. 961271

>He can't be alone at all
He could just stay with Lindsay then, nope? I can get it that he's been changing women again and again but what's the point in seeing several women long term and keep Lindsay? He's talked so much shit about her it's unbelievable.
He could choose a new "Lindsay", meaning new long term. It looks like Lindsay caused a LOT of trouble for him and still he keeps her.
And there we go again with this blackmail theory. Could she blackmail him? Of course, he's abused her, she has lots of scars and cuts (mansonisabusive posted about it). Could her mother do this? Of course! She clearly does not want her back to her house and support 35+ y.o. daughter, and, moreover, Hope likes to show her daughter's guy off. Just check her twitter and facebook.

However, I would go with the alibi+blackmail version. Lindsay got back to the public eye exactly when allegations occurred in the social media. She's also his main victim, I think he's done a lot of fucked up things to her. If he lets her go, she'll open her mouth. That's also the reason why he's been much more careful with his side girls recently and allows Lindsay a lot of freedom as, for example, to mention him as her partner, her love, husband-to-be, etc. He knows that will never happen but he wants to keep her calm and living the illusion of 'happily not-married'. What fearless was posting about her? Manson was feared she would cause disturbance? Why? Lindsay has got more power since the allegations.

I have no idea why he hides her though >>958668 Why did he lie to fearless about her? Fearless was not his side chick 100% because he used to discuss his side chicks with her. The only things that jumps to my mind is he's ashamed of Lindsay to some extent. She is not pretty, especially wearing her Dita costume, she's not smart or skilled to do anything, finally, she's a total poseuse. Look at what mansonisabsive posted. That's insanely cringy.

Any other versions? Do I miss something?

No. 961278


I forgot to speak my mind about fearless. Manson abused her and, given the posts from the previous thread, sent his people to beat\rape(?) her.

The piece from the ex thread:
>I had a thought the account could be just staged to make MM look innocent but 666fearless posted a story that she had been beaten by his PA Judd (and he continued to work for MM till recently???) and prolly raped bc she spoke about DNA. The rape is my speculation but why she spoke DNA right? And MM passed her information to stalkers. It's gross and disgusting, I was plainly shocked.

Did he bribe her? Why didn't she file him? If Judd harasses her now, it's clear Manson is in the mix. Among all his victims she is the only one who has power to get him in trouble now (well, Lindsay can, too, but she is too dumb). Does anybody know what changed her mind? Did she post about that?

No. 961304

We will never fully be able to understand their relationship unless she starts talking. Either the shit she has on him is so bad that it could ruin his career/reputation/life or there's some other reason why he's still with her.

I don't doubt it for a second that he likes to have a permanent woman in his life he can come back to when there's no other girls around. But I'm also 100% sure he doesn't love her and that it adds to the need to fuck random girls and abuse drugs when on tour.

I feel like he just likes the unconditional love fans/groupies give him. They adore him and are happy to spend time with him and most of them would forgive him everything. (Clare, Carolina etc. were all fans before they had a fling with him)

No. 961307


I think sometime between now and the day he dies shit is going to go down and we’ll find out. Maybe Chris Hansen can get involved after his onison material starts drying up?

No. 961310

Sooner or later he will have to deal with all this shit for sure. Or someone will spill the tea. Mainly waiting for Judd to write his autobiography now. But like I said once before, I wouldn't be surprised if he went on tour with him again next year. The dirt he must have on him would scare every person.

No. 961323

File: 1587244081057.jpg (100.38 KB, 601x528, KRrBTMK.jpg)

>Mainly waiting for Judd to write his autobiography now

I think it'll be okay if I post a bit more about Judd. His name is Justin Sherman and he has two hashtags on Instagram #juddlyduddly (equals to his ig, Manson used to tag him often) and #juddthefud.

He is in the picture and there is a video with him (if you wanna see him in motion lol): instagram.com/p/BnG2lhrBXKs/
I remember there was some drama about Judd and his gf on @marilynmansonews but I can't find it. Does anybody remember or have caps?

No. 961328

File: 1587244609320.jpg (232.18 KB, 750x1131, ubzHAvB.jpg)

I skimmed the prev thread for Judd but this cap caught my eye.

>Manson told her (Lindsay) he was dating a psychiatrist

Did they have open relationships at that time or were split? Mansonisbusive, it's your cap, do you know anything about that?

No. 961335

#juddthefud was started by LKB, fud is Scottish slang lol.

No. 961339

>The dirt he must have on him would scare every person
Judd is not the only person who got fired. It was speculated that Manson parted not-quite-amicably with his long term bodyguard Ryan Brown a few years. So far no autobiography. Unfortunately.
I hope to post more about Ryan later even though I don't know much. I hope anons will contribute.

No. 961361

Ryan as in Ryan that banged Lindsay? (It's a rumour and there's no proof as far as I know?) And I wouldn't be surprised if all the people on his payroll had to sign
an NDA.

Let's talk about others that are on Manson's payroll. @Sgab71 is known to be a creep on Instagram and asking girls to hang out with him backstage. Of course many think this would get them to Manson, but of course it does not. He also likes to ask "what are you doing right now? Show me" Source: many girls I know.

Judd is a subject of its own. I think he's just obsessed with Manson and the power he got from being his babysitter. I hope he got fired for real now cause he's a piece of shite.

No. 961368

If you want to see who has time for Lindsay, and who doesn’t, check out who does and doesn’t follow her back on IG.

All the people close to Manson do not…for example J Depp, Lily Rose (who does follow Clare Buley btw), Billy C etc. One person who does follow her back is a J Depp orbiter (who I personally can’t stand), and in turn, Manson does not follow that person.
All the General Access hoes follow each other, whereas the AAA crew do not. If you catch my drift…
She’s a standard lamp in the background of life.

No. 961373

Ew. Have you seen him? Did many girls you know slightly contemplate it as an actual option, or does he just straight up slide in their DMs?

No. 961377

File: 1587251558058.jpeg (499.85 KB, 1800x1683, 9492ED78-62EE-49DD-A56F-90C12E…)

LKB posted a few times about his employees, Judd and dandy arch.

No. 961378

File: 1587251643736.jpeg (546.12 KB, 1800x1641, 1A48480B-99D6-4E84-9E11-545CF0…)

Also Manson’s tour bus driver.

No. 961382

What does 632shovels mean? Is it a cultural thing that I don't get?

No. 961395

I can assure you that there's girls that did fall for sgab71's trap. Cause there's still some retards that think backstage means spending time with Manson.

No. 961403

I'm puking. But I'm not surprised that only creepy + pervy people work for him. They're all in it together. The classic strategy is to promise girls guest list or getting backstage. So like I said, girls think it means hanging with Manson and then they're stuck with disgusting ugly old dudes trying to get in their pants. It makes me feel sick to my stomach.

Judd also gave a lot of girls aftershow stickers. Mostly girls he got friendly with or stayed in contact with. 0,1% of them actually got to hang with Manson. The rest had to endure Judd + crew and maybe the band if lucky-ish.

No. 961410

True. If you didn’t know, you’d just assume backstage is backstage, where everyone hangs out and has fun after a show, not just the place were the orbiters and hangers-on, hang.

Whereas most band members in their 50s, the ones not on payroll doing a j o b will be asleep in bed. Lol.

No. 961428

Are there any Russian speaking anons? If there are, can I ask you to do some research on a user who comments often on mansonsource page vk? The girl's name is Ekaterina Demyanova. I cannot register on vk. My basic Russian tells me Ekaterina always defends Lindsay, I want to know if there are any reasons or just another one dead brain fanatic.

No. 961482

Ok but is any of this actually true. He is an edge lord who likes to act “damaged” for his persona

No. 961492

I don't buy anything he has said about his childhood. His parents seemed like normal middle American people. He was the only child and yeah (might of been babied too much) but probably got whatever he wanted too. He said his dad used to beat his mom but whose dad DIDN'T beat their mom in the early 80s/late 70s that shit was normalized back then: if you gotta dad that works all fuckin day, its safe to say he'll get drunk as soon as he gets off of work and will most likely slap everyone around.

Even in his own description of his youth he made it seem like he had jobs just to pass the time, he admitted to stealing records and other dumb shit that could've got him fired…safe to say he didn't take working seriously because he didnt need the job.

How many parents would allow their kid to drop out of college to start some band? Honestly I hope his parents got a cut from his "Marilyn Manson" money because I'm sure they were the ones paying for all the Spooky kids flyers and bullshit.

He attracts all these rich women that have wealthy parents because thats what he probably was growing up. His parents lived modestly but that doesn't mean they were poor.

No. 961527

Not defending Manson, but even if it was normalized to hit women in the 70's/80's, that doesn't mean that it still didn't take a toll on him emotionally and maybe affect his attitude towards girls. It might've been something everyone did, but that still didn't make it okay or mean that it didn't cause people problems.

No. 961564

I am a native speaker, but I don't have vk account. I can translate stuff for you if you want

No. 961589

She has a closed account, there's no way without a vk.

No. 961599

I've got a VK account. I'm pretty sure I can translate. What's her username?

No. 961656

Yeah no…not everyone with a violent father is grooming barely legal women, zapping their privates them with a weird sex toy and locking them in soundproof rooms. One MIGHT have rage issues, if that, but his fucked up head goes beyond childhood trauma. Let's just be honest here

No. 961657

That man has a fucked up mind that goes beyond childhood trauma. People need to stop making excuses for him, claiming its BDSM, a sex game or that he does this because of his childhood or shock value.

Note from poster: sorry I didn't Sage this. I don't know how >.< I'm trying to figure it out(>.< )

No. 961669


If childhood trauma has nothing to do with all this, then what could have happened to make him become this complicated person that he is today? Maybe there are some dark secrets about his life that none of us know about?

No. 961670

Type Sage in the email field

No. 961675

this may shock you, but some people come out wrong and don't need to be abused to be assholes.

No. 961677

I've always had the impression that he's pretending to be complicated because when people encounter his persona, they expect him to be this complicated tortured artist. On top of the fact that he deliberately created this Marilyn Manson persona meaning MM wasn't something that just happened naturally. He intentionally did it for shock. It's all acting.

No. 961679

What's the deal with Courtlyn?

No. 961680


This may shock you too, but I'm not the only person here who said these things. Scroll back through the thread and learn to read, ignorant.

No. 961682

There's nothing really complicated about grooming young girls, abusing them and bending them to their abuser's will. Many men (and women sometimes too) do this shit every day.

No. 961685

He’s pretty much a frat boy in dark clothes.

No. 961694

File: 1587311642971.jpeg (274.2 KB, 924x1961, 6D5DE03D-22B3-4455-813A-C70EFB…)

The same woman, Zheani Sparkles, who accused Ninja/Die Antwoord of sexual assault wrote a song mentioning Manson.

“Should I just go and snitch and tell about Manson?”

No. 961726

Ooh now this is something. What else can we get on this?
I’ve tinfoiled for ages on the basis that like attracts like, Yolandi allegedly snaring fans like Zheani for Ninja’s use, and Lindsay perhaps doing something along those lines (previously). It being something of a girlfriends groom girlfans circle jerk amongst Manson, Die Antwoord and possibly their orbiters.

Mansonisabusive, if you’re lurking, what are your thoughts on this?

No. 961731

File: 1587318400339.jpeg (285.43 KB, 750x685, DC4A0F4C-2D0A-408E-ABC2-3C8164…)

A bit on die antwoord sub

No. 961749

Madelyn is still involved with Manson. Just look at the second photo on her ig, her cat is sitting in a chair at Manson's house. Lindsay hasn't posted her daily arm photo of Manson in about a week probably because she's not there. Ashley, Lindsay's sister did this online interview article where she showed off her art deco inspired house and Lindsay's recent Instagram posts seem to be taken there which would make it safe to assume that's where she is right now. There has been a shortage of Madelyn's angry tweets probably because she got the guy in the end.

No. 961751

Learn to sage.

No. 961756

He clearly cares about Madelyn if he's finding decoys to test out on Lindsay. She's the least problematic of the women that came forward probably because she knows where his heart is.

No. 961760

Madelyn has signed into the chat

No. 961761

Oh how I wish you'd make yourself less obvious. sigh

No. 961763

Lindsay posted his arm photo last time on 16 april that's 3 days ago.

No. 961768

File: 1587323330133.png (1.42 MB, 750x1334, 5EAEDB08-5263-4E31-BBC4-E7F4BA…)

That’s not Manson’s cat, that’s her Devon Rex. Madelyn photographed those chairs before and initiated she owns them.

No. 961769

I do hope that you are some anon who likes to troll us or just wants to make Madelyn look exclusively silly. Otherwise you are officially dumber than Lindsay. It doesn't matter who you are, Madelyn or someone she's friends with.

>she knows where his heart is.

Cringe Cringe Cringe

No. 961770

On December 19th 2019, her cats Instagram account posted a photo of the cat sitting on a rug at Manson's house. She brought her cat to his house for a kitty playdate. Lindsay posts old photos all the time. She's manipulative and a liar. Most of those arm photos were taken on the same day, he's either wearing a white tshirt or covered up with something. Beware of people that use social media to be deceitful. Anyone can put a "stay at home" sticker on their Instagram story to make it seem like it's being posted in real time.

No. 961771

Hi Madelyn. You sound like a broken record with your "Beware of people/witches/Lindsay is manipulative and a liar" speech

No. 961772

I think this poster thinks that this is the same cat that Lindsay posts all the time. It's not. Madelyn bought a Devon rex as her bonding tactic because he had Lily at the time.

No. 961773

Is it possible Lindsay invaded Madelyn’s DMs due to stalking and believing her lies?
Never thought I’d say this, but I’m on Lindsay’s side regarding Madelyn.

No. 961774

He's covered not with just something. He's apparently in bed. He's in bed with Lindsay on one of those photos. Lindsay may be a talentless neet but Manson at least sleeps with her.

No. 961776


Watch Lindsay post another photo with him that contradicts what Madelyn is saying. We'll see some depressing tweets from Madelyn soon enough.

"Oh the horror! Oh the deceit! I never saw this coming, she bewitched him with her Sabrina pussy"

No. 961777

Okay okay, we shouldn't be so aggressive to you. Can you bring this post please?

I would say she just has an access to him.

No. 961778


No. 961779

Lindsay is insane. She could but the thing is Manson did fuck Madelyn at least once. Idk if the second time happened tho. Lol.

No. 961780

Okay, I did it for you.
The page is baudelairethedevon.
There is no
>On December 19th 2019, her cats Instagram account posted a photo of the cat sitting on a rug at Manson's house.
Only a bathroom photo.
There are some photos on a rug, chair etc. How do you know it's at Manson's? Any photos of his house?

No. 961782

Definitely none of it is Manson's. Source: you can see the same rug and chairs on Madelyn's insta. I doubt she'd take "look at me, my monster. Notice me!!!" selfies in mansons house lolol

No. 961784

Good eye! Thank you.

You see anon, I did everything I could to welcome you. I tried. You should have prepared better. lol

No. 961786

If Madelyn is actually legit that's even sadder than her getting with MM. I read her posts and HOPE that they're about some other guy she calls "Monster" to hold on for this long would be absolutely pathetic.

No. 961791

Madelyn- try and use the two working brain cells in your head to make yourself less obvious.

No. 961794

Madelyn, babygirl… you can use your waist trainer and singe you waist to dust and he still ain't comin back.

God…this poor girl… I just picture her sitting alone in her dark apartment taking lingerie photos just hoping he'd take the slightest glance and change his mind. It makes me want to cry.

No. 961797

How does it feel Madelyn to be waiting for someone (who is engaged and living with Lindsay) for the past 7 years? And then coming on here to try and validate your nonexistent relationship that you’ve conjured up in your head? Delusional and sad. Move on already.

No. 961802

Yes… exactly. The guy literally asks everyone to marry him and move in, if they're sooo in love why is "her ring" (a ring i assume she thinks should be on her right now) on Lindsay's hand right now :/(:/)

No. 961803

Madelyn you can tweet all you want about soulmates and monsters and narcissistic witches. Take all the lingerie photos and post all the Egon Schiele paintings. You guys aren’t riding off in the sunset together and getting married ever. It’s painfully obvious. You and him don’t even follow each other but y'all are soulmates tho lol

No. 961806

We might post on here and that migh reflect poorly on us to some peoples eyes but they're celebs there's some wiggle room there.

Madelyn is actually lusting over another womans husband.

No. 961809

She thinks she's better than Lilith and Gabriella yet there's actual evidence of them with MM. He posted a photo of Gabriella on his page before and there's video of him and Lilith.

You gotta be uber embarrassing if a man that normally outs his own cheating doesn't want to photo evidence of you two anywhere on the web. The only evidence she has is a photo of Lily that could've been stolen from anywhere or taken by anyone. She couldve taken the photo of Lily and her shoes on his floor while she was cleaning his house. She could be the on call maid service for all we know. Yikes

No. 961819

Oh cmon…We can joke but Lindsay is not intersex. She has a twin sister and I'm pretty sure they're identical. Her sister has children

No. 961828

Did Madelyn really say this? lmao

No. 961835

File: 1587329067568.jpeg (411.01 KB, 1093x1958, DED8F2E6-D32A-49A0-ACCB-BB9BD1…)

Still no photos WITH Manson.
What I got from this is Madelyn stalks and haunts locations Manson is known to hang out (the Chateau Marmont) is make it appear like they have a relationship.

I hope Manson has a restraining order on her.

No. 961839

Yeah. Marmont lingering for sure. Just in case he’s there. Nuts.

No. 961840

Guys aren't you giving too much attention and space to a girl who's got fucked by Manson 5+ years ago?
I don't really mind but I actually mind. She was entertaining us but now it's boring and ridiculous. She posts milk on herself but not on Manson. It's unfortunate.

Thank you so much anon. This is a fucking gem. I will post when I can. It's very late at my place.

No. 961842

I generally agree but Madelyn and her friends keep insisting on derailing this thread with lies.

No. 961853

Agreed. She’s a waste of space tbh

No. 961879

>Madelyn is actually lusting over another womans husband.
They're not married.

Madelyn, get help.

No. 961887

Why did you have to post this and go away? Impolite!
I am burning up, dear anon. Lol
Is there something milky? I pointed that girl just bc she talks too much..

No. 961915

File: 1587333714404.jpg (139.48 KB, 931x543, 5UZv1PU.jpg)

Why does she always have to put 'US' and 'WE'?
Can't Manson get to his goddamn phone and write a few kind words to Juan himself?

No. 961917

File: 1587334043142.jpg (106.06 KB, 322x619, JFelE6f.jpg)


One more question.
Why does she have to lie that much? You ALREADY endlessly post stories with his hands, what's the point in trying to prove you've been living with him for a long time?

If I am not mistaken, the house he's living in now is new. She could not plant anything nearby 'years ago'.

No. 961920

She posted that not because of "years ago". She simply wanted to show the ring. lol

No. 961923

I believe you, but for those who haven’t followed the Madelyn drama until recently, how did this become known? That they fucked or had a fling. Just trying to catch up.

No. 961924

As far as I remember one of the stalkers posted about her. Similar to Emma Sagriff >>960697

No. 961941

File: 1587335942530.jpeg (33.5 KB, 750x295, 5A352686-C15E-4860-954C-CA01E4…)

Why would Madelyn post her number on Twitter?

No. 961944

I am the anon who lurked on Russian website, see above.
Does anybody know if Lindsay received any education after high school?

I need to check a few things before posting.

No. 961970

There's really no proof about Madelyn. There's no drama. She posts about herself on here, created throw away accounts to "expose" people on and mingles with his fan accounts. If anything she's a groupie that somehow had access into his house while he was drugged up.

Madelyn is mentally ill. And the pregnancy thing she made up years ago was fake. She didn't have a miscarriage. Lindsay even told her to stop posting as if she's in their house and suggested that she finds help.

No. 961972

As much as I dislike Lindsay it must be extremely annoying having to deal with real side chick drama and then drama from a woman who is mentally ill and makes up stories in her head about things that never happened

No. 961974

How do you know Lindsay asked her to stop? And the miscarriage rumour? Any receipts?

No. 961975

She did this because she needs help. I bet had more people picked up on her, she'd claim that she was being doxxed and harassed because of someone else's doing when in reality she released it herself.

No. 961976

Sorry, I found receipts for the "get help" thing.
What's about miscarriage?

No. 961977

Above there's some posts of Madelyn shared where Lindsay asks her to stop harassing Manson with inappropriate messages. Apparently she somehow had his phone number and Madelyn would harass him. Madelyn claims he's angry with her or something so that's why they're not talking but I'm sure it's a situation where he probably met her at a social event somewhere, exchanged numbers and she started harassing him. Lindsay told her to get help

No. 961979

I don't have any caps from that. I just remember seeing a pic of a pregnancy test on #lindsayusich years ago. It was posted by anonymous throwaway account, people thought it was Lindsay's but a percentage claimed it was Madelyn.

If anyone has these caps please release them?

No. 961982

It’s funny how Madelyn calls other woman “mentally unstable” when she is clearly projecting. She is a talentless, trump supporting NEET with zero redeeming qualities and a holier than thou attitude.

No. 961984

She has all symptoms Manson fucked her:
(1) a pic of his cat
(2) was posted about by stalkers
(3) suddenly drastically changed her style
(4) started posting about vampires and Alice in Wonderland (typical Manson fetish)
(5) started posting her legs in stockings and heels/shoes (again his fetish)

Thank God she didn't turn full goth like Carolina. I am not saying he's been having an affair with her but she definitely got banged and brainwashed by him at least once.

If she kept texting him, he could just block her. Done. No need for Lindsay to go to Madelyns dms and start the fuckery.
Why didn't Manson deal with her shit on his own? Did he complain to Lindsay about his side chick who had all signs of a recent fling with him? Only if he wanted to make her 'extra sad'.

And why does Fred Sablan follow and like her sister's ig? Not evidence, just want opinions.

No. 961985

She's also a grown woman who still lives off of Mom and Dad. She doesn't work…her parents moved her to LA when she turned 18 (posted a photo thanking them, on her ig way back) and has probably paid her rent and bills ever since.

No. 961988

Do you remember their profile pic? Could you describe?

No. 961989

She must have garbage pussy if he fucked, she did everything she could to lure him using fetishes and he still bolted. Lmao.

No. 961990

It's been years. I believe it was a Manson fan account or some account with no profile picture?

There's a woman that used to post selfies to the Lindsay Usich tag, she was pregnant at the time and had photos of her kids on her account. I don't want to release her name out of respect for her privacy but I remember seeing her face on the tag a lot because she used the tag for her selfies and frequented it. She would be the person to ask about past content posted on the tag. Her username had "Manson" in it.

No. 961992

I hope she won't get a pussy surgery after reading this.
But if you are reading, baby girl, buy bananas. Many bananas. Practise.

No. 961993

I know that woman with kids you are talking about. I pity her, Lindsay's mom harassed her savagely.
I don't remember anything you describe though. Unfortunately.

No. 961994

One could argue though that all these symptoms are just her attempting to look valid. The pic of Manson’s cat could have been ripped off. Stalked by people who believed her lies. Mason’s fetishes are public knowledge (stated in interviews).
I find it very difficult to believe not a single photograph or DM between them is known if they’ve supposedly been together for 7 years.

I don’t know why Fred Sabain followers her sister but her sister seems more stable. He certainly doesn’t follow Madelyn.

No. 961996

That's a bummer. I saw something like that a pregnancy test. Unfortunately you can't really scroll the tag all the way down to the first post but I remembered that woman specifically because she basically ran a Manson fan account and had a husband and a fam at the same time. She also had exclusive experience with seeing the band during it's early days

No. 961997

True. I cannot put anything against your reasoning.

Madelyn, he will not be with you. But you could help poor anons by letting them know if you did have a fling with mm. Next time you come here with your 'beware' mumbling, please, take some proofs with you otherwise I won't tolerate your crazy stories. Please, do some charity and bring joy to anons during the hard time the world is having now.

No. 962005

That’s the thing too, Madelyn has been called a delusional liar for years, you’d think she’d post some kind of solid proof by now just to stop the harassment.
Which means:
a. she has no proof.
b. Manson forbids it.

Either scenario is bleak.

No. 962037

Madelyn's watercolor "paintings" she has on her account are basically a rip off of Mansons. She has a painting of bunny ears that is basically a replica of something Manson did years ago.

Probably another reason he didn't choose her.

No. 962053

Pretty sure she googled MM art and bought some beginner watercolors off Amazon. She calls herself an “artist” in her bio…her “paintings” look like a 3 year old painted them. Actually no, I think a child could do better.

She tries too hard to be something she isn’t to impress someone who she will never end up with.

No. 962093


Still, it’s a better effort then Lindsay’s photography.

I just checked this chick out and am I crazy or did go out of her way to get the exact same, expensive purebred breed of cat that manson has? According to google it costs about 600 for a Devon Rex kitten.

No. 962103

Lindsay's photography is a step up from Madelyn’s attempt at recreating his paintings.

Yes. She went out of her way to buy a Lily look alike cat to try and mold herself into his dream VaMPiRe SouLmAtE,

No. 962106

Wait. She posted pregnancy pics tagging Lindsay indicating Manson is the father? Or she just happen to be pregnant.

No. 962115

Someone is sitting on a lot more screenshots imo. There are a few more conversations that somehow never made it on here.

There's a lot of missing media that isn't posted here but was taken around the same time some of the other screenshots were taken! There's a few more screenshots of Lilith talking about a pregnancy scare. There's more of Gabriella. There's some screenshots of Gabriella, Jordan and Lilith talking in a group message. There's a lot more Lilith screenshots of her speaking with MM, she released a lot more, There's some more videos of her friends in his home and there are a few videos of Lilith shirtless with his hand over her boob and somehow that video was translated into a photo that was posted on the last thread. There's a video of some dudes penis under some kind of red light that was posted alongside the Lilith photo and I'm not saying it was Manson but I can't seem to find that anywhere and I'm finding it hard to understand how the boob video was unearthed but the dick one wasn't? Almost like someone told whoever to get remove it?

I'll be honest it's been a few years since I seen that post and for some reason it never made it's way onto this particular thread with the screenshots taken around the same time. It could've been Lindsay's pregnancy test if such photo actually exists. Again, it's been a few years. However, I remember that same account making jabs at Madelyn like reposting her series and accusing her of lip injections and what not. It was an account dedicated to calling Madelyn out specifically and there was some grainy photo of a postive pregnancy test.

Mansonisabusive won't allow me to follow their account because I don't use my real face on ig but I imagine someone with access to that and saw the drama go down in real time should be able to unearth those accounts.

No. 962117

AND more random peices of lost media

- There was this rumor that Lindsay dumped him on stage with a letter. I remember seeing a photo of him on stage holding a piece of paper so apparently that exists but I could never find the footage and I could never find any concert footage on YouTube

- Not related to his personal life but there was a video of him posting on stage. It was this big thing because when you clicked the venue tag on ig, a lot of fans were disappointed with the show, it was posted on YouTube but somehow it's removed or lost.

No. 962118


No. 962140

I personally remember everything you posted about. Mansonisabusive won't post about Madelyns lip injection things because it was prolly them who mocked her lol.
But I do not remember the dick pic you posted about and the pregnancy test. Completely. It might be I didn't get to see it.

The video with Manson reading the letter was wiped out of the net, true. I remember watching it during first hours of the drama. Now it's nowhere, completely gone. The photos though are still in the web. I will post later.

No. 962146

Was it this pissing video or a newer one?

I remember the video of Manson reading breakup letter on stage well. 666fearless posted a cap from Lindsay about it.

No. 962149

File: 1587365205626.jpeg (217.54 KB, 1280x773, 778A0913-D7EE-4F0D-9244-661E21…)


No. 962151

If you're looking for the actual video of him with Lilith you'd have to ask someone on her thread or someone familiar with her thread. She has her own following on here and attracts a lot of social media attention. The video of her topless was stolen from her snapchat or her friends snapchat and then reposted on a throwaway ig account. Kinda like the videos on the account @xpsd_13. Those videos were never posted on Instagram initially, they were stolen and reposted by someone familiar with her friend group and connected with them on social media platforms other than ig.

Your best bet of finding that content would be scrolling around Lilith's threads around 2015-16 and seeing if anyone uploaded anymore videos to random ig accounts for anon sharing purposes. The people on Liliths thread knew she got with Manson but it's not the major topic of discussion. You might have to do some digging and asking

No. 962153

More recent! This video we're talking about would've taken place during 2016-17 when he went through that mental breakdown rough patch.

I think he turned away from the crowd, whipped his dick out and pissed in the middle of singing and did this weird slurring laugh. (Huh huh huh huh huh) But basically it was posted on Instagram and it was a concert a lot of people were disappointed about because he could barely spit out his lyrics.

No. 962161

You might want to watch compilations Loudwire made about MM meltdowns on stage. They could document the pissing meltdown.

No. 962163

He pumped and dumped Courtlyn in 2014. He was with Aussie at the same time. And Madelyn was in that 2014 mess. Courtlyn and Aussie ended up becoming friends and did a photoshoot together and posted the photos on insta. Courtlyn leaked photos with him from some video they shot but he never released.

No. 962167

File: 1587372866682.jpeg (193.58 KB, 750x1060, E3BAEFF0-1C92-4DF6-A861-3DB4AC…)

From Titti’s hate account lol

No. 962168

File: 1587373088818.jpeg (63.51 KB, 750x736, 35C83E45-391F-4AAF-A013-0D7590…)

No. 962251

File: 1587396059386.jpeg (559.85 KB, 750x1173, 6B5682AC-40E8-4522-B174-CFA359…)

Provided some laughs - IG @merlinmansob
Incidentally, searching Titti Manson turns up some IG accounts with possible milk in comments re Lindsay and fans experiences.

No. 962254

Titti.. she came up in the last thread and people dismissed her as a crazy fan. But there’s evidence she hung out with Manson, he betrayed her, and there’s rumours she committed suicide.

No. 962256

File: 1587397169883.jpeg (331.78 KB, 750x877, FB5F2C3E-06C7-4774-B819-8CD818…)

They did hang out in the sense that she was often where he was…

No. 962259

File: 1587397437370.jpeg (211.81 KB, 750x1001, 97FEB8E2-C05C-4C45-A2EF-58EB36…)

From Manzin’s AskFM


No. 962260

File: 1587397460527.jpeg (282.93 KB, 750x1069, 0AE92FD6-6C15-4C97-AFD8-761D1C…)

No. 962261

File: 1587397585884.jpeg (79.99 KB, 750x496, 62A15EFD-4856-42A5-9517-E96AEA…)

No. 962264

File: 1587397928867.jpeg (450.1 KB, 1800x1072, 1B382C41-8F37-4ABA-B066-0DA0AB…)

No. 962272

File: 1587398808262.jpg (263.33 KB, 1080x1576, g7manwn.jpg)


According to this article Lindsay didn't get any education after high school.


No. 962280

Feels strange to read Titti was nasty to Lindsay while it was Lindsay who used Titti to make connections with fanbase. She must have thought Titti would serve her a good channel but the latter turned out nasty herself. Manson often took Titti with him to party around, as already posted, invited her to his place.
Now I like to entertain a thought, if Lindsay disliked Titti, Manson could take Titti with him just to displease Lindsay. Tinfoil.
Btw, Manzin never liked both Titti and Lindsay.

No. 962352

Lindsay is now what Kiki Kannibal will be in 5 more years' time, calling it now. That cringey self-worshipping article reads like Kiki's Rolling Stone article: "how to frame a jobless, unstable leech as an influential go-getter".

No. 962354

File: 1587409547412.jpg (602.54 KB, 2470x1245, caps.jpg)

Thank you!

I talked to Rita (let me call her this way). She is a Lindsay fan and Lindsay talks to her a lot. Inb4 I start spilling a little bit of milk I want to say that Rita is underage and very naive, I would say extremely naive. This is the first time in my life I am happy lolcow is banned in Russia, I hope Rita will never want to get a VPN and lurk here, I don't want her to learn I fooled her. I mean, anons, she's a complete child.
Since she is underage (16 y.o.), I think it will be fine if a mod deletes the post with her name. >>961428
Second thing I want to say is that I am a native Russian speaker, there is no way I misunderstood something, when I had a feeling I was being trolled I rephrased my questions and reasked several times. I do allow that Rita's English may not be great and it can be that she misunderstood Lindsay. And for the last, she refused to show me caps, she showed just a few, they're not milky, I am not posting them. But anons should bear in mind she could make everything up, kids have great imagination.

Main points, according to Rita (she said Lindsay told her about every point below):
1) Everything bad or evil posted about Lindsay are jealous\angry fans who cannot get over Dita; Lindsay thinks such people will always be in the fandom. / True, I agree. When I asked about the beauty mark and showed Rita a few photos to compare, she got confused, I decided not to push.
2) Lindsay is friends with Dita;
3) Lindsay takes care of his cats when he's touring;
4) Lindsay leaked her a lot of info how Manson spends his leisure time, especially now (rn he's watching series all night long and they are reading books together). / I know Lindsay recently posted about watching movies in stories, I had talked to Rita before Lindsay posted; btw, it's strange because Rita told me Lindsay usually answers her dms when it's 2-3-4 am in LA (I double checked, she meant LA time);
5) Lindsay doesn't drink alcohol and never did drugs; She was a vegan for 8 years;
6) Lindsay went to the same school Manson went to. Rita told me they even were friends in high school. I had a wtf moment (Manson is older for 15 years) and reasked five times, just how? how??? she said somehow. Idk maybe Rita made it up but why would she? She also told me Lindsay went to the same college as Manson and, again, they were at college at the same period of time. I reasked several times. When I approached her today one more time and told her like "heellooo, 15 years difference!" she got confused and told me that she probably misunderstood and it can be that Lindsay just went to the same college (btw, she studied photography, and she discovered her talent at 14 y.o.);
7) Lindsay was NEVER mean to fans. Lindsay told her.
8) Lindsay DID NOT write the break up letter. I asked who did, Rita said she wouldn't tell me because she didn't want to disappoint Lindsay. I tried giving her variants saying "Probably someone from Manson's staff, he has rats there [I was meaning Judd]", Rita replied to my "Manson has rats" with "yes, Lindsay has rats!". I told her that if somebody framed Lindsay, this person had to know Manson very well, she agreed that "yes, they know".
9) Rita didn't answer anything about defining_hope.
10) Lindsay told her about the engagement several days before posting a story. They didn't want this part of their life to be public. Funny thing that Rita told me, when I said “they’ve been engaged since 2014”, she said they had a lot of splits and Lindsay was proposed again in the month when she posted the story. So it means Manson proposed to her a second time this April? Isolation did this to him, lol.
11) New record is ready, it was to be released to coincide the release of Manson’s book with Perou but the virus …
12) I don’t remember what I wanted to write here lol, I’ll reread our conversation later and add if I find important points.

I am not posting caps, they would be in Russian anyway, if you need a kind of confirmation Lindsay told her these things, Rita runs a fan account russmarilynmanson (btw go check her language competence, she makes a lot of mistakes but it’s not like she won’t understand a word). Lindsay follows the account and liked a very interesting post I attached.

That’s it.

No. 962363

Thank you, anon. Good effort.

No. 962369

Thank you very nuch, anon. Messy af…
It is not possible that Manson and Lindsay would attend same school and a college at the same time because she's 16 years younger. Fyi Manson went to the Christian boys school, that's the school for males to my understanding, and he attended briefly Broward college. He studied journalism there.

No. 962392

Lindsay was talking of an engagement already in 2012. I remember very well posts of people who met her or someone who worked with Manson at that time.

No. 962406

If Lindsay states she didn't write that letter then the only person who could do it is Manson and in this case he could fake the letter to break up with Lindsay. There's no other possible way. What I find interesting about the fans who love Lindsay, do they realize that some things she told about Manson mean basically he's a cheater, a manipulator, a faker, a liar, and if we count that her photo with the bruise she posted in 2014 with the caption "evil seat belt", then an abuser as well.

No. 962415

>he could fake the letter to break up with Lindsay.
Excuse me?

No. 962419

I mean if Lindsay mean someone faked that breakup letter the only person who could do it is Manson. Again why would he do this?
Btw I don't think he did. I don't think he would write such things about himself.

No. 962431

Why is he the only one who could do that? There's plenty of ppl near him.
What's the point in making up a letter to yourself to break up with your gf?

No. 962440

File: 1587416714045.jpg (185.09 KB, 1080x659, cFWwGl9.jpg)

Well, I don't think he faked the letter but he really said he's newly single in february 2015.
He was seen with Amanda on st Valentine's day, shortly after the breakup.

No. 962446

You are not getting my message.
Anon said that if Lindsay does not lie and the letter was fake, then ! according to anon! Manson was the only one who could fake the letter.
I was asking why, if we assume the letter was fake, it's only Manson they suspect? Why he? It lacks logic.

I do not doubt Lindsay wrote that letter.

No. 962452

Hmmmm so Lindsay was hacked kind of like how Jessicka claims she was hacked after posting rants. M graduated from high school in Ohio not in Florida. Lindsay has been wearing that ring for months but he just proposed? That makes no sense. Either Lindsay is lying to “Rita” or “Rita” has problems understanding Lindsay.

No. 962470

a little OT but I always find it so stupid that every retard always rants/says something when they're drunk or high then next day whines and cries 'muh account hack!'. Do people really think everyone is that retarded?

No. 962494

Kek immediately thought of Jessicka when I saw the hacked excuse.

No. 962496

File: 1587420815013.jpg (422.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200420-143039_Ins…)

Found pic of Madelyn and Marilyn.

No. 962498

File: 1587420871292.jpeg (46.36 KB, 361x392, 718ED559-9DC2-459E-AE50-ADDDB7…)


Thank you anon, very interesting.
I don’t know if this girl is telling the truth, but that means Lindsay is spilling info and chatting with a 16 year old fan.

I think Lindsay is lying about the breakup letter, there’s a photo of her holding it (is that Lindsay?) and the screenshot from 666fearless with Lindsay’s message with the exact words of the letter.

No. 962500

How can you tell anything from that polarioid, it’s so dark. Where did you find it?

No. 962505

This could be Michael Jackson for all we know lolol. It's shitty quality and you can't identify the people at all. Madelyn, go get some actual proof. Oh wait, there is none.

No. 962507

She had a this Instagram post of polaroids and I zoomed in.

No. 962508

Nice try Madelyn. It’s blurry and we can’t see shit but A for effort.

Why are you so adamant on validating your non existent relationship to complete strangers?

No. 962509

File: 1587421336052.jpeg (157.32 KB, 1536x1972, FF3EDDE4-1870-43CD-A1FD-FD73DE…)

Mind you, the quality is shit, but it doesn’t look like that arm has tattoos.

No. 962512

That’s not Lindsay, the mouth is too small.

No. 962519

File: 1587421896997.jpg (211 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200420-151850_Ins…)

She's real and she's been seeing Marilyn for some time now. They're really good friends and they're extremely close.

Madelyn modeled for a photography show held at a gallery called Lethal Amounts in Los Angeles. Twiggy Ramirez and Fred Sablan posed for a photo at the same event she was featured in. 1/3

No. 962524

File: 1587422061514.jpg (345.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200420-151904_Ins…)

Fred Sablan was the bass player for Marilyn Manson. Here's a photo of him and Twiggy at the event. This photo can be found in Madelyn's tagged photos. It's one of maybe 10 photos of random art and people at that same show.


No. 962526

File: 1587422237948.jpg (64.35 KB, 720x900, IMG_20200420_152720_535.jpg)

Twiggy has held shows at the Lethal Amounts gallery, he uses Marilyn Manson's name to advertise meaning Marilyn frequents this gallery to see shows. Here is an old Facebook invite of one of the shows Twiggy has hosted at Lethal Amounts. 3/3

No. 962531

Again, this doesn't proof shit. Big deal that Mansons band mates went to an art gallery that she happened to model for. No sign of Manson. No DMs, no pictures of them together, they don't follow each other. "They're extremely close and really good friends" Yes, but only in Madelyn's head.

No. 962535


All circumstantial. Posting a dark and blurry photo as ‘proof’ is not helping Madelyn’s case, it makes her look more fake.

Can we collectively agree to ignore Madelyn? She’s wasted enough energy here.

No. 962543

File: 1587422903748.jpg (57.89 KB, 720x900, IMG_20200420_154545_240.jpg)

I'm friends with this LA based creative director ig @/mutedfawn. She has worked with both Madelyn and Gabriella. She's also followed by Lindsay.

1/2 Madelyn, taken by @/mutedfawn and shown at the same show at Lethal Amounts in Los Angeles.

No. 962545

File: 1587422985596.jpg (363.81 KB, 1080x1562, IMG_20200421_004546.jpg)

For the love of god, can all you Madelyn whores stop derailing this thread? She's just one of thousands of girls that try super hard to impress Manson by going from normal to g0tH and posting lingerie pics. As long as there's no actual proof we shouldn't even give her attention anymore

No. 962548

File: 1587423058625.jpg (34.43 KB, 720x832, IMG_20200420_154558_814.jpg)

Photo taken by @/mutedfawn model Gabriella Reid. 2/2

He had a flirtationship with Gabriella and an affair with Madelyn. He kept their relationship secret because he didn't want Madelyn to hurt her career and connections with all these gallery people and creative directors.

No. 962549

really starting to seem like it's madelyn posting all this shit lol, who else would be so desperate to convince people

No. 962550

What does that have to do with Manson? All this tap dancing with loose connections but not a single photo of them together is known. Just stop already.

No. 962554

Madelyn has a career? Lmao Selling on depop?

No. 962557

I totally agree. We've had enough of these bullshits about Madelyn.

No. 962562

She's a professional art model. She works with creative directors and finds up and coming photographers to model for. Her sister Morgan works in the beauty industry and has connected to multiple higher up art directors.

No. 962563

Titti apparently faked her own death, then reappeared as her mother, under the name Annemarie. She created the mmshit IG and also @willeewonka on Twitter, and spent all her waking hours campaigning against Manson. Kek.

No. 962565

Source? It was rumored Lexa Vonn was behind the willeewonka account.

No. 962567

It's proof that Manson is in her atmosphere. They rotate around the same crowd of creatives. They bond over art because they have the same friend group and they frequent the same galleries.

Now that we've established that she's legit we can work on being kinder to her online out of respect for Manson. We should respect their privacy as a couple too.

Someone mentioned her art yesterday out of jealousy. Her photography work has the capacity to be shown at the same galleries Twiggy shows his work at using Manson's connections.

No. 962568

I'm talking about Madelyn.

No. 962571

>Now that we've established that she's legit

Nothing’s been established. A blurry photo and circumstantial connections is not proof. If anything, I’m more convinced she’s full of shit. She runs Mansonisinnocent and intentionally tries to discredit victims. All the while spreading lies about a relationship with Manson and harassing other women in his life.

No. 962573

Madelyn doesn't owe anyone proof of anything. There is plenty of evidence linking the two together. At the end of the day it's her personal life and their business if they hooked up once or twice or 40 times. How are you going to tell people who they have or haven't slept with? How would you anon people know what goes on in his household? How many times Madelyn has been to his house? None of you were there.(moralfagging)

No. 962574

Manson and Lindsay are a couple. Please stop it.

No. 962575

Madelyn you are pathetic. He posted a photo of Gabriella on his Instagram and took her on tour. Get over yourself.

No. 962576


If your so confident in your fantasy relationship why do you care what strangers think?

No. 962577

Someone stop her for God's sake. She's out of her mind.

No. 962580

File: 1587424542496.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.31 KB, 750x764, 5583D2A6-74D2-4A35-A0E3-F500FD…)


No. 962582

That’s Tater/measurelessliar holding the note. She posted it on Facebook.

No. 962583

File: 1587424653412.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 76.69 KB, 524x555, 5B77E4CC-4E58-4ACB-BD2E-D0B0D2…)

No. 962585

Madelyn the fuck could you hurt her career? You have zero talent or social clout lmao you are a nobody in the art world and have no connections. Its the other way around sweetie :)

No. 962588

Looks like someone in special ed drew that.

No. 962589

File: 1587425016654.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 40.17 KB, 222x275, 4D1FE325-A526-4723-80FD-B8B3A0…)

When he posted Gabriella :)

No. 962590

I thought the same thing.

No. 962591

She’s actually more insane and delusional than i thought

No. 962592

Be kinder to her? Clearly you’re new to this site LOL. No one here is kind. This site exposes and drags people.

No. 962593

He said she smelled weird and he hated her hair. She followed him around with Laney when she and Twiggy were still married. She's basically a fan that got an extended meet and greet because his bandmates wife needed someone to keep her entertained while on tour. The second they landed back in LA he was done with her for good.

No. 962596

Is that why he took her on tour in Europe? Jealous much Madelyn.

No. 962599

At least she doesn’t tweet delusional fantasies about a non existent relationship and lusts after an engaged man whilst taking lingerie photos all day pretending that their parents don’t pay all their bills and buying a lily look alike cat :,)

No. 962601

Go post some egon schiele paintings and get the fuck off here

No. 962608

Please go and get professional help Madelyn.

No. 962624

>hi cow
>newfags calling out newfags
>tinfoiling to the extreme

this thread is 100% pure autism and beyond redemption

No. 962631

I remember Titi Manson faking her own death and roleplaying as her mom on Instagram vaguely. Her mom would post hate towards MM and rant on about how he was responsible for her death. It was the most retarded thing I've seen in any fanbase. She was almost as crazy as Teena Byrd except he befriended Titi to some extent and she was closer to him than Teena.

I always wondered what happen to her. I wouldn't be surprised if she's actually fearless or Mansonisabusive and I know people have accused others of running those accounts but no one's even considered the possibility that it's someone like Titi, Jessicka or Teena.

No. 962633

File: 1587427690131.jpeg (84.03 KB, 750x792, 63D08E6C-CCB7-4600-9A6F-4111D7…)

Professional model? Anyone can be a model with photoshop.

No. 962634


Apparently this is what MM likes

No. 962636

File: 1587427876741.jpeg (137.08 KB, 750x1238, 24EDBC4F-F5F5-479A-81C6-CDCDEB…)

Low/no standards these days

No. 962638

You sound jealous. Marilyn had no complaints xx

No. 962639


Mansonisabusive and 666fearless identities have already been established.

No. 962640

Now she's accusing people of being jealous of her.

This is ganna get good just wait

No. 962642

Yikes. Extremely low standards

No. 962644

Yeah I read that too. Just Mansonites chatting on Twitter. So no real credible source, but if you search @tittimanson on Twitter, filter by most recent, you come across the various conversations.

No. 962647

So is this a confirmation of you identity and presence on our thread?

Why don't you drop the persona and sign your name if you have something to say about what we discuss on here. He! is! married! Move on girly(samefagging)

No. 962649

Someone should tell Lindsay(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 962652

I never in a million years thought he would struggle with weight issues later on in life, he was freakishly thin back in the day. His entire face structure changed, even his nose is shaped differently

No. 962653


Can the mods just ban Madelyn? It would stop the pointless derailing and maybe the thread could go back to normal, although at this point unless some anon befriends Lindsay or manson himself I think the milk has run dry. I regret not taking more caps of Lindsay’s old account back in the day, as it could have been entertaining for the farm, she did go on some rants towards public hate accounts and her attempts at ass kissing famous people like Lindsay Lohan that entered her orbit were funny af. But other then that this shit is done.

No. 962658

Gosh this photo is haunting. He LOOKS elderly in this. Some point between 2016-18 he left the middle aged category and now he looks like an old man. Fuckin crazy

No. 962661

What's the point in banning her. It's entertainment. I say let her make herself look more dumb then she already does. Let's let her immortalize her stupidity. She is the one that chose to insert herself in rockstar drama using her real name (Madelyn Grimes) all this will pop up once she's googled which seems to be what she wanted all along. Rockstar clout

No. 962663

Agreed. I’m enjoying the ongoing Pick Me Battle

No. 962664

I bet it's not even Madelyn. I'm betting it's her little friends. She made her Twitter private as soon as she started getting mentioned here. I bet she's sending multiple people here to defend her honor. Poor baby

No. 962665

Honestly, Madelyn might be crazy, but I still do like to browse through her Instagram from time to time, and not just for shits and giggles. If she wasn't doing it because she's obsessed with M, I think her page would be pretty good.

No. 962666

File: 1587429574900.jpeg (342.34 KB, 1800x1680, AA8876C4-6771-4747-A574-A53560…)

Ok, so while searching the tittimanson tag on twitter I came across the account, @HaterofMarilynM. I don’t know who’s behind it or what their deal is, but they posted some screens supposedly from Manson’s dad, Hugh Warner, and accused him of being a pervert.

No. 962667

I would argue the milk hasn't dried out just yet. He's still on quarantine like most of the world. Once he can leave the house and go to parties without risk of death we'll get about 6 more new ladies to bitch about. Plus that new album he's supposedly sitting on – new album — new press – new exposure — new tour — new models needed for music videos — new whores to make fun of

No. 962668

Ain't he kinda dead?

No. 962669

This was from 2016.

No. 962672

See, the necrotic milk still flows.

No. 962674

I got my MFA in Photography and can say her photography skills beat Lindsays by far. Lindsay has this overused urban outfitters/tumblr vibe going on with her photos and Madelyn can grasp the concept of shadow and working with unsual lighting. I hated the album covers she did for Marilyn, they looked like cheap Myspace selfies. All her Polaroids or developed photos are all over exposed. I'm pretty convinced she doesn't know how to work a digital camera or develop film. If she is, she's not using her setting properly

No. 962675

File: 1587430908900.jpeg (102.43 KB, 750x981, 21854A44-C225-4AF9-A7CD-F7E79D…)

If you go to Facebook there is an old page of Lindsay’s that she never deleted with a few cringey pics of her namedropping famous people. But more oddly, I noticed she was using a weird url- Mina Lowry.

No. 962676

File: 1587431134329.jpeg (487.95 KB, 750x1042, A206BC7F-8D6E-41C6-B482-D6E4EE…)

Googling Mina Lowry pulled up an old hate account about Lindsay that ceased activity circa 2016, mostly fighting with her mom defining hope. although there were a lot of hate accounts about her and this isn’t new, the name is weird af and I’ve never seen it be associated with her publicly before, plus you would kind of have to be attentive to notice that her url was that of Facebook of all the things, a dead website even back then. Thoughts? Maybe she was running some of her hate accounts….

No. 962677

File: 1587431253429.jpeg (655.59 KB, 750x1136, CA695C70-5FBE-4939-B48F-CE5BBF…)

There’s also this image from Facebook that seems funny. Lol, another washed up, older guy and Lindsay.

No. 962678

Stop self posting Madelyn. We get it. Your deeply insecure and can’t help but continue to check this site to justify your delusional relationship you’ve rationalized in your head.

No. 962681

File: 1587431453336.jpeg (147.33 KB, 750x847, 2FED55F2-FB00-4884-9EC4-F84896…)

This image also surfaced, not surprising

No. 962682

File: 1587431658951.jpeg (323.93 KB, 1800x1002, 91D0447F-D482-418F-A2A4-3492D9…)

From the same account, more mentions of Titti and Manson’s father.

No. 962706

Unpopular opinion: His father is dead. Yes he's probably done questionable things to and with groupies and there's probably a few women dying to join the metoo movement over him but there is no point in digging up stories about a dead man. This stuff should've been hashed out when he had a pulse. There's no justice that will be served in this situation unfortunately

No. 962712

I didn’t witness it firsthand, it might be true, but I’m not finding anything about faking her own death or pretending to be her mom on social media. She updated her FB profile picture in May of 2019 so I assume she’s still alive.

No. 962731

File: 1587439996208.jpeg (631.65 KB, 1878x834, 41C4F33E-0196-41BD-9B42-AECC2A…)

Titti says she was hacked. That Annamaria account was saying it was her mother.

No. 962734

Samefagging for attention is pathetic and will result in lengthy bans.

No. 962743

Ok, thanks for the receipt. Titti said that account wasn’t her mother. So this fake account that claimed to be her mother started the suicide rumor.

I believe Titti was probably crazy, following Manson around the world kinda proves that. But Manson did appear to friend her and clearly something happened that made her turn on him. Considering she’s covered in Manson tattoos and he was her idol, I assume it would have to be at least kinda serious for her to change her opinion so drastically.

No. 962772

I bet Titti made that herself. Are we really supposed to believe the that someone would claim to be her mom but use the same broken English she uses? Just read how the words flow. It's the same person. The same misplaced words. It actually looks like someone wrote it in another language and plugged it into google translate and then copied and pasted it. Glad she's alive!

No. 962780

I think Titti was using “I was hacked” as an excuse. The broken English and rude comments on those hate accounts match rude comments she left using her real accounts. I doubt she was being hacked for over a year.

No. 962786

That makes sense, but I don’t get why she would spread a rumor about herself (suicide) only to immediately deny it.

No. 962880

File: 1587474335645.jpeg (173.96 KB, 827x1280, 0C7C148D-D50E-49E1-87DF-37CFEA…)

Regarding Emma Sagriff -
I approached her on my personal account after she messaged me on mansonisabusive, telling me that she was never romantically involved with Manson because I had posted a list of girls that were involved with him before.

About Amie -
She said that Olivia Jaffe (IG: wicked_lady) was doing coke with Manson while Amie was dating him. Lindsay was around as well but it didn't really seem to matter, she was always coming and going. Amie also hinted at a new girl in early 2018.

About Madelyn -
I myself have never talked about her face or her lip injections. That was the girl who ran the blood honey account. She used to be in touch with Jordan. Jordan was the one who told her that blood honey would be a track on his album, which was what inspired her account name.
The same girl ran the mina lowry twitter account. Lindsay used that name as an alias. Manson wrote it on a napkin at Chateau Marmont or something. The photo was on Lindsay's FB.
Lenore Pink was Manson's name for Evan by the way.

I wouldn't believe anything Lindsay tells his fans on Instagram.
There are pictures of Lindsay drinking Manson's alcohol sidestage, people (russian fans?) saw her doing coke..
I can't remember the other stuff but it doesn't sound that credible.

No. 962885

I have never seen it with this quality. Where did you get it?

Thank you for clarifications, Mansonisabusive!

Regarding Lenore Pink, does it mean Hope Harvey thought it was Evan who ran your account? I vaguely remember she called you Lenore a couple of times.

No. 962907

Manson was probably ghosting her and she wanted attention. We all know he's not immune to the suicide manipulation tactic (Lindsay) he was probably ignoring her, probably found a prettier batshit crazy fan to follow him around like someone he would actually sleep with and benefit from and the rumor probably got her a text back.

What is wrong with some of these women. Sheesh.

No. 962911

File: 1587480837276.jpg (57.27 KB, 311x548, kYHAEHP.jpg)

You were so right anon.
They've been engaged since 2014. Why is she so proud of that ring?

No. 962920

File: 1587482495162.jpg (190.12 KB, 858x1014, WU1Li4B.jpg)

I will post here a few comments that changed my attitude towards him radically even thought I was a big fan of his. I will not describe my feelings, just describe why I was so shocked. Comments of _333_half_evil_ and raven_photo_ be were left in 2018, realreanne, Vince Romo's gf, a friend of Manson commented not long ago and confirmed what the two formely mentioned people were saying. In 2018 after the appearance of fearless on intstagram many people, including me, believed that Lindsay was abusing Manson, and that for some reason he couldn't get rid of her. We were genuinely concerned for him. When I saw these comments, I was quite shocked, because in fact, he was telling people that the accounts that wrote that Lindsay was his abuser were lying about her, and that he had hidden his relationship with her and hid her from the public to protect her. Tremendous hypocrisy,, after The High End of Low he manipulated his fans, too. I am skeptical of his version that he was trying to protect Lindsay when he hid her from the public and when she was not on social media for a long time. He repeatedly insulted Lindsay, followed and liked her haters. On the other hand, fans posted disturbing posts about Lindsay, as fearless said she was abusing Manson, and she said it because he was telling her about abusing. Fearless believed him, since he positioned himself as her friend, and them all that she and fans who just wanted to clear up a disturbing situation were given was 'so called fans'. I've seen enough material about girls who had relationships with him, I also have no reason to distrust them, maybe the reason why he hid Lindsay is the mess that was on Instagram, because of the fights between his girls and Lindsay and her mother. Another interesting question is: how exactly did he get her to hide from the public for more than a year and leave social networks?
In any case, you can not manipulate the feelings of your fans and use their loyalty, you can not make your fans into puppets, then tell people that they are liars and you know nothing about what they are talking about. You just don't do that if you're a rock star.

No. 962923

File: 1587482579925.jpg (445.51 KB, 1080x1499, 7pxXeU6.jpg)


No. 962925

Madelyn Grimes

-fake, holier than thou, mentally unstable, delusional, self obsessed personality
-no actual evidence of dating him
-thinks she is better than other women he’s dated and constantly belittling and bullying them because she is extremely jealous, insecure and threatened by other women who have spent time with him
-Behind the hate accounts blood and honey and cats and devils
-claims she’s an “art model” aka talentless NEET whose parents moved her to LA and pay for all her bills
-Claims she is an “artist” but only takes shitty self timer photos of Manson related things such as stockings(in an attempt to look sexy), Alice in Wonderland and vampires
-Comes on here to self post and bring other woman up to divert attention from herself because everyone hates her
-No redeeming qualities
-Trump supporter
-No social clout or relevancy
-Sad attempt at re-creating Manson paintings
-Bought a cat that looks identical to Lily
-Her whole Instagram and Twitter is dedicated to Manson and her obsession with them being soulmates
-Tried to post evidence of her relationship and posted a blurry Polaroid on here of her and her sister
-Physically tries to be Manson‘s dream girl but looks like the Walmart version of Dita
-Ugly on the inside and the outside
-Photoshops all her photos and looks completely different in real life
-claims she and Manson are in a private relationship but they don’t even follow each other and he’s engaged and living with Lindsay but she follows his ex-wife

No. 962926

File: 1587482709222.jpg (296.5 KB, 1080x1352, FKN0D6C.jpg)


No. 962927

File: 1587482802193.jpg (324.06 KB, 1080x1650, nXfKwRw.jpg)


No. 962931

File: 1587482906373.jpg (169.01 KB, 852x732, 117v6Rz.jpg)


No. 962932

And, since I decided to post here, as an old fan, I want to tell you a little bit about Evan and Dita. Abuse speculation is not new. At the time when he dated Evan, the press, apparently understood that their relationship was at least unhealthy. No one bought into his attempts to make Evan and Dita into abusers, and I even remember some very old comments about his relationship with Rose. Some believed that he was "taming" Rose, referring to how they met (his friend told Rose that Manson was in love with her and wanted to date, Rose didn't want to date him because she thought he was ugly, but Manson met her and convinced her to go into a relationship with him) and that "naked" dress on the red carpet. Fans painfully perceived his breakup with Dita and infidelity with a young actress, as Manson created the image of a gentleman and a shy person. At Stern's show, a girl was brought to him who wanted to lose her virginity with him, however, Manson refused, as he did not want to cheat on Dita and did not want to use his position of a celeb. His relationships with Evan, Lilith levisis, and other girls, as Jordan correctly pointed out, negated everything he said in his interviews and at Stern's. As for his relationship with Lindsay, in 2012, their relationship was not perceived by fans as it is now. Some believed that he was bullying Lindsay and morally abusing her. For example, many now note the moment when she began to stick a pencil into the pillow or his words that she would scan his underwear for cheating, but previously he noted that he brought fans to their room and said that he would sleep with the one who wins Lindsay in a pillow fight (imagine yourself in Lindsay's place!) and the moment when he told her in front of a journalist that they were about to have their fifth sexual act of the day and whether she had put ice to her lady's parts, and she agreed with him. Back then, their relationship was seen as an unhealthy circus, I remember it clearly, and there were people then who were on Lindsay's side.

No. 962938

I would love to correct a few things:

>Behind the hate accounts blood and honey and cats and devils

mansonisabusive posted that it was not Madelyn who was behind bloodhoney.

>Physically tries to be Manson‘s dream girl but looks like the Walmart version of Dita

Lindsay is a Walmart Dita, Madelyn could have been a very pretty girl if she didn't try to look like Manson's sex doll.

I already said it but why are you giving her that much attention? It seems some anons are even hateful towards her. I post here for entertainment but you are sperging on a girl who may or may not have been banged by Manson 5+ years ago.

You are welcome, anons.
I don't think the girl lied to me or made this up but the fact that a Marilyn Manson's wife-to-be, who's in her 30s, talks that much to a school girl is even less apealing to me. That publication of russmarilynmanson I posted has her like and it's legit scary.

No. 962940

She is religiously checking this site and very active on here. It’s obvious when she comments with her pseudo intellectual babble.

Let’s vow to not bring her up again.

No. 962943

Walmart version of Evan Rachel Wood is more accurate

No. 962945

File: 1587485441849.jpg (1.45 MB, 3110x2073, caps.jpg)

I reread the conversation, there is a tour planned for the next year, and MM is planning to come to Eastern Europe. I don't think it's some super secret new information, though. Manson tours almost constantly, he must have run out of money to be touring that much.

I will post a few caps that was stored on VK. Just to add the picture.
I remember the day she posted this the closest you ever come is Itunes. A lot of fans just turned their back both on her and Manson after this. Meet&Greets did not happen that year, btw.

So that's the first compilation.
My comment: her Instagram was hardly ever hacked, her twitter was hacked just one time and she later posted personal information of the hacker on her Twitter. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name. Given everything mansonisabusive has posted, Lindsay 100% could be rude to fans, it's safe to say this just after looking at her posts.

No. 962948

Did she really have no Instagram or Facebook?
The last in the first line.

No. 962949

File: 1587486022347.png (2.74 MB, 1930x2021, caps2.png)

She did have Twitter, FB, Instagram. Also a Tumblr.

It's 2014-15.

Manson never stood up for her, inb4 you ask me.

No. 962950

File: 1587486085461.jpg (78.14 KB, 640x640, pXKOJRN.jpg)

the last one.

No. 962963

Thank you anon.
Who's Victoria?

No. 962971

The article in question, Manson said/did things to the journalist that lead me to further believe he’s lying.
“But I have not been warned that Manson will be hiding behind his hotel room door, from where he will jump out – black-clad, in full slap – pointing a gun at the back of my neck. Not, it transpires, a real gun, but a realistic enough replica for me to greet him with a startled bark of, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” rather than the more traditional “hello”. Manson laughs, shakes my hand and asks if I’d like a beer.”

“in the middle of discussing the difficulty of meeting your childhood idols and, apropos of nothing as far as I can gather, whether I am “a poop man, a scat guy”; suggest his partner, photographer and model Lindsay Usich – who wanders into the room in search of a drink – expose herself to me on the grounds that “the Guardian is an important periodical”; and flick me in the testicles.”

“It t is difficult to work out whether all of this is done in a kind of spirit of collaboration – perhaps he is keen to ensure a journalist goes home with an incident-packed story, the better to promote the new album – or simply because Manson has, entirely understandably, chosen to enliven a long day of interviews with the European media by having a few drinks along the way. Certainly, something about his speech and gait strongly suggests the tumbler of neat vodka in his hand may not be his first of the day.“

“He is also, on occasion, wildly contradictory and incomprehensible, his answers veering so wildly off-road that I have no idea what he is talking about. Indeed, after one particularly unfathomable response, I find myself asking him if he’s OK. “I don’t know – check my pulse,” he laughs, but it’s a genuine query.”

Pertaining to post Columbine death threats:
“But my dad gave me the best advice: ‘If people are going to kill you, son, they wouldn’t tell you in advance.’ No, I don’t miss that at all. It made everyone around me upset. And I discovered that police bomb dogs are also drug dogs. So when there were bomb threats, I had a very difficult time hiding my narcotics.”

“So instead, Manson opts for taking a selfie of us, showing me his ringtone (it’s Hot Love by T Rex), shaking my hand and asking me to write nice things about him. Of course, I say. “Good,” he smiles, ushering me out into the corridor. “Or I’ll find out where you fucking live.”


No. 962974

I don't think the journalist lied. Manson appears to be quite mental last 10 years or more. His previous interviews make me think that everything in this article is true.

No. 962976

Oh, I agree. I meant Manson is the one lying about this article being fabricated. He’s clearly drunk, pulls a fake gun on the journalist, and threatens (?) him if he doesn’t write nice things about Manson.

No. 962991

He was involved with russian groupies a lot. Do you know anything about it?

No. 962998

He didn’t lie. It is all true. I know this guy. As I said earlier in thread.

No. 963000

I know that he was involved with a lot of groupies all over the world, I don't think his experience in Russia is different. I know just three cases when he had groupies here, it was when he came to Saint Petersburg (with Lindsay, btw), when he was with Alyona Makeeva (a couple of times), and the last one when he was to perform at Park Live he had an escort girl with him.

No. 963002

Thank you, anon!
Yes I heard of Alyona on insta since she posted so many pictures of them together on insta. She was in Rammstein video btw. Those pictures are old tho. So I think she met him in 2012 and 2014.
What escort girl do you mean? I know he met Kat, I don't remember her name exactly, in 2017. She's a model, there's pictures of then together on insta. Another russian girl he met is Jennifer Aster.

No. 963005

This is not her real name but she's russian. Maybe it's her or Kat.

No. 963006

>What escort girl do you mean?
Idk, I never cared,tbh.

>Jennifer Aster

Doesn't sound Russian to me, lol.

No. 963030

File: 1587499439633.jpeg (248.33 KB, 750x1102, B5B2D78E-FC00-4CF5-8349-66D332…)

New girl in 2018 who was 27 is either James Elle/moresweettea or shay.anne. James turned 25 in 2016 so was 27 in 2018. She was in a video in a limo with him on the way to his birthday party in 2018. I think normloveletters posted it as a story.

No. 963033

File: 1587499773861.jpg (55.57 KB, 503x604, o6PhNIN.jpg)

Could be Emily McEnroe as well. She was seen with him at chateau marmont in early 2018.

No. 963034

Why do y'all think shay.anne was his gf (for a week, hehe)?
There is as much proof for her as for Madelyn.
Strange texts on fb don't mean anything.
A m&g photo, okay. There are many girls with m&g photos.

No. 963049

None of these women were girlfriends (other than Lindsay). He just had sex with them and was stringing them along with lies. Shay Anne cleaned up her Facebook, but she was on tour with him and planned to visit him after the tour but he was back with Lindsay by then. She is delusional like Madelyn in the way she professed her love and worship of him at the time, but Shay Anne moved on. He seems to like having a few women around at the same time. Lies to everyone about everything.

No. 963052

Omg she was also 27 in 2018 like moresweettea

No. 963057

Jfc, so 3 known side chicks so far in early 2018. Just think of how many more to get us to the present.

No. 963094

I don't trust Mansonisabusive's timeline. Lindsay never fully left social media during that time, especially during all the drama. There were new photos of her and Manson always surfacing. She got rid of her PUBLIC account but according to my own eyes she always had some social media account, even if it was set on private and not followed by Manson. It's been years but it was assumed that she had social media somewhere on ig and that some fans had access to it because we would randomly get new selfies or photos of them together. We would also get some of her more "personal" photography, her in lingerie and all of that. Photos that she has never posted on her public account but somehow got leaked out.

No. 963103

File: 1587508157914.jpg (56.25 KB, 720x717, go1Zc1N.jpg)

I am not the one you are responding to but I see what you mean, anon. The thing is she didn't have an accout but she created fakes or one-day accounts to leak photos. Like these two pics she leaked via her fake. I believe Manson was talking about them to fearless >>958736 (second in the first line)
And let's not forget her mom always had her IG and, as posted in the previous thread, her mom leaks Lindsay's photos both on Instagram and on Twitter.

No. 963104

File: 1587508189164.jpg (60.16 KB, 640x606, 5GJW0qF.jpg)

the second

No. 963105

File: 1587508247918.jpg (43.39 KB, 708x708, IMG_20200421_152330_587.jpg)

Madelyn gets hate because she's went above and beyond in comparison to the other women. She has been caught harassing other women he pays attention to behind fake accounts and continues to harass people he talks to even today. They're harsh with her and not the others because the other women moved on with life, took their losses and never harassed or attempted to hurt anyone or slander them.

This woman has decided to take a particularly nasty approach to the drama and she's a narcissist and insanely insecure. Her goal was to tear everyone down with her and I wouldn't be surprised if SHE was the anonymous person messaging Jordan, Gabriella and Clare about him.

Her goal was to take out all the side chicks around him during that time (Clare. Gabriella. Jordan. Courtlyn.)

And now she's after Lindsay.(ban evasion)

No. 963106


I mean I am not a kind of a detective here but the account which leaked this photos was new and didn't post anything but these two photos. I am 99,9999% positive it was her fake.

No. 963110

Yes. However, they were delicately circulated around instagram. I never saw any screenshots of these photos being posted BY her. They were always released by random larger fan accounts and the nature would normally be something like "oh look how cute they are!! <3"

I was always under the impression that she's chats with certain fan accounts and releases certain photos, gives permission to repost as updates.

No. 963112

ffs, if catsanddevils is her, she doesn't even believe MM was ever interested in them.
C'mon, get her a thread and go live happily and spam about her.
Even if she had something going with MM, there is NOTHING about her that can contribute to the thread. Let's just bring here every mentally ill fanatic of Manson? I'd rather discuss Teena Byrd, really.
Just stop. Anon was right, anons shouldn't be giving her space. That's derailment. Her war starts and ends on her Twitter and lame fakes. She is obviously not the one who created fakes.
'She's after Lindsay' sounds like bs. Lindsay harassed girls and was involved in drugging them and sexual assault, yet you care about her so much.

No. 963114

Agreed. Espcially after Russian anon posted about their conversation with a fan account.

No. 963120

>Lindsay harassed girls and was involved in drugging them and sexual assault, yet you care about her so much.

You mean Lindsay drugged the girls and abused them together with Manson? How do you know?

No. 963123

The previous thread is all yours anon.

No. 963125

No offense, Anon but she is technically ON topic. If you scroll up and read you'll see there's a collection of screenshots posted by her and messages with her and Lindsay. If she was legit enough to make it to mansonisabusive she's legit enough to be posted about on here. We also use some of her information provided to validate other stories of other girls. Is she an annoying topic? Fuck yes. But unfortunately the delusional bitch is a piece to the puzzle to some extent and should be monitored not only because shes hilarious and fun to make fun of but also because she's unhinged and might just give us what we want.(ban evasion)

No. 963127

Keep Madelyn on the back burner. He hasn't announced his engagement yet officially and once he does, we might get some milk because the girl will have no issue releasing every inch of dirt she has on Lindsay. I have a feeling we might get some anon screenshot submissions(ban evasion)

No. 963130

Okay.. I agree, sorry for my evident annoyance.

No. 963162

She desperately wants to be on topic but she’s not. She has not a shred of evidence she can provide because she is in fact a delusional bitch. She submitted some screenshots. Big deal. There’s nothing else. Let’s stop giving this narcissistic, pathological lying, bully the attention she wants.

No. 963167

I doubt Manson will make an official engagement announcement, I recall reading here that a fan account (?) talked to Lindsay and they’re supposedly keeping it on the down low. Something like once they’re married it’ll be known.

I do think Madelyn will flip out once their marriage is public knowledge, will probably talk all kinds of shit about Lindsay. What will she do for the rest of her life when her delusional fantasy is officially shattered.

No. 963195

File: 1587519351104.jpeg (510.29 KB, 750x1171, 8702D83E-A53A-461C-B3B3-E8FCA0…)

I’ve always wondered how @realrachelwoods IG is connected to Manson. Did she appear in a photo or video with him once? It’s a connection that goes back years, and for real she seems like another batshit fan, but I’ve never quite worked it out.

No. 963226

File: 1587522643481.jpeg (551.26 KB, 1073x1598, 5116A2A8-1E3C-455F-B408-065F6A…)

She’s never done anything official with Manson but says they’re friends. She met him as a fan and I don’t believe their friendship goes much beyond that.


No. 963276

If they are friends, she wouldn’t be paying for meet and greets.

No. 963328

File: 1587550537007.jpeg (421.79 KB, 750x1177, 528651DD-DF4C-4921-AEF0-3B35FD…)

Her filter use is a crime against humanity.

No. 963339

She’s crazy. She once posted in a story that her and mansons dad were friends and sent each other Christmas cards every year. She went from just over 1000 followers to over 70k in the space of a few weeks, possibly paid for because her content is dire. She puts fake digital lashes on all of her pictures. States is friends and often hints about more yet pays for a meet & greet. She’s obsessed. Spread a rumour about herself that she is one of the nuns in the IKEYFL video then got defensive when asked about it

No. 963343

Another crazy girl around Manson? Strange. lmao

No. 963352

How does he attract delusional crazies?

No. 963366

File: 1587560754515.jpeg (38.34 KB, 640x184, C1549207-8B5E-4C6D-B05E-A154CE…)

Here’s some milk on Rachel…Courtlyn sent a video to a troll account and said it was Manson’s penis. Troll reposted and Rachel commented

No. 963367



Samefag here. Yeah, that all makes sense, that’s about what I’ve gathered. Just wondered if anyone knew of a genuine connection. She’s cosy (online) with Laura Lucas, wife of old MM & Spooky Kids drummer, Sarah Lee Lucas. You can smell the crazy on her from miles away, also. I once unfollowed Laura on IG and she was pissed off as fuck about it. Was really weird. Now I’m kind of stuck with her forever lest the weird DMs come sliding back in.

No. 963368

Ooh thanks anon.
I doubt very much this is true…she’s whacko. Her IG photos and awful singing clips, oh and the tragic lyrics, pretty much confirm it. Kek.

No. 963369

File: 1587560894909.jpeg (4.92 KB, 331x76, C69F3B23-BF30-4BCC-A73F-49173C…)

Here’s Courtlyn saying what it was.

No. 963370

Thanks again.
Any more milk you’d like to send this way? More of this convo perhaps?

No. 963371

File: 1587561068128.jpeg (163.59 KB, 938x764, 7235D7DB-37B5-45E5-B085-8CFF93…)

Rachel commenting on an article about Manson’s penis size.

No. 963373

File: 1587561247737.jpeg (195.26 KB, 1254x610, 056E8216-9A35-4D43-A88C-856B50…)

A fan posted a story about hanging with him in Australia. Rachel commented that she wound up on his bed too.

No. 963374

File: 1587561411725.jpeg (102.35 KB, 640x737, 06200F1B-27EB-4533-9638-17BD84…)

More milk on fan in Australia. He gave her a shirt to wear.

No. 963377

I never spoke to her so I don’t have the convo. I think someone posted all the Courtlyn milk. I don’t want to get yelled at for reposting stuff that was already posted.

No. 963382

In the last she said they met on his tour bus and he told her she had a mouth perfect for blowjobs

Also stated she bought her friend a m&g but they fell out and that Manson knows all about it and is pissed

Dream world much

No. 963401

Thanks anon. You wouldn’t get yelled at. We only seem to shout about Madelyn here. lol.

No. 963406

File: 1587564574611.jpeg (316.33 KB, 649x687, E2727B30-873A-4476-9028-D71CA6…)

Hotter than Dita TM

No. 963429

This must be the penis video I saw. I've been commenting about it but no one can produce it. It was posted with a video of him covering Lilith Levisis's tit, videos of Liliths friends in Manson's house and posted on a throwaway account.

No. 963430

No one posted the Courtlyn stuff on this thread or the previous one. Someone should post the screenshots because she was mentioned but never any detail

No. 963440

Probably because he’s crazy and kind of invites it by having sex with his fans. It happens enough that people like Rachel can spread rumors and be somewhat believable.

No. 963442

File: 1587568918166.jpeg (157.92 KB, 1541x674, EE2F12A6-CF26-48E4-B9BE-54F0F5…)

Friendly with Madelyn, not surprised. lol

No. 963452

Rachel doesn’t follow Madelyn anymore. I guess 2 fantasists and get on

No. 963458

His dick size mystery is no longer a mystery, watch we know where you fucking live.

That realrachelwoods was hating on Lindsay, than licking her ass, then hating again and now she's back to licking.
And she was a little bit clumsy in her face a few years ago. Sorry for my bad English and the adjective choice, lol.

No. 963462

Your are welcome to post more, even if it repeats the old thread, it's completely fine, we never gave Courtlyn enough space, lol.

No. 963463

File: 1587573770030.jpeg (719.66 KB, 828x1378, 2CDE5D13-2F9D-4C94-BB26-DC889C…)

The Xmas cards with Hugh

No. 963467

File: 1587574593216.jpeg (338.58 KB, 1526x1080, 02E3FC6D-3612-4848-9DE7-6EA4CB…)

Wait a minute, I noticed something about Madelyn’s timeline. If she moved to LA in 2014 at age 19, and claims she met Manson July 15, 2013, that would make her 18 (?) when she supposedly hooked up with him. Also, that means she wasn’t living in LA yet when they met.
I know she’s delusional but her timeline is sketch.

No. 963474

I remember she posted on Twitter something like 'I am moving to LA for you' soo.. there are rumors she's no longer in LA, though.

No. 963504

July 15, 2013 Manson was on tour in Charlotte, NC. So if her story is true, she met him at a concert when she was 18.

Kind of creepy she moved across the country to live near him, especially since she can’t seem to produce any proof and the rest of her story is sus.


No. 963510

File: 1587578231709.jpg (63.68 KB, 750x725, wIUdTat.jpg)

I did some research on Twitter and found that account, it had replies to mina lowry so it was not so difficult to find them. It is probably the same girl who ran mina lowry.
There are a few screenshots about Courtlyn.
She said they were shooting for The Seven Day Binge.

Courtlyn was asking where the stalker had got the photo from, it means she didn't leak or post it. Any ideas?

No. 963512

File: 1587578286428.jpg (50.04 KB, 750x625, 3ofvIhH.jpg)

Courtlyn Cannan

No. 963515

File: 1587578358493.jpg (31.71 KB, 640x640, HBR727R.jpg)

and the photo

In the previous thread there was one more photo, posted from Titti's account.
Did Titti own it? The footage I mean.

No. 963520

File: 1587578625470.jpg (38.41 KB, 512x253, qGV60rn.jpg)

One more girl in 2015? Jessicka Knotts?

No. 963793

I still don't understand why all girls who had a thing with him felt the need to write an essay afterwards. If shit was so bad with him why didn't they go to the police? Gabriella, Jordan, etc.
I suppose they were scared of him and his lawyers etc. But then again, leaking DMs and writing essays about him abusing and using them is pretty much the same as testifying against him. I feel like most of them just want attention. Apart from Evan and Esme. Obviously they didn't name him, but everyone knows it can only be him.

No. 963805

I obviously can't answer for them but I think they're exposing him because he travels the world and has access to a lot of women. If he only did it to one person it wouldnt be a big deal. However, he's done it many times and now it's considered a habit that women should consider when getting involved with him

No. 963814

Yeah, but wouldn't it make more sense to talk to the media or even police about it instead of leaking pics and DMs on Instagram or writing a blog essay? Like, do they genuinely want to stop him using more girls or do they just want to (low-key) brag about the fact they had a thing with MM?

I'm amazed that not many people (especially mm fans) know about all this side chick + abuse drama. Not blaming the side chicks, but if they genuinely wanted to expose him they would've taken different and more extreme actions. Just my two cents.

No. 963823

That’s if he media would report it. Lexa Vonn, though her allegations are debated, filed a formal police report and as far as I know nothing was reported by the media.

I believe some of his victims are restrained under a NDA, Ashley Walters and Ashley Morgan come to mind.

In the case of Jordan, it sounds like Manson’s behavior was more douchey then outright criminal.

No. 963880

He didn't do anything illegal to the girls who spoke publicly, like Jordan or Lola. It's not illegal to pickup a girl, to tell her you are in love, have sex with her and leave her. Jordan hinted he may abuse other girls tho.
I think he was abusing Lindsay since he even admitted she was locked in that room but she's still with him and obviously wants to marry him.

No. 963889

File: 1587615792439.jpeg (60.77 KB, 924x586, 70AC16A4-8843-47AE-A316-2B1B7B…)

Anyone have the Lindsay tweet about Scott’s cancer? I have these Jessicka tweets about it

No. 963890

File: 1587615830763.jpeg (63.37 KB, 908x578, 52E71258-5953-405E-B4E5-98B60B…)

No. 963892

File: 1587615875541.jpeg (64.48 KB, 931x578, 1B282610-4273-491C-B01F-0A15DE…)

No. 963893

File: 1587615921607.jpeg (69.4 KB, 918x563, BCE6ACCF-AA5A-4BBE-AC1C-3126AD…)

No. 963894

File: 1587615959087.jpeg (61.04 KB, 933x571, E2017966-36E0-49C9-9376-772639…)

No. 963896

File: 1587616113902.jpeg (59.05 KB, 1095x656, 8070C9C3-888C-4D76-A1BA-8D4DC0…)

Photo has been posted before but here is the original tweet

No. 963898

File: 1587616385510.jpeg (63.54 KB, 756x384, D62E20B8-B24B-4EF3-9E6A-102E81…)

2013 Facebook post notes Lindsay as his fiancee. Amy is Doug Stanhope’s girlfriend. She referred to Lindsay as Manson’s fiance. IDK what all this fiance stuff is about back in 2013. Secret engagement? Then he goes and sleeps with a hundred women.

No. 963902

If anyone has that dick video, I'd love to see it. ;)(;))

No. 963903

How would a seatbelt do that?

No. 963916

No. 963932

Looks like photoshop. Her ring and tattoo are photoshopped. She has what looks like 3 upside down crosses tattooed on that finger but she photoshopped them into idk wtf that is but maybe a heart?

No. 963933

The dick video Courtlyn sent the troll kept getting taken down by Instagram so I don’t think you’ll find it on there.

No. 963935

She was not on tour with him that time tho. It was a summer tour in Russia in 2014. She wasn't there. He met there Alyona Makeeva and Jennifer Aster and many fangirls. Fangirls posted many pictures with him together in insta and Lindsay harassed them after that. But funny fact both Alyona neither Jennifer didn't post anything on insta in 2014. Alyona posted a lot of pictures with him together in the hotel taken in 2012 and in 2014 on vk, russian social network. There's a video of him together with Jennifer on mansonsource. But I don't think Lindsay knew he met those girls in 2014 lol.

No. 963952

In sexual abuse cases, it can be very difficult to press charges, especially if a lot of time has passed and there's a lack of physical evidence. The police don't always handle things as best they should and can ask a lot of victim blaming questions. Look at how long it took for Harvey Weinstein to be punished, and he had dozens of women speaking out. Trials can take years, and the whole process is traumatic for victims. Not everyone wants to go through all that. Add on the fact that he's famous and you'd also have to deal with his crazy fanbase coming after you. And emotional abuse is not illegal in most places. The shitty justice system is pretty much why the MeToo movement exists. And to call out shitty behaviour that may be wrong but not illegal. Posting on social media is better than doing nothing, imo.

No. 963953

I saw the video but I don't understand what's going on there.

No. 963956

Imo tricking girls so they would have sex with you isn't much better than sexual coercion. He says he loves them and promises them to go out, to live together so they will sleep with him. Definitely not Cosby case, sex is consensual, it is not illegal but idk. It's like trapping girls who trusted him.

No. 963966

Not defending him, but lots of ppl do that. Women too. It doesn't make it right but it's not our business who he fucks.

No. 963972

> it's not our business who he fucks.
Are you lost? This is a gossip forum.

No. 963983

If we want to be honest, it's not even our business if he abuses the girls. These are his problems and if one day there is real evidence of guilt against him, he will have to deal with justice. But that doesn't mean people can't talk about it.

No. 963999

ERW and Esme went to the police and mother of Jennifer Syme filed a lawsuit against Manson but she didn't win the case.

No. 964008

I didn't mean ERW and Esme. What Marilyn Manson allegedly did to ERW, Esme and Jennifer is illegal. I mean such girls as Jordan, Lola or Courtlyn Cannan. Manson didn't do anything illegal to them. "Tricking" girls to get them laid, manipulations including fake promises and lie, even emotional abuse ain't illegal. As long as he didn't coerce them or threatened them. It will be considered as consensual sex.

No. 964015

That’s some Dandy reasoning there. I remember reading an article about lying to get someone to have sex with you is a crime in some states in the US.

No. 964017

But he's Marilyn Manson. It's not fair.

No. 964019


It means only that it's easier for him than for an average guy. Think of fan girls he has sex with on tour. Isn't it an abuse of a power?

I'm not saying it's ok. He's a big POS. I'm just saying why they probably didn't go to the police. Maybe it's still legal in California, idk.

No. 964026

Lying to get laid, amorous shit talking and multiple cheating, even making a girl into a Dita's skinwalker is not illegal. These are signs of an asshole with abusive tendencies. Being an asshole is not illegal. He was an asshole with many of his girls, including Gabriella, Clare, Courtlyn, Amie, the list continues.

Drugging, cutting with a knife, raping and locking somewhere without consent and talking how he could kill her entire family is illegal. It's physical abuse, and those who perform that should be taken to court and sentenced. He's done that to one girl for sure - Evan Rachel Wood. Unfortunately, there's SoT that didn't let her kick his ass.

Manson belongs to both assholes and sentence-deserving abusers.

No. 964027

What did he do to Jennifer? Did he drive her car? Did he force her?
If she took drugs at his party and got in a car crash, it's a hello typical addict death (apart from OD). Stupid, unexpected and with false blaming on everybody but not the addict.

No. 964028

File: 1587647175631.jpeg (117.07 KB, 750x480, 5DD21C50-0B9D-4493-938E-F6FF5A…)

From an article about rape by deception. It is a crime in some states.

No. 964030

"Being an asshole isn't illegal" is Jessicka's catchphrase.

No. 964032

Where's fraud in his case? Or deception (how do they prove it in court?).
I don't think he ever told them he is a producer in Hollywood and he'll make them into a red carpet super star.
He hooked them by saying 'want you in my video' and we already saw footage with Courtlyn and Gabriella. He probably didn't lie and the videos just never made it to the public.
I would love to see a case where the argument would be 'it's a rape bc he lied about his love because he was seeing 100+ other girls'. Lol.

No. 964033

Idk how to comment on that anon. If you really wish, you can call me Jessicka. Whatever makes you happy, tbh.

No. 964034

Looks like Madelyn has been cowtipping to M’s gang of enablers. Out in full force. Not surprised.

No. 964035

The real issue is that he's emotionally abusive, controlling, manipulative, uses his position of power as a rockstar to exploit fangirls, and has been accused of rape, sexual assault, domestic violence and gaslighting by multiple women. Your focus on him telling lies and making girls upset sounds a lot like nitpicking, there's more to it than that.

No. 964036

What footage was Gabriella in? I never saw any video.

No. 964037

She posted she would spend her summer holidays filing Judd/Manson. Probably never happened. I didn't post that post if her here because it was part of her abuse story.

No. 964038

File: 1587648679830.jpeg (69.42 KB, 750x376, 8046711F-2756-4CCC-9C00-CB4F9E…)

See 1st post which has this as the topic. Defending him is not milk.

No. 964039

I said it's tricky to prove in court because basically it all starts with lying, that was my point.
I deliberately highlighted Evan because she is the one who could get him in trouble 100%, she had and still has evidence but hello SoL. (Well, okay, maybe + Ashley Morgan and Esme)

The video was never released, there was a piece of footage (= a photo) in the last thread.

No. 964042

There are photos of Courtlyn in a video. No photos of Gabriella in a video.

No. 964047

He promised LKB he would help her career in Hollywood, she posted about it and she had receipts.

No. 964055

I was following her private account. She never said who abused her. I DM her and she said she was being harassed from someone in the past so posted the photo to get rid of the stalker.

No. 964058

I was sure it was posted, if not, okay, I will post it later.

Could you post it here? I never got to read her abuse case and idk how to find her Twitter and Instagram. Is it closed?

I was following 666fearless, I posted the caps. She was talking about Judd, Manson and that crazy girl Manson sent to harass her.
What her private account do you mean?

No. 964060

File: 1587650069242.jpeg (78.93 KB, 750x409, 06D6593F-6E3E-4813-8D41-0BC4D3…)

This is Vicky. Lindsay posted her phone number and email on Twitter.

No. 964062

Her account was private.

No. 964065

What do you mean by private? Personal? Not 666fearless?

No. 964068

Private means you have to follow the person to see their posts. Go look at her account. You have to ask to follow her. Her posts were not public. I followed her but she got rid of all her followers.

No. 964069

Says can’t load media, what was it?

No. 964072

You could message LKB directly, she's friendly and has a lot of milk on him.

No. 964073

I told you, I followed her too. I posted some of her content. She was talking about Judd, Manson and his flying monkey when she was talking about being abused. In addition, anons posted her comments with Judd/Manson abuse allegations again.

No. 964077

It’s a video Manson posted. If it won’t load, then he blocked you.

No. 964079

What is this video?

No. 964080

She responded to my DM saying the abuse reporting was about someone from her past who was stalking her for awhile. I’m not going to post private DMs about it. Maybe if she is murdered then I will post like mansonisabusive showed some respect and waited until after Amie died to post her DMs.

No. 964084

The video is in the Instagram link posted above. You can’t upload a video to this site directly. Click on the link anon posted and you can watch the video unless he blocked you. He doesn’t even block troll accounts so idk why you would be blocked.

No. 964152


>Lindsay posted her phone number and email on Twitter.

Any receipts? 'cause this is fucked up.

No. 964162

Her mother accused him of supplying her daughter drugs, then Jennifer left, Manson allegedly called her, instructed her to drive a car and come back to his house. Junkie or not it's giving someone drugs is technically illegal.

No. 964166

He was accused or implied of rape, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, stalking by many woman (Evan, Esme, Ashley Morgan, Ashley Walters etc including Jessicka). Online bullying and defamation of Lindsay Usich is also illegal.

No. 964168

Just to be fair he was saying them that he loves them and made them think he wants serious relationship.

No. 964185

File: 1587667154207.jpg (31.08 KB, 604x341, nXv9kok.jpg)

I think that's a "piece of footage" >>964039 you are talking about. This is from a video Manson supposedly made with Gabriella. There must be one more with two black lines (up and bottom), I have seen it too but that's the "nearest" I found.

What's the point of not posting fearless's abuse story? Anons already summarized it btw, you could just post the proof.

No. 964211

File: 1587668080354.jpeg (86.78 KB, 1086x696, 49A340AF-811B-45CC-94A3-F4ABCA…)

She’s referring to Lindsay, is there any truth to this?

No. 964212

NOT from a seatbelt. Correct me if I'm wrong:

1. a plane seatbelt buckles at your waist and the belt is an inorganic shape. Even if it did hit her the impact would focus in only one spot and not circle around like that.

2. A car seat belt couldn't do that damage either, it's even lighter than the plane buckle.

3. The bruise is in 3 diff phases of healing meaning there's a part of the hit that was more forceful than the other parts. This would only happen if someone balled up their fist.

Yeah the rest of her eye isn't bruised but it looks like she turned her head before he hit he'd and it got her cheekbone instead of her eye directly.

No. 964223

It seems like he asked her to make it public knowledge that it was a "seatbelt" that bruised her eye. She rarely posts photos of her self, she's not famous so no one is catching her out in public like that. He probably told her to say that so theyll have something to say to their friends when they realize she has a black eye.

No. 964263

I think that type of accusation is extremely hard to prove because you'd have to be the one she said to or audiorecord it. But since Lindsay is Manson's gf I personally think it could be.

Now I want to know why she posted that.

> She rarely posts photos of her self

It may be now, but a few years ago she posted herself a lot.

> He probably told her to say that so theyll have something to say to their friends when they realize she has a black eye.

Why wouldn't they do the same with the scars on her hand? 'I was gardening and accidentally cut my hand suicidelike'

No. 964266

How old is this pic? Year? 2014?

No. 964273

It was posted in june 2014.

No. 964319

Lindsay doesn't post photos with Manson's face because the latter is apparently high af 24\7.
Machine Gun Kelly facetimed with him, Manson could barely speak and look into the camera.
The song he requested gives me dissing Lindsay vibes, idk, I am probably biased already.

>While Facetiming with Manson, Kelly told him, "I'm doing these song covers for fun and I need a song request. What are you thinking?" Manson pointedly replied, "Rihanna … 'Love on the Brain,'" with Kelly initially offering a shocked, "What?" before Manson reiterated his request and told Kelly to "Kill it."

Read More: Machine Gun Kelly Covers Rihanna at Marilyn Manson's Request | https://loudwire.com/machine-gun-kelly-covers-rihanna-marilyn-manson-request/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

The full video is at MGK ig.

No. 964416

Um ….sorry but the fearless story needs to be posted on here.

Both Fearless and Mansonisabusive have both posted private screenshots and private conversations between either them and Manson or them conversing with side chicks. Whether both accounts got permission to release these conversations is debatable. As far as I'm concerned Jordan Arentz is one of the only few people that shared her experience publicly like this and everyone else got outed because of leaked screenshots of private conversations.

How is it morally okay to post the stories of other women but fail to disclose your own?

No. 964465

File: 1587693283066.jpeg (56.34 KB, 559x691, FC38BA12-C8A9-43FC-93B6-997B74…)

I found some of Emma’s posts and Rachel commenting to Emma lol

No. 964466

File: 1587693309726.jpeg (78.6 KB, 640x501, A9C283CA-9FAA-4757-AE3E-75D988…)

No. 964467

File: 1587693441161.jpeg (123.82 KB, 640x696, 4278971B-F379-47B0-ADF6-54CBC5…)

No. 964468

File: 1587693506623.jpeg (71.03 KB, 640x689, 43EE623A-3E5D-46DB-B330-507B82…)

No. 964469

File: 1587693547115.jpeg (96.3 KB, 640x700, 9F3870CF-CD76-465F-AF67-ECF19A…)

No. 964470

File: 1587693623461.jpeg (79.83 KB, 552x649, 09FC21E1-BCF3-4EA2-874A-4E84C5…)

No. 964472

File: 1587694402136.jpeg (294.26 KB, 750x1105, 9B5CAE0C-8CF5-404E-A3C7-A8C934…)

Here’s another one who traveled with him on tour lol

No. 964473

File: 1587694984207.jpeg (229.84 KB, 750x1166, AF624FC3-05F5-46AC-8CB5-4A257A…)

She was with him in Canada March 2015. Lexus in Las Vegas Valentine’s Day 2015 then that woman in Australia then this one, then back to Lindsay. Then there was Lola Blanc, Clare, Gabriella, etc… I forgot he said on Nikki Sixx’s radio show in January 2015 that he was with a porn star getting lessons or something earlier that day or day before. I think Charlotte Stokely? There are probably others in 2015.

No. 964508

Why do you guys insist on bringing this chick up? Above there's a screenshot of her flat out saying they weren't involved, she's friends with his dad, currently in a relationship and that she knows nothing about his personal life or side chicks.

I got jumped on for bringing up Madelyn yet this chick gets brought up and has nothing to do with this thread other than the fact she's a personal friend of the cow.

No. 964524

Someone said he denied knowing her. Why would he deny that if nothing was going on? Idk but seems like they’re lying. He def knows her and if she works for Hugh or him, why is she bragging like a teen fan and following him to shows without Hugh? Just milk showing she wasn’t just an employee. But believe what you want. I won’t post the rest of the milk on her and him then.

No. 964528

Cow lied “I have no idea who that is. Didn’t meet her.”

No. 964557

There's a picture of her and Manson being in bed together. It does not matter what she lied to mansonisabusive, the reality is different.

No. 964558

File: 1587715890450.jpeg (181.19 KB, 750x1000, 5CE5FC62-C6B2-4233-8F8B-F844D5…)

Ewww. 2018

No. 964559

You are welcome to post.

No. 964649

Jesus shitting christ, uwu thanks for letting me give you a boner. That's her set for life she can die happy now.

No. 964664

Wheres this photo?

No. 964666

Lol so fucking useless. Standard meet and greet bullshit.

No. 964671

File: 1587744888538.jpeg (433.58 KB, 1536x1082, 33CA7F2C-61F6-4BB8-9A39-5DED3F…)

This whole interview is fucked.
Another quote, “I remember having a message board early on in my career in my website, which I found amusing. One of the things I did was hire somebody who had an anti-Marilyn Manson website, and I tricked him into becoming my webmaster. And then I waited for him to try to get, you know, this self-indulgent, pseudo-celebrity feeling by being the webmaster of a website, feeling like he had some sort of importance, and then I just crushed him by blaming all the problems that went wrong on it on him.“


No. 964684

Lol, everything she told you about her and Marilyn is one big lie. I was watching the drama, and she had a lot of photos with him. If I had caps and posted them here, nobody would question if Marilyn fucked her. I wish I had taken caps.

this >>960697 and this >>960699

No. 964686

>she's friends with his dad, currently in a relationship
I wish I knew why you think she is currently in relationship because her instagram and twitter are private. wink

No. 964707

File: 1587751419164.jpeg (358.44 KB, 1093x1548, 17E8CAB9-3723-4C7F-B538-1EAB05…)

Ok.. lol
Manson was amazing, he was seriously fucked up and I was worried about his performance.

No. 964716

There's a man in her profile pic. I put two and two together. I don't know that for sure but I have my man as my profile pic so I assume other women do the same?

No. 964717

Lol anon, ofc not every woman does that.

No. 964733

File: 1587757855942.jpg (639.9 KB, 3032x1402, gf7G4ek.jpg)

No. 964739

I wonder if Manson made her recant it. Evan said he was very controlling, threatened people who might expose him, and monitored her phone and computer.

No. 964753

Evan said the source isn't close to her then that it's someone who isn't a part of her life anymore. It's sketchy.

No. 964768

File: 1587764403687.jpeg (175.88 KB, 750x1075, 6609B78A-2C08-4D61-B96C-F7ED71…)

I think ‘joined him on tour’ translates as she went to a couple of local-ish dates after being picked as one of the group of meet and greet girls who gets the golden ticket (and ends up sleeping with a roadie). Also, the whole thing about Manson being there for her, getting her through stuff etc…another translation…his music helped her indulge in edge lord teenage woe.

No. 964769

File: 1587764529885.jpeg (64.53 KB, 750x703, A02EFB88-7C8A-4D8C-A946-4CF881…)

Am I right in thinking that the account she’s replying to was one of Lindsay’s?
Wonder if there was ever a comment to reply to, or she’s just trying to start shit. I’m sure the Manson comment was just throwaway, in passing.

No. 964771

File: 1587764631453.jpeg (240.32 KB, 748x1197, 0460A634-F280-4078-B147-E7EB50…)


No. 964784

If I am not mistaken, thebitchwasetc was hating on Lindsay? They were searching for Manson's side chicks to make Lindsay depressed.

No. 964791

Ahh okay you’re right. I couldn’t quite remember.

No. 964794

Am I missing something here? She looks like ERW +15 years + a minor stroke.

Is this not Evan? Is it? Am I missing the joke?

No. 964821

File: 1587770321945.jpeg (451.55 KB, 750x1096, 2E9B22DB-B125-4E92-A355-D39159…)

It’s the fan from the M&G that this anon >>964707 capped. She’s terrifying. Kek. Note the hashtags.

No. 964875

This chick isn't legit at all. I was around during 2016 and she would use the lindsayusich tag on her photos making her pop up on that tag a lot. She's some super fan and overall just plain trashy. I wouldn't be surprised if she's posting these screenshots herself.

Her story about being asked to go on tour is most likely fabricated. She's probably a super fan and followed the tour on her own. If ANYTHING she was used as a dancer like Lilith.

Romantic relationship? I doubt it. She's not exactly his type (dark hair pale skin) she's part African American.

No. 964879

Exactly. Considering she's African American or at least half, I have a hard time believing he talked to her in any romantic way. She was probably a tag along that got invited only wit her mega pale, super goth friend (someone like Lilith, Gabriella, lindsay)

No. 964886

Didn't he fuck an African American girl?

No. 964888

File: 1587780147103.jpeg (191.86 KB, 724x1160, 5C2DD5B0-C672-4970-8DD4-745D2A…)

Caps from his tour manager, @durtymick. Sleaze trying to take the moral high ground, or are we all wrong about how sleaze his orbiters are?

No. 964889

File: 1587780173446.jpeg (137.49 KB, 724x932, C024021E-734C-431E-8924-371C04…)

No. 964900

I mean we don't know his personal history beyond what gets posted online but I've NEVER seen any African American women posting from his house lol.

No. 964908

I think Mick and those particular women are both sleazy. Whore island. kek

No. 964909

File: 1587783111428.jpg (261.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200424-195039_Ins…)

I guess Madelyn found out about the proposal news.

I probably sound like a broken record here but are we SURE no one wants to get her help? Because lol

No. 964914

How did this post lead to the conclusion that not all men are pigs? Manson probably called them that in the first place, lmao.

No. 964955

Gabriella’s father is African American.

No. 964956

File: 1587795206818.jpeg (74.5 KB, 640x590, E296C65C-FEA0-4D26-A19E-961024…)


No. 964957

File: 1587795340845.jpeg (78.04 KB, 640x529, 80425F8F-F021-4065-8913-026EFC…)

I found this

No. 964958

File: 1587795474232.jpeg (79.76 KB, 640x328, 62BDED96-975E-4F89-9C38-9996D8…)

Found a Lindsay rant and photo with Lohan.

No. 964964

File: 1587796659201.jpeg (266.98 KB, 1548x616, BEB0A422-4E76-4E0B-AFE2-034E00…)

I know skin tone can be deceiving, but I would never guess.

No. 964969

File: 1587798243178.jpeg (467.51 KB, 1082x1776, 56BDA36B-7148-43F0-B476-4CC04A…)

Maybe, but I’m skeptical.

No. 964970

Where did you find that?

No. 964979

Oh lawd she a comin’

Anon where did you manage to dig that up?

No. 964986

She had a photo with her father posted way back when and someone found her brother’s ig and photos of her with her brother. She even commented on her photo with her father something about how most people can’t tell she’s half African American. I didn’t ss it.

No. 964987

Insta. Old screens.

No. 964990

Not edited? Lol
The most stupid way to deal with stalkers is to post their ig accounts for your followers. She could block them but nope, I think she wanted the drama.
Anon did Manson ever address her haters?

No. 965032

That bruise is like 2-3 weeks old. She had got it before he went on tour in Russia and in fact she wasn't with him there that time.

No. 965036


So then he probably didn't do it. Who else could've? Makeup? Is that her "proof" that could ruin his career if he broke up with her?

No. 965037

It just means it wasn't a seatbelt and she got a bruise not right after the tour but 2 weeks before. He still could do it.

No. 965040

But if he was on your, how did he? Not saying he didn't, it's just hard to think of a way he could've done it from Russia, when she's in L.A.(?). Judd?

No. 965041

He was on tour just 3-4 days. Afaik it was a festival.

No. 965042

File: 1587821808841.jpg (94.09 KB, 1080x684, H3MF2ao.jpg)

It lasted 3 days. Add 2 days for travelling to Russia, so 4-5 days.

No. 965051

I think i have a ss. She actually said her father is half African American and white, so she is a quarter.

No. 965060

File: 1587823513864.jpeg (45.68 KB, 750x250, A50967D7-34F6-4D90-9255-B3B718…)

He followed 1 and liked a post but I dunno what the post said.

No. 965062

File: 1587823653489.jpeg (78.06 KB, 750x1334, 1E160181-26A7-416B-9F6A-BC0D73…)

Photo has weird looking stuff. Photoshop?

No. 965064

File: 1587823789525.png (826.13 KB, 750x1334, 7F20BE68-9382-4441-B12A-19C4E3…)

Finger tattoo and ring is photoshop.

No. 965079

File: 1587826548310.jpg (151.66 KB, 1200x919, yDnyv6p.jpg)

She actually had a ring and a tattoo. I've found several photos where you can see them.

No. 965080

File: 1587826623113.jpg (33.08 KB, 337x449, lmnhLLJ.jpg)

No. 965082

File: 1587826747206.jpg (54.08 KB, 540x720, DvCxkhU.jpg)

No. 965083

Can someone explain why Lindsay buys followers? She's gained ~15k in three days. It was 35k and is about 52k now.
It's evident she buys them, the engagement is very bad though. It's as she buys followers but forgets about likes.
Does she want to get verified? She's not a celeb, nobody is interested in her. Vanity fair.

No. 965107

File: 1587830728654.jpeg (208.32 KB, 1407x1109, 93ED9CFB-CE6E-4D28-BA1B-2787A5…)

You’re right, her new followers look fake.

No. 965114

File: 1587832358119.jpeg (540.99 KB, 1531x1383, B700429E-9AA6-480C-A2A0-802488…)

She probably buys them because she posts content like this, barely literate ramblings. lol I assume she wants to get verified.

No. 965130

She gained followers because he tagged her and j depp in his machinegunkelly selfie he posted a few days ago.

No. 965145

Mm tags her regularly but she's been gaining that many followers only these several days. Previously the biggest number she got over a week was 2000.

No. 965147

The second pic is creepy af

No. 965150

That’s doubtful for 15k in 3 days. Many of her new followers are bots. >>965107
If you click on them, they all post similar photos and have low followers/followings.

No. 965169

Lindsay and Ashley are twin sisters but Ashley looks like a normal alive woman and Lindsay looks like a doll.

No. 965186

File: 1587844519610.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, 1BC68C56-76BD-4A59-A68A-A6C312…)

This is an up close photo of her tattoo. In the photo with the bruise, she photoshopped her tattoo so it looks different.

No. 965187

File: 1587844608732.jpeg (139.57 KB, 1000x1294, FF1D8980-3A10-462D-8731-061236…)

The full photo it came from

No. 965189

File: 1587845342097.jpg (12.78 KB, 328x113, ANj1maE.jpg)

She did something to this tattoo. The photo you posted is taken in 2013. I found pictures that were taken in 2014 and 2015.

No. 965192

What y'all posted makes me think he did "propose" to her a few times (basically lied he would marry her one day in far future) and that's why her finger tattoo changed a few times - to celebrate the "engagements"? I am about to pity her, so dumb, mishappened and unfortunate. She did try to leave him one time for sure, but lust for money was too hard to cope with.


No. 965195

File: 1587845787186.jpeg (41.68 KB, 750x346, 289A7571-7F4B-4D85-A314-8AD761…)

It looks like photoshop to me. Right side is not photoshopped (it’s a paparazzi type photo from a club in Las Vegas).

No. 965200

It's not like I disbelieve you or anything but what reason could she have to photoshop her ring finger and the tattoo while it's obvious that all attention would be to the bruise?

No. 965201

Wait, it's just a poor quality makes this tattoo look different.

No. 965203

I remember that photo. What is really strange about is that Lindsay has a makeup in the pic. I mean a woman is bruised but wears red lipstick. Secondly, the bruise is obviously one or two weeks old. The eye isn't swollen, the brown mark left. The caption was that it was a seatbelt after the tour even though she wasn't with Manson that short tour. Manson was in Russia for 3 days adding two days of flights. It makes 5 days. In Moscow he met Alyona Makeeva, I've heard many times they slept (not even just during that tour) and he met Jennifer Aster. But they didn't post anything on insta. It was fangirls who met him backstage who posted on insta the photos of them together, Lindsay harassed them in DM. But I really don't know what to think about the backstory of that bruised photo. Except this photo is a Polaroid imo and it's not photoshopped.

No. 965204

I pointed out the photoshop of the tattoo just to say the photo was photoshopped in a few places so idk if maybe the bruise was also photoshop. Maybe or maybe not. The ring has always been different until last year. Last year and this year looks like the same ring.

No. 965205

There were photos posted of him in Russia with Jennifer and also a video of them at an upside down house. I think Lindsay saw them and posted the bruise photo as sort of revenge because she was upset about him with other women. She posted some weird things around that time. I will look for examples.

No. 965206

It's not photoshopped. The tattoo and the ring are the same. It's just a poor quality effect.

No. 965207

Alyona has photos of them together in a hotel but she didn't post it even on her vk account that time. It was posted on mansonsource.

No. 965208

File: 1587846663810.jpeg (166.19 KB, 750x961, 8D190515-8267-499F-8725-F7A65F…)

Omg. Jennifer Aster (lolajanex) deleted the photos about him in Russia. Only one left is a throwback (tbt) photo he took of her.

No. 965212

File: 1587847193927.jpg (36.99 KB, 382x604, R2RiYKy.jpg)

With Alyona in 2014.

No. 965214

File: 1587847441514.jpg (403.08 KB, 2416x1256, PDJlvf3.jpg)

With Alyona in 2012.

No. 965217

Hope Harvey (Lindsay's mom) stopped posting in March, when the first thread opened. Rip milky tweeting. Thanks god, she didn't go private.

No. 965221

File: 1587848506285.jpeg (89.1 KB, 750x551, A21F0629-5427-431A-9DD1-1E9BFE…)

The bruise was after she saw Asia Argento in Bologna. 2012?

No. 965222

File: 1587848607277.jpeg (178.91 KB, 750x838, C31F5735-55A5-4CEA-83C1-49071B…)

With Jennifer Aster in Russia June 2014

No. 965225

That's something new. Why did she have to post it after short Eastern European tour during which Manson cheated on her?
This shit is confusing af.

No. 965226

File: 1587848881090.jpeg (55.89 KB, 750x336, EB2DC87E-CB05-4A84-80BB-8BAC49…)

Lol. Hope tweeting to Madelyn last year.

No. 965228

File: 1587848962188.jpeg (85.09 KB, 700x445, 84874C71-A0E7-426F-8083-C7D05C…)

Did he date Asia Argento or just friends?

No. 965230

What's she replying to?

No. 965236

File: 1587850145063.jpeg (70.37 KB, 1223x445, 22E14D40-29B3-4F45-992F-DAA432…)

Just checked, Hope deleted that response. Madelyn posted this on the same day tho.

No. 965240

File: 1587850701402.jpeg (257.75 KB, 1536x629, 752CA355-7B53-4666-AC32-08EECC…)

Madelyn and friends are pushing the Mansonisinnocent account as “extensive documentation that proves Manson’s innocence” lol

No. 965247

File: 1587851284507.jpg (530.6 KB, 1080x1679, 6B6iV48.jpg)

So they basically agree that he makes women change their style.

No. 965249

File: 1587851472806.jpg (287.87 KB, 1080x1170, eD1zPLE.jpg)

But it's not true that Evan and Manson were totally separated in early 2009. Here's a timeline made by mansonisabusive.

No. 965421

QUESTION: If mansonisabusive is legit, why is the account on private? Wouldnt it be productive to make the account public in case he pulls in anymore barely legal girls online? Wouldnt it help more survivors get the courage to come forward if they could anonymously see everything he's done to other women?

I'm not accusing them of being fake or anything but if these conversations and screenshots were real, there's no reason why they can't disable their comments to keep fans away and post them without legal repercussions.

The whole idea of it being a private account hurts credibility imo

No. 965429

Mansonisabusive addressed that in the previous thread.

>I won't be able to read all the posts but regarding the questions and suggestions directed towards me:

1) How did you feel about your content shared on lolcow?
- I don't mind as long as you give credit. Especially for my older posts I invested many hours of research.

2) why do you keep your account private?
- Because there are so many insane Manson fans who use my posts against me (as a private person), I was deanonymized multiple times, I have to change my name on my personal account every few months so none of them find me. I had to delete Facebook and many other personal accounts. I have been receiving threats and constant harassment which made my decision easy.
It's also more difficult for IG to delete a private account.

"..but it would significantly help your credibility if you just opened your account to the public.."
- I don't see how that would help. 95% of the content I post you can find on the internet yourself. I'm not some wizard.

No. 965450


It's funny that Charlotte free is mentioned here. She was also retarded enough to dox herself as "psyberfae" in Clare's thread, and then spam a bunch of images to try and cover it up.

Perhaps she feels a bit jealous that they were sleeping with the same nasty old perv? Even if not, she's fucking weird and autistic, and a terribly conniving person. and probably lurking in this thread tbh.

No. 965612

File: 1587924151958.jpg (711.31 KB, 1080x3914, IHzszda.jpg)

The story is even milkier. Manson has hit Evan's brother according to one of Manson's fan.

No. 965615

File: 1587924466339.jpg (115.94 KB, 1225x411, bots.jpg)

I took a cap yesterday, she had 52.2k and now, exactly after 24 hours she has 56k. It's definitely bots. I have checked her last 50 followers, these are 100% bots !not a signle real person!, very very cheap bots. Every second is Russian with 14-16 photos, very few are in English. It means (1) she doesn't really care about the quality (or just cannot \ does not want to spend more money), (2) she's interested in numbers only. She buys likes too.
That's probably why her comments section is disabled, she would have to buy comments too, if she hadn't closed it. That's also the reason why she posts everything in stories and saves them => interaction = engagement. Those very few ppl who will see her page will have to tap on several saved stories and that will boost the engagement rate.

No. 965623


I wouldn't take this as real milk, this person sounds really dumb, "slut chewing gum", "classy underwear like manga"??

No. 965635

Her new followers are absolutely bots.
The question is why though. Does she think people won’t notice or doesn’t she care?
I assume she disabled comments to avoid questions or negative comments.

Her IG so odd, imo. She posts old photos, blurry new ones with Manson, an old engagement announcement from her cousin, follows fan accounts that used to post Lindsay hate, and wants a large following even if bots.

No. 965638

File: 1587926822186.jpg (109.42 KB, 1005x435, ep2SMHo.jpg)

Old but interesting. Fans assume he's with Missy on those photos but those are actually two different girls. The girl in bed with him is Dana, she deleted her Instagram account unfortunately. Another one is Lisa La Seur.

No. 965645

I think almost each and everyone after 25k is a bot. ok, I can give her 30k but not more. And half of these 30k are those who dislike her. lol

No. 965650

File: 1587928252849.jpg (38.77 KB, 482x245, RMaO0d2.jpg)

>(Lindsay's mom) stopped posting in March
kek anon. i like to think she tweeted after reading your post.

No. 965656

>he said I love you hon

No. 965657

File: 1587929579547.jpeg (253.79 KB, 750x1044, 6F6299FA-BBF3-46DD-A3EB-7C11F8…)

Not particularly milky, provable or anything we haven’t already heard, but I know some of you thirst for these nuggets.

Mansonisabusive, what do you make of this?


No. 965658

File: 1587929621316.jpeg (344.68 KB, 750x899, 7D238DE1-668F-40C6-A6B1-E83BE3…)

Twiggy too…


No. 965705

Hi, i'm russian speaking too. I've checked subversa on vk and found something interesting. The singer Brooklynn posted in 2015 after the tour with Manson that she got a lot of negative comments on insta after posting photos with Lindsay but she says Lindsay is a sincere and good person, that people believe easily those gossips about her but she loves Brian and nice to him. She deleted everything though on her Tumblr and Instagram, does anyone saved caps of those her original posts? Her Tumblr is brooklynnmusic.

No. 965724

File: 1587937326043.jpeg (491.23 KB, 734x1083, 356A1037-17A0-45DA-AAA8-D18177…)

Here it is, after pressing the translate button…

No. 965725

I heard Courtlyn Cannan was bullied on insta. Does anyone know anything about it?

No. 965728

You don't need to announce yourself to post milk. Btw >>962920 did not say they were Russian.

No. 965738

Sorry, I did not mean they are. I clicked >>962920 because they gathered comments where people say Manson denied Lindsay is abusive to him. Here's one person who has seen them actually on tour. I wanted to link it. We all seen screens of fearless and Gabriella. So he says to certain people Lindsay abuses him, Lindsay is bullied, he follows her haters, insults her, then he denies "rumors" to other people. Interesting.

No. 965739

Omg, journalists started doing their job after 2 years?

>Video Of Evan Rachel Wood Detailing Alleged Abusive Relationship with MARILYN MANSON In Senate Testimony Resurfaces


No. 965747

File: 1587939524477.jpeg (275.49 KB, 750x795, B4105283-DB2A-492E-B0E0-C0C907…)

I don’t know about that, but there’s this from VK about Courtlyn…

No. 965758

File: 1587940454869.jpeg (110.67 KB, 750x981, 4AD8FA75-6718-48AA-9B22-84C253…)

Not sure what the deal is with Ashley Walters. Here she is with Lindsay. I guess she got thrown under the bus to save Manson’s skin…another disposable person, and one on payroll.

No. 965762

Oh yes, she is the person I would love to rant about so bad but don't want to get yelled at by anons, even though I already spoke my mind about Laney and Gabriella without significant karma damage kek.

No. 965767

No one will shout. Spill. What’s your beef with Smashley? I’m interested.
Vaguely remember your issue with Laney - being a shit friend for introducing Gabriella and Lexus to Manson, was that is?

No. 965773

File: 1587942382479.jpeg (157.56 KB, 750x816, D9AED4B0-B640-447C-96B1-036383…)

Tinfoil (well, more unprovable than a theory) but if Manson and Lindsay have actually been married since 2014, that could be what she’s holding over him, and why she is always back in the picture after his brief flings. Lindsay updated her FB status in 2014 to ‘married’. She’s had the ring for a while. Her cousin posted about their engagement, which we dated to six years ago, in that article recently.

No. 965778

Yep, it was me, lol.

No. 965796

That says VK isntead of Facebook? I'm pretty sure VK is a eastern European social media site. I've never heard of someone in the states having one unless they're from that area.

No. 965799

Are you stupid?
It’s obviously some fan page or something that posted a screenshot of the original Facebook post onto VK.

No. 965803

File: 1587947668757.jpeg (262.9 KB, 750x1033, 50312B29-138F-4668-BFB9-172B9F…)

Anon >>965799 has explained it for you.
Subversa VK account is a Lindsay Usich news/fan page. Click through this link and you can get to it yourself. Anons were asking for Russian anons to translate, but there should be an option (depending what device you’re using) to translate when page opens. I think I’ve spelled it out clearly enough. Kek.

No. 965805

So spill…what’s your rant about Ashley Walters? No one is going to get their ass in their hands about it.

No. 965845

File: 1587958329487.jpg (198.61 KB, 1080x1325, KruvOlp.jpg)

Lol cow's seeking halp.

No. 965846

File: 1587958627026.jpg (308.29 KB, 1080x1776, hMCcCvg.jpg)

He commented on Rose's post.

No. 965850

Yeah. He’s kissing up to Rose.
So what if Rose hasn’t accused him of abuse. Different person, different relationship. I don’t think Manson really cracked until Dita left him.
Rose did blame their breakup on his cocaine use.

No. 965853

Wow she aged almost as bad as he did.

No. 965865

File: 1587966101887.jpeg (1.91 MB, 1800x1687, 66A901D1-BBD5-44A8-ABC7-7293D8…)

Cutting, a common theme among three statements.

No. 965910

File: 1587980587454.jpeg (179.05 KB, 1409x904, ACA67216-A3A7-4D59-8F0A-998B8E…)

Lindsay is up 5k Russian bots since 16 hours ago.

No. 965918

Why she needs to buy followers?

No. 965919

Because she wants to be relevant and important?

No. 965924

This is hilarious. Marilyn is a little bit anti-Russian; he, Lindsay, and her mom hate Trump, who's been involved with Russians; Lindsay's mom harassed a girl for a long time partly because her name is of Russian origin. And there she goes, buys Russian bots like her beloved President.

No. 965925

But what is the point of buying followers if they are not real people? It seems to me a desperate act because nobody is interested in what she post.

No. 965949

Because she wants to appear popular. It’s not rocket science. She’s just looking at the number, reckons it gives her clout, and hopes other people are fooled by it too. That’s it.

If you’re asking how she lives with knowing she’s a fraud, I’m guessing she doesn’t actually care as long as others believe it’s the real deal.

No. 965951

Marilyn may be a bit anti-russian bit he doesn't mind russian groupies lol.

No. 966100

There's a video on some Ig account that (I think) has Manson having sex in the background. He's making disturbing noises and but the more you listen you hear"I'm cumming" but the first time I watched I heard "I got it"

Ig: xpsd_13 (second video)

Interested in seeing what everyone thinks(this is an imageboard, post caps)

No. 966102

You can hear a bed creaking as well

Someone should save those videos before this account mysteriously disappears. This would make a lot of sense because theres a screenshot of Lindsay posting "have some respect" because it was Liliths friend who took the video and posted it. I initially thought she commented because they were filming in the house but it could be because of the background

No. 966188

OK WOW. I thought you guys were lying about buying Lindsay buying followers. …it still doesn't mean SHE did it though. Someone could be purchasing followers and directing them to her account. Someone could be trying to get her account flagged or removed from Instagram by directing unusual activity to it. Good on them for trying to get her banned from Instagram

No. 966195

Why wouldn’t she just charge her password or delete the fake accounts then? It would cost a bit for 30k followers..

No. 966213

It’s unlikely IG would flag her account for new follows, people buy followers all the time.

No. 966225

To me, the video kinda sounds like he's saying, "No, sweetheart. Stop, I got it."

No. 966227

In the third video on xpsd_13's Instagram, I think it was taken from his house. Look at the roof. Another possible side chick?

No. 966229

File: 1588061585207.jpeg (131.31 KB, 1090x859, 9A3C8F20-6A4F-4753-90B9-1F89F2…)

5k more

No. 966267

These are the videos that catsanddevils/Madelyn spoke about but she said that Lilith and her friends broke into his house and sent these videos to him when he was not at home. This is another BIG lie of Madelyn, because in one of these videos you can clearly hear his voice.

No. 966273

Did anyone work out who the girl in the reflection is?

Not to wk him at all, but these spy videos are gross, and he’s a total numbnuts for letting spies in his house.

No. 966276

I remember their I looked at her ig account and Clare had a feud with her later, idk if they are friends now. If somebody shows me her face, I will be able to say if that's her but I don't remember her name.
She was with Clare in video from the Manson show when Clare danced on stage.

No. 966278

@internetgirl ? Not sure if she's the one you mean, but apparently (according to Lilith) internetgirl wanted to have a threesome with Lilith and Manson (or at least fuck Manson) and that's why Lilith and her aren't friends anymore. Take this with a grain of salt though cause Lilith talks a lot of shit and is/was high as a kite 24/7.

No. 966281

Looks like Clare Buley /Lilith to me but then it begs the question of who he’s fucking in the bg. She goes on and rhapsodies so much about how they had this great love affair, you’d think she would be more disturbed by him fucking someone else within earshot of her.

No. 966283

File: 1588076788285.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 46.23 KB, 750x748, 932C4468-22C5-4368-AA80-A57293…)

Actually I’ve changed my mind. The girl in the third video is for sure internetgirl. I guess she was filming his house while he fucked Clare; I’m most surprised by how clean and neat it is. He must have a maid come in right before he has a side chick come by.

No. 966285

Lol, nope. I wrote her name but then googled and deleted. As far as I remember stalkers posted about her claiming Manson rejected her because she 'was too ugly'.
So nope, there was another one. I will look through Clare's old posts and find that girl later.

No. 966286

her insta is private sad emoji

No. 966287

File: 1588078508359.jpg (437.37 KB, 750x958, AloMEuI.jpg)

I found her! Clare's insta is private but fortunately there is her thread at lolcow.
It must be that girl. I am 90% sure 'bout that.

No. 966288

I mean the dark hair one, wearing a hoodie.

No. 966290

File: 1588078760771.jpg (286.52 KB, 1080x809, 6BclfpF.jpg)

Two more pics. If you want, you can go to Clare's thread and ask her name/

No. 966291

File: 1588078810717.jpg (241.77 KB, 750x1086, xz2mrSt.jpg)


No. 966306

It’s Holli. Check out Clare Buley thread to get to know her…and various other threads here. Kek.

No. 966312

Only thought of internetgirl cause you said it's the same girl that's in the video with Lilith and Manson on stage. And that WAS internetgirl.

Holli is another washed up junkie and yes, it definitely looks like her in the vid in his house.

No. 966321

lol, I mistook internet girl for holi.
but in the end we made it right, anon

No. 966324

File: 1588087553326.png (809.71 KB, 920x592, 1575737745008.png)

that's hollirx_ aka heroingranola. she accompanied lilith to one of manson's parties and took pictures of manson's house (which later got lilith in trouble), but she's not the same girl that tried to fuck manson. the girl in the video dancing with lilith/the one who got upset over the 3-way is internetgirl.

here's a pic of them together (attached), and here's the video: https://streamable.com/eac7y

i also found this video while going through the thread: https://sendvid.com/l3e8wkvv (might get a porn ad before the video.. i did, at least. so potentially NSFW)

No. 966325

samefag, but sorry if i repeated some info that's already been posted. i don't keep up with this thread much.

No. 966343

Thanks for this, anon. Not seen them before.

No. 966488

Sorry for asking this on this particular thread but what are these girls famous for? Why do they have threads… just because they knew Manson?

No. 966492

she looks like elaine benes

No. 966494

clare looked so much better/healthier just a few years ago. She's really fucked herself up

No. 966515

Was anyone at the Toronto show in 2012 when he pooped his pants on stage?

No. 966521

they're not famous so much as infamous, clare buley is well known for scamming people and just being your standard scum-of-the-earth junkie. Holli was the one who initially got her hooked on heroin.

No. 966528


In addition I’d say they are LA/NY rich kids and/or hangers on orbiters of music scenes. You see heaps of crossover with these people, especially Hollywoodfags. They publicise everything in an attempt to be relevant and they surround themselves in drama + no self awareness which = milk.

No. 966535

In-between your posts Lindsay has learned how to buy likes. She's got 6k and 11k on her last publications (both had 3k).
I believe both Manson and his management are extra xxxl dumb. The bigger they try to make her for the public, the faster people will find his dirt. It's like an average person reads 'Evan Rachel Wood talks about her abusive relationship…' and then they recall 'ha, is she that gate breaker who ruined Manson+Dita marriage and started skinwalking Dita later on?'. Then that person naturally will want to know his current date, they'll see her Instagram, realize she's one more Dita copycat, get bewildered by the number of followers, check followers => botsbotsbots. Then they check whom Lindsay follows: only famous Manson related people and her fan accounts. Strange, pathetic, cringy.

No. 966536

Does anybody know why marilynmansonews is silent? I scrolled their account, it used to be milk spawn spot. Wtf they aren't posting now. Lindsay is milky, they prolly won't post shit on Manson, they used to dislike her and now silence.. meh

No. 966599


Also for context, the girl on the right with blue hair is Charlotte Free, and ex model who publically admitted to sleeping with her brother, and also accidentally doxxed herself in Clare's thread a few weeks ago. and apparently also went for a ride on the Manson carousel.

No. 966631

File: 1588158707686.png (87.57 KB, 936x402, bots.png)

Lindsay is now into Indonesian-like bots. They are much cheaper than Russian bots, someone is very tight on the budget and desperately wants to get followers to keep living an illusion of a successful life.

I double that. He should have hidden her and never showed back to the public. Everything about her is questionable in a bad way. If you look at Lindsay, you understand how fucked up his mind and life is.
Kudos to Hope Harvey, the best mom.

No. 966632

File: 1588159258901.png (97.92 KB, 310x366, 5349582905.png)

interestingly enough, clare/lilith actually blames manson as being the person who first shot her up. though holli likely played a role in her addiction, she was shooting up h before she moved to LA (where holli lives).

No. 966633

Manson doesn't do heroin himself tho, it's true but I have an idea why would he give it to a girl. It's just my opinion but I can tell if anyone is interested.

No. 966637

go for it, i'm interested

No. 966638

Well, it's not actually just a speculating. ERW was talking of something like that. But I think he may give her hard drugs to make her obey in bed. Manson loves anal for example. Clare was very young and probably some things were too much for her.

No. 966639

I just remembered that Jenna Jameson said he wanted anal so often it was too much for her. And she's a porn star. So maybe I'm right.

No. 966641


Not to WK, but I genuinely can't imagine Manson fucking around with heroin at all. Pills and stuff? Yes. But heroin, nah. I'm pretty sure Lilith had another boyfriend that didn't treat her well. Probably some soundcloud metal dude, lol.

No. 966642

Sound theory. I mean, it would follow that one tweet leads into another, but it could be two people she’s talking about. Either carelessly or trying to imply Manson was the guy in the needle tweet. I can’t see him doing heroin.Too much effort.

No. 966722

With all these bots I can’t imagine Lindsay will ever allow comments, I’m sure she’d be called out immediately.

No. 966748

File: 1588183079455.jpg (23.87 KB, 500x331, 5073ab9864c20e4fccb0e8f4ed8cd2…)

I remember them having a fling or whatever way back, Jenna was on some show talking about how Manson said she was the only woman he'd been with who had tan lines. I'd never heard about the anal thing before but I can't be too shocked he would act that way, he probably thought that since she's a pornstar she would do whatever he wanted sexually.


No. 966763

>“(Marilyn) Manson started calling me – every day. When I wasn’t there, he would leave me half-humorous, half-insane messages about wanting to set me on fire or feed me to Corey Feldman. Since my marriage to Rod was loveless and sexless, I started seeing Manson on and off. But the more I got to know him, the weirder he became. He would talk about wanting to see girls fuck prosthetic limbs or sucking Twiggy’s dick, and I’d never be able to tell to what degree he was joking and to what degree he was serious. And he wanted to fuck me in the ass a little too often for my comfort. Every time we were naked, he’d be going for my butt like a rat to cheese.”

No. 966766

Ntayrt, but I agree with your take. Besides heroin doesnt fit MMs hyper sexual m.o. Heroin makes it difficult for dudes to get hard or bust a nut and that is far from what this sex fiend is about. Meth or pills cuz even cocaine has the coke dick floppy effect.

No. 966790

File: 1588190088719.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 735.13 KB, 1800x1481, EB4A52F6-575F-4363-B7BB-066915…)

Speaking of sex fiend, another article that mentions the bad girl room and these photos were taken in his home accompanied the interview.
Nothing against porn, but apparently Manson covers his walls with it.

No. 966805

Is he a sex addict? I know it sounds like a dumb question because of all the proof here, but has anyone just thought maybe he just says that shit so people think he's still "sexy" and "capable"? Maybe he is on Coke and he can't get it up anymore, and that's why he says all those things.

No. 966806

File: 1588192417013.jpg (708.38 KB, 2921x1413, JCSnIg7.jpg)

So the "bad girl room" is a glass enclosure. Did he mean it in his song "threats of romance"?

No. 966808

File: 1588193160152.jpg (168.5 KB, 1629x448, 1584258623627.jpg)

This apartment above the liquor store may be what Ashley Morgan called her dungeon. She also said she was held captive in a dance studio, the same one mentioned in another Manson interview where he says he has a soundproof room. I think he has one in every house he owns.

No. 966816

But it's not his house. I have read some interviews, he uses his friends' property a lot. He lived in Johnny Depp's house in 2015 (revolver interview), for example.
I think Ashley Morgan saw him at Zane's house, and the line from 'threats of romance' is a coincidence.

No. 966819

In an interview for German Playboy and one more interview, here's a screen in a previous thread, he said he created a "naughty girl" room in his own house.

No. 966821

I'm a little curious about the thing with his "pedophilic tendencies". It was mentioned in the OneDrive images and in the last thread with the Sprouse twins. Is there any more information about that? Also, the spiral heart tattoo on his wrist is a pedophilic symbol, isn't it? Does he have a daddy kink or something? And "baby Manson time"? Wtf is that?

No. 966822

From the article linked above:
“Contacted Manson. Brought idea to photographer/designer Hedi Slimane. Helped co-ordinate shoot,
flew to LA for an evening of black magic with Manson at his home.”

No. 966823

I think you’re on the money here.

No. 966841

File: 1588197720753.jpg (129.29 KB, 590x823, 9ttDOSp.jpg)

That's how much ERW changed while dating him.

No. 966842

File: 1588198088793.jpg (536.23 KB, 2572x1374, iA769oK.jpg)

Gabriella before and while dating him.

No. 966843

The last three are photoshoots…stylists and photographers choose the looks. Stop reaching.

No. 966846

This is yikes though.

No. 966847

Maybe these aren't proofs, maybe some girls lied about him but you can't deny that he is a very problematic person and that he likes to change the style of the girls he has a relationship with to satisfy his own desires.

No. 966890

The spiral heart being associated with pedophilia is a rumour that came from god knows where but sure as hell isn't true. It only started to show on people's bodies etc when this particular record of his was released.

Say what you want, but Manson is no pedophile in my eyes. He may like young women, but he's not after children or teens. Plenty of old dudes are into young women and I see no fault in that. Now if he was actually forcing himself on 13 year olds it would've come out by now (I hope!!) and for some reason I can't see him being a pedo.

No. 966891

Samefag. He hates when fans call him Daddy and I think by 'baby Manson time' he hints at getting her pregnant aka having sex but obviously using some form of protection. Don't read too much into shit he says.

No. 966893

Hes mostly dates women in their mid twenties too, aside from Clare.
The spinny heart thing was just a logo for antichrist superstar that he got tattoed to celebrate the album or something, the typography is very 90s.

No. 966894

File: 1588206436788.jpeg (148.6 KB, 578x834, 3272E696-7513-48F6-A6F9-566C16…)

It came from Jessicka Addams, in a post she wrote on FB, after accusing Jeordie of rape.

No. 966896

Again not to wk mm but Jessicka is a braindead bitch. She accuses people of shit and then changes her mind about it and apologises. Autistic as fuck and not to be believed in any sort of way.

No. 966897

File: 1588206688175.jpg (14.81 KB, 236x268, 8504e935514451a477306f4cd19d40…)


Isn't Jessicka kinda of a major cow (lmao literally and figuratively) too? She's seems to go in full on schizo tirades in social media pretty often.

No. 966899

200% cow. I'd put her on the same cow level as Lilith and Madelyn. All full of opinions and shit without any sorta proof.

No. 966901