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File: 1595672387229.jpeg (5.83 KB, 275x183, 1595580689958(0).jpeg)

No. 1012472

Previous Threads:
Marilyn Manson #1 : Fuck You Edition:
Marilyn Manson #2 : Chin of Sin Edition:
Marilyn Manson #3: In Search of Lost Tooth Edition:
Marilyn Manson #4: Fake PR Moves Edition:

Old thread bio updated.

By popular request, one unified thread to collect all milk on Marilyn Manson, 51 year old drug addict, washed-up rocker, serial abuser and rapist still trying to live vicariously through his glory days of the 90s when he was still young and the drugs hadn't completely fried his brain.

> Accused by multiple ex girlfriends including Evan Rachel Wood of rape, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, torture, forced confinement, and forced drug use.

> Uses his barely legal fanbase to find young girls to groom, abuse and take advantage of while dangling the same one liners of helping with their careers, putting them in a music video or wanting a serious relationship.
> Publicly talked about wanting to beat Evan Rachel Wood's skull in with a sledgehammer.
> May or may not be using multiple sockpuppet emails to harass and stalk girls, alleged to have fake Model Mayhem account to find 18 year old girls to groom under the guise of photographing them.
> May have had a sexual relationship with Lilith Levisis (also a cow; see thread) when she was underage, tried to pit her against his other girlfriend at the time, Gabriella.
> Has an assistant (sockpuppet?) named Judd who has been implicated in verbal and emotional abuse and stalking towards young girls.
> Long term drug addict and alcoholic who hit the wall going 100 m/h then got liposuction and tried to claim the bruises were from being beat up by Lindsay.
> Torpedoed his marriage to Dita Von Teese over 10+ years ago and still trying to remake every girl he dates into her image.
> Long term on and off relationship with Lindsay Usich, 35 year old NEET and Dita skinwalker who met him when she was 25 and has been implicated in verbal abuse and stalking herself, using his phone to send nasty message to other women he is dating or friends with, and being violent to fans.

No significant social media links, except for the official @marilynmanson.
Lindsay Usich's instagram is @lindsayusichofficial, comments disabled.

Discussed in First Thread:
> Receipts from multiple accounts discussing accusations of abuse/assault by many including: Evan Rachel Wood, Esme Bianco, Clare Buley, Louise Keay Bell, and Ashley Morgan.
> Harassment and death threats from Manson and/or orbiters including ex assistant Judd and anonymous "online troops".
> Horrorshow performances from Lindsay and Mom Hope Harvey harassing and talking shit about/to Manson fans.
> Also discussion of just who is controlling who in the Manson/Lindsay relationship.
> @mansonisabusive kindly shared many receipts and info.
> Paranoia and suspicion a-go-go about general circus that surrounds El Chinno Manson and his Hollywood Hareem.
> A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:
>> 951424

Discussed in Second Thread:
> More receipts, maybe from whacko liars, maybe from genuine victims of the Manson Sleaze Wagon.
> Lindsay concentrates all efforts into sharing updates from blissful Covid cohabitation, inc lots of plants, cats, other sickly stuff but most importantly - usually flashing what looks like an engagement ring.
> Also shares a post from her cousin, who speaks of an encounter with Manson, in which Manson refers to Lindsay as his "fiancé".
> Farmers work out this anecdote actually reveals that the "engagement" happened about six years ago.
> It's decided once and for all that Madelyn is a deluded pick me, although entertaining. Made a half-hearted attempt not to give her any more airtime as she self-posts and encourages orbiters to post.
> A slew of other batshit fans come to light.
> @mansonisabusive IG account visits and shares very interesting caps. We thank her.
> Still waiting for the @666fearless full story.
> Die Antwoord/Zheani/Manson connection is mentioned. Zheani has dirt on Manson, but no one knows what.
> Discussion of Linday's catfish accounts including Ticklish Witch, Mina Lowry and others.
> Talk of superfan turned superhater, Tiziana Collins aka Titti, and whether she faked her own death to return as her own mother.
>A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the second thread for:

Discussed in Third Thread:
> Receipts Lindsay fought with ex side chick, Viktoria (Twitter: @LaPetitMort_), and made Viktoria's personal information public via her Twitter.
> Receipts from Viktoria's twitter of Marilyn Manson talking shit about John 5 (with whom he was about to tour).
> Extensive evidence of Lindsay's full-of-cheap-bots followership, poor PR and desperate attempts to build a career for a 35 year old NEET at a last minute.
> Manson and Lindsay's engagement announcement (with zero media coverage no matter how hard they tried).
> Louise Keay Bell, one of the victims, came to the thread to milk her trauma and change the narrative of her experience with Manson when no one had been talking about her.
> Receipts Manson sent legal threats to Louise Keay Bell, receipts of Louise Keay Bell and Jessicka Adams claiming Manson had sex with underage girls.
> Receipts Lindsay was grooming girls for Manson.
> A social statement of Louise Keay Bell saying Lindsay was part of Manson's sexual assaults.
> Even though Louise Keay Bell was very vocal on her recent abuse case when nobody actually asked her, she was not brave enough to address anything from the above.
> Proof of staff molesting female fans and abusing their position.
> @fearless666, aka Michelle, abuse case fully revealed, some anons questioned her credibility.
> More evidence of his abusive, toxic, racist, misogynistic behavior from various interviews.
> Proof that Manson forces his orbiters to sign NDAs.
> Poor fake and full of shit PR moves.
> A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

Discussed in Fourth Thread:
> A video of Manson admitting to fucking underage girls on stage.
> Madelyn was accused by anons of sitting outside of Manson's house in her car on Lindsay's birthday. A photo Madelyn had taken of herself in her car and a few of Hope Harvey's tweets (quoted) from before she went privately were posted as proof.
> Questioning why Hope went private in the first place. Deduced that Manson's lawyer probably reached out to her because she was sharing too much personal information.
> Talk of an account (@_noname666_) that commented on one of Madelyn's posts, mocking her and her "relationship" with Manson.
> More conversation about Madelyn. She allegedly messaged an anon, and they somehow found out that she was a trust fund kid.
> Suspicion of whether Lindsay and Manson are already married or not after he posted a photo on his IG page, wearing what looked like a wedding band with the caption, "The Price of Darkness."
> Receipts of now deleted hate accounts and subscriptions that Louise Keay Bell posted. @666fearless was also being harassed. Both blamed Judd/Manson for it.
> Screens from a website claiming Lindsay had a "baby bump". Debunked as a hoax.
> Dawn (@missdangerx, @guitargunn, and possible other accounts) splurging and accusing Manson of being a pedophile. Also claims that he had a fake FB account (Mark Peak II) and harassed her, using her personal phone number. Passed off as a troll.
> @_noname666_ joined the thread for a bit, revealing that Manson's was (allegedly) formally diagnosed with both bipolar and narcissistic disorders. He was prescribed lithium that he sometimes forgets to take, which is supposed to be an excuse for his behavior. Alludes to Manson being Lindsay's financial supporter and main source of income, even during periods where they weren't living together.
> A whole ton of other stuff that you need to lurk the previous thread for:

No. 1012498

Thanks, anon.

No. 1012531

No. 1012553

>A video of Manson admitting to fucking underage girls on stage.
Excuse me?

No. 1012572

No. 1012921

> You both didn’t speak for four years – I know in one of the photographs you both allude to it being because of a shoot and some chocolate peanuts. What happened?

> Perou: Chocolate covered peanut-gate was the catalyst for the end of part 1 of our association. We had a spectacularly bad shoot, not that the pictures were bad. One of us wasn’t in a good place at that time (although we were both standing in the same gallery in east Hollywood).

> "You can’t reason with nutty," I was saying, but it didn’t matter what I said that night.

> We just couldn’t connect and I was sad to see my friend spiralling down. It started bad and ended worse. We didn’t speak for four years because Manson hated the pictures we shot.

I think an anon mentioned something about that in the last thread.

No. 1013240

What's going on with Madelyn? Sounds like she's in legal trouble…

Also shout out to the saggy tittied mod giving out pointless infractions already. Thanks for finally making a new thread after a whole ass week…

I'll save your autistic mind and delayed motor skills a bit here…

No. 1013242

For those who don't know, she put her account on private and posted this story saying she's about to get her account deleted for false harassment claims. On twitter she's bitching about someone reporting her(prob to the police) over harassment.(samefagging)

No. 1013244

She said "Accusing someone of doing what you did to them 4 years ago is psychopathic and disgusting. Projecting once again, dear narcissist. I have nothing to hide, but you do"

Honestly doesn't sound like it's for Lindsay. Has anyone ever considered he is the person she bitching bout(samefagging)

No. 1013259

Thanks anon! That picture is so fitting!

No. 1013290


I sometimes thought that because the way she sounds describes Manson, and you would think it’s about him, but it’s not. She always defends him (aka the @mansonisinnocent account). And in the first thread was saying how she’s in a relationship with him. So I’m pretty sure she’s talking about Lindsay.

No. 1013305

I think a few anons don't understand that Madelyn is not why 5 threads appeared. It's too much of her in this thread. Idk why she's even in the head post bc nothing milky happened, yet there's nothing about Ashley Lindsay Morgan dms and leaked dms of Amie Harwick.

No. 1013327

File: 1595842822883.png (689.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200727-042554.png)

From her latest IG story.

I don't think Manson would press legal charges against her. He enjoys the attention too much, and her account benefits him. I think Lindsay either made him do it or she did it herself.

She's still connected to Manson, though. Maybe we should just talk about her in the Psycho Fangirls thread or make her her own.

No. 1013340

File: 1595853921416.jpeg (488.98 KB, 750x657, B48F1FA8-16A7-49A1-A0FA-FCC9D5…)

It’s not about him. A fan account posted a story saying that Madelyn has been harassing Lindsay for years and asked everyone to report her and all her other instagram accounts, and now she’s trying to pretend like she didn’t just spend the last few years devoting her life to slandering L on the internet which is cuckoo.

No. 1013347

File: 1595856091545.jpg (86.46 KB, 720x842, psRkvma.jpg)

I will lol so hard if it turns out Lindsay asked them to post this. That's her style
talking to a fan account? check
leaking information to a fan account? check
Bc a complete stranger would hardly assume that justice for him and mansonisinnocent both are run by Madelyn. Are they dope? Yep. Any evidence it's Madelyn behind them? Nope. What's more she never posted anything directly about Lindsay on her justice and innocent pages.
Everyone around him is so dumb.

Btw guess who rushed to collab with a black artist hoping that'll save his racist ass?
pic related

No. 1013348

File: 1595856198412.jpg (138.48 KB, 1080x1080, nFvKZou.jpg)

with tits like these he is milky indeed lmao

No. 1013368

File: 1595861629186.jpeg (303.05 KB, 1411x1248, 47AA2D4D-7D10-4E51-A4F6-DCFE51…)

What’s up with Manson’s latest story? He shared Mansonstyle’s post with Taylor Swift’s song, Look What You Made Me Do with two guns. The post itself emphasizes the lyrics, “Oh, 'cause she's dead!"

Tinfoil, but list, guns, dead.. I think it’s a threat.

No. 1013375

File: 1595862639529.jpeg (103.8 KB, 512x918, FAC59C19-386B-494A-BD6A-D5563D…)

Lindsay had the same story too so maybe it’s a crackdown on the harassment? Are people even still harassing her?

No. 1013396

Disappointing to see that this lawless, unchartered excuse for a thread hasn’t been dumped in the trash yet. Shit.

No. 1013403

So Lindsay is threatening people too.
Idk if it’s about harassment but most fan accounts seem to kiss her ass now.

No. 1013430


love how he used a pic from 20+ years ago, it's really pathetic how hard he clings to his glory days

No. 1013446

He reposted a post from fan account in his story.Lindsay did the same
Also he reposted another post from fan account, his paintings. Story is still there.
Both fan accounts have many followers. They are trying to show they respect their effort or something. The other fan account is a fan of them together. It could be lindsay using his phone again,if he never done something like 5this before, I don't know.

No. 1013459

>They are trying to show they respect their effort or something.

Maybe, but Manson wrote “I’ve got a list of names.” Doesn’t sound like appreciation.

No. 1013460

True, I didn't notice that.
But still ,interacting with fan accounts publicly is a new thing.
He didn't get significantly bigger in quarantine.

No. 1013503

Check this out.Another fan account got a like. No harrassment in comment section so far.(imageboard)

No. 1013517

I think it's probably Lindsay impersonating him again. He's never posted anything like that before, and I'm sure she was one of the first ones to repost. And considering her love for Taylor Swift. Madelyn never did any substantial harm to Manson, anyway. If anything, he probably enjoyed all of the attention. She was mostly, for lack of better word, only a "threat" to Lindsay.

If it was Manson, I'm guessing it was directed at Evan, like his IG caption – "Never-ending astral vampire."

No. 1013544

They might have adopted a new smm strategy. As simple as that.

No. 1013588

File: 1595890512817.png (689.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200716-165907.png)

No. 1013590

No. 1013593

Beeswax is a lost fucktard attempting to derail.

No. 1013595


No. 1013694


That’s probably Manson. It looks like the kind of weirdo shit he does. I know for a fact he posts in these threads.

No. 1013722

Know for a fact?
The Manson threads have had more trolls then I’ve ever seen on lolcow. Idk if it’s Manson but it’s obvious some people don’t want us posting about his abuse.

No. 1013801

There are some similarities in the abuse stories. Legal procedure is not over yet but still, just take a look. Things in common are base for lifelong friendships.
Also @weissekatze account is private now.

No. 1013814

They may share the same views on women, but I don't think it goes much farther than that. His ex-girlfriends have made statements saying that he wasn't abusive during their relationships, and most of the time that type of thing repeats itself.

No. 1013830

File: 1595933535704.jpeg (219.01 KB, 1733x883, 8F7CD6E0-692E-4162-9482-8FCCCE…)

Why the fuck is Lindsay bitching to a fan about Madelyn, does she not have friends of her own? I get Madelyn is psycho, I dislike her too, but that’s messed up that Lindsay would try to get fans to bully and report her accounts on her behalf.

Btw, Lindsay is still buying bots and she’s been posting/tagging Marissa Zappos often lately, she’s probably trying to get her own perfume line? Fake followers doesn’t make her a celebrity.

No. 1013833

Everything she's doing now proves the rumors are true. She was bitching to fans about Viktoria and leaked her emails and phone number, asked fans to harass her. She leaks private photos to fans too, just like a few years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if she made up a few hate accounts to get attention from Manson or his fans in past. It's insane. You are finally the only woman he sees (because nobody else wants him lol), why do you care? Her ego is so big yet so fragile that she really cares what they say on Instagram.

No. 1013956

That’s the thing too, Lindsay has harassed other women (Teale Coco, Viktoria, etc.) and if what noname666 and Amie Nicole Harwick wrote is true, blackmails Manson. I don’t feel sorry for him but their relationship sounds extremely toxic. Lindsay has the nerve to complain about Madelyn? Whatever.

Lindsay comes across as.. boring. Flowers, cats, books, and old photos. It must suck to live with Manson. She probably doesn’t have much else going on hence why she often talks to fans.

No. 1014162

File: 1595987735280.jpeg (150.24 KB, 805x846, 02CD6BCE-A6B1-47F0-ABA3-DF4101…)

WTF is this shit? A new title? ‘We Are Chaos’? That kind of reminds me a little of Corey Taylor’s title to the Slipknot album ‘We are Not Your Kind’.

Something really shady happening here.
Both musicians who stole and copied off the same woman, and then made the same bullshit allegations.

No. 1014221

File: 1595996952017.jpeg (222.89 KB, 827x1173, 61C65631-7252-45EB-80EA-402F12…)

First the book… now this title.

No. 1014240

So now you're accusing Corey Taylor of plagiarism, too? Manson didn't tale his title from you. He probably doesn't even know who you are. I mean, I don't like him, either, but that's just ridiculous. Stop trying to get attention here.

No. 1014253

Yes Corey did. He used a poem I wrote and used it for a song. That was way before Manson and that’s a whole other situation.

You obviously have below average IQ if you can’t see Manson took yet another post to use for a title.

I’m not trying to get attention. I’m posting this so that asshole knows I’m not stupid. He knows who I am. How do you think he made the false allegations?

No. 1014255

What false allegations did he make against you? "The best thing you could do is master the chaos in you," and "We are chaos," have nothing in common except for one word. You need to stop accusing people that don't even know you of stealing things you've posted. Even if he did get an idea from that caption, those weren't your own words.

No. 1014260

Not exactly true (imo)

Abusers naturally seek a specific kind of person, someone they view as weak. The subconscious/consciously WANT to have a power dynamic so they seek specific people they feel might submit, someone with vulnerabilities or low self esteem.

Evan: young and naive
Louise: young and naive.
Lilith: young
Esme: probably insecure and since she's English probably didn't have family that could intervene.
Jordyn: emotionally vulnerable
Lindsay: no income of her own because she's been in a ten year relationship

I think the girls he didn't abuse (stoya, Dita, rose) were spared because all of them had their own careers, all of them had other men lusting over them so he probably didn't abuse them because their probably confident enough to leave him (what the did)

No. 1014279

I meant Depp. If he was looking for someone vulnerable, Amber wasn't it. She was financially independent and had her own career. If he was going to abuse someone it would've probably been his first wife or Vanessa (both testified against Amber). Both of them are disgusting misogynists, but I can't see Depp doing some of the things he has. He seems oblivious to everything Manson does.

No. 1014351

File: 1596034714168.jpg (75.45 KB, 603x460, wsLWD3Z.jpg)

Anons needn't have hurried with a new thread.
There is nothing more cringy than this.
It should have been the main pic.

He's announced song titles of the new album, cringesome too.

1 Red Black And Blue
2 We Are Chaos
3 Don’t Chase The Dead
4 Paint You With My Love
5 Halfway And One Step Forward
6 Infinite Darkness
7 Perfume
8 Keep My Head Together
9 Solve Coagula
10 Broken Needle

>Paint You With My Love

probably with bruises…

No. 1014352

>she’s been posting/tagging Marissa Zappos often lately, she’s probably trying to get her own perfume line?
she 'announced' a perfume line quite a while ago.

No. 1014370

Whoa, that was terrible.. so far fans on reddit/Twitter are trashing it.

No. 1014371

File: 1596040023917.jpg (75.85 KB, 943x767, ZxHt7mR.jpg)

I was wrong. As the video plays it gets more and more cringy.

Here comes Dawn's proof MM is a pedo.

omg I am fan of his early albums, wtf happened. Okay he is a bastard of all kinds in his personal life, trash in person but his art used to be great. WTF?

No. 1014395

File: 1596044151911.jpeg (122.55 KB, 1090x1046, D24BACAE-1913-4736-ADAD-978829…)

Yeah. I’ve been a fan of his art for 15 years, I even like his newer stuff, but that was embarrassing. The video looks like it was made in iMovie. I don’t have high hopes for the album.

Lindsay was quick to comment that they’re married. Lmao

No. 1014417

File: 1596046473947.jpg (95.28 KB, 552x415, YmHCO5R.jpg)

Lindsay is insufferable. How's that even relevant? 'We will keep it private' didn't age well, ha?
I checked a newsletter from MM official website.
These lines give me flashbacks to Lindsay's highlights and interviews. They are so original lol. And she tries so hard to be part of his 'art'.
Oh well.. from Dita to Lindsay, from great videos to that shit..

No. 1014433

She tries so hard to be a part of his life. LOL
Maybe somebody will finally cover the happily ever after in the press?
She can use public transportation if she steps out of the house without him and nobody would notice. Stop trying to be a celebrity. It ridiculous.

No. 1014438

Says the vid is unavailable. That was fast af kek.

No. 1014479

The vid is still up, for some reason when I embedded it on lolcow it says unavailable.

No. 1014488

Fans are now being bullied on Reddit for saying it sucks, like people aren’t entitled to their opinion? His fan base is so toxic.

No. 1014503

Meh, all fanbases are like that. It did get far more likes then dislikes on YouTube.
I was never a fan of him, liked and listened to couple of songs but if this one was all I've heard years ago, I wouldn't even bother to check him out any further.
He said the new album is a masterpiece.He said a mouthful based on this song.

No. 1014517

Idk, Manson fans tend be extra about it.
Bring up his abuse or question his behavior and you get jumped, which is why he’s probably gotten away with it for so long. His fans will make excuses for anything.

No. 1014554

Do you understand the concept of intellectual property theft? That’s what taking ideas from someone is.

I don’t know what I can say or not say, but he made these insane allegations sometime around Dec. 2018. Now he obviously knew somebody to do this. In March of this year he had a fucking search warrant and had all my electronics taken. Exactly what Evan described in her testimony he does.. And that’s also abuse what he did to me.

No. 1014566

You didn’t invent the word chaos, your caption wasn’t even close.

So now you’re on lolcow to talk about a legal case and bring this up 5 threads in?

A search warrant is only issued by a judge after probable cause is shown. Meaning Manson was able to show guilt on your behalf. You’re claiming Manson filed charges against you? You’d be able to prove that.

You can’t/won’t even answer basic questions. I’m thoroughly convinced you’re a troll helping Manson with false allegations.

Evan said he downloaded spyware on her electronics, big difference from them being confiscated by the police.

No. 1014575

I don’t mean he did exactly what he did to her. I mean what she described is like what Manson does when you try to expose him.

Yes he made charges. What proof do you mean? This is all stuff that was going on in person. And no, a search warrant doesn’t automatically mean someone is guilty. Did I get arrested? NO. Yeah I bet he was all crying when I didn’t…
Because I’m not guilty of what he’s accusing me of. It’s a LIE.
As I said, I bet he knew someone to get that.

What basic questions are you talking about?

No. 1014587

I looked at CT’s Twitter & noticed he also came out with a new song & video today too. I thought him & CT maybe were enemies, but then saw that MM made a cameo in his video. That’s definitely very very weird, like something is going on. Sounds seriously fucked up, like maybe they’ve both been corroborating together against you.

No. 1014592


If you say that we're ill
Just give us your pill
Hope we'll just go away
But once you've inhaled death
Everything else is perfume
Maybe I'm just a mystery
I could end up your misery
Maybe I'm just a mystery
I could end up your misery
In the end we all end up in a garbage dump
But I'll be the one that's
holding your hand*

We are sick, fucked up and complicated
We are chaos, we can't be cured
We are sick, fucked up and complicated
We are chaos, we can't be cured

Maybe I'm just a mystery
I could be your misery
Maybe I'm just a mystery
Marry with the left hand
So far so far from the mad'ning

We are sick, fucked up and
We are chaos, we can't be cured
We are sick, fucked up
and complicated
We are chaos, we can't be cured

Am I a man or a show, or moment
The man in the moon
Or a man of all seasons
Will I be in at the kill with you?

We are sick, fucked up and
We are chaos, we can't be cured
We are sick, fucked up and
We are chaos, we can't be cured
We are sick, fucked up and
We are chaos, we can't be cured
We are sick, fucked up and complicated
We are chaos, we can't be cured

We are sick

I haven't listened to it yet, but it seems like the same broken, rebellious schtick he's always had. The video was almost funny. Maybe he was going for the whole raw, unproduced look. Or he just didn't have the means to make a better one because of quarantine. Maybe Lindsay helped, lol.

No. 1014595

You would have paperwork if your electronics were confiscated by the police. Again, a search warrant is only issued if there’s probable cause: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_warrant

Does that mean you’re guilty? No, but Manson would have had to show police reason for the warrant. If it was someone he knew, that means police and a judge were in on it.

Anons have asked several questions in the previous threads that you ignored.

What did he charge you with?
How did you give Manson your phone number?
How did you meet?
What do you hope happens in your case?

No. 1014663

I didn’t answer certain questions because I can’t discuss those things right now.
And I’m not going to say what he accused me of either because it’s total bullshit and laughable. He completely lost his fucking mind.

> What do you hope happens in your case?

Well for start… this dumb crap obviously needs to get dismissed because it’s absolutely absurd.

> You would have paperwork if your electronics were confiscated by the police. Again, a search warrant is only issued if there’s probable cause

I do have paperwork but it has personal information on it. This is Marilyn Manson we’re talking about, all probable cause goes out the window. Because whatever he showed, there is no way in hell that would warrant for this. It’s an abuse of power.

No. 1014665

You can’t discuss details that would make your story somewhat valid but you can make wild accusations on a gossip site? Seems legit.

Hmm.. what charges would require taking your electronics.. stalking?

We already know you’re name is supposedly Dawn and your profile says Vegas, you can cover personal info.

If you can’t show proof there’s no reason to believe you. What’s the point if you can’t back up your accusations.

No. 1014686

File: 1596096296091.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 303.46 KB, 2340x1413, 00F1FC26-FD7B-4269-9EFB-DD85A1…)

Uh, actually they don’t give one specific reason why they would take electronics. There could be a lot of reasons why they do.
And I will discuss those details… just not right now.
But here is the proof. I obviously had to black out the personal information.

No. 1014693

Still difficult to believe you, you could have taken this from google images. No name is on it and you don’t show what property was taken. Why black out the police department if the address says Las Vegas.

Why can’t you discuss it now? You can’t even answer how you met Manson?

No. 1014696

File: 1596099292867.png (108.82 KB, 177x284, granmamanson.png)

Totally no real contribution to the current discussion BUT this picture made me laugh (with discomfort)

No. 1014885

File: 1596139311954.jpeg (171.92 KB, 750x805, 6AB54C13-5AC0-437A-95CB-7D4A75…)

This is out of the blue, but fuck. Madelyn really got BOTCHED. That boob job is really terrible. Her new boobs look totally anti natural and out of proportion with her figure.
Isn’t she constantly trying to be “elegant”? Because she looks tacky AF.

No. 1014968

Manson's marriage to Lindsay is now confirmed and Madelyn's account went private probably because she was called out for harrassment by his fans, don't think MM bothered to do anything about it, so I don't think there is much else to say about her…

No. 1015029

File: 1596163561090.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 381.81 KB, 1681x1967, 92740D3C-AFD8-4998-AB94-23FBD4…)

I’ll discuss it on my time.

Google? lol You can’t find something like this on there. It doesn’t have my name, but it has where I live.
I didn’t think that part mattered… but you’ll probably still think I got it off google anyway. So think what you want, but I have all the paperwork; and eventually you’re gonna see this is all real.

No. 1015056

File: 1596171918604.jpeg (405.64 KB, 1078x1739, 57E6BFFC-DBB9-4CFB-BBC5-54F8B2…)

No, you’re fake as fuck because you refuse to answer any questions for over a year now, failed to prove any of your accusations, fabricated evidence, and seem to think Manson is bullying Christians which shows an agenda.

You claim Manson made a mystery charge against you, obtained a search warrant, and you hope to disprove the charges by.. acting a fool here?

Blast him on social media, sue him, I hope the he goes to jail. But why torture us here with your obvious bullshit when it helps Manson.

No. 1015093

Why don't you make her a thread?

Another question
Why do anons talk to Dawn? Isn't it derailing the thread?

No. 1015105


No. 1015111


No. 1015253

You see what happens when you decide to take initiative based on your own obsessions instead of trying to integrate to a board that has existed long before you decided to come here and shit it up with your delusions?

No. 1015538

Lindsay can't even get his lyrics right. What the fuck is wrong with her?

No. 1015539

Cringy. Just like the video.

No. 1015548

Thomas Hardy The madding crowd was what she referred to. Someone wrote that in comments section on MM IG post as explanation and she liked the reply from that person.
I'm gonna get banned for this because I'm supposed to post screenshot but I can't find that comment now. I just clearly remember reading it because I've also noticed her post being different from his lyrics. Didn't bother to look what that book is about and how it has anything to do with his song announcement either…

No. 1015551

From cliffsnotes-
Bathsheba Everdene has the enviable problem of coping with three suitors simultaneously. The first to appear is Gabriel Oak, a farmer as ordinary, stable, and sturdy as his name suggests. Perceiving her beauty, he proposes to her and is promptly rejected. He vows not to ask again.

Oak's flock of sheep is tragically destroyed, and he is obliged to seek employment. Chance has it that in the search he spies a serious fire, hastens to aid in extinguishing it, and manages to obtain employment on the estate. Bathsheba inherits her uncle's farm, and it is she who employs Gabriel as a shepherd. She intends to manage the farm by herself. Her farmhands have reservations about the abilities of this woman, whom they think is a bit vain and capricious.

Indeed, it is caprice that prompts her to send an anonymous valentine to a neighboring landowner, Mr. Boldwood, a middle-aged bachelor. His curiosity and, subsequently, his emotions are seriously aroused, and he becomes Bathsheba's second suitor. She rejects him, too, but he vows to pursue her until she consents to marry him.

The vicissitudes of country life and the emergencies of farming, coupled with Bathsheba's temperament, cause Gabriel to be alternately fired and rehired. He has made himself indispensable. He does his work, gives advice when asked, and usually withholds it when not consulted.

But it is her third suitor, Sergeant Francis Troy, who, with his flattery, insouciance, and scarlet uniform, finally captures the interest of Bathsheba. Troy, who does not believe in promises, and laments with some truth that "women will be the death of me," has wronged a young serving maid. After a misunderstanding about the time and place where they were to be married, he left her. This fickle soldier marries Bathsheba and becomes an arrogant landlord. Months later, Fanny, his abandoned victim, dies in childbirth. Troy is stunned — and so is Bathsheba, when she learns the truth. She feels indirectly responsible for the tragedy and knows that her marriage is over.

Bathsheba is remorseful but somewhat relieved when Troy disappears. His clothes are found on the shore of a bay where there is a strong current. People accept the circumstantial evidence of his death, but Bathsheba knows intuitively that he is alive. Troy does return, over a year later, just as Boldwood, almost mad, is trying to exact Bathsheba's promise that she will marry him six years hence, when the law can declare her legally widowed. Troy interrupts the Christmas party that Boldwood is giving. The infuriated Boldwood shoots him. Troy is buried beside Fanny, his wronged love. Because of his insanity, Boldwood's sentence is eventually commuted to internment at Her Majesty's pleasure.

Gabriel, who has served Bathsheba patiently and loyally all this time, marries her at the story's conclusion. The augury is that, having lived through tragedy together, the pair will now find happiness.

No. 1015600

Yea. It's still not a real quote.
I found the Wikipedia definition much more interesting;
"Morganatic marriage, sometimes called a left-handed marriage, is a marriage between people of unequal social rank, which in the context of royalty prevents the husband's (or wife's) titles and privileges being passed on to the wife (or husband) and/or any children born of the marriage."

So she thinks she's subordinate to a rapist. How sad.

No. 1015602

"Gabriel, who has served Bathsheba patiently and loyally all this time, marries her at the story's conclusion. The augury is that, having lived through tragedy together, the pair will now find happiness."

Sounds like a healthy relationship lmao

No. 1015672

Her metaphors always suck. Remember how anon dragged her Dalí and Gala reference? Her attempts to be smart and classy probably take a lot of effort.

No. 1015697

Has anyone considered that maybe she knows what her "metaphors" mean? She only seems to compare their relationship to abusive or unhealthy ones. Maybe she's proud of it.

No. 1015708

Maybe not proud of it but use to it.Honestly, I'm still not sure what to make of her: is she a calculated gold digger or a brainwashed victim herself?
They have been together for 10 years,she obviously neglected her personal growth, as we see from the stuff she posts online. I honestly believe she thinks marrying Manson is her greatest achievement in life and that people are jealous of that. What woman in her right mind would marry a guy like that? I mean a guy with patterns of horrific abusive behavior? No money is worth that.

No. 1015716

My vote is severely mentally ill and probably manipulated by Manson. Of Manson’s ex side chicks who mentioned her, they all called her crazy or a gold digger. It’ll be interesting to see how their marriage pans out and if she’ll ever spill the beans on him.

No. 1015789


It has to be obsession and lack of personal growth coupled with projected identification w/him. If it was just money I’m sure they would parted ways a LONG time ago with an NDA stipulating that he pay he a monthly allowance for life.

No. 1015794

Can you Manson fags please create your own fan board instead of bawing here about trivial shit literally no one else cares about

No. 1015802

Obviously ppl care about it or it wouldn’t have been discussed. Lindsay’s part of the problem.

No. 1015874

I'm guessing a modern day morganatic marriage in their case would be a wealthy man (MM) and a lower rank woman (Lindsay) being in a relationship where he financially provides for her and gives her "rank by association" under his social status (her having social media accounts and going to events and what not) but then her allowing him to practice non monogamy with women at higher ranks than her (gorgeous Instagram models, random young celebs like Bella Thorne, traditionally beautiful women that would rise above the women he has the physical capacity to attract)

(Note: when I say "rank by association" I'm talking about connections in their case, like all the random art interviews she gets now and the verified social media pages. The red carpet pictures and name mentions given to her by her association with him publicly)

She's pathetic and weird. Jesus Christ, do these idiots even know how to properly read and interpret a book? Seeing Lolita as a love story and interpreting the book mentioned above as something positive? These two really know how to read classics and butcher the fuck out of the interpretations and authors true intent/message.

Such a weird, abusive and degrading way of life. This man clearly lacks the capacity to give and receive love in normal ways. Imagine STILL doing weird bullshit like this at 50 years old. Poor Lindsay. Probably the reason almost every other woman he's engaged to ran for the fuckin hills before they can even the cake tastings.

No. 1015880

He has literally stunted her career that's why she posts work that is years old. I read in this article that he prefers his girlfriends to not have careers of their own so his will always systematically fall first. I can't imagine what it's like being in a relationship with someone like him.

Granted she and Ashley started their careers together I'm surprised she's not a cofounder of Ashley's clothing line. Seems like he actively wants her to have nothing of her own unless he gives it to her/when he decides to give it to her/how he decides to give it to her and I'm guessing he can take it back as well. I bet if he told her to delete all her pictures and work offline, she would. Controlling

No. 1015883

File: 1596335728587.jpg (185.94 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20200801-193519_You…)

I have a feeling Lindsay is so skinny and pale because he consumes most of the food in the household.

No. 1015884

She probably has zero income of her own and eats when he says okay. He probably buys the groceries.

No. 1015947

What is it with him and food deprivation? ERW and Esme are the only ones who complained about that and being ridiculed if they didn't dress right. That is just so wierd. Do you think it's because at that time he felt like his own look starts to deteriorate so he felt jealous of them being skinny or what? Women before didn't mention he starved them or kept them awake.
I'm honestly surprised how he allowed to let himself go like that ,how he has no willpower to control his eating habits. Even drugs didn't manage to keep him skinny. Antipsychotic medication which he probably has to take for his mental disorder can make you fat but that could be taken care of with his amount of money by hiring a professional nutritionist.

No. 1016044

Narcissists don't go by their own rules because they think they are better than everyone and everything else. Not even his band members are allowed to be overweight, only him. A total control freak who obviously has a completely wrong idea of himself.

No. 1016057

I think it was mostly just genetics paired with extensive drug use and emotional eating. Most drugs don't keep you thin, they just make you too sick to eat, especially cocaine. He'd already gained weight before his parents died, and already feeling bad about himself, then that happening probably pushed him over the edge.

No. 1016167

"Married with the left hand" is a complex metaphor and reads as a dig against Lindsey. I am not suggesting Manson is a lyrical genius, but he does know enough symbolism to encode double or even triple meanings in some of his songs, and (giving the devil his due) his wordplays are sometimes clever. "Married with the left hand" carries the morganatic marriage meaning already suggested, along with suggesting the "left-hand path," or path of self-glorification in contrast to the "right-hand path" of service to a deity or to humanity. However, the layer of meaning I find a bit funny is this… the left hand has from ancient times been associated with evil or uncleanness because prior to the advent of toilet paper, it was used as the wiping hand in some ancient cultures. This is one reason we shake with our right, not our left. So, Manson is essentially bragging about marrying Lindsey with shit-wiping hand, an apt metaphor for how much respect and love he has for his new bride. In contrast, the "right hand" was classically viewed as the place of honor or status; hence, Jesus is said to "sit at the right hand" of the Father, and a King's honored guest sits to his right. In other words, she is valued as much as the shit he wipes out of his ass in the morning, and she will never be given the better side of him or a place of honor in his life. Nice guy - and even sadder she appears proud of this lyric.

No. 1016235

Amazing! Thank you!

No. 1016238

Yes, we all know what his father looked like.

No. 1016247

It could also be a suggestion the marriage is a sham; if Manson is right-handed and signed with his left, then his consent wouldn’t be in “his own hand”, making it invalid.

No. 1016266

"So, Manson is essentially bragging about marrying Lindsey with shit-wiping hand, an apt metaphor for how much respect and love he has for his new bride."

LMAO!!! Thanks anon.

No. 1016291

I would lol so hard if it turned out that he didn't really marry her.

No. 1016399

I don't believe that he purposely had them sleep deprived to control and I don't think he starved them as well, it seems like the pressure and stress of being with him triggered eating disorders. Both Esme and Evan had their own income and team, Evan was still working on semi mainstream stuff and doing interviews, she most definitely had access to food if she wasn't so brain fucked.

I think the sleep deprivation thing has something to do with the fact that he basically works at night while Esme and Evan probably worked during the day. I'm guessing he sleeps during the day up until late afternoon while they're working and he probably expected them to be awake when he was awake.

I have no doubt he abused them but these were two resourceful women that had access to resources most domestic abusers don't (like their own income, having Hollywood take photos of them confirming theyre out in the public, work, probably their own talent agencies…etc) that being said they had way more control than most abused women and some of those wrongs stemmed from circumstances/behaviors they allowed. If either of them were to show up at tmz and say "Marilyn Manson beats the shit out of me, I need help" they would have public awareness and a way out. That is something a lot of women DONT have.

Just ask Shelly Miscavige. As an ex scientologist, I cant help but compare the situations to cult abuse. Her husband is the leader of scientology and he ripped her from the public eye and no one has seen her since. It's been almost a decade…

Esme and Evan definitely had a way out

No. 1016410


"The heart guides the hand" (something intentional and positive with pure intent coming from the heart. Output from the heart and input into the physical realm)

And then… "married with the left hand" (something that is just surface level. Married with the left hand. Outside the body. Kind of like "I look down at my left hand and theres a ring there so I guess I'm married")

I interpret too many tarot cards for my own good.

No. 1016602

They didn't. Both of them were mentally unstable when they met Manson. He manipulated his way into their hearts, isolated them from friends and family until they felt like they were completely alone.
Evan and Esmé both talked about "surviving on very little food" and their abuser not allowing them to eat.
You can even see how much weight Lindsay lost in the first two years on paparazzi pictures.
I don't think they had a big "team", maybe a manager and a stylist, that's it.
Evan and Esmé got out eventually, but they both suffer from ptsd now.

No. 1016604

He also told them that he could kill them, threatened them with knives and hurting their families. It's all in the three testimonies.

No. 1016611

Nta,that's what all abusers do.
Idk but it's obvious Esme and Evan have always been more 'resourceful' than Lindsay.
Why do you think they both were mentally unstable when they met? Abusers are abusers for a reason. They can mess up mind of a seemingly well off person too. There's no need to dramatize, the story is fucked up quite enough.

No. 1016643

Lindsay has a rich father. I also contacted this mynxii girl about the issue and she said she could get her out if Lindsay wanted to. Will add the screenshot later.

Esmé said on twitter that she just got out of an abusive relationship when the shit with the next abuser (Manson) started.
Evan basically was a confused child star. I'll post all the screenshots when I have time to look for them.

No. 1016675

nta it makes me wonder if Lindsay is that lazy she cannot get herself out. If Manson had so much control over Evan and the latter managed to have love affairs in between their relationship, wtf is wrong with Lindsay. She has a lot of time on her hands, especially when Manson cheats on her with a random girl.

No. 1016693

But I don’t think she wants to get out, that’s the thing. He’s publicly done and said such awful things to her and she still married him because she wanted to. We already know she romanticizes unhealthy relationships, and I think being the one woman who could “handle” Manson is a huge source of pride for her. The most likely scenario here is that they’re both fucked up and slightly abusive to each other and it works for them. All the side chicks and public breakups are probably just a part of the game for both of them. Plus what else would you do if your only identity has been “being someone else’s partner”?

No. 1016719


Some of this thread needs to work on their common sense.

If you search "Evan Rachel Wood" on YouTube you'll see that majority of the viral results are about her alleged "abuse" her abuse story has conveniently pulled her into mainstream media platforms like the today show. Her abuse has conveniently opened a ton of doors for her career. She spent majority of her career doing low budget indie films and now she's managed to climb her way up to Frozen 2 and a top HBO show. When she had her son she moved back to NC or whatever and I'm pretty sure it stunted her career and now she's acting like some activist or LGBTQ member because its trend.

I believe Esme but when it comes to Evan I'm skeptical. It seems like she's embarrassed of her actions (taking him from his wife) and just acting like a stupid child and now she's trying to create distance from that narrative by suggesting it was forced abuse.

No. 1016730

Yeah, no.
Evan joined Westwood in 2016, she didn’t become vocal about her abuse until 2018 when she testified. She had a successful career beforehand.

No. 1016732

Also “took him from his wife” lol. This 18 yr old girl did not take this grown ass man who does whatever the fuck he wants from his wife.
This post wreaks of Magalyn.

No. 1016741

even though I don't agree with >>1016719 she became vocal about her abuse in 2016, it was discussed in the second thread. she testified in 2018 but gave a lot of interviews in 2016.

it's ridiculous to have doubts about her case given everything he said in interviews+lyrics+videos and real footage of abuse. metoo started in sep. 2017 and ERW started talking about her experience in late 2016.

No. 1016760

Plus Westworld came out in 2016, which means she got hired in 2015. Talking about her abuse didn’t help her career, I would say her career probably made her more comfortable to talk about her abuse.

No. 1016898

Not sure if this is the place for lyrical analysis, but it is interesting to look at how Manson has glamorized abuse for decades in his music. Granted, he is a "shock rocker," but the recurring emphasis on abusing or degrading a romantic partner reveals something about his concept of "abuse as eroticism." For Manson, romance is never something happy or even conventionally sexual or alluring. It's all about pain and mutual abuse (he sees himself as abused and victimized, which justifies abusing and victimizing the women he dates). Just a VERY FEW examples of many:

Song: Into The Fire (High End of Low)
This is the film, close to the third act and the misery
It's not rain, you rapist werewolves
It's God pissing down on you
We'll die alone
Cause I'll break off my own arms
Sharpen my bones
Stab you once for each time I thought of you
Trying to take something
You'll never be good enough to even look upon

Isn't one nail without dirt under it
Isn't any white cotton panties that aren't soaked and stained red"

(Anyone remember the pic of Evan's panties soaked in blood in the last thread?)

The entire song "I Want to Kill You Like They Do in the Movies" - too long to post here. It's his self-admitted fantasy about murdering Evan.

Song: Leave a Scar (High End of Low)
So turn around and walk away
Before we confuse the way, we abuse each other.
If your not afraid of getting hurt
Then I am not afraid of how much I hurt you
I'm well aware I'm a danger to myself.
Are you aware I'm a danger to others?
There's a crack in my soul, you thought was a smile.

Song: Pistol Whipped (Born Villain)
You look so pretty
When you cry
Don't wanna hit you
But the only thing
Between our love is
A bloody nose
A busted lip
A blackened eye

These themes are less abundant in his pre-Evan work, but still present, as in the below…

Song: Para-noir (Golden Age)
I fuck you so I can fucking feel
Instead of nothing at all
I fuck you because you are beautiful
I fuck you because you're my nigger
I fuck you because I'm your whore
I fuck you because you are a whore

Fuck you because I love you
Fuck you for loving you too
I don't need a reason to hate you the way I do

Song: Count to Six & Die (Holywood)
She's got her eyes open wide
She's got the dirt and spit of the world
Her mouth on the metal
The lips of a scared little girl
I've got an angel in the lobby
He's waiting to put me in line
I won't ask forgiveness

Song: Deformography (Antichrist)
"I lift you up like the sweetest angel
I'll tear you down like a whore.

Then there are these "great" videos for the songs Mephistopheles of Los Angeles and No Reflection that display his weird fetish for drowning women….

No. 1017158

His use of the n word holds no philosophical or lyrical significance. This guy is just ignorant. I can see if he was using it as some commentary about society but in this context hes using it as some kind of degrading comment.

These rapper dudes he hangs with need to do their research and due diligence because this guy is just a racist and knows he can get away with it because he's marilyn manson.

Why these mainstream African American rappers give this fat fuck the time of day? I dont know. His image outshined his music a long time ago and now he's just trying to shock.

He could write a song with only one word (nigger) and mainstream media still wouldnt pay him any attention. I honestly think society was done with him once that shooting happened. He was cancelled before canceling people even existed

No. 1017161

His abusive nature will never leave. I don't understand how an only child can grow up to be this fucked up.

No. 1017450

Agree on the "n" word in that song in particular. Even when I was a diehard MM fan, that one in particular bothered me for the reason you state - it has no philosophical justification, unlike his cover of Rock and Roll N*gger, which used the word in a provocative way as a metaphor for outsiders looked down upon by mainstream society. In the context of Para-Noir, I always heard it as "I fuck you because you're less than me; you're my slave; you're a subhuman object." The history of that term in a sexual context is ugly and recalls a time when slaves were raped and were not entitled to resist their owners' advances. Maybe I am reading too much into it (it can be dismissed as "Manson just being edgy"), but as a man of mixed heritage and as someone who actually does enjoy MM's music (and was once a huge fan of his schtick), I always cringed deeply when that song came up on my playlist.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1017451

Edit: (Sorry, new to this and not sure how to edit posts)… it's also significant to me that Manson uses the expression "MY ner" rather than just "a ner." While the latter would still be offensive, the use of "MY" in this context speaks volumes about his mentality, both toward minorities and perhaps even more obviously, toward women.

No. 1017458

Is there ever any "artistic value" to a hick white man using that word? It's all for shock. So many people look at MM the same as the did at 15. What he made you feel were teenage feelings. He was never making deep art. Talking about him this way is embarrassing. Recognize nostalgia for what it is

No. 1017477

In an artistic sense, I could see that term having a bit of meaning, as long as it's not being used as a racial statement. He doesn't just say it to describe his relationship with minorities or women. He sees everyone as beneath him.

No. 1017865

He's not even worth canceling tbh. Canceling someone would require the person to have a position in mainstream culture or influence over a large portion of society. He has neither.

The only person that seems to publicly like him is that lil uzi vert guy, and even then, it seems like the African American community still rejects him and the idea of him.

He went to this astroworld concert thing and it's my all time favorite clip because as soon as people spot him and lindsay walking everyone freezes and is like "what the fuck is that walking towards us"


No. 1017866

No. 1018937

File: 1596788824112.jpeg (84.1 KB, 750x955, 4B44357E-987F-4A17-9E6B-C3B39C…)

This was in February.
She was kinda passive aggressive but I haven't seen her around Lindsay since.
I also removed the small talk because it's irrelevant.

No. 1019248

she posted hints at engagement in spring. This girl lied?

No. 1019275

She’d been wearing that diamond engagement ring since at least last year, the engagement didn’t seem new. I think this girl was saying “she can marry him next week if she wants and I’ll support that.”

What’s confusing to me is how are all these anons talking to all of these people? You’re just randomly messaging people going “hey talk to me about Lindsay”? And then they do?? Why?

No. 1019670

I think the reason why I messaged that girl was a picture of Lindsay at the vanity fair oscar party in which she looked very fucked up. And because she did Lindsay's make up or something I thought she'd be the right person to dm. I sent her the picture and was like "Is she okay? Maybe she needs to get out of her relationship." I was pretty annoyed by their ignorance.

No. 1020086

How did you know that she was the person who did Lindsay's makeup? I didn't see her post any photos from that event or any watermarks. Maybe I missed something?

No. 1020165


How do u think they’re getting this? It’s probably her. And then she must be self-posting about herself to get people to talk about her. This is how pathetic she must be. Who gives a shit about any of this? It’s not even interesting, Just like her boring ass personality. She really has nothing else going for her besides posting the same shit IG stories about Manson and their cats.

No. 1020174

I came across this milk and now I'm kinda rooting for Lindsay. She seems empathetic towards those chicks in her own way… especially when she apologized to the girl.

I dont think its cheating AT ALL. It sounds like some kind of open relationship which some couples actually do.

I was in an open relationship and sometimes we'd go through periods of time where we "closed" the relationship.

Monogamy isnt a goal for everyone these days. Some people aren't wired to have monogamous relationships and ideally, if you struggle with that it makes sense to get with a woman who is okay with that arrangement and someone who's not in the public eye.

None of those women made it to the general public. None of them were famous. If they have an open relationship it would make sense that he'd choose regular people and keep it a secret. If hes out with a bunch of women media will be on it.

Seems like she's rude to those women because they couldn't take a hint. He brutally dropped all of them. After he got back with his girl those women shouldve evaporated and moved on(blog)

No. 1020175

File: 1596951833030.jpg (543.94 KB, 2560x1193, 1586867923811.jpg)

No. 1020179

Get real. Open relationships aren’t real relationships. They are for sick in the head people with commitment issues. I almost feel sorry for people like that.

No. 1020182

> I came across this milk and now I'm kinda rooting for Lindsay.

Huh uh right, lol. Can this idiot be anymore obvious posting about herself?

No. 1020227

> Monogamy isnt a goal for everyone these days. Some people aren't wired to have monogamous relationships and ideally, if you struggle with that it makes sense to get with a woman who is okay with that arrangement and someone who's not in the public eye.

This is some brainwashed crap. More like these are people who have a serious underlying mental disorder and it can sometimes come out in the form of sex addiction -which they need to get serious professional help for. And it’s been established that Manson has these disorders. Their brain is wired differently because it isn’t functioning properly.

The only kind of woman that would remotely go for that is because she’s a gold digging hoe. Period.

No. 1020231

Tbh you all sound retarded

No. 1020247

It’s nice to see someone with a brain here, well said anon.

No. 1020339

It just sounds like she's self-posting. It's obvious that she probably knows about the thread because she's got nothing better to do than obsess over herself and Manson all day. It's even more pathetic that she runs her own fan accounts.

No. 1020477

Not milk, just a video. I remember there was a dispute about his house(s) in one of the previous threads so this vid may be interesting for some anons.
(he has a painting by rapist and serial killer John Wayne Gacy, such a good decoration feature for a family nest lmao)

They say in the video he bought a house next to JD's. I cannot get it outta my head that he could have Lindsay locked in basement in one house and just go for a date with Courtlyn or younameit side chick in fg 200 metres. Sad and hilarious. Manson, you won't lose weight if you keep this lifestyle, you need to walk more, piggie.

No. 1020522

File: 1597017402604.jpg (241.35 KB, 514x939, Polish_20200809_185420777.jpg)

Texts between him and Gabriella(?), Reposted from the 2nd thread. I couldn't not lol at the way he speaks. He sounds like an incel.

No. 1020567

I had to gag so hard. Especially the “almost super in love” and “fucking beautiful” part. Omg. Besides Lindsay, she is literally the ugliest and disgusting thing I set my eyes on. So gross and embarrassing that he talks like this.

No. 1020611

He seems really overbearing. He love bombs these chicks so they fall for him while probably saying the same thing to like 17 other women at the same time. He’s a player.

No. 1020618

I don’t understand why everybody thinks this is so interesting. This is what rockstars do; they fuck groupies, do drugs and behave shitty. It’s just apart of the culture and that’s never gonna change. Manson’s a dick but if y’all wanna bash him you’ll also have to bash the hundreds of other washed up celebrities who fuck minors and cheat on their wives.(whiteknighting)

No. 1020623

Nice excuse but several exes accused him of severe abuse. Being a rock star makes that ok?

No. 1020634

Of course it doesn’t make it okay - I never said that it did. However look at the history and the facts. John Lennon abused his wife and son. Steven Tyler fucked so many minors. The list goes on. None of it is okay but in that industry there is so much abuse and everybody here is acting as if this is such a unique situation when it’s not at all. I hate him as much as the next sane person does, all I’m saying is it’s not out of the ordinary or interesting compared to literally anybody else in the music industry.

No. 1020636

What's with all of the newfags lately who don't know how to reply to a post? It is just one person, or?

No. 1020639

Seems like it. Probably Dawn.

No. 1020642

There are other threads for other rockstars and celebrities with shitty personalities – granted, a lot of the older ones, like Steven Tyler, have gotten away with it because it happened in the 70s and there wasn't much media coverage at the time. This one focuses on Manson. Being famous doesn't give him (or anyone else) the right to abuse women and exploit fans.

I'd say it's partially the personality disorders that affects how he treats people, but he's also a product of his environment, in a way. He was spoiled by his parents, and now, his orbiters and girlfriends. If he could take some time to work on himself, alone, I'm sure his mentality would be a lot more stable.

No. 1020718

ok but there were plenty of bands in the 90s/00s who did not do even 1% of the things manson did lol. he is a unique case in ways for sure

No. 1020734

That’s my first guess.

You’re making sweeping generalizations. Also, look at what happens to those rockstars and celebrities that keep living that lifestyle - it eventually catches up with them. And I think Manson's has finally caught up with him.

No. 1020878

File: 1597087083034.jpeg (551.29 KB, 1936x1936, 17644B60-0029-4143-B0B0-B88F41…)

Flabbriella still trying to figure Manson out years later. She threw in “recently dumped” to make it sound like she was talking about someone else. LOL. This was in 2019.

No. 1020893

File: 1597088072206.jpeg (110.87 KB, 1080x839, 2882A80A-59FE-4A25-90BB-96698A…)

Flabbriella? Why.
His other exes said he talked shit about Lindsay to them (blackmail, etc).
Manson also told Gabriella this. Lmao

No. 1020896

Hi Lindsay. Of course you came across this milk, because all you do is sitting on your ass all day!
Let me help you:

Open relationships is a consensual agreement made by two or more people where they agree equally and on free will to see other people, under their own previously agreed terms.
What you have is different. You, Lindsay, had to accept that he would sleep with other women regardless of what you think.
Because, let's be honest: Why would he choose you among all the women he has been seeing for the past years?
I can say almost certainly they all were way more beautiful, talented, and had their lives more together than you.

The only reason he is with you is because you know how to play your cards, and you have just the right amount of blackmail and know him well enough to step in when your "relationship" looks in danger. And you're desperate enough to keep doing it year after year, because you know you don't exist without him.
You're nothing. You're ageing (not very gracefully, I must say), don't have a career of your own, or any talents. You can't even get a child from him.

You're useless, and just because you've decided to try to change your reputation for your own good and his, doesn't change the fact that you both have a lot of dirt flying around, and soon enough, everything will come out to the light. And it won't be nice!


No. 1020897

The only person that called her "Flabriella", to my knowledge, was Madelyn in some leaked messages posted in the 2nd(?) thread. It seems similiar to how she speaks, too. I wouldn't be surprised if Lindsay and Madelyn were both posting about themselves. It's entertaining, at least.

No. 1020902

No it was actually Lindsay that called her Flabbriella which was weird because at one time seemed friendly with her.

No. 1020931

It was Lindsay not Madelyn. She did the same with Teale Coco, deliberately misspelled her name. (See old threads)

I am sad Gabriella follows his life. I really liked her, she seemed to be smarter than his other girls.

No. 1020932

There were rumors (1) that Lindsay is infertile and (2) that Manson had a vasectomy done. You kinda proving the 1st?

No. 1020953

Where is this even from? How do we know she’s talking about him? Lots of people talk shit about their exes and then get back with them.

No. 1020961

Not true. Lindsay isn't infertile and Manson never had a vasectomy.
But, let's be honest, what are the chances of someone like Manson to get anyone pregnant?
He's 51 and has been abusing drugs/alcohol since even before he became famous. Let's be honest here.

No. 1020969

But would Lindsay even know if she was infertile? It's not like they care enough to regularly check in on their health, and sometimes there aren't even any signs of a problem. Women can have periods and still have trouble conceiving, and if you factor in her lifestyle and age… There was a rumor that she was trans, though, right? I doubt Manson could even get a full cup of chowder, at this point. Neither of them need a child, anyway.

No. 1021010

This post has Madelyn written all over it lmfao

No. 1021029

@_noname666_ bashes all three of them. Madelyn wouldn't shit-talk Manson or herself like that. She's still trying to push the narrative that they're in love.

No. 1021040

>You're useless, and just because you've decided to try to change your reputation for your own good and his, doesn't change the fact that you both have a lot of dirt flying around, and soon enough, everything will come out to the light. And it won't be nice!

THIS RIGHT HERE. Do they both think that deciding to play goodie two-shoe homemaker is gonna change that fact? Something tells me there’s been big time hints being dropped that something is about to go down with MM.

No. 1021259

Dawn, stop talking to yourself. It's obvious that you're still here. Go work on your court case instead of lurking the thread, lol.

No. 1021374

Found this on reddit. Someone firsthand claims Taylor Momsen was choked by Manson.
Link in case embed doesn’t work:

No. 1021412

I remember reading an interview where he said something along the lines of, "Who better to tour with than someone who just turned 18?" when talking about her. There was some concert footage where he groped her, but I haven't seen anything about him choking her. Did they say whether it was consensual or not?

No. 1021417

>Rocker Taylor Momsen likes to be choked thanks to goth godfather Marilyn Manson. The Beautiful People singer clamped his hands around the former Gossip Girl star’s neck when they performed together at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards show in 2012 and now she confesses she enjoys the sensation of being strangled.
Momsen tells Revolver, “It was fking awesome. He fking choked me out onstage… really f**king hard.
>“The people there were like, ‘You need a doctor. Are you fine?’ ‘Dude, I just got choked by Marilyn Manson – I’m f**king fine!’
“And now I really like getting choked out. You learn things.”

Apparently he's her godfather, too?

No. 1021426

Can you link your source?
I don’t believe he’s her godfather, that sounds like what the media referred to him as in the interview.
It seems the story Taylor told her personal assistant (in the video) is different then what she told the press.

No. 1021430

Manson grabs her boob around 2:05 in the video, not sure if it the same groping you’re referring to.
The girl who made the video is who posited it to the Manson reddit. You can find the thread here: https://www.reddit.com/r/marilyn_manson/comments/i7u3bc/hey_marilyn_manson_quit_being_such_a_drunk_and/

No. 1021437

It's here:

I don't know if it's reliable or not, though. I'd never heard of it before. I had a bit of trouble with copying and pasting, so lmk if the link doesn't work.

No. 1021441

File: 1597183210698.png (56.14 KB, 624x406, Screenshot_20200811-165902~2.p…)

No. 1021504

Honestly believe Madelyn is over her Manson monster now (or she's simply pretending) and is obsessing over Trump now. All her stories are about him now and I'm just waiting for the day she starts calling Melania a witch ruining the cute romance between the two, lmao.

No. 1021557

Probably not over him as much as just humiliated. She spent years on Instagram under catsanddevils, and talking in DMs to mansonisabusive saying “he’ll never marry her!!!!!” Also her constant “just wait and see” and “whats down in the dark always comes to light” shit all for it to end with…M marrying Lindsay. I’m sure she’s still obsessing over it but what can she possibly say publicly that won’t make her look insane at this point? Especially since she’s found this thread?

Hopefully with all her time off back in NC with her parents she’ll enroll in college and maybe expand her worldview a little.

No. 1021562

Samefag but lol that she made her Twitter private again right after I posted this

No. 1021616

I laughed so hard at “goodie two-shoe homemaker.”

Can you imagine Manson goes from choking Taylor Monsen and all the other fucked up shit he’s done over the years… to being a homemaker? Lmao. Does he really think ppl are that stupid to buy him & Lindsays act?

No. 1021630

File: 1597209451124.jpeg (299.22 KB, 815x1549, 11BEF1C8-EF2D-4A59-8905-EA0260…)


You’re right - fans aren’t buying it either. Is MM on reddit too?lol That looks and sounds like him responding to that guy, trying to defend him and Lindsay’s relationship. B/c like that crimson dude said, why would someone be getting so defensive?

He’s also right - if he did make an album about Lindsay - it sucked. Which is why he went using other women.

No. 1021667

That's funny. Lindsay used to call Gabriella that..

No. 1021671

He isn't her godfather lmao
And Taylor was very obviously starstruck. She'd never get into a situation like that now.

No. 1021734


Can you look for that interview please?

No. 1021762

File: 1597242610999.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 103.32 KB, 750x722, EBC5AC12-00D0-4513-8533-AD6EDE…)

No. 1021765

I think this is it? It was a while ago, so I'm not really sure. He also mentions Seraphim:

No. 1021774

That looks more like Ashley. Lindsay's hair has never been that long while she's been with Manson, and her eyebrows seem thinner than that.

No. 1021778


Whoever this is they clearly have breast implants. I vote for Lindsay. But who posted this image w/o any context and where is it from? I swear to god I feel like this is something Lindsay would post…

No. 1021787

It is Lindsay, Ashley's nose is different. And Lindsay did have long hair. Lurk moar anon, hope there's no offense.

Where is this photo from?

No. 1021797

I’m sorry but this is the weirdest picture. She looks like she’s being trafficked.

No. 1021843

File: 1597251357451.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.4 KB, 551x562, VQSYabf.jpg)

could OP please explain what the hell is in the pic?
What is this black space? Is it a back of a sofa? Is it black leather then? There is a reflection of a woman wearing a white dress, her legs (thighs) are seen. Is it Lindsay's reflection? Then it's a selfie.
What are these black small spaces near her boob?

Now we know she had her boobs done. Even her boobs, the only thing she showed off as her best accomplishment is fake. Okay. Thx.

OP please what's the year of the pathetic nudes?

No. 1021846

Lmaooooo did she really just come on here and drop a photo of her titties. A mood honestly… Sounds like something my friends and I would do.

I just searched this photo and it's no where else on the internet. Meaning it's either cropped or a private photo she posted.

Bitch basically said, "if you wanna converse about something, talk about this titties" dropped a photo and dipped.

I'm dead

No. 1021849

I meant to say it's either cropped from somewhere or a private file —meaning something she posted or someone else posted.

No. 1021853

That looks like a faux leather portfolio bag tbh.

She's networking lol…love that for her

(I don't see any leg reflection. The bag is semi matte. I don't think she had a boob job or photoshopped…there's veins and shit. I know people on here don't like to give her credit but she has nice tits.)

No. 1021863

It looks like she's on some casting couch in a hotel room or something. Granted most of his girlfriends were are porn stars, strippers, vintage strippers or cam girls a d he doesnt seem bothered by that in the slightest, I wouldnt surprised if she was lowkey a cam girl and made videos somewhere online under some alias.

It's definitely a career that would allow her to make her own money. I wouldn't be surprised if he was in on it too/took the photos himself or anonymously made videos with her somewhere.

- He's posted videos of him having sex on Instagram.

- He did that heart shaped glasses video.

- He made all those weird bdsm sex short films with Evan.

- He has been masturbating on stage for almost 20 years now…

- Some of his music videos could be considered straight up porn.

He definitely meets the characteristics(constant spam and samefagging)

No. 1021871

File: 1597254233964.jpg (Spoiler Image, 174.5 KB, 1106x543, bzjH6Ar.jpg)

>I don't see any leg reflection
I did my best to show my point of view lol

No. 1021880

File: 1597255379372.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 244.84 KB, 1400x1050, 4FAFE0C5-30A7-4175-9A5A-5BF7FD…)

I honestly don't know. Maybe she just gained weight? Bc in those "recent" analogue pics she already has bigger boobs.

Also, she has a fucking pin-up tattooed on her back that looks prettier than her.. how brainwashed is she(lack of spoiler)

No. 1021881

So I guess that answers the question if Manson/Lindsay visit these threads.

No. 1021927

Those photos weren't recent, though. The first one was from three years ago. It was a still from a short film she and Manson appeared in, "The Nasty 8." The second was from at least a year ago because I remember Hope Harvey commenting. The one that she dropped here wasn't new, either. Her hair was shoulder-length at Astroworld, and it doesn't seem like it's much longer now, judging by the photos she posts in her stories.

No. 1021931

File: 1597262535648.png (Spoiler Image, 318.74 KB, 718x727, Polish_20200812_145530765.png)

I know I'm just nitpicking here, but did anyone else notice that little indention near the bottom? I thought maybe it was from photoshop or something.

No. 1021954

I would oddly respect her swinging through and dropping a titty pic but I feel like she’d never post such an unflattering pic of herself. It was probably him.

No. 1021999

I have a feeling the mod that floats around this forum is the same mod that my site administrator friend is looking into. They've been trying to get rid of this chick for weeks now.

She's the one that keeps throwing "autism" and "tard" in her ban messages. We also think she's that one for that keeps popping up talking about her lawsuit against Manson. Everyone seems to get banned or receive infractions EXCEPT her. She has somehow managed to spam the threads with her mental illness for days on end, argue with every since person on the thread about her being real and then ban the people that speak against her. I haven't seen ANY red writing on her delusional rampages she goes on.

And I'll probably get banned for posting this or calling her out, which proves my point indefinitely…

Ugh…what is up with these deranged women that break their necks to orbit him. How embarrassing(>she thinks this is a forum >she thinks that mods ban her for vendetta instead of the rulebreaking autistic spergouts)

No. 1022003

I don't think it's photoshopped. It's her only desirable trait and selling point. This is coming from a lesbian…

No. 1022023

Why would Manson try to defend their relationship, though? Everything they do, as far as public interaction goes, is all for PR at this point. At home, he probably doesn't even have anything to do with her, other than using her as a punching bag. Unless people knew it was him, it wouldn't have mattered.

No. 1022167


PR? What would he need her for that for? He’s never used her in the past. It’s the worst PR. Anyone
that’s a real person and not one of their fake fan accounts or part of their management team trying to pimp their false whole ‘goodie two-shoe homemaker’ image, can see right through their act.

I doubt some random person would get so defensive and take a comment about their relationship so personal.

No. 1022194

No, I meant those recent dark analogue pictures. She confirmed her engagement with them.

I also apologize for the lack of spoiler. Totally forgot.

No. 1022195


I also think Lindsay is some kind of alibi for him.

No. 1022213

File: 1597310916903.png (Spoiler Image, 822 KB, 718x694, 2A9E61B9-4997-42FB-AA38-E254C9…)

Lindsay got more work done since….

No. 1022282

Someone leaked a dick pic of Manson in the last thread. Now a pic of Lindsay’s tits are being leaked. There is something seriously peculiar going on.

No. 1022296

Lol anon. No dick pics so far.

No. 1022312

Dick pic of Manson from last thread. >>990702

No. 1022320

There's no proof it's actually Manson's.

No. 1022470

Her boob lit points at an upward trajectory, lmao she has implants. Also the nipple is tiny proportionally which is a giveaway.

No. 1022491

You're all so stupid. Every fucking Twitter dick could be his. But this ain't it. Trust me.

No. 1022683

Trust you? No one even knows you. Sure… but there is something unusual about this particular one.
It has the underage stuff on it and the “I’d punish in my own way” comment stuck out. He also specifically covered his hand which is not something someone would have to do if they weren’t trying to hide tattoos.

No. 1022712


It’s just too suspect wherever they got that particular picture from and then strategically placed it here.

No. 1022767

Dawn, just disappear and never come back please.

No. 1022771

File: 1597392146160.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 125.54 KB, 750x750, 788C0C03-F15C-4467-A73E-39DB23…)

Doesn't look like that pic on Twitter.

No. 1022775

File: 1597395863231.jpeg (206.01 KB, 819x1273, AC517E24-4AE3-4DAB-92B7-FA19CB…)

Speaking of Dawn, she’s still at it with that Satan page. This is all the PR that Manson needs, is for her to go around telling people he’s under fake accounts, lol. I don’t think Manson would have an OnlyFans or need to sell dildo ads. But who knows, maybe he’s fell on really hard times, lol >>1022023

No. 1022816

File: 1597410312697.jpeg (513.59 KB, 2048x2048, 45A278DD-A52A-4D43-B319-DCDD8B…)

Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past him to be on Only Fans posting his “weirdness” too.

Both accounts on the same date with almost similar captions going off social media at the same time.

Him and his co-conspirators probably got all upset crying because things didn’t pan out the way they hoped.

No. 1022820

File: 1597411058925.jpeg (79.46 KB, 828x1204, 5E77AB12-9A43-462D-82A7-F6B3C1…)

Yup he’s reading…

That’s because I’m perfect.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1022936

File: 1597429206294.jpeg (88.86 KB, 750x741, 291FA73E-DB58-46AB-A555-025500…)

Michael is behind s8n. I really doubt a journalist and the Observer is part of a conspiracy.


I’m willing to believe Manson has some fakes but why are you insisting he’s behind an account that’s proven their identity?

Co-conspirators? As in Manson and this dude Michael have an agreement to fuck with you and coordinate posts? Okay..

You’re a lunatic, I see why Manson supposedly pressed charges against you.

No. 1022937

File: 1597429423319.jpg (49.22 KB, 602x602, Mcsc4AE.jpg)

Even though I think eyelet.black is a crazy woman who needs to be institutionalized, she has some "insightful" posts.

>M doesn't have any other accounts besides his official

>we don't go into each other's phones
>we like to keep healthy boundaries in our relationships

just report and move on.

No. 1022939

I’m on the fence with eyelet.black but Lindsay is fucking ridiculous.

No. 1022943

Can someone ban this schizophrenic bitch! In what other thread would an anon be allowed to claim random accounts are connected and sending her secret cryptic messages through their posts for so long? This is insane.

No. 1022944

Lindsay runs Manson's Instagram account and controls his phone.

No. 1022950

Why the fuck is this schizo troll allowed to run rampant? She’s been banned several times in the past but keeps coming back.

No. 1022955

This doormat thread is so shit that it’s ridiculous. I’ve never seen lolcow allow any other type of stan turn a thread into their tinfoil stomping ground, /snow or otherwise, for 5 whole threads.

No. 1022960

everybody is confident about it. why does she need to lie?

No. 1022964

Wtf are you talking about? You batshit lunatics don’t have any actual proof of this.

I can come in this thread and say that Marilyn Manson is a farmhand but that doesn’t make it true. Stop presenting your weirdo conspiracies as facts.

No. 1022966

If she controls his phone, then how has he been able to find so many side-chicks through dating apps in the past?

No. 1022970

I think their confidence comes from what is known via his exes or ex-employees. Was it fearless666 who claimed Lindsay used his phone? Or Amie Harwick?
I personally believe she has access to his ig account judging by how he's been posting, idk about his phone though.
But this >>1022966 is a good question.

No. 1022983

It’s a good point, but noname666 is supposedly his ex. Anyone could claim to be them though.
As far as dating other women, Manson and Lindsay were on and off for years and didn’t hint at heir marriage until recently. She’s more prominent in his life now.

It was 666fearless who said Lindsay and Judd control his phone and claims Judd is still stalking her. She and Amie Harwick both said Lindsay blackmails him.

No. 1023169

No. 1023170

One of those women is clearly crazy and the other is dead. Mmmmmm yeah…not the best credible sources out there.

No. 1023171

One of them is clearly crazy and the other got thrown off of a whole ass balcony by her boyfriend. Most bitches don't get tossed off of balconies y their partners. Not the most credible women

No. 1023174

>Co-conspirators? As in Manson and this dude Michael have an agreement to fuck with you and coordinate posts? Okay..

No I meant he’s conspiring with other people about something else.

How do you know he doesn’t use that account with that guy? You don’t think he can go through other people? Seems rather odd both accounts post on the same date about going off social media. That was just a coincidink. Sure.
Then on the S8n account he posts a picture saying “I want to die” and then on Manson’s account he posts a selfie of himself with bloodshot eyes that looks like he’s been crying.

And there’s other things that I know he has something to do with that account.

>You’re a lunatic, I see why Manson supposedly pressed charges against you.

Really? Yet I wasn’t arrested or charged. Anyone can go make false allegations. It doesn’t mean shit. But we’ll see who the lunatic is.

No. 1023178

Please dear god take your lithium. We are all sick of you.

No. 1023182

By her lunatic stalker ex-bf you dumb fuck. Him being a psycho doesn’t impact her credibility.

No. 1023199

> Anyone can go make false allegations. It doesn't mean shit.
Exactly. Stop posting your conspiracy theories in the thread, and go obsess over Manson somewhere else.

And his "bloodshot eyes" were probably from smoking cannabis.

No. 1023206

Hmm… okay… well law authorities beg to differ. But whatever you say.

No. 1023207

God such a jealous hater.

No. 1023208

>As far as dating other women, Manson and Lindsay were on and off for years and didn’t hint at heir marriage until recently. She’s more prominent in his life now.

No they never broke up. She was always still around. Manson lies about her.

No. 1023210

How does being dead have any bearing on her credibility? It’s not her fault she was a victim of stalking, wtf. Amie Harwick was a professional psychologist, I’d say she’s very creditable.

What makes 666fearless crazy? She posted plenty of caps to back up her claims.

No. 1023211

If you actually do have something against Manson, that's great. He deserves to go to jail for everything he's done. That's not what's wrong here. The problem is that you've infected all 5 threads with your spurging and you come on here every day, acting like a bitch and arguing with farmers. We heard you the first 10 times you said it
Your stories aren't even consistent, and if you didn't meet up with him to sign an NDA, then you shouldn't have a problem with sharing your evidence. That isn't going to hurt your credibility in court anymore than it does when you post your autism here. It was borderline believable at first, but you just kept going with it and now you just seem like another schizophrenic side-chick.

No. 1023213

That’s if Dawn isn’t intentionally derailing threads to help Manson.

No. 1023223

People are most likely getting this info because that’s what Manson is texting these women and they fall for it.

No. 1023231

That’s where you are wrong. I can’t talk about my case. This is something that goes into extraordinary detail that it wouldn’t even fit on here. And I doubt you simple-minded people can even comprehend.

No. 1023246

Jealous of your schizo visions and delusions? Lolno mansonfag

No. 1023247

Do not start a conversation with her, she's nuts, just report and ignore.

If I am not mistaken both women interacted with her personally.

No. 1023254

Further derailing over the s8n account will result in longer bans.

No. 1023261

Now all doubts about Lindsay reading this threads have been removed. I don't think she is posting here herself but some fans told her about it the same way they tell her about IG accounts.
Sending DMs to people you personally don't know and defending your relationship is hilarious. Making online friends in the age of 35 and not having one single picture of RL friends on your account is equally wierd.
It's obvious they're trying to create image on blissful marriage but anyone above the age of 15 knows it would've never happened if abuse allegations weren't floating around.
Btw that eyelet account is still active and still no one in the media covered the story of their marriage.

No. 1023293

Lindsay herself actually said in a dm that she allows "her man" to date others but that she's faithful to him. The screenshot floats around somewhere. She's ridiculous.

No. 1023297

File: 1597492823558.jpg (336.92 KB, 1492x853, zXdoTiW.jpg)

I am probably late and borderline irrelevant but I want to put my two cents in.
First of all, I would not look into his early lyrics if I wanted to find something to discredit him. Not because there is nothing toxic or abusive in them (bc there actually is) but because up until Eat Me Drink Me lyrics had always been a collective effort of the band, it was confirmed in several interviews by mm and former members. In addition to that, violence, abuse, including sexual abuse, was the subject of his reflections upon the American society at the time. You can lurk nachtkabarett or mansonwiki for more explanation.
the best 'places' to find shady shit are his albums right after TGAOG (like you quoted THEoL, for example). I want to post a little bit from TPE because, even if it seems like a stretch, it might give another dimension to the Manson&Lindsay discussion because, sadly, some lyrics lines correlate with anons' assumptions to the extent where things turn 'sad and sorry'.
When the album released there were persistent rumors Manson was shading Lindsay too much. It's a known fact that the devil beneath my feet features his text message to Lindsay:
>Maybe she doesn’t understand that when he writes a song for his new album like “The Devil Beneath My Feet,” with lyrics like “Don’t bring your black heart to bed/When I wake up, you best be gone or you better be dead,” he’s not necessarily referring to her, even though they did come from a text he sent her.

I never looked at it from this angle but some posts like >>1015538 and 1015697
>Lindsay can't even get his lyrics right.
>Has anyone considered that maybe she knows what her "metaphors" mean?
made me want to rethink some tracks from TPE.
I don't want the post to be too long so I put my comments in the caps and highlighted the juiciest parts.
The last note from me is that the album was recorded around 2013-2014 and released in 2015, basically when first hate accounts and marriage rumors broke out.

inb4 anons reply to my post, read this twice

No. 1023299

oh yeah and then she went on aggressively dming his side chicks like Madelyn, Teale Coco and other random girls. That was a lie to save the face.

No. 1023348

lol, why so aggressive?
>You batshit lunatics don’t have any actual proof of this.
Go back to the third thread and read fearless' and LKB's screenshots.

No. 1023354

Does anyone know what she meant when she said, "I won't do it."?

No. 1023362

What’s a farmhand? Maybe Manson is one.(ban evasion)

No. 1023377

I don't know if you're trolling or just stupid. Yeah, Marilyn Manson is a farmhand on lolcow. I've never seen a thread where the mods have let it get so overrun with autism before.

No. 1023537

If anything, Lindsay is posting on here. She most likely runs his Instagram now judging from the weird stories "he" keeps posting. Something odd is going on fo sure.

Wouldn't be surprised if he's wasted + high all the time and she's controlling his every move. Or maybe he's in rehab to get back into shape for touring.

But him being active on fake accounts doesn't sound very likely to me right now. It's just standard Dawn sperging.

No. 1023562

Anon, I really doubt Manson would try and put in the effort to get rid of his beer belly. Lindsay's probably got him tied to the bed, lol.

No. 1023598

I don’t know what the fuck a farmhand is. Why be so nasty about it?

No. 1023616

They're supposed to check the threads and ban ppl. Ours isn't doing a great job, obviously. Read the rules and you'll understand more, newfag.

No. 1023636

lol rude! What would be the point of this site if they kept banning people? There would be no one in the threads.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1023641

You’re wrong. He had quite a transformation… he has 6 pack abs now.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1023660

I’m not a professional but I’m guessing she’s been advised by an attorney. Again, this is my opinion, but if whatever she’s being accused of proves to be false he’s looking at malicious prosecution and possibly other charges. Also, if he established a search warrant through some connection, that doesn’t look good.(ban evading sperg)

No. 1023686

If her attorney advised her to not share details about her case, then why the fuck is she splurging here? That makes no sense. I really doubt Manson accused her of anything, much less knows who she is. I don't get how you don't see that she's just another crazy fan.

No. 1023692

She hasn’t said anything other than MM made allegations on her. Where do you get she’s a fan? But whether or not she is makes no difference. Why would anyone go around saying he made allegations on them? That would be insane for someone to do that if it wasn’t true. I wasn’t quite sure, but she showed paperwork.

No. 1023698

>I wasn’t quite sure, but she showed paperwork.
Yes and she even mentioned the name of Teresa Warner, but as usual she didn't explain why.

No. 1023702

She showed paperwork without her name on it. The pictures she posted could've been found on Google images. She said way more than him just making allegations – "He stole my IG captions! Intellectual property theft! He used a fake account to talk to me on Facebook! He has my phone number!" Does no one else realize how insane she sounds??

No. 1023711

That was odd. I do wonder what that was about.

Yes she said other things, but who knows what it’s actually about or if it has any relevance. At this point, it’s all very vague.

No. 1023726

okay ya'll I am losing my shit
jfc why do you keep talking about her? she IS NOT part of the MM milk. There is ZERO evidence mm was ever in touch with her, she is not the cow neither his orbiter. wtf is wrong with you???
every single post about her is irrelevant

No. 1024005

Focus on the thread subject.

No. 1024044

What about the Mark Peak screens? Looks to me like that was him talking about filler shitface Lindsay.

No. 1024073

Idk. She can't have a case against someone just bc they have a secret acc. It's not illegal to use accs to meet girls (im pretty sure, I might be wrong) bc theyre still consenting to having sex when they meet. He didn't steal her ig captions, especially not the chaos one bc those were not her own words. it was one word in common, and one that she used way before he released his shitty single. and she'd have a fuckton of trouble proving those were his accs or that she was abused bc she never met him and it was her choice to give him her phone #. it's like with lkb. He pissed them off but they continued to interact with him. All she had to do was block his number/accs and go private on ig. If she did go to court and they saw how she was acting here, they'd probably dismiss it anyway. she's acting psychotic

No. 1024123

You make a good point but we don’t know all the details. If this isn’t some kind of crazy trolling and she does have an attorney, which I don’t know whether she does or not - they wouldn’t have taken her case if they didn’t feel she’s legitimate, that’s for sure.

No. 1024201


If MM could be going to trial I wonder if his exes Evan and Esme will be testifying against him. Maybe he knows they’re coming out about him. I’ve noticed for awhile Evan’s been posting of what looks like indirects towards MM. And with her testimony that doesn’t look good for him.

No. 1024213

>that she was abused bc she never met him

IF that search warrant is legit and he really got one on her, that would fall under abuse.

No. 1024225

unless he did it out of slander (very hard to prove), idk if he could get in legal trouble for anything regarding Dawn. I really doubt that warrant was real though…

No. 1024236

I tried googling search warrants, but nothing comes up like what she showed.

I don’t know about U.S. law, but I’m pretty sure that making a false police report has criminal liability. Depending on what he accused her of and the situation, it can be a misdemeanor or felony.

No. 1024745

she can also take her story to a a big news media outlet, and they’ll help her; and more women will probably start coming out about him.

No. 1024831

So, she's going to contact a news station or a website manager and be like, "Marilyn Manson has been harassing me and stealing my Instagram captions using fake social media accounts."

Most of us don't believe her, why would anyone else? Most public news outlets don't cover him anymore, anyway. He was cancelled before cancelling people existed. I'm not saying he's not a piece of shit, but nothing she's said has added up. Her stories are inconsistent, and it all sounds completely unbelievable – not to mention what a bitch she's been about it here. Why would she come onto a gossip site and splurge about her abuse case? That's damaging her credibility in court. She's either dumb, crazy, or making everything up. I'd put my money on one of the latter.

No. 1024899

I didn’t know what this site was… I thought it was a discussion board. But it has been helpful. And I was completely fucked up after I found out what he did.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1024901

but still why would you discuss your case on the internet though…? do you not understand that this would severely damage your case in court if they saw your posts on here

No. 1024969

It’s a social media platform where people speak about things. My posts are no different than what I’ve posted on my private Facebook. Which speaking of… there was a guy I was friends with for years -he posted something about him onto my timeline, and strangely enough that was around the time the search warrant was issued.

No. 1024975

That is how I ended up finding out that this other guy I knew in person from when I used to live in Cleveland is related to him.

No. 1025013

So this guy never told you he was related to Manson? You found this out on your own? That means Manson knew who you were way before you found out about him on the Mark Peak account.

No. 1025014

Yeah cause every person that posts about MM is related to him. He must have a huge family then.

Show us one piece of credible proof or fuck off and get back on your antipsychotics.

Now let's get back to the subject of the thread. Does anyone have theories why Lindsay is running his Instagram? Could it really be to trick everyone into thinking how happy they are and that he's not thirsting after other girls?
But it doesn't add up cause according to Esme and Evan it was the other way round and HE was controlling them and isolating them.

Does this bring us back to the blackmail story and the dirt Lindsay has on him? Covid really works in their favours then. No touring or hooking up with fangirls. Lindsay must be stoked and he must be fuming and slowly losing his shit if he hasn't already.

No. 1025069


Are you sure he ever ran his own account?

Most celebs or even people with large followings have people run their social media. I have a small biz and have someone run Instagram cause it’s time consuming and draining af.
He could have just got a new social media manager that has a different style.

No. 1025081

File: 1597752042431.jpeg (589.5 KB, 828x1792, 22CD2051-E2A5-4BE6-B6FC-062030…)


I really don’t want to get Dawn started again but I’m pretty sure this proves he didn’t steal her shut.
(No I’m not a Manson fan) I just read this article posted from the last forum and it was published 21 September 2017!


No. 1025101

File: 1597753913064.png (508.33 KB, 720x1013, Screenshot_20200818-073032~2.p…)

Dawn didn't post her shit until 2018.

No. 1025127

you guys are retards? can't fg stop posting about that autistic moron? I hope you'll get the longest bans ever.

>the blackmail story and the dirt Lindsay has on him?
The thing is there's been a lot of kinda conflicting information. There is evidence Lindsay harassed girls who had (or could potentially have) a thing with Manson, there is also evidence (in earlier threads I believe) that she "canceled" m&gs. So at some point she controlled him, but then there is a cap of LKB saying Lindsay actually groomed her for MM. It seems there have been ups and downs of control in their couple. If I had a pile of tricky shit on somebody, I wouldn't let that somebody treat me like garbage. If she has dirt on him is questionable to me, unless she's part of the dirt he's done (like in Louise's case).

>Does anyone have theories why Lindsay is running his Instagram?

He is a lazy fuck and he probably wanted to get her occupied with something. Why not?
To people asking how he could keep searching for girls and let Lindsay get into his phone - in the end, some people have more than just one cell phone.

It's kinda common knowledge obvious from his past but no proofs so far.

No. 1025602

Ok, but it seems Manson must’ve been stalking her accounts years before she even knew. Somehow she found out about it in 2018-2019? He would’ve probably started writing the new album in 2018.

No. 1025612

File: 1597819194776.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 730.64 KB, 1656x1656, 97CCF1FE-1D84-4DF7-BCB4-A7ED42…)


No. 1025619

> To people asking how he could keep searching for girls and let Lindsay get into his phone - in the end, some people have more than just one cell phone.

He goes thru his “boy” Shane.(Dawn)

No. 1025624

what does that even mean? "Shane" grooms girls for him?

No. 1025633

What is the first pic?

Shane is his photographer.

No. 1025634

Samefag, don't answer my first question, it's Dawn again.

No. 1025638

I mean he probably looks for girls and texts them for Manson. Louise even confirmed he has his employees do this.
Or he made some kind of business setup for Manson to use, e.g., a second phone so Lindsay can’t find (that’s if she is really going thru his phone).(Dawn)

No. 1025639

Yeah, but LKB wasn't really a reliable source. She didn't seem bothered by anything he did to her until she realized he wasn't going to fund her film.

No. 1025641

Lol anon. LKB topic is something personal for you. What he's done to her is factual and it doesn't depend on how she felt about it or her motives. She is a reliable source because no matter how many times she changed her narrative a few details never changed. Add legal threats from his team and do the math.

No. 1025642

He did fund her film and she said she did repeatedly try to talk to Manson about his behavior. Read her post.

No. 1025663

Wtf?! That message sounds like what he said in that interview.

No. 1025778

Anybody read this article yet? What do you guys think?

No. 1025801

> McGowan was citing the 1983 Al Pacino movie about the rise and fall of a cocaine drug lord. Cohen quickly responded to MacGowan's prompt, saying:

> “Coke. He did too much blow, and you were not down for it.”

She hasn't said anything negative about him, other than that. Maybe he didn't abuse her. He's not dumb – he probably knew that word would get out about it because she was independent enough to leave him and had her own career going for her.

No. 1025835

Agree. Abuse probably started later on as his drug addiction got worse.
Evan and Esme also had careers but that didn't help them.
Article mentioned Rose moving on but nothing about his current relationship status/marriage.

No. 1025852

i think it's kind of funny that the website went on to list Dita but didn't say anything about L

No. 1025853

And they featured a post which has her tagged, lol. They tried so hard and zero attention.
This is how much relevant he is.

No. 1026059

File: 1597921073282.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, 872C0AB7-29F7-4BF5-8DD1-275B21…)

Rose McGowan is a fraudster.

No. 1026090

Why would they mention her? She’s not relevant. And she only made him even less relevant. They’re both losers.

No. 1026175

Wasn't that posted in one of the last threads? It sort of seems like she was only out for herself. Like, "Yes, I was a victim of sexual assault, and I want my abuser to be punished, but fuck all the other men and women that have been abused because it's not my problem."

No. 1026196

Rose was already discussed in previous threads but I don’t think Manson lost his shit until Dita left him. If you read his autobiography and how he treated his mother, he’s been an asshole to women his whole life but I don’t believe the blatant abuse started until his relationships after his divorce, imo.
So what if he didn’t abuse Rose or if she’s lying for him, that doesn’t eliminate multiple abuse allegations. If anything, I lost respect for her.

No. 1026471

No. 1026475


Swear to God this chick claims everyone raped her. It's insane. Harvey? Yeah a rapist. All the other situations sound like career based coercion and sleeping for roles. Both are very different from pushing someone down and raping them

No. 1026487

Kind of odd that he edited out fuck the past from his caption.

No. 1026489

File: 1597988961002.png (104.88 KB, 716x1011, Screenshot_20200821-004000~2.p…)

Caps. It's strange that Teale Coco commented, too.

No. 1026509

>he doesn’t actively use social media platforms in general,

Lol… little do they know.

>Fuck the past

What does he mean “fuck the past?” He married it,

No. 1026579

Fuck the past as in "fuck the women I abused in the past. Now I have one who won't say shit."

No. 1026580


Yes, sorry, just wanted to remind ppl

No. 1026587

Well this disproves that theory Lindsay runs his Instagram. She probably would block Caca Shitnel.

He can’t run from the sins of his past… they’re just catching up with him.

No. 1026593

File: 1598020253034.jpeg (588.4 KB, 750x1110, 28727D47-4DA9-4A53-8042-8E943B…)

I don’t think so

No. 1026599

Wtf? That’s pretty strange. There were screens of her cussing her out. Regardless, I still don’t think she has anything to do with his Instagram.

No. 1026610

Manson’s a closeted flaming homo. That’s why he has a hatred towards women and abuses, degrades, and objectifies them.

No. 1026654

I think Lindsay wants to act classy and forgiving, or as if nothing ever happened lol.
Now her like on Gabriella's post makes a bit more sense.

No. 1026661

I think she controls his phone most of the time, when he's too shit-faced to handle PR or his social media accounts. It's obvious when she's posting for him. He doesn't add to his stories as often as Lindsay does, and she always uses emojis instead of writing a caption. He just leaves it labeled "Highlights."

No. 1026970

File: 1598081448818.jpeg (51.99 KB, 826x460, 86C15220-46E1-4F5B-8783-D47E84…)

He even prides himself in it.(Dawn)

No. 1026972

it’s all bullshit. He could have just imitated her by putting the emojis. Even if he is shit-faced, he still can use social media perfectly fine. I doubt she has any control of anything. She’s too much of a dumb slut. She goes from saying all this shit to liking their posts now?(Dawn)

No. 1026988

File: 1598084740510.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 136.95 KB, 828x802, AD591A57-332B-4511-9266-C0EF29…)

No. 1027003


I see it more as a threat. They monitor them so all the women won't talk.

No. 1027027

I would completely disregard most of the nonsense he talks about in his interviews. I believe all the people who are saying things, though. There's no smoke without fire. But saying that sort of gross shit for shock factor used to be extremely popular with edgy bands when he started the band. I don't believe the kitty litter story or the deaf girl sandwich. He's just stuck in the 80's.

Sorry if that's off topic or a bit of a blog, but I've read Lundy Bancroft's "Why does he do that?" recently and watched a lot of videos on narcissistic abuse by Sam Vaknin and these remind me of Manson A LOT. He's clearly a narcissist.

According to Bancroft, it's a misconception that abusers hurt people because they were abused themselves, or because of their addictions and mental illness. They mostly abuse because of entitlement & lack of respect for women. They also know exactly what they're doing and don't lose control completely. If their dad abused their mum, that's a big predictor that they will grow up to be abusive, as well. He's aware of his actions and what they are.

In Manson's bio he wrote about how his dad abused his mum, and he began to abuse her too later on, because he thought she was cheating on his dad.

I think he's also super traumatised from something. Apparently, narcissism is related to PTSD. If the book is true, then he got psychologically abused by his mum and sexually abused by his neighbour. They could be lies, though. Something was definitely super fucked up with his parents. I've never heard a 50 year old man still talking about mum and dad so much. He sounds like he's still trying to impress his dad by being awful to women, too. He's a 51-year-old 13-year-old boy who's addicted to porn and still mad at his mother.

I wish he would just go and get help already, or just fucking die. Living like he is now must be pure agony. I bet he hates looking in the mirror. Just wakes up, looks at himself and starts drinking. Everything he did to himself is a million times worse than what he did to any woman. They're all healthy, they look normal, they can string two sentences together, most of them have relationships with better people now, or at least some real friends. He has none of those things. He has damaged his brain very badly. I honestly feel very bad for him, even though he's a monster. It looks like he just gets dragged around by his entourage like a sack of potatoes, unaware of where he is anymore. Damn. If Manson were a woman, he would be under conservatorship right now. Hollywood is a very scary place.

And his fans and entourage are fucking insane. I can't imagine struggling with mental health and addiction, and everyone tells you you're a very stable genius and hilarious, all the time, over your every fart. And no matter how much you lash out and act out, everyone around you just takes it and never sets a boundary for you, because you're rich and famous, so you can just keep spiralling down and hurting people and yourself. Why are all these teens swarming to fuck this 50 year old man who looks like he's going to die soon? I honestly think if someone posted a picture of his corpse and didn't caption it, these girls would still rave about how hot he is.

If you look at his hashtags and message boards, they're literally swarming with 13-19 year old girls who are extremely attracted to this obese, babbling, insane, fucked up mess, and want to kill all his girlfriends. WHY. JFC, I think his fans are going to kill him before FBI gets his ass. This is honestly so creepy it could be a fucking movie.

No. 1027034

File: 1598097663553.jpg (215.88 KB, 720x453, Potato.jpg)

No. 1027040

File: 1598100222356.jpg (530.46 KB, 1180x621, qzpa9YP.jpg)


Is it why he edited his post? Would me keksome.
He got called out by twitter fags… one month ago.

No. 1027041

*two months ago

No. 1027049

File: 1598102161688.jpg (251.79 KB, 660x1280, 2M5VE5H.jpg)

Can somebody unveil for me the mysterious idea of reposting her old post with 'her love' at 6 am?
The new album is coming in less than a month, anything about it? Nope?

No. 1027073

Why did you delete this?

>I couldn’t agree with you more. You articulated everything I wanted to say.

>I’m one of the girls that dated him and I wish he would get called out already. I had a lot of evidence about the kind of person he was. I heard a lot of things he said and things that he’s done in his past. If the public knew he would’ve been canceled already. He’s not relevant enough to be canceled though. I think people can see through his façade. Deep down he’s truly a sick and fucked up individual. He gets intense gratification from hurting the women he hunts down. Both he and Lindsay make hate pages/secret accounts and lure women in together. Once a girl sees that Marilyn Manson’s girl is following them they fan girl and feel special. She’s a basket case and messes with all the girls that he used to date. She’ll pretend to be their friend, milk information from them and drop them when she’s done using them. She’s extremely manipulative and has just about the same amount of narcissism that he does. She compares herself to them because she knows she’s not good enough. If she was good enough he wouldn’t have been messing around with other women for the last decade and kept her on the side. She has no redeeming qualities and the personality of a cactus. Her life revolves around cats and flowers. They honestly deserve each other.

No. 1027081

Sorry I want to add more! I wasn’t quite finished.

Basically he’s a bloated penguin that snorts coke all day and drinks Tito‘s vodka around the clock. The only people in his life he associates with are yes-men and fans. He won’t have anyone in his life who will make him question his wrongdoings or else he will fire them or he will cut them out then proceed to badmouth them to everyone. He goes through assistants and girlfriends like he goes through underwear. He doesn’t have stability in his relationships or his personal life. I think his goal honestly is to hurt people so badly that they are traumatized.

No. 1027083

Lindsay’s only achievement is scoring a washed up rockstar and doesn’t want his ex and current side chicks to forget.

>I don't believe the kitty litter story or the deaf girl sandwich.

I generally agree with you but those stories are from other people besides Manson. Chris Vrenna and the deaf woman herself confirmed it in interviews and a venue employee (cap posted in the 3rd thread?) confirmed the kitty litter story.
But I agree Manson usually talks out of his ass in interviews.

Agree, I think Manson mostly controls his own social media. He’s thrown shade at Lindsay recently (“The price of darkness” showing his wedding ring, etc) that I doubt Lindsay would post herself. However, I do think Lindsay occasionally takes over or makes him promote her. I mean, she has to buy bots for followers, she would be unknown if not for Manson.

No. 1027135

So if you have all this evidence and you wish he’d get called out, why don’t you call him out? Genuinely curious. So many people say basically the same thing and I don’t get not coming out with it.

No. 1027136

Oh hi Madelyn!

No. 1027150

Even if someone did release all the evidence they've got on him, he probably wouldn't get much legal or otherwise punishment. The statue of limitations has ran out on most of the women that have accused him – except for Lilith, but he's still God in her eyes, and I highly doubt she'd be lucid enough to testify in court – and his fans are notorious for being super aggressive and defensive when anyone says anything negative about him. They'd probably just keep defending him, saying it's not true. A lot of women have probably kept quiet because they don't want the harassment from his fans.

No. 1027154

I feel that as a victim I have the right to remain anonymous. I want nothing to do with his fan base. Looking back at that time in my life it was a very demoralizing experience. Now that I’m older and wiser I’m ashamed. What does calling him out mean exactly? Make a YouTube video? It’s not that easy. I want the truth to come out but I don’t want the attention. Its sad because abusers want you to stay silent. If a victim stays silent then they are cowards. If we speak out then we are crazy and want attention. There’s no winning.

I’m not scared of him. I am embarrassed that I even associated myself with him. In a perfect world he would get exposed for the vile things he’s done and people would completely forget about him and stop supporting him. He has slept with underage fans. He is a sex addict. He is an alcoholic. He is racist. His entire living room is covered in swastikas, racist memorabilia, and Sharon Tates murder photos. He loves threatening that he knows people in the MS 13 gang and he could have someone killed. It’s unfortunate but if he wasn’t famous these would all be extremely big red flags. I think I allowed it because this is a person who makes his entire career off of shocking people and it’s just a part of his identity. He is truly an evil human being who needs to die honestly. Lindsay is also equally as evil and disgusting. They complement each other very well.

I’d talk to you in a discord chat or something tbh

No. 1027157

Anyone could claim to be a victim anonymously, and we’ve had numerous mansonfags come itt and lie about ridiculous things so you wouldn’t be the first. Every single thing you’ve mentioned has been said before—all it would take is some obsessed fan collecting facts from ig, twitter, and various sites to regurgitate into one post. If you aren’t going to share proof then you need to stop making such claims. Also the whole evasive “I won’t talk here but I’ll gladly talk to you on this discord server” steering people away from the board is a deadringer for a catfish wanting to rp their delusions without consequence.

No. 1027180

That right there.You said what I was also thinking. Don’t trust that anon. By their wording and the way they wrote things - it’s Manson and Lindsay coming in here to fuck with people. The people who actually did call him out get shit.

No. 1027186

Sounds like some kind of baiting.

No. 1027191

Just word of advice: don’t talk to people behind anonymity. People who don’t need to hide are the ones who speak the truth.

No. 1027197

Why would Manson or Lindsay write that about themselves? I'm not saying that they don't know about the thread – they're probably the ones posting random pictures of Lindsay's tits and weight-loss powder – but that's just seems really unlikely…

No. 1027207

I agree with you. They think too highly of themselves to write that.

It’s totally valid if someone shares their experience while remaining anonymous. We just need to ask the right questions. Who wants the Dawns and Madelyns sperging out on them? You guys need to turn the paranoia down a notch.

No. 1027223

File: 1598125909250.jpg (401.38 KB, 1816x417, etdby3gY91A.jpg)

I didn't know when is the right moment to post that but I feel now will be okay since there is not much new milk, and, in addition to that, LKB has been mentioned again and what I am posting echos her comments in Jessicka's FB group.
There is an article of a respected Russian newspaper, Saint-Petersburg local version, they reported on Manson's performance in the city and the afterparty. There are some juicy moments, I put them in the picture related. They say in the article that Manson harassed every single person in the bar, many people decided to leave bc of him.

If Lindsay collected their emails and cell numbers, it could be part of the grooming process she does for Manson. I wonder if 'I am bisexual' is a coverup.


No. 1027226

File: 1598126085477.jpg (155.9 KB, 897x515, BkXEjaP7z2o.jpg)

I also found comments of one of the girls from that evening.
She says the article didn't lie much - she believes they exaggerated his behavior (she says he acted normal).
Under another post (3 years later) she says Lindsay does cocaine often. I wonder if they collected her number too.

No. 1027227

Can I ask you a few questions?
How did you meet? When did you decide to leave him and what made you leave? Did you know anything about his other girls?
Are his text messages to you similar to the ones posted in first threads?
Did he ever try to make you sign an NDA?

No. 1027231

Do you have any screen caps or a link to Jessicka's group? LKB is still on about Manson.

No. 1027237

nta was not it in the last or the 4th thread?
her twitter is closed. wanna bring some caps?

No. 1027239

it's >>975048
in the 3d

No. 1027242

The article, translated:

> The musician, artist and former music journalist flew to the Northern Capital on Sunday evening from Moscow to give a concert on May 28 at the Yubileiny. At the airport, numerous fans were waiting for him, who came from different cities to see the idol. Tired of the road, Manson and his friends went to dinner at one of the most expensive restaurants in the city center. Everyone felt unwell because of the change in time zones, so the day before in Moscow they did not even have their traditional rocker parties. Unfortunately or fortunately, but St. Petersburg residents were more fortunate, and the day after the concert, Marilyn Manson rested in the bar until 4 am, inviting about 20 girls there for the company.

> Note that the musician himself was with his common-law wife Lindsay and behaved pretty decently. In general, little is known about the rocker's personal life, but he shared with us his immediate plans.

> "I'm thinking about having a baby, and I want to name him in my honor. We have been together with Lindsay for three years, but we are not yet completely sure that we are ready for the role of parents," Manson admitted.

> Brian himself (Manson's real name) behaved modestly, but greeted everyone present in person, talked a lot and joked. It turns out that Brian is very fond of practical jokes, he has a whole collection of funny collages with friends, as well as indecent photos on his phone.

> Right at the bar, he played his friend and bassist Fred. Manson sat down with one of the girls and persuaded her to tell Fred that she was in a position. This was the beginning of a whole mini-performance, where Manson whispered in her ear what and how to say, and she acted out the situation according to a given scenario. Then Fred said that for Manson it was a common thing and that he still didn’t mock him like that. Already in the middle of the night a razor was brought to Manson for some reason. As it turned out later, he decided to shave off the mustache of one of the guests! Sitting next to the man at the table, Manson took out the machine … The man immediately ran away! But Marilyn did not want to give up and began to ask the girls present at the table if it was possible to shave at least them. The girls, as expected, also refused. By the way, Manson himself had clean-shaven hands – probably shaving for him is a fetish.

> The lifestyle of Marilyn and his common-law wife is pretty crazy. Lindsay does not adhere to traditional sexual orientation, and during the party after the concert, she exchanged e-mail with almost all the fair sex in the bar. And she sat in an embrace with one of the girls, who, however, periodically adhered to her husband. It seems that then the girl proceeded to the spouses' hotel room…

No. 1027414

>Why would Manson or Lindsay write that about themselves?

I wouldn’t put it past Manson to fake sketch victim stories so his real victims are less believable. I mean, if that’s them, they’re already dropping random shit and tiddy pics to derail what’s stopping them.

No. 1027512


I'm >>1027027. Sorry, I don't use discord. What did you want to talk about? What's happening am I in danger lol.

If that's true, I'm sorry you've been put through that. Narcs can be very charming in the beginning, they love bomb you, they make you believe everything they say, and he's a celebrity too. You were not on an even playing field, and probably very young. Don't be ashamed. Good on you on getting out of it.

…do you know what on Earth "baby Manson time" is supposed to include?

I feel kinda bad for Linsday too. She's messed up, but she's just a normal girl and he's powerful, older, and a masterful liar. I'm sure his constant cheating and drug use sent her off the deep end.

In the end what she wants is to be with her partner and not get cheated on and humiliated, that's not that crazy. He's the one who made her crazy. Honestly kind of respect her for getting married after 10 years of being a forever girlfriend. Although a sane woman would drop that shit and get a normal man instead of fighting for a very dubious prise until the end.

I don't think he has actual conscious goals to traumatise people. I think he just can't stop when he gets angry, and doesn't want to control his emotions, or at least how he reacts to them. I don't know him and I've never even seen a live show, but I grew up with a narcissistic, abusive, cocaine addict dad and I've been involved with different abusers. He feels so familiar.

Cocaine was really the worst possible drug for him. It emphasised and exacerbated every problem he already had x1000 times. Coke makes you self-absorbed and aggressive. Vodka's terrible too.

I get that his handlers are milking him for cash, but at what point does a self-destroying celebrity become a financial burden instead? He's always months late on putting out his records and wasted for every live show, and I'm sure all the lawsuits are not good.

If you listen to him talk it's always "I am what I am, what you gonna do", like he's given up decades ago. Narcissists are actually very unhappy deep down. I'm sure living with all that rage and hurt must be awful. But he's a very big boy and he's responsible for controlling himself. Why would you even step on the same garden rake over and over when all it does is hit you in the balls?

No. 1027514


Ew. I will never understand this weird Gen X MTV's Jackass-inspired erotica. What's with all the peeing? He always pees on everyone and brags about it like it's so great you're still not potty trained.

No. 1027530

It's "marking", some psychological BS that makes men think that soiling something makes it theirs, ig bc they're naturally filthy.

No. 1027533


> The lifestyle of Marilyn and his common-law wife is pretty crazy. Lindsay does not adhere to traditional sexual orientation, and during the party after the concert, she exchanged e-mail with almost all the fair sex in the bar. And she sat in an embrace with one of the girls, who, however, periodically adhered to her husband. It seems that then the girl proceeded to the spouses' hotel room…

I guarantee this fake-bi angle is just a cover for Lindsay trying to get the jump on whichever groupie Manson ends up fucking with, so she an blackmail them into fucking off when he's done with them.

No. 1027544

It just seems really unlikely. Abusing your partners isn't something to be proud of or something that he should want to post about on the internet…

No. 1027558

Wow. Fantastic feral boy raised by cats.

No. 1027569

I don't understand how "a normal girl" goes along with sexual assaults and blackmailing stuff. She is as evil as he is. A normal person would never cover up his crimes, I am not even talking about being his accomplice.
Someone dug up her past before MM: stalkers, jealous of her own twin sister, did not want to work and hoped her dad would give her money. Zero career at 25 yo, how? The dirty army article had it she had been a cocaine addict before meeting Manson.
I dislike Manson, he is a monster, Lindsay is his victim but she was never a good person. She is basically his female version but without any talent or brain. I don't understand how some anons here have sympathy for her. She is a disgusting parody of a human being. She had plenty of opportunities to go away from him as it appears after reading his interviews and first threads, and where is she? What is she doing now? I'll tell you - she's buying cheap bots to calm down her ego.

No. 1027573


I didn't mean normal mentally, I meant she's not Hollywood famous.
Obv don't know anything about her before she met Manson. Are there receipts? Zero career at 25 in 2009 after the recession hit is not that weird, but stalkers? Really? What happened?

Do we know for a fact she's an accomplice and not just competing with these girls for attention and enduring abuse herself?

A few years back there was a story about a man who abducted a bunch of people and locked them up in his basement, and in a few weeks they all began to compete for his affection and fighting with each other instead of running away or trying to overpower him. Who knows how much he messed with her. For all we know she got the full baby Manson time kitty litter treatment, went insane and thinks it's no big deal to cope.

If he can completely mess up actual famous stars, a nobody like Lindsay has no chance. Although I agree she is definitely very shady.

No. 1027577

Easy: she's as big of a narc as he is but without any accomplishments, skills or redeeming features. Even her "photography" is day 01 shit, without being Mrs. Marilyn Manson she's a Literal Who. Thus, she becomes better than the groupies and can justify anything she's enabling and participating in.

tl,dr: she's trash & knows he's her only shot at ever being anything else

No. 1027581

I don't buy the "he does it bc he hates himself & is a tortured soul" spiel, I believe he does it because of a feeling of inferiority. Him and Lindsay are the same, yet he actually had to put in work to become the Manson he was in his prime. He wasn't stupid, and he wasn't always a burnt out hasbeen. Lindsay did nothing with her life but blackmail her way onto a social media pedestal (LBR, she didn't really "win" any prize, she & Syd are in the same boat essentially) and succeeded, at least in her own mind. Perhaps Manson thinks that's somehow clever of her? Narcs love the idea of meeting people "just like them", except usually when they do they can't face the reality of who they are va. who they think they are.

I bet Lindsay feeds into his dark prince fantasy where he's the Manson of days gone by in exchange for her position in his life, along with being complacent with his groupie fetish. Lindsay seems like a beard, but M doesn't give off big gay vibes like some other celebs do so idk, but whatever it is we know it isn't just because he likes having L around.

No. 1027586

nta but we know nothing for a fact, even 'Manson is a rapist' is just a claim kek.
anons explored her livejournal in the second or the third thread, you can read them if you want. as far as I remember she had personal stalkers at the time of her livejournal and complained about her sister to her readers. I don't remember anything about dad or money.
and tbh even though I like your posts, they give off a bit of wk vibes, definitely due to the lack of lurking.
I personally do not care why she helped him groom LKB, for example, or why she joined him when he sexually assaulted drunk fan girls. Her motives mean nothing to me, the 'factual' information (if we believe LKB) is that she did participate in criminal activity that he initiated.

No. 1027588

>Zero career at 25 in 2009 after the recession hit is not that weird
she has a twin sister who actually had a career at 25 and supported Lindsay financially. the recession is a lame excuse, hopefully no offense.

No. 1027595

I saw that livejournal but couldn't read it. Her writing is just so… boring. I'll take your word for it lol. I used to lurk @marilynmansonnews and binge-read all five threads in 2 days, guess I missed a bunch of details.

I just keep thinking how 20 years+ of drama and sexual assault could have been avoided if that idiot went to therapy before he scrambled his brains. Even better if his dad went first. And now a couple dozen people need therapy because of him, possibly in the hundreds. He's like a black hole. But with the way he talks, sometimes there's this confused little kid underneath, and I can't hate him completely too. That man is fucked. Up. It's just baffling that everyone is OK with working with someone so ill. Britney was a lot more sane and they keep her on a leash now. Fucking sick.

No. 1027654

Sure no problem.

We met at one of his shows backstage and everyone was a bit drunk and we started talking. He approached me and told me he wanted to bite me. Looking back on it now it was very predatory. We then talked alone in his dressing room for a while and then he played the show and then we hung out afterwards. We hung out again the following night.

I decided to leave after I noticed the compulsive lying and the deterioration of my mental/physical health. He would talk shit about Lindsay/other women then go back to them and then try to come back to me and then apologize. Lindsay made numerous fake accounts and would message me. She was constantly threatening me and would call him when we would be together saying she was going to come over and kill me. I was drained. One thing I can confirm is that he did fuck with my sleep schedule as well. I watched Evan Rachel Wood’s testimony and that was one of things that I related to. There were several times when I would be asleep and he would come in turn the lights on and throw shit around. It would be early in the morning usually on a bender.

I found out about the other girls through Instagram and because he had a second phone. He would go out and I would be alone and see girls text that phone. I noticed some of the girls he dated would creep on me but never interact with me. We had broken up and the last time he sent me a very long message and it didn’t really sound like him but he apologized for everything that he put me through and I never responded because I was so dissociated from the experience. I really wanted nothing to do with him anymore and should have bailed sooner. Sometimes we stay in situations because we think that’s what we deserve.

Yes the texting style is similar to all of those messages. His texts were always very nonsensical and almost like novels. In the beginning when we first met he would send me a lot of love bombing text messages basically saying we were soulmates, meant to be, etc. He would say that he told his dad about me. I only met his dad twice though. I think that was the way that he sort of drew girls in was by the intense compliments and flattering. I felt almost like I was under a spell and I think the other girls share the same sentiment. I think he’s an expert at making someone feel like they are the only person in the world he has feelings for.

I never signed an NDA. I’m honestly surprised that I didn’t.

No. 1027658

Can you say what year you dated him?
Can you post caps of his texts to back up your claims?
Do you know what “baby Manson time” means?
Another supposed ex said he’s bipolar, can you confirm?

No. 1027682

I doulbe that
>Can you post caps of his texts to back up your claims?
I am not asking for a full conversation but a few messages? Just to compare.

No. 1027700

Was one of the other women he talked about Madelyn? Wondering if anyone ever heard of her/saw her around.

No. 1027727

And also what was his response when Lindsay would call threatening to kill you? How did he handle that? I think it’s terrible that she did that to you but I almost feel bad for her and how hard she had to fight to keep that douche bag in her life.

No. 1027734


No you are in danger at all! I felt like the way that you explained him was the most levelheaded and accurate I’ve seen on here. It almost sounded like you knew him personally that’s all lol

Yeah I enjoyed the attention from him and felt special. Generally people who are attracted to narcissists have narcissistic parents and both mine are. It’s mostly my dad because he was an addict and very abusive as well. He was always in and out of my life and one of the reasons why I left home so early. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through that also. I follow a Reddit group called raisedbynarcissists and it’s helped me a lot. He and I had quite an age gap and there was definitely a power-play. Thats a common theme though in a majority of his relationships. I think he chooses women that struggle with mental health problems because when you’re at a low point in life and you don’t have a support system it’s easy to latch on to someone who makes you feel loved. Even though it’s not real.

Yeah lol it’s basically code for role playing. He obviously fetishizes younger women. From my experience it means he is daddy and you are his daughter. Just take a minute or however long you need to process that.

Its hard for me to have sympathy for Lindsay because I understand the fear of leaving a toxic relationship but there comes a point when it’s doing more damage and you have to decide if it worth it. She has no self respect. I think that she was messed up before she met him and he only exacerbated it. She uses the whole bisexual card to lure other women in and then they both fuck around. I don’t know why this isn’t more widely known. Her entire identity is being his significant other. She doesn’t have a job, she doesn’t have a car, and I wouldnt be surprised if she didn’t even have a credit card. She’s codependent on him and he feeds off of that. He knows that she will never leave and he will be able to do whatever he wants.

Yeah seeing him sober and seeing him coked out was different. He was just very reactive and would get caught up on something and not let it go and then explode. He was very paranoid in general. I remember a specific incident of him breaking some kind of glass object on one of his benders and his assistant told me that I should leave so then I just went home. He literally needs a babysitter. He would apologize often but it was a never ending cycle. He’s entitled and obviously very insecure. I think for me a dealbreaker in any relationship is seeing how the person that you’re with treats other people. I just find it extremely disrespectful and disgusting when someone is screaming at assistants 24/7. He has no humility. He’s a lost cause.

No. 1027737

File: 1598210930555.jpeg (132.81 KB, 640x1136, 388DC2AE-7A12-4713-ADED-AA8018…)



I explained baby Manson time above lol

He never mentioned bipolar. He just said he was a narcissist.

No. 1027742

Were you underage or just young?

No. 1027744

I don't understand where he takes so much time to fool around that many women. You are like the sixth or the fifth from 2015/16… sorry, I don't mean it to be rude.

What do you think about the blackmail version? We have like 3 people close to him claiming Lindsay blackmails him.
And a follow-up question: ever heard of an attorney/lawyer named Michele aka fearless666? She said she had helped him get rid of the stalkers in 2015/16 approx.

No. 1027755

What does "zombie time" mean?

No. 1027789

LMFAO you idiots that’s Manson writing all that shit. STOP(Dawn)

No. 1027794

Dawn, just shut up and disappear.

No. 1027798

Manson's butt hurts lol

No. 1027843

“Baby time” Manson. I never laughed so hard. You should be smacked for talking so gay. Lol(Dawn)

No. 1027852

He never mentioned Madelyn. He talked shit about Courtlyn and Lindsay. When I confronted him about other girls he said they were all stalking him.

He said that she was jealous of me. He seemed kind of nonchalant about it. He would tell me stories of her coming over unannounced and destroying things. It was a mess.

Not underage just young. He’s 24 years older than me.

He apparently has all the free time in the world to be sleeping with half of Los Angeles.

Yes she blackmails him. She records their conversations and fights. He also never mentioned that fearless person.

No. 1027860

What would she say to you when she was harassing you via fake accounts? And how did you know it was her? I 100000% believe you but also wonder how much of that was Madelyn at the time. They were probably tag teaming all of Manson’s girls and didn’t even realize it lol.

No. 1027872

To be honest, I kinda feel bad for him now. Narcissism is caused by being abused and/or neglected during your childhood. His neighbor molested him, and his mother made him pretend to be sick. That wasn't his fault. It's not even entirely his fault that he's the way he is now. His orbiters and girlfriends keep him that way by pampering and telling him that the way he acts is fine. Lindsay's mother doesn't seem any better than his parents were. Her personality is extremely underdeveloped. They're all just a bunch of lost causes.

No. 1027882

Only Madelyn would possibly feel bad for him

No. 1027883

That's now four exes who've said Lindsay blackmails him. Plus his post, "The price of darkness" implying he married Lindsay to keep her quiet. I'm convinced.

I don't feel bad for him. He's damaged and damages other people because he refuses to help himself.

No. 1027946

Why are so many larpers allowed itt? Do mods not pay attention to it?

No. 1027954

Bullshit. He’s not being blackmailed. If he was really being blackmailed he would have evidence against her for extortion and would’ve used it against her a long time ago. Use your heads people. HE LIES.(Dawn)

No. 1027957

I am lost at this point. Everything that comes from his mouth must not be believable but then how do you interpret her mother's tweets about photos and reports?

The messages anon showed us are very similar to the messages mansonisabusive posted, the writing style and cringey 'sweet' talk.

No. 1027961


Its really weird that someone who comes off so articulate and cultured in interviews about his music writes texts to girls like a cringy 20 year old; I would have expected some kind of convoluted purple prose lolita ripoff at least. He has some weird Dahvie Vanity arrested development shit going on.

Also Im the anon who originally brought the kitty litter girl story up back in the day before he had a thread. I can't provide receipts or anything but it was told to me by a alt photographer who said he was told that by a ex girlfriend of his who was hired as MUA on one of their tours. I remember asking him if he wasn't sure she was making it up for shock value because it sounded so ridiculous; after 3 threads of material being dumped here I no longer doubt it as much tbh.

I also brought the item of his modelmayhem account, I didn't want to mentioned the details of it back then but now I idgaf. The person who told me that one was none other then disgraced soundclout rapidt Hot Sugar, cause apparently they at one point were friends. So ridiculous lmao

No. 1027963

> Its really weird that someone who comes off so articulate and cultured in interviews about his music writes texts to girls like a cringy 20 year old.

He does write VERY articulate. But it appears he changes his writing style quite easily. Why he texted so disgustingly cringey like that? Who knows. But it’s good shit to laugh and make fun of him about.(Dawn)

No. 1027971

> I am lost at this point. Everything that comes from his mouth must not be believable but then how do you interpret her mother's tweets about photos and reports?

I never saw it - BUT THAT would be evidence for extortion. And if he went to the police without her knowing - she would’ve been arrested. Do you see what I mean? He did nothing about it. That’s why it’s all bullshit.(Dawn)

No. 1027975

No. 1027976

If he went to the police, they'd have a chance to counter his lawsuit by sharing their proof with the police.

No. 1027980

I think Lindsay still could blackmail him. She just doesn't gain a lot bc she's allegedly participated in his crimes. Probably she just uses some evidences she has so he wouldn't bring her down completely.

No. 1027985

Spoliation of evidence is a felony. If she did that, she'd probably get herself into more trouble than he'd be in.

No. 1027994

Good on you for getting out of this situation and moving on. You're not alone. You got messed with by someone who had decades to get good at messing with people.

I hope you find the kind of love that you deserve. You sound like a smart woman.
Raised by narcissists is a great sub btw. Watch Sam Vaknin on youtube, he has narcissism himself and he's the number one expert on the disorder. It really explains everything.

Narcissism is ridiculously resistant to therapy. They don't bother to control their rage because it gets them what they want, even if they feel like shit after. Even if they go to a psychiatrist, they just learn vocab to become better abusers and have a ready excuse for themselves.

I almost feel like I know him too. He reminds me of my cokehead dad so much that they could be twins. It's why I creep on MM lol. I'm just trying to understand the whole thing. Especially in all the videos where he loses his shit and starts screaming and kicking walls. I legit grew up around almost that exact same guy who even had the same intonation while screaming. The cocaine faces are also familiar. He was photographed a lot with all those grimaces and his fans think he's pulling faces to be funny. Yeah no, that's coke. Sober Manson is probably 99% nicer than cocaine Manson, it makes people so fucking mean.

That getting obsessed over one slight and working himself up until he explodes! And then they just fume and don't calm down for hours and even days, and keep bringing it up over and over! It's typical.
I've seen videos where at one of Manson's shows the snow machine wasn't working or something like that, and he just exploded and ran down the corridor kicking walls, working himself up into a bigger fit with every step. Can't imagine working with that guy. You'd have to wear a helmet and a padded vest.

WHY do people keep working with him? I get back in the 90's when he was a genius, but now when he's washed up? All it takes is for people to refuse a sloshed man to get interviewed. Refuse to work for a screaming psycho, just fucking stand up and walk out and stop enabling that. Put your safety and dignity before money. If people didn't let him get away with it every time, he'd stop.

No. 1028000

I'm torn between disgust and pity. He pees on people because he's sad. That's a bullshit excuse. Boo hoo all these young women pay me money so that I can be a celebrity, and they think I'm attractive, well Imma go pee on them, that will show them! WTF.

There's just so much that went wrong. Veteran dad with PTSD who used to beat his mum, mum making him pretend to be sick, and to get plastic surgery on his ears, getting molested, getting abused at school. Feeling humiliated and weak, building this fantasy of becoming a celebrity to get some dignity back. The band was small and clearly funded by mum and dad for almost a decade, that must have stung his dignity too.

And then he grows up into this twat, and his fantasy comes true, so he acts nasty to girls for male approval, and starts using more and more drugs, but he still doesn't feel good in his own skin. In all his interviews he talks about how he's scared of parties, doesn't know if he's having fun or not, but he keeps going and getting more and more high. Am I cool yet? Do I belong in Hollywood?

And then all the backlash, and people blame him for Columbine and it probably creates this grandiose feeling of the entire world being against him and really being special. And it was unfair, and it was horrible, and he probably has PTSD from all the murder attempts and death threats.

And then groupies aren't enough, and normal women are too stable, and it's suffocating to be in something stable when you're fucked up, so he starts abusing women to get very strong emotional reactions out of them, to feel something. Keeps seeking out dramatic high school true love. Women who claim they would die for him. Evan Rachel Wood.

And eventually the drug use catches up to him. Years of enabling his own rages catch up to him. Abusive relationships with suicidal girls catch up to him. People inevitably learn who he really is and LEAVE, and a brilliant hurt little boy turns into a disgusting bloated mess who still clings to his glory days and doesn't realise that it's over.

Even Rob Zombie left him. He collected all of MM band members and picked up Manson out of pity, but he was so consistently fucked up that Rob Zombie dropped him. He keeps sucking up to whoever would have him, rappers, Taylor Swift, anyone who would make him feel famous again. But once the initial charms wears off, people notice how off he sounds when he talks, and eventually they start treating him like a child. Even interviewers. All the fake wows, look what Brian made, look how shocking, how funny, how deep. You look good. You are sexy. Nobody can see your 5 chins. Even his body language is confused and childish.

But he's surrounded by so many fans and yes men that he never has to face reality, and that means that he loses any chance of things ever getting better. And now we all get to see a 50 year old little boy crawling on all fours crying about how nobody loves him, while he keeps smashing more and more cluster b personality disorder girls and ruining their lives.

He's the one who kicked the band and kept all the money, he's the one who got rid of the girlfriend who supported his rise to fame the second he got famous, he's the one who alienated his friends, he's the one who never took 10 seconds for some quiet introspection. Every person who made him famous he treated like shit. He made his own bed. And he's unhappy. Maybe that's good.

No. 1028008

Please stop feeding this persons fantasies. No name, cryptic, no proof. They’re a super fan getting off to the attention. Please don’t be this gullible.

No. 1028011

I'm a little sorry for him too. He may also have suffered other traumas besides those told by himself, who knows. He had to get help a long time ago now it's too late, all the money he has can't heal him from the pain and suffering he carries inside. He has probably never even been surrounded by people who truly loved him and who could have helped him not to become the monster he is today.

No. 1028012

>The band was small and clearly funded by mum and dad for almost a decade, that must have stung his dignity too.
You are clearly not familiar with the band history.
And please no more armchair psychology. We all here give him diagnoses from time to time, but you are being persistent.

No. 1028015

Y’all have such a weird, misguided obsession with romanticizing and hyper-empathizing this old pasty tub of pigshit and I don’t understand. He’s just a sick old pervert doing sick old rich pervert shit. Find a new hobby.

No. 1028035

Hi I’m a big fan! He’s incredibly hot! Maybe you’re just jealous because you wish you were a tubby rockstar! And all these girls are jealous because he just had them for sex. I sent nudes to his IG. I’m 15 years old but I told him I was 21, and I was blocked! I think it was his assistant. Can any of you girls get me access to him?

No. 1028094

Tinfoil I think maybe some of the sick pervert he’s doing is he’s having his men groom girls online and trying to human traffick them.

No. 1028127

I can understand why they’d want to remain anonymous, would you want batshit Manson fans after you? Of course it’s best to be skeptical but just outright dismissing it as fake doesn’t mean you’re right.

Wtf, get help.

Who knows what he does in private but I doubt he’d get away with human trafficking for long. None of his exes mentioned that.

No. 1028190

I really doubt that. Most of the Manson fan accounts on IG are teenagers, and anyone else that he approached for "Baby Manson Time" would probably do the sane thing and block him. His fans are really all he's got. He probably would if he could, though.

No. 1028201

How sad. Have some self-respect instead of sending photos to a perverted pedophile.

No. 1028206

Go idolize your pedobear somewhere else. How disgusting.

No. 1028255

Ouch … but true(emoji usage)

No. 1028267

Type "sage" in the email field, unless you have new milk to contribute.

No. 1028303

Nta but it was obviously satire…

No. 1028394

File: 1598331330938.png (331.1 KB, 720x1004, Screenshot_20200824-234753~2.p…)

I know Dawn's lost her credibility, and most of her claims are based on conspiracies, but it really doesn't seem that far out there for him to be into kids. It's obvious that he romanticizes unhealthy relationships – “Humbert Humbert.”

No. 1028396


Sure he’s not reaching for an edgy ‘Heil Hitler’? Either option is terrible tbf.

No. 1028405

Holy shit, you people are truly insane. Completely insane. Like you need meds for the damaging strain you put on yourself with that reach.

No. 1028411

the biggest reach itt so far lmao
isn't it about his new single?

No. 1028434

This fucking pedo sings "we are sick fucked up and complicated" and obviously refers to himself too, so your theory is not wrong. He can't be cured but we can help him die.

No. 1028438

What the FUCK are you talking about! Oh my godddddd

No. 1028451

So you guys have gone from saying he’s a rapist, an abuser, being controlled by his girlfriend, and now he’s a pedo? Why don’t we add Mafia boss to the mix just to spice it up a little more? Honestly so fucking delusional.

No. 1028472

You forgot to add that he is a killer, he is part of a prostitution and human trafficking ring, he is the director of snuff-porn-pedo movies. I forgot something? lol

No. 1028496

If only Dawn were banned…

No. 1028532

He’s probably loving this. Imagine going from being this incredibly famous shock rocker who disrupted the cultural status quo, to being a bloated irrelevant hack whose name doesn’t come up unless it’s to discuss whether or not you raped Evan Rachel Wood.

Everyone’s really over-complicating this. He’s not a sex trafficking child pornographer or whatever the fuck. He’s an old narcissist who uses women to play out all the shit he needs to be in therapy for. I’m sure he’s abusive and simultaneously thinks he’s some gift to women. And until someone actually names him as a rapist he’ll just languish in semi-irrelevance, except for the times he pops up at astroworld so everyone can point and laugh like he’s a court jester.

No. 1028578

I heard he bought 1000 dicks frim ebay & sucked them all

No. 1028685

File: 1598391517419.jpeg (39.27 KB, 750x205, 0D90B46A-489D-4680-A959-B69FDE…)

Oh no girl what’d she do now

No. 1028734

I think it's about time we stop discussing her bullshit here. She's just like Dawn.

Actually worse than Dawn cause she's not only delusional and insane but also a racist cunt. And she used to put other women down for their appearance and having work done when she literally lies about all the work she's had, lol. Big yikes.

She's craving attention again and probably loves whenever someone mentions her here.

No. 1028737

Madelyn honey sweetie could you just swing through and drop some proof that you ever even met this guy so we can keep talking about you please? I’d hate to think you’ve just been a big ol’ lie this whole time.

No. 1028779

What else could Lindsay do? She already asked a fan account to post about her, and Madelyn went private. It's pathetic that she's so consumed with social media that she has nothing better to do than talk to 15 year old girls all day. I don't know why she'd make such a big deal out of Madelyn's bullshit when there are dozens of other crazy fangirls out there literally plotting her death, unless she really did have a fling with him.

Either way, she's irrelevant to the thread.

No. 1028825

She’s too busy liking wedding dresses on Depop to take much notice to what everyone is saying about her on here. When’s the wedding, Madelyn?

No. 1028834

And MM tshirts and all the secondhand L’ecole Des Femme she can find since she knows Lindsay wears that brand. Cute.

No. 1028944

File: 1598418767992.png (258.64 KB, 720x1034, Screenshot_20200826-000525~3.p…)

reposted in his story like 9 times. idk how much attention he thinks she's actually worth.

No. 1028971

Working 3 jobs to make ends meet
while living in NY…the struggle was real.

No. 1028973

I thought she was a "homemaker."

No. 1028977

She also said she took a 3 year break from social media.
Only to return to disabled comments and bot followers. Threads are full of her old posts so it's a good thing she doesn't write much.
Anyway, they are still trying to get her a career.

No. 1028982

>I think it's about time we stop discussing her bullshit here. She's just like Dawn.

Please. Don’t insult me like that. I don’t why you guys hate me so much. Is that stupid fucking bitch making an indirect post about me?(Dawn)

No. 1028983

It’s not a lie. He’s been having a “long distance” relationship with her.(Dawn)

No. 1028985

That fucking c* is talking about people lying when she lies about having fake accounts and that she herself doesn’t go around harassing people? FUCK YOU. You stupid pathetic fucking BITCH, Un-fucking-real.(Dawn)

No. 1028987

So they deleted her interview for nastynostalgia to have this one instead?
They added the "three jobs" detail like she didn't say completely the opposite in her early interviews. Lame.
>life-partner Marilyn Manson (for whom she shot the Born Villain album cover, and various fashion, stage backdrops, merchandise, and intimate photos).
First of all, kudos to them for giving info how she started her career right at the beginning of the text.
Second question: why don't they write "husband"? Wtf?

No. 1028992

Oh look, the pathetic bitch is self-posting about herself again. Like anyone else would even give a shit about any of her lame interviews. You people keep feeding into this..,(Dawn)

No. 1028995

Forgot to add hypocritical* Nothing worse than a pathetic scumbag LYING hypocrite.(Dawn)

No. 1028997

Just fucking disappear you pathetic retard. Lindsay is closest to the cow hoe. I enjoy reading and writing negative things about her, that interview is a drop of milk.

No. 1029001

Proof or go away.
Even random walk-in anon managed to post their messages from MM. Your Madelyn is vapid.

No. 1029008

Sure, whatever you say. You’re the fucking retard and so obvious about who you are. And a LIAR. That interview is NOT milk about anything except for her trying to promote her dumbass self.(Dawn)

No. 1029010


No. 1029014

File: 1598437061655.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 88.44 KB, 828x481, 1644EA78-3469-4BE9-A6DE-CEF0F8…)

Here’s your proof. >>1029001 I have nothing to do with Madelyn. And yeah, she is vapid. Since he was sharing my messages, I’ll return the favor.
He sent this telling me about her. It’s a long message that why it’s cropped. So believe or don’t believe me, I just don’t give a shit anymore. But I don’t fucking lie.

I’m fucking OUT now that I realize who is actually in these threads with all their bullshit. Just remember people it’s Manson or Lindsay when you see shit like that being dropped. Don’t FEED into it. That one anon was a fake pretending to be his ex. They literally outed themselves about how they make hate accounts and talk negatively about themselves and all the other shit they do.These people are truly fucking sick.(Dawn)

No. 1029016

I posted the interview and I'm definitely not Lindsay. I also posted link from nostalgia and would post other interviews if I find them because it's entertaining to read about her so called career.
I'm not a native speaker as you can tell from the way I write so I'm not her.

No. 1029017

File: 1598437895215.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 267.94 KB, 828x1245, 9A3B815B-3F32-4762-A0E1-8FDCE8…)


No. 1029030

No date or time. M could be anyone + none of it makes sense cause cropped + no names. Get the flying fuck out, Madelyn.

No. 1029032

no 'sugar butt', no 'baby manson time' no cringey love talk, no dumb emojies, coherent writing.
not manson confirmed.

No. 1029049

File: 1598443920786.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 322.82 KB, 828x1704, A4074B90-BEC0-4A95-A69A-49D320…)

Why would he put any of their names? It’s kind of unnecessary when I would know exactly who he’s talking about. And she really is living across the country.

It’s cropped because it isn’t related or has nothing to do with the topic, and like I said it’s a really long message so it doesn’t crop all at once. Here is the date and time to that text.(replying to yourself constantly)

No. 1029118

“The lack of love and compassion she had and the things she did were so horrific” is him talking about Madelyn?

No. 1029141

It is fake.

No. 1029144

File: 1598458407183.jpeg (385.68 KB, 750x671, 7D519E62-CBE1-4644-A078-F76C17…)

I guess if he gave her a new chin it’s only right she give him one too

No. 1029160

File: 1598460941520.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 201.03 KB, 828x1027, 971183C1-1A7C-4AAF-A76A-0C4DBE…)

No that part he’s talking about Lindsay. Explains why that stupid Madelyn goes around calling everyone witches, because that’s what he calls them. I didn’t buy anything he said. I was rolling my eyes the whole time.

How can that be fake? It’s from August 3. Yeah concocted a text from almost 3 weeks ago.(go away Dawn)

No. 1029169

Why do you even still talk to him? You've accused him of "intellectual property theft," abusing you, and a ton of other bullshit, but you still seem all buddy-buddy with him.

No. 1029179

You've been banned multiple times for your constant autism, Dawn. Continue sperging and we'll mark your previous posts in each thread.

No. 1029199

File: 1598466607022.png (341.39 KB, 720x1122, Polish_20200826_131937476.png)

Why did he delete it?

No. 1029218

He didn't delete it, the post is still there.

No. 1029246

It's not like I am defending 'Madelyn' but how do you know it's Madelyn and not Dawn?

The pic is scary.
His label hinted at a new single coming before the album release. I am looking forward to the lyrics.

No. 1029263

You're right it's Dawn. I'll be re-marking them as her.

No. 1029280

I haven’t talked to him. That was out of the blue. I replied because after everything I was curious what he had to say and why he would falsely accuse me of total bullshit. In one way or another I still have to deal with him.
But I knew after the second text though he was lying and his words were empty. Then I saw he was sharing my messages.

He made false allegations on me because he was trying to lie and put up a front to these bitches.(Dawn)

No. 1029298

File: 1598480059981.jpeg (385.83 KB, 978x1581, B884E0D8-47B7-4121-BA3B-12D357…)

No. 1029310

He really does have something going on with Madelyn. Wtf? I thought he married Lindsay? Ew. Another bore like her and a grown woman who’s still living at home off her parents.(Dawn)

No. 1029344

It would be interesting to see all the posts that are actually Dawn.

No. 1029368

File: 1598489074281.png (106.79 KB, 647x647, Screenshot_20200826-194215~2.p…)

I'm, like, actually curious how many women he's picked up and had sex with before. Why do ppl wanna have sex with him? Is there just a certain appeal to a washed-up junkie that I'm not seeing??

No. 1029469

He looks weird in this and i cant pinpoint why.


No. 1029529

That's his grill, anon.

No. 1030176

File: 1598645200845.jpeg (351.97 KB, 1245x1500, F01CCCDB-9670-4ADF-A3BE-906109…)

No. 1030183

File: 1598646004720.jpeg (110 KB, 750x580, 4783305F-C988-4947-8BF0-FF339C…)

From the same thread.

No. 1030301

Honestly, I'm still kind of on the fence about the whole situation between Jessicka and Twiggy. I'm not victim blaming or down-playing what he did, but she literally tries to cancel anyone that she has a problem with. Before Manson fired him, she Tweeted about him being fatphobic and dating underage girls, then deleted it after Twiggy was gone, like it didn't matter that he was a piece of shit anymore because he did what she wanted. It just seems really sketchy to me.

No. 1030340

My take on Jessicka is I mostly agree with what she wrote, that Manson is racist, had underage girlfriends, etc but her behavior was/is definitely weird.
I shared the screens because people claimed they hooked up with Twiggy and Manson while underage.

No. 1030421

It was only a 3 years age difference? That’s not that big of deal, but when you start going over 5 years than, yes.

No. 1030436

File: 1598679731987.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 65.16 KB, 828x427, 29CA8678-3716-448A-B5FA-3B2EAE…)


No. 1030447

Seems a bit similar to those leaked messages with Gabriella. But still, stop trying to push the narrative that he's a pedophile, Dawn. There's no other "proof" that he's fucked any teenagers younger than 15-16. It might be morally and legally wrong, but that doesn't qualify him as being a pedophile.

And why do you mark out the names? You said the accounts were deleted, and it'd be impossible to find the exact one you're posting about, anyway.

No. 1030500

> no other "proof" that he's fucked any teenagers younger than 15-16. It might be morally and legally wrong, but that doesn't qualify him as being a pedophile.

Actually that DOES make him one. This is a man in his fifties. A 15-16 year old IS a CHILD.

No. 1030511


No. 1030514

Look everyone this anon is trying to justify it and thinks it makes a difference by using a different word.

No the majority of society would see him being a pedophile. Again, a 15-16 is a CHILD.

No. 1030528

That’s just semantics. But you can’t argue science. And 15-20 is no where yet even fully developed. So technically, that’s a child. So let’s use plain terms: he’s a sick gross child fucker.(Dawn)

No. 1030531

This thread never changes.
If you ask me in 100 years time what anons are talking about in Manson's thread, I will be right saying they're arguing if he's a pedo.
But tbh, fucking a 5-15 y.o. and fucking 17-18+ are very different. Many "kids" start their "adult" life at 16 y.o., sometime even earlier (which is definitely not good). Idk how come some anons don't see the difference between a rockstar sexually abusing kids and a rockstar having on tour affairs with their fangirls. The latter is not good but it's part of the rock culture which will hopefully change.
For me 17-18 yo having a one night stand with her idol is borderline okay (however I'd question her taste for men if her idol was Manson lol). She'll probably regret doing it but whatever. If two people just want sex - whatever, not my business.
What disgusts me about Manson is that he actually tries to get young girls into romantic relationship with him, promises them long-term connection like gf and bf. That's where it gets sick, wrong, and gross.
Ready to get yelled at lol.

No. 1030534

Inbefore you tell me that in some states having consensual sex with 18 is statuary rape, I want to say I know about it. I didn't say the above described is legal.(derailing)

No. 1030554

pedophilia is defined as being sexually attracted to someone 13 or younger, not 15-16. i'm not saying it's okay that he fucked those girls, but it's not pedophilia. and "manson" >>1030436 said, "a pubescent teen." those are 10-14, so idk why we were even discussing the other.

No. 1030585

Like that anon said, that is just semantics. And that’s NOT how most of society sees it. They are still children.

He is a man that is in his fucking fifties. Quit trying to normalize something so sick.

>but it's part of the rock culture which will hopefully change.

That is some sorry excuse, because no it’s NOT. That’s pedo culture. When I was a minor and would go after guys in rock bands, they would want nothing to do with me because I was still a child. But when I was a kid I didn’t know any better.

> Many "kids" start their "adult" life at 16 y.o., sometime even earlier

So. That doesn’t mean they’re an “adult”.

>For me 17-18 yo having a one night stand with her idol is borderline okay

Yea, it’s only okay if you’re around that age range.(Dawn)

No. 1030726

True, but considering that 12 year olds look like 20 year olds these days it's wrong to call someone a pedo for being attracted to them cause it's literally impossible to tell how old they really are.

Pedos are attracted to actual kids or childlike features. And like I said, most 12 year olds look way older nowadays, so they wouldn't even be interesting to real pedos anymore.

And as far as I know Manson never fucked girls under 17/18. Is he a scumbag? Yep. Pedo? No.

No. 1030776

12 yr olds don’t look like 20 yr olds , if Manson is attracted to a child he is a pedo. Stop victim blaming

No. 1030816

I generally agree but '12 y.o. looks like 20 y.o.' is far-fetched.

No. 1030833

…But Manson never fucked a 12 year old, at least not that we know about. I do agree, though – even in the early 00s when I was a pre-teen, I looked a lot older than I was. If the messages Dawn shared turn out to be real, and I doubt they will, that's the only way that someone could make me believe that rumor about him is true, unless something else happens.

No. 1030860

They’re real. And the cops have all the screenshots that are on my computer (which they took).(Dawn)

No. 1030864

Enough of the lying.

No. 1030870

Why do you even keep posting here? Do you get something out of the embarrassment of being called out on your bullshit and being labeled a crazy person? I really don't get it. If you're looking for attention, go get it somewhere else instead of posting fake screens here and trying to intimidate Manson through your IG captions.

No. 1030872

I’m not lying. You only wish I was.

>Pedos are attracted to actual kids or childlike features. And like I said, most 12 year olds look way older nowadays, so they wouldn't even be interesting to real pedos anymore.

There are no 12 year olds that look like 20 year olds. Also, not knowing a person’s age is no excuse.

The screenshots I have on my computer that the cops have, you can clearly tell these are 11-12 year old children.

>And as far as I know Manson never fucked girls under 17/18. Is he a scumbag? Yep. Pedo? No.

That’s maybe your take on it, but most people would consider it one. And it’s totally sick. I don’t look at a 17-18 year old and think they look like an adult. They look like a child still.
And under 18 would be considered child pornography.(Dawn)

No. 1030883

11-12 year olds don’t have boobs or hips. He called some 11 or 12 year old “hot”. I wanted to vomit.
Now it all adds up when he made that comment saying there should be a dating app for “sexy” kids.(Dawn)

No. 1030886

File: 1598780170883.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 123.83 KB, 828x812, 9DDD2815-7275-41DB-8EAE-6687BB…)

this is no coincidence this just popped up. How gross!(Dawn)

No. 1030888

Do you have any screen caps of him saying either of those things, though? I don't know why you keep trying to accuse him of all this random shit and expect everyone to just take your word for it. He's fucking gross, but I really have a hard time believing he's a pedophile. There are enough reasons to hate him already. You don't have to try and make up new ones.

No. 1030896


No. 1030906

File: 1598787401410.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 156.45 KB, 539x912, 2755D62D-460C-4569-9DD1-D8DDE3…)

Yeah but probably won’t be helpful on here because I have to black out their identities for privacy reasons.(Dawn)

No. 1030920

It's photoshoped, he's with Dita in original pic.

PLEASE, FARMHAND, ban Dawn for good.

No. 1030925

What evidence do you have to say it's really Manson behind fake accounts commenting on photos of underage girls?

No. 1030948

Here is the interview where he was talking about Tinder and that there should be a dating app for kids called “Kinder”. A lot of people were disgusted and calling him a pedo.(Dawn)

No. 1030988

No one was disgusted because it was a joke. His thing is unintelligent word play that he seems to think is clever. But this pedo shit is such a reach, stick to the known abusive behavior because that’s what we’re discussing.

No. 1030993

That video was posted in the last thread. There was, like, one comment out of all of them calling him that. Everyone knows that he only says shit like that to be shocking. No one else tries to start that rumor except for you.

And this picture >>1030906 is ridiculous. What mother would let their daughter dress like that – much let her post it on Facebook? "Your too hot," literally sounds like it was written by some illiterate incel. If his account was deleted, there was no point in marking over the name, unless you care about his privacy. My guess is that you were in a chat-group(?) with some shitty people and decided to try and pass it off as being Manson, for whatever reason. That's if the messages aren't fake. But I doubt you have the time to learn how to photoshop anything other than your IG selfies when you're so busy putting your court case together, kek.

Start posting actual proof that he's a pedophile or shut the fuck up about it.

No. 1031014

Lol he's trying to hide his double chin this entire video

No. 1031271

File: 1598852962036.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 208.92 KB, 828x1245, 666A5E50-C93A-44EF-B9AC-D59AE4…)

If you say that we're ill
Just give us your pill“

“We are sick, fucked up and complicated
We are chaos, we can't be cured”

Looks like I found where he got his lyrics from. Interestingly, on a post about pedophila.(Dawn)

No. 1031275

That makes it sound like he's against it. You're contradicting yourself again – first, it was the messages where he was supposed to be talking about sleeping with, "pubescent teens," and now you're saying he wants to shoot one. That conversation and those lyrics have one (1) word in common. You look for any similarities you can find and blow them way out of proportion.

No. 1031287

I’m not contradicting anything -
that’s me and someone else that posted those comments. Where do you get there’s only one word? I’m saying this is where he got the concept from.

I KNOW 100000000% because he met one of the girls from that account which I posted about awhile back on the Danger account. I bet he didn’t pan on me seeing that either.

Photoshop? I did not photoshop that picture. How can anyone tell if that’s photoshop? That looks real. I don’t know how to photoshop
pictures. I don’t even have a computer.(Dawn)

No. 1031295

The thread is beyond absurd.
Idk who's more retarded, Dawn or anons who reply to her bs posting.
Idk why neither is banned.

No. 1031299

Oh, and there were a lot of comments on that video of people being disgusted. They cleaned it up from when I saw it 2 years ago.

Well I have an above average IQ. So quite far from retarded. Can’t say the same about Manson though.(Dawn)

No. 1031441

>I hAvE aN aBoVe AvErAgE iQ
you're an autistic retard who creams herself over manson being a pedo

No. 1031499

When did you post about him meeting up with an underage girl? Your post count hasn't changed since you went private, and there was nothing about that on your account before, at least not that I saw.

You don't need a computer to use Photoshop. I do it using my phone all the time. The photo you used as a profile picture on your account showed Manson Photoshopped into a clown, so you at least have basic knowledge of how to do it. And the photo you posted of your "search warrant" had a Lenovo laptop and Dell computer written on it, anyway: >>1015029

With your above average IQ and all, you really should be better at keeping your lies straight. Even Manson's probably smarter than you are.

No. 1031748

Ew that’s disgusting. More like it makes me throw up.

I didn’t say that specific girl that he “met” was underage. That I don’t know. But what I do know is he made sexual comments to ones that definitely were. And who knows if he met them too.

I posted about him meeting her months ago and that post got deleted because it was probably him that reported it.(Dawn)

No. 1031755

File: 1598956407082.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 131.51 KB, 799x629, B6F2FAC7-8AD7-4518-920D-769EC5…)

This is when I first called the sicko out. And then interestingly almost 5-6 months after that… that’s when Jessicka was exposing him and calling him a pedo.(Dawn)

No. 1031766

Why would the post be deleted if there was nothing wrong with it? Usually, a lot of people have to report something before it's taken down. Are you going to start accusing Manson of being an IG mod next?

No. 1032502

Meanwhile lyrics of the new album have been put online.
Uninteresting, not witty or smart, too many repetitions and unintended quotes from his past records. Each song reads like a psychopath's cry.
Victim shaming and victim blaming included. You can enjoy at https://genius.com/albums/Marilyn-manson/We-are-chaos

No. 1032506

To be honest the only one I've read was "Red, Black, and Blue" and already, it seems like the album is just making digs at Lindsay.

No. 1032544

Yeah I don’t read too much into them because all I see is someone trying hard to be deep and clever and mildly shocking and failing at all 3.

No. 1032637

> Someone's gonna die soon

> So you wear your damage on your sleeve

> But don't worry, it's all just tongue and cheek, yeah

> Not a victim of fashion

> More facist than vogue
> 'Cause victim is chic
> You're as famous as your pain
> Victim is chic, yeah

it sounds like he's talking about evan/his accusers. tbh i'm kinda hoping Lindsay picks up on him insulting her in the lyrics or smth nd drops the bomb she has on him.

No. 1032647

Yes, it sounds like he’s mocking his victims and his lyrics come across as narcissistic.

Does anyone else think this will probably be his last album? IDK why but I get the sense he’s winding down, wanting to retire. I’m sure he’ll tour to support this album but I can see him moving away from music after this to bit acting parts and such.

No. 1032658

Omg… maybe it’s about him having aids and he gave it to someone. “It’s not a life sentence…” One of his victims?

No. 1032677

I’d be shocked if Lindsay wasn’t under a NDA, I doubt she could drop a bomb even if she wanted to.

It’s all speculation, of course, but the dude is a sex addict and implied several times in interviews that he doesn’t like condoms. Clare Burley said he didn’t use condoms with her. It wouldn’t be far fetched if he actually has HIV.

No. 1032692

There’s a lot of hate and anger being thrown at someone . And a lot about death. There’s only a couple songs I thought the lyrics were intelligent , but for the most part, I agree w/ the other anons, that it doesn’t seem like he put much effort in.

What the fuck does “apples are always something to fear” suppose to mean? Why is he talking about fruit in his lyrics? What is so fearful about apples? Lmao

No. 1032695

Probably not such a smart idea for him to be putting death threats in his lyrics.

No. 1032696

>What the fuck “apples are always something to fear”
Snow white?

No. 1032697

It seems like most of his modern stuff was just written to send messages to ppl he knows

Wouldn't it have ran out by now though? Why would he stay with her if she couldn't say anything about what he did anyway?


If he had an HIV, I doubt so many people would be sleeping with him and none of his exes, recent or otherwise, have mentioned anything about it. He deserves it though lol

No. 1032699

Ohhh.. you’re probably right! That makes sense now.

No. 1032736

Two words… Charlie Sheen

It took a long time for him to come out with it

No. 1032854

Ik that they're both disgusting, but what about the ppl that shaid she's got proof against him? He tried for all those years to get rid of her, fucked 100s of girls while he was with her, and now he loves her and wants to have a baby? I don't believe that.

No. 1032910

File: 1599152943923.png (297.33 KB, 1239x1272, IMG_4481.PNG)


No. 1032918

this story smells fishy because of the "only blue/no brown M&M's" part. van halen's concert contract notoriously had a "no brown M&M's" line, not because they actually hated brown M&Ms but to see if venues actually read the full thing (which was important for technical/safety reasons). so i call bullshit on this eyebrow scar story

No. 1032926

I think it's plasuable because other venue employees have claimed he's wrecked dressing rooms for petty reasons (caps posted in previous treads). Who knows tho.

No. 1032935

oh i don't doubt at all that he acts like a spoiled child, just saying that part might have been embellished

No. 1032993

Why does he have a half-closed eye and bruises around his mouth? Anyway, he looks really sick.

No. 1033003

This pic is very old, and he's not laughable in it.

No. 1033007

I think his mouth was just chapped or something idk. He was probably coked out

No. 1033037

Why was an old photo posted without context, at all.

No. 1033208

This thread was finally getting back on track with Dawn being banned but it’s somehow devolved just as fast.

No. 1033246

Bitching about the thread is just obnoxious, what’s the point if you have nothing to contribute.

No. 1033289

People with AIDS lose a lot of weight after they contract it most of the time. I'd say he probably has herpes or something that doesn't show symptoms physically. The drugs are probably what make him look so gross.

No. 1033427

File: 1599232128410.jpeg (242.19 KB, 750x1198, 4F68FC75-B986-4777-B019-1394C0…)

Internet girlfriend. She doesn't even know Lindsay personally lmao

No. 1033477

No, what’s obnoxious is the uncharted cancer and mind-bogglingly insane tinfoiling. That’s not contribution, that’s mental illness.

No. 1033494

This perfume collaboration is kinda bizarre. So much hype for a perfume that’s not going to be sold to the public. Lindsay said in a recent interview it’s for her own personal use. >>1028971

No. 1033510

What did he say about her?

No. 1033537

Like, he typed "him" multiple times? That couldn't have been a typo. His feelings about her probably change so often because he's bipolar. They go through stages of thinking people are perfect, and then they start projecting.

No. 1033605

Maybe she's trans lol

No. 1033667

She also said she might sell it but if she wasn't screwing manson no one would write an article about her..

No. 1033727

I think there might be a possibility that he's bisexual. Evidently, he has the ability to be attracted to women, at least to some degree. No men have came out saying that he sexually abused/assualted them or fucked them, though.

No. 1033801

How is there any doubt that he's bi? It's bern an open secret for decades.

No. 1034300

His longtime "friendship" with Yoshiki always seemed a little queer to me. Plus, Lindsay comments on almost everything Yoshiki posts with hearts like a fangirl, maybe the 3 of them have a side thing?

No. 1034303

Which comments?

No. 1034325

Dawn's meaningless posts have been deleted. Don't pay attention.

No. 1034630

Are you talking about the time he hummed a security guy's head? lol I think that was more for shock factor than anything, tbh – just like all those times he kissed Twiggy or sucked cock on stage.

No. 1034730

I think they are trying to stay on good terms with all his exes in case he'll need their support. Just like with Rose, I don't think they are genuinely interested in friendship with her.
As for Lindsay, I doubt there's one more woman in the world with this little self-respect.

No. 1034786

Well, in JD's case people cared what his exes had to say. However I do believe Manson and Lindsay might want to be friendly with his ex girls lest these girls say something negative.

No. 1034790

A few threads back there was a cap from 666fearless of a text from Manson upset that he was on the same show with a woman whose ex-boyfriend raped him? I don’t know if any of that is true or if he means literally, but I remember it well.

Maybe I’m blind but I can’t find it now, did anyone save it?

No. 1034819

Dawn, you've been banned multiple times for samefagging, ban evading, and infighting. This isn't your personal sperg thread or a place to vocalize whatever weird fantasies you have about Manson. Your posts will continue to be deleted.

No. 1034833

I didn't follow the drama in real-time, so I don't know anything about @666fearless's accounts, but if he was raped that would explain, like, a lot. I wouldn't be surprised if he has PTSD or some shit from everything that's happened to him.

No. 1034862

File: 1599503245774.jpg (45.86 KB, 720x646, dgm9kx2syd521.jpg)

i have no idea id this is true or not, but I've been hearing that MM supposedly had/is having an affair with Poppy? I can kinda see that, considering she's 25, looks younger than that and is probably anorexic, but there's no proof behind it. I just want to know if anyone here knows if this is bullshit or not. If it is true I feel so bad for Ghostemane.

No. 1034882

Poppy is sick and abusive, she also used to have a thread of her own, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had a thing.

No. 1034925

They were working on a project together a while ago that they never released. She seems like his type. Anon, >>1034882, what did she do?


Why would he lie to Michelle about raping Evan? I thought she already knew about everything he'd done. I never saw anything public about him and Mickey Rourke, either. I'm curious about why he started speaking to Michelle to begin with. Wasn't it posted somewhere in one of the other threads that she was a groupie or something?

No. 1034954

I’m not disputing that but I recall it was vague? The date of his text matched the Italian show. I wish I could find the cap again.

I believe they met backstage and she claims they were just friends. Manson did tag her in his post so he definitely knows her.

No. 1035197

File: 1599537000830.jpg (170.01 KB, 858x837, OXHSgTKMqNs.jpg)

Lindsay nowadays likes Coco even though she used to refer to her "caca shitnel".

No. 1035208

I can imagine she didn't know Coco was another friend of Manson/Yoshiki that spams their IG. You can't be seen being catty to your sugar husband's friends' groupies, Lindsay. It's a bad look for golddiggers.

M's probably asking Yoshiki to throw her a social media bone since nobody gives a wet shit about another toxic dependapotomous. I'm very curious how he fits into Manson's life considering he usually ends up in pics with Manson's circle, including Poppy.

No. 1035217

As far as I know, Yoshiki just photographs him from time to time. But Manson said it was usually in a, "typically nude scenario," so I'm not really sure what type of relationship they have. I doubt Manson would fuck him, though, just because he's Japanese, and he's a racist asshole.

No. 1035224

Is there an interview where he says that? Yoshiki has had his long-term sugar baby for a long time. I doubt he is interested in Manson.

No. 1035233

Yoshiki and Manson cling to each other because they were both bi for hide (zilch was actually planned to tour the states with Manson before hide died & he had an LA apartment). I doubt they have a thing with each other, instead cling to their past glory days and hide's old connections to dazzle dumb 20-somethings into supporting their washed up careers via fan-pandering and selfies with current e-celebs like Poopy, Ghostefag and that wannabe-coture white girl who ripped off the Asian bondage wear chick.

No. 1035235

If you can look at Yoshiki, watch his mannerisms and honestly expect anyone to believe he isn't swinging for both teams then wow. His sugar baby is a Russian/Polish nobody probably from some poor village who tried modeling at one point but didn't make it. All of his past white girlfriends were aspiring actresses, models and the like that he would drag around and show off in cosplays of his characters. His taste in women is questionable at best, and if he does somehow still have that same SB (I highly doubt it bc she'd be pushing close to 30 which is when he always recycles) then she must be only a side piece these days while he focuses on younger meat in LA while partying with Manson. He's been social distancing at home in LA for covid by himself, and even made a point to post about it a few weeks ago. I forgot what my initial point was, but there's a Jrocker thread to discuss Yoshiki's nobody sugar baby from almost 10 years ago that only gets brought up when he pops into certain social circles and people ask why. I'm curious why she's brought up almost every time Yoshiki is even mentioned, considering she's a Literal Who.

No. 1035237

Teale Coco had a thing with Yoshiki too. Just spilling some more milk here, in case anyone’s interested.

No. 1035239

That's not spilling milk, anon, that's sageless drama baiting. Deets or die.

Although I wouldn't doubt Yoshiki is a pump-n-dumper, I doubt if they did have a fling that it was very good based on how hard she crawls into his IG comments & how hard he ignores her. Who even is Teale Coco? One of those IG altwear brand "founders"?

Gotta love how every talentless nobody (Lindsay) and washed up creative type (Manson, Yoshiki, dozens of others) always ends up doing photography. It's so… cheap and lazy. A special needs kid could take a community college class and become a half decent photographer, there's not much actual skill incolved these days now that the cameras and editing apps do most of the work themselves.

No. 1035245

The last time Yoshiki liked one of Teale's pics was 2018, when she was in Tokyo. I doubt it was recent (despite the matching necklaces).

No. 1035259

Lindsay is so obvious.
After countless drama with his side chicks she went MIA for years. Returns and buys bots, lies for Manson and kisses everyone’s ass, drops several marriage hints, and now wants to play Hollywood housewife pushing her own line of perfume.

She wants fame and money and he needs a cover.

No. 1035260

It wasn't a video. He said it on IG and posted something that he'd taken during their photoshoot. I didn't find it. Does anyone else have caps?

No. 1035267

>blackmail a bloated, washed up addict into marrying you so you can get free shit from the cloutchasing whores who you consider your competition & would fuck your man at the first chance

Literally who wants this life but soulless degenerates?

No. 1035268

Maybe Teale is cozying up to Lindsay for the sake of trying to get to Yoshiki? He knows goddamn everybody despite how little he actually does.

No. 1035274

I have my doubts this marriage lasts post covid and he’s back to banging groupies on tour.

No. 1035275

>, but there's a Jrocker thread to discuss Yoshiki's nobody sugar baby
That's exactly where I read about his sb, I don't know much about Yoshiki. Idk I thought both M and Y kinda shouldn't be ashamed to talk about their sexualities that's why I don't believe they are bi or gay. If they were, imo it's illogical of them to hide it.

No. 1035282

Imo, the only reason I can see Manson hiding bisexuality is because he markets himself as a goth heartthrob (elderly and obese but sadly still) and that might turn some people off. Maybe he wants to keep it private for personal reasons, idk.
I would think we’d hear about more men if it were true though.

No. 1035286

Yoshiki's "Russian SB" is a total mystery. Aside from the tweets he posted years and years ago when he first got with her and was being super obvious about it, she hasn't been seen, mentioned or anything else yet any time Yoshiki comes up in a thread, someone mentions her. It just seems weird considering how little info there is about her compared to all his past exes. It's almost like someone wants to create false intrigue around her in the hopes that anons will dig up info on her, but that's stupid because Yoshiki's batshit obsessed Chinese fans already doxxed her on a forum years ago & she deleted her IG and twitter, that's when Yoshiki started the "Xx" thing as a kind of signal. If he's had her for almost 10 years and he's still hiding her/not married or at least engaged, I doubt he'll make her public and she's probably just around as long as she sticks around, until he's relevant and working enough to replace her with some younger alt influencer.

No. 1035290

IIRC didn't Manson do stage-gay/fanservice back in the day? It was a huge thing in Visual Kei, Manson knew several VK artists/bands back then so him doing it wouldn't be unbelievable. I remember him in makeup, skintight leather outfits and wigs getting called homophobic slurs, and lots of rumors about him being a Hollywood Hetero (closet gay).

No. 1035339

Tbh Manson seems like a huge homophobe to me. He'd probably be too embarrassed to tell everyone he prefers dick.

No. 1035350

there was some stuff with trent reznor but never really explicit iirc

No. 1035443

He's talked about sucking Robin Finck's dick before

No. 1035445

File: 1599589271311.jpeg (56.07 KB, 750x146, EBF7DB93-701E-4235-8116-369EB5…)

No. 1035462

Manson kissed him onstage once but I think that's it

No. 1035474

Please, he was just lying for shock value.

No. 1035492

Agree, but I think he mixes some truth with utter bullshit in his autobiography and interviews. Which means he’s been lying for years and he’s a sham.

No. 1035493

Dawn, stop posting here. Everyone's tired of your bullshit. That was the same account you asked people to report/block in your IG story. What proof do you have that that could even possibly be Manson? It makes no sense.

No. 1035494

Ignore the troll, mods will delete it.

No. 1035551

You act like homophobia isn't a telltale sign of repressed sexual/intimacy issues, anon. Acting like a homophobe is a weak defense too, one could even argue that Lindsay's only function as a wife is as a beard (bc what else is she good for?).

No. 1035630

When did she confirm that? Screens, anon.

No. 1035731

Having attraction to another man doesn't make someone day.

Someone can be physically attracted but not mentally attracted to the same gender

Someone can be attracted to physical characteristics like body parts (penis…etc.) and still consider themselves straight.

Men aren't the only people with penises. He seems like the type that would like mental and external appearance female but have Male body parts

No. 1035760

To be honest, I think the possibility of him being gay is pretty low. There's little to no proof of him being attracted to men, except for Dawn's fake messages and spam accounts. No men have came out about him abusing them – I doubt he'd limit it to women if he was doing both. He seems literally obsessed with women. I think most of the stuff he does onstage with other men is probably just for attention. Either way, we won't really know anything without him confirming or denying it himself.

No. 1035810

Found the Jrock thread in /m/:


Go there to discuss Yoshiki/Teale Coco & their matching necklaces, not here.

No. 1036020

File: 1599679373895.png (753.09 KB, 1043x2247, twiggy.png)

New interview is a drop of milk.
Guess who's friends with Twiggy aka Jessicka Addams' rapist again?
Someone is gonna get butthurt in 1… 2…

No. 1036021

>I remember I played "Paint You With My Love" to Twiggy [Ramirez], who I had not spoken to in a few years, and he loved it. But when it first came on he asked me who was singing. He didn't recognize my voice cause he had never heard my voice in that key.


No. 1036595

>having attraction to another man doesn't make someone gay

Literal definition of gay. Whether it's romantic or sexual attraction, same-sex attraction is gay. Physical or romantic opposite sex attraction is straight.
Driveby comment, may be missing context.

No. 1037285

File: 1599885789104.png (230.99 KB, 625x524, Screenshot_20200911-231011~3.p…)

Since there hasn't been any new milk for a bit, I looked through Lindsay's livejournal (@xneverenoughx) that hasn't been updated since 2003. Nothing really interesting, just more of her ramblings, bad hygiene, and contradictions. Apparently, she used to travel and might've been married to someone else before she met Manson. Seems like she might've been anorexic at one point. Her relationship with her mother was shitty until she started getting money from him. That's probably the only reason Hope's nice to her now. It almost makes me feel bad for her, even though she's a bitch. And there were some mentions of someone named "Marilyn," so maybe she had something going on with him before it was public.

Her life didn't seem perfect before she met him, but it was so much better than what she has now – sitting in a hotel room, waiting for her husband while he's busy with some groupie, all the negativity she got (and probably still gets privately). I have such a hard time believing all his fans hated her for, like, 5 years straight for the sole reason that she was dating him, and now everyone loves her and thinks she's so beautiful. She seemed way more interesting before she went long-term with him. It's like he sucked the life out of her.

No. 1037370

It's obviously about Marilyn Monroe.
If I kept asking my parents to give me money instead of getting a job, I wouldn't have good relationship with my mom too.
If she was married before then she's even more pathetic. At first it was her parents who paid for her, then it was her sister. I think at some point the latter could try to stop funding her grown ass sister, so what could Lindsay do? Given she's lazy and talentless? She could try to stick to a man who'd pay for her, marriage could be the only way to 'financial freedom' for her.
If you did read her livejournal, idk how you find her more interesting before Manson. She's always been vapid.

No. 1037499

File: 1599921919945.jpeg (442.33 KB, 1412x1640, D8D6573E-3970-4EA2-8FDB-4FBD06…)

From MIB, Traci Lords dated Manson in the 90’s.

No. 1037746

I'm curious why he never abused some of the women he went out with. Dita and Rose were spared for obvious reasons, but I don't understand why he never abused women like Traci Lords or any of his girlfriends before he was famous. No one would've payed much attention to their stories because they would've been a low-profile, especially if they went to the police after the statue of limitations on their case ran out. Evan had her own career, and I can still remember how public their relationship was. If anything, Rose would've been one of the easiest victims because she'd already been through that before. But she's never said anything negative about him or their time together, so I don't really believe he ever hurt her. It puts me on the fence about Evan's case too because she's always said good things about him. I don't think he really started abusing women heavily before the whole affair scandal. Dita was the one that tipped him over the edge.

No. 1037821

If you haven’t already, read the threads from the beginning. Several women have accused him of abuse.

Dita has implied in interviews that Manson was erratic and violent in their marriage.
I agree she was his tipping point.

Rose isn’t exactly a reliable source: >>1026059

No. 1037843

I didn't say that he wasn't abusive. I just thinks Evan's case is a bit strange because she's always said positive things about him and still does. I think Rose is mostly credible, but only when she speaks about her own case. She wants justice for herself and no one else. If he had abused her, she probably would've named him along with Weinstein. If what she said is true about her rejecting "hush-money" from him, I don't know why she'd accept it from Manson. Pathetic that she still quotes him on her Twitter. It just seems like she just wants to hang onto the coattails of their relationship forever.

No. 1037881

File: 1599984819387.png (323.11 KB, 1059x1920, part1.png)

Twitter is getting more interesting.
The best mom award goes to Hope Harvey, the best sister award goes to Ashley Usich-Iha, the best dad award goes to James Usich.

I don't understand, it's not like her family is poor, why did they dump her like that? She might have been not the brightest kid, lazy, okay, whatever, but she's their family. The fuck is wrong with them?
I checked Instagram of that guy, he's followed by sgab71. He doesn't lie.

No. 1037882

File: 1599984852883.png (532.89 KB, 1061x1903, part2.png)

No. 1037884

File: 1599984920392.png (266.81 KB, 1055x1223, part3.png)

If there's more, I will bring more.
Why was not he put under an NDA?

No. 1037885

File: 1599985114884.png (101.47 KB, 1053x1974, sgab71followshim.png)

Sgab71 proof

No. 1037891

I wish I knew when this list extends with Lindsay Usich.

So, to recap, a list of his exes/friends who have either heavily implied it’s MM or have spoken out against him.

>* Evan Rachel Wood

>* Esme Bianco
>* Gabriella
>* Ashley Walters
>* Ashley Morgan
>* Louise Keay Bell
>* Jordan Arentz
>* Paperblinds
>* Clare Buley (included for being young and preyed on by his fake, underage account)
>* Lexa Vonn (debated but she does have proof she knew him)
>* 666Fearless/Michelle
>* Lexus Amanda
>* Amie Nicole Harwick

No. 1037905

There should be some alternative logic explaining their relationships.
In 2014 Manson was seeing Courtlyn, Courtlyn claimed Lindsay threatened to sue her and Manson. Manson took Lindsay to red carpet and didn't hide her at all around the time (exactly 2014-2015). If Lindsay did threaten to take some legal action against Manson then it has some sense: she threatened him => he left Courtlyn => he granted Lindsay with more publicity and acknowledged her as his gf (he used to follow her, give her likes and post photos by her). If I am not mistaken that's exactly the time when a lot of stories about Lindsay's aggressive behavior towards female fans came to surface. Apparently she gained more control over her position at the time. Manson dumped her at the beginning of 2015, toured without her for 2-3 months but brought her with him to Europe, since that moment she was always behind the curtains, he didn't show her off. That's when Manson would belittle her and humiliate her according to that guy but he says it was that way in 2014 too. What the hell at this point?

Why Lindsay was "powerful" enough to come back as his gf in 2014, made it to red carpet but took all that humiliation according to that guy? The only option how she could sue Manson would be using her father's resources. It seems her family wanted to give her back to Manson and stop caring about her ever since? What's wrong with them? What's wrong with Lindsay they don't want her that bad? What happened in 2015 (and continued in 2016) that Manson gave zero fucks about her threats? He had massive fuckfest with loads of groupies in 2015-2016, he also basically "embarrassed her to the world" just like that guy says in 2016 (or 2015) when he publicly insulted her and uploaded that video to her Instagram account.

Is she back now just because her parents dumped her one more time and they have enough blackmail material on him?
I do not question that they blackmail him as too many different people close to him confirmed it but I don't understand these fluctuations in their relationships.
Any ideas what the hell?

and this, kids, what happens to you when you don't get any education and do not even try to have a career, you become dependent on your family and then whoever your family dump you onto.

No. 1037908

Or he plainly lied to Courtlyn like he did to anybody else to get rid of her because he already got what he wanted (sex) and was ready to prey another hot chick.

No. 1037912

He appeared with Lindsay at events already in 2013 and acknowledged her as his gf in 2012. There were other chicks around him in 2013-2014 as Tondra Dene (dita like chick), Charlotte Stockely. Maybe more. Courtlyn was one of the many he pumped and dumped. He didn't even appear with her publicly anywhere. It went public they were a thing in may 2015 long after they broke.

No. 1037918

could be, then there is less sense to everything.

>He appeared with Lindsay at events already in 2013
even earlier, in 2011 or 2012, but he didn't take her to official events before 2014, didn't try to present her to the press. idk how to explain that in 2014 she was kinda officially the main chic. that was the impression. he talked about her in interviews, regularly posted pics by her, etc.

No. 1037920

Why less sense? His story with Courtlyn is typical for him. Just a side chick. As for Lindsay he used to say in the interview in 2012 he wants kids with her. Her sister was already married to iha. I think he considered her good enough to appear with her publicly.

No. 1037923

>Why less sense?
because he did give her more acknowledgement in 2014 compared to 2014-
I don't understand that change of attitude, especially when it's known how brutally he dropped her in 2015.
according to her brother stories and what anons found he promised he would marry her in 2014. but she claimed she was his bride in 2012 already. these ups and downs should have a reason, idk.

No. 1037972

File: 1600009592158.jpeg (372.84 KB, 1488x1379, 4198FF19-67A1-484F-B133-AE5DD0…)

Does anyone know anything further about Rudy Coby?

No. 1037991

File: 1600011122407.png (78.89 KB, 720x693, Screenshot_20200913-103007~2.p…)

Apparently, they didn't stop being friends until at least 2012-2013. I don't know what could've caused it, though. Did Coby ever post about Manson's abuse?

No. 1037996

Apparently he liked Evan’s posts about her abuse and the Phoenix Act. I didn’t see it myself but I remember fans talking about it at the time.
I don’t know they’re not friends anymore or why Manson allegedly talked shit about him in his book but that seems to be a pattern for Manson.

No. 1037997

he used to post about mm on twitter up until 2016, nothing about abuse so far.

No. 1037999

just checked, he started posting more of ERW starting with 2016. A lot more. I think he took her side.

No. 1038006

Their relationship is just so… strange. The first major public appearances I can remember started around 2015. When he (rarely) spoke about her during the beginning of their relationship, I think most of the things that he said could've been passed off as the usual love-bombing he does to reel them in. Obviously, he doesn't feel that way if what's been posted is true. There's no logical explanation for him supposedly marrying her, other than her and her parents having some dirt on him. It's hard to feel sorry for her because she's the one that decides to stay and put up with him. If she wanted out, she could leave him. She has plenty of ways. He tried for years to get rid of her. I don't think he'd care if she left. And I don't understand why her parents would do everything they could to keep them together, when they know what he does to her, unless it's for the money. What kind of parents do that?

No. 1038024

File: 1600015253119.jpeg (92.7 KB, 674x738, 94506861-CE5E-43D6-A086-1F3646…)

Cap from second thread. Manson saying he gave Hope Harvey money and threatening to cut her off.

No. 1038070

Hope let's him keep abusing her as long as she gets her payout? That's human trafficking in a nutshell. It's pathetic that she'd do that to her own daughter.

No. 1038087

File: 1600023378114.jpeg (152.92 KB, 750x926, E7D63183-E49B-4130-9EFC-6C3F8E…)


Rudy Coby recently retweeted Evan’s testimony. He was around when Evan and Manson dated.

No. 1038219

This must be quietly starting a shit storm. Since this has been posted Paul Wiley and whoever Sgab is unfollowed Dan, and now the Sgab profile is private. It’s nuts how obsessed they are with reading about themselves on the internet.

No. 1038236

Who would have ever thought, years ago, that celebrities and their orbiters would end up lurking lolcow. Truly comical.

No. 1038326

That man's tweets were reposted, I don't think it's because of lolcow.

No. 1038359

File: 1600075572324.jpg (243.79 KB, 1080x1401, GdDlYN_nE68.jpg)

Lol he was creeping on the person who made a video with Evan's testimony viral.

No. 1038472

Omg he’s so pathetic. All of his interviews about his life during the pandemic (where he fails to mention getting married, or in same cases doesn’t even mention L at all) he talks himself up like he’s this great intellectual creative, filling his time with painting a reading and films. Meanwhile he’s just sitting around on the internet obsessing over himself and trying to intimidate women he doesn’t know. Could you have ever imagine the MM of the 90s was going to turn into this bloated mess?

No. 1038527

>(where he fails to mention getting married, or in same cases doesn’t even mention L at all)
That's my favorite part lol. Given their efforts to get her to the public eye, it is ridiculous he can't even drop her name or say 'my wife', 'my life partner' is as far as she can get.

No. 1038534

Imagine tolerating a decade of abuse, humiliation and infidelity only to end up finally married to someone who makes it known how little they give a shit about you. Real winner you are, Linsday.

No. 1038537

Right? He did an interview on Howard Stern a year or two ago and Stern asked him if he was in love and he gave some vague answer about wanting to protect people, which is hilarious considering he did nothing to protect L from all the internet trolls constantly attacking her for years. All he had to do was stand up for her once and it would’ve ended. Now she’s in the public eye, he tags her, she’s dropped every hint imaginable that they’re married, and he can’t just … say it? Is that still “protecting her” or is it just more abuse? I know I’m in the minority here but I feel bad for her. He really hasn’t been good to her, and those tweets from Dan Cleary were pretty damning.

No. 1038566

File: 1600098577211.jpg (113.67 KB, 803x293, PLy03c5.jpg)

decided to read his recent interview
does anybody believe it is not Lindsay who cleans after the cats and takes care of them in general?


No. 1038572

Did you notice she has 332k followers on IG? I literally couldn't find real ones doing random check…bot after bot after bot. She also follows over a thousand people now, still liking every single picture of MM over and over again. It's like she doesn't do anything besides IG.
What an exciting life. I also wonder how the sale of prints is going?

No. 1038588

File: 1600100254790.jpeg (79.05 KB, 740x535, BE659265-D39F-4A63-BFF0-D4DC42…)

Yeah, I don’t think anyone believes she’s getting average 2k followers a day. She had a steady 35k for months before the bots took over.

“He would remind her she’d be homeless without him and make fun of her learning disabled family member.”

What a fucking asshole.
It’s quite possible after years of his abuse Lindsay is brainwashed and thinks she can’t do better. But at some point she has to take responsibility for herself and seek help.

There’s also been recent media coverage on his abuse, lots of talk about it on Reddit.



No. 1038633

I don’t know which is sadder, the fact that all the allegations don’t get the attention that they should, or that they’re not bigger headlines because not enough people care about him anymore

No. 1038651

What about all of his supposed "fake accounts?" I really thought he was smarter than that. If he knows how to download illegal spyware onto someone's computer, he should know better than to screen-cap someone on his main account. It's pathetic how narcissistic they both are. Maybe Lindsay will find some self-respect and finally release all the dirt she has on him.

No. 1038675

good question.
I doubt Lindsay will do anything. The best she could do is to drop a pic of her boobs for anons. My bet she thinks she's better than ERW so she'll never do what ERW has done.

Esmé's testimony sheds some light on M+L life together:
>Frequently I was sent away, expected to stay gone all night with nowhere else to go, while he carried out his numerous affairs. If he didn’t want the bother of asking me to leave, I would be locked in the bedroom.

No. 1038678

That was for intimidation though. He wanted her to know he was aware of her. Just like how he started following Evan right as she started speaking about all of the abuse. He really thinks his presence is intimidating when he actually looks like a buffoon.

No. 1038748

File: 1600114240217.jpeg (53.8 KB, 750x271, 4C68E7C5-587D-43AC-BD2E-D88DCA…)

Agree, she even thought so too.

No. 1038851


I think MM of the 90s would be right hear shoulder to shoulder with anons cringing. Crazy how drugs and shitty lifestyle can fuck you up for life. This needs to be in every high school antidrug seminar lol.

No. 1038861

I doubt he's changed much, mentally, since the 90s. He's always been a narcissistic asshole – now, there's just more media coverage, and everyone knows how stupid he is, except for him.

No. 1038967

From @EllieJayden on Twitter. I'm pretty sure part one was already posted in one of the other threads.

No. 1039053

Anything new in the video?
I have watched a bit, it seems lolcow and mansonisabusive are her main sources. I am not blaming, I am glad people use the threads to learn more but I don't want to waste my time.

No. 1039079

There’s a video clip of a fan who met Manson when she was 15 and he hit on her that I haven’t seen before. If you’ve followed these threads the rest you probably already know. She did a great job covering it.

No. 1039082

This was new:

No. 1039084

This was new: https://youtu.be/YvKMS9oFHFk

Someone on Taylor's production team

No. 1039119

nah, it's been posted here.

No. 1039135

File: 1600170289082.jpeg (603.85 KB, 828x1792, 344B2F4D-66E8-421D-8DE1-8D07A2…)


I haven’t seen these before.. so far most people have said dita wasn’t abused.

These interviews say otherwise.

It’s been said she left on Christmas Eve because she caught him with ERW.

No. 1039145

nothing new, don't waste your time. everything she says and finds was brought here and discussed.

there was several posts in the 3d thread about Dita debunking
>she left on Christmas Eve because she caught him with ERW.
and it was repeatedly posted by mansonisabusive, you may want to follow them.

No. 1039634

Sgab71 is Shannon Gabriel, Paul Wiley's current guitar tech.

No. 1039663

His new album is kinda good in the sense that it sounds like music I typically listen to.

This guy adapts his sound too much. I wish he would just go away completely but with his rapper friends and connection to astroworld and all that it seems like we literally can't get rid of him.

I thought he would be dead or senile by now, he used to knock himself out with the microphone on stage, I'm surprised he can even still write.

No. 1039664

As someone who follows this thread this video was REALLY vague. She did not even brush up on HALF of the information she couldve. I wonder if that Jordyn chick talked? Because I find it strange that out of all the connections on that abuse page she chose ONE chick.

I think she was being too generous with the "girlfriend" thing. It sounds like groupie stories. The only one he's called girlfriend was Lindsay. The photo of Lindsay with the black eye explained she did it with a seatbelt on an airplane. I think its a reach to claim she's locked up somewhere, she's always posting photos outside or photos of her cats. Unless he has the girl locked up with 7 different cats as her only companions I don't buy it

Plus, she posts about friends. Is she doing these interviews by carrier pigeon?

No. 1039666

Evan's a bitch I would hit her too tbh.

A full on brat. Have you watched this girls interviews? That woman has been like ten different people. Now she's a non binary lesbian. Next year she's probably going to claim she's black

No. 1039676

>I think she was being too generous with the "girlfriend" thing. It sounds like groupie stories.

Does it matter if he abused girlfriends or groupies? Neither deserve it.

>I think its a reach to claim she's locked up somewhere

I don’t believe Ellie Jayden claimed Lindsay is locked up? Manson’s ex girlfriends said they were locked in a “bad girl room” that Manson admitted to in interviews.

>Evan's a bitch I would hit her too tbh.

Seek help for your anger issues.

No. 1039683

I don't think they said that Lindsay was "locked up," but they did show a few photos of her with bruises/scars/cuts, besides the one with the black eye that she'd posted herself. To be honest, I still don't get who's abusive in their relationship. Like, she blackmails him to marry her, but he beats the shit out of her, so…

No. 1039751

>she blackmails him to marry her, but he beats the shit out of her, so…
Perfect couple, right?

No. 1040087

Does anyone else wonder why Lindsay stays with him in the first place? I really just can't believe that she's so pathetic that she'd stay with him, when he goes out and cheats on her every night and probably doesn't go a day without treating her like shit. No amount of money or "fame" is worth that. And the way she lashes out at fans for no reason is a tell-tale sign of PTSD/trauma. I'm convinced he pays her parents for them to let him keep her or something.

No. 1040100

Why the hell would he do that. He hates her.

No. 1040176

Is he wants her around, what about all of those times they broke up and then got back together? Obviously, at some point, he wanted her gone. It really doesn't seem like he cares about her. It's been psychologically proven that narcissists can't fall in love, especially when they don't take their medicine and go to therapy. They fall in love with the idea of someone, and then drop them once they find out that they're mirrors of themselves. She's nothing more than an enabler to him because she's the only one that's been willing to put up with his shit for that long. He doesn't even acknowledge her as anything other than his, “life partner,” in interviews. I know a lot of farmers feel sorry for her because he supposedly abuses her, but she victimizes herself. She had a chance to leave. Instead, she decided to harass his side-chicks and threaten to kill herself to make him stay. It's ridiculous that she's so desperate that she'd con an abusive junkie into marrying her just so she'd have a reliable source of income and a verified IG account. Maybe she's got Stockholm Syndrome. It doesn't sound that far-fetched. Evan had it, too.

No. 1040249

>The blackmail shit is bullshit too.
Lol, anon. We have screenscaps of her mother talking about photos and reports, we have his texts to fearless about money train for her mom.
Manson doesn't love her, he loves to abuse her and he pays her for that. It's only imo.
And she does not love him after all these years, she wants money and a seemingly stable life. I don't believe she has nowhere to go. Sad but true. Again it's only imo.

No. 1040366

3+ months ago Lindsay was talking to a fan account (no surprise here), anon talked to the latter and posted dms here
Pay attention it's her parents that wanted M to marry L. And L is 35 yo. Do the math.

No. 1040384

File: 1600356371536.jpg (8.35 KB, 501x261, 651tRXp.jpg)

nta and didn't actually want to get into your discussion but you need to learn how to sage.
>in an interview once that they had a “Dali/Gala” relationship
could you drop a link? Because he barely talks about her in his interviews. Until a few day ago btw. It was her who compared them to Dali/Gala in comments section to his post.

Did you guys ever think her parents just don't want to support their 30+ y.o. daughter and just gave her to manson and couldn't care less?
rumors about Lindsay being abusive had been out there long before he met Madelyn, and I read them in languages Madelyn cannot speak.
They both are POS and abusive, they are a perfect couple like anons said. The difference is that Manson has a longer list of victims than Lindsay has. And let's face it, Manson has always been smarter than Lindsay. However, idk why you think he is powerful when he is completely irrelevant. He is powerful only in his head, which should have been exposed to psychiatrist long ago.

Dear mods I am very sorry I am going to samefag for a few posts, I want to bring caps and a video.

I promised I would post about his website getting hacked long ago. Thank you, anon, for reminding me, I can't find your post now but I hope you'll notice this post.
If you speak Russian you can visit https://vk.com/mmseal?w=wall-42088363_5779 you can tell it wasn't a joke they posted. It was in 2013.

No. 1040390

File: 1600358130223.jpg (144.93 KB, 1042x589, cuEDNP5.jpg)

Manson gave a new interview to Apple Music. It's surprising he was sober, he has put so much weight though…
The interview is long, the biggest piece of it is on youtube. I watched a little bit. He tries to sound relatable via talking about losing his parent and his pain, I almost felt sorry for him but c'mon, your mom died long ago, you dad died a few years ago and you already dedicated HUD to him, he also says he's proud of the man his father taught him to grow up into (pardon my english). That's controversial right?
I think he is not living right now, more like he's dwelling too much on his past but, like I said, I am really surprised he sounds sober.

Like I said above he actually talked about Lindsay, without mentioning her name lol. AND it seems they are not married yet(?)
The piece about Lindsay https://vk.com/mansonsource?w=wall-237426_1565326

Transcription by my non-native ear.

Interviewer: What about your heart? You trust that? I mean .. you've tried marriage before you are .. now what I can see from the timeline (my ass? Manson gave him a timeline of his abuse history with Lindsay?) in a relatively (lol, the interviewer hasn't seen Lindsay's insta? She posted they are with Manson since 2009? She is his *longest* gf) long-term relationship . and.. you know Manson is pointing at his ring, see pic related yeah .. and you've spoken of her really funly and she's also in arts (lol what? in arts? lmao) as well, so you have that in common, so how does that play(?) into your artist(ic?) spirit? does it inspire you? because I know you like the idea of that, right? (the idea of what? I don't understand the interviewer)

Manson: I like the idea of romance. But not romance in the traditional way, like flower and going to a dinner.. and you know like the bachelor bullshit like that. I idealize the concept of romance in Shakespearean way like…What I took from that was to try to have romance prevail over the hatred (wtf? the same shit he was pouring down to Evan's ear? Together as one against all others?) or the evil, or the oppressing forces of that. So I was taking the romantic sense and about the world, which, you have to remember, obviously for both of us, is comprised of all the people we don't know. You and I, we know each other, so that's different.

Idk the fuck he wanted to say at the end. And it's funny the interviewer gave Lindsay more credit than Manson did, Manson didn't even say a word about her.

No. 1040392


No. 1040400

I am very sorry, I think I misheard here:
>and you've spoken of her really funly and she's also in arts
it's probably fondly, not funly

No. 1040493

Huh? I did not see that in the interview. Neither of them even talked about her.

When he was talking about his father passing away he says this:
>“Make foolish decisions about trusting people because your heart is wide open.”

That’s the only part where he might be referring to Lindsay. His father died in 2017. Maybe that’s when he really married Lindsay.

No. 1040498

I don't remember anyone on vk or baginya org saying that Usich was abusive to him. I was researching a lot thou. She didn't let him to go to meet a fan girl in the hotel in Moscow once. He was hunging out next evening with Alyona, famous starfucker, in a hotel room. Ryan told one Russian chick that Usich is evil bc she's brawling a lot. Manson said once that he stabbed her to death while he was in ekaterinburg in 2012. I'll look for that thread and will add it.

No. 1040529

File: 1600370536416.jpg (102.58 KB, 1080x556, LI459tPYAH0.jpg)

Here we go. One fan asks a girl who were at afterparty if she has seen Usich. The girl answered that Usich wasn't there, she stayed at hotel and everyone including manson were joking all the time that they stabbed her to the death.

No. 1040530

you cannot learn to sage, right?
the sources you mentioned are not deep Russian web, and I didn't say it was in Russian in first place, and you should know that a lot of communication goes on in chats.

I don't think he married her in 2017, but why is it even important if he married her or not?
I wish I knew what LKB is doing now. She could really punch him now when people started calling him out.

No. 1040584

Unless he's received THERAPY I don't buy the personality change. The interview MADE me want to and he seemed so likeable in it but when you consider the Evan news that blew up again, they needed to make him likable because he had a lot of unlikable qualities that were brushed off because he wasn't mainstream.

For the marriage thing, he probably is married. There's no point in denying that. But I have a feeling marriage means something different in his eyes than the regular married couple. There's probably some kind of "if you make me depressed causing to stray from my work I get to kill you and myself at any time" clause. Or something equally twisted. Or if she does something she'll have her freedom rights revoked. No social media or public exposure.

I have a feeling that because he didnt announce his marriage offically in mainstream media he's keeping her neutral so if she crosses him he can tighten the collar and the mainstream world wouldnt even notice her absence. Really, we might be the only ones outside of their life that would probably notice her absence on social media. I remember I followed her in 2016, her account was deleted. She made another account and it was deleted. She made what people thought was a little anonymous account and that was deleted too. Not just disabled. Actually deleted. You can temporarily disbale your IG which is most likely what most would do because she kept coming back and trying to rebuild her accounts. In 2016 she had so many accounts it was almost as if someone was actually deleting them for her.

I understand everyone hates Lindsay but reading her blog, she was already an abuse victim. As someone whose had abuse myself, its really hard to break patterns and people like him SEEK OUT broken people. She would fit the box.

No. 1040590

QUESTION: I know we don't like Lindsay's mom but has anyone considered that maybe social media is the only window into what is going on in her daughters life? At times it feels like she's combating narratives to lessen the blow of her daughters humiliation. She was a full on keyboard warrior as if the other womens stories of cheating somehow would threaten her daughters livelihood and by combating the people that speak against them, she is somehow trying to get into his favor so maybe he'll allow her to see her daughter or directly communicate with her?

Reading those screenshots Hope is DEFENDING the relationship but behind the scenes in other screenshots it's clear that he does not like her mom and that he's aware she spoke against him.

Idk, if she opposes what Lindsay is saying (that she's healthy and happy) there will probably be an immediate push from Lindsay and dissolved contact. At least if shes defending L&M she's still in the bubble.

Also, even before COVID I found it weird that Lindsay posts photos of her sister saying stuff like "I finally GET to see her" as if they don't reside in the same state, as if she has a day job and as if they don't run a business together.

No. 1040610

Is everyone forgetting about all the perk of getting married like taxes, insurance, etc? It could be as simple as that, he married her because she'll always stick around through the abuse for the money and starfucker status, he gets tax breaks or whatever.

No. 1040675


I'm not sure why you anons freak out when people say their married, almost as if you're broken hearted friends but theres this thing called common law marriage that states if you live with someone in a conjugal way for a certain number of years you can be considered married when it comes to splitting assets.

They don't have it in California but Lindsay has clearly assisted him with making his last three albums like the cover art. And she clearly helps him run his social media with fans. I think she does direct dealings with the fan club and stuff like that. That being said she could be considered an employee and could probably already be on his information anyways as his employee and partner.

They got married because they wanted to get married. Accept it.

The idea that he married her solely because of the life insurance is dumb considering he's only 51, has already spend 10 years with her living as husband and wife. Or long term life partners.

He rarely mentions her and I think it says a lot because beforehand he was always mentioning his girlfriends. I don't see the appeal but he clearly found someone in Lindsay and he's been with her for 10 years, wears a ring now and clearly has no interest in sharing her with the rest of the world.

No. 1040677


I'm not trying to defend him or her. Just seems like some of you anons dont want to see him with ANYONE. And it's weird because majority of us arent fans of his and don't even like him as a person but the second someone suggests that he's in a relationship with a woman yall want to downplay it or invalidate it.

No. 1040715

I know most of us don't believe Manson and Madelyn ever had a fling, but it really wouldn't surprise me if they did. She has no reason to obsess over him, and I don't buy the “crazy fan” rumor. The majority of his fanbase is batshit, but they don't go on rampages of trying to convince people that they're in a relationship with him. They all fawn over Lindsay now because they're convinced he loves her and that that's what he wants from them. If he was still following hate-pages and insulting her publicly, they would've kept hating her. It seems like he fed Madelyn his shit for so long that she actually started believing that they were soulmates, and he'd come back to her. It's sad, really.

I don't believe they're married because they love each other, either. He literally cannot fall in love. The chemical makeup in his brain won't allow him to. He loves himself, and that's it. The fixation point has passed. There's nothing drawing him to her anymore. There has to be some other reason they're married, whether it's for legal purposes, blackmail, or just because he's exhausted with trying to satisfy her.

During the entire Apple interview, all I could think about was him video-calling some girl and jacking off on that couch while Lindsay was locked in their bedroom. It looked like he was checking himself out on the screen every time the camera was pointed directly in front of him.

No. 1040825

I wonder how long it took his team to sober him up for that interview.

No. 1040919

>clearly assisted him with making his last three albums
three? hell no.
she did just one banner for tour a couple of years ago, she did a cover for BV, which nobody liked.
she has absolutely nothing to do with the cover art of his last three albums.
the only appeal he could find in her is that she tolerates everything he does, she is dependent on him and his money. She's his tasty prey, she's his enabler.

>yall want to downplay it or invalidate it.

nobody wants to add one more victim to the list. nobody wants to believe more women can be interested in him at this stage.

No. 1041631

File: 1600522317287.jpeg (72.34 KB, 1331x369, 92D3B46B-C4CC-410C-8030-475513…)

Manson only sold 30k records in the first week, that’s really low sales.


No. 1041639

Because people are boycotting his record. There are posts about it all over Twitter and IG. He would've had low sales anyway because he's not mainstream anymore, but he's probably lost a big chunk of his fanbase since the allegations resurfaced.

No. 1041664

Tbh I cannot see it anywhere but in the twitter account which was posted here.

No. 1041678

Eh, I see more on Twitter and some on Reddit. See the tag istandwithevan and lots of people retweeted her testimony.

Those sales are similar to HUD, he’s had low sales for a while.

No. 1041688

File: 1600533458255.png (687.67 KB, 750x1334, F93A40A9-32CE-454C-8B06-C74E90…)

No. 1041881

There wasn't really much about that in there. She mentioned something about having a knife pressed to her throat, though. Sounds like some of the bullshit he'd do.

No. 1042091

I can't help thinking Manson probably wasted $200 on Bella Thorne recently.
So sad I'll never know if I am wrong.

No. 1042570

File: 1600693489282.png (374.42 KB, 1080x1487, Screenshot_20200921-100253~2.p…)

No. 1042572

File: 1600694080359.png (232.87 KB, 1080x1428, Screenshot_20200921-100904~2.p…)

Madelyn is right #mentoo!!!

No. 1042574

No. 1042593

File: 1600696915236.jpeg (550.14 KB, 1587x1461, BE984DAF-6DC3-4C7B-890A-3471CB…)

Violet Orlandi

No. 1043199

File: 1600797224723.jpg (118.59 KB, 660x825, Hly3zBo.jpg)

New photo of Lindsay not from her Instagram.

Her sister looks fine at her 35. Lindsay is like a newbie beekeeper, why did she have to mess with her face? She could be like Ashley now but nah, wasted…

No. 1043402

She's had so many fillers put in that she literally looks like a fish. She's probably had more done since quarantine started. The last few pictures she posted of herself on IG weren't that bad, even though they were Photoshopped. It just seemed like she was trying to fix her skin and make her jawline look better. Does no one tell her she looks like shit?

No. 1043685

Wow. These threads are a wild ride for someone who at some point looked up to him. We're at the point where Manson fans basically don't even want to read any stuff on Manson anymore, cause they'll only get more and more disappointment.

I've seen people discussing here whether Manson has always been like that or if he changed for the worse in last 10 years. He's always been narcissistic, but back in 90's-00's he used to have some intelligence, interesting concepts. Now it's just endless cringe and it looks as if brain simply melted away. As much as MM fans glorify Antichrist Superstar years, they'll all tell you how tired they are of his current "bad boy" attitude and striving to be "dangerous". He glorifies abuse towards his girlfriends, cause he's fond of idea of "not being able to change". Regarding his racist/sexist remarks: I bet he likes using n-word and such because of current world's mindset, he'll do this because that's "bold" and "against the social morality" now. It's not even corageous, it's childish.

Someone mentioned Manson being in love with the idea of a girlfriends than a girlfriends itself - I agree. If anything, he was in love with the image, treating his relationships more like movie scripts than anything else. Dita was his burlesque silent movie decadent Berlin phase, ERW was his "abusive emo Twilight" phase. Idk what is Lindsay. Maybe "Hollywood wreck" phase. Remember Coma White, a girl character from his Mechanical Animals album? I have the impression he considered Rose McGowan his Coma White and then he became disenchanted when he realized she's a real person, not a romanticized idea. I don't remember who left who first but I recall something like that from interviews.

No. 1043842

File: 1600884269649.png (416.28 KB, 720x874, Screenshot_20200923-130122~2.p…)

Rose said in an interview a few years ago that they broke up because of her cocaine addiction. He did a painting of her after they split up – Did I Introduce You to My Other Personality? It seems like he was making a dig at her.

No. 1043845

>Idk what is Lindsay. Maybe "Hollywood wreck" phase
he stated several times she is not his muse or anything art related. idk the hell motivated him to inform everybody about it. to humiliate her one more time?

No. 1044462

New music video. Not half as bad as the last one, but it's still Manson-quality. At least he included Lindsay this time.

No. 1044480

Yeah, it's like he promised her he'd film her for his video in 2009 or when they say they met and now FINALLY ten years later lmao.
She has a lot of screen time, probably more than that guy from Death Stranding. They are serious about building her a career lol.

No. 1044585


Better later than never. They are progressing. Next step to kiss her on her lips like he did with rose, Dita, Evan or even isani. Maybe they will even have a kid (adopted one since Mary seems to be sterile).

No. 1044693

I doubt they go much farther than what they're doing now. It seems like he gives her just enough to keep her satisfied until he can run away from her again.
Once quarantine is over, they'll probably go back to the way they were before – groupies, insults, and zero publicity for her.

No. 1044789

File: 1600991614476.jpg (22.09 KB, 658x418, are we there yet.jpg)


this would all have seemed so impressive in 1996.

No. 1044836

Poor kid.

No. 1045819

File: 1601152644287.png (357.57 KB, 1080x1699, Screenshot_20200926-130007~2.p…)

No. 1046061

A fan posted their interpretation of the mv. He paints himself as the victim (again).

> He says, "holy shit, baby, you were right," in the beginning, so she knew about the art and suggested the heist. She says she loves him (after he says it), so she's "baby." But obv she was just using them both to get the art. (I interpreted the initial M/N argument as N being pissed that she's there. He never acknowledges her and is distressed that M dies, so I feel like he isn't in on it.) She has a plan for after, bc she's so calm and knows where she's going. But she doesn't have a bag or a vehicle waiting or anything. Therefore I conclude that she must have a secret partner waiting for a big escape. And it's a woman bc she seems awkward and bored with the guys. And bc I say so.

> If I had to guess, M and N are thieves together (dressed alike, do each other's eyes shadow, are the only 2 who interact beyond the voiceover in the begining). L gets those inappropriately long nails in M bc he's the soft, sensitive one. He falls hard. Bc of course he does. So all she has to do is suggest the hit, go along (which M can't refuse, even tho it pisses N off), take them both out, and take the goods.

> I feel bad for N, bc he's dark and bitchy, but he shakes M a lot, yells to keep him awake, prob berates him for trusting her or bringing her along. He obv cares but there's nothing else he can do. M just bleeds out next to him. Brutal af. Why doesn't he run or fight her? Idk. Maybe he's not 100% sure it was her. Like, maybe there was a scuffle with a security guard and she took advantage of it. Maybe he's just heartbroken and figures he might as well die there with M. Maybe he planned to, but bc she didn't wait for the car to stop, he couldn't.

The post is here: https://skin-slave.tumblr.com/post/630369851423277056/professorkittymcpause-just-my-opinion-but-he

No. 1046395

I noticed @dandyarch is back to defending Manson on almost every IG/Twitter post that speaks out against him. He was discussed in previous threads and I’ve heard he works for Manson but idk if that’s true. If he’s only a batshit fan he’s been harassing victims (LKB spoke out against @dandyarch) and doing this methodically for years.

No. 1046587

It's funny though he's kissing ERWs ass on her page.

No. 1048835

Someone make a thread for Madelyn cause her thirsting for Trump's dick makes me lol and angry at the same time. What happened to her Merrrlin Manson is my vampire soulmate shitposting? Did ya finally realise he never loved you, Mads? Trump is a weird rebound but whatever floats your boat I guess

No. 1048933

File: 1601521564907.jpeg (369.83 KB, 1430x1184, 7E453A14-3734-49B0-AADD-37AC32…)

Interesting, because he posts hella hate about ERW on his own page. Racist?

Madelyn definitely has a hard on for Trump but she’s still liking anti Lindsay comments on IG. Look under the newest marilynmansonnews post for catsanddevils. She’s too crazy to give it up that easily.

No. 1048949

File: 1601522538787.jpeg (582.05 KB, 1800x1597, 3658CC9E-03DC-4746-B949-9FA67F…)

I second a thread for Madelyns crazy ass. How about when she posted this story trying to justify buying the same cats as Manson as being necessary for her SEVERE cat allergy, despite the fact that she literally had a regular ass cat for years until he… “ran away.” She’s truly special.

No. 1049195

File: 1601555686318.jpeg (151.23 KB, 1365x864, AA86D4ED-ACA7-458F-BFAB-1065BA…)

Lindsay looks like she’s had one too many facelifts and Manson’s face is rounder than that, this was from his Apple Music interview last week.

No. 1049566

File: 1601590686251.jpg (58.68 KB, 675x604, b22iSfu.jpg)

is he about allegations against him or the US presidential election?
any ideas?

No. 1049596


His face looks like a cake that was left out in the rain.

No. 1049605

No. 1049608

She used to have a “regular cat” named Apollo. She never complained about her allergies before he ran away. It's just an excuse to justify copying everything Manson does. The mark on her lip was probably just an injection site when she got her fillers.

No. 1049930

lol you can't be serious. I can see the video is from 2000 but it was posted 5 days ago and the timing is sus.

No. 1050262

File: 1601669515214.jpeg (115.86 KB, 1097x919, 1C1DE589-66F7-451F-AFC0-6F0614…)

Tinfoil, feel free to ignore.

Manson started following Rudy Coby who recently hinted at supporting Evan.
I think he does this shit to intimidate people like how he used to follow Evan, as well.

No. 1050269

File: 1601670240438.jpeg (416.21 KB, 1084x1926, BE93F951-6E15-4C53-B9BF-6B3032…)

Lmao is that a compliment?

No. 1050277

wanted to ask this question too
fat clown can't congratulate her in stories, pathetic reposts only

No. 1050313

Manson didn't post anything about her birthday on his page or in his story. I doubt he even remembers when it is. It's hilarious that even her own twin can't come up with anything interesting to say about her. It just shows how vapid she really is.

No. 1050677

File: 1601716087908.jpg (105.3 KB, 720x1280, BsUOrzW.jpg)

y'all jealous right? lol
her bd was a big no to question if he is the one who does reposts in his story. this pic was posted 4 or 5 hours after the reposts, and it's definitely by manson.

Lindsay also helps her sister run shopcete account, the photos Lindsay and shopcete posted are identical. What also shocks me is that she had to promote her sister's shop even on her bd. c'mon it can't be that bad.

No. 1050762

I doubt he's capable of typing most of the time. Wouldn't be the first time she's using his account and playing happy family.
Her mother once posted a pic of flowers and pretended that Manson and Lindsay gave them to her when she really just saved it from Google. The apple doesn't fall far..

It seems like the only reason Ashley and Lindsay hang out is bc of Ashley's business.

No. 1050794

To be fair he posted that right after they wrote that, about 5pm his time, almost as if he’s lurking..

No. 1051098

Multiple people that have known him personally have accused him of it, so that's really not a surprise. If he hasn't found the thread, I'm sure his “internet troops” have. But I also doubt he coherent enough to type that. Anon was probably right – it was L.

No. 1051121

What is that red mark on her arm?

No. 1051150

File: 1601772434606.jpg (109.29 KB, 866x1390, january-4-2020-los-angeles-ca-…)

That's a tattoo. She just covers it up most of the time. It's actually on her left arm, but the version she posted was flipped. It's really amazing how terrible they look in real life compared to how they try to portray themselves on IG. It's like they have nothing else to do besides convincing people that they're this stunning goth couple. Also – hover hand.

No. 1051252

I’ve read somewhere that MM was raped during an acting job. Does anyone has infos on that or it’s bs?

No. 1051648

File: 1601838487080.jpg (4.54 MB, 2274x2193, sncb7md.jpg)

that's a good find. he does try to control and silence everyone who speaks of or hints at his abusive behavior.
did anybody notice both of them stopped shitposting in Rose's comments?


seeing photos of Manson makes me think I know everything about hiding my triple chin. And I don't have one. seeing photos of Lindsay makes me think I know everything about hiding scars on my hands, but guess what? There aren't any on my hands.
And yet you can see old bruises like marks on her hand, see pic in the red dress.

btw I just realized Lindsay has a copycat-after-Dita beauty mark on the right side of her face, not left where Dita has hers. Why does she flip ALL her photos? To look exactly (lol) like Dita?

one more question: can getting lip fillers make it difficult for you to close your mouth?

and the last questions: why was not she with Manson on her birthday? It seems she spent the entire day with her sister.

No. 1051737

Dita's beauty mark is on the right side of her face. Lindsay's is on the left, but it changes when she flips her photos. She started dressing like her as soon as they went public with their relationship, except she had red hair then. Before, she was just average looking. I'm still on the fence about whether or not Manson made her or if she did that on her own to make herself more of his type.

She should still be able to close her mouth unless there were complications with the procedure. But I doubt she worries about finding the best doctors, so it's believable. It looks like her lips have gotten bigger since quarantine started.

I bet they don't spend much time together besides going to events to save face. He probably gives her an allowance for her to keep her mouth shut and get out so he can sleep around.

No. 1052051

File: 1601878233238.png (3.19 MB, 750x1334, 01E40DE5-361E-42A6-9230-C8F7C6…)

According to Lindsay herself, he was with her on the beach, but there's not a single photo of him.
It looks like she's really desperate to make that relationship look real.

No. 1052059

The footprints don't even look realistic. He couldn't have made it to the middle of the beach without having any tracks pointing that way. If they were even together, he was probably cooped up in their hotel room while she was outside staging their romantic “date.” She honestly doesn't seem any better than some obsessed fangirl trying to convince people that he's aware of her existence.

No. 1052070

You guys are so rough on her. They already live together, probably married, I don't think she's desperate to prove they spent time together, there's no need to.

No. 1052100


How do you explain all the weird posts then? If she didn't have anything to prove she wouldn't post anything about him at all.
Her whole life revolves around him, it's sad.
Even her sister wrote "to another year of cats, flowers and Taylor Swift", which was probably meant as a joke, but that's basically all Lindsay has.

No. 1053720

Maybe, but he's posted photos of himself on his page before with almost no makeup on, and she could've still edited his chins. Even Dita said he barely went out when she filed for divorce. I doubt he'd leave his hotel room just because Lindsay wanted proof that they were together.

No. 1054075

There have been other people besides Madelyn that have said he gets rid of her so he can have other girls over. I don't take anything Madelyn says seriously anymore, to be honest. They have to be together at least some of the time, but their “relationship” doesn't seem like it means anything to either of them, except fame and a paycheck for her and a free pass for him to get away with all his bullshit.

No. 1054575

I'm dying.

No. 1054682

He IS kind of cliche now and he's irrelevant now lmao. He thinks he started it all but honestly that is false. The whole "no mom I'm not going to church, I hate middle America" thing was big in the 90s but is cringe now.

This generation is a lot more angrier than he ever was, smarter than he ever was, and most of us weren't born within a religion in the first place. If we had to listen to this guy talk about the bible on MTV (today) we would be bored of him. His appearance is not shocking…he is not shocking to us.

This summer I did a "riot tour" tour rioted through middle America got arrested for stealing in 2 states and didn't think about this "marilyn manson" bullshit not once.

This generation (our generation) would beat this mans ass and he's already CLOSE to be cancelled with all this Evan drama. If he made it mainstream today and everyone dug up all his Evan stuff, we'd end this guy on site. He would be a meme.

I know like ten guys that wear lipstock and eyeshadow. He just released an album and theres literally only one interview about it (itunes) and they didnt even post the whole conversation, he posted it in its entirety on his own channel. He's irrelevant now

No. 1054692

He takes pride in the ongoings of this generation as if he influenced it.

No. 1054702

He hasn't been relevant since the 90's. He's not even worth cancelling. A lot of his fans left after he released “Eat Me, Drink Me” and the allegations came out about him, and the ones that are left refuse to believe any of it's true. He and Lindsay will probably stay relatively unknown until he retires or kicks the bucket, and all the shit he's done over the years will come to light.

No. 1054822

Marilyn Manson hasn't been shocking or relevant for twenty years. I remember the 2001 Onion headline Marilyn Manson Now Going Door-To-Door Trying To Shock People. https://entertainment.theonion.com/marilyn-manson-now-going-door-to-door-trying-to-shock-p-1819565904

No. 1055523

I'm not even sure why his labels are even entertaining the idea that he's making new music. He is SOOOO out of touch with this current generation that him making full albums is probably a waste of money at this point, he should just drop singles until one of them pops up relevant before making whole ass albums.

No. 1055731

File: 1602340330325.jpeg (267.49 KB, 750x1204, 296BA94B-AD8A-4046-9FD4-0AD31A…)

Even with a face full of make-up Manson looks like shit.
Her caption is also sad. It's like he only treats her decently when other people are around.

No. 1055752

It's hard to feel sorry for her because she puts herself in that situation. She does everything she can to keep him to herself, even after he tried to leave her multiple times. She seems proud of their relationship and all the work she's put into it. It's sad, but it's her fault.

No. 1055757

File: 1602343727985.jpeg (441.92 KB, 1536x1898, BE5BD368-9E37-42B3-949F-30C500…)

A fan posted that photo on the Manson reddit and people are commenting that her photography skills are shit and she buys followers.

No. 1055768

They're not wrong, though. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that she buys bots. Someone with as many followers as she has should have way more likes than what she gets. Most of the real accounts that interact with her page are Manson fans. It doesn't help that she uses IG filters on her photos. There are a few I like, but most of them just look like the same Tumblr-girl, late 2000s aesthetic bullshit everyone was doing.

No. 1055782

Agree. Can you image being so arrogant that 70% of your followers are bots and assuming no one will notice or care? That says a lot about her personality.

If people are harsh on Lindsay she did it to herself. She participated in assault with Manson (LKB), lies for him, and several of his exes have called her a gold digging psycho. I have little sympathy for her.

No. 1055787

File: 1602348035630.png (262.12 KB, 720x922, Screenshot_20201010-113209~2.p…)

Manson's supposed to have a role in American Gods this season.

No. 1055798

File: 1602348807333.jpeg (118.08 KB, 1433x375, C3A3164C-D577-4B38-9259-F0A7E9…)

It seems to be a minor role playing a rockstar.. so not much acting needed?

No. 1056221

She participated in that assault? How?

No. 1056314

Lindsay Usich was present.

No. 1056318

Funny how he tries so hard to look like he did in the 90s.

No. 1057144

Why do I feel like the other guy in the photo is the first male she's encountered other than him in years. It is strange for a woman her age to have zero male friends or zero real life friends in general, like even before the pandemic the only people she posed with was mirrors or cats.

No. 1057180

It doesn't really seem like she tries to associate with anyone outside of Manson's circle, though. Rubbing elbows with his famous friends like Johnny Depp or Shooter probably makes her feel like she has at least some claim to fame. The only other friendly interactions I've ever heard of her having were with fan accounts on IG. I doubt anyone would want to be her friend anyway, besides all the ex-haters that kiss her ass now. She seems so boring – gardening, cats, taking the same photos every shoot. I'm sure even Manson gets tired of being around her.

No. 1058345

File: 1602654925373.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x1920, Polish_20201014_004715539.jpg)

Has anyone else noticed that he was wearing the same outfit in the Apple interview and when that rapper guy posted those photos? Those were almost 2 months apart. Not new milk, just thought it was a little interesting.

No. 1058484

probably didn't wash it

No. 1058505


Y'all do know that isolation is part of narcissistic abuse, right?
I don't think she isolates herself on purpose, she's just sick of being abused and tries to avoid everything that upsets him.

No. 1058506

He's disgusting.

No. 1058519

but she's tried to isolate him before too by harassing all the girls he had affairs with and texting ppl from his phone pretending to be him. i get her being mad bc he's cheating on her and wanting the other girls gone, but why would she ruin his friendly relationships too (or even get rid of the other gf bc they get him away from her) if she was tired of being abused and didn't wanna be around him anymore?

No. 1058570

they've had their shitty love hate relationship for about 10 years. She must have fought for his attention at the beginning and now she may be tired of him and might want to be away from him.
you are trying to picture everything we know about their relationship altogether at one period of time, and that's not a good take imo.

No. 1058695

Why did Manson share the same Lindsay post four times? His recent stories.

No. 1058728

He posts the same thing over and over a lot like that. I just assume it's him not being able to remember that he already did it that many times before or just not knowing what he's doing in general. People his age aren't usually very tech-friendly.

No. 1058841

But you are aware that Manson talks a lot of shit about other girls to his girlfriends, aren't you? It's typical for narcissists, Evan posts a lot about it. Lindsay might actually be the only one who's brainwashed enough to believe everything he says.

That woman has no friends, no money, no car, no other place to stay and a shitty family. She completely depends on him. There's not a single chance she'll leave him, even if she realized that her life is in danger.

No. 1058846

Manson is tech-friendly enough to download spyware on a phone. He's just dead drunk and on coke all the time.

No. 1059001

File: 1602723089810.png (348.44 KB, 635x828, Screenshot_20201014-183822~2.p…)

He's put on so much weight since quarantine started. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he was close to 250lbs. I really can't believe that no one tells him how terrible he looks or says something about his health. That can't be good on his heart, especially not with all the cocaine and boozing he does.

No. 1059004

Saw this on the front page and thought it was momokun

No. 1059144

Madelyn has been trying to sell the same stuff on depop for three years now. Someone put this girl out of her misery and buy something(derailing)

No. 1059168

Is he trying to hide his three chins with that thing around his neck? Lmao

No. 1059325

I think that was just a mask or another set of headphones.

No. 1059537

does anyone know why ppl were so mean to Lindsay in the first place? like i get that he liked photos from ppl that harassed her, but he seemed like he acted sort of rude to his other girlfriends publicly too and the fans didn't seem half as mean then, at least not that i remember.

No. 1059597

Her and her mother have been rude to fans and his side chicks in the past, caps posted in previous threads. That and Manson liking hater posts didn’t help.

No. 1059617

But that doesn’t explain why people were mean to her in the first place. All of the caps are her responding to people, not instigating. So far I haven’t seen anyone be able to say when fans started harassing her and all the side chicks started coming out of the woodwork to post about him online.

No. 1059618

Probably because they know nothing about her because he keeps her a cherished secret and the only other encounters mentioned are negative ones with fans so when they look her up theres people on reddit talking about her giving them dirty looks or cussing them out.

Also because she's dating him long term, probably the longest public gf he had and if they're fans, they're jealous? Never understood why people on here hate her, I feel sorry for her if anything

No. 1059637

She always seems to be the one that starts shit, I think. @mansonisabusive posted a screenshot of Lindsay messaging her in her story, and most of Manson's side chicks shared caps of her harassing them, too – which, she has the right to be mad that he cheats on her, but it really wasn't those girls' faults either because he fed them his bullshit about how they'd broken up and convinced them he was only exclusive with them.

Honestly, the reason there's so much negative stuff about her now is probably because there aren't that many good encounters that people have had with her. She just seems like a bitch in general. He's had a lot of other long-term relationships, too, but those gis didn't get half as much hate as she does. I don't feel sorry for her, though, because it's really her fault. If she hadn't been so rude to people and given them all those stories about her or just used her common sense and figured out that he didn't want her around anymore and she could leave back when she actually had a way out, she wouldn't be in the position she's in. She fought to keep her place by his side, and now she has to deal with the consequences of it.

No. 1059659

File: 1602815286632.jpeg (87.83 KB, 750x415, FC7457A0-8739-4E10-B709-8E3C25…)

>All of the caps are her responding to people, not instigating.

Nah, there’s plenty of caps of her instigating shit. Danish Viktoria was a side chick, not a stalker as Lindsay said.

No. 1059660

File: 1602815417957.jpeg (429.05 KB, 1126x1700, 50FC4018-46A4-42EC-99F3-5195BB…)

And another cap from the MM cult with fans saying Hope Harvey and Lindsay harassed them.

No. 1059748

She was very rude to fans and acted arrogant around them from the start, even before Instagram shit storm. You can lurk first threads.

No. 1060186

Looks like a normal m&g pic

No. 1060229

Another woman on VK(?) said something about him rubbing up in her and shit during a M&G, so it's not really anything new. It seems like he's just very “affectionate” with female fans. And sage (type sage in the email field) unless you're posting new milk, and don't use check the spoiler box unless there's nudity/graphic content in the picture you're uploading.

No. 1060334

Yep. And my guess is he signed some shit for her or gave her a chocolate bar he had lying around (saw another girl that got a Kit Kat) and that's what she means with gifts. Nothing extraordinary or weird about it imo.

No. 1060522

The only strange thing that sticks out to me is that he would give some random girl candy? Like, what if it was laced and he was planning to drug-rape her or something?

No. 1060570

I genuinely doubt even he could get away with something like that. Plus most girls that spend shitloads of money on 2 minutes with him would be happy to spread their legs for him anyway. Of course that's just an assumption, but hardcore MM fans do act like groupies a lot and comment sexual stuff on his insta. So my guess is he wouldn't risk drugging girls, also cause there's absolutely no need to.

No. 1060604

File: 1602960728694.jpeg (255.91 KB, 1093x1309, 1F86C05E-4B4A-4944-ACA1-A266A5…)

Not very milky but I noticed a couple more MM abuse accounts that recently popped up on IG.

No. 1060605

File: 1602960735470.jpeg (763.09 KB, 828x1432, 7F3DD9B7-422B-4816-A4AC-E01E22…)

No. 1060610

Wow and I just found @defining_hope’s IG after thinking she’s been very quiet. https://instagram.com/defining_hope?igshid=1w2mwupwuekyl

My condolences.

No. 1060616

Is it possible that she's only posting that for sympathy, though? I don't mean it to sound rude or like I'm trying to down-play her emotions, I know it's a hard thing to go through from experience, but her mother wasn't really that old and Lindsay's usually private about personal things going on in her family. I thought Lindsay mentioned her age in one of the screens on @mansonisabusive's OneDrive – early 60s or mid-50s. I'll try to go back and look for it. Did she mention why she died?

No. 1060623

Idk, I wouldn’t put anything past them but that would be extreme. Her sister would have to be on it too and Hope would have to hide forever. There might be an obituary posted soon.

No. 1060631

I am so sorry to post this but isn't it good for Lindsay? She now has a place to live? Her mother's flat is empty now.
Idk the fuck she posted that though. Literally who cares? Manson is probably happy there is nobody to threaten him.

No. 1060632

Maybe corona got her?
The post really is weird. It's not like her mother or Lindsay herself are/were famous. It's just for attention.

No. 1060635

Exactly what I thought. I doubt that Lindsay will leave him though.

No. 1060647

File: 1602963884852.png (247.43 KB, 720x1176, Screenshot_20201017-143320~2.p…)

Her mother died, but she's still busy liking posts from fan accounts? I don't buy that. Her mother isn't well known, even by Manson's fans. She'd have no problem disappearing from social media, and it's not like anyone looked at her page, anyway. Ashley grew up in the same household as Lindsay, so I really wouldn't be surprised if she had the same warped sense of morality as the rest of them do, at least enough to post about her mother dying so it'd be believable that she actually did. But I don't follow her and her profile is private, so I'm not really sure if she posted the same thing in her story or not.

No. 1060649

File: 1602964399517.jpg (63.76 KB, 504x398, pPtmvLM.jpg)

I'll burn in hell for this but I went to see her Facebook and found this.
Baby Manson time flashbacks

No. 1060651

Her death is real. But the whole "she was so loved" is fake. That's why Lindsay is busy liking pics of Manson.

No. 1060654

>Lindsay is busy liking pics of Manson
isn't it her job? I am not joking.

No. 1060667

If Hope really is dead, Lindsay needs to get off of social media for a while and stop obsessing over everything fans post about them so at least they'll think she has a heart.

No. 1060674

Yeah – I doubt he hates it as much as she thought he did:

>Yeah lol it’s basically code for role playing. He obviously fetishizes younger women. From my experience it means he is daddy and you are his daughter.

No. 1060820

File: 1602983813042.jpeg (48.24 KB, 275x275, 714C6A37-2108-4A2A-90F5-DE5DED…)

No. 1061705

No. 1061727

File: 1603123774980.jpeg (355.11 KB, 1602x1674, F191610C-FA45-4DE2-91EA-AFD591…)

I don’t want to sound heartless but I’m not buying it. He’s milking this for sympathy, imo. There’s literally a cap of him saying, “I don’t like that mom” to 666fearless and there seemed to be some kind of shady financial arrangement between them.

No. 1061764

File: 1603128279385.jpg (413.33 KB, 658x625, kmuIH7l.jpg)

double that
his story from yesterday
>i will miss you
>a pic of muah Lindsay in case you forgot who lost their momma
the fuck is wrong with him?

> death of his girlfriend’s mother
> the mother of his on and off girlfriend, Lindsay Usich,
they watched his recent story but couldn't remember what he posted a few months ago? hello they are married

>the talented photographer, Lindsay Usich

>She is credited as the photo source for the cover art of Manson’s 2012 album, ‘Born Villain.’

> he’s a highly emotional and mindful person

oh well..

No. 1061773

Tbh I think we're the only ones that realize theyre married. No matter how much media coverage they tried to get no one cares enough to put two and two together.

No. 1061795

Fucking kek, he can't even stand his own girlfriend or wife or whatever we wanna call her. Of course he doesn't give a shit about Hope. I would love to be a fly in their house. He must be going insane and really depressed by now cause no groupies/side chicks & being stuck with someone you don't love at all.

No. 1061803

I doubt he's following quarantine orders. Or he at least has someone come over to fuck every now and then. I find it hard to believe that he'd put his health above sex, as sad as it is.

No. 1061814

Well, I think we all know he doesn't care about his health. Drugs, booze, unprotected sex with random girls. But I would be surprised if Lindsay EVER went outside or let him leave the house.
All she ever seems to do is like pictures of Manson or post pics of cats or flowers. So yeh, it might be a bit difficult for him right now.

No. 1061836

File: 1603134835562.png (834.74 KB, 720x1026, Screenshot_20201019-135446~2.p…)

Does anyone else remember the story about the band covering a deaf groupie in lunch meat and pissing on her?

No. 1061838

File: 1603134948137.jpg (139.57 KB, 633x470, lKqeqsl.jpg)

He is a lazy POS. he wouldn't leave his house often anyway. I doubt Lindsay gives him much discomfort.

>he can't even stand his own girlfriend or wife or whatever we wanna call her.

No real proof so far, sad but true.


←- His ego is bigger than numbers he sees on scales kek.
>I’ll probably somehow get blamed for causing the world to fall apart, I’m sure. But I’m not looking for that credit.

No. 1061842

the girl was featured in a documentary about Marilyn Manson. She said they lied about a few details but she enjoyed the experience. Can't relate.

No. 1061844

Do you know which documentary that is?

No. 1061853

Her name is Adina Slotsky and she was in Demystifying the Devil.

He’s trying really hard to paint himself as falsely accused. He was blamed for Columbine 21 years ago and still trying to ride that coattail today.

No. 1061858

a few seconds on google and there you go

No. 1062078


1000% lindsay wrote, posted, and reposted for both of them. I refuse to believe he would disrespect the memory of his own deceased mother by calling hope his "mother" in any capacity. His parents are the only people he seems to have truly loved and cared about. I think gave up on controlling his own social media, and doesnt gaf anymore what she does with it.

No. 1062125

He really has gotten grotesquely fat. Must be boredom eating during quarantine now that he can't prey on groupies as easily. It's not like he was going for a jog or anything before covid hit.

No. 1062131

It seems like she took over his account a long time ago. He's been liking, commenting, and posting pictures of her a lot lately, and he never did that before, at least not a lot, and probably only to satisfy her. And he hated Hope. He said so multiple times in the messages @666fearless posted: >>1061727

No. 1062132


saged for retardation but i read that as "And he ate Hope", pictures seemed to confirm.

No. 1062169

File: 1603162080170.jpg (1.95 MB, 1920x1920, Polish_20201019_213426108.jpg)

He started gaining weight when he was married to Dita, then it got worse while he was with Evan. He looked better around the time he released Pale Emperor, and he said in an interview that he started working out and doing pilates, so it's not really a matter of him not being able to lose weight, he's just too lazy to get off his ass and stop drinking long enough to do it. It's almost hard to imagine the way he looked pre-Eat Me, Drink Me and the way he looks now as the same person. I think this is the worst shape he's ever been in.

No. 1062173

File: 1603163112147.gif (500.21 KB, 500x375, original.gif)


a thread or two ago someone claiming to know him personally said he takes medication for bipolar disorder, some of those medications can make you gain an absolute ton of weight. I can't imagine how else he would have gained so much weight, even if he did absolutely nothing but chug vodka and sit on his ass for 30 years. He was a true ectomorph body type with basically zero body fat. Pic related is how I imagine him looking into a crystal ball in 1993

No. 1062244

File: 1603186234981.jpg (551.39 KB, 2170x2577, U984x4L.jpg)

Is it just me nitpicking or it's legit strange she posts this?
Okay I get it all people grieve in their own manner, there is no right way to do it but her behavior is beyond what I can understand.
>mom dies
>collects flowers
>arranges flowers
>collects mom's fav perfume
>puts the perfume in the flowers for a good pic
>puts it in Instagram story with a heartbreaking (nope) caption
lol what?
Also what's wrong with just saying my mother? Why does she always say "our mother"? Is it royal we? Communistic? Schizophrenic? It's your Instagram page, you are the only one here, it's your mother, wake up. And there is no need to write her name in every story. Who cares what's your mom's name?
And thanks for educating your followers. Those dumb bots wouldn't know Cologne is in Germany before you told them.

Milking your mother's death for content and sympathy points is legit gross. Fucking psychopath's diary.

No. 1062260

I really think it's just the alcoholism, combined with his metabolism slowing down as he ages.

Alcohol makes you gain weight like crazy. Not just because of the calories in the alcohol itself. Your liver gives priority to processing the alcohol, since your body views it as a poison. This means it doesn't have time to process whatever else you're eating, and your body stores it as fat. That's why even alcoholics who don't eat a lot get a big belly. And we know Manson eats a bunch of junk as well.
As he ages and piles on years of alcohol abuse his liver will be less effective at processing alcohol. "Fatty liver" is a common symptom of alcoholism. So the process speeds up.

Also, if he really is a Narc, he probably won't deal well with a nutricionist or personal trainer telling him what to do. Narcs can't handle any pushback of any kind, which is inevitable in any weightloss regime. No, you can't have the oreos!

If he is on meds that would certainly not help. But I doubt that's everything that's going on.

No. 1062273

Exactly. Armchairing about antipsychotics doesn’t change the fact that drug use, McDonalds, and heavy drinking will do this to you.

No. 1062312

I'm almost 100% sure that she's just doing it for sympathy from his fans. It's almost seems funny – without Manson's fans, no one would even know who she or Hope was. The only reason they care is because they think it'll make him happy. I doubt she has the emotional maturity to even process her death the right way. Maybe that's why she's posting all the stuff she is, because she wants people to think she can feel the way she's supposed to right now.

No. 1062329

File: 1603205522009.jpeg (43.47 KB, 750x238, 53172E07-9BEA-42D8-BB7A-D9D203…)

So that's why he got engaged to Lindsay lmao

No. 1062349

Yes, and her unnecessarily long description of 4711 comes across as pretentious.

Still no obituary for Hope? Manson’s parents both had obituaries that are still up.

No. 1062398

Could you explain where the obituary is supposed to appear? I don't have that thing in my country.

No. 1062412

I'm sure whenever it's released, Lindsay will put it in her story.

No. 1062413

They usually show up on google by their name + obituary. Funeral homes or families post them. They’re extremely common in the US.

No. 1062460

That will be too much even for her.

No. 1062691

It's been almost 3 days since she died. It should be up by now, if she's really dead. I don't mean that to sound rude, but it just seems strange that no one's seen anything about her.

No. 1062717

I mean, it’s quite possible they’re being very private about it or funeral arrangements are delayed but not one mention of her death on her FB or any social media from family/friends? When my father died his date of death was showing up on background check sites within days. Noting for Hope, so far.
It would be insane if they’re faking it but also kinda strange nothing comes up at all.

No. 1062745

But why are they being “private” about the funeral, when Lindsay was so open about her death in the first place? I mean, maybe she just grieves differently, but it all just seems really odd. Honestly, I wouldn't put it past them to fake her death to get sympathy, even though that would be way over the top, even for them. No one would've missed her. She didn't have any followers on her social media accounts, and on her FB page, she never mentioned any friends or family. It seems like Manson is the only connection either of them had.

No. 1062808

Manson finally announced their wedding in an interview with Nicolas Cage.

> I thought your wedding was beautiful because that’s what you were doing while you were in lockdown. I got to see a little of it on FaceTime, and I thought it was very beautiful, the way you sang “Love Me Tender.”


No. 1062811

File: 1603255720439.jpeg (317.68 KB, 1427x1177, 6235E5E3-8896-49B8-8091-EE91F3…)

Mom just died and Lindsay is all over IG gushing over the wedding mention.

No. 1062814

She types like a teenage girl. It's honestly ridiculous how much her life focuses on them. She can't even acknowledging her own mother's death. I don't give their marriage long. He was with Dita for 7 years before he proposed to her, and then they split a year later because he can't commit. I hope she realizes she's in danger and leaves.

No. 1062821

He didn’t even announce it, Cage did.
In case anyone doesn’t know, Sailor and Lula are characters from Wild at Heart who are criminals on the run. Seems fitting.

No. 1062829

>By the way, is it okay to talk about your wedding?
Lol I think Cage caught him off guard, Manson didn't announce anything.
It's strange to me Manson didn't pronounce her name in recent interviews, not in a single one. They really hoped to keep it private?

No. 1062856

Finally someone mentioned the wedding. You can't blame her because she waited for months to get some attention. I think it made her more desperate then the death of her own mother, the lack of interest in their marital status, I mean. The saddest thing is that she truly believes someone is actually jealous of them getting married and that he didn't announce it because he wanted to protect her from jealousy of his fans. He married the last one standing who will be his caretaker when the time comes.
That's it.

No. 1062900

File: 1603278971205.jpg (1.96 MB, 2986x1229, LmxHg9y.jpg)

she will NEVER leave.
mansonisabusive is public now, they had a post collecting many things manson has said about Lindsay over the years. wouldn't you leave immediately after your bf spoke such bs?
many of these are from 2012-2015, from the time when he had a lot of side girls and pushed her away as often as it could be and she did have a chance to leave him for good. her life is literally "you get served what you deserve".

The post if anybody is interested https://www.instagram.com/p/CFg9Cv2lfUm/

Manson about Lindsay Usich, who's been in an on-again, off-again relationship with him since ca. 2009.
1. MTV, September 2012
2./3./4. Rolling Stone, January 6, 2015
5. The Guardian, January 18, 2015
6. film-news.co.uk, January 19, 2015
7. The Times, January 25, 2015
8. i-D, March 2015
9. The Daily Examiner, September 2016
10. Manson's comment on one of Lindsay Usich's posts, 2016

I didn't put the pig comment in the pic as it was posted many times here.

No. 1062914

I don't get why Usich is so happy. If that's bc she thinks they "won" then the abuse accusations are just a part of accusations towards Manson (and not the worst part of it). The real bomb that can explode any moment is sexual assault accusations that can come from his fans. There are already several witnesses that Lindsay took a part in grooming girls for him. Maybe she won't witness in a court but she probably can be accused herself by girls.

No. 1062987

I think the worst thing waiting for her in future is that when Manson dies his victims will name him, be it ERW, Esmé… Then ex fans will probably come forward and she'll have to face the accusations against her or just hatred as she's gonna be his widow and the person who will have covered his crimes for years.
Manson is a smart piece of shit. He'll die without having any major problems in his life prior to it but for Lindsay it's really a question of time.
I cannot believe she's that much of an idiot.

No. 1063024

He was probably reluctant to announce it because he’ll loose some female fans. Being married will be off putting to some groupies and side chicks. He’s just a fat, middle aged, married man stuck with Lindsay now. She’ll never leave him. She’s too demented, too brainwashed to do better.

Agree, I think lots of people will come out of the woodwork or name him when he dies. People will want to know why she covered his crimes.

No. 1063035

Manson doesn’t like fat women.

No. 1063038

He better hope women like fat men if he wants to get laid again.

No. 1063053

This Christian record is by Tammy Bakker and Jim was made in 1969 the year Manson was born. So he probably listened to this as a child. My guess if this was Manson posting that. But who really knows.

No. 1063055

File: 1603300652965.jpeg (85.4 KB, 654x807, 85B6BC00-FA94-42AA-B1FE-F770D6…)

Also Manson met tammy Bakker in the (I’m guessing) late 90’s early 2000’s.

No. 1063073

Okay… wouldn’t be surprising if Manson or Lindsay posted here. It comes up on google and they seem to have nothing better to do. Also, sage your shit.

>wouldn't you leave immediately after your bf spoke such bs?

I can only assume after years of his abuse >>1037881 she has no self worth anymore.

No. 1065530

File: 1603350228016.jpg (91 KB, 720x327, mark-up.jpg_20201022_020254.jp…)

I can't help but think that line was written about Lindsay.

No. 1065567

I hate what passes for music with these washed up loser "rockstars" these days.

No. 1066203

1. Hope wasn't the nicest person which is probably why family members don't talk about her. She also bullied all kinds of people on social media, even fans of Lindsay.
2. It seems like Manson didn't want to get married. Maybe it was one of Hope's last wishes? Maybe she blackmailed him to do it? I mean, there is a tweet on her twitter that says something like "I have receipts, don't poke mama bear.". It's also strange that he never talks about his beloved wife. Almost like he doesn't even like her.

No. 1066204


I don't think Lindsay Usich is happy. It's all a show.

No. 1066254

I think it's one of his strategies to gaslight her. He is sick.
I remember Hope kept saying Manson protected them (and yet she continued to leak information to fan and haters about his life and new releases just like Lindsay did and does).
He was pouring shit into their ears saying terrible haters gonna hate them lol, and that's why he couldn't show Lindsay off. Now I am 100% sure it was his strategies not to distract new girls and to simply gaslight Lindsay.
Even now she can't fucking call him her husband, talk about the wedding or engagement openly. Everything we've seen so far is reposts in story and vague captions.

>Hope wasn't the nicest person which is probably why family members don't talk about her.

read her facebook. I think she had control issues with her kids private life but she seemed to get on well with her eldest daughter Lori, she used to visit Ashley to see her grandkids and she spent quite a lot of time with Lindsay in 2016 for sure, probably Lindsay lived with her o vice versa.

No. 1066281

Like it's been said before, he didn't want to get married.
And bc he's a narcissist he doesn't give a shit about others. He only uses them. He surrounds himself with people that blindly follow every step and every command of his.
His fans are the best example. Completely brainwashed people who'll harass and stalk everyone who says something against him.

And yeah, seems like Hope's children were the only ones who didn't abandon her. Maybe she manipulated them as well.

No. 1066312

File: 1603465323092.jpeg (277.46 KB, 750x698, F78F4781-A9F4-4725-BCB1-C9BC5E…)

Ok which one of y’all have been messaging Madelyn lmao
And Madelyn, baby girl, first of all it’s LIBEL. Secondly it’s only libel if it’s patently untrue and you can prove it’s damaged your reputation. The only one damaging your rep is you, and we all know you’re catsanddevils, who literally spent years spreading rumors about Lindsay that you could never, ever prove. Screenshots to jog your memory :)

No. 1066508

This hoe is a pathological liar. Switched to posting about Trump and belittling others for having different views. Guess the reason she stopped posting about her monster / truuuu love Merrrlin Manson is cause she's tryna save her skin. So much for they'll never get married, Maddie. Poor you kekkk

No. 1066528

I don’t think we’ll ever know the real truth with Madelyn. I suspect she and Manson hooked up at a show when she was 18 and she’s been chasing him since. She wants people to believe they have a great love affair but can’t provide any proof and the logistics doesn’t even make sense. Are we supposed to believe Manson’s soul mate is a fanatical Christian Trump supporter? I don’t think so. I’d feel sorry for her if she wasn’t such a bitch.

No. 1066541

It’s so satisfying that a crazy person who claims to have all this knowledge/proof of things but never shows it is a fanatical Trump supporter. Makes perfect sense. I’m so curious who’s messaging her lol.

No. 1066582

Probably another manson obsessive dumb enough to believe her bullshit, and suffering a misguided case of jealousy.

If anyone is messaging her at all. She could just be looking for attention and pity.

No. 1066810

File: 1603511994057.png (71.55 KB, 720x525, Screenshot_20201023-220925~2.p…)

Another receipt from a fan that knows someone close to Lindsay. Honestly, I'm still on the fence about who's the abuser in their relationship. Obviously, he does, but I don't think it's all one-sided. There have been multiple people that have claimed she's just as bad as he is, that she helps him. It seems like she truly deserves what she gets.

No. 1066823


Nick Cage says they're married. If he said it I believe it. Good for them tbh. I hope he stays away from 19 year olds this time around

No. 1066827

Doubt he will. After quarantine's over, he'll probably go back to groupies smh

No. 1066867

I don't think groupies will go back to him. He's too fat now and very unhealthy looking.

No. 1066872

Meh, he was still overweight before, he's just gained more. His fans don't really even care what he looks like, he's “♥♥beautiful♥♥”. He probably won't have any trouble finding someone that's still attracted to him

No. 1066888

Lindsay was jealous and tried to stop him from cheating but how it makes her an abuser? Could she ever stop him from cheating? Probably few times at the beginning of their relationship. Now quick digest of their relationship. He cheated her all the time. He followed his side girls on social media. She changed her appearance. He followed and liked her haters, insulted her in his interviews and on social media, he brutally broke with her in 2015, made her hide from public in 2017. Oh and he even got her to help him grooming girls for him. Dan Clearly apparently doesn't lie. Lindsay showed her as an unstable hysterical person and he could profit from it. Everything he said about her to girls later seemed believable since she acted somewhat unstable in past.

No. 1067047

I get that she didn't want him to cheat and she tried to stop him, but there are other things she's done. Fans or people who know her have posted stories about her being a bitch or doing shit to Manson (which he deserves, in all fairness). Louise said she helped Manson sexually assault her. And if you look through her Live Journal, it's not hard to find out that she was a bad person before she met him.

No. 1067071

Something that jumps out to me is Lindsay goes through his phone.. 666fearless also claimed Lindsay and Judd used his phone. I feel like I’ve heard that from another source, as well. Btw, 666fearless is still posting that Judd is stalking her.

No. 1067117

Louise said Lindsay was there for something she later viewed as sexual assault. She doesn’t give any account that Lindsay was an active participant. To me that paints the picture that lindsays a victim. She probably gets love bombed like crazy by Manson, and then is forced to literally watch him fuck other girls but is probably made to feel like “my perfect mate would be ok with this” and so she plays that role. I read her as someone who’s been abused for years, stripped of her autonomy, told she’s “the one” but then gets kicked to the curb and so obviously reacts and claws her way back in because what else can you do when you’ve been stripped of everything? Even the way she talks now, she just seems lobotomized. Like no real opinions on anything, no sense of humor, nothing really personal. It all somehow orbits around the concept of what MM’s perfect partner would be. Gothic, romantic, well-read, creative. But there’s no soul left in her and honestly I’ve only ever seen that personally in abuse victims.

No. 1067128

What she really did to manson is questionable since he lies a lot. We only know that she was jealous and stalked girls, but that's it. I need proofs that she was abusive to him.

No. 1067136

She was already a vapid try-hard before she met him. And she doesn't let him fuck other women or stand by while he does. Polyamory is her excuse for not being able to do anything about it when he finds someone better to fuck, no matter how many side-chicks or friends she harasses. Louise said in her post, “Also sick that his girlfriend joined in,” and used her hashtag. Even though a lot of people don't believe her anymore because of how she acted when she posted in the thread, that doesn't make what happened untrue. I don't doubt that she's being abused, but that's not an excuse for the things she's done to people on her own.