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No. 981354

The latest altcows thread - for all those involved in the goth and the alternative scene.


It's Black Friday
Adora Batbrat
Of Herbs and Altars
Jake and Kaya (Toxic Tears)
Psychara et Co.
Felvae and Feigsfar
Sebastian Columbine
Dre Ronayne
Erin Micklow
Drac Makens
Emily Boo
Orlee Stewart

and others who are more infrequently posted in the threads.

Some random things

>freyja makes an appearance after being mia for a while

>of course, she wants to move right back to germany, after having learnt nothing from her time there

>still making shitty low effort videos of herself eating, walking around NZ, and dressing up "normal" whilst failing at it all

>continues to accuse matts of being soooo abusive and that it was all his fault she was unhappy there and had to leave

>her mother is still nuts and whiteknighting for her daughter on facebook

>dorian and ruadhan have a go at each other over the whole gender thing; dorian continues to be an annoying transtrender and drama queen

>ruadhan is still ebegging on reddit, now he wants a foldable vintage bike because his other one was "stolen"

>adora has a penis party for her daughter's birthday, whines because she can't go to m'era luna since all the normies got corona and died

>psychara's new clique (felvae and nymphcreature) get called out for being british nationalists and undercover racists

>felvae's fiance adam (feigsfar) is a "blood and soil" wannabe viking celtic norse warlock who writes terrible metal music in their shack; felvae has transformed from tribal viking into saxon tradwife in training

>nymphcreature purges her socials when word gets back to the crew as she was the most vocal of the group, such as wanting to have a "thulean perspective" date with them, so it's assumed they threw her under the bus

>now psychara is all hashtag blacklivesmatter despite her friends being varg vikernes fanboys and girls, as though that absolves her of having absolutely shitty friends

No. 981359


Sorry, I messed up on the dorian vs ruadhan thing - it was about the drama over the IBF/Kaya clothes and sponsors that ruadhan just made into something else.

No. 981378

good job OP- I would have also mentioned dorian's sexual escapades with ghosts though

No. 981380

Previous thread >>926664

No. 981395


Thank you, anon. I was going back and forth between the old and new thread as I was writing and editing. My bad!

No. 981490

Thanks for the new thread Anon. Good summary of the fasci tradwenches.

No. 981498

Oh boy. Orlee is going to get a lot of clout out of this…

No. 981687

File: 1590953904782.png (901.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-05-31-11-36-01…)

Says the girl who had a swastika on her page..

No. 981718

Cool. What if you choose to hang out with white pride types? Where does that place you on the moral spectrum?

No. 981723


I don't know if it's better that Mara is at least performatively posting this stuff, or Lauren who is completely silent and playing dumb despite having just unfriending a pal because of this thread.

No. 981736

probably not relevant but dolls kill warehouse got set on fire/looted in the protests wonder how many altcows are gonna be upset about it

No. 981739

File: 1590958791276.jpg (670.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200531-225754_Chr…)

Dorian is apparently feeling up for banging the spiritworld again. Good to know.

Wonder if this will be like his alcoholic phase and he'll claim it was all bullshit in a few months. Or will being a cumbucket for the recently deceased be his new calling in life?

No. 981742

Good. As far as retail goes they pretty much exemplify "clueless white privilege."

Wonder how long it will take till we get "okay, I get racism is bad and stuff, but you shouldn't take it out on defenseless faux fur jacket sellers and art thieves" statements.

No. 981743

Don't know. If it wasn't so obvious that Mara knew what Lauren was up to, it might be a different story. I feel pretty comfortable saying they're both scum.

No. 981761

And to think there are people who listen to this morons ramblings.

No. 982390

File: 1591108678699.png (317.5 KB, 628x1166, b2ac80abbc1970bbe676b2ddbb4805…)

I genuinely think Felvae is too stupid to understand her fiance's lyrics.

No. 982411


So she’s going to completely ignore that she herself
>wants myfarog (literally or figuratively)
>is bestie frensies with other country bumpkin racists in their little somerset clique
>was friends with the retard nymphcreature until they did whatever to get her off the internet
>has mysteriously up and changed her style from tribal techno viking to this licorice and cream soft faerie trad that…
>mirrors adam’s masculinity sperging about how men should return to the “tradition”

I don’t think she’s stupid; she thinks other people are the ones who are too stupid to understand the subtext behind their intentions. And perhaps a lot of them are.

No. 982421

File: 1591113010873.jpeg (327.35 KB, 828x1358, 3DA5CC9C-7311-493B-9CDE-0E23ED…)


While nothing here is loudly suspect, the frequent mentioning of Albion vs Britain raises a lot of red flags to me. I notice quite a few white nationalists use this old name as it has ties now in their circles with them “reclaiming” their “homeland” from stinky brown people.

Adam also has Albion in his insta profile. I don’t think this a random coinkidink.

I know a few people were on the fence since they are not like American type racists with their lifted trucks, mean mugs, confederate flags, and overt calls to genocide, but there’s enough crumbs for you to tell someone baked a cake.

No. 982439

Agreed. She knows. She's just doing damage control. Notice how she started posting this stuff now, after the fallout and throwing her friend under the bus. She and her boyfriend both follow Varg, somebody who has been very publicly convicted of hatecrimes and explicitly calls for rationally motivated violence. That's not something you glance over, no matter how dense you are.

Yes. European racism is a different flavour, though there is plenty of crossover. The dogwhistles are different, but once you learn them it's obvious. Nobody uses this many of them "by accident."

No. 982440

He doesn't strike me as a huge Geoffrey of Monmouth fan. So it's safe to assume his use of "albion" is fasci shit. It's a thing these guys do to sound old timey and knowledgable.

No. 982453

Haha anon, nail on head. Too many of these creepers hanging around. There’s a fine line between being interested in ‘Merrie England’ and using the word ‘indigenous’ to describe your forebears (who were probably French in any case).

No. 982465

File: 1591121122465.jpeg (229.75 KB, 827x1195, 26161D34-F9F5-484A-ACE7-A5418C…)

No. 982505

Yup. That seems about right. These people are a mixture of horrible and ridiculous. I wish they would just direct their energy into LARPing rather than racism. They're basically toxic white people fandom.

No. 982532

Agreed. They are a joke, albeit a semi-dangerous one. They’ve learnt some historical words and things (jollop) but essentially are dumb as fuck.

No. 982551

They're basically the Anglo-Saxon equivalent of those people who get super into steampunk and refer to their car as their "horseless carriage" with a straight face.

But, you know, way more racist.

No. 982634

File: 1591142526864.jpeg (158.79 KB, 640x1136, 31A38777-702E-4FCA-81A0-18117F…)

A bit off topic from her usual shenanigans but anyone else noticed that Felvae has self harm scars?
There are no photos of her without the arm tattoo on the other side so i assume it was done to cover worse ones, she never struck me as a mental cow, just yknow, racist, so it was a bit surprising.

No. 982645

Woah, goth/emo/alt girls self harm? The milk in this thread is overflowing

No. 982669

I think it's important to remember that a lot of people like this don't think of themselves as racist. They recognize that "racist" is a bad thing to be. So they use terms like "race realist" or "cultural defender" etc. In her mind "I am not a racist" and "I don't think people of colour deserve to live in my country" might very well both be true.

Even the actual Nazis claimed not to be racist, but merely "following science."

No. 982683

File: 1591151059211.jpeg (85.55 KB, 828x525, B9BE4FDF-58A8-4B9C-BD40-F026B8…)


Looks like the wyvern dude scrubbed his account. Glad I took the flag cap now.

No. 982689

Amazing how these "just proud of my heritage" types run away as soon as anyone pays attention to their actions. Almost like there was some nefarious shit going on…

Good job on grapping those pics anon.

No. 982694

File: 1591152422513.png (256.58 KB, 615x881, 25452545454.png)


No. 982697


I hope this works. Imgur album of the Somerset weirdos. Other suspect pics of their “pride”.


No. 982708

All their friends follow thulean.archive it seems, apart from felvae and feigsfar themselves because they’re too cowardly. Ironic since feig means cowardly in german.

And they’re clearly watching these threads. I wonder if they’ll have any friends left in the end, as they seem to be making their thulean friends censor themselves one by one just so they can be popular on the internet. Amazing.

No. 982710

ngl she has some interesting insights on drug trips, anorexia, asperger's and goth clubs but you have to take it all with a grain of salt

No. 982711


> And they’re clearly watching these threads. I wonder if they’ll have any friends left in the end, as they seem to be making their thulean friends censor themselves one by one just so they can be popular on the internet. Amazing.

I am getting maximum keks out of this alone. I bet they’re going ape on their “friends” to cover up the racist evidence.

No. 982718

File: 1591158405029.jpeg (337.41 KB, 817x1455, A17FD7C0-3474-439D-BE7D-87E992…)


Fearsome Viking warrior, TRVE black metal edgelord, defender of his culture, and champion of Somerset:

>He fears not the Roman.

>He fears not the Norman.

>He fears only basic scrutiny. For our brave Viking warrior needs his fiancé’s Instagram account to promote his third-rate black metal band, with which he will surely purge the perfidious foreigner from Albion’s shores.

No. 982719

Kek these kinds of roasts right here are the reason I’m on this thread. Thank you for the laughs anon.

No. 982721

This doesn’t surprise me at all. Adora has a history of posting stuff that will cause outrage because she enjoys the attention.

No. 982728

File: 1591160559304.jpeg (965.97 KB, 1242x1415, FFAE244D-F7F0-44D0-B34D-8760C4…)

I didn’t get screen-caps before it was deleted, but apparently one of the owners of Kreepsville666 made a post saying George Floyd was a “career criminal” and deserved to be killed. The backlash wasn’t pretty and his wife(?) made an obviously scripted apology video for him first, before he finally made a “I’m sorry you got offended” post. No one is buying it.

No. 982737



No. 982752

File: 1591168661205.png (597.71 KB, 1252x1091, download (2).png)

Not sure if I missed this and she posted it earlier or later as the other (as both posts have the same time and instagram is going a bit weird on me) but yeah…she must love attention even bad because this is just messy. She should have just shut up and not mentioned it-I doubt anyone would have complained to her for keeping quiet. Looks like she already got some backlash here.

No. 982760

Anon, you're a treasure! Also, is that sharpie squiggle on his arm supposed to be an eagle, a raven, or a turkey?

Well, guess I'll have to ignore them on principle now, rather than as a matter of taste.

Cool. Adora fixed racism! Does she not know the connotations of "all lives matter" or does she not care?

No. 982762

Anon, do you know we can see all the other pics on your account too?

No. 982797

File: 1591190412511.png (1005.93 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200601-213235.png)

No. 982811

Not looking to defend her but there are a lot of countries where the all lives matter part never reached, she really could have not known that racists use it in the states. Some people aren't intentionally ignorrorant it's just that the US isn't central news in a lot of places.

No. 982815

I'm Swedish and that's bullshit.

No. 982816

File: 1591197726069.jpg (549.55 KB, 1080x1311, Screenshot_20200603-162243_Fac…)

No. 982821

Yeah and I'm british and have had to explain the situation to a shit tonne of people I know none of which I have ever whitnessed be racist and have been supportive of the protests and riots once they know details. Never assume someone has the same knowledge you do.

No. 982823

And you wouldn't do some googling after people have repeatedly stated that your previous posts were problematic and you should educate yourself?

No. 982826


anon ilu.


This makes me wonder what their endgame is - if their mates are willing to censor their accounts now, they must feel like they are going to benefit from Lauren's efame at some point.

Lauren since you are reading this - look up Alice Cutter, groomed by her National Action ex partner, now in prison. Her shitty NS fiancee who she had a fairy tale tradwife relationship with, complete with cottage-core inspirational instagram account, was actually grooming and fucking 17 yr old girls while he was pretending to be the strong saxon warrior/provider. I see huge parallels in your relationship - fascists are almost invariably misogynists too.

No. 982827

Yes I would but that doesn't mean everyone would. Again my point being that there are some people that just don't know situations happening. Is it really too hard to believe that she was just out of the loop?

No. 982828


>This makes me wonder what their endgame is - if their mates are willing to censor their accounts now, they must feel like they are going to benefit from Lauren's efame at some point.

I have no idea what is going on with them. It's all really weird watching them run like cockroaches because they get a light shone on them for a few minutes. It also makes me wonder what is being said that is causing two people now to delete and/or disable their accounts entirely. It's a lot worse probably than we even realize.

No. 982830

Right? If they respond this strongly to people finding their public posts I wonder what they are up to when nobody's watching.

I don't know if they have a unified endgame. I know Adam wants to spread awareness of his band. And his music has a very clear agenda. The cockroach metaphor is apt. They really are incredibly cowardly.

No. 982831

She's being called out on her lack of curiousity though. So yes, some people may be out of the loop. But decent people would make an attempt to get in the loop and listen, instead of blathering on about how silly America is for having racists OMG. it's not her not knowing, it's her lack of curiousity.

No. 982833

File: 1591206565889.jpg (346.43 KB, 1080x1213, 20200603_194907.jpg)

Good job you guys. Really showing that you care there. Especially while writing Psychara's paycheck.

No. 982838

File: 1591208252354.jpg (640.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200603-201742_Chr…)

No. 982839

This belongs more in the rockstar thread in /ot/ than here I think.

No. 982840

Thanks Anon. Will take it over there.

No. 982875

>he fears not the norman

Wait, I thought vikings were the ones who became the normans? Am confused

No. 982877


They did, but they don't seem to understand that, which is sad since they claim they want to "preserve" their "bloodlines".

No. 982884


Yes. They were talking earlier about wanting to fight the Normans at the battle of Hastings. And were roundly mocked for not making the viking connection.

They also claimed to want to fight the Romans with the Celts, but did not mention wanting to fight the Anglo-Saxons with the Celts or fighting the Vikings with the Anglo-Saxons.

I'm thinking invasions of the UK (sorry, Albion…) are bad, unless people with the right bloodlines do it. Then it's cool. Almost like their nationalism is somehow connected to racial identity…

No. 982898

It's not the first time we see here using the "i didnt know" excuse when it comes to calling people things or getting backlash from here behaviour. I'm starting to wounder if this woman havent opend the newspaper for the last 20 years or something? Not knowing the all life matter shit is just bs. She has been traveling to the states and here favorit tv shows are dr Phil and other us produced programs. Thia is not about not knowing. Thia is about not listening.

No. 982903

File: 1591222819645.jpg (639.43 KB, 1080x1419, 20200604_002009.jpg)

We all remember this right…?

No. 982908

It's quite funny when some black metal viking fans take tattoos from Vegvisir logo, what is really a christian mysticism symbol invented long after viking times. http://sagy.vikingove.cz/origins-of-the-vegvisir-symbol/

No. 982913

Yes. I think they just hear the word "viking compass" and don't bother to question it.

Yup. Remember when she wore that jacket with nazi insignia? I don't think Adora is a "benefit of the doubt" case.

No. 983139

I bet those idiots tend to believe the black sun is an ancient nordic symbol shrouded in mysticism too.

They long for the feeling of significance and spiritualism in their shallow lives, but the moment they start to sympathize with blood and soil ideas, the ‘our ancestors were golden alien gods’ territory lies right behind the corner, I shit you not.

No. 983210

Not everyone gives a fuck about American issues issues though. You're not as important to the rest of the world as you might like to think. The difference is the rest of the world has to listen to America all the time but Americans never listen to anyone but themselves. Why should Swedish people care more about your problem when you never prioritize theirs? Or any country for that matter?

No. 983221

Lol. I'm the Swedish Anon you're replying to.

The thing is, she didn't have to mention it at all. I don't think racial inequality is "an American problem." It's an international one, which is part of the reason there are protests popping up sympathising with BLM all over the world. But even if it were strictly an American problem, Adora was the one who chose to speak out on it. Thw problem wasn't if she was going to awknowledge it or not. For all I care she could have just posted some selfies, or a picture of her morning coffee, or nothing at all. She was the one who decided that she could be bothered to spew her opinion, but couldn't be bothered to educate herself before, or after.

Not knowing something isn't the problem. Not caring enough to learn before you speak, or afterwards when people point out what you say is hurtful and ask you to avoid doing so in the future, that's the problem.

No. 983228

Agreed. All she had to do was say "I'm sorry, I didn't know" and it would have been fine.

No. 983230

File: 1591286334967.jpg (772.95 KB, 1080x1676, 20200604_175852.jpg)

Yeah… how could she know…

No. 983276

File: 1591292994479.jpg (558.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200604-194948_Chr…)

1 of 4

No. 983277

File: 1591293107424.jpg (403.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200604-195007_Chr…)

2 of 4

No. 983278

File: 1591293207912.jpg (581.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200604-195019_Chr…)

3 of 4

No. 983279

File: 1591293271295.jpg (425.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200604-195028_Chr…)

4 of 4
Do the work Mara? What can you do to confront your friends with their racist behaviour.

No. 983305


She isn’t going to confront them sadly. She would only say something if they weren’t vegan.

No. 983385

I love the pagan/witchy goth aesthetic is there at least one of the more popular IG types that doesn't suck?

Wondering what the next big thing will be. Cyberpunk lol?

No. 983407

Cottagecore is all the new hype. Like witchy paganism but ~cute~

No. 983415

File: 1591313501872.png (527.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200605-003104.png)

No. 983426

Is this new shitty Shillstat behavior or the same old art theft?

No. 983431

File: 1591315637654.jpg (309.42 KB, 1080x1411, Screenshot_20200605-010722_Chr…)

Thread on Twitter rn.

No. 983435

Sad, but not surprising.

No. 983483

File: 1591321880339.jpg (58.08 KB, 1280x720, Gay Frodo.jpg)


Wow! A company with overpriced low-quality products turns out to have equally shitty business practices? This is so shocking, I never would've guessed. First DollsKill, now these douchebags. Can't wait to see how this garbage fire plays out. Wonder if the other cows are gonna start covering their asses

No. 983637

File: 1591348851123.jpeg (337.03 KB, 828x1381, 1B0038C1-0D81-4A99-93DB-723D9D…)

Seems like lots of people are now not supporting or working with killstar, I bet the toxic two are worried now how bad they are looking for not also saying bye to killstar , the greeders who are so far up killstars arse for freebies , bet they are praying nobody pulls them up on it

Photo is of Dre not them , Just to show people leaving killstar

No. 983644


This is the milkiest thread in the god damn land
Sage for astonishment

No. 983672

Context is hard, isn't it?
Please, feel free to contribute some milk.

No. 983696

File: 1591368393204.jpg (241.08 KB, 1080x829, Screenshot_20200605-154627_Gal…)

No. 983697

File: 1591368420714.jpg (197.71 KB, 1080x628, 20200605_154653.jpg)

No. 983722

Wow. Killstar not exactly being on the knife's edge of wokeness is not a surprise to anyone. They're a shitty fast fashion company, so expectations are pretty low. But that is a terrible response. Just say nothing…

No. 983731

Kaya and Jake patting themselves on the back so hard about donating, more people need to call them out on them not cutting ties with Killstar so they can't ignore it.

No. 983748

I know what KreepsVille666's boss said, and the numerous things that DollsKill have done, and that BlackMilk were accused of art theft (I think?) but what did HellBunny do?

No. 983754

I was wondering the same thing. I've tried googling it
Which revealed that they have rarely used a non-white model, but I couldn't find anything else.

No. 983764

I think she has been calling out brands who have stayed silent on the BLM thing, one of which included Hell Bunny.
Unless they sell to DK as well.

No. 983790

File: 1591387620532.png (895.69 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200604-234551.png)

No. 983799

He's conveniently deleting these comments, so he's aware

No. 983814

Very on brand for him. Can't have the hoard not grow because of some inconvenient protests. That's something you stream about. Not something you miss out on free clothes over.

No. 983851

just went to the video this was commented on and yeah he deleted it, thanks for capping

No. 983852

File: 1591400568534.jpg (358.65 KB, 1080x1195, Screenshot_20200606-004249_You…)

The same commenter on Kaya's video that hasnt been acknowledged

No. 984037

Not just Kill Star is a shitty company. Manic Moth fucked over her POC friend for her fashion business, now she has the audacity pretending to be model SJW for Black Lives Matter. Fuck the hypocrites who are jumping the wagon! I hope she gets busted like Lauren.

No. 984041

All lives matter is a beautiful phrase that has been hijacked by racists in America, which is sad. Don't expect everyone in EU to understand the issue, especially not Adora. Her response is ignorant nonetheless.

No. 984096

Remember the t-shirt company which Manicmoth had a fallout with because she tried to accuse them wrongfully and slander them on IG? It's an immigrant family's business, their name is Sosa. How people don't see through her racist attitude is mind blowing. She pulled a white karen card like Amy Cooper on Christian Cooper, shame on her. Try to tank the business of hard-working people just to have an excuse not to deliver to her customers is trashy.

No. 984116

Goddammit. What the fuck is it with these viking bitches and racist bullshit?

No. 984480

Can you all shut the fuck up acting like you're all so moralistic. You use this forum to vent your hate on people who do not know you over the smallest little things such as being fat or having acne. Look at you all acting like your moral compass is so strong now lol. None of you ever cared if these companies use sweatshops or animal products or if there is any actual cruelty behind these companies but you all suddenly have such huge moral concern for companies now because they have not posted a stupid black square on social media. You can hate the brands but accusing them and everyone who supports them as racist, fascist neo-nazi's who are just as bad as murderous cops is severely mentally retarded behavior, even for farmers. Shut the fuck up sjw fags.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 984485

Aw. Is someone triggered?

No. 984637


Still not as triggered as all the black cock lovers here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 984681

Yeah just cos someone doesn't post an arbitrary black square doesn't make them a nazi, they could be doing stuff privately. And there's some people going ham with "support" who are only just doing for asspats. There are nuances to everything. But nuances don't spread on social media, snappy headlines and burning buildings do. Having said that, its a little telling that cows on here like the toxic twosome haven't said anything about killstar and dolls kill even when under fire in times like this. Saged this ofc.

No. 984686

File: 1591575803346.jpeg (63.19 KB, 518x279, BB2E5A53-372C-4722-83CB-43F6D2…)

Now the insta bios are being tweaked. What is going on here.

No. 984784

File: 1591604092831.jpeg (31.15 KB, 275x258, 1590530241900.jpeg)


Previous one for reference. Taken 'western culture'…

No. 984788

They're clearly aware of some sort of backlash. But it's weird how they felt comfortable saying this shit before, but suddenly back off.

No. 984789

i don't even follow this thread but came in to say as an outsider that this screams racists signalling to other racists and i hope i'm not jumping the gun with this. I have family around there like fucking wanterer of albion.. bard of the west country.. why are seemingly innocuous historical terms consistent dogwhistles

No. 984792

Sage for OT, but what happened to ReeReePhillips? I randomly thought of her with the Killstar drama going on. She seems to have deleted her Instagram and Facebook and hasn't uploaded anything to YouTube in 5 months. I know there was some drama with her dating life but I don't remember her announcing a hiatus.

No. 984808


No, you’re not jumping the gun - we’ve come to the same conclusion. We are just curious as to what may really be going on as their friends keep going MIA and now this.


That’s my confusion, too. I can only assume something is going on that we can’t see.

No. 984862

File: 1591640997967.jpg (105.02 KB, 307x389, poser.jpg)

adding on to the list of 'influencers' still promoting for shitty brands, erin mic-whatever needs all the clout and attention she can get since she isn't able to attend concerts and bother bands for youtube interviews. she touts herself as a seamstress and has had plenty of time on her hands, why not offer hand made or customized clothes? oh right, she likes the fashion and the music but doesn't want to actually be involved in the community.

No. 984899

> It's pretty entitled actually.

Yeah. Asking about the conduct of a brand you've actively made part of your social media presence sure is entitled. You're selfishly interfering with her abillity to get free stuff.

No. 984919

That's a good question. I actually forgot about her for a moment and she's been hella quiet in the last few months. You'd think she'd have something to say about the KillStar stuff going on. My guess is that she wanted to quietly disappear from social media if her drama with her dating life was that bad.

No. 984964

Wasn't she also working a lot more now that her ex wasn't bringing in the money?

Tinfoil, but if her ex and she have any kind of dispute, like financial or custodial, she might be staying away because of that. If she claims to need more money from him a lawyer might advise her to keep her haul videos offline for a while.

Or maybe she's just done with social media.

No. 985218

File: 1591724185846.jpeg (132.67 KB, 827x553, E0E17C65-AE3E-4BFE-A0C4-294169…)

After going MIA for a few days, Lauren has reappeared with a vague post about “family issues” and mental health/self care.

Perhaps she really did have some crazy family drama, but I have my doubts.

No. 985267

She had crazy family drama at the same time her white identity friends scrub their account? How interesting..

Also, notice how she mentions "current events" but says absolutely nothing about what those events are, or how she feels about them. Basically it's "stuff sure is happening." Which I usually don't care about. But with a trackrecord like hers it's just really noticable.

No. 985328

right, like how dare someone want to know an opinion about a current thing. anyone who is actually a punk would have no problem putting their thoughts out, especially towards a brand that is so super shitty. she just wants to wear tacky/slutty stuff and get noticed for her dumb hair, politics require common sense and actual thought processes.

No. 985652

Your tinfoil is actually kinda plausible. In the day and age of social media, it can definitely slip into court matters and in a case of claiming that you don't make all that much money yet you pump out numerous haul videos where I'm pretty sure they do get some monetary compensation when you have the numbers that she had, it can really backfire on your case. So I don't think it's at all a farfetched theory.

On the other hand you could also be right that perhaps she got tired of social media. I remember that was the case for Allison who obviously wasn't doing YouTube for money and she took a good long break before coming back so maybe that's what ReeRee is doing as well.

No. 985699

File: 1591822064739.jpeg (232.21 KB, 827x1120, 1AB20BCC-D3D3-4667-8CDD-386073…)


They are all just gross and slimy. Mara is still preaching to the choir yet breaking bread with these backwater toads.

No. 985936

She really is the worst kind of hypocrite. Way to "confront white people with their racism" Mara.

No. 985941

File: 1591877060558.jpg (587.83 KB, 1005x1383, 20200611_140336.jpg)

Attitudeholland is also still paying her to do the illustrations advertising their discount codes relating to the protest in a very noncommittal way. Class allround.

No. 986023

Erin is also now down to selling copies of old magazines and photos like crazy to make it. I’m sure she misses Joe’s income.

No. 986211

File: 1591919412013.jpeg (115.49 KB, 750x1334, 4C7F8394-B4D5-42E3-B063-E193D7…)

Daring to post this here cause Next Gen Instagrammers thread was locked without new thread due to it being shit, and this candidate could be an altcow.

Wanted to see if anyone other than me is interested in this nightmare - @strawberry.hayes.

20 yr old gobby Kent dweller who likes to beef with other instagrammers/timktonk/twitter edgelords. Generally while her kid is jumping around in background.

10% of me likes her balls out audacity, the remaining 90% knows she is a hell hound.
Current milk is calling out racists (good) and causing shit storms but you know there’s something else going on there.

Yes she has only fans - all boxes ticked.

No. 986220

guess that's what happens when you don't really have any creative skill/talent. do you know what he was doing? she was trying to get more acting roles but i can't imagine her being anywhere decent enough to be hired. what is she even doing now?

No. 986286

File: 1591930475264.jpg (529.39 KB, 1079x936, Screenshot_20200610-164652_Sam…)

Whoring it up. The shorts arent the focus and she knows it. She doesnt have an ass to show anyway

No. 986288

File: 1591930654794.jpg (304.2 KB, 1080x1269, Screenshot_20200610-143614_Sam…)

Such edge. Dead9irl

No. 986319

I have no clue who this person is but I hope the police dude is ok.

No. 986393

Naw. ACAB. but yes. We need some context here.

No. 986397

He was injured but didn't die. Couldn't find anything about the extent of his injuries online though. It happened in Mexico during the current protests if you want to search for yourself.

No. 986535

Thank you anon, I trust you, I think that's all I want to know about this situation at this point lol. End derail.

No. 986914

God this girl is like the poster image example of a poser goth in early 2000s fashion, the staples are all there lol.

No. 986934

Isn't this girl in a banner? I recognize her but I dont know who she is.

No. 987091

does anyone else watch Angela's livestreams? Sometimes she says things that are milky and I feel like would get posted here. I used to really enjoy them but this time the whole first 1~ hour of the stream was about black lives matter and after that her audience kept bringing up other alt youtubers trying to get her to spill milk on them. Eventually kai decadence got broight up, ange said she unfriended him (because of probably obvious reasons) then her audience just kept circle jerking over how much they hated him, then brought up JK Rowling out of the blue, saying how she's trash etc. I dipped out after that because it got too political for me.

No. 987097

Update; now she's doing madlibs

No. 987106

File: 1592106712669.png (2.96 MB, 828x1792, BEBE63EF-E4DE-4011-B683-19FD6E…)

Don’t do drugs kids

No. 987166

That child isn't on drugs, it's just mentally deficient. Really weird to see kids wearing the same exact shit the posers wore 15 years ago

No. 987180

How is that milk? Sounds like her audience was starting more shit than she was. And none of the statements you mention sound very milky to me.

No. 987190

I was convinced that was toopoor until I looked at the username fuck, I thought skinwalking layla was over

No. 987191

She looks nothing like toopoor kek she's just goth

No. 987199

Apparently "jaundice" is a hot new look.

No. 987206

So not goth

No. 987207

who realistically gives a fuck

No. 987215

I didn't say any of that stuff was milk, just that it was hardly watchable. And yeah her audience is always trying to start shit. But for example one time someone brought up IBF/Mattias one time in one of her older livestreams and she revealed that she had been friends with Mattias. Remember that tinfoil someone had a long time ago about IBF? Well apparently parts of that were true.

No. 987231

What tinfoil was that? Could you be more specific?

No. 987245

Honestly. dead9irl never claimed herself to be goth anyway

No. 987270

She skinwalks tp from the shitty graffiti on her bedroom walls right down to the tattoos and nose minimizing shoops

No. 987293

A few threads back someone said that IBF had secretly planned to get her greencard from marrying mattias while secretly still being with Mr Owl but Mattias found out because she left her laptop open. Angela said both sides cheated but it started with IBF and Mattias found out because she left her laptop open. She also said IBF and Mattias had 2 apartments and were decorating one of them, but IBF actually planned to live in the decorated one and have Mattias live in the other one but she didn't tell him that. I feel kind of bad sharing all this because I don't want Mattias to read it and disown Angela for saying this on her stream, but I also wanna share the milk lel.

No. 987302


What live stream did Angela say this on? That's super milky. Something was always off about IBFs relationships. Its like both times she has had a man lined up ready to run away to.

No. 987329

It was in one that's not up anymore unfortunately. She usually doesn't leave her livestreams up.

No. 987629

File: 1592221304712.png (4.08 MB, 828x1792, 91F10859-ED8E-4CC4-91E1-869349…)

Looks like dead9irl clothing Instagram was hacked lol

No. 987705

Was this the recent livestream she did on the past weekend? I didn't tune into that one but I'm actually surprised to hear that about Kai Decadence. Last I saw, they were on friendly terms. Why do people hate him? And what other YouTubers were they trying to get her to talk on? I'm guessing it was probably Black Friday and Jake Munro?

I vaguely remember that livestream. She didn't really explain all that much, just essentially that Black Friday wasn't being 100% honest about their relationship and why they split in the first place.

No. 987706

Kai is a TERF.

Who the hell is this girl?

No. 987725

> Kai is a TERF.

Oh I see.

No. 987749

So kinda new here but has any of these threads gone over the Louisemarie666 and EleshaAliceThorn Instagram drama? All kinds of milk happening

No. 987752

Ooh. Please tell!

No. 987782

No, Kai is a TEHM (trans exclusionary homosexual male) and yes that was the live stream this past weekend.

And yeah people always try to get her to shit talk Jake, Kaya and IBF. She doesn't usually take the bait though probably because she knows people are shitstirring.

No. 987790

she’s probably losing her shit

No. 987802

"TEHM", hmm that's new lol. Wow now I wish that I had watched the stream. Was it mostly her giving out about what she thought about him or was it the commenters?

I feel like with Jake, Kaya, and IBF, there's not much to talk about without repeating the same thing that Jake & Kaya are posers and lack self-awareness and IBF is desperate for relevancy and while the thing about her and Matthias is interesting, it's so old now that I don't think you can really say much about it.

No. 987854

File: 1592258905374.jpeg (370.33 KB, 640x925, 18109473-821D-4764-A7E2-ED5F36…)

Oh boy ok here we go, so at first glance this shitstorm looks like a petty as hell “she’s copying me!” Middle school drama. That’s what I thought when it first popped up on my feed but damn does it just get wild.
I’ll keep it short you can read Louises full Instagram about this shit. So apparently Elesha worked with Louises baby daddy and started a home wrecking mission of getting close to baby daddy and pretending to be louises buddy. She some how “manipulated” baby daddy to take a break and start living with her and of course the fucking commenced. So while that’s happening Louise is losing her mind almost killed herself ended up having a miscarriage, later baby daddy repents and the dumbass takes his cheating ass back. After all this is just 5 yrs if Elesha bulling and a CREEPY amount of skin walking and Louise finally came forward with a whole Instagram page with her side of things

No. 987878


tbh i have seen like 800 girls post a photo exactly like this, neither of them are original

No. 987896

Yes but these two seem to have a major connection and beef. It's obviously a straight copy.
But are there more examples to let us know?

No. 987905

File: 1592265244778.jpeg (393.11 KB, 640x833, 120EFF8F-A6B2-497E-969A-EAF59A…)

Oh boy is there lol

No. 987907

File: 1592265302955.jpeg (404.66 KB, 640x794, CDF8FD3E-8827-4FA3-B116-2F3FC3…)

No. 987909

File: 1592265427908.jpeg (348.89 KB, 640x910, 557958EE-44B1-41DD-B7BA-89AE65…)

No. 987910

File: 1592265475515.jpeg (301.96 KB, 640x824, 4FA1FF1C-5387-4B57-8409-A8F39C…)

And these are just a couple posts

No. 987911

Thanks for the milk! Yay

No. 987946

Seconded. That’s batshit. Just going through it now.

No. 988049

Exactly. Thanks Anon. This is some Single White Female shit. Excellent milk!

No. 988061

That's just creepy. I don't blame her for blasting this online.

No. 988089


Yeah the intertwined personal life biz just makes it even more weird tbh. I had a "friend" do this and it was some extension of her personality disorder/extreme manipulation. Cut that shit out and get away while you can.

Louise should not have taken that guy back, just nope.

No. 988105

How the fuck has this guy got off so lightly? That’s gotta fucking sting. Pictures of post-fuck with a younger, more attractive skin-walker who doesn’t have to be a mom, ergo can be as available as he wants. Is he claiming brain damage, cause really that’s what you’d need to have to be manipulated by an ethot. I know they have kids and better to stay together for them, but, Jesus. Also the faker seems to have a lot more clout because I don’t know why. I feel so sorry for this woman.

No. 988166

I can understand that, I find with bpd I have a really bad habit of idolizing someone and because of that I'll change not only my appearance but also my personality to mirror them then just like that I'll move on to the next person that I just kind of honestly obsess over.(blogging)

No. 988597

Wow, it's like Katie and Emalee…

No. 988640

I never bought this version of the story. It was just something someone took out of their ass on a past thread and never had any proof besides them saying so. It really surprises me to see Angela talk about this now, since it's been so long. Did she said mattias told her that? even if he did, who can guarantee its true? He's known to be a not very good person in the german scene

This whole IBF changing fiances and countries never seemed like a masterfully crafted plan like some people want to push on altcows. Please, Freya can't manage her life to the littlest of things, she has literally zero control over herself, her emotions etc

Do you really think she and Mr Owl were pretending that she abandoned him and moved on a stupid whim, pretending to be in love with 2 new people, fucking these people, moving in with these people while being secretly together. Really? Do you see Freya, who's totally emotionally unstable to the point of ruining her life being aok with this? For a visa? She doesn't possess this coldness or determination.

The way I see it, it was always obvious she was freaking out with boredom with her life: thousand years dating the same guy, living in a country that wasn't good enough for her dreams of being the most stereotypical goth 24/7…

I'm not defending her, by the way! She was shitty to mr owl, dumb, fucked her own life and keeps digging the grave… but I don't think she's an evil mastermind, just a regular shitty person who don't think about others when acting etc

I bet you she was bored as fuck with life and mr owl, and when she met mattias at some festival amd he was oh so charming to her because he is like this to anyone with a slit, she felt special, she felt like she belonged, now everything was going to be wonderful! A new guy, who is sooo in love with me and we're gonna live here in germany goth paradise and everything will be perfect, "I just HAVE TO do it, fuck it, I'll do whatever I can, it WILL happen" and proceeded to fuck her life in a thousand levels as we already know.
She got carried away and thought very little of the consequences of this decision. Specially because she didn't even actually knew the guy at all, and from what I understood they started to hate and be shitty to each other really quick, only being ok for the time of shooting videos.

So, the way I see it: more pathetic than evil mastermind.

No. 988717

File: 1592443840148.jpg (339.95 KB, 1080x1412, Screenshot_20200615-102533_Sam…)

Maybe dont get on a man's bed unless you want to fuck?
Just adult thoughts.

No. 988756

sitting on someones bed is apparently implied consent now? that isn't just adult things, that's just rapist things kek

No. 988763

Did I say it was ok? Dont be a dumbass though

No. 988766

That's not how that works at all, Jan.

No. 988771

Fuck off back to 1920.

No. 988780

This ain't it anon.

No. 988837

What the fuck? Someone needs a primer on consent.

There seems to be one Anon posting about this girl, and nithing they provide is milk, except maybe the burning cop picture.

No. 988850

Kaya has been officially diagnosed with ADHD.

No. 988933

They were doing the same thing in the Instathots thread.

No. 988973

Looks like we have a vendettaChan here.

No. 989012

Yea that was mentioned in the toxic tears/jake thread a while ago.

She also said there was a "whole big drama" that she can't talk about. I'm guessing she means the drama that happened with her neighbors that she tweeted about then deleted. I don't know what it was about though as I never saw the tweets.

No. 989515

Oof, when you didn't even notice she was gone. Girls needs some new ideas, don't need another 7000 unboxings and GRWMs.

No. 989933

I feel like that's what happens when you don't have any interests. I mean she has all those books on her shelves so she reads right? Why not talk about some of her favorite books? At least it'll be different from the usual unboxing and GRWM crap she farts out.

No. 989979

File: 1592652390169.jpg (13.47 KB, 291x208, aG4nt4M.jpg)

Looks like Avelina is confirming that she broke up with her husband in her latest insta.

No. 990014

So horseface is a single mom now. I guess hubby got tired of stroking her ego.

No. 990365

She hasn't even read the Harry Potter books yet claims to be a die hard fan

No. 990597

File: 1592747269131.png (1.06 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200621-144719.png)

No. 990699

Goodbye Moon Moon. I'm glad you spent your final days with someone who had your best interests in mind. If the Anon who had her reads this, thank you for looking after her.

Now lets hope Freeza doesn't get any more pets.

No. 990716

She will inevitably, her life is one big bad decision.

No. 990941

File: 1592779329745.png (1.19 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200621-234115.png)

No. 991040

File: 1592784324581.jpeg (458.01 KB, 1242x2144, A4033093-CB15-472C-AD8A-BCDF57…)

Imagine being such a douche that you wear sunglasses in all your family portraits. Gross

No. 991356

That poor animal. Shipped around like an orphan. She's so irresponsible. Too busy shilling for Killstar and seen for meet and greets than taking care of an animal she decided to own. Seriously awful.

No. 991358

I bet he paid himself.

No. 991372

what the fuck he doesn't even have shoes on. How much of a fuckin primate can you be and how desperate can a woman be to show off this photo.

No. 991378

How would anyone notice his totally sick pedicure with shoes on?

No. 991561

He looks like an over the hill Pittbull impersonator who lives in his car.

No. 991667


He has to stand while she sits in photos because he's 5'6 and she's 5'9 lol

No. 991738


Yeah. Normally I'd say that guys shouldn't feel insecure about something as silly as being shorter than their partner. But looking at his douchy fucking face makes it very clear there is no point in bothering. It's as if some evil scientist wanted to distill toxic masculinity into one person, and then just let this asshole roam free.

No. 991748

Surely his wife has some peeptoe platforms he could borrow.

No. 993096

Update. She deleted this comment. Or it's gone anyway

No. 994082

File: 1593040573061.jpg (412.23 KB, 1200x1765, Screenshot_20200625-011225.jpg)

So i've been looking for the right thread to post this, but i recently fount out thay Logan South, fulltime vampire boy, has been arrested.
What do you guys think about him and this situation?

No. 994109

I knew that guy looked familiar…that's the vampire guy that Shane Dawson interviewed 2 years ago. Well, it seems in 2 years they are both in hot water now….

No. 994202

File: 1593053046142.png (792.15 KB, 750x1334, 12EE638B-6ABA-41B3-B31B-2C1AC7…)

Anyone see dracs latest post?

No. 994205

File: 1593053103730.png (334.56 KB, 750x1334, EBA6D29B-8670-4FCF-B1C5-4EA571…)

No. 994255

outing herself as being a former fashion goth, she doesn't even talk about the music. at least she's not painting her face white any more but i feel like she's purposely darkening her lip hair for ~quirky~ points.

No. 994257

So what did vladislav the poker do? Do we know?

No. 994398

Yeah I noticed this too anon, not a lick about the goth music hmm? Yeah if she cared that much about looks, it's pretty clear she may have only gotten into Goth just for fashion and thus, kinda poserish. I can't even remember if she actually made videos in the past talking about the music, it's been so long. I want to say that she did and so just like Sebastian Columbine, she actually did experience the actual Goth scene via music but just may have found other interests and wasn't as into the music anymore,

No. 994798

She has an ungodly long "Intro to Goth" video that's still up; the music is the first thing she mentions
>without the goth bands I really don't think goth would exist
And then recommends some "popular within the subculture" bands
>The Cure, Depeche Mode, Sisters of Mercy, um The Cramps, uh Alien Sex Fiend, um 45 Grave, Siouxsie, trying to think, it's so hard to think of music off the top of your head oh! Joy Division, Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, God Module, mmmm, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, I can't think of other ones right now
Later mentions "Thrill Kill Kult", David Bowie and The Smiths

No. 994856

File: 1593085576170.jpg (340.23 KB, 1133x2015, 91188485_10156992344193344_733…)

This is all i could find on it. However. On the post of VCN there are many people who are coming out, accusing Logan of sexual assault and using his vampire group to send hate to whomever disagrees with him. He's also, allegedly, a raging alcoholist.

No. 995139

No shit! I'd love to see the details. I posted about him before, I've been to an event of his.

No. 995141


No. 995204

Oh man I forgot about this video, thanks for the remind post anon. Eh, she mentioned bands that aren't Goth in regards to The Cramps, Depeche Mode, God Module, Skinny Puppy, The Smiths, Bowie, Thrill Kill Kult, and Nine Inch Nails BUT she did at least mention actual Goth bands like Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Siouxsie, and 45 Grave so I'll give her a pass lol.

I'll just assume that she just found other interests and moved on from the music, albeit in a more annoying way because you don't have to let your likeness for a kind of music to take away from other aspects of your life.

No. 996131

File: 1593186033376.jpeg (272.9 KB, 1167x2056, 0B706F49-4E7F-41C8-8220-D0557A…)

Avelina confirms she and Von separated 6months ago, only has kids on some days, launched a Patreon to support herself.

No. 996162

I wonder if anyone will be dumb enough to donate.

No. 996248

Wasn’t Avelina’s dad loaded? Von has to be well off too, she spent thousands and thousands per month on goth everything and working on the house like it’s the damn Winchester home. What is she offering on her patreon?

No. 996473



Why is it so hard for these people to either get a job to hold them over or develop themselves in a way that they don’t have to ebeg?

No. 996483

She’s offering more covers and music as well as her music writing process

No. 996923

Mai hasn't uploaded on youtube in over three months. Wonder if she's burned out or afraid of fallout. It's not like her to miss out on revenue.

No. 997035

File: 1593272431483.jpg (222.75 KB, 870x1194, 20200627_173538.jpg)

Someone's been cowtipping on Mara's latest video.

She also seems to be making a massive style shift. She seems to be going for a vintage-y colorfull cottagecore thing now, and keeps talking about her "new style."

No. 997193

Maybe another grandparent died and left her a little something something?

No. 997198

File: 1593286885314.png (86.85 KB, 921x579, psycharafelvae.PNG)

No. 997311

Mara doesn’t care her BFFs are racist. The only conversations I can imagine them having are “let us build New Albion, bruv!” and how those icky brown people lower the national GDP by 12%.

No. 997336

Sage for ot and older comment but I saw Louise’s bully call out ig a couple days after she made it and I’m pretty sure I remember Katie leaving a long, supportive comment on one of the pics before she left ig!! At least they know they’re not alone in their experiences
(Also ot but related to altcows, jack always reminded me of Jake for some reason, just a cringey negligent arrogant narc lmao)

No. 997337

We know she lurks here. So this is extremely disingenuous.

No. 997654

File: 1593332315723.png (449.39 KB, 1846x1620, screenshot 0225747.png)

I also saw the cowtipping

No. 997686

But she didn’t “call” her out on it in the way she seems to be insinuating, like she did it publicly.

I find it hard to believe she just assumed it was “British history stuff”. She is trying really hard to make it seem like she didn’t know what was going on, but it is clear she knew about or saw what was being said.

No. 997724

File: 1593342484530.jpeg (471.61 KB, 828x936, 76D737C3-2FA4-44A9-8080-001AC7…)


They got her on twitter too…

No. 997753

Oh. The cringe is real.

No. 997756

This picture makes her look like she's puzzled at having fingers.

Psychara lurks here. She and her friend Sem have even adressed romours about them not being friends that came up on these boards. She has also been accused of posting here about M&M. She has seen all this shit.

Also, if this guy is talking about bloodlines and shit, how do you think that's just british history?

No. 997763

File: 1593348205678.jpg (533.67 KB, 1080x1809, 20200628_143927.jpg)

Commenting on a super old post. They sure showed her…

Speaking of being an idiot on Twitter, Ruadhan is saying keeping kids home and closing schools during the pandemic is "child abuse."

He's also asking for a new helmet to go with the new bike he's still ebegging for.

No. 997824

File: 1593356438178.jpeg (95.12 KB, 827x872, CC2EA491-9D57-49F9-96EE-529917…)

Not only is that tweet old as fuck, the felvae on Twitter is a completely different person. I know people mean well but this doesn’t help.

Mara deleted the cowtip I think.

Since I was on youtube, I was able to find more interesting shit on some Helgafell videos.

No. 997830

File: 1593357028586.jpeg (186.31 KB, 828x1638, 8D18E5F1-8069-4916-9846-69F71C…)

Another friend of Felvae’s who follows Varg shit. Since Mara insists it is just “british history”. This time, it’s Marie.

No. 997831

File: 1593357078652.jpeg (184.48 KB, 819x1609, 2F494A66-DF21-4522-ABA8-906181…)

No. 997834

File: 1593357479410.jpeg (85.79 KB, 828x279, 77E7BDB1-1C58-4A1B-8004-2EB928…)

I actually wonder if this might be Adam’s account? But then they have rap stuff on their channel so it just adds to the confusion.

No. 997851


It's really funny how all these people who are "just into british history" keep accidentally supporting nazis.

Which is weird. Because most history buffs I know have never had that happen to them. But I guess these girls are just especially unlucky.

No. 997860

File: 1593361305040.png (497.64 KB, 1188x582, Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 17.1…)


Yes I suspected it is Adam's account. If you search his username feigsfar it comes up as linked to this youtube channel, which previously had some videos of him playing metal covers badly.

No. 997861

It might be Adam. Lots of music production and survivalist shit.


No. 997863


They are definitely watching this thread, he took down the videos from his channel in the last few weeks so I'm sure this will vanish soon too (poss along with the wessex warrior insta account).

Much warrior, so brave, etc etc.

No. 997874

Why don’t they just own up to it? They can just get a new fanbase of other racist survivalists anyway, they would probably make more money that way lol.

No. 997878


I think because Lauren is more high profile, the fanbase she has is less tolerant of racism and probably they earn more money from her online presence than he will ever do from his tedious racist music.

No. 997889

I guess I will never understand their reasoning. Even though their beliefs are horrid, I have some respect for people who own up to it instead of playing characters and deleting evidence when caught.

No. 997894

Makes sense. They've been purging a bunch of their more overtly fasci friends for a while now. I guess they'll give up on their plan of starting a survivalist training camp thing now.

No. 997922

>I don't know why you're making assumptions about private matters
I love how these girls always revert to "muh private matters!!1!!!1" whenever they get called out on shit. You made yourselves into public online figures as your jobs. It's fine when people only compliment you on your awesome posts but suddenly your entire life is actually private if you get called out on it

No. 997979

>it's important that I very publicly talk about how not racist I am, and list all the things I've done calling out racism. But if anyone questions me about it this is intruding on my privacy.

I wonder if her current style/image change is because of the bridges she's burning, and she's looking for a new demographic. Lauren also went all tradwife soft florals. Maybe Mara is trying to ride the cottagecore train out of hot water.

No. 998042

I think she adapts her personality to whatever "group" she's with. When she was friends with Mai and Annika, she was an aloof baddie. When she's with Senn, she's goofy and sweet. I notice since she started hanging around Lauren, she started doing nude photography and now she's dabbling in wearing lighter clothes. Lauren also went from traditional goth/metal, then cyber viking, to this weird Guinevere in the Tower shit, which doesn't go that well with her tattoos.

No. 998059

It's kind of sad. She got ousted by one friendgroup only to end up with a bunch of white supremacists.

If she were to call out lauren and marie she'd lose her last friends with internet clout, and her mini-me's. That has got to sting after whatever the fuck went down between her and M&M.

No. 998070

>It's kind of sad. She got ousted by one friendgroup only to end up with a bunch of white supremacists.

It is in a way, but she seems to need a group to cling to. She has had plenty of opportunities to be alone and work on herself. This is not going to end well.

No. 998109

File: 1593385689394.png (1.33 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200628-235631.png)

No. 998111

File: 1593385720633.png (917.53 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200629-000631.png)

No. 998340

>He's known to be a not very good person in the german scene
where did you hear that? can you go into more detail?

>This whole IBF changing fiances and countries never seemed like a masterfully crafted plan like some people want to push on altcows

no one is saying that right now. they are just saying she cheated. you don't have to masterfully plan cheating

>Do you really think she and Mr Owl were pretending that she abandoned him and moved on a stupid whim, pretending to be in love with 2 new people, fucking these people, moving in with these people while being secretly together. Really?

again, angela didn't say anything about a greencard or it being planned out or anything like that

>She was shitty to mr owl, dumb, fucked her own life and keeps digging the grave… but I don't think she's an evil mastermind, just a regular shitty person who don't think about others when acting etc

agree she was shitty to mr owl, but I still don't care. dude seems like an asshole himself and dated a 16 year old as soon as he had a chance.

>So, the way I see it: more pathetic than evil mastermind.

again, nobody here right now is saying she's an evil mastermind or that this was carefully planned out. I agree she's impulsive and impulsive people are probably more likely to cheat.

No. 998346

File: 1593409012836.jpeg (62.17 KB, 795x379, 2DC582C3-CE0F-4B64-B804-912C9A…)

Yeah it’s his account. I stalked it a while back and it had videos of him doing metal covers on it. Also look in his history playlist before he deletes it bc I can’t cap it with his username in the screenshot. Found this gem. Circumstantial of course but it all adds up. Not that anyone suspected he was left-wing to begin with.

No. 998348


Archive.is it

No. 998350

File: 1593409335411.jpeg (80.33 KB, 828x439, 7FC76E47-962C-47A4-ACC3-5B5D59…)

Also here you go guys. From Warrior of Wessex (Adam’s) ‘survival’ playlist. Just as I suspected. Evidence of Varg love. Explain that, Felvae and Psychara.

No. 998351

File: 1593409740716.png (658.37 KB, 1792x828, 118ACE9A-46C2-408B-943C-642797…)

Found in Warrior of Wessex (Adam’s) ‘Reality’ playlist.

No. 998358

File: 1593410560900.jpeg (642.72 KB, 828x1628, BC3F92F6-9643-422B-BA82-9BB180…)

He seems kind of autistic or mildly koo koo. Science playlist is filled with pop filler shit you see with the goofs like “we are living in the 18th dimension” and “enter the quantum universe”. And then the whole doomsday/societal collapse shit.

No. 998367


Archive this shit already.

No. 998368

Have done. Also archived his subscriptions since he’s subscribed to a LOT of channels that are popular with alt-right types and racists.

Honestly can’t wait for Felvae and Psychara to claim they didn’t know about this too. Every single time they claim to be oblivious something comes out to suggest they weren’t.

No. 998388


thumbs up

Post the links here and then archive this thread.

No. 998422

Good work Anon!

No. 998449

File: 1593425625304.jpg (337.97 KB, 954x1272, 20200629_121254.jpg)

Basically Mara.

No. 998519

The thread pic is the dumbest sperg I’ve ever seen. It’s likely that pale “whites” evolved long after blacks and dark people migrated to Europe. Sorry but not only are white people not superior but you’re also a bottom of the barrel white, with no talent and integrity, foaming at the mouth because of a long dead dark skinned girl in Europe. Stupid cunt.

No. 998520

Why won’t he put pics of her on his profile if he’s going to leech off of her? The one post he had that concerned her was a pic of their engagement rings, and instead of talking about her he just wrote some boring pretentious sperg about the sanctity of marriage or some shit. What a fucking douche.

No. 998526

File: 1593439402460.jpeg (316 KB, 750x865, 738D4527-3743-4743-AFAE-3886CB…)

Literally doesn’t even mention her by name other than calling her “my lady”. Actually you’re HER man since you can’t even get your own fans you manlet douche

No. 998557

She@s his tradwife, remember?vshe herself isn't that important. Her value lies in what she can do for her big strong warrior.

And presumably the pureblooded aryan babies that she'll start pumping out once hagar the witless puts a ring on it.

No. 998562

File: 1593445191697.jpg (479.87 KB, 1080x1676, 20200629_173849.jpg)

Sounds about right…

No. 998590

File: 1593446750813.jpeg (38.1 KB, 804x340, 439F2C33-19D9-475C-8D45-ABB7F7…)

> Psychara and Felvae: “omg we didn’t know, it’s honestly just nymphcreature and now we’re not friends with her anymore don’t worry…

> Meanwhile, Feigsfar’s playlists:

No. 998595

She is such a fucking liar. I have a very hard time believing this fucker has never shown any signs of bigotry in her presence.

No. 998606

look up 'cheddar man' on youtube or elsewhere and read the comments if you want to see some real spergs, lmao.

No. 998634

It’s all a slippery slope to white/straight/male supremacy. If she thinks for a second that a racist man won’t be trying to subjugate her then she’s even stupider than she looks

No. 998639

Kek I can’t bear it anon. Homo sapiens migrated to Europe from Africa so all these white trash greebos have black ancestors. Fuck them. I hate people that try to distort fascinating history to satiate their own inferiority/superiority complex.

No. 998675

File: 1593456404051.jpeg (104.08 KB, 828x350, DCCA8495-5CD8-4262-81FB-69F5E6…)

No. 998682

Hell. Nor were the vikings they have such a huge racial boner for. The vikings travelled all over, including to areas we would now identify as inhabited by POC. They brought these people back as slaves, and often had children with them. These kids would also be slaves, but not because of their race. And could become free, own property, grow rich and powerful, and marry into the community. The vikings didn't give a shit. They didn't view themselves as a racial community, and they weren't. We have stories of Vikings of Color. And they would have pillaged the fuck out of the Wanker of Wessex.

But this is the kind of racist trash that also think of Jesus as white… so…

No. 998691

If you tell them this their excuse is always something something progandanda and that the “elites” or whatever have manipulated their history and shit.

No. 998780


I remember on St George's day she made these fucking weird stories encouraging people to "explore their english heritage"

and yeah… st george was brown sooo…

No. 998793

And a Christian. Which doesn’t mesh well with the rune sperging.

No. 998823

File: 1593469793492.png (206.99 KB, 335x629, Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 22.4…)


Yeah she has promoted his band countless times, puts him all over her insta but he barely acknowledges her on his. She seems insecure and he is definitely using her.

No. 998827

File: 1593470188006.jpg (1.08 MB, 4000x2645, felvfar.jpg)


Lauren is lying, she is complicit. No one says this kind of stuff casually. It's evident from Nymphcreature's entire internet presence that they talked openly about Varg, white nationalism etc in front of Mara too.

No. 998841

She legit sounds like a drone: "Yes, we must protect dah chirruns", "let us play and dance in the fields of Saxon gold for soon the Muslims will come…"

No. 998843

Jesus. Hope for Europe?

Lauren seems super happy to be an Aryan breedmare. That's pathetic.

No. 998855

Notice how he talks about "my children" and she talks about "our children."

No. 998870

File: 1593474178236.jpeg (217.71 KB, 828x1327, AA3B801D-5470-43E9-88AD-C5DE84…)

How do you go from dorky Black Sabbath fan girl to shacking up with this doughy fuck and his imaginary kids?

No. 998871

File: 1593474343138.png (427.42 KB, 902x395, Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 00.4…)


And the thing is - he's dead weight. He just made a massive deal about getting 1k followers when she's on 100k - does't quite fit the strong male provider Vs subservient domestic tradwife trope for her to be much more successful.

No. 998874

Speaking of which, she recently uploaded a video of the weakling of wessex building a literal rickety stickhoyse that the three little pigs would be deeply ashamed of, and builds a fire. She frames this like this is the single most manly achievement any man has ever undertaken. Then they sit around poking at the fire for a bit like twee nerds.

If this is the plan for the mighty brood that will save the future of Europe, I think the mighty uprising will take some time to get off the ground.

No. 998875

Glad to see he's tackling that persistent back itch.

No. 998881

I remember when she posted this video, thinking it was kind of odd, and now knowing the probable true intention behind it makes my stomach churn. You can tell looking back that they were slowly working their way into pushing this whole racial separationist camp shit and that Adam was essentially using her femininity to draw people in.

No. 998996

File: 1593493892847.jpeg (64.32 KB, 828x581, 2EFD1A71-1C8B-4A3B-8662-A15FE4…)

honk honk

No. 999074

My boyfriend when I was fifteen would make little shacks like this for us to smoke w33d in lmao.

No. 999075

She was always a fashion goth. Musically she'd just blurt out very popular 80s bands Walter introduced her to, and never delved any further than that. She changed her hair once because people commented her deathhawk "looked weird". I'm quite tired of her newfound faux pro-Latino persona on IG as well, it's so forced. She even adopted a bootleg Frida Kahlo look to seem more authentic.

Who's going to tell them actual "trad" types are Christian/Catholic conservatives and have boners for the 50s? None of them would want either of these weirdos. Varg himself hates metalheads, he thinks they're morons.

No. 999097

Not just christians. There's a pretty big pagan trad community too. And it's not so much about religion as it is about gender roles and racial "purity." Making sure you make lots of white babies. It's super fucked up.

No. 999196

Lol Anon.

So at least you spent your time better and more productively than these assholes.

No. 999281


Varg hates metalheads? Isn't he a metalhead himself? It's a bit dumb on his part to openly dislike metalheads since a vast majority of his fans are there because of Burzum…

No. 999315

Varg says wildly contradictory things all the time. Which makes sense, because it's hard to be both a logical consistent person and a neonazi. They're kind of mutually exclusive.

I'd feel sorry for Lauren being influenced by the Wanker of Wessex and drinking the mead-flavouver kool-aid. But she clearly knows what she's doing. Otherwise she wouldn't be trying to hide it so much. The fact that she is so twofaced and decietfull about it makes it even worse.

No. 999521

Probably tinfoil. But do you think Manic Mooch and Mai ditched Mara because of this shit? Or is that giving them too much credit?

No. 999802

I actually thought about it after I posted because…what if they did? They seemed really mad at her, but if it was her being associated with softcore nazis, I would assume they would have said something and outed her because they really, really wanted to destroy her. Instead they also acted equally autistic and started sperging out everywhere and cutting off random people just because they associated with Mara. I don't think anyone knew or cared enough about Lauren to really pay any attention to their racist shit, since she never went to any of the big festivals until after that shit went down.

No. 999824

File: 1593558470592.png (578.1 KB, 744x856, cde99cc2df8e7e22edfdf1e61c4e9a…)

No wonder jake doesnt have sex with her anymore. jesus christ

No. 1000148

As if Jake is much more appealing

No. 1000318

Exactly. I'm pretty sure the thoughy of stumpy and his soft doughy physique doesn't exactly make her go weak at the knees either.

No. 1000486

File: 1593626189266.jpeg (234.03 KB, 828x495, 318F80C1-6C70-43D5-A7C6-FAB177…)

Well, you can’t harass and bully your friends offline for being racists anymore since it is your own behavior being caught. So do you spite your own face? These are difficult decisions to be made in the Land of the Thuleans.

No. 1000505

A wonderful support system indeed. Your proud warrior hubby needs someone to push his nazi bullshit. Better be a good little tradthot and get back to posting.

No. 1000508

Felvae and her boyfriend are not alone in that they hide their problematic views. I have noticed this pattern with all Varg fanboys that I have met. I knew a guy who was active in my metal scene who seemed initially ok but I noticed a few giveaways such as saying “degenerate” or “subhuman” in casual conversation, sperging about mead being superior and posting Burzum tracks on social media. Not to mention he was obsessed with his german heritage despite being an American mutt. Whenever called out he denied everything and claimed not to be racist although it was quite clear.. these people will always play dumb and deny everything. Maybe it’s a tactic that uncle Varg taught them.

No. 1000612

A Patreon because she's now separated? Omg. Girl… maybe you shouldn't be bragging about spending thousands of dollars at Sephora or acting like your house is something from a reality tv show. Get some perspective and stop being a high maintenance bogan.

No. 1000642

File: 1593639399346.jpeg (212.69 KB, 828x1162, D388EB2A-23E8-49B8-B061-A312BB…)

Smells fishy

No. 1000661

Nobody cares about this girl. There is no milk here.

No. 1000714

Yeah. I've never met any vargfans who weren't racist. If you're willing to at best overlook calls for ethnic cleansing for the sake of some tunes, you are already starting from a terrible baseline.

What I'm wondering is why M&M are keeping this quiet about it. As mentioned before, they are actively out to ruin Mara. And Mai has a habit of lurking here. Remember when farmers found her super expensive house and she freaked out? Why are they holding back now?

No. 1000803

If they're aware of what is going on, they probably are just letting things happen naturally and allowing her to reap the rewards of her own stupidity. The racist drama is better than anything they could have ever dreamed up because she chose to associate herself with these people, and she continues to publicly defend Lauren and Adam.

Plus, I am sure they don't want to be scrutinized for perhaps their own behavior, and people in the pagan community always seem to have this weird discomfort around confronting racism, even when it is blatantly obvious. If they call out the Saxon clan for being racist, then they have to confront a lot of other people, too, and that's just not as fun as taking sexy pics in the forest.

No. 1000961


Yeah they are almost certainly fash adjacent too. They don't want to rock that particular boat when they play up to the volkish tropes just as much as Lauren and Mara.

Ultimately they are all quite shallow and calculating - calling out this kind of behaviour requires a level of self-reflection about your own actions and associations especially when dabbling in Norse paganism but I'm certain they will just carry on painting runes on their faces and pretending they are witches.

No. 1000969


If you're anti-racist you should be open about it. Especially when you're wearing a lot of symbols from e.g. Norse mythology that are used a lot by actual nazis.
I don't get how you wouldn't care about this and ignore it.

No. 1000983

File: 1593693383801.jpg (334.51 KB, 896x897, 20200702_143335.jpg)

The thing that gets me is Mara always talking about how antiracist she is and being such a great ally. And then this shit.
In a lot of her illustration work for attitudeholland she depicts people with different skintones and bodytypes. And that's great. But her depictions of POC always end up looking kind of like caricatures. I dunno. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.

No. 1000984

File: 1593693429051.jpg (263.3 KB, 917x917, 20200702_143312.jpg)

As contrasted with her depictions of white girls.

No. 1001011

They have never really been interested in social justice issues until recently. I have never heard them once say anything about human rights since I started keeping up with them. It has always been trees, vegan food, and festivals. They’re shallow.

No. 1001095

ffs kaya just change your diet and eat healthy. I guess all those skin products she was using hasn't helped with the insane amount of acne

No. 1001175

File: 1593721307376.png (1.65 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200702-212122.png)

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