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File: 1580555843150.jpeg (312.3 KB, 1012x941, 22EE6573-28ED-4105-B167-43C3BB…)

No. 926664

Thread for those involved in the goth community and other notorious altcows who whinge, binge, and beg their way through festivals and endless Killstar hauls.

Previous thread: >>893423


Jake Munro & Toxic Tears/Kaya
It's Black Friday
Adora Batbrat
Kat von D & Leafar Seyer
Of Herbs and Altars/Dorian
Aurelio Voltaire
The Witchy Goth Gang
Sebastian Columbine
Dre Ronayne
Erin Micklow
Avelina de Moray
Drac Makens
Julia Zelg & Eileen Van Arden
Father Sebastian/Todd Hoyt
Emily Boo
Jude Bishop
Orlee Stewart

No. 926666

I honestly don't understand why won't anyone bring new cows? Don't tell me that IBF, TT and Jake are the only cringeworthy people in the scene. The thread doesn't have to be only about youtubers either, I remember someone bringing an instagram goth who allegedly robbed a blind person, and she happens to be rather popular in the community. It's an anonymous imageboard, c'mon! Discuss anyone!

No. 926672


I agree but people are stuck on Freyja, TT, and Jake unfortunately.

No. 926693

But they have been bringing new cows? The thread pic is literally of a new cow.. We also discussed Sebastiaan a few threads back who is probably the most cow of all the cows, but hasn't been very milky lately. Same with Voltaire.

(Btw love the thread pic, kudos)

No. 926717

It's good to see a fresh face and fresh bullshit, but, again, all of them are youtubers. I mean, it's cool, but don't tell me that only youtubers can be cows.

No. 926734

Sebastiaan isn't really a youtuber. Like, he has a YouTube channel but it's miniscule and not what he's famous for.

No. 926744

I think it's a matter of the places people lurk. For example, I don't really lurk on Twitter or Instagram all that much. I mostly just lurk about on Youtube which is why I only ever really was engaged with the IBF, Toxic Tears, Jake, and Dorian. Oh and Dre Ronayne, Hello Batty, & Social Repose back when they were doing what they were doing.

I know someone brought up that Orlee chick in the last thread but I think the only reason I never heard of her was because I don't seek out occultist Youtubers since it's not really my thing.

No. 926772

this is a good point, but there have been some non-YT cows that just got forgotten or weren't milky enough.

a few threads back there was some goth alt-right/white nationalist guy on twitter. I can't remember his name though. he just sort of got forgotten.

someone brought this chick in the last thread who vaguely looked like adora and had a terrifyingly small waist who was only on instagram. but she wasn't really a cow I guess.

and who could forget kady rae? that whole thing was weird though and apparently it was raven posting her here.

No. 926830

Does anyone have milk on why Dre Ronayne and her boyfriend just broke up? She was visiting him in Mexico for the longest time and everything seemed fine until she got back home. They both purged their instagrams of each other completely and are not following each other.

Also, Alexis Marcelo seems milky in his own right; he comes across as condescending when interacting with his followers on Instagram, imo.

No. 926855

Most likely because they were milky enough but the same is being done with the current main cows that get discussed here. It's just getting a bit redundant with the main ones but the newer ones being brought up just don't seem interesting enough because their platforms may not be all that noticeable. I feel like a majority of people who post in the Altcows threads were people who were mostly from YouTube which is why so many kept talking about the main 3 so much.

No. 926856

Speaking of Orlee, she discusses being goth in this video. It starts at around 24:20. The only band mentioned is kittie, though she doesn't say they're goth.

I brought up Orlee. And I'd never heard of her either. The thread was getting stale. So I thought I'd see if father sebastian and company had any lols to offer. Searched "real vampire" and there she was.

Though I have to say, listening to her talk about her shitty childhood in the above video is sad. Not sad enough to excuse her charging gullible fragile people $699 for a "private ritual", but still sad.

No. 926873

File: 1580608866831.png (83.29 KB, 742x590, Chuck on blacks.PNG)


Chuckula occasionally gets brought up and he's got enough milk to bring some of the magic back into some of these threads. Why don't we fianlly address the cross-dressing elephant in the room?

No. 926874

File: 1580608897556.png (97.18 KB, 744x682, Chuck on blacks 2.PNG)

No. 926875


No. 926877

Absolutely agreed. This guy goes beyond cow into irredeemably awful human being. Could you provide some more info on him for us newfags?

No. 926879


lmao how old is this faggot? he needs to expand his vocabulary.

No. 926892

Who has robbed a blind person? That sounds very nasty.

No. 926893


He's a racist, sexist, cross-dressing, Trump loving wannabe vampire with an insatiable Goth girl fetish. He's had a presence online since at least the MySpace era and has only gotten more absurd over the years. He's had a bunch of "girlfriends" with all kinds of drama attached, most of these "girlfriends" have been trolls that ironically enough include actual Goth girls. A compelling argument could be made that he's the Gothic equivalent to Chris Chan. He's got a hilariously cringey masturbation video called "Chuckula's Sexual Tears" that he got tricked into doing by a fake girlfriend. He has a disappointingly page on Encyclopedia Dramatica. He's also gone on record bashing damn near every minority group under the sun from blacks to Asians all the way to women in the military.

TL;DR this fucker is an absolute goldmine

No. 926894

File: 1580611131057.jpeg (6.99 KB, 225x224, download.jpeg)

Now there's a troll worth going after.
For fuck's sake, look at this product of cousinfucking.

No. 926895


He may deserve his own thread, sounds like good milk. I am interested.

No. 926915

File: 1580614480659.jpg (61.78 KB, 497x200, women amirite.jpg)


This asshole is the perfect example of an altcow imo, it's just constant milk with him over and over again

No. 926924


It is almost feels like he is being this exaggerated for trolling purposes only. It is just too good to be true.

No. 926925

Oh my god, I had stumbled upon this guy online and legit thought it was a poor attempt at satire!

Im loving the new cows, it's a new era.

I think we have to discuss Christina Death, that woman who is obssessed with Rozz William, thinks very highly of herself just because she has some things that belonged to him. There's more milk on her, I'll try to make a summary.

No. 926927

Samefag to: Williams* kek

No. 926930

there might be information about that in the kelly eden fellowship thread.

No. 926932


I am enjoying all the new milk, I am glad you guys are bringing something unique to the table other than the usuals. Thank you!

No. 926986

File: 1580617997852.png (22.49 KB, 742x161, farquaad.PNG)


The real kicker is that he's been doing it since the mid to late 2000's. That's kinda long for it to just be a simple troll. If this is just some guy putting on a character then he's on par with Andy Kaufman

No. 927040

I feel like this guy is just trolling for the sake of trolling. If he's for real, he's an idiot if he thinks he'll be able to muster up a fan-base by being a racist.

Does this tool even have any followers? lol

It's just hard to take this guy seriously. He doesn't get likes on his asinine comments andhe doesn't seem to be interacting with anyone. It just feels like he's saying the most offensive thing he can to get a rise out of someone.

No. 927069

File: 1580637800833.png (117.46 KB, 720x858, Screenshot_2020-02-02-01-03-04…)

No. 927098


Indeed. He just seems like a parody of a far-right racist mysoginist dickbag. But if he's been doing it for this long he has to actually mean it.

No. 927134

File: 1580649112926.jpeg (241.32 KB, 1364x1188, 4AB32779-849D-4020-8456-17B8E5…)

IBF has a manager?

No. 927191

Post one yourself then? I personally just scroll past posts about smaller altcows or new ones because I'd rather keep up with the ones I'm familiar with already.

No. 927193

If she'd seemed like a person who just made casual videos whenever she felt like it I'd be taken aback. But this is obviously not the case. She is a professional youtuber who presents herself in a calculated, albeit hackneyed, way. So getting a manager might mean she'll start actually creating content for the patreon supporters who are somehow still tj
Hrowing money at her. I hope this new manager knows what they've signed up for.

No. 927198


She didn’t think to do this before she got a manager? I’ve seen youtubers with thousands less subs than her have a consistent streaming schedule.

No. 927238

Harder to ignore comments and questions in a stream, without making it obvious that's what you're doing. Maybe she waited for the uproar over her recent bullshit to die down, and for her fans to fall over themselves patting her on the back for making any kind of content.

No. 927249

This. The cycle usually goes like
>There's no milk wah wah wah
> (a new potential cow gets posted)
>This isn't milk!!!!!! Talk about someone else because I'm the sole judge of milk potential!!!
Just scroll past and shut up

No. 927292

>>Not sad enough to excuse her charging gullible fragile people $699 for a "private ritual", but still sad.

Why care about are clients "in need" of black magic scammed? You sound like some strange version of white knight with your obsession about "fragile people getting scammed by evul black magician".

No. 927344

I don't care if fragile p ed ople get scammed by black magicians, evangelists, alternative health companies or pyramid schemes. Scammers are scammers. And people who use their alternative image to trick others into giving them money are altcows.

No. 927354

New to the thread and was wondering if toxic tears posting underage boudoir modelling photos has been talked about before? I noticed a few years back when she refused to tell her age but I just watched her new video and she used them in it. Bit weird as she definitely did them in order of age and said “don’t drink underage” no don’t take child porn disclaimer though? ok

No. 927358

Everyone posted "sexy" pics of themselves at 16, 17, get over it. She's not a child pornographer.

You people are obssessed with Toxic Tears. I propose that a thread is created to discuss her and Jake exclusively so you can go there. Most anons are sick of nitpicking every little thing they do because it is not milk and no one cares anymore. Please, just go to a thread of your own and everyone will be happy

No. 927379


I mean yikes at that
but fair enough, assuming “everyone” does that -
she was 14 or 15 (not that 16 or 17 is any less illegal) & it is a professional photo shoot, she’s fully in lingerie and underwear and there’s A LOT of them you absolute nonce. Your willingness to brush it off as perfectly fine and normal speaks volumes.

No. 927388

>no don’t take child porn disclaimer though? ok
Teenager over the age of consent, wearing lingerie is a child porn now? Where's child or porn here? It's just another amazing american law invented to punish "slutty" teenagers?

No. 927424

Indeed. And if you need to rage at anyone, blame the photographer, who was probably quite a bit older than she was.

Posting sexy pics of yourself as a teenager is not the smartest idea. You may regret it, and the internet never forgets. But that doesn't make it child pornography.

No. 927433

I didn't see the pics you're talking about but posing in lingerie w/o nudity isn't porn

No. 927437

Gotta agree. The fact that she needs a manager to do livestreaming is laughable when youtubers half her size are able to do it no problem at all, all on their own.

It's gonna be hilarious if she gets questions about her bullshit and she tries to scramble with her answers lol.

No. 927438

If it was a picture of her wearing a bikini at the beach at age sixteen, would you be offended?

No. 927464

Agree 100%

Fuck off with your Toxic Tears obssession. There wasn't anything to talk about her, you saw that people lost interest and started to get excited about discussing new people so you brought up this absolutely nonsensical subject. For real, create a fucking thread dedicated to discuss her and jake and stop clogging this thread with NOTHING. There is nothing to talk about her and jake at the moment, let the subject die, let us discuss other people.

Is this a personal vendetta of yours? Because it 100% looks like it. Fuck off

No. 927472

Agreed. I'm all for talking about Kaya, if there is actual milk. But there hasn't been any for so long now. Meanwhile we have a fullblown scammer who does cringy rituals for a fortune, and an actual garbage human who seems unable to stop yelling the n word.

But meh, Kaya posted some pics you don't like…

No. 927480


I was thinking about making a separate thread for Kaya and Jake when I did this one because their drama isn’t even goth related anymore.

I didn’t want to upset anyone or overstep boundaries so I just left it alone. I have no problem volunteering to make one at anytime. I have nothing else to do lol.

No. 927502

+1 Toxic Tears and Jake are still self-obsessed poseurs who will never be seen as Goth or taken seriously by actual Goths and that's pretty much it. There's nothing left to say about them so it's best to just move on and talk about other people and only bring the other two up if they do something cringe-inducing. There's no point in posting every little thing they do. We get it, Kaya is a slob who has terrible dress sense and can't dress for her size and Jake is a self-absorbed jackass.

That'll probably be best anon. They aren't Goth and at this point, their drama has nothing to do with the scene these days, it's just them being dimwits.

No. 927534


I made the TT and Jake thread. Sorry if isn't perfect, I just wanted this shit up so we can bring some fresh milk into the altcow threads.



No. 927606

Thanks anon!

No. 927791

It honestly may be awhile for fresh stuff as far as YouTube is concerned. It's been pretty quiet lol.

No. 927807


You’re very welcome, anon.


I know, but at least we have a dedicated space for TT now to make room for new cows. That way we won’t have friction between two opposing camps who want different things in the thread.

No. 927816

IBF did a livestream yesterday. Apparently she’s going to be more active. She received a stupid amount of donations too! For nothing, just talking, not really answering questions. Think live streaming for donations is going to be her new thing as she will be doing it once a week

No. 927820


You forgot to post the link anon lol.

No. 927835

She is surprised that people have stopped sending her subscription boxes to open. Really? She never does videos that she promises and is always hard to reach. I wonder why they won't work with her.
She's also thought of starting her own subscription box.
She's still renting the glasgow flat for her stuff. She briefly mentioned her cats still being in germany. One has been given away, the other one is being longtime cared for.

No. 927838

She live-streamed from her YouTube. Don’t think that stuff is saved on YouTube?

No. 927841


They usually are. I put up the youtube link.


>One has been given away, the other one is being longtime cared for.

Lol they have both been given away - who is she fooling. I think it was in thread 15 or 16 that someone came in who had one of her cats.

No. 927844

Yes. Some Anon said they had Moon Moon, and were planning on keeping her because they didn't want her to go through the trauma of being flown to New Zealand. And because IBF is a terrible pet owner. Best wishes to that Anon.

No. 927846


Did we ever get any info on what happened to her birds? I thought she had given them away too or in her words, "rehomed"? Apologies as my memory is shitty.

No. 927858

I think she just gave them away. Which is for the best.

No. 927918

Terrible english, the fangs make her sound fucking weird, terrible makeup, cringe af.

No. 927945


I could only get 30 seconds into the video with the sound on. I didn’t even recognize her in the thumbnail!

No. 927970

I never realized how bad her English was. I'd only seen her in videos with Adora, where she mostly posed as an accessoiry to batbrat. She sounds like she's had a stroke.

No. 928081

She also mentioned that she plans to go back to Scotland and move her cat there, I suppose she was talking about Moon Moon.

No. 928089

Good luck with that Freeza. Pretty sure after you've been kicked out of the country twice for overstayinv your visa, they'll be keeping an eye on you.

No. 928146

I don't have time to watch the video at the moment and I don't think I want to sit through a near 2 hour video of her getting sucked off by her fans.

What does she expect when she barely uploads videos?

Eugh… I guess she didn't take the advice of just staying in her home country for a few years and then move when she's more financially stable.

No. 928245


> I don't have time to watch the video at the moment and I don't think I want to sit through a near 2 hour video of her getting sucked off by her fans.

Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything. It was just her being really fake and trying to come off as soooooo humble by all her “support”.

No. 928359

She did say tho that she doesn't know when exactly it will happen, so it's just vague plans I guess. Maybe won't happen at all.

No. 928365


She will do it the moment she gets enough money from donations.

I just wonder how she is paying for the “shitty” apartment that is currently her hoard stash.

No. 928400

File: 1580882605962.jpeg (498.6 KB, 1242x2208, 30564749-21B1-4B17-AF9D-B57FF4…)

Adora being insensitive and vulgar as usual. She really didn’t learn to keep her mouth shut after the whole “I’m a black girl lulz” drama. I’m surprised people follow her when it’s been confirmed that she was previously a nazi sympathizer and clearly, still a racist.

No. 928421

What the actual fuck Adora!
Also, what's this about her being a nazi sympathiser?

No. 928510

Since when was Adora a nazi sympathizer?
Is this more delusional bullshit like "Freya is a white supremist because she has skin lightening products!!!!!" or do you actually have proof?

No. 928621

There’s no proof and it has never been posted. Can the sjw fuck off from here already and goto pull or some other retarded hurt hurt place?
The things adora has done, and that has been posted, is her shitty parenting, lies about her body and cringed posts on Instagram. Everything else has been speculation.
Get some real milk already

No. 928765

Have y'all never seen the picture from her 20s where she's wearing a nazi germany military jacket as a fashion statement? I can't find the photo rn but will post if I do.
She also openly listens to and promotes faschwave which has telling lyrics.

No. 928769

The pic was posted on her old blogspot back in 2013 or so, which has been deleted since. If any other anons have the photo please post it.

No. 928778

If true then yes, that would absolutely make her at least okay enough with nazi shit to think of it as entertainment. What a cunt.

No. 928782

File: 1580975355638.jpg (307.03 KB, 1241x2178, IMG_3572.jpg)

Sebastian Columbine still pushing her whole non- binary thing. Girl, maybe if you presented as anything other than a hyper feminine girly girl once in a while we'd take it a bit more seriously.

I have some friends who identify as non binary but they're all androgynous af and genuinely don't fit into male/ female stereotype so I can kinda understand the label. Sebastian is just out here trying to feel special.

No. 928803

In that case you better denounced Siouxsie Sioux too

No. 928816

Genuine question; is Victoria Lovelace special needs? Or does she have a speech impediment or something.

No. 928838

I am not saying that it is okay just because Siouxsie did it, but they wore the swastika more to be provocative than to support nazis. Adora has always been provocative in many other ways, that has always been her so it is unsurprising. She does it so that people stare and talk. Siouxsie pretty much admitted to doing the same. They are not nazis, anon just failed to read between the lines and think a bit deeper.

I don't consider Victoria to be a cow because I do not think she displayed much cowish behavior? Correct me if I am wrong.

No. 928840

Siouxsie has adressed her past use of nazi imagery. She's said that it was deeply stupid, she regrets it, and she has apologized to anyone she may have hurt.

If Adora does the same, rather than pretend it didn't happen, I wouldn't denounce her.

No. 928842


>Have y'all never seen the picture from her 20s where she's wearing a nazi germany military jacket as a fashion statement?

I have seen numerous people wearing numerous pieces of uniforms of different armies from past and nowadays in my life. Also many trendy pieces of clothing originated as army clothing.

Explain me how the fuck wearing a jacket tells anything about wearer other than the fact that wearer likes the look?

If you wear trench coat it makes you supporter of British Empire and it's crimes in colonies? If you wear steel toed combat boots it makes you supporter of war crimes of US Army during Vietnam war?

Please don't continue that retardation.

>I can't find the photo rn but will post if I do.

Posting it would not change a lot TBH.

> She also openly listens to and promotes faschwave which has telling lyrics.

Pics or didn't happen.

No. 928844

She struggles with English obviously plus I guess her permanent fangs make speaking harder. Also she kinda tries too hard to "act American".

No. 928852

There's a difference between wearing army gear, or army insoired fashion, or even modern German military attire, and wearing Nazi stuff. Depends of course on the kind of jacket. Are we talking "similar cut" or "full on nazi symbols." Because one is fine, and the other is not. There's a reason why wearing Nazi symbols is illegal in Germany.

The problem with Adora is not just the stuff she foes. It's how she brushes off any criticism she may recieve, because she is just so edgy and shocking, and it was a joke you guys!

No. 928870

File: 1581004435483.jpg (28.81 KB, 600x327, nazis-nazis-everywhere.jpg)

If you have any proofs of your claims that she has anything to do with being Nazi just support your claims with proof otherwise quit your shitposting. You return with that theory of yours regular since many threads and so far you posted literally nothing to support that claims.Otherwise there is literally zero reason to treat you even remotely seriously.

No. 928922

Not that Anon. But I've seen her dancing to Nachtmahr and throwing nazi salutes at M'era Luna. Realize this is anecdotal. She was laughing throughout, so I assume she was kidding. But it is something that happened. I have zero proof of this beyond my own testimony, because I honestly wasn't thinking about that at the time. You can believe me or not. But it happened.

No. 928979

In non-nazi news; emily boo shaved her head because she has terrible personal hygiene and craves attention.

Her hair had been fried by bleach, and she couldn't keep her scalp clean. She plans to wear wigs for the next year. At the end of the video she looks like a significantly grimier version of uncle fester.

No. 928994

tbh, shaving her head was truly for the best.

No. 928999

She got asberger, but I've met her a bunch of times while she still lived in Sweden and she is kinda slow…

No. 929011

Yeah. I honestly think it's a combination of bad English, being self concious and awkward, and just not being the brightest crayon in the box.

I tend to think of victoria as kind of harmless. The one thing that irks me about her is her clinging to the goth label but only ever talking about metal. But she hasn't done anything truly horrible or anything. She's just kind of boring.

No. 929039

I bet its a fan who volunteered to help her lol. As if she could afford to pay someone. What a joke.

No. 929041

Thats disgusting. Do people not watch the news? There are much better things for people to donate money to. Not some bludger from NZ.

No. 929147

Dorian, Adora and Victoria. Wtf is up with all these goth chicks having Asperger's?

No. 929180

Yeah she's harmless but her main goal in life is to be famous… she got a super boring personality.
She has been in swedens next top model (didn't win, duh), swedens project runway (didn't win that either), a shitshow called "outsiders" when she got her permanent fangs… she's a fucking joke and I can't stand her or her retarded voice.

No. 929208

It's weird too. Because most Swedish people I know speak English very well. Their educational system gives them a lot of opportunity to learn. So this one is really on her.

No. 929215

She sounds the same when she speaks swedish, so I really belive she got something wrong with her development…

No. 929399

She was also on Barcroft which screams "trying really hard to get famous"

No. 929401

Yeah. This was posted on an earlier thread. It's amazing how many of these cows (julia, victoria, jude) have been featured on that show.

Speaking of which, has anybody ever brought up rottingdoll and her creepy puppeteer boyfriend here?

No. 929454


She's had at least one thread with her hot Barry Manilowesque ex-bf

No. 929502

Anon, I think you're confused. You put "hot" and "Barry Mannilow" in the same sentence.

No. 929535

File: 1581131149908.jpeg (25.11 KB, 213x320, 3F2040DC-DC90-45D0-A039-0E5B75…)


He does look like a young Manilow before all the plastic surgery.

The hot part? Whatever floats your boat I guess lol.

No. 929619

Thanks Anon! Also ex? Who would have known that wasn't a love for the ages!

No. 929720

How is Victoria a cow? What did she do that was so bad to deserve to be put here? Everyone else has reasons because they are scammers and liars but what did Victoria actually do? Is this just a thread for bashing goths now, cow or not?

No. 929777

You're probably new to this thread I'm guessing. This thread has always gossiped about alt people who are virtually milkless like Reeree Phillips. Victoria is just kind of cringey, I guess that's why she got mentioned. Also I don't see anyone "bashing" her.

No. 929795

Being mentioned once isn't "bashing", moralfag

No. 929891

Not milk but Dre Ronayne appears in this New Years Day music video.

No. 929983

You brought her up on the last thread too for no reason other than "she is a goth and I am insecure". I thought we had reasons to call them cows and no I am not new here, I have seen some of you defending your reason for bitching because they scammed people, are greedy and liars. So basically that is what this is now, a bunch of miserable nobodies go on a forum to anonymously obsess over ANY alt girl that intimidates them and makes them feel insecure, and we call them cows? Even if they did nothing? I remember a time where we had valid reasons to rip on altcows, now a lot of you are beyond desperate trying too hard to keep your obsession alive and end up being worse than the listed cows. I suppose it is all you have.
"Kaya deserves to be bullied because she bullied fat people on PULL! I have morals! But actually I can bully whoever I want because I am worse than Kaya and I know it"

No. 930036

OK moralfag

No. 930049

You can always leave the forum if the gossip is not up to your standards. I’m tired of you moralfag anons constantly littering the thread with “this isn’t milk!!11” or “this is bullying!!1”

Make your own thread then.
No one said Victoria is a cow but her thirst for fame, haul videos and way of speaking was enough to start talking about her.

I’m sorry if it’s you and we hurt your feelings, or if you’re a fan and don’t like people gossiping about your idol, but seriously, get over yourself.

Stop bitching at people for gossiping on a gossip forum.

No. 930058

oh no, you called us insecure nobodies, that really hurt anon. I have to go cry in the bathroom for an hour. look what you've done!

but anon, don't you know that gossiping on a gossip forum is literally worse than murder? we have to be careful with what we say, otherwise the people who only care about who gets mentioned on a gossip forum (you know, instead of caring about real problems in the world like poverty and war) well, their feelings will be hurt.

No. 930169

Go back to tumblr

In other news, ibf is live streaming. Same thing again. Fake happiness every time she gets money and dances/doesn’t answer questions

No. 930186

No. 930301


Milk: Matthias blocked her bc of Krazy Karen's harassment and also she admitted to having "problems with MoonMoon".

No. 930306

I think it's clear that IBF sees this as a new way to get money for doing fuck all. Expect to see more Livestreams throughout the year lol

No. 930307

It's about damn time.

No. 930373

That completely tracks. We've seen how Karen acts in public, just imagine what she's like in private.

I hope the anon who has MoonMoon sticks to their guns and does what's best for the kitty.

No. 930434


She needs to let her cats go to stable owners permanently. Why is she trying to take them back? I don’t understand her crazy thinking sometimes.

No. 930467

I remember an anon saying they had one of her cats and posted a pic. Was that moon moon or another cat?

No. 930485

That was MoonMoon. She's officially given her other cat and her birds away.

No. 930539

It's hilarious that IBF's mom is named Karen because she IS a Karen.

No. 930571

I CANNOT mcfreaking believe I ever respected this chick. I was so touched by the ~bringing MoonMoon to Germany because I can't be away from her!! ~ video because I was projecting hard (ohmigoshI'dhavedonethesame) If only I knew what the future would bring on the topic.

No. 930636

Around the time after the NYD music video, Dre got with the guy she modeled for Blackcraft with. She then got ultra wanna be goth web and bat head tattoos. Every post was them. Suddenly they’ve wiped each other from all media. I really want to know what happened there. Also he lived in Mexico so she was traveling non stop. Side note: have you seen her “Mall Goth” line with Hot Topic? I can’t.

No. 930766

And then didn't she make a bunch of vague passive aggressive posts on her Instagram story after that about "toxic people"? People were speculating it was about Kelly. And yeah I think her mall goth stuff was shared in the last thread and she even got accused of plagiarism but the idea wasn't super original to begin with tbh.

No. 930768

Yea its amazing how so many people fell for her emo bullshit. Like she actually cared about her animals and audience in general. It's all about the $$$.

No. 930772

File: 1581411555019.jpeg (261.79 KB, 1112x1785, 931E4313-5F3F-412A-8DF1-76A852…)

What in the muppet hell is this? I can only imagine the upkeep you need to do after every walk outside.

Is anyone planning to go back to buying kvd beauty now that Kat sold her shares and rights to kendo?

Also, can’t believe the crap she tried to spin about why she sold her brand.


Kat always blames something or someone else for her problems. Does she really not believe that it is her anti Semitic and antivaxx beliefs that hurt her sales?

No. 930785

Dre/kelly shit belongs in the FotR thread.

No. 930803

Seems to be the case and now she's found a new way to exploit her sucker fans with these livestreams since it's clear they are still willing to throw money at her for doing nothing. Well at least her pets are in a better living situation and won't have to worry about being moved all over again.

No. 930839

File: 1581431007189.png (810.34 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200211-142202.png)

No. 930853


I think she really meant to say
>there’s a lot of things I could do, but none of them are appealing right now, so I’d rather not.

No. 930863

Her shoe line is literally Demonia but more expensive. Mall goth ass strikes again leaving a sea of ill dressed posers in its wake.

No. 930879

But Dre is an alt cow too.

No. 930927

>>929147 It's Adora's 'sister'/daughter that has Asperger's not herself

No. 930942

Okay, thanks for clarifying. In previous threads anons said it was her who has Asperger's.

No. 930956

Wait. I thought she'd named her questionable music project "asperger's syndrome" as a nod to her own condition. But if it's not her diagnosis but her daughter's, that feels less like empowerment and more like Adora being a dick to her kids again.

No. 930957

Wow dat spin. Reminds me of Manic Moth's clothing brand which tanked because anyone doing actual work abandoned her. She tried to blame the manufacturer and accused some other business partner of stealing, turns out she is making up stories to assign blame.
I suspect there might be a similar story about KvD. Does someone here know more?

No. 930958


>Shane Dawson said he asked Kat Von D to stop sending him free makeup while working with Jeffree Star

>Jeffree Star jokes that Von D is a struggling tattoo artist and "needs work," to which Dawson laughs

These people are acting like retarded high schoolers.

No. 931005

this is like when doe deere stepped back from running lime crime after that whole data breech thing. wouldn't support either of them now b/c there's plenty of other vegan/cruelty free brand that don't have their drama etc.

also i find it really funny that j* talks shit on kvd b/c she did a lot of his tattoos and he'll have to tote them around forever.

No. 931024

File: 1581457827868.png (154.35 KB, 720x1235, Screenshot_2020-02-11-12-49-36…)

I googled 'adora batbrat aspergers' and this came up


No. 931109

File: 1581464511885.png (40.24 KB, 475x619, ibf tags.PNG)

Its Black Friday is still attention-seeking in the metatags

No. 931157

That is so fucking pathetic. Can she never stop riding otherpeople's coattails?

No. 931165

Isn't that against YT's guidelines?

No. 931172

Huh. Maybe I was wrong for calling her callous then. Which is good. I'd rather she not be a dick to her kids. My bad.

No. 931181

It is. In fact she could get banned not just from YouTube for doing it (let alone to the extent of which she's done it) but she could also get her Google account banned for it

No. 931272

The Buzzfeed, Grav3yardgirl, Jeffree Star, Jenna Marbles, etc tags are hilarious. Is this how her channel got popular? That she kept using clickbaity hashtags of popular youTubers that forced her into the algorithm?

No. 931299

Wow. She's a loser. Try something new… back making videos with no substance just because people who haven't clued on still think shes relevant. IBF is still a nobody.

No. 931301

I thought she was returning home to marry her doormat? Oh wait. She wanted kids too. A fortune teller told her that… bitch its almost March and you're on a room with terrible lighting and back to vacuous content. Just fuck off.

No. 931366


Same thoughts anon. She lies about everything. All that time she disappeared and she could have married Barnaby and started trying to do something different with her life.

No. 931389

It's really reeks of desperation for ibf to tag safiya nygaard and jenna marbles. They have nothing to do with the goth scene.

How did you check the metatags?

No. 931395

>also i find it really funny that j* talks shit on kvd b/c she did a lot of his tattoos and he'll have to tote them around forever.
Imagine the awkwardness each time j* is asked about those tattoos.

No. 931408

>How did you check the metatags?
nta, right click (not on the video player, just somewhere on the background)> View source> search "video:tag"

No. 931428

A big part of her getting popular was her feud with Onision, that was when her subscribers dramatically increased.

Which is ironic, because she said that Onision was exploiting Eugenia Cooney, but Eugenia Cooney was one of the tags she used to abuse on irrelevant videos like her Mohawk one. When people pointed this out she freaked out and removed them from those videos but people already knew what she did.

It's a common tactic of desperate YouTubers. Ride the coattails of bigger ones.

No. 931453

That's the funny thing, IBF is slowly fading out of relevance even within Goth because her videos are boring and somewhat pointless. And with people like Angela Benedict, Radically Dark, Accumortis, Kai Decadence, Rose Nocturnalia, and Ligeia Ressurected around and actually making engaging content that isn't hauls and non-engaging videos. I just can't help but feel like she's on her last legs of her "YouTube career". Hell even Dorian as insufferable as she can be, at least her content is kinda engaging even if she takes forever to get to her point.
How she has oodles of people still supporting her Patreon and apparently now throwing money at her in her livestreams is very perplexing.

No. 931454

>It's really reeks of desperation for ibf to tag safiya nygaard and jenna marbles. They have nothing to do with the goth scene.

Definitely anon. Totally desperate and that perhaps even she knows her content can't stand on its own and so has to tag shit that has nothing to do with her video.

Oh right, I forgot she got into it with Onision way back when and how she was using Eugenia's name in her tags yet was shaming Onion for exploiting her name.

> It's a common tactic of desperate YouTubers. Ride the coattails of bigger ones.

I mean, I suppose I could understand why smaller YouTubers would do that as sometimes it can be hard for their content to get out there even if it's genuinely good. But still, to tag shit that has nothing to do with the video is just dumb.

No. 931501

I can’t really remember Freyja’s videos ever being interesting. She just seemed to benefit from there not being a big goth presence on youtube at the time.

Now she’s making cooking videos, even though she claimed when she was with Matts that she doesn’t really like it lol.

No. 931506

Same anon from >>931453 but I think you're right. I actually went to IBF's channel to see the kinds of videos she used to make as it's been awhile and honestly I think you're right about this. My first video of Freya's I ever watched was her "Romantic Goth Tag" video but she did a crap ton of makeup videos and I never really watched any of them.

But back around this time there really weren't many other Goth Youtubers aside from Sebastian Columbine, Laila Autumn, and one other person I'm forgetting. I guess I'll just be honest that I was initially intrigued by Freya because of her look which did look very old school and more authentic to Goth in the way Sebastian Columbine's deathrock phase made me think even though Sebastian was ripping off Patsy.

But now in the current year with other goth Youtubers like I've mentioned who actually upload more worthwhile and engaging content, it really made me realize how vapid and boring Freya's videos actually are. And I don't really get why she's trying to become a cooking channel all of a sudden, is this the next new trend? lol

No. 931514

Ibf used to diy vids and how to dress yourself on a budget type vids. But this was before companies started throwing clothes at her and it all stopped. It was engaging since she was a budget goth but then it was haul vids, rap vids and react videos. You can that crap anywhere on YouTube

No. 931515


She appeals to normies partially for the way she dresses and then she portrays herself as supersweet and positive, which is more normie bait.

The food videos are just more of her basic nonsense and normie bait. She knows people go mad over someone with a dark aesthetic, doing cutesy things, whilst making sure you get a nice view of her boobs for the male clicks.

A regular goth is too busy wandering in the mists of some long forgotten castle to need validation on the internet.

No. 931541

Whatever happened to Allison Eckfeldt?

No. 931553

yea i'm kind of curious, some ppl know already but for those who don't, does he avoid answering or lie or what.

that's kind of sad, like ppl care more about getting the free stuff and put in minimal effort which just kills creativity and the want for it. she's barely putting out any kind of content and doesn't even have her stuff, what does she actually have to offer her audience.

No. 931567

she basically made a video talking about how youtube wasn’t fun for her anymore and she’s focusing on her art/music instead and might come back to making vlogs in the future but that was almost a year ago now

No. 931623

Lol good point anon. It does seem like it's mostly normie types who eat up her content and think she's some unique person whereas people within the Goth scene are pretty "meh" to indifferent about her from my experience. Well normies or Mallgoths who aren't really Goth. And oh right, I forgot that she would pull a Trisha Paytas making sure the camera was placed in an angle to show off her cleavage (and hide her gut).

Pretty much what >>931567 said. She was not having fun with YouTube anymore and wanted to pursue her work with her band Esoterik and traveling. She's still relatively active on her Instagram but that's about it. It's a shame that she deleted/privated most of her videos because some of them were pretty good.

No. 931624

Ahh good old Kazlovesbats. I miss her videos.

Allison has always gone through phases with her aesthetic/ fashion/ music etc.
Three years ago her style started to become more viking/ witchy/ nordic mixed with goth.
Eventually she started to introduce more color and in 2019 she dropped the goth look altogether. She still listens to goth though.

I met her and she's definitely a very kind and sensitive person, so I imagine youtube was too much for her. I remember people were hating on her for various reasons, like her pagan faith or her exploring different gothic fashion styles. She told me that she had enough.

Like the anons above said, she also quit because she wanted to focus more on her band, which is a shame since she's completely tone deaf and can't sing for shit.
I also feel like she has regressed skill wise in her art; she went to an art school and yet her drawings look like my 13yo sister's. I honestly feel like she was better back in 2012 but idk how thats possible.

I used to really enjoy her content so its a shame the direction she went.

No. 931670

Last time I found IBF videos really interesting was few months after she moved to Germany. She was filming events and you could have actually seen local scene in them. She was still mostly DIY at that time.

No. 931672

But TBH here aiming for normies is logical if she wants to do yt for living. "No one" watches goths only channels. Especially if youtuber happens to be male. At least not quantities that would make channel profitable.

No. 931711


I don’t necessarily think what Freyja does is bad or anything. If she prefers to make donuts and basically live off of viewer welfare, more power to her, I guess lol.

No. 931731

Honestly, good for Allison that she admitted she couldn't do it anymore. So many snowflakes and cows hate doing Youtube/ social media but keep clinging to it because it strokes their ego and brings them income, whining about "haters" and "how terribly hard it is to be me" (aka the struggle is real) the entire time. At least Allison admitted that she couldn't handle it and bolted.

No. 931766

Yeah. Even though she's definitely profiting off her goff image.

No. 931858

Hmmmmmm Is there any proper cold waver blogger from continental Europe? All I see is USA, USA, USA herbs from UK and Freya currently NZ. Well, there are/were few grufftis but they rarely post and it's all in German so their reach is limited.

No. 931871

Radically dark is UK, and features music a lot.

No. 931913

Freyas content only attracts people who can stand watching her mouth move. I cant get past it.

No. 931915

She said in an interview at WGT that her fetish was modesty. She should work on not having her tits out every video. But she never says what she means anyway. These cooking videos are lame.

No. 931932

Shame she dropped her goth-self altogether, I used to watch her from 2012-15 during my rekindled interest in goth subculture/aesthetic then proceeded to follow her after making an instagram account.

After a year of absence, I went to check her out again after seeing her recent post only to find nothing really gothic about her anymore but was digging the Nordic hippie-witch vibe she gives, albeit over the top but whatever. Thank you for explaining why she dropped it.

Her music is also changing too; it’s no longer trying to be 80’s goth but more like folksy synth pop. It’s alright, I guess

No. 931946

maybe this is an unpopular opinion here but I thought she used to have great content, particularly her travel vlogs and event vlogs of places like wiggy T, m'era luna etc. even though I hate her as a person I would totally be down to watch more of those. I think her best content is her non-goth content and with her loyal subscribers it probably wouldn't even be hard for her to float on it, but she's just lazy as hell and screwing her own channel with her inconsistency.

she said that because the interviewer was trying to get her and mattias to say something kinky (he seemed to think all goths are into bdsm/kink) so they said modesty and monogamy to be funny. ironic since both of them cheated allegedly.

No. 931979

Same anon, Back when Allison was going by "KazLovesBats", I can say unironically that I did like her old content from 2011-2014. She had some pretty engaging videos and she's someone I can say was an actual Goth. I didn't know that she dropped the Goth thing aesthetically but it's cool that she still likes the music.

I also have to agree about the singing. I didn't mind her voice for her band's first song "Indigo Children". It was not good but I think the melody of the song was catchy enough to where I could let the mediocre singing slide. Same for their third single "Necrodancer". But when she came back after her long hiatus, I don't know why but I just could not ignore the singing in the newer music because it just sticks out way too much. That said I do think it's cool that she's pursuing music as that is what she is passionate about so I'll give her props for that.

I mean you're not wrong. I think most actual Goth youtubers do understand that Goth content will never be popular on YouTube because most people aren't into Goth music and the scene but I don't think it bothers them because a lot of these people like Angela, Accumortis, Skullgirdle, and Cadaver Kelly for example, they have professions/jobs outside of YouTube so they don't need to cave and pump out half-baked content like IBF does.

No. 931980

It's just that she really doesn't say anything interesting at all.

I remember her saying that in a Q&A as well and I never understood what she meant when she has her tits popping out of her tops usually. Isn't that like the opposite of modest? lol I'm guessing she only said that to make her look "unique" and Victorian even though her look contradicts that notion.

I'll be honest, I liked the travel vlogs too and it was those videos that kinda tricked me into thinking her content was ever good lol I say that because if you've read the past threads, you may have read how she acquired the money to do that much traveling.

No. 932177

So Dre and Alexis got back together? Even the old deleted instagram pics of them are back online.

No. 932193

According to the FotR thread yes.

No. 932470

>I didn't know that she dropped the Goth thing aesthetically

Just because someone is not copying same old known cliches all over and over like 90 percent of so called trad crowd does not yet mean dropping goth aesthetics.

Going trough here recent photos the only noticeable change I see is that she wears more colors that she used to. But I see all black too occassionaly. The rest is still within late new wave boundary.

I find the notion that you have to wear at least one black thing to consider your outfit to be goth ridiculous. There were times and regions where black was not even dominant color in goth clubs.

No. 932478

I should've specified. I meant dropped the Goth aesthetic. I wasn't implying that she was no longer a Goth anymore, she still enjoys Goth music and that's really all that's required to be a Goth.

No. 932509

File: 1581795586651.png (236.96 KB, 367x440, whatisgoff.png)

What is goff?
Baby don't hurt me!
Don't hurt me!
No more!

No. 932517

You did say "dropped the Goth thing aesthetically" so I'd say you were pretty clear, that other anon just wanted to preach about what is and isn't goth aethetics

No. 932529


>preach about goff aesthetics

Kek we seem to always have this discussion every thread, at least once.

No. 932544

It's fun to "preach" especially in times of instagram xeroboys and xerogirls

No. 932585

File: 1581810479771.jpg (1.5 MB, 2005x1440, file_6283051544_original.jpg)

Wow, Such creativity, much unique. Would be a shame if people would copy such great and intricate craftsmanship.

No. 932587

File: 1581810701948.jpg (2.5 MB, 2252x2252, file_275a52617b_original.jpg)

Totally worth 69$, its really hard to tie some jersey fabric strings to an already existing forged item.

No. 932619

>she went to an art school and yet her drawings look like my 13yo sister's.

Admission to art school doesn't mean someone is good at art. Mai's human blanket fort fashion is evidence that the art lessons were pretty much wasted on her. Manic Moth isn't good either. Her school has online exhibitions of graduates, which were real award winning artists. Bottom feeders like them can't get work anywhere, they have no career outside instagram. Their only way to earn money is to scam dumb followers with play dough jewelry and hideous jersey scraps.

No. 932631

Indeed. Which art school did Moth attend to? If you know of course. I am so sick of Mai's constant whining about her "art" being stolen. God forbid if someone wants to make an inspired jersey belt from a simple i-cord tutorial,lol. But the scrap belts are the next level of laziness.

No. 932636

Yes. That's the thing. Her work is so bog standard. Belts like that are incredibly common. You can find a dozen tutorials online, most of which predate Mai making them.

But no, somebody stole her idea of knitting an eyecord and attaching it to hardware she bought. Also she owns runes, so…

No. 932651

Yeah I did mean "Aesthetic" but not Goth itself because again, she likes the music. I myself don't look dressed to the nines in the standard Goth look myself so one wouldn't really know I was a Goth until they heard what kind of music I listened to lol But fair enough.

"Xerogirls/Xeroboys" I guess I'm getting old now because I've never heard that term before lol

70 dollars for that??? She's kidding right? lol Thing should be no more than at least $10 and I'm being very generous with that keke. Though if someone actually buys it for that much then I guess she's doing something right lol.

No. 932663

File: 1581823194932.jpeg (447.2 KB, 734x1118, 69A446AC-FCF3-4FEB-A509-48686B…)

Speaking of Mai Magi and the Mushroom Witches…she deleted most of the videos on her channel relating to her home. All the vlogs of her moving in and such are gone, but she kept up most of the few videos she made with Mara. I find it kind odd since Mara scrubbed her channel of anything to do with her ex BFFS.

She and Annika continue to post hashtag twinfies of themselves like the Mean Girls of the Far North as well and continually preach friendship, positivity, and love.

No. 932732

Not surprised. Mara is relatively popular and still brings in some views. And mai just wants money.

No. 932788


Moth is a sore loser compared to her peers. You don't see anyone else slapping runes on ready-made shirts and call herself "fashion designer".

No. 932796

Anons here were digging Mai's financial background and she got scared, me thinks. I hope anons can dig some more and find out where her family's wealth comes from.

Mara deleted them because she was hurt, it was very obvious. Mai and Annika sucked up to her for fame, then they turned on her like twin judas. Now the backstabbers act like they did nothing wrong.

No. 932804

File: 1581876958820.jpg (56.75 KB, 640x640, 82283232_787642428421217_80122…)

any milk on the youtuber ch527kerosene?

No. 932831

File: 1581886717536.jpeg (484.05 KB, 750x1170, 301E03E6-7880-45A6-A583-4C7B2A…)


I find it so gross and cruel how they make a big deal about being these female empowered witches, and yet they basically trashed Mara once they got what they wanted.

I don’t think they would have gotten all their sponsorships without being connected to her.

No. 932856

I have an old bangle, tshirt and a pair of scicssors. Time to make myself a 70 dollar belt guys.

No. 932857

Maimagi wouldn't have gotten anywhere without Psychara. Before that she was weeaboo trash. These days she uses her grandpa's inheritance to pretend to be successful to her impressionable followers. Manicmoth is full of manipulative bullshit like Mai. She keeps leeching off sponsors for free stuff, just to bitch about them later. If she thinks Celtic Fusion and Punkrave aren't good enough for her she can go eff herself. Previously they have been dumped by Mera Luna festival because they bitched about the accommodations they got for free. They are rude and inconsiderate, it's a miracle someone still wants to work with them.

No. 932885

Wait, what's this about M'era Luna not working with them anymore? I was there the year they were complaining. The premium shelters were flooded. But then everything was flooded. It was the worst rain I've ever seen at a festival. There was just no preparing for it. We were all flooded out. So yes. If you paid a lot for a fancy premade shelter, and then still end up hunkering in the mud like we were on the campground, that would suck. But it's also just the risk you run at a festival. And they didn't have to foot the bill for it.

No. 932933

Which year was it? Their videos are gone and I can't remember when it happened anymore. If someone has the videos please upload them.
In hindsight these videos were narcissistic tantrums in plain sight. The self-proclaimed viking queens became unglued once they realized they wouldn't get better treatment than anyone else, lmfao.

No. 932937


I think it may have been 2017.

No. 932938

File: 1581912122585.jpeg (96.25 KB, 740x270, 57B743C1-FE23-404F-AE58-F64EC6…)

No. 932940

So what exactly was the problem? Their tents got flooded, so what? The organizers were struggling to fix it. Wouldn't normal people be grateful?

No. 932945


I don’t know, them three kept acting like it was somehow M’era’s fault they were soaked. I am not sure how disorganized is equal to inclement weather.

They should have booked an hotel like Adora

No. 932946

File: 1581913462269.jpg (915.56 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200217-042310.jpg)

Seems like these two are back together…

No. 932952

They can't afford hotels, that's part of the joke. Freeloading and still being ungrateful to the point to bitch in a video about the host, wow. It seems no one taught them manners at home.

No. 932954


They probably could if they stopped spending so much of their meager incomes on thrift shopping and magic rocks.

No. 932985

This is at least their second breakup so far. I can imagine fans are losing interest by now.

No. 933028

No. 933033

A video from Freezer. Her and mr. Owl went to the garden/park then a cemetery. She of course made more radioactive cupcakes and brought them with her and then tried shoving them off onto helpless bystanders (she was too chickenshit to do it herself so made mr owl do it instead). They quizzed one another on how well they know each other and it was as lame and pointless as you’d expect. she put more effort into her look than the video itself.

No. 933036

It is a mutually beneficial arrangement usually. Those shelters are available for rent to regular festival-goers, if you're willing to shill out quite a bit of money. It's very much glamping, and I can see how having influencers promote them would make sense.
But complaining about it when the festival is clearly doing all it can in the face of downright ridiculous weatheris just a dick move. The volunteers were working their butts of that year in the streaming rain and ankle-deep mud, spreading straw around, keeping access to vital areas (first aid, bathrooms) available first, and trying to redirect traffic because the parking grounds and the roads up to them were flooded and people were getting stuck in the mud and had to be towed out.
So I'm sorry cummunication wasn't as good as you might have hoped ladies. That must have been hard for you.

No. 933082

You would think they would embrace the chaotic forces of the natural world, since they’re always harping on about trees and saving the earth.

No. 933188

Toxic Tears just released a 20 minute video whining about how she's not part of the goth community because she's "too scared" and that her Youtube career is "limited" because of the way she looks as a goth and that Fake was normal for those couple of years because of the bUlLiEs.
So there's that.

No. 933190

…But then she posts a video unpacking two witch moon sub boxes. 1) some brands do work with her and 2) she doesn't use the tat they send which might tell smarter brands she's not worth sending things to. But kaya hides behind eLiTiSm as an excuse for her laziness.

No. 933192

If I could laugh any harder, I’m sure I’d explode. She’s not apart of the community because all SHE does is call everyone an elitist and fake isn’t and was never goth to begin with!

No. 933198

Not to mention his constant complaining about goth music. I wonder why the scene hates him.

No. 933209

There's a separate thread for Kaya/Jake >>>/snow/927531

No. 933217

Cry me a fucking river. She's not part of the Goth community because she's not a Goth nor was she ever one. The only reason she was able to skate by as being called Goth from back in her early days of YouTube was because there weren't many Goth youtubers back then and even then, I remember that if people did talk about Goth music, they'd get called "elitist". That's part of the reason why Sebastian Columbine deleted her video on Goth music that she did back when she was still an active part of the Deathrock scene.

"Scared" my ass. The music was always there but she didn't like it, she said it "wasn't her cup of tea" and that she preferred other music which is fine but that meant she was not a Goth. And the only reason she started listening to it was by obligation and desperation because of how she got lambasted on that Gothquisition podcast back in 2018 when they brought that up. As for being too Goff for sponsors, bullshit. Alternative sponsors are a thing like >>933190 mentioned, it's just that she's lazy and does a piss ass job presenting the products so of course not many are gonna wanna work with her when she half-asses it.

Exactly. He can go fuck himself with that woe is me, "they're all bully elitist" attitude, he brought it on himself.

No. 933400

Not to be the center of the universe for 10 minutes, that's harsh. How dare they ignore us GOff qWEeNs to help other 25,000 PAYING guests first? LOOOL.

No. 933842

More why-I-am-not-like-others navel gazing from Dorian.

My Normality Phase: The Dark Truth…

Of Herbs and Altars
73.8K subscribers
Published on Feb 19, 2020

When trying to become someone else nearly killed me…

No. 933844

She's overreacting… I get that sometimes alternative people go through a time where we question the things we do in life just like any other person but I hate how some of these people take it so seriously where they feel they're dying or some shit. I remember Snowy Lowther kind did the same thing awhile back and I was just thinking "Overreacting much?"

No. 933863

To be fair, she didn't claim that dressing mainstream made her feel miserable. She just said that people assumed she was happy when she dressed mainstream even though she was miserable and O.D'd. And that they assume she's depressed now that she dresses goth, even though she is a lot better now.

Having said that, it's amazing that Dorian can talk about doing insane ammounts of speed and coke for days on end, and still be surprised that this somehow led to her life falling apart and her having a massive breakdown. She's quite the detective.

No. 933864

Saged because TT has her own board now. But her music q&a is hilarious.

We get it, you like one Sisters of Mercy song.

No. 934125

i wonder if she ever thinks about how her life is now .. still living with and relying on her parents .. never functional and independent and constantly reminiscing about the past that will never come back

No. 934147

She doesn't ever seem to address the elephant in the room. 35 years old, still living with mom in her childhood bedroom and doesn't even have a normal sleep schedule cos she has less responsibility in life than an actual child.

No it's better to concentrate on important topics like perfume, make up and maybe gender feelings for the hundredth video. Priorities..

No. 934163

>I know I said I don't like goth music. But that was six years ago. And I've discovered a lot of goth music since then that I love. I wish people would stop judging me on my old videos, and take the time to actually figure out what my musical tastes are.

But then…

>I like a handfull of songs by one, very well known, gothband. But I really just wanna talk about 90s pop, Kpop, and Disney songs.

Well, guess we misjudged her all this time.

No. 934171

>I wish people would [….] take the time to actually figure out what my musical tastes are.
Give me one good reason why anyone should waste their time and brainpower on THAT.

No. 934179

Is Psychara still being invited by M'era Luna?

No. 934194

No idea. She was still friends with the other two back then, and they complained about it together. So I doubt it.

No. 934211

File: 1582220693994.jpeg (378.23 KB, 750x838, 1400F1B8-B677-4BA1-B5D0-B51B0F…)

At least Mara and Nina have some originality and creativity opposed to Mai and Moth. Just sayin.

No. 934224

I hate to admit it but you're right. I know that some of us progress at different rates as we age and I think that's fine. I don't think Dorian still living with her mom is inherently bad if her mom genuinely doesn't mind but it's the fact that she has done nothing with her life which makes her boring and uninteresting to even bother with these kinds of videos. She doesn't work, she hasn't really pursued a type of creative project long scale (when she definitely has the time to do so in her situation), and her interests are just base level uninteresting (you can only talk about makeup for so long) and the gender stuff is bullcrap attention-seeking. All she can talk about is the aforementioned two things and how she used to be a druggie and club all the time. She's boring which I guess some people don't mind but it's just… Can you imagine how it's gonna be for her when she's 40 and still in the same spot?

No. 934228


She's full of shit. We don't need to spend time "figuring out her musical tastes" when she makes it apparent that she's not into Goth music. If she really was, she would have no problem actually namedropping some of her favorite Goth bands and songs she likes without being vague about it. No one is saying that she can't like non-Goth music and that was never the issue, it was just how so clear that she was not into Goth music and clearly using the "Goth" label for attention and the moment more people started pointing that out, she scrambles to the most popular Goth band and listens to like 2 songs and calls it a day.

She's so desperate to be seen as a Goth and I think deep down she's bothered that most of her fans are not Goths and that most of the actual Goth YouTubers like Angela, Skullgirdle, Ligeia, Kai, Accumortis, Cemetery Confessions, and the like don't think much of her at all and think she's a poser. She only appeals to young teens and non-Goths and nothing more.

No. 934261

I think her living at home is a problem tbh, she doesn't seem equipped to look after herself if something were to happen to her mom tomorrow. She also lives with the stepdad and we don't know how he feels about her presence being a seemingly permanent thing. I know parents rarely come out and say it bluntly but by 35 you certainly do want your kids to have their own lives and own home.

Her sleeping all day shows how little responsibility she has. Even unemployed (disabled) friends of mine have to keep a normal sleep schedule for the sake of running the usual errands that come with just being an adult.

I don't dislike her but I've seen her cockily giving out advice in vids and acting like she's wise and it's astounding how little self awareness she has around her own circumstances. Living that eternal teen-life and somehow still acting like you're wise as shit?

No. 934323

I don't dislike her either. And I think she has real medical issues that make it more difficult to live on her own.
But that is exactly why she needs to get her ass into gear and start building a life for herself. Because she's getting older, and the longer she waits, the harder it will be. One of these days her parents are either not going to be around, or will be too old to care for her. Imagine having to do that at an advanced age. And if she gets thrust out into the world she won't manage.

Mental issues and being aneurotypical are a genuine concern. But she can, and should, get help in order to live independently.

No. 934341

Good point anon. Yes you're right that Dorian is in a place where it does seem like she won't have the necessary skills to support herself if something bad happens to her mom (or worse) and for all we know, her stepfather may not be too thrilled with the situation as well. I'm not sure when the last time she had a job was but I'm guessing she hasn't worked in such a long time that she has next to no work experience and while she does get disability, it's hard to know if she even knows how to properly budget herself and be responsible since it seems like her mom does most things for her.

> I don't dislike her but I've seen her cockily giving out advice in vids and acting like she's wise and it's astounding how little self awareness she has around her own circumstances. Living that eternal teen-life and somehow still acting like you're wise as shit?

EXACTLY. That's the biggest thing that was always in the back of my head whenever she does these kinds of videos. She doesn't have any actual adult experience and she thinks she has it all figured out when she hasn't done much of anything with her adult years? Like I would give her more leeway if she was actually pursuing a creative project. I know she writes some music and wrote a book but she's not very ccnsistent with it at all and it just makes her come off as a lazy teenager with no structure or ambition.

Yeah I think her gaining some independence will do her some good. She could try looking into assisted independent living if her medical issues are that big of a hindrance. Like I won't say I like her but she's not the worst person and I do hope she rises above it all because as of now, I just can't help but think of her as the less insane Chris Chan who you're just waiting to see how they'll handle life when their mothers pass away and they'll have to fend for themselves.

No. 934402


Sad if true. They ruined a great opportunity due to retardation and privilege. Shallow as pans, and yet preach as though they’ve been to Asgard.

No. 934566

No. 934608

I'm not sure if you're only bringing him up because he's talking about Jake but I am SO glad someone is talking about this guy. He was known for being sexist and inflammatory on the Gothic Amino app, making gross comments towards women until he eventually got banned.
In response to people's complaints about him he made this video, trying to repaint himself as some kind of champion for women. His shots of him up close to the camera trying to look threatening as he declares how angry he is at sexism are laughable.
Some highlights include:
> 4:25 - Can't be sexist because he drew a picture of Alex from the Clockwork Orange with a severed head. He pretends not to know the name of the character for some reason.
> 5:50 Says being sexist to goth women is tempting fate because they have a reputation for being kinky and dangerous so they might rape you.
> 6:05 Says "Show some fucking respect or else because some of us carry knives" whilst showing a switchblade to the camera.
> 7:56 Says "Show some respect or else" and grabs the camera in an attempt to seem intimidating.

No. 934650

What the actual fuck is this troglodyte? Wow.

No. 934964

Is that a wig? Jfc.

No. 934978

>>934608 This is so much cringe; I couldn't watch all of it. His voice sounds much younger than I'd expect from his features - is he actually quite young, just prematurely beardy? He certainly seems like he's just doing a bunch of edgy teenager posturing, and the room he's in strikes me as 'parents attic, and they won't let me paint it blacl' especially with the halloween bats stuck up everywhere

No. 934980

File: 1582322287551.jpg (1.52 MB, 2249x3000, Dwight_.jpg)


omg goth dwight

No. 934987

His voice is like a South Park character.

No. 935088

Does anybody have any info on this bearded angry manchild?

No. 935133


Apparently he's 23 - I found his account on a dating site for goths/alternative people.


He says on his profile "I do believe I can thoroughly trust their [goth women's] judgement much deeper than female outsiders who often laugh me out of a room just for entering." Sounds like an incel who thinks if the normal girls wont have him, he can find a goth girlfriend.

He has a video on his channel about getting banned from the gothic amino.

No. 935167

How much do you wanna get this guy posts here? Hahahaa.

No. 935196

File: 1582348637395.jpg (137.95 KB, 958x699, comment1.jpg)

From Angela's most recent Q&A. I desperately wanna know who the people are they're talking about.

No. 935200

File: 1582349987715.jpg (130.07 KB, 938x725, comment2.jpg)

No. 935291

Hagraven had blue hair for a long time.

It doesn't sound like thegothicalice. She would be too young. Kazlovesbats was known for het blue hair, but that was years ago.

No. 935380

No way it's TheGothicAlice. She's neither an ~Eldergoth ~ (that's a cringey af title imo), nor fucking her way to the top, nor gatekeeping, if anything a lot of her videos are about introducing people to new movies/ music they may not know of.

No. 935384

Agreed. Who do we know fucking their way to the top? Do they have a youtube channel, or just a social media presence?

No. 935385

Typical incel rhetoric. Acting like an insufferable sexist douchebag wondering why women (sorry, "females") don't like him.

No. 935388

What about mr owls ex nadia? She has blue hair.

No. 935398

I feel like it could be someone off of Instagram or some other popular social media site? That's the only logical thing I can think of because on YouTube, there is currently no one who fits the description they are describing.

No. 935401


My thoughts as well. It is probably someone she and her friends are familiar with, hence not mentioning names.

No. 935438

File: 1582399875757.jpeg (323.67 KB, 1058x1400, B0557B1B-EFC8-4360-BAE8-B89236…)

These posters are apparently plastered around in L.A. Why? Kat seems to require grander and grander public displays of affection from Rafael. Wasn’t it a sky banner last valentine’s? It seems exhausting tbh.

No. 935444

Wonder if he paid for that with her money?

No. 935533

I hate them both with a passion but I thought this was sweet

Maybe not, this kinda thing isn't too expensive. He isn't a millionaire like her but he isn't poor either

You: oh angela isn't catty, she is a perfect classy eLdErGoTh who looks 21 and never ever gets involved in any drama by her own choice.

Angela: spontaneously online badmouthing someone she knows, giving hints to who it is etc.
"A homewrecker who social climbs with her vagina"… classy.

No. 935544


I have never gotten the love for Angie. She has her little clique on YT and thinks she’s untouchable because of it.

No. 935581

From the video at 5:46 : (question) what age makes you an elder goth?

Angela: "it's not a specific number, that's the thing. that's a bit of a misdemeanor because people put a number on it and that's not the case. I think what makes you an elder goth is how long you've been involved in the scene because I've seen people, I'm not gonna name names, but there is one girl in particular who got involved in the scene maybe 2 or 3 years ago who is in her mid 30's and refers to herself as an elder goth and kind of uses that to her advantage, and kind of uses that to her advantage, and is not very nice to people, actually. she is probably a bad representation of the subculture, but considering her age she refers to herself as an elder goth, but older doesn't mean elder. so there's no real age to it, it's a matter of how long you've been involved in the scene (keeps talking about what makes you an elder goth)"

so it could be someone she knows, or someone with a social media presence. I'm guessing it's not a youtuber, but the blue haired person LigeiaResurrected was talking about I'm guessing is Raven. But I have no idea.

No. 935593

she doesn't think she's untouchable, she just is really passionate about the goth scene which I think some times comes off as gate keeper-y but at the same time she says more the merrier and tries to get people involved in the scene and the music, so she's not really a gate keeper.

personally I like Angela not even because of goth reasons but just like her videos. she doesn't have an obnoxious 3 minute long intro that she recites in every video (like "welcome back! welcome if you're new here! make sure to like and subscribe if you ever wanna see my face again and hit the instagram and the patreon it really helps me out etc etc). her videos aren't filled with irritating jumpcuts and annoying sound effects catering to 12 year olds with ADHD. in other words, she reminds me of what YT used to be before it got so huge and mainstream. she also has a real life job so she isn't incessantly e-begging, and it's just refreshing to people I guess.

that being said it's fine to not like her, I just don't get it when people try to say she's catty or a shittalker about other youtubers when she's not. the only time she talks about them is when she's asked and she usually doesn't name names. in fact she probably is less afraid to do that because she has a real job, and doesn't have to worry about getting "cancelled" as much as say IBF. the only thing I don't like about her is that she has said things belong to the goth subculture that don't, like gothic literature and corsets.

No. 935610


I still find her to be catty in a subtle way.

She's older so she knows how to keep it under wraps.

No. 935660

Same. She's such a drama whore and acts like she's so much better than everyone else. She is annoying.

No. 935664

She never struck me as a drama whore since 99% of her content is 90's story times and videos about music.

No. 935692

Yeah I feel the same way anon. Angela is a breath of fresh air compared to scammer IBF who was the only other relatively popular Goth youtuber and she just makes better content without the annoying fluff. Though I think it's because Youtube isn't her job so she doesn't have to ad-whore herself out and complain about being broke.

But yeah I agree that her implying that Gothic Literature and Corsets was kinda dumb since those things are not Goth things as the literature is it's own entity and corsets have been around for centuries. But aside from that, she's a pleasant YouTube who has good presence and is inviting to newbies.

I just don't see how that is true. I still don't know about this blue-haired chick she was was talking about but she doesn't seem to bring her up all that much and the stuff with Toxic Tears & Jake was understandable because before she let out the beans of how she really felt about them, she was mostly quiet about that stuff, at least video-wise that I'm aware.

No. 935726

Because she's always having to shove her nose in other people's shit and throw out her opinions on other people in the community. That's pretty drama-whore, anon. If she wasn't a drama whore she would just make cool videos about non-drama things, and her experiences, not all the drama shit.

I used to watch her, but her "better than everyone" attitude, and the way she has to focus on drama is just too cringy.

No. 935753

The only "drama" type video I can remember is her response video to Snowy Lowther and even then, she didn't say anything unreasonable in it at all and eve nthen, plenty of other Goth YouTubers partook in that giving their two cents since it did become a topic of discussion. Unless I'm forgetting another thing that happened where she was stirring the pot, I just don't think that she's that bad at all.

And I'm not trying to brown nose or anything, it's just that after having scammer IBF with her BS and Kaya/Jake with their nonsense, I just can't help but find Angela a refreshing change of pace with her story-time nostalgia-esq story times and how she talks about the music. Fair enough if you just don't like her, I used to think she had a holier than thou attitude as well but after going to a few of her livestreams, it really did help me see her in a different light.

No. 935820

Agreed. Angela is catty as hell. She tends to go after shitty people, so that makes it more bearable. But she absolutely enjoys telling people off. She's just not as obvious about it as some other drama channels.

She's the kind of person who claims to hate drama and pettiness but just HAS to speak up for the greater good, and somehow always finds herself involved in drama and pettiness. She and leigiaressurrected could have had this conversation privately, but chose not to do so.

I still enjoy watching her channel because she does discuss a lot of stuff relevant to the scene. And because quite frankly I don't exactly mind the drama. But I'm pretty sure she seeks it out.

No. 935824

Honestly I kinda love Angela, maybe because she has a career outside of youtube so doesn't sugarcoat or bs to try and keep an audience, if she doesn't like someone she'll say why. She's very much the kind of person you'd want to look to when you're new to the goth scene but maybe that's just me because I'm also strongly on the side of you can't really be goth without at least having an interest in the music.

No. 935829

Obviously you can't be goth without liking the music. But you can feel that way without being a fan of Angela's.

No. 935847

my guesses are they were initially talking about Raven… the other one may be Adora?

No. 935854

>>935829 Yes true sorry I worded that poorly, I just mean I find I agree with her on many sides.

No. 935870

The blue haired girl I think is Indi Summers who was mentioned in older threads. I know Angela and Ligeia both used to have runs ins with her. The other one I remember her talking about in a livestream. She wouldn't mention her name tho but she fucked over her friend. The girl was a married normie but goth on the weekend and dating Angelas friend who was a goth dj. He found out about the husband when she left him for another goth dj and she's been sleeping her way around trying to become popular ever since.

No. 935985

Orlee talking about why she just has to scam people. Oh sorry, I mean, charge a not at all insane price for her totally real magical powers. What? You think summoning a real life fuckdemon comes cheap?

I flatter lolcow by thinking this might be a reaction to all the heat she's been getting. We know she lurks here. And obviously banishing us has done nothing. So now she's adressing the matter directly.

No. 935997

>people are mad because I sell my books.
I think people are more upset about the "rituals" which start at $699, and the MLM stuff.
>Magic spiritually drains you, so I can't do it for free. If I want to be able to help everybody I need to pace myself, so I can only accept paying customers.
I see. That's really convenient.
>Youvshould do free tarot readings when you're a beginner, but not when you have done it a lot.
>i have to do this because I want to do art and witchcraft fulltime.
I'd love to do music and dressmaking fulltime. Doesn't mean I get to scam people to get there. We all have things we'd rather be doing than our dayjob.
>doing spells can be "energetically damaging" so they cost a lot.
>working out of her house with her cats is nicer and more spiritually fullfilling than working in an office.
>the rest is just her giving advice on how to market yourself as a witch.

No. 936099

totally forgot about Indi Summers, and yeah I remember Angela talking about some woman who was married but dated her friend and pretended to be a goth. I think they dated for like a year before he found out. I wonder how she even managed that.

I think people called her a "drama whore" and say she's "always sticking her nose in people's business" because of her comments about IBF and Kaya/Jake. BUT the only time she ever comments on IBF, Jake or Kaya is when she's asked or if someone else mentions it first so I don't think it really counts as sticking her nose in? To each their own I guess. You can't please everyone.

I almost want to believe this is a parody channel. Guy looks and talks like a damn cookie-cutter stereotype of an incel neckbeard.

No. 936110

Oh right, I remember this Indi Summers person as well. She stuck around a lot in the Goth Facebook groups though I didn't know she knew Angela though but yeah seeing her picture, she fits the "Blue hair" profile she was mentioning.

> I think people called her a "drama whore" and say she's "always sticking her nose in people's business" because of her comments about IBF and Kaya/Jake. BUT the only time she ever comments on IBF, Jake or Kaya is when she's asked or if someone else mentions it first so I don't think it really counts as sticking her nose in? To each their own I guess. You can't please everyone.

Ah okay but still, she doesn't seem to go out of her way and make full scale videos on these people and it does seem that she only mentions them when asked like in her brutally honest Q&A video. And until she starts drama of her own that is antagonistic to someone who doesn't deserve it, I'm just gonna stay in the mindset of "she really isn't that bad".

No. 936304

I think everyone has made valid points for and against Angie.

She’s not directly antagonistic or shitty but she, again, has a little clique of “eldergoths” who support her and they act like they’re the “cool kids” of the youtube goth scene since they’ve been goth for so long.

Of course if you compare her to blatant attention seekers like Frooya, she seems okay on the outset. But her attitude of somehow being a spokesperson for the subculture makes me side eye her.

Plus it is usually the subtle ones who often have or know about the best milk.

No. 936430

It's just a very hard and somewhat fast and loose thing when it comes to Goth YouTube. Because when it comes to actual Goths on YouTube, like you said, you have "Frooya" (kek) who is a blatant attention whore and then you have the myriads of poser Goths like Toxic Tears, Jake, Dre Ronanye (does she even count anymore?) and so on and then you have the other actual Goths like Angela who some people will think that she thinks she's better than everyone because she's older, got to experience the tail end era of acclaim the Goth subculture was in during the 90s, and that she's conventionally attractive. I mean the only other thing I remember from scouring the previous threads is how Kai Decadence is a supposed transphobe but aside from that, he's pretty consistent with what he talks about with Goth. And same with Accumortis & Cadaver Kelly who are more music-based and consistent as well.

I just think that we have to accept that Goth YouTube just like any scene is what you make of it and I think in cases like this, we just have to go along what we can and cannot accept because when you think of it, no scene is 100% perfect.

No. 936457

>ruined a great opportunity due to retardation and privilege
Nta just tinfoil:
Maimagi and Manicmoth have been kicked by Attitude. They weren't invited for the last two or three Attitudefest, plus the sudden clothing swap in Lilachris' shop, it's safe to assume they have nowhere else to go.

No. 936461

Can you spill more milk about the homewrecking cow?

No. 936525

The only thing I remember about Indi was that she was one of the people who would correct people who would wrongly mislabel bands as "Goth" in the Facebook Goth group. I didn't know her outside the group but that's all I can really say about her as far as her time in the Goth group was concerned.

No. 936567


I don’t feel any sympathy for them, since they seem incapable of counting their blessings and basically pimped out their “friend” for clout.


I really enjoyed reading this and all the others responses. Thanks.

No. 936577

Well this video wasn't that bad surprisingly.

No. 936596

Psychara is their in house illustrator. So that makes sense.

No. 936653

> the only other thing I remember from scouring the previous threads is how Kai Decadence is a supposed transphobe

do tell

No. 936694

File: 1582604469400.jpeg (405.88 KB, 750x952, BE1370DE-FD0C-4914-A70E-833C6B…)

It seems that Mara is slowly moving into posting nudes on Patreon.


No. 936695

File: 1582604532026.jpeg (243.62 KB, 750x636, 32B77739-FB05-4DA9-897F-4F1047…)


I guess she is no longer doing the “asexual” stuff…

No. 936716

You can be asexual and still show your tits. It just means you yourself don't get off on it. Money is money right…

No. 936731

there are indeed asexual depictions of the body, like medical pictures.
That pic is not blatantly sexual per se. I think as a modeling, aestethic picture is nice, but being on patreon of course it's oriented to sexual consumption.

No. 936750

Well someone was saying in a previous thread that supposedly he's "tranpshobic" because he's been commenting on a lot of gender critical youtube videos with how he doesn't believe in transgenderism. I don't know too much about this though I did see that he commented on a video that was a tribute to the YouTuber Magdalen Berns.

Yeah I suppose you're right that artistic nudity is a thing even if some other people would use said nudity to fap to.

No. 936754

No one is immune to the ethot curse.

No. 936758


Reminds me, there is a newish Nightwish video which unexpectedly is a pretty good social commentary about the internet. One character in the video even represents ethots, example starts at around 1:17

No. 936892

Her inbox will be full of gross messages from horny guys. Honestly it would better to get normal work than to cheapen herself for easy money.

No. 936894

Nightwish's break up drama with Tarja was epic. I wasn't sure who was the bigger cow, Tarja or Tuomas.

No. 936927

Suzy was fucking cringey tho

No. 936931

Feels like looking at a teenager's nudes that we're not supposed to see with those tiny tits tbh

No. 936942


I was thinking the same thing because I somewhat like her and find her more pleasant to watch than the viking cows, but they all seem to be workshy and it's easy money.

No. 937369

Wow. Emily is literally making videos with her daughter now. Mother of the year.
Her kid can't consent to being on camera. Also, she's turning her into a minime.
There is a lot of talk about bodily functions, as usual in Emily's videos. Poor violet is going to be profoundly embarrassed in five years.

No. 937374

File: 1582738233143.jpg (224.37 KB, 1080x1203, 20200226_182900.jpg)

Cow crossover

No. 937389

>Dre Ronanye (does she even count anymore?)
Dre got mentioned earlier in this thread and someone got triggered and said to take it to the FotR thread. Like yes she was a calf of Kelly but being a Hot Topic mall goth I think she fits here perfectly, plus she hasn't been friends with Kelly in a long ass time. But whatev.

No. 937440

Oh no when I said "does she even count anymore", I meant in terms of being a relevant topic since it seems like she's not as active anymore haha.

Oh boy…

No. 937454

File: 1582749646038.jpeg (239.21 KB, 1075x1278, 59B9ACA7-45DA-4905-82E5-33C734…)

Is Kat von D pregnant again? Only wondering because she was adamant that they would have just one. I hope Rafael didn’t force her to have another like he did with the first one.

No. 937463

Forced her? Please tell.

No. 937482

sauce on the dress please

No. 937484

File: 1582753385289.png (320.13 KB, 720x583, Screenshot_2020-02-26-12-40-41…)

I just found this girl via the skeptic/shuwu thread. Scrolled down her profile and lo and behold..

No. 937485

File: 1582753446679.png (169.01 KB, 720x1035, Screenshot_2020-02-26-12-43-34…)

No. 937492


>"Guess my pronouns uwu!!"

>"I'm a traditionalist btw"

Aren't true traditionalists against genderspecial bullshit?, make it make sense.

No. 937494

They did a podcast to talk about her pregnancy, choice of prenatal care, and birthing process.
During the conversation, Rafael basically alluded to intentionally trying to get her pregnant. It just came across like he messed with her bc and they conceived without her explicit consent.
In the same podcast is where she stated that they were one and done; it sucks if she got forced to have another kid especially since she was childfree before she met Rafael.

No. 937495

But anon!!! You're forgetting an important thing:

Shes autistic! Autism is a gender.

No. 937498

Glad someone else pointed it out. That's pretty much a contradiction but I'm not surprised, this girl may just be like any other attention whore using "goth" (any fan of Jake/Toxic Tears most likely isn't a Goth imo) to get attention.

No. 937515

I'm wondering if she's trying to be sarcastic, but people with Asperger's dont usually get sarcasm so Idk.

No. 937573

it's by The Vampire's Wife but I can't see the exact dress on their website.

No. 937660

Hm, I remember Kai commenting under a video saying he used to date bisexual men and they'd always try to push him into becoming trans. It's in a Shuwu thread somewhere, I feel he's posting. No one really cares that much about the guy, and his name comes up at the most random times. Some anon in the threads also has his typing style.

>But her attitude of somehow being a spokesperson for the subculture makes me side eye her.

I like her, but I've noticed this as well. She somehow got some alt-right neckbeard to interview her, because she wanted to correct people about what goth is or whatever. If they were truly that curious they could've Googled it.

These tradthots have been obsessed with "goth" lately. The chicks just slap on a black and white filter and some black lips and claim goth. The profiles are usually full of metal songs.

No. 937672

File: 1582776970473.jpg (1.11 MB, 1549x1864, 20-02-27-05-03-40-084_deco.jpg)

Adora spent Valentine's day with the danish guy.
Dating? Anyone knows?

No. 937705

she talks about the person in this video at 14:30

>woman finds angela's channel, skinwalks her, claims to be "elder goth" despite being in the scene for only 2-3 years

>woman gets in relationship with angela's guy friend, a several year relationship
>guy finds out that this woman was married, dresses normal most of the time with husband but "goths out" when she's with him

just wanna clarify we don't know if this person is indisummers, it is purely speculation

No. 937716

Oh wow. Pretty sure there is a lot of edgelording going on here, but still…

No. 937717

I love how she left in the bit at the beginning where her kid falls off a chair.

No. 937720

I love how she says she's a traditionalist but also bi

No. 937723

> Hm, I remember Kai commenting under a video saying he used to date bisexual men and they'd always try to push him into becoming trans. It's in a Shuwu thread somewhere, I feel he's posting. No one really cares that much about the guy, and his name comes up at the most random times. Some anon in the threads also has his typing style.

Yeah I'm not sure why he's being brought up when he's no where near as popular or well known like the usual ones mentioned here.

> I like her, but I've noticed this as well. She somehow got some alt-right neckbeard to interview her, because she wanted to correct people about what goth is or whatever. If they were truly that curious they could've Googled it.

Okay fair enough, I did see this and that alt-right neckbeard was not even relevant at all and had very low views. I remember seeing his video on her but I doubt it would've got any traction since the guy was literally coming across like a dumb ass. She really shouldn't have given him the time of day.

> These tradthots have been obsessed with "goth" lately. The chicks just slap on a black and white filter and some black lips and claim goth. The profiles are usually full of metal songs.

Yep, it's pretty pathetic but they usually see themselves out when they move onto the next trend. I think it's the whole "E-Girl" thing that they're chasing.

No. 937793

A lot of anti-feminists/MRA type women actually claim to be bi. They don't see it as an actual identity so much as a way to impress guys. A lot of men find the idea of two women making out applealing. So if you seek male validation and want to be told you're " not like other girls" it is useful to imply that you're up for some girl on girl action for the sake of the male gaze, while also making it clear you would never be in an actual relationship with a woman (traditionalist) and in the end will always return to dick.

Basically that Katy Perry song. Types like that are unfortunately part of the reason why a lot of people have a hard time viewing bisexuality as a valid orientation, rather than something people do for attention or because they're " confused."

No. 937885

Jude Bishop is a bit like this too, said she's strictly into D, but then claimed to be bi for attention and to boost her "special" points.

No. 937971

Anyone got milk on why ReeRee deactivated her Instagram?

No. 938071

File: 1582847284727.jpeg (500.56 KB, 1233x1730, 3B9FD48A-3DD0-4C0E-9799-2B79A4…)

Imagine explaining years later that your dad is such a douche he wears sunglasses and stares away in every family photo….. poor kid.

No. 938089

Yes. But then again, try explaining that your mom took a chance on you dying of measles because she read some weird mommyblogs and just "felt" vaccines were dangerous and doctors don't know as much as facebook memes. Poor kid is facing a depressing future with yardsale nazis as parents anyway.

No. 938104

Probably wanted to get her pregnant so that his mealticket would be less likely to ever dump him.

No. 938111

I don't know but during Angela's stream someone in the chat mentioned that Reeree was sick and Angela said "yeah she's going through a tough time" or something like that. That's all I know.

No. 938132

>>937515 Trying to be sarcastic and being bad at it is a pretty Asperger's thing to do, and as we're guessing as to whether she's claiming a nonbinary identity or mocking one, it's certainly badly executed if it's sarcasm

No. 938324

she acts more like her kids friend than her mum and she's teaching her some really improper stuff

No. 938378

Agreed. She really acts like a child herself. Yelling at your kids is setting a pretty bad example.

No. 938423

No. 938460

He still exists? Thought he'd have his own thread.

No. 938474


He does, it is just not really that active.

No. 939466

Newest video from Dorian: some aspie guy basically started stalking her a few years back to the point of doing things like spending all his money to go visit without asking first, using the exact same toothpaste and perfume she uses trying to get her to smell it (putting it in places like above his crotch and on his chest), going through her social media to find the music she likes and creating an hours long playlist for them to listen to together, and because she's an aspie couldn't read the room until they were alone that he wanted to fuck her. Last halloween she was alone in a hotel with him and he was completely sloshed trying to be all over her and she finally left when it got too real. She made the video to address crazy fans on youtube and how she now distrusts fans and might pull back on sharing personal things. She keeps hinting at something "amazing!" and "im the luckiest person in the world!" has happened in her life but she wants to keep it special, but then says she might share what happened with her patreon subs. She wrote a poem about her experience with dude thats in the description of the video and also a little tidbit telling him basically to fuck off.

No. 939468

I watched the whole video earlier and your summary is spot on. Though somehow I didn't realize this happened years ago. I got kind of confused though when she said she hated being around drunk people but she herself had an alcohol problem at one point. Or maybe that's not weird at all. Idk.

No. 939474

its weird to me that she started talking to this guy years ago but she never got red flags until he came to see her. I understand the whole feeling guilty and feeling like giving people a chance thing, but shes in her mid 30s, she should know better peoples intentions by now especially guys on the internet who only sign up for facebook so they can talk to you.

No. 939479

Yes. But she's autistic as all hell. And she was raised by her mother, who is still taking care of Phrynne after what she did to Dorian, and is still making excuses for Dorian's abusive dad. She's probably had it engrained.

No. 939481

She also said in the video her mom doesn't know how to set boundaries and so she inherited that from her

No. 939500

She also talks about how because of stuff that happened in her childhood she never really felt like she had any power over her own body. So she taught herself notto mind guys groping her or commenting on her body, because "there's nothing you can do about it, and if you let it bother you you go insane. That's so sad.

No. 939507

Just a question-why are all her videos featured in these threads when some are not milky? Sometimes posts about her lolcow behaviour pop up but its mostly just posting her new vids with summaries (which, again, if milky I get) but a video about her being stalked is not that. Not trying to be rude just wondering.

No. 939513

This one wasn't milk. Though some of her previous ones, especially her social commentary ones, absolutely were.
But videos like these are relevant, because they help explain some of her more insane behaviour.

No. 939524

What >>939513 said. Not all of her videos are milk but some are and these videos while not milky, are a good insight to see just how she became the way she is. Though the videos of hers that milk are definitely her social commentary and her life advice.

No. 939613

Is she referring to these threads when she was talking about "4chan tried to dox me" or did someone from 4chan actually try to dox her?
>And she was raised by her mother, who is still taking care of Phrynne
what the actual fuck. Phrynne tried to fucking poison her! that is really fucking concerning that her mum is even in contact with him.

No. 939631

I'm pretty sure she may be hinting here. I doubt that she gets mentioned on 4chan.

No. 939642

No. 939657

No. 4chan did try to dox her. A clip of some rainbow heart make-up she did after the florida nightclub shooting endex up in a pride themed compilation video youfube put out. 4chan picked up on it and started trying to doxx her.

No. 939658


Dorian adressing the 4chan stuff.

This video is extremely annoying, but she didn't deserve the treatment she got.

No. 939673

Just post the vid.

No. 939679

No. 939682

No. 939872

Wow. That is horrible and depressing. I don't like Dorian. But jesus these fuckers are awful.

No. 939900

ugh, fuck /pol/ to hell and back.

No. 939994

I didn't watch the whole video but why did she take it down?

Also she says they're doing this because they're homophobic but Dorian isn't gay. Unless she's "gay" because she identifies as a man.

No. 940020

Yes. She identifies as a man, and is attracted to guys. So she considers herself gay.

But more to the point: the reason 4chan started doxxing her is because her clip was featured in a pride video, and because these assholes are fundamentally opposed to gay pride. Thus being homophobic.

Reading through those posts, most of them don't even seem to realize she was born female.
Also she th ook the video down because of the hate it recieved.

No. 940022

I see. That's sad. I usually laugh at Dorian but that's just fucked up..

No. 940026

Yeah. Also the tutorial she did was as a tribute to the people who died in that gaybar shooting in florida. The people in /pol/were upset by that, because they think those people deserve to die for beinv gay.

No. 940029

Except most of the time the summaries come across as attempting to throw a pity party for her rather than to call out her "insane behaviour".

No. 940033

No it's not. I've only seen 1 or 2 "pity parties" for her. Most of the time people are just laughing at her and calling her a NEET. Plus that why do you even care if people have sympathy for her.

No. 940041

Apparently you felt passionately enough about that to make two separate but identical posts. I don't think saying someone doesn't deserve to be doxxed is throwing them a pity party.
But if you have some good milk that would make decent conversation, please share.

No. 940042

Why do you assume I have no sympathy for her?

No. 940045

File: 1583196062049.jpg (24.07 KB, 1286x85, Learn to read.jpg)

I agree she doesn't deserve to be doxxed, none of the cows here do. Thats my point, I dont see the relevance of this in a altcow thread.
And yes I did because I'm trying to word it to avoid getting another triggered response like this from you again. I'm not attacking her, I dont think someone being stalked/doxxed is milky, is that controversial?

No. 940058

An anon suggested in >>939613 that she was falsely claiming that 4chan had triedto dox her, which would have been milk, if true. Other Anons provided evidence to show that 4chan did try to doxx her. So it's relevant.
What exactly are you angry at? Also I don't think you should be accusinv other Anons of being triggered.

No. 940072

Except my original post was about all the videos featured, not specifically that one. This is a lolcow thread, meant for posting stupid things altcows do, does this really need explaining? And why are you trying to make out i'm angry when i'm not the one who told someone to fuck off because I dont think most of her stuff posted here is milky?

No. 940090

I never said you had no sympathy for her, learn to read

It speaks volumes that you screenshotted my deleted post but not your own. In your original post that I was replying to you weren't just saying "um I don't think someone getting doxxed is that milky". You were whining and bitching that every post about Dorian in this thread is a "pity party". Good job at manipulative backtracking though.

No. 940092

why don't you post some milk yourself, instead of just being a lazy piece of shit and bitching at other anons to do all the work for you?

No. 940097

Samefag as >>940090 but you calling me triggered is rich, as the post you deleted was far more triggered than mine was. No wonder you only screenshotted my post and not yours.

No. 940254

IBF shared her latest video to Twitter but its marked as 'unlisted' on Youtube.
Only stale milk is she says her stuff is still in Germany and she has been living out of a bag for the past three months.
> Her and Mr just go to a few shops and IBF buys stuff that barely fits her.

No. 940272

>her stuff being still in Germany

Is she ever going to do something about that? Like, perhaps she should finally decide where to stay instead of living out of a bag for another three, six or ten months? It can't be THAT hard, can it

No. 940274

Wait. You specifically linked that post. And now you're saying you're not talking about that post. What the actual fuck is wrong with you?

No. 940320

Isn't it actually in Scotland?

No. 940329


That’s what I thought too. I wonder if she is lying again. Knowing her, she might be renting two apartments - one in Germany and one in Scotland.

No. 940331

I think she said her stuff in Germany is in storage at some point. Not like storage is cheap though. It would serve her well to just have some of her furniture and such auctioned off, rather than spending on either storage or shipping.

No. 940334

>I'm on a weightloss mission, so these things will fit me a bit better soon.

No. 940369


Legit she is so dumb. I don’t really understand how you can rent/sublet storage or apartments in countries you are not a citizen or longterm resident of, unless she has someone doing it for her.

Plus all this time she went AWOL online and she still has Mr. Owl as her backup dick until she finds Matts #2 to scam her way back to Europe. I don’t even know why I keep up with her anymore because her life is just swirling into nowhere.

No. 940496

I’m really shit at getting all the info but can someone help out a little? I think this really milky but I can’t find the other person involved. This alt chick posted her story about another alt chick basically home wrecking her life (that, to me isn’t the milky part), after the first chick fixed her life, the other alt chick has copied this women’s life right down to the very tattoos on her body in the same locations. It’s the ohter alt chick that’s copying the first one that I think would bring massive amounts of milk. But like I said, I’m really bad at social media and can’t find her


No. 940506

File: 1583277875559.png (2.82 MB, 1242x2688, 432032FD-2883-4D83-B691-F8AB5C…)

Catinawitchhat is accusing Mai of stealing her art concept.

No. 940507

File: 1583277931100.jpeg (185.04 KB, 1241x1518, ED499B50-CCE5-4DB4-BAE6-6625E8…)

Mai’s new pic for reference.

No. 940524

These people out here seriously trying to claim basic af concepts that have been done countless times before.

No. 940545

this. eyes covered/blindfolded with things coming out of the mouth isnt original, neither is the way its edited. cry moar catina

No. 940612

Insulting people is really uncalled for, calm down.

No. 940614

I appreciate that she's actually into the subculture and clearly knows her shit, but she seems like she's really up her own ass. She shares some of the most mundane stories and delivers them like they're goddamn gospel and even the comments she leaves on other goth videos seem so self-important (although this could just be me projecting because I imagine her saying them in the same way she talks in her videos)
Yeah, she's an adult with an adult job and a life outside of YouTube but she still acts very much like she's 16 sometimes. She only brings up drama when she's asked but at this point she's done it multiple times and each time she's basically just repeating the same shit, so why keep doing it? Not to mention this whole "I'm gonna talk shit about somebody and be very specific with details about who it is but not actually name them." Either do or don't Angela, but don't play coy like some teenager posting indirects on their FB.
And this is just petty on my part because obviously there's more to friendships than subscribing to the same subcultures ut it's kinda weird that she's such good friends with ReeRee (who was going around calling herself goth when she's a metalhead) even though she's very protective of goth and looks down on posers so strongly.
I enjoy some of the content she puts out and admire her passion for the music, which is why I keep watching her, but her personality's kind of off-putting.

No. 940668

>insulting people is uncalled for

are you aware of what website you're on?

No. 940701


They just need to admit they don’t like each other and stop with the backstabbing. It seems like residual drama from the Mara split. Mai and Annika are already out of the inner circle, just let them keep festering in the corner.

No. 940737


Yeh it’s been done but tits more the fact she keeps coming out “with ideas” right after catina does, every, single, time.
At some point these bitches need to have it out

No. 940740

Being on lolcow doesn't mean sperging out like one. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

No. 940751

Didn't the whole Mai vs Cat feud start because Mai accused Cat of stealing her style? (ourfit, photo, theme, feed style)

No. 940794


She has accused so many people it has all become a blur. I am not sure if it was Cat specifically, but she did get mad at other girls in their circle selling “copies” of her artwork at various festivals over the years. It seems to be her go to method of intimidation/bullying to get rid of competition.

I know Annika and Felvae got into it as well over jewelry designs, but there’s only so much you can do when you have moderate skills and little money. Plus they’re all try hard vegans so everything has to be some sort of eco, green, woodsy nature crap.

No. 940837

Agreed. Mai has accused people of copying her because they sell braided belts. And she has accused Mara of copying her over painting white runes on a black background. All her stuff is so generic, yet she constantly claims incredibly simple concept as her own.

Watch her claim that other people are copying her because she has invented wiping her ass, and now everyone is doing it.

No. 940888

Does anyone have news on Ree Ree? I do not think that she is a cow but her IG was deleted. Anyone know what happened there?

No. 940894

Still no other news than this >>938111

No. 940942

She is talking about Eleshaalicethorn

No. 940965

>whining about me "insulting" you, responds by insulting me back

Makes sense.

>asking a question is sperging out

Uh, k. Sorry your feefees were that hurt by a cuss word lmfao.

No. 940966

Deleted or just deactivated?

No. 941379

not completely the same thing, but same face and same nails. mai got busted.

yeah if mai and moth stopped backstabbing mara this shit might stop. heard through the grapevine they kept badmouthing her and turn people against her. the twats really earned their nickname mean girls of the north

No. 941458

File: 1583443068055.png (222.29 KB, 720x564, Screenshot_2020-03-05-12-16-28…)

She found us out guys

No. 941497

Oh no. We lost the respect of self-objectifying edgelord tradwifu.
Wonder if she had a google alert set to her name. She seems like the type.

No. 941571

>Is trying to start a fight and uses directed insults in 3 posts, says insulting people on here is fine but then gets offended at the idea of agreeing to disagree
Surprise, surprise.
>Pretends their posts in this thread are not agressive hairtrigger projections but innocently "asking questions"
Sure, Jan. Still dont think dorian is a altcow, but we will agree to dis-oh I better not say that, right? I guess we will have a difference of opinion there. Happy?

No. 941590

I think she always knew about this site tbh. When I looked up her twitter she was tweeting at a lot of lolcows, however this maybe a coincidence.

No. 941604

if you learned how to read, you'd realize I was responding to the fact that you hypocritically whined about me calling you lazy (because we're supposed to be super duper polite on LC) then turned around and called me a sperg, not the part of you saying agree to disagree. you have an opinon about dorian? good for you. want a trophy?

you're the one after all who went on a spergy tirade about "dorian isn't a cow you all pity her way too much reeeee!" then promptly deleted it. it seems you're the one who can't handle other's opinions, not me. projection much?(incessant infighting)

No. 941801


I saw Jessica Lovecat posting about this, but both the girls in question are generic af. Imagine thinking you have some sort of a unique ownership over stuff like black lingerie with chains, stompy boots and fishnets, and dodgy finger tattoos that will look like a shapeless blob in a few years.

Speaking of Jessica, she's back with Dru, the same abusive ex who has beaten the shit out of her on more than one occasion. I really worry about her and her kid sometimes.

No. 941973

File: 1583519318475.jpeg (482.05 KB, 1237x2263, 8B256EFF-225A-4F4E-B819-CCC749…)

Maybe IBF is done with her ultra goth look for everyday.

No. 942015

Maybe. Though if she had a biometrics appointment she might not be able to wear makeup. It would do her good to lay off it for a while though. Let her skin rest and just not worry about being the gothest goth that ever gothed.

No. 942120


I know this photo is filtered as fuck but she doesn't look bad. She still looks goff, just not super spoopy.

No. 942151

I think it's refreshing to see her actual face. Makeup desn't make you goth, music does.

No. 942268

Agreed, her skin will thank her for the rest. And I mean it's not like she can't do simpler makeup that still gives her a dark look while not being harsh and murder on the skin for daily use.

Pretty much. Not that there's anything wrong with makeup, it's a fun thing to do if you're into it but it's clear some people feel they need to wear intense makeup in order to be taken seriously as a Goth when it's not necessary at all and that talking about the Goth music you like and want to share with others and vice versa is what truly makes one Goth anyway.

No. 942302

>>942015 She said a few things about trying minimal makeup looks for everyday wear back when she was in Scotland, so it's not that new.

No. 942346

The thing is though she never showed herself following through with that

No. 942390

I don't know what the rules are in New Zealand. But where I live biometrics often involves a picture to be used on whatever form of ID you use. These pictures have to adhere to some specific rules, to ensure that you are recognizable in them. That usually includes not wearing heavy makeup.

No. 942399

Yeah I remember in one of her videos she said she was trying to take a picture for her passport or something and it refused to believe she was human. She said she tried "everything" to make it recognise her like darkening her white makeup… You know, instead of taking it off.

No. 942501

Isn't she already pale anyway what with being a ginger? Would it really have killed her to just ditch the mime white face paint for one evening? She would still look pale anyway if that's what she was worried about kek.

No. 942650

guess not. she seems to always act like super in love or sexual with her gay friends or "booys" who think of her as unreachable.

When she was with Simon at WGT we saw her giving a fangirl a hug. They talked a little and Adora invited her to go partying with her and "the boooys" and claimed in her annoying voice: "oh, and don't worry. My friends are aaall gay as faahk".

No. 942676

true but I also think it's also the fact that she draws her eyebrows on 2 inches above where they're supposed to be that really confuses the face recognition system

No. 942796

No. 942825

>Those SJS's on the gothic amino will probably assume I was talking about masturbation, and will use it as "evidence" (fingerquotes included) that I'm some kind of incel or something.
Love how he needed to have his kid brother point this out to him. And I think the fact that you were arguing that you were "persecuted" for being male is what makes you sound like an incel.

Fucking love the gingham curtains in this attic crypt of doom. They really add an air of sinister dread.

>he credits "goosebumps" with introducing him to the goth scene. There was a goth girl character. And though he "didn't have much of a libido at the time" he was still really attracted to her. He also thinks this goth character is more worth emulating than the goth character in "book of shadoes" because " she smokes weed and occasionally does booze. At least Cassie is clean"

Jesus christ. Can this fucking guy do ANYTHING without sounding fucking creepy? Also, he still seems really infatuated with the hailey joel osmond character in that goosebumps episode. Given his age that is just wrong.

>cannot answer questions about clubbing because he's " a shutin" refers to someone who said that they're on the gothic amino as " one of those people."

>ends on a bill burr quote about "your dick is a dreamer. Think with the head on your shoulders, not the head below your belt."

I really wonder why this charming manchild gets so much shit for being a sexist.

Also, now I feel like I need to shower in bleach.

No. 942835

>Basically that Katy Perry song. Types like that are unfortunately part of the reason why a lot of people have a hard time viewing bisexuality as a valid orientation, rather than something people do for attention or because they're " confused."

Yea, there were times where female popstars were kissing each other just for an attention of public and media coverage. It was actually more harmful toward image of bisexual people than helping them in many parts of the world.

No. 942837


So back to thrifting? Not bad as wearing all out of shelves dresses is really boring. She was much more interesting in her style in times before she was washed with dresses and other stuff by brands.

I don't mean not buy from "goff shops" - just when you do at least alter that stuff in some way or mix it with D.I.Y. otherwise you end looking like from the page of mailorder catalog. Which is totally unoriginal.

No. 942861

>People Who Listen to Goth Music Aint Always Goth but Goths Always Listen To Goth Music


>People Who Listen to Goth Music Aint Always Goth

Literally WHAT? Why it's always USA crowd who is so damn obsessed with insisting that being goth is more than listening to music?

No. 942874

to be honest that makes sense to me. I know plenty of people who like goth music but don't consider themselves goth at all and actually dislike the subculture or don't associate with it at all. on the flip side we can all agree you need to like and listen to goth music to be goth. I think that's what she means

No. 942881

>>942874 got it right. What she said did make sense. There some people who may enjoy some Goth music but they don't totally engross themselves into exploring the genre and don't consider themselves Goth because their interest in the music isn't that great. A good example of this is SebastianColumbine who used to be Goth but moved away from it. She still likes the music but she doesn't consider herself Goth anymore. I know she's considered a Lolcow but the fact is that she actually was a Goth at one point and she was the best Youtuber example I could think of lol.

No. 942882

Exactly. See Andrew Eldritch.

No. 942989

>See Andrew Eldritch

No. 943049

Mara did a Q&A. Most of it vapid. The answer to everything is " fight climate change." Meanwhile she's on her way to a crystal fair. Nevermind how harmful the crystal trade is for both the environment and the poor people doing the mining so that spoiled brats can have shiny rocks.

But anyway, around five minutes in she starts talking about "fake people online" in what I assume to be a dig at the mean girls of the high north.

No. 943076

This thread can be a pretty great Exhibit A when it comes to "Why someone woulnd't want to be associated with Goth" kek

No. 943124

Wait, so this is what count von beardgrowth used to fap to? Jesus christ. He absolutely sounds like he still wants to fuck the little girl. That's creepy.

>>94282it's Emily Osmond. Kek.

No. 943204

lol, good point

No. 943457

Not sure if she still counts as an altcow. But Leahmouse sure nabbed herself a winner…

No. 943550

In the thrift video she found a lovely skirt way too small. In the piles later in the video you can see where she bought it anyway. And it was tiny. I guess add to the hoard.

No. 943551

File: 1583852218631.jpeg (505.85 KB, 1215x2011, AE070A9D-A881-4F0C-9604-7888AB…)

Her history with her pets isn’t going away, I’m sure much to her dismay.

No. 943618


They’re better off with her “friends”.

No. 943639

She's always going on about how she's going to lose weight soon. And it never happens. She looks fine. Why not just embrace your size rather than go on this constant cycle of dieting and then living off desserts and booze.

No. 943678

I really want to see what Freyja’s makeup would look like if someone who was good at makeup/a makeup artist did it for her. Like, the same thing she does but good?? Anyone else?? lol probably a nitpick but it’s always the first thing I think when I see her

No. 943709

File: 1583872837713.png (1.99 MB, 1242x2688, D6A269DC-4B53-4AB7-81FF-A6B943…)

Mara dear. Why the hell would anyone want to steal your shitty leaf sketches? They’re minimum effort, minimum skill. Get outta here with your watermark

No. 943754

lol I was literally just thinking of her. I can't tell if you're sarcastic or not but her last bf mike was borderline abusive (like would try to tell her she couldn't wear makeup to work). this guy is definitely an upgrade.

No. 943772

I was being sarcastic. I don't keep up with her. If her last boyfriend was abusive, that is genuinly sad and I feel sorry for her. If this doofus is an upgrade he must have been awful.

No. 943787

he wasn't full blown abusive, at least according to her, but they would fight constantly and he had controlling behaviors that sounded like red flags. I'm going by what she said in her video where she talks about her break up.

No. 943969

Doesnt matter what she looks like shes still a fuckwit.

No. 944284

Anyone else think treacletats is the most boring person on the planet? She can talk for half an hour and say nothing

No. 944293

So what you're saying is… no milk.

No. 944460

She was mentioned in the modded cows thread (which is long dead). I agree she is annoying as fuck. Not milky though.

No. 944971

No. 945032

Adora contacted Victoria after seeing her on "swedish next top model." What a cloutchaser she is.

No. 945064

Well Victoria takes any chance to be in the spotlight aswell…

No. 945139

Oh yes. I was not saying she's any better. The fact that she was so dedicated to get on reality tv says enough.

No. 945166

Lol yeah, since she did it 3 times

No. 945190

I didn't know about the reality tv thing, that's pretty funny. But yeah both of them are pretty much the same kind of person, just want attention and validation for nothing of substance though I wager that as Adora continues to age and lose relevance, Victoria will be the next Adora highlander style.

No. 945233

File: 1584156658270.jpeg (364.75 KB, 750x1102, 149384F1-1DE7-4CBF-BAFC-D927EE…)

No. 945238

Oh fuck me she’s cashing in on the ASMR train like it isn’t the biggest shill cop out you can do as a creator.

No. 945350

Her voice soothing?? Who the fuck

No. 945399


Right, her voice is annoying as fuck. I think she told herself that.

No. 945461

I used to like her years ago, up until the clickbait video "I have a condition" (her making a sad face on the thumbnail) "….I get hangry" I never took the bitch seriously after that.

No. 945698

Hahaha I don't rememher that. I guess she took it down cos I can't find it.

No. 945788

File: 1584269266259.jpeg (286.87 KB, 750x1200, D8A11A1F-A91D-4BA5-9BE0-AE5096…)

Erin Micklow is trying to profit off of COVID-19.

No. 945821

Who isn't though at this point

No. 945885

I just checked too and it's gone. It was around the time she went to Dubai iirc.

No. 945903

In which Orlee learns that broken glass beats skin, we learn that Belial is a petty bitch who will cut you, and I am left to wonder if the appropriate course of action when somebody is coming over to inspect your house is to leave a dish of blood in the kitchen

No. 945910

Is or just me or does she sound like she has a valley girl accent?

No. 945933

I hear it too, and you can even see it in her mannerisms. It's like a valley girl from an 80s movie.

No. 945939

She's canadian. So I have no idea what kind of osmosis went on there. But then again, Kaya also has that stupid accent.

No. 945973

This is the most active Froyo's been in ages, I wonder why. Because the last time she "came back" from hiatus she dropped off again real quick.

Kaya is actually Irish. It's Jake with the fake accent.

No. 946019

I think the most logical reason why she's trying to be active is maybe her Patreon money is starting to dwindle? I can't imagine being someone who was giving her money and noticed just how inactive she had been which would make me stop wanting to give her money for practically being a bum. Or maybe on a positive end, she may be feeling inspired to create content again after a long hiatus? It's hard to say if he's really "coming back" though because who's to say that she won't disappear again a month from now?

No. 946037


I think she missed the attention, even if she is still getting criticism. No one was talking about her, everyone had pretty much forgotten she had existed.

No. 946075

File: 1584326753584.jpeg (328.77 KB, 750x802, 8758108F-1E4E-4479-BF02-B3570D…)

Mai apparently hired an “assistant” to help her manage her “business”. Now she is regretting it due to the quarantine, despite having said months ago anyway she is so broke and poor anyway. Maybe she pays her “assistant” in knit belts and tofu wraps.


No. 946076

File: 1584326814965.jpeg (316.62 KB, 750x791, 6CCF2FDC-C620-494D-BF47-76F1CE…)

No. 946165

I think Freya will keep posting her moronic, tacky reaction video content for awhile at least, she has no other source of income other than Patreon and YT ad sense.
In order to salvage her YT career she had to come up with some new content to hold onto her fans and maybe make new ones.
Unlikely she fancies going back to her old job delivering pizzas and a life of complete obscurity.

My guess is that her spurt of activity is down to this new manager's ideas and encouragement/hand-holding.

That ASMR channel,while not my thing(I don't know whose voice I find more annoying, hers or Jake's) I do think the new channel generally is a good idea.
It's very low effort for her(she doesn't appear on camera and is reading very stories or poems) Freya is following advice and diversifying her brand,potentially she could attract a very different audience with the new channel, already she has 4k subs on it.

No. 946186

>So give me money, because you'll be supporting postal workers. Even though I don't actually have any influence over their treatment, I still think I deserve credit. And money.

What the fuck does she need an assistant for?

No. 946217

Yeah I guess I can see that too.

I mean I will give Freya this. A Reaction video is at least somewhat more engaging than her constant haul videos. With her, it's pretty hard to think of what's "good" content she's done because when you think about it, the only interesting content she ever did was her traveling vlogs (even if it was on swindled money). But she can't do that anymore and I doubt she'll be able to scam her fans a second time. But one thing is for sure is that her channel would've really suckered down if she just focused on haul videos so diversifying is good.

And yeah, the second channel was a good move. I'm not really into ASMR but I can see it's hot trendy thing in the YouTube scene and it's pretty low effort as you say so it'll be something new. I just wonder how long she will last with it.

No. 946250

File: 1584377037550.jpeg (689.63 KB, 1241x2215, 5BC44D87-8165-41E3-8515-185A31…)

Call me a prude but I wouldn’t want a life sized painting of baby me naked in my home. On prominent display….

No. 946258

Oh wow. Yeah that's a bit excessive I think lol.

No. 946272

It's like a shrine to tackyness.

No. 946420

Orlee and JD will be scratching their heads and wondering why their lease isn't renewed.

I don't think Orlee does a convincing job of selling her supposedly cool demon summoning alt witch lifestyle. Demons requiring blood constantly are giving her exactly what in return?
People can self hypnotise themselves into believing anything I guess..
In my opinion everything about her presentation is try hard and not especially genuine(including the valley girl accent and up speak/ mall goth look).
As stated before,BALG is a MMM company focussed on bilking vulnerable people out of their cash for doing "rituals for hire".

Take a look at head honcho of "Become a living God" Timothy Donahue on FB ( Orlee's mentor).He is a prize cow in his own right.

No. 946436


I’ve often wondered why, if you theoretically have the direct connect number to Hell, you need to do all these magic rituals and gibberish to get someone to do something for you. Shouldn’t you have a complete contact list of all your demon friends so that you can just ask for them by name, like some sort of Hell Extension Line.

No. 946489

Has to be said, Freya seems to have produced more in the past few months of being home than in a year of being in Amazing Germany or Soul Home Scotland. I know she thinks she hates NZ but I suspect it's where she is actually most stable and well.

No. 946521

Ooh! Please share his cowness!

No. 946524

Why do you even bother to ask if you are not interested in an answer?

No. 946540

Not that anon. But do you know what board you're on?

No. 946546


Don’t even bother anon, this happens everytime we mention Orlee and joke around about black magick. I thought it had stopped but I guess not.

No. 946549

Agreed. Orlee, or someone kn her orbit, lurks here hardcore.

Guess that "banishing ritual" she did on us didn't do jack shit. What a shocker.

No. 946560

I do not understand Adora. How can someone who says she is such a good Christian brag about being slutty and having underage sex before marriage, posing semi nude regularly, has piercings and tattoos and even made a song called Assfuck. She has a crucifix above her bed, wears a small silver cross necklace, has two cross tattoos on the thighs, refuses to wear any other religious symbol (Victoria said this in her last video posted here) and talks about going to church to pray sometimes. I thought that she was joking about it until she kept posting about her going to church to repent and how she is so Christian. How is anyone supposed to take her seriously.

No. 946562


I expect policing from mainstreamers and hardcore zealots because they’re raised to defend shit. Ideally being involved with magick gets you out of that triggered, blind sheep mindset.

No. 946563

Yeah she's a slut, though she also has a sense of humour. While I haven't seen the posts they sound like they could be sarcastic. She's had a history of making jokes that don't always land, maybe bc of her Asperger's

No. 946583

>Ideally being involved with magick gets you out of that triggered, blind sheep mindset.

Yup. True individuals listen to a faux valley girl with daddy issues when she tells them to cough up $699. Nothing sheeplike about that.

No. 946607

Haha. Clearly "mainstreamers" and "hardcore zealots" are the only ones who would be foolish enough to question mistress Orlee.

Mainstreamers. I haven't heard that term since I was fourteen.

No. 946640

>>946563 Isn't it her eldest daughter ("sister"?) Jenni that has Asperger's, not her?

No. 946642

>>946250This is very blatantly supposed to be a subversive/edgy version of herself and Leafar as the 'Madonna and Child' and is maximum cringe for being so. There's even an inverse cross at the top. I'm almost surprised she hasn't got little Leafar throwing the horns (to parody the blessing).

No. 946746

Nta but yeah it's her daughter who has Asperger's. I sometimes wonder if Adora has it too undiagnosed. But you dont have to be Asperger's to be bad at sarcasm. My guess is she's not really a Christian.

No. 946771

>>946746 It could just be that her sarcasm doesn't come over well because while her English is coherent, she's not the best at phrasing it.

No. 946805


Generally speaking quiet a lot of European self proclaimed Christians do many non-church-approved-stuff and claim being Christians, even being "Christian as fuck people of deep faith". Are her declarations for real or for LULz is another subject. US Christianity and European Christianity are two different pairs of boots, even in case of Protestantism. Also Scandinavian views on sexuality are unique in comparison to the rest of Europe. And that is coated with so called Law of Jante as a topping making it even bigger clusterfuck.

No. 947573

File: 1584657900838.jpeg (480.15 KB, 828x1304, 276DEB66-32D0-4BB5-A0ED-6A74FC…)

Kaya’s trying to convince people that Jake actually cares about her at all on Facebook (the original post was a silly joke that apparently made her laugh so much she couldn’t breathe)

No. 947619

Erin Micklow is selling skype calls with her to make it through this hard time as an independent artist. I guess Joe is definitely gone and she’s realizing she has no steady income… I don’t know how people live their lives this way?!?

No. 947676

can you use the separate thread we have for these guys

No. 947689

does she even have enough of a personality to carry a conversation? i've never watched her interviews b/c she's so bland facially, and her trying to get ppl to buy her shitty merch when ppl aren't currently working was pretty trashy. no one asked her to go to concerts and talk to bands to put on youtube, what has she actually contributed artistically or in anyway to the scene that ppl should be motivated to giver her their money?

No. 947784

They don't actually have enough of anything for their own thread. Just ignore the posts if they irritate you this much instead of demanding isolation threads.

No. 947797

File: 1584707244625.png (1.05 MB, 968x770, adora.png)

No. 947948

Yeah this doesn't seem entirely serious.

No. 947952

the mary/jesus symbolism is too much for me, god what a bunch of self absorbed assholes

No. 949130

What are you even talking about? They have their own active thread…

No. 949345

Goth Pikes scamers are back - it seems like they are about to start producing shoes again and are ignoring all questions on their pages about money and never realized orders like nothing fucking flying fuck happend (last year they were just banning people who dared to ask). Currently they also selling old stock. It's beyond my comprehension why people buy from them despite all the fuckery they pulled off. It's literally supporting criminals in their crime. What's next? Shilling for them on social media and youtube? Disgusting.

No. 949391

Yes. I bought from them, but sure as hell won't be doing that again. Wonder if Freeza is about to get some new shoes.

No. 949432

Froyo posted a live chat video but it's 2 hours long, I don't know if anybody would want that here lol. But she's posting way more regularly (for her) now. I checked out her dark slumber channel and she's posted there regularly too. I wonder if it's because of the new manager.

No. 949445

I wonder if her new manager carefully explained to her that it's generally considered desirable to create content if you want to get paid.

No. 949448

Lol it probably blew freyja's mind

No. 949496


Dorian going off on her instagram. For once I agree with her(this is an imageboard, post caps)

No. 949510

I can't open any insta links, mind sharing a screenshot?

No. 949523

Bascially shes saying what the government and a lot of people have said which is not to gather in large groups because of the coronavirus and to stay at home.

No. 949549

Yes. And calling out some of her friends who are not doing so.

No. 949564

I only watched 3-4 minutes bc I'm running low on data but for anyone who is curious she is just ranting about a dumb goth friend of hers who is posting on Facebook about going out with friends and hanging out, taking public transportation etc. She is just angry about it and saying why they shouldn't do that.

I wondered if it was Jake at first. But I don't think it is because he was complaining about people being "idiots" a few days ago on his OG story.

No. 949567

I've heard from whats posted here her everyday life is staying at home-how comes she went out now?

No. 949571

She's not. She's complaining about other people going out and posting about it on there FB.

No. 949633

for goodness sake! they claimed a year ago on Insta that they'd be back in April, and then nothing…though I suppose they never specified April of which year! What a fucking scam, can't believe they have the nerve to try this again. The shoes are shit anyway, the soles peel off after a couple of wears.

No. 949642

Yea she's been doing weekly livestreams, she probably realized its much lower effort than filming and editing videos every week

No. 949669

No. 949906

Less work. Less maintenance. No physical appearance pressure. It makes sense but really shows those who actually are fans. 5k? 6k? Not 600k. All that trawling on buzzfeed and coat tailing other channels you can see the fallout. Maybe she'll eat some humble pie. Just one piece, not the whole thing Freya.

No. 949907

Dark Slumber. I fell asleep immediately.

No. 949915

Don't forget using Eugenia Cooney as metatags after making a video saying people should leave Eugenia alone

No. 949961

Not to excuse that or anything but dont a lot of people tag eugenia in their vids for views? Its really shitty especially when the topic isnt even about her or anything related to her.

No. 949984

Some do. I don't know about "a lot." But her "leave Eugenia alone" video in which she accused other people of profiting off her for views, while she herself tagged her in unrelated videos made it extra shitty.

She tagged a bunch of other people (shane dawson, jeffrey starr, graveyardgirl etc) but the Eugenia thing is just particularly atrocious.

No. 950025

So essentially she went from desperate by using unrelated tags like Shane Dawson, Jeffree Starr, and GraveyardGirl to hypocrite by using Eugenia.

No. 950173

All that.

No. 950430

File: 1585376568524.jpeg (426.81 KB, 640x908, C5804FDF-1A01-486E-A846-69A750…)

No. 950442

File: 1585383986142.jpg (275.39 KB, 1080x1405, Screenshot_20200328_082536.jpg)

No. 950445

This is definitely a blatant rip off tbh

No. 950482

They probably commission people off fiverr.com or wherever. But Dollskill are infamous for ripping off artists and pre-existing IP.

No. 950540

Wait, she spells her name Macleod now? What happened to the pretentious way she spelled it?

No. 950549

Dollskill have a habit of doing that so its no surprise.

No. 950582

Feeding her ego probably

No. 950605

Honestly. If you just do a google image search for "deathrock hair" there are dozens of pictures this image could have copied. Not defending the artist or dollskill. But I doubt they ripped her off specifically.

No. 950637

idk, i agree with you about the style/hair but if you look at the face it really looks like they traced that exact pic and then changed the hair/outfit/earrings.

No. 950711

I thought that too at first but then I saw the necklace. This is definitely a rip off

No. 950838

No commercial clue at all. Responds on instagram? If she could fucking adult she'd email them. She loves the attention. Pretty dumb.

No. 950839

Obvoiusly traced face and necklace.
Were Dolls Kills even sued? I guess not. As no one even tried to sue scammers like man behind Gothic Shoe Company who is well known to the scene for over 20 years and is pulling his shoes scam regullary for last decade. Dunno however if he is/was connected with Goth Pikes. Goth scene is so easy to be scammed it's mind-blowing.

No. 950840

And she believes the bs story they gave her? So gullible!

No. 950845

He is. And he also bought Pennangalan. Which is a pity, because they used to be a great company.

No. 950846

Is there any actual proof that he bought Pennangalan? Also when he supposedly bought them?

No. 950848

Check Reddit. They have a thread about this shady motherfucker.

No. 950849

I don't recall any reddit thread mentioning he bought Pennangalan. Unless I'm missing some recent thread.

No. 950851

I'll have to go hunting when I'm off mobile. But as I recall, pennangalan had been unable to fill orders and weren' communicating about refunds for years, starting somewhere around 2010. Now they've gone full on scammer, and people who complained were getting the same form email as gothpikes/gothic shoe company customers.

No. 950854

I see. I scanned few threads and I see recent threads mentioning that some of reddit users are going to buy from Goth Pikes when they are back…


No. 950857

I just don't understand. I've ordered from them in the past, and have been very satisfied with my shoes and the service. But buying from them knowing what we know now would be not only gambling with your money, but conciously funding scammers. If you really want to be a part of the scene, make sure it's scammer free, rather than worrying if your boots are pointy enough.

No. 950926

I'd have loved to see Dollskill do the same for someone who doesn't have Froyo's numbers. If this had been a person with 123 followers, they wouldn't even have gotten a reply from the company, let alone an (implied) apology.

No. 951234

Good luck people! Orlee is here to inform you that exposure to COVID19 will turn you into a more evolved human because of Atlantis or some shit. So it's okay!

No. 951236

The nerve to say "please don't copy my tattoos, they are all very personal and original", when one of them is copied.

No. 951259

How dare you, anon! A fern leaf/ deer skull/ random botany is obviously a very original and deeply personal design that no one else could ever think of!

No. 951289

I can understand not wanting someone to get a straight up copy but when she said not even similar I'm like girl 'girl come back to reality, you can't stop people being inspired plus you are not original in the slightest.'

No. 951294

Exactly. If it was an exact copy of an extremely personal tattoo I could understand. But all her tattoos are basic as fuck.

No. 951311

Which of her tattoos is copied? Also how can you copy a deer skull? I've seen hundreds of seer skull tatts..

No. 951319

I think I might have found a new cow. Haven't been able to do a deepdive yet. But this is mushroom destroyer. The vast majority of her videos are plus sized goth aliexpress hauls, to add to her truly impressive hoard. But between those and the occasional mukbang, in this video:
>bitches about her anime con being cancelled because of the coronavirus.
>claims that the northwest won't end up like Italy because "there's more space here" and people are just overreacting.
>is really well-informed and does her OWN research.
>read that high doses of vitamin c will prevent the virus, so is just going to eat a lot of that.
> is very upset that the convention might reschedule, because there is another anime convention in may and that might interfere.
>she's definitely empathetic to people in high risk categories. But like, companies are sanitising doorhandles and everything. So if anything, fewer people will get sick this year because they won't be getting the flu.
> she's not frustrated for herself, but on behalf of other attendees.
>blames the city for declaring a state of emergency.
>thinks that her boss will give her time off for conventions because "her company would be really truly fucked without her." But it's the principle of the thing.
>self diagnosed autist.
>also has Adam Corrola tickets, but doesn't think he'll cancel because "he's really reasonable and logical"
>this bitch is 29
>immunocompromised people may have to do more. But that's something they already have to do during flu season anyway.
> she is super informed about the symptoms. So if she has them she'll pay attention. Unles it's the flu. Because she was recently in contact with someone who had the flu. So she'll probably assume it's the flu until she gets more symptoms. She seems unaware of the incubationtime of the virus.
>blames a lack of preparation in Italy for the higher deathtoll, and blames the italian medical system. Seems to think the American medical system is doing fine and objects to additional measures beinv taken.
>wishes other people responded to science and facts like she does.
>has a stress headache because her brain is "physically tired." See previous ramblings about science and facts
>cuts to a random clip of her going to a sensory deprivation tank for some reason.
>wants to talk more about her drug experiences. This girl is like fat Dorian. Except dorian takes the virus seriously.
> then she ends with a hello kitty walmart haul. After bitching about her debt earlier in the video.

Sorry if this was too long. But what a selfish entitled bitch.

No. 951325

Jesus what a trainwreck.

No. 951327

Afraid to watch but she just looks annoying as hell. Weebs who think they're "goth" are the worst.

>self diagnosed autist

Of course.

No. 951339

31, not 29. Has massive creditcard debt and an obvious shopping addiction. Has BPD and is on every pill imaginable. Had her cat die due to obesity. Is simultaneously infuriating and boring. Sounds like Aileen Wournos when she talks.

No. 951363

File: 1585600278748.jpg (989.5 KB, 1080x1475, 20200330_222949.jpg)

Her instagram is a delight.

No. 951376

I legit thought one of her boobs were hanging out.

No. 951401

Yeah I agree OP. Nothing makes me roll my eyes harder then a weeb claiming how they're into Goth when most of the time they aren't.

Sounds like future Toxic Tears when her fans stop throwing money at her and she still has the compulsive shopping addiction. This girl sounds like a trip.

No. 952045

Oh god her apartment tour. She really is a hoarder. At first you think it's not so bad but then you see all the rooms. Why does she even have a stripperpole. There's no space to use it.

No. 952110

No. 952285

That nazi's house is way cleaner and more spacious.

No. 952982

Dollskill pinning it to an imaginary designer who left coincidentally, it's like saying the dog ate my homework. Suuuuuure. Bunch of bs.

Spoilt rich girl thinks she is hot shit "ceo" despite having zero business acumen. Not too long ago Mai lost money because the store she chose to work with went bankrupt. The owner kept lying to her and withholding her stuff, she never saw it coming. Pleased to witness the airhead flushing money down the drain again.

No. 952990

File: 1585804254021.jpeg (972.97 KB, 1242x1692, 2237EC03-8DD7-47C4-A160-CF7B87…)

I don’t necessarily have milk but even though I always knew horrifictemptress/Ebony facetuned like a mf I never realized how bad it could actually be…. (posts with photos following this)
Since she loves to talk about how her natural hourglass figure and teeny tiny waist are 100% real, I just had to show you all. Feel sorry for her with her body dysmorphia. But damn.

No. 952992

File: 1585804379587.png (4.06 MB, 1242x2208, FA2CFF5E-E9FC-4B46-91F2-930CB6…)

No. 952993

File: 1585804538348.png (7.17 MB, 1242x2208, 25E2667D-94A5-49E9-8737-0EFD0B…)

No. 952995

File: 1585805198408.png (6.45 MB, 1242x2208, 6AF43581-5286-4765-9329-28A54C…)


Her arms are what really got me, because she shops them so heavily? She also seems to have a really weird relationship with her mom because her mom is so young - they have a lot of sexy photos together and I can’t imagine that’s great for a girl growing up. Hell, I have issues with MY mom because she’s younger than normal moms and it sometimes feels like a competition. And that’s what I see with Ebony/her mom. I never see her posted so I thought this would be a nice break from the usual people we get stale milk on.

No. 953005

File: 1585808149172.png (167.71 KB, 1458x640, ruadhan.png)

this is stale milk but this thread is so dead I figured I'd post it here. these are just some screenshots I took during ang's last stream. ruadhan was saying shit like this nonstop (this is less than half of what he posted). he made the whole stream about himself practically and people were trying to help him but he just kept popping off like this and at one point a girl told him to meditate for his anxiety and he told her to go fuck herself. at that point angela finally muted him. she honestly had way more patience for him than I would have. I wonder how he's doing now.

No. 953019

Melodramatic much? Sure the quarantine sucks but damn get a grip. Sounds to me like he didn't take his pills or something. Yeah I give Angela props for dealing with his craziness.

Never heard of this person but hot damn that shop job. I don't get why these people shop themselves so drastically to the point of unrecognizable. Are they trying to look as inhuman as possible?

No. 953025

I feel like she lies and embellishes her stories a lot. I think it's a low self-esteem thing as well as trying to convince her following she's attractive and sought after, but she always says men openly hit on her every time she goes out? like its an extremely consistent thing for her? I just can't see that being realistically the case, she's attractive but not breathtaking by any means.

She also always talks about how intelligent and highly educated she is but always makes silly grammatical errors and uses questionable word choices in her Instagram stories xD (I understand it happens but the contrast is amusing nonetheless).

Anyway, glad to see her here! she's very milky.

No. 953057

Attractive + wearing a dress = men hit on you. A lot of men coming after you in public is related to the clothing you wear, and based on these images she wears form-fitting dresses.

No. 953058

(and low-cut revealing tops, which is definitely going to increase your ratio)

No. 953060

>making a nude picture your video thumbnail

These people are getting more attention-seeking by the day

No. 953061

Wow. Way to throw a fit. Considering how a previois Anon mentioned he likes to grope people at the club without their consent, virtual clubnights might be the best thing for him.

I kind of suspect his deep hatred of Dorian is based on the fact that they're both autistic unstable trans writers who are on a ton of medication and have no impulse control. But Dorian gets more attention.

No. 953062

Oh yeah I completely get that, dressing alt increases that too but I still think she exaggerates it (either that or she lives in a really dodgy area).

No. 953167

WTF! She shooped herself half her real size. This woman is almost bbw with double chin. I loled at the classy blacked out neck >>952995
It didn't work on Munro as well.

No. 953185

Gotta agree. If you perform high femininity, men will hit on you just like that. So I don't think her claim of being hit on by men is that farfetched if she dresses in such a way all the time she goes out.

But I can see how that would still be a form of low self-esteem if you need to brag about it a lot.

Pretty much. Both mental unstable cases who need their medication to keep them in check and without it, they'll do some questionable things from this freakout to back when Dorian was an alcoholic. I think Dorian gets more views because she's been on YouTube a lot longer and she films in decent quality. I think she's a mess but I've gotta give credit where it's due, her videos don't look shotty as far as face-cam videos go.

Does that whole black neck really work on overweight people? I haven't seen a case of it ever doing what they think it does.

No. 953198

Dorian ebegs less, which makes her easier to watch. So many of Ruadhan's vids and lifestreams involve him hinting at what he needs money for. It really drives people away. And Dorian is hotter. Sad but true, that does matter on youtube.

No. 953200

and Dorian actually has interesting insights on things like drugs and anorexia… I havent watched much of Ruadhan aside from his 'black friday needs to quit her crap' video but he seems like he has a toxic attitude. and yeah the e begging is annoying which is ironic cos I think that's one of the things he was mad at froyo for.

No. 953325

>Dorian Hot

I have to agree. I wouldn't say she's "hot" but she's pretty and again, films in good quality. Ruadhan's video quality just looks messy and blotchy. And yeah the e-begging is annoying.

No. 953375

That reminds me does anyone have archives of the videos dorian deleted? I never got to see them before they were taken down.

No. 953404

The sloppy drunk ones or the edgelord "female privilege" one?

I've been wondering too. Does anybody have the video where she talks about phrynne trying to poison her? I remember Dorian saying phrynne threatened legal action for that.

No. 953471

File: 1585880957473.jpeg (458.21 KB, 1242x2262, BA1DE2BC-5EC0-4AEE-948B-AFC7C2…)


No. 953473

File: 1585880985968.jpeg (869.12 KB, 1242x2241, 88A5C9DD-4481-4B15-BECF-F2C6DB…)

No. 953488

Any of them, all I heard of is there was more than one deleted-not sure what the reasons were?

No. 953517

when you're a generic white girl and need all the attentions. nice shill for a shitty brand, can she not get similar items from anywhere else. or like diy something since she knows how to sew.

No. 953547

I've always been confused about this because people use both male and female pronouns for Dorian-are they MtF? Dont want to misgender them. Also did not know Rhudhan was too-also MtF?

Well to be fair, its a pretty low bar if you're comparing them to Rhudhan (no offence to Rhudhan fans!) But I do think its true for some youtubers, I honestly think Jude Bishop would not have the followers she has were it not for her looks because her videos are boring as fuck.

No. 953556

Not a fan of either Ruadhaun or Dorian,doubt anyone here is hahaha.

But agree 100% anon, they couldn't be more similar. Both are serious nutcases, autistic, utterly self absorbed and expect to be treated as very "special" indeed.

The YT "genuine goth" scene has cut Ruadhaun a lot of slack, probably for calling out IBF and haul videos. Angela tolerates him at the very least and Ligeia resurected moderates his live streams(dear God why?) up to them if they indulge him but I should think his high and mighty attitude must be getting old by now. I think people feel sorry for him at first, I know I sort of did.

Can't see either Ruadhaun or Dorian being capable of attracting a decent partner.A desperate hobosexual might be on the cards for Ruadhaun since he does have a modest flat. As far as Dorian goes,her last relationship was with an actual trans woman (m to f)who tried to poison her, quite shocking!
Actual IRL friends? Doubt either one has any for long. Who could bear their monologues?

One key difference is while Dorian is enabled by well off family, Ruadhaun's parents are dead and didn't leave him $ and if he has siblings he isn't close to them,so no family handouts, he is living off DSS and guilting subscribers to send him presents like almond milk off his Amazon wish list.

Ruadhaun is female to male transexual and has had both "top" and "bottom" surgery on the government's dime, he is always displaying his flabby body on YT and you can see the breast removal scars across his chest..He has done a few videos about being trans but like everything he does they are extremely petulant and rambling.

Dorian is a woman who is 100% transgender, other than changing her name to Dorian (? It's possibly her give name?) she has done nothing to transition,tho these days probably says she is "non binary".

No. 953567

typo….that should read Dorian is 100% transTRENDER

No. 953581

Dorian's birthname is Jen. I don't know what Ruadhan's birthname is.

Though the problem with Ruadhan (well, one of many) for me is his endless kickstarter and gofundme requests. And the fact that he claims to love the scene, but has no problems making merch using bandlogos and selling it in his shop without permission.

He clearly hates Dorian because he's jealous of her.

And they have both had relationships. Dorian complains about not seeing her ex anymore, and Ruadhan blamed his ex for bringing a bug infestation into his house and started a gofundme to pay for an exterminator.

No. 953582

How butch or femme you present does not determine how "real" your trans status is. And Dorian has talked in the past about not being able to get surgery because of her medical issues.

No. 953722

>I've always been confused about this because people use both male and female pronouns for Dorian-are they MtF? Dont want to misgender them. Also did not know Rhudhan was too-also MtF?

Dorian and Ruadhan are both biologically female. Dorian identifies as a man, but won't take hormones or get surgeries. Ruadhan actually did transition.

Many have been deleted. She used to get drunk and make sloppy videos and has since deleted a lot of them. In one of them she talked about someone (anons think an uncle) who sexually abused her. I didn't see that video, I just heard about it. And then of course the more recent "female privilege" one that got deleted/privated because of dislikes.

No. 953814

>What is Dorina

Dorian is just an attention seeking woman who fetishized gay twinks and wanted to be one yet continually goes for a feminine look and even at points, accentuated her breasts with push-up bras. In short, she's just an attention whoring woman who jumped aboard Gender train when it was getting more popular around 2014-2015.
As for Ruadhan, I think she's a FTM.

I believe Dorian had one IRL friend but he passed away last year (I can't remember if it was natural causes or drug-related though). But yeah seeing how self-absorbed they are and how they seemingly have no interest that aren't tied to vanity, I don't know who would want to be friends with them except younger teenagers, more so to Dorian than Ruadhaun.

> his endless kickstarter and gofundme requests.

Yeah same. It really makes his bitching towards Black Friday and Toxic Years hypocritical. Like he didn't actually make those videos to call them out to make a point but just to vent how they were able to sucker people to give them money whereas it's a struggle for him.

You seem to know a bit about Ruadhan so I gotta ask. Before the pandemic, do you know if he actually had a job? Like he complains about his money troubles and he does get DSS but did he actually have a job on top of it?

> sexual abuse

Yeah she uploaded the day before Thanksgiving of 2018 and she said that it was someone in her family and that her mother didn't believe her when she told her about it. That and her getting poised by her ex were the only noteworthy things during Dorian's sloppy-drunkfest because aside from that, she only really talked about this weird fake breast/push up breast thing she bought and how she fondled it on camera or a strap-on she bought and would talk about how much she liked it and wanted to use it… lol

No. 953841

I wouldn't say I know a lot. But he has been discussed a lot on these boards. He collects disabillity, sells his music, and has a button store. The disabillity is for bad eyesight, sutism, and a host of other health concerns. Also fybromialgia. He does also do busking sometimes, and has a few people who give him money on the regular. He also has a very small patreon.

No. 953871

>As for Ruadhan, I think she's a FTM.
yes ruadhan is ftm, in one of her videos she says people always think she's mtf and tell her she doesn't pass. in another video she talks about getting her breasts removed.

No. 953915

The only job I've heard Ruadhaun mention having was as a female pro Domme in LA, many years back, pre transition obviously.

No. 953951

Orlee Stewart , JD temple, Black magic Barbie (lol) along with their chums at " Become a living God" are selling a ritual which will allegedly help you to "ally with the virus and fuel your own ascent" .
Yeah, right. People marketing snake oil and profiting off fears around Coruna are just the lowest.
I'm assuming it's perfectly legal to rip off vulnerable people during the pandemic as disclaimer has been placed next to the product on the website.

No. 953988

Ah okay, thanks for the fill-ins. So she does get money already. I wonder why she's always e-begging when she can just keep selling her merchandise because if it's good, it'll sell.

Really…? LOL I guess I just have the image of what she looks like now where i find it hard to see her as a "pro domme". Either way I'm betting that didn't pay much unless she was that in demand.

They're just really coming out of the wood works now aren't they? Tsk…

No. 954057

I doubt Ruadhan makes much from Patreon or selling those Goth/Punk buttons/badges.Because of ADHD and whatever other "pity me" issues he boo hoos about, his business(tho the buttons are pretty cool) won't take off. He is extremely unfocused and unreliable about shipping his orders in a timely manner, he discussed this on YT and refered to orders that were MONTHS old and had various lame excuses as to why he couldn't fulfil them. Not a good advert for his business.

His music is on band camp, but I've not gotten round to checking it out.

He could try living on the government cheques but he has no self control and overspends on whatever catches his eye as one anon explained here months ago.

He probably has a few online mates sending him a bit of cash because they feel sorry for him, after all he did quite a few food pantry hauls to tug at fellow goth/alt people's heartstrings. No shame.

Yeah it's funny af to imagine Ruadhan as a sexy professional dominant in a black PVC catsuit, unlikely right?
About as hot as Edith Massey in " Desperate Living"…
Actually tho,he is in his 40s so perhaps he was an ok looking woman back in her 20s.

I heard from a male friend who has paid Domme services that what you pay for is the pro Dominants willingness/ability to do extreme acts and less about how pretty/model looking she is.
Especially years back, supply of male subs outstripped those genuinely cruel female dominants.
Subs who pay are often wanting more than a bit of role play and light bondage.
Hardcore subs want to be pissed on,seriously beaten, kicked in balls repeatedly etc.

No. 954072

That is extremely predatory and probably not legal, given how people have already been sued for selling fake covid19 cures.

No. 954083

Ty for the info I did not know that!

I would have liked to see the female privilege one, especially if they identify as a man. Would love to know what exactly they said to piss everyone off lol. I can understand them taking down the other ones.

No. 954084

>He clearly hates Dorian because he's jealous of her.
What makes you say that? Do you have reciepts?

No. 954085

Another reason for Ruadhan's possible success as a pro domme is the fact that he apparently used to have giant tits. That's how he managed to get his top surgery. They were causing him backache, so he could get a masectomy.

No. 954092

I think charging 200 bucks(or 2 bucks for that matter) to do a ritual to "power your ascent" by supposedly tapping into "the force of Coruna" SHOULD be illegal.

Sadly as there are disclaimers at both the start and end of the video and on the website they have covered their asses legally.

Just because it's technically legal doesn't make it ok.

No. 954104

Did you not read the previous posts? Or watch his "dear Dorian" video.

No. 954105

Can people posting about the two trans people starting with D and R post some images along with the text. This is pretty hard to follow if you're unfamiliar with them.

No. 954107

Fine. I'll spoonfeed you and your crippling inabillity to use google images.

No. 954120

Chill, edgelord, this is an IMAGEboard

No. 954163

Chill. If you mean the recent posts above then yes, but that's not receipts. If you are referring to any other posts then no. I've just watched the video you mentioned, and surprised that Ruadhan brought up some valid points, and quite a bit of it is just a life blog. Not sure where the accusation of jealousy can be made regarding the video.

No. 954165

File: 1586017674354.png (499.74 KB, 640x838, 8lp565enucv31.png)

No milk, but just another little rant about the state of the gawf online community. But man, I am so sick and tired seeing pics like these with "models" facetuning their visage and body beyond hell being liked and upvoted like crazy. This girl here mostly posts on gothstyle on reddit and her posts get so many upvotes… but don't dare to point out how fake it is, or else the thirsty big tiddy goth creeps will give you fire.

How exactly is this shit any different from the mainstream instathots? Why are people in this bloody community so shallow and repeat the same bullshit beauty standards that the mainstream is preaching? I know we discussed this several times and I know the answer is "because they don't give a shit about the music, only about likes and clout", but it still makes me angry.

Especially since I was bullied by the "normies" for defying conventional beauty standards and being the kind of girl every one would make fun of for being "ugly". And now the same people put on 1kg of make up, expensive gawf shit from Dollskill and act all "counter-culutre" and "alternative beauty!!!". Pisses me off.

No. 954167

Not that Anon. But his points would hold a lot more value if he wasn't doing what he accuses Dorian of, but worse. Pretty much the backbone of his channel is starting drama for attention or exposure.

I honestly don't know if it's jealousy. I think he was just calling out Dorian because he was very succesfull after calling out IBF and TT, and just wanted to call out another goth youtuber to get views. It's just that people don't really care a lot about what Dorian does. And he has this habit of accusing people of whatever he himself does. Like ebegging with IBF and attention whoring with Dorian.

No. 954248

Basically, he's projecting?

No. 954324

Maybe. I'm no psychologist. Or he's just throwing anything at the wall and is lacking in self awareness. Or he knows what he's doing, but thinks people won't call him out because of his gothcred.

No. 954411

yeah. not trying to armchair but ruadhan has always seemed like a raging narc to me.

No. 954440

Suddenly the puzzle pieces make sense.
Yeah, people with narcissistic personality disorder will fly into a rage if you call them out for being hypocritical. They have ZERO self awareness or sense of gratitude.

I never knew Ruadhan did go fund me's other than the 1 for the exterminator.He raised the cash that time as he had new subscribers on the back of having the balls (pun intended) to call out Freya. I remember watching one of his videos from that period and he didn't seem grateful to anyone for resolving this serious infestation, it just was more extended moaning about assorted petty BS.

Anyone remember what other items or services has he ebeged for?

There are entitled, narcissistic musicians like him occasionally popping up in underground scene, acting super annoyed on SM that their fans aren't "crowd funding" them to record an album or even repeatedly requesting donations so they can spend their honeymoon in New Orleans(!). Eventually they get a few "supporters" who feel sorry for them (often they have some issue or sob story that they are suffering from trama)and have a deep need to "caretake".

Right on cue Ruadhan is posting on YT about why he needs 300 dollars for a folding bike(!) As he supposedly has no space for a standard bike.FFS, beggers can't be choosers. Folding bikes are a luxury item. Be happy to have any bicycle as long as it gets you from point a to point b.

No. 954455

Previous gofundme's were for vet bills, exterminators, covering expenses, rent, dental work, and several were for book and music projects. No idea if anything came of it. And I think I forgot a few.


Post about Ruadhan being a creep.

No. 954457

Yeah, I'd imagine all of us Goths posting on this thread have had our frustrations with these fashion Goths(trying to polite here)who don't enjoy Goth music.

I don't think it's a very good song, but good on him for doing it.

No. 954462

File: 1586051547310.jpg (442.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200405-035101_You…)

1 of 2
Ruadhan posting about the bike

No. 954463

File: 1586051602205.jpg (418.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200405-035324_You…)

No. 954514

File: 1586061254950.png (84.82 KB, 1505x750, dorian.png)

it was mostly your run of the mill "skeptic" logic spewed by people like shoe0nhead. men can't show emotions and are expected to be shtrong yadda yadda yadda. she also said it sucks to be a short man (to be fair it does) and said women had it easier because short women don't get made fun of, completely ignoring what it's like to be a tall woman. oh and she also said that the standards for female actors in nude scenes is lower than the standards for men in those scenes (this is something that effects all men apparantly).

sorry I can't remember more of it. it was discussed in this thread though if you're willing to lurk >>>/snow/874753

No. 954583

What do you think about /r/goth? That place is really strange IMHO.

No. 954628

I'm sorry, but why the actual fuck should anyone care that you (Ruadhan) 1. wants to buy a bike 2. didn't take any precautions so that your previous one didn't get stolen? Why is it ANYONE else's problem but yours?

No. 954637

I appreciate his point that busses are fucked in the current crisis. But the way he just flatly states that he needs this thing and list how people can give him money, without even awknowledging that it's a big ask, is pretty atrocious. And he does this with all his money raising efforts. He never shows any gratitude to the people who contribute, or even awknowledge them. He just bitches about the people who don't give him money.

At first I liked his calling out Froyo video. But the more I find out about him, the more I realize he really is a giant hypocrite.

I think now that his need for drama is starting to generate more attention, people might start to catch on to his constant panhandling.

No. 954673

Ah man now I feel really sorry for Ruadhan. Having all those medical issues would take a toll on you.

No. 954674

Ah yeah thanks for this-I tried to search for it online and only got a bunch of links to antifeminism and mgtow. Dorian isnt an antifeminist are they? Will lurk more TY! I also heard you can unlist videos on youtube so is it possible its still up and they just moved the link?

No. 954717

If he really has them.

No. 954783

>I think he was just calling out Dorian because he was very succesfull after calling out IBF and TT, and just wanted to call out another goth youtuber to get views.
Except thats not what happened. dorian made a video about him and other goth drama, and he responded in kind, so lets not make up baseless tinfoiling. Pretty sure that was posted here when it happened last year, even if it was not he says in his video its a response to dorians video.

No. 954802

I don't think I watch that video but was it the one where she kept calling her a "A sad angry little man"? If so, I kind of remember it lol.

No. 954804

It wasn't so much him going after her that I thought was questionable. I have no love for Dorian, and she's running her mouth a lot. It was the fact that he accused her of stirring up drama for attention that I found funny.

No. 954807

Dorian's video.

No. 954809

And Ruadhan's video.

No. 954838

I haven't watched any of her videos in a while now and now I remember why. she just go on and on. What the fuck does cooking have to do with the topic? Way to get sidetracked.

No. 954872

I remember other anons saying she was shit stirring previously by inserting herself into drama in previous threads, so I dont think its much of a reach. Also he was not "going after"dorian. Dorian made a video about him and he responded. If you want to make that argument it would be to say he went after freya.

Lol yeah he talks about dorian for about 5 minutes and then the rest is random stuff.

No. 954904

I was reading the description box for this video, and noticed that it had the link for Ruadhan's exterminator kickstarter. Apparently his boyfriend brought in a bug infestation. But does anybody know what happened there? Like bedbugs or lice or something? He doesn't actually explain.

No. 955014


Like most subs on reddit it suffers from being an echo chamber and their regular posters acting like they are experts. You can easily get downvoted if you share certain opinions, and I am not talking about disagreeing that goth is about music (because that's a fact).

Most posts about music are fine, but the endless discussions about what is gawf and people shaming each other for their political ideologies (or being not woke enough) is annoying as hell.

No. 955169

Fucking hell Dorian is a cunt. Did she lose any subscribers after all the downvoting or not because she removed it too quickly?

No. 955170

Well, I unsubbed.

No. 955251

> Lol yeah he talks about dorian for about 5 minutes and then the rest is random stuff.

For real. I mean I watched the whole thing but fuck man, I'm pretty sure that's a constant thing seeing how long her videos are.

I'm more causal of that sub but I haven't seen people bullying others out or anything like that. I have seen the arguments but the regulars who say things like this or that band aren't or are Goth, they are being reasonable and some of them do go into detail of why that is. Like I know the YouTube Cadaver Kelly sometimes posts or interacts in the comments there and she really does know her stuff, especially since she knows about Music Theory and Instrumental structure so I wouldn't consider someone like her being a snob, just trying to share knowledge.

I don't think she did though I think it would depend more on the comments she was getting on the video which unfortunately we can't see anymore. I'm curious if anyone actually called her out on her nonsense.

No. 955346

File: 1586235537173.jpg (463.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200407-065714_You…)

Ruadhan bought a new phone a while ago because his government smartphone was shit. How bad are those things really? Or is he wasting money?

No. 955352

There were few shitstorms where some regulars were unironically defending communism as a clever and good system and basically treating everyone who don't agree as a dumb [literally] Trump's fanatics and nazis [WTF?] and started insulting them in more or less open manner. That was really retarded "defence". All of that was just because some people noticed obvious fact that communism every time led to regime and genocide.

No. 955363

So she basically said what majority of population above the age of 30 knows. If you don't believe that for example men showing certain emotions is shunned in good portion of society around globe or females have much higher chance of keeping children with them after divorce, etc - I advice you to go outside more often.


>Dorian isnt an antifeminist are they?

I don't recall Dorian ranting against gender equality. So if gender equality is feminist then Dorian didn't publish anything to consider her antifeminist. But not all of branches and sects of feminism are created equal and many are known to casually attack each other (for example topic of porn and female nudity in public places -like billboards, fashion etc is notorious example - some groups see it as empowering women other as very opposite) it makes your question problematic. So if bringing to attention that females have better position in some areas of life than men is antifeminist - then she is. But that would mean that feminism == being in denial about reality.

No. 955375

I never saw that but again, I'm a casual on that sub and I try to avoid politics. That sounds pretty bad if they're not letting people be of their own political stance.

No. 955399

Agreed. But, it's actually much better now. It used to be full of old school posers (no, I didn't think that was a thing either) throwing around their age and whining about the goth sub because they got called out in the 90s for being fake and are still salty about it.

These types are just bland alt people. They infiltrate whatever scene is getting attention atm. A few years ago they were metalheads, some years before that they were punk, now they're claiming goth. They're the alternative form of the normie who clings onto whatever mainstream trend is currently popular.

No. 955419

The problem with /r/goth is that it has limited circle of regular members who have almost literal monopoly on being sarcastic and even openly rude etc. in discussion when you post something they don't agree with you (I don't mean here obvious bullshit like saying goth is not abouth music). When you call them out for their bullshit they don't even pretend to hide their irritation. They go on you screaming that you are the problem - not them. I have seen that on so many cases I'm fed up of that place.

No. 955454

>Alternative trendiers

Yeah that's pretty much what they are. whenever I visit profiles like hers, it's just full of "model" pictures and showing off brand names but never reference that they like the music or the few that do, it's pretty obvious when they throw around tags like "Metal" or "Emo" and it says all you need to know about them. In 3-5 years, they'll be gone and on to the next trend.

>Old School Posers

Yeah I actually saw this kind of thing. The people who would say that because they were around in the 80s, they know more about Goth than someone who was born after the 80s and then spout off non-goth bands like Depeche Mode, Culture Club, and The Smiths as Goth bands lol.

No. 955576

>could it be unlisted?

I don't think so, because I'm pretty sure you can still embed unlisted yt videos. I think she privated/deleted it.

>is Dorian antifeminist?

Doubt it since Dorian is quite left leaning and buys into a lot of gender theory stuff. I think of Dorian were antifeminist she wouldn't believe in being non binary etc.

>So she basically said what majority of population above the age of 30 knows. If you don't believe that for example men showing certain emotions is shunned in good portion of society around globe or females have much higher chance of keeping children with them after divorce, etc - I advice you to go outside more often

The thing is, she brought up shitty things about being a man but they were things enforced by the patriarchy but acted like it's women's fault. She also basically said thst being objectified is female privilege.

No. 955580

Some people clearly did otherwise she wouldnt have deleted it.

No. 955582

How is that female privilege? The divorce thing is debateable but she got backlash for claiming this is female privilege, not that this is social norms which should be changed. I advise you to pay attention more often.

No. 955593


Privilege - a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.

Social norms - are regarded as collective representations of acceptable group conduct as well as individual perceptions of particular group conduct.

Definitions may differ depending on which ideological strain of feminism or other ideological movement you represent.

Is being objectified privilege? In general case I doubt (there are people who wish to be objectified), yet there are people who don't agree with me on that. Am I privileged to call them "fucked up"? At least people who see it as positive thing and are for objectification for both genders are consistent and in line with equal rights. The whole other topic is what objectification means in that context as in decades long infighting in feminism on subject of porn that is centered on what is objectification of female body and what is empowerment. Feminist against (any form of) porn see feminists pro (at least some forms of) porn as supporting objectification, while these pro porn call them more or less insane.

Was Dorian using directly term "objectification" - or was it something other that you _personally_ see as an objectification? I don't recall seeing that video so I can only know from words of others what it was said in it.


>I think of Dorian were antifeminist she wouldn't believe in being non binary etc.

Beliving or not in non binary is separate topic from feminism. There are strains of feminism that are not in line with non binary movement. There are strains that don't belive in being transsexual. And many other. Many strains of feminism are at war with each other because of such differences. It's not a monolith movement. It's more or less based around idea of equality of rights but in many cases differs on what these rights should be and what other aspects related to gender, sex etc are important as well and what is ideal goal in eventual changing them.

No. 955598

File: 1586292766843.jpg (186.79 KB, 950x1112, 78002a35e03318c1e2be2272202b30…)

And she wonders why people think shes trans

No. 955639

At any rate, I don't think Dorian identifies as antifeminist or identifies with the "skeptic" community.

No. 955662

Why are you being so haughty and defensive about a video you haven't even seen?

As dorian seems to be someone, from what I have gathered in their comment section, liked for being "honest and open" its a shame they decided to delete this (and who knows how many other videos) for whatever reason-linked thread says negative feedback but it could be other reasons. I would have more respect for dorian if they left it up-after all youtube isnt a stranger to controversial videos, and all we have now to go on is the comments of the people who did actually see it.

No. 955819

It's neither being haughty nor defensive. It's being precise.

No. 955820


>There were few shitstorms where some regulars were unironically defending communism as a clever and good system and basically treating everyone who don't agree as a dumb [literally] Trump's fanatics and nazis [WTF?] and started insulting them in more or less open manner.

This is exactly the kind of shit why I have started to stay out of r/goth discussions. Their discord server has pretty much the same problem. I don't have a screenshot at hand and it happened a while back in January/February, but there was an incident on their gothrock music channel where a user posted a song from a Dark Electro band. People instantly jumped on her, but not only because the band isn't goth and the song should be posted to "other music". They mainly gave her really bad fire for the group being a "Nazi band" and that she shouldn't promote such music, because fascists will gain from exposure. They also instantly assumed she was ok with the bands politics and that she was financially supporting them.

I can understand where they are coming from, since the EBM/Electro scene def has a problem with right wingers and we def should talk about that, but they got way too personal. It's one thing to criticize a band for their image and political associations and tackle the infiltration of alternative cultures by extremists, but it's another to flame and bully a person for listening to a band. She even tried to say, that she is aware the group may be problematic and doesn't support right wing ideologies… but that's not good enough.

It really irks me how much that whole cancel culture bullshit forces us to constantly feel guilty and excuse ourselves for liking things that may be morally or ethically questionable. It's like the whole 90s "concerned parents" nonsense again, where you had to defend your love for politically incorrect and violent media (like certain videogames) and everyone assumed you are going to do a killing spree or become a school shooter because of it. Except now people will claim you are a Nazi and will "literally" murder minorities by listening to Burzum, Death in June or some other stupid controversial band.

No. 955847

It’S BeInG pRiCiSe
Going on a multi paragraph sperg looks defensive to me. Literally no one cares about you opinion about feminism. It’s opinion not facts, retard.

No. 955855


Dark electro? Was it Yet Another "Feindflug Bad" Shitsorm? Or was that band Nachtmahr (what would make the whole shitstorm even more retarded)?
The more shitstorms in that vein I see the more I'm assuming that people who start them belive in some sort of "international undercover nazi conspiracy to turn whole nations into white supremacist lovers of Mein Kampf by usage of morse alphabet encoded subliminal messages hidden in bass lines and drum machine". LMAO

It's literally analogue of believs in "Jewish Conspiracy" but with different "undercover unseen enemy We All have to unmask and bring to light at all cost" and who is "constantly acting from behind the curtain". There are even places that censor Rozz Williams songs… because "racism"…

If I like the sound - I like the sound. I don't go trough list of all present and former band members and check their ideological background or if they ever said anythin pro- Third Reich or pro Soviet Union and if I discover they did I don't go full retard bashing anyone who post their music as propagandists of massmurdering regimes of Hitler, Lenin, Che Guevara, king Leopold II of Belgium or whoever else. OK - if someone from band said anything pro Stalin or pro Hitler it would be pissed off. But most of internet shitstorms are centered around "supposed nazism" that is "seen" by "expert witchfinding generals" in things like wearing military uniforms (Laibach excluded becaus left wing philosopher Zizek gave them blessing and told publicliy the obvious truth that Laibach usage of totalitarian imaginery is ironic).

Yes there are people with pro Nazi views. There are also people with pro communist views. I don't like pro Nazi views and I don't like pro communist views. But what I mostly see in online dispute is a witch hunt. How is witch hunt supposedly going to defend any scene from "nazi wrath"? They never cared to answer that question because asking such questions is "being secretly Nazi" to them. They attack without mercy and blow everything out of proportion just to act in the end as a noble chivalry defenders of freedom… despite behaving like exact opposite. They literally act like blinded zaelots policing what we are forbidden thinking.

Even if some band is openly Nazi (or Commie or whatever trashy ideology are they related to) we have full right to post and discuss in civilized manner their music or other forms they make and point out we like for example chord progression used in their songs and point out what we don't like in their art and why. It does not make us Nazis.

No. 955856


Grow up and try again later, troll.

No. 956194

No. 956287

Ahhh the twisted bra strap does it for me. Seriously. Ugh.

No. 956341

No. 956347

How does she manage to barely touch the wig and make it look so fucking ratty and disgusting. Sorry but if someone went out of their way to wear clothes like that they’d try to make their hair a little nice too and put on minimal makeup. This was just lazy but did we really expect anything else?

No. 956363

I mean she said the old "look like a normie" vid was one of her most viewed so maybe she was trying to shoot for that again instead of caring much about the quality

No. 956367

I found this video oddly disingenuous. Not only does she not mention the actual last normie transformation video she did, which was much better than this one and the first one, she also says that she has so many ideas for Youtube but only churns out monthly favorites and another one of these transformations. Even if she went for this because she got a wig from a sponsor, she could have done other things with it that aren't another I try to look normal and fail teehee video. Especially when it includes going outside during a pandemic.
I suppose that's what happens when you try to cater to normies, or when you're too lazy to try anything new.

No. 956436

How is you sperging over a video you've not seen "being precise"?


No. 956445

I think you're right anon. We have to be honest here. While many of us can see Friday for the lazy ass she is, the views on her video don't lie as "normie" people will flock to her videos like this because "OOOH How original and weird" or some shit like that. She knows that she can get away with poor quality content like this because she will always have the normies and impressionable Goths who don't realize how low quality her videos can be.

I'm just starting the video now and I had to roll my eyes when she said that she wanted to have someone help her with a "normal" look. Is she fucking serious? It's not that hard to make a "normal" look. We see it all the time. Just tone down the makeup, throw in some more color into your outfit and just generally avoid an all black ensemble, and remove the piercings. Only someone like her would make it harder than it has to be. She doesn't even need cover her black hair with a wig, just don't tease it and let it lay straight or wavy depending on your preference.

I'm just now seeing the wig and oh man… Like the color is a lot better than that orange mess but the styling, something looks really off about it. And the outfit, she looks more like a bohemain than "regular". Like seriously, just wear a t-shirt and jeans or non-black pants and tennis shoes, flip-flops, or just a non-alternative looking shoe.

I'll give her some credit, the look is heaps better than the one from the first and I think the outfit while not what I would consider "basic normie", was nice in a vintage/summery way but it's just the hair, she should've just simply flat-ironed it and let it lay flat or in a ponytail.

Oh right, she did do another "normie transformation" video. I can't really remember it though. But yeah this was the worst time to do a video like this since we're in the middle of a pandemic.

No. 956466

I was kind of wondering why she wasnt bringing up the Basic White Girl video, which I think fit her as a 'normie' look much more (except she went a little too heavy on the dark makeup there).
This most recent one she put on way too little of what she needed and too much of what she didn't need. If she was being real and genuine she would've added more color to her cheeks, MASCARA, light eyeliner, a lip gloss…and tamed that goddamn wig, that thing looks like she is wearing a dead Firey from The Labyrinth.
For goths who have to be normal for jobs and to be around family, this is a joke, and not a good one. There are better ways to look 'normal', see celebrities like Kristen Ritter for celebs with high contrast who know how to work their dark hair with nice makeup. She could've done the makeup I mentioned and styled her real hair in a nice, laid down way, maybe some waves or a ponytail (which I think would look nice on her) and a nice turtleneck and coat that complimented her while hiding her tattoos. It could've also been a way to teach the younger goths that follow her how to 'dress down' their look for job interviews or going to important meetings and functions. But no, as everyone mentioned, its a disingenuous video meant to highlight how WEiiRrrD she is to her gullible audience.

No. 956469

Adding to this, the hair being the biggest affront in this video, she did a whole ass video on how to untease her hair so…why not just do that? Why go with the atrocious wig and light eyebrow look? Do natural looking black eyebrows (hell, get paste on 'eyebrow wigs' if you have to) and a nice updo and it'll be miles better! Also, sorry forgot to sage last post.

No. 956511

Yeah for real. Like I mentioned in my other post, this look is a lot better than the first one but not as good as the second one where she actually looked more normal minus the intense dark eye makeup. And I do think the wig was a nice color but she's too lazy to actually make it look nice. There are tons of wig transformation videos where people turn ugly to so-so wigs into nice and presentable so that makes her laziness with it even worse. And like you said, a wig wasn't even necessary because plenty of normal people have black to very dark brown hair. She's shown what she looked like with her hair not teased and with the right normal clothes like what she wore in the "Basic white girl" video, she would've achieved a genuine normal look.

Re-watching this video, yeah it's like she didn't even try with her face neither. Normal women still do wear makeup, just natural colors. A little mascara here, subtle natural eyeshadow there, and a nude or earthy lip stick or lip gloss and there you go.

It's just annoying how she's making it a harder thing than it actually is. If she's not gonna actually try like she did with her Lolita Transformation then why bother?

No. 956527

File: 1586461400890.png (138.24 KB, 377x222, Avelina.png)

When I saw this on youtube I thought she had had surgery, but after watching the vid its just that shes gained a little weight. Personally I think she looks great here.

No. 956555


Can concur, they are shit. The Lifeline smartphones from my provider Assurance come preloaded with ad malware installed at the root level as revealed by Malwarebytes. Basically customers end up paying to run ads once their free data allotment is exhausted.

They only started issuing phones running 8.1 in the last year.

No. 956557


>strains of feminism

See, second wave radical feminism vs third wave liberal feminism (aka choice feminism)

No. 956567

Still think her channel is shit but yeah the extra weight has helped even her face out.

No. 956619

Yeah she looks younger Good for her.

No. 956650

froyo hid the likes/dislikes on her new video. I guess it wasn't tecieved very well. I wonder if she'll take it down.

No. 956751

To be fair she shot this on the literal day of the announcement that we were going into lockdown. People in NZ weren't isolating before that unless they were ill.

No. 956762

She has a naturally pretty face but constantly grimaces and snarls, the normal look would've been more convincing with a neutral expression and some light makeup.

No. 956778

File: 1586527864614.png (439.5 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20200410_0009.png)

No. 956782

File: 1586528631905.jpg (100.88 KB, 458x540, 20200410_152243.jpg)

No. 956783

Some context for this?

No. 956784

Does she think pulling these faces is funny? It just makes her look mental.

No. 956795

Nice stylization

Too look normal you just have to not put on ghost makeup and not dress like you became a widow for 13th time in your life.

No. 956833

Regarding Kaya… I think when she gets ready she gets to a point where she looks good, but then she doesn't stop and ends up looking like a derranged clown.

No. 956836

That wig does not match her skin at all imo. A soft light brown would look better.

No. 956845


That's the point of this style of makeup, hun. Are we going to go trough "I don't like the way X does her brows" all over again?

No. 957073

It is literally about her natural shade though, you can sometimes see it growing in when she hasn't done her roots for a while or particularly when started growing out that death hawk.

The real problem with the wig is it looks so lumpy on top of her head. It looks very very wiglike.

No. 957093

File: 1586597825796.jpg (186.16 KB, 1358x592, instagram.jpg)

Ok is there anyone who can confirm what shes saying? Not trying to judge because this just comes off a little creepy to me but she says its a cultural thing?

Why are ofherbsandalters fans like that? Its just an unending stream of rambling autism.

This isnt a blog site idiot.

No. 957109

I'm the anon who posted the kaya pic, and I'm sick of the eyebrow shit too. I posted bc her whole look is a mess even though her channel is fashion centric and this was a grwm (should've said that in the post ik). I wouldn't even care what kaya looks like at all, but most of her non unboxing vids are fashion so why is she this bad at it?

No. 957110

This is nothing new. Freya using her captive audience to create and perpetuate stupid and irrelevant stereotypes. All this thread can talk about is her wig choice? Seriously. So sick of these videos that talk SHIT about NORMAL VS GOTH. Freya you're a fucking adult. Act like one. Returning to NZ good to see nothing's changed.

No. 957112

She looks like Karen on crack.

No. 957117

Scandinavia, especially Sweden is a good example of 3rd world shithole gone rich and progressive so fast (before oil etc was discovered they were poor protestant puritan end of the world) that everything they do is daily show off of progressiveness and sex positivity in front of each other just to prove they are "not backward anymore". It mostly happened around times Adora was teen - generation of her parents was in huge part quiet puritan and christian (see satanic panic histeria centered around teenager black metal bands in early 90s, nowadays no one gives a fuck about satanic themes in music there). Good metaphor of Scandinavia are children from fundamentalist christian homes that become edgy satanic sexworkers as adults. If you get what I mean.

No. 957119


> I posted bc her whole look is a mess

What exactly? She looks like stereotypical punky girl.

No. 957120

Oil? Are you really mixing up Norway with Sweden in this day and age? Sweden's wealth comes from copper and forestry back in the day.

I assure you, this isnt a cultural thing. Its a WT-thing. Some people virtue signal in social media about "sex positivity" which just means "exposing literal children to adult activities" mostly. Your average person just steers clear of shit like that however.

No. 957121


Younger generations are less sex obsessed tho, because in so progressive environment they do not get "adrenaline kicks" that their parents were getting for doing things that would make their christian parents faint.

No. 957122

>Oil? Are you really mixing up Norway with Sweden in this day and age? Sweden's wealth comes from copper and forestry back in the day.

No, I wrote oil and etc. Yes they are separate but they are closer than they are with germany or UK and they had similar patterns in XX century to each other. There are diferences of course, but I would pair them together rather than call them close to any other countries of region.

No. 957123

> Its a WT-thing.

What does "WT" mean?

No. 957124

Imo thats not enough to equal them to each other, thats like equating Canada to the US etc but lets drop it.
White trash, which is what Adora is. Obsessed with being the center of attention in an extremely mellow country who gives lukewarm reactions to everything "scandalous" she tries because of the sexual revolution the other anon spoke of. She'd have much better luck in USA or other christian countries with her lies of having kids at 15 and post-coitus pics of her victims on social media lol. Most people who aren't in the same echo chamber as her just go "wtf why are you throwing an adult party for a child?".

No. 957135

Good god, she is terrible when it comes to choosing colors, she looks like a grandma in this. I also don't think she need to remove all of her piercings, there's a lot of normie women who have nose or lip ones, those aren't edgy anymore. She's so clueless, by wanting to be so speshul and goff she has no idea how the real world works.

No. 957162

Wait, why is Voltaire here?

No. 957166

File: 1586621982073.jpg (139.88 KB, 826x601, lolbestmumever.jpg)

Thanks for the replies I would usually google this stuff but I really didnt want to put those terms into google because, well, you can imagine the results! And also given this is coming from adora bat brat (who I was kinda fond of but after seeing this, well) I just thought she was probably lying about this and it sounds like thats correct. (also lol those hashtags)

No. 957212

File: 1586629636939.png (758.29 KB, 1124x737, areyoufuckingseriouscoomonnow.…)

There's a lot of milk on this girl, she's from rural Queensland- she lives in the slums of Brisbane or something.
She pulls the whole "highly educated & high class" shit because she's probably trying to hide from her bogan(redneck) ass reality.
She tells people she works in the movie industry and that she's a professional model but then never actually talks about her "wOrK".
She's a nice enough person but she's kind of pissing me off at this point, she will talk about how she is body positive and stuff but then pull this shit where she edits her waist to be 5 times smaller than it really is- she REFUSES to admit she is an average sized women in AUS, there was some facebook drama a while ago where her ex-bestfriend or something eXpOsEd her for her photoshopping ways and she had a mad sperg out about it-
Pretty sure she had body dymsmorphia or something but so do I and I'm not out here photoshopping myself and then claiming to be the perfect natural hourglass

No. 957213

File: 1586629969188.png (1.79 MB, 1867x707, candids.PNG)

Also, she isn't batshit ugly or anything at all- but she is VERY average imo, her makeup skills are pretty good and she's maybe above average for a goth girl but she needs to come back down to earth and stop catfishing everyone. Part of me thinks she doesn't go out and see friends because she doesn't want people to know what she really looks like.
She goes to the local goth picnics/meetups when they rarely happen and I was SHOCKED by how different she looks.
Pretty sure she is also faking being into women because she doesn't go on any dates even though she brags about being hit on all the time

No. 957216

File: 1586630122670.png (2.67 MB, 1774x926, 4 comp.PNG)

llastly, I think in comments she has given people advice on how to have a smaller waist, fucking kek
The weird zombie photo was from a few years back, but yeah you get the idea(namefag)

No. 957226

yeah, this is definitely not a “lul Scandinavian degenerates” thing, it is a white trash thing. I am from Denmark where we have the same age of consent, and the same slang term to go along with it. But I have never ever heard of the PARENTS throwing a sex themes party, and I DOUBT that it is not the same in Sweden! At most your friends take you out drinking to celebrate and crack some jokes at your expense. No having mom make make your friends eat penis shaped party favours and play boomer humor ‘naughty’ games. What teen girl wouldn’t be absolutely MORTIFIED if their mom did this? And insisted on partaking, photographing and sharing it on social media? Adora has no sense of boundaries, has no desire to step aside amd be the adult parent. I cant believe I used to think she was cool when I was a teen. So glad I have a normal fucking mom now!

No. 957245

What this anon said exactly. Idfk what's going through her head really with her trying to justify giving sex toys, penis candy and penis goodiebags(?) to her own child with "lol everyone does it its in muh culture!". Sex isn't something that makes scandi people outraged anymore Adora lmao try harder

No. 957251

JFC sorry for samefag but really, best mum ever? She can't stand not being the center of attention for even her own child's birthday? Mother of the year for publicly embarassing your daughter like this for insta "fame"? I pity her kids, at least they seem to have a normal father to balance it out..

No. 957265

I actually went thru the instagram comments in Swedish to see if there was an actual cultural difference I wasn’t aware of and lol no. All of the Swedish commentators reply similarly, that they have NEVER heard of throwing such a themed party for your child, and Adora replies (in a very defensive, agressive tone back!) that 1) She was only /helping/ Synthias friends throw the party (yeah right) 2) Its /totally/ a tradition where she is from in Sweden…

Except to 2.) 2 or 3 Swedes reply back that they are from the same region, and they still havent ever heard of such a thing.

Now Adora insist that it is still definitely a tradition, though she concedes it might not be as popular as it was when she was a teen in the 80s. Except another 80s Swede swoops in to reply that all her family ever did was gift her a pair of oversized underpants with “Byxmyndig” written on the back, and that was it, simply a joke.

Now what sound like a bit of dad humour parents do to purposefully tease their kid and embarass them? And what sounds like a narcissist completely tone deaf and blind to how much of an embarassing parent they are actually being?

Adora does not like being called out, and her agressiveness to the Swedes just saying they’ve never heard of it, are being called out by them too.They just try to explain to her that it’s weird to claim something to be a Swedish tradition (instead of a family tradition fx) when nobody else from Sweden does that traditionally. Meanwhile all the English commentators are fawning over how OPEN MINDED and SEX POSITIVE the Swedes are. One or two are heavily derided for calling out how heteronormative and gross it is. This will not stand, Adora says: It is not your fault you were raised in frigid and closed minded culture!!!

Except you can still raise your teen daughter to be knowledgable and comfortable around sexual topics, without playing literal penis games with her.

One very important point of sexual positivity she seems to miss entirely: How to establish and set up boundaries, Adora you goddamn grody bitch.

No. 957293


Not Swedish but have been living here for several years and have never seen anything like this. The concept of throwing a dick themed party for your 15 year old is mortifying, even more speechless by the comments in support of it. Jessica Yaniv type beat

No. 957333

What is Adora'a penis obsession? What if fairlight is gay? This is honestly really oppressive to force a creepy penis party on your teenage daughter.

No. 957341

voltaire has a lot of cow like qualities, like when he wrote a taylor swift-esque breakup song about a twitch girl he was obsessed with

No. 957364

Fair enough. I guess we're all distracted by how poorly done she did the wig when it could've looked a hell of a lot better but yes, the whole concept of "Normal vs Goth" is so high school becuase most of us in the scene realize that outside of liking the niche music, we aren't all that different from non-alternative people so the message behind the video is dumb. It could be fun in the sense of simply making yourself look different than what is regular to yourself but because Freya is so desperate in trying to make herself out as this totally weird person, it kills the fun.

Hm do you think that's why various out there fetishes are the more popular in thing now?

Don't forget, she doesn't have a job or go to school so that adds to the cluelessness since she doesn't really leave her home to see the outside world that much.

No. 957368

This is what I was thinking-she reminds me of "the cool mom" from means girls except more trashy. She seems to have the mentality of an edgy teen.

No. 957375

Was absolutely mortified for the kid when I saw Adora post that. I'm not sure if it makes it better or worse that's not a cultural thing, and it's just her. Holy shit. Here in the US, if you plastered pictures of actual dicks all over your kid's birthday party, you might get a visit social services.

No. 957384

no it's not. her natural hair is much lighter and gingery/orange where as this wig is more red/auburn.

No. 957672

Call me a bitch but I find it quite funny and sad Adora felt the need to point out her kid changed her style and added a bunch of pictures to remind us of the times when she still had influence in how all her children looked.

No. 957700

I'm from the area where Adora is from and neither me or my friends had heard anything about having a party or get together like that when you're turning 15. I think it's just that Adora is so obsessed with sex.

Btw is it just me who think it's obscure that she post the sex / naked content she does when her kids is following her?!!

No. 957961

You’re not the only one, it’s extremely gross for her to do that when she’s being followed by minors.

No. 957962

Oh ouch, I didn’t know he got involved with Tiddystreamers of all people. Anything else he’s gotten up to?

No. 958178

Come on, that's gross. Adora your daughter cried because you are embarrassing, you nut.

I swear that's Maimagi facetuned vs. her usual self. I wished people would be able to see her in real life these days. The whole "highly educated & high class" shit is always fake to please the narcissist's fragile ego.

No. 958258

> Come on, that's gross. Adora your daughter cried because you are embarrassing, you nut.

For real. This reminds me of that one episode of Extreme Cheapskates of that one mom who wouldn't let her daughter get shoes at a thrift store because the total came up to $10 and how the daughter felt embarrassed when they went out looking for roadkill for dinner.

No. 958405

File: 1586833159883.png (64.89 KB, 235x180, index.png)

Just when I thought jake could NOT get more cringy he goes and posts this-suffice to say I only made it about a minute into the video. Hes clearly even more desperate for views than he ever was lol proceed at your own risk

>Insults anon about their take on the video
>hasn't actually seen the video themselves
In future maybe stop being such a lazy piece of shit and actually know what you're talking about before you post

Just more proof the goth look suits her-really dont see the point of these types of videos

Agreed. Wonder if shes pregnant again.

She really does seem desperate for attention and there are quite a few negative comments on her posts saying this is really inappropriate for her kids

OMG please tell us more-I went to check out his insta the other day and it was privated. Was it always like that or did something happen recently?

No. 958420

if you want to indulge in some cringe i recommend actually looking through the jakeisanegirl tag on tiktok. when you see the type of people who support him, it makes a lot of sense…

No. 958669

Thank you anon I will check that out!

No. 959139

No one ever talks about fucking Molly Mcisaac and how her autitstic self cucked herself out of her marriage in 6 months and how she gets 'bullied' by the animal crossing crowds and it's driving me crazy that I'm apparently one of 5 people that sees the milkiness she trails everywhere down to being too fucking stupid to black out the background on her own shitty pennywise makeup pictures
this bitch is hilarious and NO ONE ever brings her up

No. 959142

Then post some receipts dumbass, this is an image board.

No. 959338

She comes up sometimes in the Kelly Eden-adjacent Fellowship thread instead of general Altcows.

No. 962075

File: 1587351178699.jpeg (673.6 KB, 1242x1604, 1BECF299-6D8B-4F26-8B98-31584F…)

Adora posting retarded shit as per usual.

No. 962077

File: 1587351291265.jpeg (424.29 KB, 1242x1608, DE02FD8F-E739-43AD-BB4E-5A60AF…)

No. 962080

File: 1587351397784.jpeg (363.65 KB, 1242x1904, 9AD1D991-8D39-41DB-B498-CABB51…)

Victoria’s comment. How do these women still have a fan base?

No. 962190


lol, imagine being so spoiled you whine and wanna kill yourself because some festivals got cancelled.

Reminds me of the celebrities that have breakdowns because they can't eat their luxurious meals in their gourmet restaurants anymore and live off canned food instead because of the lockdown. Fucking 1st world problems. And then these gawfer than thous have the nerve to call others "normies", lmao.

No. 962266

Is she serious? She's a fucking idiot and gets more ridiculous by the year lol

I think she's starting to experience a breakdown because she's not getting her asspats and attention.

No. 962292

I know there's other stuff, I can't think of anything though. he is just known for generally being a lecher and making cringey videos.

yeah, voltaire's insta was private the last time I went there too. I think it has been like that for a while. and it seems like it was right after he got mentioned here a few threads ago. I wonder if someone tipped.

No. 962304

Beacuse M'era Luna isn't prepared by the whole army of normies who just - you know - work there - just the gothiest goths, lol

Btw, the lettering is terrible and they're pretensious idiots

No. 962305

You beat me to it was gonna post these kek but also-slightly ot wasnt it confirmed this virus was baked in a lab and NOT because people were eating bats? They really trying to make out they are all better than "normies" which doesnt even make sense as normies dont eat bats ffs.

No. 962442

I genuinely can't tell if this is supposed to be a very retarded joke or if she's being actually serious about feeling like this, ngl

No. 962711

Neither actually. The virus was not created in a lab. That was a rumour started on infowars that has since filtered down. And although it is a virus present in bats, it was probably not spread by bats to humans, but spread to another species, which spread it to humans. The exact intermediate species is unknown. But it's true in the sense that bats and lots of othet animals were packed close together at a wetmarket, which allowed the virus to spread.

As for Adora, she is such a cunt. A virus doesn't care if you're a "normie" or not. A goth can spread it as easily as anyone. And those "normies" provide the services that allow the festival to take place. You can be sad that your festival is cancelled. I had M'era Luna tickets too. But I wouldn't want to go if it meant I could possibly help spread the virus, which is a real risk if you pack 20 000 people together. If not being allowed to go to a festival is the biggest way in which this crisis affects you, you should be grateful, rather than being a petty bitch.

No. 962781

Speaking of irresponsible asshats - WGT still didn't get cancelled. I have no idea how they want to pull it off at this moment as borders are still offcially closed in many countries both in EU and outside. German border included. And no one knows how long it would last. Gothic Pogo Festival get canceled this year already like month ago. I wonder what makes WGT crew think they are going to make it. It's going to be a massive clusterfuck at this point.

No. 962822

Gatherings are still forbidden in Germany until August 31. So no way will they be able to pull that off.

No. 962975

WTG is early in the season. They probably already committed a lot of their money and are scrambling to be able to refund tickets.

No. 962996

the boomer is coming through

No. 963074

>Kids these days with their damn willingness to sacrifice party fun in order to not spread a highly contageous virus! Back in my day we didn't worry about gettinv our elderly relatives sick.

Seriously though. Adora is getting on in years, and she looks frail and rickety. I'd be careful if I were her.

No. 963119

who is her boyfriend?

No. 963142

that's Valentin Winter but I don't think they're dating

No. 963143

Valentin Winter. Not her boyfriend. He's a model and photoshop addict.

No. 963225


He's not her boyfriend he's some random gay guy model who fills the token minority card in their white hetero goth group

No. 963297

yeah it's valentin, they aren't dating but he is a garbage can mouthed cunt like adora

No. 963303

WGT is probably unable to refund the tickets. The company rating changed due to credit issues some weeks ago, not getting good vibes here. If they go bust I'll be there to drink cow tears, lol.

No. 963315

I won't. The goth scene doesn't need festivals going bust.

No. 963330

Very interesting. Care to share your source?

No. 963984

Most event organizers have seen their credit rating plummet over the last few weeks, regardless of how the company is handling things. It's a very unstable industry right now that nobody is willing to invest in or accept collatoral from.

No. 964718

Seems Freya really wasn't lying about coming back this time, though it's just generic filer content, when she's not live streaming just to ramble about nothing.

No. 964806

I would have anxiety too if I was dforbidden from returning to several countries and I have a mountain of moving-related debt on my back, and the views I depend on are dwindling.

No. 965044

File: 1587821819721.jpg (716.31 KB, 1080x1488, Screenshot_20200425-143611_Chr…)

Imagine seeing someone out in public wearing this

No. 965100

It's not even well printed, the blacks on it are so light compared to the top, flat colours and fuzzy details. Let me guess he's charging out the ass for these turds?

No. 965135

£23. Looks like a cheap iron on

No. 965139

I cannot contain the cringe for that horrible slogan lol.

This. The coloring on the image itself looks poor quality compared to the shirt.

No. 965542

One wash and it'll all come off.

No. 965551

Judging by the look of most of his fans, I don't think they worry too much about washing anyway

No. 965568

Someone please tell me what I'm looking at here, is he "eating" a…. brain? Some guts? I can't even tell

No. 965598

what's with these alt chicks launching "cosmetic" lines with the most basic shit? first it was theproserpina with black moon that didn't go much of anywhere, now it's the other victoria with this crap. five liquid lipsticks in shades you can probably find elsewhere in better, trustworthy quality.


No. 965609

Oh crap. I'm not putting anything this starving camel makes near my eyes or mouth.

No. 965620

File: 1587925076816.jpg (424.33 KB, 1080x596, 20200426_191337.jpg)

Kaya talking about following all the quarantine rules when outdoors then pulls this shit.
Is she stupid?

No. 965659

You're allowed to be outdoors as long as you keep a certain distance between yourself and others. As long as you go somewhere secluded it's fine.

Having said that, kaya has a yard. So why she doesn't just stay there is beyond me.

No. 965662


You’re allowed to go outside, you just have to be six feet away from people.

No. 965692

Pretty sure you can exercise outside or stop for lunch if on a long walk…Kaya is having a picnic
reading books and playing Switch and I doubt she walked that far

No. 965740

my main question is how the hell she can see anything on her smeared up Switch screen in that bright sunlight
it's not a pressing question, admittedly

No. 965751

My guess is she was putting it on for the camera.Same with the book.
It's Wuthering Heights- probably to prove how goffick she is

No. 965811

something about how the neighbors are noisy or whatever, plus the fact that it's probably a mess b/c they didn't tidy it or anything.

i think it's funny that fake made the e-girl cover, asked ppl to submit tiktoks and then said he didn't have the time to watch them all. like all he has is time, no one asks him to do any of the shit he does, they couldn't be that long, so why not just sit down and give them a bit of attention.

No. 965912

Most festivals are currently underwater. Because of the pandemic, insurers have cut coverage for pandemic. Which means festivals can't get insured for that next year, and might not be able to operate next year either, without getting compensated for their losses. Being unable to get insurance and possibly missing out on any income next year has sent credit ratings across the industry plummetting, which only exasperates the problem.

No. 966088

She said in one of her videos her neighbors can see her in her garden and it makes her feel weird or something

No. 966772

File: 1588186875585.jpg (846.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200429-210052_Chr…)

Keeping it classy Dollskill…

No. 966838

File: 1588197569334.jpg (329.42 KB, 1080x1860, Screenshot_20200429_225731.jpg)

Jake is inspiring more Goff Bois to wear this ugly makeup.

No. 967011

He looks like he gave a sloppy blowjob to a ringwraith.

No. 967108

Reminds me of the bad Crow makeup people do for Halloween. Intentionally messy makeup definitely exists, I'm not stupid, but this looks so low effort I don't think the mess was intentional kek

No. 967948

File: 1588396697995.jpg (443.57 KB, 1771x902, 90876567456.jpg)

So Drac Makens has been more active on instagram lately. She posted this interesting bit of revisionist history today.

Do other anons recall her ever "speaking out" against Kat Von D? Because all I remember is Drac desperately tonguing Kat's asshole, adopting a sudden and intense ~latina~ persona, and that awful fucking gold dress she wore to a PR event.

The backtracking and her claim that "actually, I was attracted to the aesthetic of the brand and not Kat Von D herself" is laughable.

I actually think Drac is rather talented but jfc girl, try some honesty and accountability.

No. 967964

I remember her being very defensive when all the stuff about kat von d came out and people were asking her whether she would stop using her products. She kept using them despite saying she was not using j* makeup because of what he had said and then got pissed when people called out her hypocrisy. She only started talking against kat von d when she went to their event and realised that kat von d wasn't her bff. She was just angry because she deluded herself into thinking that kat von d sending her pr somehow meant that they had some sort of friendship.

No. 967968

fucking this. she went through the effort to make an art piece for kat and was so giddy about sending it to her. didn't really hear much on being into the ~aesthetics~ then.

No. 967989

File: 1588413029121.jpeg (234.66 KB, 1107x1696, A279CC7F-0E72-4E99-9435-F79336…)

Avelina looks like her son with this filter on

No. 968003

File: 1588420455794.png (644.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200502-135218.png)

Yeah, right. Brag about the money you get for doing… what actually?

No. 968004

Does anyone else see that on her back? There has been a few glimpses of her back in videos and it looks like an abstract tattoo but the color of a scar. You can see it more in that photo. I wonder what it is.

No. 968005

Did anyone watch IBFs last livestream? She talks about how she has had to start cooking for herself again because of covid closing restaurants and take aways. Meaning she never cooks for herself, but always talks about how low on funds she is. Its sickening.

No. 968068

Oh that poor woman! Having to cook for herself? Ffs Froyo, you're in your 30s. Takeout is goddamn expensive. Imagine how many storage unit bills you could actually pay with that money?

No. 968144

I think it's the lineart of an unfinished tattoo in a reddish- brown color

No. 968169

What exactly does this chick due to warrant that much money? Please tell me she's not like Freya who gets money for doing next to nothing…

I don't watch her livestreams but wow that certainly explains why she's constantly low on funds if she's spending a good portion of it on eating out. Learn to cook woman, it'll save you more money. It's not as hard as you think to make a simple meal.

No. 968372


Saw some of IBF livestream, she was asked where she wanted to live in the future, her answer?

GERMANY. lmfao some people really do not learn. she said she and mr owl are going to apply for visas as soon as it's possible and that "It would be a better experience if certain people weren't around"

is she really saying her ex husband, you know, the guy who paid for her move and married her for a visa, made living in germany hell?

she talks about it at the 42:45 mark

No. 968406

Takeout is also a factor in excess weight, she would definitely benefit from cooking her own stuff.

Of course she wants to go back to Germany, this was the time when she was at her most popular on Youtube and when she had the least responsabilities irl, her ex did everything for her while she didn't even bother to learn the language. Given how much of a doormat Mr.Owl is, does he even want to go there or is it just not to lose her once again?

No. 968426

She wants to go back to Germany, ah shit here we go again. Is it the ultra important goffick festivals she misses, or having a visa husband? Either way, if I was mr owl I'd see losing her as a benefit.

No. 968435

The_goblin_queen is returning to youtube

No. 968527

Damn she's been gone for a while but if it was necessary then good for her. Is she considered an altcow or nah?

No. 968530

She gets mentioned here sometimes. Some people think her pagan stuff is cringe, and her band is a vanity project. But generally she's respected because she has an actual job and is actually involved in the goth scene. She used to hang around with other cows like IBF and Sebastian Columbine.

No. 968574

I thought her arm was her stomach and that she was pregnant at first

No. 968583

She's really blaming Matthias for her stupid choices? Dude, she's a grown ass woman and she made her own decisions that lead to the problems it did. And why does she want to go back when she was too lazy to learn how to speak German? Matthias was the one who had to do the translating for her like 95% of the time because she didn't take the time to actively learn to speak it, especially when she rarely left her home.

Never mind that Germany is a pretty expensive place to live. I'm pretty sure she's gonna rely on Mr Owl to support the both of them. He was studying to be a doctor if I'm not mistaken.

She isn't really consider a lolcow per say because like >>968530 mentioned, she actually has self-sustained income due to being employed, doesn't E-Beg, and is or rather was involved with the Goth scene though I don't know if she still considers herself a Goth these days.

The only laugh-worthy things were her paganism and how she was really trying to portray herself as some neo-viking but aside from that, she really wasn't that bad.

No. 968753

>The only laugh-worthy things were her paganism and how she was really trying to portray herself as some neo-viking

That hasn't changed. She just uploaded a house tour full of fake viking stuff and pagan clutter.

My main beef with her was that she went on about how foxes were her "spirit animal" while wearing new (so freshly produced) fox fur.

No. 969239

Oh damn, I would've though she would've gotten over that by now. I mean I won't fault her for the Pagan thing if she is genuinely interested in the belief and not just doing it for a trend but the viking thing? I just do not understand that.

No. 969342


mr owl is studying to become a dr? source?

No. 969345

Yeah. In her house tour video she shows off an "authentic" replica viking shield, and jokes with her husband about being a "shieldmaiden" before realizing she's not strong enough to hold it.

Still, good for her for taking some time off youtube, and making videos because she wants to, rather than needing the cash.

No. 969439

It was back when he was dating ObsoletePleasures as a rebound when IBF dumped him for Matthias. Maybe I'm wrong but I remember there was a photo he took of himself in some sort of what looked like a doctor's mask and he captioned it "Heading to class" or something like that which kinda gave the impression that he's going for something medical-related. Maybe another anon has seen it but I'll try to find it and post it here if I do.

Ah okay. Well hopefully she gets over the viking thing or rather, she doesn't take it that serious as gets older. Like it's cool she has interests but you don't need to be a modern day viking lol I agree though, good on her for having stuff figured out and making videos out of genuine desire.

No. 969813

>>966838 I thought initially it was done better than Fake Munro's, but then clicked on it and it enlarged to be obviously shooped.

No. 969880

File: 1588784888858.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200506-190753.png)

Yeah, right… The one on her neck doesn't count or what?

No. 969952

Or the treeline tattoo on her wrist that was viral wildfire on tumblr years before she got hers. She tried to say that she's "never seen it before" and that no tattoo concepts are original, and that two people can have the same idea without ever meeting and that "nobody owns trees" and all the other things these Totally Original faggots spew. God forbid she finds out the local pill junky in my hometown has the same tattoo as her, on his wrist. He must have copied her

No. 969959

has anyone noticed how there is a ton of overlap between alternative "goth" girls and claiming to be "witchy" and "pagan"? granted there are some "pagans" on instagram (some are even cow-ish probably) who wouldn't really be considered alternative, but it seems like almost all alternative chicks on youtube claim to be "witchy" or "pagan" in some capacity. it's almost like a requirement to be goth at this point.

No. 969969

Yeah I've noticed this for some time now and the reality is always the same. These "Pagans" and "Witchy Girls" are not Goth nor are they actually into Wicca or Paganism outside of it just being the trendy edgy thing to be into. And honestly the only actual Goth on Youtube who I saw refer to herself as a Pagan or "Witch" was The Goblin Queen. I don't recall people like Angela Benedict, Kai Decadence, LigeiaResurrected, or Accumortis ever refer to thesmelves as any of these things, not even It's Black Friday and she's an attention whore so that should say something lol.

No. 969990

angela benedict doesn't call herself a witch but she does have a shrine or whatever it's called (it's in her house tour I think) and says she loves occult shops. I don't recall ligeia or the other ones you mentioned being into witchcraft though. I especially laugh at the ones who claim to be into norse paganism. it doesn't go far beyond wearing a thor hammer necklace and stuff they saw on the show vikings. oh and having dreads of course.

No. 969994

There has always been a relatively high pagan/wiccan/witch quotient in the scene. At least as long as I can remember (mid 90s), though maybe it varies per area. I think what has really changed though is that a very distinct aesthetic has become intertwined with it. There have always been a lot of goths who adhere to some form of alternative religion, and even more who liked wearing occult symbols as window dressing. And there have always been girls going through a "witchy phase" which also involved a lot of black velvet and silver jewelry. Especially after "the craft" came out. But these days there seems to be a gaggle of girls who all fit the same "witchy" template, and talk about crystal pendants and big brimmed hats way more than they do about their personal philosophy. It might just be a side-effect of social media making things more focussed on visuals.

No. 970021

wasn't sure which thread to post this in….

>kaya cuts jake's hair with sewing scissors while he reads comments

>first comment he reads is comparing him to eddy izzard, reads mostly other comments that are just saying how fUNnY aND TaLEnTEd he is
>jake says he got invited to mera luna, says he's sad it's cancelled because "it would have been amazing to meet so many people who watch my videos" (apparently everyone who attends mera luna are jake stans)
>kaya bleaches his hair, massages it into his scalp
>reads other compliments like saying he pronounces japanese perfectly
>says he has an amazing voice and does a ton of voice work and asks animators to hit him up

these two have zero chemistry, I would have never guessed they were a couple

No. 970024

File: 1588800816594.jpg (43.57 KB, 546x466, jake stumpro.jpg)

oh yeah, and this is the finished product. doesn't he look dashing

No. 970033

Looks like a bad Naruto wig. Ofc your hair won't look great just after dying but considering what he's like with styling himself, it's just downhill from here.

Also peep his thumbnails using clickbait tricks like bright colours and fake shocked faces. I guess he needs to use them though because the actual videos are just filler content.

No. 970041

File: 1588803857498.jpg (28.79 KB, 720x405, p07gf1wd.jpg)

Well, this is unfortunate…

Black Friday isn't going to M'era Luna anymore. Neither are thecviking queens of instagram, Calico Bastet, etc. They must be desperate for influencers.

Fake must be happy it got cancelled though. He would have been laughed off the field.

No. 970054

None. They play goth music there. Which is lame and elitist, remember!

No. 970058

Sorry, I deleted my comment for spelling right after you replied lol. Yeah probably not many as the festival actually revolves around goth music (I think, ive never been there)

No. 970066

File: 1588806208591.jpg (845.47 KB, 1080x1626, 20200507_010133.jpg)

This would have been the lineup for the festival this year. Not exactly the EXTREME METAL old stumpy likes.

No. 970088

He looks like if Spike from Buffy the vampire slayer had an alcoholic brother who lived in a trailer, worked at a gas station, and still went to highschool parties in his fourties

No. 970096

I'm wheezing. Ily anon

No. 970097

Oh I've never seen this video before. Okay so she's a spiritual person as well though after hearing her explain herself, she seems more agnostic and she doesn't really strike me as someone who's only into it to be edgy but that's mostly because she never really talks about it in a boastful way.

I think you're spot on on the last part, it's mostly because of Instagram and #Witchy

Not gonna watch that shit but can his ego seriously be any bigger? lol

> Fake must be happy it got cancelled though. He would have been laughed off the field.

I honestly wish it wasn't canceled just so we could see this. He needs to be taken down a peg because he's not as talented or flawless as he thinks he is lol.

M'era Luna doesn't really focus on Goth music to be honest. It's more of just a Dark-Alternative festival and most of the music featured are either Industrial, EBM, Folk Metal, and Neofolk bands. Like I peeped at the lineups for the last 2 years and 2018 only had 4 Goth bands out of the 40 band lineup (London After Midnight, Clan of Xymox, Merciful Nuns, and Whispering Sons) and 2019 only had 2 Goth bands out of the 41 band lineup (Fields of the Nephilim & Scarlet Dorn). So I personally wouldn't even consider M'era Luna a "Goth festival" and in other words, people like Jake & Kaya would fit in just fine since they don't like Goth music.

No. 970126

I meant altar, not shrine. sorry I'm retarded lmao.

No. 970208

would not trust someone with wonky sidecuts with a pair of scissors. like i get not everyone knows how to cut hair but it's also not difficult to watch a video and maybe try a little bit. he is so insufferable, whining about not being able to go to that festival, getting tattooed or moving and having a balcony to yell at ppl from.

and yes, he somehow becomes more arrogant and pompous with every low effort reaction video he makes. kaya is the one who spends the time finding tiktok crap and all he has to do is either laugh or poorly try not too while putting on voices and talking about himself. his 'band' put out a new single if anyone wants to torture themselves with it, he only mentioned it numerous times in one of his recent vids.

No. 970245

How much you wanna bet he was never invited and he’s only saying that now that the festival’s been canceled and he won’t have to show up so there’s no chance of him making an ass of himself. But saying he got invited makes him look good.

No. 970253

Entirely possible.

No. 970279

When did he announce this? Because the festival was cancelled on the 15th, according to their website. And I have a hard time believing Fake wouldn't start bragging about this immediately.

No. 970384

Lovely Lor just posted a video reacting to IBF's "lolita transformation" video. She starts off super optimistic, but actually ends up calling her out. Not so much for the transformation itself as for her attitude.

No. 970466


Does anyone have any photos of IBF in Lolita?

No. 970484

File: 1588888100674.jpg (44.14 KB, 515x810, tumblr_inline_ogxkz9Vjt91qgbes…)

She posted this one on tumblr a while back. It's honestly not bad, I've seen much worse.

No. 970490


Oh wow, not bad at all.

She really fits the old school look, should dress on it more often if these dresses still fit.

No. 970492

Don't know. That Lor girl had some good points. If IBF really does think that only "small young Asian" people can wear lolita, it probably isn't happening.

But maybe she'll try leeching off the lolita scene once she's burned all her bridges.

No. 970493

She looks great, so it makes even less sense to me why did she make such a half-assed attempt in her transformation video. She even sounds like she has no idea what lolita is, but clearly she does? I also remember her saying in some video that she used to be a huge fan of Mana, so like.. sis, you know what lolita fashion is.

No. 970547

This looks really cute on her.

No. 970933

The thing is, if somebody had made a video about goth in which they provided no background, put in little effort, and suggest that you have to be a certain age, size, and race to wear it, and Froyo had done one of her reaction videos about it, she would have complained about it. But if she does it to another subculture it's fine.

No. 971009

Mate looks like a bloated toilet brush.

No. 971082

All that's left is to just put him down the toilet and flush.

No. 971109

He looks like the personification of the word "bulbous"

No. 971343

Um that's pretty rude actually, to the poor plumber who'd have to clean up the mess that will make.

No. 971544

File: 1589064087759.jpeg (511.13 KB, 1075x2004, 66C8381D-4934-4DEB-94B5-601E74…)

I don’t know is she’s been on here yet but this girl is a gross pedo. In the pink scene and from what I see online not much is being done about this situation

No. 971548

File: 1589064263130.jpeg (176.75 KB, 1125x1387, 2DA775AC-971B-407C-8382-3086F1…)

Here’s some screenshots

No. 971549

File: 1589064306120.jpeg (246.39 KB, 1125x1325, 86E66137-24D3-4A2C-A873-BD7E4F…)

No. 971552

File: 1589064435567.jpeg (361.66 KB, 1125x1409, 6944DCB7-FC11-441B-9494-9F4D46…)

I meant to say she’s in the punk scene. Here’s her most recent post

No. 971554

File: 1589064579846.jpeg (236.85 KB, 1125x1393, B3320968-7573-4A4B-9752-0A0512…)

Her texting a 16year old child like this .

No. 971560

Ew. Omg that's so wrong

No. 971625


No. 971767

>sentient trash
fitting name

No. 971769

How old os she?

No. 971771


No. 971779

Calling a 16yo "Daddy"

No. 971881

looks much better than anything lor has ever worn

No. 971916

File: 1589137474872.png (1.02 MB, 1125x2436, F45B9BDC-CE62-4EB4-92B0-CCE8BD…)

I’m pretty sure that she’s 21. And the guy in the pic is her current bf. Don’t know anything about the minor but still wtf! Here is a screenshot of her friend calling her actions “drama” gross.

No. 971925

Imagine being such a moral puritan that you think a consenting relationship between a 16 and 21 year old constitutes pesophilia

No. 971932

Lol, please get out of here with that., I’m sorry your a gross pedo. Tf is Wrong with you

No. 971935

stop misusing words

No. 971940

I’m sorry you are defending her, fucking gross

No. 971959

Still a predator though

No. 971964

Age differences are very nuanced things, and there is no evidence to support or refute that there is any exploitation occurring. Plus the age of consent in many states and basically all of europe is 16. Calling her a pedophile or even hebe would be objectively false as well. 21 and 16 is not a huge difference, and I doubt she has the emotional maturity of a 21 year old either.

No. 971981

Sure, pedophile apologist.(infighting)

No. 972008

Yet another example of pEDopHilia and HeBeOPhELia ArE tWO diFfERent THinGS GuYs

We don't care, its still gross, even when a woman does it(iNteGratE)

No. 972058

Exactly. Aplogist Anon can mince words all they want. But that doesn't stop it being predatory.

No. 972220

"B-but it's ok in Yoorop!" Who gives a shit? There's like one anon who defends these retarded predatory relationships (only in these threads btw), probably some dude with an insecure 16 year old Goff girlfriend.

Honestly, she sounds more like she's purposefully trying to creep the kid out than trying to bang him. Very reminiscent of men who send young girls sexual messages purely to make them uncomfortable.

No. 972224

European from a country where the age of consent is 16 here. Just because it's technically legal where I live doesn't mean it's not frowned upon. The age of consent allows 16 year olds to have sex with other 16/17 year olds. But a relationship with an age difference like this one would be correctly identified as predatory by everyone I know. The power imbalance makes it a problem, not the fact that it might technically be legal in some places. In some countries the age of consent is 13. Would you be cool with that?>>971548 indicates that she clearly knows what she's doing.

No. 972229

At that age more than two years either side of your own age is super dodgy. Just no.

No. 972243

Sorry if this is blogposting. But I was in a relationship like this. I was a month away from my 16th birthday when I started dating a 22 year old. And he used all of these arguments. "Age differences are incredibly nuanced." "You are a SUPER mature 16 year old." "I'm really young at heart and so we're really compatable." I felt super flattered that someone older than me would be interested, and would treat me like an adult.

Turns out it was deeply fucked up and exploitative, got me into a lot of stuff I was not ready for, and was really damaging in the end.

Your teenage years are incredibly formative, and the changes you go through at that time are profound. It's not just the age difference, but the time at which that difference plays out. A 26 year old dating a 31 year old is fundamentally different than a 16 year old dating a 21 year old.(nobody cares)

No. 972281

Good news everybody! Orlee's barely concious boyfriend JD is a "succubus expert." Also, he is one of the least appealing people to provide descriptions of his "sensual experiences." But if you need more instructions on how to get a fuckdemon these two are ready to help.

No. 972292

This feels like some shitpost on /x/

No. 972469

File: 1589226983720.png (68.08 KB, 222x222, Screenshot_2020-05-11-11-28-25…)

Apparently magick or whatever the fuck doesnt help with skin problems. Yikes

No. 972486

At first glance i thought they were piercings. If those are zits those are the shiniest I've ever seen wtf

No. 972710

they might be piercings. I can't really tell tbh

No. 972746

JD seems bored during the video, unlike a few months ago when he was super animated and hyped up pitching their various forms of "magickal" snake oil. I don't think this con artist couple's business is doing all that great,despite Orlee stating how many ppl hire her for tarot readings/rituals, her words come off to me as hollow in tone and very scripted.

The views on both her and JD's channel have dropped, EA Koetting and BALG have definitely peaked and it seems like every week there is a new front person shilling for BALG services: the English woman, the German guy, the Welsh guy etc..I smell desperation. Orlee isn't a regular on that channel any longer so her sales funnel is reduced. Boo hoo.

The novelty has worn off with " normies" impressed with occult trappings and spooky sexy alt chicks, too many "witches" are chasing this market plus in the wake of Coruna people guliable enough to buy into this fakery are less likely to have the spare cash to waste for an imaginary " personal succubus".

No. 972772

File: 1589278363256.png (2.35 MB, 1125x2436, 5CAA5008-3A5B-4427-BB2F-8B746F…)

Lmao this is hilarious, why is she lying? She was defending her the other day

No. 972835

Well if you're going to make a rant post about i, don't be vague, be INFORMATIVE

No. 972868

Ah. But who wouldn't pay money to get succubus lovetips from this magnetic virile studmuffin?

No. 973284

Does the bad skin mean he's back to doing harddrugs? Or was his face just always this unfortunate?

No. 973848

Bit OT but can celebrity cows count as altcows? I know Marilyn Manson has his own thread but I'm thinking of others. Like, could grimes considered one?
Saged of course.

No. 973859

I'm sure that including alternative celebrities are fine.

No. 973862

Use the celebricows thread for grimes She is already discussed a lot in that thread along with drama from her babydaddy Musk, music, and aesthetic.

No. 974170

Emilie Autumn has been mentioned here before. Amanda Palmer has her own thread. Voltaire is one too. Andrew Eldritch maybe?

No. 974214

Andrew Eldritch hasn't been milky lately. As for the other two, I don't know if this is the thread for them.

Having said that, Kat von D gets mentioned too.

No. 974289

File: 1589512539787.jpg (125.08 KB, 1024x768, IMG_6527-1-1024x768.jpg)

Okay I did some next level digging and found some lovely pics where Mai looks like she actually does irl (I've met her many times)

And yes. I am a bit of a wanker(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 974291

File: 1589512563004.jpeg (32.17 KB, 200x100, 10_sk_01.jpeg)

No. 974292

File: 1589512609548.jpg (106.66 KB, 768x1024, IMG_6519-1-e1577352542653-768x…)

No. 974293

File: 1589512639325.jpg (90.71 KB, 1080x806, FB_IMG_1589511351605.jpg)

And my favorite

No. 974304

does anyone else keep up with Leah mouse? I used to enjoy her vlogs but I'm beginning to find her unwatchable. in one of her recent videos she went on a 5+ minute rant about grammarly

No. 974365

So, all of Voltaire's social media seems to be gone - anyone know what could have happened? Has his new fiancée done a runner?

No. 974579

Holy shit. Dorian has gone from "vaguely pagan" to " completely batshit." Also I'm pretty sure they're being fleeced by a con artist.

No. 974597

Pretty sure shes been batshit for a while now.

No. 974628

I used to like Leah Mouse until recently as well. She tends to ramble a bit which can make it hard to focus and I just don't really find the topics she talks about particularly interesting. I'm hoping it's just that she's rusty and needs to get back into swing of it.

I can't say I'm surprised she went dove head into this kinda thing. It's the hottest trend in the alternative scene.

No. 974682

Now dorian has a fuckdemon too? Jesus, what is it with these cows and wanting to bone the spiritworld?

No. 974699

I’m use to her being pretty out there which can be endearing, but this is way over the edge like “Oh girl, you have been alone too long.” This is paying someone for invisible friends. And possible schizophrenic breakdown. I’ve known a couple of weird girls like this who talked similarly about “ghost friends”, which were really concocted head mates & they were way too engrossed in it.

No. 974742

Wonder how all her followers feel wasting money on this lunatic.

No. 974886

You could say that about fans of any of the altcows tbh.

No. 974914

I noticed a while back that she kept hinting at having a secret love interest and based on the timeline I now think she was talking about a fucking 'ghost friend' this whole time.. holy fuck. She keeps saying how ghosts are better than drugs at calming her but honestly she'd be less crazy if she had stuck with the drugs.

Seeing as she lives with her mom is she openly talking to her imaginary friends around the house?

No. 974917

For anyone that doesn't want to sit through 50 mins of her ghost babble. 32 mins in she describes initiating sex with a spirit.. and the spirit insisting that they wear a condom. Best part of the vid.

No. 974946

Wow just when you think she can't get any more crazy…Herbs has bought in completely to the existence of her imaginary spirit friends and sex partners who are supposedly amazing fucks, better than humans. Hmm, ok. Ultimately it's rather sad when people opt for ghosts over human beings.

She sounds totally obsessed and has made the "spirit keeping" BS the focus of her life.
Hmm.. self hypnosis to believe that spirits are massaging yr feet and curing all your mental health issues is better than cutting yourself and drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels and/or being on truckloads of psych meds every day in order to cope with day to day life.

It's all incredibly silly and ridiculous and yeah the spirit sellers are obviously complete cons preying on lonely vulnerable people who almost make the likes of Orlee and JD look semi sane.

That creepy hollow site she buys the spirits from is incredibly fake and cheesey. The prices vary but overall doesn't seem especially expensive based on a quick look, tonnes of people trying to market the spirits of mythical creatures and a million other fantasy land items.
Sounds like Herbs is gonna do a whole series of videos on all the amazing things these so called spirits do for her.
I wonder if she will start shilling for certain spirit sellers?

No. 974961

I love seeing the more human sides of her. I used to like her before she became a pretentious shit being all high and mighty. May I ask you in what kinda occasions you have met Mai in, anon?

No. 974989

Not really, least with other cows you know what to expect, this seems rather left field.

>and the spirit insisting that they wear a condom
Lol why, what could happen? get pregnant with ghost babies? End up with a haunted pussy? Fucking kek.

No. 975021

Exactly. Dorian is always a mess. But usually it's just petty bullshit or her talking about Back When I Could Do All The Drugs…

This is a completely offbrand kind of crazy that involves full on delusions. It's kind of offbrand for her. Also because this has apparently been going on for a while, and usually Dorian will blab about every single thing that happens to her right away. Usually you can't shut her up.

No. 975029

>offbrand kind of crazy that involves full on delusion
One ghost went off to hunt down a condom and when he came back she felt the condom with her hand! They're full on hallucinations she's describing. Pretty dodgy that she's also telling her viewers where they can spend their money on buying spirit friends too. I mean she said herself that a large chunk of her viewers are aspies..

No. 975039

Its funny because years ago this is the exact type of person she would make fun of, and now shes become them.

No. 975273

Yes. Back when I still watched her content she was a mess, but she seemed pretty down to earth about supernatural stuff, and willing to call out scams and bullshit. She was vaguely pagan-ish, but pretty subdued. This is definitely weird. I haven't kept up with her because I lost interest during her sloppy drunk phase. Wonder what happened. I guess it's better than drinking?

No. 975335

Tbh I dont know much about her drinking etc, but yeah years ago I liked her because she seemed down to earth but then something happened and she started to change. I unsubscribed a while back and glad I did given the stuff posted in these threads shes a vapid shit stirrer who's lost a lot of her initial relataability.

No. 975341

Same tb. I too used to adore Dorian back around like 2013-2014, I found her relatable and even though the gender bullshit was stupid, she at least didn't talk about it constantly. I feel like things went down south when she started dating that chick who she said was poisoning her because that was when the sloppy drunk phase began and she hasn't been the same since then.

No. 975395

Ah this was what I was confused about because I remember people saying she dated a girl (didnt realise about the gender thing because people refer to her as she? here) but then apparently was dating a guy recently? I guess shes bi? Yeah I liked her earlier videos, now I just think shes vile.

No. 975413

She's bi I guess. Though Phrynne was a trans woman, and the first woman she dated. Phrynne probably tried to poison her.

No. 975425

I can't express properly how nerveus I got when in the middle of her talking about ghostly sex buddies, she mentioned befriending a spiritual dog.
Also, for those who don't want to watch that video, apparently this has been part of her life for at least 6 months now. Around that time she made a video about tidying up her messy room. And now she explains that it wasn't her choice, but her first ghost friend.
Also, they are like 7 spiritual-transdimensional beigns haunting her room. With ocassional random fuckbuddies beign channeled by accident or by the spirits will.

No. 975448

she says she's attracted to both sexes but doesn't like vaginas

No. 975481

Now we find ourselves in a position where "does that include ghost vaginas?" is a pertinent question.

No. 975544

its better than fucking a tyranny with munchausens by proxy but yikes. Just get therapy you absolute dubass. Imagine living in a country with free Healthcare and not getting it solely put of laziness.

No. 975662

There is a possibility Herbs made up that story about her ex poisoning her for drama and views, or more likely she imagined the entire thing.
What are the chances of someone, slowly poisoning her and her family NOT involving the police? It is SERIOUS crime trying to murder someone. Seems like her family offers her a lot of support, how could they ignore something like this?

It is very obvious after watching her latest video, that Dorian is very mentally unwell.

Im not a regular viewer, especially of her old videos,so wondering if anyone knows if she has ever been on anti psychotic psychiatric meds or been sectioned(committed)?

It is so easy to take the piss out of her ridiculous ghost adventures but ultimately I really hope her delusional thoughts continue to be positive and don't shift over to negative paranoid thoughts about her imaginary friends trying to control her/murder her etc.

No. 975673

The dog part makes me think these ghost friends are her way of coping with whatever the fuck is going on for her right now. This is because she used to have a pet dog and then it died, iirc. And now she suddenly has a ghost dog imaginary friend.

No. 975682

I thought that too. Also the last few months she's been hinting at having met someone who changed her life. I thought she had a secret bf but I guess that's a ghost too. Single, bored and lonely?… just invent some spirirt friends to fill the void.

No. 975693

I guess what your hinting is that Herbs may also have delusional about saying she was being poisoned? Because with everything that was going on, I did wonder if Herbs had just convinced herself

No. 975701

>Seems like her family offers her a lot of support, how could they ignore something like this?
It's always been odd to me that she deals with everything from alcohol addiction to drug addiction to an eating disorder to now 6 solid months of hallucinating and she's living under her parents roof while all this shit happens? Also no rush to get her living independently at 35??

Does anyone have the link to her discussing the poisoning?

No. 975749

No. She took those vids down. I think Phrynne threatened to sue over them or something

No. 975772

Her mother is a devout christian who always preaches "foregiveness." She told Dorian to forgive the family member who molested her. And she's forgiven Phrynne for trying to poison Dorian, and still continues to give her money and drive her places, at least up to a few months ago. Which is a weird thing to do for the ex your kid doesn't want to speak to anymore, even if they don't poison them.

Dorian makes it sound like her family are christian hippies who "love the sinner, not the sin" and blame a lot of her bullshit on not having found christ.

Honestly, whether Phrynne poisoned Dorian or not, she hooked up with her when Dorian was rarely sober, and Dorian mentioned always being drunk when they had sex. Class act all round.

No. 975789

Dorian's family never seemed super supportive to me…. But then again they do support her neet lifestyle. So I don't really know.

No. 975797

Nta but I think they support her in all the wrong ways. If she had to be an adult and work, pay rent etc she wouldn't have the comfy set up where she could afford all that time and money that went into her 'drinking a bottle of jack daniels a day' phase.

All she does is go through expensive and time wasting destructive phases because she has too much spare time and too little responsibility. Her mom should prioritise getting her to live as an adult. She certainly seems high functioning enough that the autism excuse doesn't quite cut it.

No. 975809

Dorian mentioned a while ago that he did in fact move and tried to "be an adult", but bcs of so much change, he had a mental breakdown/austim fit, idk how he specifically named it, anyways, after that he decided to move back in with his mom, so i guess that traumatic experience kind of left a fear of trying to be a functioning adult ever again..

No. 975813

nta but details;
*autism on my last post
Dorian's mother is very permissive, she let's him get away with most things and doesn't involve herself as a parental figure in his life. His mom did indirectly give Dorian hints to find a job and move out, to be "an adult", and Dorian did just that, but bcs of the change, he became overwhelmed and came crawling back to his mom, which then she felt guilty of putting him through more pain and sadness, whatever, all im saying is that his mother feels guilty bcs she didn't realise (or denied) Dorian's aspergers, and when she did find out, she felt guilty that he had to go through all of that w/o her help,that's why she's really permissive and allows Dorian to do pretty much what he wants in her home…

No. 975839

>she says she's attracted to both sexes but doesn't like vaginas
This sound like the shoe0nhead "i'm bi for attention/oppression points and not because i'm actually bi" reasoning.

No. 975845

People can be attracted romantically to both genders, but only be attracted sexually by one..

No. 975848

Exactly. There's a difference between being attracted to someone romantically and wanting to fuck them, or even touch their junk. Besides, many women are freaked out by vaginas, including their own, because they've been taught they're "gross." Don't know about Dorian in particular, but as a general rule it doesn't hold.

I think I heard her mention once that even if she's attracted to someone she usually doesn't enjoy sex with them.

No. 975849

Good thing sexuality is based on sexual attraction then.

No. 975856

iirc Dorian did mention something about not enjoying sex, about being asexual or something
he's made videos abt it but then switched it up so many times i can't be bothered to care anymore…
but upon watching his ghost video, he says he enjoyed ghost sex very much, maybe it's the people that he's not necessarily "enjoying", idfk, but it's clear he likes the act of sex, but just doesn't go out of his way to obtain it/isn't that interested in it..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 975861

You clearly need help on the definition of sexual orientation anon.

No. 975865

Yes. But sexual attraction is based on more than just the look of someone's genitals.

And if you don't get that I feel genuinly sorry for your partners.

No. 975872

>Yes. But sexual attraction is based on more than just the look of someone's genitals.
I agree, and its a good thing sexual attraction and sexual orientation are two different terms. Please learn to read.


Google is your friend. Do you really not understand how sexual orientation works?

No. 975875

>Good thing sexuality is based on sexual attraction then.

>and its a good thing sexual attraction and sexual orientation are two different terms. Please learn to read.

You're doing fine Anon.

No. 975879

But in the video she didn't claim to be bi. She just said she was attracted to women. So what exactly are you angry about?

No. 975885

Lol ok. I am talking about the terms in general, I personally do not know about herbs and am not commenting on their orientation. Please stop thinking every post you disagree with is in anger, because that just sounds like projection on your part.

No. 975888

>Google is your friend. Do you really not understand how sexual orientation works?

>Please stop thinking every post you disagree with is in anger, because that just sounds like projection on your part.


So, arbriter of binessgot upset about what they THOUGHT was in a video, contradicted themselves several times, and told other Anons that they didn't understand sexual orientation or attraction.

But really guys, WE'RE the ones taking it too seriously.

No. 975890

The first person was talking in terms of romance v sex, the second person was talking about genitals alone.
>You're doing fine Anon.
Thanks, I am.

>So, arbriter of binessgot upset about what they THOUGHT was in a video
Please tell me where I've mentioned or talked about the video. If you are going to go round calling people angry for no reason you cant complain that they think its projection. I do not know about herbs orientation, and from what I've read here a few people seem confused about it.

No. 975894

>but in the video she didn't claim to be bi, she just said she's attracted to men and women

That's like saying "x didn't say they were vegan, they just said they don't eat meat or animal products"

Plus that in the video she said she likes to point at women and say things like "look at that ass". So she has no problem objectifying women in a sexual way, she just doesn't want to actually eat pussy.

No. 975897

Samefag, but it seems to me like she's confusing admiration of female beauty with sexual attraction.

No. 975902

Wow, she sounds like a shitty person from what you've put.

No. 975903

That's a pretty blurry line. A spectrum, if you will.

So, you're going on about the supposed difference between orientation and attraction. But when someone says they are attracted to a gender, you argue that they're doing so to claim an orientation.

Do you reread your own comments after typing?

No. 975904

>So, you're going on about the supposed difference between orientation and attraction

Lmao,that wasn't me. Not every person who disagrees with you is the same person. Sexual attraction is the only attraction as far as I'm concerned.