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No. 153110

the other thread said it was locked so i’ll post a link to old thread, but i got curious about where they are now and lmfao still a piece of shit and lying out of their ass i see, but is no one going to talk about how fucking rough they look. even knowing they taped and photoshopped didn’t prepare me for this. still up to their neck in drama but without the backup of their old posse
>>>/w/68229(shit thread)

No. 153112

Go outside and touch some grass

No. 153113

i can’t, i’m scared mintea will be out there looking like that

No. 153125

You started a thread with no milk idiot. If you have actual drama, post it.

No. 153149

the actual drama is in the thread i linked lmao it has all the milk, i just couldn’t post to it since it was locked

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