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File: 1629157047575.jpg (135.22 KB, 1280x720, asdij29092348dfgi30003.jpg)

No. 167989

Old thread: #46405

topics from previous thread:

>k00nkun/niccu_tan starting flame wars on tiktok with vets because she/her friend bubble_bee_tee got called out for not being gyaru enough. claims gyaru styling is regional and religiously refers to it as "gyal" for some reason

>emi leaves gyaru for yamikawaii

>neckbeard kingrui_yo believes gyaru is in your heart which is a popular take among #TiktokGyaru

>asian fishing continues to be a hot topic especially on tiktok

No. 168004

she got married to some japanese street thug, had a kid, then left the dude and moved back home to america with the kid. nothing noteworthy she lives a quiet single mom life.

No. 168022

Gyal? Is she trying to speak Caribbean slang?

No. 168034

she's probably just trying to be edgy and "not like other gaijins" cause she can't decide if she wants to be black or japanese at this point

No. 168039

I love that Emi tries to pretend it's Rokku though

No. 168084

File: 1629207662096.png (13.8 KB, 581x137, sneed.png)

Not wking Emi, but most of the people claiming it's Rokku are her orbiters and skinwalkers. Emi herself has stated several times on IG and Twit that she's no longer gal, picrel.
That being said… I do think she's selfposting here and on /cgl/ to try and shitstir.

No. 168110

File: 1629219657510.jpg (766.66 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_20210817-125856_Ins…)

Samefag, but I take it back. She's claiming "Reiwa Rokku Gyaru" now.

No. 168114

Thats not rokku? Why is her skin two different colors?

No. 168134

kek it really is, I didn't notice. It must be Snow's whitening feature, no?

No. 168304

File: 1629319654847.png (1.2 MB, 899x932, asd09824ijasdfl.png)

lol she reads here

No. 168307

Yeah you sure showed us with those middle school tier comebacks!!! Yas kween!!!

No. 168312

what's the deal with her victim complex?

No. 168314

File: 1629321376584.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, CAB9701F-1B19-4849-BB8E-6802E1…)


If she wasn’t actually pressed, she wouldn’t have made this tiktok. People are so easy to read.

No. 168315

Ohh I thought this was animal crossing cosplay

No. 168336

Honey, u need a job or a hobby. The seven plus videos of you being dramatic because of blackity, black offended you, you could have lost 20 pounds by now.

No. 168337

If you didn’t care;you wouldn’t have wasted two hours out of your life making a Tiktok to show us dumbass. Kek

No. 168344

if she received love or attention at all from any father figure in general maybe she wouldn't be so fucking tragic lmao

No. 168365

why do you keep repeating the same post between cgl and lolcow? pick a thread and stick to it you drama hungry clown

No. 168385

You just openly exposed yourself for also being a drama hungry clown lol….chill booboo just be happy these threads even have content anymore that isn't just boring emi bashing

No. 168491

She needs to get over it. Kooncow sent her small army to harass the poor fella. He erased all his videos and put up an apology video. Sis reaction to the video was over dramatic, chile had me ova here thinking he said the N word.

No. 168601

The Emi stuff is at least interesting compared to this literal Who from Whoville.

No. 168610

Hell No Shes not gal anymore get over it.

No. 168632

Oh come on, Georgie and Emi "breaking up" is milky af and the fact that any discussion being shut down shows that you're a newfag or it's a smokescreen by Emi or her skinwalkers to take the attention away from it.

No. 168638

What happened? Did you get any screencaps?

No. 168646

They are still friends. She was present at Georgie’s birthday. One of the other members she got into it with or a child hood friend.

No. 168659

File: 1629497091971.jpg (20 KB, 945x535, dfja;.jpg)

I was assuming because they were both posting about "feeling down" a lot lately, Emi mentioned a friendship breakup in her last video, and they haven't been posting anything together lately, but I think >>168646 is right. Her and Noy aren't following each other, which also could explain why Emi is never present at the AKP meets. Innu and Emi aren't following each other, either.

No. 168744

File: 1629555473198.png (1.14 MB, 983x1650, Screenshot_20210821-101422.png)

Somebody's mad she can't afford an alba coat

No. 168775

I would’nt buy it either. Who bout to spend $800 on a pit stain jacket? Don’t get me started on when you wash it. Yuck all the funk left inside and hidden smells like a sewer.

No. 168801

She couldn't fit it even if she could afford the scalper prices lol she's just another fat cow who hates burando cause she can't have it so she looks down on anyone who has it

No. 168814


so… our ICHIBAN ORA GAL wasn’t able to attend the automotive convention with her gyarusa? uwu

No. 168817

She's not oraora or even really gal anymore so why would she go to meets? Get over it already.

No. 168835

She is not gyaru, and to be apart of akipoyo you have to least practice gyaru. How about you ask her, you follow her every move.

No. 168875

kek first that tiktok now this one? she's perpetually assmad.
I would be too if I was this big with that nose. Pick a struggle

No. 168907

No shade but I feel like the majority of Innu's looks barely count as gyaru… if it were anyone else who wasn't friends with AKP no one would think of them as gyaru and that's facts

No. 168938

She still look gyaru to me. Some outfits don't pass as gyaru she has been wearing lately.

No. 169104

If someone was to create a new Gyaru Secrets, what platform would you gals prefer?

No. 169113

i feel like lolcow/4chan is already a good place for this stuff but maybe tumblr would be better for taking submissions and having comment threads

No. 169304

File: 1629859661308.jpeg (206.97 KB, 749x902, 0F0117FB-1D7D-4856-9F67-968ED9…)

SI she reads here. No one asked about AKP,until it was posted here.

No. 169328

NTAYRT/WK but this doesn't really prove she reads here lol that is someone asking her directly and she has her ask open so often on IG there's no way she answers all of them publicly but go off sis

No. 169332

Nah, AKP and orbiters lurk here, Georgie and Emi have shared lolcow screenshots in their stories before.

No. 169735

File: 1630084185093.jpeg (676.71 KB, 2568x1834, E1FD94BE-0DD5-42D4-B241-442ED8…)

Cringe! I wish this girl with disappear back to her tacky alt goth com and stop posting. Just because she now has a hibiscus emoji in her twitter name and a motorbike she thinks she’s real delinquent LOL. Nothing about any of this is remotely Manba, Ganguro or Gyaru. I envy the Lolita community that at least a healthy dose of gate keeping is some-what keeping the com hanging on by a thread in the west. Gaijin Gyaru died when it got taken over by social rejects with icky makeup, trannies and fats.

No. 169778

She probably plateaued in her scene so she's trying to be trendy and get into gyaru like every other cringe ass tiktok gyaru in existence. She doesn't even try either, she just posts the same makeup and calls it gyaru lol

No. 169784

We really need to bring Gyaru Secrets back, some people just need to be bullied

No. 169984

When did gyaru have chola eyebrows? What screams manba or ganguro on her look?

No. 170050


You guys know she has threads on /snow/, right? She goes by Toxic Tears

No. 170059

Yeah I do know it’s ToxicTears unfortunately for me, thats why I said she needs to go back to her tacky alt goth com. But this is specifically related to her posts in Gyaru groups and how we should gatekeep, people on altcows won’t relate to this lol

No. 170110

File: 1630378750697.png (325.67 KB, 584x839, sdifjsdo230349304.PNG)

she uses blackness as an excuse for everything even when it has nothing to do with whatever it is she's bitching about like the covid vaccine

No. 170122

File: 1630387597290.jpeg (33.67 KB, 480x643, 12ed0b1f02c708ac98ac34e2a843ee…)

??? That's not a rokku coord in the drawing. That's just regular goth/alt/punk-inspired/metalhead clothing.
Nothing about it is gyaru.

No. 170129

probably still sour about the amino mods callin out her retarded egirl friend. for a bitch who claims to be unbothered she sure is pressed

No. 170154

File: 1630418323459.jpeg (705.87 KB, 750x1082, 8FDB953E-9EEB-47EA-970D-29CEB1…)

Margo but gyaru kek

No. 170155

Said by no one

No. 170171

kek I thought this was Margo with a filter from the thumbnail

No. 170175

are you saying our most veteran gyal icon doesn't know what gyaru is?!?!?!

No. 170186

Not to racebait, but a massive issue is a lot of black girls recently think they can be Gyaru because they naturally have kurohada without following the basics of gyaru. It’s just lazy. At least a few years back people like Delandra, as much as we all laughed at her, put some effort in and was gyaru. These gen z n00bs are just entitled.

No. 170191

Your actually right. A quick skim in sekai group,and see it. I see it the most with AsiansandBlack girls. Its easier to achieve with those two races,so don’t see why its hard for them.

No. 170218

File: 1630451346285.jpeg (306.71 KB, 1242x1404, D4BE62EE-0EB7-4861-ACD1-0D178A…)

Here is example of a half Japanese and half “black” Nigerian Gyaru on the left. She use to work at 10sion. No excuses y’all. Your make is half of the look. Sometimes you have to try to find the right style of make up that suits you. Just because she your fave Gyaru does a certain make style, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. That goes for anyone in the style.

No. 170222

File: 1630453065443.png (1.17 MB, 1235x535, asd0982349isdf.png)

IMO a lot of black girls can't do gyaru right cause their natural features aren't as slim and delicate as asian/european gals so they have trouble making it gal (ex: bigger and wider noses, wider and rounder eyes). They also tne to not wanna put in any work for their makeup so it looks extra weeby and retarded

There's some asian girls who have a similar issue too and that's cause they got wide-set or flat features. Pic related, they're both in sekai

No. 170226

File: 1630456580099.png (273.97 KB, 527x937, index.png)

I wouldn't call most European gals "delicate", feature-wise. Slim, yeah, but there's this "horseface" thing going on that's common to a lot of weeb girls, and they tend to inadvertently make it worse when they overdo the makeup, almost drag queen like.
The reason it works for Asian/Japanese ones is because they have rounder, softer features, so exaggerating and sharpening their features doesn't look harsh (and the same is true for black girls who pull it off/put in the effort).

No. 170227

Or that ugly ass droop eye makeup every gaijin recommend. Shit does not look good on everyone.

No. 170231

To me its looks better on darker,or tan person, no offense. Tan and circle lenses is really a make it or break it without. Without a tan,it looks 100% different on white skin. A clear example is Emi,without a tan she looks like a normie wearing JFashion, I don’t see the gyaru in her without the tan. Lizzie is pretty,but I just see a girl dressing up as gyaru not gyaru.

No. 170237

I think black girls suit gyaru very well regardless of their features. They just need to work on makeup and styling.

No. 170261

they both have droops here lol just because gaijins can't apply their makeup properly doesn't mean the concept of a droop is bad

Lizzie is cute and has her moments but some of her styling is very costume like for sure. Emi was still cute after she started tanning less but her current stuff is not gal at all

No. 170265

Rhea (on the right) is an enigma to me. She's been hanging around the comm but not really committing for over five years now, and her makeup still looks like… that. Why is she still here? Gyaru clearly isn't her thing.

No. 170268

I was thinking the same thing!!! She's never posted anything gal looking, all of her photos are just her stuck in her beginner phase because she doesn't want to commit(sage)

No. 170271

File: 1630479787946.jpeg (2.04 MB, 1284x1603, 77B0D90D-BFE1-4729-B38B-A8AEFE…)

Tell me about it. The amount of bad Gyaru makeup I see are usually from zoomers. Wearing a blonde wig, a hibiscus flower and circle lenses is not what gyaru makes.

No. 170274

File: 1630480926421.jpeg (9.17 KB, 240x88, 0839C6DD-2D17-4295-B508-93623A…)

Shit is ugly. Zoomers representation of a gyaru droop is this shit.

No. 170302

File: 1630511330977.jpeg (792.25 KB, 1280x1847, E3652554-6687-46FB-802D-B8952C…)

I mean the droop in essence is part of the gyaru make. The issue is wouldbe-gals pull a makeup style out their ass and claim it to be Gyaru and it’s not, or they use the wrong techniques/products and end up looking like Aunt Sally or like they followed Halloween Doll Makeup youtube tutorial.

I don’t get why they can’t follow simple instructions apart from lazy, retardation or entitlement, there are plenty of magazine scan tutorials floating about. I know everyone has a starting point but at least get the basics before posting in groups and constantly lowering an already ridiculously low bar. These groups have become an echo chamber of ugly eyefuckery and a lot of these gals make no progress ever.

Also those shiny partycity wigs have got to go

No. 170323

Make is good for a first timer. That blush has to go. Eyebrows is a no-no.

No. 170324

Chris’s makeup is a hit or miss imo.
She has her good days,and clown days.

No. 170336

File: 1630528948283.jpg (1.13 MB, 1280x1446, sodifu230498.jpg)

the horseface is especially bad for girlier styles like himegyaru but recently there have been a lot of very tragic gals who come into the comm with full brand that still just look sad. When will these girls learn that gyaru isn't for them? (pic related, they are all in sekai)

No. 170341

The pregnant redhead girl with glasses and flower dress is honestly really cute, too bad she felt like even trying gyaru lol

No. 170348

Sorry but wth I am cackling at the bottom left photo. This is A Clockwork Gru not gyaru.

No. 170385

The bottom left girl eye make is about to be a pain in the ass. She will need eyelid tapeor line close to her water line.

No. 170408

If you even want to call that gyaru kek

What's going on with those people in the full outfit pictures? How can they be so off? That girl in the top right is classic horseface it's like looking at Katie all over again lul

No. 170409

I meant top left

No. 170413

Middle two are cute imo? Just need to make a bit more effort with hair. And a lot of the 'horse face' girls look like that due to bad contouring, top left and top right would probably look okay if they fixed that.

No. 170417

File: 1630566079393.png (33.13 KB, 863x175, cgldrawthread.PNG)

No. 170419

I don't think contouring or hair styling can fix ugly face or make it gal but go off sis

did anyone actually draw her?

No. 170420

stop! it really looks like margo kek

No. 170422

File: 1630574256656.jpeg (24.39 KB, 700x395, 7_169.jpeg)

No. 170423

Top right is cute, just needs to work on the makeup. middle bottom needs to do whatever is not what she is doing there. She has child proportions but a more mature face and attention-seeking styles seem ill advised. Top left is having fun but these type of styles are not for fun (I say with no hint of irony) people take them very seriously. Top middle is just a lolita, bottom left and bottom right are just chillin' and not adhering to any style. They should stick to sweet lolita or classic normie styles.

No. 170433

Ma’am, this is supposed to be a Gyaru group.. the Lolitas would have you hung, drawn and quartered

No. 170441

Lol have you seen some of the gals in the comm without their makeup? They are downright ugly as sin naturally but when they put on makeup they look like an entirely new person. (Same goes with a LOT of the Japanese gyaru, probably the majority) I don't think you know what you're talking about.
Top right and bottom middle are actually cute. They just need to make some adjustments. Yes, you can still be cute without a button nose.

No. 170442

File: 1630588322146.jpg (262.52 KB, 1040x2015, 239860584_841085473446926_8730…)

Meanwhile, wtf is this shit in SNG? Did Marzia get lost or something?

No. 170501

What style is she going for?

No. 170506

File: 1630610089414.png (240.28 KB, 447x274, secrets.png)


Someone made a new Gyaru Secrets, but no submissions yet.

No. 170521

>Names, usernames, email addresses, and other identifying information must not be included.
>Faces must be blurred, masked, or hidden, unless it’s from a magazine or an ad.

LOL what’s even the point of GS anymore since now you can’t even include any “identifiable information” when all we used it for was talking shit anyway. That and it’s not truly anonymous when you submit anyway. Just let GS die already.

No. 170538

those are the original rules from LJ lmao

No. 170556

No amount of contour or hair fixing is going to make these people pass as gyaru because they just don't have the faces for it so idk what YOU are talking about. Yes, a lot of the nice looking gals are buttfuck ugly too without makeup but the key is they have workable features and the skill to achieve beautiful gal makeup. These girls don't and never will, stop defending horseface rejects it's not about button noses.

No. 170562

I have some things to say but they’re not entirely directed at you. Hope you guys understand my point.
1. Most of the j-gals here edit or use filter there pictures. (Expect with some club, candid, early 2000’s or 90’s photos) Be surprised at what some gals look like. Of course more stereotypically attractive people are going to look better in it, that goes for any style.
2. An old stereotype here. One of the reasons girls became Gyaru is to learn to more appealing and attractive. (Of course there is a rebel reason as well)
3. Everybody needs to learn how to put on make and use techniques that suit your face so you can achieve the look you’re going for. I feel like a lot of these girls do not know how to do make up. 80% percent the style is about the make up. If you don’t wear it how will people know you are gyaru? Also, just because your favorite Gyaru wears that make up does not mean that it will look good on you or even look Gyaru. (Not talking about manba).
4. Let’s be real guys you need to bring out your inner bimbo/island honey/music video girl/babbie/insta model/hot girl/ kawaii sugar baby princess/etc. to achieve this look.

No. 170564

I'm really curious what you think the features that you "need to be gal" are, then.

No. 170565

Thanks anon!

No. 170572

Just wanted to share this plus size manba gyaru. Saw in the past people asking if they could still do the style even if there plus size. Here is some proof.

No. 170573

File: 1630643315701.jpeg (258.64 KB, 1242x1130, 2B775004-5845-49B2-AF39-8C750B…)

Forgot to attach the photo sorry.

No. 170591

Nitpick but I think probably the posing helps an awful lot. Japanese Gyaru always come across as crazy confident party girls having fun in their photos, loud and comfortable with who they are. So many gals on SNG look like they are socially awkward and uncomfortable in a cosplay. How can one believe in their gyaru when even they don’t believe in their gyaru LOL

No. 170653

Gyaru is part of a culture too though. So when these non japanese girls try the style, it is lacking. and not just in clothes, hair and makeup. I feel like it's harder to be gyaru outside of Japan.

No. 170777

Japanese girls don’t give a fuck. American girls have to worry about citizens thinking they a prostitute.

No. 170779

It should be lolcow. Too much work to send in a secret. Anonymous comment is not anonymous? You still have to sign up,and log in?

No. 170808

I always thought submitting anything on gyaru secrets was outing yourself as talking shit. Does anyone know who runs gyaru secrets?

No. 170810

No. From my understanding the person is a veteran gyaru and is very active in the community and know every gyaru to newbie.

No. 170824

Not so unpopular opinion but you gotta be skinny or at the very least average weight to look good in gyaru. Unless it all goes to your boobs, gal looks comical and like utter shit on fatties

No. 170868

File: 1630847196899.png (444.25 KB, 400x500, 4F5D26C4-F521-4D06-9335-AD85A3…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 170884

File: 1630858946224.jpg (274.24 KB, 886x1484, Screenshot_20210905_111828.jpg)

Why is this b always in drama, all because some newbie disagreed with her.
Gotta love how she's a "literal source".

No. 170885

What is with the communist hat and lip mustache looking like Che Guevara. Helped who with what image? Kek

No. 170887

I think she's going for more of a it's a me! Mario! look
Either way how gYaL

No. 170898

Why does it look like an eyeball is in her mouth. Dirty looking

No. 170914

why does this nobody bitch refer to herself as a gyaru "source" while looking like…. that?

No. 170922

You have to be skinny to look good in anything friend. But there are a few chubbos who manage to pull off gyaru and still look really good - like Kohime, who is pretty chunky but still looks better than 97% of the gaijin comm.

No. 170923

File: 1630884651886.jpeg (118.34 KB, 720x960, 18E572E7-CA9D-40B8-94EA-01CBC9…)

Anachan plz, nor do I think her gyaru is much different than the rest of the com, or is the bar now that low ? Kek

No. 170925

File: 1630886714244.jpg (586.63 KB, 1071x1068, Screenshot_20210905-180315_Ins…)

She poses to hide it well, but if you look at her arms and legs you can see she's pretty chunky at least for gyaru, where let's admit it everyone is held to Japanese standards regarding weight.

No. 170928

When has the gaijin community ever been good? 99% of the gaijin community has the same cookie-cutter look. Nothing different but the same copy and paste from magazine to face. Chile y’all need to branch out into other eye shapes and looks.

No. 170929

File: 1630887312717.jpg (176.98 KB, 1052x701, Screenshot_20210905-180717_Fac…)

Cringe as fuck. Why don't you just let your looks speak for yourself and shut the fuck up about all your identities already? Better yet put down the fork and lose weight. Being fat and "latinx" doesn't make you special.

No. 170930

The bar IS that low. kek
Gyaru is dyingso anything will do.
Skin walkers were making a scene about Emi leavingbut her gyaru wasn’t great. Emi’s outfits were shitand hair shit. Emi makeup was only amazing.

No. 170936

I guess you’re right, doesn’t help half of the old gyaru brands don’t manufacture anymore and unlike Lolita, the brands are low quality and bobble after a while so only have a limited wear and resell market isn’t that great. It’s rare to see any brands in SNG. This is probably why we’ve let gals in some sort of leopard print top they found in their mothers closet get away with it for so long kek

No. 170947

File: 1630897832464.jpeg (75.93 KB, 640x960, 68DBF376-0AB6-44B7-BCF9-D668BD…)

sorry I’ll never see her as gyaru, she’s been permanently burned into my brain as this. The bar doesn’t exist anymore

No. 170951

She edit her photos to the moon. Catfish

No. 170963

You pro ana fags are so weird kohime is not chubby she's a healthy weight. Your views on being thin are really distorted if you're comparing everyone to 90lb Japanese girls. Kohime started gal pretty recently and improved a lot over the last year because she kept asking for help from vets and did her research, which is 99% more effort than any other newbie would be willing to put in these days.

This bitch is so fucking annoying how can she make videos with captions like that but look like a damn fairly odd parents character? She's so delusional it puts people like Delandra to shame.(sage your whining)

No. 170967

File: 1630913954255.jpg (8.43 KB, 266x277, IMG-20190810-WA0007.jpg)

anyone knows of an online community that isn't an absolute hugbox? getting tired of seeing people basically break down over criticism

No. 170973

File: 1630917879341.jpeg (315.19 KB, 1262x2048, 16AADA93-29E9-4951-8ACA-4AB5A5…)

>Caption: Did a gal raver mashup today

No no no no no no no! This is what NPC sims spawn looking like after you download custom content. This is why the com is a mess, no one concrits how hideous some cords are. Denim skirt with thigh high striped socks with bows on, and boots with rainbow fluffy boot covers??

No. 170982

calm the fuck down the only thing wrong with this is the leg warmers.

No. 170983

“calm down the only thing wrong with this is half of the entire look” and we wonder why gyaru is falling to shit.

No. 170984

White girls in “gyaru”are so fucking ugly. It brings out their manlier features.

No. 170999

File: 1630938037512.jpg (680.98 KB, 1075x1058, Screenshot_20210906-081839_Ins…)

Friendly reminder this is how you have to look if you want to look good in gyaru. If you're not Japanese you have to work twice as hard and that includes putting the fork down from time to time. Cope and seethe fatty.(infighting)

No. 171006

go back to myproana

No. 171009

File: 1630946475428.jpg (57.01 KB, 720x544, Tumblr_l_57475285828229.jpg)

>If you're not Japanese you have to work twice as hard
Picrel is you

No. 171011

Literally everything is wrong with this outfit. Where’s the hair, the makeup? Why the fuck is she wearing Sully’s legs on her feet? Nothing about her outfit is gal.

No. 171012

The ugliest outfit I’ve seen. Not everyone can be blessed with coordination skills. Kyripeu from Egg dress ugly too.

No. 171157

What are the gals that don't do this same face copy paste look?
Makeup-wise, I also only see cute-natural-ish (in gyaru standards) looks or the old school very over the top ones, kinda wanted to see a few different but still gyaru eyeshapes.
Only one that comes to my mind now is Motoko, I know there's others but I either don't know them or don't remember…

No. 171176

Is this active? Does anyone know if there's a submission schedule on this like the old sites had?

No. 171194

Pretty sure it's still active/it's a new version, haven't checked it out thoroughly but i think it has the og rules

No. 171217

It’s active. If they get enough secrets they will start posting.

No. 171227

I don’t get why you would need to use GS if there’s LC? At least here is actually anon!

No. 171383

curl the pigtails, open the jacket and wear a tube top underneath, take off the garter and the horrendous legwarmers and now this could qualify as rokku gyaru

No. 171437

Much easier too. Ain’t nobody about to do all that work to post a secret on tumblr….

No. 171443

File: 1631242107122.png (1.74 MB, 1394x1021, aosidja9080295.png)

guess which dumb bitch decided to rear her ugly head in the amino again lol i think the mods gave up

No. 171723

File: 1631426114962.png (849.89 KB, 931x597, shapeshuh.png)

Don't get me wrong, I love her looks overall, but honestly… These are all exactly the same eyeshape with different eyelashes. Ofc I do know that lashes play a huge part in gyaru make, but if you wanna show more variety, then actually do more variety than just changing the lashes lol

No. 171734

She's done so many of these types of posts and there's always variety? Maybe less in this post specifically but I can still see differences. Some of them are more straight. Lashes change the eye shape a lot too so imo changing up lash combinations counts as an eye shape variation.

No. 171756

All look the same to me. She can change it up with glitter in tear duct. Hell even eyeshadow.

No. 171911

File: 1631547031321.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1327, Screenshot_20210913-112403_Ins…)

Since this is the new GS apparently:
Ditch the wig and the lipstick, bleach your brows and learn how to coordinate. This looks like a cosplay.

No. 171914

What's with the recent trend of girls who want to start gyaru but don't like to do their makeup, hair or literally any of the aspects necessary to keep up the gal image?
It's weird, kinda like saying you'd love being a football player but hate playing football.
I can never take those girls seriously tbh, it's like they see it as some weird japanese larp.

No. 171915

I'd also advise to get different shades of blush and lipstick, the ones she uses make her look washed out.

No. 171922

You must be a newbie. She use to be a gyaru way back. She did gyaru good. She doesn't claim to be gyaru now,not sure why posted?

No. 171923

File: 1631550783795.jpeg (19.99 KB, 400x400, th (7).jpeg)

She reminds me of tila tequila.

No. 171924

File: 1631550808367.jpeg (50.46 KB, 360x640, th (6).jpeg)

No. 171949

File: 1631563081407.jpg (124.45 KB, 1080x304, Screenshot_20210913-155655_Ins…)

I agree her old looks were good. This is the worst regression since Tsubasa Masuwaka.

No. 171975

File: 1631576873569.jpeg (119.34 KB, 768x960, BE698868-F84D-484B-A07C-C90EA4…)

How sad she has gone from gyaru OG to looking like a noob. If you aren’t goin to do your own hair invest in a decent wig. There are some amazing lacefronts now, if not get some with bangs so the part doesn’t stand out and look like a wig!

On the subject of wigs with bangs: not this; what the fuck is this. For real sng makes me so uninspired, wish she would post less frequent… or never for the sake of my eyes.

No. 171976

Legit thought that was Snookie.

No. 171979

if snooki was a monster high poodle lol

No. 172061

File: 1631630943307.jpg (70.08 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1631630870219.jpg)

Unpopular opinion: Dede's makeup is ass ugly and shouldn't be looked up to.

No. 172063

All of it is a mess. The pilling, the rats nest that's encrusted in hairspray, the caked on makeup, the pose and the plain dry lip. It's horrendous. Looks dusty and halloween-y.

No. 172068

dede is peak over-the-top gyaru, apologize immediately

No. 172072

I love Dede and I also love this, I will die on the altar of my OTT taste

No. 172074

I didn't think OTT meant crusty and fat

No. 172112

She tried and failed to shoop away her double chin. She looks cakey and like she ate the cake

No. 172116

>>171914 It's because it's gotten to tiktok. Now there's plenty of tween girls trying to larp their way into the fashion without actually wearing it or making an effort. It's really annoying.

No. 172506

Sei and Chris are the worst mods we ever had on Gyaru Discord.

No. 172510

File: 1631828020978.png (3.12 MB, 1799x2048, Screenshot_20210916-125938.png)

Tumblr tags will be the death of me.

No. 172518

This looks like a kid.

No. 172524

File: 1631832029448.png (1.88 MB, 773x1800, 1631304892629.png)

Alright who's letting Moo join their gyarusa?

No. 172526

you act like we ever had mods to begin with lol

No. 172558

I swear y'all are so fucking annoying with this discord like there is 0 milk there why are you vendetta posting? It's shit like this that's gonna send us all back to modless times and we're just going to be swimming in tiktok egirls, is that what you want?

No. 172571

Mods are always shit. Amino mods are shit.

No. 172572

Dede is a hot mess. Nippon suckers will excuse itbecause muh precious Japanese desu. Ruimero is a hot mess too.

No. 172578

Just admit y'all enjoy looking like shit with no one to talk to lmao y'all tiring as fuck leave the mods alone and go practice.

It's the fresh out of bag wig for me with the giant chola brows

No. 172596

NTAYRY and not to WK but I don't understand why they're getting so much hate. All of these gyaru groups have historically been awful because the original creators and moderators have all jumped ship years ago. It's not Sei or Chris's fault they have to clean up the mess those people left behind. I've seen that they've been actively creating resources and are always answering so many stupid newbie questions almost daily. If these places are so bad under their moderation why do you guys stay? Why don't you guys volunteer to moderate then or make your own groups and servers? It seems really counterproductive to always come here to complain about not having any decent gyaru spaces while constantly tearing down the people who are trying to salvage these dumpster fire communities.

No. 172610

I don't think Sei or Chris are bad mods per se, it's at the very least way better than having no moderation or standards at all, and afaik there wasn't even any huge unnecessary drama, just some minor things that in a lot of cases was even deserved (i.e that "rokku" tik tok girl).
I will admit though that I find Sei a bit annoying, she always acts a tad higher-than-thou, Chris at least has the looks to back it up and isn't against variety in gyaru looks, Sei on the other hand always does that same face look and seems to want everyone to also do that very same face. Still don't really think she's a bad mod at all tho.

Not to wk Moo of all people, but she never claimed to be gyaru and for her it's just a (bad) cosplay, same way as dozens of other e-thots already did the same "kogyaru" bad cosplays too. It's just a tad worse than the dozens of other e-girls because she is more known.
It's sad but there's this girl I follow who claimed to be gyaru and used to do some cool gyaru looks who has become yet another onlyfans weeb egirl, and ever since she seems to have forgotten that she knows what is gyaru and her kogyaru look was even worse and more cosplay-ish than Moo's… Kinda don't wanna post her though because she was never really known in the comm at all and don't wanna be accused of self-posting, but I'm sure there's a lot of other ones too.

No. 172616

It's funny you say that because I have the opposite feeling with those two. I feel like Chris has been riding the high of her gal journey and talks down on/over people all the time with her seniority, but Sei AFAIK got back into gal recently after a hiatus during her baby phase (as she described herself in the discord) so she hasn't reached the point Chris has yet. You can tell she's still learning and is not afraid to admit when she's wrong, though she does have really strong opinions about things and that can be annoying.

On the other hand, Chris will die on whatever hill she wants because she's top of the gal chain and no one can challenge her because of her experience and I find that more annoying cause it's like she can't ever be wrong.

No. 172638

Yeah I'm thinking based.
Let's be real if a non Nipponjin looked like Ruimero they would be laughed off the internet
The thing with Moo was a joke nonny. Though I'm kind of curious to see what you're talking about.

No. 172675

Ruimero eye makeup looks like an eye infection so bad. Chile I be shaking my head at gaijin who praise THAT.

No. 172676

Chris is too sensitive. Who made her mod? I can't forget the papillion incident. She was unprofessional, and the way she talked to the gal was uncalled for. She could of handle it a different way. Papillion was in the wrong, and made the gal seem she was in the wrong. Papillion forgot to add her group not her.

No. 172679

File: 1631897627280.jpg (455.96 KB, 1072x1610, 20210917_125247.jpg)

Sincerely hope yall know this is a fetish acct. Blocked them after getting the SS.

No. 172680

File: 1631897810269.jpg (944.66 KB, 1080x1338, Screenshot_20210917-125612_Ins…)

At least we know where all these baby gals are getting their inspo from.

No. 172710

Is this the same incident that Darla posted about on her blog?

No. 172790

Different incident.

That anon is talking about the 109 gyaru-sa incident

No. 172792

Ah, I am not familiar. Can you or someone elaborate?

No. 172805

The group was there lol, the interview was empty. 109 acused them of doing it out of racism. No wonder ppl think the comm is full of clowns.

No. 172874

Yeah right Chris…
The comm been shit. Vets are scared to open their mouth, and call out newbies. The newbies are calling the vets out. What is this fuckery?.

No. 173026

Because the vets are assholes.
Darla cant shut up about gatekeeping brands and taking brand names to the grave with her, weird.
Most brands, even not well known ones have hundreds of pages on mercari, is she going to buy all that? No.
Heck, I don't think she even fits most stuff, then why not share with baby gals?
The mods complain about any minor inconvenience on amino/discord/sng
Ok we get it, there's people who dont put their 100% in gal, and? That's not new.
Just be a little more positive and welcoming, focus on the newbies that put in effort.
If I was new to the gyaru comm and would see all these petty tweets about kids just trying out the style I would no longer be interested in participating, honestly.
Dont even get me started on calypso.

No. 173030

Please spill the tea on calypso.

> newbies that put in effort

Anon if you spent any time in those places you'd see that these newbies don't even know how to use google so I don't blame vets for bitching on personal social media lol

Did anyone else watch the video of the decora girl interviewing Chris and Shiena? It was so painful to watch because Chris hogged all the screen time as predicted.

No. 173031

Yeah, I wished to see Shiena talking more because she's one of the oldest gaijin gyaru, but it was just Chris talking most of the time…

No. 173053

I didn't bother watching for that reason. If I wanted to hear/read Chris dominating conversation and being obnoxious I can just open Discord or SnG any time.

No. 173082

Lol the way I know this is Pikupoyo… guess you're not afraid to name drop now that you're not on your blog
If you weren't a toddler during the highlight of the western gal comm then you'd know how good you have it now compared to then. The comm is the nicest and most accepting it's ever been and because there are so few gals around now if you look even passably good you'll be welcomed with open arms
While I think Darla's gatekeeping is a little edgy I understand why she does it. Just look up brands for yourself, it's not that hard? If you can't be bothered to put in the minimal effort required to do that then this style isn't for you, period

No. 173143

File: 1632067427870.png (856.49 KB, 720x956, Capture _2021-09-19-11-01-13-1…)

Darla not lying. She took a quick skim of re-selling prices, and said fuck it. Kek

No. 173155

Its clearly not Pikupoyo tho? who would be dumb enough to repost their blog to lolcow? plus in the blog, she talks about lolcow. Why aren't we looking at the most obvious problematic gals here? Someone clearly didn't like getting beefed so is weaving some smooth brain webs

No. 173159

Different anon. Yepper looks like it's her. Hypocrite much? She talks BIG talk about anons, but is on anon. lul

No. 173161

The newbie gals want to be spoonfed everything. Then hoard the brand, and look shit on top of it. Darla is correct. Once they get negative comments, they decide to leave. Why are you even in gyaru? Gyarusa in the 2000 are tougher than you bitch.

No. 173170

Points out how dumb it would be to repost your article which doesn't name any names anon to a lolcow with names = me being piku. Smooth brain hours smh. Like is it not obvious how dumb that'd be? The fact Darla keeps getting brought up here is giving me serious creepshow art victim posting vibes, throwing other gals in the limelight. Literally very poster here is clearly gal and just trying mega hard to pass the blame for being crappy. Obviously dumb mental gymnastics is dumb, breaking headline. Clearly, if Piku had any interest in shit-talking, she wouldn't be copying her article word for word but adding in names of people she is friends with?

No. 173172

Try harder to lurk before self-posting next time. Your the only one having a bitch fit over someone opinion. Darla must’ve struck a nerve.

No. 173177

Lmao you're so entitled. You have all the vets kissing your ass and it's still not enough for you for some reason

No. 173183

File: 1632081245773.jpeg (229.05 KB, 750x720, FF3A1876-FC8E-4494-9A72-FBB127…)

This is good tea!

No. 173191

Did that fake tan seep into your brain? Like dumb asses here tonight

No. 173204

Chris will always have beef with Darla. It's them posting shit. Mystery solved.

No. 173245

Seller is high. You can find plenty of musty jackets for cheap all over the jp site. What the fuck is wrong with y’all.

No. 173352

why do Chris and Darla have beef? you bitches need to start posting some receipts for all this beef you're alluding to

No. 173353

Sorry for doublepost but also I'm not sure what the point is of trying to point fingers at who has shit to say about Darla given what Darla herself puts on twitter. Her opinions mostly aren't anything I disagree with but she puts them out there in a really aggro way. It's guaranteed to piss people off.

No. 173419

Can we please talk about Emiriichu's new look? She's gone the ulzzang way in 2021. What a joke of a great gyaru.

No. 173420

File: 1632144407054.jpg (144.7 KB, 1125x1126, emiriichu2021.jpg)

Dropped pic

No. 173443

Bruh she cut off all her hair on a whim, I'm pretty sure she's BPD or something. I can't imagine how in debt she is from changing her "booms" every 20 hours - didn't she just get rid of everything and replace it with purple and gloomy bears, and now it's blue??
>inb4 "you can't talk about Emi anymore she's not gyaru"
She got well known for it so yes I'm going to talk about her just like ya'll talked about SuiPrincess long after her hime days

No. 173447

Looks good on her IMO. It's more refined albeit looking a little costume-y.

No. 173449

ulzzang is not a style… she doesn’t look ulzzang.

No. 173451

Self post? What’s to talk about? Style shit, look shit, what else? Kek is this your way of trying to get new followers, and stay relevant? New style isn’t working, and loss followers by a lot.

No. 173454

What’s the tea?

No. 173471

File: 1632158846563.png (796.76 KB, 758x587, ,nn.png)

forreal, who tf actually have sanpaku eyes while wearing circle lenses. convinced this chick has bodies in the basement

No. 173481

Stop trying to make this chick happen lol

No. 173486

She has improve in gyaru. Tik tok gen did get on her for being mixed, and white.

No. 173528

There was some stuff about Chris bringing Pepa on board to kick Darla's ass about something (surely stupid) that happened on Papillon private group. It's always like that with Chris, you get to upset them, then you get their entire group of friends ready to WK them lol

No. 173614

How dare someone's parents have the audacity to mix races!! Disgusting, vile! They've tainted their bloodline! kek. these tik tokers don't realize they've come full circle.
Anyways equating gyaru with literally anything to do with race is retarded

No. 173654

as expected of Chris

No. 173685

Zoomers thought she was a pure breed white girl. Lost their shit. Zoomers harasses her for being Asian mixed white. Zoomers can’t believe Asian mixed white exist. It can’t be true! Kek

No. 173687

Wasn’t the magazine originally created by Darla? How arrogant do you have to beto kick out the creator of the magazine…..

No. 173694

nayrt but whoa I didn't know Darla left Papillon and just looked this up: http://shibuharaglitter.blogspot.com/2020/11/i-created-monster-truth.html

Now here's some milk- it's old milk, but I'm sure I never remember it being posted or discussed here. This is pretty explicit about the inside Papillon drama.

No. 173696

Chris wasn't even on the team, they were supposed to pick the models but Kelsey took that roll instead. The only drama was how that went down. Most of the drama came from the editor team and how the models (Chris) responded to it.

No. 173697

You sound like you have insider knowledge here. Can you greentext wtf happened for the farm?

No. 173705

Yawn. This he said she said is boring af. Either summary, screenshots of stfu. This isn’t Gyaru Secrets, stop being so vague kek.

No. 173753

File: 1632291520337.png (715.12 KB, 816x599, sodamnugly.png)

Not like it's anything new, but the bar is so low for trannies. Someone asked on the discord server about trans"woman" gals, and this was one of the examples one of the vets showed.
Wtf is that make up. If it was a cis girl, they would be tearing her a new one, if anything using her as example of how not to do. But it's a stunning and brave trans girl, so of course this is good huh.
Regardless of my personal opinion about gender and trans people, this low bar for them is legit SO DAMN ANNOYING.

No. 173754

Coming from a comm that praise ruimero’s makeup…… Don’t see the outrage.

No. 173755

File: 1632296922586.jpeg (301.29 KB, 1170x1601, 765279DC-5902-460E-800F-4C570F…)

I am sure the Neanderthaler Maximillion even did a better job. This troon is a dam mess.

No. 173766

Why do you think this is Pikupoyo?

No. 173768

The makeup wasn't always perfect on japanese gyarus either back in the days.
I think people enjoy her for living the life, in Japan, the attitude and the commitment. I think THAT's why the bar is so low, not the gender thing.

It's pretty weird a vet would post her as an example though. Keichamu seems like a more appropriate choice.

No. 173770

Ah yes dragging down the reputation of foreigners, gyaru and gaijin gyaru alike as he looks like shit parading his fetish across Japan… then faking getting date raped because "real women would totes take a pill from a random guy!!!" for attention… what's not to admire.
Just another yellow fever scrote who looks tragically bad, but now because we are supposed to put troons on a pedestal it somehow makes him admirable. What a twisted joke 2021 is.
Piku posted essentially the same exact thing on her blog like 8 hours before that post went up and she has the same unhinged ESL style of typing if you read anything she's ever written (yes, I know she's native). She's bitter af because she "can't post what she wants" for whatever reason (no one is stopping you boo) and wants everyone in the comm to be a giant hugbox full of rainbows and asspats.

No. 173771

File: 1632317579547.jpg (772.44 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20210922-092925_Ins…)

This poor worker in the background… but then again it its nichome she's probably use to it…

No. 173777

Are they really trans or just a bad drag queen? Atleast they are self aware about the こわ kek

No. 173780

trans, or at least presenting as such - posts are tagged as "transgender" and "new half" (moon for troon) in Japanese.
Topkek. and then there are the handmaidens in the comments telling him he looks amazing… They have to be yanking his chain and encouraging the self-destruction.

No. 173781

File: 1632322628600.png (2.91 MB, 1378x2048, Screenshot_20210922-075526.png)

you been hit by
you been struck by
a smooth criminal

No. 173792

File: 1632331191413.jpg (96.72 KB, 719x1280, photo5069193159388539320.jpg)

Since you're talking about troons, Wes is dating one kek

No. 173795

Keichamu was posted along with other Japanese gals but since anons here just want to fuel drama of course y'all picked out the worst example listed kek. Person asked for examples of trans people doing gal not if it was done well but of course that detail is going to be skimmed over and we're going to assume everyone prsises that specific example zzz

Wes is the ugly one in that relationship.

No. 173796

Your jealousy is ugly booboo. Reila is cute
Is Wes still gyaru-o?? Seems like he cut all his hair off

No. 173804

That's not really why the bar is so low anon, I mean it is part of the thing of course but a cis woman with the same make up would certainly be criticized a lot in the gaijin gyaru comm, and absolutely NEVER be used as example. She would be yet another gal who "refuses to learn", "low effort", "don't listen to advices and get better" as the vets literally bitch about every other day.
Keichamu would really be a way better example, he at least knows how to do makeup (for gyaru standards), hair and codes, unlike this absolute who tranny.
Here's lolcow, you don't have to wk trannies so hard anon.
The point still stands, you know? For cis girls, if one asked for any girl of a specific group who does gyaru, they would link the good looking girls or at least the girls they know what they were doing, not someone who does it like this. The bar is lower for trannies and there is no really denying that. Keichamu and the others were only linked hours after the bad makeup trannies, and you too please don't skim over the detail some people were literally "I love her style".

No. 173810

not in the shit discord but wouldn't be surprised considering i know that the mods are the queens (and gender nonconforming monarchs) of virtue signaling kek.

No. 173813

We get it y'all hate the discord mods for doing their jobs and making the server actually usable. This shit is not milk do we have to keep bringing this up every time the discord is brought up or will y'all learn to just be bitter on the inside?
> gender nonconforming monarchs
You got issues with trans people looking better than you and it shows kek

Saw that some of them didn't want to link specific accounts or name anyone so I get why it took a while to post the Japanese gals. The ones who loved ts gal's style probably don't know what gyaru is anyways so why do we care?

No. 173843

We know you lurk here, Reila. And no, no one is jealous of your ugly ass. You look like a clown with makeup.(hi cow)

No. 173852

Pikupoyo or not, they aren't wrong kek, Darla literally does not shut up about coveting brand and how protective of it she is, even when making guides for newbies she'll say shit like "if you know, then you know" and since she wanted to distance herself from everyone else in the comm she deems as "toxic" when she seems more like the toxic one (pun intended) maybe she should just do her own thing instead of trying to be "helpful" so half-assedly.

That being said I don't care for Piku, especially knowing she's besties with that cringey Addy Harajuku girl so inb4 anyone claims I'm a wk for her.

No. 173896

No matter what makeup she puts on or outfit, she never looks gyaru to me
Her face will never fit it(sage)

No. 173911

Reila is cis, retard. Have you never heard her talk?

No. 173990

You must have a vendetta against her. Gyaru makeup absolutely fits her.

No. 173992

No one helps the newbies in the comm. Have you not seen sekai, and amino. Pure nightmare fuel. Besides that one asian girl, everyone just heart, and keep it scrolling. It wouldn’t hurt if they research themselves sometimes, or pick up a freaking magazine. You can’t spoon feed them everything. newbs think all it takes to be gyaru is brand.

No. 173993

The brand thing I can see why. Ugly mfs wearing it. When a cute bitch like me should be wearing it. When I say you all told the newbies everything you did. Now posers are trying to leave after the damage been done. The creeps are worse sending dm to anyone remotely posting gyaru.

No. 174059

>talking about the fb group and especially the amino
Well, there's your problem kek
Shit talk the discord as much as you want, the gals in there are helpful to newbies even when being asked the same newb questions repeatedly.

What irks me about Darla is she'll make a video like the AliExpress one, and talk about how an item looks like a brand piece but won't say the brand? Bitch, why bring it up then? It's retarded, she could say "oh this would work for a __ style" instead of trying to "flex" in the most annoying, cunt-ish way possible. No wonder she left Papillon and she has barely any friends in the comm now.

No. 174080

What’s your point? I found the AliExpress video really helpful, being gal is not about brands, especially if you look at reiwa gyaru. Finding good stuff that resembles the oldschool styles in Ali is a godsend. I get that you have a vendetta on her but lol don’t put her down for the stupidest reasons.

No. 174086

File: 1632494981636.jpg (12.22 KB, 250x250, 94f0cb21bd56b93e42b4e712200ece…)

Not sure who is the retard here? Imagine having someone to explain you why Reila looks like a trans woman kek and a bad one at that

No. 174089

Now that's pure vendetta, Reila is really cute, and even if you do not think so, she looks nothing like a man.

No. 174095

If by the mods doing their jobs you're referring to using gyaru as a mouthpiece to further their sociopolitical views, then yes, I have a problem with the mods doing their jobs. I want to join a discord to discuss the actual fashion. I have a life and real world problems to deal with that I don't want to be eyeblasted with BLMACABBIPOCTQ+ bullshit every time I try to relax.
>trans people looking better than you
Ok Chris you might look better than me as long as you have your makeup on but you will always be a rotten person inside. Just remember looks and instafame don't last forever and you're coming up on the age where you better start to realize that. I would take being myself over you any day of the week.(sage)

No. 174100

>You got issues with trans people looking better than you
cope lmao. you're in the wrong place for this shit

No. 174125

You're completely missing the fucking point, anon. I agree it's not about brands and that it's somewhat helpful but she literally spends half the video talking about her gatekeeping brands and how "if you know, you know ;)" when it would have been far less annoying and cuntish to just….not bring it up in the first place? Literally she could have talked about styles it would look cute with or even mention magazines without mentioning brands at all, but hey, you're totally right, why do that when you can spend the extra minute in a half saying "the brand that is associated with liz lisa but isn't Liz Lisa" and "this looks like a certain brand piece but I am not going to say which because I'm protective of brand, so if you know then you know"
And as another anon mentioned too it seems especially pointless since Darla is plus size and can't fit into most gyaru brands anyway.

And if you honestly think that's a vendetta and want to keep missing the point and WKing Darla so hard, then you're just retarded. Or rather….if you know, you know kek

No. 174137

This thread is pointless, it's just random WK infighting lol

No. 174142

Cows included.

No. 174792

which jp site are you referring to?

No. 175424

File: 1633223309815.jpeg (601.79 KB, 750x1180, E89C52CE-1C7A-45A8-8BA5-2D42EE…)

It’s not hard to do it yourself. Same exact jacket I found for cheap. If you buy overpriced, you have to be a moron.

No. 175510

The ugly troon thats_gal is going off about shit with a million story posts again. Shut up and go practice your makeup, I'm so tired of seeing your big ass mouth flapping about totally-real-everyone-clapped situations

No. 175563

File: 1633322245637.jpeg (506.4 KB, 750x1254, 60DD89FB-C133-49F6-B25D-37B4BA…)

Doing God’s work. Kek The new gyaru secrets.

No. 175564

File: 1633322292641.jpeg (203.81 KB, 605x669, 69801034-27FB-4611-AD91-6B2DFE…)

Wtf is this fuckery?

No. 175574

this account is far more cringe than the girls they post

No. 175587

Kek I saw this.
>yall are just jealous because ACTUAL NIHONJIN say that I'm beautiful and ask for my number!!
Uh huh. I bet they say your nihongo is jouzu too, right?

No. 175588

POST IT! I’m sick of you guys speaking in morse code “if you know you know”. Give us the milk!

No. 175639

Post receipts.

No. 175667

File: 1633395850494.jpeg (108.48 KB, 828x738, D6BF1683-FD6D-4651-9157-763A7F…)

the tan difference LOL. and she said it was her natural skin tone

No. 175676

Tans can fade. What are you even trying to say?

No. 175680

That emi lives rent free in their head.

No. 175686

Goth comm wish her and her sugarboi trender would leave goth too sadly but ToxicTears/Kaya has always been a trend cow so good luck there. She's alt fashion herpes just keeps coming back when you think you are free.

No. 175711

She never said that? She said it's a natural sun tan

No. 175722

kek I hope it's not one of you, nonnies. It reeks of newfagottry cope. I didn't understand what was wrong with the second one, then
>if you have to get another gal to do your hair for you, you probably aren't a very good gyaru
Yes so, the person owning the page defo never has been part of a gyarusa, isn't gyaru or is a newfag to it. But then she goes off parroting stuff like >>175564 without seemingly understanding that even if gatekeeping is essential, gyaru still has an autism-tier spectrum, meaning you can have a neo-Egg/current japanese gyaru makeup and make up for it with the tan, hair or clothes.

No. 175723

They post Koko way more than is merited by her relevance in the comm, so I'm calling vendetta. Let's hope they fuck up and out themselves so the milk can flow

No. 175751

I was a bit miffed by that statement, I’m sure a lot of gyaru go to hair salons and get 3 other people to do their hair all at one time kek

No. 175768

I got the feeling its a baby gyaru. Whoever it is never did their research.

No. 175787

Tinfoil but I feel like it's the same person who was double posting about Koonkun on both cgl and here, considering this account was also double posted at the same time. Somebody had a crazy vendetta.

No. 176054

Who is koko ?

No. 176056

I hope thats cosplay… Whew chile I know they getting roast as hell in the real world.

No. 176076

this is lolcow.farm, not harlem you trashy ghetto bitch- at least attempt to assimilate.

No. 176085

It's more of a nitpick than anything else, but Mando's make up kinda annoys me. Her face always looks so greasy. Her eyemake is good though.

No. 176093

Whew chile.(learn2integrate)

No. 176423

Don't look like it. Koonkun would be posted two times by now. Kek*

No. 176442

File: 1633768595351.png (1.15 MB, 733x755, troon or tard or both..PNG)

SNG kills me. The one like and nobody telling her she looks like complete dogshit. I thought gyaru were supposed to be direct?

No. 176471

Mods are tired of their shit. How hard is it to look up tutorial scans?

No. 176504

Someone is trying to revive gyaru secrets on tik tok.

No. 176505

File: 1633836957545.jpeg (425.23 KB, 750x1100, 7B9A1959-3861-44C5-A1A2-15FA64…)

No. 176522

Stop self posting. The account looks like something a 17 year old murican twitter tard has made to soothe their hateboner “uwu cultural appwopwiation, sexuwising asian culture, lewding minor 2d anime chawacters”… Basically doing the exact same photos as countless other gyaru.

No. 176529

>platera of twitterfag bs
To quote another nonnie's post "If you apologize for celebrating the fourth of fucking July with your family because some POCs on Tik Tok found it harmful, go ahead and delete "gyaru" from your insta bio because you clearly have no idea what it means."

No. 176531

Aw that was my post anon-chan. Glad it resonated with you
As other anons have already said, stop this retarded shit.
>"ZOMG pinkii wore a yukata and Himemancer is white passing"
You came to the wrong corner of the internet if you expect anyone to give a shit about this.

No. 176601

Imagine thinking yukapon wearing a yukata was the milkiest thing about her. kek

No. 176781

File: 1634069889079.jpg (2.01 MB, 2723x4096, himeancer.jpg)

himemancer wants to claim her asian side so bad but then whitewashes herself in all her pics look at her narissistic instagram selfies then pictures taken by others of her

No. 176843

She IS asian,and white. She can do whatever she want and claim whatever side. People are mad she claims her asian side more than her white side. kek The light she is under is yellow. Any one can look tan under it.

No. 177018

But she tries so hard to convince everyone that she does pass as Asian despite us all saying she looks white kek

No. 177032

you're so jelly. this is just sjw approved racism. you know how much shit mixed people deal with, white cunt.

No. 177038

She doesn't look fully white. Americans need to touch grass,and explore the world more.Everything is not black, and white.

No. 177121

What happen to papillion? The site is gone?

No. 177477

File: 1634548767302.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1189x2059, D601C803-44B9-4E80-B9A0-442AC7…)

I love seeing some good ol’ cameltoe when I peruse the gyaru tag on tiktok. I wish these “gals” would get some self awareness.

No. 177481

Opened this expecting a nitpick but ew. I don't know how she can feel comfortable wearing that let alone putting it online. It's not even a good outfit either??

No. 177491

File: 1634559843036.png (587.51 KB, 577x605, f.png)

Checked SNG just to see some AGP scrote parading his fetish. It's impressive that he doesn't manage to look good even once. And y'all handmaidens encouraging this are just as bad.

No. 177496

kek did not expect gyaru fashion to make it all the way to inspire bigfoot. I would not be able to help but laugh if I saw this man in public.

No. 177510

Baby goth where?

No. 177511

Eww she needs to lose weightand tone her thighs.

No. 177548

Fukin REEEEEE ! Go dilate you scrote with a bimbofication fetish. Why must these trannies invade every single female fashion facebook group I’m a part of. It’s never trannies that pass either, always disgusting old men who never match the fashion who probably fap furiously after clicking post.

No. 177649

Only the "Gyaru gal fighting the dysphoria" bit would be enough to get him tranny points, I don't get why he had to include the "baby goth bimbo" if not purely for coom purposes.
Yes, you are bad at captions, and also bad at gal. Get out, fetishist.

No. 177661

I love that you can immediately tell the girls in the vid are camgirls because their cosplays are atrocious and they look dead in the eyes KEK. Wtf is she doing making these cringe ass songs? I'm not very familiar with this girl cause I just found her through youtube but I get the feeling she's annoying and performative

No. 177692

Cringe. The song is trash but I think the video would have looked a lot better on her own, it looks like a parody video. The dance routines are so bad it makes me die inside.

No. 177729

Her whole gimmick is cringe. I feel embarrass for her….

No. 177732

Df is thatt shit? All I see are land whales andd a 10year old boy body dancing. Twerking routine is terrible. None can dance.

No. 177928

Google yukapon, she has old threads here and a long history of drama. Honestly can't believe she's still desperate for weeb fame after all these failed attempts since her early idol days.

No. 178136

My fucking sides, did she purposefully included untoned landwhales to look better compared to them or smth

No. 178148

Kek, this is what I was thinking, their faces are completely busted too

No. 178305

Site's back up, you might have just checked when they were updating it

No. 178686

Yes I just saw.

No. 179007

Why everyone in the community fighting? All I see is angry tweets

No. 179014

The side profiles with no ass and when she was laying on the bed, ass up, thinking she was shaking it.. Lol There was nothing there and nothing was even moving. There was a comment about "Didn't know you could throw it back like that". Really? Not a single person in the video had an ass that actually differentiated from their thighs.

No. 179025

File: 1635394258815.jpg (317.78 KB, 1080x1195, Screenshot_20211028-000550_Chr…)

You want some milk sis?
>zoomer gal aithfayy posts a bunch of stories on insta dragging the egg models for having braids, saying it's cultural appropriation and only black ppl can have braids
>rinmero responds to the story saying anyone can have braids. Aithfayy attempts to educate her on it, rinmero says it's stupid and blocks her
>aithfayy responds by putting rinmero on blast on her story and doubling down on the cultural appropriation
>ppl vague post in their stories about how it's stupid
>at some point the situation leaks to Twitter and insane racist and hafu larper Niccu-tan goes after Rinmero, putting her on blast
>at some point Kes gets dragged into it and Niccu calls her a half breed. At this point all the veteran gals get pissed and start vague tweeting about the situation and that's where we are now.
Yes this is the same Niccu-tan mentioned earlier in this thread and last thread >>168304 Girl is a whole cow unto herself

No. 179026

File: 1635395189737.jpg (399.25 KB, 1080x1109, Screenshot_20211028-002520_Chr…)

No. 179028

File: 1635395395194.jpg (186.64 KB, 1079x547, Screenshot_20211028-002758_Chr…)

I just feel sad for her at this point. How are you going to be 28 years old, looking like trash, convinced the entire gal comm and world revolve around you and spend the entire day making unhinged posts on Twitter dot com. The internet and America were both mistakes

No. 179042

That bitch is fat and ugly. Her older makeup looks were better

No. 179045

Shes so fat and ugly jesus christ. Her lips are so thin. Shes too ugly for gyaru ill pray for her

No. 179047

saging doesn't make these posts any less autistic nonny. back to twitter with you

No. 179049

Isnt that the white girl who said her look was rokku? LMFAOO

No. 179050

Idc its still true. Gyaru isnt for uglies

No. 179051

her whole identity is that shes black and its tiring also anyone can dislike blm who gives a shit? Some gals are even trump supporters. Politics have nothing to do with gal.

No. 179074

It's not milk and nobody cares, it adds nothing to the thread.

No. 179075

I ain’t got no life

No. 179076

well that's fair and honestly quite based of you to admit it. You keep on truckin nonita

No. 179095

Nah sis Faith never meant to educate Lynn. She just wanted the SJW brownie points like the rest of BLM larpers like Chris and Rachel.

No. 179096

I was going to put "educate" in scare quotes, but wanted to give an unbiased recounting of events.
Paigechu has been liking and retweeting tweets from Niccu-tan btw. I wouldn't touch this situation with a 30-foot pole. Bitch is Crazy with a capital C

No. 179098

Its so retarded. Someone wearing braids isnt a hatecrime and it snot like egg models can read japanese anyway. If they were truly woke them why even like jfashion knowing how anti black asian countries are in the first place? And anyone who is black or half black who disagrees with them is dismissed immediately. Grown ass women acting oppressed because of teenage egg models and starting a whole discourse supported by gyaru rejects kek you love to see it. I noticed some BLM larpers are quiet

No. 179099


No. 179100

File: 1635425575686.jpg (533.98 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20211028-084936_Ins…)

Kuroyaya calls white people snow roaches, but thinks that Darla saying anyone can participate in jfashion is anti-black and people saying racesperging has no place in gyaru is racist. Yeah I'll reconsider who to follow

No. 179102

Darla was wayy too kind and these retards still hate on her wtf?

No. 179103

I’m shaking my head at this shit. One post mentions a gyarusa that’s all white huh? Bitch ain’t the Netherlands ninety percent white? kek

No. 179105

I’m glad I called it quits months ago. The gal community is tiring and all around negative. The surge of Tik Tok made it worse. Fucking negative all the damn time.
I never understood this. Why’re you participating in a racist so-called sub-style if your pro-black? Your supporting and buying from racist doing the style. Make it make sense…..

No. 179108

Yaya you need therapy c'mon
Just because you're struggling with internalized racism does not mean the whole gal community hates black gals ffs

No. 179109

File: 1635428292922.png (18.23 KB, 578x150, cope.png)

Topkek, you got screenshots?
>be Niccu-tan
>fat, ugly, aging hag
>constantly looking like a hot mess, clearly don’t know the first thing about “gyal”, fashion, or makeup and the comm rejects you because of it
>you blame this on your race, which the mainstream media has told you makes you a permavictim
>become embittered at veteran gals who look better than you and can fit into burando
>you blame also this on race. You fall deeper into the pits of tik tok and twitter and your hatred of the evil yts becomes more validated as you become more delusional
>you start larping as a hafu but sometimes can’t make up your mind and call yourself indigenous online because you know it gets you victim points
>randomly post in Japanese on social media because you wish you were nipponese despite this being "cultural appropriation"
>you go on a crusade of attacking anyone online who is white or has lighter skin than you, including actually mixed people, you call them halfbreeds
>meanwhile, pretty young thin Jap“gyals” get dark tans, braids, sometimes wear baby shoop
>”omg they want to be like me”
>you become consumed with the idea of Japanese and white gals wanting to look “like you”and everything you post revolves around this cope
Just another thinly-veiled case of a narcissist experiencing ego death. Sad!

No. 179110

File: 1635428530577.png (433.12 KB, 604x695, white savior.png)

Found the screenshots.
@Pegsuuu you wanna talk for a moment about how racist you are? You truly think that black gals can't succeed by their own merit and that yt people are praised simply by virtue of their existence? You think yt ppl need to step down in order for black ppl to suceed? Idk, sounds like a white supremacist narrative to me.

No. 179112

>We were 90% yt

Yes bitch cos you made a meet in fuckin Germany of all places! It wasn't Chicago or NYC ffs idk what point is she trying to prove here?

No. 179113

White saviors are so fucking annoying

No. 179114

Peg, if you want to be so helpful to black gals why don't you organise a gal meet in a place that's accessible for them???

So they don't have to pay for a plane ticket that costs an arm and a leg to get there???

… Yeah, that's what I thought. You guys are just virtue signaling because you have one black friend in your galsa kek

No. 179115

>black gyaruo
Bitch name one.

No. 179116


No. 179117

Sorry but calling yourself "they" doesn't make you a guy, especially when you just continue to wear feminine clothes and make-up and generally present yourself as a woman. This applies to you Chris, I know you're reading this.

No. 179118


No. 179121

File: 1635430253058.png (35.4 KB, 581x332, cringe.png)

Don't worry black gals, you look "just as good" as @pegsuuu. But she gets three times the attention that you do. She's very sorry about it and will continue to do community outreach by helping the poor, sad black gals with no voice of their own by using her platform.

No. 179122

Who said braids weren’t gyaru enough? B gyaru wears it—it’s gyaru enough to wear.
I see black gyaru with a lot of likes and their not white. It depends on if you try,being darker skin doesn’t automatically make you gyaru. You have to put in work too. Some do,some don’t.

No. 179124

Bitch always have a mouth when drama starts. She claims to be pro-black. I ain’t never seen her share or post one black gyaru df.

No. 179126

Half breed? Are we still in the 1950s?

No. 179128

Ive only ever heard that term used hy white supremacists. Who the fuck says half breed? Also black biracial women are valid so fuck her

No. 179129

Also, maybe there weren't as much black gyarus at the time?

The location? Getting from the US to Europe ain't cheap

She's so dumb trying to reach this hard
I won't be surprised if she is a white supremacist kek

No. 179130

Lynn has said some questionable things, many times in the past
She's just not that known so she got away with it
I knew it was just a matter of time till something like this happens to her

No. 179131

Sweetie your Twitter brainrot is showing. Nothing she's said is wrong. People of any race can tan or wear braids if they want to. Cope and seethe.

No. 179133

People seem to miss that part.
Being a weeb years ago wasn’t acceptable as of today. It was worse if you was a black weeb. You got called not black enough and bullied for deviating from liking the stereotypical Black stuff.

No. 179134

File: 1635434027143.jpeg (77.45 KB, 828x940, E8A5ED4F-CDE1-4149-95F9-C2BF1A…)

Did she deactivate?

No. 179137

“If you dont agree with me then youre racist/transphobic” is killing the gyaru community. People even say this shit when you give them constructive criticism. Theres no hope lol i dont even look forward any international meetups anymore.

No. 179138

A fucking mess. Somehow will try to blame it on her skin color for the coord not looking rokku….Even when Emi and another white chixk were chewed out seconds before chewing niccun’s friend out.

No. 179147

In my Western European country, you'll be hard pressed to find anyone non-white in weeb clubs and Japanese studies, and these people are the most likely to dress in alternative styles, including gyaru.
Handing free awards to the few gyarus who aren't white isn't fighting against racism, she's so full of shit.

No. 179154

File: 1635441893447.jpg (877.17 KB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20211028-132038_Ins…)

Kek this heffer is threatening to jump ppl over this nonsense. This is why I don't fuck w none of yall, bitches are insane.
Anyway let the milk flow. Is this the George Floyd of the gyaru comm?

No. 179160

Who dis?

No. 179164

File: 1635445133878.jpeg (598.45 KB, 828x1447, 4D128308-C257-4D8E-A8F1-9C6341…)

Top kek

No. 179165

File: 1635445238494.jpeg (424.91 KB, 828x1333, AED1421D-A4CB-428C-AEAA-D67000…)

Bitches wanna be oppressed so badly. Nobody fucking cares if one gal doesnt like BLM. She’s allowed to dislike it. Funny how no one ever denied racism. Using your race to get away with being a shitty person is pathetic. All i see is Darla being kind to assholes and that niccu retard pretending to be half Japanese (which is actual cultural appropriation).

No. 179166

File: 1635445333415.png (442.03 KB, 828x1792, 66182DE9-723A-49A9-A4CA-4C610C…)


No. 179167

shes trying to act tough while crying about one gal disliking blm kek these sjw retards wont do shit.

No. 179168

This is so milky

No. 179169

Who here remembers when Reina got dragged to hell and back for pretending to be Japanese? Where is that same energy for Niccu from anyone?

No. 179170

>Please keep posting and throwing tantrums
Only moderate keks were had from this autistic rant. Also is saying the word white like the new Zoomer no-no? I don't get why they're using yt when all I can think of is YouTube.

No. 179171

Pretending to be half Japanese and calling a woman a mixed breed is apparently fine if youre black

No. 179173

I remember her being DRAGGED to filth. I wonder the same anon

No. 179175

Its so funny because we know even if they all apologized, these autists wouldnt be satisfied. The only bullying i see is someone wanting to jump someone kek
Compare this to Japanese gals liking trump on twitter and no one cared. Gals all have a different political background and not everyone is a burgerfag. She never mentioned black women all she said was there was racial tension since blm happened and that people used identity politics to hate which is true. Where is the lie?

No. 179176

I wonder how the next int meetup will go.

No. 179177

File: 1635446547585.jpg (9.22 KB, 320x180, topkek.jpg)

This is the most autistic thing I've seen in a while. Keep the milk coming ladies.

No. 179179

Weird to think theyre all 25-30 years old grown ass women acting like this. At what point do you stop being autistic?

No. 179180

Americans never show up, so exactly the same as usual.

No. 179181

A mixed black woman having dark humor is apparently bad now

No. 179182

Which makes it even funnier with the empty threats

No. 179184

These zoomers cannot afford to fly to Europe to jump anyone

No. 179194

I’m laughing, why she mad, wasn’t the point the LC post was making is that there isn’t racism against blacks in this community in comparison to other coms because black gyaru have become more successful than white gyaru in the Japanese circles (10sion and Black Diamond) and black gals who aren’t successful just need to quite frankly step their pussy game up since they have it easier than the rest with their naturally kurohada kek. Not once did anyone get called a house slave KEK. But of course woe is meeee and I’m a victim, I was told to pick cotton for my Alba Rosa blanket coat uwu

No. 179202

File: 1635452350690.png (458.73 KB, 720x720, pppp.png)

I think many gals will "leave the comm" now in a dramatic fashion, we are already seeing the beginnings of an exodus.
And topkek at the chick that started this entire fiasco with her stories about egg model's braids being dead silent on the matter. Ultimate Chad move

No. 179203

For one this is not the ghetto
Two your adult act like it and three I can just press charges without breaking my nail if you try to touch me.

No. 179206

Girl they been left. Dead style now.

No. 179212

Bitch needs to calm down and log out. NO ONE called her the George Floyd of gyaru. The milk itself was being compared to George Floyd: an event being overblown on social media, misinterpreted by everyone, and causes a huge racial divide in the community. Smh reading is hard I know, but proves my point.

No. 179213

>i'll put your name up on my slideshow of digital violence against me so watch yer mouth bitchez xoxo you're getting dragged by the blerds at anime boston!
My sides. Girl. You look so unnecessarily invested in bombing a dead comm to pad your ego cause other black and brown women said shit you think is racist. Sounds less like a community problem and more like policing other people's speech cause your skin is thin. I thought gals didn't give a fuck and kept it moving? Where is that attitude now? All I see is insecure, seething narcs. Imagine sitting in on a panel thinking you're gonna see awesome cosplay and hear important things from fellow black cosplayers…and it's just this gal going through her laundry list of demands from, like, 6 other gals she has beef with. Just dragging them and wasting everyone's time. People pay to go do that shit, have fun wasting that on your ego trip! Watch how fast that crowd trickles out.

No. 179214

sage because absolute nonsense but she came into my store the other day, not a bad customer

No. 179216

File: 1635456666518.jpeg (298.87 KB, 750x592, 5C81340A-0C7F-4457-A821-CEAB1D…)

No. 179217

File: 1635456698052.jpeg (359.69 KB, 750x874, D4E162A3-A0E3-4305-ACA1-D28980…)

No. 179218

File: 1635456726127.jpeg (432.86 KB, 750x920, B3542F91-6EA5-4691-B892-00A408…)

No. 179219

File: 1635456770251.jpeg (427.31 KB, 750x924, 4572A764-B09E-4478-BA74-15A72F…)

No. 179221

File: 1635456860619.jpeg (441.76 KB, 750x909, A7268149-CF89-49F5-B1CA-4FA58A…)

No. 179222

File: 1635456891537.jpeg (331.09 KB, 750x886, C3CC3E6C-8796-445C-B758-2B85CF…)

No. 179223

File: 1635456933567.jpeg (295.19 KB, 750x915, 3B39227C-C7ED-4147-93FA-CB8DF4…)

No. 179224

This is autistic af for many reasons - lots of people read lolcow but don’t actively post, not everyone in every thread is part of the comm, lolcow is like fight club and outside of lolcow we don’t talk about lolcow or know what a lolcow even is kek. This is like a witch hunt.

No. 179230

lol sherlock!

No. 179231

This is the funniest shit I've seen here in a year. All those literally who's in a 'gal'chat and all these literally who's being mad about it.

No. 179232

This is some absolute schizo shit, does this bitch not realize anyone can read ig stories anonymously?

No. 179233

File: 1635458906976.jpg (34.23 KB, 285x330, 1633112189758.jpg)

Hey it's Calypso.
Why did you think this was relevant?

Also hiiiiiii, please stop bullying my friends for 'disagreeing' with you and go back to lolita fashion. Thankyou

No. 179235

This your gyal Niccu chan here. Stay mad bitches xoxo!

No. 179237

If niccu is Japanese I'm the king of Somalia. Do her asslickers actually believe that shit? Or just too scared of the ensuing multi-platform toddler tantrum to confront her on it?

No. 179238

Complaining about lolcow then namefagging is peak cow. Welcome home. Keep chimping.

No. 179239

Inb4 i get dragged and called a racist on your instagram stories

No. 179242

Wow so much pride
Aren't you "gyals" 30 or smth?
Go take care of your kids, file taxes kek

No. 179244

File: 1635461642581.jpeg (268.38 KB, 750x1136, FCEB3C48-4A71-4691-9DE2-F9E487…)

No. 179245

File: 1635461688073.jpeg (178.84 KB, 750x941, 6BD5598B-F3C0-4C76-B442-B35720…)

No. 179246

File: 1635461808876.jpeg (227.5 KB, 750x1106, BC48BB7C-0B77-4C7F-B07A-FF028E…)

No. 179247

I can guarantee that it's not just the same 5 gals in here, kek. Love that these bitches assume its all ytpipo like there could never be a black person or gal on lolcow of their own accord

No. 179248

File: 1635461904550.jpeg (199.75 KB, 750x1069, F82778DD-3DDC-4DAC-A037-8D4A52…)

No. 179249

File: 1635461930758.jpeg (433.43 KB, 750x1124, 319B14FF-BFCD-48AB-A626-83EFF7…)

No. 179250

File: 1635461978125.jpeg (214.45 KB, 750x1128, C1C6E1E3-4973-40A4-BE3E-3DFD8B…)

No. 179251

File: 1635462004680.jpeg (223.63 KB, 750x1119, 9C642B89-B2B7-4F2D-BF43-FF47BF…)

No. 179254

Niccu youre ugly as fuck, fail at being gyaru and youre a disgusting racist for pretending to be half japanese. Your self hatred is pathetic and your yellow fever is fucked up. Its not funny to pretend to be another race or ethnicity youre fucked up.

No. 179257

Yaaassss kohlea privated her shit, I love how she went from wanting to jump people to coward real quick lmfao

No. 179258

This whole thing has me in stitches topkek. And the ppl saying they "don't feel safe" in the gyaru comm now because… why exactly?
Niccu if you're reading this you're a pathetic human being and you should apologize for pretending to be Japanese

No. 179259

It’s so funny how this shit was started by someone who’s completely silent now. Shit started from shitty gals as always. I dont know how any of you retards are grown ass women and have a seizure at different opinions and yall make up shit. How do you even function irl? And have the nerve to scream racism when your bestie is cosplaying as a half japanese knowing damn well discrimination against asians is high right now? Was it worth it? Maybe this was all an attempt to “revive” gal or yall are just psychotic kek taking pictures of people and naming gals is so pathetic. Youre not a victim, youre a schizo woman. BTW many of us here are black and asian and we just genuinely think youre crazy

No. 179260

Calling a woman a mixed breed when you pretend to be half LMFAOO if youre half then wouldnt you be one too hmm? Imagine speaking like a white supremacist kek no wonder some japanese gals think western gals are batshit insane and dont want us.

No. 179261

Are there any gals left who don't race fake and shit sling? Is it not cool to just vibe with a lifestyle and love your fashion? This makes me never want to make gal friends or join a Wester gal cir.

No. 179264

People like being dramatic as hell. I don’t feel safe sound like a black Karen.

No. 179267

Everywhere these TikTok egirls go, they ruin it and start unnecessary retarded drama, on top of looking like shit and badly representing whatever subculture they're pretending to be part of for the year.

No. 179274

Finally, my "vendetta" for Niccu is being justified. Eat it, >>175787 , she's a crazy, clearly racist piece of shit. Feeling very smug right now, gals!
>The George Floyd of gyaru
Holy kek my sides, there's SO much to unpack here.

No. 179279

y’all grown as hell get a damn life i promise japanese gals don’t do this bullshit… all of you are all failures as gals..BOTH sides of this dumb ass argument…fucking embarrassing foreigners ruin every damn thing(autistic rage)

No. 179282

File: 1635474426128.png (42.25 KB, 585x374, cunt.png)

You were right nonita Niccu is scum, just wish you had done it in a less autistic way (not double posting every post lol)
What I wanna know is why that bitch isn't getting dragged right now? Like really this is your girl you wanna praise and follow? embarassing as fuck for any of you.
>heinous treatment
Bitch where? You deserve it but I don't see any of that coming your way. Btw if you want to pretend to be nipponjin you better learn higher than N4 level kek

No. 179283

>I'm not like the other western gals

No. 179286

imagine calling anyone who disagrees with you and is black a half breed coon as if mixed black girls don't get enough shit from BOTH sides and often are treated like they belong nowhere. kek
especially in a comm where no one fucking cares what you are as long as you look gal and don't look like shit (with some exceptions, usually posted on anon boards like here).

so embarrassing to be near 30 and acting this way and itching for any and every reason to fight anyone

No. 179287

>>179283 retard kek

No. 179293

>tell me you've never been to Japan without saying you've never been to Japan

No. 179297

Now all the girls tagged in that SS are posting dramatic Insta videos about how they dindu nuffin. Truly the milk that keeps on giving. This could have been a 20 minute argument and they've made it a saga. What a blessed day to be a spectator and not a participant

No. 179299

Just more proof shes a whole black woman kek imagine being so ashamed of your blackness and being so racist you pretend to be half japanese. This ugly fat bitch’s face is so punchable

No. 179300

File: 1635491404786.jpeg (79.72 KB, 828x950, 401B305C-6D25-44D3-B089-12CC82…)

Darla deactivated her twitter and made all her youtube videos private

No. 179301

File: 1635491428561.jpeg (165.7 KB, 828x1103, 5DB50270-BE03-45EA-B63C-2DA35D…)

No. 179302

Funny how everyone woke is fine with someone pretending to be half japanese. Shows how much they dont care about racism

No. 179303

I guess she left the gyaru community.

No. 179305

I liked her aliexpress videos and vids in general to be honest.

No. 179315

If gyaru is racist then why are you even one? You think japans anti blackness will suddenly disappear because you hated one a few white gals? kek its always the outcasts and uglies that start shit.

No. 179317

Shut the fuck up Lynn

No. 179318

Im not lynn its just retarded kek if gyaru is racist then dont claim youre one. None of this shit will ever remove japans antiblackness so stop being an ugly fat bitch about it

No. 179319

Weaponizing your race when you:
-bash mixed black girls despite claiming youre half japanese
-turn it into a colourism discourse to bash black women who dare think differently
Seek help girl. Are you a full black woman or not?

No. 179331

I wonder if some people will be banned from meetups?

No. 179332

Japanese gals have a lot of drama and if you understood japanese then you wouldve seen them beefing with each others months ago kek

No. 179333

File: 1635515377917.jpg (990.23 KB, 1080x1660, Screenshot_20211029-094835_Ins…)

Everyone brace yourselves, white girls are writing paragraphs in their stories about how "we as a community need to be better".
Also toppest of keks that the person who started this shitshow remained silent until it was time to share this virtue signal made by the schizo threatening literal violence.

No. 179334

File: 1635515786304.jpeg (58.78 KB, 800x450, 3BE07EDC-51E4-458B-B2A9-59D423…)

So she agrees then? That what Darla said right that, that J-Fashion is for everyone?

No. 179337

wearing braids is jfashion now?

No. 179342

First of all I wasn’t talking about one race. If that’s what they’re thinking. I talking to everyone. Talking about how your race shouldn’t stop you from doing a style you love. In Gyaru you really have to put effort in your looks. Saying “I’m black” or “I don’t have Asian features” shouldn’t stop you from doing your best. Way to turn it into your own narrative.
Talking about the girl on Instagram.

Side note: There are so many mixed Gyaru in Japan. I thought posting a half Black Gyaru would inspire. Instead of half white or half Asian, etc. Please show that Gyaru some love.

No. 179352

Make it make sense…. The question they won’t answer. Why’d you participate in a racist sub style if it’s racist? Hello who does that?

No. 179353

Too bad some of us don’t speak moon speak. If you can,fucking translate it for us.

No. 179355

No no it's only racist when white or Japanese gals do it. Jfashion is for everyone, regardless of race, weight, gender, ethnicity, age, or sexuality. Except for those evil white devils and Japs. Then it's cultural appropriation.

No. 179356

Thats literally what darla said. Everyone can participate in jfashion but they got mad at her for saying this also b-gal exists and ive seen black gals with dreads even a decade ago and they rocked it so i dont get the beef.
She was kind and they harassed her. Out of everyone in the comm. come on…thats why this beef is so retarded to me. She was asking them to name the people who disagreed so she could know and they accused her of gaslighting them

No. 179358

Darla getting lynched for stating the obvious is comm tradition at this point. I feel bad, she really doesn't deserve it and everyone loves to lick ass about Papillon which was her brainchild.

No. 179359

Seeing other "veteran gals" turning on her and siding with Niccu of all fucking people really tells you all you need to know about them. Snakes the lot of em

No. 179360

People would rather side with a black woman who pretends to be half japanese than darla. just shows how fake they are. Niccus only goal is to stir shit up in the comm and people fell for it. Ill alwaya find it weird how reina got bashed for pretending to be haafu but not niccu so idk whats up with that.

No. 179361

File: 1635529512652.jpeg (386.33 KB, 828x1459, 75D87A91-03EB-4AB0-9D8C-D62EE1…)

No. 179362

File: 1635529852511.jpeg (381.83 KB, 828x1439, F4B0F555-E58C-4801-A498-3DE618…)

No. 179363

File: 1635529925849.jpeg (350.09 KB, 828x1401, 19A371E2-5D71-4BAF-9941-48D6A2…)

i just know shes happy about this

No. 179364

File: 1635530032568.jpeg (782.92 KB, 821x1389, 4B239727-EEB0-4350-91EF-C7B0C6…)

No. 179365

They couldn't name names because it never happened. They're having delusions of victimhood. If you're not getting attention and likes and follows it's probably because you look shit and are sloppy but no let's blame it on race. Even fat gals can get a lot of attention these days if their looks are on point tbh. So it's probably just you
Who is happy about what?

No. 179366

Before this shitshow had even happened she was posting a bunch of music people that were linked with b-gal. None of them even had braids or excessively tanned. She posts music videos a lot in her stories. I think she’s a huge fan of that music so she knows a lot. Then these dumb bitches reposted her explaining stuff as if she was screaming slurs or something. How twisted…

No. 179368

Here's a fun little fact for yall to make the whole thing even more stupid:
B-gals and b-boys doesn't even refer to "black". Ppl who claim to know Japanese fluently should know this.

No. 179369

We know this anon. We are saying that b-gals had dreads before and so did black gals and no one found it bad or “ungal”. Ive seen black gals with dreads in years ago in even himegyaru or agejo and me and my friends thought they looked nice. Thats the point. Many of us have been checking racist shit throughout the years

No. 179370

Oops sorry anon i thought you meant us kek

No. 179371

These randos are quick to have an opinion about a comm they don’t participate in

No. 179377

File: 1635540323843.jpeg (352.79 KB, 828x1685, 20724B21-6CD1-4D99-849A-38EDBE…)

No. 179378

File: 1635540354229.jpeg (102.5 KB, 828x1447, 5E0AB6CE-4770-4710-98C4-226DBB…)

No. 179379

File: 1635540407197.jpeg (114.12 KB, 828x1453, 0C8EBA75-1835-43C7-B355-AC4F0A…)

No. 179384

File: 1635548383588.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 2AF4D048-6C3E-4EE5-84D0-7FC5D4…)

This is coming from a gyal that can’t differentiate oraora. kek

No. 179386

File: 1635548582884.jpeg (613.72 KB, 750x1090, E5B485AB-4CB9-4B1C-98A0-1A962E…)

The whole argument was a shit show. They are mad at Japanese gals but none of them had the guts to speak it to the Japanese gals.

No. 179392

because there’s no point in fighting her. she’s not gonna change her mind, she’s just creating paranoia and anger with her loud ass mouth and keep going as long as she has a platform to do so. best thing to do is to block, stop responding, and stop giving her a platform. she’ll find some other community to create fake outrage about and move on.

No. 179437

>Seek help girl. Are you a full black woman or not?
Only when it's convenient to be. Same with her lying about being half Japanese to excuse any "cultural appropriation".

It's kind of absurd that they want so desperately to be a part of Japanese culture while complaining about the influence from black culture? Isn't that just doing what the Japanese are doing to the black culture? Why not just be a part of your own culture instead of the supposedly racist one that is borrowing from your culture to begin with? None of it makes sense. It just gives big "all for me and none for you" energy and the white saviors bending over backwards are just as bad, literally just pick mes of a different sort.

Honestly that's kind of the funniest part of the whole thing. While both sides are having a meltdown over braids, the Japanese gals are carrying on, braids and all, without a care. kek

No. 179441

Is this bitch not aware theres lolita threads here too? Kek

No. 179443

Bitches love to complain about japan and japanese gals but they never say it to them + if you hate japan then dont be a gal kek
its so funny how so many white black and asian gals (basically non japanese) feel comfortable bashing japan all day and they dont think for a minute they come across as racist and dumb because its not their culture.
Japanese gals are unbothered meanwhile grown women are acting like children

No. 179450

File: 1635590437557.jpg (880.62 KB, 1168x1245, 1635590126395_IMG_20211030_112…)

>cause the biggest shitstorm of the year
>refuse to elaborate

No. 179457

Its so funny kek everyone took the bait

No. 179467

Is she gyaru? All her outfits look shit and she never washes her hair.

No. 179475

They let one lil individual pop them off their square and now they all having seizure over that shit. It's hilarious, then will go quiet until the next one says some "hot take".

No. 179482

She is so unhinged I don't understand how any of the black gals want to be associated with her…

No. 179487

File: 1635618800710.jpeg (259.51 KB, 750x1068, C14FE1B4-34F1-4894-99A1-6DF195…)

No. 179488

File: 1635618882962.jpeg (281.77 KB, 750x1087, 3C54CE28-96AB-4E64-A988-89AF31…)

Niccu kek

No. 179490

File: 1635619357879.jpeg (235.45 KB, 750x1234, D5808104-5FC7-4349-9BE3-C2A2A2…)

You post and read here snowflake.

No. 179493

2 months ago… Why the fuck she going back so far to nitpick? Get over it kek

No. 179495

Niccu you are almost 30 and work as a barista. trying to act like you're not bothered because your life is "so good" then bitch mind your own business. Functional adults don't have time to lead little witch hunts on Twitter and they sure as fuck don't feel the need to fake their race. Take the L and delete your account, take an online course and develop some marketable skills and stop blaming not getting a better job on your race. Absolutely shameful, I'm embarrassed for you.

No. 179497

What is she on about? Every time a Japanese gal magazine writes the word "ギャル" in English its just "gal"
Gyal was never a thing
Its so embarrassing she's pretending to be Japanese

No. 179498

This cow at her big age is still pretending to be mixed with Asian? Unless it’s half Indian, there’s no way. I’m screaming at her using 黒アジア人 bitch that’s not even proper Japanese LMAO. How is she gonna be problack then lie about something like that?
Ngl I want to see her parents. Quickly.

No. 179513

Himemancer crying on live was a trip kek

No. 179524

Fuck I missed it. Tldr?

No. 179525

She's 17 and thus offlimit for the thread, no?

No. 179530

File: 1635636248981.jpg (610.87 KB, 1080x1669, 20211030_192237.jpg)

Lmfao. Everyone coming out for their 5 mins of fame.

No. 179536

Bitch whut? Every one know the jfashion communities are racist. Sewer rat must be bored.

No. 179538

Can’t fucking stand this shit, I knew gals had stupid drama but this is something else. Started with someone saying jfash is for everyone, Kohlea throws a massive fit because no it’s not…wait, it is?? It is! And the quiet gals have to sit and watch everybody whip out the claws they’ve been waiting to use.

Newsflash: if you call white people “yt people,” “Mayo monkeys,” “whypipo” or call mixed gals “half-breeds,” you are just as racist and disgusting as any other modern day racist. Fuck you.

No. 179542

The fact that they disguise racism as some sort of fucked up racial activism in groups filled with fucking weebs who harmlessly are playing dress up is truly some Hitler-tier shit. You absolutely can be racist towards white people or anyone else for that matter.

No. 179546

File: 1635646994191.jpeg (961.61 KB, 1125x1339, 3ABDB65A-8A72-46D3-BB88-41B7E8…)

she has a full top lash on her bottom lash line, soulja boy eyebrow slits and a ru paul wig. i dont understand why these fat bitches think gyaru will make them hot. most of them look like a clown show…….

No. 179548

I wish girls would stop doing the dramatic eye droop with falsies on the bottom.japanese gals just use mascara or very thin bottom falsies. The point of the droop is to slant the outer top lash. it looks very drag show and horrible. most of these girls look like goofy hot topic rejects whereas japanese gals actually look hot and slightky edgy.

No. 179549

That isn’t one of the outfits LMAO

No. 179551

rupauls wigs are good tho?

No. 179552

don’t do rupaul dirty like that anon

No. 179553

Arent most of yall like 30+ checking this thread everyday? im clearly not any better bc im still here lmfao but by the time I’m 30 I’d hope that I wouldn’t spend so much of my time obsessively checking a literal drama site to talk about people (who are like a whole decade younger than me most of the time.) idk this post just didnt make any sense. u guys seem to post the same ppl a lot so why dont you just confront them on your social media accts that you clearly have? are u guys scared? bc if i see someone claiming to be gal and looking a mess im just honest and say it to their face. you guys really stalk others socials to come here and chat shit bc you know you look just as busted, if not more busted than the people u guys post. like im okay with admitting im insecure and this makes me feel better but you guys are the ones who truly lack any kind of self awareness. just give baby gals advice bc they’re not going to stop being gyaru, now you just have a community of ppl who call themselves gyaru (but arent) and instead of doing something abt it you guys just complain. welp.

No. 179557

I'm pretty bummed Darla nuked her whole channel, I liked her aliexpress and magazine videos.

No. 179561

Rinmero is gone to. She deleted her Twitter and blog.

No. 179562

Your one to talk. Kek
If you put something online,be prepared to be roasted. Its a free country if you don’t like it you can leave this thread bitch.

No. 179564

>call me anorexic
lmao wait, did nikku post this?

She needs to drop the receipts to back up her "hafu" and "veteran" claims tbh. None of what she is saying checks out.

No. 179565

I never really followed her but I mean, what did she expect saying that? She can say whatever she wants it's her right but she had to have known the SJWs would have rushed to shut her down. She should have just said it and said fuck it and gone private or whatever

No. 179566

They started to leave already. Do you live under a rock? The constant toxicity of community— and sjw are helping rid of them. Egg braids outrage rid of few of them already.

No. 179570

idt that was the point but go off. a hit dog will holler. yeah its the internet do what u want but most of you guys dont even have any valid criticism. it’s just clear that this is a way to make urself feel better but ur not doing anything besides deter people from gyaru. maybe this is based but the sjws aren’t the main issue rn, this page is. have ur criticisms and opinions but im a little ticked that gyaru is dying even more bc of some insecure millennials that dont even have the guts to confront their younger gyaru peers. literally what are you guys afraid of? you clearly screenshot from their socials so you clearly have social media. comment then. dm them then. bc this is just killing the community and u guys know it. like i get gossip is fun but after reading through this i think some of you guys are deeply insecure and need to seek actual help instead of obsessing over ppl who dont even know you exist. saw someone call a minor a cracked up whore or something. idk if most of the ppl on this thread notice but the way most of you guys talk sounds like an insecure high schooler. it’s sad to see. im just saying maybe say it to their face? the reason u guys are not is bc you know ur just as busted so it’s rlly funny

No. 179571

Nah this was Kohlea's post.
>I'm not like the other girls… I admit I'm insecure so that makes me better
Ummmm cringepilled. And women have been gossiping since the beginning of time regardless of age. It's funny to watch the shitshow, just like watching reality tv.

No. 179572

the term “cringepilled” in itself is 10x more cringe than the whole reply lmao.

No. 179573

File: 1635656045160.gif (964.13 KB, 640x348, the-big-lebowski-thats-like-yo…)

No. 179574

File: 1635656327623.jpeg (87.69 KB, 1282x526, 81D4B080-4ACC-46D9-9E6D-808728…)

What in the fresh hell…

No. 179575

Sjws are killing the community honey. You have been living under a rock. Kogal is shit storm with zoomers thinking your encouraging pedophilia. Now gals are staying away from it. Ganguro is bombarded with Asian fishing and black fishing apparently orange skin categorize you as black fishing. 30? I’m still in my teens.

No. 179583

>Kogal is shit storm with zoomers thinking your encouraging pedophilia.
This is such bullshit on their part. I was on /cgl/ when kogal was at its peak and none treated it like a porn thing. It's just a style for fucks sake. I'm angry now.

No. 179599

Yeah, "gyaru" comes from the word "gal", not the other way around

No. 179612

At least they're making it easy for us to identify who is stupid - saw ppl starting to use "gyal" now.

No. 179632

File: 1635692895798.jpg (447.6 KB, 1080x1855, IMG_20211031_150725.jpg)

Kinda saw this coming but it's pretty funny regardless. The circle started and ended by dumb race wank.

No. 179633

but if i compared her to an animal it would be the end of the world… hm !

No. 179641

Why would you shut down because one person didn’t like blm. Bitch you better ignore them. One bitch didn’t like it fuck her. Not everyone racist or hate blm because of that one bitch that hates it.

No. 179645

This is some of the funniest shit god damn. Interesting that one person's bad take can shake the gal comm so hard. Isn't this what the "racists" would want? Whatever maybe now the good gals can chill for a while. No one actually gal or that looks good is involved or leaving.

No. 179653

File: 1635700241923.jpg (187.85 KB, 1080x614, 20211031_130930.jpg)

WHEW my sides. This bitch tried to write
>not once has a Japanese person asked me if I'm Japanese, but I always get that question from white people. It's so annoying
But she fucked up and interchanged two kanji that are both on the first grade reading level. I feel like I've lost brain cells for even understanding what she tried to write.
Please Niccu if you're reading this give up the act, it's time to take the L. I am so embarrassed for you. Or just keep acting like a cow and bringing us nonstop entertainment.

No. 179660

Has she ever thought Japanese people never ask because they know she’s not? kek

No. 179662

They were preaching there not leaving and black gyaru are here to stay. Now they are leaving wtf. There will always be racist in any group. It should not stop you from doing what you like.

No. 179663

All her friends are white and not one single black. A red flag. Dahlia would let it slide because I am not like other black girls.

No. 179667

Why? Nothing will happen. The most would be side eyeing each other and thats that. J fashion bitches are built different. Most are scary bitches.

No. 179679

Exactly. Gyaru is about doing what you like no matter what ppl say

No. 179684

This whole screaming racism over any little thing is not gonna work out in their favor..

No. 179695

>No one actually gal or that looks good is involved or leaving
fr I've looked at most of their Instagrams too no one in this whole argument looks good?? like at all…its kinda sad

No. 179702

The problem is the racism is overblown as fuck. Black gals were never posted on lolcow at a higher rate than any other race (unless you count Niccu but she's an outlier kek). Just like 3 or 4 gals (including POC) agreeing they don't like identity politics and the community being overpoliced by tiktokers does not mean the whole comm hates black gals and that it's "unsafe" unless you're living in a world where anyone not agreeing with you 100% on any given point of contention is violent hatred. People are looking for what they want to see.
Btw to the white saviors now saying "yeah the comm has always been racist as fuck" you're basically admitting that you were the racists all along.

No. 179707

Same time white girls with braids or curly hair gets called out for cultural appropriation. You can not tell a black girl cosplaying as an asian she looks objectively bad

No. 179713

I'm rooting for Niccu to become a permanent lolcow here. I'd love to see her go head to head with Bibi from the cosplay drama.

Unironically the trash has decided to take itself out.
If you live and die by identity politics, eventually everything is racist and nothing is good enough for you to stay in and enjoy.

Any gal who hasn't given a fuck about this shit flinging competition has moved up a tier

No. 179728

The discord has been dead as a dodo since all this kicked off. Not sure if it's due to Halloween or everyone being out on the drama wagon on twitter/insta/tiktok.

No. 179729

File: 1635750853557.png (23.67 KB, 741x164, stayinyourlane.PNG)

thanks for your input, white lolita. you literally do not go here

No. 179737

No shade but how is excluding other woc gal even woke? Gal is having a resurgence because of autistic teens on tiktok either way the newbies who come look like shit kek

No. 179738

Niccu youre a fat half breed why pretend to speak over non mixed black women?

No. 179739

What a fat stupid bitch. Japanese people dont even fucking accept haafus that look japanese. Youre a fat black woman being racist as fuck appropriating japanese culture by saying youre half japanese to impress others.

No. 179740

Im surprised niccu doesnt have a thread yet

No. 179755

she doesn't need one newfag, she's relevant to the gyaru general. Don't shit up the board with unneeded micro-dairies.

No. 179859

This isn't true, god lolitas are such unbearable ass kissers. When black gyaru start doing it as good as someone like Georgie I'll care.

Not even trying to be racist but I've never seen a black gyaru that doesn't suck or was actually cute. Only Lisha or Delandra looked gyaru, but the latter is a huge cow.(infighting)

No. 179864

There are plenty Black gals that look gal. They are just not known or shared as their white counterparts. To name a few Pocha, Reina, Bebe, Riko, Paige. I can make a whole list.

No. 179955

I almost forgot about Lisha. Whatever happened to her? I remember her posting some bizarre schizo posts on fb at one point a long time ago and can't recall seeing her around since.

No. 179967

Is Riko still active? I didn't hear shit about her or Honey since leaving blackout. They both looked amazing too.

Tbh Reina did the most damage to black gyaru with her shitty failed embarrassing circle and 'international meet'. She got stylish black gals involved then drove them away with her drama as usual.

No. 179980

>I’m still in my teens.
We can tell by your chimpout

No. 179996

It beats being 30 still reading a gossip site. kek

No. 180005

No. I don’t think Riko is active.
Reina made an international meet. I have not seen another meet by a gal in the usa. Reina the only one who cares about the usa gals.

No. 180010

Bebe is by far one of my favorite gals active, she’s stunning and her eye make is super inspiring.

No. 180103

what is her insta?

No. 180104

File: 1635902200757.jpeg (116.27 KB, 1280x1290, 630BB5D2-D649-4B8A-ACC9-810381…)

Not trying to be racist. Sure Jan.

No. 180163

But was it a lie? kek

No. 180172

just bc shes Japanese doesnt mean it’s her first language. ur slow asf

No. 180173

yeah it is lmfao ppl on here are obsessed with black women you cant go like 3 days without talking shit abt one of them. it’s because you guys are resentful, miserable, and jealous of BW and are so disconnected from reality that u convince yourself that “it has nothing to do with race.” you wake up every morning to talk shit about black women on the internet. are you mad that they dont have to tan or something? lmfao bc there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of ppl around the world that are into lolita and to say you’ve never seen a black woman pull it off…you’re literally just racist and bitter.(autism)

No. 180175

I hope this is just shitty bait, you can't be this stupid for real.

No. 180178

File: 1635953461909.jpeg (6.48 KB, 225x225, images (8).jpeg)

It isn't even her language at all, the tweet is littered with mistakes that even a first grader wouldn't make unless they were severely mentally disabled. Cope.
Wonder how Niccu feels about the fact that there are dozens of girls in the "community" that speak better Japanese than her, including the entirety of Akipoyo.

No. 180181

KEK imagine screeching about people needing to respect you being haffu desu and you butcher your "own" language you care so much about. Just stop.

No. 180210

Stfu, are any of these black??
>>177661 >>177491 >>168110 >>169735 >>170226 >>170336 >>171911
I could go on. The reason why it may seem disproportionately black bashing lately is because a high amount of lazy ass ghetto WOC have infiltrated the gyaru community with their cheap yaki hair bundles and soulja boy eyebrows over spilling their pair of $5 size too small leopard print overalls demanding respect on their name as they are the pinnacle of gyaru and trying to fight anyone who sees through their lazy ass attempt labelling them as “racist”. If you’re not having to put your efforts in to tan at LEAST redirect that effort elsewhere instead of being lazy fats.

No. 180222

>the gyaru comm is antisemitic because most of the posts in this thread are about emi

No. 180230

Not u using the term “ghetto” to describe black women and then going on a rant filled with stereotypes about woc lmao. u got so mad that ur racism jumped out. you sound like someone straight out of the alt right jesus christ get a grip. also most things you’re complaining about are literally linked to ONE black gyaru anyways. but when she is brought up you guys are frothing at the mouth at the opportunity to be racist.

No. 180232

“im not racist!!!” refers to women of color as lazy fats in rant filled with micro aggressions(Twitter tourist)

No. 180235

File: 1635972609554.png (137 KB, 339x402, skajfls.png)


No. 180237

Racists always froth at the mouth when you call them racist. Kek

No. 180239

SJW spotted. As anon pointed out before Delandra and Lisha actually looked gyaru. These gals are ghetto.. Look at the posts above fighting the rest of the comm, starting witch hunts and calling other gals half breeds kek, ghetto ass behavior.

No. 180252

Look who's being racist.. Gyaru isn't something you can just half ass cosplay and not expect to get criticism.. Calling that racism won't help you..

Learn how to fucking read

No. 180259

You have a problem with niccu but projecting it as a whole on all black gyaru? Take that shit up with Niccu.
Gyaru has tone down over the years theres not one cookie cutter look.

No. 180262

>Gyaru has tone down over the years theres not one cookie cutter look.
Sounds like a cope excuse for a half assed I look like shit but here’s my free pass that I’m still Gyaru. Gyaru is Gyaru, the reason it’s falling to shit over the years is because of these excuses. As bad as itas throwing a black and white skirt found in TJ Maxx with some lace fingerless gloves and calling it a day.

No. 180268

It sounds like you don’t know what the hell you talking about. Still suck in 2008 gyaru. Gyaru has change boomer deal with it.

No. 180283

did you learn that from tiktok? kek

No. 180286

Anon in case you haven't noticed this thread talks shit about everyone. The bar for gaijin gyaru isn't high but the bar for black gals is even lower than that thanks to cows like Delandra and Niccu kek

Jfashion comms are historically racist and fatphobic as fuck that's why you get basic bitches like Paige being crowned the shining example for black gals while actual gyaru looking ones like Pocha, Hekku, and Bebea, get glossed over. Niccu could be a good gyaru too if she wasn't so focused on being a victim and faking her race as her whole personality

No. 180291

You make good points anon but
>complaining about fatphobia in the jfashion comm
>the fashion that comes from Japan, where being slightly overweight is illegal and clothes come in only one size
honestly what did yall expect?

No. 180353

Lmfao again, youre referring to ONE gyaru. the original post pointed out an eyebrow slit, this one pointed out the halfbreed comment. youre referring to one black woman and using it as an excuse to bash black gyarus as a whole. you really took issue with one black gyaru and ran with it as an opportunity to be racist to an entire community. you seem to be losing sleep over a black woman that doesnt even know u exist LMFAO

No. 180366

The schizo in this thread, who I'm not going to honor with a (You), seems to be one of Niccu's calves, likely a lolita who doesn't even go here and probably a minor. Based on the unhinged typing style I'd wager that they're the same individual leaving hate comments on gal's blogs who aren't even involved in the situation whatsoever (probably searched "Gyaru" on Google desu and started going from there). Anon keeps provoking bc they will die without milk and is addicted to the idea of being discriminated against and being a victim. This situation was interesting at first but this is just getting autistic.

No. 180371

Isn’t everything u guys do on this thread provoking though? you can troll but you cant take it? anyone can go on this forum, including ppl who disagree w u. this is the internet get over yourself. u sound like a reddit edgelord using autistic in that context it’s actually so cringe. “unhinged typing style” p much everyone is typing the same and most of u guys sound more unhinged on any given day

No. 180374

Also is victim too big of a word for you to understand? bc im calling ppl out but ive never centered myself so how am i playing victim? you guys regurgitate the same nonsense rhetoric when called out. expand your vocabulary. if u think ppl are baiting then stop falling for it. anyone can be on here. even baiters. cry abt it or move to another site lmfao

No. 180376

Literally this. and it’s so funny because you guys are refreshing her twitter page all day but are shaking at the idea of actually confronting her. mad shit talkers on here but not a single person who has the guts to actually reply to the dozens of tweets they have screenshot. grow a pair. youre spineless asf and taking out your hatred on a whole race of people bc of…2…black gyaurs? 2? out of thousands? confront them or stop complaining u insecure pussy ass femcels.(retard)

No. 180378

Delusional. I don't care to confront anyone, this is a gossip website. I want cheap entertainment from cows. If you're upset that you got posted, just log off.

No. 180379

at least you can admit you’re the bottom of the barrel. must suck to hate yourself this much :/ youre probably a “cow” yourself(:/)

No. 180382

Imagine claiming to be against racism but you think a fully black woman pretending to be half japanese (while calling mixed women “half breed” kek) is fine.
Think about it. If niccu was truly half she wouldnt even use that term because it would apply to her as well. Shes a racist fat ugly fraud

No. 180383

Integrate fggt. Don’t take the moral high ground wking when you’re here too.

If I meant just Niccu, I would say just Niccu but I didn’t. Don’t put words in my mouth, I’ve repeatedly told you that most of you suck and are not gyaru and it’s not because of the color of your skin but you expect to be exempt of harsh criticism because of it, face it you just suck. There is no affirmative action here honey. There were a few old fags who did it well but now no. Don’t own one single burando just looking cheap and tacky with a cosplay wig on. A lot of white gyaru look like trash now too at least they don’t blame the color of their skin to cope… just usually fatphobia kek.

No. 180384

Stop samefagging go back to twitter sucking niccus saggy ugly ass tits already. Twitter retards arent welcomed here

No. 180386

Ain’t you 30? Why the fuck are 30 year olds in thread? Honey your 30 and still parading as a mean girl.

No. 180388

Stop moralfagging on lolcow. Calling someone a mean girl when you use lolcow is pathetic

No. 180389

Yes. Anon is fucking weird. I suspect the past Niccu shit posting was from her. She really have a hate boner for someone that doesn’t know she exist. Kek

No. 180391

>clearly multiple people posting
>”ah yes one single anon with a hate boner”

No. 180397

Youre on lolcow and niccu is a racist cow. Why are you surprised shes not liked here? Newfags are annoying.

No. 180399

You sound as retarded as kohlea.
Muh muh it cant be 2 different anons never!
Stop being a pussy and confront Niccu. Nicky Twitter dm is open for you. Kek

No. 180401

You are an autistic retarded samefag. Quit shitting up the thread if you don't know how to sage or contain yourself to one post. Go cry to Twitter about how a bunch of "mean girls" are making fun of you and Niccu for being cows and using microaggressive language.
Why would anyone here care if she knows we exist? Seriously, what is this narrative? Does the audience at the circus care if the clown knows all of their names?

No. 180402

File: 1636052190729.jpeg (76.56 KB, 709x701, A3F7DF67-67B9-45A4-80D7-BF889E…)

Hold up anon got a point. Your 30 still on lowcow ? Shit you need Jesus and a job. You talking about Niccu? What? You just like her get off your ass and both get a job.

No. 180404

Seek help retard. You that same anon who posted Niccu back to back 4 months ago on lolcow and 4chan. Every time she causes shit you become schizo and post her every waking move. 4chan got on your ass last time for shitting up the thread.

No. 180407

I think you're mistaking me for another poster. I'm just here to have a laugh, thanks.

No. 180408

NAYRT but you’re younger than 30 and use Lolcow? Don’t you have homework to do or a shitty job to get back to?

Who cares how old people are, it’s a fucking gossip site filled with anons. Children and adults alike enjoy gossip, get over it.

No. 180409

Why are you here? Why do you keep checking in over the last 4 months or have you sat here all night reading through months and months of posts just to seethe and bitch, no one cares.

Yeah she doesn’t know we exist, it’s an anon board duh.

No. 180413

so articulate. funny how you came for someone for an unhinged typing style. i just know your hands were shaking as you wrote this. “autism” “retard” “go back to twitter” come up with something new anon. nobody is scared of u. ur too easy to fuck with haha

No. 180414

Honestly you and Niccu should just kiss already you’re like her secret admirer

No. 180416

I must struck a nerve. Kinda pathetic you hitting menopause and still giggling off high school drama. I can see being a teenager or 20-28. 30-50 sheesh what are you doing with your life? Damn pathetic as hell.

No. 180420

Wrong anon.
I saw it 4 months ago when I was on 4chan. I was asking about a good shopping service on 4chan. Then I see a spergfest from schizo anon.
I only found out about Niccu on 4chan.
Never heard of her before but schizo anon made sure the hell we did….. Posted that bitch every move gawd damn on lolcow and 4chan consecutively. Could ask a damn question without schizo anon announcing Niccu popped up what the fuck.

No. 180421

Dressing in gyaru past 23 is cringe. Grow up.

No. 180424

LMAO you’re 30 on here posting about people a whole decade younger than you. absolutely pathetic. get therapy instead you clearly need it. stop worrying about what ppl in their late teens/early 20s are doing and take yo kids to daycare

No. 180426

You remind me of chaudie. She was 35 still writing on gyaru gossip sites while her kid was sleeping on the floor in a nasty ass house. The average american is a landwhale. Americans need to stay the fuck out of gyaru. Sloppy fat bitches don't belong.

No. 180427

I'm not that person, but gyaru isn't exactly a new thing, clearly older than you, so why should people that have perhaps been interested in it a long time just give up once they reach their 30's? Now dressing as it at that age is another thing.. So is self entitled blacks. They deserve all the criticism possible

No. 180432

That is not what anon was saying. You can still be gyaru at 30. Posting on a gossip site at age 30 is a different story. You have to be miserable to pick on&talk shit about teens&young adults at 30?

No. 180433

Gyaru secrets finally updated.

No. 180434

No, places like these are exactly where you should be after getting too old to dress like it. In my opinion it's pretty pathetic being gyaru at any age, so I don't see any problem with "old" ones being here

No. 180437

>liking crossdressing moids
seek help
Agreed. It's a fashion meant for primarily young girls and celebrates youth and beauty and being caked in makeup and crap. It's not appealing for older women to try to dress like and look like a 20 year old. When a regular american woman tries too hard to look young it's cringey and embarassing, yet when a weeb does it it's somehow different? Dressing in lolita when youre older is a lot more understandable and harmless because these women for the most part are trying to look more graceful and mature and not the 'slutty' look

No. 180439

yeah just proved that u literally are just racist and nut at the thought of any chance to shit on black people. ur obsessed with them lmfaoooo

No. 180440

if u have this much self awareness youre no better at your age. you know it’s immature to gossip anonymously. everyone that uniconically posts on here is pathetic. im sure u know subconsciously

No. 180441

Why are you this assmad over a trashy dead fashion(why are you even in this thread then?)

No. 180442

I agree that lolita works way better, even though it's been kinda ruined by the current generation. My point is that just because you're older doesn't mean you don't get a say in it

I am, absolutely, but so are you. Nothing in my post can be considered racist though.

Do you think gossiping just disappears after a certain age? Young girls have nothing against old ladies when it comes to gossip. Anyone posting here is pathetic though, we all know that, including you

No. 180443

File: 1636061791121.png (966.59 KB, 630x737, Capture _2021-11-04-16-30-00-1…)

Are you trolling? Lolita look good on older people? No the hell it don't. Hell I choose gyaru than wearing thay shit. why would a grown adult wear thay shit and walk out wearing thay shit. It look like a over grown baby. J fashion is for those skinny no curves bitches. Westernized bodies don't mesh well with it. You end up an adult trying to appear cutesy cringe.

No. 180444

>couldn't find a bad example so you used a man

Western people look bad in any east asian fashion

No. 180445

File: 1636062576629.png (739.03 KB, 580x652, Capture _2021-11-04-16-46-19-1…)

it's a joke.im not going anywhere with someone looking like that.

No. 180446

File: 1636063055391.png (483.81 KB, 540x634, Capture _2021-11-04-16-45-31-1…)

No you still stuck in your weeb phase past 30. The Veterans gyaru of 2008 has left and move on.

No. 180448

Imagine clubbing with these two dress like melanie martinez kek. Oh no baby what are you doing?

No. 180449

This doesn't even look bad, pathetic, but not bad

No. 180453

I called delandra gyaru a year ago and all hell broke loose here. Now you wanna call her that. You all wouldn’t know gyaru if it bite you on the neck.(infighting)

No. 180460

There were people who acted as if she wasn't gyaru? She's a classic cow on this site and elsewhere. What the fuck happened to this place?

No. 180461

I said this on /cgl/ in 2015 and people lost their shit. Amazing how times have changed.

No. 180462

Threads back, there were people discrediting her as gyaru. She had the trashy aura to. The hate clog their mind.

No. 180466

bc it makes absolutely no sense bc a lot od Jfashion is obviously heavily inspired by nonasian influences. like lolita and gyaru are prime examples of that. i bet u fetishize asians if you think only a certain race of ppl can pull off a style. especially bc you definitely wouldnt think that if u didnt know the style came from Japan. losing brain cells(learn2sage)

No. 180467

It's just how it is. Same with black girls but they really can't take the criticism.

No. 180468

You might literally be retarded, give your local doctor a visit

No. 180475

The style looks bad on westerners. Thats how it is. The burando doesnt favor western bodies either.

No. 180478

niccus friends clogged up this thread and derailed it kek

No. 180479

Anon, I know the history of the fashion and at the risk of being called a liar: I'm half asian. Its a style that I don't think looks good on most people, the same way I think that lolita looks like shit on basically everyone regardless of their ethnicity. Now go on and switch gears and call me self-hating because I didn't cape for a style that, over here, would get the average woman confused for a hooker.

No. 180481

Yeah where are the jannies now? I've gotten several bans for forgetting to sage in the past but now I guess the gyaru thread can just be full of racial shitslinging, personal attacks, and discussion about lolita. Good to know.

No. 180482

What friends? Sperg chan is shitting up the thread.

No. 180485

Pulltards and zoomers took ova.

No. 180529

Imagine getting this butthurt over an ugly fashion style. Go outside

No. 180627

yeah im out of here it got way too depressing. this feels like its gonna die soon anyway

No. 180645

File: 1636184603508.jpeg (195.16 KB, 741x441, 063EB5FC-2DD5-4A22-8FA5-18E2B3…)

No. 180646

As much as I agree that you should be able to wear your natural hair whilst doing gyaru can she stop lying that they are the blueprint kek. Blueprint for probably bstyle and brands like baby shoop but then they just bitch about them and call them racist for liking their culture. which by that standard black girls liking Japanese fashions like gyaru is also racist

No. 180669

I haven't exactly sat there and delved into the history of gyaru but didn't it start as a way for Japanese women to rebel against what is aesthetically expected of them in their society? Eg. Pale skin, black hair, light makeup. And wasn't it inspired by the tan, blonde Amerithot archetype? Correct me if I'm wrong ofc.

No. 180671

Which of you schizo faggots keeps stalking this bitchs twitter and posting non issues fr

No. 180672

You are right. It’s just the BLMtards trying to insert themselves in to everything so they feel special uwu

Ntayrt but why are you so angry lmao. I hope they keep posting the dumb shit she says.

No. 180677

It's different anons. I know because I was one of them in the past but nayrt. Multiple people hate Niccu and/or think she's a cow. Most of them have no problems admitting this on their social media when asked. Seethe.

No. 180685

Idk why people think it's one anon, if anything I think many of her friends post here about her, no one defended Niccu in here except that little girl who felt the need to defend her honor by sperging up the thread. I feel bad for that kid, tbh. I used to do the same shit here (when I was underaged ofc), only to see everything anons said was 100% true, if it were purely vendetta the thread would be locked, or the discussion would be shut down, either by other anons or by farmhands.

No. 180686

File: 1636216649868.jpeg (300.45 KB, 1170x1438, A7C513E1-9E64-48CF-82CB-B5F2B9…)

I honestly don’t get how she can call herself gyaru or act like she’s a vet? I have never seen anyone gyaru dress like this? It’s not even rokku. She looks like she rolled out of Goodwill.

No. 180690

Nothing screams gyaru.

No. 180692

Only 1 anon is keeping tabs on her. Multiple anons talking shit about her is true.

No. 180696

Japanese gals are the blueprint. Stop colonizing gal kek

No. 180698

Her hair is a mess, her makeup is a mess. This isnt gal at all kek shes just a delusional racist. She thinks shes gal because she pretends to be half japanese. Its so funny to me

No. 180701

Im still shocked at how she didnt receive any backlash for being a black woman pretending to be half japanese. Its crazy.

No. 180709

File: 1636224089534.jpg (19.07 KB, 240x320, 5a626ddaa83e7090edd27c9c309271…)

Again false. The vendetta chan from a few months ago is a totally different person to >>179282 at the very least, and I posted a cap of her whack-ass behavior before but I wasn't the one who posted >>180645 or >>180686
So there you have 3-4 anons at least who have posted her. Sorry for autism but I can't stand the narrative that only one person could possibly be posting her when every other word out of her mouth is delusional or violently racist.
>we're the blueprint
Yes can't you tell that picrel is totally trying to be "a whole ass black woman". Girl needs to gtfo over herself, along with anyone else who believes this shit, yes aspects of gyaru have black influences but it also has influence from American, European (there were spreads based on France and UK before), Bohemian, and even traditional Japanese culture. If you did your research you would know. The problem is that narcs think everyone has to be obsessed with looking like them, when in reality gal used to be a melting pot of various influences.

No. 180710

Half of twitter is scared to seem racist, the other half doesn't care because they're racist.

No. 180714

Grandma kei

No. 180721

File: 1636229241337.jpeg (213.15 KB, 1170x942, D97500B2-2F4D-404D-A5B4-EE3CEC…)

Imagine openly admitting that you stink and still wanting to be taken seriously as a source for fashion

No. 180723

File: 1636229574393.png (121.14 KB, 382x582, 99B4D55A-DEEC-4C1E-A89F-22E19D…)

I’m sure most people don’t generally smell themselves unless their odour becomes unusual so her own nose is not a good indicator of if she’s stinky or not. Also African-Americans are usually the stinkiest of all according to science kek (don’t shoot the messenger)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 180728

I hate Niccu as much as the next person and I genuinely hope one day she pays for all she has done, but can we at least try to keep this on topic? Stormfront-chan is going to get this thread locked, and all the eternal victims are just going to use this to say "see!!! We told you the gaijin gyaru comm was neonazis all along!"

No. 180729

Don’t feed the troll.

No. 180730

Is there going to be an international meet this year?

No. 180763

Literally looks like someone's granny wearing their grandkid's t-shirt over her church dress. lmao

No. 180764


YWNBG (you will never be gal). I love how she decided to "call out a coon" and further promote racism in the community and attack other black gals for not agreeing with her retard logic.

Probably not considering the way most of these bitches like to ruin shit for everyone

No. 180766

Isn't this cunt the one calling herself "coon kun" in the first place? Well she does fake being half Jap so it checks out.

No. 180784

Yes, there's a small one in Luxembourg, hosted by Laura

laughs in european
You think we give a shit? None of these broke bitches threatening beef can afford the flight over here. American beef and American problems as usual.

No. 180810

Europoors need to get off their high horses, as if there weren't European gals on both sides of this retardation kek. The whole thing was basically started by Lynn and Yaya was calling white girls snow roaches and mayo monkeys. I can go on.

No. 180821

Just listened to niccus podcast.
Its baffles me how black women are trying to convince themselfs that people who tan want to be black, especially in the gyaru space.
I wonder if it's to feel better about themselves.
Well I'm here to tell you, no, we don't wanna be black, look black, act black, we want to be gal.
Tanning is a huge part of gal, you can't be gal without a tan in most substyles, stop saying its unnecessary.
If you feel uncomfortable by a deep tan that's your choice, I can guarantee that the person who's tanning didn't think for a second about how they gon be black.
If gaijin gyarus with deep tans make you feel uncomfortable then stop praising Japanese gals
Chopa sama is pale, Akarin is pale, asuka dia is pale, my list can go on and on.
It pisses me off when they call something like ganguro blackfishing, bitch where?

No. 180825

Ganguro look is to look like a witch. I guess black people are witches now. That happen when people who not in the fashion make up shit. If they pick up an old egg magazine, they see black singers, and individuals were highlighted in the magazine.

No. 180826

Don’t know why people think American gyaru will actually do something. kek
Both bitches are dirt poor kohel and Niccu.

No. 180851

seeing that ppl in this thread have sunk down to the level of discussing eugenics. nice. “we’re not racist just honest” believes in race science which is a highly disputed field you might as well just post “heil hitler” at this point

No. 180852

Nobody thinks this of the whole com, just you idiots who unironically use this sub. there’s been plenty of obvious racism on here but u draw the line at eugenicw. you guys are really pathetic and laughable.(learn2sage)

No. 180859

That was a troll newsfag.

No. 180864


Niccu guests on some literally who jfashion podcast with all of 14 subscribers to talk about how the whole concept of gal is racist but also she's been gal since she was 5. Ratio'd hard already. I couldn't stomach more than ten minutes but other anons with stronger stomachs are very welcome to listen and summarise for the thread.(learn2embed)

No. 180890

Why does that feel like a shitty attempt at doing of DD’s lives, just way more ratchet? This is after Niccu dragged her on TikTok too and called her a coon there as she does with anyone who has an opinion that doesn’t favor her and her clan of cunts. What a gross bitch

No. 180927

Niccu's podcast summary (part one, 12 minutes)

>Not even a minute in, host pronounces gyaru as "guy-roo"

>Niccu has shit audio
>Host asks 1st question : are there different kinds of guy-roo?
>Niccu then goes to explain every few years a new substyle of gyaru is created.
>Second question: what's it like being a black WOC in the comm?
>Niccu explains that it's hit and miss. Basically explains every circle she was in was bad until she made her own.
>What do you think of people who aren't melanated making themselves look melanated?
>Niccu explains that tanning is luxurious and you shouldn't do it. (Despite her constantly reblogging very dark Japanese gals)
>Black gals who "don't look black" don't have a say in what issues black gals have in the comm
>But all black girls come in different shapes and sizes, but if you're a lighter complexion you can't speak on those issues
>Tanning is not ok, she made a tiktok about it
>self tanning is self hate

No. 180928

I wish I packed a bowl before reading all of this.

No. 180953

Topkek, thank you for your service. Glad to see it's still being ratio'd, though not as hard after what was likely a like brigade from Niccu's calves. Also, what "circle' does Niccu run? First I'm hearing of it.

No. 180983

File: 1636391570039.png (483.3 KB, 434x526, ljsafljs.png)

is this person from SNG trans or just developmentally delayed?

No. 181008

Just one more retard who refuses to listen to any advice.

No. 181020

Came across its insta and I still can't tell for sure, but looks mostly spergy female to me

No. 181046

It's not a troon it's just an ugly girl who doesn't know how to use camera angles or makeup

No. 181264

The really dark gyaru use black eyeshadow as foundation not tanning. kek

No. 181265

She didn't receive backlash because shes a nobody. Reina was a somebody in the gal community.

No. 182906

Airi looks like a dog shit.(sage your shit)

No. 183089

Just like how the white ones use mayonnaise

No. 183195

Actual retards

No. 183396

You should pick up a magazine retard. They did use to use dark eyeshadow back then. Thy don’t sell charcoal foundation in japan.

No. 184660

File: 1637980941133.jpeg (141.03 KB, 743x818, 1411B7C0-9EAE-4DCA-AA0F-66D23D…)

Why is she two different colors?

No. 184671

Because of poor lighting.

No. 184675

Doesn't know how to foundation match/uses lighter products on purpose/lighting. She's so boring and her outfits are nothing special. I have no idea why people praise her so much other than the fact she's skinny and lightskin.(learn2sage )

No. 184680

this isn't even gyaru. ugly weebshit and maid headdress and liz lisa skirt aren't cute.

No. 184688

Can't she the fuck go back to making porn? She tried to get into the Gyaru comm multiple times, but begs out as soon as people remember what a mess she is

No. 184691

Spill the tea?
Whiten her face headass and wrong foundation.

No. 184701

The absolute state of lolcow femcels. What a weird nitpick it's just flashback from whatever setting spray she used. Yall are retarded lol

No. 184702

sorry your skin is so bad you need to set your makeup for a blurry room selfie.

No. 184711

No it ain’t. kek I know you a retard. Girl looks casket ready and ashy.

No. 184712

File: 1638030403397.jpeg (10.92 KB, 199x117, 67F1DD50-0A75-4F43-B9C4-4FA099…)

No. 184713

She’s boring. Outfits shit to boot. How far gyaru has fell..

No. 184714

File: 1638031267290.jpg (59.33 KB, 820x919, E2_B9XYWEAIaGpl.jpg)

I'm still convinced the only girls who post here are those tiktok roblox gyarus

No. 184721

please sir may I have some sauce

No. 184728

Her outfits are straight up a MESS and you should say it

No. 184730

I know you have a cognitive delay to nitpick something so benign so read this slowly pullfags; nobody gives a fuck about a bitch using setting spray.

No. 184746

File: 1638046184360.jpeg (152.84 KB, 402x348, 251A73BD-2CDA-4A52-8F70-D1695C…)

Different anons retard. Bitch use snow not no damn setting spray.

No. 184747

File: 1638046691940.gif (369.1 KB, 500x320, A5D2C9FF-03C7-4A33-AB7D-BA0928…)

Zoomers left the style a month ago; a lot veteran gyaru left too.

No. 184780

And nothing of value was lost.

No. 184872

We lost the milkiest cows. The rest are inactive.

No. 185090

File: 1638297809991.jpg (63.98 KB, 527x862, l.jpg)

Topkek at this cope/shade from Emi

No. 185137

Is Gal, on the other hand, a teen style? Yes. Onee is the only one that isn’t. Yes, there are gal mamas, but be real, they last for 5 years and quit. Work and kids drain your energy.

No. 185151

Sakurina is still going so is Yumachi. Though they're models but Emi should just say she got bored since that's all it seems to be for her.

No. 185166

such a weird thing to say but it really does sound like a cope. most teens cannot afford gal, not sure if she means in japan and maybe at one point it was a teen style but it isn't really known for that now. tho it is funny because he current style is just as if not more teen. girl just say you got bored and go!

No. 185247

Wasn't she best of friends with a bunch of 30 yo just a few months back? This is definitely shade

No. 185248

I don't see what's wrong with what she said? It is a teen style in Japan, current egg models are teens
There's only a few adults in gal currently
She was gal for something like 3 years no? It sounds like she just graduated

No. 185255

People have bills to pay in an uncertain economy. If you live with your parents, it’s an easy style for a teen or adult with no bills.

No. 185268

it's unnecessary and feels like she's throwing shade. most gals are not teens now, not her ex circle or anyone she befriended in the comm. she literally could have just said she got bored or felt like it wasn't her style anymore but she chose those words for a reason. shady af

No. 185274

You chose to take it as shady
She never said it's not ok to stay gal as an adult
Seems like people in this thread still have a hate boner for emi

No. 185324

Her skinwalkers still mad she left gyaru.

No. 185341

Its just weird how she felt she needed to mention it considering her current style isn't any more mature. You can say she did or didn't say something, it's called being passive aggressive.

No. 185348

File: 1638440136529.jpg (656.42 KB, 1079x801, Gyaru.jpg)

Gyaru is super trashy, tan, nasty hair, barely clothed, mall rat, sitting on the street floor, partying, drinking and crazy makeup
That's teenage behavior
Maybe emi doesn't look mature now, but I understand what she ment by wanting to move on from this style

No. 185371

I’m all for expressing yourself but rokku/kogal is shit I’d not wear past thirty. Gives off still stuck in try hard phase.

No. 185376

she moved to an even more notoriously ratty style.

No. 185391


>Teenage style

>Moves onto jiraikei/ulzzang
>Shoops and style become more infantile by the day

Ok Emi

No. 185401

Conveniently leaving out that most gals who are still gal or are getting into gal in this day and age do not act like this kek

No. 185488

Ok let's pretend gals now days don't look/act like that
I'm not gonna waste my time collecting photos for you, go to any gal Instagram

No. 185533

burden of proof is on the person who wants to pull things out of their ass to defend someone shady kek why should i go look for what you claim to be true

No. 185538

It’s korean street fashion. Ulzzang isn’t a style. She drop jirakei already.

No. 185578

not all substyles of gyaru are trashy at all. like himekaji is not trashy at all and their hair is usually done

No. 185579

nah this isnt true at all i see a lot of young gals on tiktok and instagram. you guys are just so incredibly delusional that u think a few anonymous comments made ppl leave the substyle lmaoo yall are not important enough to make anyone leave gyaru. esp bc u dont even comment on ppls actual social media so if u dont check this site, u guys essentially dont exist and dont matter(learn2sage)

No. 185589

File: 1638575426086.jpg (46.46 KB, 600x528, Forty_keks.jpg)

>"I see a lot of young gals on tiktok"

No. 185636

Baby no one is checking for u and zoomers. About two look good the rest is shit. Baby we are laughing at u not with u. I said gyaru not cosplayers who leave six months tops or shit gals who run gyaru pages and don’t try and still look like shit. kek

No. 185637

File: 1638597319117.jpeg (144.95 KB, 323x504, 729D48D6-7B01-4FE2-A7AC-EF656C…)


No. 185720

Is that the outfit

No. 185916

clearly not ?(sage)

No. 185926

Well then post the outfit cunt?
There is no sauce

No. 185930

why are u so fucking mad lmaoo fragile asf for no reason i see(sage your shit)

No. 186207

Did Riko's account get hacked or is she an MLM babe now?

No. 186270

Riko got hacked, she made a post on twitter saying she was locked out of instagram.

No. 186326

Ladies how the fuck do I screencap Insta stories. There's some real juicy Niccu shit going on from @notmonokuma but I cannot screencap. She admitted to making up a fake beef with Bebe for attention/drama and there are caps.

No. 186328

Are you sure? Hackers got a picture of her on her computer? How?

No. 186329

File: 1638948395928.png (426.53 KB, 675x1036, Capture _2021-12-08-01-23-28-1…)

No. 186330

Queen, thanks anon. I don't know if it's an Android or Xiaomi thing but I couldn't get it.

No. 186372

That’s not her? The tattoos are different and her ears are gauged

No. 186422

top kek, thanks for sharing. Niccu really thinks she did something by baiting and 'exposing' a bunch of 20 year olds. I would be so embarrassed if I were her but she obviously has no self-awareness.
Fuck bebe for real, I used to admire her style but she's such a snake. I can't respect anyone who willingly associates with Niccu. And now every single one of her posts are about "protective styles" like she's still trying to prove something when everyone else has moved on… sad

No. 186434

Just shows that niccu is pressed KEK(sage)

No. 186456

Niccu stays relevant by starting drama. Niccu knows no one is checking for hur without it.

No. 186458

Niccu is still checking for gyaru who moved on from the drama. kek
How sad can she get?
Bebe gives off fake woke vibes doesn't seeem genuine.

No. 186552

File: 1639040442369.jpeg (266.26 KB, 750x1264, 297EEA72-77C0-49FF-A908-71F8C8…)

No. 186553

File: 1639040489120.jpeg (196.48 KB, 750x824, B7EEF21B-2040-4399-AD92-3FF2B7…)

No. 186626

Niccu is a huge cunt and it's obvious she's enjoying this but notmonokuma needs to seriously just block her already and stop giving her ammunition. Unless they both enjoy this beef in which case…let the milk flow ig

No. 186634

File: 1639073876227.jpg (1.67 MB, 2032x2515, pt2021_12_09_18_15_48_mh163907…)

in what universe lmfao, she's a manatee. Is this the same timeline where she speaks fluent Japanese and was gyaru since she was 5

No. 186638

does she think benching means what her actual weight is…

No. 186651


Monokuma and their little friends started up on this to begin with when it wasn’t their place or business and they were the ones to bring weight into it. If you can’t handle bodyshaming then don’t bodyshame, fat on fat crime isn’t cute. You’d think participating in a Japanese fashion like this you’d have a bit of a thicker skin, especially throwing comments like that around and expecting nothing back.

Why can’t we all just collectively move on from Niccu if she’s this much of a problem? It just seems like too many gals with nothing of value in their lives just wait around for her to say dumb shit so they can have their moment

No. 186652

Do you have screenshots of that? Personally I think both are dumb, niccu being niccu and monokuma for actively seeking it out repeatedly. Had no idea that she was the one to throw shots first though and would love to see what she said.

No. 186653

File: 1639079532533.jpg (38.61 KB, 800x450, pepelaughz.jpg)


Yeah, you're right! They totally should leave Niccu alone, why would they bully a real life skinny Japanese Indigenous Black gyaru princess for epically owning the evil yt gyaru? They're just jealous

No. 186654

>no sage

you could have tried harder to blend in

No. 186658

Do you know what Ebonics is? bc this comment isn’t really using it at all, or in a way that is indicative of the person being black bc everyone bandwagons black slang anyways.

No. 186659

also why do you have to "blend in" so weird. sorry that not only white american girls use this site. such a weird thing to nitpick.

No. 186664

wi've never seen someone misspeall Evenescents so badly before

No. 186665

It's called integrate friend.
And it is as old as time.

No. 186674

I second that. Not the same at all but they tried.

No. 186675

File: 1639087511772.png (14.03 KB, 458x130, wtf.png)

KEK I knew ya'll were getting played. Hekku was posting on Insta literally one week ago about how you need to send her money to help her, a "Black, indigenous, queer, disabled, homeless, mentally ill sex worker" so she doesn't lose all her money. Of course a bunch of you naive gals were sharing it, pressuring your followers to donate, laying the white guilt on real thick. When will ya'll realize. Screencap from SNG. The Insta posts are still up btw.

No. 186686

guess her disability income hearing went well and she has money to spare.not sure how a lupus survivor is going to fare at a convention across the country though. stating the obvious that something here seems off, not saying she's faking fully but something isn't right

No. 186696

Man they really got you good with this whole "believe woc" thing huh? This is lolcow you can say your true thoughts.
>something isn't right
Now let's think… why would somebody who last week was begging for hundreds of dollars just to survive, including asking for someone to cash app them $25 to activate their phone, claiming to be living in a homeless shelter and ill, make an unnecessary cross country trip to what is easily the most relaxed state when it comes to covid restrictions to play around at an anime con? Can't tell if yall are brainwashed, genuinely stupid, or both.
Even IF she got money from disability services, sold goods/services, or randomly got a friend/sugar daddy to pay for the whole trip, doesn't take away from the fact that ya'll were guilted into donating and got scammed.

No. 186703

Dude no need for the not so passive agrressiveness I just believe in knowing a full story before making a strong opinion, believe what you want. I'm going off of what I know about the situation not trying to WK hekku.

No. 186706

also double post but w/e
I didn't give hekku any money bc I do tend to be wary of that sorta thing, good try. I just think should wait and see & I agree it's shady AF but I'm not trying to assume the worst of people off the bat. If I get proven wrong you're welcome to rub it in my face I suppose?

No. 186708

They're always throwing shade about how people on their friend lists ignore them and don't care about them so I definitely saw an increase in people sharing those donation posts as a result of that but not sure anyone actually read or donated to them in the end. Definitely suspicious and shady behavior to be posting about being on the verge of losing everything one day then asking about cross country conventions in another though

No. 186749

I'm not even surprised. I sent her money before, then she deleted the post about needing money for medical bills and was talking about buying hair accessories. Absolute grifter, get a fucking job.

No. 186778

condolences, nona. idk this bitch but I hope one of those hair clips fell off in the street and a wiry haired hobo picked it up and treasures it wildly

No. 186801

Niccu is a racist black woman who pretends to be half japanese. Racists are ugly and dont belong here

No. 186802

What happened to that tumblr blog or ig account that was supposed to be the new gyaru secret? Did it flop already?

No. 186814

Does any of you remember when this bitch downplayed every Afrolatina experience on racism just because English was not our first language? Hope they burn in hell

No. 186838

Bitches always lyin, glad I didn’t donate. Watch her take the post down and in 6 months ask for money again.

No. 186947

its funny how these weebs like to larp as hafu while simultaneously trying to hate on the things japanese girls do. severe levels of copium going on here. most modern japanese gals dont even tan that hard theyre perpetually stuck in 2005 LUL

No. 187010

She seems like the type of person that's loud af online but in person you wouldn't hear a peep. People just need to ignore her and let her fade out or find a new tiktok trend to be woke about. She obviously seethes that she's not everything she's pretending to be, the #1 gyaru onee chan since she was a toddler kek.

No. 187156

File: 1639256855600.jpg (618.46 KB, 970x2127, Screenshot_20211211-160014_Ins…)

Yeah, she's nothing but bitterness personified. Picrel

I do wonder when she started this lie about being Japanese though, and why, specifically being Okinawain. Especially when its clear all she does is google translate her sentences and shit.

No. 187162

Cosplaying as an asian woman. Shameful

No. 187163

Its so funny how she cant even speak japanese kek

No. 187181

Niccu you don't know Japanese shut the fuck all the way up.

No. 187183

>i dont use standard
Bitch what the fuck is that supposed to mean

No. 187189

it means she doesn't speak anything outside google translate

No. 187245

I love this dumb fat bitch and her hafu LARP. She refuses to stop taking L's and publicly posting them before anyone else has the chance. Even the google translate alt white girls on tiktok can speak more than she can. Top fucking kek.

No. 187254

She also seems to have some inferiority complex or some shit going on bc she's always barking at people with more followers and friends than her.

No. 187335

Did..did this dumb bitch just admit that she doesn't speak Japanese? but covering up by saying " I don't speak Japanese to people I don't know"…

No. 187341

File: 1639380818272.png (Spoiler Image,439.69 KB, 1143x886, 0349t8do29t.png)

She's an overweight, unattractive and uneducated 30 year old furry barista masquerading as a haafu online to pick fights with literal children in a community she's not even part of. All the while posting cringe nudes/lewds on twitter between horny tweets and oversharing. I would have more than an inferiority complex if I were her kek. Pics of some example tweets

No. 187368

Himemancer doing the lord's work kek
The mere existence of white women makes her seethe as demonstrated by her twitter, so if she watched a Pinkii video I think she might an hero right then and there

No. 187369

I can't find Niccu's ig anymore. Is it up for everyone else?

No. 187381

Hopefully the hoe deleted and we don't have to hear her loud ass mouth ever again.
She probably despises Pinkie for being a rapper and not black. Like she despises gyaru who aren't black cause it's rAcIsS

No. 187402

File: 1639417350498.jpg (167.24 KB, 1080x742, Screenshot_20211213-124154_Ins…)

Nope unfortunately for the rest of the world it's still up

No. 187427

Kek, means she blocked me. I never interacted with her, but I guess liking other "gyals" is wrongcrime.

No. 187550

File: 1639440974477.jpg (473.14 KB, 1080x1417, Screenshot_20211213-191420_Ins…)

No you're not getting traction because everyone realized you're a grifter.

No. 187554

It actually is pretty awful that she asked about Holmat on FB in a way that insinuated she was for sure going before even making this begging post to "see her friend". Leaving out the fact that its going to go to a con while also probably seeing said friend. If tickets are so expensive during this time and you know this why not travel a different time? Oh right, for the convention. And if anyone questions it it will immediately become about race and someone being ableist.

No. 187583

I hope no idiot is donating to her. kek Get a fucking job. Jobs are hiring anyone fot the holidays.

No. 187587

File: 1639456922013.jpg (702.61 KB, 1080x1468, Screenshot_20211213-233651_Ins…)

For me it's the fact that no white cishet therapist is "qualified" to help her, but she'll take the money of white cishets all the way to the bank any day of the week. Fuck that. It's always the same old thing with these people hiding behind the SJW curtain.

No. 187617

What did I tell yuh. She already back to asking for money. Why does she need 1k to visit a friend?

No. 188862

File: 1639709155991.jpg (329.73 KB, 1080x918, Screenshot_20211216-193203_Twi…)

Niccu, you know you're a liar. You're a regular black girl, and that's ok. Lying and saying you're blasian or mixed indigenous(lol) just so your dumb thoughts are seen as golden rules is idiotic. Also, it's not gyal, it's gyaru. My god.

No. 188880

kek, is she going to just keep adding on a new race every time someone calls her out on it? She's now also claiming white and indigenous?

No. 188885

File: 1639726411449.jpg (491.88 KB, 1080x1464, Screenshot_20211216-192857_Twi…)

She's collecting races like they're Pokémon. She's also e-begging despite having a job and being shitty to most of the gyaru comm, picrel. Not sure why she feels she deserves anything with how she acts.

No. 188886

Himemancer clearly still living her her mind rent free- she set a closeup of her makeup as her pfp on insta and everything. Must be sour as hell about getting called on her larp by someone with stronger azn credentials kek

No. 188975

File: 1639795065759.jpg (180.19 KB, 1080x1004, Screenshot_20211216-193131_Twi…)

Not surprising, the girl rightfully put her on blast. Lol Now she going into extra try hard mode.

No. 189167

File: 1639867423489.jpg (566.96 KB, 1002x1787, Screenshot_20211218-174132_Chr…)

So, Niccu is claiming someone tried to hack into her account. Not sure how that's possible unless she's stupid enough to give her password to someone.

No. 189272

This bitch is literally insane, why is her schizo posting surprising to anyone at this point?

No. 189378

How long does both plan on arguing? Now going on 2 months?

No. 189596

File: 1640100430330.jpeg (Spoiler Image,774.12 KB, 828x1253, 34C0549E-57E9-48C4-B79E-F498D5…)

gOTD finds out author was arrested for cp and immediately brings up drawings

No. 189684

How is this a blasian thing? Anyone can literally eat this

No. 189693

the girl who runs GOTD isn't even a gal, she also is a hypocrite that complains about gals in anime while posting about….gals in anime.

No. 189709

Not all blasians eat kimichi.
All gyaru pages are ran by fucking weirdos who isn't gal.

No. 189925

File: 1640235254483.jpg (695.41 KB, 1080x2149, Screenshot_20211222-185408_Tik…)


How is this outfit any of these things? This absolute normie shit. She's desperate to be in the gyaru comm, huh?

No. 189927

What the ever living fuck is wugyaru

No. 189967

she dresses like a spinster aunt I truly do not understand the following

No. 190032

File: 1640279902410.png (75.31 KB, 400x400, 1_vJQnNo_400x400.png)

She really looks like somebody wine aunt here
It's her codeword for blasian. Black and yellow.

No. 190118

>her codeword for blasian

ODB didn't die for this. She trying too hard to convince herself she's anything other than fully black.

>she dresses like a spinster aunt
She'd be far more successful if she played up being a spinster aunt/wine aunt. She's got all the makings of one, especially the drama whore aspect.

No. 190184

File: 1640323258764.jpg (240.22 KB, 1080x918, Screenshot_20211218-174504_Twi…)

I meant to post this when I initially saw it. Does she think this is truly a flex? It sounds miserable.

No. 190188

File: 1640326092202.jpg (278.56 KB, 1080x1008, Screenshot_20211224-003948_Twi…)

Makes no fucking sense

No. 190194

>Writing this embarrassing shit for one like

No. 190307

Self hating black girls who want to larp as other races are so fucking embarrassing. They need to be called out for their shit.

No. 190308

Publicly posting L's. Imagine maxing out credit cards and still looking like absolute shite and butchering one of the easiest j-fashions to fucking do. Seriously there's so many ways to style yourself in gal and she is indignant on looking like a church auntie in orthopedic shoes. All she's missing is a fan and a walker. GYaL wUgYaRu GyAl, my fat ass.

No. 190377

Ill always find it funny how she claims mixed but called an actual mixed girl a half breed. One day shes a full black woman the next day shes asian kek
How is one so schizo

No. 190690

i mean, white girls seemingly do this much, much more. people look at niccu and think shes black regardless, fully black and darker skinned blk ppl cannot play on racial ambiguity the same way ppl of other races can. so it’s weird that ur singling out that black women need to be called out for this when i RARELY see them do it. 99.9% of the time it’s a white or hispanic girl, if u think otherwise ur literally delusional as fuck and have no awareness of the j-fashion com

No. 190700

She looks mixed with asian. Its not hard to tell. I seen weebs have 1% and look no shit asian, claim it in jfashion community.

No. 190705

Nta, but I've seen plenty of black girls larp as hafus just like white girls. It's really not that uncommon. Also, saying it should be called out doesn't negate or change the fact that most of the time, white girls who lie about being hafus get called out. Pretty sure some of the thread here talk about girls who do that.

Anon, who are you talking about? Niccu? Cause she don't look mixed in the slighest.

Yeah, she's fucking mental.

No. 190722

This is true, Niccu is a rarity and everyone knows whites and hispanics do this more than black girls so it's weird to single them out like that as if tons of them are doing it constantly, she's still cringy tho, Im not saying she shouldn't be called out but let's not act like it's common for most black girls to claim they're hafu of all things, as far as I'm concerned they usually claim they're mixed but not hafu. On another note, is annoying how when she claims she's mixed it means she's oppressed but when someone else is mixed they're "half-breeds", nice double-standard there.

No. 190738

>white girls do this too so you can't laugh at a black girl who does it extremely loudly
this is your brain on tiktok

No. 190757

Yeah watch it, nonnie. You fucking racist. Black women allowed and less cringe because white wimmen.

No. 190785

Thank God someone itt isn't drowning under the weight of their own tism

No. 190791

File: 1640675001357.jpg (86.38 KB, 834x626, FGrnh2PXMAIf-9N.jpg)

new circle from the uk

No. 190794

Nice unsaged garbage post you steaming newfag. Unlikely to be a selfpost given this was posted at 7:30am UK time so I guess Niccu or one of her sycophants was keen to change the subject. Be a bit less obvious next time eh

No. 190796

The wale one the right though? The rest looks smelly

No. 190811

thank god i'm hot.

No. 190816

the girl that runs GOTD commissioned someone to draw her getting fucked by a horse but complains about "weird drawings"????

No. 190841

File: 1640713649763.jpg (424.74 KB, 1080x1229, Screenshot_20211228-124518_Twi…)

Speaking of Niccu, she's still pretending to know Japanese.

No. 190853


No. 190855

How do you come out looking like THAT? What the fuck?

No. 190867

You should get your blood pressure checked anon, there's no reason why you should be this triggered unless you're friends with them kek

This is a gaijin gyaru thread not a niccu only thread. Chill out or continue to seethe and cope. There's time to laugh at everyone.

No. 190870

Delilah looks so good all the time, I love her. Everyone other than her, sloth, and kohaku would benefit from losing weight and/or changing how they do their eye makeup because the droop just doesn't work on 99% of girls, it makes us look mentally deficient. Take the twintails girl to the left of Delilah. She is cute overall but her droop does her dirty.

No. 190871

Deliah with a wig looks good without hell no.

No. 190873

When does she wear a wig

No. 190875

No sage and no milk and no context, it was a shit post and you know it. Not even a 'so these are the people beefing with niccu on tiktok'. I miss when the farm had standards when is hellweek coming back

No. 190876

File: 1640728520965.jpeg (168.71 KB, 554x537, AF49887D-2907-45D9-8740-CD9129…)

No. 190877

File: 1640728644371.jpg (114.81 KB, 1118x838, FGlFW2CXwA8myk0.jpg)

more pics from the uk meet

No. 190878

File: 1640728681541.jpg (433.24 KB, 2048x1536, FG2ogEvXoAcVVM3.jpg)

No. 190879

File: 1640728769576.jpeg (318.07 KB, 750x729, B8CA082F-6181-41D8-8D83-E3C793…)

No. 190893

File: 1640738961205.png (160.36 KB, 302x280, Capture _2021-12-28-18-47-12-1…)

Hair as damage as emi.

No. 190910

She looks like a mime. Too bad she can't shut the fuck up

No. 190925

Is the fat brunette a tranny?

No. 191143

Three of these girls don't even look like they're at a Gyaru meet lmao

No. 191170

Group has the make down pack but the fashion is atrocious.Work on it please.

No. 191951

File: 1641543011244.jpg (30.02 KB, 591x160, 9s7df8wefkd8.JPG)

niccu got covid kek

No. 195218

Why is that funny to you, anon, you sick fuck? You're all always mocking and wishing the worst for Asian women. Everything people say about her on this thread is BS. She is a vet, I remember her from back in the days. She does gyal WAY better than all these smelly zoomers that think it's a "woke feminist move" to not take a shower for fucking weeks.

No. 195224

Can confirm Niccu wearing manba just flew over my house

No. 195225

what's with the whiteknighting? Hi Niccu I know you're reading this lmfao. Maybe get off the toilet and actually work if you want people to respect you.(Hi cow)

No. 195246

This thread is a shitshow

No. 195433

File: 1643432116718.jpg (675.68 KB, 1080x1362, Screenshot_20220128-235152_Ins…)

She's back to posting her hideous ass outfits.

No. 195434

File: 1643432195117.jpg (659.2 KB, 1080x1812, Screenshot_20220128-235355_Ins…)

She also showed off an even shittier mori kei outfit

No. 195471

Is this her attempt at copying DD? Kek

No. 195680

what the fuck is this outfit??

No. 195706

bitches in the gg community be fatter than them and have more sense of fashion. Stop slapping on a fking outfit and putting -kei at the end. Shit is fking cring atp. I wanna come back in the gyaru comm outta spite atp ugh

No. 195828

>She is a vet

lol she wishes tho

No. 195956

She literally is a vet, wtf are you talking about anon lmao. I remember her from before Gen Z took over with their halfassed "Gyal" looks.(sage)

No. 195960

The milk done dried up

No. 195976

being fat and black all her life doesn't mean she's been gyaru her whole life too.

No. 196002

She's Asian too. Stop trying to erase that part of her. She has Asian features.(sage your shit)

No. 196191

File: 1643915068675.jpg (685.59 KB, 1073x1209, Screenshot_20220203-140244_Ins…)

Saw this coming a mile way kek

No. 196192

File: 1643915095156.jpg (317.28 KB, 810x2006, Screenshot_20220203-135551_Ins…)

No. 196271

What is worse is…they telling her to kill herself, be educated, and understand the harmfulness of white Supremacy and that she's black fishing.

…if..Americans don't just drown and stop thinking everything is straight black and white and thinking every single person who paints their face brown is copying to be a black person???!?!? Since when black people look like that???

No. 196341

So sick of uneducated westerners who dont get Gyaru fashion has zero to do with black people and black culture. Sigh

No. 196343

Idget why she is being posted here, she's a Japanese bodubuilder and used to wear ganguro. Probably just wanted to redo it with whatever makeup she had currently. You can tell she 'foundation' is blotchy and looks like it was dusted with eyeshadow etc.

No. 196350


Because Everyone in the Gaijin Gyaru com is having a heart attack about it, especially bebe with her tough girl persona(sage)

No. 196352

Lol they bullied her into deleting it

No. 196369

>during bhm?
oh yes because they definitely celebrate black history month in japan. Americans really think the entire world revolves around theirs.

No. 196390

I'm pretty sure that more than half the people who commented on both her old and new gyaru post are black anyway.(learn2sage)

No. 196403

This whole thing reeks of whiny burgerfag bullshit. What a bunch of narcs, harassing her until she deleted it because it offended them. It's like you can't do ganguro unless you're black now

No. 196762

Anon, I hate to tell you this but they definitely do celebrate it in Japan. Black people live in japan, there's mixed black+japanese people, etc.

No. 196927

File: 1644460857861.jpg (213.56 KB, 1080x965, screenshot.jpg)

nta, but not all countries celebrate black history month. in brazil for example they have black awareness day rather than black history month. i don't know if japan celebrates anything of the sort

No. 197138

File: 1644613749613.jpg (295.12 KB, 1080x1953, 1644596771563.jpg)

Repost from the lolita thread cuz it's more gal related. When will she just say she admit she is jealous of and hates east asians?

No. 197252

No, they don’t. Not because of race or anything bad. They have their own holidays and cultural things that month. Maybe some people recognize it or know about it. You have to realize that Japanese people are #1 in Japan. They celebrate all types of cultures here. But it’s not a national thing. It’s very small communities that do.(If that Japanese person has a certain interest in that culture). Honestly, some people I talk to just want white and black people to get along. Because they like both people the same.

(Sorry for my shitty grammar)

No. 197343

File: 1644741129281.jpg (110.74 KB, 1080x605, IMG_20220213_083211.jpg)

The discord mods don't get enough attention in here and they're milky af.

Ray has just quit moderating 109 after getting moderate heat for sharing his shit opinions, the most heinous one being saying 99% of the comm can't do their hair and look like shit while he consistently looks like he bathed in grease himself. Also got himself into trouble by trying to gatekeep the concept of gyaru circles. I hate people who talk shit publicly and then have a complete meltdown about the very predictable consequences of doing so.

No. 197344

File: 1644741342681.jpg (1.35 MB, 1806x2265, pt2022_02_13_08_34_58_mh164474…)

He dirty deleted the more controversial 99%/1% comment but here's the gist. Telling on yourself Raymond

No. 197366

File: 1644771738886.jpg (21.32 KB, 828x303, IMG_20220213_175645_414.jpg)

I have a screenshot of the message he deleted, imagine saying this when your hair doesn't even look washed let alone styled

No. 197397

What is this Cyber gyarusa? Just a circle jerk of friends or?

No. 197398

File: 1644817223199.jpg (44.86 KB, 508x424, 1644683905237.jpg)

I'm confused, is this person actually a troon or just another gen z using pronouns as an accessory

No. 197421

lurking expat living in Japan (japanese so), there is no officially recognized bhm.

No. 197466

I know this is old but her gal Japanese makes me cringe when she would speak like that in front of Japanese people

No. 197486

Wtf. Japs go to the salon. Their ass can't do their own hair either..

No. 197602

any self-respecting gyaru can do a basic hairstyle

No. 197606

everyone in that server thinks my prisila wigs are my real fucking hair so they clearly don't know shit.

No. 198306

LMAOO i was in that server months ago and the mods are retarded. This “dude” looks like a typical greasy white gyaru so i dont get why he thinks he can complain. I get it, many gals are tragic but so are you. The mods do the same boring shitty gal look all the time.

No. 198307

LMAOO i was in that server months ago and the mods are retarded. This “dude” looks like a typical greasy white gyaru so i dont get why he thinks he can complain. I get it, many gals are tragic but so are you. The mods do the same boring shitty gal look all the time. His hair is greasy asf and limp.

No. 198405

File: 1645563711364.jpg (418.97 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20220222-215312_Ins…)

koko is beefing niccu again, theres enough milk from these to feed the entire 13th century mongol army

No. 198406

File: 1645563744258.jpg (329.75 KB, 1076x1913, Screenshot_20220222-215320_Ins…)


No. 198407

i'm haffu and my birth certificate doesn't have my japanese name on it because it's confusing as fuck.

No. 198408

File: 1645563825834.jpg (250.16 KB, 995x1780, Screenshot_20220222-215324_Ins…)

shidding my pants at these

No. 198409

File: 1645563850288.jpg (341.52 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20220222-215329_Ins…)

No. 198410

File: 1645563892137.jpg (317.98 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20220222-215335_Ins…)

omg jimin ♡♡♡♡♡♡

No. 198412

File: 1645563963024.jpg (239.76 KB, 1080x1882, Screenshot_20220222-215339_Ins…)

theres definitely more milk on niccus old tumblr but these are all the ones kokos posted so far

No. 198455

maybe now with more concrete proof niccu is not only a twat but a liar, people will finally stop kissing her ass.

No. 198460

please give us a list of people who actually kiss her ass because i haven't been able to see any that matter

No. 198468

File: 1645590261336.jpg (557.18 KB, 1080x1716, Screenshot_20220222-232031_Ins…)

She said a whole lot of nothing. I swear some of these chicks just "join" the gyaru community to start unnecessary drama.

No. 198469

File: 1645590288662.jpg (547.2 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20220222-232206_Ins…)

No. 198472

Topkek thanks for the milk

No. 198476

japanese are only poc when it's convenient hmmm.

No. 198485

Now wtf is even happening?!?!?! Most of the European gals dont say shit but kiss ass

Also very sweet that they said "japanese gals don't need to explain their movement" or some shit but bullied the living fuck outta wacco because she did a blast from the past ganguro look.

Is gal for the japanese? or is gal just japanese people disguised as black people but is japanese feminism movement? Are white people not allowed to do things? This shit makes no sense

No. 198490

We're reaching levels of copium and delusion that shouldn't even be possible.
>Ypipo can never understand gyaru but I, a black American who has never probably met a Japanese person or been to Japan completely understand it just by virtue of my skin color.
Unironically colonialism
One person said BLM ruined the community half a year ago, other than that I've never seen white gaijin gals doing anything other than kiss ass. Which is it, yt supremacy or yt mediocrity? You can't have both.

No. 198503

i wonder if anyone will tell her gyaru was inspired by rich white girls from cali.

No. 198522

File: 1645648418233.png (4.23 MB, 750x1334, 2F8B14F2-ECD2-4257-9AB3-14B392…)

I don’t follow the gyaru community much but this girl the same person as >>198468 ? Or are they all just parroting the same shit rn? The second half of it specifically, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with gyaru helping black people love themselves obvs. If it’s the same girl though…. strange how much “nicer” it’s phrased for tiktok .

No. 198544

no, paige and sonder are not the same person. sonder is a person who has history demanding space and relevancy in communities and when it’s not given or they feel they’re losing relevancy they claim everyone is racist and against them personally

No. 198546

gyaru is a JAPANESE movement.

No. 198548

I mean she said something, and it was “I’m racist and generalize marginalized groups under one umbrella with no nuance”

No. 198550

when are we as a society going to admit that we have given narcissists and abusers a foolproof shield to hide behind and operate with impunity? probably never tbh. this fool was caught scamming upthread and nothing came of it. at all.
Gyaru is a Japanese style with American influence (white AND black - just look at baby shoop ffs)and even Korean women's fashion plays an influence now. so it's just cringeworthy af and highkey literal colonialism to see this cancerous discourse coming from (mainly young) americans.

No. 198625

Well the black influence of gyaru happened much later on. Early gyaru was based on valley girls exclusively.

No. 198626


Nobody gives a shit, hekku. Maybe stick to scamming people instead of preaching off your AliExpress soap box, because you're actually pretty good at lying when money is involved.

No. 198717

I don't think there's anything wrong with this particular post (the one in the picture). It's sweet and nice. Are people mad about it?

No. 198750

File: 1645801740661.jpg (428.88 KB, 817x1288, MYXJ_20220225100759604_save.jp…)

She even admits to it

No. 198765

Nobody's jealous it's just funny whenever people without kinky hair try and get braids because they literally don't have the hair type for it bitch about something else faggot

No. 198923

File: 1645940198370.png (402.14 KB, 525x913, N☆ccu_on_Twitter_@OHKN333_@Gya…)


No. 199218

How is this blackface? How they know their not indian? Every with dark skin is not black. Kek

No. 199224

They're dressed up in tribal African lion costumes. The characters don't actually look like that.

No. 199801

Playing devils advocate if these characters went to Africa to wear these clothes, would they not get a tan whilst in Africa? They don’t even look black, they look tanned like anyone would look in Africa kek

No. 199943

File: 1646754631123.jpeg (437.16 KB, 750x1176, 81DFBA53-5FDC-4E10-9D8C-B43FFF…)

not her saying this when she looks like a washed up prostitute . Everytime ive talked to her she just sounded unhinged

No. 199946

File: 1646754747239.jpeg (229.44 KB, 750x485, C55CD9CF-A596-41E8-84E4-EA4637…)

she looks like an old man with down syndrome. No way shes a real woman

No. 200480

File: 1646993782496.jpeg (266.03 KB, 1242x1307, 9BBB2D8B-DB66-4701-8B1F-B59046…)

You guys here about this killer Gal? She murdered a dude and stole this bag. Allegedly.

No. 200498

Sorry, hear not here. Lol

No. 200513

She has the true gyaru spirit.

Did one of those tiktok y2k bimbo "gyaru"s post this because this is the amount of insanity some of the og japanese gyarus used to live by

Her and everyother ratty gyaru. What's your point. Not WKing but you just sound like a salty child

No. 200581

Kek Hime stays true to the OG gyaru insanity, she's got crusty looks and she's absolutely batshit but that's why I love her. Probably one of the only good gals despite being annoying at times

No. 201018

Nah some gals are pretty. Her eyes are creepy

No. 201456

File: 1647467420502.png (43.36 KB, 587x560, image.png)

anyone know why Papillon deleted their interview of Koko?

No. 201459

who cares it's a shit online magazine.

No. 201657

Is this because recently there’s been african-american tiktok n00bs calling her out for blackface for doing full manba make one time?

No. 201659

You guys should talk about the shit papillon mag actually is and everyone just kiss their ass, there's a lot of way better gals than the ones they post on there that deserved more credit than the ones featured ( constantly the same ones)

No. 201660

Strong agree. Papillon only feature gals they are already friends with which is laughable. Imagine Vogue only featuring people in their friendship group so they can circle jerk.

No. 201700

Yes, literally. TikTok kids kicked up a fuss about how koko is literally Hitler (for reposting Waccho and then calling people retards when they attacked her for it) so they deleted the interview. I've lost what little respect I had left for them over this. Apparently some of the vet gals are discussing some kind of protest/boycott?

No. 201715

Fuck Papillon after what they did to Darla, and yeah one of the vets posted about a papillon boycott on their instagram story

No. 201723

good. i'm so tired of that entire group and their circlejerk.

No. 201778

File: 1647630473084.jpeg (95.21 KB, 750x302, 709C5AFF-8AD8-4C7F-9602-EDF7E7…)

No. 201779

From niccus old tumblr kek. What a dumbass

No. 201810

File: 1647640213794.jpeg (868.02 KB, 828x1357, AEE9E589-741D-4B8E-A585-A2CB35…)

largest reach known to mankind

No. 201812

File: 1647641576769.png (829.62 KB, 1231x535, vin.png)

Kinda tired of niccu posting, so changing the topic.

About the Hekku vs. Wib/Paradise feud, I don't really give a damn who's right or wrong, Hekku is annoying as heck for making everything about "racism" "y'all just hate black people" "I'm literally dying" shit, Wib and her group do tend to say unnecessary things here and there, but why are people also going after Vin/Melly? No matter how many times I read this (taken from Hekku's post), she was just trying to listen to both sides of the story and she herself never called either side a liar. So she's being harassed now for… just doing that? I'd also think that's the best course of action. I'm kinda feeling bad for her now.

No. 201843

This what happens when people from outside the community comes in and just fuck shit up. Let them tear each other apart. More veteran gals been dropping and going private and removing themselves from the community. Also did paradisegals spread the shit?? This is juicy

No. 201850

I'm not in paradise but hekku is annoying as fuck and not everything is a global conspiracy to keep "the black gals down"… not that she is or ever was gal. And yeah she's a scammer

No. 201851

File: 1647653203964.jpg (491.6 KB, 1080x1178, Screenshot_20220318-212508_Ins…)

Samfagging but not donating to your scam (even if it WASN'T a scam) somehow equates to white "community" as a whole (there is no such thing) is hateful? Lol ok

No. 201852

File: 1647653274991.png (475.53 KB, 1708x1596, hekkushit1.png)

I don't think Melly is from outside the community anon, she's just relatively new.
As I understand it, Paradisegals (or just Wib, I dunno) have been saying Hekku is scamming people out of money using her blackness as a shield (which is something I do not doubt at all), Hekku in response says everyone including people who have nothing to do with this shit are to blame because no one told her before and no one defended her and it literally is ruining her livelihood, and somehow it's all just happening because she's black (?).
She's currently even trying to blame her former gyarusa members of "not defending black gals".

They were going at it at the 109 server just now

No. 201853

File: 1647653353650.jpg (313.56 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20220318-124148_Ins…)

Samefag to add the screenshots posted there

No. 201854

File: 1647653403185.png (1.92 MB, 3296x1780, rays.png)

No. 201856

if she's new she hasn't been in the comm…

No. 201864

the comm has sucked for a really long time. it's full of fatty-chans and annoying zoomers now. i completely hid all my socials and feel great.

No. 201867


Nice diversion and old ass spoiled milk. I’m not a fan by any means but you’re out here really digging. Must be nice to really be that bored with your own life.

No. 201870

hmm why is this comment so defensive?

No. 201875

Lost my shit. There’s no way that’s gal.

No. 201881


No. 201887


Thank you anon, this is glorious. I still can't understand why people still kiss this bitches ass, not only are they a colorists but a fucking nutjob! They gave her money, a place to stay etc but they're racists??? But they are destroying her survival???

For everyone reading this, stay away from hekku, because that bitch will ruin you for no reason haha

No. 201913

Sonder is a decently high IQ narcissist with almost no sense of empathy and has realized that you can get nearly anything you want right now with the combination of guilt, belittlement, and threats against other girls' (usually white) social standing. This is why she will never get a job and also why she had such a meltdown when facing someone like Calypso, who is autistic and thus immune to these forms of social manipulation.
This is the kind of individual who thrives in the current climate that "intersectional feminist" gals like Reila have created, btw. It's fun to watch Papillon shake in their boots to cater to Sonder's every whim.
You're going to see a lot more people like Sonder popping up online in the years to come. Luckily I'm also an autistic shitlord so I'm just going to watch and laugh. The rest of you better get your wallets ready because there will never be enough reparations paid.

No. 201919

Great analysis anon. Wib is just as much an autistic shitlord as Calypso is, so let's hope she stands her ground and the milk rains.

No. 201920

I really wanted to ask wakku how she plans to afford to sue Wib and co or if expect her yt opressors/wks to do that?

Also does anyone else cringe when poc who
refuse to work always demand "reparations"

No. 201922

i hate how political the comm is now. sjws ruined everything.

No. 201928

Hekku can barely afford a big mac meal, never mind a fuckin lawyer lmao

No. 201945

Truly I do not understand the logic of 'i'm homeless and starving and can only survive from the donations of others but also I can afford to sue someone'

No. 201979

They must be thinking they can bait a lawyer into working for free because "racism" kek
Also it's funny how Hekku cries about being misgendered but called Wib a "he", isn't she very open about being a lesbian who goes by she/her?

No. 202004

I noticed that too that it's fine for them to misgender others but people are somehow the literal worst for doing it to Hekku.

This whole narrative about "Wib and Paradise have been killing for me a year" well if that's true how are you still here crying racism. Sounds like she sits around planning new victim takes to post her support me being a bum links or Hekku actually a cockroach in a flesh suit.

No. 202059

Melly is too nice toward that ugly bitch

No. 202060

Melly just deactivated her ig i hope shes doing ok

No. 202061

Y'all on your hafu queen's list now

Sorry I don't do tt so I don't know how to link the full

Darla also just posted a mini novel in stories calling all sides out to stop and those who don't go here to leave

No. 202062

File: 1647756513898.png (285.98 KB, 368x659, Screenshot 2022-03-20 020316.p…)

Dropped pic oops

No. 202071

File: 1647763009845.png (112.08 KB, 369x668, Who.png)

Who is she talking about? Anyone know?

No. 202080

People started harassing Lizzie for hanging out with Wib. Tell me without telling me that you're a brand new retard who knows nothing about the comm… Those two literally founded a circle together they're super close

No. 202085

lizzie looks like a horse anyway. and she keeps pushing himekaji as gyaru when it's not. old liz lisa isn't himekaji and himekaji isn't gyaru.

No. 202094

found the upset poc sperg that knows nothing about gal

No. 202099

Lizzie is the kindest gal ever. Wtf anon

No. 202105

she's still ugly.

No. 202136

who cares doesn't mean she deserves a witch hunt, even wib doesn't because he was right, hekku claims it's impacted her survival but she seems to be doing just find and even uses her new circle/this drama as an opportunity to grift

No. 202150

File: 1647803783669.jpeg (310.95 KB, 750x898, 55A7F4E8-1F09-42EC-A1C7-BE6FA2…)

Its disgusting how these ugly gals (that dont even participate in the comm) are cheering on making melly depressed wtf. Theyre legit sociopaths

No. 202151

Hekku can easily sell her makeup and clothes. Im tired of privileged westerners pretending to be broke. Girl bye youre a fucking gal you can afford all this shit. People use identity politics to beg online for money and its so pathetic. Im glad wib and the rest had fun while these miserable bitches seethe online.

No. 202153

File: 1647805418007.jpeg (185.33 KB, 750x577, 836F8587-E5BB-4C58-AF00-525528…)

Retards accusing a lesbian of being homophobic kek

No. 202208

Not sure why niccu and co decided to follow a JAPANESE fashion and then somehow make it about being black. I’m sure there is racism just like every community but it’s weird to dress in another cultures style then accuse that culture of being appropriative. I remember niccu had a video on a few jmagazine scans featuring black celebs completely ignoring those same mags featured white ones and then tried to say gyaru stole from black women. Then why follow it?

No. 202236

File: 1647867631033.jpg (576.68 KB, 960x1086, MYXJ_20220321084846282_save.jp…)

So let me get this straight, Hekku's former circle mates need to be "held responsible for putting a disabled black homeless person in danger" because they…didn't contact Hekku after being told not to and respected their wishes, even though they defended Hekku multiple times (when they really didn't need to because Hekku IS a scanner, straight up.)
You can definitely survive off of other things besides randoms donating to you, especially where Hekku lives. Also, most homeless people do not have the luxury of being in a Japanese fashion community known for being high maintenance.

At least going after wib makes sense because she's right. You made the active choice to beg for money, get it to go on your vacation fo visit your friend in FL, decided to go to an anime con (which is funny because of how sick you are and COVID regulations in FL but aight) which you NEVER disclosed in your posts asking for donations. You want to know why people stopped donating to you, Hekku? It's not because of wib, it's because they have two eyes and two braincells to rub together to see through your bullshit. And if you were white you wouldn't be getting away with this and you wouldn't have other ass kissers to back you up.
But that's fine, now you can have like minded folks funding your survival, not evil white people you take money from just to throw under the bus and shit talk later because you think they didn't do enough for you.

No. 202238

*makes sense, even though she's right

No. 202250

Gyaru is a japanese fashion made by japanese women but they want to colonize it basically. Its never been about white or black or other asians. Not sure why disrespecting japanese people is fine

No. 202251

Its just funny how that bubble bee girl isnt even gal. Most people bashing wib are outsiders who arent even in gal comms kek
If she was truly homeless she wouldnt be a gal. If youre a gal and you struggle that much then you can sell all your makeup and brand theres no excuse

No. 202258

Its so interesting to me how Hekku supposedly is homeless and has all these medical complications and dietary needs and also somehow has no family to help her. Really, you have to ask why or how that is. Maybe she got exiled for being a massive narc. Who can say?

Also, the "poor people deserve a break
/to have some luxuries" doesn't really work when you're claiming to be so poor and so destitute that some random brit calling you a scammer is apparently impacting you so greatly. Maybe her friend in FL should have helped her buy medicine or food or things to survive instead of getting her a pass to go to holiday matsuri…oh wait, that's the job of strangers on the internet, right?

No. 202262

From the convo with Ray sounded like Ray and Kohi were feeding this beggar and just trying to be real friends to hekku and she still acted so ungrateful and like they had curbstomped her or something.
Her and her echo chamber or as Wib so lovingly calls them bumworms sure never do miss a chance to throw up her donation links but then she also goes live in some decent enough looking place. Not looking like shes missed any meals or missing any luxuries.
Grifter vibes rising.
Also don't they claim she is a SW? Obviously a piss poor one but girl if you that hard up sure you can find a corner.

Wib and the girls in Manchester just carrying on unbothered because they aren't new to the internet must have the wekku cult just seething.

No. 202286

She quit being in Pacifica because the other members weren't promoting her grift or doing enough, even though they did everything to try to include her and she refused all of it. Even offered cooking meals for Hekku. But it's not good enough because it's not $$$ to go to anime conventions. Which need I remind everyone, she acted like she was going to go and asked about said con in the FB group before she even had the money for flight and hotel.

I don't blame Wib for saying it since she donated to Hekku to help her survive and like most sane people, most people do not consider new hair accessories to be essential to one's survival, and to post about it right after getting money from Wib for medicine/food is especially low.

No. 202289

File: 1647878869686.jpeg (Spoiler Image,473.23 KB, 750x1038, D2B179DD-DDDD-4C65-B64C-0101C4…)

It’s fucking stupid how racist white people think they could take over shit that wasn’t created for them and think their the shit. You will never be gals. You look like hot shit and all paradise members need to play in traffic together(bait)

No. 202292

Calm down bum worm wasn't created for you either. Soon you all will get bored and find your next community to try (and fail) to ruin for those who are actually in it.
Have you considered Vkei? I hear lying for attention, grifting and SW is popular there. Seems like a good fit.

No. 202293

Let me guess, you think you can’t be racist. Spoiler alert: you’re super racist.

No. 202296

Coming from a racist bum worm that is a compliment (not that I am on your cult's hateboner list.) Thank you but I will never reach your level of doubling down on self hate and racism. One of your queens hates being black so much her races magically multiply weekly as copium.

No. 202298

didn't know calling a scammer a scammer had anything to do with race or being racist!
or are you claiming black people are scammers? kek, amazing how you hekku cult freaks play yourselves, sorry your fave and your ringleader is a grifting, self victimizing narc who doesn't want actual help and just wants paypigs, yall can have fun buying her luxury items and gyaru lifestyle shit though!

No. 202308

And what about the non paradise, non British, black people calling hekku out as a scamming fake piece of shit then? Is that racist too?

No. 202312

I think you misunderstood me? I’m saying the person upthread talking about “raciss whypipo taking over gal” is being racist by claiming white gals are inherently racist. I’m on your side, you dipshit(sage your shit)

No. 202320

File: 1647888240059.jpg (255.42 KB, 719x707, 133605.jpg)

No. 202321

Hope the cult got banned or else yikes.
Not apart of either anymore so if you have names bless you anon.

No. 202331

It seems like hekku, Ray, wib and kokotan.

No. 202333

Topkek if hekku was actually banned from 109 and SNG and the subsequent meltdown from lack of asspats incoming.

No. 202337

File: 1647895087087.jpg (631.13 KB, 2880x2880, 152201.jpg)

How are these women not removed from 109 for failing to improve after repeatedly being given advice and them choosing to reject it? And I hope those heart emojis are there out of pity and not genuine likes.

No. 202341

because it's a joke

No. 202347

The girl on the left indeed never takes any advice and never gets better, the girl on the right though I do think she's improving. She's very unfortunate in the face and no matter what she does, she's still gonna look ugly, but her makeup did improve since she joined, and I think som of the hearts come from that.

No. 202361

She may have improved her makeup but she could've at least ironed that dress before she took the picture.

No. 202416

Fair enough some people are just ugly and shit at makeup but these people piss me off as they don’t even try with clothes or hair either. Why wedge yourself in to a com based on aesthetic if you cannot for the love of god try and follow the aesthetic. I understand you have coms like lolita which can ‘nitpick’ about skirts being too short, a blouse being absent or cord shades mismatching, but we are talking about gal which has far more relaxed rules and still they cannot do anything that slightly resembles it. Pick up a tacky leopard print top from target, a hawaiian lei from party city, a chain belt from hot topic, just any shitting thing to show you have at least made a poor attempt of gal ffs. If I saw this compilation no context I would say it was from the MTF Troon thread.

No. 202431

fucking this. especially the last bit!

No. 202461

File: 1647946205429.jpeg (320.27 KB, 750x1523, 9B475EF1-E386-47E4-A998-A845E0…)

No. 202462

File: 1647946271334.jpeg (409.41 KB, 750x1522, 128D455B-DD5E-4C1B-8C36-931A20…)

No. 202463

File: 1647946361964.jpeg (265.54 KB, 750x1547, 534A3B76-D1AA-43C7-9764-4B1596…)

The drama continues. Its true 109 is garbage kek so glad i left a year ago. Theres nothing but autistic tiktok gyarus in that shitty server

No. 202464

Does wib have a problem with sei or is sei not a mod anymore

No. 202490

Sei is still admin of 109.

No. 202499

For maximum grifting and scamming the shit out of ignorant zoomers by claiming oppression from those pesky culture appropriating japanese

No. 202506

File: 1647963177809.jpeg (702.65 KB, 750x1029, 5E2D23C0-EB62-4ADF-82B4-437081…)

Lizzie is fake friend and shitty person. I told you to stop associating with racist and hateful ppl that like to watch ppl suffer. If you won’t speak up on the shitty things ur “real friends” do then your a shitty person yourself. I’m done with you(newfag)

No. 202507

why are you posting this on lolcow.farm you raging newfag? Go tell her in dms this isn't milk

No. 202508

lizzie is so damn ugly.

No. 202513

You're a nobody and your threats are nothing. It is just fodder for the rest of us to laugh at, like that Kohlea bitch threatening to jump someone a few months back. Cope

No. 202515


Nobody cares and I guarantee Lizzie doesn't either, you probably don't even have real life friends to hang out with. Seethe harder

No. 202517

There has to be some truth to the scamming claim by everyone about Hekku. It's not even black vs white anymore cause there is a former gal that wants to physically fight Hekku or well Sonder over scamming.

No. 202518

The former gal is tomoe and they are black. Hekku and Niccu are also blocking black gyaru who don't agree with their behavior.(newfag)

No. 202525

i just think she's ugly. don't give a fuck about all this drama.

No. 202531

Is there no other way for Hekku to make money other than begging on the internet. I mean how can you be in a fashion community and in the same token say your homeless?

No. 202581

It was never about black vs white you absolute muppet. Hekku and co just try to gain social power by making it seem like it is and silencing all black women who disagree with them. Literally nothing new if you've been paying attention these last few years either.

No. 202671

File: 1648019889560.jpg (168.77 KB, 1080x2240, IMG_20220322_164820_223.jpg)

Hi @colcanonn! You're the only person with the audacity to send Lizzie a message like that, so you exposed yourself. Well done getting yourself known as the sad little bitch who comes to lolcow to beef the sweetest person in the comm.

No. 202694

Why are you so mad all they did was say that they were disappointed in her meeting up with the racist gals… they didn’t even do it anonymously they just said what they had to say

No. 202696

this is such a stupid take like you can be a part of basically any community and still not have money.

No. 202697

how tf that bitch buying shit if she's homeless. it's called priorities. she should be working on her damn self instead of reeing about racism in an asian alt fashion.

No. 202702

Lmaoooo please stfu you think that just because it’s asian fashion it’s immune to any criticism about racism? Regardless what people do with their money and then of our business because none of us know what she’s spending on.

No. 202704

Because theres no racist gals. Hekku is a dumb bitch who lies about being homeless and uses her race as a shield and she manipulates people and niccu is a racist fake gal who pretends to be half japanese and all she does is start drama.

No. 202705

Wheres the racism? Not believing someone can afford gal makeup and gal fashion is homeless is racist? Retard. Also bold of you to think all the anons here are white kek
Hekku and her autistic gang are silencing any woc that disagrees with them

No. 202706

Gal is an extremely expensive fashion and from what ive seen this bitch is able to have a lot of makeup and burando so whats the excuse? Stop whiteknighting for your retarded friend. She was even offered free food and meals by ray and the others but she had to bash them instead because shes not truly homeless. She just wants $$$ to travel

No. 202707

Fuck lizzie everyone just think she's nice but she's actually racist and fake asf

No. 202708

learn to fucking sage

No. 202713

I think it’s so funny how you always say stuff like this with absolutely nothing to back it up

No. 202714

Omg who cares if she has the old brand or whatever else she owns right now. You all keep saying that she’s continuing to buy brand and expensive things with literally nothing to prove it.

No. 202715

Read the thread dumbass

No. 202733

Is there not a way she can make money other than literally begging for it? I mean I know she's disabled but can she not work or do something sustainable to make money?

No. 202737

it's our business when they make it our business. maybe don't overshare. fashion communities are just that. not your family or even your friends. they're a bunch of people in the same hobby. no one owes anyone anything.

No. 202794

Im sorry but have you read this fuckin sub? “no racist gals” ppl on this website have sunk to literal eugenics before, let’s not be delusional here

No. 202803


No. 202813

she's lazy and thinks she's owed everything, that's why she does what she does.

No. 202836

Stop samefagging. If you think this thread is racism then youre autistic as fuck. Imagine siding with a manipulative liar who denies free food and a black woman who cosplays as a half japanese women. Youre fucking stupid and no one cares.

No. 202837

Again, wheres the racism? Go back to twitter retard. Hekku’s friends can go on here to defend her but shes still an ugly manipulative bitch who pretends to be homeless and uses her race for it kek
Keep silencing all the woc calling her out tho

No. 202838

Lizzie is an actual gal that is helpful for our comm and she contributes to a lot of it unlike you. Be honest anon i doubt you go to meetups kek
When will you realize this internet beef is pointless? No one cares

No. 202856

Omg bro you sound stupid as hell please go outsiiide

No. 202857

You’ve definitely never interacted with any gal maybe even nothing with a pulse tbh. Do you know her personally?? Because if not I’m confused as to where you getting this information. Once again talking about other gals on lolcow even though you’ve probably never done a good looking coord, never gone to meet up, and you look like a horse

No. 202885

How come none of the nigs except Poochawhale look even remotely gal or decent? They keep crying about black face but who wants to be black?
Do they get a cut of wakko's grift if they advertise enough for her? Now her cult is painting the gyaru tag with some rape cries and her usual grift whining.
Get a job.(racebait)

No. 202900

Where did I say I side with Hekku? You realize this thread has been racist to SEVERAL other people outside of this situation, right? Using autism as an insult yet you seemingly can’t read or use any kind of critical thinking. u are a joke

No. 202901

“Where’s the racism in this thread??”
The thread:

No. 202904

it's such obvious bait that it's embarrassing anyone would fall for it
also this is an anon image board of course people are going to be like that to be edgy, doesn't mean paradise gals/Lizzie/Hekku's old circle mates are racist.

No. 202906

I’m just saying this thread has an undeniable history of racism, you’re literally slow if you’re denying it. There’s multiple posts like this. Stop being dense, half of you on here are 30+.

No. 202912

Only racism I have ever seen is from Hekku and her clowns. If everyone literally just stops interacting with them they will find a new community to grift.

No. 202924

You literally just haven’t read the thread then

No. 202990

LC is not the place to cry about racism and you're retarded if you couldn't pick up that being my point. who even cares if this thread is because it's LOLCOW, and half the racist shit posted is probably people trying to be edgy, you've seen the most recent example of that

doesn't make the comm secretly racist or that gals are racist, there's a lot of race discourse in gal and of course people trying to be edgy and play into that are going to because it works and people like Hekku, Niccu and their cronies fall for it every single time!

No. 202992

if you're so confident in this claim that the thread is racist then you better hop to pointing out all those racist post anon, chop chop

No. 203022

Shes fucking lazy. If she have time to beg online she can get her ass to sign up for a disability check or do fucking doordash. The audacity of broke bitch.