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No. 243911

Previous thread >>>/w/226912

Once Again:
Sage non-milk posts. Being fat and ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

Liv / dreamy_pastel_princess / marshmallowbnuy
>changes username, likely to run from her ageplay and drama mongering past >>228903

Anmitsu / hanikamibear
>French anachan that stole a dress and tried to sell it is still actively attending official lolita events >>231362

Angeleeku / angeleeku
>outed as a furry fetishist >>231401
>publishes furry lewds to her public facebook and wears fetish jewelry in lolita

Sainte / alchemyandgold / suuushi
>still acting schizo on facebook, cgl and here >>229495
>gets an unfortunate soul on cgl to draw him not knowing who or what he is >>237664

Momo / mahou.momo
>leaves social media likely because the TX comm is insane >>239436

Lara / larasuzannne
>continues to post about lolcow to 19k followers, funneling them here and exposing her insecurities for anons to target >>227062
>finally gets a clue and stops responding, souring the milk
>Isha continues to post non-milk about her regardless >243118

Toast / toastchaaan
>clout chases by posting her coord to Google maps >>227558
>half asses informing people about sexual assault >>232361
>outed as a ddlg lover shortly after >>242670 >>242779 >>242782
>used to be close with DDZ, explains alot >>243510

Ayu / babyduckenema / dearadagium
>also outed as a ddlg lover but, even worse, makes gross art about it >>242770 >>242809

Nat / oatmilkchan
>continues to brag about being banned >>236368
>sees herself as some kind of anti-porn vigilante >>236428
>gets banned from tiktok for porn ranting >>2384
>blogs about being canceled as if anyone cares >>243201
>is now on private

DDZ / deedeezeta
>has a slap fight with some gross troon that wanted to expose himself in a spa >>232744 >>232916
>makes a blog post exposing perverted community members >>238473
>old milk resurfaces when gross vendettachan attempts to find dirt on her >>240723
>poses with a gun to larp as a badass >>243119
>speculation on if she's actually a troon continues kek

Isha / stardustfantasia
>outed as the vendetta poster of Lara Suzanne and DDZ >>243230
>once exposed changed bio to state she's underage and went private
>is 17, violating the farm rules by posting here

ESLchan / avo.odie
>spergs out when Mabel Kroger views her story to post her here >>243532 >>243546

No. 243913

Shit thread re-cap

No. 243914

File: 1661911584249.jpeg (259.76 KB, 828x1308, E416F413-1A3C-48F7-8E22-72A537…)

So are we going to talk about the columbian shot gun girl and 4chan Mabel?

No. 243915

File: 1661911698853.jpeg (972.59 KB, 2322x2726, AD572D99-71FC-47DD-A748-D06091…)

No. 243917

Kinda funny how she’s accusing Mabel of all people. The ugly bitch needs to learn English grammar before she comes on here being unhinged and autistic.

No. 243922

That's pretty racist of you, Mabel.

No. 243939

No. 243967

>gross vendetta chan attempts to find dirt on her
jfc. i don’t even hate the bitch and this is dumb. can future thread makers try to keep it neutral?? ur suppose to report both sides

No. 243969

>Isha / stardustfantasia
>outed as the vendetta poster of Lara Suzanne and DDZ >>243230
>once exposed changed bio to state she's underage and went private
>is 17, violating the farm rules by posting her
this wasn't confirmed you hack

No. 243974

File: 1661953672795.jpeg (256.45 KB, 876x1071, 62A581C1-F49E-4FE4-B3B9-ADBA47…)

DDZ changes username and goes private.

No. 243976

This thread's OP must be a cow or just biased. They forgot other cows and went straight to putting in info that wasn’t released in the last thread.

No. 243978

So both Nat and DeeDee went private? What’s going on?

No. 243979

calling anon a gross vendettachan for googling someone they hate's fetish content is biased now? either it was gross vendettachan or a moid that stopped by. no sane person is looking for that.

No. 243980

File: 1661954375991.jpeg (107.78 KB, 1080x1920, 62F47FD9-3425-413C-9E6C-74712E…)

Colombian chan upsetto

No. 243982

File: 1661954462315.jpeg (267.9 KB, 827x1231, C6583558-25F6-4F45-A5FC-960C75…)

No. 243984

avo.odie admitted to her account being a burner so I’m thinking it may be just DDZ, especially as the first account followed is DDZ.
Does anyone have access to DDZ’S account to see if she’s posting anything related?

No. 243985

I hope she name drops those page stalking bitches and their group chats. They can have a week-long spurge just like unhinged Texas comm.

No. 243986

yes, the word gross is really unnecessary and weird the retard who made the OP clearly uses it to describe anyone she doesn't like.

No. 243991

ok gross vendettachan why don't you work on getting access to DDZ, Nat, and Isha's accounts first?

No. 243993

can summer be over? if u google dee see zeta and the word fetish it’s the first thing that pops up, and she’s tagged it. hardly digging. multiple ppl were arguing, so being biased and saying it’s a singular “gross vendettachan” in the thread op screams ur on the defense. hell there’s already multiple ppl here who disagree. gtfo

No. 243995

i'm probably going to get accused of being lara but why is she so focused on in this thread when the milk is dried up? there's nothing else to talk about and it comes off as this weird vendetta having like 3 images of her on the thread pic

No. 243996

File: 1661957730206.jpeg (86.99 KB, 828x408, 8EC22E4B-1442-424B-AEEA-48A42C…)

No. 243997

File: 1661957795063.jpeg (174.91 KB, 828x638, 5DAE6E1F-84C8-473B-88A3-F069CB…)

She removed me. Didn’t nat have more followers? We have no more mutuals anymore either.

No. 243998

You got a point, also 3 of DDZ and you can barely even see the Ayu ddlg girl. Maybe art anon is biased but I've been enjoying the OP pic creativity.

No. 244000

art anon really fucking hates lara for some weird vendetta reason and it shows. comes off as obsessive

No. 244002

She is still following, but it looks like she might have had it with this community full of retards jumping sides and creating drama in DMs. I'm happy for her taking the mental cleanse and not adding snoopy Lolitas from her personal life. 

No. 244003

She mentioned on her blog that having people who had cancelled her re-add her felt like a slap in the face. I don’t blame her for doing this. Her being the center of attention had lured horrible people to flock to her page and befriend her to only get information/drama out of her. 

No. 244005

File: 1661959347236.jpeg (847.43 KB, 824x1305, 9AE4EC77-A531-47EF-B468-8CFC7E…)

No. 244007

tbh if i could change it i would, i mostly just thought those pics were funny and wasn’t sure on how to fill the space kek, no ulterior motives i swear. i also forgot ayu at the last second, but wish i added her more.

but my GOD did thread OP seriously change feet pilled 4 christ* to pilled for christ ?? i don’t particularly hate or love DDZ, but she’s game to poke fun of. changing it is outing yourself. it’s retarded to actually make the thread pic in praise of her. not everyone likes her, so it should be reflected.

it’s not even hi-cowwing to say her and/or her friends have taken the offense in these threads, because trying to change what happened in last thread is beyond pathetic.

No. 244008

>catfish me to release private information

ok this is legit sad. i do feel bad for her, she got cancelled hard by people 10 years her senior in average. but actual l0licon lovers get zero shit? i hate the broader lolita community.

No. 244009

fucking this. most of the OP summary from last thread is white knighting.

No. 244011

Yeah nvm, ddz you’re a fucking cunt. Out of all the cows from these threads, nobody’s stooped this low to change the narrative.

why did a person who speaks openly against pervs have to be such a huge cow herself?

No. 244013

So Toast won’t get canceled because she cries "woe is me. She and her canceling posse are always huddled together, defending their own. Understand the narrative: people canceled Nat over pedo Brandon 
So Pedo toast getting canceled will be ignored. 

No. 244014

they will just justify it with some "drawings aren't real people so it's not pedo" bs that weebs use. as if there's nothing wrong with wanting to see a character depicted as a child, doing child activities in a sexual situation.

No. 244015

I’d would’ve blocked those people. Lolitas are looking for drama and people to shit talk with. The same people who claim to be her friends have run to these threads to start up shit with others. Maybe Nat wants this to be done with and wants to enjoy wearing lolita without drama bitches running into her page or inbox. 

No. 244017

i was about to say, i think most sweetfags who are also weebs fall into the “pro/anti shipping” debates, where they call actual teens “puriteens” for saying that kind of content is sick.

i’m glad I’m seeing so many teen girls actually make boundaries for once. i read about how apparently there were school uniform protests in japan by girls who were sick of their uniforms being sexualized in the media.

if these sweetfags actually cared about social justice, they’d act on some kind of feminist solidarity. idk if it’s just me, but i feel like it’s mostly classic and gothic lolitas who watch true shoujo or old school shoujo anymore while most ott sweet weebs watch shit like My Dress Up Darling or other coomer romance targeted toward men. i know Lor is like that, her fave content is always for a male audience.

No. 244018

this, she clearly wants to just enjoy her hobbies in peace without having to be on guard.

No. 244021

Now I wanna know who catfished her. I think Nat is based on most things so I’d really like to know who had it out this badly for her.

No. 244022

File: 1661962261196.jpeg (110.42 KB, 828x894, FA81551C-28D2-4C69-9169-CF3EDB…)

I think you mean fake bitch Lara, who attacked nat and ddz then befriended them. She’s just one of those who shit talks and is a too-faced fatty. 

No. 244024

File: 1661962653407.jpeg (214.28 KB, 645x705, 672A2345-BC8F-41B0-9F32-2A2CCE…)

Here’s Lara trying to get nat and ddz canceled 2 months ago >>222782

No. 244025

File: 1661962700785.jpeg (510.92 KB, 654x786, 984BFB4F-0FC6-4C7D-9DB5-ABA59E…)

No. 244026

i think you are unfamiliar with the concept of two parties having an adult conversation and apologizing. probably something you've never done in your life

No. 244027

This. People can and have gone from friends to enemies and vice versa many times before. This isn’t anything new or revolutionary to see.

No. 244028

Does this mean Lara will finally be canceled like others she herself has canceled?

No. 244029

File: 1661963154435.jpeg (215.71 KB, 828x437, 91D796D7-3F65-4160-8E2D-15CBC9…)

No. 244030

Lies. Lara doesn’t dress well
That fatso can barely fit into AP

No. 244031

File: 1661963628797.jpeg (309.53 KB, 828x881, AF263799-A22C-4F3D-B727-0D6AF3…)

The retard is making it about race

No. 244032

to be fair, ppl in thread were for some reason calling her esl chan. which i’m surprised nobody pointed out last thread

No. 244034

But, Deedeezeta was an adult who was wearing a Nazi outfit. She wasn’t canceled for no reason like Natalie.

No. 244041

turns out a lot of people think a sexy nazi costume from years ago is also no reason.

No. 244042

I'm going to go off on a totally schizo tinfoil with no basis in reality here… but they probably are just sick of the dramu and vendetta chans hawking their every move. I'm probably completely off the mark here and totally wrong though.

No. 244044

sick of the dramu but ddz “defenders” literally changed op pic and thread synopsis in order to suck her dick? seems right.

No. 244045

File: 1661967533150.jpg (238.5 KB, 1079x1575, 20220831_133611.jpg)

No Mabel or anything related. Just her stale 'based takes' and taking shots at coomers.

No. 244046

>years ago
i don’t find it that offensive but isn’t she still wearing it regularly? it’s bottom line a faux pas in society

No. 244048

PLZ ESLCHAN release the names and screens

No. 244050

She is not still wearing it regularly.

No. 244052

I don’t think this is unlikely considering nat was enlisting

No. 244055

File: 1661968920385.jpg (212.97 KB, 1076x1054, IMG_20220831.jpg)

nonners she wears communist china now, she switched teams kek

No. 244058

>>244046 Thinks >>244055 is a Nazi uniform. Fucking retards.

No. 244059

anon are you retarded? they were talking about her d.walkure coord.

No. 244062

she doesn't own d. walkure, if she did she'd wear it. only nef and mylesjennifer own it that i know of.

No. 244064


i was literally talking about d.walkure.

ddz stans are so fucking defensive, i even said it doesn't offend me that much?? you guys are so quick to bite, and going as far as altering thread op is embarrassing.

No. 244071

She doesn't own d.walkure though?

No. 244083

so where does the nazi coord accusation come from? nobody argued it b4? also how would u know what she owns lol?

No. 244087


holy shit this was just talked about last thread. you newfags need to keep up or stay on discord.

No. 244089

Obvious newfag alert

No. 244095

Same anon. She just removed my burner that I was following with. Anyone else still follow her?

No. 244103

i think a part of the reason why toast or lor won't get cancelled is also because the call out stays in this thread. people are learning of these things via drama sites, so confronting them makes you "admit" you were lurking here (which is stupid because we know they all do).

they refuse to respond IRL or talk about it, so it's hard for people to broach the convo. DOn't get me wrong, i also think people are pro shipper weirdos, but I think someone has to make the plunge

No. 244111

it seems the only ones with enough nads to call out these types of freaks are deedee and nat but now they got sick of our shit and go private. they are both total screw ups but at least they brought light to the creeps lingering among us. all i can say is good job gals. they aint the hero we want but at least they do the dirty work.

and you know watchdog dont give no fucks. she loves swers and blm and every wokefag shit. she may as well be useless. she only call out girls for being terfs but not the ones who share sw to minors, girls who groom or girls who indulge in pedo and ddlg perversion. and toast is innocent black, no one wants be racist against innocent oppressed black girl pedo.

No. 244124

i am not going to spoonfeed you but she has a coord pic in it.

No. 244125

nice attempt to integrate, discordchan. feel free to share it, this is an imageboard.

nobody has to call them out publically, blocking says enough. at this point anyone still following her or lor or babyduckenema are sick themselves. even if people dont come here themselves, word gets around on discord. that's how these newfags discovered cgl and the farms to begin with and why it's gone to shit.

No. 244128

if you're too new to have seen it, you must be new. why are you defending ddz so hard?

No. 244129

Not suggesting cow tipping, but if someone wants to get this gross sicko out of this community, I would suggest making a call out or making a Jfashion watchdog 2.0 page.

No. 244164

>go back to discord!!11

u all keep saying the same thing, which means either one person is going this hard or ur little cult really are calculating. you do realize that defending ddz this hard when it’s been stated that the outfit wouldn’t even be that offensive is weirdo behavior right? she can be discussed without someone being accused of vendetta posting

ready to give up on this thread, seeing as it was biased and revisionist from the very start.

No. 244166

File: 1661986189187.jpg (73.23 KB, 1080x1745, stardustfantasia1.jpg)

yes it was which is why it was brought here.

No. 244167

File: 1661986223204.jpg (229.42 KB, 1080x1729, stardustfantasia2.jpg)


No. 244169

File: 1661986269544.jpg (438.2 KB, 1080x1791, mabelsperg.jpg)

also more spergout over mabel

No. 244181

>angry texan rant

No. 244182

>angry texan rant

No. 244185

it's funny because mabel isn't the one doing it, but she'll never know.

No. 244200

File: 1661997578823.jpg (5.66 MB, 2535x3380, -mabelsfriend.jpg)

No. 244272

I see more neonazis in there lol
It's been a while since I saw Georgina Rose, nobody talked about her cancellation and being dropped of a book deal for her white supremacist tendencies? She has a lot of sockpuppet accounts too, she's a cow by definition.

No. 244273

Die Walkure isn't even Nazi first of all. And owning it doesn't make a person a Nazi. I don't know why you faggots keep bringing up this same DW dead horse. It's not Nazi. It looks nothing like a Nazi uniform. It's the most generic of military-esque designs. It even has Fleur De Lis on the collar which is f-ing French and not Nazi. The hat is not Nazi. The generic eagle insignia on the hat is not Nazi. Eagles are used by EVERY military on the earth. Even burgerland's military uses eagles everywhere in their military insignia. Will you fucking let up on the DW = Nazi narrative. It's so incredibly retarded and shows you have no clue what you are talking about and that you have no clue what a Nazi uniform even looks like and you just think everything vaguely military 'looks Nazi'. Fuck off.

No. 244275

then why is it called that?

No. 244277

Die Walkure means The Valkyrie…

No. 244280

>she doesn't know it was originally called dark secrets

No. 244282

Just because the 'Die Walkure' is German words doesn't make it remotely Nazi. It's the German word for 'The Valkyrie' and the Valkyrie are from Norse mythology, which is Scandinavian. DW designed by the Nipponese in 2010, which is obviously not 1930s Germany… And if you want associate 'The Valkyrie' to Nazis, did you know 'Operation Valkyrie' was an assignation attempt on Adolf Hitler. So the name Valkyrie doesn't make it Nazi either.

'Dark Secrets' makes it EVEN less Nazi.
bUt TeH nAmE iS NaZi agreement is even more retarded if we want to base it on this name. At least 'Die Walkure' is German words so it makes sense that a retard would call something with German words Nazi. Doesn't make them less of a retard, but at least I can understand why they make the (incorrect) association. Because retards tend to think gErMaN = NaZi.

No. 244287

the wild thing is that these people probably don't even care about jews, they are just literal retards that don't think for themselves

No. 244290

They just need a narrative to hate the people they do. Just like it was proven daatdarling's chat logs were faked. Nobody who owns DW is racist but it's a convenient lie.

No. 244297

"Die Walkure" is the name of one of 4 parts of a very famous music opera by Richard Wagner, who was Hitler's favorite composer. Wagner's work basically became synonymous with Nazism, and Die Walkure is one of his most well-known works.

I don't think anyone that owns DW is immediately a Nazi, but it's disingenuous to say there isn't a tie to Nazi uniforms with it.

No. 244299

why do we actually care, though? there's literal race wars in the US current day and we're focused on Hitler? Make it make sense.

None of you even truly care about the Jews, so why are you pretending?(racebait)

No. 244301

Shut up about Hitler and this weird fetish you have about hating Jews.

No. 244304

anon, nta but if you're calling anything german a nazi then you're the equivalent of calling anyone black a nigger

think about yourself for a moment(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 244305

bUt HitLeRs fAvoUriTe cOmPoSeR wRoTe a SoNg.
holy fuck reach harder. i never heard something so stupid. is his favourite food racist too? HitLeR LiKeS iT sO nOw iTs rAciSt!!(stop derailing about Hitler)

No. 244310

Can we stop derailing about the stupid dress being nazi. It's not nazi and stop pretending to care.

What is the evidence of Daatdarling being racist? Was she actually racist or just a not wokelord so they say she is racist?

And can we get Columbiachan to release more names?

No. 244312

File: 1662053357000.jpg (621.02 KB, 1080x1306, vendettatotally.jpg)

>they don't know about the nordic symbolism used throughout the third reich which is basic primary/secondary school teachings.


anyways, there's drama apparently on CGL and reddit concerning a person not being able to handle getting posted in the ita thread. speculation on them being one of liv/hannah's discord member? i haven't seen the reddit drama but i'll try to post caps

picrel, she's claiming that this getting posted in the ita thread is "vendetta!!!1"

No. 244315


First off, nice ban evade, and secondly, so you don't have a name for this person, the discord she might be in, or any actual milk? Just a photo and insisting she's been claiming to be yelling about vendetta's? Where are these supposed posts?

No. 244319

Stop trying to start shit with a mediocre cat fight. This is an image board post caps

No. 244320

The reason people called it Nazi is because of the hat, which has an admittedly very Nazi like Eagle insignia on it. The rest of the design is very generic military but that just tipped it over the line for a lot of people. The name (originally Dark Secret, but it was changed to Die Walkure when people got upset) also lends to the feeling of it being Nazi-esque. They probably should not have used a German name, but the fact is that Japan loves Nazi aesthetics. The uniforms were designed by Hugo Bass and did look nice; unfortunately they also were worn by heinous war criminals.

Unfortunately, in the US we have a rather surface level understanding of history, leading people to think that this design is based on Nazi uniforms, which it’s not, besides the hat. But most people also think all Swastikas are Nazi symbols when it’s really specifically the one going clockwise and tilted at a 45 degree angle. I don’t think we can really use Swastikas for anything now due to the association with Nazis, but some idiots will freak out seeing them on Buddhist temples, not being educated enough to know that Buddhists used the symbol for thousands of years before the Nazis, and it’s usually facing the other direction.
TLDR: the people freaking out about someone wearing Die Walkure are probably undereducated and using assumptions based on their under education to draw the worst conclusions about people they don’t like. Unless someone is literally preaching alt right shit and then wearing it, they’re probably not a Nazi and just like the dress.(derailing)

No. 244321

Once again, I haven’t seen anything milky about Hannah other than some beef this girl has with her and her being a admin. Take your Discord drama somewhere else.

No. 244325

Yet you haven’t mentioned what discord this is?

No. 244326

Eagles arent nazi symbols. Eagles are universal to just about every military. An eagle with a swastika is nazi. And its the swastika that makes it nazi, not the eagle. DW has an eagle with an M for Meta. Not remotely nazi.

Case closed. Stop reaching. No one cares.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 244328

are you in this discord hannah is supposedly in? drop caps immediately

No. 244339

Seriously this and I’m not even a sweet fag. I don’t know why discord girls got the biggest issues known to man

No. 244342

Because lolita Discord users are just femcels.

No. 244346

Thanks anon for not posting caps

No. 244351


No. 244375

She looks ita though

No. 244403

Spoiler this shit jfc.

No. 244668

File: 1662193973062.jpeg (220.4 KB, 828x1429, 7A268792-2ED0-4E67-B1F7-B7A888…)

KEK Gtfomyjfashion posted toastchaaan pedo following

No. 244687

their caption made me fucking kek, i'm not really sure why. maybe it's "boy" in quotes that got me

No. 244694

No. 244723

Has anyone sent in toast herself though?

No. 244761

No, Not yet. Maybe after this more will submit

No. 244798

These girls are embarrassing. I can't imagine being so up my own ass about lolita that I refuse to participate in consensual adult activities. Let people have their gross porn, this is so fucking dumb. I don't like DDLG shit, but this is a drawing ffs. LOL

No. 244817

Ok groomer

No. 244823

They're posting it publicly on the internet, so there is literally nothing stopping people from being able to give them shit for it. also "consensual adult activities" made me fucking kek. consensual adult activities between them and their drawing tablet i guess

No. 244857

It's a drawing. Is she posting and participating in real DDLG things or is this just some obsession like fujos?

Make that make sense.

No. 244868

File: 1662260950491.png (483.93 KB, 600x439, 3C963FA8-C378-43E7-8322-3B33AF…)

No. 244870

is that fucking shu yamino kek

No. 244887

Why does every cow get wked these days?

No. 244916

Because half of twitter uses this board

No. 244930

Hi toast. Drawing or not it’s still disgusting and horrible(hi cow)

No. 244942

It's a drawing. You do realize that not everyone on this site thinks so drastically, right? Being offended by a degen image rather than real people is a lot to take in.

No. 244949

Being into LOLICON is crossing the line and feeds into the rape culture of children being assaulted. As a CSA victim, this type of normalization is disturbing and only creates Pedophile safe spaces and communities like MAPS ( Minor Attracted Persons) being created. What Toast is doing is highly inexcusable and contributes to minors being manipulated by these gross things.

No. 244964

I’m so sick of scrotes and scrote enablers infesting the community. They turned this community into pornstick SJWs with their lack of care for consent and keeping minors safe. How come we are so quick to cancel minors but not actual porn fucks who prey on literal children? Why are drawings of literal child p*rn acceptable to you fuckers?

No. 244973

"iT's A dRaWiNg" saying that over and over again isn't going to stop people lol. You don't need to go that hard to defend A dRaWiNg

No. 244981

Okay, anon.

No. 244988

She has put off many rape victims with her half ass TikTok PSA. Her unawareness and hypocrisy isn’t new.

No. 245029

Can’t defend her when she liked so many of them. If it was just one like then I would’ve given her the benefit of the doubt. She’s obviously into that stuff

No. 245061

i’m the anon that posted the first like, but the other posts were just examples of shit that the page she followed features (all l0licon)
did anyone else find more likes? i tried scrolling through, but didn’t see anything else. the one she liked was clearly a child though sitting on a grown man’s face.

No. 245247

File: 1662397673768.jpeg (197.83 KB, 828x673, 90B91E4A-E1F6-447C-AD64-C9630C…)

The page went private. Did someone harass them to go private?

No. 245284

And the plot thickens

No. 245285

Probably the gyarus, they posted 2 gaijin gyaru recently. (brxbeat and gyaru60)

No. 245292

genuinely so dumb of her to be liking this shit on her main with her face attached. do cows not learn?

No. 245298

She’s always strangely involved in drama

No. 245341

File: 1662422383337.jpeg (112.55 KB, 1080x1080, 11A8F80D-2354-4C38-83A4-631592…)

photo of pedotroon sainte without all his makeup on dressed as his favorite underaged anime character, he's so uggo kek
he's also got loli stickers on his car cuz he's a pedo of course
saged since not sure if this counts as milk or not as it's been posted in another thread awhile ago

No. 245343

File: 1662422492093.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 79.31 KB, 960x540, 23548A15-F23F-461A-9596-880F87…)

here are some of the many loli stickers supposedly decorating his car - note the one on the left flashing her panties despite being underaged

No. 245347

File: 1662422861804.png (333.51 KB, 1098x936, 03BFD79F-79F7-4E98-AD96-736822…)

last one: him publicly admitting on his fb he is a friendless loser and will die alone, the fate of every pedophile terminally online tranny
this is extra pathetic considering he has family/people he knows irl added as friends on fb so some of them saw this cringe kek

No. 245354

Tinfoil but I wonder which cow is reposting all this about Sainte to avoid being posted about

No. 245359

ayrt I guess I can see why you'd think that but I'm not a cow and haven't ever been posted in any of these threads - in the last thread a few nonnies suggested not posting about him since they claimed it causes him to post here but nobody has even been discussing him and yet he still keeps ban evading and regularly shitting this thread up anyways so I figured might as well post this stuff on him since it's clear he won't leave us tf alone either way
on one of his many alt facebooks (he's got 5 or so) he goes by jon, idk if that's his actual legal name or not, so that's probably why it says jonathan on the paper
the sticker post and pic of him are definitely from one of his alt fbs and he's claimed he likes cars/itasha while namefagging on /cgl/ before so it checks out

No. 245396

anon, sainte posted here a few hours ago but his post was deleted. stop tinfoiling.

No. 245399

Such a fucking creep. His facebook blurb also talked about Momo, like "RIP MOMO" with the date of her IG post where she posted she was quitting and how "she was a sainte uwu"

No. 245437

Tinfoil: it's Sainte himself trying to stay relevant

No. 245438

he is a faggot. and everyone is ignoring him on /cgl/ now.

No. 245449

he's obsessed with momo and it's so fucking weird and unhinged as she clearly wants nothing to do with him and neither do any of the other women he makes creepy posts about
he was in this thread like a week or so ago making weird obsessive posts about her and on /cgl/ too like holy shit dude get a life and leave women alone - no wonder she deleted her social medias when she's got predators like him stalking her accounts
sometimes retarded moids or newfags respond to him but yeah he gets no replies from anyone who's been on /cgl/ longer than a day kek love to see it, I'm sure most people have his name/trip filtered too

No. 245467

No one ever actually cares about what sainte is doing. Every post is so obviously a self-post trying hard to stir up attention.(ok but sage your shit pls)

No. 245470

Just ignore the troon he isn't even milky and nonnas are giving him what he craves

No. 245472

It’s definitely not ddz because they’re cool and follow each other on Instagram.

No. 245479

that's because ddz is a self-hating troon.

No. 245481

I'm the one who posted it and I'm not the troon, sorry I didn't realize nobody found him milky anymore so I won't post about him again going forward
personally I think he genuinely doesn't like being discussed here - he doesn't seem to like negative attention or criticism as he usually leaves a butthurt reply attempting to defend himself and he reports/jannies (if his claim of being a janny is actually true) any posts about him on /cgl/
anyone calling him out in the discord thread seems to get instantly jannied
I don't understand why he would purposely get posts about himself removed if he loves negative attention

No. 245483

You sound new. Troons crave female attention and that is exactly why he replies to keep getting it.
The only time people should be warned is if he is in the friend finder threads or trying to lure newbies in with offers of lending his coom stained single brand set out.

No. 245486

unfortunately nobody in the new friend finder thread is able to be warned about him anyways as the warning posts get deleted every time
I suspect he really wasn't lying about being a janny
as is I never reply to him but you're right, if he wants female attention than posting about him is still giving it to him so I'll stop now

No. 245496

ddz follows one of the most confirmed pedos on here ??! and ur saying she’s cool with him? caps first

no you definitely are allowed to post about a fucking cow, it’s getting fucking ridiculous that anyone is somehow “distracting” if you mention someone else during a lull.

there hasn’t been milk for two days, how is posting about sainte a distraction? until toast posts, just gotta bide time.

No. 245502

Not sure if Sainte, tourist or just retarded but not giving attention seeking troons attention is not some distraction tactic.
These posts really smell like self post.
1st pic isn't new, 2nd as other nonna pointed out is questionable if it's even him and 3rd honestly is the only milk but screams please post me on the farms so I can insert myself into spaces I don't belong. Combined with everything else is a bit sus.

No. 245510

sainte technically deserves his own thread despite the backward logic >>245502 has. yes he wants attention, but you shits invalidating others posting actual milk is making it so others still give him a chance

there's a difference between people like Lara and Sainte, as well.

Look, these threads are fucking full of mind numbing nitpicks to find cows. I'm sorry, but no, MOST of you people in these threads are newfags just due to the nature of being able to get trolled so easily from people you call cows. You literally believe shit that isn't real.

Seriously, (YOU) newfags are the literal reason why this community is so dogshit now. You try too fucking hard.

No. 245515

you sound more like sainte begging for all the posts about you to be taken down.

No. 245518

Why would he do that considering he posts here and propagates negative attention on purpose

No. 245519

His own thread for a handful of milk? Are we this desperate for more dead threads? This board barely moves as it is
>inb4 hi sainte
You're crying about how everyone else is new but seem to be projecting nona or is it no lips lara reminding everyone she still exists because no one is talking about her

No. 245524

yes I'm super sure no lips lara is on here posting about some moid she doesn't know so nonas can nitpick her to death some more. makes perfect sense.

No. 245529

How would you know she apparently doesn't know him unless it is you no lips kek at least try to larp as a farmer

No. 245530

Not her. it doesn't take more than two brain cells to put two and two together and see that they don't follow each other on IG? stop trying to ressurect stale milk

No. 245531

he doesn't want this shit shared, why do you think he keeps getting his callouts on /cgl/ deleted?

No. 245533

okay. but why are we not talking about pedo perv toast. and every time we start the thread gets derailed by some retarded shit like saintes dried up old milk. >>244668 im glad to see someone is making this public. is this aubries alt account where she actually callouts swers?

No. 245534

So people don't know each other unless they mutuals on insta.
Interesting terminally online logic I guess.

Post her new milk or talk about her then? No one is stopping you?

No. 245541

anon, you're a literal fucking retard. do you enjoy shitting up the lolita community in your past 2-3 years of being here?

No. 245542

anon, it's a general thread for the lolita community. if you want a focused one, create one. there's no fucking rule like this retard stated >>245519 this is also rule breaking: "hi cow"ing and mini-modding the board.

fucking tired of newfags

No. 245548

Wow you really are a young calf aren't you're way under shooting nonna.

No one ever said don't make the thread just posed the question of is it really needed which is usually what happens when someone suggests such a thing. Keep malding at your own newness.

No. 245557

what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 245572

Please quit hi cowing with zero proof. Disagreeing with someone =\= the cow themself. please get a grip.

Derailed? The milk about toast quieted for 3 days. Talking in circles about already known topics with zero new milk is tiring. This isn’t a toast thread, there are multiple cows to discuss.
Don’t fucking worry, once something new comes up she will be brought back up again. That’s how threads work.

Honestly the general mini modding on this thread is atrocious. Shit OP always leads to shit start.

No. 245603

anon, you're the fucking "hi cower" go re-read your post>>245519

report this faggot

No. 245607

File: 1662490128567.jpeg (148.43 KB, 828x964, D476D437-FF06-4CD7-B670-E545E1…)

sainte is STILL harassing women on lacemarket on his alt account (he's stopped using his main lm account alchemy and gold for almost a month now)
here he leaves an assblasted review because he was blacklisted by a seller and didn't read her tos and tried to buy from her anyways

No. 245608

File: 1662490178050.jpeg (82.07 KB, 828x571, C1CEE697-776B-4EB1-BC85-F9D7E5…)

here is the seller giving him negative feedback for him going out of his way to annoy her and calling him out for lying

No. 245611

How in the fuck have you reached the conclusion that this >>245519 is my post (which it’s not)?? Are delusional now?

Starting to think y’all are acting as schizophrenic as possible to throw everynody off

No. 245617

after reading through the new posts it seems like the people (or singular person?) who are complaining about him being posted are just looking to tinfoil, infight, hi cow and mini-mod so whatever, I changed my mind and will continue to post stuff on him I find milky
if they don't find it interesting they can simply ignore the posts about him or post new milk from another cow
you're right and I agree with you nona but you shouldn't respond to their infighting attempts and hi cowing and other annoying behaviors - just report and ignore

No. 245619

Maybe it’s pedo toast

No. 245829

this thread is full of newfags who think it works like their social media callout posts. they act like discussions should result in canceling someone or something.

No. 245882

this. how is it derailing to have concurrent discussions? how many hi cow posts will be made when an anon brings someone else up after 3 days of silence kek ??

i seriously think half the people in here need to read the TIM/TIF cow threads as examples of multi cow posting. posting sainte or ddz doesn’t end the discussion of toast, like just keep talking…?

No. 245948

She doesn't huh? https://www.instagram.com/p/BiflhFABxj7/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= looks to me like she does and it doesn't even fit.

No. 245953

Stop being lazy across threads and post images. This is an imageboard.

No. 245976

now ur just baiting to make ppl who are critical of ddz look stupid. this isn't even her

No. 245998

File: 1662576848435.png (1.03 MB, 1165x722, racist1.png)

she changed her username remember? she just wore it in april, she's not sorry. sad how many people are liking this too.

No. 246000

File: 1662576900764.png (1.2 MB, 1158x900, racist2.png)

No. 246001

File: 1662576941038.png (1.08 MB, 1160x752, racist3.png)

even proud to own 2 colorways of it and the shirt and tie and looking for more.

No. 246032

You must be an idiot if you think this looks like anything an actual Nazi wore…the only thing that’s questionable is the hat with the eagle on it. I’ll probably get dog piled for saying that, but calm the fuck down. Not everything is that deep.

No. 246034

holy fuck we literally just went over this
are we done yet?

No. 246036

Kek. DDNazi looking fat these days.

No. 246041

File: 1662582991534.jpeg (857.47 KB, 1005x2400, A50885A7-9BFE-451D-92F5-D81A6A…)

You’re right. Looks just like her nonny

No. 246043

isn't this the same exact reason why people hate DD?

tell me again why she is not cancelled

No. 246046

Cancel them both. They’re both gross, dont justify ddtranny’s bullshit but also don’t tree trunk legs a pass

No. 246049


No. 246197

If dd got cancelled for this, J needs to face the same repercussions. Wonderfinch does too since she bought and sold the skirt.

No. 246224

shes jewish. you anons are retarded

No. 246229

So what's your excuse for all the people liking and commenting praising her/this set, they Jewish too? She made sure to tag it and is actively, openly searching for more pieces. She's glorifying it.

No. 246272

Glorifing military lolita.

We have this argument on every lolita platform every few month. And no one fucking cares except for
>Anons trying to pick a new target
>Activists like toast and purestmaiden
>Retards who are to concerned with political correctness over if somthing military themed is too nazist
But guess what any quality military themed clothing is going to look like a uniform and anyone who doesn't have the brain cells thinks anything that looks a little to good must me Nazi. No one cares about the ATP jackets with red armbands or the hundreds of taobao sets out there. Or the fact dwalkur looks more french than anything

Most lolitas only sperge about it because it's a rare expensive set and they don't have it. I see non itas getting posted in the ita thread when the vendetta was because it was anons dream dress and was upset someone else owned it

No. 246273

Wearing brand is not the same as wearing a Nazi uniform for the intention of wearing a Nazi uniform

But I am just responding to bait
From DeeDee and her minions no doubt.

No. 246274

J, you have to face the same repercussions as everyone else. No one wants you here.(hi cow)

No. 246279

File: 1662635942728.jpeg (108.69 KB, 828x1018, 3531D06F-8970-4998-95DB-7FFABF…)

Haha how did DeeDee Not Zee the pedo’s discord chats

No. 246280

He also thinks he’s better than momo and claimed they were friends

No. 246282

Usually Anything sainte says, I would take it with a grain of salt. Now finding caps of him and ddz being cool I’m pretty sure it’s true. Last thread he confirmed being “homies” with ddz and didn’t confirm nor denied being a janitor on cgl.

No. 246283

Contrary to popular belief not everyone here is ddz retard. If people have a problem with this set they'd boycott Meta, but since it's the only brand that fits them…kek. And I don't see people boycotting Vivienne Westwood for wearing clothing subversively either. Actual nazis would have a shitfit over mylesjennifer and ddz's outfits, and nef and buttcape's etc. No one actually gives a shit unless it's for vendetta.

No. 246284

Aren’t half of dds right wing minion squad brown or black? Ethnicity clearly isn’t an excuse for representing genocide.

No. 246285

Considering this >>246279 maybe they are cousins or whatever he calls people he obsesses over.

No. 246288

How old is this screenshot? I can't find the account.

No. 246291

Obviously it was a week ago. She changed her username to revelation_kitty a few days ago

No. 246293

I can only think of one, there name was sleepy_panda or something on instagram, but no most of her squad is white

No. 246294

I was gonna argue that maybe this was a fake acct, but seeing as it has 70 followers and over 100 posts, it’s definitely real and not a burner.

If sainte claims they’re cool AND there’s a follow to back it up, that’s sus.

No. 246301

I see her posting black girls all the time and they follow her back and had loc in their bio also esl Chan is fresh from Colombia. She’s been accused of indoctrinating POC multiple times

No. 246303

this is an image site. also you know race/nationality aren't connected all the time right? i've seen a lot of white colombians, and colombian-chan looks pale as fuck.

No. 246314

File: 1662646505246.jpeg (224.12 KB, 828x1414, F1211339-A2F8-4545-9569-7AAC7D…)

So how did their “Friendship” break off? He is so obsessive and gross

No. 246317

File: 1662646808090.png (76.86 KB, 697x346, sainteew(2).png)

so she is still following sainte?? Knowing she does frequent this thread (her and nat both have literally shown screenshots of LC on their instagram stories, plus there have been LOC shit posters, so don't even try to deny it) does ddz somehow not know he is a p3d0? that seems unlikely.

they both changed their instagram names at around the same time kek, sainte's name is now Alchemy_and_gold, just like his LM.

No. 246333

Disgusting out the other people following this paedo.

No. 246337

would if i could but i don't want them to know it was me, the names are way too specific to my comm. shocked to see it though, unfollowed them.

No. 246345

Could be people that dont use their accounts anymore or come here, afaik watchdog/jfash havent posted him.

No. 246347

without giving too much away, i highly doubt they are in those camps sadly, but it would be nice.

No. 246349

all of the insane hi-cowing/vendetta accusations over sainte being posted is being shed in a very different light with recent revelations (keksee what i did there)

No. 246375

File: 1662659439584.png (10 KB, 531x173, down10.PNG)

KEK he is already down 10 followers, funny how many people saw this page.

or actually, he's probably trying to trim down anybody that might leak his shit.

No. 246392

File: 1662662014110.jpeg (52.62 KB, 828x617, C7481438-D121-4B85-9361-B7459A…)

he has another ig account too pic related and was tagged in some photos on this one from when he went to meets - looking very male of course kek
ew he needs to leave momo alone and stop mentioning her like they were friends, clearly she doesn't want anything to do with this pedotroon or else she would've stayed in contact

No. 246397

She’s private now and I’m not following her. It’s ridiculous that you keep coping about this though, as if the majority of brown countries aren’t highly conservative, also esl Chan looks dark in the knees so it’s either the lighting or she was edited lighter but saying she’s white is coping. You guys will excuse PoC of anything why don’t you hold these girls accountable too? The fact that all the black girls dee has posed with and are in LOC still haven’t been talked about itt is proof enough. Stop forgiving right wing behavior just because it’s not blonde and blue eyed

No. 246410

No. 246415

wait who the fuck is actually saying being a poc gives someone a political pass? nobody said that in this thread. Quit making up arguments/narratives that you want to get pissed at. this isn't /pol/, argue what's being said, not your imagination.

and sure i bet it's a thing people for real say, but it's dumb.

literally who has accused her of that??? never seen that. i can imagine a non-poc thinking poc can't also be conservative, but that's not the same as someone actually accusing her of that. once again, making up a person to get mad at in your head.

No. 246418

You guys are literally saying tree trunk legs can’t be held accountable for wearing dwalkure for being Jewish and esl Chan can’t be hispanic because she’s racist

No. 246426

This is an imageboard. Whose pics is he tagged in?

No. 246437

File: 1662671208852.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.65 MB, 3464x3464, 8DF2E5CD-2619-4852-8CA6-ABB22A…)

Marked as spoiler for NSFW. Lolita caught liking diaper fetish post. What the fuck.

No. 246441

File: 1662671955397.jpeg (212.83 KB, 828x995, EB1DA007-E6C8-489B-9C42-B30394…)

here's a group photo with him standing in the back behind the blue haired girl

No. 246442

File: 1662671997482.jpeg (317.77 KB, 828x1317, 5AB74D26-ADE1-4E3A-833A-C3E8BB…)

him posing with some girl

No. 246444

samefag these were from quite a few years ago, I think 2017, now he is a loser neet shut-in who doesn't go to any meets thankfully

No. 246445

It’s proof that there are creeps in all substyles I guess

No. 246447

wtf, now the gothic lolitas too?

No. 246448

can these weirdos seriously not be bothered to make an alt account to like this nasty fetish stuff on? it's almost like they're doing it on purpose so others have to see it

No. 246463

Ddz needs to update her list
Add on
Toast, Sainte, and Lusiferin

No. 246610

filth. absolute filth.

No. 246655

File: 1662763274891.jpg (509.46 KB, 2156x1916, female.jpg)

Found this genderspecial chimping out on tt and instagram.

No. 246656

File: 1662763316427.jpg (659.2 KB, 2156x1918, stillfemale.jpg)

Can't find the account so guess it was a burner or she changed usernames.

No. 246657

File: 1662763341901.jpg (629.87 KB, 2152x1920, neverbeaman.jpg)

Who's gonna tell her we are most definitely transphobic?

No. 246658

Samefag, her username is @sleepymothpup.

No. 246680

Kek Lolita’s used to tear apart any man who tried to squirm their way in and wasn’t a ouij or whatever the fuck. These people ruin everything.

No. 246682

went to her ig and she is an obese ita genderspecial kek these tranny orbiters are almost as pathetic as the predatory tranny moids they defend
also has something about hating jkr in her bio, peak mental illness

No. 246688

sleepymothita is pathetic but so is sending essays like this into randoms’ dms. subiie-chan needs to get a job.

No. 246702

Is she aware that Japan and China, the two main hubs for this hobby, are quite transphobic? Westerners really feel the need to center themselves in everything, goddamn

No. 246711

she's not even a lolita from what I can see? I wish these people would get out of our community

No. 246742

this is kinda out of nowhere but why does connie (atepie) go be he/him?

No. 246751

what's the BNP? I googled it and it says "Bangladesh Nationalist Party", wtf does that have to do with lolita, why is that the first right wing organization on her mind? these people aren't well.

No. 246759

Ask them yourself. This isn’t milky.

No. 246768

Just looked them up and that looks like a bio male who is crossdressing to me. Adams apple, hands and jaw all indicate that.

No. 246807

ntayr, but while that comment was stupid to ask, a saged question post doesn’t have to be milky. why aren’t ppl understanding the board flow/culture here? please check out any other thread

No. 246827

British national party, right wingers
interacting with cows is against board rules, and every post ITT doesn't need to be milk as >>246807 says

No. 246886

Based subiiechan.

No. 246920

File: 1662830089132.png (554.3 KB, 771x800, 92B91BFE-89B1-4499-A686-98F7EA…)

Update list on Lolitas to avoid following deedeezeta’s list

No. 246921

Came here to post this KEK! And dating since at least 2015, so she knew of his history on 4chan…

No. 246932

The hypocrisy of this lot

No. 246934

It’s alway the They/Them bitches. They’re the biggest hypocrites

No. 246936

Is he wearing French cafe? I fucking hate scrotes and scrotes enablers in this fashion

No. 246941

>dates former 4chan mod W.T Snacks, known to be into cp
>no abdl/ddlg
Kek why do you think he's dating you to begin with and wearing your clothes? These girls are hypocrits.
>inb4 where's the evidence!!!1

No. 246942

File: 1662833650832.jpg (133.68 KB, 1124x818, IMG_20220910_111206_314.jpg)

Samefag dropped pic

No. 246949

Boyfriend downloading CP? I sleep. Someone is into Ddlg? REAL SHIT

No. 246951

File: 1662834839547.png (20.72 KB, 803x350, xxar2Os.png)

to be honest no one liked snacks. he became a meme, but he definitely is into CP. these were pre-FBI requirements to hand over the information to them.

>After some time on the site, he ignited controversy for his banning policies, where he would often ban users for minor misdemenors while allowing illegal or otherwise rule-breaking material to continue to be posted.

No. 246958

Gender specials are actually the racist ones and loves putting children at risk by validating predators.

No. 246959

File: 1662835317735.png (270.33 KB, 964x272, proof.png)

>clicks into url for a set of CP
more proof

No. 246962

Same group of people that loves to attack deedeezeta

No. 246964

just reading this actually makes me want to kms

No. 246965

kek she's defending him so hard too. girl maybe you should call steve wilkos for a lie detector test.

No. 246974

This is fucking sick. I wonder what her defense for this is.

No. 246975

theres no way she doesnt know this and doesnt see the reason he liker her is for her sweetfag style so he can pretend shes a child.

No. 246976

>no ddlg
>fucks pedo

No. 246977

>t-the sreenshots are faked!!!1 it was his hadurs guise!!1

No. 246982

i literally want to cry reading the description of this video

No. 246988

File: 1662840498246.jpeg (410.7 KB, 1242x1178, EBA7CD1D-EFAC-4422-A09D-E7525E…)


No. 246989

File: 1662840520594.jpeg (654.73 KB, 1242x1856, 05CE7C97-631C-4A4C-A518-B74EE0…)

No. 246991

File: 1662840615511.jpg (197.76 KB, 1124x2231, IMG_20220910_130427_721.jpg)

Sage because it's not necessarily a little girl but now I wonder


No. 246992

File: 1662840757395.jpeg (193.64 KB, 1242x385, DB44E257-91A5-41FA-90E8-288F07…)

No. 246993

File: 1662840769967.jpg (190.43 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault2.jpg)

you mean like this?

No. 246995

>edgelord degen posting
>thinks she's woke
>posts like this
gals u got a wolf in sheeps cloth

No. 246996

don't send traffic through there unless you're really ready to out you guys are really friends

No. 246997

or vpn that shit

No. 246999

File: 1662841928250.jpeg (119.66 KB, 1242x320, 0E76D51F-851E-4559-9145-58DA04…)

No. 247002

File: 1662842135212.jpg (127.11 KB, 1195x746, i4jzJir.jpg)

if her bf is racist then she's racist

No. 247003

File: 1662842146858.jpeg (213.73 KB, 1242x400, 5D3BD5F4-9C85-42A4-B55A-B5F9DE…)

No. 247005

File: 1662842242063.jpeg (427.24 KB, 1242x891, 1E97C8EB-67C3-4D69-B6EA-2DF5BC…)

No. 247009

Can we un cancel ddz and start canceling these sick fucks. I’m gland you anons have exposed popular Lolitas in this thread.

No. 247012

Kek are beck’s friends putting her? Honestly good for them for doing the lords work.

No. 247015

I imagine the racist shit all over her twitter doesn't help

No. 247023

I better hope to see her banned from COF, BSOLF and rufflechat. As well as every other community. This is probably one of the worst offenses I’ve seen. Racial slurs and pedophile apologist? If she isn’t banned we know the moderators pick favorites when it comes to what’s right and wrong.

No. 247024

100% nona. Sent her into jfash and watchdog

No. 247025

No. 247030

I guess we all know why her bio doesn't have BLM tags in it, now

No. 247035

No. 247036

vpn if you visit this

No. 247040

No. 247042

File: 1662844871001.jpg (181.6 KB, 1124x1592, IMG_20220910_141731_872.jpg)

Look who he's friends with, the other recently outed ddlg freak.

No. 247045

Neorococomemes will be summoned shortly

No. 247047

explains why she's defending little girl porn if it's anime

No. 247049

isn't this the person that drew the loli hentai that Toast liked?

No. 247051


No. 247055

Yes,Toast chaaan liked the child p*rn art she did.

No. 247056

So much brain rot. I'm not sure how you can justify little girl porn. It's ONE step away.

No. 247062

Reported her to gtfomyjfash

No. 247068

I bet she's the type of girl to talk shit about black girls in lolita too

No. 247070

99% of them are trash except for rose nocturnalia.

No. 247075

File: 1662846653840.png (5.93 KB, 508x162, moreproof.png)

taken from the con thread they advertised themselves in

No. 247076

yeah I don't think this is getting any better. if anyone is going to the convention, someone needs to report them to ones running it

No. 247079

Necromemes doesn't give a fuck about degens. I bet she won't even say shit. Nothing on pedotoast and pedobeck and pedoenema. These wokefags don't care about legit sex crimes and real perversion. They only care about fake waycism or twansphobia.

No. 247080

Look at the black lolita tag on Instagram or look at toast’s page.

She was a decent lolita YouTuber and blogger. She wouldn’t go on a woke rampage or post about community bullshit. She was very prompt and had good ideas to share in her videos.

No. 247081

probably worth it to report them for the racist shit they are posting everywhere including >>247075

this is either snacks or beck

No. 247084

It’s not even degeneracy it’s the use of racial slurs you’d think they’d be concerned about

No. 247087

bro she didn't tell her bf and he walked right into that

No. 247088

yall wanted a real cow for once.

No. 247091

sewer rats like her deserve to stay in the sewers

No. 247114

Can someone start a master list of every ageplayer and their disgusting husbands/partners/boyfriends

No. 247117

theres one on ddnazis blog. she needs to update with these freaks though. i thought she goes here. maybe not, someone fill her in.

No. 247118

DeeDee is making a list and checking it twice. Give her some time to blast these filthy degenerates on her page

No. 247122

Did ddz delete her blog?

No. 247127

Link plz?

No. 247131

jfash posted her: https://www.instagram.com/p/CiWKGEjpyYb/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

did anyone send into neorococo? if not i can send.

No. 247134

File: 1662859799826.jpg (322.58 KB, 1564x983, ddddddd_blog.jpg)

looks like she just changed the url

No. 247140

File: 1662861374103.jpeg (375.91 KB, 856x570, 7014DA2F-7690-4760-A784-DBF855…)

What Tyler do to deedee?

No. 247152

File: 1662863604490.png (99.68 KB, 590x900, shota1.png)

also joked about shota, just weird things to joke abt

No. 247153

File: 1662863659617.png (478.09 KB, 584x1189, shot2.png)

No. 247154

Sinova Kitten denies she's had a nosejob and breast implants

No. 247156

File: 1662863939115.png (247.88 KB, 594x1036, shota3.png)

No. 247159


why was he in egl and egl_comm_sales if he's a known predator? their whole circle is, I feel like I'm done with the community at this point.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 247160

i think she made a video about her being a nazi?

No. 247205

Ok hold up. So all these girls gettin caught in p3do shit, saying n with the hard r, sweets bein actual p3do fetish for real p3dos & where the outrage. Twitter, TT, IG silent yo. SJW love spreadin the sauce, but when they be needing to its dead yo. Not a word. I follow that whole woke crowd and I aint hearing nothin.

No. 247208

Drawings are the same as being a real pedo. Don't be this retarded.

Also where does it say she wants real children? Did I miss that?

No. 247225

Moids aren't allowed here this is a female board, or are you wking yourself? Getting off to drawings of children means you find that sexy in real life too and would engage with real children were it possible. Let me guess, you think cnc porn doesn't lead to men wanting to rape us either?

No. 247240

File: 1662878199332.png (608.03 KB, 1000x1000, Untitled9_20220910233627.png)

Unsurprisingly, the girl who dates a pedo follows people who post lolicon.

No. 247241

File: 1662878235667.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220910-231035_Chr…)

No. 247242

looking at sexualized images of children who are clearly drawn as children is pedo, sorry. by your logic having fantasies about children isn't pedo because they aren't real.

No. 247245

File: 1662878442321.jpg (331.99 KB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_20220910-230832_Chr…)

No. 247248

File: 1662878566274.jpg (315.94 KB, 1080x1600, Screenshot_20220910-224148_Chr…)

No. 247255

I'm not a scrote. This argument about drawings meaning the same as actually harming children is fucking boring. I'm asking if any of them have actually harmed children or created CSEM? Otherwise there's no reason to be in this thread because it's not milk.

You have got to be kidding me if you are calling this pedo material. Holy shit. Please say you are joking.

No. 247264

WT Snacks was a member of egl and comm_sales? What the fuck
No seriously what the fuck how did the entire getoffegl crew miss this? He’s been notorious forever.

This is the lolita community thread, not the only-people-who-have-personally-raped-a-child thread. A lolita dating WT fucking Snacks and him being involved in our communities is absolutely milk.

No. 247266

Pedo spotted

No. 247275

Wtf is CSEM, you mean CP? Fucking fags making up new words for shit that already have a word, also you sound very much like a nonce.

No. 247278

So… No one actually is a pedo. You could've just said that. Even the FBI says they hate tips on this shit because it's not worthwhile.

..It's literally Child Sexual Expoiltive Material. It's not made up. Take meds, but you're more worried about drawings, so makes sense you don't know what that means.

No. 247281

Thinking children are sexy makes someone a fucking pedophile, you cretin. It doesn't matter if it's "not real". God, why are there so many people in the egl community willing to defend every kind of predator? It's honestly sick

No. 247282

I didn't say what he says isn't gross. I was talking about the pictures specifically. It's a waste of time to point to those and use those when there's better accusation shit he's done.

No. 247295

Then why hold off posting it? I notice like >>247205 said no one is calling this out. The same with Toast, Sainte, Angeleeku, etc. If you don't share things outside this board it will never gain traction.

No. 247301

So cp, got it. Hope you never have kids, creep. And if there is other shit to bring up? Why not being it up instead of defending pedos

No. 247321

Wow, fucking amazing. Out of all of the Lolitas who’ve been canceled THIS is who you retards pick to give a pass on?
You let eldritch chase away a well dressed innocent Lolita, Cassie said nothing but no blm which isn’t even offensive to be against performance activism, nat was a terf who fucking isn’t here? Kaneko literally did nothing but exist and be Russian, i could go on. Fuck all of you wks excusing this mountain of evidence, if it was anyone other than a quirky woke bitch y’all would’ve called for her death

No. 247331

It looks to me like there’s only one person defending lolishit and multiple people arguing with him or her. Let’s just ignore the wk from now on.

No. 247333

File: 1662892416640.jpeg (140.49 KB, 1242x318, F48EC71A-4E0E-4319-AE6D-9C3E14…)

Nah I’m seeing retards on ig defending it too, picrel. She still has followers it seems not many people have unfollowed at all. Like the other anon said there should be immediate blacklisting on cof, lace market, all comms etc. Immediately. Just like y’all did with everyone else.

No. 247337

Watching her followers count drop is so funny. Wokies are silently un adding her

No. 247348

Maybe it’s because nobody cares about a literal nobody liking cringey anime porn. Big deal, doesn’t mean anything to cancel someone with no following to begin with.

What’s up with all the randoms being spammed over fucking twitter likes? Like, the art is gross, but again, literal nobodies. That and the constant “dd is our savior, uncancel dd” shit is really embarrassing and out of place. What is even going on in this thread, for real?

No. 247357

Please re-read my post and tell me where exactly I mention dee? I don’t even like her why would I call for her to be uncanceled. And it’s not just a nobody liking art, it’s a known cp collector and his wokefag gf that participates in a lot of irl comm shit. Ik it’s probably beck wking in hopes that we forget this gross shit but we’re not letting this one go sorry pedo

No. 247359

Not even just the pedo crap, her bf thought it was uwu quirky to use racial slurs. There's a trip showing it was Snacks. This retard >>247333 saying Beck changed? She's acknowledged his lolicon past and us still trying to defend him so I'll let you do the math. People only praise DDZ and Nat for calling this out, it's not that we like them.

No. 247361

File: 1662901054244.jpg (205.36 KB, 1080x1704, snackslj.jpg)

No. 247374

Imagine defending a predator who’s collected CP. Yikes.

That kind of shit blows my mind. These Girls will fight tooth and nail to defend their greasy boyfriends but will be so quick to jump on other people’s wrong doings to be keyboard warriors. Why do lolitas attract the most degenerate males, good god.

No. 247375

File: 1662904757033.jpeg (84.34 KB, 828x606, 092CDE2F-56CC-4EEF-BC51-61C48C…)

This and she’s following a moderator who has been banned from all lolita groups for abuse on members.

No. 247386

Sauce on the mod?

No. 247387

I wouldn't exactly call someone in a niche fashion with over 3000 insta followers a "nobody", but ok. Lesser know people get canceled in this community all the time.

No. 247391

No but you don’t understand, it’s okay for beck to love lolicon and racial slurs because she’s friends with other popular lolitas to give her the pass! Nobody else gets this courtesy though.

No. 247394

Larasuzannne posted pedo beck

No. 247400

No. 247404

Beck is reporting threads on cgl

No. 247408

Samefag forgot to paste the link of deleted thread on cgl

No. 247415

20 bucks the discord mass reported.

No. 247439

Heard rosequartzroyalty is in this discord and is friends with beck as well

No. 247441

Based. Lara redemption arch?

No. 247443

she didn't do anything wrong to begin with

No. 247448

File: 1662913925908.jpeg (213.75 KB, 828x1523, 8C6FF1D1-C7F9-44B2-BFD0-B3885E…)

This is kinda old news cause I saw this last December but couldn’t decide whether to post or not but just saw this guy in the ita thread and remembered, don’t know if that has been shared before either but never heard mention of it
This is @rambo_brite on Instagram (friends with fluffy tori and classic troon) followed tags around December last year, pretty disturbing, seem to be gone now guessing be either realized or was called out but not seen anything about it

No. 247449

File: 1662914019043.jpeg (195.36 KB, 828x1531, C33AF27D-7AE4-45FA-B31D-3E9098…)

At the very least guy seems to have a few odd fetishes and a thing for Muslim brides, pretty disturbing considering the vibes he already gives of and tori platforming him

No. 247450

File: 1662914196666.jpeg (709.03 KB, 1505x2872, D52D7428-B5D6-4DF8-869F-56E20F…)

The guy in question for anyone who doesn’t know showing off some fluffy_tori designs

No. 247452

It’s not good PR to be friends with people who say the n word. I wonder if she would risk her own reputation to defend Beck

No. 247455

Ok can someone explain to me whY people are thanking DDZ? Did she post about beck in her blogspot??

caps plz, that would be mighty juicy. however, she’s in so many discords though, so idk if i’d immediately assume death by vague association. beck probably hides her power levels in certain circles

No. 247457

she was hiding it this entire time.

So I would expect to see some sort've public commentary coming from people who are really trying to host a racist in their community. Even in all my years on 4chan, I know better than to spout racist shit like Snacks and Beck.

No. 247458

okay. this explains everything.

No. 247460

File: 1662915388570.jpeg (456.77 KB, 2676x2746, 7542B2A2-E531-4FB9-BB54-07C6F5…)

They follow eachother on Instagram although that doesn’t mean much. Note that Beck only follows around 600 people and Hannah follows 1.7k. Someone will have to acknowledge it.

No. 247464

Genuine question for the sweet fag wearers: is the revelation of hidden degens changing your perspective on your own interests? do u have a fear of association? i genuinely think sweet lolita has had a shift in the west (and tbh also in China). the pedo culture con scene is the only place some people are either getting into lolita or lolitas are gathering there and thus being conditioned.

like why the fuck are so many lolitas participating in Maid Cafes at anime cons??? embarrassing.

learn to sage, but cassis didn’t say no blm for anti-performative reasons, which would be fair, she just doesn’t believe in racism full stop. be honest kek.

No. 247466

check Liv too

No. 247470

I wonder if she’s going to start a hate campaign against Beck like she did with Nat. Probably just going to sweep it under the rug and never address it.

No. 247471

File: 1662916848073.jpeg (486.89 KB, 1875x3462, FFF459F7-B5A5-4142-B455-4E0BE3…)

Friend group

No. 247472

There goes Texas comm acting up again

No. 247473

File: 1662917050317.jpg (186.78 KB, 1080x921, Screenshot_20220911_102514.jpg)

Just looked and he still follows those tags and a bunch of nun ones too and this……

No. 247475

File: 1662917235731.jpg (91 KB, 1080x370, Screenshot_20220911_102811.jpg)

Safe to say it's a fetish.

No. 247477

So your not going to post the screenshots?
Idk why you discord anons can never post caps

No. 247480

Whoever this discord fag is never posted screenshots like last time with the ita posted here >>244312 . Post caps next time of liv or Hannah running shit up than getting your panties tied up to not include caps.

Dee exposed the community
They much rather ban Nat over a predator

No. 247481

They banned her because she’s fucking annoying and finally had a reason to

No. 247487

*old folks home full of kinksters didn't like little kids with typical little kid obnoxious personalities

No. 247488

I don't know about you, but I would prefer to hang out with kid personalities than adults talking to me about their gender bender fetish. ya'll allow/let some fucking weirdos around the main community. you all do know that those same people are sharing their fetish photos with the kids that go to meets too, right?

No. 247489

Nat was pretty annoying before her short coming

No. 247490

(Am OP) Oh god yikes, did think it would get any worse, that’s weird when I looked no followed tags came but but no sure if that’s cause I had just unblocked him to check, cannot believe it’s gotten more disturbing and that no one’s ever noticed before ty for checking

No. 247491

We know this anon. What new information you got?

No. 247492

Seattle community is guilty of letting in predators who quite literally send photos of themselves in lingerie, women sex costumes, meanwhile they are all talking about how they get off to wearing these things in these posts. THIS. is the Seattle community, today. Why is this acceptable?

No. 247495

Meets are so much more enjoyable now without her obnoxious behavior. Everyone in the community had a sigh of relief when she was banned.

No. 247496

Are you going to comment about the predators or not, fucker? I don't care about Nat, but you people are fucking insane for allowing this crap around everyone in the first place, but looking for excuses to ban someone else instead.

No. 247498

Because now you can have your degenerate sex parties in peace without kids around?

No. 247499

Seattle comm mods don't even like kids so why do they let them in the comm? Ffs make a 18 or 21+ group. Guess they don't want it to split into separate comms again, they want to keep power.

No. 247501

18+ meets should really be turned into 18+ community if they want to allow >>247492 people into the community and at NORMAL all ages meets.

No. 247502

Honestly, yes. After the recent revelations about how bitchy and perverted most sweet lolitas are, I'm really considering switching to a different substyle.

No. 247504

Name drop them then

No. 247505

someone needs to put out a warning for this group, so parents heed caution when letting their kids join

No. 247506

You and I both know I don't need to. If you've been to meets, you're fully aware of what you're letting slide, asshole. IT'S RAMPANT.

No. 247507

Name drop so I can know who to block

No. 247508

they make sure that they are private and showing things to the fucking individuals they are targeting, unfortunately. the local mods know who this is and what they are subjecting us to.

No. 247509

What comm is bec(kk)attac(k) in? Hope someone told the mods.

No. 247510

if you actually cared and see the mods aren’t doing anything, why aren’t you? youre anonymous. isn’t that what this outcasting predators thing is about? why are you protecting them?

No. 247511

she called everyone smaller than her pedo bait…

No. 247512

no. she didn't. quit trying to reach for things to vilify her about. she meant people who expect women to be small. those are the weirdos.

No. 247513

no anon, she did in subsequent posts. stop wking her. she also called everyone anachans here and on /cgl/. she's just a clout chaser.

No. 247514

She’s a jealous ffatty who desperately wants to be the girls In popteen

No. 247515

her tiktok was poorly worded, where are these alleged other posts? she's not wrong. yes there's rampant ana-chan behavior on here and cgl. not EVERYONE. but they exist. why is that so hard to understand?

No. 247516

Then why did she post a anorexic lolita to deflect

No. 247517

oh get fucked. you really think she did that huh. people have been larping on here as her to frame her for that shit the past two threads. you know, it really makes me wonder who the real posters here are. could it be pedo beck and her discord hoes trying to deflect attention?

No. 247519

Yes but I just distance myself from those people as much as possible and stay out of public communities. I love sweet too much to change. We saw lena_golita and gothic_cat_mom express xenophobic views so gothic isn't safe either. Old shoolers are drama and 3edgy4u too. The community itself is plagued. Just find a few good friends or wear it alone.

No. 247521

File: 1662923207041.jpg (135.73 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20220911_120737_014.jpg)

No. 247523

This TBH. It’s clear that someone has it out for her for no real reason and continues to hate post her. Lara needs to stop interacting with the trolls, but other than that I can’t think of anything she has done. Meanwhile we got groomers, coomers, pedophiles, and rapists running around in the lolita sphere that people seem to be turning a blind eye to.

No. 247524

Stop defending the fatso and move on to beck

No. 247525

because shit is not going to change until they, themselves do something about it. they know this shit is wrong in the first place and they definitely know who is doing it.

No. 247527

>leg hair story
oh no this is actual proof that snacks has a underaged girl fetish. he's fucking making her grow ALL of that shit out.

No. 247528

“Boychild” reminds me of Nabokov. Yuck

No. 247529

Lara is a shitshow though

No. 247531

no, you are just inciting reactions by trolling and likely breaking the rules by cow tipping. just because someone can be trolled (btw this has been chan culture forever?) doesn't mean they are a cow.

No. 247536

you all know the death of lolita is going to be similar to the death of gyaru fashion, right?

with all the fetishists flocking in, eventually this fashion is completely going to be labeled as a fetish and sexualized by outsiders even more than it was before.

No. 247537

Who?? She’s in her 30s and needs to just ignore trolls. Being this dumbfounded and slow is why she turned herself into a cow.

No. 247539

>Being this dumbfounded and slow is why she turned herself into a cow.
Newfag, just because people can be trolled that doesn't make them a god damn cow. The majority of you autists are easy as shit to troll on almost nearly all boards in the first place. Does that make you a cow too?

No. 247540

Actively posting on your story about threads and throwing people under the bus is cow behavior.

No. 247541

There's a difference between what is a cow and what is a pretty abnormal reaction to being trolled. She isn't milky, you're just new.

No. 247542

there really isn't, you sound new.

No. 247543

this. i keep thinking about how we can preserve ourselves if we bare minimum kicked ppl out for this shit.

sage for blogging, but i just got mod status of my comm last month and i’ve already kicked 5 ppl based on their scrote ecchi cosplay interests. i don’t care. take charge sisters.

things will only change if we actually take positions of power and let people know it’s ok to have boundaries. because clearly there are a lot of girls who are just too afraid to say anything

No. 247544

No. 247545

>"NO U!!"
get a better comeback, newfag. there's literal cows to discuss that have been brought up and you're still stuck on your vendetta that someone is able to be trolled, which mark this as a 'TIL'; the majority of the population can be trolled.

you're just an idiot.

No. 247546

sad thing is I've noticed this newage behaviorisms have been affecting Japan as well. I keep seeing weird fetishists in Japan on instagram, too. so yeah, it'll even kill what is in Japan if we keep pushing this mentality on the rest of the world.

No. 247547

Wait, in Japan too? Rapists are so prevalent there. I'm so scared for them.

No. 247548

>i’ve already kicked 5 ppl based on their scrote ecchi cosplay interests

No. 247550

Umm no. She posted other girls on threads before and 2 years ago she went to the ER for attention seeking after seagulls posted a ugly candid shot of her.

No. 247553

>Sounds like some Texas community vendetta shit

No. 247554

Sounds like Lara and her friends are here for the pedo beck party. Learn to not shit up this thread with wk

No. 247556

report for infighting, it's getting old

No. 247557

Well??? Name drop them

No. 247558

she actually cleared the ER thing up but OK believe what you want. prove that she posted other girls. i'll wait. you want her to be the villain so fucking bad.

No. 247560

With this amount of shillings and mini mod
Lara needs a thread of her own

No. 247561

File: 1662925241446.jpg (2.06 MB, 2162x3703, paedoapologistbeck.jpg)

Imagine being such a newfag to 4chan that you don't remember the most popular mod making paedophilia his identity. She's backpedaling and scapegoating Nat/DDZ because they're the hot topic lately. All of her "friends" are buying it just because she's popular. Beck, you're a paedophile apologist and you should be ashamed.

No. 247567

All of them are unhinged and so easily triggered. Those Texas bitches loves to gang stalk, Discord 24/7, and talk the most shit out of their asses on boards. You all know which comm is notorious for this behavior and are filled with cows.

No. 247568

Thank you anon, finally some fucking caps.

No. 247571

Which user is toast?
Thank you for the caps anon.

No. 247572

>Imagine being such a newfag to 4chan that you don't remember the most popular mod making paedophilia his identity.
This. All. of. this. Thanks for posting what we were all thinking.

No. 247573

Toast was banned from the discord forever ago.

No. 247574

beckkattack (beck)
aiulura / aiu.lura (aiu)
mylesjennifer (jennkitty)

Name and shame the others too if you know them kek.

No. 247575

KEK. What did she do? I’d imagine the wokefags didn’t agree on a topic

No. 247576

How long before this gets mass reported

No. 247577

File: 1662926462053.gif (147.56 KB, 220x169, 4F26641C-8DBE-48BE-8BF9-64BDEA…)

You know they’re going to shit up this thread so they can bury this info. Can someone create a EGL master list on all the Lolitas to avoid. This includes thread Lolitas and their shenanigans.

No. 247578

“Nat wasn’t even alive yet”
And somehow she knows about it, planned this vendetta, and posted it?

No. 247579

Lara isn’t in any of the Texas comms, she lives in Indiana. The discord all of these sc are from is the EGL vetted server. We don’t need to derail even further please.

No. 247581

No shit. If you know who this Indiana Lolita is why don’t you post her already.

No. 247583

is this why the wking for mylesjennifer/dw happened upthread? obviously the set isnt racist but the plot thickens…

No. 247588

They get their panties in a bunch so easy

No. 247593

not going to lie, i don’t really care about the drawings, but defending a known CP collector pedophile is fucking horrific. what the fuck.

“someone edited a ban reason wah wah wah” has he actually brainwashed her this badly? holy shit. i’m sick.

No. 247602

Working on it. Would a Google masterlist be preferred? Taking suggestions on what might be easier for everyone

All their Socials
Their crimes

No. 247608

What even is this…. I don't want to look it up :') I'm afraid to learn what it is honestly, but will a nonny please give me a vague explanation.

No. 247609

some in past thread too >>>/w/215519 >>>/w/215519

Alyssa Shea Duncan/birds_symphonia
LM: likelysugar

Angelique Owens/angeleeku
LM: AngryPrncess

LM: if-i-want-to-dance

Isha Preuss/stardustfantasia
LM: roundmidnite

LM: toastchan

No. 247612

Yup, idk how long we can keep saying this is a fashion with "feminist roots" when it's clear that the new age participants are coomer brained or male obsessed through and through, in both japan and china. The models they select for Chinese taobao brands says it all. jfashion groups are going the same way

No. 247629

Should we add sainte?
There should be sections like Pedo and degenerates list, scammers, etc

More people to add

Toycyborg / Abby Miller / "Wear frills do crimes"fatty
Instagram: Toycyborg

Brandon / Therealdrlove / Bearded-chan
Tiktok: Therealdrlove_88
Instagram: Therealdrlove
Facebook: Brandon David- Thomas Love
Pedo who got nat banned

Yasmine wambot /kitsunetsukiii
Instagram : kitsunesukiii
Twitter : kitsunesukiii
Autumns friend who been banned for extreme racism and abuse

Autumn (Autist Autumn)
Instagram : Voyeurism.s
Facebook: Autumn
>After being banned from Toronto comm for autism sperging
and her boyfriend harassing members.
>Autumn is no longer dating the scrote who got her banned.

Maria (Troon ring leader)
Instagram: @widowlifestyler @manglemarionettes
>A Polish psychopath who demands lovebomb favors from his Polish comm members.
>>187947 >>187949
>Is the admin for the Poland comm on Facebook
>>187980 >>187981
>When the Troon doesn’t get his favors, he pursues to backstab lolitas on /Cgl and lolcow.
> Private his IG pages.

Instagram: @gothic_cat_mom
kaneko - Jfashion shop
Instagram: @Kaneko.en / @Kaneko.ru
>After the situation in the war between Russia and Ukraine, Kaneko announced that their shop will be closed with sanctions being imposed that are harming their business.
>German lolita gets mad that the shop isn't talking about the Ukrainians despite Russia putting censorship on citizens.
>Gerrman lolitas reeee over getting blocked for spew retardation.
>Called for a cancellation of their business in the lolita community.

Georgina Rose
>Popular witch Tiktok and YouTuber
>got called out for being matey with some far-right (Allegedly)
>recently dropped by all for flirting with white nationalists
>Posted on Twitter about being canceled and how the accusations of extreme racism, Homophobia, and rantings on the discord screenshots are fake

Liv / dreamy_pastel_princess / marshmallowbnuy
>changes username, likely to run from her ageplay and drama mongering past >>228903

Anmitsu / hanikamibear
>French anachan that stole a dress and tried to sell it is still actively attending official lolita events >>231362

Biblet rose

No. 247631

LM: deedeezeta

LM: sp00py

LM: Alchemy and Gold/Suuushi

LM: lovelylor

LM: wonderfinch

No. 247638

samefag, people whose LM I don't know:
Matt Drury/rambo_brite
Danny Wood/rosiebow57/babyrose357/dream_fluff357
Hannah Franke/rosequartzroyalty
Jennifer Myles/mylesjennifer/jennkitty#3462

i dont think we should add *channers like mabel, kind of hypocritical since we're here too.

No. 247641

kek for what??

No. 247651

File: 1662931574769.jpg (403.18 KB, 1079x2027, 20220911_172607.jpg)

dd updated the master list on her blog. should include herself kek. but its a good start.

No. 247654

Perfect this and the EGL masterlist incase DD blog gets removed in the future

No. 247661

I think everyone on DDs master list should have a hunger games style battle royale

No. 247662

>defending toast on liking a Loli pic
“It’s just anime drawing”
Hi beck

No. 247664

Gwendolyn Lepsy/voyeurism.s
LM: velveteenchemise

No. 247665

No. 247673

This is why I can't even hate on DD too much. She's ugly and her coords suck, but at least she doesn't make excuses for coomers and troons. She calls this shit out and doesn't care that people say she is a transphobe nazi terf.

No. 247676

Imagine all the predators on the next super smash bros. Who would you main? I’d main Victoria.

No. 247680

File: 1662934013598.png (220.7 KB, 828x1061, nice.png)

who is surprised?

No. 247689

we should definitely add sainte, he is a pedo who solicits lesbians for sex while pretending he is a woman and also harasses women on lacemarket, he is insane and predatory and creepy

No. 247690

kek i fucking love it when cows help take out cows, popcorn ready.

did beck post her pedo shit to her instagram? if not, idk how damning this would be.

No. 247692

jfash posted it yesterday >>247131 so the news is public. they were even talking about it in their discord which they're in.

No. 247696

Sainte stfu, we don't need you derailing this thread ffs(hi cow)

No. 247699

What is the EGL Masterlist?

No. 247710

Creeps, pervs, swers, fetishists. Gross people to avoid.

No. 247712

Cassie/bunnakins is a bible thumping trad wife who thinks women are inferior to men, and that abortion is murder. Not only that, but her face was the definition of ita.

No. 247717

Did anyone notice the actual child porn posted to this board with "NIGGERS" spam? Way to make it obvious, Snacks.

No. 247722

It's someone spamming the whole site. They've been on other boards, too. They're saying that they're from /tttt/. Whatever the fuck that means.

No. 247866

I think Lolita is becoming a bit like gyaru. As in, people get into it from moe animu characters, rather than because their tastes and personality "naturally" align with it. This is overwhelmingly true for sweetfags who are more likely to be just regular anime loving weaboos, and therefore more likely to be into questionable stuff (such as pandering to the pedo scrotes that frequent their fandom spaces). Obligatory "not all sweet lolitas !" mention.

The problem with subcultures that are appearance-based is that they're ultimately pay-to-enter. You can get in if you buy the right costume, regardless of what's on your mind. There is no fool-proof way of gatekeeping or proving one's genuine interest or intention.

I wouldn't be surprised if all the sweet coomers migrated en masse to jirai-kei fashion since it appeals to unhinged otakus already and is increasingly fetishized as well.

I don't think Kaneko should be on the list, they didn't actually do anything afaik, besides, didn't the owners literally risk their lives at an anti-war protest ?

People only bring up muh feminist roots because they need to justify their consoomerism to themselves by pretending it's a radical act, and larping as a feminist is trendy

No. 247867

lolita has been like that for forever, it's not just recent. and sweets aren't in anime really. you sound new. if anything the issue is they're not finding it from good anime, and instead finding it from social media.

No. 247914

ntayrt, you're right that it's usually not sweet lolitas that appear in anime but it's really common for sweetfags to get into lolita because they're huge weebs. At least where I live, almost every sweetfag is heavily into cosplay and obsessed with anything remotely 'kawaii' because they're huge weebs and like the other anon said it usually means they're some sort of coomers as well. Not to shit on sweets but I wish gothic or classic were the face of lolita, that way you'd actually have to be interested in the fashion to know about sweet and we'd have a lot less ddlgfags. Although gothic and classic would probably bring other sort of freaks, we'd probably have a lot of classic tradthots and gothic bdsmfags (which is kind of happening already)
Wish the lolita gen thread on /g/ was more active because it'd be interesting to discuss

No. 247921

File: 1662993596357.jpg (Spoiler Image, 113.54 KB, 1216x720, 2.JPG)

heads over to /g/. one of the first threads to pop up. nope the fuck nope.

No. 248035

Sweet has always been like this, at least in my comm. I’ve never met a sweet lolita who wasn’t a huge weeb and most of them are into anime with poorly disguised loli- or shotabait like Kuroshit and Dragon Maid. They often cosplay these characters, too.
Even when they’re not openly into DDLG they’re usually obsessed with looking super young (comments like >>247521 are not uncommon) and buying stuff from the kids’ section of stores. This is often accompanied by a lot of seething bitterness towards real kids. They actively seek out products and activities marketed towards prepubescent children and then get upset when they have to share that space with… children.
>Ma’am, this is a playground.

With some of them I get the impression that they’re innocent (and a bit developmentally stunted) and that they genuinely don’t see the underlayer of coomerism that’s ubiquitous in their favourite media. I know one girl who was super into Melanie Martinez and had no idea there was anything dark or seedy about her music or imagery. With others I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if they were into kiddie stuff as a fetish. I won’t lie, I’m always a bit relieved when I show up to a smaller meetup and there are no sweet lolitas there.

No. 248110

File: 1663015879199.jpg (253.98 KB, 828x1015, 1662900562481720.jpg)

Is my tinfoil hat on too tight or wasn't the ok symbol outed for a alt right dog whistle?

No. 248126

This is a fucking reach. Go back to posting shit like this on btb

No. 248127

Kek beck and her bf are neo nazis on the low. It’s funny how they canceled ddz for some dumb halloween costume at a club

No. 248128

No you retard. Snacks is disgusting but that's just him being an immature scrote probably post 2015

No. 248131

File: 1663019324138.png (1.93 MB, 1124x1810, amketinfoil.png)

why post 2015, what's significant about that yr? I notice that's when they started hanging out February 2015 and that's incidently when she made her twitter account too. starting to think he rlly convinced a young girl he's innocent but then why is she joking abt it? I feel bad if she was groomed into this and thinks it's ok.

No. 248136

>Young girl
Anon she’s 30, making her 23-24 at the time of those posts. She knew exactly what was up.

No. 248153

Because that's the year from most of the capped tweets up thread and after French cafe came out? In any case it has to be from sometime after that year

No. 248161

exactly, a 23-24 year old was not fucking groomed. she was old enough to know that saying the n word hard R is bad and same with make pedo "jokes"
she literally has peter pan syndrome and keeps talking about how she looks like a 16 year old boy (she does not)

how much could that stuff have been fake if he's still comfortable with people coming up to him and "signing their loli shit" ??

No. 248178

File: 1663026531394.jpg (389.2 KB, 485x750, definitelychanged.jpg)

ayrt ok yes they definitely knew each other before though. not only that but this shows even further she was aware of his 4chan loli persona and encouraged it on social media. she's a poor liar, is this faked too Beck? this is from 5/20/2015 and he posted that she drew it and he designed it.


Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20220912230635/https://tumblr.midnightsnacks.fm/post/115177975052/wow-fridays-10-year-anniversary-show-irl-was

No. 248240

File: 1663035563425.jpg (60.13 KB, 1080x592, IMG_20220912_191456_928.jpg)

At what point do we assume the ppl still following her are ok with paedophilia?

No. 248246

we don’t. some lolitas do actually touch grass, nonny. not everyone stays up to date with community drama.

No. 248270

No she isn't

No. 248283

people like that are dime a dozen in the arcade rhythm gaming scene, but it's cowardly to only go after the pedo's gfs and not the pedos themselves. I don't get why such seemingly harmless hobbies like lolita fashion and pop'n music have such a long history with that shit.

No. 248308


Why are you trying to cancel literal who's for not keeping up with stupid drama

No. 248316

many ppl actually do not use or know of these boards. i know, crazy to think about

No. 248325

She uses the board and knows others do too, it's not just her.

No. 248336

Believe it or not but some people actually have jobs and lives. Yes, even known lurkers don't all obsessively check this board 24/7. Singling out these randoms as being ok with pedophilia for most likely having not heard to go unfollow someone yet is quite a leap to make and just looks like you have some kind of personal vendetta towards them.

No. 248436

glad to know there is a general consensus on the crazy people in that room constantly stirring up drama

No. 248479

liv/marshmallowbnuy (colormecute)

No. 248481

here are the real cows

No. 248482

Pretty sure Sussy Baja Blast is Zep, sage because I could be wrong

No. 248484

Yeah I’m too busy to not support cp because I work. Sure I have enough time to check social media, see the evidence, take pictures and coord pics and edit them and partake in maximalism fashion but pressing an unfollow button would be farrrrr to time consuming. I guess I’ll just wear a swastika around town because I don’t have enough time to take it off. Some of us have a job you know…

No. 248490

white sheet* remember this one doesn't hate the jews

No. 248504

there is legit something wrong with you. sorting through beck’s 3000 followers with a pitch fork is absolutely insane.
you seriously think everyone checks this board religiously? keep telling yourself that.

we are going after people who are in those chats and therefore definitively know what’s going on.

No. 248506

calm down, nona. i'm >>248240 and i'm pretty sure we're half hearted joking and checking ppl we know DO lurk this board like >>247680 >>247460

No. 248521

If anon was going through each one of their followers they’d be posting everyone, not just the known lurkers and posters. The board would be spammed.

No. 248638

I remember getting annoying people in my DMs for following (insert current phobe to cancel). This is what sjws do. They message every person who follows whoever they are trying to cancel. Legit no life shit. Funny they aren't doing it when pedophilia is involved. Just goes to show they are just a bunch of gross degens who don't actually don't care about anything. They just want to cry waycism and twansphobia and coom over children. Sick fucks.

No. 248663

You’re half right nonny. They’ll do that to anyone they already dislike, but look the other way once it’s coming from inside the house.

No. 248759

nor do they care when someone does something actually racist like saying the n word. o pretty appalled by this community at this point.

No. 248769

nta but there's more problems coming from inside the house, now. They need to clean up.

No. 248894

A lot of vendetta in here, please take your pills, a bath, and a walk.

No. 248962

i heard they GO'd dicks off taobao and sucked them all on cam for the lols. They have a secret groupchat where they send each other (no kidding) audios of their farts

No. 248965

File: 1663201520240.jpeg (421.05 KB, 828x534, F19A88EF-A573-4369-95EE-64815A…)

The cow is on camera

No. 248966

No. 248970

she's so embarrassing.

No. 248992

File: 1663206813166.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 70.53 KB, 828x438, 6F6DEB52-4B0C-47A4-84D8-782DD1…)

The photoshop is crazy

No. 249000

She looks incredibly different in this video. I find it unsettling. It's fine to be fat or whatever, but I didn't realize how heavily she relied on filters/editing while being "body positive."

No. 249004

File: 1663208000665.jpeg (106.64 KB, 828x796, 673FE804-BD6C-493C-8415-952AEF…)

The comments are flooding in now.

No. 249005

File: 1663208050277.jpeg (93.7 KB, 828x576, 679D66E6-6794-463D-9C90-E86CF6…)

No. 249014

Why do cows agree to go on this show?

The amount of damage control your group has tried doing is embarrassing.

No. 249038

They thrive on attention and can’t handle not having it.

No. 249039

Not even milk. But thanks for posting because this was actually really cute and wholesome. Her house is so aesthetic… It does make me laugh seeing her husband in that environment. He looked like it tortures him kek.

No. 249041

Her house looks cheap and ugly

No. 249042

Do you have any actual milk besides "her house is ugly"?

If not quit clogging up the thread

No. 249043

a cow going on one of these corny tv shows to discuss the fashion while the comment section is eating her up is THE definition of milk. get real.

No. 249044

Eh, honestly it’s not too terribly milky, she didn’t say anything too crazy. The outfit she wears at the beginning doesn’t do her any favors, but she must have a pretty small frame because she looks like she’d be too big to fit 1/4 shirring but she does. I think it’s just an unfortunate body shape.
I hope she just moved some stuff out to the living area for filming, that sucks for her husband if she decorated the whole house all pink and stuff lol.
I was scouted for one of those “what not to wear” type shows once (in lolita) and I was going to do it because it paid well (a couple thousand for being on the show plus a new normy wardrobe which I needed for work anyway), I was going to buy some Bodyline to be the stuff that gets tossed lol. I assume that’s why a lot of people do it, I can’t imagine you expect to get good feedback for doing something most people consider “weird”.

No. 249054

jesus christ, lara is a retarded clout chaser. you shouldn't misrepresent shit on tv for money poser.

No. 249150

out of lolita, she literally looks like my ex's mom when I was 16

No. 249158

You’re not wrong anon, looking back it would not have been a good idea, but at the time I was a broke college grad who was struggling and the idea of a couple grand for a few days of “work” was highly appealing.
However, Lara is like 30 (?) and should know better. It doesn’t seem like she needs money either. It was probably an attempt to get attention/clout and it seems like it’s going to backfire based on the YouTube comments

No. 249200

lara seems like she wants to be the new lor. she already pissed off the gyaru community by claiming she wore gyaru and himegyaru, now she's focusing on lolita. and she still wears cheap himegyaru brands(la pafait is a cheap hotglue mess). i don't know why our community tolerates people like her.

No. 249209

It makes sense now why she tried to do the no filter for a single post.

No. 249211

so I'm in a server specifically catered towards minors and newbies and they won’t let us talk about beck because the mods are her friend, it's kind if ridiculous. some one messaged me about it and thats how I had to find out. I almost want to confront them about it but maybe it's better for me and my friends to leave.

No. 249212

Well, at least she’s not a cumbrain like lor. Even if someone is annoying as long as they’re not a genuinely repulsive person I can’t be too mad.

No. 249213

I’m in a server specifically catered towards minors and newbies and they won’t let us talk about beck. Some one messaged me about it and this is how I had to find out.

No. 249214

File: 1663266906591.jpg (328.53 KB, 1080x2055, 1.jpg)

No. 249215

Because there aren't thousands of women who do much better than her, really. Lara's style isn't good, her makeup is really bad and she's pretty fat…but honestly the bar is below ground for Western Lolitas and Gyarus at this point. It is becoming less and less popular both abroad and in Japan. Beggars can't be choosers and as another anon said Lara's biggest issue is being fat and not particularly stylish. Other than that she's pretty inoffensive.

No. 249216

File: 1663266961440.jpg (190.52 KB, 1080x1045, 2.jpg)

they say this but they name dropped before and gossip before about racists dee dee zeta, why is this racist not ok to talk about?

No. 249217

File: 1663267020863.jpg (85.48 KB, 1080x564, 3.jpg)

It was even the mod that said not to gossip tjat name dropped. I looked and both mods follow on instagram

No. 249222

If jfash is here please namedrop apologists.

No. 249224

“Done your own research” is implying that beck did not say any racial slurs, when you can go on her twitter and find it yourself. Why are these mods defending her? Enemy of an enemy is my friend situation?

No. 249231

File: 1663269643086.jpeg (165.07 KB, 600x1334, 2017CD9A-C4C6-4C74-8FE7-FD4E91…)

You mods for sure hate gossiping and name dropping lol

No. 249233

File: 1663270081557.jpeg (383.76 KB, 828x1004, 908A4BEE-D94B-4BC5-B4BF-ED289A…)

Name dropping is okay when it’s someone I don’t like!1!1!1!!

No. 249235

File: 1663270317799.jpeg (407.44 KB, 1080x2087, 28C7FBC2-39B8-486F-BDA1-66CFF0…)

No. 249237

File: 1663270414621.jpeg (309.03 KB, 1080x2107, 66EA84F8-369C-4A50-97AD-692217…)

No. 249238

File: 1663270519497.jpeg (185.75 KB, 1080x2402, 5B176720-8ED3-403D-9F47-227291…)

“Please try your best to stick to the facts” but any conversation about beck is shut down? They also have a channel specifically for gossiping

No. 249242

Actually, I think there's more than three of them

No. 249244

LOC should change their name to terf trifecta

No. 249251

What's wrong with being a terf? Literally nothing wrong with that and anyone who thinks differently is probably some gendertard.

No. 249254

Don’t derail

Interesting that they have a drama channel but as soon as someone mentioned their friend “tee her no name dropping”

No. 249259

File: 1663273106564.png (2.9 MB, 1430x1462, fakedscreenshots.png)

Is this screenshot faked too, Beck? What a thing to joke abt.

No. 249260

File: 1663273238647.png (1.28 MB, 768x1024, unknown.png)

This was definitely not a self post by snacks or one of his friends that day he and Beck and co were joking about looking under lolita's skirts.

No. 249269

Of course! When I like someone, all the screenshots are faked by evil nazis. And everyone I don’t like is an evil nazi!

No. 249282

The comments are backfiring. Ouch

No. 249288

name the group so minors aren’t going there. should be on a ban list

No. 249290

They faked the screenshots about Nat before anon a lot of fake screenshots exist ITT she was targeted

No. 249294

go look at the archives and see for yourself, thats the beauty of 4chan.

that's the babylita hq >>249214

No. 249295

this must be the dude's favorite insult ever or something. he got a t-shirt.


Anyone want to confirm Snacks showed up at 5pm to Colossalcon? Looks to me like above is all him from typing style and old memes that no one uses anymore. The website didn't post anything about it, but I'm sure someone that went knows when his set started.

No. 249302

>not banning a fucking predator creep
red flag.

No. 249308

But why

No. 249314

it's an obvious vendetta and all those vet server girls mentioned here were behind it!

No. 249316

Opinion from an onlooker from the outside, looking in:

respect bar is at an all time 0 for these vet girls.. lots of people from the outside feel the same, because we have an objective lens and aren't biased.

No. 249321

It’s not vendetta. Stop wk natzi

No. 249329

it is, you all secretly agree with her but don't want to be seen as transphobic by the woke mob. she runs the call-out accounts and she does all the work but you don't notice it you're always shitting on ber

No. 249336

Ok nat sympathizer

No. 249341

spoken like a true racist pedophile sympathizer

No. 249342

beck apologists stand behind

-Racist slurs
-Misogyny towards women, because they can't be raped
-4chan incels like WTSnacks

No. 249346

Are you really surprised? These are the same people who will start witch hunts for no reason and act confused when people don’t like them.

Like >>249329 said, a lot of people secretly agree with what Nat has had to say. She’s said and done some shit herself, but she seems to be the only one with enough balls to call it out.

No. 249375

I find it skeptical that Beck and Snacks are literal Nazi Pedo Groomers. I see Snacks as one of those progressive, AOCstans and I dunno about Beck, but she is not a MAGA. They both grew up on internet culture during the Dubya-era which is not healthy to do 24/7. For someone to bring shit up about them being together for roughly 7-8 years, on here and on other sites, they must have a huge hateboner and have autismo.

No. 249380

B and H’s clean-up crew is here again.

No. 249381

nta but mate this is cancel culture tier arguing just admit it

No. 249383

This community loves cancel culture though?

No. 249384

>progressive AOCstan
It's okay nona, we can say retard here

No. 249385

>say you're a newfag without saying you're a newfag
Solidarity, brother. There's more than just you in there, watching people get lied to. You quite literally cannot pull the wool over our eyes, because we've been around longer than Beck has known her bf.

No. 249387

You’re right. No one will cancel them because the friends standing up for them would get canceled in turn. Snacks and beck are just misunderstood edgy posters on /b/, nothing more right?

No. 249388

>just misunderstood edgy posters on /b/, nothing more right?
Never thought the lolita community would be standing up for people acting like this in public spaces.

No. 249391

please tell me how MAGA and AOC have anything to do with
>-Racist slurs
>-Misogyny towards women, because they can't be raped
>-4chan incels like WTSnacks
u fucking retard

No. 249393

I can’t believe the ok-symbol triggers you. Using the ok-symbol doesn’t mean Beck is a Nazi

No. 249394

anon, I think you're quite literally fucking mentally defunct if you think politics has anything to do with those bullets.

also pls let me know how I have anything to do with the OK sign. do u think this is one person posting on here? it's not, u fucking idiot

No. 249398

Rachel, go to bed with your sissy bf

No. 249402

File: 1663295375023.png (868.76 KB, 1354x784, theydidit.png)

Imagine welcoming people to wade through your personal stuff and then it happening, right after.

No. 249403

you're retarded to think that wasn't a troll post. it got deleted off cgl and posted here.

No. 249409

I think people are more upset about the n-word and Snacks liking little girls but keep digging your hole I guess

No. 249410

>"wait until they find how much I said cum on twitter"
I think they found more than just shit about cum.

No. 249411

don't forget "joking" about upskirting/SAing lolitas! it's all ok though cause they like AOC!

No. 249421

They're just admitting that lolitas cancel each other over political affiliation and not over things that actually matter. Like being a predator.

No. 249428

>political affiliation and not over things that actually matter. Like being a predator.
Sad world we live in.

Snacks loves WK'ing himself tho >>249375

No. 249464

It's because LC, particularly /w/, is infected with twitter zoomers who make callout posts as their main personality trait. inb4 someone calls this an alt right dog whistle kek

No. 249539

just curious. if there was a contest for who is the most hated lolita, who do you think would win?

No. 249544


Terf Trifecta. Kek they say it like it's a bad thing. Terf Trifecta sounds pretty based. Where do I sign up? And who is the third? DD, Nat and ?

No. 249549

File: 1663346872102.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3464x3464, 803C8BA9-DD4B-4A91-991F-34EFE0…)

definitely nat. pic relevant. my vote for the new thread pic

No. 249551

Lor? But shes well liked too.

No. 249552

Tbh I vote Lor too it's mostly newbs and itas that like her.

No. 249555

No. 249557

speaking of ddz guess she privated to remove followers. she got my alt but shes open again.

No. 249566

unseelie alure? rapeblossom? oldfags but high on the list

No. 249578

Kek. DD was at the capitol riots? Can someone confirm??

No. 249590

Hated and Cows are totally different things.

The lolita community has no concept of what cows are.

No. 249593

nah she didn't, poster is either lying or retarded or both

No. 249678

I wonder how the modern lolita comm would react to unseelie_allure and the dollification forum debacle. Would they still hate her for endangering minors, or would they defend her because kinkshaming bad? Most of the creeps on that forum probably identify as transwomen now.
>abduct abduct abduct

Rapeblossom would definitely be hated, though.

No. 249683

Sauce? Ams newfag. Plz spoonfeed nonny.

No. 249804

File: 1663613096352.jpg (61.94 KB, 1042x706, IMG_20220919_113952_922.jpg)

Birds of a feather kek. What's the tinfoil relationship here with DDZ and Beck both friends with Sainte?

No. 249805

File: 1663613389482.jpg (157.22 KB, 1050x840, Hammer .jpg)

Should probably warn people following and being following by to.

No. 249868

it weirds me out he wasn't added to DDZs creeps/fetishist list despite him being a confirmed predatory pedophile harasser, what gives?

No. 249875

Where and when has anything ever been confirmed about him other than trolling lc and cgl purposefully?

No. 249877

the screenshots of him making self harm tags for that infamous r9k grooming/cp sharing discord server, him openly harassing women on lacemarket and acting like a creepy lunatic, him admitting to being a mod on the grooming server and said it's ok because "he's changed" (his words), the fact he's obsessed with underage anime girls and talks to 14 year olds on facebook, him openly making posts on /cgl/ larping as a lesbian and soliciting sex from women, the list goes on

No. 249886

So basically a nothing burger since you have little to no evidence.

No. 249890

>whiteknighting male pedophile cow
kek all you're missing is the cringe chiaki photos, not fooling anyone here dude

No. 249925

Not wking but the only sceesnshot is of him acknowledging there was self-harm occurring not grooming. And lots of us interact with other minors in the fashion, it doesn't make us predators. Like >>249886 said there's no proof so it's hard to take seriously. Pics of him soliciting sex? This is an image board.

No. 249930

File: 1663656888149.png (152.79 KB, 1398x404, creepy male.png)

are you daft? of course someone who was mod of a pedo grooming server isn't going to admit outright it was in fact a pedo grooming server
look up r9cute discord and reikos trap harem discord for more info on how gross the stuff that went on in the servers was, those are the grooming servers he was associated with
here are posts where he is in the servers >>>/w/222341
pic from archives is him trying to get women to meetup for sex on /cgl/ (implied by cuddle or "do other things") and in every single friend finder thread he posts in lately he specifies he is looking for a chiaki nanami girlfriend (note that chiaki is 17) and claims to be a female despite being male
it's not normal for a mid 30s male to seek out and befriend little kids on facebook, that combined with him being mod for a grooming server, wanting a gf like his underaged highschooler anime waifu and posting photos from yuri manga featuring underaged girls and incest is disgusting
here from the archive is him making a post with the same image hash and filename he has used while namefagging - complaining about how he hasn't had sex in awhile and how its driving him crazy
he has also made posts on /lgbt/ and /r9k/ looking for sex/gfs too that you can find going through previous threads or just searching 4chan archives for yourself

No. 249933

File: 1663657455788.png (376.31 KB, 1922x1242, insane troon.png)

here is his response along with him later deflecting while being confronted about being a mod of the cp grooming server and confronted about him not leaving the server despite all the shit that went down there
basically "uhhh its ok I did all that because I've changed!" - an admission of guilt, that yes all this disgusting pedoshit was true but he's totally not a pedo groomer now since he has "changed" (despite still acting like the exact same predatory creep he was while in the server)

No. 250029

Does this idiot even know that they don't need to namefag themselves and maybe that being anonymous might be what he needs to stop feeling triggers by shit? Looks like they invite the criticism by not only interacting but acting like past actions don't matter, however I am with >>249925 in the fact that we haven't had a single screenshot of proof about greentext or him soliciting sex. You can't take SFW convos and force them to be NSFW and come up with a pedo conclusion from that. It's absurd.

No. 250043

Ayrt the issue I'm having is he said he left after a week and if there's only 2 screencaps of him talking in there about self-harm and finishing his chores then it seems to check out? I'm not saying the server wasn't used to groom or post cp but it seems like he was kicked before or shortly after it happened or screencaps would be dropped. Even in >>249933 it's just heresay there's no proof posted. The minor fb thing, he could have found her via cgl, tiktok, ig. She wears lolita. The sex post is in the feels thread, others have posted similar things in there. I'm ready to crucify him too nonny but only with pic proof.

I agree the minor anime girls is gross. No benefit of the doubt there.

No. 250046

So did the pedo trick soliciting momo on the cgl friend finder thread? He is so obsessed with her and blames lolcow for their friendship of 7 years to tear apart

No. 250062

File: 1663699859028.jpg (79.99 KB, 1080x735, Screenshot_20220812-221950_Ins…)

he commented on her ig 5 yrs ago and 2.5 yrs ago, these were dropped in our discord a while back. that was her that liked the first one. so they have known each other a while that much is true. it would be nice to have input from momo on this, she would know more. 1/2 but saging for old news

No. 250063

File: 1663699883143.jpg (140.62 KB, 1080x1500, Screenshot_20220812-221308_Ins…)

No. 250089

it doesn't even seem like he's actually friends with momo, to her he's probably some random troon moid who likes and comments on her photos
he is a pedo because he knownlingy joined a groomer discord, became mod of said discord despite all the gross stuff posted in there, and willingly stayed in the pedo server and admitted to all this and doesn't even apologize or realize how gross this was - again he says it's ok because he "changed" while still presently being a disgusting freak
that along with him being completely obsessed with underaged anime girls and he's posted hentai featuring underaged anime girls too and even has a big poster of it in his room, man is a pedophile who is attracted to minors simple as
plus his deranged harassment of random women on lacemarket and his occasional misogynistic comments here and on /cgl/, he is a deranged freak and he had a reputation for being a predatory harasser and was blacklisted from most lolita spaces and by some sellers on lacemarket as early as 2018-2019 (way before he was even mentioned on lolcow btw)
it doesn't matter if the 14 year old he talks to wears lolita, it is a massive red flag he is talking to a minor as a 30 something year old man - she is on a totally different maturity level and if you look at her fb it's all older men being creepy, combine that with the fact he keeps mentioning wanting an "apprentice" and wants an underaged anime waifu gf it's fucking nasty and pedo behavior, normal non-pedo men want nothing to do with talking to little kids online nor do they have an underaged anime waifu that they want a gf to resemble
it's also weird for him to trawl around /cgl/ friend finder threads and use it as if it's some dating site where he can find an underaged lolita gf alongside lying about the fact he is male, I can only conclude he is trying to get unaware lesbian women to add him and has bad intentions considering he fetishizes lesbian relationships
stop trying to make excuses for this loser, he is very open about this stuff because he's too fucking retarded and mentally ill to turn his namefag off when he posts or step away from the screen, he's been acting creepy online in the cosplay and lolita communities for a decade or so now so it's pretty obvious by this point he isn't "trolling" there is something mentally wrong with this failedmale and his disgusting behavior and inability to remain anonymous on an anonymous imageboard is finally catching up to him
sorry this is probably already a long post but I want to add one last thing - he doesn't even care about lolita fashion, he can't coord for shit and just hoards AP dresses/accessories and he uses it as a way to insult and one-up women as if it's some sort of competition along with trying to get women to befriend him by saying he'll let them wear his dresses
he doesn't give a fuck about the fashion itself or being able to coord, it's a way for him to harass and meet women and make himself feel superior with his male ego since he has more dresses - he acts like lolita is merely some weird AP hoarding competition along with a way for him to get a gf

No. 250093

I am not fucking reading that, holy shit. Bullet point this shit, anon, and tag the posts or something. Probably is a pedo, but just being on a discord isn't proof enough, also if he wasn't involved, but the discord was, how's that his fault? Users do this on discords all the time, especially when they are tagged as lolicon discords, so what exactly kind of discord was it? Just saying 'Grooming discord' isn't really explaining fucking anything.

No. 250100

sorry kek I know it's long idk how to break up posts or whatever, using spaces in between just makes people screech "reddit spacing!"
the discord was a tranny grooming discord - they would try and get kids to cut themselves, take hrt/estrogen, and send nude/lewd photos of themself (so cp) along with making tons of creepy sexually inappropriate comments regarding kids
it was advertised as a troon pink pill/grooming server too, there is no excuse for being part of a disgusting server like that especially being a moderator - anyone who isn't a freak would immediately leave after seeing the shit that went down there

No. 250104


No. 250107

yeah you're right I should've been more brief and used greentext instead of writing a long spergpost but too late to delete so oh well, sorry nonas
tldr he is a creepy predator who needs to fuck off

No. 250123

File: 1663707746398.png (275.64 KB, 704x1296, faked.png)

The issue is theres still no proof linking him to that stuff.

>r9cute discord and reikos trap harem discord
You mean this one? https://knowyourmeme.com/comments/4277191 (pic realted) Can we focus on pedos outed with unedited screenshots now like W.T. Snacks?

No. 250132

what? he posts the underaged anime girls/hentai when he ban evades here, on his own facebook, tumblr, and all over /cgl/
along with his comments about wanting a chiaki nanami gf (again she is 16-17) on /cgl/ and has posted pics of his room on his fb with the creepy underaged yuri poster plus when he harasses lacemarket sellers he does it on his personal accounts where he has bought and sold shit on before
he does all this shit I mentioned with his name and identity attached to it
also the r9cute stuff is definitely not a "joke" or shitposting, idk about reiko himself or his separate server but there was definitely gross stuff going down in the r9cute server (it also wasn't owned by reiko and was an entirely separate group of pedo troons/moids)
sexualizing little kids and encouraging them to share self harm pics and lewd photos is not a joke nor shitposting, wtf? why is it ok when pedotroon sainte does this shit but all of a sudden not ok when beck and snacks do similar things? both are pedos, both have evidence for this, and you can talk about both at the same time in the thread - a knowyourmeme page containing nothing other than a random dude saying "trust me bro I talked to this guy and it's fake with edited screenshots" doesn't prove anything either

No. 250186

Normally sainte is twisted moid but ever since he confirmed in thread that he and ddz were cool before the screenshots, I believe him.

No. 250190

Drawn lolicon isn't proof of actually grooming children.

No. 250205

Smells like a bunch of degenerate in this thread

No. 250255

yes that's obvious and still doesn't change the fact he was mod for the grooming server and friends with those kinds of sickos along with the fact he wants to find someone just like his underaged anime waifu
he is still a creepy pedo and caping for him isn't going to make him any less disgusting

No. 250258

Anon, what other users do isn't the mods fault. They don't know if other users are doing things outside of the discord itself and in their own personal messages on discord. Either say real children were involved or just shut up about the lolicon/waifu stuff. I can't take shit like this seriously when it's all complaining about drawings.

No. 250259

yes real minors/cp were involved in the r9cute server

No. 250261

And not just juliet law shit and Sainte specifically has public proof of asking for sex or photos sexually from them?

No. 250270

no, he was a moderator of the server while a bunch of gross pedo grooming stuff took place in the server and could obviously see all the shit happening in there and didn't care to leave the server or report it or whatever, basically at best he's indifferent to pedo grooming activities/was friends with people who did that and at worst he participated in them too
why are you so adamant on trying to defend this pedo moid in particular it's weird, are you going to start defending beck and snacks or toast next? give it a rest already

No. 250294

I don't need semantics. I want facts and like I said, people getting caught doing shit isn't the mods fault. Why aren't you guys going after other mods then and singling Sainte out? I'm not defending, I'm getting facts and there's no facts or proof to real life grooming or pedophilia from Sainte. This whole discussion is just people mad about cross dressers.

No. 250310

this is the lolita thread, the other mods and pedos in that server aren't lolitas so even though they're gross and likely milky why would we go after them here? they have nothing to do with lolita community other than having sainte mod their grooming server - some of them already have threads on kf anyways
sainte is a creepy unhinged pedo harasser who tries to insert himself in lolita communities and hoards AP dresses hence why he is being brought up in this thread
pedophilia is sexual feelings directed towards children - it doesn't mean he has to be directly grooming a child or sexually abusing one to make him a pedo
he's made it very clear he's attracted to minors (pedophilia) and hangs around others who are also pedos or at least did while he was in that server
cape for this pedo all you want but go somewhere else to do it, everyone hates pedos here except you apparently
the cross dresser thing is a massive cope as if you even pay attention to these threads most of the cows itt and in all the previous threads are actual women and not trannies/crossdressing moids despite there being tons of them in lolita, only the ones who've done gross/milky shit like sainte get brought up here
I'm not going to bother going back and forth with you anymore as there has already been plenty of evidence posted/discussed and even if sainte straight up assaulted a kid irl or was caught with actual cp you seem like you'd make up some lame excuse for him, have fun continuing to cape for an insane pedotroon "crossdresser" kek

No. 250328

Actually with becks situation, yes. Anyone in a discord or interacting with sainte should be on a watch list.

No. 250329

That explains the caping so hard for momo in threads. If it was sainte double fisting for momo on threads I’m not surprised. Ofc he loves sharing to others about momo and spreading her business around.

No. 250347

actually i think ppl genuinely didn’t understand why momo was a topic, she was quiet and not milky

No. 250359

because us outsiders from the texas community don't know what hate parade they are throwing and why

No. 250370

Sainte was lingering around spreading things and being a massive psycho

No. 250371

He’s already universally hated, easy for him to stir up the shit in threads just to get a rise out of people.

No. 250376

File: 1663778286498.jpeg (145.44 KB, 1792x576, 6DE9FCA9-D85D-4E1C-B865-2AC432…)

Whatever chemistry momo and sainte had is just getting grossly obsessive from sainte. Whoever called out sainte must’ve made momo realize how much of a weirdo he is. Or maybe she herself posted him just to be done with him and his obsession of spamming her inbox daily.

No. 250382

She probably saw the screencaps and did it to protect herself, she drops people that ruin her image. Glad she left, the community is toxic, losing freidnships over it is silly.

No. 250383

is this him talking to himself while pretending to be momo?

No. 250392

More than likely. He seemed unhinged enough to have conversations with himself

No. 250396

poor momo, even deleting her social media wasn't enough to deter this unhinged obsessive creep

No. 250408

Her fault for encouraging the freak

No. 250432

Did they meet off cgl? I can’t imagine momo wanting to interact besides being tricked on friend finder.

No. 250449

He probably catfished her

No. 250504

File: 1663839328495.jpg (2.02 MB, 1944x6732, tranny hrt psyhop.jpg)

Didn't they also ship HRT to minors, or gave them ressources to create their HRT of their own?
Sadly I didn't save the most disturbing collages about r9cute, with underage boys being encouraged to cut themselves by a rapehon. Does anybody have them?

No. 250510

I think they gave them money/resources where to buy that infamous sketchy turkish or brazilian blackmarket hrt (the otokonoko pharmaceuticals one) with the lolis on the packaging
you can just google r9cute discord and there are some random altchans and forms with screenshots or do some quick image searches through r9k archives
also two collages here:

No. 250558

But is it true or not? Just because they talked about it, I doubt they did.

No. 250606

Nayrt from my understanding Reiko's server started it as a joke and then the Trap Harem group did it as a parody. But even joking about it is gross, they clearly put in effort to gather resources and info graphics. I'd say while it may have started as trolling some people were dumb enough to fall for it and others were vile enough to encourage it.

No. 250657

File: 1663879307877.jpeg (1.82 MB, 1170x2109, E71F91A4-F380-4806-A048-EC938F…)

ita brand gloomth is letting literal porn stars model for them now apparently. this girl's a suicide girls model + has onlyfans on her profile + posts softcore porn on ig

No. 250670

File: 1663882080075.jpeg (946.63 KB, 828x1441, ADF7E8B8-1D5C-422A-A626-773F7E…)

No. 250671

File: 1663882185658.jpg (63.93 KB, 828x1277, IMG_20220922_142902_842.jpg)

Very nice Lor

No. 250672

Average lor behavior

No. 250673

Gloomth is already shit tier/not lolita. Don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone actually want their shit. I see their LM listings just sit for months.

Spoil this shit, jfc.

No. 250674

This outfit is sick ngl
And gloomth isntns lolita brand

No. 250675

as in a cancer on society?


spoiler please my god. and im not surprised, lor has "modeled" for gloomth before, which makes me think the owners are coomers too to be picking a multiple pornrotted individuals as their brand ambassadors

No. 250676

It's not directly lolita no but the Lucy degen tagged this shit lolita BOTH times she's modeled for them.

This goes in the lor containment thread.

No. 250680

Sorry for forgetting to spoil I was so anxious to post that I forgot a crucial step. I accept my punishment

No. 250691

I do feel victimized by the quality of those headdresses ngl.

No. 250716

are you that thirsty for milk..

No. 250719

that and the tens of thousands of porn tagged as Lolita on Instagram.
if there's no milk dont go looking. someone will show up eventually to do something stupid. just give it a rest nonny

No. 250735

eh, the difference is there's actually lolitas who think gloomth is lolita. some people in my comm + lolitas i know online who aren't necessarily even ita follow them for some reason. they're a little more notable than just…. any random ethot wearing cat ears and a skirt and tagging it lolita imo

No. 250738

This >>250735 Gloomth is still worn by itas and when it's a vaguely lolita looking dress being tagged as lolita on a page advertising sex work it's not difficult to connect the dots there. It's absolutely milk that this brand is using so many swers and those 'models' think it's meant to be lolita. I'm calling DDZ kek.

No. 250748

No. 250760

File: 1663891993452.jpeg (17.22 KB, 250x333, nope.jpeg)

It's basic at best and the dress looks like a sad attempt at mimicking twirling ribbon.

No. 250762

File: 1663892156586.jpeg (53.81 KB, 480x640, NRkbAKxYb6PssLPfhkxgsSSDtcjZY2…)

Baby did a similar one too. Gloomth is the wish version of these dresses kek.

No. 250765

File: 1663892925595.jpg (63.49 KB, 424x640, 8f9dd1efc7f889c6341f322ed164d8…)

Gloomth used to have very cool pieces back in the day, I would consider them just handmade lolita. Nowadays it's pandering too much to the weirdo instagram zoomer alt crowd, the quality has diminished a lot and I would not recommend it. I remember plenty of anons liked Gloomth as a one-time purchase thing on /cgl/ back in the day, the dresses themselves have always been hit or miss though.

No. 250904

>Seattle comm mods don't even like kids
Who does? I think all comms should be 18+, most of the lolita community is adult women anyways. If people are concerned about them going out meeting adult strangers, then it would be best to not encourage them to join at all until they're of age. I don't even think they should be on our discords, kids get preyed on via discord servers notoriously. People forget that normal looking women can be creeps too.I hate having to babysit someone's obnoxious poorly dressed and probably broke teenager. I don't like having to watch what I say on discord because there are literal 14 y/os there, my community was all mid 20's-30's until recently, and it's completely changed the vibe online and in person.

Get rid of the kids for everyone's sake.

No. 250905

Sage your shit, but I agree. Hell, even 18 and 19 year olds aren’t much better. If you can’t buy alcohol yet you’re still a child.

No. 250906

this. i have no idea why kids are allowed to hang out with adults in these groups. it's not the same as a formal hobby group, and even most of those don't allow kids. kids are a liability too. if their parents leave them, people in the comm are responsible for them, like a babysitter. if anyone underage gets hurt the parents can sue mods or someone "responsible". it's just a bad idea.

No. 250908

Agreed but at the same time we started wearing lolita as teens too. In some ways I get it, I don't want them around either. There should be two groups, one under 21 and one 21+. But Seattle mods won't do this because they'd have to let someone else be in charge of the younger group.

No. 250914

Sauce plz?

No. 250917

Amen. I’m not a babysitter or a mentor. The ones under 18 should have their own groups. If I was a parent I wouldn’t have my child meeting with a group of women in their 20s-30s. Even if everyone is completely safe and cool it just feels weird. Plus it’s so awkward, I want to be with other people I relate to socially and financially. I don’t mind kids but I don’t want to mix with them in hobby groups.

No. 250920

The delusion, what do people have to be secretive about on an ANON BOARD. Think about it for one second ffs.

No. 250923

It’s a good idea in theory but there would still need to be an adult in charge of the under 21s to make sure weirdos don’t worm their way in

No. 250933

they mean if they interacted with her outside of this board people would find out, use your 2 brain cells retard.

No. 251027

Dredging up a conversation that died over a week ago I see. Sorry you missed your opportunity to shit on the Seattle community last time

No. 251050

I'm that anon, I said nothing about the seattle comm? I'm talking about the entirety of the US. Sorry I struck a nerve Seattle-chan, but I don't give a shit about your drama filed coomunity.

No. 251054

File: 1664031465250.jpeg (124.16 KB, 828x705, FE731FA6-32A5-4D1A-81FD-CB6AF3…)

And he’s banned

No. 251055

File: 1664031513891.jpeg (67.12 KB, 960x617, 80C39680-95E3-4C05-96B8-64F83B…)

Sainte won’t be spam posting here in 2 years

No. 251079

File: 1664041430361.png (742.29 KB, 926x642, Capture.PNG)

It's even worse than you think. Her models are legit irl fetish prostitutes. Stolen from BTB.

No. 251080

i hate this city.

No. 251082

File: 1664044779476.png (Spoiler Image, 245.56 KB, 383x634, SPOILER_unknown.png)

how are you going to sell yourself as the "goth gf experience" and then yeet your teets?

No. 251094

Oh my fuck. This is putrid.

No. 251095

Ugh that looks so bad, was her surgeon drunk? Her nipple is an oval.

No. 251103

I bet we'll also hear nothing about this from the cancel brigade. The open acceptance of degeneracy from the comm is really disturbing.

No. 251107

File: 1664056441655.jpg (357.34 KB, 1454x946, IMG_20220924_174758.jpg)

yoooo wtf is this. gloomth linking hookers on ig. i thought no way this aint real. sure enough. egl escort fo real real.

No. 251108

Looking like she bout to take a dump in that pic kek. Bet she do scat fetish for dat coin too.

No. 251111

If only them getting banned for the 384773th was actually milk… too bad IP bans are so easy to get around .

No. 251140

in disbelief that people actually pay to fuck that

No. 251159

>tfw this bitch lives right near me
pray4me. i hope she never sees me dressed up…

No. 251161

RIP nonners. I hope you don't end up in an establishing with her and use the same washroom.

No. 251165

she probably doesn't frequent the same cute cafes as me and my friends but i worry about seeing her at a mall for sure now.

No. 251193

File: 1664112750687.jpeg (268.22 KB, 1242x1628, 962B44C3-89EA-4CA1-B62B-42C37C…)

i just fucking remembered something, can’t find the post from either last thread or the thread before last, but someone mentioned that there was a post on that wannabe btb tumblr account (picrel) that accused an admin of CoF of being a DDLG blogger… and Jennkitty (who is defending beck in her discord group) is the admin of CoF

tinfoil: i think this beck shit has been brewing for awhile, and people attempted to report to jenn and she shot them down.

No. 251207

Got any leftover hats nonny? This was the third "secret" too so it was someone aware of the page before it was posted about here and cgl. Just out her, anon. Let's keep this train of exposing degens going.

No. 251225

anon no one cares or is going to care that people have sex lives even if it's degenerate this is how things are now

No. 251238

Speak for yourself coomer. I want nothing to do with these degens.

No. 251239

I think they're on to something. Out her ddlg blog and start ostracizing these freaks.

No. 251248

File: 1664139706099.jpeg (452.73 KB, 996x1753, 49B3F04D-E265-4509-8394-8D8C2F…)

so she’s why Nat got kicked from CoF, and why brandon is still in there.. And the discord convo is proof that she lurks so she definitely saw Brandon’s child-lesbian fetishist art. these people are leading the way for this fashion to go straight into the dumps.

she’s literally defending someone who used the n word r in 2016-17, and is dating an infamous pedo/lolic0n enjoyer. handmaidens plz die challenge.

nitpick but holy calves

No. 251253

I mean, wasn’t Nat always in trouble for kinkshaming? Iirc she was banned from other groups prior to terfgate for kinkshaming. Quote “calling them degenerates” It’s mentioned in her blog.

No. 251254

But isn't that a ridiculous thing to be banned from a LOLITA COMMUNITY for? We shouldn't be talking about kink shit in this community. Go somewhere else.

No. 251262

Well now we see why they were offended she was kink shaming them. Why they're talking about sexual topics around minors is beyond me, I assume they're pedos/pedo apologists.

No. 251264

unfortunately communities can do whatever they want, even if they're choosing to do the wrong thing. kinkshaming isn't even real.

No. 251267

COF admins are mostly ita and have allowed degen posts before, it's not some surprise that they're part of it. fb groups are a cesspool now like the rest of them
is that even tinfoil? seems likely given she admits it isn't the first time it's been brought up. even if all the screenshots are ~photoshopped~ and ~totes fake~ like she claims dating a coomer former 4chan mod is cringe enough as is

No. 251268

that is a bullshit reason to get kicked out of a group that is explicitly about a fashion. Also did she post that stuff in CoF? No. so why does she get kicked out for actions outside of the group? makes zero sense.

even if kinkshaming was "too mean" (it's not), it's not like being a kinkster is part of an oppressed identity? it's so fucked up that they get protection, when it's literally a sex interest. people can dislike other people's interests.

No. 251269

Guess they took it personally

No. 251283

you're quick to assume things but ok. keep wasting energy being mad all you want

No. 251285


I've seen breast cancer survivors with less visible scarring and they actually needed to have considerable amounts of tissue removed.

No. 251295

If you have a issue with cof you can just leave

No. 251301

thanks but no thanks, i'd rather point out CoF's hypocrisy and make fun of jenn's calves kek. begone degen discord brigade.

No. 251306


No. 251396

It’s not going to change. So you might as well make another group or learn to deal with it.

No. 251402

you realize it’s retarded and obvious as fuck when you keep begging people to stop talking about it ?
this is drama site, and this thread is about complaining about whatever the fuck is going on in the lolita community. if you don’t like seeing it, gtfo. we can talk shit about whoever.

No. 251424

nta but 'learn to deal with it' is an ironic statement.
it wouldn't be hard for people to move platforms
>posting on lolcow to defend themselves
the sad thing about this is it makes it all too obvious you've been in this thread the entire time

No. 251428

She’s an admin, which means she’ll not step down from managing one of the biggest Lolita groups on Facebook. Facebook is shit anyway, so I doubt anything will happen from this. I am not defending her as her hypocrisy is very wild, but for example, you can’t be mad at a business  owner for the way they manage. Just don’t support them or their business. 

No. 251431

nobody expects her to step down, and this isn't some kind of scenario where we're angry customers in a transaction and expect direct action. we're just gossiping in a drama thread. do u see why you're still dumb?

No. 251439

File: 1664211660713.jpg (535.61 KB, 1080x2235, Cch.jpg)

KEK jfash posted cotton_candy.hime for bashing religon and lying. Why do lolitas think shit talking with random people us a good idea?

No. 251440

File: 1664212520264.jpeg (264.31 KB, 759x1330, 7567E907-FEF0-4AD5-9F1C-D913DE…)

And ToastChaaan for liking pedophillia

No. 251442

>it wouldn't be hard for people to move platforms
IDK about that. For example look at how shit LM and its mods are, yet no one has ever moved from there. Lolitas are deeply stuck in their ways

No. 251443

KEK, why the fuck would they contact gtfomyjfash on their own acct?? and i wonder who they were trying to post about

No. 251444

tbh this is kind of a newfag take. LM is miles better than what we had in the past, it absolutely sucked before with just LJ. even with LM's issues, it's decent and people would prefer to stay at this point, especially with how you can use it to archive changing prices.

No. 251445

File: 1664213119504.jpeg (64.57 KB, 317x487, E0A0B7E6-7E21-4F71-B149-4123F7…)

No. 251446

Texas girls are at it again

No. 251447

The mods are the main problem, not the format. Changing negative feedback and writing over what the buyer said should not be a thing on any sales site. Nor should allowing retaliatory neg feedback that has nothing to do with the sale, after the seller received a neg from the buyer. At least CGL comm sales mods didn't do that shit.

No. 251448

I still can’t believe beck defended toast’s lolicon porn in those discord chats.

No. 251449

Pretty sure it's because she's into lolicon herself. If she said Toast was wrong then she'd have to admit she's worse.

No. 251450

Didn’t they banned Toastchaaan from the server?

No. 251453

what server is it to begin with? The discord group with beck, jenn, and aiu doesn't seem to be region/comm based. toast is in texas

No. 251454

A anon before posted that they were talking shit in a vetted drama discord and accusing DDZ of being behind beck's shittty mess. Ofc toast being a clout chaser she had to get deets on drama and compile information on others.

No. 251455

File: 1664215636835.jpeg (83.42 KB, 630x907, FE25FBF4-978B-473C-A58A-83B9E7…)

Here’s the message she left

No. 251456

File: 1664215681409.jpeg (140.32 KB, 583x871, E567BCAB-D1A3-497A-B05C-F463E9…)

No. 251457

File: 1664215934537.jpeg (138.4 KB, 657x820, 2B24B908-70D3-40BC-96B8-F459C9…)

No. 251458

imagine reaching out to some faceless drama account from your main and airing a stream-of-consciousness dirty laundry essay about someone you dont like. ashleigh seems really mentally unwell in general though, her raging about the troll asking if she's trans is wild. if anything i'm surprised this account didn't try cancelling her for Doing A Transphobia

the watchdog account is retarded too with their catholicism wking, but accounts like that always are.

No. 251460

File: 1664216181346.jpeg (133.21 KB, 584x836, E5CABEE3-8340-4B47-87AE-83774A…)

No. 251462

File: 1664216436292.jpeg (134.49 KB, 641x850, 1FDC9DFE-39DE-41D7-B146-F300CE…)

No. 251463

File: 1664216549004.jpeg (109.76 KB, 515x828, C8B801DC-EADF-468C-8A19-76733C…)

No. 251464

File: 1664216672742.jpeg (125.38 KB, 607x849, F6D11369-14EE-41F0-A867-718AB7…)

No. 251466

They accused it of being Nat even after Beck herself admitted shes too young to have been there. >>247561 My tinfoil is that discord posts eachother, see them posting Alys >>244200 and Jenn >>245998 two cows thatve never been brought up before and dropped with no context or a fake one (obvious Jenn and DDZ don't look alike)

Catholics and scientologists kek!

No. 251467

File: 1664217607851.jpeg (570.65 KB, 828x1030, 5F12697C-6597-4691-8295-A89871…)

Biggest crime yet

No. 251470

Ngl I don’t see how this is nearly on the same level as being a age player or a pedo. This is just dumb drama, why is it on the GTFO page

No. 251473

pretty sure theyre sjws, they posted racism and xenophobia before and use they pronouns.

No. 251474

so we’re not taking this seriously right? this is a pretty retarded callout on jfash’s end

No. 251478

Honestly I think they were using this as an excuse to make a point that they don’t support vendetta submissions

No. 251490

File: 1664224150996.jpg (252.86 KB, 846x1652, 308821350_614764860100993_4910…)

Kek love Ashleigh used to follow jfash and it was all okay til she was posted.

No. 251491

File: 1664224999570.jpeg (341.27 KB, 828x1435, E2983C35-C948-4008-9A73-29D9EF…)

She sending her army to harass the page

No. 251493

File: 1664225866644.jpg (1.02 MB, 2584x1788, hypocrit.jpg)

and to no ones surprise the minor defending ashleigh is on some ddlg shit despite saying no ddlg in her lolita acc bio

No. 251495

File: 1664226322326.png (54.63 KB, 239x211, B9A8F6E7-8559-466C-BF9D-206DBD…)

No. 251503

agreed, this is stupid. i get wanting to let people know that they don’t allow vendettas, but the statement “all religions are valid” is fucking worms for brain logic.
no, they’re not all “valid.” try telling that to the women who are forced to carry rape babies or experince femicide.

gtfomyjfash should’ve just said “no” and kept it pushing.

No. 251504


>>244200 is >>244169
did we really need context?

No. 251505

why aren’t the pics full screenshots with the attached handles? those pics can be from anywhere. learn to post caps correctly. also, i’d steer clear of posting a kid, shes clearly being groomed if those pics are actually hers. calling her bf daddy??

No. 251506

Her and her bf are friends with pedos so what do you expect?

No. 251507

i thought estotericpictures was a mabel burner? they were following mabel and other UK normies iirc. idk where digitalangel96 is from but her acc is ratchet too she posted a nude. how long til jfash posts that? kek

anyone 16+ can be posted to the farms

No. 251521

File: 1664236217505.jpeg (362.94 KB, 1125x1126, F9CE3AB2-E875-4407-8FD2-ACF585…)

over a little backlash? you need more balls than this to run an account like gtfomyjfash kek

No. 251568

It's normal to private when targeted that's not rlly milk. Just follow the acc then. The real milk is I don't think this acc is run by Aubrie, Watchdog has been silent and private for months.

No. 251600

Kek weak as fuck. Sorry, some religious ideals suck and should be shamed.

Who the fuck is targeting them? I doubt more than 3 ppl actually dm’d them. Again, they need to thicken that skin.

No. 251611

it’s normal for your average joe to private when targeted. it’s pussy shit and yes, milky when an account dedicated to fortifying the community against freaks, pedos and degens goes on private because they got less than ten negatively worded comments on an unusually retarded post.

No. 251637

exactly. this account only has 170 some followers, most of the views come from lurkers because it may not be safe for people to even identify themselves as following this acct. Privating shows that they just wanted to protect themselves and they clearly can’t take criticism which is annoying. i just can’t believe they thought defending one of the largest religions in the world was uwu progressive!!11

at least BTB or the secrets tumblr will go as far as posting content that is critical of them. it ain’t that deep.

No. 251649

Who the fuck made a 17-year-old teen a mod for whatever comm this is

No. 251650

What is this stupid tinfoiling? there is literally nothing to suggest that she has ever even interacted with him. He's just some insane obsessive creep

No. 251663

Wasn't it private when it started too ? Or am I thinking about Watchdog ?

No. 251665

Wow I can't stand this generation. Imagine messaging random accounts to spread drama about someone with a different political opinion/ideology to you. Inb4 the super racist and homophobic accounts she was sharing were just little old Catholic ladies. Even if they weren't she still looks like an absolute schizo.

No. 251675

Momo and sainte both got handsy on cgl then

No. 251677

All thanks to ashleigh for running a hate campaign against the girl she tried to report

No. 251683

to be fair, if the person actually stated that women who have abortions deserve to be murdered or that women should carry rape babies, i don’t think most lolitas would care if it’s an ideology or not. that’s batshit crazy and should be shamed, but she unfortunately never shared the milk

No. 251693

Ashleigh since you’re here
Why don’t you drop the deets on this person. Who is the crazy bible rubbing anti rape abortion freak?

No. 251695

Nat couldn't make it more obvious it's her behind that account if she tried both ashleigh and her are retarded

No. 251698

File: 1664291792414.jpeg (46.44 KB, 828x221, 0D71296A-0DD6-4580-BFE1-ECB25A…)

“We’re not the same pedos”- sainte

No. 251700

Sage stupid updates like these. We don't need a play by play daily of who follows who.

No. 251701

At least he can acknowledge he’s not even more fucked up like toast

No. 251703

>no cp, all fictional drawings

Jfc, are there or aren't there real kids involved? This is such bait at this point and not milky to keep arguing about photos. It's like lolita clickbait.

No. 251704

Meanwhile there’s no proof sainte did anything people are claiming

Here we have proof that toast is obviously liking and very into CP loli porn

No. 251705

It’s absurd that she is so against sexual assault and yet here she is liking pedophile artwork created by other pedophiles.

No. 251710

I think sainte is the least of our worries rn with these two lingering in the Lolita community
Seriously, these are the people behind cancelling others while being very shitty themselves. Allegedly people from becks discord seen up close on toast sharing screenshots from 4chan and starting shit up with her buddies. It’s why people like DDZ uses their platform to call out community psychos.

No. 251711

You can also be against SA and be in to CNC. These things aren't mutual

No. 251712

>Allegedly people from becks discord seen up close on toast sharing screenshots from 4chan and starting shit up with her buddies.

The fucking hypocrisy.

No. 251713

she's just another newfag to the community, that created a community

No. 251714

Anon, CNC isn't relevant here when we're talking about pedophilic artwork. No1currs about your kink.

No. 251715

Gb2discord you schizophrenic. Can't believe the dumb shit you guys make up in your heads in there.

No. 251717

what discord? you sound in need of medication if you lash out this hard nonna but thanks for confirming my statement

No. 251718

do you guys ever think about what paranoid schizophrenic delusions you're having about a 17 year old or nah? kinda gay

No. 251719

quite the contrary, paranoid skitz

No. 251720

CNC doesn’t exist, you either consent or you don’t. Fuck off with the rape kink shit.

No. 251721

you sure showed me by acting unhinged kek

No. 251722

File: 1664293757075.jpeg (236.35 KB, 767x1319, 7164588D-D98A-45A6-8422-E9B4CB…)

Here’s another toast slip up from the discord

No. 251724

anon, don't you think it's a bit more unhinged and newfaggy to blame every anonymous post on Nat?

none of what I said was unhinged, it was pointing out how you act and think, along with many others. I personally don't have paranoid delusions and completely understand how anonymous boards function. Do you?

No. 251725

File: 1664293886318.jpeg (675.65 KB, 828x817, 19FB5494-752A-4A78-8AB9-70A20B…)

I remember seeing Venus angelic posting this slobby sexualized mental illness photo

No. 251726


No. 251727

>imagine being such a newfag you think everyone anonymous is Nat
>doesn't understand greentext
fucking newfag

No. 251728

that picture is cute ww

No. 251729

just a tinfoil comment, but anyone else think this board has become war of the 17 year olds? is it Isha posting Nat all the time?

No. 251731

it's just a war of unmedicated nonnas that need a good job and life advice from a therapist

No. 251732

oh please cry about it on your Dreamwidth

No. 251740

>retards don't even know what a newfag is
yes I'm nat and I was the sperm in my father's balls in 2004, while posting on 4chan.

No. 251741

it's no wonder you newfags have no clue who WTSnacks is

No. 251743

File: 1664298594088.jpg (216.65 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20220927-100333_Ins…)

Yea anons shizoposting abt Nat is Isha, Caitlin and a few other seattlechans like Allyson. They never shut up abt her on discord. As mods you think they'd control their mouthes better.

Anyway jfash posted the convo to their story but no word who it was Ashleigh was arguing witj.

No. 251744

File: 1664298629956.jpg (227.77 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20220927-100349_Ins…)

No. 251745

File: 1664298656062.jpg (196.67 KB, 1080x1902, Screenshot_20220927-100357_Ins…)

No. 251746

Stop hi cowing, holy shit. You're wrong to begin with.

No. 251747

>not my bio saying don't follow if easily offended
>jfash doesn't follow her back

Ashleigh was caught in another lie, love that for her. Also changed her story from her dad being the focus to her so she could have an excuse to hate catholics! Not to medfag but is she a pathological liar or something?

No. 251748

If you genuinely believe that a fetus has a soul, like many religious people do, this is probably the most polite and straightforward way you can say it. it's impressive for her to come across as even more unhinged than a Jesus freak. How did she get "rape is good" out of anything she said??

No. 251749

The Bible thumper very clearly says that "conception during rape is uncommon", which is retarded enough, but Ashley still chooses to twist it into "rape is uncommon". why even lie about that unless you have some vendetta

No. 251750

Caps on this board prove otherwise

No. 251751

It's not hi cowing or tinfoil look at the screenshots this thread and even last retard >>247561 >>249231 esp Isha has been harassing Nat and her friends for months at least.

No. 251752

agreed, the screenshot shows there's constant skitzo posting from the CeeGeeULL discord

fucking newfag cancer

No. 251753

>imagine being in a 4chan discord with your real ass information admitting to being a skitzo on 4chan

No. 251755

File: 1664301625418.png (67.35 KB, 538x114, skitzo.png)

let me spoonfeed you guys. you are listening to someone who blames NAT for everything, but yet says this

No. 251757

why would you ever joke about wanting to look at cp, do upskirts, and a decade later still have the joke going to the point you're obsessed with calling yourself 12? it wasn't funny the first time and isn't now. we need a list of pedo apologists besides just Beck, Jenn, and Anna.

No. 251769

File: 1664305671370.jpg (309.35 KB, 1080x2287, Screenshot_20220927-213318_Gal…)

Has nat + co written all over it

This is quite old bc tbh little price is an unreliable source/definitely a liar/ stretcher of the truth but hey, apparently someone likes to rant pro life views so

No. 251770

>more Nat schizo posting
>admits source is a liar
You discordchans have to do better

No. 251771

“Nat + co” I wonder where I’ve heard that before… not to hi cow, but if you’re trying to not make it obvious who you are I would stay away from using the same phrases you’ve been outed for using in your leaked discord chats

No. 251784

No you cannot. That’s like saying you’re anti child abuse and look at anime CP. disgusting freak

No. 251792

You are so fucking stupid. Nat likes to play dumb and claim to not know anything about 4chan or lolcow but she is behind all of these accounts who continually vendetta post. She may not have been old enough to know about Snacks when it happened, but she loves to shit talk and cancel people so I’m not surprised she found out and ran with the rumors. She isn’t some crusader against sexual predators, she’s terminally online and obsessed with the people who banned her. She needs to get a fucking job and get off 4chan and discord. Get over it nat! You’re banned and no communities want you around! Sell your two brand pieces and move on already kek

No. 251797

Careful anon you will be accused of being a 'skitzo' by totally not the same three people

No. 251800

File: 1664316840748.jpg (2.25 KB, 232x19, skittles.jpg)

what a sperg post

you're right, it's perfectly normal and sane to start comparing a 16 year old girl to how someone caused agoraphobia in your best friend as a child when you're a 38 year old woman. Perfectly. Normal. to draw those parallels.

No. 251807

is her age going down by one year each post you make?

No. 251808

samefag but anon what are you even talking about? take your pills

No. 251809

So she thought she can push the attention onto sainte?

No. 251832

nta but I also witnessed this in that bird discord

No. 251887

this, i can’t really make sense of all the hi-cow posts. it doesn’t help that we know for a fact that they all lurk so it’s not even wild to assume they’re posting, including nat, but there are more ppl talking than i think ppl in here assume.

the amount of times i’ve been called nat is kinda hilarious lol

No. 251893

imagine trying to defend your pedophile boyfriend by blaming a 17-year-old who wouldn't know anything about his reputation. this really just makes Beck look worse

No. 251918

Same, nonny. Calling out the Nat schizoid posts makes them double down, that's the only reason I do it. Yes I am Nat. You are Nat. The entire internet is Nat, even before she was born kek >>251893 What's wild is she's been private for idk a few weeks now and they're still seething over her. Fan behavior. Guess they're not taking it well that they're the new cows since the Nat milk dried up.

No. 251930

why the fuck are we defending this forced birther? Has the world gone mad, regardless of how you feel about Ashleigh she’s really
not saying anything insane here. I bet this account is bunnakins, she already got cancelled once but she definitely has these views.

No. 251933

whose defending her? ppl are saying ashleigh looks even more insane than the jesus freak because she lied about the conversation

No. 251962

I think since she went private the schitzoid behavior got worse. That’s when I started seeing everyone speculate about her posting/ comments

No. 251980

Same. Would like to speculate above leaker-chan likely just got tired of seeing all of it from Beck too.

>>247573 leaker-chan who else is banned from the discord? is there a list?

No. 251981

Bunnakins also now goes by allurecross, alicefrill, angel.grosgrain and others and at least one of them is in the comments of the gtfomyjfash post

No. 251983

>imagine being so annoying that a mod targeted u

No. 252063

Whoever this faggot bitch is need to chug bleach

No. 252115

File: 1664467906676.jpeg (524.6 KB, 828x1443, 979DEC36-09C6-4E18-8F55-B5CF25…)

The pedo is begging for money and refuses to sell her glamour dresses for funds. https://gofund.me/6b54f866

No. 252116

File: 1664467942755.jpeg (251.94 KB, 827x1521, 5D694D65-7D39-4239-82C9-A29061…)

No. 252118

when did she have surgery? and for what? not even questioning it, i just haven't heard anything.

plus, if you don't have minimum 2k in savings, why are you purchasing 300-400 dollar dresses?? She could easily have that much saved up by now, and that's not even including accessories that are worth 50-60 bucks, and the amount of (shitty) wigs she goes through.

There's nothing i hate more than a Sweetfag who can't save. it's always them

No. 252120

Just reading this sounds off. I could understand that she really needs help and the American healthcare system being trash, but what about the everyday people who works hard pay off debt? Then her explaining her “lavish” expensive dresses were bought before her medical debt? It just screams I had money before I irresponsible lost it and wants people to pay for my responsibility.

>If you feel the need to hate post here just pretend you didn’t see it.


No. 252121

I truly wonder how do Americans like her survive?

No. 252122

Living off Section 8, food stamps, doing favors for desperate scrotes AKA prostitution, Ebegging, and collecting fame on social media.

No. 252124

our medical system sucks, tbh i dont think because other people have to suffer everyone should, however it's clear she didn't even think to save whatsoever and that's the annoying part

she clearly HAS the financial capacity. She is in a luxury fashion

No. 252125

File: 1664469373821.jpg (640.21 KB, 1080x1769, Hypocrite.jpg)

She also posted a TikTok/reel where the audio basically makes fun of asking for money, insinuating that she wouldn't.

Actual audio:
"Breaking news I actually could use your support, but I've convinced myself that asking for help would make me a burden, and instead of giving you the choice, I'm going to make the decision for you by never asking and suffering in silence."

I know people's medical stuff is a sensitive subject, but if she's asking for money, she really needs to tell people what it's for. It could be elective plastic surgery for all we know.

No. 252127

Only $3,000? Why couldn’t she arrange a payment plan with the hospital to pay down the bills in a few months?

No. 252134

I remember a old school fag saying she volunteered at lolita convention and toast volunteered too because badges were too expensive for her. She didn’t show up to anything because she just ran off to hang with her Texas groupies than staying around to help with the convention.

No. 252136

I heard she tried to include herself in other Lolitas dinner plans and have them pay for her food.

No. 252138

I was about to say, sage for self blogging but I accidentally got left with a 2k medical bill I wasn't expecting, but the hospital accepted a 200 a month plan since hospitals usually don't get anything back and sell it to collections.

hospitals would rather you pay some than none, or wait too long to pay it off completely.

No. 252140

Let me guess. She rather put her payment plans towards dresses and pulling off the most half ass coords

No. 252147

It doesn’t states what kind of surgery she had so I’m very skeptical of this. I’m normally the one to donate, but after reviewing her description it doesn’t sound right at all.

No. 252157

Yeah it was RVR

No. 252173

Biggest scum move IMO
The audio was so distasteful

No. 252189

Not even a vague mention of what type of surgery it was? Here’s a wild idea: sell your dresses to pay for the rest of your medical bill.

No. 252194

There's constant mention of the cows in discord. Anyone have a user list of these shit stirrers?

No. 252199

hit a nerve?

No. 252201

It's not exactly hidden, is it?

No. 252202

File: 1664494254261.jpg (31.17 KB, 225x940, 2022-09-29 16_30_04-#seagull-c…)

No. 252203

so what does that explain? it only shows people who are active?? don't weed yourself out

No. 252205

She ruined their night too

No. 252208

File: 1664495577805.jpg (34.61 KB, 235x840, 2022-09-29 -#seagull-colonic.j…)

No. 252209

File: 1664496100301.jpg (8.96 KB, 231x485, 2022-09-29 16_31_04- #seagull-…)

No. 252210

anyone want to request a ctrl+f on their name in #seagull?

No. 252212

File: 1664497457630.jpg (14.27 KB, 221x900, 2022-09-29 - #seagull-colonic…)

No. 252213

File: 1664497770592.jpg (17.83 KB, 214x905, 2022-09-29 - #seagull-coloni…)

No. 252215

This is just retarded. How is this milk? Are there any SC of chats and not just members? Seriously stop stirring shit up with the discord shit stirrers and post relevant sc.

No. 252218

there's multiple pieces to a puzzle

No. 252219

What >>252215 said, I don’t see how this is relevant to anything. I thought we already established that guilt by association is stupid and doesn’t actually prove anything.

No. 252220

Explain it

No. 252221

stop being a whiner. it was requested >252194

No. 252222

What is her “glamorous” job that lets her travel but she can’t make ends meet? My best guess is flight attendant but I was under the impression that they get paid quite well?
The fact that she doesn’t mention what kind of surgery this is for (you don’t get the luxury of privacy when you’re begging for handouts) and the fact that she refuses to sell her dresses make it seem really sketchy. Even if she kept a dress or 2 that were sentimental, if she sold the rest she’d get at least part of the money she needs for this surgery and people would be more will to help. If she’s not even willing to sell her fancy Japanese dresses, it doesn’t seem like it’s a surgery that’s urgent or even necessary. She’s more concerned with her “glamorous” (but low paying?) job and glamorous dresses.
I hope she gets nothing.

No. 252233

No. 252243

This is about to get interesting

No. 252245

Us mobilefags seething rn

No. 252248

holy shit, i had completely forgotten about eloping. is he still around?

No. 252267

these are some truly awful people.

No. 252268

>saying this while also being on the farms

No. 252269

Touche, nona.

No. 252276

This isn't milky at all. You are basically saying everyone in there is a predator which is absolutely crazy on your behalf just because they are in this Discord. Also, you need #s for these, names mean nothing on Discord. Do you plan to give out every user #?

No. 252277

It's not.

No. 252281

Nobody is saying theyre all predators, someone asked who the dicsord cows are so theres the list of them

No. 252286

Which one are you? Kek never seen so many people this bad at hiding their online footprint. Hope someone else drops the rest, gn

Aiu#0642 = @aiulura @aiu.lura
elipri#5757 = @comrade.frill
romeo#3055 = @bunii_boy
Reira#5451 = @butterbutterfly @reira.kitchen
Caitlin505#5468 = @abhorrentfrills
beck#2603 = @beckattack @everydayalemon
alys#0310 = @digitalangel96
Lise#1908 = @sc00ppy
victorix#6766 = @agentlemandoesnotconga
zepplis#6640 = @zepplis
ametrine#4707 = @rosequartzroyalty
Radical Eddy#1987 = @radicaleddy
pastel-princess#0753 = @marshmallowbnuy
Saturn#5252 = @peachburger
Chryse#0151 = @chryse.planitia
rougeaerie#2278 = @rougeaerie
pyuukin#4112 = @pyuukin @pyuukin.art
evasiqe#8696 = @evasiqe

No. 252287

Discord shows your username if you’re offline. So the leaker is Jessi

No. 252293

That's Nat's alt, she also runs BTB, jfashion.watchdog, gtfomyjfash, gtfomyegl, cgl, egl-comm-sales, and uses mind control to run CoF using Jennifer Myles as a proxy.

No. 252295

File: 1664525998354.png (67 KB, 210x416, alovelyspring.png)

discord's UI highlights your name in the sidebar when you're offline. at least the other leakers were smart enough to hide their tracks

Jessi it's zoomy only = sparklepegasus#1031 = @alovelyspring

No. 252298

File: 1664527220299.png (2.78 MB, 6792x4000, Untitled-1 (2).png)

sage for autistic post but small compilation of mentorship related interactions. pretentious itas with a power complex

No. 252299

it was obviously her, she only blurred her pfp.

No. 252300

File: 1664527607621.png (1.99 MB, 4000x4000, Untitled-1 (3).png)

samefag, special post for this girl because somehow all her mentee posts are nat related

No. 252302

that’s actually a rose, she uses the same pfp on insta and twitter.

No. 252304

Bullying furries and drag queens out of the fashion is valid tho

No. 252307

File: 1664529516225.png (62.64 KB, 233x168, haggard.PNG)

No wonder she uses a face sticker, took a look at her instagram and she's haggard.

No. 252311

kek i don't follow her so i didn't know.

No. 252320

Kek this is too funny! Can you discord fags update the thread if she got booted and blocked by everyone she dropped

No. 252322

File: 1664540236613.jpeg (103.55 KB, 828x249, 06097B37-9ED5-48AB-A9DA-886DD5…)

She want you to pay for her surgery AND other expenses so she can start streaming and doing art.

No. 252340

Is that a man?

No. 252341

holy shit NO i actually like her coords, what a dumb bitch

No. 252346

mods trying to coax people to screenshot.
u requested it, just remember that

No. 252349

How fucking brain broken do you have to be to be defending drawn CP. Actual children may not have been hurt in the making, but whoever's looking at it clearly has an interest in children.

No. 252350

that's beck or her bf. no one is this retarded.

No. 252351

Scrotes, Teens or both.

No. 252355

File: 1664549588124.png (337.3 KB, 1536x282, howaboutlogsthen.png)

if screenshots aren't valid, then maybe years worth of logs will be for these local communities to run through and see their community members participating in active drama and drama boards?

No. 252357

I agree with ashleigh that this person is retarded, but so is she for lying about the conversation. I don't think it was callout worthy, or post to your story-worthy. I would have blocked the catholic and kept it moving. Tell people show people the convo privately. This sounds like some drama that should have been handled locally. The catholic girl would have been silently shunned from the group after maybe a week in my community if the actual screenshots got out. There was really no reason to lie.

No. 252359

Don't out yourself next time, lala. You're the only one who knows who wt snacks is.

No. 252361

Sell your dresses then! I stg, this girl is trying to get her own thread.

Hard agree on the healthcare stuff, but I've seen her post burando often enough that she should be able to cover her own medical costs.

After her recent pedo "allegations" she can fucking die for all I care. People should spam links to the gtfomyjfash callout on her all over these e-begging pages.

No. 252365

anon this is good but this is unhinged behaviour please go outside

No. 252369

File: 1664552068038.png (748.53 KB, 800x450, 9C0A0106-D189-4668-9F26-F0CBF0…)

I’m glad that people are seeing through her scheme. She expects the world to bow down-to her and her shit online wokeness.

I was a volunteer too and she only showed up to things that appealed to her like the VIP party. Never dealt with such a deranged volunteer staff who runs off when they’re needed.

No. 252376

So it’s common knowledge now that the mentoring server is just a front for these girls to make fun of their “mentees”

No. 252377

File: 1664553702128.jpg (22.55 KB, 413x270, 9a0.jpg)

I miss old lolita drama when it was all salty and contained on drama sites like cgl, lolcow, btb. Now it's all dogpile vendetta and who can we frame as a pedo, ageplayer, sissy.

Half of the cows in the summary haven't done anything in years. And the cows who are still active somehow avoid being posted or added to the list. Very suspicious but I'm not surprised they are the ones who talk the most shit in the discord log.

Maybe if we didn't harrass the milkiest cows personally so much they wouldn't hide and we could keep milking them.

No. 252380

no one's acting unhinged anon

No. 252382

idk saving 5 yrs of a chat is pretty dang unhinged
kek that it starts with charyb, glad that psycho is long gone

No. 252383

To be fair, its not like they wouldve had to save everything manually, they just scraped it. It wouldnt even be that hard

No. 252384

anon, if you really think it's unhinged to expose people talking shit on each other behind their backs then you need to check your moral compass

No. 252391

posting on lolcow and talking about moral compass KEK

No. 252392

>blanket comparisons
nevermind you have no brain cells, that's probably why you have your alias in that chat

No. 252394

People who keep making weird comments like this know it means they're shit too, right?

No. 252397

the irony is that the chat logs prove that they are more than half of the people on this board and on cgl

No. 252398

Normally I’d agree with you, but these type of people are the first to throw shade and be petty, but run away with their tail tucked between their legs as soon as they are on the receiving end.

What a dumb take. The internet is the internet. There is no “safe space” to discuss drama.

No. 252400

"safe space" free of judgement from people who are the ones judging. sure seems toxic.

No. 252401

At least we have the decency to stay anonymous and stay in our lane or we risk a ban.
The chat is insane and some of the notorious users have very obvious typing styles that I definitely recognize from here.
Just confirms for me how much on here is complete bullshit

No. 252402

just a lot of personal vendetta

No. 252406

How long until they start turning on each-other and begin the finger pointing and deflecting?

No. 252407

they started doing that a long time ago, half of the people posting in there post their friends on here

No. 252411

This chat proves that's all these places are anymore. They've forgotten anon boards should stay anon. Moving to discord was a mistake, these chats are too easy to scrape kek. At least we have some real cows and milk now.

No. 252412

well, the misclassification by the lolita community that /cgl/ was drama in the first place was the first mistake. meanwhile they all participate now.

it wasn't, but it sure did kill it.

thanks #seagull and your shitty LCF feed, fucking newfags

No. 252415

Who would have the free time to try and skim thru all these messages anon? I ain't reading five years of logs in notebook format I have a job

No. 252417

Its called ctrl+F, nonny.

No. 252418

Are we going to discuss how deranged zepplis#6640 is? Shes admitted to browsing ceeg and farms before but of course its for "making sure nothing bad is being posted about the server members" and wanted to use a catfish discord account to join nat's discord to "expose" everyone. Not to mention her clusterfuck mismatched coords and the way she blurres basically the whole image instead of cleaning up the mess behind her mirror.

No. 252420

nonny some of these girls have thousands of messages logged in

No. 252421

Ctrl+F for keywords, not usernames

No. 252422

What discord does nat have? I thought she just modded babylita and some others?

No. 252423

How old is she jfc

No. 252425

search for cows
receive milk

No. 252427

too old to dress like a dumpsterfire and live in a trash pile

No. 252428

Can you fucking learn to sage?

No. 252432

File: 1664564271580.jpg (3.35 MB, 1842x2968, Fat_ugly_edgy_ddlg_vetteditas.…)

Thanks for the list nonna
Just missing Aiu and Radical Eddy from your list.

Feel free to change out photos or correct any mistakes. If I have the wrong person to the user. These are all nobodies to me so I'm just going off by what I found upon search

No. 252433

Ty nonna. Did you put the wrong Discord ID for pyuukin though or does she change races

No. 252434

At least you’re not in our discord server :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 252435

as seen here by the comment where they continue to exist in their natural environment, we discover that the discord madfag has decided to comment to pretend to be an elitist. But this creature has not processed what has happened yet, nor have they understood that they were discovered by their trail that they left behind.

No. 252436

This and Texas comm posters. So sick of those bitches ruining everything

No. 252437

You’re missing more people from the discord

No. 252438

Don't forget @mylesjennifer and melonoma I mean @meloman1a!

No. 252439

File: 1664565525180.jpg (3.35 MB, 1842x2968, Fat_ugly_edgy_ddlg_vetteditas1…)

No. 252440

If someone here doesn't know who @mylesjennifer is
they don't belong here

No. 252441

Names and comms

No. 252443

I can't believe they have a scrote in there.

No. 252444

they do be cute doe i would suck their toes nohomo

No. 252445

who are you even talking about? half of them look like cave trolls

No. 252447

That's because he's a 4chan janny and gets the IPs of anyone harassing their members.

No. 252448

jannys don't get ips, retard

No. 252451

Are you OK nonny jenn was already outed way upthread >>247574

jennkitty#3462 = @mylesjennifer
melomania#8041 = @meloman1a

No. 252460

lol liv talking about LC like it's a drug:

[31-Mar-22 01:50 PM] pastel-princess#0753
Dude I haven’t looked in a few days but someone keeps fucking pretending to be me replying to shit and it’s really irritating

[31-Mar-22 01:52 PM] pastel-princess#0753
Yeah I’m on day 4 of keeping off the site [emoji]

No. 252465

File: 1664573754612.gif (4.09 MB, 400x530, 1664569928503.gif)

No. 252466

sometimes cows are just milky

other times they are the living impersonation of one

this is one of those times

No. 252467

No. 252476

what did she do?

No. 252517

How old is this from? It starts with k8 and goose, which is like 5 years old.

No. 252527

Cake#9854 = @abbie_666
jellophish#3131 = @oceans.tears
jennkitty#3462 = @mylesjennifer
melomania#8041 = @meloman1a
lori#7634 = @loriibarbie
starstarfairy#3297 = @starstarfairy @sweetjujushop
revan#2618 = @ebonhawkrevan
cardinalcopia#8144 = @kdycu
PaperSnowflakes#8415 = @paper_snowflakes
Neeks#0146 = @neekymomo
tigbittyhobbit#1832 = @pastel_rengoku @pastel_hashira
ghostlie#7579 = @ghostliekim
Chocolatelapins#7723 = @chocolatelapins @_chocolapin

No. 252529

File: 1664600492127.jpg (81.5 KB, 1293x562, grossyuk.JPG)

"[07-Oct-21 03:30 PM] Chryse#0151
But yeah I think lucid's right

[07-Oct-21 03:33 PM] cardinalcopia#8114

[07-Oct-21 03:33 PM] cardinalcopia#8114
I see now

[07-Oct-21 03:33 PM] cardinalcopia#8114
I was just like what

[07-Oct-21 03:33 PM] beck#2603
You've got to be kidding me. I've been further even more decided to use even go need to do look more as anyone can. Can you really be far even as decided half as much to use go wish for that? My guess is that when one really been far even as decided once to use even go want, it is then that he has really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like. It's just common sense."

You guys really hate esl speakers, don't you?

No. 252540

Texas is being a mess on cgl rn

Let me guess, you’re in sainte’s discord server?

No. 252542

File: 1664605380897.png (156.35 KB, 1730x864, backwards ass.png)

these homophobic spicy-straight child porn enjoying itas…

No. 252543

File: 1664605713673.jpeg (410.22 KB, 828x1401, 7B42541D-8289-41DA-9D2D-974444…)

Guess who went public and is sperging about this. Her entire story is unhinged ranting.

No. 252544

this is really gross and homophobic

No. 252547

File: 1664606347920.jpeg (500.33 KB, 828x1480, DAE2618E-92B5-4F7B-B24F-2E7BB7…)

More nat rants

No. 252548

File: 1664606379570.jpeg (687.18 KB, 828x1351, 4F646853-1D8A-40B6-86D9-DBBD42…)

No. 252549

File: 1664606509550.jpeg (558.87 KB, 828x1450, 2346DDBB-9A51-4672-93F2-9A1979…)

No. 252550

File: 1664606602475.jpeg (249.31 KB, 828x1244, 8BDEF7F2-E678-4F4E-B173-21B1B7…)

No. 252551

File: 1664606732896.jpeg (851.62 KB, 828x1432, A92D5232-D357-49EE-9382-91316B…)

No. 252553

File: 1664606856099.jpeg (444.13 KB, 828x1326, A20AE5E3-E5A2-4091-BE89-7CA2DE…)

No. 252554

You check her page daily to see if she's still private? As if the chats didn't prove you're all unhinged.

No. 252561


weird that Rilu#7942 = @dlakfoa isn't in here despite being a known pos also in some circles

most of these fuckers seem unrelated to mentoring and babylita/inactive for years

not to tinfoil but the milk smells kinda funny aside from anon being deranged(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 252564


Most of these people have posted in the leaked chat from 2021 and later

So which one of them are you?

No. 252566

Kek way to out urself, that name doesnt come up in the leaked logs or user list and neither does that @. Vendetta?

No. 252568

>Let me guess, you’re in sainte’s discord server?

VIP members only. We're thriving so go figure~

No. 252569


i had a brief run in the server which is why i can attest to some shit she and some others were posting that seem gone now
i'm not reading 5 yrs of shit to find out what happened

wouldn't know if they scrubbed and dipped or what but pretty smart before the blowout, kek

but i can admit my vendetta cuz i hated seeing some of these bitches at meets + online

No. 252571

Stupid question but which server is this? Is it the infamous "vetted server" that's brought up all the time? I can't be bothered to keep up with discord shit.

Anyway it's funny to see a comm member denounce lolcow as "rancid" when she has all but admitted multiple times at meetups that she's a regular in the Pixielocks thread. You can't pretend to have gotten all of the latest dramu from being a ~salty seagull heehee~ when cgl hasn't had threads about Jill in years.

No. 252572

Yeah, it's the vetted server

No. 252575

Aren’t some of the girls she’s talking about 21-22 right now? And Nat is 19 based on dates she gave in her blog.

No. 252586

Which comm?

No. 252587

Nat shouldn’t been drugged into the mud but she made it worse for herself after being outed on cgl and sperging like a nut job

No. 252589

You haven’t been around much huh, the vetted discord isn’t for a specific comm it’s the one that’s constantly being promoted by Lyla/Lala in rufflechat

No. 252590


No. 252594

Literal nobody. Nice one though.

No. 252607

Thank you

Ayrt, Dutch comm.

No. 252612

this is so much more fucked up than I realized. Why did Nat get ousted by the community in the first place?

No. 252619

This is why you don’t put your whole entire life on the internet. This is why minors should stay away from group fill with grown adults.

No. 252623

this. stop nat, seriously.

No. 252630

The document is right there. I’ve already looked through it a bit and pretty much everything until she was cancelled is about her rash and sewing. I never saw anything about her abuse, and she’s definitely not mentioned thousands of times like she claimed. Interesting to take it to social media before actually looking through the leak yourself. Good milk though.

No. 252658

they don't even know about the private spinoff server exclusively for shit talking the rest of vetted

No. 252662

JessAnne#4592 = @jess.in.pink, @theodore.kittycat
Wabbie-chan#4020 = @mania.wabbit @wabbie_chan
ImNewHere#9064 = @scottywbishop

jeunefille#4045 = jeunefille.dreamwidth.org
ataraxia#7301 = ataraxiaa.dreamwidth.org
GildedGhoti#7362 = gildedghoti.dreamwidth.org
Lucid#9208 = lucidbunny.dreamwidth.org
nosoi#4773 = nosoii.dreamwidth.org

No. 252669

??? Nobody is claiming any of them are pedos
It's just a list of who's who in the chat

No. 252670

then maybe you shits should have banned beck?

isn't the cancellation by association essentially the same thing a lot of you are following?

No. 252671

This is pathetic. And who exactly is every single person, anon? Unless you have milk on everyone, wtf are you posting every user you can from a discord?

No. 252672

File: 1664642254573.png (10.55 KB, 2397x80, beleted.png)

reposting the comment that everyone is replying to

No. 252676

I think the milk is that theyre in the vetted server talking shit

No. 252677

if an admin or mod ousted beck in the first place, then you'd think they would ban her but nope they would lose their lil apologist orbiters

understand that you got posted from a mod, beck

No. 252678

Based anon.nNo one said they're pedos you retard. >>252667 Posting public names isn't doxxing, this isn't cgl. Posting the names so people know who to block for being a dramawhore.

No. 252680

anon, the references are to ctrl+f in the text file for shit talking. local communities would probably like to see who is causing drama for them behind their back.

No. 252681

This, you can keep kicking peons but it was a mod who posted

No. 252682

And instead anon just spams, no context? Convoluted as hell milk.

No. 252684

exactly. we didn't condone this behavior in communities, before and shouldn't now.

No. 252688

which one are you?

No. 252692

exactly. considering
and more always coaxing for screenshots

then we have
>>247561 posting a compilation for free without a ban

answering a question for the banlist

why don't you just ban here instead of ousting? instead you've decided to create distrust by milking someone in your own server

tinfoil, is #seagull a honeypot? did they post >>252233 too?

No. 252695

are you high

No. 252697

anon, all signs point to an inside job

No. 252701

Who do you think did it? My bet would be one of the texas cows

No. 252708

an admin or mod

No. 252709

Yeah. You're right. How would they know what the ban list for the server is?

No. 252711

So who leaked it then?

Also, I’m guessing whoever bothered to download the entire log did so at the beginning of September and held onto it for a minute. The log cuts off begging of September. I highly doubt these morons could go all weeks on end without saying anything in the drama channel.

No. 252721

well it looks like one leaker was conclusive and the other >>252709 is a mod

No. 252740

It was Momo

No. 252744

Discord-chans trying to get us to do the work for them to oust the leaker. No more leaker means no more discord milk.

No. 252749

Let them kick everyone so they can finally go outside to touch some grass for once.

No. 252750

This is FAR more horrifying than people are reacting. i also realize now that so many of them were in fact keeping this thread active and constantly trying to change the subject.

This was a kid, and they fucking made goaded her into everything. And they only turned her in the moment she said one word against Brandon.

They also heavily defend him in that fucking server.

No. 252752

Nat can go and threaten her life all she wants. Everyone including the discord needs to get a fucking life and do something productive

No. 252753

File: 1664646845088.png (148.28 KB, 609x349, celestial2.PNG)

don't forget celestial#8008 = @bumblebat on twitter, and celestial is usually in her name. idk her instagram

She's the same bitch in Liv's crew who posted on the Paradiso page that someone from her group had Covid, saying she was "irresponsible" for not telling the WHOLE event. Even though the girl told everyone she was in proximity to kek. she was on thread pic last time

No. 252754

This thread is going to shit. the caps are there but it’s more fun to just make up whatever we can lol. let’s watch the community burn together nonnies!

No. 252756

>the caps are there but it’s more fun to just make up whatever we can lol.