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File: 1657237675634.png (1019.7 KB, 1000x1000, FinalOP.png)

No. 226912

Previous thread

Once Again:
Sage your non-milk posts. Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

Cows in the Spotlight

Liv /Olivia / Dreamy_pastel_princess/ @xxx_pinkgothicrose_xxx / Texlita
Old Milk
>Got caught in the drama with rose's shitty lolita 101 book on /cgl/
>Nuked threads pn cgl that mentioned her name in rose's book drama.
>Continues to lie and make tik-toks saying “don’t go on the boards guys! Problems don’t exist if you just don’t go on them!”
>Her ageplay history was exposed
>>156205 >>156225
>claims on tiktok that her ddlg posts were from when she was groomed as a minor
>was caught by lolcow mod for reporting posts and self wking. >>156237 >>156260 >>156394
>same crew continue to shitup threads on cgl and lc >>194116
>someone from her discord drops screencaps of them discussing how to mass report threads mentioning her, despite her saying on tik tok that she isn’t on the boards whatsoever >>194622 , >>194624 , >>194626 , >>194627 , >>194629 , >>194630 , >>194632 , >>194633
>claims her “personal” information is being doxxed, when it’s just screenshots from public accounts or from her own discord
>someone from her group still has a hate boner for mahou.momo >>194633
>different ita from her comm is posted as a derail attempt, but the pic itself was posted on “friends only” mode, so the pool is even more narrowed. Unconfirmed, but highly likely either liv or her pals posted it >>194633

>attended a-kon, paradiso, and was a model for Angelic Pretty >>220532
>tons of infighting/milk ensued in the following weeks between dallas comm models and other members/factions on LC and CGL (see hannah + alyssa section)
>discord friend called out liv’s airbnb roommate for contracting covid and not telling the entire paradiso page, despite none of them masking and said infected person already informed those they were physically close to at the con >>220375
Instagram: Dreamy_pastel_princess
Tiktok: @xxx_pinkgothicrose_xx
Youtube: DreamyPastelPrincess

Hannah / Rosequartzroyalty / Ms. Frizzle / Texlita
>Texas Tik Tok Lolita confirmed to at least be in one of Liv’s friend groups >>218901
>Openly uses board terminology but also tells ppl to stop going on the boards >>220745 >>223771
>Got posted for shitty hair, and immediately responded via tik tok >>216298 , >>216410
>Outed herself last year as being involved in liv’s mass reporting spree >>224189
>Multiple posters start accusing Alyssa (a fellow texas comm member and akon angelic pretty model) of being the one who posted hannah. >>220976 >>220990
>an attempt at showing proof by comparing phone carrier plans backfires, and reveals it is unlikely to be alyssa>>223333 , >>223319
>screenshots come out showing alyssa was in fact privately shit talking liv and hannah, and making unhinged statements (see alyssa section).
>Hannah’s crew argues Alyssa’s crew, almost saging the thread in less than a month.
Tiktok: rosequartzroyalty
Instagram: rosequartzroyalty

Alyssa / Bird_Symphonia / Shit Stirrer McGee / Texlita
>Gained the ire of multiple people within the broader texas comm for her (unstealthy) behind the scenes shit talking. >>223603 >>223615 >>223618 >>223478
>Alyssa has allegedly already been removed from spaces by mods for DMing and posting unhinged statements such as telling others to cough on someone and wanting to throw hands in group chats >>223550 >>223520
>more screenshots come out about her behavior >>221112 >>223478 >>223561 >>223566 >>223597 >>223603 >>223615 >>223618 >>223478 >>223561
>evidence suggests she didn’t post the nitpicks in thread 7 >>223333 , but screenshots confirm that she does lurk >>223374
Instagram: bird_symphonia

Lara / larasuzanne
>Ita who wears clothing three sizes too small and got posted in thread 7 >>220931 >>220932 >>220969 >>221276 >>221281 >>221595
>she starts to call people anorexic in response to being posted >>221597 >>221599 >>221603 >>221604 >>222628
>claims to have had a mental health breakdown as a reason for making fun of an eating disorder >>221645
>highly suspected of posting in thread 7 and CGL, but not confirmed >>222362 >>222365
>she starts blocking ppl to try to figure out who is posting her stories to LC, claims it was sp00py and DDZ with no evidence >>222832 >>222833
>continues to claim that people are on burner accounts posting her stories >>224647
>continues to sperg and is currently responding to every post in LC threads made about her
>>226762 >>226764 >>226765 >>226766 >>226769 >>226772 >>226778 >>226838
Instagram: larasuzanne
Tiktok: larasuzanne

Sainte Alkamei / P3d0 Grmer / troon goon**
>Once again participating in the grooming of a minor in lolita spaces >>221300 , >>221301 , >>221302
>Was found to be on a discord server filled with other pedos bragging about the minors they managed to gr**m and share pics of self harm >>222335 >>222341 >>222342
>Currently shitting up CGL ita threads by “defending” mahou.momo when nobody was talking about her. >>223501
LM Account: Alchemy And Gold

Sp00pypants / Nat / former based icon / bible lunatic larper
Old Milk
>Gets kicked out of her comm AND CoF for saying she wouldn’t want to be friends with a troon >>198513
>babylita board releases a statement telling everyone to mass block and/or report her, despite her being a teenager and potentially a minor at the time >>198782, >>198795 , >>198796
>Turns out brandon (therealdrlove / bearded lolita) has been a repetitive creep, lesbian fetishizer, and posts sexual content related to characters drawn as pre-pubescent minors
>nat responds, demands an apology from those that kicked her out and posts proof on her insta >>204185 >>204331
>poked the easy-to-piss-off-beast that is lara >>222862 >>222973
>posted a semi-apology for her alt-right/christian trolling and says she’s more libleft >>222993
Instagram: @sp00pypants

DeeDeeZeta / DDZ / conservative attention seeker
>”nazi” troll that continues to poke itas for personal amusement >>220460 >>220461
>continues to christ-sperg but then claims it’s just trolling >>217152 >>217271
>lara gets caught up in deedee trolling >>222782
>ddz is accused, alongside nat/sp00py, of running a burner account that’s made to look sjw safe >>223889 >>223891 >>223903
>no real proof on it
>still a lolita reject
Instagram: deedeezeta

Updates on Expired Milk + Usual Offenders
Lovely Lor / Lor
>Lor related posts, go to her thread >>>/w/39863

Tyler Willis / Scarfing Scarves / Last Week Lolita News / AA-Kei
>Tyler reappears and confesses that she’s been dealing with depression and alcoholism >>220822
>BF/SO is speculated as being sus >>224469 >>224457 >>224465
>Nothing new, still dresses in boring coords.
Youtube: Tyler Willis / LWLN

Brandon David Thompson Love / therealdrlove_88 / Dr. Love
>male bearded “lolita,” who doesn’t even identify as a troon and still gets the protection of CoF and his comm mods.
>typical sissy attire galore >>207330
>is made fun of by sp00py, and gains the protection of the dick obsessed lolita comm >>198513
>proof of his creepy/predator antics are posted >>204231 >>204098 >>204099 >>204102 >>204109 >>204110 >>204113
>he responds to the “rumors” in a tik tok and denounces them, but doesn’t address anything >>206051 , >>206201 https://vimeo.com/697525508
>he gets posted on the new behind the bows >>205048
>Brandon has yet to be kicked out of any groups, spaces, or called out by any of the lolita creators or mods for sexualizing lesbians and posting lewd/sexual content of kid characters.
Instagram: @therealdrlove
Tiktok: therealdrlove_88

Dishonorable Mentions
>Outted as being a lolita name aubrie >>207330 >>198979 >>198980
>joined in on the sp00py hate train, they had a falling out >>204570 , >>206575
eldritch_cupcake / Cupcake Hime
>immense ita that has bought over 20k followers in only a few weeks, sometimes gaining thousands in the hour. >>197734 >>197736 >>198367
>ratioed in her own comments for saying a classic baby dress is ugly compared to a clolita dress >>199195
>then backtracks >>199196
>Allegedly self posted in an ita thread on cgl >>213225 , >>213253
Tiktok: eldritch_cupcake

No. 226916

This is beautiful nonna chefs kiss Next time please include the cow's LM names though.

No. 226919

Inb4 Lara comes in to sperg up this thread

No. 226921

Tinfoil. But I think it’s the Texas girls starting shit with Lara. They’re known as shittalkers

No. 226922

nope, not even from tx.

No. 226923

you're from indiana

No. 226927

If true, I’m waiting for the Indiana comm drama. I’m going to go with the Texan guess though as well because who is even in Indiana besides her one friend.

No. 226928

No. 226932

Lose weight fat bitch

No. 226949

Do flyover states have comms? Who willingly lives in places like Indiana and Kansas?

No. 226972

Rural states have comms but they're rarely active besides for conventions. Idk about Indiana but I'm from a nearby state and that's how my comm and the neighboring states are. TN was active for online drama awhile ago, they had that one chubby girl who wears oldschool and shops her face into a circle(sage)

No. 226976

Sainte's new LM acc is Suuushi

No. 227005

Why are you all so obsessed with him?
If you ever give yourself the chance, they're one of the most normal person you'll ever get to know that is trans in jfashion.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227032

he is a literal pedophile, predatory, harasses women, fetishizes lesbians and likes incest
this is probably sainte defending himself anyways like he always does kek no woman is deranged enough to associate with this pedo tranny moid

No. 227048

You must be lost

No. 227062

File: 1657285450757.jpeg (194.07 KB, 750x1100, C68572F1-D44C-4547-BEA3-0905BE…)

No. 227063

>this is the last thing I’m going to say about this

Lara you have said this like five times. It’s clear you can’t step away.

No. 227128

"normal" people don't join discords that groom minors and exchange child pornography between members

No. 227136

File: 1657291573536.jpeg (481.88 KB, 1125x1187, A99ED6D5-3A1E-4809-81D9-3C2AF4…)

big brand weddings lead to divorce

No. 227148

Tyler’s bf drives me insane. Whenever he’s filming a video I get flashbacks to seeing pamperchu wearing a bunny outfit and his creepy “daddy” giving compliments.

No. 227179

>mental breakdown cause she used to look human

No. 227232

File: 1657300837429.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1541, Screenshot_20220708-121858.png)


You thought she was done? She made a TikTok about it too lmao

No. 227238

>I’m done talking about it
>keeps talking about it for a month

Kek. You just know she’s got this thread on her mind every day.

No. 227243

hey I was just about to post this. this got recommended to me too wtf(sage your shit)

No. 227245

can someone post the webm, i dont have tiktok

No. 227252

LARA YOU HAVE SHIT FRIENDS. I wish you weren't so crappy yourself because I would be your friend. And I would be a nice friend who doesn't betray you. There's nothing that says you have to keep being a crappy person though. Most o us eventually grow as people.

Here is some advice: STOP POSTING THIS KIND OF STUFF. If you want people to leave you alone quit oversharing on social media. Not everyone needs to know every detail of every fleeting thought that passes through your mind or feeling that you experience.

If you had real friends you could talk to them privately about how you feel and if you are going through something they wouldn't plaster it all over social media. But you and all of your friends are retarded sjws with no real allegiance to each other. You are just ideologues that only care about whatever the current socially acceptable narrative is. So you are all just waiting for each other to 'slip up' so you can cancel each other for clout over whatever this weeks 'phobia' is.

If you stopped this nonsense and stopped trying to appeal to other people who do this crap you could make genuine connections with people who are actually caring. People who won't share your private life and inner turmoil for entertainment. People who will actually love and accept you you beyond whether you are in good social standing with other people.

Anywho, you are clearly troubled and I don't like seeing others suffer. I would love to offer you a helping hand as someone else who has dealt with a lot of annoying drama…. but that begs the question: Do you even want real friends or do you prefer the empty 'there-there dear' reactions to your stories from randos online who don't care but give you validation in your 'victimhood'. The victim status that sjws seem to strive after so vigilantly.

But maybe this is karma. Because you do this same shit-talk rumor spreading over social media to others and now it's coming back around to bit you in return. There's quite a few lessons for you to learn here. Hopefully there has been some introspection in your part.

No. 227258

File: 1657303862518.webm (6.97 MB, 576x1024, larasperg.webm)

No. 227260

Adding to this… no one actually cares if you are fat. You aren't that fat, you're just normal 30 year pudgy. It's not even a big deal. People keep poking at that fact because it clearly bothers you and you respond to it.

Literally this. This is so cringe. Stop responding to anons who call you fat. It's really weird attention seeking desperation… the lengths people will go for internet validation. You need actual friends.

No. 227261

I just feel bad for Lara at this point. This is what a public mental breakdown looks like…

No. 227268

yeah, i kinda think she's having her world shattered that people don't consider her to be medium. Obviously she knows she's not skinny, but she seriously thinks she's not plus size. also if one of her friends >>227062 did do that, that's kind of wild.

i know she says this is triggering her ED, but to some extent, to not be aware of what your body looks like means you probably still have it or bare minimum had dysmorphia (in the opposite direction?)

No. 227285

Anon you're actually right, this is the last thread where I thought I would see a comparison to Pamperchu kek

No. 227291

You forgot, he not only was in there but he was a "moderator." Way to be a king on shithead hill, encouraging self harm.

No. 227294

EDs don't really fully go away, people just recover and get better at taking care of themselves mentally rather than going down some mental spiral or denial phases. The innate habit is not innate, though.

No. 227308

File: 1657310065582.jpeg (671.71 KB, 1528x1199, 432004B2-ED1F-4FD8-9FCC-D6E893…)

Lara after reading this thread.

No. 227316

I think Lara has got some severe psychological/personality disorder or maybe multiple
She's very clearly so self obsessed and narcissistic she can't help but sperg out when people don't have the same image she has of herself. If not NPD,she might be borderline or both. The delusions and witch hunts point to that. She drastically needs to get into therapy or smth this is sad(armchairing)

No. 227319

Sage your stupid fucking medfag.

No. 227325

Nta, but you dumbshits always go to the worst possible mental disorders. Narc is a lot more than just self obsession and the majority of lolitas act this way when they post to social media, that's just your own perception of her. She's obviously got dysmorphia, though, if she had an ED. Fat people have it too. It's actually relatively common for people who recover from ED's to be happy about being fat, later on. It's one of the only ways they can be ok.

No. 227396

There's a bunch of anons that keeps armchairing anons who take photos of themselves as being narc. It's more than just vanity.

No. 227405

As far as American standards, she isn’t plus size. If she can fit quarter shirred AP dresses, she’s a max 38 bust, which is like a size M/L in US size clothes. She’s got a really unfortunate shape and fat distribution, and she’s probably overweight on the BMI scale but she’s not plus size, which in the US starts at size 16. I’m not saying she looks good or that she fits all the clothes she tries to wear, but she’s also not a hamplanet or anything. If she watches what she eats and exercises like 30 minutes a day she can probably get down to healthy size. If she can’t, it’s probably because he ED fucked over her metabolism and it sucks, but a doctor can probably still help her.

Is she actually 30 though? Because most people who act this unhinged are in the lower 20s at the oldest.

No. 227410

She’s fat. You don’t have to be in plus sized clothing to be considered fat. It’s about more than the number on your vanity sized stretch pants telling you you’re a 10 which was a size 14 a decade ago.

No. 227413

File: 1657325933221.jpeg (143.36 KB, 549x931, 54B62FE9-875F-4965-8544-018FEE…)

And it gets worse

No. 227417

Jesus christ look at how fat her arms and legs are. Shocking.

No. 227418

she isn't skinny but they look fine there nonna you're reaching
>inb4 fatty accusations

No. 227420

They’re fucking massive, and she’s so fat it looks like she isn’t wearing a petticoat. you are retarded or delusional if you think she’s not fat. And I don’t trust your claim of saying you’re not fat if you don’t think she is there where she’s clearly obese.

No. 227483

Anon, why the fuck is this tilted

No. 227484


she seems incredibly emotionally immature. The things she boasts about are things maybe a 22 yo would care about. She also has this wild tendency to victimise herself despite claiming to be ~all about positivity~.

Hard to tell but she could be pushing obesity. You can get away with being an American size L and still be obese depending on height.

No. 227490

This is the most retarded thread ever

No. 227492

fat or not she's really ugly. she's that kind of uncanny ugly. she actually looks like a man with a weird woman mask on. her face is extremely unsettling.

No. 227497

I never said she’s not fat. I was just responding to the anon who said “she thinks she’s not plus size”… which she isn’t by American standards. She’s definitely overweight but that does not equate to plus size.
I mean without knowing her actual height and weight we don’t know if she’s medically obese. She could be, though does it really matter? The real issue isn’t her size, it’s how she acts about it, reeeing that she’s not fat on Instagram and tik tok.
I can’t put my finger on what is off about her face. There’s something very strange and uncanny valley about it and I can’t tell if it’s her makeup or just how she looks. I don’t want to say ugly, because I don’t think it’s that really, but something is off.

No. 227513

This isn't even milk at all tho? Posting this just makes you look bitter

So, what, now she has reverse dysmorphia and thinks she isn't fat even though she obviously is?

No. 227524

She is 30. She’s made tiktoks about it.

No. 227546

she is ugly though imo. ugly doesn't have to mean hideous.

No. 227558

File: 1657378315412.jpg (151 KB, 828x1381, Lg screen save 0621.jpg)

Have we resorted to posting shit coords on Google maps?

No. 227567

Anything to gain attention, I suppose. It's not even about fashion anymore, just clout and fame.

TikTok can be used by people of all ages, but if you spend that much time at 30 making multiple TikToks per day, it's embarrassing and wasteful.

No. 227584

You can in fact tell without knowing someone’s exact height and weight if someone is obese. The bar for obese, medically, is much lower than many people from western countries like the US and UK think because these cultures have become desensitized to being overweight and obese. If you have worked in the medical field it’s actually quite easy to eyeball if someone is overweight/obese or not without knowing their exact height or weight. Tons of people size 10-14 are overweight or obese.

No. 227592

kek WHY is she posting coord photos to google?? this doesnt even make sense.

No. 227603

File: 1657388647725.jpeg (235.87 KB, 1125x1277, 96D1BE91-9A4F-48BB-BB75-846837…)

Saw this on my feed and was alarmed.

No. 227604

Accidentally posted without finishing typing. She definitely has an eating disorder. Those arms are scary

No. 227605

This is the second thread someone has posted this girl to with no milk. Starting to smell like vendetta.

No. 227607

More like self post

No. 227608

Had no idea she was posted before but having an obvious ED and showing it off isn't milk now?

No. 227613

Even in the specific thread for anorexics on /snow/ there is a rule that just having an eating disorder is not milk. Familiarize yourself with farm culture. Just like in these threads being fat isn’t milk, having an ED isn’t milk unless you do shit like Zoe did and make videos simulating purging for attention.

No. 227615

Considering the recent REEEing over lara being slightly overweight, and this skeleton being considered 'not milk' I'm starting to think there are ana-chans in this thread.

No. 227616

Are you retarded? In the past several lolita thread OPs this statement is there

>Being fat and or ugly, while hilarious, is not milk by itself. Lying/shooping yourself excessively to hide that you are fat and ugly and crying about it when caught is milk.

The reason people keep talking about Lara is she specifically did the later half and has continued to sperg out about it.

No. 227621

File: 1657389777449.jpg (70.35 KB, 640x640, cinnamontea.jpg)

Most of the REEing is about her weight though, like just look a few posts up. If we can make a million posts about whether lara is fat or not, we can post skeletors like picrel as well.

No. 227623

File: 1657389822699.jpg (48.59 KB, 640x640, cinnamontea2.jpg)

Another one, look at her collarbones, she looks like she's gonna drop dead any second now

No. 227624

Not unless she’s actually done something, vendetta-chan. Lara’s had a past of being milky. What did this random Ana-Chan do?

No. 227626

sage for tinfoil but this person focusing on Lara while posting anorexics makes me think it’s Lara trying to deflect, especially since she’s talked badly about people with the mental illness anorexia before

No. 227629

I know anon. I’m medically obese despite not being what most people would think of as obese, I’m a size 12, but I also am not a medical professional so I can’t look at someone and make the call. I think it’s possible that Lara is, and is able to fit lolita because it seems her fat distribution trends towards her lower torso and legs, and she doesn’t have large boobs so she can still fit the dresses because they’re only really fitted around the upper torso.
I don’t know if she actually has an eating disorder or if she just says that to try to make people leave her alone. If she does, I do feel for her, but I also think that posting online so much is detrimental to it, and she should get off social media until she has things under control. She also might have bulimia or binge eating disorder which tend to lead to weight gain rather than weight loss. No matter what disorder it is, she needs to get treatment and focus on that rather than social media.
The fact that she’s acting like this at 30 really makes me think she’s got something going on mentally that she needs to deal with. She needs to realize that no one would care about how she looks if she didn’t bring it up or react.

Lara, if you’re reading this, get off social media, go to therapy or ED treatment and focus on that. If you don’t give people reactions they’ll find someone else to talk about.

No. 227631


No. 227633

Go fucking seethe, Lara. Stop posting other girls on here to cope with your fatness. We all know how much you hate Anachans as you post about it a lot on TikTok.

No. 227640

I'm not lara nor the original person who posted the ana-chan, just think it's an interesting irony for some anon(s) to declare one eating disorder milky but not another, as this eloquent anon >>227629 says, it's possible lara still has an eating disorder like bulimia, so this is all much of a muchness.

No. 227641

Lara sperging out over being called out on her shoop is not an eating disorder. Lara had done things that are actually milky. Please also see >>227613 to inform yourself on why you’re being retarded

No. 227645

whether or not lara did anything initially milky to get posted here isn't important because she's milky now. a chronically online 30 year old posting tons of "i'm not bothered" videos promoting kindness while simultaneously shitting on skinny girls, calling them pedobait in a typical "only dogs like bones" pick-me/nlog kind of way is milk no matter how you look at it.

No. 227651

Important to note she also has not learned anything in three years because she pulled the same shit years ago when it was just about her being ugly and not her weight. And also wasted hospital/emergency resources while taking photos to gain attention and sympathy.

No. 227674

kek you think?

No. 227796


Were you asleep during the whole Zoe drama? Come back when your pet anachan actually has some milk, stop shitting up the thread with your shitty whataboutisms.

No. 227805

File: 1657417319470.jpeg (15.02 KB, 137x208, 4A1F61D8-5001-4E81-9122-3A1DE1…)

No. 227808

File: 1657417630665.jpeg (391.42 KB, 1242x1839, 93BCCB07-F5F4-42C7-8765-CA7217…)


No. 227815

This is creepy and gross. Wtf

No. 227816


Spoiler this shit scrote

No. 227818


This isn't milk, just plain creepy what the actual fuck is wrong with you

No. 227821

Wow. A covered nipple , in a non see-thru top with thick fabric to go out. Not like that isn’t normal or anything…

No. 227837

Tinfoil: these were posted by lor. We know she's a coomer and interested in women.

No. 227838

No it was posted by me. Sainte.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 227845

is this just someone larping as sainte to make us hate him even more than we already do? he never sages and always uses his namefag (only exception to this is when he's whiteknighting himself while pretending to be someone else kek)

No. 227859

Sainte is banned here you dumb fuck.

No. 227890

or lara to distract us again since she doesn't know what milk is.

No. 228057

For how long, though? Bans usually don't last that long, on here.

No. 228072

Scrotes get lifetime bans, retard. They aren’t allowed in the farm.

No. 228079

You obs don’t know how bans, VPNs work, or how easy it is to just use your phone service to get around a ban as well….idiot. You’d have to be a retard yourself to not know how to do that let alone think people actually stay “banned”. You can’t just be banned for life here. No one is tied to a single account or IP.

No. 228082

>she doesn’t know about kakageddon and farmhands figuring out who it was despite VPN usage

Opinion discarded. Lurkmoar

No. 228093

File: 1657480161458.jpeg (42.33 KB, 640x640, 05AAFD5C-2D02-4911-812A-94C91A…)

That’s not staying banned though , that’s just getting caught again.

No. 228115

File: 1657484170946.webm (7.93 MB, 1920x1080, hannacontr (1).webm)

yes, sure she has an ED too. Has she responded to posts made about her and gone on a full meltdown @ing the threads? No. That's what makes lara milky.

I've never really watched the tiktoklitas, so i took a peek and holy shit is their content annoying. vid attached is two different tik toks that contradict each other.

telling newbies that this is ultimately a luxury fashion and they can't expect shit to instantly come their way is a good thing, but why say "lolita isn't for you if you have not spent more than $20 on a garment" ??? most people have some OTKs, blouses, gloves, or even skirts for that much or around there? this is a slow fashion, and it's normal to collect accessories over a long period of time. idk if she just has perma sweet ita brain, but IW averages for 60-80 bucks sometimes for NWT OPso or jsks.

also kek, hannah and the friz

No. 228133

cheap IW is most often boring or ugly and that's coming from someone who isn't sweet. you sound like a poorfag nonna

No. 228140

do you know how to read?

No. 228145

>poorfag for thinking that it's ok to slowly collect normal priced accessories

did you read? you're outing yourself as a new sweet lolita if you think that's for poor people or is uncommon. IW is cheap in the secondhand market, not inherently cheap. Also, the argument is whether that means you're not ready to be in the fashion or not. Hannah making this argument is weird because she constantly talks about how great it is to acquire things at affordable prices overtime. why is there a rush? Oh so i bought $19 OTKs and it's my first and only purchase, but because it's been a month i'm out of the fashion?

for most oldfags it took months to years to finalize a coord. the wait is sometimes a satisfying part. her newness is showing.

No. 228176

exactly this.

No. 228186

There are some hideous pieces but the majority of cheap IW is only boring/ugly on ugly girls or itas

No. 228192

pretty much. a lot of classic pieces in general (especially solid/plain pieces) are less loud and require some natural styling/beauty and coording to shine through.

and again, hannah said "garment" which includes blouses, tights, wrist cuffs, etc.

No. 228290

I interjected inbetween your dumbshit arguing to ask how long
and by the looks of: >>227838
I think you might be a total idiot. Why do you even bother commenting on anonymous threads? To just be stupid as fuck?

No. 228534

File: 1657643267176.jpg (113.37 KB, 828x1114, 292598695_1140052163241887_750…)

anyone know anything about this morbidly obese cow? apparently she uses multiple sockpuppet ig and FB accounts to stalk people who have her blocked (aka her ex-friends). allegedly has a history of posting about other girls in the midwestern comm

No. 228544

Further proof that all fatties are mentally unstable

No. 228546

Apparently? Where'd you hear that, can you post it?

No. 228547

can't post unfortunately to protect the identity of an ex-friend of hers. but highly sus she is on here calling others fat when she herself is actually obese

No. 228551

Yeah.. That's not good enough, anon. You want to pass off milk with out any milk to back it up.

No. 228558

hm yeah i suppose that's fair enough. just wanted her to know if she's lurking here she ain't as slick as she thinks

No. 228595

Lara trying to derail again kek(hi cow)

No. 228599

sage your shit. where did anyone mention lara in this

No. 228680

Your Lara hateboner is intense. This is the lolita lolcow. There has been no milk on her in the last few days anyway, seems she’s finally learned her lesson kek

No. 228702

Learn to sage, Lara. It’s super obvious when it’s you.

No. 228710

you do know that not everything revolves around lara right. there hasn't been milk in days. it's a little weird she is being linked to >>228534 for no apparent reason

No. 228712

File: 1657670285547.jpg (125.25 KB, 828x1416, 292763180_794651951956695_3689…)

nope. i'm from oklahoma and sara has been an abusive member of the tulsa comm for years. she was confirmed to be behind this sockpuppet account to harass other members.

No. 228713

you're dumb, and obvious.

we go thru this like clockwork - texas cow is posted (see hannah) and then someone posts something with absolutely zero milk attached.

this is not how this shit works, summerfags plz leave

No. 228715

you seem pretty upset about this for someone who isn't chubby misako kek

No. 228716


where are mods to stop the annoying “hi cow” posts? also pointing out a pattern isn’t defending one person.

No. 228717

>>mods help me!!! i got caught! kek (stop being retarded)

No. 228719

you look like a thumb and posting girls you're jealous of isn't going to help that

No. 228722

I was just going to fucking ask this.

Farmhands, please get these derailing cucks out of the thread.

No. 228723

Move on anon

No. 228730

posting girls im jealous of? are u replying to the right anon? because i'm saying posting without milk is derailing. i'd rather >>228534 lead to real milk than not.

unless chubby_misako has lost a ton of friends in this niche fashion, she probably already knows who posted in here, so you might as well post caps. this is a receipt based gossip site, plz act like it.

No. 228740

Post caps or don't post at all.

No. 228903

File: 1657733391693.jpg (132.43 KB, 1080x586, DreamyPastelPrincessNewUsernam…)

Liv/Dreamy Pastel Princess changed her username on Instagram. Putting this here so everyone knows.

No. 228911

Looks like she had a stroke writing it vs something intentional. What a retard.

No. 228918


No. 228923

It’s good to have a record of what usernames cows have if they’re changing them constantly to avoid a trail on here

No. 228961

agreed, but this describes her so much better: fat and retarded.

this. calm down >>228918 it's a saged post that is relevant.

No. 228992

File: 1657756427513.png (Spoiler Image,785.97 KB, 1200x553, 1657749063411.png)

I'm laughing my ass off at this picture.

No. 229002

This is lolcow, not your personal blog.
Who cares if you laugh at an old picture with no milk attached

The state of this thread …

No. 229024

Agreed. What is the relevancy?

No. 229036

she’s adorable, piss off(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 229040

poor girl is fucking spherical

No. 229041

i mean, you can post itas here. fatties are ita by default.

No. 229042

No, that's called nitpicking. No1currs about your personal vendetta.

No. 229043

i didn't post it but you sound fat. imagine defending photoshopped chinese girls.

No. 229053

All the assmad anons make this picture, can't tell if they're asian and mad or just obese. What's with east asians and shitty shopping this is about to send me into cardiac arrest kek

No. 229088

It literally spells it out in the OP of each thread for you retards to not post fatties and itas unless they are milky. What is with all the newfags coming here and acting like this is /cgl/? It isn’t. This isn’t the thread to post itas, or anyone else for that matter, unless they have milk. It clogs up the thread.

No. 229108

anon, it was saged. learn to read.

No. 229114

>it was saged

That doesn’t mean it’s okay to post you fucking moron. You can’t post irrelevant non-milk shit and say “it’s okay because it’s saged.” We’ve been over this already within the past two threads. “Sage your non-milk” posts refers to comments responding to milk.

No. 229151

Summer is hitting hard….

It’s okay for a thread to be dead a while if there’s no milk. If you wanna laugh at a picture >>229108 , you could at minimum laugh at this old picture of Lara that’s already posted that was milk a week ago >>228093
Instead of something that came out of thin air

No. 229162

It was saged calm the fuck down fatty. Let other farmers laugh a little bit

No. 229163

so by this logic no one is allowed to post non milk? no, that's why it was saged. also it's aggressively photoshopped, it's atleast somewhat milky. reeing about the last admin's autistic rules is why the site is going so downhill.

No. 229166

>last admins

God you are so fucking new. Shut up. Everyone who’s been here for any real amount of time can see how new you are.

No. 229173

It's worth noting for fags both old and new that these OPs are written by other anons, not admin/farmhands, and the notes within constitute a collective wish rather than a cold, hard rule, this is to say please post itas in this thread so we can laugh at them.
It was literally just one anon who wrote OP who decided you "couldn't" there is literally no rule against it. Gimme the itas.

No. 229174

If it was a new picture maybe but this is months old and most have already keked at it… a long time ago

Stale in more ways than one

No. 229177

File: 1657831188454.jpeg (603.8 KB, 1056x1350, 95E08F64-16BC-4DFE-9895-915477…)

there's this freak in the SF comm with a furry inflation/feederism fetish who draws fetish art of herself in lolita and she's fucking disgusting. her instagram and twitter's @readthewind. i'm a noob i dunno how to link shit so here's a google doc i guess because there's too much to condense into one pic without looking insane https://docs.google.com/document/d/10Y0yvldnAUqDaHW6ZNDhDfMe8D5uA63RX9HHNvVnaco/edit

No. 229180

the last admin ruined the site.

No. 229181

that's because the anons arguing for the thread OP rules are the ones who are newfags or just autistic. the previous admin was extremely anal about everything, including banning people for not sageing on /ot/ of all places.

No. 229186

People tend to forget that lolita is just … clothes. Drawing herself and she happens to wear jfashion isn’t bad in itself. If she is promoting it publicly on public insta where there are minors then that’s where issues arise but shit is private and can’t tell. Twitter says nsfw so that’s good I guess. Having that niche brings in the $$$ though.
There’s more freaks and femcels in lolita than you think. But that’s in every fashion including normie.

No. 229196

we have enough gross sissies and fetishists trying to sexualize lolita already imo. everyone's got their kinks but this chick makes me wildly uncomfortable considering she's out here jacking off to tea party pics on her porn tumblr and then showing up at our tea parties like she doesn't have a hard on for people eating sweets

No. 229216

this was in last thread. lurk moar

No. 229236

The previous admin also thought everyone was Elaine and uses to go on paranoid redtexting sprees whenever someone said something she didn't like kek

No. 229238

yeah, she was nutty. she really made the site way more strict than it should be, especially the drama boards. it's sad when you can talk more openly on /cgl/ and it has a no drama rule.

No. 229263

Thread Admins cannot ban people on this site. Only site admins and moderators are given the power to do so. When a thread is bumped, a lot of non milk unsage posts irritate people from other threads, and moderators are usually on it if someone reports you for unsage fagging. But go off retards

If you’re only here for milk turn on ‘Hide saged posts for this thread’. Threads started going to shit when itas were sent here to derail boards. It’s the same state as Cgl, but farm jannies being more reasonable.

No. 229275

File: 1657895012244.jpeg (113.02 KB, 1236x341, 467933AC-3A0D-46C3-9A1D-1CE6F1…)

this is the same bitch who also said that nobody owns a 100% brand wardrobe…i think i know 5 people off the top of my head who own 100% brand wardrobes.

No. 229276

(lol very very late to respond)

controversial opinion, i don’t think avoiding LMs makes sense? if they’ve got dresses i want, why limit my potential buying pool?! unless the drama is about how they’re a scammer or partake in kink in their dresses, then i’m fine with buying from them

No. 229278

I would rather avoid dealing with cows because they are inherently more prone to giving people a hard time during a transaction. I also don’t want to give my money to them, especially the fat ones.

No. 229322

there's no such thing as thread admins, moron. we are talking about the previous admin of the site. and how farmers who create threads don't actually dictate what's in them. way to out yourself as a total newfag though holy shit.

No. 229334

Nayrt but for someone who’s so adamant LARPing as an oldfag you aren’t doing a good job at it considering this thread is for lolita cows and drama within the lolita community, not posting memes, itas, and people who are too fat/too thin without milk. It’s against farm rules to not adhere to board culture. /w/ is for milk. This isn’t /ot/ or /cgl/.

No. 229335

i'm literally just saying the OP rules aren't site rules. stop.

No. 229338

Stop being so autistic. Following board culture is literally a rule. Posting non milk memes, images of randoms. and clogging up threads is against board culture

No. 229346

anon please stop embarrassing yourself.

No. 229349

How am I embarrassing myself by knowing the rules of the site? Retard

No. 229388

I don’t think this is that milky

No. 229397

Complaints go in meta. Multiple threads have to have their own posting rules because of anons who can't stay on track like Momokun's rule of not talking about tit veins and KIK4FAT. It's not that deep anon.

No. 229458

Ayrt. Because some of these bitches be crazy and I don't want them having my info. Also like >>229278 said they are more likely to give you a hard time, they're cows for a reason after all.

No. 229495

File: 1657974426481.png (450.69 KB, 1194x962, schizo tranny.png)

sainte the pedo troon has been posting his typical schizobabble on facebook lately, and seething over lolcow there too kek
I'll sage just because I'm not sure if it counts as milk compared to his usual grooming stuff but it's still amusing imo

No. 229496

File: 1657974561727.png (117.06 KB, 1222x558, hes seething over being posted…)

the only "trolling" he does is when he gets assblasted for being called out for unhinged behavior and whiteknighting himself on lc and /cgl/ kek

No. 229498

File: 1657974685567.png (168.07 KB, 1198x852, insanity.png)

he's been adding randoms on facebook and trying to get into discord servers so if you see someone using any of these names he says he goes by: beware

No. 229501

File: 1657974895686.jpeg (Spoiler Image,299.64 KB, 720x960, holy hell hes hideous .jpeg)

he posted another pic of his ugly ghoulish male face
spoilered cuz he uggo

No. 229506

File: 1657975355403.png (83.98 KB, 1024x332, lc living rent free in his hea…)

last one, he's banned here and has nothing else going on in his life so this is the only way he can get attention from us
very pathetic
he's been extra insane on /cgl/ lately too admitting to all the grooming stuff he did and said its ok because he's "changed", larping as french, creeping on women in the cosplay and lolita community, admitted he's only into lolita to try and one-up other lolitas by having a bigger collection (typical moid seeing it as a competition and not actually caring about the fashion), and whiteknighting himself even more than usual
go to desuarchive for /cgl/ and search with sainte as the name if you want to have a few laughs

No. 229541

How does someone have 42 nicknames

No. 229559

Getting banned a lot.

No. 229638

when someone has a past they want to hide

yikes. nice office blouse, Sainte.

No. 229704

Greetings 、Lolcow
I want to thank you all just because I love that you love my bait posts on fb. (As in —you fell for them)

Thanks、it's just my dress blouse I wear underneath my lab
coats for work…
It's enchanted with alkemy magic、 you know right??? That alone makes me so qualified for mixing chemicals and develop formulas.

Like Fr fr



No. 229972

Are they done talking about me?

No. 229974


A$ap really is my cousin and Tyler is my BFF.

I Played pro golf with them



No. 229993

Pro golf how male of you

No. 229998

>Pro golf how male of you

"Laymao"、 he doesn't know that there are more women playing golf in Japan than all the men playing other sports combined in the country, with even pro race drivers included too

Vro0om z0o0o0om z0o0o0ooo0oo0
Mother fuckers!

Everytime I'm winning you gals keep trying to move the goal posts. Fr fr haha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 230101

File: 1658116184927.jpg (413.42 KB, 1080x1156, Screenshot_20220717-190107_Chr…)


No. 230311

Jesus christ. Can farm hands just ban his range perm?

Ban dodging has to be against site ToS

No. 230325

don't want to give any ideas if he hasn't already thought of them, but some of the work arounds are too much for this site to prevent, unlike 4chan.

everytime he goes off like this, he proves his scroteness more and more.

No. 230331

AGP troon getting off from being humiliated. Typical.

No. 230347

Now That's What I Call A Cow™

No. 230410

kek at least i'll give you that you fucking faggot: you know how to act so retarded you push peoples buttons on every website.

No. 230552

a certain moid reminds me of someone at a sephora in costa mesa.

No. 230594

nonna you know this pedotroon retard irl? is he as unhinged irl as he is online?

No. 230623

kek i don’t want to get in trouble for doxxing, i just hope he knows it’s a small world

No. 230627

File: 1658252211620.jpeg (355.23 KB, 1242x2208, 46E608A6-D772-4CE6-A225-E115CF…)

kind of an old topic, but i’m glad that nat is in the OP thread and pic, because although i agree with her on brandon, i can’t stop thinking about how she thought it was ok to make fun of the ulvade shooting THE DAY it happened. picrel, this was only one of the “jokes” she posted that day.

seeing the recent footage is actually so fucking sad. i know zoomers are desensitized but wtf, this is moid behavior

No. 230641

Jesus fucking Christ both of them look at death’s door. Don’t forget ladies, wigs and makeup can’t hide your cracked skin and hair loss forever once you get to this point.

No. 230645

All this bragging about being an "alkemist" and mixing chemicals when the only "chemicals" Sainte touches is the makeup he slathers on to try to hide his 5 oclock shadow. kek

No. 230687

This is old milk nonny. She made fun of an MK ultra fedboi troon, which is completely warranted. And not even wrong, the faggot does look like Buffalo Bill. Are you too retarded to know the difference between making fun of a fedboi murderer and making fun of dead kids? You're clearly just seething because she made fun of a troon. Cope harder.

No. 230694

She's clearly making fun of the troon incel shooter, not the actual shooting itself. Are you illiterate?

No. 230706

understandable, sorry you had the misfortune to encounter him irl kek

No. 230771

making a “joking” post about a situation when everyone is in complete shock and horror is the definition of insensitive and out of touch. and are you illiterate? i clearly said i’m on her side for the brandon/troon dm fiasco. also the ulvade shooter wasn’t even a troon, it was debunked because people got him mixed up with a look alike.

time, place, and general decorum would let anyone know that it’s inappropriate and attention seeking. there were radfems who reacted in a perfectly normal way when they suspected he was a troon, by talking about the outcomes of male socialization and female commodification.

No. 230779

File: 1658275856657.png (494.62 KB, 1206x942, gross incestuous scrote.png)

here we go again… pedotroon sainte is resharing cousinfucker posts he made 3 years ago, and still tardbabbling on facebook (larping as rich amongst other cringe larps, not worth attaching screenshots)
some anon on /cgl/ who is apparently related to him implied he did something bad to his mom too, so (if true) on top of harassing women and minors not even his own mother is safe from his nasty moid behavior
betting he will have another meltdown and start sperging out and getting defensive again kek brace yourselves

No. 230780

not to wk but how can you support her for Brandon but not Ramos when she made fun of them for the same thing? if this was posted the day of then she couldn't have known he wasn't a troon since that was the initial rumor. he looks gross and sickly enough to be one anyway. and why keep this for months then post it unsaged like it's milk?

No. 230789

please gain reading comprehension skills. the issue is time. and. place. and again, others made more poignant points about moid mentality when they thought he was a troon, her shit is just shit and giggles when everyone is shell shocked. what are you not getting?

No. 230801

Maybe we should just ignore Sainte's obvious bait posts until something actually relevantly milky comes around? Reacting to it is really just feeding the troll. there's a line between genuinely batshit posts from cows and shit posted just for a reaction. Same goes for the other self proclaimed "troll" cows posted here i guess

No. 230805

I'm convinced some posts are just Sainte himself baiting anons into talking about him.

No. 230806

Considering several anons think you're the retarded one here, maybe you're the one not getting it kek.

No. 230813

ayrt I don't think it's bait considering he originally posted it back in 2019 before people here and on /cgl/ knew much about him let alone that he had a facebook
not gonna give away his private insta but the username also relates to the whole weird cousin bs so imo he's a little too dedicated to the cousinfucker thing for it to simply be bait
I get what you mean about not feeding the troll regarding people like nat and ddz and the like but why would sainte be doing this consistently for so many years even on his personal accounts if he is only trolling? especially considering he has family/friends added on those who can see him acting like a cringey weirdo
anyways sorry for the mini-sperg - I will take your advice and stop giving him any attention (unless he does something very milky) in case he really is just a super dedicated troll

No. 230821

>moid mentality
>uwu ladies must be lovelies!!

No. 230839

I think this is nat samefagging over and over by the typing style and language of these replies.

No. 230882

same, the exact same point keeps being made. also she was posting more than just the buffalo bill posts, she posted a bunch of those “antichrist” memes (but as mass shooters?) the same day as well. wish i had caps. you can see in >>230627 that she sperged and made a ton of “joke” posts in one day.

expecting some decency and not make something about yourself after 20 kids died isn’t even a “be lovely!” demand.

No. 230902

She goes by “oatmilkchan” on tiktok and instagram now

most of us don’t make weird movie references and antichrist memes to dunk on a mass troon-like killer the moment it happens, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

No. 230920

This is the one that I thought to be her because of the wildly specific “troon” slur she uses

No. 230921

okay troon. welcome to the internet where everything is an insensitive joke and no one cares.

No. 230923

troon is not wildly specific you newfag.

No. 230924

File: 1658331843025.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.44 KB, 1235x681, 1.JPG)

Nonna. Guess what?

No. 230929

Troon is widely used on both the farm and /cgl/. Retard

No. 230932

kek nobody cared she made fun of a pos mass shooter so now we're all her for using the word troon.

No. 230938

Oatmilkchan uses they them pronouns.

No. 230939

the fuck is wrong with you? why do you even keep record of every ig story that some random ethot is posting from months ago. get a fucking life mate.

No. 230940

Nobody cares. She’s still a she.

No. 230941

kys genderfag

No. 230955

This is starting to rival Chris-chan levels of delusion, anon.

I think the lolita community finally has a real cow, again.

No. 230957

assimilate or fuck off, newfag

No. 230974

troll alliance is so bad at trolling, you're on sainte levels now.

this is nat supporter bait, please stop saying troon is site specific my god.

you do realize that is the fucking point of this drama site? post caps or gtfo.

No. 230985

hi eldritch or necromemes. i forget which one of you says this, but your basically the same person anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter. regardless…. hi fatty

No. 231199

Fell for obvious bait retard

No. 231218

She's literally a lesbian, they thems inherently can't be lesbains

No. 231328

they/thems dont exist

No. 231355

File: 1658428456335.png (97.55 KB, 1092x862, Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 2.32…)

Thought this tumblr "secrets" blog was dead (last post was in march), this was posted today. saging because I don't think it's new milk, just wanted to know anon's thoughts since I can't seem to find anything relevant to this in past threads

No. 231362

File: 1658429328206.jpg (1.07 MB, 1079x1585, Hbparis6.jpg)

Friendly reminder that Hanikami-stealz-ur-dress is still in the fashion even after claiming she would leave. Pic is from the recent Paris Anniversary.
But I guess we already knew she was still around because she sells on LM (Anmitsu).

No. 231367

She’s looking like she’s gained a lot of weight

No. 231371

Oh wow I'm shocked she went to this. It's so weird seeing her in the wild now.

Also confirming she is Anmitsu even though it's old news. I had a transaction with her recently and the info matched what was attached to her HK account. Her unhinged replies seemed telling enough tho before confirming the matching info. But I guess the mods are just letting her continue?

No. 231378

Even though I don’t like her I wish her a well recovery

No. 231385


No. 231401

File: 1658440230802.png (660.46 KB, 692x856, ageplayer.png)

sage for old milk but dear god can you sweetfags stop mixing your fetish shit in with lolita?

No. 231403

File: 1658441641858.png (Spoiler Image,457.5 KB, 925x556, coomer.png)

yeah I always got weird vibes from her but when she started making furry porn i noped out

No. 231419

Is that the reason why they allowed sissies into CoF multiple times? Who is even surprised?

No. 231428

"started"? no she's been posting that shit to fb for years, it's weird.

No. 231430

>>231401 every person dressing in lolita who mixes this shit needs their teeth kicked in and their wardrobes stolen

No. 231464

I hope you didn't wind up going through with the purchase once you realized it was her. I really wish people would stop "looking the other way" and buying from her. ED aside, she's a bad person who has an entire history of horrible behavior. You can have an ED and still be a good person at the same time.

No. 231537


they banned sp00py off of screenshots, but when screenshots were posted of brandon being a fucking creepy they've still done nothing. I'm absolutely convinced one of their mods is a braindead age play kinkster/coomer.

it's annoying how many people sexualize the fashion, but at some point sweetfags need to start looking around their friends more. age players are always sweet, and like most coom obsessed individuals they love to take positions of leadership. For instance: Lor.

No. 231560

I was a seller each time so I didn't really have a choice unfortunately. But agreed.

No. 231580

I remember that the girl had her whole package stolen. Mad.

No. 231596

You could have just not sold to her. You 100% had a choice.

No. 231600

nayrt, but are you dumb? backing out of a sale after a person won the bid or bought the piece wholesale will get you into trouble with LM, and can get banned/suspended. it also makes you less believable in potentially other transactions where you're not at fault.

No. 231611

Are YOU dumb? Most of the community knows what her new LM is and the LM admin has been missing for years. Nobody’s getting in “trouble” for not selling to Zoe.

No. 231620

When I told the people at LM about her they said it was okay for us to refuse her purchasing and they would change her feedback to neutral soo..

No. 231632

so are lm admins gone or not? and most people don't want neutrals, it still looks bad

No. 231635

AYRT, the first time was years ago before her shenanigans were as well known and she kept more of her crazy in check. This second time with her new account, I didn't know for sure until after she paid and the info matched.

I understand what you mean but it would have cost me money to refund her because PP would keep the fees. I also didn't want the scathing negative to sit on my account for a long time and deter other buyers while actively selling other things. Sometimes it can take the mods a while to sort things out. If the mods posted a clear statement about her technically being banned and had a separate contact if a banned user/scammer buys from you instead of just promises in DMs, I'd be more keen on trying to fight it. But that plus the loss of money is not worth it to me right now.

That being said, the transactions did go smoothly. I just would have preferred not to do business with her at all because she is a thief and has a history of harassing others.

I think LM would benefit from making a Banned page on the nav bar with a list of banned users/ scammers with their info that people could plainly see to deter them. Other groups I'm in do that when they can't ban accounts and it works great.

No. 231646

> it would have cost me money to refund her because PP would keep the fees

No they don’t. Stop lying to make yourself look better.

No. 231659

They do keep fees when you refund. I had to refund the same person twice and it cost me.

No. 231661

yes, they literally do keep fees. all of her reasons are pretty understandable, now stop whining about her not choosing the invisible high ground and denying a transaction that went well anyways, jesus.

No. 231662

I’ve done refunds twice and I have never had PayPal keep the fees. Maybe you’re scammers who had claims opened up against them or something

No. 231672

File: 1658519939877.png (7.05 KB, 641x59, PPrefund.PNG)

PP started doing this in 2019. Have you not bought anything in that long?

No. 231683

Anon take your meds, Paypal has done this for a while. You sound more unhinged than HaniKami.

No. 231686

>more unhinged than a literal criminal for saying PayPal hasn’t charged me fees to refund someone


No. 231692

i think you're forgetting the part where you claimed anons might be scammers for stating googleable policy, but go off kween.

I never saw photos of her back then but i remember the drama vividly from threads on twitter. if this is her at a larger weight, then i don't wanna see the before.

also, her animitsu LM acct already has like over 100 transactions in a one year, she really really didn't come close to leaving the fashion.

No. 231726

LM mods will change any negative feedback to neutral if no transaction took place. If a seller or buyer back out of the sale and one leaves neg feedback for it, it gets changed to neutral. They're very biased it makes me not want to even use them anymore. Removing negative feedback, allowing scammers to use the site, not banning people with several negative feedbacks, it's a shitshow.

No. 231742

It was probably the currency conversion/international fees then. Anyway this is why I won't give people second chances anymore unless they pay the extra fee that came out of my wallet because of their incompetence

No. 232113

They change feedback to neutral basically any time someone requests it. They did it to a neg I left for a dumbass who didn't put my name on the package which resulted in other people opening it and putting their nasty hands all over it. Then they let her leave me a retaliatory neg in response. LM mods are pure shit, I wish there was any kind of alternative site to use.

No. 232118

As someone who sold to her for the same reasons, I highly recommend denying the sale. It was a total nightmare. She was constantly freaking out and asking for updates/pics (which I did provide), then ultimately wanted to return the dress because of "black spots" that were not there on the pics she made me send. I said sure because I wanted it to be over and for someone else to have the dress, anyway, after I realized who it was. When it came back it was literally lint. lol.

No. 232127

Had something similar happen. I wish I knew who the mods are, they're biased as fuck.

No. 232203

Similar happened to me and some of my friends

No. 232231

File: 1658668777378.png (451.89 KB, 1091x742, Screenshot (27).png)

Was scrolling through LM and found this nasty ass "He/they" modeling shoes with his hairy legs. Motherfucker you could of just taken a picture of the shoes you didn't have to shove your hairy legs into the photo also why the fuck are these retards putting pronouns on their selling page ugh

No. 232238


99% chance this is a genderspecial AFAB.

No. 232361

File: 1658705316282.jpeg (93.36 KB, 603x603, 131D189F-2176-412C-AD58-773C14…)

Making TikToks being toxic to survivors check

No. 232366

You can just say "woman" here.

No. 232369

You could say it’s half assed. The Rainn hotline just redirects victims to services in their area and sometimes disconnects their line with victims looking for help. She didn’t contribute any new solutions to the rising problem of assault happening.

No. 232375

they're ALWAYS women

No. 232392

uh is this not a huge reach? i personally don’t think voting is doing anything, but these are pretty benign common takes

No. 232416


Like yeah she's just regurgitating known info, but that's part of the snowflake behavior is that she's clout chasing with literally the most lukewarm takes, bringing nothing at all new to the table, and offers no alternatives to hotlines that don't do shit do like >>232369 points out.

Anyways that's her, just lowest common denominator shit so she can get that reels engagement in. She's too scared to even do slightly warm takes on her job as a flight attendant lol.

No. 232488

ok i didn't think any of this mattered or was that weird, i mean literally every libdem centrists posts these takes, but idk why she's telling survivors to make police reports when we know how that goes down in the US, especially texas.

No. 232500

File: 1658765819299.jpeg (101.38 KB, 561x1012, 5A00D5CC-F5DB-478E-87FB-8C0CE7…)

Imagine thinking she has a "hate train bandwagon" when she’s genuinely a shitshow clout chaser.

She is looking for easy ways to get a raise. She thought that being black would do the trick of getting her boss to give her more money. If she’s not getting any recognition, then chances are she’s doing a shit job at work and it’s not because of her race.

She has never been in the victim’s position to understand how shitty her take is. This is the same girl who wanted to defund the police because she thinks they're doing a shitjob.

No. 232503

That’s a man!

No. 232534


If her effort at her job is anything like her effort at understanding any substyles other than mediocre conlolita I can't imagine she's doing great at work.

No. 232572

Op of the btb post here, all the posts about her usually are insignificant and nitpicky about face filters or other stupid shit. I wanted to make it clear I had an issue with her post that goes beyond just not liking her because she’s annoying

No. 232577

shes a flight attendant? which airline? i will never fly with an airline that employs annoying wokenigs.(racebait)

No. 232578

Her weirdly proportioned arm disgusts me

No. 232744

File: 1658847701986.jpg (178.94 KB, 1080x1649, 20220726_093228.jpg)

looks like dd is bullying troons in her ig stories. did sp00py troll alliance convert her into terfism?

for context the troon is shilling violent anti-terf music and calling for terfs to be killed. male pattern violence kek.

No. 232754

Her arm is normal anon she's just retarded

No. 232777

Mysogny and Trans are two peas in a pod. Misogny of all walks, ironically.

No. 232792

To be a TIM is to inherently be misogynistic

No. 232800

i would say she's more tradthot adjacent than terf, since she hates feminism too. disapproving of troonery is just one point in radfem theory. both may have the same opinion on troons, but she's still in the NLOG galaxy brain camp.

moid like comment, it's just an arm

No. 232804

she hates troons, she hates feminists, she hates gay people, she hates poc…. is there any group that she actually doesnt hate?

No. 232820

Straight white men

No. 232840

File: 1658868895354.jpg (381.14 KB, 1079x1881, 20220726_164921.jpg)

No. 232843

File: 1658869481931.jpg (39.93 KB, 448x559, 1658778978119230.jpg)

i'm convinced "she" is actually a tranny. anon on /cgl/ snapped this. look at that man hand.

No. 232845

I don't think you understand proportions
Imagine being the retard standing up for threats of violence, TERF is just a stand-in for "woman" so this all boils down to ugly moids wanting to kill women, what's new

No. 232848

File: 1658870963841.jpg (1.04 MB, 1011x959, 1658620858712704.jpg)

please tell me this doesn't look like a man.

No. 232849

She’s right tho

No. 232851

How so, fatso? Moid arms tends to look like her glorilla arms

No. 232852

this. also it would account for horrible pose, overall lack of coording skills and general /pol/ behavior.

No. 232853

Of course this is being brought up after broccolichan is accused of being a man kek. Nice deflect.

No. 232854

i genuinely think she's pretty apathetic to most things, and just gets a thrill out of negative attention. i'm sure she generally does disapprove of those demographics, but I highly doubt it's passionate hate. she just likes to take the piss out of shit and put it on display like most attention seekers.

woof, she does just look generally large. not as in fat, just big. also all of these coords are terrible.

nice racebait. it's just obvious the screenshot shows her in movement. she's annoying for a lot of things, but fat isn't really one of them.

No. 232855

How on earth did this anon get reported as racebait? Is someone incorrectly reporting

No. 232856

read the last word they posted, carefully.

No. 232858

>use the term nigs when discussing a black woman
>h-how is this racist?!!!


No. 232860

bitch where? calm your wking. "s"he's clearly a self hating tranny. makes sense that sainte claimed this was his cousin he would fuck. trannies stick together.

No. 232861

This was literally a self post on cgl. How dumb can you be

No. 232862

read the thread.

No. 232868

File: 1658874266595.png (379.07 KB, 368x629, toastchan.PNG)


what in the sweet summer fuck is going on with this retarded posting and racebait??

also, if we just have to compare to zeta, toast has the most normie feminine build

No. 232870

MTF Horse piss hormone pills

No. 232872

Oh nah we comparing skeletal structures now is my linebacker ass gonna be on the line too

No. 232875

Selfpost. Nobody care bamboo

No. 232876

File: 1658875089461.png (428.72 KB, 800x658, ddz.PNG)

gonna go ahead and guess maybe DDZ has something to do with this spergfest. even this >>232843 reads like someone taking the piss, I doubt anybody fell for it being real. ngl it was obvious she was the one who made that ita thread where every pic was just her. everybody plays into her attention seeking attempts.

people accused her of looking moidish a few days ago in the ita thread and this is how she responded.


the only thing she hates is not receiving attention.

No. 232879

Most of the people who end up repeatedly on lolcow are aware of it and post purposefully knowing board users are going to eat it up

No. 232880

she seriously posed and got someone to take this photo and respond a few days later, after getting posted in the ita thread.

No. 232883

Anyone noticing anons posts being removed? >>232868

No. 232885

And the mass reporting signaling has begun

No. 232889

I imagine it’s because of the running rumor she’s a troon

No. 232890

>Many of the women I know and luv and respect are all violent and dangerous as fuck
I would bet any of you $10 that all the "women" the one being reposted to deedee's story here "luvs" have XY chromosomes

No. 232891

chances are it's weird racebait like >>232577

No. 232892

One of the posts removed was literally just a racial slur

No. 232894

I have a theory on the real reason why these two have beef.

No. 232895

milk nonners?

No. 232897

More on this. Why was a mtf not in the lolita community not following DDZ stalking his page? It’s clear they must have something in common. DDZ is an alleged troon, and this one is for certain. Why does he have such vitriol for another troon he’s never met? They used to be past lovers.

No. 232899

Troon 1 is angry at troon 2 for making a mockery of their past relationship through subtle nudges in his story posts. This boiled over with the public terfy sperging causing this conflict to no longer be held behind closed doors.

No. 232902

will probably be the only time i say this. based and terfpilled. hope to see more girls speakout on troons.

No. 232903

Reporting just makes it worse tbh

No. 232904

wait this sounds milky for real.

homicidal troon did say they were surprised his “terfs d*e” post got found by the lolita community, clearly she does have a past with him if he he’s not specifically an ex kek

which if ddz is fr alt right and not just trolling, then that would make sense for her to have a troon ex. so many incel/alties troon out

No. 232905

If this is the case wouldn't this make dd not racist? The other troon is a POC?

No. 232906

i think ddz is a troon. scorned troons often sperg out about troons, like sainte.

No. 232908

>akshully don’t report low quality race bait shitposts saying nothing but “Nate Higgers” so they can be deleted it’s bad for the thread


No. 232909

It smells like /pol/fags in here

No. 232910

you can dislike a group of ppl and date them. sexist men still wanna date/fuck women, and i’ve seen enough fucked up hate/love relationships based on grievances with aesthetics despite emotional connections. also those videos of kkk members with black spouses kek.

i think ddz literally hating poc is probably not on the table, but i’d say she likes winding people up into thinking she does. tolerating is also an option, idk why ppl go straight to hate.

are you dumb?

No. 232911

This but just sounds like samefagging.

No. 232912

the fanfiction you have going on right now is too much kek, I think you need to close your computer for a while

No. 232916

File: 1658879662346.jpeg (247.6 KB, 828x1543, 1DC8A9CF-2CD6-4B97-8C1B-718874…)


I don’t know if you all know. But she’s beefing with the guy who wanted to expose himself at the wi spa and held a protest at the spa after it went viral, having a "trans" cross-dressing registered sex offender arrested. For once, deedeezeta isn’t really crazy here.

That man is a dangerous predator and he’ll call people to attack women at that spa who were feeling unsafe that a man exposed his parts in the women’s space.

No. 232918

yeah seems like it. don’t want to be accused of hi cowing but anytime particular people get posted it turns into a pages long spergout. also the number of slur posts that had to be removed in succession says it all. thread was dead/slow until >>232744

No. 232946

Sus how every time toast is brought up ddz gets posted and vice versa. Posting eachother? Why is TX so unhinged is the heat getting to you guys?

No. 232950

Texas has a huge lolita community. More lolitas = more drama. Also a higher percentage of fatties having their brain chemicals fucked with by their diets and excess hormone production from their fat

No. 232964

The thread went dry after the Dallas shitposter got revealed and got in with Rosequartz. I'm not sure why Texas lolitas chosen today to start shit again. With these spams, mass reporting, and deedeezeta bait, this thread has devolved into a shambles.

No. 232968

Oh shit. Glad shes blasting this sick fuck.

No. 232976

What did you anons expect? It’s Texas, for Christ’s sake! Toast and her comm had so many issues. Anywhere they go, they’re always loud and ugly. It’s like a ita parade seeing that comm

No. 232979

/pol/ scrotes have been invading the site (and any communities with j-fashion and high amounts of underage girls) for years and I'm tired of pretending it's just a conspiracy theory.
What's going to be the result of this shit in the long run? you nonnas surely know by now that in the long run all you're doing is promoting violent misogyny? like 9 out of 10 of posts that look like this >>232876 are falsely clocking cis women and they/he ""aidens"" as mtfs.

No. 232985

Wtf I love DDZ now

No. 232991

Sounds like DDZ doesn’t want the TRUTH getting out… hi deedeenazee

No. 233014

wow, that’s actually very based of her

No. 233029

A broken clock is right twice a day I guess

No. 233075

>mass reporting

If the things that were getting reported weren’t against site rules like racebait they wouldn’t get deleted and farmhands would call them out like they did with Liv making tons of false reports. If you don’t want your posts to get deleted don’t include stuff like “n*gs” and “Nate Higgers” or other equally low quality racebait slurs

No. 233077

Well, the trolls sure did fuck with her this time on here. Everyone knows Toast reports cgl threads and surely they ran here to see if she would do the same. It just makes her look bad if she’s falling for their trap.

No. 233078

This isn’t /cgl/, farmhands aren’t like the mods or jannies on /cgl/. They aren’t going to delete things or issue bans for being mass reported. They’re going to delete things and issue bans for being against the rules. They openly tell people to knock it off if the reports aren’t against farm rules. If you don’t post stupid shit that’s against the rules your posts won’t be deleted. Lurkmoar.

No. 233081

File: 1658931659380.jpeg (119.22 KB, 555x1021, 8B7267F6-A805-4E99-AEDB-F3EFFB…)

But she avoids Cgl nonny

No. 233086

What was the point of her making that video, then? It only brings more attention to that board to her woke followers

No. 233093

this. i can't understand why people are confused that rules are being upheld here? even if no one reported the posts, a mod would have deleted it. posts like >>233077 just really out newfaggotry. posts getting taken down mean you were just wrong. when liv and her gang mass reported, the posts weren't taken down, a farmhand just gave a warning.

this en masse scrotish behavior is not cute. tbh im confused on the toast hate train to begin with? she seems like a typical annoying tik tok texlita, but I can't find any literal milk until the recent sexual assault PSA tik tok she made? every mention of her before were just nitpics on her weird mouth and use of face filters. which again, isn't milk.

thread was dry for days even with the occasional toast post. shit went off the moment DDZ was posted, not the other way around. it doesn't take a genius to see.

No. 233097

liv, hannah, lor, toast, and any other tiktok lolita has made a video about how people should “avoid” cgl, despite everyone knowing they at least lurk. it’s practically a tik tok lolita entry video, they’re everywhere.

No. 233101

Self post from toast

No. 233102

Every time a cow has an open meltdown about the farm it draws attention to the thread and an influx of newfags happens. The amount of stupid shit like posting random ana-chans with no milk, unapologetic whiteknighting, hicowing, asking for itas with no milk to be posted just for the sake of laughing at itas like this is the ita thread, being unfamiliar with farm culture, using the word “nigs” to describe a black woman and then acting surprised when you’re banned for race baiting, (I could keep going but I’ve made my point), really had an upswing after Lara had her weeks long meltdown directly and publicly addressing lolcow. Since she drew so much attention to this thread over a long period of time it was inevitable that we’d see a drastic increase in newfaggotry, especially people who are more familiar with /cgl/ coming here and posting like it’s /cgl/.

No. 233104

She cries racism so much so that she goes on boards where everyone is unfiltered. Then she picks her fight with Deedee and thinks nobody will catch on. It sounds to me like she was asking for it with Deedee and her anon friends. I love how Deedee be minding her business and somebody thought it was time to expose her again for being a terf. Turns out she was arguing with a trans sex offender who exposes himself to women and children.

No. 233109

It’s the same thing that happened to Nat. She got booted for being mean to a scrote who was a predator. People in this community really trying to cancel the wrong people

No. 233115

exactly. board cultures aren't all in the same, this thread became such a shit show. which is sad, because we've gotten some decent entertainment in the past.


exhibit fucking a. only one of the people being mentioned in this convo has a history of shit posting. also we're all terfs here? no one was outing her, that would be a good thing.

No. 233117

This is true. There aren't many girls who are willing to put themselves and their reputations on the line like that. And risk being ostracized and called 'terfs' or 'transphobes' and stand up against these creepy men and let them know that women don't want them in their spaces. Yet wokefags are so quick to throw them under the bus for fake clout and cancel them. These girls in particular are cringe edgelords but they seem to be the only ones with enough nads to make these kinds of statements.

No. 233139

I don’t understand why she goes on there and uses 4chan terminology for her TikTok if she asked others to stay off that site.

No. 233140

4chan is such a normie site now anyway. Even Fox News references it. I think SNL did too. Her saying to stay off it is being yelled into the void lol

No. 233142

It being referenced has nothing to do with normalcy. It got called internet hate machine by news in early 2000's. It's just been around a long time as an anonymous BBS board. The news is only referencing it because social media and leftist news stations are censoring the big leak on the biden family.

It's not exactly normie, but it is filled to the brim with newfags and the quality of content dropped because of lack of integration to board culture.

No. 233164

File: 1658952295458.jpg (111.5 KB, 905x756, screencapture22020727.JPG)

damn ddnazi is raw on this sex offender freak

No. 233170

i caught a ban on /cgl/ for calling out someone in the f.f thread. fuck that noise.

No. 233172


No. 233173

I hope she lurks here so she knows I saved her tranny rant purely on how based it is

No. 233178

i'm talking about our resident pedo tranny pharmacist.

No. 233192

I got a ban for calling him out too but it's allowed in discord threads on other boards for some reason, 4scrote tranny jannies are the worst
I found another one of his many alt facebooks with photos of him before he trooned out that I posted in the /snow/ personal cow thread along with him on his current fb basically sperging about how he's going to be forever unloved kek in case any nonnies here want to see: >>>/snow/1595992

No. 233214

Chances are the guy is a janny now. It's more likely than you think

No. 233217

they just took in janny applications too, fucking hell.

No. 233219

It’s not even an original rant, that’s been posted other places before.

No. 233230

like where? he deleted it from his fb and it's not posted in this thread

No. 233368

Don't forget she hates the anti-christ too.

No. 233464

Did she piss off the LOC squad

No. 233498

No. 233501

File: 1659038156317.jpg (360.46 KB, 1080x1513, birdsofafeather.jpg)

Anyone else not surprised unhinged and unhinged jr are friends?

No. 233505

Is this neorococomemes or cupcake posting?

No. 233507

Who is Alyssa?

No. 233508

DDZ, bunnakins and all the tradthot christards have LOC in their profile. Means Lover Of Christ iirc.

who's jr?

unhinged vendetta chan

No. 233515

I have a feeling it was. They was going off on people interacting with ‘transphobic’ Nat after Lara posted DDZ and Nat.

No. 233519

Post proof? Im not seeing anything

No. 233530

File: 1659044879477.jpg (56.06 KB, 1113x288, screenshot.jpg)

what are you talking about nonny? sort of related though, wtf is the blm link in dd's profile? is she trying to be antiracist but made a typo. it goes to some transport company. is this a fucking joke?

No. 233540

no that was nats story not mine.

No. 233542

Was this Alyssa being transphobic or something?

No. 233544

Based if she was, she follows me

No. 233547

Probably. That the same person who wanted to beat up people at cons

No. 233548

Tea, nonny? What happened

No. 233562

uh holy shit? so alyssa is friends with nat? and recent friends with her too?? she’s about to get the boot from every space nat’s been kicked out of

No. 233570

Check last thread

No. 233580

Guilt by association is retarded.

No. 233599

no shit, but do you think the people who run those spaces care? it’s all about saving face

No. 233600

some people don't follow drama you cunt. get over yourself.

No. 233602

there goes hannah, flexing her mod powers

No. 233604

Personally my interpretation of what she was saying was just general weird chest puffing and chest thumping to people that maybe she thought she was closer to? I'm not sure.

No. 233637

File: 1659084082084.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x1882, 90004B5C-2A5B-4418-81A3-EE8640…)

STFU Laura. You hate follow ppl you don’t even know for other ppl you don’t know. Your stupid holier than thou attitude is why nobody can stand your ass. Your so creepy and unhappy.

No. 233651

>some people don’t follow drama
you’re an actual idiot to say that on a drama site about one of the most drama filled communities. also why get defensive about normal speculation on what could happen to alyssa ? that’s how this shit works? newfag begone.

is she actually ok in the head? people just slide through and watch stories all the time and don’t have to like your actual posts? sometimes they don’t see them or only watch stories ? jesus she’s self obsessed

No. 233659

>is she actually ok in the head

She clearly is severely mentally unwell based on her behavior in reactions to these threads.

I never like anything and I don’t have the time to write out comments for overly shooped pictures of obese women. Does she really think she’s owed a like/comment?

No. 233662

File: 1659099160394.jpeg (143.97 KB, 828x1271, D851923D-36C3-41A6-A815-448D68…)

No. 233663

tinfoil, but is nat making these interaction up with fake accounts just to troll people? because I thought lara hated nat since she believes it was nat who was posting her on here

No. 233664

clout chasinf bitch.

No. 233666

No, Lara is following and liking Nat's posts now. Kudos to them for making up, but the way Lara tried to attack Deedee and Nat earlier is pretty messed up. Will people call out Lara on her hypocrisy?

No. 233668

People are calling her out on it here. She’s just too delusional to accept valid criticism and calls anyone who gives her anything but positive feedback a hater or troll.

No. 233671

basically this. she needs everyone to be super nice to her or she has a meltdown. why are people like this so insistent on being terminally online?

No. 233676

that's hilarious because it seems that lara is and alyssa are just befriending everyone who is on the "outs" of the community. i doubt nat really sees lara as a friend, it's all just funny business

No. 233680

What convention was this? Was this at Anime Expo, Tekko, or Paradiso?

No. 233686

trolling kek

No. 233725

A kon Dallas, Texas

No. 233741

>A kon

Spitting in people is normal A kon behavior. I would genuinely be more surprised if someone didn’t behave like a malicious retard at A kon

No. 233799

Fat and built like a fridge

No. 233803

if you're literally this retarded to not understand guilt my association is a normal way to act, then you're obviously too retarded to realize that I'm speaking for people who do not frequent the site.

No. 233805

Also tend to agree just on the sole fact we've more than witnessed how unhinged Texas comm is as a whole in these threads.

No. 233812

She looks like she’s from whoville

No. 233853

Sounds like typical lara to me. She’s always cries about how she’s “so much more than the rumors and gossip doesn’t show who a person really is uwu” but that only applies to her not anyone else because she needs juicy drama to live.(learn2sage)

No. 233965

File: 1659207027037.jpeg (722.79 KB, 828x1638, 02D5678B-8637-4C09-ADA8-04D2F5…)

Don’t zoom in

No. 233985

File: 1659210968235.jpeg (112.66 KB, 828x949, 13034F99-282B-4DA8-A0F8-55ABC6…)

No. 233986

this is such bs. we can see that she just covers them with concealer. she needs to wear less concealer jfc.

No. 233999

I think she means thin.

No. 234015

>being white means you have small lips

She’s so delusional and retarded.

No. 234018

it’s so unbelievably racist of her to associate small lips with white people and large lips with POC. It’s always these hypersensitive wokefags that are closet racists clinging to stereotypes.

No. 234021

tbh lara strikes me as a /pol/ type.

No. 234035

File: 1659222311672.jpeg (410.99 KB, 1284x2080, 5F1F9425-45CE-4A0F-ADFD-8850A4…)

>it’s just the wide angle lense the photographer in the fashion show used, I’m not fat!
>looks like a planet in the videos she makes

No. 234039

And when she runs around, her neighbors' coffee table shakes.

No. 234071

you can tell this doesn't fit her.

No. 234081

That’s because she is full on racist.

No. 234107

Her lips wouldn't be so damn small if she wasn't covering them in concealer like it's 2006?

No. 234114


She once wore pink lipstick and her lips were actually normal looking. Which makes >>234035 even more bizarre in that context.

No. 234167

Still waiting on proof

No. 234175

Last thread retard

No. 234246

From what can be gathered by reading the previous thread

>There was some group chat in the Texas comm.

>Alyssa was acting unhinged towards others who were modeling for a fashion show. She finds out who was modeling for AP: Momo, Liv, and Hannah.
>Alyssa called all 3 of them dramawhore bitches and talked about Hannah’s discord.
>Hannah was being posted on LC and everyone started to speculate about who was posting her during that period.
>Alyssa finds out she’s blocked by Hannah.
>More Hannah nitpicking thread postings.
>Hannah accused Alyssa without evidence at first.
>GC messages come out from anons and all the tracks lead back to Alyssa's trash talking about Angelic pretty models, posting screenshots from threads, Discord drama, and wanting to fight the models.

Discord Lolitas are something else

No. 234249

her ugly concealer makeup makes her look like a shrew.

No. 234253

i don’t like lara but isn’t that just a normal observation? like saying black ppl have darker skin than white ppl is just a fact. and on average, they have bigger lips too

next time, try not to bottle feed lazy newfags. this was all written in the OP with links.

No. 234254

File: 1659298824063.jpeg (239.69 KB, 1242x1021, 89816024-20E5-4F07-8466-DCEB0D…)

gemma seriously posted a youtube video very recently about her fOuR hUndRed dollar dress. nobody is talking about anymore, she needs to give it a rest.

No. 234256

Stereotyping on a race body. Is that what all wokefags think?

No. 234257

No it’s what Lara and her pals think which makes it extremely racist.

No. 234260

File: 1659300134797.jpeg (240.33 KB, 828x1205, D50E97E5-E9D0-4749-9C5D-FC387B…)

No. 234263

There she goes being Racist now

No. 234266

And now AP will be stricter on who will model for them. Embarrassing

No. 234273

Americans are such ita cows

No. 234274

It’s not a normal association to say that she has small lips because she’s white. Not all white people have small lips, but she’s also implying POC have large lips which is a racist stereotype that’s been used against POC for hundreds of years. It’s only recently with the trendification of black trends that big lips/injecting your lips to get large lips has become desirable.

No. 234275

Shooped herself into having a joker smile and yet her crazy eyes are still the worst looking thing in the photo

No. 234276

again, not stereotyping, just a very common feature? how is that woketard-esque? there are a thousand things to poke fun of lara about but calling her racist seems weird. saying a race is loud or mean is a stereotype, but describing what usually defines them as that race visually (their physical traits) is just an observation. also she said white people have small lips, she never mentioned poc, so was she being racist to herself??

No. 234277

Anon I don't like lara but your reaching a bit, I think she meant poc usually have larger lips than white people which is usually true

No. 234278

Stereotyping doesn’t have to be negative to still be stereotyping.

No. 234279


She’s also grouping all non-white races together which is a whole other issue. Stop whiteknighting

No. 234280

she's retarded and has no idea how to do makeup.

No. 234281

Nonna i'm not white and you're being a little bit retarded. I rather talk about how annoying she is than make up fake milk about her being a racist.

No. 234282

You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to but that doesn’t mean other people have to stop talking about it. Retard.

No. 234283

nta but it's not fake milk, she legit said she had thin lips because she's white. that's very weird to say period, racist or not.

No. 234285

I guess i'm not sensitive because I don't consider it racism, I've been called slurs just for existing. I rather have the worst thing said about me is that i had bigger lips. i do agree that it was a little odd to say

No. 234286

Nobody cares about your personal preferences about it. It is objectively an issue for her to group in all non white people into a stereotype. It’s very telling that she thinks that way. It’s a mindset of white people are one way and everyone else is another. Literally racism.

No. 234292

File: 1659307974324.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1170x1857, E7F6339E-DD39-40E1-84CD-7C43F7…)

No. 234293

Is this feeder/weight gain content? Gross. She doesn’t need to be eating on camera when she’s so fat

No. 234295

Lara is definitely on this board rn kek

No. 234298

She hasn’t stopped lurking since she first got posted last thread

No. 234299

Lol isn’t this her pals she’s friends with?

No. 234300

clearly they're not grasping at straws and genuinely struck a nerve about her insecurities if she keeps making these retarded indirect callouts kek

No. 234301

File: 1659308606026.jpeg (708.07 KB, 1536x2048, 18DFD55D-A8BD-4E20-8656-59E107…)

Lives in Japan. Wears really American looking kokeshi dolls corset. Also in coord, a MLP necklace. From gray dry skin, to the outfit I don’t know why she is a comm leader.

No. 234302

lara pls we have plenty of your coords to pick at, you and your outfits look awful, namely because they dont fit your fridgebody.

No. 234303

File: 1659308711506.jpeg (413.63 KB, 1365x2048, 75FCF1F1-991F-4CFA-8BA9-DBCA9E…)

She told me she is professional makeup artist and tattoo artist. I look at both her work and it’s messy and all colors are dull. She can’t tattoo, she can’t dress herself.

No. 234304

This feels like someone trying to distract from Lara. None of that is milk

No. 234305

Not trying to distract, just popped up on a page. Was shocked she would post such pictures on the internet and think “yes, this looks great!”

No. 234306

Looks like Lara and her friends decided to go racist today. Go get a life

No. 234307

That’s not what this thread is for. How new are you?

No. 234309

imagine recording this cheapass flatware.

No. 234310

Is that not a one time use plastic/paper bowl? Lmao. I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised considering her home is a pigsty

No. 234311

this looks like gyaru or something similar and not lolita
does she even dress in lolita? you didn't provide her socials either

No. 234314

File: 1659309350492.jpeg (189.15 KB, 815x1190, 7DBED89A-7B26-4B56-8CCA-08A50D…)

Fuck off you bad built racist

No. 234316

this shit doesn't fit. the chest is stretched out to fuck.

No. 234317

File: 1659309608029.jpeg (267.29 KB, 828x1531, 71AAF279-7E34-4740-97A1-DD3AE1…)

Why does she continue to do this to herself?

No. 234318

Lara and her fake Chanel items will never not be hilarious to me. She spent $1500 on an old ass bag bowler bag once and then has bought fakes ever since and it’s so tacky. Her knockoff boy bag is particularly heinous.

No. 234320

I mean it's a little hot but i'm not dying, how nice of lara to ask

No. 234323

she will see our replies too! so sweet. though, she must assume we are all rats since she's got an ugly rat face.

No. 234331

No. 234355

Lara girl, I have nothing against you and actually like your coords but you seriously need to stop engaging. I think people are being super nitpicky about your appearance (tho I agree the concealer on the lips hides your natural smile), but you come out looking crazy for firing back. It's giving the people attacking you more fuel, and is super offputting to the ppl who don't know anything about this site.

No. 234356

Lara you are married to a literal rat stfu

No. 234357

File: 1659314788505.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1222, 9F8ED8CB-C68B-487E-8DA7-F4E5AB…)

Forgot pic

No. 234359

nta, but you shits also group all "white" races together. So if you're going to get your panties in a bunch over different ethnic features that the traditional black African americans have, then get your panties in a bunch about the generic statement that white people have thin lips. You see how this goes both ways? There's more "white" races out there in the world and countries with varied features, cultures, backgrounds than black countries OBVIOUSLY(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 234364

uh, not that i want this thread to go full /pol/, but wtf are you talking about? africans look incredibly different in different regions.
and what’s with the plural white “races” kek

she’s such an idiot. she’s also just getting her young following to look up these sites too, which is stupid.

No. 234366

Lara was literally the first person to say it was because she was white. Go back to /pol/

No. 234367

Are you serious? Do you really not know what races are white and white countries they come from? Do you have ANY geography knowledge at all? There are SO MANY COUNTRIES that are white that have WHITE races. YOU as an American group in ALL these different ethnic backgrounds as "white"

No. 234368

>traditional black African Americans
Wtf is this

No. 234369

>thinking countries are anything but a man made concept and that they can dictate someone’s race

This is so stupid. Even if you had used the term region it’s still stupid.

No. 234370

you keep saying “race” but what you’re trying to say is “ethnicity.” two completely different words and meanings you idiot. there can’t be multiple “white races” but there are multiple white ethnicities. you can call me an american all you want, but you don’t even know the definition of these basic words.

did that help you? ok now stfu and discuss lara being milky, not lara talking about her own thin lips

No. 234371

maybe go look up what region got enslaved and u'll know who the traditional african americans are and really what biological makeup u share with them. I'm not talking about recent immigrants that aren't even native Americans, u definitely don't share the same background as them. ur not the same, just like how one white person from a different country is not the same

No. 234372

You're really pulling out all the stops to detract from lara's rat face aren't you

No. 234374

no you fuckers want to sperg on illogical American ideologies, let's sperg off about how you have no concept of geography and think "white races" should all be grouped in

No. 234375

Board turned into a college wokeism essay

No. 234376

No need to lie, just be honest. You just wanted us to stop talking about the cow and then you decided to blame americans in america for discussing things americans would be more cultured about.

No. 234377

It’s Lara’s allies being retarded

No. 234378

yep we have necromemes and some other fucktard woke libs that vulture around the community for cancellation in this thread. do any of you even wear lolita?

No. 234379

They're not even being subtle about it anymore, they could choose any other topic to switch to but they decide to make lara look even more racist with their concerned trolling.

No. 234380

>would be more cultured about.
Two things that don't go together.

Additionally, Americans have always historically SUCKED at understanding anything outside of American ideologies. Also, just a fyi talking about other regions of Africa have nothing to do with you or BLACK african americans.

No. 234381

Sound like you have a hate boner for Americans being right

No. 234382

I'm American, you fucktard. I just am aware of how fucking retarded you are, because you likely don't step outside of your community to get to know anyone outside of that, specifically. Maybe try getting to know people outside of your country and see how fucking different the ENTIRE ASS WORLD thinks.

No. 234383

Can you guys move on … or get a room.
This isn’t the place. We get the point either way, stop sperging

No. 234386

Wtf, she looks so much better here! This hair and makeup suits her a lot better and would still look fine with lolita and j fashion. >>234355
I agree. If she’d just ignore it, there’s no milk. I think she looks fine for the most part, but her makeup isn’t flattering. That alone isn’t milk. If she’d stop reading here (or even just read and don’t react) there would be no milk and she’d be forgotten about.

No. 234388

She was also like 50lbs lighter in that photo I think that’s a big part in making her look better

No. 234389

I find it funny both her allies and friends are both in here fighting eachother kek

No. 234390

her shit attitude is what's milk, but she's unattractive and unfit.

No. 234393

and the fact that she's still built like a brick while squeezing into too small dresses.

No. 234395

Tbh just being fat and squeezing into dresses isn’t milk, but her being delusional about it and her physical appearance is. Plenty of fatties sausage-case themselves into items that don’t fit. But they aren’t going on meltdowns about how Not Fat they are and making fun of anorexics

No. 234396

Isn’t nay one of them?

No. 234403

She hears the gossip alot from one. of them.

No. 234575

No. 234678

I can't believe she's actually still making tiktoks about lolcow

No. 234685

she clearly has nothing else going on.

No. 234692

Nat personally set them up by posting those two thread posters to her story. She knows what she is doing.

No. 234698

Wrong :’)

She is a morbidly obese one lol
Lurks here but says she doesn’t
She ass kisses any one with a following for clout
Nat is probably blocked by her(:’))

No. 234708

kek can't even tell which one you mean. crazy how alike all cows are.

No. 234731

The thread blows up anytime they’re mentioned.

She’s fighting a wall at this point

No. 234804

Sounds pressed.

No. 234821

This was a stupid read

No. 234857

she also called skinny girls pedobait, despite all her clothing being japanese.

No. 234960

File: 1659418708994.jpeg (202.08 KB, 828x1261, 1CE0C6BA-845B-41BA-8333-ED9660…)

Modern day feminism has ruined women in America and their self worth. Imagine not showering and wearing brand in hamburger grease. Why are American Lolitas disgusting?

No. 234966

File: 1659419109287.jpeg (99.53 KB, 828x1242, 493FB7AC-2CDF-41D4-81C5-8DAAA8…)

How misogynistic

No. 234974

>i love femcels!
>instant pick me behavior
i can't.

No. 234979

Says the person who got a UTI after fucking around with men in a movie theater. What ever happened to keeping your pussy clean and having morals? Find God and stop all of this fake Christian nonsense. You’ve fumbled your redemption to being accepted and loved by all. You have fallen vulnerable and surrounded yourself with demons. It is time to cleanse yourself from this brainwashed behavior and attention seeking.

No. 234983

What the fuck?

No. 234984

Calm down christ-tard.

No. 234986

A LOC attacking nat? KEK

No. 234990

Brandon must’ve came back for revenge

No. 234991

Do you have screenshots of this? If this is true that’s hilarious kek not so much of a lesbian now

No. 234994

File: 1659425070324.jpg (561.66 KB, 2880x2880, 20220802_002309.jpg)

I don't think she's even lesbian its another larp. Come on lesbian oatmilk chan (LOC) and then she changed her username to oatmilkchan? This is just another ruse, ignore it and it goes away.

No. 234996

explains why she had ky

No. 234998

File: 1659426393653.jpeg (166.27 KB, 616x1052, 10A09E8E-A244-4F83-8725-3C2CF0…)

No. 235004

File: 1659427270639.jpeg (344.62 KB, 828x1012, 9DC1B09A-1C8B-4839-B1D2-1D9B4B…)

So glad this fetishist is banned from my comm

No. 235005

Is it to larp as arisucookie? Cause I've noticed a few clones popping up after she switched from LL/himekaji to bimbo pink expensive shit. @cottondolly and @amanda.jamiee come immediately to mind idk if anyone else noticed the trend or I'm just retarded?

No. 235006

Ew mark it as spoiler newfag

No. 235007

Neorococomemes isn’t going to like this

No. 235033

It wouldn’t be a stretch, she has the same cheap floral-badmakeup-Basic-Bitch-Barbie look going on. They also both have manfaces so I’m sure it’s inspiring to Lara

No. 235039

Wtf is this? This is disturbing

No. 235064

What happened to anti-porn stick Nat? I really liked her, but she is just off-putting now.

No. 235067

kek not surprised Dr. Love keeps pics of teens simulating sex acts. next time spoiler your borderline cp.

No. 235074

File: 1659453295606.jpeg (27.38 KB, 236x314, A526407B-B43A-469F-B12F-78E815…)

Public indecency.
Spoil next time for this is a sin.

She thinks she can use a purple plant fruit and KY lube to fuck bitches who’ll break up with her the next day.

No. 235076

Oh Christ-tard is back

No. 235077

She’s 18 and is throwing this picture onto the internet to please men while claiming to be a lesbian.

No. 235088

dildo doesn't need a spoiler, retards.

No. 235093

ok and that's still a teen, posting it with no spoiler was gross. but if she's not gay why does she have one of those? maybe the other girl is actually let her borrow it to troll. why do we think she's even faking being gay?

No. 235099

Nat is mad

No. 235103

because every girl is gay and some sort of lgbt to be special and unique nowadays

No. 235105

Isn't she the TERF postergirl? I'm confused.

No. 235117

Honestly cottondolly copying arisucookie was already a huge reach from the start, all the himekaji girls who got into cottagecore ended up dressing like that and it's not as though Alice invented it

No. 235120

true. i thought it was obvious she's faking but the dildo pic confused me. she prob posted it on purpose to 'prove' she's gay.

No. 235130

Imagine borrowing your friends strap on penis for an Instagram photo to “prove” how much of a lesbian you are

No. 235136

File: 1659456262741.jpg (Spoiler Image,149.5 KB, 497x793, capture (2).JPG)

i thought loc was their weird cult? u think theyve turned on spoopy and r blackmailing them with this?

i wonder for what? loc cult was just wking them over allegations of transphobia. some trans folx were sperging on spoopy on clockapp for something or other. terf behavior probably i dont recall details but its recent tiktok

pic related also spoiler because its very gross

No. 235151

LOC vs I hate men squad

No. 235231

I love how she was losing her shit over a gross beta scrote but turns around and do this.

No. 235232

Did she post this?

No. 235234

How is this for men??? Also it literally isn’t porn.

These posts are getting retarded. Is that photo cringe? Yes. But it’s literally not porn, it looks like her and her gay friends just being stupid.

And the one thing nat is for real about is that she’s gay, she is definitely a lesbian. If any of you took the time to watch her tik toks or other posts you’d know she’s serious about at least that. She also has talking about an ex girlfriend.

This >>234994 is about how other terfs used to think that because she wears Lolita, it’s actually connected to the book. Yes, she herself is a radfem, but she didn’t make that poster. However, nat did have an actual Lolita nymphette phase

No. 235236


No. 235237

whats loc mean? newfag spotted i know.

No. 235241

Lovers of Christ. A fascist nazi white supremacist group that DDZ and a few others brag about being in.

No. 235245

File: 1659468490444.jpeg (279.43 KB, 828x1673, 74B713A8-185F-4F6C-A795-DBA81B…)

She jumps on trends faster than her being passed around

No. 235252

LOC stands for lovers of clitoris, actually. That's why Nat is friends with them, they're all in to women.

No. 235254

It’s a dick used for sex

No. 235261

File: 1659470563423.jpg (Spoiler Image,315.08 KB, 1077x1846, 20220802_155404.jpg)

kek she fucks

No. 235267

i dont think its a white supremacist thing. i swear there are black girls with the loc. i cant find them though. did someone ever get screencaps of this?

No. 235268

Was the L a typo?

No. 235284

File: 1659473370108.jpeg (373.58 KB, 718x790, 1B788B3D-7343-4DAC-B2C2-3FA498…)

They’re from Houston and have actual sense in style

No. 235287

I think it meant Lesbian Oatmilk Chan >>234994 and was just another troll/solidarity thing.

No. 235293

this is cute. just saying.

No. 235294

(L) (O)atmilk(C)han Fucks
its some sort of signal or code

No. 235298

they're copying her because himekaji is a different thing now from the gyaru adjacent shit it was 10 years ago.

No. 235302

hi dd. not a very nice thing to say about your friend.(hi cow)

No. 235303

File: 1659476672602.jpg (149.12 KB, 459x332, TrollAllianceEnded.JPG)

No. 235306

I have no idea whats going on ITT but this is very beautiful artwork

No. 235313

does anyone have screencaps of that Guatemalan immigrant in LOC who was commenting transphobic things on dr loves page and saying dee wasn’t racist because she donated to her moms immigration lawyer I think she might’ve blocked me because I can’t find them anymore

No. 235382

Can’t anyone in this community call out sissy fetishists without turning into a cow herself? Handmaidens are going to rally around the creep and use all this nonsense as ‘proof’ that he’s an innocent babby being persecuted by licheral nazis for no reason. The next girl he preys on is going to have a hell of a time speaking out about it without being lumped in with… whatever the hell all this is.

No. 235425

Nobody dares to call out the sissy troons unironically because it might burn bridges within the community, you're either a handmaiden or make lighthearted jokes about troons without mentioning the actual issue with them. Nobody ever speaks up. If the community keeps babying them, it will only get worse in the future.

No. 235441

So who is apart of nat and her party of clowns?

No. 235483

Please show where she said these exact words

No. 235568

It’s been posted to these threads, she says it in her stories a lot that only pedos like skinny women. Scroll through the threads, we don’t exist to spoon feed you.

No. 235570

go to the last thread. no one is spoonfeeding your fat ass.

No. 235575

If you're that bothered by it why aren't you calling them out yourself?

No. 235577

learn how to read and comprehend.

No. 235599

Are you ESL or just retarded? I'll spell it out: If you have an issue with TERFchan and DDNazee being the only ones to call these sick fucks out because they're trolls, why aren't you calling the fetishists out since you have a squeaky clean record and it will be taken seriously?

No. 235638

It’s also still up on her tiktok ….

No. 235645

i'm pretty sure she meant people who expect women to force themselves to be in an unnatural state of thinness. not petite women themselves who are built that way. once again, twisting someone's words around to fit your narrative isn't milk.

No. 235662

So calling out people with eating disorders/disordered eating. Like that is any better.
What you think she meant is way worse than how I was taking it . Holy shit.

No. 235664

no I meant dumb fucks on this board who shit on women for gaining natural weight/curves as they age, dumb shit

No. 235668

since you have a VERY hard time with reading comprehension, i'll lay it out for you: she means people on the farm and /cgl/ who see someone who isn't stick skinny and might have a bit of hip/thigh and go LOSE WEIGHT FATTY LOLOL. god damn you're obtuse

No. 235678

You mean stick thin “uwu” teenager bodies

She really needs to work on how she words things though . It’s like she uses these terminology on purpose to stir people up. Or doesn’t know any other wording. This and the white people lips.

No. 235679

yeah- there are legitimately creepy people out there who expect grown women to still be as thin as they were when they were teenagers. every single petite woman jumped down her throat about this when that wasn't who she was talking about. it's the creepy men and the weirdos on these boards who see a woman above a US size 4 in jfashion and scream fattychan. it's really not hard to understand.

No. 235680

Can you fats (aka Lara) shit up somewhere else

No. 235684

Claims to hate cgl and lolcow but she and her friends can’t take her eyes off it

No. 235689

And she keeps sending them here with her TikTok and Instagram stories battle cry

No. 235694

I am convinced she lurks here every day

No. 235695

So much teenagers using lolcow now probs

Good job Lara teaching your audience that they exist.. the many normal who wouldn’t have heard of it otherwise anyway

No. 235700

she said anachans were pedobait, go look it up.

No. 235701

Post the crying fatties

No. 235707

They already got posted and they’re racists too.

No. 235708

Like who

No. 235709

this ugly cunt

No. 235723

I'd rather watch a video about the package thief incident

No. 235729

Two out of a few that are associated with the drama are thread cows. Cows who interact with other cows are guilty by default. Her friends were being racist, and thought posting a sudden distraction >>234301 and racist essays would stop it all.

No. 235739

This thread has been bombarded with racist anons lately and I believe they were sent from Lara. Never seen this happen in the past threads.

No. 235748

Anyone associated with Lara’s racism and behavior is awful in my book. I wish Lara would ignore the trolls, but this has turned into something worse when she opened the wound more. It's not okay to nitpick her to death, and it's not okay for her to do it to others.

No. 235753

They keep thinking the farms is cgl too. The rules on here states race baiting is a permanent ban

No. 235775

Are you retards really surprised? Nat has been associated with DDZ, who was attacked by the cancel mob for her Nazi costume and racism. Now Nat is the target of a ball for being an unhinged terf who is best friends with a Nazi racist who got canceled.

No. 235779

kek the bar for 'racism' in this community is so low.

No. 235788

Shut up Lara

No. 235790

"Everyone who says something I don't like is a cow"

Why are you all so fucking retarded

No. 235794

I don’t know if you’re one to be calling others retarded when you’re saying literal racism isn’t racism because it isn’t bad enough in your opinion

No. 235795

The cancel dominoes

No. 235802

Dallas shit stirrer, Terf, and a Racist all in one connection.

No. 235864

At first I thought this was dumb, but now it’s making sense when thread cows are behind recent shitting.

No. 235879

File: 1659580572441.jpg (Spoiler Image,559 KB, 1080x1454, Screenshot_20220804-122925__01…)

It's just surreal seeing all the ex himekaji girls who orbited her suddenly purchasing garish, hot pink LV when they previously showed no interest and only bought Japanese brand. That being said they've all aged out of it. Alice probably gave them a way to dress more maturely whilst still being "princessy" so it's not inherently a bad thing just an observation.

Cottondolly's IG was the spitting image of Alice's for a while there (down to the same loveshack fancy dresses), but since it looks like she's not so heavily inspired.

No. 235880

Alice posted multiple side by side images of cotton’s and hers that were 100% same poses and accessories in her story calling her out in in the past so … was copied enough for even herself to notice. And she died her hair blonde so lol. Cotton is a separate case than all these other people. But she never wore lolita so we can move on from that.

No. 235940

Rip I wish I caught that I literally had no idea Alice acknowledged it kek

No. 236100

Alice and her clones have their own thread, take it there

No. 236122

Protip: delete the post where you referred to yourself in first person before making a second one

No. 236132

They’re eating each other up

No. 236234

File: 1659634618206.jpg (714.19 KB, 1079x1931, troonin321.jpg)

Anyone else notice she's been posing like this a lot to show off her muscles and binding? Her binding is even ripped from how tight it is. Looks like she stopped shaving her pits and mustache too and bio is they/them, how long til she troons out so she can keep claiming gay? This little lesbian larp is out of control she should have stuck to the croquette "lolita" look, at least she looked female. Sad to see a terf troon out guess she has to stick it to the radfems.

No. 236258

Wants to be a man despising hating men

No. 236259

literally the entire premise of feminism

No. 236276

Troll alliance is once again united after revenge hateposting to lolcow? This time is under troon solidarity? LOC… Loathing Of Cisgender?

Has she become troon under suspect of nazi influence? Is cape fashion advice of drunken wrestler former lolita Tyler? Is this flex of muscle representive that she is to become wrestler also? This is the evidence. Is for you to decide.

No. 236339

File: 1659652632863.jpeg (160.31 KB, 731x1161, E3294268-8161-491A-B6C8-CE575D…)

One of them is cleaning up their image with the “I swear I’m not racist” post after being called out.

No. 236346

Anon, normally I wouldn’t care about it, but considering her, Lara, and Terf Natalie are all being unhinged on the thread just shows how twisted they are. You see Lara screech body positively, and then she goes TikTok shaming people with mental eating disorders.

No. 236348

So after she was fighting with Brandon for being a feminine male in a dress she does the exact same thing? Inb4 nat jumps in the reply nobody is defending that sick fetish twerp.

No. 236349

who is she trying to shame "imagine having contact with racists and then posting this on your story?" Herself?? Girl YOU have contact with a racist–Lara

No. 236351

A woman not shaving her pits is not NEARLY the same thing as a man wearing women's clothes as a fetish. Are you really that dumb??

No. 236354

Nat being masculine = okay
Brandon being feminine = bad

Then nat herself posting a picture of him on discord calling the scrote a troon for wearing a dress.

No. 236355

They both had it coming kek. Two fetishist on the same table

No. 236356

If you used even 1 braincell to analyze the dude you would realize he wears dresses as a fetish, not because he's "feminine"

Also insinuating that women having body hair, which they naturally have, is in any way masculine is absolutely retarded.

No. 236359

Thank you for talking some sense, imagine thinking a woman not shaving is the same as some man trying on prom dresses in his spare time and entering communities of women while acting like he does

No. 236362

She should be calling out the people she interacts with that was attacking a black Jfashion leader on this thread in hopes that it would turn anons' heads from Lara being racist.

No. 236364

Kek Brandon still have it for nat. Let him argue with the deranged terf.

No. 236368

File: 1659656634604.jpeg (359.12 KB, 828x1285, 8450AB8F-8121-40FB-866D-924334…)

Nat is ranting again on her story. She’s not wrong but half of this is her fault.

No. 236369

File: 1659656667937.jpeg (367.44 KB, 828x1313, 07BA513B-F703-419B-BFA5-EE9785…)

No. 236376

There's definitely trolls in this thread

No. 236384

No. 236386

Both are awful disgusting troons. Him for being a gross pervert. Her for betraying women. She used to be a champion of women and women's rights. Now she is a gross wannabe moid… and certainly a terrible specimen of a moid at that.

No. 236387

okay newfag

No. 236391

File: 1659660979369.jpg (67.5 KB, 1079x150, gimmekisz.jpg)

She's also telling women it's mandatory to kiss her if they see her at renfaire. Moid behavior.

No. 236393

No. 236407

>her fault

wtf is wrong with some of you?? this is a radfem/terf board, we blame adult coomer men always before blaming a teen girl. you’re sick

No. 236411

… does she think this is a flex? This is incredibly embarrassing to post. At what point does she realize that she is the common element here?

No. 236412

her reason for being kicked was retarded

what’s with all the libfem brain dead takes? this thread has been thoroughly invaded

No. 236413

However, it is She’s the one who got caught posting shit into the discord that would trigger her comm members to ban her for being transphobic for hurling the word "troon" at the moid. She should’ve said, "This guy might be a predator, and I’d advise everyone to block him if he follows you.".

No. 236414

File: 1659664093205.jpeg (234.99 KB, 1080x2400, 162DC70B-51AA-4202-B93B-1EBD11…)

Considering the state of this community. Comms moderators are on grip to exile transphobes and Terfs from their community.

No. 236416

File: 1659664328965.png (61.08 KB, 805x368, BEB19C22-10CE-4595-B9BB-AE531E…)

No. 236417

It's really not embarrassing to post you fuckwad. She has a point. It's embarrassing the community banned a minor over dumb shit. I don't care how she was IRL, it's not a good reason to just up and ban people for nothing.

Also, just my two cents: If you were annoyed by a minor in real life, at meets, well you were an annoying teenager once too. Seriously, check yourself for being "inclusive." These kids are allowed to make mistakes.

No. 236418

Wait this looks like a private chat who leaked it kek

No. 236419

You're damn right. That's her fucking ex. That's why I am ashamed of this fucking community to have acted this way in regards to her private messages with her ex that leaked this out of spite.

No. 236420

Omg stfu Nat

No. 236421

The only common element is that 99% of the jfashion community are handmaiden retards.

No. 236422

I say a lot of dumb shit to my s/o's and the way you guys compounded this crap onto a minor like complete CRAZY people makes it impossible to take the majority of you seriously.

No. 236423

Stfu Isha. I already know you lurk the board. You hate post about Nat all the fucking time.

No. 236424

Kek Yes it’s me isha.
Are you going to have a mental breakdown and shave your head?

No. 236425

There's a whole lot of autism going on here.

No. 236426


Meets should be 18+ because of this. I’m not here to babysit a bunch of itas and hear about TikTok drama.

No. 236427

How are you enjoying your new moderator role? Guess it only takes 3 years to flip a community upside down and make them ban people over nothing when we give newfags power.

No. 236428

File: 1659665311352.jpeg (202.48 KB, 828x1269, B4D2D85C-5AEC-4CA5-92DF-24F1D3…)

No. 236429

Sorry wrong quote >>236424

Even if you're not Isha, it's obvious the people who flooded in are some newfaggy vigilante SJW fuckheads. ur on lolcow moron

No. 236430

File: 1659665408822.jpeg (200.85 KB, 828x1309, C417F2EA-025B-4576-B018-D05BB4…)

No. 236431

She said it in a private message to her then gf. Go read past threads newfag

No. 236432

File: 1659665540203.jpeg (140.06 KB, 828x1244, B3E1A989-0398-4C22-BF50-821F4C…)

No. 236434

Agree. Nobody likes pandemic clolitas

No. 236435

I think in some part you did this to yourself by trolling, but seriously banning you from every community is kind of outlandish.

if you weren't trolling, then sorry bro you're probably autistic.

No. 236436

File: 1659665710601.jpg (59.65 KB, 828x996, IMG_20220804_191218_411.jpg)

She was clearly a minor when these comments were posted, and she has pics with her ex still up that at from January. That means her ex held onto these receipts for 6 months to use them when she felt she needed to get back at her.

That's way more deranged than anything Nats done, imo. Does anyone have any milk on her ex? She seems like a psycho and good potential cow

No. 236437

You're right, but some of the pandemic clolitas are mods now and even banned Nat. You do understand they feel threatened by someone that doesn't dress like shit, obviously?

No. 236438

Are you implying nat dresses well hi nat

No. 236439

We tried to get more info and I think some people even harassed Nat's ex, which Nat posted a story to stop harassing her.

No. 236440

afaik her ex is a troon/ftm but isnt a lolita so she wouldn't belong here unfortunately. guessing shes close friends with isha or a seattle lolita mod considering whats been said here.

No. 236441

Quit it with the "hi nat" shit, not everyone who posts is a fucking cow Holy shit

You chick's are dumb as hell

No. 236442

she has effectively been cancelled over one comment she made as a teenager who was allegedly groomed. this is proof that the only people who are capable of being cancelled are marginalized (especially gay women)

why aren’t brandon’s posts getting him kicked out? we all know why.

No. 236443

Nat was Sperging on cgl when she would get posted.

No. 236444

I'm going to be honest here, yes. The majority of lolitas, 80-90% of the community LOOKS like shit. You might dress well, then you have some downsy face, or you're fat, or something.

So in truth, yes, she does look better than a good majority. She kind of coords like shit sometimes from what I notice, but pretty girls get away with more than a fat slob. Idk. I'd rather look at her than most of this community, personally.

No. 236445

She posted a story for people to leave her ex alone after her ex leaked that? That’s so pathetic

No. 236446

I was there, no, someone else was sperging the hate-train that's local. She sure did self post, though.

No. 236447

This. I noticed that too and I think it’s Nat just saying shit on here

No. 236448

Can we get a mod to ban the "hi nat" people? It's getting pretty annoying. It's been going on since >>236446 these threads on cgl.

No. 236450

File: 1659666341904.png (181.14 KB, 654x634, B2051C59-F6BA-4C38-9D5D-5A7469…)

She dressed like shit

No. 236451

yeah, that is pretty bad lmao but it reads like intentional trolling.

are you autistic? or a newfag?

No. 236453

Checks out she is a /pol commie hense the username comrade custard. Radfems are all commies or Marxists, see all the red she’s wearing lately?

No. 236454

holyyyyy shit newfag. of course the SJW vigilanties are just newfaggy cunts

No. 236457

I don't understand this post. That isn't Nat?

No. 236458

She posted that 18 days before she turned 18. The whole “I was a minor” excuse is invalid at that point. I thought she made those comments over a year ago and fags started to rage when they found out. She knew what she was doing 2 weeks prior and her ex might’ve gotten annoyed with her.

No. 236459

Troll dummy

No. 236460

Her ex doesn’t even wear lolita. What’s the point of this

No. 236461

"I didn't do anything wrong, officer! She was only two weeks away from being 18!"

No. 236462

I don't think this even matters, considering this was a private DM. If you leak people's personal DMs then you have no integrity. Personally, I would never interact with someone who does that.

No. 236463

Must be a pedo

No. 236464

In conclusion Nat is now jumping from being a unhinged women to a moid wannabe and Brandon is still a man baby.

No. 236468

Both of them arguing gave me a stroke.

No. 236528

I don’t know if Brandon knows what lolcow is

No. 236531

Because this conversation was significantly more irrelevant than the numerous sperg posts proceeding it kek

No. 236598

Thanks for the shoutout

No. 236626

okay but this is funny

No. 236716

What a fake bitch

No. 236844

Isn’t that all wokies being incredibly offensive?

No. 236911

This website is composed of retards, there's nothing racist or woke about this. Post milk no lips chan

No. 236916

lolitas just lead such boring lives that they are out of touch with reality and then when you add on SJW shit, it's just walking on egg shells around crazy people

No. 236939

Lara stop putting your delusion on us

No. 236952

All Coming from someone who was calling people stupid anorexics. If she’s racist I’m not surprised with her slip up.

No. 236955

And she vendetta posted _cinnamontea_ for being sick or naturally skinny >>227603

No. 236979

File: 1659759260686.jpeg (213.37 KB, 798x1285, E5E0C1E9-E7D6-4615-A4D4-962686…)

Nat is targeting Seattle comm again. One of them is going to lose it and post more deets on nat.

No. 236986

File: 1659759806650.jpeg (215.41 KB, 634x1022, 37ED4DC6-57B4-4EC1-B7A9-8F27FE…)

No. 236999

not to wk but this was about her dog dying not about the comm booting her.

No. 237001

Is this supposed to be milky? Her dog died and she went out to take her mind off it. Idk that just isn't weird to me.

No. 237015

The fact she even has to mention her clothing because she knows people like you, anon, will make some deal out of it when a lot of lolita find it a comfort fashion, is really sad. Her dog died. This isn't milk.

No. 237029

Listen anon. Nobody cares about her dying dog after making fun of people catching diseases and shootings.

No. 237032

Don’t know how this is possible, but her coord looks bad with the usakumya. Is it me or the colors doesn’t match up here?

No. 237071

>thinking everyone is Lara
Lolitas are all low functioning wow

No. 237092

Nta but you are no different.

No. 237165


you guys don't realize your obsession on lolcow actually makes you worse than Nat. I hate SJWs who are incapable of self reflection.

No. 237202

Isn’t this mess nat’s cause? She was just the same before

No. 237215

Pretty irrelevant to the point. I don't spam lolcow about someone's every move, personally. I may read it, but I don't stalk people's pages to scrutinize their every move.

Milk is usually something worth talking about, that's some level of deranged crazy and not really an opinion. It's usually like some delusion like PT or Chris-chan. I personally look at some of what gets posted here as one side of a political affiliation having a shit fit, which is ironic because you're now part of the conglomerate that is 4chan and assimilated into being all of the things you're claiming Nat is

No. 237224

I agree, but this is what happens when you cause a scene with your comm and discord servers. I bet it’s her comm members and discord fags responding to her as she continues to keep making direct posts to Seattle comm and the mods. It stinks that she was banned, but sperging on your story about your comm and servers is not a good idea. Anyone who uses discord is mentally ill 

No. 237230

Really starting to feel like this anon is the exact same person and probably someone Nat knows irl. I know she's done some milky stuff, but this is like a weird, creepy obsession.

No. 237231

Anons simply needs to create nat her own thread.

No. 237234

She doesn't deserve her own thread though. She's done a small handful of milky things, but not enough to warrant her own space. It would just be full of deranged PNW lolitas and her exes sperging about how she posted her trip to the grocery store or some dumb/boring shit like that.

No. 237237

This. We can't even keep the k8 and lor threads alive.

No. 237270

I’d say let them do it there. I’m tired of seeing Nat retarded posts and autists in thread

No. 237274

So it'll be filled with what? You guys don't discuss milk you discuss random shit that could be milk.

No. 237289

I agree. We need to keep track of her borderline schizophrenic and irrational behavior. Or we could have a Google sheet, just in case something serious happens we have enough evidence to show for it.

No. 237294

That’s literally this thread right now. It’s just full of nitpicks, TikTok newfags or deranged posters. Last thread turned into that from unhinged stalkers and nitpicks that’s not even milk. Retards can’t read thread rules

No. 237302

It's the /w/-fags. They are derailing a bunch of threads right now. Just keep reporting their posts for not milk and derailing or some shit. A mod will get to it eventually. We don't need another useless cow to have a thread.

No. 237311

I think it’s because the dress is a blue toned white and the usakumya is almost cream with pink bows

No. 237317

What a stupid ass post. This is a gossip thread. Half of it is leaked private convos. I would agree with you if her ex was posting private sexts or emotional messages, but it's all just Nat shittalking Brandon so it's free game.

Nat looks like a generic trend hopping zoomer. Get real.

No. 237342

Agree. It's obvious by the SJW posting which comm it is to the chans. It still is baffling though. They are in here posting about more than Nat, too

No. 237344

I wouldn't call that free game. It's a complete lack of integrity to share posts, in any regard, from someone you were dating. I don't care if you think that it's free game with everyone else, but a s/o? Man, you're crazy. No relationship should be about walking on egg shells.

No. 237354

Why must you suck Brandon's cock, nonna

No. 237357

He's probably making pretty good headway in the community, if you know what I mean

No. 237365

Don’t know what to tell you anon. Maybe avoid texting people dumb shit and you’ll be alright. Discord chats and private groups get posted all the time. If someone confesses something illegal or straight up weird, you can bet people are going to share that info with the police or, better yet, a discord moderator. Nat caught herself off guard on this one, and her ex girlfriend went straight to a Discord mod to break things off with her.

No. 237423

File: 1659833550545.jpeg (199.76 KB, 828x718, 30BD5596-C0D8-4AB9-B463-D4B1B9…)

Is this the ex gf in questioned?

No. 237432

Straight to a discord mod? The messages were from September iirc

No. 237443

kek she's sperging on her story about being posted here and how we're stalking her normie friends.

No. 237517

You're not making sense. Nat isn't "trooning out" because she's not shaving her body hair. All outspoken TERFs are lesbians that look extremely butch because that's literally the entire point of what they believe: masculine clothing or hair doesn't suddenly transform you into a man.

No. 237518

She's trolling here, retard. That isn't even her. The absolute state

No. 237537

that's how you know who is posting ITT, against Nat

that's a common delusion pushed in the trans community that any small biological thing you do, must mean you're (opposite gender). some culty beliefs that completely obey by "gender norms."

No. 237554

Nat is a bit off irl and I blame the mod for even allowing a child to attend. She would occasionally appear in dresses she had made, which looked painfully ita.

No. 237580

There was a rumor she brought a gun to meets a while back. Can anybody confirm?

No. 237662

N in this picture looks like an old Slavic immigrant who escaped the war and her ex in the cart is her son. No life behind those eyes.

No. 237664

File: 1659896539535.png (2.77 MB, 796x2181, 1659581107527320.png)

Noticing that any post calling Sainte a pedophile or a groomer gets deleted on /cgl/ even though he admitted to volunteering to be a moderator for a discord server that got removed by discord for having/trading child pornography. He's been posting anonymously more without namefagging, but if you ever see anyone post with disgusting man hands and terrible coordinates with namebrand items, it's him. Hate that we have to just tolerate sharing space with disgusting moids like him while he looks for more underaged alt children to message.

No. 237666

i mentioned this a few days ago, i got a 3 day ban for calling him out. he clearly got janny.

No. 237678

What’s with the pic of soup for that

No. 237684

This isn't soup it's Saint.

No. 237704

That's pretty fucked up (also nice trips). He would just abuse his power like this and do nothing about any of the other terrible coomer shit ruining the board.

At least he can't do anything here. Is there a lolita board on /ot/ or something? I don't really know where else to go.

No. 237710

Basically dead but there's one in /g/

No. 237728

I feel so bad for the poor newfag who drew him without realizing they were drawing a pedo tranny scrote
also wtf is with his weird pose? why is he turning his toes inward like he's knock-kneed?
a lot of his posts are so bad that you can report them for off topic, low quality, or trolling outside of /b/ - I've gotten him banned this way a few times before

No. 237795

But if he's the one that's acting on reports… The only times I see him getting penalties are for avatarfagging/signature use. I get a lot of temp bans for "drama/vendetta" just for warning people they're talking to a confirmed pedophile.

No. 237823

soup and sainte have been using eachother's names to fuck with one another, so i understand the confusion.

i'll use the /g/ thread, /cgl/ is a trashfire…

exactly this. i got temp banned for posting the caps.

No. 237844

4scrote tranny jannies suck, fetishposting/nsfw threads and /pol/tard derailing on a blue board receives no punishment but dropping a single quick warning about a creepy predator is somehow against the rules? makes zero sense

No. 237881

oh boy, logical conclusion in this is DPP is also a janitor or has been

No. 237882

like yo, I replied to a damn post
saying she was fat


No. 237892

As expected, I got a 3 day ban. Fuck /cgl/ if that's how it is now. I've posted in the /g/ thread, feel free to join me and make that our new home.

No. 237907

Seems like a much nicer place

No. 238028

even some lolita discord servers won't let you talk about him or call him a pedo because apparently it's "unproven"

No. 238049

Hate to umm actually, but you need to go back to ToS. Any seller can refuse sale for any reason.

No. 238070

that's not what the friend finder thread is for kek. no wonder you caught ban.

No. 238072

please dear god no, they'll never come back to American cons again

No. 238078

she actually looks kind of pretty here, why does she hide her lips??

No. 238081

>Says the person who got a UTI after fucking around with men in a movie theater.
Nonny, that's not how UTIs work.

No. 238083

if there's a tranny pedo groomer posting in the friend finder thread I'd like to be warned about it especially when they're now trying to hide who they are more

No. 238107

Yes it literally is

No. 238115

Unless you weren't wearing panties or rubbed yourself all over the bathroom stall, how does one get a UTI from crying on a movie date?

No. 238116

Do you not know what "fucking around with men" means? Nat probably doesn't know how to wipe her ass correctly and got a UTI

No. 238125

please download mIRC and go bug / harass the mods in the #4chan server.

we need a real gameplan for cleaning up /cgl/

No. 238126

make /cgl/ great again

No. 238129

If she’s holding her piss in or ducking dudes with dirty dicks, then yes.

No. 238141


something is deeply deeply wrong with all of you. wtf has this thread turned into? discussing the potential sex life of a teenager? saying it's ok for her alleged groomer ex to get her cancelled for (rightfully) distrusting brandon? you all sound like handmaidens.

an actual teen girl in this fashion got effectively kicked out in favor of a coomer man who fetishizes lesbians. and it was for shit she said when she was 17. the absolute state of this community has gotten to dangerous pick me levels.

this thread has been thoroughly infiltrated.

No. 238142

I hope Angelic pretty doesn’t pull from American cons bc of some bitch wanting to fight the models.

No. 238143

Maybe she shouldn’t be posting this on the internet and actually get help. She doesn’t realize how her retarded shit is going to affect her career of wanting to be a government intelligence or engineer. Inb4 anyone asks
she has posted this on her story.

No. 238147

Booo fucking hooo
Nobody was saying this when Venus angelic was getting talked about back then. Stop taking this to heart or put on ‘hide saged posts’ from anons saged discussions.

No. 238150

Are they just plugging their ears, there is a mountain of proof of him being sus with minors. They are just protecting a pedo now.

No. 238151

The ugly scrote is kinda right. The only thing that I’m side eyeing is the minor on fb you’re currently interacting with.

No. 238154

File: 1659978755127.jpeg (2.09 MB, 2400x7000, 1655928629245.jpeg)

begone pedo moid you incest loving ban evading fuck

seriously anon? get help. or maybe leave and go join him on cgl. the evidence is right in front of your face.

No. 238159

If it makes you feel better, the ladies in this thread have done far worse than you. Hint: A nazi

No. 238162

Is it true you have the ban power sainte?

No. 238167

Does DDZ have a sausage or is this falsehood?

No. 238169

Who’s the biggest cow on this thread?

No. 238170

from all the evidence from previous threads:
he's admitted to being a mod in a pedo grooming server and made a self harm tag in it, creepily fetishizes lesbians, tries to hide the fact he is male so he can meet up (and likely assault) girls from /cgl/, has tried to get girls from /cgl/ to meet up for sex in the past while pretending he's not male, talks to minors as young as 14 on fb, is a vile misogynist, harasses women on lacemarket and acts unhinged and creepy in general
it's sad you're trying to defend a retarded predatory pedo tranny with plenty of evidence against him

No. 238171

Site rules say under 16 is off limits for posting, stop clutching your pearls here.

No. 238173

Is she in competition with you for owning the most brand?

No. 238174

We can take these "evidence" to court if you'd like. Seems more like slander and defamation than evidence

Maybe not in this thread but I think Jemma, she's weird…
Like really really.

No. 238176

i'm not saying posting about her is against site rules, im saying she's being critiqued unfairly for her reactions to being socially harmed by a coomer man and his posse, you illiterate troon sympathizer. also a teen is a teen, calling her an adult because she's 18 or 19 is moid/groomer ideology.

her retarded posting is about how she got cancelled, are we now on the "women should be silent" bandwagon?

No. 238177

KEK, are you going to attempt to sue because your feelings are hurt.

No. 238178

If someone thinks these "evidence" are real and wants to put a case together I can't blame them、they are undoubtedly extremely retarded if they did.

No. 238180

Looks like the jans are cleaning up my posts and banning me again.

Unfortunately I don't have that same power here as elsewhere.

Anyways, peace out.
Keep it cool on cgl alright alright?

No. 238182

File: 1659981703178.png (57.72 KB, 1048x284, Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 12.5…)

cool, thanks for basically admitting it. part of being a janitor on 4chan is that you can never say you are or else you get your position revoked and are terminated. good job!

No. 238184

Quit clutching your pearls. You're coming to a drama board and then acting shocked when you see people spreading drama. No one in this thread is dickriding Brandon and I don't know why you're acting like Nat is some helpless kid and not an idiot who brought this upon herself for acting like a dipshit on the internet. Even outside of the Brandon drama she acts like a complete cow. Go back to Instagram if you're going to be so sensitive.

No. 238207

Momo doesn’t want you.

No. 238208

So who is apart of this Pizzagate?

No. 238277

Please push this to the mods in the mIRC channel for #4chan

No. 238278

looks like this cuck tried to get to know Jemna on her delusional throne of fame

No. 238473

File: 1660063723038.jpg (79.35 KB, 477x801, screenshot_08092022_123912.JPG)

dds totally not at all transphobic blog equating all transwomen to sex criminals. not even trying to be subtle with her bigotry anymore.

No. 238474

We're TERFs here retard.

No. 238476

She's right though

No. 238477

She must be throwing shade a Nat

No. 238479

File: 1660065095984.jpg (75.61 KB, 822x497, 191216.jpg)

No. 238480

>>238479 lor kek

No. 238487

She should throw herself on there for watching nazi porn and re-enacting it.

No. 238488

Troon predators be like…

No. 238490


No. 238491

As annoying as clown Lor is, I think that’s defamation. DDZ hasn’t provided proof of Lor exposing her audience. All I see in the Lor thread is speculation based on her Sims video keywords and tumblr likes, not reblogs. I hope Lor takes it legally with this grooming accusation and DDZ basing her research from threads.

No. 238493

File: 1660067102602.jpeg (147.99 KB, 828x1308, 010704E2-30EA-484A-B7E8-B7CBF8…)

Nat has been banned from TikTok

No. 238494

File: 1660067143169.jpeg (99.24 KB, 828x1303, 62CA966C-DED5-44E3-AD60-2A0AA1…)

No. 238495

Nonna if you don't think posting lewd content to Twitter and leaving sex mods on your game when you plan to put it on YouTube is exposing minors to nafw content I have news for you….

No. 238496

Looks like the TikTok Christians go her

No. 238499

Didnt Lor dedicate an entire section of her Likegate Apology Video to defaming Deedee and trying to misdirect the heat from her own racism towards Deedee instead?

No. 238508

the idea of being upset over this is beyond reasoning. we r in agreement creeps need to gtfo and sumone starts the conversation but ur mad over the messenger so now the message is bad. tf is wrong with you mate.

No. 238512

kek yes, had to go look. it's linked in her thread starts at 11:57. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORzabyBy3dQ

No. 238514

Re-posting DDLG porn on her main lolita Tumblr

No. 238515

File: 1660072210741.jpeg (58.01 KB, 464x577, 1650568078986.jpeg)

Here's some of her hentai stuff she's posted about. She always talks about hentai on her youtube. Her favorite con panels are hentai panels, she's said this many times. She called herself the 'Hentai Queen'. She drops mentions of how she is a 'pervert' who has kinks and this because she's a real person with lust and desire etc and that people need to stop expecting her to be pure and innocent because she wears kawaii fashion. and sure, have your sexual desires, but why even mention it on a FASHION YOUTUBE? There's a bunch of weird crap like this. Over the years she's said a ton of stuff like this in her videos. I can't pick out which ones because I'd have to literally go through all of them lol. But if you binge watch her stuff (if you can stomach it) you will encounter these weird things that she says.

I don't know why people need to be public about their sexual involvement. Especially being a public figure knowing a lot of minors follow her content. Being a public figure comes with some level of discretion and responsibility to pay attention to her demographics and her own conduct. "Lots of minors follow me, I probably shouldn't talk about and post about perverted stuff". But we also live in a sex obsessed society that believes their kinks, sexuality, sexual desires and sexual deviancy should be on display as just another normal a personality trait.

No. 238517

Pretty sure this had to do with why her and holly broke up.

No. 238520

i dont blame her. no one wants to date a pornsick coomer.

No. 238522

This is pretty much on point.

No. 238525

Proof that this thread has been infiltrated. This is a fucking terf board, leave.

No. 238526

troon spotted. dilate faggot.

No. 238536

that's still some pearl clutching she didn't have a yiffing mode LOL, "minors" aren't pure angels that do not know about sex whatsoever and never saw a tit in their life. Some of you itt are reverting to becoming puritan, that's a shame.

No. 238538

scrote detected

No. 238539

okay groomer. just because minors have encountered nsfw content out in the wild doesn't mean adults should intentionally and directly expose them to it. sick fuck.

No. 238541

this isn't milk, trying to keep women safe from rapist/pedo males in dresses is a good thing

No. 238549

i find it kind of racist that none of the porn or hentai that she shares includes poc. i thought representation and elevating poc mattered to her. guess not.

No. 238554

This is giving big pedo energy

No. 238568

This is true. If she was inclusive of black and trans sex working folx she would reshare hentai depicting disabled, trans, amputee, fat, black sex workers to share with her underage audience. It’s the least she can do to fight white supremacy.

No. 238586

i'm female and i'm not either kek you're so pressed over nothing. Clutch those pearls harder nonitas

No. 238587

>over a little sims woohoo mode
do you even hear yourself?

No. 238588

i don’t like lor and think she’s incredibly stupid for posting about hentai on her lolita account but it’s pretty obvious nat and deedee are selfposting and shitting up the thread, probably because they’re mad at lor for the deedee nazi situation

No. 238599

Pretty sure people are just having a laugh because we have Lor simps of all things in here >>238587. For once I agree with DDZ. Surprised they haven't sperged put on their stories yet but they don't seem to be online. Maybe milk will spill later.

No. 238656

The fact that anons wrote this shit unironically just proves this board is doomed.

No. 238660

they seem sarcastic to me

No. 238682

Holly is a sjw handmaiden and still lowkey pity baiting over the breakup. Of the two would rather get railed by coomer Lor and her bad dragons.

No. 238745

I agree with all this. When you have these creeps knocking on your door, it's uncomfortable.

Can we please HAVE MORE of this in our community? I'm tired of people being afraid to speak out about weirdos

No. 238747

No. 238785

Eugenia as a lolita

No. 238818

I need her to make a list of sjw Lolitas so I can block them all.

No. 238828

that shit will go on forever.

No. 238831

She still on her story crying over getting banned

No. 238837

This is an image board

No. 238852

File: 1660169234764.jpeg (64.91 KB, 434x775, 0629AF57-1E24-4670-A887-2E2374…)

Clout hunger

No. 238864

Is she slow? Sorry to be a medicfag, but Monkeypox spreads by drouplets or exposed surfaces rather than STDs, where it’s transmitted sexually. This disease can be spread by dirty money, trying on clothes in a fitting room, and many more ways. It’s more serious than you think and she unrelated just posted that to trash talk her comm?

No. 238891

File: 1660182231915.gif (622.33 KB, 383x286, 509765456789.gif)

The /cgl/ jannies are not active at all. Most of them only go on for no more than an hour and then piss off. Plus the 4chan mods discourage deleting whole threads in the way that would properly clean up /cgl/ since majority of the threads are now coomer shit or barely related shit.
The whole board would benefit from having an actual mod and not depending on one of the random moid mods to depend on.
t.former gull jannie

No. 238919

This is so fucking not relevant to what I said. I don't stand by newfags complaining about threads that have been there since '06.

No. 238920

I actually did not mean to reply to you, but the anon under you whoops. So sue me, you salty bitch.

No. 238992

coomershit hasn't been there since 06.

No. 239018

Self posting lolitas on CGL flashbacks.

No. 239022

I'm going to get called a moid wk for this but I don't have a problem with Lor talking about porn. People are allowed to post whatever they want to their personal accounts and Lor isn't responsible for raising people's children since she doesn't market herself as a family friendly or teen content creator.

No. 239044

I’m hoping Lor sues Deedeezeta so she can stop promoting Rip Off Devil Inspired for cash grabs from her audience.

No. 239046

>thinking suing over this is possible


No. 239057

prob the same retard who thinks Nat can sue Brandon and Brandon can sue lolcow kek.
yeah youre a moid alright. wouldnt be a problem if she warned people she posted 18+ content but she chooses not to.

No. 239065

what >>239057 said. bare minimum, you should add a tag/warning about your content. minors aren't the only people who either don't or shouldn't have to see that shit. her likes are made visible on twitter and tumblr and pops up in people's feeds. also, this is a fashion that is hyper sensitive to porn/DDLG because of the huge association to the book. this isn't like other fashions/interests, we actively are fighting predators and p3dos in our spaces. which you think she would care about seeing as a man revealed his genitals at one of her meets where kids were in fact in attendance.

and it's all reciprocal. yes, it is up to parents to determine their kids internet access/safety, but as a society it's everyone's duty to protect or at least safeguard kids, especially content creators with audiences that lean younger.

and by your logic, kids with shit parents don't get to be warned/protected?

No. 239407

this is a swell idea. shes already cancelled n just says whatever bout this kind of stuff anyways. maybe someone can reach out for her to do a list like this. im sure she knows who they all are since they all been on witch hunts after her.

No. 239410

I don't think she should have posted Liv on her list. She's milky for thinking she isn't fat, sure. But she "did ageplay" when she was a literal child aged 17. That's more akin to just being groomed, and I don't know that I would hold it against her.

No. 239411

no, it's not spread "by droplets" like covid. and it's not that easily transmissible. that's why it's primarily staying among gay male sluts. also why she's jokingly calling it an STD. if you're going to medfag, at least try googling it.


No. 239436

File: 1660338082151.png (882.32 KB, 1148x552, Screenshot_6.png)

I wonder if everyone talking about her shoop on here and cgl contributed to this at all. I honestly don't think she looks super different without it. I'm going to miss her coords

No. 239440

I’ll miss her too. It’s a shame she’s leaving social media, I hope she is doing well

No. 239441

everyone shoops on social media now, it's not even milk anymore unless it's egregious (and hers wasn't). but i would probably want to leave too if i were her, because she's been dragged so much without even producing any actual milk or drama herself

No. 239451

Her comm is drama and I hope she gets away from all this mess

No. 239458

90% of the lolita community shoops so I doubt it. Also quitting social media because you realize it isn’t good for you isn’t milk. If she ragequit after drama itd be milk. Smells like Liv

No. 239469

It's saged and I never said it was milk weirdo. I'm not Liv or whoever else that hates her.

No. 239472

Yeah I think it's partly because she was ripped apart here. Her shoops looked terrible but she's been posted unedited for a while now and barely looked different. I don't know why some lolitas shoop, it's very obvious and only gets you made fun of.

No. 239499

What did they do?

No. 239541

when i did the math on how old she was, i eased on that too

No. 239543

She’s leaving because of you
Disgusting 30 year old scrote

No. 239548

Not even from Texas, but judging by recent threads and hearing the drama from connections, it’s the hostility in the online space and fake friends airing out her privacy to others. One of her close friends was talking about her trauma and giving that information to others, being very disrespectful to Momo’s wishes for privacy. I guess that info got spread around and this person since got posted in this thread for other stuff. I’m losing faith in this community for scaring away great people like Momo. She doesn’t deserve to be treated like this


Fuck off sicko

No. 239561

If it’s not milk then why post it? It comes off as a vendetta

No. 239573

nta but so we can discuss it? are you new? this thread isn't solely for milk, it's for discussion of individuals, something that's banned on /cgl/. that's why it's a general.

No. 239575

The lolita lolcow thread is for lolita community milk. Are YOU new? We’ve had this discussion a million times lately since the influx of newfags

No. 239576

you're the one who's new. stop minimodding the threads. they have literally always been for both dramu and /cgl/ banned discussion. that's why non milk gets saged…

No. 239577

I’ve been here since the lace dramu but sure Jan. It’s a lolita lolcow general because it’s not about any specific cows, just a bunch of mini cows who aren’t milky enough to warrant their own threads.

No. 239583

if you've been here for that long you'd know what i was talking about. the threads have always been about individual milk and discussing comm drama you've got it in your head that we can't discuss potential drama because it's not an individual being your definition of milky, get out.

No. 239587

>get out

Holy shit you are so autistic and just digging your heels in. If YOU have been here for any real amount of time you’d realize why posting non milk about momo looks like liv/a vendetta. Even post liv’s vendetta a lolita with no milk leaving Instagram wouldn’t have been discussed here without criticism.

These threads have been filled with more newfaggotry of late and people have been complaining. Don’t act like a newfag and people won’t complain.

No. 239592

File: 1660403619291.png (3.65 MB, 960x835, Screenshot_20220813-100637.png)

>I honestly don't think she looks super different
sure jan, one look at the video tab and it's pretty obvious the extent she goes through to give herself a different face/body

No. 239593

Back in 2018 she was pretty bad with the baby alien shoop but the example you posted doesn’t look any different than any other lolita who uses snow filters.

No. 239595

NTA but you sound more like the newfag. The momo post doesn't read as vendetta at all. Liv would have been more snarky about it. Anon is right that we've always been able to have these kind of discussions here. If you don't find it milky, that's fine, but it's saged and we should be allowed to discuss it. It's not even being posted in a negative context towards Momo and in fact the opposite. And honestly you sound like you've only been here for the past few years. Previous mods were much more lenient and these threads weren't as heavily restricted when everything was on /snow/.

No. 239598

> And honestly you sound like you've only been here for the past few years.

Your retarded opinion isn’t reflective of reality. People are allowed to say it comes off like a vendetta for posting someone without any milk.

>Inb4 being distrusting of social media companies is suddenly milk because momo is saying that’s how she feels

No. 239599

it only comes off as vendetta to newfag idiots who don't realize this thread functions as a proxy for /cgl/ dramu. please point me to where we would be able to otherwise discuss this. i'll wait.

No. 239600

but she still looks like herself, and she still looks good in the pic on the left. everyone uses filters, this isn't milk anymore. wait til you hear of purikura or see chinese lolitas kek

No. 239606

She looks different IRL than what she photoshops herself to look like. No, it's not milk. Hopefully she gets therapy for her dysmorphia/ed/that stupid fake voice she does

No. 239608

NTA, but you guys need to get some realism with your nitpicking. She does still look like herself. The photoshop isn't so egregious that you can't tell who she is. A big part of the 'photoshop' is that her hair is cutting off the sides of her face. That's not edited, that's literally the wig/hair.

No. 239622

What is there to discuss about it? There’s no drama involved in her exit of Instagram. If she was leaving over drama then sure, discuss away. Stop being so fucking stupid.

No. 239641

that stupid voice is milky but no, editing your face that slightly is not dysmorphia. i can't think of anyone popular on IG who doesn't do it

No. 239645

Supposedly someone recommended AP to Eugenia in her livestream

No. 239733

Eugenia Cooney?
We already have Zoe
Please no more unhinged ana-chans

No. 239743

File: 1660441554408.jpeg (407.93 KB, 1284x1956, AFE63887-2D49-4681-BE41-2D0C41…)

>30” waist
>I-it’s just the wide angle lenses the photographer used that makes me look big!

She looks MASSIVE in this clip.

No. 239745

File: 1660441687942.jpeg (440.3 KB, 1283x1953, DD3F7423-B9BA-4621-A736-E94AF8…)

Built like a fridge indeed

No. 239749

File: 1660442770245.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1284x1551, 2EE6B0C6-76A8-42AE-9075-89A0FB…)

Her arm is as wide as her fucking face.

No. 239750

File: 1660443011867.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1284x1585, 1D77B5C9-7917-435F-9FC1-D8927E…)

She’s so fat she has to shop in the section of the store that has obese mannequins kek

No. 239755

But she looked good in the AP fashion show? And those were videos

No. 239756

Honestly, she probably does have a 30 inch waist, but her body shape is unfortunate in that she doesn’t have a big bust to help balance it out and is just fridge shaped. Even if she lost weight, she’s going to look big because she doesn’t have a defined waist. She also doesn’t dress in a flattering way; the shirt being so tight and the high waisted skirt just emphasize her shape. If she wore a looser shirt (not even super loose, but not skin tight) and didn’t tuck it in it would help. Just like if she didn’t use concealer/foundation on her lips she’d look better.

I mean, objectively, she can fit into 1/4 shirred AP, so she can’t be bigger than a 38 bust/30 waist and still zip it up. I’m not saying she looks good or that she isn’t overweight for her height or whatever. But there is a limit to how large those dresses go. Honestly she looks a lot better in lolita than in the gyaru/whatever this outfit is supposed to be/himekaji etc. Probably because it’s not meant to show off the body.

No. 239760

File: 1660448362249.jpeg (1.06 MB, 828x1580, 7B1BB5FF-E140-477B-9326-DAC315…)

No. 239768

how does she think this looks good? it's stretched to fuck and her fake chanel looks so trashy…she's also wearing a bow upside down, look at the heart kek.

No. 239772

She’s delusional and thinks she’s hot shit despite being obese and manfaced

No. 239804

whoa the hate boner is strong indeed

No. 239824

Yes Cooney. We don't want to attract the creepy types of people that watch her though either

No. 239860

no she didn’t

No. 239865

Shut up liv(hi cow)

No. 239876

You farmers are dickriding her so hard for no reason, people get made fun of on here when they do stupid shit, it's an image board to gossip, that's what we do. if you cannot handle even tame comments about your shooping habits then you are better off the internet.

No. 239882

How are people dickriding her? Over the years she’s eased up the shoop a ton. She used to be really bad with it but hasn’t been doing overly egregious shoops or anything more than most lolitas do for a while. Like another anon said her voice is annoying and fake but acting like she shoops like she used to is retarded and vendetta tier

No. 239894

30in waist, 30in hip, 30in bust, 30in underbust.

No. 240060

whatever, Sainte

No. 240092

Can you stop harassing and being creepy to girls

No. 240093

This thread has been infiltrated by edtwt

No. 240099


No. 240110

File: 1660579018052.jpeg (235.27 KB, 695x1523, 2FEA3FCB-31A6-4ECE-B121-79495C…)

She has gotten bigger from when I last seen her.

No. 240112

who fucking cares this isn't milk

No. 240113

Fuck off scrotes. This is why she’s leaving

No. 240116

kek reminds me of josine

No. 240117

J fashion in the west

No. 240121

Sainte, you do realize that posting this is weird and scaring her away from you.

No. 240123

File: 1660580797131.jpg (67.4 KB, 372x750, 298480762_1114267679523144_417…)

No. 240130

stop talking to troons.
sc is going to burst open any moment. also the red lipstick looks like shit on her. i don't understand how she spends so much time online getting triggered by comments, but is too dense to take actual advice about her shit makeup.

No. 240157

>Tell me you don't wear j-fashion without telling me you don't wear j-fashion.

No. 240159

this is quite possibly the dumbest fucking take i have ever read

No. 240163

Wonder if she's going to drop all these unhinged TX girls now that she's leaving social media and they can't use eachother for clout anymore.

No. 240212

To be fair Lara is unironically ugly face-wise and not many makeup looks will make her look not shit

No. 240231

true, she just gets so tilted by comments though. like she went from concealer lips to bright ugly red after throwing a fit. she really needs to just get offlibe.

No. 240312

Probably going to get accused of being Lara but Lara's milk (her being "built like a fridge" and getting defensive in her stories) is dry now, is there anything new? PLEASE

No. 240321

why are you begging for milk weirdo

No. 240330

Because Lara is boring the fuck out of me. She's milky just because she retaliates but not half the thread dedicated to Lara milky.

No. 240333

If there is new milk it would show up here …
It’s not something you ask for noob
Obs there isn’t any which is why people are talking about Lara still to keep things going I guess

No. 240354

This is Lara’s problem.
She needs to get offline and have real social interactions outside the few times she sees her drama obsessed lolita friends. That’s why she’s chronically online and obsessive about the way people on the internet perceive her. She doesn’t have friends outside lolita. Having that closed of a circle isn’t great for most people if they aren’t autismo as fuck. I think she’s outgrown the fashion anyway but holds onto bc that’s the only place she has friendships.

It would be wise of her to explore new ventures and stop living her entire life through her phone. Probably stop surrounding herself with so many ppl that always have drama to tell. She lives to show off but no one is impressed and her only defense mechanism against it is shaming others.

No. 240358

Not a noob, wasn't properly asking/needing a reply, it was more just a figure of speech. We should just not talk until something new comes up because this shit is going round and round in circles and I feel like all Lara's repetitive shit should just be saged at this point. Sadly the other threads are more interesting right now, but then again that's also a good thing for the lolita community

No. 240387

There wasn't any milk to begin with tbh. This whole thing started because people found out her insecurities and tried to get her to react and well…they succeeded. She was hurt. That's it, that's the milk.

No. 240396

It’s pretty milky acting completely unhinged over internet comments. It’s deeper than being hurt. Just being hurt doesn’t make someone go full witch hunt and look at gossip sites every hour of the day scouting for reasons to justify her actions.

Who keeps putting their hand on a hot stove after it burns them the first time? She would rather get attention for it and use it as a reason to shit on other body types and others girls with active EDs. She likes the attention.

No. 240402

So what's the milk then? her being mentally ill like everyone else posting on here? You cannot sit here and tell me that people who regularly use lolcow aren't some level of unhinged. Everyone on here is just as unhinged just behind an anonymous facade. Let it go. She obviously has some mental issues she needs to address.

No. 240412

File: 1660684880889.jpg (1.34 MB, 1614x1214, AP_Dollskill.jpg)

sage for ot but did you guys see this blatant rip from dollskill (no surprise)

No. 240429

You might be Lara but I have to agree a little.

But then this. I think she might be enjoying the attention as it gives her new content? Just a possibility

The whole lolita comm is on lolcow, at least lurking. The unhinged ones are the ones that start fights for no reason. You could say "I've never bought from Meta" and they'll scream newfag bitch shut the fuck up attention whore etc. for no apparent reason. You get it

No. 240441

First the shien cherry pants and now this

No. 240450

Lara posting anorexic Lolitas was milky

No. 240452

no she didn't, quit making shit up. people have been larping as her on here since all this started

No. 240476

Yeah and making tiktoks on anorexic whores

No. 240571

modern fashion has been taking notes from lolita since forever, along with things making copies. you can thank us for peter-pan collar shirts and puffy sleeves being a normal thing.

No. 240650

anon, not at all.

No. 240651

being anonymous isn't hiding, it's the only way to have a discussion free of unnecessary biases. you can't justify being dismissive if you don't know who you're talking to. the unhinged people are the morons in this fashion using social justice for bullying like lara.

No. 240655

File: 1660774986480.jpg (119.41 KB, 828x1213, 297931054_391744073101462_3187…)

This you DeeDee?

No. 240685

I’ll never understand porn addicts

No. 240696

File: 1660792047593.jpg (Spoiler Image,266.43 KB, 1079x1736, 20220817_224449.jpg)

yeah thats her alright, or should i say HIM. spoiler for ugly troon.

No. 240699

File: 1660794106325.png (267.57 KB, 512x598, deeedee1.PNG)

oh jesus she's a complete fucking HYPOCRITE.

she's a sick fetishist for men.

No. 240701

sage and spoiler this shit.

No. 240703

File: 1660794307135.png (Spoiler Image,265.92 KB, 1303x313, deedee2.PNG)

there's more too.

worst of all, half of these parties have shemales as the big attraction so im fairly certain that the accusation of her possibly being a troon isn't far off base.

spoiler sure, but it's milk so no.

No. 240704

When you do image drops like this anon, you're supposed to sage the first and last photo. Also every instance isn't milk when it's just about the same thing.

No. 240707


Wtf is wrong with people in this fashion who choose to be pseudo figure heads??? do they have to discuss their sexual perversions online?

No. 240715

this actually makes sense why she is so openly anti porn and anti sw and speaks out against perverts since she has witnessed first hand the depths of the depravity

No. 240723

File: 1660804969770.jpg (329.02 KB, 1080x1563, 20220818_005056.jpg)

This isn't even her. Nonny you didn't even post the actual milk. This is literally from that show when she wore the infamous sexy nazi costume.

No. 240727

we can assume what she was also probably up to at that party

is this an attempt at defending or just an observation? i personally think that anybody who feels the need fo do a name and shame post like >>238479 without discussing their own recent past is an idiot/hypocrite. cowish behavior to a T.
some of the ppl at these events she participated with are doing the gross shit she called those ppl out for on her blog.

No. 240752

What an absolute hypocritical, holier-than-thou cow.

No. 240755

Kek sorry you got posted. We know she worked there this isn't milk newfag. If you didn't want to be called out don't post your porn with your coords.

No. 240783

Kek sorry you got exposed for being a hypocritical sex freak

No. 240787

no it doesn't.

No. 240790

its no secret she was a burlesque dancer at the goth/fetish nightclub. the older outfit photos on her socials are all from those stage shows & she doesnt even hide it. its where the whole ddnazi thing came from see >>240723 this is stale milk. we always known about this. now the real milk are those fake fucking tits. clearly surgery from being amab. and her no waist obvious male proportions. clock that shit from a mile away. not fooling anyone.

No. 240794

I don't know, the fact that she went from fetish dancer to full on tradthot, christ-tard. Makes me think of those pornstars who experience the abuse and exploitation of that industry and totally flip their life around and become outspoken against the atrocities of pornography. This kind of reminds of that.

No. 240795

i literally said that the ppl in said call out post are similarly gross. why so defensive kek? two things can be true, everyone on that list, including lor, are at fault for making this fashion less safe, and DDZ is a hypocrite

you’re are not fooling anyone. it’s clear she just wants to feel superior, if she actually cared about exposing the harms/predator nature of that world she’d discuss her own participation and sordid past.

the fetish con she attended had women in collars being pulled from a leash by men. she should talk about it if she really cared about sexism

No. 240798

Ayrt I'm not ddz TX tard. You posted old milk and then the wrong girl. Your vendetta is obvious.
Cool storry bro next time sage your wk.

No. 240801

being a burlesque dancer is one thing, but being a performer and participant at a fetish con is another.

i don’t even think ddz is trans but i’m going to start calling him that because of his unfortunate build. look AND act like a moid? he/him for you.

No. 240807

While I agree with you, you also have manly hog body, Lara.

No. 240810


she never posted fetish or sexual content its always just clown fashion shit and show outfits. i think its one thing if she was posting sexual stuff like our hentai queen lor and the swers posting lewds with their egl. but she never does. yall had to dig through years of google results to even find these. really coming off as one of one those people posted from her blog and still seething


this looks like the night club afterparty (it even says afterparty) where is she just dancing on the stage. her costume is yikes typical deedeenazee but shes not even doing fetish stuff


the club seems to have fetish nights. i think she just works at whatever events are at the club. theres cosplay, star wars, vampire and all sorts of themed nights. shes got stage outfits from every theme imaginable. its is probably why she has fetish theme too. i think yall are picking this one thing to make a narrative, but not giving a whole picture of her doing costumes and performance based on the theme of that night. really sad smear and i almost fell for it to until i looked up the night club

No. 240815

This is an imageboard

No. 240821

File: 1660842628739.jpg (90.78 KB, 489x770, Capture08082022_1231516.JPG)

his ig before lolita is all just random costumes from events

No. 240823

she literally tags #fetishball and goes to the fetish con afterparty. she’s obviously a willing participant, not a random club attendee who went on a cosplay night. if other lolitas itt are held to the same standards she should be too. quit wking yourself so hard, deedee

No. 240826

A sex criminal isn't the same as indulging yourself in bdsm. She's not trans, right? So doesn't this fall in line with her thinking exclusionarily?

No. 240830

i actually think ddz is trans now. if you look at the fetish pics, that's an obvious breast plate. if he was a woman and those were real breasts, they're too big for the dresses he wears. if you look at >>240821 there appears to be an obvious line around the stomach area where the breast plate ends in some of the photos.

No. 240831

by hosting those events she literally enables the ddlgers like >>240699 and other weird fetish freaks. her old friends and acquaintances from those scenes see her mix lolita with fetishwear and associate them together now too. she’s just as much of a sex pest as the others if not more because it happens right in front of her face and she claims she’s not involved lmfao

No. 240832

i want libfems to leave.

No. 240833

Pretty sure she works there as a regular performer nonny. Hence the 100s of outfits from all the events.

No. 240840

File: 1660844098762.jpg (190.43 KB, 1080x709, Burner.jpg)

Speaking of ddz I follow him on a burner and found a fake acc necromemes didnt out. He denied my follow request but the bio screams 'alt right pretending to be alt left.'

No. 240841

you're right, she works as a regular performer for a club that advertises itself as a fetish club and hosts hundreds of fetish events. she's a sex pest

No. 240846

Ngl, gothic lolita for the longest time has been sexualized and even Japan promotes BDSM lolita depending on the brand because it is a subgenre. I get the outrage, but this seems over the top because she isn't directly mixing it with comm stuff, she just does this on the side. Not even trying to WK, but I'm trying to understand the outrage when she just happens to also be in a comm.

Also, she isn't in control of other girls doing DDLG stuff. That's not really her issue if that's not something she's doing personally. From the looks of it, shes in to cyber/club goth.

No. 240852

you can do all the mental gymnastics you want but you're missing the point. DDZ is trying to build an entire persona off of being the "based, laced, and christ pilled" savior of the lolita community, denouncing fetish and other degenerate behaviors all while having been a major participant in it herself kek.

No. 240859

>having been
If she stopped then what's the problem besides vendetta? Cover your tracks better. The issue with the people she posted is they haven't stopped. Calling out the DDLGs and SWers is based.

Guess she saw this, I can't find it nonny but the name pops up for @catsbeforeboysss but it's a much bigger account. Did she steal pics to make a fake "legit" account?

No. 240866

Kind of looks like a goth dance club that has fetish night sometimes.
From the looks of it she's not posted goth club looks in years. She probably doesn't work there anymore?
Nonna has a point. It's probably why she's so vocally against perversion. Must of had a wake up call. She's not following fetish accounts or interacting with fetish content either. She's still an altright lunatic. But I don't think she's promoting sexuality or fetish with lolita.

No. 240869

>>240840 followed by deedee. not surprised shes making fake sjw burners. dni no terfs yet allows known terf deedee to follow. dead giveaway.

No. 240872

no matter which way you spin it, she probably should start watching herself calling out other people in this community for doing the same exact shit she's done. don't throw stones when you live in a glass house. probably a bible verse on that or some shit. doesn't matter if she actively does it or not still. who knows she probably still does it just behind closed doors

No. 240873

I agree with the first part but what people do in their private lives isn't our business unless they start associating it with lolita. If she wears lolita to these events that will be milk.

No. 240875

her name is still associated with lolita. google dee dee zeta and both this fetish shit and lolita comes up. surely that isn't her government name. so yes….it's kinda associated with lolita actually.

No. 240876

whos even googling her besides the seething swers looking for dirt on her because they are mad she called them whores? shes not popular and shes legit a nobody.

No. 240897

i simply googled "Dee Dee Zeta Fetish" and it was the first result. Please try again.

and keep trying to harder to defend, it's totally not making you look more sus

No. 240898

her callout post wasn't even just for sex criminals you idiot, they were doing the same shit she's been doing. even if its not in lolita, being ok with women on leashes held by men while also pretending to care for women is fucking hypocritical.

sexpests begone.

No. 240899

do you not understand that it is weird to not speak about your own past while having participated in this shit (as an adult) years? and she potentially still does, its clear she's still in the scene based on her fits.

you are all starting to sound the same and are white knighting very hard. if this was any other cow, you would not be acting like this

No. 240903

Maybe a reach, but I’m pretty sure DDZ did a 180 from fetishist to bible thumper because she knew she could get a rise out of people.

Age players time and time again publicly denounce ageplay while still doing it behind clothes doors.

No. 240908

wouldnt be surprised everything does is some stupid troll shit

No. 240909

What fits, her toned down bathroom coords? But yes, we are all DDZ. You caught us. Maybe when you're done (hi cow)ing you can Google more about her fetishes or post more unflattering photos of Lara.

No. 240911

naw yall act like this wking lor when dd called her fetishist towards minors too, yall always actin like this

No. 240912

>>240911 The WKing over Lor was actually really surprising.

No. 240918

Wait, this is all old stuff? She doesn't even do this stuff anymore and hasn't in years? Wtf are anons bringing this up for then?

No. 240941

agreed. ngl i'm digging this redemption arc. former fetish burlesque performer turned antiporn terf bible thumper.

No. 240943

I hate when anons get bored and try to bring up stuff this aged. If this isn't even how she is right now, then why does it matter? She might've done this club gig for money to pay for actual lolita or even schooling, idk. I don't know much about this cow specifically, but there's zero point to derail about stuff this old. As if unsaging all the posts about her wasn't a giveaway enough that it's just a vendetta for vendetta's sake. Anon isn't even integrated.

No. 240946

Radfemcels still mad no one will be on their leash so they pretend it's some crazy abuse. BDSM is based on consent.
Seethe more femcel

No. 240951

Seriously.. What about the dudes on collars being lead by the girls there? Lol.

No. 240970

We need more former sex workers to be openly against porn and the dangers that sex work has on women. I really don't see very many others speaking out on the issue. I definitely don't see any of you risking getting canceled over it. Besides maybe Nat. Ex-sex worker reformed and against sex work is far better than a non-sex worker crying 'Sex work is real work!' kek.

No. 240993

None of these lolita rejects have anything to lose because they’ve already been banned

No. 240997

So? They still have more balls than a lot of anons itt kek.

No. 241000

They are fucking adults too. Anons being outraged over BDSM is really telling of the poster's ages.

No. 241010

Can we keep outing the SJW burners? please provide more

No. 241015

>She doesn't even do this stuff anymore and hasn't in years
probably because she blames underage girls for being groomed years ago while blatantly doing this stuff as a grown ass adult woman. she also kept all her fetish posts on her lolita account so her old fetish acquaintances still follow her. she doesn’t care about how she affects outsider perception on lolita or minors who follow her, she’s too obsessed with being speshul and unique and mixing fetish with lolita

No. 241024

There's a difference in doing this stuff yourself vs being groomed to do it.

No. 241025

gothic lolita is sexualized by MOIDS in japan jesus fucking christ

No. 241037

Stop sexualizing clothing and women's bodies. Women wearing revealing clothing doesn't make it fetish content. Moid behavior.

No. 241042

Burlesque is still degeneracy.

No. 241043

she tags it as fetish. stop trying to derail deedee/nat, we all know you've been selfposting and wking yourselves for the entire thread

No. 241048

Every popular lolita has fetishists following them kek.

No. 241049

This is an image board vendetta-chan.

No. 241054

Anything female related is. Not just gothic lolita. Wtf?

No. 241063

Since when do japanese women sexualize lolita?

No. 241069

Putting BDSM gear on lolita or even the outrage I'm seen US lolitas have about corsets and cages. US lolitas fetishize the fuck out of it, that's who. I didn't say Japanese women do, I say they accept BDSM into coords because it is a subgenre over there. Even going as far as to add medical lolia fits in that category. Horror and BDSM have never been away from lolita as far as goth looks go. It's common. Only burgerfags have issues with this shit. No one bats an eye at someone who's a hostess or does porn and wears lolita in Japan. US and EU lolitas have a twisted sense of superiority over the people who even MADE the trend. It's retarded.

No. 241095

I don't care about her coords but the fact that she made a tickle fetish video and is trying to out fetishists in lolita doesn't sit right with me??? Clubwear is one thing but this is basically porn

No. 241106

that's what i'm saying. the WKing here is wild. other lolitas in this thread get far worse treatment and nitpicked to death for shit not even close to this absolute hypocrisy

No. 241161

kind of like a drug addict who quit drugs and is against drugs now. cant say its a bad thing to get straight with her life and want others to straighten out. diggin up old milk when someone is 'doing better' is pretty low mate.

No. 241168

This sounds like one of her cult minions trying to justify her degeneracy. Are you not all blind. This was her plan all along.

No. 241171

No thanks, I’d rather listen to somebody who’s never done fetish porn videos as an anti fetishist advocate

No. 241178

File: 1660924368086.jpg (407.58 KB, 1079x1931, Screen_20220819_114007.jpg)

With all DD's anti pride sperging it looks like she's actually been attending pride events all along too. She's a fucking hypocrit. She's a repressed lesbian and obviously trying conceal it with her Christ tard image.

No. 241184

you're forgetting Nat, Lara, Liv, and Lor were also wked. this isn't exclusive to DDZ.
i thought it was established she was trolling? iirc she even put some like "gotcha" up on her story, she does it every time we take the bait.

No. 241187

I agree this is milky and should be posted, but in no way is it "hypocritical" unless she is saying she never did it. People learn from their mistakes, like drug addicts. A lot of women who are anti-porn had to learn the hard way

No. 241189

aint like she tryna hide it. she got castle (i think thats the fetish club?) tagged all over the place. not even came out with an apology or statement. you know she lurks to.

No. 241192

anyone ever notice how immediately after lara gets posted its always followed by deedee? almost like theres a correlation. you think maybe there were friends and had a falling out? this entire thread reeks of vendetta. not even recent milk. just old news we already knew about.

No. 241210

I think they’re all secretly friends anyway. Much like American politics all this drama is staged

No. 241215

i wouldnt be surprised if this whole thing is just another staged 'gotcha' troll moment and deedeenazee has the last laugh once again since yall have fallen so hard for the bait

No. 241217


addiction is a literal disease and can be attributed to a lot of terrible circumstances. Being a sex pest is a complete decision.

That comparison doesn't even work. it would be hypocritical of a former drug addict to shit ON drug addicts. being against drugs after surviving addiction is a normal outcome. being a sexpest/having a sexpest past while also hating other sexpests in a holier than thou position is the hypocrisy.

People in this thread, like liv or lor, have been picked a part for shit from years ago too. that is the nature of this entire thread. very few people white knighted them.

stop fucking whiteknighting.

No. 241219

nothing here reeks of vendette. discussing cows being cows is the literal point of this thread. dee dee having a pornish past (that nobody knew about) is milky. seethe.

No. 241221

Its old milk and a lot of us already knew. Specifics didn't matter.

No. 241246

multiple anons in this thread are saying they did not know. can u read? we can assume many others didn’t. you’re acting too defensive. why do u want this topic to stop so bad?

No. 241263

Nta but multiple are also saying they did know. DDZ's never deleted her degen past so if you didn't know you're just late. It's awfully suspicious that none of this was brought up until after she posted >>238473. I don't think it's wking DDZ as much as it's laughing at the cow who posted "outing" her for something that was never hidden kek.

Maybe but I think all the cows become friends once posted here, probably in solidarity yet secretly posting each other behind their backs because that's what cows do.

No. 241268

Okay. But does anyone have confirmation of her being a troon?? I'm dying to know. There's so much back and forth about it, but no one ever has anything solid.

No. 241275

where do you think the whole deedeenazi thing came from? the whole reason she was canceled in the first place was for her sexified nazi bullshit. >>240723 literally this stupid nazi fetish costume. lurk moar newfags. weve known about this forever. laras public meltdowns over being fat are more milky at this point.

No. 241325

Being a woman exploited by the porn industry is not being a "sex pest". When they are inevitably hurt by scrotes, they see the light. It's the libfems sitting at home, outside of the industry, who would have no clue and think it's empowering to be taken advantage of.

A lot of young girls these days are told that being a skank is empowerment. It's learning and growing from your experiences that matters.

I'm not WKing Dee Dee because I genuinely believe he's a troon at this point. But no, drug addicts are not better than changed women kek

No. 241375

jesus ddz is unfortunate looking, whatever the truth may be. i think her level of trolling is such a weird cry for attention.

where are you getting this “woman exploited by the porn industry” take? there is a difference between people who participate in sex parties vs people who are prostituted/trafficked, or “porn stars” that are usually victims in some form. there isn’t any proof that she’s the latter. working as a dancer in that scene where she clearly finds her own aesthetic AND correlates to her interests doesn’t scream trafficked/coercion.

it IS white knighting to be making all of these assumptions that she’s some kind of damsel that escaped the treacherous world of fetish parties when she’s still maintaining the same monicker she had back then.
i personally think she just thinks that what she did is completely different than to the people in her blog post.

Keep licking her boots nonna.

No. 241485

honestly, I think she's into it and that's why all this DDZ milk is just boring. People obsessing over her is boring.

SJWs are so sensitive they have no clue what actual real milk is anymore.

No. 241487

all I know is this is like obsessing over fucking francis. some of you lolitas are just far too fucking autistic

No. 241517


this is a thread on a drama site where all there is to do is discuss the lives of these cows in… she's in the OP. talking about her here is not obsessing, it is the entire point.

No. 241528

If she were someone exploited by the porn industry and it’s trigger a that’s for porn, I think it’s she would keep images around of herself from when all that happened. If that were the case wouldn’t one distance themselves from that entirely?

No. 241531

In my interactions with Japanese women who aren’t into lolita but absolutely know what it is and even wear other styles, they have always referred to it as cosplay or a costume. Not so sure about what Japanese lolitas say since I haven’t interacted with any yet but I think this further shows that no one cares about what western lolitas would call costumes or bdsm stuff being worn with it. You even see it worn sometimes in other street styles and it’s not a big deal at all.

No. 241544

It's just US and EU lolitas gatekeeping something they didn't even invent. It's basically what they two are good at. I've never seen anyone in Japan go after lolitas for their occupation, coords, or the like. Even wearing dresses without blouses is so attacked here, but in Japan is normal as fuck because no one gives this much of a damn.

No. 241569

it sure is, but in my previous time when cows became a thing we didn't pick trolls and fall to trolling, because we weren't fucking retarded.

seriously SJWs have taken over *chans and anonymous boards, you shits are boring

No. 241581

This. The JP community (if you can call it that) just sounds so much more chill.

No. 241585

holy newfaggotry. you do know that there are japanese lolita drama forums right? same with scandals surrounding theft, individual exposés, and ita threads. they invented the fashion, and the culture first.

chans and board culture in general originates from there.

No. 241586

2chan literally has their own cgl, containing the same topics. we replicated it from them.

No. 241588


No. 241653

Yeah, they do, but they aren't like this and is mostly about how ugly and fat they think girls are, not about not wearing blouses and adding a cage to a coord.

No. 241690

how would you even know that? do speak japanese and know this intimately? you seemed to not even know those spaces existed to begin with so keep talking out of your ass. and who the fuck is even talking about blouseless coords rn? that topic is tired. the ita threads in cgl are truly filled with uggos. again, if u don’t like the premise of this thread then leave.

No. 241691

Have you never been on /cgl/ over 10 years ago when we had threads where we translated 2chan?

No. 241699

NAYRT, but do any archives go back far enough for me to be able to find those threads? That sounds really interesting.

No. 241703

I don't know, I stopped going to the threads more than 10 years ago. It just got stale and the moderation was too strict because 'bullies'.

No. 241851

ngl this terf rant is so based that i forgive her degenerate past theres not much open disdain for troonery like this

No. 241950

you mean his. it's clearly a self-hating troon ala sainte.

No. 241980

You think they are cousins?

No. 242149

possibly. they definitely act the same.