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File: 1545378321720.jpg (31.57 KB, 640x800, belle-delphine.jpg)

No. 2640

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/belle.delphine/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine

A big thanks to the original summary anon (>>>/snow/724171)

Cosplay drama:
>posts her Kotori (Love Live) cosplay to a LL group, but wore a purple wig instead of brown; users criticized the wig
>yells "it doesn't matter what color it is!", "i didn't have a brown one!", "cosplay is about fun not accuracy!"
>posts screenshots of the comments on her page to complain about cosplay being a "toxic community"
>admits she should've said it was inspired but keeps making salty posts in reference to it
>begins "lewding" her costumes by posting swimsuit cosplays and a completely random bikini armor version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast
>goes viral for D.va cosplay, this time just long brown hair and pink cheek tattoos in bathing suit
>posts screenshots again because people pointed out that it's just a normal person in character makeup
>announces that she'll never cosplay again because people take it way too seriously
>continues to cosplay characters in free taobao costumes and unfitting pastel-colored wigs
>upon her PULL thread starting, a massive whiteknight attack took place in the thread and PULL chatbox and she changed her FB name

Age, pedobaiting, and sex work:
>submitted an ID stating she was 18 to a cosplay page while she was underage, later got verified on Patreon and the age she still claims as her real one would have made her 16 at the time of the fake ID
>started selling lewds as soon as she turned 18, broke up with her whiteknight boyfriend at the same time - he's been sadposting since
>got her Patreon suspended temporarily as soon as she started selling lewd photosets (possible age concerns)
>uses every opportunity to harp on about how young she looks
>did Lolita (the novel) inspired "looks"
>sponsored by brands like "cutesykink"
>got fake braces, claims they're real but they disappear and reappear all the time
>posing nude in public and in supermarkets to appeal to kinksters
>claims she'll just keep selling nudes until she retires at 30, citing JNig as her idol

>The FB thread also covered her making up a fake profile to comment her selfies under photos of her ex with other girls


No. 2641

File: 1545378391577.jpg (534.95 KB, 1010x3686, 1540948752465.jpg)

Images from >>>/snow/724171 as well

No. 2642

File: 1545378429216.jpg (759.85 KB, 1010x5320, 1540948824003.jpg)

No. 2643

File: 1545378698757.png (1.13 MB, 1868x898, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 11.4…)

She's also learned nothing from her "_____ inspired" cosplay days since she just posted pic related, which is supposed to be a Chun Li cosplay.

No. 2644

She doesn’t say anywhere in that screenshot that it’s a Chun Li cosplay

Honestly the Kotori thing is fucking stupid. The fact people got legitimately mad that some random girl put on a costume with a wrong wig color. Really? That’s what people choose to be mad about with their time? She wasn’t hurting anyone or even acting cringy at the time, she was just playing dress up like damn.

No. 2645

Girl is wearing a chun li costume and did her hair like chun li, yall think it's not a Cosplay?

No. 2646

sup belle lol
it's cringey when you buy a costume for a character then throw on an ugly purple wig posting to a COSPLAY group on fb(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2647

And she’s also in a swimsuit with a katana

She’s obviously not trying to be accurate and is just wearing cosplay pieces, you’re the ones calling it a cosplay

> This person disagrees with me! Hi cow!


No. 2648

At what point did everyone decide that cosplay is only valid if it's "accurate"? I get that maybe people hold her to a higher standard because she does this for cash but at the end of the day it's just a costume. It's really not that serious and taking liberties doesn't affect anyone.

No. 2649

Sorry to samefag, but trying to prove my point.

If I buy a Link cosplay and wear the tunic to a renaissance faire but decide I don’t want to wear the blonde wig, or I decide I want to wear a different color wig, and I post that photo online, I deserve to get flamed for it?

No that’s just stupid.

The girl has actual milk like the pedophilic content she posts and her try hard memelord attitude and that whole thing with the packages and moving vans. Focus on that.

No. 2650

Hey buddy. Like farmhand said,
“Then those who don't care or think she doesn't deserve a thread can hide it. Simple.” Hide the thread. let’s not ruin this thread with whiteknighting too

No. 2651

Some people prefer real milk.

No. 2652

Even if she’s not doing anything “milky” I think she’s consistent enough with the cringe that I don’t see what’s wrong with having a thread about her. Shes the only person I see people SO adamantly against having a thread about, but she’s cringey, so I don’t see why not? People complain about her being in the other thread, they complain about her own, but she does enough to laugh at and has enough of a following that having her own thread that can be easily hidden makes sense to me. We have plenty of harmless cringe cows so I don’t see why she should be different.

No. 2653

For the millionth time, stop arguing about whether or not she deserves to be posted. Further derailing will result in temporary bans.

No. 2654

File: 1545405317694.png (70.42 KB, 476x395, UOeKm90.png)

Selling used panties now, and here's the PO box saga mentioned by >>2649


>moved out, was "threatened" so had to abandon the apartment

>is renting a house now, but had to live with friends for 2 weeks
>paid 300 pounds for a PO box but tried to pass it off as a private one
>rented a van to to pick up all the packages she was anticipating (300-500 packages based on receipts sent by her fans)
>employees came out with nothing but 6 letters
>amount of packages was too suspicious
>PO box gets canceled
>everything is being returned, lots of packages being destroyed bc no return label
>ordered a shitton of furniture for her house
>her driveway too steep and narrow for the delivery trucks
>furniture gets sent back too
>vagueblogging about falling out with a close friend
>has to take a break from thotting it up to heal
>meanwhile goes on FB to look down on minimum wage workers
>hoards 7 hamsters in her house which are solitary animals
>uguu talk about being too dumb to pay her bills


Full post:

>Before i get into detail i need to say there will be no snapchat from me this month.

>For my subscribers: Everybody on my $50+ tiers will still be added to my new snapchat (belledelphine_s, please send me your username) and you will remain added until the end of the year as you'll still get the month you paid for. (i will post my regular snapchats through the whole of december). I am still working on getting out all the other tier rewards from October and this month so you will still receive those.

>So as to whats happened: Well this month has probably been one of the most stressful time of my life and i feel like everything is falling apart and im running around trying to fix it by myself. Because of this i am not making the snapchat content i want to. I have been missing days out of pure exhaustion and i dont have the energy to make the content you guys deserve. i want to make content i enjoy making as much as you enjoy seeing it.

>i thought for some reason when i moved out into my own house i was going to be able to start making better content straight away (i lived in my room and i had a whole photography studio set up so it wasnt even a bedroom anymore) but ive come across SO many huge unexpected problems and i need a month to get my life back on track again. I dont know how many of you saw my long snapchat i made about about being threatened out of my apartment that i was going to move into, i wasn't over reacting this actually happened and we did phone the police but they never came to the scene so i knew i couldnt live there. I found a much bigger place (because i was making more money this time) and signed everything to move in on the 31st oct. While i was waiting to move in i was living in the spare bedroom of my friends house because all of my stuff was boxed up, my bed got broken while moving it and there wasnt any space in my room to even put the mattress down so i just packaged a bag and stayed with my friend for 2 weeks.

>Mail issue: During this time i payed £300 to open a PO box. And on the 20th a letter arrived confirming the address for the PO box so i posted it on my instagram and snapchat straight away. Days pasted and i was SO incredibly excited. i decided i was going to pick up ALL the packages on the day i was moving out (31st) because i hired a huge van. I had a million followers on instagram and a lot of people in the comments/messages were saying they were going to send gifts from tv's, teddies, and furniture/cutlery/toasters (things i need for my new place) so i was expecting around 300-500 packages. When i went to the PO box i gave in my ID and they came out with around 6 small letters (which i still GREATLY appreciate but i just knew this wasnt all of them because i've seen order receipts of large items people have bought. I asked if there were any more items and they said no. so i assumed maybe they havent delivered yet. I asked my friend to drive me there again (i cant drive) the next day and the next day to check if there were any more packages and there was nothing. i got home that evening and checked my messages and somebody told me something was wrong with my PO box because all of their items they had bought are being returned. so frantically i checked my emails and there it was. They had emailed me saying they had closed my P.O box

>"We reserve the right to withdraw the service immediately and without prior notice where you have breached any of the terms of the agreement, where we believe our reputation could be brought into disrepute or suspect that the box is being used for any illegal or fraudulent purpose."

>i couldn't phone them as it was evening so i frantically kept thinking wtf happened. the next morning i called them up and they said they closed my P.O box because of suspicious packages being sent and ALL packages after this point are being returned to seller/sender. Packages without a return address get sent to be opened and destroyed. I must've called over 10 different postal companies to try and track these parcels but i dont know the tracking number as i didnt buy them. I am so so unbelievably sorry for anybody who sent anything. words cannot describe how excited i was to get those packages. If you bought anything online you should get a refund with whatever company you sent it to as it will be returned there. With people who sent a parcel and it didnt have a return address on the back i dont know what to say. i dont even want to think about what letter/gift you may have taken the time out to send me. i feel so bad for you. I have tried to record a video (as i promised to make an unboxing video) because thats what you guys deserve but i just havent been able to.


>Another huge problem i have come across if with all the furniture i bought. i posted on snapchat when i bought it all. They tried to deliver my furniture a day or two ago and their truck couldnt come up my drive (as its very steep) so they have delayed it for when they have a smaller van. i wont get most of my furniture just before christmas so i have literally no furniture in my house. i have a sofa and a mattress to sleep on lmao. I've bought furniture with multiple different online shops (because it has to be delivered as i dont have a car) and i have to contact them all separately to tell them that their large truck wont be able to go up the steep road and they'll have to get a van. I've had 3 huge orders that have tried to be delivered but have had to turn around.

>Along with this im having to try and figure out how to pay bills and try and find water/gas/heating/internet companies before my heating gets turned off. I've never paid a bill in my life and im having to figure this all out now. I've been buying gigs of data until next month where my broadband thing gets put in.

>I've also fallen out with a close friend and i think thats just the breaking point for me. I need a month to sort out my life before i can get back to making the content you paid for. I dont want anybody to feel like their money is being wasted. I really hope you understand. Again i'm so sorry :(

No. 2655

File: 1545405332712.jpg (25.39 KB, 280x500, NIdR95b.jpg)

FB dumbassery 1/?

No. 2656

File: 1545405349106.jpg (28.38 KB, 280x500, Yt6Nll2.jpg)

No. 2657

File: 1545405371354.jpg (48.47 KB, 313x500, 5NzGv0p.jpg)

No. 2658

Used panties and sexting lol, that desperate huh.

Does anyone have screenshots of her looking down on minimum wage people?

Also she keeps all her Syrians in the same cage? It's fine to own multiple if the separated but idk if you can even get a cage large enough to accommodate 7 Syrians, they need a lot of space (beyond the fact that Syrians can't be kept together or they fight)

No. 2659

Same anon, sorry. The screen shots were literally being posted as I typed this my bad

No. 2660

>Does anyone have screenshots of her looking down on minimum wage people?

see >>2657
from an article about the working conditions of Amazon employees

No. 2661

She's halfway right. No you cannot live on minimum wage (in the past you could however) but now in this day in age minimum wage isn't suppose to be 'livable'. You work those jobs when you're still in school (highschool or college) but otherwise you're suppose to learn a trade (or go to school and get a degree,whichever you prefer) to get paid more money. They raise minimum wage every year anyway, but it doesn't matter because they just raise the prices of everything else anyway and you're stuck in the same cycle. Gain more skills and get paid more. She's not wrong in that aspect.

No. 2662

File: 1545409054957.jpg (58.79 KB, 430x767, 1ar2v7s10m521.jpg)

She would not last a day in retail. Retail actually requires some skill, it is also very demanding. The idea that most minimum wage workers are under-educated is also false.

She isn't even skilled enough to separate her public company name from her sw name and her sw name from her real name.

No. 2663

File: 1545410477436.jpg (20.97 KB, 280x500, H7NBPkI.jpg)

For context, she's specifically talking about this woman who was living in her car (pic related)

Minimum wage being livable or not, she posts skimpy pics and sells crusty panties for a living, so the gall to be this uppity about the story is cringey considering she'll likely end up cashiering in a few years.

No. 2664

She’s an annoying, desperate, pedo-pandering thot but she’s not wrong about any of this lmfao

No. 2665

File: 1545422922013.jpg (85.79 KB, 815x399, Screenshot_20181220-003100_Ins…)

Only Americans pay taxes

No. 2666

no but you can’t report someone British to the IRS, which is what the “thotaudit” focused on

No. 2667

the point is theres no reason why a multi-billionaire running a thriving business cant pay his workers more.

>you can still survive on a minimum wage job
nah the cost of living is at a record high with people still getting paid what was established in the 70s as enough to get by. one medical or family emergency can throw you deep into poverty with no way to climb out, making saving up impossible. theres no real financial security in minimum wage anymore. i mean…. theres evidence to support that.

regardless, the joke is that belle threw in her 2 cents on homeless people while being a spoiled unemployed brat leeching off her parents in her childhood bedroom. they fund her entire lifestyle despite her making extra cash by selling lewd pictures of her dressed as princess peach. and she tried to start a debate with someone about job employment and minimum wage criticizing the working class and how whiny homeless broke people are lmao.

but tbh the real joke is how 3 months later her life is in shambles because moving out of her parents house to be a full-time costhot has proven to be too much adult for her to handle because she overestimated how much money she would be making off thirsty 12 year olds. apparently issues with a po box and a van being too big for her driveway is enough for her to put her entire schedule, because god knows crossing her eyes at the camera is too much work lmfao.

No. 2668

File: 1545428552341.png (208.69 KB, 815x261, 1507819374124.thumb.png.a3ef5b…)

Sage for old milk, but apparently her ex posted a photo with the girl she did that bath photo set with, and she created a fake account to reply? 1/2

No. 2669

File: 1545428628381.jpg (83.32 KB, 281x500, Screenshot_20181214-213740.thu…)

Tinfoil but maybe the ex bf broke up with that girl and they did the bath set as weird revenge

No. 2670

It's right, but said by a costhot high school dropout whose internet fame is the only source of income and it's inevitably going to dry up in a couple of years, it's kind of hypocritical

No. 2671

that's psychotic

No. 2672

File: 1545439135464.png (59.66 KB, 574x797, chun.png)


It's a cosplay. She even said herself on Patreon.

https://yiff.party/7330723(patreon leak)

Can't wait for her to sexualise Kanna!! /s

No. 2673

Nice selfpost, retard.

No. 2674

File: 1545442060654.jpg (57.97 KB, 540x960, belle1.jpg)

Belle was caught selling other girls' content and claiming it for herself more than once.

No. 2675

File: 1545442131068.jpg (45.96 KB, 539x960, 48387264_344593289695091_42403…)

part 2

No. 2676

She really must be retarded if she managed to fuck up this badly in the first three months of living on her own. Why doesn’t she just get her parents to help her with all of the adult responsibilities they clearly failed to prepare her for? Unless they aren’t as okay with her lifestyle as she pretends.

No. 2677

>Lucy from Death Note
…There's no character named Lucy in Death Note. Has she even watched any of the shit she's cosplaying from?
>inb4 she edits that post and reveals she's a farmer for like the third time

No. 2678

I think she meant to say Misa? Either that or she's doing Lucy from Fairy Tail. Or she's just braindead who knows

No. 2679

Elfen lied, maybe?

No. 2680

File: 1545477100534.jpg (37.23 KB, 265x191, 20181222_060425.jpg)

How did her lips suddenly get so big in this pic? Are the sores herpes or from a botched lip filler job?

No. 2681

File: 1545477128449.jpg (126.51 KB, 1002x1002, 1540126947522.jpg)

No. 2682

nta but still a good post though kek accurate as hell.

No. 2683


No. 2684

Botched filler, I'd guess. She definitely has them.

No. 2685


Sores recurring in the same places? Herpes.

No. 2686

Ofc a dirty hoe like her would have herps. Is she Kellyjean 2.0?

No. 2687

it's not a self-post, that exact image has been making the rounds on meme pages

seems like a lot of people agree

No. 2688

Yikes, she's a crusty bitch.

No. 2689

File: 1545517181873.jpeg (222.01 KB, 750x798, 12C7A610-8C31-4AA5-9B08-E3EA52…)

She’s so cringy jfc I guess if you truly want to appeal to the pedos you also gotta act like a 13 yo pewd fan

No. 2690

Least she's self aware of her own gross image?

No. 2691

This thread is absolute shit, i'm looking for milk and all I see is a bunch of nerds arguing about cosplay

No. 2692

She throws a fit when people point out the wigs aren't accurate and says she'll quit cosplay but goes back to doing it and complains about how much wigs cost, but she gets so much money from Patreon anyway and you can find nice wigs that are cheap

No. 2693

File: 1545524419322.jpeg (369.42 KB, 1242x1846, F9B08033-581E-4129-A1B0-A05BD3…)

The new cosplays have begun, can’t wait to see how shit they’ll all be. Also when cows collide.

No. 2694

Something always bothered me about her face, and after looking at Stef Sanjati, I wonder if Belle has Waardenburg syndrome, her face just looks.. off?

No. 2695

nah. her schtick is just that retarded ahegao face. she is going to run her course like all costhots and be left with withering patreons and thirst posting on twitter

No. 2696

i mean her face is retarded but it's mainly the shoop and stupid ahegao faces i think not an actual syndrome

No. 2697

Sad thing is she's actually quite creative from looking at her forest room and can upcycle. She could have gone into interior design for those rich people who love spending a lot for over the top designs and concepts for their kids rooms. But she's stuck doing this now I guess

No. 2698

File: 1545527192691.png (1.1 MB, 1077x1073, Belle_Delphine~2.png)

I doubt it, she doesn't have any of the classic symptoms. I think the weirdness of her face is just shoop and dumb expressions. There was a dump of her snapchat pics in the costhot thread and there were a couple where she didn't look as weird. Pic related.

No. 2699

I just noticed the sores mentioned in >>2698 and >>2681
Show up in this pic too >>2680
Not sure what the timeframe is but to me they look like they're from picking. Not that it matters I guess, but cold sores tend to have little clusters of yellowish bumps and look crusty when healing.

No. 2700

I think it's the makeup, she creates features on her face that don't work in when she turns her head (contouring certain areas, faux freckles, lip lining, etc.).

No. 2701

I used to be a lip picker and I've never gotten a bump like that from picking. I'm certain that the bump on her lips is herpes, it's pretty embarassing how she would flaunt her herps but I guess it fits in with her ~tryhard slut skanker skank~ image.

No. 2702

i'm an absolutely chronic lip biter and picker and never ever do i get sores like those even if i bleed so i don't think it's from a habit like that

No. 2703

File: 1545529409008.png (740.61 KB, 650x936, brce.png)

She might be getting her braces off soon, from the likes of this pic.

Also I know she posts a lot of old pics where she didn't have braces, and they're just reposts from last year off of her FB.

No. 2704

File: 1545530284660.png (Spoiler Image, 2.33 MB, 1440x2323, Screenshot_2018-12-22-08-22-53…)

What is the darker shit around her butt?

No. 2705

The more websites I see talking about her, the more references I see to the fact that her breath smells. Tooth brushing video a response? Lmao

No. 2706


That’s a shadow my dude

No. 2707

she might be a thot but some of you sound dead jealous about her being cute,young (don't even start nitpicking with that "xd she ages badly look she has one wrinkle and a bad picture so unfortunate!"),rich and making bank.
>inb4 hi belle/whiteknight
whatever helps you sleep at night but you'll all be raging so hard when she can retire at 30 with her neckbeard bux and you know it.
most of you are probably aging already and have a mediocre to average income and no boyfriend :)(lul)

No. 2708

i don't disagree with your general message but you sound dead deluded.. she will not be wealthy enough to retire forever with enough money at 30… you're implying that in more than 2-3 years lots of desperate guys will still care enough to pay her enough to let her completely retire at 30. also again, not saying hurr durr she's 100% hideous because that's obviously not true but her looks are not particularly pretty and she edits like hell anyways and cakes on so much shit you can't even really judge her real looks lol but her general features and lip sores etc are sometimes pretty nasty looking, sometimes decent when she's not posing like a retard.

my personal opinion though is that she is only making money by being a living, walking example of everything girls should not aspire to be, i would never in my life desire to be like her. therefore i'm personally not envious of the money she makes due to what she has to do to make it. if she just posted face selfies and got paid then i would feel envy

No. 2709

Some people here genuinely don’t think she’s cute, and you seem a little salty about it. Not everyone who thinks somebody isn’t cute and points out a person’s flaws is “jealous”, just like not everyone who thinks she’s pretty is a white knight.

No. 2710

yeah that anon is acting like there's nothing unlikable about her besides her being a desperate hoe lol. it's like you're automatically old, ugly, fat, poor and (god forbid this one) single if you don't like a person like belle who has dozens of annoying things about them that are unrelated to age and physical appearance. also the whole "XD you guys aren't seducing ugly neckbeards like belle therefore you have no boyfriend :)" at the end of their post was really bitter and salty in a cringy way.

No. 2711

hi belle/wk
what would you be doing on this forum repeating what belle has said verbatim and what literally every other wk on this damn website says about their fav e thots if you weren't one? "Ur just ugly old ppls who have wrinkles and are ugly and dont have boyfriends". and hers are fugly lolicon crackheads who know they can't get real asians so they settle for someone like belle who has no real personality outside of attention seeking bullshit and lashing out when people dont kiss her ass.
patreon will not put her through life. sorry to say. she will wind up like moo and throw money at whatever excessive thing the moment she feels like she's losing relevancy.

No. 2712

It sounds like the same things her Stan's say defending her under her pics lol not shocked

No. 2713

hi belle/wk
what would you be doing on this forum repeating what belle has said verbatim and what literally every other wk on this damn website says about their fav e thots if you weren't one? "Ur just ugly old ppls who have wrinkles and are ugly and dont have boyfriends". and hers are fugly lolicon crackheads who know they can't get real asians so they settle for someone like belle who has no real personality outside of attention seeking bullshit and lashing out when people dont kiss her ass.
patreon will not put her through life. sorry to say. she will wind up like moo and throw money at whatever excessive thing the moment she feels like she's losing relevancy.

No. 2714

File: 1545558470191.jpg (174.9 KB, 815x556, Screenshot_20181220-002906_Ins…)

Huge nitpick, but her bfs poor attempt at an American accent in this video (pic related) makes me cringe and die

Is this belle/a belle stan talking to themselves again? Both using 'dead' as an intensifier is really specific for two people in a row lol. Belles been caught making superficial criticisms of herself to blend in on the Internet before

No. 2715

Oh yes, how did you know we all aspire to sell our dignity and self-respect for a few bucks? Every girl's dream is being treated like a slab of meat by desperate incels. We so jelly.

No. 2716

Oh I sure do wish I had a pimp that slapped makeup and wigs on me so I could impress obese hairy incels. You really thought you did something

No. 2717

Her mouth area is weird, it's too big and protruding. Kinda like a monkey.

No. 2718

File: 1545601000938.jpg (256.53 KB, 976x1280, 18-12-23-21-31-18-603_deco.jpg)

I found this kinda interesting. She lying to get more junk or did people only send her a few packages so she made up a story to save face? (or both)

No. 2719

she looks like one of those creepy bobbleheaded disney channel stars ala Demi Lovato.

No. 2720

>why would she lie

because she didn't want to look like a complete loser? she went on about how she rented a giant truck for all her fan mail and it was only 3 letters so she had to save face somehow. please open your eyes neckbeards.

No. 2721

it's not like the post doesn't inform you if your box has packages outstanding. she could easily prove any of this rather than going true costhot style by blaming the post for things.

No. 2722

File: 1545608601706.jpg (231.56 KB, 1272x2448, _20181223_233631.JPG)

Her personality is so bad. She either says dumb shit like this or talks about pewdiepie like a ten year old

No. 2723

She sounds like a bot lmao. What a snooze this girl must be irl

No. 2724

Probably her boyfriend replying. He's listed as her "marketing consultant" on her business page. Some of the replies and the style of writing sound like something a guy would write

No. 2725

File: 1545622793649.jpg (11.13 KB, 250x282, 250px-Primitavepatrick.jpg)

the braces just make it more obvious but every person I've seen with this feature still has it a little bit even after their braces come off

No. 2726

That's why she strips and whores herself out

No. 2727

How the hell does she get so many likes and comments? I don’t even see celebs like Kim Kardashian with this ratio of likes and comments on their profiles even with several million followers.

No. 2728

She’s just viral and a hot topic right now. I thought the same thing myself anon but it’s all organic, it’s insane

No. 2729

4chan started spamming her. Thats all it takes. Its just like the Tik Tok girl. Nobody cared and it didnt become a meme until horny aspies started spamming her everywhere and harrassing and stalking her. The same thing will happen to Belle the minute she pisses them off by not interacting or replying rudely to them. In fact its already happening with the IRS thing but shes still claiming thats false i guess.

No. 2730

belle aaaalways adds >inb4belle to her selfposts lmao. i guess shes too heated whiteknighting to realize shes keeping up a pattern.

No. 2731

File: 1545690387139.jpg (141.84 KB, 1076x1402, c2g3xiu3h1621.jpg)

No. 2732

Things that I've noticed from belle posting is complements disguised as insults (esp to bump her threads) and very narrow vocab so reusing the same words

No. 2733

Things that I've noticed from belle posting is complements disguised as insults (esp to bump her threads) and very narrow vocab so reusing the same words

No. 2734

Things that I've noticed from belle posting is complements disguised as insults (esp to bump her threads) and very narrow vocab so reusing the same words

No. 2735

File: 1545693890686.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.89 MB, 935x25996, 1540960134239.jpg)

Bringing the thotbait over from >>724286 before the neckbeards start begging. Don't give her money, incels.

No. 2736

So….is she a sex worker? Or does she think bc she doesn’t show vag or nips that she’s just a “cosplayer”? I genuinely don’t understand.

No. 2737

She’s stated multiple times that she thinks what she does is sex work, literally scroll up

No. 2738

She sells panties and sexts for money (which I can't even imagine. I bet its horrible) so she's definitely a sex worker

No. 2739

Was she given up for adoption as a kid, adopted by two gays then abandoned again? There's so much Daddy issues in this girl. She's a prostitute using cosplay as a front.

No. 2740

I was looking at her patreon
She is willing to dox her own phone number for money? That is very dangerous, that alone can give access to addresses and other relevant names.

Does she understand the consequences of trusting these men? A lot of them feel entitled to her time, one step on an eggshell and these men can snap and fuck her life up.

Remember these are fragile incels that are most likely mentally ill…Something as little as being ignored one day or being cut off early on one of these phone calls can be the straw that breaks the camel's back.

No. 2741

Well she's a tryhard whore desperate for money, attention and efame.

No. 2742

I'm hoping she has the common sense to have taken basic privacy steps like most sex workers. incels are already digging

No. 2743

I'm hoping she has the common sense to have taken basic privacy steps like most sex workers. incels are already digging

No. 2744

If she has any sense, which I don't think she does, she would just use a google voice number and pretend it was her actual phone number. I wonder if anyone has paid for that yet

No. 2745

I heard she was targeted for the thot audit thing but have not seen any evidence any confirmation?

No. 2746

I don’t think so. She’s made clear the city where she lives, which is Brighton. I’m in the US, but some anons were talking about how it’s not unusual to run into people you know there. And if she’s willingly giving out information like her phone number, it’s only a matter of time before that slips. I fear that if someone achieves that high tier for her patreon, she’ll put herself in danger by making a deal to give them sex or something that could easily give up her location. She seems too trusting…especially with her current audience.

No. 2747

She just seems like every teenage girl with serious daddy issues and a need for attention. In some pictures she does look like the average white high schooler, but in others she straight up looks like she's in her mid 20's. She's def playing up the age play stuff with editing, childish clothes, starving herself, acting and so on

No. 2748

at the very least i expect she may have a separate business phone. who knows though

No. 2749

Even with a seperate business phone, it’s still possible for people to track her. If we’re being honest there’s a lot of more in-depth ways for people to find her exact location but I think her “fans” are probably to stupid to know how to do any of them.

No. 2750

She most likely got an app for a second number like the sideline app.

No. 2751

Brighton is tiny yeah. There's only about one part of town people go (the rest is housing p much) and you can cover it in a couple hours. Its probably not hard to find her if you're a psycho

No. 2752

File: 1546219708419.jpeg (77.16 KB, 695x530, 8E38D032-2374-4743-AA30-0859F5…)

Hmmm, I wonder if this is a lie so she can still pander to her neckbeard audience

No. 2753

File: 1546219711464.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 1500x2000, Belle_Delphine_018.jpg)

is this one actually uncensored or just another shop? it was in the leaks so idk

No. 2754

very obvious shop, her asscrack is crooked and that's not how labia work

No. 2755

Probably not even her and just a stolen image from somewhere. Body looks different+snow like that is very uncommon in SE England

No. 2756

File: 1546221589604.jpg (24.51 KB, 750x746, belle.jpg)

sage for nta but god that fucking frog emoji she uses every time annoys the shit out of me. we get it, you love pepe, such a perfect chan-tard gf wow

No. 2757

File: 1546481673675.jpg (101.15 KB, 720x888, _20190103_020318.JPG)

Face is 2D and pale compared to her tanned body. Also I guess she's going back to D.VA since she's losing patreons and that's what got her big
Incoming dump:

No. 2758

File: 1546481767899.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.59 KB, 720x528, l71264yat2821.jpg)

She posted this to insta with a caption like "new year naughtier me" then deleted it. How much 'naughtier' can you be without showing anything

No. 2759

File: 1546481805557.png (Spoiler Image, 659.14 KB, 1080x786, aa9dhgzts2821.png)

Another one she deleted on insta

No. 2760

File: 1546481883035.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.49 KB, 750x495, leqtgejsn3821.jpg)

>>2759(spoiler needed)

No. 2761

File: 1546482054114.jpg (69.46 KB, 355x500, Screenshot_20181231_171851.thu…)

I thought this was pretty hilarious following her minimum wage rant. It's not even legal to work at 13 so even before the thot audit bullshit I guess she wasnt paying her taxes kek

No. 2762

Somehow I really doubt that she went from having a history of being this hardworking self made girl to being a lazy thot who looks down on minimum wage jobs and thinks enjoying what you do is more important than making an honest living.

No. 2763

File: 1546487295971.jpeg (17.6 KB, 471x312, 1538035301916.jpeg)

>submitted an ID stating she was 18 to a cosplay page while she was underage, later got verified on Patreon and the age she still claims as her real one would have made her 16 at the time
>At 16 I printed out babysitting leaflets and handed them out to all my neighbours and worked almost everyday picking up their children from school, making them food, cleaning their house

Can you imagine finding out that the girl you trusted alone in your house with your children/around your family not only has a "career" making pedobait porn and talking about fucking dads, but also possibly started that "career" while she was taking care of your children? If the timeline of all of that really checks out, could there be any legal ramifications for her? Feels like an awfully icky venn diagram.

No. 2764


It's legal in the UK to work at 13 but there are restrictions. I feel like it would be illegal to let a 13 year old work with coffee but I really couldn't say.

>I worked 6 months in a hot af kitchen cleaning dishes every other day after school sometimes until 11pm

She's implying she was under 16 here which is likely bullshit since it's illegal for minors to work past I think 7pm or so on school days.

It's possible she's just had a ton of really shitty, sketchy employers but it's 9999x more likely she's just lying.

Sorry if this is a bit retarded but I see Belle becoming Momokun 2.0 if she doesn't shape up. Her badly-researched lies, trying to market herself as a meme and the huge replies she types up on Instagram trying to defend herself all remind me of early Momo.

No. 2765

File: 1546488375199.jpeg (104.54 KB, 499x500, 8A6055F0-A1A8-49E7-BBDB-79BE05…)

I agree. She has full cow potential. I give it a couple months. It’s also kinda funny how she has so many loyal “fans” but her patreon numbers are kinda low for someone with 2mil followers.

No. 2766

How she gets 2-3k likes on boring comments like this in her threads? Do these guys think 1 like will get them somewhere? Is this really interesting enough to mash that like button?

No. 2767

Psuedo cosplay shibari….in a pool….but indoors?…It's like she was trying to swing at some kinks and hope she hit at least one of them

No. 2768

She creeps me out so much. Wiht how breezily she's whoring herself out to creepy pedoshits and Pewdiepiefags, it almost feels like she's not even a real person nor has a brain in her body. I really have to wonder how she's going to feel about this shit once she's older and becomes washed up. Guess she'll just hook up with a pathetic older guy and live off him forever.

Where the fuck are her parents in all of this?

No. 2769

The vibe of these photos is just so sad. Some quick editing could've fixed the dinginess of the walls and made it 10x better.

No. 2770

File: 1546503487317.png (159.73 KB, 1200x800, fellow kids.png)

God, I sure hope so. She physically repulses me almost as much as Momokun, and she's employing the same pandering memelord tactics that make her look like pic related. Maybe "how do you do fellow neckbeards" would be more appropriate. She's fucking nasty and the fact that she started whoring herself out when she was underage is even sadder. I can't believe this cheap thot has 2m followers. Men are gross and her female orbiters are sad af and need to love themselves.

No. 2771

>"Ive put myself in a position where I work a job I love and I get to have fun for it"

Irrevocably ruining any chance of getting an actual decent job with long term security. Any potential employer can easily find out that she's a dumb thot just from a quick google search, not to mention the ramifications on her social life the more infamous she gets. It's amazing that she actually thinks she can profit off this forever or even until she hits 30. Once she stops being passable for the pedos, it's over. Hell, these dudes get distracted by the next shiniest thot that shows up, so she'll probably lose relevancy before hitting 21. Assuming her fanbase doesn't reach full stalker by that point.

I don't have anything against prostitution or sex work if it's the woman's choice, but the fact that she knowingly panders to disgusting pedophile neckbeards and 4channers without a hint of shame just galls me. The whole ddlg lifestyle will never not make me smh.

No. 2772

love to see what her ass looks like standing straight lol. girl knows her angles

No. 2773

body doesnt look that different, shes standing straight which she never does now. plus she definitely has those clothes in other pics. and the UK gets a decent snow in parts most years?

No. 2774

Brighton is almost as far south as you can go in England. It's extemely mild and snow is very rare.

No. 2775

Why are her ankles so red?

No. 2776

Does she remind anyone of Pumpy/Stormy from the camgirls threads? I think she is headed the same way. Some of the posters here are correct. When Pumpy turned 18 and started to become popular camming she was making a lot of money for the first 2 years, then she stopped looking underage, became a desperate cow and lost her whole fan base. Now Pumpy isn’t sure how she’s going to pay her rent when her savings dry up this year, and she’s not even 22 yet. Belle’s future looks the same.

No. 2777

File: 1546548122384.png (484.39 KB, 811x600, momokun2.0.png)

Seems her second instagram acount was taken down for awhile for her lewd pics but put back up. She really is Momokun 2.0 kek

No. 2778

File: 1546549728274.png (405.8 KB, 862x1609, cow among cows.png)

Samefag but I decided to look at who she follows and she follows loads of cows, calves, and creeps. It's obv she's lurked her own thread but is she a straight up farmer?

No. 2779

File: 1546550583316.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1242x2088, 1249191A-62EB-48D5-9C9E-BF966D…)

Yes it’s her and yes she’s naked but the original she posted on her Snapchat had a heart censoring the ass. The one posted in this thread is a terrible attempt at editing the heart out.

No. 2780

She's referred to things posted here about her before, like the "milk" post. I also remember distinctly saying she could probably retire at 30 in some /ot/ thread, and that it makes me wonder about the e-thot hustle, then she started repeating just that in her replies to rude comments. Also, she randomly messaged Micky after it was said here that she was a white, skinny version of her, so yeah. She at least lurks.
Hi, Belle.

No. 2781

Oh yeah she def lurks and probs posts. Every time someone mentioned her before this thread, at pull too, wks are immediately summoned like she 3rd page googling herself everyday. I hope she gets outed one day!

No. 2782

“Momokun 2.0”
Let me know when belle molests several people, steals, gets lipo, buys followers, tells people to kill themselves and gets banned from cons. She’s nowhere near momokun status just for getting her Ig nuked. Plenty of cosplayers have had this happen to them.

I only counted 4 cows/calves of the nobodies you are calling attention to.

No. 2783

She was in London before her recent move I think and earlier in 2018 there was a lot of snow in London for a few days.

No. 2784

She's also taken advice from this thread. She changed her company name from belle delphine limited to "innovative artists ltd". Probably lurking and trying to learn from other cows mistakes

No. 2785

Everyone I pointed out has a thread/ is in one or is a calf. Try searching the catalog, newfag. She also probably follows more that I didn't recognize as I obviously don't follow all of the cows on this site. I'm sure if others looked through it, they would find some more recognizable people.

No. 2786

Give her several years anon even momokun wasn’t this much of a degenerate when she first got attention. Belle has the perfect start to a train wreck legacy pandering pedos and all. She will fuck up. Only then the milk will reach its prime.

No. 2787

>She changed her company name from belle delphine limited to "innovative artists ltd"

lmao little late for that.

Hey, Belle, hope you know you're going to be forever known as a worthless e-whore who knowingly pandered to the scummiest of incels and pedoshits. Once it's out there on the internet, there's no stopping it. And the more attention you get, the greater your fall will be. Enjoy :)

No. 2788

File: 1546561293904.jpg (Spoiler Image, 407.03 KB, 2521x2218, _20190103_104420.JPG)

She's cake sitting now apparently

No. 2789

Guess she's copying Audra now kek. Pretty sure they're friends and she too does the cake play in a mini pool type thing…

No. 2790

Why didn't she at least color correct these? The dingy walls make this 20x worse.

No. 2791

File: 1546563501084.jpg (93.47 KB, 960x743, o40lfvw3ra821.jpg)

No. 2792

File: 1546563754546.jpg (129.08 KB, 720x991, _20190104_005740.JPG)

Response to people finding out she has a bf? lmao. Trying do hard to deny it

>this comment doesn't hurt me
Then why do you feel the need to respond

No. 2793

All these recent posts look like cam show screenshots wtf is she doing

No. 2794

Waiting for the day she starts pandering to fart fetishists

No. 2795

I said she seemed to me like she was on her way to becoming early Momokun, not that she was anywhere near Momo’s level. I thought I made that pretty clear tbh anon. I didn’t even know she had her IG nuked.

I kind of doubt Belle will ever sexually assault anyone which was Momo’s real downfall, but I could definitely see her getting lipo at some point down the line if she gains weight and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she already buys followers/supplements them somehow, some other anons seem to think so.

Pumpkin Spice also used to buy herself tokens to make herself MFC top 10 I believe, and I totally get what you mean. If you deliberately pander to the whole ddlg crowd you only have a couple years before they move onto a younger girl.

No. 2796

Holy shit, she's following a cattle ranch. Lmfao.

You clearly haven't lurked enough then, newfag. Go away.

That's the thing, people forget this thot is just starting out and she's already this much of a desperate degenerate. People didn't think Momo was that bad in the first threads either, just wait a few months and this bitch is gonna go downhill real fast.

Is she pulling an Amouranth pretending she's single? Fucking yikes, talk about pandering to the lowest common denominator. Love urself Bellie

No. 2797

Is she attempting a poor impersonation of the 'cake farts' video?

No. 2798

In a few months, or a year, her fans will find a new, cuter girl to sperg over. She should enjoy her game while she can, because from what I can tell, it’s only just starting to die down and the next year is going to be a steady decline for her popularity.

Also, OT but does anybody know what kind of camera she’s using? Specifically the one in >>2779 ,in the second picture down. I tried finding an electronics thread in /ot/ I could ask this on instead, but I couldn’t find one.

No. 2799

File: 1546585957529.jpg (676.35 KB, 1920x2560, 19-01-04-01-11-14-625_deco.jpg)

Sage for not milk but her humour is so dead. Its been said 100 times but she's honestly like a ten year old fortnite fan

No. 2800

It's a sony alpha a5000. I have the same one.

No. 2801

File: 1546586910329.png (235.34 KB, 1197x477, sonycamera.png)

It's worth nothing that this camera has a built in skin smoothing filter, it basically photoshops your pics for you.

No. 2802

Thank you, you win anon of the year. I’m considering starting a thread in /ot/ for electronics/photography. End of off topic, thank you again.

No. 2803

She almost seems like a robot, only made to appease the neckbeards and speak in shitty memes.

No. 2804

It's just sad and pathetic how she thinks she can keep this going for another 10+ years. Is she still going to have braces and dress like an idiot child when she's 27? Because currently that's her appeal, being a pedobait memelord, we all know 4chan neckbeards have the attention span of a goldfish, there's a new queen every month and the clock is ticking on Belle.

No. 2805

I'm actually down to one anon's theory that it might be that weird neckbeard guy she hangs with that makes all the cringe comments. Well hopefully. If it really is Belle, then that's really sad….

No. 2806

Yeah, the fact that he costars in her "thot police" video (where he does a really sad attempt at an American accent) makes me think he's got at least the same shitty slightly dated memelord taste as her

No. 2807

There's also Jessica Beppler, she used to be a big snowflake on PULL. I think Belle selfposted on PULL, too? She's here for sure.

No. 2808


The snow pic is from Feb 2018.

I know she went on holiday last year to France or something, so the snow pic might have been from there too as she uploaded other pics of her nude in public.

No. 2809

File: 1546622891270.jpeg (234.31 KB, 750x1052, EA09B8E0-92B4-4E91-A8F8-A5F80C…)

>The snow pic is from Feb 2018.

”Mystery” Solved

No. 2810

This image is depressing in every possible way. Girl I know you are not this desperate for attention. Or money. Down the rabbit hole she goes. I'm so glad I fought for this thread.
In spite of the penis, he's right. Even disregarding society's general treatment and dismissal of women, especially those who use charm (inapplicable here) or good looks to get their way, economics 101 says markets flooded and you're fucked, this is a sinking ship. You are the product and for every image you upload there's at least a dozen more girls cropping up aiming to become equals if not better than you for less money and likely have twice the personality. Over time they will be younger and fitter and there's little you can do to resolve that. You lack both the exclusivity and professionalism jnig had for at least a little while that allowed her to retain a decent reputation and appreciation in her 30s. You dove too hard and too fast into flailing around in a foam filled kiddie pool and sitting on cakes for your "career" to last. This is a bed you made yourself. It doesn't look as comfy as you try to pretend it is.

No. 2811

File: 1546628309330.png (433.15 KB, 540x494, wavy eye.png)

I stg she tries to give herself epicanthic folds with that eyeliner, also lol cause she doesn't even correct her shoop mistakes

giving off shayna vibes here with those teddies and dingy ass walls

No. 2812

File: 1546635415957.png (138.28 KB, 540x921, 1.png)

>when you make Belle beg you for mercy

No. 2813

she didnt even live in brighton until recently? and you think she can't leave or something? PLus that doesnt even look like a heavy snowfall. snow isnt THAT rare. get over it

No. 2814

is there any context for this?

No. 2815

sage this shit nobody cares

No. 2816

File: 1546636867243.png (127.83 KB, 540x922, 3.png)

yes, I got her Instagram shut down. Retards at Instagram decided to bring it back up the next day. shitstorm happened in my inbox between her and I.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2817

File: 1546636909048.png (57.77 KB, 1418x254, 7787868.png)

she lied about the p.o box closure?

No. 2818

why are you trying to stop the milk, anon?

No. 2819

How would you even know it was you who “took” her account down? Just because you reported or something doesn’t mean shit

No. 2820

what kind of incel shit is this

No. 2821

Saging still exists? I guess Lolcow is out of date on things. Seeing as how the general /snow/ catalog still contains threads from years ago.

No. 2822

Holy cringe (you, not her)
Stop cowtipping, you're embarrassing yourself

No. 2823

When it comes to reality, our own accomplishments in life we display to anyone is another cow tipped in the world.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2824

No. 2825

At least she knows her entire career and life in general is dependant on e thotting. But does she genuinely think it will keep her afloat for long?

No. 2826

Jesus Christ, doesn’t this count as cowtipping? Please stop. We know Belle’s a cow, nobody needs you to pop up in her inbox.

No. 2827

This actually makes her look sane, she knows what she is and you calling her a degenerate e-thot in response just makes you sound salty af that she doesn't care.

No. 2828

Please stop replying, the user has already been banned right after posting. Don't give them further attention.

No. 2829

I was wondering if she photoshopped her skin in her pictures, it’s interesting that a camera can do that for her. I think she does the normal photoshopping stuff that most girls do, but not to the extent of other cows. Enough so that she looks pretty similar to non-photoshopped pictures, just with much paler skin, bigger eyes and poutier lips.

No. 2830

>robot detected
I hope she realizes these are the basement dwellers her fanbase is made of. They'd empty their sacks of yellowed cum to her then try to ruin her life and post about it to laugh with other sexist retards.

No. 2831

The costhot thread had screenshots of her begging to an incel not to report her to the IRS and he didn't give two shits. Imagine putting yourself at the mercy of these scumbags who will easily dump you for the next new thot that comes along. Does she actually think they care about her or that she's special by doing this? The more depraved she gets with these photoshoots, the more their disdain for her is gonna increase because they're backwards misogynist fucks who want women to do these things for them and then hate them for it.

>im still the same person as I was before

>I really don't want my future ruined

Girl, you already ruined it the second you made stupid ahegao faces for pedophiles. I almost feel sorry for her, she sounds incredibly naive and clueless.

No. 2832

File: 1546653908989.png (873.01 KB, 2480x1281, 7575777.png)

Her mother sounds like one of those stage mothers

No. 2833

Her mother shouldn't have ever had children if she's okay with her daughter doing this. Good lord.

No. 2834

She realises exactly what she's doing, she probably sees them as creeps and thinks she has a great business plan by getting money from these sick fucks as punishment. In reality she's just as sick in the head as them by pandering to their desires. I doubt she's self aware of that.

No. 2835

Well, that explains a lot. Imagine being okay with your child whoring herself out on the internet, pandering to pedophiles and misogynistic neckbeards. Wew lads. She's definitely going to turn into a massive mess very soon, or should I say, an even bigger mess.

No. 2836

File: 1546712868783.png (60.95 KB, 1342x356, 8989989898.png)

The fact that her mother never pushed for her to at least finish high school and encouraged her on this path is very suspect to me. Classic exploitation. I bet she gives her mother and her older boyfriend money.

Raised by the internet. Has no education and is 19, an age where you don't know what you're doing, where you should be having fun, developing yourself as a person, your personality and building supportive relationships. Now her personality will be stunted as this weird 19 year old since she got famous young, she thinks she already knows everything. Even if she didn't enjoy conventional jobs there are other paths that she could have taken. Nothing wrong with being a sex worker but she's sitting on cakes and covering herself in dirty cooking oil in a mini pool catering to and validating the lowest of society, pedophiles, disgustingly fetishising adolescence for likes and fake validation. Constantly anxious that it could all be taken away at any time. What a gross, miserable, empty life.

No. 2837

Sage for nitpick but "I am self aware of this" is particularly irritating geez

No. 2838

I can’t gelp but feel a tiny bit bad for her, only because you can tell how absolutely desperate she is to keep her fane, and all the attention on her. Whenever anybody steps into her dm’s with a criticism, or she thinks her account is going to get deleted, she freaks out and starts scrambling to appease the person threatening her, whether it’s by begging of offering something. She truly is in the hands of her followers, in the worst way possible. Someone’s going to end up threatening her for nudes of something, and then that stuff is going to get spread all around and she’s going to be questioning every life choice. It’s no help that she apparently has a trash mother too, and no real family or friends to turn to.

No. 2839

Agreed, she might be annoying but I feel sympathy for her. Clearly she comes from a shitty family environment, she's young and will probably regret all of this later. Reading that screen from the cowtipper anon, a teenager defining herself as a whore is extremely sad.

No. 2840

I don’t feel bad for her but she is a shining example of the tumblr and e-thots pushing sex work as some kind of fad to clueless teenagers looking to make quick bux. Belle needs to find a mentor who knows wtf she’s doing because no career well to do sex worker tolerates this kind of neckbeard bs in their inbox. Get some boundaries and self respect bitch.

No. 2841

I don't. I basically agree with what >>2840 said. She made the choice to become a full time attention whore and to put herself at the mercy of these neckbeards that hate jerk it to these women. It's all on her. From her answers about her mother, it's quite clear there wasn't much hope for her from the beginning, but she chose to go the desperate route to make a quick buck. She can honestly get fucked for all I care.

No. 2842

File: 1546882135963.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 82.43 KB, 576x768, 9965F443-83D0-41F9-9679-E5A2C8…)

I’m surprised nobody has posted her full nude yet. her tits looks like you used the shrink tool on them in photoshop lmao

No. 2843

File: 1546882342466.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 71.85 KB, 754x1236, F54DA94C-1091-489C-AE98-FEA33A…)

No. 2844


That's because these ARE photoshopped. They're fakes.

No. 2845

you're retarded

No. 2846

File: 1547010301411.jpeg (92.79 KB, 766x960, E2F51E6A-D49D-4793-8D0D-7F0009…)

There’s this going around stating belle and mystery man catifshing others in selling of their peoples nudes passing as her own

No. 2847

>I never did it to hurt anybody

Belle, how ducking stupid are you. Of course you didn’t do it with the intention of hurting anybody, you did it with the intention of scamming and lying to people to fund a fucking trip to Venice. You did it because you’re a shitty human being who uses people for her own gain.

No. 2848

Yeah it’s on fb “belle is cancelled” there’s over 100 screen caps

No. 2849

I wonder how pissed some of those people would be to find out she sold their own nudes and passed them off as her own. I don’t know what the laws are like in England, but that sounds pretty illegal.

No. 2850

No. 2851

Can somebody please post screencaps, I don’t gave a face book and it needs me to log in to look at whatever the link is.

No. 2852

File: 1547016600649.jpg (53.99 KB, 640x1280, FB_IMG_1547016426359.jpg)

proof that "having jobs" is bs?

No. 2853

File: 1547016921161.png (72.57 KB, 804x643, bellee.PNG)

No. 2854

So she scammed some thirsty creepy men once when she was a minor, has since stopped and isn’t denying she did it? Barely milk. I’m sure those dudes really suffered. I know there are a lot of underage vendetta chans in this thread but this is cringy and cowtipping. I swear to god Facebook “x is cancelled” fags are just the worst.

No. 2855

Agreed. Plus, her fans are degenerate enough to enjoy her content in the first place, doubt they would care about this enough to stop supporting her. Especially since now she's actually selling her real nudes, isn't she?

No. 2856

She’s not selling her real nudes, there’s been no proof of that besides obvious bad photoshops. Some people might think it’s cribgey, but what I think is cringey is the fact that she was so desperate for money that she sold nudes that weren’t hers. A lot of people assume that threads they don’t like are filled with vendetta-Chan’s, but I can assure you that I’m not and I’m interested in her cringey escapades.

Is the person who made this post noteworthy in any way? I think the convo they had with her was interesting, but not if it’s just another case of somebody cowtipping her.

No. 2857

I have all the screencaps saved but flood detection would prevent me from posting all 100+ of them here, and it would take forever. I could upload in an album somewhere but i think that's more pics than imgur allows you to upload at once so i'm not sure where else to post it.

No. 2858

You might be able to put them into a few collages, I don’t know if that would help or not

No. 2859


NTA but the whiteknighting ITT is insane. She was underage, selling other girls' nudes, changed her profile age to make herself seem legal, and is trying to worm her way out of it by admitting that she's just lazy and greedy and "they were just internet pictures" even though her entire "career" is making "internet pictures", claims lingerie pics aren't NSFW, and lied about the girl in the pics being her friend. Read the caps and then try again.

No. 2860

Isn’t it weird how whenever there’s suddenly the hint of milk from Belle, anons start whiteknighting and crying “nitpicking” and “so many vendetta chans”? If you think this thread is cringey than hide it and don’t post.

No. 2861

Wasn't trying to whiteknight at all, I just think those #blankiscancelled kind of callouts aren't gonna work with the kind of audience she has. Just my two cents.

No. 2862

ok belle is a scammer but sorry but what about this girl Katarina moon just leeching followers and trying to be relevant since her nudes aint selling .

No. 2863

i was just thinking that myself. looks and sounds a total fucking snowflake

No. 2864

This retarded bitch has the IQ of a fucking doorknob. She's even stupider than I thought, and that's saying a lot. Also, the fact that she did all of this as a minor is even more disturbing. Her parents are obviously shit and deserve the shit daughter they have.

This happens every time in this thread zZzZ. Though I agree the "cancelled" posts won't help since her audience are a bunch of degenerates, though they might be upset their fellow incels got scammed.

No. 2865

LOL if you look at the girls previous posts she posted an announcement it was incoming because she wanted publicity. Then the whole way through the chat was acting condescending as if she was Belle’s mother and owed her an apology? The only people who are deserving of an apology are the multiple girls who were in the nudes and the dumb incels who brought them and got scammed. Yes it’s a bit milky but the girl who made this post is just wanting attention in the witch hunt, not to make anything better. I was following this from last night and she was deleting and blocking comments from those who wasn’t on her side to create an echo chamber which is pathetic. It’s always those who are unattactive who are not doing well and competing in MA SEX INDUSTRY or competing for internet popularity that are kicking off. The incels who are funding her patreon and are possibly getting scammed don’t even care about any of this to cancel her, they are photoshopping the nudes themselves for fucks sake! KEK

Also the poster whinging about
>ur family rich, u are rich, u have followers
Stop crying because your nudes can’t sell ya sap

>inb4 WK

had it of been Minty or someone posting this then I back it, but not this attention seeking SJW loon

No. 2866

The amount of whiteknighting. I guess the halo effect is real. If belle was ugly and fat no one would be defending her. I agree that this girl sounds weirdly obsessed with belle, but it doesn't remove from what belle did. They both sound absolutely insane in that chat kek

No. 2867

Whiteknighting where? Everyone has said the same as you in more words or less? No one has defended Belle, just saying the other girl is a vandettachan doing it for attention on facebook

No. 2868

File: 1547048250405.jpg (78.52 KB, 1080x1350, 47151763_372218653552299_42180…)

I don't think people are whiteknighting, everyone agrees Belle is a dumb moneygrabbing thot, but when ever player in the game is dirty then it's hard to care. She's stupid to have done it, but nobody is going to feel sorry for the incels that were "scammed" buying nudes from a 17 year old or the other camgirl whose nudes they were.
If they were nudes stolen from a revenge porn thread or something then that would be different but there's no real victim like that here.
If she cared about reputation Belle could just apologize and give some cash to the girl whose nudes she sold, but her fan base are degenerates so they aren't going to push for that

No. 2869

there are no whiteknights just belle herself lol. why would anyone defend an antisocial costhot who also acts too good for lewds and overcharges the thirsty neckbeards who look her up on pornhub desperate for tits and pussy. they're loyal to busting a nut not her. they only act like doormat fanboys in hopes she'll cater to them. when she doesn't they come after her like another guy did in this thread.

belle always samefags within an hour and disappears it isn't a steady stream of whiteknighting derailinh, because she knows if she does the admins will pick up on it.
she also uses the "inb4 belle hurrdurr" thing every time lol look at the previous costhot and belle thread.

No. 2870

Wasnt there proof she was underaged back when she was still just on tumblr like..a year ago? Her instagram/4chan fame came so fast that I knew she still had to have been close to the same age she was when she was telling people she was underaged, so this isnt surprising to me at all.
Whats surprising is that FEMALES get so invested in this shit. This girl posting screenshots, the girls posting on her instagram and reblogging her on tumblr. Like..men jerk off to her and comment too but it always weirds me out when females get super into another girls shit like this. Like the girls who sit and watch Dolly Mattels camshows and donate to her and stroke her ego literally..every..single..show. I didnt read all of the screenshots because tldr but does the girl who's nudes she stole know?

No. 2871

File: 1547056173807.jpg (44.24 KB, 477x706, 1wcv1z.jpg)

First one >>2842 looks fake as fuck but is the 2nd one >>2843 really fake? Didn't someone dump a masterpost of a bunch of her nudes in a previous thread? It doesn't seem that unbelievable that she would sell nudes.

>Some guy asked if I wanted money so I gave him all my login info, so it's not my fault!! I NEVER did it to hurt anybody I only did it for personal gain and to use another woman's body for my own benefit without having to personally deal with any of the risks or consequences!!!
>I'm just a normal lil girl with feelings so of COURSE I don't understand the consequences of my actions and therefore shouldn't be held accountable for them!!
>I wasn't selling underage pics of me, I was selling pics of OTHER girls and telling people it was me while I was underage. I don't see the problem here!!
kek….absolutely wild

No. 2872

Lmao why does she think admitting she wanted to fund a holiday makes it okay? Like anyone's going to be like oh okay that totally excuses illegally profiting off someone else's intellectual property without their consent

No. 2873

this. i don't get why anyone would defend someone who is nearly 20 and still panders to pedos by dressing literally like a child.

She attracted this through her decisions. It's not about "she's scamming degenerates who caares lol" it's about the intent behind it and the consequences. Does she not realise that there are actual underage girls who are forced and manipulated into selling their images and she is only creating more of a market for it through her actions. She's helping to normalise it on her social media for other girls, when it isn't normal at all. It's actually all very disturbing.

No. 2874

I feel like some people are only looking at the fact that she knowingly stole and sold some other girls nudes, and not the fact that like…Belle, when she was underage, knowingly sold “her” nudes to people. Even though they weren’t of her, she was marketing them as the nudes of her, an underage girl. If they were her own pics, that would be cp, but she sold them under the guise of that for a quick buck. If that doesn’t make her a shitty person, not just the fact that she stole and sold some other girl’s nudes for profit, I don’t know what will. Belle’s going to end up sucking some guy’s dick behind a Waffle House and then be like “Omg, no, I like just wanted some money to take a trip to France! I’m not a bad person, I was dumb and wanted money! I’m literally a thot!”
Belle is not a good person. Nobody here is a vendetta-chan, or jealous, we’re just pointing out the facts. Just because her fans “don’t care” and are into it doesn’t make it any less shitty.

No. 2875

Sage for wk talk but I think it's just hard for me and maybe others to care that much about her scamming her fans because we all pretty much agree that they are disgusting in some way or another. Not saying what she did was right, if anything I really only feel bad for the girl who's nudes she used to make her money. Pointing out that the callout post is unlikely to work is not Wking, as unfortunate as it is, this will likely blow over and they will continue to support her. The stuff she's selling now has her face in it or other proof it is her (background, other identifiable traits), so they will see that has proof she isn't scamming any more. If it does have some kind of effect, good, maybe she realize that she isn't bulletproof and consider changing her outlook on her "job". But from what we've seen she isn't the brightest, so she might even end up making it worse for herself before this whole thing ends.

No. 2876

File: 1547067671089.jpeg (63.33 KB, 522x587, 0B9F8515-B9AD-43AD-9BB8-03EE13…)

Just saw this shared lol, I'm glad it's getting around a bit and even people who used to like her aren't letting this slide.

No. 2877

Honestly after reading through everything, I really don’t think it’s as milky as everyone seems to think it is.


GUy approaches belle when she’s 17 basically to allow him to use her account. He’s the only actually selling images that he’s apparently just pulling from tumblr and is using belle as a sort of “proof” (fan signs etc)

Ngl if someone asked me that when I was younger for the promise of big easy money for doing legit fuck all I’d be down for it ‍♀️

Also I see people saying that the supposed images sold around were of minors? Is there actual proof of this? Cause if they were just from tumblr then who the fuck knows

No. 2878

>Also I see people saying that the supposed images sold around were of minors? Is there actual proof of this? Cause if they were just from tumblr then who the fuck knows

No, but Belle was a minor, so everyone who bought from her technically bought child porn because the age on her profile doesn't matter to the law.

No. 2879

Who said the nudes she spread were of minors? If you’re referring to >>2874, that wasn’t about the nudes being of minors, it was about Belle herself being a minor when she stole the nudes and sold them. It’s so ridiculous, the amount of people saying this shit isn’t milky. It’s milky because she fucking stole somebody’s nudes and sold them so she could get money to go to Venice. Like, if that’s not milk to you then I don’t know what the fuck is. Also, emojis.

I kek’d too hard

This. Everybody who continues to defend Belle is just about as much of a cow as she is. It’s not about her fans being ok with it, it’s about the fact that Belle herself did something wrong. She knew exactly what she was doing and the purpose for doing it.

No. 2880

Technically she just gave someone her account password and followed instructions to send a few fan signs every now and again for cash. It was actually the man who stole the photos and spoke to the lolicons and scammed them. It’s wrong but she didn’t do it alone. Why aren’t people mad that an adult man manipulated a 17yr old child in to making money from being pedobait considering he had approached her and talked her in to it and from the messages she sounds pretty scared of him. We don’t know what this man is like. We all say she seems pretty stupid anyway now so chance is she was even more stupid then. So much for protectin our yunnng grrls. This happens so often men getting scammed with fake nudes, and it would have gone unnoticed if the incels stan her to 2m followers once she became legal (not throgh Minty nudes) and other sex workers didn’t get bitter kekk

No. 2881

But they weren’t buying from her really it was from the older guy, her face was just essentially a front.

Idk I just expected it to have actually been her own actions and now knowing that it’s not it’s meh. This katarina chick is just mega try Harding to ride this cancelled train for followers

No. 2882

Yeah, he’s a shitty person too, but are we just skipping over the fact that Belle still willingly complied with being the face of these nudes? She could have easily said “Fuck that, you’re a piece of shit and I’m going to call you out for what you’re doing” but she didn’t. She took part because she knew she would get a paycheck from it in the end. Also, did his name get leaked? Because if it did, you’re right, he should be immortalized in this thread for being a piece of shit, too.
On the topic of Katarina, personally yeah, I think she’s desperate for followers, but she also brought a situation to light that not a lot of people knew about. Stop attacking her to try to take attention away from the fact that Belle once again fucked up.

No. 2883

These posts are so fishy.

No. 2884

People are mad at that still, but this thread isn't about the guy it's about belle. She still continues to play on the pedobait thing as an adult woman? Is that ok? Is she still being manipulated by this guy? No, she's making her own decisions now. She could have used this experience to help and warn other young girls about these guys or get him arrested instead she continues to use it for her own gain as an adult.

No. 2885

There was a comment on the post regarding who it was, this guy goes around asking these girls the same question if they want to make money, they mentioned he’s also a hacker? hacking into several sw’s sc accounts and selling their content more and taking all their money, I looked at the profile because I thought it was a troll and he seems sketch he mentions a lot of drug use and seems lonely complaining he has no friends, he mentions belles name once ? the person mentioned she was scared of putting him because he seem like he would go after belle hard, maybe he has some tea on belle, idk

No. 2886

Bullshit. People already knew about the topic. It’s been discussed multiple times. The reason why it’s blew up is because they won’t drop the issue so Belle stupidly messaged her and this Katrina is the only sad POS who would go to the bother of publishing 100 screen shots of a private chat while being fake nice all for attention & lying that she could trust her, no one else did. & 3 years ago paid sex workers weren’t really a big non-underground thing like now so I doubt she thought of it being a big deal too much, probably just thought he was going to use google porn images, which he did and that’s how it was descovered as pedobear who bought them reversed image searched them then posted it anonymously when she gained popularity.

You know what. Fuck it. I’m going to say it. I’d sell other people’s free nudes off google to perverts for a trip to Venice myself KEK

& If she says if she’s scared of him why would people put her in danger by sharing his details? No matter how shitty she is that’s like cowtipping right?

No. 2887

All of this is moot because Belle admitted she voluntarily took part in it out of greed. The messages where she's selling the nudes sound way more like her than like his typing style and it's very likely that she's omitting a lot of the DMs to make herself look better.
She wasn't hacked, her own screenshots show that she was a willing participant and he didn't have anything on her other than promising her money. Quit whiteknighting.

No. 2888

lol be mad
I'm grateful for the milk, all the screenshots just make it even more delicious.

No. 2889

Either stop your whiteknighting or go back to Belle’s instagram. You keep trying to drag Katarina because you want the attention off of Belle’s shitty actions, and it’s not going to work. Belle knew what she did, the screenshots show she was a willing participant, and if you’d take part in a scam like that you’re just as lulzy and sad as she is.

P.S. She should have gone to France.

No. 2890

No one is whiteknighting on this end, this person said he’s a hacker so he knows his way around getting into accounts, I didn’t say he hacked into hers but if this is all true and there is this dude, he seems scary and shady, maybeee justttt….maybe,he might have tea on her and belle might be hesitant because he’s been known to hack into these girls accounts and do god knows what with them? A few girls have said hey the way this guy approached her, he approached me too and blah blah blah,
or she could be lying ?
Jeez don’t shoot the messenger

No. 2891

Do you have proof of this or not? Because right now we have various screenshots of Belle herself saying she did it for the money and a trip to Venice, and no screenshots of her saying “I was super afraid a hacker was gonna hack my account and he has tea on me so I was afraid”.

No. 2892

who the fuck is ~we~ do all these ewhores that aren't relevant or suck at selling her nudes are leeching followers and attention on that fb post, ok we get belle is a scammer and shit but at least turn off the comments on that post stop leeching fame lmfao u only making belle more famous this only tells me that this girl katarina moon is a sad p.o.s looking for attention and makes you no different than belle.

No. 2893

The fuck did I just read. Belle really does attract the degenerates

No. 2894

File: 1547078093764.png (4.53 MB, 1242x2208, 4304870E-2FA4-46BE-A0AC-538254…)

Sorry maybe it’s my typing
I’m trying to scroll they the hundreds of comments through this dumpster fire
Belle didn’t say he hacked her, I saw Shell Roze’s comment saying “I think I know who this guy is because the way he types” and she provided the profile a other girl mention oh yeah he’s scummy, he hacks into several sw’s sc accounts and so on,
Shell mentions “uwu I don’t want to put him because he might come after belle hard” and that’s when I looked over his profile but he seems like a douche and his posts are absurbed so I don’t know if there’s any correlation between his profile and belle and so on
I can’t pinpoint where Shell’s comment is where she mentions him because there’s way too many comments and my mobile shuts off but Katrinamade another post about him but feel free to look and try to piece it together, all I saw was dude is sketch
Like I mentioned maybe she’s lying idk !!!

No. 2895

Some spectulations were why are you hiding him? What does he have on you for you to protect him? If he is what some of these girls claim he is, than yea he’s kinda scary
And yeah belles not going to say I can’t say much because he’s going to blackmail me or something you know ? Is she protecting someone because she’s afraid ? or …is she just a lying piece of shit ?

No. 2896

Yeah, I think that if anything she’d say “I can’t talk about it” when asked. She wanted money, I think that’s plain to see. There’s really no proof to back up this story of blackmailing and some Illuminati tea on Belle.

No. 2897

this is so obviously personal ekelfleldl hi belle. as if anyone would be this emotionally invested in belle to be mad she's being ~wrongfully dragged uwu~ lmfao

No. 2898

File: 1547080516019.png (2.64 MB, 2480x4126, venice2.png)

My favourite parts are where she agrees to launder money through her mothers account and attempts to scam more money out of the scammer kek

No. 2899

Jesus belle…the more screenshots come out, the worse she gets. What a piece of trash.

No. 2900

File: 1547082426473.jpg (59.59 KB, 480x960, 766EKxS.jpg)

>Belle was blackmailed
>Belle was manipulated
Not true even according to her own screenshots. This guy had no power over her.

>He's a hacker

Then why did he need her permission to use her name in the first place? Compromise the account, scam as many people as you can before word gets around, move on. Relying on a 17 year old girl as your partner in crime is the stupidest way to go about this. I don't believe this hacker story at all.

>Belle was just going along with it because she felt scared

Belle came up with the idea of telling her mom she knew the guy irl so she could use the bank account. Even a 17yo knows that's shady as shit. She was into it.

>It's not that big a deal xDD I would've done it too!!!11

Belle was already an e-model at the time, she knew what she was doing by using other girls' photos. She constantly complained about bullying and how mean the community is, but she was willing to use other girls' nudes to make a profit. If the same had happened to her, she would've made a big stink about it everywhere. She was also underage, so she was committing a crime by pretending to be older than she was in order to sell nudes. Even if it wasn't her in the pictures, she was effectively selling child pornography because that's what the customers thought they would get, as her real age was known and she used the same profile that she was previously listed as 17 on, so her attempt to pass herself off as an adult was flimsy at best and definitely wouldn't hold up if anyone actually cared to report her for this. It could very well be considered entrapment too.

Even Belle says in clear terms that she just thought it was a good idea at the time. All the manipulation and hacking accusations are just her way of defending herself. Even in the conversations with the guy she doesn't have any moral objections, just "i don't wanna waste my time if it gets reported again" and so forth.

She flipflops wildly between
>I was manipulated and blackmailed
>I was a dumb teen and he offered me a good deal
>I don't care what people think
>Please don't publish this it will ruin me
>Lol people can think what they want

because all she cares about is how it makes her look.

The whole thing blew up because she even had the nerve to say the Minty girl didn't want it to come out because they were good friends. But Minty messaged Katerina to say that they were in fact not on good terms.

No. 2901

File: 1547082433415.jpg (65.49 KB, 480x960, jlE7drK.jpg)

No. 2902

File: 1547082457634.jpg (68.16 KB, 480x960, lrK7aJP.jpg)

No. 2903

File: 1547082499116.jpg (59.53 KB, 480x960, BsWOSyV.jpg)

No. 2904

File: 1547082554048.jpg (59.65 KB, 480x960, 0qLzBpw.jpg)

Interestingly, Belle ends a lot of sentences in a question mark, sometimes with a space in between.

Looking at you, >>2890

No. 2905

Belle is probably shitty her lingerie right now. The shit she was doing was so illegal. Also, thank you for posting the screenshots here because some people don’t have Facebook and can’t look at them.

You got reeeeally quiet all of the sudden. Every other post was you defending Belle, and now that all these screen grabs are being posted, it’s crickets.

No. 2906

Does she think "I just wanted to go to Venice !!" Makes her look relatable or justifiable here? Of course everyone wants to travel. Getting a real job and saving (or at least if you're e-thotting doing it HONESTLY) is how it's done

No. 2907

and to be frank, what 17 year old really gains so much experience and life knowledge that they are so far separated from their old ways before 20? she is shitty and if she really regrets doing what she did, own up to it.
>thos tits you were jerkin to werent mine i just wanted to travel the world.

but instead she is moo levels of excuses and foists blame where she can. bih is just salty she got caught. cant even be a hooker with a heart of bronze. its always going to be someone else that is the real issue.

No. 2908

I can see her getting caught stealing from a store, and while she’s being questioned by the police, she’s just like “I just reeeeally wanted that dress, idk!! Like I’m not a bad person I was just like being stupid lol!”

No. 2909

Lol. I wasn’t defending her at all I was answering the anon asking do we know who this guy is ? All I was stating was shit I saw so and so say it could be that guy? and that was that and I just wanted to share, I don’t care about her lol it was a reach but I was answering anons previous question about who this guy could possibly be, that’s all no defending on my end trustttt(oookkkkk thennn)

No. 2910

I can hardly understand any of your posts because you type so fucking weird. But the point is that if you’re going to make super outlandish claims and bump the thread while you’re doing it, you need to bring proof, preferably in the form of screen shots. I’ve said before that what the Katrina girl is saying is believable because there’s hard evidence on her end of Belle saying why she did the things she did. You’re claiming this guy is a hacker who blackmailed her into doing illegal shit, yet you’ve brought no evidence of that so far.

No. 2911

File: 1547088774344.jpg (664.91 KB, 454x11647, E2AOiTg.jpg)

Dumping all the caps, flood incoming. Maybe then we can stop all the WKing and speculation because nobody cared to read the conversations. Conveniently, a lot supposedly happened over Skype calls, so she doesn't have proof.

No. 2912

Why are you hating on her? How is she different from any other 18 yo sex worker?

No. 2913

File: 1547089012121.jpg (618.46 KB, 475x9758, nULZppQ.jpg)

No. 2914

File: 1547089128186.jpg (739.63 KB, 475x11700, rkWnAyY.jpg)

No. 2915

File: 1547089186581.jpg (688.19 KB, 457x8483, LVQET36.jpg)

No. 2916

File: 1547089305135.jpg (716.04 KB, 555x9050, 69gzdnR.jpg)

No. 2917

File: 1547089490145.jpg (663.09 KB, 544x8774, 5IKCNVp.jpg)

No. 2918

cant believe all the females whiteknighting this stupid bitch
if you think she did nothing wrong you're a fucking retard too and just as degenerate as she is

No. 2919

File: 1547090049776.jpg (697.07 KB, 838x11263, VVxIyQB.jpg)

No. 2920

Imagine if you were female and your nudes were sold by a 17 year old so she could go to Venice? She’s worse than your standard e-thot.

No. 2921

She only felt bad when Minty’s pics were used, and even Minty isn’t putting up with that shit. I’m keking at all the white knights, all you have to do it read the screen shots and realize what a little scheming bitch she is. She knew what she was doing.

No. 2922

File: 1547090273531.jpg (728.49 KB, 838x11330, FQcHClt.jpg)

No. 2923

File: 1547090466027.jpg (216.35 KB, 838x4109, vSqAKjB.jpg)

last one

No. 2924

File: 1547090631195.gif (2.37 MB, 444x444, 7zki1bo8nt811.gif)

hopefully dreams of venice were enough. this is hilarious.

No. 2925

Belle is a prime example of someone with bad intentions who wasn’t at all ready for fame, had a taste and then decided being a simple thot wasn’t enough. She needed more money, as much has her greedy hands could get. Way to insult your fans, Belle, and make them out to be idiot.

No. 2926

File: 1547096173563.gif (2.68 MB, 255x234, 1478643038437.gif)

i’m screaming she sounds so cunty and scheming in these screencaps. the venice justification is killing me lmao. she is such a sheltered spoiled brat she genuinely saw that as a good excuse to just keep repeating like what did she think people would fucking say?? what a goblin.

the best part? once a scammer always a scammer. so this is definitely something she would be down for doing over and over again.

No. 2927

File: 1547100348134.gif (2.13 MB, 350x326, ds.gif)

since its confirmed shes a massive scammer and loves pitiful excuses, anymore info on her mail issues? Someone said they sent stuff and it didn't get returned and it's not like a post office to just destroy things, what happened to all the supposed shit some dweebs sent her?

No. 2928

A few days ago I saw a bunch of screenshots of people on reddit saying they had sent her stuff but it didn’t get returned, and saying it was really fishy. I can’t find the post with the screen shots now, but I’m sure if you do a little digging you’ll find it. She probably lied about not getting stuff so she could play the sympathy card, and then get even more shit from people.

No. 2929

gasp so you're telling me she's another costhot who scams people?!

No. 2930

The "Belle Delphine is CANCELLED!" album with the screenshots about the stuff appears to be deleted. Anyone else confirm?

No. 2931

Even if it is, all the screen shots are right here. Someone can make a new album or take it to reddit if needed. I’m going to save all of them just in case.

No. 2932

Yeah, my main issue is that there were a lot of discussions going on in the shares and comments that are now gone since the original post is gone (or the original poster is deactivated? Can't remember her name to check lmao). Pity.

No. 2933

Wasn’t there a reddit thread up somewhere about her escapades? You can bring them over to one of those threads to start a new conversation. I wonder what must have happened. 100 bucks says Belle or a white knight threatened her with a law suit or something.

No. 2934

Belle Delphine Exposed in Facebook | Scamming and Selling Nudes at age 17

Mashiro Shiina

Published on Jan 9, 2019

No. 2935

How long do you think it will be before this video gets taken down, kek

No. 2936

At this point I'm just being petty but if she didn't have a bank account How's she gonna get "loads of jobs" starting from age 14 lol

No. 2937

File: 1547111520319.gif (2.5 MB, 480x267, giphy234.gif)

>Because I didn't hear you once really was wrong other show me the timeline it happened
Goddamn, is anyone else getting a major headache trying to read this shit? I mean good on whatsherface for posting receipts but I feel like I have to try and decipher every single line on both of their ends. Is typing really that hard?

No. 2938

Tbh the blue poster seems very vengeful and aggressive in this conversation. I don't really know what she expects Bele to do, once she's acknowledged her poor decisions.

Making a public post would be pointless and bad for the brand.

She's a schemer for sure.

No. 2939

because the other girl is just as retarded that’s why.

No. 2940

Gotta disagree on that one. Belle is pretty retarded for trying to lie her way out of a bad situation and thinking she could get away with it in the first place. Other girl called her out on her bullshit (may I add, with grammar skills that rival even the like’s of Belle’s, kek), and Belle is facing the consequences. It’s unfortunate but shit like this happens in the Internet. She needs to suck it the fuck up and deal with it like an adult.

Honestly, if I used to be the a fan of a person who turned out to be scamming to people and lying to her own followers, and then trying to cover their ass by lying even more, I’d be pretty aggressive too. It’s called being pissed off and irritated by somebody’s actions.

No. 2941

They're both dumb as rocks it's a nightmare

I was thinking the opposite. She's firm but kind in a really fake way. Soft on her (sympathetic, pet names etc) then posts elsewhere like "haha she's awful"

Also I've seen it before when she's self posting across the Internet, but belle uses a lot of English colloquialisms that she doesn't realise aren't really said elsewhere. It gives her away a lot (britfag here so it's easy to spot)

No. 2942

I feel like Belle’s typing is really recognizable beyond just colloquialisms. It’s really messy, the punctuation is off, there’s extra spaces in weird places, and she almost never capitalizes things. You’re right though, it makes it super easy to tell when it’s her posting around the internet

No. 2943

Oh for sure, I just mean the britishness of the posts makes it more likely to be her than just one of her random stans (as we see from the screenshots it's not hard to find another idiot online who struggles with literacy kek)

No. 2944

God, some of you are dense. It's hard to believe Belle isn't in this thread when there's this thinly veiled attempt to make her "nOt sO BaD" whenever anything milky happens while also trying to very gently shit on her as to not be too obvious. I don't think any of us feel oh so bad for the poor creepy neckbeards who got scammed, the main issue is that she, as a 17 year old, a minor but still old enough not to be so fucking dense, chose to sell her alleged nudes (or nudes she stole from someone else and ILLEGALLY SOLD) because she's a dumb whore who just ~wanted to go to Venice uwu~

Also, like someone said above, she may have been a ~poor innocent child led by a mean old men~ who convinced her to "sell her nudes" but let's not forget she's now an adult woman still pedo pandering and selling half naked pictures to desperate neckbeards. It's not like she's a changed person now. She's either truly a fucking brainless amoeba or actually malicious and greedy. Scamming is clearly not above her, and now more than ever I can see this thot going downhill fast and becoming the next Moo.

Obviously, much like Moo, her orbiters won't care, but at least normal people will know Belle is a shitty, desperate ho.

No. 2945

OP got cancelled cuz op katarina moon i think was her name was getting followers and trying to act soo shitty i get what Belle did was fuckin terrible but like turning back on ur word abt not sharing if you said not to share it and keep to yourself that's shady as fk both need to be cancelled thoting thots

No. 2946

God the level of literacy in this whole situation is abysmal

No. 2947

Did you drop out of special ed? Learn like how to form like a fucking sentence

No. 2948

I didn't know i have to type correctly on the internet. sorry grandpa(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2949

stay in school, kids.

No. 2950

This entire thread is just Belle using different writing styles to repeat "but what about the other thots". Seriously Belle, you're an unlikeable brat who does shitty cosplay and has no personality with a fanbase of neckbeards who despise you as much as they wanna jerk off to you. No one is going to whiteknight you this hard, especially by repeating the same message over and over again.

If you finance as poorly as lazily as you samefag it's no wonder you're a broke scammer.

No. 2951


This is literally Belle. Typing style and all.

Please stop. You’re making things worse for yourself.

No. 2952

She made many comments saying that the reason she ended up posting the screen shots was because she caught Belle lying about multiple things after speaking to Minty

No. 2953

There is no way in hell Belle hasn’t been posting in this thread. Her typing style is do distinguishable, and her lack of maturity is clear through her words. Maybe I’m wrong, but there are so many coincidences, it’s crazy. Belle, grow the fuck up and act like an adult. A person who owns their own business the caters to thousands of people should be better at handling bad situations, you kook.

She compares herself to people like Jessica Nigri, who, while not being the most saintly or original prrron on earth, has thousands of fans who aren’t just sweaty neck beards jacking off to her photos. Dedicated fans that will always look up to her. Belle’s fans wouldn’t white knight her because all they care about is what half naked photo shoot she’s going to do next, not her or her actual feelings.

No. 2954

File: 1547182149553.gif (1.59 MB, 382x303, dda54335-d467-40e1-a2ea-d1e91f…)

right? jnig is another costhot but she has been around for literal years, establishing herself as a public figure with interests and hobbies and a personality even if its all for show, and working with literally dozens of actual legit models and cosplayers and photographers and companies, which obviously gets her some normal nonthirsty fans. she may be a talentless haggard costhot, but you cant deny that she has an actual fanbase of people who look up to her and are willing to whiteknight. her pictures arent even that damn explicit. kim kardashian has taken thottier pictures.

bella blew up only a few months ago. we know nothing about her. her only interactions with her fanbase are to make shitty dank meme references. her cosplays are shitty, inaccurate, and bought off aliexpress. she has not worked with photographers. her lewds are not professional. the only perks of signing up to be a patreon are that she will write you letters and send you fake thotty pictures featuring neither nipple or pussy despite her most popular pictures and videos being of her faking orgasms and pretending to be fucked. she is essentially a borderline camgirl giving you visuals of what it would be like to fuck her yet refuses to put out even after you pay her. and that makes horny men angry. thats why theyre all turning against her all the while still beating their meat. theyre not fans. theyre just waiting for her to finally become a sex worker.

belle, no one would whiteknight you. not this hard, and not this consistently. every whiteknight in here is just you.

No. 2955

Hopefully people share this video, especially on reddit. People need to know what she did. There’s a real possibility she’s going to scam somebody again soon, and if this is well documented some people will hopefully know not to fall for her scams.

She could have had a sincere following of people who weren’t just thirsty neckbeards, if she had stuck to actual cosplay and semi-life stuff, like sexy characters maybe. But she couldn’t wait patiently for followers. She got greedy. Hungry for money. And the fastest way to get fame was to pretty much sell her soul and body to the Internet, selling half naked pics for money and becoming a self proclaimed sex worker, raking in loads of cash from crusty men. But somehow, in some way, even that wasn’t enough. She became a greedy little goblin and started scamming people and stealing from her own e-friends for more money. I don’t know how one person can be so damn greedy. She’ll never be like successful in the way that other costhots are, with loving audiences who love her for who she is and not just for the possibility that one day her nudes will leak. But hey, she said it herself…that’s what she wanted, right?

No. 2956

I think she had a glimmer of hope when she uploaded that video of her showing off her room. She could've had a vlogging thing going on since it got so much traction. That's how I found out about her in the first place. But all the comments were about the juxtaposition between the video and her IG full of lewd pictures which of course led to negative comments about her obvious pandering to pedophiles.

No. 2957

>But somehow, in some way, even that wasn’t enough. She became a greedy little goblin and started scamming people and stealing from her own e-friends for more money.

Ermmmm, that’s not the order it happened was it? Or has she stole off e-friends since???
The order of events I knew were
>Semi-well known on FaceBook for being kawaee uwu incorrect wig cosplayer. Few thousand followers.
>Approached by man and he sells random girls nudes through her account and plan to split money.
>This stops I am guessing?
>Makes content with ahegao face once legal obO
>Blows up on 4ch due to ahegao trend blowing up
>Gains following
>Sells lewds of herself via Patreon
>Following increases to 2Mill
>None scammed since???

Or were they?

No. 2958

>People need to know what she did. There’s a real possibility she’s going to scam somebody again soon, and if this is well documented some people will hopefully know not to fall for her scams.
I mean, she tricked some ebephiles who approached her illegally for nudes at 17 into believing she was giving them her nudes
But yeah, make sure you get this important message out

No. 2959

Agreed. And if you are paying attention she didn't even need the guy to do it.

Sorry to blog but anyone can scam guys this way. I used to set up fake craigslist ads and pretend to have a private snap. Sent a couple pg13 pics of myself with time stamps or signs. Have them send you money via cash app/venom then blocked as soon as the money hits.
It's a scam so it's obviously not sustainable income but you can make a good bit in a weekend without having done anything 'that' illegal.

No. 2960

What do you mean by “that” illegal? It’s either illegal or it’s not. There is no in between. And even taking that out of the equation, this whole thing was just weird and desperate on her part. If any other cow on this board did it, they’d be called out because it’s fucked up. I don’t know why people are trying to act like “Oh, whatever, it doesn’t really matter it’s not milky, I would totally do that too lol”. I mean…good for you if you’re so desperate for money you’d sell random tumblr nudes to neck beards because you’d rather do that than get a job…? That doesn’t make it any less lulzy.

No. 2961

Anyone ITT defending Belle's action is either a neckbeard orbiter or a thot themselves. They're not even subtle about it. How far does Belle have to go to be considered a snowflake? Other random cosplayers get threads just for being cringy and whiny, meanwhile Belle makes a living on scamming and pedobaiting and has exploded in a short amount of time and yet her threads are full of defensive e-whores.

>Ngl if someone asked me that when I was younger for the promise of big easy money for doing legit fuck all I’d be down for it ‍

>I used to set up fake craigslist ads and pretend to have a private snap. Sent a couple pg13 pics of myself with time stamps or signs. Have them send you money via cash app/venom then blocked as soon as the money hits.

Blogposting about being a scamming whore in a thread about a scamming whore. Stay classy, newfags.

No. 2962

Eh scamming degenerates is whatever imo the real red flag is the selling of stolen content.
Most 17 y/os have some kind of conscience but Belle seems reckless and amoral, a nasty combo

No. 2963


No. 2964

>I don’t know why people are trying to act like “Oh, whatever, it doesn’t really matter it’s not milky, I would totally do that too lol”.
Because it's pretty obvious it's Belle herself defending her ass in these threads. The identical typing style (word salads that make no sense, punctuation, tttheee strreetttchinnngg of wwwooorrrdss, the constant misspelling, the British word choices), how someone like anon here >>2886 takes it WAY too personally and the constant need of trying to change subject ("Yeah Belle is a thot but what about this Katarina bitch?!!"). She's not even trying to be subtle about this, ever since she the costhot threads whenever she was brought up the aggressive whiteknighting and "THIS IS NOT MILK, let's get back to nitpicking other sluts who are totally ripping Belle off!!" starts. It's gone even crazier ever since those screencaps leaked, she's obviously trying to defend herself.

Don't care about neckbeard feelings but what she did was still illegal and a scam. I don't know what sort of personality disorder you have to have to think selling other peoples' nudes as your own for money AND as a minor just to get your spoiled bratty ass to Venice is "TOTALLY OKAY I'D DO IT MYSELF IN A SECOND KEKKK". That's some high tier degenerate behavior. Belle seems so massively fucked up anyway, you have to be a certain type of crazy to have an obsession with taking nudes in public places, to pander to pedos and actually saying you want to be "as famous as jnig and retire by 30 with my massive heaps of internet money".

No. 2965

>retire by 30 with my massive heaps of internet money

that's the part that baffles me the most. Does she not realize what'll happen when time comes and she'll have no money left? Her curriculum will be empty, with no basic education nor work experience, if she can even get a shitty fast food job it'd be a miracle

No. 2966

She still likes to act like she's a dumb child and can't own up to her own actions so I wonder if she even knows how to do taxes, good luck trying to retire in 10 years and see if that money will last 40+ years

No. 2967

File: 1547548416720.png (226.2 KB, 469x453, 20190115_102958.png)

This video is a fucking nightmare. Even her incels seemed to hate it kek

No. 2968

Momokun 2.0 indeed

No. 2969

What a thot!

No. 2970

What a thot!

No. 2971

What a thot!

No. 2972


No. 2973

What a thot!

No. 2974

What a thot!

No. 2975


We know, dont have to repost so many times, LOL

No. 2976

What is she doing in this….? It looks like she’s eating a slap of dough, what

No. 2977

Are you new?

No. 2978

Genuine question, is there any definitive proof that her braces are fake?
How could you possibly fake braces?

No. 2979

Yes I am not.

No. 2980

Then sage.

You can. I'm pretty sure they sell fake braces on ebay. I don't know if hers are fake, but it's very possible and easy to fake them.

No. 2981


She most likely doesn't know how to pay taxes considering she said she's never paid a bill in her life.
Her bf probably does it for her.

It's icing. It was like a food smash video with cupcakes and icing.

No there isn't. People just think she has fake braces as she had reposted old pictures from before.

No. 2982

There’s no definitive proof, but it’s very easy to buy/make fake braces, so it’s not surprising if they are fake. They even sell the brackets online, usually a pack for around a dollar. I bought a pair for a cosplay once.

No. 2983

I think they are probably real, im 19 and have braces, The NHS will literally give you braces for even having one tooth off slightly. Most people said my teeth were fine before and i still got them.

No. 2984

Unless you're a kid it's very hard to get braces on the NHS but sure

No. 2985

they may be fake since its 'on brand' but she did have pretty fucked up bottom teeth before she got them, so idk

No. 2986

I think they’re most likely fake, considering they’ve disappeared in some pictures and people have pointed it out. Personally I don’t have a problem with her wearing fake braces if they are fake, some people wear them as an aesthetic kind of thing.

No. 2987

Unless you have money for private.

No. 2988

Where are those pictures?

No. 2989

Idk if they're real but she kinda reminds me of these awful pictures of Acacia Brinley Clark back in 2012..

No. 2990

File: 1547617830281.png (47.98 KB, 199x186, belle.png)

ik everyones probably sick to death hearing about belles fucking braces all the time but
Both are from the only two vids on her youtube, one from 2 years ago and one from 4 months ago.

No. 2991

You know you will have to wear an annoying retainer for the rest of your life, right? I feel like braces are a bargain with the devil. lol

No. 2992

The child prostitute aesthetic?

No. 2993

File: 1548009170887.png (448.94 KB, 516x540, 4chan.PNG.5be3cf64fc2b8696875c…)

4chan found out where she lives

I don't feel bad for belle considering how she panders hard to incels and 4channers. She made this even easier by giving out her phone number to anyone who paid her 25 bucks, It's like she wanted this to happen. She had it coming

No. 2994

But that's her childhood home that she recently moved out of. Nice job harassing her parents

No. 2995

>Histrionic girl thinks she can make easy money on the internet by pandering to the bottom of the barrel audience of pedophilic, psychotic, misogynist men
>Presents herself as a trashy, horny DDLG slut who exists for male pleasure
>Scams the pathetic incels by claiming nudes she sells as her own
>Her audience starts stalking her and taking their harassment to real life
>How could this happen?!

Victim blaming is usually inappropriate but the internet has SO many cautionary tales of this exact thing that at this point I'm just rolling my eyes at it. Like how did you think this would go down like? I hope that trip to Venice was worth it.

No. 2996

>brought it upon herself
Doesn’t matter you psychos, the worst cows still don’t deserve to fear for their lives. Men are fucking horrible. Where tf are mods. I sure hope she learns her lesson.

No. 2997

well he definitely doesnt look like a pathetic incel creep. and like other anon said she doesnt even live there. fuck I hate these kind of men

No. 2998

No one deserves this. What is wrong with you?

No. 2999

Different anon. I’m not saying she deserves it, because nobody deserves to be stalked, but there’s a difference between deserving it and “should have expected it”. If you pander to the lowest of the low online, creepy 4chan neckbeards who have no boundaries, and give out your phone number, you need to expect that something like this will happen at some point, and take precautions to try to ensure that it doesn’t. In some cases you can take all the precaution in the world, but Belle didn’t. All we can hope is that her parents are ok and nothing beyond this stupid 4chan scare prank happens. Unfortunately now it’s not only Belle, but her parents who have to protect themselves as well. I hope they’re ok.

No. 3000

Men can be horrible, indeed, but she's no victim. She's a fucking idiot that sold her safety, self-respect and dignity for a few incel bucks. Who the fuck gives out their PERSONAL PHONE NUMBER that is usually attached to THEIR REAL NAME AND ADDRESS to a bunch of horny pedos online? She's a fucking moron, and she had it coming. She might as well have doxxed herself. Does she deserve to fear for her safety? No, but she brought it upon herself and I have no sympathy. Being a moralfag on lolcow is lolzy af. She literally panders to these so called horrible men. She WANTED them as their audience. She isn't just an innocent girl who got harassed by 4chan like Bonbibonkers, now THAT was fucked up. I hope she learns her lesson. There's a point where, sure, it's not your fault your car got robbed, but if you left all your windows down, your doors unlocked and had a huge sign saying "ROB ME" on your hood, then take some fucking responsibility when you get robbed.

No. 3001

Lmao I can't believe that people are actually defending this girl. She put herself out there so the stalking can happen and yall saying SHE DOESN'T DESERVE THIS!!1! EVEN THO SHE WAS ASKIN FOR IT!1!1!!!

She knew what she's doing and she's legally an adult

No. 3002

I'm not defending her. But I find people who take pleasure in this disturbing. Belle is an imbecile child, for sure, but getting dox is pretty horrible. There is a difference between saying she should have expected it and outright celebrating her discomfort and endangerment.

No. 3003

she set herself up to be doxxed though. sure people are horrible, but she's just as horrible for catering to these fucking assholes.

No. 3004

No one is taking pleasure in this, people are simply pointing out that this is the repercussion for her actions. And can we please stop saying “Belle got doxxed”? She didn’t. Her parents got doxxed. Belle isn’t suffering at all from this. Her dumbass got the address that her parent’s live at out in the open, so stop feeling bad for Belle for two fucking seconds, and if you’re going to feel bad for anybody, feel bad for her parents, who are now going to have to jump through a million hoops to protect themselves because their daughter is a fucking idiot. Side note, I feel it’s important to note that whoever doxxed them is a fucking asshole incel. Inb4 “Nobody is pointing out that the neck beard who posted the address is an asshole” he is, but this is a Belle thread and we’re discussing what could have caused this in the first place.

No. 3005

she's not a child
stop referring to her as a fucking child

No. 3006

The people defending belle is definitely from pull. They're all saying the same things on pull OMG THAT'S SO TERRIBLE SHE DOESN'T DESERVE THIS SO WORRIED ABOUT HEEERR

We get it, you pullfags have a love hate relationship with belle.

No. 3007

File: 1548020130838.png (23.08 KB, 788x243, eggs.PNG)

the PULL comments had me looking at her thread and lmao… they're saying about eggs. You can literally buy a dozen eggs for $1

No. 3008

I really wonder how this girl wants to get out of situation? I feel 4chan does not forget about such things and I don't know how she wants to escape their attention idk


classic pull

No. 3009

No retard doxxing is against the rules here for a reason, that includes secondhand dox. You don’t have to like her to think it’s fucked up regardless of whether she brought it on herself or not. Having little to no opsec = pls stalk me… have we heard this logic elsewhere? Oh right from rapey little bitches. Go back to r9k if 2 moralfag 4 u

No. 3010

She did this to herself. If you don't like what's being said here you can go to pull where they're all worried and sad for belle.

No. 3011

I don't think victim blaming exists when it comes to belle, just look at what she posts online. Literally with all those things she posted and included her personal info. This girl must be fucking stupid. She brought this upon herself

No. 3012

If you’re upset about people pointing out the things Belle has done to contribute to her PARENTS being doxxed, go hang out with the pulltards. Stop worrying about Belle when nobody knows where she lives.

No. 3013

There's no pity for her because she's taking part in misogyny, selling herself as a sex toy for incels for easy bucks.

No. 3014

Lol I feel like some people on pull have to be nice to belle from time to time, so they don't get downvoted

No. 3015

Learn 2 sage incel

No. 3016

Why so upset tho? She moved, so she basically safe, it's her parents whom are in danger, and it will be her fault if something happens to them. Lonely pervs are are extremely dangerous nowadays

No. 3017

Someone is taking this WAY too personally.

No. 3018

There's word going around that Belle is a prostitute, can anyone confirm that?

No. 3019

You might be mixing up the words “sex worker” and “prostitute”. That sounds like a rumor

No. 3020

I feel sorry for, say, girls like Nyannyancosplay or whatever. All she did was put out a harmless stupid video on Tik Tok and now endless swathes of perverts are obsessed with her, calling her a trap, and even Shadman made porn of her. Fucking appalling and a sign that men continue to be a mistake.

But Belle? She's catering to these kinds of men and egging them on. There's something clearly wrong with her, but I don't feel much sympathy for someone who panders to pedoshits.

No. 3021


No. 3022

>>catering to these kinds of men and egging them on. There's something clearly wrong with her, but I don't feel much sympathy for someone who panders to pedoshits.

You're not wrong, and I agree with not having sympathy. However, given her age, I doubt she understands the full implications of her actions. She may very well be enjoying this now, but she's probably going to have a ton of regret.

No. 3023

Nta but susu is a gross whore like belle, the girl anon was talking about wasn't.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 3024

good. this is how idiots get over their invincibility syndrome.

No. 3025

I hope she eventually does realize she's being a fucking idiot. Goddamn, I'm disgusted with her parents, they should've never been allowed to breed.

I used to think the uprise in sex work being considered legitimate work was a good thing for the most part, but seeing that narrative warp the minds of young girls like her, to the point where she calls herself a whore and sees nothing wrong with it, is worrisome. She touts it out like it's a legitimate job and one she can live comfortably off of. Fucking horrifying.

No. 3026

Exactly. Thank you. There's a huge difference between people like bonbibonkers/nyannyancosplay and Belle. The former didn't actively seek out validation from misogynistic men because they're idiot thots. I just feel bad for Belle's parents, though I'm sure they aren't exactly golden people considering the trash they spawned.


No. 3027

Could you stop treating her like she's an innocent small child who doesn't know what she's doing. She's not 13, she's 20. She's a legal adult. 20 year olds are still young, yes, but they're not THAT dumb anymore. She just thought she was above the general population and would avoid the backlash of pandering to obsessive pedoshits. People had told her the implications multiple times and she has definitely seen what happens to other thots online, but she thought that the men she had wrapped around her fingers would never turn on her because she's above such repercussions for whatever reason.

This. There are a lot of cosplayers who never deserved the disgusting male attention brought upon them but Belle is not one of them. She encouraged the gross behavior and treating her as one of the XDslutty meme girlsXD herself. You have to understand what happens when pandering to the lowest of low.

No. 3028

Never implied she was innocent. 20 Is young. You won't be the same person at 25 and you certainly won't be the same person at 30.

No. 3029

I certainly knew not to make pedoporn and sell nudes of another person by the time I was 20. She’s young but that’s not an excuse for being a willfully terrible person.

No. 3030

Not to WK but what could she have done to avoid being doxxed other than not exist on a public platform? She had a P.O. box so never gave out her address bar living in London, and London is a big place. Her mobile number could be a Pay As You Go sim card, you can buy them from local newsagents without giving any traceable details or attaching any personal identity to that phone number. Essentually they found her address by the looks of it from a dream catcher in a window and a blur of window barely visible in the background….. allegedly. I could understand if she showed you the front of the house and the front door so the house may be recognisable but I don’t understand what she could have done otherwise?

No. 3031

most people get p.o boxes a town over for a reason. and as far as the phone the only way to keep it truly unlisted is to only pay the bill with those recharge cards. if you use your bank account or credit card you can trace the number and your name.

No. 3032

We've all been saying the entire way through the thread "if you cater to this crowd they're gonna end up stalking you". Lo and behold! Idk why some of you are so surprised

No. 3033

File: 1548075049856.jpg (59.15 KB, 611x859, _20190121_123302.JPG)

Samefag but just seen this… Is she "owning" that she's a cow?? Copying moomoo?? Either way it's not original.

Side note I looked at the thread in which she was doxxed- they gave a hove address which would be her new place. Her parents live in London but Hove is a part of Brighton (as far as Brighton goes, it's the 'affordable' part). So yeah Idk why they're comparing photos to her old home, but if its really her address it's definitely her new place

No. 3034

Didn’t she have a steep narrow driveway at her new address that a delivery truck couldn’t access her property to deliver furniture? The google map of the Hove address doesn’t have a driveway. Also the upstairs bedroom shown in the photos used for reference with the dream catchers is at her old bedroom at her parents London address, not Hove/Brighton. Her home in recent pictures also looks modern so I really doubt this is her home address.

Does this mean 4chan are harassing some random hippies in Brighton for their dreamcatcher? kek

No. 3035

She gave her actual phone number out to donators.

No. 3036

Why did I get put out to pasture for this…?(Don't ban evade.)

No. 3037

It's super likely that this isn't her address sure, but also a lot in the story featuring her steep driveway seemed purely attention grabbing so idk how true it is. But also Brighton is a hippie town do if all they had to go on was a dream catcher they'd be stopping at every house kek

No. 3038

She gave her real phone number out to donors, it wasn’t a throw away. To be honest, I’m surprised this didn’t happen earlier.

No. 3039

Nyannyancosplay started a fucking patreon and has public social media. She loves this shit. She just doesn't get called an attention whore since she doesn't show off her tits. She loves the attention just as much as belle(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 3040

I didn't. My ban expired before I made the post, fucking idiot…(If you think you've been banned wrongly, from now on please appeal instead of derailing even more.)

No. 3041

File: 1548107668016.png (20.62 KB, 749x144, chrome_2018-10-22_19-28-05.png)

Nyannyancosplay is a good girl.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 3042

Sage for OT but I feel so bad for her. She didn't ask for all this creepy attention.

No. 3043

that's probably not how they found her. most people who make those kind of claims are just doing it for clout or to scare their victim.

realistically they probably just paid one of those sites that data mines personal info from shopping sites etc, got the address first and pretended they got it a different way. if they had her phone number and name it would be easy to do, someone probably just had to bite the bullet and pay the 5 quid to do it.

No. 3044

It's been said a million times but Jesus what an unfortunate mouth shape. Looks creepy at worst and like a preteen boy smile at best.

No. 3045

No wonder people keep saying she's a trap, damn she does look like one

No. 3046

I think it has something to do with her fake braces, she has to stick her lips out to cover them. Was it confirmed at any point that she had lip fillers?

No. 3047

I had braces and never smiled like that. I'm sure it's a factor (someone even posted a picture of her smile before/after braces so) but jesus, it's so unfortunate.

No. 3048

>>>/snow/769225 Her teeth looks cracked in this photo

No. 3049

Oh, god forbid a girl even have social media and post harmless pictures of herself cosplaying. What a worthless attention whore slut.

Fuck off, anon.

No. 3050

Then she should make her social media private and stop prancing around for her fans and accepting their donations.

>you guys are pretty creepy… please donate!!

No. 3051

File: 1548181724978.jpeg (231.79 KB, 2208x1242, 6C16C244-6538-4BE7-850A-A9D6FA…)

This whole thing is so cringe, she thinks she’s being edgy or sexy but it’s really just pathetic

No. 3052

File: 1548182421874.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 132.09 KB, 521x1084, B52C9B61-FC9C-455F-A271-FD28E0…)

This pic grosssed me out

> i n s e m i n a t e m e i n c e l s u W u

No. 3053

Shut this shitty thread down god(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 3054

Did she really say “inseminate me”? That’s fucking disgusting if she did.

Even though I wouldn’t put it past her to copy someone else, I doubt she did. The “milky cow” cosplay thing has been popular around the costhot circle for a while now, and not just with cows featured on the site. Belle’s just bad at it. She should stick to her loli shit.

No. 3055

>explicitly tells perverts to fuck off
>continues posting innocuous, nonsexual photos on Instagram like most of the general public fucking does
>doesn't let these creepy assholes scare her into hiding or control her life

Not even remotely similar to what Belle is doing, moron. You're basically giving the tiktok girl shit and victim blaming because she hasn't covered herself head to toe and hidden away into the ether. If she can get money off simply posting entirely sfw non-demeaning pictures, I say more power to her.

No. 3056

Samefag and apologies for still responding to b8, but nyannyancosplay has a Patreon so she can continue doing (legitimate, non-costhot) cosplay, which is something she's obviously passionate about. Unlike Belle, who just lazily throws shit together that vaguely resembles a video game/anime character and makes retarded ahegao faces while rolling around naked in a pile of cake.

No. 3057

File: 1548243318271.jpg (412.25 KB, 1234x2519, _20190123_112959.JPG)

I found this skin walker and she manages to look even cheaper than belle. Femmyfatal on insta(derail)

No. 3058

Just looked at her insta, there's too much to unpack here. The captions, pics, comment replies etc are pretty intense skinwalking.(derailing)

No. 3059

Can you guys stop? This is a Belle thread. Take this bitch over to the costhot thread if you want to talk about her so much. She doesn’t belong in the Belle thread just because she copies her.

Is there any update in regard to the doxxing situation? Has Belle herself said anything, or even the guy who posted the note on her parent’s door?

No. 3060

this girl needs jesus… my god…

No. 3061

File: 1548274344397.jpg (55.16 KB, 720x355, _20190123_200533.JPG)

Tons of posts on reddit about how all of her followers are bored of her. Also kek at this comment, it's cus photo editing and filters ruin the quality guys

No. 3062

File: 1548275214519.jpeg (110.82 KB, 640x1086, 950C8B6C-142C-44FD-A960-EF43CD…)

What? I thought her camera was a Sony a5100. That’s what she’s using in a lot of her mirror selfies, and it’s what a lot of cosplayers use. That only runs about $450 on Amazon, a little over $500 if you’re buying extra lenses. But yeah, regardless, she filters the shirt out of her photos, and I’m surprised no one notices that by the change in her skin tone. She’s naturally a warm tan, in her cos photos and videos she’s pale.

No. 3063

lmao she’s actually prettier than belle(derail)

No. 3064

File: 1548316611095.jpg (73.9 KB, 488x855, camera.jpg)

I guess she used to, but she must have upgraded. You can read the lens name here and from the dial/button layout you can tell that it looks like the Sony A7 RIII (definitely not RII or RI).

wtf is she doing with it though? Does she also do proper sets? What is she holding it for?

No. 3065

I feel like the only high(er) quality photos I've seen are from when she's out of the house. Maybe she bought the camera then realised she didn't like it when you can see her actual face in hd

No. 3066

nta but how is this derailing? it's 100% relevant to belle, that level of skinwalking is insane. We should go to a different thread to talk about this thing exclusively relevant to belle instead of the thread dedicated to belle discussion? what?(Go to the costhot thread)

No. 3067

File: 1548333891028.jpeg (108.03 KB, 866x1390, 725DD7E2-F795-4A00-B1AC-A50EAB…)

Good day lolcow.farm! Digging up some good belle milk I see! I’m gonna head to kiwi soon, the derailing and white knighting here are atrocious. As well as the banhappy mods. Don’t question a totalitarian site anon!(No one cares)

No. 3068

Dude where is your tard wrangler they're seriously slacking.

No. 3069

She has to put a million filters on her photos to make her paler and softer in comparison to what she really looks like. Not saying she’s ugly, but if you look at her “out and about pictures”, her skin has a little bit of texture and is tanned, which is completely normal, but I’m sure her neck beard fans wouldn’t think so.

No. 3070

I'm not here trying to say she looks 40 or anything but yeah, in these photos she actually looks legal so I'm not so sure her neckbeards would be down

No. 3071

apparently she makes 150k a month through patreon? is this true or was the image shopped?

No. 3072

No she doesnt make 100k a month she makes 40 to 50k.

No. 3073

File: 1548531593619.png (122.72 KB, 800x1162, Screenshot_2019-01-26-11-37-29…)

No. 3074

File: 1548531648542.png (80.95 KB, 800x1180, Screenshot_2019-01-26-11-37-06…)

No. 3075

Smdh at all these thots giving up their dignity for a minimum wage salary that'll dry up within a couple years

No. 3076


>$11K to 43K per month

>minimum wage

You're off by a magnitude of 10, anon.

No. 3077

lol I thought that meant per year, oops

nvm then, she makes a shitload

No. 3078

I’d also want to add that this is probably grossly misrepresenting what she makes. I’ve seen it estimate like 200% less than people actually make. So she might be making a much higher number

No. 3079

If it’s saying she makes $11k to $40k it’s probsnly on the lower end of the scale. A lot of graphs like these overestimate what the content creator makes, and usually ends up being a little lower. It’s still a lot though.

No. 3080

It underestimated both my highest earning/lowest earning by a shit ton, which is why I say this.

No. 3081

do you think its possible she has an eating disorder? it looks like shes a lot skinnier than her og pics

No. 3082

It's possible since she and her "social media manager" think that more petite = more childish.

No. 3083

File: 1548641335126.jpeg (74.33 KB, 640x372, 70591F33-BF4E-430F-A40E-ED9814…)

Is she still relevant..?

No. 3084

No lol, all the dying or dead thots comment on all her posts to get the attention of people viewing the comments. The whole "Thot community" is just thots using thots to get attention. They dont actually like each other. They all pretend to be besties, but they dont give a shit about each other lol. Probably the worst one is that myahalanna.

No. 29108

This is somehow embarrassing for the both of them at the same time.

No. 29614

File: 1548705205970.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x2074, 67B3351B-66CA-4CE8-9309-0AEAF8…)

I don’t understand how some ppl are willing to pay over 2 grand for this?! Jeez

No. 30425

File: 1548841819917.jpg (454 KB, 2560x1792, _20190130_094001.JPG)

Comments like this are everywhere and her patreons are dropping like flies. Also ever since the fake nudes scam I've read she's individually messaging anyone who shit talks her to try and smooth things over. So much for doing this until she's 30 kek.
Not to malepost but I don't see her great opposition to doing nudes, the shit she does now is definitely worse? Cake sitting, pouring eggs over yourself and bdsm (albeit very tame bdsm) are a much more embarrassing legacy (and arguably more pornographic) than posting a photo of your tits idk

No. 30428

Samefag, sorry my image is backwards I'm a huge moron

No. 30444

its actually hilarious how contrived and disingenuous she sounds, she is incapable of not sounding over the top when attempting to reel in betabux. literally momokun v2 (EDNOS edition)

No. 30452

i suppose if she started posting actual nudes soon after she turned 18, what was she supposed to do after a year? cam shows? if she knows how unoriginal, disingenuous, etc she is then she should know that once she posts real nudes she's still only buying herself a little more time being relevant. quickly she'll just be doing the same tryhard stuff and have 4chan getting bored over it, the only difference will be that she'll have her nipples showing

No. 30482

Oh for sure, they'd def still get bored of her even if she was naked and its a slippery slope to camming etc but what I mean is its really weird to be so adamant about not showing your nipples but at the same time you're posting spanking videos. She'll do porn but only if you can't see nipple lol

No. 30533

She should come up with additional content to make herself more interesting. While 4chan’s neckbeard army probably enjoys seeing her spill raw eggs over her (covered!) boobies, they usually want someone who is waifu material, too. She’s had a great start, but she just doesn’t know what to do with it and her content and comments is incredibly boring actually. She should extend her persona and maybe add a cute touch to it by e.g., doing more videos like her room tour, which was pretty cool. She could even start doing streams or rate Japanese candy like those other thots did. Interacting with her audience and making herself more relatable and interesting seems to be a good idea at this point.

No. 31141

File: 1548965002727.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 95.44 KB, 652x1356, 04950C14-9BF4-40DB-A928-91F44A…)

It’s just interesting she’s willing to do all of this which is so cringe and just not take a nude. Her popularity is slipping and she’s getting desperate

Spoiler bc kinda nude /:

No. 31150

What the fuck is that shoop around her pussy? People really fall for this?

No. 31213

File: 1549015153426.jpg (2.31 MB, 1920x2560, 19-02-01-09-52-06-595_deco.jpg)

Going through her leaks and there's honestly so much repetition in her shit? This is her most recent set and I blacked out every picture that didn't have a duplicate (sorry for horrible work I'm on a coach). It's like 90% all that one shot of something in front of her ass with like 1° difference in the angle. No wonder people are getting bored of her

No. 31224

Does she advertise these as like
>20 new photos

Because if so it seems scammy

No. 31252

Lookin at that makes me want a refund and I didnt even buy it

No. 31325

So this is what the "lewd HD photosets" are like? $25 for basically like 3 unique pictures?

No. 31331

I hate that god awful wig so much.

No. 31336


$25 for this when you can see more nudity at a beach lmao. What a scam.

No. 31355

File: 1549129678221.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1915x2553, 24485AFD-694B-4315-BC29-988F6B…)

Wew lad. There really are only 5 types of photos in the whole set.

No. 31370


why are all these cows so lacklustre and idea less when it comes to shooting poses and angles.

No. 31468

You're being generous counting knife ass and fun ass as two unique poses honestly

No. 31510

That's not her puss lmao Anon, that's shadow from the sword. Her pussy is back by the thigh crease

No. 31547

Is it just me or does she look like an amputee in that pic.

No. 31571

the thigh crease is the insane shoop anon was talking about. that's not how it looks…

No. 31584

Who knows where it is but yeah, that crease is too high and not the right shape to make any sense. What is anatomy.
I don't think anyone on this site of women (except you) thought the shadow was the crotch

No. 32100

WillNE is buying her 2500 tier

No. 32120

this is an imageboard dude

there's not really much in the vid, but there will be a follow-up. Not really milky as for now, but has potential if she comes on his channel or something (as he can ask for whatever he wants for the God reward, right)

No. 32151

If I were him I’d ask her to delete her Patreon/all social media
It’d be funny to see her squabble around

No. 32503

Anon this is genius

No. 32677

Late to this conversation but I honestly laughed at some of her posts being "she has to fucking pay." and "I'm doing the RIGHT THING!" Like what are you, Batman? A thot vigilante? And her continously demanding that it be made public made her seem weirdly entitled. And she got to escape any skepticism because she was moralfagging when it's obvious she was mad that Belle was popular and she was stale (like the majority of hurt sex workers "canceling" her) like Belle did a fucking stupid naive thing (because she's frankly stupid and naive), but these women are on a whole other level with their moral superiority and expose culture because they're mad they don't have the platform she has.

No. 32940

I love the wk posts, they're so transparent.

No. 32947

Not even a wk, I couldn't give a fuck about Belle herself, I just can't stand this "call out culture" shit and moralfagging when it's so obvious their intentions are just as shit as Belle's.

No. 32968

>I just can't stand this "call out culture" shit and moralfagging

you are on lolcow. you wouldnt be here if this werent exactly the content you wanted since all the threads are exactly that.

No. 33075

The threads aren't callout posts in which the posters gain clout and justice/moral points for exposing/canceling people. Moralfagging is pretty looked down upon here too. But nice try!

No. 33078

I wouldnt say that selling other people's nudes is just "naive and stupid", however is true that the other chick was definitely looking after her own 15 seconds of fame

No. 33094

Did anyone talk about her top lip yet though like wtfs going on w it its not even there. Seriously I've been wondering that for months.

No. 33095


I have a theory she shops it out to look more like a cat

No. 33101

I figure she's just one of those white girls with extremely small top lips and it's exacerbated and made stranger looking by how it sits over her braces.

No. 33110

File: 1549825463365.png (3.13 MB, 1792x828, 5BA369A7-D63C-4944-A790-38CD51…)

This is what willne payed $2500 for…(I’ll post his update vid in the next comment)

No. 33111

File: 1549825786787.jpg (1.03 MB, 806x3048, Screenshot_20190210-190602_Ins…)

long ass cap of belle's life stori~
had no idea she was from south africa tho. also why did her parents allow her to drop out at 14, I thought minimum school leaving age was 16 in uk?

No. 33112

Skip to 9:27 tho

But if you don’t feel like watching, basically they were shown a video of bell shooting at a manniquin with someone’s face taped on while proceeding to chuck it over the staircase.

No. 33115

God, what is wrong with her hand?

Is it too close to be retouched automatically? Her hands look stumpy and swollen.

No. 33132

>>33111 it's sorta 18 now. Taken from the govuk website

You must then do one of the following until you’re 18:

stay in full-time education, for example at a college
start an apprenticeship or traineeship
spend 20 hours or more a week working or volunteering, while in part-time education or training

No. 33137

It's probably a lie that she dropped out at 14 since she pretends to be jailbait

No. 33159

Kek at how she looks on the left compared to the right.

She definitely was in school when she was 13/14 since she has a video of her in school from 6 years ago on her old YouTube. After that there’s no proof of whether she went to school or not.

No. 33177

Definetly not wk, but they literally payed Bell to do that. They were kinda making fun of her patreon and got her most expensive patreon option. It‘s funny that she‘s not seeing how they‘re making fun of her, even tho I wouldn‘t be bothered as well for that much money.

No. 33179

its just a whole publicity stunt to me tbh. he allegedly paid that amount of money to her, made a video about it to his 2 million followers thus giving her even more attention PLUS views to himself, she made that video for his whole copy of the "pewdipie vs t-series" bullshit, but he's competing with some mom? (idk i dont follow him). he didnt even show the skype conversation, nothing at all.

imo they're scratching each other backs and i think its kinda stupid, and i hate the fact that i wasted precious time watching both videos of that annoying dude.

No. 33180

2.5k isnt alot of money, especially not for a monetized video shitting on your whole e-thot concept kek.
Its at best 2-3 months of rent for permanent humiliation.

No. 33184

I feel like he could have humiliated her better tho, this video doesn't make any sense to the belle fans that don't follow the drama of this random parent that hes battling(??). Also I think we all would have liked to see more of the video call.
Thumbnail is good though, ignoring that her webcam is like 240p it's a good example of how much she edits

No. 33198

I thought the face on the mannequin was Dasha, wtf

No. 33204

lol so she's back to lying saying that she was babysitting at 17 even tho we have screenshots of her saying she's was to lazy to get a job and this was at the time she was selling those nudes?? >>2852 >>2915 >>2914

No. 33221

Very true, I just would expect most sane normal people coming across just the screenshotted description in the thumbnail of what Belle's tier is would come to a very reasonable conclusion(and laughs).
Its all adds up to one big internet track record, for good and for (mostly) worse

No. 33227

I meant that getting involved with that guy was naive and stupid, going into it knowing that he would be selling other people's nudes was money hungry sociopathy. I guess teenagers don't really think about the people who suffer due to their actions, but even then, most teenagers don't make mistakes to this caliber.

No. 33228

>shitting on your whole e-thot concept
She shits on herself plenty, she degrades herself to her audience and that's one of the reasons why she'll never have a fanbase that respects her, or at the very least treats her nicely.
>Its at best 2-3 months of rent for permanent humiliation.
She's been humiliating herself, most e-thots give up their dignity for money, and the money only comes in for a few years at most.

No. 33308


No. 33314

>tfw you reply just to echochamber what they wrote with nothing to contribute

No. 33367

I went to school with her.. she left in year 8.

No. 33381

spill some beans on this hoe lmao

Is that dude that co-owns her company her bf? Maybe she knew him from school or some shit

Would be mad funny to expose her on tricking her fans into thinking she doesn't have a bf loool(Namefagging)

No. 33420

I have an overbite that makes my top lip look nonexistent at some angles. Since she has braces I assume it’s a similar situation

No. 33421

The vid was disappointing but at the same time I’m kind of glad he didn’t leak pics or anything creepy. Would have been too mean spirited. He made it clear he thinks she’s a loser and that’s all that was really needed.

No. 33423

File: 1550017876318.png (248.24 KB, 359x466, Untitled.png)

lmao. she's the epitome of a dorky girl who didn't get much male attention as she grew up watching the boys go for the more "popular" girls, so now she's slutting it up online where attention comes for no effort.

her awkwardness is always so present and apparent in her videos. she's too uncomfortable with herself to be sexy, tbh.

No. 33428

I don't think that's her, I thinj the one jumping from table to table wearing a black sweater is her

No. 33433

File: 1550021110768.png (258.6 KB, 395x493, Untitled.png)

How can you tell?

No. 33434

If I saged it doesn't matter, retard, and also I was just pointing out that this specific instance of humiliation wasn't unfounded of her since the entirety of her career is built upon it. Did you drop out of school at 14 too or did your education just skip over reading comprehension?

No. 33435

File: 1550021313236.png (804.98 KB, 824x655, Untitled.png)

same girl is also in this vid but idk, i thought the glasses girl was belle since she looks like the nerdiest one and her teeth are fucked up

No. 33453

File: 1550027420144.jpg (107.46 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

diff anon but i also think it's the hopping girl as she looks most like early pics of belle

No. 33457

The jumping girl looks a lot like her, while the one with glasses? Really doesnt look like her

No. 33460

Sorry OT, I don't really know how to reply on this thread

No. 33464

click the "No. 000" after the name field

No. 33466

regardless, she's still very awkward in her vids and seems unsure of herself. idk. i get a sinking feeling when i look at her pictures. the fact that she's already being stalked irl is horrifying. her appealing to the dregs of the internet with the sort of tryhard memes she's doing… there's no doubt in my mind that at least some of her followers are psychotic beta-boys who want to kidnap/rape/hurt/possibly even kill her. the fact that she's spreading herself out like she is with no foresight into how this will affect her for the rest of her life is just proof of how naive she is.

she's going to have stalkers forever. she will never, ever be able to escape this persona. it might even affect her future jobs. she doesn't make THAT much from her patreon so she's going to have to go into the real world at some point and even if employers don't find her online, who's to say the aforementioned stalkers won't make her life hell at whatever job it is?

fuck, i don't know, sorry for blogposting but i genuinely feel bad for her. she's a flavor of the month e-girl for now but those obsessed male fans of hers WILL continue to follow her around for years to come. and hell, a lot of them are already angry that she asks for thousands on her patreon yet hasn't released official nudes or anything yet. entitled men like that tend to get fucking violent when denied what they want. it's scary to me.

No. 33473

Even if they get aggressive, I don't think they can do anything about it, unless they are Stupid enough to pay for a plane ticket and track her down. I don't think anyone is doing that anytime soon

No. 33474


No. 33505

That’s kandy. She was quite goood friends with her before she left.

No. 33507

Left to right..
Kandy, Maisy, and Catherine. Catherine was my neighbor it’ll she moved, maisy still goes to college and is in my class, Kandy went off somwhere i don’t even know. They filmed this in tutor. They went to Priestlands school quite close to where I live actually.
Sage for blogpost

No. 33510

(5b Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.)

No. 33516

Stop posting personal deets of unrelated people you weirdo. Probably Belle because who the fuck else would know all these people and be on a geeky website like this?

No. 33517

They aren’t unrelated though. They are the people who are in the video.

No. 33524

We don’t need their full names, they have nothing to do with Belle and that video was them in high school. You’re a creep

No. 33530

Yeah, I know. I went to that school.

No. 33531

Well since you posted all these insider deets why don’t you give us a photo of yourself and your full name? Since you’re on the same level of relevant as these girls.

Oh wait you’re just some faggot who wants to post them but not yourself.

No. 33538

mate just drop some info ppl care about not weird details like this. pretty creepy if im honest. call her out on lies or somethin idk

No. 33619

So what about Belle…? Do people talk about her now? Was she always so desperate for attention?

No. 33742

You need to type sage in the email field to actually sage your post. Also why are you posting about these random girls but not dropping deets on Belle?

No. 33769

Please give us some details

No. 33776

what was she like? was she a loser? a slut? weird? normal? why out of all things do you tell us some randoms names lol

No. 33791

>video is now unavailable

No. 33795

you can watch it here (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRrlpT7wM2HdLTiEWrY9dag) still, i think it has something to do with embedding

No. 35063

probably because it's just belle being weird and trying to derail by posting other peoples' names. what a bad friend

No. 35143

Shoot, probably was her, no wonder the anon wasn't replying and giving us tea

No. 36163

Dear god, she's so desperately attention/money hungry and has so many layers of daddy issues it's almost fascinating.
She might have a nice body but she really isn't the brightest light dear god. Once she ages (which might come soon given all the makeup she piles on) she'll be done for.
She should've gotten a real job and not be a lazy thot.

No. 36164

Honestly she deserves getting doxxed and stalked at this point. I'm against victim blaming but she's beyond retarded and spilled her entire life (including phone number etc) on the internet.
That and the fact that she catters to litteral incels give me 0 sympathy for her. She had it coming.

No. 36188

File: 1550444312819.jpg (584.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190217-225758_Ins…)

wtf is grimes doing??

No. 36190

Trying to get more attention by posting on Belles post, like everybody else. Nothing new

No. 36200

honestly who else would know the first and last names of all those girls and also be on this thread? what a dork.

no one deserves being stalked and harassed irl just for being an annoying attention whore online. belle hasn't done anything but be extremely cringey.

No. 36201

just doing what grimes does best, being a pathetic tryhard well past the age she should be doing it and attempting to fit in with the fellow kids of today

No. 36207

Lol, she did more then just being cringy. Fraud, scamming, stole others nudes for self gain, pedobaiting, etc.

No. 36208

grimes would
she gets off to loli porn after all
and belle legit looks like a strange monkey creature here, uncanny

No. 36216

File: 1550454259669.png (1.17 MB, 1024x1024, k.png)

No. 36232

Proof about the loli thing?

No. 36239

File: 1550459416744.jpg (76.76 KB, 640x1093, slimes.jpg)

No. 36277

File: 1550482904881.png (408.79 KB, 1080x1288, Screenshot_20190218-093511~2.p…)

I've said this before but belle really cannot dance. She's so uncoordinated and has no idea how to move her body (so would probably make a really terrible camgirl). In her hit or miss video she copied literally every part of nnc's dance except the bit at the end which required the minutest bit of rhythm to perform, and watching this latest video I really see why she avoided that (sorry for dance sperg i am unreasonably offended)

Also egirl factory, she is wearing just as much make up in the before as in the after sans two dots on her face lol

No. 36308

That’s pretty astonishing since NNC can’t dance either. Nothing in her Hit or Miss vid was “dancing”.

These nerds are uncoordinated and cringey, what a surprise.

No. 36339

I really don't understand the comparison at all, they'er both cringy as fuck

No. 36347

File: 1550520543271.png (1.03 MB, 1440x1767, Screenshot_20190218-145136~2.p…)

her newest ig vid posted about an hour ago (same outfit but different vid than >>36277 ) is just so weird to me? Like what is her goal? All these recent-ish vids (the eggs, cakesitting, ethot factory etc) honestly aren't sexy at all and are just making her more of a joke. She was more professional months ago when her content consisted of just elf ear ahegao pictures instead of memelord try hard videos

No. 36357

I'm cringing so hard, is she ok? Something about her just makes me feel ill

No. 36385

Girls who enable this anime little girl ho shit are never ok. They're mentally stunted and just as disgusting as their neckbeard male counterparts.

No. 36462

File: 1550541416186.png (363.43 KB, 357x742, Untitled.png)

don't understand how anyone could watch this awkward girl twitching around trying to be cute/edgy and think it's hot. the embarrassment is physically painful.

No. 36465

she is cringey on on purpose because she thinks that it's cute and quirky and also so that she gains popularity by being posting in cringe compilations and the like. she knows that she's just a meme

No. 36473

this is on brand for grimes tbh
didnt she only start doing this after the hit or miss meme? before that she was full on unironic ewhoring with ddlg shit

No. 36489

this crap is no different from what she's been shitting out. just that now people are calling her on it more.

No. 36490

File: 1550552828909.png (13.85 KB, 430x332, Untitled.png)

i don't think you understand, belle. you're not "just a meme". you wish you were a meme. you're just a sad, lonely person trying to find something you're lacking by attenion whoring on the internet.

people aren't laughing with you, they're laughing at you.

No. 36497

>"hi cow"
relax schizochan, i don't even see how my comment was white-knighty. maybe the run-on sentence was a little belle-esque.

No. 36543

I really don't understand comments like this. From this thread alone, you know she comes here and not only reads but outright defends herself. You farmers love giving these cows a step by step guide to fixing their image for some reason. It used to happen in the Momo threads, too. Just don't.

No. 36544

With all that money, she should really go and take a dance class

No. 36545

Ikr? Why the fuck would you give her fucking ideas to get more audience, leave it alone

No. 36615

File: 1550607970413.png (435.26 KB, 1440x2429, Screenshot_20190219-152214~2.p…)

This long ass ig caption describing herself on a personal level was posted right around the time the comment here >>30533 was made. I wondered if anyone else noticed this.

No. 36694

Thinking a random comment whiteknighting Belle in her thread where she's known to visit might be Belle herself is hardly "schizo". Chill out and learn the board culture a bit more maybe.

No. 36695

Probably too late, her fans consist of empty-headed gremlin-boys who only want nudes and dated memes and her disrespecting herself. They don't care about her as a person.

No. 36708

you literally are paranoid if you think that saying someone saying "she acts cringey on purpose and she amounts to nothing but a meme" is in anyway white knighting.

No. 36876

her main subreddit got banned lol(this is an imageboard)

No. 36899

She was able to drop out of school at only age 14? That explains a lot.

No. 36900

No. 36914

File: 1550725931069.png (380.46 KB, 1242x2208, C1154BE3-FE47-476E-91AA-03E661…)


Copyright supposedly

No. 36997

File: 1550772763981.png (535.7 KB, 1080x1212, Screenshot_20190221-180705~2.p…)

It triggers me how bad she is at both dancing and lip syncing. It's like the only kind of video she makes and she sucks

Also Rapunzel seems like an odd choice when your audience is made up of incels

No. 37000

She said it was her favourite princess. This was posted instagram, it's restricted in some countries. I wonder how many cringy photos/vids she has restricted

No. 37041

Ngl, I thought she was pretty cute at first, but she's so vapid and cringy. She didn't even iron that shitty thing.
Who am I kidding, these neckbeards will pay for anything.

No. 37059

Why is she wearing those fucking elf ears as Rapunzel?

No. 37063

She really looks like a dude here. She moves like a boy. Are we sure she's really a she?

Might explain why she only does certain poses in her lewds (see above in thread) >>31355

and the weird shoops of the thigh area, also above

No. 37067

Yeahh.. the lipsyncing was off to me too, i think it's because of her top lip.


She's a woman, she just photoshops a lot.

No. 37267

File: 1550918620515.png (1.3 MB, 916x1298, Screenshot_20190223-103616~2.p…)

What's happening to her face

No. 37303

think she was going for the heavy-lidded seductive look but she just looks like the photo got taken when she was blinking

No. 37425

This looks so low budget and weird. Her hands are freaking me out.

No. 37624

Looks like she got drunk on Halloween and stumbled into a supermarket portrait center

No. 38039

File: 1551308504511.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1861, 065149AC-C6EC-4AC8-8C90-B0383F…)

this actually makes me sick

No. 38044

pedo bait at its lowest point

No. 38045

What, 200000 likes?! Are there that many pedos on instagram?

No. 38073

The fact that there are adult women who defend Belle even when she pulls shit like this and says that you're discriminating against sex workers if you call Belle "pedo bait" makes me sick. The men who like Belle don't like her because she's an attractive woman like other cosplay thots, they like her specifically because she acts and dresses like a child.

No. 38126

I don't mean to sound like a Thot audit guy but genuinely curious how she gets away with selling her snap? It's against the TOS and she's arguably the most "famous" premium snap on the internet so I'm puzzled by how she gets away with it

No. 38137

I heard snapchat is cracking down on this stuff actually. Shaygnar got her snapchat nuked recently and I'm pretty sure selling snapchat nudes is against their ToS.

No. 38167

File: 1551370785061.jpg (636.3 KB, 1448x1920, 19-02-28-09-47-15-032_deco.jpg)

It is, haha. This is from the GB tos page so directly applicable to belle

No. 38176

File: 1551378373318.jpeg (516.39 KB, 750x1177, 0EA6DD30-010A-4EE1-83BE-FDCE7E…)

This might be a really dumb question but, why do you guys think Belle never responds to the other e-famous girls who comment on her posts?

I’m lowkey worried that myahalannah’s going to get sick of being ignored and literally go skin belle at this point

No. 38191

Maybe because she's more efamous than them so it won't benefit her?

No. 38197

Because she knows they're just there to reach new neckbeards/customers.

No. 38204

>wen can i com over
Reminder that myahalannah is an American saying this to Belle who lives in the UK. These thots aren't friends and honestly I appreciate Belle ignoring them, imagine how much more cringey it would be if they responded in such a fake way back and forth.

No. 38213

File: 1551395769931.png (63.94 KB, 1080x316, Screenshot_20190228-231509~2.p…)

She responds to moo at least

No. 38218

File: 1551396632726.png (1.09 MB, 1080x901, Screenshot_20190228-232619~2.p…)

Samefag but I just saw this on Reddit and it really shows how much her editing has progressed. She looks like a different person (also eye is wiggly as fuck in the top right how do people think this is her real face)

No. 38250

File: 1551416301372.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.78 KB, 375x500, 20190226_220648.thumb.jpg.cb3f…)

No. 38252

Had to hide this image. That's rancid.

No. 38254

Yikes. Shit like this should be reported to Snapchat. She's not only selling porn but she's selling porn specifically made to appeal to pedos.

No. 38264

i wonder what life's gonna be like for her when this fifteen minutes of fame inevitably dries up and she has to resort to getting a real job. one quick google search and any employer will see how much of a freak she is and turn her down post haste.

hope she has fun never getting above a dead-end fast food/retail job, top kek

No. 38270

it looks like she purposely tried to flatten her chest for this shoot..

No. 38302

File: 1551470441273.jpg (178.14 KB, 720x559, 20190301_130023.jpg)

ive literally never posted here before so forgive me if I format this incorrectly.
Pewdiepie mentions Belle Delphine quite briefly in his newest video, starting around 10:20 in the video

No. 38310

This makes me physically ill

No. 38326

Jesus Christ, this is disgustingly blatant. She and her pedoshit fans are all revolting and deserve to be purged from the earth.

No. 38350

Holy shit sis finally got picked by pewdiepie

No. 38353


Fucking Felix helping her by making another video with her in it
I bet Belle's ego got bigger since sempai paid attention to her :|(:|)

No. 38379

At least he said that out of the times he’s used her picturess and clips in videos/thumbnails that she’s never copystriked him. Very small positive in this thread. She is probably thinking that Pewds will get her a lot more followers.

No. 38492

File: 1551616335046.png (1.31 MB, 1156x952, jjg haywards12.png)

She and her boyfriend always look so dirty irl. She's absolute scum for dressing like a literal child as a 20 year old. It's not cute or funny Belle it's paedophilic and disturbing. How about selling your photos without supporting the sexual exploitation of children? But no, that's where the money is for you. Pedo money. There's something very wrong with you. What I find the most chilling is that some of these men that are her patreons have photos of themselves with their kids in their user pic and they're viewing this kind of content.

No. 38497

yikes she's dull without all those filters fixing her up

No. 38526

The herpes on her lip yeesh

No. 38566

How recent is this photo?

No. 38582

Does he still have his profile? Or is it deleted? Can't find him

No. 38583

File: 1551667688358.png (233.24 KB, 478x401, Russell's Sign.png)

Am I going mad or are there bulimia-induced 'Russell's Sign' marks on her left hand here? Could explain the constant mouth sores too.

No. 38588

I don't see anything on her hand

No. 38590

File: 1551670296535.jpeg (33.55 KB, 204x288, 8B2906FD-B72F-42E5-BBE2-067A20…)

I didn’t notice it before you pointed it out. How would she get these kind of marks unless she was like, regularly punching hard objects or puking? I wonder if there are more shots of her hands looking this way. Her knuckles don’t look quite the same as the scarring in the picture you posted but one answer seems more probable than the other

What do you see when you look at this, normal hands? This photo is edited and lightened and you can still see these dark purple spotches on her knuckles

No. 38620

honestly it all makes sense now, I always thought it was weird that a girl that cares so much about her looks didn't have her nails done but this is probably why lmao

I've also seen other pics from her leaks where she's looked like she's got mad and punched something

also while I'm at it, why does this girls face shape change so much? she's a good looking girl and I don't think the editing she's done has actually made her more attractive but then again maybe I just understand the market of pedo pandering

No. 38640

File: 1551712672476.jpg (115.35 KB, 1080x1080, Delphine.jpg)

She has them here too, on the knuckles her first two fingers. It's difficult to tell, the hand they're on seems to be her non-dominant one as she is normally posing with her right hand visible. You can purge with either hand, though.

No. 38642

I used to get little nicks on my hand when sloppily shaving them (along with the rest of my body hair)

Yall are starting to sound like pull

No. 38643

There are way more young women with bulimia than women who shave their knuckles. Women having hairy hands is almost unheard of, and the image you responded to would be some unusually large and painful razor nicks.

No. 38645

i really doubt she is getting nicks every time she shaves her hand in the same exact place every time… most ppl dont need to shave their hands. you sounds more like PULL

No. 38659

File: 1551723458761.jpeg (145.92 KB, 1536x1040, B195F7AF-E9F1-4881-88D5-B67ADB…)

Sike naw that’s retarded

>you sound like pull

Et toi aussi, anon.

Anyways,Looking at her hands zoomed in on her pics has made me fusterated that she has a nice, expensive, higher definition camera but somehow all her pics are this shitty grainy blurred quality that look like they were taken with a fuckin iPhone. Is she lowering the quality of her pics in editing to try to cover her sh00ps up? She’s got to be intentionally doing it bc that camera does not take those shit quality-tier pics. I use to have the same one and even with no flash it’s still pretty high def.

No. 38734

Isnt a telltale sign that a girl is bulimic is when they care about their appearance but dont get their nails done or get fake ones because it would hinder their ability to make themselves vomit?

No. 38776

She probably doesn't know how to shoop well, let's be real. My guess is that she uses beauty apps for everything, and their output is very very compressed. But yes, it also helps to hide evidence of sloppy liquify.

No. 38833

The quality is shit because she uses beauty apps and snapchat for everything now. I haven't seen her use the sony camera for a while. Who needs HD when potato quality phone pics rake in the beta bux just as well?

No. 38843

Where do these pics from his profile come from?

No. 38897


You literally just answered that yourself.

From his profile


No. 38906

She has upgraded to a 5k camera/lens combo. Seems to just be a prop for her pictures though.

No. 38957

No, how are they getting the pics from his profile. His account is privated

No. 39038

You found his account? I couldn't even find anything

No. 39086

That’s a stretch. Some people don’t like the feeling of long nails or their jobs make it impossible to keep done nails nice.

But the marks on her two first fingers are odd.

No. 39093

Doesn't seem like she does any work that would make done nails a hindrance.
I don't doubt she has ED behaviors, an anon before mentioned she and her manager probably do it to keep enticing pedos for Patreon.

No. 39120

The cuts on her hands are from when she went ice skating and her friend broke their collar bone.

No. 39130

I wouldn't be surprised if the profile screenshot was taken by Belle or her boyfriend. As much as I hate "Hi (cow)!" posts, I do think that she and her bf post in this thread or bare minimum, read it religiously.

Learn2sage and proof?

No. 39131

How does a friend breaking their collar bone explain the scar on her hand? Kek

No. 39132

File: 1552007569137.jpg (29.1 KB, 500x303, ......jpg)

Definitely, the anon who identified and posted the Facebook pages of her old middle school friends up here was really obviously Belle herself. I hope she takes some of the advice though, like making more youtube video which humanise her a bit more.

No. 39133

By her own words she wants to retire at age 30. She lives in a dinky shit apt and spends nothing on wigs and costumes and reuses them over and over. With what she pulls in it could be done. EXCEPT she doesn't know how income taxes work, especially in the UK. If you retire at age 30 with 2 to 5 mil in the bank, you will be taxed to the max. Now I'm sure she knoes how to make a financial portfolio and have it invested diversly.
Oh who am I kidding, she is a noone by this time next year and goes full on Onision.

No. 39134

…??? if it's just in a regular bank account she has already paid taxes on it. if she had the money in a retirement account and took it out early she would have to pay tax on that, but she wouldn't withdraw that money until she needs it. wtf do they do in the UK? am i misreading this or

No. 39136

even in the US you get taxed on the income you have in your possession when you retire, because you're not going to get taxed for the remainder of your life.

No. 39144

Assuming she makes it to 2 million, that's not a lot of lifetime money, if she thinks she'll be living high on the hog and never have to work again…

No. 39164

Her plan honestly isn't that unrealistic. If she needs more money or support she can easily marry one of her high rolling orbiters.

No. 39175

you're forgetting that by 30, she'd have started to hit 'the wall' and be unable to pull off her pedo-bait look, and unless she starts releasing nudes i doubt she'll have many high rolling orbiters by then

No. 39178

…i don't know if you are trolling and i'm oblivious, but that is completely incorrect.

No. 39181

File: 1552050363964.jpg (283.96 KB, 1080x1093, Screenshot_20190308-070522_Sam…)

Except she will. Because UK.

No. 39193

Unless she makes enough money and move to a country where it's tax free

No. 39210

that anon has no idea what they are talking about lol

No. 39284

why would she post another screenshot of her and her bf when she's trying to hide that they're together..?

No. 39292

Oh she definitely lurks, belle is completely self obsessed and pops up in the comments every time she's mentioned on YouTube. I'm also not a hi cow fan but (tinfoil) I feel like >>39120 is definitely her. This info has come out of nowhere and no one would have any reason to know it so it really feels like her attempt to squash rumours

No. 39295

Is it just all the snow filters, or does she have fetal alcohol syndrome?

No. 39298

Because she posted it on her snap and somebody put it on reddit with screenshots. Before it got shut down.

No. 39303

Ntayrt but is this explanation missing something? Because somebody else getting hurt and breaking their own collar bone has no correlation with Belle's hands.

No. 39311

Kek oh god I definitely see it, eyes especially

No. 39333

Its called a COLLOSION. She smashed into her friend or some shit.

No. 39342

File: 1552172551310.jpeg (289.26 KB, 1242x1009, 7373B51C-21B6-4105-AE39-00EE49…)

ofc she likes june kek

No. 39343

i noticed that she follows a lot of cows on instagram. i can't recall everyone right now but she follows shay / dollymattel for instance, and just a lot of other people who are posted on here but are kind of nobodies

No. 39347

Micky is another one too, I remember her Micky getting starry eyed about Belle following/messaging her.

No. 39376

Lol femism is bad! Of course she hates feminism considering her job is pandering to incels, would be interesting to ask her again in ten years when the betabux have dried up

No. 39399

>she watches shoe0nhead
cringe cringe cringe, and i kind of liked her as well. now i'm a momokun missile.

No. 39400

Why do these chicks keep editing themselves into Voldermort?

How is having featureless chalk white skin and no nose at all desirable?

No. 39406

Well are any of us surprised she admires Sh0e, the other meme girl who achieved betabux from pandering to incels? Belle knows her masters well.

No. 39409

there's also moo >>38213

No. 39422

I think less defined features look childlike, it could be on brand. Or she really thinks blurring distinctive features into mush makes her look better. Topkek at your analogy btw anon, it's accurate

No. 39613

>and i kind of liked her as well

Imo, she just likes being controversial because she knows incel's tiny brains eat it up, like >>39406 says. The fact that you "kind of liked her" says a lot about you.

No. 39681

File: 1552393725997.jpg (273.99 KB, 500x500, inCollage_20190311_194439933.t…)

Anyone know what's up with this? Screenshot ala pull

No. 39708

I'm guessing some pathetic chan loser male doxxed her again, or it's in relation to the first doxxing at her parent's house

No. 39763

thank you

No. 39959

that's old it's from when she was moving into an apartment and some guy wouldn't let them move in and was threatening them to leave or something

No. 40630

File: 1553109207657.png (72.77 KB, 1034x514, Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 19.0…)

I used to be friends with Belle and her story about dropping out at 14 and housesharing at 15 isn't true - as well as being extremely illegal in the country we live in - the UK.


No. 40673

wouldn't doubt she's probably lying but if I was a HS dropout I would probably have lied about it as well

No. 40860

I pretty much stopping going at 14 and moved out at 15, it's not exactly a heavily enforced law, or at least it wasn't 10 years ago.

No. 40903

She's just trying to be controversial on purpose at this point. Never in my life on the internet have i seen a thot that deep into thottery this is a record.
Maybe she'll kill herself once her fame dies and she can't get a real job? That would be for the best. Unless one of her brainlet incel fan kill her first out of frustration.

No. 40904

lol she's a hs dropout? not surprised she's a loser, matches her kind of fanbase. at least she has her betabux but once she shows signs of aging they'll drop her like a cumrag and given she isn't very bright and her only asset is being kinda pretty i doubt she'll manage to make it far in life besides camming or whoring herself out irl

No. 40905

>likes wig0nhead
>also sucks mariah's clit
ofc she does. Birds of a feather.
sh0e must be fuming though,Belle is everything she wishes to be minus the extreme thottery

No. 40906

how did i find this place

No. 40941

>she just likes being controversial because she knows incel's tiny brains eat it up
agreed, i don't think she'd respond the same way if the person asking didn't have the username kingmemecrown

No. 40961

The real nitpick here is why have the black band of the cheap cat ears showing? It's so messy, she can easily be given some expensive separate ears to clip on

No. 41433

Jfc she's absolute cancer and so is her fanbase.
Just do an ahegao while you hang yourself Belle. You won't be missed

No. 41471

Her latest Instagram video clip is literally softcore porn…there's no joke or twist, just her giving head to a banana for a minute straight. Half the comments (of 30,000) are saying they're disgusted.

Someone at Instagram HQ must be a fan since people have had their accounts deleted for much less

No. 41480

This video also is pretty much a proof that Belle is 100% vanilla and has no idea how to handle a penis. Probably never ever gave a blowjob.

No. 41481

I just watched the video and it's really disgusting.

No. 41485

File: 1553550857463.jpg (509.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190325-215254_Ins…)

the only thing even cringier than that vid is grimes trying to fit in with the k0ol hip kids

No. 41486

File: 1553552152131.jpeg (108.87 KB, 750x937, F09E0836-E19B-48BF-886A-7F3EE8…)

Watching her rub her teeth ‘erotically’ over a syringe made me want to die inside. Guess this is her upping her game without showing her bobs of vageen… By giving oral to inanimate phallic objects?

No. 41492

Someone in twitter publicly tweeted Snapchat about her selling subscriptions to her account and yet her snap is still in use whereas Dolly's got deleted because she was selling subs. Social media will bend the rules for popular egirls because they attract users. (Another example of this is when Pokimane opened up a dick pic on one of her streams and didn't get banned but male streamers have gotten banned for jokingly saying they'd fight someone.)

No. 41494

File: 1553554560992.jpeg (148.72 KB, 750x828, C71E571C-CE96-4086-BCD3-1285FA…)

I reported the video and instagram rejected the report in literally 2 minutes.(Cowtipping)

No. 41508

wtf Instagram how is simulating a blowjob on a banana not against your guidelines? bitches be crazy

No. 41512

IG also allows animal abuse videos so I'm not entirely surprised. They have trash mods.

No. 41518

IG most likely outsources their content moderation work like FB, since they’re owned by FB. That would explain why content moderation is so shitty since most contractors are paid by the number of posts moderated, not by the quality of their moderation.

That being said, IG probably didn’t remove it because their definition of porn is hardcore porn. Softcore is acceptable on IG, which is how thots like Belle get away with shit like this. IG moderation guidelines are fucked up.

No. 41548

Her new weird howtobasic-esque video shtick seemed familiar to me, finally I remember who I'm sure she's imitating.
I'm pretty sure she's replicating Showry, the Korean woman who did all those weird videos with food a couple of years ago and went viral. She even makes the same facial expressions sometimes.

No. 41622

File: 1553654691422.png (152.07 KB, 231x525, bellephine.PNG)

When I first saw her most recent post, I had only seen the thumbnail of the post, so I thought she was getting high off of expo marker but then I realized she was like poking her lip with a syringe lol

No. 41627

this is dead on to how belle moves and acts in videos. this woman also has the same weird stiffness. maybe they’re just two weirdos on the internet but it’s really similar

No. 41642

it's the "sploshing" fetish. Getting off on watching cute girls do weird/messy shit with food is super common.

No. 41686

Way too similar to be a coincidence, also RIP to that woman for licking raw poultry, e coli is no joke

No. 41688

It's the expressions, too. Showry always did that half-wink that Belle also does in every video

No. 41737

that at least would be funny imo

No. 42159

why are men so damaged

No. 44497

gets paid 3k to play minecraft with a youtuber but is too uncomfortable to do so and makes him 3 shitty 10 second videos, imagine.(necro)

No. 44529

No you didnt necro this shitty ass thread with that bs anon

No. 44590

it's true, a youtuber bought her top patreon and she couldn't even play minecraft with him. That was too hard for her

No. 44634

I’m aware that its true but its not milk so sage your shit lol

No. 44652

please explain how essentially scamming a youtuber isn't milk LMAO cmonbruh

No. 45069

found a decent website updating her snapchat leaks daily mysubreddit .club

No. 45108

sage your shit dumbass

No. 45605

My names Harrison and I’m 30 from England.
I love ageplay cosplay stuff and especially daddy kink stuff.
Please could I be a slave?
Let me know :)

Many thanks


No. 45607

Man I feel like belle is old news now I'm no longer seeing her tongue everywhere

I mean, that does feel fairly significant and tbh I'd say definitely grounds for a refund lol. Esp since she's always trying to bait gamers with her chair and dva cosplay and shit? Like surely that's a good move for her
It seems ten second videos is the standard for her highest patreon tier

No one cares Harrison

No. 45608

dick pics or gtfo harrison

No. 45630

Yep she’s old and busted already like most of these flavor of the week girls. The problem is that now, she’s not ever going to be able to just get away from this embarrassing persona she created. Now that she realizes she won’t be able to live on Patreon donations, she’ll probably want to distance herself from this time in her life when she starts looking for a real job. But she won’t be able to. And she’s going to have obsessed stalkers for the rest of her life who won’t be able to let it go, and might even purposely sabotage her attempts to start over since they’re a bunch of entitled nerd dudes who were denied nudes.

I almost feel bad for her. It’s gonna be downhill from here.

No. 46323

Good. She put herself on this path and this is all she deserves, can't wait to see her cry about it and have people tell her "told you so"

No. 46864

I think once the patreon money dries up she will start camming or become a stripper. She likes quick easy money and enjoys showing off her body.

No. 49353

There was a prettyuglylittleliar thread about belle but the website has a 522 error since this morning, the host server isnt working. The thread was getting milky and funny since belles been basing her recent captions on what they've been talking about lol

No. 49813

>she’s old and busted already
The rest of your comment was solid but you had to ruin it with incel-tier nitpicking.

No. 50141

File: 1558652073057.jpeg (207.09 KB, 750x974, 63C2BDC7-5263-4DAE-885E-D3FDA0…)

What a cop out.

No. 50681

Her fanbase is incels. She deserves incel insults. She already gets them anyway.

No. 50682

Loli can only ever mean”child”. Even outside of Japan when other Asian countries use the term innocuously (not meaning loli porn) it’s to mean prepubescent child. She’s a fucking idiot.

No. 50897

File: 1558898113391.jpg (127.34 KB, 837x1280, IMG_20190526_211337_999.jpg)

what the fuck guys.

No. 50929

How did someone get those pictures of her Boyfriend before?

No. 50931

How did someone get those pictures of her Boyfriend before?

No. 50935

jfc, even being the trash who gets this tattooed on their fat leg

No. 50975


No. 50999

That tattoo looks very expensive. It’s huge and detailed. Imagine deciding to commit to that and the reference pic is a girl in a bad wig and cheap-looking, silly outfit. Jesus the artist managed to make it look as bad as it looks IRL.

No. 51012

“For ME lol I doesn’t mean children”

Uhhh that’s not how language works. You don’t get to make your own definition.

You can’t be like “you’re a dirty nword” “ohh no! You misunderstood! To ME “dirty nword means precious little angel”

No. 51175


she really is that stupid, isn't she. full-on bimbo, christmas lights on but nobody fucking there

No. 53487

File: 1560466558520.png (12.38 KB, 360x360, annoyedbird.png)

I want to feed this bitch through a wood chipper feet first.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 53793

File: 1560720336893.jpg (263.74 KB, 1079x954, Screenshot_20190616-172507_Ins…)

That didn't take long.

No. 53795

>tag your dad
Imagine looking the way she does and talking about old men jerking off to her lol
It's funnier because literally every guy I've ever come across online does not understand how or why anyone finds her attractive

No. 53811

Come on now, she's quite obviously conventionally attractive even if she is a silly pedobaiting bitch.

No. 53814

>literally every guy I've ever come across online

then you called her an ugly cunt and they all clapped, right? I do admit that it's a funny image - meet any male online in any circumstances, rush to ask them how they feel about Belle. jfc

Surprised she folded this quick, I thought she would hold out a few years before giving up and going into porn.

No. 53816

File: 1560774054989.jpg (42.85 KB, 640x627, drzjf29jgtz11.jpg)

I feel like she's not actually going to do porn (yet), she just did this for attention and to get people talking about her and following her. She's dangling a carrot on a stick for her idiot orbiters. My bets are on this being an attempt at her trolling, like making an account but not actually uploading anything or putting up troll videos that aren't real porn

No. 53822

depends, I thought about it and she can make TONS of cash on riding dicks on pornhub,

can't wait to see how it will go

No. 53823

…I'm saying any guy who has brought her up on their own has wondered aloud how people find her attractive, you dumb cunt.(calm down)

No. 53824

From the neck down? Sure. Girl has a retarded cartoon fish face otherwise

No. 53826

Yeah this, she'd gonna post video's of her sticking her tongue out but in a fun new location
Kinda stunned that this girl is still relevant tho (or maybe she isn't and that's why she's PornHub baiting)

No. 53828

>or maybe she isn't and that's why she's PornHub baiting

It's literally why. She can't ever go back to working a decent job and her relevancy is fading like every other meme on the web. Once you do shit like this the only way to go is forward. She'll do camming, then porn, then escorting, then "settle down" with a neckbeard pimp.

No. 53830

File: 1560787775366.png (122.88 KB, 253x227, Untitled.png)

funny jokes

anyway, this is a sign of her downfall. begging for popularity because she's losing it by offering pOrN lol. no one wants to jerk off to this no-titty retardface except for 13 year olds who play fortnite.

No. 53831

File: 1560787906423.png (17.99 KB, 525x512, unknown.PNG)

She's still making at LEAST $4000 a month on Patreon, almost certainly more, she's definitely not doing badly enough she has got to do porn to survive.

In fact, her Patreon numbers are fairly stable and have trended upwards over time. She has been the number one earning thot in "Adult Photography" for 8 straight months.

No. 53848

If you think she’s only making $4k, you are in denial. I would not be surprised if she was making $40k / month with those numbers.

No. 53858

>at LEAST $4000
>almost certainly more

Nice reading comprehension.

Her Patreon earnings are hidden, so we can't know. The minimum it could be is around $4k. Even if she was making the minimum estimation per month she still wouldn't need to do porn.

That was the point.

No. 53864


>Even if she was making the minimum estimation per month she still wouldn't need to do porn.

This. It's def baiting for attention because her old stick got old so needs new ways to get her cucks to pay more attention and money again. Her pornhub post got 1.5 million likes, so there many, many hungry dogs now that expect everything. I don't know how they would react if she would pull a Moo and don't deliver what she promised because hardcore porn from her was their goal from the beginning.

I feel as soon as she dips her toes into full porn, she will be swallowed by the whole industry because even Pornhub is already rubbing their hands for her possible content. She will go full Hidori Rose in no time or even further. It's just the question for how long until she crashes and burns. No amount of money is worth to whore yourself out in that way, but whatever floats her boat I guess.

No. 53939

Something about this is so depressing. No amount of money is worth irrevocably ruining your reputation and degrading yourself this much. I really wonder how these thots are gonna feel about this when they're old.

No. 54034

File: 1560895398993.jpg (Spoiler Image, 299.61 KB, 1080x1670, Snapchat-690177421.jpg)

I dont think she was fucking around

No. 54039

Girl must be desperate for bucks, but I'm pretty sure we all knew this was where she was going to end up anyway

No. 54040

Probably just more clickbait trolling and the videos will at most be of her licking the dildos like she did with the syringe and shit. If not I almost feel bad for her.

No. 54041

You're right, for sure. I just really didn't think she would pull out the PornHub card so quick.

True, I guess she's not new to baiting people. That's just a pretty big promise, along with that dildo she's parading right next to her mouth. Whether she does or doesn't go through with it, I hope she knows what sort of shit she'll be getting herself into.

No. 54061

File: 1560903734828.jpeg (72.89 KB, 774x960, DE7FE24A-09CC-463C-838E-BBD0D4…)

Saw this from back in March and I’m surprised no one posted this here. I read through the thread entirely. Apparently she cosplayed Dolores Haze AGAIN even after denying she was pedo baiting and trying to look younger. Grosssss

No. 54069

Who cares holy shit. She’s not the first nor the last bitch pedo baiting on the internet. The Dolores Haze aesthetic literally has a whole community of weirdos cosplaying her while denying romanticizing Lolita all the time.
I had hoped for Belle milk in the beginning of this thread but now it’s clear that every time it gets bumped it’s just some bitter costhot camwhore nitpicking her boring ass selfies and meme captions.

No. 54081

>this attempt at white knighting

No. 54082


It is not a Dolores haze aesthetic, it is a literal cosplay of the exact character and if if you can’t see what’s weird about making erotic content of a 12 year old who is groomed and inevitably dies during childbirth then I don’t know what to tell you

No. 54092

File: 1560912097025.jpeg (83.59 KB, 500x500, DAEEA293-68A0-48E7-BCBF-0E2749…)

>having standard is wk
Lmao aight, a fucking selfie from March still isn’t milk. Look at Pumpy for example, who was a pedo bait and an actual cow.
Are you..joking? 50% of nymphet culture is cosplaying this and other loli characters and the other 50% is pretending to like old men. Y’all may have a better time on PULL.

No. 54094

Different anon, but you are only shitting up the thread more by derailing/infighting? You can report if you want to and let farmhands decide if it's appropriate or not.

No. 54095

>belle has no milk and you all keep posting about her. as a farmer i am FURIOUS. as anyone on this board, dedicated to nitpicking, i do not find claims of pedophilia interesting. who cares? stop bumping the thread.
>why not talk about this OTHER costhot?

We've already established how you selfpost Belle no one's gonna shut down the thread because you came here again to cry.

No. 54097

Imagine thinking that 8 months of stats is worth getting into a business there's literally no way out of lmfao. The nature of sexual desire is that it's bottomless, which is how choking and piss are now closer to vanilla than extreme fetishes. And for a demographic that's into the boundless world of hentai? Guys who jerk off to loli, stomach bulge, furry, ahegao, and nipplefucking? She has 3 years max. Gamer girls fingering themselves with PS3 controlers and cosplay costumes are practically appetizers. If they're into loli you can be sure they're years into getting off on porn and constantly jerking off to worse things. So then what? At least pornstars get to move onto milf and mature categories, but her demographic's ideal pornstar is a teen.

God I remember when Youtube recommended me her bedroom tour video and I thought she was cute, and the comments were shocked she was just posing like a typical thot. It's insane how quickly she's moved onto Pornhub.

No. 54098

I think Belle is a perfect example of how girls/women are groomed by the porn and sex industries.
It escalates from a few cheeky pics and suggested nudes, then you have the enthusiastic harassment from men who want more, they pretend to admire you and position you as some idol figure who they value the body and sexuality of. Then, as your barriers are broken down, there is less to be revealed, they got what they wanted. There is no mystery. Your sexuality is expected, it's routine. it's just a job. You've gone so far now you can't go back. Everyone knows. This easy money has now consumed your life. You will always be this person.

No. 54100

You’re about to offend all the patreon hoes in this thread kek

No. 54104

>wears Jinx costume, but keeps her long pink wig and cat ears
Is this like a "thing" for her now because of the Love Live stuff? Having the wrong wig for cosplays? Is this her way of trying to take back power?

No. 54114

yeah she says she doesn’t think of her “cosplays” as cosplays but more so “belle delphine dressed up as” whoever

No. 54115

This, it's not that deep and neither is she. She just likes certain character outfits and is thot enough to incorporate them into daily wear.

No. 54134

When I said she was PornHub baiting cus she's not relevant I didn't mean to imply she's not doing well, just that people aren't talking about her any more and she misses the attention

And eh… I still don't think she's gonna be making actual porn. Homegirl hasn't even posted nudes yet so it'll probably just be more videos of unfortunate blowjobs but this time on a dildo rather than a banana

No. 54145

If she doesn't go any further into porn then after her neckbeard patrons dry up she could use her novelty "online success" to sneak into an edgy social media/pr company or talent agency etc and find build herself a longterm niche. She would be earn less and actually have to work, but it could be sustainable.
If she goes into porn very few places will want her on payroll after she stops, she will have to do everything independently until she can't anymore, and then will need to start from the bottom of an unrelated industry with a big gap on her resume. I don't even like her but I hope she knows what she's doing, I'm sick of women being seen as dumb thots.

No. 54158

Agreed. Porn kills your future, it's basically one of women's worst enemies.
>inb4 angry "slut power! subjugation is actually freedom as long as you think of it as a choice" types start screeching

No. 54172

This is lolcow not a church. Belle is cringe worthy enough but it gets annoying with moralfags on this site.

No. 54177

Honestly, I don't think she understands even a third of the things she does. For her, it is probably just fun and nothing serious. She doesn't understand time or consequences at all.

I'm sure she will do the pornhub and probably make quite 'tame' fetishy videos. Her flashing her titties in cosplay, her dancing in micro bikinis and showing her underwear. Probably make foot fetish videos and those fake cum ones Momo did. Her camming as she is bathing, that type of stuff. Most of it won't probably even qualify as 'actual porn' to her, ie penetrative sex or masturbation.

It is going to take a decade for her to fully understand what she is doing right now.

She is unbelievably naive and clueless about what she is really doing. Her general behavior reflects this to a degree that should be alarming. Her stalker hasn't been a wake-up call in the slightest. She might even feel like she needs her 'fans' now more than ever, that they offer her protection and aren't the actual danger.

At best, she will fade into obscurity. At worst, she will be murdered by one of her many, many deranged followers.

No. 54182

>I still don't think she's gonna be making actual porn
No IG thot does when they start selling nudes on Patreon. Now they're all irl escorts. We've literally seen all of them escalate into depraved shit to keep up demand. It's a constant uphill battle which is the nature of porn. No girl doing hardcore degrading gangbang scenes signed up for that when they sucked dick on a casting couch. But it just happens.

The misogynistic nature of Belle's fanbase will have them hypercritical of her content as a way to pressure her into doing depraved shit faster. It literally took them less than a year to pressure her into porn. She's so insecure lol. At this point the control they have over her is part of her appeal. She thinks she's got them worshipping her when she's literally a nonhuman character to her that they control, much like the cartoon characters they fantasize about raping until they become sluts doing ahegao. Belle is their dream come true.

What an accomplishment lol.

No. 54196

Idk why anon insist on calling her irrelevant when she still has stupid engagement on social media and hella beta bux. If she isn’t a complete dumbass with her finances (ie Moo) and knows to invest in other ventures, this bitch will never have to work a day job in her life let alone actual prostitution.
Tinfoil is she knows she has an expiration date so she’s doing pornhub now to rake in as much as she can and retire.

No. 54206

Who's moralfagging? Porn just sucks you dry, and that's what it'll do to Belle, too. It's the shittiest, most retarded decision any woman can make. There are no "morals" about it any more than there are "morals" about shooting yourself in the foot or thinking you can be cured of cancer if you take bleach enemas.
It's just stupid, and since Belle herself isn't exactly galaxy-brained, I can see her fucking herself over (both literally and figuratively) for the temporary gain.

No. 54209

>Now they're all irl escorts.
That reminds me of that tagthesponsor site. I wonder if she'll go down that path, but with white neckbeards in the US and UK in their mom's houses instead of wealthy Arab men on yachts.
>At this point the control they have over her is part of her appeal. She thinks she's got them worshipping her when she's literally a nonhuman character to her that they control, much like the cartoon characters they fantasize about raping until they become sluts doing ahegao. Belle is their dream come true.
I never thought of things this way. This is actually kind of fucked up, like a psychological horror film, lmao.
She really thinks she's in control, and maybe they think so too, but it's the other way around. She's not hard enough to shut down incels demanding more and more from her.

No. 54233

>She's not hard enough to shut down incels demanding more and more from her.
pretty much. it's really sad watching her sacrifice her future and make it her career to sexually gratify greasy hentai-loving pedophiles and think she's superior for it. like… girl. get over your trauma. love yourself. "teehee boyz i'm finally doing exactly what you wanted which totally makes you a cuck kek"

No. 54296

No. 54297

if anyone expected anything more than this……kek

No. 54299

This is so cringy, but at least she wasn't retarded enough to actually do what her fanbase demanded.
That one tradthot camgirl who tried to skinwalk as her and scolded bigger YTers for advertising and paying her must be seething right now.

No. 54306

Seriously, the like to dislike ratio on the videos is crazy. It was such obvious bait, you can't even be mad at it.

I'm glad too. At least she's smart enough to prolong at least some of the imagination. I would've actually felt bad for her if she stooped that low.

No. 54313


Oh boy, the comments are on her latest post are mad as fuck lol. I mean it's great that she baited all those cucks but let's hope she ain't playing this game too long bc I feel some autist will do serious harm to her because I feel all of them think they own her in a way.

No. 54316

I will admit I do appreciate the work she put into those videos considering she hates work.

No. 54320

But if she has a proper model account she'll be making a killing off this

No. 54337

It's hilarious how so many of them are like you've broken our hearts or some dudes are straight up raging. They waited 3 whole days for porn and got nothing, woe is their dicks lmfao

No. 54342

I actually enjoy the impotent beta rage kek males are so god damn entitled.
>inb4 some farmer reeeing about scam and caping for neckbeards

No. 54356

This is funny, but the porn video titles attached to her name are a very bad look in terms of search results in the future. At a glance it will look like a legit porn video.

No. 54360

This. Belle needs to realize that this attention is fleeting and that these men are not worth selling yourself to. They literally do not give a shit about you and you will be treated as less than subhuman from here on out for the rest of your life.

No. 54364

File: 1561084441966.png (560.46 KB, 1421x1049, Screenshot_20190621-030654~2.p…)

Same, the comments are mostly memes but the impotent rage shows through in some. Most of her fans are probably pewdiepie fans that claim to love le epic trolls but they can't hide how they see her as a piece of meat they own a timeshare in
Whilst she did pose with a dildo, rubbed dog food on her breasts and only pranked the most gullible orbiters, it's still entertaining and kind of nice to see her not cave in to the pressure yet. She would have known that people are searching her name on porn hub and watching videos of other girls using her as a tag anyway so this is a good way for her to catch some of that income.
>inb4 this is just her way to generate buzz before she starts doing porn for her patreons

No. 54365

All her stuff leaked on thot hub and it s just like porn and bondage

No. 54368

>I should just end you with a raid

These men are so vile, wish they all choked to death on their own semen.

No. 54369

I predict she’s going to get Bella Thorne hacked

No. 54370

File: 1561085178075.jpg (93.33 KB, 800x786, ryancreamer.jpg)

So she basically saw the success of Ryan Creamer and decided to do the same, but shitpost at the same time?

Ngl, I'm enjoying how triggered her thirsty incel fanbase is rn. It's insane how entitled they seem to think they are to actual porn of her.

No. 54373

It's hilarious, they act like epic troll memers, yet are so fucking butthurt about being trolled. Though it is worrying seeing so many of them say "let's all unfollow her until she gets desperate and caves in" because I feel like Belle actually would get desperate enough to do that. Hopefully this may serve as a wake up call to her that these men are fucking scum that you shouldn't cater to.

>one female commenter on her IG said something like "you're a genius, Belle, get that money sis"

>gets "go back to the kitchen bitch" responses in return

Just scum.

No. 54374

She’s probably going to make bank off of this, pornhub pays well per view

No. 54375

File: 1561086365763.jpg (79.75 KB, 953x525, d859a8db-a0e9-4cf8-9ad3-83b46a…)

y'all are children and virgins with 0 irl interactions with men if you think "trolling" misogynistic sadists with the promise of pussy is just ~toying with male entitlement~ and not… like… literally putting your life at risk. men kill girls for turning down dates. they rape them for not putting out. and these are men who don't live in their basements jerking off to cartoon child rape. i don't think belle realizes these "cucks" literally do not see her as a human being with feelings, that porn desensitized them, and that she should take their anger very seriously.

obviously no one is going to unfollow and their meat is still firmly in their hands, but they're angry… while jerking off. do y'all understand the danger of that lol. part of jerking off is finding weird, shameful, violent things appealing in the heights of passion because you literally lose your moral compass. if she's inciting anger in a group of men who are ready to get off they're going to overreact and 100% already are. just read those fucking comments.

as much as belle likes to delude herself, these men are not masochists. they're not guys with cuckold fetishes. they're "nice guys" at best, and straight up sociopathic incels at worst, both raging sadists like all guys into hentai. men just… aren't into hentai unless they're sadists or pedophiles. and for her demographic of "super pathetic" guys the ultimate fantasy is to take a slut who humiliates them and teaching her a lesson by raping her and turning her into their sex slaves begging for dick.

No. 54378

and to add to my post

>the ultimate fantasy is to take a slut who humiliates them and teaching her a lesson by raping her and turning her into their sex slaves begging for dick.

this is what they're already admitting lmao. the top voted comments aren't reflective of the overall tone because they're top voted by her female fans. no one is laughing or pleased. the actual majority of the comments are all intent on unfollowing her until she's forced to post porn for them.

No. 54386

Mate all of us realize that some of Belle's fans are literal psychos who are willing to do crazy shit in order to fix their boners. Don't talk down as if none of us realize the reality of being a woman. It is quite sad to see that Belle is at their mercy and will do anything to please her fanbase if her follower count drops, but then again she chose the path of attention hungry thot and she continues to try to appease her audience. Don't lecture us, go tell it to the brainless egirl who truly believed this is all fun and games if you care so much

No. 54387

what a dumb cunt. some angry incel is gonna kill her

No. 54391

Couldn’t post a few days back because I was banned, but anyone who seriously thought that Belle would post porn is a complete retard. Why turn to porn when you’re making five to six figures a month? It was obviously gonna be bait. Anyway she’s smart as fuck for trolling her incel followers, lol.

No. 54392

>Anyway she’s smart as fuck for trolling her incel followers, lol

Not quite. She'll get money from this, but angering her fanbase of insane incels who see her as less than human probably isn't the smartest thing to do.

No. 54393

She’ll be fine, most of them don’t even seem that angry. Side note, but it’s so fucking creepy the way scrotums on her subreddit are talking about this incidence. They’re hoping that she’ll eventually get desperate enough for money and clout that she’ll do hardcore pornography, unwillingly. The way they’re trying to coax an unwilling girl into degrading herself is fucking disgusting. Good on Belle for taking that cash and giving no fucks.

No. 54395

fuck that, it's not good on her. she's enabling these fucking pieces of shit even more. gross dudes who pay for this shit think they own the woman doing it because collectively at least, they do.

No. 54396

Not gonna be able to just retire. You don’t have a fanbase of 1mil+ psycho desperate nerdboys entrenched in 4chan degeneracy and just disappear. This will follow her into IRL. Anonymous is fucking scary. They will find her and continue to keep tabs on her if she tries to fade away.

It’s too late for her. She’s never going to just be a normal person after this. She can’t just take the money and run. She’s made a lot of choices she’s going to regret heavily when she gets older.

No. 54398

Other cows have done it though? I get farmers smell blood in the water right now, but I don't think she's going to be murdered or ruined for life. She'll ride out her internet "fame" until it stops paying the bills or she burns out and then fall off most likely. It's happened to other cows and it'll likely happen to her too.

No. 54399

nta, but to her point no other cows have tried so hard to be the incel /r9k/ "girl next door" meme as hard as belle has. people already tried to doxx her for less.

No. 54401

there's literally people right above and below your reply applauding her for messing with these guys as if it has no consequences just because she's online and uwu they can't get to her uwu. if you realize she's in danger obviously my message doesn't apply to you. but there's literal teenage girls idolizing her on ig and in this board doing ahegao and jumping on the costhot train. the reason they're applauding her and wiping the cyber sweat from their brows while celebrating how much money she makes(she doesn't make as much as they think lol income made from social media engagement is tricky and not handed out in a monthly check) is because she's living out a dream for them because isn't "selling out". they're rooting for her to never do porn because they don't want to either. it's obvious that getting male attention/validation whilst never leaving the comforts of home is a dream come true to them. insecure introverts. it would do well for these losers to realize any and all work involving lewd modelling is dangerous, and especially so when it centers around pissing off the men jerking off to you while never giving them what they actually want.

No. 54403


The "Belle's got it made she's just gonna costhot and save up the money to retire" is 100% wannabe costhots trying to legitimize their own fantasies. Much like the "I'm going to escape to magical Nipponland and work at a cafe just taking kawaii pictures and marrying a VISA husband for real life animu<3" fantasy. Reminds me of the autist asexual Tumblr retards running farmcore blogs writing about how they just wanna live in a cottage and bake bread. How the fuck are you gonna run that oven bitch? With what gas? What electricity? Where are you gonna buy yeast for that bread living in the woods?

We get it! We all have escapist fantasies! But pandering to neckbeards as an alternative to going to college and getting a real job is will never sustainable no matter how many graphs you pull up of her stats lmfao.

No. 54404

I posted in this thread defending Belle and I’m not even into anime, much less cosplay. Most girls imitating Belle are idiots who won’t make even a fraction of what she makes. But this hysterical screeching on how she’s making a huge mistake is fucking delusional. She’s making around a million a year, mostly likely, in Patreon earnings and she’s only 19, so she atleast has a few more years of steady (if declining) income to decide what to do with. It’s such a massive cope acting like this girl hasn’t got it made. People keeping oscillating between saying she’ll be completely irrelevant in a few years and won’t make an income, and then saying that she’ll never be able to retire because her creepy incel followers will follow her forever. Which is it, lol?

No. 54406

>I posted in this thread defending Belle and I don't even like anime
whew why try this sis you're defending the fantasy she represents and asserting the fact she's rich solidifies that. even if she were a millionaire like you're deluding yourself into believing, no one who makes a living off a demographic of sexually frustrated sadists who only see you as fuckmeat(and who's first course of action upon not being shown her pussy is to destroy her entire career - so she can show her pussy) is safe. money isn't going to solve that. rich ass celebrities don't move to gated communities and hire security guards if money kept them safe from stalkers. belle's already been stalked and harassed just months into her "career" and admitted the police did a shit job at helping her. average women who don't make it their profession to make men sexually frustrated are stalked, harassed, assaulted, and killed every day.

if people have contradicting opinions it's because gasp many people are posting in this thread. no shit no one is agreeing on any solid opinion. this isn't some a-ha galaxy moment.

belle is putting her life at risk if she makes a habit of baiting and rejecting her fans. period.

No. 54408

>gross dudes who pay for this shit
One of the funniest things about this is judging by a lot of the comments, some of the biggest crybabies aren't even the ones paying for her snap or patreon. They just expected her to be indebted to them and put it out for free because they click like on her content

>applauding her for messing with these guys as if it has no consequences
I dunno fam it seems like most anons are aware that Belle is just an egirl playing with fire but that doesn't mean we can't laugh at the outrage she caused or even support her pornhub antics. Farmers aren't solely just haters or stans.

No. 54411

Nah, you just want her to die, so you're speaking it into existence. Seek help, this hatred has turned you into a whole other type of human being that no one wants to be or interact with unless they are the same.

No. 54424

I saw on her pornhub comments from guys talking about anally raping her and how they wanted to teach her a lesson and things similar to that. Scary if you consider her address has already been leaked once before.

No. 54426

You must be new here. Belle was already doxxed. Unfortunately it was her parents home, but. Anonymous has harassed people IRL for much less. You are delusional and just as naive as Belle if you don’t think that pissing off thousands and thousands of entitled 4chan males isn’t going to affect her irl. I wouldn’t be surprised if some guys are planning on spamming her mailbox or trying to contact her irl relatives or literally go up to her in person to demand their “promised” nudes. To not take the entitlement of degenerate men like this, nor their capability to stalk and bully people past the screen no matter their attempts to hide seriously, suggests you are either Belle trying to tell yourself otherwise or you are brand new to the internet.

No. 54429

Uh yeah sure. You're gonna feel like a retard when in a year’s time she’s still making $$$ safely lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 54436

i don't see a high likelihood of belle being stalked irl, she seems like a shut-in with little to no other hobbies. and if she does ever take a break from posting cringe on instagram to go out, her posts are so heavily filtered that she probably wouldn't be recognized out in the wild. not saying you're wrong, but she's probably thought this out

No. 54438

I don’t really understand your reasoning… it doesn’t matter if she’s a shut in lol, have you ever read cases on stalking? Stalkers are really fucked up in the head and will do psychotic things to people who didn’t even do anything to them. She’s already pissed off a shit ton of incel neckbeards and we’ve already seen how fucked up incels are. Tbh that’s all on her, as a previous anon said she thinks she’s in control when she’s absolutely not.
You seem to forget about celebrities who have had their houses broken into despite having security, and sage your posts next time

No. 54451

Nta but you're reaching into whole new galaxys here, calm down.

No. 54466

>i don't think belle realizes these "cucks" literally do not see her as a human being with feelings, that porn desensitized them, and that she should take their anger very seriously.

This is why I would never do Patreon or any other kind of online sex work. It seems like easy money, but every one of these guys think you "owe" them something. Some may even consider any interaction with you (transaction, comment) evidence of a "relationship". I've seen enough weird male comments and rants on related topics to know that this entitlement is very real. They took her joke badly, and gave themselves away. It's serious to them.(no one cares)

No. 54470

This. Guys who pay SWs think they own the person, and they're kind of right in that they own their livelihood. But SW is a huge power trip for the men paying the women.

No. 54510

yeah, which is why i dont get why these stupid bitches want to pander to them. Money or no money. They view people like Belle as subhuman and it's distressing. Hope she wakes up because this ride wont last long

No. 54516

File: 1561161053887.jpg (115.31 KB, 1034x1200, 1241153851714.jpg)

Was on /pol/ yesterday for a laugh, saw a bunch of threads about different topics but all with her as OP pic and wondered wtf did I miss. After learning about this now it all makes sense-clearly some anons were triggered by her saying shes already "hit the wall like all white girls do" posting shit like pic related the salt was glorious I hope it continues.

No. 54528


No. 54538

wow, they might … spam her parent's mailbox? The girl is in real danger!

Why is there so much pearl clutching and church of radfem sperging here? She's just another thot farming betabux, it's not that deep.

No. 54539

belle has never been cute, just heavily makeup'd and filtered.

we're concerned about you, belle, but keep being delusional

No. 54550

File: 1561209586563.png (9.22 KB, 387x114, wh.PNG)

Hopefully this was a reality check for her and for other wannabes, incels went from worshiping how she is so edgy to hating how she 'disappointed' them.
She brought it on to herself though, everyone knew that appealing to nerdos isn't rewarding and very dangerous.
Pic related is one of my favourite comments she got on her last post.

No. 54551

This thread is over the top with a logs and moralfagging

No. 54552


They are going crazy in the comment section, my personal fave was the one who said:"With all the money you earned, you have to share it with us now!"

Jesus christ, I really wonder how she will continue from this point because I feel it's a dead end for her, either deliver the porn or idk live with the anger of the cucks?

No. 54553

There is always a 13 year old boy discovering that hentai is a thing somewhere in the world so she might post some more posts and pretend like nothing has happened and eventually she can replace all her followers with new fresh horn dogs.
She might also consider wanting to appeal to weeb females? like do make-up and outfits and shit since females just want to be friends and not feel like they own you? females are much better on every level in general

No. 54555

Well that's the problem of taking money from men, no matter what they say they still expect women to be in debt to them. Showing our bodies is just part of the entitlements that they expect for giving us some monetary pittance.

Everyone except for extremely naive, young, or mentally challenged women know about this unspoken rule. Don't accept "gifts" and "free" money from men; or else you will be expected to perform like a good object.

I don't feel empathy for her situation, this is what was coming.

No. 54556

the sad truth is that these men are kind of right in thinking that. they do basically own her body, she's been letting them.

No. 54559

No they dont. They are dumbasses giving money to a randomer on the internet who said she would let them see her butthole. They're being scammed by a teenager and it's their own damn fault, they can rage all they want.
If I was sent an email by a Nigerian prince telling me I would get ten million dollars if I send a thousand for the transfer fees, I still wouldn't own a million dollars.

No. 54560

Pretty sure weeb girls are already repulsed by belle and her nasty tryhard handmaiden thing she has going on where she tries to appeal to the lowest common denominator of men because, she’s a cool girl! She’s not like those other girls! She’s edgy and ironic!!

She’s gonna get harassed irl lol.

No. 54563

The truth comes out. You Puritan fucks are salivating at the idea of her getting assaulted.

No. 54564

Yo seriously. It’s so fucking weird how this thread seems to genuinely WANT bad shit to happen to a woman simply because she’s an annoying loli bait e thot. And they justify it by saying “she brought it upon her lol” like literal victim blaming.
Also pretty sure most of her fan base are thots and underage pewdiepie fans. Psychos most likely would pray on a less conspicuous figure to stalk/rape.

No. 54565

I don't want her to be hurt but no, she's not a victim in this as it stands. She knows what she's doing, she's known who she panders to. She's sold nudes of other girls. I don't feel sorry for her. Again I don't think she should be murdered or raped or any shit like that but I'm not going to feel sorry for a spoiled brat who decided to go down this route because they're a massive attention whore who actively panders to pedophiles.

No. 54567

It's almost like there's some sort of anticipation and fervor for all this to backfire on her, for her to be "punished" for her harlotic tomfoolery, lmao.
To be fair, this easily could result in some incel trying to take revenge, but all things considered, it seems unlikely. More likely, some of them will probably just mass unlike or unsubscribe (only to come crawling back in under a week, because retarded men have no willpower). I'd be more concerned if she had gone out of her way to give one guy special attention, just to block him after sucking him dry of a large amount of money. Then she'd definitely be in danger.
If I'm proven wrong on this, feel free to call me (and other naysayers) idiot bitches.

No. 54568

you're overreacting a lot. she has a million+ hateful angry nerdboy followers who are threatening rape for being "lied to". as mentioned, people like this have harassed others irl for much less. and belle already said she got the police involved when she was doxxed to no avail. there's no "fervor". we're just not naive people who just got on the internet a week ago. we've seen what these psychos can do.

No. 54570

Then, let's find out and see. Some people are definitely hyping this up to be more than it really is.

No. 54575

File: 1561224498020.jpeg (117.83 KB, 503x500, 23CA8FB2-E5BF-4267-B765-314F58…)

Didn't see this perspective touched upon before. Seems like some people are mad at her for this because to them, it's "disrespecting sex workers".

No. 54588

This seems like jealousy-advertising since Belle has got all these views, betabux, followers and attention without showing pussy

>But I show pussy

No. 54589

Sex workers are so empowered that they get triggered that someone can make money without showing her pussy lmao

No. 54604

What I hate the most about her is her pedo-baiting.

Am I crazy for saying that her style of make-up and clothing makes it obvious she's trying to pander to pedos?

No. 54610

no, you're not crazy. the reason she's as big as she is is because she caters to men who want to fuck little girls. that's why she needlessly had braces on for so long/wore a swimsuit made for children, etc. she panders to pedos for their cuckbux.

No. 54616


If bitches like moomoo are still bringing in the cuckbucks, belle will be fine. She has a good couple years until she stops looking young enough for the pedofucks that like her, and they will keep paying her because they think she’ll get naked.

If she plays her cards right she’s actually in a way better position than most of us posting here. But it all depends on if she’s more financially literate than the rest of these costhots and camhoes. She’s making way more than a lot of them.

No. 54627

KEK literal hoes mad x24

No. 54637

All this thread has proved is that Belle is an actual idiot, so I would honestly be surprised if she was still using what's left of her brain and putting money aside. Financially responsible thot doesn't exactly go well with her meme loving loli aesthetic

No. 54653

File: 1561254873732.jpg (78.65 KB, 540x610, oh i am laffin.jpg)

fucking kek

No. 54655

this can't be real.

No. 54663

>belle will be fine.
>She has a good couple years
You realize… human beings live up to 90 years? You think 3 years of costhoting on Instagram is enough for her to retire comfortably until she fucking dies lmao?

>If she plays her cards right

What weeb has ever. Literally what camgirl, aidoru, Jvlogger, model, Youtuber has ever amounted to anything despite having potential? Belle is a teenager scamming an entitled fanbase of men who fantasize about raping her, binding her future to sex work at 21 and putting her safety at risk, and you expect her to be smart enough to manage her finances? She couldn't even set up a PO box without whining about how the whole thing was a disaster.

No. 54673

Hi belle my birthday on the 26th of June and u r my fav tiktoker etc so please reply(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 54675

> “you scarred me for life”
Because she didn’t provide nudes? Jesus Christ grow the fuck up god damn manchild

No. 54706

She’s has one of her kids taken away by their father Bc of her drug abuse.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 54707

Um… wrong thread?

No. 54709

.. are you sure that it's not you who's on drugs, alexis?

No. 54732

im like 70% sure this is satire

No. 54733


If she's not completely brain dead and saves/invests/starts her own legit business with her thot money… yes

But she has a lolcowchan thread for a reason, so she'll probably fuck it all up.

> Literally what camgirl, aidoru, Jvlogger, model, Youtuber has ever amounted to anything despite having potential?

come on now. Jnig and Yaya Hon are still fine, there are youtubers making the leap from internet to real life, and plenty of models are making big moves and money.

Belle's biggest obstacle is her own stupidity.

No. 54736

She's her own self fulfilling prophecy. She acts like a dumbass and will be treated as thus. No suprise.

No. 54738

The only difference though between jnig and all the other costhots is that they actually try to maintain some professionalism and mask their lewds under craftsmanship/cosplays. So talent and skills such as being a seamstress or being part of the gaming community helps a lot. Belles only other alternative is to fall back on sex work as she's not taking anything seriously. Think about it, companies and brands are more comfortable to be working with people like that than attach their brands to the likes of Belle.

No. 54744

No. 54765

you named two people. who, like other people mentioned, have some level of professionalism related to costume design and prop makers. not only are they far from millionaires, but jessica has fallen WAY off the level of relevancy she used to be at. she was the first and only costhot back then. now shes seen as too vanilla and old. just proves again that the shelf life is short. especially for someone selling herself as a child.

belle is of the likes of venus angelic, kotakoti, and beckii cruel.

>If she's not completely brain dead and saves/invests/starts her own legit business

if she were into doing any of this she would have an actual job lmao.

No. 54772

Literally Belle was written up in Newsweek and gets mainstream press. this notion that brands won’t work with sex workers is so antiquated lol. Ask Cardi B or Amber Rose about it you jealous ugly cunts(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 54778

cardi b was a stripper/escort who made music FOR stripjoints about stripping and escorting for her demographic of men who like strippers, sex, and trap music. and she isnt the only female rapper out there doing that. she just got signed by a major record label. brands work with her because she has a agent appointed by a record label, the ones that actually have connections to the brands sponsoring cardi. they would have never worked with her otherwise.

anyway can you believe you just compared cardi b to belle delphine

No. 54779

She's not even a sex worker? She's just catering to 4chan incels and memes, she never even posts nudes. Did you not see the triggered cam girls who don't even see her as such? Are you even talking about the same person? I can't even see her putting effort into porn.

No. 54780

File: 1561356585328.gif (2.89 MB, 177x177, a1276161-2a9a-4ea7-8229-c651cd…)


No. 54793

Belle needs to take a long break from the internet and read some Andrea Dworkin.

No. 54796

You're comparing an actress and a musician to a talentless thot whose greatest skill is vomiting memes and dancing like a twig. If Belle had other interests that she'd be willing to showcase then yeah but you are really determined to make it seem like she has actual opportunities to make real money that will last

No. 54818

Not that anon, but are you implying Amber Rose is an actress?

No. 54821

She's just going around pedobaiting.

Andrew Dworkin makes this very clear in her writing. Pornography promotes the harm of women.

Delphine is promoting the harm of children by being a pedobaiting troll.

No. 54827

i think maybe they confused her with amber heard lol

No. 54829

Doesn't her whole deal kind of require HER to stay the same age?

Her target audience is disgusting incels who want to rape children.

She's pretending to be a child…and she's aging out of her gig rapidly. She's got another 6-18 months tops.

Girl needs to take her money she got from these losers and invest that cash!

No. 54844

what's up with that reddit spacing? go away.

No. 54853

Sorry, got em mixed up. But my point still stands, Belle is only internet famous she's not known for anything else compared to the others

No. 54864

She was featured in Philip Defranco daily show thing

No. 54866

loooool because it's every woman's dream to be treated like a piece of meat by pathetic pedophiles in the making. Men ain't shit, stop basing your value around them.

No. 54883

So is there something like leaks of her?(get out)

No. 54884


No. 54931

>(sic) Andrew Dworkin
>bitching about trolls

pick one.

No. 54949

File: 1561493580695.jpg (49.41 KB, 720x720, 1557555317386.jpg)

has this been posted yet?

No. 54966

Posted and debunked

No. 55526

My tinfoil is that she’s got an outie vagina and that’s why she doesn’t go nude. You know incels and their shit knowledge of female anatomy. If she’s got an outie then she’s fucked a lot of guys and is therefore a roastie slut, not a pure innocent uwu loli virgin they all fantasize about. Either that or she has herpes.

She’s already got a nose job. Next up: labiaplasty.

No. 55622

i don't want to blogpost, but i will just say that i agree -
the depths that 4channer incel sociopath-types will go to project their virgin rage is unmatched to anything i've ever fucking experienced before

No. 55740

I actually agree with this tinfoil.

Ethan Klein talked at length about Belle on his podcast today… He really wanted her to come on.

No. 55796


Where anon? Ive looked through all the threads.

No. 55849

She's literally selling her own bathwater for 30$

No. 55850

Holy fucking shit. Based.

No. 55855

this idiot is writing herself a one way ticket to being found dead.

No. 55856

File: 1562084301191.jpg (258.2 KB, 663x1186, Screenshot_20190702-180639_Ins…)

Does anyone believe this?

No. 55857

File: 1562084349172.jpg (408.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190702-180709_Ins…)

No. 55863

He is 16, he will most likely not be able to fly with her

No. 55865

>set ambiguous "goal" that might be a challenge to achieve for lots of variables so she won't have to deal with this at all
>the worst that happens is she uses her neckbeard money to fly out a dorky teenager with no promises of romance or sex in addition to the positive PR spin of appearing "in touch" with her fan boys; gains more paypigs who hope to achieve the same end

She doesn't lose. Really.

No. 55866

>I’ll fly you out to LA
Doesn’t she live in the UK?

No. 55867

>if I live across the country

She lives in a whole ass 'nother country lmao

No. 55868

how is selling bath water gonna get her killed lol
anyway there's no way she's selling her actually bath water, right? that would smell horrible and rile up her followers, it's probably perfumed tap water or some shit

No. 55869

She's British and lives in Brighton or somewhere, that's extremely fake from someone trying to get followers

No. 55879

I'm more concerned that she's willing to go on a date with an underaged boy. I know there's not that much of an age difference but in terms of maturity and you know, the law, I hope nothing weird happens or that it doesn't backfire on her.

No. 55900

i'm saying she keeps doing this shit and pandering to these crazy idiots it's gonna backfire. ffs she already got doxxed, you'd think she would have distanced herself. she is so young and doesn't realize these kinds of men go crazy and turn on you at the drop of a hat.

No. 55910


No. 55919

offtopic but jesus christ we live in a sad world where women are now judged on if they have visible labia or not

No. 55930

Anon, she’s a Brit. The age over there for consent is 16, plus she’s lying to him all over since she lives on a whole ‘nother continent lmao

No. 55933

that really does look like her. idk if its her but the features are exactly the same

No. 55954

Honestly? I'm going to say it: If she gets raped that's her fault at this point.
I always disagree with victimblaming mentalities but she's pushing it

No. 55959

Jesus christ anon, why?

No. 55966

Just because she's a baiting incels doesn't mean she deserves to be raped.
Don't blame shitty men's actions on her. We don't like her either but that's fucked.

No. 55969

>implying that kid didn't make it up for clout

No. 55973

shut up incel no one cares that Belle hurt your fee fees and didn't deliver your precious porn. I don't like her either but i'm glad she fucked over those nasty men.

No. 55974

Agreed. I didn't even know that there were "outie" and "innie" vags before I saw that post. Jfc if incels know more about female genitalia than most females, this world truly is sad.

No. 55979

nta but she's using them for money sure, but she's also giving them a false sense of power over women. she's literally contributing to incels and putting herself in danger.

No. 55982

I do agree that she's dumb but I don't really see how she's in danger? a lot of e-girls or whatever do this. I guess to me it was funny as hell how mad the incels were. I only replied to anon for saying something nasty like that.

No. 55984

File: 1562196158775.jpeg (275.28 KB, 750x1120, 7441B314-7A84-489A-9550-FDDBB4…)

$50 for an A2 glossy print, this is a whole new level of scamming.

No. 55993

If people are dumb enough to buy it then that's their problem

No. 55995

File: 1562202326881.jpeg (272.27 KB, 750x956, 81BD8C92-1568-4693-9C85-E310E7…)

speaking of the bath water is already out of stock.

No. 56003

Do anons not realize people can use PO Boxes? If she's smart she's not gonna use her home address to send out her shit. Jesus. Put it to rest.

No. 56018

If it’s delivered exactly as described it’s not a scam.

No. 56040

File: 1562228326041.jpeg (209.24 KB, 934x1267, D35FA8C4-9684-4A0A-9911-002298…)

LMAO. Disgusting. These are the men that are actually buying this I hope it's tap water.

No. 56043

Just what I've imagined, typical neckbeard incel looking guy

No. 56048

This is so beautiful. He's so gross. Amazing.

No. 56068

This is all her fans are. Men who look exactly like this and underage tweens. Yikes.

No. 56073

File: 1562258824099.png (53.11 KB, 626x144, 554564354.png)

Why is this being reported in a nationwide newspaper ffs.

No. 56077

Because she’s being managed by a corporation. Remember “lonely girl” on you tube? Belle is the same marketing scheme. I’m guessing it’s an LA based company. Btw she’s sticking anal dildos up her ass on Snapchat now so I guess she’s crossed over to porn

No. 56079

incels don't know shit about female genitalia, all the knowledge they have comes from hentais

No. 56080

Holyshit is she really? Do you have caps anon? Lord I didn't think it'd be this quick

No. 56082

File: 1562269128295.png (Spoiler Image, 747.88 KB, 920x628, belle.PNG)

She does have an outie vagina. You can see it on her latest photo on her ig.

No. 56092

Maybe I'm blind as fuck, but is her inner thigh shooped? I know thigh jiggle sits in odd shapes sometimes but it looks a little off.

No. 56096

I'm sure she shoops a bunch to airbrush, smooth, and warp anything that doesn't look fake enough AKA up to the standards of hermit neckbeards and her hordes of teenage fans who have never seen an actual female body

No. 56104

File: 1562288661609.png (Spoiler Image, 1.52 MB, 975x2060, 1.png)

No. 56105

File: 1562288790932.png (Spoiler Image, 1.98 MB, 975x2060, 2.png)

No. 56106

File: 1562288903419.png (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 975x2060, 3.png)

No. 56109

File: 1562289004323.png (Spoiler Image, 1.98 MB, 975x2060, 4.png)

No. 56111

this was all posted on her snapchat as a "date night" roleplay that ends with sex in the car

No. 56117

File: 1562292331044.jpg (30.03 KB, 540x286, 6cb64d13-f4e2-45a2-8c94-40aa41…)

And this came how many weeks after people were praising her for not "giving in" to her fanboys' desire for her to start showcasing actual porn?

No. 56120

My thoughts exactly. I was one of the people thinking "Good on her" back then.
What happened?

No. 56123

I wish these men would all spontaneously drop dead. Absolute scum of the earth.

No. 56129

Oh no

I feel like this is her boyfriend trying to monetize their irl sex sessions, which is seedy af. Unfortunate that he has no concern for her well-being

No. 56134

Honestly I feel like she didn't truly use her toy, it kinda looks like its just stick between her legs and she's pulling it out. (Just a weird angle for it to be coming out of her a**) to her it's all about the tease and trolling them! So why not fake it some more to get a bigger reaction.(namefagging)

No. 56140

File: 1562305941602.png (450.73 KB, 1080x1320, bddd.png)

Saw this come up on my feed. Is there an explanation for this? How many people have been trying to Google for her death to cause this, and why?
I heard someone died drinking her bath water, so did several people somehow end up assuming she died and run with that?

No. 56142

She honestly doesn't look too sure of herself

No. 56144

No. 56151

inb4 this is her slow descent into a miserable "porn" career, washed up and addicted to whatever by her mid 20s.

i'm surprised she's giving in, when before she was so smug about being able to troll people without showing anything (and even commenting on how business-wise it made more sense to save that trumpcard for the very end), i agree with other anons, this smells fishy.

No. 56155

File: 1562325539044.png (254.25 KB, 1440x1517, hmm.png)

This description is creepy

No. 56157

File: 1562325824091.png (1.72 MB, 1440x1826, Belle1.png)

She looks cute in the photos. I agree with the anon that said it looks like she just pretended to stick it in, the dodgy screenshot is actually shadow and black underwear and doesn't actually show anything. It's way too big to stick straight into an ass without lubrication, so it's definitely spoofed and not real. Just unfortunate that it does look convincing in the one screenshot.

No. 56161

File: 1562326703674.png (Spoiler Image, 748.06 KB, 548x1120, bd.png)

I dunno, anon, this one looks a bit too convincing. It really seems like she did it.

No. 56162

Good who cares not all women have small inner labia

No. 56166

could be just me but it's making me sick how each and everyone of them starts with lewds and pretending it's just photos and she has free will

then give her time and she will be sticking a dildo in some hole for fucking teens.

sad how just few days ago she was making kids angry for not giving them them their promised porn in the holy book of weeb.

>do lewds to appeal to incels

>it's just photos guyyss I'm still clean innocent loli gf uwu btw I'm wholesome too
>no I have my own free thinking
>penetrate her arse with a bloody glass dildo

No. 56182

Same, pretty sure her bf had a say here.

No. 56183

>too big to slide in without lube
Glass dildos are very easy for anal. They go in pretty well without lube and it really looks like at least the tip is in/touching
I mostly feel bad that she's doing it at all since she seems to make enough already

No. 56188

Look at the video. It's obvious by the placement that it's going in her ass.

No. 56189

no sex worker in history consicously plans on doing the work they end up doing. it's a business built on a house of cards where demand is always shifting and consumers demand more on the daily. it's all about manipulation, insecurity, and pressure. most if not all girls who end up doing porn have some kind of trauma and the men who end up managing them realize that. it's always a trusted figure coaxing them into shit. it could be belle's boyfriend wanting to make coin off her. but if belle truly has a management company it could be them pressuring her into doing actual explicit porn because they wanna make money off her. either way, it's a bad situation for her to be in.

probably because, you know, this is a horrible soul-consuming business for women and every former pornstar attests to that.

No. 56198

Christ, have any of you virgins actually seen a woman's body in real life? It's obvious she's just sliding it in between her legs, not in to her ass. Oh, and the "orgasm" was fake as well, if you were wondering. Sorry to burst your collective bubble.

No. 56201

Why and who are you yelling at? No one on here is upset that she hasn't actually stuck it in her ass or faked an orgasm.

No. 56203

>no sex worker in history consicously plans on doing the work they end up doing.
>what are sugar babies, what are escorts

No. 56209

No one grows up wanting to be an escort/sugar baby LOL

No. 56211

File: 1562370981031.jpeg (139.74 KB, 828x1472, 8CD831A7-FA19-437E-B562-E20B2E…)

What does she have to gain from pretending though if it looks and sounds real to most people? If she tries to pull the “lol it was fake I’m just trolling” card she’s still going to come out looking like she did porn. It’s a stupid thing to lie about

No. 56215

Honestly, I think I'm the only anon who wants to actually see her dead, so not sure what you're trying to get at…(edgy)

No. 56219

Escorts start off being sugarbabies because they need money. Most escorts are in denial and call themselves god-tier sugarbabies who are magically able to get a man to buy them a condo without sex. Peep them all over Youtube. Same as the girls who start off selling pictures of their feet then move on to lingerie pics, then dildos, then camshows, then escorting. Micky has already started off on that shit.

Doing porn is seen negatively. Most of these girls pride themselves on being successful without having to do that, until they aren't. Doing porn is too shameful so they opt out for escorting.

No. 56233

>Because she’s being managed by a corporation. Remember “lonely girl” on you tube? Belle is the same marketing scheme.

^^^I agree with this. The majority, if any, of the decisions she makes AREN'T HERS. She's not demonstrated the drive or the brains to direct her 'brand'. She has to do what corporate tells her. She's literally a whore for a CORPORATION that has her pedobaiting. She'll be lucky if she lives long enough to reach the 27 club at the rate she's going. Sad but it was her choice.

No. 56236

>What does she have to gain from pretending though if it looks and sounds real to most people?
>It’s a stupid thing to lie about

Good point. Considering how she started, this looks more like a natural progression. Dressing up and making retarded cum faces or doing gimmicky shit like selling bath water won't keep her "relevant". She either delivers the goods or loses her creepy incel audience. If she sees nothing wrong with catering to pedos she's as fucked in the head as they are.

No. 56249

File: 1562420556207.jpeg (315.68 KB, 1125x1342, 56867E4C-50F8-48F8-B70D-F6040B…)

Saw this on my tl. I guess this is coming to light a little more? 7k retweets only though.

No. 56251

*3k retweets only though.

No. 56257

It's also convenient she's making him go to a state where the age of consent is an absolute 18 with absolutely no exemptions meaning she has a bulletproof excuse to cuck him.

No. 56287

I used to see a lot of people defend her on Facebook and Reddit like "Yaaass queen get that bread" but now a lot of people will post proof of her selling other girls' nudes and point out her pedo baiting. It's nice that more and more people are starting to see her for who she is.

No. 56297

It's a fine line between admiration and envy when it comes to stanning girls on IG. Belle used to have appeal towards girls because she seemed like a weeb with nymphet aesthetics who trolled thirsty neckbeards to make easy money. But now it's obvious she's "turned" her back on her female demographic, and is just an actual sex worker pandering completely to pedophiles.

I can guarantee you the girls spreading that she sold nudes either knew for months and recently unstanned, or were just jealous fat girls who went purposefully looking for receipts to kill her popularity. I definitely don't see as many Belle bootlegs on the IG explore page. Seems she's fallen out of favor.

No. 56301

>it was about Belle herself being a minor when she stole the nudes and sold them.

I hope those girls she stole from nail her ass.

No. 56303

File: 1562471165327.jpg (1010.23 KB, 1749x1007, BIOHAZARD.jpg)

Her bathwater sold out apparently. If some people are that stupid I hope they go into fucking debt buying her bathwater "a fool and his money are soon parted." Surprised none of her idiot fans are buying her FIFTY DOLLAR posters. She's a random e-thot that'll be irrelevant this time next year.

What really crosses the line is that pedobait shit she does. She deserves to go down for that.

No. 56311

Those anime drawings just look like random pink haired girls and the composition of the poster is very graphic design is my passion.

She's definitely lost her appeal with the crowd that once thought of her as "XD le bestest troll". Even her troll Pornhub videos didn't appeal to them.

No. 56314

lol if you put up one product and sell it off you can brag and say "sold out in 2 minutes!". i can't imagine she'd put the effort of whatever customs hell involved in shipping out hundreds of unapproved containers of body fluids. she probably only put up a handful for sale.

No. 56321

She posted stories of her boxing her bath water on IG, anon. There was at least 100 bottles, if not more (I can't really remember). But there was a fucking lot of them. Unfortunately it's expired now and I didn't think it was important to screenshot when I saw it. But she definitely made a fuck ton of those "bath water" products. She easily made a few hundred from that alone.

No. 56326

I’m not from the UK so I’m not familiar with their postal system but a quick google search says that liquids under 1 liter can be shipped both in the UK and internationally as long as it’s spill proof and in packaging that will prevent the liquid from leaking out.
She/whoever came up with this ploy is probably marking the containers on custom forms as plain water. The bath water isn’t body fluids anyways.

No. 56328

Yep I did the same search a few days ago and can confirm she will have no issues shipping these out.
I'm sure it's just water straight from the faucet.

No. 56336

jesus how foul

No. 56350

Quick question. I remember people posting pics of her and her bf, but where were those pictures coming from? Because the guy in the pictures has like no online presence.

No. 56353

He’s also such a q.t. Iirc the images were from her old Facebook.

Too bad he has bad taste in girls. He’s currently dating rusty.faukes or something like that (a belle Delphine copy cat).

No. 56355

File: 1562524751245.jpeg (447.02 KB, 750x976, 0AA3FF22-E9DC-4563-955C-DEA01D…)

No. 56356

File: 1562525296153.jpg (43.7 KB, 582x960, FB_IMG_1562524744327.jpg)

No. 56357

oh my god that would be hilarious if she put diseases in that water. like some typhoid mary type shit. serves these neckbeards right.

No. 56367

Is this really her? It could as well be because the ressemblance is huge

No. 56372

nah, it was debunked. It's just some random guy that happens to look like her

No. 56375

well, most of the world already has herpes, plus it’s only transmitted through skin to skin contact. but anything for retweets i guess

No. 56379

No not that guy, there was another guy called Joshua Grey, he owns like 50% of all her registered companies.

No. 56389

>skin to skin
i have some bad news for you…
also, fuck off it's still gross. you can still also get maintenance medicine for it. no reason to let gross sores appear, it's trashy.

No. 56391

I don't know if there's enough material but has there ever been a thread dedicated to male fans of costhots and horny anime trends?

No. 56401

Thotphoid Mary

No. 56424

Hard to tell what it is. Of course it would be a surprise to no one if it was herpes.Based on pics on the internet it doesn't look like that's what it is, unless meds are masking the symptoms.

>no reason to let gross sores appear, it's trashy.

Have you seen this girls content? I'm surprised she's not recording herself literally rolling around in STDs at this point. She'll have to keep upping her 'game' to stay even moderately relevant. Her entire internet persona is trash, which is unfortunate because I see creative potential with her that's going to waste by being a gross internet hoe to make money. She's been painted into a corner that she'll most likely never escape from unless she bows out soon.

No. 56437

why are there angry herpes anons in every thread

No. 56439

People who say this shit already have herpes. Sucks for you but other people don't want either strain.
They don't like being called disgusting.

Could she get sued for possibly spreading herpes? or no?

No. 56440

A drs office would have to have it tested. Or your local county/parish health department.

I want to slight her, and she is trash, but if some incel is stupid enough to buy herpes infested water and drink it. I mean.. why not?

No. 56442

creative potential? Isn't she pretty much being told what to do at this point? she doesn't seem very creative, she just copies trends. anyone can do that.

No. 56449

No. 56466

File: 1562619579659.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-07-08-15-59-19…)

It was just a matter of time until she saw the opportunity. This is getting out of control.

No. 56469

She really needs to drink some water holy hell

No. 56473

Well I saw that coming but still jfc this girl is absolutely destroying her rep. How does one sink so low to think selling piss is cute?
But anon she needs to show her band of neckbeards she's one of them by proving she only drinks mt dew and monster energy

No. 56475

It's not on her store?

No. 56476

it's fake, the url for her store is a dot com not dot club

No. 56479

If you type in belledelphine.com into your search bar it now comes up with a live chatroom page, so I'm not sure what's going on there

No. 56482

I know you're joking and this is most likely fake but the b vitamins in most energy drinks turns your urine neon, it's gross
this looks like apple juice; she should honestly just do that, sell apple juice labeled as pee lmao

No. 56486

File: 1562631100728.jpeg (170.27 KB, 750x1334, B1EDF86D-041A-4CB7-AF18-4BFCB8…)

Guys, I don't know if it's fake. I hope it is..

No. 56487

her store is belledelphinestore.com not belldelphine.com

No. 56491

If someone is out there pretending to be her to scam on her nasty fans…I don't want to say more power to them but it's definitely fitting karma for selling other people's nudes.

No. 56500

it's fake but i did a double take at first because that "pee" is so fucking dark. jesus.

No. 56523

Lmao someone made a meme song about Belle Delphine's bathwater

No. 56524

Stop self-posting

No. 56527

Can we delete that or what?

No. 56528

Belle is asking fans what she should sell next.

No. 56529

It seems like liking belle delphine became a trend. Im not sure what else to call it but people like her only because shes popular
If tha makes sense.