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File: 1679450510723.jpeg (376.13 KB, 1284x1240, 94A041D7-D029-415D-A74D-F13C22…)

No. 287328

Amina du Jean, also known as Aminyan, is the first black idol in the Japanese entertainment industry. A native of Detroit, Michigan, United States, she loved Japanese culture as a child. She started taking private Japanese lesson when she was 12. She was also a fan of Japanese idol groups. She moved to Japan and ended up in sex work and is now married to a man 20 years older. Best known for her beef with micky and Barbie.


No. 287329

File: 1679450721139.jpeg (493.52 KB, 1284x2216, 2E98AD93-A0B4-4D1A-9914-8498C6…)

No. 287330

File: 1679450814827.jpeg (316.63 KB, 1284x2084, 5E8E697C-8852-4BCF-BFF8-8C163B…)

More of her pedo baiting

No. 287335

File: 1679451269874.jpeg (281.19 KB, 1284x1723, 7881BED1-3C4D-4949-AFDC-37A65E…)

From her experience being a sex worker in Tokyo

No. 287337

File: 1679451347098.jpeg (350.99 KB, 1284x2391, B7B889D7-6C6F-4F5F-BCCA-CD367B…)

More from the same article she wrote

No. 287341

File: 1679451463227.jpeg (240.46 KB, 1250x1581, 28EB4E47-8E34-4D9E-A980-A33F5D…)

She was an idol in Japan and had a gravure dvd

No. 287344

Sage your image dumps, newfag

No. 287346

she’s old news and none of this is milky or fresh

No. 287347

File: 1679451753775.jpeg (321.38 KB, 1284x1938, 3421ADA8-940A-4B69-95EF-B50309…)

No. 287348

The fuck does her article have to do with anything? Post the important part then link to the rest. She is just a porn bitch like the other kabuki hoes we have a thread on already.

No. 287349

File: 1679451850778.jpeg (55.39 KB, 1284x449, FEB3CCA0-B9DA-4D48-94C5-BF18D5…)

No. 287351

No. 287354

this is such a vendetta thread. she’s gotta be close to 30 now, who cares if she married someone 20 years older than her?

No. 287355

There are people 20yrs apart who are 70 and 50. Like when is anon okay with the age gap? This thread is retarded.

No. 287363

Venus angelic is 26 and dating men younger than 46 and they get called out for being pedos. What’s the difference here? 46 and 26 is a big age gap.

No. 287366

You must not know a lot of couples. Chronically online illness coming from you.

No. 287370

it get that there’s a power imbalance thing there and it’s not my thing but it’s not as if shes 18 dating a 30 something year old man.

the fact that even the op says she’s best known for her drama with micky and barbie, which happened almost a decade ago, and is a lie anyway, along with this thread basically being like “this adult woman is dating an older adult man! do your thing lolcow”…this is such a vendetta.

there is no difference, people who think a 46 year old man dating a 26 year old woman are pedos are retards. men are gross and wanting to be with someone that much younger says a lot about a person but none of this is pedo behavior and is honestly pretty normal when you go offline and talk to real people.

No. 287374

Anons try so hard to label every single cow a pedo.

No. 287396

Amina is definitely old news and likely not milky enough to have her own thread these days. However, her romanticizing huge age gap relationships and sex work among barely legal girls is definitely cow behavior. Maybe we can get a nostalgia thread or something to reminisce and keep up on old cows?

No. 287402

yeah this screams vendetta thread. The age gap is whatever. Amina is a full ass adult, and obviously has made a secure successful life. the $3 OF bpdchans are just seething because they have gone no where and won’t be anytime soon. Quarter life reality crisis just hit ‘em

No. 287405

She seems to look back at her past of sex work with older men when she was a teen fondly. I wonder how she’s going to handle completely aging out of the Lolita age range.

No. 287406

File: 1679463739259.jpeg (180.34 KB, 1284x1513, CFC4FCAE-D8C8-4D47-B099-B4CA7E…)

Yeah she’s an adult but you can definitely tell she thinks age gaps are cute and there’s definitely some kind of little girl and daddy aspect in it for her.

No. 287408

I second this, the idea of a nostalgia thread is really nice. Amina definitely still has some cow behavior and the way it seems like she's made being in an large age-gap relationship part of her personality screams overcompensation to me, personally.

No. 287409

So talk a few weeks about your opinions on age gaps then end of thread. She has nothing else and its all just personal opinion. The fuck is the point? At least provide real milk.

No. 287410

Anon why you taking this thread so personally?kek just hide the thread.

No. 287412

What is your issue anon? This whole site is built around personal opinions. In case it's not clear, I don't think she needs her own thread (hence why I said I second a nostalgia thread). Idk why you're wking so hard
>So talk a few weeks about your opinions on age gaps
Seems like you would be upset if that happened.

No. 287416

Yeah, people thinking a girl dating someone old enough to be her dad and promoting teen sex work is gross is totally just jelly anon. kek

She definitely seems to be making it her whole internet personality now that she's no longer a Z-list "idol". Tbh you see similar behavior with Yukapon still embracing a "nymphette" persona despite being abused by predatory men in Japan and being in her late 20s now. THese girls got groomed young and won't get the therapy they need to break out of it, instead seeming to double down that it's by choice and "totally empowering" or something. Just wait till they hit their mid 30s and the men they worship start thinking they've "hit the wall".

No. 287420

>over compensating

Yeah and it’s Cringe. Hopefully she grows out of it soon because I’m over women promoting fucking older men as cute.
https://www.instagram.com/reel/ClInH4htQn6/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=(this is an imageboard)

No. 287422

tbh if Amina didn't plaster that he is gen X and he's soooo much older than her everywhere I wouldn't have even noticed judging from OP's pic. Amina doesn't look super old or anything, but they definitely don't look 20 years apart. Jus a pretty boring, normal looking couple that I wouldn't even look twice at in public.

No. 287424

File: 1679467961048.jpeg (174.08 KB, 1042x1249, 3415E6EC-642C-4318-AE05-DC15DD…)

Her last era was the sex work thing and that failed, she never even posts about sex work activism anymore. She’s in her loli wife era and I’m assuming next she’s going to try being a mommy blogger when she ages out of the loli shit. I honestly couldnt do escorting and have to see reviews about myself like pic related online so she’s probably traumatized which is why she dropped the whole thing. Everyone told her this would happen but she didn’t listen.

No. 287430

File: 1679470730238.jpeg (270.84 KB, 1242x1598, 4D339693-08CA-4E8E-AB12-0274EE…)

Old screenshot from her Twitter when she got engaged that made me lol
She was always a mess but harmless

No. 287433

God what an ungrateful scrote, sex work: not even once. I bet she looked 100 times better than he did, yet he crawls online to post that shitty review.

No. 287463

When are these girls gonna learn that men do not respect sex work or sex workers? It's ridiculous to think other wise.

No. 287484

NTA but yeah, you seem a bit “jelly”

No. 287492

This whole thread is trash but this this is pretty hilarious

No. 287497

File: 1679504082814.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 349.71 KB, 1284x2073, 3A691E42-80E5-4BBD-AFA6-69E1A2…)

They definitely ddlg role play in the bed room. Idg why she tries to deny that it’s their kink when that’s the kind of porn she’s been doing for years.

No. 287501

It’s funny how all the ex internet idol cows(Venus angelic, Yukapon, amina,keekihime) are in their mid 20s or nearing their 30s are still on this nymphette and daddy shit. Mid 30s is going to be a really milky time for them.

No. 287516

This slut belongs in the DDLG snow thread.

No. 287568

Again, what is there even to be "jelly" of anon? Who in their right mind would be jealous of a sex worker who dates or marries old men? You are reaching. Just look at >>287424 or >>287497 no one genuinely want to live like that.

No. 287579

File: 1679526643352.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 11.22 KB, 299x168, F7D88C59-825A-40CC-BD64-C7A48D…)

Exactly. There’s nothing for anyone to be jealous of and eventually when she grows out of her old man kink phase she’s going to have porn all over the internet of her fucking old men forever. I’d never want that.

No. 287584

She's over 18 by almost 10 years, its all consentual, it's this really her only milk? Give us more than an age gap sex worker who's almost 30 and her older man. Anything recently? This is all old.

No. 287590

It wouldn’t be cow behavior if she just happened to be dating an older man and didn’t focus on the little girl and daddy aspect of it. The school girl and submissive little girl part of her attraction to older men is what makes it weird and cringe.

No. 287594

Cool. What else? There's not much reason for a thread if that's all her milk. Did she scam? Did she kill someone? Is she dating other people? It looks like she just dies this in her committed relationship, so where is the milk?

No. 287595

Well I’m not a mod so I can’t close the thread. You can hide it if it’s triggering you this much kek

No. 287597

I'm asking if anons have other milk in her besides her ageplay in a consenting monogamous relationship and the age gap? Idc about the thread, but that's all anons have mentioned while posting 5 year old "proof". I'm not even asking to be spoonfed. Does she scam or something?

No. 287600

>5 years ago
All of this stuff is from a few months ago and the past two years

No. 287601

Again with the age gap stuff.

No. 287602

Is scamming and murder the only requirements allowed for people to be cows now a days?cows are also people who are just cringe and post embarrassing shit that people laugh at.

No. 287604

I think you might lack an understanding of milk a cow needs to have a thriving thread. An age gap and doing porn isn't much.

No. 287607

Then hide it or report it. The mods will do what they wanna do with it.

No. 287614

I'm trying to get across that you guys need more, so post more than the age nitpicking. If she's doing something really milky I am interested like other anons might be. I haven't said the thread needs to be closed. But if it's all just age gap morealfagging, what's the point?

No. 287615

Like I said if you don’t feel the thread has an adequate amount of milk and anons are just jealous of her you can hide the thread and report it. End of conversation kek

No. 287624

Anon said nothing of jealousy. I think you're confused by the number of anons who think this thread is shit.

No. 287634

NTA, but cool there's one "ur jelly" WK anon and one "not enough milk!" anon. Just report for shit thread, hide thread, or post milk? What's the point of going on and derailing the thread endlessly? There are obviously multiple anons interested in discussing her rn and making posts of recent milk.

No. 287638

File: 1679545058065.png (1.25 MB, 1223x913, whitewomenarejealous.png)

Took 20 mins to scroll her twitter and she's definitely a cow still. Here's her claiming that all white women are jealous she took their men and it's totally definitely not just women being disgusted by the age gap.
>the man in question

No. 287640

File: 1679545495014.png (366.51 KB, 1352x624, maidcafesareracist.png)

More on her accusing women of being jealous of her dating fat ugly moids. This time it's racist maids.

No. 287641

File: 1679545585027.png (1.24 MB, 1180x865, husbandcosplay.png)

This is just a really bad cosplay from her ugly husband that I thought was funny. kek

No. 287642

File: 1679545775987.png (329.16 KB, 1490x784, autism1.png)

Not sure if she is formally diagnosed, but she goes on and on about her aspergers and autism a lot.

No. 287644

File: 1679546100318.png (392.18 KB, 590x1002, aidatingsim.png)

She is apparently writing a autobiography and randomly keeps asking for feedback for the idea of an AI made dating sim? Beyond this her only other artistic pursuit appears to be her half blog, half pseudo editorials titled "bimbollectual" which has already been sampled throughout this thread.

No. 287646

File: 1679546339309.png (Spoiler Image, 177.89 KB, 586x631, scabmeatcomission.png)

Recent commission from popular DDLG artist scabmeat. I guess this was supposed to be her? kek

No. 287647

File: 1679546456529.png (934.23 KB, 899x879, amina.png)

For reference this is what she currently looks like. Though judging by her foot in the right image there might be some editing at play.

No. 287648

>finessed a white man

Shes going to get screwed over by her husband then be ashamed like when she was boasting about being a sex worker. She never learns kek

No. 287649

File: 1679547206618.png (Spoiler Image, 271.77 KB, 1096x690, scabmeat.png)

Oops I was actually wrong and mixed this artist up with that other "Jenny" that does exclusively black DDLG art because the character looked pretty similar. After peeking at her twitter it's obviously some other degenerate.

No. 287650

File: 1679547389423.png (75.25 KB, 585x635, eurasiansupermodels.png)

Just like how Yumi King thought she "finessed a white man" and look how that went for her. Imagine thinking this >>287641 is a prize. kek

It also seems like she's very intimidated by actually attractive men as seen in picrel. It's no wonder she seems to have a history of dating ugly older men, even by her own self admission as seen in >>287640

No. 287651

File: 1679547680842.png (83.61 KB, 581x633, femcelclaims.png)

Okay I've posted a ton already but just a couple last ones for now, though I'm sure there's still plenty of content to be found on her social media and "bimbo" blog". Here's her talking about her femcel "glow up".

No. 287652

Does she think her husband is retarded? He’s 46 and I’m sure he reads all this non sense she posts. He’s not going to get manipulated by a 26 year old autist. He saw a vulnerable woman most likely and wanted someone who does what he wants.

No. 287653

File: 1679548023127.png (372.14 KB, 582x927, selfimageissues.png)

And while this doesn't make her a cow per se, it does give us an idea of her struggles with self image. She claims she's had an eating disorder because she "developed really young" and despite that she was stunted socially and liked to watch cartoons and play with kids younger than her. This caused issues for her as a teen and going into adulthood. She does go onto say she was sexually assaulted by a male friend and that she felt she wouldn't have been assaulted if she jad been more thin and "worthy of protecting"? Just all around kind of weird and might give some insight in her seeking out older, often out of shape men herself.

I honestly only got about 5min into the 20min video, but I might go back and watch the rest of it at some point. She's also had a nosejob which is interesting considering how she claims so much pride in being black? She also seems to think her nosejob was botched and made a youtube video about it, but I haven't watched that either yet.

No. 287655

File: 1679548298585.png (208.64 KB, 584x627, neckbeard.png)

I think she seeks out men she sees as providers and are "safe". Men who are too attractive seem to intimidate her because she's "not like the other girls" and is a "neckbeard" or "femcel".

No. 287656

File: 1679548469412.png (125.42 KB, 584x683, itspinkii.png)

Okay this is the last one for real now. kek

She was in one of Yukapon's music videos and says they are longtime friends. Refer to the "Pinkii" thread to see why this is cringe. Birds of a feather though I suppose. Makes me wonder too if Natalia ever did SW at the cafes with her while in Japan considering she's well known to date older Japanese men as well.

No. 287669

Reading this made think, black woman probably get the most shit for changing anything about themselves.

No. 287687

File: 1679568699570.jpg (8.63 KB, 449x176, b9743d8643a27fa7e50fa8b7938c68…)

I'm just gonna leave this here…

No. 287713

File: 1679584081838.jpeg (98.03 KB, 1284x647, 5E3D17FF-82AB-4CC0-BA25-FB700C…)

The thing that kills me about Amina is when she tries to act like an nlog innocent autist who doesn’t know about sex and attraction. Girl, you’ve been in prostitution and porn for almost a decade! You aren’t dumb or innocent.

No. 287716

File: 1679585512215.jpeg (256.99 KB, 1284x1532, 1503C387-F6A4-4A82-ACD9-30CD9E…)

Old milk but more reviews from her sex work days under her alias jenny

No. 287718

File: 1679585671059.jpeg (327.6 KB, 1284x2199, 4F015B50-9FD5-4AAB-8422-B62D29…)

No. 287719

File: 1679586097991.jpeg (469.62 KB, 1284x2454, A235EF7B-2DA9-4B55-AA79-3AC6F3…)

Amina’s response to the guy

No. 287722

How is this milk? It's just scrotes being disgusting

No. 287724

File: 1679587641253.jpeg (77.27 KB, 1284x512, 31A67F04-93A6-40FA-A565-EFD69C…)

I feel like she’s more insecure about being black than she’s willing to admit. She used to claim she was Canadian and mixed when she used to escort. She would also get mad when clients reviewed that she’s darker in real life.

No. 287726

It's not milk.

No. 287727

No one cares what men have to say. Fuck off.

No. 287728

I mean yeah but Amina was very proud to be an escort and constantly promoting sex work so it’s funny to see how these men actually don’t give a fuck about sex workers at all

No. 287729

You're posting shit from 2017 and 2018.

No. 287730

That’s why I said it was old milk

No. 287731

This thread is pure vendetta.

No. 287732

You seem obsessed

No. 287733

File: 1679588221973.jpeg (159.95 KB, 1284x884, 69C13FFC-54FB-4B7B-B260-7A818D…)

Last old milk review I saw. These men on these escort sites talk about women like dogs, you would think since they are paying for sex they could be more respectful.

No. 287734

Where did she promote sex work anon?

No. 287735

>7 years ago

No. 287736

You're unhinged.

No. 287737

Anon is posting thread after thread of sex buyer reviews from 7 years ago. Reeks of vendetta. Amina has talked about CSA on her blog and seems like she moved on from sex work. She's always been pretty awkward but never enough to warrant this…Just move on anon…

No. 287740

It’s new milk for me because I’ve never seen it before or seen it posted on here. I’m sure other anons would like to read it for entertainment purposes.

No. 287741

File: 1679589121039.png (64.91 KB, 1053x552, weh.png)

Looks like she gave up her cam girl stint as soon as she got married. I vaguely remember her doing some couples porn with her new moid but it was more unsexy than actual milk.

No. 287743

File: 1679589348006.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 135.32 KB, 1920x1080, E7FBDBD0-CD5E-4813-BD83-96A64B…)

Her pet play porn was extremely unattractive. Hopefully she feels regretful about spending years degrading herself for old white men.

No. 287747

File: 1679589772842.gif (187.64 KB, 220x220, 07A8E651-D600-4E1A-9C03-A9FC68…)

>lother" anons
>same person posting same vendetta thread referencing a decade's old internet beef
>"milk" from 7 years ago

No. 287748

>old posts again

This thread is shit

No. 287750

So anon wants to use this as an archive of old milk bc they have no new milk. Wtf

No. 287751

Post new milk, retarded newfag

No. 287754

>to new anons
thread is created and bumped by one person with screenshots from 2017.

No. 287756

File: 1679590327518.jpeg (157.67 KB, 1284x1410, 309D5C6A-748B-4975-B782-37321A…)

Imagine being a 25 year old woman posting content like this…

No. 287757

Wow, men reuploading sure is milk and not just shitty scrote behavior. This doesn't make new milk. It's old videos since creep held in to to spam upload. Jfc, anon.

No. 287758

Yeah, don't care. She's not doing sex work anymore and she's in a monogamous relationship. Laughing at old milk that won't happen again seems worthless. Could've put this shit in any of the irrelevant sex worker threads, but you newfags don't know how to integrate.

No. 287759

rofl you just doxed yourself anon

No. 287762

Why are you so triggered though? You don’t know her kek

No. 287779

Holy hell. That’s beastiality

No. 287785

File: 1679594045428.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 228.64 KB, 1284x2249, FE3FF0D2-D80A-4ABF-BB83-6B9F22…)

No. 287787

File: 1679594443443.jpeg (210.71 KB, 1284x1852, 8DB8EAC4-C5AB-4B3E-8C32-13BD72…)

Her husband crashpad profile. They’re both degenerate.

No. 287794

File: 1679596226391.jpeg (234.01 KB, 1284x1806, 8B921148-40D3-4F0F-910C-9792DA…)

>painted pink nails
>born to fuck tshirt

He’s probably going to troon out soon

No. 287798

Bc your thread sucks and you keep bumping it with 7 year old shit

No. 287809

>finessed a white man
Girl that is not difficult to do, why is that an achievement?
Anyway haven't heard her name in a long time and surprised she's married, but other than the NLOBG behavior and the age gap schtick I don't see much milk.

I agree with a nostalgia thread though

No. 287810

Randomly walked in here from the front page and read it all in 15 minutes, it was educational in a horrible way for me kek so. To the one anon who posted all this stuff that isn't good enough for others, thanks I guess

No. 287812

File: 1679599124527.jpeg (234.59 KB, 1284x2063, 79DE86E3-72DB-4DBE-864F-58E689…)

Amina’s crashpad profile

No. 287853

The last porn on here was 2021.

Not even new milk, again. Clearly doesn't use it, not even promoted on her socials or linktree. Goid job posting a dead page, anon. Totally fresh milk, amiright?

No. 287869

I tried to post new milk and it got derailed by the reeeing WKs and old scrote reviews. Not everyone here is a vendettachan, but you also don't need to spam WK this cow either. Her Twitter and blog is full of milk. I don't get why you are WKing for her so hard.

No. 287870

File: 1679611494718.jpeg (190.48 KB, 1284x1501, DD4F86E1-5AB0-4F51-AD18-BA0F29…)

In the old threads there was always this anon coming in complaining about vendetta and no milk kek probably the same anon from the old threads.

No. 287872

Amina used to use the farms too back in the old Amina vs. Micky days. We've seen similar WKs in Yukapons thread screeching on and defending her too. I wonder if all these old cows have a group chat somewhere where they rally the troops because what random anon would care this much to WK a literal weeaboo hooker for days on end.

No. 287887

I’ve seen those posts in yukapons thread too but the wking in there isn’t as bad as here because Amina has a real dirty past that she really wants to cover up so her wk is probably more vigilant. Kind of like in the old days when she was trying to deny she was an escort and claiming that she’s still a virgin and her wks were working really hard not to have that proof come out. She doesn’t want people to be able to google her and see all the cringe shit she’s doing in one thread but also isn’t smart enough not to connect that shit to her real name and stage name.

No. 287888

You guys are so paranoid. It’s not one person “WKing” or a concerted effort by Amina to cover up her past, it’s a bunch of people who think it’s pathetic to try to start a thread about someone who hasn’t done anything milky in years. She doesn’t deserve her own thread these days. Even back then her thread died because I she wasn’t milky anymore.

No. 287900

I agree with you anon. Maybe with enough constant old milk the farmhands will see there's no reason for it to exist when there's nothing fresh. The people who cares anyway laughed at all years ago. This isn't an archive.

No. 287904

samefag but
>inb4 someone tries to claim I’m actually Amina because of the phone typo “I she” lol

No. 287912

File: 1679616414504.jpeg (125.67 KB, 1284x919, B967898F-153E-40C4-8898-A18BA3…)

Yes this opinion is very weeaboo and stupid. I can tell when she’s posting her hot takes she’s really feeling herself with how pretentious she always come off as.

No. 287936

File: 1679620069621.png (42.18 KB, 738x591, prodeepfakes.png)

It's weird how she tries to dodge the "weeaboo" label but admits how she is obsessed with anime, maid cafes and places like akihabara (to the point of being hired by a tour company?). She also constantly calls herself a femcel or neckbeard, but refuses the weeaboo label? Makes no sense.

Here's a pretty tone-deaf bit of one of her articles of her being pro deepfakes and using ai for sexwork.

No. 287941

She must not understand that ai and deep fakes can be used to make porn of real people who aren’t consenting

No. 287950

File: 1679620996773.jpeg (174.59 KB, 1284x1680, EF6BCEC9-74CD-41EA-A399-E579EF…)

>Fellow sex worker makes comment on how amina tries to act like a kid
>sex workers account is deleted a day later

Her minions must’ve mass reported or started harassing her kek

No. 287954

File: 1679621260512.png (54.5 KB, 750x732, stayathomegirlfriend.png)

It's also interesting that she wants to use AI to make deepfake porn of herself instead of working her "sexwork is real work" job. Apparently since marrying, she hasn't worked at all besides updating her blog and youtube channel of 4.5k followers. She basically has no income currently and has described herself as a "stay at home girlfriend".

No. 287955

File: 1679621293707.jpeg (273.05 KB, 1284x1820, F30E4B78-91D7-475D-8621-B5C6EF…)

Amina playing dumb like she doesn’t understand how she’s pedo baiting and the kind of image she likes to put out

No. 287956

>It's also interesting that she wants to use AI to make deepfake porn of herself instead of working her "sexwork is real work" job.

Even if she doesn’t need money she’s still an attention whore of lives off male validation. With ai porn she can still get the attention from men she craves without having to do the actual work or deal with the down sides of sex work.

No. 287958

File: 1679621783423.jpg (66.51 KB, 909x713, 9dc6fe16201289.jpg)

>hasn't worked since getting married
>no real income, monthly YT income is $15
>taking month long vacations in Japan
Judging by how she talked about her "first boyfriend" in >>287640 she definitely seems like a gold digger above all else. No wonder she feels she "finessed" this ugly old white man. kek

No. 287961

She doesn't look like a child at all in the examples they used.

No. 287965

I know right. Zero milk. She's just wearing pink …anons are scraping by at this point. Actual pedobaiting cows like Belle are actually pretending to be kids. It makes me think the original anon came here after getting called out on Twitter.

No. 287966

File: 1679624165558.jpg (53.18 KB, 585x450, 023023.jpg)

I have to agree, she honestly looks a bit older than 26 most of the time and dresses pretty mature.

No. 287971

Kek probably. Nothing about her screams pedobait. Pastels and pigtails /=/ pedobait

No. 287976

I never said she looked like a child, that’s what the woman on twitter said. Like >>287966 said she looks older than 26 imo. Black don’t crack but unfortunately for her it is.

No. 287978

File: 1679625030005.png (407.11 KB, 611x512, kek.png)

she's definitely a rough 26 outside the filters

No. 287979

I think it’s probably because of the way she scrunches her face up when she takes a picture that makes her look like she has a lot of wrinkles. She needs to relax her face.

No. 287980

Where is the pedobaiting?

No. 287982

See below
>inb4 that’s not milk!

Yeah yeah kek

No. 287983

She's in her late 20s anon how is this pedobaiting? Belle literally does photoshoots dressed up as a kidnapped child. A thirty year old woman who looks 30 talking about dating older men isnt pedobaiting.

Amina has always been pretty cringe worthy but the reason these threads get closed is because the anon who posts here is cringier.

No. 287985

>Belle literally does photoshoots dressed up as a kidnapped child.
Amina has done similar porn shoots in the past when she was older than belle…. so I’m not sure why you’re bringing up belle

No. 287986

but youre posting moid comments from almost a decade ago and cringey blog posts

No. 287987

Nta, but then it comes back to old milk again which isn't worth anything if she's not even doing any of that anymore. She's cringey now but what else? If all you want to do is post archives then what's the point?

No. 287988

File: 1679626249024.png (678.34 KB, 680x646, current.png)

I think you have me and the other anon confused. I never said she's currently pedobaiting, I said she looks old for 26.

26 isn't 30 nonnie. Also, she's been dating and fucking old men since she was 18 and doing sex work. She also clearly leaned into the whole DDLG thing previously.

>I’m not sure why you’re bringing up belle
WK anon is just trying to strawman you tbh. I feel like at this point we should just ignore them and keep posting milk amongst ourselves as the WK is just going to act contrarian about everything.

No. 287991

> She also clearly leaned into the whole DDLG thing previously.

Not to mention amina was doing ddlg porn less than a year ago. I highly doubt her kinks have changed in such a short period of time.

No. 287992

No. 287994

But anon, that was a whole year ago! Cue "old milk" screeching WK. KEK

We're literally two different people you autist.

No. 287995

File: 1679627410537.jpeg (232.08 KB, 1284x1513, 067D9765-B42D-43BC-869D-EA28CC…)

It’s nice to see aminas husband is just as pretentious as she is. Of course he would believe the reason sex work is stigmatized is because of jealous women kek

No. 287996

File: 1679627614328.jpeg (140.79 KB, 1284x1515, 4F04B617-4784-4AE7-A748-2CFDF5…)

Same fag….equal amount of delusion too

No. 287998

He's right though

No. 288000

File: 1679627976893.png (222.64 KB, 582x895, 03459211.png)

Even in the photos where she isn't scrunching tho? She looks dehydrated and her edges are always a mess.

As if men don't constantly say things like "you can't turn a hoe into a housewife"?

No. 288001

Nice try cropping out the date on another old post

No. 288002

lol this thread is proof he is right

No. 288003

>made an anonymous twitter account to post screenshots


No. 288005

Men fuck sex workers it doesn’t mean they like them and Amina had to learn that the hard way

No. 288006

Why not post about the moids then? Why spend so much time talking about another woman when moids fuck and exploit women all the time?

No. 288007

>why spend time gossiping about cringey weeaboos

Have you forgotten that you’re on lolcow?

No. 288008

still havent seen pedobaiting or promotion of sex work.

No. 288009

File: 1679628653364.png (113.17 KB, 580x628, lastdecember.png)

this is literally from just a few months ago. These WKs are out of control lmao

No. 288011

Wow, used a curling iron. Definitely pedobaiting.

No. 288013

So embarrassing.


That's all you post.

No. 288014

She looks like a little grandma without filters and makeup. Hair is fried and laid to the side.

No. 288018

File: 1679629387358.jpeg (202.33 KB, 1284x1518, DE0A4ACE-EE9A-48FF-97FD-15DE5F…)

I kind of feel like the nose job she got is giving her face kind of an uncanny valley look that’s kind of freaky

No. 288020

No. 288023

these are multiple people anon

No. 288027

That's even less milkier than anons desperate to say it was 20. You care this much about an age gap. lol

No. 288028

where did she say that nonnie?

No. 288029

File: 1679630125400.jpeg (78.06 KB, 1284x1018, 5909E78B-E094-4221-A678-5411FF…)

It seems like “daddy” had to remind her that they are 16 years a part not 20 kek he seems insecure about the age gap. I wonder how he really feels about her basically saying she’s just using him for money and doesn’t find him attractive at all. He must have no self respect to read that shit and still got married to her.

No. 288030

where does she say that nonnie?

also why did you delete your first pic

No. 288031

Sorry, it's obviously more than one anon, I genuinely meant WKs. Again, just hide the thread or report it if it's a "shit thread". Why continue derailing and posting itt for days if you don't even think it should exist? That's WK behavior.

No. 288032

A girl who finds her man attractive wouldve hyped him up and agreed with him that he’s handsome and rich. She just reminded him he’s a cash cow here >>287996

No. 288033

>and her edges are always a mess.

>her edges

So this is either Micky or one of Micky's friends still bitter over all the lies Micky's force fed them. So now they're posting a thread as some sort of "Gotcha!"

No. 288035

>talking about old drama with micky like it’s 2012

We aren’t allowed to talk about old milk so what are you doing right now?

No. 288036

They are both talking about money in the other example. At least follow your own argument.

No. 288037


…this is a reach anon. cant even see the entire thread.

No. 288046

I honestly do believe Amina is WK/boosting herself in this thread. There are insane amounts of shit threads in /w/, that do not get defended like this.
When Amina had a lot of milk, her thread(s) would get WK then locked/autosaged (Micky n Himeka too but you know)
I also think that there's a lot of samefagging on both ends.

No. 288047

File: 1679630545133.jpg (64.99 KB, 512x790, 034895723475.jpg)

Yes. Obviously only Micky would notice edges as horrible as these. No one else with eyes ever could. /s

No. 288051

To get back on topic, I'm new to Amina threads and have been trying to contribute to this one, but for the Amina oldfags here, is Amina du Jean a stage name or did she pull a shayna? Sorry if a spoonfeed request, but I searched old threads and couldn't find a clear answer.

No. 288052

Aminyan is her stage name from when she was an idol
Mimi fawn, jenny and aminyan_macaron are her porn and escort names
Amina du jean is her real name I think

No. 288054

File: 1679632614301.jpeg (48.82 KB, 1284x334, B19E0C13-BB7F-4990-9722-792B9E…)

Throw back to when Amina used to call herself a nigress. She used to be so damn annoying and it’s shocking that she still is years later.

No. 288057

>10 years ago

No. 288058

That’s why I said throw back and saged the post because it’s not new milk

No. 288059

Beyonce called Jay Z her negro. You're taking slightly cringey shit and blowing it way out of proportion. whenever people ask for receipts for pedo baiting you change the subject or also blow it out of proportion. that's why we call you vendetta.

No. 288060

>whenever I asked for receipts
There’s more than one anon in here

No. 288062

Judging by the lack of du jeans on facebook or elsewhere online, the surname seems potentially made up? The was a stripper in a 1992 movie with the surname, but I can find little else other than Amina's own social media. I think it might actually be a stage name too which would be smart considering her internet history at this point.

No. 288070

Only Micky or her calfs would care about that kind non-milk nonsense.

No. 288103

She belongs to the kabukihoes thread(sage your shit)

No. 288130

Why is this a problem?

No. 288133

File: 1679666136002.png (562.57 KB, 812x791, uglyscrote.png)

He should be insecure when he's running around looking like this in his late 40's. Dude gives me a mix of fupa and Yumi King's fat old scrote. kek

>I love being in Japan. Nobody judges me for having a husband twenty years older than me
Yet refer to >>287638 where she insists that outside Japan, people aren't disgusted by the age gap, but because she's a black girl who "finessed" a white man. Pick one, amina.

No. 288147

Amina had potential because she can speak Japanese fluently and had parents behind her to back her education and career. She’s a good example of what can happen if you don’t regulate your childrens internet usage and how you can fuck your life up being a pick me and wanting validation from men.

No. 288158

The thing is, her life isn’t fucked up. She’s married and financially supported living in Japan. This is the goal for a lot of women. Her history with porn and escorting does not seem to have negatively impacted her (as it shouldn’t).

Nta but the OP brings up Micky. I didn’t want to hi cow but I genuinely cannot think of anyone else who would care enough to make an Aminyan thread in 2023 but Micky or Barbie or anyone associated with them, especially with the only “milk” being that she’s a supporter of age gap relationships considering if I recall correctly both of them have had some regrets about their previous interests in age gaps and age play.

Well, you’re retarded then.

No. 288172

By her age could’ve had a stable career by now making a lot of money on her own but she spent a huge chunk of her youth trying to objectify herself for men because her self esteem is low

No. 288173

>married to a man old enough to be her father
>married to this degenerate ugly scrote >>288133 in particular
>has done incest, ageplay, and bestiality themed porn
>doesn't have a real job
>blogs almost entirely about sexwork
>future job prospects???
Yes, absolutely living the dream! She's basically trapped with this old scrote now.

No. 288175

Yep she’s trapped and the thing is amina didn’t even have to go into sex work or marry for money because she had parents financially supporting her so that she could go to school and focus on it. It all really boiled down to low self esteem.

No. 288179

You’re missing the point. By a lot of people’s standards she could have had a more respectable life, and you could say that about a lot of people, but she is pretty much living the goal for a lot of women. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying she did better than a lot of people in her position. She clearly doesn’t care about ever getting a traditional job or feel trapped because she’s taken care of. Her life is not ruined. t’s funny to me when people try to act like a cow could have won the Nobel prize if they only didn’t get into lolicon kek. Please, you all give her too much credit. She was always going to end up married to a geezer or in porn, she was an akiba idol. If you want to blame anyone, blame her parents.

No. 288180

>She was always going to end up married to a geezer or in porn, she was an akiba idol.

Not necessarily. Amina is a cautionary tale of what happens when you’re trying to get validation from men. You’ll just end up humiliated with a shit ton of regrets and she definitely regrets doing porn and sex work.

No. 288201

With all due respect in what universe is ending up a kept woman in San Francisco a cautionary tale? That’s the good end for the 2015-era weeb idols. Venus is a cautionary tale, Yuka is way more cringe, and everyone else is still escorting. People these days don’t really care about a porn and sex work history and most of hers was in Japan anyway. This is why people keep saying this is a vendetta thread. All the “milky” behavior is from years ago and wouldn’t even warrant an individual thread anyway.(derailing)

No. 288206

And yet her thread is only a couple days old and nearing 300 posts already, 60 of which are images or screenshots. You can keep writing essays on why you don't think she's a cow, but if people want to discuss her here they are going to. Please stop derailing and just hide the thread.

No. 288209

Just because he’s taking care of her now doesn’t mean he’s going to be a meal ticket forever. I’m sure she definitely feels humiliated having had to read detailed reviews about why scrotes don’t want to pay her for sex and if she ever has daughters they will be able to see 100s of pictures of her licking dog dick dildos and telling daddies to cum on her face just by googling her name…idk any woman who would want that as a goal in life unless it’s someone like shayna.

No. 288237

Would you rather someone younger be posting this? Also nice spoiler
Amina is cringe, and she could’ve been posted in a separate weeb cringe thread but didn’t warrant an entire one on her own.
Her defense of dating someone older and referring to becoming hot as a “cheat code for girls” seems like a cope. It’s gonna be a sad day when she isn’t as young or desirable to moids, they just use young women up and love onto the next.

No. 288241

Scrotes opinions are worthless since regardless they still pay.

No. 288246

File: 1679687022520.png (237.41 KB, 583x394, delulu.png)

I agree she should probably be in another general thread like kabukihoes or maybe a nostalgia thread as mentioned previously itt. Though I'd honestly feel bad if the WKs started derailing other threads too.

I wonder about her future too tho. I know essay anon was trying to make it out like she had won the weeaboo lottery or something, but her stability rn is solely dependent on a gross moid who is her john turned husband. She might be able to secure a degree on her husbands or parents dime, but what happens when they search her name and find the dog dildos and little girl sex roleplay? On top of her not having any work experience outside of selling her body and porn? These young girls who get into sex work never seem to really think of the long-term and she definitely doesn't have the fanbase to be the next sasha grey or something. She might be better off than crackwhores like Lorena, but is the bar really that low? If boring ol' Taylor R is a cow, Amina definitely is.

No. 288249

> She might be able to secure a degree on her husbands or parents dime

She seems too lazy for that and wouldn’t wanna work or go to school.

No. 288256

File: 1679688606973.png (65.31 KB, 583x498, gradprog.png)

She seems to have some sort of a degree already, but who knows for what. She made this post about twitter stalking some professors of a grad program she's interested in. I have a feeling she's really banking on her YT and editorial career taking off and wants to try to grift off that, but I just don't see it happening. I'd assume her degree is in something relating to journalism or the sort. After all one of her old johns was a writer for Daily Beast and Japan Times. He even wrote a couple articles about her during her idol days. kek

No. 289734

File: 1680319335189.png (451.42 KB, 375x847, granny.png)

she needs to have her "rich husband" get her a stylist tbh

No. 289735

File: 1680319411399.png (419.76 KB, 596x434, amin.png)

and a hairdresser. she's looking busted

No. 301813

always wondered what happened with her. she came to japan with an idol career already set up, enrolled in sofia university, but then got involved with sugar daddies went off the rails

No. 301816

pretty sure she knows jake adelstein because he was one of her sugar daddies

No. 301818

Idk even with the terrible wigs she always looks cute to me. Glad she got the happiest ending out of all the black weeb drama girls from back in the day, she seems harmless enough. Went the typical weeb route and got a sugar daddy lol, hope she keeps her own money in a separate account.

No. 301822

She was making shayna tier puppy porn with this guy before he married her. She might be better off than some of the ex weeb wannabe idol cows of the past, but she's still pretty gross if you bother taking a peek at her blog.

No. 301825

Yeah, she's pretty chill and tends to actually try to talk about sensible stuff from what I've seen.

Meh, outfit is decent, shoes could be better. The hair is hers, but she definitely needs to keep a brush on hand to keep it a bit neater when taking pics.

No. 301826

isn’t it weird how Amina’s thread always gets bumped at the same time as Micky’s…

No. 301827

It's mostly vendetta since shes not milky anymore.

No. 301849

The weirdest part is it's WKs bumping it this time around talking about how she looks nice, got lucky marrying this old creep, and her pro-SW scrote-centric stances are totally normal takes. Something is definitely off ITT.

No. 301898

I'm the one that said she looks good and got the best ending out of all the black weeb girls in that circle, doesn't mean she got an actually good ending. Just look at those crazy eyes and smile. She's clearly been through some shit and went off the deep end. She just ended up better than Micky and Angela, which is a low bar.

No. 301928

Are you high? The post that bumped this thread is >>301816 the rest of these are saged, they can't bump a thread.

No. 301957

kek sorry anon, I have one of the alternate color templates on and it threw me off. Still though, it's weird to see people who seem to be WKing her despite all the evidence of her being a massive degenerate herself.

That's understandable. Ngl, I used to root for Amina too, but now I just find her current trad wife pick-me larp unbearable considering her previously mentioned shayna-tier SW and near constant pro-scrote worship. Definitely better than the mess that Mickey and Angela ended up, but that bar is so extremely low. Crazy they all ended up hookers at one point or another.

No. 307160

there’s no scrote worshipping. you’re bordering jealousy, and this chick is not larping as anything. she’s an old, stretched out hag now. if the woman wants to be with some ugly smelly grandpa then what can you do? be better. find someone better. nobody cares about amina’s old ass. finding an old white man will not make us forget about the yellow fever porn shit she did in japan

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