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No. 40202

Previous thread: >>22555

Taylor R is a “hardworking” “self-made” “successful” former model and Youtuber from Canada whose main claim to fame used to be copying Dakota’s embarrassing 2012-2015 living doll phase. She’s since abandoned this endeavor to copy Casey Neistat, the Kardashians, and Jenna Marbles, among others. Her latest schtick is bad DIY videos and boring 30-minute vlogs in which she recaps serious challenges from her week, including hiring an assistant (for no apparent reason), eating food, drinking Starbucks coffee, exercising, and seeing various scam artists (fortune tellers, naturopathic healers).

Her newly minted husband, Tom Lip, bought her a giant engagement ring from Tiffany’s with the bundles of cash he earns running “digital marketing” companies. One of these companies, MenClub, was exposed for featuring at least 8 underage (age 12-16) girls in skimpy clothing on their site. After news of this spread, Taylor made two videos defending the right of men to ogle children (it’s “cultural”! Don’t like, don’t click!) and insisted that she was never an escort, a claim no one ever made seriously. The purpose of the MenClub “private room” (which requires an individual to vet the applicant’s salary) is still unknown. Taylor claims that it’s for latte-making classes and "cigar nights." Tom's defense of his business ethics throws new light on Taylor's dolly phase, given that he immediately recognized how to monetize Taylor's "innocent" look while still dating her.

It seems that most of Taylor's work since she started dating Tom can be traced back to his businesses. Taylor started out by working for Beauty Exchange, did work for MenClub (though she denied it), and was promoted by Studio 54. There are probably many other connections between Tom and Taylor's "success," despite her insistence that her "success" is separate from his. (While he finances the entire lifestyle she displays on her blog.)

Taylor still manages to be relatable after giving up modeling by purchasing two condos with Tom’s money (one in downtown Toronto, one custom-built in Hong Kong) and flying back and forth between them. Her new full-time jobs include getting her face thoroughly frozen with botox/fillers, traveling in first class & by helicopter for no reason, and getting pregnant by Tom as soon as possible. Anything that happens in her life (such as an ovarian cyst ) is immediately used and milked for views from her teenaged followers, whom she brainwashes with her unique blend of stupidity, pseudoscience, and defenses of her (and her husband's) moral failings.

Taylor’s Links:

Tom Lip's controversial site for men: https://www.menclub.hk/


No. 40209

Gonna be honest I’m jealous as hell of Taylor’s trophy wife life.

No. 40212

kek well summarized!

for the pseudoscience, is that just the naturopath/fortune telling, or is there something else?

No. 40215

Hah, looks likes she’s finally twigged that she’s going to age out for Tom in a few years. Fillers and surgery can only hold back time so much. No wonder she’s so keen to have a baby. Gotta get that shit locked down.

I’ve always wondered how she felt about his obvious preference for her sexy toddler style.

No. 40218

* her false ideas about birth control affecting fertility long-term (she's just afraid of weight gain)
* her belief (now) that her acne is from diet or bc she is not digesting/absorbing nutrients (ED logic)
* the fact that she never gives any treatment an actual shot (she does something for a week or two, then stops)
* she listens to Goop and believes it
* in her vegan phase, she rattled off some stunningly idiotic reasons to be vegan (calling milk "pus" and saying pigs are fat so eating them makes you fat)
* insinuating that her weight loss at 10-11yo was healthy & normal (when in fact she did it to be a ~model~). Kids are still growing then. By dieting when she was a tiny bit chubby as a kid, she probably stunted her growth.
* Endlessly talking about muscles, building a "butt" and toning her body when her workouts & diet are not designed to build muscle.
* Claiming to be gluten-intolerant while eating items that contain gluten (nice cream puff in the OP)
* Acupuncture. Chinese tea to treat acne.
* Burning sage to treat her dog's behavioral issues.

There are other things I'm forgetting, but those are a few.

No. 40220

oh, pregnancy as a cure for ovarian cysts. That's another one.

It doesn't cure cysts. Might prevent you from getting one while you're pregnant, but that's it. She can't seem to comprehend that she had something bad happen to her but it was a fluke. Normal women get cysts. Most don't twist the ovary. There's nothing one can do to cure or prevent a functional cyst unless you have a condition like PCOS, which can be treated to some extent . But all of this is too complex for Taylor, and it wouldn't lead to a big dramatic video about her !!hospitalization!! and how she has to get pregnant right away bc she doesn't want to take hormones.

No. 40234

I thought he was weirded out by the childish style. That is what I saw her imply. Did he say something?

No. 40243

she's into Goop?! big yikes

No. 40257

Taylor fits exactly in Goop's target audience: vain, stupid, bored and rich. It would be glorious if she launched her own health/lifestyle website like Gweneth because it would be full of unnecessary and delusional things. She should be careful though because Goop was sued for claiming that jade eggs for your vagina are healthy and she had to pay $145.000.

No. 40262

Both of them have said multiple times that her style attracted him to her. When he met her irl, he was astonished at how she looked like a doll and a princess. When he chose her outfit for a video, he picked a schoolgirl-esque outfit. He suggested to her that she start doing dancing videos (probably suggested doing it in seifuku too).

Dude is into the young style.

No. 40317


Tom met Taylor and turned her into a Kotaclone to market her as a kawaii white model who loves Japan, but it was all marketing.

No. 40432

File: 1552916563702.png (470.03 KB, 935x558, Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 9.40…)

Taylor said in IG that she dropped out of business studies in college…

Does this mean she dropped out twice? Once for business and once for nutrition studies?

How expensive is it to attend college in HK?

No. 40452

lol what's she gonna talk to them about? being lucky that you're cute and found a rich guy?

No. 40453


>I was a mid-tier model and met a guy who likes ageplay and makes money off sw ualized teens so I copied a photoshopped 16 year old to make him want to marry me

>stay in school and study hard so you can follow your dreams like me!

Taylor was a lot less annoying before when she tried to pretend she did everything herself as an independent woman following her dreams. Now she needs to sit down and shut up because all she's doing is downplaying her luck as hard work like anyone else could just end up with a rich man after pretending to be a 16 year old in heat.

No. 40456


>Hi folks, I dropped out of college twice and stopped working as a mid-tier model at the ripe old age of 24. I gave up on every dream because my rich husband would buy me a new one like my shitty Youtube career popularity.

How she doesn't bury her head in the sand and lay low is beyond me. I'd be fucking embarrassed to do a speech about hard work and following your dreams with that track record.

No. 40469


Exactly this. She's as much of a fraud as Dakota, just a slightly more successful fraud.

No. 40470


well, maybe more than slightly successful since she's taken care of for life now and Dakota is struggling to pretend she still lives&models in JP. Haha.

sage for double post.

No. 40582

File: 1553044194511.png (257.86 KB, 315x496, Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 8.58…)

Holy hell. I hope when she's showing these pictures she isn't shilling the whole " I was once chubby" story. Girl, you're 30 and need to let it go. Does she bring this up because it's her only accomplishment?, Losing 10lb twenty years ago. ( Even that she probably didn't do on her own. kek )

No. 40595

I'd give anything to attend, I'd piss myself laughing. Why invite a spoiled gold digger when you have women with real success stories all over the world? Surely they have some of those in HK too. And if the class is specifically about social media/modelling, there is no way that she was the best pick out there. And she must stop trying to seem relatable. She's not terrified at all, she can't wait to blab about herself for an hour. She's trying to go for the genius who dropped out but still made it look but the reality is everything has always been handed to her. One has to be 13 to fall for her shit. Sorry for ranting, I've never posted in her thread before but I've seen her unfold since the Dakoclone phase and this is just the pinnacle of her hypocrisy.

inb4 sugar daddy also got her this gig

No. 40603

>Does she bring this up because it's her only accomplishment? Losing 10lb twenty years ago.

This and because she loves playing the victim. She should stop with this shit and acknowledge her privilege.

She's the epitome of the Dunning–Kruger effect. Incompetent people often consider themselves brilliant and they have a lot of self-confidence because they lack self-awareness.

No. 40620

IIRC she only lost the weight because her parents got her a nutritionist or personal trainer or something, and only because she thought she was fat. Back in her dolly phase when she was still pretending to be single she made a video with her family in Canada and her mom called her bullshit on camera- "you were never fat".

No. 40622

Who in hell invited her? She hasn't did anything successful? Youtube??.. Don't make me laugh.

No. 40635

Honestly can"t wait for the video to get posted

No. 40647


You know she'll edit out any bits that could embarrass her or any questions that make her look stupid.

No. 40729

>She's the epitome of the Dunning–Kruger effect.
No she isn't. Kanadajin3 is. In fact Miranda is such the epitome of it, I'm surprised her picture isn't in the case study.
Taylor on other hand is basically pretty realistic about her level of success especially in modelng (she knows she was a mid-tier commercial model at best) She knows that her youtube channel is only mildly successful (and it took a long time to get there at that) And most importantly she able and willing to laugh at herself. Self-deprecation is one of the abilities that people who truly have Dunning Kruger generally lack.
Taylor has some major insecurities (which is obvious) that she should hash out in a therapists office (God now she has the money for it) instead of spewing out on youtube. My guess is that being with Tom has magnified her insecurities considerably because he is a self made motivated very successful person. Taylor finds herself falling short compared to him, hence this whole business-oriented boss bitch thing she's striving for. The "work hard" stuff isn't her own mantra so much as it's his regurgitated. But's it's also the reason she doesn't follow through with things. Ultimately deep down, I don't think that she thinks she's good enough for him.

>IIRC she only lost the weight because her parents got her a nutritionist or personal trainer or something, and only because she thought she was fat
She lost the weight by eating healthy and working out. That's it. Her parents didn't even care or think that she was fat (because she probably barely was). She was bullied in school cause kids are assholes and can always find something to pick on especially someone as obviously insecure as Taylor.

TL;DR- Taylor is lazy and incredibly insecure but not necessarily cognitively bereft and that factor has pretty much shaped her life since she was a pre-teen.

No. 40730

The professor invited her and the students seemed to enjoy it.
It's the halo-effect.

No. 40737

TBH, a lot of Asian countries pride themselves on being skinny and their whole ideal is extremely thin. Its not super uncommon to actually have people who have gone through weight loss journeys do conferences on it. Its just weird they chose someone who isn't born from the country to do it though. Usually, they have people of the same heritage do the talks because skeletal structures and metabolisms and whatnot resemble those of the people watching it.

No. 40746

I also don't think she's representative of the Dunning-Kruger effect. However. She's completely obsessed with her looks and has been for ages. I went back to find some old pictures of her and it's just pages and pages of bug-eyed filtered edited selfies. She used to post almost exclusively selfies. I guess that's a thing now, but I still find it weird and narcissistic.

She talks all the time about her insecurities but she def thinks she's pretty and is trying to leverage that along with some awkward kind of quirkiness. I remember that vid she did with her Nana, "Look at all those pictures, you must really like yourself!" kek yeah

I know that sounds petty but I honestly cannot fathom being insecure about your looks and uploading photo after photo of yourself day after day. She uploaded much more often than Dakota did.

No. 40752

>She uploaded much more often than Dakota did.
Nah. Dakota when she was trying to go viral still has her beat. There are thousands of pictures of her "photo-shoots" at home. I'm aware that that sounds crazy but seriously, I'm still finding new pics from that time.

No. 40757


I'd rather listen to a motivation speech from someone who actually struggled with weight and not an idiot woman who had 5-8 pounds extra 20 years ago. The pictures she shows are deceitful because she only shows pictures of herself in massive oversized sweaters or with 70% of her body concealed. If you're trying to show your weight loss, why show pictures that don't even show anything.


>>I honestly cannot fathom being insecure about your looks and uploading photo after photo of yourself day after day.

Being "insecure" and having "anxiety" is the trend these days. I swear 70% of IG models or posters proclaim they have it. I find some do it as a defence like "you can't criticize me I have anxiety/extreme insecurity. You're going to cause my mental health to deteriorate". Or " I'm insecure so I have a right to lie about my looks and make others insecure".

I'm not saying she couldn't have either or, but I'm so tired of people using it as a marketing ploy or defence mechanism. Taylor likely has the average healthy level of insecurity ( because every woman and man has it) but just amps it up.


Kota was a mix between insecure and full of herself. She was full of self-importance. Taylor rode on her coattail and wanted what Kota had at the time. Recognition of being a "living doll". Taylor also had a sense of self-importance and wouldn't take jobs that wouldn't cater to her. Taylor was a successful mid-tier model and puts Kota's success and career to shame. Yet Taylor tossed that because she wanted to be special and idolized.

To me, Tayor is just better at keeping her self-importance and arrogance in check and hidden. I don't buy the "girl power, love and peace, girl boss overly friendly" BS. Wouldn't mind one day Sharla or Memei spilling the beans on the BTS. All Taylor's bffs from Japan are gossipers and drama queens.

No. 40814

She's just a glamourised baby girl

No. 40820

so is dakota :)

No. 41343

Daily subs now under 100 with less than 50,000 views most days. Social Blade shows a steady increase in subs since January but paired with a very steep decline in views since then, so obviously someone's still buying subscribers.

But she actually lost subs on 3/22 (-34) and 3/24 (-51) despite getting more views the entire week. The same days she released her apartment interior design video and university "lecture" video:

No. 41414

Now that the truth is out that Taylor was just a sugar baby getting handouts, & since she dyed her hair and keeps changing her personality I think more and more of her subs will drop off as time goes on. Nobody cares to watch a spoiled brat pretend she worked hard to get something she was given just because she was copying a pedobaiting teenager while watching her frantically cling to trends to stay relevant. Her whole interest in dolly/kawaii was only because Dakota got so much attention in Asia for her shoops, which was what Taylor wanted for herself and Tom bought it for her.

Now that she's married and doesn't give a crap about modeling or kawaii fashion anymore, all those subs that followed her to watch her copy Dakota are gonna flounce because nobody cares about a spoiled rich sugarwife pretending she spent 7 years working hard instead of fucking a rich man for everything she got.

No. 41428


Had a meet and greet… I skipped that whole part of the video. Boring.

Holy fuck I'm losing brain cells.

She's trying a new health thing because some quack told her it'll balance her hormones and digestion. It's just a bunch of liquid supplements. Was told she had signs of PCOS ( fucking kek ) and has high estrogen and too low progesterone.

She's taking Vitamin C and B5 and liquid zinc. Good to know she knows their water soluble and will be pissed out. Believes they'll improve her acne.

Admits to not finishing school and dropping out twice.

Uni lecture ( I skipped thru parts again )

Talks about childhood weight loss
> Fasting ( wouldn't eat past 7 pm and would fast for a while )
>skipping in her basement
>dietary changes
>controls portions
>cut back red meat ( now she eats none )
>joining sports teams

She built her fan base really slow on purpose because she wanted them to be more attached to her. Says slow is what grows a stronger community.

>Even if you have 9 followers and they're commenting, don't ignore them and comment back.

Kek, I'm pretty sure the only people she usually responds to are hate comments. I rarely see her engage with her fans unless it's her boasting about herself.

(student) -When you see some unfriendly comments on social media will you feel disappointed or upset about them?

>Ah, yes at first I was and it really affected me. I was really insecure. Uh, but now it really doesn't and I just leave it unless it's really hateful or hateful towards others than I just delete it and block them and move on. So, in other words, I just move on because it's such a waste of time. Misery likes company and they just want to bring me down with them. Just send them some love and move on.

She only responds to negativity though. Making salty remarks about whatever the latest gossip is about her.

(student) - I know the nature of social media and subscribers is always changing, so will you accommodate these changes, or be yourself?

>Oh, I'm always just myself and make what I want to make. A lot of people told me I should try to find what kind of content I want to make and stick with that, and a lot of YouTubers do that. BUT I was never interested in that because I can't figure out what I want to do. I also think that's what works for my viewers because they never know what to expect. I'm always trying new things, and at the end of the day if they don't want to watch my video they won't click on it. So, it doesn't hurt to try. So yea I just make what I want to make. ( Asks to take a selfie with the class as they're her first class )

More shopping and more food and prep for a girls night.

Running errands and something about a doctors appointment. Cafes - food - shopping.

Rambling. ( Which she does a lot of thru the whole video and every video )

I honestly tried to make caps for this video… But kinda failed as it's really boring and brain-numbing watching her.

No. 41571


Oh boy, she's so smug now about her popularity. Too bad the fanbase she built up is gonna disappear and be replaced with thirsty, aging wannabe sugarthots trying to pedobait a rich Asian daddy like Taylor.

No. 41572

did she forget the time she gave a speech (while dressed as a toddler) at a japanese uni?

No. 41651

The bulk of her popularity came after her dakota copying phase. That's quite a rant.

No. 41683

It’s an Ostrenga who’s wildly jealous they Taylor remains better off than them.

No. 41690

File: 1553697475373.jpg (66.76 KB, 656x543, seikei uni.JPG)

at seikei university

No. 41691

File: 1553698369662.jpg (84.24 KB, 640x640, 10303751_834619376587611_47083…)

No. 41693

Here's a video of her prepared Japanese opening. Note the powerpoint behind her.

No. 41705

jfc you can tell she doesn't understand a word of what she's saying, she just rushes through it without proper pacing or inflection …

No. 41709


Did you honestly expect something different from the uggu goddess of hard work?

No. 41938

What did she even lecture on?

No. 41981

On her pathetic life and how to b a sugar baby

No. 42164

How a pretty white girl from a well off family fucked a rich guy who bought her success and fame & if you work hard and stay passionate you too can achieve your dreams pf becoming rich and famous for being white and pretty.

She had no reason to be there and the only reason Tom got her that gig is so she can pretend he didn't hand her everything else since the day he met her.

No. 42188

Post-Kooter Clone Taylor gets the most real subs and views from her viral videos, which all have the same theme: quirky fashion, kind of in the way of Safiya Nygaard. I think the reason it's hard for her to grow is that people don't want the daily vlog crap and especially not this ~business boss b*tch~ stuff. If she focused on making more videos in the fashion niche, she could probably grow a decent channel and maybe THEN someday have authority to lecture on it.

She kind of did this but with her Hong Kong food series, which is just the wrong focus for her imo.

No. 42248


Her fashion sense is shit though.

No. 42254

I agree, but those are the only videos that people seem to like of hers consistently

No. 42491

She's boring as hell. Daily vlogs are shit and all she rambles about is a having a ugly baby. She acts like a 12 yr old, "girls nights sleepover," bitch are you serious??.. If you don't grow the hell up. I see why Sharla doesn't hang with her all that much so childish.

No. 42529

>she rambles about is a having a ugly baby
>She acts like a 12 yr old, "girls nights sleepover,"
>I see why Sharla doesn't hang with her all that much so childish

You're reaching and it's embarrassing to read your post.

No. 42662

whyyyyyyyy can't Taylor just stay in her lane and vlog about her glam sugar baby lifestyle. Taylor PLEASE drop the *~~girlboss!!*~ bullshit. It doesn't suit you and never will. We don't give a fuck about your speeches, and your audience at those don't seem to either. Give us vids about cooking, makeup, shopping and pretty camera shots

No. 42692

This is the fourth time in a row where she's lost subscribers after releasing a video. 2019-04-01: -161. 2019-04-02: -25. At this rate, it's better not to release anything at all. At least she doesn't go into the negatives when she's not uploading.

No. 42710

She needs to dye her hair back to her natural color, this platinum shit washes her out and makes her look busted.

No. 42720

It's funny to me that back then everyone was screaming that her hair was boring and after she went platinum everyone is screaming that she should go back to her old hair style.

No. 42737

What's funnier is how she went from her boring, yet long and thick hair to this washed out, flat style that clashes with her skin tone and makes her nose look bigger.

No. 42803


Is it just me, or are her cheek fillers SUPER obvious in this latest video? Her face is starting to look so waxy and uncanny, like all those old ladies who get too much plastic surgery. How awful to look this overdone by the age of 30 kek

No. 42804

I used to not think she got them (or at least dropped it by now). But her face looks really swollen. And you're right it's kind of lumpy, swollen, like injections. She is losing her looks which is unfortunate. If she left her face alone she would still be pretty. People with money I guess don't know how to slow down on the injections or do them discreetly enough.

No. 42817

That's really sad because 2-3 years ago people commented on her youtube channel how young she looks for her age. They all assumed she was 17 - 20 years old and now she looks like she's in her 30s. Nothing wrong with that but it's conspicuous how fast she has aged. Maybe it's her styling and hair or her fillers and botox. It's probably a combination of both.

No. 42819

I still can't get over that video where she tried to make age lines and couldn't make any wrinkles. I thought people under 40 were supposed to get lighter Botox ("baby Botox") to avoid that frozen look but prevent deep lines (if they want to get it at all). Her practitioner should get some of the blame for this.

She's had filler in her marionette lines for sure. That has always been obvious to me, not that it matters what she does to her face. Her decision.

The hair is all wrong for her skintone, but it's trendy, so of course she did it.

No. 42836

No but you tried I give you that!
Taylor needs to secure the bag or open her own business while she still can. A ring or a baby is not going to guarantee her. Too bad she's too busy acting like a 18yr old oof..

No. 42851

Her spat with Tom was hard to watch; it seemed like there was a lot of tension between them.

I wouldn't have included that in the video if I was her.

No. 42854

i feel like her hair just doesnt suit her and is making her look more rough than usual. The combo of white blond plus middle part/blunt cut is harsh on her features.

No. 42859


dude thats fucking nothing

No. 42862

Do Canadians use display towels? I'm firmly with Tom on this one, why have a towel there when you don't use it?

No. 42909

File: 1554349735840.png (175.89 KB, 250x500, Screenshot_2019-03-21-09-55-30…)



Only rich af people do. Which I guess ever since she married Tom she now feels like she can senselessly throw around his money. ( Since this is all on his credit card, so don't blame him for being annoyed )

( Screenshot is from a week or more ago )

No. 42923

kek, my poor-ass grandma had display towels and soaps we weren't allowed to use. It's a stupid thing but I don't associate it with being rich at all.

No. 42929

God I hate her current hair so much. She should go back to a more natural tone really. The white blonde and white face (no blush or contour) makes her look like a ghost

No. 42947

Well it's not like she's buying tons of brand clothing and accessories for herself. This is shit for their kitchen from when she went shopping with the interior decorator/designer person that he hired. Furnishing their home is something that he signed off on so it seems he's just making a shitty joke at her expense.

No. 42978

File: 1554398998782.jpeg (327.99 KB, 750x1197, 40B4A51B-35C7-40B6-92D0-7EF94C…)

No. 42984

this is unsettling to look at? it's making my body feel weird!!

No. 43046

God damn her husband is ugly

No. 43056

apparently she did another video of herself doing her make up IN the bag

No. 43073

File: 1554476337294.png (64.7 KB, 237x237, Screenshot_2019-04-05-07-58-31…)

No. 43151

I foresee endless gimmicks like this moving forward unless she has a baby soon. Even if she does, I bet money she'll put it in modeling or make it a YT prop.

There's just not much about Taylor herself that's interesting enough to warrant having a YT channel now that everyone knows she was being spoonfed by Tom since she started the dolly shit.

No. 43217

Yeah, having to pretend to be attracted to him, sleep with him, have his kids, and spend every day with him? I really couldn't do that, even if it guaranteed living in the lap of luxury in return. Seems like you have to be as dumb and lazy as Taylor to apply to the gold digger lifestyle.

No. 44061

File: 1555277468777.png (1.36 MB, 1169x752, rip.PNG)

I was wondering why Taylor was so quiet and it looks like her grandpa died. She seems really close to her family.

No. 44065

He seemed so nice in her Christmas Vlogs. I never much cared for Taylor's money but I always lowkey envied her family, it must be really hard for her.

No. 44074

I could never do it either. I can't imagine ever wanting money or the SAHM life badly enough to tolerate someone I didn't genuinely feel attracted to, especially if I was beautiful. I can't even be jealous of pretty girls with ugly husbands, what's the point of looking good if you end up with someone so far below your league?

No. 44107

Anon, looks are not forever. Everybody is going to be old and wrinkly (except Taylor - she's going to look puffy like Jocelyn Wildenstein - bless her), so it's better to look for someone who can secure your lifestyle or just marry for love.

No. 44165

I wouldn't mind getting old with someone, but these situations are always about men who are both ugly and significantly older than the girl. Fuck that.

No. 44183


Honestly, Tom has more to offer than Taylor does in the relationship. Dunno, why we act like beauty, holds that much worth when Tom is so well off he could easily find another gold digger. ( Probably a better-looking one) Wealthy men have no issue finding desperate models, and there are plenty of low/mid-tier models out there. As you said, beauty isn't forever but I'm sure Tom will always be well off. ( while Taylor will age and probably be half filler half leather bag )


No doubt she's likely back in Canada with her family at this moment. Might be a while before she returns to social media. I hope she doesn't make a pity me video out of this though. She does that and I'd lose what little respect I have for her.

No. 44348

Not me either.. I couldn't last one day. I rather be blind before I do that shit.

No. 44438


Tbh the posters here are probably teen girls who haven't begun to think about serious life stuff. Meh looking guy that's stable, hardworking, reliable, intelligent, etc >>> hot guy who is lots of fun but has no future.

Taylor doesn't seem to dislike being around him either, we can call it stockholm syndrome or grooming or whatever but it's not like she's forcing herself to be there solely for money, i think they enjoy each other's company. He's not super conventionally attractive the way she is, but he's not deformed or anything, just very plain looking.

No. 44455

Seriously, he's not deformed and they seem fine together. I also feel a lot of anons are either younger or immature.

No. 44467

I agree with you guys. They do swem to love each other and their relationship seems pretty normal. What there original motives were to date - who knows but they genuinely love each other

No. 44534

No most are adults with their own shit. Meh looking guy? If he has money any chick will fuck him. I wouldn’t be surprised he’s fucking a chick, while he’s away from Tay. If Tay likes him that’s all that matters. I just hope she do something with her life other than being a stay at home mom.. She can open a modeling agency since she has connections and experience.

No. 44610


So I am a career woman but I don't appreciate when people belittle SAHMs. That work is HARD. I know many former SAHMs that went back to work because working with other adults was easier for them than spending the whole day chasing around a toddler.

No. 44643

SAHMs that went back to work because working with other adults was easier for them than spending the whole day chasing around a toddler.
^ If you can’t take care of the kid don’t have one everyone knows having a kid is not easy. Where’ve you been?
Once she have a baby her channel will drop in views it already is.. If she can’t depend on YouTube opening a modeling agency would be good for a second income.

No. 44980


wait which is it? are SAHMs not doing anything meaningful with their life? or is having a kid hard?

No. 45184

File: 1556261999188.png (1.04 MB, 1169x563, thwuigwrhuiq.PNG)

First post in 3 weeks. Maybe we'll see more of Taylor soon.

No. 45235

File: 1556291939440.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-04-26-17-16-32…)

Finally new hair! It looks soo much better than that dead platin blonde before.
Sorry I couldnt get an better screenshot from her story.

No. 45241

Christ, she looks exactly like her dog, eyes and all

No. 45245

Is it still alive tho?

No. 45298

File: 1556312431232.gif (1.2 MB, 270x480, g3r3g3rqrqe.gif)

It really does suit her much more than platinum. I think Taylor could even do rose gold or silver and look OK, but the plat was just…….

No. 45531

it must be nice to have a life where you can just take off work for a month when your grandfather dies. Bereavement is bereavement, but people have to get on with life and this kind of wallowing is silly. Normal people take time off around the funeral or memorial service and go back to work while dealing with their sorrow.

No. 45532


I guess she was't too sad to get her hair done and use the snapchat dog filter though

No. 45539

Jfc it’s shit like this that puts y’alls cancerous nitpick threads on autosage

No. 45540

Have you ever lost anyone? I don't really think she's wallowing or playing it up, at least not yet.

Agreed. It's not like she used the dog filter at his funeral, jfc anons

No. 45544

File: 1556540625001.jpeg (237.08 KB, 828x1313, 537235A2-184B-41F1-AB9B-AA999A…)

Obnoxious hat, can’t imagine her being so ignorant. This hat is not a Hong Kong thing.
I’m surprised her husband didn’t tell her that.

Looking at the picture they took I cannot imagine them having sex, no money could make me look pass his looks, not even mentioning the 13yo girl drama he defended.

No. 45550

unpopular opinion? everyone is allowed one. Saged this post.

Yes I have lost people very close to me. I didn't take a month off of uni or work when my 6yo cousin died in a tragic accident, nor when my aunt (who was like a second mom to me) died. You deal with that shit by living your life.

She's entitled to grieve. I just think it's pretty rich that she's dragging this out, just like her (minor) surgery. Many people who lose their parents or children cannot even take a month off of work.

dog filter - well, she bravely puts on her makeup and goes to film (note: she claims that YT is her job now) everyday, but she can't because 'grandpa is gone.' Yet she doesn't have a problem doing other stuff so who knows.

No. 45552

Okay anon, you can stop now bc I think everybody already knows that you wouldn't have sex with him because he's ugly. Good for Taylor bc no competition and she can live her carefree multimillionaire life.

No. 45553


I’m not the same anon, it may be hard to believe but more than one person can consider him unattractive

No. 45556

Lmao these hats are sold all over asia. She's probably wearing it to block out the sun, like 99% of the people who wear this hat are doing. There's nothing ignorant about the hat itself. Tacky, yes, but not ignorant
Chill anon. Everyone grieves differently. No one gives a fuck how quickly you moved on. No doubt she's milking her grief, but I'm pretty sure if the majority of us had an opportunity to take a month off with no repercussions, we would.

No. 45562

not white knighting but fr, he's not like MONSTROUSLY ugly, he's just a typical middle-aged asian guy imo
if someone looking like that was able to buy me TWO fucking houses and give me a decently paying job, i can't say i wouldn't do exactly what she's doing in all honesty

No. 45573

This will be my last post replying to bait, but actually, someone did ask if I've ever lost someone so it seemed relevant to reply (saged).

fuck no I didn't quickly move on, what a nasty thing to insinuate. I was a fucking mess. But I had bills to pay and would have lost my tuition money if I'd withdrawn from uni. That's my point. People can grieve the whole rest of their lives, but only a rare handful can afford to do nothing during that process. I would argue that it's better to resume normal activities to avoid the deep depression that can come after losing a loved one.

No. 45576

This hahaha. Also Taylor never struck me as someone who really.. dates? She seems more like someone that would just settle. That plus him being able to provide what he does for her… Yeah. Who else would be better suited for her? When I first saw them together and what he looked like/what he does I thought they weirdly worked together.

No. 45590

honestly he's chill, can keep up with her humor, supports her career, and is not particularly ugly just obviously older. she's never seemed particularly into men or dating so i can't see her taking part in the alternative which is marrying some objectively attractive canadian pleb. which… okay? why is that so much better than the man she got now lol. it's not like she actively sought the man out.

No. 45614

he is ugly af
the fact that he is rich wouldn't change a thing

No. 45617

She dated another guy long term, some (probably rich) HK banker. Taylor used to seem like a prude (I used to think she was some kind of conservative Christian) but that was clearly part of the kawaii image, especially given the kinds of cutesy ageplay pix she posted. Once she realized that overt innuendo and instathot stuff brings clicks, she switched over to that. Now we hear her swear and make anal jokes, big whoop. (Anyone remember her brief Jenna Marbles phase when she used the squeaky sound to bleep out her mumbled swears, just like Jenna?) We finally learned this past Christmas how raunchy her family apparently always was - what a difference from the wholesome "family-friendly" content she used to show us. Why she didn't show us that from the start, who knows.

Of course we only see what she shows us, but every conversation she has with Tom seems to be her leading him to some specific answer. "You liked me because of X, right? You did this, right?" It's because they don't really have a common language yet. He does the best he can, but it's pretty limited and seems (at least on camera) shallow. He even had a catchphrase, like on a sitcom (Baaaabe). Hopefully they can have meaningful conversations off camera aside from Tom demanding that Taylor magically produce a female heir for him.

Tom's heinous response to the MenClub scandal didn't help his public persona much. He didn't give a shit, basically, only owned up to it once the negative press got too big. (And then he and Taylor pretended to be victims, very funny. Taylor also implicitly accused people of harassing one of the underage models, which nobody was doing - such a classic distraction technique.)

Now we know that he works intimately with another magazine (vivi hk) that featured and promoted Taylor back when she was working in HK, what a surprise.

No. 45620

He just acquired Vivi Hk recently and it seems to be only the digital version. Taylor was featured multiple times in the print version which Tom doesn't have anything to do with.
And actually there were a couple of obsessed assholes harassing her, her friends, and also contacting that model.

No. 45621

who contacted the model? I knew about the others

No. 45625

Not sure which one did it but I checked out the models ig back before Taylors' MC videos and there was at least one account in the comment section of all of the recent posts at the time.

No. 46736


Not to mention… her looks will eventually fade too. She keeps exceptionally good care of herself but she's 30 now, probably has another 10 years tops to play the "cute young innocent girl" look before it gets into Mean Girls mom territory. Looks are highly overrated in a relationship contrasted with stability, compatibility, etc

No. 46985

her crying face in the video really shows the amount of botox and fillers in her face, sis needs to ease up she's starting to look like puddy

No. 47391

10 years? Bih has less than 5, with all the stuff she’s getting done she is heading towards Donatella Versace territory

No. 51199

How did Taylor manage to stay looking young for so long? I'm genuinely curious how she got people telling her she looks 18 until like 29 years of age. Is it just the fillers + jaw shave? I want to know for myself cause Im 21 and aging like milk left on the counter already(take it to /g/)

No. 51200


Botox, fillers, expensive skin creams, seeing a dermatologist and makeup. Well and don't forget the filters she uses on her videos/pictures that sometimes melt her chin into her neckline. She's been getting spa treatments too. Part of it I'm sure is genetics though as some just carry more fat on their face or have more youthful bone structure?

Essentially you have to have a lot of money. However, I don't find her "young" looking nor old looking. I feel like people have a false perception of what you must look like at 30.

No. 51213

She looks her age, the way she dresses and acts is most of what makes her seem younger imo. Some people seem to assume you just turn into a wrinkly old hag by the time you hit 24, but 30 is still pretty young.

No. 51220

The fact is people expect 30-year-olds to look super haggard and fat. This is probably because most women in their 30s+ are overworked, unhealthy, have kids, etc.

If you take care of your skin and do some preventative Botox, you'll get told you look young all the time.

No. 52268

She also does her makeup to look younger as well.

No. 54872

It’s a shame she didn’t lean more into high fashion when she was posting about going to shows/openings of hot brands.

She’s one of the few yters with the money and connections, if she marketed it right she could be in the niche high fashion yter group, especially living in a city with great shows and stores like HK. And most high fashion channels are men anyways, so she could probably do well talking about women’s shows or just buying random pieces and reviewing them (even if her taste isn’t great, you just have to sound authoritative and have a good film setup and people will think you’re knowledgeable, which she has both. Plus she could pull from her fashion background to give her more authority)

No. 54886

Well why would she want a niche audience when she has a mainstream one that she knows how to reach. I don't think she would do well in high fashion yt with her quirky auntie personality. But on the contrary, that's what her vloggy-audience likes.

To add some substance since the thread got bumped anyway. They're still trying for the baby but she isn't very fertile. Her hormones are all fucked up, she says. She's breaking out, gaining weight and feeling like she fails at everything because of it. Was hard to listen to it while she was sitting next to her husband and he didn't say a word. Like at least disagree with her, bitch… Instead, he scolded her for talking about bikini hair. Yikes

No. 54914

she used to dress so nicely only just a year back and when she was living in japan her outfits were so cute her hong kong outfits are trash and i don’t like the new makeup and hair

No. 54933

It'd make more sense that he's the problem. They're fucking around with her body chemistry trying to make her as fertile as possible, and he's the one shooting dust. She should get a secret donor; someone younger.

No. 54941

A few people in the comments of that video said it was more likely that the male was the problem, and that they were an IVF baby themselves. Taylor may end up having to have IVF at only 30 years old herself. It should happen eventually naturally, Tom isn't that old.

I kinda prefer the older Taylor with more effort in her clothes, long hair, etc. The short brown hair is not glamorous at all. I agree with the Anon above who suggests a segue into fashion discussion would work. Her channel lacks a theme right now.

No. 54985

6 months of trying isn't long enough to say she's infertile, especially given their stress and travel schedules.

Taylor's biggest issue is going to pseudoscientific quacks and homeopathic doctors rather than getting a real hormonal panel done. Yes, she had an ovarian cyst. She may have a hormonal imbalance. But she doesn't actually know that, or she hasn't said 100% that she knows what's going on. She has all these suspicions but then has some kind of blood/health panel done at a woo-woo homeopathy clinic?

Maybe she just wants to drag this out, idk. I wish there were just one or two people in Taylor's life who would call her on her constant BS and need for attention.

The lookbook was so half-assed that I'm embarrassed to have watched it. I still see NO weight gain aside from her face (and we know that's not from weight gain). That too-small denim skirt isn't one I recognize; she probably just bought the tiniest asian size in one of her massive hauls and was horrified to find out it didn't fit. The rest of her body doesn't look any different. We have the weight gain from last year to compare it to - I did notice then (a tiny, tiny difference). [She talks about it here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_81awrdHow and then one or two videos later does some kind of scammy diet/exercise app advertisement]

No. 54995

File: 1561506575922.jpg (178.22 KB, 815x458, Screenshot_2019-05-29-17-59-27…)

She needs to stop with the cheek fillers.

No. 54997

i still don't even understand why she is doing them, she is literally ruining her face for no reason at all

No. 55005

i dont think she is getting cheek fillers anymore, this looks awful and its the effect of her hormonal imbalance.

No. 55006

File: 1561511847497.jpg (87.36 KB, 495x660, a83d7ef0-s.jpg)

I agree. I feel as though she dressed better and presented herself more nicely in Japan just because she wanted to still work and pull in jobs. Now it feels like she's becoming sloppy in comparison because she doesn't have to market herself anymore.

No. 55015

I mean, this is a dolly/himekaji style. It doesn't necessarily look great on someone over 30. However, her hair really looked beautiful during this time period.

No. 55033

dear god, what happened?

No. 55046

She isn't getting new fillers. She doesn't have the face of someone with overfilled skin ie Kylie Jenner. Taylor… literally talked about having a hormone inbalance. Which causes water retention, weight gain, and bloating. Lol.

No. 55055

hmm not so sure. She looks filler-y from the side as usual. Could be hormones, but to be frank she's always had some sort of hormones problems before and yet her face wasn't puffy from it, but from the fillers.
Her hair bothers me more. Looks like she doesn't care about it since cutting it. In recent vids, she would have a full face of makeup, looking pretty, and unbrushed tangled hair. Like she filmed a bit when she woke up with scruffy head and transitioned to a part when she got ready to go… with the same scruffy head. She must be really feeling down.

No. 55066

File: 1561554122102.jpg (299.64 KB, 980x1470, spring-summer-2019-hair-trends…)

> she woke up with scruffy head and transitioned to a part when she got ready to go… with the same scruffy head
I think that the hairstyle is deliberate. She seems to be going for sort of deconstructed casual almost beachy waves. Unfortunately the humidity in HK and probably being somewhat damaged from 6 months of bleaching it white, it just ends up looking frizzy and as you said, scruff
pic related is what I think she's going to for.

No. 55375

She looks awful. I never understand when people say she looks a decade younger. 30 year olds aren't meant to look old. If you take care of yourself no one is going to know your'e no longer 25.

No. 55419

Yeah that’s what I meant. Her vlogs are boring and vlog channels themselves are a dying breed. It seems the only ones still big are the big name vloggers or channels who do other things but have maybe one or two vlogs a week alongside their hobby videos.

She could lean on the fashion angle and do vlogs of her life, behind the scenes of fashion shows and stuff, and then do once a week a fashion video talking about a latest release or a show.

When she first moved to HK she did a bit of it when she went to the Supreme show and sale and did a few of those hauls. She kept trying to peg buyers remorse with it though since obv actual fashion brands aren’t cheap and it wasn’t the $20 Zara shit she always buys and shows off to her users.

No. 55420


Anon, her style is shit.

I’ll never and since the beginning understood why people ever liked it. She’s generic for a white model, nothing about her is striking. She’s an average white girl who’s very thin and that’s it. The only thing is that she’s a decent looking ex weeb who modelled in Japan and Hong Kong compared to the likes of the other horrors who tried to make it big there as models.

Ever notice how haggard, fat and ugly other white weebs are? Nose is too big, big chin or something just off. Dakota needs tons of shoop and she’s stubby.

But in terms of style Taylor tries to copy these asian trends. I see Chinese and people from Hong Kong here in them U.K. a lot. Baggy hoodies, stupid SnapBacks, kicks. They look shit with the money they have and Taylor is the same.

She looks young for thirty but most thirty year olds do? Most look after themselves. People who keep saying you’re old looking at thirty have to be in their teens still because Jesus. There are people in their twenties who look older than some thirty something year olds.

I always and still do find her basic looking. Not even saying it out of jealousy. She seems nice, seems okay. But I’ll never understand why she’s at 1 million subs and how people find her drop dead gorgeous. Honestly. I don’t get it.

No. 55586

She paid for half of her subs. She should be pulling in 400k a video with her sub count. She hardly pulls in a measly 100k.
She would have more views if she actually showed Hong kong scenery. No cares about a baby, whatever random shit like bikini hair and stuff. Her Japan videos are more interesting than her Hong Kong videos.

No. 55597

>She paid for half of her subs
No she didn't. If you track her growth its pretty organic and slow. She had a the boots video that shot up her sub count from like 450k to 700k in two weeks. And kept growing slowly with a couple more smaller jumps from her other 1million+ videos. The reason she doesn't have a lot of viewss that her style is inconsistent and she takes really long breaks. People sort stop watching because they forget about her.

No. 55636

She keeps alienating subs with every new Tay version and inconsistent content. From kawaii doll to vegan fitgirl to vlogging botox DIY wannabe-mom. They don't watch but don't unsub.

No. 55638

The boots video was a Kardashian video so yeah it would get alot of views. They're in at the moment.

No. 55645

Unrelated, but what did she do before Japan? She went to Japan to model at age 25, so what did she do in the years between graduating HS and Japan? Anyone know?

No. 55650


she was in hong kong before japan. she also modelled in canada

No. 55653

>>55650 Only modeling from when she graduated high school (I assume that's age 16-18) until she shipped off to HK in her early/mid 20's, that can't be right

plus I've never seen any Canada modeling content from her

No. 55663

Started modeling at sixteen. Modeled part time while she was high school. Did longer contracts during the summer. Attended University where she studied business for 2 years while still modeling part time. Her agency decided to send her abroad because she was too short for the western market. Did her first extended overseas contract in Japan when she was 19 (thats when her Japanese agency Satoru signed her). Moved to HK when she was 21. Stayed until she was 25. Did work in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand while living full time in HK.
You probably haven't seen any of her work from Canada because it was part time, almost 15 years ago, and she had no following or major online presence at that time.

No. 56033

In one of her moving videos she shows her old sedcards with pictures of Canada, if you are interested to look at it

No. 56061


I'm pretty sure you can still see her face in shoppers drug mart makeup aisle. Think she also showed in in a video when she was back in Canada.

No. 56242

Also in HK she studied nutrition. She used to have a blog about the subject back then. Never finished that school though.

No. 56280

she took one class…

No. 56283

No. She studied for a couple of years. 2010-2012ish

No. 56316

what proof do you have of this?

No. 56322

There were interviews with her during that time that mentioned that she was a nutrition student. Model by day. Student by night. That sort of thing. Once upon a time the interviews were available live and then sites timed out and you could only access them through archives. I haven't checked in several years so those might be down too.

No. 56334

Yeah, I remember her taking one class. There's evidence of one class on her facebook. Not any extended period of study, not by a long shot. But if you want to believe the impression given by random apple daily interviews, ok. Taylor's also given interviews that implied she was vegan. Actually vegan.

No. 65403

How do you guys think is Natalie a lesbian?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 65405


Nah she's just bad looking. Same as that apricot girl that hangs out with Venus.

No. 66244

File: 1568294658549.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 3CE87B2B-9C75-4DAB-BDA7-BDC33A…)

Her face lookes sooo botched! It’s from her instagram story from the other day

No. 66246


fillers: not even once

No. 66253

she is pulling a stupid duck face here. Post an actual photo of her resting natural face, then will can decide.

No. 66256

The interesting thing is, the fillers she had could've led to her hormone imbalance or skin issues.

No. 66271

That's my theory too, it's pretty misleading to never mention getting fillers yet there is some MyStery problem with her skin. Maybe the chemicals injected into her face on a frequent basis could have something to do with it.

It's a pity when naturally pretty girls like her and Mykie go full botched Hollywood fakery

No. 66273

skin issues, maybe.
hormonal issues, nah.

In addition to fillers, the most obvious thing from the last two videos is her heavily botoxed face. You can see it especially in the eyebrow waxing segment. She has very limited movement between her eyebrows, around her eyes, and in her forehead.

No. 66293

aaaah her face is a nightmare! stroke patient style

No. 66301

What? Do you have any claims to back up that facial fillers cause hormonal imbalances? It's more likely that being underweight for several years is causing fertility issues.

No. 66320

What's more likely to be causing her health issues? Something she did a decade ago or the injections she's been getting regularly for the past 3-4 years? Are you a doctor or plastic surgeon?

No. 66321

Moving to hk was a huge mistake on her part. Someone so rich, sheltered, and oblivious would have no way to anticipate or properly comment on the protests of the last few months, but her going on pretending like everything is fine, going to pointless promotional makeup and fashion events like nothing else is going on really shows how much money can shelter you from real life in such an extreme way.

Not everyone has to be some kind of political advocate, but it's kind of gross imo to broadcast being super upper class, living in the most expensive real estate market in the world lifestyle and pretending like it's relatable or achievable for your viewers or even a thing to aspire to.

No. 66330

We don't even know she has health issues. She barely tells us about visiting legitimate doctors. Most of her "doctors" (aside from those who treated her during her ovarian cyst) are fake doctors (homeopathic, chinese medicine, Goop-y natural healing stuff). Mostly expensive useless stuff. She was treated by medical doctors for her ovarian cyst, which btw was a normal type of cyst women regularly get; she had bad luck that it twisted her fallopian tube, but this is a rare complication. Most women get functional (aka follicular) cysts in their lifetime and never know it:
Please, please read this if you think Taylor's cyst was some kind of indication of disease or disorder. She presented it as a doom-and-gloom scenario when in reality, this is a normal occurrence in a woman's cycle.

She has never said she has been diagnosed with PCOS. If she had that, she would have said it already. There would be an actual diagnosis. But nope, she's just alluding to this "hormonal imbalance" in the same way she was talking about her "food intolerances" last year, and how the fat in an avocado was causing her to break out. She tried birth control for about 6 weeks and then stopped because it wasn't working to cure her acne and because oooOooOooooooOo so unhealthy according to random people in her family.

One reason I dislike Taylor is the amount of misinformation she spreads. Maybe she has a medical issue. Maybe Tom does. Maybe she's still too underweight or stressed.
Maybe the world is trying to prevent Tom from having a daughter. Maybe she had her uterus replaced with a HelloKitty-themed receptacle years ago and never told us. We don't know, so I treat her like a crazy Goop-lover until she actually gives a solid diagnosis.

Fillers and Botox have not been linked to any hormonal problems, don't spread more misinformation on here. I have read about people breaking out after cosmetic procedures (and I am sure she's had marionette lines and possibly nasolabial folds filled bc I stalk pics of this procedure for my own reasons). She probably gets her injections and slathers makeup over them, causing additional acne.

No. 66382

I agree that saying botox/filler causes hormone issues is dumb. But honestly, a lot of her symptoms align with that of hormone issues such as hypothyroidism (puffy face, weight gain, lower fertility) or could also be associated with something like a gluten intolerance. So I don't really blame her with being concerned about either of those things. But if she's really insisting on going to quack doctors instead of getting a real evaluation I can't really have any sympathy for her.
I can't stand people that endlessly complain about medical issues without being the least bit proactive about them. Even with her grandfather dying, did she really think sitting around doing nothing was the best option? You can afford to go to therapy or even one of those bougie wellness retreat things if you hate doctors that much. Her default is just always sitting around and feeling sorry for herself.

No. 66634

sorry for tin foiling but am I the only one who has never seen her as the motherly type? I can't wrap my mind around Taylor walking around with a baby bump yet being a mother and taking care of a toddler. I feel like she doesn't actually want to have a baby. But idk maybe I just identify her mostly with her teenage-y contend (which, to be honest, she still is stuck with) and can't picture her living an adult life with a child.

what weight gain? She's always been stick thin and still is. IF there is a biological reason for not getting pregnant, being underweight might be one of them.

No. 66638

Nah, I think she definitely wants kids. She’s a very family oriented person.

No. 66639

So much secondhand embarrassment - from Taylor standing, not talking, not knowing what to do with her face or hands…

No. 66683

This is actually a pretty good video, her and Safiya are similar levels of cringe so they kinda create a cringe equilibrium

They definitely overpaid for those junk clothes with dodgy fake brand names, at least put some effort into getting the "good" fakes (which Taylor has done before iirc)

No. 66716

Taylor only has one video where she buys knock-off clothes (the "dressing like youtubers" video). In it, she says she is against fakes/replicas and never buys them.

No. 67267

when i see this bitch now i just think of the bogdanoffs

No. 67793

Taylor's in another Safiya video

No. 69097

How will her husband's business be affected by the protests? MC has been supporting the protests on IG.

No. 73547

So Taylor has started a new business toat.com where she sells clothing sourced from manufacturers in Korea. The website is very nice and also features a blog section, and she wants to expand to selling her own products later. All good.

However, the clothes are ugly, baggy jumpers, turtlenecks and long skirts. Oh and they cost $70-125 not including shipping from HK.
She is wearing a combination of similar styles in her contact lens video, and honestly the long skirt baggy jumper combination makes her look like a homeless crazy woman.
If a pretty and slim woman like Taylor looks average at best in these clothes, how will other people look?
But no worries, since they are only available in size small, a lot of her fans will not get the pleasure of being trolled into wearing crazy bag lady fashion since they can't fit into it.

(see instagram comments on toat.co account to see people's reaction to that)

No. 73548

File: 1574423996780.jpg (290.9 KB, 1080x1528, greyvest_04_1080x.jpg)

Wtf clothing item is this? You don't get the white shirt in the purchase, so it's literally just a hideous gray jumper with a slit on either side.

No. 73549

File: 1574424038516.jpg (214 KB, 1080x1527, grey_sweater_front_1080x.jpg)

Trollin' or not trollin', you decide

No. 73550

File: 1574424078271.jpg (356.22 KB, 1080x1528, spotteddress_01_1080x.jpg)

My dream is to look like a middle-aged lady, what's yours?

No. 73552

File: 1574425505055.png (2.09 MB, 1440x1981, Beauty and Grace.png)

I didn't hate these so much until I saw how bad she looked wearing this fashion in her own videos.

Does she really lack taste this badly, or is this some weird reverse fetish on Tom's part? For someone who's husband owns a "Mens website" with "Schoolgirls we Fxxxed" articles, this is very "nun" fashion. It's not even age appropriate.

No. 73555


This shit is already sold out apparently .. Albeit didn't have a large stock, as all she had was a small storage unit for this crap. Her website kinda disappointed me, like there is nothing new on it that makes it unique to her. ( It's sorta like a fucking blog. These are the recipes I stole off of Pinterest, tacky nail art I only like and over expensive locations I travelled to that most can't afford.)

No. 73556

I think it's good she finally made a website, as she's been saying she will for years - but some actually appealing fashion and less generic articles would be good.

I do think it's a really good idea, but charging so much for these thrift store quality items seems like a cashgrab on her part. Idk we'll see how it progresses, moving away from Youtube is a smart move but I guess this is so incredibly "safe" as to be offensively bland, so far.

No. 73558

No lie, read that as "Toot"

No. 73583

those shoes are cute though, why aint she selling those

No. 73592

File: 1574452938932.jpg (78.42 KB, 720x1018, blackapron_04_c0be68ca-02ac-45…)

the bulkiness makes it look like a kid wearing their mom's business outfit.

also why is her IG called toat.co when her URL is toat.com..? /facepalm

No. 73597


People on her IG asked about the size of the clothes and on her website it pretty much says "Size: Free", so there is non? One size for everybody?

No. 73599

The clothes are ugly and generic to me. Who buys her stuff? I thought her fan base constists of teens and tweens. I expected more to be honest and what is this name toat? Like toad? Or a combination of Taylor's (backwards) and Toms's name?

to(m)+(roly)at = toat

No. 73605

It is a reference to the expression "to a t"

No. 73623

I had no idea that "generic cafe waitress chic" was so fashionable. Now we know. Thanks Tay!

No. 73625

If she’s going for longevity and commercial success, this goop-esque boring bland stuff is the most viable

No. 73632


Sooo… it's a marked-up Chinese-sweatshop-resale profit generating blog platform where she gets to be the only model for her products (since she ruined her looks with fillers). Top kek.

No. 73655

As ugly as it is this is an insanely popular style in Eastern Asia right now. Especially in Japan and HK, which is where she's based. She's smart, she knows people who are aware of what style is selling. If she were going for Western money she'd start a thotty Fashion Nova style. She's sold out so it worked. At least she's still working and doing something with the connections she has.

That being said, it's worth seeing if people complain about the quality, customer service, stolen designs, or an overall scam.

No. 73669

I have to agree. If you check a lot of asian market sites, the fashion is either streetwear like in korea or japan or bland, neutral tones with oversized botton or top. Shes marketing the right style for where she wants her money to come from. This matronly look is popular overseas.

No. 73674

…and she is damn lazy for providing free size, means she didn't pay chinese sweatshops for making sizes. Needs to rename her shop to toad.com for ugliness.

No. 73675

can anyone figure out where her resold items are coming from?

No. 73676

It might be the fashion in Asia, but based on the comments I've read, all the purchases are from American women. Caucasian women do not look good in this fashion, Taylor even looks bad in it outside of modelling pics.
Maybe I'm wrong and people in Asia are rushing to spend $85 on a grey oversized shapeless jumper, but I'm thinking it's all Taylor fans buying it and they're mostly Caucasian US/EU women

No. 73677

Then thats the fault of the consumer and yes, asian coutries do have a habit of shilling out that bullshit price for shapeless wear. Muted pastels and neutrals with either the top or bottom usually being longer or baggier or both which turns into really lazy wear, but its sells. Not to mention the abundance of berets that sell too [does she have those on there because she should probably jump on that bandwagon too]. Super pop street styles have their own storefronts and thats kind of the other side of whats trending, but housewives and girls older than 25 usually buy up, even at dumb prices where it's made for a 1/28th of the price, will buy it up regardless. Taylor can't be blamed for dumbass curvy women that aren't the target group for these clothes. They bought this shit knowing it comes one size which even Taylor said a lot of it ended up being. Let her fans be dumbasses. Good for them.

No. 73683

If any female wants to wear baggy, shapeless crap they can go to a thrift shop and buy a men's sweater for $5. Her fans must really be dumbasses.

No. 73690

Nobody in HK would pay those prices because they could just buy from the same sweatshop she bought from in bulk.

No. 73718

You really underestimate how much money asians countries spend on high priced items, especially when its brand. You have JKs selling themselves for expensive shit like Taylor is selling. This is so fucking common anon. I get you probably don't live in one of those countries that literally shills money out to high hell for this stuff or you are frugal, but Taylor is doing exactly what she knows people will buy up. If its her fat fans, thats their problem for not fitting one size all, but since these are also Korean clothes which she is making more assessable to HK and that region

No. 73721

But it's not brand. It's from some unknown factory in Korea, predesigned and premade.

Then if she gets a loan to cover her own designs later on, it will be "toat" which has no brand recognition outside of her fans. I get what you're saying but it doesn't add up to me.
Where is the social status in buying what is currently factory stock from a Youtuber?
If someone in HK wanted to buy these items, could they not buy it themselves from an actual Korean brand?

No. 73722

Just randomly found this shop with a very similar concept and design to Taylor's, except it's located in CA and states the brand names. The average prices are between $20-$70


No. 73731

Sorry not really seeing the similarities. Taylor's is a some kind of complete lifestyle experience with ugly clothes which is goofy in it's own right, but this other site is just your bog standard e-commerce site selling trendy Korean and other east Asian clothing brands left overs.

No. 73753

That logo is absolute garbage.


Can’t unsee

No. 73803

It's an attention seeking cash grab from a married former model who is bored and wants to seem successful and not just like a sugar wife.

No. 73809


may be unpopular opinion, but this is the only item in the shop that made me think "wow, this is so Taylor!"

Not everyday Taylor, but since she sometimes goes viral for her weird fashion diy's, it fits. It kind of looks like one of those weird projects. Even though it's not diy, it looks like it. Weird item that you'd think nobody actually wears, but some do anyway.

No. 73881


They all scream Taylor. Bland and boring.

No. 73958

And still sold out. Stop complaining that people actually bought her shit. It's not going to make it magically unbought.

No. 73994

Nobody's complaining that people bought it, they're saying it's ugly, bland and baggy. She could do something much more interesting.

Also not that hard to sell out when you only have 2 items in stock for each style, she showed the storage room in the video and it wasn't much stuff in there.

No. 74462

No vlogmas this year, obviously she's busy shipping awful clothing out across the world, but it's a shame since her Vlogmas videos were pretty good in previous years.

No. 74963

File: 1575734022323.jpeg (93.37 KB, 1080x1350, 837719AA-49D5-43D7-BDA5-AC311B…)

I was thinking this when I saw the looks, that they’re the type of clothes tumblr k-pop obsessed people reblog from Instagram to their themed blogs.

I think the aim for those Instagram pages are “classic, vintage, chic” or anything they could associate with Audrey Hepburn.

Western people just buy them for the same reason they buy anything an influencer promotes, “I want to be like them”.

Regardless, it’s trendy in Toronto. I’m sure it’s also trendy in other western cities.
Places like Oak + Fort are very “in”.

No. 75039

File: 1575827915602.png (725.45 KB, 925x576, taylor.png)

I haven't kept up with Taylor for a long time but I decided to watch her new video and was so shocked at how she's looking these days.
I can't believe she walked into a Charlotte Tilbury photoshoot looking like this

No. 75044

Her face is so puffy. She's already ruined it with fillers. What will she look like in 10 years I wonder

No. 75045

She looks so busted it makes me wonder if she did a lot in case she gets pregnant and can’t get fillers?

She was so worried about her eyebrows being too dark but does this idgi

No. 75083

Well, she had to come with freshly washed unstyled hair and no makeup. That's pretty normal for models.

No. 75105

nono anon its t o a t
pronounced… TWAT

No. 75109

Jesus, bitch looks like she belongs on a Yugioh card

No. 75111

A lot of models still get booked regardless of skin. Unforunately in the industry you are always wearing it and some people are prone to breakouts. They dont hire you for your face blemishes. They can edit that in post and use makeup. She's just getting older and has always had bad acne.

No. 75112

I was thinking that too and sometimes they ask you not to wash your hair in case it's going to be used in an updo, so they prefer it dirty so that clops and curls hold better. Its not like she's trying to hide her face and even points out her skin. Anons are just trying to find stuff to nitpick because milk has been slow with her since she's been doing her own thing and doing well.

No. 75119


Wow, no, both of these are false af. Models are models because they have good skin and provide a blank canvas for the job. She looks awful and unwashed, and regardless of if it was okay to show up to a higher class shoot looking like Dakota, Taylor gets favored bc of Tom so she can do whatever she wants since her modeling is no longer based on her skill or portfolio as a model- Tom can hand her everything sshe can't get on her own without him, hence marrying him.

No. 75121

Thats not how modeling works anon. You really don't have to have perfect skin to be a model. Your main selling point is face shape, eye shape, and body size/shape. Your actual skin is fine as long as its not mutilated. A lot of models have cystic acne even.

No. 75419

File: 1576169847411.png (3.14 MB, 1440x2148, granny dress.png)

Taytay modelling some cool new cashgrabs, I mean fashion, also featuring venus' trademark Greasy Bangs because washing your hair before you take a photo is too difficult 2019

Props to her for clearly ordering and modelling new stock from Korea instead of doing Vlogmas (which I would rather have instead of this junk) but she is working hard.

I feel bad for the suckas who will buy this junk.

No. 75420

File: 1576169975595.png (2.86 MB, 1440x2161, $200 shapeless mess.png)

I'm just jealous of all this wonderful fashion tay.

Imagine if she picked up some actually attractive items with color and shape. I don't understand. This stuff looks so bad.

No. 75421

File: 1576170019974.png (2.79 MB, 1440x2111, Street chav trackies.png)

No. 75422

File: 1576170324760.png (2.84 MB, 1440x2142, $384 huge shapeless coat.png)

No. 75425

What is this fucking pose? Her bangs also look terrible.

No. 75438

Looks like she's about to sneeze

What was the inspiration for this one? Grandma's exercise club at the retirement home?

No. 75442


>204.90 $+ shipping … For one oversized none name brand sweater.

I'm deceased. Can her fans afford this? She needs to tone it done with the cost, like girl you're not name brand or that big. I feel like she's hella inflating the cost.

No. 75445

Aren’t those Hong Kong dollars and not US dollars? I think she mentioned something like this.

No. 75446

File: 1576192299957.png (17.6 KB, 543x395, Capture1.PNG)

Nope. Checked, it really is $204.90….

No. 75447


>Shipping - Calculated at next step

I wonder if her shipping is as absurd as her inflated clothing cost. Shipping should honestly be free with the price she's demanding.

No. 75448

I've been working on finding the wholesale pieces. Some of the Korean wholesale sites require you to have an actual business before you can search their products though.

There are a couple hints in the product urls that will help locate the clothes, though. For example, the fact that the dress is called "onepiece" in the url instead of "dress" - it's a common Korean thing, but also suggests that she is working from a site in English translation and not using a Korean site with help from a native speaker.

No. 75455

>I've been working on finding the wholesale pieces.

Why? That's a lot of time to put into whatever it is you think you're accomplishing.

No. 75459

Because I am curious and can't sleep sometimes! 10m of searching when I feel like doing it is hardly interfering with my life, so don't worry anon! How are you?

No. 75461

this is really fucking stupid anon.
>every asian country calls dresses onepiece
>taobao and aliexpress all use korean on their stolen product photos anyway so there's no way to tell where it's from
>she probably has ways of getting it that you don't
>you're retarded

No. 75463

The whiteknights appear. Research-chan is doing good work, I hope she finds something. It's quite obvious there's a huge markup on the items she's selling.

I've been watching some old (2 years+) vlogs of Taylor's today and - did she ever mention using beauty filters on her old videos? There seems to be a very clear-skinned glowiness about her in the old videos which can't be attributed solely to camera settings.

No. 75465

This is such a bad aesthetic. Everything beige, bland and unimpressive as hell. I can't even call it minimalism done right. How do you manage to put together outfits with absolutely nothing to look at? Is she just not creatively minded at all?
I mean, I've known she was basic ever since she was trying to skinwalk living doll Dakota (while somehow lacking everything that made Dakota's persona charming), but you'd think in all these years, and in all her time being an actual model surrounded by fashion, she would've cultivated something of her own. She is far too financially taken care of and conventionally attractive to be serving these 2014 expired leftover oatmeal, "back of the clothing catalog from Sweden that your mom subscribed to, but never actually buys from", "Kanye West, a Mormon man and Justin Bieber dystopian prison wear collab" looks.

Even that one German girl who wanted to be an idol (can't remember her name) is more remarkable in style, and farmers used to drag her ass left and right. I bet you all this stuff she's trying to sell for hundreds of dollars is worth like $18 on Taobao, too. Honestly, I don't think she even expects people to buy this. This whole thing seems like a website that exists solely so she can say "I run my own lifestyle brand and high-end clothing store that I also model for".
Actually, tinfoil: What if this entire "brand" is just a shell company for something else? We know her husband is kind of sketchy.

No. 75467

>I mean, I've known she was basic ever since she was trying to skinwalk living doll Dakota (while somehow lacking everything that made Dakota's persona charming

now then

No. 75473


these are exactly the type of clothes you need to be beautiful and skinny for it to look ok, any average person will just look like a sack of potatoes

No. 75477

you realise there's always a hug market in retail right? retail is at least twice the price, at least. it's not going to be a revelation.

No. 75479

*huge markup

No. 75480

Since Taylor is deliberately concealing the source of her clothing, I think people are starting to wonder more about it. She won't answer any questions about whether it is ethically produced or sustainable. A lot of fast fashion isn't - so it isn't like she would be alone in selling stuff from questionable sources. But she ought to have thought about this question instead of (like Elizabeth Holmes) writing barely literate paragraphs about coming up with a name. (If you haven't read her "about" page, it is a real treat: https://toat.com/pages/about - not all of this was in the video.)

She's got a size issue, sustainability issue, ethical issue, and let's be honest - this crap is "sold out" only to make it look like many people are desperate to buy it. This is a tactic used by Kylie Jenner (among others) to increase their brand's perceived popularity. There is no way most of Taylor's fanbase fits into these clothes, wants them, and can afford them. Why not buy a 100% polyester blazer at Zara instead of from some no-name source? The jeans and trousers in sizes "small" and "medium" - how cute. When was the last time you bought jeans based on s/m/l sizing?

No. 75484

2010-2012 Dakota went viral for a reason, anon. It was all editing and fakery, but it's the truth. She melded this moody/skinny, sickly western model look with kawaii/gyaru aesthetics. She rarely even smiled in photos. She kind of lost the plot when she actually went to Japan, changed her editing style, attempted to make herself into an anime character, then a child and ultimately gave up, but her original, Tumblr-made vision was pretty new for the time.
Taylor thought she would net the same success if she copied the kawaii/gyaru part, but she completely missed the point by ignoring the other influences Dakota originally had (models like Vlada Roslyakova, for example), filled her face with cement, threw in some circle lenses and called it a day. She just doesn't have an eye for these things.

No. 75485

i'm not white knighting anon is a fucking moron if she thinks that she, someone who can't read any of the relevant languages, can somehow find the exact source of these generic as fuck items.

No. 75487

as long as she doesn't give any valid information about the factory she orders her clothes from, I'm not even confident about her stuff being actually Made in Korea.. its not a new thing for Chinese factories to fake the country of origin and since she's not selling many items nor is a famous brand, no customs official is going to investigate on this at import

No. 75489

ïn the video she told that she went to see the factory so she could see the working conditions

No. 75493

she went to see the packaging factory in HK, not a clothing factory in Korea!

No. 75494

If I remember right, she said one of her older cameras filtered the skin automatically.

It's popular in Japan, where most people are thin. The oversized, monochrome look is super common.

No. 75495

Are you implying that Taylor doesn't have fillers in her face? You didn't seriously come on here and tell us that right?

No. 75496

Taylor can barely read English, let alone Korean or Chinese. How do you think she ordered the products?

No. 75497

I said filtered, not fillers. The effect is not the same.

No. 75500

has she talked about planning to get pregnant again or nah?

No. 75510

Being thin doesn't help, they look just as bad, because it makes them appear even shorter and dumpier.
It might be okay on some tall and skinny women, but not on Taylor. She is a girly type, simple sundresses and cardigans like she wore during her early HK modelling days suit her the best. Cute and feminine, but not infantile uwu kawaii.

No. 75511

will those christmas earrings even arrive in time for christmas?

they look ridiculously cheap

No. 75617

Oh so basically her website name literally means "to a T."

On the homepage it says: "Whether it’s something you read or something you purchase, we’re happy to have a place in your life… and hope we fit in perfectly (To A T)!"

No. 75631

File: 1576424512908.jpg (101.58 KB, 720x1018, IMG_20191215_164133_119.jpg)

The stupid manifesto about stuff fitting "to a t" makes her shop of "one size" (and now a few small/medium size) clothes even more hilarious.

"Style-wise, toat is somewhere between classic femininity and well-tailored menswear. It's confident and powerful, but playful."

well tailored? i'm dying.

Her about page is hands-down the lulziest thing I have read in months. Maybe all year. https://toat.com/pages/about

No. 75634

File: 1576424673771.jpg (98.16 KB, 852x1280, IMG_20191215_164156_424.jpg)

classic femininity

No. 75635

File: 1576424725930.jpg (104.5 KB, 720x1018, IMG_20191215_164529_018.jpg)

fits to a T

No. 75637

I don't think anybody, including her, could pull off wearing those jeans in everyday life.

No. 75639

This shop feels like an extremely overpriced vanity project.

No. 75656

I mean, it probably is. Wives of well-off men tend to do this sort of thing to pass the time and pretend they earn their own money.

No. 75928

This. I'm reminded of Victoria Beckham and her unsuccessful clothing line. Using her man's money to play pretend ceo, he probably doesn't care if he has enough to burn.

No. 75973

File: 1576744176246.jpg (138.5 KB, 1242x695, classicfemininity.jpg)

fashion icon

No. 75991

I wish her shop had actual cute clothes instead of XXL beige potato-kei shit. This looks like something Tom bought for her and let her slap her name and face all over to keep her busy. Did she ever even wear stuff like this before? She usually had good taste in outfits unless she was following an obvious fad like Living Doll or that oversized 90s trucker hat baby look.

No. 75999

She said she made all her clothes oversized so they could fit as many people as possible. The main complaint when she launched was that customers didn't fit most of the measurements and she can only afford to offer one size. So she made everything XXL.

No. 76006

God how I miss her fake circle lens wearing kawaii persona these days

No. 76042

No way, when did she say that? Exact link/quote, please.

No. 76059

It's in her video about problems she faced starting her business. She was pretty transparent about all the negative feedback.

No. 76064

Why does she wear such enormous clothes all the time? She could afford much nicer stuff.

No. 76070

Oversized clothes are pretty trendy right now in South Korea and Japan, so Taylor is just following the trend no matter if it fits her or not.

No. 76073

I've been watching her old videos recently, and two times she wore oversized clothing that I noticed:
>Video where she meets up with venus, she wears an oversized coat and remarks that the sleeves fit and she looks like Inspector Gadget.
>The surprise bag or whatever it's called with Sharla where she gets a bunch of mismatching baggy clothes and puts them all on at once as a joke

We can assume she isn't super interested in oversized clothing to wear herself. She would do well selling TayTay styled clothing: stuff that's similar to what she's worn in videos in the past, like cute overalls, sweaters, tees, etc.
Like how Pixie's confetti club dress up as pastel messes to be more like her. I found some stans on PULL actually tracked down the specific contact lens she wore and bought it for themselves. Her fans want to be more like her, not just buy any junk she buys on wholesale.

No. 76082

File: 1576836510767.jpg (87.85 KB, 720x1018, IMG_20191220_110844_267.jpg)

>She said she made all her clothes oversized so they could fit as many people as possible. The main complaint when she launched was that customers didn't fit most of the measurements and she can only afford to offer one size. So she made everything XXL.

This is not what she says in that video. She says the following:
- It's hard to source clothing in Asia. The sizes tend to be smaller than average.
- Lots of clothing is free size. This is popular in Asia.
- People from other countries don't know what free size is.
- She tried to pick clothing adjustable with straps or belts.
- She thinks her oversize sweater sold out because it could fit more people.
- She doesn't have enough money to source better clothing in a range of sizes. (LOL)

She did not make anything, period. She did not deliberately source everything XXL to fit more people. Come on. She ordered free size because a ton of cheap clothes are manufactured that way in Asia. She took the easy route. Furthermore, many of her clothes come in just small or medium. Nothing about her shop is meant to cater to other people. This shop is about making money in a lazy way and selling her impressionable fans ugly clothes that fit no one. Girl boss amirite?

No. 76083

to be fair, that contact lens was noticeably different and she never answered any questions about the brand. In that one case, I understand why people wanted that lens and looked hard for it.

No. 76088

free size by asian standards do not come that oversized at all lol. she's literally wearing a sack of potatoes. the style is oversized, we've all noticed how ridiculous she looks in it.

>She doesn't have enough money to source better clothing in a range of sizes. (LOL)

that's literally what others said. no one said she designed it for bodyposi wokeness uwu which seems to be your issue. just that she chose a style to sell that westerns could buy since it's logical because she's white, when the only clothes she can buy run small.

everyone is wondering why she wouldn't sell fitted flattering clothing and she said why. that's it. it's not worth being so argumentative.

No. 76132


You can find most of this on taobao tho

No. 76236

I get that baggy clothes are a style but who is this stuff for? It looks like grandpa style. Couldn’t she have gotten more contemporary designs? Her audience is young women, not geezers

No. 76258


it's cost effective if you buy clothes you can share with your sugar papa

No. 76461

File: 1577124588899.jpeg (360.23 KB, 1125x549, 8CDDD9C1-3E63-46BF-AE6D-133A5B…)

No. 76481


I really don't want to watch this. Her videos feel long and dragged on and are typically whiny.

Is she crying about her age? Hormones? pregnancy? or how amazing her life is and wants her fans to see her cry about it to come off more "relatable".

No. 76484

Whatever she's been doing to her face over the years is looking more and more noticeable.

For all we know, her husband and his employees or friends are buying everything to make it seem like things are getting sold. It's not an uncommon practice when starting out. But we don't even really know if anything is getting sold. Taylor's demographic doesn't have that kind of money and she's not exactly famous or popular among women do. Women who can actually afford to wear luxury brands or high-end life-style brands like GOOP (Gwyneth Paltrow is not some vlogger) are probably less likely to purchase clothes from someone like Taylor. I doubt the HK elite are getting inspired by her fashion.

With all that's going down in HK, I wonder how long she'll be staying. Men Club HK is getting political.

No. 76523

She seems genuinely depressed, mentions going to therapy and that she has nightmares about her granddad dying.

I think this is her mind telling her to go to Canada so she doesn't miss out on spending time with her relatives, since everyone is getting older, and the elephant in the room which is the months of Hong Kong protests would be getting her down since it makes her hobby of shopping a risky business. She should move to Canada for half the year, I don't see why Moneybags Tom can't just fly to Hong Kong when he needs to have meetings or do them online. His business is online afaik.

No. 76525

(not trying to be disparaging with "hobby of shopping", what I mean is it makes it difficult to have fun or be frivolous when it's Serious Politics all the time.)

She should spend a lot more time at home and I guarantee her nightmares would stop. It's an obvious message from her subconscious that she is missing important family time and events.
Her business could be operated from the US too, since I bet most of her customers are US-based.

No. 76530

Damn, I had nightmares about my aunt dying for years and I had family around. So this just seems like silly speculation to me.

It is weird to see someone so privileged with time and money still not be able to move past the grief and seek to honor the deceased more.

No. 76531


She cries about everything. You name it and she's probably cried about it in a video before. Also, I thought she said her grandfather already passed away? and not hearing him in some yearly song thing is what got to her.

No. 76536

she is Canadian, not American.

No. 76551


she's crying because she got a birthday call from her grandma and it was the first time her grandpa was not there to sing with her.

it's right at the very beginning of the video.

No. 76552


yes the call is why she cried, but she also said she keeps seeing nightmares about her grandfather dying because she watched him die on skype (her family made a skype call so they could all be together) and that moment keeps replaying in her head and her dreams

No. 76578

I would almost feel bad for her if she didn't use her crying as the thumbnail. That's such a shitty thing to do especially since its like 20 seconds at the start of the video. Is she a sociopath or just completely out of touch with reality?

No. 76606


Money and privilege doesn’t make grief from a close family member dying go away

Sure, it may make it “easy” in the sense that she can sit around and cry and not have to worry about making money/going to a job but grief is something that goes away with time and not with money

I understand her having nightmares as well. It’s a very common experience especially if you witness someone pass.

No. 76618

I think she was genuinely sad, and seems sad for 90% of the video and it honestly was depressing to watch, so I wouldn't consider it clickbait. She sounds happy when she's talking about her toat skirt and Tom's coffee machine.

I think having basically one friend who is your boyfriend who is ESL with limited English is cool when everything is going well in your life, but obviously she can't go to him for detailed advice or therapy when problems arise. I think she's lonely and this explains the no vlogmas which she seems to really enjoy doing in the past. I think a life adjustment is in order and it seems the idea of moving more permanently to Canada hinges on her getting pregnant, which is seeming difficult.

Maybe a lot of theorizing but I enjoyed her videos before 2019 and hope she returns to a better routine with family around her.

No. 76630


I just low key don't understand why she felt she needed to show this to the world. Not to be a dick, but Dec is supposed to be a happy month for most. I would have held off on this sort of video until after the holidays to not bring her fans down.

No. 76637

If her fans get depressed from that video, they need to grow a thicker skin or maybe look at the thumbnail and realize that it's a sad video and not watch it. Kind of weird and selfish to say one shouldn't be able to be sad and talk about and share sad things in december because muh christmas happiness. I would also argue, that people who aren't happy in the holiday time, would feel comfort seeing that not everyone is just perfectly smiling and dancing around a christmas tree with no worries even if they're privileged enough to have all the material things they want. Only seeing (sometimes even fake) happiness is extremely alienating for those people who are having trouble and worries around this time

No. 76650

She could just as well not make a video if she doesn't feel up to it. I've experienced a lot of loss and trauma in my life and the holidays are hard for me. Sorry I don't find a poor rich girl using the death of an older relative last year as a crying thumbnail relatable. If I had her platform, I wouldn't be talking about my nightmares about my family members dying to a million subscribers because of basic boundaries and privacy. Recording yourself crying or taking a picture during or after is 9 times out of 10 attention seeking cow behavior.

No. 76671

she basically took 7 months off from work, more or less, because her grandpa died. It's remarkable.

No. 76766

Not really though… she never stopped making videos, just not as consistently. And she put out that shitty clothing line and did YouTube collabs with Safiya. If you have the means to “slow down” for a bit after someone you love dies I can’t hate on that. Mourning can really fuck you up.

No. 76823

In her newest video she mentions she didn't even put up a Christmas tree and usually she goes all out for it. I can't imagine being so far away from family and having almost no friends besides one you pay to follow you around and film.

She should probably be on depression meds, but with how she acted against even being on birth control I doubt she will.

No. 76872

I wonder why Natalie stopped working for her

No. 76901

File: 1577548770576.png (3.57 MB, 828x1792, CF1A4C5E-8350-425E-A139-08D02B…)

She’s so damn thin man

No. 77435

File: 1578173229031.jpg (547.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200104-222120_Ins…)

from Natalie's insta…

No. 77732

…looks like she got fed up with Taylor kek

No. 77733


>break up

Lol, what a weird way to say you quit your job. Makes her sound lesbian and like she left because Taylor didn't take an interest. Does sound like it ended sour though. The use of "quit" rather than "she found a new job or is moving on".

Doubtful we'll get any milk though.

No. 77948

I've thought multiple times that the reason why she isn't pregnant even though they're apparently trying and have been for a while, is because she's clearly underweight. That messes up with your hormonal system.
Or, she doesn't actually want to be and stays underweight on purpose. Wouldn't be the first time in world history women do that

No. 77957

I always wondered what Taylor was paying her. I liked Natalie well enough, though. Do you think she'll get a new assistant?

No. 77964

Being underweight can be a factor, but she obviously has some sort of cyst issue judging from her past history.

She likely needs medical intervention and help from a fertility specialist, but instead chooses to rely on traditional chinese medicine thinking that will help her. I wonder if she's scared of treatment or actually believes that the Chinese stuff is more 'natural' thus superior.

No. 77976

they haven't been trying consistently and he is more likely the problem, tbh.

her cyst was a functional cyst. Most women have them at some point in their lives! It was bad luck that it twisted her tube, but the cyst itself was nothing abnormal. She's never been diagnosed with any health problem. She just drops hints that she might have pcos, but there are actual medical tests and ways of diagnosing that. If she actually had it, we would know.

No. 78003

I think it's various reasons: underweight, exercising for an hour or so a day, and husband is over 40. She gained a tiny bit of weight early in 2019 iirc then complained about it in a video and reappeared with very thin arms and legs later on in the year. So I think she tried gaining weight and hated it. Now she's too skinny imo.

I'm also wondering if she's taking hormone supplements which have led to her depression, because that "verge of tears constantly" thing that you can pick up on her last two videos (and perhaps before that) is something I experienced when messing around with hormones (blogpost: I tried taking the pill without stopping for 2 months, and ended up as above)

She tends to keep her cards close to her chest so we're unlikely to find out what's happening, but there are my theories.
I hope she does better this year as I felt like 2019 was a very uncomfortable year for her, even as a viewer attempting to watch her videos.

No. 78081

I mean she experienced loss and is still grieving because she doesn’t know how to process it, I think she’s on verhe of tears because of that. We’ll see if her therapy helps

No. 78166

Posting in case a Spanish-speaking Anon can summarize the content better than I can.
I found this recentish Taylor-critical video in Spanish, it's from May 2019, but I see comments from 3-6 months ago, so it looks like people are still watching. I can't see English subtitles, but the way he edited it you can tell what he is saying just from the visuals (zooming into "MenClub private area" page, pics of piles of money/raining money)

From my very bad understanding of Spanish, I think the comments are basically saying "good video, Taylor is bad" and I think criticizing her lifestyle of shopping/holidays, I could be wrong.

No. 78171

Heres a little summary. He basically starts saying a brief summary of Taylor. He brings up her plastic surgery/fillers. How she quit her dolly phase and became a generic basic influencer. He thought it was interesting how she could afford her lavish lifestyle and he contacted her manager via email. They did respond saying they would be interested in a interview with him but then later stopped communicating back. He told them he was just interested in the life of Taylor and nothing bad was said. He then brings up Tom and his mensclub company and the prostitution. At the end he mentions how Tom wants a child with Taylor and that he would like them born in Canada. He questions why is that important. It's so he can open a bank account under the child's name and that account can be used to deposit money and he can avoid paying taxes which people with money do.

No. 78229

Oh wow, thanks for the summary anon. I saw the graphics he showed of piles of money+cartoon baby+Canada but I didn't know what that could relate to.

It sounds like he was very thorough in addressing the various problems related to Taylor and Tom. I always found it weird that there's so many English expose videos about Kenna/CozyKitsune when there's more problems with Taylor.

No. 79079

God, comments like this just makes me wonder if some of these are still Kiki…

No. 79121

File: 1579458782007.jpg (65.97 KB, 1068x641, moderu_desu.jpg)

Damn, her face looks like it's about to burst from all those fillers. scary

No. 80291

No. 80292


Kinda random comment but why is Taylor's voice so damn low in when they're talking to the camera? Or am I hearing things

No. 80297


context? Is she crying again?

No. 80299


they talk about natalie quitting, she reveals she has a new assistant (no introduction but we can see and hear her), she does normal vlog stuff and goes to therapy to handle her trauma of her grandfather dying (no crying)

No. 80315

I hate the new editing style. Normally I could watch a whole vlog by her but I just can't. Shots are too long and broken up by funhouse mirror warped zooms (once is enough) with onscreen text also warped. And too many zooms. Faces aren't that funny. It's 2020, set up two cameras at different angles and switch beteeen shots if you want visual interest. This ain't it.
Idk if Taylor really edited her old videos but whoever did it/however she did it prior to Natalie, I much prefer it.
This new style is even worse.

No. 80318

Not everyone cries, anons, after deaths. Some people get PTSD because death scares them and when family or friends die it can be traumatizing, cause nightmares.. Dont just assume death = crying.

No. 80324

are you new? anon just says she didn't cry because someone asked if she's crying again. She cried a lot in vids about her grandpa, so no, no one's assuming shit

No. 80327

Yikes if you think a normal life occurance like an older relative dying after a long, full, happy life and very well off and surrounded by family is traumatizing, idk what to tell you. Grief is normal. So is grandparents dying. Don't cheapen the meaning of trauma of throwing it around and applying it to inappropriate situations.

No. 80332

I mean Taylor has pointed to this as being the cause of her depression, though you might be making a distinction between trauma and depression? It seems like it caused a trauma which she was ill-equipped to deal with.

No. 80340

Yeah. She said trauma, different from depression >>80327 anon. No one is trying to cheapen anything.

No. 80362

You aren't hearing things. I noticed this starting in her videos about toat. Is she copying Elizabeth Holmes and faking a lower voice now (just as she used to fake a high one)?

No. 80373

File: 1580360991145.gif (1001.6 KB, 350x250, war.jpg.gif)

Just because she's depressed because she's never experienced a hardship in her life doesn't mean that her old grandpa peacefully dying is traumatic. Words have meanings, sorry that's a lot for you all to wrap your heads around. She is 30 years old. Grandparents die. Imagine saying to someone who survived a natural disaster, or a rape victim, or a soldier, or someone who has been in an abusive relationship that an old person dying naturally is traumatic to you.

No. 80378

The death of a family member that one loves can be equally as traumatic as any of the things you listed.

No. 80392

I wonder too. No one has a bigger hate boner for taylor

No. 80396

Didn't she watch him pass away? I remember her mentioning intrusive thoughts about it. I could see this being traumatic for some.

No. 80397

Yes, exactly. She watched it on Skype. Empathy-chan who thinks watching someone die on Skype isn't traumatic needs to stop. Even watching a pet die naturally is traumatic.

No. 80402

Are we really whiteknighting a rich unemployed woman in her 30s because her grandfather died last year and she still tries to milk that for attention? Wow
Crying on camera should never have become a thing in the first place, if you're sad, don't broadcast it.

No. 80412

It's not white knighting, it's just common sense that trauma isn't a competition and different people get affected differently by different things. I don't see how she's milking it, she just said that she's going to therapy and one thing they're discussing is this trauma. She might even have a trauma from an event that happened some time ago and the death just activated it?

No. 80418

Anon, you need help.

No. 80419

>a person watches someone they love dearly die
>some autist keeps insisting this isn’t traumatic

Just because everyone dies eventually does not mean it’s any less traumatic, let alone to witness it happen. The death of a loved one is incredibly difficult for most people who aren’t fucking sociopaths, and is often considered the most traumatic thing in people’s lives. Taylor is a whiny woman child who has an easy life, but you can in no way fault her for having a hard time processing watching a loved one die.

No. 80424

Agreed. I had a soft spot for Tay but her vlogs have been unwatchable and aside from that she honestly just seems bored and boring now. I think that contributes to her depression because she's never actually doing anything or connecting meaningfully with people irl.

No. 80440

unpopular opinion, I guess, but I do think the word "trauma" is cheapened by applying it to this situation.

I'm glad she is going to therapy. She has a lot she could work on.

What I can't figure out is how blasé she is about her health during this virus outbreak. The streets of HK are eerily empty, and yet she's going out to eat and acting like nothing is different. For someone who talks a big game about health and family, why isn't she protecting those things right now? Maybe the media is exaggerating, but why present everything as if life is normal? it's weird.

No. 80451

>The death of a loved one is incredibly difficult for most people who aren’t fucking sociopaths
Bitch, stop.
Most people lose their grandparents when they're only children bit they still go to school and function normally after that, hell, some people even have to go to work the day their fucking parents die. She's just incredibly privileged and doesn't even realize it. And you and her other fans are enabling and validating her.
She has it a ton easier than the vast majority of all humans. If this hits her so hard, then she should keep quiet and get off youtube until she's back to normal again. Some of her very young viewers might have horrible lifes, how are they supposed to feel when a wealthy womanchild is crying about the same thing for months?

No. 80466

File: 1580420079651.gif (1.31 MB, 294x231, 5ddc336bfd9db244c913783d.gif)

Anon, why are you so personally offended by this? All anyone said is that the death of a loved one can indeed be traumatic. We know that Taylor's wealthy and quite spoiled. That doesn't change how strongly a family death can affect someone, and trying to gatekeep what is or isn't "real" trauma is pointless.

>Most people lose their grandparents when they're only children

For the record, "most" is a bit of an exaggeration. A good portion of people don't lose their grandparents until in their late teens and 20s which, arguably, hits harder at that age.

No. 80469

it can be equally as traumatic as rape? ok bud

No. 80475

What is this, the trauma police?

No. 80476

It's just anons who understand that a loved one dying can be traumatic but refuse to acknowledge it if it's a loved one of an internet personality that they dislike.

No. 80480

by your logic, BECAUSE she is so privileged, this event that is not traumatizing for "normal" people is traumatizing for her, because she has not experienced hardship.

No. 80483

Holy shit batman are we seriously having this argument. No doubt the death of a loved one can be damaging especially if its a close one. However, I highly highly doubt that it is just the death fucking her up. Girl is addicted to being "perfect" and consistently compared herself to every other e-girl. I always low key thought she might also have also an ED. Anyways, I'm sure she's got multiple reasons that are causing her to cry that she's just unwilling to mention.

No. 80492

Her face. She looks like a range of ages in 1. I hope for her sake it’s reversible. I noticed mostly on the video the hairdresser posted of doing her hair. Face looks like a hamster.

No. 80537

File: 1580447399666.png (672.09 KB, 1601x1001, Screenshot_20200130-224041~2.p…)


This video shows Taylor looking angry/upset during the entire makeover (especially the hairstyle portion). The guy cutting her hair remarks on the "serious" condition of her hair (which I assume means "damaged"). At the end, he tells her to come back in a month so he can make the bangs perfect and dye it. But she chose to go elsewhere for the dye and restyling.

Based on this video, I wonder whether she even paid for any of this (especially makeup, since she didn't know she would get that done). They made a promotional video that is edited very professionally. It was actually a great promotional video, not boring at all. He showed her specifically how to recreate the styling, step by step, and explained everything. None of that was in Taylor's video - she just wrote (rudely imho) "I can't get my hair to look like this" on that part of the video, underneath her irritated-looking face.

The video also shows undeniable proof of fillers. Look at the pouches near her lip corners.

No. 80541

She did the same thing during the HK protests when she wasn't flying around Asia. If you're watching her channel for a sense of what life is like in whatever city she lives in, it's never going to be that. I think it's pretty fucked up, like someone watching her videos maybe 5, 10 years down the line would have no idea HK was going through it's most intense summer ever. But it's her channel and a lot of people can't be bothered and want to escape into her rich girl fantasy bubble with her for a few minutes.

No. 80542

god this must be kiki this level of sperg is insane

that looks more like acne covered in foundation, unless you're pointing to her buccal fat??

No. 80550

Has Taylor ever actually denied having fillers? Fillers are so common nowadays, especially within her age group.

No. 80551

Taylor has a very bad acne on her chin and jawline and that's just that.
Talking about fillers she would put them on the cheek and not down there.

No. 80555

Fillers never go away you braindead wk. They just move and sink to different parts of the face. I doubt that she happens to have symmetrical cystic acne that looks like foreign objects under her skin.

She's openly obsessed with the Kardashians, why is it so shocking that your precious taytay whose face can barely move or emote is just another shallow millionaire and not some humble, sweet hardworking good girl who would never get fillers in her late 20s-early 30s out of boredom, insecurity, and an inability to consider the long term effects of a thing!

No. 80559


I don't care what Taylor does to her face. I just saw what she looks like when she isn't editing herself. And this one particular kind of filler is one I have investigated.

So, for clarification, I'm talking about the part that looks like a pouch on both sides of her mouth. I didn't see cystic acne in the video and the cameraperson got pretty close to her face.

She absolutely gets Botox. I don't know anything about cheek fillers or other injectables. But I know that filler in the area I indicated helps even out lip corners that droop.

This is minor blogposting but it's relevant to my opinion:
My mother and grandmother have horrible puppet lines and droopy lip corners. So I have looked at hundreds of photos of how filler can fix genetic resting bitch face, because I already see faint signs of it.

No. 80562

File: 1580469935473.png (90.27 KB, 277x189, bucft.png)

I don't think most anons doubt that she's had fillers or some kind of work done, but I see what >>80542 is saying. Some people have that puffiness under their bottom lip, it may or may not be due to fillers. But honestly, who really cares, the filler sperging is old milk.

No. 80563

First of all i'm not a wk. Chill your autistic ass. Fillers DO go away with time and she HAS cheek fillers, I didn't deny it. For fuck sake it's know that her chin looks like a pizza!

No. 80565

File: 1580471980501.jpg (757.2 KB, 1080x1080, Fillers.jpg)

No. 80566

Left is from 72 days ago, right from 20 minutes ago.

No. 80608

She admits to using facetune to edit her pics, what are you trying to prove here

No. 80611

Oh god

Idk why people still fawn over Taylor I just find her so basic looking

No. 80617

File: 1580507691344.png (134.79 KB, 333x500, Screen_Shot_2020-01-20_at_11.3…)

back in her humble natural days

No. 80621

When will people stop the blowup doll lip shit. Its jarring how much better she looks in her videos before she does her lip makeup and overlines them.

No. 80624

It's wild how "plain jane" she looks now with all of her fillers, facetune, and makeup, compared to how naturally beautiful she looked before.

No. 80635

Look at those chipmunk cheeks, she was using fillers back then too? Plastic bitch

No. 80638

Dunno if you're trolling but you can see how different she looks smiling now. >>75039

The lips are clearly plumped with injections, not just overlined. The lower lip is a completely different size and shape compared to the image on the left.

No. 80653

Not wking but maybe she was just bored since she couldn't entertain herself during the whole process. I remember people saying a girl in a hair video looked upset during the process, but she explained that she was just bored because she couldn't use her phone because the cameras were rolling the whole time and they didn't know what footage would be used for the final video, so she had to sit with a straight face the whole time.

Dang she actually looks really pretty and model-like here.

No. 80669

She was like 10kg thinner back then too.
What's with the sudden massive influx of Ostrenga sounding spergs nitpicking and bringing fossilized milk. Can't you all fuck off back to PULL where you belong.

No. 80675

Pretty sure that anon is mocking anyone who dares to criticize Taylor even slightly. And to that anon: Fillers? nah. Could be bulimia.

Ever since Tom Lip's online pedozine (yes I am exaggerating) was exposed here, it is impossible to say anything about Taylor without being called a sperg, Ostenga, PULLtard, or stalker. I think it's interesting just how many people populate this thread solely to defend Taylor, and how they come out to create a distraction when necessary. During the revelation about Tom there were some comments that seemed like they had to be deliberately provocative, meant to undermine the actual criticism in this thread by making us all look like crazed idiots.

Don't fall for it.
And to the Tayliban: why is it so important to you if Taylor's face is uwu natural or not? Why is that something so utterly offensive that it can't be talked about? When more and more people do it these days? Most people posting about her face are not making this a deep moral issue. I think it would be responsible to say something about it, since she pretends to be so "open" and "real," but in the end it is her face and her decision.

No. 80676

File: 1580550503358.png (2.18 MB, 1080x1477, Screenshot_20200130-192934.png)

since it's an image board, enjoy the pic I dropped

No. 80680

oof that's so unfortunate. Their face-shape looks similar, tragic. As some anon said, fillers are so common nowadays, they can be done so tastefully, why does she insist on getting those bulimia cheeks-style injections? She must have severely screwed body image to not see how awful that looks

No. 80682

She probably thinks round, full cheeks are more youthful? That's the only explanation I can think of. She would have been better off not messing with her cheeks at all because aging skin being stretched to it's limit is only going to sag more as she naturally loses fat in her face. She basically has to keep getting them forever and making the problem worse.

No. 81190

File: 1580804044425.jpg (400.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200204-021207_Gal…)

sorry if this has been posted before, i was watching a Japanese show on netflix called Samurai Gourmet, and holy shit look who it is??

No. 81217


This was posted and already heavily discussed. Her face was extremely bloated in it and anons argued back and forth about it.

No. 81416

She looks so uncomfortable in this video. Near the end you can see her horrible puffy cheeks.

No. 81576

I've seen some comments about her putting on a deep voice to mimic Safiya, and I didn't see it until this video where it literally sounds like she's doing an impression of Safiya in the voiceover at the start. It's bizarre. People are not following Taylor because they like Safiya.
There is no gap in the market for another Safiya (who I personally find irritating). Just no.

No. 81578

Samefag, it's not just the voiceover. It's the live video too. It's such a change in pitch it sounds like she's been taking testosterone, or has edited the audio pitch in post.
Thanks, I hate it.

No. 81580

Idk if she realizes this, but voices are pretty important, and one reason I watch Taylor is her natural voice is a similar pitch to mine. If I wanted to listen to a dude-lite I'd watch that. Generally people listen to music and audio which resembles their own accents and pitch, ergo, suddenly changing your voice will make you less appealing to your established viewers.

No. 81582

Samefaggotery, so sorry for the multiple posts. I changed the video speed to 1.25 and she sounds the same as every other video now. So it's likely she slowed the speed of the entire video in order to achieve this bizarre effect.

No. 81629

She's doing a really bad Safiya imitation mainly because her Canadian accent is so thick kek

No. 81650

What if this is her real voice and she faked her higher pitched voice in her old videos? Either way, she had so many personality/voice/style changes in such a short amount of time. Changing is pretty normal as a human being but it's gradient and not all of a sudden. She's definetely jumping on every bandwagon to stay relevant and now her Safya copycat phase has begun. Not as milky as the Kota copycat phase but still fun to spectate. I wonder why she can't be herself.

No. 81986

I’m sure she faked a higher voice to sound cute. I think she admitted to it in a video she made reacting to her kota clone phase.

No. 82021

I was wondering what happened with all of Taylor's Japan's friends. I mean it seems she has only stay friends with Sharla. What happened to kim Dao, mimei ect…

No. 82023

Many moved away and moved on with their own lives

No. 82042

I remember she met once with Bronwyn in Canada bc she moves there from Japan. I think Tay is anyways too awkward. She wants to be this cosmopolitan girl but she basically just sits at home iin her PJs

No. 82043

I never got that about Taylor, when she was in Japan going around to different cafes or shops or whatever was lucrative. Lame weebs such as myself live vicariously through jvloggers, and she had money and time to do fun stuff. Instead she filmed herself in a car going to a store, then filmed herself coming back and talking about whatever she bought. Even worse the videos where she put on "funny" clothing and stood around outside while people looked at her, but she didn't really "do" anything. Basically wasted potential for a jvlogger. Half the time the shit she filmed could've been done in Omaha.

No. 82044

My money is on Taylor doing this Safiya impression as a stupid ~social experiment~, like she has done it before, with the Kim k copycat photos, for example.

It's too obvious, it can't just be another sudden phase of hers.

No. 82248

New video, her voice is back to normal and the video is edited well. Someone commented about the editing and - pic rel, Taylor says she edits everything. Which makes the recent edits with the crazy zooms and swirling text even more baffling.

No. 82249

File: 1581528462137.png (187.52 KB, 1440x815, editing.png)

No. 82272

She’d be nobody without creepy San. No way she could have her own business or have her chipmunk face pumped with filler every month. Not for all the money in the world would I do that.
I hope her young viewers don’t believe she got all the things like trips and handbags on her own. She has a damn creepy sugardaddy with a damn creepy business for that . Vom.

No. 82275


I find her so bland and not even that pretty tbh I don’t get the hype

No. 82289

She's a Basic White Girl who married into money and got to live the weeaboo dream without having to support herself, to the chagrin of every kotaclone on the web. The best part? she didn't even care for the style, she just did it for clicks/views and stopped when Elbow-san guaranteed her a sweet life for nothing.

Taylor the Lancome model sans circle lenses was best Taylor, before she went kawaii to find a pedo-esque guarantor to take care of her after her career.

No. 82503

I think Sharla was her only real friend and she was always just tagging along. She had a falling out with Mimei, but that might've been more of a Mimei vs. Sharla thing. She and Venus did seem to have a thing though?

She didn't show much interest in Japanese culture (all of her interesting content was thanks to her agency/team, Elbow-san and other vloggers)and didn't seem to share others interests with the jvloggers, aside from going to cute cafes and pretending to be vegan.

She couldn't speak Japanese nor really do anything on her own, even the most basic things like riding the train, and it probably got tiring for the others to have to take care of her after a while, especially if they weren't really friends outside vlogging. Knowing she had access to all of that money and connection, and all of the time in the world yet didn't do anything with it probably made it more annoying.

Plus Elbow-san is creepy and was already creepy enough before everyone found out about the bikini-clad 13 year olds in his magazines.

No. 83804

Did anybody find those weird airbnb she's been while in Japan?

No. 84153

It's kind of sad to see how badly her cheek fillers have aged, the remnants of it are more and more noticeable lately. She looks bulbous every time she smiles.

No. 84225

I cant believe it. It’s normal to age but she is looking hideous. What is wrong with her face. She must have some dysmorphic disorder to think it looks good. She is only thirty, imagine how it will look at 35. The whole beige hair face and clothes look make her look like she has entirely given up.

No. 84226

Okay everyone keeps bashing the beige clothes but she’s a trend follower and that is the #1 trend right now. Beiges and browns.

No. 84241

Lmao imagine defending a spoiled trophy wife and her glorified taobao reselling brand/vanity project for being a slave to shitty trends. S-she can't help what's in fashion!!

No. 84270

it's literally linked in the video description

ntayrt but they weren't defending tay they were literally saying tay is mindless drone that follows what's popular. take your hate down a notch, you're coming off insane LMAO

No. 84293

Right, I can't get over the disparity between her current hobo look and her old kawaii look. She has a naturally pretty face yet just looks constantly scruffy and like she has no concept of fashion or flattering style.
I nearly am suspecting she's pregnant, but that's just tinfoil, due to my lack of comprehension why someone with a pretty face and model body would choose to present herself this way.

No. 84300

Yeah, she should really lay off the fillers. During the aging process, fat starts shifting downwards and the lower half of the face gets more pronounced. With the swollen cheeks combined with her already wide lower jaw, she's just unnecessarily making herself look older than she is

No. 84345

Reminder that our girl thought this was an okay way to dress, act and talk at the age of fucking 27 and that her lovely boomer husband (who also features very underage bikini/underwear-clad girls on his website) fell in "love" and fucked this version of her. "Kawaii animuh dance" videos even exist of her at 28. And her only excuse is "Haha, so embarrassing!".
It's a true miracle that she wasn't dropped like a hot potato a la Kota (the latter and Venus at least were only teens). On the contrary, Taylor even gets away with muh female empowerment and "I'm so sad, pity me!"… I usually hate this word but she's the definition of privileged.

No. 84346

File: 1582660282678.jpg (250.92 KB, 1140x655, 1140-generations-chart.imgcach…)

She was 26 and could pass for a lot younger.
Tom is born at the very end of Gen X depending on which chart you use. If you are going to insult someone for their age at least get it right so you don't sound like a moron.
She wasn't dropped like Kooter because her situation was different then Kooter's. When Taylor was Kooter's age she was behaving reasonably and working normally as a model. She didn't gain 30 pounds and laze around like a slug while acting like a cunt to people in the industry.
And by the time the video was made she was 26 she was already moving away from modeling and her agency (who she'd been with since she was 20 or so) had her back and considered her useless videos to be talent work (strongly disagree but whatever)and therefore worthy of an entertainment visa.
Both Kooter and Taylor are spoiled and privileged but Kooter prematurely torpedoed her own career with her behavior and general shittiness.

No. 84399

That's the most autistic bullshit I ever read lmao Somebody guesses your princess' age wrong by an entire year?! Quickly run to her help with stats to show those meanie haterz!
Sorry for mocking a 26-year-old who calls public ageplay "modelling" while being with an ephebophile generation x-er sugar daddy. Of course Kooters is born much wealthier and commited the crime of being fat on top of that, so much older (but super young and bootiful looking!) Taylor copying her at an again much older age was only fair and not pathetic at all. And in case somebody calls her out, just say it's your agency's fault. Same with the mirror-on-the-floor-to-show-female-guests-panties event she went to, that her hubbie talked about on his site for classy gentleman. Only a powerful girl boss making money and being inspiring.

No. 84437

>born wealthy

his can only be an Ostrenga. Kooter wore her ratty taobao knockoff clothes until like 2017, she sold off all her expensive gifts and all her clothes are free from friends or bought by her parents.

BOTH Kooter and Taylor were spoiled, priveledged whores competing for attention and "Pretty Points" from jealous poor weebs the world over. Both of them leveraged their youth and sexuality for personal gain, and both of them publicly and shamelessly acted like embarassing weirdos in the process. The only difference now is that Taylor secured her lifestyle and Kooter can only pretend she still has hers 1-2x a year when she gets a job as a favor.

Taylor and Kooter did the same thing, just Kooter was trashier and more cunty about it while Taylor was more ditzy and girly.

No. 84441

>Kota is wealthy
That's obviously sarcasm…
Anon said Kota is just as privileged and spoiled as Taylor but we all know that she's from a shitty home with irresponsible parents and a sad lunatic older sister while Taylor basically had the perfect family and childhood. Kota probably fucks slimy old men so that she doesn't go completely broke and has to return back to Florida while Taylor married Elbow-san because she wanted an even comfier life and even more money than she already had to begin with. You can't compare those two, Kota was basically bound to end up as trash, but Taylor could have easily gone to a good school, gotten a degree and a well paying proper job but she chose not to because she's a lazy af hypocrite. She by far wouldn't be as grating if she just admitted that she's living the sweet trophy wife life.

I hoped that the vile af website shit going down would drive away fans/wk but I guess not…

No. 84472

The very end of Gen X? LOL keep reaching. He's solidly in the middle and looks a hell of a lot older.

Previous anon was using "boomer" to mean "significantly older," not in a literal sense. It's a current thing, I don't like it either, but don't pretend it's some literal comment on his age.

No. 84540

the egg one, not the other ones

No. 84644

File: 1582896586074.jpg (168.96 KB, 1500x1500, a8ccdafbf6da93e74ff6a479ecaa6a…)

Taylor has started selling knock-off items on toat. She once said how much she disliked knock-offs and how she would never buy them.

But here are toat's brass bee earrings:

and the picture attached shows Dior's tribal bee earrings

No. 84645

File: 1582896871375.jpg (6.93 KB, 440x390, e36758900c6c38929f2c3dc806b0e6…)

The crystal bee earring on toat here: https://toat.com/collections/accessories/products/crystal-bee-pearl-earring

is a replica of the Dior Tribales bee earrings (attached picture)

Also great move, Taylor, pricing earrings individually when not even Dior does that.

No. 84646

File: 1582897190466.png (163.44 KB, 1080x1781, Screenshot_20200228-143655.png)

And her announcement on Instagram gives no acknowledgment to Dior for the design of the earrings. Given that the bee is a signature motif for the brand, it's pretty tasteless.

No. 84950

Can Taylor get in trouble for these fakes like Kota did with her Vivienne Westwood knockoffs years ago? Her jewellery isn't even inspired by Dior's design but it's a straight counterfeit product. I can't imagine that she's that dumb trying to sell these fakes because there are several crazies on pull who have a hateboner for her and they are 100% going to report her

No. 85003

I don’t think so. I believe especially in Asia the law’s about stealing designs (art theft) aren’t that strickt

No. 85124

She may have trouble shipping them internationally though.

No. 85234

File: 1583396005304.jpg (654.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200305-090759_Ins…)

took her a while

No. 85268

Why should she address it? She did that last time with the protest or whatever and she was sooo misinformed. I doubt she even went outside and just brought all her groceries online. She’ll just read from Wikipedia.

No. 85323

File: 1583479998741.jpg (282.87 KB, 1080x858, Screenshot_20200306-083225_You…)

Does Tom have a babyfat face fetish or something because why is she doing this to her face?

No. 85324

She looks pregnant.

No. 85329

She looks like filler overdose

No. 85334

File: 1583500690599.jpg (42.88 KB, 640x520, b1d.png.jpg)


>samefagging about fillers in 2020

No. 85335

Except she looks positively lumpy now if you watch the video.

No. 85337

I think it's good she made this video, but I think she feels too much pressure for facts and accuracy after doing things in the past like forgetting WW2 happened (iirc)

This kind of video doesn't suit her and isn't fun to watch. But she did make good points about not being racist (people harassing anyone who looks Asian) and basically addressing the various issues.

No. 85340

It felt like a school project tbh. I felt like grading it lol. It wasn't bad. I found it interesting enough I think everyone just wanted a first hand report on the situation in Hong Kong and she delivered to the best of her ability. There's room for improvement but I think people would've bugged her if she never did a video so kind of a damned if you do damned if you don't.

No. 85342

Honestly, I don't think anyone was bugging her to do a video. I think people just wanted to know where she was and if she was taking precautions, which is kind of normal for people who are watching a Youtuber based in HK. She always takes it to the extreme and says people are asking her to "address" something when in reality they just kind of want to know how she's doing.

It was the same with the protests. Except during the protests she was doing a ton of PR IG-story promotions for stupid skin care and makeup she will never wear, so it came across as tone-deaf imho. I think there is a way to delicately handle real-life situations without making some big video about them. But Taylor can't understand nuance.

No. 86414

Taylor is undergoing IVF to get pregnant. It's around 10 minutes in.

No. 86416

Hi, I'm a multimillionaire expat who wants a baby even during the apocalypse because that's a whole 9+ month personality trait! I have literally nothing in my brain.

No. 86421

I hate Taylor's saccharine persona so much more now that this virus has kicked off. She just acts like the world around her in Hong Kong, of all places, is not melting down. Her audience basically had to force her to even acknowledge corona virus and the protests because she's got drivel to peddle. She's just such a privileged white girl and her disconnect is because it really doesn't effect her. She really gives me vibes like the rich family in Parasite.

No. 86427

Why does she even need to make a video about corona? She's no expert and she knows that, so she hesitated at first but gave in after some people demanded it. Just because she doesn't share everything on the internet, doesn't mean she doesn't care. I am extremely annoyed at this oversharing trend plus famous and rich people don't know shit and I don't want to hear their opinions at all but listen to doctors and experts regarding Corona. Taylor should have said nothing at best.

No. 86428

Is she serious about that? What if she gets pregnant and infected at the same time? Does she think about her unborn baby at all? That's extremely egoistical and dumb of her and her husband. They should just wait until next year when vaccination against Corona is available

No. 86431

With the current research we have, fetuses and unborn babies are not affected by the virus.

No. 86432

She literally posts on her Instagram story multiple times a day about how horrible the situation is and suggestions on how to stay safe and not infect others. Seems like she’s pretty aware of the situation to me.

No. 86434

i think people see it as her being close to where it began and her possibly knowing more insider info about the situation. obviously she doesnt, but people are scared and desperate for answers and are looking to people they "trust" to tell them some kind of hidden truth about the situation

No. 86437

>current research we have
You're being disingenuous because there is no data on it. Anyone worth their salt in the med field will tell you they don't know because they don't. Don't talk out your ass or at least pull a source (though most news sources right now will say exactly what I told you so).

No. 86457

nta but this strain of virus can't affect fetuses. STIs are pretty much the only ones that can.

No. 86458

Source or shut up and stop spreading misinfo.

No. 86467

are you retarded? Don't spread misinformation. There's a difference between 'not knowing if it doesn't spread to fetuses' and 'doesn't spread to fetuses'.
At the moment, they don't know if it does. Don't act like you know and possibly cause a serious issue in someone's life.

No. 86511

Whiteknights be whiteknighting. They didn't care about her being botched, they didn't care about her lying 24/7, they didn't care about her defending her sugar daddy husband running a pedoish porn site and they sure as hell also will continue making excuses for her privileged ass wanting to birth a child during a pandemic.

No. 86524

>Why does she even need to make a video about corona?
Bitch, she lives in Hong Kong. Her whole world is on fire but she's kept safely up in her white girl nest.

No. 86561

She posted NOTHING about this virus when it affected Asia primarily. She realized she could leverage it for views and followers once it spread beyond China. She now posts stories from CNN and NYT with half of the words underlined and her vapid comments in the margin.

Most of her preaching is about face masks, which are unavailable in most parts of the world right now.

Remember: while people in Wuhan and other places were dying, this child-woman opened PR boxes. She did not show herself donating time or money, she gave no advice to her followers. She posted nothing. She did not care. She went to cafes and traveled. She sold her overpriced taobao fashion.

I cannot tell you how much I hate her at the moment. I used to be pretty "enh whatever" about her, but now, she makes me rage like nothing else.

No. 86562

Sage your autism and cool your hateboner. Girl's totally useless and dumb as a post but you act like she personally killed your puppy.

No. 86578

Nta but I agree 100% Anyone uncomfortable with Taylor being called out for being a privileged airhead is probably also privileged and airheaded. All she could do during months of protests was vaguepost about a heart emoji hurting to her stories. An adult woman in her 30s. She wants to make a whole ass human life but doesn't know how to talk about her surroundings (which are the only reason she has an audience) in an appropriate way?

I don't think she needed to make a whole damn video and be yet another clueless white youtuber talking out of their ass. She could have briefly mentioned it at any time the weeks she was out jetsetting and taking selfies of her aliexpress resale clothes.

No. 86585

File: 1584665553343.png (379.79 KB, 1440x1578, IVF.png)

Just posting this Instagram caption for posterity.

No. 86590

uhhhh….is this supposed to be shade towards Tom? The whole second half of this is just bizarre.

No. 86591

yeah what the hell? she couldve just said despite our best efforts we have to resort to this instead of implying tom doesnt fuck her at all, thats really fucking weird

No. 86632


Sounds like he only had a hard on for Dolly child like Tay and not basic bitch Tay. It's always been speculated that he had/has more of an attraction to dolly/youthful looking girls. I remember a video of both of them looking at her past videos and his odd response to her asking which "Tay" does he like better. Plus several anons speculating the only reason she keeps the bloated cheeks is to appease him. Wonder if he's going to be even less interested in her once she's prego.

No. 86633

>waah Tom no longer wants to fuck me!
Yikes, that's way tmi considering the majority of her fanbase consists of little girls.

No. 86637

Holy shit guys this is clearly just a joke… maybe in poor taste, but not worth this level of rage

No. 86648

>bringing a child into a sexless marriage
Well, I wish her good luck, she will need it.

No. 86649

The autism in this thread is unbelievable. It's not that deep.

She's saying that at the hospital where she's getting her IVF (she put this caption on a photo of her there) she is being poked a lot (presumably by doctors/nurses) and that poking will make the baby, not getting dicked down by her husband like how most of the post-quarantine babies will be made.

No. 86667


Between her and Yumi King

Another poor weeb related asian half white fetish to join this virus infected earth.

And watch Taylor force it into modelling

No. 86687

well, at least this one will grow up with a trust fund and won't have to deal with internalized racism coming from it's mother

No. 86688

That’s exactly how I read it. The hate boners in this thread are terrible.

No. 86694

Smells like ostrengas are on lockdown in here

No. 86700

File: 1584789111162.jpg (111.54 KB, 1280x720, 1764871977_preview_maxresdefau…)

No. 86701


If it ends up like the dad then they’re doomed

No. 86703

Exactly my thought. None of these mild insults regarding Taylor's own weird post about not getting "poked" by Tom are worth the level of white-knighting in this thread. Pro tip: wanna white knight? Pick your battles and don't act like every snarky comment is a mortal wound.

No. 86885

File: 1584880040521.jpg (15.7 KB, 209x275, 1482823545955.jpg)


Oh man, but you know it will. Thick frizzy curly hair and fat saggy face.

No. 86988

Now that the virus is all over Western news, Taylor has decided to bless Hong Kong with her invaluable advice about social distancing.

Taylor. Stop randomly underlining parts of text and articles. She's like that dim student who has half a textbook highlighted.

No. 87039

lul she now wants to speak up after she took a whole 3 months to do the video.
The baby still has to deal with getting the dad features or mommy forcing him or her to model and get fillers to appease papa.

No. 87140

File: 1585125624082.jpg (612.47 KB, 1080x1648, 20200325_093914.jpg)

No. 87141

Taylor is larping as an old woman, all the beauty treatments and now IVF. It's odd. Tom seems kind but it shouldn't be that difficult for a 30-year old to get pregnant. Seems unfair when the problem is primarily him, for her to have to go through all these treatments. You get hormone injections to prepare for IVF which might explain her recent emotional state in previous videos.

No. 87145


I thought it was her as to why it wasn't happening. She had something wrong with her ovaries which made it difficult to get pregnant.

No. 87147

she's definitely had hormonal problems. In one of her videos I remember she said that she tried acupuncture because she didn't get her period for almost half a year

No. 87154


I definitely think she has some issues affecting fertility. I’m sure if they kept trying for a long time, it’d happen. Why do that when you have the $$ to do it now. IVF will probably work pretty well since she’s only 30.

No. 87155


She has confirmed POCS and various endo symptoms, fertility issues are a normal part of that. She even had a clean-up surgery before because shit was blocking one ovarian tube.
Being 30 is fine when you are healthy but it is absolutely not too young for fertility issues when you aren't.

No. 87156

Did she try, oh idk, not staying model thin for her creepy sugar husband despite having no career? Outside of clickbait titles about gaining weight and "exercise"?

How does she even have fans? Being a white woman in Asia who coasts on being a white woman in Asia is not aspirational.

No. 87157

She doesn't have endometriosis. It would have been seen during her surgery. (There's no dye test for endo - it can only be confirmed by seeing it during surgery.) She was also vague as to whether she actually has PCOS or not. One (functional) cyst does not mean you have it. In the end it isn't my business, but I don't like her misinformation about health.

She's really awkward and vague about their issues, but she said multiple times since Jan 2019 that they weren't trying. How consistently they tried is a big question.

my personal tinfoil: I think Tom is pushing for conception as fast as possible. Who knows his motives? I also wonder whether Taylor's vagueness about her health is meant to cover for a problem that is really Tom's. She overshares (poo, period, everything). He doesn't.

No. 87160

30 is kind of old for the first child though. My doctor warned me about getting an abortion at 28 because fertility already starts to drop at that age and I might regret it later on when I'm really trying to get pregant and can't.

No. 87162

She is defiantly not so thin that it would affect her fertility. Reach

No. 87177

Wtf where do you live anon? Women in western countries get their first child in their mid 30s and even 40s. That's not a problem at all except if you live in a 3rd world country.

No. 87189

anon, you were manipulated by an anti-choice dr. I'm sorry you had to go through that.

No. 87195

You are either a scrote or you were influenced by one as anon mentioned >>87189
You shouldn't be worried about infertility in your 20s nor in your 30s in today's society with all kinds of possibilities and technologies it's offering you. And it's a myth that abortions make you infertile or unable to get pregnant again if done correctly of course. I know some women who had abortions and they had no problems to get pregnant again. Change your doctor because he is scum.

No. 87196

>I think Tom is pushing for conception as fast as possible. Who knows his motives?

Wasn't it sonething about getting the child a Canadian passport and opening a bank account in childs name so Tom can use it to launder money/ avoid taxes etc. once when mainland China takes over Hong Kong fully?

No. 87197

This and he probably doesn't want to live in Hong Kong anymore if China takes it over. There are several documentaries about rich Chinese business man disappearing and some of their companies are suddenly broke too.

No. 87201

I'm in Germany, a very liberal country considering pro choice and womens rights. I wasn't pressured into any direction or decision, the doc just stated the facts and I'm glad that he did so.

Having the first child in your mid 30s or 40s is definitely not ideal. It's basically impossible to become first time pregnant at 40 without having to resort to fertility treatments, mid to late 30s is already pushing it. Selling women the lie that they can delay a pregnancy until almost middle age because "there is always an option later" should be a crime, because those options are not failproof and there is a time limit to anything and not everyone can afford those treatments, so they shouln't be taken for granted. If you like it or not, those are facts.

No. 87207

I really don't mean to be a whiteknight but some of these comments are just nuts. You're really nitpicking a woman struggling with infertility for getting IVF? I can promise you that no one is getting IVF just for fun so this doesn't even make sense.

Seriously, there are plently of other ways that Taylor is problematic, can we stick to those? Honestly I thought it was super dumb how she seemed to be sticking with homeopathic bullshit up until now so I'm just glad she went to a real doctor.

Why wouldn't he just use Taylor's name if he wanted to do this?

No. 87218

I really hate to derail this but this is not true. I know several women (not european descent) who have had children all through their 30s and into their 40s with ease. I think it depends on many factors including health and genetics. Sage for irrelevant

No. 87221

He's already in his mid-40s, so that could be reason enough. He could be a senior citizen before his kid graduates from university.

In your country, the average age of a mother at first birth is 29.4. In most wealthy European countries, the average is somewhere between 29 and 31. In Canada, the average is over 28, with most babies born to mothers between 30 to 34. It was 29.8 in Hong Kong 12 years ago, so probably over 30 today.

No. 87222

>Selling women the lie that they can delay a pregnancy until almost middle age
You're the one selling the lie though.

>It found that with sex at least twice a week, 82 percent of 35-to-39-year-old women conceive within a year, compared with 86 percent of 27-to-34-year-olds. (The fertility of women in their late 20s and early 30s was almost identical—news in and of itself.)
>Among women having sex during their fertile times, 78 percent of 35-to-40-year-olds got pregnant within a year, compared with 84 percent of 20-to-34-year-olds.

40 is really the drop off point, 30s is fine and the slight decrease in fertility is a fair exchange for financial stability, maturity, and waiting for the right partner at the right time.

No. 87230

I have such a hard time picturing Taylor as a mother. She doesn't strike me as a motherly type at all

No. 87231


I think she'll do fine as a mother. I do think she'll struggle hard with body image after/during the pregnancy. I mean she still cries about that short time period when she was 12 and chubby. Girl can't handle the thought of having extra weight, but then shills to her viewers to accept themselves for how they are. I remember her saying she wanted to gain weight, then she did and immediately hated it and lost it all. ( I couldn't even tell she gained weight, to begin with.)

No. 87263

Does she look this bloated from fertility drugs? I wouldn’t have recognized who this pic was if I didn’t know it was her thread.

No. 87265

From someone who has been under a lot, you are hooked up to an IV and since they aren't going into her mouth at all, they probably advised her to drink a lot of fluids before this procedure. Also it looks like her chin and face mashed together as she was laid flat. You don't exactly get that princess alignment when you're knocked out.

TL;DR Yeah, that's extremely common when you wake up after being sedated.

No. 87286

she showed off her "bloat" in a video. her abdomen looked like a normal female abdomen. maybe with a little PMS bloat. not "3 months pregnant" as she claimed. I'd like her to stop calling herself fat, it's not fun at all to watch a model saying these things, and it's damaging to her audience. Sharing your insecurities doesn't mean insulting yourself left and right (it also comes across as compliment-fishing).

No. 87289


Anon is refering to her face after waking up from the procedure. Not your insecurities about Taylor saying she is fat when for her she probably feels fat. A model can feel fat, anon. She's an ana-chan so everything to her makes her feel fat. It's not hidden knowledge she says this all the time to feel better by self deprication.

No. 87293


I don't even think we can really call her a model anymore as it isn't even something she does anymore. Picking up like 1 gig or less a year really isn't a "model". Even Taylor herself kinda said she isn't a model as it doesn't interest her as much anymore. Also, dunno why but it's kinda refreshing to read someone kinda say whats been on the back of my mind. Taylor is sorta an ana-chan. I hope she builds a healthier body image and mindset because pregnancy is going to be rough.

No. 87295

oh I agree, she has always had disordered eating. Who goes on a diet at 11? Her parents allowed and supported that too.

But it does bother me when she shows off a pretty flat stomach and tells her audience it looks pregnant.

No. 87332

Knowing Taylor she would exercise like crazy or get surgery to remove the baby fat after she gives birth.

No. 87417

Get ready for mommy vlogger Taylor

No. 87424

>there are people undergoing elective procedures in order to get pregnant during a pandemic and there are sheeple actually cheering this on
It's not funny.

No. 87432

On top of that, she clearly has disordered eating and body image issues. She's setting herself up for emotional hell and potentially impacting the baby's health with how deathly afraid she is of gaining weight. Getting pregnant and hating your body unless it's a certain way are not really compatible conditions.

But sure, she will totally have a completely healthy pregnancy and post partum period and has no chance of pushing that kind of toxic thinking (as well as her complete lack of ambition or purpose) onto her child, anyone who says otherwise is just a hater.

No. 87433

In her recent picture she answered a comment about how they’re not doing the embryo implant in the next 1.5 months. Guess it’s a longer process

No. 87469

Or because now is an awful time and her immune system would weaken significantly more if she became pregnant. Smart choice on their part.

No. 87535

What is going on with these ridiculous videos she keeps making? Transforming myself into a baby? REALLY? I get she’s having fun, but I don’t remember her being this immature in her 20s? I honestly can’t help, but wonder what her husband honestly thinks every time she walks into the room in one of those ridiculous getups. I’m sure most of his workers know who she is and have seen some of these videos. Can you imagine being a CEO and your wife is prancing around at home doing this shit?

No. 87545

Possibly going stir crazy? At least more so than she used to be. I'd go mad too if I was shackled to the creature known as Tom. But she made her bed, it's unfortunate we're all living with it too due to the constant influx of shit tier content.

No. 87553


Tom started dating her during the living doll time. I mean don't get much freakier than dating a 25 yr old that acts like a child and dresses like one too. He was being her cameraman too. Doubt he is even fazed by any of the shit she does now.

No. 87625

I imagine all the coworkers are extremely jealous that Tom fucks a skinny young white girl, regardless of personality. Men care about looks and little else. And in this case, Asians just fetishize white girls too.

No. 87839

I said the same thing. Tom & her both belong together both are weird as shit. I thought she was going to make nutrition videos or exercise videos both perfect for this time. Nope she decides to do a baby video??.

No. 88047

File: 1586173407670.png (3.99 MB, 2924x1201, ToatExposed3.png.92263d61bfd83…)

Someone on PULL found her clothes via reverse image search on Taoboe, looks like she's marking up 3-5X as much as retail.

No. 88049

File: 1586173850625.png (3.1 MB, 2924x1200, ToatExposed1.png.435a355b5fce0…)

There's more in the Taylor Social Media thread o'there.
Filename was the OP and not mine.

Also the narcissism of posting greasy-haired "cooking" videos on her Instagram. I'm kinda baffled at what she thinks is relatable content

No. 88050

File: 1586174312326.jpg (104.38 KB, 1080x478, QuirkyRelatable.jpg)


I can see this maybe being part of a vlog where she is otherwise washed for the majority of it, but as a standalone it's like someone rolled up to meet you looking like this and then cheerily waved goodbye as if nothing was unusual.

No. 88052

File: 1586175082939.jpg (85.29 KB, 1080x501, ToatBao.jpg)

No. 88053

You mean like all stores do?

No. 88054

It sucks that this really rich bitch is making 3x the profit on something that was already made on sweatshops.

No. 88055

NTA, but most stores I see will mark things up by $10-$20, at most. Still a rip-off, but this girl seems to take it to a whole new level. Her prices are ludicrous, especially for someone who's not actually hurting for money.
$110.94 for an $18 sweater? Lmao. Hope nobody is dumb enough to buy shit from her.

No. 88056

yea but stores do things like use their own designs in their own factories, or buy wholesale items and mark the price up from there. not things like buying from a commercial website and scalping cheaply made items that everyone can buy for pennies on the dollar.

No. 88062

Generally people are paying for
>The shopping experience in store
>A curated collection of items exclusive to that store

So basically those TOAT cardboard boxes and the time spent finding all the worst beige sweaters and baggy dresses money can buy, in her case.

No. 88063

That's fair, but anyone who didn't know that Toat was just "curated" items from Taobao, marked up, is stupid. Sorry.

No. 88068

Guess the majority knew but here’s proof for it. If that isn’t sth

No. 88071

I really do not look forward to taylor's mommy lifestyle videos and i really hope she doesn't have a girl ;((>:()

No. 88085


taylor is hella milky but just good at hiding it because she can hide behind her husband's money. She never has to set up a godfundme or a Patreon, let alone work hard. He just funds her half baked idea until she drops it and moves onto the next. Scamming people is a new low for her.

No. 88098

I did not know and the majority of her fans are only teens, so chances are high that they have no idea either and might beg their parents to buy them this crap. Isn't that something you kind of have to state, did she ever do that?
On the official website it says
This could be interpreted that she designs clothes inspired by her "travels around asia" or at least that the clothes are picked from different asian brands - not straight up taobao…

No. 88161

Most people don't have to make GoFundMe and Patreon for stuff like this. Especially peddling resale items at high markups. Idiots will buy this no matter what and especially Asian people. Have you not seen the upselling of Walmart brand stuff here in the US and selling it for over $400 in other stores? People are fucking stupid. This is something Taylor is smart as hell at to be honest. Cnosumers in general never double check, especially when you market limited quantities.

Not to mention though they whole 3X sizing might be true for Asian sizing, like 4L which is an XL in the US and L in UK. She can actively market these sizes without disclosing properly the sizing per country.

Her milk pretty much ran dry a while ago and I don't think it has to do with her husband's money. It seems more to do with she's older and she doesn't have to rely on shit early 20 year olds have cosplay that's have to do.

No. 88180

File: 1586290688171.jpg (4.33 MB, 2550x4350, Artboard1.jpg.cc51bbb75bc7a4ee…)

I was tinfoiling that she might be also copying the taobao images for her own styling in her Toat photoshoots, based on the images so far. After seeing this compilation on PULL I have no doubt. Same poses and outfit combinations.

No. 88181

>Scamming people is a new low for her.

Seriously, this.

I was on the fence about her for a while but this is a whole new level of disgusting.

Isn't her family fairly well off already? Scalping taobao crap at 300% markup as her uwuBranduwu is really, really gross.

Don't even get me started about the state of the world rn, she has been privileged all her life and expects hundreds in profit while barely lifting a finger. (It is also really telling that she is the only model. She is building her portfolio at the same time.)

She must be stooping to such a low level because either Tom isn't doing so well anymore financially or she is finally showing her true colors. Either way, she deserves no respect.

No. 88186

>She must be stooping to such a low level because either Tom isn't doing so well anymore financially or she is finally showing her true colors. Either way, she deserves no respect.

She's just a bored rich housewife. She doesn't have to work for living, she has no interest in studying, no passionate hobby, no fulfilling career, no goals except getting pregnant. She moves on from one thing to another with Tom's money to pay for it.

No. 88199

She has a rich husband why can't she just have him hook up a chinese wholesale and modify the outfits to make them stand out?

No. 88224

Because that’s more “work” than she wants to do. She doesn’t actually give a shit about what it is. She’s a rich housewife who wants something to stick her name on so she looks like she actually does something.

No. 88236

It's so blatantly obvious to me and so many people the very simple truth of what she is: a spoiled, privileged white girl who moved to Asia so she could get attention for being white and pushing harmful ethnic beauty standards. Who also married a creep with a fetish for white girls who got rich exploiting women's insecurities about beauty and selling nasty content of underage girls to other old creeps.

Now she is a glorified taobao reseller, shitty viral video maker, and pandemic expert, who wants nothing more than to have a baby because she has no clue in her tiny mind what else to aspire to or want out of life. Who has the time or energy to wk someone like that? Out of all of the actually admirable people on this planet? Couldn't be me.

No. 88267

Oh, man, I found Taylor's old Pocky video and Rosie moves to Tokyo. I'm cackling. Posting the links in case anyone else wants to watch some old deleted nostalgic Taytay.



No. 88491

File: 1586645802645.png (2.07 MB, 1440x1803, How are you fellow kids.png)

When you're a 30 year old Canadian Youtuber with 1mil followers who is pretending to be an illiterate child on tiktok

>How do you do, fellow kids?

No. 88506

This, anon. I was also on the fence about her but this just shows the type of scum she is. She built both Toat and her own persona around this image of being clean, healthy and conscious meanwhile is actively making money she doesn't need on what is basically modern slavery.

No. 88533

Thanks for digging these up! I can’t with her different faces and the amount of filler she had jeez

No. 88839

the pullies are so mad at her for being rich but like, you too can be financially supported if you're willing to give over your fanny to a painful-to-look-at frog faced old businessman. you have to like kiss him on the mouth for the whole time though, is it something to be so jealous of?

No. 88853

>her new video

I can't believe how completely unaware she is over her privilige, the juxtaposition of her whining in her gorgeous fucking house is so aggravating. I doubt she's even aware of the mass poverty that goes on in Hong Kong. This woman has never faced a serious hardship in her life.

No. 88960

>Title: Stuck at Home and Stuck in Life
>First shot: pulling blinds away from window in luxury home with beautiful view of the forest
>Comments: People saying they really needed this "break" (aka quarantine/lockdown) and they are thriving (which Taylor responds to with hearts and smileys, probably because she is thriving in her luxury home with a valid excuse of making low-quality "relatable" quarantine content)

No. 89025


Not much in Taylor's life has actually changed though. There was a time when she was in Japan and all she did was film herself being lazy around the house and whined. 70% of her day is being lazy at home and the other 30% is shopping and eating out.

No. 89116

Please somebody tell my the song in the video from Dailymotion? I can’t shazam it for some reason

No. 89184


Lmao right? Nothing of this is for free

No. 89195

はじめてのチュウ/Hajimete no chuu

It's not the original version, and i'm too lazy to check all the covers, so you'll have to do it yourself

No. 89312

Truth. A girl like her could have pulled a top tier kpop looking Asian dude. But she chose to sacrifice attraction and satisfying sex for money. Anyone else can do the same, it's just not that appealing.

No. 89325

I really doubt its all about money but probably did feel increase pressure to say yes to married refardless of the dude, just so she can live abroad. It helps this guy had money and she lucked out because he wants a pale skinny white woman. I feel like they actually do love each other though. Theres not much else to really base their dynamic on behind the scenes. He doesnt seem like enjoying being on camera but that doesnt mean they dont like each other at all and its all for cash.

No. 89326

What's appealing about a guy who got rich marketing beauty products and a creepy magazine for other creepy rich men? The only thing he has going for him is his money and his tolerance of her laziness and complete lack of ambition. Maybe they're "in love," but their relationship looks like a lot of awkward communication, "baaaaabe", and expensive gifts and trips just for the sake of it and probably in the place of genuine connection.

It's not especially moving to me to see them struggle to have a baby because the assumption that everyone who wants children would automatically be good parents is so outdated and backwards. Their relationship seems about as deep as a puddle.

No. 89328

>she chose to sacrifice attraction and satisfying sex for money
I dunno where everyone got the idea that there aren't good-looking rich men out there. She could have easier found someone wealthy that was more of looks match, especially because Taylor's family seems wealthy as well (people of similar backgrounds and financial status tend to marry each other). He probably shares the same values as her, which is more important in the long run.

No. 89332

>but their relationship looks like a lot of awkward communication, "baaaaabe", and expensive gifts and trips just for the sake of it and probably in the place of genuine connection.

Implying this isn't 80% of straight relationships. Honestly, there's a reason marriage jokes exist, because true wub uwu is not the foundation of most marriages and they are, in fact, in a binding contract where they both end up tolerating each other at best. A man who's rich and not a controlling psycho is the jackpot considering how badly things could've gone for a kawaii model who gained the attention of a creepy Chinese CEO. I really don't get the criticism of the fact they didn't get married out of love. Shit's rough out there. Just compare him to the boyfriends of half the women on lolcow.

No. 89366

>A man who's rich and not a controlling psycho is the jackpot considering how badly things could've gone for a kawaii model who gained the attention of a creepy Chinese CEO

This, out of every weeby model/content creator who goes to asia for whatever, Taylor is the one who lucked out the most. Her husband is ugly and probably has questionable fetishes and business but he seems kind to her and doesn't mind her life.

No. 89442

Seconding this, even Dakota Rose ended up losing her silver spoon due to being a twat with an attitude problem & she was backed by Bravo models. They had way more pull in Japan than Tom did for Taylor, but look who ended up more stable in the end? Both of them leveraged their youth, whiteness and pedoappeal for money and efame but Taylor is the one living her life while Dakota scrambles to book 1-2 jobs a year so she cam come out of hiding and post on IG. Taylor's content is shit and her shop is a scam, but at least she's actually doing something besides going in and out of hiding.

No. 89621

Chances of super pretty girls right off the bat finding extremely loaded men isn't as high as a lot of you are making it seem… Almost every Russian model working in Japan/China/Korea is x10 prettier than Taylor and yet aren't married/supported by some rich man. Plus chances are wealthy men prefer sugar babies or IG prostitutes. Chances lessen when it comes to businessmen looking for grown women acting and dressing like children. TBH Taylor sorta did luck out on finding that one that would commit and 100% support her and her lifestyle. You guys are exciting the weebs reading this thread that think they're prettier than Taylor and now probably booking their next trip to Japan once quarantine is lifted. Unfortunately, they're all going to end up like Kaka whether they're pretty or not pretty.

No. 90008


We don't actually know what Tom is like. We do know he's responsible for most of her work, youtube content, and living expenses. She barely leaves the house. He doesn't even need to be controlling because he already controls her life. (He does nag a lot in her videos & on IG tho.)

But a guy with Tom's riches should be able to get a prettier successful model. He meets them all of the time in his line of work. So what gives? I doubt his sketchy magazine is the only thing holding him back. Why such a low-key wedding when they go all out for other celebrations and he loves to show off his swag? Even if the timing was for visa or business-related reasons, still doesn't explain why they didn't do something after.


"Silver spoon"? Dakota's success has been completely overblown. Yes, she did get more work and attention than Taylor, but she was never huge as she was made out to be on the internet outside Japan. None of those living dolls or white idols/models like Beckii, Dakota, and Taylor were ever really that successful and most Japanese people have never heard of them.

No. 90390

File: 1588146588540.jpg (173.48 KB, 1080x844, ol relatable taylor.jpg)

Just a quirky relatable desk photoshoot guis!

>Boots cost $1,000, is actually a series of photos and videos of her showing off her 1k boots

dis bitch. It's so odd, she wants the normies to watch and be fans so she doesn't flag up her expensive items, yet it's obviously a flex on the people who recognize said items. She's halfway a narcissist influencer obsessed with money, halfway a norMal Relatable wacky girl!!!

No. 90391

Samefag - she went from crying on camera and barely uploading content to uploading every few days, it seems her happiness is directly related to how Tom's bank balance is doing.

No. 90393

I'm sick of Taylor at this point, she has barely any actual personality and just skinwalks whatever she sees. People in her comments talk about how "original" she is yet you know she copied some sap's TikTok scene for scene with her sudden new "ideas" and creations. She's just a sheltered wife of a rich guy with no actual skills and personality, pretty enough to get by but not pretty or tall enough to be a mainstream model. I liked the kawaii phase but that was mostly only to secure Tom's bank account, if she was even slightly like that irl she'd have retained some of those things - lenses, long hair, sweet demeanour, video topics, fashion choices, all fake. Please God can you grant us some original "influencers" in 2021 since I've had enough


No. 90400

The one thing Taylor has over them is her being Canadian. Lots of rich Chinese are jumping ship and syphoning their money out of the mainland/HK, him having a wife with a good passport is surely giving him options.

And maybe real feelings are involved? As real as they can get for these vapid people. I do believe 100% that this relationship started as some kind of business transaction but it may have evolved when they got comfortable with each other.

No. 90406

This needs to be reposted on PULL hourly. It's sad how many people out there think that they should look up to her to excuse her behavior for any reason. She is a shallow, spoiled womanchild who at her big age only cares about tiktok fame, scamming people with sweatshop clothes, and…the idea of having a baby? Throwing money at having a pregnancy that her fragile, image obsessed mind definitely can't handle the physical reality of?

Can you imagine this bitch gaining weight of any kind and not having a meltdown? She still cannot let go of the one time she was chubby for like a month 20 years ago. What is she going to do when she can't wriggle aroubd on a desk or around HK showing off expensive shoes to random children online?

Are people really so blinded by her being thin and white and like occasionally spending money on other people on camera as to think she is a good person who contributes anything positive to the world? Rich, opportunistic skinwalker with no personality is 100% spot on.

No. 92120

File: 1589025978926.png (748.92 KB, 605x681, B_80kaRDT0.png)

Taylor posted a video regarding the Taobao clothes


No. 92125

I think she did a good job comparing the taobao clothes with her own.
Though she still looks dumpy wearing her own clothes lol
(I think she looked better in taobao sweater #1 than her own)

No. 92127

Someone should download this in case she deletes it, notice she posted on the toat IG and not her main account.

No. 92561

Taobao always has a zillion shops selling the same design, though.

No. 92646

No. 92691

Sorry, that wasn't very thought out lol. I meant how do we know she hasn't just picked a few shops to show but she still gets her items from a different shop.

No. 93327

i thought the same

No. 94940

File: 1590015195198.png (Spoiler Image,2.01 MB, 828x1792, A5E28427-2018-4CCF-B3EE-97E274…)

Found this on Aliexpress https://a.aliexpress.com/_dVbpjIf
Doesn’t it look a lot like Taylor or is it just me? Sorry if it has been posted before

No. 94943

Similar nose but nothing else is really the same.

No. 94978

That girl is pretty, not a pug-faced filler abuser like Taylor.

No. 95855

File: 1590393048005.jpeg (77.55 KB, 680x680, Crp-jQrVYAEgRou.jpeg)

Wow it's her. Look at the mole or freckle on her collar bone.

No. 95856

yep that's definitely her, but from her older modelling days, she looks normal on the face like she used to. Her hair is already cut though, so I'm not sure where to precisely place it in time

No. 95857

File: 1590394557386.jpg (27.17 KB, 507x290, Screenshot_5.jpg)

it's not her

No. 95915

The ears aren't pointy. Not her.

No. 95964

this. you can identify people on photos by comparing their ears since they're like a fingerprint apparently

No. 96042

damn anon

it's after 3 in the morning and I'm examining my ears now

No. 96372

This was really interesting. The fabrication of her toat sweater does look great but one thing that struck me in these comparisons is that the toat sweater is HUGE on Taylor, who herself is quite tall. I understand that the intention is for it to fit oversized, but even for a baggy sweater I actually think Taobao sweater 1 would be more flattering on most girls. When you pay a lot for a garment, you should be getting great quality of fit in addition to quality of construction/fabrication. A lot of inexperienced fashion “entrepreneurs” don’t understand this…

No. 96387

Doesn’t have an oversized nose with a bump, not Tay

No. 96498

Taylor's nose is objectively not oversized. All of her features are really pretty small. I know your hate-boner is intense but you can't change reality.

No. 96587


Eh, her facial features aren't "small" but are rather proportioned well to her facial shape. I think some anons just perceive "hooked" noses as "big" despite it being proportionate to her face. ( And not that big of a hook anyways)

No. 96664

She doesn't have a hook nose or oversized, wtf

It's just a standard white girl nose. idk if seeing all these Snow shooped girls online is warping people's idea of what noses are supposed to look like. Nothing about Taylor is odd looking, just completely normal looking pretty girl.

The main problem is her wholesale copying of trends and specific people instead of a personality, even though what people actually like about her is the unique personality that slips through the copying.

Btw she has a bilibili account with slightly different content on it which I found randomly :


There's a second Bilibili Taylor but the linked one has unique video thumbnails and posts new photos/posts from Instagram so it seems legit.

No. 103989

File: 1593990363993.png (338.73 KB, 1440x1729, 96575.png)

Just randomly opened Toat and noticed this interesting article choice


Since Taylor works from home this is inspired by her assistant? Is she blaming her depression on her ex-assistant Natalie because the description seems like Natalie? thinkingemoji.jpg

No. 103995

How does this sound like Natalie? You’re reaching

No. 104012

or tell your boss? if someone is a dick 24/7, they need to learn to get along, not the other way around.

No. 104043

Right, I don't know if Taylor or someone else wrote the article but if someone is making trouble for you at work, the solution is not to negotiate with them. It's kinda a weird idea for an article especially considering she doesn't and hasn't (afaik) had the kind of job that has coworkers.

No. 106357

I know her fillers are old news, but you can tell her face is totally numb. Two times in her latest video there's some hair stuck distractingly on her face for some time and she has no idea about it.

No. 106361

Also her eyes look kinda blindly staring and bulging??, a bit like she had an eyelift.

No. 106635

Saged for no contribution, but her latest video is so tragic. She's so skelly and it's like…does she really not realize that this is why she's infertile? She's a woman in her 30s still trying to have a slim teenage body, while pumping herself full of hormones to try to get pregnant. If she wasn't so vain and vapid, she'd be able to conceive.

No. 106729

File: 1595694175485.png (848.18 KB, 1440x802, 675641.png)

The whole video is one long bodycheck.

No. 106730

File: 1595694539527.png (841.34 KB, 1440x810, 464466.png)

Samefag, This is not just a one second nitpick, she wears her smallest gym top and does this leaning forward, arms out pose for minutes on end, in order to look as small as possible

ana confirmed

No. 106952

Saged for nothing new

but I've kind of determined that the reason she looks so cringy and deranged all the time (trying to bug her eyes out) is because she has overused botox so much. She can barely raise her eyebrows, there's no expression by her eyes. She's trying to compensate by emoting hard but it comes across as if she's … a mental patient crossed with a tiktok dancer.

No. 106957

I agree, she was shoving her stomach/waist in the viewer's face the whole time. For someone who claims to have gained so much and to be sooo insecure about their stomach, it's pretty disingenuous to be shooting a cooking video with your midsection in the background of the food closeups. Weird, man.

Why did she shoot this in workout clothes, when she didn't work out in the video? (she was cooking) When she made her fake vegan video (where she told us that eggs were "chickens' periods" and milk was "pus"), she wasn't dressed like this.

Did you see her title for this?
What I Eat in A Day | Model, At Home Healthy Homemade Meals

Someone's a model again, uwu
toat to the rescue

No. 107000

File: 1595852459851.jpg (84.7 KB, 925x477, taytay.JPG)

No. 107005

Jesus Christ she looks scary

No. 107006

There's no way she doesn't know that being underweight is detrimental to conceiving, she's not stupid. Either she doesn't actually want kids and she's sabotaging herself on purpose or her eating disorder came back and she's in denial about it

No. 107007

File: 1595855303685.jpg (19.19 KB, 688x149, Screenshot_13.jpg)

If she had an eyelift, her eyes would appear smaller, not bigger, pic related

No. 107008

How long has she been trying to become pregnant? At this point I feel like they should consider adoption

No. 107009

Apparently Tom is against adoption? Iirc from the pull threads. They have more than enough money to do whatever, but I don't think those two are fit to be parents. Especially if they had a girl. So much yikes. I can see them going the surrogacy route out of vanity but spinning it like "we tried sooooo hard with the IVF! We had no choice but to underpay some woman to rent her womb!"

No. 107013

They never tried consistently. IVF was meant to fast-track this whole thing. But guys, IVF takes time, and there was a delay (drs didn't want to start the final stages in the spring, probably bc of the pandemic). IVF will probably work for her if she starts eating.

I don't think she was ever properly diagnosed with pcos. Her hormones are probably fucked from being UW.

No. 107026

Yikes, she really doesn't look ready to conceive at all. And agree with the anon how unfit they currently seem to be parents, especially of a girl. Taylor definitely has ana tendencies, talking as much about food as she does even though she is so clearly underweight is a classic tactic. I'd buy her being 'naturally thin' more if she didn't try and spin that foodie shit so much.

She also knows that pregnancy will make her gain weight, right? I wonder if she is self-sabotaging because she's scared of that, and the fact that afterwards most women have a lot of trouble losing that weight.

No. 107034

>I wonder if she is self-sabotaging because she's scared of that, and the fact that afterwards most women have a lot of trouble losing that weight
this would be my guess as well

No. 107035


sabotaging? while she's on hormones that not only make her acne go mental and her mood swings LMAO stop the nitpicking sorry about pull, but Taylor has no milk rn besides her awful shop

No. 107040

her husband has more than enough money for her to get a tummy tuck/liposuction/whatever afterwards

No. 107050

Obviously money isn't the issue. She is so terrified of not looking super young that she gets ridiculous fillers and was not even a month ago trying to cosplay a teen on tiktok at 30 years old. I can't imagine someone that image obsessed being able to physically or mentally handle the challenges and sometimes "unfixable" changes that come to the body with pregnancy. She has seen her mother and sisters go through it. She has an idea what it does to women with her genes. I also don't see someone as talentless and directionless as Taylor being able to smoothly pivot to mommyblogger aesthetic content while also being in crisis over her body being anything different from what she's used to.

No. 107056

I agree it has to do with looks. She’ll point out she’s feeling bloated or whatever and get upset in videos. Meanwhile she looks literally the same. I’m still shocked Yumi King was able to get pregnant with her old as Splenda that’s probably a little bit older than Tom.

No. 107057

There are some inevitabilities for most women after pregnancy that are hard to fix without risking a botched job. Her breasts will sag, her hips will likely widen, her stomach will lose a lot of tautness even if she does manage to lose the actual 'weight' itself. Pregnancy shifts your body around and for most women it's more or less unnoticeable if they can lose the actual baby weight, but for someone as image conscious as Taylor I'm sure it is scary.

I do generally like her though and I wish her the best. Even if after pregnancy you won't be a convincing "teen" anymore it isn't the end of the line for your body, it just changes it.

No. 107590

File: 1596244077748.jpg (244.39 KB, 1080x1537, Taylor02 (2).jpg)

So I can't help but notice her eyes look different, I paused random parts of an older makeup video for comparison with the new one. Am I going crazy or is this maybe a more "asian" oval eye shape than before? The lid lifts up higher on each side.
Old on the left, new on the right.

No. 107599

if anything, it's just different levels of botox. It's a shame that she gets botox near her eyes at all, because this adds to her unnatural/frozen facial expressions. She has to overact so much to emote now.

But tbh I don't see a real difference in shape or anything.

No. 107667

She might have had a Botox eyelift after all…She appears to have more lidspace now

No. 107807

It’s the same eye anon. Probably just slightly different angles/bloat/botox

No. 107972

So I'm randomly watching a video called "The Emma Chamberlain impact: How Super Fans Are Created" and seeing multiple things Taylor has been including in her videos.

No. 107973

Samefag, the major one is those annoying zoom warp edits for "comedy" and after watching 30 seconds of the extremely dumb Emma Chamberlain content, I have no idea why Taylor would copy this, when she's a lot more intelligent and classy.
Also Emma started a clothing brand too (not sure when, but pre-Nov 2018 when the above video was made)

No. 108004

nothing to do with OPs original point. But at least shes honest. Shes only eating those carbs once a week; probably skipping meals for the rest of the day. At least shes not claiming "i eat tons and i cant gain!" and giving people the idea that skinny people can eat whatever they want and not gain.

back on topic; shes still trying to get pregnant? why doesnt a doctor tell her she needs to put on a bit of weight if its not working. Do they think if asian body types can do it, her western body can too?

No. 108044

So her latest video is essentially her reciting the ingredient dictionary from Paula's Choice website

No. 108048

She's staring to give me MJ vibes with all the Botox, Jesus Christ

No. 108069

I give Taylor props too for at least being slightly more honest than a lot of "naturally thin" women about the effort it takes.

I had the same thought, doctors in Hong Kong may be thinking that her weight and dietary habits are normal and no issue, but they're just not used to white women's bodies. That just seems so stupid though, but I still can't imagine conceiving will be easy for her if she already had trouble before AND is fairly underweight.

No. 108104

do you anons think her living in a country where the majority of women are naturally smaller than the average Canadian woman is effecting her too? Living in Japan and Hong Kong must have taken a toll on her body image.

No. 108115

>doctors in Hong Kong may be thinking that her weight and dietary habits are normal
Don't they also use BMI as a basis for determining if someone is underweight or not?

No. 108126

Awww yeah poor Taylor living in countries where she can coast on being white. Her poor self esteem.

If she wanted to seem relatively thin she could just, oh idk move to her home country. It's 2020, video is such a huge thing with covid, does Tom have to be in HK for business?

No. 108795

wow, are you telling an immigrant, racial minority woman to "go back home"? Not very PC of you x
Seriously tho, her "coasting on being white" doesn't change the fact that being an immigrant and a racial minority can be harmful to anyone's self esteem, particularly people as self conscious as Taylor

No. 109548

looks the absolute same. the top photo is slight turned on the right and camera slightly up so you cant get a good comparison of the top 2 photos. Especially with eyeshadow.

No. 109699

File: 1597938509979.png (7.19 MB, 2208x1242, 926547EE-6156-4AE7-8489-9BCEA3…)

Sage for no real milk but Taylor finally turned sideways and revealed that her mystery “botox/brow lift” was actually just a bizarre amount of forehead injections lol

No. 109791

whatever that is, she's botoxed to death. I don't know anything about forehead injections so can't comment on that

No. 109794

Jeez! Fillers in forehead are more dangerous than anywhere else on the face. They can lead to embolism and blindness. Better stick to Botox only in the forehead area. And yes, she looks like “she has work done”. It’s pretty irresponsible for her to get fillers on the forehead unless it’s fat grafting.

No. 109795

It may be fox eye surgery. It takes less time than say a nose job to recover, oftentimes people don’t need a long break from being in the public eye.

No. 109798

She always had this forehead. She has these baby scheme proportions for so long guys

No. 109811

File: 1598023954718.jpg (100.73 KB, 1146x725, Screenshot_11.jpg)

This is from 2015. Same forehead

No. 109812

She really has a face that needs bangs to cover this caveman shit up. I don’t know why with all her procedures she hasn’t gotten a brow shave and a nose job

No. 109819

Wtf out of all cows she’s the last candidate for a nose job. She looks great except the Botox / filler overload..

No. 109824

Dude u need to look up what a caveman face looks like. She has as total babyface

No. 109825

This is nitpicking af. Her nose is pretty across the board ideal and her forehead is rounded, not brow heavy. I think her forehead is a big reason she looks a lot younger than her 30s.

No. 109828

that's funny, I think it's a shitton of botox, filler, and attempts to use makeup and fashion usually associated with teenagers.

Her forehead does look bulged out, and don't pretend she wasn't already injecting shit into her face all the way back in 2014-15. There's plenty of evidence of her moonface from some failed beauty procedure then.

No. 109837

Maybe if you whiteknight her harder she and her pedo husband will notice you

No. 109838

Hate to say it anon but Taylor does not look younger than her 30s. She looks like a fairly pretty woman IN her 30s, not prematurely aged nor preternaturally young. You can see the work that she's had done and if anything, it ages her. Makes it look like she's hiding something. I don't think she's ugly by any means but it would be smoke up her narrow ass to say she looks younger than 28, tops.

No. 109839

Anon, it's just ridiculous to think that out of any ps Taylor could get, she should get a nose job when her nose is completely fine and pretty.

No. 109841

She has a hook nose, so kawaii

No. 109869

Her nose is straight, your acting like she has some huge jew nose. you're the same retard that was calling her a hook nose months ago and you still don't know what that actually looks like. You wanna know who has a real hook nose (even after getting ps to try and fix it)? Mikanmandarin lol

No. 109871

File: 1598076219942.jpg (50.56 KB, 564x665, 7fe1095678aebec2dc9e3c3e7b97e0…)

pic related: Old school Taylor modeling

No. 109875

File: 1598078719839.jpg (313.98 KB, 999x662, 20130917_jimmy-jams_0005.jpg)

What Taylor looks like for her entire Youtube career is not her real face. She doesn't naturally have a babyface, she looks like a pretty Polish/european girl with angular features. We have been seeing botox, lip lift/injections, filler since the start of her Youtube.

PULL had a thread with old pics, but since they're dead I image searched and found this post from 2015


No. 109876

File: 1598078793423.jpg (346.81 KB, 999x662, 20130917_jimmy-jams_0073.jpg)

Naturally curved forehead

No. 109883

File: 1598083285099.png (194.27 KB, 709x518, 1332993633677.png)

hi Kirsten(hi cow)

No. 109894

She looks prettier to me in her old pictures. I’m not big on yellow fever in the first place and don’t see the point in all that jaw shaving bs. Some bone structure looks better than a round doughy face with zero nose cartilage and alien baiting jawline.
The anon who thinks she has a hook nose probably finds voldermort sexy kek.

No. 109895

What a shame. She had a very gorgeous, natural pretty face. She has ruined this natural beauty to accommodate asian beauty ideals. At least the fillers are not as obvious as circa 2016, but she still looks like she has work done.

No. 109915

Yes anon, anyone who doesn’t agree that Taylor is a beautiful teenage looking baby faced perfect model is Kaka

No. 109949

File: 1598134423176.png (179.09 KB, 340x308, 1489281776245.png)

I think Taylor is repulsive, but I don't get why Kiki was so obsessed with her "hook nose." Doesn't Kiki have a larger nose herself? I remember when candids from her failed movie career came out, and it was shocking how different her nose looked from her photoshops and careful lighting/angles.

No. 109950

Both Kaka and Taylor have unfortunate noses. Taylor doesn’t look like a withered old hag like Kaka does but she’s not as ~beautiful~ as some of the pullspergs who migrated here insist. She botched a lot of her good assets trying to forever look 19

No. 109956

Please explain how this
is an unfortunate nose. I genuinely don't get it. Who has a good nose in your opinion?
>but she’s not as ~beautiful~ as some of the pullspergs who migrated here insist
Tbh you're the only one who sounds like a pullsperg. No one in this thread is arguing that she is incredibly beautiful they just disagree with your delusional insistence that she has a big hooked nose.

No. 109957

Yeah calling her nose “across the board ideal” isn’t flattering Taylor at all. Meanwhile a short stroll over to her YouTube channel shows her real nose.

No. 109985

Nah you pullspergers need a place to talk about her "baby schema" forehead and circlejerk over either how she ruined her pure european features or professionally devoting yourselves to do detective work to see what procedures and injections she has had and what makeup pr she's receiving. Like do you look to her because you want more irrational insecurities or?

No. 109998

her nose isnt unfortunate its average you guys sound retarded

No. 110006

She really does though lmao. Not saying there aren’t other elements to her that contribute to that and it’s intentional, but she could pass for much younger.

No. 110007

So pointing out that something is nitpicking is whiteknighting? I swear some of you pass over critical thinking to avoid saying anything that might be slightly positive about cows

No. 110008

If the influx of people from other sites causes this thread to get banned or perma-saged, I'll be angry. Stop nitpicking. Sage if you have no new milk. No one cares about how young you think Taylor is or whether she has a hook nose. Please limit your contributions to discussing her editing/overuse of botox, narcissistic behavior, artificiality, her halfhearted attempt at making her own goop site, support for her disgusting spouse (who still employs a guy who TO THIS DAY posts lasciviously about very underage girls on menclub), and stuff like that.

And if you admire the way Taylor looks, please examine her life and think about her complete and total obsession with herself and her looks. Her entire life is staring at herself in a mirror and spending money. She milks her old cringey phases as clickbait. And all of this is fine, but she pretends to care about actual issues in the world, only to drop them once they are no longer trendy. This kind of self-obsession needs therapy. She deserves to be here as a cow. I hope she doesn't get pregnant before getting serious therapy for whatever mental disorder causes this.

She has the money to do whatever she wants, to help many people and promote good causes. She opens PR packages on Instagram and makes TikToks while simultaneously presenting herself as some wise ex-model-turned-girlboss and motivational coach. I'd respect her more if she acted like a normal Instagram attention whore.

No. 110194

File: 1598355784436.jpg (286.51 KB, 1080x1080, 49335090_228338108042358_89783…)

no milk, but does anybody know where is this jacket from? she seem having it for ages yet I can't find the source anywhere.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 110201

No idea how Chinese brands (ripoffs?) work on Alibaba but this looked like mostly like it with a quick search:

No. 110209

File: 1598367511685.jpg (28.74 KB, 510x680, 1290005_6_large.jpg)

not the same colorway, but i think its an acne studio shearling aviator jacket

No. 110222

File: 1598384587847.jpg (34.54 KB, 414x691, Screenshot_17.jpg)

She's bodychecking again

No. 110224

She doesn't have any bodyfat whatsoever…

No. 110227

How can she still be an anachan? What's the appeal? Her life is perfect & she got everything she wanted, so why keep up with this type of stuff? It smacks of insecurity & unhappiness, like Taylor lives her life based on what would make her seem the most successful, kawaii and young incidentally, like those IGers who curate fake lifestyles on their feeds for likes.

No. 110230

you think Elbow wouldn't divorce her if she got fat?

No. 110233

He chose her during her pedo pandering kotaclone phase & claims he loves her for her personality. He'll divorce her either way once she starts to either finally wrinkle, or the botox takes over completely and turns her into a wax statue of a 30+ year old anorexic woman desperately trying to come off as a carefree, down to Earth 'forever teen'.

No. 110254

Why does her pelvis look so weird like if she’s dressing up as a curvy woman

No. 110256

Clearly neither of you realize how thirsty asian men are for white girls. Even a fat wrinkled white girl could easily get and keep asian dudes, especially when they're as hideous as this guy, and they will still be worshipped forever.

No. 110259

I seem to recall that she was bullied as a kid for being fat and I think it caused her fixate on her weight. Also, she worked as a model where looks are obviously important. A 20+ year old habit of being preoccupied with her weight and her looks is very hard to beat. I think she genuinely has an eating disorder and needs to see a therapist about it

No. 110267

She wasn't ever fat, she was chubby and insecure so her parents got her a dietician or w.e. Taylor's own family called her out on that years ago when she tried to claim she was a fat kid when she was just average/chubby.

She also wasn't a model for 20+ years, more like less than 10, but that's also not an excuse to push anorexic body checking when you try to come off as an influencer girlboss role model for teens. She's starving herself and filling up on botox to try to appeal to her ephebophile husband, who with his money could replace Taylor in a heartbeat as soon as the new barely legal pedo pandering weeb goes viral.

No. 110271


Actually I feel like he'd divorce her over her anachan ways. They want kids but that's never going to happen if Taylor keeps this low weight. People who want kids are usually set on wanting them. If Taylor can't produce a child it could eventually break the marriage up. Especially if she's choosing to be skinny over it ( plus Tom spent a hefty penny on treatments ). Imagine spending thousands on fertility treatments only to find out that it won't take because your wife rather be skinny. I recall Taylor gained a little weight ( barely noticeable)and immediately went on a diet to lose it all.

No. 110273

It doesn’t make sense to me at all. If she wants to conceive she should pack on about 10 pounds as she’s clearly underweight at the moment. Maybe she has cognitive dissonance on the subject of pregnancy, like she wants to have a child but she can’t fight her body image issues at the same time? The body checking is so obvious.

No. 110290

>They want kids

HE wants kids, she wants to BE the kid and have an easy life with a rich daddy. Either she better give up being a skelly or make a backup plan.

No. 110322

>she wants to have a child but she can’t fight her body image issues at the same time
I think this is exactly what's going on

No. 110326

In the video she mentioned she was stressed and losing weight when she needs to gain more for her pregnancy, but then does a workout right when she wakes up? I think she’s actually afraid of the changes in her life once she does get pregnant/have a baby. She won’t be able to just go to the store because she feels like it, do random tiktok videos, or eat at fancy places with her husband. She’ll need to stay home for a few months to care for the baby, figure out which nice places are child friendly, hire a babysitter for brand trips, and lose her body she’s worked on for years. I honestly think deep down she doesn’t want a baby because of how much work goes into it.

No. 110348

You know that rich people have nannies, right?

No. 110349

You know even full time nannies aren't just replacement parents, right?

No. 110396

you really think she’s going to have the baby and broadcast to the world she has a nanny that takes care of her kid instead of herself? People will know what’s up if she pops out the kid and keeps churning out the same content.
Her whole schtick is relatability. She’s the uwu thin conventionally attractive asian market model who’s secretly just like all of us! She’s quirky and fun gaiz! Getting a full time nanny to care for her kids while she shoves eyelashes up her nose will turn the fans off her content. They’re practically begging her to be a mommy vlogger in the comments section.

No. 110412

I wouldn't make assumptions like that because….do we actually know Tom?? I feel like we don't know anything about him other than the fact that he has a questionable taste in women, speaks terrible English and likes to scream 'BAABE' when he's tired of Taylor's antics. OT, but I never understood how you can marry someone whom you can't have a proper conversation with. Anytime Tom speaks in a video, it takes him ages to put a basic sentence together

No. 110430

ot but his voice is so strange and nasally, it sounds annoying when he says "babee"

No. 110436

>I never understood how you can marry someone whom you can't have a proper conversation with.

Money, anon. Taylor married him because she knewnif she did, she wouldn't have to do anything anymore but look and act young.

No. 110494

There is no way she's mentally ready to have a baby, I think she's definitely ready to hire a nanny since she's got a routine of spending time with hired help (her assistants for the past years) but full-time mom is not gonna happen for her. She has a big family in canada who could help out also but she seems determined to stay in Hong Kong. They haven't even been to their Canadian home for a year? or more.

Basically I think having a baby while alone in HK and already admitting to mental health issues would be a disaster, and it's better she is an ana-chan who frantically exercises and blows thousands on IVF which isn't gonna work.

No. 110909

She went from mom jeans to body checking thinspiration real quick. She’s so skinny now that her bones are sticking out but you can tell she loves it. I’d be very surprised if she manages to get pregnant at her current weight

No. 111169

File: 1599149026434.jpg (47.1 KB, 531x729, Capture.JPG)

No. 111171

File: 1599150219776.jpg (61.23 KB, 1280x720, grandma-its-me-anastasia.jpg)

I actually miss when she was into loli fashions. At least then she was interesting to look at.

Now she's just an old lady trying stay relevant to youths by buying cheap clothes for Tiktok.

No. 111183

Her face is so focused and her eyes glued to the camera feedback. Not cute

No. 111188

It’s so so obvious she’s totally body checking in the recent videos and posts she does. I never saw her this confident before tbh she seems like she had a realization about sth and tries to be more sexy now

No. 111189

File: 1599158405599.jpeg (766.04 KB, 2048x2048, 5E9898A0-BE88-4346-9CBC-726117…)

Samefag but here some of the pic she never used to post

No. 111190

Imagine playing dress-up every other day at 30 on tiktok and insta. What a waste of life.

No. 111193

Taylor: My old dancing videos are so cringe, haha

Also Taylor:

No. 111194

These clips are posted on TikTok, even though she should not be able to access it from HK+ did a whole segment complaining about it being pulled from HK. Is she using her white girl privilege to circumvent the rules?

No. 111195

I think the realization is that her days of being this specific kind of "hot" are coming to an end, whether its through pregnancy or aging. Seems like she wants to document how thin and youthful she was before it's over. It's pathetic, but tbh I do kind of get it.

No. 111221

well what else does she do all day?
open free shit
buy shit
write shitty plagiarized articles

she isn't perceptive enough to recognize how useless she is

Don't forget all the moral high horses she used to ride. "I could make it big if I just posed in a bikini, but I want to do it my way!" (She had already done bikini shoots)

"I am so self-conscious about my stomach, I never wear crop tops" (she did all the time tho)

"Oh this is so tight and sheer, too sexy for me" (meanwhile has no problems taking pics with stuff on her crotch)

"I don't drink" (she does)

and so on

No. 111232

In her most recent video talking about her modeling days, she talks about the sketchy apartments she and other girls had to pay to stay in together. I'm just picturing her with a bunch of poor Russian or East European girls stealing her food and shit (she did mention that). It's crazy to think how rich she was but still put herself through that to model in Asia. I'm sure she was the most financially well off compared to the other models who probably saw it as an escape.

No. 111235

Anon, probably best not to even bothering derailing about whether tiktok is allowed or not where she is. That's a whole political mess. She posted it and that's all that matters.

No. 111251

Scrolling and haunted that Kiki learned how to clear her cache and we’ll never know just how many posts she contributed to this thread

No. 111258

Oh come on she’s not an “old lady”. You guys make it sounds like a 62 year old saggy lady infested with chest freckles is skinwalking a teenager. She’s still fairly attractive and youthful, despite the fillers and body checking. Women don’t turn into dust at 30.

No. 111264

>I'm sure she was the most financially well off compared to the other models who probably saw it as an escape.
Definitely, especially since those models often end up in debt because they need to "repay" their agency. For Taylor that's just a phone call to mom and dad and then move on, while young women who can't pay back end up trapped.

No. 111267


>write shitty plagiarized articles

Is this true? I don't recall this ever being discussed and now I'm genuinely curious. Do you have proof that she's just stealing someone else's work?


Honestly think Kaka is too mentally gone to write a post here that could blend in. But then again wasn't the last time she claiming to be off her meds when sperging? ( Maybe we have an incoming sperg )

No. 111272

Nah I bet she posts still. She got caught like five years ago now, I’m sure she’s improved her larping skills.

No. 111407

I hope to post something definitive about it soon. (I just have a lot of work to do at the moment so little time) It's a hunch that is slowly being confirmed. However, one thing to remember is that a lot of toat articles aren't written by Taylor. She had to hire someone to write about books since she only reads trash or trendy books. It took her over a month to read Girl Boss.

No. 111409

oh I wasn't the one who posted above so maybe someone else is onto it

No. 111755


No rush anon. Times be crazy. Does she admit that they're written by someone else though? and I always found it hilarious how she claimed to like to read but always had a barren bookshelf with a few brand new hardly touched looking books.

No. 111908

File: 1599766693946.jpg (32.21 KB, 330x677, Screenshot_15.jpg)

New bodychecking video

No. 111930

some of the articles have a byline with the author's name, some have "-T" (Taylor), and some have nothing.

But then again toat is such a useless joke of a website. I wish someone would actually talk about it in the media. The about page is my favorite.

No. 111940

Can I just be honest? I really like Taylor, but like anon before me said, the website is a joke. She hyped it up and when it came, the website looks like a tumblr page for some reason, and the articles; I can't imagine many of her viewers read them. The prices are so unbelievably high and the clothes she's selling are not made by her, she's just buying them in bulk from factories and upcharging them. I could do that too, anyone can. It just requires time and money. I don't know why she's so proud of it.

No. 111941

So I think I've found who Taylor is skinwalking now. Valeria Lipovetsky. There are so many recent similar video titles and thumbnails, the most recent winter video of Taylors is similar in many ways to Valierias from January 2020, there's what I eat in a day, even the style choices and way she poses. She's a model and mom vlogger, so maybe Taylor started watching as research and casually morphed into her along the way.

No. 111943

File: 1599794264509.jpg (202.06 KB, 1080x565, valeria.jpg)

Quick comparison, they're indistinguishable but Taylor is on the left and Valeria on the right, V's videos are of course the older ones with the same titles or themes. Taylor also dyed her hair to be more similar to Valeria's.

No. 111947

Would love to watch a new skinwalking saga. Interesting how she always skinwalks the most boring milquetoast people, though.

No. 111984

Ironically this Valeria girl is married to a bald, fat aging old man who is 17 years older than herself, and pushing her to have the fourth child when she’s already 30 years old with three kids. He told her time is ticking, on camera. They got married when she was 18 or 19, and at some point he even admitted to be willing to meet her other young hot model friends if things didn’t work out with Valeria. Yikes.

Now she’s being milked and exploited hard by her manager husband putting out boring content like a social media machine.

No. 111992

If you didn't tell me these thumbs were two different people, I wouldn't have guessed.

She can afford to get better hobbies, so why does she spend so much energy to copy people?

No. 111997

Both are 30.
Both have the grown lolita aesthetic.
Both are trying to give birth.
Both are married to much older rich men. (Valeria’s husband currently manages her social media and exploits their kids on a daily basis.)
Both are obsessed with being size zero.
Both have bland, uninspiring styles. No personality they just follow whatever is trendy.
Both of their husbands met them when they were very young looking lolitas.

No. 112019

>Both have bland, uninspiring styles.
I really like Taylor's taste when it comes to clothes and homeware. Not everything is up my alley tho, but I'd really like to recycle some outfits of her.

No. 112028

Isn't Taylor 31/32? (Not to nitpick.)

No. 112031


Wouldn't call her style bland. She's just following trends like its a religion because she thinks that's what all the celebs do. However, she forgets to add her own personal touch to trendy outfits which is why it falls short in my opinion. Taylor is just a sponge that absorbs shit but never does anything with it or keeps it. Like she'll read shit from one source and attempt to spew it as fact until told otherwise. (GOOP for exp)Wear an item until its no longer trendy. ( the amount of clothing she tosses without even wearing it makes me weep)Or when she pretended to be vegan because it was trendy at the time. The list of things she sponged up and tossed because of no longer being trendy can go on.



No. 112054

These two aren't the only people doing this. Holly Wolf has done these, Adrienne Hill, all people from different vlog type channels or beauty/lifestyle channels. These are so far apart too, that it's safe to say it's trend following , not actually person following.

No. 112085

Except if you watch the videos you'll see Taylor even saying the same things, posing the same way, wearing the same clothes. The gap between V's uploads and Taylor's makes it more likely to be copying, not less.

No. 112222

File: 1600031494813.jpeg (140.88 KB, 828x1128, D1BE1781-A9DE-4CDF-BC96-805119…)

Okey i know she’s been body checking but this is sick. I watched her recent (?) vlog and she said she lost weight because of loss of her apetite. Still works out like a bitch every day gurl She’s her thinnest she’s ever been or at least for a long long time I wonder if she even has her period

No. 112224

Honestly suspect she has a private Instagram following all those pro-ana accounts, the bodychecking is so frequent now.

No. 112225

File: 1600035372407.png (298.95 KB, 607x495, 0.PNG)

Sage for old milk but at this point I just feel bad for her. I rewatched her 'starting IVF' video and she keeps saying she wants lots of kids / big family all while around 23 min mark she's so conscious about how 'bloated' she is from hormones and 'already looks 3 months pregnant' (screencap from where she's saying that). If she actually conceives by some miracle I'm not sure how she'll deal with that

No. 112228

Yeah, that's reaching full on anachan territory, I've never seen her that thin. I've got to imagine at this weight she'd have a hard time conceiving. Gaining weight is part of being pregnant…it's inevitable. She's 30 so I have a hard time feeling bad for her when it's her own vanity sabotaging her IVF success, but I don't know. That's a sad image.

No. 112229

It’s stupid but she’s really triggering to me and it makes me crazy how the comments under her post are just ass kissing or asking where her clothes are from. I think she filters her comments

No. 112230

Having an ephebophiliac husband doesn’t help her eating disorder.

No. 112245

This is gross. Who does she think she's fooling whining about wanting to get pregnant. She was always too vain. She treats having a baby like going viral. Like it's not some fun impulsive thing that you can move onto the next trend when you're bored.

No. 112248

File: 1600045450119.png (53.52 KB, 1080x350, Screenshot_20200913-120634~2.p…)

Yeah, this is horrible. It feels like she's showing it off, and because people wrongly believe she knows something about nutrition, no one speaks up. She's back to her 2015/2016 weight easily and loving it. Prepare yourself for the "woe is me, I can't gain weight, I'm so depressed" - all lies. She knows what she has to do, she doesn't want to do it.

If you want to see her stans in action, look at the comments on this post (specifically how they respond to the commenter who remarked that tucking a shirt into a bra is impractical and uncomfortable).

I attached my favorite comment. And I didn't edit that person's name out because surely they want to be associated with such a sick burn.

No. 112249

Why do you feel bad for this person? she has all the resources to live a great life, to recover from her disordered eating, to study whatever she wants. But what she wants is to be a "big sister" for teens and tease for shut-in men while keeping her weight artificially low. She is an airhead who does nothing to make the world a better place aside from supporting the occasional small business for clout points and loving her family in an instagrammable way.

You, sitting here reading this, are more self-aware, perceptive, and meaningful than Taylor is. There is nothing this hypocrite has contributed to the world except her pretty face and her support for her own family.

No. 112254

Not too long ago I thought "eh, she's skinny, but not unhealthy"… she's reaching unhealthy territory, and quickly.

Being underweight (or close) is worse for fertility and pregnancy in general, even if you're still menstruating.

No. 112255

Good grief, what happened to her face? She's gone skelly now, no chance she's getting pregs or trying to.

I think she realized that most of her leftover audience is pro-ana or teens, so they wouldn't care about her content if she has a kid.

No. 112357

Imagine going through the entire process of IVF and having to do all of the shots and invasive procedures like egg retrievals just to sabotage it all because of some vain shit like your weight jfc

No. 112372

It's something she can post about on social media, money is not an issue, and now she can tell her oblivious and creepy husband "baaaabe, I really tried! I want to be a mom, like so bad!"

Like she literally has nothing else going for her. Toat is a joke and can only get her so much attention. Why not an attempted baby saga?

No. 112408


Wasn't Tom the one who wanted a baby? I wonder how he'll feel about Taylor self-sabotaging her fertility right after he spent thousands on IVF. If she's that vapid then why not just use a surrogate? They can definitely afford it, and even still use her eggs.

No. 112409

What does “FXXED” mean and in what context does it stand?

No. 112415

"School girls that we fucked" It was/is an article on Tom's menclub website.

No. 112417

File: 1600133518264.png (272.84 KB, 464x581, 113229.png)

She seems to do this ana pose in all her vlogs now

No. 112424

She’s too old for this shit

No. 112437

Still there!
And the guy who wrote it + the articles about girls as young as 12/13 is still getting paid by Tom. He's still writing these kinds of articles (mixed in with articles about adult women). Tom and his website are trash, and Taylor is trash for defending it.

No. 112440

If she feels coerced into pregnancy I can't really blame her for sabotaging it.

It's absolute hell for women who don't want to have children when they are made to have them. Both for them and for the unwanted kids born that way.

No. 112441

I'm sure as long as they dated? they discussed having kids. I'm also sure he asked her before marrying her and giving her such an easy life if she was willing to have a baby for him. "Coerced into pregnancy" lol go off, she wanted it too until she realized she had to gain weight. Taylor is all vanity and image, or else she wouldnt have ever copied Dakota and met Tom to begin with. The least she could do is have his baby, she's 30 and has to do fuck all to live in luxury. She could always divorce him and go back to living her own life, after all.

No. 112443

She could use a surrogate. I think having a baby is a fair trade for being spoiled like a princess for nothing by an ephebophile who only noticed her bc she was copying a younger viral weeb.

She just doesn't want to have a baby now that she realizes it'll make her obsolete. Nobody cares about you on social media after you have a baby except other mommygrammers.

No. 112444

ot but i still dont understand why this pose is so popular around ana-chans? It always looks uncanny and creepy to me esp with her "im dead inside" smile

No. 112445

>If you want a life like Taylor's, just move to Asia, pretend to be a virginal, wide eyed teenager and bag a man who makes money writing articles about old men fucking minors! #GirlBoss #Hustle #HardWorkPaysOff

No. 112448

Your legs look tiny and your face looks giant like a perfect anachan uwu. Looks like a ground vegetable.

Vomit inducing lifestyle.

No. 112449

Thigh gap/body check pose. I can't believe a 30y.o married woman who was trying to have a baby is doing this type of infantile shit.

Wait, yes I can. If she looks too much like an adult woman or has a baby girl, she might be replaced by a new spoiled princess!

No. 112450

Also remember, Taylor met Tom when she was in her uguu Kotaclone phase, she worked as a model at an event for Mensclub that had a signsture wall for guests, but it had a mirrored floor for upskirt shots. Taylor played dumb but also just so happened to be wearing plain black shorts under her short ass dress. Seems shes fine with taking advantage of others for pleasure or profit as long as it's not being done to her.

No. 112462

>Also remember, Taylor met Tom when she was in her uguu Kotaclone phase, she worked as a model at an event for Mensclub that had a signsture wall for guests, but it had a mirrored floor for upskirt shots. Taylor played dumb but also just so happened to be wearing plain black shorts under her short ass dress.

No, that isn't what happened. She was at an event unrelated to menclub with mirrors on the floor. Many models' underwear were exposed, but a couple were wearing pants or were more covered.

Menclub, however, linked the article about the upskirt photos (which at the time included uncensored photos) on their facebook and wrote "oh my god, Taylor!!" as if it was some kind of joke. She was either dating Tom already or getting ready to date him.

The event was not for menclub. They reacted in a sick and perverted way about it and tagged Taylor specifically in their post about it. Taylor obviously didn't know it would happen.

I don't know how you managed to make up such a completely fake story about what happened, but stop. Menclub, Tom, and Taylor are bad enough as they are. Stop lying, it removes credibility from the actual truths here.

No. 112478

At this point she'll be burning muscles, because all her fat is already gone.

No. 112483

She looks older too. All of her facial fat is gone and the fillers can’t hide the aging signs at this point. She looked so much better when she was still slim but at a healthy range.

Taylor, a majority of Asian women are culturally brainwashed to think being underweight is desirable but it’s not. These women have been systematically bullied by their moms, relatives and friends to stay under a certain weight, you don’t have to fall into that trap.

No. 112499

As a person with no children, I genuinely can't watch mom vloggers. Like why would I want to inflict myself with someone else's kids when I don't need to. So only other mothers would want to watch that stuff.

No. 112500

Also I think even if I had kids I still wouldn't want to see other people's kids? Like I just have no interest in other people's kids lol

So if she gets a surrogate, I wonder how interested her current fans would be in mom vlogging.

No. 112504

more than that, all that starving will really damage her heart. she's giving herself so many health problems

No. 112513

I bet Taylor knows this. Nobody who doesn't already have kids or want to have kids watches mommy bloggers, the harsh truth is that motherhood doesn't appeal to the majority of women in their teens and 20's these days, and like it's been said before nobody would want to watch Taylor whine about how hard it is to be a mom when she's also a rich trophy wife who doesn't have to work for anything.

No. 112514

Y’all will make her lose 10 more pounds kek

No. 112521


Maybe Wei Wenqing (魏文青, the top perv writer at menclub) is actually jcach…

No. 112522

Then she'll lose more followers. Teens/YA women want to watch someone happy who has a good life that they earned honestly, not an anorexic former model who doesn't do anything now but curate her online persona.

No. 112538

Wtf this is hilarious

No. 112539

Thanks for explaining

No. 112553

File: 1600235003188.jpg (263.78 KB, 1080x1790, 20200916_074222.jpg)

No. 112566

Kek is it because he stims out when he sees her and pretends to be "just itching"?

No. 112568

Ew it’s like watching them role play

No. 112573

File: 1600268043066.jpeg (676.64 KB, 1280x674, D03B0AAB-258E-43FE-8FC1-D9584A…)

Didn’t know where to post this. But with Kota’s dyke cut, Taylor’s spoiled princess ass and Venus being Venus I couldn’t resist.

No. 112575

File: 1600269524014.jpg (94.82 KB, 1200x674, 1200px-Winx_Trix.jpg)

The Trix!

No. 112578

It's called ageplay.

No. 112579

This needs to be made into a banner even if Dakota's hardly relevant anymore, I love it

No. 112583

What does this mean? sorry for the dumb q. Was he too excited or something?

No. 112627

Exactly, she has not been an aspirational #girlboss ever since the secret that an older man has been funding everything came out.

There's very little engagement on her pregnancy posts, so all the false alarms about the topic were probably her extreme ways of testing the waters.

Topkek, I almost didn't recognize venoos.

No. 112645

I was scrolling fast and I suddenly thought I was in the fuck-marry-kill thread because of this image

No. 112690


starved her body and plumped up her face

people want to buy that green plaid thing, but can't, because it's Zara fast fashion & no longer available. lookbook fail.

her looks were half-hearted and uninspiring

No. 112698


Because she's trend hoping again and nobody wants to see her show the current trends. They rather get that shit from actual top models and celebs. The look book should be her fav looks not "what's current and trending".

Lookbooks are nice for seeing people's unique personal styles. Taylor has none.

No. 112706

Seconding this

No. 112713


Makes no sense why she'd go for Zara pieces when she has her own brand. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a lookbook with pieces from your business~?

No. 112716

File: 1600390739651.png (1.33 MB, 1779x989, Screenshot_20200918-024427.png)

lol her brand is a few things she orders on taobao. She must order 3 pieces at a time, given how quickly it "sells out." But that's a tactic she learned from cons like the Kardashians.

This is by far her worst lookbook ever.

No. 112718

File: 1600390875514.png (982.88 KB, 1545x1080, Screenshot_20200918-023203.png)

Her hair looks greasy.

Here she looks like a bulimic lawyer in a 00s television series. In two episodes, she'll get caught puking in the bathroom and the characters will stage an intervention.

No. 112719

File: 1600391018574.jpg (63.57 KB, 872x540, 100007800928_131223.jpg)

Her new bodycheck / body brag involves shoving everything she wears on top into her trousers, jeans, or skirt. Chunky sweaters, multiple layers, sweater vest, cardigan, shove it all down there!

no one will ever tuck in a blazer, Taylor.

No. 112722

and btw all these screenshots were taken while watching in HD. The video quality is inconsistent and I'm not even sure she filmed in HD. The camera shots are shaky and quick in certain parts, like she wants to hide something.

At 3:27 she gives a "hack" for putting on a white top with a face of makeup. (spoiler: cover your face with your hair)

Oddly for Taylor, she's included a full-frontal shot of her sad-looking bra, 2-3 seconds long. This is not something that bothers me per se, but it's odd for Taylor to include that, and imho odd in general…

No. 112734

She looks terrible. The makeup really ages her, her hair looks wet it's so greasy. And the outfits are all so unflattering and look almost like costumes.

No. 112741

Idk realistically people mix up their looks with different brands. Maybe it's like wearing your o wee n band's tshirt too much?

No. 112750

Totally serving Ally McBeal realness. Somebody shop a dancing baby above her head.

No. 112764

She's a better model in still photography, her body coordination and natural gait is just too stiff for anything with movement.

Literally none of her followers will do these looks, and the 100th humblebrag about being able to uncomfortably tuck huge chunks of material into highwaisted pants is ridiculous.

No. 112776

All these tucking hacks she's putting in her videos are honestly just dumb. There's a reason most people don't tuck clothes into their bra or put elastics on their trousers: it's uncomfortable and annoying. You're gonna feel that elastic or tucked in item all day long. It makes me wonder if Taylor somehow has numb skin all over her body instead of just her face, I have no idea how that would be possible though.

No. 112803

I can't believe some anon in the plastic surgery thread unironically said Tay looked good and they want to get the same things done as her..

I did like some of the outfits though

No. 112805

So the fall lookbook video was good, but fall clothes are obviously available since summer, the fall catwalk shows become available the season before as well, so if you actully want to buy any of these outfits now you may not be able to. But it was a good video imo.

Also thought the end was funny:
Taylor (enthusiastically): Done! 18 outfits.
Assistant (deadpan): 18 outfits… How many hours? 7 hours.
(Obviously figuring out how much she's owed at that point)

No. 112806

she tucked part of a sweater into those leather leggings and it looked like a big tumor on her hip/abdomen

imagining Taylor wearing a lace bodysuit as a shirt irl is giving me goosebumps. Imagine how much attention she would call to her tReNdY eDgY style until she is overcome with shame and throws a chunky sweater over it.

Remember when she whined and fished for compliments about her stomach ("I never wear cropped tops!! so self-conscious!"). Her IG was full of pictures showing her stomach…

No. 112810

I found that lace bodysuit as a shirt part oddly creepy, like wtf are you doin' tay that's obviously not an outfit any human could wear outdoors.

No. 112811

Why not? I think it's a terrible and ugly outfit but I don't see how you couldn't wear this outside. She's wearing it over a highneck sweater.

No. 112815

File: 1600421902572.jpg (1.14 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200918_193926.jpg)

Eh it's not entirely unheard of, anon. Seems more like a Pinterest idea, I remember it floating around a while ago.

No. 112818

File: 1600424288402.jpg (1.29 MB, 1800x2400, tay.jpg)

Honestly these aren't the worst outfits I've seen her wear. Sure, she's trend hopping again, but I'm just thankful the autistically large orange boots/copying Kylie Jenner saga is long dead. The third outfit is pretty cute, the rest aren't my style but at least some are socially acceptable this time.

I was going to ignore her weight because plenty of anons have pointed it out already… But holy fuck she skinnier than when she was in her ~tomboy~ backwards cap phase (right after dolly phase) and she's 30. Whoever said she's intentionally sabotaging her pregnancy chances is seriously onto something.

No. 112821

I wonder if it really is that possible to sabotage though?
I'm not 100% sure how it works but i'd assume they'd go to at least a few appointments together and the doctors must bring up her weight as a factor. Why pay this much for all these treatments when she could pull "i'm not mentally ready and my weight proves it" after a single appointment with the doctors.

Tinfoil but maybe shes getting away with it is because Tom is also having issues with fertility

No. 112822

in the video, she also has an outfit without the sweater underneath. She's clearly uncomfortable, but tReNdZ are so important, you know.

No. 112823

She's in a country where a natural, healthy BMI would be underweight for a Western woman. Her height and genetics are not the norm over there, and it's possible the doctors only see her weight as a small problem.

People with EDs are good at faking weights anyway. Additionally, she froze her eggs or whatever so maybe they aren't going through the process anytime soon.

No. 112824

this looks fucking horrible. great way to make your tits look like they are sagging down to your waist. The only girls who might get away with this are A-cups.

No. 112842

If she froze her eggs that hardly makes the situation better. She's 30 now, so the more years that go by her chances of conceiving are going down, which wouldn't be much of a problem seeing many women conceive in their mid 30's, but Taylor's currently damaging her body for the sake of beauty standards so that damage is just going to do permanently worse for her as time goes on.

I wouldn't be surprised if in a few years she went to use her eggs and none of them took.

No. 112862

At this point I'm willing to bet they will go with the surrogacy route. It's pretty obvious she's not willing to ruin her body and since Tom is an ephebophile I doubt he would be very supportive of any significant weight gain even if it's the best for both the mother and baby.

No. 112865

Agreed, he's obviously happy with the return of TayTay aka regression of the various versions of Taylor. He was always super excited when she'd do a "princess Tay" transformation so I guess she decided to just switch back full time. All we're missing is the circle lenses.

No. 112869


Yup, my bet is on surrogacy too.

No. 112871

i bet she'll make one of her sisters do it.

No. 112926

Kind of confused why no one has touched on the fact that the reason why she might be so skinny is because she seems visibly depressed. She seems really lifeless lately. I watched one of her recent vlogs and I was actually really uncomfortable with how solemn she sounded when talking. With that being said, I'm not dumb. She DOES look significantly skinnier, and she's not even tall enough to justify it being about height. Wonder what's going on with her.

No. 112927

Yea i think it’s coming from depression aswell. She said in the last (?) vlog she doesn’t wanna get into why she lost appetite hence why she lost weight

No. 112929

File: 1600498540092.jpeg (356.11 KB, 2048x2048, 29B1610B-78B5-463C-B4B9-D50460…)

Samefag but some screenshots

No. 112930

File: 1600498572871.jpeg (367.25 KB, 2048x2048, C954F97D-2964-4EDA-B70E-BF52E8…)

No. 112943

File: 1600507512971.png (421.42 KB, 1080x1774, Screenshot_20200919-111848.png)

OK, does that make it OK to constantly bodycheck in her videos? She could, you know, do a video focused on something other than her newly filled face and diminishing body. But she is completely obsessed with herself.

Her new video* rips off her fans' ideas and gives them no credit. So creative,Tay! There are even more stolen ideas, but these are the most blatant.

* https://www.instagram.com/p/CFTkfdinf_j/?igshid=y154iw86sgw0

No. 112967

She's probably hungry.

How openly toxic does this bitch have to be before people stop licking her asshole? Awww, does she seem depressed? Too bad she married a millionaire and has no responsibilities. If only she had the time or resources to take care of herself. Poor Taylor. She really is suffering in a prison of her own creation and definitely deserves the sympathy of people who will never see a fraction of her wealth and opportunities.

Please miss me with "acTuAlLY aNyOnE cAN bE DePrESsEd" sperging. How out of touch with reality do you have to be if this cow is who you choose to waste your sympathy on?

No. 112971

This. Taylor has every resource to handle any issue she could have, as well as a kinda loving husband, I don't feel sorry for her at all. She also has her family and friends ahe could turn to- but no she runs to YT.

I'm starting to think focusing on YT is what's ruining Taylor. She's not the target demographic anymore, she's aging out of relevance and Tom won't be able to keep buying her popularity as she gets less relatable.

No. 112972

Are you ok… I never said I felt bad for her. You can acknowledge that someone seems depressed from their behavior,etc just from a objective standpoint.

No. 112973

This isn’t PULL anymore can you curb your rage.

No. 112974

Nah this anon is right. Taylor constantly has defenders in this thread. I don't see any other cow with as many apologists as she has. She is utterly useless. Her only hobby is staring at herself in the mirror and making vanity projects. The only things she ever shares from other accounts are fans fawning over her latest videos and posts. She has all the time and money in the world to do something, anything meaningful and she spends it taking videos of herself being a Disney princess or trying on clothes that she is just going to throw away after the video is done. Then she just basks in these basic people adoring her. She is astronomical levels of self absorbed. Think about all the other cow threads you read here. They are all self obsessed, yes, but you can at least name some hobbies that they have. What are Taylor's hobbies? What does she like to do? She likes to film herself and take pictures of herself.

No. 112975

File: 1600533754676.jpg (29.21 KB, 474x632, download.jpg)

I'm honestly wondering what happens next. Worst case, she would just gets a surrogate. Will she become a mommy vlogger and basically pimp her kids image out for paedos?

No. 113010

This thread is infested with migrated PULL users.

No. 113012

agree with you and >>112973. Literally the only "defense" I've seen on here are people who are just looking at things rationally. I can't stand Taylor these days but I'm not going to completely shit on her for selling her pieces for more money, like EVERY company does. PULL users all write the same ,and you can tell they forget to breathe while typing.

No. 113024

you probably should learn to sage before accusing anon from being a PULL user.
I dunno why people are suddenly whining that people are to mean to taylor, this is lolcow. Anons will always be bitching

No. 113026

No one is even whining about that. Wtf is going on right now. Anon was bitched at for literally just saying that it seems like depression might be a factor. Thinking someone has depression does not mean you are excusing them or feeling bad for them. It was a theory on why she might be so skinny besides the other strong possibility of her having an ED. Why is it so fucking hard for some of you to understand anything that isn't straight pissiness when it comes to cows. Grow up maybe.

No. 113045

tinfoil but i wonder if the reason she canceled the Suntay brunch is because she didn’t want to eat anything other than her safe foods

No. 113056

Yes, she said in a recent video that those brunch videos were her cheat days so she could eat junk food. So it's possible she has no cheat days now.

>trying for a baby

>mature growth and reflection
>regressing to princess Tay

A woman of internal conflict.

No. 113061

She never had defenders here. The only time was when anons replied to the spergchan criticisms that turned out to be kaka.

No. 113065

Why tf do you care so much about tone policing on lolcow of all places. She clearly has a lot more wrong with her mentally than depression to be talked about on multiple websites for years because of HER OWN actions. Like is this site a new concept for all of you pearl clutching inexplicable fans of some dull woman in her 30s with an eating disorder and too much money?

And she obviously has an eating disorder, it's fucked up and dismissive to say "oh she might just be depressed you guise" while she does ana chan poses for her teen audience and creep husband.

Why are you trying to make excuses for this womanchild? If you can't deal with anything negative her ig and yt comments are right there. If you need to remind your fav #girlboss she needs to be mindful of her mental health uwu! Not everyone is some meanie bully from pull.

Her entire public persona is and always has been crafted and controlled by her and Tom. It blows my mind how many people want to give this scammer the benefit of the doubt because of her manufactured relatability.

No. 113071

This is a good post and I agree.

I found some more stuff about Tom. Here's an article about how he hires educated, pretty women and pays them poorly:

No. 113072

File: 1600565520514.jpg (48.88 KB, 512x302, cbe4908de_N1264_124_140519man2…)

Interview for BeautyExchange job.

No. 113078


Looks like a thinly veiled casting couch process for escorts.

No. 113098

Meanwhile her bags collection gives me an urge to find second job or something

No. 113113

On, anon. If all it took were 2 jobs, nobody would fuck old men for money. There's probably a reason she's depressed, other than vanity, like being in a marriage for image and comfort over actual love and connection.

No. 113115

Wrong thread fam, what bags collection?

No. 113116

She comes from an actually wealthy family, take your poorfag cope elsewhere

No. 113118

Considering she is in Hong Kong married to a mainlander? Or is he from HK, idk, while all this political upheaval happens, while speaking barely any mandarin/chinese, while having to have a hired friend to film all her vanity projects for years, while not visiting her family for?? over a year? idk exactly but it's been a LONG time, while being pressured to have a baby she is not mentally ready for…there's a lot more to it than "fuck old man for money" - both this and the bags comment apply to the plastic barbie in the other thread far more than Taylor.

No. 113127

They're upper middle class, that was proven back before Tom debuted and anons found out he was paying for everything, back when the tinfoil was that her family was supporting her and getting her work in Japan.

She has the resources to fix all these issues, so no pity from me. She can fly home to see her family (they have a SECOND HOME in Canada for that reason I thought?), talk to her husband about if she really wants a baby (surrogate or not, she can always divorce him & go back to Canada), and she can afford a good English speaking therapist. If she's miserable with everything at her fingertips then maybe she should try an internet hiatus.

No. 113142

You're overthinking it. It seems relatable now to say you're depressed so she'll use it. She always wants to be quirky uwu relatable and likable and has been throwing every idea out there in hopes of it working.

No. 113147

right? she epitomizes this bit from a chinese tv show
"I would rather cry in a BMW than smile on a bicycle."

No. 113207

this is almost exactly the outfit Tom picked out for Taylor to wear.

No. 113228

The most generic anime waifu outfit.

No. 113237

Oh NOOO, this had to have triggered Kiki into an epileptic fit

No. 113239

File: 1600662930491.png (214.21 KB, 346x478, 143616.png)

I wonder what he thinks of her style now.

No. 113244

kek looks like Kiki's white shirts on the top and Kota's old taobao skirts on the bottom.

No. 113294

I mean if you watch a video it seems like he could not give less of a shit and was just grabbing random stuff to please her

No. 113296

You think it’s more her fetish than his? Interesting, i think she definitely has a problem with looking older and regrets getting out of her alien baby phase

No. 113301

I don't think it is a fetish, I think she's afraid of losing her identity and all that it entails (like her husband, cushy life in Asia, middling YT success)

She needs the constant assurance that she still looks young and slim, whatever she valued about herself 10 years ago. Having a baby is probably something her husband wants and something she passively wants too, but before she makes that final jump into what she is assuming will be fat old lady obscurity, she wants a last hurrah. That's my guess with all the bodychecking and weight loss, at least.

She's vain as fuck and knows that she's aging out of whatever it is she wanted to be, but she's going to be dragged kicking and screaming into adulthood. Her husband probably just doesn't give that much of a shit and likes the way she looks anyway.

No. 113329

The PULLtard infestation is real, do we really need to turn this into Kenna's thread part 12? There's no milk here other than a probable eating disorder. Sure her husband sucks but there hasn't been anything new on him in like a year. Taylor herself hasn't done anything truly milk-worthy in 3? 4? years other than possibly having poor mental health after struggling to get pregnant, what a shocker. Why the sudden influx of nitpicking?

No. 113355

Kiki Kannibal must be bored

No. 113356

This belief that your body will be ruined forever after pregnancy is so dumb though. If she is really determined, she can lose that fat in a few months and have surgery to touch up those scars. She is already into fitness and I have seen much lazier women pulling it off. The longer she waits though, the harder it will be to lose that fat because of her age. She is just making up excuses to not become pregnant at all.

No. 113385

For anyone assuming that Taylor truly established her "business" (TOAT) independent of her husband's businesses, the whois records for their websites reveal the truth.

menclub.hk is registered to TOAT:

Company English Name: TOAT
Country: Hong Kong (HK)
Email: email@beautyexchange.com.hk
Domain Name Commencement Date: 27-02-2012
Expiry Date: 01-03-2025

The physical address (for the registrant) seems to be a co-working space.

The admin and technical contact information are for a "Kenneth Ko," listed as an employee of TOAT:

Technical Contact Information:

Given name: KENNETH
Family name: KO
Company name: TOAT
Country: Hong Kong (HK)

Admin information: same as registrant, but email listed as email@menclub.hk.

This physical address is the address of Studio 54, the talent company owned by Tom. Taylor is listed as a Talent on this site.

No. 113386

the whois record for studio54.hk also includes a TOAT employee, but is registered properly to EIG (Tom's company): https://www.whois.com/whois/studio54.hk

Registrant Contact Information:

Company English Name: EIG LIMITED
Country: Hong Kong (HK)
Email: email@menclub.hk
Domain Name Commencement Date: 30-01-2017
Expiry Date: 30-01-2022

Administrative Contact Information:

Given name: KENNETH
Family name: KO
Company name: TOAT
Country: Hong Kong (HK)
Email: email@menclub.hk

Technical Contact Information:

Given name: TOM
Family name: LIP
Company name: EIG LIMITED
Country: Hong Kong (HK)
Email: tom@menclub.hk

No. 113387

toat.com is registered via godaddy, which redacts whois information. So I can't find much there.

I'm intrigued that I cannot find any trace of TOAT using normal methods for looking up HK businesses, but maybe I'm doing it wrong.

No. 113388

beautyexchange.com.hk is registered to TOAT also:

No. 113391

The only thing I can find out about toat.com is that it's registered to a company called "Tails Ltd" in Hong Kong.

Registrant Contact
Organization:Tails Ltd
State:Hong KOng

Tails Ltd - no idea what this is yet

No. 113405

Literally nobody expected that she'd do anything herself, much less pay for it tbh.

Was she still pretending to be a #girlboss?

No. 113407

well who knew that after all the problems and stress she had because anons posted about the many underage girls featured on menclub, that Taylor's company TOAT would then turn around and act as the registrant for menclub.hk ? Why isn't Tom's own company registering his wankmag?

and…is TOAT a legally registered business in HK?

No. 113410

No. 113419

because I looked up the whois for some websites? lol

No. 113421


That sounds sketchy as fuck, considering it's all resold, overpriced taobaoshit and she barely stocks each item.

No. 113428


This is literally 100% more juicy than to bitch about how many fillers Taylor has done anon, shut up

No. 113436

> discussion of Taylor not being HK citizen and putting Tom's name on papers to reduce the legal hassle is juicy

No. 113439

It's not juicy but she did make a whole video where she showed herself registering her business. I think people just assumed it was separate, but it definitely makes more sense to be a side business of Menclub.

Not the anon who posted the whois info, but you literally just go to the whois website and type any url to get info on it. It's not master sleuthing, just super basic info anyone can find in a second.


No. 113442

File: 1600808280400.png (547.08 KB, 1080x1864, Screenshot_20200922-221112~2.p…)

guess that changed, now that 'her' business is legally responsible for Tom's site.

No. 113446

hilarious, 'talk to him directly as i have nothing to do with it'. what a childish way to resolve anything

No. 113459

>It's not my problem because it funds my lifestyle and markets my content

I can't remember when her husband was leaked and it came out who he was, but didn't that also align with her deleting a ton of her old videos that he took in case he was in them? Something like he was in reflections?

The old videos always had unnatural popularity jumps due to paid promotion that didn't quite match the amount of subs or content at the time.

No. 113475

I know I'm late to comment on fbe lookbook but damn she really, buys all these outfits just to film a lookbook. She probably did her research but I feel like fashion trends is the only thing she can fluently talk about without sounding too dumb

No. 113512

I mean this info is about the domain name (abc.com) registrant. Like, you can enter whatever you want when you make a website…

This is by no means definitive info about the status of either company or Tom/Taylor's relationship.

I'm just surprised they didn't opt to make it private info, considering its like $10/month

No. 113516

File: 1600891995286.jpeg (789.66 KB, 750x1334, 4CEAE1C5-3719-4FF1-8259-2A3F31…)

Holy bodycheck

No. 113529

This might be the thinnest she's ever been, this is 100% anorexia we're seeing. The fact all the morons in her Youtube comments congratulate her on how healthy and young she looks, when her weight has dropped so fast - probably hasn't helped.

No. 113531

You don't know what you're talking about, because you cannot enter "whatever you want" when you make a website, especially one that generates income.

It's significant that menclub.hk has existed since 2012, and TOAT has existed only since 2019. They specifically reregistered menclub.hk under TOAT and not under EIG Ltd or Beauty Exchange.

Menclub.hk has always (incorrectly) mentioned Beauty Exchange in its Terms and Conditions: https://menclub.hk/etc/term.php

No. 113535

Yeah, the collarbones give it away.

No. 113537

I’m so sick of this pullsperging about her bodychecking/ED. Having an eating disorder isn’t milk. You don’t need to inform us for the millionth time when she posts a picture of herself.

No. 113539

Can farmhands please do something about the newfags and pullfags ITT? It’s overwhelming the thread

No. 113543

File: 1600907126489.jpg (91.7 KB, 1280x947, 100017600795_66840.jpg)

It's pretty amazing that on the day something is posted here about menclub, Tom decides to return to Instagram and imply that corona has really affected his (online) businesses.

No. 113544

File: 1600907272212.png (51.27 KB, 1080x391, Screenshot_20200923-180536~2.p…)

Someone had to tell the digital marketing mogul that crediting pinterest/weheartit is not considered giving credit to the photographer.

No. 113551

Since Menclub is claimed to be mostly an online website with infrequent creepy meetups for its incel readers, how has it been affected so severely? Unless…it was a cover for an escort agency like suspected, and prof escorts don't really wanna be meeting clients during a pandemic? who knows!

No. 113557

While I'm inclined to agree, sponsorships and advertising for what I'm assuming are his content-based networks is at an all time low, so he's maybe just stressing over letting go of unnecessary staff to keep his own income at the same rate.

No. 113569

Totally and that space between tummy snd pants, so obvious

No. 113575

Let kiki express herself!

No. 113601

File: 1600955129858.png (723.94 KB, 796x993, Screenshot_20200924-104539.png)


Unrelated note and massive nit-picking but Taylor should give her hair a rest. I know she isn't going any lighter and she just went back for some toner, but those ends look super thin and sad. Stay away from the heat tools.

No. 113602


Tinfoil but what if they're losing money? Like a lot in a sense, it'd affect their lavish lifestyle. What if that's what Taylor is stressed and sad about? Maybe they might have to give up their Toronto home?"Let go of things you tried your best to save" They never talk about it and never visit it. I'm surprised she hasn't been doing her crazy decor shopping for the fall/Halloween. Her obsessive shopping seems like it has slowed as of lately.

Also, how the fuck does someone in Tom's line of business not know how to properly cite/credit things?

No. 113626

I was thinking the same, it feels like she has it done every single month. Looks super dry as well

No. 113636

Thin ends are because she went to a Korean hairdresser ages ago for video content, and he thinned out her ends significantly.

No. 113638

That's my main issue. She goes AT LEAST once a month and it's always for content.

No. 113740

I mean think about it, she doesn't have any friends who she didn't pay for. Going to the hairdressers for a few hours is like buying a friend, especially since she goes to English speaking places only. This whole thing is a tinfoil but i think she goes mostly socially.

No. 113748

I would contemplate suicide if I had to pretend to be Taylor's friend, even once a month. Wtf anon this is so depressing.

No. 113789

I've also considered this…I wonder if she still meets with Natalie at all

No. 113795

I think Natalie is probably embarrassed that she worked with someone as vain and self-centered as Taylor. She quit so she could do a more meaningful job (supporting activism in HK).

No. 113799

Taylor would tell/show us if she did. I don't closely follow her socials but if she didn't say a word about Natalie it's a near guarantee she hasn't met up with her.

Am I the only one who thinks Good for Nathalie for working for Taylor? That was probably the chillest/easiest job while making money. Not bad at all imo.

No. 113814

File: 1601074145619.jpeg (819.16 KB, 828x791, 963BC8A4-79B3-442B-8BE9-C1FE82…)

This thread the past few days has just been embarrassing af to read. I don’t like Taylor one bit and only occasionally watch her to see what has changed in her life, and nothing about her weight seems jarring. Are we forgetting how she looked just back in 2017? Way skinner than she is now. She gained a significant amount of weight recently and then lost it quickly which is why it looks drastic in my opinion. She seems miserable altogether so maybe she works out more and eats less without realizing the effect it’s having on her weight. It’s not like her chubby boyfriend is going to notice a change being around her everyday.

No. 113817

yea I don't get the weird overreaction to her weight

to me it seems like she recently hopped on the kpop bandwagon and she's trying to emulate that style

No. 113855

And what happened to her and sharla? They never mention each other

No. 113867

Pulltard wks are so sad. Like imagine having so little going on upstairs to go out of your way to defend everything this cow does. She just has kpop style anorexia! Nothing wrong with a grown woman who put her personal life on blast on social media trying to have a child while having an obvious eating disorder!

No. 113876

Is this a joke. PULLtards are the ones that have bumped this retarded thread. It was dead before. Ever since PULL died it's been overrun. And it's not subtle considering that some of you all write on here exactly like you wrote on PULL. Christ I haven't been on PULL in years and I can still probably pick some of you morons out. There are no wks here and certainly not any from PULL. We're just sick of you bumping a thread with no milk with more than typical spergtastic nitpicking. A whole bunch of you are giving Kiki a run of her money in the psychotic obsessive category.

No. 113878

She doesn’t need her anymore, she has more influential buddies in Hong Kong right now: Jess whose cousin is married to Donnie Yen and Joyce, KOL, singer and daughter of FeiFei, a beloved HK actress. That’s the only two people aside of her husband and assistant she seems to hang out with.

No. 113882

The one who said anorexia was simply a kpop "style" has brain worms.
Not like those kpop artists don't suffer from mental health issues due to being forced to look like plastic mannequins, kpop "style" is just as harmful as starving to look like a "model" (note Taylor used to call herself retired model when she had 5lb more weight on her, and now just says model, so she definitely associates her weight with model status) and it doesn't suddenly become ok just because muh kpop.

No. 113883

(also for those who saw the pulltard thread on /ot with all the disturbing screenshots - pulltards most definitely have severe mental health issues themselves, so aren't really the best judges of what's "normal")

No. 113884

anon you're the one acting like the pulltard. This thread was dead until PULL shut down. Since then it has been bumped with autistic sperging about Taylor's looks.

No. 113894

Sharla has moved on I think. She did a livestream 2 week ago with where she introduced her new best friend.

No. 113896

This. Nobody but PULLtards and kaka gives a shit about her hair being fried or her being an anorexic. Taylor hasn’t been milky in a long time. I don’t know why farmhands have let this thread get overrun with autistic PULL-tier nitpicking. Just fucking autosage it or better yet lock it until something actually milky happens

No. 113902

The actual milk got lost in the sperging about her weight. Her company is now legally responsible for Tom's menclub website. The website Taylor said had nothing to do with her. TOAT's employee is managing a website that continues to feature underage models. That's milk.

No. 113906

I missed spergchan

No. 113907

You seem really buttmad about people calling an anorexic woman anorexic. Like sorry it wasn't the culture on pull to say "this bitch is toxic and has an eating disorder." This is a completely different website btw. People have been posting about her weight loss because it's uh…noticable?

Her pull thread was basically just people kissing her bony ass and calling her husband creepy so idk why people continue to lable negative comments as pull users? Like you're actually such an expert on a now defunct site and a thread there about a weeb ex model that you can id former members and think anyone who has a less than favorable opinion is them? And want to shame them on another anonymous platform? Lmao make it make sense.

No. 113929

as if other threads on this god forsaken website weren't full of the same sperging about looks way before PULL shut down?

No. 113936

You respond exactly like this every time someone mentions anything remotely rational in this thread. Also, do you not realize that people mentioning PULL on here are doing so to mention people like YOU who are coming from PULL or acting like angry PULL users, and not the other way around? Learn to talk with people instead of accusing everyone with a working prefrontal cortex of being a stan.

No. 113939


>posts 10 photos of Taylor while screeching “holy body check”

Another anon
>posts one photo and notes that Taylor was way skinnier just a year ago , and that it’s weird to be hyper focusing on her body of all things


No. 113950

can you fucking learn to sage jfc. Just type sage in the email box it's not that hard.

No. 114021

>mfw you think living alone in HK with a guy who barely speaks english while all your family and friends are on the other side of the world is a perfect life

No. 114033

I’ve used to know a person who wanted me to move in with them and lead a life like this. Depressing stuff.

No. 114181

Living abroad is tough. Idk why it is so idealized in our western world. But if you don't gain language fluency within 6 months nor are willing to make huge sacrifices in order to fit into the local culture you are most likely never going to adapt. It also needs social interactions on a daily basis in order to integrate. This is something Taylor would never do. She is so fucked.

No. 114192

within 6 months? come on. That's not possible.

I moved abroad and am now fluent, but it was a process that took 2-3 years, and I am still learning new things. The first 6 months were very difficult.

Having a job helps a lot.

No. 114193

I don't think she has any motivation to learn the language properly. Tom and all her friends speak English so why should she bother

No. 114202

I learned French within 6 months, so my estimate is not that far off.
My schedule was the following
>professional lessons by a private teacher for 90 minutes twice a week
>30 minutes a day reading/ doing assignments
>30 minutes a day learning/repeating vocabulary
>6 hrs/5 days a week at the working place interacting with collegues
It might take you longer though to learn an east asian language, I'll give you that. Besides that, Taylor only really needs conversational skills which can very easily be achieved with just a little effort.(blogpost)

No. 114223

yeah, maybe we have different definitions of fluent. Even though I am capable in a foreign language and can teach in it, I am nervous about saying 'fluent,' because of the implications.

It is important to get to a level where you can take care of basic necessities, however. You can always get help with specialized things (legal jargon, for example). But you are right that 6 months is long enough to get to an "everyday basic living" level (even if you make mistakes). For new learners, pronunciation is one of the most important things (even more important than vocabulary) and has to be drilled and corrected in that crucial first year.

Just don't be discouraged, adults reading this. You can learn a language well as an adult, even without classes if people are willing to correct you. But you have to be motivated and do a lot on your own if you don't have a tutor or teacher.

No. 114334

It is tough, but learning Chinese would not change anything for Taylor. She only ever "meets" people through social media and I don't think she's interested in other friendships that she can't put in YouTube videos or on instagram. It would be good for her but I doubt it will happen. I'm not sure if she has ever had real friends that she was close with? Friendships like the one with Sharla didn't seem genuine, they were just both profiting from each other.

I'm glad she still has her family, it would probably be good for her to spend some time in Toronto again. That and her inability to go due to the pandemic might also be reasons why she feels depressed?

No. 114335

Samefag and tinfoil:

Maybe she has finally realized that her children won't grow up in Canada, that they'll never move there (even though she said that that's her plan in older videos) and that she won't have help from her family due to the distance. A nanny isn't really the same as having your parents help you.

No. 114431


You act like she didn't choose it willingly & can't go back to Canada at any time, but she can.

No. 114707

Am I losing my mind or is Taylor putting on an American accent in her "Speaking Cantonese" monthly vlog?

No, she definitely is.

No. 114708


Just started watching but she's putting on an accent in the first part of it at least.

No. 114721

File: 1601659083584.jpg (5.7 KB, 89x122, Screenshot_5.jpg)

Idk why she'd upload this to Instagram the tons of fillers she's getting really shows and not in a flattering way. She starting to have a pear shaped face

No. 114725

File: 1601661462304.jpg (20.69 KB, 272x251, Screenshot_9.jpg)

She's starting to look like a cabbage patch doll

No. 114727

She looks like absolute shit but this isn’t milk and just pullfag tier sperging

No. 114749

Can you clarify? She's Canadian, which usually sounds pretty "midwestern American" to me. I don't doubt you, but where is she affecting an accent?

No. 114777

I hear nothing but standard Toronto-based Canuck accent? Is this milk?

No. 114880

Always assume it's never milk in this thread. I too just hear a regular toronto accent. Can't wait to get called a taylor-stan.

No. 114932

Just at the start of the video, around the time she is helping her Japanese friend's English class or whatever, she sounds more American. The rest of the video is normal. I read some English classes to tend to prefer the American accent over other ones, so she might have been emulating it intentionally due the demands of the class.

No. 114952

Taylor got pregnant with IVF but miscarried a couple weeks into it. Her and Tom decided they aren’t going to bother trying again until next year.

No. 114953

forgot to mention that when she said they were going to wait until next year it sounded like she alluded to also being in a better place financially before going with IVF again….sounds like Toms company is treading water which is probably another reason why he sadposted to Instagram

No. 114957

That's very sad -

remembering that celebrity just got "famous/clout" with her tragic miscarriage story

Not doubting her story but Taylor has to trend-hop even on this topic. I haven't watched yet, just skipped through, but I have my sympathies.

The little clip of the wedding day made me realize Tom lost weight for the wedding, he's a lot smaller in those clips than he is now.

No. 114965

>it sounded like she alluded to also being in a better place financially before going with IVF again

I’m not going to watch her video because it really just feels like her bawwing for attention but what did she say exactly that makes you think that? I would think more than anything her and Tom wanting to be in a better place refers to their mental states or their relationship. Miscarriages even early on can fuck up relationships and cause rifts between couples

No. 114969


It may just be me but she didn't sound all that upset and even stated she was more upset about feeling like a disappointment towards Tom. I feel like she made it even more clear in this video that Tom is the one more adamant about having a family than her. Again, I could be reading to much into it but she seemed very nonchalant and kinda unbothered.

No. 114970

Well if it was only a couple of weeks that's sort of natural and rationnal. I don't blame women who are sad about early miscarriages but I know a youtuber who fucking bawls about her chemical pregnancy (basically an embryo that doesn't attach) and it's cringe as fuck.

No. 114971

Not going to watch the video but the timing is so suspect because the topic is trending and the video was made afterwards. It wouldn't be the first time.

They don't have money issues at all and Tom's portfolio is diverse enough to keep them at this lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

They aren't super high spenders. I don't know why anyone would even think otherwise.

No. 114973

Would be strange if she felt genuine heartbreak over that early of a miscarriage. Keep in mind Chrissy Teigen was past the 20 week point, meaning she actually experienced an early stillbirth and had a physical baby to hold and lose.

No. 114974

File: 1601919105823.jpg (97.67 KB, 816x548, 4465266849.JPG)

Honestly it sounded like just what she said. It happened a little while ago and had processed it.
Pretty sure the video was shot the same day as this picture from her insta. Same outfit, jewelry, and make-up. Just unfortunate timing.

No. 114989

Good god, she looks like a clown with that red lipstick. What happened to her face??

No. 114990

sage your autism

No. 114994


No. 115015

She comes out and says mentally and financially and hopes things are better and settle down next year.

No. 115044

Seriously, a couple weeks in and she can't deal? Why wouldn't they immediately try again if she wants it so badly? You're most fertile after a pregnancy is terminated (for whatever reason, natural or not).

I won't watch this until it's on youku or bilibili, i'm not giving these pervs ad revenue. Both of them can shut up about their "financial troubles." Online businesses are doing pretty well, Tom. What parts of your online men's magazine and kawaii beauty tutorial sites can't function because of corona? Seems like all of that would be just fine.

Tom's instagram post was made immediately after anon posted proof that TOAT is now the registrant for a his men's website. There's no way that is a coincidence.

No. 115073

Saged for no contribution, but she says she grew up as a painter? lmao OK, Taylor.

No. 115074

That part was so irritating I’ve been following her for years and never has she mentioned ~being a painter~

So generally i got the vibe she was sad but more because she didn’t fill up to the expectations that Tom has… really weird, is she even realizing what that means??

No. 115084

File: 1601984719225.jpg (33.04 KB, 916x697, IMG_20201006_031843_593.jpg)

Lol Taylor as a painter. Did she really say that? Anyone remember her "Draw My Life" video where she drew this crappy self portrait looking at "Vouge" magazine? Much artistic talent.

No. 115092


>she was sad but more because she didn’t fill up to the expectations that Tom has… really weird, is she even realizing what that means??

That's the part that threw me off too. Like does she really want the baby or is this all to fulfill Tom's desires. The whole video sounds like she was talking more about how it affected Tom than really her. She didn't take any breaks off of social media and consistently was posting IG content. She seems more bothered by once upon a time being chubby than having another pregnancy fail. Like I've seen her be upset and cry about way less.

Also, I don't doubt that Tom is still doing financially well but IVF is very expensive. I googled it and it said anywhere from 20k-100k depending where you go in HK.

No. 115093

File: 1601989777522.jpeg (48.96 KB, 600x600, 972ABBA0-CC0D-4C04-81BC-C0E868…)

She used to be good at fooling people, the vids she used to do back in japan were almost believable! (I believed she lived alone for ages) In this vid she’s so obviously fake, not to mention her eyebrows don’t move the entire time kek.
I’m not surprised she’s depressed, the one ‘real’ thing she wants she can’t have so she has to keep up this charade.

No. 115095

i mean she probably miscarried because she doesn't eat well enough. pretty sad

No. 115102

sage for no milk and I guess off topic but …

No. 115108

Her grip is really bad, like a kid holding a crayon

No. 115109


Please tell me this is a child's drawing…

No. 115111

well, she was pretending to be a teen then. She also fake cried in this video and showed off her babyish drawings

No. 115115

youtube video was published in July 2015. She was 27 and a half years old.

No. 115122

How did she make herself look like that?

No. 115125

lighting, fillers, and some kind of horrible video editing.

And before anyone tells me I'm tinfoiling, please look at these videos and explain to me how her eye sockets enlarged.

https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3k00bl (Rosie moves to Tokyo)
https://m.bilibili.com/video/av1994687 (tutorial after the dance)

both of these videos didn't stay up for long after she realized how bad they looked. But her "let me confess a secret and draw like a middle schooler" video has a lot of views so she makes money on it.

No. 115126

File: 1602012162735.png (966.35 KB, 1866x973, Screenshot_20201006-211726.png)

When I was about 7 to 12 years old, I became overweight…

First of all, none of these photos look overweight.
Second of all, where's the 7 year old? I guess she fucked up counting again, just like she said that pic with her dog was 7.5 years ago, but it was really 6.

No. 115129

Definitely technically overweight/chubby. Also, she looks 7 in most of those photos, so what is your point?

No. 115131

Have you ever seen a 7yo girl? You can google image search if you need a reminder of what one looks like.

Do you often say kids are chubby/overweight based on face shots only? You can't even see her body in these.

No. 115133

Nayrt but you can see her neck and shoulder area as well and it’s clear from those she’s overweight. Not obese, but definitely overweight.

No. 115135

I’d call it puppy fat?

Doesn’t happen to everyone but most would lose that during puberty anyway.

The fact she thinks she was fat highlights her insecurities around weight and her obvious unhealthy relationship with food.

No. 115136

I still don't understand. Is there any candid pictures of her from this era?

No. 115137

Your critical thinking skills suck. Just because I would never look at her cute 7 year old self and think she's fat, doesn't mean she's not technically overweight. She stated she was bullied because of it so obviously she was a little chubby or at least chubbier than her peers. I'm not saying it's worth sitting down and making a video about but she's by no means skinny in those photos. Doesn't matter if she's 7.

No. 115138

Forgot to add. She looks 7 in those photos. She's telling you she's 7 in those photos. Why are you convinced she's not kek. I literally have 2 seven year old cousins and one 8 year old niece who all look like that.

No. 115139

Forgive me anon I meant to reply to another post lol

No. 115142

IIRC she did a commercial in a black dress for a phone(?) where you could see her real face and it was terrifying.

No. 115145

File: 1602019560314.png (232.77 KB, 410x320, Screen Shot 2020-10-06 at 5.27…)


If I remember correctly she went on a Tv show around this time and did one of her retarded dances.

No. 115151

I hadn't seen these before. You can see her jawline/chin bouncing around in the large-eyed Miku one. Obviously she was au fait with face-changing filters that weren't so popular in the west, back then. I'm also mildly suspicious of some of her recent videos as she looks more similar to her appearance of years ago.

No. 115152

I love the imagined "haha! fat!" bully in the background, like absolutely anyone would question a preteen having puppy fat.

No. 115153

I guess she was pretending to be a few years younger, hence claiming to be 7 in (year) when she was actually (at a guess) maybe 10-11 in those pictures. Not any of the anons above arguing about age, but she does look older than 7 to me in >>115126

No. 115157

damn i wish she'd make a video of her (and probably tom's) entire thought process and behind the scenes of what she was trying to do in Japan. From her face fillers, dumb voice, her fake bedroom, dances, etc. But i bet her try-hard idol phase haunts her still and she's still trying to forget it lmao.
From a normal girl in Hong Kong to a cringe weeb; successfully hiding her rich bf/boss's financial foundation lol

No. 115161

NGL I want someone to tally up how much money they sunk into trying to make her happen in Japan and trying to keep up the girlboss illusion, even now.

No. 115178

This is nitpicking to insane levels. Why would Taylor lie about her age? What does it matter? Even if she did get the ages wrong, these are still clearly pictures of her as a child showing that she was on the chubbier side, like she said. And seriously, no one who has ever been a preteen girl would doubt that other preteen girls can be awful. So maybe you're either still in elementary school or a scrote?

Also, can we stop condemning someone for being sad after a miscarriage??

I hate to be all "hi cow" but this all screams of someone samefagging through seething hatred… wonder who that could be?

No. 115179

Agreed. I am convinced it is one to two insane pulltards pretending to be like 5 different people (but failing miserably) while everyone else tries to tell them they're fucking crazy. What would be the purpose in pretending to not be seven? I would never want Taylor's life but I feel like people on here who claim they wouldn't want it actually really do and are just lashing out about dumb shit.

I will say though, it seems like most people here are judging her for not being sad enough, not for being sad. I think her reaction is completely healthy considering the type of miscarriage she had. Sat, but past it at this point considering it happened so early in the pregnancy. People were shitting on her about the way she reacted to her grandfather dying, saying she was milking it. Now that she's not milking a hardship people are saying her priorities are in the wrong place when it comes to wanting children. I'm over it. She's so boring nowadays but is it worth this level of reaching?

No. 115183

the real milk is why Tom's businesses were hit hard by COVID imho. And why isn't there any proof that TOAT is registered as a business in HK? I checked the HK business registration database, but couldn't find anything.

Some fun things I did find though -

I'm pretty sure this is Tom writing:
(the username is "beauty exchange" but the post is about menclub)

a post on a gossip site about HK businesses:
I'm not 100% sure, but at least one translation suggests people were being laid off in 2019.

No. 115184


meh the nitpicking on superficial shit is getting old,
but i think the fascination around her is that's just something off about her and Tom that you can't just put your finger on. Like mostly tom's shady business with underage girls.
Unless something gets leaked then what can you do. Taylor's only talent is hiding shit, so who knows when that'll happen