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File: 1525423061379.jpg (1.58 MB, 1280x881, kyo.jpg)

No. 51841

My personal favourite:
Kareki/Tanja Marion
DoB: 24.11.1984
German Kyo fan
>is saving herself for him
>keeps insisting only she knows the "true" meaning behind Kyo's lyrics and all fans just don't understand him
>triggered by people not taking him seriously, e.g. daring to make a joke or calling him cute
>gets into moronic arguments on Kyo's body and whether it can be viewed sexually by people who are not her
>apparently her actual reason for doing so is that she believes Kyo reads her posts and notices her defending and deeply understanding him

Tumblr: http://deadtree.tumblr.com

Examples of her teaching the silly masses how to accept Kyo in their lives:
>How can you be that daring and claim Kyo is bad at poetry? Do you understand Japanese? Do you know how Japanese poetry works? Why do you attack him, laugh at him for things you don't know at all?! As if you know something about poetry in general. And still, I've got the same question for years. Why can you thoughtlessly laugh at Kyo when you like him? You would hurt yourself if it was true.
>Don't you get what you do to Kyo?! When you inflict pain on him, by telling shit about him? How could you answer for that?! Dirty sluts, lying, disgusting filthy sluts! What more boundaries will you demolish?! When are you going to finally have enough and allow him to keep his dignity?! Brain fucked MONSTER!

No. 51842

ohh no please don't

it's embarassing enough to see her shit on tumblr, pretty much the entire deg fandom is annoyed by kareki and knows she's out of her mind

No. 51843

Isn't he married?

Also, is that her in lolita? Didn't the band members make fun of lolita fashion before?

No. 51844

There's no confirmed relationship status about any of the members from the band. People on tanuki kinda managed to figure out Die is married but that's about it (was never officially confirmed by anybody tho)

There were pictures of kyo with some girl(s) on tanuki within the past year but that's about the only information there is (if that even qualifies as information), nothing official either

No. 51845

I never heard of them making fun of Lolita fashion…? And no, that's not her, just another cringy weeb.

A couple of months ago Toshiya was seen with a newscaster and is said to marry her, but nothing confirmed.

No. 51846

Yeah there was a picture of totchi and that newscaster going around but somebody claimed they're just friends and/or went on one date but that's about it

No. 51847

I also remember Kyo or another member saying they don't want lolitas showing up at their concerts. Dunno if their views have changed since then

No. 51848


i don't think that's her. i've seen her in person before at a concert and she's a whale irl.

No. 51849

Interesting. I remember hearing that Kyo and Kaoru were both married. There's a videoclip of Kyo at a store with a woman, shopping. I always just assumed that was his wife or whatever.

When did Die supposedly get married? He hooked up with an american groupie way back when they did that family values tour. I'd like to think it was sometime after that, but I mean… life of a rockstar, I guess.

I can't remember which members said it tbh. But I recall an ancient video clip of them making fun of lolitas showing up at shows and saying something about the "ribbons in their hair"? This was ages ago though, but I do think it's a little funny seeing fans show up in what looks like a rather ita sweet lolita coord considering.

No. 51850

Seems lulzy, thanks for that gem.
But…Maybe could we talk about diru/( insert random japanese bando)fandom here? >>>/ot/234968
I'm not trying to minimodding , just wanna keep the jmusic thread alive.

No. 51851

File: 1525500529245.jpg (58.91 KB, 688x522, 100919_direngrey8.jpg)

>He hooked up with an american groupie way back when they did that family values tour.

You mean Rose?


No. 51852

No. I think you mean that Vanessa Alexandra girl right? She was some mall goth looking myspace chick. I remember she went on for months about him and how they were going to get married.There was also talk of her giving him an STD. lol.

No. 51853

File: 1525502577665.jpg (22.25 KB, 400x518, full.jpg)

samefag. This girl. She posted a picture of her and very drunk Die and was told to take it down. Actually I thinks she was a suicide girl.

No. 51854

I couldn't imagine overseas Dir en grey/Kyo fandom without kareki. Her fighting with other fans and them attacking her again and again is the best soap opera I could think of.

No. 51855

completely ot but
she's got a beautiful face but her tattoos are a fucking mess

No. 51856

I tried to read through her tumblr but had to stop after a few minutes because I cold not deal with the amounts of cringe.

So far she attacked every single person in the fandom on tumblr I've ever interacted with.
She takes kyo more seriously than he does himself and goes on rants about other fans being disrespectful while in my opinion the most disrespectful thing is that she is bascially talking for him claiming what she is saying is fact

No. 51857

File: 1525517571603.jpg (432.64 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_p85fvlreCC1qf4bhdo1_128…)

It's definitely not, she's not into anything cutesy, so no lolita.
Not that i want to defend her, but judging from the little snippets she posts of herself now and then, she at least doen't look too fat. How would you know it's her, did you talk to her? And where was this?

No. 51858

I can’t believe she is still so obsessed with Kyo. I knew her from way back then and already thought she was crazy… Almost forgot about her. Thanks for bringing it up! It’s always fun to see her crazy shit

No. 51859

Damn how many girls DID he hook up with? I heard he hooked up with some chick in NY called Miya but this is passing word of mouth. Seems hilarious he has a string of American puppets.

No. 51860

(Idk I guess that's just pretty usual stuff for famous people who tour all around the world? Compared to stuff I read about other bandmen that's still quite tame)

No. 51861

Another nutcase in the fandom is missy. I'm currently trying to find her Tumblr because I can't remember the fucking name but it's basically full of her posting monologues directed at kyo and it's just so weird
(I gotta say that I think there's really something wrong with her and she seems to be way more respectful towards other fans than kareki)

No. 51862

Oh wait she even had threads made about her on lj several years ago.
She used to be obsessed with die but recently switched that for being obsessed with kyo I suppose


No. 51863


tbh I'm not sure that's missy at all.

No. 51864

I've heard about another crazy bangya named 'Owari' (she's supposed to be similar to Kareki/her friend?), but i don't know her tumblr. Anybody know her?

No. 51865

Ugh yes. Got into an argument with her once because she had a go at a good friend of mine for ~not liking deg correctly~

She doesn't seem to be very active online nowdays and I think I saw on her instagram that she kinda turned to the punk/communist scene?

Iirc her name for every kind of social media was owarired

No. 51866

Here is some more cringy stuff
(it's mostly just in german though)

No. 51867

File: 1525555544760.png (1.94 MB, 1440x1663, 20180505_232333.png)

Seriously, why are all these trainwrecks German?

I went through her ask.fm and while she seems to not be as insane as Kareki she's just really rude, even in response to nice messages.

Here's her facebook: https://m.facebook.com/nimueowarired#_=_
She looks homeless, hangs with punks and seems to have devoted her life to "fighting" Nazis…

No. 51868

Didn't this girl date Harry, who was their tour manager early on? Or am I mixing her up with someone else.

Yeah, I meant this girl. She also made some video clip of her showing a bunch of their photos together and crying. I honestly don't doubt that they had an on tour fling, but she seemed to have thought it was something more. If I remember correctly, she also hung around one of the dudes from "the Underneath", another japanese band who was also on that tour, for a little while after that. No idea if they hooked up though.

She was a suicide girl at the time, but left the company. In more recent years she was an alcoholic, but checked herself into rehab I guess, and is turning her life back around.

Die definitely has the most stories about hooking up with fans from what I can tell. There was rumors about Toshiya too back then, but no one had names or anything so it might just be bangya nonsense. There was a story about Kaoru and Toshiya (I think it was? Maybe it was Die also), going to a strip club and some fans followed them there, but I can't remember the details.

Yeah, she definitely is the most hostile bangya I've seen yet. She seems to basically argue with any other fan she encounters, just for the sake of arguing and proving she's the bigger fan. She seems absolutely miserable.

No. 51869

First of all, who's thos girl? She always appears when I search something of deg.
And who is kareki? I'm going to one of the concerts of the european tour and I want to know dramas, please.

No. 51870

Rose is dead. Can't we stop talk about her, please? She wasn't a bangya.

No. 51871

They're all German, because Germany has been undermined to become this level of awful

I really worry when these kinds of people get shiba inu breed dogs to be "cute" and "for the memes/popularity" because those breeds shed so much so regularly and can easily become a nuisance to types like her who just want floof and not the effort of taking care of their animals

No. 51872

Dead as in deceased? And tbh we aren't really talking about her or calling her a bangya. I just want to know who she is, since like the other anon said you can't search DEG pics without eventually seeing her with them too.

No. 51873

Rose Schwarz. She died of lyme disease last year.

No. 51874

I didn't know about this myself, she was only 28…

There exists a different "person" in the deg fandom named (stamina)rose and he/she was rumoured to be engaged to Kyo kek But never any proof of who that's supposed to be.

No. 51875

Didn't she also claim she got pregnant by Die but miscarried into a public toilet? I remember there being a lot of shit about it because she then did a SG shoot in a bathroom stall that was staged to look like a bloody prom miscarriage. People mentioned it was in bad taste and her defense was that it was her own way of "dealing" with the "trauma". Bitch was craaaay, good for him if he did marry a normal woman.

No. 51876

Kyo-crazies are the worst full stop. There is some other nutjob in Australia who also claims to be kyo's gf/fiance and is constantly posting on any facebook or insta post about him, addressing him as if he'll read it.

No. 51877

She's a fucking mess (I'm still convinced that's missy though since she tagged her selfies with "mistress")
What I gotta say though is that she's not as rude as kareki for example

No. 51878


"deadtree" is her tumblr. Scroll through her blog for a bit and you'll see what's going on

Also if you look for "kareki dir en grey" on google, you'll find a bunch of stuff

basically a girl in her thirties who's been obsessed with kyo for years, think she's the only real fan and the only one who understands him and does not allow anybody else in the fandom to have any kind of opinion. Will screenshot comments/posts of others and post it to her blog just to add her "opinion" about how everybody else is wrong

No. 51879

If you want to know about Kareki, simply read the OP

No. 51880

File: 1526425251662.jpg (67.27 KB, 699x545, crazy1.JPG)

Talking about a different nutjob believe it or not. This one's name is bianca. Looks like either she or whoever is in charge of the offical instagram deleted her most recent crazy but this shit from a few years ago should give you an idea.
Note in these conversations both enterthesicness and _slipknot_ are her sock puppets.
"Yeah her name is Bianca but known as Bea. She lives in Australia and runs both the slipknot and enterthesicness accounts. She’s fucking insane. She claims she hates dir en grey and kyo in one account but in her other account she’s Kyo’s “fiancee” which is totally delusional lmao. She even dresses up like him with the Adidas jump suits and short haircut. She thinks arguing with herself will make people think it’s not her, but it’s all her."

No. 51881

File: 1526425297264.jpg (79.19 KB, 700x562, crazy2.JPG)

I didn't take the original screenshots of this.

No. 51882

File: 1526425379060.jpg (77.66 KB, 562x630, crazy3.JPG)

btw this quote some from someone who I assume ha the displeasure of knowing her personally.

No. 51883


Oh my god. This is so funny, I feel like I'm reading a shitty fanfic.

No. 51884


Reading this gave me so much second hand embarrassment I want to bury myself.
I don't understand why a lot of the fans behave like this, no wonder most of the decent people eventually decide to cut all ties to the fandom

No. 51885

Lol what's even the point? Everyone is ignoring her and the few that are acknowledging her are not believing her. This is like trying to spread fake gossip that nobody is buying

No. 51886

Why are people even like this? Did someopne catfish her pretending to be Kyo or something? Why are people this delusional and desperate?

There was a clip where Kyo and a woman were accidentally filmed shopping in a department store. It looked like it was for an advertisement or a segment of some kind. They were by something like washing machines or similar. I can't find the clip now, has anyone else seen this? As soon as Kyo notices the camera, he and the woman immediately split paths and look uncomfortable. I always assumed that was probably his wife, girlfriend, fiance or whatever. She looked like a fairly typical Japanese woman.

No. 51887

Here you so anon. He was shopping at Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara. It was for some show about consumer economics and totally random. Felt bad for him. He can't even shop for a washer/dryer in peace. Predictably, the tanuki anons trashed the girl's style and appearance but when do they not?

No. 51888

Tanuki did the same when the photos with meg came out and imo she is actually quite cute

As for the washing machine video, I already read some people write about how it's not him but just somebody who looks similar to him (just like that one porn actor who looks very alike. I remember seeing a gif on Tumblr and I was very confused for a second)

No. 51889

It's him. He was wearing that hat and shirt a lot at the time and he had the same hair cut and color. There are other pictures of him from that time(2008)where he looks the same.

Yeah they went crazy over Meg and also some girl he was holding hands with in Shinjuku.

No. 51890

Btw any of you know any active tumblr/blog about tanuki?

No. 51891

Since somebody posted about that person who replied to herself about the ~relationship drama~ I was reminded of that nutcase on Tumblr who has several blogs to reblog/reply to herself.
One of her active blogs she deleted some time ago but 3 are left iirc (irasciblempress being the most active)
She's so desperate for attention and just as annoying as kareki imo.
She used to try to befriend one of the more known dir en grey tumblrs and when she did not get the attention she wanted started to post shit about how the girl who runs the blog is a bad person and let the efame go to her head.
She constantly keeps contradicting herself (etc talks about how much she hates kareki but then tells her she's got a soft spot for her, says she hates the band but keeps posting stuff about them etc)
(I'm gonna post some screenshots but some of them were edited together horribly, sorry, I don't have a computer atm and the only editing app i have on my phone does not allow me to edit them together any other way)

No. 51892

File: 1526481805996.jpg (141.13 KB, 720x766, 20180516_161051.jpg)

The original post was posted by her on her blog about kyo showing pictures of meg (from her old Instagram profile)
She reblogged it with her other Tumblr and her reply sounds like she's pretending to be a different person

No. 51893

File: 1526481875075.jpg (68.79 KB, 720x720, 2018-05-16_16.21.07.jpg)

3 of the blogs of which I know it's her

No. 51894

File: 1526482056305.jpg (60.7 KB, 720x720, 2018-05-16_16.23.38.jpg)

Sorry for the cut off text, should still make sense

There was an argument between people on Tumblr about the price of items of kyos fashion brand and apparently she kept changing her opinion

No. 51895

File: 1526482233319.jpg (79.09 KB, 720x720, 2018-05-16_16.29.32.jpg)


Top left is her insulting the person who runs/ran the tanuki Tumblr, the other 2 are her talking about 300$ being an okay price for a shirt and bragging(?) About her glasses

No. 51896

Anon, the name of the blog on the left is not fully visible; mecri…?
And thanks, I love following these nutjobs lol

No. 51897

File: 1526482379257.jpg (37.46 KB, 720x720, 2018-05-16_16.18.35.jpg)


Her telling kareki she has a soft spot for her (despite hating her)

No. 51898

Samefag, but topkek, how self aware…

>I am sorry but if you are a dir en grey fan i will instantly assume you have some kind of mental illness. #dir en grey #bitches are cray cray

No. 51899

File: 1526482559378.jpg (53.5 KB, 720x720, 2018-05-16_16.17.14.jpg)


Sorry for the spam, this is the last one
4 different text posts (beautifully edited on my phone so it looks like it's just one) showing that she's a nutcase and desperate for attention.
So far every time somebody tried to tell her she needs to change her behaviour she just went ~muh mental illness~

No. 51900

But anon, don't forget she actually hates them!!

No. 51901

I think it's "mecringingaboutkyo"

No. 51902

File: 1526495785131.png (520.72 KB, 619x863, Unbenannt.PNG)

She complains about people not liking/caring about her art but like…..?

No. 51903

At least this one is not german for once lol

No. 51904

maybe immigration is soon after charlott too

No. 51905

I know multiple people shes pissed off. I think the whole fandom has a problem with her to be honest.

No. 51906

Now diru is going to have a world tour so… Is she going?

No. 51907

If somebody is going please take a pic of Kareki lol

No. 51908


No. 51909

But I suppose she's only going to the germany one?

No. 51910

Did Kareki go by the name Nimue/Nemui Owari on Facebook? If not, I might be thinking of someone else, but as crazy as you guys say Kareki is she sounds like the same person (though I never had tumblr so I'm not sure if I know who Kareki is).

No. 51911

She's probably going to as many as possible to see her future husband kek

No, Owari is another person, see >>51865 , >>51866 and >>51867

No. 51912

File: 1534450502322.png (38.67 KB, 626x520, Screenshot (12).png)

From her tumblr

No. 51913


Die is married to a fan club organizer of a lesser known VK band; I’ll call her M. They were expecting the last time I talked to them a few winters ago. I can’t screen cap a conversation I had, so I can really only back this up by saying I was involved in a conglomeration of the Tokyo shoegaze/VK/punk/goth/industrial scene since 2007.

No. 51914

You mean the woman that goes by Miyabi?

It's only in Europe, right?

No. 51915

Yeah her name is Miyabi and she works with uchuu sentai NOIZ

No. 51916

Do you know if Die and his wife are happy together?

No. 51917

>I can really only back this up by saying I was involved in a conglomeration of the Tokyo shoegaze/VK/punk/goth/industrial scene since 2007.

Pls share with us some sweet stories, anon.

No. 51918

I know die had a daughter around the time he formed decays

No. 51919

Seriously? Proof, please. that would be crazy if true

No. 51920

I was thinking crazy touring stories but that's cute! Good for him, I bet his long term fangirls are crying though.

No. 51921


I’d prefer to keep my self anon, so I don’t want to share anything too crazy. The backstage area is generally pretty tame, and the crowd I ran with never did anything too crazed, apart from some substance habits.

One thing that always bugged me was Fukusuke’s (Metronome) odd dislike for potato chips. I offered him some backstage once since he didn’t go out to eat with everyone after sound check (he had a habit of editing BG sound files on his laptop at the last minute). He said that he only eats ~Japanese~ snacks, therefore only senbei for him. This was shortly before he adapted his super omg I’m so Japanese it hurts persona for ADAPTER., so I wasn’t too surprised when then happened.

No. 51922

Any more stories about Dir en grey? Also were you active around the time jrock started getting popular in the US?

No. 51923

Anybody talked about 50 shades of dir en grey and her obsession with Die. she is always telling he makes her sick because he do a lot of s0cks and she think is is wrong but she is completally obsessed with him to a gross extent

No. 51924

That girl even tried to hack Miyabi's instagram account, also she tried to enter Kaoru's instagram. she was always talking shit about miyabi, she said she was no good to be Die's wife but she is just a jealous bitch lol

No. 51925

The girl called Ryuzato who used to badly draw yaoi and all her ocs are like copies from die/kyo.
also she says she has DID but never went to a doctor to ask for help.
BTW she is muslim, isn't HARAM to draw gei porn(samefag, necro)

No. 51926

File: 1559006787766.jpg (170.38 KB, 640x960, 60010576_837917429899850_75426…)

Lets talk Umi Zoomi as crazy bangya because she falls under so many lolcow categories it is hard to pick just one suitable page

She has been posted here numerous times for dreadful fashion already but has since then stopped with the pastel fairy kei harajuku crap
Posted here in the past for molesting a korean idol who visited america and had korean/japanese fans respond to her tweet negatively regarding touching and hugging idols, invasion of personal space, which she played victim to
her recent trip to japan relied heavily on her expat friends to navigate her dusty ass around japan because her japanese is very basic, embarrassingly basic but writes walls of facebook posts referring back to full conversations she has said with her 'honmei' which are highly doubtful that happened
she is obsessed with this band RAVE and seems to think the band are in love with her but this subject will die down eventually as she moves from band to band rather regularly and pins a honmei in every band she is introduced to

she tries to go sjw but lacks the intelligence to do so, other than being a total cringe when it comes to bands there isn't much dirt that earns her a thread here unless you want comedy
she dated a japanese dude who twit streams himself naked playing games and she had never ever met him but fell in love with him within a week that was top kek sadly he wasn't a bandman so this doesnt fall under crazy bangya just crazy weeb who wants to live in japan but still is unable to function as an adult because lol learning disability

good luck, umi
i know you read here

No. 51927

this bitch acted like such a know it all on facebook for ages. what a huge surprise that she's the type of delusional gya that falls in love with any jap who gives her attention.

No. 51928

>>51927 for ages, don't you mean always? kek
but it literally is any guy from japan even the hosts and the way she interacts with them even in english is so cringe

No. 51929

Same fag here keeping on my rant about 50 shades of dir spends all her money on dir en grey/Die merch and has a network of people to stalk him but say Die is gross all the time

No. 51930

Seriously she even asked me to look for things in tanuki but suddenly she cut me off because i am not respecting bands privacy? I never tried to hack miyabi's accounts or create fakes to try to enter in kaoru instagram. And i bet you are here talking shit about me seriously dude, kill yourself. even if this thread is old. i hope you are better of your obsession now because die will never care about you. thanks

No. 51931

One of my mutual friends is friends with her. I remember seeing her post this on twitter and it rubbed me the wrong way. Blocked her after that. Glad I wasn’t wrong by finding how close she gets to bandsmen weird.

No. 51932

File: 1559513330237.jpeg (409.43 KB, 828x1281, 27E0CAB6-9EDC-4090-B9AE-B56FE1…)

she’s so weird and is ALWAYS posting her photos and making up different stories for each one, ultimate cringe

more cringe, half her fb friends are not even vk fans or bangya so they are always wtf at her posts. she legit wants people to record themselves shouting bandoman names out

No. 51933

File: 1559520940692.jpeg (693.91 KB, 828x1025, B2D38BCE-49E4-46EA-98BF-595C16…)

good lord someone save him kek

No. 52062

Every bandmen she poses with looks so uncomfortable. Doesn’t she know japanese people hate blacks?

No. 52067


they do?

No. 52077

lol no…they do hate ugly girls tho..especially if they’re foreign

No. 52277

No. 52292

oh cool a milkless vendetta or self post. no one knows who this is

No. 52295

Why has no one posted about Dania yet? kek

No. 52366

>>52062 that is because they are uncomfortable, she has such an unfortunate face she looks like an emotionless alien lul

>>52277 oh i follow her but have her muted so dont see nothing from her she is very boring and her photos with bandomen probably look as forced as Umi lul

>>52295 because there is nothing to report about her boring dwarf ass

No. 52656

Nothing to report?
All the photos she posts pretty much molesting vkei bando men?

No. 52657

Some bandguys wrote about her that she is annoying

No. 52660

This thread suffers from a lack of receipts. Please post caps.

No. 52969

Post receipts or just don't post at all.

No. 54609

File: 1561238460615.jpeg (243.27 KB, 750x1176, F6DF5F94-91EF-4CDC-9439-4419F4…)

He doesn’t know you exist. The delusion is real

No. 55149

>>54609 ACME are in the US right now Umi just traveled to go see them. this is going to be such a fun event of how much she interacts with them despite her basic shitty nihongo if you want to laugh at this her twitter is rave_love_0302

No. 55687

I didn't know her but looking on her twitter makes me feel… bad for bandoman.

No. 55842

I don't know who's a bigger cow, deadtree or Kyo himself.
He now announced that he will no longer show his face on any social media - minus his official fanpage, so that only his true fans (the ones who pay for this shit) will be able to see him.
And of course Kareki is throwing fits because it's all our fault, we bullied and humiliated him for long enough, how dare we accuse him of being greedy and so on lmao

No. 55845

is Dir en grey still going? I memba their prime time in 2005-2009. They haven’t aged very well tho imo.

No. 55848

Yeah they are, they toured in Europe in 2018 and will do so next year too. And they actually did age rather well.

No. 57280

Umi went on a rant about how she was posted but backtracked and deleted it. She made a new account with a fake Japanese name.

No. 57281

Receipts anon?

No. 57587

File: 1563273405315.jpeg (149.94 KB, 828x694, C22B9CEF-F0B7-4129-BFBC-71D8C3…)

She deleted it as anon said…. but the rant was just her defending herself, how she didn’t molest an idol but admitted Japanese/Korean girls were pissed over twitter, defended her ex jap bf despite never meeting him ever kek

No. 57588

File: 1563273484469.png (2.53 MB, 828x1792, 334E8822-E5F3-4CB2-A5CD-F851FE…)

>>57587 her new account has such a weekend name but she will undoubtedly add whoever because she craves the attention

No. 57629

File: 1563299302163.jpg (725.51 KB, 1080x1856, 20190716_194421.jpg)

No. 57650

holy shit i never thought i would see deadtree mentioned here. i knew absolutely nothing about her but when i ran a kyo tumblr for a short while (making gifs) i had an interaction with her. it was something along the lines of saying kyo should smile more and she went off on me. i left the fandom after that but just recently i saw her going after another kyo fan.

>is saving herself for him

really didn't think she was this crazy.

No. 57652

File: 1563324763701.png (461.4 KB, 691x872, 5cd5b90de1977ba89136287af25cc4…)

i don't even follow DEG anymore but somehow i saw this happen. glad to see she hasn't changed lol

No. 57668

rofl this bitch is insane

No. 57669

File: 1563334067520.png (315.09 KB, 572x816, 4b2bc479efb0b4b6387178cb4cfbf7…)

oh but wait, there's more of them!
i think there is a language barrier here but the tone is clear. deadtree/kareki/??? has a new friend

No. 57670

File: 1563335345615.jpg (83.87 KB, 511x566, 1.JPG)

She doesn't just go after Kyo fans though, it's almost everyone near or adjacent to him. I've seen her go after Kyo's actual friends for "using" him by posting pictures with him or hugging him etc.
She's mentioned Yuchi (his handpicked bandmate and kohai), Gara from Merry (one of his good friends of over 20 years), DJ Boo (Who has been hanging with the band for 12-13 and who Kyo has willingly hung out with in his free time) and most bewilderingly of all fucking Sugizo (Luna Sea, X-Japan) one of Kyo's literal idols from his youth.
Pics related: Kareki's feelings about Kyo's participation in celebratory portion of Sugizo's 50th Birthday event.

No. 57672

I actually had more screenshots but fuck it, you can read the histrionic mess at the source.
This is video that's she's complaining about. And as always other Kyo fans are evil and terrible for not getting upset about this video.

No. 57687

Unwanted hugs or physical attention is sexual harassment. Just because he didn’t say no doesn’t mean he was ok with it

No. 57726

no…that's not sexual harassment.

No. 57763

then what is it? he clearly didn’t want a hug, she posted a video and he did not initiate it, he even moved his body backwards but because she threw herself at him he had to catch her, she forced him to touch her and the fans knew this no one else hugged him it was a handshake event, not a hug and molest your idol event

No. 57770

Link to video?

No. 57774

she tweets so much and probably deleted it after offending her precious Korean and Japanese but i will try to find it

No. 57782

>>57770 posted Apr 10, 2016
"Niel already had his arms out for me to hug him when I stood up!" bitch he did not

Aug 12, 2015
@msbearyjoyful @CAPtainTiffJoy
I wanna hug Niel :( why can't it be a hug touch, I really wanna see/meet them in person ;;;

No. 57800

She's jealous of other musicians interactions with him it seems? It's bizarre. Fans like her are the reason musicians like Kyo keep their personal lives so private, imagine how she'd react if she knew anything about his actual love life?

I don't think I'd call it "sexual" harassment, but it is definitely inappropriate and bad manners if she knew it wasn't to be allowed at the event and did it anyway. Her posts about the bandmen hugging her always seems like she's reading into their friendliness way too hard though.

No. 59788

Is owarired really homeless now? I remember her as a misunderstood girl which was way too much obsessed with kyo. I looked at her Instagram and I'm shooked. Does Simone know more about her today?
What about Lanja?

No. 65077

There are a lot crazy people outside. But bullying is always a bad style.(k)

No. 67731

File: 1569788568002.png (335.1 KB, 1839x683, lmao.png)

No. 68331

I have vip tickets for several locations of Dir en greys european tour and reading this thread made made me realize they have a lot of crazy fans. I might just skip that part now lol.

Was also thinking about trying to get with one of the band members but their fans are so crazy i would be scared to get my ass kicked.

Kareki already threatened to kill me once long ago. Fun to see she's still the same(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 68335

Leave them married dudes alone and sage your creepy blog post newfag.

No. 72132

File: 1573183376583.jpeg (200.31 KB, 750x948, 3C84A10F-D6B4-4417-96A8-06D23A…)

Why not move because of culture? Friends? No, this bitch wanna move cuz her not-boyfriend bando man lives there. I wish anyone could find info if he actually remembers her at all. She also went to LMC concert acted a fool and claimed they knew her by face and name. She even posed with her friends items that she wished she had. Is all she care about Japanese band men? This obsession is scary and stalker like behaviour.

No. 72177

I wish you guys would focus on yourself, there is nothing wrong with her. you guys sound so damn jealous that she has money to go to these concerts. Grow up.. btw Japanese do not have black people so pipe down.

No. 72179

Okay this is for all the people going in on my girl UMI, I am sick and tired of you all slandering her. I think you are are just jealous and possibly just hate yourselves because no IDOL pays you attention. Honestly I think she is a funny and great person but haters have to hate.. lol right? I think you girls suffer from being broke and being ugly.. not on the outside but on the inside. So, you talking about how idols do not know her or remember her.. lol its people like you that WILL make her famous and they ARE going to notice her more.. Who cares is she travels to see them? So what is she wants to move to Japan? So what if she has a crush on idols? YALL JUST BIG MAD and HELLA POOR so PIPE DOWN BUCKOOO!
Then have the nerve to be talking about her skin color, that girl is freaking beautiful!!! Chocolate freaking PRINCESS! Mkay? LIKE WHITE SKIN IS #1 lmao girl please… I am not going to bash yall for it but do not put other people down for how they look or what they do lol… yall so dang sad makes me sick and this is all I have to say…FOR NOW. Have a blessed day …(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 72186

File: 1573253082987.jpeg (49.94 KB, 608x811, 51B8F972-70CE-45B3-9DB7-C5AE73…)

Umh ok i guess

No. 72189

File: 1573253803154.jpg (15.67 KB, 279x278, 1573053869047.jpg)

No. 72347

Was that umi?

No. 73424

She's nuts, she goes off at her friends followers for no reason and calls them fat ugly pigs

No. 76784

File: 1577472166290.jpg (15.77 KB, 480x360, 30jkz7q.jpg)

I have a particular story i found funny.
I was chatting in instagram with a asian Die fangirl and like out of the blue was talking things like i think die is gay- FUCKING DIE OF ALL THE BANDGUYS WAS GAY- so i asked her why and she said something like gara and him were dressing the same clothes and die didn't said anything when boo joked if they were dating so therefore it is truth and i am like Die is a manwhore notoriously knew in past for his white fever(i don't know if he keep on with this)
I show all the pictures with girls and his wife but she keeps on "hurr durr die is gay and has a boyfriend" so in the end i was just "sure jan"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 76820

Is that his alleged "wife"?

Also who gives 2 fucks if he's gay, yeah he used to fuck around with western/European women (that suicide girl he knocked up was the most infamous iirc) but if he is reslly married now I doubt it. That sort of thing is for younger guys new to touring overseas so the novelty hasn't worn off yet.

No. 76852

File: 1577519940386.jpg (111.58 KB, 1080x809, FB_IMG_1577519720039.jpg)


Die looks like a transwoman these days anyway.

No. 76893

I get some roland vibes

No. 77030

File: 1577737604651.jpeg (144.18 KB, 1080x1072, C54E1985-7AD9-4142-BBEC-7DA7D3…)

This is a photo of Die, his wife, and his child.

No. 77031

File: 1577738143920.jpeg (151.86 KB, 991x992, 6AEF9B15-EB6A-444B-9469-CA73F3…)

Here’s another photo of them that I found on another forum. Credit goes to whoever posted it first.

No. 77032

None of this stopped him from chasing white tail in America during DEG’s most recent tour so… ‍♀️(emoji)

No. 77034

File: 1577738760940.jpeg (36.63 KB, 540x538, EEFE213A-FFFE-40D2-BD80-6D901B…)

Also she's not completely innocent either. She had an affair with that Die wannabe Gene Wong and wrote a whole instructional Twitter post on how to successfully cheat on your husband. lol

That's a photo of her and Gene that I also found on the other forum I mentioned in my previous post.

No. 77040


how can you say this and not have a follow up post where's the tweet

No. 77134

Spill the milk, anon. Kyo seemed rather eager to return again next year in an interview after the last show, perhaps that's why.

No. 77177

Deets on the SG? I never really kept up with Diru drama because all I knew about were Tanuki, and those girls were too psycho for me.

No. 77198

he looks so , so bad with this hair. He needs to cut it short and dark it a darker color because this aint a look for him

No. 77257

Nah. it wasn't his wife she was just a hostess he invited to a live i just put her to illustrate how die is really a manwhore but girls out of japan have the mentality a "flashy and affeminate man" equals gay and in japan is usually different.

No. 77258

AWWWW is this die's daughter? so cute i wish i could see her face better btw miyabi looks so old here.

No. 77264

Yeah that's his kid and his wife or ex-wife I don't know if they're still together. I heard he's been divorced twice so maybe she was his second divorce.

No. 77265

The beginning of this thread has all of the details of the SG.

No. 77266

I don't really know what Kyo was up to. He spent most of his time on the bus being antisocial but Die was up to his old tricks like always

No. 77297

The history i heard about the SG girl is she slept with a security guard also she allegedly wanted to give die a std but she didn't sleep with him although she tried to take advantage while he was passed out: they kissed but the guy was so fucked he just threw up and went to bed.
Later when Vanessa was saying she and die were engaged another girl called Gretchen(she is a aquaintance of both die and miyabi) Gretchen speak that die was already engaged to Miyabi and Vanessa's history was BS.
That's just what i heard i don't claim it is true.

No. 77299

I want to know you guys opinion about this person called yridenergyridenergy https://yridenergyridenergy.tumblr.com/ it's not that she is like kareki and harasses others but something seems off. the way she or he speaks about kyo is kareki-like in my opinion

No. 77303

Rose didn't sleep with die in the end he choose another girl.
also she wanted shinya over him anyway as she told to her mom in facebook.

No. 77304

Hi guys. New here. My quest to know more about Diru lead me to this thread where I found out about Kareki's Tumblr where she reblogged my video and accused me of attacking Diru…Anyway, Die's married? Wonder if Kauro is or was too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 77312

Why does this thread attract so many retards? Learn how to sage and if you don’t have receipts, don’t bother posting those dumb rumors. No-one cares if you’re new here, and we can already tell that anyway as you entered a username lmao. Also this thread is about crazy bangya and not who the """"Diru"""" members are married to.

No. 77314

None of this is milk? Off topic or ancient with no receipts.


>thread about batshit bangya
>gets flooded with posts from desperate bangya trying to find out which bandmen are married

No. 77368

Most of these girls are dead horses with no life and i have nothing but simpathy for most of them.
How the fuck you expect a thread about bangyas with no fucking rumours?? are you dumb this is almost case and effect.
I was posted here for so much less(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 77422

Rose was more of a Kaoru fan, she got close to the band but if she ever slept with them she kept it to herself. She's now deceased from a medical condition.

The Suicide Girl was a hot goddamn mess, and yes a wannabe bangya. She got on their bus somehow during one of their big US tours (idr if it was Family Values or another big one where they played with other bands), got wasted with the members and drew all over Toshiya's face in Sharpie when he passed out and took a pic. She later claimed she fucked Die, either gave him or got an STI from him and then later claimed he got her pregnant but she miscarried in a toilet stall (and then did a SG prom night bathroom miscarriage photoshoot). She was crazy and may have managed to fuck one or two of them, but after that tour Die stopped talking to her and she went apeshit online about him ignoring her. She had zero chill and was a trashy mess so it's not surprising at all. Die likes white women, but not enough to keep one around, same with Kaoru and Toshiya.

No. 77459

File: 1578188753346.jpeg (57.39 KB, 604x453, EE1F72E3-3138-4C78-B228-4FE76D…)

I think this is the photo you're talking about

No. 77461

This is the most accurate post I've seen in regards to this old drama. The SG girl blamed Harry, from Jrock House of having a vendetta against her and blamed him for why Die was ignoring her. I think she followed them to a few shows and had multiple pics with Die, which she used to try to prove that she and Die were in a legitimate relationship. Realistically, given Die's reputation, she was probably just a convenient groupie on that tour, and when he/Harry/whoever realized she was becoming possible trouble, she got cut off.

I've heard of sketchy behavior from Kaoru and Toshiya too. Kaoru has supposedly been married for some time now, but there was some thing with them going to a stripclub with fans or that the fans had followed them there? I don't have receipts anymore though, but it was around the same time as the SG girl drama.

No. 77521

Yep, that's it.

Sometimes being an oldfag is useful, but rarely lol. I think the old LaCarmina blog is still up where Rose posted pics with Kaoru and Die, too.

No. 77528

File: 1578241235491.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.26 KB, 300x450, 300px-Vanessa_period.jpg)

Here's her ED page with the prom night miscarriage shoot pic (related):



see >>51851

No. 77530

File: 1578242011268.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.85 KB, 668x1000, FB_IMG_1578242034816.jpg)

She's still active as an altmodel, but she gained a ton of weight and got into BDSM modeling like she said she never would. SG has some recent content of hers on their site, yet her profile says she was only a SG from 2004-2008.


No. 77565

I don't think toshiya and kaoru have necessarelly a white fever like die. i think they just like the pussy regardless of it's race.

No. 77567

With these big boobies of her i think die would probably still smash her although she is crazy.
There was also a girl called applemilk88 who allegedly gave/ recieve a std to Die.
Die is rumored to be such a whore i don't know how any "revealing picture" of him were not posted yet somewhere

No. 77571

Applemilk fucked Die?? What?? Wasn't that the weeb girl who went to Japan super young like 10+ years ago and would maoe videos asking random Japanese people to sing the Pokemon theme song with her? She spoke cringy animu-Japanese while doing it, too. IIRC she moved back to the states, married and is completely normal now.

No. 77574

I hope not, she has the herp lmao

No. 77614

The applemilk thing was really old. https://dir-en-banned.livejournal.com/32182.html

No. 77620

Here's her ED:


Die's taste in white women is (and was) notoriously trashy, ergo chasing the idiotic twats who will fuck him raw just for being Japanese and in a big band. Any decently pretty altgirl who doesn't sperg out at a show has half a chance with him, Kaoru or Toshiya regardless of their marital status. I've heard all but Kaoru and Shinya are married, I've heard Die and Kaoru have been married and divorced multiple times, and I've heard Toshiya and Kyo both got married in the last 2 years. Who really cares, because it hardly matters- none of them are gonna stop doing what they've always done, or leave their S/Os in Japan for any white groupie puss. Some DEG fans seem to inhabit this weird in-between space that exists between typical western superfan/groupie and bangya, where bangya understand the members they chase won't fall in love with them and whisk them away to Kawaiiland and take care of them for throwing white pussy, yet the western fans like these, Kareki (and whoever else currently takes the title) seem like they're more invested in their JP dream life fantasies than the actual band/members/music.

No. 77624

This has to be one of the most autistic tinfoils I've seen. If you follow the link to the raspberrysyrup blog as provided, the dude says it wasn't Die from dir en grey.

No. 77629

One of the main features of the 2000-2010 Visual Kei Bandomen fandoms were these types of rumors and theories. Shit was wild, solid gold entertainment- weebs would cling to their fantasies so hard they slipped right out of reality. Modern day fandom autism really is no match, teens these days just have much more opportunity to blast their worst years online for attention.

No. 77686

I always think is a golden rule of groupies to do not get attached and think their "frick frick" with a band guy is a real relationship at least most girls in tanuki know their actual place but these girls in west they live in a fantasy world.

No. 77687

I don't think die or most bandmen(or most asian guys)know the difference between a "cute white girl and a ugly one"
There is this phenomenon were people can't distinguish very well people from other races so i think when die see a white chick who is hitting on him as white p* like you know an youtuber called Mira? her face was so strange but she still managed to work as a hostess

No. 77688

Yeah, but ugly or not you can usually tell by beung around a girl if she's obnoxious and trashy or not. Die has always been notorious for going after plain/ugly girls and crazy alt girls.

No. 77691

Die is always too drunk to know the difference.
Most groupies are obnoxious and crazy if you have enough self respect and no emotional problems you would not become one at first place. There is more in life than to follow around dudes who could not care less about you and just want to do the dirty with you in my humble opinion

No. 78483

File: 1578967388410.jpeg (921.73 KB, 828x1251, EB6E1C35-5874-4E84-A9AE-045932…)

Umi the weeb is back at it again y’all with her ACME bullshit she completely flooded the visualkei group with a wholesome brag that is entirely cringe and half made up, she more and more deluded to think some jdick is interested in remembering her dusty ass face

No. 78484

File: 1578967530544.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1538, 1B227619-C479-4D51-B1C6-A18CE3…)

Anyone who uses ‘xD’ is fucking canceled got to love how some girl annoys her for death screaming like we get it umi you are some small uwu protect me Hal senpai bitch but let people enjoy the show

No. 78506

Stfu cherry lol(hi cow)

No. 78508

File: 1578990072615.jpeg (322.22 KB, 828x911, 1DB4BF2E-B676-4ADA-BF46-B85113…)

Cherry is her friend however?

No. 78509

It’s a guy. Nope he’s just an idiot.

No. 78518

That doesn’t mean shit to Cherry

No. 78524

That is true kek I can imagine her being jealous of Umi enough to post her here

No. 78525

File: 1579004230673.jpeg (468.48 KB, 828x1225, 520F5CA6-921E-4461-8DAA-8847F7…)

Forgot to add the image but what the hell, does she also think Hal aims for her every time she must be deluded and people pander to her dumb imagination every time “hell yeah gotta put them in their place” ???
Umi can’t even walk a flight of stairs they are so uwu kowaiiiiiii desu~ help me Hal senpai

No. 78526

File: 1579004494778.jpeg (402.37 KB, 750x1067, 33D89117-C9A2-4C04-9D3A-45122C…)

No. 78569

File: 1579034693611.jpg (130.1 KB, 768x1366, comishuns.jpg)

So who wants to make some comisions of this beautiful amazing art?

No. 78588

File: 1579056763411.png (128.06 KB, 555x947, 1.png)

No. 78612

She's right though it's kinda crazy to brag about how you gonna get with one of the members kek

No. 78615

Well it is not like boo doesn't use his friendship with the guys from deg to get some clout.
I read that even some girls sleep with his fugly ass in exchange for the members contact.
I for some reason don't really like boo. i think he is so annoying

No. 78618

File: 1579091347842.png (3.03 KB, 530x122, ,2.png)

>my sides

No. 78631

When did he ever exploit him tho? Deadtree took issue with him tagging Kyo in a shared instagram pic, meanwhile Kyo doing the same with Boo is a-okay? Boo constantly interviews big vk artists, has for years - without Diru's "clout".

Also, her not refuting anything we wrote about her despite reading the thread kind of proves it must me true.

No. 78641

Way to out yourself, idiot

No. 78685

Yeah he's friends with some much bigger artists even then Dir.
Also the post she's responding to is this one >>57670 from 5 months ago.

No. 78703

Doesn’t make him friends with them. Boo uses them as well

No. 78724

In the end Boo uses all his famous friends to get laid and get some clout even if it is inconsciently.

No. 78768

Good on him, he probably wouldn't get any pussy otherwise, and not many people get to make a living just frkm being friends with famous people.

No. 78776

Actually a lot of people are capable of doing this

No. 78789

Umi already found out who the person posting about her on this thread was, so how could it be her? get a grip lol

No. 78889

File: 1579284142016.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 08EB5215-2DC7-422F-A8F3-33A684…)

Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks that Umi girl is batshit crazy. She actually paid $500 to go on that sightseeing trip with ACME and hung out with Hal the entire time.

No. 78890

The key word there is capable, anon. There isn't really an entire industry for being friends with famous people.

No. 78893

This is some intense delusion. Every time she does this writing out her interactions with whoever she’s currently obsessing over it sounds more and more insane. Of course bandomen aren’t going to tell her to her face she’s a fugly creep but you can bet they’re saying it when she’s not there, or at the very least thinking it.

No. 78904

Japanese people are usually quite racist especially with black people. i was reading a lot of times in fuck yeah tanuki about bandguys not wanting to hang around black girls.
I don't see a girl like this umi since 2008/2009 maybe i am just a hermit

No. 78929

This thread is being locked due to the topic being too similar to VK Weeaboos/Lolcows. Please post in that thread from now on >>>/w/24530

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