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File: 1560902012850.png (334.44 KB, 389x424, Lori's face of youth.png)

No. 54057

Usagi Kou/Lori Cerda/Lori Lune

Skinwalking cosplayer, known for skinwalking Sailor Moon and currently Skinwalking Zero Two. She has also been known to abuse multiple partners and is currently "engaged" to a younger cosplayer "KrookedKev".
>Believes she is the IRL perfect ZeroTwo, that ZeroTwo is based on her and everyone else is copying her
>Suffers from an Eating Disorder and is proud of it.
>She is know for abusing partners including mooching off family, demanding sex at inappropriate times, pressuring into engagement, cheating, stealing, breaking stuff, threatening to cry rape if she doesn't get her way.

She has emerged from retirement to cause drama and abuse her boytoy.

Her Links:
Her Old FB - https://www.facebook.com/earthenserenity/

Her instagram -

ED for a basic rundown on Lori

Previous thread: >>24583

No. 54063

Her current Facebook: https://facebook.com/usakou

I also noticed that both her and Kevin changed their Instagram profiles to say they enjoy spending time with their fiance, where it used to say boyfriend/girlfriend before. They must've changed that in the last couple weeks or so.

No. 54064

So it is official then! Lol I knew that ring was an engagement ring. Probably a forced one too!

No. 54071

She's talking about Reddit anon I'm pretty sure, but tbh the plural I think verifies that she doesn't actually know who it is. Whether Kevin doesn't or does and isn't telling her, who knows.

No. 54072

No. 54083

That entire page needs a redo tbh

No. 54084

Her page sucks. Also why does it knock on her having an abortion so much? We should always encourage abortion for people like her.

No. 54165

Has anyone noticed the pro ana undertones in some of her instagram pics? Calling herself "smol", displaying her thigh gap and drawing herself emaciated.

No. 54171

>>54165 she always does that though I saw her at AX last year. She isn't nearly emaciated as I thought. Dunno if she's gained or lost weight this coming AX since angles and filters lie.

No. 54179

Wow some of her nudes are on there…

No. 54208

old news anon. They were posted in the other thread too.

No. 54341

I love how she admits in her latest Instagram post (and previous posts) she bought the suit a d shares credit for making the horns. Yeah..so.. she did nothing to make her cosplay? It's like overgrown Halloween.

Also she skipped mietu app, trying to prove shes oh so young uwu!!! Looks old and def not Ana, just struggling to be thin.

No. 54347

no meitu means she won’t take pic with her face showing

No. 54366

This is an image board, please post pics/receipts. I don't see which post you are referencing. All her recent posts look filtered to hell and back.

I mean, she's with Kevin for multiple reasons. He's her prop maker, photo taker, emotional punching bag, and meal ticket.

No. 54631

File: 1561248329917.png (17.44 KB, 453x218, 1cc240dcd5064390a1a9b68f8a1fa6…)

He's so desperate to prove to everyone he's not

No. 54643


With all this manic passive aggressive FB posting, is there a possibility it's Lori doing it? She did the same thing months ago when her weight came into question on here and conveniently she spammed her IG with pictures of herself calling herself a "smol bean."

I've known several people who have been in abusive relationships and a lot of the abuse included the passwords and control over social media accounts. That said, it could very well be Kevin considering he's digging in his heels to prove everyone wrong that it's totes normal for a partner to systematically cut them from their friends and threaten to accuse them of rape.

No. 54671

He's a grown ass man. He is responsible for himself and no amount of 'uwu abuse' excuses him at this point.

No. 54702

Is this a man in his late 20s or a high schooler trying to stick it to the boolies? Find something better to do dude, no one here checks this thread as much as you do. He's driving himself crazy lol.

No. 54716

Are they both photoshopping the fuck out of their faces? Both of their eyes look really big and there jaws and noses look sharp and tiny, but then you look at their pics at cons or pics others took or posted and they look nothing like they do in theirs… I bet they call each other their character name in sex or Lori is screaming darling L.O.L!

No. 54723

She def is, I use to know her irl and her jaw is huge and square.

No. 55019

She's using beautycam and snow. She claims she "doesn't know how" to use any of that stuff but it doesn't take any skill to download an app.It's why her pics always look potato quality.

No. 55166

File: 1561612242418.jpg (129.75 KB, 1080x1350, kevinshoop.jpg)

wtf how did kevin think this shoop looked good or was convincing in any way?

No. 55171

All that shoop and they still look busted. The huge eye edit looks creepy and it looks like he shrunk down his jaw too.

No. 55177

Yikes! The jawline looks way too high up compared with the rest of him.

No. 55183

real life anime characters

No. 55184

File: 1561627380921.png (296.58 KB, 458x495, 291501832061211.png)

Kevin out here shooping himself into this. >>55166

No. 55194

He’ll go to his FB and whine to prove he is real life animu and jaw is naturally like that.

No. 55226

can someone hook him up with one of momo’s shoopers? squarenoodles knows how to sculpt a lump of fat into a chin digitally…maybe he can help?

No. 55228

File: 1561651365807.jpeg (189.36 KB, 750x1000, C98C218F-E3A7-43F2-9826-254D4A…)

No. 55229

File: 1561651443454.jpeg (268.9 KB, 750x975, 7FFD4A8B-C894-4640-97B0-D5609A…)

No. 55275

It's so obvious where her crispy hair ends and her extensions begin. bitch, just get a wig

No. 55280

“Staying cool is important”

because you aren’t gonna roast in this suit?

No. 55328

Lori needs to chill on the exposure, my eyes are burning.

No. 55339

LMFAO!!! You guys are funny af! Literally Kevin has a thick neck in that pic and then this almost non existent jawline. Both of them take is for fools lol they are going to get to that con and people are going to have to do a double check. If anyone is going please post their pics here!

No. 55559

File: 1561834537631.jpg (336.32 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20190629-114701_Ins…)

Genuine question: does Zero Two ever have her foot showing through her suit like this? I'm a little confused by the way this looks…

No. 55594

Well that suit's feet has hole on the bottom so you can wear any shoes you want with it. It's kinda wonky in my opinion but it works?


No. 55602

I think you're nitpicking anon. I'm trying not to defend her too much but her costume is really good I think

No. 55603

it's a boot cover, yes but i think it's suppose to be an eva style plug suit.

No. 55611

Lol now she just did a either nude or bikini shoot at her house to sell the pictures to get s zero two action figure…. yet Kevin can have no girls as friends on his Facebook.. smh..

No. 55612

File: 1561869792668.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x2143, 9CAC7DDC-3BD1-4234-8306-DBAD3E…)

Showing her shit for a toy… smfh

No. 55613

>I look good and they arent edited at all
>blurred skin
>enlarged eyes
>slimmed jaw
>obvious filters

Whatever you gotta tell yourself, wackjob.

No. 55619

That's how you know that she's stuck in the 00's.

No. 55785

File: 1562017681462.jpg (128.39 KB, 1280x912, IMG_20190701_164356_522.jpg)

What a trouper <3

No. 55788

a lot of people that hate her (and by proxy him now) are going to AX including Moo. Wonder how all those people factors into the "minimal complications" of the good trip.

I don't know either of them in person. Does lori get up in people's face or does she hide from people who don't like her?

No. 55799

Moo meanwhile hides from everyone who might hurt her big bad bitch feelings or otherwise come at her, so the change of an encounter with Lori and Kevin is very low.

No. 55816

Better be good drama. I’m bored.

No. 55824

>>55788 Lori get's into people she doesn't like faces so I wouldn't be surprised. Shes always threatening to jump girls she doesn't like

No. 55826

would be funny if she tried to jump someone and got banned from the con. imagine loony lori getting arrested during the con and kevin still singing her praises after.

No. 55835

She's the size of a 10 year old, who would she be able to jump effectively? She's all talk.

No. 55870

File: 1562095611683.jpg (71.61 KB, 1113x1280, IMG_20190702_142335_160.jpg)

She posted this on FB. It's an animated gif of a penguin attacking some guy, then it has a fake explosion. I think she does this before every convention though? Telling people not to mess with her or whatever.

No. 55875

She does but she's also lurking here, so she probably saw the last few posts and felt she had to compensate the same way she did when she made sure to point out her latest photo set was unedited.

No. 55882

They were edited.

No. 55884


anon is saying she said they weren't edited as a selling point when they obviously were.


No. 55886

>cleans the house while I'm at work
I thought Lori had a job at the mall? Is that a thing of the past now?

No. 55890

I don’t know if she still has a job or not. Either way, cleaning the house and making your living conditions you share with another person nice and tidy should be an unspoken thing anyway. Most couples do chores for the other when they live together because it’s a normal thing. Kevin is really grasping at straws when it comes to positive things about Lori if he has to mention cleaning the house.

No. 56222

File: 1562386743612.jpeg (163.75 KB, 750x670, 37413F4E-A679-4AAF-9D12-3B107E…)

Kevin finally went public. Screen recorded the video but it won’t let me post. She has like no reaction in it, probably because she forced it

No. 56223

File: 1562386814168.jpeg (243.5 KB, 750x941, 46B2CCAA-3EBD-4ECF-AC3E-147B69…)

No. 56225

No. 56227

File: 1562387847579.jpeg (374.8 KB, 750x1026, CFA7324F-50AC-4580-B2A6-7A1AA0…)

A pic from AX that wasn’t obscenely filtered by either of them

No. 56228

Well that was awkward to watch. This was legit cringey, and felt super forced… Fastest "will you marry me?" Video ever.

No. 56229

their IG already said engaged before this tho? why the big publicity stunt?

No. 56230

Attention seeking at the con, maybe? Trying to gain notoriety as the Hiro and Zero Two who got engaged at AX?

No. 56234

I don’t even know what to say about this “proposal.” He didn’t even put a ring on her. He just grabbed her hand and held it and they both had gloves on.

On top of that all she did was ask if he was “really sure” and then “then yes.”

Super super awkward especially considering what other anon said about them already being engaged. There wasn’t a need for this aside from attention.

No. 56237

File: 1562398684896.jpg (77.38 KB, 930x1500, 61E3foqg lL._SL1500_.jpg)

So busy cleaning the whole apartment and sewing his suit that she forgot to fix the open back shoe situation.

No. 56238

That's the most unromantic "I'm not being abused I swear" bizarre engagement text I've seen. Who announces their engagement with a "fuck the haters" message at the end?

No. 56250

>>56223 as a person who seen proposals in public before (that are very heartfelt and cute), this one has gotta be the most fake looking proposal I've ever seen in my life.

No. 56252

Is the video posted the entire thing? I couldn't hear anything they were saying. I love these two.

No. 56253

that was the least romantic thing i've ever seen in my life. Asking 'are you sure?' twice is so…wtf. Also, no ring?? okay, it was just super weird all around.

No. 56254

That’s the whole thing. “She says are you serious several times?” and “are you going to be nice?”

No. 56256

Haha what?? She says, "Oh boy," as Kevin gets on one knee, with no actual emotion to it. This was so weird and fake
also would it fucking kill him to lose the stupid emo fringe and style his hair at least remotely close to the characters hairstyle if they're not going to use wigs?

No. 56259

It’s “are you sure? Like sure sure? Then yes. “

y i k e s

No. 56263

Is it just me or does Lori somewhat resemble our Queen here?
twice the engagements = twice the attention

No. 56265

I mostly think their fighting and abuse is all talk and they won’t actually hurt each other, but something about this just made me so damn worried that one of them is gonna wind up dead by the time Lori hits 40.

No. 56271

They have hurt each other several times, physically they post about it and then delete later. I would post proof of conversations I have had with one of them but I don’t want them to know who I am. But Kevin has hurt Lori’s jaw before, not broken but badly hurt. They punch and kick each other all the time along with smashing stuff. There is other crazier shit but if I say they’ll for sure know who I am because I’m not sure who else has been told about it.

No. 56277

Honestly if any cow is going to end up in a murder/murder-suicide situation, it's going to be one of them.
>There is other crazier shit
Is anybody around them trying to intervene? Why isn't either one of them in jail or court-ordered therapy or something?

No. 56281

They were in therapy at one point. Didn’t seem to help though.

No. 56286

That's because in order for therapy to work, you have to not only admit you have a problem, but actually want to fix it.

No. 56292

I don't believe they were ever in therapy. I think Kevin said that during one of his posts addressing his concerned friends in order to convince them that him and Lori were ~working on themselves~ I think he only ever mentioned that once or twice. I think it was when Lori moved to Utah after he had to be rescued from Washington but I might be wrong. He has made so many of those posts trying to assure his friends that everything is fine, that I feel like he would have​ brought that up more often if it were actually the case. I think if they did go to a therapist it was probably only for a session or two before they stopped for whatever reason. Also, it may not be this way anymore, but back when I was in therapy it took quite a long time to get an appointment with a therapist as a new patient.

But I'm not friends with either of them so you may know more than I do.

No. 56295

File: 1562465182170.jpeg (287.47 KB, 750x1077, 3A56486D-14F4-4430-B3C3-DE69B4…)

Looking haggard af lmao

No. 56298

Holy shit she looks like a tranny here. What a nasty ass looking bitch.

No. 56299

>>56229 So a semi popular cosplay couple got engaged today at AX in front of a crowd at the league meet up, there are videos of it around, a cosplay couple that Lori has beef with because they are semi/ex friends with Kevin. The dude posted about planning something at AX a while back which means Kevin and Lori could have done it just to spite them.

No. 56302

Aging hasn't treated her strong features well at all. That aside, I don't get why she went with such a neon pink color for the hair when Zero two has very pastel pink hair? >>56237

Best part of the whole cosplay is the suit, which she bought. Kevin's foam work is usually pretty good, but in all honesty, the back piece looks pretty wonky. >>56227

Anything for clout, that doesn't really surprise me if it's true. Lori is a super petty bitch.

No. 56305

I saw around 3 proposals today at AX and none of them were as awkward as Kevin’s.

No. 56309

How are you finding pictures of Lori? I keep going through the anime expo tags on Instagram and can't find her or Kevin anywhere.

No. 56310

File: 1562474054814.jpg (126.63 KB, 1280x941, IMG_20190706_213319_328.jpg)

Nevermind, I looked at the tags in the pics you found and I was in the wrong tags. I just found one

No. 56313

Woah!! Huge difference from the non existent chin, slim face, button nose and giant eyes that we usually see. She edits the living fuck out of those photos! I thought she had finally gotten the hair color right, but nope guess that is edited too! For her to critique being so accurate she sure fucks up on hair colors. She did the same shit with her sailor moon two toned extensions. It’s better to wear a wig if your too lazy to get the color right!

No. 56318

File: 1562480571262.jpg (115.03 KB, 908x1280, IMG_20190706_231920_740.jpg)

This is at least the third time they've gotten engaged lmao

Every single reply is "Congratulations!" too. Kev must have removed any of the "haters" off his FB already.

I wonder what his family thinks.

I was wondering: is he/his family Mormon? I only ask because Utah. I know there are non-Mormons in Utah too but I am just curious.

No. 56319

Kevin is not Mormon as far as I know. He never talked about religion at all ever.

No. 56320

Well it would've been truly spiteful if it was done at the same day. However the difference between the two proposals was quite staggering. One was heartfelt and was very cute, the other seems so rigid and awkward af.

No. 56323

I don’t think the two proposals were related tbh. Probably just the timing since it’s most weebs dream to propose at ax. Surprised they didn’t do it at a franxx gathering though. Looks like it was just on the sci fi set next to the cosplay repair.

No. 56324

He is not Mormon and I doubt his family is because they allowed Lori to live with them and sleep in his room when they are not married

No. 56325

Lori did have a separate room in I think it was the attic though. Not sure if they slept in the same bed all the time.

No. 56359

I agree. There’s a clear difference between her and the other Zero Two cosplayers at the convention (and online). Her hair basically blends into her suit and her bangs have way too much volume.

No. 56373

File: 1562535983993.jpeg (157.22 KB, 828x815, B3D09F79-B11B-489F-98A0-D79498…)

No. 56378


He's looking a lot more haggard in comparison to Lori.

No. 56380

Is that lighting/makeup or does he have a scar on his left cheek?

No. 56381

Do they not feel a twinge of embarrassment when their real selves get posted after they've spammed >>56222 and >>55785?

No. 56382

File: 1562544011218.png (946.72 KB, 981x439, irlanimu.png)

It's the lighting, he does have pretty deep set laugh lines for being as young as he is though.

He looks okayish tbh, if they were the same age at least. I think the startling thing is that he is so much younger than she is, but they both look to be in their 30s in candids. The difference between her edits and candids are pretty hilarious though.

No. 56390

The eyeliner is fucking lol He would look so much better if he’d get a fucking modern haircut

No. 56394

File: 1562548197254.jpg (12.84 KB, 200x269, edz.jpg)

Lori definitely did his makeup, her winged eyeliner looks absolutely horrendous in the candids.

As much as I'd hate to admit it, because his personality is absolute trash, he has potential to be cute? He's not an awful looking guy, but the kawaii tiny anime boy thing doesn't work for him at all. Neither does the terrible emo haircut. It's a shame he doesn't take constructive criticism well, instead he's just going to keep screeching on about how much he looks like an anime boy irl, while lori aggressively shoops their pics and he rapidly ages into the emo dad meme.

Kind of curious what Lori is going to age into though, she already looks awful in pics like >>56295 and OP

No. 56398

File: 1562548452536.jpeg (1018.91 KB, 1547x2580, 006E41AD-4863-486E-AF31-1A827C…)

Thought you’d guys like another candid

No. 56400

They might be referring to the line above where laugh lines are normally. In this photo it almost looks like it reaches his eye

>Dat shoop though

No. 56403

This is tragic lol

No. 56404

tbh I think the pink hair washes her out. It only looks decent in her over the top filtered pics. Im kind of curious how she would look with a more natural look, given she is in her midish 30s now. She would look a lot better if she tried a look that suited her age. A few of the candid pics arent bad. But moreso just shocking since they are so different than what she posts herself.

No. 56406

I’m willing to bet she’d look a lot older if she had a natural hair color and a more professional style. There are 30-somethings that are babyfaced and can pass for being in their 20s. If she changed up her style, she wouldn’t be one of them. She’d just look like someone’s mom.

No. 56412

I actually really like this photo because I've never seen Lori make this expression. She has 2-3 expressions in all of her pics, from the early 2000s to now. At first I thought maybe the photographer caught her in a candid smiling moment but it also looks like the sun was in her eyes and she's sort of grimacing.

Keep the candids coming. I have a hard time finding them.

No. 56413

I'd be interested in seeing what she looks like without those stupid bangs she's been wearing for over a decade. They've always made her look like shit, never understood why she's so attached to them.

No. 56414

>She attempts to smile
>It looks like a grimace

Ok now I know why she only has one expression

No. 56421

Ok the pink hair has to go. This shit is literally dark pink like a fucking Halloween cheap as wig! It does nothing for her skin tone and instead ages her worse! Kevin needs to go back to blonde this black hair washes him out because he is too pale for it! I’ve seen several zero twos that had the right pale pink hair that put hers to shame.

No. 56423


Not everything is aging. She has really low body fat for someone with such a small frame. That and she is probably low in a bunch of nutrients.

No. 56497

File: 1562638536644.jpg (310.8 KB, 1815x640, candids.jpg)

More candids

No. 56499


How tall is Kevin? He looks like he would be, but then I see pics of them next to each other, and he has to be like, 5'8 at most.

No. 56501

File: 1562642780469.jpeg (108.84 KB, 296x430, 9BD23A7C-318B-4AB4-A55D-28740E…)

I truly hate to ask but I’m pretty sure it’s shown before…is this is dick just chilling?

No. 56502

File: 1562643785956.png (257.08 KB, 277x414, welp.PNG)

No. 56513

Her body is aging even if you can't see it outside the shoops. She's thin, sure, but she's probably not staying slender in a healthy way, which is definitely showing in her face.

He's pretty tall, definitely over 6"

Hiro is such a poor choice for him to cosplay. He's way too manly in the face and far too tall to pull off a tiny shota boy character, it just looks bizarre. He looks pretty decent as Bakugo though.

Lori's stupid ass shoes are still the worst. I don't get why she didn't just wear real shoes underneath instead of stapling down the boot cover to a platform shoe base. A pair of red wedge heels would be more accurate?

No. 56519

File: 1562655036805.jpg (92.07 KB, 1080x540, third_engagement.jpg)

Lori posted pics of the proposal on Instagram

No. 56521

Shooped and over exposed per the usual too.

No. 56548

File: 1562675945244.jpg (75.15 KB, 1080x1079, IMG_20190709_053125_291.jpg)

This is hilarious. Here's another

No. 56550

would it hurt her to make ANY kind of expression that could fit the character instead of this angry hag face?

No. 56562

I wish I could see and find the post where he got upset over people mass sharing a post about wearing dance belts or compression garments to keep things smooth and attractive.

No. 56563


As an Ex Friend of Kevin’s, I vividly remember this. I don’t think the post exists anymore. He was throwing a shitfit and saying he wouldn’t wear dance belts because girl cosplayers are romping around without bras and so their nipples were poking out or something.
Thing is, at that time I think he had been to very few out of state cons, and most cons in Utah require family friendly attire (IE no visible or bare nipples even on men) so I’m not sure why he was going apeshit over it when most cosplay girls in Utah don’t even show anything off like he was ranting about.

No. 56576

That’s because Kevin and Lori are above Utah cons. They hardly go to any of them and when they do they bitch about having to go to a local con because they can’t afford the big cons anymore. It probably doesn’t help that when they do go all of Kevin’s ex friends are there.

No. 56580

Did Kevin hang out with anyone else at AX or just Lori?

He said he saw some friends but I’m assuming he’s not allowed to actually hang out with them and it’s just in passing.

No. 56583

He took photos with a couple of cosplayers, have no idea if he actually hung around people for more than a couple of minutes.

No. 56587

Why do nasty ass male cosplayers wear spandex without a dancer's belt?? they should be banned from cons at that point. it's disgusting

No. 56589

His bakugo cosplay sits on him so bad. Does he not know how to craft for his own body? his torso is so short.

No. 56605

It's surprising that Lori allows him to go out and risk the chance of other women looking at his pecker

No. 56633

It's cuz he has hogbody and is in denial about it.

No. 56729

File: 1562774755791.jpeg (2.09 MB, 1536x1534, 1CBF0D3B-B0E1-4FF4-B3DA-C3B947…)

Original shot vs what they posted. I guess she figures she doesn’t need the right hair color because when she exposes the photos to oblivion she can get closer

No. 56734

Clearly she knows her hair isn’t right because she lightens it in pics, so why not just… do it right to begin with? Or better yet: GET A WIG

No. 56744

Well. She didnt use any of those filters to pinch their faces in. So progress?

No. 56832

Kevin posted the proposal video on his Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BzwvIZGD9My/

"So something special happened last weekend. I proposed to the girl I love more than anything @iota_zerotwo

Dont mind the awkward gestures, its difficult in a public setting for someone like me (shy, introverted) to work up the nerve, on top of having strangers film it. It could've been in a crowd, it could've been at home. But we both absolutely love this show and walking past a fitting set, in my favorite place with my favorite person seemed too perfect to pass up for something ive been wanting to make official for months. Even in anime costumes it felt right to me and I'd like to think that's what's important. I didn't present a ring because I was terrified of losing it + rings and plugsuits dont mix"

No. 56859

Still lurking this thread and feeling like he has to to explain himself to everything posted here I see.

No. 56863

I’m shocked by how positive the comments are on the Instagram video

No. 56864

He should then explain why they have been engaged on social media ages ago…

Because it just seems like a stunt esp with that proposal being shitty on both sides.

No. 56867

i don't see any cosplayers in the comments. could be bots? they also spam hashtags and that's a good way to get tons of comments and would explain why they're positive. the people commenting don't actually know them.

No. 56868

what's the proposal people are comparing this to? at least four couples got engaged at AX this year so it's not uncommon for this to happen at a huge event. just the way these two did it is super rushed and awkward, which kevin once again excuses by saying he is introverted. lmao.

No. 56891

File: 1562882185733.jpg (118.14 KB, 1280x788, IMG_20190711_145433_113.jpg)

I guess Lori sold enough of her nudes because she got the Zero Two figure(s) she wanted from the con

No. 56896

i don't understand their relationship dynamic AT ALL. Kevin isn't allowed to talk to girls/look at girls/comment on girls stuff/have female friends but Lori can freely post and sell nudes to neckbeards to fund her skinwalk figures?

why doesn't Kevin stand up to the hypocrisy? he just lays down and takes it and accepts it.

No. 56902

When you’re being abused, sometimes it’s hard to stand up to the abuser. He’s probably wound so tightly that he doesn’t see what she does as abuse. Or he is afraid to leave. Hope he gets sense to wake up and get help before the wedding bells.

No. 56941

File: 1562901639112.png (4.28 MB, 2287x1350, different.png)

Here's another picture of them. Original on the left. Lori's reupload on the right.

No. 56943

File: 1562901937864.jpg (213.8 KB, 1080x1035, 20190711_202036.jpg)

Saw this in the comments of a friends post. Yikes Lori what's your deal you didn't even make your cosplay??

No. 56945

File: 1562902686220.png (420.73 KB, 469x596, lol.png)

Of course she's being super passive aggressive on a cosplay that is better and more accurate than hers.

Meanwhile Lori got on whatever the hell these things are >>56941

No. 56953

File: 1562905163017.jpg (146.01 KB, 1280x937, IMG_20190711_200502_224.jpg)

Kevin didn't like this photo. Probably why they smoothed out his skin and under eye bags in the version Lori posted.

No. 56977

File: 1562915632856.jpg (163.81 KB, 816x1280, IMG_20190712_001045_770.jpg)

No. 56979

HAHAHAHAHAH!! She hasn’t changed one bit what does she think they are gonna do? Tell the kids to go to bed and their husbands to watch tv while they furiously slam there thumbs typing coming to her aid at the ages of 35 to 45?! Gtgo with that shit this is not 2004 livejournal people have actual lives and most all grew out that shit! I have second hand embarrassment for that. She just sensitive that she had her hoods hanging out.

No. 56980

File: 1562916362651.jpg (375.72 KB, 640x3260, zerotwoshoedrama.jpg)

I'm hoping this is all legible. I combined all the screenshots she's showing in her FB post into one image.

No. 56989

Lori is 34 years old. 34. Imagine being in your mid-30s and still pulling the same shit you did as a teenager. She is literally coming after people that are most likely a decade younger than her.

I've been following her since the early 2000s and am still shocked. Lori has not and will not ever grow up.

No. 56993

She seeks out this girl's cosplay, acts passive aggressive in the comments, and then flips the fuck out when someone defends the girl? The cosplayer was so sweet though, it's really only making her look better.

I do love that Lori has resigned herself to ranting and raving about "kids these days" though. Really showing her age, kek.

No. 56994

Also, broken spine? disability? Is this a new or old claim, it's the first I recall hearing of it, but I may have forgotten. Shouldn't she not be wearing a big weighty cosplay piece that's supported by her neck/upper back? Foam or not, something of that size for long periods of time can feel heavy. Especially for someone with a "broken spine".

No. 56997

you don't grow that much when you never have to do anything that's hard ever.

No. 57009


Lori does't seem like she was particularly snarky, more so reactive. It's the other comments that were childish.

No. 57013

This stupid bitch is 34 years old… arguing about shoes on IG. Holyhell, never change Lori.

No. 57018

File: 1562933590712.jpeg (192.74 KB, 749x932, CE0ACF08-68B9-452E-B701-B0B2DF…)

“Broken spinal cord”

No. 57045

File: 1562948655075.jpeg (200.08 KB, 747x1097, 9338D00E-5B7B-4F4C-A31F-1E98FF…)

No. 57046

File: 1562948680352.jpeg (119.66 KB, 741x839, 208EA3A8-85CB-4241-877A-CBEF11…)

No. 57047

File: 1562948707010.jpeg (134.98 KB, 747x826, 408A2485-B04E-48FF-901C-AA627F…)

No. 57048

What a mean way to talk about a girl that stood up for her after her unsolicited criticisms. The way she speaks to all her friends sounds disrespectful and mocking. How does anyone justify being friends with her?

No. 57049

Agreed. It didn’t take long for her to reveal her true nature on this one. She did the same thing to other Sailor Moon cosplayers back in the day and apparently it’s not a trait she’s grown out of.

No. 57054

Broken spinal cord? Honey, if your actual spinal cord was broken you would be a vegetable. If she means the bones of her spine, sure, but this leads me to believe she is lying if she doesn't even use the correct terminology. How could she walk around with that on her back all day if her spine was "broken" ?

No. 57060

I think she means scoliosis? Broken spine just will get more pity but I think I remember seeing somewhere that she has scoliosis and chronic back pain.

No. 57061

>do a collab
Ugh, what a burden that would be on that other cosplayer. She'd have to keep the peace and do her best to passively fend from Lori's high key jealousy and seethe.

No. 57101

File: 1562967325801.jpg (67.93 KB, 1280x798, IMG_20190712_143205_037.jpg)

Lori either hid this FB post from public view or deleted it.

And this comment thread is no longer on that girl's Instagram post.

In other news, Lori already had her engagement ring and this was an attention grabbing proposal for the con.

No. 57104

it was posted earlier up in the thread that they've already been engaged for months. even pre-AX they both had "FIANCE" on their individual instagram accounts. before this too, kevin had proposed a year ago but then they broke up and got back together.

I think they just wanted to be known as THE cosplay couple that got engaged at AX so they did it Friday to be "first" but then there were a bunch of others that were bigger on Saturday.

No. 57150

Could be Lori-speak for degenerative disk disease and the spinal cord problems that come with it, given her history of scoliosis and sticking her ass out way too far to make it look bigger it's plausible that she does has spine damage that makes it uncomfortable or inadvisable to wear heels.
She could have a spine problem; some of the most common ones that affect the spine and incidentally the spinal nerve only have a crippling effect if you 'activate' the problem some how, e.g. by twisting your back the wrong way. If she is in that position then she isn't currently suffering from any major pain or mobility issues because that would put her in a world of hurt if she was even able to get into it to begin with

No. 57171

The fact that the cosplayer was IMMENSELY nice to Lori when she had mo reason to be, yet Lori even now is still being nasty towards her and insulting her cosplay speaks volumes. She's so intimidated by anyone else who could possibly cosplay her skinwalking subject better than she does, that even though the girl did literally nothing, she's still focusing on bringing her down instead of the people in the comments. What a miserable, jealous hag.

No. 57178

File: 1563016365636.jpg (292.02 KB, 1296x1728, 66373935_10217403637421979_911…)

Friend posted them in their photos for AnimeExpo. I swore I walked by them, but I was working the show and as such didn't stop myself. Enjoy the candid.

No. 57194

Lori's hair is so… Magenta. It's such a bad color on her too. I'm sure it's hard to get the right color on your own for self dye… But she keeps getting it wrong with each touch up lol

Poor Kevin looks so uncomfortable in his outfit. Why is he doing that weird semi squat back bend pose that really just looks like he's trying to secretly touch his genitals on someone without them knowing?

Since their engagement went public, I really want to know how Kevin's family is taking the news… Or what his other friends who may not have known think.

No. 57197

Dudes do that pelvic thrust stance to minimize their paunch.

No. 57202

File: 1563035338006.jpeg (76.14 KB, 750x390, D339131C-CE09-4E9F-98BD-59C7AF…)

No. 57205

Dude needs to just accept he went from chubby to skinny fat and put on some shapewear and a dance belt already. Hiro is definitely a super unflattering cosplay on him though, leave it to the fakebois Kevin.

Imagine throwing all your friends away for a psycho who has been outted for abusing you, just cause you like her "small waist" and "nice butt".

They look so frumpy outside of the filters. The costumes are okay, but their shoes and hair both look super shitty. Ngl, Lori also looks a lot less "smoll" than in her self shots. Not in a bad way, but there's definitely a difference.

No. 57214

When was this posted? If it was recent, Kevin appears to have deleted it.

No. 57232

This morning! Looks like he deleted it

No. 57233

File: 1563058333483.png (1.59 MB, 2160x1350, lori_edit.png)

Is it normal/common to take photos taken by photographers and then edit the lighting (and whatever else) on them this much? Lori and Kevin do this with every single photographer shot taken of them

No. 57234

Most photographers forbid others editing their photos. I am a photographer and am friends with many cosplay photographers and it’s a big no no to edit on top of a photographers photo unless you have explicit permission from the photographer

No. 57235

Ok that's what I thought but they post the edited pics to Instagram and credit the photographer in the post, which is why I am able to get the originals from the photographer's pages

No. 57240


She shooped her nose noticably smaller when she was doing the lightening.

No. 57243

Weirdly the before of this one actually looks way better

No. 57256

I think every single one of her candids look objectively better than her edits. Her editing makes all the images look like they were taken with a low quality camera. Her natural face also looks better than whatever she is trying to photoshop herself into. She isn't an ugly person, just a bad person.

No. 57257

She’s not an ugly person, but she’s also not nearly as attractive as she thinks she is. She’s treated a lot of people really, really badly on the sole basis that she thinks she’s cuter than they are.

No. 57258

Again with the over exposure. She just kind of washes everything out, I suppose to "soften" her face? It makes her nose look smaller and makes her hair look less magenta too. Looks like shit though in comparison to the original. There's actual depth to the original image.

I don't think Lori is "ugly" necessarily. I do think she doesn't have a hairstyle and style in general that is flattering to her features, however. She has strong face with sharp features, a prominent chin, high cheekbones, etc. She has a very mature face that doesn't suit the whole kawaii anime girl shtick, much like how Kevin looks dumb trying to look like a tiny kawaii anime shota. The style just makes them both look older/haggard in a way.

No. 57273

Lori isn't ugly and this is probably a good reason why she's been able to get away with things for literal decades. Even Kevin's list of things he likes about her are all physical.

Her personality makes her horrendous though and no amount of beauty makes that worth it imo.

No. 57274

Speaking from a photog standpoint, the one on the left is actually a very good photo in terms of lighting/pose/mood. I don't know why she needs to edit it into a snow filter that destroys all the color of the original. She actually looks great.

No. 57277

the original photo is really nice. The edit makes it look like a cheap cosplay+everyone is too familiar with editing now to view glowy blurry photos without bias. She doesn't need to shoop so much especially with actually good photos like this.

No. 57312

File: 1563123906079.jpg (40.72 KB, 604x697, uh what kind of pose.JPG)

So she posted this on instagram. Did she edit the coloring on this too? It kinda looks like it. I feel like she forced the darks to be brighter than they should be.

Also, what is with Kevin's pose? he literally looks like he doesn't know what he's supposed to be doing, or that he was caught in mid-movement playing red light green light.

No. 57314

She has edited all the photos from Gil which is very unfortunate because it’s clear he chose the lighting and colors to reflect a certain mood and it looks really good just for her to destroy it. Maybe I’m just sensitive as another photog but I would be livid

No. 57315

File: 1563124987500.jpeg (69.97 KB, 960x960, 63B5C460-EA35-4A53-B78F-AF4635…)

Here is what Kevin posted which I’m assuming is the original but with a boarder added for Instagram

No. 57316

File: 1563125153239.png (600.69 KB, 750x1334, AE8D65DC-DCDA-4585-88D5-42010C…)

From Kevins Instagram story, guess they both edited the photos. Should have known because Kevin made his jaw tiny and high up again

No. 57319

File: 1563127800348.jpeg (81.23 KB, 600x722, 9FBB1AAB-927F-4C87-91CA-08BC47…)

he always does this awkward pose with hiro and I don’t get it because…hiro doesn’t have a “pose” you have to do yet he always looks like he’s caught walking. reminds me of pic related kek

No. 57322

File: 1563129608688.jpeg (847.48 KB, 2048x2048, 792DFE71-DF74-453C-AC41-BAED48…)

I honestly have a feeling that he knows nothing/minimal about Hiro and he’s just cosplaying Hiro because Lori wants him to skinwalk her dahhhlinng. Most of his other cosplays look like he at least knows how to pose as that character. I mean nothing extremely mind blowing and creative but at least SOMETHING more than “squat pelvic thrust with bent elbow”.

No. 57332

he was accused of this before and posted something about how he “does actually really like Hiro!” like he was being forced.

I think it’s in the last thread somewhere.

kevin always used to cosplay pretty flattering characters for his height/build and they were totally things he was interested in like LoL and zelda and monster hunter. Hiro is the one that stands out the most as a super odd choice.

No. 57348

File: 1563142207348.jpg (70.92 KB, 1080x1080, 66670599_2344646835774605_6390…)

Lori uploaded this

No. 57353

Did she fix her bangs to be more Zero-Two ish?

No. 57355

She usually curls them to have that weird volume. They look trimmed and flattened here.

So yes.

No. 57357

The left image and upper right image are absolute nightmare fuel. Who told her this looked "kawaii" because they clearly lied

No. 57365

File: 1563149047933.png (538.83 KB, 680x684, 11c.png)

Her shoop looks like when someone ran the "momo" meme through some filters. kek.

No. 57402

File: 1563161734207.jpeg (72.9 KB, 1210x464, AB2F3A24-7935-4393-B1A0-C20D43…)

No. 57403

File: 1563161760891.jpeg (171.59 KB, 967x1307, 84E83F77-EF22-4D61-8692-3FD1C7…)

No. 57404

Omg they're doing this again.

Here's a 7 second video of Lori flirting with/winking at the camera: https://streamable.com/dolar

No. 57405

Is Debra Kevin's mom?!

No. 57406

No, that was my initial thought too but his mom's last name is Hanft as well.

Can't wait for them to pull the "we go through hard times like everyone else but it makes us stronger than ever!!" bullshit again.

No. 57408

I know his family. That’s not his mom. No idea who that is.

But don’t worry guys, they’re working on it and they make each other happy!!!

No. 57409

Oh ok. She must be one of his friends idk. I was thinking the same thing. Except Lori doesn't ever really make those posts. It's always Kevin writing the screeds about wanting the support of his friends and how him and Lori have ups and downs but always come out ~stronger~ in the end. I wonder what the situation was this time.

No. 57411

I mean, she has literally threatened to accuse him of rape falsely if he doesn't bend to her will. This might be something similar to that, making a scene to make her look like the victim and getting him to back down from whatever he found her lying about. She's gaslighting him.

No. 57412

Kevin said she’s the one who keeps “keeping secrets” but she is definitely trying to make people come to her rescue.

Maybe she cheated again like she did with Rikki. Wouldn’t doubt it.

No. 57415

File: 1563167288674.jpeg (165.84 KB, 750x1019, 3C31A2D3-57F9-4DFB-9E12-A2B3A9…)

No. 57416

File: 1563167312100.jpeg (154.36 KB, 750x1001, 8D3BCE6B-48AC-40FF-B47A-297F56…)

No. 57422

File: 1563170993624.jpg (150.18 KB, 1000x800, 966494_10152880474515431_11064…)

Really wish she would move on to another character.

No. 57424

File: 1563172951208.png (1.56 MB, 958x768, s002.png)

I never noticed that she shoops a bump out of her nose. Also, why does she seem to put blush/contour on her cheekbone? Is that just natural skin discoloration or is she that bad with makeup? It ages her face a lot and makes it look weirdly sunken in, in some photos.

I wonder which character she'll skinwalk next? I have a feeling she's going to drag zero two out a while longer while she's still with Kevin. He did just make her most of that costume after all.

No. 57431

>is she just bad with makeup

dude, look at her eyeliner. she's fucking awful at makeup.

No. 57445

File: 1563194225947.jpeg (107.76 KB, 827x424, 010AC383-7FF5-4B0E-9FC3-D8817B…)

No. 57446


This hurts to look at. Wow.

No. 57449


Did she delete this already? Or how quick did she delete her post about his yelling?

No. 57450

Imagine being an adult in a relationship having to explain how you upset your live-in gf by using caps lock. Oh my goodness.

No. 57453

This is onision-relationship levels of cringe.

No. 57462

File: 1563205347785.jpeg (108.01 KB, 712x1024, 997AB965-986B-49A5-9461-C84333…)

And in the middle of all this she still finds time to skinwalk. My guess is that she gets so attached to these characters because it’s better than being herself. Look at how shitty her dead end life and relationship is and tell me this hag wouldn’t rather live in a fantasy world where she’s a young anime girl.

No. 57469

she looks like an airhead. who told her the D: face is attractive?

No. 57478

All I see is a skinny Pixyteri.

No. 57488

>>57478 not quite…least our Queen would never be abusive like her.

No. 57504

File: 1563228476665.jpg (89.52 KB, 1080x1350, 64697066_810359842671739_27873…)


No. 57505


Right, Pixyteri is selfish but she isn't abusive. She just wanted to be loved.

But the level of cringe is at the same level as Pixyteri. I'm just waiting for the pooping pose.

No. 57520

So basically Kevin sent her two texts in all caps, which resulted in her pity posting on fb and tagging friends in that he "won't stop yelling at me!". Bitch, it's capslock, you'll be okay.

She's what, 34 years old too? I wonder how long she's going to keep this up.

Just imagine if she ever put on weight, it would probably be the end of her world.

No. 57561

are we taking bets as to how long it'll take her to try dye her hair silver and force kevin into skinwalking whatever the MC of Re Zero's name is?

No. 57563

No idea, but her hair is gonna be so over processed and dry if she goes silver suddenly.

No. 57565

She might have had this costume from back when she did have her hair silver/blue for a while before going full blown Zero Two obsessed. I'd be kind of surprised if she did go through a Re:Zero phase given the hype for that series has died down so much. Even Darling in the Franxx is kind of old news?

No. 57569

hdu compare this dollar store ripoff to our QUEEN.

No. 57643

File: 1563316378966.jpg (112.11 KB, 1080x1350, 65968623_3049600535080894_3377…)

Kevin posted this. Wtf did he do to his nose?! A+ face edit

No. 57644

File: 1563316746322.jpg (93.56 KB, 1280x809, IMG_20190716_153547_658.jpg)

It feels like he always ends up replying to this thread with the stuff that he posts. He was going for "crazy, disgruntled, adult looking" Hiro.

No. 57646

He is definitely lurking. That’s why he always feels like he has to explain himself.

Kevin, lurking here isn’t going to do you any good. It’ll just bring more bad attention to you.

No. 57651

He needs to stop this shit. Hiro is like 15?? he looks too old to cosplay a teenager character like him. and it's obvious he's only cosplaying Hiro for Lori's 02.

No. 57671

“angry homeroom teacher” Hiro is more like it

No. 57682

File: 1563345341512.jpeg (2.72 MB, 2048x1534, 1A7E7D7D-A99C-431C-BB76-DB111F…)

Original VS her edit

No. 57723

File: 1563389170585.png (1.85 MB, 2160x1080, 2differentkevins.png)

These pics were posted together on Lori's Instagram. Interesting choice

No. 57725

Holy shit, the way they enlarged Kevin’s eyes on the left is soo creepy looking my god. How can you do this and say yeah that looks good

No. 57727

He commented on her post and said he looks like a demon in the first one lol

No. 57728

File: 1563391203024.png (2.49 MB, 2430x1350, thesegoons.png)

Kevin's pic he posted yesterday on the left, Lori's pic she posted today on the right

No. 57746


No. 57768


No. 57793

File: 1563425291347.jpg (133.54 KB, 1080x1080, wtf.jpg)

Kevin's eyes are the size of dinner plates in this pic and he looks very uncomfortable with whatever Lori is forcing him to role play.

No. 57794

File: 1563425440301.jpg (215.97 KB, 1080x1350, bulge.jpg)

Thanks to this anon, all I can see is Kevin's dick front and center in this pic.

No. 57795

File: 1563425758804.jpeg (239.46 KB, 547x712, 0C0FC0C2-FB25-4C2D-A148-A184FB…)


No. 57796

Are her bangs clip ins or just very awkwardly positioned?

No. 57798

File: 1563429583003.jpg (119.97 KB, 1280x1137, IMG_20190717_225408_825.jpg)

Lori wants a whole group of DitF cosplayers like the Kewl Kou Klan back in the day! So far she has a few people interested and a few more have said maybe. How exciting!!!

No. 57799

Lori posted this video of her and Kevin running.


Something about an anime girl and Area 51.

No. 57802

You can literally see the ghost outline of her old nose.

Kevin's bug eyes are actual nightmare fuel. Does he really think bulging eyes make him look more like an anime shota?

Nope, it's her real hair. The longest bits are extensions which are poorly dyed, you can see patchy blond spots in some shots.

No. 57803

That video is a metaphor for their relationship.

No. 57805

Lori screaming nonsense while skinwalking and dragging a confused Kevin along for the ride in an ill fitting cosplay? Yeah pretty much.

No. 57823


No. 57824

Meme worthy?

No. 57836

Omg I cant breath!!! That overly shopped picture of Kevin with bulging eyes and no chin! Hahahahaha!!!

No. 57923

File: 1563577832997.jpg (100.28 KB, 1206x1280, IMG_20190719_161014_662.jpg)

No. 57937

Okay in all seriousness Kevin and Lori aren’t bad looking people. Why do they photoshop themselves into these horrifying messes? Kevin’s bug eyes are the scariest thing this thread has seen yet next to Lori’s vacant stare.

No. 57941

File: 1563585547358.jpg (65.02 KB, 822x1280, IMG_20190719_181904_448.jpg)

I think they probably see it as "enhancing" their photos in order to look more like an anime character. Neither of them have issues with self confidence when it comes to how they look.

No. 57962

Yaaaasss make that shit a meme lol!!!

No. 58006

File: 1563656577570.jpg (215.24 KB, 1080x1350, 61622124_2354440234651800_6076…)

New candid

No. 58008

File: 1563657056871.jpeg (71.95 KB, 1080x541, E50A9108-F5EA-4010-9F27-1968EC…)

kev lurking again and trying to explain how he has a tiny nose irl.

No. 58009

File: 1563658712145.jpeg (249.75 KB, 1080x1341, CFE0B4C0-5BE7-464F-91F9-6FE965…)

I hope Kevin learns it’s okay to look like a real person one day.

your big eyes and pointy nose change with every edit anyway

No. 58010

He’s obviously lurking this thread where the original edits from the photographers instagram were posted with comparisons to the edits Lori did and he’s instead blaming the photographer for them?

No. 58011

File: 1563660368559.jpg (180.14 KB, 1080x1283, 67288178_1583331191802219_1247…)

Another one of these

No. 58012

>Neither of them have issues with self confidence when it comes to how they look.

Have you seen the essays they write any time someone insults their looks? They absolutely have issues with their self confidence

No. 58013

>we got big eyes and small noses
You have big eyes when you bug them out like you are unhinged, I'll give you that Kev. Also, his nose is average in size at best? Lori though? She's arguably has a very strong nose and somewhat narrow eyes. We all have seen the candids. >>58006 is a great example

Kevin looks about 40 in that particular candid too. Yikes.

Very kawaii nosehairs Kevin. Very anime.

No. 58017

File: 1563662046306.jpeg (359.36 KB, 750x1174, sexyanimeguy.jpeg)

I guess you could argue that. I just think they both think they are really really ridiculously good looking and the reason they defend their looks is because they are cows. Cows always do that

No. 58018

Well this is definitely NOT edited. It’s the most natural and unedited photo of them all.

No. 58024

File: 1563666751770.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 2CBCE7F9-6EA2-468E-AEE2-6B23A0…)

Is this supposed to be ahegao lol

No. 58028

jfc, he's so incredibly bothered. rofl

No. 58029

With Belle Delphine being suspended her old ass saw an opening in the market

No. 58030

>I don't shower often.

No. 58039

I thought the "sexy anime guy" was an in-joke in these threads. I had no idea he actually said it. How delusional. How old is he again? Mid-20s?

No. 58042

File: 1563686775695.jpeg (212.16 KB, 743x1061, DE52CF7D-235F-4EF5-B60C-185401…)

No. 58043

File: 1563686797355.jpeg (172.65 KB, 745x722, E25C2247-60B8-46C4-9BA7-E9F56E…)

No. 58044

File: 1563686948043.jpeg (1019.41 KB, 1620x1790, 5DF5E368-375C-4A44-B54A-62F855…)

No. 58045

File: 1563687152191.jpg (135.69 KB, 1080x1350, 67580581_470382193792975_27786…)

No. 58046

man this cosplay is just really particularly unflattering on him. its a bad design to begin with but it just looks weird.

No. 58049

Seriously. And there's actual evidence of the abuse on top of their occasional public melodrama. Sure, there are trolls on the internet, it's the internet, but a lot of what people are saying here holds at least some truth? And honestly, as much as their looks are discussed here, it's usually more critical of their cosplay, makeup, or poor editing choices rather than their actual looks?

No. 58052

Didn’t Lori literally post last week that Kevin wouldn’t stop screaming at her or something and that she needed help?

But nah, the anons on here are the ones who are claiming the abuse is fabricated. .

No. 58055

Yeah, he was at work and caught her "hiding something from him" so he asked her about it multiple times in all caps and she took to FB saying "he won't stop yelling at me" and tagging people in it telling them to message him.


No. 58064

Haven’t both of them posted about the other being physically abusive towards them? But nah, the thread just made that up.

No. 58078

Wow. Imagine being that insecure lmao

Doesn’t he realize that every time he addresses this thread he sends more people here so they can find out what the hell he’s talking about?

No. 58086

This guy is so delusional is fucking sickening to the point where it’s not even funny anymore, and actually needs psychological help if he believes he looks like those photoshopped photos. How about this Kevin since you think you look like an animation, look up Hank Hill because that is what your face looks like like. Your eyes are small, you have a more prominent chin and your nose is an average Caucasian snozz. You look NOTHING like Hiro. Hiro is short with big unrealistic eyes a non existent/ tiny nose and a sharp chin in which YOU DONT HAVE!!! Same with your girlfriend her eyes are average or nose and chin are strong and she is short and her hair is magenta not pastel pink. Does that mean your ugly? No does it mean your bad for photoshopping? No, but stop trying to pass that shit off as that’s how you look in real life because it’s not we have all seen you no one is bullying we just speak the truth if given facts in this forum. This dude is basing his life on aesthetics it’s fucking sad.

No. 58088

They're both ugly, and clearly insecure about that because they post those bizarrely edited photos. Lori has a skinny fat/saggy body. That's evident with her arm in this photo >>58024. A literal fucking Easter island head lmfao.
Kevin looks like a pug. They both need to work out cause being skinny fat isn't cute.

No. 58090

I don’t think either of them are fat but they do have unhealthy expectations about what a “normal” person should look like. Lori has an obvious eating disorder and Kevin just follows whatever she does. Both of them have had their weight go up and down since they’ve been together in unhealthy ways. Kevin’s rib cage was visible when he lived with Lori in Seattle and that’s when they were at their thinnest.

No. 58093

Look, I don't care what Kevin and Lori really look like. Lori is so fucking ugly inside that it doesn't matter, and while I wanted to root for Kevin, being in your 20s and saying "I look like a sexy anime guy," in total sincerity to your friends and family on facebook is completely bonkers. I think these two deserve each other. Kevin clearly only cares about looks in both himself and others and Lori only cares about looking pretty, skinwalking, and not having to lift a finger in life.

No. 58103

File: 1563751740649.jpg (142.31 KB, 1080x1179, 66778993_958421224498809_86762…)

No. 58111

>> not living their best life

a bunch of people who drop by every few days to mock delusional blowhards

>>living their best life

someone who writes entire encyclopedias about random drags from strangers

Sure, Jan.

No. 58115

File: 1563776119992.jpg (235.25 KB, 1080x1350, 66690127_149074189607493_30055…)

No. 58123


If you are gonna nitpick so badly to say these people are ugly, you must think the world is made up of ugly people. Also, that is not saggy skin or fat, that's literally what most people's arms look like because of internal structure.(whiteknighting)

No. 58124

Agree! Lori is not fat/skinny-fat whatsoever. She is skinny. She used to be skinnier but she is still skinny. Neither her or Kevin are anywhere near chubby. Lori has pretty enviable arms, ngl.(whiteknighting)

No. 58125

Two unsaged whiteknights posting one right after the other? Nothing unusual here.

No. 58129

Why does he always look wicked uncomfortable in these pictures? He also makes the same face every single time. These cosplays don't suit either of them at all honestly.

No. 58130

Kevin looks like the wee dudes on the covers of the animorphs books before they morph into a gecko or something in this

No. 59296

Why is his head so tiny here? I am so confused as to how every edit is so inconsistant.

No. 59298

My guess is Lori picks the filter that squishes her face into the shape she desires and doesnt give a damn what it morphs Kevin into. He looks normal in his own pictures and candids.

No. 59350

So now that they’re “officially” engaged, any word on when they’ll actually have a wedding? I wonder who would attend. Definitely none of Kevin’s friends would be allowed.

My guess is they’ll be one of those couples that stay engaged for years because they keep breaking up.

No. 59354

File: 1563835480203.jpg (88.73 KB, 948x1279, IMG_20190722_154335_887.jpg)

Lori recently mentioned in this post that she's going to have a "tiny wedding." - https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10161891067535431&id=655365430&anchor_composer=false

I think your guess is most likely what will really happen

No. 59356

What’s the “this” she’s referring to in the post? Please don’t tell me she’s planning a Darling in the Franxx themed wedding…

No. 59367

File: 1563843619563.jpg (15.27 KB, 275x244, 1563429583003.jpg)


In regards to this, image previously posted by >>57798

No. 59371

so, an AX 2020 wedding with Franxx cosplayers?

why did I expect anything different? How does she know she won't be skinwalking something else by then?

No. 59416

The worst part is despite how hard she tries to skinwalk this anime character… her hair is just blatantly inaccurate. Even just looking at screenshots you can tell.

The color is so dark and the bangs are so bad it's laughable… that's probably one of the easiest things to copy.

No. 59435

File: 1563894410564.jpeg (82.95 KB, 750x363, BB13E591-DB36-4C14-8E3F-DDDC54…)

No. 59437

"Decent" friends? More like her asskissers.

No. 59443

Does Kevin have any friends that she actually likes/allows him to talk to? Seems like she has an issue with all of them to the point where she has to outsource "decent" ones for him!

Gee I wonder why?

No. 59463

File: 1563926923482.jpg (220.45 KB, 1080x1350, stubbylegs.jpg)

No. 59464

He really needs a dance belt. All I can see is dick bulge and bad face warping.

No. 59465

Looks like his torso ends at his knees. Either not a good costume fitting or just a unflattering pose and bad cam angle

No. 59475

Wow, he's like a mini(er) Onision, microdick and all.

No. 59476

File: 1563945248893.jpg (117.35 KB, 1080x1350, 66302120_2256746597971612_8177…)

No. 59477

Thank god someone else sees it, ever since he started going on and on about how yOuNg and hot he is, it’s all I can see in him

No. 59481

He always looks like he just farted and afraid of someone noticing it.

No. 59485

His neck width compared to his jaw size is… horrifying. He looks like a thumb

No. 59495

Kevin should honestly be embarrassed of this shop. It doesnt make him look younger or good. Hiro doesnt work for him, but i suppose he'll do anything for Lori

No. 59498

It's not that they don't know that the shoop is ridiculous. When ugly girls make ugly faces in selfies on purpose, they think they're beating people to the punch so to speak. They believe if they look outlandish, the comments about their appearance won't resonate as deeply. Because they're looking ugly on purpose, right? The comments don't count because people aren't seeing them at their best selves. And so the defense mechanism goes.
It's no different here. They're just picking and choosing what attention to take. If someone says they look ugly uncanny, well duh, it's because the photos have been 'touched up' and hence creative license so of course they don't look like themselves. If someone asspats and tells them the pics are great, they bask in the attention that they really did pull off looking like the characters.
It's the ultimate self-dupe of a narcissist.

No. 59503

File: 1563984549199.jpeg (129.41 KB, 750x1025, FA9EE867-57B8-4C38-B511-13E462…)

He just deleted this post

No. 59504

File: 1563984570618.jpeg (68.7 KB, 750x509, 2FF7E222-E38F-4155-830D-D35811…)

No. 59505

What does she mean “you know what to do”

No. 59506

This seems very ominous. Also seems like she's the type to start a fight with someone while they're at work, knowing it can't be properly addressed and therefore creating anxiety in the other person

No. 59507

Sounds like she is ignoring him (again) until he does something for her.

No. 59510

File: 1563985766448.jpeg (231.45 KB, 807x1081, B1B158C8-95E5-4D16-8496-4FAA40…)

Kevin posted this yesterday and one of his friends commented. For some reason Lori replies to that friend calling them a piece of shit. It was deleted this morning and now Kevin keeps posting about being sad followed by deleting it.

They are both childish

No. 59511

File: 1563985793198.jpeg (40.05 KB, 1080x481, E7B462FB-35EF-4A1A-B962-B9855B…)

No. 59513

that’s another guy who proposed to his gf at AX. lori mad at the thunder being stolen?

No. 59517

She's such a nutjob jesus christ. Does she think he meant it mockingly or something? Is she so paranoid about anyone who isn't on her "approved" list of Kevin's friend is out to get them? God, I can't imagine being in my thirties and living like that.

No. 59518

A lot of kevin’s friends post here now since he first started mentioning the thread. they’re both probably paranoid and now have an approved “list” of friends who they know won’t leak things.

doesn’t seem like it’s been very successful. i wouldn’t be surprised if some people have them added now just to see their shenanigans.

No. 59520

File: 1563993241244.png (451.29 KB, 453x735, kevin.png)

No. 59523

there he goes again drawing attention to it and also only paying attention to the parts about how he looks.

kevin, what about lori choosing acceptable friends for you?

No. 59525

>triangulate all of everything
This is what happens when someone tries to sound smart when they're deeply injured. Hahahaha.

No. 59526

for all his complaining, he never actually posts the "hate thread" ever though does he? people are going to lurk more or they're just going to get fed up at this rate.

No. 59534

Why would he send people here where there is visual proof of Lori threatening to scream rape if he falls out of line? While some of the comments here about their looks are really reaching, the abuse and general nastiness is pretty damned obvious.

No. 59535

Sorry I was late to homeroom, Mr. Hanft! Please don’t give me detention again!

No. 59536

he always ignores the posts that aren't about his looks. people who haven't found the thread probably think the anons talking about how they look are all it is.

No. 59542

I don’t think he’s ugly. But his attitude is horrible. Dude, calm down. Looks are not everything. You need refine your craft, learn how to pose and make some other type of expression that’s not like you’re terrified asking if something crawled up your leg.

No. 59548

They post new pictures almost every day, mostly selfies and taken around their apartment in different costumes. Do they seriously get dressed in cosplay every day? For no reason? It’s not like they’re doing actual photo shoots. They’re literally just selfies.

No. 59552

Agreed. He's ugly on the inside, not the outside. Not that he's a "sexy anime boy" like in his delusions, but he isn't uggo either. Too bad all he cares about is looks though, he'll never fix his awful complexes and personality, especially not with Lori.

No. 59562

I want to feel bad for him because he's literally abused but god his personality makes it so hard lmaooo

No. 59589

File: 1564024538862.jpeg (123.73 KB, 743x907, 28BB6AA3-7F3C-43F4-B1B6-4C63D8…)

No. 59590

I bet she makes the same face when she fumes reading the comments here, kek. She looks like an angry bloated raspberry.

No. 59592

It's 2019, someone bitching about 'anons' really only outs them as mentally stunted and butthurt to the max lol.

No. 59597

Hey Kevin, here’s something that ain’t about your looks: your relationship is abusive, you’re being manipulated by a woman 10 years older than you who has dead end life prospects, you’re being dragged down with her, and one of you is probably going to end up dead at the end of this if the content in your DMs - which came directly from you - is to be believed.


No. 59598

i'm surprised he hasn't just come in here himself by now. he just keeps posting to Facebook drawing more attention to a site without linking to it and i don't see what the point is.

No. 59599

Does anyone know what his Facebook friends actually think of his posting about this every single day? I'm not on his Facebook but he doesn't seem to get very many comments or interaction. I'd assume they're tired of hearing it or just sticking around for the entertainment!

No. 59601

Everyone who speaks out gets removed, so either he removed everyone who cares or people don’t want to be removed so they stay silent

No. 59602

File: 1564027623588.jpeg (170.61 KB, 750x1030, 1CA72CF9-DF7A-48D6-8119-C88B34…)

The same friend of Lori’s who said Kevin’s eyes look creepy commented this and this was their responses. Kevin seems defensive and Lori seems to be throwing low key shade

No. 59603

File: 1564027654254.jpeg (138.17 KB, 750x946, 515F7738-CB48-4AFA-B9A9-0BC81C…)

No. 59604

What is that photo on the right?! lmao

No. 59605

“Shape wear”

Not me though I’m so smol darling!!!

No. 59607

File: 1564028856670.jpeg (135.77 KB, 720x960, 2767684E-EEBA-4226-BC14-B8A92D…)

No. 59608

What I wanna know is if Lori still has the missing tooth

No. 59611

Ok Kevin let’s talk about how you allow a 34 year old 5’0 ft woman make you her bitch every day. Why are you such a bitch Kevin? Why does she have so much control over you just because she is obviously the only girlfriend you ever had? You’d rather let her drag your life down right along with hers. Why are you such a bitch? If you wanted to you could have the upper hand because in the end she needs you, you don’t need her. Your still young she is pushing 40 so her time is nigh. Stop allowing her so much control and have boundaries. I mean your cute enough any girl would sit on that dick bulge if you would be more mature and have a back bone. Why do you think she doesn’t allow you to have girls on your Facebook because she knows you can get anyone you want. Just think about that for minute.

No. 59612

Yes Lori, most of us have to put on makeup and wigs for cosplay because we don't base our whole identities around looking like a cartoon character and therefore have to add to our regular look for it.
You are the one who's weird, not the rest of the world.

No. 59614

File: 1564031278768.jpeg (226.22 KB, 750x982, 3B393552-D36C-4627-90FF-CB26FE…)

Lori is probably lashing out because the same friend posted this status a while back that is very obviously about Kevin.

No. 59625

File: 1564043835475.jpeg (81.76 KB, 1058x1058, F05B0881-897D-43B3-B8F9-A10B07…)

Meanwhile, Lori posted this on facebook yesterday.
She’s such a raging asshole lmao

No. 59633

Stop normalizing that people don't have their own agency and autonomy lmfao.
You know its petty "they're both shitty to each other" type abyoose when the furthest that comes of it is wet sock social media posting by their friends as if shouting into a echo chamber will solve their narc issues and make them split.

No. 59635

File: 1564048238371.png (453.34 KB, 398x602, who.png)

>Shes just used to having to put on shape wear and a lot of makeup and wigs
She's so obnoxious and rude. Does Lori actually have any real friends or just orbiters because of her cosplay? I can't imagine she's fun to be around. She goes off over the tiniest comments.

Why does Lori shop herself into a who?

No. 59649

I know it's normal for Lori to skinwalk characters (sailor moon) but even looking at her insta a few years ago it's soooo different
why did she go so apeshit over this boring anime? she used to post loads of other stuff like jewelry making, different outfits and hair, pics from her playing WoW etc. now it's literally the same pic of her dressed as zero two every day

No. 59651

Was thinking of that too! I used to lurk her back when she had blue hair and an active Etsy account for jewelry making. She seemed to have a lot of hobbies and was pretty normal all things considered before she watched this anime/met Kevin and descended back into skinwalking and batshittery.

No. 59661


It's probably a combination of nostalgia. She enjoyed the chapter of her life where she was Sailor Moon and cosplaying with her friends. She probably also enjoyed the drama that surrounded the scene too. I'm positive she enjoyed the drama.

Loon's friends have grown up for the most part. A lot of them have moved on with their lives, I think. Age does that. You close chapters and usually you open new doors to new chapters instead of revisiting old rooms.

So there's Kevin who reminds her of that past. And he gives her adoration and attention, let's her have her way, and gives into the drama side of cosplay for her. In fact, he's mentally young enough to flourish in it and only see what he wants to see from it.

I think she's having a hard time accepting that her life isn't really going anywhere. She's 35 or something? Only works part time… Has less than others her age, even considering she doesn't have school loans (probably)…

No. 59673

File: 1564087782341.jpeg (274.98 KB, 750x1163, C62DAA26-BE32-4FDE-8D4F-2D8BEB…)

Apparently he left because his job sucked but doesn’t remember Momo having to arrange his rescue, him stabbing himself in the leg and loads of other stuff

No. 59674

File: 1564087845426.jpeg (462.67 KB, 1242x1786, C5577FFB-7F5C-4512-AE18-EC2118…)

Is this out of context Kevin? It’s your own post

No. 59675

he's been gaslighted so much he literally forgot he had to be rescued i guess.

No. 59676

File: 1564088111912.jpeg (129.79 KB, 750x668, abuse.jpeg)

No. 59683

Looks like paradise to me /sarcasm

No. 59687

File: 1564094291533.jpeg (169.66 KB, 750x1049, 6D0BDF25-7E6D-489C-8529-982B83…)


No. 59689

File: 1564094737802.jpeg (139.26 KB, 550x800, 30202232-464F-4599-9549-2EDF40…)

even when she wears a wig it isn’t right

No. 59690

File: 1564095085469.png (165.42 KB, 380x590, tumblr_mvpv3vtLOc1slnf7ro2_400…)

Using a wig that was clearly meant for Ryuko transformed but… lmao

Praying that she doesn't make the Senketsu costume because I really don't need to see her tits again.
(Also loving the kitchen trash bag look!)

No. 59694

File: 1564095911362.jpeg (64.67 KB, 750x493, 7C3483D2-C79D-4527-80E3-6A0731…)

It’s apparently kevin’s wig. maybe he was going to do the cosplay at some point? either way now she’s “claimed” it.

No. 59703

Oh so that’s what she said before she deleted the comment. Interesting.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 59705

Welcome! Heads up, don't use a name here, just leave all fields blank.

No. 59709

Copy. I know Kevin and Lori will see this and probably make a post or some shit about it on their Facebook, whatever little fucks I had to give is pretty much done so good luck to them and their relationship and their cosplay dreams.

No. 59713

It's funny how many of the anons here are from his own fb. She's really alienated him from almost all of his old friends entirely. I want to feel bad for him because of how abusive she's been in the past, but he's become so unbearable lately. It's like her narc personality has been implanted into him. He used to seem so much more chill, but maybe he was just better at keeping his crazy under wraps?

No. 59716

File: 1564102937296.jpeg (61.79 KB, 370x425, DF0FE345-16A7-40C3-9BBF-44E08B…)

LMAO it's Soni from the Kou Klan

No. 59719

15 years ago omg.

No. 59720

known him for a long ass time in the local con scene and he was never like this that i could see in the past. Not that I'd know anymore since he blocked me from his fb. guess I'm one of the ones who doesn't "support" so I didn't get to stay!

No. 59722

cat is out of the bag and now they will probably attack you, soni. might as well spill some tea.

No. 59723

I actually am working right now, and there’s no tea to be spilled that hasn’t already been spilled. This is what happens when you don’t keep your private life private and need to overshare your problems with the internet.

No. 59726

Did you find this page from Kevin constantly posting about it? That's how most people are here now.

No. 59729

I actually found it when Lori posted about it a while back and as a former CGL trip, it was extremely easy to find this. Someone actually sent me that screenshot I commented on and well, that’s why I’m here now. But for real, I really gotta work!

No. 59731


ugh go away

No. 59738

The comment is still up from what I can see…not deleted.

No. 59762

he should really stop posting every single dramatic thought he has on his facebook, or every fight he gets into. it's embarassing and he would be better off.

No. 59766

But how else will he show da haterz that they’re just jealous of his perfect anime relationship?!

No. 59791

Bless your soul for enduring Lori. I’m sure that “friendship” was exhausting and toxic. You’re better off. I remember following you guys in the livejournal days and it just seemed like a very one sided friendship that existed purely for her ego. The level of skin walking and the need to turn real people into cartoon characters to live out her fantasy of being sailor moon is extremely disturbing and it’s crazy to me she still does it. I’m just curious what it must have been like to be in her inner circle.

Why do I feel like you are either Lori or Kevin afraid she is going to drop dirt on you?

No. 59807

File: 1564154207682.jpeg (150.87 KB, 750x945, 75D9B015-0687-4976-827D-6D069B…)

Kevin posted this. Then changed his comment afterwards

No. 59808

File: 1564154718523.jpeg (145.46 KB, 750x907, 4F8421E6-3721-4C9B-A8D7-4A230F…)

No. 59809

File: 1564154750505.jpeg (144.01 KB, 750x941, CD771F4D-67BB-4CB2-911C-3DB3F8…)

No. 59810

>the kind of people calling us out on anon

No Kevin it’s not exclusive to you. It’s literally the site rules that if you put a name in the box you get banned. But go ahead and keep sperging.

No. 59811

The flabby pink one spends an awful lot of time seething on the internet herself to be making fun of anyone else doing the same thing regardless of how much they weigh.

Also lol at Kevin's cope.
>it's not that we are judgmental, just don't piss us off so we don't have to whip out the fact that we were secretly judgmental all along!
You won't even have fat friends left at this rate, let alone friends at all. What self-respecting people would stick around waiting for the axe to fall on them from these hideous narcissists? Run for the hills and let these two destroy each other.

No. 59812

File: 1564155651460.png (14.57 KB, 489x132, Screenshot (452).png)

this poor girl is about to get jumped on

No. 59813

Seriously. Not to mention these spergy rage posts are happening every single day. The friends that are commenting still have some sense by telling him to stop feeding the trolls but he likes “trolling them back” so it keeps falling on deaf ears. He’s being an idiot but relishing in it.

I cannot imagine either of them are pleasant to be around at this rate which is probably why more people are just giving up or becoming observers.

Why have you even had threads for 16 years anyway Lori? That’s the real question. Because you’ve been a shitty person for that long!

No. 59814

File: 1564156273779.jpeg (384.02 KB, 828x1282, 01BE6353-E561-4802-B87B-8D0D4A…)

No. 59815

File: 1564156504890.png (64.09 KB, 1066x368, Capture 2.PNG)

Guess Lori didn't like how Kev decided to reply uwu he's wrapped around her finger

No. 59816

what nice people! /s

No. 59817

I guarantee "Stop feeding the trolls" is just a polite way to tell them to shut the fuck up without incurring Lori's narcissist rage.
Notice how no one ever says "That website lolcow really has it all wrong about you guys!" Instead they always tell Lori and Kevin to stop posting so as to not give us more ammo, or say shit about the person they're attacking to stir the pot.

What nobodies.

No. 59818

they don’t actually ever link to the lolcow page in any of their posts but they have named it directly so if they think they’re not leading people to it, they’re wrong. what’s the point of even naming your “hate site” and then not linking to it?

No. 59820

She’s truly vile. If she wonders why she’s had troll issues for 16 years, this is the answer.

No. 59823

new lurker here so correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Lori herself mexican or some other kind of hispanic? And she’s okay with people making ICE jokes about her ex friend just because she posted in here? the friends they have left are just as trash as they are!

No. 59824

You know for people who complain so much about “anon,” she really can’t handle me actually showing my face and confronting her directly about it in private. And exactly as expected, I see she showed her whole racist, body shaming face about it. She really is shameless, it’s almost admirable. It’s a shame I don’t really give too much of a fuck about goofy ass people dressing up in the same two costumes every day living their anime fantasy.

No. 59827

welcome back!

i think she just loves any excuse to show her true colors and this is her equivalent of a Top 10 Animu Betrayal so she’s being as nasty as possible.

No. 59828

I don’t know anyone who would support someone fat shaming and racist remarks over a fucking comment about a costume. Think about this Lori and Kevin supporters this is how they feel about all people with weight they just don’t say it because you haven’t pissed them off yet. Lori needs to turn her skin into muscle because that’s all she is skins and bones. Kevin it’s just to easy to tear this child down so I won’t go there lol. You might also ask hour fiancé to get a divorce from her last two husbands most likely is still married to the guy her parents made her marry at 17. Make sure you ask her how long she went to jail for getting caught for buying her minor boyfriend alcohol too Kevin. Also make sure you have no siblings Kevin or Lori will sneak off and fuck them behind your back like I’m sure she fucked rikki behind yours. You both are just mad that nobody actually likes you. We all find your lives sad and pathetic because all you do is sit in your room all day dressed up as anime characters in the same fucking outfit pretending to be something you never ever will be. Get a fucking life we all just stick around to watch the train wreck like we have been we actually don’t give a fuck about your cosplays or your sad delusional lives. As for Soni you are fire and I’m glad you aren’t afraid to speak your mind to that bitch. She is almost 40 trying to keep drama to stay relevant and to have people fight her battles.

No. 59831

I'm genuinely curious what all her "heavy" or non-racist "friends" think about this shit. Is it "Hur hur hur, it's okay cause she wasnt talking about ME?" Seriously judging all the people who are cool with this right now.

No. 59832

Only people left are white knights who will agree with it I think. Or else they’d face THE WRATH.

No. 59835

the one making the ICE joke is so try hard thinking he knows everything and everyone in that community. I'm not surprised out of all the "old" friends she tagged in her post that he was one of the few who came out telling a story about himself after making that joke.

No. 59836

It’s DJRanmaS, known creep. You can guarantee everything that comes out of his mouth is hypocrisy and lies at its finest.

No. 59837

Known fact that DJRamma is a womanizer and has been fired from jobs for sexual harassment. /shrug

No. 59838

One of her parents are from Chile. So uh…yeah.

No. 59840

File: 1564163955607.jpeg (448.53 KB, 1242x2208, 0B56533B-E1DA-4253-AEC0-5B6D87…)

No. 59841

File: 1564164011726.png (328.45 KB, 1242x2208, 2A3274C4-F4EF-4532-AE84-D89861…)

No. 59843

File: 1564164070931.png (315.13 KB, 1242x2208, 7885A670-5CE1-48ED-84CB-343CFF…)

No. 59845

File: 1564164114184.png (304.46 KB, 1242x2208, 26C46E54-B8DF-44E7-A048-918562…)

No. 59846

Oh this milk is fuckin' fresh today.

No. 59848

Might want to repost with your icon censored, unless you've got some tea to spill too.

No. 59851

File: 1564165073730.jpg (315.38 KB, 1512x2015, IMG_20190726_141404.jpg)

As someone who has watched this whole thing unfold from start to finish, Kevin is in MAD denial that this lunatic isn't abusing him. The way he's lashing out and defensive is so fucking telling.

Christ even saying for her friends to add him because he needs decent ones (yknow, ones who don't call her out for blatantly abusing him) hits every checkbox of manipulation. Psychotic cunt lol.

Shame too, I loved Kevin's work. Now the quality has gone down because he's too busy being bootleg 002's puppet.

Also top quality waist shoop. Why fuck with your waist when you're so s m o l

No. 59853

File: 1564165685356.jpeg (3.55 MB, 750x25030, C818D5D7-9BA5-4C95-9DCE-E78D23…)

No. 59854

Lmao who "skinnyshamed" Kevin? Kevin you are literally an ex obese, no one thinks you're skinny. We specifically make fun of you because of the way you photoshop yourself in an attempt to look like a young pointy anime boy because you, like Lori, can't accept that you are grown adults and have figures as such.

No. 59855

And look there. All the piece of shit cosplayers. They stick up for Lori and lick her pussy. Jessie Pridemore is a prime example of a garbage human.

No. 59856


Shit, even that MooMoo bitch told Kevin to leave Lori.

No. 59858

File: 1564167114554.jpeg (62.15 KB, 487x650, 44DBA977-112F-420E-B2FF-284D20…)

An yes, the Jessie Pridemore who did Blackface? Shocking they’re friends.

No. 59860

File: 1564167705149.jpeg (558.84 KB, 750x4234, 250A9C4E-5F1D-4BA4-95CC-BD202C…)

No. 59863

thing he's missing the basic principle of two wrongs not making a right but he's also so fucking out of touch with literally everything he's spewing out that i'm not remotely surprised.

No. 59864

They're going absolutely manic.
>n-n-no, our specific insults weren't to hurt our friends, it was bait so we could insult someone else! don't take it so personally even though our insults were super general and definitely still apply if you're not on our good side!
It's honestly embarrassing seeing a woman in her 30s act like a middle schooler.

No. 59865

Their icon isn't anywhere anon. Thats a second comment at the bottom of all the mess.

No. 59866


If what they say is true, then I feel really bad for Emi. But just to expose Soni like that, you drag in something traumatic? That Greg shit was just three years ago. Wounds are fresh. The problem I have is everyone is ready to point the fingers, and forgetting the real issue. Lori is fucking insane, and is no different than any other psychotic abusive scum bag. Kevin needs to wake up.

No. 59867

Because DJRanmaS had to make it about himself SOMEHOW to feel relevant to the conversation. Then it exploded that much more to drag Soni and this poor girls is left reliving something horrible.

All these people are so disgusting.

No. 59868

there's a lot of white knights but I'm glad at least some people are calling them out.

at this rate the friend count will drop like flies even without seeing this thread because they're both defending shitty behavior. in public.

No. 59870

Jessie at least has the capacity to feel remorse and grow. She's come out more than once to apologize for this cos hasn't she?

I think we can all agree that thread is full of assholes, but Jessie has definitely matured and grown from her problematic days. Soni is a fucking loser for leaking Jessie's nudes, Soni is a loser for whatever happened with Eri, and she's a loser for leaking Lori's posts. Lori and Kevin are also assholes too. No one is a winner here.

No. 59872


I know DJRanmaS isn't talking. If he knew all this shit, why didn't he fucking TELL Emi in a more private setting?? fucking tasteless blasting this shit on facebook. He was the one that exposed all that on /cgl in the first place back in 2017 in fact. All that aside, I'm fucking glad Lori is getting the hammer. She's been getting by with her shit for over two decades.

No. 59873


No. 59874


Nah Jessie is a self serving piece of shit.

No. 59875


“Loser for leaking Lori’s post” lol wut isn’t that what we’re here for?

No. 59877

Last time I’ll say this, but I didn’t leak her nudes, I never told him to do anything, and I never leaked her posts. I have zero problem in confronting people I have issues with personally like I have done with all three and don’t need to resort to posting shit on the internet anonymously. (Only reason why I’m here anonymously tho not really was cause I got like a 12 hour ban for putting my name up earlier in this thread. Two of these goofballs have been blocked for years now and Lori is the most recent on the block list.

Besides most of the posts here were from Kevin’s FB and I’ve never been on his friend list.

You can take it or leave it, I don’t really care, but it’ll be the last time I even address these bullshit rumors. It sucks her nudes got leaked (I assume the SG ones?), he’s an absolute piece of shit for treating his ex like garbage and trying to get with underage girls, and Lori well… that just speaks for itself.

Happy Friday everyone!

No. 59879

File: 1564173436022.jpeg (96.58 KB, 477x526, A11DCCB0-4ED5-4F02-BFEC-D37B71…)

Soni if you’re reading this, I just want to tell you I 100% stan you.

No. 59880

I'm not sure how someone as seemingly level headed and normal as Soni got caught up with these people.

No. 59881


Look Soni, I'm with you on the Lori thing. In fact, I remember all the drama since Pocky Box days.

But beyond that, I hope you didn't back Greg like DJRanmaS said. Eri didn't deserve that shit.

No. 59882

Absolutely not. Admittedly when he would talk to me about some nonsense drama, I would just tell him to break up if it’s that much of an issue. But to hurt someone? Hell no. I didn’t say her name in this thread out of respect and it’s very upsetting people used her trauma to try to make some sort of point against me. Say what you want about me (and I guess throw in my family in there too for emphasis) I can handle it, but don’t bring other people’s trauma into it.

No. 59883

1. Cosplay. 2. I wasn’t always level-headed and normal, I just grew up cause that’s what happens when you get older and more experienced in life and start giving a shit about actual shit that matter instead of dressing up like an anime character. 3. Therapy helps. Which is what alllllllllllll of these bitches need. Go to therapy!

No. 59884


No doubt. I don't think they should have dragged your personal life, nor Eri's trauma into this. But if you know Lori like I do, she'll tear anyone down just to get the heat off of her. But like other Anons said. You were waaaaayyy too fucking level-headed for the "Kou clan".

No. 59885

Kevin and Lori claimed to be in couples counseling in the previous thread after their first blowout. Am assuming that wasn't true!

No. 59886

wait she got rid of her cat just because?

No. 59887

I don’t know anything about that, all I know in working with families who have experienced DV is that couple’s counseling is the last thing you do to fix the relationship because DV is a power issue. Address the domestic violence portion first through individual dv counseling and batterer’s intervention and then come together after having these tools to repair the relationship if that’s what you choose. A couple weeks of couples counseling or whatever is ineffective, imo.

No. 59888

What sad losers we are here. Grow some balls and come off anon, let's see where it goes. At the smallest hint people block us and run scared shitless. I don't care what the internet has to say, this is the saddest shit i've ever seen in my life. Ex obese? LOL eating disorders? Bet half you pigs eat microwave dinners and McDonalds and down pills all day. I know who's posting our stuff, it's really not hard to tell by the way some of you type. Block me, unfriend me and move on with your sad little lives.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 59889

Off-topic. But genuinely curious
Soni are you still in contact with others from that SM cosplay group? or did you leave that behind entirely?

No. 59891


No. 59892

"I cant believe they dragged your personal life into this"

Bitch you've been dragging out the most personal information of ours for years.

No. 59893

learn how to sage Lori & Kevin.

No. 59894

Lol you mad bro? League of legends allchat holds more salt than you piglets

No. 59895

Uh, I mean, I have a few of them on FB (though after this I dunno, I haven’t checked) but not close like that at all. Just enough to keep up with our respective lives of just a couple of people really.

No. 59896

How come Kevin only gets so salty over people calling him fat and ugly instead of actually important stuff lmao

No. 59897

Think I give a fuck LOL I'm so happy all the shitters are filtering themselves out it saves so much time xD

No. 59898


man, both of you are mad immature. kevin, get help, and Lori…GURRRLLL You need Jesus.

No. 59899


LOL Setusna still makes those crappy. over-priced cosplays?

No. 59900

And no one circle jerking and obsessed with our lives is problematic? Get over yourselves xD

No. 59901


DUDE fucking sage.

No. 59902

this is so embarassing

No. 59903

Anons too scared to confront us even on the internet x3

No. 59904

What would you do if someone confronted you irl Lori? Would you EET them? Or SUU them?

No. 59905

lulz this isn't how this board works. and why are you so mad? Why does the opinions of anons matter to you so much? Lori is obviously in her 40's acting like a junior high student. And Kevin is a train-wreck waiting to happen. You need help you guys. Seek it.

No. 59906

From the looks of it there are people in here who called you out on your page. Wouldn’t say they’re anon ?

No. 59907

My social media has honestly never done better so I must be doing something right :3

No. 59908

File: 1564175364887.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1117x1910, 18BC0B77-7910-4CD5-8469-7DBEB9…)

She wasn’t a part of the crew, she just made a couple of the costumes some of the kous wore. The website is still quality.

No. 59909

so when the cow gets banned for self posting they'll just take it as another victory over the scared anons. read the site rules guys. we don't make them.

No. 59910


damn it's still awful, and outdated. Did she make the kous costumes for free or discounted? I know Lori went to her all the time.

No. 59911

Lilith I know you're in here, you kept my message app for years. Your boy works at google. You are a sad jobless felon and blocked me on everything the second you got caught. You're shaped like a fucking egg

No. 59912

I wonder how any self respecting person can honestly type, “I look like a sexy anime guy” with a straight face

No. 59913


keep it up. you might be surprised what a mod can do~(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 59914

I have no clue. This was 15 years ago.

No. 59915

You've literally lost your damn mind.

No. 59916

I never had a Setsuna Kou costume, I made my Chibimoon stuff except for the first princess dress. Lori made that one.

No. 59917

File: 1564175640435.png (208.66 KB, 545x486, pjK3Sne.png)

No. 59919


I can tell. You're costumes always looked on point. In fact better than the rest of the Kou. You do you boo.

No. 59920

The new generation is next level tho. Kevin for example makes really great costumes, I can admit that. And Lori’s newest Zero Two is good also. There were talented people in the group, especially the ones who still cosplay occasionally. But thank you for the compliment.

No. 59921

How long do you guys give till they murder/suicide? I’m going with 2 years

No. 59922


Sorry this has became a big ass cluster fuck for you. But Keep your chin up, and be proud knowing you're not a basketcase like Lori, and Kevin. Lori will forever be toxic, and Kevin gotta just hope for the best and can only hope he'll discover, and value his self-worth.

Thanks for answer our questions, as crazy as they may have been.

No. 59924


hell no. after this I give it 6 months.

No. 59925

middle-aged and selling poorly shopped, filtered to hell photos? couldn't be me!

No. 59926

Didn’t Lori buy her costumes from Setsuna Kou and claim them as her own creations? Because that’s what I remember.

No. 59927

File: 1564176871121.jpeg (1.24 MB, 3840x2160, 0EC9BD8F-D1F0-40B2-BA64-197C53…)

I called it in >>59709 that this would happen so I wasn’t shocked when this shit went down. I’m good, I’m finally home from traveling for work, about watch some Master Chef with my partner (who is not abusive!) and try to fight for housing on XIV. Ya’ll can keep dragging my family or whatever racists ideas you have into the fold, but literally everyone in my immediate family is a US citizen so good luck with ICE.

No. 59930


You grew up. That's it. That whole ass group was known for it, and Lori for as long as she's been walking was the Queen whom loved it. Glad you got out when you did. This who saga should be documented for Down The Rabbit Hole. This is like some FF7 House shit.

No. 59931

I was thinking the same thing. Except this isn't a cult, and this was just petty drama amongst a cosplay group that got way out of hand.

No. 59932

Lori started all of the drama though……

No. 59933

>Bet half you pigs eat microwave dinners and McDonalds and down pills all day.
Projecting a little too hard there, aren't ya Kevin? I'm sure McDonald's and happy pills sound great to you right about now considering how upset you are.

No. 59936

yikes this got even more pathetic. i'd wondered how long it would take for one/both of them to show up trying to make everyone believe they're not affected by this even though by responding they show that they are.

No. 59937

yikes this got even more pathetic. i'd wondered how long it would take for one/both of them to show up trying to make everyone believe they're not affected by this even though by responding they show that they are.

No. 59941

I know Lori and Kevin lurks so I’ll say this. Thanks for the drama you’re giving us exactly what we want and we’re just enjoying every single moment of this shit. You guys are so far up your own asses that you can’t even look in a mirror to see the real problem. We saw the real illustration of your storybook relationship and the jig is up so how about we stop pretending and face the music? While you guys dig further into your own graves we’ll be watching and enjoy the shitshow. Thanks for giving us a fun Friday evening!

No. 59943

seriously I haven't had this much fun online in years

No. 59944

The sad thing is that, as enlightening as this thread has been around exposing their issues and abuse, the only thing it’s going to do is make them closer. Friends hate us? Don’t worry, we don’t need anyone anyway. Anons trolling us? That’s okay, it’s us vs. the world. Emotionally immature people live for this shit. Kevin is never going to leave, although his lucid moments on Facebook suggest he sometimes knows he should.

No. 59945

I think what would be good is if they took a break from social media and really focused on themselves and not anons or this site or even cosplay at all. But that might be too much for them to handle.

Kevin since you're here, take some time away. Take a break. Deactivate Facebook. Work on it with Lori and stop lashing out. Take the advice that's been given and stop mindlessly raging.

No. 59947

You're completely right, it's honestly very sad because it's abuse 101. This couldn't be any closer to what Lori wants. Isolating Kevin and herself completely so they're utterly codependent. Making him believe that any word against her or their relationship is just "jealousy".

Kevin we saw that leg wound. As much as I think your shitlord attitude right now is funny, I still really hope you wise the fuck up and realize you don't have to put up with someone wrecking your shit, threatening you, and keeping secrets from you.

No. 59949

I second this. Kevin if you're reading, besides the trolling, and bitchfits. Please open your eyes. You are so much better than this. You don't need her. Please, work on yourself, break free from this before it's too late. I'm pretty sure all of your old friends will come back to you if you dump Lori for the abuser she is. She making you miserable.

No. 59950

God I fucking love how they came ready to fight and instead anons just calmly had a discussion without them, this is the best

Also, Lori and Kevin, I know you think that people who post here know you irl but I personally at least have absolutely no connection to anyone in the cosplay community. I was here for other cows but this drama is too good not to follow. As someone from the complete outside looking in you are both ridiculous crazies and I sincerely hope that you get help. Sorry for slight blogpost, I just hate them thinking that everyone has a vendetta… some of us just can't look away from the train wreck.

No. 59951


This is super sad. Like, think about it. Someone going into their 40's acting like a legit child. And the mental, financial, and emotional abuse of someone so much younger than she. And yes, milk was plentiful today. But at the end of the day Kevin refuses to see her for what she is. So many people have reached out, and instead of thanking them, you publicly shame them. He needs help - very badly might I add. This would be so funny, if this wasn't so damn sad.

No. 59953

Yup same. I was actually wondering this earlier. I know a lot of anons on here are friends or former friends with Kevin or Lori and wondered how many anons were like me and are complete outsiders.

No. 59957

Also an outsider who’s been fascinated by this drama since the Kou Klan days. I don’t know Lori or Kevin and frankly I don’t ever want to.

No. 59958

Kevin is cosigning her racist and fatphobic behavior. Fuck him too, they deserve one another.

No. 59959

I get so much secondhand cringe that Lori thought it was okay to call her group the Kewl Kou Klan.

No. 59968

Oh boy, what did I miss?

I legitimately only told her to go on anon because namefagging is against the rules.

Lori really putting in the work to alienate whats left of his friendslist, huh? She's miserable.

It sounds like the situation with Kevin is the same exact situation with her ex. Also, it's definitely obvious she loves the attention/drama as she even said here >>59809 that she missed the chan threads about her.

>I attract younger people because they think I'm 23
Girl, you starting to sound like a pedo. Yikes.

Also kek at the girl Lori tried to tag in to help drag people going off on Lori for being a piece of shit.

>he came for me i was like little boi im old

Lori has to chill with saying shit like this. She's almost 40.

Yeah, that was super fucked up and they responded with zero empathy to the whole thing? Just used her as a tool to further their narrative against Soni.

They finally cracked and had a full sperg out. Congrats anons. Lori is peak buttmad.

He tried to talk around it, you can almost see him uncomfortable with it and hesitant to join in at first. He's so desperate to appease her he went in and edited his comments though, she's in complete control of the dude. I hope he escapes someday like other anons have said, shame he's so easily controlled by a "small waist and nice butt" that he's willing to become her literal paypig and bitch.

No. 59976

been hella outta the loop. Been more focused on trophy hoarding lately but had to stop and let ya boiis know that lori has cheated on me with kevin before they left town. And currently she is trying to contact me all the time regardless of me being married. bakudouche can get rekt nub. she keeps in contact with katrina often as well although idk why

No. 59977


No. 59978

Are you Rikki? Are you the thing she was "hiding" from him that he was freaking out about? This whole thing is a shitshow.

No. 59979

No. 59981

Wow. OT but Heather Winter is batshit crazy herself.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised they are (now: were?) friends. Heather is legit crazy, she has a history of being violent and hitting people, stirs up tons of shit, has a history of using/fucking over/abusing friends, and is super twofaced. Kind of surprised she even stood up to Lori since she is a clout chaser. If someone like Heather can't find a reason to keep using you, you must've really fucked up lol

No. 59987

File: 1564196509138.jpeg (497.65 KB, 1242x1711, A2DAC7E5-9D8A-4814-B68E-BD1519…)

Trolling cow by daylight; cheating scum by moonlight. Always running from a real fight; she is the one Usagi Kou.

No. 59988

File: 1564196601160.jpeg (297.67 KB, 1242x2208, 028CA86D-CB4C-4823-AE39-1D820C…)

No. 59989

File: 1564196704646.png (235.17 KB, 400x578, 434C49D9-EBAF-414E-9E25-D48443…)

A porn star wannabe Ellie idol (collie bride) commenting to defend Lori from soni

No. 59990

Can she get some new poses where she doesn’t look like a corpse? Get a new look you old cow Kevin deserves a thick goddess compared to your crack head manipulative ass.

No. 59991

It must be nice to have no job, no education, no tits, no ass, no life, no friends. Does she just sit around in cosplay all day pretending? Psycho ass shit.

No. 59993

File: 1564197708227.jpg (8.31 KB, 180x250, Koubanana.jpg)

Love me or hate me, it?s still an obsession
Love me or hate me, that is the question
If you love me then, thank you!
If you hate me then, ** you!
Love me or hate me, it?s still an obsession
Love me or hate me, that is the question
If you love me then, thank you!
If you hate me then, ** you!

No. 59994

File: 1564198375705.jpg (48.67 KB, 640x960, 10563056_559637777496830_25842…)

kevin how many dudes have been where you are. probably have herpes. sounds like lori cheated with rikki again and lies about it to you.

No. 59995

No unless rikki i came to Utah or they have a secret long distance thing.

No. 59997

Wait, did she have a child named Isis and give her up for adoption? Or was that an animal they are discussing?

No. 60001

I think that’s her cat

No. 60002

I find it ironic that DJRanma/Adam talks about betrayal when it seems like every other day he bitches about being "blocked" by someone or is removed for trying to whiteknight where his opinion is not welcomed. Soni is not his taste, he goes after chunky or malnourished white wimmin afterall. Not surprised he defends Lori/Kevin

No. 60003

rikki had her before she moved to utah. Sounds like he's on here agreeing with that statement.

No. 60007

Not to wk, but I am really sick of how ageist everyone is. If you're 24 you don't get told you "are almost 30" but if you're 34 you do? Ageism can be just as bad as any other form of bigotry. I know plenty of people will say that it's only because someone is acting immature, but y'all do it to tear down someone's appearance too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 60008


Have to say these two have a shitload of chemistry unlike with kevin.

No. 60009

Genuine question. Is she pregnant here or is that just her dress?

No. 60011

I wish the pocky box was still around… it had details of multiple batshit insane Sailor Moon chicks. It seems like every chick who cosplays Sailor Moon and has a Sailor Moon cosplay group is nuts. It's like catnip for crazies.

No. 60012

She was cheating on Kevin with Rikki and Rikki with Kevin depending on whose point of view it is, confirmed by Kevin himself here >>59674

The anon here who seems to be alluding to being Rikki, is saying she has been calling him. Which may be what Kevin was so upset about recently in >>57402 >>57403 ? Without any receipts though, it's hard to say.

>Trolling cow by daylight; cheating scum by moonlight. Always running from a real fight; she is the one Usagi Kou.

Ty for this anon.

No. 60016

Because he is okay being in a relationship with domestic violence and abuse.

I posted screenshots of every single page from Pocky Box on her last thread from waybackmachine. Enjoy.

No. 60022

Now Kevin don’t confuse your life with ours lol!! We all here have real jobs where we can afford to eat at a five star fucking resteraunt as well as amazing relationships where our partners don’t drain our banks dry for cartoon clothes and yell rape if we have other friends on our facebooks. No matter how much you try to defend your girlfriend you were only 10 years old when she was doing the same bullshit she was doing then so yes we know about her crap way longer than you! You are just in denial of your situation but truly I’m going to stick around just so that we can all yell we told you so she moves on to the next victim.

No. 60024

Rikki is this is you please spill the all the milk on this cow because she made it seem as if you abused the hell out of her!

No. 60040

File: 1564228858259.png (782.37 KB, 750x1334, F0BCA72D-0E36-4986-8997-420150…)

I decided to look at Lori’s old livejournal and oh, the irony.

No. 60041

File: 1564229196095.png (161.58 KB, 750x1334, DFA3FDAE-6979-496C-942B-C6C560…)

Also, this made me laugh. She really has not changed in over a decade. It’s sad. “I’m so hot I’ll get raped if I go out!!1!! XDDDD”

No. 60042

Oh wow, I didn’t even know she knew who I even was. I always liked her Sakura. Welp.

No. 60043

God I remember that shitty lingerie set from Leg Avenue. This is so lazy lol

No. 60044

Oh wait lol, it doesn’t seem like she knew who I was other than making that comment about Kevin which wasn’t flattering.

No. 60053

LOOOOOOL we were friends, I remember this shit. She was friends with me when I was fucking 15 and her 21.

No. 60055

I missed a lot yesterday from working but man oh man.


I know it's been said already but hands down one of the best public freakouts I've ever seen from a cow. From emojis to eating microwave dinners to calling random people eggs to emojis to Kevin's fake tough guy persona coming out in full force when he's probably crying.

I haven't laughed this hard in ages.

No. 60063

What microwavable dinner will Kevin eat tonight while Lori is in the other room seething over lolcow posts?

No. 60065

File: 1564259150866.jpeg (8.03 KB, 284x178, index.jpeg)

the kind with the smiling fries that look dead inside/have more expression than any of lori's photos

No. 60086

he looks like he smells like milk or cheese all the time so I'm assuming easy mac
lori wont let him eat in the room with her because she's an anachan and probably complains about the smell. I'm sure she's given up on telling him to wash his fupa though. we know she's insatiable and wants the chub all the time.

No. 60090

File: 1564277448529.jpg (95.49 KB, 720x845, 67404195_2948545805162197_7333…)

No. 60105

Someone linked me here because Lori was messaging me asking me to fuck her at AX a few weeks ago. Once i was told she had a BF i blocked her. Dude check your bitches phone.

No. 60107


No. 60111

Please post proof. If this is true that would be wild.

No. 60115

Screenshots plz

No. 60148

File: 1564348838586.jpg (424.19 KB, 1153x695, 20190728_141735.jpg)

>It's not just a prop
>a show we really bonded over
>I made it to fit her with a lot of love

Sure, Kev

No. 60153

Ok Greg.

No. 60160

File: 1564352732194.jpeg (289.07 KB, 750x1585, 763295EA-CD07-42E9-8D60-9F25D3…)

No. 60161

File: 1564352902134.jpeg (95.24 KB, 750x1065, 53EEED35-2998-4049-8424-72C421…)

From the same thread

No. 60162

File: 1564352938730.png (471.03 KB, 750x1334, F100BE14-F668-4625-A640-65E456…)

The screenshot Lori posted

No. 60163

Oh man what a mess. This post >>60105 just seemed like a troll post to me, designed to get a rise out of them.

No. 60165

Please show proof! Kevin deserves to see the demon he is defending so hard considering she makes him delete female friends. Post it PLEASE!!

No. 60166

Well, it looks like it's working? I'd feel bad for them but they both deserve it.
"I believe my Lori!!!" "He doesn't believe me, here's a cap of our private conversation".
Kevin and Lori I hope you both stay dumb as bricks, this truly is the gift that keeps on giving kek

No. 60167

Wow he is almost as bad as her.

He asked as if it was true instead of giving her a chance to react and defend herself. It's hilarious that he is learning how to be abusive back.

No. 60168

Exactly she says she is tired of drama puts her in fiancé in blast it make him look like shit to her friends. She is giving us all of the proof and amo we need, she is literally feeding the trolls, adding gasoline to a wildfire. What an idiot!

No. 60169

Hey Kevin please stop taking this thread seriously. Your relationship is a mess but literally 0 people should be taking anon posts online seriously. Baiting is a thing that happens. Didn't you propose at this same con? You really think she ran off to shag someone in between that?

Neither of you are mature enough to be in a relationship, you're acting like 14 year olds.

No. 60170

Lori literally snapped at someone once in comments about how he ONLY makes props for HER. So I'd be surprised if she allows him to make props for other people, and if so, probably aggressively police who he is allowed to make props for. In other words, no cute cosplay girls.

>I trust her
>but I really need the truth out of someone
Pick one, Kevin. She literally cheated on you with Rikki before, that info was confirmed and shared by you. It's no surprise he's insecure, she has a history of cheating and using people.

kek. So this is probably what they were arguing about previously. Tbh, she hasn't given him any real reason to trust her and she's just going to publicly gaslight him again until he bows down and lovebombs her into being nice to him again. It's pretty obvious they are both super insecure in this relationship, she polices his friendlist while he panics about who she's texting behind his back. I wonder why his name is set to "Riku" though and not something like "Hiro".

Just like Rikki tbh. She's going to use him up until she finds someone new, meanwhile she's actively making him look bad so when she does leave, she can claim he was the abusive one all along. Kevin is playing right into her narrative.

No. 60171

Also this is an anon image board and most of us are random internet users. Despite you posting this all over Facebook, everyone is not conspiring against you as you think. Look at the other threads on /snow and /w

When people post attention seeking drama bullshit online, it attracts attention and gets discussed here and other places. It's not all about you, it's not personal, this site does not exist for your benefit

No. 60172

She's purposely doing it, so that she can emotionally blackmail him into staying and doing her bidding. There were already leaks of private texts between them where she threatened him with saying she'd publically accuse him of raping her if he didn't listen to her. It's how she keeps him in line and it's how she'll write him off once they inevitably break up. She's setting up the narrative that he's the insecure, abusive one.

No. 60173

Does anyone know, when Kevin says he's been cheated on before, is he talking about Lori or a past relationship of his?

No. 60175

Lori has cheated before with her EX when they were in Seattle. Not sure about previous relationships

No. 60177

>>60175 she cheated on Scott (her Tuxedo Mask and he shared his tale on Pockybox) before.

No. 60178

read this.

No. 60179

Lori has a loooooooong history of cheating.

She cheated on 1st husband Luis with Kelly (1st Seiya). She cheated on Mamo-chan #2 / Scott Lind. She cheated on Ender (Seiya #2) WITH ENDER'S BROTHER. She cheated on Kevin with Rikki. Who knows what other bullshit she's pulled.

Anon could be baiting Kevin, but it's Lori so anything is possible.

Cute to see Kevin learning how to emotionally abuse her. Learned it from the best but she is master and he only the apprentice. Watch out, dude. She's setting you up to look like the bad guy. It's called D.A.R.V.O. – It's called D.A.R.V.O. Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender. Mastering DARVO is Lori's only accomplishment in life.

No. 60180

Yes I know about that post from Kevin and it's clear to everyone (myself included) Lori cheated on him. But his language in that post says he thinks HE fucked up by accusing her of cheating, and that he's terrified of it. I'm not trying to nitpick. I just don't remember any posts by him where he actually says that she did cheat. He blames himself for the "accusations" instead. This post >>60160 is the first one I can remember where he actually admits she did cheat on him.

No. 60182

File: 1564358105635.jpeg (432.25 KB, 750x4395, 6A49F2D1-2D33-4A20-B5BF-396FDF…)

No. 60185

File: 1564358283383.jpeg (128.15 KB, 750x856, BFD08063-E0C1-4ADB-A1F1-699F5F…)

No. 60186

File: 1564358481629.jpeg (64.39 KB, 573x207, 3A422059-B679-4B73-8F75-CC7833…)

so he admitted it once again that she controls his life and he’s miserable. is he gonna try to backtrack when they inevitably make up like he always does?

No. 60187

File: 1564359169649.jpeg (244.37 KB, 750x1502, 1B9C1CFF-EB0D-46E1-8F52-725A93…)

No. 60188

If you’re gonna get this upset over random anon saying things that may or may not be true I think you know what the best course of action is.

Also any anon can come in here and say anything and it will cause them to argue. They never posted any actual proof but it seems like Kevin believes it. That’s healthy!

No. 60190

I can’t believe their age when I see this. So much second hand embarrassment

No. 60191

Kevin, she's manipulating you, gaslighting you, and making you look like the bad guy and her like the victim. She's emotionally blackmailing you. Run away while you still can.

No. 60193

Does this bitch know how to use the audience setting on Facebook? This is embarrassing so to speak.

No. 60196

Both of them need to stop airing their dirty laundry out on the internet and deal with their issues in person like adults. Dragging this shit online just makes them look dumb af and keeps this page alive.

No. 60197

They both are such narcs that they care more about saving face and having their own personal armies than caring about each other, just let this hilarious aged milk flow.

No. 60202

sage for OT but it’s from no game no life
their messenger nicknames are characters from the game

No. 60203

They've both vapid abusive fuckers who deserve each other

No. 60204

File: 1564376248882.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1457997163200.png)

Kevin has no one to blame but himself. he was warned by friends and family to stay away from this succubus, but here we are. This is some damn good milk though

No. 60208

It makes me genuinely depressed to know she is such a rude, heartless bitch, because I loved her sailor moon cosplay. If only she was a fraction as attractive inside as she is outside.

No. 60220

Oh, yes Kevin.

Putting you on blast publically on Facebook instead of trying to have a conversation with you.

Much love. Beautiful relationship. Best waifu.

Not. This. Is. Emotional. Abuse.

I especially love how she's got her friends trained to come in and make Kevin feel more like shit after everything too. Two broken people trying to fit together, and the young one thinking that it's love.

No. 60221

Exactly. You don’t do this shit to someone you genuinely love. He’s too young to realize that. She’s a loser and she’s dragging him down with her. He seems just as shitty as she is now.

No. 60222

"Kevin is too young to understand uwu"
Hes a grown man who happens to be a narc just like Lori lmfao, summerfags really out here to infantalize baby dick kevin, but hes clearly infatuated with his size 0 anime waifu who makes him feel less like a chubby manlet and more like a shoujo boi.
they're both cows.

No. 60224

What Kevin is doing is also emotional abuse. You don’t put your partner on blast on Facebook, period.

If I fought with my partner, publicly, the way these two do, you can bet my friends and family would be chiming in, screencapping and talking about it. They’d think it was weird and toxic as fuck. And none of us are “famous” cosplayers. It’s just people commenting on/being concerned by obviously abusive and unstable behavior. So what’s happening here isn’t unique to them. There just happens to be a forum to post these particular screencaps on because Lori is such a train wreck.

No. 60226

Yeah they're both abusive. I'm not sure if this is behavior that Kevin had before dating Lori, but I know he's shown signs of shallow tendencies.

Regardless, he talks publically as though he believes it'll change her behavior, and she acts as though her public dirty laundry will change something too.

Kevin, you need to understand that this is the price of admission that you will pay to be with Lori. It will not change. The burning anxiety you feel in your stomach with every fight you have will always be there. The threatening will always be there. The isolation from your friends and making you out to be the worst person will always be there because that is the price of admission to be with Lori. Lori has a price of admission as well, for you, but I think you've got the shorter end of the straw in terms of how you support her.

Isn't it funny how Lori states that she refuses to work a full time job because she wants to enjoy her time and hobbies yet she's selfishly okay with making someone else work longer hours to cover that? The price of admission.

You're fortunate to have found a woman who shares anime interests and cosplaying. That's pretty awesome. But there are a lot of wonderful women out there with the same tastes that aren't shitty excuses for human beings. Lori is also super fortunate that she found a man who will financially support her while she continues to emotionally manipulate and abuse, even if you (Kevin) are abusive yourself.

Just get a prenuptial agreement if you plan on marrying her for real. I don't know what Utah's stances are for alimony.

No. 60228

File: 1564406854720.jpeg (138.43 KB, 1373x960, 01E1741E-6659-4A3C-8267-6A01FD…)


No. 60234

He is not too young.. He knows deep down what’s happening, but refuses to acknowledge it. He would rather lie to himself and believe that Lori is his “best girl” when it truth he knows the relationship is toxic. It’s as if he is afraid of not being able to find anyone else.

No. 60240

File: 1564411921324.jpg (4.76 KB, 180x180, FB_IMG_1564248227609.jpg)

Aside from her "relationship", what I feel needs to be discussed more is this bitch is a fat shaming racist piece of shit who calls for ICE to deport people on FB and tries to knock them down when they are on a personal journey. Honestly you are a garbage. Person.(post caps or gtfo)

No. 60243

next time post caps.

No. 60248

Nice milk. This is so interesting.

Firstly Kevin is clearly deeply and genuinely affected by this. Lori on the other hand seems to have her defense mechanisms honed to a fine art and I get the feeling it all bounces straight off her. As long as she's skinnier than whoever she perceives as a threat, she has her fundamentals in place.

I really feel like he's in a relationship with her anorexia. The way he white knights for skinny girls, casting them as an oppressed class is probably something that in his mind he mistakes for empathy.

It's really anything but though, actual empathy would probably have recognised his girlfriend's illness as a source of suffering. But instead it just gives him a boner.

The desire to protect is part of the male sexual drive, and exists in concert with the desire to dominate and possess (you can see the latter in the way he responded to the cheating accusation, the reference to bedroom activities and hitting her are expressions of dominance). I think it would be technically accurate to say that he's obsessed by her carefully malnourished body.

When nature gets it right the protective drive develops into actual empathy over time - by repeatedly considering threats to his partners well being, the man begins to attain a better understanding of his partner's different psyche through repeated practice and exposure.

This undoubtedly gets derailed by her emotional volatility as she tugs his different strings one by one in and out of sequence but he's definitely complicit. I doubt he has any conscious awareness of his motivations but I think he likes being with her because she's sick.

Mostly dragging Kevin here because his behaviour is the more surprising, Lori is a textbook case and operates predictably, if entertainingly. She seems both self-aware and unphased.

sage for sperging(autistic armchairing)

No. 60255

This is actually a very interesting analysis and supported (to me) by the fact that Kevin loses a ton of weight himself whenever he’s alone with Lori for any length of time.

No. 60256

>The desire to protect is part of the male sexual drive, and exists in concert with the desire to dominate and possess
>When nature gets it right the protective drive develops into actual empathy over time

my sides kek your armchairing and psuedo science is just autistic spamming.

No. 60259

Imagine being in your 30s and the only accomplishment you have is being an unemployed waif who bullies your fat boyfriend.

No. 60261

All they do is lurk this thread and fight lol what a life

No. 60282

File: 1564433185614.jpeg (101.65 KB, 750x487, 82DA3C7D-2085-498A-975C-2B00E1…)

No. 60285

This man is so pathetic, but i guess i'd be exhausted too if i were working a 9 hour a day job and coming home to a crazy woman who thinks she's 02.

No. 60286


seems like he's back to lovebombing. I guess these posts from yesterday are gonna be conveniently forgotten then hm?


this push/pull relationship has to be exhausting.

No. 60288

yeah, keep chugging that kool-aid, kevin lol

No. 60289

I almost feel bad how bad it’s going to be when they do eventually break up.

No. 60290


The price of admission requires him to prove his love and devotion through Facebook status after Facebook status, or less invoke the wrath of another day of fighting and being forced to leave for work with extreme anxiety because she refuses to talk to you.

I suppose if your only chance to show Looney Lori that you trust her is to shitpost about the very forum that forced you to question her, nice strategy. Hope it works.

No. 60291

They're up in the thread from earlier. Catch up

No. 60294

So we are just to believe that everything is peachy keen? This is why he needs to just keep his relationship off of Facebook because he makes himself look like a complete idiot. Sometimes I wonder if he does this to get on Lori good side too.

No. 60298

I was waiting for this post. Right on time. I expected more Lori gushing tho

No. 60302

I don't understand the moments of clarity and then the reverting right back into childish "we're trying our best and are better than everyone else" mindset. I know he's clearly being manipulated, but come on.

Lori literally said in the argument yesterday that she was "done" with him and Kevin said yet again that he was tired of being blackmailed and not being treated like a human being. So I would assume this means they broke up albeit for a very short time.

Then suddenly everything is fine and he's spouting nonsense about things that aren't even spoken about in here? Who ever said anything about 5 star food? And we can suck it if we don't think Lori is a wonderful person? But Kevin proved again yesterday that she is not a wonderful person because he admitted she blackmails him and treats him as subhuman.

There is so much whiplash here. I think even Kevin himself would be more confused if people weren't documenting it.

No. 60303

Kevin is acting so crazy. I wonder if they are on diet pills or something?

No. 60305

Lori doesn't have a better back up dude to run off to, so she isn't going anywhere quick. Kevin houses her, pays for her living expenses, and builds her cosplay. Until she finds some new, young, dumb, useful boy to do her bidding, she won't unlatch from Kevin, she's a parasite.

Kevin is almost the perfect host for her. All it probably takes is her threatening to leave, then being nice to him for a day or makeup sex and he's right back to being wrapped around her finger. It's pathetic.

No. 60306

File: 1564440169564.jpg (68.23 KB, 419x576, kevinsphone.jpg)

Lori and Kevin are my fav couple

No. 60308

old news anon. already was posted in previous thread.

No. 60312

Wasn't claiming it was new. Reminder pics have been posted in this thread already but I don't think that one had been.

No. 60313

I wonder why she prefers young dudes. She should get a rich sugar daddy who can pay for the under eye filler she so desperately needs. You can still see her mega dark circles coming through in her filtered to shit pics.

No. 60315

She used to hang out with 15 year olds when she was in her early 20s. I think it's a mix of being emotionally and mentally stunted, wanting to seem and remain youthful, also younger people are typically easier to manipulate due to lack of experience. They are more moldable. And she wants a man she can mold and control. We can definitely see that via Kevin.

I could see her sneaking around behind Kevin's back for some easy money from a sugar daddy, but she'd never go public with something like that, it isn't "kawaii". An old sugar daddy can't cosplay her shota anime boyfriends after all.

No. 60321


see comment above you. Nails it to a T

No. 60322

To add to this, I think she also wanted to get back into a big cosplay scene at some point. Kevin had rubbed elbows with some “popular” cosplayers and photographers in the past, he went to the bigger cons (AX, sakuracon etc), he makes pretty good props, and is easy to manipulate. He was a perfect catch for her grand reentrance.

No. 60337

Hey boois i can tell you that Lori has been messaging me after she moved even though I’m married. Git guud. Bakudouche cant keep her satisfied she hates sex with him and tells me about it all the time. She pretends her back pain is bad to get out of it. She knows what she did. Bakado will know soon too. I’m going to get my babies back from their unfit madda

No. 60339


Proof or ain’t true.

No. 60342

Quit spouting unless you have proof to back it up otherwise there’s no milk and no reason to push it

No. 60344

Seriously bruh, if you don’t have actual proof I don’t believe you because the more you talk the more your starting to seem like a troll. Everyone else who had milk on them had came through with proof, but you continue to just talk and have nothing to show. So if you don’t have actual shit to show stop talking about it.

No. 60347

lmao this obviously isn't Rikki. Just a troll to get you guys salivating. You guys are that gullible to take the bait.

Either that or it's Kevin or Lori at this point lel ( ° ʖ °)( ( ° ʖ °))

No. 60348

No one took the bait other than Kevin tbh. Everyone here has been asking for receipts. Also, we don't use emojis here.

No. 60349

Their entire argument from yesterday was because of an anon on here trolling. Kevin believed it with no proof. Anons always ask for proof.

I would actually believe it’s either Kevin or Lori posting again because of all the emojis.

No. 60350

File: 1564452850141.png (516.55 KB, 1914x729, lol.png)

No. 60351

kek, this is beautiful anon.

There's definitely a lot of newfagging happening in this thread lately between lack of sage and emoji use. I think some of it is people wandering in from Kevin and Lori constantly talking about it, but they are absolutely lurking here still.

No. 60360

early in lori's instagram there's shitloads of photos of joints, weed etc (and crystals?? lmao) back in her uwu blue haired deer phase, but maybe they're hitting the pipe now. I'd believe diet pills more easily though, either that or sleep and food deprivation is wearing on them both. I dont see either of them getting any peace enough to ever get a clear head let alone whatever substances they may be imbibing.

No. 60448

Another batch of at-home in cosplay pics. Does Lori just stare at herself all day?

No. 60468

I mean weed doesn't really lead to the manic, nonstop insanity that they have (usually the opposite, really), the only possible link could be paranoia I guess but that's a loooong shot. I hate the idea of blaming substances though, Lori's been a bitchy succubus for as long as she's been on the internet and Kevin's just being sucked into her drama. I think this is just their natural base state.

No. 60472

File: 1564549521450.jpeg (248.77 KB, 1242x1692, BEE2AD81-9815-46B5-8D36-47886A…)

Caption is petty and spiteful against that other IG user she went on against (outfit was hard for other cosplayer to wear). Is anyone else super disturbed by the cringe videos she’s been posting? Her cosplay is not 100% accurate either. And further more, why is having to be the “better” cosplayer so important? At her age she should have a lot more to feel accomplished about in life. It’s desperate and shameful that this is her reality. I hope Kevin leaves forcing her to work again/ do anything to contribute to society.

No. 60515

Just because you can wear it all day everyday doesn’t mean you should, Lori. I hope she washes it.

No. 60520

She's acting like a teenage brat. it's horrifying. And she cares so much about accuracy, yet wont wear a wig, nor the right shoes. Ok, lori

No. 60556


>can't wear wigs, gets too overheated

>wears skin tight vinyl-like body suit with no ventilation for 7+ hours and shames those who can't

pick one lol

No. 60561

She's old enough to be that girls mom. How embarrassing.

No. 60604

I'm sure she smells like absolute fester.

No. 60623

This is the same story of her lifetime on repeat. I wonder when Kevin will run off and cheat on her like everyone else did. She’s already used Kevin’s car to cheat with rikki. Can someone just do Kevin’s a favor and seduce him so he can leave already? For fucks sake.

No. 60624

i don't think he would cheat or stray tbh. in his mind this is the absolute best he can possibly get, hell and all, so thats why he tries so hard to fix it and keep her happy. why else would someone go through so much shit?

No. 60634

Considering how she basically lives in her cosplay, they probably do stink by now. I can't imagine they get much of a wash very often. Kevin already admitted that he hardly bathes as it is.

He might if the girl was cuter and more notable in the cosplay scene than Lori, which might be why she feels threatened by any girl that fits into that box. He's incredibly shallow, and was a "fan" of her before they initially hooked up. He's just a fanboy with low standards.

No. 60638

File: 1564629136124.jpeg (46.43 KB, 640x400, 147C55CD-6D63-4136-B3D4-BFD80F…)


No. 60667

File: 1564645242160.gif (2.62 MB, 382x480, ezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif)

i guess she gets really bored to act so retarded

No. 60675

She looks like an idiot. Who would think this is cute? It’s bizarre to watch a thirty-something jumping around with a devoid expression. If you’re trying to be fun, maybe smile a little and look like you’re having fun?

No. 60685

I thought her spine was broken lmao

No. 60687

She must really suffer for her art

No. 60689

These videos remind me of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs.

No. 60690

Is she doing the chicken dance? Kevin is at work all day while her 30-something unemployed ass does whatever this is.

No. 60711

Imagine being blessed with the gift of life and this is how you spend it. Abusing your slave boyfriend and forcing him to provide for you so you can stay home and post your bouts of cabin fever online. It’s pathetic.

No. 60722

She’s trying to passive aggressively demonstrate (again) how comfortable her costume is and how she can spend ALL DAY!!!! in it

All. Day. Every day, clearly.

No. 60725

File: 1564689770620.png (1.75 MB, 1859x1068, magicalshoujoprincess.png)

But she's a magical ~*~ageless~*~ shoujo anime princess!

She doesn't need a career, personal goals, education, plans for the future, or icky human adult responsibilities – those are for plebs and ugly old people. She's wayyy too ~*~ kawaii ~*~ for that old fogey peasant shit.

No. 60726

She reminds me of the episode of king of the hill where Bill was playing Santa and kept this on even after christmas to the point where his costume was getting dirty. Definite Peter pan syndrome.

No. 60729

File: 1564691186381.jpg (217.84 KB, 1600x869, composite_15646909551842.jpg)

2004? Going to the movies in cosplay.
2018? Still going to the movies in cosplay.
Lori hasn't changed in what…15 years?? So yeah, no wonder she feels 'ageless' lol

No. 60731

kevin looks like a foot here. wtf is that expression and that one long bang?

No. 60737

What are you talking about, Anon, he obviously looks like a sexy anime guy

No. 60739

File: 1564699471974.jpg (67.17 KB, 500x725, 371til.jpg)


No. 60742

The girl in 2004 makes a better Hiro now than Kevin ever would.

No. 60744

jfc, he looks 39 yrs old. White dudes cosplaying tiny japanese anime characters always look so bad.

No. 60747

File: 1564702181935.jpg (66 KB, 494x601, noooooooooo.jpg)


I don't think Kevin really has a choice

No. 60752

The pics in the thread today, lol

No. 60754

She's got the crazy eyes, like Heather Sparkles

You can never be cute when your eyes say "I will stab you at the drop of a hat."

No. 60755

This is insane. I thought her spine was broken which is why she “can’t work” yet she is jumping around in a fucking costume perfectly fine. Lazy bitch.

No. 60771

how long has it been since she posted an “at work” pic with the forever 21 lanyard? wonder if she did actually quit and Kevin is just completely supporting her.

No. 60775

File: 1564714720285.jpg (114.13 KB, 1589x325, 5647143988391.jpg)


dunno, I was under the impression she just did camming fetish stuff, if any work

No. 60782

She still works part time at Forever 21 according to FB, Kevin posted a couple of weeks ago that she got a raise

No. 60810

File: 1564755570550.jpeg (166.71 KB, 750x942, 9F6CF7F8-28F2-4CE1-8B47-5627F8…)

Im not sure if this has been posted. This was a comment left on the video where she “has to file down her horns because she’s pisses off.”
I snorted.
The excess of filters may hide her age, but I’ve always thought her voice was a giveaway.

No. 60823

File: 1564764826154.png (1.34 MB, 1628x1028, lovehottopic.png)

yeah Lori's lying, she loves her some Hot Topic

No. 60847

File: 1564773795704.jpg (425.66 KB, 1045x1393, FaceApp_1564773753626.jpg)

The future.

No. 60856

Figure this is what she looks like under the filters.

No. 60864

kek reminds me of >>>/pt/665215

No. 60870

File: 1564780100212.jpg (96.74 KB, 474x999, FaceApp_1564780071497~2.jpg)

Oh lord. I think someone needs to stop me.

No. 60873

LOL my sides

No. 60881

File: 1564781788878.jpg (691.99 KB, 1080x1350, FaceApp_1564780337855.jpg)


Then just one more?(newfaggotry)

No. 60882

This should be the image for the next thread

No. 60886

we've discovered kevin is a cow too so i think both of them should be included.
>>60881 is hilarious and would be a good candidate.

No. 60901

Except this is an Usagi Kou thread. And she’s the one who is old, not Kevin.

No. 60915

It's funny watching her try to act so pretentious about not shopping at HotTopic when she literally works at Forever21. HotTopic is mostly weeb shit and band tshirts, how does that not appeal to someone who basically lives in their cosplay?

Also, her buying her hairdye at HT explains why her hair usually looks so shit.

No. 60918

I’m surprised she doesn’t pay to get it the right color, but she knows they will cute majority of her hair off . Her real hair is strings literally…

No. 60924

File: 1564805821519.jpg (31.58 KB, 551x370, Picture1.jpg)

Does she not cease to look like a bitch in the rare pictures of her with black hair?

No. 60925

File: 1564807364264.png (159.54 KB, 1280x1230, tbw.png)

poor Kevin

No. 60930

This actually looks like the candid photos people posted on here.

No. 60980

File: 1564857926077.jpg (58.84 KB, 600x800, 10294_10152162806690431_212441…)

She had a dark hair phase that wasn't so bad- healthy weight, more flattering bangs, and imo the witchy shit looked more age appropriate than the weeb shit

No. 60985

Loved this look. Always thought she looked better like this than skinwalking anime.

No. 61001

The makeup still isn't great, but seeing this and
She really does look so much better with the dark hair. She has a mature face that clashes with the "kawaii anime girl" routine she's trying to pull off, especially when the filters aren't there to smooth everything over to the extreme.

kek, that second panel. I don't know if I'd go as far as to imply Kevin is cute though.

No. 61038

File: 1564897925032.jpeg (184.18 KB, 972x1296, 16773185-A531-460E-ADC3-3ECC32…)

I agree. Lori style was always a gothic Lolita type of style. This person her was her last husband and to be honest was the only time she was fine with being herself he was about a year or two older than her and was a black smith. He was her reason for coming to Washington state. It’s sad that she has fallen back into her delusions but this time it is much much worse as if she is trying to literally escape herself

No. 61043


imagine divorcing a blacksmith for that chubby sadboi.

No. 61049

Y’all are crazy this is just as cringe as her skinwalking. Lori has never had style. There’s always something off the mark.

No. 61055

Think I've read in one of the prev threads that he had cheated on her or something of that sort. Also, curious if she actually got officially divorced.

No. 61058


They had an open relationship, so I don't think he cheated. At least that's what Steven had said their relationship was, even when married. There was a time where he said he felt she was very troubled, and even after the divorce stayed in touch with her. When times were tough, he'd give her some food or something. This was years ago so I don't have that conversation anymore, sorry.

No. 61076

Wait so she has already been married twice? Making Kevin her THIRD marriage?

(Not that it's actually going to happen obviously, considering how they act towards each other.)

No. 61095

1st husband- Luis in 2001 (btw Lori was 15, he was like 25+ years old)
So Luis allegedly raped a cosplayer in Lori's Sailor Moon group in early 2000s (2003?). Cosplayer was https://eternaly-lost.livejournal.com/
Lori then tried to convince the rape victim to commit suicide by downing a shitton of Aspirin

2nd husband- Jeff in 2002, married for like 3 months

3rd husband- Steven, cheated on her immediately after wedding

There may be more. Tough to tell.

No. 61113


No. 61152

Who is Jeff? Also yes Steven ran off with some girl right after the wedding. She was already bad with skin walking but that’s when all that shit got even worse. According to her rikki treated her how she treats Kevin. Kevin is the worst out of all of them because he allows her to abuse him literally because he has no back bone to say no.

No. 61153

No. 61157

File: 1564989470995.png (105.61 KB, 789x747, muffdiver.png)

>nickname: muffdiver
>hobbies:… I'm straight, just gotta make sure
She sure does know how to pick em.

Thank you for digging up such old receipts anon.

No. 61189

If she and Kevin even actually ever get married… she's made other guys, including Scott (the 'Mamo-chan' from the Kou Klan heyday) propose to her in pretty much the exact same way she made Kevin do it

No. 61201

How did Scott propose to her? Isn’t he the one who got her a cosplay ring and she took it as an engagement ring?

No. 61206

She forced him to like she did Kevin. She forces a lot of her friends and partners to do things.

No. 61224

I believe like you said she made him get a ring that looked like princess serenity, and then once they got in the car she asked him is this her engagement ring. I don’t think he actually proposed to her. That guy even though he did get pushed around a little didn’t let Lori have complete and utter control line the “sexy anime guy” does. But she did control his hair color having to stay black because Scott is a natural dirty blonde and she would threaten him with destroying him on the Internet, but eventually that dude ditched her ass and she didn’t ditch him.

No. 61252

File: 1565063808247.png (31.78 KB, 772x473, kou.png)

So she's been married three times and engaged how many? Thank god she's never had kids. Her profile on the old sailor moon site said her dream was to have a daughter and name her Serenity/Rini.

No. 61254

>muff diver

jfc, this is so hard to read

No. 61257

>said her dream was to have a daughter and name her Serenity/Rini
That was just part of her skinwalk as Sailor Moon at the time. She doesn't actually have the capacity nor empathy to care for another human who'd be dependent on her, and no less the shitfit she'd have over a pregnancy ruining what she thinks is a perf anime waifu bod bod.

No. 61263

File: 1565070985880.jpg (110.36 KB, 776x378, skinwalksm.jpg)

literally a hundred percent skinwalking. most of her answers about "herself" are straight copied from sailormoon's actual character bio.

No. 61294

>Strong points: I’m told I’m a good friend

Said no one ever

No. 61320

File: 1565115540890.png (2.58 MB, 1343x3435, scotttestimonial.png)

Scott's testimonial about the $60 "engagement" ring

No. 61321

File: 1565115645705.png (6.41 MB, 4026x16384, scottresponds.png)



Another response from Scott about the ring debacle

"This is for you lori, you pathological liar with borderline personality disorder and all of her brownnosers. NONE of you know the situation, so keep your airheaded comments to yourself. I paid for that fucking thing after being HOUNDED for a moonstone ring that she wanted for cosplay purposes. Yes it WAS 60 dollars because I specifically remember the price tag reading 57.99. I even had to pay to have it re-sized to what it is now, so in actuality it's MORE than 60. Whatever, I don't care. Yes, I DID lose it because I misplaced it when I TOOK IT BACK from where you were living. I didn't STEAL ANYthing. Did you pay for it?? No? THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP. I honestly don't care if you're the one that bought it back. You were ungrateful for having that ring because when I said it wasn't an engagement ring you got depressed. So, based on what we have here, you've got no right to make any type of complaint about this. You would've paid me for it if I found it earlier, huh? I highly doubt that seeing as how you couldn't pay for it in the first place since the only job you even bothered getting never lasted more than three months, yet you wanted it so badly. You can have your ring back, but you can take your twisted logic and your false sympathy and shove it waaaaaaay up your demented ass.

EDIT- For your information, bitch, my mom paid for about 200 dollars worth of material for costumes you made, Endymion included, and you NEVER paid her back ANY of it. Plus you made it on HER sewing machine, and if she didn't have one I don't think there would've been costumes in the first place. Yeah, it belongs to me, so just shut your sewer hole."

No. 61323

Old milk.

No. 61325

File: 1565116947902.jpeg (58.02 KB, 539x960, ent205735.jpeg)

Lori's brother Pablo got arrested for attempted robbery in 2016

fb http://archive.fo/VK0rz


"A Port Washington man was arrested after he threatened a woman in an attempt to steal her vehicle Monday night, Port Washington Police say.

Authorities received multiple 911 calls regarding a suspicious man walking on Main Street in Port Washington, between Port Washington Boulevard and North Maryland Avenue, who was trying to enter multiple vehicles a 6:31 p.m.

Police say the man, identified as 25-year-old Pablo Andeas Cerda-Salazar, also tried to steal a woman's vehicle by threatening her."(3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.)

No. 61343


Got nothing to do with Lori. Leave the brother out of it.

No. 61345

Technically, yes, it has nothing to do with Lori. But it’s a little ironic considering she was telling everyone that Soni’s dad is a coke addict like that had anything to do with Soni herself.

No. 61360

This was a huge throw back to me. Back in 2006 I was in middle school and I barely understood what was going on in drama communities on live journal. I can’t believed close to 15 years later she’s accomplished nothing with her life. Even after cosplay exploded in popularity she couldn’t make anything of herself.

No. 61370

imagine looking at this and knowing Kevin was around 10-12 years old during this time. he was literally a child when Lori was still acting like this.

No. 61383

I wonder how things would have turned out if all that drama never happened.

If lori didnt have that falling out. That blew up the then interwebs.. or livejournal forums. Maybe she would have been a well known cosplayer with her group of friend. Instead of the infamy she now has.

No. 61385

Obviously?? Its like ten years old. No one is pretending its new, it's just fun to go down memory lane and point out the patterns in her behavior

No. 61392

I remember this lol! Scott put that ring on eBay and I was actually about to win it until she cried about it and he took it down lol. I was gonna throw that shit in her face too because she hated me back then lol.

No. 61401

sage for ot but what did the ring look like? does princess serenity even have a ring?

No. 61412

I don't think these LJ caps were ever posted before?

Man what I would give for caps of her LJ, I bet it is a goldmine of milk.

No. 61420

Same though. I remember I added her a little after all this drama and somehow got accepted for a brief period of time. She used to post by phones calls to LJ, basically voice posts. They were batshit.

No. 61451

Seems like this cow has been making enemies for 20+ years now. I would think some of these comments a bit extreme were it not for seeing her boyfriends continual cries for help, those rape threat screenshots and that nastiness about spanx and ICE directed at her longterm friends. If this is how she treats her "friends", can't imagine how she treats her enemies.

No. 61457

File: 1565192548047.jpg (100 KB, 281x285, wedding_ring01.jpg)

The only Sailor Moon ring that I remember is pic related. Usagi got it from Mamoru though

No. 61481

No. 61494

I believe the ring from the DeviantArt photo is the one in question. It wasn't a replica of Usagi's engagement ring, she was obsessed with moonstone during her Sailor Moon skinwalking period, asked Scott to buy her a moonstone ring she liked, and then whined until he agreed it was really an engagement ring (based on his stories).

Interestingly, they appear to still be friends on Facebook.

No. 61497

File: 1565219975675.jpg (212.41 KB, 1080x1079, Screenshot_20190807-161731_Chr…)

An old LJ entry of her claiming the moonstone obsession isn't Sailor Moon related

No. 61501

i remember the old genvid site about her, her kou klan members said anything with a moon on it she would buy. even if it was ugly, even if it was a really cheap or bad smelling cosmetic, literally anything
what a weird person lol

No. 61535

I remember this. Or anything labeled "serenity"

No. 61541

File: 1565253569257.jpg (119.93 KB, 1080x1350, 68683955_444022573111982_15994…)

No. 61565

Are they just running errands or something? Does she have to wear that everywhere she goes? That’s so embarrassing. Something you’d expect from a young teenager.

No. 61568

No alterations here. Her nose just melted into the skin of the rest of her irradiated face leaving only two nostrils. At least Kevin doesnt look like his face got twisted into the whirlagig of facetune.

No. 61593


kevin looks good here. cute actually. not SNOWed to hell or with bug eyes. he looks good. but i would assume this is actually how they look to just go out. lori thinks she IS 002 so this is just her default look to do anything. now that she's bought contacts it'll get even worse. i wonder what people say when they see her in person.

at least she's flattened her bangs now instead of volumizing them like before?

No. 61594

Those insecurities about aging and being in her 30s are hitting her hard. She never used to edit her pics to this extent.

No. 61605

cute? jesus, he looks like a trucker who chugs beer while driving. His hair is disgusting

No. 61627

File: 1565306194600.jpeg (262.2 KB, 750x1142, C7033DE3-4D85-4A03-A5B5-082324…)

No. 61629

How can she be home all day doing nothing and that's the best she can come up with? It's barely worth a picture. But oh well, that's a step up from microwaveable chicken nuggies for Kevin.

No. 61630

bet that chicken is still microwaved! looks like precooked grilled slices.

No. 61631

Wait I thought they ate amazing all the time and we’re all fat and eating fast food

No. 61634

If this were any other couple I wouldn't think twice about a post like this, but after all the no dirty laundry he's aired about them on his Facebook, this being the only nice thing he has so say about something she's actually done (not her butt) is kinda pathetic

No. 61636

Yeah, cute is a reach, but he definitely looks better without her extreme abuse of filters. Dude needs to get a real haircut though, he looks way too old to still have that unkempt emo mop on his head.

>lori cooks better than she claims
Literally just a leaf of lettuce with some scraps of meat and a slice of tomato thrown on top. kek.

No. 61637

Yeah, cooking is a real stretch here. There’s nothing “cooked” here except maybe the chicken, which is really just a bunch of sad looking pieces.

It’s funny that they insulted the anons by saying they eat microwaved food and fast food when it seems like that’s exactly what they were doing!

No. 61699

Holy shit, this is really sad for a woman in her mid 30s. How do some people never manage to learn basic skills? I imagine their home is a mess.

No. 61728

It is a mess. You can always see loads of clutter in the background of her photos.

No. 61806

File: 1565436572935.jpg (129.17 KB, 952x1280, IMG_20190810_042830_754.jpg)


No. 61808

liked by krookedkev lol

No. 61811

There's something really funny about Kevin busting his ass working full time, while his 35yo girlfriend sells pictures of her shooped butthole online. Meanwhile Kevin isn't even allowed to talk to other girls. kek.

The pink frilly bedding which are obviously her choice of decor and the meals she "cooks" for him just add to it too.

No. 61812

File: 1565441956983.jpeg (167.63 KB, 693x1056, 6000F103-6A60-4BFA-92F4-09CC29…)

I wonder if Lori is bothered that a porn star makes a better zero two than she does and that made her decide to lewd zero two? She hasn’t done lewds for a while but all of a sudden indigo drops new zero two content and Lori is right behind her. Saged for tin foil.

No. 61815

He just seems skeevier the longer this goes on.

No. 61822

I don’t think #animethighs look like sausage casings…

Maybe Kevin is so deep into this whole thing he’s the one taking the pictures

No. 61825

Indigo white looks like trash here and calling her a porn star is generous, she's a cam girl lol. But still look at least more like what it should than Lori.

No. 61828

we all know it’s “her” apartment anon. all the decor is stuff she picked. pink sheets, fairy lights etc

maybe kev gets a 2x3 “man corner” somewhere that we haven’t seen where he can hide there with a camera in case lori needs to take a flattering angle for her lewds.

No. 61841

Wtf is anime thighs? Is that the new leg gap? I wonder how Kevin feels that a whole bunch of men are jacking off to his fiancé and he isn’t even able to have others girls on his Facebook.. in the words of Cersei he should be wearing the gown and her the armor.

No. 61843

File: 1565492313535.png (127.02 KB, 500x561, me-helping-my-girl-film-for-he…)

Kevin is literally this meme. kek.

He's reached peak cuck levels. What a pathetic existence.

No. 61848

Big oof, it must be really shitty when you spend your whole life working to pay for your gf and she just sexts up dudes all day and sends them lewds cuz you don't make enough $

No. 61915

File: 1565581150034.jpeg (166.23 KB, 750x1070, 3FBF680F-7EB7-4637-BFED-270491…)

No. 61916

File: 1565581178544.jpeg (64.81 KB, 750x473, 8AACEE04-E384-4478-B64E-C86721…)

No. 61917

File: 1565581205375.jpeg (90.81 KB, 731x422, 65831A06-C933-4230-AB85-0D400F…)

No. 61918

God what a cuck. I will never not find this shit pathetic, namely the fact that Lori can sell her edited and filtered middle aged "lewds" where Kevin can't have semi attractive female friends. Fucked up shit for real.

No. 61919

God what a cuck. I will never not find this shit pathetic, namely the fact that Lori can sell her edited and filtered middle aged "lewds" where Kevin can't have semi attractive female friends. Fucked up shit for real.

No. 61920

i’m not surprised at all this happened. It’s what appeared to be the lead up with the instagram DM lewds. isn’t this always what she does to help with bills? would have loved to see the conversation leading up to her arguing why showing her ass for patreon to pay bills but is okay but him so much as looking at other girls is considered cheating.

No. 61922

Coincidence that the pilots in franxx anime are referred to as parasites as that is what Lori is. 002’s personality is nothing resembling loris. Kevin’s character self harms to be with 002. Does Lori have a personality?

No. 61927

File: 1565590772960.jpg (62.13 KB, 816x1279, IMG_20190811_231157_799.jpg)



Cosplay Selfies from the month


Sweet Strawberries
Boudoir and lewd sets, up to 40 photos

*includes cosplay selfies

No. 61929


>Cosplay Selfies from the month

…so she's now charging for the crap she's been posting on instagram for free? wow, how bad did kevin's hours get cut?

No. 61939

Nah, she's just greedy. It's why she can never settle with a guy either, she's always looking for an upgrade. She's probably hoping that doing this will open doors and grant her access to bigger names in the industry on top of giving her extra spending money on cosplay. Kevin is just her paypig. kek.

No. 61963

Why pay when you get see her tits for free on the earlier parts of this forum… I don’t find her sexy at all because she is trying to look more like a child than a grown woman that is cringe af and they are going to be heavily photoshopped.I love how Kevin is promoting his fiancé so that other men can see her pussy… call me old fashion but I wouldn’t want no other men seeking my soon to be wife’s tits and ass… I want to know if anyone is actually going to pay for it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 61964

File: 1565629982773.jpeg (90.41 KB, 750x408, C4D6C3C9-B115-4AE6-A2E8-2DA74B…)

Behind the scene of what? All their “photoshoots” are already selfies, Lori doesn’t make her outfits, just buys them, she could show us all the snow filters and meitu filters they layer on their photos

No. 61965

This is a joke. So, every month she’ll send 02 selfies? Because she won’t cosplay nothing else.

No. 61974

File: 1565633241439.png (1.34 MB, 1876x1124, zyxabc.png)

Wonder if their cosplay bullshit is a smokescreen for Kevin's cuckold fetish?

No. 61990

What a fucking idiot.

No. 62006

Even paying the bills would be one thing but knowing her she's probably going to spend the money on trinkets and junk like that Zero Two figure from AX

No. 62011

File: 1565652211870.jpeg (493.92 KB, 1367x2048, D4A0CD85-D33C-4B75-8D08-B19311…)

No. 62012

File: 1565652234942.jpeg (532.98 KB, 1367x2048, 914D0C42-E243-4D65-8A08-304219…)

Why doesn’t he wear a dancers belt

No. 62013

File: 1565652257322.jpeg (803.21 KB, 2048x1367, 5376DB79-1FA3-4AA8-BED8-EB3086…)

No. 62018

oh god this pic just made me realize they probably do it doggy-style in costume.

No. 62019

Thank you for that bizarre mental image.

No. 62023

Nice orthopedic trainers grandpa

No. 62027

because male cosplayers are lazy shits who think they can wear whatever they want and be cool cuz they're males in a primarily female hobby. It looks so awful and i wonder if anyone else has commented about his gross sausage display?

No. 62028

he always looks so awful as Hiro. When will he give this up?

No. 62030

File: 1565658123851.png (489.66 KB, 556x449, yanasty.png)

Shitty costume aside, this is straight up nasty looking.

No. 62031

age lines in full bloom

No. 62039

There are kids and families at anime expo and these two dog turds are making their derp derp doggy hump poses on the floor around every corner. Gross.

No. 62040

While his dick is flopping about freely in his bodysuit.

No. 62043

Her age lines are so bad no wonder why she heavily photo shops that much. The dog turd post has truth.

No. 62045

File: 1565670088605.jpeg (124.4 KB, 750x646, 30D2C5FC-F339-4261-B1AE-4072D1…)

How old is she? 34? I’ve seen women who are 45+ and don’t have lines this bad

No. 62051

Someone should put that picture and her photoshopped one side to side and see how massive the difference is. Some people still don’t believe she does that.

No. 62065

Um aren't those lines more on the normal side? I see ppl of all ages who have those nasalobial folds/laugh lines. Some have it worse than others. But it's rare to not have them. Perhaps if lori actually smiled a bit, it would look moreso normal.

No. 62066

Are they natural? Yes. Are they more shocking and accented because of how much she edits her face? Also yes.

The under eye lines are the most prominent thing anyway, and that’s caused by volume loss as you age.

No. 62100

She's also pretty shit at makeup, which combined with her styling choices makes the whole effect worse

No. 62103

File: 1565722005006.jpg (46.13 KB, 1162x1280, IMG_20190813_114614_905.jpg)

No. 62106

shit, people are really falling for it??

No. 62117


Keep in mind people can subscribe to her Patreon, and have access to their tiered rewards and then pull their subscription. If I remember correctly.

No. 62122

Just imagine with 4 subscribers she will make 344 a month if they stay. Can’t believe people will pay to see that…

No. 62130

File: 1565736067352.jpg (80.63 KB, 715x1280, IMG_20190813_154034_243.jpg)

Lori added a new tier today. Now there's a $10/month option, in addition to the $5 and $30.

No. 62142

I actually tried to find her patreon out of curiousity. And it seems to be unsearchable when I try. But interesting if she gets a following.

No. 62172

18+ Patreon accounts aren’t searchable anymore. They have to be directly linked.

No. 62199

the amount means what she actually makes in a month, not the amount what one patron pays for her

No. 62263

She's now up to 6 patrons, $99 per month

No. 62265

One patreon is probably her boyfriend.

No. 62281

He'd better pay up or else Lori gonna accuse him of rape, go fuck Rikki, and demand some self-injury as further cuck punishment.

Kevin, are you happy you dropped out of college to be a minimum wage NPC paypiggy for Lori?

Are you glad you put your future on hold to be the whipping boy for a deranged, aging otakukin? Thundercuck beta male is a shit-tier choice for an occupation.

Lori is a Cluster B parasite. She's the type of sick that doesn't get better, even with a shit ton of therapy and psych meds. It's only gonna get worse, man.

But you've received a shit ton of warnings and red flags so it's your choice. Has Lori promoted you to Official Lewds Photographer yet? Or are you still only allowed to slather vaseline on her nips between shots for her "boudoir" sets?

No. 62331

And to think back in her sailor moon days she used to talk high end shit about people who cosplayed over the age of 25… oh how the tables have turned and worse a 34 year old who believes she is a parasitical demon and selling ass because she is too lazy to work a real job. She is playing the sex work game late in life in other words her time is up in about 3 to 4 years then what. Porno with Kevin moaning I’m a sexy anime guy will be next?

No. 62577

File: 1565993745682.jpg (201.44 KB, 1600x667, superkind.jpg)

"always be kind, you never know what someone's going through"

No. 62601

Lori should embrace her inner mistress and get herself a real slave boy.

No. 62610

What's hilarious is that it wasn't even sonnya who was leaking pics. Lori is so fucking paranoid. Might wanna reevaluate your friends list. There are multiple moles.

No. 62612

File: 1566023529598.jpeg (240.38 KB, 1132x1574, 4121C1AC-94F5-4EDE-B265-745DF3…)

The character zero two doesn’t stand around with a blank eye buldging expression She is so unlike the character that the skin walking doesn’t make sense.

No. 62619

File: 1566031378515.jpg (131.16 KB, 1479x448, 660290304568.jpg)

such tiny noses

No. 62628

I'll never understand why she thinks these edits look good. The blurry over exposed skin, the fuzzy noses, the big bulging eyes, and underdeveloped chins. Is this the kind of body dysmorphia trying to be a "cute anime boy/girl" causes? Cause it's hideous.

Easier to pick the easy target and sperg out about it. She's obviously super threatened by Sonnya which is kind of hilarious. So many people on both of their friendslists can't stand her and Kevin is on thin ice with a lot of people now too.

No. 62668

Lori’s eyes isn’t that big obviously from past photos before she found facetune, but Kevin…..LOL his eyes are very tiny they are literally slits with out facetune and both their nose and chins are anything but tiny. Her jaw is square his is round… nice try Kevin we have all seen you in real life.

No. 62785

File: 1566139538062.jpeg (295.63 KB, 750x2218, 99F2D147-0365-4037-B04B-489574…)

No. 62790

im actually shocked that she's wearing a wig

No. 62791

File: 1566140754716.jpg (823.04 KB, 1440x2618, Screenshot_20190818-230601__01…)

Really going for that "uwu I'm so smol" vibe by choosing the loli oni. those horns are too huge for the character, Kevin couldn't get the scale right?

No. 62795

File: 1566141277559.png (3.55 MB, 1080x2700, ^_~.png)

Is this the outside area at their apartment?

No. 62851

She wears wigs if it’s a character she isn’t skinwalking.

No. 62853

File: 1566164216783.png (46.04 KB, 447x516, Kevin1.png)

No. 62854

File: 1566164254380.png (29.29 KB, 458x317, Kevin2.png)

No. 62859

Typical "I don't care let me write a paragraph about how I don't care and am very u bothered" cow post
Also I think anyone who uses "XD" beyond high school is pathetic but we already know that's where him and Lori are both at mentally

No. 62865

The person living with his abuser is rather the pathetic one though…

No. 62872

File: 1566170001271.jpeg (40.54 KB, 254x254, 601F59EC-6CFD-4A3C-A6E4-1908F0…)

>I haven’t read that hate thread in weeks

No. 62886

His friends are so over him posting about it every couple weeks. The best advice has always been to stop reading it but then there he goes!

No. 62887

It’s funny because Lori has been sending me nudes for months. I can’t wait to fuck her at Sakura con when she’s back in Seattle. I’ll be thinking about Kevin the entire time. gullable cuck. She told me he won’t find out and to take her to the beach

No. 62888

just because you are wearing a belt doesnt mean it is working!!! get a dif one for gods sake.

No. 62897

Nice try dude. But it’s a guarantee for another meltdown from Kevin.

No. 62902

Kevin is always suspicious of Lori because she hardly sleeps with him and takes away sex as a punishment. He takes this as her cheating but honestly she doesn't know anyone around here really so I'm not sure who she would be cheating with.

No. 62903

Kevin, the fact that you need to post you are unbothered by this thread only shows how much you are bothered.

No. 62904

File: 1566181777111.jpeg (43.12 KB, 750x178, 119928BD-72BD-4087-9CF8-786342…)

No. 62905

Believe me, Lori, no one who has seen your unedited photos thinks you look 22

No. 62909

File: 1566184324863.png (90.81 KB, 1055x819, darlinginthecuxx.png)

I am not an artist but I think this sums up things well

No. 62910

This is beyond accurate.

No. 62911

Can someone explain the “eet you” thing? Sorry if it was explained before.

No. 62912

I used to give her rides and we’d hang out when she lived in Washington. We’ve fucked while she was with rikki. He was with his other Gf. She wanted to get into doing porn at the time. I can’t wait to fuck her at Sakura con. Kevin is the dumbest bitch ever i feel bad for him. She hates giving head but does it for me bro.

No. 62913

Anon just stop. Stop or post proof. You only come in here when Kevin reads the thread so it’s obvious you’re just trying to egg him on or you actually are him.

No. 62916

Do her and Kevin even travel up for Sakuracon now that they live in Utah? It's not terribly far I guess but I got the impression they only go to AX and local cons.

No. 62917

I wonder if he realizes she uses him to make her props. Does she even really like him?

No. 62919

I don't know if my eyes are failing right now.. but what's going on with the background? Was something edited there to hide the background or what?

No. 62920

File: 1566189436290.png (1.33 MB, 1656x2048, Screenshot_20190818-233601.png)

I don't really know what she's supposed to be here…

No. 62922

Its a Fate stay night character from the app game fate/go ibaraki douji

No. 62931

File: 1566196956555.jpg (829.29 KB, 1440x2556, Screenshot_20190818-230601__01…)

Highly inaccurate version of this

No. 62937

I didn't notice until you mentioned it but yes. There's a path that leads directly into a wall and you can see that it's edited. Why not at least edit something more appealing into the picture?

No. 62941

Why do I feel like this anon is actually Lori or Kevin just trying to start up drama with each other… bro, post proof or stfu already.

No. 62947


Receipts or stfu.

No. 62983

Shouldn't you be getting back to work to pay for your freeloading gf or shooting her nudes to send to her male patrons? Surprised you have the free time to make a bunch of posts about this, careful she might find out you are not spending every waking breath earning money for her and break up with you again.

No. 63040

File: 1566251013663.jpeg (105.06 KB, 750x913, 768491CC-33E1-4D46-8363-9AC92A…)

Her eyebrows are fucking pink and shouldn’t she be wearing a brace for this supposed spinal injury?

No. 63043

>Pink eyebrows
>Very typical costhot "I'll just wear basic thot clothes and a wig and call it cosplay"
>Everything is blurred to shit, especially her face

I pity anyone who pays for this.

No. 63045

If she's going to charge money she also needs new expressions… this dead eye stare is creepy af. Who can enjoy a good wank with that look? Someone… send back Momo.

No. 63053

She doesn't wanna smile because then that missing tooth will be obvious, or her aging. Either or.
Not sure why the latter matters much since she can just blur them away like she usually does.

No. 63054

Lori straight up looks like a trap here. Her torso/chest looks like a twink's. kek.

The wig is unstyled/wrong, the horns are way too big, the ears are way too big, her eyebrows are the wrong color, the sticker she slapped on her forehead is all wonky. All in all, this is pretty trash, even by Lori's usual standards.

She shooped her chin tiny here too. In the process making her neck look thicc as hell.

No. 63058

Dude knock this shit off. Either you show legit proof or stfu. No one is dumb enough to believe you unless you provide solid facts.

No. 63059

Kevin if anything should start to worry. This girl has 7 Patreons and charging 126 bucks for garbage cosplay and nudes. She won’t need him and the second she gets hit on by someone who is an actual man and not a puppet she will be long gone with her money in seconds while he will be stuck with his job in that apartment that looks like two girls live there and not man. She took no consideration to have muted colors and furniture. It’s all about her and he still can’t see it lol so sad so sad.

No. 63064

I’m sure he will say his favorite color is pink and he likes how she decorated the apartment like a 7 y/o rents it.

No. 63075

she has a missing tooth? which one is it

No. 63088

File: 1566265125860.png (79.75 KB, 359x307, tooth.png)

Whichever one this is. Not sure if there are newer photos of the tooth in question given that she never smiles, but this one was posted in the previous thread.

No. 63092

File: 1566265887223.png (13.7 KB, 503x134, Loriyoung.png)

No. 63093

File: 1566265920818.png (329.62 KB, 508x696, Hypo.png)

No. 63095

File: 1566265950605.png (8.29 KB, 387x114, godsatphotoshop.png)

No. 63096

Is… is this all she talks about?? Who wants to interact with a person that constantly talks about their appearance? My god

No. 63097

she is going to kill herself when her looks fade. in 20 years when she starts to get lines and sun spots she is fucked lol

No. 63099

I want to know why she chose Ibaraki… she's not a super popular waifu character and I don't believe for a second than she plays FGO. It's a really weird choice.

No. 63102

20 years? She already has lines now. It’s part of the reason she doesn’t smile

No. 63103

Her looks are hardly there if at all (face is beat, maybe her anachan body? idfk) and her personality is such trash. I'm positive the "people keep thinking I'm 20!!" is a "totally true story" she's posting now because people are saying she's haggish here….which she sort of is.

No. 63104

Lori, if you're here reading this, I just want you to know that I met you at Sakuracon a few years ago (not fully realizing who you were at the time), and that you do not look as young as you think you do. I don't know if editing yourself through snow so much has made you see yourself as something you aren't, but clearly the only thing "young" about you is your delusional attitude and the fact that you retain the mentality of a 16 year old as a woman in her thirties. It's sad.

No. 63105

Everything about this post is classic for a woman who is past her prime and insecure about her age to say.

Being 30 isn't even old, but when you have no job, education, skills, or anything worthwhile to show for it? No wonder she feels like such a hag, clinging so desperately to this fantasy that she is brimming with youthful beauty ohoho.

It's pathetic and absolutely hilarious to watch how self validating and delusional she is. Keep it coming you crazy cow.

No. 63110

File: 1566269318710.png (8.99 MB, 1242x2208, 54F1458D-57F6-4C1A-98D2-26735A…)


No. 63131

File: 1566275197048.jpeg (694.51 KB, 750x920, F15D328D-4B86-4A26-8B0A-DA9FF1…)

I know this photo has been posted already, but this was a CON FLOOR PICTURE taken by a PHOTOGRAPHER with an HD CAMERA. This is what they both actually look like when they aren’t overly filtered. There is a difference between being self-confident and being self-absorbed.

No. 63149

Does Lori yell at Kevin to keep his eyes wired open like that for anime boy photoshopping later? That wide-eyed stare makes him look like he's having a psychotic break.

No. 63150

This is an unpopular opinion but I'm looking at this picture, and I don't think Lori or Kevin are ugly are ugly at all. I even think Lori looks good for her age. To me what makes her a cow is this >>63105 She has been doing this same shit since me and Kevin were in middle school.

No. 63154

She looks good here yeah but she definitely doesn’t look like the snow tuned mess she photoshops herself into. She looks like an actual person in the candid pics but we can’t have that!

No. 63156

Nah, anons have said it in the past that they don't think either of them are actually straight up ugly. Just read up the thread. Sure, she looks good for her age, but definitely looks mature and not some fresh faced 20 year old like she seems to think. Kevin isn't ugly either, but his skin is pretty awful for his young age and shows signs of premature aging, he looks like he needs to hydrate desperately. Other than that, neither of them know how to do makeup or style themselves well which makes them look worse. Also, yeah, their personalities are actual rancid dogshit, so there's that.

Tbh, I think Lori peaked during her renaissance fair looking phase. The dark hair suited her and with her kind of odd, angular face, the elf bullshit actually sorta worked.

No. 63158

Lori has a horrible personality. That makes her ugly.

No. 63178

Honestly all I notice when I see photos of Lori is that horrible sour expression she’s been doing even since her Sailor Moon days. She doesn’t look THAT old tbh but that fucking scowl makes her look like a miserable, bitter old woman. I know some people have a resting bitch face they don’t completely have control over but in Lori’s case you know it’s because she really does walk around judgmental and pissed off all the time. Objectively she’s no supermodel and she certainly doesn’t look 20 like she thinks, but she’s not ugly either and she’s actually aged pretty well considering she’s an ana-chan, but looking miserable and bitchy all the time makes her look hideous imo

No. 63186

I agree she isn't hideous. She actually has high cheekbones and that helps her age well. She looks good for her mid-thirties.

She doesn't look 22 however. She tries to emulate early 20's with her hairstyle (bangs hide the forehead lines) and her juvenile fashion and makeup. The filters don't make her look younger just more uncanny.

No. 63188

she's had her bangs forever tho lol

No. 63196

She doesn't look to be in her 20s at all. Yet I'm sure with the way she acts and is childish in every other life aspect, people get confused because she's acting like someone extremely immature. Not like someone in their 30s. Especially if they've ever read the things she posts on social media.

It's a backhanded compliment, but Lori is too desperate to believe she's youthful to see it for what it is.
They actually mean you're infantile, Lori.

No. 63204

No one who is as confident in their appearance as Lori claims to be edits their pics that much. The end. Stop projecting, Lori.

No. 63226

isn't that anon's point? her bangs are a relic of the past.

No. 63238

Given the cringe worthy clips she's posted in the past, I don't doubt that it's her behavior that makes people think she's just a young person with bad skin. She skinwalks an anime character irl and has worn those dumb horns out in public. She's basically one of those weebs who wears cat ears out to the mall.

No. 63257

File: 1566327216510.jpg (144.97 KB, 620x827, hmmm.jpg)

No. 63260

How can she expect to sell these when she over exposes her whole ass out of existence. Her editing is awful.

No. 63403

I also don't find either of them straight up ugly, they look fine - but when you say stuff like "I look like a sexy anime guy" of course people are going to make fun of your looks.

Besides, their editing really don't do them any favors. Not to mention their bizarre poses.

No. 63407


Lori for fucks sake do 20 minutes of work and shoot this in a real setting like by a river or whatever. She is so fucking lazy

No. 63412

Jeez at least learn to spell people's names correctly.

No. 63413


let's hope she does it sooner(a-logging)

No. 63427

That’s messed up…………

No. 63429

Yeah… regardless if everyone dislikes Lori, shouldn't wish for her to commit suicide. That's some serious dark shit. And I know she's done some bad things… but two wrongs don't make a right. Not invalidating all that she's done but just… wow.

No. 63432

Lmao, please.

Sometimes I wonder if Lori and Kevin spergpost their own thread with shit like this just so they can turn around on social media and pretend to be victims.
Makes no sense when "farmers" suddenly want the cows to die when they bring so much entertainment.

No. 63531

Yeah I'm awaiting their Facebook posts screencapping this, showing everyone how they're so cyberbullied etc.

No. 63538

File: 1566381129733.webm (197.72 KB, 640x800, Loriscratch.webm)

No. 63551

This is REALLY what you see in the corner of your room when you have sleep paralysis.

No. 63552

People are really attracted to someone that's so flat chested? Lookin' like a trap.

I'd be willing to bet my soul that they do that. Especially Lori, even back in her Sailor Moon glory days she always found a way to paint herself as the poor, innocent victim. You'd would think after a decade that the act would get boring.

No. 63559

File: 1566392425064.jpeg (362.38 KB, 828x1320, 342E9142-8A00-4CAC-A57E-12F477…)

No. 63571

She straight up looks like an ugly trap here, kek. What an unfortunate body type. The makeup and editing make her look downright ghastly too.

What is the weird doodle tattoo on her hip of?

No. 63574

Without context this looks like a twink trying to act like a girl.

No. 63584

File: 1566401704794.jpeg (118.57 KB, 828x581, 520F90F2-A9F8-4318-93ED-2174E9…)

Someone got blocked saying something Lori didnt like

No. 63587

Looks like the second account for the person asking "Do you think this to much" in >>63559

She's out here blocking anyone who doesn't kiss her ass, so insecure.

No. 63601

is that person also a 02 cosplayer? i bet thats why

No. 63615

She looks like a crazy robot doll. Very unsettling. Her face is simply terrifying.

No. 63617

This is going to haunt my nightmares. Nothing about this is sexy or cute

No. 63619

Again she can't smile naturally because it'll show her missing tooth. I'm also sure the reason it's so robotic here is because she doesn't want whatever intense asian beauty app filters/face and body adjustments to glitch out for a second.

No. 63620

File: 1566412016297.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 2560x1920, 19-08-21-11-26-02-549_deco.jpg)

A weird choice to channel Jeff the Killer when trying to make costhot porn but hey, i guess you gotta distinguish yourself from the tbousands of other girls doing the exact same shit somehow…

No. 63624

is she trying to do that belle delphine mouth lol

No. 63625

men are all pedos

No. 63626

Probably. It's unsettling even on Belle but Lori really want to be "hello fellow anime/meme loving kids"

No. 63628

It's one thing to have smaller tits but girl has the upper body of an actual man. Probably due to anorexja/ED

No. 63631

Why can't she smile with a closed mouth? It would be more natural than the derpy faces she usually puts out….
Her eyes really contribute to the uncanny valley feel. Dunno if she opens them too wide or what but they look dead instead of playful and attentive.

No. 63637

But anon, smol anime girls don't look like real living people so why should Lori??
She's so focused on making her eyes look huge and animu-like both by bulging them out and with the help of meitu that she can't give them any life or expression. Then again the soulless, dead inside stare is an accurate representation of who she is so it makes sense that she looks that way kek

No. 63742

In what world is she anywhere close to being canon ZeroTwo

No. 63790

That bikini is no where near flattering for her… also if she is trying to embody zero two I feel like she is going in the wrong direction… she is wearing things that a 12yr old would wear why not do actual adult lingerie and red lace zero two would be straight up s and m or a sex pistol. The giant eyes needs to stop seriously it looks so unnatural and gross!

No. 63800

File: 1566515677096.jpg (21.33 KB, 400x404, blinkmotherfucker.jpg)

why doesnt she ever blink??

No. 63825

Her eyes are buldging and she never blinks. She’s a bad model and is nothing like the character she’s skin walking.

No. 63910

File: 1566594627860.jpeg (245.52 KB, 750x958, BD01209F-99F7-4A41-A44E-1956CD…)

No. 63913

why does he always talk like this now? Kevin shut up and just post pictures without trying to throw yourself a pity party. if anything he would gain more followers from his bakugou over his shitty hiro.

No. 63971

Is he dating Lori for clout? Followers seem so important to them and yet they post each other’s dramas and cheat on each other, posting their receipts publicly. Cosplay whatever you want to. Nobody cares. They really are both parasites.

No. 63977

God I hope Kevin is cheating on Lori, she deserves it, a hundred thousand percent.

No. 63980

I think it’s more likely she is cheating over him cheating. There’s the Rikki allegations and also when would he have the time? He works full time to support her and pay bills. She’s the one who is dancing all around the house in cosplay for hours a day making videos and patreon lewds.

No. 63983

I still just find it so weird that Kevin can't have any female friends… yet, Lori can do slutcos and have people pay for her lewds. But I agree, I don't think Kev would be able to find the time to cheat, and probably wouldn't know what to do if a woman wasn't physically, emotionally, and mentally abusing him.

No. 63984

His posts about Lori make me think he can't get it up for non ana-chans anyway.

No. 63991

He talked to a friend of mine about liking "frail" girls he legitimately used the word frail. Him and Lori also really really dislike fat people.

No. 63992

Funny considering Lori has plenty of fat female friends, guess as long as she feels more attractive than them she isn't threatened, just like in the case of Kevin and female friends

It's pathetic and I almost, almost feel sorry for her/them. She's obviously insecure as fuck.

No. 63995

Using the word "friend" is very… poor. They are her lackeys/fans. She is okay with them being fat until they piss her off. But she does have a need to be the most attractive. Doubt she realizes how ugly inside she is.

No. 64001

That because attractive and people with great self esteem will not tolerate her shitty selfish attitude as well as do her bidding. Hence why Kevin can’t have female friends because he is not allowed to have a woman more attractive with a x100 better personality and frail because it would give her a run for her money. She is working on borrowed time.

No. 64033

Most ugly or fat people with self-respect wouldn't tolerate shit from these two. That's how you know the remainder that they have must be super desperate to have these unemployed, unintelligent, selfish, vain losers act like they're hot shit.

No. 64123

File: 1566722924989.jpg (149.56 KB, 750x937, IMG_20190825_014900_468.jpg)

No. 64126

Looks like he got his fuzzy gloves from Jaclyn Hill's lipstick launch.

No. 64139

If they think they're such hot shit, I wonder why they've never entered a cosplay contest. You'd think they would for the bragging rights. I'm sure we would have heard about it they did.

No. 64151

Probably because Lori exposed the fact that she buys all of her costumes despite claiming she made them with her infamous “what’s a serger?” line at a contest back in the sailor moon skinwalking days. I’m sure the thought of it mortifies her lol. Also look at these two, neither of them can handle the mildest form of scrutiny. Lori can’t even handle fucking suggestions, let alone constructive criticism.

No. 64180

File: 1566761099899.gif (266.67 KB, 678x523, 001.gif)


Lori entered lots of cosplay masquerades back in the day but was eventually banned from most because she cheated and got caught. She lied about making costumes herself instead of buying them from others, notably Setsuna Kou. Lori is a pathological liar.

"According to the latest on cosplay underground (as I call the local rumor mill) all of your cosplay awards that you've won over the years have been REVOKED! You've also been banned from the following masquerades: Katsucon, Otakon, Anime Boston, Anime NEXT, Anime USA, Anime EXPO, Fanime, and NYCC."




No. 64191

Possibly stupid question, but is her last name really Cerda? Because if so that is hilarious.

No. 64197

it is Cerda. She is half Hispanic on dad’s side I think.

No. 64201


Cerda mean pig in spanish (more specific the female pig)

No. 64205

File: 1566772224190.jpeg (251.94 KB, 828x563, 03597526-83CE-4829-9242-5CB724…)

Nice try

No. 64208

File: 1566772955872.png (5.44 KB, 644x123, pig.png)

I got this one. Maybe different kinds of Spanish dialects?

No. 64237

Do you not know Spanish? Cerdo means pig


Apparently cerda does also mean bristle or horsehair, so that's where the surname comes from


It's still funny though

No. 64239

Cerda also means pig or sow, white knight.

Also here is the audio from her sperging about Scoot's confession. (I can't upload the mp3.)


No. 64269

Kevin has actually entered several cosplay contests, I remember him entering one a few years ago and he did place but I don't remember what he placed. It was a craftsmanship award for one of his BOTW cosplays. I miss when he actually did quality stuff, not this weird skinwalking shit he does now.

No. 64310

I live in the same area as Kev/Lori and I would honestly love to see them enter a contest so I could be front row to that dumpster fire. Not only has Lori taken credit for things she hasn’t made in years past, but she has taken at least partial credit for the stuff Kevin has made for 02. I compete and judge locally and it’s very important to most cons to discuss who made what in a group setting. Also? Most cons require somewhere of 40-70% of the costume to be made by hand, so Lori’s flight suit is immediately out of the question since I would say the neck brace, horns and thigh pieces would only fall around 30% in my opinion. (And we all know she HAS to cosplay the character she skinwalks.)

Sage for sperging.

Can confirm that he has entered contests and placed. I believe one of them was the Monster Hunter cosplay he made.

No. 64376

Imagine being having her life… Get up from sleeping does make up, puts in clip on extensions, puts horns on, does makeup, and puts on zero two costume. Gets on phone takes selfies, videos, pussy pics. Lays around 3 hours in costume, goes in back yard takes same photos and etc. Kevin comes home takes photos etc again. Eats goes to bed only to start the whole process over… every. single.day. I’m waiting for the day that flight suit gets a hole in it or begins to get worn out from every day use.

No. 64486

She’ll probably have a new character to skinwalk by then. I don’t understand why she’s even hanging on to 02 this long. That show took a massive nosedive in popularity toward the end and absolutely nobody gave two shits about it anymore once it was over.
Ditf crashed and burned hard.

No. 64895

File: 1567144985468.jpg (83.41 KB, 976x1279, IMG_20190829_230315_115.jpg)

No. 64934

Liking your girlfriend's post about selling nudes on patreon is somehow even worse than just ignoring it. Kevin is so pathetic it's difficult to feel any pity for him anymore.

No. 64962

He's probably desperate for her to pay for at least some things at this point. Even if it's from selling pics of her completely flat chest, kek.

No. 64970

No kidding. Especially when she prohibits him from having female friends while she does lewds to male randos on the web.

No. 64998

I'd believe it's this over anything else.
Does Kevin like being a cuck? Probably not, but he also knows that if he can manipulate Lori into selling some lewdie nudies it means less time he has to slave away at his job to pay for absolutely everything.
The best way to manipulate narcissists is to make them feel like they've gotten their way. Maybe Lori is basking in the attention but now she'll also no longer have an excuse to not contribute nor do nothing all day.
Kevin is willing to deal with the treatment and so be it.

No. 65168

File: 1567388646120.jpeg (209.19 KB, 828x826, FEE21C15-8A7D-470E-B875-A87D02…)

No. 65185

Lori: uses the exact same filter every time
Lori when someone asks what filter: "Idk!!!! Totally random!!!"
Bet she's saying this do that way they can't "copy" her

No. 65195

File: 1567434675934.png (1.3 MB, 750x1334, 5B3A02E8-8A09-40A1-B0B0-20B4FD…)

Sure Lori… her eyes look crazy

No. 65196

Why is everything a humblebrag with this bitch? Everything she says is calculated to prove how much better she supposedly is than other people

No. 65197

*random SNOW or meitu filters
Fixed that for you, Lori

No. 65199


You know this is exactly why i feel like Lori and Kevin are such a good fit for eachother, they are on the same level of manipulative and gross.

No. 65202

Her lashes aren’t something to brag about. They don’t look full or long.

No. 65254

She'd make a great Utena if she lost the crazy eyes and softened her expression.

No. 65263

Well just checked out her patreon and it looks like she added a 70$ tier for nude and playful sets. while I thought she would go down the normal lewd route. Im kinda surprised on her doing nudes.. Im guessing that Kevin will just tolerate it like usual.

No. 65275

She’s up to $222 a month… yikes

No. 65279

how dare you

No. 65292

I said the same thing in the old thread, kek. She has the face, body and even hair for it.
Incels don't care about Utena, so at least we dont have to suffer through ~aged up Utena lewds~

No. 65361

She did nudes during her previous stint as a magick deer kween/camthot with festival shit on. Her being a whore ain't new or interesting, save for how Kevin must be sperging out in secret over it.

No. 65368

File: 1567560534334.jpeg (168.1 KB, 750x1067, 1BFA9BA7-04A2-413C-8377-131AEC…)

No. 65369

Belle Delphine she ain’t

No. 65426

She can’t even get the ahego face right. For someone who speaks of accuracy she needs to study more She looks stupid. I can’t believe people will pay for these dumb half assed photo sets.

No. 65435

Her ahegao looks like she's mid-stroke tbh.

No. 65437

File: 1567647231736.jpeg (307.57 KB, 1242x1503, 3B1C9704-E8F0-40C9-8BB1-A299E5…)

Claims she has sever back injuries and cannot work or contribute to society She uses back pain as an excuse to not have sex. Posts nothing but bad arched back poses in inaccurate costumes for quick cash. Role model of the year.

No. 65439

File: 1567650464457.jpg (20.59 KB, 400x400, 40956943.jpg)

She'd literally make more money per month working minimum wage…part time.
All the while degrading her romantic relationship and making a fool of herself.

No. 65507

Yeah it would be easier for Kevin to join in on her cosplay too, since his height and body would actually suit many male Utena characters. I could also stop seeing his bugle then too since he'd be wearing trousers

No. 65531

I hope Kevin starts selling nudes.

No. 65534

File: 1567718940921.gif (2.29 MB, 275x180, 1515310459970.gif)

I bet he'd make more money from gay men and women. rofl

No. 65625

File: 1567798839323.jpg (181.36 KB, 1080x1253, 67807824_2614258425272846_2083…)

No. 65628

Ok so people are paying money for her to pose on the same fucking bikini and zero two flight suit. How sexually starved do you have to be?! I truly see nothing that is sexy about that it looks like child lewds it’s disgusting.

No. 65630

File: 1567801761084.jpeg (813.24 KB, 1242x1698, 1261953C-DD97-4487-8AEE-A20483…)

Ok.. sooo… Kevin actually looks hot here. I don’t know if he is a natural blonde but I think he looks the best with blonde hair rather than jet black. The jet black just washes him out. He would make an amazing Siegfried/ nightmare. Oops I forgot he can’t make any alterations to his looks or else he won’t fit lori’s overplayed aesthetics. So sad.

No. 65632

How does he look hot? Part of his face is covered.

Guess that's the only way he can look hot kek

No. 65634

Lmao my thoughts exactly. He's practically hidden in that getup.

No. 65642

File: 1567807937114.jpeg (605.34 KB, 828x807, 42E8395E-9E92-4183-AD2A-5F93B2…)

No. 65655

Still don't get her obsession with this character. Skinwalkers like her, Traci Hines, etc always cosplay characters they don't look like! Her hair is straight up the wrong color

No. 65656

Because flavor of the month

No. 65668

Lmao, his bugle… Aptly put

No. 65669

Kevin is fine as fuck. I hope he finds a hot cosplay girl who will help pay for things and contribute to his happiness. And to cosplay more than just one character with him.

No. 65675

holy shit this seriously looks like an underage girl. guess we know who her patreon audience is.

No. 65680

File: 1567827477180.png (1.19 MB, 698x916, 1560228411712.png)

Her editing is so bad, you can hardly make out her form in this. Why bother with blurry, overly saturated and smoothed out softcore when there's hundreds of other ethots producing higher quality content. I guess she's desperate to hide her age though. It's a far cry from OP's pic or >>65642

>kevin looks hot
>kevin is fine as fuck
Anon, please. He's not hideous, but he's nothing to write home about. Just look at >>63131
Also, while some of his cosplay are decent, his personality is garbage. They deserve each other tbh.

No. 65685

You just gave Lori the most inflating complement she could receive. She's terrified of aging.
He's not ugly by any means, but he's not remotely attractive enough to make up for his hollow personality; nobody is. There doesn't seem to be much going on behind the eyes, which makes him a good match for a similarly hollow person like Lori

No. 65687

It's so funny… with pictures like these Lori and Kevin always remind me of a mother/son cosplay team… her age is very evident.

No. 65698

You can smell how musty they are by looking at this image

No. 65699

Considering Lori basically lives in her costumes and how ratty the gloves were looking on Kevin's on top of him saying he rarely bathes, you know it's true too.

No. 65706

Saged for OT but are those pointy things on the headbands supposed to be that long?

No. 65726

File: 1567879398535.jpeg (88.41 KB, 750x302, 0352148D-07F5-47E7-8945-328D25…)

this comment is now deleted from kevin’s IG.

anyone know wtf happened with these two?

No. 65727

File: 1567879508460.jpeg (186.26 KB, 750x996, F12F3A0F-BA81-4325-BC11-5F568E…)

pic the comment was under

No. 65730

Well if she drives away all his friends, it'll be just her left! Success!

No. 65736

File: 1567883502464.png (305.42 KB, 640x400, motherboyXVII.png)

omg Kevin is Buster

No. 65737

File: 1567883731406.png (321.59 KB, 640x400, motherboy.png)

someone please please please shoop their faces on, I am not good with computer

No. 65741

You dont even need to shop her face. Just put badly dyed pink hair on her and the red eyeshadow

No. 65745

He deleted the comments. Did something happen between the two or is she just being a possessive cunt again?

No. 65747

Kohalu posted this status about abusive relationships on FB some months ago and it was super obvious who it was about. >>59614

So I’d probably say that’s why she’s being passive aggressive whenever he comments on Kevin’s props. She’s done it here too.

No. 65753

I second this please shoop this lol!

That kaholo dude has a pretty large following Kevin would be dumb to let Lori ruin that friendship they could create some epic stuff and he could take him much further than Lori ever can. Kevin just does not make a good Hiro and as stated the black hair makes him look worse than he really is.

No. 65758

Third, I will cry happy tears to see this shooped…

No. 65770

File: 1567923647063.jpg (327.66 KB, 1024x694, Superimposed1567923465066_mr15…)

No. 65776

Should be neon pink though.

No. 65779


The hair looks too pretty compared to her actual fried mane. She wishes her hair would be as perfect as the wig picture. Kek

No. 65810

Oh, so nothing really happened. It's only Lori that has something against it per usual.

No. 65818

oh shiiiiiiiiiiit i love it so much thank you

is there a lori thread on KF?

No. 65819

File: 1567978247870.png (527.61 KB, 637x397, accurate.png)

She's actively driving away the dudes now too? I'm kind of surprised since the guy has a decent amount of followers in comparison to the both of them and his comment wasn't even rude. He must be one of Kevin's friends that didn't like Lori or supported him when the abuse accusations came out.

It's funny how close this looks to their candids with only some minor editing. kek.

No. 65821

it’s the same guy who posted a giant post about how one of his friends is being abused by his gf. He does not support Lori. That’s why Lori is hostile with him

No. 65827

I'm crying. this is hilarious. Bless, anon

No. 65840


A fucking plus anon on accuracy!!! I am crying laughing!!

No. 65843

anon… this is truly a work of art….
Next thread pic?

No. 65844

Anon has made my year and I agree… should be next thread pic. I'm dead af.

No. 65856

File: 1567998364438.jpeg (143.13 KB, 1205x471, 1430014E-1FC9-49BD-83B5-72D742…)

No. 65857

Lori is literally just looking for excuses so that anyone who speaks out against her can be labeled as a "bully" for doing so. She's 30+ and waited all the way up till now to make a "but I'm autistic" claim? sure, Lori. This is just like her "broken spine", kek.

No. 65874

Of course she would go for the autism card.

No. 65885

Maybe she should find a job that provides health insurance or use her money on insurance instead of stupid figures of anime waifus that were popular almost two years ago.

No. 65886

Probably forcing him to delete stuff. She made him block me as well on instagram awhile back because I commented on his props one time and I'm a chick.

No. 65901

Parasites like Lori can get a lot of mileage from socially acceptable excuses like faux autism to shield against "haters." This polite fiction is convenient and so much nicer than the truth – Lori's personality is a Cluster B dumpster fire that burns everyone around her.

What could possibly motivate her to seek real psychological help when she can comfortably keep leeching off enablers? Kevin is her main host right now. Wonder how much longer it'll be until she tosses him aside for fresh blood.

I'm sure Utah has free and low cost "sliding scale" mental health clinics that offer services like dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) – no health insurance needed. But that would require Lori to 1) make a sustained effort to be a healthier person and 2) take responsibility for herself. And we all know that neither of these things will ever happen because she has a loooong history of manipulative, sociopathic behavior.

No. 65903

Oh Lori, sweetie, just because you're a dumb bitch who lacks emotion does not mean you have autism. youre a fucking sociopath who needs help.

No. 65905

maybe she's going to use that as an excuse as to why she skinwalks/gets obsessed with these characters? obsession with one particular thing is a big quirk with autism.


No. 65906

Also a big thing with having addictions. She clearly has mental issues from self-harm, manipulation, harming others, and obsessed with skin-walking (and etc). And idk, I feel like if it was from autism she would be a little bit more concerned with perfecting who she skin walks, she never perfects anything just perverts them. People need to stop giving into her self-diagnosis.

No. 65911

She doesn’t have autism period it’s just an ignorant assumption she made because she is trying to make an excuse about her behavior. I can tell you now autistic people have a hard time with socializing and depending on how far on the spectrum you are you can’t even talk or communicate how people off the spectrum do. Lori if anything (no I’m not diagnosing) seems to be showing borderline personality/sociopathic tendencies. People worth borderline personality disorder or are also narcissistic, up and down moods, manipulative af l, distorted self image (skinwalking/ believing she is the actual character she portrays/ trying to be extreme low body weight) as well as grandiosity as we have all seen how she thinks she is better than Cosplayer a who have to wear wigs or anything else. The sociopathic behavior well we have all seen what she does to her friends, boyfriends, and Kevin is the latest and most abused of them all and she can give two fucks how she is ruining that mans life as long as she can drain him for everything he has. So yes she is on the ball with having some mental issues but it ain’t autism.

No. 65929

File: 1568075623102.jpeg (733.19 KB, 2048x2048, 7E6E68A3-7C02-4B05-8602-4DFBB0…)

Not sure if this was noted yet but you can see how much she slims her jaw but the warped as fuck pictures behind her.

No. 65945

This is hilarious, this is the kind of Lori content I came to see.
Excellent work, anon

No. 65948

File: 1568082759134.png (8.82 MB, 1125x2436, 9838BBDA-EFB2-4600-97F6-F74BCA…)

I’d make that face too if I had those claws on me

No. 65949

File: 1568083077686.jpeg (314.62 KB, 2048x2048, 58C1520E-7DB5-4C5D-AEB6-F2AD9C…)

March 19 Lori posts a video on fb where the first second of it shows her fave before it rubber bands to the snow filter.
Here’s the comparison. So much for that “natural” jaw she claims to have.

No. 65954

what’s the date for this pic, anon? She’s wearing the engagement ring but I think this is before he “proposed” at anime expo.

No. 65955

File: 1568085931852.jpeg (813.64 KB, 1125x1529, 35141853-FE1A-47E6-A5B3-18A532…)

Posted July 25th!

No. 65960

File: 1568093593779.jpg (128.86 KB, 1280x869, 1568093606042.jpg)

No. 65966

God I never understood Lori’s posing or her need to be looking away from the camera all the time while Kevin looks at the camera lol it’s so fucking weird
You can always tell someone’s age by their hands

No. 65970

Look at that arched back

Here I was thinking she can't work, contribute to society or act like a goddamn adult in any way because she has a mysterious broken back

No. 66004

File: 1568127366560.gif (876.63 KB, 400x251, damn.gif)

No. 66023

they did not go to fanx this last weekend which is a bit strange.

No. 66084

what a difference the filters she claims to not use makes for her giant chin. holy back rolls batman, going to shame other women for their body types and showing that off. she needs to get a real job and stop soul succing kevin

No. 66085


To be fair, camera lenses are shit and distort the face from how it looks in reality anyway.

No. 66089

Lmao, Kevin's eyes look like they're screaming to the camera for help.

No. 66110

Lori's existence seems so crazy and sad. Like I wonder what her day to day life looks like. Does she go to the grocery store dressed as Zero Two? Does she just sit around all day taking selfies in the apartment Kevin pays for?

Mid 30s, living life as a cartoon character and wtf is the end game? Imagine her in 5 years, 10 years, etc. Just bizarre

No. 66153

That's what I often wonder about for Lori too. I think it's why I still follow her content anymore. Like I just look at the pics and wonder how someone who's 8 years older than me has never even owned their own vehicle or paid their own rent? Also having to ask/demand her BF for grocery money or fun money… Where's the joy in that?

No. 66165

She's probably living a hybrid of the typical weeb NEET and costhot lifestyles:
>11:00am-1:00pm: wake up, lay in bed catching up on social media for an hour or two
>1:00pm-2:00pm: grab some sort of ready-made lunch, eat it in bed or on the couch while continuing to browse social media
>2:30pm-3:00pm: get into a "brief" spat with Kevin
>3:00pm-4:00pm: get dressed up and take a few hundred selfies, edit the best ones in beautifying app for release over the next few days
>4:00pm-4:30pm: go back to browsing social media on the couch, see something that pisses you off, take it out on Kevin
>4:30pm-6:30pm: get paranoid about Kevin cheating during argument, have meltdown
>6:30pm-7:00pm: start calming down, try to repair relationship
>7:00pm-8:00pm: order take-out and put on some animu
>8:00pm-9:00pm: eat take-out and watch animu
>9:00pm-2:00am: browse social media while watching animu
>2:30am-3:30am: get into bed, try to ward off thoughts about aging so that sleep will come
>3:30am-11:00am: sleep

No. 66168

it’s been seen that she wears the contacts and horns when she goes to work or when they go out to do any activities. she is always 02. i’m sure if she was allowed to wear the plug suit at work she would wear it there too.

No. 66169

Halloween. Guaranteed. If she has a real job.

No. 66171

I don’t think she works at forever 21 anymore.. I think she only worked there while they lived with his parents because they were not gonna tolerate her 34 year old ass sitting in the house in costume all day. The second she got away from them I knew she would once again leave it all to Kevin while she roles around a 5 year olds bikini and zero costumes. I’m the same with you to anon I’m only around her content because I know in the next 3 to 5 years she is done. Leaching is not going to be available to her and she is going to regret not having 401k, investments, medical, credit line, and anything else to set herself up from retirement. She doesn’t want kids so she will have no one to take care of her and the older she gets the youngins wont even look her way. She will have to deal with people her own age who are not going to support and bullshit and delusional lifestyle. She needs to accept the fact that this is reality and not episode of darling in the Franxx.

No. 66178

If you think about it, Zero Two HAS a job. If she’s trying to be the PERFECT Zero Two, she needs a job first.

No. 66181

LOL! She was at 9 Patreon and now is down to 8! Looks like only wearing three outfits as the same character got old quick. That’s where she is fucking up if she was smart she would do different characters let the client choose the character he wants to beat his meat to.

No. 66195

So that's completely insane.

She's burnt bridges left and right. Logically, it doesn't seem like a winning strategy to alienate yourself via non-stop thundercunt behavior when your very survival (food, water, shelter, life basics) depends on leeching off others.

Does she have any real friends? Peers? She is so very fucked as her forties approach

No. 66209

she has friends but none that are local since she moved to Utah I don’t think. she had friends in seattle and there’s always people that comment on her status posts on FB that she seems familiar with. but how many are actually just there to lurk and observe her? her posts get leaked on here all the time still so who knows.

No. 66257

File: 1568313029279.jpeg (249.75 KB, 1125x1485, 3F6445B4-7E45-48E8-8BDF-980136…)

No. 66258

File: 1568313069218.jpeg (232.62 KB, 1113x1397, 3003D111-6314-4BD0-83AA-58C588…)

No. 66259

File: 1568313101017.jpeg (259.58 KB, 1125x1382, 5FBBB166-DE4D-4F54-A98C-5F28A8…)

No. 66260

Wow what took you so long anon?

No. 66263

File: 1568313834643.png (3.08 MB, 1920x2400, bunnyiguess.png)

>Excuse the lack of makeup, its a lazy day. Here are shots of my finished bunny suit. I made this for a pat♡reon set and im pretty pleased with it.

No. 66264

File: 1568314565967.jpg (59.97 KB, 450x600, 88347cbac6897143d55aed2fa31a65…)

Looks more like bunny Haruko Haruhara. Same crackhead vibes.

Zero Two ha