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File: 1590100827006.jpeg (37.86 KB, 480x480, nicole.jpeg)

No. 95156

Previous thread: >>82304

Nicoleeeveedavis, your average lying Ethot with more faces than the happy mask salesman. Earlier she had a band of White knights that shot down anything related to Nicole, and heavily monitored the first thread. They’ve been hush hush after a new wave of evidence of her skinwalking of Leda, flakery and cheating with Myspace fag, Destery came to light. She’s obsessed with being Leda and a IRL elf.

>UwU Victim 4lyfe

>Constantly photoshops the ever loving shit out of herself til she looks like a different person, and insists she looks like this IRL by photoshopping videos to use as proof.
>Lied about working 3 jobs and doing 70 hours a week
>Lying about having multiple illnesses and having people break into her car and losing fake jobs to garner sympathy and donations
>Thirst baiting and complaining about getting thirsty ass comments
>Advocates against bullying and stalking, then starts harassing and stalking a girl named Addi for “skinwalking” her when it’s not true
>Constantly accusing others of skinwalking when her whole look, personality, hobbies, and appearance was stolen from Leda
>Took a plane to where ever the fuck Destery lives to cheat on her bf Dennis and shamelessly posted pics and videos
>Single baits despite having a boyfriend
>Shameless Ebegging
>Crying about having no money while spending every dime on toys and nerd crap
>Lied about being homeless and going through extreme poverty while living with parents
>Huge AdultChild and Narcissist
>Always promising followers new projects and content, while failing to deliver anything

Stalker Saga:
Was briefly stalked by a Black guy who she egged on, he created Nicoleeeveedavis.com to chronicle his ramblings
Claimed to have been stalked by Addi when there was no proof
Got a cake to celebrate the end of being stalked and being granted a restraining order when it didn’t even happen
Talks about finally being able to move on and leave the stalked saga behind but can’t stop bitching and crying about Addi and being stalked. Constantly Tweeting about Addi and trying to get people to attack her to the point where her own drones told her to STFU and finally move on

>She had bad plastic surgery
>Nicole was the one who posted and created her own fan accounts and fan content on Facebook, IG and Reddit. Shortly after a Anon suggested the possibility of sock puppets, most of the Reddit posts of her disappeared. On FB and IG all of the accounts all said the same things about her (I love you queen, she’s perfect, she loves us, she saved me, she’s the most beautiful girl in the world) and all suspiciously stopped posting at the same time.
>Lying about being Bisexual to thirst bait

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/NicoleEeveeDavis/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NicoleEeveeD
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/NicoleEeveeDavis

No. 95160

File: 1590102381314.jpeg (389.2 KB, 828x955, 0FC6B7EB-26F4-42CE-B4FA-141F66…)

Accurate description of the stalker bs. The milk for Addi skinwalking Nicole was so shit it can’t even be called skinwalking. Nicole would go on long-winded rants about Addi copying her memes or the same memes she retweets, that’s barely the wearing of her skin she made it out to be. As mentally unstable as Addi seems to be, she’s not the danger or threat Nicole described.

She seems to stalk her stalker so much, she even knows who she dated and their accounts. Like, she’s a public figure with thousands of followers but notices the second someone in Addi’s life follows her. Fuckn creepy

No. 95164

>Was briefly stalked by a Black guy who she egged on, he created Nicoleeeveedavis.com to chronicle his ramblings

Brandon wasn't egged on. He had this twisted idea that she was in love with him even though she had a boyfriend and wasn't interested. He got creepy and created a fake interest with edited fake photoshop jobs as if he had access to all these before photos to try and drag her compared to the photos she posted.

He is not just some guy who got 'egged on'. Nicole IS a victim in that stalking situation. We already discussed how much of a fucking creep he was. People were even posted his edited before and afters as if they were real in the other thread.

>Claimed to have been stalked by Addi when there was no proof

We also posted proof, while the thread was even still active, of Addi deliberately reposting and even edited herself in a post Nicole reposted that she found from Facebook. Addi is also a skinwalker.

If you're going to make a new thread at least be honest with your OP so anons know the full story on certain subjects involving Nicole.

No. 95165

Why was tinfoil included in the OP when tinfoil is only allowed if there is probable proof? The only thing that maybe counts is the nose job since we have photos, but the rest doesn't even make sense and has nothing to back it up.

No. 95176

that's why it's under speculation

No. 95177

Which means tinfoil. The having all the accounts thing still doesn't even make sense. She stopped being relevant and got old and so did her fan base that cared about her during the time of everything posted. She went MIA for several months. Who the hell would want to keep reblogging and keep fan accounts up to date. Some still posts, but months apart because her relevancy is just not there.

No. 95178

By the way, the fan account on insta called “eeveefc” is by one of Nicole’s admirers/‘friends’, her username is yunozatti on insta. That’s probably the one fan account I can 100% say isn’t made by Nicole herself. But it also has an interesting story to it
In one of her 2017 streams, Nicole mentioned that someone was using her photos to catfish a guy and try to be in a relationship with him, except he was already in one and had a son with his girlfriend. Nicole said she actually ended up meeting them and their child (weird story) and that the mother was worried her boyfriend would leave her. I figured it was that yunozatti girl because she has a son and actually ended up breaking up with him because he cheated on her
Every story surrounding Nicole’s life is just so weird lmao

No. 95179

Can you find the stream it was? That's interesting.

No. 95182

File: 1590107009698.jpeg (192.11 KB, 828x766, 9C0AA965-93D8-4F5E-B2B8-7A86D3…)

Looking for it rn, the stream is 8 hours long so it may take a bit
Also found these comments where Nicole empathizes for her

No. 95186

File: 1590109781779.jpeg (407.16 KB, 828x636, D06BF914-8A10-4E07-AAEA-8E9D9E…)

Found it, she went in much more depth than what I explained, link with exact time she talks about that story is: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/172909914?t=13349s
Time is at 3:42:29 and onward

No. 95216

File: 1590136314313.jpg (183.98 KB, 1044x1080, 1589697213437.jpg)

I'm offended this gem wasn't used for thread pic comparison

No. 95218

Soz for samefag but second this anon. She may have provoked her male stalker I don't personally know, but he's so demented nearly anything would have. And yes, he definitely has a strange fantasy of Nicole being in love with him. It's the fact she screeches about Addi being her stalker to this day when all she's done is skinwalk and potentially make some jealous comments… Brandon is the real physical threat, who has even made websites about her.

Addi on the other hand used to emulate Nicole, her posts, interests and photos in a somewhat more aggressive way than that Sarah Alice girl briefly mentioned here. I remember personally seeing numerous nasty comments (most of which pointing out her shoop) all coming from sock accounts Nicole claimed to be Addi at the time (maybe two years ago). The issue with this situation is after Nicole named and shamed her multiple times (despite reaffirming almost constantly she wouldn't stoop to that), Addi went into hiding because of Nicole's orbiters.

I lost Addi during this period but from what I've seen since she's long resurfaced is she's no longer skinwalking Nicole, at least not to a noticeable extent. Her continued dragging of Addi to this day for money, coupled with Nicole being a Leda skinwalker herself equals a big awks from me.

No. 95231

File: 1590148951316.jpeg (1020.38 KB, 828x1636, 84138E09-B188-451E-A286-E85092…)

She finally addresses being single

No. 95233

Safe to assume Dennis is the one that dumped her, the way she worded all her sad posting on snapchat was saying things like “I will never leave me, even if others do” and worded it like she got dumped. Good for him.

No. 95236

That's gotta be a record, I would've thought Destrey's misshapen man-child wizard sleeve would be enough to make anyone cry

No. 95245

File: 1590161971709.jpeg (850.76 KB, 828x1338, 4BA1BB78-00AA-4ACE-B409-B10ECE…)

lol at least other costhots know to filter Nicole’s face too

No. 95247

Then she most likely f*cked with Destery as a sad, sad rebound, as he drowned her in attention anyways and in the end got his will. Nicole posts about how she spends her former Anniversary single for the first time in 10 years - instead spending it with the guy she cheated with which likely caused her original boyfriend to break up with her in the first place (so no anniversary), and that cheater being the same manipulative, ugly lowlife who already lied to her and HIS former girlfriend, treated her like shit and she then condemned online, but now flies out during a pandemic just to spend a night with him after all that bullshit. This is the most pathetic story I've heard in a long time.

No. 95249

I don't get why she doesn't get a nosejob if she shops her nose this much.

No. 95250

Anon how old are you if you are censoring your typing? Sage your posts too. You keep bumping the thread and we know it's samefag so stop declaring that too.

I thought we decided she did.


This looks like all they did was throw a filter over her here. What the hell is happened to the other thot though? That's awful.

No. 95251

Even with the snow filter it still doesn't look like her uploads

No. 95253

It's about time Dennis left, she clearly does not respect him at all. I would've laughed and called him a fucking loser for staying with someone who openly cheats on you.

No. 95254

File: 1590163795327.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1350, nicole dennis.jpg)

She should take notes from her friend, at least they have the decency to shop her as well, while Nicole won't shop the other person in her pic, example with her ex

No. 95255

File: 1590163941766.png (6.46 MB, 1800x1800, 1857BEB9-5CAA-4316-8F3E-0F992F…)

Dunno who decided that but I sure as hell don’t believe for one second she got a nose job. A nose job would at least be better because then she would look the same irl.

I compiled some unshooped and shooped photos for comparison that show she never got a nose job through the years:
Top row (unshooped) 2018 -> 2017 -> 2016/15
Bottom row (shooped) 2018 -> 2017 -> 2016

No. 95256

He looks shopped though. Dark circles cleared, skin smoothed, but not overly done. She likes her stuff to be as if she walked into a selfie machine in Japan and glows like the sun. But you are dumb to not notice his shops she added in.

No. 95257

Dennis did leave >>95231

No. 95258

Why do you guys always only compile old photos? Make a normal timeline like people do with cosplayers who turn thot. Thought we were comparing her nose now to her nose then not her nose then to nose then.

No. 95259

What would a normal timeline look like?
The photo comparisons just show her shooped nose always looks the same through the years, but it’s not a nose she has and a nose she got through surgery. Every year she she still has unedited videos and candids showing she has her hook/beak nose, so a nose job would make no sense.

No. 95260

Very well could afford botox into the nose bridge to even everything out and round the tip to make everything for symmetrical. It doesn't completely fix it and it deteriorates over time which would explain the weird endless shapes.

No. 95261

Learn to read. I said it's about time he LEFT.

No. 95262

File: 1590164495571.jpeg (324.38 KB, 707x841, 0B0B5129-0356-4C86-8375-67A285…)

Taken a few months ago, her nose still has the bump.

No. 95263

Oof what a retarded thing to be rude over, my condolences for whatever's happening in your life anon

No. 95264

>posts photo of straight line nose

Uh huh.

No. 95265

File: 1590164747756.jpeg (724.1 KB, 828x1454, DAD7BD26-EF22-441A-979D-988446…)

Sage for not being milk, but am I the only one who gets repulsed when she sticks her tongue out like that? She does it in nearly every video and it’s something a toddler would do, I don’t find it cute

No. 95266

I mean it's definitely not on the same trajectory as her shops. There's no swoop and if anything it leans to pointing downwards. Idk how much I see a bump though?

No. 95267

Its a thot thing, not a nicole thing. Its supposed to be quirky and egirl.

No. 95268

its the first time i contributed to this thread, so how samefag?

She just moved into the LA area not long ago, she will get fillers or surgery eventually.

No. 95269

Ngl her nose looks broken in this one though, but that may just be the filter

No. 95270

well, she's been transitioning from kawaii uwu girl to thot lately, almost every video she posts is a form of tongue out or wink or cheek squish.

No. 95271

Looks like the highlight she put on her bridge is just too might for the lights. It's casting shadows and highlights all weird

No. 95272

File: 1590165030695.jpeg (557.78 KB, 828x929, F6ADDC55-013E-40EB-B86B-1E5543…)

Then she probably did get a nose job. I just don’t know why she didn’t get a good one or at least one that looks like what she shoops hers to be. She has the money for it lmao

She claims the difference in nose shape is just how she contours, but there’s no amount of contour that could fix what it used to look like

No. 95273

Her nose was wide and slightly hooked. from her facebook.

No. 95274

That's the thing with Ethots, they can't decide to be a uwu anime girl or a full blown hoe.

No. 95275

File: 1590165808528.gif (1023.14 KB, 245x131, tumblr_mb1qcap05i1qii70fo3_250…)

Probably, although I can't understand why she wouldn't just get her mole removed. It seems like she tries to hide it more than her nose. It's better than it vanishing from pic to pic, or always jumping around in shape/colour.

No. 95278

File: 1590166629181.jpeg (854.56 KB, 828x1395, EFCE7367-C031-463A-89D5-8496D8…)

I found a Destery fan account that reposted his stories. That is Nicole’s hand and her bracelet, a romantic-looking pic next to his hand when she was still with Dennis.
A literal thot

No. 95279

File: 1590167167443.jpeg (590.91 KB, 828x1365, A0E85340-BA66-4F3B-8A73-485504…)

Even around that same time she was still posting videos where you could see Dennis in the background (sitting on the chair)

No. 95284

Ok, even if you did prove that Addi was a "skinwalker", you didn't prove how she was stalking Nicole.

No. 95285

She reposted the same items immediately after her more than once, it even happened while the thread was active and spergfest anon got pissed and yelled at everyone to stop whiteknighting because they called Addi out. I always mess up links, so just go back to the other thread and it's not far from the top where you see back to backs of the reblogs. She even edited Nicole out of a scene meme she found on Facebook and Nicole reblogged and self inserted herself in it before reblogging on Twitter. Addi is a little troll gremlin and apparently no one can call her out on it without an anon flipping out and saying it's just talk to deviate from Nicole. It's a fucking mess.

No. 95286

That's still 0 proof of her alleged stalking
She never followed Nicole around irl or tried getting her address, You know, actual stalker stuff. In what world does trolling equate to stalking?
That doesn't count as stalking.
>Addi is a troll gremlin
She did all that to piss off Nicole and it worked, Nicole won't stop crying about her.

No. 95287

File: 1590169968179.jpeg (281.74 KB, 1180x1773, 66BB3FA3-EEA1-43EF-8748-7E0172…)

Nicole photoshopping would be a lot less milky if she didn’t try to convince people it’s only a filter, and she totally doesn’t retouch it afterwards

No. 95291

Hate comments can be seen throughout Nicole’s older posts going “Leave Addi/Kaitlyn alone” and apparently addressing herself in third person. Addi was definitely harassing her online on a daily basis but Nicole exaggerated the story to make it seem life-threatening. Addi never expressed any intent to do her physical harm but of course Nicole still milked the story for extra sympathy points

No. 95293

You don't have to meet someone IRL to me a stalker. Look at Brandon. Most of his harassment was online as well. No one is saying Addi was stalker, put her in jail, that extreme, but she has stalker tendencies.

>She did all that to piss off Nicole and it worked, Nicole won't stop crying about her.

She never mentioned this anywhere, anon. If that's the case, then she is absolutely obsessed with her enough to do that as bad as Brandon as to edit fake before photos for being mad that Nicole didn't want him.

No. 95294

I second this, Addi (whose account name is now peachieleo) seemed jealous/wanted to be her but eventually moved on, probably to another costhot.
Btw Brandon literally drove by Nicole’s neighborhood trying to figure out where she lived based on the background of pictures she took in her yard. Yikes. Along with threatening to rape her and other women.

No. 95295

Addi actually seemed to stop after being called out for being a xan-addict and when she copied her during the thread starting. She hasn't done much since with following Nicole and Nicole hasn't mentioned it much since either.

No. 95303

File: 1590182323919.png (42.77 KB, 1200x1200, emoji.png)

Who cares about Addi? Can we move on?

No. 95304

File: 1590182946851.jpeg (231.57 KB, 1000x750, 232FA11E-86B4-4B69-A0F4-E1A635…)

I’ve never seen candids of Nicole before these threads were made and I’m still confused how she can edit her face/nose that much.
How was she even able to give her nose that upturned look without completely warping that left eye? That’s some professional level shit

No. 95305

File: 1590183353538.png (3.55 MB, 828x1792, 3A084848-F09A-4AA4-9155-82C722…)

Most of the candids I do find of Nicole are from that pinterest vendetta page, so it’s hard to know what’s real or not
I’m 99% sure this is real

No. 95307

it looks like she still used the eye enlarge tool for a pic like that

No. 95308

File: 1590185107562.jpeg (391.88 KB, 1800x1368, 60704D14-BB86-4A19-A42D-7507F3…)

Something I hate that costhots/influencers do is upload flawless looking before and after makeup pictures to try and show they’re flawless before putting anything on.

Like we get it Nicole, you’re ~effortlessly flawless~ only except you look like the right.
If costhots were more upfront about not looking like goddesses naturally that would make them a lot more tolerable

No. 95314

Notice how her ear is pointed in her "natural" no makeup selfie? She's also trying to show minna she's "naturally" elf-like too. Nicole has a big thing for coming off like an uwu Elf. She cycles through multiple phases, right now it's the "I'M NATURALLY STRAWBERRY BLONDE" phase.

No. 95318

File: 1590197520975.jpeg (640.87 KB, 828x1346, F9D9664D-5D10-4C0C-87C4-BBA4B5…)

Is Nicole san for real? She already went on a rant in March about coworkers and people she was hanging out with accidentally calling her Nicole instead of Eevee/Evie, now she’s saying she sometimes ignores people if they refer to her by “Nicole.”
This bitch seems like such a high maintenance person to have in anyone’s life, I’m really not surprised people around her probably get drained and cut her out of their life

No. 95319

She's relevant to the thread, anon. OP even made sure to put her in the bio of the last thread and just refuses to say her name in this one or Brandon's name too and draw him out to be not the bad guy in Nicole's situation, no nah. Everyone who is fucked up here gets called it. Even Xanny Addi.

No. 95321

The thing is anon, Brandon went in and edited photos as fake before and edited even photos that weren't from shoots to make it appear that Nicole edits more than she does. He even placed images together to adjust her eyes in photos and you could see in the before the different images compiled to edit the eyes and skin and nose and face. Dude was fucking crazy. I wouldn't post anything from that Pinterest, anon >>95305

No. 95322

I wouldn't call a hair color a phase, but the elven thing is, but that just might be her obsession just like all these thots want to be catgirls so much because reality is uwu cuter.

No. 95323

If she purposely, even if her middle name is spelled wrong, but pronounced the same, asks people to call her that and they want to be dicks about it and not call her by her middle name even if the spelling is different, is shitty. People want to be called nicknames, so being a douche about it and not calling someone that because you think it's 'dumb' or something is just really disrespectful.

No. 95324

File: 1590198070211.png (2.25 MB, 1800x1800, 1C925852-89A7-4D83-B09A-2F0832…)

She’s so unhealthily obsessed with being a redhead she even answers the same question twice in the same q&a story just to emphasize how much of a true redhead she is
This is such bs because last year she kept saying how her father is a redhead and the red hair “skipped a generation” meaning her and her siblings didn’t get the red hair. But of course her stories are never consistent throughout the years so she needs to lie about something as minuscule as hair color to seem like an otherworldly elf goddess

No. 95325

People are dumb too and will ask people with dirty blond or brown hair if they are naturally redheads. I think because she has real freckles that she wishes were Disney freckles that she sees more red and orange in her hair because of the skin tone she actually has? I know that is what makes people think gingers are gingers when they aren't. They just have freckles and dirty blonde hair.

No. 95326

But she’s been calling herself Nicole for years, up until this month her name on insta was “Nicole eevee davis” and she changed it to just “eevee.” It’s a new demand people need time adjusting to.

No. 95327

I’ve never seen her with natural freckles that weren’t a filter or drawn on with makeup. Any pics of her natural frecks?

No. 95328

I mean anyone can want to be called by something else at any point. It's not outlandish and its as petty as people misgendering to prove a point when they find out someone is trans. Just don't be a dick about a nickname?

No. 95329

File: 1590198917230.jpeg (281.58 KB, 828x455, 91EAA78E-A3BB-4918-A81E-E5AB41…)

She doesn’t have blonde or red hair naturally, looks common brown to me

No. 95330

Not a wk but you sound like the type of person to hate on furries just for liking something different to you and having interests so shame. They already get enough hate as it is

No. 95331

She doesn't have freckles, she starting using filters for them. She just likes the aesthetic cuz she wants to look ~different~ and it also pushes her ~natural redhead~ lie.

No. 95334

File: 1590201291829.jpeg (636.05 KB, 828x617, 67596EFE-0BE2-4D07-ADDA-9E12B8…)

Thought so. Unsure why a wk started coming in here claiming she has natural freckles and that she’s also a dirty blonde.
The only instances she’s ever had freckles on her face were drawn on because natural frecks wouldn’t be visible through many layers of of foundation

Also this is the only post she’s ever removed from her instagram, I’m not sure why but could it possibly be because of the over editing?

No. 95336

If I had to guess, she had it removed because the shop was obvious in that pic. Her whole face is dis-proportioned, and there wasn't enough editing on her nose bridge to cover the hump she has. She looks like a literal alien in that pic.

No. 95344

She wouldn't have people calling her Eevee if Pokemon wasn't popular, she just wants to be associated with something that is widely known and liked.
There are pics of her as a kid in the other thread that showed her having Brown hair, so now she wants everyone to believe she ~suddenly~ grew out red hair? That's not how genetics work Nicole.
>Faggot Furry detected.

No. 95345

File: 1590203504875.jpeg (843.27 KB, 828x1403, 51ADBB3C-CB0C-47CE-AC27-5068C6…)

Most likely actually >>95336
Another ig post that got removed was one of her tattoo posts but probably got taken down by Addi or a troll, it was about self harm, she posted a pic of her scar before covering it with the tat

No. 95349

File: 1590204490349.jpeg (309.43 KB, 828x635, D5B604B5-FF50-4FD0-90B1-8907A3…)

Curious how one of her videos got nearly a million views when the post itself has < 50k likes

No. 95350

Go back to Tumblr, sane people don't have to subscribe to whatever non-reality autists spew on a month to month basis

No. 95351

Samefag but who is this fucking sperg invading the thread? No one gives a fuck about your subjective moral opinions

No. 95353


Is this your screengrab?

No. 95355

Its what happens when people only promote one photo out of their gallery to gain traction. That photo ends up as an ad but most people don't visit the page on top of it and just like the promoted photo they see in story inbetweens or when normally scrolling/promoted page

No. 95356

Also when videos are uploaded you never, ever, ever get the same amount of views compared to likes because it counts repeat views too.

No. 95358

>view insights
>Nicole user icon

Maybe she posted it in a story at some point? It would be bizarre for the thread topic to highlight their own unusual stats.


>Calls herself Nicole Eevee Davis on all accounts for years

>Don't call me Nicole

Is this some weird attempt to distance herself from this thread or past events? The username will still show up all over Google. idgi.

No. 95370

Dunno, maybe you bought an ad space from Instagram to promote your post??
I love the fake humble ass pat she gives herself. She tries to make herself seem super popular when in reality, she walks outside and 100% of the people who walks past her don't know who the fuck she is.

No. 95391

File: 1590225730103.jpeg (425.4 KB, 828x1178, F39DE38D-14BB-4ACD-A1C4-10FFAE…)

Somehow comparing people with gender dysphoria and real struggles with their identity to a bitch that just wants to be an irl Pokémon trainer girl lmao (not trans but shit comparison anon, she isn’t even consistent with her own preferred nickname/username)
Besides, her rants are that even her manager(s) call her by her real name instead of her middle/Pokémon name, she’s been talking about legally changing her name to Eevee Nicole Davis for years but hasn’t done anything about it.

No. 95392

File: 1590226025614.png (5.87 MB, 1800x1800, D353DD7E-B9D7-470C-A3E0-B0BF7D…)

How does she look like complete ana chan in one picture and chunkier in a candid? These were taken near the same period

No. 95395

In which of these pictures does she look like an ana-chan?

No. 95396

File: 1590227050777.jpg (460.47 KB, 1920x2144, 20-05-23-19-40-00-664_deco__01…)

That anon encapsulates everything wrong with the userbase. I think they wondered onto the wrong site… Pic related.

It's gotta be shoop. I know the first image of Nicole compared to the ones she uploaded are definitely slimmed down extensively.

I think anon means she looks significantly smaller in frame in the second photo, compared with the first.

No. 95429

Anyone have a screencap of Nicole making fun of Addi’s appearance in the comment section? I remember long time ago Addi was harassing Nicole in the comments and she actually retaliated back and insulted her lol, and her followers were wking calling Addi fat and Nicole was liking all those comments. Trying to find a screenshot if it wasn’t deleted already. I remember this shit because it was right before I unfollowed her

No. 95435

File: 1590246929482.jpeg (528.29 KB, 828x1313, 61D3D946-5EFE-4DE0-B9A9-A1FE5E…)

Kek at “loving myself with my clothes on”
Addi is a crazy thot and Nicole is just a thot

No. 95437

File: 1590247977184.jpeg (371.57 KB, 1285x1800, BC29099A-AE3F-4ACA-BB2E-F657EA…)

Also putting this out here when Nicole gets plastic surgery (or even more, if she has already)

No. 95438

Who let the Tumblr SJW faggot out of the closet?

No. 95441

I can confirm the Addi fake account spergs and Nicole agressively replying but I never capped them unfortunately. Interested to see Nicole liking comments about Addi being fat if anyone's got any evidence.
Imo most e sexworkers are trashy and borderline insane but even I can't stand her ~holier than thou~ attitude. Kek, my sides at the "clothes on" comment.

No. 95453

File: 1590251262725.jpeg (328.36 KB, 828x655, AA106AF6-7E29-42F2-A7F4-4BCABF…)

Apparently you’re automatically a dick according to the sjw anon for saying Nicole, despite her closest friends (Doon and Destery) introducing her as Nicole, even in his vids

No. 95459

I forgot how insane sjws are lol.

No. 95462

File: 1590254382095.jpeg (914.65 KB, 828x1390, 8E0F5D16-D0DE-413F-9EA4-D0F4AE…)

Probably the worst photo of herself she’s put out to this day lmao(retarded nitpick)

No. 95463

Kek, nice evidence anon. Glad WK-Chan can finally untwist her panties
Ntayrt but I'm surprised, they're everywhere on this site. Just read a 20 post long argument about aces apparently being LGBTQ123

No. 95465

File: 1590255152936.jpeg (197.91 KB, 828x756, EFD9ED47-14B9-4D51-A839-E8AAB8…)

>”What class would you be”
>Lists a couple of elven races

watch out, we got ourselves a gamer Egirl~

No. 95480

Nicole is one of those girls who knows nothing about games but pretends she does all while making fun of the ~other gamer gurls~

No. 95483

I think she just misread that like an idiot though.

No. 95486


I thought anons were discussing asking to be called not Nicole recently though? Why are you posting almost 3.5 year old posts announcing her as Nicole? It's not even about being a SJW. You just sound stupid.

No. 95487

Addi is offically allowed to be talked about if people are going to be bringing Xany-Addi up constantly.

No. 95493

This is Nicole's thread though? I don't understand why yall are so obsessed with Addi like Nicole, lul.

No. 95495

Because she is in the OP for fucks sake. So why not talk about her? It's not like a fleeting person was introduced. Xanny Addi was added in the first thread and has posts on posts, dozens, about her. She doesn't suddenly become irrelevant because anons don't want to talk about her anymore. It is Nicole's thread, but it also involves her more than just 'this person said..'. With proof we have she stalked her, not like Brandon, but online obsessive reblogging, harassing her on throw away accounts.. Addi is absolutely a talkabe subject. There isn't a reason to make another thread to talk about people involving Nicole, so they all have to condensed here. You don't control what can be talked about anon just because you don't think Addi is something to be talked about. It's like when anons kept bringing up Leda, but the second people called Leda's actions in life to focus as well "NO DONT TALK ABOUT LEDA".

No. 95496

File: 1590263090351.png (5.69 MB, 1800x1800, 7F4A4E0E-E346-4E55-B6DD-FCC7AC…)


No. 95497

Because it's bit Addi or Leda's thread, dumbstruck. If you want to talk about them, make a thread for them instead of throwing a tantrum when you get called out for obviously being off topic. Just because they have a slight relation to the Nicole drama doesn't mean you get to instantly derail into talking only about them.

No. 95498

I only wish a thread on Nicole was made sooner, then we’d have a lot more info on Addi back when she still had an ig account that wasn’t taken down.
I’m interested in the Addi topic because apparently Addi was claiming someone was making accounts pretending to be her, while Nicole was saying all the sock puppet hate accounts had the same IP address but she didn’t even check Addi’s IP. They could have been Addi, they could have been Brandon shitting on Nicole’s ig pretending to be Addi. This story has so many holes and the fact that Nicole never got a finalized restraining order shows that.

No. 95501

There isn't enough to make a thread about them yet. Stop being pissed about people want to talk about everything related to the thread topic considering other anons keep bringing up other people related to Nicole too. Especially considering Addi has way more in relation to Nicole than Leda had with Nicole if all it is is skinwalking. Addi definitely did stalking on her own and again, we have proof of it. It was laid to rest until >>95303 wanted to complain about giving more context to Addi and Brandon in the OP.

No. 95503

>Wish a thread about Nicole was made sooner
I don't think it was possible during that time because her WKs were on high alert, someone would always jump to her defense when she was lightly mentioned in the instagramers thread and some other thread. It was also speculated that Nicole was/is a farmer since she was following a large amount of snowflakes that were being talked about here.

No. 95504

Anon who was posting kept have spergouts though about defending why she was a cow without as much stuff as we have now. Even other anons called out the nitpicking because of the lack of milk at the time. Sperg anon even egged on the mods to ban them.

No. 95510

File: 1590270438901.jpeg (184.79 KB, 828x528, E5AFB986-39CF-487A-8487-A1470F…)

I thought nicole started dating dennis when she was 14-15 but apparently has an even older ex. dunno why it would be awkward briefly seeing an ex you briefly dated as a kid unless she dated him during a rough patch she had with dennis through the 10 year relationship

No. 95512

When did she supposedly break up with Dennis?

No. 95515

>When did she break up?
How about you read the damn threads?

No. 95517

Except no one knows for sure, so I am trying to see if anyone else might think this was when she really broke up with Dennis and has been playing it off. Just like how anons thought they were still together because of unupdated Facebook bios. I think I found sperg-anon.

No. 95518

File: 1590271532555.jpeg (159.46 KB, 828x693, 5178E0F4-06B8-41D9-AC45-DB12BF…)

It’s unclear. Nicole only officially announced being single on her snapchat on their anniversary May 21st
Dennis and Nicole unfollowed each other on Twitter but he was still liking her tweets in May although also tweets like this
His twitter: https://twitter.com/everstonetcg

No. 95519

Can people not act like children and post about it like this when they are well over the age of 20? It looks so stupid and plays out like early 2000s AOL away messages. I think the breakup might be mutual from the reads of things. She's saying how she is trying not to cry and he posted this. Maybe they both felt it was time?

No. 95525

>Can people stop acting like children when they are well over the age of 20?
We're talking about Nicole and her circle here :laughcry: there are no adults in that crowd.

No. 95526

probably. Ive noticed a lot of ethot breakups this year but most of them were probably due to starting OF accounts, but that’s not too relevant to this.
their breakup seemed like it was a gradual and slow progress so it’s unlikely to be just one reason/huge fight

No. 95528

They were together since teens and regardless of cheating, that's a long time to spend with someone. It would be way more obvious with how much of a big fallout it would've been considering how much they put out in the open for people.

No. 95547

File: 1590279095400.jpeg (221.08 KB, 828x554, 42CE1FB9-BA72-407F-A3AF-9551C8…)

The break up is probably for the best. she says she prefers women over men kek
weird thing to have said in a hetero relationship but you do you nicole

No. 95551

Says she prefers women but had an 8 year relationship with a guy, never had a girlfriend, and as soon as she broke up she flew to the bed of Destery, another male

No. 95553

File: 1590283147719.jpeg (202.69 KB, 930x1798, 053B3BA2-04DD-4E55-A064-492068…)

i know the sock puppet accounts posting to reddit were already discussed, but two different reddit users with similar usernames (both with ass/booty in it) post nicole’s pics in multiple different subreddits “i love big asses” “bliss booty” dafuck

No. 95554

File: 1590283281600.jpeg (380.85 KB, 828x1593, FE75CC95-693A-43DE-99C9-190B13…)

at least the neckbeards of those subreddits can criticize a poorly put together cosplay
>pink hair
>elf ears
>”Dark magician cosplay”

No. 95555

Nicole: i lIkE wOmEn!

No. 95556

>Big booty n tits
Funny how Nicole has none of those traits without the help of photoshop and heavy padding.
I hope more evidence comes out for the sockpuppet stuff. You should've seen the now deleted Reddit accounts that ONLY posted pics of her, it was the same exact thing as the puppet accounts you posted.

No. 95560

File: 1590283958826.png (266.95 KB, 953x785, ned reddit.png)

One poster kept spamming her pics on r sexy hair. Her posts are tagged under dyed except the one where she's wearing a obvious red wig. Adding to Nicole's delusion of being a natural redhead.

No. 95561

File: 1590284046968.jpg (125.75 KB, 1080x810, ned reddit 2.jpg)

The pic in the post
>wearing red wig

No. 95563

File: 1590284153980.jpeg (112.74 KB, 828x404, D77A051F-5374-4DEE-A519-DAFD22…)

She even speaks about herself like an ally of lgbt, she doesnt have to “prove” anything but her words contradict herself

also to the wks going “shE was in a relationship how could she experiment with liking women?!?” lmfao, that sure as hell didnt stop her from lusting after other men while with dennis

No. 95564

File: 1590284248898.jpeg (674.8 KB, 828x1356, 8BEDD2E9-04B8-4A00-961B-3B5F54…)

don’t forget how she edits her boobs to be bigger, especially in older pics
>dresser next to tit magically slants

No. 95565

I don't get what you're saying but I think
Is the key word here

No. 95567

Its called cross posting and it is exactly what is happening here. Usually accounts will spam post a photo in any credit sub that fits.

No. 95568

File: 1590285096301.jpeg (230.04 KB, 625x1393, D80C3D8E-F9B3-497A-B33A-CF6F0C…)

i knew leda muir was popular in the scene community but i had no idea she was this famous
>nicole egging her stans to tweet at leda san and convince them to follow her
>”i dont want to bother or creep her out uwu”

No. 95571

File: 1590286502568.jpeg (311.17 KB, 828x1455, 4B5A59DC-715A-45F9-831F-08897E…)

You mean these deleted accounts? Funny how they’re all during the same time and linking several of her social media accounts. sad.

No. 95573

File: 1590287888656.jpg (25.86 KB, 321x247, ned.jpg)

Anyone notice how her right iris is wonky in this picture? It looks like her color contacts was slipping out to the side and she edited over them to make it look natural. Your eyes don't do tricks like this.

No. 95574

File: 1590288356619.jpeg (1.05 MB, 828x1518, E61FCBFA-27DE-44CA-9546-84610F…)

If you go to pinterest (and ignore the creepy shopped pics Brandon warped n posted) there are hundreds of Nicole’s snapchat posts that just scream self post to me

No. 95575

File: 1590288378325.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1636, A955BCD9-0778-4D65-8FA4-21200B…)

No. 95576

File: 1590288406654.jpeg (1.12 MB, 828x1391, AD9A2CA7-987E-45F1-B007-214971…)

No. 95577

I didn't think Nicole was this try hard for Efame

No. 95578

File: 1590289063952.png (4.93 MB, 1800x1800, 18A085B7-9C48-47C4-BF19-BDC177…)

She edits her eye color a lot. She just posted her emilia cosplay with purple eyes contacts but in videos she just has her regular blue eyes

No. 95580

File: 1590289508972.jpeg (394.66 KB, 1631x1243, 4D46CBC4-4960-4524-950C-4FA536…)

The sockpuppet account that mysteriously deleted after the first thread talked about it was the source of this gif
Then she reposts it on twitter as though a fan turned it into a gif

No. 95581

I'm laughing at the wks from the other thread insisting her eyes were 100% natural

No. 95584

File: 1590290557668.jpeg (696.21 KB, 828x1370, F5AA6285-E457-4463-9A79-F78BAA…)

it couldnt be more obvious it’s edited
she likes to use picsart overlays to change her eye color and smooth everything except her eyes

No. 95591

You know snow enhances your eyes like this, right? Pretty sure she only uses that. Not to mention all the filters are either SNOW or snapchat.

No. 95592

The editing on her nose is hilarious

No. 95596

File: 1590294295416.jpeg (406.9 KB, 828x878, E81D1F70-6E4B-4E30-8D6F-EF5997…)

>‘I stayed with dawn while things were hard’
>Also claims she was homeless on many occasions

No. 95597

I doubt she was ever homeless. She wanted to seem like she struggled so hard so she can be relatable to people who were actually homeless or struggled to pay their rent, which isn’t a good thing to do? At all? Being homeless or close to it is terrifying.

No. 95599

The filter does that. It's a floppy bunny. It turns the nose up.

No. 95601

File: 1590296242503.jpeg (842.75 KB, 828x1469, 26AB236B-5772-4119-9833-691F54…)

The end of this walking in the forest vid caught me off guard when she turned for half a second

No. 95691

File: 1590337669577.jpeg (396.35 KB, 1012x1800, EC46D23C-15B0-45D5-ADB8-225EC8…)

I’m confident addi wasnt harassing nicole all on her own, there was this girl that had nearly 100k or so that went by the username jesakii on insta (you can’t find her anymore because she deactivated right after nicole’s restraining order post) but if you search her name she has dozens of fan accounts reposting her photos
This is the only pic I found before she deactivated but she was very active during the time nicole was getting hate comments, iirc she was also naming her cats the same stuff nicole named hers. i normally ignore carbon copy ~kawaii~ egirls but this one striked me as more of a hater/envier than an admirer? she appeared to have nicole blocked
until she resurfaces and activates her account i cant confirm much else tho. my guess is she deactivated so the police or Nicole couldn’t trace the IP of the hate comments back to her

No. 95706

How do you know she has Nicole blocked?

No. 95707

People used to tag nicole in her pics but i dont think she’d see it, she may not have tho
I just thought it was weird that she started posting around the time nicole was getting spam hate and then her account was gone when she started talking about getting police involved

No. 95708

The plot thickens. The format and captions of these inexplicable fan accounts for this nobody follow the exact format of the fake Nicole ones. Fan accounts are usually more personal, and with more effort than this.

No. 95709

File: 1590342133066.jpeg (897.48 KB, 828x1458, 1CDD403E-B486-400F-95B3-DF399A…)

Nicole’s stay safe story highlight on addi talks about a post she made in 2017 where addi was stealing her photos, captions and putting eevee in her name. if addi was the one spamming hate comments why did it start a year after that post and not back when she was first imitating her? it doesn’t add up.
it just seemed this whole time like addi was copying her for monetary shit (same sob stories for money, copying patreon, asking money for tattoos and a car)
Idk, the whole story makes no sense because she didn’t get an actual restraining order
I was waiting for jesakii /jess to activate her account before mentioning this but it seems like nicole’s police investigation/IP tracing scared her off for good.

No. 95717

File: 1590348055812.jpeg (302.25 KB, 828x812, DDC84230-0BEB-4E67-8B89-5431DD…)

Nicole is an irl big-eyed button nose Disney girl even Frozen fans want to take pics with her

No. 95718

File: 1590348372568.jpeg (60.03 KB, 500x281, FBEE5896-7087-491E-A9C7-8893A4…)

Reminds me of Stefany Lauren kek

No. 95720

Thats because unlike Brandon, Addi didn't try to stalk and obsessively try to find where she lives outside of online. Police don't give a shit about anything that actually takes place online. That's why you have so many suicides from nine bullying, harassment, stalking, and the police after 20 years still just say whatever. She never would've been able to get a restraining order on addi and Brandon probably still stalks Nicole on puppets. If anything he's the one who kept up all those fan pages and when he got called out and an IRL restraining order happened, that also makes sense why all those fan pages just stopped.

No. 95723

File: 1590349712437.png (3.06 MB, 1800x1800, 895B5411-26F4-4069-9DF5-6E434B…)

So do you think she said addi was the one harassing her daily as a diversion away from brandon? she was never harassed once in 2017 and that’s when addi started copying her, which is why i was skeptical.

Also the more i look at these “fan pages” the more i notice they seem like pictures only nicole would have. the pinterest uploads of all her snaps look like self posts too because doesnt it show the username in the top corner if you screenshot from someone else on snap?

No. 95725

No one said either stalker was a diversion. What wormhole tinfoil are you trying to string together? There is nothing to back Nicole having these pages and wouldn't make sense. She's also posted all the photos publicly that have been reposted to the fan pages. She's had other names too and for someone who people in this thread keep claiming is a nobody and why would people post about her, you guys have a massive catalog of stuff from her actually being popular. Even before the thot stuff and was on YouTube. Where is the idea she doesn't have fans who run these accounts and make these posts? These could be 40 year old men trying to get karma on credit by posting scene girls, photoshop or not. If you're going to insist these are her then at least bring some solid proof instead of spamming why you think it's her instead for the second thread in a row.

No. 95726

>only nicole could have access too
>snapchat photos

No. 95727

That's so bs, she's far from looking like the IRL Anna. This story would be believable if she was cosplaying as Anna. Retards like Nicole love making up crazy stories of how people were so amazed at their beauty or how much they look like a character. Dakota and Sayathefox does this kind of shit too.

No. 95729

Kids do this all the time though and mostly when they are excited about new Disney things. Cosplayers do so many ooc cosplay that I think it's mainstream now to think someone looks like a Disney princess to a kid because they see this stuff all the time. Look at WiR normalizing they don't wear dresses all the time. If her hair was braided, I could see them doing this. It's kids.

No. 95731

well, nicole jumped from 379000 followers to 404000 in a matter of days, after having this stagnating number for months, and you think she doesnt buy followers? her popularity is fake and she bought them now because she knows of this thread as is scared to hell to lose her image now. if you want proof check her social blade and audith for instagram.

No. 95734

File: 1590354920075.jpeg (663.99 KB, 828x1460, B98923F0-C22A-4581-9D2B-904D9E…)

she compares herself to many anime/cartoon characters whenever she changes her hair color

No. 95735

File: 1590355013879.jpeg (95.55 KB, 680x680, DD5A239A-43AB-4D42-AA4D-285F73…)

another pic related

No. 95738

>Kids do this all the time
Oh so kids always runs to random strangers and say they look like some cartoon they watch because they have the same hair color? It doesn't make sense for them to say she looks like Anna only cuz she has dyed red hair. Like I said, this situation would only make sense if she was DRESSED like Anna. It's very hard to believe a dumb story like that just because of her hair color. Nicole just wants to convince everyone she looks like a Disney Princess ~naturally~

No. 95747

Don't mistake all the time as in 24/7, anon. You're over exaggerating, but kids do often point out people looking like cartoon characters. Same way they point out differences. They honestly have no idea it's cringey or rude in cases. During conventions you really, really notice it. If she works somewhere near a theater I think it's plausible at least. If she hasn't made posts like this frequently then I wouldn't nitpick a one time incident.

No. 95757

File: 1590360116557.jpeg (322.32 KB, 828x1123, 5FC0D24C-C23B-4BF1-A4D8-362EE2…)

she does it a lot tho

No. 95764


No. 95773

File: 1590364299103.jpeg (126.68 KB, 828x428, 0FC6E0BC-DB95-4387-A738-278D37…)

.. is this what it means to be “unique”? rare conditions and genetics

She dyed her hair copper red a week after this tweet

No. 95778

Love how these Anons keep trying to defend her blatant bs

No. 95795

File: 1590372431630.png (288.04 KB, 391x669, 5242119431.png)

She's really pushing the I LOVE GIRLS card now

No. 95797

File: 1590372638862.png (285.37 KB, 374x670, ned b.png)

She looks like a stupid bimbo whenever she sticks her tongue out and winks like Belle

No. 95806

Yeah, it's full on autistic and they can't even smell their own shit. A beyond average weeb, in normal clothing, is not going to get referred to as a Disney princess KEK. Or WKs never left, they're just trying to be ~subtle~

No. 95807

File: 1590374622673.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200524-225320.jpg)

*our. Samefag but holy shit this looks nothing like her. I know she's using a filter, but the difference is so stark.

No. 95810

File: 1590378500032.jpeg (282.69 KB, 828x692, 308227A8-5ED3-4981-A294-F08756…)

>nobody said either stalker was a diversion
read the threads. This was mentioned in the previous thread of her

No. 95811

I'm pretty sure some of the wks are still hanging on to this thread, there's some low key wking.

No. 95812

I’m surprised they are still wks after reading this thread

No. 95814

Agreed. If it's not Nicole herself, there's no helping her orbiters at this point.

No. 95820

File: 1590384722742.jpeg (295.64 KB, 1152x2048, B6A2FFC9-DF9A-4A40-9DB6-BB362C…)

Anyone else feel like nicole uses meme humor/satire when posting lewds to justify or excuse it? this was discussed in the previous thread with her dmg cosplay and malone “melon” bikini shoot, but she does it for every sexual picture
i just imagine her sitting there trying to think of a witty caption to go with her tit and/or ass pics because she doesn’t want to be labelled as a SWer/nsfw

No. 95821


Thots do it to be quirky. Nicole isn't special about it.

No. 95828

File: 1590386097702.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 176.49 KB, 828x497, D48695CD-8330-4B5A-9FAF-04A337…)

>explain how someone can photoshop features in a video
kek it seemed like her and her stalker were in a constant tug of war of ‘you don’t look like this!’ ‘yes i do!’

No. 95829

samefag, i accidentally made it a spoiler ignore that

No. 95836

>hehehe it's just a uwu joke~! I'm not actually a Ehot! Don't forget to sub for more pics

Her Wks from the first thread kept defending her Whore pics by saying ITSA JOKE, really makes me wonder if the WKS telepathically know what Nicole wants them to say or if it's actually Nicole herself.

No. 95981

File: 1590433300933.jpeg (759.71 KB, 828x1582, 8A239FA5-DD0B-455A-B9D8-B845DD…)

Looking nicole up on google comes up with the weirdest searches

No. 96480

File: 1590645129977.jpg (389.3 KB, 1080x1456, Screenshot_20200528-154859__01…)

Nicole's anachan again for anyone who cares. I use the word anachan because from what I can tell she doesn't naturally have body type to enable being this naturally skinny. That coupled with a few disordered eating posts circulating the other thread.

No. 96482

File: 1590645571101.jpg (455.39 KB, 1080x1390, Screenshot_20200528-155511__01…)

Samefag. Here's one from Feb. Her weight seems to fluctuate from what I can only assume to be unhealthy eating habits. As far as I'm aware she doesn't exorcise, I believe she'd make a whole highlight on it if she did but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 96515

>completely normal body shape and fat placement
Lol… in any case, if she has any eating disorder whatsoever, she's likely faking it for attention.

No. 96516

She did mention stress from her heart problems caused her to lose a lot of weight a few months ago

No. 96518

File: 1590668506682.jpeg (521.52 KB, 771x1246, 0E936455-8FA9-4297-9BF4-661EA5…)

Speaking of the heart problems, who takes a selfie/photo while strapped up to an EKG? It’s a monitor that’s incredibly sensitive to movement, I remember slightly moving and my doctor telling me to move as little as possible.
Peace sign picture for the interwebs is clearly more important than accurate results for her, I suppose
(soz for samefag)

No. 96537

Lots of people. Its because of phones.

No. 96538

You can be hooked up to that forever and it only checks you every few minutes. An EKG isnt something invasive. Its just a cardiogram. You can get up to use the bathroom. Its sticky pads like a tens unit. Retarded nitpicking lol

No. 96591

She previously had an eating disorder, she talked about it on social media multiple times, see the old thread.

No. 96646

File: 1590730878515.jpeg (334.93 KB, 828x909, B779AA2C-5919-45F8-BE5C-415212…)

A lot of the wks were skeptical about her making her 2015 fan pages on insta.
She has two separate fan pages (one of them is an account, other is a community page) on FB from 2015 and both even type the same way, same heart and smile emote combo.
They also watermark their fan pages the same way Nicole used to back in 2015.

No. 96656

I'm glad people are starting to notice this shit.

The self posting is obvious as fuck. This hoe came out of no where and suddenly had a dedicated swarm of people saying they love her, she's their world, and she saved their lives. I can understand that level of admiration for someone with a big following like Pewdiepie, not someone like Nicole. When she started her Emo crew vids, they only got like 20 views. Nicole definitely made herself seem bigger than what she really was and I love how she's getting exposed now.

No. 96657

File: 1590735812326.png (131.87 KB, 309x552, 025826.png)

Anyone want to take a bet on how long this friendship is going to last before the friend dips?

It looks like the friend got some photoshopping lessons from Nicole

No. 96658

File: 1590736010891.jpg (99.25 KB, 960x720, 11077847_968799233150809_59092…)

Nicole looks like a completely different person

No. 96659

I mentioned her early in this thread I think >>95178 they’ve been friends since 2017 when someone used Nicole’s pics to want to steal yunozatti’s boyfriend lmao

No. 96660

I’m tired of the wks asking for more and more “proof” every time it gets mentioned she creates these fan accounts. We can’t fucking hack the FB database and look for proof that way, all we can do is look at the discrepancies of the fan accounts, and judging by her small following in 2015 and the way they all say the same things, type the same way with the same emote and heart combo and refer to her as “senpai” and say “she noticed us (insert date)” couldn’t be more obvious. She was skinwalking Leda hard at this time so my guess is she looked at Leda’s fanpages and took inspo from them to make her own accounts.

No. 96661

File: 1590737423345.jpeg (600.73 KB, 828x1204, C7B7B831-BA4A-416B-A93B-2040F9…)

Also not to mention Nicole started describing herself as that character Lightning when Leda was the first to do so (Leda calling herself a trash version of Lightning in 2015, and her fan base calling her that for years) and thus Nicole wanting to be like Lightning too >>95757

No. 96673

She is normal weight?

No. 96675

File: 1590757511658.jpeg (894.32 KB, 828x1466, 620D15D0-1DB8-4987-AF37-D3EEBC…)

I don’t know what her real face is anymore. In this one picture she looks like a Korean teenage girl or something. Genuinely blows my mind how none of her followers are concerned she looks completely different in every picture, or if they are they don’t point it out

No. 96684

dude she's not hiding the filter, it clearly says Snow in the corner. you know what snow does to your features regardless/depending on what filter you use right?
nitpick ngl, if you consider a thot overusing filters as milk move onto PULL pls and sage your shit

No. 96696

File: 1590764544409.jpeg (440.07 KB, 828x924, 245AEA4A-9F49-49B4-B759-BA15BA…)

More of Nicole saying someone else uploaded a gif of her, when if you go to her official tumblr page she actually uploaded edits and gifs of herself (not reblogging)

No. 96699

File: 1590764646046.jpeg (759.94 KB, 828x1294, 552699DB-AFFD-4CC9-BEEB-1EEA8F…)

For example a self post similar to her “fan” edits

No. 96710

Along with tinfoil.

Its either she was popular or she wasnt popular. Make up your mind, anons. If she was like people push, a following on youtube too, she would have these fan pages.

No, you cant hack her pages, but without hard proof stop spamming tinfoil with shitty posts backing nothing uo. Go back to her and Dennis. St least we had receipts except the ones another anon claimed to have private DMs between her and him.

No. 96716

Nicole is pathetic

No. 96717

Found the lowkey wk hiding in the thread.

We all came to the conclusion that Nicole was NOT popular enough to warrant that type of love and yet you're sitting here still insisting it's legit.

We're literally saying she had only 20-100 views.
>sHe hAd a fOlLoWiNg oN YT, sHe wOuLd hAvE tHeSe fAn pAGEs
Uh no she wouldn't. Not with 30 views per video (at the time).

No. 96727

Anons in the other thread said she was popular because of a group formed on youtube, not from her personal stuff alone.

No. 96731

Those were the videos I was referring to. Her Emo group vids didn't get any views.
>The Anons in the other thread said she got popular because of the group formed on YT
No one said she was popular or got popular from the group. She was still a nobody. People only found the vids through her instagram.

No. 96732

>Tinfoil with shitty posts
>without hard proof
Her most of her fan pages couldn’t be more obvious self posts. If you look at the ones she edits compared to the fan edits, they’re identical, as well as the similarities in writing style and emotes for separate fanpages. Idk what more proof you need, wk. She was clearly creating fan pages in 2015, probably realized it was insanity, and stopped. There are barely any fan pages of her after that year.

No. 96733

Anyone have screenshots of Nicole mentioning she wants to buy axolotls? She talked about it on snapchat a couple months ago and looked for sellers online and seemed dedicated to buying some, but I don’t think she went through with it yet. Watch her fail to actually properly take care of them if she does get some yikes

No. 96735

If she doesn't have them then what is there to look forward to? lol

No. 96772

She also went AFK from the internet for a while, didn't she? Some started posting again when she came back but she wasn't creating her old content that was being posted to those pages anymore. Make sense they stopped keeping up. I understand the justification and how it looks, but it also makes no sense if you look at her timeline and when it stopped is the same time she disappeared. That's pretty much how shallow the internet is with relevancy You got for a few months and everyone stops giving a fuck.

No. 96775

File: 1590785757502.png (224.37 KB, 1440x788, sp001.png)

shes calling herself Evie now after her call me Eevee cringe splurge

No. 96802

File: 1590797748314.jpeg (771.64 KB, 828x1471, 21B4F7B7-7AF0-4ABA-8D6D-F21CF7…)

This was from last year, but I used to keep track whenever Nicole had a bizarre or unusual story after her stalker saga because she seemed to have one every single day + she had cow potential
This one isn’t too outrageous but it further pushes the narrative that everyone wants to be with her, even without makeup

No. 96804

Didnt you guys just complain that her middle name is spelled Evie though? Probably gave up because no one IRL was going to spell it Eevee though.

No. 96832

File: 1590809313330.png (5.62 MB, 1800x1800, 1B80F63E-93FC-483B-A284-278D7C…)

Anons were using photos where you can’t visibly see her weight.
Apparently her weight loss was accidental

No. 96837

This looks like two photos from the same day with different angles. Is it supposed to be a before and after? Weight looks the same

No. 96840

Its not the same photos, but I agree. It doesn't look that much different. Anon needs to stop nitpicking.

No. 96846

I didn’t claim there was a huge difference or that she’s ana chan, I showed photos of the weight loss Nicole herself talked about and these pictures show a difference in thighs compared to the blurry screenshots anons were posting. Retarded wking

No. 96861

Nta, They don't show a difference in thighs? It looks like a candid of average legs, and then a photo of leaning over angling herself to look thinner. Literally the same size in both pics. It's weird you'd consider them calling that a "nitpick" as WKing. Hm.

No. 96862

I was talking to >>96837 too and agree with them. I wasn't even addressing >>96832 of their comment with the post. The whiteknight callout spegs are so derailing.

No. 96863

Derailing from what? This is a low content selfposting nitpick thread from the jump

No. 96865

Obviously, the point was how different she appears here compared to the last thread's pics from last year. Basically updating that she's no longer chubby which prompted her to shop a bunch of pictures posted in the prior thread. I only used the word anachan because she claims to have an eating disorder, which I explained.

No. 96866

Post photos with dates and with her in the same position standing to compare then. Why are you trying to compare to different photos and one is specifically the unflattering ones from a con which are her only chubby looking photos.

No. 96868

I'm not that anon genius

No. 96869

NTA but if you're going to respond directly to another reply and answer it, if you're not saying NTA why do you think you can act snippy when another anon assumes you were the original anon?

No. 96875

File: 1590816637951.jpg (669.01 KB, 1920x2429, 20-05-30-15-24-46-791_deco__01…)

First pic is a few days ago, second pic is 2019 anime expo. She's lost weight again and no longer needs to photoshop her body like all the pics analysed by anons in the prior thread. That's the point I was making.

As far as I'm aware I didn't tag that anon having the argument about Nicole's weight, I tagged this unsaged post >>96673 who was responding to me.

No. 96876

Post a normal fucking photo. Holy shit anon. Post it with dates. Not videos. Photos. Are you fucking retarded? What point at you trying to prove posting with an action photo too?

No. 96877


>legs covered and bent

No. 96880

Then thats it? The milk is she lost weight? Cool. Wtf anon.

No. 96881

I'd post something better but she doesn't seem to have many candids recently. Maybe I'm wrong, who knows? She still looks much thinner than last thread to me. And I intentionally chose videos because videos exposed her real weight in the past thread, what's your problem kek?

No. 96908

File: 1590820005614.jpeg (279.88 KB, 828x462, DA1B8601-1AD9-4E1B-9818-F634BA…)

Something idiotic Nicole has done in her old makeup videos is start the video wearing a full face of foundation, say she’s wearing no makeup, and then show herself applying some more as if to show it’s the first time she’s applying it. She deleted this makeup video on youtube because people in the comments mentioned that, it’s suddenly nowhere to be found.
Imo if you want to wear makeup before starting don’t act like you have naturally flawless skin. It’s stupid

No. 96920

Wtf? I can't understand starting with a base, lots of insecure people do that. But I wouldn't be surprised if she was trying to give the impression she's flawless. Do you have the video by any chance?

No. 96928

I can understand if someone has acne or insecurities they aren’t comfortable showing, but it’s pretty deceptive to a younger audience if she claims it’s her natural looking skin. She took down more than half the videos on her yt, I couldn’t find it but I found this gem: https://youtu.be/CEaNG7IKE7w
Kek at 1:25 and onwards of Dennis saying the n word multiple times. She removed it because someone in the comments pointed it out(nitpick, this is an imageboard, embed videos)

No. 96946

I think this was the video the anon was about. You can’t find it if you’re on her YouTube page (at least on my end) but googling her and makeup tutorial afterwards lead me to a bunch of older videos of hers.

No. 96947

Samefag idk why it won’t show :’( if you google the username OpalBerryMassacre on YouTube a bunch of her older videos are uploaded.

No. 96948

That’s the video! Link is https://youtu.be/V7BYeL0ZG2U

No. 96949

File: 1590835838094.png (3.51 MB, 1800x1800, 9A168B48-57B7-485D-B918-07274F…)

So OP was wrong about her getting plastic surgery, at least for the nose it seems. Her left side profile nose looks straighter than her right profile, so it’ll look different depending on which side profile it is. (And obviously PS)
I don’t think she ever got a nose job

No. 96950

Ofcourse she didn't. She isn't making a profit from being a thot yet.

No. 96967

We know she didn't get her nose done. We've been saying it since the other thread? I thought we were doing good with the whole cheating stuff. Just sit around like everyone else and wait for her to start shit somewhere again.

No. 96995

Looks like you anons can’t read the threads for shit and agree on the nose job saga whatsoever considering posts like >>95156 >>95250 >>95260 so don’t come at me with “i tHought wE agReed shE didnT get a nOse job” when the OP of this whole thread speculated it followed by multiple replies in this thread saying she did. Fucking read(inTeGrAtE)

No. 97034

File: 1590915301150.jpeg (71.14 KB, 828x206, 6EC86AE6-0D75-4E7D-9B47-BD606E…)

I wonder why Nate changed the caption for this pic around 3 months ago, it used to say something along the lines of “nobody makes me feel like she does” and “my biggest inspiration” and it seems like it was changed when the previous thread was created.
The caption stayed that way since 2018

No. 97035

File: 1590916912338.jpeg (521.46 KB, 828x1212, 3BE01120-17E3-4F64-A5A3-A4DE57…)

So both Nicole and her stalker Addi exaggerate/lie about working multiple jobs. Nicole saying she works 3 jobs and tells people she’s still a pharmacy technician when she quit 2 years ago, and Addi says she graduated from med school 2 years ago yet she was only 20, and clearly just a stripper.
Why do ethots like to brag and lie about working multiple/important high-paying jobs but still beg for money as if they’re poor?

No. 97089

Medical school is a four year process along with another four years depending on what you’re doing (residency, etc). If she went to four years of medical school then why is she only a technician? She would have more experience and be higher up at her job if that was the case. Ethots are seriously so delusional.

No. 97116

Xanny Addie at it again. Not surprise. Maybe volunteer, but not even close to being a technician. Lol. Nicole is almost 25 so at least her thing could make sense, but Addi is a fucking idiot lol

No. 97117

Just wait for milk anon. Stop posting old shit then getting mad when people talk about Addi.

No. 97136

She didn't even have a license or anything to be drawing blood out of people and giving injections, she's basically boasting about working as a medical technician illegally

No. 97315

File: 1591013168927.jpeg (222.36 KB, 828x658, 1D84F24C-68FD-443C-B227-3ADA86…)

nicole said she’s been working as a technician since she graduated high school so she has no further education outside of hs. that’s not even a flex because it was just a job handout from her mom. but at least she’s working in retail/a card shop now, that’s her only area of expertise.

Sage for no new milk on nicole, the only thing she’s been doing is posting about work and the riots/protests inconveniencing her

No. 97654


Is that side account of her's or something?

You also can take vet classes at local colleges while in high school to get ready for whatever before you even graduate. We can't say or not if she got it only because of hr mom without any really training. She's 25 and and volunteering [probably calling it technician to be fancy] was probably wat she did. Kids in high school take classes to prep before heading off to nursing schools so they have some of that stuff knocked out

No. 97703

File: 1591083181265.jpeg (372.46 KB, 828x823, 758D7B03-8420-4467-8919-C83C83…)

it’s her spam account/game collection account. well she calls it a game collection but most of the posts are about things she finds at work and not actually a part of her collection.
>vet classes while in high school
Maybe. but she has a yt video talking about when she was suspended for a whole year in high school, so i can’t imagine that although it’s possible

No. 97713

She wasn't suspended from everyone school in existence lol

No. 97714

What a pick me claim. That's called getting expelled and normally that's when you go to another school.

No. 97921

File: 1591178256694.jpeg (609.9 KB, 828x1391, 80EF48A1-1177-4767-94ED-05C173…)

Nicole should do an updated makeup tutorial vid because I’m curious how she makes her eyebrows fuller looking with natural looking hair strokes. They look light and thin without makeup, anyone know if it’s a filter she uses?

No. 98235

File: 1591255585530.jpg (651.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200604-172356.jpg)

How about lick my ass Nicole, stop parroting the emotional terrorists. People who're willing to protest will.

No. 98236

File: 1591255630264.jpg (579.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200604-172403.jpg)

No. 98278

File: 1591283617253.jpeg (816.2 KB, 828x1506, CAB1C370-638E-440B-ACC8-5F3689…)

nicole is so quirky her zelda themed butt sleeves hang from her wall, ft. a 2018 post when she cried about not gaining as many followers(old milk)

No. 98279

This is some real nitpick, anon.

No. 98280

>oh looks, it's old milk again because the thread is slow

No. 98283

Go FUCKING do something anon, kek

No. 98306

File: 1591290529292.jpeg (69.55 KB, 828x297, 319B27F3-2119-4280-AF2B-E7FAF2…)

In her patreon ig photo where she has all the stationary one of her fans wrote this in relation to the signed pokemon cards for her tiers, i wonder if it means they’re unsatisfied with the card? idk much about Pokémon.

No. 98325

Googling Lugia EX gives a lot of results from different sets, so knowing her if he’s using it as a drink coaster it’s more than likely it’s worth nothing. It’s good to know that people spend $15-20 a month for something signed and they get a basic tier card that’s worth nothing.

No. 98510

She still has 40 patrons. either they’re okay with not getting their money’s worth and also forgot to cancel auto renewal, since she said she’s putting patreon on hold months ago.
she should probably also update her message on there while she’s at it, she’s no longer working 3 jobs and 60 hours a week, now only 1 job, has a brand new car, and she has much more time to stream and content create

No. 98572

She hasn't scammed them, so it's not like they don't know what they are getting from her. She outlines it pretty obviously. I wonder if maybe she is sealing the cards with modgepodge or something. That would make sense for the coaster thing. It comes down to neckbeards and followers just having something that someone else owned and if it's signed it feels more 'important'. Thats the usual logic with stupid stuff like this.

No. 98578

the Nicole wks always show up right around the time she starts posting/is awake, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re just a nicole stan
nobody said it’s a scam, just explaining why she still has patrons after taking a hiatus

for her $15 patreon tier it mentions: “ If you have a preference in which Pokemon I sign let me know” implying her fans are supposed to at least like their card

No. 98595

If she signed a card of any value it would depreciate it to zero, certain lugia ex cards can be up to $300 im sure shes just sending these poor simps walmart cards because 1 she cant afford rare cards 2 she knows she would be shunned for defacing a rare card with her worthless signature

No. 98612

If they're in a thick protective plastic sleeve (toploader) they could be used as coasters, but it doesn't really suggest this is a treasured item for the guy.

No. 98732

File: 1591442914463.jpeg (625.78 KB, 828x1424, A2BB4919-A624-4AFE-8EDA-9A948C…)

Nicole made a point on twitter about how black people have suffered for far too long.. how do her followers manage to turn it into Nicole suffering and feel too much pity for her?
I can’t tell if she worded it in a way that made the BLM situation about her, or her followers are all just literal airhead autists
Her neckbeard following bothers me just as much, if not more than she does

No. 98740

Her caption is insincere copypasted stuff I've already seen a million times, but I still don't see how the guy read it as her suffering. Bizarre.

No. 98747

File: 1591456488336.jpeg (297.52 KB, 828x796, B931FC7E-CB9B-4A4B-940D-0A23F5…)

It’s because of this tweet (part of the thread) that her neckbeards pitied her and her safety
I don’t see the need to mention that she risked her life to protest (it seemed to be a peaceful protest anyway)
If she’s making a thread talking about BLM then it’s best to make it about black people and not her inconveniences. The whole point of the protests is that black people risk their lives every day just for being black

No. 98754



No. 98776

File: 1591471433732.jpeg (400.89 KB, 828x755, BADC8463-0FFF-407C-BEE3-7FBDC2…)

she always seemed the type to make edgy jokes about race instead of the SJW twitter type (i mean, she dated an edgelord), this is the first time in her years on social media ive seen her speak about racism and prejudice
even her more recent yt video she made a joke that this ninja costume is perfect for mexicans jumping fences lmao

No. 98846

Holy shit. Just caught up from the last thread. Love how the speculation with Destery turned out to be true. Once a thot, always a thot. I want to feel bad for Dennis, but it was so blatantly obvious that she was fucking around.

No. 98902

I wasn’t shocked to find out she’s a two faced cheater, she was talking shit about both Dennis and Destery on social media and even denied being the girl in Destery’s bed despite her face being very visible.

also, i’m glad the first /w/ thread on her is one of the top searches when you google her name, but also quite upsetting because more wks will see it..

No. 98931

File: 1591548311306.jpeg (681.92 KB, 828x1020, 555BA73F-CC6F-48FA-A1C1-787DD7…)

Nicole just unarchived this photo she posted in 2018, she tagged Destery and captioned it “Forever my lifeline” and mentions carving hers and Destery’s initials into that tree in the comment section.
She removed it while she was still with Dennis, now that they broke up she has it back up.
Yikes, so it is confirmed they carved the initials into that tree, which she posted again last month when she visited him

No. 98932

File: 1591548406775.jpeg (348.94 KB, 828x1305, B6106F0C-6E21-4CCD-B141-51C811…)

samefag, here is the comment

No. 98937

They both cheated. I don't see why you guys keep forgetting that. Dennis is a cuck and a cheater and they both stayed with each other.

No. 98941

When did Dennis cheat?

No. 98944

File: 1591554687261.jpeg (199 KB, 972x1327, AF2475AF-9AE6-41C6-ABD5-BEBDBE…)

A week apart from the tree carving post she was commenting under Dennis’ pic on good terms.. he got cucked.

No. 98946

Go back to the first thread towards the end. A whole bunch of stuff about the 3 of them all got leaked. Everyone involved cheated on someone, but Nicole kept it up and so did Destry, but Dennis isn't a saint. lol

No. 99008

File: 1591572429239.jpeg (655.21 KB, 828x1146, 81784E40-7293-4B55-8CE0-F357CF…)

Sage for kinda nit pick but Nicole seems very insecure about her age, even though she’s still young.
Here she calls herself a 20 year old, she was 23 when she posted this (22 in January when she took this pic, mentioned in caption) like, no need to lie or make yourself seem younger. Someone tell this young adult you don’t immediately turn into a grey-haired hag the min you turn 23.

Also you can still enjoy ~animu~ and live a nerd lifestyle as an adult, the problem with her is being irresponsible about it and flaunting expensive figurines and gundam builds then going on donating platforms saying she has expensive medical bills, car payments, rent, etc.(old milk)

No. 99337

File: 1591652097180.jpeg (277.92 KB, 1012x1800, 8D8802E9-8A4B-4D2C-82E2-0D28CD…)

If anyone wants to find candids of Nicole’s pics go to her fb and her location check-ins have unedited befores (because her stalker didn’t use real ones).

No. 99338

File: 1591652700891.jpeg (281.99 KB, 1008x1709, 4124B31A-DD6B-4905-9D7F-D72BAA…)

Same anon, I would also just like to point out that these posts are a day apart.

No. 99404

(sage to clarify) There was never a mention of Dennis cheating, Destery and Nicole on the other hand DID and there is plenty of evidence. There is nothing anywhere pointing to Dennis being a cheater. Desterys girlfriend at that time, Amber, showed also no signs of being a cheater.

No. 99417

You have to put "Sage" in the email field kek

No. 99450

Seems these anons saying Dennis cheated can’t differentiate between the name difference of Destery and Dennis, there is absolutely no mention of Dennis cheating as of the previous and current thread.
The only related thing was that he favorited a few prints of the lolcow Vivid Vivka and Nicole made a paranormal vid in 2015 saying how a “ghost” led her to find things that made her jealous/upset on Dennis’ laptop.

No. 99452

Same anon, I forgot to mention that Nicole had an ex before Dennis who she references a few times on her twitter and mentions that he cheated on her. There’s no info on this middle school ex of hers because this was before 2011 (pre Dennis). That’s the only time Nicole mentions getting cheated on, and that was before Dennis

No. 99456

It wont work. Its literally a vendetta for the most of this girls milk. We've been saying sage for weeks and they keep samefagging their posts and thinking saying 'sage' does something. Xanny addi is freaking out. Lol

No. 99457

Dennis is a cuck and neckbeard simp so no one cares about his feelings.

No. 99458

File: 1591719137928.jpeg (378.42 KB, 1558x1202, 7EF66BD0-9433-4C34-B28B-A95D9A…)

In private dms Nicole confirmed she wanted a relationship with Destery, then when she gets publicly called out about all the romantic posts and laying in bed with him she freaks out and defends herself publicly.

They were wrong about her being romantically involved with Nate, but not wrong about Destery.

No. 99462

>it’s a vendetta for most of this girls milk
Right, despite none of us nitpicking her appearance currently and only trying to make sense of the lies and inconsistencies in her relationship. Nice wking, Addi is too stupid to operate a site like this, she hasn’t skinwalked/copied Nicole’s tweets in months so I don’t think she gives a fuck about any of her relationship drama. This cheating/lying milk is much more interesting than nitpicking Mickey Deer’s constant PS or Venus Angelic’s shitty and creepy OF drama over and over again.

No. 99473

xanny addi, huh? are you sure you're not the one with a vendetta anon? kek

No. 99504

Wow this anon really can't stfu about ~xanny addi~ and critiquing the thread's validity, hilariously transparent.

No. 99510

If anything there's a vendetta here for Addi because a few anons won't shut the fuck up about her, even when nobody here is talking about her.

No. 99529

File: 1591731325087.jpeg (434.63 KB, 828x1153, 8103C490-ACD0-49E8-9FCE-022DE2…)

Destery has been flirting with Nicole since 2017, even later in 2018 after she broke things off with him and continued to stay with her cuck bf.
I feel sorry for the next guy Nicole dates (if it isn’t Destery himself) because he’s never going to really give up. They really deserve each other

No. 99588

File: 1591757008849.jpeg (275.93 KB, 1012x1800, 4E043D59-65F5-4F48-943C-CF39FC…)

anons like >>99456 didn’t read the previous thread if they’re saying nicole’s milk is purely vendetta
explain how it is if we addressed the cheating, hypocrisy of skinwalking/tweet-stealing, ebegging with fake sob stories, etc etc

No. 99602

Not the anon you're replying to but the two tweets being compared were made about five months apart, and the Warriors series is pretty well-known.

No. 99619

Dennis one day, then Destery the next. How pure to be so shameless.

No. 99651

The fact there are months or years in between the post and the skinwalking makes it creepier.

No. 99655

My point wasn’t that she is directly ripping off Leda’s tweets, my point is that Nicole gets angry any time crazy Addi uses the same memes or jokes as her, when she’s no better at doing it with Leda. which is pretty funny imo, though i dont doubt warriors was just a coincidence

No. 99659

File: 1591802157613.jpeg (430.14 KB, 743x1193, 7638AE37-0378-4237-B38D-4CF3E9…)

also looks like Leda had a stalker of her own.
I have to give it to her, at least she deals with internet safety in a proper way and stays the fuck away from the internet, meanwhile nicole posts her location check-ins everywhere on facebook and talks about where she lives+where she works almost daily. kek.

No. 99673

Waiting in between posts means fuck all when she’s been doing the same shit for years kek. Besides that, you could argue that a lot of interests she’s picked up from Leda are well-known or popular.

This. Nicole is a hypocrite grasping for straws. When your own fans tell you to shut the fuck up about it, maybe it’s worth taking it into consideration. But hey, anything for the ass pats and simp bux.

No. 99680

Nah those posts arent skinwalking. Thats a reach. Years between and like the other anon said warriors is really popular and nicole hast mentioned it just this one time either

No. 99691

File: 1591816691428.jpeg (709.08 KB, 828x1434, 32054253-52C4-4C2B-8D3F-18CD5A…)

>these posts aren’t skinwalking, stretch

Anon wk, you need a reminder of Nicole’s posts wanting the same tattoo as Leda and posts like this (attached) where she discovered the snow app from Leda.

no, taking someone’s style isn’t a crime but if the addi hoe is gonna receive so much shit from nicole and her fans for taking all her ideas when she’s one to talk.

No. 99692

You're comparing the same leggings, 2 years apart and calling that skinwalking.

No. 99695

File: 1591818069592.jpeg (234.76 KB, 731x1527, A64123DB-CAAF-4238-A2F6-55E39B…)

you’re right, here’s a much better one

>tattoos are personal, dont take that away from people

i guess it’s only ok if nicole does it

No. 99699

It’s World of Warcraft merch. Here’s some context.


No. 99700

don’t forget >>83839 is a stream of nicole playing the game with leda’s ex

No. 99701

I reposted to add it in, sorry about that

No. 99715

File: 1591821594870.png (1.33 MB, 1800x1800, 7D6454DE-8F9C-48E6-90D7-2FF5FD…)

leda also started the cringe trend here of “pink haired weeb” and “obsessed with anime/anime characters”

No. 99760

I'm having a hard time understanding why she shouldn't play wow with him

No. 99768

I’m having a hard time understanding the wking despite this thread showing her cheating, lies and cow behavior
nicole follows all of leda’s exs, even that saywecanfly dude, as well as the ladysurvival leda skinwalker. she wants to have leda’s life so badly

No. 99769

I'm not even whiteknighting. I just don't see why she can't play a game with someone else's ex. That doesn't even make sense.

No. 99772

If you've been following along since the last thread you would get the correlation. Nate not only has ties to Leda, but Destery as well. They were best friends, roommates, and had a youtube channel together. It would be understandable if she weren't so adamant with her dedication to skinwalking Leda and defending herself even in private as seen here kek >>99458

No. 99773

File: 1591854542927.png (41.32 KB, 644x305, 00.PNG)

Samefagging to add in details from Nate's ex Georgina on him and Destery being roommates

No. 99774

If thats the case then isn't it safe to say they all kind of knew each other and it's not some weird stab at Leda specifically? Makes sense now how they are all connected when you point it out at like.

No. 99821

File: 1591880848568.jpeg (481.54 KB, 828x1228, C779799F-E8DA-4FF1-90B0-FDC0BA…)

>with someone’s ex
You mean the girl she was skinwalking. Nicole was so obsessed with her, just read these tweets in case you still think it’s a coincidence.

No. 99825

>>99602 >>99680 >>99692 >>99760 >>99769
you are wking. own up to it. you’re trying to invalidate all the comparisons with nicole wanting to be leda even with the post of her copying/getting a henna version of her tattoo, then going around and telling people copying tattoos is immoral and bad because her stalker wanted to do it with her.

No. 99829

>all connected

Leda wasn't friends with Nicole. Someone you don't know skinwalking you and making friends with your boyfriend is weird any way you look at it.

No. 99834

File: 1591884180655.jpeg (183.37 KB, 1048x1649, 3DD842C3-FB4C-4BFB-B2B0-A2990B…)

not to mention i googled leda’s exs and nicole appears to be following all of them. Even Matt, who is literally a nobody only known for briefly dating Leda.
just a coincidence amirite?

No. 99907

File: 1591898745069.jpeg (397.41 KB, 1643x1025, E68A2452-A6BF-4CE8-869A-CF21C4…)

Idek how the wks make addi to be the only crazy one

No. 99909

Lol fuck, Nicole really be out here saying she's scared of Addi and Leda is crazy, but copying Leda's shit.

No. 99919

File: 1591900827557.jpeg (314.17 KB, 1608x845, 24195812-A497-435B-B3C8-095F1F…)

it’s funny because her stalker stopped harassing her but she still got angry that she was reposting her memes and copying her, nice projection brainlet nicole

meanwhile leda’s calm about copying and doesnt give a shit if someone like nicole follows all her exs and skinwalks her life

nicole should skinwalk how leda deals with these problems kek

No. 99924

These posts are all 3 years apart. How is that skinwalking? You guys will probably spiral and call me a WK but these are really, really far in between and the wow photos aren't even the same.

No. 99929

You keep missing the point, but it’s funny to see all these diversion attempts kek

No. 99952

The wow photos are a day apart talking about the same caption but keep grasping for straws. And smartass, the two tweets were to show how leda calmly deals with her hundreds of copycats vs nicole’s constant anger towards meme stealing addi
Every time you defend nicole’s skinwalking it just makes us want to show evidence even more lol ur not helping her cause

No. 99953

File: 1591910271167.jpeg (212.86 KB, 881x1625, 04B7A451-CE36-450E-B549-596446…)

besides following all her ex bfs >>99834
and all her tattoo artists, she follows anyone she tags in her posts, person here is leda’s bestfriend
she wants her life but coincidence am i right

No. 99987

File: 1591927140614.jpeg (631.1 KB, 750x1170, 40E0BC92-C120-4C33-8B06-154E48…)

Kek the @ledamonsterbunny account on Instagram posts pics of Nicole, and Nicole follows them. I would genuinely not doubt if it was Nicole who made the account herself. The typing style of the captions is exactly like Nicole's various """fanpages""" on FB.

No. 99988

File: 1591927240322.jpeg (665.91 KB, 750x1197, 2F6CEB18-EEFB-4534-9DD1-599B38…)

They literally post more photos of Nicole than Leda. KEK


No. 100047

Gatekeeping who is allowed to talk and follow who on the internet is really retarded. lol She also follows a lot of other people's boyfriends I'm pretty sure. By connected I meant that she knew people who knew Leda personally and they willingly played games or talked to Nicole. There is skinwalking to a degree, but I'm just saying that following someone's ex or playing games with them and then posts 3 years apart isn't exactly the evidence to add to what you guys already have

No. 100065

let’s be fair though, if leda dealt with stalkers/skinwalkers the way nicole does (publicly calling them out/revealing their name/sending wks to attack on twitter/provoking them) then she’d be called out.. she’s lucky leda doesnt give a shit and doesnt use the internet much anymore.

following 1 ex is a coincidence, but 3 isn’t.

not to mention nicole got so angry when nate or destery posted about her and people compared her to leda and then accused her of starting drama (despite her cheating with him and actually causing drama with amber, destery’s ex)

No. 100079

Ntayrt but it's not gatekeeping it's evidence where every anon here seems to understand the correlation, except you. We've been through this in the other thread, multiple times. At first I suspected anons were too young to see the connection, now after the most consistent WKing on LC, I'm less inclined to believe that.

No. 100082

Reminder that Nicole could very well be a farmer herself >>82086

No. 100084

I don't doubt it. Although she's amassed this fake fan base I doubt any of her small group of real fans are anywhere near as insistent as herself. The WKs in both threads disregard talking points they can't address and repeatedly make excuses that would be laughed at in any other thread. It honestly reminds me of when snowflakes on PULL come to their own threads to justify themselves, except without admittance of identity.

No. 100086

File: 1591945177241.jpeg (283.5 KB, 455x1797, 46F1E1DA-3F97-4DBD-B139-CFF562…)

because of >>99692 doubt anon i compiled all of these
left comparison leda and right comparison nicole

No. 100090

My thing was that the photos are years apart in a lot of these cases. That's all I'm saying. The reach that skinwalking is a telltale years later just doesn't make sense to me. Can you post one with timestamps on all these photos? If she was doing all this stuff immediately after I'd get it, but it's just weird to call a 2016 and 2019 photo skinwalking.

No. 100091

Read the last thread. I’ll highlight one for you. >>83700

No. 100092

Anon, if you are really that desperate to find the exact dates of each picture it’s very accessible on their social media. Even if I compared recent dates you’d still find something to excuse. The dates of the posts aren’t even too relevant because it’s not like nicole bought the clothes the day she posted it, she most likely bought them as soon as she saw leda wearing it and the reason the posts are years apart is no different than anyone posting a pic wearing old clothes.

No. 100144

Nicole would also get shit on if she posted the same clothing as soon as Leda did and be told she’s copying her. Posting them years apart is her way of justifying that she isn’t copying her.

No. 100153

She bought them and waited 3 years because she saw Leda wearing them.

Do you realize how retarded that sounds?

No. 100161

File: 1591980899598.jpeg (269.94 KB, 622x1745, BD7D5BFB-84BC-4595-ADD9-C86656…)

Kek nicole drew on a tattoo leda has and she actually commented

No. 100163

File: 1591981856769.jpeg (382.52 KB, 1199x1566, BB94E2D1-0F84-485C-8DA5-3BEA63…)

>>99695 Doesn’t nicole know tattoos are >extremely personal representations of people and moments in their life, you don’t take that away from people

also leda’s tattoos are a permanent part of her body seen throughout her socials and videos so dates aren’t needed

No. 100165

File: 1591982582111.jpeg (556.14 KB, 828x1230, 0CB3AF73-225A-4147-A271-E52551…)

Same anon, someone explain to me how you “steal” a cat’s name? All her rants about addi skinwalking sound like projection holy shit

No. 100169

>posting them years apart is her way of justifying

Funny how this reoccurring wk is doing exactly that by continuing to bring it up, as if dates mattered at this point when anons have made multiple compilations of the comparisons kek

The projection and irony is insane

No. 100170

They are fandom tattoos. Where's the personal part? lol

No. 100171

Just like how you can't steal fandom tattoos.

No. 100174

File: 1591986974732.jpeg (429.47 KB, 828x1024, B6E7F007-D56D-432B-820E-6556DF…)

nicole bought same exact clothes as leda, draws the same tattoos as her in the same exact spots (pentagram from black butler anime on hand, same spot as leda but wk insists it’s just bc they like the same fandom, though nicole even showed a comparison photo of the sword tattoo herself indicating she wanted it to be like leda’s), copies her bio on all social media platform e.g “pink haired weeb obsessed with anime” (same hair color example leda used followed by weeb), nicole calling herself lightning from final fantasy irl when leda called herself a trash version of lightning, following all her exes even the less known ones, posting a q&a the same day as leda.

wk dissecting each point individually is pure garbage, when you list each point it adds up to skinwalking. liking the same fandom doesn’t mean it’s normal to have the same gryffindor cardigan, warcraft leggings, totoro ghibli beanie, same pokemon bag and cat headphones.

for nicole to say addi needs help from a professional for copying is really, really rich coming from her. they both need help.

No. 100176

Okay. You guys have been dragging the skinwalking thing for almost 2 whole threads. It's obvious everyone is skinwalking everyone else. Bringing up old milk to prove it constantly is degrading the thread. Has she done anything else stupid with BLM at all or seen Destrey again? Why are we still arguing over skinwalking?

No. 100177

skinwalking topic will stop being brought ip once the wk anon stops trying to play it up as a coincidence.
nicole stopped mentioning blm after her two days of recording her protesting. she moved on because it’s just a trend for her lmao

No. 100179

Or why don't you guys just stop taking the bait? If everyone but the WK knows its skinwalking then why are you literally feeding into the infighting about it. It's in the bio and there is proof, so let it die down. I will admit though that posting 162w old posts from Instagram and posts from 2016 are completely stupid to keep posting. Thread one is a good archive, so just keep this one relevant. It's the samefag anon who keeps putting themselves who keep posting the old milk. I think that's the one who keeps getting banned for vendetta and nitpicks.

No. 100183

File: 1591988177170.jpeg (250.88 KB, 971x1784, 9591E8A1-8385-44B8-A31B-168B1D…)

I can’t tell if sarcasm or nicole actually is bi and wishes she was dating her

No. 100199

With how much she can pander I want to say that this is just another case of it, but who knows. Would she even forgo her opportunity with Destery for a girl to begin with? One thing is for certain, and that’s if it were her ~queen~ she’d be dead serious kek.

No. 100200

Girls do this all the time with each other because they think it's cute. Less to do with being bi and more to do with heheheh girly love because friends we are both cute and happiness rules be good to each other dudes

No. 100355

File: 1592064427087.png (2.92 MB, 1800x1800, 77020EE8-E712-4C1E-B9B2-113311…)

I’m sure you would, Destery. Gross.

No. 100356

File: 1592064497763.jpeg (402.37 KB, 1547x1324, 0FB49034-13ED-4084-832C-D0AD1F…)

Also looks like they have matching (?) hoodies ft. Destery’s new post. That or she gave it to him, they already have matching nintendo beanies after Nicole gave him hers

No. 100692

sage for irrelevant/autism but..how does any grown human being find destery attractive in 2020? like…what? his face is literally shaped like an upright rectangle and his 2008 scene look in >current year is just vile

No. 100715

Maybe Nicole sees/saw something in him that reminds her of Dennis, but since Destery has a large following and more than likely a lot more money she would rather go towards him than Dennis. Tbh that’s how I see it. She’s so money hungry for irrelevant things in life it wouldn’t be a surprise if she didn’t have any romantic feelings towards Destery and just wants his wallet.

No. 101895

File: 1592828682838.jpg (317.55 KB, 1080x711, Screenshot_20200622-222325__01…)

Can't out my finger on who this looks like but it's certainly not Nicole kek

No. 102161

as soon as I saw this I thought she shopped herself to look more like belle delphine?
where did the white streak come from too? leda doesn't have it, who is she skinwalking? doubt she came up with that on her own with her track record.

No. 102309

File: 1593059828761.jpeg (1.12 MB, 828x1638, 8CB9DFDF-E50A-46B9-B362-E154D4…)

yeah in her “hunger games” lyric post she said her hair was inspired by her friend chrominius on insta, it’s not original kek.

nicole’s milk has been boring lately, im just waiting for her to come out with a new incident or health condition when she needs money.
I think she’s contemplating surgery for elf ears.

No. 102448

Agreed. The milkiest thing about her right now is her ever changing faces are all somewhat punchable

No. 102562

She looks like that koreaboo chick, Dae?

No. 102613

File: 1593169336253.jpeg (557.71 KB, 828x1155, D737F5B4-30A6-42B1-B165-825D0F…)

Especially her nose contour getting more and more intense. I watched her insta live like a couple months ago and the entire chat was just asking what happened to her nose because it looked like she got punched (and this was just in a dark setting ago, I took a screenshot to show my friend)
Brown shit on the sides of your nose can’t be a good look in a workplace setting or anywhere really, I’d prefer a big nose over a brown powdered mess.

No. 102615

Holy shit she does, her shoop makes her look just like that anachan dae alien chick

No. 102985

I know this is skim milk compared to other goings on right now, but it looks like Destery kicked Nicole to the curb, or got caught cheating and refused to let her be his main hoe. Guess Since she couldn’t ride his dick to top shes’s finally hopped off.

She unfollowed him and has continued to sperg out over how she’s been cheated on and now she’s “soooooo gay now!!’ uwu done with dudes!” Ever since.

For real though, wonder which unlucky C-lister she’s going to try and hitch her wagon to next? (Hint, it’s not gonna be a woman.)(imageboard)

No. 103013


C list? The guys she gets with are wannabe popular you tubers. They aren’t even on a list. Desterys last video got 30k views. My 16 yr old fat neighbor boy that works at McDonald’s part time gets more views on his Minecraft mod reviews.

No. 103031

Ahah that detail about your neighbour.

Nicole has such teenage antics. Crazy that a guy who would cheat with you would cheat on you, I know.

No. 103044

Nicole added the LGBT flag to her twitter bio lmao(imageboard)

No. 103101

File: 1593358015810.jpeg (66.92 KB, 1200x599, 765AF6F5-09F3-4263-B348-0DA42D…)

>Crazy that a guy who would cheat with you would cheat on you, I know.
This does always feel like the kind of thing we all have to learn/go through at one point or another. Maybe not this specifically but like “dude who was terrible to his exes will be terrible to you in the same way/you’re not special and you’re not going to fix a shitty person with your specialness” concept.

It’s always so embarrassing to watch grown-ass adults go through this though cause like you said it feels like a very juviline scenario. To still have that level of delusion/narcissism/hubris to think “I’m SPECIAL, I’m DIFFERENT, I’m not like OTHER GIRLS” in your adulthood is embarrassing. It’s why we all eat that shit up though, same with like the Holly/Jared scenario.

No. 103244

File: 1593416428099.jpeg (302.25 KB, 1130x1733, 8C3A0F32-5207-46F1-8B87-29CA02…)

Destery is turning 30 and Nicole is 25, it’s really pathetic to see them having the same drama they had back in 2018 and subtweeting each other.
I think she has followed and unfollowed him a total of 4 times these past two years. All her twitter followers are there to see some costhot tits and ass, and not hear rants about the same guy for years lmao.
She just got out of a 9 year relationship only to jump back to another failed relationship with a guy she cheated on Dennis with?
Sorry but this grown woman can only play the victim card so many times.

Also, does anyone remember when she had a huge nerdy friend group of guys besides Doon/Dawn? She had vlogs with them, but it seems they left her after Dennis did. Kek

No. 103245

File: 1593417337446.jpeg (382.96 KB, 828x1121, 3EFEC8B9-08A7-476A-AC4D-0ACDA3…)

While I was searching his age I found out his real last name is actually “Moore”. Lmao wait, Dennis and Destery have the same last name.

No. 103555

File: 1593641647743.png (3.48 MB, 828x1792, 048EF0F8-093F-4952-9E08-215537…)

anyone seen Nicole’s cringy tiktoks? she uses the same diarrhea freckles filter in every single video

No. 103769

This is exactly what I never understood with Nicole, she is such a fucking dumbass:
First of all, Destery was a known serial cheater on the internet WAY before Nicole even knew him. Why would you ignore this red flag and associate with him in the first place? Second: In 2018 he HURT her real bad by cheating and lying, like he did with his then girlfriend, and Nicole realized Oh wait, he is a compulsive liar and manipulative asshole! But STILL kept trying. 100 years later, after she had the realisation that he was a dick, she dumped her efforts with him, but then DID THE SAME SHIT over again in 2020 and again ends it with how he is a shitty person who just fucks around. As if she didnt knew better right from the fucking start. I mean, Girl, how many red flags on repetition do you have to walk right through over and over to finally understand that he is a cheating, lying, selfrighteous FUCK? I can't believe she is in her mid-twenties, she has the emotional maturity of a 14 year old.>>103244

No. 103773

Yeah, but if you really look at it, it's pretty sad. She could still make something decent out of her looks and her personality that age, but instead she thinks of herself as the hottest stuff out there - while in reality, her 9 years dead dry relationship boyfriend is a spineless simp who tolerated being cheated on and doesnt also look that great (no offense, i bet he is sweet guy) and destery, the guy she didnt even manage to get with, cheated on her multiple times, has the personality of satan and looks like an abandoned trans muppet on a 50-followers tumblr emoblog. she literally has no game at all, because her behaviour and character - probably even reallife looks - are fucking hideous.>>103244

No. 103803

File: 1593827050085.jpg (260.63 KB, 1080x988, Screenshot_20200704-114201__01…)

>Probably irl looks are fucking hideous
I think she heard you anon (joking kek), because her edits have gotten out of hand recently. This looks nothing like her irl or in videos.

No. 103815

File: 1593830845152.png (4.95 MB, 1242x2208, 458B617D-14CA-4BE3-BF0E-13D955…)

Not sure if it’s any milk, but she posted this on her instagram story. I guess getting fucked over by guys she can’t seem to date made her turn to women, or she’s just being uwu edgy.

No. 103820

I actually came her to post this. Her queerbaiting is getting out of hand, especially considering she only goes for washed up scene kids dick kek.

No. 103822

Screened the exact same thing as well lol. And I cannot begin to express how infuriating to see some attention getting heterosexual halfwit appropriate my sexuality because a shitty dude hurt her feelings. It’s a mix of sour grapes and pretending to be gay (but she’d be bi, really) to appeal to dudes, while positioning herself as out of their league.

Like really? You’re pulling the gay on social media card after a few days of responding to ethot selfies with “girls are so pretty!!! UwU”

Being fucking queer is more than just liking photoshopped pictures of women and saying “girls! (That all kinda look like me) are So Cute! I know she’s not the only person who does this, but boy it really is astounding how quickly this girl reinvents herself on a whim. So fake.

No. 103823

Has she made fun of queer people? She might be bi. Just because she's only dated guys doesn't mean she isn't. Not everyone who is gay or bi has to announce it in rainbows over the top constantly to prove it.

No. 103830

File: 1593848120523.jpeg (151.17 KB, 828x609, 3ED9E55F-3EE9-4869-BA52-13E94D…)

No, now she’s claiming to be lesbian, not bi. This follower specifically mentioned lesbian (and not bi) and she said “same.” She’s going to milk that as much as she can from now on.

No. 103838

She's such a lesbian that she actually travelled on a plane to wherever Destery is for some dick during a worldwide lockdown

No. 103846

Holyshit, I get your point but calm down kek. Appropriating infers she stole something from you… If you're still a fag I doubt she has been successful in anything apart from making herself seem even more like a pick me.

She's a cockbreath, I know it, you know it, we all know it.

Point. She's been in a hetero relationship for 9 years and has been simping for that autist for like 4 of them.

No. 103850

File: 1593866761829.jpeg (95.08 KB, 828x277, FA27E07C-C4EB-48CB-842A-7F8A38…)

What bothers me about Nicole’s social media is she depicts anyone else in her life as the bad guy (ex bfs, bosses, parents, ex friends, stalkers) without acknowledging the things she did wrong herself. Her simp neckbeards view her as a queen who can do no wrong, and she has the nerve to retweet and preach these stuff about cheaters being scum when she cheated on her own boyfriend at one point.
When Dennis dumped her in March she pitied herself so hard to the point of saying he was selfish for leaving her (on her Snapchat stories) etc and talking about the breakup as if he ruined her happiness. No Nicole, you are still the bitch who cheated on him and hurt people in the past, including Destery’s ex as well as many friendships she rants about I imagine.

No. 103862

File: 1593877637198.jpg (255.68 KB, 1080x1626, Screenshot_20200705-010742__01…)

Wow that's gross anon. Can't imagine having the gall to repost something like this in Nicole's position, but that being said I'm not Nicole.

It bothers me how she makes herself out to be the uwu perfect quirky meme queen in a majority of her posts. This one's especially bad. She makes her friend out to be some lame goblin because she's got 0 makeup on and apparently her (god I hope this entitled joke was agreed upon prior) home decor isn't up to Nicole's ~quirky~ standards. I might laugh at this if it were executed better and by anyone else and without ulterior motives.

No. 103890

Nicole can't be friends with women who are thin and wear makeup and cute clothes because that would threaten her own uwu irl elf image
Nicole radiates the aura of a cunt. Everything about her is insincere from the way she talks. the way she edits herself, and even the way she smiles. I almost feel bad for her, wonder if it hurts inside to lie to yourself every day that you're a good person.

sage for sperg

No. 103897

File: 1593897888253.jpeg (400.84 KB, 828x1106, 11CE2137-656B-464C-B5D4-995C90…)

according to dawn nicole can’t walk anywhere without women swooning over her
before her lgbt phase she would always talk about men nonstop flirting with her, like that police officer guy who hit on her while not wearing any makeup >>96802 and made videos on similar stories. now it’s basically the same thing but with girls instead lel

No. 103900


Since when would female staff openly flirt with female customers in the US of A? Or anywhere? The idea all the female staff were gay and somehow magically knew Nicole "was" "gay" and this telepathic communication resulted in gay flirting in the gas station

Ok Nicole.

No. 103936

File: 1593945361938.jpeg (682.45 KB, 828x1636, 6A65A474-9207-40C7-BA4D-F4BD16…)

wonder what this is new snap is about. when she sadposts it’s normally about an emo guy.
>This year has already taken literally everything from me
Ithis year was hard for her and a lot of other people, but she can’t be that idiotic to think things like her relationship ending were taken away from her. when you fuck up you deal with consequences kek id say her relationship truly ended in 2018 and became dead when she decided she wanted destery instead
(i dont know if this snap is about a guy, but every sad tweet and post thus far has been)

No. 104026

She's being so dramatic, I hope she's just crying over ~boy tingz~ and nobody legitimately died.

No. 104056

Ah yes, let's recap.

I flew out during a pandemic to get some Emofailure's dick

I got to cheat and kept my relationship still for 2 years

Now that I pretend to be a lesbo my follower simps multiply every day

I faked a car break-in and got lots of idiots patreon coin

I invented multiple sob stories and health conditions for even more money and lied about having several jobs

I play innocent and spam my accounts with thot pics to collect attention, thirsty ass kissing and money money money

ThIs YeAr hAs aLreAdy tAkEn liTerAlLy eVerYThiNg fRoM Me

Shut. The Fuck. UP.(UsEr HaS bEeN pUt OuT tO pAsTuRe)

No. 104066

File: 1594032411544.jpeg (716.32 KB, 828x1653, A4FAEFAB-976E-4C2B-BBAD-588143…)

She enjoys being vague so her followers think her crisis is much more serious than it actually is, that much is obvious
So to me this sounds like it’s about her living situation, she tagged her photographer/roommate in a similar insta story saying “Promise no matter where life goes or what happens, we will always be best friends” which sorta implies they’re no longer living together or her plans with the new home got rekt

No. 104081

She's been at her parents for anyone who actually watches her stories or pays attention instead of nitpicking

No. 104104

Nitpicking what? She’s acting as if someone died and being so dramatic, overall a garbage human being wanting her neckbeard followers to worry about her health and safety when it’s probably something minor.
She just posted a tiktok of living with her roommates, and all she posts nowadays are pictures of Dawn/Doon and her baby, so how the fuck can anyone tell what her living situation is?

The wk/Nicole strikes again kek

No. 104566

File: 1594325067372.jpeg (277.93 KB, 828x606, 31505536-9C35-4FF9-B915-781EB8…)

Is this meant to be ahegao? I don’t recommend swiping through her recent post as it’s just her making quirky silly faces, she’s probably the most unfunny egirl on the internet rip.
Also she did a recent photoshoot posted on her photographers page with her mask almost completely pulled down and several comments pointed out the stupidity of not covering your nose

No. 104567

File: 1594325113934.png (2.19 MB, 828x1792, 33F226A6-3938-4A01-B4E1-701E2D…)

photo im referring to

No. 104580

Yes, why don't you enlighten us with where you got this info instead of nitpicking other people calling out her bullshit. This is an imageboard after all, post your cap. Where's the redtext for this one?

The amount of redtext in this thread over really mild shit compared to other threads is absurd. I'm trying to catch up on the milk and I can't tell if there's a Nicole-bias mod or if Nicole is just spam reporting every single post? I don't even understand what this ban is for, no sage I guess? I haven't checked in with this cow in a while, this recap was actually quite helpful lmao. inb4 I get banned or accused of nitpick/vendetta/samefag because I asked a question.

No. 104584

The wk you referenced conveniently avoids bumping the thread while providing new info of Nicole’s living situation, totally not the cow herself lurking lmao and I agree with everything you said.

Also sage for tinfoil but it totally appears like Nicole has been checking her threads for the past 4 months almost any time it gets bumped.. I’m wondering if that’s one of the reasons Dennis dumped her, either for the content in the thread or how she was obsessing over the thread (He dumped her in March, first thread was created back then). It couldn’t have just been for the cheating, she was so open about her feelings for Destery in 2018 even with that uwu romantic tree post.. either way it seems we’ll never know why he dumped her because she won’t tell the internet, it’ll probably make her look like a horrible person

No. 104601

That post was probably redtexted for being unsaged, autistic, as well as not abiding by
>Express yourself in a way that doesn't make you stand out from other anonymous users. This means avoiding (recognizable typing styles)
which the sPoNgEbOb TeXt kind of borders on.

No. 104627

File: 1594376023375.jpeg (962.09 KB, 828x1657, 551BC6A7-E5DF-418B-B23A-6F3139…)

I get second hand embarrassment from watching nicole’s stories. She records everything her friend Dawn does, the people in her house eating, she records Dawn’s baby on a daily basis most likely because she’s staying in her home but i wonder how okay her friend is with her broadcasting all this to 407k followers on a daily basis

No. 104634

Tfw her nose is twice the size she shops. Maybe taking covid precautions would have paned out better all round.

I second this anon.

No. 104823

File: 1594575112583.png (367.92 KB, 570x370, Succession-DC-Shiv.png)

>Express yourself in a way that doesn't make you stand out from other anonymous users
>which the sPoNgEbOb TeXt kind of borders on.
I mean….the Spongebob text meme has been around for years and has probably been used by hundreds of thousands of people. I remember mods handing out bans when the meme first came out but I think people were complaining since it was so topical, I can't remember the last time I saw someone banned for it. That's not even from the rules that's from the info page and it's only 1 out of 9 lines in op's post…..you just sound like someone who has scoured the site for any possible way to justify reporting someone over nothing lmao. Just cause wks wanna fuck Nicole doesn't mean someone mildly disagreeing with her with her is autism, like I said I actually found that post quite helpful. imo Nicole and her braindead whiteknights stand out 1000x more than any other users on this entire site by nitpicking and responding to every single comment like that
>inb4 banned because anyone who even remotely criticizes Nicole or points out her wks gets banned for nitpicking or vendetta or infighting or whatever flavor of the day

This picture is so infuriating. Why even bother wearing a mask if it's going to be like this? Or does she think the world can't possibly be deprived of that much of her special face? You'd think someone who has an uwu pre-existing mysterious expensive life-threatening heart condition uwu would be overly-cautious about exposure, but go off I guess. Breathe through that nose sis, get a tattoo, jump on a plane during a pandemic. Also when her eyes aren't shooped to hell and back, they kind of give me Shiv from Succession vibes.

No. 104843

Agreed. I believe the last wk retreated when this anon >>100179 called posters out, and it is solely because they're so fucking obvious. Then it (whether or not it's the same person) comes back just to clarify she's at her parents because people aren't actually "watching her stories" or "paying attention". Ironically defensive. Really makes you think kek.

No. 105350

Being this mad about an anon saying where she is when anons are wrong about where she is makes no sense to me. Wouldn't this normally be considered good to know since people were saying she was living with friends?

No. 105634

File: 1595082760032.jpeg (6.55 KB, 474x474, images (7).jpeg)

Kek you're either WK-Chan, you didn't read the thread, or even do the bare minimum - read the post you tagged and anon their responding to.

No. 105673

Nicole and her WKs are the most entertaining part of this thread. I lol everytime they come up with some shitty excuse for the shit she does.

No. 105701

You’re the same anon throughout this thread who keeps giving a rebuttal or counter-argument to any sort of mention of Nicole. It’s so obvious Nicole isn’t living at home anyway, she posted pictures and snaps from father’s day visiting her family and then leaving with Dawn while carrying a bunch of alcohol. If anything her social media all indicates she’s living with her fat childhood friend.
>>95720 >>95328 >>95323 >>99769 >>104081 Same wk anon for months now, holy shit is Nicole dedicated to lurking

No. 105875

File: 1595218322896.png (3.58 MB, 1200x1800, BFAC412E-2CE4-4747-A240-0A9663…)

she always advertises her second page (and now a second tiktok account) as a collections account of ‘rare finds’ and pokemon card related stuff she supposedly owns, but 90% of the stuff on those accounts are cards customers bring in to the booths for her job and hardly anything is stuff she actually owns for herself. Even one of her simp followers questioned it.
Her caption for the post is: I made an everstoneeevee tiktok account for sharing more of my collecting adventures on there

It’s a little misleading

No. 105881

She didn't say she owned what she posted right here. She said sharing the love of cards and figures too, so why wouldn't she take advantage of a shop she works at and post that to this tiktok? Seems like people misreading it

No. 105891

No. 106293

File: 1595460649306.jpeg (186.51 KB, 828x632, 911C1E2C-CBF2-4C05-B724-DCD21F…)

I noticed this fangirl defending Nicole in a post so I looked further and in almost every comment section of Nicole’s posts she’s there, even her tagged posts, replying to any follower question with a detailed and specific response only a close friend would know. Seems like an obsessed girl much like all her stalkers, but on the opposite side of the spectrum kek if Nicole isn’t the wk this girl definitely is.
She would probably live in her ass if she could. This is just one example but there are more on her photographer’s page lmao

No. 106332

File: 1595484069666.png (1.57 MB, 1395x1453, 323-015139.png)


No. 106804

File: 1595734709232.jpeg (277.16 KB, 828x1132, B5F7DF2F-987F-4E8E-A464-B1D052…)

So Destery tagged her in his recent post with some sappy caption about happiness, honestly what the fuck is going on between them?
But don’t worry guys she’s totally lesbian >>103830 surely she won’t repeatedly give into that cheating man for the third time now :laughcry:

No. 106807

File: 1595735220693.jpeg (382.62 KB, 828x1014, 369AE385-AAED-4C6B-9AE2-883CCB…)

Also this tweet exchange, implying they’re on good terms and he visited her

No. 106859

File: 1595756657584.jpg (112.23 KB, 1080x670, Screenshot_20200726-194215__01…)

Here's the caption for anyone curious. Ot but she couldn't have worse taste in men. Washed up scene cringe at its finest.

No. 106862

Why hasn’t destry taken off his beanie or head coverings in more than a year lmao does he have a bald spot or something even when wearing a hotel robe he won’t take it off(nitpicking)

No. 106962

Same anon, I got a short ban for the laugh cry thing kek there definitely is a mod with a Nicole bias because the white knight has been in the thread for months now and not a single red text or ban for them

No. 107039

The creepy part is, Nicole will go after anyone who had/has a connection to Leda.

No. 107041

>Mod with a Nicole Bias

Wouldn't be surprised since the farmers gets more bans than the actual wk herself/himself. They never permabanned them either as they continually come back to defend their uwu Photoshop kween~(complaints go in /meta/)

No. 107081

File: 1595884351166.jpeg (264.74 KB, 828x744, 8AB34881-703F-44EB-8405-BEF353…)

her self worth and stupidity is on a whole other level.
2017- Destery flirts with her in her livestream with her bf in the same room as her >>93710
2018- Nicole has rough patch with her bf, then meets Destery irl for the first time for a yt video, showing them in the same bed. His gf at the time and Nicole find out he’s a cheater, Nicole goes to twitter and rants about him, continues dating Dennis
2020- After getting dumped by Dennis she flies on a plane to be with Destery. Later finds out he’s cheating (shock) and rants about him on twitter again. Now they’re on good terms again

This is so awkward and embarrassing for her, she’s 25 years old. I’m guessing after the fourth time he cheats on her again, Nicole’s friends might finally get tired of her teen drama

No. 107092

How do you know its about cheating?

No. 107111


No. 107195

>Like to fuck around with multiple people
That’s cheating, also she unfollowed him the same day

No. 107201

just for your interest anon, yes, he has anextremely receiding hairline (balding forehead) that's why he wears hats constanly. you can google him without and will see…

No. 107241

File: 1595985528655.jpeg (727.42 KB, 828x1636, FDEA50F3-12A6-4370-9379-6AEA51…)

You were saying? wkchaniswrong.png

Also her current snapchat story is so fucking nasty, she talks about how badly she stinks while bouncing her saggy cleavage around. She describes in video detail how she’s laying in her own sweat smelling urine and bad yogurt and desperately needs to shower.

Bad hygiene is so cute and quirky, guys

No. 107243

File: 1595985732576.png (3.29 MB, 1800x1800, DE4AB61B-5D37-47D0-B505-747926…)

Snaps I’m referring to

No. 107254

Imagine calling cleavage 'sag'. lol

No. 107259

Her boobs always look saggy when they’re shown, no? First thread people speculated she was flat but it’s not that, her boobs just hang really low kek

No. 107261

File: 1595999418359.jpeg (550.74 KB, 1030x828, 56AC0784-C9CC-4671-8A48-D5D7B6…)

Also it’s hard to tell until she gets desperate enough and starts an OF, but saggy is not a swear word anon. not my type, but these look saggy to me. (pic for what I said above)

No. 107274

Those aren't saggy boobs, they look completely normal. Are you a scrote or just a bitter itty-bitty-titty girl?

No. 107317

She looks unrecognizable here.

No. 107319

Wait this is meant to be doondamaster I think?, but wtf is happening to Nicole's face in these ones?

Like I'm so confused that this is meant to be her?

No. 107321

We all know showers and baths are for basic bitches. Our Quirky KWEEN<3

No. 107359

File: 1596072236153.jpeg (385.91 KB, 1012x1800, 6D37F0FF-8384-47E8-A911-5C829C…)

She has a livestream on her second account that starts off with the mask exposing her nose, then she pulls it down to her chin exposing both her nose and mouth for the 24 minute duration.

I think she posted somewhere before that her mask bothers her because it’s too big for her and constantly slides down. But… then why wear it?
She wasn’t alone either, it was in the middle of her card shop job where coworkers were constantly passing behind her
Even more idiotic than her photoshoot >>104567

No. 107360

Nicole kept traveling to events and conventions and went back and fourth to different states without any precaution, and now it's time to "be safe"? I get second hand embarassement watching her fail at using a mask. I doubt she's even using the mask to protect herself, she's just using it to cover how big her face actually is when she has it yanked down to her chin.

No. 107361

File: 1596073508826.jpeg (836.24 KB, 828x1465, 62EB7021-7A0F-46A9-B0C5-83D4D1…)

I wish I understood her logic behind this crap. You can hear her clearly when her face is being covered but she kept alternating between having it down and below her nose. I’m not sure what the requirements are at her workplace but I’m sure customers would appreciate the employees covering their nose+mouth when speaking and sitting over the cards they’re buying

No. 107363

No conventions have been open and she traveled once

No. 107365

nta but you’re implying travelling once for some emo mans dick during lockdown isn’t already bad enough

No. 107367

File: 1596077054524.jpeg (673.85 KB, 657x1404, E83ECF1A-554D-4935-ADCF-2D28AC…)

>>107363 Your wk behavior made me check again and she actually visited Destery on two separate occasions, not one

>>94546 Date here says May 19 for this flight/travel to him >>94604

She posted this (pic attached) in June saying “today” (and not back in May), Destery was in the videos on her snap and he also posted pics of it in June too, and he tagged the location as Portland. Implying she visited him for a second time a month later

No. 107385

she definitely has veneers. her teeth dont have a natural shape, and the front four are whiter than the rest, for cheap veneers they only do the front four.

No. 107387

Those are not anywhere near vaneers.

No. 107389

Not conventions, gaming tournaments.

No. 107390

Lol even the WKS can't get their defense right

No. 107393

That would be really ironic if she did veneers especially since she claimed she was homeless at the time >>107261 was taken, 2016 when she was filming her car vlogs she later claimed she was living in her car during that time kek
I don’t believe for one second she was forced to be homeless out of options, she was very close with Doon even back then filming some videos at her house + had a boyfriend + family. That’s at least three options

No. 107399

File: 1596099859143.jpg (44.98 KB, 393x1056, 5992b2b-1.jpg)


No. 107401

I got it from her reddit but I'm not sure if it's her tho

No. 107407

It’s in her third last story highlight on Instagram, 8th pic in it
Also that picture was used to discuss her dressing like a thot in the costhot thread
2 years ago she was telling people she’s uncomfortable being sexualized because she’s “barely over 18” (23 at the time but ok) and then a while later does the lewd Malon bikini/panty shoot.
Fyi nicole you can tell people you don’t want to be sexualized without lying about your age, that’s just wrong to try and make people feel like they’re looking at something illegal when she was in her twenties. She also told neckbeards on 9gag her chobits cosplay was when she was underage but I found it on her insta and she was over 18.

No. 107424

2 years ago? She's older and things change.

No. 107432

She tried covering up the fact she's 25/26 telling people she's in her early 20s, a anon posted a cap somewhere in this thread

No. 107435

>She also told neckbeards on 9gag her chobits cosplay was when she was underage but I found it on her insta and she was over 18.

The wks on the first thread kept saying Nicole was underaged for her chobits cosplay

Found him.

No. 107466

Pretty juvenile to think someone can never change their mind about what they do

No. 107471

>2 years later
>Still a dumb thot

No. 107483

>She’s older and things change
Why does the ban evading wk keep coming back?
When she was 23 she was a N3RD gamer girl spending all her time with Doon and getting into relationship drama with Destery, now she’s 25 and pretty much all of that is still the same except now she’s in a pandemic and wearing her mask incorrectly

No. 107484

File: 1596167160228.jpeg (759.71 KB, 828x1467, 3D78AB34-393E-4E91-AE1C-2A6746…)

Nice try, even in 2017 she said she wants to produce lewd content and show more skin on ig
Then a few months later 2018 under her Mei cosplay said she’s barely over 18 and can’t stand the thought of being sexualized
Just admit she can’t decide between being a shy and reserved teenage girl and an egirl thot

No. 107485

>Barely over 18
>23 at the time of the post
Bitch is so dumb she doesn't know how to count

No. 107491

File: 1596170639748.jpeg (340.01 KB, 828x1573, 883FC9D1-53CB-437C-878A-23BC3F…)

For anyone wondering how the wk is still here I’m sure mods have given non-redtext bans (and red text in the past) but Nicole admitted to using VPN in her restraining order post
“No matter what platform I use I always have a VPN and mask my location/IP addresses” explains a lot

Also kek at the “I post for fun not profit” sentence this was directly after her asking for kofi donations to redo her hogwarts student cosplay, if anyone remembers those posts she changed the captions for them so that they no longer mention ko-fi

No. 107493

52w is a year ago and the other thread has been around for 5 months. I don't think Nicole posts here, anon.

No. 107500

maybe she gave up after the first thread. but i can imagine her checking here daily, i’ve seen how she replies to random hate comments in destery’s yt video with her and replies to almost all hate comments on insta repost pages calling her fake/photoshopped when there’s like 300+ comments. it’s hard to turn off that obsession when she’s so focused on maintaining her reputation, anon
The wk in this thread posts when she’s active on social media, must be same timezone kek

No. 107525

How the fuck is evidence of Nicole using a VPN at all times (which just happens to be from a year ago) in anyway indicative that she doesn't post here because this thread's newer? In what world do those concepts magically equate to your assertion kek?

No. 107527

anon means its old milk like most posts in here that are just grabbed off highlights and reposted when the thread is dry. Calm down.

No. 107529

NTA but anons in this thread love to misuse the word old milk for anything related to Nicole. I mentioned the VPN thing because it’s never been mentioned before and I thought it was relevant considering a wk constantly posts here. Old milk is referring to shit that was already discussed before.
Also Nicole is a relatively new cow, these threads for her were long overdue and if they happened years ago we wouldn’t be in this situation where we can’t discuss anything dating back to 2018 or else it’s “old milk” kek

No. 107530

its almost 2021 though. That's prett old, anon. Old milk bans are all over the thread bc of it. Just saying but you guys do you I guess

No. 107532

>Old milk
Still milk though? And it relates to the current milk. Why do you care so much? Farmers just point and laugh while you're sitting here like "oLd mIlK"

No. 107583

Nitpicking when she said she uses VPN is so retarded though. The person who said >it was 54 weeks ago and the first thread was 5 months ago. Therefore it’s not her
That’s some real shit logic anons, so we’re not allowed to talk about her use of VPNs having any correlation to the ban evading wk unless she mentioned said VPN today?
Wk chan has been here for 5+ months kek
>>83036 >>83478 >>99924 >>80990 >>81334 >>99774 >>99692 >>95747
Who else would orbit the cow this much?

No. 107592

File: 1596245487642.jpeg (116.16 KB, 828x350, 7C5536F7-B674-40B3-B8C5-FA41BD…)

Nicole rted this
>Implying time is what she needs to look like her selfies irl and not a completely new face
I always wondered how shocked someone would be to meet her irl if she used a dating app kek.
She met Dennis online but shooping wasn’t advanced in 2011 so he probably wasn’t catfished much

No. 107605

that's why no one recognizes her at conventions

No. 107641

File: 1596282853587.jpeg (727.96 KB, 828x1630, 51AF93D9-1AAA-4CC0-9436-E8F197…)

posted today, same filter and no makeup, but looks different in each one.
waking up with a whole new face every day is probably tiring, poor girl

No. 107646

>Just woke up selfie
>Massive push-up bra

No. 107659

She's flat as a board. It looks like she's wearing 2-3 bras, and stuffed it with inserts and toilet paper, Lawl. Like her Photoshop, she's inconsistent with her tit size too.

No. 107668

She shopped herself to look like a downsyndrome mongoloid. Look at how she did her eyes and nose, her chin looks like a fucking slice of pizza. Does this bitch really think this shop is cute? She looks mix gremlin and a mongo with downie.

No. 107679

Lmao the wobbly chin line on the left and the way the area where her forehead meets her nose looks like it's protruding..
Don't forget piling on the filters of course
Also she looks so downsy here, giving me slight Megan Marie vibes
I'm laughing my ass off how did she think this was good

No. 107682

File: 1596303963524.jpeg (691.36 KB, 828x1204, 232DF5CD-FFBF-403D-A022-95E627…)

not even her boobs are safe from being different every picture >>84199

No. 107691

File: 1596309554919.png (1.43 MB, 847x952, noboobs.png)

She still had a push up bra in that pic. This pic is more accurate

No. 107692

File: 1596309729799.png (342.94 KB, 1440x1600, 151344.png)

On Twitter she was asked if she was dating Dexerty, instead of a yes or no she give a long answer detailing how uwu hurt she was by her last relationship. I'm guessing Dennis broke up with her cheating ass. Dennis was a cuck long enough, and she deserved it.

No. 107693

How do you guys go from saying she has no tits to complaining about her saggy tits? >>107261 >>107243

No. 107726

Don’t worry, she’s considering making an OF so we can confirm soon kek. Unless she’s just going to photoshop all of it, like the ridiculous photoshoppers thread

No. 107727

>Hurt by someone this year
>Cheated on Dennis, he probably got tired of being cucked
It’s kind of scary how someone with a huge social media following can flip the narrative to be the good guy. She should not be in a relationship at all if she can easily act on it when lusting after someone else in a relationship
It’s ironic because she also seems to be the jealous type, like that video where a ‘ghost’ told her to check Dennis’ computer and she found something upsetting (didn’t say what)

No. 107730

File: 1596327801403.jpeg (206.66 KB, 828x583, CA7CCBC0-10C7-49C8-8BB7-F1D27F…)

Her answer is completely different to what Destery is saying kek she sure loves being vague and mysterious

No. 107738

File: 1596332826345.jpeg (257.01 KB, 828x1342, BBA1DB1E-666E-4B72-AB2B-EDE6B3…)

Also she posted a tiktok with her snapchat archive
That face dodging though

No. 107745

Dennis finally grew a pair and dumped Nicole after cheating on him for God knows how long with Dextery, while openly flirting with fans

>Everyone liked that.

No. 107771

File: 1596362999226.jpeg (303.23 KB, 828x1151, 25383D5A-9F0F-429B-87DD-4A1878…)

if nicole wouldn’t move so much every time her nose is shown from the side i would be able to see what her side profile looks like recently
curious to see if miss looks dont matter -would never even consider nose surgery- got something done

No. 107778

File: 1596370084877.jpeg (224.71 KB, 828x692, D66EBB1A-FA62-45A6-A3AB-F0766C…)


No. 107780

File: 1596370485335.jpeg (442.5 KB, 828x825, 706C6852-5A60-4204-AB74-FED390…)

Samefag.. jfc it’s worse than I imagined

since she’s picking men with shitty scumbag personalities you think she’d at least pick an attractive one, but 3 years of romance and heartbreak for this

No. 107783

Wasn't she with Dennis for longer? I thought they started dating at 14-15.

Looks doesn't matter for Nicole cuz she got nothing but Photoshop, and most of the guys she side hoes for are related to Leda in some way. It don't matter if they're ugly, as long as they're connected to her.

No. 107787

He looks like a scrapped character from the big bang theory kek

>and most of the guys she side hoes for are related to Leda in some way. It don't matter if they're ugly, as long as they're connected to her.
Ntayrt but it's all suddenly making sense.

No. 107799

Oh I meant 3 years with Destery. He started hitting on her in 2017 and she tried dating him in 2018, this relationship has been such a work in progress

No. 107965

File: 1596506899278.jpg (452.82 KB, 1152x2048, 20200801_151358.jpg)

She's wearing fangs now, she shuffles through trends like every week.

No. 107966

File: 1596506960128.jpg (467.69 KB, 1156x2046, 20200801_151405.jpg)

I wonder how cakey her makeup is irl(this is not milk)

No. 107985

The makeup is pretty cute though here.

No. 107999

Curb your obsession, this isn't milk. And no I'm not a Nicole fan or WK-Chan this is just autistically nitpicky.

No. 108008

Also are you by any chance this anon in /snow/? >>1017123
because boy was that a retarded sperg to call Nicole milkless

My response was >>1017271

Nicole doesn’t have any milk at all right now because she’s been very inactive for things like patreon, twitch streaming, youtube/ig livestreams where she normally talks about her personal life/jobs/relationships. She’s currently only posting tiktoks and cosplay/makeup looks so plz stop with the nitpicking and wait until she actually has milk or done something recently

No. 108009

File: 1596545844240.jpeg (515.77 KB, 828x1206, 63A05997-C378-4469-9638-AB7C2A…)

I think serial cheater destery read the thread or some shit

No. 108013

>Not milk
That's why I saged it you retard.
Posts 2 pics with my opinion
Lol you're a pathetic white knight. It's more like you're obsessed with her, since you can't stop coming back and refreshing the page checking to see if someone says anything uwu mean about this flakey whore.

Go make a Nicole fanclub if you want people to say nice things about her busted ass.

No. 108015

File: 1596549664771.png (288.81 KB, 1249x1093, autism.png)

WK chan over here having a mental breakdown at the photoshopper's thread in snow. Are you ok?

No. 108074

Hate to break it to you but no1curr about your opinion. And immediately jumping to calling me WK-Chan makes you look insane.

That's not me kek, but whoever wrote that is leaving out a lot of the significant details. Nicole's milky, just not autistic nitpicking like >>107965 >>107966

No. 108075

>That's not me
Don't worry, anon. She seems to think that any posts made against non-contributory nitpicks are all written by one gigantic Nicole whiteknight and that all farmers, farmhands and the Admin are in some big pro-Nicole anti-free-speech plot against her.

No. 108078

I suppose the Vendetta-Chan anons were talking about has more basis in reality than I thought, kek. I'm literally this anon >>107525 does that sound like a Nicole fan to you? And sorry for non-contribution, I tried to find something Nicole related to post. Maybe I didn't look hard enough?

No. 108085

File: 1596597202274.jpeg (582.81 KB, 828x1030, 95794988-B55E-44CA-946D-71A754…)

Kek calm down, Nicole’s thread has been dead for so long it isn’t a stretch to think anon ranting about nitpicking in another shooping thread was that person. It’s pretty pointless to complain about a saged nitpick post when mods are quick to hand out bans for that sort of stuff here
I wrote this, I hope saying Nicole isn’t milkless doesn’t make me “vendetta-chan”(multi-track infighting)

No. 108089

Wonder why the wks don't pop up when Nicole's cheating is brought up?

No. 108090

As one of the alleged "WKs" it's because I agree and engage with the topic kek. There's definitely an illogical Nicole fan here, but that's also created a climate where you can't be critical of actual shit posts lest you be agressively lumped in with them.

No. 108094

File: 1596605378769.jpeg (586.3 KB, 828x1311, 0C6DC4B8-F5AF-4731-9B1D-04648C…)

Safe to say nicole read this thread since destery ranted about it (didn’t specifically mention lc but the insults were specific to what was mentioned on here, “middle aged emo man w rectangle head” etc
At least now she’s properly wearing her face mask, although still a little embarrassing she put this in her recent post

No. 108095

What about this says she read the thread? Also this was already posted before his rant

No. 108100

>nose not covered
Choose one, anons.

No. 108102

Anon, this selfie was taken in June. She just reposted it now but in recent selfies has been covering her nose and mouth, just embarrassing she would repost it now knowing that wearing a mask that way is ineffective especially being with a large group of people

No. 108130

File: 1596643523289.jpeg (980.21 KB, 828x1386, 8D881854-BC5B-4635-9FF8-FFAE7D…)

sage for being old milk and a stupid unimportant question but
Im curious how she could have possibly taken this filtered/shoop selfie with what appears to be his phone and he posted it?
when i saw his post i thought it was how she looked irl until the yt video from that day where she looks nothing like this

her photographer posts shooped pics of her but that’s a professional agreement/request for retouching so it’s a little weirder for a friend or boyfriend to do that for her

No. 108138

doesn't look retouched. She IS naturally pretty anon. Spamming 2013 photos with no makeup doesnt change that. she doesnt need much filtering if she has makeup.

No. 108162

Not really. She looks like an extremely average, tired white girl.

No. 108167

I think that was 2016, there were video and photo filters then too. If you zoom in, her eyes are way bigger than they should be, even comparing to the OP thread image, so there's a filter on there.

No. 108174

Lol. It was obviously retouched. Her face is blurry, eyes magnified, nose straight and small, chin lengthened. Why does she need to photoshop a new face, use all that makeup, filters and color contacts if she's "naturally pretty"?

No. 108186

File: 1596700155295.png (3.99 MB, 1792x828, 5AF39CBA-D34C-4EAC-AC7B-1EB8B1…)

the photo I asked about was in 2018 when he posted it, here’s a vlog from the same exact day
i was wondering how she got him to download a filter app with his phone for >>108130 because if you look through his social media he doesnt use beauty filter apps

No. 108195

File: 1596717890001.png (3.89 MB, 828x1792, CCFF6BAD-BA6B-4F4D-B0B9-EAB68E…)

Never mind, she’s still doing the lives with her mask pulled down
She thinks that she can’t be heard with her mask up, but she sounds exactly the same. okay nicole

No. 108203

She does that as an excuse to have something to cover big face. She wants to let everyone know she uwu naturally~ has a smol face.

No. 108283

How can she show her haters in the thread that she's not truly an uwu elf princess if she has a mask on???
nitpick I suppose but god she has the most punchable ugly face and that hideous eye makeup does her zero favors.

No. 108285

Her eyes look similar to those of someone who has FAS. Also, this pic really does shine a light in how much she edits her nose and eyes in pictures. I think she's editing the corners of her eyes upwards.

No. 108297

File: 1596788763166.jpeg (758.96 KB, 828x1212, F3E474D6-D0C1-4315-A491-9923E6…)

Ever since snow removed the freckle filter she uses she’s been drawing them on

you’d think someone who claims to be a strawberry blonde w freckles would know what freckles look like and not just giant dots

No. 108325

They never looked real anyway. Its a trend. Everyone who does fake freckles knows they look fake. even that freck stuff looks fake.

No. 108338

Yeah, I think anon's just expressing they look particularly bad. Her face looks dirty to me.

No. 108411

Fake freckles look fine if you know how to apply them correctly and use the correct color for your skin. Nicole has yellow undertones and constantly uses taupe makeup for her freckles which just makes her look like she got dirt on her face.

No. 108657

File: 1597055865996.png (5.88 MB, 1800x1800, D6A8419A-2A62-47CC-834B-9919D6…)

They seem more discreet about hanging out
also who casually keeps a fleshlight in their car?

No. 108658

Wow, this man is a catch

No. 108659

Peak humanity

No. 108666

File: 1597067188465.jpeg (590.66 KB, 828x1407, CB5D41A4-0705-484F-AE22-B280A2…)

Either Nicole, a Nicolefag or pullfag did this because this is the most autistic attempt at a thread I’ve seen in a while (pic attached)

good luck to any vendetta anon trying to get new milk on Leda when she’s been mia since 2019(not milk)

No. 108667

good lord leda hasn't done anything but focus on writing her lame ass fantasy ya series

i do wonder why she's missing tho, things seemed to be going well for her

No. 108671

Imagine thinking wearing makeup to cover acne is milky. If that's the case then Nicole is the silliest cow alive since she cakes her makeup on thicker than tar.

I'm sure Leda's doing well for herself and focusing on her own creative pursuits, not being on the internet is probably the best thing for her tbh, at least right now.

No. 108681

File: 1597075468848.jpeg (353.12 KB, 828x923, 890A4349-2835-4E45-95DD-67CBFF…)

it’s even funnier finding out leda’s breakup OP was referring to was in 2016

also based on her tweets it seems like she takes breaks from the internet to focus on and prioritize on her books, not out of embarrassment

the amount of projects nicole has promised but never worked on, a recap:
>cyber bullying campaign/awareness video due to her stalker
>updated makeup and hair tutorials on youtube but she doesn’t look like her shoops so she hasn’t been on yt in years
>an improved hogwarts cosplay which received more than enough donations on kofi
>blames inactivity on twitch streaming on her stalker but her stalker hasn’t bothered her since 2019

that’s what’s embarrassing.

No. 108683

Sage your posts this isnt milk

No. 108684

I've thought the same thing. For the amount Nicole what on Leda, who seemed to be doing her own thing before becoming relatively inactive, Nicole herself was completely stagnant and lacking any form of creativity. It only makes sense that she was so disappointed about her own life that she shits on the nearest e-girl with a similar style to make her feel better about herself.

No. 109052

File: 1597337891270.jpeg (129.59 KB, 1200x689, 7C555295-088D-4E2E-8426-7F3AE1…)

sage for ot but destery has a new yt vid where he talks about his relationships and I watched to see if he talks about Nicole (he sorta does, mentions giving some spy kids dvd to her which was part of the vid where he met her) but also mentions that he’s single lmao
It got disgusting really fast because he admitted to shitting himself recently while playing world of warcraft saying he couldn’t pause the game. keep in mind these are the type of men nicole goes for, she’s interested in a living south park meme

No. 109057

Disgusting, we can assume he is a pee bottles kinda guy from that. Plus fleshlight in his car like how the hell is this attractive, paired with his dated 4/10 scene appearance

No. 109136

File: 1597401117530.jpeg (492.1 KB, 828x1439, CCF263E7-014A-4CBB-BD64-D75F19…)

Finally an unshooped picture of nicole

No. 109142

She’s seeing lightsoutconnor now he’s a guitarist in some band and darcy Nicole’s ex

No. 109145

Do you have pics/screenshots of this? And she has the nerve to queerbait her followers saying she’s lesbian lol
She can be bi and date men but she tries to pass it off like she’s lesbian >>103830

No. 109164

she's making a joke, anon, and talking about a single gender in posts doesnt suddenly make you un-bi or queerbaiting.

No. 109186

“Explaining to straight people why I’m lesbian”
I’m sorry you had to find out your queen likes to lie about things for attention lmao
Also that definitely didn’t come across as a joke, that “lightsoutconnor” person comments on her pics all the time, I doubt they’re dating but a joke normally has a punchline.

No. 109214

File: 1597457099133.jpeg (903.85 KB, 2509x3345, BBFED809-34F6-4010-BEA5-167F6C…)

This was confirmed by darcy and after her recent suicide attempt she mentioned her ex found a new more popular Instagram girl if you check her accounts it’s clearly her. If you check his profile she replies to him and always to his comments. They are a thing, she’s followed him for years too while he was with darcy probably waiting for her chance, she’s a home wrecker I don’t think darcy is lying about this

No. 109216

I like how she immediately turns bitter though, lol. She's mad.

No. 109233

File: 1597487057644.jpeg (937.78 KB, 828x1277, 17B07D80-8A25-4788-92FE-3518A6…)

I’m so confused why wk chan said it was a joke >>109164 can wk chan just fuck off and stop replying to every new update in the thread when they clearly don’t know anything they’re talking about? no1curr how much you love nicole
Also here’s another comment of his. I don’t follow him but it appears as top comment

No. 109277

Where is the top-most image from?

No. 109313

Darcy posted she tried to kill herself on her Twitter and then shared her life story in the tweet replies, it’s actually quite tragic and sad but also very irrelevant to the thread so I cropped it to the bit that was relevant she said she was going to delete the life story and I respect that cause it’s personal so I didn’t share the full thing but it might still be on her twitter @insyndra if you’re looking under tweet replies

No. 109331

Oh okay ty anon. I thought it might be some snark that Nicole posted somewhere, which would be fucked up. I don’t follow Nicole at all, but I do follow Darcy and her current situation makes me sad. Must have missed that one.

No. 109449

The WK is so obvious. The things I picked up from the wk through the threads

>Nicole says anything bad or acts like a slut

WK:It's a joke
WK:Hates on other people mentioned in the thread and tries to divert the attention away from Nicole
>Skin walking Leda
WK:OMFG SHE DOESNT!! Duuurr Who is Leda? Addi is so skinwalking Nicole!1!
>Nicole stops spelling her name as Eevee after getting called cringe for it
>Anyone that criticizes Nicole
Wk: mass reports "VENDETTA CHAN!!"

The wk always finds a retarded ass defense for Nicole for literally everything, even when she was illegally working at the health clinic and drawing blood from people, and when she was traveling all over the place and going to events when the Pandemic was really bad.

This guy literally has nothing to do other than refresh the page and respond to everything being said about Nicole and reporting everyone. The WK either soft wks or goes on full defense. It's cringe af.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 109482

If the vendettas and constant nitpicking continue we will lock this thread. Don't bother posting here if you have no milk to bring to the table.

No. 109487

File: 1597669681786.jpeg (351.18 KB, 828x905, 1ECDB01B-9F52-4F6A-9910-16C99F…)

This sounds like it’s about Nicole talking to Connor, it’s pretty retarded the way they subtweet each other

It’s weird how every guy Nicole dates is okay with getting cucked even if jealous

No. 109550

He could be talking about anyone though since he cheats and sleeps around

No. 109910

File: 1598110458736.jpg (428.13 KB, 1079x833, Screenshot_20200822-083416_Ins…)

Looks like she got a new lineart tattoo

No. 109926

It's kind of pretty, I like the yellow. I don't know if the color will age well, though.

No. 109933

Thought this was an outline of two minions bumping uglies at a glance.

No. 109987

yeah its pretty cute. Minimalistic. Upclose a bit hard to tell what it is so i posted this one. She could always add black as it ages I guess

No. 110535

File: 1598630074231.jpeg (889.02 KB, 828x1424, E4A20ECF-D4B2-4DC8-90EB-FB8225…)

they’re official now, he announced he has a girlfriend with photos of a trip they went on

weird how he’s already telling people she’s his girlfriend, and she’s on the internet telling her followers she’s not ready for another relationship and is single

she was like this with dennis too, after 2018 she started becoming more lowkey about being in a relationship and all her neckbeards thought she was single, i guess she realized it would benefit her wallet more

No. 110536

File: 1598630120108.jpeg (626.76 KB, 828x950, 1C3D326D-A937-47C6-A4EA-8A9633…)

her pics from the same location so it’s definitely about nicole, and not another girl

No. 110542

Most thots don't tell people they are in relationships and it's a lot to do with security and not just money. Guys tend to roid rage and have tendencies to harass message boyfriends or girlfriends of people they follow. Private life is private. What would she have gained from publicizing it vs keeping it a secret? not much would have changed and the other person also has to consent to be constantly talked about or brought up at all.

No. 110594

Nta but makes sense. It's her weird little shipping games she plays with the scrote that I find milky. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't glad she doesn't publicise her relationship 24/7, we've already got Mikan/Vina for that.

No. 111031

do you know what roid rage is, it happens to people on steroids, not neckbeards, that's just rage

No. 111682

File: 1599583091236.jpeg (817.04 KB, 828x1660, 01DCF56F-0A9D-4C61-B3A8-54A906…)

It seemed like the nastiest breakup given all her posts on end but she’s talking about dennis and his birthday, so i guess not? I scrolled back to her older posts on this date and it’s his birthday, and not another dennis

No. 111683

Looks like they are still friends. It's not unheard of to remain friends with people you've known for years even after a breakup. Breakups can suck and be really depressing and upsetting, even if mutual. That's honestly really mature of her.

No. 111684

no one means actual roiding out rage, anon. It's a figure of speech.

No. 111772

So is that thot dating connor or destery now or both?

No. 115485

File: 1602282495758.jpg (425.29 KB, 1440x1800, nic.jpg)

Nicole is making some…hair and makeup choices these days(necro)

No. 115495

This could be kind of cool if she took care of her hair

No. 116028

File: 1602689312395.jpg (524.16 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201014-082911_Ins…)

They set up cameras now. Its been almost a year. I believe it. Vendetta-chan really wanted to keep tinfoiling about them being fake. Now she has footage.

No. 116029

Like that fucking sucks. He took the handle. Tbh I see that gross Destry dude doing this because he's a pos human being, probably knows where she lives. He does destructive stuff like this.

No. 116030

File: 1602689409216.jpg (755.47 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201014-082916_Ins…)

No. 116031

File: 1602689465261.jpg (1 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201014-082921_Ins…)

Someone is stalking her it feels like. She moved back home and still being harassed

No. 116035


What a fucking psycho. She's repeatedly getting hit? That's some serial killer stalker shit. I hope they lock this fucker in a cage before he hurts someone.

No. 116036

With how many anons point out how crazy he is, I wouldn't doubt it's him. He's mentioned going on roadtrips and stuff and she hasn't really messed with him in posts for a while from what I've seen. His ugly ass is probably mad and being a crazy fuck. It makes sense if he knew where all her locations were since she moved 2 times last year because they were friends prior. That or her ex.

No. 116088

I doubt that Dennis would do something like this, he always seemed like a chill guy. On the other hand that Destery loser seems the kind of guy to do stupid shit when he doesn't get what he wants.

No. 116155

I mean wasn't the original incident exceedingly suspicious? Like didn't she claim that someone broke into her car from inside a garage, and specifically stole her uncashed paycheck somehow without breaking a window? I'm not denying this situation, but it's just as plausible that although fucked up it could also be a convenient means to dispell the inconsistencies in her previous story. This very well might be her stalker, and it's obviously a real and frightening situation, but I can't completely discount the strange circumstances of the prior. It's also hard to ignore the amount of Nicole WKs (along with good old vendetta-chan kek) who cause this thread's existence.

The whole Nicole topic is interesting and I'm not sure what to think anymore. In this specific instance of course I'm genuinely worried for her. If I was her I'd stop posting so much of my location online, particularly workplace, and maybe try to stay with a friend for a while.

No. 116165

No she said they broke into the garage her car was in. I don't remember if she said it was a single or apartment type garage which might mean it couldve been an open air garage without actual doors.

No. 116186

But seriously though, what do we even know is real what happens to her? She can't blame people for being mistrusting after all that shitload of lying and manipulating she already got caught in (see this thread alone). As it didn't even take her one screenshot until she brings up MONEY again, I have a hard time believing that isnt just any of her friends posing for the cameras, she posting pics of the handle gone and NON of this whole theft deal is actually real. Just another cashgrab. This is the over and over repeating scheme of Nicole for almost three years now. Im the victim, I need money, I feel happy I have you guys, oh no Im the victim, uhm I need money… Wonder how many decades she can pull this show off until her followers finally notice the BS. If the pity coin stops coming, she will serve an OF I guarantee it.

No. 116198

Her car is caught on camera being vandalized due to a botched robbery. Pretty sure we can say it's real.

No. 116206


Take your meds, vendetta-chan.

No. 116228

Here's where the first car incident was posted for anyone who wants to read it and refresh. Fair warning there's plenty of arguing.


No. 116232

Destery privated his twitter recently so his love life rants arent public, but he doesnt seem to be doing so well recently lmao
He doesnt look like the build of the person in the footage otherwise id assume its him

No. 116241

The guy in the video is packing jackets. That's not his body at all. You can tell lol

No. 116264

Literally, only one anon said anything about not believing this.

No. 116286

File: 1602851302246.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201016-150559.jpg)

Surprisingly enough she's not asking for money this time. Idk what prompted her to take a different approach but she definitely is according to her story.

No. 116328

She's only asked for money once, anon. The other times where she mentins she's short on cash or struggling, isn't her begging for money or asking for money. That's called complaining.

No. 116399

Constantly complaining to your 400k followers with a Patreon link in bio is begging for money, anon. Regardless that's simply not true. Read the previous thread. I'm pretty indifferent to her normie ethot antics anyway, so take it up with vendetta-chan kek.

No. 116403

She's just complaining like anyone else does. You would still have a problem with it if she had 300 followers and patreon in her bio. It's in her bio. I see her stories, she doesn't flaunt her patreon on there constantly. Actually, she never flaunts her patreon like other thots. Just because she has a following doesn't suddenly mean she can't complain and having followers doesn't mean anything if they aren't paying for extra content which it doesn't seem like too many are. It's like that influencer who has a million followers, made a bunch of shirts because she thought she was supported, but no one bought a single shirt of merch. Followers mean nothing.

No. 116440

File: 1602953052817.jpeg (871.98 KB, 828x1583, 947CE23F-A984-4633-A345-0AE6D2…)

when googling nicole her etsy account shows up, idk if she’s considering dreads or for cosplay but that would be an interesting look to say the least lmao

No. 116499

You are clearly way too invested in this kek.
>You would still have a problem with it if she had 300 followers and patreon in her bio
No, no I would not.

No. 117413

File: 1603553125123.jpeg (484.52 KB, 828x610, A38D6F83-83FD-42D2-9BD5-8DE4E0…)

how tf did anon >>109142 know nicole was dating this connor guy? he posted a recent pic with her and it seems like when anon made that reply 2 months mothing was even public of their friendship/relationship
not hate but some anons seem to know some private info before it’s even public lol

No. 117425

This is a group photo. What about it proves they are dating besides they are standing next to each other, but she is in the middle of all these dudes, so where is the actual follow-up? It's like you guys can't understand that guys and girls can hang out and be flirty with each other without actually dating.

No. 121431

Sorry, but this is not how I remember it, and i think the screenshots are in the old thread - she asked for money a million times. through patreon, ko-fi and venmo so far, and did so on several instances involving her pity-party circumstances since 2018. The cycle of manifacturing distress, asking for coin, spilling her heart in thankfulness to her simp army and then driving herself back into a situation of distress was always the same.(necro)

No. 121433

File: 1605827896355.png (283.26 KB, 1066x736, IMG_20201120_001716.png)

No. 121453

I made the same point here >>116399 but some sperg ignored the previous thread and decided to freak out over followers rather than the point.

No. 132950

She just made an Of Account ahahhahaha(imageboard)

No. 132952

File: 1610888876646.png (4.16 MB, 1242x2208, AD314258-846F-4F46-A7A2-1409BB…)

She finally did it.

No. 132988

File: 1610900186384.jpeg (511.84 KB, 1284x1710, 7627A7F2-41E4-428E-8DF9-1E5439…)

So pretty it’s unreal.. oh wait.

No. 133020

Anon no one cares about your private discord and she has 1 car. Take your vendetta out of here.

No. 133026

our uwu pure elf princess starting a bunghole subscription account is kinda milky though, ngl

Weird she turned down some scrote money >>132988
since ebegging while buying expensive toys has been a theme for Nicole.

No. 133028

File: 1610917420332.jpg (247.17 KB, 960x1792, Er9U_r7UcAAJ6n3.jpg)

Onlyfans preview, this is very different from the photos she used to take…

No. 133030

File: 1610917668977.jpg (38.95 KB, 400x400, KI5WYExs_400x400.jpg)

Samefag, considering she is very public about working in a trading card shop, and posts her colleaues and the store online constantly as well as her prof pic being literally at work, is it wise to start a porn account when you are this easily located/easily indentified irl?

I swear these girls are morons who've forgotten who does all the rapes and murders in the world
>here's my crotch
>also here's where I work

No. 133031

File: 1610918254498.png (250.04 KB, 1440x767, 9742111.png)

More samefag, what is it with cows and writing vague self-congratulatory posts about their achievements which always amounts to nothing? This was the immediate next post after the OF announcement, so I guess her achievement is deciding to upload potato-quality filtered photos of her crotch for the world to see. (like literally another 1 million users on OF are already doing)

Picrel really reminds me of Alythuh's brag Tweets.

No. 133035

File: 1610919105197.png (546.49 KB, 1440x1977, 87643.png)

Final cap on my investigation uwu I'm not doing porn on the infamous porn site, in fact this will be better for my reputation

Moron confirmed

No. 133076

She looks good here though

No. 133152

Eh, it's just that freckle filter as far as I can tell

No. 133155

I meant overall, anon. I don't care how you feel about it.

No. 133352

So… Why not simply make a Patreon? Why try to do what everyone does on Patreon on OnlyFans if you never plan to do lewds or nudes?

No. 133448

What? I don't feel any which way about it just making a statement kek

No. 133465

Everyone is jumping Patreon.

No. 133772

Jesus, her “lewd” shit is so blurry you can barely tell what is going on. Imagine paying to see something so filtered you can’t even make out the details.

No. 133777

I laughed so hard at this. Can someone please upload the tweets she posted about never doing an OF (and now doing it) and how she will never post lewd stuff in lingerie (which she is now doing)? I remember them vividly, but couldn't find them. It's so entertaining to follow her downward lifepath of bullshitting her followers, increasingly nasty endeavors to get to money and in the process the loss of diginity and clothing. At this point, with her public workplace and softpornpics easily accessable, she is basically begging for the next trouble. I guarantuee in two years we get asked to donate for her first rehab lmao. I wonder what Dennis and Destery think about his? Her parents and friends and coworkers?

No. 133778

Couldn't have worded it better. I have frankly no idea what these "vaguely selfcongratulary achievements that amount to nothing" are meant to invoke in a reader, probably something like a guide about how one should perceive her and react in awe, like a person holding up a sign for the audience that says "now applaud". she is prepainting a favorable narrative for her miserable lowlife existence, so people with no brains just have to jump on what she already handed them.

I wonder how long she will keep the OF up, Ms.I-swear-i'm-basically-21 will not be able to keep up the filtering up into her thirties.

No. 133779

File: 1611265796925.png (643.86 KB, 773x1321, IMG_20210121_224647.png)

Let's throw away all left safety, dignity and credibility for - a car? shelter? living expenses? No, pokémoncards. We reached levels of pathetic that shouldn't even be possible.

No. 133780

File: 1611266202295.jpg (29.74 KB, 320x597, 9hw4p03bjlc61.jpg)

Her cringy ass shit is already all over reddit and users comment about sharing the fees and spreading the pictures publicly for free. It's a laughing stock if you ask me, she looks already soulless/psycho.

No. 133782

File: 1611266278160.jpg (29.99 KB, 320x597, vk3epy2bjlc61.jpg)

Anyone who pays 15 bucks for this is pitiable. I love how Nicole finally confirmed what a charity case she is.

No. 133783

File: 1611266689756.png (752.54 KB, 1080x1046, IMG_20210121_230341.png)

Nicole is literally the hemmoroid of social media. Weeabo angel my ass.

No. 133784

File: 1611266964742.png (216.11 KB, 1080x1532, IMG_20210121_230824.png)

Milking away on her followers.

No. 133785

File: 1611267331593.jpg (203.45 KB, 1000x1500, pt2021_01_21_23_15_19.jpg)

Her unbroken saga of equipment and websites that magically never work continues.

No. 133787

It's kind of sad that the same people she always praises as her "online family" and "kind hearted friends/followers" want nothing but an unpaid glance at her tits. They have zero respect for her and she's pretty delusional to ever think these are actual well meaning or interested fans. They are predatory simps with a paypal account, bitch.

No. 133793

Incels dont understand that stuff gets posted at different times and aren't entitled to every post if they miss out because they weren't subbed previously when they were sent out.

Anon hasn't even done anything and if people are leaking, its protective to have extra PPV with a sub and this is so common. It's how you make money on OF. She's not milking anything when it's the norm.

No. 133797

File: 1611269024541.png (796.1 KB, 1080x1718, IMG_20210121_234208.png)

She also has expensive merch now with her photography friend. It's shirts with her print on it (around 50$) and common prints.

No. 133798

File: 1611269094546.png (150.71 KB, 1080x808, IMG_20210121_233941.png)

Incel or simp tho…

No. 133800

No. 133802

File: 1611269170997.png (127.07 KB, 1080x772, IMG_20210121_233913.png)

from her IG, same hopeful BS she posts every year before the next downspiral that requires urgent money.

No. 133803

File: 1611269194461.png (250 KB, 1080x1320, IMG_20210121_234006.png)

No. 133804

File: 1611269230161.png (96.41 KB, 1080x586, IMG_20210121_233926.png)

people are catching on though.

No. 133805

Ah yes, let's call ourselves a mental health advocate and then romantisize suicide in front of minors.

No. 133806

Retarded to think a wealthy family means every person in the family has access to the wealth at all times or at all.

They look like they are making a joke. Not that deep"for the children". Lol

No. 133807

File: 1611269437509.jpg (422.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210121-232722_mr1…)

Quick reality check, screenshot taken from her most recent IG video.(vendetta)

No. 133855

Being uploaded to hot-sex-photos.com is surely helping to maintain her family friendly image uwu

>nude or pornographic content
>Not what I'm doing here
>Nude in her OF profile pic

No. 133856

She means showing skin, retard. Nitpicking to suit your narritive, go off I guess.

No. 133860

File: 1611294914343.png (1.48 MB, 1236x2049, eevee.png)

No. 133861

She's not showing her bits anon. This is still lewd. Jesus, are you this mad she not full nude? Get a grip.

No. 133862

File: 1611295597695.png (150.25 KB, 1440x2006, what are words.png)

Nice reply two minutes after my post, you know whiteknighting cows makes you look suspicious on lolcow.farm where we're here to laugh at cows.

Also dictionary definition in case you need it, you can't change the meaning of words to suit your narrative.(sperg)

No. 136552

She now identifies as a demi person. It's on her twitter bio.

No. 136560

Demisexuality exists anon, its basically a word off from what a pansexual is. This isn't milk..

No. 136567


Ugh, it's the gender identidy Demiboy/Demigirl look it up.

Also demisexual means only finding people whom you connect attractive. Nothing to do with LGBTQ

No. 136627

You'd think someone around 25 would be old enough not to jump on all the aids labels as a substitute for individuality. I'm not surprised though.

No. 136648

Oh yes, please tell me again how she was emotionally connected to destery whom she met once and either were still in a relationship the first time they banged each other.

No. 137169

She now has removed the LGBT (demi) thing and just added "demisexual"
Girl wants to be different and doesn't even know the difference between demi and demisexual, must have read this thread.

No. 137184

Patreon is garbage

No. 137993

File: 1613173440974.jpg (662.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210213-104159.jpg)

What is this sudden development…

No. 137994

Destry easily seems like the unhinged type people would have these stories about. He was kinda predatory towards Nicole while she was dating Dennis, even anons said he seemed crazy enough to be the one to try to break into her car. Stopped hanging with Dennis when he realized he couldn’t use him to try to fuck Nicole into cheating. Just because she didn’t avoid him like the plague, doesn’t make his behavior any less predatory.

No. 137995

I was joking before I read it, but the fact that he flew to LA and her car was broken in to.. It actually makes so much sense if it was him because she did tell him where she lived. He’s such a vindictive pos.

No. 138015

>Just because she didn’t avoid him like the plague, doesn’t make his behavior any less predatory.
No one even suggested that, stop clutching your pearls.

No. 138029

Anons upthread demanded she basically cheated on Dennis with Destry. I think it's valid to mention it.

No. 138576

She had Patreon and didn't even deliver

Didn't she also spend time with him during lockdown and flew or drove to see him in Washington?

No. 138584

She delivered. No one ever said otgerwise. Make up your vendetta elsewhere

No. 138685

okay nicole slow down(hi cow)

No. 141252

File: 1615689692311.png (623.55 KB, 695x900, pedotrash.png)

so Destery responded to pedophile accusations in the worst way possible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHHAYoTjTJU

bold move of him to gloss over the accusations when he straight up was boasting about dating a 15 year old on ask.fm

also why does destery not have his own thread? Dude is literally connected to Shane Dawson.

No. 141368

File: 1615800319643.jpg (758.58 KB, 1080x1067, IMG_20210315_102203_mr16158002…)

Not to mention the endless accounts of cheating and deceiving minors he commited… But honestly, this guy seems like some with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which would indicate the drama will never stop with him. Same goes for Nicole, apparently she found a new Dawn substitute (like she does every other year). Some lonely, sad girl eho warships her and serves as the "unattractive" comparison to her in the pictures. Same old, same old.

No. 141370

nitpicking but both of them have ugly hands, plus the way nicole does her makeup is so odd and over the top you can even see the clear white line and dot on her nose from this blurry, edited distance pic, never mind the eyeliner a cm or two under the eyelashes.
The friend seems like a nicer person than Nicole though based on this one picture.
Something about Nicole is slightly rodenty or weasely, she is small but in an undesirable looking way. (ten seconds before a badly integrating "anon" appears to cry and scream because someone criticized her on the internet)

No. 141391

Thats not narcissistic behavior on her part though?

No. 141767

File: 1616105512262.png (409.59 KB, 320x569, z6merfy6wrj61.png)

She also published her amazon wishlist on her onlyfans, which is nothing but plastic children toys and cheap ass looking cosplays. I remeber her flexing how great it feels to craft your own costume…which basically never really happened, all the shit is bought.(Not milk)

No. 141768

File: 1616105563730.png (221.7 KB, 281x308, wtfisthisnose.png)

another nitpick, that shooped nose is not even funny anymore.

No. 141772

File: 1616112004653.jpg (613.11 KB, 1080x1748, Screenshot_20210318-165702_Ins…)

Its makeup. Its not some shop. She's been using bronzer like this for months and as usual, you wont show where this zoomed in screenshot is from. Learn wtf makeup is you idiot. Anyone can spot the use except you lol

No. 141778

The same way her lips arent more plump or filled. She draws over the cupid bow. This is the most basic of tiktok makeup. Even Moo uses the bronzer trick with highlight on her nose. You can still see where her bridge is in videis, but anon wants to use a still with her head tilted back as proof kek

No. 141816

I just realized she films her lewd content at work that's kinda disgusting. Like someone's gonna buy that card she's licking and using as a prop. It's still a pandemic.
Nice like on that video, nicole stan.

No. 141821

Thats not a work place, anon. Thats a house. Where have you seen her film her OF content at work and I mean lewd content, not hurrdurr silly face. She hasnt or post caps (which you wont and never do, none of you have access to her OF).

No. 141957

How weird that you know "none of you" have access to her OF, save us the pretense and just post as yourself, Nicole, afaik actually posting in your own thread is not a bannable offense so go for it. It's insanely obvious it's you posting by your phrasing and general stance.

No. 141959

Calm down, I was not referring to her makeup anon, i just have a hard time believing that this is the actual shape of her nose. not the bronzer, the "fleshiness" of the tip. her nostrils cant be so tiny compared to that rest of snout?!

If she really licked a card that's fucked up, but where is your proof?

No. 141961

Because no one has posted her OF content, retard.

No. 141970

File: 1616281841070.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1658, IMG_20210321_000433.png)

Screenshot from a video of Nicole's friend on instagram, where Nicole raps about "bitches getting fucked in the ass and fucked in the tits". why dont her uwu-image fans have anything to say to this? its so cringe how desperately she tries to be hardcore.

No. 141971

File: 1616282354896.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1625, IMG_20210321_001805.png)

Continuing her "people approach me and say I look like Elsa/Asuna/Raphtalia" or whatever the fuck supports her image at the time, now she claims here how she looks like lola bunny from the spacejam movie.

No. 141972

Uuuuh this is Mirko from my hero academia…..and if she's claiming she looks like Mirko that's even funnier because Mirko is tan, muscular and mature looking

No. 141991

How come nowhere in the video she says anything about Lola or in the comments? Where are you getting this Lola shit?

No. 141994

It's not unless she got a botched nose job. The other thread had photos of the real/original shape.

No. 141999

>no way her nostrils are small

The most retarded nitpick here lol is this really the "milk" you guys bump this thread for?

No. 142044

File: 1616361535432.jpg (89.63 KB, 536x796, lolaa.jpg)

in the series this video is part of, a guy in the back says „ey yo, stand next to a picture of a celebrity everybody says you look like!“ and the she rolls to the side and reveals lola. I assume its a tiktok challenge nobody asked for.>>141991

No. 142047

Lola is high trending right now. Can anons really not tell the difference between hoping on meme bandwagons and her LEGIT thinking she is the IRL Lola the same way Moo thinks she's the IRL Mei? She doesn't think she's Lola KEK

No. 142051

Excruciating wk anon trying to blend in: the movie

No. 142053

Accurate meme

No. 142054

This anon keeps changing their typing style to pretend they aren't sanefagging lol Its this same anon >>141971

No. 142113

Are you sure they even tried? I thought they were the same anon kek.

No. 142127

Probably the same vedetta anon. They come back every few weeks when their redtext not milk and vendetta bans get lifted. Mods said they'd lock the thread if more non-milk keeps coming and it's been non-milk and vendetta since the cosplay threads. Seriously, nostril size is milk?? LOL Take this to the photoshop thread in snow and let them laugh about how nitpicking her level of shop is too. Not to mention we can see the filters and it's makeup. Especially her makeup lines.

No. 142154

File: 1616440399555.jpg (1.04 MB, 750x3709, skinwalk.jpg)

wondering if one day you will ever stfu, tinfoiling about anons and spreading toxic bullshit conspiracies is not helping this thread either.

Spotted another Skinwalker: This girl is the same that did the "The Real Deals" collab youtube channel that Nicole was part of, i even think she and nicole were the only females. That was years ago, but these pictures are more recent. I cant verify if Nicole is skinwalking her or if she is copying Nicole, either way, does not look like a coincidence to me. I was too lazy to get more pictures, but they also have the exact same clothes.

No. 142160

No one cares about some nicolefag copy cat the same way this isn't a destry news thread >>141252

No. 142161

Stop cropping out timestamps/dates. Half this shit is super old.

No. 142164

Huh, interesting, she got that dumb random blonde streaks hairstyle from someone else. These photo comparisons are pretty damning.

No. 142176

It's a popular trend from the 2010s that some people still follow and it's massive in weeb culture because of anime. Not everything is copied from someone retard. So many people have this but yes, let's dwindle it down to one person only is allowed to have the style. You might as well say she stole the look from Cindy Crawford too kek wtf is the logic Even Suzy from GG has this. Paramore had this.

No. 142212

one can argue this is due to weeb culture, but this is about connection, obviously. She knows the girl, Nicole followers her on intagram and the copying is too many looks in a row with the exact styles/colors, so it seems ripped off to me. Anyone can copy that look, but lookS* directly from one person…fishy.

No. 142229

Anon. Shut up. This is next level nitpicking and most of those photos are old, like everything else you bring up. Bring fresh milk. This isn't milk. Youre using 2 year old photos ffs and saying its recent skinwalking.

No. 142233

File: 1616517018470.png (Spoiler Image, 424.16 KB, 773x1449, IMG_20210323_172908.png)

Aaand Miss "I will never do nude/sex/porn/whatever" is finally posting naked. source: leaked OF

No. 142235

File: 1616517528920.jpg (Spoiler Image, 846.25 KB, 1500x1500, pt2021_03_23_17_37_55.jpg)

Smoothed over, filtered and shooped to the gods. All the shit she said she will never do is absolutely worth nothing. And so much for Body Positivity

No. 142241

She looks cute as hell. What's the issue? Just because she said she wasn't going to? Kek

No. 142265


How can you tell? Its photoshopped/filtered to hell. I can't see anything

No. 142266

Anon, come on. You can see her body clearly in >>142235

>>142233 is clearly a video grab which is why its so fucked up. That's not even a photo.

No. 142280

Its not a videograb, at least she uploaded every one of them as original pictures to her OF.

No. 142283

have you ever seen the actual body of a real woman, anon? the is missing all the natural wrinkles (especially when twisting and turning around your back like this) there should be ones as well under her armpit and the dark crease under her boob is "out of place". I have no idea if she placed them there with PS to make her boobs look bigger, or just saggy, but either way it looks unnatural as fuck. Besides the curve of her back is unnaturally smooth as well (the outline)

No. 142284

I love how nicole wk is such an expert on all things nicole she knows exactly when the photos were from, and has a ready made excuse for the hair copying >>142176
Very unsuspicious much blend.

Well that didn't take long.

Source for "no nudes" >>133035
Instagram post from Jan 17th.

>posts leaning slightly toward the suggestive of lewd side

>The common association…nude or pornographic content. Not what I'm doing here or ever plan to do

No. 142286

File: 1616530797673.jpg (289.22 KB, 1440x1440, skinwalk.jpg)

Just checked grim's insta and these images are from the last year, here's grim's makeup from 120 days ago which is very similar to nicole's current style.

No. 142287

So shes the skinwalker, not nicole. Got it.

No. 142288

I never said she didnt smooth herself out, but nicole was never a fat fat fatty. Have YOU seen the body of someone skinny? They don't have all yhose wrinkles and stretchmarks as deep as fatties. Elongating your body hides all that and where the fuck do you see saggy tits???

No. 142290

This video is a screengrab. The whole thing is blurred, including her onlyfans watermark. Whoever posted this looks like they edited it.

No. 142292

File: 1616531196597.jpg (257.69 KB, 1079x612, Screenshot_20210323-132552_Sam…)

You can see the skin stretched here. The filter, like all filters, has basic smoothing overlayed. When will you guys stop nitpicking filters?

No. 142293

No, this is not what i meant. try it yourself anon, in front of a mirror. twisting like this causes big, fleshy roles of turning over, even if you are skinny. she shooped that shit out entirely

No. 142294

Samefag, grim's white streaks appeared 258 days ago and nicoles 276, but it does appear like nicole is copying the other girl's makeup/eye shape (particularly the pointed inner corners/strong angled shape which the other girl has been doing for much longer)

They are kinda 'walking each other as some ethot passive aggression imo.

No. 142296

File: 1616532176997.png (Spoiler Image, 836.83 KB, 974x482, comparing.png)

Anon, look at this crease. Here is a comparison to a natural boob about Nicoles size on a different nonshooping woman. There is barely any crease. Judging by Nicoles pictures, she would be having the wtf-boobshape with that kind of crease, which is ridiculous. there are many more OF naked pictures of her out there and you can see how small her boobs are, at least way too small for that dark, big crease. its science anon, dont fight it.

No. 142299

This is exactly how tits look when they arent filled with silicone. You really think tits are gravity defying with no lines leading back to the armpits with lifted to the sky nipples are natural? Give me the name of the girl youre comparing her to. Lord please, let me look her up and show you the bolt ons.

No. 142300

Whats that top red circle?? Tits dont rest arent above your pecs, anon.

No. 142301

>literally lacking more lines than nicole

Uh huh. Sure looks 100% natural and unshooped compared to nicole just using a smooth filter.

No. 142303

These 2 threads are genuinely the weirdest on this site. Like the hostility that comes from no where if someone criticizes Nicole. Idk if it's a wk or what but anytime anyone says anything even slightly negative about Nicole someone is in here arguing about it not being milk kek. /W/ is fucking dead who gives a shit if someone says Nicole's nose is being shooped weird. There's tons of threads where the only content in them is calling the cow ugly. I just don't understand why Nicole's thread is watched over like a hawk

No. 142304

Because everything the anons complain about are straight up retarded. They can't even tell the dufference between makeuo illusions vs an actual photoshop edit and they grab shots mid video as 'proof'. Look at the redtext in the thread. Ignoring all that to blame a WK when even mods have called out the Vendetta poster because theyve mentioned the anon uses different IPs to post, should give you a hint as to why this thread and any milk on her, is trash.

And they keep bumping the thread to the top of W. What do you mean it shouldn't be active? They are trying to make it active.

No. 142305

If they are this upset about nicoke and basing the whole thread off of her looks pretty much, she might as well go to the cosplsy general or the photoshop thread on snow but even those anons would laugh they are trying to pass the difference between filter and shop off as something Moo levels or Bishoujo levels. Lol

No. 142306

This whole thread started with her male stalker's fake and edited before and afters off pintrest trying to be passed off as real.

No. 142307

Right? She has a tab permanently open for sure, especially since the wk is an expert on all things nicole and has an excuse ready for everything.

No. 142309

But seriously though, how can you only focus on the fact that this thread is "only" about her shoops being her only milk, if we have these huge ass compilations of all the fucked up things she did? way outside of just being a harmless shooper? read the summaries on both this and the old thread, if you need a reminder. she is as milky as gets. just because her bs is not as bad as usual currently, doesnt mean all the old mess she caused is forgotten. alone for her money, lying and cheating saga her socialmedia deserves to be taken down.

No. 142310

Her army of WKs is so strong because she likely has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and uses the manipulation method of "gaslighting", at least she checks so many signs for that to a fault and she manipulates and changes narratives all the time, while playing victim and being hovering over all that is posted about her. she is legit mental health issues. Probably even pathological liar.

No. 142312

File: 1616537014220.png (1.72 MB, 1080x1335, IMG_20210323_230237.png)

To all her brainwashed WKs:
Btw, she has been called out to guilttrip followers pretty badly or mass blocks if not agreed with

No. 142315

File: 1616538921412.jpg (498.4 KB, 1000x1500, pt2021_03_23_23_34_06.jpg)

Her stalker Brendon exposing the story from his point of view.


sounds like she is crazy and a liar.

No. 142316

We already went over this and we have proof he edited the photos as 'before'. You are seriously trying to take a legit stalkers words because it makes Nicole look bad which is the whole point of his motive, anon. This was discussed in detail last thread. Brandon is a stalker. Nothing you say fixes that. This was someone who edited photos for the sole purpose of of getting back at her for not wanting to be with him and youre still using a vendetta page, BY HIM, to make that point. Why?

No. 142317

And we know he's doctored stuff in the past. That throws out all credibility. Its just angry scrote mad at ethot.

No. 142324

Calm down. You're sounding like Brandon when he goes awol.

No. 142331

Lol they deleted it. Was it actually him? Makes sense considering the state and nitpicking of the two threads. Kek

No. 142333

None of his posts prove he wasn't stalking her and yet his massive files on pintrest of obsessive editing to fake before and after photos and self inserting himself, is far more than "ITS JUST A PRANK BRO". He's mad he got called out and still mad she fucking doesn't want to be with some loser who got caught stalking. What the fuck would Nicole copy from him?? LOL He's still this delusional!

No. 142378

Hard agree, who honestly gives a shit about the quality of conversation on a dead board?

Also agree, there's nothing sane about using a stalker's argument just because you dislike someone. But let's be honest, briefly perusing the last thread makes you you realise the edits he did were redundant anyways. There's already a stark difference.

No. 142389

Just because people delete something you don't have to jump to retarded conclusions that it must be brendon or nicole themselves then.people deleted shit all the time, especially when others got so butthurt about it.

No. 142408

I'm just still laughing that anons thought his edits were real before and afters considering he never shot with her, so how could he have magically had all these before shots lol The work around to make Nicole the bad guy in her stalking situation was a funny saga

No. 142463

It's so gross that she's buddy-buddy with Nathan Owens. He has allegations of grooming and abuse too.

No. 142472

Catching up on this thread and kek what a surprise she started an OF.

Hoping that there’s enough content to make a thread on him and Destery. We’ll see I guess.

No. 142512

I’d love that. There should be plenty of info with how many videos & screenshots there are out there. Both of them have such a nasty footprint on the Internet.

No. 142526

There already are existing threads. Did in snow. This isn't a destry thread. Lurk more, its been posted.

No. 143371

Existing threads as in Destery and Nate? Because I’m pretty sure after searching there isn’t any. Unless you’re talking about Leda’s thread, but even then it doesn’t pertain enough to the both of them as a whole.

No. 143993

Exactly people rather talk about her photoshopped tits instead of making a more interesting thread on her pedophile ex fuckbuddy. Even if you search everything there isn't any of the destery evidence compiled despite there being a shit ton of evidence of him fucking kids.

No. 144101

A solution would be make one then instead of bumping the thread with your complaining

No. 144103

It’s hypocritical that she’s supportive of Nathan Owens but condemning Destery at the same time. They were a team. Both of them slept with underage girls in their twenties. Nathan continued to prey on 16 year olds with Destery after his relationship with Leda, so he was around 21 sleeping with & dating16 year olds. It’s really gross and inconsiderate of Nicole to support only Destery’s victims because they’re not on good terms anymore.

No. 144113

Go make a thread for them then. Their issue isn't hers. Don't blame other people for the actual rapists pedophiles actions. You want a thread on them so bad. This isn't her problem.

No. 144136

There are several people making posts about DesandNate. My post is about Nicole’s decision to promote a known abuser on her socials. It’s okay if you don’t agree with my opinion.

No. 144160

You're trying to force milk. This isn't Nicole's problem. Go make a thread for the guys, it doesn't belong here.

No. 144209

Wasn't nicole swooning and pining after Destery only last year, and flying out to visit him during a pandemic?

No. 144233

Not her problem. Stop trying to drag her into this like she did anything wrong. Their pedophile actions have nothing to do with her the same way their parents don't, their other friends. This is just nitpicking to create drama when it's not her issue.

No. 144252

So we are supposed to assume Destery said nothing to Nicole at any point about his past actions, she saw nothing online and off, and only suddenly now has become aware of them, conveniently when he's being canceled online and she can jump on the train?

No. 144255

Yes, like every time someone gets called out about this and the people around them didn't know. This isnt an Esptein/Giselle operation. Fuck off with this retarded narritive. Go make a Destrey thread or something.

No. 144265

It’s redundant to discuss in general here at this point when a thread can be created, and I agree with that. But don’t act like they weren’t both already mentioned here multiple times in their relation to Nicole. That’s why it’s being brought up here in the first place kek.

No. 144385

They have relationships with their parents too, but that doesn't matter. What about their other guy friends? Of course they were discussed here because Nicole knew them, but that's not her problem.

No. 144445

Yes anon, I know it’s not her problem, you already mentioned it multiple times. >>144255 >>144233 >>144160

You can stop defending her now, it isn’t that deep.

No. 145225

No one is defending her by calling out the absolute ridiculousness of trying to pin accomplice on her when she has nothing to do with his pedophilia.

No. 145667

Pointing out association isn't promoting someone to accomplice. The Nicolefags and vendetta-chans itt need to stop taking lolcow so seriously, it's not so deep that there's absolutely no room for discourse when relevant.

No. 145696

She already spoke on it. Like what else do you want her to do? Anons said he probably told her all about it because of association. Read the thread. That's the issue and that's dumb as hell tinfoil to throw around.

No. 145742

Do you see cows getting consistently white knighted like this? Not often, because anons aren’t so quick to get defensive for some random cow. Nicole isn’t a major cow, but a cow nonetheless, and you can’t sway every anons opinion here by your posts alone. Besides, there’s hardly any activity in this thread as is, why are you so high strung about it and continuously coming back to defend her from the few anons here?

No. 145749

Anon, calm down. This >>145696
isn't even whiteknighting. Why tinfoil when its not true? If that's what you call whiteknighting, you probably shouldn't be in these threads.

No. 145758

Wasn’t referring to that alone, because of course Destery wouldn’t tell Nicole anything. That is legitimate tinfoil. It’s that there’s a continuous effort to deter from any sort of discussion to begin with.

No. 145792

Anon, I was referring to the Destry thing. You're just nitpicking the thread. That's not what my comment is about and you have to deal with anons calling it out since even mods acknowledged this whole thread was made on vendetta.

No. 145947

Ayrt I suspected samefag with the random double spacing from this >>144445 Apologies for the sperging though

No. 146014

You mean using a line break? Lol

No. 146195

More like abusing the spacebar. Seems like the same anon is posting on Belle’s thread as well with the same shit.

No. 146335

Genuinely thought the same thing myself. Nicole's a boring cow but I find the constant attempts to dissuade discussion here pretty intriguing.

No. 147658

Saying your tinfoil is bad and fake narritives aren't milk is defending a cow.

No. 148109

Not even that anon, schitzochan.

No. 150857

File: 1621460910519.png (4.93 MB, 1800x1800, C099FA9A-DE9B-43DD-9BE7-7DA0D4…)

extreme downgrade in 2 years

No. 150871

Her OF is even a bigger downgrade

No. 150872

File: 1621475872428.jpeg (358.55 KB, 1438x711, 15951006-B285-463D-9BA6-A15103…)

she would have more subs if she still looked like the collage on the left

No. 150886

Looks like Nicole spent too long in the Mickey deer thread and changed her self into a skin walking version of Mickey right down to the shitty lipstick.

No. 150919

I agree, nicole looked better when she was skinwalking Leda. She looks really odd with that weird ass makeup and photoshopping, I guess this is the natural progression of photoshop bodydismorphia

No. 150926

Oh good, the extreme zoomed in vendetta nitpicking again.

No. 150972

Anon purposely used a filtered photo, cropped it, and placed it on the right. It's so obvious it's a filter too. She isn't pretending these arent filtered as you can see them on her timeline. At least part a photo of her recently without one. Jesus. Mods already pointed out these comparisons aren't milk too.

No. 150989

ngl this does seem like a vendetta-chan, this thread is mostly dead until someone pops up talking shit. she's been comparatively unproblematic not only to other cows but her past self. maybe a fellow e-thot with beef? interesting
I've followed her for a bit now and if experimenting with makeup and filtering photos is cow behaviour get ready for your own thread literally every girl on the internet currently
milk or gtfo. massive wanky wk of a post, saged etc. I wanna hear more about the destery/ledabunny shit cause that's where the milk seems to spout from. any updates insta/fb anons?

No. 151011

I totally agree but
>massive wanky wk of a post, saged etc
This made me kek pretty hard and I'm also confused

No. 151016

>comparatively unproblematic

She's a skinwalking sexworker like every cow on this site, that's the bar for lolcow and she crosses it.

No. 151044

Mods have even called you out on your vendetta. No one believes Nicole is milky but you guys and theres enough redtext bans to prove the thread is shit.

No. 151050

>no one believes Nicole is milky except the people contributing to her lolcow thread

Not sure what your point is, of course thread contributors will agree the cow is milky.

No. 151062

File: 1621627263361.jpg (105.76 KB, 946x2048, E1i_bnbUcAQFwY9.jpg)

Pretty milky to me

No. 151063

Even with proof the permanent wk who lives in this thread is going to deny it and come up with some bullshit to excuse it. After watching Mei's video talking about her experiences with being gossiped on LC and PULL, I believe it's Nicole's friends who are hard wking her like what Mei's friends would do on her threads.

No. 151065

File: 1621628061480.png (1.89 MB, 1309x1928, oh gee.png)

"Slightly suggestive" certainly aged well

No. 151101

Laughing/being confused by a segment of a post is not being a vendetta-chan you absolute smoothbrain.

Oh how the mighty have fallen kek… why has no one told her how profoundly unattractive and degenerate she and associate looks here? Men will truely buy any low quality image as long as their idol is degrading themselves.

No. 151106

>not even nude
>this is degeneracy

Sure, anon. The amount of anons triggered by sex work on LC is hilariously embarrassing.

No. 151108

what is PULL

No. 151345

She looks objectively shit whilst her unattractive friend shoves a dildo down her throat. Stop being intentionally dense, you don't have to be naked to portray yourself as a degenerate for a quick buck. There's a difference with being honest and "triggered", sexworker-chan.

No. 151364

can u post that with the pic side by side? No one can read what is on the post

No. 151406

No one said anything about how she looks. Triggered much?

No. 152344

I said it just then, I'm not the original anon you're responding to. It looks terrible I don't necessarily think noting it's in poor taste is specifically an attack on ~sexwerk~.

No. 152375

File: 1621843187177.jpeg (286.04 KB, 1626x785, 9493E948-EBA2-4CA6-8968-91E5A1…)

nobody is calling her out for being filtered, she was just much prettier when she shooped herself to look like an anime girl. now her beauty standard is looking like her friend grimdear. Doesn’t look good imo and her followers don’t seem to like it either, she was at her peak when she had that anime character look

No. 152431

File: 1621873230506.jpeg (144.97 KB, 828x590, 3CF1C01F-32A7-49E9-9FBD-C13866…)

Seems like Nicole is still following Chase, Destery’s partner in predator crime. Notice how she was friends with Chase too but specifically only called out Destery (no mention of Chase whatsoever), seems like she wanted Destery cancelled not because she actually cares about the gross shit he did to kids but because he cheated on her. She’s still friends with youtubers like veeoneeye/Jason who admitted to pedophilia so she clearly doesn’t give a shit about that lol

No. 152478

I would be creeped the fuck out if I had a friend skinwalking me. Her nose contour looks horrid, I can't imagine how terrible it must look irl. Someone get this thot a blender.

No. 152507

The weirdest thing is she's copying the other girl's mouth shape - notice how her edges are curved upward? Then look at Nicole's weirdly unnatural looking edited/makeupped new upward curved corners of her mouth: >>152375
Where you can see her real mouth is a straight line across in op image.
I only realized after comparing the left image where you can see grimdear naturally has that lipshape. Would love to be a fly on the wall watching skinwalkers tediously edit their photos/hair/makeup to match their current obsession, it must look very weird irl.

No. 152538

File: 1621903516372.jpg (788.49 KB, 828x1583, image1.jpg)


Really cringe watching her bounce around like a whale getting beached. The ass rubbing, facial expressions, twitching, bouncing, whatever the fuck she’s doing is seriously unappealing. I’m surprised ppl are actually paying for this.

No. 152574

I thought that was Belle for a second

No. 152609

She doesn't look like a beached whale. She is skinny anon, wtf? She's not even midsized fat like Umbranwitch. Is this really what this thread is for? It reeks of vendetta and look nitpicking. She's like 5lbs heavier looking than Belle Delphine

No. 152638

I’m not so sure anon. They didn’t refer to her as a beached whale specifically, just her actions. She’s a try-hard now despite her previous claims that she wouldn’t get to this sort of OF content kek.

No. 152649

They mean she is flipping around like a whale (or other sea creature, if you prefer) which has been beached, like the other anon said.
Even better is the reddit post is from 3 months ago, ergo she started doing this kind of content immediately. There was no descent, she always intended to make content like this and was just playing it down in the announcement posts.

No. 152669

File: 1621948612808.jpeg (304.45 KB, 828x1097, FA529E06-36C9-48CD-8CA4-6AE417…)

Nicole tried to make Destery look like a creep with her brother, but that begs the question, why did she let this happen in the first place? And yet she didn’t cut ties with him directly after this kek

No. 152677

How do you have actions of abeached whale? Half ger body is covered in censors. They did mean she looks like one, anon, not just her movements. Welcome to the Nicole thread where this has been said before by calling her fat from a photo 5 years ago at a convention.

No. 152679

Probably told her after the fact. You know, kids tend to keep shit like this quiet.

And? She's had oyfans longer than her doing these by that logic then and she's not nude by the comments knowledge. Let her change her mind and want to do pornier content. How is changing your mind a bad thing? Let her be a thot then.

No. 152680

File: 1621953531722.png (3.6 MB, 1800x1800, 4BD47C59-FA53-4261-86BF-3C9873…)

Samefag, just searched for leaks on her OF after reading the thread and how can she not consider this pornographic content?

No. 152683

Wks are acting like her changing her mind is the problem. The problem is she has a superiority complex to other ethots when she’s doing the exact same shit lmao. Remember her 2016 yt video about beauty standards? She pats herself on the back for not taking a modelling gig and choosing to do the “selfless” thing and be a pharm tech, saying shit about choosing to help people rather than herself. So her saying she will never do pornographic content or nudity is still milky because she’s so inconsistent with the good girl image she constantly tries to portray
>>152679 Why the fuck would she leave her little brother alone with Destery in the first place? It’s her responsibility to monitor her sibling if she cares about him that much, plus she uses the word sibling instead of brother (she only has brothers) because she wants to make it even more implied creepy. So far haven’t seen any allegations for that man that were to do with boys

No. 152686

Because modeling nude isn't porn specific.

No. 152687

She didn't see him as a threat at the time. Don't put that on her. The shit Desetry did is all on him. If it wasn't her brother, he clearly would've done this, or has done this, with other people siblings. Wtf, anon. Especially if he even did this when they werein a group or hanging out. You think he has to be 1v1 to be predatory to her brother and parents have to not be around or in the house? Why? That isn't on Nicole no matter how hard you wish it were.

>changing your mind to do porn when you said you didn't plan on it originally is milky because it-it clearly shows pride and-and superiority complex.

Where did that ever happen where she's talked down to doing sex work ever in her whooooole life vs just saying she isn't planning on it atm? You're trying to paint a narritive because it falls easily into this vendetta box. Same with anons saying she should've known about Desetry all along because it makes it easier tomake vilified content by saying she knew.

No. 152691

Pretty shameless of her to do the exact shit she said she would never do "cuz she respects herself". Nicole is like every other prostithot yet she was trying to convince everyone for years she wasn't.

No. 152694

She's still not showing nipples and vag, so she is still doing what she said. Teasing men for bucks, good. Let them seethe by having censors and blurring and putting a dildo in your mouth is suggestive NSFW, not straight up pornography. This is all softcore. Again, changing your mind isn't milk especially since she has a good body. It's not like Moo out here with her 4646 chins and backrolls.

No. 152695

Especially because its minecraft. Sorry she didn't think to check if he was teaching gambling in a kids game? Kek

No. 152697

>it's ok cuz no nips and vag
Your whole post screams wk. Please stop. Nicole is a milky whore, and you're not convincing anyone otherwise by comparing her to another weeb cow.

No. 152706

Stay mad she isn't doing full porn, anon. You being mad and trying to make this more than it is is embarrassing as fuck for you.

No. 152734

Awfully triggered there nonny. Just hide the thread kek.

No. 152740

Reading through, the anon seems right though. If a lot of anons really want to stick it to the letter, she isn't nude in the sense she's not revealing the sensitive parts. She might eventually, but holding an adult who never made comments about sinking low to spread eagle type content, seems ridiculous. What drama does she have lately that's actually about her and not shoehorning in a guy she learned turned out to be a predator?

No. 152754

>it's not pornography
>it's softcore
Softcore is a branch of pornography, trying to suggest putting dildos in your mouth is not pornographic is ridiculous.

And you only dig yourself deeper by saying "It's not tits and vag" or "it's not x and y" because Nicole will inevitably do x and y. And then what, it's not a gangbang so it's not really pornography? This is like saying you're not gay as long as you don't do anal, setting imaginary boundaries and disclaimers doesn't change the fact she is doing porn and she intentionally announced otherwise to her following.

No. 152780

Until she dies calm down. You sound obsessed like a scrote waiting for her to uncensor herself. Fucking anon creep

No. 152786

File: 1621990581522.jpeg (192.23 KB, 554x505, 4E6F9210-8050-4970-B312-6849DF…)

Are you wks going to ignore the fact that she openly still hangs out with Nate, despite him being outed as a pedophile too? She can’t just pick and choose which pedophiles she wants to cancel just because one cheated on her and the other is friendly with her.

Also, Nicole nose candid her fat OF friend posted of her, it seems she never did get surgery on that

No. 152787

File: 1621990755119.jpeg (269.2 KB, 494x562, FCD076CE-F31C-46D8-BD05-DF8610…)

Nate was 19 dating a 15 year old, but because he regrets it he’s suddenly forgiven?
Lmfao I can’t wait to hear what counter-argument shit wks come up with now

No. 152788

File: 1621991239274.jpeg (292.3 KB, 1359x1800, 9C075594-217C-4A39-AABB-A8AA6C…)

Also seems like Nicole is going to be living with Nate and his girlfriend lmao

Also Nate’s girlfriend is batshit crazy if she thinks intent matters with an adult dating a child, these are the people Nicole is close with and wants to live with.

No. 152793

>yOu ScrOte
No one is waiting or wanting Nicole to strip naked and do porn. No one gives a fuck. We're just saying she's a slut doing softcore pornography. All you're doing is sitting here obviously wking and screaming "VENDETTA CHAN! U MAD CUZ SHE'S NOT NAKED UR WAITING 4 REAL NUDES!! U SCROTES!1!" like a degenerate.

No. 152794

File: 1621992824521.jpeg (405.55 KB, 828x840, 48F4A204-F408-4BFE-9406-2FBC07…)

Nate’s ex (who was 17 at the time and he was 22, waiting for her to turn 18) made a video on him grooming her and the entire comment section is Nate’s current gf defending him lmfao. Sad how he has dated multiple underage girls and Nicole continues to be friends with him, not even mentioning him once on her twitter cancelling Destery spree

imo the thread should focus more on this rather than shitty infighting and whether shoving a dildo down your throat counts as porn

No. 152814

Nicole isn't in his drama though. She just still hangs with him. Him and desetry should have their own thread. She's not involved in the pedophilia and trying to say she is makes no sense.

No. 152819

>Nicole isn't in his drama though.
>She just still hangs with him.
She's literally moving in with a known pedophile anon. WK someone better.

No. 152827

But she's not a part of what he and the other dude did. It's shoehorning her in to try to say she had something to do with it. It makes no sense. Unless it suddenly comes out she was coacing these young girls to fuck with these guys, she doesn't have anything else to do with it aside from affiliation.

No. 152828

That WK makes it too obvious. The irony in how hypocritical Nicole can be is what makes me continue to come back and check in. The consistent bickering between anons makes it all the more interesting too. Honestly if it weren’t for that, I would have dropped off by now.

No. 152829

I love how desperate nicole wks are starting to get, can't wait until a few years from now when it's like
>She only mowed down one child with her car, vendetta much?

No. 152848

She's only close friends with pedophiles and chooses to live with them. No big deal anons!

No. 152851

I didn't say that's not happening. I'm saying their drama is isolated from her. It's not like she was a ring leader in their pedophilia. Why are you reading between the lines just to argue?

No. 152854

Who said she was the ringleader? Everyone is just disturbed/disgusted that she chooses to be friends with pedophiles. It's relevant, especially now that we know she's moving in with him too.

No. 152855

File: 1622016720581.jpeg (471.63 KB, 1800x1480, 280416AB-EC7A-46BB-B722-209A41…)

Why do you have a counter-argument to every single milk on Nicole? I’ve never seen this much wking on a person’s thread, like holy shit who are you, a close friend to Nicole or what?
Their drama isn’t isolated to her. She literally is in Nate’s exposing video about Destery and how there was a love triangle between them. Her behavior is milky because she calls out Destery for being a pedophile while being bestfriends with Nate who literally did exactly what Destery did, except he didn’t cheat on her so she’s cool with him.

No. 152864

Anon, I'm saying their actions have nothing to do with her. Jesus Christ. I get what you mean, but their solo pedophilia actions are their own actions. They are isolated to them. Nicole didn't and doesn't have a hand in their criminal behavior. You're going out of your way to try to connect her to their actions. Their parents probably still talk to them too, you think Nate's mom has anything to do with their actions too? She's just as related to this as Nicole by this logic. I get Nate groomed, but Nicole wasn't a part of that.

No. 152867

Did anyone say she took part in it? no, stop twisting words. She is still friends with him and choosing to hang out with him despite saying pedophilia is inexcusable and unforgivable.

No. 152873

Nta but while we're pointlessly arguing semantics
>bounce around like a whale getting beached
Is an ambiguous statement that can be taken in any which way. More importantly, who cares if anachan thinks she looks like a whale rather than acting like a beached whale? How does this personally affect you?

No. 152881

Lol you fag(s) are legitimately retarded, you need to go back to grade 2 english. Your reading skills are piss poor, retards still don't understand even after two anons explained. No one is saying she's fat.

No. 152883

File: 1622041244758.jpeg (584.78 KB, 828x1548, 14DD76F7-1FF8-4BB0-AF7E-D6B970…)

Guys don’t worry according to wk chan none of this is porn
Thank god, I was beginning to think she was a thot

No. 152886

File: 1622041970594.jpeg (680.62 KB, 828x1538, CF598D5E-A131-453C-A3A1-1862AF…)

P.S she makes the most awkward porn videos, like she’s so focused on keeping the filter on the entire time, which obviously looks fucking retarded if you’re deepthroating a sex toy


No. 152887

File: 1622042243614.jpeg (599.73 KB, 828x1468, 5B47524F-BA74-42CF-B680-967730…)

No. 152889

File: 1622043008992.jpeg (120.09 KB, 1249x828, 036A593D-D21A-4ED9-8D5D-B3672E…)

She does show nipples and vag >>152887

samefag again, found a website with all her videos leaked

No. 152893

File: 1622044398896.jpg (377.51 KB, 640x1182, ss.jpg)

>OF to fund my Pokemon card addiction!
She's basically prostituting herself for Pokemon cards… lol.

Inb4 wk anon says
>iT's nOt tHaT bAd
How many snowflakes have said what they do isn't porn?

No. 152895

there is a mega link

No. 152896

Then link it

No. 152898

Anon said softcore, not hardcore, having sex, porn. What are you on?

No. 152899

File: 1622047368740.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 231.74 KB, 1011x1800, C10EC755-AFB0-4126-BD99-DD618A…)

She caters to specific sexual fetishes like BDSM (spanking, choking) which is as pornographic as it gets.

No. 152900

Can you embed the videos instead of only posting screenshots at the worst times?

No. 152901

No. 152902

>as pornographic as it gets
>fully clothed spanking

Uh huh. Super pornographic, very lewd.

No. 152903

Fetish play still counts as hardcore porn, dumbass

No. 152904

Why are you double posting? That's not how embedding works. Learn how to use the site.

No. 152905

Fetish play is also tickling. No one said she isn't doing porn, but this ain't what hardcore is, anon.

No. 152908

should be posted 3 or 4 more times

No. 152909

Maybe if the BDSM was spank uny you bruise or bleed, sure, but that's just paddling. She's not even getting hit hard.

No. 152911

These videos are so awkward she flops around like a fish it's not sexy at all

No. 152914

There’s one where she attempts to twerk but ends up looking like a mechanical robot moving her whole body up and down

No. 152915

Lol you got scared and deleted your double post kek

No. 152935

>Tasteful lewds
>I'm not showing nudity or doing anything pornographic
>Separate a section of my more lewd or suggestive cosplay/etc photos

The way she's written about it you'd expect something more like Peachmilky, who afaik just does anime pinup style photos, not Nicole gagging on sex toys and showing full nudes. It's clearly gonna get worse, too.
I assume she is just invested in her sponsors not knowing she does this stuff, since of course trading cards (esp Pokemon) are children's products. Hence the now very obvious lies right off the bat.

No. 153055

File: 1622097625840.jpeg (476.49 KB, 828x1334, 3CAEAC36-E63B-4FDC-8A62-CC7FDD…)

Her fans are retarded, I’m not even sure who’s in the wrong here since those posts might be easy to miss if they’re only on social media and not Patreon, but kek expecting physical rewards during a pandemic

No. 153065

The pivot from elf princess to sexworker Twitter account was rather fast and sudden. I didn't realize she'd made so much SW content already either. (80 videos?!)

No. 153074

I like how only wearing a thong/lingerie is now considered fully clothed lmao

No. 153078

File: 1622107938147.jpeg (281.39 KB, 1800x1800, EEE337A2-D768-4452-B194-DB5DFF…)

And now theres a guy to take part in the OF content

No. 153085

File: 1622115358359.jpeg (105.54 KB, 500x652, 85F1BDDD-C6AF-4F33-8BD7-3A413A…)

He also dated Leda when she was 15 and he was 20 lol. I was an autisticly huge Leda fan when I was 12-13, and I remember her MySpace having a huge section dedicated to their relationship, where she said stuff like despite their age gap they're truly in love kek. And his MySpace had a similarly long paragraph about their true love. Really weird when I think about it because Leda visited him often, while underage, and he visited her too..idk. Freaks me out and the fact that Nicole used to skinwalk Leda to the point of getting involved with both the retarded predators, Destery and Nathan, and yet decides to move in with Nathan who she is 100% aware dated a 15 year old Leda, is concerning.

No. 153088

File: 1622116981062.jpeg (416.33 KB, 828x1193, 9C352AC2-81FE-42B0-878E-D27A96…)

Meanwhile nicole is giving him a pat on the back for his hero complex and apology for failing to protect underage girls from Destery, despite being a groomer himself lol

No. 153101

Wow the irony of this post. I was agreeing with those anons by stating regardless of whichever way you want to take it, it's not personal, and inconsequential anyway. >>152677 is clearly labouring under the impression there's an anachan in our midst.

>I'm so proud of you, so so so proud of you… I'm so proud to call you-
Topkek who talks like this let alone the Nate fart smelling that follows?

No. 153108

Desetry and nate don't need their laundry past posted here. Theres enough for their own thread.

No. 153119

I don't understand why her content for higher tier would be limited due to covid, she's not going to studios and working with a photographer like Jnig does. All she does is take selfies and videos in her home with a shitty phone camera, and she's still a lazy fuck.
The creepy thing is, Nicole pursued a relationship with Destery due to his previous relationship with Leda. I heard she tried befriending other people Leda knew.

No. 153142

She knew Leda though, had her added on facebook, and that whole scene youtube crew back then was like the beauty community, but for goth/scene/emo channels. Of course they all knew each other. How's making friends with her friends weird if they were all in the same interest circle?

No. 153143

It's physical rewards, not digital, anon. A lot of stores, companies, and small businesses as hers kind of qualifies as, stopped or limited mail packages and orders due to COVID. Might not be the case still tbh, might be lazy like you said, but it makes sense too.

No. 153150

>How's making friends with her friends weird

It starts getting weird when you're skinwalking them at the same time, it gets even weirder when most of a decade passes and you're now moving in with her ex boyfriend and writing him Tweets like this >>153088

No. 153153

Leda's style want unique, anon

No. 153192

Leda's style isn't unique, but Nicole still skinwalked her for years. She even got the same colored cats as Leda during her Leda skinwalk days

No. 153194

You mean a black and white American shorthair mutt cat, one of the most common colorings for a cat?

No. 153203

Who is the retard sitting in this thread with a disingenuous retort to everything? They're not achieving their goals of rewriting history, they just serve to make Nicole look significantly worse. If they're just a "personal friend" backing off and letting the thread fizzle out would be the best course of action.

No. 153235

File: 1622185030962.jpeg (370.62 KB, 828x899, 877A7322-F3E1-4988-A867-457372…)

Stop gatekeeping what milk gets posted here, for the past few months Nicole has been rting and posting about Destery while simultaneously kissing Nate’s ass and applauding him publicly for his “courage”.
Sorry but it’s still milky whether you like it or not, her rting and liking posts about a 15 and 19 year old dating as grooming while having a friend that did the same thing

No. 153238

She didn't prey on kids. How can you say she is the same as them? Go eat grass.

No. 153239

The fact that this is from 02/17 is retarded. This was already posted.

No. 153242

Petition to just start ignoring the retarded wks with reading comprehension issues.

The hypocrisy is clear as day, one guy who does x is bad, another guy who does exact same x is uwu so courageous and inspiring - the only difference being the second guy is a current friend. Her morals are nonexistent.

No. 153243

And it’s being posted again, cry about it, it’s relevant as fuck now since she’s moving in with Nate. she thinks that age gap is wrong but is moving in with person who dated a 15 y/o at 19
>>153238 You continue to repeat the same thing as >>152864 and once again, we can point out that Nicole is close friends with a pedo without calling her one. Stfu

No. 153253

I am in favour of this petition

No. 153288

File: 1622218103204.jpeg (246.29 KB, 831x1800, 1929C69A-8623-4DBE-A9C8-66E8FB…)

how the hell does her fb public page have almost 2 million followers? it had 10k in 2017 and she only started posting again at the beginning of 2021

No. 153292

Sex and skin sells

No. 153296

She only has 26 posts since 2017, they’re just fully clothed cosplays

No. 153297

File: 1622221431328.png (21.92 KB, 765x194, img1.png)

I just looked it up and she has about 48 thousand followers, is that a old screenshot?

No. 153298

That’s her account, she has a facebook page with 1.8 mil. It’s @NicoleEeveeDavisOfficialPage

No. 153299

File: 1622221779039.jpeg (687.59 KB, 828x1408, C106973A-71D7-49C7-A8D7-63365A…)

This is her most liked post on her FB page by far (the rest are significantly lower), even with all the shares and popularity on it I’m not sure how this post got her to 1.8 million follows

No. 153301

After reading the comments a lot of people got her post in their suggestions, which means either paying for an ad or fb suggesting it

No. 153307

Its Facebook. Mindless normies even find these pages and just like or follow. Facebook mongoloids are the worst. Its like a game to show off how many pages you can like. The numbers are probably accurate, but just like any social media, most just lurk and never interwct, even just likes. Men just collect girls to follow.

No. 153308

Its based on ads and like-minded pages they already like.

No. 153310

File: 1622223968189.jpg (425.36 KB, 1766x2297, leda sw.jpg)

I made this for you

Nicole 100% bought her followers, look at the engagement and the likes on her posts, it doesn't add up.

No. 153312

Anon please stop making me laugh. She has a close number to Charli D’amelio, there’s no possible way that’s normal for someone like Nicole

No. 153313

+Not to mention she gained 1.8 mil in four months, her engagement has no reason for being this low, they’re all new followers

No. 153318

File: 1622225525432.jpeg (626.84 KB, 640x1261, AB2AA9F5-88F3-451A-AF96-F9F766…)

These wks won’t budge, as most of the anons pointed out her thread is definitely a permanent tab of hers. She has posted about finding herself on 4chan before, and multiple foreign websites, no doubt she found the first thread on day 1 and hasn’t left since.

No. 153329

Nice selfpost kek

No. 153368

You sound like a retarded WK and spoil the entire thread. Of course this is on Nicole because SHE introduced destery to her fucking family and allowed him to spend time with her brother, a minor, that she should have taken responsibility for. having destery around him and giving him free play is ALL on Nicole, sorry man.

No. 153372

what do you not get about nicole being an enabler? hey, that dude is a verified pedo and predator, best invite him to play with my 14yo bro hihi.

Also, I find it hilarious how much her porn OF friend resembles Addi, her stalker chick. Same type.

and regarding her dildo-in-mouth shoving while looking totally degenerate, it was so obvious she would lie about remaining brand friendly, i mean we are witnessing her becoming the ultimate whore for years now, this psychopath does anything to stay relevant. she will be one of those highly botoxed exhausted sluts in her late 30s financing her drug problem through twerk and piss videos on tiktok to aged simps and all sorts of predators.

The fact that she was after Destery so long, failed, then took Nate, failed, then did it again and now moves AGAIN… how many times has she moved over the last year, 4 times? How many Exes of Leda is she going to hunt after to become her?

No. 153373

can you please get your insufferable wking under control anon? your depiction is not accurate at all, if you need a reminder of nicoles detailled and very real obsession with leda and ledas life for years, reread the evidence in this early thread. do us all a favor and shut up already.

No. 153374

She definitely buys followers, there is no other way a FB page THAT dead for years suddenly bursts into 1.8 mil. I remember seeing on her social blade statistics that one day on instagram (when she was still on 50k or something) she had a burst of 7000 followers in one hour. before or after, +10/-10 a day if at all. i confronted her that no advertisment or collab would harvest so many follows in such a short time and she stated "buying followers doesnt exists, its a myth" before blocking me.

No. 153375

I bet it's the same wk from the last thread who kept denying the Leda skinwalking proof while angrily proclaiming Addi was skinwalking Nicole when that shit wasn't even close.

No. 153377

File: 1622242599717.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1306, IMG_20210529_005250.png)

Apparently playing abuse victim on tiktok for aesthetics does not contradict her genuine support for people who actually suffered from it (through her own friends) … judging her path of the last 5 years she'll soon be lying in a ditch somewhere overdosed and with destery licking one of her cold armpits.

No. 153380

>destery licking one of her cold armpits
Nicole's mentality has always been ok for me but not for thee. On the last thread there was a cap where she told people no to go out due to Corona Virus while she went to a Yugioh tournament and game shopping at the mall.

No. 153392

Anon, that conclusion is crazy. Calm down.

No. 153394

Can you actually link the video instead of screencapping it?

No. 153395

Post it

No. 153405

File: 1622256688498.jpeg (359.66 KB, 1800x1800, A804273B-4F34-456A-90BB-BA3BB5…)

Anyone else notice how the wk has a typo in every post? The way they mispell Destery every time too, lmao, this retard is too much

Also Nicole’s facebook posts have the same number of likes at 1.8 mil follows as they did when she had only 10k, where did they all go as soon as she posts?(autism)

No. 153407

Imagine bumping this thread to infight instead of reporting and moving on. What even is this thread?

No. 153409

File: 1622257178079.jpeg (265.31 KB, 831x1800, D385AF76-D750-42F6-83DB-B38031…)

Reporting doesn’t work, that’s a ban-evading wk who’s been here since the first thread. Also I bumped it because I asked a question about her facebook
Her most liked photo is from 2015 when she barely had any followers and the ones where she has millions barely gets any attention

No. 153424

Yeah, it seems they’ve been a permanent resident for a while now. Hopefully they actually listen to this anons advice >>153203 because all they’re doing is fueling the flames.

No. 153429

I have an account following Destery since before he went private after is drama with Nicole, and him and Nicole’s little brother follow each other to this day (not revealing his acc) but big sister award of the year definitely goes to Nicole lmao, letting him have social media contact with a predator

(Inb4 someone says it’s not Nicole’s fault, she could have warned him about Destery and made him cut contact after the allegations)

No. 153434

File: 1622292397599.jpeg (460.54 KB, 1800x1800, 16779D1A-DC33-4733-B851-3EC979…)

She’s officially dating Connor

No. 153439

Or she doesn't know

No. 153440

Where does it say that?

No. 153442

File: 1622300822612.jpeg (468.72 KB, 683x1321, FB88E0D6-91EA-43BA-B109-B69602…)

The dates of when they became a relationship in their bio
Also, his twitter

No. 153443

She didn’t bother to check with him? She’s following his account so she knows his page exists. Creepy that he is currently following Nicole’s little brother.
if shes going to complain about what a creep destery was with her lil bro she should at least check his social media to see if they have any contact, online communication is like the first place predators go to talk to kids

No. 153444

That's what you can announcing someone is dating? Seriously?
She doesn't live with her brother anymore, so what do you want her to do? Kid is 15 now. He's going to listen to the parents and Nicole, why? He's just going to go add him behind their backs.

No. 153445

Lol its not like handling a 7 year old. A 15 year old isn't going to care and it's a boy. He's going to most likely follow shitty people regardless of Nicole.

No. 153449

Well they’re not both putting those dates in their bios for the start of a friendship anon

No. 153452

Unless they say they are dating, can't that also be assumed? Never seen people mark their accounts like that, but with how narcissistic anons say she is, this is so lowkey. Lol

No. 153453

Oof no she stopped talking about her relationship status after her stalkers, but now that she has OF she’s probably going to even talk about it less (leading the paypigs on)
I honestly thought she was already dating connor months ago when the thread was talking about him a while back

No. 153454

You must think a thot in a relationship has to disclose if she's single or not to the public, huh?

No. 153456

Confused on the timeline between when she was dating connor or destery

No. 153458

I don't get the timeline either so she's was with Dennis for 5 years then she cheated on him with Destery and got together with him and now she's with the Connor guy?

No. 153460

Wasn't the get together thing all tinfoil? He visited her and vice versa, but that doesn't mean they slept together. Did she admit to cheating? Is it cheating if you break up first anyway?

No. 153463

File: 1622310800556.jpeg (333.96 KB, 828x1135, 0D29E6B7-303D-48B4-AFC2-099D42…)

Based on her tweet:
First she and destery entered a relationship and tried dating after she took a break of her bf of 5 years, but destery was cheating on her and another girl, so they broke it off. After her 9 year relationship ended in february 2020 her and destery picked up where they left off for a few months until he cheated on her again. But according to her they never slept together due to her being demisexual/not feeling sexually compatible with him yet kek

What i think: She probably considered both destery and connor as potential partners and when it didnt work out with destery she pursued the other.

No. 153464

How is it a tinfoil if she flew to Destery's state while she was still dating Dennis and took pictures of him and her together?

No. 153465

File: 1622311378817.jpeg (289.39 KB, 828x683, DD83F20F-018D-47F2-81E4-265F98…)

OT but holy shit can you imagine dennis, nicole and destery all sitting in a room together discussing what the hell happened the past 4 years

No. 153470

Anon just pointed out they were on breaks each time. Discussing if that means you can see other people is up in the air but it seemed mutual. You can't just add "she cheated" without knowing if she cheated.

No. 153481

Well, there are multiple videos and screenshots in this thread showing nicole at least sleeping in the same bed as destery with barely anything on and putting her legs onto his. They F'ed for sure.

No. 153483

That shan't mean they slept together and even friends put their legs on each other's laps. I get you want to call her a cheater, but its pretty clear she didn't and even if she slept with him, it wasn't cheating if there was a mutual break or even break up. This is so inconsequential.

No. 153484

File: 1622325195859.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1260, IMG_20210529_235053.png)

Beating around the bush wether they are together or not, as usual. A comment stated "You guys would be so cute together". Like teenagers who force attention through acting secretive no one actually gives a shit about. That dude looks cringe af.

No. 153485

And it's the WK again, I always imagine you having a 3D printed Nicole actionfigure in your left hand that you lick over while typing with the right in this thread lmao.

I wonder if there are any reactions of Leda out regarding the whole getting skinwalked and sloppy-seconds walked by nicole?(quit sperging)

No. 153491

>That shan't mean they slept together and even friends put their legs on each other's laps

Nicole wk trying to sound smarter and failing miserably I see.

No. 153498

Quit sperging about whiteknights and just report the posts. We'll hand out bans if necessary.

No. 153499

It’s not pretty clear though lol, even her ex wanted closure and a timeline that happened because he suspected some cheating, otherwise he wouldn’t ask to talk to destery >>153465

No. 153500

File: 1622332825121.jpeg (282.39 KB, 1011x1800, 2B8CC20A-CABA-4C00-8C82-7972E1…)

He says he has a gf, if it isnt Nicole he wouldn’t flirt with her this much and also put the same date in their bios like children

No. 153517

All I see is you redtexting the retards replying, not instigating. I suspect even if you're banning them the lack of outward punishment is encouraging them/others.(complaints go in /meta/)

No. 153541

Can we all agree the wks ruin the quality of the thread and it’s best to completely ignore them? The wk is trying to invoke infighting and red text bans to get nicole’s thread locked, it’s best to just ignore them completely and keep posting milk

No. 153542

File: 1622361100535.jpeg (32.09 KB, 828x153, D8453537-5B14-4552-9736-1C0059…)

The date they put in their bios is also the same as his relationship status on fb

No. 153668

File: 1622448929731.jpeg (503.36 KB, 2014x1240, EAE6F3A5-A92F-41AF-8EB7-104F29…)

sage cause not milk, but i remember when anons said nicole only has ugly and fat DUFF friends to look more attractive. She actually has one skinny and attractive friend who does OF, i would fucking love them to collab just so she outshines nicole kek

pic is kinda old from her snapchat but this is her (@ is mewisa) sitting next to nicole (nicole is on the left), she has a much smaller build than nicole, doesnt look like she came out of a sewer and i would love to see nicole be the duff in the situation kek

No. 153719

File: 1622486809592.jpeg (538.68 KB, 828x813, 55416D8D-0882-4855-9366-C89509…)

Nicole openly mentioning she wants rhinoplasty

also the hell is a hollow nose?

No. 153720

You know the nose is mostly just all cartilage, right? It's extra space due to the shape. Its self explanatory and now we have proof she's never had a nose job unlike anons keep insisting. Even Vamplette would edit her nose straight in her photos. How thats milk or catfishing, its anons nitpicking.

No. 153721

didn’t she advise others against plastic surgery in the past?
This isn’t exactly ~solid proof~ of her never getting work done in the past, she’s just saying she’s planning to in the future

No. 153747

I don't personally find the potential prospect she got her hooked nose shaved interesting, but when did we start taking offhand comments from cows as gospel kek?

No. 153762

Like every other snowflake she wants to get plastic surgery to look like her photoshopped photos. Even if she gets her nose done, she's still going to cake on that shitty contour makeup and photoshop her nose.

No. 153764

Damn, you sound bitter AF lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 153990

File: 1622628984896.jpeg (126.1 KB, 828x560, 2C672976-46AC-4B4D-B02F-FBBB26…)

Every time the cow does a 180 in morals (some of her claims are old but she also insists she hasn’t changed since the beginning)

>Prides herself in finding a job herself without taking any handouts

She got the pharm tech job directly after high school with no college degree because her mom is her boss

>She turned down modelling opportunities because she thinks it’s selfish and instead helps people by working in the medical field

Giving injections without a degree/higher education isn’t helpful. Also, now OF sex worker and cards

>”I’m not doing anything nude or too revealing”

Intentional nipslips on OF (her OF post states she did it on purpose)

>Twitter cancel spree on exposed pedo

Soon moving in with pedo

>I learned to love my nose

Wants rhinoplasty

No. 154001

File: 1622639935010.jpg (235.35 KB, 960x1792, in.jpg)

Nicole is like Belle
✓Makes shitty and boring porn I mean softcore porn before the wk bitches
✓Tall as fuck but tries to pretend she’s uwu small
✓emo during teenage years
✓lies and makes shit up about her life
✓ebegs for money
✓has a dedicated wk

And she’s going to continue this trend of similarities when she gets PS to look like her photoshopped images.

No. 154009

File: 1622644909282.jpeg (447.6 KB, 828x1302, F098FCDE-5195-4AAD-9F55-975E13…)

I remember when she used to subtly shade sex workers/ethots whenever her stalker(s) would troll her comment section
>”i’m making an honest living and loving myself with my clothes on”
>”your line of work isn’t dignified”

now that’s you nicole

No. 154020

I'm surprised no one said anything about Nicole illegally injecting and drawing blood from people without a license and going to med/nursing school. Can't her mum be fined or jailed for allowing that?

The irony, shading someone for doing sexwork then starts doing sexwork. Loool and of course she would be shit talking Addi. I’m convinced Nicole was the one who was obsessed her.

No. 154024

was mentioned briefly in the first thread
According to her fb she started working there as a pharm tech in june 2013, she was 18 years old
“ To work as a pharmacy technician in the state of California, you must have a current pharmacy technician license. “

No. 154038

This aged like milk

No. 154054

File: 1622665469631.jpeg (444.99 KB, 828x882, 7A93A8A2-B614-4C32-BBB8-22EE62…)

Her OF subs were complaining she only posted twice in May and that it’s starting to feel like a scam. how is she already incredibly inconsistent when it’s only her fourth month? frank & son is currently only open 3 days a week.. like what other commitments could she possibly have that’s keeping her from taking 5 second snapchat bath videos?

No. 154081

File: 1622672985692.jpg (404.6 KB, 828x629, oldies.jpg)

Nicole looks like a completely different person if you compare her old pics

No. 154082

File: 1622673051556.jpg (241.61 KB, 828x622, oldies 2.jpg)

No. 154131

Anon, stop editing these photos of her. We can look them up and can see you fucked with it and post caps of all these subs saying that. A photo manipulation of Nicole isn't exactly milk.