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File: 1581573739648.png (1.11 MB, 874x1000, NED.png)

No. 82304

Your standard Los Angeles thot, ebeggar and shooper who would have gone mostly unnoticed if not for the Costhot thread being flooded with whiteknight(s) having multiple meltdowns at the mere mention of her, responding to every single post demanding irrational proof (that would could never be obtained legally) of her ever doing even one single thing wrong, ignoring the milk/proof in front of them, and accusing every post of samefag vendetta in defense of their perfect uwu queen. She probably would have been fine to continue in the Costhot thread, but multiple anons requested (demanded) a thread and demanded to be spoonfed p r o o f so here we are!

>Pretty safe to assume some of the posts were Nicole herself, as one anon pointed out she follows several cows which may indicate she’s a farmer >>82086
>Started a Patreon on the back of a confusing, unclear sob story about a stalker and having to move to the most expensive city possible with an expensive apartment with rent that she cannot afford for “protection”
>Claimed to be unable to pay rent after Patreon being shut down after a week, despite previously claiming to work 3 jobs and 60+ hours a week
>Claimed to be unable to pay rent because her car in her closed garage in her expensive safe apartment got broken into, and someone stole her paycheck which would have been easily fixed several different ways unless she literally just left a giant stack of cash in her car overnight >>81006
>Claimed to be unable to pay her rent because she got fired from one of her 3 jobs the same week her stalker got her Patreon taken down, and her car got broken into and all her money stolen (all right at the end of Jan/beginning of Feb when rent is due)
>No actual proof of any of this other than a instastory picture of a car door open (no police report, no follow up, just begging for money) >>80897
>She’s so brave for starting a Patreon and letting people help her uwu (pay her rent for nothing in exchange)
>Patreon: $1-$100 monthly “donations” with no rewards or content offered outside of 1 signed Pokemon card of your choice >>81362
>Ko-Fi account with almost 1000 donations (x $3 per donation)
>Expensive secret heart condition, apparently
>Almost immediately said she was going to use Patreon to go to multiple cons across the US, despite originally claiming Patreon was crowdfunding to "let people help" her most dire time of need
>Clearly triggered by anyone calling her a thot or beggar
>Not much of any of her stories seem to add up

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/NicoleEeveeDavis/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NicoleEeveeD
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/NicoleEeveeDavis

>Obsessively posts about a female stalker who she says has been skinwalking her, stealing her content and photos, replicating her tattoos and copying her every move and ruining her life for years
>Claims to have gotten a restraining order against her in 2018, in 2019 is still posting about stalker ruining her life and Police not helping her out
>Claims to have given police USB with 500+ pieces of evidence and she can’t talk about it further (continues to talk about it constantly)
>Appears to be a sex worker in Iowa with <2K Twitter followers who goes by the name “Addi Eevee” or “Kaitlyn Sylveon”
>Sells nudes, has Pornhub, doesn't look anything like Nicole or appear to try to look like Nicole
>Can’t really find proof of anything even remotely as extreme/life-threatening as what Nicole describes, but who knows
>Nicole’s whiteknights can be seen creating accounts for the sole purpose of harassing her on Twitter and Instagram
>More info: >>81977 >>81979 >>82009 >>82076 >>82077

>Has briefly mentioned male stalker, legitimately batshit

>Bought the domain nicoleeeveedavis(dot)com in 2018
>Posted long non-sensical rambling on website trying to “out” her (2019 link below)
>Harassed her on Twitter with throwaway accounts posting unshooped pics of her
>Despite seeming to be a legitimate stalker warranting of a restraining order, she only ever talks about “Addi” as her stalker
>Can be seen engaging/arguing with him on Twitter
>Clearly seems to have been triggered by Nicole calling him a stalker
>Unclear if she ever actually pursued police intervention with either of them
>More Info: >>82089 >>82087

No. 82305

File: 1581573877503.png (628.55 KB, 1148x1716, Patreon.png)

Patreon claims she “is creating Cosplay, Streaming, Videos, and Card Game Content!”


All appear to be bought (no creating), hasn’t actually done much of anything new in years. Just reposts the same handful of cosplays over and over again
Last youtube video posted 3 years ago
All videos on Twitch from 2+ years ago, with one 5 minute video from 6 months ago where her mic is broken
>Card Game Content
Idk, posts pictures of Pokemon cards on Twitter occasionally in between selfies and begging and tiny violins

So, for all intents and purposes Nicole is asking for thousands of dollars for…..not doing anything. Nicole “eager to pursue my passions and humbly allowing others to help me on my journey without it damaging my pride or feeling like a sellout” Davis

No. 82307

File: 1581574405114.png (162.78 KB, 585x660, 1.png)

Some more loose ends about Stalkers. Someone asked if she had gone to the Police about them:

She says she has, it's really unclear about who though (whom? words are hard). It's her whole personality right now and the tragic backstory she used to start her patreon. One of the reasons she said she needs financial help on her patreon is:
>and also the expenses met from having to protect myself from a dangerous stalker
Which….what? I guess she means moving to LA and getting a more expensive “safer” apartment? Not sure how that would work though, because this Addi girl lives in Iowa, and I wanna say the Brandon guy lives in Texas maybe. I could be wrong. She had to move to literally the most expensive city in the US with an extra expensive apartment for protection uwu and everyone else should foot that bill for nothing in return?

Either way, I can’t make sense of her story. Everything she's posted recently online (2019/2020) about her "stalker/restraining order" woes destroying her life or whatever for pity bucks is her talking about Addi. Pic related and >>82077 >>81979

No. 82308

File: 1581574499808.jpeg (588.52 KB, 749x2320, 2.jpeg)

So, 2018 is around the time she was dealing with Brandon, and (pic related) post implies that she was granted a restraining order back in 2018. But not against Brandon, against Addi? But she’s still complaining in late 2019/2020 about how she hasn’t been able to get a restraining order against Addi….? Addi who doesn’t (currently, at first glance) appear to be exhibiting any of the life-threatening behavior Nicole’s claiming.

But, Brandon seems like the more likely one for the restraining order, considering she posted this >>82089 in 2018 as well. Also on the wayback machine of his original site (just as batshit) he says
>Also she lied to the police saying I drove by her house. She called the police to my moms house.
Which for all his lunacy seems plausible. Also he seems to have found multiple tagged/unshooped pics of her not posted anywhere else.

No. 82310

Now, here’s my best guess: Brandon’s nuts, and seems much more plausible for RO. Maybe lived in the same town as her at one point. If he’s the one she really got a RO against, she’s hiding it for some reason. For as hard as she’s milking her Addi sob story, why wouldn’t she be milking this one? Why keep pushing the Addi narrative?

Addi doesn’t live anywhere near her and therefore she can’t actually get a RO against her (if any of what she’s saying is true in the first place). Not that it makes any of this behavior ok, but I don’t think either of them are complete malevolent strangers. Nicole seems way too invested/angry about them both and I think Nicole hates ethots/ebeggars (maybe because of Addi specifically) and clearly thinks she’s better than that/her. I think Nicole is deluded/narcissistic enough to think that people want to “donate” to her out of the kindness of their hearts uwu because she’s wholesome uwu and deserves it uwu and not because she’s an ethot. I think this is why she doesn’t actually have any rewards on Patreon, because if no real rewards than she’s not selling herself (in her head).

And, I think the cake is a lie. She either didn’t get a RO against anyone in 2018, OR she did get one against Brandon and lied saying it was Addi….and then later went on to say she couldn’t actually get one against Addi as part of her sob story. Because if the mean police won’t listen to her, only her big strong whiteknights can save her (with their “donations”).

Ok, that's all I got. I know there's some older milk on her but if anyone can provide any insight on that, go for it. Also, Addi's real name is easily findable but I didn't want to post it in case she's not actually guilty of what Nicole is accusing her of because I still can't find any proof of that.

No. 82316


LA is hardly the most expensive city in the US and there are very affordable places in the area depending where she is living. Any idea where she is, so that you have an idea of what the rent is? I saw an instagram post of her replying to a Q&A saying her share was $1000 for the apartment. That's not that expensive at all and rather reasonable depending on the size of the place and way cheap than NorCal by a landslide. LA isn't as pricy as people make it out to be.

No. 82318

File: 1581581481500.jpg (27.17 KB, 161x275, 1581134118461.jpg)

Going by what Nicole herself is giving us, she should be more worried about this chick lol (pic related). I remember back when Nicole was first sperging about her stalker, back then Addi's profile looked a lot like this girl's. I kind of bought it at first because of that, but she's realistically been milking it for way too long, with way too many inconsistencies. I mean it looks like Addi has more or less moved on?

She became a public figure off the back of theledabunny (who's milky in her own right), and is now experiencing the same phenomena - except she somehow believes it's worthy of the title of ~stalking~. Addi did herself no favours making fake accounts to try to "expose" her on IG, but I imagine Eevee not having this problem in the first place if she was more honest and open about her shop. Imho she's most provoked by the idea of other females profiting off what she sees as "her image", evidenced by her lack of concern over her real harrassment from that totally unhinged Brandon dude.

It seems like the route she's taken in her mind enables her to crush her "competition" with the added benefit of leaching those sweet, sweet sympathy dollars. If you ask me she's a massive hypocrite who can't handle the trivial bs that comes with the attention she so desperately craves. Soz for Nicole sperg, glad she's finally got a thread.

No. 82319

Samefag. Accidentally called her Eevee instead of Nicole. Please don't screech at me.

No. 82323

I never visited the costhot thread before, but holy shit that male stalker's website is a ride. It went from 0 to 180 within two sentences. What is his social media? Does Nicole really not care?

No. 82326

I remember seeing that photo of the restraining order cake and I literally thought it was for that Brandon guy. I believed she made it up being a girl instead of him so no one would pay attention to him or something? It was actually really easy to find this Brandon guy. But the fact she's still sperging about this Addi girl, it seems like she's using some SWF for Patreonbux.

No. 82344

File: 1581606753693.png (157.81 KB, 586x589, 1581402108969.png)

Yeah, sorry I didn't want to repost the whole convo from the Costhot thread but

It's not that she didn't care, it's just that I think this is about all she said on it (+ a couple of times arguing with him on Twitter) when she's been going on and on about Addi for years now, still to this day.

No. 82345

File: 1581607341484.png (572.9 KB, 589x1100, brandon.png)

>I believed she made it up being a girl instead of him so no one would pay attention to him or something?
My thought would be that she keeps doing Addi instead of Brandon because:
>Addi: I'm so beautiful and amazing that of course people would want to be me uwu Look, it drives people crazy how much they want to be me! They'll break the law because of how much they want to be me!
>Brandon: Dude harassing her on twitter with real unshooped pics of her, don't want to call attention to him because don't want people to see those pics. Also a man mad that she WASN'T as beautiful and amazing as she pretends to be on the internet makes her look a lot worse than a woman obsessed with how beautiful and amazing she is
Honestly, Addi is the one that makes her look better and more sympathetic, same with >>82318 . A poor damsel in distress being punished for her beauty who did nothing wrong vs a blatant shooper who can't seem to let anything go

No. 82346

File: 1581609544223.png (666.45 KB, 931x1456, frog.png)

Ah, this is interesting because obviously I never doubted she had a stalker or that someone was skinwalking her (internet girls have been skinwalked/stalked for less. Pretty sure every girl on the internet has experienced some level of it) – I assumed there was some truth to what she was claiming about Addi but Addi had just kind of moved on with her life.

BUT I will say looking at it as someone who had never heard of her until she was brought up in the Costhot thread a few weeks ago…..she absolutely looks like the batshit insane stalker one here. Between these types of harassing accounts and the proof-chan meltdowns, she seems like she's probably just a bully and a mean girl at her core. Even if proof-chan wasn't Nicole or these harassing accounts aren't Nicole, if those are the types of fans she has it doesn't make her look any better.

(Sorry for dumping of so many caps, I've had all of these ever since proof-chan issued her challenges. Not a vendetta, I just have terrible insomnia and love a good deep dive)

No. 82347

From the Costhot thread


Addi alleged"stalker&skinwalker"
The skin walker accusations are rich coming from Nicole when she's skinwalking Leda

Moralfags about not outing Addi when she literally outted her on Twitter
Twitter outing

Her male stalker she led on, he went crazy

No. 82348

I wasnt Nicole. Stop hi cowing.

No. 82349

Who leda?

No. 82351

Thanks, I forgot to link the Costhot thread in the OP. What's the Leda milk?

If you had put half as much energy into learning how to read as you did these internet tantrums the past couple of weeks, none of this would be a problem and this thread wouldn't exist. There's no "hi cow", I literally said
>Even if proof-chan wasn't Nicole or these harassing accounts aren't Nicole, if those are the types of fans she has it doesn't make her look any better.
It doesn't matter who you are, you're only making her look worse and drawing more attention to her either way. Your sloppy wk attempts are boring and have clearly backfired.

Why are you here anyways? You're the one who was demanding we leave your precious dead Costhot thread in the first place, stay over there. You sperg for weeks about how she's not milky and no one's interested and no one wants to see it and then immediately show up in her thread? Sure, that really seems like some totally-unbiased-not-obsessed-with-Nicole behavior.

No. 82357

Costhot timeline

The beginning of her Begtreon


Anon possibly found Nicole's throwaway Fagddit account detailing one of her stalkers

Begtreon is working

Cringe oldie pic

Deleted hoe pics and video to maintain sweet uwu nice nerdy girl image

Lies are not adding up

Belle Delphine similarities

Begtreon gets removed





Lies aren't adding up pt2

Begtreon is back

She's a thot too

Begtreon saga continues

Nicole's non existent nose


WKFag goes to Meta to complain about the vEnDeTtAs

Nicole's stalker and alleged stalker
Creepy guy's post on the Vent thread from last year

Nicole lurks

Nicole's interchanging face


Whiteknightfag's powerword: Obsessed, Vendetta, Incels, No milk, Where's the milk, Proof, No Proof, not Problematic, Brain dead, retards.

No. 82358

File: 1581613031291.png (405.58 KB, 589x518, Screen Shot.png)

Sorry, should have said one of the most expensive cities. As with any city I'm sure it's as affordable as you make it. She's the one going on and on about how she HAD to get a more expensive apartment for protection even though she can't actually afford it with her heart and her stalker and her jobs and her car. I think she claimed she was commuting an hour to work everyday but then she couldn't anymore because she lost her car or something, which is why she HAD to move to LA in the first place? Sure. She's basically holding herself for ransom at this point
>if you don't pay my rent by x date then my stalker's gonna find me and kill me!!!
>Please beta males, just pay my rent and no one will get hurt!!
>They're already breaking into my car, see how real this is??
But shit, I wish my rent was only $1000, the only thing that gives me pause there is that I could have sworn she said she was living alone? I know she previously would always post about her photog roommate or whatever, but I think that before she moved to LA? I think pic related was around that time, which makes it seem like she was living with an old friend or possibly at her parents house or something? (So, entirely possible she wasn't paying rent at this time)

Doesn't really matter what her actual rent is at the end of the day though, no matter what it is she'll just say she can't afford it.

No. 82359

File: 1581613112586.png (287.05 KB, 1871x422, nicoles stalker.png)

Nicole's stalker's post on the vent thread


No. 82360

File: 1581613387851.jpg (9.94 MB, 2000x8000, 24 shades of nicole.jpg)

The many faces of Nicole

No. 82362

File: 1581613578991.png (97.41 KB, 400x164, z00m.png)


Also total nitpick but if you click on left pic, there's this. For all her shooping and airbrushing and her professional photog roommate neither of them could figure out how to edit all of that hair out of her eye? I don't know why but this is just like, nauseating to me.

No. 82364

File: 1581614044704.jpg (2.65 MB, 3478x2297, doubt.jpg.jpg)

Whatever you say jan

No. 82365

The guy stalker said in his crazy ramblings Nicole begged photographers to Photoshop her pictures. Funny how her followers deny and WK her shopping but when they turn on her they say SHE SHOPS!1!

No. 82366

File: 1581614559861.png (870.99 KB, 733x745, eyebrowz.png)

Here's another one, since these are all still so heavily shooped. Maybe I'll collect all of her unshooped pics later.

I think the changes in her face can be mostly pinpointed to her brow/eye area in general. She's definitely a textbook example of how good brows can change your face and how thicker brows make you look way younger, but I don't think that even explains it all. A brow lift seems extreme (similar to what T Swift or Ariana Grande got) but honestly her eyes look so different and more open than they did even just a few years ago. Probably Microblading to salvage her poor abused brows, at the very least.

Also I think sis has some pretty gnarly dark circles/undereye bags that she shoops to hell and back. Probably also got fillers.

No. 82368

File: 1581614773013.png (1.74 MB, 1280x1233, 20190208-h5Wt90nwKiCGiZ4JJYVQ.…)

(What I mean by similar to what T Swift got)

No. 82369

Sauce on bottom 2 pics. Those brows are a crime and make her look about 10 years older.

Also confusing because that really looks like a cheap shitty wig (especially when she tugs on it) in this video and similar videos to that time, but then a video from a few months earlier her hair is the same color and it's definitely her real hair.

No. 82370

File: 1581615677014.png (767.82 KB, 865x1084, hair.png)

On second thought, these could all be cheap shitty wigs. She never wore any hats before or after these ones from what I can tell (though her last video was >>82369 and that was 3 years ago)

No. 82371

Stop sperging out when people dont agree with everything you say or have questions. Jfc, sanefagging in the thread anyway. Calm the fuck down.

No. 82372

Did he post caps.

No. 82373

Can a mod confirm op is replying to themselves?

No. 82375

File: 1581617430044.png (238.09 KB, 1851x316, nicole.png)

One of the cosplay threads she was mentioned in
> For someone who only has 200,000 followers on instagram and a few on youtube/twitch.. her fanbase seems to be way more than Nigri and popular youtubers. I just find it hard to believe. I personally think Nicole is full of herself and are making all these fan sites for herself lol

No. 82376

File: 1581617727778.png (173.69 KB, 1830x279, nicole 2.png)

No. 82377

File: 1581618066777.png (183.64 KB, 907x430, nicole 3.png)

Same pic and same girl was posted in this thread


No. 82378

Someone made a shitty thread on Nicole half a year ago



No. 82379

Again: why are you here? You threw a multi-week multi-thread tantrum, demanded we leave, and then we left and then you followed us here to continue your tantrum to ANOTHER thread? No one's disagreeing with you, in fact we're all agreeing with you and doing exactly what you demanded: give her her own thread and prove that she's lying. What exactly are you mad about?

You have got to get over it. Hide the thread if you disagree with it, hide the Costhot thread if you disagree with it, hide the /meta/ thread if you disagree with it, hide the website in general if you disagree with it. It's not that complicated.

Nope, they can't because I'm not. I'm only "replying" to myself when dumping caps to link the info together which is pretty obvious. I'm not pretending to be different people. Everything else is other anons. I'll gladly point out which posts are mine if you're that concerned.

No. 82382

File: 1581619879359.png (233.25 KB, 1838x428, nicole 4.png)

The WKs were asking for this post Nicole's first attempt to wiggle her way into Patreon. She completely stopped mentioning the Patreon thing after she got posted
Proof-Chan also said there was no proof she was ever posted on this site
>vent thread post
>failed vendetta call out threads
>mentioned in the Leda and cosplay/photoshop/insta threads


saged for series of posts

No. 82384

File: 1581621120496.png (451.38 KB, 572x620, 2018.png)

Don't worry, they've moved their tantrum to /meta/ once again. Something about how all we're doing is infighting here and mods need to edit out the infighting instigations in the OP and how we're all one samefag stalker….? I think they're trying to claim we're all Addi? Who knows what they're on about, I honestly can't tell.

Great work compiling all these receipts! Also in terms of her wiggling into Patreon, this post was still visible on there, so she did clearly try once before. Oct 2018, so around the same time as the caps you've posted here. Any idea why she quit back then?

No. 82385

Anon, you're insufferable. Dont reply.

No. 82388

>Dont reply.
ok i won't uwu
anything for u proof chan uwu
luv u proof-chan uwu

No. 82392

The other thread even had farmhands giving bans for vendetta because its just literal garbage nitpickimg about editing. This thread looks the same. Cant wait for it to be closed because Addi is obsessed with Nicole and has been trying to fuck with her for years.

No. 82394

because multiple people in the costhot thread asked for it and because the last thread was shit and didn’t actually post any of her milk. stop begging to be spoonfed the info that’s already been repeated 10 times right in front of you

No. 82403

we’re not addi you retard and if you think we are then go ahead and add it to your supposed 500 pieces of evidence that doesn’t seem to exist. that usb was probably tossed in the trash a long time ago if it was ever even real

you’re just as obsessed with addi as nicole clearly is

proof-chan spergs about ‘POST PROOF!!1!” but where’s all this ‘proof’ nicole claims she has? if she has so much ‘proof’ then why hasn’t she been actually granted a restraining order by now? someone made that instagram that’s supposed to have the ‘proof’ but it’s completely empty, not one single post

if she got a restraining order against brandon then why is his website still up?

>i can’t talk about it uwu
then why won’t she ever shut the fuck up about it? sorry you can’t seem to handle that she’s a liar and a scammer even when the facts are being spoonfed to you

No. 82411

How about you Sage retarded nitpicks like that, anon. We're here for Nicole gtfo if you don't like it. And no I'm not op

Yeah no shit, I posted that to add context to my opinion

No. 82412

File: 1581633905174.jpg (89.92 KB, 1080x466, Screenshot_20200214-094033__01…)

Reee harder proof-chan/Nicole, you've basically given us a case study on how milky you are. GG if you're not your precious uwu queen, because you really fucked up her already questionable perception here.

No. 82419

File: 1581641782312.png (255.74 KB, 788x576, destery 1.png)

Brendan her stalker had all this stuff on nicoleeeveedavis.com it seems like he tried making it seem like she was the one saying all this stuff, I found this through Destery the guy mentioned in the costhot thread

No. 82421

File: 1581641917697.jpg (108.19 KB, 1920x1080, destery 3.jpg)

No. 82424

File: 1581642035271.jpg (113.9 KB, 1920x1080, destery 4.jpg)

No. 82425

File: 1581642144385.jpg (159.25 KB, 1920x1080, destery 5.jpg)

No. 82426

File: 1581642255485.jpg (133.58 KB, 1920x1080, destery 6.jpg)

No. 82428

Wait, I'm a bit confused. These are shots of the guy's blog that is stalking Nicole, but he's talking as if he is Nicole or is this her personal site? I don't see her talking about the tagged thots in these blog posts. It doesn't say who the author of the blog is after each post. I'm just a bit lost, but I'm trying to follow.

No. 82432

Yeah, everything abut both of her stalker situations just seem so odd, they just both seem like too idk, personal? Like she's really trying hard to push the "random strangers obsessed with me bc I'm so beautiful!! feel bad for me but don't look into it!" shit but it just really seems like she was more involved than that? Especially since there seems to be several other people involved

Were her and her ex a well known couple on the internet or something? I know she was part of whatever the fuck "The Real Deals" is in 2016

No. 82437

From my understanding the black guy stalker made nicoleeeveedavis.com he tried making it seem like Nicole made those blogs. Someone who knew Nicole and all the people mentioned in the blog @tweeted everyone thinking Nicole did it, Nicole found out about it through the @ tweet and she got it shut down.

Stalker gets mad and makes Nicoleeeveedavis.webly

No. 82438

So she never actually said anything about other thots? Is this guy still stalking and harassing her or how long ago was this when it stopped or is this other girl the person actively stalking Nicole?

No. 82439

>Yeah, everything abut both of her stalker situations just seem so odd, they just both seem like too idk, personal? Like she's really trying hard to push the "random strangers obsessed with me bc I'm so beautiful!! feel bad for me but don't look into it!" shit but it just really seems like she was more involved than that? Especially since there seems to be several other people involved

it seemed like she kinda knew him? Im guessing he was a fan who dmed her and she would message him back for attention then he went crazy after she rejected him

No. 82440

>Wow guys Nicole has ~Synesthesia~

Get in line with the rest of the thousands of emo scene kids claiming to have some spesul~ unique quirk. You're not special at all Nicole.

No. 82441

Second this. Both the situations seem extremely personal for some random costhot. I wonder if she provoked them in any way? I'm sure most people with a following experience this to some degree, but I can't help but think this is all too heavy to be simply chance.

No. 82443

idk. People online tend to lose their shit though. Not so much the girls, but the dudes get really fucking possessive. Especially if they have followed you when you didn't have many followers and feel like they know you better than other fans. Or when you reply to them in general, ever. A lot of them see that as a 'Wow, she's only taking her time out to reply to me I bet!" special mentality. Im mostly confused about this girl stalker situation.

So is she stalking or skinwalking or was and how long ago was this again or is this recently like the past year all this is happening? >>82440 is 3 years ago and she seems really, really fucking awkward.

No. 82444

File: 1581644581866.jpg (576.03 KB, 1080x1843, 1581134118461.jpg)

Here's the actual pic since these are both pictures for ants.

There's definitely something weird going on with this Sarah girl….but tbh I don't know if I'm buying that it's a NED thing. She doesn't look anything like Nicole to me, like none of her features look like hers? Unless there are better examples, I wouldn't look at this and see "Nicole skinwalker!!!" at all. She just looks like she's sandblasted her face away via Snow or something.

Can you imagine still being a scene kid in the year 2016? Embarrassing.

No. 82445

I kind of see it, but tbh they both could probably argue 2729 other thots are skinwalking them too. So many have this aesthetic of SNOW/Facetune, elven shit, cards. Thing is a lot of them are genuinely into. This girl looks really young. How old were they when all this was happening? She looks 15. Nicole looks young as hell too from the YT video.

No. 82446

She mentions having ~Synesthesia~ here as well

It's like Nicole never grew past the teen phase trying to impress the edgey kids in her circle

No. 82447

Wait, isn't this the girl who deleted her original account to make another one after Nicole changed her aesthetic and then started copying her looks again?

No. 82449

Nicole is 24-25, she was 21-22 when she made real deals

No. 82450

She created the youtube thing? I've never even heard of these kids. Is it music or reviews?

I'm really lost. What exactly is happening with her right now? Is she still claiming stalking stuff from anyone this year or the past few months? I'm seeing a lot of old stuff posted and I'm trying to figure out the recent milk.

No. 82451

Idk she looks like she's copying Nicole in different aspects of her phases. She's not outright skinwalking but I can definitely see her imitating Nicole's photos. Not that Nicole should care, this is what happens when you amass a following.

No. 82452

Oooh maybe she is skinwalking, do you have any deets?

No. 82453

Yeah. I think she can argue it, but its just sort of petty. It is kind of stalkerish on the other girl's part. Like you can like the same shit, but you don't need to be as up front about copying some stuff. It's weird.

No. 82454

I don't know if it is her. This is a long, long time ago on 4chan /cgl/, but I remember there being an issue between two instagrammers. One kept claiming the other was copying and changed her aesthetics like 5 different times. Each time the other girl would either delete or change the name of her account to try to match the other girl and redid their whole timeline and everything. It was never right out copying, but you could tell that the girl was obsessed with the instagrammer and skinwalking hard. That's fucking creepy. I would be freaked too if I was Nicole. Tbh, her restraining order stuff mostly seems big talk to try to scare the guy and girl away. A lot of people do that. It's like when you see YouTubers try to strongarm each other with copyright strike threats.

No. 82455

>but tbh they both could probably argue 2729 other thots are skinwalking them too. So many have this aesthetic of SNOW/Facetune, elven shit, cards
Right, this is what I mean. They all abuse SNOW and they all abuse Instagram filters. Nicole seems narcissistic enough to think that somehow she invented that. Here's her insta, says she's 19
>51 posts
I'm torn between "Obviously these are all bought" and "She's a 19 year old girl who looks like she's 12, these are all pedos".

>after Nicole changed her aesthetic and then started copying her looks again?
What? When did Nicole change her aesthetic? You mean the change from scene kid to….does she even have an aesthetic now? Ghibli thot? Patreon sugarbaby?

No. 82456

Instragm's system has been good about detecting bots since last year though. It sweeps daily and most are gone within 12 hours, so if she had bought accounts, those would've been long gone. If she's had the same account for multiple years, it makes sense to have 50.7k. Seems like she went through and deleted most of her account. Was that after she was called out by Nicole? If so, she sort os admits to skin walking for deleting all the evidence against her.

No. 82458

That's interesting but do you think it's possible you're talking about the girl from this thread >>27316

Because that's honestly the worst case of skinwalking I've seen and I wouldn't be surprised if it gained traction on 4chan

No. 82459

Thats why I was asking. Its probably a different set of girls like >>82458 said. Looks like it. I knew I read about that somewhere. Just making sure it wasn't this situation.

No. 82460

>This is a long, long time ago on 4chan /cgl/
Considering she says she's only 19, this seems unlikely. Plus it sounds like you're not even sure that was actually Nicole?

>Tbh, her restraining order stuff mostly seems big talk to try to scare the guy and girl away.

Except neither of them have done anything recently? It's completely unnecessary for her to still be talking about her the in the extreme way she is. Nicole doesn't actually seem to care about Brandon or be trying to scare him off, and Addi kinda seems like she's been minding her own business elsewhere for some time. She's definitely hamming it up for pity bucks.

No. 82461

When was the last time she talked about them though?

No. 82462

Idk either, I've never kept tabs on this Sarah girl so it's a possibility. I just notice there's a lot of girls replicating Nicole's photos/IG feed. I can't think of their names though, because this is just going off the years I've been on Instagram. It really makes me wonder what is so different a out Addi when you've got plenty of people who appear to be "worse" as of right now?

No. 82464

Has she ever showed DMs in stories at all? If she has then could whoever have all this stuff post Nicole sharing DMs from these stalkers or anyone in general? I'm curious if they might be doing shit behind the scenes and she just is using social media to vent vs showing what they are doing to her. Nicole doesn't seem like shes been acting crazy about all this. She seems rather calm and just using her platform to complain about it all.

No. 82465

File: 1581646529325.png (240.22 KB, 584x411, ss.png)

Pretty sure the only thing she ever said about Brandon was those few tweets in 2018, but Addi has been non-stop from what I can tell and as recently as January 28th.

No. 82466

I feel kind of bad. Police really don't give a fuck about shit like this and getting restraining orders can be a pain in the ass. It's not as easy as walking in there, signing a paper, and suddenly you serve an order.

No. 82467

It's retarded imo because of the reach she has. She's clearly doing better than Addi so why bother publicly outing her and making yourself look vindictive? I'm not saying Addi is right but let her stay in her sad little lane lol?

No. 82468

Yeah.. Thats fuckin obsessive. The fuck is wrong with this Addi chick.

No. 82469

Okay that's actually insane… Starting to get it now

No. 82470

yeah this girl is unhinged. Now I see why Nicole keeps talking about her. if no one else is doing this shit, drag this fucking creep. Police dont give a fuck unless its guy stalking a girl. Girl v girl stalking, especially online, no one will blink towards Nicole. She kind of has to use her platform to try and get help to get this chick off her back.

No. 82471

File: 1581646935157.png (244.35 KB, 582x1242, ss2.png)

And it's never just "muh stalker lol" it's these absolutely wild accusations that she never backs up in any way. Not saying it couldn't be true but….then show us? Where's the proof of any of this?

No. 82472

Why give more power by showing proof of stalking aside from like >>82465 and if its been going on since 2018, this Addi chick needs to really figure herself out and stop. Nicole doesn't seem to be in the wrong here and it makes sense that she's been complaining about it. Everyone else seems on board with the stalking being a thing in the comments. Show us more shit Addi has done.

No. 82474

Kind of seems like Brandon and Addi need a thread because Nicole is kind of being painted as a victim here in all this.

No. 82475

File: 1581647403237.jpg (2.25 MB, 1828x3308, is that you nicole.jpg)

>>82432 Is right, Nicole is trying to play the narrative that people are just ~too obsessed with her~ and can't stop skinwalking and stalking her 24/7

This pic has been posted like 3 times now, it's like whoever is doing it is trying to convince everyone this random insta girl is skinwalking Nicole. If anything the Sarah girl is skinwalking Leda since Nicole is a carbon copy of her.

>I can definitely see her imitating Nicole's photos.

Again, playing on the narrative that everyone is trying to look and be Nicole
>this is what happens when you amass a following.

Hm, where have I heard this before? (pic related)

(Sry for the bad highlight job)
In her story she basically says the same thing as what >>82451


then she goes on about how people are crazy about her much like the comment.

No. 82476

But then what is up with the girl editing herself on top of her photos? Thats fucking mental.

No. 82477

File: 1581647564675.png (42.44 KB, 1858x497, lol nicole 3.png)

It also seems like Nicole or the WK is trying to clog up this thread

No. 82479

Again, trying to further feed into the idea that PEOPLE ARE JUST SOOO OBSESSED WITH NICOLE!1!!! AND TRYING TO BE AND STALK HER CUZ SHES SO PERFFFF11!!!111 OMG QUEEN<33!!!@32

Stop trying twist the thread into the NICOLE IS SO PERF PEOPLE WILL STALK HER thread

No. 82480

Anon just posted a photo of the person editing themselves on top of nicole and anons agreed that is crazy. What about that isn't though?

No. 82481

If you don't like a thread, hide it. Don't derail for days just to whiteknight or complain about the thread.

No. 82482

File: 1581647955545.png (50.85 KB, 1847x456, lol nicole 4.png)

The comments here
Also sound like Nicole talking to herself

No. 82483

File: 1581647995187.png (477.61 KB, 586x675, addi.png)

Calm down whiteknights, this is all she posted. She just poorly copied and pasted a picture of herself. How would Nicole have ever even known about it if she wasn't obsessively checking Addi's twitter? She only has like, 1800 followers mostly posts about stripping and selling nudes and seems to have been chased off of all other social media. She seems like a harmless idiot thot at this point, she doesn't look anything like Nicole in the slightest?

>Why give more power by showing proof of stalking
>Show us more shit Addi has done.
????? Is this proof-chan's final form?
>nicole doesn't have to show us any proof of the wildly outlandish life-ruining claims she's making, but YOU have to show us proof of the wildly outlandish life-ruining claims she's making to prove that she's lying otherwise it's a vendetta!!!!
uh huh

No. 82485

I'm willing to bet the WKS are the same person, look at >>82477 the posts are literally minutes a part from each other. I saw those posts appear in real time, honestly at this point it most likely Nicole defending herself. She's obsessed with framing herself in a certain light cause of her ego

No. 82487

Finally, thank you mod, luv u

I posted the last one because the other 2 were too small to actually see it, I was trying to show what you're saying: that she doesn't actually look like she's skinwalking Nicole at all. I think the one before that was just the anon who was archiving her timeline or whatever. I agree with everything else you're saying though, I think the first post (the one in /snow/) was a tryhard attempt to prove that "everyone is sooo obsessed with being nicole!! see?!"

No. 82489

100% agree. Wks literally spend weeks screeching about proof and then say Nicole would only be give Addi more power by showing proof? What the fuck?

>Entire threads worth of receipts and proof she's lying from multiple different sources

>samefag vendetta holy shit obsessed mods i don't like it make it go away no milk infighting ur all addi retard retard retard!!!!!!

>See one (1) mspaint copy and pasted pic



yall sure love that word, huh? editing is giving way too much credit to a .05 second copy and paste lmao

No. 82491

I really want to actually discuss this girl and these stalkers and this whole situation, but it seems like any time someone says something favoring nicole you guys sperg out, so can we have a discussion where you dont get pissed not every anon is bandwagoning on this thot? Most of us seem to not really know anything about her and are trying to get more backstory about shit.

No. 82492


yes. we should make a thread on nobodies who are connected to a Cow..

No. 82494

>Most of us seem to not really know anything about her and are trying to get more backstory about shit.
I mean….none of us know either? That's why most of this thread IS discussion about them and trying to figure out Nicole's weird relationship with them? No one's stopping you from having a discussion about them, but outside of their relationship to Nicole, what's there to talk about? All of the Brandon milk has already been posted and it's just mentally ill gobbledygook. So far there's nothing backing up anything Nicole's said, and dog-piling on Addi saying "omg she's sooo crazy nicole is totally right everyone IS obsessed with her!!" because Nicole says so isn't discussion. We've proven Nicole is a liar, so it would be stupid to take anything she's saying on face value.

This is really such an exhausting tactic. Instead of complaining about how you don't like what's being posted or x thing isn't being posted enough or asking someone to spoonfeed you x thing….post it yourself? find it yourself? If you have something interesting or milky to post about Addi, then post it. Her twitter is posted in the OP, by all means go dig through it for some milk, no one's stopping you. Go watch all her pornhub videos or buy her nudes and report back, idk. Better yet find those 500+ pieces of evidence Nicole's claiming, then we'd have something to talk about.

No. 82498

File: 1581654632232.jpg (185.85 KB, 1080x1920, jduyldsm1y631.jpg)

Nicole sent this ass pic to her Snapchat followers. Nicole and many attention whore thots wonder why people are so creepy and lustful over them, it's cause you post sexualized pics of yourself and body

Inb4 wk

An ass pic is still an ass pic

No. 82499

Well this is kind of obviously a joke…are we really trying to pass this off as milk

No. 82500

File: 1581656002442.png (1.16 MB, 592x1172, 47hdth.png)

>kind of obviously a joke
Of course it's a joke, because she's rAnDuM, not a slut like other girls!! XDD

What's the joke in this one though?

No. 82501

File: 1581657714693.jpg (80.23 KB, 1080x1091, 43503453_575728069528705_20155…)

Just a joke

No. 82502

File: 1581657757258.jpeg (29.43 KB, 383x680, Di_eqKMWsAEmBqs.jpeg)

More jokes exedee

No. 82513

Has there ever been any evidence of this Addi girl skinwalking Nicole, or even doing anything at all to Nicole? Went through Addi's twitter media and the only thing that had to do with Nicole was >>82465 >>82483
which isn't even a big deal. She just pasted her photo onto a shitty cringe meme which covered Nicole up… how is that creepy? It's cringy but not stalkerish. It just comes off as Nicole pissed that her photo got covered up. Looking at Addi the only things that they seem to have in common is dyed hair, weeb shit, cards, and gaming/pokemon. None of that is uncommon with scene girls, and if those examples are proof of skinwalking then we could just say Nicole has skinwalked/stalked Ledabunny for years and never stopped. Is Nicole mad because this girl uses eevee in her name?

No. 82519

There has to be more about this. No one freaks out about skinwalking for 2 years without there being a reason for it and who is Leda bunny that people keep bringing up and yeah if she has been harassing her I see why shes been talking about it for 2 years and yeah that is creepy if its been like that for years. I already mentioned how weird it is that Addi's stuff is disappeared from her instagram kind of hiding anything against her. Another anon pointed out that having 70k followers for wholesome selfies makes no sense over 2 years and with only 51 posts. Something isnt adding up and I dont think it has to do with Nicole tbh.

No. 82523

File: 1581667302169.png (434.05 KB, 857x546, ledawho.png)

I just went through Leda's stuff since 2016 and there is nothing connecting her and Nicole except their hair having colors. There is one card post but the rest is all fantasy writing stuff. Shes not really in this whole patreon/cosplay/trading cards stuff. She has 5x the followers too.

No. 82527


Leda was big online back in earlier 2010's until she had a mental breakdown and deleted all her old accounts around 2014. Was known for dyed hair, liking gaming like pokemon and WoW, and cosplaying. She also had (or has? I don't keep up with her) a patreon. She has her own thread on here somewhere but she's not really milky anymore. Basically the "first" of these types of girls online

No. 82528

If all the pokemon stuff predates Nicole by 2014, there isn't a connection at all before she changed over to being a writer. The timeline doesn't follow the idea of nicole trying to copy this girl.

No. 82529

Right, I was just trying to use an example of how Addi doesn't seem to have any connection to skinwalking Nicole, other than liking the some of the same things, just as much as we could say that Nicole was a copy of the "first" cosplaying nerdy scene girl. If Addi is genuinely a creepy stalker trying to ruin Nicole's life then I can completely understand why Nicole is upset by it, but I'm genuinely not seeing any indication of it.

I don't think Addi has an instagram so I'm not sure what you're refering to

No. 82530

She does. What year exactly did Nicole say Addi started skinwalking? Was is 2016 or 2018 because Addi's account is mysteriously missing a lot on her timeline before 2018. There is no way those couple selfies got her 70k followers. I think she's more active on her twitter someone pointed out she sells nudes on there.

No. 82531

Anon reread that post, that isn't Addi

No. 82535

Omfg. Who is Sarah now? Is she relevant or just a thot from another thread an anon tinfoiled Nicole should be more worried about? Is she actually a part of this at all and has Nicole talked about her? All these names keep popping up. Im getting so confused.

No. 82536

Agreed, I can't find Nicole ever mentioning this Sarah girl so I'm not really sure why her account has been posted here

No. 82539

Okay so Ledabunny and Sarah have no connection at all to Nicole. Alright so relevent people are Brandon who is known stalker completely and this Addi girl people are trying to piece together if there is a real story here about skinwalking. Thats what I think I am understanding.

No. 82553

Hey m8s I hate to stop this tinfoil from going on any longer since you're all master detectives, but I'm not Nicole Kek. Definitely an ausfag having a conversation with another anon. Keep sperging if you guys want though, it's pretty good milk

No. 82555

I have no idea who Nicole is, but I posted that when the news came up,b was a newfag at the time, I'm also same poster for this post >>82326

No. 82571

File: 1581713956720.png (62.85 KB, 586x286, 08-144750.png)

Right, so I think this is the big question here. It's not unbelievable that Nicole would have a stalker/skinwalker, no one's questioning that. What IS unbelievable is the amount of batshit insane things Nicole is telling her followers this Addi girl did for years. If Nicole just said "this girl is copying my pics" no one would give fuck or doubt her or require proof. It might be helpful if someone (or I'll try later if I have time) could compile the bulk of Nicole's claims about Addi in one post, because they're scattered all over the place over years and they also keep changing. But from what's been posted here you can see it ranges from stolen content to daily death threats to sabotaging her relationships with companies to catfishing people for money with her pics to pretending to be in a car accident and having ever single health issue Nicole has, etc etc. Not to mention most recently, she claimed the reason her Patreon got taken down and she couldn't afford rent was of course……"muh stalker!!!" did it.

>Alright so relevent people are Brandon who is known stalker completely and this Addi girl people are trying to piece together if there is a real story here about skinwalking
Right that's……exactly what it says in the OP.

what a cool story thank you for sharing

No. 82572

File: 1581714061792.png (123.41 KB, 592x600, sobravewow.png)

It's just absolutely suspicious that she claims to have 500+ pieces of evidence of her dangerous threatening behavior that she's given to the police, and yet not one piece of it seems to exist anywhere? And she specifically says the case was closed in 2018 >>82308 and yet 2019/2020 it's no longer closed and her life is being ruined and no one is helping her again. On top of that, you can easily find multiple accounts created to harass Addi on Nicole's behalf, and none of them have any proof either. None of it adds up. This bitch literally cannot say one single thing online that isn't "muh stalker"

No. 82573

If shes had stalker issues in the past and there are photos here showing this girl being a creep, it would make sense she might also be paranoid. Patreon most likely told her she didnt fill out the layout right or had a header or photo with a butt. Almost every thot Ive seen has the issue where it is taken down for a few days right after posting for secondary revision. So blaming Addi might be her paranoia here because there is no way to prove that. Thats an easy debunk.

No. 82578

>and there are photos here showing this girl being a creep
But like….there aren't? She's just said there are, but where? The only "proof" we've seen is her sloppily adding herself into a one (1) meme, and I agree with anon who said it's cringey, not creepy. Even one of the harassing instagram accounts said it was going to post all the evidence, but it's empty >>82346


2nd post in this thread my dude

No. 82579

Thats why I said if there is evidence. Im just passing through the thread and trying to figure out really quick whats happening. Someone already said they would post all the instances of the girl being mentioned by Nicole. If the posts don't say the girls name thoughm they shouldn't be included. Those would just be skepitcal tweets or stories about it might being the Addi girl. Im interested enough to figure this out, but do know stalker situations don't involve every detail being spoken about online. Complaining about major harassment makes sense, but also if she has behind the scenes involved police she might not be able to show photos that mightve been taken to mediation about the sitation. All of it right now seems in the air. Can we get all of Addi's active socials posted too so anons can weed through them.

No. 82580

File: 1581716112317.png (40.33 KB, 663x434, wow.png)

Anyone with any heart issues will tell you dont drink and take it or any medications with drink. Addi sure isnt caring for her heart problems. Is this girl an alcoholic or abuses prescriptions?

No. 82581

File: 1581716472775.png (16.05 KB, 670x158, sure jan.png)

If she has this many issues she could be a skinwalker behind the scenes.

No. 82582

File: 1581716566068.png (38 KB, 663x288, not on meds.png)

She's not been on meds for her disorders for 2 years now

No. 82584

File: 1581716857720.png (159.66 KB, 653x419, cali.png)

Did she move to Cali?

No. 82586

So Nicole said someone left her paycheck in the car. That was 12 days prior from now on the second of Feb. 2 too. Did this chick move to Cali when Nicole moved to LA to avoid this girl? Seems sort of sus that she's bragging about getting a check at a strip club which doesn't happen and Nicole reporting a paycheck being stolen from her car among other things the same day.

No. 82587

File: 1581717128550.png (11.34 KB, 670x119, check.png)

dropped pic sorry

No. 82589

how newfag are you? you sound like you’re reading every 10th post and then going ‘I don’t get it who is everyone someone explain it????’ Like seriously do you have saged posts hidden or something?

just read the thread it’s like 80% caps at this point before asking stupid questions. the only social she has is twitter and it’s posted in the op along with the names she goes by

christ this thread I’ve never seen such spoonfeeding before in my life

No. 82590

the tinfoiling here holy shit

No. 82592

At least there is basis to it. Its about as up in the air as a lot of stuff in the thread. She hasn't mentioned the name Addi in anything anywhere. Ive been scrolling through and can't find a name and all Nicole's recent talk aside from the emo photo is about conventions and her stalker. Makes more sense to assume those are about the Brandon guy and not Addi.

No. 82593

It's cause Nicole or her wk is trying to make it seem like the Sarah and Addi girl are actively trying to be her when that's not the cause. Nicole is so obsessed with herself, she thinks everyone is trying to be her.

No. 82594

File: 1581718240710.png (180.82 KB, 663x282, 3 days later.png)

Nicole didn't know about this photo >>82483
until 3 days later and hasn't mentioned Addi's name in anything in months.

No. 82595

We already said sarah has nothing to do with this. Shes a nobody to the situation.

No. 82596

File: 1581720092544.png (122.63 KB, 589x666, sux.png)

she mentioned her 4 days ago you dipshit

>She hasn't mentioned the name Addi in anything anywhere. Ive been scrolling through and can't find a name and all Nicole's recent talk
You're bad at this. >>81979 >>82346

>Makes more sense to assume those are about the Brandon guy and not Addi.

She's tweeted about 5000 times about her female stalker every week for the past several years always describing the same behavior calling her "my stalker" calling her by name and creating multiple social media accounts specifically to harass her by name. She's tweeted about Brandon once in 2018.

Either you're dumb as fuck, you have a vendetta against Addi and you're lying, or you've just been too stupid to read all of the things posted here that fully explain why everything you're saying is wrong. I'm not going to tag every single post here that already negates everything that you're saying, read the thread before embarrassing yourself like this.

No. 82601

Does this addi chick even have a patreon? I can't find one.

No. 82607

Imagine your main issue with your stalker is that they might be stealing your hard-earned betabux by using the same e-begging techniques as you.

No. 82613

you probably could've just posted one of these instead of >>82498 to make your point instead of the one that actually looks like a joke

No. 82618

Seriously, did she steal Nicole's boyfriend in elementary school or something? Why on earth would a California patreon thot with 400K followers fawning over her every day making thousands of dollars be so obsessed with some pudgy middle of nowhere mentally ill Iowa stripper with not even 2K followers trying to make a buck on nudes? So obsessed that she needs to tweet about her every other day for years on end and chase her off of social media and know her every move? So obsessed that when Addi posts she's going to a convention first, Nicole then immediately threatens to show up there too and make sure Addi can't go? I'm sure she gets harassed to hell and back if she so much as acknowledges Nicole, but why doesn't Addi fight back against Nicole making these insane claims about her?

Like, if any of it were true it should be easily provable 100x over by now, but also if any of it were false then Addi should have fought back against Nicole saying these things a long time ago? I just can't wrap my head around it, everything about it is just so fishy on both ends.

ntayrt but they probably didn't know about those since Nicole tries to pretend she's not a thot? no need to be rude

No. 82620

The convention seems more about the guy. She doesnt mention it being a specific gender.

No. 82625

File: 1581736651388.jpg (35.85 KB, 600x450, 0186ffd9223488a20d58840a6a5f1c…)

Haha I think it's hella weird too. Nicole is so obsessed with Addi to the point she's trying to convince herself Addi is obsessed with her lmaoo I bet Addi doesnt give a fuck at all, that's why she doesn't say anything about Nicole's shitfits.

No. 82626

Can we get some more posts where Nicole is mentioning Addi as the main stalker? She mentions Patreon being copied, but Addi doesn't even have a Patreon. Just another thot who ebegs constantly and facetunes her fat face as bad as Sarah Spaceman.

No. 82647

Smart move from Addi to act like Nicole does not exist.
If Nicole doesn’t post legit screenshot where Addi harasses her then I’m convinced that Nicole herself is the bully.

I have high hopes for this cow!

No. 82698

File: 1581802351194.jpg (43.69 KB, 720x540, original (12).jpg)

Nicole's old pics

No. 82700

File: 1581802380007.jpg (35.95 KB, 640x480, 810.jpg)

No. 82701

File: 1581802539795.png (1.96 MB, 1440x1429, nicole dva.png)

Her makeup looks pretty bad without filters and blur

No. 82702

File: 1581802604920.jpeg (129.33 KB, 1242x1222, NicoleEeveeDavis Photoshop Bef…)


No. 82703

File: 1581802640217.jpg (29.08 KB, 480x480, 15876541_109313182909837_32164…)

No. 82704

File: 1581802705593.jpeg (175.13 KB, 1800x1685, NicoleEeveeDavis Photoshop Bef…)

Someone tried deshopping her photo, she kinda looks like Rumer Willis in the deshopped version

No. 82707

File: 1581803171876.jpg (71.24 KB, 1080x774, b0cac4861a9de82753eb4c131c6861…)

What she put on her insta

No. 82716

File: 1581805186338.png (130.95 KB, 594x719, patreon.png)

Every post where she says "my stalker" is her referring to Addi, she's confirmed Addi's identity herself multiple times over at this point. "Muh Stalker" = Addi. We gotta move on from this.

>She mentions Patreon being copied, but Addi doesn't even have a Patreon

There's 2 options here. 1: Nicole had her fans spam report it to be taken down (which is ironically what she accused Addi of doing). 2: Nicole's a liar, and she's lying. So far 99% of what Nicole has said about her seems made up, this is just another fake story.

Also it's hilarious that she accuses someone of stealing her rewards…..bitch what rewards? You literally don't offer anything, everything on here is a donation and the rewards are 1 pokemon card or "idk :)". She's out of her mind. >>82305

No. 82718

File: 1581806412012.jpg (228.22 KB, 1080x1080, 1581806430965.jpg)

At least Nicole is recognizable. Got some Momokun levels on this addi girl. At least nicole looks cute candid too.

No. 82720

File: 1581806550378.png (628.9 KB, 590x1807, iowa.png)

>The convention seems more about the guy. She doesnt mention it being a specific gender.
If she doesn't mention a gender, then why would you assume it's about the guy? Also doesn’t need to mention a gender, because she says ‘muh stalker’ which is what she calls Addi. Do you need her to say ‘muh stalker (pronouns: she/her)’ every single time to get it?

Addi says on her profile she lives in Iowa. Her tweets have a “from xx, Iowa” tag on them. If you search Nicole + “Iowa” on twitter, she never mentioned it once until Addi said she was going, and then she said she would show up to make sure Addi couldn’t go. Nicole is the one that’s stalking Addi’s social media. Nicole is the one showing up in her state just to fuck with her because she knows she’s there and she’s keeping tabs on her plans.

No. 82721

File: 1581806947390.png (199.83 KB, 650x435, doesnt say she lives in iowa.p…)


It doesn't say anywhere that she's in Iowa. So that does leave room guess she mightve moved if we are tinfoiling so much of the situation anyway.

No. 82722

File: 1581807135408.png (214.97 KB, 542x385, kidding herself.png)

No. 82724

File: 1581807344377.png (189.06 KB, 285x449, Try harder addi.png)

Hey OP. How about you don't fucking mislead people with the wrong Addi account. She IS fucking stalking Nicole. I have a WHOLE bunch of shit to post, so hold on.

No. 82725

Hate to break it to you vendetta-chan, but those all look like the same person. One of those is just a dumb quirky egirl instagram filter, that's not shooping (and Nicole uses them all the time), and changing hair and poor lighting isn't the same as shooping yourself with an entirely new face like Nicole does.

Also…..she literally has porn with her face in it? Not that you can't shoop that but I assume it's hard to facetune a video where you're sucking dick and above the pay grade of a small town stripper.

>So that does leave room guess she mightve moved if we are tinfoiling so much of the situation anyway.

This isn't tinfoiling, tinfoling is making a claim without basis. You are responding to the basis for the claim, and it's solid proof. You have zero proof or even reason to suspect that she moved, you're just making shit up. THAT'S tinfoiling.

What’s your game here? You’re simultaneously trying to claim that Addi ISN’T the stalker, but also that she IS a terrible cow. If she isn’t the stalker why does it matter what she’s done, and if she’s a terrible person that still doesn’t prove Nicole isn’t a lying bully. You seem just as obsessed/vendetta as Nicole is about her, why is that?

No. 82726

File: 1581807479351.png (10.47 KB, 665x343, how convenient.png)

How fucking convenient that the account that actually WAS stalking her, the same girl, is now gone. Dude, get the fuck out of here with this bullshit storyline.

No. 82727

File: 1581807612455.png (842.99 KB, 654x995, here ya go.png)

No. 82729

File: 1581807758889.png (164.89 KB, 602x436, same girl.png)

Yes the deleted account does belong to the same girl. The account that is deleted was the one harassing and following and stalking Nicole. Addi is using this new account to make it look like she isn't doing it. She deleted her old one to try to mislead about Nicole's claims.

No. 82731

I'm not misleading anyone, that's her active twitter account she just changed her username you dumbfuck. It's not a new account the same twitter. Holy shit your vendetta is worse than Nicole's somehow.

And, I'mma stop you right now because I know where you're getting these caps from.

No. 82732

File: 1581807908792.png (185.62 KB, 647x609, caught.png)

Stealing stuff from Nicole's Facebook.

No. 82734

Thats not how Twitter accounts work. It's a deleted account, anon, and even with a name change then what is the excuse for ripping off posts? Like why?

No. 82735

File: 1581808515422.png (242.77 KB, 693x631, gross.png)

No. 82736

File: 1581808553009.png (1.25 MB, 646x4444, vendettachan.png)

Gee, why would anyone ever change their twitter username or make a new twitter? Was it because someone made an entire twitter just to respond to every single one of her tweets and harass her? No it MUST be because she's hiding things!

Posting caps of Addi tweeting things saying "she's copying nicole!!!!!!!" doesn't prove anything unless you actually show what she's ripping off from Nicole WITH timestamps.

All you're showing right now is a girl tweeting about weeb shit who changed her twitter username and some obsessed nut screaming at her.

No. 82738

File: 1581808579437.png (32.19 KB, 665x361, nice.png)

Nicole sure is an asshole asking people to not mention the actual person.(whiteknighting sperg)

No. 82740

Nicole mentions her by name herself. >>81979

No. 82742

File: 1581808784415.png (82.59 KB, 647x786, missing posts strnage.png)

So strange. A lot of the posts showing proof of the copying and stalking and reposting are missing. So lucky for Addi.

No. 82743

Jesus anon. You have been screaming about people asking for proof and now with proof coming to you you suddenly want the most in depth shit possible when the stuff about nicole and addi in the first place was ambiguous at best.

No. 82744

>atleast nicole looks recognizable

>>82702 yes Nicole still looks like the same person lmao

Addi shops less than Nicole, shes not changing her whole face.

No. 82745

Stop with the wk vendetta shit. If you're accusing Addi of copying word for word Nicole's tweets, you need to show the tweet she's copying from. All you're showing is that Addi tweets about pokemon. You can't possibly be that brain damaged.

No. 82746

That's your whole face though

No. 82749

>If you don't like a thread, hide it. Don't derail for days just to whiteknight or complain about the thread.

No. 82751

File: 1581812061247.png (323.79 KB, 663x701, leo.png)

>Thats not how Twitter accounts work.
Yes it is, otherwise you wouldn't have been able to find your
>3 days later.png
tweet from Addi that you were sperging about the date of other day from January 25th >>82594
In Nicole's cap the tweet shows it's from "studioeevee", but you can find the same tweet, same day on her "leoeevee" account…..because it's the same fucking twitter with a changed username

For a bonus treat, that tweet included the Iowa location tag on it, since you won't stop tinfoiling about
>we don't know addis in iowa she moved to california to steal nicole's fake paycheck!!!!!!!

Sorry about your brain damage anon. (love all your butthurt file names btw)

No. 82752

I like how the Nicolefags keep saying she looks tHe sAmE when she clearly doesn't without the Photoshop and filters

No. 82753

She posted about Cali after.

No. 82754

Oh, she said she moved to California? And it had a California tag on it?

No. 82755

File: 1581812437301.png (170.41 KB, 717x271, lucky for her.png)

No one said she moved and there doesn't look like there is a tag at all, so lucky, again, for Addi.

No. 82756

>No one said she moved and there
Anon….you literally said she moved there
>Did she move to Cali?
>Did this chick move to Cali when Nicole moved to LA to avoid this girl?

No. 82758

File: 1581813248304.png (404.15 KB, 590x1290, ia.png)

She was tweeting about voting IN Iowa that day. There's already been 10x more proof posted here that she has nothing to do with Nicole than Nicole has ever posted about her "car break in :((( stolen paychec :(((" that you're accusing Addi of doing.

She's lying to you dude, you have GOT to get over it and your obsession with Addi.

No. 82761

File: 1581814142286.png (49.25 KB, 670x362, details.png)

No. 82762

File: 1581814266888.png (59.63 KB, 648x517, 22.png)

No. 82763

File: 1581814366466.png (54.59 KB, 651x400, 26.png)

No. 82764

File: 1581814549664.png (42.44 KB, 638x296, 21.png)

Story holds up that she never went through with the restraining order thing.

No. 82779

am I the only one thinking it's a bit strange how in every screenshot the WK is posting from this rootintootinli1 account has the bottom of those tweets cropped out? Like where it would show how many likes the tweet has, and if it is their own tweet it shows the analytics button? Sure is strange how that part is conveniently cropped out in every screenshot you post WK anon

No. 82821

>Last year they had officers go to her house and tell her dad everything she was doing (she’s not a minor)

what is this bitch even talking about here? what the fuck law did she break where cops are allowed to show up to an adult woman’s house and tattle on her private life to her parents? In what world would that ever be legal or make sense?

like and then what? then the officer called you up and said “omg your not gonna believe this she still lives with her dad omg what a dork sooooo embarrassing”, how would she possibly know that’s how it went down? she’s so blatantly just making shit up and clearly she’s not even smart enough to make up shit that makes any sense

I guess that’s why vendetta-chan is now trying to pretend like addi’s not the one nicole’s always talking about even though she clearly is? because if anyone looks into it with 1 braincell you’ll start to see nicole’s just a blatant liar and scammer

agree with the anon earlier here that said this is all just revealing how much of a huge bully she is. she tries to act all “no no i’m fine really uwu i would never sink to their level’ but the ‘(she’s not a minor)’ feels like a very pointed and unnecessary detail, like she’s clearly trying to shit on her for being >18 and living with her parents

It’s just so obvious I can’t believe idiots like
>>82738 would ever fall for it lmao

honestly is anyone else getting like….dasha vibes from nicole?

No. 82823

Good point, this one looks like they are logged in on web view and took the time to crop certain parts of the screen out >>82755
Also seems bizarre to be defending the stalker so much itt

No. 82838

>what is this bitch even talking about here? what the fuck law did she break where cops are allowed to show up to an adult woman’s house and tattle on her private life to her parents? In what world would that ever be legal or make sense?
Tbf a lot of older police officers will tell the parents of adult children why they showed up to their house, a gist of what's going on. I've personally had this happen to me, but Nicole is definitely exaggerating about the dad being told every detail.

No. 82900

File: 1581847900851.jpeg (503.43 KB, 2048x2048, 5C81438F-A7EC-41E2-9E0B-83E4B4…)

It’s absolutely rootintootin themselves posting here. Their entire account is devoted to harassing this Addi girl and the screenshots of their tweets that they’ve posted here are using the same darkmode browser style as the screenshots they post on Twitter. The whole “uwu wooloo” and mereep x wooloo thing is a popular meme in the Pokémon community, without a time stamp there’s no proof that Addi copied that from Nicole.

It honestly seems like Nicole is the obsessed one here, even going out of her way to attend a shitty, middle-of-nowhere, out-of-state con because this girl said she was going. Anime Iowa? Literally why is that a con you would choose to travel for?

This shit is fishy.

No. 82941

And if you live with ypur parents, cops are more inclined to clue them in on whats happening as it is their household, not the kids, that they are wanting to question her at.

No. 82944

File: 1581865631757.jpeg (28.9 KB, 430x284, bucket.jpeg)


Lol the WK never fails to amuse me. The second Nicole's unshopped face gets posted, the WK posts pics of Addi's "unshopped" face.

We don't give a fuck about Addi, this is Nicole's thread. Stop trying your hardest to make Nicole seem less bad, your cosplay waifu is shit and she doesn't exist outside of the internet.

No. 82955

Its a thread involving all parties. That doesnt make Brandon or Addi unrelated topics. Stop reeing everyone who talks about other cows involved.

No. 82956

File: 1581872384684.png (115.21 KB, 591x579, liar.png)

>Also seems bizarre to be defending the stalker so much itt
But there's no proof she's a stalker at all, that's the point. No one would be defending her at all if it wasn't for proof-chan/vendetta-sperg coming in trying to "b-but mina!!" her. Like >>82944 says it's about Nicole and vendetta-sperg is the one clearly trying to making about Addi. As far as I'm concerned there probably is some overlap, but there's going to be overlap with all ex-scene weeaboo thots. No doubt there probably was some copying back in the day, but she seems to have moved on with her life and watching Nicole sperg out and obsess over her and continue to try and ruin her life is just sad and petty.

And Nicole thinking she invented being a scene kid thot who likes pokemon and ghibli and wants money for free….delusional. Especially since she doesn't think she's a thot in the first place. It's definitely reaching Dasha levels of obsession. I hope we get a giant Nicole reveal someday too.

Anyways, here's another slice of "Nicole's a liar" pie. Claims this is her first experience with Patreon, when it's obviously not. The proof of that is still up on Patreon, she has at least one post from 2018 there

No. 82958

>Stop reeing everyone who talks about other cows involved.
Stop whining over no one caring about your vendetta. Clearly they're relevant, we're all talking about them, no one's stopping them from being discussed. It's a thread ABOUT Nicole, the cow here is Nicole. Addi and Brandon are relevant, that doesn't mean it's a free-for-all for you to tinfoil and vendetta post about whatever you want. Go back to your twitter safe space if you want asspats for bullying some nobody thot cause you're pussywhipped by a blurry facetune of a human being.

No. 82960

People are free to talk about Brandon and Addi's involvement with Nicole, does Addi's tame filter usage have anything to do with Nicole? No. You want to defend Nicole's ~honor~ so bad and it's so damn obvious. Nicole looks NOTHING like her photoshopped face irl.

No. 82971

Looks like her first, really diving into Patreon, Patreon. Looks like she never really did much with her first one and theyve changed a lot about the site in those 2 years. Setting up a Patreon is a pain in the ass, much less the revisions after your first publishing before they review your page.(ban evasion)

No. 82972

File: 1581883352281.png (58.67 KB, 706x178, wks.png)

Still lying lmao. But please, do tell us what Nicole means, share your insight into her mind and her pure intentions anon.

Interesting how these wks always seem to show up in pairs and spam the thread, sometimes even within minutes of each other saying the same things. Same with >>82477 and >>82743 + vendetta-sperg, and >>82373 + >>82371 and even in /meta/ (hours apart, but still same pattern) and all the posts in costhots are like that too. Even the post about the Sarah girl in /snow/ someone replies to with a very "omg another nicole skinwalker she has so many poor nicole everyone is obsessed with her" type response even though everyone here universally agrees Sarah has nothing to do with Nicole

Makes it seem like Nicole is just parked on a discord somewhere with her one friend going
>reply to this one!!
It'd make sense if she was a farmer, she'd know mods can clock a samefag. And again, a very Dasha move. Sage for tinfoil/hi cow.

No. 82981

This thread sucks so bad lol op should deeply consider committing no oxygen(a-logging)

No. 82986

File: 1581900617604.gif (811.64 KB, 245x278, 34D9240E-32A2-442D-A99B-49D464…)

i love it when the cows themselves or their wks bump the thread to whine about it, it just never gets old

hey nicole you’re not convincing anyone you’re not a bully telling people to kill themselves, it’s not very uwu of you

maybe you should try lying less? can’t shoop away your ugly personality!

No. 83000

File: 1581904447177.png (432.15 KB, 1440x1688, 20002.png)

>your parents didnt raise you right if you say mean things! In kindergarden they teach you dont say anything if you got nothing nice to say!!!

Didn't your parents teach you better Nicole? You should follow your own advice and stop harassing Addi and other girls, you dumb bitch.

No. 83003

>Screencap of a post from 2014
>Obvious Nicole stalker posting since nobody else has heard of Nicole until all the lolcow selfposting happened last week

>"Stop harassing Addi and other girls" uwu

No. 83004

>Obvious Nicole stalker posting since nobody else has heard of Nicole until all the lolcow selfposting happened last week
Aww, are your feelings hurt because mods keep cracking down on your failed wk/vendettas? It's just getting sad at this point, you're clearly running out of ways to make fools of yourselves.

No. 83009

File: 1581912733778.jpg (8.81 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (2).jpg)

The Nicolefag mentality

>present evidence of Nicole being a hypocrite


No. 83011

also it’s always one person posts something blatantly wk, someone replies calling them out and then they delete the comment

it feel like there’s been about a dozen of those now?

obviously this is ancient milk, but it’s still soooo funny to see her try and pretend she doesn’t care what people say about her on the internet as if she hasn’t been having a rampaging shit fit for weeks now at the mere mention of her

she cares SO much about what people on the internet say about her that she caused this thread, if she had just kept her mouth shut in the first place the thread would have just written her off as a boring old thot and moved on, what the fuck did she expect when she demanded people look into her and find receipts? what a dumbass

No. 83027

File: 1581948985297.png (2.23 MB, 1440x2262, z.png)

Lol I like how she randomly throws in a ass and tit pic when answering questions

No. 83028

File: 1581949131138.png (3.42 MB, 1440x2551, q.png)

>Hehe gaiz I'm just quiiiirky girl

She really likes paying homage to Belle with that stupid face

No. 83029

File: 1581949493555.png (3.16 MB, 1420x2557, a.png)


She LIVES for these comments

No. 83030

File: 1581949682556.png (2.79 MB, 1440x2287, b.png)


More uwu fake humbleness. Don't lie Nicole, you think you're world class famous. Don't forget your Photoshop skills is what gave you your z tier celeb fame.

No. 83036

>81 weeks ago
It's just shorts.

No. 83050


No. 83053

don’t you have anything better to do than to sit here and whine at every single post? mods already told you to hide the thread if you don’t like it.

honestly if nicole put 10% as much energy into finding a job or actually producing patreon content worth paying for as she does whining or sending wk attack dogs she wouldn’t have to beg for her rent (or stage a fake break in for pity)

also like….ew? everything about these are gross. for someone so blatantly a thot you’d think she would understand sex appeal better

>speak friend and enter

>farting cat gif
disgusting, also she clearly thinks if she’s “so quirky randum XDD” it means she’s not a thot

like pool pic also isn’t a sexy pose, that’s like the pov of what your toilet sees

(as i’m typing i realize of course there are disgusting men who probably want that exact content)

No. 83067

>waaah 81 weeks ago get over it
She's the one who still has it pinned on her profile in her "Q&A" after 81 weeks, it's not even a question it's just a blatant excuse for her to show her ass. >>83029 isn't a question either and she still has it front and center on her profile

>call me ugly i don't care uwu
>i'm not famous uwu
This false modesty bullshit makes me so queasy. (Old milk, I know) but you just KNOW all of the comments on that fb post were from anime-icon dudes going "who would ever call you ugly!! they need to get their eyes checked!! ur perfect m'lady!!". Also I love this Q&A one because it poses the same question as her Patreon/Ko-fi of like….bitch what do you do? You barely cosplay, you don't make videos, you don't stream, you won't even fully commit to being a thot and selling nudes or whatever, you produce no content whatsoever outside of just sitting on your ass posting shooped/filtered selfies and going
>waaah i'm working so hard u guise look i'm quirky pay my rent :((((
without actually doing anything (vid related). She's just trying to be a kept woman trophy-waifu for the internet. Honestly staging her car break-in sob story was the most work she's put into anything in a long time.

No. 83071

File: 1581977355387.jpg (47.63 KB, 480x640, CAF7vqHVAAADYFs.jpg)

More old pics

No. 83072

File: 1581977383374.jpg (14.4 KB, 236x223, 85e538c1f6a42072ecc47524dc1847…)

No. 83080

File: 1581984293244.png (470.44 KB, 938x604, img.png)

See this is also what makes me thing she had a nose job at some point, because when you go far enough back she seems weird about her nose. Either covering it or filtering it out of existence.

No. 83082

File: 1581987796860.png (3.69 MB, 1440x2573, 64344(1).png)


>>83000 but I thought nicole said she said she doesnt care about the haters calling her ugly and attention whore

No. 83083

Can you post this with her handle on it?

No. 83084

File: 1581989716110.jpg (644.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200217-173447_Ins…)

No. 83087

File: 1581992360542.png (190.77 KB, 1210x407, website.png)

Jesus, it's like the more we look at this the more confusing it gets.

So clearly >>83084 is an Addi (Addi Vaporeon?) account she had taken down again as "my stalker", but all of these >>83082 and the accompanying twitters don't seem like Addi content, they seem like Brandon content? Brandon is the one who was clearly upset that she didn't look like her shoops so much so that he made two websites about it, at least two twitters about it. Why on earth would these be from Addi? There's zero proof to back that up and all the proof to point in Brandon's direction. Even on his website he says those stories were talking about him (which makes sense, because he's insane).

It's like she's taking all the shit Brandon did and not only blaming it on Addi, but also coming up with new fake shit too to blame on her as well? But why? I'm so confused.

Either way, still not one shred of proof that Addi was ever skinwalking Nicole's content like she's still saying she is.

No. 83089

File: 1581992766367.png (571.79 KB, 589x684, twitter.png)

Posted today.

No. 83091

File: 1581992877808.jpeg (391.37 KB, 1462x2048, EQ_nt0qUEAIRW-P.jpeg)

Seems like she's moving towards the Mickey realm of shooping, with the fake (only bridge of nose and cheek) freckles and the over-shooped lip

No. 83094

File: 1581994661418.png (3.17 MB, 1440x2880, 17-14-12-08.png)

Is she pretending to be single now? She was pretty vocal about having a boyfriend not too long ago unless they broke up. Pretty disgusting how she wrote "use me" on her head. Might as well as well say FUCK MY PUSSY UP in big fonts, we all know what you're tryna do sis.

No. 83095

if anyone has been following leda for like 10 years like i have (first knew of her from myspace) you'd be able to tell that this Nicole girl is blatantly copying her lol. I really suck at explaining things but if you know, you know. Alex Dorame does the same shit, skinwalks Leda to such an extreme amount it's creepy as fuck

No. 83097

Second this. It wasn't just their style and interests either, it was also the way their similar photos, were arranged on their similar feeds. Back then these girls weren't dime a dozen either, there was Leda and her copycats. Now they're everywhere and it's a basic aesthetic that young girls go for.

No. 83098


Sarah and her have nothing in common. We already discussed this. Its complete tinfoil between Sarah/leda and Nicole.


No. 83099

File: 1581996336625.png (1.4 MB, 1175x1300, wat.png)

Aight, I think we may have accidentally broken Addi.

So prior to this thread I tried to look decently far back on both Addi and Nicole's twitters. I couldn't find any evidence of Addi skinwalking or anything Nicole was accusing her of outside of the one meme. Also Nicole has never shown any actual proof. Make the thread, 5 days go by, still no skinwalking.

Then yesterday I assumed Addi found the thread, because last night for a sec she put her twitter on private and was tweeting about crying in her car or something (which seemed odd because for the most part people here were coming to her defense and actually calling out Nicole's bullying)

Then today, it's back on public and she goes and deliberately finds and posts things from Nicole's account, 3-4 right in row. Then she goes and basically retweets her entire month of her own content from January, so everything at the top of her twitter is from a month ago.

So what the fuck is going on with these two? Addi's minding her own business doing nothing related to Nicole, she never fights back against Nicole and just seems to let her bad mouth her and report her accounts. Then the second she finds the thread where people are defending her she gets upset and when she finds out we're pointing out that Nicole's lying about her she goes and deliberately copies Nicole for basically the first time (from what I saw recently) so now she's making sure Nicole doesn't look like a liar.

I don't get it.

No. 83100

Its what Ive been telling you guys in the costhot thread. The girl has had 2 other threads removed for vendetta which,if you look at this thread, its mostly old 2014-2018 posts, nitpicking her face. Also some anon had vendetta, red texted, posts 8 months ago and 2 years ago for this same shit. Im guessing Addi realizes we know shes making these posts/threads and lost her shit again because some anons arent falling for this whole thing.(ban evading wk)

No. 83101

A few anons have mentioned she has mental illness, she also could be upset about anons calling her a mentally ill sex worker, idk.

No. 83102

lmao? how would you even know if you literally have no clue who leda is?
not having interactions with someone doesn't mean they aren't skinwalking her. you seem awfully adamant that nicole is ~totally original uwu~ cringe. she's literally a copy paste of Leda.
yeah seriously. if i gave a single fuck about this girl i'd find the pics of ledas to compare them to but the amount girls who skinwalk her now is just insane kek

No. 83104

Dude shut the fuck up no one asked you. It has nothing to do with your blatant vendetta. Jfc you were waiting here to pounce 5 mins after I post?
I'm the one who made the post and I'm not Addi. If any of us were Addi you would see the analytics icons in the tweets of Addi's that are being posted, idiot.

All you're doing is incriminating yourself by admitting you've been sitting in this thread and the last one refreshing all day for literal weeks white knighting and vendetta-sperging at every post the second it gets posted waiting for any excuse to scream
even though you were trying to claim the reason was because she had no milk and there way no proof. Great job outing your own obsession and whiteknighting and vendetta tho.

No. 83105

Its believable to say the guy stalker made the first 2 shitty threads but to say a random person like Addi made the threads? Idk why Nicole's WK is trying to blame everything on a random girl.

No. 83106

This is the most cancerous thread next to Shayna's thanks to the autist wk. Why the fuck can't we discuss without infighting, why is this bitch refreshing the thread waiting for an anon to say something they can use to claim Nicole's innocence. Only makes me distrust Nicole more.

No. 83107

Yeah, I mean that makes sense, I honestly didn't think much of it when she went private (because that would be the smart thing to do when you find out internet randos have been pulling all your tweets). Even the crying didn't seem too weird because again, internet randos paying way too much attention and there are posts here about her from the vendetta-chan. But the choice to deliberately start copying Nicole because she sees we're paying attention? I can't wrap my head around it.

I think it was only one thread, I don't know what other thread wk is talking about? But yeah I also assumed Brandon made that one too because all op was mad about was the shooping.

No. 83108

Maybe Addi likes attention in the same way as the tards who make obvious self posts here? Other than that no fucking clue why she'd do this when we were defending her?

No. 83110

Could be attention, mental illness or a mix of the two. Either way I don't give a shit what Addi does, I'm loling over how much Nicole freaks out when it comes to random girls she deems as a threat.

No. 83111

Tbh I think she’s been single for a while but doesn’t want to address it. She put on Twitter some time ago she wishes she was loved and people came flooding in saying they loved her. And I haven’t seen her bf in a hot minute on any of her social media.

No. 83113

the only thing I can think is that maybe she thinks if she suddenly proves Nicole right we’ll all go ‘aww dang wk-chan was right! alright everyone hit the showers’, cause if we stop paying attention to Nicole then we’ll also stop paying attention to her.

like clearly she’s been bullied by nicole and her cronies already (the instagrams and rootintootin or w/e are evidence of that) maybe she thinks if she pleads guilty we’ll just go away nicole included. she doesn’t seem like she wants to be vindicated otherwise why not fight back?

that or they have some weird fucked up symbiotic relationship

all that said, agree with >>83110
at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter what addi does, even if we didn’t know her identity watching nicole spiral out and ‘pay my rent bc MUH STALKER!!!!!!’ every other tweet would still be funny. and her behavior here just proves she’s more of a cow with every ban evade

No. 83136

File: 1582036721312.png (2.18 MB, 1424x2505, 01-31-50-1.png)

Trying to justify her Patreon

>The Patreon is there so I don't have to save up a year for 1 cosplay

How many times does she have to lie about this? It's pretty clear and obvious at this point that she can afford all the things she claims she uwu can't.


She only got into nerd stuff cause she thinks being a n3Rd is a personality.

No. 83159

File: 1582043769765.png (822.98 KB, 998x994, holyshitisuckatediting.png)

Fucking amazing. I knew this girl would turn out to be a cow. Only thing I can contribute to is the Leda skinwalking. It's partially tinfoiling though.

I found Leda when she began posting on youtube. One of her former boyfriends around this time was Nate. Des was a good friend of his that he shared a channel with, and they were roommates too iirc. They ended their friendship at some point. Ironic she would want to get close to Nate.

After seeing this post I went to check on Nicole's end. From the looks of it, she was in a long term relationship with a high school sweetheart. I don't recall seeing any sort of indication of them breaking up, so again this is where it becomes more so tinfoil. Nicole sure is defensive though.

Reposted (again) because I kept fucking up the screenshot. Really sorry about that.

No. 83162

File: 1582044674088.png (2.4 MB, 1440x1718, 7-1.png)

Isn't she dating this mop head?

No. 83165

File: 1582045140652.png (2.32 MB, 1419x1798, 1.png)

>we're definitely not the most classy pair out there

>Hey babe let's take a pic of you unzipped with your boxers out, I'll lift my shirt all the way up exposing my stomach and I'm gonna pull my pants down so everyone can see my panty line! We'll look so quirky!

She wasn't wrong about not being classy lul and she can really chill on the stomach blur, her stomach looks like Casper the fucking Ghost.

No. 83170

File: 1582047244588.jpeg (557.48 KB, 750x1136, F75C21F8-3F0B-43A2-A437-F31F85…)


is that actually from 2009 though? cause I don’t think that dude’s been around in years

the only recent guy I saw was this one from feb 4

he’s cosplaying the dude from SAO right? he’s not tagged in the post or in any other pics or anything though so ???

No. 83171

File: 1582047334172.jpeg (226.49 KB, 750x588, 83A0883C-2354-4E83-B7A5-563396…)

caption w/ no mention of the dude

No. 83173

That pic was from 2017. Nicole wasn't posting anything in 2009 because Photoshop wasn't advanced enough to shop new faces into selfies. Leda existed in 2009 though.

No. 83174

Oh, so they're broken up now? I saw Nate's post around when it was posted. Wasn't sure if it's changed by now. Wonder if he got tired of her being a thot.

No. 83180

File: 1582052431162.jpeg (463.42 KB, 1242x1812, 3835F700-97D9-49F8-B209-635A2D…)

This was posted on her roommates’ insta:

No. 83183

I wonder how the conversation goes

>Hey friend! Can you Photoshop my selfies for me and make me look like someone that doesn't exist?

I'm surprised her friends don't call her out on her bullshit, they just go with it like she doesn't paste a new face onto her selfies

No. 83192

File: 1582057051554.jpeg (243.68 KB, 750x699, E01516E3-7020-43CD-8D90-BABA77…)

sage for…..i don’t know if this is tinfoil or not, i was trying to find the other NED thread wk was sperging about can’t find it, p sure there was just the one

but if you google ‘nicole eevee davis lolcow’ and scroll to the bottom there’s a DMCA complaint? does that mean anything to someone who understands seo?

so was there another thread that only wk-senpai seems to remember?

No. 83195

>was there another thread that only wk-senpai seems to remember?

Is you reading comprehension that bad? From the Costhot thread the WK denied there were even any threads or posts about Nicole because she's a ~milkless~ Angel.

No. 83206

File: 1582062751593.png (2.93 MB, 1440x2580, heyminna.png)

>heyminna! Checkout my tits!

No. 83207

File: 1582062889917.png (2.27 MB, 1440x2560, whoops-1.png)

>Just a push up bra

No. 83209

File: 1582064106496.png (23.94 KB, 794x111, screenshot.png)

ntayrt but WK said there was 2 threads right here: >>83100
>The girl has had 2 other threads removed for vendetta which blah blah blah
>posts 8 months ago and 2 years ago for this same shit
We know there's one thread already that was locked for shit thread that was probably made by Brandon: >>>/ot/415422 (8 months ago), so what's the "2 years" one they're talking about?

(also a lot has happened since the costhot thread, wk has sperged several times about that Brandon thread since then, catch up)

Also I love how WK keeps sperging about how we're being ridiculous because she has an ass pic from a million weeks ago pinned front and center on her insta but WK keeps sperging about
There's no thread from 2 years ago posted in this one, so they must be talking about something only THEY remember and were paying attention to 2 years ago about Nicole (but also claiming that no one had ever even heard of this girl before therefore no milk!!!).

Also there's only 2 red texts in that thread, and one of them is from a wk trying to pull the same "it's not even a big deal???" shit that they were trying to pull in costhots. They can't even keep their own sperging straight.

No. 83214

Not gonna lie though I wish I had her tits tbh

No. 83219

I will laugh so hard if the WK is actually Nicole

No. 83223

File: 1582073936125.png (1.48 MB, 1440x2813, handnfilter.png)

Nicole is addicted to photoshop, filter and blur. Not even her hand is safe from blur and filter.

No. 83242

At this point I have no doubt it is her. It would make sense that she's grasping for straws to get this attention off of her if she follows other cows. Probably freaking the hell out.

The extent she goes to shoop herself is insane. Gotta be the perfect egirl!

No. 83243

File: 1582078770686.jpg (233.13 KB, 1990x1581, cringe.jpg)

Nicole is such a fUnNy qUiRkY nErD!

No. 83246

File: 1582079276648.png (1.49 MB, 1436x2843, instastory.png)

This is on her profile instastory. Who the hell dips a goddamn trading card in food???

No. 83248

File: 1582079418080.jpg (236.68 KB, 1800x1800, 26df6a39208af045.jpg)

Googling Nicole sure is fun

No. 83249

File: 1582079487079.png (1.29 MB, 1440x2824, instastory2.png)

Shes so proud of it too. Didnt your parents teach you not to play with your food nicole?

No. 83251

Honestly these
>>82707 display her catfishing abilities more accurately.

No. 83253

Her entire personality and interests are so fake, you can tell just by reading this post

No. 83256

File: 1582081049753.jpeg (945.21 KB, 1242x1694, FC8B8A93-B912-4C55-8C70-B8118D…)

don’t forget this one

the d.va pics look like they’re from a collab video or something? i wonder what happened to it, it seems to not exist anymore

inb4 wk sperging that this isn’t her or something, that’s clearly her wart and her septum piercing

No. 83259

File: 1582081320830.jpg (68.23 KB, 556x883, 69346965.jpg)

She hides that wart/mole/whatever the fuck it is like her life depends on it

No. 83270

File: 1582084106621.jpg (99.48 KB, 1242x1224, f41a10c5ef47a29691bd1deda46486…)

Anyone have candids of her from conventions and card game tournaments?

No. 83271

File: 1582085332154.jpg (134.21 KB, 720x960, 13575890_1148263545231255_9212…)

Her Daenerys one from Anime Expo 2016 is pretty easy to find. It's not like she's an ugly girl by any stretch, she's just not the glowing uwu anime goddess waifu she shoops herself to be. I don't know how her followers could be stupid enough to believe that in the first place. She definitely has some pretty intense eye bags tho, those are always consistent in her candids. Even here >>83180 you can see the blatant undereye shoop

Honestly I don't think she does it on purpose, I think when you're filtering yourself and white balancing all dimension out of your face it disappears. I mean we can barely even see her nose half the time

No. 83274

It's Nicole. The wk says the same thing as Nicole see >>82475
The wk almost says the same thing from word to word "WHEN UR KNOWN/POPULAR/BIGGER YOUR NAME GETS PEOPLE WILL SAY STUFF ABOUT YOU"

No. 83275


So self-absorbed. So cringey.

No. 83276

File: 1582086282656.jpg (626.26 KB, 1079x1324, Screenshot_20200218-201739_Twi…)

Addi is suddenly mentioning a patreon she hasnt linked or talked about before. What is happening with her >>83099 this too out of nowhere if someone finds it post the rewards nicole claims were sToLen

No. 83277

File: 1582086307492.jpg (479.96 KB, 1024x1024, 232148.jpg)

I woulda thought these were two different people if I didn't know about her

No. 83279

Very OT but is this how instagram displays like counts now?

If it's hundreds of thousands does it say 'hundreds of thousands of others'?
Sorry for the question, where I am I get exact number displays still. I've only seen 'and others' screencaps so far. Saying 'thousands of others' seems to be pointless since I thought the change was to prevent people focusing on stats so much.

No. 83280

Belle surely created a plague upon the internet.

No. 83281

The biggest problem I am seeing is she shaves her eyebrows and draws them on higher. This looks good from above but less good from front view. Notice in all the "catfishing" images her head is down. She'd look a lot better from the front with correct eyebrow placement.

No. 83282

File: 1582087546331.jpg (744.08 KB, 1079x1368, Screenshot_20200218-204329_Ins…)

Nah Looks like they edited the post

No. 83283

I posted that pic, I didnt edit shit.

No. 83285

kek of course. no Leda skinwalker is complete without going for her exes! big yikes.

No. 83286

File: 1582088001029.jpg (162.28 KB, 1079x490, Screenshot_20200218-205215_Ins…)

Sorry if you didnt but never seen it calculate the likes like that even with no one you know following

No. 83287

File: 1582088459489.jpg (1.68 MB, 3847x1440, belle nic.jpg)

She low-key wants to be Belle

No. 83288

this is some testing thing instagram has been doing just looked it up. That's so weird i havent run into that before my bad anon

No. 83292

Just opened up this video and am distracted by her brother and two older female relatives waddling around in the background. She's definitely the hot one in her family. (They seem cute though, it's just a harsh contrast between the scene internet look and normal looking people)

No. 83294

I don't think she has one anymore though? She might've had one a couple of weeks ago, but Nicole was bragging about getting it taken down.

Honestly, even if she is "copying" (and I use that term loosely) Nicole, it's definitely not to the extent Nicole is claiming to scam her followers out of pity bucks, and it still makes Nicole look like the cow bully for reacting the way she has and obsessing over her for years. Sharing someone else's reposts of memes is still not skinwalking and still not life-threatening. Nicole acts like she has somehow stolen tens of thousands of dollars directly out of Nicole's pocket through skinwalking. Clearly if that were true she wouldn't be a stripper and begging people to buy her nudes. Not like Nicole posts anything all that new or unique anyways, it's all just basic bitch uwu ghibli memes

Right is supposed to be candid but it still looks pretty edited. Teeth look enhanced and her undereye bags are mysteriously gone.

No. 83295

I had no clue either anon thought it was shopped. Its not something the creators turn on though just instagram picks random times, posts, and users right now it seems.

No. 83296

Ah, that explains it. Sorry for the diversion, anons.

No. 83297

All the replies are missing too whats she sending to who if there isnt a patreon?

No. 83300

File: 1582091282014.jpg (459.88 KB, 1536x2048, b61P0AO.jpg)

>don't forget to donate to my Kofi too guys

No. 83301

File: 1582091981726.png (823.27 KB, 1560x728, 1.png)

Samefag, watching this video (it's from 2016) and seeing her family tuck into two pizza boxes in the background while occasionally shooting disparaging looks across the room…explains a lot to me about Nicole. Also her makeup looks good right up until she puts lashes, extra eyeliner and draws a new set of eyebrows on above what is the top of her original brows. All that does is shift her features upward which makes her look odd from the front, as seen in other images ITT.

No. 83302

File: 1582092057200.png (922.04 KB, 1668x604, 2.png)

No. 83303

File: 1582092220726.png (658.02 KB, 1429x620, 3.png)

No. 83307

Kek she's even worse than peachmilky with her disappearing mole act. Like get it removed if it bothers you so badly, your paypigs are sure to cover the cost?

Fuck man did she shop someone else's eyebrows onto her face here? They look like hair strokes in the shopped image but thin crayola lines in the candid…

No. 83308

File: 1582093608095.jpeg (41.54 KB, 640x640, 9D6765B3-1BDF-4E05-8606-F59FEE…)

I just realized Leda is in this compilation. Nicole must be flattered!

No. 83311

File: 1582095406538.gif (252.56 KB, 290x280, tenor (1).gif)

>Skinwalking SUCCESS

No. 83312

Now if only she could successfully look like any of her Instagram pictures in real life….

No. 83351

File: 1582130757199.png (2.62 MB, 1353x1808, 70056(1).png)

Anyone else find her "sexy" photos cringey? She tries too hard to be seen as nerdy and sexy

No. 83352

File: 1582130793994.png (3.01 MB, 1352x1793, 0234(1).png)

Also dat waist shopping lol

No. 83356

They look like typical thot shots not really cringy or standout

No. 83370

File: 1582136745455.jpeg (281.5 KB, 585x500, FC402803-26F7-47D7-B808-1CD4F1…)

I don’t understand why she shops half this shit. She doesn’t look bad here, yet she still slims herself down anyway kek.

No. 83372

Lol that editing on the left thats not a human leg what is that

No. 83381

She’s a ~smoll perf qween uwu~ didn’t you know? Totally natural!

No. 83389

File: 1582143741204.png (251.6 KB, 253x708, 1B253476-07AF-44A8-B11B-F54CAC…)

ok but like this is why she’s so full of shit when she’s whining about ‘so i don’t have to save up for a full year to pay for one cosplay uwu’ and claiming her patreon is for ‘creating cosplay’……you’re not creating anything?

her hogwarts one isn’t cosplay, it’s just her wearing a uniform and she couldn’t even spring for a plain black skirt, while still asking for donations to make it better

this is supposed so be her ‘sexy malon’ but she already had the cheap wig and bowser brooch from her actual malon one, she’s not even wearing a real bathing suit bottom she’s wearing underwear (also it looks nothing like malon and i would have never guessed in a million years that’s what that was)

even her daenerys cospay is just like, upholstery scraps, i bet all the fabric cost $50 max. the most expensive part would have been the lace front, but even that looks like a cheap amazon one

all of those other super mainstream ones like SOA and raphtalia and dva you can probably buy on taobao for super cheap

sage for cosplay nitpicking, but i bet you could buy most of the “cosplay” she’s done over the past several years for less than $500 because she barely does anything

No. 83392

File: 1582144038210.jpeg (119.3 KB, 1070x638, 39A06F80-8E5C-465A-8EA5-6F704E…)

the only one that might have been more expensive is dark magician girl (but probably still buyable on taobao) and I don’t think she’s ever actually worn that one anywhere outside of a couple
of thot pics where she couldn’t even be bothered to wear a wig or style a wig

No. 83430

File: 1582155536920.png (2.06 MB, 1440x2031, Sc1-1.png)

Her double d tits magically disappear when she's not wearing a tank top or something that hugs her body. She's legit flat as a board without a push up bra and stuffing. At least Leda had real tits

No. 83435

File: 1582158228968.png (1.68 MB, 1438x2569, 14-01-31-22-1.png)

>I'm not gonna do anything more lewd than the pool shoot

What about the ass and tit pics/vids? She's tryna make it seem like she only hoed it out once.

No. 83443

>I get shy easily!! I feel like my unease would show through!!

Looking pretty uneasy here, Nicole. Just a joke tho amirite?

No. 83452

File: 1582163040602.jpg (858.52 KB, 1903x1727, nic reddit.jpg)

Before if you searched Nicoleeeveedavis on reddit you'd find pages upon pages of her selfies in random subreddits. A lot of them had her slutty so uwu shy~ pics (that's where I found majority of her lewd pics) and now everything is wiped clean when you search her up. All the posts conveniently disappeared after the pics started making it's way on to LC. It's almost like Nicole hard self posted on Reddit and deleted everything in attempt to hide the proof now that her Ethotness is coming to light.

No. 83467

File: 1582165246401.jpg (273.77 KB, 1000x1000, 01.jpg)

Kek okay so I decided to take a look as well. Only tinfoil and reaching, but this looks weird when taking into consideration the disappearing posts.

No. 83478

These posts are all almost over a year old, 2 years some of them.

No. 83481

And? What does that have to do with anything?

No. 83484

File: 1582175283098.png (286.6 KB, 652x1060, reddit.png)

I also tried to see if anything came up the other day because one of the Addi harassment accounts claimed there was evidence from "Reddit and IG" >>82346 and the thing that struck me as odd is that it seems like almost every post of her is tagged as NSFW even though they're not. Sure, her "lewds" are there occasionally, but it's almost all just selfies and they're almost all marked NSFW.

No. 83485

File: 1582175362322.jpg (65.24 KB, 640x1136, 1843348394150281491.jpg)

Nicole's real nose?

No. 83487

File: 1582175543284.png (295.7 KB, 1048x587, reddit2.png)

Also that she has 2 subreddits, and even one of them is marked as NSFW?
>r/NicoleDavis 1k Members
>r/NicoleEeveeDavis 414 Members

On r/NicoleEeveeDavis every single post is marked as NSFW. I dunno if that means anything, I've just never seen that before. Kinda seems like a weird clickbait thing? Do other costhots have large Reddit communities?

No. 83488

File: 1582175593525.png (411.03 KB, 782x588, reddit3.png)

No. 83489

Yes, and if you read >>83452 they said that select posts are disappearing. Adding to this is multiple posts made by a deleted user >>83467

If Nicole had been self-posting with a burner account, she’s likely deleted it now alongside these posts. There’s no way to definitively prove it, but the timing with this thread is something to keep in mind.

No. 83491

She always looks like its upturned though

No. 83492

Can we get a list of all her posts to compare which ones are gone?

No. 83493

Does she run these or are these fan made ones that might not have content control given to her. Reddit is full of incel reuploads

No. 83494

Expert at selfposting (didn't work so great here though)

No. 83496

File: 1582177294902.jpg (743.72 KB, 1448x1448, bing.jpg)

To add to her photoshopping, she definitely drags the big eye tool to the max. Her eyes aren't that big irl

No. 83498

With all her followers and how disgusting dudes on reddit are, i think its kind of safe to say these are a real stretch to call all those accounts sockpuppets of hers

No. 83505

File: 1582178463743.jpg (556.32 KB, 1024x1024, q.jpg)

Her different faces Daenerys cosplays

It wouldn't be so bad if she just stuck to one face

No. 83506

>Can we get all of Addi's active socials posted too so anons can weed through them
>Can we get some more posts where Nicole is mentioning Addi as the main stalker?
>Can we get a list of all her posts to compare which ones are gone?

Can you get these things yourself without asking other people? Also….no? You want us to give you a list of everything she's ever posted? What?

>With all her followers and how disgusting dudes on reddit are
>With all her followers
Oh, did you mean >>83274

No. 83507

I only asked >>83492 because we dont have a different list to compare it to so are we supposed to take anons tinfoil and word for missing posts not trying to cause an infight about a question

No. 83508

File: 1582179129311.jpg (1.39 MB, 1440x2593, 200021.jpg)

Nicole loves it whenever people caption her pics and call her irl elf or perfect. Gotta give it to her, it seems like she has fans in China and Korea. Forget about cosplay, she could make more money as a Photoshop teacher.

No. 83509

What the fuck are you talking about? What list? No one knows what you're asking for, so go get it yourself.

No. 83510

File: 1582179433416.png (4.82 MB, 2401x2401, EFC7D088-5BCE-4217-9EA5-F4B48E…)

I don’t blame her for wanting to conceal those eye bags

No. 83511

This one >>83484 follow the convo anon it was tinfoiled shesposting all these and deleting them just wondering if reddit has some archive or if anon knows which ones are being deleted so we can confirm this

No. 83512

File: 1582179520796.jpeg (938.29 KB, 1242x1694, 1559133769060.jpeg)

I don't hate Nicole or anything and she is by no means ugly but, like what the other anons said–she's no goddess she shops herself into

No. 83513

These are all camera phone shots who has access to all these unedited shots because the supposed befores look edited those eyebags look like someone drew an 80 year olds bags on her kek these are bad whichever way they go

No. 83514

File: 1582179855269.jpg (417.81 KB, 1079x1443, Screenshot_20200219-222305_Chr…)

KEK the supposed unedited is edited unless she purposed cropped out a bag to photoshop over it herself tomake them stand out thats a cut a paste eyebag

No. 83515

I'm the op of the post you're talking about and my point was about her posts being NSFW, I never said those were all her.

Also that's just a screencap with a sampling of some of the posts featuring her on Reddit, so again what the fuck are you asking for? You want someone to screenshot every single post ever made about her on reddit? Do it yourself.

This was posted already >>83256

No. 83516

File: 1582179958260.jpg (129.78 KB, 1079x417, Screenshot_20200219-222527_Chr…)

The other side too its not even attempted to line up thats some vendetta posting

No. 83517

Why are you so pissed off i was just asking holy fuck anon

No. 83519

File: 1582180408296.jpeg (91.42 KB, 794x1117, 6C77F5D6-60E5-4A4B-A94A-B5CA82…)

It’s nitpicking but she does have them

No. 83520

I get that im confused why >>83510
In the before looks like its several photos actually spliced together i thought it was weird before and after phone pics were shown they are edited before pics >>83372 mentioned this one being looking odd too

No. 83521

Because you're doing the same wk shit that was being done in costhots where you're demanding other anons go and fetch unreasonable and labor intensive "proof" that only you seem to be requiring. And if they don't do it for you then
Not only does what you're asking for not make any sense, but no one else cares. I'm not pissed off, but If it matters that much to you then do it yourself instead of demanding anons do work for you.

No. 83522

I forgot to sage sorry

No. 83523

They’re on Pinterest. But as I look more I notice there seems to be an album devoted to all of this shit.

No. 83524

why edit fake befores though are these from brandon when he got crazy from being turned down what a little bitch lol

No. 83525

Oh hell yeah post the link anon

No. 83526

File: 1582181603425.png (809.76 KB, 1093x1045, wut.PNG)

This is their page, username is dbsjdje. Looks like they tried to shop some of these to appear more like she does irl? Kek I feel retarded for posting that now, but really wondering who this account belongs to.

No. 83527

thats obsessive lol going out of your way to complile fake before and afters kek definite incel move or jealous fatty move. >>83519 is right in that its not like she doesnt edit by thats so extra to deliberately make fake uglier photos to make it seem like she shops more excessively

No. 83528

File: 1582181874935.jpg (554.26 KB, 1079x1722, Screenshot_20200219-225719_Chr…)


wouldnt call it a scandal she edits like every fake thot

No. 83529

Without a doubt it's Brandon

No. 83530

A lot of these were posted here. I dont think >>83526 posted all of it. I'm hoping its other anons too and not brandon trying shit again dude is a tired cuck

No. 83532

To be clear these two are from me.

I really should have looked more into this account before posting them. I'm fucking blind apparently. Sorry for that.

No. 83534

Just looks like low res/weird pixelation tbh, not shoop. They're very clearly defined in all of her candids.

Saw that Pintrest too, feel like it's safe to assume Brandon made collection.

>kek definite incel move or jealous fatty move
Yeah yeah, we get it you hate Brandon and Addi. The befores don't look shooped though so I'm not sure what op is talking about.

>thats so extra to deliberately make fake uglier photos to make it seem like she shops more excessively

That's not what's happening though? She does shoop excessively, regardless lmao. Nice try though.

Confused what you're trying to say here. That pintrest existed long before this thread was made, is that what you mean? Other anons have been posting pics here from that pintrest before op tonight

No. 83535

Shit happens pretty sure most of us just google then post what we find thinking its not screwed with

No. 83537

Dude those are shooped befores get your eyes checked and im not wking save your autism for people who care

No. 83538

The amount of posts trying to derail from the main topic of the thread, which is Nicole, into talking about Addi is ridiculous and, quite frankly, pretty sus. Especially paired with the amount of white knighting that's going on.
Especially since, when you look at it realistically and honestly, it's extremely difficult to believe that Nicole has any followers who would actually come to a board to defend her obvious photoshop and fakery so vehemently. She may have a bit of popularity, but she's not Belle. I don't want to "hi-cow" but I feel like either Nicole is posting or it's an actual autist.

Looking at you, >>83527

No. 83539

But none of what you posted looks shooped….? The only ones where the "befores" looked shooped are the ones like >>82704 where they try to un-shoop her already shooped pics, which you didn't post. I'm confused which ones you think are shooped to look worse beforehand, becuase >>83514 is clearly just weird low res pixelation. You're just giving wk-chan a new untrue narrative to obsess over.

Yeah? Which ones are so blatantly shooped my dude? Are you talking about the after shoop? Cause yeah we all see that

No. 83540

Her fan base consists of mainly guys anyway. Scrots get called out pretty quickly here. Plus this >>82086

No. 83541


no one in this thread has said that stop sperging out we werent even trying to say that either kek

No. 83543

>no one in this thread has said that stop sperging out we werent even trying to say that either kek
>thats obsessive lol going out of your way to complile fake before and afters kek definite incel move or jealous fatty move.

Yall never get any better at this

No. 83544

File: 1582183689844.png (310.28 KB, 418x752, insta.png)

In terms of “shooping before pics” the only thing close I’ve seen has been from Nicole.

Not saying this proves anything because I don't know where the cap Nicole had saved came from but I noticed this from her insta story about all the proof she'd compiled. Just thought it was kind of interesting.

No. 83546

File: 1582183809287.png (158.12 KB, 394x374, xx.png)

I’m just going to assume these are all from Brandon so: left
is the one she has posted as from Brandon (though she blames Addi), right is the one actually posted by Brandon.


No. 83547

She mightve got a nosejob or the one on the right is just really close to the camera too and quality but idk nosejob or photoshop if its brandon hes reaching to say scandel now if we are talking vamplette nose hiding tho

No. 83549

So talking about tinfoil is fine but real discussion isnt go minimod elsewhere faggot

No. 83550

File: 1582184608817.png (244.57 KB, 400x440, xxx.png)

>She mightve got a nosejob or the one on the right is just really close to the camera too and quality but idk nosejob or photoshop if its brandon hes reaching to say scandel now if we are talking vamplette nose hiding tho
I don't even know what you're trying to say here, but it seems like whiteknighting? If you're still trying to sperg about Brandon shooping the before pics to be worse, it's not. It's from from one of her twitch videos, you can see it's not shooped there for yourself.

(Sorry for dark overlay, paused to take the screenshot)

No. 83551

stop whiteknight was saying she is either photoshopping or mightve got a nose job thats way more bump than even without photoshot right now

No. 83553

Why are you all suddenly having strokes in this thread? Genuinely cannot tell what the fuck you're trying to say

This just seems like blatant attempts to hide ban evading by typing like you're in the 2nd grade

No. 83555

File: 1582186298373.jpg (576 KB, 1079x2032, Screenshot_20200220-001056_Sam…)

Looks like nose job this one was 8 months ago and the one you posted was 2 years ago

No. 83556

File: 1582186755716.png (286.04 KB, 394x442, screenshot1.png)

Yeah, nose job has been speculated throughout the thread. Fillers too probably at the least (plus shoop)

No. 83557

Are you fucking drunk? Jesus christ

Regardless of whether her fanbase is men or women, none of them would sincerely come here to defend her. Not even the incels. All they want is to jerk off to her photoshop, they know damn well she's bullshit.

No. 83574

Guessing the WK is back now that their ban is up kek

No. 83579

File: 1582213930930.jpg (636.61 KB, 765x956, 22158849_1947969645467624_1346…)

Another old pic

No. 83581

File: 1582214413002.jpg (121.41 KB, 640x1136, 1845070947743059882.jpg)

She posted this igstory 2 years ago
Nicole is like moths to a flame when it comes to herself. This video is in fucking Spanish, with barely any views when it was released, only used her pic in the thumbnail AND SHE WAS STILL FOUND IT KEK. This further proves how self obsessed she is.

No. 83590

File: 1582217866410.jpeg (298.3 KB, 1242x2208, 529F07E3-070A-4B26-8803-783384…)

From her live in late January. I wanted to see what her side profile looked like without all the filters and editing since she can’t do anything about her face while on live.

No. 83592

it’s like clockwork lmao, we get a few days of peace and then they pile in with a new plan of attack. though i don’t know if their bans are up so much as they’re just ban evading and having to wait for any teeny tiny scrap to pile on

honestly applaud their resourcefulness, they really don’t give up and these are some new wk techniques i haven’t seen before

she really must have studied the dasha case, the concept of ‘shooping someone worse to make it seem like THEY’RE the ridiculous shooper’ wasn’t something that existed prior iirc? except that clearly isn’t what’s actually happening here

sad that nicole thinks she’s the mina when she’s clearly the dasha

they probably would have gotten away with it in costhots if they weren’t stupid enough to demand anons go and find ‘proof’ and demanded a thread for her

too bad they still can’t hide their vendettas though lmao

you need to get to a hospital asap
can you draw a clock for me from memory?

No. 83595

File: 1582219949690.png (310.16 KB, 1431x1074, ig.png)

I don't remember Nicole having that many pics on her Insta did she un archive her pics?

No. 83599

>uploaded 2 days ago
Kek what the fuck, she hopped on that shit real quick. She really is obsessed with herself.

No. 83600

File: 1582221335415.jpg (4.68 MB, 1440x6027, e-oFfhX1IHhZrLF.jpg)

Her old "fanclubs" are really suspicious. She started having an online presence in 2014 and started getting small ant sized attention in 2015 with real deals (averaging about 20-100 views per video) and her mild Photoshop selfies. I find it hard to believe she would have any hardcore fans at that time.


No. 83604

>muh babygirl
>muh princess
Awkward. I’m even more inclined to believe now that she’s a chronic self-poster.

No. 83606

File: 1582222990380.jpg (309.32 KB, 1080x1920, 1858982858318551292.jpg)

Being a n3rD is not a personality

No. 83621

File: 1582227415941.jpg (254.57 KB, 2048x1536, 919089_536303573087356_1449093…)

Her nose and eyes will always be the mystery to me, her eyes especially. Like when she's younger her eyes are so narrow, I get shooping them bigger but how do you shoop them more open?

From Dennis's facebook, 2013, So….17-18ish I think.

Yikes, that's what my room/furniture looked like in middle and high school, not as an adult on my own.

No. 83623

File: 1582227457090.png (563.86 KB, 773x500, nosechan.png)

I dunno man, that sure looks like the mpdr button nose every instagram girl wants. She could just be shooping it to that ski ramp though like they always do I guess?

No. 83624

File: 1582227793498.png (710 KB, 1244x596, dm.png)

Also nitpick because 7 years ago but like…..what a cool caption in the year 2 0 1 3

No. 83652

File: 1582241591476.jpg (12.95 MB, 2265x10706, skinwalk.jpg)

>L Leda >R Nicole

No. 83655

File: 1582241926390.jpg (959.92 KB, 1054x4744, skinwalk2-1.jpg)

No. 83656

File: 1582241965543.jpg (1.03 MB, 1475x3391, skinwalk2-2.jpg)

It looked like she was trying to 1 up LEda

No. 83662

Bless you anon, now the WKs have less to grasp onto

No. 83674

lmfao god bless you anon. thanks for showing these subhuman whiteknights infesting this thread what we've been talking about! you'd have to actually be delusional to think this girl has a single original thought in her entire mind kek

No. 83680

Damn nice work anon. Also I know Ned's trying to be sexy in the Chobits pic but whatever she's doing there really makes her tits look weird and saggy?

No. 83684

File: 1582249219228.png (474.45 KB, 776x524, dva.png)

Took some digging, but found the source of the DVa video. But the video no longer seems to exist anywhere. Some mua called "Lovely Maby", doesn't seem like she's produced a ton of content or anything, must be a friend of Nicole's? Kinda makes me wonder if this was the DMCA claim? (So maybe ex-friend?)

No. 83685

File: 1582249368185.png (1.51 MB, 1592x902, kek.png)

lmfao this one too

No. 83693

It kind of makes me wonder if any of her interests are genuine. Like does she really like LOTR or anything else she’s flaunted over the years since she copied Leda even down to the things she was interested in.

No. 83694

File: 1582253659725.png (1.96 MB, 1196x1058, leda.png)

Had honestly never even looked at this chick's insta until >>83652 pointed it out, but here's some I noticed too

No. 83695

File: 1582253787199.png (755.47 KB, 933x486, purple.png)

You know what's funny tho, looking through Leda's insta honestly I see much more similarity between Leda and Addi than I do Addi and Nicole

No. 83696

I just find it funny that nicole outdoes Leda in the derpy facial expressions. Who smiles like that and it's natural? It looks so weird and forced. Specifically the bottom one, she does that a lot

No. 83697

File: 1582254089065.png (582.06 KB, 835x614, snow.png)

Oop, my bad if you scroll back farther the snow/HP ones from Nicole are actually from December 29, 2016 so less than a month after Leda's…..so an even more direct rip off kek

No. 83700

File: 1582256002520.png (1010.19 KB, 979x1269, sameday.png)

Ooh, this one's fun. Exact same day. Though since it's a Q&A safe to assume one of them had to announce they were doing a Q&A first to ask for questions. But Nicole's says #3?

No. 83702

all this proof of her blatant skinwalking of leda makes the drunk ESL whiteknight sound even more retarded than i thought.

No. 83714

Kek ikr, they're either 12 and shouldn't be on this site, or Nicole herself. Based anon has blessed us with some peace from the autist and it's wonderful. Many thanks.

No. 83715


Basically every alt emoscene girl skinwalks Leda, must be a great ego boost for Leda knowing a large number of girls literally want to be her.

No. 83718

File: 1582261243875.jpg (49.97 KB, 640x640, 84318068_495731307983342_69627…)

She kinda looks like a witch named Grimelda in the pic her friend posted

No. 83720

Sad, but true lmao. You hear that Nicole? By extension anyone skinwalking you is actually skinwalking Leda. Must suck to lack originality to the extent you have to convince random people of it on a gossip forum.

Imagine how hard she's REEEEing right now. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying this…

No. 83732

File: 1582269550287.jpeg (349.07 KB, 2048x1548, EO6th7aU0AAiHhi.jpeg)

Goddamn she's confusing. She's definitely entering the realm of shoop of like "I don't know what her actual face looks like anymore". Also I don't know what those freckle things are supposed to be, but it looks like mold on her face.

Alright settle down, clearly Nicole was skinwalking but there's no need to give Leda credit for every girl in existence. And it terms of Addi….kinda feel like the statute of limitations is up on skinwalking if you're skinwalking someone's style from like, 5 years ago, idk. Wasn't she still kind of a cow herself? Or am I imagining that she had a thread here as well?

No. 83733

Yeah she's totally a cow too, but I'm sure praising her as the original is definitely getting Nicole's knickers in a twist kek

No. 83735

File: 1582271517357.png (885.69 KB, 937x596, same.png)

[Hannibal Buress voice] alt girls is the same

Not sure when Addi's is from, but I think it's in the last year. Notice he outfit is much closer to Leda's than Nicole's

No. 83742

Wow amazing anon, please refer to:
And learn to sage your autism

No. 83750

>it’s Addi, not Nicole!!
Can you at least try next time? This continuous sperging sticks out like a sore thumb.

No. 83751

File: 1582293382153.jpg (278.84 KB, 1000x1000, 000.jpg)

I don't think there's an original bone in her body. Leda has always made it obnoxiously clear she's obsessed with World of Warcraft. Her favorite race being night elves.

>Thanks to friends with artistic talents, this photo that was originally an overlooked blooper became a work of art

Guess who's the ~friend with artistic talents~? It's Nate again. Leda's ex.

No. 83752

Oof the evidence just keeps compiling. Ty anon. And I love how wk-chan is so sure Nicole doesn't need a thread, but we're already at 400 replies in 8 days.

No. 83753

>Still bringing Addi into this

Who the fuck cares? It's about Nicole blatantly skinwalking Leda, no one cared about what Addi does

No. 83757

Are you slurred-speech anon? Because I can't tell what you're whining about here. Is this the new wk angle because you guys have nothing left? Sageing? Sad.

What are you getting butthurt about here? I'm showing you that if Addi is skinwalking anyone it's Leda and not Nicole, who Nicole is ALSO skinwalking anyways so all credibility to Nicole's claims are out the window. Where did I ever say it was only Addi and not Nicole? I'm clearly the same anon who posted >>83694
>>83695 >>83700
>Nicole copies Leda
>Addi copies Leda
>Nicole spergs out because Addi is also copying the same outfits she copied from Leda, but like 5 years later.
>Nicole thinks everything is about her waaah
As has been pointed out here before, Addi skinwalking Leda doesn't actually mean much of anything because everyone was. Nicole just wants credit for it because it gives her a victim sob story uwu

No. 83761

This girl would actually skin Leda alive and walk around with a leda suit on if she could. I'm amazed she hasn't tried to fuck Nate, wouldn't put it past her at all.

No. 83764

File: 1582301639741.png (1.12 MB, 1000x1000, elf.png)


No. 83771

Honestly I feel like she tried, or maybe she did but it didn’t go anywhere from there. She is so defensive here >>83159 even going out of her way to say that she’s not a part of Nate and Destery’s friendship troubles. (At least this is what I’m assuming she’s referring to, as why else would she mention Destery?)

No. 83773

File: 1582309252810.jpeg (367.13 KB, 1241x1797, B8346C71-546A-47B9-B8E8-A6D40D…)

Speaking of Destery, I could have sworn he had uploaded a video of him, Nicole, and some others at an arcade of some sort?? That picture of them is from that same day. She was wearing that fucking Harry Potter bullshit lol. I’m trying to find it now, but having trouble. There is however this insta post still up.

No. 83774

File: 1582310055349.jpeg (83.51 KB, 774x1833, 8BB65E5D-273A-436A-8DC6-108603…)

Still looking, but I’m certain these caps are from that video too.

No. 83775

File: 1582310134753.jpeg (89.48 KB, 985x1573, C053EFFD-9A99-46E7-A5EA-039EF9…)


No. 83780

File: 1582311314890.jpeg (413.71 KB, 1936x1936, BD42479B-62CE-4F53-883F-112925…)

Lol jesus whoever that person on Pinterest is (assuming it’s Brandon) capped quite a bit from that vid. Here’s a few more. Note Destery on the left in two of those. I’ll report back if I find it, though all signs are pointing to her scrubbing it like the d.va one.

No. 83781

I found it! It’s this video: https://youtu.be/2-eqaYMWbZ4
The vlog is pretty long but she’s only shown in the first two days, the rest is just him and his friends.

No. 83783

Oh thank god ty anon!! I was about to laugh so hard if she tried to get that shit deleted too.

No. 83784

File: 1582311977088.png (666.72 KB, 938x549, Screen Shot 4.png)

Sorry for spoonfeeding, can anyone give a quick overview of Leda's milk or I guess who the players are? Nate was Leda's ex I take it, who's Destery? Nate and Destery had beef? (Just for those of us not familiar with the Leda-verse)

Do you remember about what time this was from? I saw those from Brandon as well, I think she had definitely gained some weight at some point? Like with the terrible waist shoop here. Probably lost it since but I wonder if that also contributes to her confusing face changes over the years.

Bonus Leda for your troubles.

No. 83785

Lol pretty much every vid Nicole appears in gets deleted. Guessing she throws a shit fit forcing the uploader to delete since they won't shop the vid.

No. 83786

File: 1582312019458.jpeg (46.7 KB, 1158x262, 466BC6E3-8FB3-42F8-9DDF-7E9E91…)

… This shit cracks me up. So did she try to get in both Nate AND Destery’s pants?

No. 83787

File: 1582312386780.jpeg (555.41 KB, 1237x2270, 4DA37DDE-24B0-46C7-A129-CCB1FD…)

I don’t think I could even start to make a summary of Leda’s time on the internet making a milky mess of herself. Her entire teenage years are documented on the internet for life because she gained so much traction as a popular scene/emo girl and whatever. She posted a shit ton too. The one thing I can answer though is that Nate and Destery were best friends, and had a channel together called DesandNate. It appears their last video on that channel was 4 years ago now.

No. 83789

File: 1582313557374.png (111.93 KB, 527x589, fb.png)

Also what's confusing is that if you look on her Facebook, it makes it seem like she and Dennis are still together? She's been sharing old posts about her and Dennis lately. And Dennis's facebook says he works at Frank & Son as well which is where Nicole works. And this person (who I assume is Dennis's sister or something) was just posting about both of them being there together the other day.

So….unclear. Maybe she's doing the whole "hiding my boyfriend so I seem more attainable as waifu" shit? Probably makes begging for rent easier as well, big strong incels want to save their precious vulnerable internet waifu, not pay for her boyfriend's rent. Just seems odd either way.

No. 83811

File: 1582331503784.jpeg (16.6 KB, 512x288, images.jpeg)

Fucking kek. Like that sperg was worthy of being unsaged, autist. Try to add something of ACTUAL substance to the conversation next time.

No. 83823

….what are you so upset about here? That I pointed out that Addi was never skinwalking Nicole in the first place and that Nicole has always been a lying full of shit skinwalker herself? I mean, I don't know why that would hurt your feelings that much, but ok. It's really not that big of a deal, sorry your waifu is fake.

No. 83832

File: 1582341204723.jpg (38.47 KB, 600x398, full.jpg)

>goes to raves
>like leda did
she likes wow/lotr/all the same anime/video games/fantasy/dragons/wants to be an elf is "friends" with her ex AND goes to raves too. shocking, such random interests that have little correlation with one another that she also just so happens to like

also, leda was never really that milky. she had really bad acne and got kinda chubby for awhile but i never thought anything she did was really milky

No. 83837

File: 1582343384340.png (668.16 KB, 591x646, 1.PNG)

One of the funniest things to me about how Nicole has copied her interests is how shit she is at wow compared to Leda. Leda had maxed out characters, showing screenshots of them over the years decked the fuck out. Bitch went hard on that game kek.

No. 83838

File: 1582343441340.png (912.47 KB, 928x597, 2.PNG)

Another character of hers

No. 83839

File: 1582343586510.png (3.14 MB, 1313x1050, 3.PNG)

And here's Nicole on her last wow stream. Level 30. SuCh A gAmEr GiRl. Oh, also check out those donations.

>$100 and $200

No. 83840

… She's playing as a night elf too. Of course she would lmfao.

No. 83842

File: 1582344258543.jpg (112.81 KB, 1080x1080, 17587464_1848705692053792_1432…)

Her rave outfits are similar to what Leda would wear (no surprise). I can't seem to find her other rave pics with her hooker friend Silverfox.x, they both deleted the rave pics of them together.

No. 83846

File: 1582344766427.jpeg (881.38 KB, 2401x2401, 1559040062246.jpeg)

Here's one that was posted on her previously failed thread

No. 83847

File: 1582344983809.png (307.61 KB, 356x509, Screen Shot 5.png)

I found this one earlier today, can't remember from who though. Maybe the Raven-looking girl?

I don't understand what's going on with the waistband of her shorts, but they look like that in all the pics.

No. 83848

File: 1582345067107.png (724.92 KB, 960x622, Screen Shot 6.png)

And another. Everything about her lower body in these pics is confusing.

No. 83849

kek this is her latest wow stream, from 2017, being level 30 with no addons. and yet she bought a $200 replica of frostmourne to show off in 2015?

can't make this shit up. guess she just thinks if she buys stuff that makes her look like an epic gamer gurl nerd, she is one? kek

No. 83850

I wouldnt be surprised if she actually bought her accounts to look aUtHeNtIcAlLy nErDy

No. 83854

File: 1582351386166.png (397.03 KB, 825x568, wut.PNG)

What the actual fuck. Imagine spending that much money for crap from a game you can hardly competently play. I'm getting secondhand embarrassment from how much of a try-hard she is.

Considering how much money she spent on that replica I'm sure she did buy her account kek.

Have to wonder what she'll be using her hard earned patreon bux on. Plastic surgery? More GaMeR MeRcH like the frostmourne replica? If her and Dennis are still together, and work at the same place, then I doubt she's actually that strapped for cash.

No. 83879

File: 1582382843774.png (2.55 MB, 1440x1803, 5232(1).png)

>Always surrounded by stuff
>buys and has a lot of expensive shit.

No. 83899

File: 1582397792858.png (20.26 KB, 219x144, fs.png)

Not that this makes a huge difference, but I'm pretty sure part of her whining about how she works 60+ hours a week was about sorting through cards at home, so that's probably what those card boxes are.

Also for what it's worth, Frank & Sons is only open 3 days a week anyways. Which if she was working every day open to close would still only be 21 hours. I can't keep up with her original claim, but she used to say she worked 3 jobs and quit one (because Patreon uwu) and got fired from one? Is that correct or am I misremembering? (none of it made sense anyways).

No. 83903

I used to work as a card sorter in a card shop 5 years ago. It's a general practice to sort in store or at the warehouse, I've never heard of a store allowing it's employees to take the merchandise home to sort because of the risk of theft.

No. 83909

File: 1582402707095.jpg (179.28 KB, 828x1472, 1877234229448869624.jpg)

She used to be a anachan (like Leda) she posts about recovering and how proud she is of herself but she photoshops her body back to her anachan body>>83846 >>83370

No. 83919

I didn’t take a sceeenshot but on her insta she put that she’s 112lbs, when she’s 5’8”. I’m around that height and I weigh 160 (granted I workout) but that’s reeeaaallly small for someone that tall.

No. 83928

File: 1582412481719.jpeg (535.26 KB, 750x948, ED68D1F8-4B4E-49F1-A819-E05B2D…)

ah the old shoop girl standby “muh resolution!!” and already one of her favorites >>82382

how could she possibly even try and pass that off when she’s clearly filtered her entire face out of existence?

speaking of patreon we’re getting towards the end of the month here….i wonder if rents getting paid this time?

No. 83929

File: 1582412893727.jpeg (165.35 KB, 750x969, 2737169F-4D0D-44C3-BD4C-4682BD…)

hey nicole if it really is the resolution, why is the wall behind you and those leaves so much clearer than your face?

No. 83930

File: 1582413253166.png (4 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20200222-151421.png)

No. 83931

File: 1582413320099.png (3.33 MB, 1440x2775, Screenshot_20200222-181152(1).…)

Guessing she really didn't recover, she was 120 pounds not too long ago. Why u gotta lie about recovery tho??

No. 83937

this 10000% feels like anachan/pro ana bodychecking, what the actual fuck this is so gross of her, she absolutely has to know what she's doing too if she was once (aka still is) an anachan/pro ana

No. 83942

Wow. This is easily one of her more extreme (shitty) shoops, and she already has so many.

>the resolution was so crappy! uwu muh old phone! uwu I hate how they came out!!

>uploads anyway

She's so transparent it hurts.

That's trashy as hell. For all her talk about being anachan in the past, she sure doesn't give a shit about what she posts pertaining to her weight. >>83937 is right there's no way she's ignorant to what she's doing posting that. Even mentioning and confirming her height. Lol fuck off with that bodychecking bullshit.

No. 83946

She definitely knows by posting her height that her current weight it fairly unhealthy. not that bmi is entirely accurate but punching in the numbers says she underweight af
It's sad, and very low of her to be doing this but since she shoops her face and body while pretending to be "uwu so genuine! love urself as u are hehe" it's so fake and pathetic.

No. 83947

File: 1582418386037.jpg (310.41 KB, 1000x1000, where in the world is nicoles …)

I just had to.

No. 83951

File: 1582420706014.jpg (344.71 KB, 1000x1000, lol.jpg)

One more. I admit this is more fun than I expected to compile all these different shoops of hers.

No. 83953

My theory is that she wants her photoshops to match her IRL appearance and since she can’t do that with her face she’ll do it with her weight. If someone takes a candid of her she’ll at least look like she does in her photos weight wise so we can’t shit on her for photoshopping herself. Idk that’s what I think. Her video with Des had her at a decent weight but her photos at the time weren’t matching up.

No. 83956

File: 1582423986214.jpg (150.3 KB, 1080x1921, 1885222006748755217.jpg)

She's another ED girl that flaunts how much she "loves" food

No. 83958

File: 1582424344975.jpg (137.52 KB, 828x1472, 1872628697589334815 (1).jpg)

To add to her bodychecking, Nicole also shows off when she doesn't eat

No. 83960


She’s not subtle at all about this shit. Not like I would expect anything else from her anyway.

No. 83968

she has the most boring, cunty standard "socal" face, her and leda both.

No. 83979

112lb with shoes so she's less than that. Ana-chan confirmed.

Her family are overweight and she claimed in an old video that she used to be 200lb.

No. 83984

These posts
show that family dynamic too. Though it's no excuse for her to be so flippantly showing off her pro-ana bullshit. Pretty fucking obnoxious, knowing she tries to present herself so CoNfIdEnT and gEnUiNe. Yeah fucking right.

No. 83986

>She used to be 200 pounds
Wtf really? I can't imagine her overweight,Leda used to be overweight and went through an ED too. It's really creepy how she's skinwalking to the bone with Leda. I'm not saying that she should remain overweight and unhealthy, she could've lost weight without the ED part and further looking like a Leda obsessed maniac.

No. 83989

File: 1582437910340.png (60.8 KB, 589x294, cards.png)

Sauce on this one. I think there were pics of her and friends at Frank & Sons even back in highschool, so I guess it's possible she's been working there for so long they let her take shit home? idk anything about children's card games, you're right though that doesn't make a ton of sense

No. 83991

File: 1582438224739.png (372.34 KB, 589x637, cards2.png)


aaand sauce #2 that I saw. This can be added to her list of "content she keeps saying she's going to do and then just doesn't do it because she doesn't do anything" along with the "video about bullying and her stalker" and "doing charity work" or whatever the fuck she kept claiming she was going to do years ago >>82308

No. 83992

She's trying to figure out a convincing story and probably needs a lot of time to Photoshop the vid kek

No. 83994

File: 1582440150247.png (708.56 KB, 945x613, screenshot.png)

>she claimed in an old video that she used to be 200lb
Fuck, really? Can you remember what video?

You know, it's interesting when I watched this I never assumed that was her family, I assumed it was her friend's family? Cause she has that one friend that she got the matching vulpix tattoos with (pic related) that she says is like her bff since they were kids or something. I could have sworn some anon in another thread said she had to move in with her friend or something, but I could be misremembering. I also assumed since she wasn't filming in her quirky nerdgirl bedroom it must have been someone else's house

No. 84001

File: 1582442397369.jpg (128.7 KB, 1000x800, ok.jpg)

Wait, what. Fucking lol you're probably right. This girl looks pretty similar to the girl in >>83301

No. 84005

This adds a new level of humor to those screencaps since that means it's her supposed friend who is making faces behind her, and her family are shooting judgemental glares across the room. Around this time she also filmed in her car, and in the porch of the same house, so it could be a friend's house and not her own.

No. 84007

Watched the video over again a little bit ago. Jesus fucking christ kek.

No. 84019

I'm just so confused as to why she'd do this shit at a friend's house lmao, does she have any decency?

No. 84027

Did she not tell her friend and her friend's family she was going to film? Are they still even friends? Why the hell was she living with her friend's family in the first place?

No. 84028

File: 1582469073719.png (2.99 MB, 1440x2267, -33-43-1.png)

I thought she got fired at the card shop, she's working at another one? In her own story she said she sold that guy his first card. It'd be funny if she got fired from that job too.

No. 84029

File: 1582469434045.png (3.24 MB, 1433x2577, 53-1.png)

You can see how bad her bags are here

No. 84039

File: 1582472549277.png (553.4 KB, 845x487, camera.png)

Right was gonna say, doesn't make it any less weird that she just plopped down in the middle of some other family's house to do this

At the very least like….why not crop the video or anything? It's just a weird video

Still friends, she's the girl she got matching Vulpix tattoos with. I do wonder what her family situation is like though….didn't she always used to talk about living with her grandparents or something?

I was thinking when I rewatched that video….how is she complaining about "uwu resolution" in 2018 when in 2016 she was filming on a front-facing phone and the resolution looks fine? This is honestly one of her worst shoops of all time

No. 84040

Chronic photoshoppers use the bad camera/resolution excuse all the timeb

No. 84042

File: 1582474896165.png (82.47 KB, 454x439, nicole twitter.png)

She follows Alex Koehler, another Leda skinwalker

No. 84044

File: 1582475241438.png (480.77 KB, 759x492, nicole twitter 2.png)

She tries really hard to convince everyone she ~loves~ food

No. 84046

File: 1582475559262.png (68.12 KB, 739x499, nicole twitter 3.png)

>I preach nothing but positivity to others

You sure werent positive and nice when talking shit about that Addi girl

No. 84049

honestly she might, a lot of people suffering from anorexia think about food 24/7 and starve themselves cause otherwise they wouldnt be able to stop eating at all

No. 84050

File: 1582478517872.png (5.38 MB, 1242x2208, 2287351F-ECC4-4061-AFB4-5714E0…)

For someone who supposedly can’t afford rent she sure is spending a fuck ton on figures (her previous figure she posted on her insta she told someone it was $140, yikes)

No. 84051

Regardless of how close they are or how comfortable she is around her family, that comes across rude as fuck to be sitting there filming a YouTube video while the rest of the family is trying to eat together. Even if her friend said it was okay, I couldn’t do that without feeling like an ass. Do that shit in another room. Like the internet needs to see this chicks mom, little brother, and whatever.

She’s going to be so thrilled to see herself posted here because of Nicole. (And let’s be real, the odds of Nicole being a farmer are high as is, it would be of no surprise if her friend is aware of here too)

Of course she would. Because why not spend over $100 on frills when you supposedly have money problems… Lmao goddamn.

No. 84060

Nicole's old friend cries cuz she can't find her Facebook lol

No. 84068

File: 1582494257972.png (346.77 KB, 363x652, vulpix.png)

>And let’s be real, the odds of Nicole being a farmer are high as is, it would be of no surprise if her friend is aware of here too
Honestly whenever the WKs come in in their pairs (because it always appears to be at least 2 people coordinating their obvious "tactics") I've always pictured Nicole and that girl, lmao. That girl Dawn/Doon looks like a pretty standard small town wife/mother of young kids. If there's anything I know about young small town moms, it's that they love drama and getting in fights on the internet, especially if they're stuck at home all day. Getting in on your internet celebrity friend's messy drama and getting worked up over nothing and fighting with people on a forum sounds like exactly the kind of thing someone in that situation would be very into.

Sage for tinfoil.

No. 84077

That would make sense. What if the drunk wk >>83702 is her? Kek either way it wouldn’t surprise me if Nicole is having her help protect her ~honor~. Would be the easiest pick, and I can’t imagine Dennis even attempting to post here. Tinfoil but funny to think about none the less.

No. 84083

File: 1582503943429.png (124.71 KB, 596x597, tattoo.png)

She definitely completely bought into whatever bullshit story Nicole was telling long ago either way. I could see Dennis maybe being the a-logging wk, but yeah not much else. "u suck lol kill urself" as an argument feels like such an ex-scene kid thing to say, especially if this was the type of edgelord scene kid he was >>83624

Meh, this seems like a bit of a reach, it's just a Wobbuffet joke. I see this more as
>sooo nerdy!! only REAL gamers know!!! xDDDD get it? pokemon? pokemon is MY thing!!!!
>chicken nuggets lmao so random xDDDD not like other girls
than ed food-flaunting. Doesn't mean she's not ana-chan, I think she's just more focused on being a gAmEr GiRl than that. She's like a horse girl that never grew up or developed any other personality outside of the most basic bitch nerd culture.

No. 84085


Lmao. Calm down, you're literally walking in Leda's skeleton.

No. 84092

File: 1582510947568.png (873.83 KB, 862x590, letters.PNG)

Lmfao I forgot about the a-logger. With his "humor" in that old post, it fits that this would be him. Can just see it now

>ur thread sucks op should cOmMiT nO oxYgEn

Once a cringe edgelord, always a cringe edgelord.

Here's another to throw into the pile. She positioned everything just right to make it look as though she's totally ~working hard~. Would hope she'd at least be able to finish letters to her patreons for handing over free thot dollars. Guess we'll find out.

No. 84095

File: 1582512723031.png (1.84 MB, 1440x1822, 20-30-1.png)

That blur on her hand

>Nicole: I need more blur

No. 84100

>Eevee why are you always wearing dragons? I'm Pinknaerys the mother of pastels

No honey, you're skinwalking Leda.

No. 84101

File: 1582514456160.png (11.42 KB, 708x133, yt vid.png)

She must be so happy whenever people say she's like Leda

No. 84103

Excuse me waiter? There's some aesthetic ghibli thot leaves in my drink.

No but really, what the fuck is going on is this photo? I can only ever imagine the staging of pics like these.
>maximum uwu stationary
>TWO pokemon cups so they know i'm not like other girls x2
>perfectly set up to all be in frame
>delicately poise one hand holding pen, casually
>other hand fulling cramping while holding phone at inhuman angle trying to get the shot
>dennis? can you just hold these leaves above me? no so they're like, in the shot
>wait it's missing something…..quick give me those flowers I've got an idea

No. 84109

"drove to a cafe" so this bitch brought her own pokemon cups to use at the cafe…..fuck that's embarrassing if it ain't a lie

No. 84111

And what the fuck cafe is this that offers pokemon cups? Did she stash them in her bag to bring with her? Or is this in her own dinning room kek

>Hello what would you like to order ma'am?

>Gets out two eevee cups from bag
>I'd like you to fill these two cups with my order please. I love pokemon and eevee! They're my favorite cups!! Did you know I'm a gamer girl???

No. 84118

It says Little Tokyo anon, she didn't go on vacation.
Although it is tacky to talk about buying gundams when she can't pay rent

No. 84120

File: 1582517948687.png (3.27 MB, 1440x2382, -22-51-09-1.png)

More proof she's lying about being unable to afford anything

No. 84126

Gundams and on top of that a dragon figurine. She spends her money stupidly.

No. 84127

File: 1582518492056.jpg (4.47 MB, 3830x2048, UGYaGqyOIvZprg3.jpg)

Where art thou tits?

No. 84132

File: 1582519380393.jpg (84.18 KB, 500x500, harrypotter1.jpg)

I love harry potter uwu

No. 84133

File: 1582519404812.jpg (268.56 KB, 1280x956, harrypotter2.jpg)

No. 84136

File: 1582519974238.jpg (104.85 KB, 553x749, harrypotter3.jpg)

Found one more. This was back in 2015-2016.

I'm fucking dying at how unoriginal Nicole is jfc.

No. 84140

Even if her chest was half the size it was in the photo on the right you would think that even if she wore baggy shirts she would wear a bra that gave her the illusion that she had a big chest. Imagine seeing that photo on the right of those jugs only to see her IRL and be hella disappointed.

No. 84142

And the graded cards she gets are also a fuck ton depending on the grade. If she gets anything higher than an 8 she’ll be looking at a good $100 (give or take the rarity of the card as well) and I doubt the card shop will give a discount just because she works there.

No. 84145

So this is really weird, obviously this guy is just interested in her, since Mewtwo cards can be gotten off eBay for a few bucks.

No. 84148

I saw this in the recommends and I think it's just a troll video with "celebrity" name in it? It seems completely unhinged.

No. 84165

the flowers and leaves are very obviously edited into the photo…

No. 84168

File: 1582550685605.jpeg (134.37 KB, 750x1331, DEDAB5A4-D0EA-4E86-9F17-AAB49F…)


No. 84186

….ok? even if they are so what? doesn’t make her any less stupid for thinking that made sense

keep grasping for straws there

No. 84188

File: 1582563033932.jpeg (201.82 KB, 902x1792, F4FF8601-D4EB-47B3-A35A-6685C7…)

from twitter yesterday:
>Snapchat filters are wild
we know they are nicole, we’ve seen how much you abuse them

No. 84189

File: 1582563400107.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, F3510052-C2EC-4C25-B829-B5752D…)

also what even is this thing she’s wearing? nice nose dodge in this pic

not a thot tho uwu because we all walk around our houses in weird fetishy bondage hoodies and fetishy thigh-highs to relax on a sunday afternoon, right ladies?

No. 84196

File: 1582567496154.jpeg (163.33 KB, 828x1472, 98EE0F55-B398-4734-929E-FE6256…)

Okay, Nicole….practice what you preach.

No. 84199

File: 1582568866750.png (1.48 MB, 995x1107, 5-55-1.png)

She must use bra inserts, 3 bras and socks to fake her tits.

No. 84200

the no boobs to pretty big boobs in each different picture is hilarious.

No. 84205

File: 1582571388660.jpeg (121.91 KB, 799x1200, FD3A18A5-6705-4379-A054-467456…)

>When you’re so desperate to skinwalk you even try to emulate the size of her tits

No. 84231

Hey anon we all know Nicole is skinwalking Leda, but like….you can't just post random pictures of Leda and call it skinwalking? You're not actually proving anything unless you show what you're talking about like >>83652 and all the other side-by-side anons did. We already have the side by sides of Leda and Nicole doing HP shoot, so what does "I love harry potter uwu" mean?

Not wk, just saying the point of the thread is Nicole, not to whiteknight or praise Leda. Clearly Nicole was directly skinwalking Leda, but claiming Nicole was skinwalking Leda's tits specifically is some real tinfoil. Leda didn't invent basic bitch scene kid thotery by any means.

No. 84235

No. 84238

Again with the posts with no context

No. 84279

Tinfoil about the tinfoil, it is Nicole or her friend again intentionally submitting low quality/offtopic content to try and add noise/kill the thread. Unfortunately for them, there is endless weird content to discuss about Nicole herself. Someone's getting scared about how healthy this thread is.

No. 84339

File: 1582657582561.jpg (38.81 KB, 640x1135, 1830718401329594009.jpg)

>uses a lot of brow makeup on eyebrows
>hOw I tAmE tHe CaTePiLlaRs

We all know you don't have eyebrows Nicole, you don't have to pretend like you don't have to draw them to be thick. You literally have a makeup vid showing your naturally pencil thin brows

No. 84382

This photo is in no way flattering to her head shape. And agree, where's the hair stokes she edits in? Looks like she did that brow with a brown crayon…

No. 84383

OT but this anon is fucking hilarious. i love you guys.

No. 84390

File: 1582694949232.png (40.56 KB, 372x158, b4e93b964.png)

You mean these hungry bitches? Even if she got microblading it's so fucking weird that she'd go in and shoop bushy hairs in. It's like she's really starting to buy her own bullshit.

No. 84393

lol anon those arent shopped brows those are just basic makeup insta hoe brows.

No. 84394

NTA, but there's a photo ITT where it looks like she shooped brows in.

No. 84407

Yeah this anon's right >>84394 I'd repost it in the thread but I don't wanna get a ban

No. 84412

File: 1582726487874.jpg (476.2 KB, 1024x1024, 05039.jpg)

She can't decide if she wants to shop her jaw off or not

No. 84418

File: 1582735311139.jpeg (297.88 KB, 1216x1806, 1C5B56BA-2C59-4F19-A443-17468E…)

This was under her low-tier Mei cosplay:

No. 84419

File: 1582735335779.jpeg (36.95 KB, 320x400, 738F6D96-3727-4951-B6B7-C431AC…)

No. 84420

>I'm pretty chubby

She's underweight tho lol

No. 84421

File: 1582735959543.png (464.04 KB, 919x328, where.png)

Yup, I was referring to her Daenerys cosplay where she blatantly shooped bushy brows in, when even in candids of the same cosplay you can see that her eyebrows are almost completely nonexistent. >>83277

>so beautiful what's ur secret!
>so skinny what's ur secret!

No. 84424

>She's underweight tho lol
Now maybe (or at least that's what she's humble-bragging about) but she was def kind of chubby there for a second, probably around the time this was taken. Also there's those disappearing giant tits again.

No. 84425

File: 1582737405395.png (260.8 KB, 483x571, teeth.png)

I'm also fascinated by her blatantly shooping her front teeth straighter. Even in her pics filtered to hell and back you can see that her front teeth are starting to turn more inward and overlap. Doesn't seem to be an issue when she was younger, so I bet she had braces and stopped wearing her retainer years ago. She's clearly self conscious about it because her teeth are a pretty distinct part of her "image"

f to pay respects for all the lost retainers

No. 84428

If you mean the middle one you can still see its slightly tucked under. Whitened probably but thats no straightened tooth even at the gumline.

No. 84442

No sorry, these are all examples of how her front teeth actually look, I meant compared to things like >>84412 or >>83287 where she's either shooped them straight or is using a strong enough filter so you can't see the "line" between her front teeth so it's harder to tell they're turning inwards/overlapping, like in the top 2 pics here >>84425

No. 84449

I didn't even noticed the teeth shop lol what does she not shop??

No. 84460

That's some quality digging anon. I doubt I would have noticed. I didn't think she was above shopping her teeth, I just thought she wouldn't have enough time in the day with all the photo "tweaking" she does kek

No. 84470

File: 1582771069687.png (3.58 MB, 1440x2562, -30-50-1.png)

She advocates against bullying but bullies people like Addi


No. 84481

I assume it's just to fit her ~uwu soft girl victim persona~ that or she really is lacking in self awareness like thr LC she truly is

No. 84483


The tooth next to it has the gap though so you can see its still sorta back and not straight. looks like over whitening is blurring the middle teeth but everything around it looks the same

No. 84484

The reply was over 100 weeks ago so probably what you're saying when she replied that she wasnt as skinny as she is now

No. 84486

To me tbh she looks the same, like in her arms. It’s hard for me to focus on anything in that photo because her chest is literally the center of attention and she did it on purpose for people to comment on it.

No. 84488


that one right. I see it in the arms and her face looks a little more round than now. I dont know how much weight difference this would've been compared to now, but maybe like 130?

No. 84538

File: 1582826957806.png (8.28 MB, 1242x2208, 367EEA37-8245-46CC-B45B-4137DE…)

If y’all have her on Snapchat she posted a tour of the new place she’s getting and it looks 10x more expensive than the one she’s currently in. 3 floors, everything is wood, it’s insane. I would screen-grab them but she recorded the whole thing so it would be kind of difficult. Anyway this is also from her snap:

No. 84542

Basically a recap of what she said:
>she’s going to have her own bedroom and a streaming room what looks like it’s on the 3rd floor (the whole 3rd floor is hers)
>shows the second floor, has their own private balcony and massive island/kitchen
>first floor shows a single bedroom

No. 84552

>Thanks for funding my adultchild lifestyle guys! Who needs to be a productive member of society when you have drones paying for you~

Who knew all you need to do was fabricate sob stories and Photoshop yourself into a whole new person for free shit??

Everything about this bitch is repulsive.

No. 84574

File: 1582836258891.png (778.3 KB, 1440x2579, (1).png)

>I stopped bleaching my hair!
So how did she dye her hair orange and all those crazy colors?? Stop lying.

No. 84581

File: 1582838401634.png (3.95 MB, 1423x2563, (2).png)

Her pic is so blurry and pixelated that it looks like her picture was drawn on ms paint.

No. 84598

You can still dye your hair reds/oranges/pinks without much complication with her light brown/dirty blond normal hair color. You don't have to bleach to get that vibrant of a red or orange ever if you use the right thing. Artic Fox, Splatt or something like those Colorista things from Loreal have bright reds and oranges. They fade out too so switching between the colors with whatever prexisting bleach she has in her ends makes sense tbh.

No. 84600

File: 1582844701496.png (3.05 MB, 1440x2858, sc.png)

>moves into a nice place with 3 floors, balcony and multiple bed rooms

Sis is sure confident with those beta bucks.

No. 84601

Is she doing a group thing again where they all pool their rent together? I think she said the last place her share was $1000 but that wasnt utilites and shit

No. 84614

She is. The guy that takes professional photos of her was with her and some girl we’ve never seen before. But idk how they can manage to pay for that place because it looks out of their price range, regardless of how much she gets from Patreon.

No. 84615

>Hey Minna, I can't afford to pay rent again! It's so high! :( I need more donations!

No. 84616

What the fuck. Nothing about her is authentic.

Ofc she would live with her ~personal photographer~. If she's going to have one, it has to be someone who is close to her and knows exactly how she wants to be shooped kek.

No. 84619

They have a close relationship so maybe it might bud into something else? She never posts about Dennis and if he’s in the dark it’s fucked that she isn’t including him in anything.

No. 84621

Wouldn't doubt it. Dennis seems to be in the dark for some things at least. Either that, or she pulls out some good excuses. If they've dated since high school, she probably has him pussy whipped too.

No. 84625

File: 1582861514013.png (2.22 MB, 2469x1440, sc2.png)



>shitty mop haircut

He's def whipped. No guy would be ok with their gf hoeing it up and acting like they're single. The ones ok with that behavior are either whipped, cucks or both.

It's pretty obvious she uses more than 1 cream, on her drawer I see a few skincare products but she likes to sing this song of being effortlessly ~perfect~

No. 84626

Exactly. I would feel bad for him if it wasn't so apparent that she's a shit person. Dude grew up with her, knows exactly how fake she is, yet sticks around anyway.

There's nothing abnormal about using multiple skincare products. Besides, there is no fucking way she doesn't use an eye cream for all that baggage. But hey! Anything for those perfect egirl points!!

No. 84628

since this photo is super old she probably cared about her appearance then since she really didn’t use photoshop as heavily, but now that she can hide behind blurring the shit out of her face she thinks having a skincare routine aside from what’s she’s shown is useless.

I would have left her tbh. That type of relationship isn’t healthy.

No. 84639

Well, honestly 3-4 people renting a house is probably the only way to live in a nicer place in CA. If it's just her and Dennis right now in a 1 bedroom, sharing a 3-4 bedroom house with people would be significantly cheaper, even if it looks 10x more expensive. Could end up being <$1000 for her if she and Dennis are sharing, not sure how her having her own streaming space would factor in.

Calling it now though: not only is she still going to beg for rent but even with having her own "streaming room" she's still not going to actually start streaming again. She's never gonna do any of the shit she keeps saying she will. She's not gonna stream, she's never going to make her "bullying video" or any more youtube content, she's barely going to do anything related to cosplay. She's just going to keep taking that money out of everyones accounts each month and not actually doing anything.

This is confusing though because didn't she JUST move for her "safety uwu"? How would she even get out of her lease this quickly?

No. 84658

File: 1582903278634.jpg (70.27 KB, 640x1136, 1831548037907007452.jpg)


No. 84659

File: 1582903355968.jpg (145.7 KB, 720x1278, 1835879558304232781.jpg)

Nicole has a naturally pear shaped body but she shops her body into a straight line 9/10 times

No. 84662

That’s why her photoshopped chest looks so wonky. She doesn’t allow the natural curve of her body to at least help her shopped tits look more natural.

No. 84664

She’s paying more for a room she’s probably going to use maybe 2x every month. People like her have an extra room that stream consistently. I’m gonna laugh if her streams are hella dark since she can’t photoshop herself into the perfect uwu self she is. Such a waste of money and it could be someone else sharing that room and splitting rent. She’s so delusional.

No. 84703

We don't know how much their rent is for this new place, so it could be cheaper than $1000 on her part and we also have no idea how many people are going to be living here, so no use getting mad over shit we don't know numbers for yet.

No. 84709

File: 1582933744123.png (674.12 KB, 639x964, exqnS5C.png)

Nicole doesn't have a personality of her own. All she does is copy other people's interests, personalities, appearance and pictures.

No. 84723

File: 1582938746995.png (286.12 KB, 588x661, Screenshot.png)

No shade at posting older content, but can we at least post the dates with these instas? It just gets confusing when you post it without context and unsaged, makes it seem like this is shit she posted today.

>no use getting mad over shit we don't know numbers for yet
We won't ever know the numbers anyways, so why does it matter? We don't need to know them to know that she's never going to actually do shit. So what, last month she was so b-b-broke she didn't have one extra cent saved up for rent, but next month she'll somehow be able to afford an entire extra room and an entirely new streaming setup? Because her "setup" was the reason she hasn't streamed in like 2 years anyways. She's got an excuse for everything, and she'll continue to have an excuse for everything regardless of numbers.

No. 84727

I second the times and on these posts, please. Some of these are 3 years old and its being posted like its new.

And we can't argue she's getting money whether we like it or not from these cucks. She might be able to afford the shit now, but one anon made a good point about how long it will last though. All these thots have a time limit.

No. 84729

File: 1582943195400.png (5.81 MB, 1242x2208, 1432C20E-2B5C-4ED2-8089-5AF782…)

Posted today, on her Snapchat (the last word is cut off but it says “cry”):

No. 84731

>I finally got my own car!

But she's always refered to her old busted Toyota car (the car that got "broken" into) as her own car. I'm confused, it straight up sounds like more lies.

She's just on her first or 2nd month of Patreon and she's already moved into a nice big house and got a brand new spanking car. I thought her excuse for the Begtreon was just for her cosplays, her greed and deception is so plain and obvious.

No. 84741

Yeah I mean, it could be her sharing a car with Dennis or her roommate or whoever, but then that just again makes her "story" make even less sense. It's stupid enough to leave your money in your own car overnight, but why would you ever leave it in someone else's car overnight?

And if she really was soooo strapped for cash and in such dire straits she couldn't even afford one single month of rent, how the fuck is she buying a new car and a new apartment? And if she and Dennis work at the same place and live together, which they seem to >>83789 then why wouldn't you just save that money and carpool in case you were ever in such a tight spot again?

This bitch is so full of shit at every turn. She's lucky her fans have no object permanence or they might actually notice her blatant lies.

(Also bless u snapchat anon for grabbing those caps. Did she move her posting to Snapchat because we were digging through her Insta/Twitter?)

No. 84743

File: 1582964230892.jpg (20.43 KB, 455x294, images (1).jpg)

Ot but the car that she claimed got broken into is totally an old man car in my town. Especially in that specific shade of beige, kek. Probably realised the car's not smol and ~kawaii~ like her shops, and decided it didn't fit her aesthetic. Convincing ebegging is not her strong suit

No. 84764

Even snow can't save that nose. She's gonna get a nj then say see I always had a straight small nose~ look at the professional photog pics!

No. 84765

File: 1582992313179.png (632.76 KB, 993x809, Nicole.png)

No. 84767

>It's stupid enough to leave your money in your own car overnight, but why would you ever leave it in someone else's car overnight?

She's stupid and she thinks people are dumb enough to believe her paper thin lies

No. 84769

File: 1582993271916.png (3.53 MB, 1440x2720, sc1.png)

Did sis add another filter on to her snap chat pic? She uploaded the same SC pic on Insta


No. 84770

File: 1582993340147.png (2.63 MB, 1440x2561, 1.png)


It literally looks like she put 2 filters on one pic lmao

No. 84797

File: 1583005388914.jpeg (871.22 KB, 828x1444, 578B0CD3-75D6-41E6-922C-009FF8…)

Not exactly relevant to Nicole, but I'm fairly sure Sarah paid this account that posts conventionally attract girls to post her, lol. Her general aesthetic and look doesn't match the rest of the girls posted on the account. Sad.

No. 84800

yeah she sticks out for sure, especially with how literally all the other girls have huge filler lips kek
weird she'd try to promo on a page like that

No. 84823

>paying to repost yourself on a hoe repost account

There are probably better ways to spend your money.

No. 84839

Lmfao watch out Nicole, Sarah's coming for you. Now if only Leda would return we'd have some more interesting comparisons.

No. 84877

File: 1583075728273.png (2.57 MB, 1440x2572, igs.png)

Nicole claims to have drawn these but it looks traced. I don't believe for a second she can draw.

No. 84886

File: 1583082241195.png (6.8 MB, 1242x2208, E46A4F0E-7050-4F54-8A61-89F42C…)

Most likely she moved to Snapchat because she can hide better there. I think she posted maybe once what her Snapchat was on insta so unless one of her die hard fans wants to find it they would have to find her Facebook and do digging on her accounts (I believe she posted it there). I followed her before I found out how shitty she was.

All she’s said in the past few days is how she’s now working in the retro gaming section of her shop and going out to eat with friends.

No. 84892

File: 1583084947644.jpeg (586.34 KB, 1024x921, E12F6AD1-712A-48A5-8290-B01042…)

nicole, girl….what’s happening here? this bitch got eyebrows on top of her bangs

No. 84897

Lmao it looks like she MS painted some brows on, also that shop filter.

No. 84909

File: 1583097759277.png (1.92 MB, 1440x1616, 1-24-1.png)

It's very odd and suspicious how all of her fan accounts always say the same thing "she's so perfect!" "She makes me so happy!" "She loves us!" And another thing that is weird is there are numerous fan accounts that only post pics of Leda and Nicole like the one in my pic, it's like they're purposely trying to mix the two up or put them in association with each other.

Nicole must be a saint, her blurry shopped to hell and back pics saves lives!

No. 84930

File: 1583122509545.png (8.68 MB, 1242x2208, B5657A2A-29E8-4DFC-9269-BC8E3B…)

How do people not see that she’s lying out of her ass….
>begs money for rent
>buys two new figures

No. 84931

It's not even just the figures, she's surrounded by stuff that costs a lot of money, period.
>i dOn'T hAvE mOnEy fOr rEnT aNd I mIsSeD pAyMeNtS

No. 84932

Don’t patrons get their money on the first of every month? Make sense if she did and she went out and used that money to buy something useless instead of on things she said she would promise if people pledged to her.

No. 84958

Lying about pressing financial struggles to your devoted fans so that they'll shill out money only for you to spend it on expensive plastic crap of some cartoon character you view as your self insert is so insanely scummy.

No. 84970

File: 1583170339164.png (6.79 MB, 1242x2208, CC5C3054-E292-41E4-8515-91A76B…)


No. 84979

Lol bitch bought a pair of yeezys too? She literally thinks she's making it rain after starting her Patreon. I can't wait for it to tumble down

No. 84981

>gets a brand new car
>buys multiple figures
>buys expensive ass sneakers
>guYS I NeeD monEY FOr RENt uwu plz

No. 84982

Where are the WKs who were supporting her totally legit stories about losing imaginary jobs and getting imaginary paychecks stolen from her car?

moving into expensive apartment, buying new figures and shoes

No. 84984

File: 1583174597235.png (1.03 MB, 1242x2208, BB3ED55A-B00C-422F-A5D1-8DBF0C…)

Found this on her Twitter. The dude outright dropped $50 to support her….

No. 84986

I forgot about the car, damn

also buys a car uwu

No. 84991

File: 1583176016618.jpg (909.08 KB, 2048x2048, Nicole london.jpg)

Nicole be looking like Oli London

No. 85006

File: 1583180985569.jpeg (745.9 KB, 750x1086, FEFB47E4-B5C7-4DF8-A3CD-31E490…)

another pic…..guise, did you know she’s like….a GIRL who likes POKEMON???

>Where are the WKs who were supporting her totally legit stories about losing imaginary jobs and getting imaginary paychecks stolen from her car?

i’ve never had or supported a patreon before but here’s my question: don’t you have to ACTUALLY produce content? will patreon really just let you just accept money without actually outputting anything? because i don’t just mean rewards, she literally doesn’t produce any content of anything really on a consistent basis? like, i just didn’t think patreon would let you use their service just for being a sugarbaby, which is all nicole is really doing

i was wondering if that was why she got shut down however many years ago, she wasn’t producing anything then either

No. 85035

She thinks she can get it all without having to put in any work, nothing new tbh. She's just being uwu obvious about it now

No. 85039

File: 1583202488120.jpg (55.84 KB, 778x778, ferrini-33722-35-black-genuine…)

Someone shop some Pokemon onto these bad boys kek. You guys can't tell me Kanye isn't laughing at the simps buying these. The fact they're custom only adds another layer to Nicole's cringe/entitlement.

No. 85046

>Custom made shoes
So she had these made around the time she was "allegedly" struggling to pay rent?


No. 85048

File: 1583206995949.png (6.1 MB, 1242x2208, 06B8AA89-DE39-4D9A-82B7-B2392A…)

So she’s moving into that new place she showed a few days ago:

No. 85052

Infuriating. If only her paypigs had half a brain maybe she'd have to get a real job like the rest of us

No. 85055

What are you talking about Anon? Home girl is a hard worker! She works 6 jobs and 200 hour weeks!

No. 85058

I truly can’t wait for the moment Patreon shuts her down for lack of content or her fans see through her lies and she’s forced to get a second job to pay off her rich lifestyle now and she’s actually fucked working 60+ hours a week between two jobs.

No. 85062

File: 1583211809551.png (1.88 MB, 1242x2208, AD36BC98-785B-44A2-97D5-D01725…)

Wasn’t sure if it mattered but she has an Etsy. A lot of the pages are filled with different cosplay props.

No. 85087

What is that paper for?

No. 85094

Her and her roommates got approved for a new apartment.

No. 85199

File: 1583360855369.png (6.29 MB, 1242x2208, C6FB4DD4-E5F0-478C-AAC4-823F4B…)

From her insta story (today, 3/04):

No. 85214

Was about to post this
>Just doing something for myself uwu, my life constantly mooching off my following is hell even though all I do is buy useless shit using their money uwu

No. 85229

File: 1583392886231.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 9452C95F-50B2-459A-90F9-949F03…)

>new car
>new apartment
>new custom yeezys
>new anime figures
>life is really hard :(((( i deserve this

here’s another from her story today, that wart or mole or whatever is really startling when you’re so used to it being shooped out

No. 85232

File: 1583394417734.jpeg (753.81 KB, 924x1024, AED7DD69-409C-47DA-BAF4-C1AE3C…)

>life is extremely hard for me right now
hey nicole maybe if you just stopped spending all day every day obsessively refreshing this thread and embarrassing yourself and instead just like idk got a real job or did some real work your easy life wouldn’t seem soooo hard

can you imagine letting incels pay your rent and buy you a car and shoes and toys while you sit on your ass doing nothing and then having the audacity to type the words “life is extremely hard for me right now” with your own two hands? i can’t with this bitch

(7 x 3 = 21 days exactly, for any wks who wanna pretend they can’t do math)

No. 85237

I considered that was a reference to this thread. She does have a job vending at some place selling Pokemon cards etc. The betabucks are just a bonus.

No. 85247

nah you’ve got it backwards here. if she was only able to pay her rent in the first place by working 3 jobs and 60+ hours (with no car payment) and she’s now down to 1 job at 20 hours or whatever then the beta bucks are her source of income and the card shop is the just bonus

No. 85252

>Things have been so hard now that I'm being exposed for my lies, thottery, greed and skinwalking :(

No. 85259

File: 1583424118765.png (2.21 MB, 1440x2558, 2.png)

>xD I'm so fat

No. 85260

File: 1583424178418.png (2.24 MB, 1440x2580, 1.png)

>Jokes, check out how skinny I am

Pretty sure she's a anachan again

No. 85264

Just push all that crap over to the side of the frame.

No. 85266

File: 1583429489889.png (11.38 MB, 1242x2208, 874CF8AD-D886-4BE9-97A2-AEA736…)

>I think my brain broke
Yeah, it probably broke because you realize how shitty of a person you are and how you’re mooching off of innocent people and not providing content as promised.

No. 85267

File: 1583429730308.png (8.39 MB, 1242x2208, 0E30A106-D589-4727-84D1-AD2020…)

This, too. The caption says since it cut off: >“the only thing I look forward in life now is getting Pokémon mystery dungeons tomorrow ;-;”

No. 85275

File: 1583441196792.jpg (24.49 KB, 664x662, 06b.jpg)

Can someone explain to me how she's going through such ~hard~ times? During her live stream >>79818 she kept emphasizing how ~hard~ things were and posted a barrage of pics and posts about her "hard" times to egg people to donate money to her. Exactly what does she do? What is so uwu hard about her life?? She has literally everything handed to her and lives life as an AdultChild, but apparently that counts as living a ~uwu hard life~

No. 85280

Yeah not to sound insensitive but someone better have damned died with all the complaining she does
.. and even then it's a bit much

No. 85282

Lol what are you trying to say?

No. 85306

File: 1583463402405.png (727.5 KB, 1242x2208, C58ACD59-8DE9-4556-8E09-793B41…)

She can’t be serious….what a joke.

No. 85307

File: 1583464714498.gif (1.91 MB, 160x200, money.gif)

>What you need

No. 85312

very obvious mental illness. everyone who's taking 100 selfies a day and spending hours painstakingly shopping them is 100% insane. not to mention the need to lie, beg, and whine about drama that is just in her head.
pretty sure she's your run of the mill bpd depressed anachan hoarder

No. 85317

File: 1583474813748.png (2.04 MB, 1440x1451, nc.png)

Wow guys! Only a #truegamer plays on their game boy SP while working out! The rest of you are fake ass gamers

No. 85319

File: 1583476278633.png (4.72 MB, 1242x2208, 9FFAAACB-55FF-4E84-8D6B-036AE7…)

Her body just looks so off with how massive her chest is.

No. 85332

So ~vintage~ and not like the other grills

Hey Nicole, since you lurk here you mind giving me the brand of your push-up bra?

No. 85383

File: 1583549022172.png (1.89 MB, 1440x2565, 38-50-1.png)

She's a grown adult being pushed around in a car cart for kids in a mall while filming her own pov and having another person film her, and she's acting like she's having the time of her life. Nicole thinks she's so QUIRKY~ BUT she so dam cringy, it's kinda sad

No. 85384

I'm willing to hard bet it is the Victoria bombshell bra. Leda mentioned in a very old Q&A that was the bra she usually wore.

No. 85387

File: 1583553603733.png (4.41 MB, 1242x2208, 02A665FF-5FB7-42CA-B620-187BE4…)

From her Snapchat. She posted a haul with two harnesses, black and pink, with this “cosplay”, and two sexy lingerie sets.

No. 85390

File: 1583555307363.png (2.61 MB, 1440x2563, 4-02-1.png)

Lol she cleaned up a bit, she's lurking so hard

No. 85393

All the filters making her face look like it's literally melting, I fuckin can't with this bitch
Also notice how in the cringy mall pic her hair isn't as "uwu soft raphtalia/asuna red" like it is in all her pics kek

No. 85394

File: 1583556908352.png (1.9 MB, 1344x2554, 31-1.png)

>I'm sad cuz I'm not getting enough money from my cash cows :c

>Her hair isn't soft raphtalia/Asuna red like it is in her pics

Yeah I thought I was the only one who noticed that, it looks more dark brown in the vids not shot by her. I wouldn't be surprised if she photoshops her hair color too since she already shops her damn teeth.

No. 85395

File: 1583558487520.jpeg (127.69 KB, 1024x768, 39B95B4F-1DFC-4794-B03E-77CDB5…)

I’m not sure if she applied a filter to this (wouldn’t doubt it tbh) but her hair looks more brown/red than the red she’s been sporting in photos. She probably uses a warm filter to make the red pop out more.

No. 85397

This is someone else, is she just randomly posting photos of people wearing wigs of similar shade to her hair, or is she saying she purchased this?

No. 85398

Sorry, my bad. I meant she purchased this set. I guess she took a screenshot to let people know where she got it from so people wouldn’t ask her.

No. 85408

Haha thanks anon, didn't actually expect a response but I'm pleasantly surprised.

No. 85439

>obvious mental illness

I'm convinced she made her own fan clubs and accounts to call herself the Perfect Queen and all that other shit, she seems to be at that level of crazy and self obsession to do that.

No. 85443

File: 1583617074488.jpg (884.47 KB, 2048x2048, sleep paralysis ghost.jpg)

She seriously thought no one would notice how bad her shop is? She completely erased her jaw line and made her face 50x smaller, went max on the blur on her skin, made chin longer, eyes bigger and shopped her nose until it became a stick. She looks like the sleep paralysis ghost meme.

No. 85444

File: 1583617186208.png (2.52 MB, 1433x2545, 1-1.png)

>I just look like this everyday Minna~

No. 85478

File: 1583707957618.png (1.93 MB, 1440x1446, 0197200284.png)

Basically Nicole and her wks

No. 85590

Epic kekz Anon, ty!

No. 85659

File: 1583890966126.png (2.52 MB, 1440x1808, 02.png)

Even with the touchup and shop from her photographer friend you can still tell how bad her skin is underneath all that makeup

No. 85660

File: 1583891030654.png (3.67 MB, 1440x2880, 01.png)

There's a reason why she cranks the blur tool to the max

No. 85669

She forgot to shop her eyes, they look particularly beady in this one

No. 85677

Too busy shooping her eyes to be the color of a baja blast, sooo quirky. She almost looks like she has hooded eyes here? That brow bone is definitely way heavier than it ever looks in her pics

No. 85712

File: 1583953169686.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x2074, 400A3161-C32C-4E2B-95A1-92491C…)

I could have sworn I remember reading about her saying something about her eyes.

No. 85714

good god i just love discovering fucking losers on weird forums like this. what are you even doing with your live lol XD

No. 85716

We’re exposing a girl who steals money from people that photoshops herself to the point that she’s unrecognizable. Maybe if you actually spent the time to read what we have posted proof of you would understand.

No. 85719

There's a limit to how much her friends are willing to Photoshop for Nicole. They'll smooth out her skin a bit, remove her eye bags, make her nose straight and define it a bit, shop her eye color, jaw and body but they won't completely shop her eye shape and make her nose up turned. They will Photoshop for her but they won't go too hard, they'd probably go the whole mile to shop her to match her IG pics if she fucks them.

No. 85734

a monolid, really? Girl's asymmetric looks like anytime a white woman gets a bad night's sleep. Nice try to make it exotic.

No. 85736

File: 1583969507887.jpg (856.01 KB, 1694x1694, where.jpg)


No. 85737

File: 1583969617706.jpg (34.73 KB, 500x663, 3057-500w.jpg)

Last time I checked google this is what a monolid looks like

No. 85741

Okay, I'll admit I usually think this thread is pretty nitpicky at times, but this bitch is dumb if she thinks she has monolids. It's called a hooded eye, nothing unusual or special. A lot of white people got meaty brows.

No. 85744

Also is she seriously trying to pass her bleached hair as naturally blonde? Her eyebrows and eyelashes give her away. I suppose I've been wrong about this thread all along. Yet another cosplay thot who lies about their shooped/altered appearances being au naturale.

No. 85748

File: 1583976401335.png (818.84 KB, 1440x2565, igstory.png)

In her Q&A IG Story
>strawberry blonde

No. 85749

File: 1583976484564.jpg (556.82 KB, 1024x1024, CYMERA_20200311_212427.jpg)

She insists she has Strawberry blonde hair but her roots say otherwise

No. 85761

File: 1583990358102.png (12.44 MB, 1242x2208, A1CADA44-BFD7-445C-87B8-9D522B…)

Not saying she’s right or anything, but maybe she is. Or this has a filter and she wants her roots to look ginger, idk with this girl anymore.

No. 85781

anon, these clearly aren't her roots growing out. the roots next to that big dark patch are the same color as the dye.

No. 85786

I love how hard Nicole is trying to convince everyone she naturally has big blue eyes, small up turned doll nose, small faced with big tits and strawberry blonde hair.

No. 85787

I see that now, sorry. The photos she has posted before and after on her insta stories show she has pinkish/blonde hair at the ends so to anyone else it would make sense.

No. 85788

no need to apologize, she's the one using angles and shadows trying to convince us her hair is that color.

No. 85793

File: 1584035075789.png (3.12 MB, 1952x1244, nicoleidk.png)

speaking of which, old mate has shitloads of pics up on his instagram and all of them look different kek

No. 85836

File: 1584056924624.png (775.37 KB, 1440x2563, ig story.png)

Nicole's method of convincing people she's naturally has Strawberry blonde hair is funny, she says she stopped using bleach here

No. 85838

File: 1584057170654.png (976.54 KB, 1440x1303, sc1.png)

Then she starts showing off her totally not dyed orangey blonde whatever the fuck haircolor >>85793
But during her childhood you can clearly tell she's a brunette.

No. 85839

File: 1584057332209.png (3.95 MB, 1440x2850, 0134917764.png)

What Strawberry blonde looks like, sorry Nicole you have Brown hair, you are not Blonde. I'm sorry to have to be that Anon to break it to you.

No. 85846

At the lightest that is medium ashy blonde, and hair darkens with age.

Why do these cows think they need to be so 'naturally exotic', anyway? a redhead with a SINGLE monolid, for instance. When did it stop being good enough to just be a pretty girl? I doubt her orbiters would really care if she didn't talk about her funky 'monolid' or her "natural" red hair. All they care about is the basic visual stimuli her shopped photos provide.

No. 85851

It's like when people write their marysue self insert OCs to be super special in dumb ways. It comes off so desperate to seem interesting or unique, but literally everyone has a few weird things about them, why lie? She has hooded eyes and light brown hair at best.

No. 85912

File: 1584138236056.png (2.87 MB, 1440x2568, -44-1.png)

It literally looks like she uses the liquify tool to drag her chin down to make it longer

No. 85916

File: 1584138592147.png (2.44 MB, 1439x2553, -22-1.png)

she has a hard time keeping her room clean kek also her Ms paint add on brows are back

No. 85919

Her roots in >>85395 look about the same color as mine and my hair used to be the same color as top left when I was a kid, so maybe she's hanging on to that/hoping it'll lighten up if she grows it out?

No. 85921

Your hair does not get lighter with age, your hair can get darker as you age due to hormones.

No. 85928

Jeff the killer looking ass

No. 85961

File: 1584151289758.png (447.45 KB, 662x645, maury.png)


Can Maury come in and break the news to Nicole that her genetics doesn't include a small disney nose, asian eyes, ~strawberry~ ~blonde~ hair and blue Koolaid Jammers eyes?

No. 85972

File: 1584159089965.png (3.35 MB, 1242x2208, 88E1A87E-837C-4814-9AE5-2B4BD4…)

No. 85994

File: 1584169944648.png (72.21 KB, 529x357, Vq4vt.png)

>Koolaid Jammers eyes?
Gave me a chuckle anon, very good. Don't forget her ~synesthesia~

She really is one of those bitches that is so desperate to be unique or interesting in any way she's just making up shit because she can't handle having boring mousy brown hair or an imperfect nose like everyone else. The sad part is I think she must be believing her own "no really my tits ARE this big naturally my hair IS this color naturally I DEFINITELY have eyebrows omg I'm so skinny I hate it!! born perfect mpdg internet waifu uwu" persona, I don't know how else you could live with yourself. I bet this bitch thought she had Alexandria's Genesis too, lmao.

No. 86057

File: 1584215716707.png (2.95 MB, 1440x2570, igstory2.png)

>thx for helping me cope with everything that happened this past month!

More "THIS MONTH HAS BEEN SO UWU BAD SINCE I GOT EXPOSED!1!". This is def more proof her friends came to defend her here. Her fanbase is brainless but no one is that loyal to the point where they would devote every second to wk her all day. Her little zombies would just look at the other egirls they follow with their time.

No. 86117

File: 1584254521882.png (863.05 KB, 658x1054, 83776446.png)

kek, nice catch anon. I didn't even think of that, I saw those posts and was just too distracted by the pure narcism of sharing multiple pics in a row of people praising you

Don't forget these ones where it's grown out almost down to her ears and it's still shit brown. >>83162 >>83165 >>83259

I don't think this ever got posted her on it's own either, but here's the candid from the OP. What's weird is that in her shooped photos of the same cosplay it appears to be her real hair, but in these ones it really looks like she's wearing a cheap shitty red wig? Unless she just cut her bangs herself that day and they really look that fucked up

No. 86118

File: 1584254579497.png (791.36 KB, 650x649, 83776446s.png)

No. 86121

File: 1584255653606.jpeg (26.98 KB, 599x454, 936333ce2afd9eb5229170160b6399…)

>She told me her insane Raphtalia costume was merely put together on the spot

Lol nice lie Nicole. Is she really trying to pull the "the convention is in 5 minutes and I just so happen to have everything I need for this cosplay in my closet" card? she obviously had everything planned out in advanced. Her costume would NOT look like that if it was literally put together on the spot, that's her little excuse to cover for how shitty her wig is.

No. 86140

File: 1584280937001.png (2.17 MB, 1425x1819, 002316.png)

No. 86152

File: 1584282666326.png (3.6 MB, 2322x1434, 5~2-1.png)

I wonder what lenses she uses. Like all the other Cosers, she pretends the color contacts she wears are her own eyes. Why do Cosers like to lie about their eyes and eye color? It's really obvious when you look at her old pics, she has blue eyes but they aren't nearly as vibrant and big as she tries to make them out to be.

No. 86187

I've never seen a cosplayer say that contacts are their real eyes and to be honest them not mentioning it doesn't mean they are pretending its a natural color. you have to be pretty retarded to need a vocal explanation from known cosplayers that they are wearing colors that aren't real. I hope no one believes any beauty-obsessed girl on insta doesn't wear these.

No. 86190

>>86187 Sayathefox is a example I can think of, she's a snowflake that was talked about here. She lies about having naturally green eyes when they're clearly contact lenses. She photoshops all her pics and vids to make it seem legit.

No. 86192

Never heard of her sorry but still you have to be a special dumb if you need someone to sit you down and tell you they are contacts. You can always tell so why lie. Haven't seen Nicole say these are real though. She has to have some king of lighter green or grey eyes though. Otherwise the brown conacts would show the color through easy and if she hade brown eyes, its impossible, even with doll thick lenses, to have color that trasparently bright.

No. 86195

File: 1584321302487.jpg (91.06 KB, 670x926, tkXMzQyKjHEcQXaXLH5uOWu7yD5vNX…)

>I've never seen a cosplayer say that contacts are their real eyes
Well first of all Nicole's not a cosplayer, she's a thot who's worn bought like two costumes and thinks that means she gets to show up and demand goods and money from people for no work. She's much closer to a trick or treater than anything.

>and to be honest them not mentioning it doesn't mean they are pretending its a natural color

And secondly that's 100% exactly what it means? That's like saying "just because someone wears a massive padded uncomfortable bra every single day to make their boobs look 3x as big and never corrects anyone or mentions that she's wearing a fake bra doesn't mean they're pretending it's their real boobs"…..it does, and she also seems to do that too.

Thirdly, people do that shit all the time, remember that one model who pretended she had heterochromia and when she got callled out for wearing a contact went and got fucked up iris implant surgery?

>Haven't seen Nicole say these are real though

Has she ever actually said they're not? This sounds like that same dumb wk logic of
>prove that she didn't file a police report!!!!!11!
That's not how it works. Considering Nicole doesn't seem to need glasses and doesn't actually ever do shit in cosplay, what purpose would she ever have for wearing lenses everyday other than to make people think it's real? Nicole is already lying about her hair, her tits, her nose, her teeth, her money, her tragic backstory and every single aspect of her life, why would this be the one thing that's different?

No. 86196

Thank god you posted this. Saved me the time of reacting to the wk's actual autism… and I'm not even the anon they're responding to kek

No. 86202

File: 1584325459606.png (60.52 KB, 826x609, Whiteknightchan.png)

lol these wks
Can you retards say something different?

No. 86203

File: 1584325825286.png (703.23 KB, 1440x1759, 01.png)

Nicole sometimes edits herself to look asiany, how many faces does this bitch have?

No. 86221

File: 1584337742559.jpg (340.24 KB, 1080x1534, Screenshot_20200314_170238_com…)

such a fragile bbygirl uwu

No. 86222

File: 1584337776418.jpg (341.89 KB, 1080x1528, Screenshot_20200314_170233_com…)

looks the same amiright

No. 86257

File: 1584381869370.png (2.16 MB, 1440x2823, 134323.png)

Nicole is either a stupid fuck or lying about being stalked or exaggerated the level of stalking. On her IG stalking story she said she feared for her life and she was relentlessly stalked, then she went on about how bad it was, blabla. But she's always tagged her location, where she's been, the state she lives in, took many pics outside and inside of her homes and disclosed where she works–she even posts when she's at work. Wouldn't she be super cautious if she was THAT worried and fucked from the stalking? She wouldn't be this carefree and posting away. Her stalking story doesn't seem to add up. Her actions before and after the alleged stalking incident never indicated she was ever in actual fear. Her "stalker" just seemed like a disgruntled fan that went off to expose and harass her in a autist way and that's it, And Nicole blew the story up like he was physically stalking her when it was just online harassment. The things people do for victim points.

No. 86263

She could just be incredibly dumb, but certainly posting location, home, work selfies doesn't add up if she's genuinely scared. Brandon does seem genuinely crazy so the dial is leaning towards "Nicole is just that dumb."

I saw a Twitter thread yesterday where several people triangulated the location of a specific plot in a storage facility based on only one photo. She has posted more than enough for a psycho to get all her addresses, family names, workplaces etc. I guess it's easier to e-beg when you create false closeness with your incels via sharing such details?

No. 86275

I wonder if she's still this chunky? Her newest pics are borderline ananchan but it's hard to tell when the girl even shops her damn teeth

No. 86277

I've been to Frank & Sons numerous times and I'm in the TCG Yu-Gi-Oh comm. I've NEVER seen this bitch being a vendor ( it's vendor, not vender you dumb broad ) and I've asked the TCG booth she's supposedly "associated" with and they don't know of her.

I smell bullshit about her being such a TCG fanatic, let alone her being employed. But *~uwu I don't publicly sell because of stalllklers*~ excuse amirite

No. 86280

File: 1584412560990.png (670.55 KB, 1242x2208, A097DE80-6B55-498A-B206-ED8E33…)

She posted this a few hours ago. I can’t wait until she starts begging for money since her job isn’t paying her.

No. 86283

File: 1584412711718.jpeg (736.77 KB, 1242x2208, EA7D00CE-B3EF-4B09-BD8E-AE84F8…)

She posted this photo on her side account with her in the back, I wouldn’t doubt she works there but she probably does the literal bare minimum. Says hi to people, take their money, etc. She probably posts about her job and how she’s there since she’s probably with someone at their booth rather than her own (like when she posts Pokémon packs or whatever).

No. 86287

I mean, she does post pics there all the time, maybe more on her twitter I guess. Maybe you just didn't recognize her because she doesn't look anything like her pics? Cause she was bragging about how that one dude flew all the way here just to buy a card from her or whatever?

Fuck I was literally going to post yesterday asking when she would start this "muh job, muh coronavirus, muh moving" shit.

I'm surprised she hasn't started sooner? Wouldn't she be at higher risk with her "expensive heart condition uwu"? Or did she forget to keep up with that one?

No. 86288

Uh does Nicole know that she works a min wage retail job? Why the fuck would they give her paid leave?? You're not working an important job Nicole.

No. 86289

Don't forget the uwu donations guys!!!

She's trying to low-key beg for more money, your followers have to prioritize themselves. During the crisis people need money to buy food and other necessities, stop being a selfish ass cunt for once.

No. 86290

I was honestly thinking about that the other day. One of my coworkers is terrified of being in contact with sick people since she’s had heart surgeries in the past so she’s taking paid leave. If Nicole had a bad heart condition she should have quarantined herself the start of when someone had the virus in California.

No. 86298

File: 1584421312951.gif (6.31 MB, 480x853, aebedd8a8cad71d2673f0819a851d7…)

>dancing with hand off the steering wheel while driving

This is from Devon, her live in photog's ig story. The gif format slowed the clip down, they were driving much faster. Way to endanger lives just to be quirky~ Nicole is 25 and she does shit like this, you'd expect this level of retardation from 12 year olds.

No. 86328

File: 1584464540604.jpg (543.08 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20200317_174526_com…)

pic is from the same day, but her own account. she's always been uwu smol in her own pictures.
maybe she's lost some weight since then, but her body is still 100% shoop. a lumpy pear shaped body (but without a particularly small waist) like this doesn't magically turn into voluptuous curves and stick thin ana legs just by losing a few pounds.

No. 86336

She definitely shopped her thighs, legs, waist and arms. In her previous posts she talked about being much happier and enjoying food and now she's back to the anachan life

No. 86356

File: 1584476291888.jpg (81.36 KB, 640x640, 65564498_597939414028700_43606…)

Another candid

No. 86357

File: 1584476360885.jpg (615.26 KB, 1080x1080, 1127_161559.jpg)

Still look the same amirite?

No. 86383

File: 1584489405723.png (2.28 MB, 1440x2572, 17190241769432.png)

So uwu depressed… don't forget to donate more this month >:p

No. 86387

Lolll it looks like she got beat up in between pics

No. 86394

File: 1584496681371.png (62.81 KB, 300x128, eyebrows.png)

Holy shit, great job anon, where'd you find this?

God, all that talk of contacts and I honestly don't think she ever wears them? I think she just totally shoops her eyes, because she's clearly not even wearing them in the right pic. Doesn't look like she bothered with fake lashes either?

Ugh that plastic amazon shake n go wig with the fucked up bangs. It doesn't even look like she bothered to try and brush it? And you can see her real brows screaming for help, and they're still exactly the same as >>83303 Everything about this is great.

also I had assumed she was shooping her eye shape and color, but when you put the 2 pics next to each other….did she shoop on fake eyelashes here? And her hair color looks completely shooped now too?

No. 86400

File: 1584501679896.png (2.09 MB, 1440x1861, fb.png)

Nicole has a super hard on whenever someone says she looks like Leda or they thought she was Leda, though she's not very vocal about it anymore. Pretty sure she's assumed Leda's identity by now :crylaugh:

No. 86404

File: 1584502636035.png (207.92 KB, 304x515, fb 2.png)

>Can you show proof of her looking herself up?

Here's your long awaited proof faggot.

It's safe to say she regularly searches herself up.

No. 86436

Pretty disgusting how she tried manipulating her followers into donating more money during a time of need for EVERYONE. I hope people stop donating to her.

No. 86448

File: 1584563669069.png (2.61 MB, 1440x2564, 50-1.png)

Her makeup is horrid and Nicole is just the type to get freckles tattooed on for speshul points. With all those beta bucks in the bank she can't hire a maid to clean up her room?(nitpicking)

No. 86450

when will you faggots learn that not every single thing a cow posts is worthy of mentioning here? saying the same shit a billion times over isn’t milky, and learn to sage.

No. 86452

It genuinely seems like 90% of this thread is the same one or two people.

No. 86462

File: 1584575308503.png (32.63 KB, 1177x254, 181946251.png)

No. 86480

>Jfc, sanefagging in the thread anyway.
>Can a mod confirm op is replying to themselves?
>Stfu. You keep replying to yourself.
>It genuinely seems like 90% of this thread is the same one or two people.
It's not, and no matter how many times you try to derail with that, it's still not true. You've been saying that since the costhot thread, if you think that's true why don't you just report it and move on instead of whining about it all the time? Add this one to the list of "2 wks show up and immediately agree with each other"

nta but how is this nitpicking? this is honestly one of her most offensive looks in a while, and those fake diarrhea freckles are new. I don't know how much more proof mods need that she + her cronies are the ones posting here, this is ridiculous. She basically admitted she's been obsessed with it >>85232 >>86057 and we've all seen how her wks have been acting since the very first second she was posted in costhots

saying the same shit a billion times over isn’t milky
it is if the things we're saying are saying over and over again are
>oop here's a lie
>here's another
>and another one
>this lie's one's new
>here's where she lied about x
and we'll stop making fun of her MS paint eyebrows and photoshopped teeth when she stops drawing her eyebrows on with MS paint and photoshopping her teeth. It's not that complicated.

No. 86484

Its a filter her and every chick on insta uses called 'freckles' or a version of it.

No. 86485

Anon you're replying to here, deleted the post 'cause of a typo. At least she didn't manually draw that on her face.

No. 86486

>It's not, and no matter how many times you try to derail with that, it's still not true. You've been saying that since the costhot thread, if you think that's true why don't you just report it and move on instead of whining about it all the time? Add this one to the list of "2 wks show up and immediately agree with each other"
Anon, >>86452 was my first post in this thread or in any costhot thread. You sound insecure.

No. 86489

For your first post in this thread you sure sound like that echo chamber WK Anon that constantly cried for proof and said there's no milk. Refer back to >>86462
If you have nothing to contribute to this thread hide it and don't bitch, thanks. As much as we don't like nitpicks, we don't like bitching anons either.(ban evading)

No. 86490

Advice taken, thread hidden. If you (or the other 1 or 2) people posting in this thread continue to samefag so obviously and without saging, though, don't be surprised when others on this website point out that it's obvious.(persistent derailing)

No. 86495

jesus christ listen to yourself. you sound fucking insane. imagine writing a giant paragraph about the most mundane image that’s probably ever been posted on this site. anon, seriously get a grip, i don’t know who this cow is or if she killed your puppy, but you’re losin it.

No. 86503

>ur all samefag!!
>ur all obsessed with her!!!!
>no milk!!!! there’s nothing there!!!!
>omg calm down!!!!!! ur crazy!!!!
>faggots retards faggots kill urself!!!!
>this is all vendetta!!!!!
seriously? you’re accusing us of being repetitive?

you guys have been having the exact same meltdown almost word for word for almost 2 fucking months now across three threads.

you have GOT to move on with your life she’s still not going to fuck you

i agree that this isn’t nitpicking, she looks like shit here.

i hope mods consider their redtexts more carefully in the future when it comes to nicole bc anytime they get even the slightest whiff of we suddenly get half a dozen wks that all show up at the same time spamming the exact same shit over and over and over again

let’s not forget that the wks are still sperging the fuck out about ONE redtext in a thread from 9 months ago, don’t yall see what this does to them?? this tantrum
is because ONE post was unsaged jfc

No. 86509

Ntayrt but I personally found it a bit nitpicky, but I agree with everything else you said. But what do you do? We're all at the mercy of mod-chan's discretion, lest she ban us all. But I must admit the anons in this thread sure like to reeeee at the drop of a hat, kek.

No. 86572

Just don't samefag and nitpick. It's that easy. Why are you losing your mind over this?

No. 86595

File: 1584669889449.png (10.71 MB, 1242x2208, 5F3BC548-B7EA-4E81-AA6D-F46E64…)

>complains about lack of money
>buy a new $60 game plus others

No. 86598


If she's like anyone else she preordered that, so might not have spent $60 today.

No. 86601

Report and ignore any posts you find are vendetta based instead of derailing the thread.

No. 86602

Ntayrt but that doesn't make it much better in my eyes atleast. She has two modes, internet begging and buying stuff, which are definitely mutually exclusive kek. I don't know about other anons but I don't care what people buy, as long as they're not constantly whinging about their lives/financial situation whilst doing it.

No. 86608

Lmao this bitch was just complaining a couple days ago >>86280 over not having paid leave for her min wage retail job only to be buying a bunch of games during the Corona Virus pandemic. Who needs food and essentials when you got nerd cred?

No. 86609

Does she get some help from her family that we know of? Good thing she has roommates.

No. 86610

And shouldn't she be staying home?? Literally the whole nation is told to not go out unless it's absolutely necessary and she's going out for video games… not food, not toilet paper, not water, just fucking video games.

No. 86611

>Does she get help from family we know of? Thank God she had roommates

I don't know and I frankly don't care if she gets help or not from her family. Her own family has never been mentioned in the board. You would know if you actually read it.

No. 86612

There is a curfew by 8am to 8pm I think in LA. Some counties and putting harsher restrictions than others. CA as a whole only just now got toally locked down for 8 weeks, but places like Game Stop are still open regardless and as long as you practice proper social distancing unless you know you are with a group smaller than 10 in LA that you all knowingly know aren't infected, she can still go out and so can anybody. Its not martial law.

No. 86645

There's nitpicking on other threads and for some reason this is the only thread that gets the bans.

No. 86665

File: 1584744197849.png (189.64 KB, 652x562, gs.png)

Ok? That would just make it worse actually because if she knew she needed money now and had already pre-ordered then she could have just cancelled. And if she didn't spend the $60 on AC that day she probably spent at least another $60 on top anyways. She's an idiot either way because not only is she spending excessive money on non-essentials while also whining about her job insecurity and money, but she went out to do it when we're all being explicitly told to not do that.

>it's not the law she can do what she wants!

Yeah but just because you're not breaking the law doesn't mean you're not being an asshole. GameStop's a perfect example of that, they're being highly criticized right now for staying open and putting their employees at risk, so very cool of her to support that. Basically everyone I know cancelled their hard copy and got digital instead. There's not even any real pre-order bundles for AC, so she could have just bought digital copies of all of these, there was zero reason for her to do this. She could have even just grabbed it at Target or Walmart while doing the bare essential shopping you're allowed to do.

kek @ her of course covering her entire face when it's someone else's story and she has no control over the shoop tho. Also like the first fucking everyone was told NOT to do from day 1 was touch their faces. But I guess shoving a bunch of game cases that have probably been sitting there touched by multiple unhygienic neckbeards who aren't being allowed to go home during a health crisis is chill. Whatever you gotta do to hide the real face I suppose.

No. 86670

Literal proof of her Googling herself where did you go wks?

No. 86685

Thank you for posting this, because you took the words out of my mouth. I was actually the anon that posted that photo. Her showing off her video game purchases wouldn’t be a big deal if she didn’t lose her job temporarily, if we weren’t in the current predicament with people getting sick/dying, or her putting others at risk for going out when it was said to stay in. The amount of money she claims to not have is a lie. Part of me believes she is sitting on a pile of money but claims to be broke so she would get extra to buy the things she wants.

No. 86755

>googles regularly

My bad

No. 86790

File: 1584835766407.png (202.72 KB, 1440x1020, fc.png)

Do you really think she Googled herself once and never did it again? It's proven she's a narcissist, it's not far fetched to say she still does it. She was already Googling herself when she had 0 attention inb4
>The fan clubs
It's very likely Nicole made those herself to make her fantasy of being famous and adored come to life. She had 0 presence at that time to warrant that level of love and admiration.

Also, the fanclubs were all made in 2014-2015, and they all say the SAME exact thing (WE LOVE YOU QUEEEEN, SHE LOVES US, PERFECT, THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD) (pic related), what makes it even more odd is how they posted multiple pictures of herself and Leda. I bet Nicole forgot all the passwords to her sockpuppet fan accounts.

Fan accounts LOVE U QUEEN
Further proving her self obsession, picking up a Spanish video that merely used her photo as the thumbnail in 2 days
Nicole claiming other people are copying her and skinwalking her when she, herself as 0 originality
Potentially used Reddit burner accounts, pics deleted during the creation of this thread
Other Anons believe she made her fans
Has a hard on when people think she's Leda, the leda nicole fanclubs make sense now since this was her goal

No. 86798

Sage your spergfest. Without any hard evidence can we stop asserting she made all these fan accounts and posts? Its not really adding anything and sounds like a reach. Tinfoil isnt milk.

No. 86870

henlo proof-chan, nice to see you back in the thread

No. 86913

File: 1584901967791.png (2.67 MB, 1440x2567, 829749570.png)

She's telling people to stay home now that she got Animal Crossing, she would've kept going out to find the game if the store she went to had no more copies. It's only time to be responsible and safe when your AdultChild needs are met.

WKs dismiss proof when it's presented, say they don't see it even when shit gets spoon-fed. The levels of denial here kek.

No. 86924

File: 1584915253102.png (790.79 KB, 1242x2208, C71CE989-25CF-41F5-8EB5-890B1F…)

And she just posted this. I seriously never want to hear about how she’s broke ever again.

No. 86930

>Books tattoo appointment during Virus pandemic

She doesn't ever learn lmao. Watch her beg for more uwu donations when she contracts the virus.

No. 86935

File: 1584922061767.png (4.5 MB, 2527x1232, fakehair.png)

>"Without any hard evidence"
>hard evidence of shoop
>hard evidence of lying
>hard evidence she skinwalks leda
>hard evidence she googles herself
>hard evidence she's in the thread
>hard evidence of self-obsession
Sorry, what proof are we missing exactly? their new technique is just to sperg about sageing because they literally have no straws left to grasp on, that's why they all sperged the fuck out over that one redtext, they're that desperate. Where's the "hard evidence" we're all samefag like they're insisting, huh?

Heart condition still nowhere to be seen lmao. Just to keep the list updated of what she's gotten since starting her patreon (which btw the tiers are still exactly the same meaning she's put out zero actual content and is still accepting everything as "donations")
>new car
>new apartment
>multiple anime figures
>custom yeezys
>multiple video games

….and for your consideration:
Left pic is Feb 18th, Right pic is Mar 18th

No. 86937

>Heart condition

Sayathefox did the said thing, she lied about having cancer and undergoing cancer surgery when infact she was getting numerous plastic surgery procedures done on her face and body. After she got the pity points and donations, the "cancer" was never spoken of ever again.

No. 86970

File: 1584942844468.png (1.42 MB, 1440x1448, omg queeeen.png)

>The face Nicole makes every time she calls herself perfect goddess <33 on her sock puppet accounts (Tinfoiling vendettachan)

No. 86976

this is horrifying, she looks like a mix between leda and pixyteri here kek

No. 86990

$100 on them being eevee evolutions

No. 86995

seriously? you know the only people reporting these posts are nicole herself and her gang, why are you listening to them?

neither of these posts would ever get redtexted in any other thread.you’re going to set the wks on us again

no one else would possibly care enough about these post to report them besides nicole herself

No. 87008

>no one else would possibly care enough about these post to report them besides nicole herself

Exactly that.(ban evading)

No. 87011

Since when do mods bother redtexting for such trivial shit? I smell Nicole spam reporting every mildly disagreeable post to force the mods into doing something. Dumb post, but even dumber redtext.

>neither of these posts would ever get redtexted in any other thread.you’re going to set the wks on us again

Can confirm. Not even nitpicking Shayna's vagina multiple times would do it, and trust me I'd know kek.

No. 87033

File: 1585001315300.jpg (1.36 MB, 1440x3530, hypocrisy at its finest.jpg)

Where are all the screeching whiteknights demanding for posts to be saged on the Venus, Yumi King, Taylor R and Kooters threads?? There are plenty of Tinfoils that don't get banned so what makes this any different? The front page is littered with many examples like this and nothing is being done about it.(ban evading)

No. 87040

Seriously, what's going on here? Both of these posts >>86970 >>86448 are of pictures of Nicole that hadn't been posted before (so both are valid contributions), and they're both perfectly cringey and milky in different ways.

Mickey Deer's like entire thread is making fun of her fake diarrhea freckles and blatant shoop and filter abuse and ebegging….in fact that's what every single cow that has a thread on this website does? So why is Nicole the only cow getting special treatment here? And why aren't the samefag spergs getting redtexted? Why aren't they getting permanent bans? How do they keep getting back in here? Mods could shut them up for good with one single post, could have shut them up MONTHS ago and saved us all this hassle but they're redtexting shit like this instead? Why?(>>>/meta/)

No. 87101

/meta/s overrun with Nicolefags too, so what's the plan here?

No. 87118

File: 1585107646098.jpg (248.09 KB, 1080x1255, Screenshot_20200325-143731__01…)

Kek good point anon. Are the "reee delete the thread, vendetta posting, no milk anons" STILL trying?

Nicole's been boring recently. The most interesting thing I could find was a girl who literally cosplayed her, kek. All you need is Snow app and an orange wig and you too can be Nicole Eevee Davis ~

No. 87122

File: 1585110996778.jpg (251.13 KB, 1080x1213, Screenshot_20200325-151447__01…)

Oof, just checked for myself. I can see where anons are coming from with some of the posts (there's definitely some sperging going on in there)… but saying she isn't scamming her followers out of their money is a bold-faced lie. Every second day she's crying about not making ends meat. Even going as far to construct an "elaborate" lie to validate her need for betabucks, but then proceeds to purchase whatever brand name item takes her fancy nearly that same day?

Imo the opposition to this thread is fucking weird, I've never seen anything like it. It's a shit thread on /W/ (like 90% of the other threads on this board) just hide it if you don't like it. The need some of you have to shutdown other's free speech is getting really suspicious. This is coming from someone who has no problem with Nicole personally, I just think her behaviour is retarded and slightly entertaining.

No. 87124

File: 1585111650412.png (78.49 KB, 1062x390, nicolefags.png)

Aight yall, I'm done. Mods are just Nicolefags too apparently. I went to /meta/ like they told me to, instead of addressing the 11+ "samefag vendetta no milk show proof" posts they called me mentally unhinged for 2 posts telling the wks to hide the thread. So that's where we are, good luck.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 87128

Anon, I'm not trying to hurt your feelings but I think the level of care vs how important is why admin said that. There's definitely WKs but sperging to this extent doesn't help. If you want the thread to continue you're gonna have to chill, or your precieved vendetta will be the thing that shuts it down. If it's not a vendetta this is a good way to prove them wrong.

No. 87546

I have to give a hearty laugh at the way this thread went from constantly being at the top of /w/ to being completely dead once the autistic ban-evading vendetta posters got banned.

No. 87813

Also because she seems to have stopped posting. I checked her Insta and the last post was 22 days ago. Idk if she's been posting on Stories but I usually check threads rather than manually following cows. No vendetta posting, no content for other people to respond to.

No. 87815

File: 1585932863837.png (7.24 MB, 1242x2208, F28C9B6E-72FF-4E67-8E24-7C4D20…)

She posts on her Snapchat quite frequently, but it’s nothing worth mentioning. It’s a lot of, “I’m sad uwu” type of stuff, or how she’s been playing animal crossing. If anyone has forgotten her many faces this is the one she currently has.

No. 87820

This looks like a different person entirely.

No. 87922

Second this. Anon wasn't joking when they said "many faces"

No. 88008

She has a new face every few months, she usually shops herself into whatever is popular at the moment. It's hilarious when Cows try to prove they're au natural with edited no makeup selfies.

No. 88165

Let’s not forget that she also has her Patreon up and hasn’t given us not one cosplay or anything she had promised since she announced it. Pathetic.

No. 88193

Egirls and scamming, name another iconic duo.

No. 89151

Is Nicole bi? she's been posting on twitter about wanting a gf very bad, that also kinda confirms she and Dennis are not together anymore?(necro)

No. 89223

It seems like everything fell apart, split from the guy, the apartment she was supposed to move to seems to be gone, moved back to her friend's house, now posting about looking fot a cute gf and replying to her applicants with emojis.

No. 89224

File: 1587245011177.png (578.54 KB, 1440x1901, cute gf pls.png)

No. 89383

File: 1587443998761.png (5.14 MB, 1242x2208, 4D37A1EF-75A2-4E14-8EB4-4DD314…)

She’s back to getting her photos done by her roommate (this is a zoomed in photo from her Twitter).

No. 89451

She still looks gaunt despite the photoshop touch up

No. 89454

File: 1587494880302.png (383.41 KB, 663x520, 56.png)

Anon didn't post the whole caption and instead just the close-up. It looks like that was the point of the photos the dude took of her. The caption and photos make sense together. I don't know why anon only posted a close-up aside from trying to get people nitpicking.

No. 89483

The point of the photos is she looks gaunt? (nta) It's just a generic caption to excuse posting selfies during a pandemic.

No. 89484

samefag, just noticed how carefully you cropped the screencap so we wouldn't see the edit/analytics buttons….

No. 89503

You dont even have access to that unless you're the owner of the twitter.

No. 89520

Exactly my point, nobody checks lolcow threads more often than their subjects.(hi cow)

No. 89599

File: 1587593774344.png (258.05 KB, 442x669, 8416911529.png)

Dropping some old some old pics idk if these were posted already

No. 89600

File: 1587593839812.png (375.66 KB, 660x669, 8416911530.png)

No. 89601

File: 1587593891145.png (906.23 KB, 1080x1309, 8416911528.png)

I wonder if she got a light nose job, her nose was pretty sloped and crooked from the side

No. 89602

File: 1587593953075.png (535 KB, 536x668, 8416911534.png)

Now it looks straight and not sloped downwards

No. 89603

File: 1587594032224.png (208.67 KB, 449x668, 8416911531.png)

I think she may have gotten her jaw and chin done, in her old pics she had a very small and short face

No. 89606

File: 1587594379026.png (318.75 KB, 591x668, 8416911532.png)

My guess is a light nose job, jaw, and chin work
she also uses heavy contour makeup on her nose to make it look button and round then uses angles, lighting, and filters so people cant really see it like those chinese streamers. It was really noticeable during her live streams

saged for no contribution

No. 89692

File: 1587651676788.png (77.83 KB, 1856x367, nicole chan anons.png)

its funny how nicole chan anons flood meta the second some1 says anything about nicole isnt there something better to do than constantly hovering over nicole's thread mass reporting and reeing on meta?

No. 89761

I'm the anon who did the hi cow post, can confirm I'm not the same person with the pic spam afterwards. I didn't see the other anon deleting and reposting or whatever they're saying she did there, someone's definitely hovering.

No. 89770

If Nicole doesn't sit in this thread hovering over the report button I'm genuinely confused. There's a certain amount of nitpicking that usually flies under the radar in other threads, because a majority of anons tend to ignore and move on. But not here kek, you'd think we're in PT.

No. 90186

because she is naturally blonde and doesn’t have to bleach her hair to get the color she has right now :) how can you get this mad when you don’t even shit about hair dying(no emoticons)

No. 90225

Ntayrt, but what a weirdly defensive response to bump the thread with… That passive aggressive smiley face and all kek. Why do you even care about a post from two months ago, like wow? Also, I can forgive anon for assuming she bleaches, her hair is quite fine and damaged. I'm assuming she probably pulls box dye through her ends every time instead of just doing her roots. That, or her hair is just unfortunate.

No. 90226

File: 1588067471946.jpg (573.88 KB, 1080x1837, Screenshot_20200428-194658__01…)

Samefag but kek at the slew of modeling spam since she broke up with her boyfriend. There will be a new simp soon enough.

No. 90246

Her timeline reads with posts far between though so I don't know if that's really anything to do with her ex from 5 years ago.

No. 90264

For hair like her's too, if the actual normal photos of her are accurate for her light brown color, its really not hard to bring out the oraneg and red undertones in shades like that with not even needing bleach unless you are going for bright bright. This would make sense why she said she stopped bleach heavily and probably touchups with something boxy or some semi from Hot Topic. Overtone maybe because their stuff is very vibrant. Seems like a stupid nitpick though so that's all Ill say about her hair.

No. 90739

Didn't she literally just break up with her boyfriend and that's why she's sad posting with the vulpix?

No. 90988

She has naturally non speshul brown hair like everyone else

She's fantasy/fetish baiting again with the bi/lesbian shit, she really trying hard to hook in a new simp, I guess her bf was tired of being a cuck

No. 91336

I’m really worried about a thread like this affecting her mental health and hurting her feelings. I’m not a friend of her or know her personally, but I’m someone that used to feel jealous of Nicole and try to find pictures of her to pick apart flaws of hers, so I’m not sure if that’s the same as what most people are doing here? I’m not sure what everyone’s motives are here, besides angry at her for asking for money. If you’re making this thread to expose the things she’s doing with her money or her bad behavior, it won’t make a difference because her target audience probably don’t lurk on these types of sites. If possible could the insults about her physical appearance be toned down? I’m not trying to wk, I just feel extremely guilty about all of this because I’ve shared most of your views when feeling jealous. How do you guys deal/react when you see a thread about your favorite internet personality? It hurts right in the soul because I’ve watched her youtube videos years ago

No. 91381

Sage your autism

No. 91460

>I'm not a wk but i'm worried about her mental health :(
>I understand you're all jealous, I was uwu jealous too, I understand minna's feelings here
>How do you guys deal/react when you see a thread about your favorite internet personality? It hurts right in the soul because I’ve watched her youtube videos years ago
>did i mention im not a wk?

Did Corona virus hit your brain?

No. 91526

You gotta back up this pretending thing. She doesn't seem to be bichasing or bibaiting like people like Momokun do. She's just saying she wants a girlfriend. Could be pansexual. I don't see the fetishizing.

No. 91576

File: 1588810679574.jpeg (264.19 KB, 828x1007, 2BC65CD5-35F8-4654-90AB-BD9E15…)


Just so you all know, she was underage in that picture where you grown ups are discussing her boobs there.
When a page on 9gag was being creepy on it, she mentioned she was a minor there. So you maybe want to delete the shit you said.

No. 91579

learn to integrate whiteknight faggot

No. 91590


Ah yes the official whiteknight move, disliking it when people discuss a child’s breasts. The audacity.
Don’t even know what integrate means in this context, but it doesn’t matter, point is it’s creepy

No. 91604

It just brings up the obsession vendetta that she has going on in the thread then too. I didn't know she was underage in some of these photos and that is creepy to be commenting on her tits there. We already talked about a folder belonging to the dude being used from pintrest being used to reupload the photos here. Now I'm thinking it's the guy posting who was stalking her from the get go. Pissed off that she turned him down still. He was the one collecting her underage photos.

No. 91613

Yes, that one anon was creepy
But clearly you don't know how this site works, it can't be deleted. And more to the point, the more WKs the more discussion. Grow a brain cell and stop stoking the fire then?

No. 91617


I thought you could remove your own post if you know the password or whatever? Either way you know more about this site than me. I just noticed that there’s one anon that keeps discussing her boobs in between topics on the entire thread, so just to make it known that anything earlier than 2014 is a grey area to be discussing her body

No. 91635

File: 1588831336473.jpeg (69.72 KB, 538x891, 9A7044D5-0B5E-4217-81FA-9CEB82…)

OT but she’s super pretty like this, I would like to see her face and makeup like this again/how it looked in 2017-2018 (inb4 “fiLterS/phoToshop” regardless, her hair and makeup made her face look super flattering like this

No. 91644

She does look very cute. I guess self hating people just have a very wrapped idea of themselves.
Offtopic, where is that choker from?

No. 91653


I’ve definitely seen them at hot topic before

No. 91686


Im just confused because all the photos in here look like the same girl but some have filters thrown on them, but people claim they all look different. you can tell this is the same chick throughout the thread. Has she scammed anyone on patreon yet? Like.. not delivering rewards? Went through her Instagram a few times and I see she's sent shit out, so so far nothing scammy on her for patreon.

No. 91712

>looks the same
lol idk about that literally the whole thread has pictures of her morphing face and body throughout the years. its either your blind or in denial.

No. 91742

But you still know its the same person. Some of these photos were from when she still had baby fat on her face too and was still developing. Not all of these are filtered or shopped. In general, she looks the same throughout, but you can tell its edited.

No. 91748

Am I the only one who genuinely doesn’t see a problem with her using filters? Even when I was watching her youtube videos from 2016 I thought she still looked like computer generated or anime or something like hella pretty, I just think filters make the changes that makeup can’t do such as make you look younger or like a chibi version of yourself or something
I once saw a page share one of her pictures and compliment her and she said something like “thanks but it’s edited”, she definitely doesn’t seem to hide it

No. 91749

Just to clarify I haven’t been a fan or something watching her SINCE 2016. I meant after I saw this thread I went to look at her videos that were uploaded in 2016

No. 91757

There isn't a problem with it and if she got her nose done it isn't a big enough deal to make a whole thread about it and based on her age it would've been while she was under 18. I don't get the obsession with wanting to nitpick filter usage and spread it out to make it seem like its a scam or fraud on her part. Everything she posts has a filter and its usually an orange one too.

No. 91788

File: 1588908802873.jpg (1.53 MB, 1920x2560, 20-05-08-13-29-42-582_deco.jpg)

>She looks computer generated or anime
She's pretty but WK harder, wtf…

No. 91790

Yeah, but a majority of anons don't bother with the PW. As such you have half an hour to delete before it's permanent.

I agree, who cares about filter abuse, I'm more interested in her setting up a "robbery" in the most autistic way possible to scam her brain dead simps. But that doesn't mean I'm blind to the fact she looks nothing like her shops (not even referring to the obvious Snow abuse). I'm impartial to Nicole, but it seems like there's been an intentional influx of WKs in this thread. She's quiet, so there's nothing to discuss, what a perfect time to send simps here to sway the thread contention. This is coming from someone who thinks vendetta anon is an autist btw.

No. 91794

Jesus, anon. Samefag your vendetta harder.(still the same whiteknighting sperg I see)

No. 91795

The last two were me responding kek, sorry WK-chan, next time I'll remember to do it all in one post. The rest aren't me you autist, you're proving my point. The milk is this thread is now purely coming from th WKs who started bumping this shit show 10 days ago. Until the obvious suck ass posts no one was paying attention. Oh, and instead of immediately calling me Vendetta-chan, maybe deconstruct or you know, actually read what I'm saying?

No. 91876

Nicole should've kept that face. She looks uncanny valley now.

No. 91877

Oh boy, where have I heard that before? >>85478

No. 92027

Yeah, I think she looks better human too. More approachable.

No. 92053

Can we not make it a thing to be considered WKing to find a girl pretty? Not all video game or anime characters look like bugs with giant eyes and having no nose or something. For example, Jojo characters have pretty realistic faces.
If I remember correctly her boyfriend Dennis was in one of her yt videos and he said she has “Chinese eyes” (nothing wrong with having Chinese-looking eyes, but if someone’s using it to insult then the other person would take it the wrong way).
Also onto the whole patreon thing, didn’t Leda have a patreon last year and not fulfill the reward tiers? I remember seeing angry comments all over her insta. I’m not sure if Eevee is doing the same

No. 92066

Your not so subtle asspats of """"Eevee""""" need some work, faggot
Honestly after reading this thread I'm not sure who's more vomit inducing, Nicole being a pathetic leech skinwalker or the people who infest this thread every second of every fucking day defending someone as degenerate as her! Maybe one day she'll totally fuck you after she sees you've contributed to 60% of the posts in a thread about calling her out for how hollow her skull is, right guys??? Haha!

No. 92068


I think it’s cringy to call someone by their first name as if you know them personally/are their friend, instead I prefer to call people by their usernames and she always puts hers as “Eevee.” You’re probably the type of person to call pewdiepie “Felix” as it you know him personally, I just think you’d be stupid for that. Not everyone is an r-tarded American here, I come from a European background where in my country it’s considered weird to refer to someone by their first name if you don’t know them. Also, I’m not into women, you sound really pathetic.

No. 92070

>Can we not-
No, we can't. I think Twitter's the place you're looking for if you wanna police individual opinion. Kek at the OT sperg about animu and gaming to validate your subtle WKing… Go make a thread on PULL if you enjoy the taste of her asshole so much, this unnecessary thread bumping is getting out of hand. Literally no one cares what a majestic creature you think this average ethot is. Lastly nice diversion, this thread is for Nicole, not Leda.

No. 92118

Can someone post an actual update about the cow instead of slapfighting amongst yourselves, thank you

I think it's pretty clear she doesn't look like her photos amd videos irl, hence why she quit Youtube and only posts highly filtered selfies online, and edited photoshoots by her friend. She has to keep up an image of something she's not online - a lot of followers which aren't being utilized for anything due to being restricted to this leafy elfin image.
If you think she's only mildly edited that's because she's done well hiding her real face (which is also nice? Why do these cows do this to themselves, see also thequeenofdeer)
It'd be good to see her actually post content of a human one day and start using her accounts properly.

No. 92168

File: 1589040794134.png (448.35 KB, 621x669, s1038j086.png)

>can someone post an actual update?
She looks gaunt in her less edited pics and the top of her head is so pointed. It looks like she has an Alien skull. Her Photographer drone has the time to edit her eye shape and color and jaw but didn't notice this mistake?

Nicole is literally in her fucking user name whereas Pewdiepie doesn't, and people didn't start calling her "Eevee" until recently. I used to be a fan and a lot of people were still calling her Nicole until she started claiming people called her Eevee and insisted no one called her Nicole anymore in one of her live stream from late last year. Your point is so shit and paper thin.

No. 92172

File: 1589041012976.png (471.37 KB, 1000x909, ap-01.png)

No. 92373

File: 1589085599062.jpg (589.18 KB, 1080x1738, Screenshot_20200510-143953__01…)

The wk's are the only source of entertainment right now, more so because they're likely Nicole or her friends. She's done fuck all except for fill her feed with edited ~model~ shots since her boyfriend dumped her/vice versa

No. 92375

File: 1589085731546.jpg (508.13 KB, 1080x1726, Screenshot_20200510-144002__01…)

Vs before when it was all shit-tier snow selfies. Maybe she's stepping up the shoop because of the thread? Who knows

No. 92383


I can imagine her reading this thread because it appears if you search her name, has she mentioned this thread at all on her social media? I honestly expected her to right away because as soon as her stalker was posting pictures showing her shoops she turned it into a story highlight about contacting the police.
I’m also still not sure why the highlight is still up.

No. 92402

File: 1589100261092.jpeg (108.52 KB, 775x631, BDB18DDA-048F-4795-A4A7-ED04F8…)

I’m going to assume she’s still dating Dennis because he’s still in her Facebook bio

No. 92407

My b, someone mentioned it here along with her ~lesbo~ vague posting so I thought that was the case

No. 92441

She won't give attention to this thread because her fans will realize how much of a snowflake she is and that will destroy her UWU ult animu girl image.

No. 92442

I don't think she updates her fb page anymore

lmao @ pink haired weeb

No. 92637

File: 1589175310397.jpeg (384.77 KB, 828x1231, A0975DFB-0A1A-4646-B4BE-AEF0D5…)

Her bf has an etsy account and it seems he is/was a fan of some random lewd cosplayer.
I always wondered why Nicole started posting lewd content, because years ago she used to wear baggy stuff and not like posting her body.
Seeing this probably didn’t help lmao.

No. 92638

VividVivka is/was a fellowship of the rainbow lolcow herself.

No. 92640

That seems like a reach when years ago she was underage so wearing tight shirts doesn't seem like this is why. Her content is very very tame lewd too. Vivka does actual insertion porn. Doubt its why they broke up too or if they are together they both seem to keep it private so we have no idea if its bad or good.

No. 92705

File: 1589215296876.png (1.57 MB, 1440x2559, uwuazneyes.png)

any of yall seen her new story? Her azn eyes shop is so damn bad. She looks like those white flakes on insta lying about being Korean or Japanese by erasing their eyelids away. Look @ all the blur around her eyelids. She's still trying to prove to minna she has monolids, Lmao.

No. 92707

Story shows her walking towards the sun during golden hour and squinting and she has that freckles filter again which does this too your face and eyes.

No. 92709

File: 1589216319167.png (644.78 KB, 1440x2511, s8j001836w87108p2.png)

>It's golden hour and she was walking towards the sun

Uh where? It looked more cloudy than bright outside when she took the video and there was no "sun shining on her face" causing her to squint like that. She just wanted to show off her fake monolids~

No. 92710

Care to revise your statement, anon? >>91686

>Im just confused because all the photos in here look like the same girl

No. 92711

She does look like the same girl but with different filters on though. You can still tell its >>92373 in all of these including >>91788
It just looks like edited stuff, but just like how Moo looks like the same broken bus no matter her face shape.

No. 92712

I can't revise something I've never said lmao. I can't fathom how retarded you are.

No. 92717

I was talking to the second anon tagged in the post, obviously not the first one. headdesk
Why are nicole stans the dumbest people on this site?

No. 92718

File: 1589222134670.png (1.18 MB, 1440x1800, noface.png)

Randomly threw this screencap onto how-old.net and got "couldn't detect any faces"

So there's the final word on the many faces of nicole. An algorithm can't even tell it is a face.
But sure, she looks very human and exactly the same in every image.

No. 92723

>I was talking to the second anon tagged in the post!
Maybe state who you're talking to next time? Anyone reading it when think you're talking to me.
>Nicole stan
And where do you get that from? I'm literally calling her out for PSing her eyes to a Monolid crease. None of my posts are defending her in any way.

Please take your retardation to PULL. You sound stupid as fuck and underaged.

No. 92758

Nobody can tell which posts are yours except for admin, so I don't know why you expect every other anon to know which ones you wrote. Namefagging is banned so there is no way to flag up your own posts. Basically try to integrate a lil more because this is not a personal chatroom.

No. 92830

File: 1589279989438.jpeg (491.78 KB, 1008x828, BB54ED0D-4A71-407A-85C2-752858…)


This thread was good when it was discussing her stalkers and Patreon, starts becoming shit when you’re nitpicking eyelids. Here’s a screencap of her face with no editing or filters.
Anon, if you’re going to use an image of someone’s face to check their age with an AI, at least don’t make it a blurry screenshot from a video.
Side note, the Snapchat filters look horrible, I wish she’d go back to using SNOW filters at least, those looked cuter/had realistic looking freckles.
Does anyone know when she plans on Twitch streaming? She’s talked about it for years but hasn’t actually done anything recent yet.

No. 92859

>anyone knows when she's gonna stream again
I don't think she will do one anytime soon since she's lazy as shit and has to put in a lot of work for the angles, filters and lighting to show on the stream.
And Anon, you can very clearly see her regular white person eyelids if you hover your mouse over your picture. In some of her edits she completely erases the crease to make it look like she has absolutely no crease like an Asian.

No. 92996

It’s 2020, how do people still not realize you can edit your face and use pretty undetectable filters even in video?

No. 92998

now that you mentioned it, her chin and nose looks especially blurry compared to the rest of the cap.

No. 93013

Can we stop posting screencaps from videos if we are going to post Instagram videos zoomed in and specifically cropped like >>92709 and do retarded shit like >>92718?

She still uses them from the look of it, but then reuploads to Snapchat and Instagram both which I think is why anon is confused about what filters she is using.

No. 93016

Everything around her face would be warped too. This isn't an edited video except it being washed out and brightened a bit. She seems to have liked the washed out look in her videos at the time. We already discussed these anyway.

She still uses them from the look of it, but then reuploads to Snapchat and Instagram both which I think is why anon is confused about what filters she is using. The video is really old and its not like she had a living doll setup in her care. Apps weren't that great when this video was taken to not have had an obvious warp around her whole head and turning in her neck, sides of the hair/car near the hair.

No. 93020

Agreed, although I must admit tardanon probably screeched race faking because even in her professional shops her eyes are like twice the size. Still a reach though.
I've never seen her do that. Do you have any caps? I'm genuinely curious.

No. 93021

They aren't even crazy deep set white people eyes either. I think she has soft creases which can look monolid in the right light or makeup or filter. She might actually not even know what the hell to call her crease. Most people have no idea what kind of lid they have and they do all sorts of crappy eyeliner and stuff because of watching someone on YouTube with a different eye shape. I think someone posted something about her saying she has monolids which is why it's being dragged out.

No. 93027

Sorry but no, anon. If she was using a shitty face tracking filter like snow or Snapchat, maybe. But there are tons of plugins for programs like after effects that can edit your face in videos without affecting the background. Look at Kota, she’s been doing this shit for years.

No. 93031

You can tell in videos though. Looking at these from youtube today doesn't seem like anything is being tracked. It's just her in the car and talking to a camera. She turns her head and moves her arms around and touches her face constantly. The tracking would've fluxed a bunch of times. She uses filters, no one is arguing this, but these video