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No. 95801

A new thread for drama revolving around Net-idol/dance cover group drama.
Currently (from the old drama thread)
>honey.phantomhive, who also runs the idol.positivitea page openly defended and supported a cosplayer who does blackface.
>Neosenshi idols Manager and leader have been larping as members of Sodapop, as well as other members of their own group.
>Idolpreciate, an idol positivity account may have been bullied off of instagram

Previous Thread:

No. 95816

Does anyone have more info about the idolpreciate situation? Like has anyone tried messaging them or anything. I really liked their account and genuinely enjoyed seeing all of the groups and people, and the positivity. They’re the only positivity account that really felt like it was actually genuine

No. 95897

File: 1590409564462.jpeg (117.63 KB, 1124x383, CDA00A53-A4E8-454A-B7CE-05F702…)

If this is all the drama, then we genuinely did not need a new thread. This is so incredibly boring and sparse. Where has the thread quality gone?

No. 95932

This is not all of the drama. I didn’t include everything about kuro, sodapop, etc. I was just summarizing MOST RECENT drama from the old thread.

No. 95933

Funny how you guys believe I the manager of NeoSenshi larp as members or other people. I am 31,have a essential job, animals and a boyfriend that take up my time. I have not been on here till today nor have I done much in the group itself. But if blaming someone with a life for made up events makes you happy then be my guest. This entire thread is pathetic and childish. This is my only time of posting here and my last. Have a wonderful day in making false accusations. 😀 Also for those who get on my 'grammar' I passed English courses with flying colors. I use proper grammar on things that matter, and petty people or petty sites as such are not worth my proper grammar. And a fact I am dyslexic but you know bash people when you don't know what they go through in their lives. Good day.


No. 95967

Hey guys, another self post here. This is Honey. I really don’t want to seem rude, but… seriously? I’m in the title post? No one has talked about me in forever, and what is written about me isn’t even true. I never defended blackface, I said the person who was being accused of blackface had never done blackface, which is true to the extent of my knowledge. I also made a long ass apology video, which I’m sure plenty of you saw but never bothered to mention. In case you didn’t see it, I’m sorry if I offended anyone. Tell me if I hurt you because if I did I’d like to apologize personally. Tell me what I did wrong in person instead of just immediately cancelling me. Idol.Positivitea is dead. I don’t have the motivation to run it anymore because of you guys. Really? I was trying to do something positive for the community. The reason I came out of anonymity was because I got several tells asking who was running the account. Please, just leave me alone. I’m tired of dealing with this. Again, I don’t mean to seem rude.


No. 95968

>supported a cosplayer who does blackface!!!
oh no!! kek. take this vendetta shit to PULL

No. 95976

These self posts are pathetic. Y’all are jokes.

No. 95979

Doesn't seem like self posting. Seems like fake bullshit still. Anon is trying to trigger people in the groups to come here and actually empty tea with bait. It's forcing milk and embarrassing.

No. 95991

Ah yes, defending yourself. Absolutely pathetic.

Take your need for drama somewhere else. There’s no milk here anymore. You’re the joke.

No. 96033

even when adding in all the other shit, this is fucking embarrassing. Absolutely pointless to have another thread, especially since it’s just the same 7 people arguing with each other and larping

No. 96035

Whether or not you like it, there will always be some type of idol drama thread, whether or not a continuation of the other one. If this one didn’t get made, one WOULD that wouldn’t be linked to the other one. That means you idiots would take a while to find it, and not be able to see what other people say about your group, see what’s going on in the community, etc. Whether or not you actually like the thread or post on it, other people DO. if you guys truly did not like the thread, then you wouldn’t look at it every day. In reality, you like being “in” on the drama. You like participating and knowing what people are truly thinking. You act like none of you participate in the drama, when you’re literally replying to it, fueling it more. Truly, just shut up and stop looking at the thread since you want to act like you don’t do that anyways.

No. 96058

Damn bro I didn’t say any of that shit, don’t get your panties in a twist. Watching all you lolfags beg and scrape for tea and think we need a new thread when this is all that is happening, though… that’s pathetic.

And nah, I think I’m gonna stay around!

No. 96164

So much for idol positivity, right honey.phantomhive?

No. 96274

Luv I don’t even have the same autistic typing by style as them, kindly fuck off and at least accuse me of posting as someone who’s style is similar to mine

No. 96277

So you are racist, transphobic, and abelist now? Nice keep it up.

No. 96278

get off this site underage twitterfag this is not your safe space.

No. 96280

Honey your not even 18 hush

No. 96291

File: 1590543609349.jpg (948.66 KB, 2576x1932, image.jpg)

Whoever you think is Honey is not me. The only post I’ve made is the first self-post. Here’s a pic of me with my guitar that I took just now to prove it! You won’t find this pic anywhere else.

Also, I am actually autistic, so I would never make an ableist claim! Thanks.

No. 96295

Don't ever post about yourself here. Autism or not, you should know better since you are fine understanding that. Post a photo with a sign that says lolcow.

No. 96297

File: 1590544079585.jpg (756.06 KB, 2576x1932, image.jpg)

Just trying to clear my name :) I really don’t appreciate being called ableist (or racist or transphobic, for that matter), especially since I’m autistic, or having other people mess up my reputation under my name. Also, my group is very kind and understanding, unlike people here. I check this lolcow to make sure no ones talking shit about me, which no one was until this new thread was made. Anyways, like I said, I just want to be left alone, please.

No. 96298

You know you make it worse when you post and now you posted with proof. Girl, you need to just leave or lurk and never make comments on threads. You are so self absorbed to check your name on sites like this. That's why you are probably posted. I don't even like idols and kept seeing this bumped. Do yourselff a mental favor and don't bother coming back. You will always be known as the self poster now and now you have to deal with always being made fun of for posting. Now they will never leave you alone.

No. 96302

Your promoting me to make a thread just for you. You have good cow potential.

No. 96303

Lmao the old thread literally talked about you too, if you had any sort of reading comprehension then you’d know that

No. 96307


Bet y’all feel stupid for thinking I was honey now. Stay in your lanes, newfags.

No. 96311

holy fucking shit you're really starved for attention

No. 96312

Lmao why would you try so hard to prove you're not? Wtf would you care if we think honey's a hypocrite? No suspicion in your direction at all then.

No. 96315

I wasn’t trying, you 12 year old. I literally just said that I wasn’t honey. I don’t give a shit if you think honey is a hypocrite or what you think of honey. I think it’s hilarious that you think you’re so smart, you can call out self posts when you’re obviously wrong. You’re one of the people that’s responsible for the decline in thread quality.

Please just shut the fuck up, this is an anonymous website with random anons talking to each other, you moron. Your newfaggery and twitter aura reeks so please bless us all and just leave

No. 96323

I know neosenshi is lurking because as soon as someone mentioned that they were scouting with old member posts still up, neo deleted half their posts and reposted all the member introductions saying “we love all our members!!”

No. 96326

Oh they do. Caroline can not keep her nose out of shit. She literally copies other groups when being ‘positive’. It’s so forced and fake. She literally did the ‘sister group’ thing on their page when another group just mentioned another local group as a friend.

No. 96375

You know that scrotes and creepy fucks from r9k also lurk this site right? what is wrong with you? are you really that desperate for attention?

No. 96408

File: 1590614362435.jpeg (39.06 KB, 720x405, 6D80A009-55B8-464C-8587-28BEDD…)

You do realize that by doing this, you’ve killed damn near every opportunity for you and your group (present and future) right….?
Please tell me you know this.

No. 96431

Now Honey is going off about police Being racists on her insta storie saying that the Police were made to keep slaves in check etc. Bruhhh I’m black myself, really?

No. 96471

This doesn’t make a lot of sense. Post screenshots or it didn’t happen.

No. 96490

Yeahhhhhh I’m black too and she might be reaching just a tad too much….
It’s that white savior complex going on, pay her no mind. White SJW have a tendency to think they need to be our voice and end up sounding like this dummy.

No. 96496

File: 1590652581574.jpeg (483.81 KB, 1125x1947, 3E602B16-7E54-477A-ADD1-4BCDB9…)

No. 96566

I don't agree that all cops are bad. There's definitely cops out there who are disgusted with other cops and want to genuinely protect the public. That's how we know that a large percentage of the police force nationwide is klan/white supremacists groups affiliated and also how we know some forces train cops to target black people first. Some cops from NYPD came out putting them on blasts a few years back. I think she's just upset.

So, a little history here, she's actually historically factual. A lot of tactics we use today in the police force were taught by those who hunted slaves. They even sent out the best slave catchers to go teach police forces in different states (I'm not from Twitter American History is what I had gotten my degree in). It's actually really distrubing, especially as a black person, to read about and learn about the parallels. I'd say more about it but I don't wanna derail.

I don't exactly think lolcow is the place to speak about this. A good chunk of the people on here think racism is defunct.

Everyone is just upset and rightfully so. And there's been a shit ton of scandals and deaths pertaining to race this past week so everyone , including the people on here, are on edge.

It's interesting that she even posted about race though, I assumed the idol community wouldn't consider it kawaii enough or something.

No. 96609

A few idols have been political today. It’s been kind of cool honestly.

No. 96624

File: 1590721711707.png (724.28 KB, 750x1334, F1069DCF-EA7C-45B3-A350-022441…)

looks like mocha's been pretty political today too.

No. 96625

File: 1590721735441.png (376.95 KB, 750x1334, D865FDA2-D3B7-4564-8DF2-85B585…)

No. 96627

File: 1590721893424.png (358.91 KB, 750x1334, 9D961277-B939-41C3-B70F-03C81B…)

No. 96628

File: 1590722006659.png (372.97 KB, 750x1334, CBB11D29-4AEB-46E6-8834-D6FCC4…)

No. 96629

File: 1590722100374.png (357.24 KB, 750x1334, 54D6BB89-365C-4074-8C88-3CBC8F…)

No. 96630

File: 1590722202167.png (384.13 KB, 750x1334, 6B58A58E-758B-488F-A5DF-71A3E1…)

No. 96632

I mean, it would be cooler if they had anything to lose. Talking about politics on main isn't much of a leap from talking about drama on main.

No. 96634


No. 96663

Anyone else kinda feeling weird about all of these idols talking about BLM, that a black man was wrongly killed, etc, but.. they didn’t say a word about it until certain idols started talking about it? I hope I’m explaining this okay. It’s been all over the news, but just now, after a select few certain popular idols brought it up, suddenly A MAJORITY of the idols are talking about it. There is a story tag thing going around that’s literally just #blacklivesmatter with 3 other people tagged. All of the idols are sharing the same 5 posts about it.

It looks like a fad to seem inclusive, like one of those things that people don’t actually care about but pretend they do otherwise they’d be assholes.

Maybe it’s just me who feels this way, maybe it’s better they are supporting it whether or not they truly mean it, but it just doesn’t sit right with me the way it’s come about.

No. 96672

Honestly this stuff isn't very idol specific… Like yes some people are doing it because they think it's right and some are to be trendy or not seem racist. Like most cosplayers are talking about it at the moment because they're American. Can we get back to actual idol related tea.

No. 96725

This. It’ll die down soon.
The tag three idols thing is so stupid though, that does nothing.

Anywho, anyone seen the shining idol festival lineup so far? Who do you want to see?

No. 96734

I think it’s just blowing up right now because it’s blowing up everywhere. I normally don’t see much race related stuff on my Twitter, but ever since Floyd’s death, every single post on my tl is about it. People are taking this really seriously and a lot of cosplayers are sjw so I’m not sure if it’s just a front. I think a good chunk take it seriously tbh

No. 96777

Is there any milk on international groups? Like all we hear is mostly American groups but never about other groups?
I know one of my favourite groups is Australian, surely it’s not just our groups who are milk worthy

No. 96783

I’ve often been curious of this, but maybe the international idols just know how to shut the hell up about drama?

No. 96853

it’s more that when there’s drama going on, other groups won’t go blast the drama about a ‘rival’ group to make them look bad (thus making them look better)
I can guarantee you that most of the idol drama that people know about are from competing idol groups

No. 96924

Yeah it seems all the groups live in Harmony over there in Australia.
There’s a few toxic/questionable individuals but I never see groups fighting like they do here in America.

No. 96973

The cosplayers are doing that too and it's mostly white and white passing doing it. It's disgusting and it's as if they need a reminder to tell everyone they support BLM because otherwise they never speak up until protests start.

No. 96989

I’ve seen a couple of idols and cosplayers that actually speak on BLM throughout the year, however the majority of them are performative allies, so of course they’re only going to show up during a major protest.

But I’m derailing so let me get back to reality here.

No. 96998

I agree, they seem to be less saturated with cosidol groups outside of the US and original idol groups are very sparce. I can think of drama I've seen between UK cosidols a few times but that's about it. Also the marmalade debacle in Australia but she's probably an outlier.

No. 97001

I personally don’t like the original idol groups here in Aus that’s just me personally they seem very “try hard”.
But yeah no milk in Aus, marmalades chill that wasn’t milk just a regular venting.
Moving on

No. 97039

any new tea? I’m bored honestly there’s gotta be something entertaining going on

No. 97048

I mean you can feel free to judge Shining Idol’s second idol festival. It’s not really tea, but people over on cgl seem concerned that the hosts of Shining could be racist?
The acts, save for a few, are bad honestly.

No. 97049

You don't need tea. The very idea of these womenchildren dreaming to be screeching infantile pop singers should be enough as entertainment.

No. 97108

Until quarantine and covid fully ends and idols resume activities, there’s probably not gonna be much. Sorry!

No. 97124

Caroline out here starting trouble again. This is just down right wrong. Why do people talk to this girl. Glad I unfriended her.

No. 97125

File: 1590956242384.jpg (123.51 KB, 1078x1108, IMG_20200531_151557_335(1).jpg)

No. 97126

File: 1590956271945.jpg (159.58 KB, 1080x1800, IMG_20200531_151140_150(1).jpg)

No. 97127

File: 1590956363231.jpg (196.37 KB, 1080x1718, IMG_20200531_151219_897(1).jpg)

No. 97128

File: 1590956536336.jpg (79.08 KB, 1074x529, IMG_20200531_152221_893(1).jpg)

No. 97129

I wonder if she will be kicked out because that is going to drag to her team and people are going to want a statement. Fire her ass lol

No. 97134

This is unacceptable. If I had a group I would kick her so fast. If she doesn’t get removed or pushed out, It’s a reflection of the character of everyone else in Neosenshi too.

No. 97135

I wonder how their manager feels,I mean that girl is dating a black man and all. I hope she would get on Caroline for all this.

No. 97137

Seeing how she’s acting now, really makes me question how much she said about soda is actually true. If I remember, she blocked them all on everything, and didn’t give them a chance for anything. Yet now she’s saying that someone who blocked and removed her makes them a loser lmfao bit of a hypocrite much?

No. 97141

I can’t with Caroline anymore… when will she grow brain cells…

No. 97148

This really wasn’t the move. I’m side eyeing a lot of idols who are being loud and wrong rn tbh.
Caroline tho? She should really shut up and eat her fruit loops

No. 97154

Caroline also went nuts when someone tried pointing facts to her. She speaks how people need to take different opinions better. She refused to be educated on the subject. She needs to mature more because she is a disgrace. Educate yourself before speaking on topics you do not understand.

No. 97155

Probably will never grow them

No. 97160

Now she is trying to make up for it on her Instagram.

No. 97162

File: 1590971034419.jpg (274.29 KB, 1048x1633, IMG_20200531_192355_601(1).jpg)

No. 97166

Her post makes sense though idc(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97167

Ok Caroline

No. 97169

I’m glad I’m not from all the hate she’s receiving right now(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97170

posts a picture of a black person that agrees with her beliefs

“Hey guys look there’s a black person who agrees with me I’m not racist”

>>97167 >>97166 >>97162 >>97160 >>97155 >>97154

I mean this lovingly, from one farmer to another, you guys need to start saging your posts. Just put sage into the email bar.

No. 97172

Is it wrong of her though? She’s defending what she believes in and all the hate she’s received and misconstruing of her posts. And are you saying that the photo she posted doesn’t hold any power? That that woman doesn’t have any right to what she said?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97174

Caroline is just not who she appears to be. I can't even with her anymore.

No. 97176

She’s gotten hate because it’s an atrocious take. She’s on the wrong side of history with this one. Also please learn to respond to posts properly or get off the site

No. 97178

File: 1590978867091.jpg (203.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200531-213441.jpg)

No. 97179

File: 1590978911553.jpg (178.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200531-213526.jpg)

No. 97180

I want the milk on this,neo disbanded and the manager made this wonder what went down.

No. 97181

Wonder how long this has been coming up for

No. 97182

Knowing Caroline and her history probably for a while. I am honestly not shocked

No. 97183

I saw that the manager was trying to call her out for things she didn’t say or do. Caroline’s said bad shit in the past but she’s against murder and looting and riots in this case so does that make her bad?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97185

Stop pretending to be someone else Caroline.

No. 97187

I’m not trying to get into the blm news right now, but it’s literally been the cops riling up a majority of those peaceful protests. You and Caroline ( unless… self post?!) just need to take the L and move on

No. 97188

File: 1590980967364.png (316.12 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-31-21-23-48…)

Here is the proof I wasn't calling her out on anyting all I was doing was expressing the way I viewed how she was wording things and she went off on me like she has on other people who expressed their views on her opinion being somebody who has friends and his dating somebody as a person of color I didn't agree with the way she was trying to word everything and how she kept attacking people like she was in the comments and she went off on me and attacked me here's what happened I have more screenshots if anyone wants them you're more than welcome to come to my Instagram and message me I post it here because I can guarantee you that she will come here and make me look like the bad guy like she has a few other people that I know for a fact aren't the bad guy cuz I've spoken to them tonight. My Instagram is sweetangelwing feel free to come to me for more proof. I am done.

No. 97189

Actually post the proof then Lisa. I’m dying to read where she was attacking people on her Facebook. Actually attacking people because from what I could see she wasn’t. There was things she could have worded differently but I didn’t see her attacking anyone at all(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97190

Caroline sent me proof of her conversations with Lisa. Actual screen recorded video so no cropping. She was just checking in on Lisa to check on their friendship through this whole thing and Lisa started saying she was homophobic and racist appearing with her comments when she wasn’t. I’m not Caroline but I’m a close fucking friend of hers. She’s made plenty of mistakes in the past, she’s not perfect, but being mislabeled by Lisa here I won’t stand for(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97191

File: 1590981341521.png (252.19 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-31-22-15-40…)

Also so you all know she does seem to lurk here said so herself. Have a good day I need to go live my life.

No. 97192

Show it then Caroline stop playing victim


No. 97193

Want proof I'll post the entire conversation here I'm not scared to call a fake out. I know you lied about Eli also have that proof. Don't mess with me I am not scared to show everything I have on you.

No. 97194

File: 1590981692041.png (228.97 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-31-22-19-54…)

No. 97195

File: 1590981721306.png (245.91 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-31-22-20-00…)

No. 97196

File: 1590981761722.png (277.34 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-31-22-20-10…)

No. 97197

File: 1590981813325.png (268.98 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-31-22-20-19…)

No. 97198

File: 1590981845776.png (288 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-31-22-20-29…)

No. 97199

File: 1590981875833.png (261.11 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-31-22-20-35…)

No. 97200

Lied about Eli? What did she lie about Eli with? Also her fb posts legit show a complete other story than to what you called her out for. She was defending herself against two people and you took that as her being racist and homophobic. Just because she has a different belief than you doesn’t make her racist or homophobic. Check yourself(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97202

File: 1590981925875.png (642.76 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-31-22-20-41…)

No. 97203

Lmfao what is this hot mess. They’re both blacklisting themselves

No. 97204

File: 1590981952012.png (272.97 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-31-22-20-50…)

No. 97205

File: 1590981977290.png (390.25 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-31-22-20-55…)

No. 97206

File: 1590982002476.png (452.59 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-31-22-20-58…)

No. 97207

Shall I continue?

No. 97208

File: 1590982120403.png (232.8 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-31-21-51-29…)

No. 97209

File: 1590982200815.png (316.56 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-31-21-53-35…)

No. 97210

You think I care I do cosplay for fun not fame. Don't care if you all idol shamers hate me.

Also Caroline has pretended to be multiple times and has even asked me to come defend her on her multiple times btw

No. 97211

Never called her one or should I say never called you one Caroline. You dropped the wrong person cause I have so much dirt on you it's not even funny.

No. 97213

File: 1590982568763.png (259.01 KB, 750x1334, E4FAF527-53A9-412F-AFB2-632E8E…)

Uneducated huh I finally got my ass on here seeing as how your spreading so many lies about me. Sad to see Eli did as well but that’s exactly why I broke up with his sorry ass. He’s since apologized to me for how shitty he was towards me but you wouldn’t know that. And I only said what I did about you being spencer because YOU WERE FUCKING kicked out by Alexis and I GOT MY FRIENDS TO HELP YOU MOVE BECAUSE I FELT BAD FOR YOU. And Alexis had threatened to fight me if I showed up to help you move AND I WAS GOING TO ANYWAY BUT WORK CALLED ME IN. Maybe stop spreading lies about someone when you’re a toxic ass person yourself. I shouldn’t have ever helped someone like you when your own fucking boyfriend wouldn’t help you. WHO OFFERED TO GIVE YOU MONEY. WHO OFFERED TO TRY AND FIND YOU A PLACE TO LIVE?? FUCKING ME BUT I SURE AS HELL REGRET IT NOW(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97214

you saged but you still did that

No. 97215

File: 1590982875838.png (242.49 KB, 750x1334, AF1CE7EE-34A1-4DD3-A6D4-F074FA…)

Her talking about Spencer and me trying to help(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97216

File: 1590982905609.png (260.27 KB, 750x1334, 326C8261-0071-46AF-8B37-0B2B86…)

Next photo(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97217

Supposedly finally got on here Caroline I know you check here just like I know you pretended to be someone else on the Instagram multiple times. Grow up and mature or keep losing people and being unhappy. I was a good friend and you made me your enemy all cause you wouldn't listen to someone who saw the matter differently. Bye Felicia. Keep being a petty child.

Alexis and sodapop were right about you all along boo. I should of listened to them.

No. 97219

File: 1590982942932.png (246.82 KB, 750x1334, EA2C9951-190B-490C-B5EC-272EBA…)

More of it. All I ever did was try and help her sorry ass and here she is on here trying to lie on me/ not today.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97220

At least I can keep a man and a job sister. I m not relying on people to buy me things you gold digger. 😀😁

No. 97221

File: 1590983005894.png (278.51 KB, 750x1334, 1531B644-0A4E-4C0C-94DB-1F89DB…)

Here she is sending voice recordings of her legit spying on Alexis and Ethan in their own home because theyd shit talk me and she wanted to show proof so she’d record them in secret :)(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97222

damn she got served

No. 97223

Ain't lies if there is proof. But go off sis. Go off. Have fun being a hateful person and losing people constantly I feel sorry that you'll never amount to any thing in life because of your toxic behavior. Cavin and everyone else was right about you. Bye bye. I'm out

No. 97224

File: 1590983168288.png (296.38 KB, 750x1334, 0D204567-AF24-445F-9905-759475…)

Here is exactly what I said about her and Spencer. She’d been shit talking him and his sister to me all day because they weren’t getting her moved in fast enough and she had pets so I was trying to help her with everything and she kept shit talking Spencer and the situation and this is what I said. I even apologizer after because I didn’t want it to come off as rude but I was shocked by everything myself from what she was telling me.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97225

Can someone give me a tldr of what the fuck just happened.

No. 97226

Lol now that in itself is a lie XD but go on keep lying some more sweet cheeks. Anything to make you look good just like you did Eli and sodapop and every other person you don't like. You make lies up to make them seem bad and you look good XD sad really 21 living with mommy and daddy,no job,uses new boyfriend for money cause old one found new girl and refused her a fish, no car….sad really. Keep relying on people and you'll end up worse off.

No. 97227

wait is this the same person or two people arguing with each other live?

No. 97228

Never shit talked him boo but again keep lying. And if fights don't happen in your relationship then you obviously dont have a loyal man XD cause no relationship is perfect and if you think I keep shit from my man you're wrong. He knows I vented to you and exactly what I said and here I am living with him and we still happy together cause I don't throw tantrums like a spoiled slut

No. 97229

File: 1590983487923.png (561.99 KB, 750x1334, 1DC3E2C4-55BA-4E4A-B4E2-F0FF41…)

I have a fucking. Car sis. I left Eli because of his terrible anger problems. But you wouldn’t know that. And I live with my parents because of my physically abusive ex. You clearly don’t care about abuse victims though seeing as how you’re mocking one. Here’s me offering her money for her medicine when she was having to live in an air bnb due to being kicked out by Alexis and her own boyfriend not letting her live with him. Sad. Just sad. I helped someone this evil.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97230

Yup me a rape victim doesnt care about abuse. Keep digging your grave bitch

No. 97231

I was friends with someone this fucked up in the head shit glad I'm done with such sickening.ugly behvior

No. 97232

You clearly don’t since you’re mocking someone whose gone through tons of it for living with their parents again. Sad person you are indeed(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97233

Sure hun I don't cause you think dont.youre making yourself look bad child. Telling a rape victim who suffers ptsd she don't about abuse.ya know the girl who almost tased someone cause they choked someone. And a girl who pulled someone from a abusive house. But you because I am 'mocking' someone when reality is I'm being honest makes me not. Think what you like gold digger

No. 97236

File: 1590984201668.jpeg (10.66 KB, 188x139, 01786D76-894B-43C5-873A-59AC54…)

Maybe a public online forum isn’t the best place for this?

Or maybe it is.

No. 97237

all I'm saying is you had two jobs and lost them both one because you couldn't supposedly work there and two because supposedly they fired you for calling in and being late a couple minutes I find those both hard to believe now here you are still job searching and still living with Mom and Dad no matter how much you sit there and say you don't want to but you're not sitting there taking whatever job you can get so you can get out of living with Mom and Dad and get your own car but you're having your boyfriend buy you this that and the third when I come to figure out is that you were just a gold digger who wants to move in with somebody and have them take care of you not have to work ever in your life that's got nothing to do with your abuse or should I say supposed to be is because at this point I don't know what to believe because you've lied so many times that it's hard to believe what you have to say is true or not. and I also know you fake to be other people on the Instagram before anybody else had the password because I got to see all those messages which I still have proof of so here you are sitting to claim you've never been here but I'm pretty sure that some of these things here are from you just pretending to be somebody else to try and cause drama because you like the attention whether it be negative or not you crave that negative attention because then you can cry to people and try to get people to feel sorry for you that's over with me done feeling sorry for you you're 21 years old stop behaving like a fucking high-schooler grow up and stop craving that drama or you're going to live the most miserable life or you could possibly live just saying you want to take advice or not that's up to you but you need to stop behaving like a petit child the minute people don't like you not everyone is meant to like you not everyone's going to like you deal with it

No. 97238

File: 1590984669838.png (321.27 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-05-31-23-11-07…)

Proof of Caroline pretending to be someone else. I know because this is before anybody else had the password besides me and her and I never talk to this person nor would I ever bring up the soda pop situation to people so if y'all think she don't pretend to be somebody else here's the proof right here she pretends to so she could sit there and badmouth the ex group of her still to this day.

No. 97239

Sorry all, you can go back to what you do. I am going to go back to my hobby and stay away from idol stuff. Talk bad about me or not don't care I am far to old to give two shots. Got other stuff more important in my life

No. 97240

Deadass lmao

No. 97242

Caroline is a bastard just like her dad


No. 97243

File: 1590986239014.jpeg (10.64 KB, 188x139, F53BDD74-2169-4F89-9DCD-9F8172…)

No. 97244

BEGGING for a tldr

No. 97246

Can someone pls make Caroline her own thread since she’s apparently no longer doing the idol thing. She’s so milky, I can’t imagine life without her

No. 97247

You don't even know the half of it.
I've got so much more dirt on her then what I posted. She messed with the wrong girl I am not one to sit back like others this is what happens when you mess with a jersey girl. I spill all the lies you tell. I am a good friend till you push me. Alright I'm done now unless you all want more dirt on gold digging hoe

No. 97260

Dude, why do you think this thread even started in the first place?

No. 97262

Nice job, idols. W has been slow across the board with nitpicking and old milk. You have literally brought us so much and I dont even go to this thread!

No. 97263

This is for net idols, not cosplayers, dumb ass

No. 97264

Not an idol so I don't care lol

No. 97265

Caroline literally is a net idol, even if she says she’s not anymore I can guarantee you that she will be back. She said that last time when soda kicked her out, and here she is after making a new group and THAT going wrong as well.

No. 97267

Net idols are mostly cosplayers dumbass

No. 97269

If they were the same thing then there wouldn’t be separate threads for cosplayers/ net idols and they would be called the same thing.

No. 97270

So sad to see NeoSenshi have to go through this, but didn't someone call it awhile ago that they disband due to Caroline's crap?

No. 97272

I think multiple people called it. Besides Caroline, If you looked at the members, you could recognize a few and know that they had bad history with groups

No. 97273

Yeah someone literally said they wouldn’t be surprised if the group eventually went down the drain just like starkiss. I commend starkiss because they recovered. They recovered, reformed and became sodapop. Neosenshi has completely dissolved though, and I feel really bad for all of the other members that were involved.

No. 97274

Who cares honestly. Because of all this, the whole idol community thinks Sodapop and Neosenshi are trash. Imagine having all this drama before you even debut lmao

No. 97277

Wouldn't this mean Caroline's credibility is shot? If this is how she's acting with NS and Lisa who's to say she didn't do this with SK or any previous groups she got kicked out of?

For all we know she lied about SK? Good on them for recovering regardless hope they can survive Corona.

No. 97280

I’m gonna be honest. The first time, with soda, I Initially thought that it was soda twisting facts or making Caroline out to be much worse than she is. There’s no way that she could have actually done all of that to them right? That’s what I thought

However, seeing that this has somehow happened a second time, for extremely similar reasons and extremely similar ways, I’m kinda thinking shame on me. How would so many similar things happened to Caroline, but none of them be her fault?

It really feels like a fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me type thing

No. 97281

RIP Any new groups Caroline joins or makes.

No. 97302

She did make alot up about SK I witnessed both sides of that and I told both parties that they handled it wrongly in both matters basically it was just a bad situation.caroline though made it worse by continuing to push the subject and come here bad mouthing SK and trying to push me to spy for her and post on here for her which I refused.


No. 97305

She claims to be part of LGBT but all I ever seen her date are men I think she's just saying she's pan to fool people at this point. Never seen this bitch with a girl and I ve followed her for a long time

No. 97306

Be careful, now she’s gonna break up with her bf and announce she’s dating a girl

No. 97308

I can’t say whether or not she’s pan, or if she’s just saying that so she can say homophobic things and be like “I’m Pan so I can’t be homophobic” simply because attraction isn’t 50/50 for everything, she could simply just have more of an attraction to guys but still be attracted to girls. It doesn’t make her any less pan. I will say it’s suspicious though, that she has never said anything once about attraction towards girls. I have seen her post many many times about how hot some male characters are, but I have never seen her post something like that about a female character. Or non binary, feminine, etc. I only follow her on Instagram though, so it’s completely possible that she has on other social media’s

No. 97309

Didn't see this last night lol funny she thinks I was kicked out when reality is I choose to move on my own XD but Caroline just loves to make people look worse with her lies though she claims to be honest she is far from honest

No. 97310

Also Caroline, as soon as you start posting about female characters you love and find hot, we will all know that you read my post and are only posting it to prove that you do actually like girls.

No. 97343

I can tell you now she's not posted anything on other social media about girls.

No. 97357

File: 1591023082625.png (259.29 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-06-01-09-49-53…)

Look more to show how Caroline sat and pretended to be someone else while talking to someone on Instagram. It's sickening how often she did this.

No. 97358

File: 1591023119755.png (246.83 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-06-01-09-49-39…)

No. 97380

File: 1591032090815.jpeg (134.99 KB, 720x1280, 7C331B6C-65F5-41A5-BB80-E783C3…)

Oh look the girl I dated for over a year. I also dated another member of the LGBTQ+ community named Zane but they cheated on me. Maybe don’t spew lies ‍♀️Also Lisa hun you were never on soda’s side: I have tons of proof of this. You bashed them constantly and hated on Alexis and Jen and the lot so many times. But keep spreading lies sis I have all of the receipts in the world. And to the rest of you: keep saying I’m evil. At least my real friends know the truth about me instead of spreading lies like sad Lisa here where I have to come on here and debunk them with PROOF. But whatever(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97384

File: 1591033030799.jpeg (251.07 KB, 750x973, AEB3B5D0-E850-45F5-9959-F1B840…)


“Like sad Lisa”???? You sound like trump. Though maybe if you weren’t such a bitch you’d have more than the friends you manipulate to like u.

No. 97385

File: 1591033221258.png (309.1 KB, 750x1334, C105C588-3FCB-48DA-9695-F2E596…)

Also every thing that happened with Soda did actually happen and I have receipts of that as well. I actually showed these receipts to people who politely asked me back then in dm’s and even showed you Lisa and you sided with ME. So don’t come on here pretending to be innocent saying that I lied about Soda and that you side with them now just because I have a differing opinion than you on the riots and destruction happening right now in the world xD guess you aren’t for people having different opinions than you. Sad.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97386

File: 1591033255864.png (597.05 KB, 750x1334, 6084AA04-47FC-4633-A2B9-B1EAAB…)

(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97388

File: 1591033318228.png (270.13 KB, 750x1334, D5BAD9A5-5E03-4E5D-A867-0C20F3…)

I do not manipulate people. I have terrible taste in friends and boyfriends and try to see the food in people and then they turn on me after all I’ve done for them. But whatever pop off with zero receipts. I love talking to walls(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97390

Good* not food I suck at typing(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97393

File: 1591033428591.png (280.9 KB, 750x1334, F7B093EC-9BDB-4AF7-B550-AC4CAB…)

This is how Lisa spoke about Alexis and Soda by the way.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97394

File: 1591033472055.png (267.84 KB, 750x1334, 23B2D965-B25F-4338-BD5C-3F1907…)

Part 2 of that ‍♀️I’m not afraid of anyone anymore because I’m not a shit person like I’m always claimed to be(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97396

;leak somebodies nudes or fuck off

No. 97407

woah someone looked at ur insta story that doesn’t follow u, not like u never did one of those story tags or #stayhome things that would attract random ppl to look at ur profile…. no offense against this n I can see why it would be like wtf why is she looking at my story but hun u have almost 200 follower and while I myself only have 300 I have tons of randoms looking at my story due to other ppl reposting my story, tagging me, etc

No. 97409

also sorry got off topic there. Caroline it kind of seems like lisa is only doing this because she believed what u originally said about soda and just general shittalking no matter how much she actually believes because it’s fun to talk shit about people, exactly why this thread exists. just because she said this stuff while u manipulated her into believing u isn’t accurate bc obviously she has changed her mind after seeing how U are acting towards her right now like ur not even trying to be subtle that ur trying to manipulate her into apologizing and straight up bashing her on everything

No. 97410

Yawn still at it gold digger no wonder people leave you. Keep going on and on child no one gives a damn but you so give up and grow up or forever make yourself look worse then you already do miss I dated so many people in a year and can't hold a job to save my life.

Maybe when you mature you'll stop being such a ugly bitch. Keep going off and trying to 'ruin'me cause frankly you're not lol piece out hope your new man sees how awful you are and leaves just like the rest have.

No. 97412

You speak the truth there 100% she wronged me and now I am calling her out on everything since she wishes to try and paint me as the bad guy. I'm not like others she tried to do this to I won't roll over and let a ugly person walk all over me. I m stronger then that and she's only tough online not when it's face to face she is a weakling in real fist fights

No. 97414

Lisa and Caroline both seem to have this complex where they think they can’t both be terrible at the same time! LOL

No. 97415

Caroline bitch I wasn't on anyone's side and I have proof of that ugly fucker.

No. 97416

Difference is I will admit I'm terrible when I'm being terrible unlike Caroline.i also will learn from my terrible mistakes unlike her. So yeah right now I might being terrible but this girl deserves it with all the lies and hypocritical habits. She goes off about how people act tough behind a screen but she's no different she's all tough online but when you are face to face with her she won't even try to fight you I have proof of her being scared at afest cause girls of soda pop were there and she was a big old cry baby to.its sad. Don't tell people not to be one way if you're going to be that exact way this is why no one respects you

No. 97420

Also the difference in opinion wasn't on riots you lying whore.they were because you didn't wanna accept the facts that I pointed about you treating people shitty for not agreeing and educating you about your all cops aren't bad posts. Get facts right or stop cause you're making yourself look pathetic and excatly the way I've told people you were.

No. 97421

if I remember correctly soda tried contacting her before or during a fest saying that they want to talk and they want to talk face to face with her and try to clear everything up slash make everything better and she wasn’t having any of it To the point that she avoided all of the idol panels. then she had the audacity to say that soda ruined her experience and they didn’t let her do everything she wanted when they didn’t actually do anything it was all her avoiding them

No. 97423

Point being this girl played me, I agreed with what she had to say because she supposedly had proof but I guarantee you she did tell someone she'd out them to her parents, I didn't agree with how her or soda handled the situation and I told everyone that, she pops off on people with different views, pretends to be someone else when talking to people, lies when people piss her off to make them seem bad and will post only parts of the conversation to make it seem they are bad instead of the full convos. Basically I'm down with this petty. Child and have so much stuff I can post about her, but unlike someone I am grown and don't feel the need to because she'll just make herself look worse on her own as she always does. As a grown woman I've got bills to pay and a life to live and be happy. Ill get entertainment in watching you ruin your own life Caroline. I said most of what I had to you all take it how you want 🙂 if any of you wanna chat my insta is always open. I'll snoop on here for a bit but I don't need to defend who I am because of a liar XD

No. 97424

Yo where are you now anon who said this? Are you enjoying the milk that’s going on right now, because I feel like this new thread is now definitely is worth it

No. 97426

I legit have apologies from members of Soda. They apologized for how they treated me in the past and we moved on. Soooooo ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️If I was the one at fault in the past then why would they have apologized to me for being terrible to me with how they handled their situation? I had already apologized to them and they to me soooooo yea soda “milk” is pretty irrelevant. And I love how you’re calling me all these names like “whore” and “slut” and gold digger while you’re supposedly the “mature” one you’re acting younger than me sis. Wowwww lol I’m laughing my ass of right now.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97427

That's true the girls In soda wanted to talk even Alexis asked me to see if Caroline would talk to her she said hell no and fuck them basically. Then made up.shit about soda doing stuff at afest to ruin the experience 🤷 that's what I know. I had no I'll will against the soda pop girls since none did me wrong. Alexis and I had our issues but before I moved her and I worked that shit out so we're fine now. Caroline has a hard on for the soda pop girls and can't go without knowing or talking about them

No. 97428

Nah because you are all those sweetie just look at how many men you've dated recently,how many dicks you were sent and I mean you were trying to get with 2 different men at one point. And you are a gold digger you used Eli for all his money and when he refused to spend anymore on you and asked you pay him back what you owed you dropped him and now use Nick for his money since you can't hold a job.

No. 97429

You’re legit the saddest person I know. Spreading more lies about me. Why not the truth huh? That’s right because you know the truth will expose you instead. You’re spewing more lies with zero proof just digging your own grave. I really shouldn’t have ever helped you when you were homeless. Should have read the signs and just left you alone like your own sorry boyfriend did. But no. I believed in you and tried helping you CONSTANTLY. I shouldn’t have ever. You’re a sad human. Sad(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97430

I actually have a job sis ‍♀️‍♀️You wouldn’t know that because YOU DONT EVER SPEAK TO ANYONE BUT YOU AND YOUR BOYFRIEND. And yea I’ve gone through several men because I do not tolerate abuse. Verbal or physical I do not tolerate it. So you’re really slut shaming me now for not wanting to be abused just sad.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97431

Aren't lies when I have proof of it sweets but sure believe what you want.youre not who you paint yourself to be and that's funny to me. Keep trying sis no one's going to like you and no one's gonna take your side and you won't ever get an apology from me lol no one walks all over me sis. I grew up to be tough.

No. 97432

didn’t they apologize to you solely because you refused to even think about coming back to the group unless they apologized? so they apologized and begged u over and over again for you to come back and u decided to instead guilt trip them and that was ur downfall

No. 97433


No. 97434

>japanese idols are intensely pressured to avoid drama even if it's something serious like sexual abuse
>western "idols" hang out barely anon on chans calling each other white trash sluts
fucking incredible

No. 97435

Actually soda was who I asked for apologies from, got them, told Alexis I wanted to come back, then they refused to add me back the next day despite Alexis saying the day before that they’re add me back. Want proof of this? I got it. They lied about adding me back despite agreeing to it the day before/ this is how they handled things wrong and later apologized to me and Jen and I moved on. That’s what happened: proof? I got it. Lisa hun you haven’t been posting any proof to back up your claims. Because they’re lies. I on the other hand have been providing proof because I’m the one here speaking the truth. But whatever sis. I’m done arguing with a grown ass adult who acts like an infant who had their toy taken away.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97436

Lol not want to be abused yet you wanted to sleep with a guy who possibly abused his ex wife sis you stupid. I doubt you were ever abused cause you throw that around so easily lol were as me a actual.victim barely speaks of it. Caroline it's clear you're not reading anything that's being sad and adding words to my mouth lol.funny.

Also that's exactly why they apologized half of em didn't wanna cause of how she treated them but they did it just because she kept coming here to cause issues for them. I feel bad for soda pop

No. 97437

Now you’re accusing me of lying about my abuse. You’re fucking pathetic. At least I believe your rape story but the fact that You’re now accusing me of making mine up you’ve gone way too far now. I’m done. You’re a disgusting individual.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97438

File: 1591037444047.png (61.99 KB, 688x691, 95BB6660-3001-41EF-A983-6AD02F…)

From the previous thread 1/2

No. 97439

Lol girl you are the one looking like the spoiled child you are XD I know you're not done cause you crave drama you'll keep going while I happily live my life ignoring your pathetic attempts to hurt me XD you're not worth being hurt over, I'll never shed a tear over you or miss you Caroline. I am better with out your toxicness in my life

No. 97440

File: 1591037566117.png (59.18 KB, 707x731, 30AFAFAE-F5C2-46A7-9E36-54E193…)

From the previous thread 2/2
Them saying that Caroline basically is asking for apologies and won’t come back until she gets one. Then her saying that Caroline is REFUSING. When the members actually eventually gave her apologizes, she guilt tripped those members just because they spoke up about how she was acting.

No. 97442

I’m signing off because I do not speak with people who don’t believe victims and mock them and say that their stories aren’t true and made up for attention. I’m the bigger person here, because I believe your story. I’m done. Have a nice sad life Lisa. I’m done.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97443

Anyway, sorry for being about on here guys, it should of been kept between adults but clearly I'm not dealing with an adult. Hopefully this warns people of Caroline and keeps them safe and away from someone who can mentally abuse people they supposedly care for. Take my experience as a lesson 🙂🙂🙂 have a good one I'll lurk now and then but I need to live my life as I said before anyone is free to message me especially if they were a victim to Caroline's abuse

No. 97444


You say all Sopop Members apologized however, I distinctly remember Caroline Shit talking SPS and out with a vendetta against them so bad that it seemed she was trying to get them blacklisted at conventions? You ever stop to think they were apologizing so she'd leave them the fuck alone?

I heard that Caroline willingly left SPS and that she said Jen was trying to steal her group from her. Yet Jen offered to leave the group to get Caroline back in.

Like Caroline LOVES vendetta posting.

No. 97446

Lol I've proven I believe real victims with all the lies you've spewed already hard. To tell what's true and what's not 🤷 that's your own doing cause you ruined your own creditability

No. 97447

That is all true facts my friend,she is all about vendetta posts because it gives her attention and the drama she craves

No. 97448

Oh let's not forget that Caroline had previously stated to SPS that she had spies within their group. Using phsycological warfare divide and conquer over some stupid idol shit. Such a low blow

No. 97449


Adults? Where was this when you were publicly throwing a temper tantrum about Soda?

No. 97450

File: 1591038128989.png (1.3 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-06-01-14-01-06…)

This is the same shit she did with sodapop funny really.

No. 97451

File: 1591038140595.jpeg (463.33 KB, 1124x2002, A7CE0599-D404-4FB0-A052-6688C2…)

Me “I don’t want to deal with this and I’m being the bigger person” over here is posting the lolcow on her insta, and also directly tagging Lisa which is essentially begging people to go attack her.

No. 97452

Yup cause the bigger person totally posts about me on their insta lol keep showing how immature you are Caroline I've not posted of.you on my story that's what a TRUE adult does sis lol you're ruining yourself more congrats on getting more people to hate you

No. 97453



No. 97455

lowkey seeing this go down in real time, I really feel bad for soda. they didn’t fight back when this was initially happening, they just let her talk about them on her insta and kept going along their way. she called them liars several times, but shes managing to act the act same way now that she said they were lying about how she was acting then

No. 97456

Fishing for stuff to try and make me seem bad now lol

No. 97457


I mean if they replied wouldn't that be considered fueling the fire?

No. 97458

And I am sure she expected me to do the same when I am very different and won't let people walk all over me. I felt bad that soda didn't fight back either but people handle things differently and frankly I'm sure she's thrown off because I'm not backing down. She doesn't seem to remember that I am not one to care what people think of me because I am 31 yrs old and am set with the friends I have because I know their real. If people don't like me so be it not everyone is gonna like me. But if I make some new friends so be it. I'm not bothered either way cause I am set with how my life's going,I am happy with my life and who I am 🙂 clearly she's not happy with hers

No. 97461

true. i remember people commending them for not fueling the drama (until jen and Alexis started commenting on the lolcow lmfao) so if they had fought back they might have really actually gotten blacklisted from the idol community. it’s sad though that they had to suffer through death threats rude messages and people saying to boycott them just because they didn’t want to give Caroline the drama she wanted

No. 97463


Lol feeding into Caroline's drama. I guess the proof is in the pudding. SPS is still here and NS isn't

No. 97464

File: 1591039293824.png (978.81 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-06-01-14-20-53…)

Doing the same you did with soda blaming me for a account cute lol sweetie I don't waste my time hiding behind accounts if I got shit to say I say it without hiding XD nor would I waste the time on an account about you lol. You did this same shit to soda blamed them for. Stuff or posts they never made

No. 97466

File: 1591039523063.png (389.83 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-06-01-14-25-03…)

All my accounts please tell me where you are a hate account lol I m barely even on insta as is think the past 2 days is the most I'm on lol(extreme autistic posts, lolcow is not you army)

No. 97467

I find it funny that she is blaming Lisa for the account when Lisa is already on her directly talking about/to her, it literally wouldn’t make sense for her to make it. Also, considering you guys have blasted every little detail into here, it was most likely an anon from here that made it. Caroline sweetie, you’re basing stuff with no facts or proof, just assumptions. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if she actually made the account herself to try and feed more drama into it lmao. Like some people say, bad publicity is still publicity and either way Caroline is getting attention from this

No. 97468

I don't have time between work,my boyfriend,and taking care of my animals to bother with making a account and as you said it's a waste when I can just say what I need to say without hiding behind a anon page

No. 97470

woah I missed a lot. This got intense.

Looks like one big mature catfight

No. 97472

honestly though. I’m glad it’s died down a bit no matter how much I enjoyed it, bc it was just 2 grown ass women arguing with each other on the internet. It provided tons of milk don’t get me wrong, but really it was just kinda pathetic

No. 97473

I find it funny how those stories suddenly disappeared now that they've been posted about on here so I guess she's done trying to bash Lisa

No. 97474

Sorry to ask but can you please post all the apologies or at least just one of the apologies here for us to see? I’m having trouble seeing that any of the members would apologize honestly. It’s up to you but I don’t think I can believe this without explicit proof, and I don’t think it’s fair of you to ask people to dm you about it because it gives you the chance to talk bad/lie about people and not give them a chance to give their side.

No. 97475

Eh fighting against a toxic person is pathetic then so be it. Honestly Caroline needs to learn to grow up anyway and if someone coming on the attack is what's need no matter how pathetic then let it happen. At least we know not everyone lets Caroline walk all over them

No. 97480

what the fuck are you people even talking about?? who the fuck even are these people?

find a better place to air your shitty personal grievances

No. 97486

File: 1591044369539.png (466.05 KB, 750x1334, C3E174C4-0F2D-4964-B54C-C60544…)

Here(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97487

File: 1591044393747.png (582.83 KB, 750x1334, 5C376E41-EC7D-49D4-AAF7-FD34F3…)

Part 2(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97488

File: 1591044492997.png (590.37 KB, 750x1334, 97607A9E-30E9-4483-8D2D-84AA9B…)

Part 3(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97489

File: 1591044654651.png (589.33 KB, 750x1334, 4D818300-9F59-41F9-AD61-0084B6…)

Part 4(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97490

File: 1591044825986.png (231.8 KB, 750x1334, E2D30BFD-C6FC-4801-B4B5-0E260A…)

Part one of Kiara’s apology(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97491

Those look so fake if I ever seen fake messages. No profile photo and more. It's as if you made an account just to make false messages.

No. 97492

File: 1591044904335.png (238.42 KB, 750x1334, 62437BCD-DE52-4C02-A086-2D7A83…)

Part 2(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97493

Then ask the people yourself if you think they’re fake. They’re legit not but whatever(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97494

File: 1591044996380.png (252.47 KB, 750x1334, 485604CE-A46E-415E-BCC3-51C6C4…)

Part 3(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97496

File: 1591045134677.png (466.26 KB, 750x1334, 85FF4C3F-0AF7-4682-977A-6FE07F…)

Part 4(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97497

File: 1591045202029.png (292.02 KB, 750x1334, F1DC8DDF-D1C8-4C0F-83B1-112270…)

Part 5. Feel free to ask me any questions for context or even dm Jen or whoever. They know what actually happened and will tell you. Yes I wanted apologies from those who lied on me/ that was all I ever did.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97499

File: 1591045240479.png (249.25 KB, 750x1334, E07D6170-34B4-44E1-AB6E-52BB29…)

Part 6(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97501

File: 1591045476580.png (246.34 KB, 750x1334, A1FEFA40-38EC-43F5-A80A-92EED4…)

Part 6(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97502

File: 1591045511569.png (233.17 KB, 750x1334, ADCCD024-6208-4A9E-9E8D-289D0D…)

I got off on my numbers so whatever part this is(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97503

Lol "I am going to leave and be the adult" yet here you crawl again Caroline. Just proved you lie. I don't believe any of those screenshots they don't even have profile pics and even if block the photos would still show so obviously you're making false accounts sending apologies to yourself and then taking screenshots just so it looks like these people apologize to you. Sickening.

No. 97504

Ask the people yourselves then Lisa. And I came back because someone on here politely asked for proof which I have provided. If you think they’re “fake” then ask them yourselves. They’re not fake. But believe what you want(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97509

Even more funny you think I'm Lisa. You just love making assumptions. Hey keep thinking I Miss Lisa.

No. 97511

You said you were but okay whatever. Miss “not Lisa” go ahead and ask Jen and them yourself since you think I faked these.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97513

Acutally didn't say I was but okay. I'm just gotten on to witness everything. Made one comment about those looking fake and I'm dubbed to be Lisa.

No. 97514

Then person who apparently isn’t Lisa: DM THEM YOURSELF. I provided screenshots as proof of what happened. Just because I never game them profile pictures on text and Kiara deleted her fb profile doesn’t mean they’re fake. Go ask them yourself since you think they’re fake(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97516

Jen apologized so you would stop harassing SPS like is that not obvious by the screenshots?

Honestly her going and trying to settle things out of the lime light has been the most adult thing I've seen so far.

No. 97517


Nah fam you want to tell the real truth? If you won't man up I'll do it for you. What REALLY happened is one of the SPS members told me and a person from Neosenshi confirmed is that after Caroline can't take criticism. (Shocker Ik). Members of SPS where sad because they wanted to support HH and Caroline told the members if they supported them they can't be in the group. Caroline also would change songs on them because "It was too hard for her". After a while some of the members told the other leaders like Jen and Alexis that they wanted to be able to support other Idols no matter what, but they wanted to stay anonymous. ( I don't know if Lissy was a leader) Jen and Alexis confronted Caroline and told her that some of the members are upset and want to support HH and request not changing songs every 5 mins. Being Caroline's dramatic self, she "demand names of those who disrespected her" and "if you don't want her here she will just leave the group" kinda shit. She started being a toddler and left to 'prove her point'. All the members felt really bad and apologize to her. They felt they did something wrong. Even some of the members who wanted to stay anonymous confronted her and said that they were the ones who wanted the change just so she could come back. Caroline messaged Alexis and Jen saying that she wants to come back and kick everybody out who "went against her" starting with the leaders. Alexis and Jen said that's not happening but together they can find a compromise. After a while Caroline started posting stuff against them on her Insta and lolcow to the point the members didn't want her back anymore. (I mean can you blame them?). To this day I heard she STILL goes onto the members accounts and socks them. Now I know SPS has done some shit on here in the past pertaining to Jen, so I'm not saying they are all innocent, but I am saying Caroline is making them look bad for no reason and same with the Neosenshi members. I feel bad for both groups to get a raging psychopath in their group and hoping that it takes off.

No. 97518

the ones by Kiara (fake or not idfk) are said extremely rationally and explaining to her face exactly why she felt the way she did She apologized while explaining why she went to jen, and why she had concerns about Caroline, While also begging her throughout the message to come back, Like jen, also saying that she would leave if that meant she would come back….
What the fuck, The more I read these the more sad I feel for sps

No. 97520

I have no idea what going on but it's funny seeing these idiots air all their shit out for everyone haha

No. 97521

Damn I never realized how much of a shity person Caroline can be

No. 97522

Question! How old is everyone involved and what are you each diagnosed as?

No. 97523

No. 97524

if I recall, Caroline is 21, jen is 26-27, Lisa is 31, Kiara is 18

No. 97526

So they are socially impaired adults having drama with teen and early 20s girls? Interesting

No. 97527

I never said sodapop members couldn’t support honey heart beat. I just said I wasn’t going to support them myself. Ask them for proof of that if you want since I’m no longer able to see those messages to screenshot and show y’all but it’s the truth. I never restricted them at all. Ask them yourselves.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97528

Are you the 30 year old or the teenager?

No. 97530

Alexis said differently, stated you did restrict them by saying the entire group won't support them. Meaning you didn't want them supporting them on the group page which is a restriction.

No. 97531

The 21 year old: it’s a 31 year old saying that a 21 year old’s sexual abuse and abuse and rape stories are fake and that she made them up for attention and pity when she herself is a rape victim. Sad. Hypocrite(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97533

that’s caroline, the 21 year old. as far as I know kiera hasn’t posted on here (or at least hasn’t put her name on any of her posts if she has)

No. 97535

Alexis lied multiple times. She even lied about adding me back the next day. I never said that they couldn’t support them. Ask Anna. She’s who I spoke in depth about it all back when this was actually happening(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97536

Thanks this is really hard to follow. Weebs need early intervention so they don't turn out like this

No. 97539

File: 1591048830143.png (288.06 KB, 750x1334, B84944F6-E9EA-4A6D-9DA6-138BA1…)

Part one with Anna from back then(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97540

They're texts.There wouldn't be a profile pic unless OP set a contact image for them.
They could still certainly be fake though.

No. 97541

File: 1591048868799.png (289.52 KB, 750x1334, 727EF970-3368-4C18-8BA3-A56F58…)

Here’s more with Anna(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97543

File: 1591048930016.png (254.16 KB, 750x1334, 7931637A-4B73-4669-BCEF-746FDC…)

Also y’all think they hated me and that I was so mean to them. They wouldn’t have begged me to come back if That was the case. Let that sink in. I made mistakes in the past but I never was mean to them.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97544

actually Caroline I didn't say that again I stated you've lied so much that it's hard to tell whether you're telling the truth about it or not because you sure don't act like a victim and I don't know how I could be a hypocrite when I sit there and talk to other victims of other situations and has been in group because of it. but you know call me the hypocrite even though you're the one sitting there saying people shouldn't post stuff and then go off about other people's opinions when you do the exact same thing you're against.

There you go putting words into people's mouth yet again trying to get them to seem like they're worse than they are boo boo you don't know me. You only know what I wanted you to know you've not seen this side of me but you bout to. yeah I'm 31 and I'm sitting there bashing it out with a twenty-one-year-old childish as it might be pathetic as it might be I don't care I ain't going to sit there and let some spoiled little girl say what she wants to say I ain't like everyone else I'm not going to sit there and roll over and apologize to this bitch she is so fucked up in the head that it's beyond anything and she tries to sit there and blame her head issues on her tumor and all these other issues on her trauma and abuse sorry boo boo those aren't excuses for being a shity person you're just a shity person.

No. 97545

a whole nother reason why I sit there and say that what you say about your abuse might possibly be false is because of the fact that you sat there and lied about what happened between you and Eli to me and I got proof of that line right there because I spoke with him myself so who's to say you're not doing the same thing with your ex that you used to live with that supposedly did this that and the third to you because the one thing I've learned about you is when somebody does something you don't like you sit there and try to make it seem like they did worse than they actually did because you want to sit there and come off at top just like you did with soda pop when reality is youdonefuckedup there and that's on you I don't blame them for not wanting you back any group that has you in general is going to regret it because you are a toxic human being and that is the sad truth about you. A toxic lying human being

No. 97546

can't tell you how many times you claimed to have been suicidal or cutting yourself or things like that but yet the entire time I've ever hung out with you I've never seen a scar even when you sat there and post almost nude photos or photos where you're barely wearing anything you don't have any scars. So again all these lies make your credibility go down because who's the sit there and say you're not making it up you might not be but again you've lied so much that it's hard to tell whether you're telling the truth or not.

No. 97548

I’ve spoken with Eli as well. He apologized to me that same day because he screamed at me in public because that’s something eli always did: scream at me in public. He’s a very angry person. Yes I was going to buy myself a fish that day and he screamed at me in front of everyone about me buying another fish/ that’s legit the whole run down or that story soooooo not sure what makes me a liar with Eli. I broke up with him because I was sick and tired of being screamed at in public all the time and being made to feel like shit all the time. But go ahead and support that kind of behavior in an relationship. Being screamed at and controlled must be what you’re into(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97550

You. A 31 asshole lady is now claiming I’ve made my self harm up as well. You fucking piece of shit. I’m done even speaking to you. There’s a special place in hell for people like you. You don’t deserve happiness and it’s sad that I ever thought you did. First saying I make up the sexual abuse and rape and physical abuse I’ve gone through and now saying my suicide and self harm is fake as well. Fuck off you stupid ass piece of shit. When I’m dead you won’t care at all because that’s how heartless you fucking are. Fuck you(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97551

File: 1591049611216.png (1000.24 KB, 900x764, B7012452-E03D-4BD6-B928-8B740D…)

No. 97552

Not surprising that people into this shit are like this smh.

No. 97553

File: 1591049704996.jpg (33.97 KB, 799x450, henry.jpg)

When you watch adults be petty over an idol group..

No. 97555

File: 1591049830726.jpeg (105.48 KB, 1408x1002, F2F4B1D4-C08C-4573-9AB7-1642EC…)

When you watch a 31 year old lady claim that a girl is making up her abuse and rape and sexual abuse and self harm and suicide attempts for attention.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97556


You can't believe people are into what? cosplaying? into dancing? into Idol groups? Yea people actually do that… It's called "fun".

No. 97557


I'm saving that.

No. 97558

Sorry but it's weird to be into choreographing anime schoolgirl dances as an adult woman. Most people would develop that into some kind of respectable craft. Like what do their families say about them, when they are late 20s and acting like this on a stage. Go ahead and have fun but it's nothing of substance

No. 97559

I KNOW RIGHT!? Like who can be into anime?? That shit is for hentai loving weebs!(Emoji)

No. 97560

Here we have Caroline double posting a 21 year old claiming to be done multiple times but still posting about me and seeing as that I myself am I self harm suicide survivor and I have multiple scars where are yours then if I've never seen them because if you do cut you do end up with scars anyone who sells time can tell you that again your credibility is out the window considering how many lies you have already told it is hard to tell what is truth and what isn't and yes I am so heartless I'm only heartless the people who have screwed mr and who have tried to manipulate me. Such as you. as for the special place in hell boo boo I'll be seeing you there because that's exactly what you'll be going to for all the wrongs that you've done to everybody. stop trying to act all tough through a screen Caroline because we both know if this was a face-to-face conversation one pop and you be on the floor because you were weak you don't know how to fight. all you do is fight through a computer screen because you know you're safe when it comes to reality when he has a face off with a person you run like a coward with your tail between your legs. Your abuse might be real but again hard to believe considering all the lies that I've been told by you already you lied to me once that's it and you've lied more than once once you've lied multiple times to me I start not believing shit you say I don't deal with liars and you're the biggest liar of them all I got a lot of proof on that too keep craving that drama boo you're going to keep getting it with your life because you're never going to change and you're continuously going to lose people and you continue to live with Mom and Dad because you won't know how to support yourself like a grown adult woman should.

No. 97561

File: 1591050237957.jpg (369.96 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200601-171548_Mes…)

To Caroline who said she never told SPS they couldn't support HHB.

Here's proof. Then she back tracked when members DM'd and said they wanted to support them. Caroline said they could support but not as SPS. Only as themselves. She shit talked HHB/Stormi for months to the point of making the girls uncomfortable enough to tell her to stop. What a piece of work.

No. 97562

The most disturbed self harmers usually hide their scars. You want to make this a contest? Anyone with visible scars is usually fishing for sympathy

No. 97565

So your suicidal cutter cartoon club gets nude in front of each other as well? Wow. I'm learning a lot today

No. 97566


So you're telling me if I join one of Caroline's idol groups I'll basically get free nudes?

No. 97567

And usually I do hide mine back in March of 2019 I went through a living nightmare of mental abuse by ex-girlfriend and being that the usual place that I would hide it at was extremely taken up I basically went to the next place that I could find I wasn't doing it for attention I was doing it to help relieve the pain that I felt because I had a lot of pain. If you're trying to disprove myself and call me attention-seeking go for it it's not going to affect me the way it does Caroline simple as that. because unlike Caroline I don't care too much about what people's opinion of me is I'm too old to care I've got my set of friends they know who I am I got the love of my life he knows who I am that's all that matters to me if some anonymous people who never spoke to me want to sit there and believe whatever they believe it don't bother me any unlike her I'm not going to sit there and obsess over it.

No. 97568

File: 1591051088501.jpeg (63.69 KB, 602x657, 3CFFA93C-A2E3-48C0-9C0A-B14BF8…)

No. 97569

File: 1591051280417.jpg (40.08 KB, 720x720, 18423989_10154474664246516_683…)


No. 97572

That’s edited Lisa but okay(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97573

It's not even just nudes, you'll get to hang out naked and inspect each other for scars. Sounds like a fun way for western women to cool off after pretending to be an Asian teenager

No. 97575

It's not but ok

No. 97577

Hey Lisa can you tell us more about your life? When you were a kid did you imagine being an anime when you grew up? Have you always been friends with people a decade younger?

No. 97580

Most of them do other things then just do dancing but go off I guess. Several of them are competitive cosplayers and god forbid someone have fun. Guess all idols/cosplayers have to be toxic for you guys to like them.

No. 97582

Thanks for your responses! Does your family come to your performance? Have you ever considered perusing fashion or dance outside of basing it upon a pre-existing franchise? Seems like it would get boring never pushing your boundaries outside your childhood cartoons

No. 97583

I'm guessing this conversation is I got nothing to add y'all entertain yourselves cuz I'm out I've got a dope things to take care of I'm living my life to the fullest and that's meaning not online 24/7. Bye

No. 97584

Dang why did you delete the post I replied too? It was a great post.

>>Hey dickwad I grew up with anime unlike you and I am friends with people who of age. it is what it is I can't tell you how many people my age have friends younger than them it's just how the fucking world works dumbass I work with people younger than me like you think I just sit there and never speak to them like him the fuck on y'all just fishing for stuff now. As for my life I don't have to tell you shit I don't know you so I don't have to get any information about my life to you. Mock me hate me do whatever you want kiddo whatever gets you off at night

No. 97585

funny how you people think that I was a dancer or whatever I didn't I just helped to run the group I didn't do any of the other shit that you think I did listen I enjoy anime for what it is just like I did enjoy any other show that I watched I enjoy it for what it is or any other book that I've read I enjoy it for what it is obviously you people enjoyed as well or you wouldn't be here in the first place so just sit there and try to get on me for enjoying what brought up my childhood you're just getting on yourself at this point I didn't dance I didn't do any of that all I did was run the group or rather help run it and for the last couple of months since I moved I've been MIA in there anyway this whole idol crap don't run my life living it and enjoying it to the fullest going out and making new experiences that's what runs my life.and honestly that is what your run everybody's life is getting outside having more experiences enjoying their life to the fullest because in the blink of an eye you could be gone.

No. 97586

Funny thing is I didn't even make that post but okay Caroline good on you for assuming once again. I've got better things to do I'm going to go can enjoy life away from online because that's how I grew up and I'm going to continue to not care about people's opinion because it don't matter what they think of me have a good one piece out

No. 97591

They did a really good impersonation of your arrested development melt down. Most people don't type like that. You should channel your anger into interpretive dance.

No. 97592

I always wondered why people on here is that there and would think that one person is making a post. it's all anonymous and I mean with the way some people have behaved on here before I wouldn't doubt that they're making comments to make this worse. and I also wouldn't got the other people or pretending and posting to be Caroline or this Lisa person to to make situations horse on either side. Just throw me off how people here assume that person A is person A and person B is person B. Anyone can post has anyone on here and no one would even know.

No. 97593

Seems like a lot of it is paranoia

No. 97594

It must be. One thing I've learned is that multiple people can type the same way as each other. It happens and you would never know. A typing style isn't strictly one person. I suppose these people are paranoid or want to try and fuel the troubles further by claiming that person A is making this comment and person B is making that comment. Because the typing seems to match. Just always interests me that no one thinks that it could possibly be another person with the same typing style trying to add fuel to the fire.

No. 97595

They have a lot of tells, Lisa. You can change your typing style, but not your tone, or the timing.

No. 97596

File: 1591057928715.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 206.96 KB, 851x1058, DDFFC983-0945-4083-839D-04A2F1…)

I am laughing my ass off right now. I was away from the thread for one day and all this shit and this happened LMFAO Caroline and lisa please never stop posting

No. 97597

I actually am not Lisa. And I'm not changing a typing style. There it is the assuming because of paranoia. You all just seem to want to continue with the drama that is happening so be it. I did not know that timing also determined who you were when posting.

No. 97600

These are all you, as >>95933 is you. It's very obvious to anyone with reading comprehension.

No. 97601

Have you been diagnosed with anything beyond dyslexia?

No. 97605

Dyslexia + Lisa(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97610

So you claim, think as you wish. But it is not Lisa. But ignorant folks won't accept that.

No. 97611

Hey Lisa May I ask for some of the proof against Caroline

No. 97620

File: 1591064105609.jpeg (789.2 KB, 1125x1992, B95240DC-E539-442F-8C81-F0CC98…)

No. 97621

You can post on WiFi and if you get banned you can post on your data and it’ll go through. Facts therefore she’s posting on here still(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97624

Why are so many of these "idol" girls so obese? You'd think all that flailing around might burn off all the spaghetti and meatballs they eat

No. 97637

So is supporting Soda okay again? Since Jen was defending a rapist didnt that give them a bad rep?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97641


There was never any proof that that girl was a rapist was there? Just hearsay.

Rapists are horrible but who's to say Caroline didn't have someone lie about that to?

No. 97642

The person who was raped even came on the original lowcow thread and admitted what Myka did so are you saying they lied? That a rape victim lied(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97643

Lying would make sense especially because she was vendetta posting like crazy and throwing tantrums on here. Jen was stupid for posting with her name on an anon board but I wouldn't put it past caroline to make up some stupid stuff like that to completely ruin the reputation of the person she said "stole her group" from her

No. 97644

But the person really was raped by Myka. They even came forward to multiple people and even on the old thread. Had nothing to do with Caroline so not sure why she’s being brought into this when she wasn’t involved(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97645


No from what I read it was a friwnd of the person who was raped. Also isn't it too convenient that myka was accused of that crap so they remove her and the person they replaced her with had "allegations" just as bad? That sounds like false vendetta posting especially since there was no proof of either claims being true

No. 97646

oh so you know who it is? Who was it? They were never named on the past thread right?

Hello tea

No. 97647

The second person was removed because they didn’t have dance experience. They also removed someone because they weren’t active enough. This is according to their very own members. It had nothing to do with Caroline(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97648

File: 1591073758168.jpg (660.76 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200601-235503_Chr…)

No. 97649

that's the closest we got. The actual victim never posted her on lolcow

No. 97650


You seem to forget that the replacement girl was IMMEDIATELY accused of being a Pedophile

No. 97652

Yo seems like vendetta to me. 2 people back to back with serious allegations.

Anyone got any proof of the crimes committed?

No. 97653

Or vendetta by Lisa to divert blame(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97657

So this page is now just dedicated to saying victims are liars? I thought this was an idol tea page or milk session(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97658


Divert from what? The fact that Caroline ruined her own group through her own stupidity?


No. There was never any proof of a victim in the first place. The victims are imaginary in both cases. If you have proof of a victim in Myka's case then chill but for the other girl she was accused of being a pedophile. If it were true she wouldn't be working round kids if she was convicted and if she is and you know about it/about the victims and didn't go to the police about it then you're the scum of all scum

No. 97659

But the victim came forward and is now being said to have been false? If it was fake wouldn’t Jen and Myka have come on here to defend themselves with evidence of it being fake? Because the allegations against Myka stretched back awhile before it was even brought to this site of her raping the man. I’m still lost on how this has anything to do with Caroline(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97660


Oh yes. The person who was harassed for posting on here is totally down to come back and try to defend Myka. Dude they chastised and crucified her for coming on here to defend their Yohane who was an innocent bystander. How much worse would she be shat on here to defend an alleged rapist. It wouldn't matter what she said yall would just turn it on her wouldn't you?

Also. Where's the proof the actual victim posted on lolcow. They didn't. Just an… as yall like to put it…..alleged friend of this invisible victim

No. 97661

You seem like you have a real personal vendetta against Caroline a lot like Lisa. Suspect. You are still saying that the victim never existed when these allegations against Myka stretch back way further than these posts. It’s common knowledge amongst con goers in the Dallas area. Are you not from around here?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97662


I do though

Seriously. I've never heard of these allegations. Who's to say the allegations weren't just made up back then?

No. 97664

TBH I'm just asking for proof a victim exists. Why is that such a bad thing? Just give proof and I'll shut up

No. 97665

You’re actually asking for more than just proof you’re placing blame onto someone else who originally wasn’t involved. Personal vendetta(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97669

I placed no blame. I said it was way too convenient that she had major vendettas against SPS and somehow both applicants back to back were accused of major crimes.

I also still have no proof of the crimes. There's nothing online that I can find of her being accused of something like that in the past. You would think there would be at least a little something to corroborate the story

No. 97671

There is also no proof that Caroline was involved with this(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97673


Deflecting? Can't provide proof so you all change the subject.

I could turn it around and say that there's no proof that caroline isn't involved

No. 97674

This thread needs more pics. Just how fat is Lisa? Is Caroline also fat? or is one the skinny girl in the group so they have unwarranted self importance from incel attention at cons?

No. 97675

Caroline isn’t fat and neither is Lisa. they’re both average build. No milk there(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97676

There is hardly ever evidence proven of Caroline being involved. It’s a lot of heresy it seems from what I’ve read from this and past posts. Caroline didn’t like HHB but that’s all I’ve seen proof wise(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97677

>You'd think all that flailing around might burn off all the spaghetti and meatballs they eat
apparently not

No. 97678


She's a manipulator. Someone who has an inate ability to twist any situation to be in her favor

She says she doesn't trust people because the all betray her but I bet that the "betrayal" she talks about is people calling her out for her bullshit and seeing her for how she really is.

No. 97679

Proof of how toxic and manipulative she is please? From the victims themselves since all I ever see and hear is heresy about her. She’s even admitted to her faults and is still dragged on this page all the time without proof(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97680

This is really sad and fascinating. Middle schoolers get bullied for less. Why isn't this thread about making fun of this instead?

No. 97681

File: 1591079955377.jpg (134.61 KB, 1011x764, Screenshot_20200602-013039_Mes…)

this is L popping in again.

The sps girls shared opinions of how they felt caroline was unapproachable those are opinions not truth or lies.

She made it seem like the girls called her names and slandered her publicly. They were concerned and wanted to open a conversation to fix things.

Before a single public story was posted on Caroline's story at least 2 of the members apologized. They wanted to handle things internally.

It was only after she stated she was hurt and wanted apologies for the members lie….[ing?] About her that they decided not to let her in. Every step of the way that I heard about from the initial incident and that I've seen posted in these apologies that caroline posted here only proves their concerns. They've obviously apologized for the initial situation and tried to express how they felt so they could fix any issue that may have been or not been there. I've yet to see Caroline apologize for shit talking sps and attempting to destroy their reputation and inciting hate.

I stand by my stance that Caroline couldn't handle criticizim and instead of admitting that she has faults she decided to throw a tantrum and twist the story to the point that people turned against SPS.

No. 97682

File: 1591079966924.jpeg (442.63 KB, 1125x1992, CE167B8D-7139-4704-8C18-5AD39E…)

No. 97683

File: 1591080003097.jpeg (519.24 KB, 1124x1993, 8A4D08EC-1203-4B75-A73D-6D34E0…)

No. 97684

File: 1591080026954.jpeg (538.13 KB, 1124x1970, 074264AB-CB72-4AAA-9AAE-76D431…)

No. 97685

File: 1591080063243.jpeg (770.99 KB, 1124x1977, 1C9C98F2-71EB-4C09-B12D-EEC570…)

No. 97686


This is just a cry for attention. I give her a month before she's in another idol group or doing solo stuff.

No. 97687

That’s actually a really good point. We’ve seen SPS members repeatedly saying they don’t want to be in the drama, repeatedly apologizing, repeatedly trying to move on from this. But I haven’t ONCE seen Caroline apologize. She admitted before how she acted about Honey HB was wrong, BUT despite saying that, she never apologized for it. Soda has tried to avoid drama, while all I’ve seen Caroline do is encourage it.

No. 97690

Pansexual pride fist. How do these doughy midwestern girls cope with the cultural appropriation they commit? How many are trans?

No. 97691


Yeah true at least there's PROOF they apologized

No. 97695

File: 1591081907984.png (2.3 MB, 1000x1000, 59F901DB-11D9-4FC1-81DD-46046E…)

No. 97696

File: 1591082289264.jpg (28.03 KB, 352x550, 74857596-352-k637388.jpg)

No. 97698

The members apologized to her because they messed up BEFORE her public posts. Then when they begged her to come back she accepted the apologies and wanted to move forward and then they lied and stabbed her in the back. Still not seeing how she’s messed up. Also nice to see you lied Lisa about being banned since you’re right back on here(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97699

Maybe provide proof? Actual proof. Just a thought.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97700

No. They legit apologized to protect Jen from being kicked out. They felt bad that Caroline was mad at her for bringing up their concerns. -L

No. 97701

Caroline never threatened to kick Jen out. That’s false. Also why is a 31 year old spending her time doing this? Curious.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97702

File: 1591083170891.jpg (267.64 KB, 911x1350, Screenshot_20200602-023332_Mes…)

No. 97704

Oh look jen is self posting again, hi jen

No. 97705

She never threatened, but the girls were straight terrified she would. If the girls were that protective of Jen the could have all left though and made their own group anyways but it wouldn't have changed the fact that caroline would have publicly shit talked themp

No. 97706

Dude funny you all think I'm Jen. She's probably reading but, you think she's self posting after all this time of silence on the situation? So funny. -L

No. 97707

No. 97709

File: 1591084644634.jpg (273.58 KB, 720x999, 20200602_005509.jpg)

Seriously what is going on here

No. 97711

I’m confused, what’s this picture supposed to be of

No. 97712

Lisa, 31 year old adult in a child room. She seems unwell.

No. 97731

Although I’m not gonna deny adults the right to fandom because, honestly, it’s just a hobby and it’s really fun, you’d think she would have at least a slightly more normal bedroom. Or have all of her weeb stuff in a sort of collectors room/case. ive always kept a majority of my stuff in my closet

>>97690 you know you can support the blm AND lgbtq communities, right…? They’re recoloring the blm fist with the pan flag (which has nothing to do with actually being transgender so that question doesn’t make sense) to show their support of both. Although, there are a lot of trans cosplayers.

No. 97745

You do realize she shares a room with her boyfriend. And I do know of plenty adults who display their weeb stuff. Some are even artists, so why feel the need to state she has issues for displaying her and her boyfriend's hobby? It seems that you are fishing for milk at this point because the real milk died down.

No. 97749

Jen and Caroline made up though so this is old milk. Caroline never threatened to kick her out. Anna of Kousei DM’d Caroline back then and suggested Jen was lying to her. Caroline brought it up to Alexis and Alexis told Jen “Caroline is calling you a liar” When she wasn’t, spreading more lies like Alexis does to start more drama. Then Jen reached out to Caroline on the matter and they spoke back and forth and worked it all out. This is old milk uwu(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97754

I can’t believe I sat here and read this entire damn thread….. I’m amused but I also have a few words.
tl;dr version: grow the fuck up, both of you.

Caroline and Lisa, since you both are reading this, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You’ve done nothing but prove you’re both difficult to work with, you’re bother attention seeking drama whores, and you both are not to be trusted.
Way to go blacklisting yourselves from the entire idol community. You better hope a group forms that doesn’t know either one of you or lurk these threads.
You’re both idiots. You’re both toxic. You’re both extremely problematic, which is funny since neither of you see it.
Grow up, both of you. You're in your 20s and early 30s behaving like freshmen in high school.
I feel so bad for SPS being dragged into this. They seem to want to move on, and these two attention starved bitches keep dragging them into it. It’s sad.

No. 97755

Samefagging because I forgot:

Learn to fucking use this board. Sage your shit and learn how to reply to posts, you soggy biscuits

No. 97761

It's worse that two grown adults live in a cartoon room with plushies all over the floor and no bed frame. It's not surprising that someone who lives like that picks drama with decades younger girls and is emotionally unstable.
This thread has so much untapped milk. The cows are here arguing, when really they would be a great subject to look into instead

No. 97786

You all realize how stupid you are right? You stated before that you can tell it is Lisa by the way she types. And here you are calling this a person who has posted here before and who has been confirmed to be Lizzie from soda pop Lisa. Now if we base it on your statement on how typing style is how you can tell when Lisa posts. You should be able to tell it is not Lisa, since you can not, you are either 1. Caroline or 2. Just trying to cause trouble by saying everyone who posts is Lisa. When in fact, being from what I saw on her story on Instagram, she worked at 4 a.m. and was probably asleep when L made these posts. Clearly you have shown that you cannot tell who is Lisa and who is not, so I wonder, how much of what was posted that was blamed to be Lisa actually was not.

No. 97787

Lisa outed herself when admitting she was the one on here commenting so no not caroline, just Lisa being Lisa. Dyslexia(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97789

File: 1591140196595.jpeg (84.31 KB, 750x417, C23CBFB3-CCDC-4499-99D1-B407B9…)

Love how the #justiceforyui tag is such complete bootlicking bullshit.

No. 97790

Sorry wait Hold up, how do you know that L is Lizzy from sodapop? I know they had a similar name, but they have explicitly said that they were not in the group, they were a friend that jen vented to about the situation. Jen herself has even said that she’s not friends with L anymore over that. All of the screenshots they sent were screenshots sent to them from jen, but they were never in the group. (Otherwise, basically already outing herself saying her name is lizzy and posting screenshots, why wouldn’t she post her own convos with Caroline if she was SoPop lizzy lmao)

No. 97795

Because L posted once before with soda pop and it was stated they were friends with Jen, which Lisa is not.

No. 97796

You say that but the typing style is nothing like Lisa's or shows any dyslexic attributes. You can try but L is not Lisa, clearly you don't know if Lisa posts or not as you have stated.

No. 97798

No, I think you misunderstood. I’m not saying that it is Lisa, I’m asking how you know L explicitly is Lizzy from Soda. Just because they said they’re friends with Jen doesn’t mean that they’re Lizzy from sodapop. It’s an entirely different person, not lizzy from soda or Lisa.

No. 97799

Well it is someone that can access the soda pop chat which Lizzy is the only L who can.

No. 97800

I don't have access to chats. I only have access to the screenshots Jen provided in her initial vent. Also woah I'm not Lizzy and you all are correct. I am not friends with Jen since the posts on lolcow a few months ago.

No. 97801

Did you even read my message? Do you have any sort of reading comprehension?

>” All of the screenshots they sent were screenshots sent to them from jen, but they were never in the group.”

All of the screenshots that L sent were what Jen sent to them, and you can tell because you can clearly see Jens replies in them. Jen sent to L what she said to Caroline.

>>82213 This and below are what L initially posted on the thread, which you clearly haven’t read

No. 97802

But you were friends with Jen. Which Lisa never was,so whoever L is it is not Lisa as some say.

No. 97803

Do I smell a witch hunt? I'm down for the tea

No. 97804

Yeah dude that’s what we’ve been saying, along with that they’re also not Lizzy from SoPop..

No. 97805

This post here is of someone claiming L is Lisa, and that is the post I responded to earlier.

No. 97814

Lisa is still lurking I’m sure. You can be banned off WiFi and not data or vice versus. She’s a 31 year old who can’t live without the drama. She loves being talked about(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97822

Not everyone is like you Caroline. And being this is the first we've seen of Lisa involving drama I doubt she craves it like yourself.

No. 97824

They would’ve practiced enough to at lease burn some calories but it really shows how much they’ve practiced

No. 97826

Not Caroline. Someone who knows Lisa from the past though. Nice try though.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97827

I highly doubt that,we all know Caroline likes to pretend to be someone else. Again this is the first this girl has ever been mentioned, or seen on here. So Caroline take your vendetta some place else.

No. 97831

I’m not caroline but choose to believe what you want(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97832

If you have known her,then for how long?

No. 97833

I have known her since back in 2015 con days(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97835

You haven’t changed either clearly(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97836

Any new milk on honey phantomhive? I saw she was defending herself still(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97839

I have changed plenty but it's interesting you think you know me so you're either my ex girlfriend that I broke up with before I moved or Shadow the being that Caroline follows Shadow and Shadow follows Caroline I can only guess you're one person

No. 97840

The only people I knew in 2015 were people from New Jersey and I still talk to 99% of them except for my ex-girlfriend and I messaged shadow and from my understanding we had worked out what had happened and apologize which I have proof of so if you are one of the two then you just have hate for me and clearly cannot get over me we're trying to quote in quote hurt me

No. 97841

You’re still a selfish cruel person(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97842

What is it with obese idols always being brought up on here? Is that actually a thing?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97845

If you actually do you know me prove it because again the only people have known are those from New Jersey if you do know me from 2015 prove it is without proof this is just Caroline talking about her butt again trying to pretend to be somebody she isn't because again the only people in 2015 that I had any issues with is Shadow and my ex-girlfriend because everyone else that I knew back in Jersey I still talk to and we're still very close friends and any of those friends can sit there and tell you I'm not selfish nor am I cruel I'm only cruel when people wrong me or try to manipulate me or hurt people I care about that's the only time I get cruel. To prove to me you actually know who I am otherwise this is just Caroline pretending to be somebody else yet again because she can't think of anything else to do and again Caroline is the only one who has the ability to give people this site and only Shadow follows Caroline my ex girlfriend doesn't nor do any of my other friends from New Jersey so the only person I could possibly know this place through Caroline is Shadow and if that is the case then that apology that I still have screenshots of and conversation since between Shadow and me will prove that the fact that that person never changed if that is who this is

No. 97846

I do not have to tell you who I am. It doesn’t change anything about you and what you have done(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97847

I see you won't because you're not somebody who knows me since 2015 as you claim so you must be Caroline trying to pretend to be somebody else because you have nothing else to do with your life but to try and make me miserable because you see that I'm actually happy and ignoring events. so clearly you have lied since you won't provide any proof that the fact that you do know me 😀 especially since I did state that there's only two people my ex-girlfriend and Shadow who know me from New Jersey that had and sentences with me and I've apologized to both it's funny that you try to pretend to have known me for that long try again but I mean if you really want to you can show proof that the fact that you have known me since 2015

No. 97848

And considering I have proof of mending things with shadow and proof of me sending my ex-girlfriend a apology message as well that leaves absolutely no one from 2015 that I've wronged because I still speak to everyone I spoke to in 2015 till this day and we all are on good terms and have even plant for visits so your life has just been debunked

No. 97849

I have known you from that long Lisa but you don’t have to believe me(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97850

also one last fact I know you can't be my ex girlfriend because of the fact that the way you type is nowhere near close to the way she typed considering she was all over the place with her wording which I can also prove because I still have some conversations that I had with her and the way she typed was nothing like your typing now. If it was her people would think that she is from a different country because she sometimes seems like English isn't her first language when she types. And this also does not match with the way Shadow types either in fact this looks a lot like Caroline to me

No. 97851

File: 1591158323813.jpeg (24 KB, 275x261, dykes lemme.jpeg)

No. 97853

If you have known me for that long you would have proof of me being toxic to you but being that you refused to post anything to prove that you have known me I doubt that you do and if you do then you must have known me when I lived in New Jersey and if that is the case where did I live in 2015 what town of New Jersey did I live in? Who was all in my house in 2015? Where was I working in 2015? if you've known me you would know the answer to these questions if you refuse to answer them then clearly you're lying

No. 97854

I have better things to do with my time than entertain your silly ideas about me, though I am not Caroline. Keep guessing(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97855

the fact that you replied that way shows that you are because that is exactly how she would answer such a thing and the fact that you can't answer those questions because I don't have any of that information on social media and you would only know it if you physically had known me in 2015 just shows that you actually don't know me and that you are Caroline pretending to be somebody else yet again because you type just like her so it was nice chatting and it's good to know that you know since you can't get any personal information on me through social media because I don't post it that you can't answer those questions that's proving that you didn't know me because anyone who knew me in 2015 or still has known me since 2015 knows the answer to those questions and knows where I worked who I lived with and where I lived the being that you aren't from Jersey you don't know me since 2015 you Caroline cannot answer such questions have a lovely day and continue to think that you won't get caught pretending to be other people you've already been caught multiple times by me and others. This has been my final time on here I simply wanted to call out the fact that you don't know me as you claim have a wonderful rest of your life Caroline. Maybe when you mature more you will come to realize that's pretending to be other people is a serious problem. I'm not going to keep guessing why entertain a psychopath by playing their little games nah I'm not about that because if you really wanted to hurt me you would provide proof of your claim that we had issues in 2015 or that you actually known me in 2015 but being that you won't that there shows 100% that you don't know me and you're a coward because you want to pretend to be somebody you're not and being that information that I've asked for isn't on my social media you can't provide the answers to my questions

No. 97856

You’re so paranoid wow(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97857

I’m not her though this is quite entertaining for me to watch
Caroline was right(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97859

Lol not paranoid just know the 2 from 2015 very well and the rest who won't waste their time on here due to them being apart of bigger things. Lol but do keep lying about being people from my past since you have zero proof to back it up. Your writing style and wording gives away who you are girl. Need to try harder. Have a good one pretending to be people since you enjoy it so much. I'm gonna go back to my shows, game and then some ❤❤❤

No. 97860

And back to the amazing life I have with my love who makes me very happy. Toodles 🤗

No. 97861

'Caroline was right' another sign you don't know me from the past only shadow Prince or Julia follows Caroline no one else from my jersey past knows of the girl. So nice try. If this is Julia I feel sorry for you since I believed you to become a proper adult.

No. 97862

You’re so pathetic you’re still on here posting after saying you were going back to your happy amazing boyfriend who apparently wouldn’t even help you when you were homeless and in need. Pa-the-tic(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97863

Yet here I am living with him happily not homeless nor was I homeless in the first place being I did have a place to sleep in a bed to sleep in but continue on Caroline

No. 97865

I’m not Caroline but I’ve spoken with her and she updated me on a few things about you. Crazy how she tried to help you and you turned on her(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97866


Can yall fight in your PMs or something, at this point you’re not even anonymous anymore and this milk is boring.

No. 97867

If what you say is true DM me with the proof because again only one person from my 2015 past knows Caroline. So I really don't believe a word of what you say unless you give me proof by answering those 3 questions. Till then you're invalid as is your words

No. 97868

Keep being paranoid hun I’m not Caroline but this is funny to read I’m laughing my ass off(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97869

Give more milk then I asked about honey phantomhive earlier and no one replied but these two(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97872

where are the farmhands lmao this public fight has been going on for hours

No. 97873

Since you won't prove anything you aren't valid, keep pretending to have known me my dear. I am officially out this time

No. 97874

You’ve only proven time and time again to be exactly what Caroline said you were. A liar(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97875

Only Caroline and Alexis use hun when talking to people :thinking:

No. 97876

Nice try hun

No. 97877

idolpreciate is Lisa and was using the idolpreciate account to stalk Caroline

No. 97878

If you say so,again provide proof or you yourself lie.

Bye Felicia

No. 97879

LMAO sure keep fishing for things being I spoke with that account there isn't a way I run it XD claim to know it's me by how I type lol keep.fishimg.for fake information kids

No. 97880

Plus I am not into girls like.caroline so she isn't worth my time 'stalking'

No. 97881

It’s very obvious that you’re Caroline, simply because both Caroline and Lisa don’t sage their posts. Really man, it’s very clearly an argument between Lisa and Caroline from the outside. Take this to DMs instead of being petty to each other on a PUBLIC forum. All you’re doing is making yourselves look bad

No. 97882

yeah keep telling yourself that, why are you getting so defensive hun? Caroline had to block idolpreciate so that you wouldn’t come here and post everything she says

No. 97883

File: 1591163717789.jpg (11.99 KB, 275x268, mantal.jpg)

No. 97884

File: 1591163790617.png (791.08 KB, 1000x1000, 47704B14-F4B6-42C0-91BF-3038F6…)

No. 97885

I love all this milk but its a real hard time following which post is from which member because of all the self posting and which person they are talking about..

No. 97886

Yup for sure my dear lol I didn't run that account don't see why I would go through that trouble lol but keep believing false information without the proof gurl

No. 97887

Wildest theory I’ve ever seen

No. 97890

File: 1591164128702.png (286.99 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-06-03-01-02-07…)

Convo between Caroline from the neo insta and that account. My typing is far different but keep trying to make lies about me

No. 97893

File: 1591164306707.png (248.87 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-06-03-01-04-54…)

Oh and if I ran that account why would I message them about Caroline pretending to be one of us girls so she could bad mouth soda pop. Caroline also admitted to deleting that convo. But yup. I ran it. 🤷

No. 97894

File: 1591164348874.jpg (290.5 KB, 712x712, 1547020325032.jpg)

No. 97896

File: 1591164426906.jpeg (323.04 KB, 1124x1996, 0305FA0A-6C2F-43D5-9A9F-9E3B9E…)

This whole conversation is all Caroline

No. 97897

File: 1591164450197.jpeg (424.64 KB, 1125x2005, A0076140-41E1-4EA6-988A-8A8096…)

No. 97898

File: 1591164482937.jpeg (296.87 KB, 1125x1999, D2811EC0-A3BE-4DF5-AA8D-00B7F8…)

No. 97899

File: 1591164510878.jpeg (404.03 KB, 1125x1988, C90BE378-9684-49D9-AD62-3943FF…)

No. 97900

File: 1591164609156.jpeg (374.87 KB, 1125x1990, 136947A7-77A3-4EED-A893-58719F…)

This is when she deleted some rude messages towards me, and even saying later that it was one of their “members” who said that stuff

No. 97901

File: 1591164630943.jpeg (315.77 KB, 1125x2009, B9DD569C-6BAD-46BC-BDF4-F2ABB5…)

No. 97902

//samefag I wasn’t going to come out with these and just go on with my life, but seeing all of this go down, and the fact that she CAME TO ME with drama/hate towards sodapop without me even saying a word about it.. I couldn’t just sit there. I have evidence of her fueling her hate towards this group, fueling the drama.

No. 97904

if she had proof of soda harrassing her to this day it would make for a better story. Got any prrof caroline. Seeing as you love your proof

No. 97905

question. What happened? Like I tried to read from the other thread but it just seems that one girl left the group because she couldn't take criticizim did I miss something?

No. 97907

File: 1591166345539.jpeg (864.17 KB, 1125x1387, DA0FF1F6-F503-455B-BA2A-5E4D16…)

Why is Darling Idols so popular when they look like THIS

No. 97908

I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what happened, honestly. From the screenshots L put, Jen was a bit harsh with how she put the concerns from other members, but it definitely wasn’t harsh enough to make Caroline call everyone in the group liars and backstabbers

No. 97909


Wonder if she's going to call NeoSenshi liars/backstabbers or say they're harrassing her to?

I wonder how the NeoSenshi girls are doing

No. 97947

Really? It’s not the lack of saging and no replies that isn’t getting you?

No. 97948

Whoever this is, they’re built like a pile of bricks with legs, I’m concerned.

No. 97955

I'm not a member of neo but I'm very close to one of the members.
So Caroline has has some issues with not being in control. and got pretty upset with the group decided to change from the love live sunshine to the love live pdp. characters. which is pretty entertaining seeing that she needed a manager to help 'run the group.' She also felt the need to, after talking with a member who was dropping out from her group as a full member, proceed to push that member to telling her that it was part in not wanting to associate with her and that her stances from what she saw on fb since as a member were required to be friends with her on fb.


No. 97960

Caroline never claimed that soda is attacking her to this day so where would the proof be of that? And Caroline doesn’t care about control. I’m a past member of hers and I had to step down because I was moving states. She always asks the group to vote on things and wasn’t ever mad about the PDP switching: she asked the group what they wanted and we decided PDP and she was fine with it. Stop lying about her good god(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97961

I know a lot of people that use the term hun that doesn’t make her caroline(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97966

File: 1591204330254.png (636.97 KB, 1280x1440, Screenshot_20200523-192103~2.p…)

No. 97967

How is L credible for speaking for Jen when they’re not friends anymore?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97970

Kousei's involved too?

No. 97971

Kousei has attacked Caroline in the past. Anna their member is also in Soda and is the one that accused Jen of lying in the first place to Caroline.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 97972

Who is Kousei? Are they fat? Are they a fat pale slob named Bethany? Pics

No. 97987

Kousei is a group formed by the member of Startsplash that got driven out because she apparently wouldn’t stop starting drama on 4chan. The entire original lolcow net idol thread revolved around her and she’s known in the Texas community for being toxic.

No. 97993

Y’all I haven’t seen kousei themselves attack Caroline once, also Anna wasn’t the one who came forward it was Kiara and Cheri.

No. 97999

Please do not rehash the bullshit about bunny. It’s been over a year since her drama (I think it’s been almost two). It’s been addressed recently in the last thread that she is now milkless, you new fags.

No. 98000

Please show what these people look like

No. 98001

Just look it up, autist

No. 98002

That’s wrong. She has a huge control issue. You’re saying this without proof. You’re probably Caroline’s friend that defends her on here.

No. 98004

Kousei hasn’t done anything to Caroline. Stop trying to push this victim persona with her. She’s not a victim. She’s a bully. She literally bullies anyone she thinks she can and is a gold digger. Literally stop defending her. She has to have consequences for her actions or she won’t grow the f up.

No. 98006

File: 1591214723653.jpeg (120.41 KB, 1124x1625, 753335E0-D6FC-4630-BA65-440E0C…)

Yeah, it’s been seen that Caroline tries to make anyone (hbh, lisa, sps, kousei, demonic pink idols) she doesn’t like into an attacker or a terrible person/group of people so they can be “cancelled”.

You’re not slick, Caroline. We know you’re trying to get the topic off of you. Nice try pretending to care about racism the minute you get called out for it, though.

No. 98007

Caroline has told me straight up before that she made up with bunny/mili so there’s literally no reason either of them should be shit talking each other. As of now we’ve only seen Caroline doing it about kousei, but we haven’t seen kousei say shit so there’s literally no proof

And if your proof is that Anna is apart of soda and kousei so obviously they MUST be attacking Caroline? Fuck off lmfao

No. 98010

File: 1591215221328.png (284.72 KB, 750x1334, 4CB2591B-9F34-4E5B-B640-BC9D11…)

Part 1 of what Caroline has sent me before with her and Anna/ this shows Caroline let them make decisions for themselves and that Anna was the one who accused Jen of possibly making it all up.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98011

File: 1591215276255.png (295.73 KB, 750x1334, 5EC1B097-0C60-41C8-8E52-CC3DD5…)

Bunny and Caroline had made up over dm. But the rest of Kousei doesn’t like Caroline and always gives her dirty looks apparently at cons and bad mouths her. Allegedly(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98012

File: 1591215311139.png (288.6 KB, 750x1334, 58D19C35-042E-48C3-BC56-66872C…)

Part 3(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98013

File: 1591215413299.png (288.47 KB, 750x1334, 1DC51BA0-4DF7-471B-9F7A-5E95B3…)

Part 4(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98014

She's been called racist in the past, as well as homophobic, and
Transphobic in the past. She claims that she's not just because she's Pansexual but just because you're pansexual doesn't mean you're not?

Also yeah gg for trying to get off topic caroline. You can't hide. You've twisted the truth so your followers would love you.

No. 98015

File: 1591215471921.png (282.73 KB, 750x1334, 58422D16-D732-42CD-9E9C-D5A063…)

Never said Anna attacked Caroline. Anna just suggested that Jen was making all of it up in the past, not Caroline. A lot of the stuff said about Caroline on here is always debunked as false(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98016

She was called racist and homophobic for who she voted for back in 2016. That’s all she’s ever done that made people call her that. Bunny was the one who actually called her that back then but later DM’d her and apologized for it, admitting that people should be allowed to vote to whoever and have different opinions. I’m not fucking Caroline I just know of her(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98017

File: 1591215562861.png (285.4 KB, 750x1334, F58CE6B1-C8C4-469A-A3AC-77BE70…)

Part 6(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98018

File: 1591215594219.png (277.05 KB, 750x1334, C4B99207-66E3-49BD-A734-EAA298…)

Part 7 almost done(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98019

Jen Talked to Anna about the accusations and this was before Anna heard from the other members the truth. This was back when Jen was trying to protect the girls identity's who came forward. Stop trying to make it look like anna turned on SPS or is/was on Caroline's side.

No. 98020

File: 1591215662309.png (279.43 KB, 750x1334, 416AC554-B06D-4F86-8444-ADD772…)

Part 8(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98021

Never said Anna turned on them. The point of these were to show that Caroline wasn’t the one accusing Jen of lying like you’re saying, it was Anna who suggested it(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98022

File: 1591215754661.png (269.45 KB, 750x1334, AF033B78-73B3-46A5-8B20-91FDDC…)

Part 9(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98023

If you’re referring to when Caroline and Lisa were having a shirting contest with each other on here, all she proved was that she really was crazy with bad judgement

No. 98024

File: 1591215852079.png (304.5 KB, 750x1334, E96F80FC-8683-4949-91FC-BB6316…)

Part 10 :)(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98025


No. 98026

Caroline made bad judgement of friends(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98027

lol you can see in the messages Anna seems so uncomfortable.

No. 98028

File: 1591215969406.png (Spoiler Image, 263.31 KB, 750x1334, ED33681C-00F8-4DE1-9F4B-49B6CB…)

Part 11 :)(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98029

File: 1591216026901.png (Spoiler Image, 261.09 KB, 750x1334, 0D840288-7473-493C-B9A6-AAC736…)

Part 11(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98030


No if Caroline wasn't a shifty overreacting person she wouldn't have to deal with this. By the messages you just shared even this anna [she SPS I'm guessing] thinks she's overreacting

No. 98031

Well part 11 won’t post(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98032

File: 1591216077142.png (Spoiler Image, 294.7 KB, 750x1334, 0624A10E-B5AA-4F1D-9E19-3DFD5C…)

Part 12?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98033

Yeah, You can also tell Anna wanted to comfort Caroline while staying neutral. Probably due to differing opinions

“I take into account everything everyone says” yes. We know. Because you respond to every single thing while pretending to be someone else on here. Get a life.

No. 98034

loooooool ticking time bomb? That's just what she was though. She blew up at the slightest bit of criticizim then drug them through the mud

No. 98035

File: 1591216206209.png (258.83 KB, 750x1334, ED824960-38BE-40A1-BA5C-2A22BE…)

I’m big dumb I had the spoiler image hit(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98036

Astounding she says she’s not a ticking time bomb and yet we have the fight with lisa just a few posts up. Please stfu.

No. 98037

File: 1591216261572.png (293.88 KB, 750x1334, 597DD22A-908D-49E3-B734-EAAB9C…)

Caroline did take into consideration what every wanted. Coming from past members even so F off with the lying(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98038

You keep saying Caroline isn’t crazy but we have all the evidence above. She’s given away her own crazy.

No. 98039


No joke. Honestly these screenshots make caroline look really bad.

No. 98040

File: 1591216344594.png (582.49 KB, 750x1334, 81D86265-A1DA-456E-8F81-3ABF22…)

Caroline believes in defending herself and her friends especially from lies being spread about her which has been her downfall. I’ve told her myself to stop defending herself online constantly but she feels the need to a lot of the time wish she’d take my advice(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98041

File: 1591216413032.png (581.41 KB, 750x1334, 8AA2D8B3-D6D8-4ECE-90A0-3CC744…)

Not making Caroline look crazy. You guys asked for evidence for Kousei and Anna and it was provided. Have a nice day(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98042

I’m literally so confused because these screenshots are not showing that at all. You are making Caroline look so bad, please quit while you’re somewhat ahead.

No. 98043


Not to mention is she hadn't of posted all of this publicly she wouldn't have received as much hate and they probably would have worked things out between themselves.

No. 98044

Caroline went public with it because she was hurt and lied to by Soda members Alexis and Jen. She acted out of anger and hurt when she should have been more rational. She hasn’t gone public with any members from NeoSenshi because they’ve all been civil and polite besides psychotic Lisa.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98045

Notice how no one else who has gotten hurt in this situation (besides lisa) has acted in such a manner? Admit Caroline is neurotic and quit simping.

No. 98046

You sure do know every little detail of Caroline’s life and how she thinks for being a friend

No. 98047

Don’t beat around the bush, we know she’s self posting

No. 98049

Ok Caroline. Let me ask what are the lies? I don't see any. The time bomb comment is in poor taste but I've yet to see what she means by lies

No. 98050

Caroline it's clear this is you so stop pretending to be another person yet again.

No. 98051

Caroline, about herself: I’m about to destroy this whole mans career

No. 98052

I’m not Caroline haha I’m a friend and precious member of theirs. I can get her to send me screenshots when she’s off with of the lies if you want(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98054

Her and I have been talking about everything though. Though I agree some of her posts were made in bad taste she’s not a bad personal, she’s human. Are you guys all perfect?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98055


Dude I feel so bad for Anna. I've met her at ANT and she so sweet. Caroline is trying to throw her under the bus when it obviously shows in the screenshots she never said anything bad about Jen, SPS, or kousei. Poor thing :(

No. 98056

File: 1591218505576.jpeg (200.11 KB, 1125x948, 85D4C701-9BEB-42DE-B653-788EB9…)

We are begging you to stop talking, Caroline and friends

No. 98057

Actually… keep posting. No sweat off my back lmao.

No. 98058


I'm saving that

No. 98059

Yeah, keep posting Caroline and digging your grave lmao

No. 98060


I laughed way harder at this then I should have

No. 98061

I’m not Caroline you guys are cracking me up(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98062

Notice how I said Caroline and friends. Her friends are doing her just as dirty by posting on here.

No. 98063

I’m not doing her dirty I provided the evidence you guys asked for ??????(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98065


Doing her dirty by telling the truth? Nah just sharing how she really is.

No. 98066

She didn’t do anything wrong in what I provided nor has she ever. The most she’s done is speak from the heart when she was hurt. I guess feelings do not matter to you guys(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98067

Doing her dirty by showing screenshots that make her look worse and posting bad, obvious wking on here. You didn’t need to post those screenshots and in turn make her (or yourself) look worse. Hope you feel like a smart friend.

Caroline does do herself the dirtiest, though, by just being herself and doing this shit publicly. No critical thinking skills.

No. 98068

Guess you guys are perfect human beings I(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98069

And the feelings of everyone Caroline has hurt don’t matter to her. Remember how she literally bullied demonic pink idols off insta? We haven’t forgotten. She has blackmailed multiple people. She targets people she doesn’t like and twists the truth so her friends and strangers take her side.

No. 98070

I’ve never met a more perfect group of people in my life who have never made mistakes in their lives like posting when hurt or being human. Wow(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98071

The demonic pink idols was a fake page created by her ex idol friends. It’s been debunked as being faked and photoshopped by them. They convinced the girl running it to go along with it but as soon as Caroline reached out to her she admitted it all. So that’s false(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98072

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being not terrible. Which isn’t hard, unless you’re Caroline.

No. 98073

Fam the only thing posting these screenshots here did was show that she overreacted and made other members uncomfortable on top of trying to get anna to go along with her and agree with her.

We've seen that the SP girls apologized but after seemingly harrassing the SP girls they havn't received and apology [that I have seen]

No. 98074

We were shown the bullying, but we weren’t shown that it was debunked

No. 98075

>>98073 I agree with this 100%

No. 98076

File: 1591219910327.jpeg (122.02 KB, 1125x1125, A7F2342E-2DCB-4422-A368-20C188…)

I don’t think a net idol cow has ever had this much of both threads dedicated to them. Congrats, Caroline!

No. 98077

You said it was a mistake that she posted while hurt? It was a mistake for her to trash on SP for WEEKS?

Then where's the apology? She never apologized for anything. Not to mention her trashing HHB for months for no reason with no proof?

No. 98079

You guys are so fucking stupid wow. She apologized to Jen and Sodapop twice now and them to her. They both MOVED on. So why is it still talked about to this day when they’ve both apologized? The only thing Caroline has done lately is not tolerate shit from Lisa and has debunked everything(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98080


Where's the proof of the apology?

No. 98081

Who gives a shit if they’re quick to forgive. Caroline needs to learn that the rest of the world, which can see her actions, isn’t.

Anyway, should I make more Caroline memes?

No. 98082

I haven’t actually seen anything be debunked and I’m an oldfag… I’ve been here a long time

No. 98083

It’s been posted before on here even on the old thread. Do I really need to ask her to text me it when she gets off work when it’s on the old thread ?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98084

Oh Caroline for sure tries to get people to post on here for her. I have proof of he trying to get me to post and defend her on this site and I basically told her I couldn't mostly cause I refused to be her puppet.so I wouldn't doubt she has done that exact same thing but I also believe that she's posting those screenshots because if people refuse to do her dirty work she'll do it pretending to be someone else. That is all.


No. 98085

File: 1591220299547.jpeg (287 KB, 1125x1657, A305D5D4-61ED-46C0-BD39-DC40E7…)

The OP who sent this to me was upset Mili was pretending to be a member of start splash and antagonizing Caroline from an anonymous account.

No. 98086

If you haven’t seen anything debunked then you have blinders on because it has been even on the old thread. I’ve noticed a lot of you choose to ignore evidence when it’s provided and just enjoy bashing someone who is already down(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98088

Lisa ily, drop the screenshots and I may kiss you. Caroline is such a shameless lurker and self poster. Class A narcissist.

No. 98089

Oh look Lisa is back again! 31 year old who is obsessed with young people idol drama how cute!(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98090

Caroline isn’t self posting she’s at work, are you guys unable to read or just stupid?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98091


First off, there is no proof that she EVER APOLOGIZED TO SPS! Second, I'm pretty sure Soda still are not on good terms with her, they just gave up on the whole drama aspect and wanted to just move on from all this shit.

No. 98092

File: 1591220515619.jpg (171.06 KB, 480x800, Barbie-Princess-Gen.jpg)

Hey Lisa, can you explain what your mean when you call her a gold digger? Is she trying to take your money? Or are you mad that you're broke? Usually only men are upset about gold diggers

No. 98093

I will get them and yes I am posting not for the drama but I want to warn others of a mental abuser which is what Caroline can be. I don't wish for others to be hurt by someone so horrid.

No. 98094


Knowing that you're typing on here, you're probably infecting us with your stupidity. Oh wait… I think feel it entering my Drama, crusted, body! . Guys, I think Caroline is the most nicest person on the planet! #justiceforyui ✊(lq shitposting all over the thread)

No. 98095

Abuser? Caroline tried helping you so much was even trying to sell her cosplays to buy you your damn medication: but sure she’s the “bad guy”(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98097

File: 1591220726034.jpeg (266.77 KB, 1125x1265, 029A8A8A-52EB-4FC3-980A-7123D6…)

No. 98098

Caroline didnt even start the justice for Yui hashtag that was started by her own friends for her who couldn’t believe the lies being spread about her online because they know the real her, as do i. She’s made mistakes but not like you guys accuse her of. Lisa on the other hand is another story(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98099

But she has the power to stop it. Admit that she thrives on the attention and encourages drama.

No. 98100

Still thinking I’m Caroline awe how cute. I have better things to be doing than dealing with your stupidity. Caroline is at work and has been for several hours now so yea definitely not her. But nice chat!(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98101

Finally, the retards are gone

No. 98102

Power to stop what? The hashtag? Why would she tell her friends to not support her? That doesn’t make any sense at all. She doesn’t thrive off drama she actually hates it. She’s diagnosed with extreme anxiety and depression and this type of stuff makes her physically sick. The day all of this went down she actually attempted suicide (not because of all of this: it was a combination of things that day) so no Caroline doesn’t enjoy this at all, she hates it. That’s why she left(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98103

File: 1591220946247.png (632.08 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-06-03-16-47-32…)

I said I was banned because i knew she'd throw a fit if I said no. And because I am not going to be someone's puppet to do their work for them. I barely ever came on here because I don't need to, this is the most I have been here. I kept telling Caroline to stop looking here she refused to listen

No. 98104


Offering to sell her shit to pay for someone elses' stuff?

1. It looks like Lisa never asked her to

2. Doing something nice for someone then loading it over their head is very manipulative behavior. It's like a guy expecting sex because he paid for a steak dinner without you asking

No. 98105

Regardless of if the ban was expired, a lot of people feel uncomfortable with lolcow and posting on it. She should respect that.

No. 98106

This "fun" anime dancing "hobby" seems like it's really counterproductive for the mental health everyone involved.

No. 98107

I did not ask her to. She offered it because I at the time paid all my bills since unlike her I had bills to pay. I had gotten the medicine myself because I figured it out and I never ask people for money or to constantly buy me things. I rather use my own money to do that.

No. 98108

File: 1591221158045.gif (1.44 MB, 498x276, D135CF04-6D7F-4298-B8AF-7713CC…)

No. 98109

Me- I go on lolcow to read up on the drama.

Sees Caroline*

Me- when are we going to get someone real for once?

Sees Lisa*

Me- The demon had a child…

No. 98111

you crave that negative attention because then you can cry to people and try to get people to feel sorry for you that's over with me done feeling sorry for you you're 31 years old stop behaving like a fucking high-schooler grow up and stop craving that drama or you're going to live the most miserable life or you could possibly live

No. 98112

Can anyone explain what Honey Heartbeat has to do with all this?

No. 98113

It just seems people aren't used to someone who won't take someone else's shit.(emoji)

No. 98115

Caroline shouldn’t talk shit about others if she can’t handle others talking about her.
>>98112 if I remember correctly, one of Caroline’s ex’s or ex friends is/was in the group and so she hates them all by default

No. 98116

Eh I don't care how people view me, to old to care. You think I crave negative attention when reality is only attention I crave is the attention my man gives me. But believe as you wish I don't ask for anyone's pitty and if you knew me you'd know I dislike people feeling bad for me. But clearly you don't know me.

Hope you have a good day

No. 98118

Because 2 of the original members of SK left the group due to caroline being caroline and then they formed their own group and her ex left her and became their manager.

No. 98119

File: 1591221811539.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x1090, 5BC470C0-1F0D-4A3D-AEC9-640BA8…)

I looked up Sodapop Symphony our if curiosity and I wish I hadn’t.

No. 98120

No. 98121

2 of kouseis members left at the same time???? Kind of makes me think kousei isn’t rlly all healthy and cool that they seem to be. One did come back though. Just seems milky

No. 98122

they definitely like their sodapop.

No. 98123


No. 98124

They lost 1 member then 2 of their members shifted around within the group character/projects.

No. 98125


Stop trying to change the subject Caroline

No. 98126

Their leader did this and you think they “seem milky” they are milky, nobody can see past the screaming of Lisa and Caroline.

No. 98127

File: 1591222514386.jpeg (433.38 KB, 1125x1855, DD0BB1E1-26D0-485C-A356-A3C194…)

Oh, I’ve got something really fun on Caroline. Take a look for yourselves lmao

No. 98128

File: 1591222556872.jpeg (622.61 KB, 1124x2180, 4D9FED78-9B1F-4032-B9F9-85B7BC…)

Love the shipping of abusive couples here. Very, very clearly abusive

No. 98129

File: 1591222582624.jpeg (312.9 KB, 1125x2170, 603A1C7C-F0C9-490F-8A39-59F270…)

And this whole section was just cringe

No. 98130

File: 1591222620943.jpeg (230.47 KB, 1124x1356, B584A9FE-0520-4541-B70B-083812…)

And then the shipping of a literal 13 year old with a billion year old demon. Total goals

No. 98131

File: 1591222651646.jpeg (198.98 KB, 1125x1345, 7BB0304B-2045-4BCA-A615-565124…)

Go check out her youtube yourselves, there’s way more

No. 98132

I hate caroline but this is weak. We’d all get destroyed for our black butler phases if this was actually problematic.

No. 98133

Some people take pedophilic ships more seriously than others

No. 98134

Gabby literally went onto their Instagram and talked about how kousei was toxic when she was kicked out

No. 98136

Take it to Tumblr. Fujos shipping dumb fujo shit is not milk, ~*problematic*~ or not.

No. 98139

You obviously didn’t go through a yaoi phase

No. 98140

Damn I guess all of lolcow is fujo m/m fetishizers lmao

No. 98142

File: 1591223442128.jpeg (595.67 KB, 1124x1921, 8E862D33-FA25-4C72-856F-0A988F…)

Idk, she has a tendency to indulge in problematic media. And based on her cosplay/cosplay pics/anime preferences, she’s clearly still a fujo. Shits nasty, in my opinion. Love how people are skipping over the fact that she ships abusive couples, though

No. 98144

There’s a place for actual pedophiles and problematic people, this isn’t one if them, as milky as Caroline is. Go back to Tumblr.

No. 98145

File: 1591223636678.jpeg (50.35 KB, 467x223, 91517B98-A0C7-48CD-A521-D76A18…)

All I have is the screenshot of gabby on her private twitter when she was getting kicked out

No. 98146

File: 1591223808094.jpeg (373.59 KB, 1125x1976, D3F62CCB-C850-4696-B7A5-F6AA51…)

Is there any tea on idol directory

No. 98147


They have had 2 Gabbys. You need to be more specific

No. 98148

We starting to talk about caroline again and SUDDENLY there are people desperate to know information of everyone but her. Heh yeah sure. Totally not Caroline and her crew deflecting

No. 98149


It doesn’t matter they’re both ugly as fuck and you should know who I was talking about if one willingly left and the other was kicked out

No. 98150

How incredibly fucking cruel and desensitized do you have to be to respond like this????!!!!! What the fuck? Caroline is one of the sweetest, kindest, most genuine girls I have ever met. She always tried her hardest in everything and she was a good leader in neosenshi.

Joking about her feeling suicidal is fucking disgusting. The people who use this website have no hearts. She has told me all about what’s going on and kept me updated and the things you people think you have the right to say to her is unbelievable. Caroline is not racist, transphobic, homophobic or anything else. She is hurting on the inside and it is because of you people. She has a heart and feelings too. She’s also innocent of all the lies you people have been spreading. Why are you making her life hell? Why can’t you just leave her alone? Your so cruel. She wishes nothing but the best for hony heartbeat, the neo girls and soda pop symphony. They were cruel and mistreated her despite her trying so hard for them. Especially lisa.

She struggles with anxiety and depression and self harm and suicidal tendencies. She grew up with terrible things happening to her and now they keep happening. Why can’t she just find peace? I’m shocked by how heartless the internet can be when they’re hiding behind a screen. Caroline has been abused all her life and I’m so angry people have the nerve to call her an abuser.

I’m going to be looking into the legality of this thread. The mistreatment of Caroline since you people began talking about her has been unbelievable. To make fun of her suicidal tendencies and how hurt she was when she read all of this…

She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful heart. She lives a life graced by misfortune and none of you can see it. None of you can open your eyes.

Come for me if you have to. Just don’t hurt my friend anymore. Please don’t. Just stop. Open your hearts and see how you are ruining these girls lives with all your hate. They don’t deserve this. Caroline doesn’t deserve this. Bully me if you have to, but I won’t let you all accuse my best friend of being the bully. Not after all she has suffered. I hope you all come to learn what horrible people you are.(literally replying to yourself, retard b8)

No. 98152

This thread can also show proof of caroline harrassing others.

What about the hurt she cause others? Huh she's not the only one affected by this situation.

No. 98154

Legally nothing can be done about this site. No one is threatening her life on here. If you try to take legal actions, all you will be told is it will be put on file. Besides Police have bigger issues them a website of people talking about people.

No. 98155


Technically gabby is still in kousei so isn’t pretty much just a break at that point?

No. 98160


I’ve met Gabby (kousei’s akane) and I’m surprised that Kousei can stand her she’s loud and doesn’t know when to shut up so she says some offensive things sometimes. It would have not been surprising if I learned she did not leave willingly(samefagging all over the thread, talking to yourself in this very post)

No. 98163

This seems like a vendetta post because 1. Atrocious samefagging and 2. I have also met her irl and she’s literally an sjw type.

No. 98176

Do you have any proof of this? Do you have the proof of demonic apparently admitting to this? Also you contradicted yourself. Was demonicpink made by her ex group, or did her ex group convince demonic to lie for them?
If I recall, demonic pink literally came on here and VOUCHED for Caroline at first, saying that it was a hacker. She believed Caroline that it wasn’t really her. She came on here and told everyone to stop being rude to Caroline, but Caroline continued to harass them for proof despite them showing over and over again proof that she said that stuff to them. Every time they gave her or her manager proof, they’d immediately say it was photoshopped.

No. 98177

File: 1591237029912.jpeg (564.38 KB, 1125x1178, 3131C763-3987-4A41-9AE1-0AA759…)


No. 98180

1) Demonicpink was created to ruin Caroline’s reputation and it’s sad to see that some people actually believed it.
2) Caroline’s past has been debunked on here multiple times. She shouldn’t have ever publicly bashed Soda after they had lied to her, and instead should have handled it privately. That’s all she’s done.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98181

Ok but I’m asking, wheres. The. Proof. That demonic was created to make Caroline look even worse. Give me screenshots, give me SOMETHING not just word of mouth

No. 98182

See you keep saying that demonic pink has been debunked, but………

No. 98183

The proof is that the girl who created it even came on here admitting it wasn’t Caroline. Also there was never proof on Caroline or the demonic pink girl’s phone of this conversation happening between them. That’s because it was sent to them by a sodapop member to try and ruin Caroline. Caroline can be rude sometimes but she would NEVER threaten to out someone when she herself was outed by a family member without her permission. And the fact that you morons think she would threaten to out someone for not joining her dance group is insanity. FOR NOT JOINING A DANCE GROUP??? SERIOUSLY. You really think someone would actually threaten to out someone for something as DUMB as that???? ??????)(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 98184

Yeah but… SHOW US. You can say anything, but we’re asking you to SHOW US. Prove it.

No. 98185

Also, Samefag, calm down jfc

No. 98187


What you fail to mention was that no proof was ever posted about DemonicPink. You say that the person who posted was DemonicPink but we've seen a lot of people pretending to be other people. Who's to say that wasn't Caroline posting as them?

No. 98188


No. 98189


Hold on Anon. What do you mean for not joining a dance group? There was no mention of that anywhere on these threads.

If you say that Sodapop sent DemonPink a message stating what she was going to do….how would they know that? Caroline and NeoSenshi had them all blocked didn't they?

No. 98191


Anon has a point. If SP was the one to message DP about Caroline it would've meant that Caroline either told one of the SP member herself.Either that or one of her supposed friends would have had to betray her and specifically tell SP.(samefagging... again..)

No. 98192

All of SPS was blocked on Neo by Caroline herself. As for Caroline not having proof on her phone I doubt that she kept that convo around to have it used against her. That entire situation seemed fishy to me.

No. 98193

File: 1591240633709.png (423.88 KB, 640x480, 1590551246899.png)

What the fuck is going on in this thread?

No. 98194

Ive never seen lolcow mods so active on one thread lmao although I don’t go on here much. Anyway this thread is just filled with arguing and fighting. Really nothing new.

No. 98195

File: 1591240819804.jpeg (303.69 KB, 1046x1871, 2ACC8B0A-7F4A-433B-8C2D-70AA31…)

No. 98197

File: 1591240840936.jpeg (325.48 KB, 1059x1811, 070C0717-20C9-45E3-B061-96720D…)

No. 98198

File: 1591240862113.jpeg (307.83 KB, 1065x2026, 6F75E2E7-C941-4DA6-A1ED-120724…)

No. 98199

It's so funny to see such private arguments to the point they're naming each other play out in public. Anyway stan caroline

No. 98200

Caroline claims to be apart of the lgbtq community and all kind and loving and shit and then does this behind closed doors. Nasty.

No. 98201

Are you seriously saying that gay women can't be bitchy? This is one of the funniest replies in the thread

No. 98202

They said she pretends to be kind and loving But not bc she’s lgbt

No. 98203

//samefag sorry let me rephrase, I believe they were saying she claims to be part of the lgbt but then goes and outs someone to their family, going against basic lgbt values

No. 98204

Exactly. I know she says she’s pan, but lgbtq people who’re in their right mind don’t just do this shit to each other. I’m not saying she’s lying about her sexuality, but she seriously needs to check herself.

She puts on a kind front but in reality displays no semblance of morals

No. 98205

>lgbtq people who are in their right mind don't just do this shit to each other
You're not fucking serious, are you? You realise your sentiment in itself is homophobic?

No. 98206

I know exactly what the fuck I said and you’re not gonna scare me out of it by pretending I said something wrong.

All right minded lgbtq members understand how serious the closet is and how potentially dangerous it is to out them without their consent. I’m saying there is something wrong with Caroline for doing that. Homelessness, assault and murder can all occur as a result. But Caroline. Doesn’t care. She is heartless.

I’m not saying she’s not lgbtq, I’m saying she lacks empathy and is a fucking sociopath or something.

No. 98207

Really? Saying that someone who’s LGBT isnt in their right mind for OUTING someone is homophobic? When outing someone itself is homophobic? When outing someone can literally get them KILLED?

No. 98208

>Scare me out of it
Nobody mentioned scaring you, anon. You're just either retarded or underage if you in any way conflate sexuality with morality. You're backtracking on what you said earlier because you realise that you're wrong and you're letting your hatred for Caroline excuse your homophobia.

No. 98209

Yes, I, a female lesbian who myself was forced out of the closet and was homeless as a result, am homophobic.

I’m not homophobic, I’m Caroline-phobic. People who believe they have the power to use another’s sexuality against them are worse than the shit on the bottom of my boot. And no, I’m not wrong. You’re trying to twist my words to make it seem like I’m saying something outlandish.

I’m saying: Caroline is a piece of shit for blackmailing someone with their sexuality.(blogging.)

No. 98210

Nobody cares about you being a homeless dyke. Post milk or gtfo

No. 98211

Caroline is the milk, retard. It sounds like you’re the one who either needs to cope or gtfo

No. 98212

File: 1591243029181.jpg (49.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I don't need to cope with being a dyke, anon

No. 98222

File: 1591245087689.jpg (76.36 KB, 720x715, original (2).jpg)

Anon, I think it's just you that cares about this. Let it go.

No. 98228

Hard agree. A lot of members have problems with her but have to stay silent to keep the peace.

No. 98229

Why are so many of the people in this community homeless and suicidal

No. 98230

For some reason this made me laugh

No. 98231

everyone's homeless and suicidal when people engage in moralfagging and poor you

No. 98232

What? The internet may have ruined your perspective, but the vast majority of people are never homeless or suicidal, and run when they meet someone who is.

No. 98233

anon please i'm homeless and suicidal

No. 98234

Shit, time to get out of here then!

No. 98245

how do u all know gabbyI only seen her at cons n kousei but i never seen her be loud or say offensive things or anything at all n the fact that youve been banned by mods for replying to urself is proof this is just vendetta posting


how do u know this? when i look her up on insta or kousei page she doesnt even post idol stuff or anything and so i dont know why ur saying that shes lazy and doesnt do anything all of the videos and stuff ive seen of kousei dancing she does everything basically perfectly so obviously she isnt lazy and doesnt do anything also what cringy things has she done seriously im so confused

No. 98303

Look the drama was funny at first but now it’s just getting annoying. Settle your shit off this board like adults and quit samefagging like a desperate idiot.

No. 98310

She does maid cafe shit, probably a lot of people know her from that. She's extremely stubborn and will put her friends on you if she can't get her way. It's a nightmare to dance with her, especially if her close friends are in the same group.

No. 98311

*talking about the akane

No. 98315

The same fagging here is getting painfully obvious.

No. 98319

Unless she has actual milk, then stfu and stop vendetta posting. Her being annoying isn't milk

No. 98320

Agreed, I can smell this vendetta post from a mile away. Settle it with her in the dms if you’re so pressed.

No. 98321

Idk how you want me to prove that but I'm not the only one.

No. 98322

Samefagging aside, your blatant vendetta posting is pathetic. Go talk to her if you have a problem, we don’t care about this milkless bullshit

No. 98323

Your milkless screeching about this girl's personality is extremely pathetic. Please go be a retard elsewhere.

No. 98328

When gabby did her commissions I decided to throw some money at her because I felt bad and her art may be shitty but it was cheap. And she pretty much ran away with the money. She was rude to me the entire time and also took my money. She blocked me as well

No. 98330

Are you going to actually post proof of this, or are you going to keep trying to throw accusations at the wall and hope they stick?

No. 98332

We can tell you’re still vendetta posting and samefagging. No one believes you anymore so please just leave

No. 98333

Hey dude, you should know by now we're gonna ask for proof. I'm talking screenshots of your chat with her, screenshot proof of you having sent money to her, screenshot proof of her having you blocked. all of that. can't provide it? fuck off and find some actual milk with actual proof

No. 98334

This entire thread is just 2 maybe 3 people who won't just DM each other kek

No. 98335

Ngl this girl is so incredibly milkless, I think it’s weird she’s being talked about. I think someone is trying to derail/deflect from caroline

No. 98337

Nice trying to deflect Gabby

No. 98338

everyone uses "we" when referring to the people on the thread, are you an idiot?

No. 98339

nice try trying to deflect, Caroline

No. 98340

Proof isn't gonna show up. They're just desperately trying to deflect away from Caroline.

How are you actually this retarded, Caroline?

No. 98341

Okay wk

No. 98342

Then post some milk and prove she’s worth being talked about, caroline

No. 98343

Okay Gabby, way to samefag and make this thread about you.

No. 98344

seems like youre the one making the thread about gabby? idiot

No. 98345

“This person has no online presence and there is no evidence they did something wrong”

“Okay wk”

Imagine thinking this is based

No. 98347

You were the one who originally brought Gabby up as an obvious vendetta and provided no screenshots or milk, you're just bumping the thread to hate on her for no reason

No. 98348

But we’re not gonna y’all about how she was kicked out of her last group too? She clearly has a toxic streak and we all know it

No. 98349

What fucking last group? Kousei was her debut group you bumbling idiot. Quit while you’re ahead, caroline

No. 98350

Kicked out? Come on. Gabby has a lot of talent, not being the right fit for the group is a tough decision and call to make but if it wasn't right, it wasn't right. It doesn't make anyone toxic and you're libel if you say so without screenshots

No. 98351

are you high? are you on crack? anon please stop pulling lies out of your ass and go back into your hobbit hole where you belong.

her last group never even fucking debut, and they all quit in the first place. nobody got kicked out.

No. 98352

Kousei was her first group, you absolute retard.

No. 98353

Have you been following any of this or are you just here to defend yourself. Are you Gabby? You're completely unreasonable and lying at this point

No. 98354

Oh yeah, my favorite part.

Why does no one suddenly have screenshots if gabby is so terrible and so many people can vouch that she is? If you look at other cows, screenshots are in abundance. Just admit that there’s nothing here

No. 98355

Have you been reading any of my posts or are you just here to spread lies. Are you Caroline? You're completely unreasonable and lying at this point

No. 98356

File: 1591296939665.jpeg (212.6 KB, 1124x936, 90E5E8CC-7A19-4101-8A0D-56BE33…)

Still relevant

No. 98357

File: 1591296988833.png (299.37 KB, 508x487, carobitch.png)

No. 98358

Seconded. Women in this thread are very catty and jealous and it shows in their utter lack of anything aside from "I hate her! Are you her? I'm not her". It's time to grow up, ladies

No. 98359

We need a thread solely for Caroline so her whiteknights stop shitting this one up.

No. 98360

Get a fucking life Ahaha

No. 98361

File: 1591297109479.png (89.81 KB, 275x264, 76F0FEAE-C086-4903-9985-E86447…)

No. 98362

the picture literally calls her a bitch and youre commenting about the name of the file?

No. 98363

Seriously get a life, your jealousy is showing and it is FLAMING

No. 98364

Ok caroline/carolines lackeys. Learn how to sage dumbass

No. 98365

You’re right, we’re all jealous of a narcissistic drama queen

No. 98366

Knowing how to 'sage' doesn't magically make this entire thread not a literally a catty pathetic 13 year old kids' group chat. I'm glad I'm not like you, holy fuck. Do you even get to dance with all the keyboard mashing you do hating on other women for no reason other than them being pretty and wanting your same success?

No. 98368

You’re posting on here. Don’t worry, you’re just like us. It takes a certain breed of person to even have the nerve to post on this hellsite.

No. 98369

Caroline linked me to this website, I think you're all sick in the head and weren't raised right. And who is Lisa

No. 98371

And samefagging but

Sageing is literally just showing that you’re literate enough to understand the site rules. Go back to 5th grade since you lack comprehension skills so much.

No. 98372

Knowing how to "sage" shows that you're not here solely to defend someone who's not worth it, someone who LITERALLY CAME ON HERE AND ARGUED with someone for a good 40? 50? posts. I'm only hating on women who hate on other women, and that includes you, honey. Caroline isn't even successful in the bits. Count your blessings.

Literally admitting you're only here to defend caroline. Did you even read the posts beforehand? Did you even read the posts of her arguing on a public forum with another grown ass woman? Go read through the thread and try again.

No. 98373


I don't care, I'm not staying here. I'd just like to let you know that you are observed by people who aren't posting here, your identities are obvious and this is the fault in your identity and personality disorders that is fucking you over. Goodbye, seek help

No. 98374

>I’m not staying here

Finally. Can we get some real milk now that the babies left?

No. 98375

And your identity is obvious as well, seeing as Caroline only has a handful of people on her side at this point (if you're not even Caroline, but hun.. Learn how to change your typing style)

No. 98377

File: 1591298030885.png (356.75 KB, 524x500, crazy.png)

just one more

No. 98382

My identity is not obvious, I am literally not involved in this community for years

No. 98383

What do you think, smart one

No. 98425

This thread is a mess

No. 98450

It was basically the same people catfighting

No. 98451

If I leaked group chat messages, said group chat would immediately know who did it. I'm not about to get jumped.

No. 98454

Kek sure

>>98425 this is why we didn’t need another thread, no one posts anything good anymore. Cat fighting isn’t interesting, it is genuinely lame and pathetic to watch.

No. 98455

Not necessarily. Crop out ur messages and literally no one will know. Bet you fucking won’t

No. 98456

They won’t cause they’re bluffing. If they actually had screenshots, they would’ve started out with saying that, not come back hours later and bring it up after they realized no one believed their hogwash. It’s clear they’re just saying this in an attempt to save their own hide. Plus, it’s just common sense to crop your messages when posting them on here or black out parts that’ll reveal your identity. Fake.

No. 98457

Literally just post the screenshots of gabbys messages, you dont need to include yours or anyone elses.

No. 98458

File: 1591323477888.png (6.68 MB, 1125x2436, A230B9A7-623E-4D69-A2E1-FD8BF9…)

The trolls literally explained how to bypass bans along with a few random anons. This isn’t a very well thought out attempt at saving face. I just know she’s on here now.

No. 98459

Not to mention how her friends outed her for linking them to this thread to defend her. Okay, Caroline

No. 98460

Also, literally anyone can lie about being banned.

No. 98461

We literally have evidence of her asking other people to post on here for her. Like girl???? We KNOW you’re still posting through other people

No. 98464

she blocked me do you have any other screenshots from her story she went private so i cant go spy on a side account

No. 98465

She blocked me too, probably went on a spree. I’m sure another farmer who hasn’t been blocked will come through for us, though

No. 98466

Why are we still giving this girl attention? She obviously just wants clout and doesn’t have anything better to do with her life.
Is there any new milk?

No. 98467

Although this is an obvious derail attempt, I agree that I’m sick to death of talking about Caroline. Can we get something on east coast idols?

No. 98470

Fix your calendar lazy

No. 98471

I heard Caroline got fired for fighting online at work, and she has to go work at the same walmart as Lisa

No. 98472

File: 1591329700813.gif (2.54 MB, 500x370, Lisa rowe bay bee.gif)

Not trying to derail but wasn't it confirmed that Caroline quit her job to as she put it 'fuck around on imageboards' full time? I can't remember the quote exactly but maybe someone grabbed a screenshot?

No. 98474


That's a pretty dang stupid decision if it's true but I think it's a stretch even for Caroline.

Need proof.

No. 98476

I said it anon, isn't that proof enough?

No. 98477


I could say I'm a wizard. It doesn't make it true.

I honestly hope there's proof of this

No. 98478

Of Caroline's very documented online degeneracy? Kek, just because she DMCA claimed it from google doesn't mean you can't find it via other means. Think bigger anon

No. 98486

Anyone have milk on Gabby from Neo Cherry? I’ve heard some things, but I don’t have any proof.

No. 98494

I do.

No. 98504

Then post it instead of just saying "I do" retard

No. 98666

dang did everyone get temp banned or something.

No. 98669

sorry anon i went to the bathroom

No. 98675

We’re all waiting for anon who said “I do.” to elaborate…

Most idol cosplayers (especially in the Midwest) know Neo Cherry’s Gabby has some shit on her, it’s just that no one has the guts to speak out on it.

No. 98676

Well why would we take the risk of speaking out about it when she's personally threatened me with lawsuits not once but twice?

No. 98677


Come on, now. You can’t just leave us at that.

No. 98678

lol have people in this thread seen her sex work account

No. 98686


Woah wait what? She seems so nice

No. 98689


Nice people can be sex workers. She just isn’t a nice person.

No. 98690

And what proof do you have that she is a sex worker? Any screenshots?

No. 98691

I said it

No. 98692

That’s not proof though.. We can’t just take your word for it

No. 98693

Yes it is, learn how to use the site and get verified as a user

No. 98743

No, you need screenshots to prove it. It’s the same for every cow on here since the beginning: pics or it didn’t happen. Now cough something up or stfu

No. 98750

Gabby from Neo Cherry is as toxic as they come. Shes manipulative, entitled, and a violent person. She has threatened and stalked multiple people to the point of being so cautious about their every day life. She claims shes one of the best cosplayers/idols in Oklahoma, which is absolute shit because she can't dance at all. All she does is whine about how the entire Oklahoma cosplay community hates her and how they shouldnt because shes such a good cosplayer.

No. 98758

Got any proof for that? Also hasn’t she apologized in the past?

No. 98759

Again, post proof or shut up.

No. 98763

Well we tried going to other people and got nowhere so until ya'll get proof stay off the board.

The only one we've had decent milk on is Caroline.

No. 98783

Does anyone have any actual milk, with proof, on Gabby from Neo Cherry?

No. 98787

Gabby from kousei went private on her instagram and also said that she’s closing commissions

No. 98798

Probably because this cute drove her off tbh. I don't understand why people are talking shit about her. Everyone is saying she's toxic and got kicked when that clearly isn't the case if the other members support her so much. But here's the thing, NO ONE HAS PROOF! Probably Caroline or Lisa trying to change the subject. Unless you have physical evidence stop creating spoiled milk.

No. 98812

Yeah, I agree

This board has literally lost all purpose. It’s supposed to have tea and discuss idols (not just in a negative light, a positive one too), but now people just use it as their diary and don’t even bother with proof. Like… we don’t care about your personal life, anon. Write in your actual diary, not an internet thread

No. 98820

Dang y’all much be really afraid of Gabby of Neo Cherry, cause nobody is spilling any milk about her

No. 98823

Like people on here have said, she stalks and harasses and threatens people who go against her. It’s no surprise there’s no proof, people are just scared…

No. 98965

It sounds like an admission of guilt, to me. Since you all ask so much, I looked for proof, but since I have blocked all who were involved, I only have messages from the leader of Kousei. If any other members (there was A LOT in the beginning) want to come forward with better evidence, be my guests. I have seen multiple other people try to address this, so I feel a bit braver in giving my statements. Bullying happens so often in idol groups, and I'm tired of being silent. If you only care about competition or clout, instead of the love of anime and dance, then your group is doomed from the beginning. Sally Amaki would be ashamed.

No. 98967

If you have a guilty conscious, feel free to personally DM those you have insulted and isolated with a proper apology. Otherwise, enjoy getting #cancelled when people see how ugly you are on the inside.

No. 98975

Idk if it’s just me, but the two Gabby’s might be getting confused for each other. Ones in Texas, the other is in Oklahoma..

No. 98991

LMAO this sounds so egotistical and delusional. You clearly were/are a cow. You good bro?

No. 98993

No proof equals no milk. And who the fuck is sally amaki

No. 98994

File: 1591569435818.png (4.59 MB, 1125x2436, 782C1FED-AAC6-45D4-84A6-F1A32C…)

Milk time bitches. I waited until her story expired to post these

No. 98995

File: 1591569501913.png (6.63 MB, 1125x2436, 741F961F-7D40-494A-8F27-D6C73E…)

No. 98996

File: 1591569605608.jpeg (485.57 KB, 1125x2436, 4815599C-C06F-4BB6-8F9F-FFC708…)

No. 98997

File: 1591569677470.png (7.18 MB, 1125x2436, 62343D5D-B97E-423F-A424-C17B88…)

If she wants all this to stop then she should just stop talking about it and acknowledging it tbh

No. 98998

File: 1591569740190.png (5.83 MB, 1125x2436, E5DB6F7C-6593-4928-8805-640354…)

This sounds like some AMAZING milk tbh and I want more info on this

No. 99000

File: 1591569826054.png (8.23 MB, 1125x2436, E28D72DC-F687-427C-8266-5038D2…)

No. 99001

File: 1591569900391.png (5.71 MB, 1125x2436, AA6CC8DF-C31E-4C23-AFBB-40BFCE…)

Last one

No. 99002

And samefagging but the “periodt” gets to me lmfao

No. 99015

Nobody wants to be your friend Caroline. Everyone hates you. When will you get that?

No. 99022

Lisa here this bitch is mentally fucked up 1 I deleted her phone number and 2 my man dont have her number nor ever calls this stupid girl. She says I am obsessed with her when reality is she's obsessed with me since she keeps posting about me and making false claims lol wait till I tell my man this one he already called her a psychopath XD

No. 99024

Uhhhh why are you waiting till the stories are expired?

No. 99025

No. 99028


Also if he's supposedly calling you as you claim take it to the cops. I'm sure they'll have a good laugh at you making a false report and wasting their time XD they can track calls after all. You don't scare me so you can stop now. Get over it I don't like you, I called you out on your bull and I won't back down and kiss your feet. Thanks for being so obsessed with me though to continue talking about me

No. 99029

One last thing to add apologises for samefagging again. But another thing I must state, unlike Caroline I haven't made my page private, because I have nothing to hide

No. 99030

Caroline its Spencer listen here: I am about done with you because you've been pissing me off because of all of this shit right here and saying I'm calling you and apparently breathing and coughing over the phone let me tell you something. I don't have your number at all, you blocked me from Facebook, and I have other important shit that I do in life. This is my fucking first time being on here because of your bitch ass saying shit like that like do you really have nothing better to do with your life? Grow the fuck up and fuck off I literally work my ass off at Wal-Mart and get two days off to be with Lisa, I don't have time with a petty ass bitch who is bored and literally make up shit along the way. I'm 23 years old and all I do it work, eat, and hangout at my place with Lisa so I really don't have the time to be dealing with "the wicked witch of the East bro" like fuck off. Leave us alone and stop talking shit grow up and get a fucking job, alright I'm done you guys have fun now.

No. 99031

1) Spencer just because you work doesn’t mean you haven’t been calling me with your number blocked. You’re the only one with that voice but sure yea call me a liar.
2) Lisa youre 31 and you are obsessed with me. If you weren’t you would have stopped posting about me by now on here and sending people to stalk my stories XD and to have your own boyfriend call me and breathe and cough and laugh into the phone is ridiculous. My account is private because of creeps like you who just want to stalk me and try and expose me for just existing. But go off(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99032

And oh sweetie I could go to the cops for so many other things about you. The drugs. The hit and run That you did while I was in your back seat :) so if you’d like me to call the cops I gladly will hun! I’m not afraid of you! It’s sad really seeing someone of yours age stalk and terrorize me constantly. Sad(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99033

You’re the trashiest person I’ve ever met yet you claim you’re the innocent one. Your own boyfriend was in the passenger seat telling you not to report the hit and run and that it’s fine XD what a lovely couple(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99034

Caroline again if you're so sure take it up with the police. You won't because you're lying as you always do. All because they stopped talking about you on here and that upset you. Now grow up and stop being so obsessed over shit. This is why everyone leaves you because you're a lying sac of shit who bullies her supposed friends. No one cares I don't care about you.

Also if you think messing with me was the worst decision you could have had I'd suggest you back off with my boyfriend because he will lay you to pastor cow

No. 99035

Yup stalk and terrorize take it up with the cops then I can tell you right now they will laugh in your face and they will strictly tell you the person calling you is not who you think it is we are not obsessed with you so get over it not everyone likes you in fact you're an ugly person you're not cute you're not sexy you're just downright ugly I wouldn't date you that's for sure. So if you're so sure go to the cops have fun having them laugh at you I'm through here continue your lies bye bye ya nasty.

No. 99036

I’m not afraid of you Lisa. The 31 year old with no life but work, two animals, a boyfriend, and an obsession over a 21 year old who is 10 years younger than her: obsessed with trying to ruin her life/ how sad your own life must be for you to dedicate so much time and effort into me. I should be flattered really. Especially with how much people obsess over me on this site with false claims and zero proof: I’m done debunking things since apparently the people on this site are as dumb as rocks and choose to believe anything but the truth. I’ve been nothing but loving and supportive to my idol family (besides Sodapop after they lied to me which I later apologized for and they apologized too and we moved on) especially my newer group. We disbanded because of the current situation in the United States and the group was split in private DM’s over everything going on. We are still friends and talk with one another. There’s no Ill will amongst us except between you and I Lisa because you’re a filthy liar and I do not tolerate lies(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99037

Wait oh wait sorry samefagging here drugs baby baby girl Sweet pea you really think there's a bingo drugs that I do I do CBD which is to help ease menstrual pains and they are very legal so you want to sit there and claim that I do drugs and you obviously are deranged and out of your mind I've never touched them besides the pills that are prescribed to me by medical personnel. your lies and just get funnier and funnier thank you for the laugh God so glad that you're not in my life anymore it really has lessen the stress on me.

No. 99038

I love how you ignored the hit and run incident. And the drugs: sis I have TONS on you.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99039

File: 1591581273688.png (264.43 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200607-205003~2.p…)

So where does it say that I have called you? Because here's my proof right here

No. 99040

Hunny you always say you’re done on here and come right back on no life eh?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99041

You can delete your call history sis haha so lie again.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99042

you claim I'm obsessed do you have proof do you have proof that I am obsessed with you because I'm not posted about you whatsoever and I'm not even been on here to talk about you until today so again show this proof that I am so obsessed otherwise you're just making up shit because if that's how deranged you are and you just want to believe everyone likes you and everyone so obsessed with you because if I recall you quote-unquote can get any guy you want when reality is you had trouble you can get in the one you have now. reason being you have an ugly personality you should work on it you should see what's going on you should reflect on these things and you should step back and say hey I'm a toxic as fuck person I should change who I am so that people will stop leaving me and I can hold a proper relationship. until you accept that and until you do that you're going to continue to lose people and they're going to continue to be miserable and continue to believe people are obsessed with you when reality is they aren't you should be checked into a mental hospital the crazy home whatever because obviously you have some issues and you should sort through them.

No. 99043

Damn Caroline really be ruining her entire career here LMAO

No. 99044

I have anxiety and depression. Yet you’re the one who claim I make you everything. That I make up my tumor for attention. That I make up my sexual and physical abuse and rape for attention. That I lie about every hardship I’ve ever gone through for attention. You’ll be judged one day. You’re the most disgusting sad individual I’ve ever met. The fact that you stoop as low as saying I make everything up when 1) I have proof of what I’ve gone through and 2) I confided in you for comfort and support and thought you’d relate From your own past traumas but I was clearly wrong. You need to look at yourself Lisa. Your sad miserable self who said a rape survivor was a liar(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99045

yeah just like you can delete Instagram messages to sweetie I'm pretty sure you did sit there and be saying that you were going to out demonic and you just deleted it and claimed that you didn't.

My boyfriend's more grown-up than you he ain't got the time for an ugly whore like you.

Keep living in your little deranged mine go take this issue to the police since you're obviously having somebody quote-unquote stalk and call you. you know have fun with them laughing at you for claiming that it's two people that haven't done anything I'm going to go on and continue my life ignoring your petty little psychotic existence because you're just trash I took the trash out weeks ago and now it's trying to get back in and I don't want the trash in so stay away from me stay away from my life . I wish I have nothing to do with you and if I have to resort to taking proper action I will you do not know what kind of person I am when you get on the wrong side with me. You do not scare me whatsoever if you think you do then I feel sorry for you. basically if I have to take proper action I will you can continue to spread your lies all you want you can continue and claim that my boyfriend is doing this that and whatever to you neither one of us care about you neither one of us think about you neither one of us talked about you neither one of us even acknowledge that you exist anymore so have a good day have fun continuing to be a deranged lunatic and obsessed with how people view you and what they think about you hopefully you can better your life but I don't see you being that kind of person because you like the negative attention have a wonderful day Caroline leave us alone 🙂🙂😁😁

No. 99046

Damn Lisa really be showing her true colors here(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99047

Loooooool you two clearly talk about me for you to still come on here and check it constantly and obsess over it and try and expose me more and more. Are you dumb?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99048

But keep lying about not giving a fuck when you clearly do by repeatedly coming on here to try and out me: a 21 year old with mental issues that you claim are fake since you’re apparently some doctor. I’d love to see your doctors certificate sometime(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99050

And Ooh my threatening to take action against me? Sis I have so much against you xD you have nothing on me because I do not threaten or harass people. I do not ram someone’s car and then drive off and act like it didn’t happen. I don’t do drugs so yea xD I’m NOT afraid of you hun :)(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99052

Also bringing up the demonic pink thing again when the person running it even admitted it wasn’t me xD really? You even looked through my phone with me xD and admitted it wasn’t me because there was zero evidence and the photo was obviously edited. But go ahead backtrack hun I have the proof of that was well xD(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99053


No. 99054

Yes really be showing my true colors because I won't bow down to somebody who thinks that they have all the power over me sorry if you don't like the fact that I fight back and when I fight back I say back with fire you might have what you think is proof but sweetheart there was no drugs that I did the drugs were due to an ex roommate not me which I have many witnesses still so you want to try and sit there and say you have proof of drugs go for it never touch them things in my life because I grew up with an older brother who did nothing but drink and do drugs and even so I have no need for them. I do CBD gummies for my pain because nothing else helps and they are legal. These are my true colors to the people who tried to fuck me over and you Caroline basically tried to manipulate the fuck out of me lying to me and then sit there and get all pissy like a 16 year old child because you couldn't handle my opinion being different than yours and now you're sitting there claiming I said this that and whatever when I really never did but you do you. if being a deranged lunatic is what makes you happy then continue on with being a deranged lunatic just be prepared to lose more people because people will grow up wisen up and leave you. it took awhile for me to realize that when I was dating my ex girlfriend that turned me into a toxic person I've been fixing that I found my religion I found my calling I have my new life I'm happy with who I am and that's all that matters to me when you find yours and you stop being so psychotic people might stop hating you. I know I say that the last post was my last one but this one really is I just wanted to add that last bit and now I shall be on my way have a lovely day everyone. Sorry to intrude and cause a scene or issues yet again. since it seems Caroline herself is too childish to try and message or talk to me herself it seems to be the place she wants to do it to try and ruin my reputation. What she can continue to because I like her I don't care what people think of me I know who I am I'm happy with the person I am. Everyone stay safe and have a great week 💕

No. 99055

Okay this is my last last thing Caroline I did not look through your phone I wasn't actually there by you I lied and said I was there I have proof of that because I have it in messenger if you really want me to spill that milk I will because I wasn't actually sitting there next to you I lied to be a good friend to you.

No. 99056

Lisa you’re the one who continues to come on here with zero evidence or proof So yea. You’re also the one who keeps coming on here lying as well and attacking me. So don’t try and act all mighty now with your “sorry guys caroline won’t just dm me” umm why the hell would I dm someone who attacked me for having a different opinion than them??? Sure as hell not haha not gonna dm someone like you ever again. You’re pathetic. At least I don’t call you slut and whore and say that you made up your rape story. At least I’m a human. You’re clearly not because you lack emotion and feelings for others.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99057

I wonder why everyone has left you. Oh yes that’s right, because you’re a toxic terrible excuse of a human being who pretends to care about someone and then behind their back doesn’t. Lisa Lisa Lisa(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99058

looks like lisa has ruined her chance in the cosplay community(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99059

I wonder when Lisa’s actual last post will be on here seeing as how she keeps saying “last post” on every single post(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99060

I never saw any milk before on gabby from kousei but gabby from neo Cherry has a lot on her. She’s bullied so many people. She’s also gone through two relationships very fast because she’s toxic and manipulative. She only cares about clout according to her past partners. It’s heartbreaking to watch these people try and date her and give the benefit of the doubt and then get their hearts broken. Lisa from OK is the most recent example.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99061

File: 1591582611190.jpeg (209.74 KB, 1124x929, AFAA8919-CE30-46F8-9634-8EA394…)

No. 99062

Time stamped and everything. Proof I wasn't next to you. I was trying to be a good friend because I believed you didn't send them that. But now I'm starting to see you probably have. I have more on you then you recall Caroline and I am not afraid to call you out on any of it. If you think I care about my chance in the Cosplay community I don't I'm not cosplaying for anyone but myself I do it because I enjoy it that's it so if I ruined my chances I don't care I wasn't looking for any chances. So oh nice one bro lol. Oh you want me to show proof okay I will and then just have fun with the repercussions

No. 99064

File: 1591582646639.png (311.48 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-06-07-21-14-57…)

No. 99065

File: 1591582882543.png (257.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-06-07-21-22-07…)

No. 99066

Sis are you just going to live on here now? Despite saying these previous posts were your last posts! You clearly keep proving you’re a liar :) cute cute cute. Also just because you decided to lie to that person about being next to me doesn’t mean you didn’t get shown my phone later that day when we went out to eat. Because that’s what you did. I gave you my phone while at Mcalister’s but go off(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99067

File: 1591582922887.png (218.77 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-06-07-21-21-48…)

Talking about SPS

No. 99068

File: 1591582964866.png (260.07 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-06-07-21-21-28…)

No. 99069

That last post doesn’t show anything it just shows what has already been showed on here. That elier is creepy and has sexual allegations against him, that johnathan was caught talking to the leader of blossom project wanting sex from her when she was underage and the allegation against Kevin from previous startsplash members sooooo(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99070

now you're even more deranged because that'll happen got tonight and we didn't see each other till a whole two days after where you could have easily deleted any of the conversations you had with them. So keep trying little one

No. 99071

These posts still
Show nothing- this was before soda and I even apologized to one another so once again, shows nothing. Got anything concrete against me? Since I have an entire hit and run incident against you(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99072

File: 1591583103060.png (284.85 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-06-07-21-20-56…)

Was I rude here yes but Caroline's ass had me truly believing her every word she's good at that

No. 99073

Not deranged just showing the truth to people and exposing your pathetic lies(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99074

File: 1591583128256.png (347.32 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2020-06-07-21-20-45…)

No. 99075

That screenshot just exposes you not me haha. Keep digging your own grave(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99076

Look guys, Lisa is still on here. A 31 year old spending her night like this(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99077

This is such stupid milk and should be handled over dm. Any on Gabby from neo?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99078

t. 29 years old

No. 99079

There’s too many gabbys in idol groups lmfao. At least every other group has a gabby

No. 99080

Gabby from Neocherry, she’s who was brought up before(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99081

Caroline was the one who even invited elier into soda in the first place

It’s entirely plausible that within the hours of Lisa lying for you to demopink, you deleted the messages. Saying she went through them later in the day doesn’t prove anything.

You guys keep talking about Lisa’s age and that she’s arguing on here, but nobody is talking about the fact that Caroline is 21 years old and also a grown as woman. Shame on both of them.

Caroline you literally have done CBD in the past for chronic pain. Hypocrite.

Also stfu about gabby from neo, clearly nobody has any milk. Begging for milk, trying to use it for your own personal vendetta is very petty and VERY annoying.

No. 99082

Nice try to divert Caroline. And actually they don't make me look bad but okay gold digger 🤷.

I have plenty were those came from. Caroline you hide behind screens to bully people meet me face to face and we'll handle this like adults.

Oh but you won't because of 'anxiety' baby girl I got anxiety too but I'm not scared to sit there and meet you face to face and have a talk cuz you know what I know you are. you rather sit there and bash people online because you can hide behind a screen where is it if you do it face-to-face they can pop you could you can't defend yourself because you have no clue how to fight you're too much of a prissy little princess. Always expect to get your way because you're spoiled as can be well I'm not giving you what you want I won't sit and bow down to kiss your ugly nasty stinky feet. You will never get an apology from me because I have nothing to apologize for. So you can continue to try and ruin me and make up lies about me and all that I don't care because I've got more proof on you than you ever have on me. you claim these drugs are thing proved it what drugs show screenshots of me sitting there talking about doing drugs show pictures of me doing drugs ain't got it then it ain't true. you claim I sat there and said that your tumor was false got proof no you don't because I never did in fact I talked with Alexis to find out if any of them sat there and said anything to try and understand who said it. I did far more for you than I really should have done for you but here's the thing I'm not going to sit there and hold it over your head all the good things I did for you because I'm not that kind of person I did them out of the kindness of my heart for somebody that I cared about at the moment. But I won't do them for you again. so you can continue on thinking that you ruined me I'm stronger than you think you won't ever get under my skin because you're just you know a little child throwing a hissy fit because I'm not giving you what you want. and if you sit there and want to try and ruin my chances in the cosplay community go for it? frankly I'm not doing it to be popular I'm doing it because it's something I enjoy I like being a creative person I always have and this is one form of creativity. So have fun trying to bash my name and have fun with your lies. Because if any of what you say was true about my boyfriend you'd be going to the police but you're not because you don't have the proof nor do you have the screenshots and before you try to fake those you can easily have somebody call you from a private number and claim it was him just saying. I might come back to post some more Caroline milk posts I have plenty I might not I don't know depends on how the spoiled little princess wants to act.

Oh and I'd love to settle this in DM's but you know somebody wants to be a scary little bitch and have me blocked so can't do that since this is the only place that she wants to discuss things because she thinks that you know it's going to ruin me I doing this publicly. 🤷🤷🤷

Normally I handle things privately but guess with spoiled brats it's different. Well I need sleep for work now. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

No. 99084

Actually sleep or keep coming on here to post more about your personal vendetta against Caroline(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99085

Caroline May be 21 but you’re 31 Lisa so your self posting hatred for her on here is gross(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99087

Keep defending yourself, Caroline. You may have learned how to sage, but it’s still obvious that you don’t know how this site works. Also, if you’re gonna defend yourself, please for the love of god at least TRY to change your typing style

No. 99088

Once again not Caroline she’s at work right now
I may type similar to her but that doesn’t make me her(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99089


You literally commented on here, as you, 34 minutes ago. Never said a word about going to work. Why is it that you, whoever is defending her and definitely is not Caroline, know that she’s at work and everything about her? Why would she literally send you here like “I’m going to work” to defend her. Stupid excuse for a stupid girl

No. 99090

I’m her friend. She was on lunch break
I’ve defended her multiple times on here because I personally know her(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99091

But I do not have to prove myself to anyone(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99092

Wouldn’t any reasonable person be like “I’m going back to work now” In their last message? And where were you the entire time before when Caroline as herself was arguing? Of course, Caroline couldn’t defend herself as her and also someone else because she would be caught for samefagging.

No. 99093

caroline has defended herself before on here as herself/didn’t think I was needed but seeing as how she went back to work she can’t anymore so I am here now(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99094

Most places are closed to begin with

No. 99095

she’s a closer at the restaurant she works at(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99096

File: 1591586743001.jpeg (57.97 KB, 622x611, 439E4880-7892-4F27-A547-C4CF00…)

God I wish you two would shut the hell up.
Caroline, Lisa, you two say you’re done with one another yet you’re dragging this out on a public forum.
You’re grown adults. If you say you’re done, be done and just ignore when the other tries starting shit. If you’re not done, take this shit to your DMs.
One thing is absolutely clear: your reputations in the cosplay and idol community are ruined.
I’d say you should be ashamed of yourselves, but you clearly are not.

No. 99097

If you apologized to SPS then where's the proof? There is none so sit down and shut up on that topic. You left first I don't blame them for not letting you back in.


Talking about DemonicPink like the owner literally shared with someone that you did threaten to out you and the person who asked DP came in with proof. Not to mention Lisa outed herself as the person who posted on here saying she looked at your phone and both of you clearly lied about that shoots you both in the foot in this situation. If you lied about Lisa seeing your phone then why wouldn't you lie about saying that shit.


This screenshot is proving that Caroline love to stir up attention. She shat on them for having Elier in the group when she was the one who brought them into SPS and didn't someone say she bullied him to get him to join NeoSenshi?

As for the car thing if Caroline reported it she and her boyfriend would be an accomplice. If she was in the car when the crime was committed and didn't report it then hence, accomplice to a crime.

Tbh all of this attests to Caroline's shitty attitude and lack of proof to support her claims. She's a liar and apparently a minor criminal.

No. 99098

caroline defends herself from lies about her, how is that wrong Like like isn’t it her right(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99099

It is but when she's caught in a lie it makes it sooooooo much worse for her.

No. 99100

and Lisa isn’t the one at fault at all? this thread has always been hella biased against caroline from the start I’m shocked she even tries anymore defending herself seeing as how everyone on here is always against her despite proof or the allegations against her being not true(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99101

She would not feel a need to defend herself if she did no wrong.

No. 99102

What lie?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99103

she defends herself from lies I’m really not sure how that’s wrong and she provides proof and evidence and even has in the past but you people are always biased(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99104


Ok Caroline.

If she wasn't such a shitty person maybe someone would come out with proof in her favor. However all the "proof" she brought only showed how shitty of a person she was.

No. 99105

what even is this thread All it is ever about is the same two people I thought it was supposed to be multiple people in the idol community(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99106

i am not Caroline
as stated above
i am a friend who defends her because I know the real her
and there has been plenty of proof posted in her favor but it is always ignored or labeled as fake
This whole thread is extremely
Hella biased against her and has been since it’s making(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99107


Ok but did anyone actually try to talk to the SPS girls? No. Everyone believed Caroline without even questioning it and when Jen showed up to defend them she was crucified. Like yeah sure the board has always been against caroline. Boo-hoo

No. 99108

caroline has said before to go to the people involved for info on stuff but people choose not to and instead choose to crucify and attack her constantly
caroline has apologized in the past for going public about the soda drama but that was all she ever did wrong and they apologized and move on yet she is still attacked to this day
You guys seem addicted with her(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99109

And it has also been shown that Caroline pretends to be someone else. On multiple occasions even so, who is to say that is not the case now?

No. 99110


Then maybe she should stay the hell off this board. If she just shut up, ignored it, and moved on with her life this wouldn't have been nearly this bad. She's a drama whore. I've very obvious based off this thread anon.

No. 99111

caroline is at work
she is closing as I have said b4ore(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99112

Oh that is DEF the case

No. 99113

she stays off and then gets tons of DM’s from people asking her to address things and she gets tired of the lies and defends herself against people like lisa who send her own boyfriend to harass her. lisa who was driving in a hit and run(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99115

not the case but I have nothing to prove to you(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99116

You know she’s her own free person. She doesn’t have to acknowledge jack shit for anyone but her self. Yet she chooses to.

No. 99117

Ie she’s not the Saint you’re pretending she is, she literally has full power to move on and put this behind her

No. 99118


Lol no she didn't she never apologized to SPS. She blocked them all because she DEMANDED a public apology because her reputation was ruined because of her own stupidity

Read the previous thread anon

No. 99119

she did apologize to jen for soda there was proof of this(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99120

so caroline should stop defending herself against lies and let people keep spreading them around about her and let people think the lies are true ?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99121


Where. Show me?

No. 99122

it was either up there or on the old thread I know she posted it though I remember seeing it(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99123


Nope anon there was never any proof of an apology. Thank you. Try again tomorrow <3

No. 99124

File: 1591588644020.jpeg (309.83 KB, 764x698, 05DB1126-5B7B-4B78-8CCC-58C2C7…)

No. 99127

File: 1591588838544.jpeg (179.08 KB, 722x1284, 3365559C-A239-47E5-ADDB-07738B…)

she also apologized to honey heart beat(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99128

File: 1591588898714.jpeg (201.8 KB, 750x1289, 560CB87B-0ED1-4A4B-A1DC-D64535…)

caroline being nice about sodapop member kiara despite her lying behind her back about her(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99129

File: 1591588947721.jpeg (242.62 KB, 722x1285, 3E2EA9C4-DF80-43E5-8127-52FE70…)

all caroline ever wanted was the truth out there from both sides so lies would stop being spread about the situation(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99130

That’s her saying to jen that she apologized, not an actual screenshot of her apology. I don’t believe it. She has also said that she apologized to soda, but did she? No. She constantly lies and says she apologizes to people, but someone PLEASE give me a screenshot of her actually apologizing, not saying that she did.

No. 99131

What do you mean her lying behind her back about her?

No. 99132

kiara was one of the girls who came forward admitting to caroline that she was the one who talked about her behind her back instead of coming forward to her

and that’s because she apologized over the phone to jen they had a very long phone call you can ask jen it’s whateva(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99133

File: 1591589303881.png (232.89 KB, 750x1334, 1A295DF4-1925-4DA2-AF0B-0B5E55…)

This was also caroline talking to one of her followers who was defending her against the demon pink situation and she told them to stop acting that way because that’s not who she is and not what she supports(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99135

jen and caroline were civil And good with the idea of public apologies until alexis and lizzy shit on their plans of that(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99136

I hope she does realize that a hit-and-run means that I hit somebody and ran from the scene when in fact I lightly tap somebody to the point my car got more damage than there's did parked it and stayed on the scene and we ate food reason I didn't report it well why report something when my car has the most damage and their car has absolutely none not even a paint mark. you keep saying it hit and run as if I actually hit somebody and ran no not even the case. and you say I send my boyfriend to harass her sorry my boyfriend may have too much time to love on each other to even bother thinking about somebody like her. We're actually doing things a couple should be doing spending time together enjoying each other's company I'm going out on dates. besides my boyfriend is his own free person he can do as he wishes I don't control my boyfriend my boyfriend doesn't control me we have a relationship where he can do what he wants and I can do what I want as long as we stay within those relationship boundaries. So keep trying. I made a little post on my Instagram I'm sure it's going to wind up here. it's the first and only place I will ever make about this situation I'm going to ignore it now and have myself a wonderful Life my name keeps popping up then so be it if it doesn't do be it. I simply just wanted to state that you claimed I did a hit and run when in fact that's not the case. the other thing is I can admit that I was a shity person and I can admit that you know defending myself as I did when I seen the posts here is the worst thing to do but I'm going to move on from it and I'm not going to continue with it now whatever my boyfriend does that's on him because he's already livid with the situation since his name is not being brought up when he did nothing wrong. That is what it is peace out. If anyone wishes to talk my DMs are free and open, don't even need to tell me you're from here. Have a good one. Have fun with the Caroline psychotic drama.

No. 99137


Um…. I just talked to one of the sodapop members (won't say who because of privacy reasons for y'all hungry sharks) but all of this was taken out of context. First off Caroline never put up the whole conversation, (probably trying to make herself look good). But they're is WAY more to that then "I'm being nice". They also damn well know she NEVER apologized to Jen or any of the members for that matter.. I mean if it's not in text I don't count it. Second, Lizzy and Alexis had nothing to do with this? Caroline didn't like ether of them from the start so I'm not surprised if this is her talking shit about them.

No. 99138

lisa are you really this sad lonely and bored to keep coming on here and harassing her? it was a hit and run because you did hit another car and didn’t report it(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99139

alexis and lizzy are the other leaders well we’re so yes they do have everything to do with this they were the ones who told jen not to publicly apologize when caroline was ready to and c apologized to j over the phone for soda so you saying you spoke to one of their members with zero proof seems hella fake af(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99141

>>99139 Caroline, stop trying to crawl out of the swamp you came from

No. 99142

>99141 Haha, agreed.

No. 99143


I mean I agree, there's no screenshots whether or not this person is lying or not. But they're also right, there's no proof that Caroline ever apologized…

No. 99144

not caroline
stop calling m that(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99145

caroline apologized over the phone
then their texts continued and jen and caroline agreed to publicly post their apologies and truths for the world to see and then alexis and lizzy told jen no and so jen came back to caroline and told her the situation and caroline was disappointed and they went their separate ways and haven’t spoke since(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99146

Jen is going off on her insta story

No. 99147

Doesn't show that on Jen story… Just saying

No. 99148

Ok boomer

No. 99149

if jen is Going off on her story than it isn’t true because they went their separate ways there’s proof of it. They wouldn’t get to publicly post because Alexis and lizzy wouldn’t let jen she even said that in the messages(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99150

File: 1591593727646.png (813.39 KB, 750x1334, EF021D9A-65DE-4AF3-A09B-8BCAD3…)

lisa is still popping off(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99151

File: 1591593755985.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, 86325C6D-2248-4A45-9F10-D16F3C…)

(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99152

File: 1591593825727.png (873.52 KB, 750x1334, FE7276E2-21BC-4171-822C-28DA0E…)

also to Jen’s posts on her insta saying that the photos were cropped that isn’t true the only thing cropped off is the very top which shows the time that’s it so shes lying because she’s been outed(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99154

File: 1591594036312.jpeg (243.89 KB, 750x1300, F6CCC9DB-2895-43DC-9707-46011A…)

all caroline ever wanted was the true out there from both sides for everyone to see so the hate for both sides would stop
guess that isn’t what they wanted from soda(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99156

File: 1591594270127.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 53.48 KB, 620x687, 81E6CAB5-894B-4D6C-8BC7-77CCB3…)

this milk is old can we move on to someone more interesting besides these two boring ass hoes who keep fighting one another publicly(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99157

Caroline just needs to stop talking to people but she’s too much of an attention whore to quit when she’s down already SMH

No. 99158

File: 1591594330579.jpeg (232.96 KB, 1124x1920, 5B6FD5B4-5BB2-449D-AA6A-E6E564…)

If you’re gonna call her a liar, at least include her proof that you’re saying is “fake”

No. 99159

File: 1591594356248.jpeg (345.19 KB, 1124x1930, 778136EA-4B53-4EC2-9F48-F1150E…)

No. 99160

File: 1591594380421.jpeg (234.97 KB, 1125x1915, 738080E9-A8C3-4B4E-B99B-7F064C…)

No. 99161

File: 1591594406041.jpeg (388.68 KB, 1125x1916, E7574626-6729-4AD6-B27A-22DA8A…)

No. 99162

Nobody cares about Caroline and Lisa anymore. That’s old milk. Something new should be discussed.

No. 99163

File: 1591594427773.jpeg (312.91 KB, 1125x1915, CBBE7072-597B-4FA1-9840-E2ABDE…)

No. 99164


She did….right before these posts.

No. 99166

I was talking to the person calling jen a liar retard

No. 99167

. I’m an ex member of her group and c actually apologized to a few of us and yes she did end up blocking us because she said that she didn’t want people stalking her profile anymore, not that I had or would, but she has apologized before and I really do not feel comfortable saying who I am but I wish the idol community was more accepting and honest than what it is right now. wish everyone well though(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99168

jen wasn’t a liar until tonight when she claimed the photos were cropped when they’re not. caroline even offered to send me videos of it to show non cropping. they’re also unedited as welll(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99169

Ok Caroline

No. 99170


No. 99171

proof would take all night to show they’re not cropped on here since videos can’t be posted and I’m not caroline damn(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99173

File: 1591595605754.jpeg (72.89 KB, 493x477, 7DA014F7-34A6-42F2-BD2B-0EE056…)

gabby of Neocherry was given the “ok” pass I’m assuming seeing as how she was skipped over again because of people
Being afraid of her and we are once again back to Boring ass drama that should have been handled by the two adults elsewhere(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99174

File: 1591595607398.jpeg (32.78 KB, 473x429, F4E8D7B7-E6AB-4AA7-9C24-BBA7C7…)

Ok “Non-Caroline.” Ask her to become public and just post the video on her insta story, simple.

No. 99175

i am not gonna ask her to go public. she could dm maybe someone off of here but she isn’t going public not after everything she’s dealt with from you(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99176

Yeah you have no proof at all just like I thought

No. 99177

and please stop referring to me as caroline or non caroline I have a name and it’s not that(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99178

she has proof and offered to send it to me. i am not asking her to go public though because she will just be attacked more(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99179

You have the option to leave though

No. 99180

when I was in her group she always took opinions from
Everyone and made us all vote
On everything so it was even across the board
Our group disbanded because of the ongoing riots and looting posts online. The group had some with one view and some with another and c no longer felt like she had the backing of the group and so she left and then the group disbanded. c never was mean to us and was a very positive leader and friend and still is to me(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99181

yea I could leave but I’m not. i May sleep soon but that’s it because I well defend my friend who yes has made mistakes in the past as most humans do but she apologized for them so I won’t stop defending her(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99182

File: 1591596134902.jpeg (37.31 KB, 247x275, 003E8D77-47FC-4227-83A7-162BBB…)

I bet Lisa will be back on here posting in the morning(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99183

Jen posted on her story that she lied and the screenshot she called fake was indeed real

No. 99184

So fucking tired of hearing about Caroline and Lisa, we all know they’re both clowns who’re digging their own grave… Please? Anyone… milk on Neo Cherry’s Gabby? Please. I know she’s toxic. I just don’t have proof.

No. 99185

gabby from neo cherry bullied my friend who dated her while they were together and then when they split tried getting back with her again and tried guilt tripping her even irs gross(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99186

kek sweet dreams of the farms

No. 99189

I’m friends with one of her exes as well. Two former members of Neo Cherry, actually. She is toxic, harmful, and sly as a fox. She stalks people. The reason there is no proof is because most of it happens in real life. Those with actual proof are too scared of her to post it.

No. 99190

I’m friends with one of her ex’s as well and the stories they’ve shared with me are quite horrifying. One time I tried meeting up with her at a con and she legit told me “sorry I’m too busy and too popular right now maybe tomorrow” and then tomorrow came and she ghosted me. This was after her begging me to be her friend(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99192


At least she admitted it? She could have continued to say it was fake.

No. 99193

File: 1591597161539.jpeg (196.08 KB, 1124x1873, 584F870E-7DE8-41FF-8D75-3FF8C9…)

No. 99194

I heard no one even showed up to her winter live 🤡

No. 99195

File: 1591597188899.jpeg (265.88 KB, 1125x1854, 61A62780-073E-4FAC-8F48-9A4E86…)

No. 99196

Sounds like a personal problem Caroline.

No. 99197

Can we have new milk? Why so every one Surprised at this crap? It's Caroline for God sake… No wonder she has her own thread she so fuckking annoying and does the same shit everytime. Move on already. I want new drama.

No. 99214

File: 1591612585328.jpeg (456.73 KB, 1125x2092, CE012AA0-C4D2-4733-9915-7583EA…)

No. 99215

File: 1591612611476.jpeg (497.5 KB, 1125x2067, AFAFF6B0-64EE-444D-ABCA-740C62…)

No. 99216

File: 1591612638047.jpeg (452.3 KB, 1125x2096, 43960CA6-1727-4D2E-86B0-74A52A…)

No. 99224

At this point, It would not surprise me if Caroline posted her own stories. Because she witnessed this place no longer talking of her.

No. 99225

Those are all clearly faked and make you look very bad caroline. Nice try.

No. 99226

You can go to any place and create a false conversation. Besides the speaking patterns give you away,you are talking to yourself. You are old news, no one cares about your vendetta's any longer. Just stop while ahead.

No. 99227

File: 1591618985523.jpeg (336.72 KB, 1124x969, 09FD9537-28C9-4696-B03C-BC28B5…)

Just found this lmao so which of you had a hissy fit and tried to make a counter thread

No. 99232

I can’t believe this entire fucking thread has so far been devoted to two childish ass “women” who clearly thrive on attention….

At first it was amusing. Now I’m just worried. I’m even more confused that the farmhands are allowing this kek

No. 99289

The Jen screenshot from her story clearly shows that she is admitting she lied about Caroline so not sure why that is being glossed over the fact

and the text convo created by Lisa since she’s the only one with a personal vendetta against caroline is fake I’m sure If she showed us time stamps they’d show last night since that’s when she created them. They’re fake(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99291

Why so determined it's Lisa? All this is anon and the typing in those messages are not how Lisa types. Again pointing fingers without proof. It can be Caroline fishing for a reaction again or trying to make things up again.

And Caroline you clearly are the one obsessed with Lisa since you continue to mention her here. I saw Lisa's story about her talk with you and being Lisa showed proof on here before with timestamps I clearly don't see her not showing time stamps now.

Caroline loves being spoken about on here and it seems she will make anything up to continue being spoken to.

This is all so pathetic and highschool behavior for supposed adults.

No. 99299

caroline doesn’t want to be talked about anymore but that’s all is ever talked about on here. gabby was only the topic of conversation before you babies gave up and moved back to caroline, afraid of gabby. also the screenshots are clearly faked because that isn’t how caroline talks and it’s also not how lisa talks and it’s also without time stamps or evidence. it’s clearly faked for lisa to try and make caroline look bad and you idiots are falling for it(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99303


Gabby from kousei or neocherry?

No. 99305

Gabby from Neo Cherry was passed on again

No. 99310

gabby from neo because there is a lot of milk on her but everyone is apparently too scared to spill it
she’s gone through so many relationships because of how toxic and manipulative she is but she gets the green card and we are right back to caroline which is boring old milk(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99311

Honestly I’ve just stopped reading all of Caroline and Lisa’s posts cause they bore me so much

No. 99312

Like… we get it. You’re both stupid pieces of shit. Moving on.

No. 99313

ive stopped reading them too
i was hoping for new milk(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99316

Neutral party here but her first relationship ended cause she fell out of love with her partner, second relationship ended cause her partner was emotionally unavailable and uninterested, her third relationship ended cause Her partner wouldn’t talk things out so it was best the relationship ended. Yea she may have done some bad things but she learned from them and tried to correct her wrong doings. A “toxic” person doesn’t apologize and try to right their wrong doings, and those kind of people are stuck in their ways and don’t see anything to correct among their self.

No. 99318

gabby is stuck in her ways though
she only cares about popularity and clout
she legit told me she couldn’t see me at a con because she was too popular and busy for me
but sure she’s a good person who has totally fixed herself and that’s why everyone totally isn’t leaving her side because she’s toxic(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99322

Idk who Kevin is. There was no Kevin in HHB. Kevin actually was in Caroline’s first group, Starkiss. But keep lying Caroline.

No. 99325

kevin is known by everyone in the lovelive dfw cosplay community
he was kicked out of StarKiss because of the allegations against him idiot(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 99369

what allegations?

No. 99583

Either i got banned Or there are no allegations with proof haha

No. 99592

Probably no allegations with proof

No. 99688

From the top of my head, he went through bags from Start Splash. In some cases he would manipulate groups against each other, playing a victim card. He’s also put his hands on girls in pictures inappropriately or just doesn’t take a hint that the groups aren’t comfortable. I’ve also known him to stalk groups at conventions after performances.

Everyone knows he’s trouble in the Idol community in Texas. I don’t have hardcore proof only because it’s all things I’ve heard/experienced in person so I really don’t have screenshots for that.

I know he has a disability but he really knows how to make people extremely uncomfortable.

No. 99743

Where is the proof of these allegations?

No. 99749

File: 1591836525109.jpeg (535.59 KB, 1125x1775, 851FE418-729E-4C75-AF25-A97FB8…)

guess it true that they kicked her out she deleted this almost immediately after I was able to get a screenshot of it I bet sps told her to take it down or something

No. 99750

Or she thought twice about it because you Caroline would make it worse then it is. She came on the old forum and even stated she left SPS not kicked out. Stop trying to rehash old drama Caroline and move on.

No. 99755

This sounds like a self post if I ever saw one 🤣

No. 99757

Gabby from Neo Cherry is stalking and harassing people again. Not surprised tbh.

No. 99761

first of all I’m not Caroline and I’m gonna make it very clear that I hate Caroline and I can’t stand her whatsoever I can’t stand her guts and I think she is very self absorbed and stupid

second of all Alexis literally worded it in a way that sounded like her and soda weren’t on good terms and she wanted nothing to do with them anymore also wasn’t it said that Alexis actually didn’t actually post about her leaving on the site and it was someone trying to stir up drama

No. 99766

I know one of her exes and I can confirm this! I have no concrete evidence because this happens irl, though. Most of the shit she does is in real life

No. 99767

Also can confirm, as someone that has known her she seemed like a really nice person who made some mistakes in the past at first but she still talks badly about her exes and trash talks idol groups that she “supports” she is the definition of two faced

No. 99997

dude… it’s a bot account? you okay in the head?

No. 99998

DUDE HAHAHAH WAIT YOU FUCKED UP!! We can literally see the “edit profile” and gear in that pic. Lmfao idiot stop trying to frame people

No. 100012

File: 1591931195422.jpg (200.95 KB, 932x1480, IMG_20200611_220529.jpg)

OH NO! Don't think you can blame an idol group for no reason and get away that quickly Caroline! Nice try to erase it by deleting it.. 🤪

No. 100013

you guys never stop talking about caroline do you? you’re that obsessed with her wowza(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100014

Caroline’s the one who’s trying to stir up drama, literally making a fake account to frame people as stalking her

No. 100018

no she didn’t she hasn’t even been on here today shes been hanging out with me and her boyfriend. i am her friend and i have defended her on here before especially when she’s been lied about this badly and this often. she doesn’t come on here anymore for her mental health’s sake(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100020

“She’s been hanging out with me and her boyfriend” yet here you are.. on the site? Who’s to say she hasn’t been on the site while hanging out, like you are, assuming you’re not her

No. 100021

i checked on here tonight after she took me home. she’s been swimming and hanging out with her boyfriend and i all day so she really hasnt been on her phone much at all so I would know(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100023

she has also been helping her younger brother with baseball practice today as well and gardening with the family which i joined in on as well until I was brought home due to work tomorrow morning(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100025

all of this literally JUST happened, just now, like 15 mins ago? are you on drugs? you literally could not have seen what she did after she dropped you off, which has definitely been more than 15 min ago.

No. 100026

you are the one sounding dumb now. theres no way she did it that fast especially since i was just recently dropped off. she also had to take her boyfriend to his car so please explain to me how she magically did this? pulled it out of her ass? i dont think so(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100028

You’re the one who is an idiot. You can’t be with Caroline every minute of the day. You most likely don’t sit beside her staring at every little thing she does on her phone, unless you’re a ducking weirdo. You are defending someone when you have no proof other than “I was with her today so obviously she couldn’t have done it”

You can’t know every single possible thing about someone. You’re just an idiot blindly defending someone you actually know nothing about. (Assuming you’re not Caroline)

No. 100031

her and i have actually had a falling out before but i realized i had been the one lying about her to people online and spreading misinformation about her and that that was wrong, just like what you are doing now. i reached out and apologized to her and she forgave me and now we are close friends again. she isnt a liar and isnt a bad person. she has done so much for me and so many others and it just pains me to see her lied about all the time on here. i stayed the night over here so actually i was with her the entire time and she never made a fake account or anything she was barely even on her phone while I was over as was the same with her boyfriend being here she was focusing on us and her brother and the garden. not sure how you dont understand that(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100034

So let me get this straight. You lied about her and spread misinformation online, knowing full well they were lies, and then somehow out of nowhere realized that was wrong, and are friends with her?

Yeah.. no. I don’t believe that for a second

No. 100035

File: 1591933769785.jpeg (656.46 KB, 1125x1074, 30300651-B71B-4ADD-A268-ADDB44…)

This is you trying to explain and apologize to Caroline about willingly and purposely spreading lies about her

No. 100036

i did because i wanted to make amends with some friends i had wronged over the years. her and i stopped being friends about three years back and i reached out about two months ago and she forgave me and now we are hanging out again. but I do not have to prove anything to you of all people i know what i know about her from even back then and i know from experience that she does infact apologize when she has hurt or wronged someone. shes hurt my feelings before along with another friend of ours and when we told her that we hadnt liked how she talked to us at a con she apologized and hasnt since because shes not a bad person(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100037

Ok Caroline, you’re repeating exact sentences that you’ve said before on this site at this point.

Also, if she apologizes to people, tell her to go apologize to SPS and everyone in it because they never got an apology.

No. 100039

she apologized to jen to sodapop symphony and was going to publicly apologize to them as well if they did the same and they refused
i am not caroline tho i am her friend who spent all day with her(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100041

Again, where’s the proof of her apologizing to jen. Jen herself has said that she did NOT get an apology from Caroline. And Jen alone isn’t enough. She needs to apologize to EVERYONE involved.

No. 100043


Yet Jen said she didn't it's a he said she said situation on that as there's no proof an apology was ever given

No. 100044

File: 1591934420908.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 69.29 KB, 828x798, A60A02F2-B8C6-40E4-A011-9D56F3…)

Every time I think we’re done talking about Caroline, were back to square 1

No. 100045

she apologized over the phone
i personally know jen and she isnt trustworthy. she has even lied on her insta story and had to take it down and put it back up without the lie about caroline so your source itself isn’t very trustworthy(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100046

there was also proof provided above that she just wanted both sides to apologize publicly. why is she attacked so much for wanting both sides to apologize so it would be fair since they both messed up(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100048

She literally took it down because she realized she was mistaken lmfao and wanted to make it right. YOUR source itself isn’t very trustworthy

No. 100049

Proof above of her apologizing? Please link it. I’ve read through this whole thread and I have not seen the words “I’m sorry” come from her at all.

No. 100050

They did. Privately. Caroline provided proof of that. Not only did they apologize privately they didn't shit talk Caroline or NS. Once again. It was Caroline who made the affair public. That's on her. Not them.

No. 100051

Not only that but Caroline also didn’t actually apologize, so the deal isn’t even fulfilled when one side is apologizing and the other isnt

No. 100052

caroline wanted to apologize publicly and for them too back when she was getting harassed badly for going public with bashing sodapop for them lying to her but lizzy and alexis wouldnt let jen so it never happened publicly but caroline did apologize over the phone to her(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100053

caroline did apologize over the phone to jen so saying she didnt with zero proof is lying on her. also why should caroline apologize again when she already has and they apologized to her too over the phone for lying to her about adding her back and spreading misinformation about her(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100055

But she didn’t apologize. She can say all she wants that she apologized over the phone, but 1: the only other party involved says that she DIDNT apologize
and 2: saying that she apologized in a call is such an easy cop out when you don’t have proof.
3: again, she needs to apologize to EVERYONE not just Jen
4: sps didn’t want to go public about it because they wanted to stay out of the drama

No. 100056

jen was perfectly fine with going public i have seen the messages its lizzy and alexis who stopped her to keep themselves from looking bad because they are selfish people
and it isnt a cop out she actually did apologize over the phone but keep lying about her since you are all so addicted to her like as a friend this is crazy to read(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100057

Literally go ask anyone who is currently in SPS who was involved at the time. They never got apologies.

No. 100058

and the other crazy thing about you lot is how you twist every single then she does to try and ruin her reputation when in reality you just make yourselves all look bad and untrustworthy. if you actually had a serious problem with her why not try and message her and talk it out like adults? that is what she and i did but maybe i am just more mature than you all hiding behind your anonymous posting screens(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100059

It is a cop out because you have two people saying two different things. And seeing how caroline has lied to me personally about things, I do not trust her that she apologized, especially when the other person is saying she didnt

No. 100060

she apologized to jen over the phone to apologize to the group, are you dense?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100061

you are believing jen who has publicly lied to you all on her instagram story but sure keep believing the wrong one(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100062

This is an anon board, what do you expect Caroline? I’ve already apologized to her when we got in a fight at a con, and she proceeded to accept it and then lie about me to our friends.

No. 100063

Jen also publicly apologized and admitted she was wrong, unlike someone you

No. 100064

Oh also, I never got an apology from you for this as well. So ;)

No. 100066

why do you keep saying that i am caroline when i am not her my name starts with an a actually
and she doesnt lie about people to others she isnt that kind of person
to the post below this one that i am responding to, jen lied publicly and was caught and then took it down, and you are still defending her because of your blind hatred for caroline. maybe check your source(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100067

an apology from me? what did i do i do not even know you unless we have met at a con before? i haven’t been to a con in over a year though(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100071

Nobody has been to a con in while idiot, also that’s a straight up lie because you went to ANT. Caroline strikes again

No. 100072

Oh sorry I misspelled your name, Carolies*

No. 100074

it appears you people have backtracked once again. thought we were getting somewhere with a civil conversation about my friend but now you are saying i am her when I have stated multiple times that i am not and that my name starts with the letter a . and i havent gone to a con in a long time because of work not because of covid but keep spreading more lies about her. karmas a bitch(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100075

I was talking to Caroline, not you but ok bitch go ahead and act like I meant her friend

No. 100078

caroline isnt even on here right now so you are talking to no one then?(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100080

I know for a fact that she’s reading this right now, even if she’s not saying anything.

No. 100081

so you are stalking her right now? thats creepy(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100089

nice job taking words out of my mouth. yes I am totally stalking her right now even though I’m inside of my bedroom.

No. 100098

Can y’all just shut up already? Seriously, this has gotten out of hand, and it’s just two people arguing with each other at this point. Like. What do you guys want us to do?


No. 100103

Caroline, STFU. I know SPS got onto her last time she posted on here so I doubt that this is actually Jen. By her insta messages Ik she checks on here but she even said on her story that she's to afraid to actually post back on this stupid cite. Also to mention that Caroline (spam account she posted earlier) followed at least 3 of the SPS members (I checked and you can too if you don't believe me). Honestly I wish when we asked for a New Thread it wouldn't be all about Caroline. This shit is boring af

No. 100104


Yea I kind of agree. Does anyone have some real milk?

No. 100107


See… I would disagree with this but tbh because of the post earlier with the "Spam Insta Account", I really think that this is Caroline.

No. 100108

>>100104 Honestly! I'm about to go back to the old thread.(samefagging)

No. 100128

This thread was made BECAUSE the old one was running out of post space, and was gonna be locked down soon. So like, you really can’t actually go back to the other thread

No. 100134

>What do you guys want us to do?
stop posting

No. 100141

File: 1591973612746.jpeg (241.32 KB, 1125x1646, 712D9EDF-3440-4BFE-9A04-6D038F…)

Jen herself has said that the post isn’t her, and is someone pretending to be her

No. 100173

File: 1591986684081.png (960.61 KB, 1076x1838, Screenshot_2020-06-12-13-20-04…)

Let's discuss how Caroline says she isn't racist. But she is going to support San Japan. A con who's owner is racist.


There is also tons of proof on here of her lying and pretending to be others. You're making yourself look stupid. Also due to covid no baseball games are happening so you have been caught in another lie. We know Caroline talks on here.

No. 100175

friend again here
never said baseball games specifically her brother is doing this little summer league thing and shes been helping with it so not a lie
she is only attending San japan because the guy who was racist has been fired and the board has taken over or she wouldnt be attending
maybe check your facts(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100178

you lot just keep making yourselves look stupider and stupider. maybe speak on someone that you actually have evidence about instead of talking out of your asses. it is clear you all hate my friend so much that you choose to look past blatant evidence and lies about her. i have done my part as her friend and am getting off of this stupid anonymous board dedicated to just one person: caroline where you are all addicted to her. i bid thee fair well(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100180

The sheer newfaggery of this statement

I do find it interesting how Caroline deleted her blackout Tuesday/Blm post. Didn’t like it tarnishing your theme?

No. 100181

she deleted it probably because a lot of other people did and followed along especially since the BLM movement said not to have it up for spamming the hashtag and their cause. even jen posted about it. not even milk.(goodomenscosplayer / caroline)

No. 100182

Didnt say it was milky, said it was interesting.

No. 100185

Covid puts a stop to that league so a lie. And yet so many are still protesting the con due to it being racist. Nice try, just admit Caroline's racist after all she has no POC as friends. >>100180
Caroline also deleted her Facebook photo on her Yui Sohma account for BLM. Wonder if the idiot knows she can have that account removed for using a fake name.

No. 100204

Did you guys see that Gabby from Neo Cherry deactivated her account again? Wonder who left her again 😂

No. 100215

Maybe it’s bc y’all keep fucking bullying her? Just a wild guess

No. 100220

This damn site is all about bullying people

No. 100223

She fucking deserves it

No. 100226

Uhhh nobody deserves to be bullied