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File: 1514393639095.jpg (44.58 KB, 500x408, 154h.jpg)

No. 72061

New makeup thread because >>45820 is being locked.

Anyone try the new Fenty foundations and are they suitable for oily skin?

No. 72062

I've been using the Fenty foundation for about 2-3 months now - I'm barely at 15% usage. For how thin the formula is, it has good medium coverage and lasting power, especially with sweat. Starts fading around the 8-9 hour mark on my oily skin. I'd say get a sample from Sephora, if they fill up one of those little plastic tubs for you, that'll last you 1-2 weeks.

No. 72066

Thanks so much anon!

No. 72070

File: 1514402230340.png (371 KB, 755x753, skinfood holiday 2017.png)

Anyone else give certain Korean cosmetics a try only for it to be a waste? Some of the packaging is so pretty, but the product itself can be crap. I had that peach loose face powder pictured in the OP and it not only provided zero coverage, but it made my oily skin even more oily and broke me out. Innisfree's lip colors also sucked balls.

No. 72077

File: 1514406021705.jpeg (Spoiler Image,297.7 KB, 599x1865, DDCF9601-B84D-4D6D-B969-0EDEDD…)

I’m a complete sucker for Korean makeup. I know there are some crappy products out there but there are also incredibly high-quality products in beautiful packaging and drugstore pricing that are light years better than some overpriced western crap (that said, I do love Sephora for the most part).

As someone who loves lip products despite having VA-tier lips (RIP) I’m a huge fan of the PERIPERA lip tints. I love the Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tints as well because the colors are absolutely gorgeous and the packaging is pretty, though I feel like there isn’t a lot in the bottle despite its size and it applies rather thinly imo. I have some of the Labiotte wine lipsticks/tints that became all the rage when EXO mentioned them in one of their songs but I have yet to use them a lot. I’ve ordered a bunch of Holika Holika Heartful Melting Cream lipsticks aka pic related because I love deep red/pink berry shades and super creamy formulas. Has anyone else tried any of these?

No. 72078

are those really glossy, anon? i've had bad experience before with sticks like that that had no gloss, i'm a sucker for a good shine!

No. 72083

File: 1514409260607.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.85 MB, 910x9179, A1A8FB50-C443-4A4A-88FD-9A28AB…)

With PERIPERA it kinda depends on which line you pick - I’m in love with their Peri’s Ink Moist line and being moisturizing they apply very wet/shiny; keep in mind though that they stain after a while so then you’ll need to reapply to keep the shine alive. The original Peri’s Ink tints weren’t as glossy but they were very bright and definitely not matte. The Velvet and Airy Velvet tints are intended as matte but very soft and to fill in the lines of the lip so they look soft and flawless, so definitely not shiny, though I haven’t gotten mine yet so I can’t comment on that. Pic related: the Peri’s Ink Moist tints in all their moisture shining glory.

The Etude House ones were quite sparkly/shiny imo but since they were tints too they eventually just stained the lip and I’d have to reapply for more of that sweet sweet shine lmao. Two of them in particular - Dracula Red and Hot Pepper - had fine hot pink micro glitter in them and were sooooo pretty. Ugh I love them. Those were the ones - especially Dracula Red - I had the most trouble applying evenly, as well as the deepest shade, Vampire Red. All of the shades are absolutely gorgeous and I pray the collection gets to stay. I also got them super cheap on YesStyle for like €3.7 and I’m super happy with them.

I’ll need to wear the Labiotte ones some more before I can be sure put IIRC they’re intended as soft and moisturizing but still pretty matte/subtle so I can’t comment on them just yet.

I’m super excited for the Holika Holika ones! They look amazing and I can’t wait to wear them haha. Apologies for sperging out- though I do stay on topic so I think it should be fine.

No. 72085

File: 1514409869377.jpg (314.89 KB, 1024x1242, 48r.jpg)

Ntayrt but you're totally fine! Its a makeup thread after all.

No. 72089

Actually not really, I'm poor so I buy korean makeup bc it's cheap, but I read reviews thoroughly before I commit to a purchase.
Ime different brands do different stuff better or worse, but you can absolutely find cheap roadshop HGs depending on what you're looking for. If you're into heavy instagram lips and pigmented shadow looks Korean and high end (Chanel, Lancome etc) brands may not be the place to start looking, but for natural looks some of them are absolutely fantastic.

Innisfree has a ton of nice makeup, most of my HGs are from there:
>eyeshadow primer (now discontinued)
>matte mono shadow #04 brown
>skinny microcara (keep the spoolie when you use it up/it expires and just use it on any other mascara you like)
>no sebum powder/pact
>auto eyebrow pencil in ash brown (one of the few I've found to not be overly warm toned)
>flower lip tint in rose (super MLBB shade if you apply it lightly, I use it to make my top lip a bit fuller and blot with a finger so it looks natural, I also use it as a blusher in a pinch)
>eco fruit tint in orange, a very flattering warm red on my lips
>Ampoule Intense cushion

Other cheapy brand makeup I use:
>It's skin petit pact (great for setting undereye concealer, I keep my innisfree mono shadow, along with some spoolies and tiny brow/fluffy eyeshadow brushes in the bottom compartment, honestly it's worth it just for the tiny compact)
>Etude House eye primer (UDPP dupe with lots and lots of raves on the internet)
>Etude House auto eyebrow pencil (same as Innisfree, really… except I got it for €2,80)
>EH brow mascara (I don't use this anymore, the colours are a bit too warm but it does hold well and a lot of the shades are good for redheads)
>Peripera Airy Ink Velvet in elf light rose (?) or something like that, just a good tint overall though it can look kind of corally bright if you don't have the skintone for it

That's not even going into the cheap as chips creams and other skincare. Honestly as long as you don't buy anything for the packaging alone and stay away from the lowest tier brands like tonymoly (though even those have some good stuff), you can find lots of nice makeup.

No. 72091

File: 1514412995377.jpg (84.56 KB, 500x500, 2178.jpg)

The eco flower lip tint is actually what I have and it provides no real color. Its the reddest tube yet it comes out orange, streaky, and comes off super easily. I've found that tinted balms are more my thing. Good to know about the no sebum pact though because I had been worrying about that.

No. 72093

Hmm idk, maybe it's the wrong shade for your undertone? All the Etude House tints I've tried looked horrid as fuck on me or too neon bright even though lots of people like them and it looks natural on them.

No. 72095

File: 1514413713648.jpg (68.36 KB, 500x500, 6391.jpg)

Its probably too bright for me, yeah. I'm fairly fair skinned Eurasian mix and some colors look weird on me such as MAC's Girl About Town and Jeffree Star's Prom Night. The latter was actually the worst, but I got it because I was told that pale girls can't wear pale pinks without looking washed out.

But, I reaaaallyyyy hate dark pinks.

No. 72096

So I've been told that Lime Crime's lipsticks have gotten better lately and I was wondering if any farmers have experience with LC. I know all the past drama with Xenia.

No. 72098

there is no reason to consider lime crime, check out colourpop. they even carry it at some sephoras now? sign up for their newsletter, they do good deals, ive gotten like 5 freebies over a few orders.

No. 72104

Thanks! What about Dose of Colors?

No. 72109

File: 1514417891607.jpg (76.5 KB, 640x640, 288.jpg)

No. 72110

What is a good cc cream that isn't nyx?

No. 72117

My favourites are Inglot, NYX and Kiko. They're just the best quality brands, hands down. Also all three are cruelty free and mostly vegan, yay!

No. 72121

I'd be careful about posting this package porn. Apparently tons of people in the Jill thread have pointed out the moral and general quality problems of Too Faced.
>their mascara is nice, though not as interesting

No. 72123

File: 1514433668451.jpg (80.8 KB, 500x500, 5783.jpg)

If people don't like it then they can simply not purchase it, right? I myself no longer use Too Faced, but I couldn't give a shit less if someone else does. Its just a cute photo. That's all.

No. 72139

Pls don’t kill me I love too faced lol. Their lip injection extreme is the only thing in the world that helps my dry, peeling lips. I think the only controversial thing is that Estée Lauder bought them and Estée Lauder sells in China, but Jerrod Blandino specifically stated that he would make sure TF continues to be cruelty free. Also, that blush is beautiful if you’re pale and need a light, gentle flush on your face.

I’m honestly so bad about separating my ethics from shopping lol, like for KVD’s Makeup—I hate that she’s uses Christian symbols as names for her makeup shades but at the same time, those are some damn good lipsticks.

No. 72140

Any recommendations for a good cruelty free daily face moisturizer or 35+ spf sunscreen that won't clog pores?

No. 72142

What about Alba Botanica?

Also for those of you seeking resources for cruelty-free: https://www.crueltyfreekitty.com/list-of-cruelty-free-brands/

Anon, its your money. I don't care what other people spend their cash on and I don't find myself to be morally superior to you either. There are brands that I still purchase, which are controversial, because I realize that nothing is going to change if I alone stop giving them my money. I'm one person. The only thing that stops companies is legislation such as what the EU did with outlawing cosmetics testing on animals, but the battle then quickly shifted to stopping household cleaners from being tested on them as well. Asian beauty is no different. I'm not terribly fond of that kind of pushy, "Don't do this, don't do that" lecturing as its reminiscent of the god awful /r/skincareaddiction.

No. 72145

I personally enjoy banila co.’s It Radiant CC Cream, though it provides very little color and it’s probably gonna look weird unless you’re fair-skinned. The pink one that is supposed to provide more coverage is on its way, too.

No. 72146

**very little COVERAGE, autocorrect can go fuck off.

No. 72147

> being triggered by Too Faced
I’m sorry but what exactly about TF could possibly be morally worse than what any other makeup brand is/has done? Like >>72139 said even if they were bought by Estée Lauder, Jerrod Blandino has made it very clear they will not be selling in China unless their laws on animal testing change. A lot of the stuff that’s been posted in this thread so far is K-beauty which we all know is sold in China.

Maybe I’m sperging out too much and reading too much into it but I really, really fail to see what about Too Faced is so horribly problematic compared to literally all other brands that get posted here all the time.

No. 72148

It was enough to cause an in-fight in the Jill thread. Wasn't sure if those same anons lurk here too.

No. 72150

Kiko only say they're cruelty free. They don't have a label, they could be using chemicals which are tested. Of course the end products aren't tested but that's just the law, no brand tests the end products.
I wish they would get a label though, I just don't trust their word. They were my favourite brand.before I went CF.

No. 72152

I've no reason to doubt European brands. It's only American brands that are dodgy.

No. 72154

The peach powder isn’t supposed to give you any coverage. It’s just a translucent powder. I personally like it. Same as the other peach powder because the peach sale is currently not reproduced anymore. But sorry to hear, it made you break out.

No. 72159

I browse the Jill thread and saw that too. I didn’t contribute though, because I can resist infighting lol, some of those anons need to chill on that thread lol.

If you want a European brand to doubt, you can doubt Kuckian Cosmetics lmao.

However, if you want an American brand to rely on, I do recommend Kat Von D because she is an angry Vegan so you know her stuff will never be sold in China or tested on animals. However, it contains Carmine (a red color made from a specific of bug crushed up), so if you give a shit about bugs you may not want to try her brand.

No. 72161

you guys itt seem to misunderstand something. items being sold in china, isn't the same as brands selling to china. a lot of makeup sold there is bought by smaller import stores, not sold by brand outlets. those items don't go through any kind of testing requirements at all. much like buying items in local stores or online, most big import companies don't have as much red tape as brands coming in, they just need to slap on a valid translated ingredients list, and most of them don't do that either.

No. 72162

It was acknowledged by an anon that regulations or lack thereof are a reality. Don't shit up the thread.

No. 72163

i don't see how someone who actually knows about this is 'shitting up the thread' calm the hell down.

No. 72177

Anybody try Black Moon Cosmetics?

No. 72183

omg please update the thread when you receive the Holika Holika lipsticks!! They look gorgeous and I would love to order some after you post some feedback

No. 72184

File: 1514500358894.jpg (26.76 KB, 417x532, tumblr_n8lk9aI6hh1tg8aego1_500…)


No. 72196

I wonder where that logic comes from since European brands want to make money just as much as US ones but sure. It seems a bit deluded though.

No. 72198

File: 1514509134932.png (288.14 KB, 661x542, Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 4.47…)

>>72070 >>72077

I sometimes go through this. I literally only buy makeup most of the time for the cute packaging and hope for the best that the quality is good lol. I will say, Korean BB creams are a godsend. They seem to blend better on my skin without looky flakey/caked. There is usually a pale enough shade for me unlike USA foundations. Even the lightest shade ends up being too yellow-y or too dark. I didn't like that Etude House Cookie blusher. I got light pink and it looks like white powder. it hardly shows. Atleast the puff is cute. The tony moly cat powder pact is really cheap and very effective. Its like a makeup staple for me. I like it for my T-zone or to mattify a bb cream since Korean cosmetics tend to go for the dewy look.

I tried the Tony moly setting spray but i dont really notice a difference. i just bought it for the cute bottle to look nice on my vanity.

Lip tints are amazing btw. My favorite is the Mickey mouse lip tints from The Face Shop. The bottle is cute and its quite pigmented, that only a tiny bit of product goes a long way, so it lasts a long time.

My faveeeee korean product atm is the cushion foundation compacts. They usually come in adorable compacts, and they're refillable. You can even mix and match foundations while still using the cute af compact. I don't know what it is about those sponge pads that come with it, but they're the only thing that blends makeup in well for me. I've tried everything, from brushes, beauty blenders, sponges, fingers, etc. And my makeup would always look streaky, cakey, or just disappear on the applicator all together. But the cushion sponge thing just blends seamlessly and its supposedly anti-bacterial material. Plus in general, Korean makeup tends to have SPF in it and focus on healing the skin rather than solely coverage (which western brands seem to lack)


ngl I love toofaced the most out of any western makeup brand; mainly for the packaging lol. But I do find the price to be a bit expensive depending on the product and not worth much. I tried the heart blushes, chocolate bon bon palette, natural love palette, coco contour, better than sex mascara, and peach perfect foundation + loose powder.

the eye shadows are okay, but they have alot of shimmery shades, which can be annoying because they're usually sheer or its just too much sparkle that its hard to build different looks with it. The contour kit was crappy for me, since I'm pale. As expected, it looked too bronze for me and it looked as if i had dirt on my face. The little brush it came with was too thick so it wasn't ideal for contouring thinner areas like my nose. The high lights were shimmery but too sheer. The peach perfect foundation really disappointed me. It looks SO orange on me, and I got the lightest shade called Snow. I had this problem with Mac's studio fix foundation as well. I usually mix it with some sun screen to lighten it up. It does dry very velvety and soft though, unlike mac. The loose translucent powder from TF was okay. It was the same result as any drug store loose powder honestly, just cuter packaging and smells good. I also don't know what to try for a primer. I tried the mac prep + prime, and it is terrible. There's so much glitter in it for some reason. Little green and purple glitter dries all over my face, even after putting a layer of BB cream or foundation. I hate it. The Better than Sex mascara was meh. Its expensive imo, and the brush is kind of weird. I think the formula is what makes it nice, but the brush really makes no difference for me.

I wrote a lot sorry. Idk I'm just rambling here about my personal experiences. I like hearing other people's opinions too.

No. 72203

I feel this! Korean bb creams have been superior to the ones I've tried from around here. Mizon snail bb cream is my favorite and etude house cotton fit is another I'm fond of, but its the only bb by etude that I can use because the mineral ones by them are all too dark and so are the compacts.

I've noticed the problem with western foundations/bb creams (which Fenty actually corrected by being so versatile with their shades and NOT arbitrarily shoving undertones into shades) is that they assume everyone has either yellow or pink undertones. Pink is actually the rarest undertone while yellow is the most common, but there are also people who have neutral undertones and this is massively overlooked.

I've wanted to give blush cushions a try!

And honestly, the only products I've enjoyed by Too Faced are that primer of theirs that comes in the white tube and the pressed powder. Their mascara really isn't that great. I prefer physician's formula jumbo lash in the green tube.

No. 72206

File: 1514511852530.png (289.54 KB, 500x610, 422.png)

No. 72208

Yesss I love Kat. I generally stick to cruelty free brands and just avoid anything that's not vegan, tbh I think most people are the same.

Makeup products cannot be tested on animals by law in Europe. You can guarantee they're cruelty free because testing is illegal. America doesn't have such laws and therefore Americans have to rely on the leaping bunny symbol. The exception is when a product is also sold in China where Chinese law actually requires products to be tested on animals but no decent European cosmetics brand is going to sell in China lol.

So yeah that's where the mentality comes from.

No. 72210

>no decent European cosmetics brand is going to sell in China lol.

Nta but I do remember there being a huge scandal with The Body Shop having to close its doors in China, including in their airports, because they refused to test on animals.

No. 72244

I understand I guess. However I'm French and when hanging on CF makeup and fashion FB groups it's a consensus that we can't trust brands which don't have a label, so it's a bit surprising to me americans would trust euro brands easily.
I found this page which explains it better: https://www.crueltyfreeinternational.org/what-we-do/corporate-partnerships/eu-ban-cosmetics-testing

Those labels cost money but there's also the One voice label which is free and that's why I don't really buy Kiko not being able to pay for at least that label. Not sure if the One voice label exists in other countries though.

No. 72245

>I've noticed the problem with western foundations/bb creams (which Fenty actually corrected by being so versatile with their shades and NOT arbitrarily shoving undertones into shades) is that they assume everyone has either yellow or pink undertones. Pink is actually the rarest undertone while yellow is the most common, but there are also people who have neutral undertones and this is massively overlooked.
I've actually had surprisingly little trouble finding a shade match despite being a neutral, but that could be because it was during the pale olympics on reddit and there was a lot of information coming out about different light foundations. But yeah, in general the fact that everyone is shoehorned into the three broad categories never made sense to me, especially for something as personal and diverse as skintones. It was also super annoying when people decided that everyone that didn't fit into either category "must be an olive", when I didn\t match the description at all, my undertone is just neutral (leaning very slightly warm) and not olive in the least.
The whole thing also gave birth to a lot of bullshit theories like "if you're a redhead, you're most likely cool toned!" (bullshit, an overwhelming amount of redheads I know including my mother are very clearly warm) or any of the stupid American muh heritage pseudoscience stuff like "I'm olive because I'm Italian".

No. 72247

File: 1514547972939.jpeg (163.44 KB, 780x773, 7713CB3A-479A-4FDB-81EE-3B316D…)

Totally seconding you on the Korean cushions. I recently ordered pic related almost purely for the amazing packaging lol. I already have a CC Cushion from peripera that I like (that also has adorable packaging) but I just couldn’t resist this one lol. Regardless of how much I’ll use it it will look beautiful on my vanity/in my makeup collection until the end of time lmao.

No. 72248

File: 1514548238866.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.78 MB, 910x7114, CA7FD749-0D96-411C-BA36-339E42…)

Samefagging just to add; pic related is the one I currently have/use.

No. 72261

It could be different now, but 2-3 years ago and prior was when I was having this issue. I actually didn't start using foundation until I was 22 and it was always miserably dark. Prior to that I was just using pressed covergirl powders from target because I never saw anything close to my shade in any stores. I discovered that my mother never wore foundation for her whole life for the same reason.

No. 72262

I only wear makeup when I go out to dinner or parties, so I'm not great at it, but it's passable. How can I cover cystic acne to make it as unobtrusive as possible? If it makes a difference, most of my blemishes are not cystic, and I only ever have one or two cystic blemishes on my face at a time.

No. 72263

Not sure how much you're willing to fork over but dermablend is pretty good shit that was designed for all types of skin issues like vitiligo, cystic acne, burns, among other things.
Pic related some reviews on foundations for cystic acne.

No. 72265

File: 1514574901446.png (61.25 KB, 400x533, jsbeauty.png)

No. 72266

File: 1514577043614.jpg (193.77 KB, 651x618, main[1].jpg)

my man! i got her limited edition holiday set last year and i love it!

No. 72267

Yessss, her beauty stuff is so nice. I've also been ogling those scarves of hers that seem popular with jap ig girls. Are the body milks worth the price?

No. 72270

Thanks. Is there a department store that has this at the makeup counter? I'm not sure what shade I would need.

No. 72271

i actually think so! it's got a sweet rosy scent to it, which can be a bit too sweet and lingering. overall it's not greasy or sticky and kind of soaks into the skin rather than sitting on top. i also have the laduree body milk which smells much heavier and isn't as nice. (i know a lot of people like js and laduree) i have laduree blush and stuff just cause it looks pretty but i never use it.

No. 72284

any suggestions for the best bb or cc cushion? i had kill cover but i don't like having to refill the same cushion so no clio.

No. 72287

I use mizon. Etude house cotton fit is better than their mineral ones in my opinion, but everybody is different. Holika holika also has nice bb cream with tea tree oil in it. There are other options for their brand as well. Canmake is pretty heavy in terms of coverage.

A lot of people swear by Missha, but I found that they not only were always too dark for me but it also broke me out. Though everyone is different and maybe it will work for you! Another highly raved upon option is Skin79 in the pink container.

No. 72288

File: 1514616427691.jpeg (24.06 KB, 600x600, 521955C6-CEE6-44AF-97A5-0359AB…)

>tfw you get allergic conjunctivitis from using a baking powder with talc as the first ingredient
>pic related is what killed my eyes today

Anyone else have allergies when it comes to makeup? I’m allergic to most drugstore brands (excluding Maybeline), as well as tarte and urban decay. I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to cheap talc. I’m severely allergic to talc, it gets so bad when I put it on that I can’t even open my eyes. It doesn’t matter what product I use from tarte, I seem to be allergic to it.

No. 72289

Time in a bottle eye serum caused my under eyes to burn and dry.

No. 72291

Innisfree no sebum powder and the balm sexy mama are silica based, the former being s lot cheaper than the latter

No. 72302

Annemarie Börlind eyecream made my eyes swell double it’s size and it turned all red… took me a while to find out what’s going on. Since then I stay away from that brand.

No. 72309

Aww that sucks, because philosophy products are really nice and gentle on the skin.

I’ve never heard of that brand but I’m grateful my eyes have never swollen up. Only my eyeballs are affected, not my skin.

Thanks for letting me know this! I might try thebalm (I’ve only heard that name and always thought it was “the bomb”) since it has mica as the first ingredient. I might try the eyeshadows because that’s where my biggest issue comes from. I know coverfx is trying to remove talc from all their products so there’s always that too.

No. 72325

Laneige makes cushions that are good for both oily and dry skin types.

No. 72375

File: 1514739342927.jpeg (23.66 KB, 250x250, A987BA5E-6CC9-417E-9F12-4B75E5…)

>mfw I find out my younger sister refuses to wear a setting powder and instead sets her face and eyebrows with cheap hairspray

No. 72498

That's nothing. In middle school, I used corn starch and foundation. Nothing else. I didn't know any better.

No. 72505

That's probably so bad for her skin. I would give her some setting powder/spray as a gift

No. 72506

How did she even get the idea to do something like that in the first place, using hairspray would have never crossed my mind in a million years lol

No. 72511

Dumbass beauty “”””gurus”””” lol.

I told her it was bad for her skin and she didn’t care. I knew she was using to set her brows (which is still pretty stupid imo but since it’s hair I didn’t think it was too crazy) but I didn’t know she was spraying it on her whole face until the other day.

Lol when I was in middle school I would put on three layers of drugstore foundation and I don’t even think I’d set it with powder. But my sister’s in high school and has access to YouTube, she should know better.

No. 72536

I mean for brows it actually works and it's fine since you're supposed to spray it on a spoolie, not your face.

No. 72550

I find LC's formulas awful. Some are so thick they never dry, others are like applying expired oil paint. Wouldn't recommend.

No. 72563

Agree. Dose of Colors and Black Moon Cosmetics are superior to both LC and Jeffree Star.

No. 72887

Am I the only one that doesn't give a shit about whether a line tests on animals? Also "cruelty free" is a really loaded term.

No. 72889

Great for you pal.

No. 72892

Op here and I personally don't either, but like I said earlier itt it's because I understand that legislation is what will change things. Not myself or even a hundred people not buying a brand that sells worldwide to thousands of others who also do not give a shit.

Expect people to get salty towards you though like >>72889
Some people just aren't capable of tolerating the opinions of others without passive aggression.

No. 72895

Anyone tried Skin agent's new spicy lip balm? It's supposed to make your lips bigger for an amount of time, in three different sizes.

No. 72897

Lol, it's just that post was dumb as fuck, most posts in this thread are about brands or products which aren't cf, or course she's not "the only one".

No. 72908

Then you don't know what animal testing is. You should look up videos on what practises are done on animals. It's unnecessary to create a product and tbh if they have to test in order to prove their product is safe, it's probably full of dodgy shit anyway.

No. 72914

Is that safe?

No. 72917

I think it is, it's not the first time I see a spicy lip thingy that makes lips a little bit bigger. A friend of mine had one years ago, and it was made and sold in UK

No. 72927

File: 1515313591318.jpeg (20.3 KB, 395x231, EB7DED2F-FF23-4AAB-9712-F73F3E…)

Any makeup tips or product recommendations for white people lips? Lmao. My upper lip disappears into oblivion if I smile with my teeth so I pretty much never smile with my teeth showing .. i know there’s lip liners but I just feel like it looks so obvious if I over line it? I prefer wearing lip gloss mostly. Or just looking for ways to enhance my upper lip without heavy lipstick and injections. Or maybe I’m being unrealistic. Idk.

No. 72942

File: 1515341902041.jpg (52.57 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

emphasize your eyes more if you have nice eyes, make them look bigger, wear contacts if you need, get eye lash extensions and keep your hair long, highlight the good features you do have and don't bring much attention to the mouth

No. 72943

No. 72953

Op here, but you have a nice smile regardless of what you think!

No. 72954

Pale with yellow undertone Brit fag here. can anyone suggest a good CC/bb/ foundation?

No. 72961

That doesn't say much about your skin tone but Maybelline Fit Me 110, Anna Sui foundation in their palest colour (can't remember the name atm), Innisfree Ampoule cushion or smart foundation in #13, those have all worked quite well for me.

No. 72963

Skin79's orange bottle

No. 72998

How do you think medicine is created.
Animal trials, then human ones.

No. 72999

Gee wee its almost like there is a difference between medicine that is necessary for human health and that has to be tested on animals, and makeup which can be tested on fake skin that is just as good as animal testing and isn't even a necessity.

No. 73005

Medicine and cleaning products shouldn't be tested on animals either. They should be tested on people on death row or something. If you're okay with putting dodgy chemicals near your eyes and mouth just because they've been "tested" over something natural, then there's something seriously wrong.

No. 73016

File: 1515433735045.jpeg (826.55 KB, 1125x1167, 7FEE49A5-B55A-40F1-9E3E-2E2FBD…)

>be me
>just saw Wonder Woman a couple nights ago
>in love with Gal Gadot and her makeup
>find out her MUA spilled the deets on Gal Gadot’s face
>tfw the makeup is a little out of your budget
I want that Perricone MD No Lipstick Lipstick, but I also don’t wanna spend $30 on a lipstick that may or may not be worth it. Also, I want that Tom Ford bronzer. And that foundation. And everything else, fml. I can afford the Stila Convertible Color in shade Lillium but I should probably wait until I go to a Sephora store. Or, I should just be happy with the makeup I have now and wait until I run out of something until I buy a new product.

Gal Gadot is so fucking pretty, with or without all that expensive makeup.

No. 73019

There is no difference for me compared to when I use a setting spray and when I do not. Waste of money.

No. 73020

File: 1515442285702.jpg (85.43 KB, 500x735, 679.jpg)

No. 73024

>I want that Perricone MD No Lipstick Lipstick, but I also don’t wanna spend $30 on a lipstick that may or may not be worth it.

Go into the shop and test it?

No. 73025

imo setting spray works better for people who have oily skin or sweat more. i am not really sure why people recommend it to anyone else though.

this is cute but it's chinese, so unsure. context?

No. 73028

No. 73030

Have to disagree there. I have really oily skin so i have to set my foundation with a lot of powder. Doesn't look very good so I use a random setting spray or even water in a spray bottle to get rid of the powdery finish and afterwards I use the UD All-nighter Setting Spray to make my makeup last longer.

No. 73038


I had it and its legit amazing. Its one of the only lip products I've ever completely used up. I used to get compliments on it all the time.

No. 73047

In theory that’s a good idea but I live 2 hours away from the nearest Sephora/Ulta so it’ll be a while before I go to a store.

You’re making me want it even more, fuck. How did it look on your lips? What color were your lips before vs after?

I have an OT question, have any of you ever received a VIB Rouge gift by mistake, from either online or in-store?

No. 73049

I use the Kat Von D foundation and concealer. I don't need such full coverage but shes one of the only brands i've found who are vegan, cruelty free and fit my skin perfectly (i'm paper white)
anyway i can never get it to stay on my face it always separates and floats around my face to the point where lightly touching my face it will rub off and get everywhere. I've had the same happen with the NYX foundation so it's not just this one. I use primers, powders, setting spray and it just never sticks. I have combination skin, exfoliate and take good care of my skin. I really don't know what to do to make my makeup look less shit.

I hope someone can help

No. 73051

How much are you using, anon? When I started using her foundation the exact same happened to me and I hated it so much I stopped using it for months. I picked it up again recently and used it over a thin layer of charcoal based moisturiser for oily skin and a layer of Shine killer primer by NYX. then I use the tiniest amount of kvd foundation using a brush from my nose outwards then go over it with a beauty blender. For me this shit needs a brush at first. Then I set it with a shit ton of kvd powder. And I have super oily combo skin.

No. 73054

Less is more, anon.

No. 73055

i use about 1/4th of a pump for my face, is that still too much? i'm thinking i may need a better primer, i use the revlon photoready primer.

No. 73064

Hmm that's about the amount I use too. Maybe it is the primer, I've never had luck with anything other than shine killer by nyx. I tried it a few times with benefit pore filler and holy shit it was a nightmare.

On another note, anyone have experience with bb creams breaking them out? I have oily skin and finally found a bb cream I love that goes on like a dream and wears great all day. For my whole life since I started wearing makeup, the more I wear the less likely I am to get spots. Like if I go without makeup for a while I'll break out and if I wear it for a few days it stops. And it's not like my skin refreshing itself without the makeup on and "breathing" either ugh it's some dumb shit. But like the bb cream is so fine it really seems to clog my pores and give me almost cysty acne?? I've been putting primer etc under it recently but don't think it's making a difference

No. 73074

Yep, the Missha bb cream that everybody raves about broke me out and was really heavy. I have had luck with mizon snail bb cream and etude house cotton fit.

No. 73076

Thanks for the advice anon, i'm a sucker for NYX so i'll grab that primer next time!

No. 73082

Has anybody had luck with holika holika bb creams for oily skin? Also has anybody tried neutrogena makeup? I was in wal-mart today and got a little curious though not enough to actually buy some.

No. 73100

Wish I never bought the burts bees foundation.

No. 73106

No. 73109

I use it and it’s my all time favorite powder. I’ve tried so many and this one doesn’t give me a heavy feeling or makes my skin too greasy. But everyone is different. Plus I like the smell!

No. 73110

Thanks! I've been wanting to give it a shot, but I bought their other peach powder before (the older one) and it made my skin so oily and itchy.

No. 73124

Wanted to say thanks anon, I got a face moisturizer from them after you recommended the brand, been using it every day and it hasn't given me a single pimple so tysm! That was just what I was looking for.

No. 73189

Yesssss, Alba Botanica makes the best skin care I've ever seen in a western brand but that's just me.

No. 73211

File: 1515791939879.png (243.33 KB, 1140x684, cvs-revlon-kiss-balm-4-30.png)

What is everybody's favorite drugstore products? I love carmex lip balm, baby lips, and pic related.

No. 73215

The peach sake powder before made my skin also very oily in a short amount of time. I liked the finish tho. But the new one is much better.

No. 73240

Bourjois mascara, boho green powder products, yves rocher brow pencil, burts bees tinted lip balm

No. 73365

I have two Besame lipsticks and I think they're pretty great. Has anybody tried anything else by them?

No. 73377

Opinions on airbrush foundation? I’m curious about it because I have terribly acne scarred skin and large pores, and all I want is to have my face look smooth and even without looking like an icing queen. I really want a subtle, sweet look but I’m scared I’ll never get that without having it painted around splotches if sandpaper-textured cheeks and forehead.

No. 73382

hiya just wondering if anyone knows some good vegan lipsticks similar to MAC

No. 73383

urban decay

No. 73398

File: 1516056740785.jpeg (565.61 KB, 2048x2048, 43AD2EFF-C3BB-40D6-B2BD-297203…)

I can’t with these new boring fucking palettes how many pale oranges and browns do you need???

No. 73399


Ugh this

I miss shit like the electric palette, I wish bold colors were more mainstream

No. 73401

Have you tried sugar pill?

No. 73405

All of these warm colored palettes are driving me up a wall, too. I desperately want ABH to come out with a mostly blue/green palette with Modern Renaissance-tier quality. I liked the red/orange/brown scheme back when it was fall, just give us something different, please.

No. 73408

Korean bb creams broke me out in cysts so badly. The only bb cream that has kept my oil away and hasn’t broken me out would be the Covergirl matte bb.

Tried the Fenty foundation, and it looked amazing on well moisturized and primed skin. If you’re sensitive to talc, I’d stay away from it. I don’t wear it everyday because it clogs my pores. A shame because the finish is so nice. Tarte’s shape tape concealer is really nice for spot concealing my dark red acne spots.

No. 73428


Sugarpill is probably my favourite brand, actually! I wish they were available other than just online because the shipping to where I live and the customs costs are just insane

That or in-store brands having other palettes besides 50 shades of brown and some reds

No. 73436

File: 1516117366494.jpeg (46.08 KB, 250x250, A26C4C60-985D-4963-9CE6-DBDA2E…)

Any recommendations for someone with really pale skin.

I’m albino shade and FB is sold out in every Sephora in my city.

Snow from too faced is too dark for me

/concealers / foundation/ anything pls

No. 73437

Have you tried The Body Shop's Shade Adjusting Drops? They have a Lightening one that you can mix in with your foundation.

No. 73438

Milkbottle white Irish anon here.
My favourites have been Kat von d lock it foundation in porcelain or whatever the lightest shade is, I have to apply it all over with a brush and work it and then beauty blend it so it takes more time than other foundations. The powder from that line is also my favourite I've ever used.
The other I use on a daily basis is NYX stay matte but not flat foundation also in whatever their lightest shade is. I use the hd nyx concealer with it and either nyx hd pressed powder or the kvd powder. The nyx hd loose powder is fucking useless for me.

Idk if you have these brands but flormar does great makeup for pale skin and also catrice does some of my favourite concealer both in nude and colour correcting. Oh and if you're into contouring, the best powder contour I have found for my skin is actually nyx blush in taupe. And I already owned their entire contour palette but this beats that. Godspeed fellow pasty facey

No. 73439

File: 1516120945329.jpg (60.5 KB, 500x650, 22089806_1953410424912542_7483…)

Same, I'd like to see a pale BB cream for oily/combination skin with at least medium coverage, no transfer effect. Also I'd like some glow, super matte is not my cup of tea and combined with my pale skin makes me look legit dead.
Also a good concealer for pale skin with strong coverage. Help me pls

No. 73443

File: 1516122897188.jpeg (93.85 KB, 699x699, 7739B1E9-182D-4C95-8B30-D23C7E…)


Thank you fellow ghosts

No. 73448

Fuck Too faced born this way honestly “snow” my ass

No. 73453

It is me, the Irish milk bottle above you again. Hi friendo. I have super oily skin too and I use a garnier bb cream. Pic related is the medium shade cos it's the first pic of the exact product I found. The light is still a little tan but works with my skin in whatever weird way bb cream does. It's great coverage too and goes on like fuckin airbrush or some shit. I always vehemently hated bb cream before I tried it and now I always wear it so maybe you'll like it roo

No. 73461

OP here and I use Mizon snail bb cream and it has been the only thing which works for me. I've been using it since 2014. Prior to that, I was just using Hourglass immaculate face powder in ethereal.


You could get pearl or zero minus, which is legitimately paper white. Or, Manic Panic brand.


Comes in both this or an actual pump bottle.

No. 73463

looking for a new cushion compact. i currently use hera, but i feel like it might be a little to dark/drying. mostly wanting cc/bb creams.

also i bought some japanese make up recently and can give reviews! i will list what i got in a few minutes.

No. 73464

sorry! I didn't mean to quote you! i'm on mobile…

No. 73465

Its okay! You could try


It only has two shades and #1 is just a shimmery cream with no real color to it. There is also Missha signature complete bb cream. The only cc cream I've tried is by Nyx and honestly it wasn't that good. Very drying.

No. 73471

Maybe physician's formula tinted moisturizer?

No. 73509

Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately I looked it up and it's still too tan for me :(
On the other hand, I've been looking up at Missha's signature complete BB cream and Missha perfect cover BB cream, both in shade 13, they both seem good for me!

No. 73513

File: 1516212962980.jpeg (931.09 KB, 2048x2048, C262314B-9ECF-4C70-8720-F9A7A8…)

Anyone tried badhabit makeup? They make affordable copies, or dupes if you will of other palettes.

Always wanted the Mario by Anastasia palette but missed out + it was limited edition.
https://www.badhabitbeauty.com if ya wanna check it out

No. 73520

Is this a shill post

No. 73852

File: 1516750174669.png (346.12 KB, 742x746, lamo.png)

No. 73853

File: 1516750186941.png (910.39 KB, 666x672, lamo2.png)

No. 73861

File: 1516751844438.png (362.68 KB, 745x747, woam.png)

No. 73862

File: 1516751888689.png (890.56 KB, 713x715, labo.png)

No. 73868

File: 1516758874655.png (301.95 KB, 739x700, jspink.png)

No. 74382

Anyone have experience with Milk makeup?
I have been watching their youtube videos and really love them style and vibe of their looks and products. Even though I saw a few interesting comments that they're aiming to market to the "art hoe" group by not using brushes and doing mostly natural looks.
I came full circle from anything4selenaaaaas goththot makeup and love minimal makeup and fresh looks now that I have grown the hell up from whatever that was, but I don't want to blow money buying this brand if it turns out it's crap.
I wanna know if it wears well in general, and on oily skin, and how durable it really is. Really enjoying the focus on healthy glowing skin and potentially 2day lash tint mascara. I really want it to be good ;-;

No. 74385

I like checking Makeupaddiction for reviews and opinions. Just more active than this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/MakeupAddiction/search?q=milk&restrict_sr=on&sort=relevance&t=all

No. 74391

I find the product oily and cheap

They just use really odd models on their ads.

No. 74392

File: 1517369173538.jpg (65.42 KB, 800x534, little-twin-stars-sugarpill-ma…)

Anyone else hyped for this or nah

On the one hand, the packaging is beyond cute and sugarpill's formula is really nice and pigmented. But on the other hand, both of those lip shades look totally unwearable beyond cool club kid/insta looks. The eyeshadow might be OK but it's still pretty bold. I'm so conflicted.

No. 74393

Oh my god anon where do I buy this

No. 74394


it looks like it's dropping Feb 1st, you can buy it at sugarpill.com, not sure if its a website exclusive or if it will be available from other retailers.

No. 74399

Oh god how did I not think of this! Thanks anon, you saved me some money.

Cheers for letting me know. From what I have seen now on reddit a lot of people share that sentiment. Apparently they go ham on the oils but they're not actually great oils and make you greasy and apparently the quality is seriously sub par.

No. 74403

Milk makeup is the same quality as a kids toy set

No. 74404

So cute but I won't do anything with those colors…

No. 74405

File: 1517385808779.jpg (72.27 KB, 500x500, eqwQ1sazrn9o1_500.jpg)

What concealer do you guys prefer? Thinking about getting one from tarte but I'm not sure

Ah shit that's super cute!

No. 74413

that blur stick especially is a bunch of emperor's new clothes bullshit

No. 74414

Does anyone know where to buy the cute eyelash holders?
I’ve been looking everywhere

No. 74417

No. 74418

No. 74427

File: 1517451810725.jpeg (132.83 KB, 640x640, D3A11705-CB03-4D0F-87F1-759838…)

Thank you beautiful anon

No. 74446

I've been using the YSL All Hours concealer and it's been holding up really well, I have rly oily skin and it doesn't crease or anything. I tried the tarte shape tape for a while but it was just okay lol. it creased like hell under my eyes though which sucks

No. 74448

File: 1517483742285.jpg (11.93 KB, 600x600, teint-idole-ultra-wear-24h.jpg)

I'm currently using Estee lauder DW in Encru+nyx white mixer and like the combo a lot since it leaves my skin covered but dewy and it has a really neutral undertone, but i've read in MA that they changed the formula of EL up so i'm not sure if to repurchase it or change it up. Anyone bought a new bottle with the new formula? Is it really that shitty?

I'm thinking of maybe switching up to YSL teing idole 24 h since i'd like to ditch the mixing it seems to run pretty pale (for reference, i'm around the palest shade of Missha (13), maybe a little bit paler than it) and seems quite luminous.
The only thing that is bothering me before purchasing it is that online the YSL 005 and 010 seem to be paler than the 01 and i can't try it in stores since where i live they only carry the tan shades so idk which one to pick up.
Any anons that wear the shades, which one would you say is better for a ghost with neutral undertones?

No. 74456

Whoops, Lancome* not YSL kek

No. 74457

i have all the laduree blush because it's pretty and cool, but do any anons have the powder/foundation? i only use cc cushion and no real foundation so i'm worried, but i kind of want to complete my set once my cushion runs out.

No. 74490

File: 1517520969567.jpg (107.31 KB, 1490x1890, pp-wonderglow.jpg)

Has anyone used Charlotte Tilbury products, specifically her foundation, powder, brightening youth glow primer, and healthy glow primer? I have the wonderglow primer (the most amazing makeup product i've ever used), a lipstick, and a mascara and I'm obsessed. I honestly want everything but so $$$

No. 74580

In all honesty, is there any full coverage makeup out there that can create, even moderately, a "natural" effect in some way?
My nasolabial folds are really showing these days, as are pores from a skin treatment for eczema and it's fucking horrendous

I used to just have oily skin but now it's an oil factory with sprinkles of the Sahara desert which flakes.
Is there any hope for a foundation in my case? Help?

No. 74654

File: 1517880297278.jpeg (616.29 KB, 2048x2048, 389022BE-4837-4183-8A2D-ABB5FB…)

More boring shit from limecrime & Jeffree star. The similarities are uncanny

No. 74655

I like that cherry soda shade in the JS palette, but I don't think I could wear it. How does one even pull off red eye shadow?

No. 74658

By understanding how to apply eye shadow well mostly, and what shades suit you.

No. 74931

What's the best drugstore foundation you guys have used?

No. 74935

File: 1518300464319.jpeg (60.17 KB, 400x400, 27AC31FA-B693-4A70-B757-F8758A…)

Scandi pale hoe can vouch for this one.

No. 74939

Seconding this one. 150 matches my skin and wears better than any high end foundation I've ever tried, including NARS and MUFE.

No. 74958

Maybe start taking care of your skin instead of using foundation. It has helped a lot with me at least.

No. 74993

Thirding, this is what I use in conjunction with a pressed powder.

No. 75013

Thanks, guys! I'll look into it when I do groceries later this week.

No. 75118

Any cheap/drug store tips on stopping flakey skin?everytime I put on makeup my nose and mouth area are flakey even if I exfoliate.

No. 75120

no anon, it's actually very common. it's usually from weather conditions.

try neutrogena water gel. also a makeup primer is super super important for you.

No. 75258

File: 1519134223413.png (189.15 KB, 394x373, 3uvAOFX.png)

Could I get some advice on BB creams/light moisturizers?

My skin is getting better so I want to stop wearing heavy foundation. I don't get bad acne anymore, just like 3-5 small pimples that seem to be cause by hormones so no big deal. I want something light since it only has to cover a bit of redness.

However, my skin is dry on the cheeks but oily at the T zone and chin. Is there anything I should watch out for? Any recommended EU brands?

No. 75265

I really just want to wear bb cream on makeup days but it clogs my pores so fucking bad because the formula is so fine and gives me barcode wide ass headless spots. Primer in general seems to do the same, I never had this problem as bad when I just wore makeup over moisturiser. Has anyone else experienced these finer products like bb and primers giving you such acne? Is there a bb cream that avoids this? My skin handles heavy makeup extremely well but I just don't want to spend time doing it in the mornings.

No. 75266

Try korean brands. I really like Holika Holika Petit BBcream in Aqua and Clearing. Holipop in Matte is also good, not too dry in my opinion.

>clogs my pores
Cleanse your skin better, try double cleansing method. Or maybe your skin hates the primer and BBcream you are using. Tip avoid western bbcreams. They are mostly garbage.

No. 75269

Thanks, but a lot of these sites don't ship to my country or the shipping prices are higher than the product itself. That's why I asked for EU brands

No. 75273

nta but western BB/CC cream isn't formulated the same as asian ones. they are usually either more of a sumblock/primer or a full foundation without any of the moisturizing or essences that BB/CC creams usually have. on top of that they generally don't oxidize in the same way so the shade matters. your best bet is to probably try on locally tbh unless some other EU anon pops in…

No. 75277

Some people are not too fond of Avon but I love their Anew Vitale BBcream. It's light and feels sooo soft on skin. Doesn't clog me or cause breakouts. Of course the coverage is minimal but with my red spots it evens out my complexion just fine.
They have another one, from Nutra Effects line, which I use kinda like a foundation. Definitely needs a powder. Heavier but still ok.

No. 75303

I don't see the problem with using Western brands if you're ok with the ingredients not providing any skincare benefits. Most makeup doesn't. And the SPF in BB creams is not going to provide you with the advertised protection with a normal application - you'd have to literally cake yourself in it to get the advertised SPF rating - so if you've got a solid skincare routine including SPF then there's no reason not to use a western one.

I really like the it cosmetics cc cream myself, but the shade range is unfortunately trash. Great if you fit into it though.

No. 75309

I don't see the benefit of using a BBCream if there are no skin benefits. Might as well just use a normal sun blocker with foundation over it.

No. 75311

basically >>75309 bb and cc cream have no use unless you want the benefits, that's really the only reason to use it.

>less shades

>less coverage
>very shiny

they're not somehow magically better other than other light foundations. also you must have misread my post but i didn't say anything about bb/cc SPF i actually was talking about the western brands utilizing that. you sound like you don't know very much.

No. 75352

I have a problem with eyeshadows. I have very hooded eyes and I feel like during the day, my eyeshadow smudges together. It doesn't crease or anything - it just doesn't stay in its place. For example, if I put a different color in the inner corner of my eye, during the day or like 30min after finishing the makeup the color will have spread all over my lid. It's such a pain in the ass and I don't know what to do about it? My eyeshadows always look so messy.

I've been using the Urban Decay primer potion as my primer, and have always put some loose powder/light eyeshadow on top of it.

No. 75355

As an ex-professional makeup artist there’s not a lot you can do about it. Your eyelids are constantly creating oil, and hooded eyes suffer the worst (for obvious reasons). One tip I can give is don’t put foundation on your eyelids before the primer/shadow, but do blot your eyelids (tissue is fine but Rizla papers are also good). You can also try using post-shave balm as a primer, rather than specialised primer potions that are silicone-based (and better at filling lines than keeping things in place tbh). You won’t get rid of it for good though, unfortunately.

No. 75357

do you use eye tape that can help. do NOT listen to >>75355

>ex mua
>telling people to put after shave on their eyelids
>doesn't know what oil blotting paper is
>instead recommends rolling papers

i realize why you're an "ex mua"…

No. 75359

Some people like a light coverage dewy look. No need to be rude.

No. 75361

how am i being rude? i was just describing how it works. i use bb cream and it's fucking annoying when people think they know what it is. fuck off.

No. 75363

I’m not telling people to put aftershave on their fucking eyelids you retard. Post-shave balm is a light moisture cream which dries slightly tacky, aftershave is a scented liquid. Blotting papers can be really expensive, Rizlas you can get 5 packs for £1, and they’re practically the same thing. There are quite a few professional MUAs that use these tricks. What the fuck is eye tape going to do, stick the eyeshadow to her eyelid?

>yes eye tape on my tear duct is working wonderfully for the oil being produced by my eyelid

Yah don’t listen to me this anon’s got it sorted.

No. 75364

lol this is some spoony shit right here.

do you even know what eye tape is? the makeup won't be able to spread to the rest of her lids if they are taped because the crease increases the surface area and decreases the amount that the lid folds over onto the rest of it. do you even have hooded lids? you're embarrassing yourself.

also you can get a pack of actual blotting paper for $4.

No. 75367

I’m sat here trying to imagine what you’re saying and I actually can’t lmao. I can just imagine anon taping her eyebrows to her forehead kek
Eye tape is usually used to create creases in monolids so I literally don’t know what you’re talking about? I do have hooded eyes, as have clients I’ve worked on, and I’ve used my suggestions successfully. But sure anon, your knowledge of surface area is totally humiliating me because yours is the only advice anyone should listen to. Thanks for correcting me~

>1 pack for $4 (15 sheets)

>5 packs for £1 (250 sheets)
Have fun wasting your money on literal paper to wipe oil off your face…

No. 75368

File: 1519328060024.jpeg (215.2 KB, 640x396, F0D191A0-EB96-4F07-9531-6C4671…)

Samefag but I went away and Googled it, pic related. Firstly this is a droopy lid, not a hooded lid, and how would it stop makeup from moving from the inner corner anyway? The issue is clearly the oil production, not the overhanging lid.

No. 75370

File: 1519333295169.jpg (13.41 KB, 480x220, compare_2_large[1].jpg)

no, the issue is that the oil is getting MOVED AROUND MORE BY CONTACT WITH THE LID, it's not just magically floating around up the lid from the oil, if it moves over onto the lid then blinking is definitely going to move it more. i literally use eye tape myself to prevent this from happening. if her eyes are oily the oil isn't going to move upwards, it will just move down and smear.

asians with monolids use these, just because your pic related isn't doesn't mean that's what they're used for. pic related is my point. with the eye tape it creates more exposed eyelid which helps keep the makeup from touching other areas and would definitely keep it from creeping up the eye.

also only a moron would suggest blotting with products made for cigarettes and not eyes, you think those things are safe? kek.

No. 75371

I’m glad it works for you but I really fail to see how her tear duct is touching her upper eyelid and moving her makeup. Not unless she’s creating a rolling wave of oil on her lid. Hence my suggestion to create a tackier surface than she will with a silicone-based primer - the two will just slide on each other, and then her makeup will move no matter where it is on her eye.

They’re sheets of paper with a tiny bit of gum on anon. I’m not suggesting she stuffs them into her tear ducts and lights them. Stop reaching you drama queen.

No. 75374

NTA but don't call yourself a MUA and then suggest people use weird non-makeup shit on their eyes of all places. Rolling papers don't have 'gum' on them either, they're made of cheap porous material.

That anon is clearly saying that yes, the makeup is moving, but why would it move upwards since that's not how gravity works. You sound really defensive when your suggestions are pretty mediocre.

(OT but I am not going to any MUA if they're putting rolling papers made of who knows what on my eyes)

No. 75382

File: 1519374921123.jpeg (127.74 KB, 640x319, CED17F0F-0E68-4E13-AD3C-E39FBA…)

Lmao who are you, the Makeup Council? I’ll call myself a MUA because I am one. I worked for 2 major companies and did it for nearly 10 years. Rolling papers clearly do have a gum, otherwise they would just be a strip of paper?? (PR)

>moving upwards from tear duct to spread over upper lid

>obviously not possible because of the effects of gravity
I don’t know where I said my suggestions were super stellar, I just didn’t expect so many responses with factually incorrect personal attacks.

OT but don’t worry yourself hon because I wouldn’t do your makeup anyway. Hiding this thread now, so you guys can get on with sperging about putting paper on your eyelids in peace.

No. 75384

huh what I do now is wear a bit of astral cream with my sunscreen over. Then i use a bit concealer on my eyes and problem areas and i lightly powder my undereyes and nose. Very breathable for days when i'm on campus all day

No. 75385

they remind me of glossier…

No. 75386

Call it a light coverage foundation and not a BBCream if it has zero skin benefits, hunty.

No. 75387

File: 1519384177454.jpeg (24.53 KB, 275x271, AC942974-38ED-4B56-B7B9-7A9413…)

>”use rolling paper for blotting”
Good meme anon

No. 75388

most bb creams are just over glorified light sheer foundations with spf, I love some but let's be real I'm not going to pretend a bb cream is going to do some major skin improvements.
And yes im specifically talking about korean bb creams.

No. 75390

>hiding this thread
thank god.

No. 75403

no one's saying they're going to cure cystic acne, but they do have essence and stuff in them, especially the expensive ones, the one i currently have has whitening ingredients as well.

in any case western brands are literally just sunscreen mixed with foundation.

No. 75442

why does anyone need essence mixed into bb cream if you already have your daily essence? where is the whitening coming from? the finish and spf of the bb cream or what exactly?
vitamin c and AHAs already brighten the skin so I'm not the buying the whole marketing claim that a bb cream is going to actually going to improve skin at all. You can achieve the same results by following a good skincare regimin with your foundation of choice.

No. 75445

File: 1519525342066.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1557, 4A134EAF-B178-4D42-9888-4367AE…)

Does anyone have any advice for a noob trying to get into makeup? I want to follow tutorials but it’s all this drag makeup shit and forking over $200+ for stuff to put on your face and I really don’t know if i’m okay with making that kind of commitment.

No. 75447

all you need is foundation that matches your skin color (to help even out skin blotches, everyone has that problem), eyeliner (to underline and overline your eyes to make them stand out more, everyone always looks good with eyeliner), mascara (not required, but if you want long eyelashes) and some lipstick or lip gloss.

You don't need all that make-up crap. That lady looks like a drag queen, so not attractive at all.

No. 75462

I would start out with drugstore makeup

I can recommend you maybelline fitme or rewind concealer, then I would buy a brown or black eyeliner pencil (rimmel scandal eyes has a cool waterproof one). Then you might like a basic eyeshadow palette which should be easy to find. Buy a mascara of choice and a few drugstore brushes (like eco tools or real techniques).
That's all you need to start out I think. >>75447 is right, you don't need 2 layers of foundation and alot of contour

No. 75463

>foundation without setting it
>underlining eye always looks good
>no filling eyebrows
You're just asking her to end up looking like a greasy Margo impersonator, please don't give makeup advice anymore.

I recommend NYX and Milani and definetly go see sales from different websites.

What look are you going for? There's no point to give you only generic products.
Do you want to start using makeup on the daily, a heavy look, a very natural, a Scandinavian low maintenance makeup?

If you don't know, I say start with concealer, some powder, mascara, a liquid eyeliner and an eyebrow pen. For cheap but good brushes I'd use Real Techniques and Ecotools. Foundation is not something everyone likes or needs, for example my skin is very even toned and I prefer to just use small amounts of concealer if I have dark under eyes and just powder my whole face instead.

No. 75466

Not everyone needs to fill in their eyebrows and not everyone needs foundation (or concealer) so telling people what they need to buy is kinda pointless when we don't know anything about their face and skin.

No. 75470

yeah but >>75463 is right, the other anon's advice wasn't any good. You don't underline your eye with an eyeliner if you don't want to look like a trailer trash. Maybe OP anon has a good skin, but if she wants to use foundation, she gotta set it. And mostly everyone looks better with filled in eyebrows, even bushy brows are often uneven or have weird spots that beg for a pencil.
OP, >>75463 gave you solid advice, I recommend the makeup set she chose for you. Master the basics and from there you'll manage yourself. Have fun.

No. 75478


Buy some foundation that matches your skin color and type. Some powder to use with it.

Then you can buy a cheap palette. There are a lot of drugstore options. Mascara, eyeliner, lipsticks, contouring powder, blush. That can be all found on drugstore for relatively cheap price and good quality, if you research good things. Search for Youtube videos on cheap but good stuff. I'd start with foundation and powder because that's the base of your canvas.

No. 75482

>You don't underline your eye with an eyeliner
I was always under the impressions that you went from the outer corner to the center on the bottom. Have I been wrong this whole time?

No. 75486

No, makeup is just subjective. I would just stay away from black eyeliner while doing this for a day look, but brown can look very nice.

No. 75488

…in the ingredients. high-end bb creams have the same ingredients as essence and some have whitening…in the bb cream. why is everyone ITT so stupid? it's like ya'll too afraid to be labeled weebs or koreaboos you end up ignoring facts. lmao.

No. 75491

It’s better to use some brown eyeshadow for this.

No. 75498

brown eyeshadow or blend in pencil.

No. 75503

Thanks for the info. I always blend the pencil with a tiny brush. Is that okay? I'm not very good with makeup, so any advice to get better is appreciated.

No. 75522

>being this mad over being questioned about the validity of these skincare claims
Sorry anon but this is a multi million dollar Industry. All someone really needs is a good barrier cream, sunscreen, and a healthy diet

No. 75528

this is a makeup thread. leave.

No. 75529

No one is questioning the 'validity' of it, anon. I personally was asking what the effects were compared to standard regimen. But whatever, sunscreen and water-chan.

No. 75531

This, no one asked you.

No. 75550

why are there so many cunts ITT? we get it you think makeup is a scam, so isn't sunscreen. no one is tryin to get 'woke' we just want to know what lipgloss to buy. gtfo and take your shitty rolling papers with you.

No. 75551

Exactly because this is a makeup thread we can talk about baseless claims a lot of products do.

No. 75576

right,screeching "JUST WEAR SUNSCREEN" isn't going to help me learn what will and won't break my face out.

No. 75607

the post was about bb creams if you scroll up, I don't see why it's any better than foundation like some koreaboos claim is all

No. 75608

it helps to cross check ingredients you react to the most but in my experience i've reacted badly to some bb creams versus some foundations and vice versa. For me silicone for example makes me breakout so I avoid it in anything I put in my face.

No. 75609

no1curr. if you don't know what you're talking about, sit down. no one wants to hear you reeee about sunscreen. why stop there? why not tell people to just wear hats?

No. 75628

nobody was reeing about sunscreen, it was about how bb cream isn't necessarily superior to foundation.
sorry you had a bad day

No. 75632

None of my eyelid is visible and my eyes are deepset so drawing up to my browbone never looks good. Anybody else have this? I’ve tried experimenting with eyeshadow but it’s just useless since you can’t see them. I’ve been debating trashing all my eyeshadow for a year.

No. 75635

nta but no there were people doing just that.

No. 75637

if you read up for the full context no it just wasn't about sunscreen it was really about foundations

No. 75986

Yes! I have this issue!!! I came here looking for some advice too. I still love to do eyeshadow, and just take photos with “tired” eyes so people can see it kek, but I just end up looking high. Lately I’ve stopped wearing eyeliner cause I find you can see the shadow a little more since the liner usually covers that tiny sliver that can be seen….
However, because my eyelids are pretty much non existent they’re also very oily?? They’re dry also so it’s driving me nuts. My shadow primer dries them out and the oil makes the primer useless, but without primer the shadow is gone in like an hour. Wtf do I do to get healthy eyelids that eyeshadow will stick to lol

No. 76048

File: 1520469853187.jpg (77.49 KB, 620x1016, 1bd3008e3d12540ee396a4d58ccbed…)

Use eyeshadow right near your lashes and blend outwards in an almost horizontal way before blending upwards towards your brow. Blending outwards gives you a little more visible space to work with because you can move off of your lid in a natural way; you'll be working on outside edge of your eye socket, basically.

Normal rules apply: lighter eyeshadow colours near your inner corner and darker eyeshadow colours near your outer corner.

Mirror what you've done on your top lid beneath your lower eyelashes, but on a smaller scale. This sort of tricks people into thinking they can see the colours on your top lid because they match what they can see beaneath your eye with the glimpses of the top of your eye, is that makes sense.

Pic related is kind of what I mean. In the picture she's used a couple of brown shades but you can do it with whatever shades you have available and it'll have the same effect.

You might need to switch primers just to see if it's the product.

If it's not the product, prep your eyes with a makeup wipe (fragrance and alcohol free) and then apply a moisturising gel meant for oily skin in lieu of a primer. Gel is more mattifying than lotion or cream. Apply the gel all over your eyelid, right up to the brow, and dab a little underneath your eye too.

I've used 100% aloe vera gel on oily lids before and you do have to get used to using it but it is pretty effective.

No. 76130

File: 1520763175545.jpeg (423.93 KB, 1211x1442, 06A6B8BD-8BAA-4B9C-B790-9D7236…)

This girl has so much more visible eyelid than me. My eyes sort of look like this except more deepset. I have an epicanthic fold so inner corner isn’t even visible.

I put retina all over my eyes because I was starting to get wrinkles under my eyes and it dried the hell out of my eyelids. Before I had super greasy lids too.

I can’t imagine skipping eyeliner though it’s my number one makeup.

No. 76147

Any farmers here have lash extensions? I have mild trich that's mostly triggered by wearing mascara as I have the urge to pick it off, which is obviously not good for my lashes. I don't do this when I'm not wearing mascara, and even though I have long and thick natural lashes I hate the idea of doing makeup without mascara or some kind or something like that, it doesn't look right. I've heard conflicting accounts about lash extensions being bad for your lashes, anyone have experience?

No. 76150

I've had lashes once, very convenient if you like natural eye makeup, but if you usually do it heavier, you'll have a problem. That's why I took mine off, I just missed eye makeup. Removing makeup, remover itself, or even oils from eyeliner etc can trigger lashes to fall out quickly, so here's that.
My natural lashes were a bit weaker than usual, but in a month or two they were back to normal. It's hair like any other, it will fall out and grow again, so you don't have to worry too much. I know people who stopped wearing extensions after a year of nonstop refilling them and they're okay. Some even say it's good because you don't put makeup on your lashes and they can regenerate from daily mascara, but I wouldn't go this far.

I wouldn't recommend them for someone with trich because extensions are oddly satisfying to pull out. My friend doesn't pull her natural lashes but when she had extensions, she pulled them all out in like 2 weeks.

No. 76157

Suggestions for a high coverage concealer for a pale ghost? The ones I've tried always look orange on me.

No. 76173

Why would you jump straight to extensions instead of just getting your lashes tinted and/or permed? The extensions I've seen look fake and excessive but if your lashes are naturally long and thick just getting it tinted will look great.

No. 76175

I have really pale skin as well and the Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Chantilly works wonders for me

No. 76223

Powder: Nyx #nofilter finishing powder, Nyx high definition finishing powder or Innisfree no sebum mineral pact? I've been tempted to buy the Innisfree one, it seems to have so many good reviews

No. 76237

Tarte shape tape, I use fair

No. 76404

File: 1521229133526.jpg (309.46 KB, 680x716, 195-tumblro3m41sppyf1v10q19o15…)

Not really about makeup but i had no idea about there else to post this…

Many people say that keeping your eyebrows a bit bushier will make you look younger and helps your eyes look bigger. Yet i often feel like it's the opposite…? That girl has rather thin brows yet her eyes look nice…?

No. 76405

File: 1521229169914.jpg (270.47 KB, 1000x1000, tumblr_oz4qdryOqB1ws0u4to1_128…)

Her's are even thinner

No. 76407

These girls are extremely attractive young models, of course they look pretty and youthful even with thin eyebrows.

Kids do have thicker and flatter brows so they're a pretty safe bet. Thin and arched eyebrows might suit some better, it's just more of a risk.

No. 76418

I have naturally bushy brows and I do not look younger with them. As a kid they made me look extremely ugly and boyish.
One size does not fit all, try it out with a brow pencil and some stencils and see what works better. I'm getting tired of the brow craze and people insisting that thicker brows are always better.

No. 76419

I'm not a fan of body hair in general so thick brows is Not Somethin' I Like, but the trend continues…
Large brows distract from other features in the face, if you have delicate features I don't believe it is an improvement. But obviously I'm biased as above

No. 76421

File: 1521240981729.jpg (95.31 KB, 1200x630, 4592.jpg)

If you compare the former 2 with this one, don't her eyes look somewhat narrower in contrast with her thick brows…? like some girls seem to have bigger brows than eyes

No. 76422

makes her look older too. just because fat, overfilled in chola brows are the in thing this decade, doesn't mean they look good or will be the in thing in the future. people are going to look back on their block sharpie brows in pictures and memory and be embarrassed the same way women today are embarrassed of their old 80s hair styles. even in your pic where they look natural and not instagram filled in, they're a bit too bold and masculine. just reminds me of extra testosterone.

No. 76424

I have seen women with bushy thick brows who looked good and feminine and who don't suit thin eyebrows but I have also seen others who look awful with them. I think at the end of the day it depends on your face and how you look. Just because something is trendy and looks alright on some people doesn't mean it's going to compliment everyone. Doing something simply because it's a trend and not because it looks good on you is dumb.

No. 76425

I think thicker brows look good if you have more round and cute features ala Lily Collins because it gives you a youthful look but someone like Angelina Jolie who has strong womanly features will look elegant and beautiful with thinner brows IMO.

This girl >>76421 would look way nicer with thin brows.

No. 76426

File: 1521367537101.jpg (802.64 KB, 850x1276, edb893394ba217d1d77d584a62889d…)

I'd like to achieve this look; can anybody tell what types of products she's wearing?

No. 76427

If you're asking about the top, I guess it's some version of a dirndl.

No. 76428

Ah sorry, i know that, i meant her makeup

No. 76430

She's wearing a full face of makeup, full coverage foundation, a peachy blush, brown/taupe eyeshadow, mascara, an a dusty cedar lipstick.

I actuly think the colors aren't amazing on her, the makeup is kinda muddy looking IMO.

No. 76433

Oh, i thought it looked rather natural..?
But thanks

No. 76434

For the skin it depends on how good your skin is but you have to create an even base and from the picture it looks like she set her face makeup with powder. If you have even clear skin you could just use a very light coverage foundation and if you have blemished uneven skin maybe a medium coverage and concealer. Her eyebrows seem lightly filled in and brushed upwards. The eyeshadow is a brown shade applied all over the lid but mainly concentrated in the outer corner and slightly extended outwards and she has some of that brown shade on the lower lashline. She has a peachy blush on the apples of her cheeks and a muted pink balmy lipstick.

No. 76437

File: 1521375480554.png (161.55 KB, 373x488, Garnier-96-Naturals-Green-Tea-…)

Anons with oily skin, I recently started using the garnier micellar water for combo to oily skin as well as the micellar face wash, a face foam and toner, all the same line pic related. My skin stays matte all day without being dry and it's my first time in months waking up with no new acne.

No. 76438

I'm legit surprised to see so much of Garnier on this thread, I don't know about america but it's a cheap product in my country and I always thought it was a shit one too. I should get on it.

No. 76439

File: 1521376519869.png (184.96 KB, 372x488, prod-P11130-big.png)

In mine as well; my friend had the one for normal skin and she warned me about it since it made her break out like hell.
Some time later i still got it (the pink one for sensitive skin) and it worked really well for he first few weeks/months. Then suddenly i started getting all these little pimples all over my face, it was itchy like hell and when i stopped using it my skin went back to normal.
But maybe they have different formulas in different countries?

No. 76447

Thanks for the suggestion, I didn't know this product. So it's even cleared up your acne? Will try it.

In the skincare thread these products have been talked about the other day. Personally the combo micellar water (the green one) has been working great on me

No. 76541

yeah, the other types of this water and face wash all fuck with my face, for a long time maybe almost a year I would wake up every day with MINIMUM 2 massive under the skin lumpy ass spots, usually more. These cleared it up and all the little bumps around my jaw and cheeks too. My acne was concentrated on my chin and uh, eyebrows, funnily enough. So I hope this can possibly help you too!

No. 76905

About Garnier micellar water, some of it has potencially cancer-causing polyaminopropyl biguanide that is banned from skincare products. https://kemi.taenk.dk/bliv-groennere/banned-and-potentially-cancer-causing-substance-still-found-personal-care-products here's a full list of cosmetics with it.
Some say it's only dangerous if swallowed. I'm no chemist.
Badescu's stuff is pretty controversial, too

No. 76908

I don't know if you will see this anon but the best thing for nasolabial folds is filler, not much else will help.

No. 77256

Where do you buy your brushes? I was looking for cheap ones on Amazon but I'm not sure about the quality and it's the type of products that arrives 1 month after ordering it so I'm hesitating between buying online (cheaper) or buying in a store directly (more expensive but more convenient). I need brushes for liquid foundation, setting powder, blush and highlighter. I'm not sure if it's worth buying several brushes for eyeshadow, since I have the one that comes with the Naked 2 palette and another one as well.

No. 77273

Honestly, my favorite eyeshadow brushes came from Aliexpress. It was only a few dollars for a pack of five or six and they're so soft and work just as well as any brush I've gotten from Ulta or Sephora.

If you don't want to gamble on brushes from China, Elf has a wide variety of brushes for dirt cheap. I use their angled blush brush every day and I love it. Elf can be hit or miss though… most of my brushes from them are fine, but the metal part of my C brush got loose somehow and now it wiggles around whenever I try to apply eyeshadow, which really annoys me.

Real Techniques is more expensive but great quality too, and their sponges are great if you use those. I've also heard good things about the Wet n Wild brushes but I haven't tried them out myself.

No. 77283

Ntayrt but do you have a link for those aliexpress brushes?

No. 77308

Yup, it was this set:

It was actually seven brushes but I tossed the strange tiny brush with like three hairs in it because it seemed completely useless lol. But the other six are great!

No. 77338

Any concealer recommendations? Use it around my nose and most just go dry and horrible, anyone tried the urban decay or smashbox ones?

No. 77340

Has anyone tried the Holika Holika Pore Clearing Petit BB Cream?

No. 77342

i have. i liked it but i was really bummed about the color. i can usually work with korean bb cream tones but it runs a bit more orange than many others.

No. 77343

Orange? I see… I should avoid it then. What are you using right now?

No. 77346


I’ve used the UD naked skin and I had no complaints! Also recommend MAC pro longwear concealer and Tarte shape tape.

No. 77348

File: 1522258960176.jpg (99.75 KB, 400x390, 99422-Makeup-Brushes-Organized…)

I would love to buy some decent but not super expensive make up brushes.

Are there any sets that are affordable for somebody that loves to use make up on a daily basis? Any tips?

No. 77358

What skin type do you have if you don’t mind me asking? Might go have a look at it tomorrow

No. 77373

Combo, bit oily there bit dry there. I live in a really cold country too so it depends on the season.

No. 77392

If you can afford UD Skin, I'd actually recommend getting Tarte Shape Tape instead, the formula isn't as tacky or drying, so its much easier to blend & get a more natural look imo.

No. 78051

File: 1522968268493.jpeg (680.05 KB, 2048x2048, 5A9C6C5C-FF5D-4F40-A7CC-6CA55D…)

Anyone know a good dark orange/brownish lip gloss, kinda like pic related?

No. 78075

File: 1522973894640.jpg (96.72 KB, 960x960, i79y2ouOqhe92JZEYHHs.jpg)


Not sure if this counts because they are not glossy (they are more matte-ish), but Peripera's Airy Velvet f/w collection has some similar colors.

No. 78781

File: 1523397966204.jpg (97.67 KB, 456x810, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)

I have a problem with makeup, I have no problem with putting on lipstick or foundation (my skin's pretty clear) but I have these horrible eyes that refuse to have makeup on them, I put eyeshadow they just becomes invisible. Or I put on a cat eye and it smears everywhere… I've tried to find a youtube tutorial but nobody really fit the bill of my eye shape. So can anyone give any pointers?

(also the photo is related because this girls eyes are very similar to mine)

No. 78782

it's called hooded eyes

No. 78785

Try using Kat Von D's tattoo liner, so far it's the only liner that doesn't smudge for me. When you wear eyeshadow, do you wear a primer? Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion helps my shadows to stay for a long time

No. 78795

File: 1523409217933.jpg (18.46 KB, 480x267, a1Q7ZyWXm_480w_v1.jpg)

i have that too but not quite as severe. i do a really thin line of KVD tattoo liner so it doesn't look like i just have black all over the lid, and put the majority of my eyeshadow on my outer browbone, like most of the examples in pic related. i just do a solid light color on the lid because i've accepted no one's going to see some fancy ombre shit.

No. 78808

Most of those look the same wth

No. 78811

so i have this problem lately where my foundation is settling into fine lines in my skin and when i go over with transluscent powder it makes the texture look really scaly and bad.

i exfoliate once a week, i maintain a skin care regime to keep my skin hydrated, i use a mattifying primer by NYX, but it doesn't improve the texture of my skin after applying foundation. I use the NYX total control drop foundation right now.

any recommendations for a foundation or primer that can target this kind of problem?

No. 78817

Get your eyes checked, you're blind

No. 78849

Those eyes are very nice. You should try her type of eye makeup, and/or watch tutorials for hooded eye makeup

No. 78974

Any recommendations for an inexpensive, round foundation brush?

No. 78981

What do you use to apply your foundation anon? I have the same foundation and normal/oily combo skin and have never had this problem (but use setting spray instead of powder)
Maybe try a different foundation brush or application method and a different primer.

No. 79023

i use a beauty blender, i think this is the problem. i'm going to try using a round brush instead. for a year i had a problem with cystic acne from over-exfoliating so there is a bit of scarring on my cheeks, which is where the scaly texture appears the most. i hate it and it sucks, but thankfully my skin has healed a lot since then.

No. 79028


I just got a new bare minerals foundation and as much as I love how it looks on me, it comes off rather easily. I would use a powder but I already have dry skin and this typically gives me the "cake-face" look even when I moisturize and prime my skin. Would a setting or translucent powder still give me the same effect,or should I just avoid touching my face?


No. 79050

with translucent powder less is more, it sounds like light application with a brush instead of a cushion and maybe a setting spray could work for you

No. 79068

Has anybody tried those magnetic lashes? I’ve been eyeing up the Ardell ones after some seriously botched lash extensions but reviews seem quite mixed

No. 79072

I'm thinking of trying the It Cosmetics CC cream, but I'm struggling with a shade. I don't live in a place where I can easily test.

I have worn in the pase:

Nars Sheer Glow in Santa Fe
MUFE Ultra HD in Y225
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in 3 (beige)

Now because of this I don't know whether light would be a good match, because I'm neutral leaning yellow undertones and I've heard it's quite pink.

Any of you ladies tried it out?

No. 79080

File: 1523625426895.jpeg (26.99 KB, 500x500, D2307AE8-1F85-45AE-AD59-B2CB3F…)

If anyone needs recs for a good affordable powder this shit makes my face look soft as fuck

No. 79104

Thanks for the rec. Also Innisfree No sebum mineral powder is a good and affordable one too

No. 79135

I have seen reviews on those because lash glue fucks up my eyes and honestly they look awful. It is like they never actually stick to the root of the lashes and just… hang on there.

No. 79139

Can you tell us more about it? Does it make your skin feel soft too? What does it smell like?

No. 79153

> Innisfree No sebum

This looks neat, thanks!

Could you please explain to a makeup noob what a mineral powder is and what the pros and cons are over the regular one? I know I could Google it but everything seems to be shilled these days. I'd like to know your personal opinion and as to why you prefer it on your skin.

also, what are some good starter makeup tutorials for really pale skin? I'm going to start applying for job interviews so I want to look decent but without any heavy makeup. I'm sorry for asking too many questions, but makeup seems like rocket science and makeup tutorials on youtube haven't been helpful so far.

No. 79278

I feel you anon. I have oily skin and a propensity to seborrhoiec dermatitis flares.

I use the biore UV milk sunscreen as it dries to a matte finish with a velvety "slip" texture, it's a sunscreen and primer in one. The other thing is to use blotting powder instead of powder for touch-ups - removes oil and doesn't add more product that will inevitably settle into lines. Another trick is using tiny amounts of eyeshadow primer in the areas that foundation sticks to, it's designed to seal powders so holds it quite well.
just make sure you blend it properly

No. 79281

yeah, this problem occurs when i'm blending the foundation and buffing it into the skin. :( it doesn't happen all of the time and is only visible in sun light, but i don't wanna look dry and cakey in any lighting. i tried using a foundation brush by elf today and it didn't give me the result i was looking for, but i'm going to try again tomorrow when my skin is still the slightest bit glossy from the product i use to moisturize. i think my skin might have been just a bit too dry upon application today, and caused the brush to tug at it in a bad way.

No. 79316

Ayrt, I'm back. This is the one I'm using (because the brand has another powder and the package looks very similar but I don't know if it's the same product), it's loose powder. You can put it to set your foundation, or even before (there's the Goss method, video related, apparently putting powder after moisturizer and before foundation helps the makeup set better). Pat and press with the cushion to set the powder into your skin, if you have oily/combo skin it will help you a lot. This Innisfree powder lasts many hours on me, and smells good too!
I also happen to have pale skin, after years of trial and error with many western brands I've recently bought my first Korean foundation to see if it's true that they're "really pale". I have the Missha M magic cushion but I have to try it yet so I'll make an update later if you want. I'd also tell you to avoid Mac foundations, they're expensive and thick as fuck, they even broke me out a lot and I've seen this is a common issue with that brand.
I'm a beginner too with makeup, I'm learning thanks to these youtubers, which are actual extremely skilled makeup artists:
-Wayne Goss (his videos are around 5 minutes and straight to the point, he hates the instagram makeup and prefers more natural looks)
-Charlotte Tilbury (for more complex makeup looks, her looks tend to be more glam but not instahoe-tier either)
-Lisa Eldridge (for basics, she's very good at explaining and her acne coverage video has helped me a lot)
Hope this helps!

No. 79317

File: 1523802835911.jpg (34.23 KB, 649x381, No-Sebum-Mineral-Powder-2.jpg)

>this is the one I'm using
Samefag, I forgot the pic

No. 79320

I second this powder, it's great. Though one tip would be to switch out the puff with a kabuki or similar brush, it doesn't get gunky with greasy sunscreen or retain as much bacteria that could make you break out.

No. 79347

Sorry for late response anon! It makes my skin feel soft aswell and even offers some coverage. I use it to see my face and other powders tend to make me look really dry, especially around the eyes. It has no noticeable smell

No. 79453

File: 1523981780983.jpg (41.54 KB, 700x700, pf10723_1.jpg)

anybody have a favorite (affordable) highlighter they can recommend that isn't glittery at all? I'm looking for something for very fair skin. I bought pic related and the color is gorgeous/the texture is nice in that it's sort of a powder that feels like a cream but there's so much fucking glitter.

I really want something that's more glossy/sheen-y rather than glittery. Preferably something that's pretty subtle.

No. 79480

Thank you so much for all this info! I've been watching Wayne Goss's videos and I absolutely love his approach to less is more and I wish I had the skills to create that flawless natural look.

Tbh I'm still slightly overwhelmed by the number of things I need to learn, though once again, thanks.

I've been collecting notes that might come in handy and the innisfree no sebum has been popping a lot in my research so I already ordered it. I'm looking for a maintainable makeup routine that is really light and easyish to do, and the channels you listed seem to be super helpful. I hope I don't make myself look like a clown after I get started.

No. 79484

I absolutely adore the ELF baked highlighter and it's only three or four dollars! I use the shade Moonlight Pearls and it looks wonderful on my very fair neutral toned skin. They also have a pinker shade and a yellower shade.
It's a really subtle but pretty glow, I hate the super "wet" looking highlighters and I wear a more natural everyday look so the ELF one is perfect. You can build it up for a more dramatic look too.

If you do get it, remember to scrape the top layer off with a knife or something. For whatever reason there's some hard layer on top and if you don't scrape it off the product barely shows up. But once you scratch off that first layer, it's perfect.

No. 79552

Don't worry, practice makes perfect! I'm kind of a noob too, and since I've started watching those videos my application has improved a lot. Now I only put on concealer, cushion BB cream, brow pencil, blush, mascara and tinted lipbalm, but soon I'm gonna work on eyeliner, highlighter, eyeshadow and contouring. It's small steps. Good luck anon <3

No. 79782

File: 1524247128471.jpg (13.5 KB, 320x320, 20482101_493543554354752_63212…)

Does anyone know what lip color this girl is constantly wearing? I've been wondering for months. WiIl drop more pics in different lighting etc.

No. 79783

File: 1524247142354.jpg (13.59 KB, 320x320, 17077345_199108240573352_44559…)

No. 79784

File: 1524247158727.jpg (53.52 KB, 735x922, 0a8ae6b2fa16b44505a9035c56d906…)

No. 79785

File: 1524247296537.png (1.72 MB, 1198x1200, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 8.29…)

No. 79786

she looks ridiculous, maybe a kylie jenner lipkit. she seems the type

No. 79788

Her lip injection are hideous

It kinda looks like Revlon Rosewine in the sun. But it's probably something way more expensive lmao.

No. 82291

Does anyone know what eye shadow lame is wearing?

No. 82292

File: 1525997751084.png (506.09 KB, 1440x1084, 1525995121645.png)

No. 82618

I'm from a country that's already known for or generally has more masculine features, even on girls.
Yet, living here I still stand out for looking even more manly than other women (+plus I'm super tall), so what should I do?
I've been asked by kids whether I'm a guy or a girl, when my long hair wasn't visible.

Seeing other anons calling some cow tranny-ish that looks completely normal imo and then looking at myself sometimes makes me wanna cry…
Any tips?

No. 82619

correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't this from the toofaced chocolate gold video?

No. 83610

File: 1527452787419.jpg (70.82 KB, 500x635, 0d1c097e7fecbf9622f81b979be553…)

Has anyone else had serious skin problems with Kat Von D's makeup? She's the only brand I've tried that actually makes a powder concealer that fits my skin tone and actually provides the coverage I need, but man, I break out whenever I use her stuff! and the packaging is so cheap, both her liquid foundation bottle and her studded lipsticks have fallen apart on me. I wear a cool neutral because although I have yellow undertones I do a goth look so the cool undertones in her face makeup helps me immensely with my full-faced makeup looks. If anyone has any recommendations, or maybe had the same problem and found another brand that had comparable colors but without whatever weird ingredients she uses to make it so…troublesome for the skin, let me know. Im kind of interested in Fenti, since they offer so many diff skin colors.

No. 84012

Have you tried Urban decay at all? From what's I've heard the All Nighter foundation is similar enough tot eh KVD I just don't know if it comes light enough, since Albinos have been known to be able to use Fenty. Try heading into sephora and doing a swatch test of both to see if either make you react at all.

Honestly without knowing what your face looks like it's hard to say. Make up is about emphasizing what you like about your face and hiding imperfections. Figuring out that stuff is sometimes half the battle and you might not really know what you like without experimenting. Like… I can't do a halo eye because my eyes are too close set. It sucks, but my features just don't allow for it and I know this because I tried it once.

No. 84865

What does you daily routine looks like and what product do you use?
I'm broke so I use mostly drugstore makeup.


Nyx Angel veil primer (I think it's just as good as some luxury brand primer)
Bourjois Healthy mix serum (foundation)
Bourjois Healthy mix concealer


I have a very round face and no cheekbones so I don't contour, I only highlight a little, blush gives me enough definition imo.

Nars Orgasm + L'oreal Accord Parfait Blush in pêche.

The balm mary lou manizer. (highlight)


Most days I only wear mascara and a bit of liner on the outer corner of my eyes.

Maybelline total temptation is my absolute favorite mascara, it makes my lashes look super fluffy and long and it smells delicious.

Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner in brown or purple.


I have a ton lipsticks and lipliners.

Most days I either wear
Nyx slim lip pencil in the shade ever with Revlon Rosewine
Nyx slim lip pencil in plush red with Revlon love is on or Yves Rocher rouge gourmand.

No. 84913

Lately I've been going completely bare faced or just wearing mascara, concealer under my eyes, eyebrow gel and lip tint over a balm. I feel kind of exposed when I'm wearing a full face. I enjoy the process of putting it on and I do like how it looks on me but I always feel more visible with it on in public and I don't like that.


Primer :Nyx Angel Veil, Benefit Porefessional or a mix of the two on different parts of the face
Color correction: Urban Decay pink color correcter under eyes
Foundation: I've been skipping foundation lately because I'm finally kind of happy with my skin but I like Lancome teint idole or Rimmel Match perfection.
Concealer: Two shades of Urban Decay naked skin, one for under eye highlight and one for spot correcting.
Powder: Set undereyes with Catrice loose powder. Occasionally I'll let it bake, usually I just set it normally. Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder on the rest of the face.

Tools: A dampened regular sized ecotools sponge if I'm doing foundation, a mini one for under my eyes and a real techniques bold metals powder brush


Blush: I have a billion different ones but I reach for Benefit Dandelion most often.
Contour: Nyx Taupe or Catrice Prime and Fine in Ashy Radiance
Highlight: The balm Mary Lou Manizer or something from the original makeup Revolution Highlighter palette. There's a gold in it that works on my relativity pale skin which is nice.

Tools: RT bold metals blush brush, elf blush brush for contour, RT setting brush for highlight


Primer: Catrice prime and fine eyeshadow base
Shadow: I skip eyeshadow a lot because my eyes are a weird shape and getting makeup to look decent on them is a struggle. I do a lot of warm toned smokey eyes or very basic two shadow looks. At the moment I'm using the Makeup Revolution Iconic Division palette (abh subculture dupe) and their 1 Million pallete that I got as a freebie.
Liner: Usually Clio eyeliner pen. I have a bunch of colorful Essence pencil liners I like to play with too. There's a gold one I really love.
Mascara: Essence Lash Princess in the pink tube. Wasn't crazy about the green one. I got a mini Benfit Bad Gal Bang free with a magazine yesterday and I really liked the original so I'm hoping I'll like this one too.
Brow Pencil: Nyx microbrow
Brow highlight: A smidge of WnW brow highlight

I haven't figured fake lashes out yet but they can look really nice when done properly and I have pretty small eyes so I want to learn.

Tools: a mix of RT, wet n wild, elf and ecotools brushes


I think liquid lipstick/ overly lined lips kind of age me so I've been avoiding them lately. I really like lip crayons and tints, or even a regular bullet lipstick applied more like a tint. Currently in roatation are a lancome matte tint, some peripera ink velvets, a clinique chubby stick and a few essence matt matt matt bullets.

Once I'm done I set everything with one of the nyx setting sprays

No. 85505

File: 1529176956629.jpg (131.39 KB, 1024x866, Physicians-Formula-Nude-Wear-S…)

their highlight brick is great, not glittery, just high shine

No. 85527

Does anyone have any good non drying liquid matte lipsticks to recommend? I love wearing a nudey beige pink

No. 85531

How matte are you looking for anon? I really like the ABH Liquid Lips with Chapstick Total Hydration balm underneath. Has to be that kind of chapstick though, other balms don't work. That combo has always worked super well to keep the color but keeps my lips hydrated. I wouldn't say it's 100% matte, but not glossy either.

No. 85532

I tend to stick to natural makeup with maybe a wing every once in awhile, and I hate foundation. So my routine looks like:


Loreal Baby Face primer
For eyebrows I use Nyx Micro Brow Pencil in Black.
NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Cannelle or Tarte Tape Shape in fair neutral on days that my undereyes are really dark.
Set the concealer with the Tarte setting powder I got in my Ipsy bag recently — I'd love some setting powder recs, ladies! I'm running out of my big one from It Cosmetics and my boyfriend is taking me to Ulta for my birthday this week.
Ulta blush in Princess.
I've been using this highlight I got in Ipsy bag this month but for the life of me I can't remember what it's called — it's a good dupe for Champagne Pop, though.
To contour I use Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in either Deep or Sunkissed depending on the day or how tan I am.


I have almond-shaped, slightly hooded, dark chocolate brown eyes. Since I like a natural look, I go for:
Urban Decay eyeshadow primer in Eden.
"Raw Sienna" from the Modern Renaissance palette in my crease.
"Golden Ochre" from the same palette all over my lid.
Nyx Epic Ink Liner in black winged out modestly — I can't do thick Lana Del Rey wings with the eye type I've got.
I use Elf's eyelash curler.
Loreal Lash Paradise mascara in black.


Lipstick is one of my favorite parts of makeup. I recently ran out of my all-time favorite everyday lipstick, Lime Crime's Riot. I've been using Wet & Wild's Give Me Mocha in place of it since it's a decent dupe for a quarter the price.
If I want a red lip that day, Sarafine by ABH has been my favorite for years.
I'm not a big fan of lip liner, though I understand why people love and swear by it.

No. 85533

File: 1529208382545.jpg (82.79 KB, 640x640, best-ideas-for-makeup-tutorial…)

I like the matteness of two face's liquid matte lipstick. Thanks for your suggestion, I'll try it out. Do you ever need to reapply the lip balm or does it stay on until you remove your makeup?

No. 85541

It doesn't have all day staying power but it lasts for quite awhile. Tbh I just really like the feeling of applying lip products so I inherently just do it a lot. But when I don't the chapstick helps the liquid lip from flaking off and keeps the color a lot more even imo

No. 85562

Thanks anon!

No. 85605

does anyone have good mascara that doesn't clump immediately?? every mascara i buy is shit and makes my eyelashes stick together in certain places. i just want a good quality mascara for a decent price

No. 85608

File: 1529295468892.jpg (4.86 KB, 157x105, img-04710000.jpg)

Recommendations for a sheer black/grey/blusih/brownish lipgloss?
I'm aiming for a kind of 90s thing but can't find good pictures to demonstrate.

No. 85633

File: 1529327965854.jpg (37.1 KB, 391x524, lips.jpg)

Here's another pic similar to what I want, but not so shimmery/metallic

No. 85645

File: 1529331222559.png (588.15 KB, 1080x1239, C88A53D4-35C4-4BBC-AC15-66C115…)

The Mac lipglass collection might have what you’re looking for

No. 85646

File: 1529331375698.jpeg (85.06 KB, 900x600, A077E15E-9755-46D6-A2E1-FE4FB9…)

Also Fenty does a “Gloss Bomb”

No. 85655

it’s really nice but tends to look different on every skintone, it looks more peach than brown on me (pale skin) so i would look at pics of people w a similar skintone to you wearing it!

No. 85668

Check out Urban Decay's new Hi Fi lipglosses!

No. 85691

File: 1529397168824.jpg (100.83 KB, 1000x1000, 604214916463_naked2.jpg)

I have the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette and I don't know how to use it. I don't think the colors even suit my skin tone and I should have bought the Naked 3 palette, but that aside. I feel like I'm not good at applying it because sometimes the colors don't show up all that much on my lids or I make a mess because of how I use the brush that comes with the palette. I'm not sure how to explain this. If anyone has advice like which colors goes well together or whatever I'll take it.

No. 85705

File: 1529420495834.png (2.09 MB, 1200x1080, A7812C22-2191-440B-8940-90C99D…)

Has anyone tried the new Matte-tallics from TF? I wanna try but not sure if it’s worth it. The rose gold packaging is gorgeous and I think ‘Sugar Kisses’ is really pretty (plus one of the cutest shade names ever lol) but I’m scared I’ll look like one of those gross drag-makeup, metallic everything instathots. I just want a cute pale pink for everyday wear so I hope it looks more glittery than metallic-y because it kinda looks like that in pics.

I have to pull a few strings to get stuff shipped to here from the US and shipping is insane so I need to be strategic about when and what I get from there lol

No. 85719

File: 1529435999532.jpg (4.78 KB, 355x355, 415l5pSq49L._SY355_.jpg)

If you google 'Naked 2 Palette looks' you can find a good number of different color combos. The brush that comes with the palette is really only good for packing on color, not dispersing it. It's also really hard to create looks with only one brush. You should get a blending brush.

No. 85720

Do you use a primer on your eyes to help with the colors? I’ve noticed a big difference when I apply eyeshadow. If I really want the colors to show and pop I have to use a primer. Makes application a lot easier too.

No. 85722

I don't have a brush like that so I'll look into it. Thanks.

I don't use primer, I've seen that using concealer instead of a primer of eyeshdaow can do the trick so I've always done that and it works better with concealer than with nothing at all. It's a Becca concealer btw, I don't know if this is a good one or if I should get something better once I finish this one.

No. 85726

I use Naked 3 but my go-to look is applying a light color over the entire lid, blending a little bit of a dark shade into my crease to give my eyes more depth, and then using a bit of highlighter under my brows to make them pop.

No. 85734

I tried something like that several time with the brush that comes with the palette and I always make a mess with the darker color. I'll definitely try with other brushes just in case.

No. 85735

use a thin brush to outline your crease and then use a fluffier blush to blend it out! the brush that comes with the palette isnt great tbh

No. 85840

Can anyone recommend a concealer/primer combo for pale skin that doesn't feel cakey? I want to cut my routine down a few steps, but I have hella acne scarring so I have to burn through concealer and I'd rather just have a 2 in 1 if I can.

No. 85920

Thia is a stupid question but is it concealer or foundation thats supposed to be lighter than ypur skin tone also how clinques combo foundation concealer?

No. 85933

I think it's concealer that's supposed to be a bit lighter than your skin. Which reminds me that the one I have is actually a bit darker and I don't know what to do with it because it doesn't hide my eyebags, besides buying another one.

No. 85934

File: 1529654196945.jpg (70.39 KB, 793x652, concealer-how-to_32bdb73c-31e5…)

Concealer is thicker than foundation, it's used to spot conceal imperfections and to brighten up the face.

No. 85935

And yes the right concealer for you is lighter than your skin tone.

No. 85957

File: 1529662379730.jpeg (674.41 KB, 3000x1687, B7A03E74-F25E-4FE4-8E74-E7082C…)

Has anyone tried Lime Crime Diamond Dew? I’m kind of torn because on one note I hate Dough Deere, on the other I love the way they look and haven’t seen anything similar with those exact shades… Pixie and Paris are so so so pretty, ugh.

No. 85976

I've never used any Lime Crime product before, but apparently Doe Deere just sold the brand and stepped back from management… so perhaps you might feel better about buying something from them now?

No. 85978

ffs anon those swatches are so fucking shoop'd. i'll try to find a review, but from what i've seen they just kind of look like a muddy metallic with glitter.

No. 86035

My friend has one in Paris and it kinda looks like regular glitter and not that pigmented. We agreed that it's better used on top of other eyeshadow, because it's so sheer on its own. Maybe you could pack it on real tight and it will look cute, or it could potentially look more like this swatch if you have dark skin, it isn't that great on lighter tones. Maybe she got a bad batch or it's only one shade that's acting this way, but I honestly doubt it.

No. 86038

all the ones i've seen are like that. it's just kind of a faint, muddy metallic with heaps of glitter.

No. 86045

check out the stilla liquid glitter shadows

No. 86140

File: 1529822108431.png (123.48 KB, 350x350, csm_awesometallics_es_7f8a0f04…)


The essence metal shock shadows are a cheaper dupe of the stila ones. They aren't identical - the stila ones have more of a shift to them- but they're good for the price.

No. 86143

Could someone recommend good faux eyelashes for begginers? I want them to be relatively cheap as I'd order a bunch of pairs to train, and to be as easy to apply as possible. Any hints on suitable brand/shop?

No. 86178

File: 1529857117736.jpg (36.4 KB, 1024x1024, esqido-accessories-eyelash-com…)

i can't recommend any specific beginners ones because i'm not really clear on what you want. if you'd give some more detail on what you're hoping to achieve like, length, fullness, OTT glam looks, i'll definitely help! also let me know where you're located so i can get a good idea of stores in your area, it helps to look at lashes in person because photos can be deceiving.

what i can do is highly recommend getting eyelash tweezers, they make applying the lashes so much easier! also get a good quality glue, never use the glues that come in the pack, they're usually bad and too old to stick well. DUO is pretty good, but i use DUP, which is a japanese brand. no matter what brand you choose get pic related with the little brush rather than the squeeze tube. much easier to use.

No. 86182

File: 1529861393422.jpg (149.44 KB, 1024x1024, ardell-multipacks-ardell-demi-…)

My first lashes were the ardell demie wispie, they're kinda dramatic if you have tiny eyes and almost no lashes but I still find them natural looking, I find cutting them in half make them fit your eyes better.

No. 86362

My eye make up ALWAYS smudges, even though everything I use is waterproof. Are there any ways to prevent this?

No. 86364

Does anyone have recommendations for good tinted lip balms/lip glosses with spf?

No. 86365

Try using an eyeshadow primer, and baking your under eyes with a beautyblender and some loose powder and apply setting spray on top once your mascara has dried.

This is the closest I can come to waterproof eye makeup but it will smudge if your face is oily/sweaty enough unfortunately.

No. 86395


i believe pacifcia almost has everything they have in spf. tonymoly/etude house has a lot of lip products with nurturing ingredients and spf as well!

No. 87497

File: 1530876942456.jpg (549.27 KB, 800x800, HTB1X.51phPI8KJjSspfq6ACFXXaU[…)

how do i tell which of these brushes are for what? i've never used makeup brushes before (grew up in a culture that uses fingers more often) so i'm at a loss.

No. 87504

File: 1530877164183.jpg (56.45 KB, 522x522, makeupbrushes.jpg)

You can find a lot of brush chart explaining how to use them online.

No. 87515

i did try looking online, but there are a lot of charts that contradict eachother. like, i've seen the concealer brush shown as the eyeshadow brush and things like that.

No. 87552

That’s because there isn’t set rules as to what brush is exactly for what job. We’ve all been in a pinch and used something unconventional to get the job done, it’s more just guidelines. A good rule of thumb to go by is if the brush has more densely pack bristles you’d use that to pack things on (eyeshadow, concealer, lip products, etc) where as a brush that has bristles that aren’t as tightly close together (fluffy) you’d use to sweep things on/off (blending eyeshadow, adding cheek color, setting powder, etc)

No. 87559

okay thanks! that's basically the info i was looking for. i'd been looking into it but it was hard finding any real concrete info one way or the other.

No. 87739

farmers with eyelash extensions: what eyeliner and mascara do you use on your lashes? I know we should be using water based for both but I want some recs.

the girls who do my lashes tell me not to wear mascara at all but likeee… my eyelash extensions are beautiful but they're not over the top or even super bold (I like it that way, I'm glad they look natural) but sometimes I want a lil extra boost that a layer or 2 of mascara gives. I usually only use it towards the end of my 2 week lash cycle before I go get them filled in

also, is it possible to use falsies on top of your "natural" lashes when you have extensions? or does the adhesive fuck up your extensions? I haven't ever tried it but again sometimes if possible I would like to have that super fake, dramatic look that false lashes give. but if it's going to fuck up my extensions I won't do it

No. 87817

Is it possible for makeup brushes to stain???
I was cleaning off my brushes, and the one that I use for blush didn't fully wash out the pinkish color despite me washing it over 4 times.

No. 87847

Yes, especially real hair brushes, and red dyes especially tend to stick to real hair, much like they do with human hair.

No. 87883

Same here. I do think it can look good on girl's with striking beautiful features like Emilia Clarke or super models. Lately, I've been making my naturally thick brows just a row of hair thinner, and maintaining trimming them, and it does suit my face more. I think it's because my face is small and chubby idk, and I have a small forehead, I suit just slightly thinner and tapered brows. Also plucking a few hairs at the bottom front of your brows can help you look less mean

No. 87884

I wanna start wearing makeup every day, and being more girly in general but I'm really bad at it lol and I feel self conscious when I try too hard, like people think I'm just ugly and slapping random stuff on my face even though I know that's not true. What are your guys' tips for motivating myself to wear even just a few products every day? I definitely have the time to but I just feel like since I'm not going anywhere why bother? But then I regret it because I could have done cool makeup that day

No. 87886

In my case it's insecurity that motivates me lol
On the other hand I feel like I look more put together and professional at work with some makeup on

No. 87916

my tip is just to do it. like when you feel like it, don't think about anything other than doing it for you. if you wanna wear full makeup to watch tv and eat ice cream, go for it. if you wanna wear falsies on a trip to the store, do it. pushing yourself to just live for you is the best thing you can do to motivate and better yourself.

No. 87941

File: 1531105945001.jpg (318.71 KB, 2048x1617, 11-bite-beauty-french-press-li…)

has anyone tried a bite beauty lipgloss? they put out a line of coffee-inspired lipglosses that even smell like coffee and i've really been eyeing them up.

No. 88028

Just give it time, anon. I used to never wear make up but secretly always wanted to, then I just started with lighter make up and increased the intensity of the looks over time. Today I sometimes even put make up on when I have a day off and don't have to leave the house or only do grocery shopping because I enjoy the process of putting on make up and experimenting so much. I still go outside without makeup but I don't feel awkward or bad anymore when I wear makeup without having a real reason to. View it as a hobby or thing that relaxes you. It works for me. I also tell that to my boyfriend when he asks why I put on make up when I'm at home lol

No. 88219

File: 1531422685443.png (208.55 KB, 381x279, color.png)

anyone know where i can get a tint, gloss or sheer lipstick in this color? i like asian brands, and sephora, but i tried sephora and many of the colors there of nice brands are really out there. i feel like everyone is trying to cater to sparkly IG unicorns.

No. 88220

Sephora's in-house cream lip stain in the shade cherry blossom is about this color. You would have to pair it with a clear gloss or put it over chapstick for the same sheer effect, but it'll last you a long time and it's a great product.

No. 88221

sweet, thank you! i never tried sephora's in house stuff for some reason i guess i was always a little worried about the quality. i'll definitely go check it out tho!

No. 88230

File: 1531428324764.jpg (63.13 KB, 550x419, max.jpg)

This was my absolute favourite lip product ever, it wasnt sticky and gave my lips a nice colour
However I havent seen anything like it since
Anyone know anything similar?

No. 88239

File: 1531436830135.jpg (162.06 KB, 900x900, KM0020101310200principale_900W…)

I've been goggling and there was tons of them a few years ago but most seem to have been discontinued. I remember them being popular for a while before color balms/chubby stick knock offs became the new in thing. This kiko one still seems to be in production: https://www.kikocosmetics.com/en-gb/make-up/lips/lipsticks/Long-Lasting-Colour-Lip-Marker/p-KM002010131

No. 88248

I'm another in the "want to start wearing makeup but embarrassed when I wear it since I don't usually and everyone assumes it's some kind of occasion when I do" camp. Looking for a daily-use lightweight light-coverage your-skin-but-better foundation just to even out the redness and disguise the occasional discoloration. Recommendations? Obviously drugstore or low price would be preferable.

No. 88251

Actually I just realized what I'm really looking for here is the best drugstore tinted moisturizer. Recs for that then?

No. 88255

Recommend me something for my lips that will stain them all day? I hate my natural lip color because they're tan like the rest of my face and wish they could be rosier. I used to wear long lasting lipsticks but they were too thick and matte. Then I moved on to balms, but they always rub off. I also tried those Korean lip-stain things and love the way look, but I hate having to peel it off. I want something I can apply quickly that looks more natural… I'm not broke so I don't mind something in a higher price range, considering I'll wear it every single day.

Sorry if this request sounds stupid at all, I know little to nothing about makeup cause I literally just wear BB cream and lip stuff. Also if someone already mentioned something like that in here just direct me to the post, thanks!

No. 88260

Etude House "Rosy Tint Lips" -N°5 Baby Peony
from the Sleeping Beauty 2013 collection

It's a feminine light pink shade (just like your pic), very pigmented, good staying power and a soft scent of roses. I have one and love it.

No. 88367

Anybody else use one of those makeup sample subscriptions like ipsy/birchbox/sephora? I had ipsy before and I'm thinking about reactivating my sub, but I'm also curious about the other two I mentioned. Plus, I love the cute ipsy bags. Have any anons tried birchbox or sephora?

No. 88370

File: 1531564910808.jpg (11.53 KB, 249x242, 22123_Lip_Stain_2400x.jpg)

Elf cosmetics makes a lip stain pen and if you're in Australia you can get one from the brand Savvy too

No. 88387

I tried them all for a month, then narrowed it down to Ipsy.
Birchbox didn't send me a single item I was interested in. They seemed to use it more as a method of advertising what they had in stock for sale at the moment, and that's really not what I wanted. I wanted to try new stuff, not be sent what they had overstock of and advertised at about the better stuff.
Sephora sent me one out of five items I liked, so I kept it for a couple months and it kind of stayed in that range. But then I had a billing issue and couldn't get it fixed despite my best efforts (it wouldn't let me change the address) so I canceled.
Ipsy I had to wait several months for it to start because I refused to post on social media just to get what I'm fucking paying for, but ended up being best IMO. I liked that sometimes they would include things like brushes and regularly sent me skincare stuff like sheet masks, trial sizes of expensive products like Glamglow and Dr Jart, and things like hair heat protection spray.
But after about a year with Ipsy, I realized I had twelve highlighters (which I rarely use), eight tiny aerosol cans of dry shampoo and twelve little bags that I just couldn't bear to throw out.

One month both Sephora and Ipsy sent me the same Oribe dry shampoo.

No. 88390

birchbox is absolute shit, I had a year subscription and they basically sent me variations on a lame shaving cream and lipstick every month. I've heard boxycharm is good

No. 88436

I've never heard of boxycharm, really I didn't think there were more besides the 3 I knew about. It would be beyond perfect if there was a cute monthly box for asian skincare/cosmetics supplies.

No. 88666

Hey anons, I'm going to Japan in a month and I plan on buying a lot of makeup/skincare products. I just wanted some recommendations and what you guys would consider "must have" j-beauty products? I'm really excited to try some of their sunscreen and things I just can't get at home. Preferably cruelty free.

No. 88671

Stock the fuck up on their sunscreen at the end of your trip after trying a few, you will regret it if you don't bring back enough to last you until your next trip.

No. 88731

Oh I plan on it. My airlines let me take 2 bags and I'm bringing the bare minimum with me and they'll be filled when I'm coming home lol. My first purchase will be sunscreen, I can't wait.

No. 88737

Just my luck… none of these brands exist in my country…

No. 88903

File: 1531951175023.jpg (22.81 KB, 600x338, rena-nounen-calpis-2.jpg)

Do you guys have any recommendations for aegyo sal? Not the ugly glittery Korean style but the more natural Japanese one

No. 88906

Don't do it? Seriously anon, it makes you look retarded.

No. 88935

use light concealer and a light brown but not red-toned eyebrow pencil

No. 88938

i get ipsy and love it a lot! i think i've been subscribed for 9 or 10 months and i'm pleased with the things they've sent me. there have only been 2-3 products that were definite "no"s from me, but only because i didn't like the color.

a primary complaint from people seems to be repetitive products/colors, but it doesn't bother me much. ipsy sends me a shitton of blushes and lip colors, but those are my favorite products anyway so it feels like a bonus rather than a repeat.

No. 88942

What products (primers, powders, setting sprays, etc) do you guys find make the biggest difference in your makeup's longevity? I like the foundation I wear in terms of finish/coverage/shade so I don't want to go through the process of finding another one but during the summer it tends to melt off my face fairly quickly so I'm searching for ways to increase its lasting power.

No. 88946

I use the innisfree powder and it works so utterly amazing for me. I've worn it to go out dancing once and my makeup did not budge! I think mac fix plus works pretty well too, not as well, but good for a day you don't want to have your skin as dry as it tends to be with a powder

No. 90405

Hey anon I'd be happy to buy you some :) my discord is sunshine#9413 if you're interested!

No. 90407

what is the best pore filling/face blurring primer that doesn't feel thick and heavy?

No. 90670

I started using Smashbox's Skin Studio waterproof concealer as foundation because it's the only thing that not only hides my acne scars and hyperpigmentation, but it's the only thing that also STAYS on my face after 2 hours and doesn't start to look splotchy as I sweat. That, plus a vaguely shimmery gold highlighter and light contour makes my face look (and feel!) so much cleaner and prettier.

No. 90708

Can anyone recommend a cheap eyebrow gel that can properly glue sleek thick eyebrow hairs? I don't want to fork out on a pricy one

No. 90721

nyx duo eyebrow and eyelash gel is pretty nice, goes on clear too.

off topic of that: ever since i got pregnant, i've broken out and had red marks and pimples everywhere and my normal cetaphil wasn't working. went and bought "dark angels" from lush and it's the only thing that has actually helped me out!

No. 90736

Really please someone post a quality/cut comparison image or video games.

No. 90918

Weirdly enough I am the anon you replied to and I also am pregnant and using that lush product lmao wtf. Thank you though, I was thinking about getting the nyx one So good to know it works! I'll see if I can pick it up today <3

No. 90922

File: 1533307753533.jpg (23.28 KB, 680x854, ana001_anastasiabeverlyhills_c…)

Anastasia Beverly Hills gel in clear is the only one that has worked for my bushy brows but it's a bit expensive. have you tried the soap brows technique? that's what i used to do before i got the anastasia one.

No. 90924

i've been using dark angels and "cosmetic warrior" from their facemask line–it's starting to really fade all the scarring and i haven't had any new breakouts. closest lush to me is an hour away but dammit it's worth it!

No. 91116

How the fuck do you make bronzer work on pale skin (neutral undertones)

It just looks muddy and shite

No. 91122

Why would you want to do that? Just use a more peach shade of blush.

No. 91144

File: 1533515910398.jpg (32.19 KB, 750x936, essence.jpg)

Essence brow gel is like $3 where I'm from and it does the trick for me

No. 91530

File: 1533769359847.jpg (51.02 KB, 680x854, too033_toofaced_milkchocolates…)

I'm pale as fuck and I was terrified of bronzer for years because the most common shades in the cheaper brands were too dark on me. Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soliel and Benefit Hoola Lite are both good. Maybelline Fit Me Powder in 310 is a pressed powder for darker skin but is supposed to be a good dupe for the Benefit one.

Don't try to contour with it though. Contour shades should be cool/ashy and bronzer shades should be warm. I know some people do both at once but I've never figured that out and just do one at a time.

No. 91711

I have nasolabial folds, and every couple of months someone on here asks if there’s any sort of product to lift them, only to be met with ‘fillers’ as the across the board answer. But honestly I’m not about to do that to myself and have to rely on those for the rest of my life. So I’ve been trying out some skin care products and I’m coming back to let you guys know what I’ve deemed the holy grail. As reference, my smile lines started out pretty visible even without makeup, and now I can hardly see them in the mornings. I recommend a few things including taking fish oil, eating healthy, using Micellaire water over makeup removers, but mostly, Sunday Riley’s Good Genes. I’ve been doing all of these for only about 3 months and have noticed a severe difference in my nasolabial hell. Sephora offers a sample kit with good genes, so I’ve been buying that rather than pay full price, because I’m a brokefag. I think it mainly works because it’s a low dose of lactic acid. Anyway hope I can help out a depressed anon or two.

No. 91728

kek, anon. what a waste of money. nasolabial folds are a bone structure problem which no skincare can fix. don't listen to people who insist otherwise.

No. 91729

My nasolabial folds aren't a bone structure problem though, I didn't have them until I started smoking cigarettes. I quit smoking and have been trying to fix this shit for over two years. Since I've found a solution that works, it isn't a waste of money? Sorry I triggered you for whatever reason.

No. 91730

yea that happens to old people. are you an old person?

No. 91870

Drug store BB cream recs? Would prefer a matte finish, but I can live without that part if there's something good that's more dewy.
Every one I've tried seems to lean warm/yellow and I'm pretty cool to neutral.

No. 91872

nta but i had virtually none on my resting face until my mid 20s and now i have them and i'm not a smoker. and obviously they keep getting deeper and longer as you age. how is that anything but a skin phenomenon?

No. 91873

bone structure

No. 91875

File: 1534047183452.jpg (154.12 KB, 1280x720, Crying-Cat-Meme-17.jpg)

then why does it change with age….bone structure from 20 to 25 doesn't seem to change much but skin texture certainly seems to. i know some people have very visible nasolabial folds even when they're really young, which is from bone structure, but most people barely have them until their skin starts to age. you're saying that's bone structure too?

No. 91877

File: 1534048888652.jpg (1.27 MB, 3264x2464, Rafaela-Nasolabial-Fold-Reflec…)

no, because you get old everything in your body and face starts to sag due to many reasons you cannot control. You're not "ageing" in your 20's, jfc. Skincarefags are braindead.

>most people barely have them until their skin starts to age

because they most likely had them as kids, like most people, but they had all that baby fat to cover it. Not looking like a kid=/= ageing

Are you confusing natural (ie due to bone structure) nasolabial folds in young people with more superficial fine lines? Wrinkles and creases can happen to anyone. There's no skincare product that can honestly get rid of wrinkles, let alone in 3 months. Retinoid and sunscreen are the only thing proven to prevent fine lines and photoageing for the long term if you consistently use them correctly. Other things are 1) capitalism baby 2) seeing the quick and very temporary masking results of moisturizers

Look at this picture and see what causes them. Those aren't wrinkles you're fixing with skincare mumbo jumbo lel.

No. 91878

>Are you confusing natural (ie due to bone structure) nasolabial folds in young people with more superficial fine lines?

absolutely. i was under the impression that me being able to see them when i'm not smiling was due to me not taking good enough care of my skin. i feel a lot better now lol.

No. 91897

It's not bone structure but fat distribution.

No. 91898

Lol don't talk about stuff you don't know what you're talking about. Bone structure is essential to "fat distribution" and facial fat isn't a free for all because everyone has malar fat pads.

No. 91899

Care to source that? Since you seem to think you're an authority on this type of stuff

No. 91902

Covergirl clean matte bb is pretty good, I'm cool toned the palest shade didn't show up too yellow on me, not sure how the other shades pull

No. 91919

why the fuck do bitches always act like the only one who needs to cite a source is the one who's saying they're wrong. bitch, where's your source?

No. 91935

After you. I'm waiting.

No. 91940


Maybe we'd be more inclined to read it if you didn't sound like a total cunt, anon.

No. 91941

those are different anons, retard.

No. 91947

Are there any cruelty-free Japanese brands? It seems they all either have a parent company that tests or they sell to China.

No. 91974

i absolutely hate when you fuckers come in here with this. selling to china means china will test on animals, the company selling there doesn't need to. they do it in china in government run labs.

No. 91975

No. 91985

Lmao jesus, just let someone who does know answer and chill.

Did you read the grey box though? It even includes brands whose parent companies test on animals.

No. 92016

why does anon even need a weeb brand anyways?

No. 92017

I don't but I'm going to Japan soon so I would have liked some suggestions on what to look out for.

No. 92030

Honestly I think the only safe bet for cf and eventually vegan products in Japan is LUSH. They don't sell to China mainland.

Their products break me out though. I'm going to Japan as well but I'm not hoping to only buy vegan, cruelty free, not sold in countries that test on animals products because it's not feasible.

No. 92037

i found that any of lush's stuff with citrus or lemon tends to make me break out a lot. if you do end up going there, try the rose-based face mask or the dark angels scrub. both are good for acne and also keep the skin soft and nourished.

No. 92050

Thanks for the recs!

For now I'm only using aloe vera gel as a moisturizer after a regular toner and serum. I'm not sure if it's a good idea but it's been working well for me.

No. 92070

I actually have that. It appears after they revamped the packaging, they nixed the Light shade and now the lightest is Light/Medium, which is NOT working for me.

No. 92292

Late reply but I'm pretty neutral also and have a hard time finding anything that's not too yellow but I like the NYX BB. It has a satin finish, not too matte or dewy, and good coverage. Limited shade range however.

No. 92340

i've recently started breaking out a lot due to hormone. i usually never wear concealer but i think i need to. are there any good drugstore ones that look light enough to blend but also covers up my red spots? also, my undereyes are so dark–what're some good undereye concealers?

No. 92549

File: 1534684693950.png (194.04 KB, 814x614, 1_Concealer.png)

For dark under eyes, I really like the Nyx HD concealer. Cheap and lasts pretty good on oily skin if you set it with a bit of powder. For pimples I'd recommend a good pot concealer. Mac is one of the best, it's a little more expensive, but worth it.

No. 92951

File: 1535030713967.jpeg (380.9 KB, 750x934, E8FCD498-DE6F-448B-93EF-D5FB3F…)

Anyone tried the new too faced collection? I’m in Europe so gonna have to wait a while

No. 92957

Anyone know any other brands than Fenty and Kat Von D that do super pale foundation and concealers?
I'm currently using KVD Light 42 Neutral that i've had for a while and I'm not planning on buying more after it runs out due to her recent drama with vaccines.

Fenty was my next thought but i'm wondering if there are other decent brands that do hyper pale makeup.

Also if anyone has used Fenty can you give me a little review on the foundation and concealer? Is it any good?

No. 92960

Nyx literally put out a new foundation line recently. Can't Stop, Won't Stop it's called. It has VERY pale shades, maybe look into that.
It's also priced at 15 bucks, so can't go wrong with that.
Rewievs say it's more medium-coverage than full, but it still seems good.

No. 92964

Bobbi Brown does a good selection of pale shades, and I find it worth the price. Out of all the foundations I’ve tried, I always come back to Bobbi

No. 92970

Thank you anons! I'll check them out now. I'm glad companies are making super pale shades now. It used to be my worst nightmare finding anything thats not orange on me

No. 93027

Mehron celebre goes very light, maybe because they make theatre makeup as well.

I tend to prefer mixing white foundation with more popular brands though, mac nw10 1:1 with illamasqua or nyx is perfect for me. It's a good way to use up the orange mistakes you bought too.

No. 93136

Whats yalls general opinion on Shop Miss A? Im thinking about buying some of the 1 dollar items. Are they basically Wish tier? Hard to believe anything for a dollar can be good.

No. 93174

It's all FDA approved, it's just cheap. They carry a bunch of other well known cheap brands as well as their own stuff. Quality is hit or miss. Basically cheap drugstore tier. I've gotten lashes, a sponge (the pink charity one), a white concealer, liquid eyeshadow, lipgloss, face masks and makeup bags from them and most of it is fine. The liquid eyeshdow was a bitch to remove so I haven't used it again, but otherwise it was okay. The lashes, concealer, lip gloss and sponge are the only things I liked enough that I'd repurchase. I use the concealer to lighten up foundations, I don't know how the formula would work actually concealing. I hear the liquid lipsticks and the santee eye primer are good.

No. 93965

I tanned a lot this summer and usually I keep my tan for a very long time so I'm getting a new foundation. I'm considering the Nyx total control drop foundation, what do you all think about this one? The one I have is from Mac but I'm not really willing to spend too much money on a product I'm not going to use all that much, in case my tan fades away faster than expected.

No. 93976

It's not a great formula, really patchy and hard to build up. I use it because it's the only drugstore range with my shade, but if you have other options, try those. Maybelline Fit Me is popular.

No. 94065

I don't think any store leaves testers for things like Maybelline. I also looked for other drugstore brands like l'Oreal for example and they usually don't let you test products before buying. I'd rather be able to test foundation before buying it because I always get bad surprises like foundation that makes my skin look orange. I'll look into it anyway.

No. 94069

Like people don't open product in the store and try it. Who hasn't been to a Walmart or something and the first product in the stock is opened and obviously used?

No. 94651

Are you guys following the 21 days of beauty for Ulta? They're having 50% brand stuff every day this month.

No. 94665

Do you guys believe that the better than sex mascara is overhyped?

No. 94673

It’s shit, did nothing and smudged on my bottom lashes pretty much after an hour. Drugstore ones that’s far better is lash paradise by L’Oréal or Essence lash princess (orange one)

If you really want to splurge I’d recommend benefit they’re real

No. 94705

Stupid question: does anyone here use sponge applicator to apply eyeshadow? I never understood why in some palettes there are sponge applicators because the ones I've used are very good at best.

No. 94729

I love the way it makes my lashes look when I first apply it but after awhile it flakes off. I've had better luck with the smaller tubes tho.

I really like Benefit Roller Lash, gives me that nice volumized look without all the flaking. I've only ever tried the smaller tubes tho and I've heard some less than great things about the full size.

No. 94749

What's the best white foundation on the market these days?

No. 94764

It’s pretty good, but not the best imo. I do love the way they clean off though

No. 94807


why does the size matter in tubes? I have the smaller one and I'm super satisfied with it so I consider buying the big one after I've run out.

No. 94856

I don't think many people at all use those aside from people who have no experience with makeup and older ladies. I feel like the mini brushes included with blushes and stuff should be taken out as well, it seems wasteful because I don't know anyone that uses them.

No. 94858

File: 1536629127143.jpg (11.11 KB, 238x300, s-l300.jpg)

I have acne but hate the feel and look of heavy makeup, I just use hard candy glamoflague concealer and blend it in real good and use it as foundation, it doesn't look the best but it does the job, I'm extremely pale and most foundations that come in the lightest colors look orange after they oxidate, I'm also poor and don't wanna spend 50 dollars on foundation kms

I also really like korean makeup but most bb and cc creams don't come in light shades as light as I am

No. 94860

I consider myself pretty fair skinned (not to be all uwu pale princess) and Missha's Signature Real Complete BB cream in No.13 is a near spot-on match for me. It's not heavy at all and decently priced too, you might give it a go if you haven't tried it yet.

No. 94866

File: 1536641740144.png (1.02 MB, 1200x716, 001 Skin79 BB Cream Missha Per…)

Koreans tend to wear base makeup that is way too light for them. I wear the green skin79 bb cream and it's a perfect match for my ghostly ass.

Here's swatches of it and the one >>94860 mentioned.

No. 94867

I second this. Been using this for years. It’s a great product. Matches my paper white skin pretty well and doesn’t look cakey or streaky. A lot of B.B. creams I’ve tried are too dark or yellow toned or a weird grey cast. Can be pretty buidlable for a medium coverage if needed.

No. 94882

File: 1536664735697.jpg (190.4 KB, 1200x627, sigma-les-incroyables-gloss-ho…)

I was fucking mesmerized when sigma beauty released those dope ass iridescent/"holo" lip toppers but they are sold out and discontinued. Does anyone have anything recommend as a similar?

No. 94883

>not to be all uwu pale princess
Uh what…dont think anyone cares enough to call you out for saying youre pale lmao

No. 94885

nta. Calling out pale people for complaining about shade ranges is very common in makeup communities. Go to r/muacirclejerk and search the word "pale".

No. 94902

I guess people will nitpick about anything.

No. 94903

thats because pale = privilege duh!

No. 94922

yeah pre-emptively apologizing for even mentioning that you're pale when it's relevant is pretty excessive. it's a very far cry from "guise i'm so alabaster white that i can only wear cocaine mixed with the driven snow as a face powder! i wish there were more makeup brands for fair maidens like me!"

No. 94987

I'm looking for a liquid lip that STAYS.
I have a terrible lip waterline issues where my lipstick basically gets eaten immidiately and smudges from the waterline onto my teeth.
Is there a lipstick that will hold? I've been looking into Jeffree Star lipstick, but they are incredibly hard to get to my country. Maybe there's a drug store equivalent?
I'm currently using Nyx Liquid Suede, but while it stays really good on my lips, in waterline it just smudges to hell.
I'm particularly interested in black, purple and blue lipsticks. Is there just not a market for something like this outside of higher end brands?

No. 95039

jeffree's liquid lip stayed the longest on me out of any of them without being uncomfortable.
if wet n wild is available in your country, try the liquid catsuit. the packaging is exactly (and i mean exactly) the same as jeffree's and the formula is similar as well.

No. 95471

File: 1537190823258.gif (874.59 KB, 354x193, 1534619225325.gif)

What do you guys think of The Balm? I have enough makeup to last me a while but there are things I have that I don't like that much so I'm thinking about buying new stuff. I'm interested in the Hot Mama blush/eyeshadow, Marie-Louminizer highlighter and maybe one of the nude eyeshadow palettes because it might be on sales soon in a store I like.

Also, one of my palettes just broke right now. It was on a table and I have no idea why it fell, I'm so frustrated because only my favorite shades are broken. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I saw this.

No. 95483

I used to own a the balm eyeshadow trio palette. I've always liked the packaging cuz it's all 1960s and shit. The eyeshadow was mehh, from what I remember it was cakey and did not show well on my eyelids. Ended up losing the palete somewhere

No. 95486

File: 1537202766344.jpg (21.17 KB, 315x352, balm.jpg)

Are you talking about this sort of eyeshadows? I never saw these ones in store so I never tested them but that's good to know. I already have another palette that I use from time to time (not counting the now fucked up palette) so getting another one isn't a priority.

No. 95489


i am choking anon

No. 95497

Yes, I used one that had the words natural in it and I think it had green in the picture. I meant to say that it was chalky, not cakey. Keep in I tried this 7 years ago so there's a chance the formulation changed

No. 95524

mary lou manizer is my go to highlight. It isn't one of those beam-y instaglam style highlighters but it's got more of a glow to it than some of those "natural" highlights that are barely visible. I'd get it in the single full size rather than in the trio with the bronzer and blush, because the pans are quite small and I never reach for the other shades.

No. 95586

Does powder foundation look natural up close? A week ago I impulsively ordered a bunch of samples from Meow Cosmetics because they have a lot of yellow and olive tones. It still hasn't been shipped (which is fine, it's a small company) but it's given me time to get anxious about never using powder foundation.

No. 95587

If your skin is well prepped and hydrated it can sometimes even look better than liquids depending on how well your application is. You just cant be too dry, otherwise you’ll cake and flake.

No. 95591

How Glossier? Not just the makeup but also the skincare products? I've read about the brand trying to open a store in my country soon but I have no idea when and I'm curious because I'm seeing this brand on instagram and tumblr from time to time.

No. 95593

I don't know anything about their skincare but cloudpaint and boy brow are genuinely great products I use on a daily basis. Everything else is basically tinted vaseline.

No. 95626

File: 1537321032514.jpg (108.31 KB, 1024x1024, glossier-lash-slick-mascara-1.…)


Has anyone tried their Lash Slick mascara?

No. 95636

Its very, very natural. If you want a my lashes but better look you will like this. I wear this when I'm not wearing eyeliner, personally I just don't think it looks balanced enough against it. I would opt not to purchase it again where it not the best damn lower lash mascara I have ever used. Mos mascara is way too clumpy and makes my lower lashes look spidery. This is perfect on the lower lashes. For top lashes I wear it when I'm not wearing other eye makeup and on no makeup makeup days.

No. 95639

can someone give this oil rig some beginner makeup advice, i know a bit about skin care but ive never really gotten into makeup yet.

No. 95719


If you work on a rig I'm guessing you can afford at least some nicer stuff, so I'd go to sephora or ulta and ask them to colour match you with a liquid foundation and a stick concealer(stick will make for very easy application). Get yourself a beauty blender and look up on youtube a tutorial on how to apply foundation with a beauty blender.

If you're feeling fancy ask them to suggest to you a pressed or loose finishing powder, as well as a powder brush. Honestly it just feels nice putting it on.

Some of the other basics you can get in drugstores if you're on a budget. Maybeline makes decent mascara. I personally like wet'n'wild lipstick although a lot of people find it very drying. Revlon lipstick is decent. Just pick a colour you like.

For eyeshadow, again you could get this at a drugstore, just find a palette that has mostly neutral shades for you first one, like a brown spectrum. You can get alright eyeshadow brushes from like elf or nyx.

Those I'd say are your bare bones basics.

No. 95745

Kek, I think that with the rig reference, anon meant that she has oily skin.

No. 95758

Oh. Shit. I'm a dumbass, I thought it was phrased oddly but I'm kind of in that field so that's where my mind went.

In that case >>95639 get yourself a good primer, and a finishing powder will probably be a must

No. 96299

kek thanks anon, do you have any specific product recommendations? fortunately i actually do have a job that leaves me with some cash spend on good stuff.

No. 96301

Honestly you can get the same natural look with loreal telescopic mascara.

No. 96356


Benifit Porefessional primer is kind of universally liked, it works for most people, so it's a good option.

Personally my favourite is the Marc Jacobs coconut primer, it makes my skin look amazing. The most mattefying primer I've ever used was the Becca Ever-Matte primer, it was insane how well it worked and how long it lasted. That one might actually be the one for you if you're really oily. You can also ask staff to try samples, they're always super accommodating.

As for powder I like anything from Laura Mercier or BareMinerals.

No. 97095

Ty anons! I'll keep both of these things in mind. I do prefer a natural, soft look so these products sound right up my alley!

No. 97998

File: 1539198267704.jpeg (77.32 KB, 970x582, e15b8275-7bd4-408a-8955-b27b93…)

Any suggestions for a good mascara (euroanons?) waterproof, if possible
Mine always end up looking like pic related: long, but not full and unnaturally straight. For some reason my upper and lower lashes always interwine, especially in the outer corners.

No. 98010

other anons can help you out with brand names because I just use cheap stuff, but as for routine, curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler, and brush them out with an eyelash brush before you put on mascara. they'll separate after brushing so the mascara will adhere to more lashes without clumping. also look up a youtube video on how to put on mascara, basically you twist the wand as you're pulling up. this action brushes them out even more. I find that doing these things helps more than a change in product.

No. 98016

hey yall, i recently got eyelash extensions and am loving it. i got a couple of questions for makeup tho,

firstly, what is a good oil-free eyeliner? i prefer to use matte liquid eyeliner, and i currently use nyx liquid matte. unforunately though, it has castor oil in it which will be bad for my lash extensions.
secondly, what are some good drugstore eyeshadow pallets? or high end ones that are nice? i prefer more natural brown tones

No. 98025

File: 1539226495965.jpg (10.21 KB, 355x355, Max Factor.jpg)

This Mascara is great and pretty affordable, Max Factor False Lash Effect

No. 98029

File: 1539235472155.jpeg (36.28 KB, 260x252, 64D26CC7-54FF-4B97-906E-D7139E…)

I love nyx eyeshadows and I use their skin color eyeshadow primer too. I’ll attach pic related of a palette I use but the one for Brown colors!

No. 98095

A good beginner makeup routine?
I'm absolutely shit at applying mascara and if I do wear foundation it rubs off on my collar and makes me looks all wrinkly. If I put on conceiler it makes my eye makeup run down, eye shadow always looks smudged and I obviously also can't draw a straight line with eyeliner. I think wearing some colour on my lips would make me look so much better, but it never stays on. Do you reapply after every single time you drink? And if I blow my nose everything rubs off as well…

No. 98200

Try a BB cream or tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. Use a sheer powder to set it so it doesn’t rub off on everything. Use a different concealer, maybe powdered, to keep your eye makeup from running. If you don’t like the thought of constantly reapplying lipstick or worrying it’ll smudge, try a tinted lip balm. I like Burt’s Bees.

No. 98218

It could be that the foundation you're using doesn't suit your skin type. With eyeshadow, you only need one or two colors. Not every look has to be especially complicated. Here's a simple tutorial that covers the basics: https://imgur.com/a/67Ru2
>Do you reapply after every single time you drink?
Sometimes. Liquid lipsticks last pretty well compared to bullet lipticks. With bullets, you need to line your lips with a similar colored lipliner, apply the lipstick, blot, add another layer of lipstick and blot again. You also need to use a lipbalm when you don't have makeup on so your lips don't get chapped.

No. 98278

Do any of you think https://findation.com/ is accurate? I only had two different foundations to use to find a match with other brands, including one that's too light now that I tanned.

No. 98539

nz/aus anons, where can you get makeup for cheap? specifically japanese and korean makeup. i went to japan and got a lot of stuff for super cheap and its amazing quality, but im running out now and idk where to get more

No. 98542

Not from Aus or NZ, but yesstyle has good prices on Japanese and Korean stuff. They shipped to me in Europe when I spent over €30 so they might do that for you guys too. Shipping took like a month though. Pretty Pastel Please is an aussie youtuber who's done hauls from them if you want to check those out.

No. 98569

Ebay. As long as it ships from Korea/Japan it should be authentic.

No. 98582

Some Korean sellers are shady as fuck. They'll jack up the price and send you an expiring product. In Korea you get near expiring products for free. I got a handful of expired makeup from these sellers. Another reason why I don't buy Korean makeup on ebay and Amazon anymore.

No. 98737

samefag, just came across this thread again, and I meant to say "They shipped to me in Europe for free when I spent over €30"

No. 100596

File: 1541981542322.jpeg (279.69 KB, 1560x1960, 609AE67E-4E1F-4F48-AE1E-C44536…)

Oily-combo gal here, this shit is so fucking good.

No. 100615

I'm a big fan of jolse they got an app and their prices are pretty good They tend to always have some deal on shipping. And it always arrives pretty fast (to scandinavia)

No. 100840

I never knew this! I don't buy tons of korean skincare, but I regularly get my sunscreen and cleansing oil from Korea on ebay. What are some red flags to watch out for??

No. 100841

My eye makeup used to smudge underneath my eyes all the time until I started setting it with some transparant powder, never panda eyes again

No. 100899

File: 1542376064107.png (320.95 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ok5y1aLgjf1w3a87ao1_500…)

Has anyone tried Sugarpill's glittery lipsticks? Specifically "Trinket"? I've been considering it for months but I'm worried I'd feel the glitter specs and hate it.

Also wondering if anyone has tips to stop your foundation / BB cream from separating around your nose? It happens to me all the time, no matter the primer, setting powder and spray I use. I do have oily-to-normal skin so it could just be my skin type.

No. 100903

For the nose issue, have you tried an eye primer? I always had this problem, but I started leaving my nose out when I did face primer and using an eye primer on the bridge/sides and it works pretty well. You do have to blend your foundation in pretty well, and if you have any dry patches it can catch but give it a try if you haven’t.

No. 100904

I have a similar issue except that my lips have a strange feature on the inner area where I have a few bumps/scars/I don’t even know what (maybe from biting when I was younger) where lipstick just…doesn’t go. To second what other anon said I have had the best luck with Jeffree’s formula, usually I end up doing a specific second layer along the inside there the issue is and giving it a decent amount to dry before closing my lips. The Nyx catsuit formula is the closest thing I’ve found at drugstore level and their shade range is really nice, I would say also try different ways of application (with liner under, letting it dry for a while) before you give up. I always feel stupid because I basically have to blot my inner lips until they are bone dry and apply and hope for the best.

No. 100907

I have it and love it! You can't feel the specs but at the end of the night it can look kinda messy if you don't fix it at all. Would recommend.

No. 100926

File: 1542393814119.jpg (84.86 KB, 642x640, 20181116_194053.jpg)

I usually put this cream for sensitive skin on my nose before bed and all's good.

This is kind of a local product so idk if it's sold outside, but try finding similar creams.

No. 100935


I had it too! You really can't feel them at all, it's like it's not even there. It's a beautiful color, just don't lose it like I did.

No. 101373

Do any of you ladies have recommendations for primer?
I have normal-combo skin, and my foundation always ends up really patchy on my t-zone.
Tried a sample of Too faced's hangover primer and it's amazing but it feels like it's more for dry skin, and I'd like some recs first.

No. 101377

Have any of you anons tried the new lush foundation? I can’t justify trying it when it’s online only so I can’t test it instore, especially since I very rarely wear make up, mostly to just cover up when I’ve got a really bad skin day.
Any honest thoughts on it would be much appreciated!

No. 101385

Do you have problems with your T-zone? Do you use a lot of foundation? Do you like tinted primer? Do you prefer a matte or more glowy primer? What brands have you tried and what has your problem been this far?

No. 101387

My t-zone has no problems except it's prone to being oily due to my skin type especially on my nose. I also don't really use a lot of foundation… I use about one pump. Now that you mentioned it my skin type and the little amount of foundation I put on could be why I have this problem.
As for primer preferences, I'm open to pretty much any so tinted ones are OK. A matte one would be amazing! Never tried any primer so I'm not sure which brand works well for my face and which doesn't, except for Too Faced's.
Patchiness on my t-zone especially nose is my only current concern. It gets patchy and a little greasy after just 1-2 hours outside.

No. 101401

I've been getting more cystic acne and now that it's cleared up due to hormonal cycles, I'm getting eczema outbursts. It seems like I'm getting irritation by my braline so maybe detergent is part of it.
Do any anons have eczema? How do you cope with yours?
Mine is pretty mild all things considered, but I still hate it. It's ugly and uncomfortable. I've been trying to use oatmeal, laying off the retinol, using gentle cleansers, lotion and oils, etc. and overall just trying to give my skin a break.

I tried Nars Smooth & Protect primer and like it a lot. It has decent SPF and feels soft but not greasy. Someone said my face looked paler with it on but maybe I just was applying my makeup badly so idk. If you have the cash and live in the US, go to Nordstrom or Sephora and try out different primers.

No. 103933

Best volumizing mascara for sensitive eyes that doesn't flake at all?
Recently got an internal stye from mascara flake getting into my eye and me not noticing because I'm desensitized from years of contacts. Need something that's safer for the eye and won't flake into it.

No. 103996

I have the same issue, very prone to styes in the past, but since I started using Maybelline Lash Sensational I haven't had any issues at all. Plus it's a great dupe for Benefit Roller Lash.

No. 104073

Now that I'm looking for it, I can't believe that there hasn't been a brand to step up with a "it's safe even if you pour it straight into your eye!"-type marketing campaign yet. I'll check out Lash Sensational, thanks for the recommendation. For public notice, I got my stye with Lash Paradise, which I'd been using for years.

No. 105675

File: 1547305345622.png (1.4 MB, 1060x1018, Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 9.34…)

Does anyone have any recommendations for make-up that would actually flatter me? I have natural hair similar to the pic related.

No. 105678

I mean…what kind of makeup? Pretty much everything will suit you.

No. 105681

Same anon >>105678 here but you can never go wrong with a soft look as a redhead. Most of the products she's using are outdated but it's not hard at all to find very similar products. You can even do a thin layer of brown liquid eyeliner if you need it.

No. 105684

warm tones. Light brownes/smokey oranges. nude, coral, peach pink lipsticks, avoid strong colours on the lips (for a flattering natural look, I mean use whatever you want for a bang). If you have light "porcelain" skin, use rosy blush rather than stronger contour.

No. 105686

Good god, don't listen to this anon. Cool tones for the eyes and cheeks is much more flattering (especially if you're cool toned/neutral which you are obviously one of those) than warm colours, otherwise you'll look washed out or weird because you don't have warm toned skin. A slightly warm neutral lip is fine for balance.

No. 105691

welp I think with such a light shade od red she'll look ghostly with cool tones. She needs some colour and warmness. She can listen to both of us and just do different makeup looks to see herself. Don't be so "good god" on me, as she only gave out her hair colour. The possibilities are endless

No. 105696

I work at Lush and it's pretty nice. Good if you like the dewy, natural look. I don't use it myself, but my co workers says it lasts 6 hours for them. Only thing is that it's 40% coconut oil, so if you are sensitive to that, it's gonna fuck your shit up lol.

No. 106089

I'm interested in the Fenty Beauty foundation right now because they just dropped new concealers and finish powders to go with it but I'm not sure about whether purchasing a new foundation is a good idea. I was really pale/yellow for a few years because I was permanently sick for a few years, and last year I bought a MAC foundation that sort of matched but it doesn't anymore. I have no idea what to do with it btw because it wasn't the right undertone in the first place but now it's just way too pale for me.

I tanned a lot and very fast in the summer and I got my natural color back, and the "tan" is still there, which I noticed because the Nyx foundation I bought right after I tanned still matches me. I know I can tan a lot more than that and I can keep that tan for at least a whole year, so I'm worried I'll buy a new foundation that will only match me for a few months. I was hesitating between two shades too, I tried both at Sephora and they looked good on me but it was with artificial light and before and after they oxidized, so I've been hesitating a lot. Do you think I should still wait in case my tan could fade a little? Do you guys keep several foundation shades at once for this situation?

By the way, if anyone can recommend me a mascara that doesn't smear all over your eye bags, I'm interested, I'm sick of putting mascara and concealer to hide my eye bags and look even worse because of the mascara mixing with the concealer at the end of the day. I'm using the Nyx worth the hype mascara, what do you think about this one?

No. 106090

File: 1547927962157.jpeg (21.97 KB, 180x700, 3C92048B-FE53-4215-B6BB-A86401…)

I use this one sometimes and haven’t had any issues with smudging.

No. 106181

File: 1548065591926.jpg (71.38 KB, 1280x720, bvJvVW6.jpg)

This might be a stupid question but does lining your lower lashline with a dark color actually make your eyes look smaller? I feel like everyone is just repeating this because beauty gurus are saying it, but in my opinion it makes your eyes stand out more.

No. 106182

lining under your lashes doesn't but lining your waterline does because it's an optical illusion.

No. 106186

File: 1548068768298.jpg (45.39 KB, 500x492, dsd.jpg)

Looks good with pro makeup looks, but you shouldn't really do it in everyday makeup, definitely ages you, and since it's a dead trend, makes you look trashy most of the time

No. 106203

One of my relatives is in the San Francisco area and told me that she could buy some makeup for me. Does anyone here know which stores sell Too Faced products? Any help is appreciated!

No. 106218

Left absolutely looks bigger than right.

No. 106271

It looks trashy unless done super well but eyes look better not just bigger but with less/none white under iris. This kinda imitates smizing

No. 106402

File: 1548323805314.jpg (37.29 KB, 450x639, 32a9fee406d239094d6ea58eae0326…)

yikes theres so much delusion itt

to answer the question, it makes your eyes pop, but also makes them look smaller. choose your preference.

No. 106440

I've never been in the US so correct me if I'm wrong but it should be available at Sephora.

No. 106445

Sephora and Macy's both have it.

No. 106666

I found out that the l'oreal lumi cushion foundation was discontinued! I really prefer the cushion so I don't want to just try a liquid foundation. Does anyone know of a similar cushion to recommend? I was gonna try Etude house. My color was w2.

No. 106667

Are there any decent YouTube channels that center around Asian skincare and makeup tutorials?

No. 107970

Okay so I've never been able to bring myself to wear blush/find a way to make blush work for me. I absolutely HATE foundation and I'm able to go without it if I use concealer correctly but I still have pretty bad texture. I have a great skincare routine but still…

Do you guys have any good advice? I feel like cream blush would be best for some reason but still the texture of my skin is putting me off…

I have normal/combo skin with acne scars, NC15.

No. 107982

I have similar skin and love cream blush. I wear foundation but as light as possible, and a bit of blush on the apples of my cheeks or along my cheek bones/sorta along the bone in my eye sockets just looks like a natural flush rather than makeup-y blush…. if that makes sense.

No. 107983

Kennie J.D does a lot of k-beauty centred reviews and tutorials, I recommend her skincare videos. Wishtrend TV is also a Korean channel but it's a bit more general lifestyle and beauty, less about specific products if that's what you're looking for.

No. 107984

Wishtrend heavily advertises for klairs though

No. 107986

I used Bare Minerals powder foundation for the first time recently and I totally understand why some people hate it. All the buffing you have to do with the dense brush made any blemishes and old acne scarring I had extremely red and angry. Once my skin calmed back down though, the makeup looked great.
Just wanted to put that out there I guess.

No. 108041

Ah I wasn’t aware, sorry. Their general videos seem to be pretty unbiased though, for example their video on how to build a skincare routine etc.

No. 108240

how do you guys wear lipstick in freezing cold weather? my lips become unbearably crusty and cracked by lunchtime

No. 108247

Ungodly amounts of chapstick. Occasional exfoliation. Creamy lipsticks or tints instead of liquid lipstick that dries.

No. 108313

i read a tip somewhere (maybe in a thread here?) about how putting hyaluronic acid on your lips kind of plumps and hydrates them. my lips are tweaker tier scaly and cracked atm and i put a layer on to see if it worked, and it helped a bit. it might help more if i continue to apply it. you need to apply an occlusive to seal it because the HA draws moisture from the air and will dry your lips out without a layer of something like vaseline on top
also what anon mentioned about more dry lip friendly formulations for your lipstick, i find the giorgio armani lip maestro has a nice creamy formula and takes quite a while to dry down. on the more affordable/kbeauty side of things, peripera's airy velvet (not their velvet line, airy velvet) lip tints give the illusion of smoother lips and don't aggravate my lizard lips, but it doesn't feel truly hydrating either. guessing it has silicone as a key ingredient to smooth out lines
if you don't want to pay sephora prices for a lipstick and lip tints don't appeal to you, look for formulations which are creamier/glossier and take longer to dry down. you'll sacrifice some staying power and it will obviously transfer more but it's better than cracked matte lizard lips, lol

No. 108354

oof, i've been wearing the peripera velvets this whole time and my lips look like the sarlacc pit by the end of the day. gonna try the airy line and your other suggestions, ty!

No. 108387

no problem, the smooth primed effect doesn't last throughout the whole day, but i also got their velvet tints and the airy velvet line has a much preferable drydown imo. it's definitely not hydrating though, i'm guessing they just pumped it full of silicones to make up for how drying their other tints are. you might want to put a hydrating chapstick or some HA underneath to boost the smooth effect so it has a nicer drydown if you intend to wear them all day

No. 108413

File: 1550349805238.jpg (15.11 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)

I just came in here to say I have finally found my shade in makeup, NW20 from MAC, after wrongly using 'ivory' or 'fair' or 'light' from brands like It Cosmetics. Undertones are no joke and it is finally something I can wear without looking like I'm trying to be a 'pretty fair princess waifu'. If you're struggling, please just go to a MAC store and really try them all on, don't trust the color in the bottle or pan.

No. 108430

I went to MAC and they gave me the lightest shade (as anticipated). It's still way too dark and yellow on me. I just feel mac doesn't have paper pale shades for pinky undertones.

No. 108442

Oh I never let other people try and match me. They're always wrong and go way too dark.

No. 108444

a mac girl once matched me as nc20 when i first started wearing makeup. I don't think they had anything lighter than a 15 out at the time, but from looking at swatches, even nw10 is as close as I'm going to get from them now and it's still too dark. I don't even consider myself that pale.

No. 108468

The palest was too dark for me too, mac is shit. The staff also trying to force it on me said I should get it anyway because it will match when I "get a fake tan!". Um, no lmao. They're so behind other makeup brands at this point. I found my shade at Inglot though.

No. 108472

Happy you’re happy anon, but MAC is truly the worst make up to recommend. I’m pale, and Mac really fucked me up for a while because they can’t shade match for shit (unless you have a yellow undertone - which I don’t) their formula is also really rough on sensitive skin. It also happens to be one of the thickest, cakeiest full coverage foundations you could go for. All that said I’m glad you’re happy with them and found something that works for you. To stay on topic, does anyone have any recs for very fair skin with cool blue undertones? I’ve never been able to find a suitable match.

No. 108474

File: 1550419585873.jpg (67.02 KB, 534x384, IMG_0400.JPG)


I am pale but not the palest color (usually) and it was almost impossible for me to find something that has pink undertones and not yellow. If you're still looking I would recommend YSL, Dior, Givenchy, Burberry, and other high end makeup lines. They have very pale shades with a variety of undertones. (YSL swatches in photo)

No. 108478

tbh i'm having doubts that it actually works on anon. a lot of people who use MAC think it matches because the coverage is so high.

No. 109089

File: 1550979043861.jpeg (468.65 KB, 1334x712, F6EB9D7F-D5BB-4B5A-B0EA-FB4E3E…)

I’m looking into investing in an eyeshadow pallette for first time and I’m looking to weigh some possibilities! I usually wear only wear minimal makeup paired with dark lipsticks, but am wanting to start experiment with some eye looks. I love the colors of this Black Moon pallette, but am unsure if I’m willing to drop the $50 for it just yet. Are there any nice quality, earth toned pallettes that you gals love?

No. 109097

BH Cosmetics is a great beginner brand that doesn't break the bank! They have a lot of stuff on sale on their website too for the next day and they usually do different sales every few weeks!

No. 109157

Can confirm, I have quite a few palettes from them. The Zodiac one is awesome..Sylvia Gani one is awesome (except for one highlight shade in it but whatever) the festival one is fun for fun occasions! They have so many kinds on the Ulta website you check out and like OP said great sales! Plus the coupons at Ulta make them even more affordable!

No. 109211

Fenty foundation is my only shade match. It's also one of the worst foundations I've ever used. I don't even have dry skin but it catches onto each pore and flaw. All these beauty bloggers blow out their lighting so you cant see their pores so it doesn't look like shit on them. Here's hoping a bit of squlane oil will salvage it, if The Ordinary ever decides to ship my order.

No. 111827

Hey anons! Sorry to necro but I need some makeup help. I've been trying to use the "less is more" ideology and have used my sample version of Milk's Kush mascara until it was dry, so now I'm in the market for a new mascara AND a new eyeliner since my NYX one is also almost out. I want to try and stay on the cheaper side because I really don't have the funds to be spending big money on makeup at the moment, but at the same time I'd also like to feel pretty. Any suggestions on what to use?

No. 111831

I'm big on drugstore mascara, I honestly don't think it's worth paying a ton of money for a product that dries out and gets unsanitary so quickly.

Some of my favorites are Covergirl Clump Crusher, Maybelline Rocket Lash (honestly Maybelline mascara in general is pretty reliable), and No7 Extravagant Volume. My sister swears by Loreal Lash Paradise and lots of others rave about it but I've never tried it myself. Essence Lash Princess is also stupid cheap and has lots of good reviews but I also haven't used it so I can't give a personal recommendation but I do plan to buy it when my current mascara runs out!

No. 111922

File: 1553702977369.jpg (444.32 KB, 1080x2582, Screenshot_20190327_170735.jpg)

Is there anyone who knows if these are different apart from the packaging?

No. 111938

they do different things and have different ingredients.

honey girl is light to medium coverage with brightening. has royal jelly and is super moisturizing for sensitive skin type.

deep ocean girl is medium coverage with ocean plant extracts, high whitening, UV and wrinkle protection, and light moisturizing for normal to oily skin type.

radiant girl is light coverage with tiger lily extract which hides blemishes and is super brightening for normal to sensitive skin type.

lofty girl is full to medium, with plant and flower extracts less moisturizing for normal skin type.

No. 111948

Thank you anon!

No. 111985

File: 1553767587421.jpg (29.14 KB, 400x516, ma.jpg)

Hey farmers! Can anyone recommend any good make-up for wedding that would not be all, you know, cakey but youthful/dolly/soft? I am really young and not a big fan of huge make-ups. Oval face, ginger, blue eyes if neeed. :p Sorry for disturbing, i totally suck when it comes to choosing make-up

No. 111987

I have the same hair and eyecolour as you and for a soft dolly look I use peachy or light pink shadows. The Heimish Coral Essay Dailism Palette, Too Faced Sweet Peach, Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes and Urban Decad Naked3 all have pretty peachy colours. For skin I'd just use a bb cream and a concealer or maybe just one of them, depending on your skin and then maybe a bit of setting powder. For lips I'd recommend a lip tint in a peachy/pinkish colour as well, I like Etude Houses because they are buildable and good for a natural look. I ususlly mix it with a bit of chapstick! A peachy or pink blush and mascara and you're good!

No. 111988

Any cushion recs for pale skin with pinkish undertones? I like Korean makeup but most cushions seem to be for yellow undertones so it doesn't have to be Korean

No. 111993

the Wet n Wild cushion foundation in the lightest shade is a good neutral shade for pale skin. I struggle with finding foundation that doesn't pull orange on me but this one actually matches my skin. If you're very cool toned it still might be too warm but if you're closer to cool-neutral I think it would be fine.

No. 111997

File: 1553779919267.png (142.94 KB, 660x622, 106a_2_1.png)

Thank you! It looks good and the packaging is cute

No. 112001

I used Korean makeup everyday for the past 6 years. I feel like the quality isn't as good anymore, that's why I switched back to US brands. Anyone else with the same experience?

No. 112004

i feel the same. i swapped to japanese brands and some US stuff because even the owner of the asian makeup store said the korean brands are going downhill and it's all just cute packaging and cheap product. she still carries it cause people impulse buy it, but i've been going to her store since she opened and trust her opinion. she's been recommending items in the same price range for me to switch to, so it's been working out well! she'd been going to korea to get items too, so it hasn't just been import stuff. just have my korean bb cream to use up and that's the last of it. for japanese makeup, i'm really fond of the jill stuart makeup line. i love the packaging and it's fairly affordable (i think, probably mid-range pricing?)

No. 112006

No problem! It has a good formula, it always looked nice on my shitty skin. The only thing I dislike about it is that it's scented, if your skin is really sensitive to fragrances then maybe stay away.

No. 112036

I do have yellow undertones so that's probably why it works for me. Also I don't use high coverage, just a little concealer and a powder dusting on top (I don't have acne, just dark circles around my eyes).

No. 112045

Seconding this for formula, but I have a neutral undertone and I still feel like the lightest shade leans SLIGHTLY yellow. Nothing too crazy (like every light too faced shade ever made) but I do wish it was a TOUCH pinker. But honestly, it's worth working with. I was surprised by how nice this looks on my skin.

Tartes rainforest of the sea foundation has some really nice light shades too, if you're willing to spend more.

No. 112155

File: 1553984754827.jpg (1.27 MB, 1920x2560, 19-03-30-23-04-46-509_deco.jpg)

Anyone know any good tutorials or advice for eyeliner like pic related?

Lisa's eyeliner always looks so neat and I know she made a tutorial but the camera angle was garbage, so I couldn't see well.
It looks so simple but I always have trouble replicating it, especially the corners of the eyes

No. 112340

anon, she's barely wearing eyeliner at all. Her eyes look like that because of her false eyelashes. Definitely try those if you want to replicate the look.

No. 112657

File: 1554640427154.jpg (133.4 KB, 940x940, 53000069_242157953245137_91400…)

I'd like to achieve a soft and cute makeup look like pic related in these orange/coral tones. Any product recommendations?

No. 112659

I have the limecrime Venus palette and it has a super pigmented coral that’s lovely

No. 112661

I don't wear makeup, but recently I decided to give it a try. I think what I did look kinda decent for a beginner, but I realized that I don't understand one thing. While wearing makeup I cuddled with my boyfriend and I stained his shirt with my bb cream and also his lips because he kissed my forehead. How to avoid it? How to not stain things with makeup? How girls do this? I don't want to give up hugging my boyfriend for entire days.

No. 112662

Use a primer before putting on the makeup and end with a setting spray. It'll help reduce the rub off.

No. 112663

Second this. Can anyone also recommend any tutorials for soft make up styles?

No. 112665

Search on YouTube for Glossier makeup tutorials. A lot of them have a very similar look to >>112657. You can also search keywords like "soft", "aesthetic", "blushy", "peachy", etc.

Janna Tew, Joanna Spicer, Rachel Tee Taylor, whyyen and violet_fr are some beauty YouTubers I like that do more toned down, soft and pretty looks.

No. 112703

Take it off before you cuddle.

No. 112727

Most Korean makeup tuts feature looks like this afaik. You do need a really good base (ie good skin, foundation that looks good on you, concealer that isn't shitty etc) for the look to actually work, do bear that in mind.
The coraly shit is very delicate and soft so you need the skin to be able to complement that.

No. 112728

Has anyone experienced eyelash fallout specifically due to wearing mascara? I don’t wear a lot of makeup but mascara is the one thing I’ve always used ever since I started wearing makeup (about ten years ago). I feel like over time it’s thinned my lashes out, so I’ve decided to stop using it for a few months to see if there’s any difference. Has anyone else experienced lash thinning that they fixed simply by ditching mascara?

No. 112729

I'd never be able to wear makeup without powder. It prevents that for the most part (except for on black clothes).

No. 112736

does anyone know any good online makeup shops in europe that aren't based in the UK? i've wanted to use cultbeauty, but i'd like to order from somewhere based closer to northern europe to pay less for shipping.

No. 112740

Are you sure it's not the way you're removing the mascara?

I generously saturate a cotton pad and let it sit on my eyelid for a while so the micellar water can dissolve my mascara a bit. Then i gently wipe off and repeat the first step (without adding more micellar water) and all my stuff comes off with no eyelash casualties.

Though my mascara is never applied thick either, might wanna also look into how hard you're coating your lashes in the first place.

No. 112750

I know, I did find a lot of korean tutorials on similar looks, but never anything in english or on white features. What's working on them, probably doesn't work for me.
And all american tutorials who've used this colour sadly are way too much insta baddie

No. 112777

Had the same problem where I'd lose a lash or two every time I wore mascara…easily fixed by switching from waterproof to regular formulas! The waterproof stuff makes you so much rougher with your lashes when removing it, and in my opinion makes them much more brittle and heavy…rarely see a fallen eyelash now that I've cut it out.

No. 112884

Lisa Eldridge's channel features a lot of soft looks and she usually uses non-Asian models so check her out. She has lots of soft looks on her channel.

No. 114282

File: 1556915246002.jpeg (190.92 KB, 1150x1150, 93CBA67C-E025-41FB-A25C-F0D99C…)

Say whatever you want about jeffree, but this shit is so good and smells/tastes delicious

No. 114298

I'm looking for a foundation with a good yellow undertone. I was matched as NC35 in MAC Studio Fix but i found that too pinky-toned for me, after which the artist suggested Studio Sculpt in the same shade. It did definitely looked more yellow-toned and i'm using this one for now, but i could go slightly yellower if possible. Does anyone have any suggestions that could work for me?

No. 114303

aren't scrubs and any physical exfoliators shit for your skin in the long run?

No. 114304

Born This Way seems pretty yellow imo

No. 114424

what's a good foundation for dry skin. all the ones I've tried make me look crusty even when I use lotion and primer. I wash and exfoliate my face before makeup application but nothing helps.

No. 114439

I use Chanel vitalumiere aqua with tatcha dry skin moisturizer. It works for me. I’m pretty dry with eczema.

No. 114453

chanel doesn't carry my skin shade but I'll definitely try the moisturizer, thanks anon.

No. 114571

How much coverage are you looking for? If you can live with one on the sheer-er side, consider a tinted moisturizer. Or mix a lightweight moisturizer into your foundation.

No. 115174

Is there any way to revive a slightly well loved makeup palette? My Naked palette is well loved and used and I wondered if there was a way to clean it so that the shades are a little more vibrant- they're starting to go a little grey

No. 115178

Rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, wipe the surface of the shadows with a cotton bud to remove the dust from the other tins that contaminated it.

No. 115188

Getting real pissed at the percentage of fake SK makeups in America. Pretty sure my last two Skin79 foundation purchases were counterfeit.

No. 115218

File: 1558386593726.jpg (22.28 KB, 145x500, Aloe-Life-Skin-Gel-Ultimate-Sk…)

hi guys, wanted to share a really cheap and high quality product I found by complete accident

I got sunburned on vacation and picked this up at the health food store right next to my hotel
it has worked wonders for my skin (not just sunburn) and I have been wearing it as an add-in with my normal routine

it's got retinol, niacinamide, vitamin C & E in it

like $9 a bottle depending where you get it from

No. 115219

I feel you. I live in a thrid world shithole and we don't have any official makeup stores for international brands, not even drugstore brands. We even get a lot of counterfeit maybelline/loreal/wet n wild, and it's really difficult and pricey to get the real thing.
It's frustrating to me that i, -living in a country with far less income than a first world country- have to pay at least twice as much for basic makeup/skincare products, and with the risk of getting a fake.

No. 115223

Where do you live anon?

I don’t wear makeup anymore and will be willing to send you all of my stuff that I haven’t even used

> I also came from a 3rd world eurofucjed place so I feel this

No. 115532

Any rec's for matte blush (preferably from drugstores)? It's crazy hard to find one even google has failed me

I know the struggle anon.
I use to mix yellow concealer in my foundation or even use it straight on my skin like it WAS foundation (which I currently do with maybelline's instant age rewind in neutralizer because I'm that pale yellow)
What once helped me was going to Sephora at the makeup bar and really gave that lady a run for her money in having her find the shade for me but that did hurt my wallet (and unfortunately I forgot the brand since it was a long time ago)
There's also color adjusting products that you can mix in your foundation like: L.A. Girl's pro.color mixing pigment, elf's mix to match and nyx's pro foundation mixer to name a few.
Regardless, since you asked for foundation, L'Oreal has some new shades that I think are more yellow-undertone friendly, NYX's foundations (like Can't Stop Won't Stop), Covergirl's TruBlend in the L-series that end in "0" (like L10, L30 or L50), or Milani's creamy vanilla.

No. 115619

Are you able to order cosmetics online?

No. 115620

Are you able to order cosmetics online?

No. 115670

File: 1559025796151.png (1.78 MB, 1653x1399, 34212314.PNG)

How to do light brown painted/sculpted brows like this girl? (Asking as someone with dark brows)

No. 115703

it looks to me as if she has either very sparse or no eyebrows and just draws them on. there dont seem to be any individual eyebrow hairs.

No. 115711

Can a very kind anon dump pictures of good make-up looks with falsies but without mascara? I can't find any. I don't like the fake look of mascara for daily wear, I can argue not even for parties and only for artsy looks but only if I have seen for myself if it looks better. So pls dump pics, thank you very much!

No. 115733

File: 1559086086538.jpg (13.86 KB, 300x299, s_5b4ba5a612cd4a0bbf82d7e4.jpg)

generally, when you put on falsies you need to blend them with your natural lashes by using mascara. Maybe try some ardel natural 108s and use a light hand with the mascara, or use a clear one.

No. 115735

maybe she means eyeliner? I'm pretty confused as to why mascara would contribute to a fake look, but falsies wouldn't.

No. 115748

So this is what it looks like? I can see now that the eyelashes are not properly blended. Thanks!
I expected individual lashes to look natural without applying mascara. Or maybe just a little bit and not a lot? I don't even mind eyeliner that's the funniest thing. it is just that all mascara coated lashes to me look like so called spider lashes even if it's properly applied. I guess I should skip lash wear all together except for parties or when I feel like it.

So do you both think makeup looks without mascara is ugly? I have enough lashes and they're curled naturally.

No. 115794

Mascara is pretty vital. Try to find a formula that emphasizes "separation" rather than claiming "volume" or "length". I hate gloppy, thick lashes as well and I've found Covergirl's formulas to be pretty lightweight. I use the "clump crusher" one the most. I like that the wand is curved so it fits the contour of the eye. I focus on my roots and do one coat only. I try to really get in there and comb my lashes through without building up layers of mascara, basically. If there's still clumps you can also use an eyelash comb which is a tiny comb for your lashes. It helps fish out any clumps and separate lashes stuck together etc.

Try to finesse your application technique once you've found a formula that isn't prone to being thick. I've found the way I use my wand matters more than the formula I'm using.

No. 115809

You sound like you have aestheticism. But I googled every term I could think of and all I see are pics of ugly girls with ugly lashes and pretty girls with ugly lashes, but they look equally ridiculous to me. I actually had this with foundation too until I figured a way to get that airbrushed looking skin. So..may I get spoonfed with pictures of natural looking lashes? Preferably without falsies since those are not for daily wear, or could they be realistically included for an extremely busy woman?

No. 115836

File: 1559196610070.jpg (51.9 KB, 800x600, lash_lift_e-1521810599-4334.jp…)

you sound like you're asking the impossible tbh. you just cannot get a mascara that isn't at least a tiny bit clumpy. maybe look into getting a tint and lift?

No. 115839

Yes a lash tint and lift is exactly what I'm looking for, thanks anon. They could be blended with the falsies I think. I have taken care of my skin and it looks pretty airbrushed, no bags so all I do is blush and some highlight with shimmer. So with mascara looking for me too spunky for daily wear to just say it like that: foundation/bb cream/cc cream/whatever cream coverage exists on the market looks cakey at all times too? Pls suggest me an alternative for that like the lash tint, and also for concealer/contour. S-sorry for spoonfeeding an autist.

No. 115842

are you legit retarded?
>pls suggest something to put on my skin so it wouldn't look like skin but without it looking like I have something on my skin uwu

just use matching shades and light hand and primer or don't use face makeup at all

No. 115846

Sorry I thought I landed in the makeup thread and not the period thread. I will go now and find the correct thread.

No. 115865

I don't know if it's available where you live but Lumene's Glow Skin Tint is really nice, lightweight and doesn't look cakey at all.

No. 115878

Foundation shouldn't look cakey. Either you are using dollarstore products or you need to moisturize correctly before application.

No. 115902

If you haven't liked the look of foundation that you've tried in the past it was probably too high coverage. You'd probably like a light coverage tinted moisturizer. Some good options:

Pixi Gel Tint
Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint
Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer
Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue
Erborian CC Cream

No. 115919

File: 1559326928535.jpg (152.6 KB, 1300x655, bruh.jpg)

Maybe instead of googling images you should grab a bottle of mascara and try different application methods? If pic related looks ridiculous and disgusting then I think you've got issues.
>extremely busy woman
okay hun

No. 115937

So those professional MUAs for celebrities are using dollarstore products? What about the unedited shoots for catwalk models? When my friend got married she hired a quite respected in my country makeup artist and she developed mouth lines at the end of the day.
I bought during my break time a bottle of BB (or CC?) cream at dollarstore because it was near. Jesus, it is awesome and I look airbrushed. I'm still wearing it and no lines. Thanks! More I learn. I assume a double layer of that should be applied under eyes as concealer? I did that.
It doesn't look disgusting, but also not pretty. I like a soft look on lashes. We can have soft brows but not lashes? Moment someone invents this I will live rent free in your head. By the way, reason why I asked for pictures is because I'm an extremely busy woman.
badum tss
With 2 jobs and difficult as fuck (not necessarily impossible otherwise it wouldn't be available as a course succesfully but A LOT of things should be done) I don't think I have enough time to fuck around with lashes 30 minutes. In fact I've never worn makeup aside from fruity lipgloss. I am lucky I take hygiene as priority and figured a way to do effective but quick hygiene practices and also for e-shops online otherwise I'd be stinky and slobby. But I wanna look my best, hence why I wanna wear make-up.

No. 115945

Your writing skill leaves something to be desired anon, it's like you are throwing topics together and nothing makes sense

First paragraph
>Seem offended at implication you get dollarstore foundation
>I got bb cream at the dollarstore and it's great

Next paragraphs: apparently applying mascara correctly takes 30 minutes

No. 115948

>Next paragraphs: apparently applying mascara correctly takes 30 minutes
Maybe I was explaining to you why I kept asking for pictures since I asked pictures of women wearing falsies AND pictures of women wearing mascara? If it takes 30 minutes I meant falsies and not mascara. That would take me back then 5 mins btw lol.
>at implication YOU GET dollarstore foundation
How could I seem offended if I said I actually bought it in the next line? I was more asking why the hell it looks cakey on famous people even though they wear burandos or whatever and have an experienced MUA as applicator.
Whatever, soft eyelashes are genius and someone needs to invent them, whether just falsies or some liquidy shit or both so I don't know why you're being very aggressive.

No. 115949

>So those professional MUAs for celebrities are using dollarstore products?
in a lot of cases, yes. these are highly skilled professionals applying makeup to hot people and constantly retouching it if it gets messed up.
>When my friend got married she hired a quite respected in my country makeup artist and she developed mouth lines at the end of the day.
that is completely normal with heavy foundation or powder and to be expected.
>I bought during my break time a bottle of BB (or CC?) cream at dollarstore because it was near.
unless it is color adapting it's probably the wrong colour for you.
>I'm still wearing it and no lines.
yes, because you aren't wearing heavy foundation or powder.
>I assume a double layer of that should be applied under eyes as concealer? I did that.
don't do that. it will look cakey.
>It doesn't look disgusting, but also not pretty. I like a soft look on lashes.
If you don't like mascara, don't wear it.
>By the way, reason why I asked for pictures is because I'm an extremely busy woman.
no one cares. you're not too busy to write long, rambling comments on an internet gossip board in a second language?
>With 2 jobs and difficult as fuck (not necessarily impossible otherwise it wouldn't be available as a course succesfully but A LOT of things should be done) I don't think I have enough time to fuck around with lashes 30 minutes.
this is a makeup thread, not a humblebrag about your 2 jobs thread. mascara takes 60 seconds or less.
>In fact I've never worn makeup aside from fruity lipgloss.
we can tell.
> I am lucky I take hygiene as priority and figured a way to do effective but quick hygiene practices and also for e-shops online otherwise I'd be stinky and slobby.
Okay? wtf…
>But I wanna look my best, hence why I wanna wear make-up.
It is a skill, and you need to invest time into learning it. Being a bitch to people trying to give your stupid ass help is not going to help. Look at tutorials for beginners on youtube or reddit.

No. 115951

No one helped me though and when I did I thanked them. I don't like to humblebrag at all tbh, but I just look sometimes in the mirror and see an amazing person with always perfect makeup minus mascara (I was lying about wearing no makeup to appear humble). But there's just one flaw…there isn't a single product on earth that gives me long soft cute eyelashes and when I point that out I get called a bitch despite looking pretty much cute and well groomed. What to do?

No. 115953

>What to do?
kys tbh. the world would be better off.

No. 115956

I don't understand so well what you even mean with "kys" because it is a very demeaning word, who is gonna kill themselves just because someone from an imageboard tells them to? And then they call me a bitch, all because I was being humble and asked some questions that could potentially make a lot of girls woke about their makeup looks.

No. 115957

File: 1559358125573.jpeg (426.08 KB, 1242x911, 1557842946171.jpeg)

No. 115958

Ok I will do it then. If she's wrong it is on her.

No. 115962

>I don't like to humblebrag at all tbh, but I just look sometimes in the mirror and see an amazing person with always perfect makeup minus mascara (I was lying about wearing no makeup to appear humble)
You need to spend longer learning what humble means.

I would buy a ton of different light falsies from sellers on eBay or wherever, so it's cheap and try them out. There are plenty of soft light styles available. You can also cut the lashes into small strips and apply them individually from center to outer edge, which avoids the obvious false lash look.

No. 115990

>questions that could potentially make a lot of girls woke about their makeup looks.
I don't think you know what woke or humble mean. Mom, is that you?

No. 115996

going by her serious concern over kys, yeah, high odds of her being your mom. altho now I feel vindicated in calling her a retard for she truly turned out to be one kek.

No. 115997

File: 1559400590475.jpg (99.58 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Dropping in to say that this shit is a godsend. I was using Maybelline's Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser before, and while it was cheap and did smooth out my skin, it left me oily-looking (even as someone with drier skin) with foundation that didn't stay on super well.

I finally got a sample of the Hydrogrip Primer, and it hydrates my skin and gives me a REALLY nice dewy look, plus my makeup finally stays on. Definitely will be repurchasing the full size eventually.

No. 116004

Ingredients for lazyanons:

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water, Water (Aqua, Eau), Glycerin, PEG-150 Distearate, Alcohol Denat., Polyglyceryl-10 Eicosanedioate/Tetradecanedioate, Diglycerin, PVP, Benzyl Alcohol, Sorbitol, Pullulan, Inositol, Betaine, Carbomer, Maltose, Xylitol, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Phytate, Benzophenone-4, Dehydroacetic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Agave Tequilana Stem Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Niacinamide, Propylene Glycol, Panthenol, Vegetable Amino Acids, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Extract, Opuntia Ficus-Indica Flower Extract, Prunus Avium Flower Extract, Citric Acid, Benzoic Acid, Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Blue 1 (CI 42090), Red 33 (CI 17200)

No. 116089

Just watched this and found that most of my makeup contains mica. Damn

No. 116133

Well, similar things happen for the jewelry we wear, the spices we import, the clothes we buy, the plastic we don't think about throwing away. It's all at a cost and the cost is human life as well as pollution.

There are ways to go as humane/eco-friendly as possible but it's an uphill battle and you'll most likely have people trying to WHAT ABOUT you and try to call you a hypocrite bc you aren't a perfect 100% sustainable saint. If some of the shit industries are ones you can opt out of (or at least limit your support for) then it's worthwhile to do so. Your power as an individual is to impact whatever small sphere you can, and change a few minds. If you end up wanting to rethink some of your spending, don't let others try to bash you for not being able to make every "right" choice about it. And don't let them tell you it's futile. Your personal responsibility is to be true to what you think is right and to make that small change.

Things usually don't go boom overnight. We're small people that can make small changes. Whether it amounts to nothing or not, doesn't matter. You'll sleep easy at the very very least.

No. 116166

Like the video talked about, it's not that you should cut out products that use mica, it will destroy the well-being of the people who live in regions dependent on it. Just try to buy from people who use mica and obtain it ethically and try to discourage especially children collecting the mica.

No. 116169

yeah I just want this brought more to light. I think they could certainly make their region's resources a reigning factor instead of an enslavement one.

No. 116291

Hello I need advice.

I'm tempted to buy lipsticks but my mouth looks pretty fucked up thanks to my messed up teeth, my teeth are aligned just horribly and I have a very bad overbite and can't close my mouth anymore, one side of my mouth is also hanging down, I feel like a crack bunny who suffered from a stroke. Is it a bad idea to wear lipstick? Like does it draw too much attention to my mouth or does it not matter that much? I can't help but really want all those pretty lipsticks I keep seeing online..

No. 116299

Honestly I say fuck it and wear whatever lipstick you want, life's too short not to enjoy putting pretty colors on your face. I doubt your mouth is even as fucked up as you describe it. If all you see online is perfect full symmetrical lips and pearly white straight teeth it's easy to feel insecure but if you pay attention to the normal women around you in your everyday life I bet a lot of them who wear lipstick don't have perfect mouths/teeth/lips. Be your best self anon, buy all the pretty lipsticks and wear them with no shame!

No. 116300

I guess it would help seeing women with teeth similar to mine but I don't meet a lot of people (basically no new people) so that's not helping, but thanks a lot for the rest I will save this <3

No. 116306

File: 1559852216578.jpg (17.5 KB, 316x400, JQP3sEFEz8o.jpg)

I have a huge overbite and ridiculously big front teeth to the point that if I don't consciously force my mouth closed, it's always slightly open and I've struggled with wearing lipstick most of my life. Like the anon who replied to you, I'd just say fuck it and do whatever you want.
Like, my favourite lipstick is black, it's still considered extremely edgy where I live, but idgaf.
My only issue is that I have to check for lipstick on my teeth more often than people with not-fucked-up teeth.
I know I probably don't look good to others and when I think about it, I know that I am far far far away from perfect, but I enjoy lipstick, why the hell should I abstain from it unless I fix my teeth?

No. 116307

girrrrl wear that lipstick! it will give you a little confidence boost and make you feel girly. And in terms of if it draws attention to your mouth, there's two ways to look at it, you could also just me making your mouth more attractive or vibrant and eye-catching, so like, you're making it look better! Try to find lipsticks that suit your skin tone, eg. cool vs. warm, and play around with a few different colours because lipstick can suit what mood you felt that day. Like, mauvey nude, peachy pink, red, purple, brownish nude, baby pink etc.

No. 116309

Do it, anon. If you want to slowly progress to darker or more bold colours, put lip balm on first and then put the lipstick on top. It will give you a more sheer, glossy coat. I'm personally not at the level where I feel comfortable wearing matte blue lipgloss yet lol but I feel really cute when I apply lipstick like that.

No. 116329

After getting recommended korean makeup and skin care for ages already, I finally ordered some.
I've got the clio kill cover cushion foundation (which only has positive reviews) and the eglips blur powder pact and within 2 hours I looked like a greasy mess. The lightest shade is also still too dark and reddish for me (which is weird, because korean makeup…?). I bought it because I thought that the application with the cushion will be easier and faster, but it wasn't. I also had to use a lot of powder, because it simply wouldn't Show at all. Ended up looking nearly a bit cakey.
If I buy some euro product for like 3-5 bucks I get better results.

Slight ot, because it's skin care, but I don't want to make two separate posts: I also tried a korean retinoid cream (elizavecca), which broke me out like hell and the corsx sun cream (which several people told me about) feels like it'll be empty super fast because it doesn't spread well, so you really need to use a generous amount. And it's just as greasy or typically sunscreen-ish as the ones I've had before.

Feels like a joke. Are people only memeing about muh superior korean products? I've never spent so much money on anything beauty related and got only disappointment in return.

No. 116336

Thank you. I don't know if I will ever feel more comfortable with the way I look but just looking at the nice colors lipsticks have helps a bit haha.

Also guys I wonder if I could sort of close the big gap between my lips with fillers/hyaluronic acid? I noticed that costs around 450 in this country and lasts for a year which isn't too bad, I'm poor but it might be worth saving up for if it would help? I also generally have a pretty small mouth anyway..

No. 116337

Oops forgot to reply to you as well, I am honestly so happy you said this to me. I really need some good examples in my life, like you. Thank you. I feel like basically half of my front teeth are showing and there's also a small part missing on one of them for some reason, and my bottom teeth are kind of all over the place lol. It's hard to ignore all of this, but reading these replies does help

No. 116341

I have tooth overjet that gives me a kinda not-so-nice, asymmetrical mouth as well (not to a severe extent but to the point where I wouldn't want to draw attention to it either), and I've found that lip glosses make me look cuter without highlighting my mouth too much. Light pinks and peachy colors work the best for me!

No. 116346

The hits and misses with korean stuff have occurred at about the same rate as with western brands for me. What type of skin do you have anon? I nearly got that sunscreen because it seems well regarded, but I'm oily so it wouldn't have worked for me.

No. 117514

File: 1561464231017.jpg (41.85 KB, 500x500, 46b50293-c095-4ba6-943d-5e94de…)

Can someone tell me how to achieve this type of brows or at least what to search for?
Or do they have to be naturally like this? (not counting products)

No. 117515

Sorry I don't have much advice but I'm going to piggyback off your comment since I have a similar issue.

I can't wear red lipstick because my teeth aren't white enough. They're not stained or anything, but they look worse with red. Any ideas for either whitening them or a lipstick colour that will make them look whiter? Or at least not worse?

Actually going off on another tangent here… there's not a thread about teeth that I saw, but I'm considering getting braces. My teeth aren't jacked up but people who've had braces have utterly perfect teeth and I'm jealous. Anyone have experience with braces as an adult? Pain, cost, do people find it hideous and judge/question it etc?

No. 117517

Are you using a cool toned red lipstick, anon? Like Ruby Woo by MAC or something.

No. 117520

Naturally thick and long brows with some shaping, then she brushed them up + set them with tinted brow gel and probably did some minor filling in. If you have very sparse or thin eyebrows it's gonna be hard to achieve this look.

No. 117527

my eyebrows are too far apart but when I draw them closer they look so fake and horrible and too dark, what do I do?

No. 117532

draw each hair stroke by stroke instead of simply filling in the empty space, an angled brow brush is gonna help you a lot. you can use a cotton swab to fade the color on the inner part of the brow a little bit.

No. 117533

Aw, sucks for me, but thank you anon!

No. 117534

File: 1561479707706.jpg (13.09 KB, 355x355, 41X7hLW7UlL._SY355_.jpg)

i have been using this bb cream for a while and i love the color, but it has silicone in it and i'm not a fan of that

any foundations that are pale (not with a pink or orange undertone) that have no silicone?

No. 117535

File: 1561483718711.jpg (18.05 KB, 400x400, 1206451029.g_0-w_g_grande[1].j…)

just posting to let everyone know i recently switched to the momo puri line. i highly recommend it. it touts antimicrobial, elasticizing and tone improvement. even in just 2 weeks i've seen major difference in my skin texture. it has peach ceramide and contains an enterococcus faecalis ferment, so it's essentially peach yogurt for your face. it seems good for all skin types, but may not work for super oily or super sensitive skin.

No. 117541

Where did you bought it

No. 117544

I'm looking for a sheer undereye concealer that will even out a tiny bit of the darkness in the hollows of my eyes but won't cover too hard that it looks perfect. Dewy is better but I'm open to different formulas.

My favorite so far has been Glossier's stretch concealer but it has some ingredients that don't quite agree with my skin. I'm fair but my skintone is very muted so need something with blue, grey, or green in it preferably. Fair cool olive, I guess.

No. 117577

File: 1561571263611.jpeg (29.72 KB, 355x355, 22735F21-6606-4FEE-BE31-1BE754…)

Do any straight-lashed anons have any suggestions of eyelash curlers that are good for lift and curling?

I have a crappy one (in the pic) that lifts my lashes that I bought years ago. My lashes stick straight up though after the little indent where my lash curler pressed up on, so it’s like they bend from the root and stick straight up. It looks kind of jarring, does anyone have suggestions on how to get a more “curled” look?

I also would love any mascara suggestions (preferably cheap)! I’m currently using Maybelline Lash Sensational waterproof.

No. 117579

I have a cheap drugstore pair and they work just fine. I imagine there's not a big different between a cheap curler and a super expensive one, they all work the same way don't they? If you find your lashes making right angles maybe you're pressing too hard, and if you've had trouble making the curl stay (like me) try gently warming up the curler with a hairdryer. Obviously don't get it too hot or you'll burn yourself.

No. 117582


Either Shiseido or Shu Uemura. I’ve had both and they are amazingly good curlers. I have super straight eyelashes and curl them everyday before mascara. Be sure to also use waterproof mascara that have a formula that is dryer than the water based ones (which means it won’t weight your lashes down). I personally love The Rocket waterproof from Maybelline.

No. 117583

i got mine in my city's japanese makeup store. but they have it online too for a good price. try kirei-station if they ship to you.

No. 117585

You have to curl them in steps. Curl the base of your lashes, then the middle and then the ends. This is a two minute tutorial that changed my eyelash game: https://youtu.be/zNxJbYQK_rw

No. 117635

I use tarte's eyelash curlers and they're really good. I get compliments on my eyes all the time. I also curl my lashes after lash primer and mascara too though so that they stay curled all day instead of falling down just from curling them with nothing on them. I know everyone says that's bad but if your lashes are thick and long, it's totally fine.

No. 118077

File: 1562077171545.jpeg (111.81 KB, 1280x720, ADD012F5-0374-463F-87FC-3D23CA…)

Best waterproof mascara that doesn’t smudge your brow bone? Tried so many that claims to be waterproof but does his shit anyways

No. 118082

kiss me heroine. but it's impossible to get off with a regular makeup remover. so u need a "special" one.

No. 118085

I used to have the same problem intensily. I tried everything until I told a cosmetics store employee I was looking for a mascara that didn't smudge. Instead she told me to use a good setting powder and eyeshadow primer. Never had a problem with smudging since!

No. 118086

Forgot to add, it's because waterproof isn't oilproof. The mascara smudges from the oils on your skin around your eyes. The powder and primer help keeping excess oil at bay.

No. 118110

Bane of my existence, I found exactly one mascara in my life that didn't do that and they discontinued it. Anyway, I don't want to bother with powder and primer so I started using an eyebrow gel instead. Depending on which kind you'll probably won't get a lengthening effect but it darkens, thickens and keeps the curl just fine. And you can also use it as brow gel duh

No. 118114

File: 1562103711812.jpg (65.24 KB, 603x928, 05e9fcd45a21406085555a0e88e9a8…)

What is a good, quality, my-lips-but-better lip liner for pale, cool toned skin? Something pink with a touch of mauve. Something that won't disappear 15 mins after application… oye

No. 118115

File: 1562103814892.jpeg (125.5 KB, 600x600, A902AA25-7BBB-47BE-8709-7A6616…)

Good makeup brushes for a beginner? I currently use pic related and it’s horrible. It can’t blend at all and I end up looking like a child playing with her mother’s makeup.

No. 118132

In my experience the makeup applicator doesn't really matter as much as everyone says. I have really expensive brushes and really cheap brushes and the main difference is that the expensive ones get everything done faster, more precisely, but not better. It also really depends on the quality of your makeup, your skill level and the style.
When I'm going for natural I actually find that sheer foundation goes on best with fingertips, light-pigmented eyeshadow looks great patted on with fingers too. Heavier foundation goes on better with a brush (I use urban decay's optical blurring brush, highly recommended) but you can still get away with fingertips, especially if it's buildable and you have a good concealer.

Best advice I can give a newbie with blending is to make sure you're starting light and building. Bad eyeshadow blending usually always starts with putting on too much pigment initially and finding it hard to blend out in a smooth gradient. Bad foundation blending is often a case of either a bad color match, bad technique or bad formula for your skin.

Once you're more confident with your skills I'd advise buying individual brushes for the purposes you need them for, sets often come with things you'll probably never use.
I recommend two eyeshadow brushes (one for warm colors, one for cool), one angled eyeliner brush for applying powder at the lash line and filling in eyebrows, a fan brush for getting rid of excess powder (does NOT need to be expensive), a good foundation brush, and a crease brush (optional imo but useful).

No. 118146

I recommend Elf brushes to start with, they work well for me for just basic makeup and seem to blend eyeshadow well.

No. 118149

Have you tried tube mascara? Supposedly they don't smudge because the mascara wraps itself around the lashes instead of just coating it or something like that. I wanted to try it for myself but I couldn't find any in thr limited drugstore here but if you're in America I'd say give it a try. There's lists of tube mascaras online

No. 118518

File: 1562464120567.jpg (870.04 KB, 1624x1604, IMG_20190706_204741.jpg)

Pale, cool toned skin anon here.
Citrine is a little rosy but I find it to be close to my lip color, with satin mauve being the best mauve. Nyx is nice too, just a little more dusty. I like drugstore because I can try out more colors without feeling regretful.

No. 118519

File: 1562464241450.jpg (1018.35 KB, 1821x1990, IMG_20190706_205029.jpg)

Normal room lighting for reference

No. 118520

what is good powder foundation that has heavy coverage for a heavily blemished face? need one for traveling.

No. 118522

I like the bare minerals one, i use it with a setting spray and it looks great. I think mac has one too but I havent tried.

No. 118763

File: 1562731094086.png (195.61 KB, 500x500, benefit-precisely-my-brow-penc…)

Thank you anon! This is extremely helpful! I'll be grabbing NYX Citrine the next time I see it.

Semi-related but the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil in Cool Grey is a good one for ashy, mouse-blonde hair. I mix it with the ELF pencil in Blonde and it's so good. It took a lot of time and money and busted brows before I finally found something ashy enough for me. Make sure to use an extremely light hand with the Grey pencil bc it can easily look black.

No. 118772

IT cosmetics has amazing powder foundation

No. 118790

File: 1562775576939.jpg (13.28 KB, 488x488, GUEST_fd860f91-54f8-4ed7-a189-…)


I've used e.l.f.'s 3-in-1 mascara and it's pretty decent. Cheap, too. It did not smudge or flake BUT the tube formula can be a pain in the butt to remove. You end up picking the mascara off of your eyelashes.

No. 119636

File: 1563551661600.gif (16.58 KB, 220x220, 76A85A14-B381-4952-8BB0-3C208D…)

I did this and it worked wonders! Bless you anon.

No. 119679

Has anyone tried any clio cushion?

No. 119680

Saged but no. Its just that chemical exfoliation is more popular.
Personally, many chemical exfoliants dont work for my skin so i just use scrubs and im fine.
No one talks about chemical over exfoliation lol it basically ruins your skin barrier

No. 119700

i tried kill cover before but it was kind of heavy. i use hera usually so i switched back to that.

No. 119705

Are all of the 3-1 elf mascaras tube formula? Or are the tubing kinds specially marked?

I love tubing mascara but it seems so difficult to find

No. 119706

Are all of the 3-1 elf mascaras tube formula? Or are the tubing kinds specially marked?

I love tubing mascara but it seems so difficult to find

No. 119707

Are all of the 3-1 elf mascaras tube formula? Or are the tubing kinds specially marked?

I love tubing mascara but it seems so difficult to find

No. 119826

Sorry if this has already been discussed, but I really need to find a mascara that doesn't smudge onto my undereye. I have oily eyelids and use an eyeshadow primer which keeps my eyeliner and eyeshadow in place, but my mascara is a pain in the ass. After a few hours of wearing my makeup I look like I have two black eyes. I've tried waterproof formulas, not putting mascara on my bottom lashes, setting it with clear mascara - nothing works. I've also tried all the reccomendations from websites on google.

I don't mind spending more on a high-end mascara as long as it works, but drug store recommendations are also good (I'm a UK anon). Thank you in advance anons!

No. 119850

Are you setting your undereye/foundation properly? Do you use a setting spray? I have very oily lids too and manage to get away with using waterproof mascara as long as I set my undereye concealer properly and use a setting spray. The basic E.L.F. one is enough.

No. 119919

Jfc sorry my connection was so shitty

No. 120058

Are bb creams something that can be used as skin care? I haven't used foundation or anything with pigment in years on my face, but I really like the look of those glowy Korean bb creams. Basically, do they do more than just offer color? I don't have any redness or scars on my face that need coverage or anything, so a product that's kind of sheer would be fine as long as it maybe doubles as a moisturizer as well.

No. 120066

I think they only carry the one 3-in-1 mascara and idr if they even advertised it as a tubing formula. The first few times I used it I had to look up a review that mentioned it bc I was finding it so difficult to get off lol The reviews are pretty half and half but I'd recommend it to try since it's only, like, 5 bucks.

No. 120067

Basic BB creams are hydrating and have SPF.

No. 120099

I don't think I was setting my undereyes properly. I tried baking my undereyes today and my mascara didn't smudge nearly as much as usual, it wasn't noticeable at all.

Thank you so much anon!

No. 120171

File: 1564180968861.jpg (72.54 KB, 900x900, o.jpg)

has anyone ever used brow serums to promote growth? do they actually work?
i have sparse eyebrows (top part of image) and i'm tired of drawing in my brows every day. i'm considering getting my brows microbladed or something but i want to know if it's possible to naturally get thicker brows. or am i fucked because i already don't have many brow hairs to start with?

No. 120172


I've used castor oil with some success. My brows are super sparse like your's. Castor oil made them a bit thicker to where I can fake an arch with some brow pomade now, but I will probably end up getting them microbladed.

No. 120240

Has anyone here successfully turned loose eyeshadow or pigment into an eyeliner? I have this gorgeous limited edition MAC pigment from years ago that I've been mixing with setting spray and trying to very quickly use it as a liner with a brush before the setting spray dries out but it's a wasteful method, gets my brush very gunked up with the setting spray and I'd really like to turn it into some kind of cream liner that's more economical. Thanks gals.

No. 120241

You could try vaseline.

No. 120254


i’ve heard that castor oil can potentially cause dryness & break outs

No. 120262

Maybe try mixing some coconut oil? I've tried this with an eyeshadow that was kind od dry I guess, and it spread more easily.

No. 120265

I feel like Vaseline or oil would just slick straight off my eyelids. They're very oily so always need primer. I went and bought something called Duraline off Amazon anyway, which apparently is good for precisely this use. Thank you for your replies anons.

No. 120275

Do they just not make non saturated concealer/foundation? No matter what brand I try, looks orange, yellow, or pink on me. Even if the undertone technically matches, the saturation is way higher than my skin so it looks like paint. JFC. I tried sheering out and stuff, just doesn't work. Doesn't match my fucking skin. Just wanted something for the undereye from Sephora bc I'm tired of ordering Glossier but the shit there is all extremely thick, bright colored pastes.

No. 120380

a little kind of off topic; i use maybelline clear mascara for my eyelashes and they legitimately grow, surprisingly - they also advertise it as a brow gel so that might work in that case as well? no idea if it's an actual solution but i hope it helps !

No. 122780

i have a warm skintone on the lighter side but not super pale. i have always worn corals or peachy blush. my question is would a blush that is more pink with no peach/orange in it clash with my skin tone? should i just stick with corals?

No. 122790

I think pinks can still look good with that skintone, a pink tone lip will help

No. 122802

that makes a lot of sense, i'll be sure to do that then. thank you anon!

No. 126757

File: 1572990449768.jpeg (3.49 KB, 278x181, images.jpeg)

how do you keep your lips smooth and free from dead skin so lipstick looks better? do you use specialist scrubs or homemade ones? I can never wear anything on my lips because it just highlights all the dead skin, whenever I try to remove it, it can make my lips bleed. any ideas?

No. 126761

I have that problem, but I have some kind of chronic dehydration or something. Mixing a bit of lanolin in with my moisturizer is the only thing that really helps.

I also just got back from a trip to the desert where my hair/skin felt and looked amazing somehow, but now that I'm back in my humid southern home state I'm once again dealing with lips like your pic. It's like all the moisture in the air is coaxing all the moisture out of my body. I'm fuckin dyin over here, I can't afford all this gatorade and sheep oil forever!!!

No. 126762

My lips are smoothed out and I mostly don't have this problem anymore. I have to exfoliate twice a week including my lips. I use the gudetama peeling skin one. For lip balm Eco Lips in mint or blood orange applied morning and night. If not that then Sugar's advanced therapy lip balm still x2 a day. I make sure to put a 90% aloe gel in my routine which oddly seems to plump them a bit. Not sure what skin type you have but mine's dry in a dry climate. Usually don't wear matte lipstick either so I opt for a tinted balm or gloss. Hope this helps in some way anon!

No. 126771

File: 1573009024688.jpg (16.35 KB, 425x425, 51yx0Ddy43L._SX425_.jpg)

Wear chapstic always. I need to have a thin layer of either chapstic or lipstick at all times otherwise my lips become like this. I need to reapply chapstick several times a day and i go through them really fast.
Try to find one with hialuronic acid, the best one i've tried so far is pic related.

No. 126807

What works for me is leaving Aquaphor on it at night and reapplying in the morning after washing my face. Sometimes I apply light lipstick over it, or sometimes I dab it off veery lightly then apply lipstick. Looks great.

Try that first, and if the dead skin still shows too much, you may need to exfoliate with a lip scrub and see.

No. 126868

What can I do with foundation that’s a shade lighter than my skin tone? I got a bit of a tan that hasn’t gone away yet but I want to use up my foundation before it expires (it cost me $60 no way am I throwing that out)

No. 126877

use it as a highlighter

No. 126880

Mix it with a darker foundation or get a bottle of dark foundation drops specifically for mixing

No. 126890

File: 1573171692099.png (186.33 KB, 790x482, NjZ77AP.png)

i alternate between a combo of pic related throughout the day. i do a lip scrub once or twice a week but most of the ones i've tried have all been pretty similar so i don't have a specific recommendation there.

how old is the foundation?

if it's only one shade off you could only use it for slight brightening at best tbh.

No. 127028

I have kind of a stupid question but is it normal to be really sensitive to makeup and is it possible to like, build a tolerance or become more comfortable with it? I want to wear makeup but it makes my eyes so dry and irritated. I've tried all kinds of eyeshadows, liners and mascaras. High end,low end, and in between. I've tried different formulas that are supposed to be less flaky or have no fallout or whatever and it seems like they all just make me want to die. I just want 1 good eyeliner and mascara and maybe a couple of shadows that won't make me feel like I'm on Mars without a space helmet

No. 127553

No. Makeup allergies are pretty common, unfortunately. I have the same issue. Try switching to smaller natural makeup brands (Etsy), or making your own. Natural makeup tends to be kind of shittier and doesn't last as long, but it's better living with an allergic reaction all-day.

If you're really pasty you might be able to get away with using mineral sunscreen as a 'tinted' moisterized to cover redness and blemishes.

No. 127566

have you tried physician's formula?

No. 127567

i started using the ordinary retinol in squalane to clear up ance/scarring/prevent wrinkles and a strange side effect was that the overplucked areas of my brows are growing back after years of patchiness/baldness

No. 129301

I’d like to start following a few YouTube channels that focus primarily on reviewing Asian skincare products and creating simple Korean/Japanese makeup looks. Any suggestions?

No. 129880

Tips on how to look younger/cuter (without going full blown weeb a la Venus)?

I always feel like makeup makes me look worse. I know that part of the reason why is because I'm not used to wear (much), but I've also been told by others that it looks weird or doesn't suit me.
Of course it makes me look prettier, but also super mature and sort of like an emotionless mask, no matter what I try. My skin always ends up insanely greasy and crusty at the same time, like it settles in any tiny wrinkle I might have. I already tried so many different foundations, and eye looks, but nothing works. Without makeup I might be ugly but I at least look somewhat young and friendly. I'm so jealous of the girls who can just put on a bit of mascara and concealer and still look cute.
And when you try and search "cute makeup" on yt you only get full on baddie looks or makeup so minimal that only supermodels can get away with it.

No. 129882

I'm not a big fan of makeup because I do think it makes me look older/worse if it's too heavy, so I just stick to
>dewy, light foundation
>pink blush on the apples of my cheeks instead of under my cheekbones
>no eye makeup or just a tiny bit of mascara
>lip tint instead of lipstick

No. 129884

That's pretty much what I do as well (foundation, powder, pink blush, mascara, sometimes gloss), but I still look messy.
And when I go for a more extreme look, then my eyes look like a 13 year olds in 2007, while darker lips unironically make me look trannyish.

No. 129931

I'd recommend using a primer as well, most days I just wear it on its own with some concealer and maybe light bronzer. I'm using Porefessional by Benefit and it has been great so far.
If you are able to post a picture of your eye makeup for a better idea of what might be going wrong, it would help.

No. 130240

File: 1578018407210.jpeg (150.13 KB, 1200x800, A3FF084A-62B9-42B8-970D-D9EFC6…)

me too anon. i wanna do the whole french girl high fashion shit but whenever i try i feel like an 11 year old tranny

No. 130295

korean makeup style! if you tailor it to your face then it can look super natural, youthful and cute without making you look like a weeb. i used to wear heavy makeup when i was 13/14 and constantly was seen as mature looking with it on and my self esteem would really take a hit lmao. but brown eyeliner, powder brows, sheer pink/clear lip gloss are all my go tos when i wanna look cute

No. 130303

Japanese makeup styles do that too

No. 130548

does anyone know where to buy refills for Innisfree’s No Sebum compact? I assume you can because otherwise why would they make the pan, but I can’t find clear information on it.

No. 130549

make the pan removeable* (there’s a hole at the bottom of the compact to take it out)

No. 130605

does anyone have those MILK makeup stamp things? I got two as a gift, the star and the heart. What do i do with them? stamp it on like a beauty mark or something?

No. 130665

I treated myself to Heroine Make Volume and Curl, it’s the second mascara I’ve ever tried after Rimmel’s waterproof in the blue tube and I don’t think I need another brand ever again, it’s honestly perfect. My only complaint is that it’s difficult to take off and I always lose a few eyelashes in the process but I could always rub my eyes with less force. It doesn’t do the flaky thing or smudge after 9 hours of wear and still holds my curl, the only time it smeared was when I fell asleep after a long day so that was about 15+ hours of being on my face while I tend to get oily/my eyes water in my sleep. My lashes are too straight and downturned for their length to show but when I apply this it’s like pop. And I like the brush more than the Rimmel one, it’s easier to get in there and swipe, with Rimmel’s I constantly poked myself and found the bristles too dense to ensure I was getting enough product on each lash. Definitely lives up to the name, I only need one layer of it, probably best for people with sparser or thinner lashes.

No. 130691

Essentially yes. Most people stamp it under or next to the eye. I think it can be cute.

No. 130757

I really wanna start wearing winged eyeliner but I have super hooded eyes (my right one you can barely see the top of my eyelid). Any tips :(?

No. 130758

Youtube and lots of practice is sadly the only way. It's also really sad how many makeup gurus try to make makeup video for hooded eyes while they don't really have them.

There are a lot of ways you can try to do it so I'll link you some videos.


No. 130770

sounds like you are heavy-handed and maybe your skin isn't moisturized enough.

No. 130788

draw the wing only, with you eyes open, looking forward. this might need to start higher up than the actual corner of your eye, so the end result isn't droopy.

line your upper water-line, using pencil, gel or shadow. put the pigment in and slightly under your upper lash line, same as tightlining your bottom water-line. it should look more like your eyelashes are thicker, instead of a very graphic line.

then connect the line to the wing, making sure to not go too far down with the line at the outer corners. try changing where the line and wing meets your lashline, think uplifting instead of just extending.

this also helps prevent the liner from transferring to your lid.

No. 130907

How do people make liquid foundation go on smoothly? I feel like I have to learn even though I like bare skin because there's a huge dark mark on my face that won't go away and it wrecks my esteem. If I put too much on it goes cakey, if I try doing it sparingly I don't get enough coverage to match the mark to my real skin tone. Right now I'm using Rimmel's Hide The Blemish because it's the easiest to apply and doesn't oxidize into orange but at the end of the day it always goes a bit patchy (I think its from my skin oils?)

No. 130917

do you use primer? if not, do consider investing into it. I only use concealer under my eyes from like face make up but I have noticed significant decrease in creasing and it settling into fine lines etc once I started using a primer.

No. 130979

I do but it doesn't seem to make much difference, idk if I'm looking at it too much when other people ask the same thing and are told makeup just looks like that, it can never look like skin.

No. 130980

I struggled with this for years. The secret is finding a foundation that fits your skin type, and also caring for your skin FIRST. Even the best foundation in the world can’t mask badly taken care of skin. And use much less foundation than you think you need. Women think they need 10 pumps of foundation thanks to watching drag-esque beauty gurus who hide behind filters and beauty lights. Chemically exfoliate regularly, moisturize your skin, and give it what it needs.

No. 130988

Oh don't worry about that, I already have a small routine going since I tried treating the mark like it was hyperpigmentation. It didn't work but I found it made the filaments on my nose go away and stay clearer more easily which got me into skincare. But again, if I use less foundation I get less coverage on a mark that's 3-4 shades darker than the rest of me and no matter what it looks a little powdery then goes transparent in patches by the end of the day.

I'm not very experienced with makeup so if a person wears concealer/foundation, no matter how good they are, will it always look like they've got something on? Most women around me see either clearly have a full face made up or nothing (and not a 'no makeup look') so it's hard to tell.

No. 130995

It depends. if you're looking for extremely high coverage to cover your dark mark, then it might be hard to get 100 percent skin-like coverage. It also really depends how up close you're looking, up close looking in a mirror you will always be able to see your makeup. But from a normal human distance, most people will not notice your makeup unless it's far too cakey. Have you tried the dermacol foundation to use as a concealer? I used it when I had extremely bad cystic acne and it's the highest coverage stuff I've ever used, even more than concealer. I think I remember reading it's over 40 percent pigment. But I saw you were concerned about oxidation, it does oxidize so I would mix mine with white mixer from LA girl. But basically my point is if you're trying to build up a badly formulated concealer with low coverage, it will inevitably look cakey and wack. If you do end up deciding to try the dermacol, make sure you buy it from their official website, there are fakes of it.

No. 131001

Favourite lip tints/lip stains, anons? They're the only lip colour I like to wear, but they all seem to come in the same boring red/pink/orange shades. I've been trying to find a brown lip stain forever.

No. 131024

Idk if anyone can help but I'm currently pregnant and I cannot stand the smell and feel of lotions and stuff on my skin. (Make up is a no go too. It makes me gag) It's been months since I've used sunscreen and I'm genuinely worried about my skin. I was very regimented about my skincare before getting pregnant and while my skin is pretty clear and I keep it clean, I'm worried I'm damaging it by not putting anything on it.

Anyone have suggestions for uv light creams that don't smell / feel too heavy?

No. 131059

Any advice on how to do eye makeup on semi-hooded eyes? I prefer a natural Smokey eye look. My eyes aren’t fully hooded (close to it though) you can still see a tiny bit of lid and my eyebrows are pretty close to my eyes. I have tried putting eyeshadow on the bottom outer corners of my eyes and connecting/blending it to the top lid for a ~Smokey affect~ , it always ends up making my eyes look super droopy. I also can’t do winged liner because of the flap of skin above my eyelids.

No. 131062

File: 1579269064846.jpg (338.96 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20200117_084932_com…)

i personally only wear sheer red lip tints, my favourite was revlon balm stain in romantic but that's discontinued…

i heard good things about this brown lip stain

No. 131170

My eyes are like that too and follow this guy's hooded eyes tutorials- and it really worked for me, and I finally had a somewhat decent eye makeup. Takes a bit of practice though.
Also, you can't do the traditional wing with hooded eyes. You should look for videos on YouTube, there's plenty!
That's how I figured out how to apply eyeliner for eyes like mine.

No. 131287

Lately I've been doing my eyeliner with black eyeshadow rather than liquid since my favourite liquid eyeliner got discontinued and I'm too lazy to try other ones, and I like the blurry more natural look it has but it always seems to smudge at the end of the day. Even if I don't touch my face, I get home and always notice it's not as neat whereas my liquid eyeliner never did that. Anyone know how to fix this?

No. 131289

Not a sunscreen, but have you tried using rose hip or sesame oil? They're both very light, I used to use sesame oil religiously when I was in a hippie phase and my skin was fantastic.

No. 131309

Use a drop of matte liquid concealer on the lids before you apply liner, and buff a bit of powder shadow on top! I use brown shadow or just like any bronzer to blend out black pencil as eyeliner and I think it looks smoky and sexy lol. Or you might like gel liners, it's softer looking than a liquid but stays a bit longer than pencil.

No. 131310

Biore watery essence! Feel better soon anon <3

No. 131473

File: 1580094072494.jpg (255.07 KB, 700x700, 홀리카홀리카_LAZYEASY_페이스…)

Does anybody happen to have the old holikaholika x gudetama cushion? I still have my compact but I can't find refills on sale anywhere, and idk if any other holikaholika cushions would fit. Can you typically fit any refill in any compact?

Seconding this! I've repurchased it a ton of times, it's a really pretty and subtle brick color. I also like YSL tints/stains

No. 131579

I bought cream blush lately because I adore the way it looks, but it feels like it never actually stays on my face?
I'll apply it, it'll look good, then a couple of minutes later it fades. I use primer. Any advice?

No. 131582

So recently I've been dealing with styes and now I'm paranoid about the bacteria on my brushes etc. How do I store my brushes properly and also travel with them? Right now I just use makeup bags but I'm sure there are many germs everywhere because germs are all around us in general.. Or should I just wipe everything with alcohol right before using it on my face?

No. 131596

has anyone tried the shiseido smk minimalist whippedpowder blush? i spotted it at a store a while back but didn't have the time to thoroughly test it. i'd like to be informed about its longevity and also what shade would likely fit me as a blonde with pale skin and a neutral undertone.

No. 131691

File: 1580445535219.jpg (19.23 KB, 401x450, 41OJNInXrpL._SY450_.jpg)

I remembered estee lauder used to have this high gloss lip gloss a while back and im still in love with them. Sadly i belive that they dont sell these anymore, im a bit disappointed because they are absolutely beautiful! I cant seem to find any other gloss that fit me like these anymore though, now the only dupe i could find is the anastasia beverly hills st.tropez lip gloss.

No. 131692

File: 1580448468181.jpg (18.14 KB, 650x650, 096018083845_SIMMER_JUICYTUBES…)

how about juicy tubes?

No. 131701

I havent tried them yet but ill make sure to give it a go. Thank u anon for your suggestion!

No. 132319

>put on lipbalm this morning, a nice berry red colour
>look at myself in work's bathroom mirror an hour later, it's now pinkish?

Am I retarded or is this normal

No. 132463

different lighting? Your room might've been darker.

No. 132476

Anons, what makeup removers do you recommend? I've been recently using that Heroine Make mascara and that shit is so tough to get off.

No. 132575

File: 1581154544963.jpg (129.78 KB, 1200x1500, 71lHOmd QfL._SL1500_.jpg)

No. 132576

I use this one as well! the oictured one, not the pink one. It's really nice, I've repurchased it a couple of times already. I do double cleanse though so I use a different cleansing product after.

No. 132577

This might sound dumb but I tried olive oil and vaseline, the olive oil seemed to work best because it runs. I only used those things because I didn’t know my remover wouldn’t work on it.

No. 132578

oh ffs I forgot, I’m talking about that exact mascara. Sticks so well I’m actually put off wearing it every day because of the fuss. Yeah you want oil-based, I only had micrllar water and it didn’t do shiiiit.

No. 132589

File: 1581177967682.jpg (25.91 KB, 600x600, 4901433081474[1].jpg)

herione make makes a remover that's specially designed for their mascara. i got it at my makeup store as a set but they sell it by itself. pic related. get that or the bifesta eye makeup remover.



gentle reminder to buy on amazon at your own risk. amazon prime/amazon fulfilled products don't go through any kind of extra tests etc. they are just bought wholesale from popular suppliers.

No. 132592

does anyone know of any foundations or bb creams without silicone for pale but kind of yellowish olive skin? im not sure what my undertone even is but it's definitely not pink. silicones break me out like crazy but they're in EVERYTHING

No. 132600

Try Innisfree Eco Natural Green Tea BB Cream

No. 132637

ty anon, going to try it out!

No. 132664

I was wondering if anyone here knows a good light/natural coverage foundation for combo/textured fair skin? Bb and cc creams are welcomed as well, i have been out of the foundation game for too long to know shit.

No. 132731

So i fell in love with the ysl fusion ink cushion. It lasts 12 hours on my oily skin (its hydrating) and it doesnt even fade. Its sooo skinlike.
But its 75cad. goddamn it.

No. 132732

Set it with powder although it might affect its dew. Use a pink highlight on top to get the dew back.
I also love cream blushes but they never last on my skin

No. 132783

Serious question but with the Wuhan coronavirus, you think makeup from China is safe?

No. 132784

As a fellow worrier, I've read that the virus cannot survive on the surface whilst being in transit, especially if it's a multiple day or even week thing. But my worried ass still disinfects most of the shit i buy either way so idk anon.

No. 132946

to anons who swear by beauty blenders/similar sponges, how many do you own/use?

i'm seeing videos of gurus and hopefuls washing 30~ at once, all utterly filthy - how do you even accumulate this many dirty sponges (unless you're an mua working on other people)?

No. 132955

I have two and wash them with soap after I use them. Are you supposed to do it differently?
I could do with one tbh, the second I got was in a brush set.

No. 132956

One and I wash it daily.

No. 132962

PR and lazy habits

No. 132974

File: 1581972883262.jpg (54.07 KB, 692x820, Screenshot 2020-02-17 at 20.50…)

speaking of beauty blenders, are the actual branded beauty blenders (that I've seen for around £17) actually any better than a normal, cheaper sponge? I don't really want to pay all that, would buying this one from nyx for £7 be a decent alternative?

basically I'm asking are all makeup sponges created equal?

No. 132979

It's all about the density of the foam. The official ones are super soft, where some generic knockoffs are harder and feel more like you're smacking yourself in the face with a kitchen sponge. The orange Real Techniques one is really popular, but it's all personal preference. See if you can get your hands on an official one just to feel, then pick another brand whose texture you like.

No. 132986

It has to be soft. I bought a cheap one once cause I thought it'd work just as mine cause it's just a sponge lol

but it like being socked in the face. It was like i worked in the mail office and my face was the mail being stamped.

No. 133002

have you tried shopmissa sponges? Their paw paw wonder blender is even softer and squishier than the beautyblender, and it's 2 dollars. I prefer their mochi sponges, they're less soft than the paw paw wonder blenders, IMO if a sponge is too soft then it absorbs all the coverage. Their microfiber sponges are amazing too. Again, they're all like two dollars, which is much better than like 25 dollars for a beautyblender. I think they're only online though, so you won't be able to get it at a drugstore or anything.

No. 133012

Yeah I like the RT one a lot. If you're like me outside of the US/Canada and the shipping outweighs the cost of the Miss A sponge anon above me mentioned, I'd recommend you get that one.

No. 133055

I'm very very pale with pink undertones and I've struggled to find a foundation that suits my skin type forever. The best and closest I've found is Too Faced Born This Way in 'Cloud' but it's kinda out of my price range (and Too Faced is a company I don't rly wanna give money to).

Any recommendations? UK based btw.

No. 133062

>out of my price range

No. 133072


Thanks anon! It arrived a few days ago and it works like magic.

No. 133076

I don't want to work £30+ on makeup into my budget lmao

No. 133093

is this a troll lmao? 40 dollars for one ounce of product is insane. Most fiscally responsible adults can't afford regular splurges like that.
Hi anon, I'm kinda similar except I'm extremely pale and neutral. Funny enough I find the palest foundation to always run pink. Also, I looked up swatches of the color cloud and it seems very neutral to me? Are you sure you have pink undertones? For a long time, I thought I did too because of redness in my skin, but in reality, my actual skin itself is very neutral. What is your skin type? I can give you suggestions if you want, I'm also a budget shopper for pale foundations and have tried dozens of kinds.

No. 133104

Hi! I thought the same about Cloud on other people (too yellow/beige) but when I tried it, it worked well and looked pretty good. My skin type is dry and that's another thing I liked about cloud - it never became painful/annoying to wear, always pretty moisturising. I'm honestly only just getting into foundation and concealer, didn't bother with it for ages because of the lack of pale shades.

No. 133173

How do you make your makeup stay on properly and not melt off or be all greasy and gross when you wear sunscreen? I've tried several sunscreens and they all claim to be non greasy or sticky but they always are. I wonder if there's a trick to mattify your skin after sunscreen.

No. 133177

What one are you using? I use the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Factor 50 and I have especially oily skin and I find it's the only one I've tried that doesn't make my skin like an oil slick after a few hours. It goes on as a thin fluid and makes me feel moisturised but not greasy or sticky. Might be worth a try?

No. 133192

(im the anon you're replying to) I also have really dry and dehydrated skin so I can hopefully give some good recommendations! Now I saw you said you're in the UK so I'm not sure if you'll have all the things I recommend, hopefully you could. One mistake I made when I first started getting into foundation is not paying attention to what kind of foundation it is. If you have dry skin, you're gonna want to avoid "matte" or "satin" foundations, or anything that claims to reduce oil. Those always turned into a chalky cakey mess on me. Find things with "dewy" or "natural" finishes, and is marketed for dry or normal skin types. I also find that liquid foundations are a lot more prone to look bad on me, but ones that are creamy textured in a moisturizing way are a lot better. Stick foundations/bb creams/ cushion foundations are great for dry skin, but usually hard to find in pale shades. also, stop using full coverage foundations if you don't need them! Most people generally don't need them, and lighter coverage blends much easier and is often less cakey and drying.

Now as far as actual recommendations, here are some of my personal favorites for dry pale skin.
1. Makeup revolution cover fast base stick foundation
(affordable, decent pale shade range, blend with fingers to make it melt into your skin)
2. CYO lifeproof foundation
3. Makeup revolution conceal and hydrate foundation
4. wetnwild cushion foundation (I have to drop a white shade mixer into this to shade match)

I almost forgot, my final tip is to buy shade mixers! LA girl makes a pure white foundation color, which you can mix into foundations that are too dark and make it your color. If you need to make a foundation more pink (you said that is your undertone) you would buy the orange shade mixer. You only need a teeeeeny tiny drop usually, I use the blue foundation mixer since most foundations are way too pink on my neutral skin, and I use less than half of a pea size amount per day. And most of all, moisturize your skin first, then let it sink in for about 15 mins, then apply foundation. Moisturized skin is the first step to a good foundation application.

No. 133202

I googled it and found different versions with the same name, which one do you use?

No. 133206

Oops! It's the Shaka Ultra Light Fluid in 50+.

No. 133328

Thank you so much anon, this is definitely helpful and I'm very very grateful! <3

No. 133946

I have been thinking about getting some foundation to wear. The only makeup I wear on the regular is mascara and lipstick. My skin is fairly even and smooth but I want to get good at using something light to look a bit nicer for special occasions. I can't stand the feeling of layers of makeup covering my face so I am hoping just a single pressed powder product could do the trick. Just swabbing a big foundation brush across my face and go, y'know?

Do you experienced ladies think that is possible for me? My skin is between regular and dry, but my forehead can get oily at times. My cheeks have more colour to them than the rest of my face. I am a pasty ghost with a blue(?) undertone.

My theory is that a nice sheer layer of pressed powder foundation would look natural and well put together. Makeup is expensive in my country so I'd like to gather advice before buying products I might not like in the end…

No. 134265

Try getting a moisturizer to apply just before you put the pressed powder on so it has something to adhere to, Anon

No. 134367

ty for the beauty blender replies. I decided to go for an official one (got one for £5! brand new from ebay) and anon was right, it's super soft and makes the application very easy. not like any sponge I'd used in the past. I had used the real techniques one before but this beauty blender is definitely my fav of the 2

what's wrong with too faced as a brand?

No. 135560

Every foundation I try look too orange or pink and looks horrible. I tried an olive shade but it was too dark either way and I think it was too yellow/green for me too. I feel like my skin is pretty colorless and like grey or some shit but the only foundation shades like that are the very pale ones but they look way too light on me and make me look literally white
Wtf is my skin tone and correct shade of foundation I'm so frustrated
I have bad skin with acne and acne scars and discoloration in different colors I don't look healthy without foundation

No. 136608

Does anyone have any recommendations for concealers that are very creamy in texture (like ideally not in a tube/liquid) and lightweight?

No. 136611

idk anon, I'm no makeup expert because I also hate how it feels, but I'd much rather a thin layer of dewy foundation than pressed powder, especially if there's dryness anywhere. Liquid foundation won't feel much different to moisturizer or sunscreen if it's minimal, but powder is always going to feel makeup-y. BB cream is a common choice for light coverage.

No. 136620

I have the same exact skin as you (different undertone) and I use loreal infallible pro and I always forget I have it on. Great coverage too. If you want to invest in something that's higher quality, try charlotte tillbury.

No. 136902

Every foundation I buy looks too orange or pink or yellow on me. I feel like I'm too colorless for every shade, shades that are less intense in color are the lightest shades but those are too light on me and look white.

No. 136986

This is called "neutral".

No. 137256

Any farmers that have lash perms/tinting or eyelash extensions?

I've heard that some pretty sketchy stuff can happen if you don't go to right places for eyelash extensions. The results however are so beautiful and I just want to see how they would change my face.

Lash perms and tinting are a viable alternative as well but I just want to know how other people may have made the decision between the two.

No. 137259

I do lash tinting at home with Refectocil. Easily lasts 3 weeks and it's super easy and affordable to do. You only need a tube of dye and cream oxidant (don't get the liquid, since you don't want it to drip in your eyes) and an old, clean mascara brush. It costs like 12 euro and lasts many applications.

100% not worth getting profesionally done.

No. 137261

I did one of those at home lash lift kits and it worked for my eyebrows (lamination) but not eyelashes? How long do I have to wait before re-lifting my lashes? Don't feel like having them fall out.

No. 137295

I am here again with this question, i wanted to try out the bare with me bb thing from nyx but it kinda feels nearly greasy/waxy idk

No. 137484

Neutral is always too pink or orange for me.

I now think I'm a very light green olive. So far I have 2 shades that don't look too horrible, but one is too pink and the other one might be just slightly too yellow and it also looks a bit too light but anything darker is too yellow/orange/pink on me. Which one do I go for?

No. 137621

What happens if you mix the shades? Also might be worth finding a good undertone match even if it is too dark or light and using a foundation mixer (Nyx has one in light, dark and olive, as probably a lot of other makeup brands do).

No. 137623

File: 1587920913988.jpeg (76.41 KB, 900x900, 052FF687-ED13-461D-A7ED-C377D7…)

Probably the only 2 palettes I bought mostly because they look good and not because that’s what I use for makeup. Seems like I will have to push my boundaries with these.

No. 137707

Anyone know a very light green foundation? NYX skin veil vanilla nude is still not green enough for me but it's closer than others I tried but it's way too dark for my pale ass.. Looking for something even more green and not yellow and light.

No. 138007

There's dust/small pieces of fabric all over my beauty blender, will it come off while washing it?

No. 138175

I hate foundation with a passion and only use it to cover up red areas. But even though my skin is clear I still want to even it out a bit on some occasions. What's something in between nothing and foundation?

No. 138176

Tinted moisturizer or BB cream.

No. 138180

i use glossier skin tint for this, it goes on like a moisturizer and is enough to blur me a little and cover faded uneven areas.

No. 138181

Thanks anons! I think i'm either gonna go for the Glossier one >>138180 mentioned, or Erborian CC cream. Reason being my skin tone changes a lot depending on the sun, and I can never tell what shade or undertone I am. At least the CC matches any tone.

My biggest worry is it'll fuck my skin up over time. I love how soft and clear my skin is, and anything that covers it like foundation makes it look dull and spotty.

No. 138183

Been wondering whats a good eyebrow pencil. The eyebrow pomade from L.A Beauty, the dark brown one, doesn’t do well for me. I’d like to see if theres a better one from maybelline or bys that has the same shade as my hair color (dark brown/black?)

I really want to have the thick eyebrow look but i dont know where to start

No. 138185

No. 138189


This is one of my favorite pencils, I also used the benefit brow pencil for awhile but found that this one gives you a lot more control.

I have super dark black hair so the darkest one fits great.

No. 138207

Hey I bought this palette too! The one on the left, I’m still so intimidated to use it. I’ve only messed with the white lilac and grey. And use the pink like a blush on my cheeks. I really love the colors but so intimidating.

No. 138208

does anyone have a primer recommendation for the kosas oil tint. I powder cause lately I’ve been self conscious about looking oily when I haven’t before. It does absorb really well into the skin with out powder but it want it to last longer, the concealer by kosas is also super nice but I feel like a primer will prolong the wear.

No. 138227

hey anon just wanna come back and say thanks for recommending glossier - they have the EXACT no-makeup makeup look I'm going for.

No. 138228

What is a good eyeliner and mascara for very sensitive eyes?

EVERYTHING makes my eyes sting so I don't wear mascara. I use a creamy eyeliner pencil which does the job but I want to start tightlining my eyes which seems absolutely impossible given that anything around my eyes makes them hurt, let alone something that goes in them.

No. 138229

Can I get some recommendations for non-instagrammy, lighter makeup channels that are still unique and don't always go for the no makeup look? I like something a bit more unique and bold but not full on drag queen like NikkieTutorials

Examples that I like are:

Haley Kim (really light but I like a bold lip)

itslikelymakeup (unique)

PONY Syndrome

No. 138510

File: 1588784222835.jpg (16.98 KB, 264x158, 01.JPG)

Girls I've been looking for an eyeshadow palette that could help me achieve that "soft beige" makeup look, ie the picture linked.

Do you know any suggestion on the occidental market (esp. Europe)? I'm eyeing on Tartelette in Bloom with it's lighter shades.

On the kbeauty side there's on my wishlist :
- 3CE Smoother
- Peach C Soft Brown
- Peach C Soft Coral

I know I should go at kbeauty but I can't really order at oversea shops at the moment, but I can save enough to buy at a store in my country (EU).

No. 138514

I hate Reddit but you should check r/OliveMUA since you seem to be fair olive. They have multiple threads dedicated to olive foundations – that's how I've found some of my matches as a light warm olive.

Anyway. Do any anons prefer NARS Soft Matte concealer over their Radiant Creamy Concealer? Cannelle is my perfect shade and there's seemingly no dupes for it. I'm running out of my current tube of RCC and wanted to try something new.

No. 138611

I tried this it didn't help tbh. I bought like over 30 products now and none of them look right, they're all too orange still

No. 138633

File: 1588906637324.png (2.39 MB, 1084x1172, IMG_7304.PNG)

I barely know anything regarding makeup aside from sometimes wearing concealer under my eyes without any skin prep as a kid (and going to a makeup store, putting some foundation on a feeling like I was painting myself like a clown) .Where can I get a basic understanding of how to make up?

I'm also unsure how I could use makeup to de-emphasising my square face and recessed jaw since I hate that aspect of my appearance

No. 138645

I have no clue what occidental market means, but maybe Bourjois eyeshadow palette in the color Rue du Cafe? You can easily get Bourjois at the drugstore where I am in the Eu.

No. 138651

Is your skin clear? If you only use concealer under your eyes then I assume so, and you don't need foundation just because most people clown makeup themselves. I'd look into natural makeup brands (Glossier, Milk) and only use tinted moisturizer, simple blush and eyeliner.

No. 138658

Occidental = Western

No. 138659

How can I tell the difference between my eyes being sensitive and me just not knowing how to do eye makeup without irritating them?

I bought a specific eyeliner for tightlining, my eyes still sting and the kohl doesn't stick. I can't use eyeshadow, it stings. Mascara stings. Only eye pencil doesn't irritate me.

No. 138665

If it gets INTO your eye then your doing it wrong. If it burns/itches/whatever from the product just being close to your eyes then your eyes are sensitive.

No. 139078

Hey anon thanks for suggesting Glossier - my package arrived today and it's perfect, exactly what I was going for. Looks like real skin and doesn't suffocate me. <3

Update to this - so I was using the Pixi eyeliners and they made my eyeballs feel like they're on fire. I ordered Marc Jacobs Highliners and they work great, my eyes feel fine with them. Maybe I'm sensitive to a certain ingredient. Now I wish younger me experimented with different brands because I would have avoided years of painful eyes.

No. 139125

Since I was in school to now (20s) my eyes have slowly progressed from just hooded to their final form, fully hooded. So a meaty upper eyelid, fold starts right in the inner corner and the outer corner is slightly overhanging. Jennifer Lawrence would be a close example. This is driving me insane. Most "hooded eyes" tutorials have some eyelid space. Or some space in the outer corner. I seem to have none. What the hell do I do now? Do I ditch attempts of cat eye and bright/colorful eyeshadow? Do I progress directly into monolid makeup tutorial? Pls send help.

No. 139126

The most annoying and hilarious technique I saw for hooded eyes is where you line your eye normally then move onto the hooded area, leaving a gap which is visible when you blink.

What I do is line them normally then apply some shadow on the hood so it still has an upturned effect but I don't have to swoop the eyeliner up so much where it looks disgusting when I close my eyes

No. 139127

Maybe try tutorials for deepset eyes too?

I'm in the same boat and damn it's fucking retarded how much more difficult it is to do your makeup + most of those tutorials are made by people who don't even have hooded eyes

No. 139151

Does anyone else struggle with taming their brows? Mine are fairly sparse but still rather unruly in terms of shape. Trying to pluck them into a nicer shape just makes them look even weirder. I've also tried using a more feathery technique and using light, short strokes with my brow pencil to mimick the look of natural hairs. What brow products have worked best for you guys?

No. 139177

I shape them how I want then shave and pluck any hairs that stand out. Mine are untameable too despite being a normal size, always jelly of those that can just brush them normally and be done

No. 139196

how would you describe your skin - dry, combo or oily? if u dont mind me asking. I was thinking of getting the skin tint but I have oily skin and was worried I'd become an oil slick using it.

No. 139197

File: 1589561010808.jpg (343.55 KB, 2048x2048, 373b66976ce831edf09ffcbb9e51c3…)

has anyone here tried brow soap, like soap specifically made for holding brows in place, not just hand soap? I've tried so many gels and none of them hold my brows how I want them.

No. 139204

File: 1589569821860.jpeg (23.65 KB, 704x1080, dafdsfsdf.jpeg)

get a wax brow pencil. my brows are naturally kind of straight but i force them into a high arch and it stays all day. i love it.

No. 139205

I have the glossier brow brush thing and it works really well

I used to put hairspray in an eyebrow brush lol

No. 139262

yeah my brows are full but they lay really straight, I love the look of them brushed up but the gel I have the minute (body shop gel I bought on whim) is trash and holds them for like 20 seconds. thanks for the recc, will look into this pencil

is that the boy brow? been thinking of trying it so ty

No. 139265

>is that the boy brow?
yep, that's the one

No. 139268

Have you tried using bar soap anon? Starts around 23:30
Idk how different it is from using gel soap (haven't tried that personally) but it's worth a shot if you have a bar laying around!

No. 139273

huh I thought the soapbrow-trick was always supposed to be with bar soap to begin with, not liquid soap

No. 139285

lash perming with a kit from amazon looked good but was a bitch to do purely because the shapers (idk what theyre called) wouldnt stick to my eyelid. The glue just wouldnt stick, maybe I used too much or should have used lash glue. Other than that the end result was nice

No. 139291

shit I prob misunderstood OP's post then, I thought they'd been using a liquid hand soap lol. My b! I found the video to be really helpful regardless though

No. 139296

it's supposed to be transparent bar soap like the ponds one.

No. 139591

Where can I find white eyeliner that will actually stay on the water line and not melt away?

No. 139645

Highliner by Marc Jacobs, that thing stays on so long and has been the only eyeliner to not irritate my eyes when applying to the water line.

Don't know if they have white but they have very light colors

No. 139785

File: 1590109734241.jpg (48.15 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_7771.JPG)

What are some good yet affordable lip plumpers?

No. 139840

File: 1590175667444.jpg (268.1 KB, 2048x1536, PC110111 (2).JPG)

Is this hazel, or green?

No. 139841

hazel I think

No. 139843

I think physicians formula had a good plumping gloss, I got it years ago though so idk if they still make it.

The elf one works pretty good too but there isn’t much product in the tube, colourpops plumping gloss is also good and is only $8

No. 139860

Assuming the gold and brown is not a reflection in the photo, hazel.

No. 139873

I'd call it green. I feel like hazel would need a bit more brown.

But depending on light and makeup it could probably look either way. It's super pretty

No. 139909

File: 1590261748393.jpg (921.28 KB, 2000x3177, ZomboDroid 23052020122141.jpg)

Ayrt I can't tell but hazel seems a lot more brown and amber but green eyes usually look like the bottom example in pic related but the ones above look like the green example in the top pic
Thanks for the input!! This has been bugging me for so long.

No. 139998

any tips for faces that look a little sunken? after some long term health problems, my face got fucked and basically my cheeks look sunken as well as the area around my nose and mouth (like nasolabial area), even after becoming healthy again my face never went back to normal and i just kind of look older. obviously i don't contour my cheekbones because it makes things look even more hollow, but other than that i don't know what to do to make my face look fuller and brighter again. i'm currently doing blush daily as well to look brighter.

No. 140290

I can only think of bright makeup and fillers/botox whatever the right term is. Lip fillers turned out to be surprisingly cheap where I live so maybe look into that

No. 140509

File: 1590685250324.jpg (53.23 KB, 600x800, PST_Carousel_02-compressor.jpg)

I haven't worn makeup really at all during quarantine and my skin has improved tenfold. The few times I have in the past few months I could feel how weirdly textured my skin felt the next day and I want to avoid that from now on. I used to wear full coverage because of my acne but since everything has evened out quite a bit I don't need it anymore. I know this might be kind of a tall order but I'm looking for some indie brands, that are cruelty free, with really lightweight foundations with sheer coverage and aren't too harsh on the skin. Like a BB Cream or Skin Tint, just super sheer and light. With everything that's been going on I would rather give my money to smaller companies. I follow a lot of indie brands already but a lot of them don't seem to have any face products.

No. 140539

What's a good primer for combination skin so I don't sweat everything off? I used Benefit Stay Flawless, but maybe something cheaper could do the same job? Preferably no animal ingredients besides maybe lanolin.

No. 140555

Does anyone have awful blonde eyebrows and hate it horribly? I look bald if I don't fill in my eyebrows. Furthermore, not every blonde is the same - I have more of a dirty-blonde color, but most blonde pencils I found were either really yellow or basically brunette.

L'Oreal's wooden eyebrow pencil has been the only thing to work for me so far. My only complaint is that sometimes my eyebrows are shiny, which looks unnatural - does anyone have a solution for this, is there such a thing as clear matte powder?

No. 140578

I also have more of a dirty blonde hair color and I use ABH dipbrow in taupe. I believe it also comes in pencil form.

maybe try setting your eyebrows with a light dust of regular transparant setting powder?

No. 140579

samefag, fucked up on the quoting >>140555

No. 140630

File: 1590786885314.jpg (584.31 KB, 1200x5520, struggle.jpg)

Oooookay get ready for the run down.
I'm super ashy blonde with fair, cool toned skin, and I know how fucking annoying it is to find the right color for brows. These are my best shots at not looking like Groucho Marx with too-dark brows, or ridiculous with red undertoned colors. I just go with my natural brows these days as I realized my futures are too soft and light to pull off anything heavy. (Same with winged eyeliner- I only just realized to use a light, light grey pencil instead of liquid of any color, YMMV tho.)

The eyebrow tint is my favorite as it still allows for a natural, not-drawn-on-blocky look. Mac Omega is really good neutral/cool toned/ashy color, if you're wanting to try powder in your brows. It's a good contour shade too if you are cool toned & fair skinned, apparently. I tried out the Benefit pencil in Cool Grey with a VERY light hand mostly on the outer 3/4 or so of my brows and it looks good in the sun but I found that once the lighting is darker, it looks more harsh– so be aware of that. It would probably also work well to tone down the browns/reds of a different blonde pencil if you lightly layer it. They also make a cool blonde color (pictured) but I felt it was too orange. The e.l.f. pencil is pretty good tbh but it didn't suit me as I felt it was also too yellow but for $2 you might as well try it out. (I'm also a big fan of returning products that don't suit me– fuck wasting money on this shit journey lel) Finally, the Covergirl Perfect Blend in Neutral Charcoal (#105) is something I just got today for the aforementioned light winged eyeliner look. Not for brows but it's really good if you struggle with winged liner closing your eyes off visually.
I hope this helps anon, I know how frustrating it is to find the right blonde color.

No. 140631

File: 1590787982545.jpg (17.91 KB, 1080x1074, nyx_jumbo_eye_pencil__milk_153…)

I usually go for NYX Jumbo Eye stick in Milk: budget friendly and pretty long lasting.

No. 140747

NTAYRT but I tried this and the white was very bright and stark. I do have a flesh colored eyeliner that looks good, but how do you like to apply the NYX Milk eye pencil anon? Do you blend it? Do you use it on the bottom waterline? The whole thing or just a portion of the waterline? I'm curious

No. 140831

What are those pads called you can slip your fingers under and use to apply powder?
I've been wanting to buy some but I can't find them

No. 140832

File: 1591019781859.jpg (178.59 KB, 1800x1800, IMG_0178.jpg)


A powder puff?

No. 140834

those aren't usually sold seperately from a make-up product are they? The only ones I can think of are the ones Tati sells

No. 140835

Does anyone know any good typical Japanese eye makeup tutorials? I love how soft and doll-like it is.

No. 140842


Oh they actually are, just a quick look on amazon and you can find plenty, i like using them to apply foundation since my skin doesn't seem to be into sponges

No. 140955

File: 1591161338532.jpg (179.71 KB, 1000x1000, rude_manganime-1000x1000.jpg)

Ordered this while drunk bc Im a raging weeb but I surprisingly love it for everyday esp for the price

This channels pretty good, some looks are wild but there's a few subtle ones: youtu.be/b-i1p1YwdGI

No. 140962

File: 1591170314161.jpg (83.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I have biig circle lenses nostalgia, I know it's absolutly out of trend to wear them as daily contact lens, but it's been 5 years that i stopped wearing them and I miss it.
I was a huge fan of big diameters, but my go to were the Geo Bella Brown, I clearly remember that everytime I wore them, people were complimenting my eyes or saying shit like "you look so pretty today"

I might give up and order a new pair even tho there's no way it doesn't fuck up your eyes on the long term kek

No. 140963

I wear mine daily. However im a gyaru

No. 140997

Slightly OT but does anyone else get tired of being preached at for liking products from ~unethical~ companies? I love MAC eyeshadows, and my favorite fragrance is by Estee Lauder. Honestly these days it's almost impossible to avoid all unethical products. Most of the retailers caught selling stuff in sweat shops didn't know because the foreign companies they contracted were the ones who outsourced the labor without telling them.

I guarantee you, every American has at least one item in their house that was tested on animals or made by sweat shop workers. There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

No. 141019

Yes. I do my best to BDS myself, but I'm not perfect and my computer has an Intel chip. Buying a product that checks multiple boxes quickly becomes very expensive. Ethical products are fine, but the idea that somehow having more to spend makes you better than other people is ridiculous. Buy less, buy used, or make your own if you really want ethical.

No. 141027

File: 1591238199635.jpg (105.19 KB, 600x682, b_00000496_add.gif.jpg)

korean lenses have come a long way since 5 years ago. They have phosphorylcholine lenses now, and I wear them daily.

No. 142519

File: 1592800682289.jpg (67.58 KB, 759x666, 12423636346875672.JPG)

Now that it's been two years since the last person asked if anyone has used magnetic lashes, I am once again asking, has anyone used magnetic lashes?
I'm looking into them as I'm tired of the fucking glue and they're kinda pricey. I don't mind spending extra if they're worth it, but there are so many brands to consider. I'm looking between LashLiner, Glamnetics, and MoxieLash. Attached pic is 'Nighttime Kit' from MoxieLash and currently at $144

No. 142522

I swear by magnetics, although I just use some cheaper ones from Amazon. My only complaint about those is that the magnets are on the thick side and require a thick liner to match. But otherwise they work like a charm, so I think it's more about finding your preferred style and seeing how thick the magnets look.

No. 142525

No. 142771

apparently the Mario badescu line is cancelled because they had steroids in the products and now in paranoia I'm looking for a new facial spray to refresh myself. Any suggestions are that on the natural side with not too many chemicals or fragrance?

No. 143329

What are some good brands/collections for mono eyeshadows?

I'm throwing out my shitty drugstore pallettes. I know exactly what colors I want, so I want singles and I want good quality eyeshadows, but I'm not otherwise enough into make-up to know what's good. Recommendations?

Also, thoughts on Glossier Cloud paints?

No. 143339

File: 1593900822199.jpg (175.51 KB, 1080x1080, colourpop.jpg)

If you like it in a single package:

- Colourpop supershock shadows are amazing, smooth and perfect for a one colour look. [These can dry out but you can fix with cosmetic oil]
- Kiko Milano water eyeshadow, smooth, beautiful and highly-pigmented.
Other good brands for these: Urban Decay, MAC, laura mercier (carviar stick shadow) and stila (stick liquid shadow).

If you would like to build your own palette (You just need to buy a magnetic palette and fill with "single shadows").
All really good quality:
- Anastasia Beverly Hills
- Colourpop
- Nabla (these are a diff size at 30mm)
- Sydney Grace
- Coloured Raine (hit or miss tho)
- Sugarpill (these are quite large not sure exact size)
These are usually 26mm size btw.

I've not tried but heard good things about:
- Coastal Scents hot pots (hit or miss), Leathal Cosmetics, Looxi, Clionadh Cosmetics, JD glow

If you type "temptalia" along with something you're interested into google, it might help as she runs a famous and informative website.

I have two glossier cloud paints in "puff" and "dusk" they are really easy to blend and add a pretty flush to my cheeks. It is easy to over do though, but also easy to remove if you have. It also looks good when you're having a bad skin day, I find it more flattering than powder blush.

No. 143340

Samefag, For the single "pans" (not in packaging) I meant all the brands quality for the singles I have are good. Though I have seen that some Coloured Raine is not great quality (but mine work really well). ABH and Sydney Grace are considered very high quality of these. I think Nabla & Colourpop are just as good tbh.

No. 143351

You could buy food grade rosewater and add preservative to it. Smells good, two ingredients. You can add a little glycerin for hydration.

No. 143365

I want to get Colourpop x sailor moon lip gloss, is there still any website from where i can buy it?

No. 143384

Nope, not at the minute. There will be 1 more restock, the date is currently unannounced. Go on the item you want and click "email me" for a in stock notification. It is best to check on their social media for a release date though, so you know when to be ready. The collection sells out fast (like in a few minutes) so my advice is to pre-fill out your details.

Colourpop's only other official stockist is Ulta which I doubt will ever be restocking. There is also resellers (ebay or depop) but I wouldn't recommend bc they sell for waaaay too high.

No. 143391

What's a decent vegan pencil eyeliner (preferably self-sharpening) that comes in brown and isn't a million dollars?

No. 143395

Thanks anon, this is super helpful! I'll definitely go through this list and see what's available here and do some swatching at the store.

I think I'm going to get the cloudpaint in puff

No. 144034

So anons I’d appreciate some help/tips with adding definition or whatever to my face. Basically I have no idea how to do my face makeup beyond basic concealer, foundation, and setting powder. Been too scared to use blush for fear of overdoing it but want to learn to add color to my face. Not really interested in adding contour or bronzer but I’m not super opposed either I guess

No. 144042

File: 1594726479846.jpg (9.34 KB, 650x650, l-oreal-paris-c-est-magic-bb-c…)

Opinions on L'oréal's C'est magic BB cream? Tried it in the store and looked great but would like to hear further opinions

No. 144045

Can you guys recommend a nice green concealer?

No. 144388

I need help. I have a quite pinkish face, especially compared to my body, not rosacea but just softly rosey. Dark hair, light af eyes yet no cool toned lipsticks ever look good on me, maybe a basic cool red but plums and such, no way. In my opionion, I look the best in warm tones, unless it's a orangey brown color, but why in the fuck, shouldn't it be that cool goes with cool?

No. 144694

You're supposed to go to an optometrist for tests and to discuss which SPECIFIC lenses you can safely wear. Take the tests/exams and show them which contacts you want to order and then you'll be fine. I wish everyone knew this

No. 144695

I have oily hooded eyes and makeup is always smudging and stuff, I wasn't wearing sunscreen on my eyes before and now I want to, but every sunscreen is at least a bit greasy and I don't see how that will work with makeup? Is there a sunscreen that is completely safe for eyes and acne and not greasy?

No. 144713

File: 1595358985723.jpg (51.74 KB, 1000x1000, 51pX3hclQZL._SL1000_.jpg)

Get a sunstick and eye makeup powder. Another anon also recommended pic related as a non-greasy sunscreen. I have oily skin around my eyes too and I have to powder over eye makeup (and sometimes under to be extra safe).

No. 144742

I'm makeup stupid. My concealer always creases under my eyes within minutes of application. I've tried everything I can think of… dozens of brands, setting with setting spray, setting with pressed powder, setting with loose powder, not setting it, using a ton, only using a little… any other tips?

No. 144743

How are you applying it and how much?

No. 144744

I use the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind, I use the applicator tip, a moderate amount?

No. 144756

I'm pretty sure applicator tip is the offender here then, in my experience anything is better than this, even just your own fingers. For me what works absolutely best is tip of the sponge, like beauty blender or any of the beauty blender copycats (so the sponges you have to wet before use).
As for amount, the less the better, thing people do on all of the beauty tutorials with putting huge trianle of product under the eye is definitely only good for a photoshoot right after, not daily use. I recommend Robert Welsh on yt, his technique is really good, though he uses a small brush, not a sponge. But maybe it will work for you!

No. 144777

Is this a good 5 min routine for uni and work and just every day?:
- semipermanent eyelashes already on
- a bit of mascara
- bb cream with spf
- mascara
- combing eyebrows up with a gel
- highlight on eyebrow ridge, inner corner, cheekbones
- Blush
- Lipstain/lipgloss/lipstick

Give suggestions otherwise if this sux

No. 144785

it's good if it gets you the look you want out of your make-up routine

personally I wouldn't use highlighter on a daily basis but that's me

No. 144792

dont go all the way up to your eye when applying concealer (over the tearbag) just apply beneath the tearbag where the darkness is, there is a lot of movement and creasing that happens on that area so it is best to just avoid it + not applying concealer there will also help stop eyeshadow from creasing beneath the eyes (if you wear any that day) as well as avoiding that cakey crepey look

No. 144797

Sounds fine, I don't think you're using a blinding highlight anyways so sounds nice and fresh. The only thing I wanna nitpick is the lack of actual spf.

No. 144799

Actual spf? What do you mean. The bb cream has 45 spf. I use a sunscreen over my entire body.

No. 144804

I meant like a separate one you spread generously all over the face and neck, bb creams usually don't have high of a spf and aren't applied thick enough but hey if it works for you.

No. 144916

has anyone ever tried the makeup hack of wearing powder, setting spray, and primer before putting on foundation? I did it and I feel like it didn't do anything for me. it just made me feel cakey. I have dry skin idk if that plays a role.

No. 145284

File: 1595880147944.jpg (66.07 KB, 689x452, eyebrows.jpg)

I feel like my eyebrows are weirdly thin/inconsistent in certain areas, but whenever I use an eyebrow pencil, it just looks absurdly thick. I'm not interested in shaving my eyebrows and painting them on since I mainly do natural/no makeup makeup (concealer + small amount of foundation + mascara + curl eyelashes + small amount of blush). What can I do?

No. 145291

Any anons have good tips on how to get rid of blackheads and narrowing your pores? I have oily skin and live in a tropical climate so these things are kinda inevitable.

No. 145292

Research double cleansing and acid exfoliation. Of course a lot of things unfortunately depend on genetics too, but try incorporating these things into your routine and see if theres a difference after a few months (acids need time)

No. 145310

I did a DIY brow tint today and I feel like my life is changed.

My brows have always sucked, I am dirty blonde but my eyebrows were a super-super fair blonde and they made me look bald. For the past several years I wouldn't leave the house without filling them in with a pencil.

I decided to save money and try to tint them on my own and it was super easy. I just used some root touch-up in "light brown" color and Q-tips, and left it on for a few minutes.

I HAVE ACTUAL BROWS NOW WTF. I feel like I look good without makeup. I used to hate removing my brows at the end of the day. Now I just feel pretty when I look in the mirror after showering and I still have brows.

For anons with sucky pale brows, 10/10 would recommend tinting them, either DIY or at a salon, I'm so excited to not fill them in tomorrow.

No. 145312

Have you ever heard of eyebrow gel? My daily makeup is only eyebrow gel, mascara, and half of the time I’ll use stick eyeliner so it definitely doesn’t stick out in the way eyebrow pencil does when you don’t have your face all beat + baked. I use the wellpeople eyebrow gel from target, I think the tint and consistency makes my brows really stand out by just enhancing their natural thickness! I have a bald spot in my eyebrow from a scar I got as a kid so dw, I think it adequately covers up thin parts imo too.

No. 147305

How do you all protect your makeup when it's raining
I can't drive so I have to use my bike to get anywhere
I know about waterproof mascara but how well does that actually hold up and what about your foundation and lipstick

No. 147309

Does someone, anyone, have an idea about how I can keep my tight lined eyeliner from eventually running and giving me raccoon eyes? I have used multiple “waterproof” liners, both sticks and gels, I have tried using black eyeshadow as liner by applying with a brush, I have tried to air my eyelids out before applying, I apply only to my upper lids, and no matter what eventually I end up with black under my eyes. Maybe I just have the most watery fucking eyes in the world but they don’t seem that intense?? Please halp I NEED liner to fill in my wispy lash line

No. 147320

Waterproof is just that, waterproof, it's not resistant against oils or other things that may smudge your eyeliner. Are your eyelids oily? You might wanna try primer and/or setting powder

No. 147321

the best thing i ever used for this was setting spray- urban decay has one that worked pretty well. you mist it on your face after applying makeup and it holds up pretty well against water

No. 147322