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File: 1627461717506.jpg (141.08 KB, 600x600, 034242234s3234234.jpg)

No. 199767

first thread is finally due to be locked, so here's the new one to discuss bisexuality. first thread >>56468

if you're still extremely unsure if you're bisexual, the questioning thread is likely a better fit. talk about your gender preferences, how you discovered you were bi, what's your type in men and women, how you feel in the community, any struggles you've had with bisexuality, etc.

No. 199772

Why do you wish you were more attracted to men? As someone who's barely attracted to them (almost only 2D husbandos) I don't understand why you'd want to force your preferences to change, you don't need to prove to anybody that you're bi despite being a febfem. I've always felt the 50-50 attraction was a meme anyway, sexuality is not a monolith.

No. 199781

I used to, but I coped by just denying it so now I'm well into my adulthood with 0 experience with anyone due to my inability to stomach romance with a man in reality.
If you’re happy with women why does it matter? The only trouble I see is people assuming bisexuals all prefer men or are 50/50. But as long as your partners don't believe you'll leave them for dudes then it has no real impact on your life.

Is your family religious or something?

No. 199844

I wouldn't call myself a febfem because I do interact with men sexually (it's so much easier to find men for casual stuff than women), but the thought of dating one is uncomfortable. I think it can be hard to find other bi women with a strong same sex preference both irl and online, the common experience seems to be dating a man and then coming out or experimenting and it makes me feel disconnected from my identity. I'm the same as you second anon, it's the romance aspect of interacting with men that feels off to me.

No, my family isn't religious.

No. 199846

Nta but life is probably simpler that way, being with the same sex can have social/legal complications especially depending on where you live

No. 199925

Even with that in mind I wonder if at least some don t ever consider women viable options or serious ones cause of internalized homophobia

No. 199926

Also slightly unpopular opinion:
While I would rather have this people call themselves Bi, I wouldn't blame a bi woman calling herself straight or lesbian if her attractions skews heavily towards one sex and there only willing to date one sex over the other. I don't like it muddles the term straight ( let alone lesbian who still have to tell penis havers to bugger off) but I still understand why/ the convenience of why.

No. 199974

but then that bisexual women who's been calling herself a lesbian goes on and eventually marries a man, lol.

No. 199985

Happens a lot I'm afraid but If a febfem ever calls herself a lesbian I'm like " Yeah you're bi but I don't blame ya"

I want to date a woman and I usually think I'm going to end up with a woman even if I want to experience what a relantioship or a fling with a man would be like

No. 199994

Most girls who claim to be bisexual aren't usually bisexual. I bet that's a pain for actual bi girls

No. 200023

File: 1627617934974.jpg (209.9 KB, 1200x867, EFy97QkUYAAUhwR.jpg)

I wish I hadn't had a bad experience with my first love. Made me too cautious of other women. I just have to get over it and stop feeling like a victim like an incel. Self pity isn't as fun as having a gf would be

No. 200047

Aw what happened Anon?

No. 200144

Is it inherently bi to be attracted to trans people? I find it hard to see lesbians attracted to MTFs (and gay men attracted to FTMs) as "fully gay" or straight men attracted to MTFs as fully straight.

No. 200146

Since straight people tend to prefer gender conformity and gay people don't wanna fuck the opposite sex, that only leaves bisexuals.

No. 200152

I got friendzoned few weeks ago and my confidence took hit but now there’s three people who all seem to be into me

Two of them are women: one is gorgeous and I honestly have no idea why she’s super enthusiastic about me. The another is good looking redhead (I have thing for redheads) who seems to be very intelligent person with same niche hobbies.

And the guy is just some guy but we seem to have sexual chemistry and honestly the good fuck is something I need most at This moment

I’m super confused bc two of them came to me out of nowhere.
It honestly feels like the universe is making very sick joke of me and I’m afraid that I’ll fuck things up somehow

No. 200155

you're lucky! how did you meet them?

No. 200180

lesbians who are attracted to MTFS are just bisexual in denial.

No. 200198

Tbh I think it depends on how well they "pass", but most don't so I'd say bi.

No. 200231

Do you guys wonder if being into " femboys" or traps can also be a bit gay for women?

No. 200298

Only if they pass 100%, in which case yes, it's at least a bit gay I think. But you can still tell most femboys are male, so in that case it's very possible to just be a straight woman who likes feminine men.

No. 200333

>be bi with female preference and not much irl experience with men, have only fucked 2
>lurk in the lesbian thread
>there’s someone with a male preference shitting on lesbians for the 500th time

Why does this bother me so much? It makes me feel really insecure and gross for not being more attracted to men, like I’m a “bad bisexual” and the bi women who prefer men look down on me and think I’m ugly. Even though I’m not gay I did think I was for a while so when people troll the lesbian thread and call them incels for not being with enough men it hurts a lot. My mentally ill side gets super strong urges to have impulsive sex with men to prove I’m good enough and I just feel really physically hideous and broken.

>inb4 what is your problem

I have BPD and a lot of my sexuality issues trigger it. Sorry for the vent anons but since this is my thread too I’m going to use it.

No. 200334

I'm pretty sure that the kinds of people who actually troll lesbians for not being with moids are, in fact, moids. Don't worry about it. There's no wrong way to be bi. Literally the only requirement is to be attracted to both sexes, and you are

No. 200338

I was talking about drawn depictions winch in each case they are usually drawn to look like flat chested chicks with dicks ( curves and all that)
I'm ashamed to say I'm still fond of it even if i know naturally no dude looks like This! It just my bisexual brain acting up

No. 200355

There are dudes who naturally look like this but they're very rare and pretty much exclusively gay

No. 200356

Tfw when bears get to rail cute twinky boys on average.

No. 200610

File: 1627981029620.jpg (144.32 KB, 729x901, 1627980490131.jpg)

There is a woman in my dm's hitting on me hard and my retarded ass has no idea how to really respond or what to do.

Going to see how close near me she lives and might ask her out so wish me luck anons

No. 200692

is it gay that i like the taste of my pussy

No. 200749

My whole family and therapist think I’m a lesbian and I hate it so much. How do I tell them I’m bi?

No. 200758

"I'm bi"

No. 200771

I can get your parents being stubborn or thinking it's the same thing but you can tell your therapist off tf

No. 200850

I don't think so

No. 201232

File: 1628455321049.jpeg (25.01 KB, 758x397, 3504B338-82BE-46C3-9DE4-139AA3…)

Would you like there to be a bi emoji, like the gay pride flag emoji? I think it could be useful as well as a lesbian emoji and tbf there’s already a fucking mpreg one, but I don’t think I’d want to see emojis for the billion different made up sexualities and genders.

No. 201283

Emojis are like the least important thing ever and I couldn't care less if they made a bisexual one.

No. 201419

Technically the rainbow flag was made to include everyone originally but I do like our flag and I'm lukewarm on a flag emoji for us

No. 201423

I don't care much for emojis but if they ever do add more flags I wouldn't mind them adding the lesbian and bi flags. They already have gay and trans anyway. No need for flags for every other made up sexuality since most of them are just fancy words for bi, and the genders would fall under trans.

No. 201425

Genuine question. A friend of mine has been dating the same guy since high school, going on 7 or 8 years now. They have promise rings, talk about marriage, and are going to move in together at the end of the year. This same friend recently told me she's bisexual. Assuming she's been faithful throughout the entire relationship— and I'm almost certain that she has, because she is a great person and definitely not the cheating type— when did she have time to make this conclusion? Is it enough to just think "woman sexy" and oh snap, you're bi? Obviously, it would be more productive to ask her personally, but that's not an option right now. So really, I just want to wrap my head around this. How can you know you're bisexual if you've been with the same man since puberty?

No. 201430

she's probably just found that she's experienced the same feeling of finding a woman attractive or being attracted to someone in passing as she might otherwise had with a guy. it might even have always been that way for her but she's just never decided to confide in you before now.
honestly it's super common for women to be in established relationships whilst realising their bisexuality. i don't really think it means anything or threatens the stability of the relationship, it's just that its pretty easy to get into a het relationship in our society (especially when you're younger) and many of us don't even question that there's other options until later on

No. 201434

>Is it enough to just think "woman sexy" and oh snap, you're bi?
If you fantasize about fucking women, yeah. Same as hetero crushes on dudes.

Unless you think every virgin is asexual.

No. 201435

Even teens who are virgins and years away from ever touching another person can still clearly tell you who they're sexually attracted to. If you can get yourself off thinking about a woman then that's enough to already know.

No. 202007

Thank you all for replying! It makes a lot more sense to me now. I'm really glad that I asked instead of making assumptions, and that all of you were patient with me.

No. 202036

It's ok, being bi may be weird for outsiders ( and even to those that are bi it can still be hard to gauge lol)

No. 202314

Fantasies about sex with husbandos are nice but hearing real life straight and het-partnered bisexual women talk about their sex lives only makes me more of a febfem. Just birth control alone sounds so bothersome.

No. 202316

I have an IUD but I don’t trust it, I know it makes no sense but it just feels like no matter what protection I use I have to worry. I wouldn’t even call myself a febfem but the great thing about sex with women is that you never have to worry about pregnancy. That and they’re better at making you come kek

No. 202341

i feel like i'm exclusively sexually attracted to women and exclusively emotionally attracted to men and life would be so much easier if it were the other way around. i don't even know if bisexuality is the right umbrella term for me anymore but i'm just gonna deal with being alone forever becuase i've never been sexually fulfilled dating a guy and never been emotionally fulfilled dating a girl.

No. 202354

Oh god the whining of moids when they have to use a condom. I hope I get a gf.

No. 202358

I hate being bi. A guy I used to like and a girl I used to really like just recently ended up dating each other.

No. 202365

i’m so confused. i would think that women would be way better at emotionally fulfilling people. damn that sucks for you anon

No. 202370

File: 1629273540846.jpg (324.18 KB, 600x708, Youko.Kurama.full.1958385.jpg)

>tfw my husbandos will never give me tender loving sex because they aren't real and no moid is attractive enough to justify trying to have terrible intercourse with

i can honestly say i'm at happy with my decision to be celibate until i can find a gf

No. 202372

I think masturbating to husbandos has genuinely ruined my attraction to irl men, not that it's a bad thing though, at least I don't deal with all the shitty het stuff.

No. 202737

Boring safe sex question: I'm finally going to have sex with a woman for the first time in my adult life. Besides drunken teen hookups I barely remember, I'm pretty inexperienced with women. Is it normal to use dental dams? If it was my first time with a scrote I would insist on a condom, but this feels different. Some sites say you should always use a dam (and latex gloves for fingering?) but others say you're unlikely to get an STD from oral if you don't have sores or cuts in your mouth.

No. 202775

I mean is your partner even safe to have sex with in the first place? If so you shouldn't fuss too much about a lot of protection in the first place, but the dental dams could be a good idea.

No. 202784

Pick one
>Husbandos you actually like and find attractive, using your own terms and tools to give yourself the pleasure you really want and continue to edge for hours if you want to until a satisfying climax
>Fucking some greasy moid who rams it in while you're still half dry, get a minute of sad jackhammering without reaching an orgasm and afterwards he wants to try anal or choking because porn actresses like it

No. 202796

Imagine being able to masturbate at all

No. 203135

>found the term "febfem"
>get happy because it fits and it's shorter than "bisexual who only dates women"
>read the description
>get sad

"While it technically means a bisexual and m-spec woman who only dates other women, in practice it's almost exclusively used by transphobes (specifically TERFs) to mean a bisexual woman who will only date cis women and trans men."

Is there anything similar to febfem that doesn't put a mark on my back?

No. 203179

Honestly I'd keep on calling myself a febfem, afaik there's no other word and you shouldn't let idiots create definitions. By claiming to be a febfem you can immediately detect the handmaiden and thus avoid dating them. Also
If only evil terfs use this term why would they date TiFs? Fucking retards.

No. 203180

It makes me so angry how SJWs hate this term. They just need to admit they don’t respect bi women unless they’re interacting with penises, it’s pathetic.

No. 203182

Right? Im starting to get frustrated how penis centric they made bisexuals to be regardless of their gender as if neither could just like women better when given the option.
||me not waking up having had a wet dream with a woman today lol||

No. 203221

Yea, I think I'll throw in the "excuse" of trying to "reclaim" the word if anyone asks

>If only evil terfs use this term why would they date TiFs?

Because it means that you see them as cis women, not "trans men"

No. 203404

You could also just say you exclusively date women or prefer them way more for x and y reasons to actively pursue em if you want to do away at the term.

No. 203579

What have you been Anon's long term relantioships with the same sex vs the opposite?

No. 203584

agree with you but why do sex ed sites etc say that it's common for straight women to think about women/watch lesbian porn when masturbating? do they think about other women in a straight way, but in a sexual context?? that don't compute in my bi brain

No. 203725

Something something male gaze, something something watching a woman getting pleased ( even if most lesbian porn is admittedly male gaze charged even if some is good…But I'm only there because the girls are usually pretty and some can at least feign good chemistry. Still doesn't beat wet dreams lol)

No. 204836

Does anyone else ever look around and think "why are all men ugly"? The threads with pictures of cute guys are starting to frustrate me, are good looking men that rare? Am I actually just lesbian?

No. 204841

Maybe it's just the bi-cycle or whatever it's called. I also have moments where men don't seem appealing to me at all

No. 205013

I'll admit that I only find 2d pleasing to the eye and I actually like Femboys/ traps probably because there so girly in art ( just I don't know what's up with my brain). However I was pretty boy crazy in my younger years ( on top of liking girls) so Its a bi life for me.

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