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File: 1627461717506.jpg (141.08 KB, 600x600, 034242234s3234234.jpg)

No. 199767

first thread is finally due to be locked, so here's the new one to discuss bisexuality. first thread >>56468

if you're still extremely unsure if you're bisexual, the questioning thread is likely a better fit. talk about your gender preferences, how you discovered you were bi, what's your type in men and women, how you feel in the community, any struggles you've had with bisexuality, etc.

No. 199772

Why do you wish you were more attracted to men? As someone who's barely attracted to them (almost only 2D husbandos) I don't understand why you'd want to force your preferences to change, you don't need to prove to anybody that you're bi despite being a febfem. I've always felt the 50-50 attraction was a meme anyway, sexuality is not a monolith.

No. 199781

I used to, but I coped by just denying it so now I'm well into my adulthood with 0 experience with anyone due to my inability to stomach romance with a man in reality.
If you’re happy with women why does it matter? The only trouble I see is people assuming bisexuals all prefer men or are 50/50. But as long as your partners don't believe you'll leave them for dudes then it has no real impact on your life.

Is your family religious or something?

No. 199844

I wouldn't call myself a febfem because I do interact with men sexually (it's so much easier to find men for casual stuff than women), but the thought of dating one is uncomfortable. I think it can be hard to find other bi women with a strong same sex preference both irl and online, the common experience seems to be dating a man and then coming out or experimenting and it makes me feel disconnected from my identity. I'm the same as you second anon, it's the romance aspect of interacting with men that feels off to me.

No, my family isn't religious.

No. 199846

Nta but life is probably simpler that way, being with the same sex can have social/legal complications especially depending on where you live

No. 199925

Even with that in mind I wonder if at least some don t ever consider women viable options or serious ones cause of internalized homophobia

No. 199926

Also slightly unpopular opinion:
While I would rather have this people call themselves Bi, I wouldn't blame a bi woman calling herself straight or lesbian if her attractions skews heavily towards one sex and there only willing to date one sex over the other. I don't like it muddles the term straight ( let alone lesbian who still have to tell penis havers to bugger off) but I still understand why/ the convenience of why.

No. 199974

but then that bisexual women who's been calling herself a lesbian goes on and eventually marries a man, lol.

No. 199985

Happens a lot I'm afraid but If a febfem ever calls herself a lesbian I'm like " Yeah you're bi but I don't blame ya"

I want to date a woman and I usually think I'm going to end up with a woman even if I want to experience what a relantioship or a fling with a man would be like

No. 199994

Most girls who claim to be bisexual aren't usually bisexual. I bet that's a pain for actual bi girls

No. 200023

File: 1627617934974.jpg (209.9 KB, 1200x867, EFy97QkUYAAUhwR.jpg)

I wish I hadn't had a bad experience with my first love. Made me too cautious of other women. I just have to get over it and stop feeling like a victim like an incel. Self pity isn't as fun as having a gf would be

No. 200047

Aw what happened Anon?

No. 200144

Is it inherently bi to be attracted to trans people? I find it hard to see lesbians attracted to MTFs (and gay men attracted to FTMs) as "fully gay" or straight men attracted to MTFs as fully straight.

No. 200146

Since straight people tend to prefer gender conformity and gay people don't wanna fuck the opposite sex, that only leaves bisexuals.

No. 200152

I got friendzoned few weeks ago and my confidence took hit but now there’s three people who all seem to be into me

Two of them are women: one is gorgeous and I honestly have no idea why she’s super enthusiastic about me. The another is good looking redhead (I have thing for redheads) who seems to be very intelligent person with same niche hobbies.

And the guy is just some guy but we seem to have sexual chemistry and honestly the good fuck is something I need most at This moment

I’m super confused bc two of them came to me out of nowhere.
It honestly feels like the universe is making very sick joke of me and I’m afraid that I’ll fuck things up somehow

No. 200155

you're lucky! how did you meet them?

No. 200180

lesbians who are attracted to MTFS are just bisexual in denial.

No. 200198

Tbh I think it depends on how well they "pass", but most don't so I'd say bi.

No. 200231

Do you guys wonder if being into " femboys" or traps can also be a bit gay for women?

No. 200298

Only if they pass 100%, in which case yes, it's at least a bit gay I think. But you can still tell most femboys are male, so in that case it's very possible to just be a straight woman who likes feminine men.

No. 200333

>be bi with female preference and not much irl experience with men, have only fucked 2
>lurk in the lesbian thread
>there’s someone with a male preference shitting on lesbians for the 500th time

Why does this bother me so much? It makes me feel really insecure and gross for not being more attracted to men, like I’m a “bad bisexual” and the bi women who prefer men look down on me and think I’m ugly. Even though I’m not gay I did think I was for a while so when people troll the lesbian thread and call them incels for not being with enough men it hurts a lot. My mentally ill side gets super strong urges to have impulsive sex with men to prove I’m good enough and I just feel really physically hideous and broken.

>inb4 what is your problem

I have BPD and a lot of my sexuality issues trigger it. Sorry for the vent anons but since this is my thread too I’m going to use it.

No. 200334

I'm pretty sure that the kinds of people who actually troll lesbians for not being with moids are, in fact, moids. Don't worry about it. There's no wrong way to be bi. Literally the only requirement is to be attracted to both sexes, and you are

No. 200338

I was talking about drawn depictions winch in each case they are usually drawn to look like flat chested chicks with dicks ( curves and all that)
I'm ashamed to say I'm still fond of it even if i know naturally no dude looks like This! It just my bisexual brain acting up

No. 200355

There are dudes who naturally look like this but they're very rare and pretty much exclusively gay

No. 200356

Tfw when bears get to rail cute twinky boys on average.

No. 200610

File: 1627981029620.jpg (144.32 KB, 729x901, 1627980490131.jpg)

There is a woman in my dm's hitting on me hard and my retarded ass has no idea how to really respond or what to do.

Going to see how close near me she lives and might ask her out so wish me luck anons

No. 200692

is it gay that i like the taste of my pussy

No. 200749

My whole family and therapist think I’m a lesbian and I hate it so much. How do I tell them I’m bi?

No. 200758

"I'm bi"

No. 200771

I can get your parents being stubborn or thinking it's the same thing but you can tell your therapist off tf

No. 200850

I don't think so

No. 201232

File: 1628455321049.jpeg (25.01 KB, 758x397, 3504B338-82BE-46C3-9DE4-139AA3…)

Would you like there to be a bi emoji, like the gay pride flag emoji? I think it could be useful as well as a lesbian emoji and tbf there’s already a fucking mpreg one, but I don’t think I’d want to see emojis for the billion different made up sexualities and genders.

No. 201283

Emojis are like the least important thing ever and I couldn't care less if they made a bisexual one.

No. 201419

Technically the rainbow flag was made to include everyone originally but I do like our flag and I'm lukewarm on a flag emoji for us

No. 201423

I don't care much for emojis but if they ever do add more flags I wouldn't mind them adding the lesbian and bi flags. They already have gay and trans anyway. No need for flags for every other made up sexuality since most of them are just fancy words for bi, and the genders would fall under trans.

No. 201425

Genuine question. A friend of mine has been dating the same guy since high school, going on 7 or 8 years now. They have promise rings, talk about marriage, and are going to move in together at the end of the year. This same friend recently told me she's bisexual. Assuming she's been faithful throughout the entire relationship— and I'm almost certain that she has, because she is a great person and definitely not the cheating type— when did she have time to make this conclusion? Is it enough to just think "woman sexy" and oh snap, you're bi? Obviously, it would be more productive to ask her personally, but that's not an option right now. So really, I just want to wrap my head around this. How can you know you're bisexual if you've been with the same man since puberty?

No. 201430

she's probably just found that she's experienced the same feeling of finding a woman attractive or being attracted to someone in passing as she might otherwise had with a guy. it might even have always been that way for her but she's just never decided to confide in you before now.
honestly it's super common for women to be in established relationships whilst realising their bisexuality. i don't really think it means anything or threatens the stability of the relationship, it's just that its pretty easy to get into a het relationship in our society (especially when you're younger) and many of us don't even question that there's other options until later on

No. 201434

>Is it enough to just think "woman sexy" and oh snap, you're bi?
If you fantasize about fucking women, yeah. Same as hetero crushes on dudes.

Unless you think every virgin is asexual.

No. 201435

Even teens who are virgins and years away from ever touching another person can still clearly tell you who they're sexually attracted to. If you can get yourself off thinking about a woman then that's enough to already know.

No. 202007

Thank you all for replying! It makes a lot more sense to me now. I'm really glad that I asked instead of making assumptions, and that all of you were patient with me.

No. 202036

It's ok, being bi may be weird for outsiders ( and even to those that are bi it can still be hard to gauge lol)

No. 202314

Fantasies about sex with husbandos are nice but hearing real life straight and het-partnered bisexual women talk about their sex lives only makes me more of a febfem. Just birth control alone sounds so bothersome.

No. 202316

I have an IUD but I don’t trust it, I know it makes no sense but it just feels like no matter what protection I use I have to worry. I wouldn’t even call myself a febfem but the great thing about sex with women is that you never have to worry about pregnancy. That and they’re better at making you come kek

No. 202341

i feel like i'm exclusively sexually attracted to women and exclusively emotionally attracted to men and life would be so much easier if it were the other way around. i don't even know if bisexuality is the right umbrella term for me anymore but i'm just gonna deal with being alone forever becuase i've never been sexually fulfilled dating a guy and never been emotionally fulfilled dating a girl.

No. 202354

Oh god the whining of moids when they have to use a condom. I hope I get a gf.

No. 202358

I hate being bi. A guy I used to like and a girl I used to really like just recently ended up dating each other.

No. 202365

i’m so confused. i would think that women would be way better at emotionally fulfilling people. damn that sucks for you anon

No. 202370

File: 1629273540846.jpg (324.18 KB, 600x708, Youko.Kurama.full.1958385.jpg)

>tfw my husbandos will never give me tender loving sex because they aren't real and no moid is attractive enough to justify trying to have terrible intercourse with

i can honestly say i'm at happy with my decision to be celibate until i can find a gf

No. 202372

I think masturbating to husbandos has genuinely ruined my attraction to irl men, not that it's a bad thing though, at least I don't deal with all the shitty het stuff.

No. 202737

Boring safe sex question: I'm finally going to have sex with a woman for the first time in my adult life. Besides drunken teen hookups I barely remember, I'm pretty inexperienced with women. Is it normal to use dental dams? If it was my first time with a scrote I would insist on a condom, but this feels different. Some sites say you should always use a dam (and latex gloves for fingering?) but others say you're unlikely to get an STD from oral if you don't have sores or cuts in your mouth.

No. 202775

I mean is your partner even safe to have sex with in the first place? If so you shouldn't fuss too much about a lot of protection in the first place, but the dental dams could be a good idea.

No. 202784

Pick one
>Husbandos you actually like and find attractive, using your own terms and tools to give yourself the pleasure you really want and continue to edge for hours if you want to until a satisfying climax
>Fucking some greasy moid who rams it in while you're still half dry, get a minute of sad jackhammering without reaching an orgasm and afterwards he wants to try anal or choking because porn actresses like it

No. 202796

Imagine being able to masturbate at all

No. 203135

>found the term "febfem"
>get happy because it fits and it's shorter than "bisexual who only dates women"
>read the description
>get sad

"While it technically means a bisexual and m-spec woman who only dates other women, in practice it's almost exclusively used by transphobes (specifically TERFs) to mean a bisexual woman who will only date cis women and trans men."

Is there anything similar to febfem that doesn't put a mark on my back?

No. 203179

Honestly I'd keep on calling myself a febfem, afaik there's no other word and you shouldn't let idiots create definitions. By claiming to be a febfem you can immediately detect the handmaiden and thus avoid dating them. Also
If only evil terfs use this term why would they date TiFs? Fucking retards.

No. 203180

It makes me so angry how SJWs hate this term. They just need to admit they don’t respect bi women unless they’re interacting with penises, it’s pathetic.

No. 203182

Right? Im starting to get frustrated how penis centric they made bisexuals to be regardless of their gender as if neither could just like women better when given the option.
||me not waking up having had a wet dream with a woman today lol||

No. 203221

Yea, I think I'll throw in the "excuse" of trying to "reclaim" the word if anyone asks

>If only evil terfs use this term why would they date TiFs?

Because it means that you see them as cis women, not "trans men"

No. 203404

You could also just say you exclusively date women or prefer them way more for x and y reasons to actively pursue em if you want to do away at the term.

No. 203579

What have you been Anon's long term relantioships with the same sex vs the opposite?

No. 203584

agree with you but why do sex ed sites etc say that it's common for straight women to think about women/watch lesbian porn when masturbating? do they think about other women in a straight way, but in a sexual context?? that don't compute in my bi brain

No. 203725

Something something male gaze, something something watching a woman getting pleased ( even if most lesbian porn is admittedly male gaze charged even if some is good…But I'm only there because the girls are usually pretty and some can at least feign good chemistry. Still doesn't beat wet dreams lol)

No. 204836

Does anyone else ever look around and think "why are all men ugly"? The threads with pictures of cute guys are starting to frustrate me, are good looking men that rare? Am I actually just lesbian?

No. 204841

Maybe it's just the bi-cycle or whatever it's called. I also have moments where men don't seem appealing to me at all

No. 205013

I'll admit that I only find 2d pleasing to the eye and I actually like Femboys/ traps probably because there so girly in art ( just I don't know what's up with my brain). However I was pretty boy crazy in my younger years ( on top of liking girls) so Its a bi life for me.

No. 206949

I'm a bisexual woman in my late 20s, and I am finding myself totally unattracted to young women. Like even girls my age rarely gives me any sort of sexual feeling. The moment I notice a wrinkle on a woman, on the other hand… have I been mem'd or is this a natural thing? Am I developing a fetish for older women?

No. 207124

I am really questioning wither i am bi or just horny because I never been in a relationship with a woman and each time I'm in a relationship with a man my attraction to women ceases, I don't even enjoy yuri anymore that I have access to a cock now.

No. 207158

You know, it's weird. That happened to me too when I was in a relationship with a man. Then when we broke up my bisexuality just returned. And I also stopped liking men when I was in a relationship with a woman. Maybe we just accomodate our sexualities to our partner?

No. 207161

Does your attraction for both sexes case or just for the opposite?

No. 207162

opposite of partner's.

No. 207164

is it uncommon not to want ~the best of both worlds~ as a bisexual? whether talking about mff threesomes/poly or trannies

No. 207166

With threesomes.. lots of women who find themselves attracted to two people would still only want to fuck them one at a time. Group sex is just a whole separate kink in itself.

And I'm saying that as a bisexual woman who had threesomes when I was younger. It was okay but the novelty wore off after say session 2. It was never 'twice the fun', if anything if was half the fun of just concentrating on one person.

No. 207188


No. 207209

If you have a satisfying sex life then it makes sense that you're.. just satisfied. Maybe in time when the honeymoon period wears off you could find those thoughts returning again. That's what I tend to experience. I get tunnel vision for a while.

No. 207249

sometimes i feel like a "bad" bi person because i've never had a threesome even though i have slept with both sexes.

No. 207274

Based bisexuals avoid threesome shit.

No. 207302

Obligatory "stop watching porn"
But seriously, that means nothing

No. 207384

You don't stop wanting monogamous sex just because you're bi

No. 207393

Wtf is this nonsense.
Are straight women and lesbians "bad" unless they sleep with two men or women at the same time?

No. 207464

This is going to sound autistic as hell, but seeing heterosexual sex in fiction turns me off and grosses me out for some reason and I don't know why. I think maybe it's because I don't like how men write/depict sex, because I also prefer when lesbians in fiction are written by women. I'm still kind of squicked by straight sex even when it's written by women though, so maybe it's something else. Maybe I read too much fanfic as a teenager and it fucked up my sexuality, idk.

Anyone else have this problem? I find both sexes attractive by themselves, but when they're together it's just… yuck for some reason.

No. 207466

Same. I think, for me, it's because I have a preference for women idk

No. 207484

I usually dislike it too because in a straight relationship I want to see the woman be dominant and the man be submissive and most hetero stuff isn't like that.

No. 207485

I agree with you. In media I think the man is too forceful/aggressive, while I much prefer if he clearly shows he's interested in her but lets her take the lead. I hate how pushing a women's boundaries is considered uwu romantic.

No. 207486

>hate how pushing a women's boundaries is considered uwu romantic.
This. It's disgusting.

No. 207500

I only like het sex in doujinshis, seeing real porn utterly disgusts me.

No. 207501

>real porn
The porn industry is misogynistic and for scrotes so no wonder.

No. 207517

I'm the same way for the same reasons. Can't even escape to 2D stuff like fanfics/doujins/manga cause they all have that same problem, even the ones made by women.

No. 207521

Yeah it's rare to find something good, I feel like if you want something good you have to create it yourself.

No. 207665

File: 1633141521073.png (111.99 KB, 877x952, b.png)

>mfw you google 'bi women' and these are the first results

No. 207710

I wonder if the 11 signs you're Bi article is any good.

Also am I the only one that lurks the lesbian thread to get away from dick.

No. 207711

well, stastically most bi women (and bi men) are in heterosexual relationships. break the trends nonitas

No. 207720

I mostly browse (but don't post) lesbian subs and spaces for the same reason. Can't have bi spaces without the man dragging in porn/fetishes or screeching at those of us who have a preference for women.

No. 207725


Winch sucks. Seeing bi women only dating scrotes leaves me feeling frustrated and means I'll end up flocking to lesbian spaces winch isn't something I necessarily want to do (I like girls but I'm not a lesbian so I feel I can't fully engage in it even if the struggles of bi women and lesbians can be quite similar to a certain point.)

No. 207726

10/10 no porn results

No. 207738

May be they had safe search on but if not that's something

No. 208033

>tfw no bisexual gf

No. 208242

File: 1633507196834.jpeg (13.46 KB, 284x177, 641C813C-32C9-4408-AA7B-791583…)

I had a date with a GORGEOUS woman and I felt that we had chemistry. We are interested in same things but there’s a one issue: she has never been with another woman! Only men.
Bc men give her a lot of attention and pursue her romantically. She’s a model I kid you not. I think that her looks are intimidating for other women
I’m nerdy and chubby girl next door and I try my best not to be too self conscious.
actually it took me three months to ask her out bc she was too good looking which was little threatening… i gave in bc she commented every single one of my social media posts lol.

She seems to be super into me but her dating is suspicious. I’ve dated both sexes since I was 14 so it feels kind of weird that she’s inexperienced. But I want to try!

I’m planning all kinds of cute dates. Next time we are going to my favourite cafe and art gallery tour. If we actually end up in relationship I’m going to spoil her rotten

Pic related is me thinking why is this woman messaging me out of nowhere

No. 208272

Depending where she grew up and How aware of her feelings she was, your date may have only ever had the chance to date guys/ allowed herself to date them

I'm glad you found someone really into you though, it does warm my little heart

No. 208292

This is so sweet! I hope that your dates go well. Seconding the anon above, there's reasons why she may not have dated women before. At least she's trying now?
>Also am I the only one that lurks the lesbian thread to get away from dick.
I don't tbh. If I'm scrolling past and it catches my eye I'll read, but I don't lurk cause I wouldn't relate to most of the topics or "bihet" rants

No. 208441

I get it, that's why I like this thread more even if less active. I just sometimes like it when they gush about their gfs or share cute vintage ~sapphic~ photos and such.

No. 208571

That's completely understandable! I hope my response to your original post didn't come off as judge-y btw

No. 208599

File: 1633688416872.jpg (41.91 KB, 500x651, greta.jpg)

We should post some cool bi women from history.

No. 208603

it didn't! It's perfectly reasonable that not every Bi woman would immediately identify with lesbian stuff and a lot of anons do have a bone to pick with Bihets winch gets annoying even to me but I've learned to ignore it with a eye roll.

Garbo and Dietritch used to be a item No? If so what a power couple

No. 208605

Oops I meant Louise Brooks, not Dietritch; still pretty danm cool otherwise

No. 208609

File: 1633693460792.jpg (285.25 KB, 700x909, 057-greta-garbo-theredlist.jpg)

Oops, that photo is of Dietrich. Misleading filename! Here is the actual Greta Garbo.

No. 208610

File: 1633693790196.jpg (53.53 KB, 600x450, queenchristinakiss.jpg)

And here she is with some smooching action from Queen Christina.

No. 208625

File: 1633708268936.jpg (143.85 KB, 1024x1012, 22043061-1024x1012.jpg)

Is Tove Jansson considered bi? She had relationships with men before spending the rest of her life with a female partner

No. 208626

File: 1633708386408.jpg (212.65 KB, 1687x1104, Tuulikki-cowboy-1687pix-235_.j…)

No. 208628

Garbo is such a fucking queen. Made tons of money off movies, retired, told the press to fuck off and lived a life of leisure while not bothering with men. True inspiration.

No. 208629

File: 1633709331498.jpg (912.28 KB, 1200x1657, Garm-No-10-14.10.1938.jpg)

Yes, she had love relationships with men but is most known for her relationship with Tuulikki.
She was really cool. I admire her for drawing satire of Hitler during WW2.

No. 208630

Am I still a valid bi if I didn’t fuck any men (women only) until I was 26 and hate/feel judged by bi women who fuck more men than me?

No. 208632

>a valid bi
Are you attracted to both sexes? That's the only requirement.

No. 208671

Based, as expected

No. 208678

why do you hate bi women who fuck more men than you? is it an inferiority/'faking it' kind of deal?

No. 208680

No, it’s because I worry they think they’re better than me and judge me for not fucking men sooner.

No. 208699

They may not think that and if they do there shitty people not worth your time there's no right way of being Bi since it's so fluid I think.

No. 208712

As a woman who has been with many men I definitely dont judge anyone who has not. Scrotes can be awful and you save yourself from a lot of shit by being picky or febfem.

No. 208736

I'm sure plenty of those women would give anything in the world to switch places with you. bi girls who exclusively date men act insecure about it on the internet constantly, but you're the first person I've ever seen express the opposite sentiment.

No. 208760

File: 1633767532017.jpg (97.62 KB, 750x937, 5c4858ea56e97095c5366da8e5db57…)

Is anyone else really weirded out by the trend of women identifying as bi or sapphic, without being same sex attracted? I grew up in a very homophobic environment. You were either straight or lesbian, and being lesbian was very bad. Bisexuality didn't exist. I struggled so much with my feelings and my identity. Finally, I realized I was bi and that was normal and okay. When women treat it as a cool label, it's a huge culture shock to me.

No. 208761

There’s no way a good chunk of those women are actually bi or sapphic, they think it’s a cute little aesthetic because “love women!!” but still turn around and talk about riding their ugly ass nigel’s dick. Even if a woman is bisexual it’s always centered towards her opposite-sex preference of men. Straight women rather take refuge in different sexual identities than admit they are tired of men, it’s sad.

No. 208774

Ugh, guess the early 2000s are not just style wise back in trend.

I wish those people would just stop because this is how you get all the "evil evil bihets" stories.

No. 208775

Same. Was so bad even the only other two kinda gay girls at my school were bi ( fancy school but in a third world country) and only one other lesbian ( who dressed kinda butch) and for those 2 bi girls, only one sort of gave me the Bi vibes and even that one was dating a dude, so finding Bi girls with extensive female dating history may sound like a wasteland sometimes lmao.
Anyone else has a bi radar in a sense? I can't be the only one that just knows from talking if a girl is Bi or not or had a strong hunch

No. 208776

I realised that the insecurity may be partially fueled by Internalized homophobia because if there genuinely Bi and only focusing on men without accounting for women I think there still in a way stiffling their sexuality for a arbitrary reason.
This only accounts for those that aren't genuinely penis centric lol. Some Bis just find a nice guy or find a good lay in men and I can't totally blame em but serial monogamists kinda make my eyebrows raise, Yknow?

No. 208805

I dont have bi/gay radar at all, but some people have just asked me if I was bi after meeting me. I do have masculine style, but I rarely get mistaken for a lesbian, which would make sense if thinking of stereotypes.

No. 208806

Yeah, I have no radar at all either and people don't seem to think I'm bi or gay ever, actually I'm more often seem as very sexless and I guess speaking in vague/neutral manner (because I don't prefer a gender) contributes to a degree

No. 208829

Well I sorta do, though I don't claim it's 100% reliable but it sometimes work tbh

No. 208994

File: 1633899773338.png (876.97 KB, 947x908, bwc haha.png)

the bi women confess instagram is pretty good to follow.

No. 209045

The last point of the post collage made me think of something that was brought up in my radfem server-
Namely that the label Febfem can be a bit useless because the label bisexual already implies that you are able to become attracted to women.
It's ofc a lot more nuanced then that but I do hate that the need for a microlabel even came to be because be it gay or straight some people can't acknowledge that a bisexual has the potential of being in a long term let alone life long relantioship with the same sex

No. 209049

febfem doesn't just refer to the desire to partner with men, but the choice to exclusively do so. it's true bisexual already implies the ability to do so, but seeing as most bi people are in straight relationships, it most definitely does not imply the preference or active choice to only partner with the same sex.

it's not a microlabel, it's about a choice to live your life a particular way.

No. 209051

that last point is so true. bisexual women already have to fight against so much bullshit, and the issue of pick-me bisexuals even extend outside of 'our community' via pansexuals and all those other made-up ways of saying bisexual trying to prove that they're better than us. the last thing bi women need is more self-hating, pick-me bisexual women shitting on each other and seeking external validation from monosexuals (lesbians in particular) to prove that they're a GOOD bisexual, not like those other yucky bisexuals. it's so frustrating and it makes me feel so angry. like, i really sincerely believe that nobody can understand bisexual women like we understand each other, and that should extend to all parts of our community, regardless of whether you choose to date men or not.

No. 209054

Who told you that in order to be a “good bisexual” you need to have a threesome

No. 209055

Anyone that thinks that way has issues and isn’t worth your salt

No. 209061

Agreed. I've always disliked pick-me bisexuals the ones that hate other bisexual women and the ones that pretend to be bi, but the latter isn't really a bisexual but this post said it better than I could.

No. 209064

The top right though
>gay men (like all moids) willing to fuck anyone
>women not wanting a woman who already has a bf

Not really a double standard, men and women are just different.

No. 209065

That stood out to me too. She is married yet want a girlfriend at the same time. Of course a lot of women with self-respect would say no. I personally hate coming across this type of woman on dating apps.

No. 209066

Does anyone else struggle with 'expression' as a butch leaning bi woman?

I've noticed a pattern over the years where I'll go through phases of trying to incorporate feminine clothing into my wardrobe despite already knowing myself better than that. That's not my style so usually after a few months and some awkward wears I'll retire the items again. I don't know whether it comes from a place of wanting general approval from people or whether it's that 'still attracted to men' part of me that wants to have more dating options by not butching it up to a degree where I'm overlooked or automatically read as gay.

No. 209078

I'm tomboyish but yes, I go through the same thing. Wanted to buy a skirt a week ago but I know I won't be wearing it. Idk how to change, stop or how to understand it but you're not alone.

No. 209126

At least someone gets me why I'm slightly skeptical of the term even if I have considered using It. It's tough to navigate dating spaces as a bisexual woman when there's very little of those and I don't inheritly look down on girls or women who use Febfem and I do understand the rational of it especially if you are strongly attached to women, I just think one wouldn't need it if they want to just date women, being bisexual should be enough and it's also ok to have that standard for yourself. I don't want to undermine any part of my sexuality regardless of the sex of my partner and I want this facet of my sexuality respected as I would respect their sexuality ( Bi, straight or Lesbian)

No. 209230

bisexual women spend infinitely more time seeking validation from straight males than they do lesbians. lesbians are a tiny minority of the population

No. 209270

>i really sincerely believe that nobody can understand bisexual women like we understand each other

i would like for this to be true, my recent ex is another bi woman after all, but tbh i often feel misunderstood by bi women who lean more towards men. i don't think it's unreasonable to recognise that the focus within the bi community leans very heavily towards opposite sex relationships and to want more same sex representation regardless of whether it's bi4bi or bi/les.

No. 209318

I actually had jokingly thought of using bi4bi before lol.
I'm sorry about your ex-gf; I do think that it's common for someone to experience their sexuality differently especially if it's as fluid as bisexuality so I suppose finding common ground can be tough to some but I do agree with anon that between a straight woman and a lesbian a bisexual is still much more likely to understand the nuances of what being a bi woman is regardless of preference

No. 209330

File: 1634139373555.jpg (51.21 KB, 960x960, 7zxps.jpg)

I do sometimes get the thought of "if I was more feminine I would probably get laid." But I dont think it is worth it, being confident in my looks makes me seem more attractive than if I forced myself into more feminine style and felt unfortable. So maybe less options, but more likely to attract the ones that are into masculine women. Also some men are into it as well, maybe they assume you are a lesbian but just make a move on them yourself if you are interested.

No. 209337

sometimes i feel like i should dress more feminine because i'm bi and not a lesbian, it's probably a dumb thought though. kek this actually reminds me of a time i met a bi guy on an app and he told me he loved the "boyshorts" i was wearing in one of my pics and seemed really put off when i told him they were actually men's boxers. so much for bi men being more woke than the straights.

No. 209352

There's no reason to dress more femininely because of your sexuality! No sexuality has a monopoly on dressing a particular way. Even straight women should feel free to dress less feminine.

No. 209365

Hi sisters
I was wondering how it feels to like men.
I only find women physically attractive. I know what it feels like to have the inner cave woman come out when I see a woman looking good in jeans. OOGA BOOGA and i thought you in this thread would understand that. I love girls love stories and only find myself wanting to touch women. (I feel mildly monstrous for it but ik its illogical)

But what is it like to like men too? Is it just more subtle? I asked my mom why I don’t like men and she says I need to just meet one. I get the idea she wants me to have a male partner, i haven’t confessed that i am a woman enjoyer. But she says it’s not a big deal if I’m not finding them hot yet, I may just need to open up to one. Do I need to try to touch a man before concluding im a gay? I have never wanted to, but did any of you discover a love for men later on/after experience? Is there a mental block?
I have a little hope that i can be at least bi but I’m probably coping lol.
tl;dr how does it feel to like men, can attraction come on later in life, is it normal to find men uninteresting until after experience with them?
Anyway thanks for reading, really interested in the experiences of bi women, im here bc the questioning thread is dead and sorry for lesgen and bigen squabbles, we’re all autistic stacies here xoxo

No. 209370

>But what is it like to like men too? Is it just more subtle?
It's the same as liking women for me. I see nice woman butt in jeans, I ooga booga. I see nice man butt in jeans, I ooga booga.
>I asked my mom why I don’t like men and she says I need to just meet one.
Retarded. She can't answer this for you. Although her advice has some truth to it: if you never interact with men you won't know if you like them or not. That having been said, she's probably trying to cope.
>But she says it’s not a big deal if I’m not finding them hot yet, I may just need to open up to one. Do I need to try to touch a man before concluding im a gay?
I think she means to open up to one emotionally, not sexually, if you are curious about whether you could like a man as a partner. Forming some kind of meaningful relationship such as a friendship. I don't totally agree with her, but it's also not awful advice to get to know a man if you're actually curious. It's not something you should force yourself into just because you think a heteronormative life may be easier for you.
>did any of you discover a love for men later on/after experience?
I wasn't attracted to men at all until my early-mid twenties, so there's that. But I knew before fucking one that I wanted to fuck one, you don't want to go into a sexual situation you aren't ready for in hopes that you'll warm up to it during or after. It would be really unpleasant to find out during that you aren't okay with having sex with men.
>I have a little hope that i can be at least bi but I’m probably coping lol.
You probably are. I wouldn't recommend sleeping with one to find out, but safe nonsexual interactions with men might help you sort this situation out. You may find affirmation in a lesbian identity or you may decide you want to continue exploring it.
>Is it normal to find men uninteresting until after experience with them?
I don't know, I think it's normal to not find many people interesting as romantic/sexual partners until you get to know them. Not that being sexually attracted to someone you don't know personally is abnormal, either. I guess it depends on what you want out of the relationship you have with them. If you want an intellectually or emotionally stimulating partner, you won't know if a man can satisfy that unless you talk to them. If you want sexual excitement, you'll probably know without getting to know them whether they can do that for you. Don't force yourself into comphet, but keeping an open mind to it isn't horrible if you aren't confident in your sexuality yet.

No. 209430

i feel weird for not being at all attracted to trans people, not just because of their ideological nonsense, i'm just not into very gnc/androgynous people even if not trans identified. i actually do really like women who are masculine in fashion and attitude but still physically feminine (softer features, higher voice, curvy body etc), but i don't like feminine men unless they're very loosely so, like alt guys who only wear eyeliner and nail polish but otherwise look, dress and act masculine.

No. 209439

>i feel weird for not being at all attracted to trans people
Why feel weird? They're nuts and fucking up their bodies.

No. 209440

I love androgynous people because I generally like GNC people (women more than men though), I fucking hate troons for everything they represent, they are even more gender conforming than the dudest fratbro and uwu smolbean girl. Also can you even imagine dating one? It would be endless drama and whining about the dumbest shit.

No. 209447

I'm attracted to ftms more than anyone else, I like butch women and just regular ole men too but I wouldn't go near an mtf or a guy that's too feminine. Bisexual or not.. you're allowed to have tastes and types. You don't owe anyone an explanation or apology for say 'leaving them out'

No. 209454

I'm not attracted to troons or enbies because all of them are legitimately ugly. Plus, in an alternate reality in which one of them was attractive, imagine going to GameStop or Sonic Drive In with your hulking honey and having to deal with public it'sma'amisms. I would die of embarrassment. I'm cool if my bf wants to look girly or gf looks like a lumberjack as long as they don't have genderism brain rot. Like just accept your biology and express your aesthetics freely, it doesn't have to be a whole thing about you becoming the opposite sex or a made up gender.

No. 209455

>Bisexual or not.. you're allowed to have tastes and types. You don't owe anyone an explanation or apology for say 'leaving them out'

Yeah, this. Bisexuality are often treated by others as the anything goes sexuality. Nope, we still have our own taste of who we want to date. Just like straight women aren't up for fucking all types of men ever. We can all say no to anyone for any reason.

No. 209476

exactly this. i'm attracted to ftms and female "enby people" kek but not at all to mtfs or extremely feminine guys. i wish trans activists would stop trying to redefine bisexuality to include everyone and ignore people's boundaries. everyone has to be able to reject people for whatever reason.

No. 209705

When I see an attractive man or woman my body reacts. I feel it in my vulva and I get wet. I have sexual thoughts about them. That's just how I know I am bisexual. It feels the same for both. For actually falling in love, it's the same too. I want to spend a lot of time with them because I have fun with them and they make me happy, and I want to become best friends that fuck.

I might just have a higher libido but it's not confusing to me, I never thought I'd have to try sex before knowing. I feel what I feel and the word to describe it is bisexual.

No. 209924

Anyone else afraid to call themselves bisexual for fear of being viewed as a poser? I usually just tell people I don't know what my sexuality is.

It's the same thing with anxiety disorder. I rarely tell people I have it because I feel like they'll view me as a whiny millennial or something. I really wish people would stop randomly calling themselves labels for online attention, so that people who they actually apply to don't have to constantly fear their "authenticity" being questioned.

Maybe I just hate labels, idk.

No. 209938

A bit, since a lot of people still think it's "actually straight but kinky". But I still say I'm bisexual and kind of hope that being open about it and confident might influence people a tiny bit to take it a bit more serious.

No. 209998

Well, you probably know your sexuality, so what does it matter what others think? I dont really go around telling people but Im open about it if they ask.

No. 210002

It was stupid but tl;dr lots of her manipulating me but lots of me being a suckup and a rube. I wasn't honest with her or myself about my real feelings.
I used to take it really personally and feel a lot of guilt when people would be biphobic online but I learned to stop. Maybe I am just more mature. Other people's bad experiences and stereotypes don't have anything to do with me and I know what I am, it's not my job to correct people or stand up for myself or even identify with what they are talking about at all

No. 210004

Thanks for the replies. I meant that, while trans brainrot is an obvious turn-off, I'm not even attracted to regular androgynous people and that's why I feel weird. Also reminds me that before making that post someone called me a "fake bisexual" for not wanting to see my husbandos drawn as fakebois (no, I don't like seeing my waifus with dicks either).

No. 210008

A lot of bisexuals I know like two separate things, masculine men and feminine women. The definition of bisexuals is just being attracted to both sexes, that doesnt have to include everyone.

No. 210100

I love husbando fakebois! Dickgirls are a no though, I guess in the eyes of performative woke bi Twitter activists that means I’m not truly bi or something.

No. 210225

You mean pussyboys? Because the ones where they have their mastectomy scars aren't it.

No. 210227

>I love husbando fakebois!
cursed as fuck

No. 210228

Yes kek, what the fuck was that.

No. 210247

I don't buy it. Any self-proclaimed "bisexual" woman who claims to only want feminine women has been a straight LARPer who only dated men in my experience.

No. 210260

I like feminine/ pretty woman myself ( I can't say I prefer them since I'm not opposed to more masc or andro women either) but I feel it would depend how they talk about women or why there attracted to feminine women exclusively imo.
It's kinda like saying lesbians that like femmes aren't true lesbians or something

No. 210277

Any tips on approaching women? I'm very interested in knowing more a coworker of mine. I wanted to do it in a subtle way but I have no idea how. To be honest I don't know how to approach men either.

No. 210284

Can you infer your colleague is q lesbian or at least bisexual? If so you could start by trying to hang out with her a few times outside of work and see if you hit it off. Don't force it though if things don't hit off but if they do you could ask her on a proper date
If it sounds vague is because I'm trying to help you none the less

No. 210300

I'm trying out bumble and yea… it's not going that great. I wonder if I'm too boring

No. 210312

If you just joined, keep trying. I was on Her for months before I got my first date from there lol.

No. 210330

That's actually a bit comforting lol

But yea, I joined a few days ago and set it to dates today. It's honestly the only app so far where I never had any matches so it feels a bit odd

No. 210345

maybe it depends where you live but from my own experience bumble has been the worst app for meeting women, and i'm not really sure why that is. i had a couple of hookups with men from bumble but nobody i really clicked with. i think apps like tinder (when i used to use it in 2019) and okcupid are better, although okcupid has kind of been taken over by tryhard woke kweer types.

No. 210496

What's lesbians bone to pick with bisexuals

No. 210505

Please don’t start this

No. 210515

Apologies I just wanted people's opinions on it

No. 210548

who cares

No. 210569

To start, I'm already socially useless in general. After becoming more isolated this last couple years (after a big move) I'm now rusty on top of my usual awkwardness. I'm aware I likely get read as being gay alot of the time because I that's the style I have going on. I'm into a guy and I'm months into trying to drop hints but not such obscene hints that I can't walk it back if I'm rejected.. that's important given how I have to see him regularly.

The multi layered mess of looking gay while not being entirely gay.. on top of just having a lack of social skills is alot to contend with. I swear it's getting harder instead of easier as I get on in age. Oh and I'm pretty sure the first time I spoke to this guy he avoided using pronouns til I clearly referred to myself as a woman.. oh god help me lol

No. 210632

This question causes a lot of infighting, and different anons will have varying answers so lets just avoid this topic. This isn't the lesbian thread anyway, so lets keep the conversation away from them.
I'm sorry you're feeling that way, anon. Has he ever talked about his "type" in women? You'd be surprised at how many men are into women that look gay

No. 210765

After almost 2 years of identifying as a lesbian i think I might actually be bi, but it's hard to tell because I think I'm scared of men. Like I don't have any trauma envolving men or anything like that, it's just really irracional, I get all anxious and worried around men and even though I can daydream about them i can't actually see myself going on a date because i would get too anxious. Does anyone has a similar experience?

No. 210779

It's healthy to be wary of men. Men commit violence against women daily and have done so for all known human history. Men are more physically capable on average, and their emotional outbursts are more likely to become physical than ours. As long as it doesn't have debilitating effects on your life, being cautious of men is just being aware of our womanhood. It's normal to want to be safe from those who may want to hurt us. It doesn't mean you can't form a trusting relationship with one if you want to. You just have to vet them more strictly.

No. 210803

I realized that even though I'm not scared of man there not compatible with the type of life I want to have, namely that I don't want to have kids as I'm physically unable to take care of an infant and wouldn't be able to give it proper care and we all know how eager men are to have babies but not necessarily take care of them and even if I found a nigel it wouldn't change my mind nor ever eliminate the risks for me.
Actually from all stereotypes and shit peddled at Bis, namely No women because of course people point their fingers at us, is that my same sex attraction will never be long lived or "valid", as it does genuinely hurt me probably because it's hard to find old long term Bisexual couples where it's two women together ( be it a bi or a lesbian or 2 bi women) that had been so for decades. Tried Google and just kept giving me results about bi women with men winch is the last thing I wanna hear, so it gets frustrating lol.

No. 210840

File: 1635145389500.jpg (618.41 KB, 1080x2008, 20211025_090041.jpg)

>Tried Google and just kept giving me results about bi women with men

I thought you were joking but jesus it's true. This is why I lurk lesbian places more, I just don't really get the whole thing with men

No. 210841

It's good to hear from other bi women who focus on women. We exist. While I'm attracted to men, most just aren't relationship material. Unless I find an exceptional man, a long-term relationship with a loving woman who don't see me as a support-human is my goal.

No. 210842

I honestly hate that there's so much focus on this. Being with men as a bi woman isn't the only way and so many people act as if it's inevitable.

No. 210846

Same. I'd also rather be single until I die than be with a shitty man.

I feel like a lot of them give up or not even try because women tend to be more passive and wait to be approached (ime). Men literally throw themselves at you and there's more of them than women so.. yea. It really sucks. I also met a few women who were aware of being bi but ignored their attraction to women.

No. 210867

Does anyone not care if a famous person happens to be bisexual? It really means nothing to me. I don't understand all the excitement and worshipping like "omg bisexual icon!" (then again I don't understand literally anything my generation does). It doesn't change my perception or my liking of them, it's just a new fact that I shrug off like oh cool. Why should I obsess over them just because we have this little thing in common?

No. 210868

I'm just glad that people dare to be open about it, so that bis in the closet can see that it's ok to be bi.

No. 210881

Only if they are cool and actually good at what they do like Tove Jansson

No. 210900

Luckily I'm at least willing to approach women and may try bars and a dating app or two and other types of events to approach women. I suppose me and everyone in this thread has to be their own Bisexual sapphic febfem whatever the hell you want to call yourself example since it's so scarce.
At least I will try to be positive in spite of myself lol

No. 210905

When I was a teen and ashamed of my sexuality, seeing celebrities I looked up to being bi made me feel better.

No. 210914

I couldn't care less about celebrities, I even hate most of them, so I'm in the same boat as you.

No. 211018

I’m bi and pretty sure I never want to date a man again in my life. Most of my experience has unfortunately been crushes on straight girls in hs and unattainable women as an adult (straight or in relationships already), so I have mostly dated men while having short experiences and romantic feelings for women. Until recently, where I’m dating a really sweet and wonderful woman. Even if things work out I’m pretty hard set in never wanting to date or deal with men again—I enjoy women so much more, and it’s not worth it to fall into the trap just bc it’s “easier” which is always how it’s felt honestly.

No. 211081

i wouldn't say i don't care, but i often feel kind of doubtful when celebs say they're bi or "queer". i'm sure i shouldn't feel like that and should just believe everyone when they come out but it's hard knowing that not being straight has become such a trend in certain circles. obviously famous people don't personally affect me though.

No. 211135

Most lesbians I know irl have always been doubting my identity because I’m too girly which appears to be just code for ‘doesnt have the same cringy haircut as every other kweer girl’ or sth. Over the years this has made me lose interest in going to their crappy events and keeping in touch with the community but judging by social media and the few girls from that scene who I’m still talking to almost all of these idiots are at the very least genderfluid themlets nowadays. Like I’m sorry you’re all so insecure and embarrassed to be female.

I live in a hip European capital city so everywhere is infested with troons of all kinds and it’s just completely impossible to find like-minded non-retards. Surely there are women in there who secretly don’t believe in this shit but they’re too insecure and desperate for acceptance that they wouldn’t ever admit it for fear of being canceled and sorry to say but to me that makes them just as pathetic as the rest of them. I wish I lived in a small town but I guess the grass is always greener or rather it’s dog shit everywhere.

Anyways I’m functionally straight nowadays which is shit too but at least moids generally are lacking the self-awareness to be as self-hating as wlws.

No. 211146

Yeah it's long term satisfaction with more work vs short term satisfaction and less work. The more people talk me into having to settle for moid shit like them tending to cheat the more my good will towards guys dries out and the more pity I feel for straight women. Not saying lesbians or bisexuals never cheat but never to the disgusting level of moids

No. 211158

You need to meet normal lesbians anon

No. 211160

It’s not even cheating specifically, it’s moid bullshit like inability to commit even in a relationship, emotional stunting, etc. also they're just fucking boring and annoying to me now that I’m dating a girl. Talking to men that aren’t my good friends is a chore that I don’t want to participate in, especially knowing their goal is to fuck my no matter how uninterested I am. I’m done with it, and it’s nice to realize I don’t have to participate just bc it’s easy. I think never having the opportunity to have a real chance with a woman made me accept all of that behavior, but now it’s all unacceptable. I’ve also realized that barring one man that I’ve truly been in love with, I’ve had stronger sexual and romantic attraction to these unattainable women vs relationships with men that are either more based in friendship or legitimate boredom/disinterest, just being along for the ride. It’s been a really nice and eye opening experience tbh.

No. 211161

If you could have an amazing threesome with two bi famous people of your choice who would you pick? It doesn’t have to be one man and one woman

No. 211170

You need to learn how to drop small dogwhistles and ease into to the topic. Women in the community who are not straight passing like you are, have nowhere else to turn if they get outed as terfy. There is no het life to turn to, they lose it all. Have some empathy for people that are just trying to belong to the community at a time when it's so hostile to exist as a "wlw". Trust me though there are tons of non handmaidens out there and a lot of the themby's are actually pretty insecure in their identity and just need a good female role model to break free of the cult.

No. 211171

This is also true

No. 211273

You're absolutely right, I picked cheating because my sister and aunt were discussing men cheating in such blazé way that it really struck a nerve on me and probably pink pilled me towards girls even more.

No. 211274

>>I’ve also realized that barring one man that I’ve truly been in love with, I’ve had stronger sexual and romantic attraction to these unattainable women vs relationships with men that are either more based in friendship or legitimate boredom/disinterest, just being along for the ride. It’s been a really nice and eye opening experience tbh.

I sort of realised that I've had strong short lived attractions to guys while I was absolutely infatuated by an older girl who I was "dating" / it was a bit tragic since she took advantage of my feelings for her to m*lest me/ . In my teens my attraction to guys physically speaking evaporated and i haven't actually felt attracted to men since I was like 14? To a point I still vividly remember the last guy I was physically attracted to because those feelings dipped pretty much after that ( sans weird fantasies of me fucking this guy as a girl as a dude- so I guess even my subconscious would have preferred them if he was a girl or something lmao)
At least with girls I still appreciate their physical features even if they don't make me horny- with man I feel I'm looking at apes even after trying to date a decentish guy who I wasn't physically attracted to and had more like feelings of tenderness.

No. 211282

KStew (how predictable…) and Tinashe

No. 211303

Oh I hear that for sure, and it’s awful/disgusting, especially the way they can pretend nothing is wrong. It’s still a good example.
I’m so, so sorry that your experience with a woman was tainted and tragic instead of a nice one. Very true about the way men appear once you realize that they’re….well men and women are much better 9/10 times. I hope you can recover from those incidents and not have to settle for a moid, nonny, but it’s also okay if you truly love the dude. That’s bisexuality babey lol

No. 211304

Opinions on the term “febfem” for bisexual women who choose to date women only? I mean imo it’s far more respectful than bisexual lesbian which is retarded

No. 211338

Nobody actually calls themselves bi lesbians or whatever except tranny males on twitter. febfem is fine but I've seen people associate it with terfs/radfems and a lot of people generally just don't know what it means, or don't see the necessity of establishing that you only date women. as a bi woman, though, I think it's fine.

No. 211395

Of course I'm trying to process the hurt this girl caused me since she was a fixture from my life from such a young age. I know good women are out there and I hope to find one to make a good life with

No. 211398

I'd like to use it since I hate typing out "bisexual with a preference for women" but honestly it's not well known, as the other anon mentioned somewhat associated with terfs and tbh it sounds like twitter bs. I like it but yea

No. 211406

Just use febfem and play dumb if they tell you its terfy. Nobody's gonna cancel you lol

No. 211422

I'd love an FFF threesome with Doja Cat and Remy Lacroix. Or maybe Azealia Banks and another girl cause Azealia is so cute to me. inb4 someone accuses me of being a scrote

No. 211423

I think it's also ok too although i don't think I'd use it even if my preferences make me technically febfem

No. 211424

Doja cat? Shit I'm not the only one that thinks she's so pretty wtf
I'm not sure who else to include in my three way but just Doja would be peachy

No. 211430

don't know enough about the others but doja's not bi in the slightest

No. 211431

Doja and her girlfriend (or "girlfriend" ???) Bree Runway

No. 211433

What makes you say that? Not trying to argue, I just thought she said she was.

No. 211435

this retarded quote
>She has not yet formally come out or made a definitive statement about her sexual orientation, but has stated that she "like[s] both. I like dicks and I also like, um, I like people that I can have sex with. You can kind of have sex with anybody, right?"
and every aspect about her seems fake and insincere in general (but that's most celebs tbh)

No. 211441

>"i like dicks and i also like, um"
>can't even say she likes pussy

god damnit

No. 211490


No. 211493

Weak as fuck
Doechii and KStew

No. 211498

True I thought she was straight because nothing on her radiates " I like girls" energy but for a moment did validate my small girl crush lol

No. 211577

>"I'm a 5.5 on the kinsey scale"
>has boyfriend of ten years
just admit you are a straight person

No. 211579

begone seething lesbian

No. 211698

>be me, sad, lonely, horny
>download her app and get talking to cute fakeboi
>she's easy enough to talk to but in the nicest possible way seems genuinely dumb, doesn't get basic references or pick up on flirtation
>just want to find someone to smash but it's making conversation kind of hard

What do I do.

No. 211700

File: 1635721866036.png (299.83 KB, 883x326, 5-5333dd-2290412-w0231299.png)

i feel like the Kinsey scale is more male oriented and a female one would look more like picrel, many of the women who feel like they're bi when they have a string of boyfriends are fooled into believing that because of male based definitions of sexuality.
sorry to all the nonas who identify as bi when they're at 1.5-2, you're striaght.

No. 211790

She doesn’t want to meet she wants to get with “gay” men and has no actual interest in pussy sorry anon

No. 211828

I’m dating a woman for the first time at the age of 27, and I’ve always felt comfortable and confident in being bisexual/my romantic and sexual attraction to women despite very little experience with them. But dating this woman for the first time, it’s really struck me how badly comphet has infected and destroyed the potential of my love and dating life. I’ve realized that my attraction and desire for woman has always been stronger and easier, even since literal elementary school crushes, but I’ve only dated men until now. I feel weirdly crushed by this.

No. 211838

I'd agree but she's poly (I know) and her partner is a she/they afaik.

No. 211884

how are you for real

No. 211902

Even if you trying to hit it and quit I'd avoid being this chicks "unicorn"
No amount of coom is worth getting involved with Poly people

No. 211906

I’m a 2 on the Kinsey scale, and I agree with the description because I have only been in straight relationships, but I would absolutely have sex with a woman… What does that make me?
I agree with >>211828 in that comphet has completely ruined what my experiences could have been. I tried to experiment while at college but was laughed at by my friends because they didn’t believe I could be bi, and the girl I happened to like was pretending to be bi.(Why do people do that?)
Anyway I’m in a straight relationship now, and I’m happy. I have niggling thoughts of what could have been but I’m just too old to start experimenting with my sexuality now.

No. 211911

27 year old ayrt, idk how old you are but it’s never really too late. Not that you should dump your partner that you’re happy with bc that’d be stupid, but yeah. Those aren’t good experiences. When I would talk to “party bi” girls, they’d say they like making out but found the idea of having sex with women “disgusting,” which made me feel awful lol. Idk why they do that either. Either way, don’t worry about a scale or anything if yoh don’t want to or aren’t sure. You know yourself well enough, and if it ever comes to being able to act in it, you’ll be able to. I’m sorry comphet has taken from you too.

No. 211921

What do you think are the most pressing issues for bi women currently?

No. 211951

I think you are just erasing actual lesbians and heterosexual women here. Being bi is more common for women, we dont need to force the ratio of bi and monosexuality to be the same as in moids.
t. probably a 3 on the scale

No. 211977

that's… really not what comphet is, let that awful polilez term die already

No. 212041

Agreed somewhat even if I don't totally hate the document it came from; but what other term does it exist for "I felt compelled by societal norms and people who are close to me to take on a dick even if that's not what I want or is even in my best interest"

No. 212042

You know nothing

No. 212043

I admit I don't, i only know my personal experiences, if you have an alternative please do share

No. 212044

that's literally the actual definition of comphet. the pressure put on women to enter heterosexual relationships.

No. 212045

Well then I do think it exists in some flavor; it affects women differently and it all really gets chalked down to what their sexuality ( How the need of having a man is internalized with a lesbian vs a bisexual vs a heterosexual woman) is as well as demeanour ( some lesbians never, let alone Bisexuals ever really fell for comphet nor do I think it's a woefully universal experience even if common to some)

No. 212046

You guys will just marry men and suck dock for the rest of your life, face it bisexuality is fake

No. 212047

Go lick the docks at the port and ignore the bisexual thread you spazz

No. 212048

i'm pretty sure this a moid shitting up every thread unsaged

No. 212049

Bisexuality diseased(don't use emojis)

No. 212061

No? Comphet is the theory that there is no such thing as naturally straight or bi women and all OSA is patriarchal brainwashing. Ironically the author was heterosexual herself and literally counted mothers breastfeeding female infants as part of the "lesbian continuum".

No. 212062

Then it's bullshit by the author's definition lol
I rather take my definition of "comphet" then. I would call it Beardimg since it's not unheard of for homosexuals to use heterosexual bonds to mask their sexuality but with bisexuals it's always a bit more complicated and situation ofc.

But tangents aside, Women are the shit.

No. 212063

Bearding is real, "comphet" is insane schizo shit.

Anyway, I love women. Love to date one one day. Damn this Eastern Euro shithole.

No. 212064

Then let us agree with that and I stand with you in solidarity as I'm currently in a third world shit hole as well in Africa lol

No. 212065

Oh shit. Hope you can get out and date the woman of your dreams soon.

No. 212066

Oh I will soon enough and move to Europe where my chances are at least a bit increased.
Other then stressing about being dating material for girls and what not I'm mildly hopeful and optimistic

No. 212089

Nta but are you the saffa I see lurking in vent threads now and then?

No. 212386

I feel like that's difficult to say. Doesn't the modern "community" hate bisexuals? That's the impression I've received, even if it is just gleaning from posts made by zoomers.

No. 212457

Would you rather have a woke bi bf (Ezra Miller, Harry Styles, Jaden Smith) or a problematic bi bf (Shane Dawson, Morrissey, John Lennon)?

No. 212461

Can I die instead?

No. 212464

File: 1636245815933.jpeg (24.72 KB, 607x505, 58C889CB-0BA2-41CB-90E7-6D62D7…)

Why is it that when I fantasise about having sex with a guy I want him to be big and strong and take control like an old school smut novel, but when I fantasise about girls I want a pillow princess who I can tease and go down on for hours?

No. 212467

Same anon, same.

No. 212471

My ex girlfriend gave me a complex for "butches" and I've never been able to shake that. She trooned out in recent years, unfortunately.

No. 212483

No. I would date Tyler The Creator if I had to

No. 212520

Are any of those aside Shame even bi?

I dont know but shit taste lmao.

No. 212547

Neither, do you have a girl version?
From the bunch I only find Ezra kinda cute

No. 212548

harry or jaden from the first group. ezra is a woman beater, but harry and jaden are at least relatively good looking and societally attractive. the fat, balding, sweaty, and dead moids in the second group are abhorrent in just about every way - racist, misogynistic, violent, stinky… there's really no contest

No. 212562

If I have to be miserable I would rather date elliot page

No. 212580

i feel like it's a pretty common bi experience to be submissive with men but dominant with women. i'm mostly the same except i like to switch with both.

morrissey is bi and had a boyfriend. i might even fuck young morrissey cause of vidrel but not old morrissey. of the woke group i'd pick harry in his dorothy costume.

No. 212653

File: 1636375079677.jpg (54.73 KB, 640x640, morrissey-depression-interview…)

I'm pretty sure Morrissey's sexuality is general distaste for the human race, not even joking, with that being said He was very good looking when young and problematic bi bf is objectively better than woke bi bf.

No. 212675

I shy away from the word dominant because of how much it has been tainted by kink shit but I could call myself assertive around both sexes as most of my fantasies involve focusing on a panther pleasuring the other or finding submissive behavior erotic lol

No. 212677

Or well "vulnerable " to be precise.

No. 212679

File: 1636387751421.jpg (27.07 KB, 590x478, 1625145376204.jpg)

I'm all about dominating men and being nicer to the ladies.

No. 212681

True I suppose because men are assumed and encouraged to be "dominant" or always focusing on their pleasure then the opposite I suppose can be super arousing lol.

No. 212682

I've been like this since I was a kid. Harsh on the boys and a gentlelady to the girls. Perhaps it's because boys have a rougher attitude. Anyway, I'm on top.

No. 212691

I feel you

No. 212976

File: 1636626461797.jpeg (58.47 KB, 650x430, 6344EF0E-E1C3-4D75-A33A-107F9B…)

What are your thoughts on TATU? I loved their music when I was younger. I heard one of them is super homophobic though. I think one is also bi?

No. 212977

I am bi-curious and I don't know what to do. I don't want to be weird. I don't want to break someones heart knowing that bi and lesbian women struggle with dating. I have had quite some hetero relationships and believe that would make me unattractive as well.

No. 212980


The “super homophobic” one (short dark hair) made some comments about how she doesn’t want her son to be gay and other stuff on a tv show, but being Russian and hearing her whole speech, what she said, the language she is used, was not hateful in that same way as the English translation (it’s funny because she got absolutely dragged for a different part of that interview in Russian speaking world for saying she “admires American values”)Also she claimed bisexuality at one point as well as converting to Islam, and getting a lot of awful plastic surgery. The other one has led a pretty low key life, I don’t remember her claiming to be bi though.

No. 212985

I'll give her a break in not wanting her kid to be gay because she lives in fucking Russia. It doesn't mean that by chance she wouldn't accept her kid if he came out as a homo

No. 212986

The homophobic one, Yulia, was bi and she said she wouldn't want a gay son because, in a nutshell, men being gay isn't the same as women being gay.
Queen moment.

No. 212989

Also agree with her statement.

No. 212990

>converting to Islam, and getting a lot of awful plastic surgery.
Well that is tragic.

No. 212999

Find other bi-curious women, problem solved.

No. 213000

I’m tired of my bf and keep wishing he was a female

No. 213006

Am I going to sound cliche by saying you should break up with him

No. 213008

>talk to 3 women on dating app
>all is going well
>all 3 ghost me on the same day

I am cursed. It's also in the middle of the conversation and I don't think I said anything wrong considering how well it was going before that. Sometimes I feel like a retarded male

No. 213016

The same thing happens to me, they’ll say hi and sound really enthusiastic and then ghost. It’s a problem

No. 213030

I know, and it’s happening

I think I’m lesbian

No. 213065

You may but as it was said in this thread; men being shit doesn't take away from our attraction to them

No. 213109

does anyone else have a really really specific taste in women but not so much in men? Looks-wise I mean. The last time I had a crush on a girl I knew in real life was probably 7 years ago. I haven't met another girl I've liked since then. It makes me feel like a poser but I know in my heart that I still like women.

No. 213111

I'm the exact opposite.
For women it's whatever (just don't be overweight and too mentally ill) but for men it's very very specific

No. 213121

Yeah, I’ve only ever had a real crush on one girl. It makes me feel awkward too!

No. 213122

Pretty much. I can find something cute or interesting about most women's faces but 99% of men just look like a guy to me

No. 213144

Same for me. Men are just ugly.

No. 213253

I guess having specific tastes for one sex vs the other is common.
I'm in the " I think all women are queens" but haven't been sexually attached to a woman since I was at least 15ish and I'm nearing 21

No. 213302

To correct myself, I haven't felt a strong attraction to a men/boy since I was 15ish.
Somehow auto fucked me up

No. 213490

File: 1637100067906.png (504.07 KB, 587x865, Untitled.png)

There's been some drama on my twitter feed today about bi women who haven't dated other women (don't follow any of these people but somebody I follow replied disagreeing). What do you think?

No. 213491

File: 1637100102620.png (39.24 KB, 592x438, 2.png)

No. 213494

It's twitter, just stay away from the brain rot.

Being lgbt is incredibly trendy right now and people are jumping on the trend. Nothing new and the same crap about "bihet" women has been said since the early 2000s

No. 213496

These sorts of comments are so annoying to me, why do women always have to prove themselves? Yes, I’m sure a lot of women say they’re bi to sound cool and don’t really mean it, but it’s not my place to judge or decide that for them. Some of us did grow up in conservative areas and were constantly told that same-sex attraction is a one way ticket to hell, and some of us have a hard time coming to terms with it as adults. I don’t understand why some people feel the need to think so deeply about other people’s sexual orientation.

No. 213501

This shit is mad annoying, especially from 'radfems' and lesbians. If I date a woman, I will be thrown out by my family - there are no ifs and buts about it. If I came out, my parents would not speak to me. I do not have a support circle strong enough to withstand that. Even as a child who didn't understand what sexual attraction was and who had never had a crush on anyone openly, my mother would tell me, often for no reason, that if I was a lesbian it would 'ruin her life' or 'break her heart'. Sorry to annoying twitter dykes and political lesbians or whatever, but not all of us have the privilege they have - because being able to come out IS a privilege.

No. 213502

this fat dykes replies are full of tranny males agreeing with her, her calling bisexual women who disagree with her 'incels', and contrapoints retweets, so that should tell you all you need to know about the state of the company she keeps

No. 213504

People are always debating bi women's sexuality, what's new?
>why do women always have to prove themselves?
This is part of the reason why I can't take this stuff seriously anymore even if I sometimes agree with some of the stuff they say. I don't like to use the "but why can't women do the same stuff as men!" argument, but I hate that these people always want bi women to prove themselves, but not bi men. I feel like whenever I see people talk about bi men, it's about whether or not women are allowed to reject men for being bisexual.

No. 213529

what are these people always so angry about? bi women receive such intense hatred from other lgbt women.

No. 213601

I've slept with women but haven't dated one seriously. I'd love to but the numbers just aren't in my favor here. Sometimes that's all it is.

That and I'm too chickenshit to approach women whereas men do all the approaching usually. It happens. Men are easy to get and women can be intimidating because you do think highly of other women and value them and fear rejection more from them.

No. 213617

And yet even closeted and with full family approval, you could have a mutually loving and fulfilling relationship.

No. 213639

I always worry women will think I'm a creep if I make the first move and hit on them even if we match on an app.

No. 213786

Lmao does she think everyone just gets a gf? I have not had a gf since teenage, not because I dont want to date women, because I get rejected. Are femcel lesbians actually misogynistic straights too?

No. 213819

People are acting way too obtuse about this and making it all about them. Of course nobody is talking about a situation where your family would disown you or where you would be shot at your door for being out. In that case you probably wouldn't be making these cutesy "hee hee I like girls just like my Nigel!" remarks to begin with. It's about women who confuse admiration for love, insert themselves into LGB spaces where they don't belong and start dictating what the LGB experience is like just because they had a girlcrush on an actress or a cartoon character despite never actually having to experience the reality of what being gay is like in most places. Women are constantly being memed into identifying as bi because women are sexualized, objectified and fetishized constantly to the point they're treated as fashion items and accessories who don't deserve respect, only to serve as shiny neat objects to admire and grade. The amount of people in this thread calling lesbians "dykes" speak for themselves.

No. 213904

I'm glad someone said it.

No. 213926

I get your point; though it can still be none the less frustrating to be attracted to women as Bisexual and being demeaned over it
( I'm still not mad at lesbians for it because not every lesbian has a knee jerk reaction to me or my sexuality. Some Do, but there not worth the effort to be too pressed about)

No. 213929

>mostly dated girls from my teens to middle 20s
>get into a relationship with a guy, going on for the last 3 year
>still attracted to him, with have a lot to talk about, emotional stable, we can have a future together and he is also a good lover
>my attraction to women skyrocketed again and I'm pretty sure a girls at my job is flirting with me

any one of you felt in a similar situation?
It feels like I'm cheating on him by being this infatuated with another girl

No. 213943

As long as you don't act on it not really.

No. 213950

I'm the opposite of this, a bi woman who's only dated women (in my late 20s too), men seem only interested in me for sex. Sometimes I feel kind of insecure about it, like there's nobody out there with the same kind of experience.

No. 214016

Mostly because men tend to only be interested in women for sex. Some are better at hiding it then others and because you had what I'm going to assume better experiences with women you are able to more readily tell that there attraction is shallow.

No. 214039

imo ur allowed to have 1 bf and 1 gf i mean we got 2 ring fingers don't we

No. 214266

Are there any online spaces for bisexuals that are not full of teenagers or horny men?

I tried to sub to r/bisexuals again but almost had a stroke from all the dumb shit posted there

No. 214328

sorry this isn't an answer, but i'd love to be able to find a real online community for bi women that wasn't full of woke brainrot and didn't have a huge overlap with polyamory. some of the febfems on tumblr and twitter seem cool, although i'm not feb myself.

No. 214368

I found a ~Sapphic~ discord server that has a bit of woke brainot and polyshits there and there but it's largely apolitical ( more so then I was expecting) and pretty chill and I feel weirdly welcomed in there even if I don't agree with the politics and what not. I guess my expectations were pretty low but there's not much you can choose unless you want to do a community yourself

If so hit me up lolol

No. 214442

i'd be interested in joining that server. does anyone know about any good bi/"wlw" facebook groups? i'm lonely and want to meet new people kek.

No. 214461

The one I'm at is called Sappho gang on discord But frankly I'm half way considering doing a Bisexual only girl club but I'm not sure how well that would go in theory or if I have the stuffing to run it.

No. 214501

Seconding and also hoping its troon free.

No. 215714

Question for the anons ITT: would you be happy being the unicorn or secondary partner to a woman in a long-term het relationship? For me I think I could have a lot of fun with it as long as I didn't develop really strong feelings, if that happened I'm not sure I'd be okay with always being #2 especially to a man.

No. 215715

Fuck no

No. 215717

File: 1638480162156.jpg (18.66 KB, 399x322, Dw5dRvvXgAAI4Hz.jpg)


No. 215719

>wanting to be involved with the kind of couples who are "looking for a third" (always, always hideous, especially the man)
>wanting to participate in an arrengement where you will be treated as a bangmaid
>wanting to be a "secondary partner" in general
>wanting to be a "secondary partner" to a man specifically
anon, it's so over for you

No. 215722

for some reason, this made me think of a situation where a scrote makes his bi wife find a unicorn/lesbian so that he can get off to them but results in the wife breaking up and running away with the unicorn/lesbian

No. 215723

usually if feelings develop it just results in the wife discarding the unicorn like a used toy to stay with her ~partner~, then finding a new unicorn and repeating the process all over again

No. 215843

Im so desperate I would probably have sex with a woman who has a man, but not be in a relationship. Also the men in these arrangements are always ugly as shit and at least 10 years older than the woman so I would not want to even meet him.

No. 215866

Is it weird if I've never personally experienced a lesbian being rude or rejecting me because I'm bi? I guess there could be some who left swiped me for it and I'd never know but sometimes I wonder if the "mean lesbian" thing is exaggerated.

No. 215926

It is exaggerated, insecure bihets who are mad that a lesbian told them they're not gay for dating men exclusively and only making out with other women as a fun experiment made it into a meme.
>I married a man 4 years ago after I broke up with my previous Nigel of 5 years but I had a girlfriend for two weeks when I was 16 so it doesn't make me less knowledgeable about gay issues! Stop erasing my bisexuality you ugly fat dykes, to think that a fellow LGBT person would be so judgmental!

No. 215930

Nta, but why do you sound like some non-bi anon just here to stir the pot

No. 215945

Bihet is a term distinct from bisexual referring to straight people using bisexuality as a convenient costume just like polilez is used to address women who are only lesbian due to political reasons. Think shoeonhead who only brings up her "bisexuality" to shield her from any criticism regarding her homophobic takes.

No. 215951

Nta but I used to dislike this word because I thought it was used against any bi woman, but I realized there are so many posers about being bi while being exclusively in long term relationships with males, so it's an okay term imo.

No. 215972

Yup. I even complained anonymously in my server about not always believing when a woman is bisexual ( or lesbian) and got shot down lolol.
Like as if you don't have a third sense about this shit or can't look at someone's dating history and draw conclusions. Especially since i don't think every woman is lying anyhow

No. 215973

It is known that some lesbians can get nasty ( because lesbians are people and sometimes there just jerks) but a lot of lesbians genuinely don't care and we are effectively each others dating pools or part of it anyhow ( lesbians have lesbians and bisexual women have other bisexual women to account for)

No. 215981

It seems really dumb and naive to think nobody ever lies about their sexuality, like that uwu everyone is valid shit when really it's obvious that being gay or bi has become a woke trend. Although in 2021 I'd expect more women to lie about being "pansexual" or queer than bi.

No. 216059

True; or a non descript sapphic/ WlW.
Though i don't think there's nothing inheritly wrong with neither sapphic or queer as descriptive terms, the straights ruined it for me.
( pity as Sapphic is a pretty nice sounding term; Queer can go die in a ditch)

No. 216099

How do I find a girlfriend?? I am bi but decided I am forever DONE with all scrotes about 5 years ago and have been single ever since. I have never had luck with dating apps and hate them. I hate how appearance-focused it all is. Almost everyone is either a troon or a unicorn hunter. Even if I match with a woman who is attractive and seems cool from her short little blurb she'll give me one word answers if she responds at all. Like I don't want to be alone forever but I'd choose that over anything to do with scrotes ever again. It was easy back when I was willing to date men cuz loads of them just threw themselves at me and I just had to choose the least disgusting one. I don't know how to meet people outside of apps. I have my fingers crossed that omicron isn't too big a deal and things continue to get closer and closer to normal pandemic-wise so hopefully there will be some ways to meet people IRL soon? I just have no idea how to do it.

No. 216107

Kek I wish I could offer advice, but I really relate. The few openly bi women I met irl were just looking for casual hookups, it was hard to meet another woman genuinely interested in a relationship and not just wanting a fling/unicorn or to “experiment.” I’m sure they’re out there but it’s hard, even more difficult now with Covid. Good luck to you nonnie.

No. 216111

I wish i could offer an advise but does your area have LGB(T) driven events? Gay bars? Are in a position legally or otherwise of hosting an event? Have you looked at Social media groups with a strong lesbian/ bisexual focus? ( even if Woke-ish there's always caveats and you can even see if there's apolitical ones or those that exclude troons but aren't ~Terfy~ / prime fertile ground for Cryptoterfs/ Radfems or those that can be peaked if you are worried about this type of shit or have low tolerance of it.)
There's ways i can think of that you can meet women without the clownery of dating apps and i will at least try some myself before i dabble with dating apps.

No. 216155

File: 1638740397934.png (85.89 KB, 385x385, bincel pepe aka me.png)

I'd love to know how to meet women too. I have in the past but not many at all. The problem for me is I live a very isolated life and only really chat to people a little at work, I don't have IRL friends I can go to bars or groups with and I don't want to post selfies on Facebook for joining ~wlw~ groups because I prefer to keep to myself on public social media. I guess it's a problem if it prevents me from finding someone, apps are hard to begin with and I'm already in my late 20s. Sorry for the vent kek but you're not alone, I feel clueless about it all too and keep talking to men out of loneliness more than anything else.

No. 216233

Honestly about bars/ events i half way expect my first times to be done alone before i can find anyone to mingle or befriend; so you may need to at least ease up to the idea of breaking out of your shell nonita.
Also your age shouldn't matter too much. You aren't that old ( it's not like your 50) and you'll likely be able to find a girl within her mid twenties to late 20s at least or in their very early 30s if you don't mind dating slightly older.
If there a lesbian rather then bi, it's very likely they haven't dated much if at all. LGs with little dating experience or sexual background aren't as uncommon as one is led to believe ( not everyone is blessed to live in a big city, let alone one with a gay scene. I only meet one open lesbian in my school with a gf in college in my last year of HS and two bisexuals and both were dating guys in HS. The rest of my classmates we're all straight and no one in my school really knew i was bisexual)

No. 216274

Nta but I'd never dare to go to any LGB event in current year due to the unfortunate tranny pandering, and just using "queer" instead of gay is enough to push my buttons. I just want to be able to hang out with other bi women and lesbians like I did in college.

No. 216299

Can anyone recommend some good (or at least okay) bi/~sapphic/~wlw Facebook groups to join?

No. 216356

Are you in contact with those college lesbians/ bisexuals though?

No. 216359

No, it was a long time ago, I've lost contact with pretty much everybody from those days. One of the lesbians unfortunately trooned out, she was a typical butch who was into skateboard, that's the result of hanging around libfem circles I guess.

No. 216371

Just suck it up and go to your local events anyway. Even if only 5% of the people there are actually normal LGB people, that's more lesbians and bi women than you could possibly meet by just staying at home. When interacting with troons at events, use "they" unless they correct you and grey rock them.

No one cares if you go to bars or meetups alone. You just have to pretend you are confident and having fun and approach people. My favorite opening lines are
>Hey, are you here alone? Me too! I'm anon.
>Hey, I don't think we've met before. I'm anon.
>I love your shoes/shirt/dress/etc!
>You guys look like you're having fun! Mind if I join you?
>Have you been here before? This is my first time here.
>Is that food/beverage good?

Don't worry about looking stupid. If the people you are approaching don't like you, you'll never have to see them again. I go to clubs or bars and just introduce myself to people until I find someone who wants to hang out with me. I usually can get at least a couple of people's contact info every time I do this. It also helps to have instagram or snapchat. I don't really use either, but I've been thinking about making accounts, since most people under 30 seem to prefer connecting through social media rather than texting. For reference, I'm in my mid 20s and reasonably attractive but a literal sperg.

No. 216389

You can also call the troon/ Enby by name but otherwisw ignore em.

No. 216722

File: 1639095465707.png (524.89 KB, 669x954, b3.png)

Can anyone here relate to this? It comes off a bit immature to me but maybe the OP is young

No. 216754

It comes off as a confused straight girl.

No. 216761

I hate this "girls are so pretty uwu" type of writing, they come off as desperate imo, really gives of a vibe of woman who calls herself kweer but has only ever been with men.

No. 216774

Yeah i agree with others; if she was Bi, i think she'd angst more about being ashamed of her desires/ affection if she was struggling to see herself with nothing but men, or otherwise feeling unsatisfied/ a bit trapped by it.

(I was sort of like that, but then a switch flipped and i realized that i could date girls and had the capacity of it, kinda of all in my own because it's something that happened in my past/ inherit to me. )

No. 216775

Like i became aware i was into girls, tried to deny it/ refuse to date them, realised it made me miserable and figured i would be happier with gals

No. 216781

Agree with the others. Sadly r/bisexual will say that anyone is valid and bi, even if a woman thought once to maybe kiss a girl in a dream 10 years ago and never again.

No. 216784

I guess I'm a little sadden that they feel the need to get romantic/ sexual when they really just want a intimate female friendship

No. 216787

>cant stop seeing women as only friends
Okay this sounds straight. I used to be ashamed and scared of dating women, but I always had the sexual attraction and crushes.

Women are so oversexualised in society that is no wonder teens get confused if they want to have close friends or admire the looks of other girls.

No. 216790

Exactly; Even i questioned it and I've been into girls and guys for as young as 4 ( i was basically obsessed with anyone i found pretty and tried kissing girls in kinder)

No. 216831

The problem is if you suggest someone might just be confused now you get accused of gatekeeping and being a bad bi kek. I don't think it's helpful to the bi community (whatever that is) to make all our discussions about how everyone is always valid no matter what

No. 216873

True, i wish it was common to tell people off or reassure them that it's fine if there not bi or whatever.

No. 216953

Those type of women have annoyed me a lot in the past but I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them genuinely feel confused and think they could be bi because of the sexualization of and focus on women's bodies that's so inescapable and how being "queer" has become distorted in libfem circles as this fashionable label that doesn't even mean anything anymore. I still don't like the loud het leaning bis who get offended when you don't want to hear about their boyfriends in detail though or anyone who thinks they actually face oppression from the mean gays for dating the opposite sex.

No. 217015

True; the only bis that have a right to complain extensively are those that were given a shit hand by actually prioritizing the same sex or having same sex partners ( and arguably the bisexual women that have to bend over backwards usually to prove their bi or that their same sex attraction is legit) , since Homophobes/ ignorant people don't care if you can technically like the opposite sex if you are a target of bigotry-
There's bigger fish to fry y'know

No. 217518

I have been out since I was 15 and I have enjoyed sex and relationships with women in the past. I love my boyfriend but I'm realizing I can't see myself with a man longterm and I want to end things to start casually dating women and focusing on myself. However I'm not sure how this conversation would go. Any advice from anons in similar situations would be appreciated.

No. 217576

Yeah I've only seen straight/bihet girls write like that, lesbian and bisexual women tone it down a lot because their attraction is legitimate thus they're often afraid of coming off as the rapey homo everyone's been warned about. The way how superficial and shallow it always is ("oh my god black long hair and black eyes AHHH uwuuuuuu") comes off more as a form of adoration or even jealousy than sincere romantic/sexual enchantment.

No. 217581

Isn't it crazy how fake bis can gush but real bis and lesbians are more afraid of talking about women's appeal? Pisses me off.

No. 217638

File: 1639606229416.png (180.62 KB, 1243x446, no.png)

DA it's because their gushing is strictly PG rated. Pic not really rel just very annoying

No. 217668

I don't mind gushing in private or among other bis but other then that yeah it feels weird the way it's phrased and in some contexts. I als think bi/lesbians tend to have more well rounded approaches to women ( see them as sexual beings, platonic beings and beings to romanticize sometimes) then Polilez/ Fakebis/"Bihet". Something about the way they describe women tends to feel pretty off.

No. 217669

I'll be very very generous and assume she and this chick just had zero chemistry and tried to force it to prove a point rather then letting shit flow. You can be as hetero or gay af but if you approach dating like that the greatest catch can feel like a nothing sandwich

No. 217670

Honestly anon trying to ease into a break up may be the first thing to do. Are you guys living together

No. 217916

Absolutely retarded vent incoming, I think some of you might be able to relate as well. Funny how literally every single woman online is bi while I've yet to meet one irl who is into women the way they play online they soo are. I tried dating apps, like really, and most women on there were bi, not unexpected but when I tried to get with them I was met with "but I still have feelings for my male friend/exbf" and one of them literally just added me to vent about her ex and the one other just asked whether she should get with her male friend, I just said to go for it. Like, maybe it's because I'm ugly as fuck? I'd expect a woman on a dating app matching with another woman to at least be open to the prospect of dating a woman? I don't think that's too much to fucking ask. I did get with a lady who was in the city for her cousin's marriage, it was kind of a bust but I digress. I'm just venting. They posture all "omg mommy step on me" online, overcompensating really, but have no game in real life and are so obviously not into sex with women. Or maybe I'm taking it all too personal getting blatantly rejected and maybe, there just aren't that many bi/lesbian women where I live. I just get highhopes seeing so many women online embrace their attraction to women but it doesn't translate to irl, or all of them have already been taken.

No. 217923

>have no game in real life
Maybe they're just autists, I'd hate to be labeled as fake bi because I don't know how to flirt.

No. 217926

I meant more as, 'actually trying to get somewhere on a !dating! app' irl, not 'going up to a random girl and flirting' irl.

No. 218035

Yeah, I'm extremely reluctant to do it, even in private with my brother who knows about my sexuality (and who has zero problem gushing about dudes himself) I have a hard time claiming my attraction to a woman. I usually just say a generic "eh she's pretty" not to sound suspicious.

No. 218042

Maybe they're inexperienced with women? I've only slept with 4 women but turns out that's more than quite a few of the conventionally hot bi women my own age, it feels weird. But also I feel like in terms of sexuality there's Straight, bi-straight and bi-bi.

No. 218090

Ah bisexuality, you silly spectrum, never change

No. 218307

When this happened, I was drunk and didn't think too much of it, but the sober daytime gave me some time to stew over it and get upset lol.

I was at a party and meshing pretty well with these girls I'd just met, definitely wlw vibes. They asked me if I "liked girls", and I said "Yeah, I like girls too!" which I thought would imply that I'm bi.

We exchange social media handles and one of them sees my pfp with my husband and says, "Ew, I thought you were a hot lesbian? You're with a man??" and I said, "Yeah, he's pretty cool. He also has lesbian parents so I lucked out." She said, "You're still in a straight relationship though".

The night went on as normal, but I woke up feeling upset that yet again biphobia is alive and well in my social circles. I'm sick of people pretending biphobia is exaggerated or a non-issue. Imagine the language being turned around so that it was a straight person judging a bi person for being in a same-sex relationship.

No. 218311

She thought she had a chance with you anon.

No. 218336


maybe. It's just the disgust she spoke with about me being with a man that threw me off. I wouldn't have been salty at all if it was just an, "Oh dang! You're in a relationship" vibe

No. 218396

>I'm sick of people pretending biphobia is exaggerated or a non-issue.
nothing exemplifies how much of a non-issue it is than you nailing yourself on the cross because some girls felt led on and were very mildly annoyed at you. next time you get asked if you like girls by wlw you're ~meshing with~ at a party make sure to follow up with "but i've got my crusty husband at home" instead of trying to frame your social cluelessness as oppression

No. 218402

This, kek. How could you not mention you had a whole ass husband, giiiiiiiirl. Omg. I'd be upset too. But probably not message you, just seethe a little and move on.

No. 218406

a troon 100 percent wrote this …. this is a male.

No. 218407

no female woman would say out loud "ew i thought you were a hot lesbian" i'm keking at this redditor male fantasy

No. 218422

I’m not gonna reply to it but I just wanted to add that as a bi woman it’s not really comparable to me if a gay person is frustrated at always being surrounded by het relationships vs a straight person being rude because someone is bi. Opposite sex partnered people need to remember that even if being “queer” has become a dumb trend the world in general is still very much focused on het relationships and if a lesbian doesn’t want to have to hear about even more of that then it’s totally reasonable. I might be a little disappointed if a lesbian rejected me for being bi but I think it’s fine that they would rather date other lesbians just like it’s fine for me to be a bi woman who prefers other bi women. I wish het partnered people would stop acting like The Gays are our oppressors.

No. 218463

>"Ew, I thought you were a hot lesbian? You're with a man??"
This totally happened
>Imagine the language being turned around so that it was a straight person judging a bi person for being in a same-sex relationship.
People aren't oppressed for being straight lmao

No. 218537

DAE feel a certain type of way about bi guys? I feel like a huge hypocrite being bi and having some reservations about bi men. My ex was bi and the fact he'd been with guys before really got to me. It made me insecure, thinking he's just gay, and even a bit disgusted. Maybe I haven't looked at the right places, but I have yet to meet someone with a similar issue like me. I just assume its internalized biphobia.

No. 218547

>am a literal sperg
makes sense then, autists are weird with social clues

No. 218549

i had a whole ass cringy reply trying to defend myself by elaborating how i kept things with all the party people standardly chummy, how she talked like she was writing an instagram comment - and that i wasn't even really distraught at the situation but just wanted to lightly vent to people who don't know her irl & who are also bi, but deleted it because it was dumb long and someone pointed out that everything probably happened because i am (literally) autistic and missed cues.

just know that there was only 12 people at the party, i arrived with my husband, and she didn't put 2 and 2 together until she saw the instagram. my "crusty male" wasn't left home in the kennel or w/e

No. 218553

it was just a weird thing for her to say in front of this group of people i finally got comfortable talking to, made the vibe sour for a beat.

and i guess i was just slightly salty the next day because it called back the times when i was younger when lesbians i wanted to be friends or partners with passed me over because i wasn't also lesbian. which is absolutely valid - like another nonna said a lot of "qUeEr women" are posers. it was slim pickings for wlw buddies at the backwoods school i went to and i felt lonely back then.

my original post was way more dramatic than it should have been because of me sperging on the past and projecting and i should have worded it differently but w/e i'll keep it up for the laughs of everyone accusing me of troonage

No. 218554


OT and saged but damn Butches are so rare to come across nowadays, at least in my troony ass college town. Every blue moon that I'm introduced to a butch she crosses the he/him bridge within months. I wonder what the older generations think of this phenomenon.

No. 218558

No. 218564


if i'm going to be a dumbass on anon i'm going to go all out and complete my victim complex cycle

No. 218571

Aren't he/him butches older than the current gender fuckery though? I think it's kinda dumb though.

No. 218590

i feel very similar to the anon who said they're afraid to approach women. i'm the same. men are soooo easy to approach and not give a fuck but if i like a woman i really, really want to impress her and i turn into a self-doubting mess. and even when a woman hits on me i get so flustered and unsure of if i'm even "worth it" for her. it hinders my ability to date women.

No. 218591

a really hot butch used to work with me, she was def happy to be a lesbian and not planning on trooning out but she had a drinking problem and used speed, it was a tragedy

No. 218623


I know a lot go by more masc names but none of the older butches in my mom's friend circle use he/him, and get mildly offended when people try to insist they start using that lol

No. 218654

>I'm sick of people pretending biphobia is exaggerated or a non-issue
tell that to the straight men who abuse their bisexual girlfriends/wives, not lesbians

No. 218673

How do anons feel about the big amount of young girls calling themselves bisexual for thinking other girls are cute and discussing about how "it's not neccesary to have a girlfriend for being bisexual"/"just because i've never been with woman and have a boyfriend doesn't mean i'm any less bisexual" while constantly yelling biphobia to whoever disagrees

No. 218682

>meet a nice qt bisexual woman
>but she is into polyamory
>well we can be just friends right
>develop a crush
>end up having sex

I think Im fugged

No. 218703


It's a tale as old as 2005 that girls experiencing a non-sexual level of attraction towards the same sex will Bi themselves out because it's a noncommittal way to be unique. I don't have the care or energy to gatekeep and neither should you. It's not going to be a societal downfall like certain queer movements lmao

No. 218705


just be casual and have fun while it lasts, unless you want to be mono and settle down soon, then get a move on

No. 219052

how did you meet? does she already have a partner?

No. 220748

Is your friend group mostly bi, gay or straight? In the past I've been friends with a mix of men and women (more women and genderspecials), mostly bi for some reason.

No. 220754

how "qt" can she really be if she's into poly, anon?

No. 220756

not op but being mentally ill doesn't negate being qt

No. 220780

being mentally ill in this particular way does

No. 220891

DA but I disagree. I've even seen some cute women who are my type (mostly feminine) as one half of unicorn hunter couples. Maybe my standards are just low kek.

No. 220892

We met at a dating app. She did have a boyfriend while seeing me, I only heard about it when they broke up. (The reason was that the second gf of the moid didnt want to be poly anymore lol.)

She is very attractive, not some blue haired tumblr nerd. But yeah I think it is not going to work.

No. 220900

You only heard she had a bf after they broke up even though she had one while seeing you?

No. 220908

>Maybe my standards are just low kek.
most likely the case. "poly face" is very real.

No. 220917

Wow So I Am Bisexual

No. 221626

What does your ideal relationship look like? And do you have a preference for having a relationship with either sex? For me I look for more of a FWB situation with men and long term relationships with women.

No. 221701

File: 1641447983774.jpeg (8.84 KB, 260x194, images (11).jpeg)

Being a femme/straight passing bisexual women into femmes is such a struggle sometimes and letting my mind go GRUG UNGA BUNGA over women I don't know irl helps me cope. Would literally crawl through a mile of broken glass just to touch a square inch of charli XCXs skin.

No. 221702

File: 1641448027067.png (1.04 MB, 640x771, 1614985293909.png)

This is my ideal relationship

No. 221711

Omg me too anon, wanna hang out?

No. 221816

>Being a femme/straight passing bisexual women into femmes
"spicy straight"

No. 221818

File: 1641488645398.gif (1.52 MB, 518x336, ah-shit-here-we-go-again-ah-sh…)

No. 221838

No. 221858

How to say you’re het leaning without saying you’re het leaning

No. 221866

where did you even get het-leaning from

No. 221871

>bisexual women who prefer feminine women are just spicy straights because feminine women are the mainstream standard and they have obviously just internalized the male gaze
>bisexual women who prefer masculine women are just spicy straights because they obviously see masculine women as men-lite


No. 221874

This is why people shouldn't care about defending their preferences/sexuality. Just like what you like.

No. 221880

yeah, the real question is who likes pussy

No. 222008

>masculine bisexual women who like masculine women are just straight fujoshis larping as gay bois

No. 222134

Based. I prefer the dynamic of femme for femme relationships and have heard this all ways as well. Before I started dating my ex gf she thought she was "fake bi" for mainly being attracted to butches as a bisexual femme because "they look like men". Here's a revolutionary idea: if you want to have sex with women or are romantically into women, no matter what the women look like…you aren't straight. The same women who are based for pointing out that you aren't in a lesbian relationship just because you're dating a man who "looks like" a woman are the same ones endlessly gatekeeping what counts as real bisexuality because "butches look like men so it doesn't count" or "femmes are oversexualized so it doesn't count". I tend to fall for femmes romantically and yes they are also super hot. Sue me

No. 222186

based take anon, good for you

No. 222275

I'm androgynous (andro/tomboy?) and prefer femmes but would love to confuse some gendies by dating another andro girl. Also a lot of them have hot personalities and similarly autistic interests to me.

No. 222318

>bisexual women who prefer feminine women are just spicy straights because feminine women are the mainstream standard and they have obviously just internalized the male gaze
This is the shuwu type of bihet that only wants femmes so that they can conveniently pass as "best friends" instead of lovers and that potential male Nigels don't find her an "ugly dyke" right away and they can hit it up immediately.

>bisexual women who prefer masculine women are just spicy straights because they obviously see masculine women as men-lite

This is the type of bi type who's male attracted but wants to make sure her partner doesn't cheat on her like a moid would so she takes a butch whose dating pool is indefinitely smaller to be her lap dog. Often tries to gradually turn her into a femme to become the one described above.

I'm being hyperbolic of course but you wanted a fight kek

No. 222633

shuwu is not even remotely bisexual. honestly i don't even think she'd be able to drunk makeout with a girl for attention

No. 222937

What's the best way to let women on apps know you're mainly looking to hookup? I'm afraid of coming off like a creep but also very horny.

No. 223436

File: 1642122135734.jpg (217.74 KB, 720x781, wtf.jpg)

apparently lesbians would rather fuck a tranny agp than a bisexual woman. lovely.

No. 223437

you really think the lesbians who don't want to sleep with bi women are also the same ones supporting the pro-troon shit? stop crying, reddit is the lowest of the low hanging fruits and you know it

No. 223438

idk anon the amount of vitriol i see toward bi women in the lesbian community is really painful sometimes.

No. 223439

gonna cry about it?

No. 223447

trannies are men so i think a "lesbian" who would fuck one is actually bi with a fetish…honestly i know a low of lesbians dislike non-febfem bi women, but there's this weird demographic of bi women who identify as lesbians because they like women and MTF trannies, that really hate normal bi women…

No. 223475

why are you in this thread

No. 223501

I'm even seeing transbians hating on bi women so this is not even surprising

No. 223502

It's a tranny larping. Lesbians don't like dick.

No. 223530

Please stop seeking and posting "biphobic" content from lesbians, it's just going to feed the feud and I'm just here to talk about being a bi woman, I don't care about people who don't like me.

No. 223678

anon that "lesbian" is literally a MTF tranny kek, he's posting about his HRT on reddit and writing wall of text rants about how a lesbian being disgusted by girldick is her having a genital fetish rooted in transphobia. Stop trying to bait with your retarded lesbians vs bis obsession

No. 223685

The real reason there's always so much lesbian vs bi wank is because we all secretly want to just fuck each other wildly but will never admit it.

No. 223690

No. 223878

Lmao at transbians thinking shitting on bi women will make lesbians accept them as one of them. I have even seen some regular men try to get attention from lesbians by "i understand you hate bi women too!"

No. 223917

The reason why troons hate bisexual women is that in their eyes lesbians are pure women never been dirtied by other men before while bisexuals are dirty sluts riding the cock carousel. So just substitute "lesbian" with "virgin" and "bisexual" with "roastie" and you get the obsession transbians have with coercing lesbians to fucking them and feeding the feud between them and bisexuals.

No. 224030

it's also because bisexuals who could be attracted to them won't see them as the gender they want to be. they won't see a "woman" but maybe a prettyboy at most if they're decent looking

No. 224088

For shits and giggles, how do you nonas feel about the following threesomes?


>anything with a troon

No. 224093

>hell yes
>hell no

No. 224094

maybe if he was being used sexually and held hostage by two women or something it would be hot, but otherwise 0/10
With double penetration utilized, 9.5/10
mythical fantasy 10/10
>anything with a troon
ftm could range from cute to depressing, mtf smelly

No. 224110

i guess my brain was rotted by romance media cause if i'm into someone i can't even imagine having sex with someone else or watching them have sex with someone else, like even the suggestion would probably upset me. i probably need to become more realistic cause it seems like group sex in some form is an incredibly common kink but i just can't grasp the idea of being into it at all.

No. 224125

The only type of threesome I wouldn’t want to try is me and an MTF. If it involved one or two FTMs I’d be very into it. Also my ideal MFF scenario would be something like me and a gf seducing a man together, not the cliche unicorn shit

No. 224133

>Also my ideal MFF scenario would be something like me and a gf seducing a man together, not the cliche unicorn shit
So fulfilling the same "hawt lesbians" scrote fantasy as the unicorn shit except with a slightly different angle? Kek
>If it involved one or two FTMs I’d be very into it.
First time I ever hear of someone having a fetish for Aidens

No. 224166

You're a genius. It all comes down to men being disgusted by other men having touched their woman before, it's either that they know how perverted men are and are disgusted by themselves or they have such low self esteem and delusion, the only time they think they can win is if they're competing against other women, hence transbians thinking they're better than lesbians.

No. 224190

File: 1642413820507.jpg (165.46 KB, 1280x720, jojos-bizarre-adventure-jotaro…)

With right people, I am down for all.

No. 224208

File: 1642417448055.jpg (115.69 KB, 815x802, AR0601_LARGE-GrumpyCatTellsAll…)

Gross. No troon gets close to me.

No. 224274

yes if the woman is bi and the man is not being fetishising
yes if they are bi, else too much work for me lmao
>anything with a troon

No. 224278

Reminds me of a trainwreck of a reddit post where a female enby dated a transbian, he insisted them to be poly and already had other partners. The enby then decided to date a man, making troon scream how "cis male energy" makes him feel unsafe and tried to force them to break up. He must have been so angry for having that harem of women that touch no other dicks ruined.

No. 224296

>and the man is not being fetishising
so, in reality a "no"?

No. 224309

So… how do you guys deal with being rejected by both sides due to being more masculine/tomboyish?

There aren't many lesbians around my age (or at least on apps, and I'm from Eastern eu) and it looks like a buttload of bisexuals just date men since it's easier and our country is somewhat homophobic.

Meanwhile men seem terrified of most women who aren't very feminine or are too "alt" looking. Since I'm only attracted to a specific type of men and don't want children, it's not easy.

Basically, it's fucking hell. I feel like my only option would be to dress (I still wear makeup) full femme but that's really not who I am…or just pray. I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place.

No. 224343

i'm from a western country but i have similar problems. i feel like part of the reason i struggle to find women is due to my androgyny maybe combined with height (probably sounds ridiculous but i am shorter than a lot of women). with men most only seem interested in sex and always do stuff like ask me to shave which i really don't want to do because i don't feel comfortable with it. there are women out there for sure, both bi and lesbian, but it's not so easy to find them especially now.

No. 224456

Hmm, that's a lot of stereotypes and slurs against women in one post.

No. 224461

all this thread is doing is proving to me that bi women are the worst kind of coomers and i'm starting to see why lesbians wants nothing to do with us

No. 224466

Post removed so it might not have been a woman.

No. 224619

Why do people come into this thread just to talk about how much they dislike bi women? Gtfo.

No. 224622

What did the deleted post say? It probably was a tranny.
Most people who hate on bi women are troonsbians. Kek.

No. 224627

Something about being a slutty girl and a cock whore, aka porn-sick troon language.

No. 224628

Yeah probably

No. 224931

File: 1642629078976.png (1.69 MB, 1323x1200, dl.png)

This might be cringe

No. 224934

no one likes self flagellation queen

No. 224950


No. 224958

>omg any fellow bisexual women hate yourself just like i do? i'm bisexual btw i'm definitely bisexual i hate bisexual women WE're so disgusting am i right bisexual ladies
you will never be a woman or a lesbian, moid

No. 224966

sorry you're triggered i didn't like your post about being a "slutty cokwhore (together with your girlfriend because you totally like women too!!!!)"

No. 225159

i wonder how many bi women there are out there who have slept with and dated women but no men? this was me until a couple of years ago you never seem to hear much about those type of experiences in the wider bi community and it always made me feel kind of lonely.

No. 225217

Me, had a lenghty relationship with a girl, I always hated men. Then I had a crush on a dumb boy. Nothing came of that, but we did get frisky.

No. 225367

not every reply you receive is from the same person, moid. turns out multiple people think you're a retard. congrats!

No. 225417

why do bi women who discover their attraction to men after discovering their attraction to women so often mistrusted? i get that polilezzes and other larpers exist, but so do questioning people and late bloomers, especially if they're young. makes sense that in a heteronormative society it's usually easier to figure out your feelings towards the opposite sex, but that's not always the case. a teenage girl is not a larper who dropped the act just because she mistakenly identified as a lesbian then later came out as bi when she's actually a bisexual but late bloomer when it comes to men.

No. 225418

i can tell you're upset nobody liked your totally real bisexual woman erotic roleplay, scrote

No. 225433

I only dated women up until my mid-20s and then after one of my gfs decide to transition, I was noticing a trend of a lot of girls wanting to take hormones and stuff. I was also falling out those kind of circles and find most women are still hardcore into all that stuff. It's rare to find a girl who is chill and doesn't get into all the political bullcrap and stuff I just don't care too much about. A lot of lesbians mistrust bi women, and usually they're the ones I tend to be into. I tried dating men to soothe my loneliness, but they're insufferable and can't make me orgasm.

No. 225436

I'm giving up on this thread because it's just roleplaying scrotes vs bi-hating lesbians and I'm convinced there are no bisexual females actually here

No. 225473

nice try at sowing discord, scrote

No. 226267

Has anybody tried the dating app Lex? The fact that it advertises itself for zoomer queers is a red flag but it's less normie than Tinder and filtering out the they/thems and assorted crazies should be easy.

No. 226285

Yea, but that was a few years ago. It had more or less the same people on it as on Tinder etc

No. 226486

I'm a bong and have tried it briefly. There seem to be not so many people on it in my country but the people I have seen were very woke.

No. 226944

Cara Delevinge (sp?) is overrated as a model and actress and obviously benefited from nepotism but I can't help but respect her for pulling so many women, so many celebrities who call themselves bi never date women yet exepect to be treated as "bicons" just for coming out

No. 226997

I don't know if I should feel bad for thinking famous people lie about their sexuality as much as I do kek. Which famous bi women do you nonas like and dislike?

No. 227077

idk if this will be unpopular, but lady gaga comes across as a clout bi to me. i like her music but not her ~queer~ image. she says her poker face song is about bisexuality/ constantly thinking about women during sex with a man, but i've never seen her actually date a woman. she's dated like ~7 men since coming out as bi, but no women? i don't think your thoughts are consumed with fucking women as much as you say they are, lady. there are rumors of women she's slept with but she's never dated women publically or confirmed any of that. when you wanna be a bicon but the only instances of you having gay sex and relationships are unanswered rumors i start to get suspect.
also adding that katy perry sucks, probably the most cringe "queer" celebrity

No. 227080

Megan Fox is peak bihet and the comments she made years ago about bisexuality are extremely cringy, did she ever backpedal on these?

No. 227109

you shouldn't feel bad considering celebs lie about tons of other things, sexuality is no exception

No. 227177

File: 1643495900891.jpg (61.99 KB, 992x744, qt.jpg)

I like Tove Lo and was a bit sad to hear she's never dated a woman even though she says she slept with them. I think she's cute. I also like Doja Cat (kek), Drew Barrymore and Dana Terrace (animation cow) in that I think they're cute but who knows if they've ever dated a woman either. It's hard for a lot of us but surely easier if you're famous?

No. 227305

Why is she considered a bicon?

No. 227311

everyone hated her back in like 2010, now with the Jennifer's Body revival everyone loves her, and she also happened to say she was bi so… yeah

No. 227339

Don't be offended but you have such straight male-like taste nona.

No. 227341

What would you consider gay/bi female taste in women, nonny?

No. 227429

Kek no I'm not offended and I've heard similar things before. I'm not sure what makes it male-like or if bi male taste is much different (I doubt it) but I believe it.

No. 227453

I am 2 on the Kinsey scale.
I've only ever had sex with other bi women.
People like to pretend I don't even exist. Why? I have no idea.

No. 227455

I can't quite tell and I myself have straight male tastes sometimes as well. I'd say it's being attracted to women appealing to male gaze. Done up makeup and hair, overly gender conforming and usually revealing clothes who appeal to male standards, etc. Just like how the men straight women and gay men feel attracted to are different.

No. 227456

well guess what, i have both straight male taste in women AND gay male taste in men, now what?

No. 227551

Don't you mean Kinsey 5? 2 is pretty much bihet.

No. 228489

to a lot of the woke online bi community you basically don't exist unless you're feminine, have exclusively dated/slept with men and thought you were straight until very recently

No. 229097

File: 1644177710197.jpg (147.73 KB, 1700x900, Lone-Woman-spillwords.jpg)

I'm so upset, there's no winning.
My lesbian best friend found out I have a boyfriend and she felt betrayed. She told me "I could do so much better" which I understand but then she told me about all the "bi" women who she was interested in ended up with men and how they won't chose her. That hurt, she doesn't know the amount of women who have rejected me because I've dated a male in the past, the women who look down upon you because you are bisexual and that's alright, you should be able to reject anyone you don't want. What hurts me is when I go and get along with a male and end up dating him suddenly I "can do better" suddenly I am a "bi-het" suddenly I was never attracted to women in the first place.
There is no winning, I can't be pure enough for a woman and that kills me.

No. 229107

this sounds like bait

No. 229108

just let me nag please I'm not here to bait.

No. 229113

>then she told me about all the "bi" women who she was interested in ended up with men and how they won't chose her.
Honestly this sounds like your friends problem, not yours. You're not responsible for her past experiences, and if she likes you and didn't make her feelings known then it's unfair to put this on you.

No. 229116

sage and kys scrote

No. 229123

Asked this in the stupid questions thread the other day but didn't get any answers. I know pride month is ages away (thank fuck) but I was wondering if the other bi nonas itt support children being at pride? And if kink should be at pride? I remember there was a lot of discourse about this last year

No. 229218

I was at one pride parade years ago and it was full of gay men with their shirts off and leather straps and harnesses on that made no sense outside of a bedroom. I expected pink hair, glitter and unicorn horns, not leather bondage daddies. The 12 year olds in front of me were howling and wolf whistling at it. That was my first and last parade lol

No. 229226

i want a female fuck buddy so bad

No. 229278

In my country pride parades are pretty tame, there are some more sexual afterparties but those are only for adults anyway. I think sexy outfits are okay but I dont get people wearing obvious fetish gear in public even if there are no children around.

No. 229287

same. i keep dreaming about lesbian sex and especially sucking on breasts and playing with them, ugh i need it

No. 229431

File: 1644356146055.jpeg (45.05 KB, 640x495, 5CA43D5F-B4B0-4478-8C63-B22042…)

I’m turning 28 this year and I’m still pining over my best friend with a bf like I’m a closeted middle schooler. You think I’d learn better by now. The worst part is she talks about loving me and dating one day and how we’ll probably end up together one day but she’s just not ready to leave her shitty boyfriend I guess? I just laugh it off but it’s like a needle under my fingernails every time.

No. 229514

Hol' up. Does she know how you feel? If she does, that's pretty cruel of her. If she doesn't I don't know why you are expecting her to follow through. Many best friends joke about getting together, you sure it's not like that?

No. 229556

I’m pretty sure she knows how I feel. Probably not how deeply, but she knows that I like her/the idea of us dating, but I turn her down every time she literally propositions me to make out or even have sex bc that would be cheating on her bf and she’s like “yeah you’re right.” And she’ll be like “I wish I could have both of you,” which I haaatteee. So I don’t even fucking know.

No. 229562

>she literally propositions me to make out or even have sex
>she’ll be like “I wish I could have both of you,”
Please move on and don't let this idealized crush on a very selfish woman get in your way from actually meeting someone worthwhile.

No. 229574

Thank you nona ♥ it’s giving me pause to date other people to work through these emotions, but I don’t really intend to hold my breath. Even if they did break up, I don’t want to be a rebound or think it would be healthy for either of us to do right away. Which is why it’s frustrating of her to talk about wistfully while she’s literally dating someone else kek. Anyways, you’re right, it’s just super annoying and makes me feel small. I’ll focus on our friendship (which is good tbh, she’s horrible for this but otherwise…obvi I love her and she’s my best friend for reasons).

No. 229599

Honestly, right now you're already having a "preview" of what she's like as a girlfriend. Proposing other people for sex, leading them on, wistfully going on about "Oh if only I could have both of you"… Some people can be good friends but awful partners. Good call focusing on working through your feelings, just remember that you deserve better than this, and moving on from this situation will bring you closer to meeting them, wherever they are.

No. 230023

Late to the party but I love you nonny. This is too funny.

No. 231837

It really sounds like she is trying to have it all. Even if she leaves the bf there could be another third person involved soon. Maybe try to be honest about how you feel and how her talking about that stuff hurts you?

No. 238016

File: 1645241242954.jpg (131.64 KB, 1000x800, 01507908862db66af8dc3e53cb286f…)

From now own I'll only date bisexual women, I am sick and tired of puritanism. And I am sick of not being able to have this conversation in bisexual spaces, every time someone wants to get off their chest the horrible treatment lesbians put us through some random white knight comes yelling "SCROTE", "KYS", "XYZPHOBIC". I don't give a fuck anymore, we bisexual women should leave the LBG (queers too) and let the L's and G's tear each other apart alone. I swear dating feels literally like a job interview, I got so tired that right off the bat I have to say "Yes I've fucked men" and "Yes I TRULY love women" like ffs, I understand that "fake bis" of the past come haunting lesbians in their dreams??? or some shit I don't fucking know like some lesbians won't be friends with you because they see you beneath them in the purity scale. I am completely and utterly done.
also that stupid dumbass moid tier kinsey scale shit needs to die, stop "spectrumfying" sexuality, fuck off.

No. 238032

You sound too autistic to date

No. 238047

>when the first shitty bait doesn't get enough attention
have you tried dilating

No. 238049

I would date her.

No. 238180

File: 1645254906419.jpg (70.99 KB, 594x437, Captura.JPG)

I'm not wrong tho

No. 238184

File: 1645255200536.jpg (70.9 KB, 604x480, Captura.JPG)

They are fucking misogynistic and no amount of ass kissing is gonna change that.

No. 238191

That first post was bait-y as fuck, but I do agree with the last paragraph here. It's like some people (even some bisexuals) think that attraction is only "real" if it's towards men. People misunderstand both bisexual women and men's sexuality.

No. 238202

Lesbians do this self-fulfilling prophecy of "bisexual women only truly want men" by being biphobic. Then bisexual women go get with males because they say no to literally nothing and go "rrrreeeeee see?? they never liked women to begin with!".

No. 238325

But most bi women do prefer men. That’s why the focus in our “spaces” is often not feeling our sexuality is seen in M/F relationships. Denying it just makes you look like an idiot

No. 238365

I've been thinking of downloading a dating app, what are some subtle cryptoterf words and emojis I could use to keep the troons, kweerios and handmaidens at bay while not getting banned?

No. 238378

You could call yourself an adult human female. Next time I use a dating app I might make Harry Potter references, but that's because I'm actually a fan.

No. 238397

Kek I find people who still put their Hogwarts house on their profile cringy, but putting a random JKR quote (something generic about the power of imagination or hope) might be a good idea. I've also heard febfem is a bad word for some reason, I'd put it in the first line of my description to make my intentions clear.

No. 238410

nta but what does febfem mean?

No. 238412

Yeah it's cringy, but it might ward off idiotic gender specials and "anti-terves". I also welcome more terven ideas of what to put in a dating profile.
Febfem is a good idea, I'd like to find someone like that.

No. 238418

Female Exclusive Bisexual Female. It's a radfem term and I don't think there's any use in using it outside of (or even in) radfem spaces because nobody else knows what it means.

No. 238423

OP here and I didn't know febfem was a radfem term, I discovered about the word here or on Tumblr but I just thought it was a neutral word bi women used, the definition sounded neutral anyway. Oh well, I'll just use it and play the innocent if someone calls me out (it'll be easier to block them this way), it might also draw other febfems.

No. 238465

File: 1645274965153.jpg (495.31 KB, 1280x910, tumblr_b3dfa3bdcb384814baec9c5…)

Sorry a boo hoo bpd bislut story incoming

I am so tired. I miss women (specifically my ex gf) so much I often cry. I have dreams about women at least weekly. I left my ex gf for a moid a couple years ago when we were on a break, due to horrible drama and abuse from both sides and sexual issues (I always made her cum SO many times, but she told me I'm a rapist if I expect her to fo anything for me). She slit up her legs for me to not leave her, but I fucking did it anyway.

The reason I wanted to jump into a relationship with my current bf is that he said he is also bisexual, and would like an open relationship / FMM shit where he would get dicked down (I am sorry I am a coomer at heart). He later went back on his word, and in addition turned out to be extremely jealous. I lost frieds partly due to it. My ex has understandably cut all contact, though not before sexting me she misses me and thinks me during sex with her multiple gfs. When we were together she said she was probably asexual and made me feel like a horrible sex pest.

So now I have laid my bed with my actions, and I have to live with it. I absolutely hate missing women so much. I can't understand where the desire for my bf went, and why his body feels so wrong because it's not a woman's. I have legitimately considered religious conversion therapy, even though I am not even a church member. I want to rip the gay part out and be a good little waif, who only wants to serve her husband. Getting married feels like a fucking awful tought though, and I have nightmares about it. But I do not deserve women either, as I am the stereotypical bihettie just looking for some thrill teehee. No woman I have been with actually wanted me, or would want because of how I am. I can't leave my bf because he is actually all I have and I don't want to ruim his life too. I just feel more and more like kyssing is the only way out.

Yes I am very mentally ill I know thank you

No. 238490

So some lesbians not wanting to date bis are at fault for their mental illness and substance abuse they do? top kek

No. 238651

Well how are you supposed to know it stands for exclusive and not exclusionary ?

No. 238654

Because that's what the term stands for? I'm not sure what you're asking anon. Everyone uses it as exclusive.

No. 238688

yeah yeah the evil lesbians just hate you for no reason, y'all don't sound mentally ill at all

No. 238702

The one above me is a troll but I actually slept with my first men while I was with my ex gf without her knowledge because I felt like she judged me for not fucking any men. She was also bi, had 3 ex bfs at the time (only slept with 3 people), I knew I liked men but had only dated one woman (slept with 3 women). She never said anything outright bad to me but it got too much and I ended up fucking 2 men and one woman behind her back, all one time hookups though. I still feel judged by other bi women for not liking men enough/being functionally an “evil lesbian” for so long and it’s led me into a huge mental breakdown I haven’t recovered from yet. I still send pics to 2 men but my physical health is currently very bad so my sex drive is gone and I don’t fuck anyone right now.

No. 238703

Work on yourself before getting into relationships. Mental illness isn't some quirky thing to just shrug about, if you truly feel bad about burdening your partner(s) with it, then do something against it instead of pitying yourself and trying to farm validation.

No. 238706

File: 1645290152188.png (1.44 MB, 2424x4848, Double Closet.png)

Go simp for your dykes to the lesbian thread, I don't give a fuck about this circular "Bisexual women prefer MEN and I as a lesbian would never give them a chance therefore they were ALWAYS straight in disguise" bullshit.
Here's the whole fucking thesis if you are interested

No. 238717

I'm not reading that lmao, claiming that lesbians are at fault for your own mental illness while also claiming that messy bis are just a stereotype is hilarious.
Judging from how much lesbians seem to make you seethe while you call them sluts and dykes but also try to viciously argue Bi women/male majority is just bullshit, there is only one conclusion to make.

No. 238722

And as always, it all boils down to "you must be a tranny, scrote, moid, mentally ill, autist etc." Also I never called then sluts, just dykes.

No. 238728

seethe. go suck off your plaguebringer after he pulls out of some other scrote's unwashed hairy asshole

No. 238731

I'm really sorry I should not have posted, I don't want to make the stereotypes truer

No. 238736

So you agree? you are only a "women only" bisexual because of your spite of men not because you love women?

No. 238740

Because you literally sounds like one, both with what you say and your tone.

No. 238745

no idea what you're talking about + not reading any of those schizo links + you probably self-harm about not being able to be with women when you're with men and vice versa

No. 238748

is literally because I used the words "simp" and "dyke", as if you don't use the same fucking words. Also dismissing my point because of my language is all you got? I'm just very fucking angry about all the bullshit.

No. 238753

File: 1645291446496.jpg (79.15 KB, 1351x546, schizo link.JPG)

Here's a screenshot of my "schizo link" if anyone wants go off with the tranny bullshit.

No. 238757

lol people go into lifelong debt to study bullshit like this

No. 238772

I’m actually bi (I know you won’t believe me though) but if you hate lesbians so much why do you want them to touch you? There are plenty more bi women than lesbians in the world.

No. 238799

wow I wonder why lesbians don't like you

No. 238846

okay so for what I've gathered is that this thread, which is usually inactive, is only for talking only rainbows and flowers about bisexuality? or if someone dares to nag she has to do it in a "feminine way" or else she is "plaguebringer"?

No. 238863

What are you angry about? That lesbians don't want to fuck you? Have you considered that it might not be because you're bi, but because you sound like a massive sperg?

No. 238874

none of your quoted posts said anything remotely like that, take your meds

No. 238886

What angers me is their draconian mentality, simple as that. They might as well be evangelical straight moids.

No. 239518

So if I am currently with a moid, and have been before, would it be better not to pursue lesbian relationships in the future if I am single?

No. 239533

Nta, but fuck off. Anon didn't even say anything about lesbians.

No. 239780

youre mentally ill, that is why people dont like you, thats it. Sexuality isnt the issue but you

No. 239900

Ignore all the internet sperging, in real life tons of lesbians pair up with bisexuals because bi women are much more common. Some lesbians are genuinely hateful of 'bihets' but for every mean hateful lesbian there's also a bi woman who fits the stereotype exactly. Both communities have retards. As long as you're not being a retarded bisexual (going on and on about men you're attracted to, comparing your gf to men, using your gf to simp for male attention, etc) the majority of lesbians will be fine with you. You can also pursue other bi women if you want, you don't need to pull a lesbian to be in an f/f relationship.

No. 240528

cosigning this
All my grand romances have been with bisexual women. This has got to be some mostly internet based conflict or concern, right? I hate the term 'wlw' because it's cause everyone's afraid of the term 'same-sex relationship/attraction nowadays, but at least it shows lesbian and bi women are out and about in the world. usually complaining on twitter or posting cottagecore stuff, but still

No. 240654

>going on and on about men you're attracted to, comparing your gf to men, using your gf to simp for male attention, etc
Do people ACTUALLY do that what the fuck, I thought it was a meme

No. 240656

Who do you think you are arguing with? I'm the one who posted the retarded sob story but I did not sperg with you about all that stuff. I'm the mentally ill one, not that other anon

No. 241211

So let me get this straight
>Had an abusive relationship with a bpd-chan with a one-sided sex life of her being a pillow princess
>Left said abusive bitch for a moid only because you wanted to see him get fucked by another man
>Ex slit her legs when you left her
>Turns out the man lied about being bi and was a possessive, jealous scrote who drove your friends away
>Now you're dreaming of conversion therapy to pray the gay away and refusing to leave the piece of shit moid because "he's all you have"
There's so much to unpack but surprisingly enough this isn't the first or the last time I've seen this happen. Have you ever been in a functional relationship? Gay and bi people are subjected to minority stress a lot and develop personality disorders and mental health issues due to the ostracization and abuse caused by homophobia so they can become crazy fuckers, driving bisexuals and gay people memed into comphet into escaping into a heterosexual relationship because they think it's guaranteed stability from all the craziness. Of course in their vulnerable state they get taken advantage of a lot and I constantly see bisexual women leave their needy bipolar girlfriend for a man only to be unhappy in a different way and longing for a lesbian relationship.

As a personal anecdote I know this girl who had a ridiculously abusive relationship with an absolutely horrible girlfriend, after breaking up she dated only men due to her trauma. However years after she started dating a girl by chance, with whom she fell in love with hard and became happier than she had ever been with a man. So you're not at all in the wrong for longing for a female relationship and giving it time you might find the woman of your life and realize what actual, healthy love means. Just work on your own mental issues for the time being instead of trying to find someone, male or female, to dump them on and learn to be alone for a moment.

No. 242406

Straight girl passing by. Got a question for you guys: is bi-cycle a real thing?

No. 242436

It is for me, but it's different for every bisexual woman.

No. 242934

If I have crush on someone, I fantasize generally more about people of their sex. Does that count?

No. 243033

What’s the bi-cycle

No. 243112

When bi people go through periods of leaning towards one sex more than the other (or not having any lean at all).

No. 243133

That is how it is with me too.

No. 244882

Ngl that’s scary, how is someone supposed to be in a relationship like that, if a person is going to lose interest in the gender that their partner is, for periods of time?

No. 244888

It doesn't mean you have to lose attraction towards the person you're with, or even a person you have a crush on.

No. 245258

So you are attracted to your partner still, but besides them you lose interest in that gender/sex?
Have you had experience with that?
(I guess It’s hard to believe that stuff won’t bleed into the relationship)

No. 245680

File: 1645620443074.png (940.7 KB, 1841x762, bii.png)

does anybody else really hate "bi culture" type posts? they always pick the fugliest men (i.e. brendon urie) and reduce bisexuality into this clean, SFW, tumblr-ified version of what it actually is. sorry if somebody's said this before but i wanted to get it off my chest

No. 245682

panic at the disco suck and i'm pretty sure brendon urie is lying about being bi/"pan"

No. 245690

the amount of people who lie about being bi is astronomical. any amount of controversy/backlash/whatever and you can say you're bi/"queer". basically a panacea for internet drama

No. 245698

Yeah, I hate how they say it's the "cool" sexuality or whatever, I know not being straight is pretty much a fandom nowadays but it's way more overt with bisexuality for some reason, it really rubs me the wrong way.

No. 245703

… lemon bars? surely this is some reference that im missing

No. 245716

this is more like nerdy tumblr girl starterpack, i liked/did all those things (except for lemon bars, i don't get that one) and I'm straight. though I did identify as bi for a while

No. 245765

I guess this is cute if you're 15 but please can we have some music that isn't awful

No. 245879

I DEFINITELY do. It's shit.

No. 245929

When I was a teen everyone was like "stereotypes are dumb fuck them dont put a label on me!!1" but zoomers make up stereotypes for themselves.

No. 246003

>can we have some music that isn't awful
Do we need to associate the music we listen to your sexual orientation though? Maybe it's because I mostly listen to weird abstract prog shit devoid of anything sexual or romantic, but I've never felt the need of a "biconic" singer or whatever.

No. 246163

I think it can be nice to find out an artist is bi (assuming they're not lying for clout but it seems more common to just lie about being "queer" atm) but a lot of songs about being bi especially MFF shit are bad and cringe. I secretly kind of like Morrissey though so maybe not the best person to say

No. 246246

and then you whine that people don't want to date bisexuals

No. 246259

Why are you here, just to seethe?

I know Morrissey is apparently a problematic moid but fuck if I don't love The Smiths with all my heart. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out is my anthem, I love it so fucking much. It was my and my ex gf's "the song"

No. 246262

to make fun of how mentally ill you are. "yeah i have cycles where i'm not attracted to my partner, that's totally a real sexuality and not a mental illness and btw if anyone refuses to fuck me i will cry and link them gender studies basket-weaving papers on why that's problematic"

No. 246275

File: 1645886376109.jpg (27.43 KB, 360x361, Bait_368588_5907668.jpg)

Why are the baiters always in our thread, jfc.

No. 246304

Morrissey being problematic only makes me like him more. Don’t even agree with his opinions I'm just tired of people assuming everyone who isn’t straight has the same politics. tfw no unwoke bi bf

No. 246396

Unfortunately it is for some of us. I thought I was a lesbian for years as a teenager and only realised I was bisexual when I suddenly caught feelings for a male friend (now ex-boyfriend). Since then I’ve swung back and forth, but now I’m primarily attracted to men to the point of being functionally heterosexual. I know I’m not straight (I had a crush on a straight female friend for two painfully long years and have dated girls), but I may as well be. It feels weird being mostly into men now, I was so used to not caring about whether they found me attractive.

No. 246507

Was the Master Baiter ghosted by a bisexual or what's their issue?

No. 246917

How would you react if a woman you were talking to told you she was pansexual or queer?

No. 246982

Probably NOPE.jpg out. Well, probably after prying a bit what her political etc leanings are - I could not romantically be with anyone who actually believed wueer theory and the like. They could also just a be normie that has no idea terms could be negative in any way.

No. 246983

Abort it immediately. Agree with >>246982 though, maybe she's a normie whom I could troonpill, but women deep into the kweer fandom are not worth it, they generally are very vocal about their opinions and easy to detect, so I wouldn't even talk to them in the first place.

No. 246988

pansexual is a no go but i frequently just call myself queer as a blanket term because bisexuals get unwarranted questions of authenticity from people
also queer is an oldass term whereas pansexual is nuage twittershit

No. 247002

I personally hate queer because it's still a slur no matter how much people claim it's being reclaimed and it's mostly terminally online weirdos who call themselves that (mostly degen troons and bihet women).

No. 247009

To me queer means a probably straight person who wants to feel included in a community. Pan means tranny lover. Those are just my knee jerk reactions.

No. 247047

i suppose that’s where we differ bc i live in a major city with a big lgbt scene and hear it all the time. im also never gonna agree that a person cannot reclaim slurs. i use cunt and bitch all the time too and i won’t have my language policed.

No. 247082

Yeah, I grew up in a really small town so I heard queer used as an insult too many times to feel comfortable with the term as an adult, especially because some of that was directed at my lesbian relative who I have always looked up to. It seems like it really has become a hip term for spicy straight people though as >>247009 said, pretty insulting to actual homosexuals and bisexuals

No. 247098

File: 1646187958957.png (175.98 KB, 588x366, tumblr_e25943f4e042cb4038f69f0…)

>pretty insulting to actual homosexuals and bisexuals
you don't get to decide who's legitimate or not because they use words you don't like, fucking twittertard. go outside and speak to other humans for once

No. 247125

You are the one who sounds like a twittertard with your phrasing and choice of words, I'm sorry if most of us think a lot of people who call themselves queer nowadays would not have been caught dead in a pride 10 years ago.

No. 247142

only twittertards call themselves 'queer' though

No. 247154

straight people getting offended on behalf of a different community

No. 247172

Don’t feed the het trolls who live ITT, anon. They’re in the lesbian thread too.

No. 247173

Queer is also often used by women who used to call themselves lesbians and make it their whole identity, but later dated men. Because bi isnt speshul enough?

No. 247451

Yes yes I am a bad person who should die painfully, but FUCK I'm so done with being the archetype of all bisexual stereotypes

I legitimately just want to rip the homosexual part out and be happy in my straight relationship. I always seem to completely lose interest in men when the first year or so goes by. But with women I could be with them forever. Why the fuck can't I be content with men? I absolutely despise myself for being the most stereotypical spicy straight who wants a little side gf teehee! Idk if it's just fetisization of lesbians I have or what. I legit want to get into conversion therapy and make Jeebus cure me or shit

No. 247455

Get over your internalised homophobia and date women?

No. 247484

I can't abandon my partner because I'm an indecisive sex pest, that's what people think bisexuals do anyway

No. 247486

You could always just not have a partner.

No. 247547

hey ladies, i have an odd issue.

when i'm in a relationship with a girl, i feel comfortable with my femininity and being female. i don't care about having periods and such things.

however, i've recently gotten pretty serious with a man. my hate of my periods returned. i even contemplated getting top surgery again, and going on T. i feel uncomfortable being female around him (he's also bisexual, with a heavy preference for men, with me being the opposite). he said he doesn't mind, and makes me feel sexy and supports me when i feel dysphoric.

how do i get in touch with my female side again while i'm with him? i actually used to be a TIF, if it wasn't obvious already. i still dress like a butch lesbian and act masculine as i used to then. i have no desire to be feminine, which he doesn't mind at all nor does he pressure me to be more feminine.

No. 247551

You should get to the root of the actual issue. You are already feminine no matter what you do because you're a woman. Doing stereotypical things won't fix whatever reason you hate your body for.

No. 247553

I’m not bi myself so sorry but maybe if you remind yourself that no matter what you changed about yourself, you’d be read as feminine and specifically in this case, the expression of it that he is attracted to strongly enough to override his usual preferences. Everything female about you is just your existence and not something variable, you know? So it’s a matter of exercising self respect rather than relating to a sense of femininity.

Also, on the topic of being uncomfortable, like, being female around him. Remember that you’re just two people together and you being a girl and he a boy doesn’t mean anything extra, so don’t feel like you have to match up to or meet any new criteria.

No. 247557

If you lose interest after a year he probably isnt right for you. Did you just pick the first person who was attracted to you and nice? I have done that myself and those relationships sucked.

Maybe just try internalise the fact that straight relationships dont have to have stereotypical gender roles. Is there something he could be unknowingly doing to make you feel dysphoria? Like in sex or compliments of your body, comments about the periods etc.

No. 247560

yeah, that's the issue, i don't know what the root is. i know i'm attracted to men, and i know i'm attracted to him specifically. but men just aggravate my dysphoria for some reason…

i don't know how to exercise self-respect in that regard… i used to have such low self esteem. i got better on my own though. he has a psychologist friend he wants me to meet, she's a woman so i'm thiking i'd bring it up with her. when i'm with a woman, we both have periods so i don't mind. but around him i feel ashamed for having normal female function…

yeah, you're right. i actually really like that he's shorter than me, haha. and i like to walk on the left (where men usually walk) and act like the man in the relationship. i don't think he's doing anything unknowingly other than having a Y chromosome…

No. 247583

>feeling ashamed over female functions
(Ayrt and I mean you absolutely no disrespect or blame in the following btw)

Oof. Sounds like you have some residual misunderstood or negative associations with femaleness/womanhood deep inside. When everyone is the same, being female is neutral right? But then around men, societal gender appears, evoking comparison and those bad associations.

Without going too deep into it, being female (as an organism and socially from an existential/moral standpoint) is not worse than being male in any regard. More relevantly to you, femaleness is also completely neutral to observe. It isn’t an offence or affront to anyone else’s nature, nor does it deserve to be diminished.

For example, periods are lit —gorey af, metal to experience and poetically godlike in the wider sense. At the same time, menstruating while somebody else isn’t, doesn’t do anything to that person and they won’t think anything about it. Neither should you, as it’s too good a personal attribute to want to ‘fix’.

Maybe you feel like you need to be taken differently by others for the way you are as a person to make sense? Maybe in your attraction to men, the ‘boyishness’ or ‘coolness’ you like, feels unattainable? The thing here, is that femininity should begin and end at femaleness. Despite how culture is gendered, when people like/see you, they also like the attributes you might see as masculine, it’s just as shiny and attractive. It also doesn’t bother or confuse anyone, so you don’t need to make up for or enhance it.

Self respect in this situation, is just understanding that there’s nothing wrong with you. Respecting your womanhood in this case and not allowing perceptions of maleness to diminish it. When confronted with what it seems someone else has, still holding your own version in good esteem.

Men can be however they are and you’ll still be perfect. Your boyfriend loves you as you are and so should you. I also hope everything goes well with the psychologist and you feel better!

No. 247610

Out of interest what led you to detrooning? I struggle with some dysphoria too and have the urge to tit chop/troon a lot partly because I feel a lot of guilt about preferring women.

No. 247618

i think my biggest issue is that i honestly wish he would just belittle me for being female and beat me. lol. i have the exact opposite problem wherein i wish i had an abusive partner but they've all been so nice to me regardless of sex and paradoxically it hurts more because i'm not used to it. cluster B much huh.

at risk of sounding insane, which i do not deny being, i started starving myself and realised trooning was an inferior negative coping mechanism

No. 247642

Ehh, well that’s something. What would you get out of that scenario? Is it a type of excitement or a sense of emotional investment? Is there anything you value strongly? I think you should try drawing some connections between that thing and yourself, you don’t deserve to experience any of the things you’re putting yourself through. You don’t exist in the world you might have faced abuse in anymore (if that’s the case).

No. 247695

Had to delete the HER app recently. There was too many poly people, married women, and pillow princesses. If it wasn't that, they either weren't my type, too well adjusted, or couldn't hold a conversation if a gun was held to their head. I'm just gonna focus on myself.

No. 247699

I actually did the same (starving) but started trying to recover after going to hospital last year. I still don’t have periods or any sex drive and feel like I’m hiding from my sexuality a bit by not restoring my weight.

No. 247735

How about the troons, did you notice them as well? This is one of the biggest reason I'm reluctant to download an app.
>too well adjusted
What do you mean by that?

No. 247772

Nona please love yourself a little bit more, you’re better than that.

No. 247792

Have you been to therapy? If not you should. Being female is just part of your biology, doesnt make you inferior. Only asshole scrotes and pick mes think it does. Yes men are physically stronger, but biologically females are a lot more worthy than males. Sperm can be replaced wombs can not. I think this fact actually drives some men hate us so fucking much.

No. 247795

Based. Men have womb envy.

No. 247825

Really hate that I'm like this, wish I could just be straight. My relationships with men were all right, but the two that I've had with women were all sexually abusive towards me. Maybe it's just a me-problem and I fall for the wrong women, but I'd rather not fall for them at all

No. 247836

i enjoy being bisexual when i'm single, but when it comes to relationships i really wish that i were either straight or gay to make it simpler. and i've grown to hate the lgbt "community" for being particularly vicious against bisexuals, demanding they prove themselves, assuming they're lying or untrustworthy or will cheat etc. it's all so unnecessary

No. 248290

Feel free to call me a faggot if this sounds stupid, but I wonder how much of sexuality is influenced by socioeconomics and the desire for safety. I consider myself bi and I like women more. But I’ve mostly been in relationships with men because a male is more likely to be able to protect me than another woman. Also it’s easier to persuade men to spend money on you/pay your rent KEK

No. 248297

I see what you mean, I've never really felt the need to be protected so I don't associate protection with men (and I don't think they would be particularly efficient anyway given how low-T they all are nowadays), I even roll my eyes when women say they love how large men's shoulders or whatever are because I don't think men are particularly appealing.

No. 248366

You can just date men, right? How were they sexually abusive? If you view anything sexual with a woman as abusive and get uncomfortable from the thought of being with any women, you're probably straight already.

No. 248368

Kinda funny, I do like hanging out with big strong men, probably because it makes me feel safe. But I am not usually sexually attracted to them, I like women and cute manlets.

No. 248393

Kek I never checked back after posting that and didn't even think that someone would assume I wasn't including myself in "actual bisexuals" when posting in the bi thread. I said homosexuals and bisexuals because I do not entertain all that pan/allo/aloeverawhatever shit

No. 248449

I wonder of this has to do with culture and region.
I don't feel safer with a man because the thought always on my mind is "how can I protect myself from him if ever comes to that". I'm from a country where femicide is very high and people are pretty much desensitized to male violence, and this is how I was raised, with my own father telling me "if you ever own a gun, don't tell your boyfriend", knowing from a young age how to keep secrets from men and never completely trust any of them. I feel I would be safer with a woman except for the fact that we would have to deal with homophobia, which I obviously wouldn't worry about with a man. There are two types of danger there. In the end, I feel safer being single.

No. 248800

Idk if I'm the only one who can find man attractive irl or on pictures but thinking about touching their body in a sensual way or the fact that they have penis repulsive. I would probably never have sex with a man for physiological reason too. I can get flustered by very attractive ( to me ) guy but I could not date them for those reason and a lot of them have opposed personality to me. Does some of you have similar feelings?

No. 248851

How would you react if another bi woman told you she’d never slept with or dated any men and had only had sex with and dated women? Also how would you react in the reverse situation to someone who’d only had sex with and dated men?

No. 248866

Don’t think I would have much of a reaction. A straight virgin is still considered straight even if they’ve never had sex with anyone. If you’re attracted to both sexes you’re bisexual even if you don’t have much experience with one sex or the other.

No. 248881

Same nonna, I call myself bi for various reasons but I'm not really attracted to men, and like you said being intimate with them disgusts me, shit like grabbing their ass or complimenting them makes me want to gag.

No. 248927

Honestly neither matters to me as long as the person I am with values commitment the same way I do

No. 249166

Yeah same. I find men attractive but when it comes to penis it absolutely disgust me. I'm more attracted to women, I guess I could have sex with men alright but I don't feel it would be as exciting and pleasuring as being with women and the fact there will be a penis waiting for me makes me fucking panic so I never date men. I wish things weren't like that.

No. 249167

I'm an oldfag, been with men and women over the years and I find the difference in attraction interesting. I could see an image of pretty much any naked stranger of a woman who is around my age and within a healthy weight bracket and see her as sexually appealing. There's bonus points for certain traits that I like but it's really not hard to find that physical appeal in women.

With men I have to find that one-in-ten-thousand guy whose face I like initially and then I've to get attached to him as a person.. and over time I can start to see his naked body as appealing and something I'd want to interact with. Which has happened before but like.. I do question why it's so much harder to find a man attractive an all levels. That last little stage of finally reaching 'even your penis is appealing' is a rare find for me and it's getting rarer with age too. If I wasn't living in such a homophobic place I'd give up on men given those odds are against me.

No. 249173

Women are just more visually appealing, I think even straight women think so. An ugly woman is still more attractive than an ugly man to me.

No. 249185

this is me anon… i feel weird for it and wonder if i'm sexually traumatized or what. i enjoy drawn porn that includes pensies and i love my fictional husbands, but irl men, no. save for me fucking an extremely hot male celeb i have no interest in having sex with men. meanwhile i think all women are beautiful and sexy and attractive even if they aren't conventional.

No. 249227

Stop perpetuating that stereotype. All women aren't a little bi.

No. 249238

Does anyone else have an unfortunate attraction to "woke folks"? Not TIMs obviously but TIFs. Maybe it's because of my complicated feelings about a few ex friends I have but a lot of FTMs and "nonbinaries" are weirdly hot to me just as long as I can tell they have a pussy and not a microdick.

No. 249330

For me it's like… I do not know if I am attracted to men or just the attention they give and the excitement of a new relationship (I'm a BPD looney demon so those are like the core of my being - also name a more iconic duo than BPD and bisexuality). I like men's faces in pics and irl, but their bodies do nothing for me. I do find sex with men uhhh nice I guess, but I never come (without toys) or with hookups, so I think it's partly because of the attention.

Then again, I remember reading how women are kind of raised and trained to find women sexually appealing, since women are objectified so much by the media. Plus some straight women watch lesbian porn and some lesbians gay male porn so ????

Sometimes I wish I was born a moid. Their sexuality is much more straight forward and simple.

No. 249397

Does it feel like some people aren't bi but just watched too much porn and therefore think they're bi. Or they spend a lot of time in spaces where sexual jokes are normalised and have conditioned themselves. Idk if I'm making sense.

No. 249443

people could be wrongfully led to think that being bi is inherently more sexual than being straight or gay due to media bullshittery or maybe more desirable if you're a woman. sort of similar to how being a lesbian is often hypersexualized by scrotes and turned into a porny thing instead of a legitimate orientation. i'm just speculating though and could be wrong.

No. 249468

File: 1647230521021.jpg (92.57 KB, 564x752, ed713bf451030dfe1885973a0ede61…)

oh my god, I'm a BPD bisexual too!! Let's be friends.

And on the topic of attraction, tbh because of all the rejection I've received I just stopped questioning what I like and why I like it. In my personal case I like both men and women equally but if that's not the case with you don't beat yourself over it, is normal. You don't have to justify your sexuality to anyone, just do what you want, is already hard as it is go have fun instead. <3

No. 249506

Ohh that's so wonderful, another one with this unfortunate combo! Sometimes I feel like a fucking demon judging by how people think of both groups

No. 249507

i used to find ftms hot until i saw the "t dick" thing and it repulses me. microdicks are the least attractive things on the human body imo and a piece of female anatomy mimicking that from hormone usage is just vile to me.

i also would not be able to date a ftm with tit scars. those, too, make me feel physically nauseous.

No. 249513

I am attracted to women with alternative styles and a lot of them are they/thems these days. Bonus points for polyamory.

No. 249527

File: 1647274883387.jpg (87.66 KB, 1200x1154, 470e339d77cacfc1ee318c2e5662d9…)

>I feel like a fucking demon
yes absolutely, the stigma is so fucked up and prevalent that it comes from literally all the other groups (L, G and straight) including ours at times. I hope you feel less alone now that you found a fellow demon girl. <3 much love <3

No. 249669

Go with what feels right. One struggle of bisexuality is feeling like you have to be completely equally attracted to both genders OR ELSE you must conform to being straight or gay. Don’t listen to that shit. Identify with what feels right.

No. 250375

God this reminds me that not only am I the BPD bihettie from earlier, I think I'm ALSO poly. God I wish I was not like this. I have actually not been in a poly relationship ever not will I probably ever be (poly people look DISGUSTANG so often lol) but I have issues with wanting to have sex/relationship with multiple people I cannot get rid of. I think it has to be connected to the BPD and wanting validation for sure. I just absolutely hate being a walking stereotype.

I love u nonna!

No. 250990

wish i was just a lesbian. being attracted to men/penis makes me feel so ashamed

No. 250994

I don't understand why so many other bi anons say this kind of stuff. You don't have to be proud your sexuality but this self-loathing thing is dumb. Excluding men from your dating pool is always an option. Of course that attraction is never going to go away, but why feel ashamed of that? Just let yourself be attracted to men. It doesn't mean anything is wrong with you.
Maybe what I'm saying sounds callous, but I just don't like seeing bi women say they don't like themselves. Our natural attraction isn't anything to be ashamed of. If you really feel that way then maybe it's time to take a break from LC.

No. 250997

thanks nona. i also fear the "bi-cycle" thing though. i don't want to reach a point in my life where i'm smiling and giggling at every cute guy but don't feel any (romantic, sexual) love for a woman.

No. 250998

>Our natural attraction isn't anything to be ashamed of.

No. 250999

i'm a woman who dresses alt, sometimes in a more androgynous way and i'm not a fakeboi or theyby, don't give up hope anon we're out here
you can't help who you're attracted to so there's no point in being ashamed. sometimes it helps to remember that you have no obligation to date or cater to men just because there are some who you're attracted to, but if you do end up with a guy there's nothing wrong with that either. don't be hard on yourself for something you can't help that isn't even inherently a bad thing

No. 251000

That's an understandable fear, I get it. If it makes you feels better, the cycle is always different. There's as much of a chance of you losing (for lack of a better word) attraction towards men as there is women. I just hope you can accept yourself regardless of which way your sexuality decides to swing.

No. 252471

I've had a sort of epiphany which is improving my life so much. I've been questioning my bisexuality actually, but I don't feel comfortable stating that I am a lesbian, as it feels disrespectful. I've never been in a romantic relationship or had any physical contact with anybody at all, but I've spent the past year trying to "fix" myself and make myself palatable to men (I'm an androgynous-looking, tall autist) out of societal pressure, while being uncomfortable with the actual presence of men. I'm realizing that I should just totally lean into my androgyny. Since I was younger, I've been read as lesbian constantly, even by straight people. And several women have even flirted with me. I've just lacked the confidence to flirt back or be playful at all. I've been working on my physical fitness – jogging, and I'm gonna get back into weight training. I've become so much happier in the process of trying to appeal to women instead of men. I'm working on becoming more confident and assertive, and seeking out help for my mental health issues. (I generally think that, in my personal experience, women find my depression less palatable than men do, because my lack of self confidence is something that men see as something to exploit) Just feeling kinda free. IDK.

No. 252484

That's really nice anon! Self improvement should be for yourself first, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a better person before eventually finding a partner (if you want one) I resonate with you because I used to try and look 'palatable' to other people, aka look like a normie to fit in with other girls, and while it did give me some attention I never really felt right trying to keep up that facade. I had really long hair but ended up shaving it all off and of course that made me look weird to some people but honestly I felt better like that then trying to fit into a boring mold. I am trying more bizzare looks with my style and though it puts some people off the people I do meet that like it are more the people I want to be around anyway. It sucks we are conditioned to seek approval from people we don't even fucking like sometimes, I don't know why, that's society I guess.

I think you'll meet someone who notices your confidence in yourself and will appreciate and grow with that ♥

No. 252929

File: 1648763108615.png (1.85 MB, 2000x1600, bisexy.png)

Thought that this fits here

No. 252931

I'm so happy and surprised this was admitted as a theme for the drawing board. Still glad it was <3

No. 252933

Samefag, but you're all bisexual menaces and I love you/us.

No. 252944


No. 252945

This is so cute and kek at "Christine Bicon Chandler" and "the stacy" thanks for posting anon I never would have seen it otherwise

No. 253111

I now ship female 2X x male 2X.

No. 253198

if im not gold star should i just consider myself bisexual… i dont really like men or any of the sexual experiences i had with them but soooooo many lesbians give me shit for dating one guy freshman year. sometimes im like, if i was truly homosexual i wouldnt have done that shit to myself so its like idk maybe the gold star lesbian psychos have a point and i should just shut up and admit im bi. it makes no sense in my mind tho despite my short history with men. kms

No. 253212

I'm sorry but it's the same for me. Lots of women who identify as lesbians later in life after having hetero sex in the past admit its because they couldn't accept themselves in one way or the other. Or it was a form of self harm because we were made to feel guilty for our sexuality. Not every god damn lesbian will feel so comfortable with themselves good for them they never had to struggle with the pain of questioning yourself but also fuck them for judging us because we tried to kill the pain however we could!

No. 253222

I feel like you may be able to get better help in the questioning thread

No. 253259

sorry for off topic but yes… this was years ago during the darkest time of my life when i was on birth control for acne. i literally cant forgive myself. i fully consented but when i recall those moments its like that scene in event horizon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVwqv3mZsyM

idk what i was thinking. i got this idea in my head that fucking a guy was this social milestone i needed to reach to stop being such a dyke autist…

how old are you? do the memories ever fade?

No. 253279

Does anyone else here suffer from OCD? I came out as bi a few years after my OCD treatment and diagnoses, but never had HOCD (homosexual OCD) until recently. Maybe it's the pandemic making my OCD much worse + plus finally being in a healthy and loving relationship that made my brain go "it's all a lie, you love girls and only girls."
I'm very aware of my OCD and how to handle it in healthy ways, but the OCD decided to team up with my hormones so now I get horny dreams and can't even look at girls without feeling like a teenager again.
I know I love my boyfriend, and have ebbed and flowed before, generally sitting towards the hetero side of the spectrum (because women are too good for me) but it's hitting me hard nonnitas. If anyone has advice or support I'd really appreciate it.

No. 253284

I'm 29 and no the memories never come close to fading but what am I supposed to do, beat myself up for it for the rest of eternity? That doesn't sound like living to me…

No. 253803

File: 1649025637811.gif (884 KB, 220x220, 239642B1-586C-45B7-BE49-3443A4…)

My ex-friend in high school was not a good friend at all, but was at the same time. I've been thinking about how she told me I hate how when I'm around you, I feel like I can act weird. And I think she meant she felt safe to be herself around me. This would have been pleasant to hear if she wasn't such a bitch to me most of the time, but had she been any other woman I probably would have passed out from love. I have a bf now though. I'm very happy with him, but sometimes I think about what could have been…

No. 254150

If she was a bitch to you then it's probably for the best that you never got with her

No. 254182

it's hard to say because a lot of bi women have extremely conflicted, negative feelings about men and don't want to actually date them, despite being occasionally attracted. that said, the gold star shit IS psycho and extremely stupid.

i don't want lesbians who did self-harm or tried to get with a man due to insecurity to identify as bi when they're not, BUT i don't think agonizing over whether you're gay or bi is good for you at all. i'd say don't worry about it just yet and focus on healing your shame/anxiety while dating only who you want to date. it'll all fall into place eventually.

No. 254240

>not dating or having sex with men IS psycho and extremely stupid

No. 254241

you're misinterpreting what i wrote on purpose, try harder you troll bait dumbass.

No. 254244

that's all goldstar means

No. 254245

i know what gold star means. i also do not have sex with or date men. by "gold star shit" i'm clearly referring to the phenomenon of nutters harassing lesbians who've made mistakes or been coerced.

No. 254273

lesbians aren't harassing women who've had sex with men or rape victims but hide the insecurity they cause you behind that excuse i guess

No. 254279

i also didn't say lesbians are the ones doing it but someone (many someones, in fact) out there is and they are constantly talking about being gold stars. don't know or care what alleged insecurity you're talking about but i do have a problem with the fact that it affects my lesbian friends who've been hurt and with the fact that it spreads lies about how sexuality actually works.

No. 254286

>my lesbian friends have been hurt because they fucked men
yes lesbians are so heterophobic for saying a woman fucking a man isn't gay

No. 254287

>"i also didn't say lesbians are the ones doing it"
>implying goldstars aren't lesbians now to backtrack this hard
just stop lol

No. 254289

what does this even mean? where did i ever imply that? you are legitimately making shit up at this point.

ohhhh now i get it. YOU'RE one of those insane bitches i was talking about! no wonder

No. 254298

You were right, anon just has a victim complex.

No. 254307

Hey, I'm the one who wrote the post that got you down. I'm not a gold star and I've never asked a gf to be one either. This thing I asked for advice on in the lesbian thread was not at all about my gfs past in general but rather her acting like this guy isn't that interested in her and hiding some crucial history. We sorted it out in the end and we just both happen to have some scars from bad experiences with being put down due to our sex previously and both wanted to specifically pursue lesbians due to having a better shared experience to rely on. She ended up taking it all super well and gets where I'm coming from. Please don't worry about your past like this. If you've never actually wanted sex/romance with a man you are not bi and until you feel that, you do not have to change your label. The Goldstar thing is not healthy to think about. Please be kind to yourself.

No. 254309

Weren't your posts made after the ayrt's post?

No. 254320

File: 1649221592343.jpg (100.4 KB, 606x1092, bab9746b36e5951d448be23ae5af7f…)

Damn I kinda want all the Bi nonnies to feel good about themselves and their sexuality but I know the stigma and push back is fucking venomous. I wanna tell you to not give up but I am also an absolute reject, I wouldn't touch anyone of the LGTwhatever community with a 6ft pol. But that doesn't mean it has to be your case, I do want all of you to find a good community that accepts and respect your bisexuality, however it looks, no need for justification. I haven't found that for my self and I may never will BUT there's always a change I may. I don't want any of you to feel alone, because this road is fucking lonely as hell, but I'm gonna be super corny and say you will always have me as your sister. I will always have your back and slap those nasty moid tier standards of sexuality out of your head. Gaddamn it I just want ya'll to be okay in your bisexual soul my BPD is acting up. I love you all. fuck

No. 254323

i wish that for you too nonny thank you for the positivity

No. 254324

no problem, I'm sending psychic hugs to you all Azealia Banks style.

No. 254344

Ily anon so much.

No. 254353

yes it's incredibly insane for a lesbian to say a woman fucking a man isn't gay and definitely an excuse to call lesbians psychos and incels who harass women like men

No. 254354

>where did i ever imply that?
>i also didn't say lesbians are the ones doing it but someone (many someones, in fact) out there is and they are constantly talking about being gold stars
how aren't you talking about lesbians but you're also talking about someone (many someones, in fact) who are constantly talking about being goldstars? give me a break

except this gen can't stop complaining about being victims of lesbians because you had sex with men that one time and can't stop talking about it to lesbians

No. 254356

Is it hypocritical of me to call myself bisexual despite being celibate? I've never dated for several reasons (mostly lack of time and mental health issues) and I know a celibate straight woman's sexuality is not questioned, but I still feel inadequate compared to other women.

No. 254365

Of course not. Are celibate lesbians and straight women not lesbians, respectively straight? That's absurd.

No. 254377

No. It's about attraction, not who you actually had sex with or dated

No. 254379

Shit youre right. The post seemed so related that I got confused, especially because the reaction to this thread was the hot topic on the other thread now instead of 5 days ago. Idk why we bicker about this shit instead of just focusing on our own lives.

No. 254381

It's ok anon, easy mistake. when you go back to the lesbian thread please take the seething anon with you kek

No. 254401

Hi from /lg/. Have a question for the lovely bisexuals here tips fedora
Do you have a type in women? Do bi girls have a general type? Just trying to figure out what I have to morph myself into so she likes me back.

No. 254403

>Just trying to figure out what I have to morph myself into so she likes me back.
Have you tried DBT?

No. 254410

>Do bi girls have a general type?
There's no "type" for bisexual women imo, our sexuality is too fluid and different for every individual person. You've probably already done this, but does she ever talk about any people, physical features or personality traits that she likes on social media? Do you know who she has dated in the past?
In general, changing yourself to fit someone else's ideal isn't a good idea or way to start off a relationship, but I hope everything goes well nonna. Good luck.

No. 254412

Lol i get what you’re saying but im not a bpd chan, I’m just rather desperate.
Yeah it’s true i can’t have a relationship based on lies. I think she might like more confident girls based on the stuff she likes, but apart from that, no clue. And I’m generally confident except for around her, then i go retard mode by accident. And she’s kind of shy so i know i have to be the strong one even if i don’t feel like it. I feel like such a stalker right now but thanks for the advice nonna, goodbi

No. 254525

of course you're a bpd chan

No. 254535

Maybe she's not really picky or just the type of person who can like a very wide range of people. Just try to show her the best side of yourself. And you don't sound like a stalker, it's just regular crush stuff lol. Stay cool nonna, bye.

No. 254556

boo hoo. are you one of those weirdos that go online and ask people if they're gold stars? or insist that a lesbian whose been pressured into trying it with a man once cannot possibly be homosexual. and yes, like i said repeatedly, none of those unhealthy behaviors mean you or the other weirdos that do this are lesbians. lol i think you're all more likely to be het/bihet trolls or sadistic moids.

whoever, whatever you are, you do have a victim complex. it seems you think you are justified in harassing women, attempting to convince them that they are not homosexual when they are, and then you cry when they point out what you're doing is misogynistic and homophobic.

>an excuse to call lesbians psychos and incels who harass women like men

alright. YOU just brought up men and incels, so if the shoe fits, slip it on. idc if you're a lesbian, stop harassing women like men then. stop acting psycho. problem solved. you can't hide behind that and oppression olympics to convince yourself you're punching up when you're not. i don't care if you hate bisexuals or something, not my problem. but i am sick of people like you confusing and degrading same-sex attracted women regardless of their sexuality, and sick of you spreading lies about how sexuality actually works, and sick of you acting like female socialization doesn't exist suddenly or that lesbians are somehow magically untouched by it.

this is my last reply to you. you're a homophobe, a misogynist, and shit-stirrer.

No. 255096

Genuine question, why are bisexual women so offended when grouped together with straight women and not lesbians? How are bisexual women in particular oppressed when studies supposedly show that over 90% are functionally just heterosexual?

t. hetero

No. 255097

Reminder not to answer to obvious bait from attention starved male.

No. 255105

And you still haven't seen any pussy other than your own, if even that. Stop calling people male for saying things you don't like.

No. 255114

This might be a bait but answering anyway. When I had my first gf as a teen I was bullied by other girls and lost all of my friends because they thought I would try to hit on them. It is weird to say bisexual women are somehow immune to homophobia just because we are also attracted to men. But I also dont think I should be grouped with lesbians because I have had straight relationships too. It should be depending on the context or we should have our own group.

No. 255116

Jesus, can people who are not bi stop coming here to start shit.

No. 255118

Then why not just date men and not tell anyone you're bisexual if you can't handle that? Oh wait, you already do. But you want to have your cake and eat it too.

No. 255120

File: 1649436339915.jpg (27.56 KB, 547x648, 67722ccd.jpg)

Jokes on you, I have been rejected by both women and men for years.

No. 255124

Makes sense, normal people usually stay away from whiny retards with persecution complexes.

No. 255130

File: 1649438280125.jpg (230.3 KB, 380x548, 0009998.jpg)

>didn't realize i'm bi until in my twenties bc i was deep in denial
>thought that i just tried to skinwalk the girls whose style i liked but no, i had a crush on them
>actually tried to skinwalk my guy crushes too
>this has been hitting me like a train
>it really doesn't matter because i'll be a forever alone autist anyway
Fuck my life.

No. 255139

Because men fucking suck. Any woman who's attracted to women and blessed with half a brain cell will pick women every time.
My assumption is that the 90% are either too lazy for gay dating, "bi" for clout, or just retards who haven't figured out that dating men is a losing game.

No. 255146

Are you finnfag?

>oispa autisti tyty-yde

No. 255148

File: 1649440782319.jpg (127.85 KB, 500x374, 1648839527374.jpg)

Was told last evening by wokies friends of friends that if i was bisexual but refused to sleep with trans ppl i was transphobe because bis don't have genital preferences kek

No. 255152

tiesin että tunnistajat tunnistaa mutten halunnut käyttää paskaa anglomeemiä kek.

No. 255170

LMAO. I've even been told by so-called radfems that I'm misogynistic for not being attracted to TIFs and that it obviously means I must only be attracted to hyperfeminine pornified caricatures. No, I just like women with healthy body image and natural bodies unaltered by unnecessary surgeries or injections, whether to make them look like pseudo-men or human sex dolls. Pants, skirts, short hair, long hair don't matter that much to me, really. You (not you, noni, royal you) personally may be a FTM chaser, but that doesn't mean all same-sex attracted women have to be.
That being said, I'm not at all into any trans people, not just because of their mental illnesses or bad gender politics or even their poor surgical and chemical attempts to imitate the bodies of their respective opposite sexes. Even if some trans people might consistently pass (YMMV on this one) AND not shill any kind of TRA nonsense (OK, I'm basically describing unicorns here), the idea of "chicks with dicks" or "men with pussies" in itself is just so inherently off-putting to me. I even hate fictional futa and cuntboy shit for this reason, even if the characters are "naturally like that" and technically not trans. Does that make me some sort of bigot? Maybe, but I don't care and nobody else should either.

No. 255213

Have you heard of "B with the T"? People expect bi people to babysit the T or something when they can't even respect our preferences and it annoys me so fucking much

No. 255218

Sounds like a roundabout way of saying that we fuck anybody

No. 255263

It's funny because I'm kind of desperate and attracted to everyone ("cis" women and men, TIFs, enby edgelords) except TIMs but if I ever said it outright I'd get burned alive or something. Having a preferred sex or ~genitals actually makes sense for some bi people but instead they use it to describe gay people being gay and no matter what it's supposed to be a terrible thing as if most TRAs won't be either mostly or exclusively into the opposite sex

No. 255293

True, it's actually bisexuals who can have genital preferences depending on each individual, but for gay and straight people it's not a preference, it's an absolute requirement.

No. 256092

File: 1649801819705.jpeg (32.28 KB, 557x399, 819A72CA-4560-49CE-90CE-71DF50…)

anons am i still considered bi if i am attracted to fictional men and male celebs but have zero interest in dating or having sex with a guy irl?

im interested in irl women but i don’t feel right calling myself a lesbian. idk

No. 256112

Are you attracted to the idea of men, just not irl men physically? Do you like these men or because they are guys or because of their character? I think it's easy to have a crush on idealized versions of people but not necessarily want to be with them. I can't really answer that for you just don't put a label on yourself until whenever you find someone irl you'd want to date then you'll have your answer.

No. 256113

Just my $0.02 I think so, yes. I was like that for a long time and have only recently come around more to thinking about dating men (I've only had gfs in the past and have slept with more women than men). But that said nobody can tell you for sure because you know yourself best. I think there might be more women like you than it might seem. It can feel like there's a lot of pressure to date men sometimes but remember there's no requirement to date or sleep with men even if you're bi no matter what some woque folques might think.

No. 256120

>Are you attracted to the idea of men
yes, i'd say so, and sometimes i meet a man who i think is cute but he is literally always married or has a gf. for some reason the guys who show interest in ME are never interesting to me physically, sexually etc

it feels right to call myself bi but god damn i always question it. but anyway, thanks both of you

No. 256136

Yes, you are bi.

No. 258238

File: 1650684430973.jpg (35.19 KB, 564x564, 4cc5926f2571675571f482ad3076a1…)

How do you nonnies feel about "pride" or feeling "prideful" about your own bisexuality?

Personally I don't parade it around, if I'm asked I'm okay sharing it but outside of that I don't really feel nor showcase my bisexuality. But I do like the idea of having little objects for my personal enjoyment that are bisexual themed like key-chains or badges.

No. 258254

I like objects with pride flags on them too! I've been thinking about making bi themed stuff.
I don't personally feel prideful of my sexuality, but I'm not ashamed of it either. I'm just comfortable with it. It's just part of who I am and it's honestly not something I think about often. I do think it's really awesome when people are clearly proud of their sexuality but to an extent it can get a little obnoxious and sometimes the people who are the loudest about their sexuality are overcompensating for something but hey, that's none of my business

No. 258259

>I've been thinking about making bi themed stuff.
omg nonny that's so cute! If I ever make custom bi themed stuff I'll share a pic here.

No. 258321

I'm very casual about it, personally I've never had the feeling of being "proud" of it because it seems like a strange thing to me, since it's something I didn't accomplish or achieve. Hell most of the time I barely even think about it. I guess I don't put that much thought or impact on the fact I'm bi. Of course if someone asked (in a non creepy manner lol) I'd tell them, but I rarely talk about it, and it's completely fine by me.

No. 258926

I struggle a lot with feeling more attracted to women than men and the shame that comes from that but overall I like being bi. I have a small bi pride pin on my bag partly to flag to other women (kek), nobody has commented on it so far but it's pretty and I like that it's there. Pride month is usually when the discourse peaks and the loud annoying people who identify as queer to seem more interesting get extra loud and annoying.

No. 259047

I'm not ashamed but I don't like to parade it around as I live and work in a fairly conservative environment. I do like having subtle accessories with the flag colors tho. Also if the nearest big city is having a pride festival I'll go out and party and show my pride.

No. 259307

You’re not bi because you like looking at tits you fucking retardos

No. 259636

bi girlies

No. 259638

Learn how to post Kaitlyn

No. 259654

No. 259731

Which bi characters do you relate to most and which ones do you dislike or don't get? I found a list here bi.org/en/bi-characters and thought it was kind of cute. Some of these characters aren't confirmed to be bi though

No. 259735

File: 1651198425984.png (1.65 MB, 1280x1510, 248379B6-4AF8-4489-8F81-B0D022…)

obscure but i am obsessed with anri from hello charlotte. she’s bi, she’s messy, and she‘s literally me. if i was a cringy 14 year old i would genuinely kin her.

No. 259784

ive been masturbating to lesbian porn, women masturbating, lesbian audios, and povs with a female but i dont think i ever had a strong attraction to any female in my life, i usually fantasize about sexual stuff about men i know but i never fantasize about women.
am i a fake bi with a fetish for women in porn?

No. 259788

this could be better suited to the questioning thread, but i've heard straight women also say they watch lesbian porn and stuff. honestly, i'd say to just not worry about it, you don't need to put a label, just go with the flow, y'know? if you want to be with men, and like lesbian porn, like, who cares? as long as it isn't some porn addiction.

No. 259794

Well you sure as hell aren't fully straight.

No. 259810

So if one of those women from the porn you watch hit on you in a club would you go "ew, no"?

No. 259812

no i would be more than happy. my problem is that why do i never feel that naturally to a woman i'm talking to but i do for men.
i also consume too much female focus porn i almost never watch porn with a male in it, i'm questioning wither if i only have a fetish for it. but i would totally fuck any of these women i think of them for days sometimes.

No. 259815

You're overthinking it. If you'd fuck them then yeah, you're bi. You just haven't met a woman in real life who you have chemistry with.

No. 259920

maybe you're watching too much female porn? now you're too focused on the porn stars than actual women.

that said, I personally have trouble finding women irl attractive sometimes because they put up the female socialization facade and I'm not into that in general. like they might look cute, but their personality is underdeveloped or inhibited so it's hard to tell if we really vibe.

No. 260654

File: 1651486858400.jpg (81.69 KB, 736x736, 4b5b906742ad6616019c7fad637172…)

I finally feel like I'm in a place where I could start dating (for the first time) and I am not sure if I want to date men or women right now? How do you decide? I don't really have a preference of one sex over the other.

No. 260658

Just go out with both and commit longer term to a person you like best, no matter if it's a man or a woman. It's not like you have to stick to the first person you meet

No. 260670

You are a genius. I can't really meet someone organically right now so I suppose I'll give OLD a chance and make it so both sexes are shown? That sounds okay, right?

No. 260675

I've decided not to date men because I consider it too risky and I have more to lose than to win in a straight relationship, it might sound a bit extreme but maybe try to see the pros and the cons of dating each sex?

No. 261440

File: 1651770813937.png (973.52 KB, 598x614, Ea44inGVcAAEsv4.png)

How stupid is it to attempt to pursue a woman online? Say she doesn't have a following or anything, just a person who seems like she'd be compatible even as just a friend (which would be fine!).
Dating where I live is not ideal and finding anyone (even a man) who is cute to me and also has interests in common is rare. Not that I'm ~special~, it's just a small place.

I'll likely be earning the money in a year or so to help ship someone out to me, for reference. I know many LDRs remain unrealized because they can't meet in real life.

I specify women both because I do have a particular person in mind, and because I have no intention of pursuing men online. Seems like it would be a completely different scenario.

No. 261468

Do you know her personally (like talk one on one) or just mutually follow her? Tbh I find it a little weird to consider asking her out if you don't have some sort of connection first, you don't 'know' her first. But you can start talking to her abd see where it goes

No. 261686

I've been thinking that maybe I'm not bisexual. I've never been with a woman. I got into a long-term relationship with a guy after high school. I did have several crushes on girls, one being my best friend. I was into her for years and eventually confessed to her but got turned down. I recently met a girl, and we've been getting to know each other, even flirting a bit, but I find myself getting nervous about this friendship possibly going further. I keep thinking "Do I really want this?".I've considered it all: maybe it's the lack of ups and downs that I got used to that is fucking with me; maybe I'm just not ready for a relationship; or maybe I'm just fucking straight. Anyone got some words of wisdom….?

No. 261842

I want a girlfriend but I’ve been so intimidated by attractive women for most of my life. I was a late bloomer when it comes to men too, though (largely because most of them are not that interesting) but eventually got over it, and have had several boyfriends but it never worked out with any of them. So I’m hoping the nervousness with women is something I’ll just grow out of.

No. 266326

Can other bi anons relate to this? I just cannot find people attractive at all, neither men nor women ever tickle my fancy. I can't seem to like someone enough to ever fantasize about them. When I did have sex, which was years ago atp, it was less about me finding her/him attractive but more me just wanting to have sex with someone. Is it some sort of insecurity? Even celebs don't do anything for me.

No. 266328

>I just cannot find people attractive at all
You sound like a furry

No. 266338

>never find anyone attractive
No offense, but that's the opposite of bisexual if you earnestly have no sexual interest in them. Unless it's weird avoidant fear that makes you run away as soon as they like you (understandable and relatable) but you still get horny for them initially?

For many reasons anons see red at the term "asexual" but it may describe your situation better than bi, at least from what you wrote.
Or are you one of those 2D-only people? Or >>266328 kek

Either way can't relate since I'm thirsty for everyone all the time which is a nightmare since I fear intimacy and am destined to a future of solitude.

No. 266347

>No offense, but that's the opposite of bisexual
Do not say that noni, you know how bad the "bisexuals are attracted to anyone and anything" thing is.

No. 266376

From my understanding, a lot of women who are into men dont experience lust over their bodies but still like having sex with them. Maybe anon is the same but also with women? That might be why is so hard for some women to figure out their sexual orientation. (I also cant relate though, attracted to

No. 266392

I'm the embodiment of a bi stereotype and I hate it kek. I'm never 50/50 on attraction, sometimes my attraction for men completely vanishes for months or vice versa. Long term relationships with a normal sex life are impossible for me because at some point I'll always completely lose attraction for a bit. I want off mr bones wild ride

No. 266393

You could just be going through a period of not finding anyone attractive?? I'm not bi but I don't constantly have crushes or feel the need to find people attractive all the time, esp when my libido is low.

No. 266458

I think you might be correct. I know I am bi since I've enjoyed sex with both sexes but it's hard to actually find someone sexually attractive. I can see a woman or a man being good looking, but never to the point that I'd think about being with them. I also have a extremely low libido so that could also play into it.

No. 267359

File: 1654027478271.jpg (136.46 KB, 1433x701, Cyki1uTUoAA7v3f.jpg)

>as a bisexual woman in a liberal Western area who mostly (or even only) dates men
>I'm here to tell you fellow bisexuals that us bisexuals are not oppressed at all and we are not an authority on sexuality!!!
>my experiences are universal bisexual experiences!!
>if you claim otherwise you must be lying!!
>if you elaborate on your own experiences with homophobia you're just traumadumping and manipulative!!
>these studies that show that bisexuals experience real discrimination are obviously biased!!
>this is why nobody likes us bisexuals!!!

No. 267365

No. 267381

i’m bisexual nona, i find someone physically attractive maybe once every 5 years, literally. it doesn’t register with me until i meet this rare person and my body and brain literally catch fire. maybe we’re just incredibly picky kek

No. 267439

In case you didn't realize I was mocking someone who unironically thought that just because she herself doesn't have much experience with homophobia it means that no bisexuals do.

No. 267451

I relate so much, as far as I remember I've never been attracted to anybody. I might have fried my brain in my teenage years by only being attracted to fictional characters and my brain settled in this, but who knows.

No. 267503

Yes, that's why I said based anon. I agree with you, that's the point lol

No. 267623

I find a lot of people almost attractive, but life reasons made it not so.

Like seeing a pic of a guy from his youth, he was hot then but ugh now. A pretty moid with beautiful features, covered in a layer of grease and crust and horrible hygiene. A gorgeous girl who hides it all under makeup and has an annoying insecure personality.

I'm dealing with, most of the type of guys I find attractive (smedium ugly stocky manlets who are a bit goofy but intelligent) are in the protoincel pornsick demographic, which is automatically repulsive.

I like women with unique features, but it's getting harder to find someone who embraces hers. Also a lot of female socialization is annoying to deal with (the constant overguessing, doormatting)

No. 268122

File: 1654377511227.jpg (32.16 KB, 533x497, hopeful bow pepe.jpg)

any other bi women's attraction to men purely contained to fujoism? i've always felt repulsed by hetero sex, especially when the focus is on the male (otome games and that), i feel like there is something inherently degrading about having sex with a male as a female. it seems like self-inserting with your yaoiboys and imagining threesomes is pretty common among fujos but i can't relate at all, that's disgusting. occasionally i think maybe i would fuck men if i was a man because we would be equals, even if receiving the tables could be turned any time, and it wouldn't be subversive/fetishy like femdom. but i still don't really find it an appealing idea, my fujo tendencies mostly feel like a mix of sadism and voyeurism, i really enjoy seeing men getting a taste of their own medicine so to speak. identified as a lesbian for a long time. what's wrong with me?

No. 268267

you're just a based fujo
>it seems like self-inserting with your yaoiboys and imagining threesomes is pretty common among fujos
no it isn't kek those are a cringe minority of "fujo" yumejos that actual fujos also hate

No. 268274

you sound autistic but in the retarded way, not the fun way. do you have friends or go outside? if not, you should start

No. 268291

your husbando is gay and will never love you ♥

No. 268295

>implying i'm as obsessed with fictional men as you because i point out that you're a retard
i'm not your brand of sperg, actually - you're just unlikeable and mentally challenged. get help!

No. 268298

File: 1654449318929.jpg (154.44 KB, 506x652, mitototo.jpg)

i thought so until i followed a ton of jp artists for this one vidya pairing i like. felt like every second artist drew the bottom as a woman (they call it "cuntboy" but it's honestly impossible to see it as anything other than simply a flat-chested woman), and one of the most popular artists even exclusively drew them straightified. the general impression i got is that most of them love one character and self-insert as the one getting dicked downed by them, really freaked me out and made me feel kinda lonely. might just be a jp thing where they're degens that are open to all kinds of shit and there's a mutual understanding that if you don't like something you just ignore it and go on your way.

No. 268329

Are you going to pride events?

I think I will go to a pride march and in a bar party or two. My city is going full woke a new progressive flag and a million genderspecial workshops, but I try not to be too bothered by it.

No. 268340

>tfw used to self-insert into the seme when I was a fujo
>femboys/ukes were just a way to get off to women without having to even come out to myself
>just want to dom cute, perhaps androgynous, flat ladies
Sexuality is weird. I always assumed everyone else also did this for years too lmao but I guess not.

No. 268411

If I had irl friends I'd like to go but I don't know anyone offline near enough. I'd feel too socially anxious to go on my own especially if there was loads of aggressively political troon shit, idk if that makes me sound like a wimp though. I've been once before but it was about 5 years ago with a Tinder girl who ghosted me afterwards.

No. 268457

Nah, I don't have any LB friends anymore and going to pride in current year would be a terrible idea, I don't live in America but troonery has infiltrated gay spaces, there's already been tranny attacks on lesbian terfs. I went to pride in 2015 and had a lot of fun but unfortunately this era is gone forever.

No. 268620

hey nonas tf does it mean when 90% of my male crushes are fictional men and 90% of my female crushes are real women (but like, youtubers so it's all parasocial ik)

No. 269485

It means you're bisexual and real men don't live up to the standards created by fictional ones. Understandable because real men are in no way as multi-faceted and you don't have to deal with men's inevitable misogyny if they're fiction.

No. 269487

It means you're online way too much.

No. 270584

Anons, I thought it would be fun if we describe our types for both men and women and see how different or similar they are to each other? Maybe attach pictures too!

No. 270596

I wish I was either a 50-50 or 60-40 bi like some of you nonas or a lesbian because being bi with a strong preference towards one gender is so frustrating. I'm nervous at the idea of a relationship with this guy that I do find attractive and enjoy spending time with because I don't want to eventually have to have sex with a man, but at the same time I can't really call myself a lesbian when I DO find men attractive and I might hypothetically get into a relationship with a moid. It's so irritating to not know if I could experience as complete of a love towards men as I do with women. That and I'm autistic and have a really hard time determining emotions. Do any other anons in here have this struggle to determine if you'd be fulfilled in a relationship with both genders (preferring one in some capacity) while also finding both attractive?

No. 270626

Yeah same , I haven't had a crush on a guy (if fictional ones don't count) since I was 19 and I'm 26 now. I'm technically attracted to them I guess but I see WAY more women I find hot than men. Probably a 90/10 split. Of course that could just be bc women are objectively prettier and more likeable on average. Most males are repulsive in either looks personality or both.

No. 270671

File: 1655467116206.jpeg (42.14 KB, 380x512, 1646987582237.jpeg)

I feel like a tranny and it's fucking retarded. I seethe and cope (thankfully not dilate) when I see lesbian couples, I'm so fucking jealous and I don't even know why. Maybe it's just the fact that I will never have what they have, I'll never have my own uwu waifu uguu. I don't give a shit about other straight couples though. Idk what to hell do I do about this, it's absolutely braindead of me.

No. 270672

you need a gf

No. 270673

I unfortunately have a moid. I did have a girlfriend before him but I ruined things, so it serves me right.

No. 270675

Dump him and get yourself a girlfriend.

No. 270679

anon I have been in the exact same position as you. I found myself constantly thinking about women and feeling almost trapped in a het relationship. Then I basically gradually came to the realization that being in a relationship with a man didn't feel natural to me at all compared to my previous relationship. Like I missed the dynamic of being with another woman where you're both just partners instead of being put in a "the girlfriend"-box if that makes sense. I also dawned on me that the only feelings of attachment I had felt towards men were dependency on another person (I was a mentally ill 16-year old who couldn't take care of herself when I started dating a guy) rather than any actual romantic attraction.

No. 270680

File: 1655472363890.png (632.94 KB, 898x900, 1646935194046.png)

Thanks for responding with your experience nonna. I got with him very quickly after my last relationship because I was so touch and love starved, and later realized what a fucking mistake I did. I've already accepted I can never love a man like I would a woman, and the initial sexual feelings will always disappear after a while for a man (they did not for my ex). But I have already put so much effort into this, this is my third long term relationship and he's not evil or anything so I try to just suck it up. I don't want to ruin another life because I'm indecisive, or take him away from my cats who love him. The way they missed my ex breaks my heart and I don't wanna make them go trough with it again. And it feels like an appropriate "punishment" for my actions.

No. 270727

>referring to the person you're in a relationship with using the word "unfortunately"
this is the most mentally ill thread on /g/ and that's saying a lot

No. 270823

Mentally ill because of the implication that relationships with moids are inherently unfortunate? Or that it's true yet she's dating one despite that? If the latter, I kind of agree. I will never really understand women that make out some supernatural force pushes them toward pursuing men. Loneliness is far superior to forcing yourself to put up with people you don't love… hell, it doesn't even have to mean loneliness, you can always find fulfillment in authentic female friendships. Sure, it takes more effort to build them compared to settling for some vapid dime-a-dozen male, but that's what makes them worthwhile, whereas things you attain easily can be lost just as easily. Even if you look at it from a sympathetic angle, isn't it cruel to lead your boyfriend into believing you're content with him while you're secretly pining for women?

No. 270850

As soon as I realized I was "unfortunately" with a man and couldn't stop fantasizing about and getting off to women, I broke it off. 3 months in, not years. Especially if he's an alleged okay dude, then even he deserves someone who can actually like him and isn't sick to her stomach whenever they kiss.

In anon's case I guess it's "self-harm" of sorts for whatever crime she imagines she committed. Instead of dragging some guy into that why not just improve as a person and progress yourself? Wtf. Did you rape or murder your ex girlfriend or something? I assume not. So get some fucking confidence and be merciful with this man by cutting him off. It sucks for both of you.

No. 270873

Men are easy, abundant, and most of them are low-quality. Women, on the other hand, are much hotter and nicer on average, but are overwhelmingly straight and in the rare case that they are bi/lesbian, won't give me the time of day. I straight up do not fit in with gay women here and they seem to avoid and/or ghost me, usually over a mismatch in personality or interests, but I suspect my appearance also does it. Despite being a bishit I'm pretty casually GNC because that's what's natural and comfortable for me, which isn't really represented in the weirdass performative gay culture in my city. I feel like to be accepted as a masculine woman around here either I have to cut my hair short again and drop my actual sport for lifting to become man-lite, or go full queerio and slap a gender identity and a cringey alt aesthetic on myself. I've always found women attractive and also always been rather masc, and yet I still feel like an impostor when I'm left on the outside.

No. 270887

Nona are you me?
I've come to accept my bisexuality thanks to lolcow, and I'd really like to date a woman, but the "queer" scene in my liberal country is shit. It's fucking cruel that the only place where I've found women like me is an imageboard where you're supposed to stay anonymous. I wish I had a farmer gf.

No. 270984

Well unfortunately I am also a fucking idiot and realized it quite early, but I was too afraid to say anything. Also, sunk cost fallancy having cut ties with my ex to continue being with him (me and my ex were on a "its complicated" break while I met him, and receiving any affection at all felt so good after my sex/affection-repulsed ex, that's why I chose him instead of trying to mend things with my ex). And we HAVE discussed the issue multiple times over the years, but I have no spine and he always talks me into staying. Plus the cats would lose their fave human, I can't do it again to them like I did with my ex.

Yes yes, I'm a mentally ill hysteric bitch, who here isn't

No. 271111

>Yes yes, I'm a mentally ill hysteric bitch, who here isn't
i'm not lol

No. 271123

This anon is the same annoying ESLchan who posts in these threads from time to time. You can always tell it's her from her blogging and typing style

No. 271167

What? What do you think I posted? I understand you do not like me but that does not mean I am also every other anon you dislike?

Also I was joking with the mentally ill bit, since someone called me that previously

No. 271216

File: 1655749774814.png (92.79 KB, 253x243, 1627762488244.png)

I can't fathom how you're okay chaining this clueless dude to yourself just because you've dated him a while and your cats like him. They're cats, they will recover. Stop wasting everyone's time. You're a shit person for making him a punishment for your past actions, nobody decent wants to be someone else's jailer and you claim he's a decent person. He loves you, he will love another. Stop putting people into antagonistic positions just because your self-absorbed narrative requires you to be "punished". For real you're so retarded, people aren't extras in your play where your character has to go through hardship for the arc to work out. Actual retard main character ass.

No. 271250

nta but nothing about that typing style stands out, wdym?

No. 271350

You said what I couldn't bring to words. So much cringe.

No. 271513

My guy and gal types are actually very similar to each other and I wonder if anyone else here is like this. If you'd picture masculinity and femininity as a scale, my type would be pretty much close to the middle, so more feminine men and masculine women. No troons though, I'm not into someone full on impersonating the other sex and don't want to deal with gender delusion.

I seem to get crushes on bookish, awkward and spergy types, maybe a bit sleazy or trashy looking. If she/he is passionate about something strange like taxidermy or middle age poetry, even better. Guys like that tend to be shit though, and also usually not attracted to me, since with men I tend to be quite dominating, and therefore don't fit into their incel fantasy of a perfect waifu kek. With women it's more equal, and I don't have such a drive to dominate. I know I'm into shitty men, so I guess I have no other choice than to date women only. I'm basically creep4creep, as some anon put it in another thread.

No. 271597

my types are similar too, if I had to draw my ideal gf and ideal bf, they would look like a genderbent version of each other.

No. 271618

…why are you defending a moid?

No. 271746

For women
>no fuckboy ass haircuts
>my height or taller
>ambitious, calculating, has concrete goals she works on
>is physically affectionate
>likes gossiping
>emotionally intelligent
>not clingy, enjoys her alone time
>has good friends

For guys
>no fuckboy ass haircuts
>my height or taller
>ambitious, calculating, has concrete goals he works on
>is physically affectionate
>likes gossiping
>emotionally intelligent
>not clingy, enjoys his alone time
>has good friends

Very similar, kek.

No. 272472

File: 1656456768448.jpg (59.79 KB, 500x333, Hannah-Blilie1 gossip.jpg)

I have an embarrassing thing for enbies and fakebois that might stem partly from jealousy as somebody who almost trooned. My last crush was a they/them who presented as more feminine than me but my most serious relationship was with a feminine (but not super girly) cis bi woman. I like bi moids as long as they're not pushovers or tryhard woke but more than anything I feel like at this point in my late 20s I want a partner I can be honest with whether it's about politics or just not feeling pressure to present a polished more feminine image of myself in order to appeal to them. Picrel is a look I find very cute, I'd love to be "andro4andro" with a woman one day.

No. 272480

File: 1656460413857.jpg (85.5 KB, 640x617, 8c0ab446c36086b2bbc4a43a701799…)

>picrel my favorite type of woman
>favorite type of men is men who love their mother but not "mommas boyS"

No. 272632

Does anyone else have "internalized" biphobia?
It's shitty to feel this way and on a conscious level I disagree, but I do view other bi women as less attracted to women than lesbians and would be afraid a bi woman would leave for a man. It's insane since I'm bi myself, albeit the kind that is incapable of sex with men or anything more than weirdly close friendships with them (I have tried, but chickened out due to disgust).

How can I change this? I know lesbians are out of my dating pool and I'd never wish myself on one unless she explicitly pursued me. But more than that, I hate being a hypocrite and want to be open and full of love for all women.

No. 272717

>andro kinda nerdy looking women and men
>more feminine women with alt/hippie looks

These are the types I crush on most often but have been into many kinds of people.

No. 272759

>I know lesbians are out of my dating pool
It's good to respect that many lesbians will only date other lesbians, but plenty of them are open to dating bi women too. Your internalized belief bi women will leave women they date for men is understandable in a climate where straight women pretend to be bi and most end up in relationships with men. Focus on specific relationships with women you want to pursue, and go slow if you need to.

No. 272925

Me. I don't hate other bi women, I don't think they would leave me fir a man (I would not), I would prefer to date one, never a lesbian. I feel like I am too dirty and disgusting for them, which is fair and justified. Dating is really scary for me, I don't want to be a disappointment to anyone. Idk of I should inficate that on my profile somehow I only want to date bi women, would it come across as seeking a threesome or something. I don't fucking know I'm disgusting retarded and will never meet another woman who would be with me

No. 272928

Are you me?
I'm really inexperienced, which is why I'm also afraid that lesbians would see me as a bihet seeking for a thrill or someone to "teach" me before leaving for a man. On the other hand, saying I'm bi4bi would just reduce my minuscule dating pool (since I don't wanna date moids or gendercultists) to nothing and ensure that lesbians would just view me as a shithead or a trender.

No. 272978

I have a lot of biphobia. I'm basically a closet bisexual even though I used to be GNC and had relationships with girls publicly. My first time was a girl. I was dumb as a teen so I ruined every relationship and after that I started dating men because I don't want to hurt any woman ever again. Now I tell everyone I'm straight because I really despise the straights who say they're bi just to be queer. I don't want to be one of them even though I know I'm attracted to women and have slept with women more than I have with men. I personally know a self proclaimed bi who's never shown any interest in women despite beautiful women her type hitting on her.. She'll brag about it but she has no desire to make another woman happy. Bitterly I think she's actually just a nlog who hates her homophobic parent and wants to rebel. I also know an ex-bi girl who'd drool over men constantly out loud more than anyone else, who now says she's a lesbian and it makes me bitter that someone like that has the guts to claim she's never been into men.. even though I guess I'm doing the same, claiming I've never been into women. Struggling with a lot of cognitive dissonance but hey at least I'm aware I guess??

No. 272979

I wasn't sure if the post you were replying to was bait but I agree with you. I don't think it's fair to say worrying about being left for a man is internalised biphobia when the majority of bi discussion outside of places like here and febfem circles revolves around how preferring men is very valid and there are a million different women claiming their boyfriend or husband is their one man exception. In some places it feels like you're not even able to feel a little tired with it all because you'll be met with actual biphobia/homophobia and get called a dyke or a "pickme bisexual" by the same women. I'm not a febfem either and would definitely prefer to date another bi woman over a lesbian (my last ex was another bi woman and I feel I would have more in common with other bi women) but I don't want to be dishonest about it, we need to be kinder to ourselves.

No. 273074

I fell for the straight girl
Who wanted the cool experience
Now she’s got a boyfriend
Who looks like a potato
From last year’s harvest

No. 273096

I feel this a lot, I also just say I am straight if the question ever comes up online or off outside of this thread because I simply don't think the fact that I am attracted to women would be relevant to anyone if I am not currently in a relationship with a woman and I feel like I would be doing the same as fake bi twitter wokes and hurting people. It's not that I am ashamed of being attracted to women, but that I feel like it would be irresponsible of me to say I am and it would be seen as attention seeking to say it even when asked.

No. 273108

I don't really get this. I mean it's your choice of course, but I don't think it's attention seeking or faking if you are attracted to women, even if you are single.

No. 273147

ayrt, I don't even know if I would call it choice because I don't really enjoy being this way and would like to stop if I can get to that point. I just feel like it is necessary to do to not be an inconvenience to lesbians or make men act out toward me due to their pornified view of bisexual women. Honestly I don't really get it either kek

No. 273401

File: 1656935234885.jpg (29.79 KB, 712x671, 1598555531079.jpg)

This will get me burned at the stake, but I'll ask anyway:

Has anyone tried non-monogamy? My desire to be with a woman again is getting really bad, and my moid suggested me dating women "on the side" (god that sounded awful lol). Not seeking for an unicorn for FFM threesome fantasies, some weird polyamory tranny polycule shit, but me seeing another bihettie woman in a relationship with a moid, without men involved. How badly would you judge someone like that on a dating app?

No. 273402

Kek, fulfilling all the stereotypes about bisexuals being unable to be monogamous and always thirsting after the gender they are not currently with. This is why nobody wants to date you people.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 273404

In my last relationship (with a man) I was starting to feel like I missed sex with women. It was occupying my mind all of a sudden. It had been years and years since I was last with a woman so I blamed it on that… it wasn't that. My relationship though I didn't want to admit it att.. was not fulfilling me sexually or even emotionally. In the end I didn't seek out a woman though he probably would've allowed it… but he did find a woman for himself. We ended things and I'm glad I stayed faithful rather than ending up being the one who stepped out, permission or not. I walked away with a clear conscience if nothing else.

Just my opinion, I think people who look for others and say it's because of their bisexuality are coping. Something is not fulfilling them at home. One the other side of things I've also spent time in a community before where this stuff went down alot.. a mixed 'kinky' community.. that only further cememnts my beliefs around that tbh. When I was very young I dipped my toes in being with women who were attached to men. I've never seen a healthy couple when it came to that. I would meet them for sex one time and by the next time we were due to meet they had broken up. That was the pattern I noticed and that sent me running. These relationships are already failing and no sane woman wants to step in and be the straw that broke the camels back.

No. 273406

Did a bi girl dump you or..?

No. 273407

Some people will be judgemental for sure, but who cares, they won't contact you anyway. I'm sure you'll find some interest. Still, this kind of thing will definitely end up with someone getting emotionally hurt, there are too many people involved, so question is, are you really ready for it? Even so called functioning polycules are constant management of uneven distribution of feelings, because it's impossible to have everyone feel exactly the same. It may sound tempting, and may be amazing in the frist weeks / months, but effectively, there will be pain and drama. Yes, you will have some of it even in monogamous relationships, but like this it will become amplified by how many people are involved. Just make sure you really think it through before you commit to the idea, and maybe a much better idea would be to leave your current partner to find a girlfriend.
Yeah, one anon's example is exactly how everyone is like, if you hate bi people just leave this thread.

No. 273408

Based. Fuck as many beautiful women as you want but don't forget to dump your Nigel in the process because it's common for them to chimp-out and possibly kill you at some point of this arrangement then present your "cheating" to get less time. They'll be walking free in 10-ish years, it's not worth it. Leave him.

No. 273409

Thank you for your input, I appreciate it nonna. You have a lot of great points. It's weird, in my last relationship with a woman I had no desire to have sex with men. He's just a good friend, and I don't want to lose him even though I am not happy. Having a "side girl" (ew) would just complicate shit more.

Thank you for your response too, good points as well. Yeah I don't think I'm ready for some Barcroft My Polyamorous Life shit kek.

I don't THINK he would get violent but he would definitely mope around as he is most likely using this as his "last straw".

No. 273411

And here we have the typical man-hating lesbian stereotype as well, lol.

No. 273412

Ah. It was a moid salty no women fuck him, no matter the sexuality kek.

No. 273488

I see anon, it honestly think a lot of bi anons here seem to think this way and it makes me sad. I don't like how we're viewed by other people, and I think a lot of bi women struggle with their sexuality but it manifests in different ways. Anyway sorry, I wish I could say something more helpful.

No. 273520

Thank you for being so kind and understanding, anon. At the end of the day I feel like I have a lot more stable of a self image than I used to aside from this, so I will be ok, but I definitely feel for all other bi women going through the same thing when it comes to how we view our sexuality.

No. 273530

File: 1656975609349.png (751.45 KB, 720x886, Screenshot_20220701-221014.png)

Not bi but I saw this and thought of you guys.

No. 273927

Bi anons, do you usually find that women are more emotionally mature?

No. 274764

the closest thing i could ever do to a ffm threesome is having sex with a woman while having the husbando pillow in that same bed

No. 274789

This awoke something in me nonna. Ngl the ideal gf to me is a bisexual yumejo like me, if we thirst on the same guy it's just a bonus lol.

No. 274822

kill yourself

No. 274828

seethe because between this and nonsense like "bi cycle" everyone can see how mentally ill most of you are(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 274900

Don't someone will get emotionally hurt.
Why do you think the bi-cycle is fake? You'd think when a lot of people say they experience it then it might be a thing.

No. 274909

Fully accepting I'm mentally ill and asking for advice. How do you deal with impostor syndrome/the bi-cycle?
I've been with my bf for 2 years and it's my first serious relationship. Never did date or sleep with woman which I don't think is helping (even if I don't want to use woman to validate what I've known for years.) For the last 3 months I've been thinking about woman non-stop. It's at the point where I often feel uncomfortable kissing him or being touched by him, but I also still love him and my greatest fear is loosing him because I'm either secretly gay or just not attracted to him; that SHOULD solve it for me but I feel trapped in this headspace. Either way he is my best friend and I don't want to hurt his feelings by telling him what I'm going through.

It's now so bad that I really really want therapy but even online therapy is expensive. Will having bi friends to talk to help? I've been thinking of trying the Bumble friend thing for a while and I need someone to talk to who gets it. Is there anything else I can try? I don't like hookups or poly shit and im it's too risky because again I still want to be with him.

No. 274979

yes. I do not trust bi males and, when I dated one, the thought of him being with other guys made me sick. It caused a lot of issues between us because I'd suddenly remember he'd been with guys and I'd be disgusted by him. I'm afraid that I could have the same reaction if I dated a bi girl.

No. 275405

You're going in a similar trajectory to me even though our stories are a bit different. Turns out I'm a lesbian but either way, find bi friends and lesbian friends. Talk to people in the community, things will make sense.

No. 275462

How do I specify in a dating app I only want to date bi women, not lesbians, and not sound like a BiGoT or like I'm looking for threesomes?

No. 275469

you won't be banned for lesbophobia, ever.

No. 275473

No? Also how is not wanting to date a lesbian lesbophobic kek

No. 275475

It's biphobic to not wanna date bis, misandrist to not wanna date men, etc. It's ok to be a -phobe when it comes to your body imo!

No. 275478

But it's literally not any sort of phobic though, just like it's not transphobic not to want to date trannies.

No. 275493

No, its transphobic and that's based and okay. It's hatred for troons, which is normal to harbor. What bi's don't get about "monosexuals" is that we find the sex coupling we don't like to be in disgusting. Like we just do.

No. 275494

Your innate sexual preference is not a phobia what are you on? Also, what are you doing in the bi thread if you are not bi? I do not desire your input.

No. 275496

Fair enough, though who would report her for not wanting to date them? Prob lesbians. And I just wanted to reassure her that her choice is valid and that lesbians would respect it. Sorry!

No. 275497

Non-bi anons gtfo

No. 275498

>What bi's don't get about "monosexuals" is that we find the sex coupling we don't like to be in disgusting.
You do realize people understand concepts that they do not personally experience? And do you think bisexuals want to fuck everyone they ever come across, like we cannot experience disgust from the thought of having sex with someone we are not attracted to? Just fuck off

No. 275609

wtf i know plenty of straight women who've told me that they'd never date or go out of their way to have sex with a woman but the idea doesn't disgust them. I assume most hetero women feel that way. That's a you problem, also gtfo.

No. 275700

>What bi's don't get about "monosexuals" is that we find the sex coupling we don't like to be in disgusting. Like we just do.
Why are you saying you find men disgusting in a thread for bisexual women? How is this relevant? I'm genuinely confused.

No. 275721

Are bi/gay spaces as intense in real life as online? As in the lesbian vs. bisexual discourse?
I lack a capacity to date men in reality and so am febfem by force, but if someone calls me a bislut in real life that would be…disheartening. I'd live, but I'm hoping it isn't like this. I know heteros are already fucking weird about us and my own mother is a homophobe/biphobe, so I expect that. But I'd enter gay spaces in real life at least hoping a little to not be disliked for being a thought crime whore.

Not talking about forcing lesbians to date me, by the way. Just…can we be friends?

No. 275733

Anon I understand your worries but I think irl most wlw(hate the tiktok term but whatevs) women are bi so lesbians teaming to shame you isn't really gonna happen. Normal lesbians irl also aren't likely to hate bi women like the chronically online ones do.
Unrelated but I understand lesbians not wanting to date bi women as I also wouldn't date a lesbian simply because our issues and attractions are just not the same and it'd be an added struggle to an already complicated relationship.

No. 275788

> I also wouldn't date a lesbian simply because our issues and attractions are just not the same and it'd be an added struggle to an already complicated relationship
Yeah same. I can't also deal with the possibility of her insecurity about my sexuality, and the heat of the moment "go fuck a man like you want to!!". No, I do not want to fuck a man, that is why I am with you.

No. 275829

>No, I do not want to fuck a man, that is why I am with you.
no way can you actually blame anyone for assuming you want to considering half of this thread is posts like "i love my partner but i'm not attracted to them and want to fuck the gender opposite to them instead"

No. 275831

Sorry, I forgot we are a hivemind and I am also every poster. Back to your own thread with you, bye.

No. 275832

Lmao if someone said that to me I'd laugh so hard. It's actually sad to have someone be so insecure that they think their partner wanting to fuck others is some weird gotcha, like if someone's gonna cheat or be interested in other people, it'll happen regardless of their sexuality. They could date a lesbian and still get cheated or have the lesbian fantasize about other women.
I personally don't feel comfortable with lesbian women the same way I don't feel comfortable with straight women and because most women are bi, I just don't feel the need to chat a lesbian up. We have vastly different struggles and it'd be hard for us to understand one another so although I'd befriend one, I really wouldn't want to date one.
You shouldn't read a thread if it makes you this upset. %90 bi women aren't even interested in lesbians romantically so it's not like you'd end up with one.

No. 275833

So ironic because they're now talking about the men they fucked and the men they wanna fuck(husbandos) in the lesbian thread themselves. Kek.

No. 275840

File: 1658053499125.jpg (47.43 KB, 640x640, EYUJnUQXgAI2HC7.jpg)

>You shouldn't read a thread if it makes you this upset
Kek girl she is OBSESSED with us dirty bihetties. Time and time again she specifically seeks out and bumps this thread just to infight. Or "she", idk if it just a tranny or a moid seething.

No. 275841

The claim that bisexuals just want to fuck other sex than the one they are with reminded me, how my "bicycle" or whatever is fucking weird. I ALWAYS get tired with a male in a relationship at some point and feel existential dread about not being with a woman. But in a relationship with a woman I don't feel that I need to be with a man? Not saying this to claim I am more uwu VaLiD than anyone else, it's just a weird thing I struggle with.

No. 275845

She needs help. Is she the one who got upset whenever bi anons say they'd rather date bi women? Why does she get so mad about that if she really hates bi women? I doubt she's ever had a girlfriend or relationship to be honest, sounds like a loser neet femcel.

No. 275851

In my experience some lesbians are uncomfortable about dating bisexuals but they dont hate us like the terminally online ones do. Which is fine to me, I have mostly dated other bisexual women as well.

No. 275863

Everyone is entitled to their preferences, some bi or lesbian women might not feel comfortable dating women of different sexual orientations but I strongly believe the fanatic bi-hater lesbians aren't actually normal lesbian women. I don't understand why a lesbian could hate bi women so strongly and I've also never seen a lesbian who disliked bi/straight women with such intensity irl so I'm tempted to believe they're either hateful femcels or trolls.

No. 275878

ironically enough the “lesbians” who vehemently hate on bisexuals nearly always turn out to be bi

No. 275884

I ws gonna say that but felt scared. The anon who was berating a bi woman in lesbian thread then came clean about having dated and had sex with multiple men.

No. 275886

Yeah. You cannot have that much hate without some internalized shit (like religious scrotes who hate gays, but then watch gay porn kek)

No. 275894

I didn't want to say it but with of all the bi-hating anon(s?)coming to this thread, I do think it's interesting that the lesbian thread talks about bisexuals pretty often while lesbians are mentioned a lot less here. I don't know what this says, or if trolls are possibly just more attracted to the lesbian thread but it's just something I observed.

No. 275902

Trannies and other males hate lesbians much more of course, since they do not want their limp dicks. Well, not like we would either, but you know.

No. 275906

They're not lesbians, they're bisexuals in denial and seeing a bisexual reminds them of their fake identity. That's why you never see those chronically online fake lesbians anywhere irl, they can only lie to themselves online and irl people will know they're just bi because they were seen with men before.

No. 275946

You sound like the lesbian thread sperg

No. 275956

I’m the same way. Idk

No. 275964

I only heard about bicycle online and to me it just reads like an excuse people with commitment issues use.

No. 275999

Not necessarily. I've never been in a relationship (because I'm very socially awkward/have bad social anxiety) and I experience a bi-cycle, unfortunately. It's led to a lot of confusion over my sexuality over the years.

No. 276056

How do you feel during the shifts and how does it work out? I'm curious, it sounds like a hard situation. I hope it gets better for you.
In my case I get attracted to whomever, if there's a guy I like then him and if there's an open woman interested then her. I don't think I've experienced cycles and that's why I was doubtful.

No. 276074

I wish I would have perused women when I had the chance. I'm engaged to a man now, whom I love and the relationship is as close to perfect as you can get it, but somehow I feel like a fraud. There had been times women had shown interest but I didn't realize it until hours after the fact. It doesn't help I have autism. It would have been nice just to explore those attractions and not feel like I'm faking it. I was not sexually attracted to my partner when I met him. I had dated two men before for less than three weeks whom I was also not attracted. It's rare I experience attraction to men, and when I do, they were not reciprocated, so I have no idea what sexual chemistry feels like with a man either. I feel like I'm faking that also.

No. 276778

I hate being bi. I wish I was either straight or lesbian. “We are all a bit bisexual!” But we are not really, are we? I’m tired of not knowing what I want. Wanting to be with a woman and having sexual fantasies about being with women while being with a man is bad enough but if I got in a gay relationship and missed dick I would despise myself. That would be guilt inducing.
The older I get the more I fantasise and lust after women over men and develop crushes on women yet also the older j get the more I long to be pregnant and for bio children. Like I have two mismatched sexualities pulling me in two different directions. Am I going nuclear family with a scrote or IVF and cats with a woman?

No. 276781

Also I changed my tinder settings to women and it makes me even more confused. The difference between 32 year old men and 32 year old women on there is shocking. It must be because it’s harder to find female partners so women need OLD to find other lesbos without being targeted with homophobia, so you get some real catches kn there. They are good looking, have high paying jobs and active social lives and hobbies, good education and overall seen engaging and friendly. The men on there are just fucking ugly friendless losers worn nothing but walleyed selfies contrasted with pics from 10+ years ago when they still had hair and where in good shape.

No. 276839

Do other anons act differently depending on if they are with a man or a woman? I have realized I do and it is making me feel a bit weird.

No. 276842

Yes, the dynamics are often different. With women I am a butch, with men a princess.

No. 276856

Of course, men and women are socialized differently, and have different expectations of relationships.

No. 276864

kek, you are the total opposite of me.

No. 276873

>With women I am a butch, with men a princess
Nonnie that's.. that's called having a personality disorder.

No. 276888

This is so melodramatic

No. 276890

No. I like taking an assertive role in a relationship regardless.
My ideal is to be treated a bit like a gentle ""husband"" in the traditional sense. Not strictly, but I enjoy the idea of being the provider/support and a quiet presence. Like you know the Wife Guy meme? I feel the spirit of that. A bit socially dumb and shy compared to [her] wife, but gets things done and is so clearly devoted and in love.

Due to this and other general preferences, dating men was uncomfortable when I was still attempting it. Even the way a healthy man acts in a relationship is incompatible with me.

No. 276925

Kek oh my god not everything is BPD/whatever. You are different with different people, that's normal.

No. 277125

Anon this is so fucking relatable you have no idea. As I get older I really get shook at how intense and deep the effects of socialization are or wtf it is. Loving a man and loving a woman is different, point blank period, and fighting against it messes me up sometimes

No. 278513

My best friend and I have recently discussed something similar. We are both bisexual, yet we have that want to have a family and give birth to our own children. The more i learn about adoption and fostering, the more i want to avoid it. At one point i thought, "Hey I could be a mother, maybe with another woman too!" This was when i had a fear of becoming pregnant and once the years passed i started slowly getting over that fear. I think having that boundary of ensuring I find the right man to eventually have children with definitely helped me be even more picky with the scrotes I've come across and not waste time. But i do get you, i have sexual attractions towards women, but now it's me knowing i couldn't be long term with her because i want to have a family that includes my own biological children.
It's difficult to describe, I don't think I could find my forever being another woman and I think a huge part of that connection I need in my life comes from my desire to have biological children.

No. 281988

Obviously it's up to you and I understand the het family dynamic may be part of the appeal but couldn't you use donor sperm? Either from a bank or from one of her family members?

I'm febfem and tokophobic plus repulsed by piv, but if my partner wished to be pregnant I always figured I could ask a cousin to donate so we could have (roughly) bio kids.
Sorry if this is just a 50/50 struggle I can't get. I don't mean any ill will!

No. 282908

File: 1661082316227.jpeg (9.36 KB, 233x240, _ (17).jpeg)

Long retarded vent incoming (posting it here instead of the lesbian general because I don't want to bother them about moid talk, but I'll move the post if it doesn't fit here). Basically I feel like a fraud because I call myself a lesbian mostly because I have no intentions of ever getting into a relationship with a man, but I feel like an impostor since I'm not a "gold star". To make a long story short, I realized I only feel romantic attraction towards women, but I didn't mind having sex with a guy as fwb. Me and this guy used to date through high school but we stopped because I realized that I wasn't actually in love with him and it was just some mental illness induced dependency mixed with a compulsion to be what my peers wanted from me. The natural love and attraction I had always felt for women was never there for men and I hated being "the girlfriend". Having a boyfriend felt less like a life partner and more like having a human pet you can have sex with if that makes sense lol. But after we became just friends again we've still had sex a couple times because we were just horny and already knew each other well but emotionally I felt nothing. So I guess I should call myself a bisexual homoromantic then? But I seriously just feel like a big idiot.

No. 282909

Yes, you are bisexual.

No. 282915

You should definitely not call yourself a lesbian imo. It just reinforces the image moids have that lesbians will jump on their dick because it's sooo awesome. Being bisexual is ok. You don't have to call yourself lesbian to seem more Valid(tm). There are many ways to be bisexual, it's not always 50/50 attraction (rarely is), but if you are attracted to both sexes, that's what you are.

No. 282917

I agree with what you said about it not being 50/50 and there not being a correct way to be bisexual. Calling myself bisexual never sat right with me since the attraction I have and have had towards men is so nonexistent and I have no desire to pursue them. (slight tmi but even the sexual aspect isn't that great since when there's no emotions it just feels like having sex with a human dildo rather than a person. Sorry if that sounds fucked up, I don't really know how to properly word it).I just don't want to perpetuate any bad stereotypes or offend anyone and the whole label swamp easily gets convoluted and confusing. Thank you for the replies though, felt nice to just write out my thought for once.

No. 282918

it shouldn't be a big deal nonna, you're bi who wants to be in relationships with women, that's cool.

No. 282920

You're bi, anon. Best to claim it since there should be no shame.
I admit my bisexuality and am disgusted by the idea of having to touch or be touched sexually by a real life man. Bi takes many forms!

No. 283278

The split attraction model isn't real, you can't have two different sexualities at the same time. You're simply a bi woman whose attraction to each sex manifests differently. There's nothing wrong with having sex with men and full-on relationships with women, if there are bi women who do the opposite then it's possible to be this way while being "fully" bisexual too, since bisexual just means attraction to both sexes, not 50% homo 50% hetero.

No. 283633

I'm febfem and don't use online dating apps. I'm femme and into femmes, and in a gay-friendly neighborhood, so I was thinking of wearing some minimal jewellery etc to give a lowkey indicator I'm interested in women. But idk what to wear- I feel like double venus jewellery would mislead women into thinking I'm a gold star lesbian and that bi symbols would mislead women into thinking I'm looking to date men as well. So I'm sort of not sure.. I want to wear double venus as functionally I'm only dating women but I don't want to be that bi woman who misleads lesbians. Thoughts? Maybe I should do a mix of bi and lesbian symbols??

No. 283635

File: 1661509993613.png (116.59 KB, 1745x2048, Bisexual-moon-symbol.svg.png)

I like the double crescent symbol because it's more subtle than a plain flag and it's more niche which is a better way to signal it imo. Worst case scenario you just out yourself as a febfem and tell moids to fuck off. There's apparently a febfem flag out there but it was probably made by a rando on tumblr and nobody knows about it.

No. 283758

Nonnie there’s nothing wrong with saying you’re bisexual with a preference for women or just flat out say that you’re not interested in men.

No. 283762

Cry harder.

No. 283811

stupid question but does liking lesbian porn (drawn/written, i don't like any porn of real people) mean i like women? i do think women are more attractive than men in general, but i don't find anyone sexually attractive unless i'm romantically interested. and i can't really see myself being in a relationship with a woman. i dated two girls during high school but it's hard to judge from that, they felt uncomfortable just like my relationships with boys in high school. now i'm an adult and in a serious relationship with a man; i am sexually attracted to him (because i love him) and enjoy sex with him

No. 283833

It depends, it's apparently a trope that some straight women like lesbian porn because it focuses on female pleasure, and GL written by real women isn't male-gazey, but I'd say it only does if you find female bodies sexually attractive. I personally don't understand needing to like someone romantically first to be into them sexually (feeling comfortable having sex is different but I can still find a woman hot if I don't know her), but if you're in the long haul with your current BF I don't see a point in wondering.

No. 283845

Depends on if you're watching it FOR the women. I used to watch more het porn growing up (I've given up don't worry), but I was focused on the woman and would self-insert into the man. At the end of the day, I wanted to fuck a woman and make her orgasm.

Be honest with yourself. If your fantasy is that and not self-inserting into a woman being pleasured no matter the circumstance, congrats.

No. 285058

File: 1662190502496.jpg (502.11 KB, 1798x1200, 2017-Figaro-Philadelphoia-web0…)

>15yo me
>keep sperging about any piece of media where a woman dresses up as a man / male character is performed by a woman
>buy a men's suit and insist wearing it to events, thinking I look cool
>mom asks me whether I might be into girls
>"ofc not mom wtf are you talking about"
>denial intensifies
Anyway sucks being a tomboyish woman who's into tomboy types when the world around me is trooning.

No. 285089

Thoughts on bi men?

I'm bi myself and dated a bi dude when I was 19 but I felt a bit repulsed when he told me he's bi. I was also in talking stage with some feminine guy I met on Tinder but the fact that he's bi and uses Sanrio pfp was a turn-off for me. I don't mind bi women, as long as they are certain of their sexuality and doesn't expect me to play the 'masculine' role in the relationship.

No. 285091

Me too nona! I wear vintage "mens" clothes every day and it's impossible to find likeminded people. Everyone seems to think I'm some troon/enby/gendershit and so I only attract those types. Also, I hope you can find the courage to explore yourself more and find comfort in your sexuality. Denial is painful.
bi moids have always struck me as either hypersexual, gay in denial, some cluster B shit or all three.

No. 285098

All men are disgusting and untrustworthy, but at least straight men probably wore a condom most of the times they had sex (the woman made them do it) and they probably had less sexual partners than the average bigay (unless they pay for prostitutes), since women are harder to conquer. Men are promiscuous and irresponsible, it's women who keeps them in check. So I don't trust a man who have sex with other man, they're more likely to have STDs.

No. 285114

>straight men probably wore a condom most of the times they had sex (the woman made them do it)

No. 285129

Yeah, I remember one time when I talked to a girl from a hobby group and found out she doesn't buy the gender bullshit either. We ranted about it a bit and afterwards she told me
>wow anon based on your appearance I thought you'd be a genderspecial too but it turns out you're a sane person

Also I searched up vidrel just to freshen some memories and now I'm amazed at my younger self for being so clueless kek. Like maybe there was a reason you were obsessed with Le nozze di Figaro and the character Cherubino specifically? No? I even discussed it with another girl I knew through a hobby and looking back I had a huge crush on her but didn't realize it at the time.

No. 285234

i think i'm the minority but i actually prefer bi men. but with the current spicy straights trend and popularity of moids like harry styles a lot of people seem to think that bi men are generally softer or more wokebrained or more feminine/gnc than straight men which just isn't true, it's their same sex attraction which is the difference and not much else.

No. 285254

What do you prefer about bi men? I'm genuinely curious. Maybe it's because I used to live in a big city but most bi dudes I knew were indeed the wokebrained gnc tards which I absolutely hated.

No. 285605

NFKRZ made a video about how unfortunate it was that Yulia was homophobic.

No. 285606

It’s about the group, specifically.

No. 286824

Anyone more masculine presenting here? Do you feel pressures to look more feminine when dating more feminine women? I do not get it if dating other women like me or moids but with feminine women I worry if they are actually attracted to me like this. It is dumb because I also like traits that I dont have myself and many people do, but cant help the feeling.

No. 286841

Any other nonnies frustrated with the online dating scene? I'm febfem and I'd to spend my life with a fellow neet gf more than anything, but I don't know where to find them!! I can't get access to HER or Tinder since I don't have a phone, and I've heard those apps don't have a good track record anyways (thanks to the troon and kweer infestation).
Does anyone have any advice on how to put yourself on the bi/lesbian dating scene without those apps?

I agree so much. I will never understand why OSA women still pursue relationships with men, particularly if they know how cruel men are to women. Regardless of your attraction to men, why would you willingly date a scrote, a member of a sex class notorious for raping and abusing women?

No. 286847

Do you have a lesbian/lgbt bar or events close to you? If not maybe try dating sites that dont need an app or social media groups?

No. 286884

Me, nona. I'm mostly androgynous and have a preference for feminine women over butch women (although I like them too) but there's a lot of insecurity there. I actually think my mannerisms are feminine but my overall "look" isn't and I also worry about being shorter than most women, probably just silly stuff really brought on partly by fear of rejection/BPD shit. My last ex was feminine and a lot taller than me with a different body type so I guess that can be taken as proof that you never know what people prefer and the most important thing is finding someone you click with. It's hard with the current state of apps and kweers but I've been finding I want to put myself out there again without performing femininity I don't feel happy with. I'm glad there are other GNC bi anons on this board!

No. 286926

File: 1662788456703.jpeg (36.79 KB, 275x275, 1659845907123.jpeg)

Kek anon are you me? I'm having the exact same problem. I feel kinda nervous about bars because I'm not of the partying type and also very inexperienced. Also there are no lesbian bars here, only "queer" ones filled with either gay men or trannies. I know there are women like me out there who could be my type, but the problem is they're all unsocial neets (like me) and so I can never find them irl.

No. 287120

Thirding this. I don't know anyone I could go to a bar with either and get anxious about whether it'd be "weird" to go alone because I don't trust myself to have the confidence to approach people. I've met women from apps in the past but sometimes feel like I can't be myself with them if they're libfem she/they types

No. 287124

Woah I was literally thinking last night about asking in this thread if there were any other gnc bi anons. I’m not super masculine in the grand scheme of things but would probably be considered so by most people (shaved head, unshaven body, mostly loose comfy clothes but I wear a bit of jewellery). I feel so weird about my attraction to feminine women (I like masc women too but I prefer feminine women generally) and sometimes it makes me a bit dysphoric/makes me wish I were a straight man — if a man dressed and groomed himself the way I do he’d be considered well-put together and attractive but because I’m female it’s considered unfeminine and gross… I’ve ranted about this in other threads on here so I won’t ramble too much, but I feel your pain nonnas. I just try to remind myself that if I’m into masculine women, other women must be too.

No. 287389

AYRT it feels like bi women are often presented in a particular way in media/music/celeb culture/whatever that aligns mostly with hyperfemininity and trying to appeal to moids and be sexy and "kweer" but not too kweer. Maybe that's just my personal experience with it though? It's tiring cause when I picture myself in my ideal serious relationship it's pretty much always with a woman even though I like men too and you don't seem to really see that at all outside of maybe febfem or gc places. I wouldn't even call myself a febfem but it's something I've noticed

No. 287604

That's exactly my problem!! All of the gay bars are like 50-100 miles away in another state, and when I look them up, they're pretty much just for gay men. Also cute penguin pic!
Exactly why I quit dating apps! I'd rather be single for the rest of my life than date a she/they. There's something really repulsive about them irl that I can't put my finger on.

No. 288558

Bitter because we get the slutty, untrustworthy stereotype when arguably they (being men) are likelier to fit that. My lack of solidarity with them has to do with my growing misandric tendencies rather than their sexuality tbf. When female friends tell me they're bi too it's cool, but idk what to feel when male friends do.

I used to be friends with a bi guy, at the time he had a girlfriend but was secretly hanging out at gay parties hoping to suck dick. He would also thirst over male rappers in the group chat but only loves/wants to marry women. Looking back at that experience, that was pathetic of him and I'm glad no matter how much internalized homophobia I had I would never stoop that low (I doubt he's still in contact with that guy)

No. 289078

File: 1663695861382.jpg (18.08 KB, 650x629, 5dfd43eb.jpg)

How are fellow bi nonnies doing? I think I found a woman that is as autistic as me. Feels good man.

No. 289081

File: 1663696066125.jpg (10.12 KB, 480x141, wM8M4PL.jpg)

Lucky you, I have no idea how I could meet other women. Some gay friends suggested we go together to a gay/lesbian club but I fear it'd be filled with troons and kweerios.

No. 289095

I wouldnt be too scared of them especially if you are with friends. When I went to a local lgbt bar I saw maybe one tranny and one group of like 18 year old enbies. Regular lgb people still do exist. And you can always leave if it sucks.

No. 289144

That's great anon, I'm jealous! Where did you two meet?

No. 289169

File: 1663726067623.jpg (93.94 KB, 736x1104, 6d16cdd1b3123a20b5f53a05d10079…)

This will make me sound like a total newbie to gay dating. In reality I'm definitely a newbie to all dating.

But how relevant is the masc/fem dichotomy? By which I mean, is it harder to date if you're somewhere in the middle? Perhaps I'm just getting specific content online for whatever reason, but it seems the butch-femme dynamic is huge with lesbians. Or butch4butch and femme4femme. Is that true for most gay and bi women?

I've stopped forcing myself to present any sort of way to appeal to men, which naturally lands me on neither side of the spectrum. I just dress like a grandmother or grandfather depending on the day and my demeanor/voice are decidedly a bit masculine, but I have recently felt some angst about that. Should I lean more into masculinity if I wish for a more dominant/traditionally masculine role in a relationship? Does this sort of thing matter less to bi women, also?

If I seem socially stunted, I'm sorry. I am. If it seems as if I'm making problems up for myself, I'm sorry. I am.

No. 289181

Every time I'm around my friend I get a sinking feeling in my stomach. I want to be closer to her but I also feel ashamed when I contemplate it. Am I really attracted to her? I can't shake the feeling that I'm a straight girl pretending(it doesnt help that most gay girls are tras around here). I don't know what to do. I tried being chill for a while, but I can't help but feel these things for her. halp.

No. 289183

They tend to be TRA/MRAs at ‘best’. Very misogynistic. Maybe worse than straight men.

Like other nonas have said they are more likely to have STDs and be pornsick/into gross shit. Even more entitled to their disgusting kinks and/or multiple sex partners since they’re bi.

No. 289213

You shouldn't feel like you should change in some way to date someone, or play some kind of role. Be yourself, find a girl that will love that, and that's it. In real life majority of lesbian relationship are just two cool girls in love, not some stereotypes. Of course butches exists but they're pretty rare, so unless you really feel like this is how you are, don't try to pretend, there's no need

No. 289422

Thanks, anon. I guess you're right, I'm just afraid the way I am/what I want won't be communicated through how I look. I am reserved in regular settings, but enjoy taking the lead when I have feelings for someone. I'd just like to be seen as charming in a masculine way, and it tickles me when I can make a woman a bit flustered like that.
I also fear my sexuality is mismatched. Maybe I can't claim "stone" as a bisexual, but I have no intentions on being sexually touched either. For this reason (among others) I have and will never sleep with men.

But women are definitely less prone to associating traits with appearances than men, so I'll try to have less angst about it. Perhaps my perfect match is a masc bi pillow princess lmao.

No. 290083

Is there a term for being bisexual, but exclusively dating women?

I like how some men look, and sometimes I think they’re sexy, but I could never have a committed relationship with one. I thought I was a lesbian for a while bc of this, but looking deeper, I’m definitely attracted to men as well.

Don’t know if I wanna come out as bi publicly, because that would mean opening myself up to dating men, which I don’t want to do.

No. 290085

Yea it's FebFem

No. 290628

It’s so disappointing when a girl says she is a dom with girls but a sub with guys - it’s like, sorry, but I can’t see you as a dom at all now.

No. 290629

Those women gotta have massive internalized misogyny.

No. 290740

This is the type of girl to date a crusty guy 20 years older than her and look for a ffm threesome together. The third has to sub for both of course.

No. 291346

File: 1664467823190.gif (474.46 KB, 220x220, 1648293683122.gif)

Bi-anons I cannot stand it anymore. I need a girlfriend. I need to eat pussy. I need to get a girlfriend and quit my job and live purely off of cuddling and sleeping in her arms and sex. This is corny as fuck and I'm joking about the quitting my job part but not the girlfriend part. Honestly typing this I feel close to fucking tears KEK I just want to meet a beautiful, funny, smart woman and fall in love and get married and adopt animals together. God I'm so fucking lonely. I keep thinking about eating pussy at work top kek. I'm so fucking awkward and weird irl and not to mention gender critical as fuck. I live in such a shitty neolib hub that it feels like any cool, weird woman is going by neopronouns and buys into the gender retardation. I'm honestly a fucking weirdo where I live for having shirt hair and STILL going by she/her. God it fucking hurts. Sorry for this long-ass rambling rant.

Anyway, I know I was just complaining about all the aidens and thembies but I'm still going to join dating apps, idc. I'm going insane. Same sex attracted nonnies who have met normal women (or hopefully their current gf…) please give me advice. What's the best dating app for finding regular same-sex attracted women? What kind of pictures should I put on my profile? I'm a turbo virgin that has never really gotten into dating apps. Fuck I want a girlfriend!!!! I'm close to trying out manifestation top fucking kek.

No. 292018

Relatable post. Constantly daydreaming about having a girlfriend and being unhinged weirdos together.
>going to dates in weird places and laughing at inside jokes only the two of us can understand
>watching movies or listening to angsty metal music, resting my head on her lap and wanting to stay there forever
>kissing the back of her neck, feeling her heartbeat
>growing old together, having stupid couple quirks
And the sex ofc, but I feel embarrassed dreaming about it bc I'm a mega virgin and a bit clueless about what it's actually gonna be like. Nonas I'm getting desperate enough that I'm considering going to a gay karaoke bar nearby to see if there are any actual women in there.>>291346

No. 292117

I call myself bisexual but I'm actually not very attracted to men, their bodies disgust me, I cringe super hard when women go "I love men because they are so tall and strong uwu", let's not even talk their dicks, the ugliest things ever created imo. The only reason I don't call myself a lesbian is because I'm super into husbandos, but I still prefer when they keep their clothes on lol. Anybody else like that?

No. 292123

Honestly yeah, I’ll admit I like a nice face on a man and broad shoulders and big arms, but the male body is honestly just not that sexy or arousing to me. Dicks are not attractive to me at all. Women are much more aesthetically and erotically beautiful imo, I’d go lesbian but unfortunately I still have a romantic attraction to men (god knows why, they have such terrible personalities) so I have to call myself bi.

No. 292280

Last night I walked past this girl who was standing in a street corner just talking to her friend. She was dressed kinda alt and her hair was dyed bright electic blue which caught my attention so I looked at her and she smiled at me. My heart started pounding so fast and idk even if she smiled bc she thought I looked dumb since I tend to dress kinda edgy but she had such a cute smile oh no. Now I keep thinking about her I'm a mess help me.

No. 292885

I'm mostly like that. I don't enjoy sex with men and also don't get the tall/strong/whatever admiration of male bodies or swooning over them. However, I know I'm bisexual because I am capable of being attracted enough to the guy's personality and so on to get that far with one, and because I am able to fantasize, whether it's about a husbando or real person.

No. 293681

Reposting this question but do any of you have bisexual keychains or stickers that you bought to try and attract women? I’m always getting read as straight except in very few cases and I get sad thinking of how many pretty women just assume I’m straight or don’t think anything of it romantically. If I do buy a keychain or something can it be subtle?

No. 293694

Late, but are you romantically attracted to real life men? Could you see yourself being in a relationship with an actual living, breathing man? Liking an anime/videogame character has absolutely no bearing on real life sexuality. It's pixels on a screen. If you can't date or have sex with real life men, then you're not attracted to them, and I don't think you're bisexual.

No. 293730

Is it just me or is attraction and interaction to women different from that to men? Even tho there’s so many pretty women I feel like my feelings for women only happen for certain women and I can’t explain why, some are hot and kinda butch, others are femme. But like even though I find some women pretty I don’t feel any attraction to them really, I don’t get butterflies the same way I do from those other random attractive women who make me go crazy. Whereas for men it’s like our standards as women in hetero relationships have been beaten into oblivion that I look at every job-deformed dude twice. I can’t help but be fucking SAD that my standards for men are so low in comparison to what attracts me in women. I want a basic normie with similar attractiveness to Cammie Scott and idk if I’ll ever meet someone like that.

No. 293742

Same anon but furthermore, I think this is why straight women freak out when you tell them you’re bi because they think it works like attraction for men. Most women don’t do it for me tbh it’s really random

No. 293744

I am like this too. I am attracted to many male characters but not men irl.
When I try to entertain the idea of dating a man I just get disgusted. I especially can't stand how they smell.

No. 293753

>I'm super into husbandos
>I still have a romantic attraction to men
>I am capable of being attracted enough to the guy's personality
>I am attracted to many male characters but not men irl
What the duck is happening here? I can count on one hand the number of men I wanted to have sex with but I wasn't disgusted by their body. Are you sure you aren't lesbians?

No. 293757

Lesbians have zero interest in men, real or fictional.

No. 293797

Sounds like you’re just bisexual with a heterosexual lean. Absolutely nothing wrong with that — despite all the literal rage on here about it.

No. 293803

Real and fictional men aren't the same thing at all and compulsory heterosexuality is a thing.

No. 293813

>Late, but are you romantically attracted to real life men? Could you see yourself being in a relationship with an actual living, breathing man?
Not at all, I think being in a relationship with a man is too much of a hassle (STDs and pregnancy risks, domestic violence…), and the few real men I find attractive are celebrities (so unattainable) and even then if I had the possibility of dating their normie doppelganger I don't think I would. Maybe it's my way of coping by growing invisible and not attracting guys in my late teens/early twenties.

Why not though, if you check the husbando threads there are a lot of straight women who are also disgusted by real men and prefer to focus on fictional ones. Also I'm a yumejo at heart, the guys I'm thirsting on are unambiguously male and I greatly enjoy art and fics of husbandos engaging in PiV sex with the self insert girls, which I'm pretty certain no self-respecting lesbian would ever do.
Please, that's a meme propagated by self hating bi women.

No. 293836

I wish I was only attracted to men whose personality I like. My coworker has the most insufferable dudebro personality but he is skinny and has pretty eyes and that is enough to turn me on. Even though he is also hairy as a monkey (the drunk asshole took his clothes off at a company party.) Fml.

No. 294000

>which I'm pretty certain no self-respecting lesbian would ever do.
It's not even about self respect, being able to masturbate to a dick or male body in general is an OSA thing, even looking at those things in a neutral context is offputting if not straight up gross. It's just not possible for lesbians. There are a lot of Kinsey 5 bisexuals in denial out there, it's sad. Some people just hate irl moids (rightfully so) and can't fathom that actually wanting a sex life with an idealized moid still makes them OSA. You'll see long walls of text doing mental gymnastics trying to justify their attraction but it's obvious to self-accepting bisexuals as well as actual lesbians that these are biphobic bisexuals in denial. It's okay to be bi! And yes, comphet is not real unless you were literally living in a fundamentalist religious bubble where you were forced into it with zero knowledge of what being gay is.

No. 294018

Lesbians are definitely coerced into loving men. They tolerate and even appreciate the idea of being in a straight couple but are disgusted by men. Straight women also force themselves to date men that they find disgusting because they are brainwashed into not respecting their own feelings. The majority of women's first sexual relationships are rape.

No. 294024

>t. bisexual in denial

No. 294033

the creator of comphet literally admitted that she's not a lesbian kek

No. 294068

I've felt comfortable now that I've started identifying as a kinsey 5 febfem over identifying as a lesbian that likes to project into both sides of fictional straight relationships. Seeing other women justify their sexual attraction to fictional male bodies and dicks by comparing them to irl butch women and strapons fucking disgusts me. The mental gymnastics some women preform to inject moid loving into same sex attracted communities gives me extreme second hand embarassment. dont they get tired of writing cope essays? Sounds exhausting.

No. 294084

Not an expert or anything but I always felt like some of it came from the (maybe unconscious) belief some people have that the only right way to be a bi woman is to prefer men and date men and tbf that's definitely the type of bi we see the most, both in discussions and irl. Comphet doesn't seem helpful to lesbians or same sex leaning bi women, it seems to only add to the confusion around sexuality which is already not great considering how MTFs behave when someone doesn't want to touch their dick

No. 294230

Dunno, if you're a lesbian across the board excluding affection for an anime PNG, I'm pretty sure you're just lesbian. Like what else would such a person be considered in any era where anime doesn't exist, kek.

No. 294239

please don't tell these people to identify as lesbians. we've had enough. i respect the ones that can actually admit they're bisexual. being only interested in fictional men bc real ones are utterly disappointing is both extremely normal and not a lesbian experience

No. 294268

If a woman isn't attracted to men and only disgusted, she isn't bisexual. Bisexual women can be attracted to men even if they are disgusting human beings. Not wanting a relationship with a man because they all have terrible personalities isn't the same as feeling no attraction at all for them in real life.

No. 294281

Don't bother, anon. The politics around it and whether fiction = reality or not are endless, and it's easier to just be in community with other bi women who aren't as hung up on on your sexual purity but still understand attraction to other women. As >>294239 says, lesbian communities do not want women who feel that way around, so it would just be a misery for everyone.

No. 294299

I was horny drunk swiping in tinder and impulsively matched with a couple because they were both my type and that’s very rare. I mean I have threesome in my bucket list. Yes I know in lolcow we don’t like hookup culture because feminism blah blah blah.
So now this lady and his Nigel are sending me texts about how they are doing general straight couple stuff. Like ”me and Nigel walking in the park emoji emoji” or pics of them with their cats. I’m afraid that they are the type of people who talk about their pets as their ”furbabies”. Yup now I’m thinking that might be a red flag

I’m not anxious just plain confused what the fuck I should think about this.

No. 294300

Kek wtf.
Maybe you should worry more about your safety than them calling their cats furbabies.

No. 294301

I don’t really see them being a potential threat for my safety. They seem too normal to be actual weirdoes.

No. 294339

I mean if you just wanna have a threesome have a threesome, but you might want to be a little cautious about couples who date as a unit (‘Unicorn Hunters’). They can be really pushy/predatory and just kinda douchey all around.

No. 294378

being attracted to a fictional male and fantasizing about that fictional male with a male body is still bisexuality. i think we all know that attraction to fictional characters is still a manifestation of attraction, because the same people who tell you they're totally a real true lesbian who would have sex with XYZ male character, will tell you shego or some character or another was their childhood gay awakening. if you're so adamant that wanting to bang (insert male png of choice) is not bisexuality then you better also reprimand anyone who talks about female characters in their youth sparking the realization that they're same-sex attracted. not at all directed towards the person who sparked this for the record, she's cool.

No. 294392

nta they dont see female homosexuality seriously at all. this blurring of the lines between lesbians & ssa leaning bi helps no one. like this retard >>294281 exposing her inferiority complex by implying that lesbians are sexual purists bcs they don’t want women who fantasise about fucking a fictional moid in their communities. lesbianism isn’t ‘mostly attracted to females but does fantasise about sucking a fictional moids dick on the side’ bcs like u said that’s a manifestation of attraction to males. it’s exclusive attraction to females. not that hard to understand.

No. 294404

What do they look like anon? Honestly having a threesome is something I'd want to try at some point too except tbh my dream threesome would be with two women and all I seem to hear about is M/F couples looking for a woman

No. 295076

How do I get over shame regarding being same-sex attracted? Do I just go balls to the walls and start outing myself until I get over it? My shame is extreme (think of that one closeted twink in your high school who swears he isn't gay) to the point that it affects my ability to imagine myself with women romantically. I've accepted that I am sexually attracted to women but I feel so much shame and disgust in myself when I try to think of something long-term with a woman. I'm scared of how other people will treat me or if they'll consider me some deviant. Especially my parents, I'm scared that once I tell them there's no going back.

No. 295199

I too would like to know since I also struggle with this, even though I've had a (LDR) girlfriend before.

One thing I've noticed that does help a little is imagining romantic scenarios that are less likely to happen in public, so I'm not hung up on how others would react. With male crushes, I can easily daydream about him holding my hand at the museum or making out under the fireworks. With female crushes, the daydreams I do allow to occur are more along the lines of her sharing her earphones with me while we're listening to her favourite love songs alone at her house.

Are you the type to quickly pinpoint when you're having a crush, or do you tend to be in denial for a bit? This next tip probably works best if you're the latter. So sometimes I try to redirect my guilt on being attracted to a woman to 'denial' that I could possibly like her because of a superficial reason. (Ex. "Imagine having a crush on someone who likes BTS, that's lame") I'm aware this doesn't solve the underlying issue, but the idea is to remember that you're crushing on a person that happens to be female rather than feeling guilty because you're attracted to a woman as a woman.

No. 295201

Also I'd like to add that you focusing on long-term relationships when trying to imagine yourself with a woman romantically is possibly affecting this. Maybe if you let yourself think of what feels right at the moment rather than worrying about the future, your romantic desires for women will feel less shameful.

No. 295223

I was really repressed for a while but my butterflies are very identifiable and the reason I finally gave up calling myself straight.

I guess one big hang-up that I have is that I was bullied for seeming(?) like a lesbian when I was a kid. I also had people speculate about and place bets on my sexuality when I was in high school. I know it sounds pathetic but I don't want to prove those people right that I was lesbian (or really, bi) all along. Idk if anyone relates but if you do please let me know, it would be helpful.

No. 297159

I've dated a few women and men this year. It didn't go well, both women kept pressuring me to open up very quickly/sleep with them quickly, and seemed to expect a serious relationship a month in. (There were also… other issues.) And I felt like such an asshole when it didn't work out. Over casual dating.

As for the men, I had… two dates max. I think I'm becoming avoidant. I have a lot of trauma and people moving too fast flips me in to panic mode. People wanting to know about my trauma early on, and in depth, has been an issue. I feel like both men and women see me as a cartoon they can insert these "loving healing fantasies" at and not a real person with an actual need to develop trust and intimacy over time.

I also keep getting attracted to women who are in relationships, or incompatible, and honestly I seem to prefer vague romantic daydreaming about women I sort of know over disappointing anyone, or being creeped on. ):