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File: 1640671779537.jpg (78.24 KB, 736x966, dd054a35e6c35bbee0bf5d0fe524d4…)

No. 219775

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread /g/ edition, which of course, talks about husbandos and horny shit
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your 3D and 2D crushes so you don't clog the other retarded thread. Post memes, be frisky, whatever.
>But why
Farmers are some horny b*tches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to ganbang me raw
-I love me some man tiddies

The retarded hornyposting thread now includes pairings, and remember you can thirstpost about 3D men as well. For other /g/ related shitposts just use the current /ot/ thread. Thank you!

Previous horny: >>>/g/206344

No. 219789

Thank you for the threadpic anon, love it. Also any girls into waifus don't get discouraged to post too!

No. 219790

This thread is one of the most comforting threads on lolcow to be honest, and I love it and support it

No. 219791

This is the only thread I use on LC lol

No. 219792

File: 1640675779345.png (19.91 KB, 442x314, geohegoiheghpoiiohge.png)

I downloaded a shimeji (desktop bud) of spamton with the original game sprites. It took me super long to find it because I kept finding a dumb fanart version of it (I only want the original.) And somehow, zoomers don't like sharing links, for some reason? Like, everytime I searched for it someone would be like "nvm found it" and not post the link to the source. So I'm posting it here for anyone interested:
You download java for it to work too. Once you have java installed just click on the .jar and he'll be there. So yeah enjoy this spamton shimeji lol

No. 219795

File: 1640676220983.png (119.03 KB, 450x613, 1624761132324.png)

Every night before I go to sleep I think about what it would be like to snuggle up in his big strong arms. It hurts.

No. 219800

File: 1640677491764.png (1.44 MB, 1527x2004, __bondrewd_made_in_abyss_drawn…)


No. 219820

File: 1640682148957.jpg (219.66 KB, 1000x523, pojila bih ga.jpg)

Was just reminded of this snack.
10/10, would step over corpses to give him hydration

No. 219824

File: 1640683704692.jpeg (470.33 KB, 936x2072, D001B974-A9D2-4A86-9F50-28684B…)

You guys sperging about mad scientists unlocked a super far away memory of having a friend who was drawing a webcomic, well I tracked it down and sent them a message because I completely lost them. Thanks lolc

No. 219832

dat threadpic.. hnnnnnnngggffffffdasdfkcjvgvu

No. 219846

File: 1640694900977.gif (596.86 KB, 540x224, c087e29c-5e29-489b-994a-a37012…)

woof woof bark woof grrrr snarl bark

No. 219850

omg please post more if you have

No. 219851

File: 1640696601646.jpeg (448.96 KB, 1634x2048, C8B12000-2EF8-41D8-86ED-F06622…)

Missed the fun at the end of the last thread lol. Anyway the idea of these two getting it on is so damn hot to me. Either the author is lowkey shipping them or this is some high quality bait, it really succeeded in rotting my brain. The fact that they gave each other so many visible head injuries makes it even better The things I want them to do to each other.. just fuck already I don’t care if it would be a toxic relationship, do it for stress relief or because you’re drugged or whatever but please these bitches are so hot

No. 219859

File: 1640702358828.jpg (134.37 KB, 1200x600, ESaimccUcAEKACw.jpg)

There is not someone out there for everyone. Where am I supposed to find another white haired brown skinned kleptomaniac with a gambling addiction who cries at sad movies and is afraid of ghosts and rescued a homeless orphan girl who was being harassed by a man and is also a sexy himbo demon? He's the only one for me.

No. 219860

File: 1640702507211.jpg (48.83 KB, 640x442, 15954776.jpg)

No. 219861

File: 1640703779718.jpg (72.54 KB, 691x900, 8afd5ed65a3be6fd74b33c54ff99b5…)

Based nonnie, you are absolutely right. I want them to fuck for whatever reason, and I wanna watch it.
To be fair, I'd like to see basically any Golden Kamuy pairing fucking, Ogata and Sugimoto just happen to be the hottest.
I have no shame in admitting that Ogata saying that Tanigaki should beg for him turned me on, or when Tsurumi drew on Usami's face.

No. 219863

Keeeek he fell asleep, but still keeping up his arms like that just to show off..
if you know, you know..

No. 219870

lmao love the amount of memes the dakis triggered

No. 219877

File: 1640712620757.png (324.22 KB, 827x754, tumblr_ocf4rzpyWN1tox5ero1_128…)

Heh, you totally got me anon! Nice to see you here.

No. 219911

What that tongue do

No. 219943

You reminded me of furries with the maw fetish

No. 219944

File: 1640726603219.jpg (104.8 KB, 1200x675, ELwnxTcX0AEAZu6.jpg)

can't stop thinking about helping him shave….

No. 219946

File: 1640727818139.png (1 MB, 1024x576, ddqk0ap-049bf184-cf9c-4049-b4e…)

want to ruin him no one understands my love for kai. i'm so close to commissioning a daki for him it's so bad nonnas i dont know what to do with myself

No. 219952

File: 1640730306545.jpg (211.6 KB, 1323x1764, 1cb4e50cf3d6f376293fefb2339a6e…)

i wanna be his sugar baby

No. 219959

File: 1640732793180.png (1.29 MB, 1000x771, 90009684_p18.png)

being a combo yumejoshi and fujo is so hard…. do i want him to fuck me or do i want to watch him get fucked decisions decisions

i'm gonna need sauce on the art you posted and the doujin from last thread >>219682 please i am begging! i love the amount of based anons we have here. and sorry to bring up the sperg from last thread but imo noda knows he has a large female fanbase and likes to give us some eye candy once in a while, plus his wife apparently helps a lot which probably adds to the female fan service.

No. 219960

> do i want him to fuck me or do i want to watch him get fucked decisions decisions

The solution my friend is the hot bisexual threesome that the fujo thread anons are so against.

No. 219961

File: 1640733460635.png (860.55 KB, 730x778, wilfred-knightserrant.png)

this obscure webcomic character definitely informed my taste in women back in like 2013

No. 219969

Arthur anon wya??? God seeing 1/6 scale figs make me want to knit small sweaters for them and make good outfits that I wish they wore in game

No. 219973

File: 1640735984526.jpg (67.34 KB, 735x591, ae194e7017c3c631e2306d0a45c25b…)

I'm a fujo and kiiinda yume as well and I totally am favorable to hot bi threesomes. Bi guys are my weakness.
Who would be the lucky Pierre, Ogata or Sugimoto?

I'm the anon that posted the dj page and I don't know the sauce cause I found that page randomly, but I'd happily look it up for us.
And about the last thread sperg, I truly think it was someone baiting pretending to be an Ayden. Most brainrotted twitterfags won't even touch lolcow, and when they do they are not that savvy to post it without namefaging.

No. 219974

File: 1640736146221.jpg (140.79 KB, 669x669, 799992a0b6a8fd096731f6c8163ea3…)

Also I'd like to add how much I love Koito's flexibility and agility. The things he probably can do in bed…
Another coincidence for his name, btw, Koito in portuguese means sex

No. 219977

File: 1640736654438.jpg (2.02 MB, 498x277, Pl0bo3a.jpg)

The mad scientist talk reminded me of Professor Venomous.
OK KO was a terrible show and the only redeeming quality was this man. He has such a sexy voice. The sharp teeth add to it too. I only watched the episodes with him in it.

No. 219986

holy shit. good taste anon
is the webcomic worth reading just for her

No. 219987

File: 1640740055073.jpg (65.39 KB, 735x538, 830980c5e6af1b0b4d61a9e5a176eb…)

So I went looking for it and it's by a twitter user named Nyaruko, @katudon666
I went looking for her doujinshis in japanese, but all that I could find relating to SugiOga were modern AUs, so it's not the same as in the page. The only djs that were in universe were TsukiKoi djs, so I don't know if that page particularly was an one off thing for twitter or if it's just all sold out lol
Anyway, have some eye candy

No. 219988

File: 1640740076995.png (330.66 KB, 911x472, unknown.png)

I don't really know the status of it today, but this was from an incomplete version that the author wiped in favor of a 'reboot'. you can see what it was off archive

No. 219990

File: 1640740519585.gif (1.28 MB, 498x277, ok-ko-lets-be-heroes-cartoon-n…)

i hate him but i love him but i hate him but

No. 219992

so true nonita. that show was cringe of not the highest order, but still way too high to make anything other than venomous compilations worth watching.

No. 219993

Better help him wash his hair and go clothes shopping while you're at it. Help him look like he did in his prime!

No. 219999


No. 220000


No. 220005

He's such blatant husbando bait and I for one don't give a fuck, he's hot as hell and probably the only reason I'm gonna watch this cartoon.

NTA but here's the source for the other pic:

Btw (sorry for posting in the last thread when this one had already been made but I can't delete it now kek) I wanna know who this character is >>208504 I hope the poster is still around.
Also for the anon who asked for source on another pic last thread >>216181

No. 220006

File: 1640743472916.jpg (54.84 KB, 705x444, IMG_20211228_162425.jpg)

Thank you for your efforts anon! The urge to learn japanese just so I can read doujins grows stronger by the day. And the art you shared… how are they just so sexy together

No. 220012

File: 1640744903256.png (2.46 MB, 1296x1728, 188.png)

Who's your favorite onii-san? Personally I'd fuck either the office worker or the nurse the most.

No. 220014

I like the scruffy beard because that would probably feel nice down under.

No. 220015

geek and welder and part time teacher pls

No. 220016

I just got it off the wiki, but S1 episodes 41 and 42. S2 episodes 75, 78, 87. S3 episodes 97, 99, 103, 106, 108, 110, 111, 112.
So pretty much mainly season 2 and 3. It's a shame he didn't show up more.

No. 220017

I want that robot.

No. 220020

File: 1640746542524.png (961.04 KB, 650x915, d5xtcln-f7deeb1c-b5a4-4770-8aa…)

geek, teacher and office worker do soooo much for me. i spent $200 to import keychains of these fuckers i love kaneoya sachiko i hope shes living her best life

No. 220022

File: 1640747013633.gif (1.59 MB, 444x250, 163775863588.gif)

Im sorry nonny, but his voice is gross. Sad, he had potential. next

No. 220023

File: 1640747028147.jpg (313.18 KB, 1536x2048, ET5dyTtUUAAWaCH.jpg)

with a taste of your lips i'm on a ride

No. 220026

File: 1640748131021.jpg (93.43 KB, 670x940, e99b16338c1793075e61f4fcca29a3…)

God bless Sachiko

No. 220027

File: 1640748469251.png (572.14 KB, 500x667, post_corporate_slave.png)

No. 220028

File: 1640748578556.png (358.86 KB, 540x786, tumblr_58ad765047ab3db9c0705ae…)

No. 220029

File: 1640748914898.png (323.32 KB, 375x500, mad_key2.png)

Mad scientist of course

No. 220031

I'd lay my life down for office worker

No. 220033

what comic is this guy from? i love the energy in the poses/actions

No. 220034

File: 1640749393816.png (513.43 KB, 829x1200, Golden Kamuy - Vol.19 Ch.188 -…)

No problem, anon! I am nowhere near fluent, but I was looking forward to finding it and maybe even translating it (the dialogue on that page read as basically Ogata telling Sugimoto to be patient/wait out sniper thing? and calling him Saichi instead of Sugimoto), if I ever come across it, it's a promise.

>how are they just so sexy together

I lost my shit reading this page, nonnie, NODA KNOWS

No. 220035

every speaking role in the whole series

No. 220036

These are from an artist called Kaneoya Sachiko

No. 220040

File: 1640751265855.jpg (91.49 KB, 1081x609, Tumblr_l_915988718546832.jpg)

Morganhoe reporting in

No. 220041

based, NTA but thanks a lot
Is there a compilation of all his appearances (voiced or not)?

No. 220047

I’m not even into cartoon men but this is cute

No. 220050

Omg I love this……

No. 220058

File: 1640764724687.png (2.63 MB, 1668x2388, __bondrewd_made_in_abyss_drawn…)

No. 220059

File: 1640764831163.png (2.54 MB, 2073x2455, __bondrewd_made_in_abyss_drawn…)

No. 220061

File: 1640765067660.png (Spoiler Image,2.84 MB, 1715x2314, __bondrewd_made_in_abyss_drawn…)

No. 220068

Bonerewd's design makes me with MIA wasn't pedo garbage. This is like having a Dragon Maid husubando.

No. 220082

I love her art. This gives me massive Doppo from Hypmic vibes.

No. 220105

File: 1640781033736.jpg (93.64 KB, 800x1135, __ogata_hyakunosuke_golden_kam…)

god bless you anon i hope you have a wonderful day!

Noda has to know its like he's doing this to us on purpose!! i was never into gore or blood but this scene (and ogata himself really) have awakened something in me

No. 220120

File: 1640789519538.jpeg (911.65 KB, 768x1024, C2EEE0FF-355F-4764-9E6A-2E56EE…)

Dude literally recommends BL manga of course he knows. But yeah I don’t know what’s going on with gk, I was never really into shipping or sexualizing characters before I fucking hate coomers I feel like a hypocrite but now I’m super horny for this >>219851 everything else is fine too but doesn’t compare. I swear it activated my thirsty fujo potential I tried to ignore.
>>219959 damn that scene was hawt in the magazine version
That page is so sick it legit left me confused for a while after reading it. This fucker is doing it on purpose there is no other way

No. 220121

Nonna stop he murders children

No. 220125

Can you nonas start putting on the name of the character/source material with your posts? Thanks

No. 220127

No. 220144

File: 1640801968535.jpg (13.17 KB, 235x367, ce0241e13c3d0e215904e2801cb348…)

have not publicly sperged about yakuza tiddies, abs, feet or uncut dicks in a while it seems but it doesn't mean that i have not been thinking about those!!

No. 220147

But I like it when I get a reply so I have a chance to sperg more

No. 220157

File: 1640807258034.jpg (89.98 KB, 735x628, b510a255a9a0a2998a1409f93b7802…)

I'm not into gore, but definitely love some bloody action, especially of it's military. the final pages of the Waterloo chapter in the Les Mis book describing this hot and bothered soldier made me hornier than I ever thought

Don't worry anon, most fujos are never worse than the common coomer moid, even more so after 18. Ship away and sexualize away.

Aside from SugiOga, are there other pairings that you'd like to see? I have too many.

No. 220161

Kek same, getting replies about your husbando is the best.

No. 220162

File: 1640809614354.jpg (Spoiler Image,169.88 KB, 850x1199, 6779930.jpg)

nta but tanigaki and ogata

No. 220174

wait why uncut dicks? are japanese guys usually circumcised? how do the yakuzas get their foreskin back

No. 220175

>are japanese guys usually circumcised?
iirc like fewer than 1% of them are

No. 220183

File: 1640813877754.jpg (1.69 MB, 1440x2560, Tumblr_l_204830765148869.jpg)

What is it about hobo like old men that makes me want to become his perfect submissive housewife.

No. 220189

typical american thinking the vast majority of the worlds penises are mutilated like theirs

No. 220197

File: 1640816421753.jpg (777.85 KB, 1200x901, 52626114_p0_master1200.jpg)

me too!

No. 220203

File: 1640818039640.png (52.9 KB, 178x369, tumblr_08489eecbeab8c9894637ca…)

it's hard to care about other ships with the sugioga brain rot, but koito and tsukishima is a given and I really do like tanigaki and inkarmat together. ogata and vasily is cute but pales in comparison to sugioga.

I love a strong man tit but this artist basically gave ogata womens breasts… it would be so good otherwise but I just can not with those lmao

No. 220204

File: 1640818039965.jpg (40.4 KB, 435x481, tumblr_njgwhvfft21ragtd4o1_500…)

I want to marry Bowser. He would be the perfect husband. Peach just doesn't get it.

No. 220217

File: 1640820176518.jpg (31.77 KB, 300x533, 97629485629846524.jpg)

>that titty window

No. 220230

File: 1640822547355.png (153.11 KB, 553x628, d81vjql-4bf7c6f2-4377-452f-b19…)

I just love him so much. He's so big and strong, I bet he can carry me very easily and do whatever he wants with me, just imagine how imposing he would be irl, i also want to brush his moustache.
Hot. Name?

No. 220232

File: 1640823291663.png (867.73 KB, 816x1073, kdash-kofallstar-kof99.png)

NTA but it's K' from King of Fighters

No. 220240

File: 1640826139473.jpg (158.39 KB, 585x960, tumblr_517839dc13ef3f93d64ecf6…)

He's not my type but I'm really happy for all the anons who like him! He has a lot of good art and fic so far for being a one off character. I need more art of him and Chris being uncles to Rose.

No. 220244

File: 1640827778653.png (19.32 KB, 720x480, he's perfect.png)

you're right

No. 220248

File: 1640830576833.jpg (2.11 MB, 1400x2088, __father_gascoigne_bloodborne_…)

i will always recommend father gascoigne from bloodborne to heisenberg fuckers
for me, its the italian voice. https://youtu.be/F7mECoqUwuE

No. 220253

File: 1640834293821.png (224.65 KB, 461x381, 47320470326.png)

As a voicefag I thank you, truly works of art. God the breathy groans, panting, growling and rumbling timbre

No. 220272

His English voice is trash and too goofy, but he sounds so nice in Japanese.

No. 220273

File: 1640848066758.jpg (147.17 KB, 850x1200, __ogata_hyakunosuke_and_sugimo…)

I agree with basically everything you said.
I wouldn't say though that I personally ship Ogata and Sugimoto, it's just that they look so good together… And the potential hate fucking, with Ogata mental illness… Insane.
It helps that they are both my favorite characters for very different reasons, Sugimoto is my perfect animal loving ride or die husbando and Ogata is that guy that you just love to "hate" and watch his schemes unfold. It's funny how even with fighting strategies they are completely different: Sugimoto is full on berserk melee and is a lousy shot and Ogata is calculated distanced, perfect shots. Which would make for very interesting sexual dynamics…
I wonder why Ogata didn't wrestle after the sea otter nabe. Maybe he was trying his hardest to not do anything he would regret later.

No. 220320

File: 1640875900895.jpg (179.58 KB, 1100x1025, grouppic.jpg)

I want him so bad nonnies…His backstory arc crushed me so badly. I've never thirsted over a 2D man like I have Reiner Braun. He's just so buff and depressed.

No. 220324

File: 1640876418839.jpg (299.04 KB, 627x870, tumblr_fee7c2c229b039c2137e399…)

Yeah in the actual gk universe they would never actually be together in a meaningful way, but the sexual tension is there and they would definitely hatefuck. I agree with how mentally ill ogata is he'd be into some kinky shit. I think in modern day au's without being mentally fucked by war they'd make a cute (albeit still argumentative and fucked up) couple. You're so right, they are both so different but in really complimentary ways. Their strengths make up for the other's weaknesses.

irt to the sea otter nabe it says in the chapter that the sexual desire from it can be so strong it can knock someone out so I like to think ogata basically passed out from horniness. In a couple panels you can see him watching the others very intently too so he was very… interested.

No. 220342

File: 1640883282062.jpg (486.71 KB, 2048x1448, FHrMJEUakAYQJ8M.jpg)

Do you ever imagine your husbando holding you when you go to sleep? I might have done this when I was ill and felt shit

No. 220358

Holy shit my new husbando showed up in my dream today, I smiled like an idiot for at least an hour after waking up. It was very brief and just like an episode of the anime he's from, but he also looked at me and I think he even smiled (which he almost never does, much less out of genuine happiness). This is huge for me because I've rarely had success in dreaming about my husbandos before even with lucid dreaming attempts, maybe it happened now because I've been trying not to openly accept my infatuation with him since it's embarrassing (like those repressed thoughts that are often present in dreams)?

But anyway, after these last two nights thinking about him in a more intimate way, I guess I crossed that "shame boundary" and I'm starting to let the sex fantasies take over my mind kek. I can't stop thinking about kissing him, him whispering in my ear and what his dick could be like, but imagining actually fucking is still too embarrassing. I don't even know if he would ever be interested in sex canonically, but I NEED him.
I find it funny how two days ago I was doubting whether he'd become my husbando or it would just be a mild attraction based on some superficial traits of his, but now I really can't stop thinking about him. Lately I've gone to bed only after watching some of his anime's episodes, listening to his voice lines with headphones over and over (hnnngh his voice makes me melt), and taking a bunch of screenshots of close-ups of his face.

Yes, actually, every time.
Not sure if this kind of post belongs in this thread though, I thought this was only for horny posts. Or is the /m/ husbando thread only for media/merch discussion?

No. 220362

IDK, talking about what you wanna do with your husbando seems relevant, even if it's just holding hands and sleeping.

No. 220363

ayrt ok thank you, did not get why that anon fet the need to specify uncut kek. burgerland seems kinda crazy, i wanna go there just to see what's up

No. 220366

Sometimes i do when it's very cold outside, he has big arms so i imagine his hugs would be very warm, but he's also very tall so i don't know if he could fit into my bed kek
Good for you nonna!

No. 220367

Every night. I sleep better when I hold a pillow, so I imagine it's him.

No. 220376

I use both threads interchangeably.
This thread is more shitposty though.

No. 220383

File: 1640896336829.jpeg (156.92 KB, 749x666, 89337C20-E70B-41AB-A4C6-9E3A76…)

I always imagine I’m being hugged by my husbando when I go to sleep, sometimes I just put my face on the pillow and pretend that it’s his chest, and put an electric blanket on my back so I can pretend he’s hugging me.
You shouldn’t feel bad about the things that makes you happy, nonnie, you’re not hurting anyone by pretending to be hugged by your husbando at night.

No. 220395

File: 1640899648025.jpg (197.08 KB, 963x1400, 1640697130941.jpg)

How can I ever be happy if I cannot have him…

No. 220406

File: 1640902021043.jpg (68.53 KB, 736x981, dd7a71e971306fa42a567b20a7189d…)

Hnnng that pic though. Why can't they fight until someone pulls a dick out. Noda pls
Jk but I'm not against fanservice. The blood sucking scene with Sugimoto pulling Ogata's hair is good enough fanservice without being too ooc or detrimental to the plot

No. 220409

File: 1640902593922.gif (2.84 MB, 540x549, reno.gif)

titty windows are everything

No. 220427

>tfw you were going to learn how to cook your husbando's favorite foods as a fun side project but then you remember that your husbando can't taste…

i just wanted to larp and pretend i was cooking for someone i loved for once, but it seems god has made that impossible. anyway nonas, what are your husbando's favorite foods?

No. 220428

cook them for yourself nona, i bet he would be happy about it

No. 220430

not usually a husbandofag but this video did something to me… lord almighty why am i thirsting over a despotic murderer as a cute anime boy

No. 220431

Dried persimmons for one
His mom's home food for the other

No. 220434

> I don't even know if he would ever be interested in sex
Kek I feel this because my husbando is really quiet and reserved and, canonically, he would not be the type to just fuck like dogs or be into rough sex. Which is sometimes what my mood desires. Usually when I’m on my period. So I can’t even daydream about it because it doesn’t fit. It’s so frustrating sometimes. But I do like to fantasize about how passionate he is and sweet and loving in bed. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m so attached to him.

No. 220436

God anon this is art, what a beautiful being

No. 220437

Tamagoyaki, i made some for his birthday recently

No. 220440

He hasn't been shown eating anything out of the ordinary, but he's a really heavy coffee drinker. I love coffee too, so I'm always brewing it.

No. 220442

Who knows nona, maybe your husbando would be very different in bed, with someone he loves and is very attracted to.

>what are your husbando's favorite foods?
Not sure if he has a favorite food but I've only seen him eat fancy food and drink alcohol. I don't think he would outright hate my simple cooking but he's probably too used to the stuff his cook makes for him.

No. 220444

My husbando is a fucking manchild who likes burgers and grape juice, I love that, but I’m sure he would appreciate the food I make, it’s quite balanced and nice, I like to experiment sometimes with spices and seasonings, so maybe I’m the one who could change his way to view food.

No. 220445

File: 1640919252802.gif (612.08 KB, 498x280, 878412337991438.gif)

OP of the pic. That character is from osumatsu-san. Don't remember which one it is though nor the artist, so you can just choose who you like.

No. 220448

File: 1640921920833.jpg (171.71 KB, 1072x602, tjeabuwx8yh41_ed7w.jpg)

i am sexually attracted to a robot

No. 220453

File: 1640922491162.jpg (169.49 KB, 600x800, c5d.jpg)


No. 220454

File: 1640922637540.jpg (34.36 KB, 350x409, deltarune_spamton_shop.jpg)

No. 220455

File: 1640923231226.jpg (46.11 KB, 755x882, qt.jpg)

Hmm..Gentle femdom.

No. 220456

File: 1640923425957.jpg (880.61 KB, 3810x2871, FENI8SiXEAMONtx.jpg orig.jpg)

I don't even play this game but you're making me attracted to this fucking doll

No. 220458

Ah so the comic sans skeleton was just the beginning I see

No. 220459

File: 1640924244323.jpg (589.61 KB, 1000x707, 70135028_p0_master1200.jpg)

Based, I want to live with them

No. 220463

File: 1640925208084.jpg (220.8 KB, 1200x955, EKiKHkeXUAIuS8y.jpg)

sleeping next to him would be enough

No. 220464

interesting. all the nemu-tier sperging about this character has made me never want to check out deltarune ever.

No. 220468

Good decision, run before its too late

No. 220470

File: 1640926369655.jpeg (150 KB, 1464x2048, F216728D-C570-4D53-8E2B-9BFEAC…)

honestly that guy is a legend, managing to create two tumblr sexymen in succession. the popularity of the first one could have been by a stroke of luck (as is usual for tumblr sexymen) but two? he’s cracked the code.

No. 220473

File: 1640927009944.png (346.57 KB, 585x828, FDdYvHzXMAoHizo.png orig.png)

Yes, it's either love it or hate it.


No. 220475

File: 1640930517365.jpg (206.43 KB, 768x1024, 93409320_p2_master1200.jpg)

I wanna take care of him so bad.
Also, thank you >>219792 Nonnie! Happy to have him around for 0 KROMER.

No. 220479

can we make a deltarunefagging thread like the adam driver thread to contain them all away from us

No. 220484

I'm surprised there isn't such a thread already

No. 220490

Yes, I don't usually complain about anon's husbando taste but that thing is so ugly.

No. 220501

File: 1640946866149.jpg (45.77 KB, 563x508, d483fac06b4edfe70e499bf785bca4…)

do you guys think that if we prayed hard enough to aphrodite she'll do the thing for us like she did with pygmalion and galatea

No. 220503

Yeah I don't get it either, Sans I can kinda-ish see why people were horny for him, but Spamton just looks like a humanoid version of Plankton.

No. 220504

I don’t understand the appeal of this weird little puppet man, but I support you Spamton-fuckers. I enjoy seeing people enjoy the strangers characters, as I’m no stranger to that.

No. 220511

File: 1640954667208.jpeg (251.26 KB, 1234x1330, 54FADC3C-8701-4C13-915A-3B9D3E…)

seconding this.
>they are both my favorite characters for very different reasons
Same here, good taste. They are so vastly different but actually have some things in common. I think ogata passed out because it was just too much for him like that anon said.. hnnng I want an otter scene with just the two of them. I bet he would try his hardest to not let Sugimoto know how much he’s enjoying it, but damn that bitch is so starved for affection and he was already soo into it when he imagined to hold hands with him I bet he would be surprisingly cute and horny. Sugimoto would be in conflict with how much of a caring sweetheart he is in contrast to how much ogata pisses him off and how much he wants to see him lose it which is kind of fucked up but pretty hot.
hmm.. let me see, maybe vasya/ogt because I like the idea of him having another dedicated stan lol(rip yuusaku) Sugi/Koito would be very cute and funny too. Maybe kiro/shiraishi?

No. 220519

Sorry to necro but I’m 99% sure this is from the movie “brotherhood of the wolf”

No. 220537

File: 1640973247401.jpg (216.19 KB, 1182x1653, EufEh6lWgAICaDP.jpg)

He's such a shitlord. I want to ruin him.

No. 220543

File: 1640980550920.jpg (244.31 KB, 600x853, 77674841_p1_master1200.jpg)

Tsurutsuki 2bh

No. 220547

Oh absolutely anon

No. 220554

File: 1640984576114.jpg (93.41 KB, 735x490, 97f3f89d8ddb3d46e24dd0c4daca5c…)

Nice fantasy anona! When Ogata imagined holding hands with Sugimoto it was so subtly cute kek
I feel like Noda makes a lot of fanservice for SugiShira, but sorry Noda sensei, it doesn't sparkle as much joy as SugiOga
Btw if anyone is curious about the text, it's just Sugimoto saying how both wild cats and black cats like to have their butts spanked (but not in a necessarily sexual way) and will raise their butts lol

For Tsurumi's harem, I would really like to see fanart of him with Koito, but they seem so rare. I love Koito's puppy attitude towards Tsurumi (at least at first)
For Usami I am just very curious to what he would do with Tsurumi. I truly have no idea, he's just a psycho wildcard.
I think Tsukishima would be the only one in the same level, mental space wise, to Tsurumi. And yet he'd probably just think it is a literal pain in the ass.
Nikaido is left talking to hisearbrotherself in the corner.

No. 220555

File: 1640985346750.png (1000.33 KB, 1024x573, hime.png)

Omgz he is going to hold my hand anons!

No. 220557

I’m so happy for you, anonita!

No. 220558

I better dream some husbando dreams now.

No. 220561

File: 1640988202229.jpg (831.34 KB, 900x1277, 1615582954194.jpg)

happy birthday babe i want to gargle your cum

No. 220562

File: 1640989376567.jpg (37.74 KB, 424x680, ESYT0WhXcAUlTqF.jpg)

I want him to call me N'wah in bed

No. 220563

File: 1640989571250.jpg (585.76 KB, 600x705, 2217352.jpg)

I only have two husbandos and Joseph is one of them, but I don't even know if he counts as a husbando because I really can't fantasize about us being together in any sort of context. I think my brain knows that we'd be incompatible, but alas his carefree himbo personality brings me so much joy. Cucked by my own personality and imagination…

No. 220565

File: 1640990870352.gif (2.23 MB, 498x373, snufkin-moomin.gif)

Same but with Snufkin, you just know no matter how much he loves you he can't keep a stable relationship, he needs to wander and be free

No. 220567

He'd take you with him anon!! The adventuring is more fun with two. From an anon who also has a wandering, carefree husbando.

No. 220568

File: 1640993055577.jpg (81.74 KB, 564x752, 1b1f7be38d18964f6400b656b6ba6b…)

Yep, a wandering husbando would take you with him.

No. 220577

File: 1640996088655.jpeg (237.53 KB, 1280x839, 435A48DE-8B8E-45C7-B511-FB41FC…)

Yeah, me too, it’s okay.

No. 220578

iktf dunmi hot

No. 220583

File: 1640998909037.jpg (503.48 KB, 800x672, 90625417_p18_master1200.jpg)

Still thinking about him…

No. 220584

I see you.

No. 220587

File: 1640999401670.jpg (571.21 KB, 2500x3500, 95016218_p0.jpg)

Wink wink.

No. 220593

File: 1641004113925.jpg (53.96 KB, 735x885, c2202d64d02b208130cfede020e102…)

Found this while looking at chris redfield stuff on pinterest, not sure if it's him but mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

No. 220601

Dressing up for my husbando and drinking with him on New Year's Eve

Your husband is beautiful

No. 220603

File: 1641014190965.jpg (313.98 KB, 1131x1600, kumei-.jpg)

Based nona. Wishing you and your husbando a happy new year!

No. 220604

Looks like his 6 model. Why would you do this to me when I'm not home hnnggggg

No. 220611

File: 1641019053591.jpg (146.69 KB, 699x900, napoleon-bonaparte-baron-antoi…)

i don't know why but i've wanted to cuddle with him so bad these past few days… i read somewhere that josephine would read to him sometimes and aaaaaaaaaaa

sry if nap doesn't count for this thread, i know he's not technically 2d but he's super dead and i'm shitposting so

No. 220620

Same to you and Joseph, anon.
The fact that my shirt is missing the top button and I'm drinking while I watch my husbando in his anime after midnight is making me pretty horny ngl. I wanna fuck him after we get drunk on wine.

No. 220628

File: 1641035671154.jpg (52.24 KB, 1080x540, FGucVBeVcAIIzvv.jpg)

Please, I cannot function in my day to day life any more

No. 220637

File: 1641042099607.png (60.05 KB, 400x123, FBmPecXWEAc467L.png)

holy shit who is this

No. 220639

It’s nobody in particular, just art from a cool concept artist called zxcman

No. 220650

File: 1641050537542.png (479.42 KB, 684x502, doujun.png)

i want him

No. 220694

looks like timmotheeie chandelier

No. 220740

Leftist protestor/Conflict, we can have obnoxious political debates and i can hatefuck him for it kek

No. 220757

File: 1641085588237.png (2.29 MB, 1296x1728, 063.png)

I think the Sanrizuka guy is a cutie but I would not hatefuck him. I would just fuck him and support him.

No. 220759

geek, office-worker, nurse

No. 220764

>no one wants to fuck the author
Poor guy

No. 220766

Thanks for the translation! The best about picrel >>220511 is that it’s practically canon I can’t believe the author drew it first

No. 220772

File: 1641093354117.png (1.1 MB, 1350x1920, Golden Kamuy - Vol.24 Ch.236 -…)

What? Where's this?
I thought it was just a reference to this page

No. 220776

he drew it for the fanbook

No. 220778

File: 1641094446868.png (502.72 KB, 500x692, flat_battery.png)

I usually find threesome's kinda gross, but now I really want a threesome with the mad scientist and the robot.

No. 220779

File: 1641094478710.jpg (156.5 KB, 850x672, __ogata_hyakunosuke_and_koito_…)

I haven't seen that holy shit I'm going to look for it now, thanks for the headsup
Have this pic as my offering of gratitude

No. 220787

Good idea. I want the mad scientist to watch and take data of myself and the robot, then join.

No. 220791

File: 1641106054517.jpeg (88.09 KB, 646x562, 2BF3ADA1-A11D-4040-B8AD-E98AA6…)

This made me think of you, nonnie.

No. 220798

I love it, thank you nonna.

No. 220884

File: 1641160299535.jpg (36.56 KB, 491x532, FHzU_BDacAAghNL.jpg)

my horniness is killing meeeee

No. 220885

File: 1641160827448.jpg (66.06 KB, 609x382, 3f969896f1fedf84e7d0f7605ea97c…)

And I
I must confess, I still believe (still believe)

No. 220886

eye popping and show stopping

No. 220950

Fuck dunmer
This post was made by an-xileel gang

No. 220979

File: 1641225258341.png (233.78 KB, 489x750, fzbmbp4gxo161.png)

in case you werent able to find it, anon!

No. 220980

File: 1641225350548.png (236.77 KB, 487x750, ogakittens2.png)

No. 220989

He so fucking cute, I hope whoever is painting that pic is finishing it.

No. 221000

File: 1641230538564.jpeg (10.25 KB, 640x440, 9001E707-7FD1-4D1D-80AA-66409B…)

I love him still ooga

No. 221002

File: 1641233186209.png (Spoiler Image,329.38 KB, 891x782, 1630153148590.png)

Just for you anon heart emoji

No. 221004

mouth watering

No. 221005

File: 1641233551795.jpg (123.22 KB, 736x986, 0c7e4adedcacfd84d596eecd677b37…)

I did find it, but thanks, nonnie! I love how Sugimoto is canonically dreaming of patting Ogata's butt after being shot by him
I think I am starting to ship them for real now instead of just being horny by them together

No. 221007

File: 1641234228445.jpg (200.39 KB, 1280x1804, switcheroo_needs_you_by_mwroac…)

I didn't like DDLC until I played a genderbent mod and now I'm obsessed with him.

No. 221008

Yakuza nonnies pls post more of our boys, I've coof and don't have the strength to search through tumblr tags, love you #♥##.

No. 221014

File: 1641237574697.jpg (166.91 KB, 850x1203, 1b5d3b25a4811b3805563c2bf75ebd…)

get well soon anon

No. 221027

File: 1641242847125.jpg (119.01 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_dd168c1d2e6229c3d7f42a0…)

Sugimoto really has the Ogata brain rot and they are literally obsessed with each other, no you can't change my mind. Welcome to the club nonny!

No. 221029

File: 1641242941623.jpg (31.82 KB, 670x827, 6e13f64bea3adce4d6e8de543483cb…)

nona you just made my day ily

No. 221030

File: 1641243036824.gif (9.09 MB, 540x540, tumblr_24f48858144672ea1c0e306…)

I don't have the words to describe what this gif does to me

No. 221032

do you think he dyes his pubes too? does he shave it all off? does he wear a blond merkin? is there such thing as merkins for men? or does he just not care and the carpet does not match the drapes? also do you think he's cut or not? most Korean men apparently are but he was born and raised in Japan where the vast majority of men aren't. myself i vote for uncut with bleached blond pubes.

No. 221041

Ummm what’s it called???¿

No. 221047

meant to reply to >>221002 oops

No. 221060

thanks nonny! late reply because i'm a klutz and spilled coffee all over my keyboard as I was about to reply to this thread kek.

No. 221074

Damn every time my husbando is on-screen I wanna tongue-kiss him. He would probably be creeped out and avoid me, or just think I'm pathetic and desperate, but I'm so fucking horny for him it's unreal.

>dark cat lover DILF from Pokemon
>DDLC otome version

No. 221078

cloud's wrist is so tiny in his hand

No. 221079

File: 1641254908014.png (216.62 KB, 699x558, tumblr_o5mx8eQlMX1tox5ero1_128…)

Two for one combo hnnnggg

No. 221085

File: 1641258256505.gif (1.62 MB, 268x286, tumblr_ntow13DvIh1t66aclo1_400…)

>Been fantasizing about me, have you?
He's so hot and I want him to eat me out

No. 221099

based coen fucker

No. 221104

File: 1641263621712.jpg (116.02 KB, 1022x868, @hokawazu EjHTqwPU0AA-w3l.jpg)

It seems I fucked up my quotes. As an apology, here's a hot Nanu.

No. 221108

File: 1641263950080.jpg (Spoiler Image,182.79 KB, 1156x1350, @ojiojioil EwhpwBOVcAkYTcS.jpg)

I would also like to add that I wanna fuck Kabu.

No. 221115

File: 1641266171220.gif (234.84 KB, 220x220, D8BDB214-DA03-429E-9D7D-0B74A0…)

Anyone else go through phases of not being able to watch or look at anything with your husbando? Despite him living rent free in your head all day? Why am I broken. I haven’t been able to watch anything with my husbando for like 3 weeks or more.

I think it might be the overwhelming self awareness that I will likely never have him and I can’t deal kek.

No. 221117

Poor thing kek
Oh god same, if my crush is pretty strong i can't even see pics of them out of embarrassment, i'm such a pussy

No. 221118

File: 1641266815312.jpg (95.47 KB, 722x834, @ojiojioil Eev-jLeUwAMxHmZ.jpg)

Do you cringe from embarrassment at the thought of seeing him in canon, or something like that?
I'm not sure if it's exactly what you're going through but maybe it's a milder version of that.
I cannot post who my husbando is, or pictures of him, because I'm too self-aware specifically when it comes to him, like "why the fuck am I doing this?", but also "he would probably find it cringeworthy and who knows if he'd ever be into me" (as autistic as that sounds).

No. 221119

File: 1641267144227.png (Spoiler Image,676.33 KB, 648x813, 6b2f973e274bf99c794e3f2ade5e9a…)

Based Kabu fucker

No. 221120

> i can't even see pics of them out of embarrassment
I've gone through the exact same thing. It's a curse, I swear to god.

No. 221121

File: 1641267486510.jpeg (Spoiler Image,144.68 KB, 640x905, 15a372aefdb11d75ee49f7b398f695…)

Samefag but his design rocks so much

No. 221122

I don’t think so but maybe it’s repressed kek

My husbando isn’t 2d or anything that I would think is embarrassing? He’s pretty “normie” compared to a lot of nona’s husbandos itt. Nothing overly cringe but maybe it’s just repressed embarrassment for even having a fictional crush in the first place. I’ve gone through this before and it passes and then I binge on tv for hours imagining his beautiful hands on my body.

God maybe I am cringe and I can’t deal kek

No. 221123

File: 1641268168576.jpg (45.83 KB, 640x618, 5sn5xvauqwy61.jpg)

Same, I have lots of 2d husbandos, but for some reason i can't even watch pictures of that Lucifer mf, i cringe at myself for even liking him even though he's 3D and a "normie" tier character by my standards

No. 221125

File: 1641268645939.jpg (Spoiler Image,443.85 KB, 2048x1251, @jandro_amu EtjwhlfVIAAdvmA.jp…)


>his design rocks so much
God, god, god, I love the fact that he wears those shorts and those socks. And those fucking muscles, and how serious he looks all the time. (I don't like your second pic that much tho)
In general I love the middle-aged men in Pokemon. There's no doubt that characters like Nanu and Kabu were designed with DILF fuckers in mind. That's the one good thing that came from Game Freak's strategy of blatantly appealing to coomers in recent generations.

>maybe it’s just repressed embarrassment for even having a fictional crush in the first place
Maybe this is it. We're too aware of the stigma around having a 2D crush to be able to fully and shamelessly enjoy it.

No. 221128

File: 1641269130267.png (308.33 KB, 1042x866, fanged jiro.png)

Incredibly based ojisan enjoyers.
I had only heard my husbando's seiyuu as Tetora from Enstars before I started getting into his series, and I know it's just part of the job, but the difference still astounds me. I love his voice so much. He does some yawning when you log in at certain times and it drives me wild. also his solo is really good https://streamable.com/eeqgl

No. 221131

File: 1641270320070.jpg (115.65 KB, 850x1116, 0a353afb8ac65005280aede095eba8…)

go edgy white boy, go!

No. 221133

File: 1641270833516.png (79.74 KB, 900x637, @griegriegrie E-cmcqRVQAkzuVh.…)

OK fuck it I'm gonna post my one true Pokemon husbando before anyone else does.
I still haven't gotten over him.

No. 221134

Based anon and goddess-like taste
>Tfw yandere bf to read books with

No. 221138

File: 1641274158986.jpg (548.81 KB, 1200x1097, 66028541_p0_master1200.jpg)

I see you and I appreciate you, anon.

No. 221140

File: 1641274428943.jpg (461.91 KB, 1366x1944, FE2UFfqaIAIY0UU.jpg large.jpg)

I'm not sure who your favorite is anon but I hope you get well soon and overcome the coof!

No. 221141

File: 1641274461275.jpeg (469.8 KB, 1500x2000, Eh9uFZXVoAAYipD.jpeg)

I wanna get into a drunken threesome with Sugimoto and Ogata so bad.

No. 221142

File: 1641276551633.png (949.31 KB, 1097x1712, CnpoEtDVIAQJdbG.png)

i want to commit unspeakable atrocities on him. or i want him to do that to me. who knows. hes so hot

No. 221146

File: 1641277334240.jpg (383.11 KB, 381x542, cSfriNu.jpg)

No. 221152

File: 1641279938894.png (Spoiler Image,258.79 KB, 591x739, succ.png)

samefag but i need an outlet for my fantasies because i don't have anyone to talk to about persona and how horny i am for this bastard. in my dream game (basically p4 but with female mc), you would be izanami's reincarnation and he would be izanagi so he would be your soulmate which is super cute (i would remove being able to date other boys because who cares). you would help him confront his shadow and deal with his loneliness, boredom and latent misogyny i love how awkward, clumsy and child-like he is. even though he would feel awkward about it at first, he would become addicted to you cooking for him and cleaning for him because he falls in love with you. i want to spend christmas eve, the summer festival, valentine's day with him. and it's even better if he's virgin and he cums in like 30 seconds the first time you have sex. he would be very protective and kind even if a bit lazy.
i also like his scary side and the accomplice ending made me so flustered and wet especially with the blackmail aspect. i wish i was saki or mayumi so bad, i would doom the entire world for this ugly man no regrets, i'm sad he got a shitty ending
sorry for the sperging, love you nonnies, keep being horny and cool

No. 221153

File: 1641280834712.jpeg (840.26 KB, 1502x1809, FC1DB668-E4FA-425F-85FF-DD788C…)

our relationship is complicated; my feelings for him oscillate between love and hatred, and i doubt that he would ever want me, but i can’t stop fantasizing about fucking him, and i want to have his babies anyway

No. 221159

Source of picrel? owo

No. 221160

File: 1641283119284.jpg (66.65 KB, 1080x1350, 246316603_392337549256598_1163…)

Something about today-Ebisushi
hentai websites are banned in my country so i cant link you but it's probably on my reading manga or nhentai
i really want to write reader/adachi smut so if anyone has kink suggestions, im all earss

No. 221207

File: 1641294396716.jpg (203.97 KB, 850x850, 39be55386b10cb7d29aa18c4.jpg)

I'd pick kiroranke and shiraishi over them tbh

No. 221224

Kiro is hot af. Shiraishi is cute but he has so many stds I’d rather see them fuck from a distance

No. 221225

File: 1641299418108.jpg (47.82 KB, 735x534, 90b46b22a7c96396adcbc6c8127596…)

Their dynamic is too cute! I love this smug annoying bastard so much…. sigh

neither of these two are attractive to me at all, but you do you anon<3

No. 221237

yaoi hands

No. 221241

I cant get over his age

No. 221252

NTA but I think it's just the perspective

He has a canon age? How old is he?

No. 221266

File: 1641315156061.jpg (265.82 KB, 1711x785, 1622186138218.jpg)

I am with this nonnie >>221224, I like Shiraishi in general and I think he's cute but he's a regular sex buyer…

I need to do my own tier list (this is from the GK) thread, but I'd add my tier "Ashamed to say that I probably still would anyway"

No. 221309

File: 1641326158991.png (Spoiler Image,3.81 MB, 4096x2302, GridArt_20220104_215021081.png)

Yakuza nonatellas who are autismal enough to recognize all of these tiddies get a special prize!

No. 221322

File: 1641329797470.png (490.25 KB, 1140x627, my-image.png)

I did it, tried to use the tier maker with the most options
Apologies in advance if my horny taste is too shit

No. 221324

File: 1641330103833.jpg (102.6 KB, 735x1040, b2b2ff65bb1787ae5aa563c50bc54e…)

Forgot to add: the closest to the tier, the higher the score, so Sugimoto is a perfect 100
Also special mention for pre-shrapnel Tsurumi, he would be at the second tier for sure

No. 221331

I only recognize 3 of the most obvious ones, I need to up my autismo levels

No. 221357

No. 221360

File: 1641339250357.jpeg (24.23 KB, 513x598, 62930292872777.jpeg)

No. 221368

Who is this?

No. 221383

i think he's from devil may cry

No. 221386

File: 1641343852980.jpg (196.93 KB, 609x950, 80080b99726a097c147f5c327acc0e…)

Dante. Artist is Rae, who also drew picrel I want Kars to destroy me with his pillar cock

No. 221390

God damn I have to play this now

No. 221403

File: 1641351247731.jpg (442.75 KB, 838x1500, 1548965608425.jpg)

do you ever fantasize about your husbando as the father of your kids?? i alternate between him being ''wouldn't even pay for plan b'' to dad of the year.. i guess it depends whether you could change his outlook on his life or not.

No. 221413

I don't think my husbando would even want kids tbh
And if we had one he wouldn't be a very loving father (who knows tho), but I think he would still care about them enough to satisfy their material needs.
It's ok though, since I don't think I want to have children.

No. 221414

who is he?? i wanna know!!

No. 221416

File: 1641360078597.jpg (Spoiler Image,752.12 KB, 842x1191, 36594813_p0.jpg)

Sorry nona, I don't think so, because I'm not ready to post him yet. It's embarrassing.

In the meantime, have this pic that makes me horny.

No. 221418

File: 1641360774233.jpeg (54.45 KB, 377x410, 868A12F0-112F-4329-8C89-4FBB52…)

Me too, this fanart woke something up within me that makes me wish I could have a kid with Satan.
But sometimes I just don’t even think about the idea of having kids, idk, I guess I’m in a constant honeymoon phase with my husbando.

No. 221419

Beautiful art nonna, artist?

No. 221420

File: 1641361651317.png (455.86 KB, 951x726, Screenshot_2.png)

it's so cute, it's from twisted in wonderland, right? are you going to play the english version coming out soon?

No. 221421

I don't want kids so I usually make sure all of my daydreams and self-insert ocs are unable to have them in one way or another kek

No. 221423

Me toooo

No. 221424

I don't want kids irl, but in a controlled fantasy where I get to set the rules, kids don't sound bad. He'd be a good dad.

No. 221431

File: 1641364551756.gif (521.51 KB, 340x453, Travis Turnaround.gif)

I once had a dream that we were walking along the beach together with our daughter, her sitting on top of his shoulders. The dream was nice but in reality he would make a terrible, terrible father. I woke up pissed that the one time I have a husbando dream it's this and not a spicy one.

No. 221448

Kids never exist in my fantasies, They're either impossible or I make sure to imagine condoms in every sexual situation.
I'm too busy being the main character and saving the world while having fun on the side to think about family.

No. 221451

According to TSA and NMH3, he seems to at least care about his canon kids. He was also freaked out by the much younger Shinobu coming onto him in 2 and refused to kill her and Kimmie. I think he'd be an alright dad. Not the best, but not actively harmful. At the very least, not the borderline lolicon sex pest he's characterized as in the first game. He was only absentee because of Sylvia iirc.

No. 221455

My husbando is very attached to his parents, so I can see him overjoyed at the idea of raising children, whether biological or adopted.

No. 221461

Oh no, he’s from Obey me lol, I do want to play twisted wonderland once it gets released in English though, the eel twins are hot.

No. 221462

File: 1641386281208.jpg (35.69 KB, 400x400, rb5c255f8a8323c27ba7771acd47d3…)

he would treat me so well

No. 221463

File: 1641386464881.jpeg (360.65 KB, 1075x1378, A81BD02E-8DCB-46A0-A9AF-A7BE24…)

For all my Morgan hoes still out there, I love you and I want to give you guys a big ol’ kiss on the lips

No. 221465

Same lol, either my husbando is some kind of fantastical character so we are not biologically compatible for reproduction or something, or my husbando is a human and I pretend I'm infertile.

No. 221472

No offence, but this collage looks like something one of my personal cows would make. I hope you're not her

No. 221479

It was posted on /ic/ but here's the artist

No. 221500

NTA but Cyrus is one of the few pokemon characters that actually has a canon age, he's 27

No. 221553

Damn, he's my age? I never would have guessed. The no eyebrows ages him a lot.

No. 221624

File: 1641423734919.jpg (46.44 KB, 540x768, tumblr_bc4519e54f9b6a4d3441494…)

do not scroll further down for your own sanity, there is gore

No. 221625

File: 1641423839681.jpg (426.72 KB, 1849x2053, 837ea3ff6d124f0765e31ed8eaae13…)

nevermind, it's all gone now

No. 221632

File: 1641426456516.jpg (697.04 KB, 1000x1061, 74110355_p0_master1200.jpg)

thank you for the warning anyway anon, here is a vergil for you

No. 221651

File: 1641430834128.jpg (44.79 KB, 388x600, .600.2795985.jpg)

thanks for being sexy and looking out for us anon. i saw it just as it was posted (my eyes lol), but i always appreciate nonas who bump threads with warnings.

No. 221657

File: 1641432665409.jpg (120.54 KB, 1280x720, mob-psycho-100-reigen-massage.…)

I want Reigen to massage me and help exorcise these "lust spirits" that's been bothering me whenever I see and think about him. Happy ending included.

No. 221667

File: 1641435914251.jpg (274.62 KB, 1960x2048, ....jpg)

gore bump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont look!!

No. 221671

Whhoooaa those arms
Am I becoming a reigenfag???

No. 221672

File: 1641436949885.jpg (57.81 KB, 736x927, 5bc9ebea7b8a7a3942392192307116…)

and yes, the orb stays on

No. 221673

thank you noni ♥

No. 221674

Hell yes

No. 221687

>rolled up sleeves
>delicious arms
>that pose
>the tie
Holy shit, now I gotta watch this anime. Why is there so much fanservice for women with this guy?

No. 221693

nta but the crew for the anime was horny for him while working on it

No. 221700

I totally get it and I like him as a character but I just can't get over his face

No. 221709

File: 1641452009768.png (385.96 KB, 754x901, 3B7B6891-340F-4756-8EDA-6B7A00…)

I’ve never seen YOI but I want to obliterate this twink

No. 221719

File: 1641457585754.jpg (160.56 KB, 1499x656, dumb whore.jpg)

let me suck on your boobs. let me suck on your boobs. let me suck on your boobs.let me suck on your boobs. let me suck on your boobs. I fucking don't care that you're mentally retarded.

yorimitsu is a deranged incel faggot but he had immaculate taste. got even better when he destroyed and reforged him as a kawaii underage catboy onahole.

No. 221721

File: 1641458153300.jpg (64.39 KB, 770x442, ce6.jpg)

did your husbando make it into the yumejo top 100 list?

No. 221742

No but congratulations to Yana Toboso. She still has that magic touch.

No. 221755

>all that gachashit
not to be a mouthbreather but i wish women audiences could be pandered to in real games more often

No. 221763

Ogata made it to 72, I'm glad to see he's so well-loved. A couple of my secondary husbandos made it too.

No. 221802

File: 1641485323615.jpg (42.75 KB, 736x414, 6ab7c49045cfbd86c910e365bcdb58…)

No Jojo is certainly surprising for me!
I am also kinda surprised that Tsukishima is the #1 Kamuy boy, I swore it was Ogata based on the amount of fan content he has. Sugimoto won the popularity contest made by Noda, but there were also male voters. Also shocked that Tsurumi is more popular than Ogata and Koito. But I'm glad they are so popular!
Speaking of which, today I had a dream with Ogata (he's not even my main husbando from GK), it was a modern context, he was wearing a black or navy t-shirt and we were in a Hotel Lobby. I don't remember anything else lol

No. 221804

I can't believe so many Prince of Tennis characters are there, how is this manga still relevant
I dont mind since I was obsessed with it 12 years ago, just surprised)

No. 221805

Hell yes, as a gachaslave, I’m glad to say that my twin husbandos are in the 12th and 10th places.

No. 221807

>did your husbando make it into the yumejo top 100 list?
lol of course fuckin not(not that I was expecting him to)
I must say it surprises me to see Pokemon characters, even though they have clearly intentionally started to pander to husbandofags in recent years and even though my first husbando was from Pokemon too, kek

No. 221811

File: 1641487284401.jpg (39.97 KB, 563x625, dd5d3e9eabd9070a684e755c500e74…)

Google translate about my husbando:
>Even though I'm on the side of being protected, I want to protect it, and I want to stay close to it all the time.

Hell yeah japanese nona kek

No. 221813

File: 1641488010164.jpg (710.68 KB, 831x1200, 86678593_p9_master1200.jpg)

Anon, that's the 2020 list!! Here is the one for 2021: https://note.com/_ui12/n/n774f12dbe342

Lots of Touken Ranbu, Twisted Wonderland, JJK, KNY, and Tokyo Revengers. Congrats to all anons who have husbandos who made it to the list!

No. 221826

File: 1641491390664.jpg (34.62 KB, 551x417, 48475785848484848.jpg)

Oh my god my man is in this one! For some reason I didn't think he would be and I was already disappointed.
>this man is exactly the boyfriend of boyfriend that the world has prepared for dream girls. It is no exaggeration to say.
That's what's up, that's what I'm talking about. I'm gonna go re-read some of my favorite stories of him to celebrate.

No. 221829

I am a gachamutt so yes…

No. 221834

My husbando didn't make the 2020 or 2021 list, but I think I sort of prefer it that way. I guess if he's too popular then I'd probably get jealous, which is absolutely retarded but I can't help it lol. Congrats to anons whose husbandos made the list! The Japanese nonas who mentioned liking guys with muscular asses made me lol.

No. 221835

File: 1641494384220.jpg (214.36 KB, 646x1024, 94586300_p0.jpg)

Ashiya Douman from FGO, he made it into the 2020 and 2021 lists, sorry for being a gachafag.

No. 221840

nooo pls don't call yuri a twink, twinks are gross and look like shit

No. 221842

Immaculate tastes itt

No. 221848

File: 1641497618358.jpg (45.48 KB, 400x400, MCIX-wcE_400x400.jpg)

No, none of my husbandos are there, and that's good, because it means I don't have shit taste.
There's some decent taste there, though. Pic related

No. 221860

File: 1641499961989.jpg (49.18 KB, 564x417, 7f3202974863f318094a9c6292d982…)

>I fell in love with the character for the first time since I became Arasa, and I bought character goods for the first time.He is a legal narcotic.
>Facial National Treasure

>I don't need words.Because everyone becomes a prisoner, the charm is understood by the soul.

relatable. i wish i could kek together with japanese sisterwives

No. 221876

Who dat

No. 221882

Plz i need to know

No. 221885

File: 1641506637918.jpeg (141.92 KB, 640x640, CGCIIUoDn1NlbxpbeHZ0WZilUniNlU…)

Kunimitsu Tezuka from The Prince of Tennis. The hot guys are the reason I want to get into this series.

No. 221900

File: 1641512658389.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.59 KB, 720x480, D2RDze6U0AAqWf5.jpg)

this picture is making me horny

No. 221903

what the fuck goes on in golden kamuy

No. 221904

I need context

No. 221907

File: 1641516273041.jpg (70.52 KB, 1315x537, IMG_20211122_031327.jpg)

>tfw no big strong cowboy to keep you warm at night

No. 221910

File: 1641517399334.gif (2.96 MB, 500x210, D7BE0C78-E509-40E9-8DFF-1B244B…)

Is the rat man allowed here too?

No. 221912

File: 1641517478566.png (Spoiler Image,890.83 KB, 1315x1920, Golden Kamuy - Ch.278 - Miss K…)

Golden Kamuy is a no man's land, highly recommend

Prison guard is checking inmate's butthole for keys, since he's known as the escape king

No. 221913

File: 1641517674477.jpg (213.06 KB, 591x827, ughgheufhrguh.jpg)

let me put my head in your lap let me put my head in your lap let me put my head in your lap let me put my head in your lap

No. 221920

I would fuck him so hard

No. 221921

Wish that were me

No. 221932

File: 1641530362413.jpg (Spoiler Image,117.74 KB, 1000x686, 51397585_p11.jpg)

dear god, please let me have a dream of performing femdom on this horrible man

No. 221941

File: 1641534399025.jpg (111.44 KB, 736x1086, hunky_kabu_and_his_calves_by_p…)

>He has a cold face and aura, but he's actually just a little old man inside.
>His smile is so cute is sinful
Based japanese yumejos. I always knew Kabu was hot, immaculate taste.

No. 221942

File: 1641535798858.webm (736.01 KB, Rasputin – Boney M. (Dance Cal…)

I feel like a bird, but this video makes me slightly horny. He has such good proportions

No. 221944

i love his pre-battle cutscene so much. very cute how he and the player walk onto the field together. that little hallway/tunnel would be a great place to fuck. it'd even be fun to tease him a little, just make him hard before we go battle in front of the whole stadium

No. 221961

i wish horst wessel was real

No. 221986

super late but: Ikr! Not a truther when it comes to shipping them but there is some substance to this even if you assume noda is only doing it for bait jokes instead of being into it himself (my guess: probably both). I could go on talking about how absurdly funny, tragic and in a fucked up way romantic this shit is. The head wounds and symbolism, their mutual obsession with each other and the things they actually have in common, how ogata seems to have a legit crush on him (they even gave him the tsundere line in the fanbook relationship chart lmao), sugimoto constantly egging him on but being a bit too nice to someone he allegedly hates so much, this >>220979 , the list goes on. And no I don’t think he succed him off because he thinks he’s hot or some absolute bullshit like that it’s obvious why he did it but the way he acted about all of this was really weird, fucking do him already lol.
No expectations only horniness, sit back and enjoy the brainrot

No. 221994

File: 1641568405491.jpg (371.46 KB, 595x842, 82306002_p2.jpg)

Speaking of pokeboys, holy fuck do I wanna fuck Roark. I don't even like Sinnoh but DAMN. I never realized just how hot he was until recently.

Sauce: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/78985554

No. 222020

How autistic is it to try to translate a doujin by transcribing the text and using google translate?
I made some progress but I gave up… for now. It's hard to find good doujins with my husbando so I was desperate

No. 222025

It's not "autistic" at all, you don't have to feel ashamed of it. Personally I would just use the Google Translate phone app and use the OCR function to avoid having to transcribe every single character.
Also, you don't know how good you have it if your husbando has any doujinshi at all.

No. 222027

I actually tried the google translate OCR first but it didn't seem to work that well.
I guess I am lucky he has any, it's just that 99% of doujins featuring him are intended for males to self insert. Finding any that seem intended for women/actually shows off his body is like finding the holy grail.

No. 222028

>I actually tried the google translate OCR first but it didn't seem to work that well
Are you sure you weren't using the "instant" translation function? That one is pretty glitchy, the "scan" and "import" functions generally give good results and allow you to correct the scanned text.
>I guess I am lucky he has any, it's just that 99% of doujins featuring him are intended for males to self insert. Finding any that seem intended for women/actually shows off his body is like finding the holy grail.
Ok, fair enough, those moid-oriented ones might as well not count. Have you tried finding any yume stuff on Pixiv?

No. 222029

File: 1641580393507.jpg (73.09 KB, 600x480, 9f65ca2a3f3d2b75729a1ac7d5143d…)

Nonnie, if you are still interested in talking about it, we could do it at the GK thread! I am also no truther, but it's very fascinating to me to see this stuff overanalyzed, even if I don't agree lol like in the scene where Ogata is lying to Asirpa, do you think he was actually getting flustered or do you think it was just the cold? The latter was my interpretation, seeing that most characters had a bit of redness to their faces in the Karafuto arc, since yeah, the cold does that. But I like to think it was Ogata being flustered for whatever reason lol

Japanese is a bit hard to translate by Google translate because it has some idiosyncrasies that end up sounding like gibberish when translated like that, but I've noticed the technology has improved. Godspeed, nonnie! Maybe you can learn it a bit in the process. I admire the perseverance through horny.

No. 222030

File: 1641580560879.jpeg (318.5 KB, 750x1161, EC1A9FF2-E0E8-4409-9ED0-DF3E30…)

He’s not my husbando but i can’t believe my boy ronaldo made it up that high good for him

>There will be only this person anymore! There must be many dream women who want to be happy with him who was enthusiastic about the living room. My friend Yumejo gave pixiv a dream novel that was twice as much as her graduation thesis (70,000 characters).

I love japanese humor.

No. 222031

Just learn japanese.

No. 222032

Sure! I live for this kind of shit if it’s not too over the top retarded. But yeah this would leave the territory of hornyposting, gonna answer your question there later. I almost forgot about that thread, see you there

No. 222033

>Have you tried finding any yume stuff on Pixiv?
It's close to non-existent so I've actually attempted to gradually go through the 10 years worth of fanart he has including the really shitty ones. Just because autism idk. The nicest fanart tends to be shipping stuff, though I don't really mind.
I should really be making my own fanart too, I used to be active online as an artist but I stopped drawing much after college when I got a real job. But I'm in the husbando closet and far too embarrassed.

>Are you sure you weren't using the "instant" translation function?
Okay, I think this was the problem kek

I actually should

No. 222036

File: 1641583034781.jpg (726.9 KB, 885x1358, 285d727e37e7b79f4c8b8ba79f0edc…)

>4 beefy arms to carry you with
>by pokemon rules when you catch him he's loyal to you and will do whatever you say
>will protect you
>can't talk
>no weird male nipples
>Technically I'm Not A Furry

No. 222039

I unironically made a fuckton of progress in Japanese by translating doujinshis and general fan content, learned a lot of niche words, kanjis and slang. I studied it in university and I didn't pursue it much after, and it was an R-18 yumejo log on pixiv that made me turn translation in a hobby. So go ahead, have fun!

No. 222041

same here, wanting to translate doujins and fanart was whag got me into learning japanese in the first place. You learn fast if you’re motivated!

No. 222042

Now that I finished my husbando's series this is happening to me. I'm trying to make a playlist with just the episodes he's in, but every time he's on-screen I feel dumb lmao
I will never look him up either, I would die if I looked at fanart or other people talking about him online, it's that embarrassing. The only thing I can manage is reading his entry on the series' wiki kek.
And despite all that, I still fantasize about fucking him when it's time to go to bed. I've been thinking about this particular scenario where he puts me on his lap and just touches me until I cum and I'm ready to take his dick. FUCK

Oh yeah, definitely make your own fanart (you sound like you can actually finish stuff unlike me). You don't even have to post it online, just draw it for yourself if you're too embarrassed to show it to people. That's what I do too.

No. 222046

I’m sorry, nonnie, but I diagnose you with furry mento illness.

No. 222049

I'm NLOF. Not like other furries

No. 222052

File: 1641587971919.png (334.28 KB, 600x630, __dawn_piplup_and_gallade_poke…)

For me it's Gallade

No. 222055

File: 1641588777363.png (217.25 KB, 427x750, tumblr_cd278bea06d3ccc7e198469…)

Am I a furry(?) if I would

No. 222057

File: 1641590989800.jpeg (90.39 KB, 501x689, F4C0922F-A944-49B5-BDAA-E30E15…)

Cease to the fiery pits from which you came furnonnets

No. 222059

File: 1641591115004.png (175.1 KB, 575x690, tumblr_20cc3f713783f1f8cbd3d6b…)

>dragon Kiryu
Dang he looks good also dog Majima

No. 222060

Yes you are, nonnie.

No. 222061

damn I would go full dogfucker for that

No. 222063

File: 1641592449540.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.79 KB, 850x728, 197fc1decacecbdd0eeeab0f8656f6…)

for me its garchomp
not much else if anything from pokemon though. it was different in the past but i ended up finding it weird since its such a juvenile (?) franchise

No. 222065

File: 1641593229117.jpeg (225.51 KB, 850x638, 0AC3EE77-FE0B-48FE-92F8-CFBF66…)

For me, it’s grovyle

No. 222067

File: 1641594843401.jpg (81.5 KB, 570x568, 35037044_p4.jpg)

No worries nonna, I've been questioning myself too since I only like a few anthro characters even though most of them aren't appealing or attractive to me. I just accept it anyways.

No. 222078

File: 1641598544658.jpg (167.98 KB, 600x852, 78707502_p55_master1200.jpg)

I can't take it anymore bros it's not fair

No. 222085

File: 1641602097232.jpeg (111.62 KB, 739x1377, EOWDcTpWkAI4FsK.jpeg)

nishiki fishe

No. 222088

File: 1641602973112.png (1.82 MB, 1200x1731, EC5F43B6-F4A7-4BFA-ABC4-9C64C1…)

Why are Pokeboys so cute… I’ve been all for Guzma since Sun/Moon, but recently been playin Sword/Shield and holy fuck Raihan okay.

No. 222093

File: 1641603441390.jpeg (186.37 KB, 850x1189, sample-3fc4e9f031bed6202d40f81…)

ok but also leon…listen, leon is a fucking idiot, but there's something about his battle tower outfit that makes me go hmmmmm

No. 222114

canonically big schlong and a good guy, understandable

No. 222116

File: 1641608929656.jpg (126.72 KB, 1024x576, dragunov1.jpg)


No. 222119

File: 1641609381241.jpg (78.52 KB, 600x852, 78707502_p51_master1200.jpg)

yes but even if he was a bad guy with a small shlong i would still

No. 222126

where do people find physical copies of doujinshi or fan zines to purchase? i've managed to find some online but i'm interested in supporting artists and owning physical copies. hopefully this is on topic enough since i want husbando related materials kek

No. 222127

No. 222128

There's the husbando thread on /m/ and the "How to devote yourself completely to your husbando" thread in this very same board, I think your post is more relevant to those threads.
But to answer your question, to support Japanese artists directly, nowadays you can buy their stuff on Pixiv's BOOTH or subscribe to them on PixivFANBOX (like Patreon).

No. 222137

File: 1641616783514.png (495.58 KB, 833x796, 1582859706724.png)

Lance will always be my favorite

No. 222139

thanks nonnies! i actually saw they were talking about doujins in the other husbando thread right after posting this oops. doujins are basically porn anyway so it's not like it doesn't fit here either way.

No. 222146

ugh i wanna sit on his lap

No. 222166

File: 1641628031394.gif (3.97 MB, 498x300, 1479450653919518724.gif)

I'd move to Westview so my entire existence could revolve around being his sex slave and teddy bear

No. 222168

Mega based nonna

No. 222176

File: 1641631886824.gif (2.9 MB, 540x226, D3546D40-ADCB-4B93-A80F-E3130D…)

The whole 4 arms/hands thing is pretty hot. I can’t get with the whole Pokémon thing though but that’s why I have General Grievous

No. 222208

Isn’t he a cyborg

No. 222216

you missed the opportunity to call him fishiki.

No. 222235

File: 1641664298611.jpeg (122.43 KB, 670x670, 7EF84744-8512-415A-A7DE-19315B…)

Yes. A 7ft cyborg with 4 arms.

No. 222256

bless you nonna, I love jose carioca too

No. 222264

Ugh, it’s such a turnoff when a robot has human bits

No. 222266

File: 1641676494624.jpg (52.04 KB, 735x1019, 883b42ddf77e36d726136dac145819…)

Spoiler for cringe
Today I had a dream that me and nigel were making out in an alley and then the military was randomly having a parade and they, including fucking Lt. Tsurumi, decided to randomly profile us and pat down my boyfriend, that had a boner. Tsurumi was clearly pleased with that, while the officer doing it and my bf were both pretty embarrassed. Even dream me found that both confusing and arousing.

No. 222277

Look, I was never into Shit Wars, but some of the bits of it I've accidentally watched have convinced me of wanting to fuck this cyborg.

No. 222286

Actually he’s reptilian. Just sayin

No. 222290

You're so based, i want to follow your ways, Grievousfag

No. 222302

File: 1641681795241.png (1.05 MB, 1444x2048, 5FF019C8-82BF-473C-A868-E7C0AF…)

Makima is the most attractive woman in all manga everywhere. i'm seriously so in love with her, i would do anything she tells me to. she's so evil and imposing. she has a frightening presence… but at the same time approaches everything with levity and laughs in the face of danger. she's untouchable. inscrutable. i want her to get inside my head and manipulate me but honestly she wouldn't even have to because i'm already so so willing and obedient Makima PLEASE let me eat you out. ugh i bet she tastes so good, i'm already wet just thinking about it. i need her to sit on my face asap. Fujimoto is a dumb scrote like any other but i'm so glad for his OTT femdom fetish because he gave me Makima and i love her i love her SO MUCH oh my god. the overcoat, the tie, the slacks, her creepy fucking eyes: she's perfect, she's EVERYTHING i want and need in a woman and more. im so horny. i want Makima to sit on my face. i want Makima to put me in a collar and leash both physically and mentally so i'm bonded to her forever. she would laugh at me for being so needy but also love me forever i'm sure; she loves dogs after all!!!! 10/10 five stars 100% rating would give anything for the privilege of rutting into her leg after i've made her cum for the third time that day

No. 222322

File: 1641686623624.jpg (118.87 KB, 400x400, 44047597_big_p6.jpg)

Y-you too
Also, does anyone have the rest of this Pixiv log that was deleted? If so I would really appreciate it if you could post it. I used to have it but lost the hard drive it was in, sadly.

No fucking way lmao, that was unexpected.

I love this post.

No. 222328

File: 1641687672454.png (82.22 KB, 200x200, 321194.png)

W-we could talk about cartoons and have a good time aha the suit and the mask stay tho

No. 222330

File: 1641687752546.png (183.24 KB, 680x484, 08d.png)

He's so cute, i need this sperg NOW

No. 222338

My soul sister, /co/tan has no right to be this fucking cute.

No. 222343

utterly unashamed to say hes the main reason i got into star wars
holy based, nona

No. 222345

File: 1641693135581.png (Spoiler Image,100.44 KB, 380x635, 712.png)

Oh yeah, I've been wanting to hornypost about board-tans for a while. I wish there was more /rs/ art. That slutty librarian with glasses was so hot.
Does anyone have that pic where /g/-kun is blushing and drooling over a computer? I saw it on /y/ ages ago, but it doesn't appear to be on the 4chan house shimmie.

No. 222348

Anyone ever thought about making husbando themed cocktails? Either something he would drink or just something that fits thematically.

No. 222350

That sounds neat, nonnie, kek, Now I wish I knew how to mix cocktails, then I would create a Yumejo bar where any Yume can drink a cocktail inspired by her husbando or waifu.

No. 222362

File: 1641698274880.gif (1.47 MB, 584x336, LISTEN HERE YOU LITTLE SHIT.gi…)

i don't give a fuck about ace attorney BUT

No. 222366

File: 1641699947615.jpg (Spoiler Image,209.48 KB, 850x1216, vergil my beloved.jpg)

im so fucking mad, he will never be real

No. 222368

v vs vergil, anons?

No. 222378

i dont know if this is really cute or if i want to trap you in a jar and study you like a bug. tell me more

No. 222396

File: 1641710575427.jpeg (112.53 KB, 750x750, 43FEC5EB-EB6D-47DF-AC45-85A5A2…)

No. 222406

File: 1641717791760.jpeg (Spoiler Image,243.37 KB, 1398x2048, EC21F0ED-C5A8-4381-B6F2-352B15…)

I want to defile him

No. 222425

File: 1641731457953.jpeg (416.92 KB, 800x1214, ADF6CF8B-3F79-4F12-97ED-23C770…)

Cool, i like lizards

No. 222428

File: 1641734255875.jpg (32.8 KB, 338x600, 6757b8dbc6c69db80cd9490d94eaee…)

v's tattoos are slightly off-putting to me

No. 222456

File: 1641741545893.jpeg (729.78 KB, 2300x1769, BCEB5189-19B0-4014-81A0-11DF21…)


No. 222528

File: 1641758106107.gif (5.59 MB, 500x281, can we shotgun.gif)

I'm not even attracted to him, I want to take care of him. That stupid little "shronkle scrimblo" twitter meme echoes in my brain whenever I see him. I love him so much.

Based. He's my all-time favorite Jojo husbando, nobody else has ever come close. Aside from Doppio obviously, but they're a package deal.

Sorry for my taste, nonas. I like scarred faces and evil fucked up men.

No. 222529

File: 1641759533272.png (15.62 KB, 186x270, descarga.png)

samefag but /vr/-tan is soo my type, radical!
i salute you, /co/nrad appreciator
There's a picrew for that

No. 222544

File: 1641764906889.jpg (534.02 KB, 1304x1236, CUCdzTS.jpg)


No. 222555

File: 1641769520796.jpg (105.59 KB, 768x1024, DsC13zLU8AAStV6.jpg)

There are several JoJo-themed bars in Japan that serve character-inspired drinks. It's really cool.

Where do you find all these board-tan pics?

No. 222562

File: 1641771695614.jpg (78.83 KB, 419x650, blog-buste-de-bonaparte-2.jpg)

>>222378 you asked

he would suffer from anxiety sometimes and I find it very attractive when men are in a state of emotional distress? like, during the coup of 18 brumaire he apparently almost fainted and scratched/picked at his skin such that there was blood on his face and there was concern he'd been injured… idk hes powerful and dead enough to override my aversion to how he was a pos and that combined with his personality is really attractive?

No. 222572

It's very hard to find art from some boards, i just had luck, these were posted just 4 years ago in a /vr/ appreciation thread

No. 222608

Who's the guy in OP pic? He's hot.

No. 222618

They used to all be on the 4chan House Shimmie but I think it’s dead. I have quite a few saved if anyone has specific board tans they want to see.

No. 222619

File: 1641788751319.gif (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 498x278, aaaa.gif)

I want him to call me demeaning things so much. But then I would beat him and he would become some sort of cripple that would be extremely reliant on me for everything. I love his bruised face so much.

No. 222621

what’s your husbando’s favorite sex position? i demand you to ruminate on this question before answering because his favorite sex position reveals many things about his psyche

No. 222622

Arthur Morgan from RDD2

I'd guess either basic missionary or spooning

No. 222623

Oh, could you please help me find this? >>222345

I want to bully a certain husbando of mine until he cries and pisses his pants like the pathetic worm he is. But then I also wanna milk his balls until they're dry. It's a complicated feeling, yes.

I'm gonna think hard about this tonight. I don't even remember a lot of sex positions so it's gonna be difficult to come up with an answer.

No. 222631

File: 1641794802335.png (Spoiler Image,685.02 KB, 706x1200, CGt81ShUkAEuw-0.png)

Having a husbando who stirs both your sadistic and masochistic side is so hard. Anything is fine though, he's so perfect…
low endurance so girl on top

No. 222635

I typically only imagine missionary because, thanks to my porn/sex addicted ex, anything that isn’t vanilla makes me want to die.

My husbando is too sensitive to do anything too kinky. Except maybe once in a long while. Even then it’s hard to imagine because he’s a gentle giant.

No. 222636

Definitely spooning or that one where I can straddle the husbando and ride his dick but he’s also sitting so he can kiss me and hold me. Idk what that’s called, it really shouldn’t be so surprising that most of us probably never had sex kek.

No. 222637

Do you ever have realistic fantasies/hallucinations of your husbando?
I’m sick as fuck and I was having a horrifying time with a headache, so I put an electric blanket on my face to help me unclog my nose, for a second, I felt like I was being hugged by my husbando, I could feel his arm nonnies, I was being held by him.
I hope I’m not going insane because this is the only way I have to stop feeling utterly bored throughout the day, and yes, I was alone in my room, I live on a 9th floor so I hope it wasn’t some burglar with superpowers.

No. 222638

embrace the delusions, nonnie.

No. 222639

I’ve only had a couple of sex dreams of my husbando in the last year, but one was so realistic and pleasurable, I orgasmed in my dream super hard and it woke me up and I was still orgasming. It was wild. And amazing.

Hope it was just a lovely fever dream and not a creepy burglar. Feel better Nona.

No. 222641

Do you have any tips on how to trigger it?? I just wanna dream of being fucked by my 2D boy.

No. 222645

I don't think that deeply about it. It's not really the same if you decide for them, and as a technical virgin I don't really know the real differences.

No. 222652

I've always imagined he'd like missionary because it's one of my favourites. He's very tall and buff though so it would be awkward as well, kek.
He's obsessed with power and being in charge so I would imagine he'd like a position where he could see how well he's pleasuring me. Of course he probably would be so smug about that too, the bastard.

No. 222668

File: 1641819539079.png (176.98 KB, 1300x1133, babna.png)

missionary with one arm around ur waist and the other hand holding with interlocking fingers its canon i dont make the rules here

No. 222670

nta but i do have dreams with my husbandos too, normal and sex dreams, regularly, they live rent free in my head so of course they appear in my dreams too, i could go further with my tips but it's going to sound too schizo

No. 222677

Dunno if he even wants sex (I mean he's a male, he probably would), but I have a feeling that he would like doggy style and missionary lol

No. 222680

you're not alone anon. i was recently sick myself and i could only take care of myself when i imagined my husbando lovingly walking me through each step. once i had the energy to stay awake/focus i wrote fanfic about it lel

No. 222689

Probably whichever gives easiest access to hands. I'd like to imagine girl on top so that you could really just shove your fingers deep into his mouth. though tbh he'd probably just be the most satisfied with a handjob

No. 222690

Face to face and holding each other for sure, he would be surprisingly sappy and romantic.

No. 222692

Nta but I am interested in these tips.

No. 222704

Missionary or cowgirl. I like to imagine him as very grabby during the ordeal.

No. 222707

>too schizo
No such thing nonita hit us with the knowledge NOW

No. 222709

AYRT- the times it’s happened is from binging the series my husbando is in(before bed), and also looking at photos just before falling asleep. He’s shown up in my dreams maybe a dozen times but only a few were sexual and only a couple were sex dreams.

Also, I find daytime dreams to be more lucid. This is when my orgasmic dream happened. My room is bright so I sleep with a t shirt over my eyes and it’s dark. I rarely get to nap in the daytime but this is just my experience.

Maybe skitzo-anon has better tips. I’m also interested kek

No. 222713

nonna pls share your secrets with us, I want to dream my husbando too

No. 222718

samefag, the frequency of missionary in these responses tells me that this thread generally has good taste in husbandos (unlike me, kek)

No. 222724

He is depraved and he loves to see people suffering, so it would be a position where he could completely dominate me while seeing my face for reactions.

No. 222733

File: 1641845789545.png (370.29 KB, 360x360, 360.png)

I want to take his virginity so bad it hurts I'm truly retarded

No. 222735

lmao i KNEW he was going to get posted makes sense, he's cute as fuck

No. 222736

I see you anon.

No. 222737

Wish I could give him a hug

No. 222743

He smells like caca de rata

No. 222781

File: 1641858515771.jpg (676.99 KB, 1381x2048, Tumblr_l_3113800144210334.jpg)

Omg solaire!! I haven't seen him for a while now

No. 222782

File: 1641859021495.jpeg (77.57 KB, 750x749, 3B0EFE36-20BC-4549-98AF-984A8C…)

AYRT Silco is sexy anon it seems we have similar tastes. Tbh Jojos has a lot of sexy characters, especially the villains. Diavolo, Dio and Kars take the cake for me though.

No. 222783

File: 1641859151567.jpeg (174.84 KB, 750x1061, 110FA1EA-4F37-405F-B7E1-DB36DE…)

samefag i want to bite his titty

No. 222790

File: 1641864403476.jpg (286.51 KB, 1755x2048, EWgOQLYXkAAQGnJ.jpg)

EXCELLENT taste anon, I'm so glad to see someone else who appreciates them.
I have a folder full of Diavolo fan art that someone gave me a few years back and I've just been adding to it since. I should start one for Silco.

Well-dressed fictional men have me acting unwise. I've never wanted to suck a dick so bad in my life, never I swear.

No. 222793

oh my god stop… hes so hot, whos this?

No. 222795

Like half of my husbandos would be a bit more dominant/neither sub nor dom, and the other half would be pretty submissive. I just chose the one I have right now, but if I had to guess the other guys' favorite positions, they'd probably have me on top and/or in control.

No. 222796

File: 1641866845194.jpg (24.35 KB, 400x400, OxJdBpLf_400x400.jpg)

Arthur Morgan from RDR2, our posterboy

No. 222797

File: 1641867898131.jpeg (146.68 KB, 749x681, 75FFD644-DAAD-4968-ACF4-D9A84F…)

God anon that sounds beautiful, don’t be afraid to share more. There is something so uniquely sexy about a man in a suit, also the whole “mafia boss” thing helps both Silco and Diavolo. I 100% back you up on your decision to start one for Silco, he deserves it.

No. 222798

I've never played RDR2 but every time I see this thread I start sliding my hand in my pants

Also who did the art for the thread pic? Serious question

No. 222800

Twitter @Maoooqiu

No. 222802

File: 1641871641766.jpg (140.38 KB, 736x1064, f517a84c302fb736509de2a6a4bdff…)

I want anyone from the 7th division to step on me with their hobnail boots.
except for Nikaidou

No. 222804

File: 1641873541547.jpg (27.88 KB, 700x570, ohh-so-that-why-they-call-them…)

How to dream with your husbando/waifu/favorite character (I'm esl so sorry for any typos):

>Excellent sleep schedule, your brain needs energy to have a lucid dream

>Don't see any screens 20 minutes before sleeping

>Look at pics of your character, you need TONS of reference BUT most importantly, you need to make your brain have it's own concrete mental image of them, only watching pictures of your character will not help, why? because most brains don't register pics as no more than just temporal, daily entertainment, you need to make your brain recognize your character as a familiar and real "concept" with valuable emotional meaning to you

>Your character doesn't exist and its not a real human, so your brain doesn't have a way to accurately deduce how would them feel or act unless you tell your brain using your imagination and real life examples, think about every. fucking. detail: their hair, skin and clothes texture, how do they smell like, etc. You can create a pinterest board and pin shit that reminds you them, hairstyles, etc.

>Think about the physical similarities/ differences you have with them: are they taller/smaller? stronger/weaker? talk slower/faster? etc. Make your brain familiar with the idea of you guys interacting and being together in the same setting

>You need to make the "concept" of your character one that its relevant and positive, think deeply about why you like them and what values they represent, your character vs you, how do you match with them mentally, your potential dynamics you can make an idealized/ alternate version, your brain takes notes and notices what you think about them not reality, canon doesn't really matter unless you want it to matter, if your character is…negative in some sense, don't let their moral failures affect your emotions because your brain is going to associate such emotions with your character and you're going to fuck it up

>About sex dreams, these are rare, for every 5 normal dreams i just had 1 sex dream. Of course, you need to be somewhat horny. As >>222709 said these are way stronger during daytime but if you get a hold onto lucid dreaming you may have these dreams at night too. You will need pics for this one too, sex is very "visual" and way more complex just "talking" so your brain needs reference

TL;DR: you have to re-create a mental, very detailed version of your character that has real emotional value. Your character will become a familiar set of characteristics, making it easier to appear in a dream, and maybe, interact with you

No. 222813

nonnie thats the most pitiful thing I’ve ever heard a man do…. if you ever want to sperg out i want to listen

No. 222823

I've been practicing "reality checks" and that hasn't worked so far. Amazing how my brain can create a dream where some friends gave me a face mask with the autism puzzle piece on it, though. I'm being bullied by my own subconscious. I'll try these, thank you nonnie!

No. 222844

File: 1641903235101.jpg (169.49 KB, 848x1200, EHWFHyJWsAEg9c1.jpg)

i will love him forever uahhh

No. 222846

I love him too! His comforting voice and cute laughter.. this sweetness in the weird harsh world of dark souls in which you’ve died an unforgiving death for countless of times is such a treat.
Wait what, did I miss something?

No. 222849

I want to see whats under that armor.

No. 222880

File: 1641916202257.jpeg (49.16 KB, 524x416, 1C5D6E5E-10B3-4945-8446-DBD14A…)

thank you so much

No. 222896

nayrt but great taste. i can totally relate. the perfect husbando to me is someone pathetic enough for you to want to dom, but who also has the capability to dom you. i've never played persona before, but adachi seems top tier. nasty, pathetic husbandos are the best. thank you for introducing me to his character. you and the akechi anon from a while ago make me really wish that i could play persona… i wish they'd port it to the switch. also hope you enjoyed your doujins if you're the same nona from the other thread

No. 222905

File: 1641927905201.png (414.49 KB, 1366x768, of5X6eb.png)

I think he's neat.
too bad most of his fanart is done in a characteristically tumblr-esque style

No. 222908

File: 1641929432394.png (Spoiler Image,2.03 MB, 1080x1920, SPOILER_Evz8idHVkAIiMaM.png)

>Wait what, did I miss something?
nah not really lol i just think its a given that hed be super sweet and loving. how can real scrotes ever compete?

No. 222921

sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex

No. 222922

this with my husbando

No. 222931

File: 1641937281998.jpg (501.5 KB, 766x1073, 78143628_p21_master1200.jpg)

cowgirl. less exertion for him so he doesn't sweat as much, he finds it gross. fewer points of contact. easy to switch around from this position if he feels compelled to. doesn't have to touch me but can if he wants. he's very observant so there's also the appeal of having a fuller range of vision so he can see what effects he's having on every part of my body, not just my face. from my legs starting to tremble and my hands flying all over the place as i try to not touch him as he might have requested. i have to stop here before i just start writing out a full on self insert fanfic
literally top tier type of husbando whats the point of having one if you cant fantasize about being on both sides of an extreme imbalance of power. one with him being incredibly possessive and getting carried away with an aggressive train of thought to reinforce that you belong to him but also being submissive and letting you do what you want to him. or at least being able to put him in a position where he doesnt have a choice in the matter and forfeits control, to reinforce that he belongs to you. equally deranged as he is pathetic. i have many fantasies but only so much space for husbandos in my heart, have to choose wisely

No. 222932

>whats the point of having one if you cant fantasize about being on both sides of an extreme imbalance of power.

What's the point if you can't just chill and have a good romantic vanilla time with your dear husbando? That's how I feel.

No. 222936

is it still a good romantic vanilla time if he calls me mommy

No. 222943

vanillasis…you get it

No. 222947

superb taste. do you like him with the mask on or off

No. 222969

File: 1641943161129.jpg (247.65 KB, 700x1000, EKm-qyLVAAAszc2.jpg)

every time i see him without a mask i cant help but want to degrade him by calling him a slut for having it off. mask off is intrinsically lewd, but he's perfect from head to toe so a single inch of him being covered is a waste. at the same time the mask makes him fairly intimidating which is also hot, it's also more comfortable for him to keep his face covered. it's not always preferable to have him be uncomfortable. i like him with and without mask, and with and without arms. always my perfect husbando

No. 222980

File: 1641947117273.jpeg (38.28 KB, 474x461, D3A3A33B-D5F6-41C8-BDEC-2074B0…)

Every other form of him is trash becuase it doesn’t remind me of some sort of emohusbando.

No. 222984

TFW my garbage sleep schedule prevents this from being a possibility. It's better than before, but the husbando I want doesn't have time to show up on my dreams.

No. 222990

File: 1641955138843.jpg (42.45 KB, 540x960, 0cf41623c9123cbad0e33594fb67d8…)

i might try this thanks nonnie. on the same topic i had a dream about my husbando too!

>in living room together

>sitting together in one chair
>i was laying on his chest
>i comment that his chest was soft
>he laughs and pulls me in

No. 222996

File: 1641959761219.gif (1.78 MB, 318x318, tumblr_79fdeeaa74a645e0a756298…)

nonnie, you're super cute, i will pray for a switch port of P4G so you can experience this man's horrible nastiness for yourself, he's amazing. I know it's not the same but the Persona 4 anime is really good and it's very hot at the end with the fight scenes if you ever have time to waste!!

No. 222997

Good for you anon!!

No. 223001

File: 1641961880980.jpg (12.42 KB, 480x640, 1618968689869.jpg)

>finding out that your husbando is more popular than you thought and has a shitton of fanfic and fanart, and what his most popular ship is (which you had correctly guessed) and what's the most popular kind of fic that is written about them, despite you avoiding the fandom entirely
>get upset instead of being glad that people think your husbando is cool enough to be that popular and have lots of content made of him
FML I thought I better than this. I'll probably get over it soon tho.
Thanks TVTropes

(Posting in this thread and not the others because this is too retarded)

No. 223004

File: 1641962863282.jpg (616.15 KB, 1000x1032, 47811766_p0_master1200.jpg)

He is too beautiful for this world.

No. 223009

File: 1641965904573.jpeg (873.26 KB, 828x1042, 57DA598E-7659-4520-A80A-0D6877…)

God anon, he is literally the most attractive fictional character to ever be created, I cant even begin to put into words what this man does to me I revert back to my cavewoman instincts almost immediately at the sight of him.

No. 223010

File: 1641965985394.jpg (86.09 KB, 749x1006, loudmoaning .JPG)

Bonus because this also makes me feel things

No. 223022

File: 1641967608196.jpg (7.47 MB, 4868x4264, Berserk_v35_p022-023.jpg)

He's genuinely majestic, honestly it's kind of audacious to think of him as a husbando.

No. 223028

I want penis

No. 223035

File: 1641974350570.png (275.15 KB, 460x500, solaire.png)

No. 223044

fuck him but i also want him so bad

No. 223045

File: 1641978189214.jpeg (142.32 KB, 850x1188, DE845630-8CF2-4984-8E01-A26BCC…)

It’s not fair being horny over him as much as I am. Why can’t I have a man like him Nonnies.

No. 223104

i am with you nonnie we can suffer together. i normally dont care for glasses but he looks very sexy in them what the fuck

No. 223110

File: 1642005378002.jpg (75.94 KB, 537x760, u18181.JPG)

ikr, theres something about him that really triggers my autism. I kind of want to corrupt his innocent brother tho, pic very related

No. 223114

File: 1642007710874.jpg (91 KB, 736x524, 39f8b6441529f0795d4c0d138f9312…)

Based, Ogata could ravage me.

No. 223125

File: 1642013689798.jpg (58.77 KB, 500x835, kaseninjured.jpg)

Can't wait to play Touken Ranbu warriors and accidentally get my character hurt in battle so his clothes fall off
hnng Kasen

No. 223126

Nona, you forgot to add that sex dreams are more common when you sleep on your stomach - or when you put some weight against your crotch area, like a pillow, for example.


This is purely anecdotal, but it worked for me last night. May test again today.

No. 223132

As an avid stomach sleeper, cannot confirm this. I also tend to sleep with my hand right on my pubic mound area. something I picked up in pregnancy a few years ago and never grew out of.

I posted above about my sexual dreams being more lucid during the day. I found time to nap and had a sexual dream but not my husbando. So I’m more on the theory day time lucid dreaming will be your friend. Especially after you masterbate.

No. 223133

I will add to this, I nap sleeping on my back because it’s lighter sleep. And I cannot sleep well on my back. I don’t like heavy sleeping during the day. Fucks me up.

No. 223136

UHGGG right there with you

No. 223153

i love putting kasen in horsekeeping/fieldwork duties because he gets so angry and embarassed kek

No. 223180

I'm not into GK but this pic is hot as fuck.
It's not only the uniform and the titty grab, it's his blushing face with his eyes hidden in the shadow.

>>Excellent sleep schedule, your brain needs energy to have a lucid dream
>>Don't see any screens 20 minutes before sleeping
Well, I'm fucked.
Anyway, thanks for the tips! I read this when you posted it, I just didn't want to reply to it until I actually tried it. So far I haven't because of reasons but I've been working on imagining what my husbando would feel like and how we would interact or meet. That's like creating artificial memories, right? I guess it makes sense that we can dream about fictional characters as if they were real people if we do that.

No. 223195

File: 1642040806903.jpg (142.13 KB, 736x1010, cfc79f24a643c8a4890895a8f4cd41…)

I guess you'd like Yuusaku, then. He doesn't appear much, but when he does, he's always in uniform, his face is never shown and his personality is sweet and meek.

No. 223210

Mmmmmm fuck, this is too erotic.

No. 223251

File: 1642057766297.jpg (300 KB, 700x1080, 04300574163.jpg)

Super late but I just found out that the doujinshi in your picrel and maine was not made by a fujo, but actually by a bi moid. jokes on him, I fetishize bi dudes His men on men stuff is actually pretty hot.
It's very sought after as well, it's selling on surugaya and mandarake for like 50~70 dollars. I could only find it in chinese on its entirety, if anyone got the japanese raws, let me know! I shall pay back with a free translation.
maybe everyone already knew that and I am just super late to the party as usual

No. 223261

anyone else thinking of (or already got one) getting a toy that reminds them of their husbando? sage for blogposting but i'm on antidepressants and i can't cum for shit, it sounds fun.

No. 223278

File: 1642070236687.jpeg (46.86 KB, 678x452, DCF669F4-6C80-4AC4-A4B6-36AFC0…)

I have returned. It’s so fucked up how much I’m into him. I want to feel his big rough hands on my breasts. I want him to lift me and hold me against the wall like I weigh nothing. I want him to whisper the filthiest things I’ve ever heard in the sweetest tone anyone’s ever spoken to me in while he’s fucking up into me while I straddle him. It’s been nearly ten years and still no other husbando has hit the way he has. I’m living off of breadcrumbs ladies. I’m ashamed to say it but even vidrel is enough to give me butterflies https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gE11qT-X5h8

No. 223289

File: 1642075975233.jpg (271.22 KB, 1280x960, kasenartbook.jpg)

Flustered Kasen is the best! Also knowing that he has a banging body in a catsuit under his kimono.
That and his love of cooking and laundry = husbando material

No. 223298

I want my husbando to kiss and lick my neck, is a highly sensitive area for me for some reason, he doesn't even need to fuck me kek
Glad you're back, queen

No. 223312

nta but I have to read this, didn’t even know it was a whole doujin. Wish I got the raws but I didn’t even find the chinese ones. care to share? I hope someone itt finds the jap ones they have to be somewhere, bless you nona

No. 223326

Based and same. Really just the thought of him whispering in my ear with that voice of his is enough to make me melt. Getting him to lick my ear/neck and feel and hear his breathing that close would feel like heaven.

No. 223331

File: 1642089692528.jpeg (69.94 KB, 466x658, 47007225688.jpeg)

It's called Usagi no Honkai and the Chinese version is on myreadingmanga!

No. 223360

File: 1642097739260.jpeg (36.62 KB, 500x265, 54A795B5-04F9-48B5-9A12-D16EC0…)

>“Hey Jason. You miss me?”

No. 223367

they're all so adorable, i want to hold their hands and hug them, maybe even kiss them on the mouth

also Kaito got a phat ass

No. 223375

File: 1642103718393.png (54.04 KB, 1920x1091, 2350077-1586059642.png)

he feels like adachi were he not on a power trip

No. 223389

'i can make him worse' i say as i keep giving him beers to make him like me because its cheaper than pizza

No. 223393

sweet, thanks

No. 223397

Anyone have pics of beautiful male characters being dominant or kinda rough with girls?

No. 223421

File: 1642118377121.jpeg (395.02 KB, 1280x1600, DD6014D0-0561-4F3F-920E-417C31…)

I could’ve fixed him

No. 223472

File: 1642133948470.jpg (78.3 KB, 736x962, 1c6177c2bc8c34d5f9ff8c3bd055b3…)

Fix what nona?

No. 223476

This recommendation applies for what you want as well >>223399

No. 223477

time to hunt down the r18 drama cd audios with my husbando's seiyuu and pray to god some are in a similar voice to how he plays husbando!

No. 223483

Good luck anon!!

No. 223492

Anon, you're a genius, I don't know how I've never thought of that before
I'll see if I can find a BL one of both of my husbandos….

No. 223493

i found two that are similar. feeling effervescent. good luck on your quest nona! thank god for useless aliases for these things

No. 223499

This happened to me while playing Granblue one time. Pulled a guy who was voiced by the same voice actor who voiced Jotaro Kujo. He even did the "yare yare" line and I laughed.

No. 223513

File: 1642152692945.png (1.41 MB, 883x1072, 551B0AC5-9924-43D5-A23B-759DCA…)

Tuberculosis lmaoo

No. 223526

tuberculosis cant stop me I want his dick

No. 223533

File: 1642163452401.jpg (72.01 KB, 677x846, 0a86cea9afec75ef1072e84fa151f3…)

Arthur is my ideal type; he is both cute and sexy, he's a big gentle giant, pretty eyes, nice brushable hair, protective and loyal to those he loves, would probably let me dress him up, would draw me and i'd draw him back
and doesn't even know what porn is

No. 223541

Where are you looking for them anon? I miss my faves from sound cloud.

No. 223555

File: 1642172861935.gif (1.9 MB, 235x240, EFA87452-99F4-496C-A29F-4D492C…)

You’re cool arthurnonita

No. 223571

I found one like that but I hated the way he moaned, it sounded like he was fucking dying. (The seiyuu was Furukawa Makoto btw)

No. 223582

I wish I could do that, but unfortunately my only option seems to be to play an old otome game where there's a romanceable character that sometimes sounds similar to my husbando. It's ok though, at least I can pretend that it's him saying he loves me.

No. 223642

File: 1642189891851.gif (2.42 MB, 493x347, 57AADB4F-6D4E-46A0-9A44-984DF6…)


No. 223647


No. 223649

NTA but it looks like a creature from The Dark Crystal

No. 223650

Lmfao but yes >>223649 is correct. That's Rian from the series The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance.

No. 223651

File: 1642192445448.jpeg (Spoiler Image,253.68 KB, 850x759, 98E175EA-51B3-4773-AF98-E59519…)

Found an artist who draws buff lovecraftian abomination porn and i have to admit i like those creatures wtf

No. 223653

That’s kind of hot. Artist?

No. 223659

This artist is popular in the /h/ threads.
Warning: lots of scroteshit. I recommend the Pixiv, you'll find the good stuff more quickly.

No. 223661

I know it’s scroteshit but somehow the dudes he draws are so fucking hot

No. 223662

Lol this is the good timeline Nemu.

No. 223665

dlsite! didn't buy anything, but one preview had acting really, really close to his performance as my husbando full with kissing and cumming noises.

No. 223666

Omg anon you gotta share the link. And who it is.

No. 223667

Thanks for the warning. Honestly I had a feeling based on the water balloon boobs kek.

No. 223669

File: 1642196376448.jpg (Spoiler Image,268.33 KB, 725x1024, 91575852_p17.jpg)

>somehow the dudes he draws are so fucking hot
Yes, I'm aware of that. I've seen the good shit in their gallery a number of times already.
If someone here has a masked guy fetish, this artist is pretty good at drawing that.

Some of the logs don't focus on the women that much, like the one this pic comes from. I think it's pretty easy to tell which ones they are based on the cover image.

No. 223670

File: 1642196438199.jpg (423.75 KB, 1200x1575, dde0d1d268a3f4effbcb9e959381b9…)

goodness gracious nonny thank you

No. 223691

the robots in lil nas xs panini music video turn me on

No. 223692

He's not fictional so he doesn't count, but Nas himself has a stupidly hot body and a cute face too.

No. 223695

File: 1642208222020.png (241.17 KB, 534x604, 50764367_p1.png)

i bought a figure of my husbando and it was delivered today, but i kept checking and couldn't find it in my apartment lobby. turns out they delivered it to the apartment manager's office and since it's a long weekend i won't be able to get the box until tuesday! well at least he wasn't kidnapped. we'll be united soon…

No. 223697

File: 1642209032267.jpeg (367.54 KB, 828x556, DAF83C90-1EBC-45C2-A37B-4596D1…)

Same he is so pretty

No. 223706

File: 1642214534062.jpeg (172.36 KB, 1280x720, s-g-1521831960248_1280w.jpeg)

I love Okabe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 223707

god I hate Java but I downloaded it last week for Shimeji. I always knew it as a desktop app, now most people will search it and find some sus Chrome extension that totally doesn’t harvest your data as it asks for permissions just to show a shimeji walking around, smh (anonymised data can be very easily anonymised btw)

No. 223710

always glad to see you okabenon!!! always thought he looked cute

No. 223746

God I've gotten off so much to this doujinshi I'm considering buying it lol.
I'm pretty certain the artist is a woman.

No. 223754

That's a doujinshi? I had no idea.
>I'm pretty certain the artist is a woman.
>female artist wastes talent drawing mostly a shitton of disgusting scrote-pandering crap, has developed moid coombrain
Many such cases.
Anyway, what makes you say that?

No. 223756

>If someone here has a masked guy fetish
Yes hello, that would be me. I already saved those from the /h/ thread but I need more lol.
>I'm pretty certain the artist is a woman.
I think so too.

No. 223758

There's a certain vibe female hentai artists have, they make shit for scrotes but you can see by the way they draw the women is them projecting their own fantasies onto them, like they wish they could be at their place, which is completely different from male artists. Also a while ago she collaborated with a yumejo artist to make some Monster Hunter doujinshis (with a cute woman/buff armored dude dynamic), which points to her being a woman imo.

No. 223766

>with a cute woman/buff armored dude dynamic
sounds based, is it available anywhere?

No. 223811

Reiner is prime bully material

No. 223820

>I’ve never seen YOI
You really should nonnie, all characters including the women and the ones with like two lines are husbando material.

No. 223859

Eh he kinda has a tummy

No. 223896

oh i forgot he also fell ill multiple times during the italy campaign and apparently part of the cause was how worried he was that his wife was cheating on him. cute.

No. 223962

File: 1642311321227.jpg (782.29 KB, 1080x2340, IMG_20220116_023443.jpg)

The skewers stay in during sex

No. 223992

File: 1642327967178.png (103.2 KB, 288x600, BxVgrp1CcAIAOGX.png)

Thanks to all the anons who adviced sleeping on your stomach. Not lewd but I dreamt i was feeding him, it made me feel warm inside. I wonder how he would react to such genuine displays of affection from a girl, it's probably OOC but i think he would be very flustered.
Cringe moment but do you girls do anything special for your husbando's birthday/valentine's day? it's kinda pathetic but i want to draw him or write nice fluffy smut for that occasion.

No. 223993

Good idea anon, Im totally gonna draw mine for Valentines day.

No. 223995

File: 1642328874887.png (Spoiler Image,646.59 KB, 565x800, kiro.png)

he canonically has a family but something about him makes me go feral

No. 223996

He is totally handsome, the other guy looks like he wants to grab his dick kek

No. 224021

File: 1642342443542.jpeg (52.27 KB, 500x699, 1E038675-9C63-4384-B00D-CB2F3E…)

he wont object to me

No. 224033

he killed my husband

No. 224034

File: 1642351414765.jpeg (44.97 KB, 518x592, images-30.jpeg)

Picrel is Lysandre from My Candy Love. This character is hot in so many ways, it sucked so much the creator didn't include him in the newest stories SMH. I was so shocked I stopped playing, couldn't go on without my husband Lys.

No. 224035

It Wasnt her but BEEMOV's decision, thankfully he will get alt arc soon. If this alt arc will be successful enough, she will create Kentin and Armin ones. I love MCL (been playing it since it had only HS 8 episodes) but I didn't enjoy the university version too much.

No. 224039

you unlocked very cringe preteen memories

No. 224044

I wanted to post a birthday thing this year but I chickened out

No. 224105

>Cringe moment but do you girls do anything special for your husbando's birthday/valentine's day?
I did make a shrine for one of my previous husbandos and take a pic of it for both once. This year I'll probably just draw my current husbando for the first time, or watch his anime on Valentine's Day (he doesn't have an official birthdate).
>it's kinda pathetic but i want to draw him or write nice fluffy smut for that occasion.
Anon, compared to the shrine thing, drawing your husbando (or writing fic) on his birthday/Valentine's day is normal. People who don't have a husbando do it for the characters they like all the time. Even official artists do it so don't worry.

No. 224216

File: 1642419102909.png (1.63 MB, 2600x1556, BDB8818F-8182-4996-A17D-B3848A…)

The new movie has me down bad, nonnas.

No. 224217

It would be fun if we shared the art we drew. But it might also be too outing.

No. 224235

I finally had a dream about my husbando eating me out. Unfortunately it didn't last very long and I woke up soon after but I was able to finish myself off very quickly after kek

No. 224240

Congrats nona!! It has happened to me once so far too and it was amazing.

No. 224251

File: 1642435365800.jpg (60.92 KB, 736x736, 5e83f424da78186729b47d224f3970…)

Nona typing this like a scorned woman shouting this from across her and her husbando's small farm in the middle of nowhere

No. 224252

Damn, that's awesome. I have pictured what my husbando would look like eating me out (while he looks at me with those stoic eyes of his hnnngh), I just hope it actually happens in my dreams one of these days.

No. 224256

ARThur Morgan will always be beautiful to me

No. 224259

File: 1642438655984.jpg (84.93 KB, 736x736, 79e789de80eb3762bd9e4680072fbb…)

Eyes prettier than the gem

No. 224261

nonna……where did you find this awooga

No. 224269

File: 1642443584745.jpg (100.05 KB, 1036x1462, EpYNjCoU0AA7AIK.jpg)

Missed this but yes he's hot in the traumatized i-must-bully way

No. 224279

Why did this video turn me on sm

No. 224281

File: 1642447311651.png (69.77 KB, 187x217, official crop.png)

The only time I had a dream about an actual established character doing sexy things it was this crazy bastard eating me out.
Even though I grew out of this crush 15 years ago or so.

No. 224310

>ugly porn-addicted moid that fucks trannies
anon……..get your shit together

No. 224316

File: 1642454061003.jpg (21.24 KB, 316x314, 40a7bb93a1b01610257f513760c888…)

I started playing Stardew Valley. Day 1: heart set on Alex. Day 2: completely utterly hopelessly falling for Shane. YES depressed alcoholic chicken man.

My fantasy is that his anxiety makes him jealous and possessive and it drives him wild when I talk to Alex

No. 224326

File: 1642455181658.jpeg (24.08 KB, 960x895, reeeeee.jpeg)

I was gonna mock you, but I fell for Sebastian then I'll just keep my mouth shut for the moment being. Sebastian impregnated MC even after I said no. I don't know if that's even possible, all I know is that happened. I'm waiting so I can take the child to the witch's house for her to turn it into a bird.

No. 224333

Girl how tf you gonna mock me for Shane when you fell for the guy who looks like he would unironically enjoy Black Veil Brides? Kek

No. 224334

File: 1642457554036.jpg (188.89 KB, 599x600, 5df312d54fb57e06f448da1f-large…)

I kinda hate that character because it is supposedly the creator's self insert

This is for you if you want it kek

No. 224337

File: 1642458123978.jpg (7.16 KB, 166x304, images.jpg)

I wish there were more western media husbandos.

Picrel one of the few. If only his show wasn't so mediocre


No. 224339

File: 1642458343917.jpeg (598.6 KB, 750x1032, 0E92E0E1-1F04-4994-925C-01F6F3…)


oh my god anon same. after watching it (and halloween kills) i’ve decided that i will never accept a man who won’t dress as my favourite slashers and stay in costume until i get bored of them. i’m shamelessly coombrained from all my years of thirsting after scary murder men lmao

No. 224344

love the warden. I wish we could get some better medias

No. 224350

File: 1642461594366.gif (1.67 MB, 400x362, superjail.gif)

OG tumblr sexyman

Someone post some western waifus too, I'm starving here

No. 224351

File: 1642461730910.jpg (425.27 KB, 2208x1242, cds4bej4gg151.jpg)

shane is my favorite, however after playing some more after a while I have developed a huge soft spot for harvey

No. 224352

File: 1642462194406.gif (2.67 MB, 255x302, e0a4d17ae5c1003242f6a0f2fd5429…)

no i haven't played a call of duty game in my life yes i want to fuck to fuck soap mactavish

No. 224353

chad napoleon "Please Dont Leave Me I Am Going To Claw At My Skin" bonaparte

No. 224357

File: 1642463304002.jpg (30.95 KB, 506x235, brutal.jpg)

Metalocalypse had a bunch of cute waifus. It's too bad the show never got an actual conclusion though.

No. 224358

It did kind of but i feel ya sista

No. 224360

they're all so hot yum need to download this show rn….

No. 224361

will i get roasted again if i post a skeleton

No. 224364

do it anon, skeletons are sexy

No. 224367

sans or papyrus?

No. 224369

File: 1642465336736.png (5.29 MB, 1640x2048, A3B76AB5-94F9-4895-9BC4-B2D157…)

He was gonna die anyways nonna

No. 224374

Do it anon.
Red Death is unironically a great husband

No. 224375

or even braver, skeletor

No. 224376

File: 1642466573148.png (137.3 KB, 732x550, 09df7156-bd0d-42ac-9656-e54b79…)

in a shocking turn of events, it's neither. although my friend is a huge papyrus fangirl.

No. 224382

File: 1642467501062.png (372.65 KB, 1078x1078, ad340c31-3ae1-40b6-8f66-0a1b71…)

So did yours, rat-wife

No. 224383

Also thought the first season was pretty good.

No. 224388

can someone post more pls im horny for deathklok and waiting for this show to download. i love pickles and i've seen nonas hornyposting for this show before!!!

No. 224394

I thought this said "eyes prettier that the germ" lol

No. 224395

I felt the same way watching that Idubbbz, Max, Filthy Frank shock collar video. Something about the fear and pain and the noises they make. And they are wearing collars. It’s hot.

No. 224397

I have tons of Western media husbandos. Too many cute cartoon boys.

No. 224398

File: 1642470825421.jpg (596.91 KB, 1183x2048, Tumblr_l_1744903407319253.jpg)

Post 'em
Cowboys are welcome anywhere

No. 224400

File: 1642470995213.jpeg (67.65 KB, 697x960, 0hUBZY_CuoZKdCkTZKnyHc2kDVj1c7…)

You ask and shall receive, here's some fanart of Toki and Swisgaar

No. 224401

Samefag, my dumbass misspelled his name - it's Skwisgaar

No. 224402

thank you nona!! this is so cute…. i love their long silky hair, i wish metalhead guys were cute like this irl. they all have receding hairlines and split ends. want them to smoke ciggies with me. i wanna wash their hair and scratch their scalps too unfh.

No. 224403

File: 1642471267997.jpg (119.94 KB, 1600x898, l-intro-1640275393.jpg)

I just started watching this and this character's voice… I am literally salivating as she speaks

No. 224404

File: 1642471577329.jpeg (Spoiler Image,69.47 KB, 806x1200, DW8SeOsXcAAQ7NG.jpeg)

I share your pain. There's just one metalhead in my area that actually has good hair and is kinda cute, but he's annoying af

Here's Nathan Explosion to fuel your widest dreams

No. 224405

who is she nona

No. 224406

thank you so so so much for this one. my download is complete i'm excited to watch some before bed and maybe dream of deathklok tonight. ugh he could nathan my explosion any day.

No. 224407

File: 1642472353696.jpg (958.57 KB, 1864x3160, 3982263 - Ghostface Halloween …)

It's by Mozg! They do some awesome slasher fanart. Here is a link to the full pic:
Hnnnnggg same same same! I am buying the 50th Anniversary costume as soon as it's back in stock and making my bf wear it. I know I'm going to be mega horny after Halloween Ends too. Fuck, Gostie's voice is so damn hot. I'm so happy they gave him a lot of lines in the new one. And a lot of scenes where you can see him clearly. And kills that were so brutal.

No. 224409

File: 1642472730268.jpg (104.79 KB, 900x675, favorite_character_meme_by_okh…)

I love Toki!!!!!!!!!!

No. 224410

File: 1642472966977.jpg (696.35 KB, 924x1200, 63896348_p6_master1200.jpg)

And since you love Pickles~

No. 224411

Best taste

No. 224412

File: 1642473295166.gif (558.28 KB, 250x141, Tumblr_mevk1kbfVt1rbczhr.gif)

I just so happened to have a gif of one of them dressed as a cowboy

No. 224414

File: 1642473554283.jpg (725.68 KB, 1200x975, 72769728_p1_master1200.jpg)


No. 224416

File: 1642475143637.jpeg (23.65 KB, 431x600, images-36.jpeg)

Toki is best hubby!

Not to derail, but Dethklok is so underrated. I remember when I used to play Thunderhorse on Guitar Hero, it was one of the best extra songs

No. 224417

Grayson from the Arcane series. No spoilers clip :'(

No. 224419

Oh wow, that cleavage.

No. 224427

File: 1642477938913.png (112.81 KB, 330x325, Sofiathefirst_(2).png)

>in his late 30s
>definitely a virgin
>bitter and lonely, needs friends
>sad and pathetic, can't even be evil right
>actually good at teaching and knows what he's doing (hot)
>good with kids despite finding them annoying (cute)
>fake British accent
>kind of a momma's boy but kinda not
>desperately wants his father's approval
>is beaten by women several times, built for femdom (he was even held in a cage by a female villain once, in another episode he was restrained with vines by another female villain)
And there are so many more things that I love about him.
And yes, the nose is part of his charm

No. 224433

im so glad we can bond over our love for these idiots… toki is so cute im about to start rewatching finally i'm so happy. thank you for pickles also but i wish he had more bulge… pickles ass shot when.

No. 224438

File: 1642479736196.jpeg (551.35 KB, 1125x1031, 8ECD7E2B-9842-4933-A614-1C46AE…)

I want Venom Snake to titty fuck me - before he showers.

“Harder Boss.”

No. 224445

File: 1642480708069.gif (1.24 MB, 540x299, A25069E2-6B77-4231-93C2-594468…)

i can’t deny it anymore. i want to fuck this depressed, alcoholic, abusive loser

No. 224447

ANON SAME??? Lmao i thought I was the only one, he's so cute i want to dom him, destroy his pelvis and maybe ride that nose kek
I want a threesome with him and Arataki Itto

No. 224450

File: 1642482211239.jpg (83.25 KB, 600x600, afdb3d1ac0debbb0cf36315f5f1520…)

Ugh dropped pic

No. 224454

File: 1642482836955.gif (1.8 MB, 540x304, tumblr_oc6m4qoek31td5qjgo2_540…)

His hair is lit, he looks so savage

I was unsure ab posting him, but I'm gonna leave this here. The David Bowie style is irresistible [insert serial killer here] is so hot — weeb edition

No. 224457

File: 1642483114441.png (580.42 KB, 749x746, tumblr_inline_pey75fXgFh1rbtht…)

I wish they showed him like this again. He looked so nice with a stubble

No. 224467

>I want a threesome with him and Arataki Itto
Nta but I like the way you think, nonnie.

No. 224473

File: 1642489318507.jpg (112.59 KB, 750x1000, fposter,small,wall_texture,pro…)

Ayrt. I was genuinely so torn between Shane and Alex. I still am tbh, I've only had the game for 4 days, and I'm like actually emotionally split on who to marry.

Though I'm surprised I've never seen Alex mentioned in these threads. He's a himbo canonically, lad can barely read. All he knows is be good husband and lift weights. And don't forget the infamous line "what am I grateful for? I'll show you when we get home"

No. 224481


Not that anon but also same?? What is wrong with me.

No. 224484

File: 1642493274063.jpg (114.96 KB, 915x1083, 835e99c23290c1ca970020389f7364…)

I remember seeing the movie in middle school and knowing I was supposed to be scared, but all I could think of was 'man this pyramid head guy sure is hot af'

No. 224485

File: 1642494279924.jpg (166.02 KB, 591x608, Ebu-kWlVcAEE74K.jpg)

Same, anon.

No. 224488

File: 1642495088917.gif (1.54 MB, 500x281, 1383715640746.gif)

It really is underrated. It might be my favorite show of all time.
>i wish he had more bulge
For you, nonna.

No. 224489

No. 224492

File: 1642495303363.png (1.9 MB, 922x1536, soldier moment 6.png)


No. 224503

File: 1642501841778.png (Spoiler Image,16.36 MB, 3600x3200, 4665337 - Friday_the_13th Jaso…)

I have noticed a pattern of overlap between women into Metalocalypse and women into slashers. Probably because both groups are based as hell.

No. 224505

File: 1642502357245.jpg (443.34 KB, 1280x720, 82726374886252.jpg)

I love Alex and I was genuinely sad when he was revealed to have problems with his self-esteem because of his verbally abusive dad. I lost my old save file when I switched phones last year but I need to start playing again for him. He is a himbo icon and he triggers my protection instincts

No. 224510

yeah these guys are shaving a lot lol.
Aw man he’s so damn hot, when he had those chopstick still sticking in his cheeks it made me feel something too. As much as I’m super into the others he is the hottest, best and most adorable guy and I would totally do him irl.

No. 224513

Based nona, the episode where he goes insane was sooo good. Such a cutie, gonna rewatch Metalocalypse now it’s been a while.

No. 224517

File: 1642508107512.png (1.68 MB, 1066x1070, 50EF94CA-6B8D-426D-ACC4-F1E8AD…)

Tbh my rat mans got hotter when he lost an eye

No. 224518

File: 1642508723437.jpg (315.82 KB, 2048x2048, tfw no pier bf.jpg)

nta but wtf, i hope not. sebastian is always my go-to, i married shane first but the thrill was gone when i managed to make him like me and his room was ugly.. divorced him and erased his memory because i couldn't take the interactions after

No. 224523

File: 1642509575465.jpeg (32.54 KB, 512x599, images-37.jpeg)

I've been thinking about marrying him, he seems to be lovely. Or maybe I'll just stick to Elliott AKA Fabio. Hnnng, so difficult to choose.

No. 224526

File: 1642510579200.jpg (43.2 KB, 899x257, tumblr_lzhn5yw5ng1r4600vo1_128…)

I think this scene was a sexual awakening for me.

No. 224527

i am going to watch this shit right now, what have you done lol

No. 224534

File: 1642514590720.gif (361.06 KB, 500x240, tumblr_m2gqflqh5g1qkdxm3o1_500…)

I'm a Toki and Nathan gal myself

No. 224543

File: 1642515369549.png (358.65 KB, 600x600, 39896710_p3.png)

Based Kiranon. I wouldn't mind if you posted more of him so I'm not the only one…

t. fellow Kira enjoyer

No. 224548

nathan seems so sweet…. i think he would smell good… like his hair would smell like pretty like a girls. cant stop thinking about the girthy cock of his one of you nonas posted earlier upthread why did you do this to me i've already been so horny lately

No. 224550

File: 1642517001726.jpeg (47.97 KB, 452x678, images-43.jpeg)

I'm so glad you joined, I thought no one else would care to appreciate the king

edit: typo

No. 224570

File: 1642523474198.png (46.09 KB, 200x200, B7F224FB-47DF-494B-A15A-18AC48…)

>mfw he’s not even an actual attractive Irish man but instead some bald fuck from Brooklyn
>mfw we’ll never get any content of him or of Bioshock in general because Ken Levine is a hack who can’t do anything right
>mfw I stumbled upon a super hot RP scenario with him and fem!Jack years ago on Tumblr that literally drenched my panties. But I can’t find it anymore
>mfw it’s been 7-8 years and despite all of the above, I’m still obsessed with him.

At least you Vaasfags have a lot of material to go on.

No. 224572

File: 1642523666351.jpg (131.04 KB, 500x695, see-full-frontal-bravery-1-100…)

peak male performance

No. 224575

File: 1642524596211.jpg (62.41 KB, 540x720, tumblr_ec82c0744789cbf4419db9c…)

No. 224588

He has a great relationship with his parents, he is probably the most well adjusted guy out of the band.

No. 224589

File: 1642526166249.jpg (103.29 KB, 528x539, FEKTMNUaAAUjekr.jpg)

>when he had those chopstick still sticking in his cheeks it made me feel something too
Anon, tell me about it, holy shit. I was lowkey horny during the whole ordeal, he looked so so hot. I love when he get bloody and has his murder eyes.

>As much as I’m super into the others he is the hottest, best and most adorable guy and I would totally do him irl.

Anon, same!! I love Ogata and Koito as well and think they are super sexy, but damn, Saichi makes me blush. And want to hug him and tend for him. Best boy.

No. 224595

File: 1642527558211.jpg (112.05 KB, 983x1024, EZww3znUEAAxT5Q.jpg)

Of course! Kira is perfect husbando material and also simultaneously the complete opposite of husbando material. I would try to fix him and would probably end up as a hand if I'm lucky hehe

No. 224625

File: 1642534380125.jpeg (61.37 KB, 564x935, yoshi.jpeg)

If I happened to be one of his victims, I deadass wish my hand would become alive like that one hand from TheAddams Family. All that just so I could grope him. Also, nonna. which Kira skin is your favorite? I like the David Bowie one better

No. 224642

File: 1642538539165.png (681.33 KB, 635x767, cage.png)

Thank fuck, I thought I was alone in my autism. God, I love his songs so much, too lol. I wanna protect him but at the same time I wanna defile him so bad.
last year I tried to draw a short comic where you're a witch who uses tentacles to restrain and fuck him, but unfortunately I haven't finished it

kek, you're welcome
Also, here's all the episodes you need to watch:

Mad respect for anyone who draws herself having sex with her husbando

No. 224647

thanks nonny, i was just looking for the episode list! loved the first song so far

No. 224668

lmao i can't believe this happened for real, do you have more?

No. 224681

please never write edit again this isn’t reddit

No. 224686

File: 1642547116476.jpg (183 KB, 600x900, 2216674.jpg)

Definitely agree, og Bowie-Kira is the hottest. The other two looks aren't as attractive, but since it's still Kira I enjoy them. I really appreciate all the fanart that exists of him surrounded and being groped by hands. Funny how even though he's a serial killer, there's a lot of art of him being in a more subservient position (not that I mind), which brings me to ask whether you prefer a dom!Kira or sub!Kira? I think he's a character who has the capacity for both, which I personally like a lot. I will admit there were a few times in JJBA where he's put in embarrassing or compromising situations and it really makes me feel a certain way…

No. 224694

Mmmmmm fuck, this is too erotic.

No. 224698

I headcanon him as he portrays himself- Irish, hair, working class Dublin accent- because I literally refuse to accept the trauma of having a crush on him the whole way through Bioshock until he revealed himself as some bald Amerimutt

No. 224699

Since we're already talking about Shane from Stardew Valley, I like to imagine he is an anvil position kind of guy. He looks like he's heavy and strong so feeling that weight pound down into me while I'm folded like that makes me unggghhh

No. 224700

>Mad respect for anyone who draws herself having sex with her husbando
Believe it or not, that’s actually by a male artist lol

No. 224703

File: 1642551819501.jpeg (63.92 KB, 564x758, bwkira.jpeg)

Same here, I confess the other two designs let me down a bit. Ngl, I'm a hopeless sub, so I must go with dom!Kira. I would give everything for him to pin me down and have his way with me. I kinda identify with him when it comes to appreciating hands even if I'm not crazy ab it as he is lol, then I also enjoy these fanarts featuring Kira + hands.

No. 224705

File: 1642552416333.jpg (Spoiler Image,789.47 KB, 660x1598, lol.jpg)

I see one of you posted Cedric in the /m/ husbando thread, thanks for saving me the embarrassment of doing it myself kek

Again, you're welcome anon
>loved the first song so far
Right? I'm kinda ashamed to say it, but it's so cool. I don't usually watch Disney shit, I swear. I think the fourth episode is where most of his fans fall in love with him, lol

You know what, fuck it, I made this pic just for you.

Fuck, well, then I don't know what to say.

No. 224706

File: 1642553057488.jpg (398.27 KB, 1500x1500, fred rambaud.jpg)

Get a feeling so complicated

No. 224707

>I confess the other two designs let me down a bit
NTA but I liked both the original and the first Kosaku design. The watermelon head one not so much, but I think dark-haired Kosaku-Kira is hot too.

No. 224709

I like monsters, I like robots. Ain't nothin complicated about it, that's hot.

No. 224710

File: 1642553680109.jpg (28.49 KB, 500x316, 8ff.jpg)

>pic related
Anon i can't- this is fucking perfect, thank you!

No. 224713

File: 1642555199960.jpeg (88.21 KB, 1000x600, 40557FAC-4C9D-4086-B03A-46BB40…)

His character model in the game is kinda ugly but i love him and his voice

No. 224721

Oh boy oh boy oh boy

No. 224727

File: 1642560044746.jpg (108.32 KB, 1784x1108, EySeFuTUYAEylQx.jpg)

Kira is a versatile husbando. He could be a dom because he's arrogant and controlling (and has his shit together), but he could also be a sub because he's a simp for hands and is willing to do almost anything to live a quiet life. He can be blonde, dark-haired, watermelon, and also whatever color his hair was in Dead Man's Questions. He can wear a variety of suits and ties. Be a human or a ghost. A versatile, dangerous husbando. A swiss army husbando.

No. 224728

File: 1642560308835.jpg (192.72 KB, 1200x1105, EGDR16bXYAERlGJ.jpg)

No. 224729

File: 1642560506900.jpg (288.75 KB, 1001x1200, 72769728_p2_master1200.jpg)

Nathan's protectiveness of Toki is adorable.

No. 224730

File: 1642560519537.jpeg (567.73 KB, 828x1034, DE068AD4-CC83-4129-B991-2AD278…)

yay so happy to see this on the main page, watching metalocalypse right now and its sadly making me horny i love nathan and pickles so much !!!! i found this fan art on tumblr of pickles earlier too while browsing… yay thighs

No. 224731

My husbando is Raiden from MGS so before his body gets replaced probably missionary but after his body gets replaced with Patriot cyborg technology then he just probably goes down on me, as he should.

No. 224732

File: 1642561969798.jpg (Spoiler Image,499.77 KB, 1280x570, 1534290899316.jpg)

I found a picture of us, nonnie.

No. 224735

File: 1642562308447.jpg (Spoiler Image,721.23 KB, 839x1191, 80429464_p21.jpg)

I saw a couple of anons thirsting over the guy from Way of the Househusband and Kakashi in the last thread. So I wanted to share this artist that I found on /h/ (though some of you have probably already seen these)

Pic (un)related is Takuto Maruki from Persona 5, source:

NTA but kek, those women are based, is this from the show? If so, was this like the South Park episode where they used fanart submitted by fans?

No. 224736

Yes!! Nathan really is a sweet old man underneath his metal frontman persona. I wish there was a Nathan in my life. Sigh

No. 224737

>is this from the show? If so, was this like the South Park episode where they used fanart submitted by fans?
Yes, exactly! So you could say Metalocalypse did it first lol

No. 224739

this gave me a hearty kek nona, i'd love to see you gals at klok-kon!!!

No. 224786

lmao I love this

No. 224793

File: 1642596306587.gif (5.73 MB, 667x404, 314b0fb90b6922d5e5d17f5ffbf01e…)

No. 224795

File: 1642596501868.gif (1.62 MB, 248x223, 2a8t7d2wwut41744c0252495278ffc…)

No. 224796

File: 1642596598614.gif (4.22 MB, 463x260, clapping.gif)

No. 224819

File: 1642602148549.jpeg (98.61 KB, 500x390, 256359F8-B801-4406-965A-694A88…)

hnnng I want to touch his scars
holy kek is that toki giving skwisgaar a blowjob in the censored picture where they are all naked?

No. 224820

just checked again it totally does appear to be skwisgaar giving toki a blowjob…. now someone needs to find all the uncensored versions

No. 224830

File: 1642604821707.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.41 KB, 594x724, 1589939416847.jpg)

based fromsoft voices enjoyer, i want bloodborne on pc so bad

No. 224849

That fanart must be somewhere on the internet, but how to find it?

No. 224854

File: 1642613216878.jpg (27.38 KB, 563x298, 6f95ba7ce1a2c9a2d22b9206f0a5ea…)

One eye on you and one eye on your pussy

No. 224856

i love this artist she got a ban on here for posting her porn in an /m/ thread

No. 224863

nona wtf

No. 224869

File: 1642615882530.jpg (87.47 KB, 564x804, e3a69416049372ec60982965f3be5b…)

I'm mostly kidding, I just saw that fanart and couldn't resist.

Have Koito with a reindeer brindle.

No. 224882

lmao hot

No. 224888


No. 224902

thinking about laying my face in his male boobs….. i imagine his chest would be hairier though. and really warm and soft.

No. 224914

In a perfect world, Tsukishima is holding the bridle.

No. 224940

File: 1642633222206.jpg (136.22 KB, 736x1472, 27427839d7722d4656eda0378c56b6…)

You're absolutely right

No. 224953

File: 1642638634834.jpg (40.44 KB, 736x466, d96b9e3ee73a20bb5bd317a2e46bb7…)

Please look at Koito's facial hair here. Thank you.

No. 224961

found a fandom wiki with all the sources kek https://dethklok.fandom.com/wiki/Fanklok

No. 224997

File: 1642652204884.png (74.05 KB, 600x682, FAHp4ggVIAgOg4U.png)

It's very Tsurumi-like, it fits him!
Also Koito has the biggest dick of the 7th division, I don't make the rules

No. 225000

Dick too big, would hurt. That's why Tsukishima tops

No. 225006

File: 1642659356076.gif (1.67 MB, 500x375, Valhallen-dexters-laboratory-4…)

My favorite himbo

No. 225007

File: 1642660608249.jpg (53.08 KB, 564x738, c5054ddf9f2d401faea715fe820e6d…)

No doubt in my mind Tsukishima tops for a plethora of reasons, but I am sure that if you asked Koito to be gentle with his big cock, he would oblige. He is a good boy.

No. 225008

File: 1642661028273.jpg (18.85 KB, 612x481, hotvampirebf.jpg)

God he's so hot

No. 225011

hard agree, excellent taste

No. 225025

File: 1642666324437.jpg (85.21 KB, 735x1040, 360a4a4783369ff0f80cf71f472f71…)

No. 225033

File: 1642668271191.jpg (40.97 KB, 735x1040, 1b1e6c0640db0554f51fcaf864f2d3…)

No. 225035

File: 1642670376587.jpg (64.12 KB, 735x440, 3ee0f9c5d5db3a655532e9e0460287…)

Damn, that's hot
Thanks, anon

No. 225037

>everything NSFW is behind account walls

No. 225043

the baby the fangirl holds has a suspicious haircolor lol.
By the way I love Skwisgaar, he’s a hoe and a douchebag but he has so much swag.

No. 225045

I never even noticed the baby, let alone the hair color. Nice catch!

No. 225053

File: 1642683107601.jpg (180.68 KB, 1600x900, 16834232910658666496_screensho…)

Based taste nonnie, I would let Sam do disgusting things to me and be happy about it.

No. 225086

File: 1642690099502.jpeg (153.93 KB, 750x1000, DDA75C19-1524-4891-A113-6394FD…)

I want to touch his dick.

No. 225089

Holy shit nona, how can you get off to that pic with that horrendous grammar and spelling?

No. 225090

I’m desperate, my love for him blinds my knowledge in grammar and spelling.

No. 225094

Funny because the text says "do you want to touch my hair, it's ok as long as it is you"

No. 225095

Gay Luigi??????

No. 225098

File: 1642698425803.jpg (45.17 KB, 454x675, images.jpg)

He cute

No. 225110

File: 1642702610662.png (736.69 KB, 699x796, unknown.png)

i will have sex with a power ranger at ANY cost. it's on my bucket list

No. 225112

File: 1642702832263.gif (326.34 KB, 98x90, power-rangers-power-rangers-da…)

and its a promise

No. 225114

wow he's exactly my type, thanks nonna.

No. 225117

Kek anon follow your dreams

No. 225130

File: 1642707086519.gif (12.11 MB, 410x499, 1642631228615.gif)

Do you ever get that intense urge to just cuddle your husbando like this

No. 225150

kek me

No. 225163

File: 1642718254220.png (221 KB, 750x1080, png.png)

I wish everyone on ot would stop fighting and post here instead

No. 225165

What happens over there?

No. 225167

Someone is trying to start a fight between fujoshis and yumejoshis but we're all friends so it's just annoying troll posts

No. 225172

File: 1642719812660.jpg (262.62 KB, 1000x1000, 1586108049704.jpg)

I'm just horny for cute 2D guys. Aren't we all?

No. 225192

>we're all friends
Tbf I think that some people itt go to other boards to stir shit up because they know people don't want infighting in the retarded hornyposting husbandoposting thread. So here they have to contain themselves.

Yes! I don't get how he can be so cute but I've always had a crush on Luigi, kek.

NTA but she didn't deny that. It's just that shit like
really makes one cringe. It was probably edited by a kid anyway so it's excusable.

No. 225249

File: 1642748995949.jpg (382.47 KB, 900x1200, 20362385_p0_master1200.jpg)

I get the impression that it's underage fujos from the Genshin Impact thread (I'm not into that, just scroll past them fighting in /m/ all the time)who go to /ot/ to let off steam about how much they hate yumes. Or trolls. Glad we can be at peace here.

No. 225360

When you are imagining things, do you always think of the same general storyline or not? Do you have a coherent story or do you just imagine small events? I made up a backstory and stuck to it, but I'm branching out I don't want to box myself in. Today I'm gonna imagine my husbando was my childhood friend (please no bully for being boring)

No. 225364

I always end up thinking of the same scenario, trying to fine-tune the details every night when I go to sleep, and adding more steps until the fantasy is complete.
Since I don't write it down, it's a bit hard to keep track of it all, especially when I'm sleepy. Maybe I should start doing that.

No. 225368

File: 1642808202697.jpg (43.96 KB, 1000x750, MV5BMTc3ODcwMjQ4MV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Me too, happy I'm not alone. I rewatch rehabklok pretty like every year, Pickles is so awesome in that episode.

So I just came in to post Freakazoid, bye.

No. 225370


No. 225373

But howww you’d have to take off his suit and the appeal would be gone

No. 225377

File: 1642809797163.png (1.7 MB, 1717x1284, EkXbgLkWsAEDUwN_waifu2x_photo_…)

>take off his suit
as little as possible nonna, i promise. also id want to tease him through the spandex for hours first

No. 225378

File: 1642810087368.jpg (39.8 KB, 417x417, e6169b82161b0bb1119760e5ac43bf…)

So many good blue men.
You also have the Kurt Wagner, Abe Sapien, and Megamind…

No. 225400

File: 1642814039106.jpg (283.05 KB, 2048x1823, __vergil_devil_may_cry_and_1_m…)

i used to think i only liked women until i saw him and his also sexy family

No. 225402

I try to keep things in canon with the universes.

Was trying this last night but I kept getting distracted and repeating my thoughts, and then I fell asleep before I even got to the sexy part…
Have been successful before though.

No. 225412

It's like a couple of short stories for me. Sometimes they'll connect or get extended if I get good fuel.

No. 225419

I was thinking about a certain scene with my husbando, looked up the clip and it's a million times more moid pandering shit than I remembered it actually being (it's meant to show off his love interest, not him). I guess I overwrote it with my own version in my brain since the last time I saw it.
I was going to post it but it's so bad I felt ashamed

No. 225437

Aw I wanna know. I won’t find it cringey.

No. 225438

Just replace the woman with your husbando lol

No. 225452

He's in it, it's just that the scene is clearly intended as fanservice for males, not the other way around
I didn't want to out myself as "THAT anon" but here goes…
They made him act like "typical harem protagonist" here which is actually really out of character but I still think he's cute, I can't help it, I'm a hopeless retard

No. 225457

>He's in it
Damn I thought you meant that you were imagining it with you and your husbando.
Anyway, I thought it'd be worse, but it's still obvious that they made it look like a POV scene for scrotes.

No. 225516

File: 1642863725571.jpg (218.79 KB, 2040x1752, Izanagi.jpg)

on par with wanting to fuck jojo stands in term of shamefulness

No. 225520

File: 1642864471495.jpg (81.77 KB, 719x1024, 56a227a2050fb39a382f022dfc2ae4…)

Me too but with this bad boy

No. 225521

File: 1642865410442.jpg (98.72 KB, 900x730, Thanatos_P4A.jpg)

nonnies of taste.

No. 225525

No way, I was gonna post that one too

No. 225536

File: 1642870015362.jpg (187.04 KB, 1080x1080, 1ek9tra7b3q61.jpg)

i love Diana Burnwood so much. i wish she would be my "handler" ikywim. not to sound like an ayyyden but i also read 47/Diana smut and self insert as Agent 47 because i want to shag her so bad and the way he's often portrayed as a submissive top really vibes with me

No. 225548

Is this from 0? I don’t remember this at all. Either way, I think it's a cute moment.

No. 225549

pointy feet

No. 225553

It's from the movie, which is mostly about Kurisu anyway. (I actually like her as a character but that scene I posted is cringe because it's so blatantly male gazey)

No. 225565

File: 1642881592960.jpeg (220.91 KB, 1242x1242, shin.jpeg)


No. 225572

Nice taste, hes cute. With or without the mask lol

No. 225577

Got any fic recs?

No. 225580

File: 1642888794196.jpg (Spoiler Image,433.43 KB, 621x683, qtaro.jpg)

wasn't there a shin anon here?

No. 225591

File: 1642892880998.png (144.75 KB, 500x500, sheeeeeeet-pepe.png)


No. 225594


No. 225596

File: 1642894981871.gif (7.96 MB, 500x412, Tumblr_l_795085605549150.gif)


No. 225605

File: 1642904418129.jpg (62.41 KB, 480x686, tumblr_4472ebf9d793c74085e9517…)

Sachiko dump

No. 225608

File: 1642904632703.png (638.88 KB, 497x690, tumblr_nqn4z4ypKg1uoafkoo1_500…)


No. 225610

File: 1642904880466.png (472.21 KB, 500x708, tumblr_n3ebaeTtTD1r1ane5o1_500…)

No. 225611

File: 1642905218019.png (116.6 KB, 459x513, the at of oniisan.png)

I adore her.

No. 225612


No. 225613

oh lol it's in 2 of them, is this a common shirt in her art I never noticed

No. 225614

File: 1642906191568.png (Spoiler Image,843.55 KB, 1296x1728, 130.png)

Pic related might be my favorite piece, does anyone know if she has colored it already?

Oh shit I think I made this crop of that paragraph lol
it's too based and describes exactly what I find hot but was never sure exactly why, and she put it into words

Well, one of her pseudonyms is "Sac Macaroni" if I'm not mistaken

No. 225622

File: 1642911584035.png (290.35 KB, 450x720, 8646d37eb6391e02fe6dfb5da97715…)

Mmmm sweaty

No. 225626

This is beautiful.

No. 225630

File: 1642916330520.png (131.18 KB, 444x384, F04A6461-4EA5-4F1C-9415-9E7A2D…)

hank hill-sama!!! <3

No. 225632

I once knew a girl whose husbando was Dale

No. 225633

NTA and haven't watched this cartoon, but I've seen a couple of anons both here and on CC say the same thing lol

No. 225636

File: 1642920642780.gif (261.06 KB, 220x162, dale-gribble-dale.gif)

How could he not be?

No. 225638

File: 1642922257634.png (376.64 KB, 500x408, EhRk1B1WsAAR_ef.png)

No. 225640

File: 1642922451115.jpg (132.05 KB, 750x1060, 0fb0cdb71242a365a69fbcebb495f0…)

it is q-taro burgerberg from your turn to die

No. 225642

File: 1642923027873.gif (1.48 MB, 400x225, 66B284D7-3D22-43D8-AC69-C987F0…)

Based. But also, dale makes the most sense.

No. 225645

>Sweet, devoted husband and good father
>Conspiracy kook, but not straight up QAnon
Dale's not a bad pick at all if you look beyond the literal cuck thing.

No. 225648

Honestly would both Hank and Dale.

No. 225649

File: 1642924920407.jpg (30.07 KB, 400x304, WhaReF3.jpg)

I really like cobra commander. I think he would be devoted and spoil you. He's sexy, cute, funny, and domineering. I like the mask and his voice.
I want him to dominate me, overwhelm me with pleasure, and watch my reactions. I also want to tie him up, tease his cock, and have him beg for more.

No. 225652

Hank really is the perfect husband.

No. 225654

I'm the girl

No. 225656

But he has no ass

No. 225663

but he'll love you if you have big feet. you seriously know nothing about love.

No. 225683

File: 1642940137560.png (368.82 KB, 1200x1200, e6fbb487e90f3673df8397293333f4…)

men in masks are truly patrician

No. 225688

"the art of oniisan" i laughed nonnie, loves you

No. 225698

Omg anon I was the one who posted hank hill sama and I kept thinking about Dale KEK I can’t

No. 225725

No it says "AT" (absolute territory)

No. 225731

File: 1642960664624.jpg (384.46 KB, 1252x1000, 78968376_p7.jpg)

>Someone else likes PUPPY
Based mask anon, It's sad that there is not a lot of content with him, since he pretty much checks all the boxes for a character I would find attractive:
>cyberpunk aesthetic
>kinda dumb and easily manipulated
>cool jacket

No. 225787

File: 1642975719123.jpg (Spoiler Image,573.11 KB, 990x1436, 71bMRXRctuL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

yes yes yes to everything you listed, i would do unspeakable things to him. also whos that in your image hes cute

No. 225860

File: 1643011710626.jpeg (97.48 KB, 640x960, 280B2B23-07E0-410B-8656-18A332…)

When did you all notice you had a thing for masked men? Zechs Marquise did something to my brain at a young age.

No. 225861

File: 1643012105650.jpeg (404.98 KB, 1554x2048, 2C4BD3AE-9224-4EC9-8ED2-D85DCB…)

Not those anons, but another one obsessed with masked men. I remember seeing someone wearing a bloody Ghostface costume one Halloween when I was little, and something inside me stirred.

No. 225897

File: 1643038266412.jpg (105.64 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

i remember getting inexplicably pissed when they showed genjis eyes in his cinematic short kek

No. 225918

File: 1643046699083.jpg (12.57 KB, 294x294, C_8iuCDUMAIvUs9.jpg)

Not any of these anons (and maybe my mask kink isn't as strong) but this motherfucker right here

No. 225920

File: 1643046977884.png (58.35 KB, 150x498, WayneHylics.png)

I think he's cute and it'd be fun to fly with him

No. 225924

patrician taste, anon. i want to stroke his moon-shaped head

No. 225932

I wanna pet the little Wayne larvae. They're like cute little cats!

No. 225962


No. 225966

Yo anons who like masks/monsters or whatever, you should take a look at Wes Borland's stage costumes, I can't post a pic but I wouldn't know which to post anyway they are all so good. The one where he's painted all black, wearing a mohawk and a pauldron gets me. Fuck

No. 225968

File: 1643060385721.png (257.47 KB, 431x331, 123897594375.png)

I did a search for him and that was the one which immediately stood out to me as well. I like the corset-like top too, underrated in men's fashion

No. 225971

File: 1643061188281.jpg (83.61 KB, 750x750, ss.jpg)

thanks nonna, this ones cute.

No. 225974

File: 1643062242528.jpeg (777.01 KB, 1242x806, E0645964-A641-4EFC-B005-D072D8…)

I remember fawning over wes when LB was in their prime. Fred Durst was so cringe tho I died a little each time I saw him in his wigger cosplay. I saw them in concert when I was like 14. Swoon

No. 225991

File: 1643066917816.jpg (123.83 KB, 1000x923, f2gzqglp2en71.jpg)

The pic you posted is amazing, holy shit.
Also, the character I posted was from this artist's original bl series, I can't read Japanese, so I really don't know what's happening, but the designs are cute.
It might have been Romantically Apocalyptic that made me realize it, now that I think about it, it was one of the first webcomics I read as a geeky tween because I was desperately looking for more media with a similar atmosphere to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games. Now I actually think the webcomic had an awful downfall in quality if it was even good in the first place, I'm not re-reading it, but it still influenced the kind of stuff I enjoy, which is usually cool mask/face covering helmet + military gear or urban clothing.
I will also admit that despite it's many faults Romantically Apocalyptic had some top tier boys in it, Snippy and Pilot were very cute.

No. 226005

>Romantically Apocalyptic
This absolutely further reinforced my mask fetish. Oh my god I read this on DA religiously.

No. 226006

The Masked Magician from "Breaking the Magician's Code: Magic's Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed", which I used to watch late at night when I was little
Apparently his real name is Val Valentino

No. 226021

File: 1643081977117.png (163.57 KB, 539x760, gay ass werewolf.png)

this costume and a hypothetical scenario of yosuke being cucked by his shadow self and getting off to it do things to me

No. 226023

Ngl I thought I was the only person whose thought about yosuke x shadow yosuke. Superior taste nonnie.

No. 226040

i found like 10 new husbandos recently and am literally drowning in the good brain chemicals

No. 226043

Make the list nonnie, do it in order so I know who's your favorite lol

No. 226045

File: 1643101962228.png (2.51 MB, 2000x1667, EtvIrVsWYAU4UhR.png)

im reading romac right now!! i love pilot and want to do terrible things to engie.

No. 226051

File: 1643104092247.gif (4.09 MB, 480x360, IMG_8829.GIF)

Cute Ghostie

No. 226072

File: 1643120889800.png (390.14 KB, 559x801, tumblr_oqpfutCnb81w2txydo1_640…)

Exquisite taste, anon
reminds me of this tasty femdom adachi smut https://archiveofourown.org/works/11317398

No. 226091

File: 1643136931681.jpg (86.56 KB, 1620x923, EflsCiGUMAAhamk.jpg)

I thought he was hot too especially him wearing leather and doing hand gestures. He's super attractive in fanarts.

No. 226095

File: 1643139342790.jpg (32.25 KB, 400x685, yakuza5dlc08.jpg)

how cringe am i for wanting to sit on this man

No. 226099

not cringe at all

No. 226104

lol do you know this character?

No. 226105

File: 1643143129271.png (4.96 KB, 458x30, ew.png)

No. 226144

File: 1643160498372.jpg (137.17 KB, 500x696, tumblr_mhj3p0bjaU1r0dcblo8_500…)

i would die to just meet her and talk to her for like half an hour. for 5 minutes. the genius she is. immaculate.

No. 226145

same nonnie, same

No. 226147

File: 1643161240301.jpg (Spoiler Image,60.86 KB, 500x800, eaaae61e7ac64f8a2bfab84626aa77…)

fishy man

No. 226149

could not stop laughing top kek

No. 226152

File: 1643162321252.jpg (241.49 KB, 1280x1707, 128.jpg)

Same, she's probably the first artist I've idolized this much

kek I remember a pic like this but it also had CLANNAD and then El Chavo del 8 characters

No. 226154

yo i gotta find that hahahaha

No. 226157

File: 1643166185262.png (1.94 MB, 810x1184, 333B108E-50CD-46A7-9D8F-B1A248…)

I have this one

No. 226167

File: 1643171215682.jpeg (53.86 KB, 750x440, 02D617B1-52A4-4056-9170-055B36…)

This is for Dottore-anon.

No. 226169

I'm not Dottore-anon (she's based af tho) but damn this is hot

No. 226177

File: 1643181571275.jpg (60.9 KB, 564x800, 3e0e8fe3a8200a25bd4eb5d46d92b4…)

I can fix him, but I don't want to.

No. 226194

At least fix his lazy eye

No. 226196

File: 1643193568149.jpg (51.4 KB, 563x680, 41712afb3099d1ca45d1323255db25…)

Kek it's not a lazy eye he has a glass eye after losing his own

No. 226204

crooked eyes are unironically hot

No. 226228

I mean, I would be honored if he let me fix the position of his eye like
>fixes his eye so they look at the same direction for a picture
>T-thanks you too.

No. 226235

>I will not fix him but I will help him fix his eye

No. 226244

Where’s this from

No. 226248

Can i post something i drew like a decade ago

No. 226257

oh do.

No. 226258

File: 1643222249371.jpeg (58.37 KB, 447x686, images - 2022-01-09T011635.458…)

Hnng, cute.

It's Ogata Hyakunosuke from Golden Kamuy

No. 226271

Yes please I hope you are the one who said you used to draw porn of my husbando

No. 226281

File: 1643227235028.png (758.75 KB, 724x1024, 8928167e0f20af227eb597f2ef0753…)

oh okay that makes sense thanks i didnt actually read the manga or watch the anime cause i dont really give a shit about the plot i just look at fanart and doujins of handsome characters

here have a peace offering

No. 226282

File: 1643227323907.png (Spoiler Image,412.41 KB, 570x3568, oh np.png)

thanks.this thread has helped me reconnect with my love of robots and masked dudes, and i hope in turn will help me reconnect to my teenage past self who was unashamed of her desires and lack of art skills

No. 226283

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA That was so cute I feel like screaming

No. 226292

File: 1643228301076.jpg (105.8 KB, 736x1041, b283df788aa5c2f9ebc8ead6b01f6f…)

It's okay, nonnie! I thought it was funny (it's funny in the series too)
There was no way to know unless you've read it, and I don't expect everyone to know Golden Kamuy lore. Cheers!

No. 226315

File: 1643229800657.jpg (60.66 KB, 564x825, 47839207402.jpg)

Always gonna be obsessed with him

No. 226320

ME TOO, NONA. Everything about him is so hot I could cry.

No. 226324

File: 1643230648203.gif (2.76 MB, 498x278, 6b6ff7cb8e4325076303a1f13ef9b3…)

No. 226342

Anderson is cute, I love him.

No. 226406

Ugh anon I also love him so much, marine biologist cutie

No. 226441

I want his sea cucumber

No. 226488

File: 1643235597862.png (Spoiler Image,144.19 KB, 600x800, foranderson.png)

NONNA THIS IS SO CUTEEE i wish i was this based back in the day and not just drawing sonic ocs. please accept my own robot husband oc as a humble offering, i love anderson very much

No. 226494

NTA, but this design is cute as shit and I'm not even a robotfucker.

No. 226507

Thank you so much and your oc is smokin

No. 226518

File: 1643237595250.png (Spoiler Image,188.49 KB, 600x717, anderson.png)

last one before i veer too offtopic kek but i really wanted to doodle him as well, i hope thats ok. this time its a real date
thank u nonna xoxo

No. 226548

File: 1643239219590.jpeg (26.47 KB, 324x380, D397786B-494F-4097-9E50-779CC8…)

been rewatching the ole Pride & Prejudice tv show on Hulu. I totally wanna bang young Colin Firth (but only, and I mean ONLY, if he is wearing regency era costume and speaking in cumbersome & meandering Jane Austen English) hahejejkelekekrjjshhsksodijebeb I want to d-d-doink himmm let’s goooo

No. 226553

>tfw I will never make Diluc roll his eyes back with pleasure because he loves licking my pussy.

No. 226602

My god I just want a super well built muscle packed 5'8-5'10 masked and armored stoic bodyguard who speaks little and only with a calm voice that I can boss around and have fuck me on the daily and only have eyes for me is that so much to ask for jfc. I need to get laid

No. 226614

File: 1643253618476.gif (1.69 MB, 500x203, F4C70B2D-8497-4FB6-A61E-1E9FEE…)

This is adorable and I love him. Gives off a Chappie-vibe

Need more robots and cyborgs in this thread.

No. 226615

fucking same

No. 226657

File: 1643269859449.jpg (84.05 KB, 640x853, 3lmobs66w1771.jpg)

chappie was most definitely an inspiration for the "ears" i love that movie. they wiggle when hes flustered.

No. 226687

File: 1643283897822.jpeg (49.91 KB, 1024x511, Dzpu9JiWwAAUAEX.jpg-large.jpeg)

Man, I've been replaying rdr2 after having finished it in 2019. Chapter 6 hit me really hard to say the least and I didn't have it in me to replay it after the epilogue. Riding with Arthur again feels just as great as it felt back then, I love him so much, it's hard to describe.
That figure looks great too, the box is a work of art! Wish he were mine

No. 226697

File: 1643290056602.jpeg (136.11 KB, 721x705, CE694C15-0E51-41BC-846B-E427C4…)

Big agree

No. 226733

File: 1643301217371.gif (4.58 MB, 728x532, BfKErYy.gif)

I would [REDACTED] max headroom

No. 226734

mmm smexy dale coopah

No. 226749

File: 1643306730371.jpeg (957.83 KB, 1242x1814, F9B45528-9307-4AAB-BC0B-52D469…)

Where do you guys find your cute robo pics? Mine pop up randomly while I search for recipes on Pinterest kek
Although I don’t know if picrel is a robot or a masked man- I think it’s just concept art. Either way, it’s hot.

Chappie is a good boy. I could never husbando him though because his personality is too innocent and child-like.

No. 226751

File: 1643306956560.jpeg (262.91 KB, 1242x1645, 7966030A-A51C-408E-9A3A-87531A…)

Oh I forgot to drop this too. A different anon linked this tumblr a couple weeks ago and it did something to my brain.


No. 226753

No. 226754

thank you nonnie my brain is feeling similarly

No. 226759

File: 1643310588841.jpeg (394.39 KB, 1242x1662, 89D31834-8FD7-4A51-9A5E-20F157…)

I hope robot husbands are a thing in the near future.

No. 226761

File: 1643311965779.jpeg (136.21 KB, 850x1241, 928B98B2-BA2B-4B83-87C0-74BC4F…)

Why cant my console come alive

No. 226767

>Ai robot husbands
Finally, something to live for

No. 226771

I wanna thank this thread for making me feel less self-conscious about wanting to ride a demon or a sexy robot. Thank you ladies.

No. 226797

File: 1643323244743.jpeg (1.21 MB, 2480x3508, A95253B2-2116-426B-AB35-C8276E…)

he’s not my husbando, but i want to suck his dick like i would a delicious, rapidly melting popsicle

No. 226808

>That dog

No. 226810

Chaste Knight bf that has taken a vow of silence tier

No. 226812

Unofficial Destiny concept, so just masked man.

I like masked guys, but they still have to have a nice face underneath for me to really love them.
And what I love the most about robots is the 'teach them to love/have emotions' element.

No. 226813

Looks more like a bull terrier imo

No. 226826

I see it, but its snout is soooo long kek

No. 226829

File: 1643336620503.png (655.83 KB, 432x767, 67a.png)

i think about this every single day. it haunts me. i am creating an entire fiction in my head related to this single thought and i fear one day i will put it to (bad) prose.

No. 226830

File: 1643337011219.png (7.18 MB, 1536x2048, zCCrrug.png)

wait nevermind im so stupid ive already seen this exact fantasy in a different lolcow thread. i know this because it was me

No. 226831

No. 226847

Ayrt, yes you are speaking my language nonnie that's exactly what I need in my life asap. Bonus points if half-on armor sex happens

No. 226851

File: 1643352129974.png (813.43 KB, 600x900, bb.png)

I'd kiss every one of his scars but most of all I wanna hop on that dick so badly.

No. 226873

Bonus points if the dick is also armored

No. 226880

File: 1643374930772.jpeg (111.67 KB, 728x776, 38E137B2-01FA-431D-B611-17A16E…)

I had a dream in which this loser was typing ridiculously fast and it turned me on, he told me that he could show me how to do it like him but I told him that it wasn’t necessary and that we could just have sex. I didn’t get to the really juicy part, he was just there taking off my pants and telling me that he wasn’t as good as the others but that he would do his best.

No. 226919

No. 226929

Sorry for not replying before but i was so overwhelmed by how wonderful and sweet of you it was to make this sketch. Thank you so much i was so happy that i jumped up and down. Thank you my most preciousest cow

No. 226969

there's a male youtuber who has such a hot voice I could masturbate to it. I've tried but every time I start I just feel like such a creep and have to stop.

No. 226971

File: 1643408682192.jpeg (191.79 KB, 1140x570, 2404B4D5-2345-4E34-8DE0-71FB1A…)

I hate that i have a crush on this retarded costume its as bad as having one on marshmello

No. 226976

deadwing dork has an intentionally creepy voice that he does and I wrote down videos/timestamps where he does it for my personal enjoyment

No. 226977

aww nonna no problem!! your comic made me happy

No. 226982

>I wrote down videos/timestamps where he does it for my personal enjoyment
I thought I was the only one who did that lmao

No. 226993

hi can we talk about metalocalypse again im rewatching it for the second time in the last couple weeks and i'm just crushing on toki, nathan, and pickles so hard i want them

No. 226994

File: 1643412774194.jpeg (48.46 KB, 512x435, 65434595-FBC3-4CAD-B9E3-EBAC93…)

I just finished silent hill 2.. I’m just gonna quietly scoot in over to ao3 real quick

No. 226998

File: 1643413556988.jpg (263.48 KB, 1400x1400, INEEDHIM.jpg)

this but not for james

No. 227001

Who's the YouTuber?

No. 227005

Kek this is the funniest thing I've read here today, next time I'll hear him do that I'll think about you nonna.

>movie version

No. 227011

gimme recs, daddy James can pillow choke me like he hates me any time uwu
that's just James with a ventilation hood on his head

No. 227012

File: 1643423417487.jpg (48.06 KB, 736x516, e28a128ef077b58937644c0302003b…)

Bloodborne has so many sexy outfits

No. 227014

File: 1643425141355.jpg (12.72 KB, 152x163, just a little creature.jpg)


No. 227016

still waiting hiii pls drop pics my computer keeps shutting off randomly and i hate using my phone to browse for stuff as its already full of too many pictures and videos (not like horny shit i just love memes and taking pics of things) …. wheres the anon who posted the pickles porn last time

No. 227024

File: 1643430981809.jpeg (184.01 KB, 1280x853, 32D96369-44F6-436A-ACC8-3B7E50…)

thinking about if I had a brigade of elegant footmen. they would have to lick my feet

No. 227027

File: 1643432298269.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, B1A93B6E-1AE1-4727-ABCA-8E1914…)

No. 227028

File: 1643432370868.jpeg (118.4 KB, 1300x1601, 2657F563-033E-4DB4-B3FF-156B3C…)

Based but

No. 227048

it's Jackson Crawford

No. 227051

File: 1643456148942.gif (874.59 KB, 354x193, 311D1728-31E6-4260-A9B6-A82E08…)

Same nonita

>I can fix him coof coof

No. 227065

File: 1643462230205.png (2.07 MB, 1191x839, a73534195a20451d3286f7a1196990…)

nonna ive never actually watched the movie all i know is i want to grab his tits
every version of him is great though

No. 227085

I don't know who he is, but this is hot

No. 227092

File: 1643471590431.jpg (101.13 KB, 500x361, 1383704117742.jpg)

I'm here nonna! What kind of pics do you want? I can see if I have them.

No. 227094

File: 1643471775436.png (421.54 KB, 1060x1605, 1634570356609.png)

Kek same here. Gonna go watch the movie just to see him shirtless.

No. 227095

It’s so funny I’ve seen him posted on here recently. Here in the uk we have a hugely popular soap opera called coronation street and he was on it years ago. He was one of my favourite characters but they killed him off.

No. 227096

Speaking of hot voices. I freaking love Jonah Scotts voice.

No. 227106

File: 1643475772337.jpeg (548.99 KB, 1125x1774, E9665BC9-2FD5-498F-8165-1A79DC…)

I also want to fuck the goofy triangle man

No. 227113

File: 1643477443710.jpg (2.66 MB, 2921x3876, 92443959_p0.jpg)

I want to get stalked and fucked by a male Hasshaku-sama

No. 227114

File: 1643477670313.jpg (78.1 KB, 724x1023, 756dfe16ffc0277edc97e466c8919d…)

I thought this was Boutaro at first glance

No. 227126

Tastes like toblerone

No. 227136

would dance with

No. 227142

File: 1643486740554.jpg (80.68 KB, 1200x600, Mozu-Bustafellows.jpg)

chaste king show me your nipples

No. 227187

File: 1643497034701.gif (1.87 MB, 498x278, cole-mcgrath-infamous2.gif)

I will never forget you my original husbando please visit me in my dreams we can take sponge baths.

No. 227188

File: 1643497125272.jpg (150.49 KB, 718x1024, Scarecrow.(BUSTAFELLOWS).full.…)

Scarecrow's nipples looked so pink and soft hehe

No. 227191

I love my husbando I'm thinking of sitting in his lap and his big arms wrapped around me and a huge smile on his face as he smells my hair, then I lean my head back onto his chest and he kisses my cheek and says how happy he feels, his voice sounding all weird.

No. 227198

I know I just posted in the unconventional male attractions thread, but I've been listening to Napalm Death all day and I'm horny as fuck. I want to ride his dick all day and take him out for a nice dinner while we talk shit about how retarded American Napalm fans are.

No. 227204

Based Napalm-chan. All the members are super ugly except maybe Barney. but I like your style.

No. 227207

I forgot to mention that I meant Barney. I'm too horny.

No. 227213

fuck yes. i was very much into his gruff voice from the first game

No. 227228

File: 1643516047296.gif (533.67 KB, 426x267, 7C022F20-9D67-4F59-B543-AB2373…)

classic tastes will always be preferred

No. 227230

I this asshole so much but also he's so fucking hot I hate it

No. 227268

they were so pretty kek i didnt expect at all to see their nips but im glad they showed it
since mozu decided to be a prude i enjoyed limbo's the most kek

No. 227272

File: 1643548067106.jpg (360.17 KB, 3840x2160, EBUbHp8W4AM9RAf.jpg)

he looks like he makes electro-industrial music and that's kinda sexy of him

No. 227273

File: 1643548380981.jpeg (164.15 KB, 819x1024, C104306B-9A90-43BE-8C74-B75421…)

I love my gloomy anxious husband

No. 227274

I have no idea of what this is but please post a pic nona

No. 227275

The way he was animated his voice and his song reminded me of lil dicky and the we love the earth song

No. 227324

File: 1643562971908.jpeg (27.97 KB, 466x466, 62F6EA69-541E-409E-A716-04B68A…)

w-would you guys be down for a rate my husbando taste thread

No. 227326

No. 227330

File: 1643564573903.jpg (417.33 KB, 1000x1000, 4.jpg)

in severe need for him to fuck me silly in exchange for looking the other way on my shoplifting… his dick is huge and pretty i just know it.

No. 227331

Sounds like fun, too bad my taste is very distinctive and anons would know who I am instantly kek. I say go for it!

No. 227336

What about a roast my husbando thread?

No. 227337

way better idea

No. 227345

File: 1643568560577.jpg (21.13 KB, 622x380, 122.jpg)

that's every thread

No. 227348

What are they saying? Hot idea though.

No. 227354

Same I love mine too much. I predict mostly troll posts.

No. 227356

I think she's saying
>Hah… Eh? This isn't cosplay?
No idea about the text box tho lol

I don't think there's any husbando I would like to post in such a thread lmao
On second thought maybe it'd be fun and anyone who shits on my husbandos can go to hell anyway
Would it be here or on /m/?

Same thing anyway, depending on what kind of comments you make. Could be both?

What's so distinctive about your taste nona? I'm sure there are other people with a similar taste to yours.

In my case, it's a mix of that and some of my husbandos not well-known enough to get any ratings.

No. 227380

I don't think it would be fun, anons who like anime bishies would call everyone else old and smelly and ugly and anons who like other sorts would call anime bishies plastic and pointy chin abominations

No. 227385

File: 1643575059801.jpg (931.25 KB, 1920x1080, nipples.jpg)

its from otome bustafellows. i only have finished the common route yet so idk if there was more nipple fan service

No. 227393

That's some fine detail. NICE