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File: 1651435390303.jpg (112.01 KB, 960x951, babushka.jpg)

No. 1158088

Let it be known.
Previous: >>>/ot/1135590

No. 1158096

babushka ballin'

No. 1158098

File: 1651435535723.gif (2.32 MB, 268x170, tumblr_4fc20bdfbc0234110844f08…)

If every random actor scrote gets their own thread, priestfags should have their own thread as well

No. 1158099

is that joaquin phoenix? where is this from

asking for my pussy

No. 1158102

i support this motion.

No. 1158103

yesssss based babushka threadpic

No. 1158104

Quills (2000)

yess let's do it

No. 1158106

File: 1651435720677.png (34.59 KB, 343x377, 1450614069081.png)

honestly not a bad idea actually, we should make a priest-fag general on /m/

No. 1158111

Do eet

No. 1158115

No. 1158128

Where's this image from? I swear I've seen that style before.

No. 1158520

I can't stand ezrafags. Paul Dano is ugly, but at least he isn't an alcoholic that hits women.

No. 1158570

File: 1651463531362.jpg (1.08 MB, 869x4156, 01.jpg)

a lot of western radfems overhype and overestimate east asian radfems, like probably feminists in general is less then one US western state, a handful of online westernized so called radfems aren't gonna be a big change as most people think they are
the real feminists aren't flashy "I am le based man hater who'll fight man and post about it online" real feminists are actually helping women with actual financial help, I know a foreign concept to radfems

No. 1158571

File: 1651463572081.jpg (987.42 KB, 869x4156, 02.jpg)

No. 1158578

Same. Erza fags are pick me bitches and you can't convince me otherwise. He's hurt a few women already but they think they can change him.

No. 1158579

In my opinion kpop husbandos are better than 2D husbandos

No. 1158586

It's ironic how your post basically says EA radfems are overhyped, but that comic alone is more based than most of the western feminist comics we're used to seeing

No. 1158591

File: 1651465782736.png (2.47 MB, 1339x1600, 1650790795354-0.png)

that comic is not actually a radfem manga though, its from Investor Z which is just a big critique of Japanese society and how that society suppresses women, technological innovation, creates otakus and hikikomoris, stagnates the Japanese economy and was responsible for Japanese behavior and atrocities in WW2
It doesn't dwell that much focus on feminism but it does go into the history of how east asian societies suppress women compared to the west and continue to suppress women

No. 1158598

I didn’t know hating men and aiding other women financially are mutually exclusive

No. 1158599

will you ver stop whinging about radfems? go outside you autistic retard

No. 1158610

I have questioned this many times and I have yet to be given a proper answer, can you name me one great radical feminist intellectual that has actually helped poor struggling woman, actually helping rather then using them as a tool

No. 1158623

No one wants to debate some random is why. This is the internet. You could be a moid looking for attention for all anons know, so they owe you no explanation or time. It would not change your mind anyway.

No. 1158624

>using as a tool
A tool for what?

No. 1158627

sorry most rather focus their financial aid on their own countries (regardless of recognition) than on some random neet in Romania

No. 1158631

"Hyperfemme" is a troon consoomer online trend that means absolutely nothing in real life

No. 1158636

a tool to feel more opresseded or that their in actual danger, such as pretending the material situation in the Iranian revolution or Afghanistan are at all the same in the west and they could ever end up like those women suffering the worst forms of patriarch on the planet y

No. 1158647

Why is Afghan/Irans the worst on the planet. Their are other third world countries, even ones that are largely muslim. How is mentioning women are oppressed for their biology equating their level of evil, saying a woman is oppressed via reproductive restrictions and punished through abortion prevention no matter the circumstances as still is done and attempted in first world countries like the US, and the suffering faced of non-western woman such as in your example, are not equating the two, just presenting two examples of how it is a universal issue which women can not escape. It is not a competition of who is more oppressed, just a fact that it happens to all women due to our biology. Western ones secured their own position, so while they have not helped you, they have helped those who step into their territory which they have the power to effect through networks and what little they have to give (creating womens refuge for domestic violence survivors, initial fight for voting rights, etc, their is no billionaire radfem as power is largely held by men and their is incentive to maintain that stranglehold to ensure reproduction on mens terms). What have non-westerners done for westerners? Nothing, so why is it bad they help themselves and anyone who can make it to their aided land.

No. 1158651

>They haven't helped my people
>But don't say my people need help

No. 1158656

I don't think you understand what I'm talking about, many western radfems and libfems use Iran and Afghanistan as a "it can happen here" type example, thinking as if the situations are comparable in anyway conceivable way, atwood made a whole novel based on the concept and tried to explain away the complexities of the Iranian revolution as just men being mad that women wearing skirts which just solidified in my mind that atwood was a moron

No. 1158658

Atwood is a libfem.

No. 1158685

did you at all read my post, english is my third language and at least I brother to read what's written

No. 1158693

>english is my third language
It really shows

No. 1158698

It's familiar to me as well in a sinister way but image search is not bringing anything up

No. 1158704

Yes, you say radfem bad, but then use Atwood as an example, when she's not a radfem. Handmaids Tale was also based on taking a western problem to the extreme (abortion restriction which used to be in effect just not as a cult thing). Not agreeing is not the same as understanding.

No. 1158706

>Brother reads what's written
That explains a lot. Brother must approve your opinion or do you agree?

No. 1158711

Women can be heavily restricted as they use to be, just not based on islam but another religion but still with no freedom.

No. 1158713


No. 1158716

It makes sense. If anon is heavily oppressed and she has her posts read, then it is not fully her opinion.

No. 1158721

She clearly meant to write
>at least I bother to read what's written

No. 1158723

Really? I thought she was saying her brother read what was written because we were talking in English and it's her third language. Kek, my mistake.

No. 1158724

No problem anon, just a misunderstanding

No. 1158725

Not agreeing is not the same as understanding. Say radfems truly only focus on their own country, why does that invalidate their problems and attempt to better their lives and the lives of other women in their country? Are you against that? It's not a competition. What do you think should be done?

No. 1158748

File: 1651476599530.jpg (207.16 KB, 636x1415, original.jpg)

In retrospect, Ajit Pai was kinda chad in how he had so much patience with the hysterical doomer criticisms of ending net neutrality. He simply rolled his eyes, took the slander on the chin and just had goofy fun with the persona they created for him.

It was hard to see it at the time, but looking back, there's no way the Fidget Spinner video wasn't a meta shitpost mocking the braindead redditors and terminally online crowd. He intentionally behaved as out of touch to agitate the people that created some corporate stooge caricature out of him. The seethe is absolutely dripping from the comments section of that video.

No. 1158754

Why does every unpopular opinion thread have this damn debate? Anyways do they put crack in McDonald’s food shit is so bad for you but I just ate it and it’s sooooo yummy aaa
Unpopular opinion: some people (mostly women) look better chubby, or good as skinny and chubby, I think you need to have really fortunate weight distribution and soft enough facial features to pull off the chubby cheeks. My ex’s aunt was a pretty chubby lady. She also smelt goof

No. 1158755

Also this is coming from someone who can NOT pull off being chubby, I’m top heavy with masculine facial features.

No. 1158775

3rd-world-chans in /ot/ constantly throwing fits about western women having it great and not appreciating what they have because they're vocal about the misogyny in their society are repeating exactly the same rhetoric as MRAs who tell feminists to shut up and stop whining because they're not being stoned and are allowed to leave their house without a minder and how they should go "work at the shelters instead of complaining".

No. 1158777

Nothing wrong with being a bit chubby (as in, not obese) as long as you look proportionate. Chubby women can definitely look good as long as they wear flattering clothes in terms of cuts and sizes, but that also applies to thin women.

No. 1158813

Seriously. I get the frustration but can we all just agree that men suck and focus our hatred towards them instead of each other? It accomplishes nothing and just makes both sides feel like shit.

No. 1158822

>can you name me one great radical feminist intellectual that has actually helped poor struggling woman, actually helping rather then using them as a tool
Pretty much every single one of them.

No. 1158831

I feel like some of them have got to be moids larping, it reminds me of those anons who claim anons venting about being abused by moids are moids themselves with gross fantasies. Why would other women, in any situation, be so obsessed with shutting down other women for calling out men?

No. 1158832

not one ezrafag has said "we can change/fix him" beyond just a joke to indicate how schizo he actually is. Pretty sure the ezrafags on here are well aware and know how crazy he is

No. 1158838

There was one who thought this way but she got banned afaik. Rest are just posting pics of him before he became a druggie and hit the wall.

No. 1158840

>You shouldn't criticize x cause men criticize it too!!
Shitty argument, as always

No. 1158843

Stfu already

No. 1158848

We're also anonymous here and you can't know whether an anon has actually done work for abused women or not. If you do talk about it, it's considered blogposting or lulzy anyway. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Best to ignore them, really.

No. 1158852

Telling me to shut up is not going to make you look better

No. 1158865

White women who prefer non-white men are always mentally ill and should be avoided even platonically regardless of the race of the men. Same for non-white women who prefer non-white men of other races. Non-white women who prefer white men, while the most justified, are usually just sad.(racebait)

No. 1158872

File: 1651486560903.jpg (53.38 KB, 564x705, f23e32c75b314d3acdc8202e6789df…)

Is this supposed to be threatening? Why would white women who like non white men care if white men ignore them? I swear to God scrotes think the world revolves around them

No. 1158875

My opinion is pickmes are as guilty as men. They're taking us back by always defending men and doing as much as they can to put other women down.

No. 1158876

I said that they should be avoided even platonically. Sane women should not befriend them either.

No. 1158877

what led you to have this opinion?

No. 1158878

Don't reply to moids.

No. 1158881


No. 1158882

Don't reply to the racebaiter scrote.

No. 1158884

This "my moid/my scrote/my nigel" shit needs to be stopped. Just say my boyfriend or whatever, and have some dignity intact.

No. 1158895

I'm gonna say my semenbank next time.

No. 1158903

not as guilty as scrotes but definitely some blame is on them for putting down women. they're not as bad as scrotes though, a moid genocide is acceptable but i wouldn't wish harm on an otherwise normal pickme. they can be saved imo

No. 1158912

They're dating men, they're aware their dignity has taken a huge dip for that alone

No. 1158915

Nonnie is right, we should say “my dick haver”

No. 1158930

A deranged, bitter scrote does his daily rounds on LC lol

No. 1158939

It's not that. It's like a man on some male community saying "heh yeah my foid agrees with that, we were having a conversation about our future pets and she said huskies are wild" like, it would be cringe because it's clear the dude is trying to fit in in a weird way.

No. 1158942

From what I've seen, moids enjoy that. They like the idea of having a girlfriend or wife in lockstep with their opinions

No. 1158945

What? That's not what I was tryna paint with that example. Okay, how about something like this? "I've been gardening lately and my foid suggested I do tomatoes so I am going with that" like, the foid thing just seems ridiculous because it's clear the dude enjoys his gfs company and all and likes her, and is saying foid to fit in with his bros.

No. 1158982

The hate for people w/ BPD is not enough when it comes to people with Aspergers or Autism. They are almost the same flavor of horrible yet autistic people are never on the same level of this hatred and frustration. You have to hate BPDfags and spergs

No. 1158997

No, I don’t mind being friends with autists because I am a grown adult that can tell other people what makes them uncomfortable. If you try doing that on a BPD they will become your worst nightmare. I know a lot of well adjusted autistic people but not a single BPD.

No. 1158999

autists and bpds are very similar. you guys are not much different.

No. 1159001

If we can accept that some people (like Jill) deliberately seek out diagnoses for disorders they don't have and succeed, we have to accept that there are also doctors who deliberately diagnose people with disorders they don't have.
A lot of mental health professionals are opportunistic or straight-up disordered. Taking their word as gospel is overly naive. It's suspicious that there are suddenly so many children diagnosed with ADHD, autistic and/or body dysmorphic girls diagnosed with gender dysphoria, young women diagnosed with BPD, etc. Sometimes, the symptoms don't even apply, but the diagnosis gets slapped on anyway. It's almost like there's a quota to fill

No. 1159009

My thoughts exactly. Autists are annoying as fuck and frustrating to deal with but they have a chance at adjusting to normal life and they won't ruin your life like a crazy BPD-chan would. They don't even exist in the same category. The worst people I have ever met in my life have been diagnosed with BPD and if someone ever exhibits those traits again I will bail out immediately while autists have just been, well, autistic.

Seriously, is it just me or has there been some anon who's dead set on crying about BPDs being oppressed and that it's not her fault she's being a crazy unstable bitch and it's actually everyone else that's not normal?

No. 1159020

>Pretty much every single one of them.
literally who and when ?
>Handmaids Tale was also based on
no it wasn't, it used the suffering of Iranian women as a dumb premise for something western women can never even comprehend, while almost every Muslim nation is just one coup away from an Islamic Shariah

No. 1159029

agreed BPDs are a hell of a drug, but not the misdiagnosed ones. If you self harm or have mood swings you are not really BPD maybe PTSD and depressed. BPD contains sociopathic and evil characteristic and they ruin people's lives, that's real BPD. A lot of abused or PTSD women get misdiagnosed with BPD but at this point it has become very easy to spot authentic BPD chans. Too bad I have personality characteristics that attract sociopaths because I am easy to abuse. What am I supposed to do when someone is obsessing over me and trying to ruin my life?

No. 1159034

Yep. And how even when there is an actual disorder that needs treatment, it's super common for people to be misdiagnosed and put on the wrong medication sometimes for years because the doctor is in a rush to prescribe any pill, or a specific pill they want to push. It's dangerous and can put people in more danger than not being medicated at all if they are put on the wrong prescription because the professionals don't take the time to listen to their actual symptoms. Mental healthcare is so broken and always has been, it's sad and unethical. Back in the day every mentally ill person would just be labelled schizophrenic or hysteric as a blanket diagnosis and likely be put away and mistreated, and now the list of "blanket" labels is just bigger and people are sold to and then brushed off to go suffer alone.

No. 1159035

I don't get why female autists are demonized. Female autists are inoffensive and their personality dynamics make them susceptible to being abused by individuals with high sociopathy levels since autistic women are very often outspoken, honest and they do not understand social cues. Very easy targets and very easy to be abused by both women and men. What's worse is that some individuals, women too are literally born with sociopathic or dark triad personality traits. I've seen them, they come from normal families and have normal childhoods with barely any abuse but they act evil and are evil. They're obsessed with controling people and they never want others to be well. I've dealt with so many people like these I literally drink their poison and became a bit like them for being continously abused by the same archetype.

No. 1159036

I doubt the ukranian camwhore cares as much about you as yiu do about her tbh

No. 1159038

>female autists
kek, I've seen it all now. It's not because they're less dangerous than male autists that they're inoffensive. I'm speaking from personal observations. Maybe you only mean "female high functioning autists/aspergers"

No. 1159040

The negative traits are not caused by autism. Autism doesn't cause evil traits. What I define by evil is someone that constantly tries to manipulate and hurt others.

No. 1159042

>If you self harm or have mood swings you are not really BPD maybe PTSD and depressed. BPD contains sociopathic and evil characteristic and they ruin people's lives, that's real BPD

How to tell someone doesn’t even have a bachelor’s in psychology but is convinced they know how to diagnose someone.

No. 1159045

Yeah scrolling by and they read like a toxic angry fuck who’s going to complain about their mom.

No. 1159046

psychology is bullshit and people with a PhD will misdiagnose you, but evil and obsessive traits are real in humans and BPD is real, it just gets misdiagnosed. PTSD or even autismo women get diagnosed with BPD. It's enough for you to have self harm scars and be depressed for a shrink to diagnose you with BPD, yet BPD is a real disorder even if misdiagnosed and they should be demonized because real BPDs have some inborn sociopathy traits. They abuse everyone and have no remorse or empathy.

No. 1159048

File: 1651498481973.jpg (14.74 KB, 261x193, ek.jpg)

Just saw an anon vent about ACNH and all I'm gonna say is that it is not that bad compared to it's predecessors as people make it out to be. They so desperately want a AC game that has it all. I've played all the AC games (excep for Pocket Camp but that's on mobile) and people really choose to forget the complains they had about previous AC games, especially New Leaf, which suddenly gets praised so much. It was a great game when it came out, don't get me wrong, but people had plenty of complains about it back then too but oh nooooooooow they make it sound like it's flawless, especially those who got into NL after being introduced to AC through NH. NH made up for some things NL (and previous games) lacked but then again NH lacked in other areas but it's still stupid to act like Nintendo fucked everyone over, especially when people say they've spent over 400 hours playing this game.

No. 1159050

Nonna you're responding to the same person who wrote this >>1139798 not too long ago. It's probably all projection because she finally got a BPD diagnosis and can't cope with it or something.

No. 1159052

Oh there’s the context. Thanks Noni new they read like a red flag

No. 1159054

kill yourself stupid borderline manipulative whore

No. 1159057

File: 1651498924968.jpeg (72.92 KB, 500x500, 70BFD6FC-4C5B-4606-95E2-C20574…)

Just because a dish is spicy doesn’t mean it’s good.

No. 1159059

go simp for amber heard and start abusing people when they criticize you or not bend to your will. My life has been actually hellish and I've been targeted by evil individuals my entire life just because I am kind and life has put me in a shit position. I'm tired of seeing BPD chans with perfect or nearly normal lives complain about their :abuse" when it's just their mom asking them to wash the dishes. If I turn evil, I actually have reasons to. I've been through literal hell and I'm forced to listen to normal people complain about their mental illness and abuse when it's not even real but nobody will ever listen to me and then I have to empathize with them and accept them abusing me or they will guilt trip me. No more BPD whores and there's many of them. Sociey literally forces you to develop sociopathic tendencies to survive

No. 1159061

File: 1651499169971.jpeg (372.05 KB, 1600x1095, B38F6CFB-B26C-4B3C-A55F-DFFE23…)

Korean feminism is inspiring and those women deserve to hear it. Korean men swearing at them in the street can get wrecked by the 4B’s.

No. 1159100

Ah, there it is.

No. 1159102

What causes violent meltdowns that make female autists yell and screech until they calm down, that make them destroy furniture and that make them punch, kick, bite and strangle people unprompted then? I'm very curious.

No. 1159104

My unpopular opinion is that people who obsessively alog BPDs are also BPD.
>My life has been actually hellish and I've been targeted by evil individuals my entire life just because I am kind and life has put me in a shit position
>If I turn evil, I actually have reasons to
>I've been through literal hell and I'm forced to listen to normal people complain about their mental illness and abuse when it's not even real
this is called a victim complex.

No. 1159107

while they are based, their extreme minority in a extremely pick-me patriarchal society, my unpopular opinion is they likely won't accomplish much and korea will be invaded by china and the north

No. 1159112

Men don't mature as they age, they just lose testosterone as they get older so they tard rage less.

No. 1159113

>or people that constantly go off about autism
this is so funny to see on lolcow of all places. normies don't post here, if you're on an imageboard and you're above the age of like 16 you're at least a little bit spergy.

No. 1159119

autists always have a chip on their shoulder about what autism actually is/does. autist anon will argue until the end of time that #notallautists

No. 1159126

Agree, I have never met an evil autistic woman and being a weeb and a nerd I've met plenty. Most of them are well adjusted but might suffer of depression or PTSD because like you said, they're very susceptible to abuse and being taken advantage of. Being spergy and blind to social cues isn't the same as being outright malicious.

As for the actually evil women, I've met some too. And I agree, some people are just born like that. The one in particular I've met was obsessed with controlling and bullying others despite coming from a very normal home with no abuse and a loving family with plenty of friends, but for whatever reason she just picked out someone to abuse and manipulate.

No. 1159127

Sounds based, are there any specific groups or sites where I can learn more about them?

No. 1159129

This, my dad was absolutely batshit and insanely violent when he was in his 20-30s, but when he turned 50 he literally just calmed down, he doesn't even fight or scream anymore, i wonder if aging had to do something with it

No. 1159136

Any of the autistic women/girls I've known were nice, just kind of awkward and blunt and we always got along. Whereas I've met plenty of men on the spectrum who were just absolutely horrid scrotes.

No. 1159140

No. 1159144

I've only had a run-in with a single autist girl and she was a very aggravating person, a weirdly racist pickme. Very spoiled too. But I mean, it's only one person and you can't really make a judgement for the whole group out of one person. And there may as well be undiagnosed autists I've met who I thought were cool.

No. 1159146

Ok but why is there always an "autists vs BPDfags" discussion itt? it happened last time too

No. 1159149

samefag, i'm esl so sorry in advance for weird wording

No. 1159157

these two diagnoses cannot help themselves. although i guess for this time, someone was raging on bpds but still, autismos came outta nowhere.

No. 1159158

I’m pretty sure it’s kiwi cells trying to pit farmers against each other. Hints the constant defaulting to you whores if you scroll up. Some moid is tilted autistic women aren’t vilified like autistic men (because the men are violent retards) and women with bpd aren’t just treated as hysterical because women are abusive too!! (Men get fucked.)

No. 1159160

File: 1651503891878.jpg (28.45 KB, 456x689, ab125b99605485f7ed6c1012253ef9…)

Imageboards are our natural habitat, but I don't mind BPDchans being here too, the alogging against them makes me uncomfortable.

No. 1159162

no it's just me calling out sociopathic whores. I actually love women with autism but hate sociopathic whore pick mes with BPD. Often times they are also pick mes and try to hurt other women.

No. 1159166

You just proved that anon's by yet again, defaulting to using whore as an insult. Nice job outing yourself, moid.

No. 1159167

what is this cringe post? no one needs to know if you're ok with some diagnoses posting on a public board you think is mainly for you. i meant autismos were mentioned outta nowhere while the heat was on bpds, which was suspicious.

No. 1159170

Stop calling women whores, you know it isn't right

No. 1159172

>whore whore whore whore whore whore whore whore
Moids are so predictable and unoriginal

No. 1159173

I use whore for both men and women and I hate both men and women that are evil.equally. Men are more likely to rape and kill you, women more likely to bully you. I hate evil. My entire life I have fought against evil and injustice, including the one forming inside of me just to see millions of individuals be worshipped in society for literally being evil and hurting others. I hate evil people no.matter their gender and evil individuals often times are very likely to fit into cluster B personality disorder criteria.

some of them deserve it stop pretending women are not evil when they are too

No. 1159175

>b-but they're also pickmes and hurt women!!! see?? i care for women aha

No. 1159176

it's obviously romanianon who's escaped the thread she usually haunts, the vent thread.

No. 1159177

stop pretending like women don't hurt women. It's literally all you can do. You just deny reality for your retarded ideology. I hate scrotes but I hate evil women just as much.

No. 1159178

>I was 8 years old

No. 1159184

I'm not pretending women can't be evil, everyone knows both men and women can be bad people and even women who dislike men know this. Other women aren't stupid just because they aren't always singling out groups of women like you. You didn't like people calling you a whore or wishing harm on mentally ill women but you do it yourself with whichever mentally ill women you think are deserving of being put down by you. First you did it with women with eating disorders and now this, you rightfully get mad when anons do this to other mentally ill women or women exploited by the sex industry but then turn around and do it yourself like it means nothing. Just because there are bad women out there doesn't mean that women need to be obsessively devalued here like everywhere else on the internet.

No. 1159185

Okay? Did you just miss this >>1159162 anon sperging and alogging all over the place? I don't want us to be pitted against BPDchans. Also it's literally an ancient stereotype that imageboards are spergcental, so idk why you're so upset.

No. 1159188

im tired of treating others right when I have been treated like shit by everyone. Why should I protect and respect those that hurt me and talk nicely of them? Women with BPD and eating disorders are evil and they would have 0 empathy towards me. Most people I've met have had 0 empathy towards me or hurt me because I was vulnerable. Why should I be an infinite oasis of empathy when others are not?

No. 1159192

I kind of don’t mind being a “wage slave” at an ok job, but I think it would be really nice if there were more options for working. Like offer 4hr or 8hr days as a standard, offer the optiom to work only a few days as standard. This would make some people happier, allow disabled people to work when they might not otherwise be able to, and help alleviate the whining about “stolen jobs”. The government could give perks to businesses that offer more options or something idk. Or we could have an enforced formula for how much employees should be paid based on business profits and number of employees, instead of just based on job and market.

Like there’s so many things we could try to improve things, and we could implement them in less than a month. We all knew it was true but the pandemic proved it. We could practically turn certain countries utopic over night if we wanted. Too bad moids in power are too obsessed with muh process.

No. 1159196

There's someone who legit thinks there's only one autistic anon and that's it and has some weird crusade against autism. Like why even go on an imageboard then? I think that anon who was complaining about new fag normies a couple weeks ago, was right.

No. 1159200

I'd vote for you

No. 1159204

Not every mentally ill woman with these diagnoses are women you hate from lolcow though, saying as blanket they are evil and can't have empathy toward you or someone like you is just silly. And besides that, doing something you know is shitty and wrong is as much of an insult to yourself as it is to anyone else.

No. 1159208

romianon you have no room to talk because you quite literally both of those so what the fuck are you talking about? lmao

No. 1159222

She wants to be autistic so bad but she's a bog standard bpd.

No. 1159225

Again you read like an aggressive red flag even to non bpd-Chans. Chill.

No. 1159234

I used to stock shelves at night in a store and I loved it. Didn't have to talk to anyone and could just listen to music and podcasts on my phone all night. It just sucked because my country has retarded labour law. My health was getting fucked toward the end because my manager kept cutting my hours and increasing my workload to the point where it was impossible to do the job without hurting yourself, I was so rushed I couldn't lift safely. So now I'm on medical leave and the taxpayers are paying for my workplace's retarded business practices.

No. 1159268

I feel like I could be friends with her if she wasn't so aggressive, didn't call other women whores and didn't assume everyone is out to get her. She has some cool interests and it just feels like lost potential.

No. 1159315

The anon you replied to is the romanian, so yeah fucking flourishing bpd is in this one

No. 1159327


No. 1159377

I've seen Korean radfems talk about deliberately bringing up Korean average dick size on international spaces to trigger and humiliate their moids. It's based, though they deserve more than that for the shit they do. If women of the entire world brought up the most embarrassing shit about the scrotes in all their countries on a world stage, maybe we'd have world peace because they'd shut the fuck up

No. 1159386

New Horizon is a trash game that sucks off nostalgiafags and consoomers

No. 1159388

Misogyni is stored in the balls.

No. 1159411

Yes, they have a victim complex and want to be coddled 24/7 and think being high functioning is the only way autists can exist, then they pretend the severely disabled autists don't exist. I don't get it.

No. 1159454

Images of troons should be automatically spoilered. Sometimes I see them on the front page and they scare me like nothing else

No. 1159500

i think those long show-off acrylic nails are a statement and look cool. not all the time, but like for an event or a shoot or something.

No. 1159501

Damn finally another anon who likes long nails! I don't wear mine super long, but I'll never to go back to short nails unless I'm rocking my natural ones.

No. 1159528

ADHD is fake and gay. Real mental illness is less common that we think, and more of a result of lifestyle that often isn’t chosen. It’s treated as something that requires a medical solution and not a holistic one. Zoomers want a special label and millennials want an easy way out ie meds.
t. schizo zoomer

No. 1159558

I liked that Libs of Tiktok account when it was just posting funny cringey tiktoks. Now it's like this whole serious activism thing.

No. 1159565

Your wording was perfect!

No. 1159620

Fujos are the most annoying posters on this site. Always writing walls of whining and crying about shit no one but 3 other hambeasts care about.
Before anyone deflects, I'm not a husbandofag either they're cringe weebs too but at least they stay in their containment threads and don't write political essays everywhere justifying their fetish.

No. 1159632

I agree

No. 1159671

Didn't they get some woman fired?

No. 1159682

Did you delete this and re-post it? I swear I saw this same take earlier.

No. 1159714

I find they're always aggro over every tiny thing that sets them off

No. 1159733

She was going off about fujos in multiple threads at the same time. Rent free.

No. 1159734

Nah, Erzafags are the worst. Defending a woman abusing man is the stupidest pick me ass thing someone can do. Especially the anons who think they can change him. I feel like a lot of younger people snuck on here from twt

No. 1159737

The anti fujo sperg is 110% more annoying than any of the /m/ posters.

No. 1159746

Probably the underage weirdos from the Lucinda thread. They're not right in the head.

No. 1159751

File: 1651530000842.gif (1.65 MB, 400x400, ezra-miller-angry.gif)

No. 1159755

Smart people are those who produce, not those who consume. People are not intelligent just because they read books and repeat what they see written in them.

No. 1159762

Even as a fujo I agree some nonnies here sperg/infight way too much over mild shit, its like its their first imageboard or something. It’s not “the worst” though and I’ll still take this over whatever the fuck is going on with nu fujos nowadays

No. 1159785

>they're not as bad as scrotes though
Yes, they are. People here act like the worst thing a pick me could do against another woman is saying " I prefer male friendships over female ones, tee hee ", when IRL they're actually accomplices of abusive men. I hate women who enable and help men to hurt other women and especially little girls just as much as I hate men.

No. 1159793

Pickmes need to be protected. They can be victims.

No. 1159795

>psychology is bullshit
>proceeds to believe in the existence of modern hysteria

No. 1159799

The obsessive fujo haters sperg way harder then any fujo I've ever seen on here.

No. 1159802

if you aren't interested in it, can't you just scroll past it? they're mostly contained to certain areas. i am able to tune out fujoposts of all kinds easily. can't you just ignore it? fujos are based even if homosexual male sex is hideous from a preference or fetish perspective.

No. 1159805

>homosexual male sex is hideous from a fetish perspective.
Fuck off. It's based from a fetish perspective too.

No. 1159806

File: 1651531857955.jpg (366.53 KB, 706x1000, inge-look-frauen-machen-pause-…)

I love every nonna here, even the unapologetically unhinged ones and will defend this website and userbase on any chance I get. If I see you shitting on nonnas, no matter how, your opinion is instantly discarded and you should leave.

No. 1159811

An adult woman who lets her daughter be molested by her man or defends her shit son who abused his girlfriend isn't a victim, fuck off. Pickmes need the rope.

No. 1159813

Oh yeah, it's totally based and not degenerate at all to eat out and fuck a literal shit hole

No. 1159816

do u still like me even if I am an ezrafag?

No. 1159818

you seem weirdly aggressive when i'm just explaining i don't get it from a fetish perspective. it's fine as a practice but i'm saying i support fujoposting regardless of what i think is just personally attractive? gay sex is fine, but it's not attractive to me?

No. 1159820

Yes nonna, I like you regardless of how awful your taste is.

No. 1159827

It's fucking fiction. Even with real ships it's all fiction. And yes it's based.
Well you described it as hideous from a fetish perspective so don't be surprised if people dislike their hobbies being described like that

No. 1159837

Kek relax bitch a random anon not liking your degen fetish isn’t the end of the world

No. 1159856

Kek I can't stand fujos either. I don't have a problem with them liking yaoi necessarily, but acting like reading BL is some political feat is insanely retarded. They pretend like they're so enlightened for being into BL when it's obvious that they're into it because it makes them wet. I'd respect them more if they were honest about this instead of making up some bullshit excuse to make themselves look "woke" or whatever.

No. 1159868

That sounds so bizarre, I don't think I've ever seen a take like that. I think you're making shit up

No. 1159901

Based, I feel the same way. I defended lolcow irl because someone was trying to say this is a den of pedos.

No. 1159909

>i've never seen it so it's not true

No. 1159924

anti-fujo spergs have very complex inner worlds

No. 1159932

not really, i’m a fujo myself and i see this so much in my fujo circles where they’ll go on about how it’s the ultimate feminist “porn” or whatever and how it’s so based because no women are being sexualized but then turn around and hate any female character for merely existing, literally part of the reason why I’ve stopped talking to some fujos

No. 1159945

it keeps men out as regular users, that's why we should keep fujos and fujoposting regardless.

No. 1159952

Yeah maybe 10 years ago when yaoi paddles were all the rage, but we live in the woke era now. Most fujos will performatively worship female side characters to seem more feminist, with varying levels of sincerity. I can't remember the last time I read a m/m fanfic with a female antagonist or even a female portrayed more negatively than in canon, it's a practically non existent trope these days.

No. 1160013

Nope i’m a zoomer, this is literally from fujos i’ve met off image boards in the last few years since i don’t hang around woke circles, just take a look at the genshin thread here.
I’m not against fujoposting since like I said i’m a fujo and fujopost (in the appropriate threads) but don’t act like we haven’t seen a lot of men on this site posing as fujos to get access to women or just fags who think they can come here to post as well for some reason. Many such cases.

No. 1160050

String cheese is more satisfying when you just bite into it instead of pulling it into strings

No. 1160052

you’re fucking sick

No. 1160055

I know which thread this is, but this has got to be bait

No. 1160063

morally wrong and also impossible. it makes literally no sense.

No. 1160808

You're completely right

No. 1160827

Satisfying if your shtick is hating fun, ma'am.

No. 1160836

No. 1160837

string cheese is inedible and only good for peeling the strings and making braids and knots out of them

No. 1160841

why pedos? because of spam or what

No. 1160848

years ago I remember some shotashits got bullied off the site, could that be what they are thinking of? Maybe they were exposed to GermaineGreer-anon? Generally I've seen that users who express attraction to overly young targets get harassed and bullied.

Or maybe that person got all twisted because nonas openly prefer early-mid 20's men and that got modified into being pedophilia?

No. 1160859

>exposed to GermaineGreer-anon
Oh Jesus why you have to retraumatise me

No. 1160884

Only women should be allowed to be British or French.

No. 1160889

Can we make exceptions for the very few handsome British men that exist? I can't live without Jude Law's voice and British accent.

No. 1160898

Same but apply that with all non-western men in the world

No. 1160904

File: 1651572445954.jpg (80.27 KB, 471x725, AriaTloak.jpg)

I really like the Asari or well, the concept of them. Really neat species they built up but then the games just made them out to be blue space babes. Would have been neat to see more of their all female society. I think most people on here wouldn't like them because they're such obvious fanservice but I still like them personally.

No. 1160906

>Only women should be allowed to be

No. 1160913

No. 1160915

I like hip-hop songs that have eerie-sounding, spooky instrumentals. I wish the lyrics were actually fitting most of the time

No. 1160923

Bhad Bhabie is such an opposite character to me, but that's what I admire her for. I'm a person of the shadows, the less eyes are on me, the more free I feel. I am scared of the masses, of publicity, I hate the idea of people running me through their dirty mouths. But she has complete control over it. She can take it and turn it into her advantage. That's so impressive to me. I could never.

No. 1160931

maybe someday in the future I'll make a thread for Mass Effect nonas. I love Femshep, the Asari are neat and you can run an all female crew and the lesbian love interests are pretty good at least for the time period.

No. 1160936

File: 1651575193541.jpg (77.95 KB, 750x750, kittieeees.jpg)

Same here, nonnie!
Romanianon really grinds my gears sometimes though

No. 1160940

Will forever be pissed because Chloe could've been a spooky singer/rapper if she wanted to instead of singing the same butt shit. She has the perfect voice for it.
I love 00:00-0:51

No. 1160984

Based opinion. I've felt this for years.
Idg the attraction to like… All British accents if a man has them. The "sexy" voice britbong man is still not right sounding to me. It just feels like something has gone terribly wrong.

No. 1160997

The whole “pickmeisha” “did he choose you” movement is just as bad as the women they are making fun of. Most come across as bitter. It’s like these girls/women become their own version of pick-mes - it’s a not-like-other-girls within a not-like-other-girls.

No. 1161004

I think we should be able to criticize nlog or pick me behaviour without being automatically accused of being bitter or hating women, but i agree with you in the sense that some women seem to call any woman they dislike a pick me for no good reason.

No. 1161025

Pickme term is overused just like simp. Though it's good to call it out if the said woman realizes how being a doormat isn't doing her any favor. Otherwise it's stupid.

No. 1161043

I don't hate them but I hate that they made them look so human yet apparently every species is attracted to them, they have blue skin because "that's what salarians find attractive" and they have horns because "that's what turians find attractive" but otherwise they're just like humans in every possible way? Retarded, what, do salarians find anything that has blue skin attractive? Do turians find anything with horns attractive? That's stupid, would they think a horned dinosaur is attractive too? That's like saying "uuhhhh men like women with long hair" so does that mean men find those afghan hounds with super long hair attractive? Don't answer that question though.
Bioware are cowards. They could have made them less human-like, they would have been fifty times cooler and tons of people would still find them attractive (look how many players are crazy about for example garrus or the green guy)

No. 1161056

File: 1651583722643.png (471.86 KB, 500x695, d6heu71-b4275eea-7273-4df7-a68…)

Bioware also needs to give us a buff female lesbian romanceable Qunari option in the Dragon Age series. I demand it.

No. 1161058

The problem is that no one is criticizing now. They will reply to them with only “did he pick you?”. That’s what I’m talking about and I stand by it sounding bitter and being yet another form of saying “I’m not like other girls”.

No. 1161064

but please don't make buff lesbian lady a tranny

No. 1161067

If they make her a tranny, I'll go Nasim Najafi Aghdam on them.

No. 1161074

Calling someone a pickme though isn’t a critique. I get what anon is saying and it’s not just automatically calling women bitter or haters. I’ve seen random women stitch random women on TikTok just to call her a pickme. That’s only adding to the problem.

No. 1161082

No way My Immortal wasn't satire from the very start.

No. 1161085

Of course it was, I don't get why anyone would believe it's not with all those perfect typos.

No. 1161088

I thought you meant the Evanescence song at first kek

No. 1161093

The fact that there were people who believed it qas genuine and not just a couple of random elaborate shitposts made me realise most people are idiots

No. 1161098

They’re not ready for this conversation

No. 1161104

Jodi Arias is a worthless being. At least Nasim died for her beliefs.

No. 1161147

I don't consider yaoi as porn, no I'm not a Fujoshi, I just think all male porn is inherently truly "pornographic" while woman-made content doesn't have those weird implications, there's something truly evil about real porn and I don't think yaoi compares to its damage

No. 1161164

If you are a NEET and you don't volunteer, I think that is an incredibly selfish thing to do. I think NEETs are incredibly privileged and should give back to society for that reason. These days, you can even volunteer online so I don't think there's an excuse as long as you have a computer. I've also been a NEET these past months (graduating college and looking for a job) and I think it would be incredibly boring if I didn't volunteer.

No. 1161178

Holy shit we used to watch videos of this girl and call her bunny girl when we were kids, did she attack youtube headquarters? Poor woman.

No. 1161187

Are you Turkish or Iranian?

No. 1161192


No. 1161210

i’m honestly glad Roe is being overturned in my state. it’s incredibly easy to not get pregnant (and before some nonnie is like “what about victims of rape” it would be biologically impossible for every rape victim ever to get pregnant from it) you really have to be careless as hell to need to get an abortion

No. 1161220

bad b8 m8

No. 1161231

As someone who isn't American I'm not sure I understand why it's such a big deal. Doesn't the end of Roe vs. Wade just mean that abortion law is handed back to the state to decide?

No. 1161241

yes, that’s what it is! and very many states are deciding to outlaw it. really the only inconvenience here is that you’d have to cross state lines to get one, if you really needed one.

No. 1161243

damn it’s almost like a woman can have an unpopular opinion and it can be real. take the typing quirks back to twitter newfag.

No. 1161245

So if abortion is a huge deal to someone they could just go a live in a blue state?

No. 1161247

I'm not American but most women who would benefit from abortion can't do this. Homeless women, very poor women again broke drug addicts or alcoholics or teens will have a hard time traveling just to get a medical treatment that was outlawed because women apparently don't get to have full control over their bodies.

No. 1161249

that’s the thing - the “blue states” are all major states on the east and west coast that some whore in like bumfuck middle of nowhere who uses abortion as BC isn’t going to be able to move to kek. Personally I think it needs to be outlawed countrywide, because there’s literally only 5 days a month a woman can get pregnant if she’s not using any other kind of BC. it’s easy as hell to just either not have sex for those days or use BC of some sort, whether it’s oral or physical.

No. 1161255

If it were a genuine take, it'd still make zero sense, as if you're just the very best at using contraceptives, it just simply wouldn't affect you.

No. 1161257

>literally only 5 days a month a woman can get pregnant
sperm can live inside a woman's body for days and many women's cycles are inconsistent, nevermind most women have a poor understanding of their own bodies because of our society. BC isn't a guarantee on no pregnancy.

No. 1161258

>homeless women
why would they need an abortion? are they out getting pregnant while they’re trying to find housing?
>poor women
why would poor women be getting pregnant? are they not at work?
>drug addicts, alcoholics
ah yes because neither of these people have any idea of the concept of BC and contraceptives…
full stop, we need to go back to shaming teens for having sex. this whole zilennial euphoria hookup culture is unnecessary and toxic as fuck, and literally doing nothing good for anybody. if a teenager decides to be stupid enough to get pregnant while being fully aware of the fact that their body is able to do that, it’s their own fault and they have to “suffer with the consequences” if being a parent and owning up to their actions would cause such “suffering” within them.

No. 1161259

Larping moids should have their post histories and location revealed.

No. 1161260

or you could just let abortion stay legal lmao

No. 1161261

File: 1651592420493.jpg (12.9 KB, 312x245, a52.jpg)

>that some whore in like bumfuck middle of nowhere who uses abortion as BC isn’t going to be able to move to kek
You know rape is a thing, right? You're either a scrote or the most scrote minded nona I've ever seen and should kys either way.

No. 1161262

>because of our society
if you refuse to take the initiative to educate yourself on your own body, that’s natural selection.
>inconsistent cycle
cycle regulation is extremely easy, if you maintain a proper diet and exercise and have a well balance within your hormonal body you should be just fine.
>sperm lives inside a woman’s body
if she’s infertile at the time of the sperm swimming upstream, they die and then eventually it comes out of the vaginal canal like discharge…usually within a few hours kek. i know a lot of you are young but come on.

No. 1161266

How is it natural selection if they reproduce with kids they don't want? Your seething incel garbage doesn't even make sense.

No. 1161267

>you should kys because you think it’s wrong to be careless and kill children because of it
this is the unpopular opinions thread…if you’re actually terrified of someone having a different opinion than you to the point where you think they should killl themselves then you have every right to feel that way abt me nona

No. 1161268

because they shouldn’t be having sex in the first place and overturning Roe in many states is the first step to getting kids in high school back to letting themselves be kids…is that not clicking?

No. 1161270

>conveniently ignores the rape part

No. 1161275

i already talked about the rape aspect in my original posts. kek teens always go to “what about rape” first, well look at the statistics of how many actual rape victims need an abortion yearly and then realize how dumb you sound kek

No. 1161279

it wasn’t a rarity but it was also significantly lesser, and commonly throughout history there have been a lot of teen mothers who didn’t suffer - however this society makes it their mission for teen moms to suffer, and we can completely avoid this by simply not having teen moms at all. we are evolved past this nona.

No. 1161281

No, proper sex education, including education about power dynamics and relationships can do that, not forcing dumb teens to raise kids. Literally how does any woman profit from outlawing abortions?

No. 1161283

lolcow.farm isn’t for doxxing women who happen to have a different opinion from you nonnie…read the rules

No. 1161286

Gaslighting and overusing nonnie won't change your chromosomes.

No. 1161287

Jodi's good for killing a pedo male and becoming a staple for anti-male memes, ok artistic skills.
Nasim is greater for making an actual impact, her values relating to even non-vegans, not killing anyone in her shooting, making weird but iconic videos with good messages, with what resources she had.

No. 1161289

you aren’t supposed to “profit” from needing to outlaw the useless killing of a person kek…how many 14 year olds are in this thread jesus

No. 1161290

Also a lot of women lie about being raped to avoid accountability and fish for sympathy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1161292

Unfortunately Nona, rape is extremely common so of course it's going to come up first when the question of outlawing abortion arises. Men make up 95% percent of it iirc. If there is a possibility of getting an unwanted pregnancy from rape, I truly believe the woman in question should be able to terminate it so they do not have to carry their assaulters' child. Especially if the woman in question is a teen who could end up having her life ruined because a moid can't get any and needed to take out his sexual frustrations.

No. 1161293

>you’re gaslighting me mlehhhhhh
are you even confident in your argument or do you need to rely on saying someone’s gaslighting you to feel better about it

No. 1161295

scrote detected. kys

No. 1161300

Why are you against the idea of moids getting their post history shown? That'd take care of a lot of the sites problems I'm sure. It's not like a cow's post history has never been revealed so why not do the same for moids who decide to try and pretend to be among the farmers. If it's obviously a moid and there's proof, I say go for it.

No. 1161303

got any statistics on this?

No. 1161304

I’m a woman but i have no experience with needing an abortion. ask any woman who’s ever had to have an abortion, she will tell you she felt like she lost a child. i don’t know if you’re just unaware to the realities of what getting an abortion is like or simply don’t have any sympathy.

No. 1161307

File: 1651593505104.jpeg (5.88 KB, 275x183, 1644257219903.jpeg)

As you can see, there's an autistic, potentially violent male annoying females in their habitat. He doesn't seem to stop as female attention makes him feel more of a human because as we concluded, men are "theoretically" human (theoretically), unless he dies either on war, xy-related illness, suicide or fighting another male, he will keep annoying the female. The females, barely amused by his foolish antics, resort to calling him out, ironically just making things worse, this technique is called "bait", and although primitive, it's been proven very effective in these pastures

No. 1161308

Off-topic to the abortion shit but I think Akatsuki Records is far better than Shinra-bansho. Blood-Stained Dancing Party Night ~Kyuu and Boom is a godly song and Shinra-bansho's singers could only hope to match Stack's perfection of a voice.

No. 1161309

not at all

No. 1161311

i’m a 19 year old girl? what is actually wrong with you kek…if seeing a woman who has a different opinion than you (in the unpopular opinions thread) triggering you so much that you feel the need to try to intimidate me, when i’ve made no threats to you, then you need to schedule an appointment with your therapist

No. 1161314

butaotome > akatsuki

No. 1161315

im not gonna doxx myself to prove that i’m a woman, i don’t care enough about the opinions of others for that kek

No. 1161319

momokun literally did it so we know some people do. do nlogs suddenly not exist when it's convenient?

No. 1161320

Rape is a valid reason for abortion. The woman or child should not be forced to raise their abusers child. Sure if you want to argue that access to abortion should be restricted but women who are raped should always have the option to abort the rapists child.

No. 1161321

this take i don’t agree with. if a woman said someone raped her and there’s no evidence that doesn’t mean it’s a lie…

No. 1161324

but i’m saying how often to rape victims have their rapists baby? show me the numbers. i’ve already said that they prove that the amount of rape victims who need abortion is low as hell.

No. 1161326


No. 1161328

Son of a bitch you're right. I like how Ranko doesn't put on a fake high-pitch/anime-esque voice when singing like other touhou vocalists. Blue Regrets and Blue Tears will always be my favorite. Akatsuki still does the best metal and rock remixes though.

No. 1161329

It doesn't matter how low the exact number is, abortion should always be available to rape victims.


So full term viable babies should be killed?

No. 1161331

> i’ve already said that they prove that the amount of rape victims who need abortion is low as hell.
I'd like the stats on this one.

No. 1161332

true ignorance is pretending that getting yourself into a situation where you end up pregnant can’t be avoided. if you have the means to be arguing about this on your phone with me then you also have the means to take control of your own body, and that also means not getting pregnant.

No. 1161336

As if women wouldn't lie about being raped to get an abortion.

No. 1161337

>So full term viable babies should be killed?
Yes, I'd rather not have a baby suffer in poverty, poor living conditions and possible abuse. Sometimes, things aren't meant to be for the greater good.

No. 1161338

Peak moid logic who either never had sex or can't even larp properly to think himself into tge position of a woman, so don't even bother

No. 1161339

it’s not. what’s ridiculous is convincing yourself that your body is property of others or ward of the state and that you’re incapable of controlling what you allow to happen to it.
exhibit A

No. 1161342

The only way to truly avoid getting pregnant is moving to a desert island or getting sterilized. Scrotes are everywhere in society and they will rape anyone. kys scrote

No. 1161343

calling me a moid isn’t going to get me to self poast. move on if you disagree (this is the unpopular opinions thread not the “let’s all agree and be best friends” thread) to the point where it’s making you deny that a woman could ever have a different opinion than you kek

No. 1161345

i live in a major city where open carry is legal, and i’ve never had a run in with some scrote trying to physically harm me in any way. it’s called protecting yourself. you either do it or you don’t.

No. 1161346

But Anon! Don't know you know, if a moid tries to have his way with you just say "NO!" really loudly and he'll stop, you have to take responsibility to prevent a possible unwanted pregnancy don't you know???

No. 1161348

>waaaah waaah give me attention you roastie whores
There, there

No. 1161350

have you ever heard of a gun? they are cheap. get a job and learn to use one then buy one. arming women is the remedy not saying “mlehhhh we’re permanent victims to little soy filled microscrotes!!!!”

No. 1161351

No. 1161352

The posts on this site make me this close to becoming Romanianon-pilled.

No. 1161357

Anon, I am unable to buy and own a gun due to a long history of mental illness. Not every woman is able to open carry.

No. 1161358

um, which part?
Romanianon is totally based except for the, you know, murder stuff

No. 1161361

abortion is killing the same way that killing a walking talking person is. you can control your own body and, you know, not have sex everyday.
if you disagree with me so much then post your own opinion that’s actually unpopular because this thread is starting to look like “everyone has the same opinions” thread.

No. 1161362

do you genuinely think they’re gonna do a background check on you to get a gun? open carry means (in my state) that you can carry a gun with or without a license. just buy one. it doesn’t mean you need a license.

No. 1161363

You're ""murdering"" the potential for a walking talking person, a clump of cells that has the potential to be a walking talking person.

No. 1161364

File: 1651594653558.jpeg (276.57 KB, 750x926, C0099A89-D037-4E3D-A77E-9FCBBA…)

where are you getting your information about sperm dying after a few hours?

>is that not clicking
what kind of weird ass twitterfag are you? kek

No. 1161366

File: 1651594665182.png (313.96 KB, 634x708, 78006372_p13.png)

here, have another reply, since you want them so desperately

No. 1161369

telling yourself that it’s a cluster of cells doesn’t change the trauma that many abortion victims claim they receive from having to have that procedure done. seriously, everyone who uses the clump of cells argument has either never had an abortion or doesn’t know the gravity of the situation.

No. 1161370

My unpopular opinion is that it's pointless to argue with anti-abortionists. Either they're religiously motivated, in which case you're never going to change their deeply held spiritual convictions, or they just do it because they get a kick out of riling up women/progressives. You're not going to win, save your energy for people who actually deserve it.

No. 1161376

File: 1651594776960.jpg (81.17 KB, 992x761, jodi-1-abc-er-200210_hpEmbed_1…)

Nothing wrong killing scrotes to be

No. 1161377

ah yes medical news today dot com, so trustworthy! believe it or not nona me and my boyfriend have sex and i don’t get pregnant (shocker) so i know firsthand. it just comes out of you after a few hours the same way discharge does. if that’s not the case for you personally then ok.

No. 1161378

No, but I am more than 100% that if my mother knew I bought a gun it would be taken away within the day and I truly believe for my own safety that I should not have one. Speaking for myself, basic common sense, and experiences, people who are mentally ill and have had mental illness (even if they've shown no signs of relapsing) shouldn't be given something that could cause harm to others or themselves. Are you dense?

No. 1161379


No. 1161381

>if my mother knew
so you’re a child?

No. 1161383

Guns barely help in close encounters like this anyway, this is obviously a retarded scrote who wants women to get assaulted and carry their unwanted hellspawn.

No. 1161387

As someone who used to argue with anti-abortionists in my teen years, you're correct. It's nothing but wasted time and energy. Move on and consider them invisible to you.

No. 1161388

He sounds like a rapist for real

No. 1161389

What do you suggest to Polish women? Best they can do is pepperspray or a taser. How about in other European countries where abortion rights are at risk?
If she ever does it, I hope she picks a scrote and she'll be based and I'll paint an icon of her.

No. 1161393

My unpopular opinion is it's ok to abortion a baby just because it's a male.

No. 1161394

you realize you can shoot someone with a gun, right? or is this a fantasy for you?

No. 1161397

No. 1161403

swallowing a pharmaceutical to force a life out of your body is a procedure, whether the society you live in makes it feel like it or not

No. 1161404

No I'm in my mid-twenties, I just live with my mother at the moment at her request after another attempt to take care of myself and work a shitty part-time job because that's the only thing I can handle. Yes, I know it is pathetic.

No. 1161406

File: 1651595248594.jpeg (388.49 KB, 750x696, 7DE0B086-1677-4CDD-BD07-B151A0…)

the 5 days in the image links to this site. do you also consider it untrustworthy?
>so i know firsthand
no source then? it's clear you're a troll or truly retarded.

No. 1161407

ok well you specifically not being able to hold a gun doesn’t mean that you can’t possess weapons period kek…and if it does then that sounds like a personal problem

No. 1161408

You said it yourself, most pregnancies result in miscarriage. So why is it such a big deal to you when it's caused by an abortifacient? The process and how it looks is the same, almost indistinguishable from a very bad period. You're literally more conservative than the Byzantines.

No. 1161409

No. 1161410

i never said most pregnancies result in miscarriage? are you just imagining things now nona

No. 1161413

also my life isn’t dictated by the Byzantines kek

No. 1161415

>which part?
I will not elaborate.
Jk, I just mean the stuff she says about most anons here not being "real" feminists. All the other stuff she says is peak retarded

No. 1161416

File: 1651595441415.jpg (90.79 KB, 550x940, 1645369658335.jpg)

This OP makes me think that we should have a babushka thread.

No. 1161417

My other unpopular opinion is that abortion is already traumatizing enough and retarded moids should stop using it as a way to slutshame or control women.

Most women who get abortions aren't proud of it unlike what moids like to pretend. It's something they do because it's the best for them and the "baby". A baby coming into a life where no one wants it and then getting harassed/assaulted or even raped the whole time in adoption agencies isn't "pro-life". None of those babies have good lifes because pro-life crowd only care about controlling women, they don't care about the babies, if they did they'd adopt kids instead of screaming at women or teen girls who get abortions.

No. 1161421

You literally used it as an argument earlier as to why abortions aren't necessary. But if it's news to you, now you know. Most pregnancies result in miscarriage, most women have no clue they miscarried or were pregnant in the first place and banning abortions just means you will end up locking women up for miscarrying, because good luck proving the difference.
Again, your morality is more conservative than that of people 500+ years ago. You're retarded.

No. 1161422

The only fantasy here is your view on how scrotes like you operate.

No. 1161425

yeah, abortion is traumatizing. so don’t do things that’ll cause you to need one. kek so many literal kids on here going back to
like this is a thread for unpopular opinions. im not gonna post photos of the inside of my uterus to prove that i am a woman. get over it. we have different opinions.

No. 1161426

File: 1651595639097.jpg (28.07 KB, 275x208, 1650997256109.jpg)

this is genuinely one of the funniest things to come out of this website

No. 1161427

Nobody said anything but ok

No. 1161430

ok then link the post where i said that most pregnancies end in miscarriage. you could’ve done it in your response but you didn’t because i didn’t say that kek.

No. 1161431

No. 1161432

He is bothered because it gives us autonomy.

No. 1161435

if convincing yourself that other women can have different opinions from you helps your prozac brain sleep at night then okay nonnie

No. 1161436

I didn't because you're either a retarded tradthot or a scrote who deserves very painful torture. I hope someone goes "I spit on your grave" on your ass one day.

No. 1161437

This is a problem on both sides in America, neither of them treat the issue of abortion with the reverence is deserves. For most women aborting a child they are carrying is going to be a major decision and potentially leave lasting trauma. Abortion is just a political football that gets kicked around without any real empathy towards the women that actually go through it.

No. 1161438

fuck, that was hilarious.

No. 1161439

you have no empathy don't you?

No. 1161444

No. 1161445

File: 1651595900780.jpg (36.5 KB, 540x540, 1651214618588.jpg)

Nonas stop arguing with the defective chromosome creature

No. 1161446

It was porn, wasn't it?

No. 1161447

>you’re a retarded tradthot
>i hope you get raped
ah the tolerant left(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1161450

not if you’re so mentally ill you can’t handle a steak knife, dumbass

No. 1161452

Sorry you couldn't find your tradwife gf here.

No. 1161453

No. 1161454

You obviously don't even know what I'm referring to if you think that is what I meant.

No. 1161457

i honestly don’t know why i was expecting for my post to just get ignored there are several sperging fujo’s on this website

No. 1161460

Yes, it's the left that cares for women but only if they have the correct opinions.

No. 1161461

>i hope someone goes “i spit on your grave” on your ass
a movie about a woman who’s gang raped. do you think i’m stupid? literally go fuck yourself if you think sending rape threats is appropriate kek.

No. 1161468

there's a difference between giving unstable person a steak knife and giving gun. was more so referring to how you seemed somewhat condescending to the nona especially with the "so you're a child" to her saying her mother would take away her gun. the kek was just the icing on top.

No. 1161469

I thought rape is no problem when guns and just saying no exist

No. 1161473

1) i wasn’t the one who made the “just say no” post
2) rape does exist but the entire point is that not every single rape victim ends up pregnant. it’s literally like 5% or something asinine.
3) if you really think that shooting a man in his foot won’t stop you from getting raped by him then idk how to help you

No. 1161476

No. 1161481

Yeah, what >>1161469 said, just pull out your gun and shoot them or say "NO!" really loudly. And if you do end up pregnant because it didn't work, congrats you're now a new mother with a bundle of joy! For real though, I think Anon was insuating that you're probably a scrote who'd rape a woman and that you deserve "i spit on your grave"-level revenge.

No. 1161486

>you’re a man and you’d rape someone because you don’t think abortion should be necessary
yeah because that doesn’t make you sound schizophrenic

No. 1161487

Ok so all women should either become lesbians or be single forever and men should all become incels?

No. 1161488

5% isn’t 100%

No. 1161490

No. 1161492

no it’s called just not having sex with someone you don’t want children with. i was able to do that for my whole life and even with someone now i know how family planning works so i don’t get pregnant yet. it’s simple.

No. 1161494

im not a tradwife i’m not even married yet we’re dating

No. 1161496

No. 1161498

Yes, unironically. Most males who are likely rapists or SAs' hate the idea of a woman having the option to terminate a pregnancy/abortion.

No. 1161499

anti abortion anon should post """her""" hands with a timestamp, otherwise I truly believe it is a larping scrote.

No. 1161500

for the 12th time - i’m a woman. this whole cope of “you’re a man a woman would never feel this way” is too immature.

No. 1161502

>if you think shooting a man in the foot won't stop him
Your Y chromosome doesn't make you superhuman faggot. A man would nta even be able to stand up if he got shot, nevermind rape a woman.

No. 1161507

No. 1161508

Not her and I'm not even of pro-life but if you can't handle anonymous discussion you need to fuck off from an anonymous website.

No. 1161511

File: 1651597038434.jpg (485.67 KB, 1410x603, 1635342122892.jpg)

It's 100% a moid. No women, even the anti-abortion ones are this dense and removed from reality. And I agree with you, he more than deserves to know what it feels like. The "evil whores lie about rape all the time! Just stop spreading your legs for chad!" seething gave it away. He also seems very attention starved.(lolcow does not cater to your ideology)

No. 1161514

I can't imagien for the love of god, having sex with a man everyday in order to procreate or have a baby that has 1 chance out of 2 to be complete trash at adulthood (male). You have to be a complete masochist to do that.

No. 1161516

the one who said “people lie about rape” wasn’t even me are you sane

No. 1161517

So men won't get to have sex unless they marry women? Most women would only wanr too have kids if the guy married them and gave them a stable environment to raise the said child.

Most men would become incels if that happened because we all know incel means a man who can't get sex, not relationships.

No. 1161518

no u

No. 1161520

>actually did it
lol dumbass.

No. 1161521

why are you anti abortion? Do you want right wing moid to pick you? Basically you came here to confirm that you are a pick me that wants women to have no rights. Yea, we get it. You are a pick me that wants other women to suffer just so she can get the dick that she desires. You're so special. Not like most girls.

No. 1161522

men who focus on sex are degenerates and against God

No. 1161523

what part of being against abortion has to do with men? men don’t get abortions

No. 1161527

the long nails with cracky flaky nail polish really sells the entire package

No. 1161528

Nails as nasty as her soul

No. 1161530

what are you arguing for then?

No. 1161532

ok i showed you my ugly ass hand are you satisfied? my opinions have nothing to do with anyone else in my life, i’m a being who actually has independent thought (big shock i know)

No. 1161534

those are my real nails. can you delete this now? this is ridiculous.

No. 1161535

>men who focus on sex are degenerates and against god
Oh pick-me chan… All men are like that. You should become a separatist if you really think this way.

No. 1161537

No. 1161538

Oh my god… those are definitely not acrylics though.

No. 1161539

>i’m a being who actually has independent thought
No, no you don't. You aren't special, fix your nails skelly hands.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1161540

damn how dare i not re-do my nail polish every 6 minutes right

No. 1161541

I'll delete if you cut your nails, nasty hoe.

No. 1161542

can you explain to me what you are arguing for?

No. 1161543

kys troon

No. 1161545

i used to be pro-choice and it wasn’t until i actually did further research on reproduction (after realizing that i wanted to have children someday) that i just sort of didn’t agree with pro-choice rhetoric anymore

No. 1161546

Why would someone let their nails grow so much and not take care of them even a bit? I thought it was bad acrylics but this is even worse.

She's exactly like how I imagined, though. Kek. Unwashed and nasty.

No. 1161547

troon? because im skinny? i’m not gonna post photos of the inside of my vagina.

No. 1161548

No. 1161550

what is wrong with having natural nails? also i am clean…my nails are painted and look just fine.

No. 1161554

Honestly figures, the womb envy probably makes it mad.

No. 1161555

so it’s nasty for a woman to grow out her own nails but it’s perfectly acceptable for some random person to glue plastic on your hands with gorilla glue? yeah okay

No. 1161556

No. 1161557

What was the post?

No. 1161558

can you not give this tradthot cow pick me attention? She literally wants this and you are giving her what she wants. If she didn't fish for negative attention she would just have spoken her mind and left or argued without a fucking time stamp picture of her hand. Just stop. She's one of those 4chan pick me's that come here posting their tits wanting any sort of attention from you

No. 1161560

“womb envy” i have one. how is this whole thread being derailed from actual unpopular opinions into attacking 1 person who has an unpopular opinion and also NO power over what anyone else does.

No. 1161564

ew how do u pull your clothes up or scoop out creams and stuff

No. 1161565

No. 1161566

I get having a few chips here and there but it looks like your nails have dermatitis with how flaky and cracked up they are. If you're going to grow them out that long to pooper scooper size, take care of them.

No. 1161567

It wouldn't be nasty if your nails weren't so asymmetrical and the nailpolish was practically peeling off. If you don't like nailcare, it fine but you should keep it short and basic.

No. 1161568

do you have issues understanding that it’s my nail polish that’s flaking and not my actual nails themselves? i thought autistic people were smart

No. 1161570

my nails are healthy and strong lmfao…not filing them down with sandpaper and re-coating them every 5 minutes doesn’t make them unhealthy.

No. 1161571

your larp is getting real tiring, ywnbaw np matter how grossly long you grow your nails(derail)

No. 1161572

>how do you scoop up cream
You think he has actual self hygiene with nails like that.
>how do you dress up
He doesn't go out.

No. 1161575

No. 1161579

I'm obviously referring to your nail polish dumbass, do you lack the ability to understand context?
>i thought autistic people were smart
I hope you break one of your nails.

No. 1161580

Nta, but if you have long nails you just scoop out creaming using the other side instead of the bottom of the nails, or your knuckles.

No. 1161581

Tbh those nails make you seem like the biggest autist on the site and… That says a lot about you.

No. 1161603

Obviously if a guy has an ugly voice to begin I wouldn't want to hear him no matter the accent but some guys have really nice voices and just the right accent. Maybe I'm biased because I'm ESL, way more used to American accents and I find some of the more "standard" English accents charming and exotic. I obviously don't mean accents like vid related, just in case.

No. 1161609

can you stop? harassment in the thread just because someone has a different opinion is ridiculous.

No. 1161623

>post your body
i posted my hand kek. if i want people to not post it i have the right to hit the report button, because this has been a massive derail. obsessing over a singular anon who has a different opinion than you makes you look mentally ill.

No. 1161625

She was literally posting about how she’s happy that Roe v wade is being overturned, yeah totally someone to look up to.

No. 1161626

No I'm saying American accents sound just "normal" to me, they're the default ones due to how often I hear it in pop culture and online, I won't hear a guy talking with a Brooklyn accent or Texan accent and be amazed or anything. Maybe I'll notice his accent but I won't find it good or bad, you know? But you're right it's hard to explain.

No. 1161627

>(lolcow does not cater to your ideology)
Farmhand wtf does that even mean? What ideology?

No. 1161630

No. 1161631

someone doesn’t have the ability to use critical thought do they

No. 1161634

>miss stankyhand troony doesn't get banned but everyone who disagreed with it does
Kek. The state of mods.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1161635

Enlighten me then lmao

No. 1161636

It's quite simple. Never have sex unless you are financially and mentally capable of bearing children, so around your early 30s and don't get raped. Easy.

No. 1161637

salad fingers

No. 1161639

Oh jesus christ that looks like an animal hand of somesort

No. 1161643

Not the retard with the nasty nails but, it's a normal hand.

No. 1161644

what’s with the obsession over my hands? derail

No. 1161648

kek I couldn't understand half of what they were saying, they all speak like as if they had ulcers in their mouths

I'm ESL and I also share the sentiment, I've always regarded standard American accent the default because it sounds more clear and understandable to me than British English

Anon it's a normal human hand kek

No. 1161649

If you suspect someone of being a moid, report and ignore. It's not difficult.

No. 1161651

No. 1161654

i’m gonna go back to snow now but just know i don’t have anything against you nonnies who disagree with me i just don’t like my hand being reposted when i was asked to keep it up for a second to prove my existence. go back to talking abt unpopular opinions or something for real kek.(ban evasion)

No. 1161657

stop with the no u, it isn't funny retard.

No. 1161658

No. 1161660

take your medicine

No. 1161662

kek nonnie, there is nothing wrong with your hands, maybe cut your nails though.

No. 1161666

yeah we see how well that always works out

No. 1161667

That is literally a very tiny part of the movie and most of it is about rapist scrotes (like you) getting tortured, especially the third movie.

No. 1161670

i’ve already proved that i am a woman

No. 1161671

i apologize for having a skinny hand? what the hell can you shut up or something

No. 1161672

Mod told me they banned troony rape defender but he's still posting and his posts aren't even getting redtexted. See >>1161644 where he posted right after a mod banned me, kek.(stop reposting this picture)

No. 1161673

stop, the nails are weird

No. 1161675

File: 1651599838048.jpg (32.06 KB, 563x558, f4d0955f15d0cc298b78f536f6d297…)


No. 1161676

that thumb looks weird

No. 1161677

Mods why aren't you banning the weirdo defending men and rapists instead of banning everyone that disagreed with them?

No. 1161678

It's and anorexic hand that's all i'm gonna say

No. 1161679

It looks short, the nail is longer than the finger.

No. 1161680

where did OP even defend men or rapists? i’m pretty sure at one point she said it’s not a big deal to shoot them but I digress

No. 1161682

Stop samefagging and ban evading. Cut your nails and wash up. You were saying rape victims who get pregnant are a minority and therefore it's not important and womens shouldn't be allowed to abort their babies even if they're underage or victims of rape.(take it to /2X/ and stop derailing this thread)

No. 1161683

Why is anyone who disagrees with abortion-chan getting redtexted? Is this a mod sperging?

No. 1161691

I guess we're back to 2020 with staff caping for larping troons and crying about radfems.

No. 1161694

It has to be an uptight newbie farmhand or something.

No. 1161704

You don't even need to be a radfem to see how women who get raped should have the rights to abortion, though. Even the prolife women I knew would say underage girls or rape victims should be able to get abortion.

No. 1161708

I am from eng and feel the same with accents around me.

No. 1161709

I’ve never seen this many redtexts in an infight before and a lot of them don’t make sense like >>1161682 ? That’s on topic? What the fuck? Tranny hands has to be a farmhand or something

No. 1161710

File: 1651601097800.jpg (106.53 KB, 750x495, 1619921949584.jpg)

east asian beauty standards are a disaster and look awful on both genders

No. 1161712

I missed the hand pic, did anyone save it?

No. 1161714

that's mainly korea and real korean men look hot af. this bleach ass lip tint bowl cut flower boy shit is nasty.

No. 1161749

>real korean men look hot af

No. 1161754

It's unlocked?

No. 1161758

File: 1651602663826.jpg (37.03 KB, 476x447, babushkapoints.jpg)

No. 1161760

It's scientifically proven that it tastes way better when pulled into strings (which is how god intended STRING cheese be eaten), you sick bitch. You can't even savor the full flavor profile when you just bite into it whole.

No. 1161766

Unpopular opinion: never leave me.

No. 1161767

Yes(nice try)

No. 1161775

That's a fucking horror hand right there

No. 1161779

it’s just a skinny hand. how many people are gonna keep acting like it’s some horrifying troon alien hand just because it belongs to a weird person

No. 1161783

why is the saturation turned up kek this isn’t the original photo

No. 1161785

Nonnie.. those nails are not normal. Calm down, this isn't some personal attack on your own hands.

No. 1161788

Apples suck.

No. 1161791

ty anon, damn

No. 1161805

how are the nails not normal? they’re grown out. please go outside and see a real person for once.(infighting)

No. 1161813

The real people outside cut and clean their nails and don't leave disgusting old nail polish on them. Did you post the hand or something? Get over it.

No. 1161822

Mod-chan is angry her nasty claws get posted. This is the first time a handpic keeps getting removed this much.

Mod-chan, stop caping for men and trannies and cut your nails challenge!

No. 1161830

Also anyone who wants to see more about this hand stuff can head to /meta/.

No. 1161831

Tranny janny is back

No. 1161864

This. I don't know what's happening but this thread and the redtexts is proof some mod is biased and he'd rather ban anons for being feminists, which they weren't, rather than a tranny who was blaming women who got raped meanwhile saying women shouldn't be fight back. Ok.

No. 1161874

This. These people never seem to care that they’re condemning a child to be raised by someone they’re fully aware would not make a good mother. Because it’s not actually about saving children, it’s about punishing women.

No. 1161875

File: 1651604372610.jpg (186.05 KB, 576x751, 2013-09-06-hand.jpg)

My unpopular opinion: Abortion should be performed for whoever wants one and whenever they want.
I don't even care if it's some woman's fetish to get knocked up and use abortion as a form of birth control on purpose.
Oh, that's not cool because we need laws that protect any modicum of potential life?
So then why let government stop itself from policing every decision and behavior that doesn't amount to a woman being a good human incubator? Why stop at abortion if we're so invested in the welfare of every dividing cell? Why don't these conservatives let government dictate our meal choices, exercise habits, and who we choose to sleep with as all that can impact the outcome of a nebulous maybe-baby too? Cause like, at least if we're raped or sexually assaulted our bodies will be primed to host the rape babies adequately because life is life regardless of the circumstance of how it came to be. Cause to admit some life has less value than others is to concede that not all life is worth saving.
And if ya really wanna protect life, then issue parenting tests, psych evals, and financial audits to ensure people can even sustain the babies they birth. Yet the truth is the majority of babies would be taken from people because the vast majority of parents shouldn't have become one.

Looks like a proper ghoul.
I had a Coraline book years ago that had an illustration of the Other Mother's creepy hand, picrel. Reminds me of that.

No. 1161877

Anyway, one thing that really freaks me out about these anti-abortion people is their desire to punish women and young girls with…children. Like, whether or not you support abortion, this shit is wild to me. If they're in the wrong for not tracking their cycle, getting raped or the condom breaking, why do you think a child should be raised by someone you think is that stupid and/or incompetent?

>some whore
So you want little kids to be raised by women you classify as "whores", then turn around and complain about zillenial euphoria hookup culture being toxic. Lol, an entire generation raised by "whores" wouldn't be toxic at all. Sure

>natural selection
Equating having children to something like death, alright

>if a teenager decides to be stupid enough to get pregnant while being fully aware of the fact that their body is able to do that, it’s their own fault and they have to “suffer with the consequences” if being a parent and owning up to their actions would cause such “suffering” within them.
Using babies as a form of suffering to teach teenagers you admit are stupid a lesson. Nice logic

I know it's over already but jesus fucking christ. You're obviously not pro-life, you don't give a fuck about children's lives or wellbeing. The adoption system is also shit, but you don't care about that and you probably wouldn't give a penny to improve it either. I fucking hate moids, pick-mes and trannies, don't give a fuck whichever one this handposter is (I can't tell, the wrist makes me think female, but to post proudly with nails looking that scraggly gives "blinded by gender euphoria" vibes)

No. 1161878

Sorry I deleted my post to sperg more, this shit just pisses me off

No. 1161880

>I had a Coraline book years ago that had an illustration of the Other Mother's creepy hand, picrel. Reminds me of that.

No. 1161886

Based. If anyone wants to see trannyhand go to meta.

No. 1161902

are you all done sperging now because the thread will get locked again if people keep derailing

No. 1161906

Nta but didn't you get banned? Go back to ana-cows or wherever you came from.

No. 1161908

>i’m a 19 year old girl?
no wonder you're so retarded

No. 1161916

the ana chan got banned already stop cosplaying sherlock holmes

No. 1161921

They ban evaded and still can. Stop.

No. 1161925

where’s your proof

No. 1161929

the underdeveloped frontal lope is really showing here idiot teenagers are gonna have idiot teenager opinions

No. 1161934

>frontal lopes
Your dementia is showing that oldfags are going to have demented opinions.

No. 1161937

i'm esl sorry and sorry about your underdeveloped frontal loBe

No. 1161938

Pointing out typos isn't the big gotcha you think it is, kiddo

No. 1161940

Are you the mod or something? We're allowed to speak our minds and challenge people's opinions here. If you don't want anyone to discuss them, post your takes in a blog and disable comments, simple as

No. 1161954

It's unironically probably a mod. The poster is a troon with a womb fetish which you can tell from his weird posts he's making in meta rn talking about videoing his cervix or abortion.

No. 1161963

well considering how the mods love locking and autosaging threads which most of the anons here like or are active in its prob them.
Soon only the vent thread will be allowed because mods are too lazy to moderate threads and will start locking more of them.

No. 1161967

File: 1651606057187.jpeg (40.58 KB, 600x338, C1D5EB7A-41F7-4CB4-BF7D-B163FB…)

It honestly blows my mind that any male could find it in themselves to be arrogant. They aren’t even proper human beings. They don’t have wombs, they can’t give birth, they are barely sentient defective versions of women and they should be constantly humble in our presence. Their lives revolve around controlling and coveting and mimicking us when what they should be doing is fucking submitting.

No. 1161971

the poster is an anti-abortion woman. turning everything into some “it’s a troon with a fetish gasp” psyop because you’re scared of confronting that women think abortion is wrong too isn’t even a logical move to make

No. 1161979

Hewas talking about how we want his nudes or pictures of his cervix in meta and other threads. It a male.

No. 1161983

Stainless steel jewelry is nicer than silver

No. 1161984

No. 1161987

Honestly this. If I had to use a moid, I'd make sure he stays in his place like the genetic abomination he is.

No. 1161990

no, it was a woman telling you to stop accusing her of being a troon.

No. 1161997

File: 1651606946221.jpg (36.97 KB, 540x514, why no one believe me.jpg)

CRY ABOUT IT(enough with the autistic infighting)

No. 1161998

And then she tells us that we "aRe Not mAtURe EnOuGh" kek
Clown world

No. 1161999


No. 1162000

File: 1651607180904.jpeg (65.49 KB, 441x480, E392776B-C837-49A7-B9BE-F11B2C…)

I hate men. We could all learn a thing or two from Michelle Carter. Ladies If you have a vulnerable man or two in your life, text him. Let him know that you’re there for him. Make the world a better place. Do it.

No. 1162004

it was a woman. a girl having skinny hands doesn’t make her a man. seriously stop with this now.

No. 1162006

>skinny hands
Those malformations aren't "skinny", they look ghoulish

No. 1162008

Why do you even care so much? If you want other anons to stop posting about it stop posting about it yourself. I don't understand you being defensive on someone else's behalf.

No. 1162011

It's him ban evading. He's defending himself. Go to the vent thread to see his weird fetish posts.

No. 1162077

This 1000x, always baffled me. All their existence is about being created by women, being chosen to continue to exist in next generation by women, participating in society that is centered around female social structure (all mammals are like this for obvious reasons - men are too precarious to have one), and yet they have the gull to think that they and their opinions are in any way important. Talk about irrationality ffs. The fact that they are so inadequate is the only reason they still exist as autonomous beings in the first place, otherwise every step they take would be defined by ourselves.

No. 1162086

>I've also been a NEET
>graduating college
tell me nona what do the e's in neet stand for

No. 1162096

finally unlocked i can now say i feel like fish is probably the greatest food in existence. fish sticks do not count i mean real fish

No. 1162114

The issues preventing NEETs from getting a job are the same things preventing them from volunteering.

No. 1162119

>A baby coming into a life where no one wants it and then getting harassed/assaulted or even raped the whole time in adoption agencies isn't "pro-life". None of those babies have good lifes because pro-life crowd only care about controlling women, they don't care about the babies, if they did they'd adopt kids instead of screaming at women or teen girls who get abortions.
This is the thing that really gets me about "pro-life" people, they claim to be pro-life but they don't give a single shit about what happens to the babies after their born. I know George Carlin was a scrote, but he had some pretty based takes and vidrel is apt as fuck. I appreciate that he went as far as calling anti-abortion people anti-women.

No. 1162123

They gonna lock it again?

No. 1162129

>George Carlin had some pretty based takes
Go back to the frat house you grew up in with no mom

No. 1162134

Women's day should be celebrated even in absence of patriarchy, because women as a sex (besides as individuals) make vital contributions to the society, unlike moids who contribute nothing but "muh dick"

No. 1162137

Vaping makes me look more attractive

No. 1162142

File: 1651613578676.jpg (55.56 KB, 694x720, umhz1bx4z6l71.jpg)

I don't mind the Asari being so humanoid, they are kind of aspirational in a way. They're pretty, magic, live forever, have an all 'female' society. The games just didn't really explore them as much as they could have, a deeper dive into Asari culture would have made them seem more alien. Their humanness would also be less of an issue if we got more female characters of the other alien species. We didn't really encounter female Vorcha, Batarians, Elcor etc and most egregiously there weren't any female Turians unless you got this shitty overpriced DLC. That in particular really sucks because the female Turian designs are really cool, they look so alien and yet pretty (in Mass Effect Andromeda the female Turian squaddie was easily the most attractive of the female cast).

I've replayed the trilogy recently, I don't think the upcoming game will be any good. In my dreams the original trilogy gets remade, but better.

No. 1162154

A lot of women who claim to be anti-abortion are full of shit, they're only anti-abortion for other women and some of them end up getting abortions themselves. Just look up accounts of women working abortion clinics who deal with these retards telling them "you killed my baby" as if they didn't make the choice to go there and get an abortion.
What the fuck are you talking about? How does me agreeing with him mean I have no mom? I do have a mom btw, and she's a George Carlin fan. And funnily enough, I didn't care about him until I saw someone post a bit he did about women on r/PinkPillFeminism (rip) that was actually dangerously based, feel free to look it up yourself. He says things in it that would get him called a "feminazi" or "misandrist" if he were a woman.

No. 1162159

You're right anon. Most people are anti-abortion until they or someone they deem innocent or worthy needs to get it such as their mother, sister, daughter or friend.

No. 1162167

File: 1651614152756.jpg (30.67 KB, 759x422, smoking-chimpanzee-north-korea…)

I would disagree, there's no way that's true. BUT

smoking cigarettes looks cool

No. 1162199


No. 1162203

File: 1651615214599.jpg (115.59 KB, 736x981, Womens-Jewellery-One-Earring-T…)

the one earring thing only looks ok in fashion photos. 100% of the time i see it on women on the street, I immediately assume she lost one kek

No. 1162219

>but better
Without the striptease shit you mean

No. 1162230

Yeah, I want better clothing for all the female characters. If casual outfits are going to be sexy they should be sexy in that fashionable sort of way women actually like. Female modders have done a good job of replacing the ugly clothes with weird details like nips and panty lines with actually cute outfits. If the plot somehow requires strippers why are there only Asari getting sexualized? Overall I want more of the Asari that isn't just them being strippers, how do you manage to reduce a magic, all female, centuries lived species like that? They're the most powerful race in Citadel space and they're all exotic dancers? C'mon.

No. 1162300

if we never had sex with them again i think that would do

No. 1162363

Someone should write a Chris Chan parody of “Dance With The Devil” by Immoral Technique

No. 1162374

'Cause I was there with Billy Jacobs and I
his mom too

No. 1162515

That would actually be good lol

No. 1162532

I went on an insane Nasim deep dive a couple months back and she's honestly a queen. I wish she hadn't offed herself so she could've seen her popularity grow and the people that actually sympathised with her/her cause.

No. 1162544

File: 1651633851327.jpeg (96.8 KB, 720x879, 8BA3CA63-294F-443F-912D-A42A97…)

I know for a definitive fact that the jannies actually are in fact tranny jannies. Have you ever noticed that you really don’t even know who’s behind the moderation of this website? Open your eyes a man could be a janny and the other jannies and the admin will allow it. They don’t like this site they are trying to withhold as much power as possible from us retards. I don’t care if this is supposed to be an anonymous website I highly doubt the jannies are women who wash under their nails they give a real stench smells like balls

No. 1162816

File: 1651641661832.jpg (50.39 KB, 500x489, oH0sffyxjNFy9l1-ElSkz4K81EZOwz…)

Correct me if I'm wrong, because I played mass effect in 2013 so I don't remember it that well, but isn't it implied that every species likes asari because they look different to each race? They are a heavily psychic species, so I assumed that they presented themselves different to salarians, drells, krogans, etc, and that we see them humanoid looking because our character is human.
I remember there were some NPCs (a human, a salarian, and a tourian) arguing about how the asari looked like them

No. 1162872

File: 1651643334434.jpg (58.41 KB, 610x976, OrVU0kLczNHsvPp_Hfc4RjDCM9g-WQ…)

This wouldn't apply to video or pictures, of which there are many. The different species just appreciate different things about the Asari. If humans can find Turians attractive (who are based off birds) and if Turians are able to be attracted to species that are as far removed from them as Turians are from humans then them finding the Asari attractive isn't a stretch. Turians are shown to be capable of being attracted to humans and the Asari look fairly similar to humans (as compared to Elcor and the jellyfish species). The only one that bothers me is the Salarian since IIRC they don't really have sex drives but I suppose they could find the Asari pretty in the way that flowers and sunsets are, they do have a nice skin color.

No. 1162946

Where are you from, anon? Also did she pass away? This is sad because I remember laughing at her videos thinking it was a joke or a way to get viral.

No. 1162956

yeah dude she killed herself and shot a few people. that's like what she got infamous for

No. 1162965

you troll the janitor and fuck the janitor

No. 1162998

TIFS are fucking based for invading gay men spaces and its funny how you can now say youre a man and just go to gay bars kek
Gay men are the most sexist moids so its karmas whats happening to them. Seeing them receive shit for not wanting tifs is amazing. Fuck moids

No. 1163008

Based. I wish fujos did the same instead of (wor)shipping homos.

No. 1163011

File: 1651648129029.gif (416.02 KB, 268x200, B65D9B55-6A74-4834-8334-049325…)

>fujos this
>fujos that

No. 1163014

I wish this was the case but I more often see gay men immediately putting their foot down with a "no dick no access" attitude because they don't tolerate troon insanity in the same way woman do/are forced to. They very blatantly say they want nothing to do with TIFs and receive almost zero backlash because obviously, women are not violent rapists like scrotes. The contrast between the way TIMs and TIFs are received is staggering.

No. 1163016

File: 1651648332035.gif (1.13 MB, 244x150, mariah-carey-why-are-you-so-ob…)

No. 1163022

she'll never let us go

No. 1163027

File: 1651648556085.jpeg (71.97 KB, 587x744, 797FB8C8-90D7-4474-ABF8-C68290…)

>A lot of women who claim to be anti-abortion are full of shit, they're only anti-abortion for other women and some of them end up getting abortions themselves
This is why I hate them so much. In LatAm, when a 12 year old girl got pregnant via incestuous rape, you would not fucking BELIEVE the amount of women who showed up to brigade and harass her at the clinic, the amount of women who doxxed and abused her. Anti abortion women are scum. I’m not joking I really fucking hate them and see them as traitors.
With women like these, who needs scrotes?

No. 1163028

very true, very sad, anon

No. 1163033

they do it because they are pick mes that pander to right wingers

No. 1163034

This. And i’ve noticed that gay moids are also incredibly misogynistic when excluding tifs and no one bats an eye but if a lesbian even just politely rejects a tranny she gets labeled a transphobe and other awful shut

No. 1163042

Fujos and TIFs are the same thing, why are you so obsessed?

No. 1163048

File: 1651649042098.jpeg (23.38 KB, 600x600, 663E3977-E48C-4184-8B88-B55E83…)

No. 1163144

File: 1651650666836.jpeg (37.19 KB, 960x480, 967B1C07-E237-4B8A-8AFF-3E2093…)


No. 1163170

File: 1651651217708.jpeg (15.95 KB, 443x449, 375BDAA8-62F2-44CF-9676-3D5689…)

Ive seen gay moids get bullied for not wanting tifs on twitter and reddit kek
Its so funny to use the “saying you only like dick is transphobic because not every guy has one” like on them. Theyre slowly getting fucked over by TRAs and its funny to watch. I like theyre getting silenced. I cant deal with fags pretending theyre oppressed. Ive met gay moids who said the most vile shit about women and gaycels are everywhere so they deserve the homophobia they get. Rant over

No. 1163208

Based, honestly gay moids deserve no rights.

No. 1163272

in 18 years this means more femcels

No. 1163275

It also means less crime

No. 1163289

Femcels dont even exist

No. 1163293

Less males = less crimes and more peace.
Ill abort a moid honestly no way im birthing a failure. Theres no hope for moids

No. 1163300

Stop projecting incel.

No. 1163631

you can control your own body and, you know, not have sex everyday.

You think that’s how conception works? Just like with any action that has a varied outcome, the chance of getting a certain result increases the more times you do it, but it only takes one instance of sex for conception to occur. Couples are considered to have fertility problems if they have consistent sex (with intention of pregnancy) for over a year with no pregnancy. Meanwhile there are people who get pregnant their very first time ever having sex. So no, you cannot “control your own body” with mutant mind powers to will or unwill conception

No. 1163732

I stopped feeling bad for them. When gay men thought their sexuality was a pass to feel me up. I stopped when they posted articles grooming teen girls into anal. I stopped when they ran drag story hours as convicted pedophiles. Gay men are moids. Moids get aborted at 276 months challenge.

No. 1163745

i once had a misogynistic gay man with anger issues blow up on me and it was one of the most sexist shit i have ever heard from any man.
He also knew incel lingo and would rate people like numbers (this person 5/10, this person 7/10)

No. 1163782

File: 1651682479914.jpg (112.94 KB, 443x504, 1639899071936.jpg)

It's okay to call unpleasant people fat and ugly, if you're a nice person I won't even notice your physical appearance.

No. 1163785

I don't really mind scrotey stuff in anime and vidya. Sometimes it really makes me laugh, like "wow, only a moid would think to do that." Like when they zoom in on a woman's breasts during a moment that's supposed to be emotional. I hate everything to do with the porn industry including anime porn and porny fan art but I'm used to and sometimes enjoy scrotey autism in regular anime. Sorry nonas.

No. 1163789

>I stopped when they posted articles grooming teen girls into anal.
Wtf? Link to article?

No. 1163790

I do this a lot, thank you.

No. 1163799

File: 1651683126898.png (17.37 MB, 3849x3080, imagen_2022-05-04_115109454.pn…)

literally pizza dough face

No. 1163803

ngl the gay men worship makes it sounds like you're the fujo here

No. 1163824

its a male don't reply to them.

No. 1163829

Moids are disappointing anyway and women are the happiest when their shitty nigel dies, falls ill or leaves with heavy consequences. Cope and seethe. They're not needed and only provide mental harm on the long term.

No. 1163830

Wow moderation really sucks today huh. I wonder why you haven't been banned yet.

No. 1163838

im sure they're ban evading, what needs to be locked when the mods wake up is that lolcows on lolcows thread which will bring in even more trolls.

No. 1163840

Tinder has always been a dating site. It's not only for hooking up but men destroy every social evebt or website by turning it into something about sex.

No. 1163846

Fuck off. Fags are the worst and I'm glad they're getting death penalty in certain countries. Serves them right for being obnoxious with women.

No. 1163920

No. 1164095

I can handle scrotey shit in most cases like watching Prison school it'd be retarded to get upset about the ecchi, but like you mentioned, fanservice during "serious" moments piss me off like nothing else. Completely removes all value of whatever investment I had in the story

No. 1164389

I have no sympathy for people got let their dogs and cats out and then the animal get killed, in fact I think they deserve it.

No. 1164390

While it's funny to see the rare instances of men having to suffer from gender ideology, I'm more angry about how few gay men are willing to stand against all the gender shit even when it's prominence is detrimental to them as well. It doesn't seem to me that there's a lot of gay men getting silenced as much as there are just not a ton of gay men openly speaking about it, and it's because if anything, they aren't getting fucked over enough yet. I've gotten the vibe that the majority of gay men are able to see through the ruse since they obviously have no interest in sex with TIFs, but are lying low because simultaneously, the TIFs aren't enough of a threat in their eyes to warrant their likely cancellation for speaking out against gendie shit. I feel like part of the reason the gender shit has been able to go on so long is because there aren't enough men negatively affected by it enough to convince them to speak out or do anything about it. TIFs aren't scary so the normie straight men and gay men can just wait it out peacefully

No. 1164396

Based af.

No. 1164427

>animals deserve to be dead

No. 1164431

Hey Noni I was at pride with my gf and he was some random with his bf when he groped me? You want to try that again? Gay men are moids they can drop dead or fuck themselves in the ass with cactus for all I care.

No. 1164434

I hate that I recognised him lol
My brain is officially ruined by the Internet

No. 1164437

If you are a NEET you are either munching your parents or living on welfare which make you privileged since most can't afford to do that and end being homeless.

No. 1164439

Nta but I think they mean they deserve the emotional pain of losing the pet, not that the animal itself deserves it.

No. 1164443

I was just being an asshole

No. 1164445

people like that dont feel emotional pain when losing a pet. if they cared so much about their pet, they wouldn't let it out. it's just unfortunate for the pet. the loser owner will just move on. they should be barred from pet ownership or parenthood

No. 1164453

Gay men are just as bad as regular men but they just sexually abuse and rape each other instead. They still have disgusting pedo tendencies and always have done, the only difference is some of them like boys instead of girls. The word “twink” that they love so much literally means Teenage, White, Into No Kink.

No. 1164458

I have seen so many people like that end just getting another pet without changing their shitty habits.

No. 1164461

Cheese is only good if it’s grilled halloumi or it’s melted on pizza or pasta

No. 1164466

Twink is um also used as an all encompassing term for thin gangly Victorian looking. Doesn’t have to be any association to a child..

No. 1164478

File: 1651696498632.jpeg (110.31 KB, 500x489, F725563E-B0BE-4250-9E0C-DAF6F7…)

Your opinion is valid but I disagree. I live rurally and I let my cat roam about a bit. I’ve had many outdoor cats and all have died due to old age and never gotten more than a scratch here and there. You can hate me all you want but Idc ily.

No. 1164490

File: 1651696716234.gif (765.55 KB, 400x238, 1191024430cool-cat-animated-gi…)

your cat can get FIV or feline panleukopenia, worms, all kinds of shit. hit by cars, murdered, why would you do this? letting them roam is horrible and decreases biodiversity. i could never let a pet i care about outside. imagine just letting a kid wander outside where its safety is put into jeopardy because "he wants to be outside!!". love you too but i disagree heavily

No. 1164491

>Twink is um also used as an all encompassing term for thin gangly Victorian looking
Only because women started saying it. A lot of women love faggots and “appropriate” their culture. The word twink is an acronym and the first letter of that stands for “teenage”. I don’t give a fuck but the word twink is probably something I’d call problematic if I was still a 16 year old tumblrite.

No. 1164495

not to mention that cats also will hunt if they're outside. There's ways to let your pet enjoy the great outdoors with just letting them roam with no supervision

No. 1164499

bc there's no other one word term for a skinny looking pretty dude

No. 1164502

At what point does a kid stop being a kid? Because it used to be perfectly normal for children as young as 4 or 5 to walk to
School without adults. In some countries it still is. You just trust that they know what they are doing. You give them treatments to prevent them getting worms. Microchip then etc. (Animals that is. Not the children. Although it’s probably not the worst idea to deworm and microchip children)
I don’t have children but if I did I’d probably let them out to roam the neighbourhood on their bike from the age of like 8, like I did as a kid.

No. 1164506

Yeah exactly. Language sort of evolves like that and that’s fine. I understand that. But it has its roots in a fucked up culture. It’s kind of a good thing that if someone says twink, you don’t necessarily assume teenage.

No. 1164516

Meds, twink most definitely doesn't mean this. It originated in last century (60-70s).

No. 1164533

Nta, but 4/5 year olds absolutely shouldn't walk around by themselves either. Did your parents and family just not have any concern for your safety? The area I grew up in wasn't dangerous but that still wouldn't fly.

No. 1164541

You are absolutely completely oblivious to the gay community and I understand the basis of your argument but believe it or not out of all the predatory behavior to worry about in the gay community (as it is also the same as in straight) the word twink is hardly one of them.

No. 1164546

what ds game is this

No. 1164560

nta but that anon is right that is what it stands for

No. 1164572

Google it. Also what difference does time periods make? Scrotes have always been pedos. Look at Ancient Rome, Greece, Catholic Church. That was a long time before Grindr.

No. 1164589

I wasn’t allowed out at that age kek. Not till I was like 8 or 9 and only under strict conditions and I wasn’t allowed beyond a certain area. In my grandparents era it was normal for children that young to walk to school without their parents. Usually they had older kids to walk in a group with but not always.

No. 1164590

I hate highlights/balayage/ombré etc hairstyles and think it always looks better when people’s hair is all one colour. Not meaning I prefer natural hair like it can be dyed (including “unnatural” colours like white/blue/pink whatever) and look really good I just think it suits people more when it’s all the same shade.

No. 1164610

I hate to ombre but other highlight or balyage can be cute if done right - which is veeery rare.

No. 1164622

File: 1651699329917.jpg (56.78 KB, 720x540, gato1.jpg)

love this cat, found more images of him

No. 1164624

File: 1651699351466.jpg (69.74 KB, 828x1016, gato2.jpg)

No. 1164628

File: 1651699384183.jpg (43.74 KB, 616x960, gato3.jpg)

No. 1164637

File: 1651699500957.jpg (99.53 KB, 750x847, 7d53c68f680a3d35824606f4291279…)

I agree, I think there's only a very specific range of colours you can have for highlights/ombre before it just looks uneven and tacky.
Picrel, I remember seeing this shit all the time in 2016-ish. Extremely dark hair with that brassy yellow ombre that never got toned, it looked hideous even back then.

No. 1164720

Nana is a shitty anime. The manga is ok hut it doesnt deserve praise. Also the 2 nanas are insufferable

No. 1164947

She literally isn't. Stop lying. >>1164572
Because there wasn't such thing as a "kink" in 60-70s, you absolute fucking autist

No. 1164966

You need to drop the “meds” shit wether you agree or not. You probably need medication and are so insecure you have to project it on everyone/thing you don’t agree with. Though twink didn’t mean that for long, you’re correct.

No. 1164989

Im >>1163170 and i dont know how my rant created this discussion about the word “twink” kek

No. 1165016

File: 1651710285361.png (192.88 KB, 829x648, easymode.PNG)

Men live life on easy mode

No. 1165025

File: 1651710737113.jpg (154.67 KB, 745x681, twanks.jpg)

Twink originates from 1920's England, when it was called "twank". Not all autists

No. 1165162

>Toxic masculinity
>Men: N-no, you can't say stop being a violent retard obsessed with competing and showing off in violent ways with other men. Noooo.
Kek men are so fragile. The shit in the pic is all stuff many says to other men and perpetuate, only men give a shit about manning up and being perceived as manly, which is why they unironically include the words 'toxic masculinity' and 'man up' in the same image to be said by women only, one is said by men, and the other by women, they perpetuate their own retardation and take no responsibility. Women fear shit that isn't just words/SJW stuff, like restrictions on their rights, less pay, more targeted sex based violence, etc.

No. 1165163

>Men for thousands of years: women are deformed men, women can not do basic things, men are smarter than women, women are hysterical children, be allowed to open their own bank account, be allowed to vote, etc
>Women recently: men are actually violent retards for no reason other than to show off and play into dumb complex hierarchies they made up to uplift failed men/pass on shit genes/use women as support humans/ feed the war machine bodies/feed the corporations worker drones
>Men: You can't do that! Nooooo.

No. 1165186

File: 1651722814890.jpg (146.06 KB, 1280x720, 20220505_055048.jpg)

I don't get modern vocaloidfaggotry.
The most fun stuff came from ~2010 because it was created by FANS on niconico and popular songs people created played with the lore and added to it.

No. 1165215

Project Sekai was a mistake.

No. 1165216

File: 1651725133755.jpg (113.13 KB, 1029x1023, 1647382265653.jpg)

Women literally fearing for their lives everyday but men cry the second they're uncomfortable or called out for their retarded bullshit

No. 1165217

WRONG IMAGE but alright

No. 1165219

I'm pretty sure mid 00s was Vocaloid's best era, literally everything else after 2010 was bad

No. 1165220

Right image

No. 1165222

I don't know why I keep thinking Miku was released in 2007

No. 1165224

Oh wait, she was. That's why I said around 2010,kek.

No. 1165227

File: 1651725873940.jpg (100.31 KB, 634x834, JULIUS KIESER AND WIFE.jpg)

My unpopular opinion is anyone who makes these bara tiddies meme has never in their lives been with a muscular man or woman and its telling, and there's an 80% chance overall that they are a virgin, anytime I see someone "ogga bara tiddies wanna suck on them" I'm like either she's a virgin or only has had sex with fat/skinny-fat dudes

No. 1165232

File: 1651726083066.gif (688 KB, 320x246, 3e11c30f4893ccd07dcb4d018677f6…)

You're not wrong anon, you just described me, kek

No. 1165233

File: 1651726113864.jpg (462.39 KB, 1280x1921, lenny-kravitz.jpg)

There was that met gala picture of lenny kravitz yesterday and he looks like he had fat pumped into his chest.

No. 1165235

the virgin part or only have had sex with fat dudes? cause the former is a lot more dignified then the latter

No. 1165255

I would.

No. 1165259

He looks like he could play a villain in an 80s fantasy film. Love it

No. 1165279

I see fellow pro-choice supporters describing pregnancy as medical condition and disability and I find it weird. Pregnancy brings with it health issues and struggles but in and of itself is not disease state. The disability language is to get protections but it weirds me out.

No. 1165290

It's definitely a disability if the baby has a y chromosome.

No. 1165291

I think it makes sense, it might not be a disease but the side effects can be severe enough to resemble one.

No. 1165302

It’s definitely a medical condition and can be really debilitating to some women though. I think that language at least gives women a foothold when it comes to accommodations at work.

My current nitpick is prochoicers being like “I don’t think women should be using abortion as a form of birth control” when that’s exactly what it is?

No. 1165307

The issue is retard cons think that it is the ONLY form of birth control women use. Like women don't use condoms/the pill and have accidents where it breaks or fails to prevent pregnancy. They don't understand 98-99% protection rate has a 1-2% failure rate in which abortion is utilised to prevent. That and some just don't care and think sex should only be for reproduction if they're a fundie.

No. 1165309

not only that, they're too retarded to understand that BC can literally just fail if you have the shits or tons of normal reasons. it's so annoying.

No. 1165317

My thing is if it’s not a form of birth control, then what the fuck do they think it is? Something we might partake in for fun or sexual pleasure? Abortion isn’t anyone’s first choice of BC because it’s invasive and way more painful than other forms, but it’s not something women decide on for the hell of lol

No. 1165320

What about calling the baby a parasite?

No. 1165323

i mean it quite literally functions like one

No. 1165324

If a woman’s saying it, she’s obviously being hyperbolic. If it’s out of a man’s mouth he’s retarded.

No. 1165325

It can fail if you have grapefruit or St Johns wort anything too

No. 1165328

grapefruit interferes with so many medications it is ridiculous, it is probably the edible fruit with the highest death count.

No. 1165330

File: 1651734585818.jpeg (174.41 KB, 750x1022, BD1E30EC-7137-4CAB-A4A8-ACA3FA…)

Old women look cute in alternative fashions

No. 1165333

based, need more of this in the world

No. 1165335

I remember telling my GP about it years ago when they didn't put warnings on medications yet and she didn't even know about it.

No. 1165350

People love grannies in altwear because it's cute and wholesome but then go shit on a 30-year old for dressing in anything else than mommycore or business outfits for being "too old"

No. 1165355

Who do you mean by “people” because I don’t think anyone who doesn’t scorn gilfs for dressing retarded is gonna dress 30 somethings for dressing retarded.

No. 1165369

You'd fuck them? You'd fuck this goth >>1165330

No. 1165372

let sarah paulson live her life

No. 1165378

NTA and I probably wouldn't, but she does confuse me.

No. 1165385

I hate how much shit people talk about useless degrees like art and philosophy. like yes they're essentially useless but life is short, people should study what they want. going into debt for it is a different conversation though.

No. 1165388

Art history is fun to study, but art techniques really depend from uni to uni and professor biases.

No. 1165392

its always the stem and compsi retards who insult degrees like that to cope with how soul draining their degrees are

No. 1165399

Funnily enough I posted >>1165388 and I'm a mathematician, I did pick fights with incels at my uni who called art useless though. Would never date a man in this industry because they don't fucking wash themselves and are autistic.

No. 1165430

I've since realized they're called STEMlords or STEMfags for a reason, I'm really starting to hate male nerds (my work is adjacent and I was/am thinking of a lateral career change). Every Hollywood movie with a cute, kindhearted male nerd protagonist was lying, Eltingville Club is more accurate. Nerd hate thread is warranted.

Given your complaints I'm dreading the job change tbh.

No. 1165438

Don't be naive anon, people online will say she's cute but there's no doubt she gets scrutinized irl. And I bet she doesnt give a fuck, same as a 30 year old should not

No. 1165467

Usually there is like one rare sane guy out of 1000, but most of STEM is very scroteish or sociopaths who want to make it to the top. My weirdest experience was talking with some guys in class at the first day and one was a weaboo who never spoke to me and only to the males in the group, later I noticed that dude always wore the same clothes, ew.

The green flag for decent guys is that they value the opinions of their female colleagues and carefully listen, otherwise there's a lot of dudebros who got used to the boys club and those should be avoided as much as possible.

No. 1165505

this is depressing, as is I get most of my socializing done at work.

I'll make a nerd hate/stemlord hate thread tomorrow if someone else doesn't beat me to it.

No. 1165540

File: 1651749940524.jpeg (211.8 KB, 750x775, 1644184540357.jpeg)

>man-up&boys don't cry
Yeah that's definitely what women came up with, not moids who want to perpetuate their power fantasy of being strong superior ubermensch. Imagine feeling oppressed just because some people tell you to be stronger and better. Why don't we just genocide smeggots already? I mean considering their emotional inferiority.

No. 1165549

I mean it's quite literally doesn't - its being created, not incubated. You must be deeply indoctrinated into modern scrote-lies that live starts at conception to think of a fetus as a "parasite".

No. 1165551

NTA but you aren't arguing in good faith trying to call her scrote-like for calling a spade a spade. A fetus is being incubated and grown by the grace of the woman allowing it to live inside and feed on her body

No. 1165623

File: 1651755823311.jpg (85.87 KB, 960x650, Angels.jpg)


No. 1165636

File: 1651756211622.jpeg (37.8 KB, 500x375, B1255287-F6C1-434D-A80B-BD16BD…)


No. 1165672

File: 1651758606980.jpeg (17.54 KB, 300x250, 1648652650752.jpeg)

Thank you for the warning anon

No. 1165682

What the other nonna said.

No. 1165688

bad art thread best thread on lc

No. 1165700

I like bon appetit by Katy Perry

No. 1165706

I agree. I don't have a problem with people who don't want to have kids, but I feel kinda bad for mothers and pregnant women when I see stuff like calling it a disability or when a mother shares a side effect or her body after pregnancy and people are like "this is why I'm not having kids". Just feels very rude. I wish people were kinder to pregnant women

No. 1165723

>or when a mother shares a side effect or her body after pregnancy and people are like "this is why I'm not having kids". Just feels very rude. I wish people were kinder to pregnant women
Same. I mean, I get it, I wouldn't want to go through that pain either. But it just makes me admire pregnant women and mothers even more.

No. 1165732

i love jopping

No. 1165735

>or when a mother shares a side effect or her body after pregnancy and people are like "this is why I'm not having kids". Just feels very rude. I wish people were kinder to pregnant women
I keep seeing childfree fatties on reddit insult pregnant women or complain about mom-bods. Like bitch, your saggy body is worse and bullying women who are already struggling with taking care of a baby is just such a petty thing to do. I've seriously never seen a beautiful woman or a handsome man insulting pregnant women or mock them, it's always people who look wayyy worse and unkempt than the mother in question.

No. 1165736

I don't care about abortion rights for themmies. I hope they are forced to carry their deformed testosterone deformed monster babies to term and bleed out when it bursts out of their prolapsing uterus. Only women deserve rights

No. 1165741


No. 1165743

Themmies (ones with an uterus) are women. Having some mercy for women who're trying to escape society's sick measures of femininity wouldn't be misplaced.

No. 1165745

I'm currently pregnant, pregnancy has it's ups and downs, no one tells you some of the effects of pregnancy never go away. For me my worst pregnancy side effects were insomnia and "pregnancy brain" which ended up with me taking a semester off of college. Your immune system lowers and you get sick a lot more, the first 2 months of pregnancy for me resulted in harsh cravings and uterine pain that felt like the worst period of my life. I'm 9 months now and am literally pissing myself if I laugh too hard. I have a very active baby and kicks really hurt and keep me up all night

upsides to pregnancy is that people are generally a lot more nicer and accommodating, you're a protected class in the work force so places are less likely just to fire you for any reason (for my american ladies with zero job security). I had bad anemia due to heavy periods that went away when I was pregnant so I didn't feel like a fucking ghost all the time. You can get government benefits easier and faster

No. 1165763

Ok trannyhands.

No. 1165773

File: 1651764370363.jpeg (4.52 MB, 3024x4032, 1651602344273.jpeg)

how dare u my hands are dainty and my nails are short(hand sperg)

No. 1165781

Seeing nonas cheering about future or past nosejobs, labiaplasties and breast augmentations makes me sick. It's tranny-tier. Instead of fixing their issues with the little bump on their nose, normal size labia and healthy natural boobs they'd rather spend money to achieve the moid-aproved look. I know plastic surgery can help people who had an accident, who have specific jaw deformities or who need breast reduction but this is rarely the case. I think everyone is entitled to complain about how they really feel about their appeareance but it's absurd to justify it. As if the patriarchy and moid's beauty standards had nothing to do with your choice. Refrain any seething replies, I will ignore.

No. 1165786

Kek if you can't handle people replying or possibly disagreeing with you then what was the point of posting this?

No. 1165787

why are you hating on women who get plastic surgery and not the people who completely emotionally abused these women into getting said surgeries? No one wakes up one day to mutilate their body, it's just the matter of the fact a lot of these women have men and sometimes women in their lives that manipulated them into thinking they're only "right" if they fix their bodies to be appealing, but of course only women get shamed for… not wanting to be shamed. we can never win

No. 1165789

for the love of god shut the fuck up

No. 1165795

If I was a dictator, plastic surgery would be illegal unless it was a birth defect or something caused by an accident.

No. 1165796

go away moid

No. 1165799

I see someone feels really safe here after mods continue to cape for them.

No. 1165804

File: 1651765243949.png (189.39 KB, 611x631, Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 10.4…)

Never(ban evading)

No. 1165809

Your IP address is showing nonn

No. 1165810

its a VPN nonny

No. 1165813

File: 1651765504125.png (35.44 KB, 640x225, Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 10.3…)

learn to spell

No. 1165821

Nta, but this is newfag shit.

No. 1165822


oh bnoi gow will i recpver

No. 1165823

right, so, what rule are they going on for this? what rule did you violate or are they just going to do whatever they want? it's not our fault mods made it a meme because of their spergy, bizarre behavior and the poster's stupid behavior. how come we can post pictures and references and spam related to kaitlyn tiffany literally all over the boards but not this dude and his hand? jannies, you're so obvious.

No. 1165826

I'm pro abortion in the sense that it should be legal and a right. But the extreme pro abortionists creep me out. The ones who legit seem to hate children and don't see babies as human, whine on and on about it. I understand that it's about womens' rights but just the fact that you don't feel any kind of sympathy for the kid that could have been (though sometimes it's best to abort them, if you're too poor, a drug addict or otherwise have a reason you shouldn't have a child). Extreme pro abortionists are weird and scary imo (ESPECIALLY if they're men).

No. 1165830

Pls I love you.

No. 1165839

I got a nose job because people told me to and I got women comment on my nose very often. I don't think most people who get them do so without being bullied or mocked into it. Though I think it's not empowering, most people who get them don't do it so fit the ideal but rather escape scrutiny and bullying them for being plastic only makes it worse and sometimes pushes them to get more surgery in hopes of a more "natural" appearance.

No. 1165840

women shouldn't be shamed for wanting these alterations but shouldn't enable each others' insecurities by acting like cosmetic surgery is ever the best way to solve their low self-esteem regarding their appearance. it's never for yourself, but many people act like it is/can be. it's just very sad to see people post things like the nose they're saving up for and others agreeing that it'd look great, there's something morbid about it. and the women involved in such conversations do have agency, they're not brainless or something

No. 1165843

It's usually men with abortion fetish who larp as women or mentally unstable women again larping.

No. 1165847

This. Some women and men are evil imo. Telling someone they'll look better after a surgery as if it's as easy as getting a haircut isn't normal. Those are the kind of people that actually need medical attention.

No. 1165848

I actually find slightly chubby women attractive. Thinking of a famous example, Billie Eyelash is a bit too much (or her stylists are picking terrible clothes for her shape), but we've been so conditioned to flat stomachs in media that it's scary. As long as somebody doesn't look unhealthy, this is probably why the insane instagram body got popular for actually having curves. This doesn't apply to my taste in men though because they are built to lose fat easily and fat guys just look gross.

No. 1165856

File: 1651766449496.jpg (7.25 KB, 294x171, 1642447952849.jpg)

>talks about abortion
>keeps calling a fetus a "kid", a "child", a "baby"
I diagnose you with room temperature IQ

No. 1165860


me on the left who's the other one

No. 1165870

>abortion fetish
Please no, that's an actual hentai category.

No. 1165871

>nitpicking over word choice
Shut up.

No. 1165880


No. 1165890

that's literally a central argument to the abortion debate though. most abortions are performed well before the fetus is even remotely viable, so using "baby" especially considering that, is stupid as hell. don't get into the argument if you aren't aware of what is necessary to understand to actually discuss it

No. 1165894

Kek same

No. 1165908

Like literally I’m o negative if my baby isn’t. My body views it as a literal parasite and tries to kill it. That’s medical science.

No. 1165909

most people are caught up in their own insecurities to think about others, it's mostly because a lot of women have experienced some sort of abuse revolving around their appearance (bullying and from parents when they're younger, from boyfriends when they are older, this is getting worse since men are getting more and more porn sick too, or even from other women telling them about what men won't like)

This is only from experience with women I know personally though, if a woman is obsessive over her boobs, nose, labia or whatever 9/10 times it's because some douche from the past relentlessly destroyed her self esteem over it

No. 1165911

Lol just imagine English not being your first language. I don't like people who excessively sperg over abortion and think it's creepy, that was the point of my post. Learn to read.

No. 1165914

For fucks sake it's not incubated - it's being created, there is a legitimate difference - parasite never stops being a parasite, meanwhile a child eventually gets autonomy plus it's trajectory of development depends on the mother, because she is their creator ( for example its pretty well known that the hormones fetus is being exposed to in the womb influence their future characteristics), whereas for a parasite a host is nothing but food. And I didn't call her a scrote, I said she believes in scrote-lies about life starting at the moment of conception. The exact same lie you also seem to believe in. Are you two bitches acting retarded on purpose? Do you understand that this narrative is deeply misogynistic because it sees the mother as nothing but an incubator?

No. 1165920

I'm pro-choice too and always referred to my fetus as my baby, child, etc throughout my pregnancy, it's a habit if anything especially if you have a family or are around a lot of families, I promise you they're not having some weird intentions

No. 1165921

That's literally wrong. You have to come in contact with the child's blood for your immune system to attack it the next time. This usually happens when a mother gives birth to a child from a different blood type and has some sort of mix up which means his blood goes in her bloodstream. Then she gets pregnant again and the immune system only attacks the child if it's again, a different blood type. This is almost impossible nowadays because doctors take precautions.

No. 1165933

Okay let me clarify I had an early miscarriage at 8 weeks in my late teens. Then had a baby in my mid twenties. The 8 week miscarriage was enough to trigger my antibodies years later and need treatment. My doctors in a first world country prescribed me medication that shut down my digestive system because they didn’t read my paper work so you do you think they paid enough attention until my midwife thought to test? (The midwife my insurance refused to cover). I made an oversimplification you’re being autistic and policing women and their speech. Chill

No. 1165941

>imagine English not being your first language
Are you talking about yourself? Your og post is gibberish. Not only it was written in an extremely retarded manner, it also wasn't about hating "people who excessively sperg over abortion", it was about you calling fetuses "children" and shaming people for not caring about "BaBieS wHo cOuLd hAvE bEeN".

No. 1165945

you are right anon, theoretically a fetus is not a baby. It's cells in a womb, it has no consciousness or self awareness. It's better to abort a literal blob of flesh if you don't want a child. What's the point of keeping and not aborting a bastard child which you don't want? a lot of women don't want children so it's better that in the possibility they become pregnant they abort it instead of bringing a human that they won't love or.desire to this hellish earth to add to the cycle of suffering. Only people in ideal circumstances should have children. It's much more moral to abort a fetus than have a child that you cannot love or provide for, that you will abuse because you've never wanted in the first place. There are too many traumatized people in the world. It's much more immoral to grow a traumatized child that you never wanted that ends up a traumatized adult than it is to abort it before it even has consciousness. The fetus does not have consciousness, it does not.know or feel anything. The fetus is literally a potentiality of a human. Like spdrm or eggs are potentiality for human life but it is unactualized potentiality. The anti abortion arguments are very fallacious and drawn from a very subjective stance. It's like saying we are all criminals for not actualizing the potential of creating other human beings because men either masturbate and cum in a tissue or as a woman you let your ovules waste monthly by not having sex

No. 1165948

me, enjoying my brain while its still smooth

No. 1165956

I guess it makes sense in a context when the child is expected, it kind of becomes part of the family even when it has not been born yet. But talking about all abstract fetuses as babies is fucking weird.

No. 1165969

It's going to turn into a real baby is all it means, it's "weird" but common af, even to women who get abortions. Abortion can be a traumatizing experience even to those who want and need one

No. 1165971

>Are you talking about yourself?
Yes. And if you have some kind of reading comprehension you can clearly see I'm fine with abortion when it comes to laws/rights, I said it in the first sentence. I just think it's weird to not give a shit about (unborn) children, calm down lmao. And calling fetuses babies is normal in my language, as I said English isn't my first language.

No. 1165973

NTA but your sperg is weird
>Parasitism is a close relationship between species, where one organism, the parasite, lives on or inside another organism, the host, causing it some harm, and is adapted structurally to this way of life
>parasites, with the exception of parasitoids, are typically much smaller than their hosts, do not kill them, and often live in or on their hosts for an extended period
It's very obvious why some people would view the relationship as paraisitism. Also for humans to develop such brains evolution made the baby a lot more directly connected to the mother and her cardiovascular system, in humans babies send certain hormones to affect mood and that's what creates cravings for certain foods.

No. 1165977

a majority of abortions are performed on embryos. just curious, do you consider embryos babies and children as well? weird politically charged language that doesn't help the cause to stay legal, also not really correct, but alright.

No. 1165978

Most pregnancies end in miscarriages and most women think it's just a heavy period and never knew.

No. 1165980

> And calling fetuses babies is normal in my language, as I said English isn't my first language.
Nta, it’s normal in English too, don’t worry, nonnie is just on one today.

No. 1165982

Wasn't the Alien movie franchise based on this?

No. 1165988

statistics on this?

No. 1165993

Pretty much

No. 1166000

File: 1651769662192.jpg (39.65 KB, 640x449, EYW4LGSXgAApk7v.jpg)

No. 1166008

I agree

No. 1166016

File: 1651769963470.jpeg (516.99 KB, 828x923, FDFA0170-12EA-4DB2-9185-D24CFD…)

Not that anon but March of dimes has stuff on it.

No. 1166080

>We don't know the exact number

No. 1166083

It's really more of a language thing, just a general term for (unborn) kids. If I was pregnant I would consider it my child the second I found out though, even if it was still the size of a peanut. That's personal for every woman though ofc, I'm not involved in politics anyway so if I phrase it weird/incorrect on here I don't think it's a real big deal (I usually only say these kind of things to my family/friends).

Haha thanks nonnatella, I was kind of surprised when I read the replies. I thought 'are English speakers really this uptight?' lol.

No. 1166089

>I was kind of surprised when I read the replies
I think it's because of the whole "unborn babies (fetuses) aren't people/children" thing in the abortion debate. Tbh, I think you can think that fetuses are babies and still believe that abortion should be a right for all women. But yeah, it's normal in English-speaking countries for pregnant women or couples to say things like "I'm having a baby", it's not weird or improper English.

No. 1166092

The extreme end of the pro-choice scale makes me feel the same. It seems psychopathic and completely lacking in empathy. There's no consideration for the woman going through the ordeal and the fact that she might have doubts or even trauma from being forced to make such a major decision. I am a mother and I'm lucky enough to be in a stable marriage and I'm financially secure. I can not even begin to imagine what it would be like for a woman who has to decide if aborting her child is the right thing to do because her circumstances are so bad that the child not existing is the better option. I get that not all women feel any attachment to the fetus and that's fine, I'm not against abortion either, it just seems like a very flippant and callous attitude for something that could have life long consequences for the woman.

No. 1166094

Millennials are pit fucking stupid and they deflect from this fact by picking on zoomer trolls

No. 1166111

This, not only that but they forgot that all of their cringe myspace and edge lord bullshit was projected everywhere in their time and pretend like we all just forgot and can't see their bullshit

No. 1166113

I agree with you. The very extreme anti-natalist people are disturbed. IME, a lot of them are either actually sadistic (or at least have low empathy, like some children) and hide behind the topic of abortion to proudly be edgy, they have some personal issues of fear/disgust with the human body (or, more specifically, the female body), or they have suicidal/self-loathing thoughts about parasitism that they'd rather project on the unborn than actually reckon with

No. 1166114

File: 1651772990992.png (1.17 MB, 850x686, 39B2C319-348E-49F6-903B-1A3D92…)

Blixa is so fucking hideous and I’m tired of everyone agreeing that he’s hot. Nick Cave and Peter Steele are also ugly.

No. 1166117

Embryos are not children. And the life of a full grown sentient woman still matters the most.

No. 1166118

Millennial trolls were the best trolls tbh. Most of us knew when to stop and had fun with our target. Zoomer trolls like Janke tried getting CWC to off himself.

No. 1166120

Theyre definitely not traditionally attractive, but kinda disagree on Nick Cave. The way he moves and carries himself is what makes him attractive.

People just think Peter Steele is hot because he’s hung

No. 1166122

You're on the same level as the people who insist on using terms like "pregnant people", "menstruators", etc and attack others for not doing the same. This cult-like mindset around semantics needs to get dropped, it's dumbing down all sorts of discussions

No. 1166124

Hate how butthurt men get about some women preferring tall men. As if I don't have to listen to discourse about big tits and ass, sorry if I like big men

No. 1166130

B-b-but it’s not fair! They can’t change their height, you can just get implants!!!!

Yeah men are retarded hypocrites

No. 1166137

This exactly! People treat 'abortion or no abortion' like it's picking a flavor of coffee or something. I personally would never want to abort my child if I were to get pregnant and I'd be absolutely devastated if I had to get one because of whatever circumstance. I hate that abortion is pushed as either 'the way to go' or something 100% morally wrong. It's your own choice with a lot of things to consider, it should be legal and a right for every woman but not some political debate. Of course you can have your own views on if it's morally correct or not but it's the woman's choice and no one elses.

Thank you, it made me a bit confused lol. I don't keep up too much with the abortion debate because it makes me angry and sad so I don't know much of the terminology, thanks again.

No. 1166145

I always make sure to emphasize that height is important around moids jej it's a sore spot for a lot of them

No. 1166150

you're right. the reason people say blixa is attractive is because of his voice. blixa is not attractive. nick is at times. peter steele is very vampire-like. i can see how he's attractive for girls who are into that, but not to me personally. i just liked that he loved his cats. not enough male celebrities make it clear they love cats, it's usually about dogs or nothing for them.

No. 1166162

File: 1651774089217.png (3.65 MB, 4984x3144, 1512168059454.png)

they can get height surgery too, I feel like men who feel threatened because women have preferences are often scared that women will treat men that aren't tall similar to how they treat women who don't meet their preferences

If a man doesn't meet a woman's preference, she just doesn't get involved with him romantically or sexually, if a woman doesn't meet a man's preference he will go out of his way to emotionally abuse her and treat her as a second class citizen, it's even worse because with porn men will change their preference every week and then just torture the woman they're with over it

No. 1166176

I don't even mind short mens height, but their personality and entitlement is pure garbage. Dated a short man as a short girl myself, and he started talking about how he wished I was taller than him to make me as insecure as him even though I would never say anything negative about his height. Then ofc I started negging him about his height as well, and he admitted he only tried to make me insecure and that he liked me being shorter than him.

Men are so incredibly retarded.

No. 1166179

why are men obsessed with making women insecure? even women they're attracted to

No. 1166189

to get you to depend on the validation they give you. their own insecurity and feeling the need to reduce you to their level. their fear that if you're confident in yourself you'll leave them, or be willing to. or that they just hate women but are attracted to them. they are pathetic

No. 1166200

They always wanna have the “upper hand” and be in control, to make sure she never leaves bc she feels like she’s not good enough for him or anyone else.

No. 1166205

To be a moid is to project 24/7

No. 1166207

This. Their disgusting attitude ruins everything. I'd date a guy as short as 5'3 if he didn't come with the usual chip on his shoulder and abusive behavior that most short scrotes exhibit.

No. 1166225

are they retarded? insecurity in a relationship is the easiest way to ensure your relationship is doomed and ends in cheating or something. I dated a moid who attempted to neg me into desperation but threw tantrums and had a breakdown when I didn't give into his stupid little game and left him for a guy that actually treats me like he likes me

No. 1166232

I actually find Radcliffe unattractive for this reason (aside his personality giving me real bad vibes). He looks like he's 5 foot tall kek

No. 1166269

They just by default prioritize short term benefits over long term ones. Sex&emotions>>>stable and functional relationship.
It kind of mimics their minimal reproductive role (glorified dildo). The only way they can commit long term is when they sense that a woman "needs him", ie is vulnerable in one way or another. Human trash tbh.

No. 1166280

besides general male retardness, how would you being taller make you more insecure? Isn't tall the beauty standard.

No. 1166284

That's hilarious considering how many men will come back to whine about how "my girlfriend is so insecure! I can't touch 90% of her body, have sex with the lights on and she has a lot of mental problems". I cannot think of a more retarded thing than making your gf insecure for the purpose of your relationship, it's never going to work out in ones favor

No. 1166293

They know deep down they’ve been memed into uselessness and have nothing to offer. No money, short dicks, selfish lovers who wouldn’t know what to do even if they wanted to, poorly educated. They bought men are the best lie and are now fail males and can’t cope.

No. 1166299

File: 1651777915945.jpg (21.97 KB, 350x485, charlie_day.jpg)

weirdly enough Radcliffe is one of the few short guys I'm actually attracted to, I have this strange attraction towards a specific type of short men like charlie day and danie radcliffe, its hard to describe the exact look they have but I find it appealing, but those are the only group of short men I'm attracted too

No. 1166302

That I should be insecure over being a short girl since he pretended to prefer tall girls.

No. 1166325

that and they buy PUA memes that are essentially equally desperate adult men screwing up the dating market but convincing insecure boys that if they're a dick, ignore the girl, show attention to other girls, etc then she will like them more when in reality these women will either just cheat with the guy who told her boyfriend to ignore and neglect her. Men buy into the "bros before hoes" meme so hard that they forgot men are bloodthirsty and don't give a single shit about their friendship if it means to get crumbs of pussy even from their best friends gf. There's a reason why women tend to cheat with the mans best friend

No. 1166431

Moid tried to make me insecure about being sporty and thin once. Or make me insecure about being educated. Men will try to reframe your positives into negatives if they feel you're out of their league. If you don't have much to criticise they'll make something up. It doesn't have any logic, it's just simple envy/seething.
Men would make fun of your big breasts if you had them, call you porny or a cow. They'd call your legs too long. Eyes too big. You take care of your hair too much. Pretty skin? He'd call out your pores or make up wrinkles or another bullshit. Say you have too many hobbies. And so on. Just quite standard low value scrote behavior.

No. 1166574

I Kno Pete Steele is ugly but I still wanna fuck him

No. 1166583

Double post but Peter Steele was also a female supremacist which is based
I know that since he's male he's not a real female supremacist but it's nice to pretend

No. 1166804

same, I dated a moid who kept distancing himself from me by claiming I was too skinny and he was "just concerned" I was eating when my BMI was 23 ffs kek. Scrotes who attempt to spread the thick meme are fucking cancer especially since most of the time their fap folder/ celebrity crushes are just women with the exact same body type as the woman they're bullying, it's just a way to neg women
>Say you have too many hobbies. And so on
men have issues with any sort of hobbies women have or they just relentlessly nitpick how she does them. i enjoy cooking and scrotes will say the most retarded shit possible, usually revolving around their stupid red meat obsession since brownies and cheesecake seem to hurt their manhood. I had a moid tell me that making cheesecake was "white girlish" and I should make steaks instead all because he saw a white woman bake a cheesecake on tv once. He also had a huge obsession with race but that's another story

No. 1166838

And if you had made steaks instead it also would have hurt his manhood. I cooked steaks better and could start a grill, my moid ex couldn't and he would ree and seethe whenever I offered to help him out. He also got mad at me for almost only eating meat(allergic to almost everything else), bc idfk it must have injured his ego that his girlfriend ate more meat than him.

He made way better cakes than me but that didn't hurt my womanhood. I was just happy to eat a nice cake. Men are so fragile.

No. 1166867

Was this guy black? It's weird as hell to say a basic snack is white girlish

No. 1166877

that's the funny part, he was half white half Mediterranean (leb too, not even extremely arab or african), and I'm technically paler but he had more white European genes than me. made a huge deal constantly about how we're interracial, larped fantasies about how my family would totally be against him and "if he met them they would call him a sandnigger" even though I am also Mediterranean kek. Also lied about his race when I first met him and would say weird shit like "what if I was some weird race like a sandnigger". I honestly had no fucking clue why he was obsessed with race

No. 1166891

men are almost always obsessed with race, they have nothing else in their lives and are incomplete, barely formed people

No. 1166903

Kek I remember when my first bf would get extremely insecure about me drawing better than him. This even resulted in a huge fucking drama happening after a community art class we went to. "The teacher told you to draw something more complex because he knows I'm shit!!" when I had to draw a bunch of rocks and he had to draw an extreme close-up of a human eye and eyelashes kek. After him I've miraculously (mostly) met moids who weren't so insecure but I know for a fact that half of them would've gotten jealous of my hobbies if they weren't trying to fuck me. Most scrotes are just that mentally immature.

Could've been a /pol/fag or consumed too much "raceplay" porn

No. 1166960

Moid is mad chad from another country might take his wife kek racecels are so insecure.
>Could've been a /pol/fag or consumed too much "raceplay" porn
That too. Notice how they're obsessed with BBC memes and immigrants fucking "their" women?

No. 1166978

What race did he claim he was at first? And what’s even your ethnicity?

No. 1166991

I’m prochoice for everyone but not for myself. I hope to never commit an abortion. I find it cruel, but it’s necessary obviously. I will take a morning after pill in case I got raped and I’ll go to the doctor and make sure I won’t develop a babby in my tummy. But if it all still fails, I’d never do an abortion on a fetus that looks like an alien shrimp. Shit’s not for me.

No. 1166993

Letterkenny is overrated.

No. 1166997

My birth mom felt the same way and I’m very grateful for it

No. 1166999

YWNBARB (you will never be a real baby)

No. 1167002

Wish my birthmom didn't kek…but I agree with both of you, I don't think I could ever do it myself.
Adding to this I think honestly the whole fetus deletus jokes and abortion jokes are in bad taste, and I feel horrible for women who have miscarried or can't conceive and want to and have to hear that shit all

No. 1167003

YWNBAW, leave

No. 1167014

I was joking, anon

No. 1167059

Oat milk is disgusting.

No. 1167063

File: 1651802280966.png (25.32 KB, 800x400, 096.png)

it's ok. it's not that resource intensive and is healthy, which is good, but soy is still the OG. i like banana milk or coconut milk a lot though.

No. 1167077

I only like the cappuccino flavor of a certain soy milk brand and the chocholate flavored almond milk from another brand. I am not a fan a cow milk either. I only buy cow milk for lattes and cooking or the few times I eat cake. I have tried them all and I will forever drink the juice of the cow.

No. 1167087

Almond milk is top tier

No. 1167088

Fite me anon, right NOW

No. 1167092

I’m tired of being expected to coddle pro-life women and change the language that I use so that I don’t offend them. They can all go fuck themselves.

No. 1167127

I honestly think study is a lot easier than people let on. They seem to build it up as being this big momentous task, but it's literally the same as going to the gym. You load up your brain until you start to lose focus, and then you go for a walk and start running over the information in your head. Then when you recover after your walk, you go through the same process. You do this from 9am to 5pm and it's no different to a 40 hour job.

You turn up to school, every single day, even if you don't have class, and you just go through the course material. You read the examples, and then in a word document, you reiterate it in your own words. You imagine yourself teaching this information to someone new, you utilize analogies and run over the best ways to get the concept across. You write cards up with the definition on one side and the concept on the other, and have a friend test you. And when you start losing focus, you go for a walk and just lightly run through the concepts in your head. And at the end of the day you go home.

You don't leave it to the last minute and then wack yourself up on adderal to produce some shitty, barely comprehensible report. You don't try to power through losing focus. You just do the work. Some director said the same thing, making a movie is like painting a fence, you just do the work.

I cannot even fathom why people would go to graduation ceremonies and be proud of this. It's no harder than pushing a mop around for 3-4 years.

No. 1167133

it depends what you study fucking duh

No. 1167139

It doesn't, this applies to every single subject, from philosophy to medicine to programming to engineering. Normalfaggots are just intemperate animals that struggle to do work unless some boss makes them, they're like slaves, they have to be whipped to work.

It pains me to see all the functional people that think higher education is too hard and unobtainable. It's not, if you're doing a 40 hour a week job and are literate, you're capable.

No. 1167143

he claimed he was filipino, japanese and a bunch of other races and pretend I forgot. I'm greek and italian, had a weird obsession with making the race known of all of his exes or just random women he knows, would never point out any males race either unless he was black

No. 1167292

hummus is not good

No. 1167306

that's just crazy talk

No. 1167318

I'll fight you

No. 1167323

More for me then!

No. 1167419

theres some hummus i think is fucking disgusting but some i love. maybe you havent had the right one yet nonnie

No. 1167427

I genuinely don't think "polyamorous" people exist. If someone told me they are polyamoroys i'd just assume they want more pussy/dick and aren't mature enough to commit. Also every poly "couples" i've witnessed ended up in a shit fest lmao. Probably not an unpopular opinion here but i've been criticized for expressing this IRL.

No. 1167440

I kind of agree (poly people are usually cows), but also, some people are just degenerates and it can't be helped. Look at gay men. If there was no poly shit, they'd probably just be typical married boomers who pretend not to notice the other one cheating

No. 1167670

Anons who namefag users they suspect of being other users who've made specific posts in the past are annoying af, I don't give a single shit about pakianon or romanianon and anons speculating random posts of being them are annoying as fuck too, especially when the post they're attempting to namefag is completely irrelevant to anything they might say. This especially annoys me more when the anon they're attempting to track down hasnt said anything wrong or out of the ordinary for here. I promise you nonnies nobody gives a single fuck if you think the anon you got into a fight with over fatties is now posting somewhere else unless they're repeatedly and obviously baiting. Then again the "are you that anon" anons seem like the biggest, most obsessive infighters themselves

No. 1167680

are you the puppy-abuser
sorry, couldn't resist

No. 1167695

File: 1651837150879.jpg (131.21 KB, 1080x784, 20220506_133722.jpg)

I hate crap like picrelated. I would very much prefer the media to be about "dumping him" and discovering yourself as a person instead of listening to the same "oh no, he broke up with me and now I want to Kms" or "you can't be a full person while being single" bs that's been going on for over a decade.

No. 1167702

>she whispers into her oat milk latte
KEK who the fuck is this article about

No. 1167705

Nta but Suki Waterhouse

No. 1167718

Any sustained discussion about animal hate, deformed animals, etc bothers me. It's not just because of the subject matter being depressing, it's because I know the type of "person" that kind of thing attracts. Even the "dogs or cats" thread somehow attracted some freak who's into watching small animals get eaten by snakes for fun, and someone who was spamming zoophile/beastiality porn

No. 1167722

Is that not supposed to be satire?

No. 1167733

oh she's the one dating rpatz? i thought she was japanese because she was called suki, imagine my surprise

No. 1167774

Not everything is Japanese you silly silly nonna

No. 1167776

Wow I hate this crap

No. 1167779

Out bisexuals can still experience homophobia even in het relationships. Sure, het couples are legal everywhere and no one is going to harass them for being a het couple, that's absolutely true. But that doesn't mean bisexuals themselves cannot experience homophobia from people who do know they are bisexual, often their own partners, especially in the case of bisexual women with boyfriends.

No. 1167788

Agreed. Just look at AHvsJD, the DV rates of bi women in het relationships vs het women and I heard stories from my bestie.

No. 1167789

I agree.

No. 1167796

thank you for saying it

No. 1167800

File: 1651841465993.jpg (142.71 KB, 605x1076, badass-grandmas-1-587f4157f02f…)

Fujos are cringe. Why are you so into men professing their love to each other and screaming from pleasure from getting their dick dirty/getting fucked in the ass by another man? Seems gay to me to be in love with men loving each other ngl

No. 1167802

Pls not this again

No. 1167810

You are cringe because of your weird obsession with fujos. Why are you bringing up fujos in every non-fujo thread? I'm tired of seeing this retarded shit every time i'm on lolcow.

No. 1167823

True but you can't say that around here. The anime poop dick brigade will be very irate.

No. 1167840

You are insane, it popped up in the dumbass shit thread that anons got called scrotes for calling fujos cringe and I decided to make this semi-shitpost here. Can't you tell the tone of the post isn't dead serious? Hate this trend of calling everyone you disagree with the same person.

No. 1167876

My unpopular opinion is that users that say this and complain about Fujos are actually repressed fujos themselves who use focusing on hate to distance themselves enough mentally they can obsessively think about gay men fucking each other without being “gross” like those “girls.” If you spend this much time obsessed with gay men and women who enjoy their romances that seems a little gay.

No. 1167893

Definitely, at least that one really obsessed one that even watches fujo threads like a hawk and babbles about "fujo porn addiction" in every second sentence. I still think it's a moid though.

No. 1167941

>if you prefer content of men pleasing women you're gay, I am straight for watching men put it in someone's ass
Amazing mental gymnastics, clap worthy

No. 1168003

Missed the point. I don’t care about them at all and I’m not one of them. I ignore it and continue scrolling. We don’t live in a dichotomy and it feels like maybe you should talk to your therapist about those pesky intrusive anime men thoughts Noni if seeing fujos existing infuriates you so much kek. I’m anti porn of any kind if you really want to get tilted over there, but fujos and the anime ones are at least not exploiting women like the gross men and raping them on camera.

No. 1168447

I agree with you anon, I even read that popular book that's described as an explanation for polyshit about how it is totes natural because bonobos etc. and it all just seemed like a huge poorly written cope

No. 1168449

The consoomer thread is terrible

No. 1168458

Tell me why nonnie

No. 1168607

jopping fucking slaps

No. 1168624

no its horrible, even baekhyun looked embarrassed of the song when they were doing a reaction video to it.

No. 1168626

water is wet.

No. 1168633

File: 1651862772248.jpeg (130.5 KB, 1024x742, 1649629937517.jpeg)

>Beer gut fat men > potato sack body fat men
Obviously the true choice is no men at all but theres something extra dumpy about overweight men who get fat all over. With women it softens features and with men they just turn into Jabba the Hutt

No. 1168645

>Tfw I’m tradthot on lolcow but radfem irl because y’all thots are the same but reversed
I just hate people I guess, just like Aileen did.

No. 1168662

True, a lot of them claim to be "former fujos" too which makes it too obvious kek. Like the fujosperg-chan who posted her hand and then her 9-year old little brother's hand when anons called her a fat man, she spends literally hours just hunting the fujo thread and fujochan and derailing every thread se comes across to sperg about how much she hates fujos, even creating new ones just for the cause. Nothing but being in denial causes that amount of dedication.

No. 1168663

I agree I find skinnyfat men more disgusting than men who are chubby all around. It just looks jarring idk

No. 1168673

Oh god thin arms with the garbage bag body, I forgot about them. Truly the worst.

No. 1168682

oh my god this isn't a joke?! ahahahahaha

No. 1168687

Salmon lox and raw goats milk cheese could keep me alive for at least another decade

No. 1168710

They work like mules though. A girl I know that just came back from working in China as an architect was shocked we could leave our desks to go out to eat whenever we want and stuff like that. Sounded inhumane.
I know another girl that worked there as a teacher, and she had nothing but happiness and sunshine to share about that. So not all jobs suck there.

No. 1168726

But it's probably the worst debut song i've heard ever. i hate it

No. 1168730

I agree 100 percent with this. It's a damn cope.

No. 1168761

The average Chinese citizen is nationalistic and brainwashed by the state media and the government. Even if they aren't, they have to pretend to be, you can see it constantly online amongst Chinese netizens. You can go on bilibili right now and find videos of the Chinese equivalent of youtubers openly shitting on Koreans, saying they stole their culture, insulting their intelligence, bringing up some stupid debate about kimchi and saying things that would generally get flagged on any big western platforms as hatespeech and removed. Bilibili is a platform where video content is heavily moderated and uploaded videos have to be watched and reviewed by another human to be approved before they are allowed to be published on the platform. They don't allow anything that could 'corrupt the public morals' but straight up hatespeech is okay because it's nationalistic. This is a country that no longer allows movies and tv shows to have ghosts or monsters or anything "unscientific" in them, show writers and producers have to constantly sidestep the increasingly rigid censorship guidelines to make sure their show would make the cut, when there are criminals in the show it HAS to end with them in jail and explicitly stated that 'they got what they deserved and justice was rightly served', as propaganda for the state police. This doesn't sound dystopian to you? kek

No. 1168786

Just admit what's really bothering you - that they banned kpop and videogames

No. 1168807

No, I'd say what happened to Hong Kong, the ongoing situation with Taiwan and their failure to handle the pandemic and the attempted suppression of information about the virus at the start of the pandemic bothered me a lot more than the kpop ban and video games.

No. 1168942

I know a lot more people who went to China for work, my country has a good relationship with it, these are just the ones I talked to most. One was in a big city, one was in a small village and citizens there had a decent quality of life according to them. OP is right from what I've heard.

No. 1169019

Why are you responding to obvious bait

No. 1169047

General retardation, mostly. Also lc's had such a dramatic shift in tone recently that it's equally likely it's a genuine opinion and not bait.

No. 1169506

File: 1651877479553.jpg (326.94 KB, 1080x1565, 20220506_185211.jpg)

It seems to be an unpopular opinion but what the fuck??

No. 1169511

idgi what's wtf about this?

No. 1169516

Aren't you too old to be watching movies meant for babies, or is that the unpopular opinion part.

No. 1169524

Annabeth is supposed to be blonde and white, it was integral to her character in the books

No. 1169528

I won't be watching because I'm not interested regardless of casting, but I don't think it's a big deal as long as she gets contacts. I think that's Percy's actor in the middle and he also doesn't match Percy's book description.

No. 1169534

people gotta blackwash/whitewash for the cash. they don't care about the storyline. wish they would just greenwash >>1169516 dummy

No. 1169582

>but I don't think it's a big deal as long as she gets contacts.
She’s gonna need a lot more than just contacts to look like Annabeth.

No. 1169583

The only important physical feature for Annabeth that I can think of was her eye color.

No. 1169591

how was it integral? does her powers come from having white skin?

No. 1169595

redditor moment

No. 1169601

racism is a disease get well soon babe

No. 1169608

Go back to Twitter whalesperg

No. 1169611


No. 1169616

>whalesperg reddit is a disease, get well soon babe

No. 1169635

I think it's stupid that drama board posters shit on the non-drama board users and that non-drama board users shit on the drama board users. You are all on lolcow, who cares. I frequent both, I don't get the superiority complex on both sides. I just enjoy talking with other women on one of the only safe sites for us. I don't care what boards you prefer.

No. 1169706

>racist sperg is also a mentally challenged adult who watches children's shows on Disney
Intelligence lmao

No. 1169773

NO THE BOOK ABOUT FICTIONAL DEMI GODS FLINGING WATER AND SHIT AND CYCLOPS WITH ONE EYE NOOO MY HECCIN WHITE PERCY JACKSON FRANCHISE!!!111 anon it’s about a film based on mythology where zeus rapes about every living thing in earth which practically makes everyone incest babies, get a grip already kek

No. 1169780

Everyone hated nonna cause she spoke the truth. One day they’re finally gonna realize their addiction of doo doo dicking fags was a huge mistake. They complain “their isn’t enough good lesbian media!!” and stay busy consuming the same garbage meant to bring in the pick-mes who prioritize male pleasure over good female representation. Pathetic

No. 1169800

trying to frame anons annoyance at blackwashing as pearl clutching sperging by sperging out yourself isn't a good look, you seem the most offended between the two of you.

No. 1169832

kek you're right, but you can't say that without the fujos getting triggered and accusing you of being an NLOG or a moid

No. 1169845


don’t care, didn’t ask, L nonny + rip + straight bozo + millennial (derogatory)

No. 1169854

forget “muh blackwashing”, the real atrocity is pjo hype in this big year when 39 clues got dust

No. 1169861

>annoyance at blackwashing
kek i hope all of your favorite characters from now on are ""blackwashed"" so you never consume any media ever again, that way you'll have time to touch grass and found something actually worth getting mad over other than a children's tv show not casting a fictional character to your liking

No. 1169862

My friend did you just non ironically say touch grass?

No. 1169878

not a concept your familiar with, huh? go try it, its fun

No. 1169886

Mmm you have a Twitter account don’t you? I prefer touching my actual vegetable garden to grass, but you’re welcome to go touch it since you think it’s such a witty come back. You’re truly hilarious anon. Wait I got you /s just in case you couldn’t detect the sarcasm in the last sentence, I worry for those brain cells of yours.

No. 1169894

i love your deflection /s. the focus on the use of internet slang that you deem unworthy for lolcow (god forbid) other than the topic at hand, which is your unironic anger that a tv show isnt faithful to a book made for middle schoolers.

No. 1169903

Not that anon. Just think people who use touch grass are terminal online. Not all the same anon nonni. Hope you have a good night none the less. I shall go touch all of my basil goodnight for you.

No. 1169907

Jesus fuck zoomers are braindead

No. 1169910

in all honesty who isn't at this point in our history terminally online?

No. 1169913

Everyone is brain dead and I love you too.

No. 1169914

This sucks, I hate when they change shit from books this much. Like yeah, I also hate badly cast white actors when they look nothing like the character they're supposed to portray, of course someone absolutely not following the book description is a bad cast.

No. 1169917

not even trying to start a fight, i just dont understand why it matters. it literally has no bearing on the plot what the actors physically look like

No. 1169922

I just got here but why do you talk like that? Like a middle schooler trying win school yard argument? Who cares about your basil or whatever

No. 1169928

Percy Jackson fuckin sucks ass. Explain to me the hype around this franchise. Tried to read it at 14 and tried again at 20. Still boring. And I’m normally into kids fantasy garbage.

No. 1169932

how are you guys still arguing over percy jackson KEK

No. 1169935

I think it is a fair criticism, people want the actors to resemble the characters. If we want more black representation in film and tv then more books/comics/etc that actually feature black characters in the first place should be chosen to be adapted instead. Or they could take a chance on original scripts that feature black characters/actors. The Percy Jackson series is unlikely to please older fans or current kids reading the book series with its casting decisions.

No. 1169942

Idk it's just weird if you have these characters in your mind for such a long time, cemented in official art and everything and then they totally change it. She looks like a cool character but not Annabeth. AFAIK fans were really upset the original white actress was a brunette too and they changed her hair into blonde only in the next movie. If Harry Potter was cast blond or Ron Weasley as a black haired guy in the movie I'd absolutely hate it too. It changes the characters, yeah, it's only a superficial change but it still a change and transformation into a different character.

No. 1169948

File: 1651903406247.jpg (38.61 KB, 720x677, 08c.jpg)

I know people hotly debate over whether or not it's ethical to keep your cats indoors vs. let them outside, I don't want to debate on that too much but I do think—as someone who grew up having only house cats—that to me, a cat you let come and go as they please isn't really YOUR cat—they're just a friend who likes you and visits often, and accepts food and shelter when you offer it. Especially cats who were strays when you met them, and cats in general who can hunt and generally feed themselves. I don't think it's a bad thing, either—my best friend as a kid had a cat who would walk us to the bus stop in the morning and then saunter off in the direction of town—sometimes he wouldn't come home for weeks and then one day would show up on the roof, accepting our timid offerings of kibble with quiet dignity. If I had a cat like that, I just wouldn't be able to see him as mine. Like…that's just some really small orange guy who hangs out with me sometimes.

No. 1169987

File: 1651904475434.jpg (75.67 KB, 1080x389, Screenshot_20220507-082048_Chr…)

No. 1170019

The poor widdle "anon" who was crying about the character being blackwashed thinks you have to be white to be intelligent and had her post deleted by jannies, she is a racist sperg, quit your crying
Every time I start to feel bad for these people obsessing over fictional characters' race, they actually end up being racist kek. I hope it keeps happening until they rope

No. 1170025

agreed. every time they complain about "forced diversity" in media "blackwashing" etc, it's just thinly veiled racism. literally who isn't racist and weird cares?

No. 1170069

i don’t care when cows are fat. there was a thread on here years ago about someone i was acquainted with irl and she was a fucking horrible person but no one really posted about the heinous shit she said, it was just full of nitpicking. i’ve seen this come up again with another cow recently whose behaviour is actually entertaining to watch but the thread gets flooded with the same boring, tired posts about how fat she is. i just don’t find it funny

No. 1170070

File: 1651909429909.jpeg (134.54 KB, 1280x720, BE7B83FD-16AE-4976-877F-5B5F4F…)

I think I understand the wtf, I was a long term substitute for a middle school class that read The Lightning Thief and that’s not how I remember Annabeth’s description (tan skin, blonde hair). HOWEVER, when the movies came out I remember people complaining that she was played by Alexandra Daddario (picrel) and they were pissed for some other reason, I think that she was “too old”?
Who cares. They’re probably trying to get the public riled up to get people talking about the movie for free press and it’s working. I wouldn’t have known a new movie existed until this thread.

No. 1170071

I'm racist and I've never cared about blackwashing. Media isn't real life.

No. 1170100

Time to watch two retards fight?

No. 1170102

I do hate blackwashing, only Americans defend that shit and the rest of the world just laughs at them

No. 1170115

Nah people mostly hated that she was brunette in the first movie.

No. 1170134

Rowling didn't make Dumbledore gay for brownie points she made him gay because she's a fujo that managed to get her slow burn lovers to enemies schlickflick made into a major motion picture. Have some respect.

No. 1170142

Why is it always such a fucking issue when a black woman is placed in a fictional role? Mad that white women can no longer get hired off of the bare minimum anymore? One fucking black person makes people go fucking nuts but if they let some man act in a movie who is clearly a pedophile and a creep Jared Leto no one cares or bats an eye. One ethnic person ina role will cause more backlash than the hundreds of pedophiles and rapists who have won awards for their acting and producing. Your ridiculous and have no real priorities kill yourself already.

No. 1170150

Yeah, white women are getting by doing bare minimum, basicay living in easy mode. How are black women's talking points same as incels'?
People don't like portrayals that aren't book-accurate. What's there to not get about it?(racebait)

No. 1170179

It's racism. Some men and women are also very insecure its almost pathetic and they think their race is the only good thing about them so when they see someone from another race succeed, they go on to say it's not realistic or some sad cope.

No. 1170190

Nta. Don't be retarded. Everyone uses this argument when they want to highlight unfair treatment, be it imaginary (incels) or not.

No. 1170194

NTA but if you, as a woman of any race, are truly seething about color accuracy in live-action adaptions of a children's book that isn't even about race, you need to get some real problems in your life. You can't accuse other women of being incels when you're angrier about a female character in boring/likely generally inaccurate adaption #89329832 not having the right race than about abusive scrotes and pedophiles running all your favorite media companies

No. 1170197

It's probably the same incel scrote that baiting in other threads. Incels always think black women are similar to them even though they really aren't. Delulu.

No. 1170205

I just want stories that are actually originally about black people to get made instead of blackwashing.

We are never getting a Static Shock movie fuck this gay Earth

No. 1170216

I agree with this, it's a good take. The fact that once you let your cat go out, you can't be certain whether it's okay or if it's coming back bothers me, too. It's not like they have little phones they can text you from

No. 1170225

I enjoy ships and shipping best when there is a genuine level of risk that it won't happen. This is why I prefer romance integrated into a larger work as opposed to things that are explicitly labeled romance, like romance novels, because you know how it is going to end. Sometimes your ships don't pan out, that's part of the fun.

So I really don't like modern shipping culture, people take that shit way too seriously and don't know how to let go and enjoy the ride and the what ifs (maybe it has been this way forever?). And I don't like how it affects same sex ships particularly, fans are so uppity and self righteous because the ship not happening is bigoted somehow and this unfortunately ends up affecting the work itself sometimes.

Some of us just like being teased I guess.

No. 1170230

This is like saying your kid isn't really YOUR kid because they leave to go to school and get junkfood at the local macdonalds with their friends after lol.

No. 1170231

You can care about serious and less serious things at the same time nonny.

No. 1170233

You know kids can be contacted from afar, negotiated with on when/how long they can go out, and are generally watched over by others when at school, right? Don't cope anon kek

No. 1170235

Weirdly possessive
I grew up without mobile phones and I was no less my parents' kid for them not being able to reach me when I go out

No. 1170239

But why should I care about race in a children's book adaption? Like, what's the point?

No. 1170240

Yes you’re going to act deliberately ignorant to what I mean because that’s exactly what you like to do all the time when you’re confronted with this fact. The fact that white women are constantly placed in these roles because of global desirability and nepotism, while it’s nearly goddamn hell for a woman of color to get a role. Keep ignoring race as much as you fucking want, but your people literally started and created these systems to keep us out and I’m tired of trying to explain or be nice to retards like you are dragging their feet not to come to this reality in your dense fucking minds. You’re a woman, you experience misogyny but so does pakianon, so do the black LSAfags who come here to gossip, join the fucking club, you simply forget the fact that you are also a WHITE woman. Call me a woketard, twitterfag I never had a Twitter account a day in my life but these are real people who have to deal with these very real issues that affect their livelihood and public perception. You don’t want to see a black person in your film? Simply just don’t watch it, but your little quirky radical “feminism” is gonna take a black woman out of her job or feel like shit just because she took a role that is ultimately a job at the end of the day. I can’t stand people like you, you simply will never understand.

No. 1170242

i'd say there's less danger to kids in the world than to cats. Kids can learn they shouldn't cross the street willy nilly for example, they can function in a man made environments bettrer than cats. There's far too many dangers for cats: cars, dogs, evil people, various places they get stuck in…. I lost so many cats to reasons like this througout my life because they were outdoor cats. I was a kid and it traumatized me that i coudln't do anything about it. Now i'd never let them out without me. We are responcible for them, because we make them live in an unnatural enviroment. Most people don't let their dogs free roam either because they care for them too much so i don't understand why cat's would be different.

No. 1170244

If something happened to you while you were out, your parents probably would've hated the fact that they let you go out without a phone. But like, more on cats: Cars exist, sociopathic humans exist, aggressive cats/dogs exist, they might eat something that harms them, etc. Not even touching the fact that cats roaming outdoors are responsible for swathes of other wildlife being decimated (birds). There's a level of responsibility in owning a pet that's put at constant risk when you just let it go out whenever

No. 1170249

Dude there were no mobile phones and we were just fine. So strange to think of those things as essential.

No. 1170275

It is. He posted it in the Things we hate thread too to bait more.

No. 1170299

No one ever went missing, got assaulted or got murdered until phones existed, you're right sorry. All we need's a bow and arrow

No. 1170300

I'm not a radfem. And I'm not American and my people definitely didn't create any oppressive systems for black people, I'm not even a first-worlder. I just like book-accurate adaptations, keep seething and telling me to kill myself and calling me a retard for that. Tells me a lot about 'your people' tbh.

No. 1170302

NTA but
>Tells me a lot about 'your people' tbh.
And you conveniently don't mention who your people are, because you're afraid of getting the same prejudicial, retarded treatment you give to others. Classic kek

No. 1170306

I'm slav

No. 1170309

Stop worrying about American books, there's a war and your alcoholic, abusive scrotes to focus on nonnarina

No. 1170311

I get why people are upset about the live action stuff changing races of the characters. But what still annoys me today is that dumb series they made where they made Anne Boleyn, a real person and historical figure, black. Also if whitewashing is a thing, so is blackwashing. Not a scrote or moid either

No. 1170315

God this used to be my favorite book series as a kid, having ADHD and reading this was huge. Which is exactly what makes me feel gross to imagine all these adult children with ADHD shooting from the mouth being racist as hell. Please please I know you're impulsive but literally just once think critically, Rick gave a lot of people with learning disability some amazing representation and now you're throwing a bitch fit because he wanted to let a black actress play the role, literally shut up, if you appreciated the book series for making you feel seen I hope then that you could at least have some self-awareness and not be a hypocrite for 5 seconds. Embarrassing

No. 1170317

File: 1651920529450.png (477.92 KB, 675x761, wfr1.png)

Yeah, I've even seen black women complain about that kind of thing, because it's obvious baiting. Literally which black people sat down and said "Tell white historical figures' stories, but make them black"? None

No. 1170321

>>1170314 see >>1170239
Aren't you an adult? Also, it's been years since I read the books, but I'm pretty sure Percy was supposed to have dark hair and a Mediterranean complexion, and I don't think his male friend was written to be brown, so why is it just the black girl that's the problem? Kek, pathetic

No. 1170322

Imagine a white woman or man being casted as a black historical figure? It would be chaos

No. 1170323

Idk I think the anon telling people to kill themselves over it is the one throwing a bitch fit kek

No. 1170325

Percy looks like shit too imo. I don't like the casting overall.

No. 1170329

And yet, it's the young girl that gets screeched about the loudest on a website that's supposed to be for women

No. 1170335

not involved but I think skin colour is more significant that hair colour

No. 1170337

Are you new to imageboards? "Kys" is as common as "Good luck nonnie" here kek

No. 1170340

but his whole race hasn't changed

No. 1170342

Percy's skin tone is still wrong (they picked a pale ginger or blond kid), and so is the other character's. But at the end of the day, unless there's some actual racial significance to any of this in the story, I still don't see how this matters or why the wailers would be justified in wailing. At least the people who complain about actual historical figures being race-changed have a point, this is a kid's book

No. 1170344

What's the relevance?

No. 1170355

Right. I don’t care about fictional characters at all.
>but I like book accurate casting
Yeah? Well every teenage heart throb character I’ve ever liked got played by an ugly man. I think I suffered more.
Historical drama or stories with emphasis on historical settings have way more ground to stand on.

No. 1170372

NTA but who the fuck wants to see ugly moids, period

No. 1170383

Well my deal is that I find it based when women lie and pathetic when men do it. I support sza and alexa demie but pattinson needs to fuck off.

No. 1170387

No. 1170389

Shut up with false equivalency. Casting black people as white historical figures is cringe but it's not on the same level of bad as casting white people as black ones.

No. 1170399

Not reading all that shit but if you want to complain about "blackwashing" at least complain about how black actors are cast to play roles where they portray real people in historical movies or movies based on news reports. I still can't get over Omar Sy being picked to play the main role in Intouchables when it's a real story just because the real guy is North African and thus less marketable for the French audience.

No. 1170400

No. 1170406

One of the things I dislike most about blackwashing is the fact it always comes from a place of white guilt and is pathetic, instead of creating new and better black characters they just change popular white ones, sometimes on purpose to cause a reaction which is worse

No. 1170408

I agree. They totally fuck up the fact that they're casting non-white actors by making it so fucking obvious and cringe worthy. I feel bad for those actors because it feels like they're being used as tools to push blatantly fake, hypocritical messages and to create a controversy, not because the executives care about them.

No. 1170413

I am so angry at the witcher series for changing white chatacters to black…when there are black characters in the book that they just omitted.

No. 1170421

jopping literally saved my life

No. 1170422

Doesn't change the fact that she threw a long bitch fit kek

No. 1170450

Proof radfems, scrotes and tradgals are racists. whichever you are, off yourself.

No. 1170466

Stop baiting

No. 1170471

No. 1170504

Based and true

No. 1170520

It also cured my depression

No. 1170544

File: 1651934577349.png (1011.97 KB, 743x736, 1649415415157.png)

I do not know a single bw who wanted shit like this, they don't ever cast as female leads in romance films but they will masculine us and put and make our existence into some political existence and its always white people(and sometimes asian women) doing this shit, like I can assure you 99% of black women are not into blackwashing or even the figure of the strong independent black woman figure, plus there's also shit like colorism that never addressed by these people

No. 1170554

That is weird. They always pick a black woman to be cast as some historical white person, but never an Asian or a dark-skinned brown person. Why are black people constantly politicized? Is just existing as a normal human being a "thing" in American media if you're black, or is it always either porn, crime or some sort of racebait meant to make literally everyone uncomfortable? Tragic, kek

No. 1170579

what romantic context, other then being over fetishized and sexulized in porny music videos, its rare for black and brown women to ever have any decent romantic representation in film and tv

No. 1170583

remember at the Oscar's when they put black artists to sing (read: ruin) encanto's song instead of literally any 1% latino breathing person living in america?

No. 1170585

No. 1170590

I don't think this is true. Iirc, the only black person was Megan Thee Stallion (and that's probably because she is popular right now, not because she's black) and she performed it with the cast of Encanto. Luis Fonsi was literally also in the performance.

No. 1170596

It's the obsession with male relationships that fujos and slashers have that is really bizarre. You want to see two hot naked men have sex? OK; I can get it. You devote your time to write long ass essays and fanfics about how two boring dudes totally love each other and how omg deep the relationship is?
Fucking why, this shit is making me fall asleep.

No. 1170597

I had to look this up, and while the rap insert absolutely fucking ruins the whole song and performance, the first part is sung by some of the actual cast.

No. 1170600

Meghan shouldn't have been there, at all, she quite literally ruined the performance rapping about being a "bad bitch" on a mf disney song, fucking americans

No. 1170603

That wasn't the point of my post. I didn't care about the performance because I didn't care about that song or movie. I just responded because the OP wasn't true at all.

No. 1170610

They project onto those relationships

No. 1170645

I don't understand the stigma of other countries eating cats and dogs. I would try it if someone offered it to me. Rabbits are a popular pet in the US but I know some people here eat it, too

No. 1170648

You want to talk about sex but you're not allowed

No. 1170662

Lmao what? I'm being serious. I don't get why people in the US are so obsessed with their heckin rad doggos n puppers, I get it if you are attached to your specific pet but in the end they're just animals

No. 1170665

stop it already

No. 1170668

Eating carnivores is retarded. Their meat is full of diseases and you have to feed them herbivores first. Why not just eat the herbivores. Also dogs were bred to help people, not be eaten so it's retarded to just eat them (when you're not starving) when they can be much more useful.

No. 1170673

maybe cows were made to be hugged

No. 1170674

lol oh no not a shitty disney song being ruined by the diversity initiative say it aint so!!!

No. 1170676

you can say the same about people, we are just animals too you know. It's not that simple.

No. 1170685

I think that you think that I'm making some sort of pedophilia defense post but I'm not. I don't care about animals and don't feel guilty when I eat them. When I lived in Papua New Guinea I ate guinea pig and thought it was delicious.

That's actually a fair point but the argument I always see is that it's inhumane (but then wouldn't eating any meat be inhumane? Why is it only bad when it's a dog or a cat and not when it's a cow?)

Cows are stupid and the beef industry is destroying the Amazon, if they didn't taste good then humans would've genocided them centuries ago.

No. 1170686

So many societies engaged in cannibalism before the Chrisitans made it immoral. Honestly if someone were to murder me then I wouldn't mind if they ate me afterwards, I'd rather my corpse have a use other than rotting in the ground where it's only going to be eaten by maggots which imo is way nastier. Not that I want to get murdered or anything but I'm guessing in this scenario I wouldn't have a choice. This got a little weird so I'm sorry if I made anyone uncomfortable but I just don't see why eating dogs is taboo.

No. 1170690

File: 1651941543280.jpeg (173.34 KB, 1200x876, 1646353333064.jpeg)

So basically hide "heart" and empathy, I've never seen and never known, so hard to let it falter and then I fall and then I "know". Leprosy, etc. Never seen, never known. Hum in her muff, climbing back on her. So it's different. I'm the one to know.

No. 1170691

>Cows are stupid
No you, retard.

No. 1170694

anon are you alright?

No. 1170703

File: 1651941997211.jpg (11.91 KB, 258x245, impossible.jpg)

>useful(dog sperg)

No. 1170704

Schizos from cc are here

No. 1170705

>the beef industry is destroying the Amazon

So you're okay with killing and eating animals, and killing and eating people, but you draw the line at deforestation?

No. 1170706

File: 1651942116555.gif (2.95 MB, 480x264, doja2.gif)

>cows are stupid
That's just like, your opinion, anon

No. 1170710

More useful than you Cleetus

No. 1170712

File: 1651942283004.jpg (16.17 KB, 296x296, DTkhiOTd_400x400.jpg)

>If cows didn't taste good then humans would've genocided them centuries ago.

No. 1170717

File: 1651942355156.jpg (22.4 KB, 529x580, (you).jpg)

No. 1170718


this anon is poison ivy from batman

No. 1170719

Ay, DIDF is here already? Go hug your stinkin' mutt, narc.

No. 1170723

this is the weird dog hater male. report and move on.

No. 1170724

>dog hate/bestiality scrotes from Reddit and /pol/ invading the thread
I pray for them to encounter a holy castration

No. 1170725

File: 1651942711828.jpg (106.97 KB, 1024x576, linkola.jpg)

NTA but basically yes.

No. 1170727

they love coming into this thread, there's proof that males love raiding the unpopular opinions thread

No. 1170728

>anons in this thread rn

No. 1170779

I blame the amber/johnny thread getting pulled out of autosage and too lax moderation

No. 1170790

>not wanting a pet cow

No. 1170798

Waffles and pancakes are basically the same thing

No. 1170804

waffles are superior

No. 1170811

File: 1651946476452.jpg (13.29 KB, 272x185, images (1).jpg)

No. 1171026


No. 1171458

I think women should be allowed to say the word "faggot" wherever they want. If they say "bitch" "slut" or "whore". Why women cant say faggot without being dragged by woke libtards?

No. 1171476

You know why, language is so steeped in misogyny, they would rather die than admit that those words are sexist slurs. No one really gives a fuck about womens feelings.

No. 1171482

File: 1651998280417.jpg (89.75 KB, 856x806, Flikker.jpg)

I already do in my language kek

No. 1171488

I remember when Azealia Banks said the same thing and that she uses "faggot" in a feminist way but she got in trouble with her white gay fans for it. Said white gays wouldn't stop calling her a bitch though. Who would have thought.

No. 1171520

Ngl the main pushback comes from other women, we police ourselves too much and try harder to be kind and woke. Yet you know the other side, that we are more likely to act like doormats when it comes to insults toward ourselves, see TRA women for instance. Unfortunately it's our socialization on this one.

No. 1171522

Americans seem to live in a race dichotomy in which there are only white and black people, so black people get weaponized all the time to be political pawns. The "this historical figure is now a strong black woman" thing is entirely meant to distract attention away from problematic or bad writing by getting everyone to back the series up saying "well they might use rape scenes for lazy drama and lack creativity but hey they have a diverse cast and chose to stick it to my conservative boomer parents by making Jarl Haakon a black woman so it must be good!". It's all very performative.

No. 1171540

File: 1652001813544.gif (64.13 KB, 419x327, Care-Bear-Hugs-being-nice-1335…)

I'm not mad at newfags coming in (not counting spamming moids). Apparently people have posted about lc on fucking TikTok, which means zoomer girls have probably founds their way here. I'm glad they see a site for women where things aren't censored like in TikTok, Twitter, Reddit etc. and we can be honest about moids and trannies. Hopefully some see through the shit that is force fed on kids in Western countries rn.

And a few slip ups in board culture are ok imo, it's annoying but most people learn when others notify them or they get redtexted. I'm just sympathetic to women finding a place like this and I want to be kind to them.

No. 1171541

Lmao why was this redtexted

No. 1171547

sonicphobia never sleeps

No. 1171552



No. 1171573

A lot of women love to be the police. They love browbeating other women like hens in a fucking coop, except the "dominance" hierarchy is based on how well you can suck dick. Even the ones who aren't fully pick-mes tend to get on your ass about sucking the "correct" dicks. On LC, it's endless crying if you don't suck gay male dick because a handful of handmaidens honestly believe that lesbians, as a collective, owe faggots eternal servitude like this is some fucking LGBT slave contract shit.
I will never defend a collective of males when they get attacked or called any sort of slur, because I know the feeling isn't mutual. Find a single site with gay moids that has a bunch of them yelling at eachother for using "dyke" or just attacking women in general. It doesn't fucking exist. The same goes for literally any other group. The only time it'll matter to me is when women are being targeted, and that's that

No. 1171586

Mashallah noni very based. Also faggots hate lesbians and again faggots are givimg homosexuals a bad name with their pedophilia and std statistics.

No. 1171593

Well that explains the amount of terminal spergery I've seen around the site recently.

Anon not to be that person but you also just described how straight women treat lesbians on this site and everywhere in general.

No. 1171599

Judging by the amount of posts on here lately that strike me as pure underage cringe, gen Alpha has found us too

No. 1171601

This reminds me a lot of when Perez Hilton (I think it was him anyway) called Azealia Banks something misogynistic and she responded by calling him a faggot kek. No one batted an eye at Perez but as soon as Azealia called him a fag everyone started crying like she'd just shot his dog or something. This is what I've noted about gay moids in particular, they still can't take the heat and can't handle facing backlash from women without playing victim. The worst is that some of the people who were defending the fag were actually women who felt they owed something to gay men as if they're innocent little lambs and not easily as misogynistic as straight men.

>""I feel like a lot of times gay men can be way more misogynistic than even straight men. You know. Even how they come to you, like picking at your hair, like telling you, you're fat, telling you all this other shit. Telling you like how to be a woman. And it's just like what the fuck you know about being a woman?" -Azealia Banks.

No. 1171606

White gays are pussies, they're still white males at heart, sexist, often racist, very judgmental, and think mindlessly insulting others is the same as having banter with a friend until you act the same way towards them as they act towards women they want as their "faghags". I can't stand them anymore. I'm glad they can legally get married to each other if they want in my country and that they're a legally protected class but they need to shut the fuck up when it comes to women.

No. 1171609

Ntayrt but I see why they try and act that way towards us. They think they are women.

No. 1171614

It has more to do with envy, because while straight men would have a ONS with a gay guy in a dress and a thick layer of make-up, they wouldn't date them. Some feel like women have it easy and are privileged for being the main target of attraction for men. They are upset because no matter how hard they work or try to perform femininity, they're still men. They don't really want to be women or think they are women, other than for the purpose of procuring sex and attention from straight men. So they shit on women for not trying as hard, not being as skinny as them, not performing femininity as much etc., because they are upset they go through all that effort and still can't land a straight man. Meanwhile a woman can walk around with her hair in a mess and sweatpants and she'll still be sexually harassed by scrotes. In a sense, they did internalize a part of female socialization, but with a lot more neuroticism due to being male and never being able to live up to it, because they're not even the bare minimum, they're not even female. They often develop eating disorders themselves because of it. The insults are just pure projection. Gay scrotes still bother me less, because they're not as dangerous as straight scrotes, in the biblebelt they do show solidarity out of necessity and in the end we're both going to camps again if the wrong people get into power.

No. 1171624

No, they don't think they're women, they just think they're similar enough to women. It's an important nuance because they don't get some of the most basic things about living as a woman and often treat their female friends as fashion accessories instead of equals.

No. 1171639

That's what I meant but I see how it should be clarified. A lot of them want to be in our place in regards to attention from straight men, and sometimes they behave how they think women do, when they hang out with you they try to act like one of the girls but of course it's out of place. Hence those offputting moments that make us think, "but you aren't a woman?" I don't think all gay men are like this but it's obvious there is a notable large group who behave this way.

No. 1171644

>Gay scrotes still bother me less, because they're not as dangerous as straight scrotes, in the biblebelt they do show solidarity out of necessity and in the end we're both going to camps again if the wrong people get into power.
This is my stance as well. It doesn't do any good to throw either community under the bus as both are infested with coomer spicy straights and bihets who are there only for bodily pleasure with no emotional attachment making a bad name for one another. Just like with young aidens, I only feel pity the gay twinks who are ostracized by both the mainstream society and their own community because naturally there are a lot of parallels to how butch lesbians are treated. Both troon out for very identical reasons: gender-nonconformity being considered unnatural and something to fix, the intense admiration of heteronormativity, homophobia, being exploited by people treating them as fun experiments and ultimately misogyny in both cases as effeminate men romantically interested in other men are seen as lesser men and masculine women being considered as failed women. These issues are intertwined whether we like it or not and you can't solve one without solving the another. I don't trust gay moids like Blaire White to show solidarity with women at all but I don't trust most straight women to stand with lesbians either, so I can't paint with a broad brush when it comes to any other demographic than straight men.

No. 1171654

AYRT I don't have much more to add, you worded it beautifully

No. 1171665

Also all the 'waffles are pancakes with abs' was deleted kek
I thought the waffleposting was cute

No. 1171670

I'm so glad they're getting killed by niggermoids in some countries. Very based.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1171672

Intentional farting is never funny. Gas escaping in inappropriate situation and/or loudly is funny, but reading about men farting in the presence or even ON their GFs is disgusting as hell. Or when people start talking about how doing farting contests or their GF farting on them is "relationship goals" or "wife material". Nah, most men have shit diets anyway so it also smells like a rotten corpse.

No. 1171679

This poster wasn't me (OP)

No. 1171768

File: 1652020059851.png (12.9 KB, 110x101, 1642028910611.png)

>thinks that the misogyny of gay men can justify her hatred of them
>uses "pussy" as an insult

No. 1171774

If you think me saying they're cowards who can dish it out but can't take it with English slang words is as bad as gay male actively supporting their troon friends invading women restrooms, hospital room, changng rooms, spas, shelters, etc. and trying to make paid surrogacy legal in countries where it's not while also insulting women for not looking like Britney Spears circa 2002 I don't know what to tell you bro.

No. 1171781

File: 1652020943361.jpeg (64.86 KB, 800x556, DA5EDBC9-3B6B-4A4A-A620-1DD484…)

>not hating enough male faggots, sexpests and manwhores in your lifetime

rookie mistake nonnas!

No. 1171808

>hating moids is based
>replies with a picture of a nun who devotes herself to a moid in the sky

No. 1171874

Then the newfags should learn to lurk. this isnt a safe space for them.

No. 1171903

>what are husbandos

No. 1171984

jopping is love. jopping is life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1171986

didnt you post this like a week ago kek

No. 1172003

Wow. Within minutes. While moid shit is up for literal hours. Daebak.

No. 1172005

why did this anon get banned? are the jannies anti jopping? this is so sad