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No. 275974

This is a thread for any woman (I used girl in the title cause it was shorter and I was scared it wouldn't all fit it's my first thread sorry if it sounded kind of immature) whom appreciates other woman if it's a crush, a bit of curious flitering, a full on date or you know… kissing and stuffs to talk about such things and to each other. Everyone is welcome here please do not flame each other or argue about individual sexuality. There are other threads for that. This might be stupid as heck (It is lol) but I just really wanted a thread for women to talk about fun stuff like crushes, dating, intimacy, cheer each other on and be there for each other when things go a bit wrong without attacking each other or fighting. I guess mods will delete it if it's too stupid to exist but it's meant well and that's honest. Anyways love you nonnies. Hope this will help a few of you express yourselves safely.(tranny)

No. 275989

File: 1658089442027.jpeg (155.12 KB, 522x622, 1655458637216.jpeg)

>first crush?
>what’s your local lesbian scene like?
>cute stories about your gf
>what's your type?
>which lesbian stereotypes do you fit? which ones don’t fit you at all?
>what were you like as a kid? tomboy? girly girl who made her Barbies kiss?
>what do you wanna be like as an old lady lesbian?
>get mushy and describe your dream relationship/date/etc
>best date/match? worst?
>lesbian friends, role models, or family members you appreciate

I guess lesbians don't exist nor bisexuals

No. 276001

Oh gosh no sorry I'm so tired and also kind of dumb that wasn't what I meant at all and I read both the lesbian and bisexual threads very closely. This is by no means an attempt to co-opt those threads they are actually both very dear to me, even when things get a bit heated.
All I wanted was to make a place where any woman whom either has for sure feelings about another or is kind of crushing but not sure if it's anything more then that and everything in between to come and talk and maybe get some opinions and support regardless of how they might identify sexually if that makes sense, and for people whom really want to keep to use the examples you mentioned say the Lesbian thread just for and about lesbian experiences, the bisexual thread similarly for bisexual women only and so on, but I thought maybe some of those from the different groups could come here to chat and not feel like the spirt of a thread about a particular sexuality was being compromised is all. It's just I felt like it would be nice to have a place where regardless of how you identify sexually (and without compromising it or the threads) people could still chat together and support each other… maybe it was a dumb idea or I didn't explain it so well, I'm sorry certainly it wasn't meant to exclude anyone or invalidate anyone no matter the opinion. I very much enjoy reading both threads and would be sad if they were gone.

No. 276004

File: 1658091249579.png (559.22 KB, 582x900, riibrego-1480606727376670721-i…)

I, for one, think that this thread is a cute idea. Even if lesbian and bisexual women have very different experiences it could be nice to have a shared place to discuss

No. 276007

>I thought maybe some of those from the different groups could come here to chat and not feel like the spirt of a thread about a particular sexuality was being compromised is all. It's just I felt like it would be nice to have a place where regardless of how you identify sexually
What are you talking about there is only three sexualities straight, lesbian and bisexual.
Questioning sexuality thread
Retarded crushes

>I'm sorry certainly it wasn't meant to exclude anyone or invalidate anyone no matter the opinion.

You sound very young, how old are you?

No. 276024

This thread sounds like it was made by a 50 year old tranny lol

No. 276025

Going to write about my imaginary girlfriend

No. 276029


Both myself and my partner are of age and have been a relationship now for just over two years we celebrated our two year anniversary just a few months ago. I just type like an idiot a lot of the time, sorry.

Okay look clearly judging by some of the other posts here this isn't being taken the way it was intended. I checked and I can still delete it without bothering anyone to do it for me, so I'm going to not be impulsive and sleep (thank goodness) a bit and then come back to probably delete it then (if it's still up). Again sorry if anyone was offended, that was not the intent. I don't mind the troll comments but I am worried that it's doing more harm then good. So probably delete but I've learned to try not to be impulsive so I'll sleep on it for now. Again sorry.

No. 276033

You can't delete a post after it been up for 2 hours, lurk more and integrate summerfag. I could spot you a mile away just by the thread alone.
Just say that you're gay lesbian woman that has a girlfriend.

No. 276035

I get it, anon. A shared "sapphic"/"wlw" (I know anons hate those terms but it's all I've got) would work for the mutual topic of loving women. At the end of the day, despite the fighting, we do all love women.

There have definitely been a couple of times where I wanted to post about women but the situation wasn't bisexual per se. In fact it had nothing to do with being bi, but I had to use the bi thread anyway. Or the crush thread which has a lot of straight anons talking about men.

These are my thoughts, anyway. Maybe you could remake with a more clear op?

No. 276038

File: 1658096716350.gif (993.06 KB, 400x222, B43G3Zt.gif)

But on the other hand… lol okay sleep time now imma going.

No. 276039

Stop with these 4chan ass banners

No. 276040


and aww thank yous that was sweet of you needed that.

No. 276046

Are you a fucking tranny

No. 276075

>cutesy "girly" speech
>posting sapphic male gazey "lesbians"
I smell a troon, I do. A troon who squawks and talks like a loon.

No. 276118

Hm so though it was clearly not the intention several posters here did help me think up a question for the thread, sooo thanks I guess lol?

Anyways the question of the day is this: When displaying some form of attraction to another woman or to a man, or open forms of intimate contact (holding hands, cuddling, hugging, kissing etc.) Have you encountered strong disapproving reactions from family, friends, communities you might be part of either on or offline etc. For not conforming to their ideas of how you should be. For example "I thought you were into other girls but I totally saw you kissing that guy just now, what's wrong with you?" Or "Um yeah it's great that you found a man or woman that you are into and he/she is into you, really. … Buuut (cue long list of "why he or she's not right for you" stuffs or "why she'll never fit in with the rest of us (IE your "friends"). If that has been the case then how do you deal with negativity about your relationship(s) and possibly even changing their perception of how you and or your partner should be/act/look/etc? Any experiences or stories you might like to share can actually be really helpful to other nonnies in dealing with similar situations and helping to change perceptions. Thank you in advance for any responses, please remember to avoid flaming and arguing. Debates and disagreements are fine but if they happen do please try to keep them civil, thank you hope every nonnie is having a lovely day!

No. 276132


Didn't manage to last time with how out of it I was but thank you so much nonnie I really do appreciate the positive feedback, please feel free to come back anytime you'd like. Wishing you well and thank you.

No. 276159

File: 1658124936208.jpg (30.88 KB, 640x390, CCMIjkj.jpg)

Oh also just to help knock that creepy magic age formula thread off the front page now it's locked and all. Also relatable lol.

No. 276163

The autism in this thread is so thick you can cut it like butter, I second >>276075

No. 276164

This isn't a chatroom newfag.
And also >>276046

No. 276174

kek I posted this >>276004 yesterday but seeing this ugly ass scrotish gif >>276038 convinced me that this was made by a men, get the hell out of here

No. 276177

what the fuck did i just read

No. 276179

File: 1658137125284.png (47.28 KB, 205x267, 1649543765850.png)

I wish that troons work together to make the number 41% into a 100%

No. 276180

File: 1658137406837.jpg (289.92 KB, 1944x2592, 4iAbaF8.jpg)

That's the old pepper, little on the older side of things but hey sometimes old tricks work best, ain't that bout right "girls"? Also just to keep the ideas coming.

No. 276193

This is the most AGP transbian thread I have seen on this entire site, the MtF thread included. Lol you will never be a woman. You can't even pass on an anonymous imageboard where nobody can see your hon face.

No. 276196

File: 1658145806259.jpg (68.88 KB, 640x463, 1652416529225.jpg)

Yeah I don't get why it's still open.

No. 276197

Look at this dumb porny image of two instathots awkwardly fake kissing for the camera. Only a malebrained retard could think that those are real lesbians lmfao. Go back to pornhub, moid.

Acting like a total braindead retard doesnt make you sound any more like a woman.

No. 276205

This is the most autistic male post thread I have read on this site along with posts of troons who visit the MtF thread when they're posted in there. kek

No. 276206

The best part is
>please remember to avoid flaming and arguing.
This is LC FFS

No. 276211

File: 1658151021628.jpeg (92.99 KB, 662x617, 1631366371276.jpeg)

No. 276212

File: 1658151064830.png (2.32 KB, 246x131, 1655440565242.png)

No. 276214

File: 1658151101306.jpeg (27.42 KB, 680x545, 1643404281955.jpeg)

No. 276216

File: 1658151132167.jpg (485.67 KB, 1410x603, 1635342122892.jpg)

No. 276217

File: 1658151200525.png (32.36 KB, 807x179, 1632255656408.png)

No. 276219

File: 1658151259673.jpeg (65.62 KB, 750x531, 1633181422244.jpeg)

No. 276220

File: 1658151303934.png (203.64 KB, 895x539, 0QLheQ9.png)

No. 276222

File: 1658151396131.jpeg (84.04 KB, 750x964, 1652081362355.jpeg)

No. 276223

File: 1658151482685.jpg (912.46 KB, 900x2000, 1628883541519.jpg)

No. 276226

File: 1658151738039.png (268.64 KB, 450x544, 1634537501150.png)

No. 276234

File: 1658152337176.jpg (40.93 KB, 366x386, IMG_20220506_233806.jpg)

>As a mentally ill man this is hilarious

No. 276265

Such a sweet idea and a sweet person who made it happen. I'm appreciative of all anons who try to be constructive and patient. Finally lesbians and bis can come kiss here, it is done. It's also pretty clear that paranoid polilezzes are super mad about this thread but no amount of hating troons will change the fact that they're in this for the wrong reasons. We're here to eat pussy till we die.

No. 276266

File: 1658159866860.png (4.61 MB, 2172x3862, twink_death.png)

Enjoy it while it lasts. "femboys" and "twinks" hit the wall 10x harder than anyone else, lul. lmao. rofl.

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