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File: 1665229761706.jpeg (618.89 KB, 1880x2816, 1657651541717.jpeg)

No. 293022

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread /g/ edition, which of course, talks about husbandos and horny shit
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your fictional 3D and 2D crushes so you don't clog the other retarded thread. Post memes, be frisky, whatever.
>But why
Farmers are some horny bitches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to gangbang me raw
-I love me some man tiddies

The retarded hornyposting thread now includes pairings.
For real 3D men hornyposting, refer to: >>>/g/193846
For other /g/ related shitposts just use the current /ot/ thread. Thank you!

Previous horny: >>>/g/286016

No. 293042

File: 1665233212120.png (119.91 KB, 595x338, 1656638218032.png)

Starting with a classic.

No. 293051

File: 1665235196589.jpg (35.29 KB, 563x565, Leon is hot.jpg)

i kid, i kid - inb4 ban. what is he saying in Korean btw

No. 293054

"hot… really hot" is what he's saying

No. 293062

File: 1665240939282.jpg (11.36 MB, 3500x2472, Иллюстрация_без_названия 1218 …)

he could fix me. he could save me. he could protect me. thats why i need him so much. we're perfect for each other. we were made for one another. only I understand you, and only you understand me. no one else will do.

No. 293065

File: 1665241905662.jpeg (201.44 KB, 1280x1148, CB973DDD-456D-4985-9FEE-AF5007…)

Need zombie revenant water ghost dick. Need it now.

No. 293066

I know, I will never get over that it was redtexted as "shitposting". It was excellent Leonposting.
Poor Leon suffering from his own hotness.

No. 293075

Thread pic is literally me fr

No. 293077

She is all of us.

No. 293081

File: 1665251890643.jpg (301.62 KB, 1305x1816, FeYif1AakAAhOxP.jpg)

i love bsd so much, i wish men were real.

Congratulations on the ninth thread, nonnas! Would you buy any r18 figure of your husbando?

No. 293082

File: 1665251943596.jpg (Spoiler Image,131.24 KB, 500x667, b2cc7bbc74f770139b952a18e5c685…)

No. 293085

File: 1665252373871.jpg (907.84 KB, 1402x2048, 2766481.jpg)

I wish my husbando had even a slightly risque figure, he was as made for it. The thought of a 18+ figure makes me explode. Would buy, wouldn't know where to display it.

No. 293109

File: 1665258782380.gif (1.68 MB, 268x220, ca83547c-1ac4-46f0-99fb-b3c76f…)

Why cant nonnies follow the one rule?

No. 293110

If only I had a figure of my husbando…then I could fondle him for real.

No. 293113

no offensce but who made it a rule

No. 293114

File: 1665260682786.jpg (748.15 KB, 3182x2337, FZERiN6aIAAPiyr.jpg)

There is no rule, that anon is bullshitting.
Also why did Nanamin get a sexy figure (see last thread) but not Mahito? Not fair.

No. 293117

The founding anons of this thread did

No. 293118

No. 293119

we're all anon so who cares, really please don't turn this into the things we hate thread where anons autistically screech every time the thread pic doesn't have a borzoi. it's a funny little in-joke, not an actual rule.

No. 293121

Nobody is screeching here

This threadpic is pretty bland tho, >>273807 still hasnt been topped

No. 293130

File: 1665265565677.jpeg (98.44 KB, 350x491, 0C945DD8-BD7C-4BD7-AA15-8568B7…)

His insane smile makes even the darkest day feel like a picnic.

No. 293132

Maybe not screeching, but being annoying. Threadpic is good and relatable, clearly other anons like it too. There are like what, 2 arthurfags here? Considering he's barely posted stfu about him being threadpic or make the threads yourself.

No. 293135

File: 1665268159261.gif (1.85 MB, 540x259, tumblr_oif7sqwsdO1r03nz0o1_540…)

rip to the sequel i guess, not too sad because it wouldn't have my prince

nta, but i'm an arthur fag too, i don't post him everyday bacuse spamming ur husbando over and over would be weird even for a shitpost thread plus i have a dozen more

No. 293137

File: 1665269092730.jpg (625.63 KB, 1200x848, illust_71050993_20221008_17401…)

Tfw no buff bug bf to hold me
The biggest plus about him is that if he fucked then he wouldnt get you pregnant ahhshejkssjssjj

No. 293138

File: 1665269213786.jpg (36.47 KB, 563x588, 1d33e52d83493a0f5a868ad16ab9c9…)

No doubt about it. Manifesting Shibari Golden Kamuy (with dick out variants) figures

No. 293151

File: 1665276878068.jpg (179.24 KB, 1920x1080, you already have my heart but …)

What a fitting edition for this thread, I just ordered nearly 200 euros worth of husbando merch online, rip my wallet! I have been planning this for ages, but still.

No. 293156

File: 1665279395873.jpeg (700.47 KB, 974x1075, Screenshot_2022-09-03-04-37-03…)

Love her stupid face.

No. 293162

File: 1665282022651.jpeg (177.02 KB, 828x820, EBA02C35-3F9C-45D0-9795-633158…)

Ugh I just want to take care of him. Make him happy, loved and cared for…then make an absolute slutty mess of him in bed. I really can’t stand MHA so I subsist on fan fiction but when I saw the new manga panels of him buff? Really activated my almonds

No. 293167

File: 1665284066812.jpeg (88.61 KB, 530x424, E7903D9A-D0E7-4613-892E-BC9EDE…)

This is my husbando. There are many like him, but this one is mine. My husbando is my best friend. He is my life. I must master him as I must master my life.

No. 293171

File: 1665287683935.jpg (48.82 KB, 500x691, 32bfd37775e62a6148be5943537dd0…)

I want him to ruin my pussy

No. 293174

File: 1665288342307.jpg (47.2 KB, 600x583, 593e7u8gz6b71.jpg)

Right here, my favorite himbo

No. 293176

File: 1665289949001.jpg (67.35 KB, 605x790, Japan.full.1131139.jpg)

He was my husbando when I was a Hetafag back then. I still hold this series very dear to my heart to this day.

No. 293177

File: 1665290132527.jpg (70.96 KB, 440x810, 07ccf572a9104e227a0a70b8374fbe…)

I miss him

No. 293178

File: 1665290854258.jpeg (116.42 KB, 827x1170, Feb6NCSaMAAy7m4.jpeg)


No. 293179

File: 1665291895252.jpg (1.24 MB, 2700x1800, 1187894.jpg)

im so excited for his rerun, i miss him so dearly. i feel like a wife waiting by the window everyday

No. 293183

ooh anon what did you buy?

No. 293184

Happy to see another Cell fan here! Have you played Xenoverse nonna? His mentor lines are to die for.

Personally, I prefer Tomura post AFO's capture. Something about his overgrown hair, coat, and more serious demeanor does it for me.

No. 293185

File: 1665296586660.jpeg (187.9 KB, 992x1317, EkDyxHIUYAICYeP.jpeg)

>>293184 samefag.
I've posted this on another thread but my feelings are the same. I want to be his outgoing gf that does all the socializing for him and then I want to cuddle in his lap while he's gaming.

No. 293193

File: 1665302848966.jpeg (423.66 KB, 1920x1080, 78413DD3-71FE-497B-906A-CF51A6…)

We all know this thread is Russian clay

No. 293195

i'm so happy for you nonny! living the dream!

No. 293202

File: 1665308514164.jpeg (321.72 KB, 726x1026, FS9uXXWVUAAS-Ix.jpeg)

You and me nonna, so glad to see another Cellfag outside of the monsterfucker thread lol.

No. 293217

I'm not a fujo, unless it's for those two, then I'm a massive shameless fujo.

No. 293252

File: 1665340142578.png (1.81 MB, 1218x936, model.PNG)

I bought three trading cards, one with Doctor Octopus and two with Spock, one pin with Frollo, sh figuarts Snape figure, which I have been considering to buy ever since it was released, and model kit with Spock, picrel. I'm especially exited about the model, it seems super cool! I also got one non-husbando related craft supply.

No. 293262

File: 1665342960478.jpg (95.38 KB, 563x751, 9ffd4cf08e605db5521556dea71145…)

>don't get attracted to dumb Stasi siscon animu guy
>don't get attracted to dumb Stasi siscon animu guy
>don't get attracted to dumb Stasi siscon animu guy
Oh no, he cute

No. 293264

File: 1665344444245.jpg (63.43 KB, 1366x768, GS.jpg)

I like his armor and post-traumatic autism, too bad he's used in such a rapefic with shitty side characters

No. 293273

anon who is he

No. 293275

File: 1665348751991.jpg (218.29 KB, 1560x940, yuri.jpg)

Yuri from Spy x family.

No. 293277

so i'll have to watch it after all huh thanks

No. 293278

Loved this idiot before the anime adaptation. I am so glad he is beautiful even in the anime.

No. 293281

What is "Stasi siscon"?

No. 293284

Stasi - secret police of the German Democratic Republic
siscon - sister complex, in love (or at least overly obsessed) with their sister

No. 293294

File: 1665359556238.png (397.62 KB, 616x532, Destiny 2_20220602223222.png)

The only siscon for me, thankfully he isn't one anymore.

No. 293295

File: 1665359642062.jpeg (111.67 KB, 728x776, E0E2EB28-A00E-4839-8CA0-9544F6…)

Nerd lovers United! I feel the exact same about Leviathan. I want to drag him out of his comfort zone and make him have lots of fun with me.

No. 293308

File: 1665367759884.jpg (368.67 KB, 768x768, illust_56021339_20221009_21090…)

Never played xenoverse. DBFZ i have and I really love the interaction he has with characters he would never canoncially meet or have extra interaction
Cell belongs in every husbando thread that has dbz fags

No. 293314

File: 1665371723837.jpg (136.03 KB, 850x850, narancia_ghirga_jojo_no_kimyou…)

>Would you buy any r18 figure of your husbando?
I wouldn't be able to resist.

No. 293330

File: 1665381835542.jpeg (47.34 KB, 480x700, DH4pDN4WsAAa8NQ.jpeg)

Happy Birthday Reigen!!

No. 293332

libra king

No. 293336

File: 1665385494379.jpg (116.76 KB, 525x600, Russia.600.2784928.jpg)

present and reporting for duty

No. 293347

File: 1665395607123.jpg (64.69 KB, 563x667, 31bec3828ff00d7634c3b94b3c5b00…)

I can change him. Yuri stop obsessing over your sister and shoving people's faces into ashtrays, and shove your face into my crotch instead

No. 293359

File: 1665404044396.jpg (108.18 KB, 655x900, 1663793301531.jpg)

Stole this from the maid outfit thread on /m/ kek but something about america and russia here just feels so lewd despite the modestyi wanna shag them both at once so bad

No. 293367

File: 1665412370649.jpg (161.12 KB, 1080x1080, roidennz~p~CSnRxDJljOK~1.jpg)

Hate it when people say that he's mean. First of all bitch, being a little bit rude is not the worst thing he could when everyone treats him like shit. Sure he threatens you a little bit at the start of the story but he knows he's under a pact with you and can't do anything.

Second of all, he save a little orphan girl from being harassed by a bad man and it's in one of the devilgram stories. He's always getting in debt and tortured by witches because he made a deal that they would take care of the little girl if he gave them money. He is truly a good man at heart. A pure cinnamon roll too good for this world. A tall, cold glass of caramel iced coffee on a hot day. I want to squish him.

No. 293370

you and me both anon. its a cute archetype that needs to be used more in media for women rather than as self-insert material for fugly scrotes

No. 293374

File: 1665415127255.png (597.56 KB, 1131x601, F73FAB06-8A12-4F69-8F0B-65D0B7…)

Today I had the perfect dream. I heard his voice, and I had to go back to him because he was waiting for me and wanted to hold me tight, thanking me for saving him. I miss him I want to go back to that perfect place.

No. 293376

Kek at your picture choice.

No. 293386

File: 1665418625023.jpeg (27.88 KB, 640x480, images (4)_1665265554877.jpeg)

Last time I had an Ogata dream I woke up depressed and wanting to go back as well, I get you

No. 293391

File: 1665419963260.jpg (70.63 KB, 608x400, 113000.jpg)

Yay another dbfz Nonna.
I just came here to shamelessly post best bois. What I wouldn't give to be between the three of them rn

No. 293392

File: 1665420321085.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1841x1725, FeqAseraEAAszIK.jpeg)

I love you Gogeta nonna, I saw this on my TL today and immediately thought of you.

No. 293395

show me your husbando shrine

No. 293396

Wait what? Which devilgram story is that? I need to read it. Uhg mammon is an amazing husband, you're such a lucky gal.

No. 293401

I shall report back when my shit arrive from Japan

No. 293402

File: 1665421875257.jpeg (51.92 KB, 512x512, E4CC693F-4DDD-4740-A6EF-FEE9BD…)

He's sitting on the ducky…

No. 293406

File: 1665424533221.jpg (62.37 KB, 500x656, f8fe52d6722508b5c419b74f4485d1…)

i was so obsessed

No. 293407

File: 1665424546357.jpg (1.89 MB, 2589x4096, __gogeta_dragon_ball_and_1_mor…)

Aww ilu too nonnie. Thanks for sharing.

No. 293412

File: 1665427002485.png (295.82 KB, 541x983, 05002bf9-13b8-48d1-8931-53730f…)

Been feeling pretty down lately and he's basically one of the only things that can make me happy and feel less anxious. I wish he was real so i could have him by my side, even if he wouldn't be the best at verbal comfort, since he's never done it, I'm sure that hugging him will be enough.
Also seeing him trying to make me feel better with his strange ways of doing things would be so cute.
I'm sad that I couldn't pre-order his figurine and now it's sold out, oh well, maybe one day I'll get it. probably not because where I live this stuff is very hard to find, if there's any at all.
By the way, hope all you nonas are feeling happy and having fun with your husbandos. I've not been checking much on the thread lately and I really missed it.

No. 293416

File: 1665427421881.jpeg (66.04 KB, 1024x817, B4F962F5-4FA2-4C8A-A211-B9A258…)

i just want him to choke me

No. 293419

>By the way, hope all you nonas are feeling happy and having fun with your husbandos.
Thanks nona, I enjoy seeing familiar posters pop up in these threads. Husbandos are really a comforting thing.
My shrine is in my heart.

No. 293431

File: 1665430005575.png (1.25 MB, 820x1106, 2827273774838327.png)

It's this card, nonna.

No. 293432

Is he getting robbed or dommed or both?

No. 293435

File: 1665432767520.jpg (65.04 KB, 600x866, Tumblr_l_2657654302148440.jpg)

Dark Souls characters have a lot of potential, too bad there isnt a romance quest for any female fan favorites

No. 293448

It's just a 17 years old buff anime guy, at least he's not a 10 years old little girl like the average coomer anime character for moids.

No. 293449

What 17-year-old irl looks like that kek. I think anon is fine.

No. 293463

File: 1665447209362.jpg (117.67 KB, 605x680, d189c90778dd54b6725d20d6d94283…)

Thinking about these two frotting during their army training days. Usami initiated it, of course.

No. 293473

I want an orgy with my harem but I get too tired after the first round or I just straight up fall asleep.

No. 293475

File: 1665450682948.jpg (263.5 KB, 1280x1494, tumblr_4a296c7c46142a24e787716…)

we love and respect underage mafiosi in this house

No. 293480

i love this op pic, very based

No. 293482

File: 1665454118972.jpeg (169.26 KB, 2048x1152, EvNkUAWUcAACpHi.jpeg)

Same and vice versa

No. 293489

File: 1665462197574.jpg (1.48 MB, 1650x1690, illust_83353073_20221010_23215…)

Gogeta is a so cute too! Do you prefer him as ssj4? I like him and Vegito in ssj and base form

No. 293495

File: 1665468321026.jpg (170.35 KB, 1440x1611, 20221011_015708(1).jpg)

He's so cute and grumpy and smart and the fact that his karma is cursed makea him the underdog and I want to cheer him on

No. 293500

A pretty popular Cell/Reader fic I read told me otherwise, but I'd be down for some consequence-free bug android dick. That arrogant attitude would take some getting used to though.

No. 293503

There's a lot of Cell/Reader fics where pregnancy is a plot point for some reason, is it because of the Cell Jrs? I'm staunchly childfree so this generally the point where I give up lol.

No. 293505

File: 1665481273468.jpg (265.11 KB, 1748x2193, Tumblr_l_1201076331124659.jpg)

ooh pls spare a link nonna i need more Cell/Reader in my life

No. 293506

File: 1665483107395.jpg (98.14 KB, 635x886, illust_40567760_20221011_05112…)

Unfortunately its Cell making cell juniors that has made the pregnancy trope popular pluss breedingfags but if people just kept the breeding kink to being filled with cum as a mark of possession then it would honestly be way more hot in my op

Also quick question:Imperfect or Perfect?

No. 293513

File: 1665486332743.jpeg (346.3 KB, 1086x1684, Fdo2KVIVEAAfj6e.jpeg)

I like Imperfect for the alien design and the monsterfucking potential but Perfect is well, perfect lol, amazing husbando material in all ways.

No. 293530

File: 1665495565630.jpg (175.79 KB, 746x1200, FUL3UmQUAAAt9YW.jpg)

I initially was going to only husbando ssj4 gogeta and vegito because personally I think saiyans are hotter in monke form (I'm not a furry I swear). Then the other versions of them basically broke into my house and demanded that I love the rest of them too. So now I love all of them (ssj4 gogeta is still my first love though). But there's more than a dozen of them so Banpresto is definitely gonna make good money off me by the time I'm done with my shrine.
>Please release more xeno figures Bandai I'm begging you

No. 293550

I had a really intense wet dream about a character I was wild for when I was like 8… It was a great dream but why can't I ever have wet dreams about my current husbandos? I need to learn to lucid dream smh

No. 293551

Kek I think if I had a wet dream about my husbando of when I was 8 I would be so uncomfortable.

No. 293599

File: 1665523441091.jpg (153.76 KB, 735x1043, bbabaeff30ca664e6be716246a34ca…)

Post your husbando blushing, anonitas

No. 293604

File: 1665526968798.jpeg (70.5 KB, 680x407, F1011626-66B2-4E25-956C-C0A725…)

He's a bit shy sometimes.

No. 293605

File: 1665527763579.jpg (110.41 KB, 563x798, 570c56bc0d97d9c577ad3d1413e5d4…)

would appreciate a translation plss

No. 293606

Very rough translation, any more experienced anon feel free to correct. "What were you talking about earlier with Ogata? Er, no…. It's just that you looked like you were having a lot of fun."

No. 293607

File: 1665530386672.jpg (187.5 KB, 736x1040, 64bc77589d8080fcb1d96006a916a8…)

This pic is perfect for a double timing shit like me. I love both Ogata and Sugi agh
Another POV with blushing Sugimoto
Translation: "Asirpa-san, no peeking okay?"
"It's okay, Sugimoto. I am not that interested in your body that much"
"Uh.. That was kinda hurtful/mean"
Shiraishi: "Sugimoto, come here already!"
Now just thread Asirpa for y/n

No. 293609

File: 1665530639482.gif (1.25 MB, 480x270, giphy (1).gif)

TY translationnonna this is me rn knowing Sugi is jealous of ogata about me

No. 293622

File: 1665538853331.jpg (473.32 KB, 600x899, 52767347_p7_master1200.jpg)

He is so handsome at every age!

No. 293631

File: 1665542749481.jpeg (106.05 KB, 700x954, abbacchio polizia.jpeg)

almost all of the good art of my husbando is fujo ship art or has multiple characters in it, it's so hard finding anything decent of only him
makes me want to learn to draw…

No. 293633

Ask and you shall receive nonnacita.
Warning though, it’s rapey.

No. 293637

File: 1665548301575.jpg (74.15 KB, 415x680, b0c6789ca40cc1b017d69576d44ea8…)

No. 293638

File: 1665548728406.jpg (183.04 KB, 1520x1698, IMG_20200510_164138.jpg)

No. 293645

File: 1665551322361.jpg (378.4 KB, 3000x1796, CszAksrUsAAl8Nx.jpg)

Here's the high quality version so you can appreciate the dialogue/his face better

No. 293646

File: 1665551459447.jpg (51.8 KB, 564x752, 4d4f7511da51d113004dd6a1fba088…)

Probably the only one of my husbandos with enough blushing art, kek.

No. 293647

Thank you anonancita!!

No. 293658

File: 1665564997838.jpg (445.81 KB, 1447x2047, illust_83493225_20221012_03562…)

Good shit nonna

No. 293699

File: 1665593720960.png (881.53 KB, 1280x1165, tumblr_p2hwrn9hdY1rsfi5lo1_r1_…)

No. 293701

File: 1665593981580.jpg (1.19 MB, 1036x1130, 89855347_p4_master1200.jpg)

Me to the right

No. 293703

File: 1665594104255.jpg (58.4 KB, 540x699, tumblr_22b84179ca93f00e73799bc…)

I am deeply ashamed and need to get this off my chest.

No. 293737

With other afton designs I would agree but he looks like he was drawn by a 14 year old on Deviantart here

No. 293740

File: 1665609264062.jpg (137.99 KB, 735x1105, Nishitani knife.jpg)

I don't go there but since Homare Nishitani fan art has been mistaken for him before ITT do you have more fan art of this Afton guy looking closer to Nishitani? Asking for a friend

No. 293755

File: 1665617451906.jpg (40.56 KB, 500x500, artworks-MTpbVpfL33tzFN3C-gN92…)

NTA but I have a slightly better pic

No. 293762

File: 1665620829371.png (5.94 MB, 1920x1080, zenosgalvus.png)

I can fix him

No. 293763

File: 1665620862961.jpg (100 KB, 720x1000, Okabe.Rintarou.full.1489888.jp…)

They're releasing some really cool merch at least I think it's cool based on him and I'm fucking ecstatic kek. I never expected this since the waifus in his series get 90% of the merch it seems.
Even better that it's stuff you can take out in public without looking like a sperg/it's unlikely anyone would know it was based on him unless they were really paying attention

No. 293764

I wanna pop his pimple

No. 293770

File: 1665622448787.jpg (Spoiler Image,246.86 KB, 982x1224, 94728690_p0.jpg)

Thought someone here might appreciate this

No. 293776

I've somehow fallen into the hole of lusting after a cringe sexyman, anons. At my huge age. Though luckily like most sexymen he's also an adult "man" so I'm not being a perv in a morally reprehensible sense.
But nothing makes me feel like a bigger sperg than wanting to fuck a vaguely humanoid man-creature. The cognitive dissonance between this and the somewhat socially adjusted, normal persona I've crafted feels awful. I know I'm far from alone in simping for this character but it's still embarrassing.

Perhaps I should embrace only liking men under these circumstances, since I can't even get horny for fantasies of normal human men anymore. I had the same issue with this sort of fetish in high school and I suppose it never left. Only women and characters roughly inspired by men for me.

Just needed to vent.
Feel free to guess him, for reference I'm on the same tier as Dedede-chan (to whom I send love, my cringe sister. Your ban is tragic).

No. 293778

Nona, I fully believe as long as you love him and he isn't a child it's completely fine.
He's important to you and he makes you happy so I don't think you should feel ashamed, or bad or even like a sperg even if it may be spergy to the outsider or uninitiated. It's not like you're shoving him into your daily life towards others unprompted, now that would be bad.

You shouldn't feel weird about the cognitive dissonance or that your husbando isn't human or is 'cringe', especially if it's because you feel that because you're socially adjusted and a normal person you can't desire things men that are abnormal or weird. The most important thing about a husbando is that he makes you happy and that you love him, not who the husbando is and what he is. I assure you, well adjusted women too have their own skeletons and fantasies about weird things too, and that's fine and healthy.

Are you me? The 3dpd male human body looks so weird, women at least look nice and aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to men they have to be 2d and look big and cuddly but in a clean soft sense, abstract is a plus too.

Is it Meta Knight? Bill Cipher? Also, ty

No. 293781

Real men are actually ugly, especially since they don't take care of themselves. Very few of them are nice to look at but they're still men who have all the drawbacks of real men. Only liking 2d men is completely justifiable.
Nobody in my real life would even guess that I have a whole shrine dedicated to 2d anime men since I'm otherwise as normie as they come, and I'm at an age I should've long grown out of crushing on fictional men and been married already with kids. And I'm absolutely sure there's more of us here, so considering all the different husbandos that have been posted so far I think you're good.
Like >>293778 said as long as you love him and he makes you happy it's fine.

No. 293784

Thank you, this was a very sweet reply.
You're definitely right that everyone has embarrassing things, and at the end of the day it really should just make me happy. For the foreseeable future I will be single so I guess it's fine to allow myself romantic outlets, even if it's a bit odd. It's not as if anyone needs to knows aside from my close friend and any fellow nerds I feel safe to share it with.

>abstract is a plus too

Yes! Absolutely, I think having my sexual/romantic awakening through cartoons and vidya messed me up a bit. I like male characters who are designed as if the creator had never really seen a man but was given a description of what "maleness" and masculinity entails. Or a very neutral design that is just decidedly a male character.

Since it's you, I'll reveal it. Unfortunately it's Spamton, or fortunately since he has a lot of fan content. I started drawing him today myself and have decided to throw my arms up and admit this is happening again. My last was Lemongrab many moons ago, who is in the same ballpark design-wise. I have a type.
But my very first husbando was Marx, so it always warmed my heart to see your posts. Kinship almost.

>Real men are actually ugly
Oddly I think my issue is that I enjoy the ugliness but it has to be in the right way and also somewhat inhuman. But I respect anime-husbando havers for striving for the ideal.
Thank you for the kind reply, as well. It's easy to get in my own head and forget that even my new normie-ish friends may have their own secret weirdo stuff and that it's senseless to be ashamed.

I'm glad you find happiness and fulfillment from husbandofagging even with kids. There should be no age or status limit to fun.

No. 293785

No problem.
Yeah, though some people's things are more embarrassing than others it's important to focus on you enjoy the husbando who makes you happy. Same here, it's too much trouble to play the dating game and I'm too socially inept too but my husdbando fills the void and makes me genuinely happy. Having healthy romantic outlets that satisfy you is important I feel, especially if you feel lonely. That's the most important part, nobody needs to know unless you want, what you do is private and your own.

>Absolutely, I think having my sexual/romantic awakening through cartoons and vidya messed me up a bit

Same here, though it's purely video games, well on specific franchise, that has ruined me. I like the subtleties of abstract designs that have a masculine appeal despite the abstraction. Certain details in design and personality that convey it is nice. I prefer cute non-threatening characters though to be honest.

That was my third guess! I like his theme so good taste there. Good luck with your art endeavors, being able to draw your husbando is an amazing skill. What would you say is your time Nona? Funnily enough, my first is Meta Knight…well he still is. He's more of my side-peice as of now. Marx is cute so even back then to now you have good taste in husbandos, even if they may be unorthrodox.

No. 293787

File: 1665633927356.jpg (35.99 KB, 564x683, 40528691dd613dd3e638f24e931778…)

Ahhh he's hot.

I'd drink his bath water.

No. 293791

Not any of those anons but good taste nonny kek. Have you posted about previous husbandos on other imageboards? Just asking because you sound familiar

No. 293792

You're welcome.
Oh I don't have kids, I meant at my age I should be in a years long marriage with children already, but instead I'm here dedicating my life to 2d men. I probably should've worded that better lol.
I also totally respect your choice of husbando Nona, I consider nonnas who have unorthodox husbandos to be Stacy tier. I was also ruined by vidya and cartoons so I'm in the same boat

No. 293795

I want to mock my anime guy as he tries to fuck a baby into me.

No. 293812

Oooh is that who I think it is?!
An unironic toast to my learned friend for sharing this delightful nipponese illustration!

No. 293815

Kazuma Asougi, yes. I was searching for yume fanart on Pixiv and that was one of the best I found. I want more like that tbh

No. 293832

File: 1665672874632.jpg (143.91 KB, 1136x1387, IMG_20221010_161330.jpg)

i want to be the first person you see when you wake up. want to be the last person you think about when you go to sleep. In fact, I want to be the only person you think about. I want my smile, my arms, my love to be all that matters to you. No one else will ever be that important

No. 293834

I feel better about all this today, thanks to you guys. It helps to know other people are out here like this (I suppose that's partially the point of these threads).
>the subtleties of abstract designs that have a masculine appeal despite the abstraction
Yeah, that's exactly it! It's sweet that you like cute/round designs, I think there must be comfort in that. Although I enjoy uglies there is an objective appeal to designs like the ones from your husbando's franchise.
Thank you. Tbh I do owe much of my artistic skill to having waifus and husbandos over the years lol.
Also I'm unsure of your question? If you mean how long ago, it's been about 8 years since a serious husbando for me (and he was the longest). I've been making my own characters for a while, but "meeting" someone else's hits differently.
Wish you happiness with your hudbando and "side pieces" haha.

I used to post about Lemongrab on Tohno-chan in the mid-2010s for sure (by letting them assume I was a gay man). It was one of the few genuine "waifuism" places back then and so these threads brought some nostalgia for me when they first cropped up.

Ah okay lmao. To be fair I was reading that quite late at night so it was also my error.
I'll take the Stacy tier compliment lmao. Wishing you much happiness with your 2D men as well, nona!

No. 293840

File: 1665675559384.gif (Spoiler Image,2.83 MB, 272x480, 1665603491922.gif)

Me and my manlet husbando (I wish)

No. 293858

Please feel free to share any more Ace Attorney yume pics in general that you find!

No. 293882

No 3DPD allowed

No. 293883

I want her to pick me up.

No. 293889

i want this with husbando so bad

No. 293910

it's clearly not about the man but the cute height difference, nonnie

No. 293917

How is having a shorter partner than you cute?

No. 293920

NTA but take your height sperging to some other thread.

No. 293925

Seconded omg. Imagine him switching his siscon obsession to us

No. 293927

File: 1665705991929.jpg (Spoiler Image,308.79 KB, 848x1200, 1665609743993392.jpg)

This turned me on I curse you all with it

No. 293928

Me and krillin from dbz

No. 293930

File: 1665707384382.gif (2.22 MB, 400x287, 33d1626e7403be72b8795c0246b59a…)

No. 293931

File: 1665708154718.png (63.76 KB, 577x601, 60905832_p17.png)

Angry with myself for not buying the artist 夢 doujin! I don't even remember her usertag. If he's tumblr husbando runner up why is there literally no good fics Iwannacry

No. 293932

File: 1665708257898.jpg (347.46 KB, 900x1271, 88311543_p1.jpg)

No. 293933

File: 1665708280617.png (159.52 KB, 693x630, 60905832_p42.png)

No. 293934

what is he doing in this pic… also agree about good fics. Ever since Serizawa became a regular in the anime (which most people are consuming Mob Psycho in instead of the manga) there's been so many aiden fanfics where reigen/serizawa or both are fakebois

No. 293935

File: 1665708920986.png (1.46 MB, 1599x1731, 72591864_p15.png)

this is her usertag however I can't find her pixiv only twitter which is now filled with splattoon 3 fanart
His pants and trousers are down to his knees with only a towel and the front of his shirt hiding the view…

No. 293938

I was scared this was Tome but from the link you showed (if it is the same artist) it looks like her self insert. How cute haha

No. 293940

File: 1665710066195.png (1.09 MB, 1450x766, 78525404_p1.png)

Found her https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/237106 literally just search the franchise name and 夢, horny dumb sorry.
replying again because of I forgot but yeah their is only two fics on ao3 that I love for it's quality and non troon pandering and non of them are explicit. A onehot and a dead fic…

No. 293941

File: 1665710381108.jpg (Spoiler Image,206.24 KB, 1242x2196, 8z1p78kb2xe81.jpg)

Ever since somebody slowed down the clip of gogeta fusing from dokkan battle and clipped that one frame my life hasn't been the same. I can't believe I never noticed it before. Who did this and how do I thank them for it? But no seriously somebody had to make the conscious effort to animate him naked for one frame, when he didn't even get nipples in the broly movie. Thanks dokkan battle! (You can't see below the waist but I spoilered it anyway).

No. 293942

File: 1665710502063.jpg (908.06 KB, 1147x1200, 72811143_p3_master1200.jpg)

Ty for this nonny! I wish I could read her doujins especially her self insert ones kek

No. 293948

>height sperg
Go back, we don't want you here.

No. 293956

Nta don’t have to sage on non cow boards

No. 293958

Using sage out of habit when you have nothing on-topic to add or are arguing with others is something you'd do out of courtesy to other people who don't want to see the thread bumped with off-topic posts. Not using sage in these cases makes people think that you don't care about shitting up the thread and that you're baiting.

No. 293964

If it really was done for only a singular frame then whatever animator nonna or closeted scrote has my regards

No. 293968

That's why I spoilered it, saw the gif in /ot/ and instantly thought of how I wanted to lift my 2D husbando like this.

No. 293969

File: 1665728209576.jpg (5.81 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20221014_010855897.jpg)

he has zero redeeming qualities but he's the love of my life

No. 293970

who is your husbando and how short is he?

No. 293972

File: 1665729594054.png (266.23 KB, 754x405, cleanupbattle.png)

Right? He even wanted to do a househusbando battle with Loid. If only he switched that enthusiasm towards an unrelated woman.

No. 293984

I feel like I've posted too much about him on LC already but it's Nikkari Aoe.
Also I hope he would find it funny and not be offended. Sorry shortie husbando kek

No. 293997

I dreamed that he was in some new series that had a lot of referenced to the original one and he had sort of a love interest kek my heart went dokidoki as I was watching an episode hoping to see him again. Another character (someone who hates him) said something about his favorite food and that made me even more excited

No. 294007

File: 1665758129541.jpg (98.57 KB, 517x1284, Ezg0fcWYAYRvv.jpg)

Would you?

No. 294009

Every time I go on /m/ and see the OP for the westaboo art thread I'm more attracted to Frollo, kek. I used to think of him only as the fire meme man from the YTPs I used to watch.

No. 294013

No. 294016

Makoto looks so sexy in that figurine
Why can't real life moids be like him?

No. 294029

gabriel from ultrakill

No. 294035

lol who

No. 294036

I love him and also I hate that he looks so disappointing without the bandages, real Mormon face going on there.

No. 294060

File: 1665780798963.jpg (Spoiler Image,640.32 KB, 1079x1695, Screenshot_20221014_234652.jpg)

Ryuji may or may not really be a public urinator depending on how much RGGO counts as canon. I'm not even turned off by it, that's just how coombrained these games and characters have made me.

No. 294093

File: 1665801967329.jpg (65.59 KB, 600x420, shadow_0100.jpg)

I love my short husbando. I could lift him without having to train I think. He's so amazing and cool and he makes my heart pound really hard. I want him to trust me. I want to help tape together the pieces of his broken heart. I want to have a family with him and if I die I want it to be in his arms so I don't feel scared.

No. 294104

idk anything about him but he looks cute and also very smug

No. 294121

File: 1665840908502.jpg (738.31 KB, 1100x1680, Ey4rsedVkAYah9W.jpg)

thats not gabriel anon, this is. thats V1
yes nonna awooga

No. 294129

File: 1665847101262.jpg (127.32 KB, 605x865, 60880738_p1.jpg)

Yes he does look smug, that was my first impression too. But he is actually chill and love to joke and make innuendos. He is a surprisingly helpful guy too.
Found a picture of him attempting to carry a smaller woman kek

No. 294141

File: 1665849970213.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.36 KB, 1447x1020, IMG_20221011_201958.jpg)

I am so glad to be loved by someone as special as you are. I thought for a long time that nobody could ever make me happy and win my hardened heart until I met you. You've really changed my life and I thank God I am loved and cherished by someone like you. You brought a sweet love into my life.
I love you so much. You mean more than anything in this world to me. I thank God I found you, and I will do my best to keep your sweet love in my life. In my daydreams, I see the way you look at me with complete understanding and with the warmth that takes my breath away. Then I wonder if I dreamt all of those wonderful moments we have shared. Have I dreamt all the words we uttered to describe how we feel toward one another?

The incredible love that I feel for you makes my head spin and my heart responds with strong emotions. There is a strong feeling that this dream will never end. But am I dreaming? I close my eyes and I see you as you were when we last said goodbye. Your words reassure me that I am not dreaming. I am grateful, and I will love you always.

No. 294154

File: 1665855376987.jpg (838.37 KB, 1200x1500, Tumblr_l_819820263728386.jpg)

Everybody looks ugly in the FNV/F3 engine
Fortunately we have fanart

No. 294156

File: 1665855851369.jpg (355.85 KB, 1707x2048, __chris_redfield_resident_evil…)

I want to wear his coat!! It would probably go past my knees and look ridiculous as hell but it would be so warm and cozy. And it would smell like tobacco and his cologne…

No. 294157

Have you considered buying a similar coat and pretending it's his?

No. 294162

File: 1665857172619.jpg (307.41 KB, 750x750, RE-Village.jpg)

They actually made an official coat! I totally would have gotten it if I was rich, but it cost 2k… That's a good idea though anon, it wouldn't be hard to find a lookalike. At least I have the giant statue of him.

No. 294163

Yeah you could easily find a cheaper men's coat like that, second hand for example. I'm kind of jealous that you could have a husbando-related item that could blend in with normie style.

No. 294169

File: 1665859186101.png (563.05 KB, 730x411, 2077f9bc28656c8cab611a2583bfb3…)

You can find a way nona! You could make something subtle that reminds you of him, like these official GK bracelets. I've also seen character bows/ties and hairclips. That way you'll always have him on you in a wearable form and no one will know except you.

No. 294179

making my husbando wear my clothes would fix me i think

No. 294181

File: 1665865975361.jpeg (271.1 KB, 736x1404, 7CFF83AE-723A-49A9-9560-90F810…)

What have you done? Now I want to see my manlet husbando wearing my oversized sweaters.

No. 294184

File: 1665866666225.jpg (79.84 KB, 900x900, DR2021R-Morganite1_900x.jpg)

What ring would you want your husbando to propose to you with anons?

No. 294186

come on anon thats low hanging fruit, a cockring

No. 294189

I'm 4'10 and all of my husbandos are at the very least one foot taller, they would all look ridiculous.

No. 294193

Your husbando is proposing to YOU with a cockring??

No. 294195

nta but a cockring for my husbando would probably be better suited as a bracelet for me rather than a ring

No. 294199

well that's too bad. i'm sure they wouldn't mind though!
i'm kinda short too and my whole life i thought of my husbando as a freaky big guy before it occurred to me to check again when i was more grown up, and he's actually pretty short, even compared to me. i outgrew him!!! if i was a little bit stronger i could probably lift him, ngl, really happy about this turn of events

No. 294209

File: 1665884142933.jpg (107.78 KB, 1293x1080, image_processing20220414-8-ft1…)

>tfw no good merch for husbando exists
>unofficial figure by indie studio goes on preorder, looks decent, good bulge
>order it but company folds due to covid, etc.
>only good figure is $500 and has the shitty mc there too inflating price

comfort me nonnas i may never get my hands on good merch for my love

No. 294213

File: 1665887314606.jpeg (96.19 KB, 746x547, 80C41629-1404-40BC-911E-5D9BCD…)

About to wind down for the night by reading the same spamton fanfic I’ve read a million times. Life is good

No. 294214

File: 1665887749512.jpg (54.96 KB, 314x479, UE7aJNB_gmMBUo_PTTUztehK4iWLnJ…)

Which fic, nona?

No. 294216

This one is great and just hits my heartstrings, author is awesome. I’m gonna sound turbo autistic but I love this characterization/type of fanfic. I want him overwhelmed with love for me

No. 294217

File: 1665889337438.jpeg (143.06 KB, 1557x986, FSNOKSxWQAAm1Nl.jpeg)

Thank you for the meal.
I also prefer soft content, Godspeed. And to be fair I think wanting to kiss Spamton makes us both seem turbo autistic regardless.

No. 294259

At least we’re autistic together, hope you enjoyed the fic anonette

No. 294260

File: 1665921406053.jpeg (442 KB, 1514x1659, 883909CA-35F7-41A2-8CE7-E3AC4D…)

he blushes and gets a metaphorical boner in the anime, but i can’t find the gif, so i’ll have to make do with a redraw of the scene

No. 294283

File: 1665932833133.png (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 1603x1078, 86496481_p12.png)


No. 294286

anynonny translate pls?

No. 294292

>Wake up from a nice dream about husbando where we cuddle and he snuggles with me under his robe
>Hope for the day restored
>Check twitter, first thing I see is picture of husbanod with chest scars, it doesn't even make sense biologically.
>Hope ruin
>Check alt account
>POV image of husbando kissing and fucking the viewer
Excuse my shit Japanese and correct me if I'm wrong but…
>Did you poison the stew? Spill! I've suspected it was you for a while.
>Did you plan for this, us getting locked in this shed?
>I won't hesitate to kill you if you don't tell me what I want to know
>Or…I'll kill you right now!
>(I'm attracted to the Yumejo but I'm doing my best not to let her know that.)

No. 294294

>POV image of husbando kissing and fucking the viewer
Post the pic nonny!

No. 294317

Haha, I would but it's very nsfw and I don't think posting him would bode well with the mods and the posters.

No. 294319

link it and delete it before the 30 minute limit if you have to… or at least name the husbando

No. 294323

I can't imagine it being that bad if it's a character that pov art actually exists for, unless you're just referring to how nsfw it is

No. 294324

never been much of a tsukifag but damn anon this is hot. I always liked the scar he has down there, love it when fanartists dont forget about it. makes me want to distract him from his duty heh

No. 294326

More so referring to how nsfw the image is, it has his dick full mast with it going in and out of the viewer. That, and the art comes from a JP private account and I don't like breaking the "no repost" rule they have, way too paranoid of someone finding it out. I love the artist's work and it genuinely brightened my day a whole lot. It's DDD

No. 294328

how the fuck does this exist for your husbando but not mine? am I just that bad at looking?
yeah, I totally understand not posting it

No. 294331

ddd as in dedede?

No. 294333

I wish I knew myself, I'm not complaining though. There's a lot of good to diamond level content of all the sexy men from the series my husbando comes from. I just wish there were some doujins of him rather than my side-peice. Have you tried searching in Japanese on Twitter and pixiv?

No. 294334

I've looked through the vast majority of the nsfw content of him on pixiv and part of the problem is that he's used as a male self insert 99% of the time. Haven't checked twitter at all tho, probably should.

No. 294338

male self insert as in the character himself is used as proxy for the male viewer in het nsfw or that all the pov stuff with him is (gay) male pov?

No. 294340

het nsfw intended for guys to live vicariously through him fucking their waifus

No. 294342

If that's the case, best thing you can do is find artist who also have him as a husbando and go through who they follow. Check for poipiku and privatter links on their profiles too, you can also check their twpf link to see if the artist in question has an alt account.

No. 294393

I’ve been wanting to ask you anonettes but how do you indulge when thinking about your husbando? Do you draw him, maybe listen to a playlist curated with songs for him? I’m curious! Me personally I read/re-read a lot of fanfic, I’ve always enjoyed reading but when you add my fictional love into the mix? Consider me a scholar lol

No. 294396

I like to draw him! It feels like I'm always doodling him actually, and in weird places too like in the middle of my writing, sticky notes, grocery list, whiteboard. He has a lot of fanart too so I like to go on pixiv excavations for nice things to look at.

No. 294400

I usually draw him, he's cute and fun to draw so that's my go to and I love drawing him so! Other than that, I'll read fanfics, scroll his wiki, collect art, etc.

No. 294405

I didn't expect to read 54k words of Spamton fanfic tonight while pushing off studying for midterms, but you nonas have my blessing. He isn't for me, but I like the overwhelmed parts that this fic has with him. It's moe. the coupon book got me, i laughed.
I typically draw him, but I've been having trouble making him look decent as of late.

No. 294408

I write short fics about us doing stuff, I find it easier to write short stories especially on days when I'm very tired and they all don't have to be in any particular order. I also have them plastered everywhere as profile pics, wallpapers, etc. As long as it's not a work space or anything I have them up. It's silly but I somehow feel like I have to rotate between their pictures regularly so none of them gets jealous when I use one of their pics for too long.

No. 294414

I like to draw him, or look at other people's art. Sometimes fanfic but that can be a time sink heh.
Drawing him feels like together time almost? I've always felt like this regardless of the character I'm drawing. It's like getting to know them depending on what I end up pumping out, since I often go in with no plan in mind. I can also refine my "vision" for the character in the process.
Losing it at moe Spamton, anon. Never expected to see those words in close proximity of each other.

No. 294443

i write shitty self insert ship fics but instead of fluff i only do death threats and violence, its how i express feelings. there are no fics with him but i sometimes pretend a fic is about him and not another character if it's a very good one. does anyone else do that?

No. 294476

I draw him! It's a little frustrating because I'm not good at drawing men, especially more masculine men like him but I've been making good progress. I love the contrast when I draw us together! I also will look on Pixiv or Twitter for art, and fanfic but there's not much fic for me unfortunately.

No. 294481

File: 1666024678434.jpg (206.97 KB, 2048x1170, IMG_20221016_093250.jpg)

everyday i wake up happy to see more art of him. working 12 houe shifts sucks, but the thought of coming home to him keeps me going sometimes.

No. 294491

Good luck at work anon! He's always with you

No. 294497

File: 1666030502482.jpg (130.15 KB, 1050x1050, 133500583_419252906160340_5542…)

Happy anniversary my loves. You guys have gotten me through alot and I don't know what I'd do without you. You make my days more bearable.

No. 294508

File: 1666037111041.jpg (126.35 KB, 1200x1114, 1641356997140.jpg)

Happy birthday to you my dear Bruno!

Here is one of my favorite pieces of fanart of him.

No. 294520

I like to write self insert fics with him, I've got a whole file of just one shots. They were supposed to be short, but once I started I couldn't stop and now it's rare that I write a short one.
I also have a playlist that I listen from time to time and when I can I draw him too. It's not self ship stuff unfortunately, I still can't overcome the fear of drawing it and find time to do it , it's just standard fan art.
Just today I finished another one!

No. 294530

listen to his favorite music, eat his favorite foods and drink his favorite wine, waste hours scrolling through twitter keyword searches/hashtags/japanese yume and fujo accounts to try and find good art of him
I'm thinking of trying my hand at writing a self-insert fic for him and posting it on ao3, also going to attempt to improve my drawing skills enough to where I can make cute art of him

No. 294567

File: 1666062065564.jpg (190.08 KB, 893x1140, Victor.Licht.full.2777453.jpg)

>next to no porn
>zero presence in fanfiction
>completely forgettable next to every other fire force character
It's not fair, he's built for sexual bullying and nobody sees it in any significant regard. I want to shove my ass in his face and crotch and watch him awkwardly grope it completely shocked that a woman would twerk on him

No. 294572

File: 1666066158540.jpg (20.39 KB, 500x375, 252984b24558bb7ac8f7ef2e0e5c2b…)

stop acting like you don't want him, nonny

No. 294573

Who is this cutie?

No. 294584


No. 294588


I laughed.


Who is this?

No. 294594

>>294572 literally is America from Hetalia

No. 294595

>>294567 is Victor Licht, says right in the file name.

No. 294598

File: 1666077240516.jpg (25.26 KB, 540x300, b179cbb91191d846c7cc871b6d815c…)

Everything is going to be okay. I just wish to hold him really close and feel something.

No. 294613

File: 1666083680841.gif (644.73 KB, 500x281, tumblr_n16ejsfzcw1tt3pduo1_500…)

>I used to post about Lemongrab on Tohno-chan in the mid-2010s for sure (by letting them assume I was a gay man)
I saw your posts and knew you were a woman, I'm pretty sure at least some of the moids on there realized it, the only thing that's against the rules is mentioning you're a woman because it "brings unnecessary attention" to you or something like that. I also posted on there many years ago for similar reasons, thank fuck we don't need to husbandopost there anymore.

No. 294614

kek I meant to reply to >>293763 too, hence the gif.
I like Okabeanon. I'm so sorry for the lack of fanart of your husbando, most S;G fanart I've found is ecchi shit for moids. Congrats on your husbando getting new merch!

No. 294624

File: 1666092020536.jpg (335.01 KB, 1080x1522, Screenshot_20221018_131252.jpg)

Thinking about the fact that canonically he doesn't know how to read, or rather he can but in a very simple/elementary way. he can read posters for yakiniku restaurants because he loves meat and I find it so cute.
I imagine that it would be so sweet going in a library, or buying a book, and sitting beside him while trying to teach him how to read. He would probably look so confused. Seeing him try new things in general would make my heart melt because he doesn't know anything. He's such a himbo.
For other nonas here who have the "socially inept" or I guess "society outcast"? Tarzan type? Can't think of the proper name right now type of husbando, I'm curious to see what fantasies you got about teaching him new things!
by the way I love this four panels comics that are the end of the volumes so much, all the ones with him are adorable. I could gush about all of them.

No. 294627

File: 1666094178792.jpg (47.5 KB, 480x640, tumblr_n5c5rsuvct1sq1mz5o1_500…)

But that has me thinking cause when I was younger and super into the aph fandom peoples always used their human fanon(possibly canon??) names

America's being Alfred F. Jones

No. 294629

File: 1666094738933.jpg (902.86 KB, 591x1059, illust_95174002_20221018_07050…)

Based fusion nonnie ily too here's to another good year of gogeta and vegito worship

No. 294630

some of the names are canon, some are only fanon. Alfred F. Jones is indeed America's canon name, but personally I remember more people using country names over human names.

No. 294635

Ok, your himbo husbando is fucking adorable

No. 294682

File: 1666122071424.jpg (44.63 KB, 750x896, 2253c94d3e90fc7dbe2aa6df8d271c…)

I play OW2 competitively as a support and I hate every Hanzo player, yet his lore and character design is way too hot. No wonder I am a Yakuzafag too. Sometimes I just want to write smut and draw doodles of Hanzo.

No. 294690

File: 1666125380267.jpg (138.75 KB, 545x1024, __majima_gorou_ryuu_ga_gotoku_…)

I want to fuck an old Yakuza man SO BAD. I want to tell him he's so sexy and handsome especially for such an old man right to his face. I want to make out with him and grind on him. I want to grope his cock and balls through his trousers to get him hard as a rock which would prompt me to comment on his cock being so big and hard for an ancient old man. Maybe tease him about having to use Viagra (logically he most likely wouldn't even need it, if he can fight like that in his late 50s he almost certainly has good enough stamina and blood circulation to get a big hard erection and fuck like a rabbit) because I want to annoy him and make him feel insecure about his age and grateful that a pretty young woman like me even pays this dirty old dog any attention at all. I want to get him to diligently eat my pussy and make me come again and again all over his face and hands then get up and use his bathroom to piss and abruptly get dressed and leave without returning any favour so he has to pathetically finish himself, probably humming Baka Mitai while beating his big fat throbbing meat thinking of me.
I used Majima as picrel and inspiration for the scenario but it doesn't even have to be Majima, could just as well be Kiryu, Nishikiyama (had he survived to this day he'd be Kiryu's age, so old as balls), Saejima (don't remind me), Kashiwagi (now this one is seriously old as dirt), Date (provided he's divorced again, also makes him even more pathetic), even Watase or Katsuya (hopefully he's still alive). Or even with a younger guy such as Daigo, Ryuji (had he survived he'd be Daigo's age) or Akiyama, probably even more humiliating since they'd be only in their mid 40s but I'd still call any of them ancient geriatric grandpas.

No. 294691

Nonny, I can only hope there is a good x reader fanfic with this teasing setting.

No. 294701

File: 1666127780629.jpg (425.45 KB, 1080x1515, Screenshot_20221018_231537.jpg)

Yes. Yes he is, thanks Nona.
Here's him being a lovable himbo again.
honestly I could post so many more examples that are trought the whole series too, this is barely the tip.

No. 294714

File: 1666131079291.gif (954.4 KB, 229x333, 1095df00947e0e2503a5b61a370080…)

…Nonas… I need him so much rn…

No. 294715

Hot! Makes me want to play a Yakuza game for the first time.

No. 294718


No. 294719

I drew my self insert in lingerie and I hope my husbando would find me sexy… I've been focusing on this dumb fantasy where he has a wet dream about me because he hasn't realized his attraction all this time and feels wrong about it. But he can't get me out of his mind no matter how hard he tries and eventually has to succumb to his needs and rub one out because the dream affected him that much.

No. 294720

> I want to get him to diligently eat my pussy and make me come again and again all over his face and hands then get up and use his bathroom to piss and abruptly get dressed and leave without returning any favour
Absolutely based queen shit

No. 294723

I want him

No. 294739

File: 1666141086428.png (49.37 KB, 680x491, Fd-mrfFaMAEStc7.png)

Um…sex and stuff…

No. 294741

File: 1666141836053.jpeg (Spoiler Image,82.88 KB, 637x358, medic-and-his-chest-hair-59209…)

No. 294743

File: 1666144361790.png (29.02 KB, 512x512, 1f629.png)

GOD I love thinking of my husbando thinking of me and getting so horny he has to jerk off to his fantasies about us. It's so cute and hot and pathetic.

No. 294749

File: 1666148783122.png (935.06 KB, 903x1202, hetaliacanada.png)

I love all the hetalia boys so much it's not funny. Picrel was my phone's home screen for a long time. Might change it back now, Canada is my ultimate husbando and I hope they make a nendoroid of him one day

I remember there was a big stink about not tagging posts with actual country names, or always putting aph in front of everything on tumblr in like 2013 because it put gay hetashit in the tags meant for political news lol

No. 294750

>tags meant for political news lol
They deserve it if theyre getting their political news and takes from tumblr lmao

No. 294752

File: 1666151676304.jpg (73.34 KB, 1000x638, 1643192232987.jpg)

Germany was never my husbando but to me he was the hottest by far, he's so fucking sexy. I remember joining a Germany fanclub on some site, when someone asked what's our favorite part of his personality I genuinely couldn't come up with anything because all I could think about was his body kekk
>always putting aph in front of everything on tumblr in like 2013 because it put gay hetashit in the tags meant for political news lol
NTA but I remember that as well. And speaking of which, Hetalia was how I found Tumblr. I miss the early 2010's!

No. 294753

File: 1666152573958.jpg (902.05 KB, 1500x1060, Axis.Powers_.Hetalia.full.2784…)

Canada is def in my top 5

Honestly hetalia was such a treat because I at one point had an obsession for most of the cast of chracters in a rotating order

No. 294754

Aw, it's making me a bit emotional that our paths have crossed again. I guess not too weird since we're still on a small imageboard at the end of the day. The more things change the more they stay the same, etc.
But in a way you know me more intimately than some of my close friends kek.
Who was yours if you don't mind me asking?

No. 294769

My heart cannot take it, this kind of stuff is too hot!

No. 294797

File: 1666189281884.gif (3.06 MB, 1920x1080, 2706140_zenunique_a-tired-arti…)

Have you nonnies improved your art skill because of your husbandos? I have been drawing only women for my whole art life and I can't help but not be able to draw men. It's just, their bodies are not as curvy and aesthetically pleasing as women, despite my loving my husbandos very much, but I feel like my brain goes 'nope' every time I try drawing him. It's so embarrassing. When I draw him it either looks too stupidly goofy or 'its a woman just with a different face shape and no chest'. Any secrets, nonnie? I want to draw my husbandos and want to contribute the good ol' yumejo art and nsfw content for them.

No. 294802

Definitely. I had the same issue as you, I would primarily draw women and my men looked horrendous. It took a couple of years for me to learn how to draw men in a decent way. I'm still not entirely happy, but I've been told my men look good so I'm getting somewhere. I'd suggest some anatomical studies! And save every good fanart of your husbando and try to re-create what features you like best. Try to draw him from official references too. Good luck anon, happy drawing! Wish we could share our art journey together.

No. 294805

File: 1666193375692.jpg (429.46 KB, 2048x1894, IMG_20221017_132657.jpg)

i want to be the first person you see when you wake up. want to be the last person you think about when you go to sleep. In fact, I want to be the only person you think about. I want my smile, my arms, my love to be all that matters to you. no one else will ever be that important
please, just notice my devotion. notice my love. don't you care about how hard I work? how much I do? how I put every waking moment towards you and you alone? aren't you proud of me? please, say you are.

No. 294807

Draw from reference, not imagination. Like, get some pictures (real life photos and art you like) and start tracing it consciously, like, understand why that stroke is there or why the male figure is the way it is in the pic you traced/referenced. Complement it with anatomy studies (I recommend "Anatomy for sculptors", you can easily find the pdf around). Do this until you can basically draw that mechanically and effortlessly.

No. 294812

I really shouldn't check this thread when I'm at work

No. 294815

I read smut fanfic at work and even wrote my first one on the clock. Join me in my sin anon.

No. 294819

in the office or wfh?

No. 294821

Retail kek. Small shop where I work alone my whole shift.

No. 294823

Fair enough, I can afford doing this while working from home for now but I'd never dare in an office with co-workers around kek

No. 294824

nonna you're bringing out middle schools feels kek. i have such a weakness for 2D moids with this hairstyle. it has to be thick/wavy too, not the flat style all isekai scrotes have.

No. 294827

File: 1666202389592.jpg (157.36 KB, 1080x1080, 20221019_125742.jpg)

I can't wait to see you again!! I'm so happy to have re-discovered your series and that your new game will soon be freed from development hell. I don't even care if it sucks, I'm just happy to see you. My zombie, selectively mute, loyal, gunslinging boyfriend!!

No. 294831

No one at works know that I am smiling smugly behind my huge ass mask because I'm thinking about my faves sucking off each other.

No. 294849

I love to listen to edgy songs and imagine AMVs of me and my husbando. I hope one day I can make animatics of us, but I'm unskilled as an artist. For now it's fulfilling enough to just play it back in my head.

No. 294852

incredibly based anon

No. 294854

Ayrt I wish I could but I work in medicine. Gotta be sinful after hours lol
But now I know what's gonna be on my mind tonight

No. 294859

File: 1666217269674.png (87.75 KB, 960x960, itv1z7t1que91.png)

He genuinely turns me on so much, Virtuoso my beloved

No. 294862

Which reminds me, what is your husbando/waifu's MBTIs everyone?

No. 294863

how would anyone even know, we can't test them

No. 294864

There's that website where people can submit their own guesses for fictional characters but I'm too embarrassed to look my husbandos up and I don't trust others to make a good enough analysis anyway lol

No. 294871

No. 294874

It's called Personality-database
Just found out my husbando is ENTP which is supposed to be compatible with my type yay

No. 294879

nta but the test isn't really necessary, you can just read the original theory/info and decide who fits into what from there. tbh i find it a lot easier for fictional characters since they usually have a set personality (unless they're written inconsistently)

No. 294886

I'd never considered doing the test for him before, thanks! My hubby is an ESTJ… I can definitely see us pulling each other out of our respective comfort zones and then being able to work towards growing together with our similar drives for problem solving.

No. 294891

Well I ended up looking them up on that website… I seem to like IxTJs a lot. I don't know if they'd be compatible with me or not based on personality type but I would gladly change for the better just for them. This other site says we aren't very compatible but tbh it sounds like bullshit to me because I like my husbandos for the exact reasons we're supposedly incompatible.

No. 294892

Does anybody know where I can find those "draw your husbando reacting to you saying x" memes? I know there's both a positive/nice one and a negative/mean one.

No. 294895

File: 1666236364718.png (61.83 KB, 1600x1300, dbzpleo-1125595e-9627-44ef-8bb…)

is this the one you're looking for?

No. 294897

File: 1666236414464.png (67.25 KB, 1600x1300, dbzplfg-cdce51e8-5ec8-4adb-839…)

oh btw they're from deviantART, I just googled "(not) doing hurtful things to your husbando"

No. 294898

Yes these are the ones! Thank you so much! May you and your fictional love have a wonderful evening, I am so grateful ♥

No. 294901

You're welcome nonny, please post your filled in chart if you can, I'd love to see it

No. 294905

Girl at least you don't want to fuck him as the rotting corpse in a robot rabbit like I do

No. 294906

I'm a fanart hoarder.
It brings me such joy to right-click save and organize into folders to stare at later. At least it's free.

No. 294908

File: 1666241527148.jpg (87.86 KB, 500x708, 1648790828169.jpg)

Russia is my beloved.
All the Hetalia characters are so cute, but god just look at him here. Towering over everyone. What an absolute, sexy unit.

No. 294912

same but organizing stuff on a phone stinks so everything is just plopped there in the download folder

No. 294947

File: 1666271473048.jpg (14.03 KB, 400x400, fdafgsfasfasf.jpg)

Make your husbando on the sims 4(it's free now!). I currently have 2 savestates, one where we live in a comfy 80's town and another were we have a farm. It even has NSFW mods if you are that depraved. The only downside is that i couldn't find the exact hair of my husbando, so i am learning blender to make it myself. Also, if you aren't afraid of the feds(stacy) download the repack, it comes with every DLC.

No. 294964

I did that too but I wanted to make a backup to my external hard drive at some point so I ended up spending 6 hours organizing pictures from my download folder into other folders. It was time consuming but now because I have separate folders it's easy to organize my photos when I get them. My husbandos have 2 folders: the regular one and the hidden NSFW one. Even then there's still 1000+ pictures in the regular folder. Good thing digital hoarding doesn't take up space like regular hoarding does.

No. 294974

Patrician taste nona. Russia and Prussia are my favorite husbandos from Hetalia. Its a shame Prussia hates Russia tho

No. 295071

File: 1666316709011.jpg (31.68 KB, 367x576, b9077265fac2ddec807867607a4b36…)

Who could ever blame you, nonny? Weirdly if you've ever seen canon heights they're all under 6', I think it's supposed to be based on the average heights of citizens… The tallest Russian man I ever met was like 6'4 and that's what I imagine Russia would actually be (also an absolute beefcake, of course)

No. 295092

File: 1666333754415.jpg (190.1 KB, 800x600, 1621360546912.jpg)

If being in the Hetalia fandom taught me anything, it's how to reimagine hate as intense longing and desire. Hate and love are just two sides of the same passion coin.
I have actually never seen the canon heights! Or maybe I did, but my American brain just did dial-up noises at the metric units.

No. 295131

that bulge mmff
can you post more sexy figures

No. 295138

File: 1666360095686.jpg (1.94 MB, 3097x3500, leshy.jpg)


No. 295143

What’s he from nonnie please

No. 295146

Leshy from Inscryption
I love him too! It's charming how dedicated he is to the game. You can tell he really loves it and enjoys playing it with you.

No. 295157

File: 1666365573547.jpeg (125.24 KB, 733x793, 1147E89F-BEA6-46E0-BB42-133E82…)

How do anons feel about striving to keep personal daydreams and fantasies in-character and/or within the realm of canon? I'm not talking about publicly shared fanfic that gets your husbando all wrong, but the thoughts and ideas you keep completely to yourself. Basically: if nobody else will ever know about it, is it ok to make him act OOC? Or does that damage the integrity of the character and by extension your relationship?

No. 295158

It has to be in character, what's the point of loving him specifically if he's not even really acting like him? I'm not some exclusively self-gratifying moid

No. 295172

Yeah, it has to be in character. I hate OOC shit, tbh I don't even like AUs. I understand liking the character only for his looks though, but that's not for me.

No. 295178

What if I keep his personality the same but change his universe up and introduce cooler elements for my own amusement. Do they have to be canon.

No. 295185

File: 1666376102501.jpg (131.42 KB, 850x1193, __pittman_alchemy_stars_drawn_…)

What I wouldn't give to snuggle up beside him.

No. 295186

With you 100%. I want to be with him, in his world.

No. 295190

I'm too autistic to stray from canon even in my own head kek

No. 295193

Honestly I wish I could be as delusional about canon as some people I see online are.

No. 295197

If he's the same person just with different elements added to the setting I don't see why not? By adding yourself into his life you've already changed the canon so why not add some other stuff while you're at it?

No. 295198

Why do you need other people's approval for your own fantasy?

No. 295242

File: 1666396633300.png (Spoiler Image,422.02 KB, 600x1702, stuff.png)

kek, anon, was it that obvious it was me sperging again about lack of fanart? I guess I have multiple times now, unless you didn't mean that and now I'm just exposing myself. As I was scrolling and saw the gif you posted, it took me by surprise and I could feel my face turn red!

Nobody asked but I wanted an excuse to post the merch in question anyway so here it is

No. 295245


The original will always be #1 but as they are continuing with REmake2 face, and while I found it fitting for re2, it doesnt really fit the more mature re4 leon as i see it. His face seems sharper but kinda makes him look like a lycan from from re8 in certain lighting/angles

No. 295249

when i reread my old notes it’s always “he wouldn’t say that” “he wouldn’t do that” “he would find a way to fuck up this romantic moment”. why must i make daydreaming so complicated.

No. 295252

I know, right? I am often stop myself with a thought like “hmm that’s not realistic, it should be other way instead”. Why.

No. 295272

I agree it was more fitting for re2. He looked good in the promoshots but I'm unsure about this look now.

No. 295300

i like keeping it as close to canon as possible with some diverging plot points purely for fun, its a good writing excercise. i dont think that not abiding to it means youre a lesser husbandofag or anything though. these silly fictional men exist only to please us

No. 295314

File: 1666447886875.jpeg (390.17 KB, 1000x1708, D06122FB-F025-4A9F-972F-47B29F…)

My fanfic blog I started a few years to kill boredom/have somewhere to dump my self insert trash writing isn’t as trashy as I thought and I made $100 off an x reader commission (makes me happy to write for another waifufag, everyone deserves shameless smut). My one valid contribution to society.

Only semi related- life is hard when your husbando is niche, hardly speaks and has next to no merch. but anons… what if he opened up for me

No. 295382

File: 1666474363747.jpg (127.72 KB, 1280x720, re4-blog-1655211420011.jpg)

I much prefer the original re4 face for him. This one just doesn't work for me. Maybe it's just nostalgia talking

No. 295391

Men are so ugly in games now. The more realistic the graphics become, the worse they look because real men are not very good looking most of the time. Same thing happened with the DMC series.

No. 295396

So I think I remember that one of the people in this thread really like kusuriuri-san from Mononoke. I was wondering if she ever saw that there's supposed to be a new movie coming out in 2023? And what she thought of it. Trailer related.

No. 295424

File: 1666488250583.png (530.26 KB, 672x672, niko niko nii.png)

Nonnies and gentlewomen… For my next trick, I shall passionately make out with this terrorist clown and passionately make it out alive !

>I then proceed to die an unprecedently gruesome and painful death

…Or maybe it just looks like I did ! Anyway consider this instead: he uses his ability to shoplift enormous amounts of cake from various places. Like, an entire (also stolen) truck worth of cake. The cake is then carried to a suitable deserted place - could be an abandoned stadium or gym orrrrr, maybe a building with corridors and rooms of various sizes and types so there's more surprises and more opportunities to, y'know, think with portals. Supplies of cake are placed at strategic points all over the place. Ready set go, and thus starts the most incredible cake fight in all of history… Advanced cake warfare. Of course we decide to drag poor little Sigma into it too, Because It's Fun, and take occasional short breaks from throwing cake at each other to gang up on him instead. We just keep running after each other while completely covered in cake laughing hysterically until we both pass out from exhaustion (and Sigma can finally breathe).

Where's the romance you ask ? Well the romantic part is when we're both at the store picking what cakes we should steal, that's where I get the shiny CG accompanied with the text bubble that says "Oh anon… I feel free as a bird when we are together. Now here's a quizz : between what I just said and this cake, which one is a lie ?" (I answer with a bunch of cool bird facts to distract him from overthinking)

No. 295438

Not a true fag but as someone who's always found him hot, IDK, he looks more generic action hero in the remake including the butt-chin. Leon has such a pretty boy face in RE4, yet he still had a gloomy, almost petulant smolder and fantastic hair that seems mostly ruined now.

No. 295441

File: 1666500863410.jpg (606.94 KB, 1015x1350, 79685088_p1.jpg)

i love you, nona, marry me

No. 295445

File: 1666503554941.jpg (31.29 KB, 376x523, Anubis-Ennead.jpg)

Nonnies I'm gonna freaking coom

No. 295553

I love "silly" fantasies like these, or ones that are unconventionally romantic. The anon who wants to play extreme hide and seek with Rook Hunt comes to mind.

No. 295587

File: 1666560934875.gif (735 KB, 375x250, tumblr_64ffdf4b58f0b8db2cd7816…)

TAKE MY HAND and the rest of me please

No. 295591

File: 1666562275822.gif (4.44 MB, 544x278, FFE17D14-BDF1-4822-863F-09346D…)

he looks geriatric in dead souls.. even so i cannot help but think it’s his best iteration for some odd reason

No. 295605

File: 1666567371570.gif (1.41 MB, 500x250, t1foC73.gif)

Wish I wake up to this and take a big sniff where he sat.

No. 295606

can i join ?

No. 295618

File: 1666569099643.png (1.69 MB, 1493x848, 1666325232069202.png)

Sure! Reigen is for every nonny.

No. 295625

>decide to check on artist I like before bed
>immediately see new fanart I haven't seen yet
>sudden urge to look for more fanart
Who needs sleep anyway ?

No. 295636

Wow, hi, who? Love his design

No. 295645

Sigma from Bungou Stray Dogs

No. 295651

File: 1666582346846.gif (153.47 KB, 220x220, D9270693-E3B2-4E72-9420-82FA4D…)

hi there, it’s clown fetish anon. with Halloween approaching I just wanted to announce once again that if given the opportunity, I would be ecstatic to have silly scary greasepaint coitus with the clown from the Terrifier franchise. Let me sing the praises of this comely harlequin:
>VERY tall
>captivating gaze
>strong, silent type, but not too self important to possess a sense of humor
>fingerless gloves, for her pleasure,
>interesting mouth situation. probably would be excellent at cunnilingus

This films’s feeble character development, stiff dialogue & misogynistic writing doesn’t stop me yearning for the steamy attentions of this smoldering murder pierrot

who is your Halloween husbando nonas please tell me

No. 295666

I think only in Kiwami 2 they remembered he was supposed to be 30. Dead Souls takes place around 2011 iirc so he probably had hit the wall by 35? Sad!

No. 295670

File: 1666595959324.jpg (563.19 KB, 1748x2480, 1654791730825.jpg)

>who is your Halloween husbando nonas please tell me
Jason (and pretty much every other masked slasher, but especially Jason). Was the new Terrifier good?

No. 295677

What a cutie!

No. 295685

i love art! hes great and i love clowns too. theyre hot. i get why they get hate but more for me/us i guess?

No. 295686

File: 1666603242074.gif (1.97 MB, 540x304, 57ba27b0-4e34-4d56-a84e-b5394d…)

I'm not really into it. His hair is so messy.
They really hit something with the og Leon they can't replicate

Plus the model they used for Ashley has been discussed in Venus' threads so I kinda feel weird about that

No. 295692

Yeah original RE4 Leon has a more cool and sharp look. Nice gif btw.

No. 295694

File: 1666608553554.png (18.33 KB, 984x123, nonnysdream.png)

This post from the the dreams thread made me excited.

No. 295695

who would you like to give his COVID vaccine injection in his bootycheek

No. 295696

Leon, absolutely.

No. 295697

File: 1666609806256.jpg (166.92 KB, 1280x1776, Leon Kennedy handcuffed butt.j…)

Very good choice

No. 295698

>the model they used for Ashley has been discussed in Venus' threads

No. 295702

Also intrigued by this, wtf

No. 295705

Kek. Need some games like this made by husbandofags tbh

No. 295709

File: 1666616311940.gif (643.74 KB, 500x259, 500.gif)

Sex with cuteshima

No. 295710

File: 1666616522194.jpg (123.73 KB, 850x850, ow9kw3SMv51qf6m81o2_1280.jpg)

>who is your Halloween husbando nonas please tell me
Pennywise and Ghostface

No. 295712

File: 1666617474055.jpg (732.99 KB, 1777x4096, Ff0VxPdakAMnaau.jpg)

>who is your Halloween husbando nonas please tell me
I'll take the opportunity to post this cutie again. Can't wait for season 2 of the anime.

No. 295713

I am one of them and I am so very excited to see him again

No. 295714

File: 1666617992882.jpeg (133.18 KB, 1200x675, 37BDC724-B007-486A-B617-E675DD…)

>who is your Halloween husbando nonas please tell me
i hate myself but i want to be brutally fucked by fenrir greyback until i bleed and i want him to taunt me and degrade me w misogynistic insults and mocking pet names while he does may his hot actor dave legano rest in peace

No. 295715

File: 1666618362442.jpeg (154.29 KB, 579x898, 1666479183913.jpeg)

Speaking of Halloween, someone posted this in /ot/ and it's gorgeous. I used to really fancy Richter back in the days. it's the eyebrows

No. 295718

File: 1666619044316.jpg (160.97 KB, 794x795, export202210240843418850.jpg)

I swear jason nonas are so based

No. 295722

File: 1666620501338.jpg (334.51 KB, 600x800, giving this a silly name to pr…)

>reads post about me wanting to fuck a murder magician
>wants my hand in marriage immediately

I see you are unbound by the shackles of common sense, I admire your free spirit ! I gladly accept your proposal

>fast forward to wedding day

>I am nowhere to be seen
>you get a phone call. the wedding cake has mysteriously disappeared
>you realize this was my plan from the start
>camera cuts to me loading the giant trebuchet-like machine that I will use to smash a full plate of cake right into the face of God in order to prove the supremacy of human free will

He's absolutely adorable, Sigmafags have excellent taste imo. He deserves the best and to be protected from evil, too bad I want to fuck the evil

I'm tempted to read JJK just for him, he seems…interesting to say the least

No. 295726

File: 1666621702830.jpg (78.24 KB, 564x822, abs.jpg)

I don't think you will regret getting into JJK!
Mahito is a great villain in the manga. I do recommend watching the anime though, as he got a glow up in it kek. Abs, pretty eyelashes, cute voice. It was the voice I totally fell for.

No. 295729

File: 1666624130600.jpg (102.06 KB, 750x1185, 14366648193.jpg)

Just look at him smile! Beautiful.
(I know he's wearing a helmet, but you can tell from the eye slits.)

No. 295731

File: 1666625685657.jpg (147.83 KB, 817x810, 9k=(8).jpg)

I'm torn between aggressively shipping him with male!Chosen Undead and wanting him for myself, but I'll happily share with other Solaire-chans

No. 295732

i know i shouldn't let it get to me (it's only just a small amount of people in fandoms where i see this) but sometimes my day of husbandofagging is ruined by "well ackshuyally" fans of the franchise who look down on other fans who husbandofag one of the MCs and lectures everyone on why a relationship realistically wouldn't work out and how it's weird to want to have sex with him. maybe it hurts more because they're right but it just feels kind of snotty idk

No. 295733

Her name is Ella Freya I think and I remember her being mentioned in Venus' threads, she's another white girl living in Japan off of modeling gigs. I don't remember if she ever interacted with Venus though

No. 295734

small world innit

No. 295735

No. 295738

File: 1666627392304.jpg (1.03 MB, 1000x2644, 96015013_p1.jpg)

Kek, I like the way you think anon, spreading the love around.
I like a lot of chosen undead x Solaire art as well, whenever chosen undead is male or female doesn't matter much to me.
I usually make cute bishies in character creation anyway.

No. 295740

Samefag, but I meant spreading love with based fujos that ship cu x Solaire, not scrotes that like him.
I'll protect him from men, he's simply too honorable to interact with non-fictional men.

No. 295742

File: 1666629468103.jpg (204.71 KB, 1702x914, leoncomparision.jpg)

Aside from his face, I just realized that he isn't wearing that tight bodysuit top anymore. Booh.

No. 295743

File: 1666629557052.jpg (224.19 KB, 1710x914, luiscomparision.jpg)

Also what do you think about Luis new look ladies, yay or nay?

No. 295744

File: 1666629679742.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.45 KB, 181x604, hOohvBn8sww.jpg)

Nonas… I actually did it.

I bought a dildo to shamelessly imagine my husbando and I having some of that good time, full on being sore the next morning. Yeah I know… my degeneracy is going far as time goes on but I don't care. Has anyone done something similar, as in, buy sex toys to indulge in your fantasies?

No. 295746

File: 1666630307204.jpg (269.55 KB, 2000x1333, candyman.jpg)

>halloween husbando

I want Candyman's melting voice and intimidating presence to be what sends me to hell

I want to fucking tear him apart he's beautiful

No. 295748

I don't care for him either way but his new jacket is snazzy.

No. 295749

I didn't even notice that, so lame
Seeing the two models aside you can see how much sexyness nuLeon lacks

Makes me wonder how many artists will get yelled at online if they draw him 0.0000001 shade darker

No. 295755

I like Leon’s babyface in RE2, because he’s supposed to be a new young recruit. Inexperienced and cute. Using the same model in RE4 seems out of place.
I liked his more rugged mature look in the old game. I was hoping they would make the new model chiseled and sexy too. That loose shirt is disappointing.

No. 295757

File: 1666633231266.jpg (194.67 KB, 900x1273, IMG_20221010_033522.jpg)

>who is your Halloween husbando nonas please tell me
Does male Hasshaku-sama count?

No. 295758

File: 1666633341875.jpg (234.78 KB, 1280x574, takeo takakura.jpg)

I feel a bit left out cause everyone's husbandoes look sexy af (I don't recognize any of them though, don't ask) and then I'm stuck with this dweeb.
God I'd love to run my fingers through his hair, squish his cheeks and call him cute, walk home together, learn new spells in the clubroom after school - there's so much things I'd list but that'd take forever.
I have this sudden urge to pull on his tie hard and tease him, mainly bc of his since he's 5'7 and I'm 5'11 kek. And also help him with his posture bc upcoming scoliosis isn't pretty

I WILL be his girlfriend, I WILL marry him. End of story.

No. 295762

File: 1666634754219.jpg (Spoiler Image,151.99 KB, 800x800, ezgif-4-f4b55f1fdb.jpg)

They could have given him one of those compressed shirts or something (picrel, spoilered of real male)

No. 295765

I don't know why but the shirt saying MUSCULAR in bold letters is sending me. Need to draw my husbando in this.

No. 295766

OMG he's such a cutieeee

No. 295771

It kinda annoys me when ppl do that tbh. We know being in relationships with some of these guys wouldn't pan out well if they were real, that's what makes husbandofagging great. U can be with anyone without any of the limitations of reality. Just let ppl have their fun geez.
I love his old design better. I've been crushing on him since I first saw him and he looks more cute now than sexy. Which is fine I guess, but I want an updated graphics version of sexy older Leon.

No. 295776

Count me in, this nerd is very cute

No. 295785

I had a disaster scenario dream involving my husbando, other characters from his source, and a bunch of people I know. Dream ended with me freaking out and finally confessing and us making out until everyone realized that the disaster didn't happen. Thanks, brain?

No. 295790

yess, please join my bullying club

No. 295792

File: 1666645423854.jpg (144.87 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_pwc309R06d1thbaumo1_128…)

You're based!

No. 295800

He is so cute anon!! It doesn't matter what your husbando looks like, what matters is your love for him. 10/10 would help you bully him

No. 295802

File: 1666647212491.gif (9.91 MB, 960x960, Tumblr_l_805990516291663.gif)

More revealing outfits for male characters, please

No. 295809

File: 1666650535283.jpeg (Spoiler Image,124.89 KB, 527x718, 71EA4A35-2095-4B77-A6C9-0C5263…)

replaying Fallout 4 and thinking about ghoul dick again. I don’t even care if it’s radioactive, he can turn my pussy into Chernobyl

No. 295811

Im sorry, but it's probably rotted off. However, in Fallout2 you can get your ghoul friend Lenny laid, I think I chose to do this and it let me so that kind of implies he has a penis still? I don't know I just can't imagine it has any structural integrity.

No. 295812

File: 1666653959266.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.67 KB, 358x547, 92ec75cdf8fb3fa0e9574445e45777…)

I don't know where he's from but he's cute! He looks like a lovable and sweet dork. Don't feel left out Nona, I'm sure that you'll be a great wife for him!
I know how you feel but you shouldn't listen to those people. Husbandofagging is great because it doesn't have to obey reality. I like to fantasize about monster guys even if it can't work.
Also, who can say for certain that it wouldn't work in reality? You never know! well i guess it depends on who your man is, but let's not think about that.
And talking about monster guys
>Who is your Halloween husbando
I don't know if it counts as Halloween themed, and I spoiler because it's embarrassing, but i love the Predator/Yautja species. I wish I was the girl in this pic.

No. 295813

that would make the most logical sense but for the sake of my fantasies I’m an intact ‘cock truther. you still get the “Lover’s Embrace” perk when you romance him which implies you banged, and he has some dialogue alluding to sleeping around a lot unless he’s just good with his fingers and tongue? I want to believe. also
>structural integrity
gave me a laugh, thank you

No. 295818

what a downgrade smh disappointing

No. 295821

I don't know much about Fallout, but if Ghouls can run around and fight and stuff, wouldn't their bodies be intact enough to function sexually?

No. 295825

didn't care at all about postal or this guy before I saw this nona posting about him but now I want to run my hands through his greasy hair and push his stupid sunglasses off as I kiss him lying down on his stained carpeted bedroom floor. curse you nona

No. 295826

File: 1666660338916.png (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 872x1200, Ed3hxEyXsAMAW2h.png)

Sexy sexy sexy. Also, I admire you Pennywise fuckers. Aren't there like a billion stories of him on Wattpad?

No. 295842

Well said

No. 295843

File: 1666664334127.gif (181.15 KB, 288x214, bf28ae781893fd8aee2a75c49c3952…)

OH YEAH i completely forgot to mention where he's from! from an old-school anime called mahou tsukai tai or magic user's club
my only issue with him is that he's a little perverted, that being someone says something and he misinterprets what was said. it's an ongoing gag in the series however i can safely say it doesn't last for very long and it doesn't affect the story. but yes everything you mentioned is correct

currently living off on 38 fics (not checking AO3), fanart (most of the anime's fanart doesn't even include him) the manga (only three chapters were translated and there hasn't been an update since 2006) and NO. FUCKING. FIGURINES.
i am going to go insane but please enjoy this gif i found

No. 295846

File: 1666665149978.png (603.59 KB, 435x562, why.PNG)

This is incredible. Also good taste nonna. No eyebrows no life imho. I love Alucard like everybody else but I imagine him with darker eyebrows otherwise I just can't.

Your post made my sides fly into orbit thank you. Picrel is mine but I also have a weakness for 1. The ghost king guy from the Lord of the Rings 2. A personal specific fantasy I have regarding a wolf creature and 3. these romance novel vampires called carpathians who basically have soulmates and are sexually insatiable. Author basically writes billions of pages of vampire pining and sex. Probably not your thing but ilu to bits clown-honking anon. Sorry for my boring tastes

No. 295850

ew, they turned him into a gypsy.

No. 295860

Classic stays winning but the lack of no skin tight undershirt loses one of re4 leon's major appeal

No. 295861

He isnt so bad now but the original appeal for Luis was that medieval look to him. I hope that the new more "serious" revision of the game is not so generic like remake3 if that makes sense. Tbh since re7, RE franchise has lost some of its natural charm (no hate to re7/8 cuz theyre pretty good still).

No. 295865

>my only issue with him is that he's a little perverted
I hate when they do this to cute anime boys in scrote media

No. 295866

You're welcome

No. 295871

File: 1666679523063.jpg (416.85 KB, 3586x2090, __carlos_oliveira_resident_evi…)

at least the 3 remake made Carlos so much hotter. not that he was ever ugly, just kind of generic

No. 295872

I'm very grateful for hot remake Carlos with improved personality.
Not into the Luis makeover at all but maybe he won't talk about boob bazookas at least.

No. 295894

He's still kinda cute but he looks like a kid to me. Not sexy at all like OG

No. 295895

He needs to grow up and show his boobies again

No. 295901

Kek, true.

No. 295903

File: 1666708226906.jpg (34.82 KB, 563x467, ecdbb2749f382d8f45742a5fac41dc…)

I have now finished Ace Attorney Chronicles and it was a freaking great game. I recommend it to everyone itt. Kazuma is so handsome but now I've competely fallen for Barok. (Barry-kun?)
I mean he is
Just look at this picture. Leg supremacy.

No. 295904

File: 1666708316987.jpg (380.56 KB, 1024x1024, 99438527_p0_master1200.jpg)

I just wish we could have seen him smile just once in the game. SMILE DAMMIT be happy, aww his story broke my heart.

No. 295905

File: 1666708870644.jpg (1.7 MB, 1500x988, 98203446_p0.jpg)

>ywn feed Barok strawberries while he wears a slutty shirt
This is wasted on Iris in the fanart. The longing is real.

No. 295909

I had a dream/nightmare that I had at least 2 journals filled out completely with stuff about my undying love for my husbando and my friends found them. I think I tried to play it off as ironic the best I could but it was just too damning, I wanted to die kek

No. 295911

Not into those games but he's hot kek

No. 295912

I checked some images of the series and it looks neat, I love the look of old school anime in general. I know it's not the same because the series that my husbando is from is kinda popular, so at least I can find cool fan art, but yumejoshi stuff with him is literally non existent at least to my knowledge , so I feel you.
I wish that it was more popular and more people would have him as a husband.
By the way, have you tried writing fics or doing self insert art/fanart of him? It may make you feel a little bit better about having no content for him.

No. 295920

File: 1666716709988.jpg (2.68 MB, 2048x1203, 2981b213fdce07b0018f91e340f6b3…)

hes just the sweetest, i adore him

No. 295922

File: 1666717215596.png (1.42 MB, 959x1080, 909c9eac89956d50.png)

i can't forgive this barely walking corpse for giving me a sleep kink and making me wish i could fuck his basic bread buns into dust

No. 295924

Who is this?

No. 295927

File: 1666717853888.jpg (352.49 KB, 687x1000, 5688-69209280.jpg)

Wow anon, you weren't kidding. I tried to look up merch for this dude and there's quite a few trading figures of the girls, but the only thing I've found for him were a couple of pencil boards. My condolences, I know how it feels to have a husbando with no figures (well mine has a couple of garage kits but since those are impossible to find, it might as well be like he has none). You could always commission or make your own content! It's actually really fun to contribute to the fandom that way, commissions I've bought for rare husbandos have gotten traction from the fandom.

No. 295928

I was having a really shitty day, and then I looked at this image and daydreamed about how warm a hug from the people's sun husbando would feel and it legit made me feel better. The husbando brainrot may be terminal but the vibes are immaculate.

No. 295929

sorry, still new around here and i forgot how to reply to posts but that's Shu Sakamaki from Diabolik Lovers (please don't get into the anime)

No. 295931

did you mean to reply to this >>295924
you reply by clicking on the post number and the >> with post number will appear in the reply box

No. 295961

File: 1666726682252.png (1.03 MB, 1200x800, solaire_oscar_unknown-164.png)

i know right anon!!! i feel the same way, i love that pic so much. have something in a similar vein

No. 295981

File: 1666734230997.jpg (131.68 KB, 600x645, 30863954.jpg)


I was just going to mention fanworks and things like that! For commissions, let's just say I'm unable to do so for personal reasons, I absolutely loathe Twitter, I visit DeviantArt every blue moon and I have no interest in drawing - however I've requested before but now it feels weird to ask for free art.
Unfortunately I haven't written anything because I declared my undying love for him last week.
I have this habit of not sharing anything with anyone which is why I'm not in any online fandoms despite the fact that I am 18.
Whether it takes me a century or 50 years, I'll make sure there's more content for him!! Also ilysm anonitas, thanks for showing an interest in him. Hope your husbando gives you sweet dreams!

No. 295993

File: 1666739632668.jpeg (28.35 KB, 512x288, 09707DF4-85EC-457B-A05A-E40A4D…)

I finally found my true husbando, he is perfect

No. 295998

File: 1666740428164.jpeg (50.28 KB, 500x680, F6F35D2D-0598-459F-A52E-468389…)

Oh yeah he got hot. Without the headdress he looks like Kars.

No. 296006

File: 1666744033721.jpg (536.08 KB, 1280x1656, 20221025_192519.jpg)


No. 296017

Excellent taste, nonna! He's a smart business owner and negotiator, an unparalleled swordsman, is more than ready to throw down for any one of his people at the ADA… what a guy! I personally love that he's an unapologetic cat person, too, it's so fucking cute~

No. 296025

Imagine how much black velvety coat Vincent needs to cover all 6'4 of him, he is an actual Halloween husbando >>295651

I feel your no merch pain. Idk anything about that anime but I planned to watch it one day because I'm a big fan of things Ikuko Itoh was involved in, her 90's/early 2000's art style is cute in a classic way.

No. 296026

File: 1666755198702.jpeg (114.12 KB, 736x498, 4EA210F6-5666-48A5-911D-C75001…)

okay fug why didnt my image go through

No. 296036

File: 1666762850235.jpg (105.63 KB, 850x1010, 1664208620993019.jpg)

I have something in different vein

No. 296042

File: 1666766638851.jpg (221.76 KB, 1280x576, tumblr_9665f03849a17f67031b85f…)

Started thinking about him again. My beloved.

No. 296043

I'd like to hear all the reasons you like Vincent, nonnie

No. 296048

File: 1666769440213.gif (974.15 KB, 399x230, E0CB55E2-C780-4E3D-BD12-C30401…)

His movie is kickass and he's almost never drawn off model, his voice in either dub is soothingly deep and gravelly, the music in all of his scenes is amazing, his design is simple but cool, all of that is enjoyable and entertaining in itself. But he's also mentally fucked up and traumatized and I'm always really interested in that part of the human psyche, when things go wrong (I browse lc, go figure). I also tend to cherish things that could be easily lost/missed and he's a character with only so many minutes of footage in a movie for a series that will never carry on his very short story so I feel like I choose to carry a torch for him because, tons of people love Cowboy Bebop, but how many appreciate this character specifically? His themes about dreaming and loss of identity really resonate with me too. Oh, and he had a previous relationship that proves him being a decent man is plausible and that's nice to think about… He's brooding, like 'sit and stare out the window alone' moody, introspective and philosophical and I am ALL about that. I watched the movie several times before I actually appreciated him this much but I'd be lying if I said I didn't find him attractive the first time I saw it.

No. 296050

Oh god this is so cute. Thank you for answering. I relate to a lot of this but especially this part
>I also tend to cherish things that could be easily lost/missed and he's a character with only so many minutes of footage in a movie for a series that will never carry on his very short story so I feel like I choose to carry a torch for him because, tons of people love Cowboy Bebop, but how many appreciate this character specifically?
I haven't watched Cowbow Bebop (plan to) but your husbando looks and sounds very cool.

No. 296056

File: 1666774699018.png (2.37 MB, 1079x1200, solaire_oscar_unknown-62.png)

that works too

No. 296169

In the spirit of Hallow's Eve I want to be double teamed by my husbando and his mirror doppelganger counterpart so badly it's unreal. It'd be cuddly as fuck, and imagining seeing both them fighting over bringing me pleasure and being the best at pleasuring me brings me a joy like no other. I've been thinking about it for the past two days. Both of them are sexy but the mirror counterpart of him hits different when along side him! Silver eyes are my weakness.
On a more constructive note, does anyone get really excited and happy when they find another person who likes your husbando just as much as you do? I've been browsing a general dedicated to the series he's from and I discovered like three other people who share my rabid lust and desire for him and I've been buzzing with excitement since then. One of them shares really god-tier fanfiction and really knows him like no other. There's very few who like him as much as I do so I always get super excited when I meet someone who does.
Realistically, most of the husbanods here wouldn't work out with most of the nonas here as they're fictional beings but the thing is because it's fictional it doesn't have to apply to any form of realism. All that matters is that you like him and he makes you happy. Fuck the haters and people who say such trashy comments, they're usually just very very sad that the sight of someone being genuinely in love with someone (or something) that will give them endless happiness, encouragement, motivation and love fills them with envy and seethe.

No. 296187

For what it's worth, he and his movie made the strongest impression on me out of all of CB and I found him the scariest villain, also felt for him a lot. They really struck gold with him as a character, I ship u x vincent nonna

No. 296188

Anytime I post about them and find other women that like them as well I'm ecstatic. I would love to sperg about them with other husbandofags. If they have more fans there's more fan content so it's a win for me.

No. 296200

File: 1666840115041.jpg (104.55 KB, 604x424, r2mtG-48ViE.jpg)

I'm addicted to this man. Sometimes, after I come back home, he greets me from the couch, lazily going through the channels on the tv with a somewhat gloomy face. I always join in and start a cuddling session to uplift his mood until I fall asleep, but he's been quite horny lately. I guess he's feeling a bit lonely since I work everyday and barely can keep myself awake to enjoy some time with him, and so I decided to indulge him, even if I'm sleepy.
He can be quite rough but that's what one would expect from a man who, previously, had been sex deprived for so many years after being stuck with a whale-sized ex-wife.
The only thing that can be quite embarassing is that I have to wear makeup on the neck to hide the hickeys, and that is hard to not walk funny the next day.

No. 296201

Is this supposed to be The Monarch??

No. 296204

File: 1666843551069.jpg (16.67 KB, 480x450, 136648.jpg)

nona that's the postal dude lmao?????

No. 296209

File: 1666845500466.jpeg (75.97 KB, 1125x622, 46BBE678-EF4C-42A6-B9AD-104626…)

Okay but…

No. 296212

File: 1666846795043.png (289.11 KB, 393x584, Screen Shot 2022-10-26 at 9.57…)

the monarch is sexy tbh

No. 296222

nta but are you new here? lmao

No. 296238

File: 1666861899839.png (409.8 KB, 534x534, 71A5518F-B8BA-4F02-9780-A33A86…)

I'm glad to hear you liked the movie too, and thanks, I wish you a blessed day with your husbando as well.
There's something about characters who look like they need some love to get better, but I still don't want to fix him, maybe just sit together with him while the world ends, lol.

No. 296239

I agree, It's really exciting finding people who love them just like you do. I wish i could talk more about my husbando to people but no one of my friends is an husbandofag, so posting in this thread and seeing other people who like him or are interested in him or just find him hot, which is fine by me honestly made me really happy.

No. 296250


Never heard of The Monarch before, but I can see how one could mix up both at first glance bc of the fanart. And no, just like nona >>296204 said, that's the Postal Dude.

No. 296263

anon you make me want to play Postal again, played 1 and 2 as a kid and had fun, never touched 3 and 4, heard 3 is shit, idk about 4 though

No. 296319


Unless you enjoy to torture yourself with shitty games with broken mechanics and even shittier story, then I'd recommend P3, otherwise, no. Even the creators acknowledge as a terrible mistake that they had no control over it and call it a spin-off (they even removed it from their store. Only way to get a copy is through the 20th anniversary collection, or through pirating but its really not worth wasting your time with it.)

Now, P4 I'd recommend for you to wait a while, since there's still a lot of buggy mess and overall broken missions. The game can do some soft-locking and force you to start all over again. If you don't mind the bugs but its there for the story and humor, I'll be honest, it's pretty weak compared to 1 and 2. It's mostly sex jokes rather than offensive, stereotypes and gross out combined with some critiques of certain groups.

Basically, only four members of the original development team are still going strong, and the others are younger members that got through the modding scene or just doing artwork, later being hired as concept artists. I guess the muted humor of P4 is a mix of that + modern times. It doesn't help that they have actual troons and non-binary faggots in their team, so any time that they could step out of line, these people would easily attack them. I actually feel bad, even if the reason why is unknown, it felt like a case of bending a knee to survive in this day and age. You can even see it in their responses of genuine critiques about the game that its pure copium.
They said a remake of Postal 2 would be made, and that everything would be intact, but I really doubt that statement. They didn't have the balls to keep the same aggressiveness to P4, why would they do it for the remake?

No. 296320

honestly i believe games like these are very much products of their time and should be either appreciated as they are or just left alone because any attempt to "modernize" them for a "new audience" will fall flat at best or utterly fail at worst, either keeping the tone that does not fly in these times with the younger public or sanitizing it which defeats the whole point and spits in the face of the nostalgiafags who would have been interested otherwise.

No. 296353

File: 1666906733543.jpeg (42.23 KB, 481x532, Riddler.jpeg)

Men should casually show muscles and abs way more often

No. 296358

File: 1666907435361.png (822.47 KB, 800x1131, __majima_gorou_ryuu_ga_gotoku_…)


No. 296374

File: 1666914934503.jpg (138.83 KB, 1200x844, Dch7k9sX0AAInrG.jpg)


Sperging ahead!

I think Postal 4 could've had a lot of potential if they kept the true essence intact, and many only point out the "game is only as violent as you are" but that's not all. Even if there's a repetitive pattern, the other point you can take out is the blatant hypocrisy of human nature. Each group the Dude comes across has ideas that conflict with their actions and goals (one of the examples in P2: protestants claiming games are violent, while going on a rampage to kill game developers).

Unfortunately, this is lost in Postal 4. The violence levels still relies on the player's actions, but the groups the Dude comes across are mostly "lol random XD" with the exception of the sjws with a blue shirt with a snowflake on the chest (honestly, a pretty dated joke but that's the best they could come up with). The mercs, the toilet paper cultists and the mexicans are pathetic at its worst and mediocre at its best.

That's why I feel my mind at peace when calling Dude my husbando. At least he's still intact since his personality relies on the player's actions. As my experience was balanced, I see him as a calm guy that will be annoyed when provoked for too long and can be violent, but only when in danger. Fortunately, that's close to the canon character writing anyway, so even the way I played the game didn't deviate much from the original product.

That's why I would love to treat him well. I guess after all the hell he goes through, going back home to see his wife greet him everyday with a warm welcome and do anything just to see him smile fulfills my heart. I wish one day I can be at home full time to give him all my love all day, everyday.

By the way, should I make a small shrine for him? I do wanna buy a doll of him, or make my own if possible.

No. 296375

no lol I just thought nona confusing the postal dude for the monarch guy was hilarious

No. 296386

I thought my fellow Jason fangirls would like this. Wholesome date with Jason starting at 1:10. Totally self-insertable. Made me so excited. I wanna hold hands with my sweet husbando.

No. 296388

Girl yes! I wanted to post it here but I already posted it in the mask thread and didn’t want to spam kek. You are the best. God the Jason moments were so perfect. They definitely appeal to the fangirls on purpose and I’m all for it.

No. 296389

oh damn there's a mask thread? I need to lurk more…
But yes I am still giggling haha. It was definitely on purpose and I love it.

No. 296394

File: 1666927472168.jpg (1.15 MB, 2671x4096, 1634664774254.jpg)

Yes on /m/! Come post your favorite masked menaces.

No. 296401

does he have anything close to a real canon name? do you have a name headcanon for him? I imagine callig him Dude all the time would make you sound like some stereotypical surfer or stoner.

No. 296414


Unfortunately no. That's even played as a joke in P2 where when retrieving a mail package, he says his last name is Dude, and in canon, his full name is Postal Dude Jr.

I thought of giving him a headcanon name, but I really don't know which would be good. His appearance doesn't help much when coming up with someone. If any nonas here would be interested in giving a try, feel free to do so. I'm not really creative with names.

No. 296427

File: 1666966425646.png (230.3 KB, 677x900, 78603975_p18.png)

I would do absolutely anything for you, your smile is my sunshine. Thinking of you brings me so much happiness; I'm on cloud nine.

No. 296430

part five’s entire lineup is so yummy

No. 296432

I guess Dude could also double as a family name, as for given name I can imagine a very generic common American name?

No. 296433

File: 1666969192919.jpeg (158.82 KB, 750x1226, F5C66626-409D-4B39-8AEB-723852…)

Look at my husbando getting out of my shower at my house, this picture is 100% real, haters will say is photoshop or some art program. But that's Diluc in my house, asking if I need some help with making breakfast and if I want to let him do some cute latte art to cheer me up before going to work, he's also promising to me that we will watch some silly hallmark movies while drinking hot cocoa, he just wants an excuse to give me a massage and cuddle though, we never truly pay attention to the movies or the hot cocoa.

No. 296435

Guy is a last name I see every so often, so why not Dude? I'd help you name him if I knew more about his character, but I don't want to suggest something terrible. Good luck anon!

No. 296437

Thinking about my husbando and feeling giddy like a retard

No. 296438

Same here. Sometimes I just start grinning or I have to run around to let out the energy. I actually can't even look at my own self ship art because it makes me too happy.

No. 296443

File: 1666972568694.jpg (271.21 KB, 741x1088, IMG_20221028_125406.jpg)

This bastard looks so good doing his silly little tasks, wearing his silly little hat and with a bit of dried blood on his face, damn

No. 296445


Yeah, it can be any name you nonas think it fits better.

I guess for better hints, it's known that he's in his late thirties, that he's 6'8" and that he lives (but not know if he was born) in Arizona.
I guess besides that and what I previously said in >>296374 about his personality, this is what's available of him. The developers didn't put much thought into his backstory.

But I believe nonas can come up with something good no matter what.

No. 296452

Same. If I see his pictures or even think about him I start smiling like an idiot. Good thing we're still wearing masks where I am.

No. 296455

Ill take all of them

No. 296456

Drawing me and my husbando again for the first time in a while since I've been busy. Feels good!!!

No. 296466

i did the unthinkable and began to work on my self-insert fic for >>295758
every time i type a sentence or a word i keep talking/giggling to myself like a bumbling idiot. luckily i only do this when im at home
he's my ray of sunshine and the apple to my pie!! can't wait till the fic's finished 'cause it'll be so friggin cute i love him sm!!!!

No. 296467

File: 1666987193942.png (307.57 KB, 489x448, EbKEpKXXgAAhaWS.png)

I found this official crossover art by accident, and honestly I'm glad I did because him in a skintight black tank top is so hot. I should feel ashamed for reacting the way I did, but I don't care he looks gorgeous.
I found a used drawing tablet for a good price, I'll go test it and hopefully buy it tomorrow, so maybe I'll have more free time to draw for myself, relieve some stress and find the courage to finally draw self ship art again.
Wish me luck nonas.
Joe or Frank. I don't know why, but from his appearance and his description this were the first names I thought of.

No. 296472

Yay good luck sweet nona, write tons of kisses!

No. 296473

We might have different tastes but I love my fellow yume nonas. You're all so based.

No. 296474

Have fun Nonna!
Im working my own self insert fic atm and I have to stop periodically because it's too much for me, and its not even anything spicy yet

No. 296503

Barely know anythjng about these two but I love crossovers like this.
This sparked a general question for every nonna, do any of you make content for yourself then get the itch to share it to friends when it's only for you and they wouldn't get it? Or you think you did a good job but can't put it anywhere because it's so personal/identifying? Anti Mary Sue blogs were my bread and butter forever ago but I think that kind of culture left me unable to SI even for fun on my own computer. Some of you are an inspiration to shake that feeling off.

No. 296506

>do any of you make content for yourself then get the itch to share it to friends when it's only for you and they wouldn't get it
I did this with my beloved, I got the urge to draw a silly doodle of us in MS Paint (first time I've actually drawn more than just his face, it was really hard to look at the screen lmao) and then I couldn't resist sharing it in a WhatsApp status… It's ok, my friends and family accept me and my autism.
>Or you think you did a good job but can't put it anywhere because it's so personal/identifying?
Sadly this has been the case with some of my more serious self-insert art because I decided to draw myself instead of a proxy OC. It's not intentionally silly enough to share with friends and family, and it's too personal to put online in public. I'd only share it with close friends or yume friends.
>Anti Mary Sue blogs were my bread and butter forever ago
I'm guilty of this as well (pretty stupid since I had a Mary Sue OC of my own back then), but I still self-inserted with my husbandos anyway.
Idk if it's just me, but it feels like "Mary Sue hate" isn't nearly as big as it was a decade ago, and nowadays it's only directed at female protagonists in popular media, or it comes from some really dedicated haters. In social media you can see a lot of artists who draw other people with their fictional crushes for money, it's not as taboo in fandom as it once was.

No. 296507

Yes, I'm trapped in this limbo between wanting to share what I make and also being extremely embarrassed by the fact that I made it. A lot of it is deeply personal and, as someone with unhealthy self esteem, I'm by default ashamed of anything that expresses "myself." It doesn't help that I have legitimately weird tastes. A few days ago I got the courage to go public with my self shipping antics and pretty much laid myself bare. It's exciting but also nerve wracking. After spending so long keeping things to myself, it's difficult to know where to draw the lines on how much I should reveal. I guess opening up will always come with the possibility of judgement. That's the price of intimacy.

No. 296509

I don't mind sharing what I make even if it's personal, especially if it's with others who enjoy such content, being NSFW, deep, or risque, of my husbando. I post art semi-frequently and I have shared art of him here but I tend to hide my power-level of the lust I have for my husbando publicly so I tend to post stuff that are a bit much either here, on a dedicated general for the franchise that my husbando comes from but for stuff that's extra personal and questionable in terms of content it's only in private with friends who are fellow fans of my husbando.

No. 296510

I think for those of us who are worried about sharing such intimate things it's better to make a completely separate account with no visible ties to our other account(s), that way we wouldn't have to worry about people who judge us for self-shipping also judging other aspects of our life or something worse.

No. 296531

Ayrt, I like to keep self insert fics to myself. I'm not embarrassed by them or anything, I just want to keep these specially between me and my husbandos.

No. 296569

In case you're interested, they are Ohma Tokita and the main character from another manga that is in the same universe as Kengan Ashura! They had some little crossovers here and there, mostly cameos of the characters. They're pretty fun.
>do any of you make content for yourself then get the itch to share it to friends when it's only for you and they wouldn't get it?
It depends, I like to show my fics and tell other people my ideas, but i only do it to my best friend and another girl who likes to write, even if she doesn't write self ship stuff, but other than that I keep everything to myself. It's not that I don't like to share, I would love to talk and share my things with other husbandofags, it's just that I don't have any friends who are yumejoshis so I find it kinda embrassing, especially with people who don't understand. They would probably look at me like I'm some kind of weirdo.
I'm in the same boat with the Anti Mary Sue thing, seeing people hate on self shipping and self inserts
definitely indered my way of drawing self ship art for fun.
Yes, I'm so happy for you nona! Have fun and good luck in writing your fic, I'm sure your husbando would love to read all the things you're writing about him!

No. 296578

I bought myself a plush blanket to sleep with because my husbando has fur and I have no regrets because it's warm af and very soft. I should've done this sooner.

No. 296579

You're absolutely right, this is the way to go. For me personally though I think it's too late to back out. I made my bed, now I lie in it. That doesn't mean I'm totally regretful though, I think I'll actually have quite a bit of fun.

No. 296581


No. 296588

No. 296606

It's the gogeta nonnetta

No. 296607

File: 1667067989922.png (773.31 KB, 1200x856, 1564612018_postal 3.png)

Frank sounds good. Joe seems a bit generic, idk but it gives me vibes of John and I don't think that fits Dude's overall character.

So, would his full name be Frank Dude Jr ???
As a non-american, this sounds like a name a drunk father would give to his child.

No. 296608

The Jr would imply that his father's name is Frank Dude (Sr)

No. 296609


I know but, I'm just pointing out it sounds weird.
Still, I just have to get used to it. I can't judge my husbando's middle name if it wasn't even him who choose it. That would be extremely shallow and I don't wanna be that kind of wife.
So Frank Dude Jr. it is.

No. 296611

Wouldn't Dude be his family name? So if you married him and took his name you too would be Mrs. Dude

No. 296612

I only know him from these threads but yeah, I agree that he looks like a Frank

No. 296616

I might be

No. 296621

full name Anon Dude

No. 296636

File: 1667084469354.jpg (128.77 KB, 850x1214, __zack_fair_final_fantasy_and_…)

Zack is the most perfect husbando wahh just seeing how he treats others despite their faults and the way I was rooting for him and aerith despite knowing what happens ughh it makes me so sad. Im so happy they are revamping CC so we can see more of that sweet gongaga boy in 1080p I just hate that Ill have to play it in japanese to prevent from cringing at the soulless line delivery from Zack's new VA

No. 296658


Tbh that would be funny, but the name Mrs.Dude reminds me of something that would come from One Piece.


Yeah, he does have a Frank face. I guess what bothered me is the fact that in P3 (even if its not canon), the Dude simply just forgot his name due to smoking too much crack. I don't know what are crack sideeffects, but I'm sure amnesia must not be one of them.

Still, after having some time to reflect, I think Frank is a nice name for someone with a scary exterior but carefree personality.

Now, the only thing missing is to do some content. Fanfic, drawing, sketches. I gotta do it for my husband

No. 296673

File: 1667103298827.jpg (63.23 KB, 750x1013, IMG_9794.jpg)


No. 296685

File: 1667108210696.jpg (Spoiler Image,145.87 KB, 700x979, 5998013439.jpg)

Okabe is for girls and not for self inserting scrotes

No. 296686

So true bestie

No. 296690

File: 1667109686854.png (110.98 KB, 480x640, aph__stupid_sexy_commie_by_pun…)

I was revisiting one of my favorite DeviantArtists from back in the day and oh mama.

No. 296691

File: 1667109759550.gif (Spoiler Image,375.09 KB, 231x200, aph__ivanimation_lawlz_by_punp…)

Spoilered because lots of blood, but 'tis the season.

No. 296696

Oh my god this brings back so many memories

No. 296707

File: 1667123635181.jpg (51.34 KB, 424x600, Russia.600.897693.jpg)

i need him so bad PLEASE

No. 296787

File: 1667169213069.gif (1.42 MB, 480x270, Medics Sultry Dance _ Team For…)


No. 296789

If you're the distraught anon from the other thread and you feel better about it now, please join in the Okabe shitposting. I have an autistic compulsion to post but I'm actually very self conscious cause it's just me! If you're a different anon, uh, sorry…

No. 296820

File: 1667181300561.jpeg (254.02 KB, 1450x2048, Fflruy7aYAEDHqE.jpeg)

Very fair

No. 296821

Is that PunPuniChu's super old art? I liked their edgy Hetalia stuff but I recall they got hate from Tumblr for the themes of their work and that helped to peak me on stupid fandom wrongthink idiocy.

No. 296823

Yep! I had a feeling that must have happened, because I couldn’t find everything I remembered. That’s a shame.

No. 296826

>After spending so long keeping things to myself, it's difficult to know where to draw the lines on how much I should reveal. I guess opening up will always come with the possibility of judgement. That's the price of intimacy.
mfw this feels like a support group after you guys make me realize I've been using an OC as a proxy myself and the guy because of hangups (or maybe just autism kek). This is a blessed thread. It's good that younger OCfags don't have to be afraid of ending up on one of those blogs but they probably have to worry about taking the heat over not only being cringe but judged as morally wrong and accused of things when they try to express themselves in other ways.
Fit inspo for sure!

No. 296844

File: 1667189382289.jpg (21.53 KB, 275x238, buckle the fuck up.jpg)

Every time I see this pic posted I'm closer to watching KotH just for this guy. Curse you lolcow.farm

No. 296846

I was about to reply to you and tell you how good KOTH is and then I realized what thread we’re in. Shine on you crazy diamond

No. 296849

Do it, anon. KoTH is pretty damn good, for coom or otherwise

No. 296850

Oh no, I know people say it's a really good show, that's the main reason I want to watch it but the husbando/hornyposts I've seen about this character in particular are probably going to be what really pushes me to finally watch it lol

No. 296856

File: 1667192752521.jpg (380.36 KB, 840x1080, IMG_6347.JPG)

Do it! The characters are super lovable.

No. 296859

File: 1667193667313.jpg (870.1 KB, 399x505, gribble.jpg)

My sweet conspiracy theorist

No. 296864

Nancy didn’t know how good she had it. Dale Nonnies Unite

No. 296866

File: 1667196537322.jpg (138.76 KB, 736x981, 1666796203647.jpg)

Perfect boy

No. 296872

File: 1667198826647.jpg (36.84 KB, 564x797, 3fbac21b1798aad9e733af38bff43e…)

red really is his colour huh

No. 296874

They (she?) have a DeviantArt that hadn't been totally wiped but it's definitely missing most of their best stuff. All that's left is stuff like shirtless Russia with a little blood on his face but I remembered PPC's art being maybe gorier than that. Always loved how they drew his nose and made him a little pudgy/farmboy strong instead of bodybuilder roided.

No. 296876

File: 1667205895497.png (138.01 KB, 578x633, aph__palette_meme_ivan_by_punp…)

>I remembered PPC's art being maybe gorier than that.
That's what I remember too! If you have any, please post it or let me know where I can find it. I love the way she draws his nose too. She gives him the evilest expressions.

No. 296883

File: 1667211969510.jpg (253.59 KB, 756x1000, FfbfJEeVEAAwel9.jpg)

I wish I could spend Halloween with my husbando. It would be completely perfect.

No. 296884

File: 1667212237353.jpg (53.48 KB, 500x648, Eloj8iLVcAE1x9Q.jpg)

Happy Halloween, nonnas! Wishing you all a good and spooky one.

No. 296886

Happy Halloween!

No. 296894

File: 1667220238595.jpg (164.44 KB, 1024x1317, team_fortress_2_villainous_by_…)

What if our husbandos dressed up as each other for Halloween?

No. 296896

File: 1667220641424.jpg (318.02 KB, 1920x2728, tricia-corum-faust.jpg)

ngl I have no idea who this is nonny, but it made me think of another weird husbando I do have.

No. 296897

File: 1667220677110.jpg (145.51 KB, 1200x1200, __faust_guilty_gear_drawn_by_u…)

No. 296898

File: 1667220725179.jpg (169.72 KB, 1280x1185, faust_and_flug_by_thatstrangec…)

Kek, a few threads ago someone posted this. They definitely have a lot of similarities.

No. 296913

File: 1667231740448.png (189.52 KB, 340x733, Moira.png)

Owerwatch "2"'s release reminded me of her existence and I fell back super hard on her, even stronger than before since I'm more confident in my bisexuality, I get all giddy anytime she's onscreen even when she's doing nothing, god I wish she could corrupt me. Why isn't there more female characters like her and why did she have to come from fucking Overwatch???

No. 296923

File: 1667235599615.jpeg (35.53 KB, 602x635, CkltCVM.jpeg)

She's literally the only thing I miss about the game. Wish we got to see her in her suits more often.

No. 296928

File: 1667238127878.jpg (41.25 KB, 440x226, 83711.jpg)

Happy Halloween nonnies!
If u and ur husbando go out for Halloween together what would he dress up as? (Waifufags can answer too).

No. 296930

File: 1667238742336.jpg (482.29 KB, 1080x1432, Screenshot_20221031_184506.jpg)

Happy Halloween nonas! Hope that you're having fun trick or treating with your husbandos and eating lots of candy with them!
A werewolf. He doesn't know what Halloween is so choosing a costume for him and taking him around town to see all the spooky themed stuff would be so cute.

No. 296959

File: 1667260141293.png (1.86 MB, 1626x1508, export202210311846519600.png)

He would definitely be wearing some kind of animal ears. BROLY WITH COW EARS and Gogeta is there too

No. 296960

I need more pictures of your waifu nonna. I don't play overwatch but i've never seen her before. She's pretty cool

No. 296964

File: 1667262169989.png (65 KB, 900x900, its not fucking fair.png)

I hate what they did to him, bastards

No. 296976

File: 1667268229937.jpg (70.37 KB, 735x536, 5b27e9569d472ff710b34f2b8e771f…)

Manifesting a sex dream tonight starring these too. Amen.

No. 296989

File: 1667269972688.jpg (208.14 KB, 1164x1551, FgVL2GCUYAEFDNb.jpg)

Happy Halloween! I spent the day baking Halloween themed sweets and eating some of them because like my husbando I have a huge sweet tooth so it was only right, I'd love to give him some of my Halloween sweets, that and drawing. He probably doesn't like horrors, especially ones with eyes as a focus or the dark as a focus, but I could imagine spending Hallow's Eve with him walking about the cold night air while eating some kind of warmed confectionary.
I'd think I'd like to go as a classic Red Riding Hood and Wolf-man duo with him.

No. 297022

File: 1667277760524.jpg (73.51 KB, 463x600, Axis.Powers_.Hetalia.600.16836…)

Speaking of old Hetalia artist does anyone remember Vuri? They always signatured with a flower symbol and with the letter "V" as the stem a in the corner of their art. Because she made lots of hetalia pairing art some nsfw and it was honesty top quality female gaze art they had a tumblr but it seems to be deactivated now

No. 297025

File: 1667281110733.png (Spoiler Image,332.97 KB, 501x429, vuripic.png)

Holy shit yes. I used to love Vuri's art style so much, thanks for bringing her up! It looks like her tumblr has been totally wiped, her livejournal is still up from pre-2013 but all the photo links are broken. So sad, it always sucks when a favourite artist stops posting or moves on to something else.
pic is cropped cuz I don't think we're allowed full on dick lol

No. 297029

File: 1667284205944.jpg (52.82 KB, 510x680, FekZieIVEAAg1ZM.jpg)

Happy late halloween!

No. 297038

File: 1667287336018.jpg (40.25 KB, 500x647, 3999c202a5e1d3da190524b6db742e…)

Omg THAT england art kek

I know some sites like tumbex or general porn and booru sites have archived some of her art. I just wish she had a pixiv.

Also I was wondering if anyone is interested in a hetalia thread since homestuck fans have one on /m/

No. 297044

i sure am interested please do make it!

No. 297058

Sorry but I don't have any of her stuff saved. I think she's the earliest artist (that I can think of) who was 'cancelled' before that word was widespread. I'm glad she didn't give in and just carried on doing her thing for a while but it kinda sucks going to that DeviantArt as it is now and seeing how bright and clean all the art is, I'm so glad somebody else remembers it was kinkier. There was definitely a lot of US/Russia and bondage or powerplay dynamics going on lol.

No. 297060

No. 297114

File: 1667332826188.jpeg (176.6 KB, 749x872, 8A6B43B1-0723-42C5-BB95-E320D0…)

god he is so fucking cute!!!!!! i want to do some nasty ass shit with this mfer and then hug and kiss him afterwards!!!

No. 297146

File: 1667346100314.jpg (735.57 KB, 1197x888, aph__madness_mantra_by_punpuni…)

It really is a shame, but I'm glad we can reminisce about it!

No. 297149

violently thinking of how my husbando would react if i teased him thru his pants. he'd be breathing really hard, moaning my name whilst holding onto something, trying extremely hard not to bust a nut. if i went any further he wouldn't last kek
i KNOW for a fact that he's cheerful around his friends but when he's with me he turns into this dorky lovable mess am i going to spontaneously combust???

No. 297158

File: 1667352546245.jpg (49.9 KB, 564x575, 2f1bcf35f9656b742f38d38fa2b78c…)

thank you so much, nonnie! ♥
stop it now you've got me thinking about the same thing

No. 297160

For the Yakuza nonnies.

No. 297163

juicy. wonder what else is

No. 297276

File: 1667417624374.gif (153.02 KB, 400x400, 739440470_180347.gif)

He's mine, sorry. You can't have him.

No. 297303

File: 1667428055832.jpeg (75.87 KB, 680x680, 22BDA064-1B64-49F2-AA83-5B4A44…)

my love for him has been so unbearable lately… i have been thinking about him almost constantly and in different scenarios. i wish there were good reader insert fanfics for him. im so desperate, if i had more money i would commission someone to write a fic. overall the pitiful amount of reader insert fics for league characters is so tragic.

No. 297367

File: 1667461119098.jpg (90.6 KB, 563x799, 9f55e6c2f9a88620b47d1521bb33a2…)

Eh… I wish that were me… I'm kinda glad he gets shipped with Tora, I self insert and feel like I could kill a man but also can be held like a tiny cat

No. 297462

File: 1667494361134.jpg (161.15 KB, 920x1429, FgZByHSaYAAsEaw.jpg)

>the pitiful amount of reader insert fics for league characters is so tragic
It really is. In general I haven't found many good quality league fics, it's usually coomshit made by men. Praying we eventually get a male K/DA that draws in more female fans so we can actually have more tasteful content of our husbandos.

No. 297476

making my husbando fail no nut november

No. 297486

File: 1667500735123.jpg (32.05 KB, 512x512, 4d2a223.jpg)

i was first hoping arcane would get more women interested in league, but really i can't blame them from staying away from the game. at least there is a lot of art, even though a lot of that is still degenerate content made by scrotes.
im sticking to just writing self indulgent scenarios for my own joy, but please. im begging for some master writer get invested in league

No. 297515

File: 1667512348237.jpg (196.59 KB, 1000x1138, E6eQcIbX0AIH1i6.jpg)

I just wanna hug him, do pirate crimes with him, get princess carried by him, and fuck him in the Marlwolf!

No. 297552

File: 1667538531375.jpg (179.44 KB, 1215x717, LOL Aphelios_0.jpg)

I've never played league and probably never will, but the husbandos are gold. I might even research them just so I can write fanfic for them like I did for ovw.

No. 297553

My mans Mammon would've lost Nov 1st 12:01 AM.

No. 297558

File: 1667541665325.jpg (41.02 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f…)

Leshy fingering me in his mysterious wooden cabin
I almost want to write fanfic about it

No. 297581

File: 1667562499687.jpeg (278.01 KB, 2048x1377, FdNwb60aAAEJ2WQ.jpeg)

Honestly the game doesn't have much in the way of lore except for the occasional skin event and voice lines, so you aren't missing much. Please do write that fanfic especially if it's for Aphelios

No. 297603

I found a video of me and my man. I'm the one with the hat. I wish

No. 297610

File: 1667580791343.png (256.53 KB, 706x508, 3800cb6c76ef950fb1ba991fcbba4f…)

It's Fuckboy Friday.

No. 297639

There's a "close the hatch" joke in there somewhere.

No. 297643

File: 1667593766474.jpg (Spoiler Image,332.37 KB, 787x787, eroi.jpg)

8 years of character content/development effectively being poofed into archive is terrible, but at least his new timeline self is cute as always. no matter how poorly sm is treated, i love my ojisan. i can't wait for the live next month.

No. 297646

Did you draw that anon?

No. 297648

i wish! i'd like to get to that level someday, though.

No. 297649

Ah okay, your husbando looks hot though.

No. 297651

I NEED to learn how to animate so I can perfectly draw my husbando unbuttoning his shirt and taking it off. FUCK1!

No. 297657

nonna is he from idolmaster? if yes what are they doing to the m side…

No. 297658

DO IT!!!

No. 297668

File: 1667598272081.jpeg (53.4 KB, 798x397, m.jpeg)

yep! i don't know how much you know about the history of how poorly it's been treated, but essentially there's been 3 sidem games: the mobage, kusoge ""rhythm"" game (now dead), and a rhythm game that released last year. the mobage, which had the longest stories and was where basically all of the most important character development happened, was announced to be halting content output on my husbando's birthday. most people assumed the game would stick around in zombie form since the cinderella girls mobage that has been dying for a while is staying until march. they announced yesterday that they're taking it down in january. the remaining game has incredibly short stories, is pretty bare bones in content, didn't announce really anything for its first anni, and retreads a lot of the same topics gone over in moba in a weird way since most of the fans are coming over from years of investment. a lot of people are worried that the branch is going into another dark age. gomen for sperging a bit, i just really love the characters in the branch and wish they were treated better. jiro's arc is very dear to me.

No. 297680

File: 1667602186512.png (Spoiler Image,3.29 MB, 1378x1789, screenshot.png)

I have an condition where all I can think about is Okabe Rintarou and I think it's terminal.

I was in the process of rewatching s;g again and when it got to this scene I actually had to close the video player out of embarrassment. Of course then I opened it again and went back to the scene to take screenshots to shitpost about. It's not much but I swear they go out of their way to draw him shittily in so many scenes and he just looks so fucking cute here!! I'm gonna die, anons. Sorry for autism!

No. 297681

part of why i started watching s;g is because of your posts, nona. he's very endearing so far!!

No. 297683

That makes me happy, anon! Every time I am watching again I think "how is it possible that other people watch the same show I did and not find him endearing!?"
Though I actually didn't like him in the beginning, believe it or not. Once you get to about the half way point shit really starts to get serious, but I didn't know this as I went in watching completely blind.

No. 297695

File: 1667608019438.jpg (52.03 KB, 400x500, tumblr_p3uhrgs4Y51w3157zo5_400…)

Wow anon, I always knew they treated Side M like it doesn't exist but that's really depressing to read, I'm sorry you got such bad news on your husbando's birthday. The inaccessibility meant I didn't bother to try properly getting into it (I just watched the anime) but I always liked Genbu and Suzaku. I can't believe this guy is supposed to be 17, he's 190cm!

No. 297697

File: 1667609516267.jpeg (215.71 KB, 800x1200, 8CF0528D-445B-464C-9C46-E4D1CF…)

I want to sexually abuse (male) agent 8.
I like to imagine that octolings studied human society to create their technology/weaponry so he would have a very rudimentary grasp of English. Unlike the inklings of course who are brash and stupid but that’s beside the point. Somehow my self insert human of who is like me but more attractive and smart survived the nuclear war which destroyed humanity and he finds her cryogenically frozen.
She, and now I will start referring to her as myself, will be isolated far from cepholopod civilization alongside agent 8. Plot stuff happens that I don’t bother thinking about and now I am teasing him sexually while he barely manages to communicate his embarrassment in words. Of course that only makes it better for me as I use my big monkey hominid muscles to force his frail invertebrate body into submission. Of course he likes it but is too shy to express it outright. Sex happens and he will cum cartoonishly large amounts of ink, making himself look very lewd of course.

No. 297737

File: 1667632371467.png (115.01 KB, 344x304, hand!.png)

Oh you bitch that should be me holding his hand.
Was watching a youtube vid to try and trigger a dream (no dice)
I totally forgot she held his hand in this scene, now I can't stop thinking about how big his hands would be compared to mine…

No. 297760

thats one big hand! who is this?

No. 297764

No offends but they both look deformed and scary. This is what hands look like in dreams.

No. 297811

File: 1667668059054.jpg (1.69 MB, 2560x1600, 1428623242861.jpg)

Adam Jensen

Well it's a 10 year old prerendered cutscene that I screenshotted off a youtube vid…

No. 297837

File: 1667677791569.png (1.86 MB, 1440x810, unknown.png)

pop team epic yumejo version

No. 297839

Popuko looks really good like that, better than the B-side version

No. 297852

I thought this was a genderbent Reimu and Marisa for a minute

No. 297861

File: 1667684233571.png (490.24 KB, 900x681, FgznUNEacAAGDll.png)

Losing my mind

No. 297862

File: 1667684404787.png (706.27 KB, 900x608, FgyeWSCacAIBrEk.png)

No. 297887

I want to lick the blood out of his face

No. 297899

File: 1667698922638.jpg (133.58 KB, 900x1200, tumblr_ptifgbXoZn1wf6ia9_1280.…)

I just want to be held by him, to wake up in his arms.

No. 297916

File: 1667702869322.png (680.91 KB, 1520x720, Screenshot_20221105-214250.png)

Nonniesnonniesnonniesnonnies, so I'm back to speed running obey me again (fuck the story, I'm only going back for the Mammon parts when I'm caught up) AND IT LOOKS LIKE LESSON 25-6 IS ALL ABOUT HIM?? We go to a carnival together and he's a scary cat and we have so many choices to be kind and supportive of him! He's literally afraid of everything I wanna squish him against my titties and keep him safe lol
Finally—Finally, some good fucking food. I'm coming back to this chapter just to screenshot it all cause literally every one of his lines was so good, nonas. Like I almost forgive the shitty writing where we have to forgive the brother who kills us cause I have tunnel vision rn. It looks like the date ended on the ferris wheel and he asked us if we could just stay there and not go back and he'd come up with an excuse for us. Imma cry.
BUT, one of his brother's text and we have no choice but to tell them where we are cause the game is shit, and the brothers come to ruin the date because we can't get any alone time with Mammon. Even he asks why we did that. WHY TF DID THE GAME MAKE ME DO THAT? I WAS GOING TO RUN AWAY WITH HIM AND NEVER LOOK BACK

No. 297917

File: 1667702911851.jpeg (114.81 KB, 827x628, 6793303B-69CC-4156-BBA5-981FB5…)

God damn it another husbando to fixate on. Volo is just so hnghh. He’s super cute, passionate..and a little crazy. Just how I like em. I’m gonna crack his back like a glow stick with how hard I want to hug him.

No. 297919

>crack his back like a glow stick
>hug him

Had me at the first half, ngl

No. 297921

Oh nona, if given the chance I would also suck his soul out through the tip of his penis believe me

No. 297924

What does this have to do with the thread

No. 297925

Duality of woman at its finest. I didn't know if I wanted to keep Mammon safe from harm in my purse or to fuck while there were hungry zombies trying to break down the door (in the chapter I was playing).

No. 297930

File: 1667707533056.png (85.49 KB, 368x344, Hunter_dark.png)

I bet the sex would be out of this world, animalistic and hard oh goddamn I need him asap

No. 297932

I like Cynthia coomer moids can go to hell but I also like that they turned her into a pretty boy even though I think his hair in that design on the left is retarded (lol arceus).

No. 297964

I would like to take a ride on this noble steed's back.

No. 297965

File: 1667726754657.jpeg (69.17 KB, 1100x838, 46BEF353-BF8E-43FB-AD83-246EC6…)

i love my pokemen

No. 298013

Mammon is so cute. The ferris wheel thing is so sweet yet kinda sad in a way, he really needs so much love and to get away from his brothers. Imagine if that unlocked a special ending when you run away with him and live happily together.
Glad that you're having fun with the game and finally have some alone time with your man nona, even if it was cut short. I don't even play Obey me yet I'm invested. by the way, Ohma nona here, don't know if you're the same Mammon nona from the last threads but it's great reading a Mammon rant again! I'm really thinking that I should watch a playthrough of this game for his route.

No. 298028

File: 1667757319708.png (309.37 KB, 543x552, 29v8aIt.png)

This game i swear, i'm trying to farm and i'm getting distracted by his massive pecs. I bet he has a massive dick too

No. 298031

does he have a stomach mouth too? sick

No. 298032

It's me, I am indeed the same Mammon anon! I missed you guys so much, esp you Ohma nonnie.
You're not going to like this though… This game doesn't have routes, so you just play through the common route where you flirt with everyone and get to spend time with whoever the creators make you. You're basically everyone's. My heart only beats for Mammon though, so those supernatural simps can eat their hearts out! You get so many options to kiss or flirt with the other guys and I treat them all like $2 hoes who I wouldn't even kiss on the mouth lol
My guy friend said he was watching the Kengan Ashura anime and he was going on about how cool and badass Ohma is, and all I could say is he looks so pretty in the manga cause if I said any more I was going gush about this husbando to a guy who had no idea what storm was coming. I hope you're doing well!

No. 298040

Thanks nona, I'm so happy to hear you say that, that made me smile. And also that you're back to talk about Mammon again, I missed you too. My contacts are still up in the new friend finder thread if you're interested. To save your time so you don't have to read every post in there, I'm the one with the Homura Akemi bowing down gif.
Ah, that's a shame. I'm not a fan of this harem/everyone loves the MC kind of story, but whatever, he's still worth it. Honestly, for how they treat him, his brothers deserve to be treated like that. Keep protecting and loving your man. Happy to hear that your friend is liking Kengan Ashura and Ohma! He's so goddamn pretty in both anime and manga, his voice also is too, I love both the sub and the dub. I'm doing good by the way, thanks for asking, hope your doing well too!

No. 298041

File: 1667763145172.jpg (109.78 KB, 850x1034, e99e0ecffbbfaa589b41f98f9dd37d…)

I wouldn't mind eating sea otter meat with him…

No. 298069

File: 1667774067702.png (99.44 KB, 250x325, TeiselBonne.png)

Nonnie, you have a fine taste. I love his energy and body.

No. 298082

File: 1667777865464.jpg (116.26 KB, 735x701, 4b065622a062da12886c04871e25ff…)

I would love to just walk in during their sumo wrestling…

No. 298093

I still can't believe MML1's director had the gall to say "we made Glyde because the first game had no handsome villains to cater to a female demographic". Like Teisel is RIGHT THERE, you uncultured fuck! Even Hideki Ishikawa knows this man radiates pure charisma since he drew him like that for MML2!

No. 298167

Sorry nonnie Glyde is too good.

No. 298168

Sorry nonnie Glyde is too good.

No. 298169

File: 1667818150024.jpg (68.56 KB, 736x1079, 034.jpg)

I want him so bad…

No. 298179

File: 1667826786154.jpg (120.77 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

sex with my big burly anger issue having annoyingly british tea lover husbando

No. 298180

This was going so well until the British part..

No. 298181

i can understand having a problem with brits but what do you have against tea? coffee fucking sucks dick

No. 298184

File: 1667827851788.jpg (432.99 KB, 1393x1920, FSpZBJIXEAMB-St.jpg)

emo mafia dazai or reformed detective dazai? pick wisely..

No. 298187

I'd argue he's not even reformed and he just kinda plays at being good for fun, which makes him infinitely sexier. He really is bad to the core

No. 298194

Anon I was literally drinking tea while posting that. Don't sprain your back reaching so hard kek

No. 298195

File: 1667834224025.gif (241.95 KB, 220x124, tenor-1357809722.gif)

>implying there is something wrong with British husbandos

No. 298196

why gif for ants

No. 298198

Post bigger gif then please

No. 298199

File: 1667835019879.jpg (254.73 KB, 1288x2048, Fd-XaJWaYAA4mCN.jpg)

based and canon… i feel like he destroys the life of every woman he sleeps with but worth it. odasaku be damned, that guy can fuck

No. 298230

I wish this game wasn't so fucking boring because it had so much husbando material. It just felt so slow.

No. 298231

Do you normally play mystery visual novels?

No. 298270

It's great, but it's a visual novel not an action game.

No. 298378

Is there a version of the "Unconventional Male Attractions" thread but for 2D characters? I feel bad posting characters here who aren't really my husbandos.

No. 298379

Just do it anon, this is the hornyposting as well for a reason

No. 298382

Would you eat a pineapple slice for him?
I can finally post it…

No. 298383

wtf is this? there is a different thread for irl husbandofags.

No. 298384

File: 1668026627051.jpg (72.81 KB, 751x1063, leonhard58.jpg)

i NEED to humiliate him in combat until hes obsessed with me and forsakes his vows to his goddess to serve me for eternity

No. 298385

File: 1668026645760.jpg (224.62 KB, 1200x1100, Fg2xdUZXgAYChlE.jpg)

Alright, it's shameful, but I'm down bad for Bob after the newest Spooky Month.

No. 298387

Don't look at the video, listen to the song idiot.

No. 298388

File: 1668027436516.jpeg (622.19 KB, 1920x1080, EbUCV0wX0AALqME.jpeg)

So it's just a horny post (?) don't take it so personally. I understand we didn't have lc for a day, but everything is fine now.
Noony, I LOVE the design of this game so much!I still pray there will be more games like this!
He looks like a cutie! Reminds me of the 'tumblr sexyman' posts.

No. 298389

File: 1668027756528.jpg (35.86 KB, 739x659, Fg1nLkjWYAA4ZOV.jpg)

>Reminds me of the 'tumblr sexyman' posts.
He's already in the wiki lmao

No. 298391

File: 1668028184407.png (1.32 MB, 639x1000, EfuFo6fXkAINbeU.png)

canus is so cute nona

No. 298399

File: 1668030128879.jpg (102.53 KB, 930x1032, E4BZDNbUUAAqKdm.jpg)

his pecs are bigger than my future. i imagine this is how indian moids on social media must feel. if these yakuzoids were real and had instagram i would bombard their dms begging for bobs and pene but i'm a lady and they're moids so it would be funny if i did it

No. 298416

File: 1668034528682.jpeg (1.25 MB, 2481x2591, 52696830-3760-43CD-A117-FD7E6A…)

Look at what my best friend just painted for me for my birthday! We share the same autistic fixation on husbandos so I appreciate her so much. He’s going right above my bed so I can look at him at night

No. 298418

That’s really sweet nonna.

No. 298424

i really wish there was a quest like this

No. 298446

File: 1668045374577.jpg (63.46 KB, 591x827, 6341be91670b038fb4ce0f67d4d472…)

Back in business!!!!!

No. 298447

I'm kekking at this whole post and this in particular

No. 298451

I too have fantasies about Leonhard where I'm fighting him down to a stalemate because he's invading me until we're both sweaty and tired and then we rip each other's armor off to get down and dirty in some chapel ruins. And then plant a little kiss on his silver mask.

No. 298465

File: 1668056757323.jpeg (100.05 KB, 564x1128, cdc28004134cb45c344724cab69aed…)

i love him so much

No. 298468

File: 1668057173434.png (3.54 MB, 1232x1524, Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 11.1…)

id kill to be taken as the wife of an ancient prince as beautiful as he

No. 298532

File: 1668091201574.jpg (94.38 KB, 540x676, 76b16e75547.jpg)

he would eat out pussy like soup, i just know it
imagine his sideburns tickling your thighs as he goes down on you hggghh

No. 298544

File: 1668095839622.jpg (Spoiler Image,338.52 KB, 1042x1600, RCO012_1467385121.jpg)

Based fellow ghost nonna.
Have you read the Ghost comic series? I loved it when I was a teenager, even though it's pure melodrama about how tortured Ghost is kek, but I really liked it.

No. 298565

>Best part of writing self-indulgent niche x reader smut
>Reading it afterwards

No. 298575

File: 1668108515629.jpg (39.83 KB, 640x360, tumblr_e51e1c62e747c6a578bf11c…)

Good fucking taste. God, I wanna eat his face while he cums inside me for the 10th time. Really REALLY need to breed that parkour bitch so bad.. The way he moves hunched down activates me.

No. 298586

Nonnie, that's so HOT

No. 298595

File: 1668115052533.jpg (72.49 KB, 914x907, 34886988743.jpg)

>you'll never be able to introduce a cute fish man to sex and intimacy after years of isolation

why even live, nonnas

No. 298597

I don’t get TikTok’s obsession with him he’s not that cute

No. 298613

File: 1668123134148.jpg (18.48 KB, 256x400, 304091981-256-k934318.jpg)

he's so hot i cant take it anymore, its unreal how ugly irl moids are next to him

No. 298625

Reigen is one of those characters I don't find especially attractive but I totally get why he's so popular. I support Reigen anons.

No. 298776

Anyone else has a fanfic husbando? It sucks not being able to see fanarts of him

No. 298800

File: 1668200762401.jpg (369.17 KB, 2001x3544, FTT_TLRWAAASgWs.jpg)

I tried finding you before and couldn't figure it out! I'll find you now. I got swept up in watching discourse kek

Anyone else with a totally submissive husbando that you know would be down for anything you want? Like, I feel like mine would try anything once if it's for the one he loves (well almost anything. I pray he has a little self-respect even when it comes to me) and this is too much power and responsibility. What would you try first with your husbandos, nonnies? What's the ice breaker? I think about lewd shit with him only 15% of the time because if I was able to touch him I'd probably have a panic attack just holding his hand.

No. 298822

File: 1668206994703.gif (3.57 MB, 498x280, reigen-arataka-reigen.gif)

Irl moids can't even compete with Reigen especially when he eats like a slob and makes silly faces which adds charm to his attractiveness. He makes me laugh. I love him.

No. 298844

What's a fanfic husbando? You mean like a fan character that was made for a fanfic?

No. 298884

File: 1668243100875.jpg (322.51 KB, 490x544, 240320.jpg)

i'm sorry but Light gives me the weirdest hateboner, no matter how many years pass or how many times i read/watch Death Note

No. 298896

File: 1668251108737.jpg (Spoiler Image,347.96 KB, 1080x1552, Screenshot_20221112_114206.jpg)

Don't worry nona, that thread got a lot more crowded, I think they made a new one in fact, so I understand. Hopefully you'll be able to find me!
Even if he's not the submissive type, I still think he would be open to try new things with his partner. (to some extent) I get flustered just thinking about it, and feel pretty shameful for explaining it, but at the same time I love lewd stuff and I need to tell my fantasies to somebody. Honestly, sex with him would be wild as fuck. He'll be so animalistic, bite marks and signs all over my body and things like that, but still trying to control himself seeing how small and fragile I am compared to him. He's a very instinctive person so slower things would probably not cross his mind, and also this would be his first relationship, so more kinky/specific stuff would need a little explanation. It would be so sweet seeing him trying to understand kinks and other stuff. Fortunately he's not the judgy type. I don't know what I would try first, probably some easy stuff, just to try something new.
Also,i have to say that this pic of Mammon is just, perfect. I imagine that he would send it to you right after showering, probably with some cheesy flirty text. (maybe with the devil emoji too)
I love the detail of the little horns on his phone cover, would be cute if he made them himself and he's proud about it.

No. 298915

light is fucking handsome and he knows how to dress, he's so charismatic i totally get you

No. 298919

File: 1668267689520.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1244x1500, E6B6BEC5-82F7-4B8B-8E8B-D51817…)

Like the other anon mine is not necessarily submissive but he's definitely open to new experiences. I'd want to start with something comparatively tame, like bondage. If I asked him to tie me up, he'd likely say "sure, why not?" and indulge me just to see how it goes. But I really struggle to ask for what I want, so I'd rather start it off as a joke, like a contrived setup in a spicy sitcom.
>I'm practicing escape manoeuvres for a talent show! Can you help me with this rope?
>Check out these handcuffs! It's just a toy so it's fine if I lock myself in. Wait, where's the key?
>Please don't ask how I glued all five of my fingers together. Just open the door.
He would go along with it for the laughs, only to find himself too committed to the bit to stop. Plus he'd be encouraged by the fact that I am obviously getting off on it. And if he makes fun of me for roping him into this convoluted plot, I'd get off on that too! Not the pun. The embarrassment. That's on the list too, but I'm still workshopping the teaser. Eventually this type of scenario becomes an inside joke between us and probably his favorite way to initiate a sexual encounter. I live in a hell of my own making.

No. 299000

File: 1668304522766.jpg (220.56 KB, 736x1492, Tumblr_l_65673080987296.jpg)

not yet. i wanted to finish the campaign of old mws first before reading it but…
>pure melodrama
good. im gonna start reading the comic rn kek

>military armor
>hot voice
>mentally ill
>funny in a deadpan kind of way
>prefers tea
>i could teach him how to be loving again and give him a bit of peace
>his comic face is cute
what is there not to love nona

No. 299005

I unspoilered the pic after reading and goddamn all that beef hit me like a truck. I love love love the possibilities with him! Like getting manhandled in a good way and two words: Mating. Press. He was built for stuff like this. Agreed that him not being judgmental is such a bonus and I can see him actually trying to hold back a good chunk of his strength for you and it's just so sweet. Also, that's exactly what I thought when I found the Mammon pic! He'd totally do it after every shower too, and you better believe I'll hype him up every time.
I feel like you're perfect for your husbando cause you seem effortlessly punny and the roundabout way you'd get him to try things is just too funny. I'd love to watch you try lol

No. 299014

File: 1668312408669.png (2.07 MB, 1254x1478, Toua_Tokuchi.png)

Ah I just found these threads so I wanted to share about my husbando…he's an evil genius baseball pitcher and he loves to gamble kek he is very gorgeous to me…I don't really ship myself with him that hard because he doesn't seem the type to want a committed relationship but I've found a way to love him anyway lol

No. 299017

File: 1668312734282.png (Spoiler Image,8.56 MB, 2975x2320, pages.png)

sorry the collage is so shitty lol
I don't know if this is allowed but I'm too embarrassed about my love for him to share about it to my socials so I hope it's okay if I share this self insert comic I made here. I imagine being his childhood friend and we have feelings for each other, but we're always moving around so we can't stay together for long. But somehow we keep crossing paths. I'm not this insane irl though

No. 299023

this is amazing anon, wtf

No. 299039

I LOVE YOU, NONNIE. May fate always bring you together until you stay forever.

No. 299042

Same anon as >>299039 but I need to tell you how much I love your style. It's so classic and chic and gives more in it's simplicity. Their relationship and your self-insert are really cool too. Off the top of my head, your work gives me warm and fuzzy feelings for my love of Mihara Mitsukazu's work.

No. 299045

omg youre so talented!

No. 299046

Anon, this is absolutely beautiful! Your work is gorgeous and I'd honestly read a whole comic about you two. May you eventually be able to stay together and be happy!

No. 299071

You're right for hyping him up, he'll be so happy! Imagine having an album on your phone gallery of just the pics he sends you, so you can watch them whenever you two aren't together, or just for the fun of it because their so cute. I think he would send a lot of dumb photos of himself too, just to make you smile.
I haven't thought about the mating press, thanks Nona, you definitely got my mind going places after that. God, the image of him towering over me with all his godly muscles makes my heart explode. Imagine the after care too, being held in his strong arms and staying layed down together. Also for some reason I find the thought of his hair getting messy, covering his eyes and me running my fingers through them to fix it so sweet and hot at the same time. His eyes are so beautiful, him staring at me would make me so flustered.
Oh my god Nona that's so beautiful! Your style is so delicate and soft, I love the design of your self insert too. I'll gladly follow you on your socials just to see more of your art, you're really talented.
Hope you and your husbando will be happy together!

No. 299078

No way nona, before I read your post I thought this was the source material. Your art is amazing

No. 299090

File: 1668351865848.jpeg (112.89 KB, 1242x618, 013D9C53-54ED-4AFE-AD31-96A353…)

This is so fucking cute!

No. 299109

this is so beautiful, it totally looks like a real panel.

No. 299110

wait these are not screenshots from a manga? jfc anon this is god-tier

No. 299117

I thought this was a real manga. What tools do you use nona and who is your husbando?

No. 299118

Why are you so talented??

No. 299128

Oh wow that is absolutely beautiful and gorgeous! Everything is so well done but the shot of him with the shadows from the fence, smoking, phew! Stunning.

No. 299143

nona you are a legend, don't ever forget that

No. 299162

LIVE YOUR DREAMS NONNA this is so good

No. 299168

I was gonna ask 'who's the girl character' because I thought she's cute and I'm-

No. 299173

File: 1668383075346.png (490.15 KB, 823x1200, unknown.png)

aaah thank you so much nonas! My face is burning up I'm so happy kek. I appreciate all the well wishes for me and my husbando lol but tbh he isn't my #1 husbando and it's really hard to imagine a relationship with him, but I do imagine they have a happily ever after together since he disappears at the end of the manga so anything could happen hehehe. I just don't feel like I can do my #1 justice with my skills right now
>What tools do you use nona and who is your husbando?
I drew the pages traditionally in a little novelty notebook for drawing comics so the panels were done for me. I took photos of that and finished it digitally in CSP. I never bothered to straighten out the photos so that's why it looks crooked lol. And his name is Toua Tokuchi from One Outs! His full anime is available to watch on Youtube. It's about psychological manipulation, clever baseball tricks and tactics, and gambling. It's a lot of fun to watch this handsome genius win non stop forever hehehe
I don't think the style I used here is reflective of my usual style, but I'm glad some of you like it so much! I was just trying to emulate the source manga while staying within my capabilities. Anyway, I'm really glad I found these threads. I love reading and relating to everyone's experiences and it encouraged me to finish this comic! Maybe I'll be brave enough to post about my #1 someday, but it might not be on here

No. 299189

It's frustrating to have a crush on a League of Legends character because there isn't much official content about the characters. Arcanefags are lucky

No. 299227

File: 1668412401252.png (1.98 MB, 1366x768, All_Dojima_lieutenants_after_K…)

fuck marry kill
bonus if you reason your choice

No. 299230

File: 1668415352639.jpg (274.12 KB, 800x1228, refinedstorage.jpg)

I need him so bad.

No. 299231

is this Carlos?

No. 299232

File: 1668416910987.jpg (720.1 KB, 4096x2841, princerevenant.jpg)

No. 299233

No. 299237

If this isn't you usual style, then I can't imagine how good your usual style is. honestly I'll gladly take some drawing advice for you.
I looked at some screenshots of the series and he looks pretty interesting, I love his cat-like eyes. Hope you'll continue to draw more self ship art and make your husbando happy! and one day draw your #1 husbando too! Even if you don't post it here.

No. 299238

I was looking at some fanart of his recently and it was so hot. I felt like posting it but I was a bit afraid of being accused of being a scrote kek
Also, nice get

No. 299239

I need to say you are a legend nonna, I hope I find your art outside lc one day. You truly deserve your husbando.

No. 299242

No. 299248

You're incredible.

No. 299253

File: 1668428333874.jpeg (74.57 KB, 680x597, E231533E-83DD-4BD3-A580-A0876B…)

it’s so depressing, i’m inhaling any bread crumps i get at this point… i actually started writing my own fanfic for him recently, im surprised how much i enjoy it since i felt nervous at the start. i do wish there was more official content, i want to know so much more about him! not to mention a lot of my ’lesser’ husbandos are from league as well so it’s miserable all around.

No. 299266

Kill all of them WTF

No. 299269

but if you HAD to

No. 299272

Excellent taste nonna, it’s so hard to find decent non rapey content that wasn’t created by moids for him. Would you be comfortable sharing your fanfic when it’s done? I’ve considered writing my own as well at this point .

No. 299275

File: 1668447423893.jpg (39.25 KB, 432x768, 2032dd6c912217bb641f124128855e…)

That feeling when you want to hold your husbando's hand.

No. 299276

i have been entertaining the thought of posting it to ao3 once im done with a few chapters, but i can't promise anything yet. i do feel a small obligation to share it now since i relate so much to the struggle of not finding good content for him. i encourage you to try writing your own fanfic as well!

No. 299301

fuck kuze (troon supporter irl)
marry awano (closest thing to my actual rgg husbando)
kill shibusawa (least memorable one)

No. 299313

File: 1668465201639.jpeg (68.16 KB, 736x699, 3B07C8A7-F12B-4023-A682-D52E9B…)

Do you ever just want to lick your husbandos' or waifus' faces? What would they taste like? He would surely taste either like makeup or sweat, maybe sweaty makeup, a bit bitter and salty, but not too bad, surely it would be kind of creamy as well if he wears sunscreen.

No. 299319

My husbando is very active and athletic so his face would taste sweaty and with a hint of high SPF sunscreen, though depends in which time of history we are talking about.
During war it would be a mixture of sweat plus gunpowder, I considered blood too if he gets any injuries/cuts, but the thought of him being hurt makes me pretty depressed, though he is very prideful plus he was raised under a strict military culture and discipline so he wouldn't give up without a fight. I like the visual of him having some gunpowder in his face though, it would contrast his extremely pale face and red/pink eye and white hair. I would be more tempted to lick his neck and abs tbh.

No. 299334

Genuine question since Rook is one of my favorites but I can't imagine myself husbando-ing him… What attracts you to him? What kind of fantasies do you have about him?

No. 299342

File: 1668471593926.jpeg (398.28 KB, 1666x1242, AE0EAA66-6278-4840-8D36-BD5300…)

I like that he's basically a canon yandere in the game, I love his looks and how he tries to find beauty in everything and everyone even if he sounds a bit autistic about it, but that's so cute! I've loved his voice since the first time I heard it when I saw some videos with the twisted wonderland voicelines on YouTube, before everyone even had any hopes of the game ever getting released in English, it's just so perfect spoilers for the game's main story btw when he started crying during the main story I thought I died and my soul and body ascended to heaven because listening to him crying was peak asmr and nothing will ever top that moment I could sperg about his voice forever, I would unironically pay the voice actor to say some stuff (some a bit more spicy than others) with Rook's voice, god, he's so perfect.
I also particularly love his eyes, they're so pretty and cool too, I would probably die right there if he looked directly at me with his eyes.
When it comes to fantasies it depends on my mood tbh, sometimes I think about suddenly meeting him in real life and getting along, becoming friends and just talking about nice stuff, maybe we could meet at a museum since I love just wandering in museums and reading about the art that's there, he would surely do the same because he loves beauty.
Sometimes I like to think of appearing in the twisted wonderland universe and just being part of the story, but not as the main character of the game because that's boring, I would just be myself and I would get to know about him slowly as I try to find a way back home, or as I try to find my place in a bizarre world filled with magic and lots of Disney movie references.
So I would be my awkward and spergy self first, but I would somehow just live close to the night raven college, and then I would get to meet him at some point, we would just talk about random stuff and get along, maybe then he would like me and we would have lots of adventures.
I don't really see myself as someone who could be a student at the night raven college tbh, since I'm not under 20 years old anymore and I don't imagine myself being younger, maybe I could be a librarian or something, but again, I honestly just don't see myself meeting him in there, maybe he could graduate and we could just be fated to meet at some point.
My fantasies sound boring as fuck I guess, but that's kind of part of the charm to some extent.
I also have lots of spicy fantasies but they're so cringe

No. 299347

Thank you for sharing so much! Even though we don't like him in the same way, it's a delight to see somebody go on and on about a character I love so much but find to be very underappreciated. He's so uniquely charming, isn't he? His boundless positivity about things captivated me before I knew it.

Blessings to you, I hope that you were able to snag/will snag Halloween Rook. If you ever have anything else you'd love to gush about regarding him, know that I'll at least be reading it whether it's here or in the Husbando Lifestyle thread.

No. 299349

Nonas, I miss my man. My life has been such chaos, we haven't talked in weeks. I wanna make more time for him, but my job is draining me so much I barely have time to give him some attention.
What do you nonas do to feed your husbando's attention when your agenda is full and barely have any break from work? I'm afraid he will leave me since I have no time for him anymore.

No. 299351

Husbandos are like tamagotchis: you can just pause them and put them into stasis when you’re too busy to feed them. And then they never die or leave you.

No. 299360

File: 1668481643432.jpeg (181.74 KB, 725x996, 993B8F41-C113-4E18-81F1-982896…)

I swear I hate the actual anime and fandom but god if I don’t love me some shigaraki. This new design makes my heart go, for lack of a better term doki doki. We’d have such a good relationship. All he needs is some tlc and a firm hand (around his neck). He’d be such a good boy for me I just know it.

No. 299395

File: 1668505713155.jpg (66.14 KB, 680x680, c1ef01edc7f1a41f6c5c002d5ca967…)

It's a cold night, I wish he could rest his head on my chest as he talks about the battlefield before falling asleep.

No. 299414


I already tried imagining him like this but, idk it feels kinda dehumanizing. He's not a toy, he's my love.

No. 299418

i need to watch the latest seasons. i don't care how bad they will be, i will do it for him
i'm sure your husbando would understand, he loves you after all! i dont think he would want you to feel bad about this. once you have more free time and energy, you could do something special for him?

No. 299421

I'm sure he understands that ur busy. He'll wait for u nonna.

No. 299430

File: 1668527512135.jpg (67.6 KB, 870x655, cat.jpg)

nonitas… my husbando appeared in my dreams last night. we were in the back of an ikea (? and he was eating a cone of ice cream but bc he's a clumsy little man it started dripping down his arm. we laughed. picrel is me after i woke up bc he's not real

No. 299445

My husbando is great at kissing because I decided that he is. I think he is the only person, real or fictional that I have actually wanted to kiss. I used to just not get it.

No. 299465

I don't play this game, but I'll gladly read all your gushing too! I love when people write long paragraphs about their husbandos. Also your fantasies are not boring nona, everyone has their own story with their husbandos and yours is pretty cute. Out of curiosity, since you said he's a yandere, is he the type that could actually kill someone for you or he's just very, very protective/jealous? For me a character being a yandere is a bit of a turn off, so hearing from someone who likes it makes me pretty curious.
Agree with the other nona, I'd rather lick his neck, abs or his muscles in general. Since he's a fighter, mine would taste like blood and sweat.

No. 299499

File: 1668541952114.jpg (85.29 KB, 1080x870, 8452da3ff06bc0b86849fe48c341f2…)


No. 299500

why does y/n have a plant sprouting from her head

No. 299501

File: 1668542332293.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.23 KB, 749x610, 02c8dac3510f97902f8c71b8ae8ed1…)

I have no idea, I think it might be that artists' signature detail.

No. 299502

is it like ahoge

No. 299522

I want to lick his back as he's undressing and startle him. It'd be fun to tease such a stoic man.

Same answer as everybody else, though… He probably wouldn't taste like much more than sweat.

No. 299540

Still sad that we didn't get to hear him having a great time singing Everybody Yahoo on NA.

No. 299542

File: 1668559995322.jpg (37.14 KB, 540x561, bcc9e2a009dc8e61871472b863e6f1…)

It could be, lol

No. 299549

File: 1668566970877.jpeg (280.81 KB, 1130x758, 1BCED602-2D9D-4095-BD2C-E7DCD5…)

I think he's just very protective/jealous, the ghost bride event really showcases his yandere side, he basically talks a lot about being forever together and not letting his beloved run away and such.
It's so romantic! I mean, if this happened irl with an irl moid that wasn't literally Rook, I would cringe to hell and back, back and forth for 100000000 years, but I just think it's so so sweet to think of someone who admits to be fickle because of his love for beauty, suddenly dropping whatever he finds beautiful because you've become the most beautiful person in the world, so to avoid getting you taken away by another person with good taste, he's willing to make sure nobody bothers you.
I think he would be the kind of yandere who gaslights anyone who tries to get close to you, instead of outright trying to kill people because he wouldn't think they're worth the time, unless it's someone like Malleus of course, and even then I doubt he would think he would be worth killing. I bring him up because he's ridiculously powerful but also because the story in the game about Vil had a few scenes that made me think "hhhnnmmmm what if Rook had to deal with Malleus taking me to the concert and he didn't like it?"
I usually can't really husbando yandere characters because they tend to feel like they're into very specific stuff? But with Rook it's like he's going to love someone and that someone will make him go insane with love. (And I hope that someone is me kek)

No. 299551

>But with Rook it's like he's going to love someone and that someone will make him go insane with love.
Ahh, I can totally see that being the case for him given the unique fanaticism with which he already treats things he deems beautiful in game.
Do you imagine there's a side of him that only YOU will really get to see once your relationship progresses far enough? I feel like there are occassional glimpses of how deep Rook's personality goes, but being who he is (somebody who doesn't like the focus turned on him despite not restraining his individualistic qualities) we never quite get to see it in full. I'm not a Rook fangirl, but I imagine being let into his interior life would be an appealing privilige of his lover?

No. 299560

>Do you ever just want to lick your husbandos' or waifus'
absolutely, I don't care about the taste I just wanna make him squirm lel
I've dreamed about kissing him or licking/biting his ear a couple of times

No. 299615

File: 1668597324495.png (1.39 MB, 1200x1200, toe.png)

I burnt up all my incense so I can pretend I'm in his room full of the smell of his cigarette smoke and sweet cologne. Also came and gulped down a big lungful of it and it was so strong and it felt like he was right on top of me it was cool but now I have no more incense

No. 299619

apparently gamer scrotes are mad about him now becoming a sexyman kek

No. 299623

Oh god Tokuchi is my oneitis too. I remember I showed a scrote from 4chan him and he laughed at me. Jealous 3D piggu.

No. 299639

either of them would be great at it ngl though I'm pretty sure Kiryu's new hair colour is supposed to be just old man grey hair not bleached like Ryuji or the Joon-gis

No. 299640

How could someone laugh at him! But you're right, that scrote can't compete with perfection

No. 299646

Scrotes stay malding cuz they don’t have gravity defying cool blonde hair

No. 299686

File: 1668618602592.jpg (Spoiler Image,340.94 KB, 1143x1062, charonmybeloved.jpg)

caved and bought way too many tickets to get his newest skin and i don't regret it at all. Furukawa-san really lays it on thick on the delivery for his new lines, too, and i wasn't at all prepared kek. talk about hot dramatic… anyway, i'm stuck staring at my home screen and reloading to watch the lil slide show that it comes with every so often, cuz i can't help mooning over him ♥

No. 299692

Charon! It's always great to see some Alchemy Stars appreciation in here, I feel like it's one of the few non-joseimuke mobage that intentionally feed well on the husbando front.

No. 299705

File: 1668623099740.jpg (397.64 KB, 1080x1085, Screenshot_20221116_191833.jpg)

These days I can't stop thinking about the fantasy of having sex with him right after a match. Like I'm patching him up, we start kissing and get lost in each other, not caring if he's still a little sweaty and bloody. honestly answering the question of licking/tasting your husbando made my mind wander even more kek
Just picturing his labored breaths, hoarse voice, messy hair in front of his beautiful brown eyes, him growling and just being so goddamn animalistic because he's still in that fighting state makes me die inside. I want this man so bad it's insane.
Also I can only wish he could look at me like in this pic.

No. 299708

File: 1668624239409.jpg (306.86 KB, 2000x2305, FZfjoa2UUAAa2Sh.jpg)

>im gonna start reading the comic rn kek
Hope you enjoy it nonna!
Honestly, good. Every time something appealing to men becomes popular with women, scrotes uncontrollably seethe, it's always funny to see them freak out over sexy fanart or shipping.

No. 299718

a fellow nonna of culture! i remembered seeing Pittman posted further up itt and figured i'd contribute to the alchemy stars husbandofagging. not enough games are willing to engage with the female side of the gaming market without it being straight up romance centered, so taking in all the hot male Aurorians TD has given us so far is a refreshing sight for sure.
if you don't mind my asking, who's your fave? are you Pittman-anon? or is your husbando someone else?
anyway, charon is the love of my life and i'd help out on all of his film sets and listen to metal with him not matter the occasion~

No. 299720

I think Ghost should be sexualised even more. I remember finding hot shit for him and also Soap and even Price on deviantart many years ago.

No. 299723

File: 1668631477727.jpg (29.35 KB, 736x414, 4314259bcf65f522e08acbeea29423…)

there's something about immoral men who were right all along…

No. 299724

File: 1668631529247.jpg (20.44 KB, 303x298, 35e732ba404759290f211db7641e5d…)

if you see me defending his ass, pay no mind

No. 299725

File: 1668631876149.jpg (68.93 KB, 520x517, tumblr_34e7e574108d711e5760f34…)

I've had a husbando dream before and I spent the next week wallowing because he could never be mine. It was polnareff from Jojo. Such an innocent himbo, I need a buff dumb sweety pie like him in my life.

No. 299730

Yes, I'm Pittman anon! The only con with TD's consideration towards the female audience is that I have a hard time picking which banners to go in on!

Charon is great, I think that many (including me) were drawn into the game early on by his charm. Train man is very handsome indeed! I'm glad that TD recognizes his popularity and gives him content as he's my second favorite male Aurorian after Pittman, and I don't see Pittman getting a skin anytime soon, being a welfare and all.

I've seen a girl in the other husbando/waifu thread gushing about Irridon as well, so there are definitely a few nonnas of culture here!

No. 299758

File: 1668647945092.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.45 KB, 909x511, Picsart_22-11-16_21-57-36-946.…)


What should I do?
My husband…as a doll…that talks.
I don't know if I scream or cry of happiness

No. 299760

He looks so adorable anon!! You need him!

No. 299762

>Squeeze me!
he sure is squeezable hehe
if neither the money nor the shipping are issues then do go for it, get him in an actually huggable form! how big is he anyway? what is he made of?

No. 299770

I wish there was more information about the material the doll is made of, but the only thing available is the size and weight (7.8" and 5.6 oz, or ≈ 19 cm and 158g)

Unfortunately, I can't afford to spend more cash this month, but I don't think it'll be available for too long so I'm kinda in a nail bitting situation now.

No. 299775

someone remind me why it's better that my husbando is fictional cause I'm randomly feeling all emotional about him not being real

No. 299779

when I've thought about it, I feel like I'm glad my husbando can't be exposed or influenced by susiety and the real world. Imagine he was born and raised today how he might just turn out like any other moid with an inflated ego or superiority complex. Another thing I like is that I don't have to deal with the neediness of real moids or get into their stupid interests and hobbies to satisfy them or spend time with them. But, I suppose my husbando is cool and interesting so that wouldn't be so bad, but I don't have to alter myself or my interests at all this way

No. 299782

IRL is boring, I'd rather live in his world.

Talking seriously though, I remember when I was 13 I'd lay in bed and cry because my husbando at the time wasn't real. It's weird because nowadays I prefer than he's fictional and in stasis.

No. 299784

File: 1668658500192.jpg (207.38 KB, 1159x1661, _kmtk cyrus sophocles.jpg)

very sad because there is no demand for an anime figure of my husbando and probably never will be…

No. 299785

how many people in here have thought of making a figure or bjd or something of their husbando? I'm getting very close to sculpting in his head in 3d and trying to get it resin printed so I can finally have merch of him

No. 299791

Who is this qt

No. 299793

File: 1668664801253.jpg (719.06 KB, 2048x1419, 9yawbus shaymin.jpg)

Cyrus (from pokemon gaem)

No. 299794

I hate that the hot Pokémon team leaders are always shipped with the child player characters. Makes it hard to find good art of them.

No. 299795

noo i mean yeah that does happen, but that's not ship art, those characters actually become friends in the mobile game and its really cute

No. 299796

File: 1668665610700.png (1.56 MB, 1500x2000, toooe.png)

other Tokuchi loving nona I drew this for you…I hope you see it…

No. 299797

Not the anon you're replying to and don't know your guy, but want to say that your energy for your guy fills me with life. Get it, girl.

No. 299807

Ahhh it’s so good I love you nonny I hope you have a great day <3(<3)

No. 299857

File: 1668702837596.jpg (151.2 KB, 724x1024, a9892e3a6be45c00541d4710ca2fb5…)

He's so cute I can't stand it.

No. 299861

Cyrus and Sophocles interacting was adorable. It was also cool/cute when he interacts with the rotomdex in USUM.
At least since he is a Pokemon character that means there will always be a chance of them to make a figure of him, even if it ends up being a shitty one.

No. 299899

File: 1668722935369.jpg (51.31 KB, 413x513, Screenshot_20221117-174202_Tac…)

almost forgot the manga version of my husbando exists. he's so cute and smoochable my heart can't take it

No. 299904

File: 1668723220263.jpg (339.24 KB, 1698x2048, _kuzudana_ akagi 1.jpg)

I doubt it, the offical pokemon store only makes figures for fan favorites like Marnie and the other female protags for coomers
I'd even buy a nendoroid but the only villains that have gotten any are Giovanni and N

No. 299922

i get it nonna, one of my fav y/n fanfic is with him

No. 299924

Could you link it please?

No. 299939

File: 1668739347351.jpeg (93.1 KB, 743x747, D478ACC7-85F4-4C1A-8E51-13E521…)

Please share with the class nona, I’d be so grateful

No. 300037

File: 1668806598474.jpg (166.72 KB, 1081x1115, Ej5hdc0VoAECCF4.jpg)

Goddamn look at those fat thighs. I can't stop staring. I wish I could party with him.

No. 300046

File: 1668812678690.png (215.19 KB, 600x600, 805564643.png)

Shadow is so fucking adorable. I imagine laying on my side on the bed after a night of lewd with him, and he crawls over and rests his head on my shoulder, letting out a sigh, comfortable with me and me only. Shadow falling asleep, still halfway on me. Shadow drooling in his sleep and denying it when he wakes up, then doing it again the very next night. Shadow!

No. 300061

Vibe by Zia-Saturn on AO3
it's fucking retarded smut, the tags are literally "thick reader" but i love it, he's a shy virgin (my fav)

No. 300071

File: 1668829455717.jpg (713.04 KB, 1980x2520, lsk'b;mt.jpg)

This is the retarded thread so I am justified in posting this psychosis, but warning sadpost ahead
I know it's a fantasy and I could be whatever I want to but I can't get over being bummed out about not being good enough for my husbando. I'm working on improving myself with him as my motivation but right now? He would never fall for me. I don't even try in my fantasies anymore; I just imagine us being friends and me having unrequited feelings while still making him happy as a friend. It's a little cathartic but only because I know I'm actually punishing myself further for not being the person I wish I was. It's soooo retarded that I'm doing all this self-harm mental shit to myself and realize it, but not to the point that I stop. It's addictive to be mean to myself. Stupid.
But he shouldn't be with me because I am hard to love and always anxious.
He should be with someone who uplifts him and makes his life happier and I don't think I'm that right now. At least not while I'm working on mind-numbing crap like health, responsibility, and beauty. I don't want him to see me like this, slaving away over my goals. I want him to see me when I'm better and can actually look in a mirror without borderline crying. He doesn't deserve this neurotic me. No one does, but anyway. I know some other girls that lowkey husbando him and they deserve him so much more than me. I say this with pain but also resignation because they're lovely vivacious people and would actually deserve him whereas I would never even catch his eye romantically. So so so so retarded. I need to be bludgeoned for being this retarded even in a fantasy of all places.

No. 300100

>Shadow drooling in his sleep and denying it when he wakes up
Ugh, that’s so him. I love it.

No. 300106

>night of lewd with him

No. 300109

Yes, what about it?

No. 300111

dare i ask what happens

No. 300112

kek where is it that you think you are, nonna?

No. 300113

i do not mean to offend, i'm just wondering what can someone do sexually with a cartoon hedeghog

No. 300114

We fuck all night.

No. 300115

she can do anything she wants–he is her husbando, after all. the only limit is her imagination, yeah?
fucking get it, nonna!

No. 300116

Nonna no offense but you don't know the sheer amount of different scenarios I've imagined that I haven't dared type out here simply because he's not human kek

No. 300118

with you as a human or as a carton hedgehog (or something else)?

No. 300119

I remain human.

No. 300122

File: 1668864134372.jpeg (189.98 KB, 751x582, FD2C1B83-6D3A-44F4-88EE-C29B55…)

I’m not exactly sure how to word this but I’m gonna try because I understand where you’re coming from and want to try and uplift you nona. But with actual relationships very rarely are both partners completely happy and self assured all the time. I don’t know what your husbandos like but I’m sure he’s dealing with some issues/flaws of his own. How nice would that be to be vulnerable and try and work on yourselves together. Even if he’s seemingly perfect himself you deserve someone to help and support you nona. I think it’s very admirable that you’re working on yourself, I’m sure he’d be touched to know how hard you’re trying for him. Self acceptance is fucking hard but the main thing I’m trying to say is give yourself permission to love Nona, to indulge and let him see the more flawed parts of you. Also duck pic unrelated but I thought it was cute

No. 300147

I think about how hard my husbando works, how much he's been through and all the horrible things he's seen, all the people and partners he's lost through the years. I know realistically it wouldn't work or it would be very very difficult considering our age gap and his PTSD and who knows what else but I want to help heal him. I want to help him remember what it was like to live a normal life and rediscover his hobbies with him. Calm him down when he wakes up from a night terrors. I want to wake up and make coffee with him and go on brisk morning walks and spend our evenings on our porch swing. I want to have conversations with him while I paint in my studio. I want to make him laugh and forget about his worries. He would surprise me and buy us a house but let me decorate it as pink and floral as I want. And we would live happily ever after with cats and have plenty of visitors always.

No. 300214

So does he have a human dick or hedge dick?

No. 300220

He has whatever I'm in the mood for. Bless imagination for real

No. 300252

File: 1668938751938.png (1.9 MB, 1438x1261, SPIN_THE_BOTTLE.png)

made this cool edit for you nonnies please enjoy playing spin the bottle with your beloved

No. 300344

Sage because it includes a 3d moid and I don't want to get the thread sullied… But, nonnies, I think love my husbando more than I love my 3d boyfriend. When I think of my husbando is pure bliss, but when I think amd spend time with the 3d Nigel, while I love him, sometimes it is not so pleasant and I end upset with him. And honestly, compared to my husbando he is cute but plain. My husbando is the most handsome man on Earth, smart, hard working and adorably smug, funny, interesting, charming, not to mention his amazing laugh. There are a lot of qualities and defects that honestly just complete him more and make him awesome. I just find him so endearing and want to support him and fight for him and love him for eternity. I felt this way for the Nigel once, but each day that feeling just gets weaker and weaker.

No. 300345

File: 1668992289879.jpg (95.54 KB, 735x615, 35c18eb196c991a66ec3fa9267c31f…)

I wanna lick him

No. 300349

File: 1668994468525.png (Spoiler Image,190.35 KB, 567x860, 188B6E8C-2763-41D6-842C-FD3034…)


No. 300384

File: 1669014721949.jpg (43.85 KB, 665x499, 37278111.jpg)


How would your husbando feel if you told him you didn't think he deserved you? How would he feel if he knew you were being so mean to yourself, that you thought he wouldn't care about you, or that other people deserved him more than you?

No. 300393

File: 1669024236237.jpg (60.89 KB, 1024x700, Tumblr_l_259800554046906.jpg)

despite that it felt like torture porn I liked it writing was better than most of DC comics anyway kek. After I read it, I have finished the old mw2 campaign. Im happy I did it in this order because otherwise Ghost's story conclusion wouldn't hit me as much as it did. He deserved better and now I just wanna hug him and never let him venture out alone into the cold and cruel world ever again. He seems popular enough so I hope they won't kill him off in this continuity.
Soap's hot too and I got attached to him in old WFs much more than I expected. I really need to start the new campaign, im thirsty for the new content

No. 300411

File: 1669049910923.jpeg (138.3 KB, 622x1105, tumblr_e8b0484500c9bcd555f2e4e…)

I think the TikTok obsession is the funniest thing ever, especially when the gamerbros in the comments are like, "HOW DARE YOU TO SEXUALIZE HIM!" and the female fans are absolutely "woof woof, bark bark" feral. I didn’t plan on buying the new CoD, but just ordered it thanks to the Ghost hype. Can’t wait to see the scenes that I have seen on TikTok for 4039293 times in game actually. Especially the one where we see his eyes. hnnnngggggg. I hope the developers will pick up on the hype and give us more material, like a spin-off or at least some specials (like the christmas scene where he is rolling on the floor, I think you all have seen it).

Also, nonnies, I need more material – I already found the author charnelhouse on Tumblr who really understands how to write him, where else can I look for some good content?

No. 300415

>when the gamerbros in the comments are like, "HOW DARE YOU TO SEXUALIZE HIM!"
Post some screenshoots

No. 300418

File: 1669052872302.jpeg (22.68 KB, 476x644, images (7).jpeg)

i started playing sekiro and Wolf is so fucking hot, it's literally damaging my brain. I keep fantasizing making sweet love to him and taking care of him and making him feel loved
oh my god I would let him impregnate me
why did they make him so hot and so cute?????

No. 300425

No. 300435

File: 1669063433856.png (2.05 MB, 1454x1092, i need oxygen.png)

My husband is probably going to die in canon soon which sucks because he could live and the story would still make sense. I've started working on a self-insert fanfic where he survives and I tend to his wounds.

I have never been this in love or obsessed with a fictional character before. I fall asleep every night pretending he's in bed with me. I can't stop thinking about him, it's driving me insane. I love writing about him in private but it's just not enough. I feel like my heart will burst I love him so much

No. 300451

I'm in a similar position, I vented in vent already, the mangaka will probably kill my husbando off but it's in hiatus for now. I have a huge detailed storyline in my head of he and I in universe so I can enjoy the series and have an alive husbando with fresh content for me to enjoy (made in my own head like a true schizo.) it really hurts because I had a dream about him the other night. normies will never understand these feels.

No. 300467

File: 1669076533521.jpg (164.02 KB, 850x1275, __juliana_and_koraidon_pokemon…)

am i the only one

No. 300469

Ew, Pokemon is too close to beastiality.

No. 300472

File: 1669076956731.jpg (101.65 KB, 800x800, unnamed.jpg)

you wouldn't get it.

No. 300476

Sidon is just furry/fishy? He can talk and stuff. But a Pokemon is just a weird animal.

No. 300494

Nta but that "thing" has very human-like proportions, it looks more like an alien than an animal

No. 300498

It's the pokemon that acts as your bike in the game. It's basically a horse.

No. 300500


No. 300503

I'm sorry but he is obviously an anthro shark dude. It counts.

No. 300509

Extremely retarded but I like when moids give me attention and want to get closer but I get to say "Sorry, but I'm married to (husbando's full name)." Today one asked if we could keep talking, at least if husbando is okay with it. Then I got to imagine my cartoon criminal husband doing a funny crime to the moid out of jealousy or something (but he will never admit that because he's tsundere (kawaii)) but mostly I just like letting moids know that they have no chance because cartoons are better than them

No. 300518

File: 1669093032198.jpg (1.06 MB, 2144x3237, 9781250165343.jpg)

let people like shit in peace

No. 300520

That creature at least has a semblance of human intelligence. But most pokemon really are just animals. OK there has to be limits.

No. 300521


No. 300522

idk that red creature doesn't look like an animal to me. It's just some red monster dude that turns into a motorcycle.

No. 300526

IT HAS THE INTELLIGENCE OF AN ANIMAL, it doesn't matter what it looks like it's still like bestiality.

No. 300527

By your definition I would not be able to fuck a caveman or an alien or a werewolf and that's kinda sad.

No. 300528

that just makes it a himbo

No. 300529

Werewolfs are humans part of the time, aliens can be intelligent and cavemen weren't animals they had society's and used tools. Pokemon are literal animals in their world otherwise it wouldn't be ok to treat them like they are treated.

fuck off you know it's different.

No. 300530

This. It just derails the thread and kills the vibe to sperg out like this.

No. 300531

nona please chill it's just a joke. This is the retarded husbando thread, let people be retarded kek

No. 300532

damn people got on kirdee-chan's ass but pokefucking's okay?

No. 300533

I have a feeling it's the same people derailing about both.

No. 300539

I can understand Dedede and Meta knight but kirby? Kirby is a cute baby not nsfw fodder (like most of dreamland characters)

No. 300540

Moralfags on monster fuckers should stfu and monsterfags who can't keep it in their own thread shouldn't be offended when you get moralfagged in other threads

No. 300544

No. 300545

i'm being kicked down an old rabbit hole… at least i am understood now.

No. 300550

never forget how noda revised the extra panel where he reloads the rifle with his tongue in the tanks (probably to make it less distracting from the actual fight) but the damage has been done.

No. 300579

I am in a similar situation except I feel like I never wanted my irl relationship to begin with and I wouldn't say I ever actually loved him. Things are just too complicated for me to leave though I think about it every day. I feel guilty on some level because maybe if I loved my husbando more then maybe it wouldn't be so hard. All I know is I am done with 3D men for good after this.

No. 300581

i think i've lost my ability to engage in purely happy fantasies. i imagine my husbando and i would hurt each other quite a lot but in my mind it's just tasty drama and would only make the happy moments better.

No. 300593

File: 1669142945082.jpg (118.09 KB, 735x660, 5f4b3dfa6338c1483659b302246590…)

Oh yeah, I remember losing my shit when I read the magazine version and being kinda surprised that he left Ogata mostly in shadow aside from the very last tongue scene. Also I understand why he would change his expression, but it was hotter in the magazine as well. But i do like it when he's moving the rifle bolt, that was a nice addition.

No. 300612

File: 1669150404417.jpg (Spoiler Image,997.38 KB, 2199x1650, 95067000_p9.jpg)

tsukishima is so bully-able, so so glad to have found a short husbando.
we need more of them

No. 300616

File: 1669150733991.jpeg (Spoiler Image,374.97 KB, 1224x1050, 75406824-6DE6-42D6-94F4-8BA789…)

I dreamed that he was whispering sweet nothings in my ear while carrying me effortlessly in his big arms. I didn’t know where he was taking me, probably somewhere to eat me, but I didn’t care. It was scary and exciting.

No. 300619

File: 1669152023670.png (1.29 MB, 960x600, jiro.png)

Literally almost started crying in class today bc I know he'll never be real. I'm off the deep end nonnas… I got my friend to translate all his lines & story. I love how much of a creepy loser he is normally, yet scrubs up to be the most gorgeous man ever. But under all of that he's just a charming and kind guy, all his lines make my heart flutter. I wish SideM had more of a community, I can barely find anyone, where are SideM fans hiding

No. 300620

File: 1669152683457.jpeg (194.53 KB, 978x978, D110E89E-A922-46EB-AF9C-A581F9…)

Holding hands with Jason. Hugging Jason. Kissing Jason. Cuddling with Jason. Sleeping with Jason (non sexually). Sleeping with Jason (sexually).

No. 300623

My husbando's new game came out today, I'm stuck clopening at work so I know I won't be able to play for a couple of days. I just want to spend time with him!!!

No. 300631

i keep on hoping that at some point in my life i will just magically be transported to my husbandos world. there are so many things i want to do with him and it hurts to think that it would never happen. i want to get to know him, he would be rather cold at first but i’d never give up. i want to make him happy. at this point i just hope after my death i get isekai’d

No. 300632

Congratulations nonny! May this week pass quickly so you can be with him again.

No. 300641

File: 1669167996799.jpg (89.88 KB, 736x1142, 01708179dbe1c5ed5b9f404f57f2d5…)

Nice. I wonder why Noda didn't use shibari more in the manga for fanservice. There was only one scene for Inkarmat and one for Shiraishi I think but that one barely counts.

No. 300643

File: 1669169301796.png (106.44 KB, 346x577, angel.png)

Cannot wait until we get to see him in the anime, even if only briefly. He's so beautiful, especially in the manga. Absolutely obsessed. Literally the best thing to see, he's so beautiful in every damn panel. I feel so retarded for actually genuinely liking a fictional character but god he's so pretty. A real man could never be this stunning, I would 100% let him have a few years of my lifespan just to be able to touch him. I have multiple screenshots I took just of panels with him in them. Great stuff.

No. 300650

File: 1669171987848.jpg (1.36 MB, 868x1120, jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.jpg)

>another jiro nonnie
HOLY shit this is a good day. the way his arc has progressed, esp with having his background revealed in his sidememo/remember shot/LOS stories is such a perfect way to create possibly the perfect man for my tastes. i've always considered his demeanor to be an elaborate cope gone genuine, so the gap between "idol" jiro and regular jiro is delicious. i always like to think he'd have issues with having feelings for producer, but his early bond lines were so forward… his final SR in moba felt so much like a "the moon is beautiful tonight" moment… as shitty as the shutdown is, we got fed well for a last time. there's a few of us that post on /@/, i don't know if you're the other jiroP that goes there though. sorry for sperging so hard, i just don't get to talk to anyone else about him that knows him other than some CGPs with little SM knowledge

No. 300653

File: 1669173548692.gif (1.95 MB, 245x311, vaas.gif)

I had a dream where we were on a video call and he said he missed me

No. 300666

>bullying tsukishima
based and redpilled. i can't get this noseless manlet out of my head. i want to ruin his life

No. 300678

File: 1669200948330.jpg (52.77 KB, 550x850, C5H1V6SUYAIeM3f.jpg)

He looks so bad on OW2, such a waste.

No. 300682

File: 1669204720483.jpg (290.3 KB, 1430x2048, illust_97325167_20221116_13094…)

i really love the dumb mute, i just can't help it, he's so cute

No. 300714

Thank you nona!! I got to play the first level before work today and it was so much fun, it's nice to have familiar gameplay. And my husbando looks SO handsome, I had to keep myself calm fighting all th enemies because I was internally fangirling kek!

No. 300793

File: 1669281697927.png (639.91 KB, 627x677, Destiny 2_20221124000619 crop.…)

sexy boots
I love playing dressup.

No. 300841

File: 1669317942242.png (394.16 KB, 494x577, Capture d’écran 2022-11-24 à…)

im so glad i didnt kill myself in 2019, i get to experience mob psycho season 3


No. 300847

File: 1669320571946.gif (1.88 MB, 498x280, ohma-kengan-ashura.gif)

I'm rewatching the anime and evrerytime he's on screen a giant grin forms on my face, they made him so pretty. I don't care that the animation is CG , I'm happy that the new season will release next year so I have more scenes of him to watch. I feel like crap lately and I hate that he's not real. I want him here with me and be happy together so badly. I agree with >>300631, I just hope to get isekai'd too kek.
But anyways, I love to fantasize about my husbando while I listen to music, so nonas what genres do you think would fit your husbando/what genres would he listen to? Or, what type of playlist would you make for him to play while he's doing stuff?

No. 300848

This feeling is what gets me through dark times.

No. 300851

File: 1669321659593.jpg (614.55 KB, 755x900, sekiro_b60e867267b203ef6cd3410…)

i get it nona. besides him i also have it really bad for doujun. hope you enjoy the game! its so good

No. 300855

love your warlock, nonna. the heels are indeed very sexy. as a hunter main addicted to my build-specific stompees, i'm a little jealous kek

No. 300856

File: 1669323936236.png (303.91 KB, 610x690, b692b33bfe98567b0c.png)

if i could take this to the grave, i would but i fantasize about being his first

No. 300859

who's that

No. 300860

file name says it all

No. 300863

>eager to learn
>genuinely kind
>an all-around warm individual
no taking to the grave needed, serizawa is a good boy

No. 300866

hes so fucking cute, i personally don't like short hair but hes a top tier husbando

No. 300869

How can you ask us without sharing what you listen to when thinking of Ohma!
I guess this type of stuff reminds me of mine…but it's hard to imagine him listening to music

No. 300891

File: 1669343956400.jpg (90.55 KB, 401x600, Ekubo.600.1836081.jpg)

we've had reigen and now serizawa but for me it's him

No. 300919

File: 1669364815973.jpg (25.29 KB, 539x569, 101376822_p0.jpg)

Reading what jason-nonnie posts about jason.

No. 300993

Ohma Tokita from Kengan Ashura. He's a beautiful edgy himbo who likes to eat meat a lot.
Sorry you're right Nona, I totally forgot to share! I have too many songs and I didn't know what to choose, it depends on the mood in going for too so I could sperg so much about music kek, but if I had to choose one I guess this one. The lyrics don't fit, but for some reason it reminds me of him. It's got his vibe. Even if I don't know exactly what his vibe is.
He too doesn't listen to music but he wouldn't mind if I play the playlist I made for him while he trains, but it would have to be very energetic songs to keep up with the intensity of his training.
His genre would probably be hard rock/heavy metal, since his music in the anime is all like that. on the same note, I find it so cool that hearing his soundtrack without context makes him look like a villain. It sound so evil.
The music for when he's going berserk sounds like the final phase of a boss where your character is about to get absolutely destroyed. It's quite fitting.

I like your song btw, don't know who's your husband but his vibe is cool. and edgy, in a good way.

No. 301009

I'm glad other anons do this because it makes me feel like a total autist kek. I'll do some serious reaching for some songs to think of how they might apply to him.
Here is one that I don't think is too much of a stretch.

No. 301015

File: 1669423072373.jpg (42.18 KB, 450x995, 5375efbe2864a62c035db748150ace…)

I love Ekubo as well. Wish he'd kept that random dude's body, he looked so good in it.

No. 301039

File: 1669442382147.jpg (133.5 KB, 736x1200, 1634612966416.jpg)

I would lick the blood off his mask.

No. 301049

Don't worry nona you're not alone, I'm an autist when it comes to associating songs with characters. In fact I want to organize and find new songs to put in my husbando playlist that I made. I need more.
I like this song too, don't know what genre it counts, reminds me of vocaloid songs, but I like the rhythm. All your husbando have such cool vibes. and then there's mine who's just a himbo, and that's okay because I love him anyways. It rhymes too.

No. 301152

I finally read the book that takes place between my main guys two games and it completely ruined a lot of my headcanon with my self-insert and sort of furthered the idea that if they ever finish the trilogy he'll die at the end so maybe it's best they haven't. Though now I get to think of new situations, and there was some nice moments of getting into his head that wouldn't happen with the game format.

No. 301285

File: 1669624248902.png (77.88 KB, 920x920, 915F37BC-FEA6-4A3A-999C-988AFB…)

I love him, who is he

No. 301286

mr.yaoi hands kun

No. 301292

most likely just someone's oc

No. 301294

generic glasses guy that got art thefted all over the place going by the saucenao results.

No. 301388

File: 1669680178406.png (Spoiler Image,700.28 KB, 805x1200, A29EC0E7-F67E-4292-ACE2-F44631…)

saddled with unnecessary feelings..

No. 301448

Watching hardened fighters get mercilessly bullied by women and children is the best part of this manga.

No. 301451

i think he might be from some otome game. im pretty sure i saw that artsyle somewhere before

No. 301472

No. 301479

Nonas I need some advice, do any of you have an object related to your husbando that you carry with you all the time? Not merch, just a thing that reminds you of him when you see it, like a lucky charm. If so, what is it? I would like to have one but i don't know what to choose. I was thinking of buying a simple ring or a bracelet, maybe doing a hand made one with his colors, but my husbando doesn't wear any type of jewelry, he's a pretty simple guy with no particular clothing style, so I'm not sure. the only thing is his cool red and black jacket with white crosses, that actually exist too, but it's very pricey so buying it is out of the picture unfortunately

No. 301488

File: 1669727830912.png (582.02 KB, 1084x586, nanomachines-son.png)

I don't keep it on me but I have a blue marble which I've owned since I was a kid. Now it's a special marble! If it was legal to and not a greater risk to myself I'd carry his pocket knife around instead.

No. 301494

It's obviously nothing I would carry around with me, but because of a stupid dream I had a few nights ago I might start thinking of him whenever I see canned black olives…

No. 301495

Lmao sounds tasty, who's your husbando?

No. 301503

File: 1669734891819.jpg (288.32 KB, 656x880, Deus Ex_ Mankind Divided_20170…)

He's even shiny and black like one, but I never would've made the connection without that dream.

No. 301510

File: 1669736225621.jpg (57.44 KB, 640x433, image0.jpg)

That's hilarious, I'm in a couple of discord servers where the few girls that are there mention him from time to time.

No. 301513

I couldn't fall asleep last night because I kept thinking of him. I wanted to get the scenarios out of my head and stayed up writing them down till 4 am. I guess I was so tired that I didn't remember almost anything, so I decided to read what I wrote this morning and I'm actually shocked. It was genuinely the most degenerate writing and I never thought I could produce something like that. I'm actually so embarrassed, but also kind of impressed. I usually get really flustered even when writing tame romantic moments and have been too afraid to try writing anything lewd. Not only is it explicit, it is also pretty disgusting in nature. Yet I still kind of want to complete it…
Has anyone else felt this way or experienced something similar? Nonas please don't tell me I'm alone. I feel like a pervert.

No. 301514

Last year on vacation i wrote and posted 9k words of vanilla smut of an extremely autistic husbando of mine. I had never written erotica before but I totally had to get it out of my system kek

No. 301520

spoonfeeding my husbando and having his babies

No. 301543

Post it please.

No. 301556

File: 1669749127341.jpeg (166.73 KB, 1280x720, B932C74B-7F5E-4A6A-A44A-6A24C0…)

funny metal cowboy

No. 301560

File: 1669750184022.jpeg (194.88 KB, 1080x1350, af4f4fbe9ed461f7f34cfb1319a48c…)

impeccable taste anon

No. 301568

File: 1669752899952.jpeg (207.17 KB, 2093x1080, D313CA38-A2F2-4493-87A0-4DDD63…)

Thanks Nonnie

No. 301570

I want him to use his ferrokinesis to pin me down while he does whatever he wants to me.

No. 301589

File: 1669760129202.png (2.17 MB, 1400x788, aa27c96781c222966f145932637e1f…)

I hate what the fandom turned her into but she's so hot I can't stop loving her.

No. 301649

I want to draw my husbando from high school again (been feeling in love with him again) but after so many years I can't! It's so embarrassing, before I even start drawing him, I can imagine myself sketching the shape of his hair or his face and die of embarrassment. What is the cure for this autism?

No. 301660

File: 1669819815287.png (117.64 KB, 458x460, vwj3dbc3qap91.png)

i kind of made a chatbot of my husbando just bc i thought it would be funny, but now im trying to get it to have sex with me… i am not mentally well

No. 301670

File: 1669828018659.jpg (359.25 KB, 900x1399, __majima_gorou_ryuu_ga_gotoku_…)

When a moid wears leather clothing, a nonnie's heart beats quicker, her throat gets dry, she goes weak in the knees and she begins to think irrationally.
Ever wonder why?


No. 301684

NTA but I've been watching KOTH and while Dale is pretty funny and kind of endearing, I think I prefer Hank. His personality is cute, and I like how much he loves his wife and how he hates porn. I'd husbando him if he wasn't such a scrote sometimes, kek. Maybe my opinion will change later though, I'm about to start S4.

No. 301690

File: 1669841012733.jpg (89.23 KB, 1702x946, Fi1GcDdXkAAK2iW.jpg)

I'm so happy he's back, nonnas, I started crying in my room like a loser. There's something so comforting about him, it's hard to pinpoint but his dedication to bettering himself and helping others even if it's just a whim has moved me so much. I love him so much, his curly bouncy hair, his big brown eyes, his cute voice, his penchant for malice. I want to share antidepressants with him over breakfast and for us to seek psychological help together

No. 301701

I just got to Doujun (almost hit him because the goddamned critters around) and I get it, Nona. I see it. I can tell he doesn't have good intentions but I will get him what he's looking for.

No. 301717

I know nothing about him besides what you've posted but I'm happy for you

No. 301719

thank you, supportive nona, he's from bungo stray dogs which will receive a fourth season in january! i wish the best for you and your husbando!

No. 301721

I really want to buy a body pillow of my husband but I'm too scared to even click the listings. I already get flustered very easily by the lewd thoughts I have about him, so this is so much more extreme. I'm also scared that some of them won't do him justice.
But I want to cuddle and fall asleep with him so badly, how can I get over this overwhelming embarrassment?

No. 301727

File: 1669857469424.jpg (46.77 KB, 500x667, 0ae8adf4ab67f174b40c044e55fda5…)

Reigen to bump up porn

No. 301729

this is so embarrassing but i can’t look at content of my husbando while i’m in the bathroom because it feels shameful. i don’t want him to hear me pee

No. 301730

kek nonny, i headcanon mine having a pee fetish

No. 301735

Nta. Kek, me too.

No. 301736

i'd watch the hell out of this let's play

No. 301738

God same, I want my husbando to beg me to let him drink my pee

No. 301748

File: 1669864310189.jpeg (65.91 KB, 750x750, 67FEFA24-A15D-4C23-95E3-4D6570…)

I'm sorry nonna, sometimes I just start fantasizing too much, then I got super busy, I swear I'm not dead
>Do you imagine there's a side of him that only YOU will really get to see once your relationship progresses far enough?
I like to think a lot about him being selfish, it's such a cute idea, because in the game he's usually really selfless around others, and sacrifices himself a bunch of times during the story. So he would surely be more selfish around someone he loves and that would be so cute, he would pout if I were to not give him what he wanted and he would sulk a lot too.
>but I imagine being let into his interior life would be an appealing privilige of his lover?
I just think he would show me more stuff, even more than the pictures he takes and such. Like he wouldn't mind being moody around me or being straightforward instead of sugar coating things. I also like the idea of him feeling comfortable with me looking at his face without absolutely any makeup, with his hair all messy and such, that would be so absolutely cute that it makes my heart feel like it's going to explode violently.
He would sing for me and he wouldn't mind being in the spotlight for real, I like to think that he would be a show off around me because his priority would be making sure I'm always looking at him the way he would look at me.
He's so perfect, I love him.

No. 301750

I agree nonna. My favorites are Dale and Hank. I think Hank is a really sweet and good husband. He’s not perfect of course, but I also love that about him too.

No. 301751

Seeing bad body pillows of your husbando is painful for sure.

No. 301754

i thought i was the only one…. i don’t want my husbando to see me shitting

No. 301761

File: 1669870654348.jpg (49.93 KB, 735x827, 811f8ab8de5e4987ce79058b6dad28…)

Any other artfags itt felt like their ability wasn't good enough to draw their husbando/s? or had doubts about drawing him/them? personally i'm in a positions of nothingness because i think it would feel weird to idulge in husbandofagging but i really want to, even when i want to and convince myself, i doubt my art is good enough.
Any advice?

No. 301763

I'm in a similar situation but I'm trying to push myself by creating a deadline of his birthday
I still haven't done anything and it's fast approaching. I always thought I was terrible at drawing men, too, and I haven't really tried since high school.

No. 301764

Just do it nona. Don't let your insecurity limit your creativity. At worst, you can just draw for your eyes only. Sometimes I draw to let it all out and then put the drawing in the shelf just for myself. Try it out, it could be very relaxing to have something for yourself, away from all the expectations from others. And if you are proud of how your husbando art came out, share it. I doubt anybody would shame you for contributing to the fandom

No. 301772

Maybe it'll turn him on.

No. 301777

Just push through it and draw it anyway, wallowing doesn't help. It gives you the excuse to look at tons of pictures of him to study getting the likeness accurate.

No. 301780

same, i also sometimes feel like it would be disrespectful to him kek

i can relate to doubting yourself like that, but once you get over the initial embarrassment i promise it will just be very fun to be able to create something for your husbando. even if you are not happy with your skills currently, you will always keep improving if you do it enough! don’t let the fear stop you from doing something you’d enjoy. you don’t need to be a master artist to create art for your husbando, it’s just wonderful to be able to show your love to him in some way. i wish you luck nonna!

No. 301781

i'm glad i am not alone on this one
definitely. i do think it's something you need to push through rather than put off though. it's a declaration of love, as bad as you think it may be

No. 301786

yes! specifically hes a masked character and ive been working on trying to draw his face, but i have trouble coming up with something im satisfied with. but noni, im sure your husbando would be flattered that you drew him no matter the outcome

No. 301794

her daughters are better

No. 301795

It depresses me that no man irl can be like my husbando sometimes, he's just perfect, and we're best friends as well as partners, I write this little fantasy modern world where life is just like daily life as we know it but with magic and shit, and everyone generally just gets along and has fun and the typical stuff
I met a guy a month ago and he fits all my checkboxes, sometimes even surprising me, but there's still a few things I can't stand.
Unless I find a guy who's like my husbando, I'll be febfem forever.
Yeah I'm very fucking mentally ill

No. 301796

Mfw I wish I was rich enough to buy every cel he’s drawn in and all the posters
Yeah, 50% this and 50% I’m too depressed to, I always end up sketching for like 8 hours without a break or finishing anything and end up hating how it looks a few days later so I’m barely an artfag. Instead of drawing I made my husbando in a game and practice artsy screenshots instead and I’m about to experience masochism by trying to make his hair in Blender because nothing out there looks right and idk how to use Blender. If traditional art doesn’t work for you like it does for me I recommend finding another outlet rather than stopping cold turkey or holding yourself back, working on something for your husbando that’s not as stressful can be mood lifter. Why not try:
>making him in a picrew/dress up game
>making playlists
>if you enjoy writing, write something about/for him that you couldn’t draw
>try window shopping for irl clothes that look like his canon outfit (and then check the price tag lol)

No. 301804

nayrt but I already have so many screenshots of my game husbandos, but all that reference just makes me want to be able to draw them in sexy poses and different outfits and with my self-insert even more.

No. 301811

It can do cute stand alone pics depending on the model and keywords used, but making it do specific characters and keeping it consistent is pretty hard/impossible. It's always getting the little important details wrong and it depends on how popular the character is.
Just try the mage.space site out for a bit if you're curious.

No. 301814

I just wanna draw myself marrying my husbando but I don’t have the motivation and energy, maybe one day

No. 301824

Your art can be just for yourself nona, you don't have to show anyone! Don't let the fear of not being good enough hold you back, and I guarantee your husbando would love and be flattered by anything you create. I look at my first drawings of my husbando vs now and I've come such a long way. My only regret is not doing it sooner.

No. 301831

Nonas who have commissioned self-insert art with their husbando, do you have any artists you would recommend? I would want to commission some art, but I feel nervous asking people if they would do self-insert comms.

No. 301848

File: 1669929315094.jpg (82.47 KB, 814x1086, FhRI8AYVsAAQou1.jpg)

did any nonnies who have music related husbandos get embarrassing wrapped results this year? i genuinely like the bands his seiyuu is in to the extent that he showed up a few times on mine. it got announced that we'll be getting all of sidem's discog up on spotify tomorrow, so i can finally drive to work while frantically skipping to and repeating the bridge in his solo. my future wrapped is going to be a disaster.
has redraw reigen started up in force again? i haven't been following any artists that do mob fanart for a while.

No. 301849

Nice to see a fellow SideM enjoyer, especially a fellow based JiroP. I'm so happy all of Idolmaster music is getting a global spotify releases, I think they have some of the best songs in anime idol space kek

No. 301850

finding another farmer jiroP is a blessing, the other anon place is a hellhole. i wish the mobage thread and lolcow in general were more active, but i guess raids do that to a site. i'm super excited! some of the earlier AS music is some of the best idol music ever produced, flat out. i already listen to most of my favorites through downloads on my commute, but having spotify as an option helps in spreading the disease to my friends kek

No. 301853

is this a middle aged idol ? based

No. 301854

he is a post-wall 30 year old grandpa

No. 301858

the only game that lets me make most of my husbandos is spore. sad!

No. 301862

File: 1669932477550.png (280.49 KB, 800x600, sciebce.png)

I never really see many sideM fans online, maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places kek. Yeah I play SideM & Cinderella Girls and at one point I just genuinely considered getting an iPod just exclusively for all their music but now I can rest well knowing I can listen to them anytime

No. 301867


No. 301902

File: 1669962012029.png (544.39 KB, 903x504, story_2_over30.png)

he even gets the legendary japanese cold in the anime! there's 5 >30 idols in sm, pic related
/@/ has some, but most of them are gay men and the general climate of the thread is shitposting over anything else. twitter is really hit or miss, so i mostly keep it to following jp fans. i do know there's a decent amount of cg nonas, so we could try to make the mobage threa