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File: 1672256545432.jpeg (335.97 KB, 1199x694, B10147BA-3312-4033-9EE9-074D2C…)

No. 305399

Post and discuss all of your sexual fantasies! Don't turn this into "fetishes you're ashamed of #2" though.
Old thread: >>>/g/182352

No. 305404

File: 1672261726101.jpg (95.73 KB, 767x597, 77754.jpg)

This scene from Sex And The City

No. 305413

I like to imagine being an oppressed minority and being seduced by a hot white supremacist. A Jew in Auschwitz, a Black woman during slavery times, an Indian living under British rule.. it's all kind of hot to think about.

No. 305416

Praying this is bait. Please please please be bait.

No. 305418

NTA but why would it be a bait? "Predator/Prey" dynamic in romantic fantasies is pretty common

No. 305420

But basing it off of real fucked up events isn't.

No. 305422

File: 1672269183197.jpeg (50.02 KB, 640x574, i-know-what-you-are-dog-7b7cf2…)

No. 305423

samefag sorry for moralfagging it's just kind of uneasy that someone would sexualize something that resulted in tons of real women getting abused, raped and killed.

No. 305424

>Don't turn this into "fetishes you're ashamed of #2"

No. 305425

File: 1672269662974.jpg (94.9 KB, 1024x490, Goth-girl-by-Bryan-Ledgard-102…)

You are very unique and edgy for your rape fantasies, now get out.
Picrel is what you look like.

No. 305427

We really can't have a comfy sex thread without a stupid whore bragging about her rape fetishes. Most of you don't even have a sex drive, stop pretending.

No. 305428

File: 1672270414858.jpg (42.16 KB, 564x564, d6d2c880169259758c7bda601fc8da…)

Moid hands turn me on.

No. 305429

I clicked on this picture from the front page because I thought the hands were hot, kek. That makes two of us I guess

No. 305431

I want a tall spoop or a muscly manlet to wrestle with and throw around until he's so worked up that he can't focus on anything other than getting closer to me.
Tall spindly men are cute when they writhe while on top and lavish attention like they're some kind of spiderbeast. I also love when a guy is so short that he can put his face between my boobs when we're having sex, but I'm short enough that this almost never happens.

No. 305432

Same lol.

No. 305434

i really want to sit in front of my bf and watch him masturbate(and finish)
we are very comfortable with eachother sexually but i am just too afraid to ask

No. 305438

ask him, he'll likely be very into that idea. i have the same fanatsy and i asked my ex bf if he could do it and he was flattered and very willing. got nothing to lose nonny!

No. 305440

Men in 18th century riding boots. Seeing guys dressed like the founding fathers really gets me for some reason.

No. 305442

No. 305443

I love the idea of being a final girl in a horror movie and has the villain fall in love with her, something about it hits the right buttons for me. Also wrestling a guy bigger than me and trying to get him to submit and winning…

No. 305445

Kek I remember I got roasted for saying that I thought the men you see dressed like this riding actual horse drawn carriages in the historic part of a nearby city were attractive

No. 305451

File: 1672283383674.jpeg (713.27 KB, 1125x1501, 09ADF9E4-702D-47BE-9B19-DA9B45…)

I keep having this re-accruing fantasy where I fall for the biblical Lucifer. I summon him in a ritual and befriend him while living in an isolated community. I imagine his personality more timid, awkward, and goofy rather than the traditional demonic traits.

No. 305452

Same, probably because I'm a Jasonfag. If you haven't seen it yet, Unmasked Part 25 (1988) has this premise. It's not really romantic and is more of a horror, but part of the story is a slasher and a blind girl fall in love.

No. 305459

I want a sexy, tall guy to kneel on the floor while apologizing for being taller than me, then I want him to lick my shoes and take off my clothes without taking off my underwear so he can carry me to the bed where he will apologize for existing as he cries and keeps pleasing me, I want him to tell me that he doesn't deserve touching me or being in the same room as me, he would call himself a useless waste of space and he would ask for forgiveness.
Then he would thank me for every second he has spent with me while kissing my body.
And if I were to somehow praise him for something he has done, he would say that he's not worthy and he would apologize all of the time for having an erection.

No. 305462

File: 1672294708522.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.14 KB, 236x651, b4188a32faa52df47e495307567db1…)

On the rare occasion i have a sex dream, it's always with him no matter what.

No. 305475

File: 1672307911005.jpeg (69.25 KB, 478x478, 62793455-45C7-4250-9F4A-4A8379…)

Don’t tell me how he looked in his later years and don’t tell me his boobs are fake, I’d do anything to fuck this seven foot tall man with long hair. I have a fantasy about him being some sort of nephelim giant and me being a random peasant in like ancient Israel or some shit.
>be me, menenite, chilling in my blanket fort like the one on Joseph:King of Dreams
>a wounded nephelim brute seeks shelter in my tiny humble home
> he is looking down at me crying and begging
>I reluctantly let him in
>I tend to his wounds, one of them is on his calf and I sit on a stool right by that big ass thigh and sanitize them and wrap them up in lots of gauze
>he eats supper with me, the utensils are small in his hands and he is hunched over.
>he thanks me with his deep voice very politely
>I make him a bed in the living room
>I tell him goodnight and go to my room

No. 305476

>he is a brute but he is very polite to me so I stay up all night in my room
>I pace around nervously for a while before I quietly step in the living room
>his huge muscular body is sprawled out across the floorbed.
>he’s sleeping peacefully
>I go to the kitchen to pour myself a drink of fruit juice for some sugary energy
>I hear shuffling. Did I wake him up?
>”i can’t sleep for some reason” he tells me with a sleepy even deeper than usual voice
>”I’m so sorry, I can’t either. Maybe I can give you my bed since I’m not tired at all.”
>he smiles at me and says “that would be nice”
>we sit and chat for a little bit, I tell him how my husband is a soldier and will not return for a few more months
>he tells me that he’s not surprised I am married because I’m so beautiful
>I ask him if he has anyone in his life
>he tells me he doesn’t have a home but he’s had his eye on some ladies from time to time but it never went anywhere (I know irl Peter Steele was a huge man who’re but I don’t wanna pretend he was before modern medicine and when syphilis made your nose fall off so just suspend your disbelief)
>I take some wine out because I am actually enjoying staying up and talking, I’m usually very lonely
>”you must have a huge tolerance because you’re so big” I joke.
2/3 bigger than I thought(like his peen)

No. 305477

>I’m tipsy, I don’t know why but I haven’t realized that this giant is kind of handsome, he has strong features and long wavey dark hair and a nice smile.
>I ask him if he feels anything from the wine yet
>”not as much as you, I can tell you are woozy. Are you going to go lie down soon?”
>I take in his question and say no! My bed is his tonight.
>he tells me that I am so kind and smiles at me
>I kiss him, my face is smaller than his and he is taken aback, I hold my lips there for 3 seconds and pull back
>we look at each other and resume kissing, I climb on top of him, looking up to him
>I caress his giant shoulders and kiss all over his neck,
>he reaches down my back and scoops me up and lays me down on the table
>his huge hands undress me and continues kissing me and doing the boobsqueeze and waist feel ups
>I pull at the bottom of his shirt and take it off of him.
>We resume kissing but stop then I ask him if he’s ever wanted to be with a human before
>he says yes and asks me if I’ve ever wanted to be with a giant?
>”I have never really been around nephelim. You’re the first one I’ve seen so up close.”
>I’m sitting up on the table and he’s leaning over me with his arm propping him up.
3/4 omg really long

No. 305478

>I touch his erect schlong under his garb it is almost the size of my forearm.
>it feels moist like he precame.
>”should we go to my bed?” I ask?
>he nods and picks me up on his shoulders and then plops me down he takes off his bottoms and the dick is staring me in the face. >I grab it and put it in my mouth, and do my thing for like 45 seconds.
>I lay down and spread my legs for him to eat me out and he utilizes his giant tongue to lick all over the clitoris (my husband doesn’t do this because he thinks it’s unclean.)

No. 305479

File: 1672308203165.jpeg (334.68 KB, 621x708, 1FEA752A-69B8-4F93-8236-076970…)

>he flicks his tongue and suckles and kisses it, like he cherishes the poon
>he comes up and kisses me gently. His long hair draping at the sides.
>we briefly discuss if it’s even possible for us to do it because of our size and species difference.
>I reach down to his pp and touch it it’s rock hard and still moist with my saliva
>I guide his dick into me, he lets out a moan and I feel it push in,
>the missionary sex begins
>when it’s all the way in I gasp. It’s a 9 incher my husband is like 5 inches and I was a virgin when I married him, I didn’t know what I was getting into.
>I start to think,can I have a nephelim baby?
>as he is still thrusting in and out I speak,”when you feel like you will finish, pull out”
>we hump for a little bit longer before he shoots his load onto my belly it’s like a copious amount, it doesn’t surprise me because after all he is a big dude
>we cuddle afterwards and he holds me in his huge arms and lets me play with his hair.

He’s so hot I got sort of carried away

No. 305480

File: 1672308344373.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 95.16 KB, 500x679, 1CE958F1-83F4-48CA-B97C-A4D357…)

Anyways I am so not ashamed because I am a size queen and Peter steel has a pretty proportionate dick for his size, unfortunately all the tall guys I’ve been with have been sort of disappointing. Hopefully i find a giant man with a giant swingin dick it is my ultimate fantasy

No. 305483

That was very wholesome anon, thanks for sharing!

No. 305493

His dick is long, but it's so thin. Not very appetizing

No. 305498

Slightly embarrassed by this. Recently I’ve been fantasizing about doing some fairly vanilla hypno-play on my bf. He’s fairly stoic, so I guess the appeal is in seeing him lose control a little bit. In the fantasy we eventually get to a point where he has so much trust in me he lets me plant triggers he’s unaware of, because he knows I would never do anything harmful to him or to myself.

One day I put the horny spell on him. While he’s tranced and unaware of my doings, I hypnotize him to get instantly hard as soon as he sees me, but only when we’re at home and it’s safe and so on. He will feel an urge to touch me, undress me, want to be inside me, but in addition to this he also feels intense and overwhelming love for me. I also implant a secret trigger; every time he hears me humming “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head” it will deepen the spell.

No. 305499

So he gets home from work and I’m already in the midst of making dinner. I greet him the way I usually do, with a hug, and can feel him holding me tighter than normal. He looks at me a bit surprised and embarrassed. “How was your day?” I ask him as I return to the stove. “Fine” he replies. He sneaks up to hug me from behind and starts feeling up my waist. “I’m so horny” he laughs sheepishly, pressing into me. I smile and tell him he can wait, as dinner is almost ready. My spell is working, so I want to make the most out of it and tease him a bit first. I start setting the table, humming while I’m doing it: “A raindrop is falling on my head-”, but he grabs my arms gently and bends me over the table. “I love you so much,” he says, grinding on me. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s gotten into me”. He starts kissing my neck and tries to lift my shirt up. I feel myself getting excited too but manage to compose myself. “Let’s wait until we’ve finished eating,” I repeat. He lets go of me with a deep shaky breath. I make him finish setting the table while I finish up the dinner and resume my singing, “And just like the guy who’s feet are too big for his head..”

No. 305500

You get the gist. Eventually I tease him so much he “loses” control and I give in to his advances. We have passionate loving vanilla sex in the missionary position while he looks me in the eyes and apologizes and tells me how much he loves me and in the end nuts deep inside me. The spell lingers for a few hours then gradually wears off.

No. 305502

maybe the hypno is part of your fetish but if you want to achieve something similar irl just don't have sex with your moid for like a week.
my personal thing i like is seeing my bf after a while apart and he is so desperate for me but i choke him and tease him and edge him and he loses his composure and just begs for me and tells me how much he loves me and wants me. i think it's a combo of wanting to feel wanted and the spider thing >>305431 was talking about

No. 305504

File: 1672325461945.jpeg (181.11 KB, 750x763, 1647644201493.jpeg)

No. 305505

File: 1672325707899.jpeg (83.26 KB, 800x524, 507FAD29-AA39-4B17-B011-CC07CC…)

Have any of you nonnies ever had an MMF threesome, two guys and you?

I’m not sure if I genuinely like the idea of it for what it is, or if I like the idea of a boyfriend wanting to impress me by being “one of the cool guys” and putting aside feelings of jealousy just to please me. I have a feeling it might be a revenge thing based on what men think women should be willing to do for them.

No. 305510

Someone tell her about pregnant Anne Frank.

No. 305542

my most persistent sexual fantasy is being a sex/companionship robot (a tasteful naturalistic one, not a disgusting silicone cartoon) on whom hot robotics engineers have to perform a series of compromising diagnostic tests to ensure my nerve endings and nervous reflexes are functioning correctly

No. 305547

File: 1672339122414.gif (895.2 KB, 540x304, tumblr_2b686666491d3007b5c2ee6…)

I want an Edward Furlong prototype

No. 305802

Not even a fujo but it's a dream of mine to have an MMF threesome with two bi men

No. 305804

File: 1672453652614.jpeg (40.28 KB, 500x578, EBB5356F-32F8-4CE4-9734-C3C6CF…)

Posted this in the wrong thread RIP

I always wanted her…carnally

No. 305839

What do you want to do to her (or her to you), anon?

No. 305844

I've had mfm threesomes when I was single. I won't say I'd never do it again, but I don't think I would while in a relationship. I've posted about it before, but I have a fantasy of doing a mmf threesome with my bf and his bi friend, having bf receiving. He's straight as far as I know, but that just makes it hotter to me. I'll probably never tell him about it because realistically speaking I know it's a terrible idea and I'm way too insecure to bring a third party into the bedroom, but I love the image of him getting boned while fucking me as I'm petting his face and he's all embarrassed over how much he enjoys it.

No. 305874

most unrealistic part is the hot robotics engineers damn poor nonny

No. 305883


I want her to pick me up by my pigtails and throw me. Or just have rough, toe curling sex with me. I feel like she’d be rough on me

No. 305912

I have one fantasy which I've always loved since forever and nothing else turns me on more:

I am someone's right hand woman. Personal assistant, I guess. Either they work in the military or politics or something (details don't matter). They rely on me for appointments to be scheduled, documents to be signed on time, organizing events, and the like. After all, they have a reputation to upkeep, and they can't possibly remember everything on their own. They rely on me, yet I am nothing but an object to them. They don't see me as someone with feelings, but someone who they can order around and manipulate.

After a long day at work, the best way for them to unwind is by using me. That way, I am truly of use to them in every way possible. Either we go to a hotel room (as we don't want anyone knowing what someone so high profile is up to), or we just stay at the office after everyone else is gone. Either way, I am his to do whatever he desires with.

I've never actually written this down before so I hope people get what I'm going for here.

No. 305926

Ahahahah nonny, I thought about adding a remark saying EXACTLY that to my original post but didn’t want to upset any anons with engineer boyfriends.

No. 305927

File: 1672529045248.jpg (134.33 KB, 1011x1011, giant woman.jpg)

not really sexual but ever since i was like 11 i often fantasized about having a big mermaid girlfriend. sometimes i think about being the mermaid but i don't think that's for me. kind of like ponyo's mom. i think it's almost hot to me the danger of being in the middle of the ocean with a creature that big, then realizing she's humanlike. the fear turns into a thrill and maybe that's what makes me think it's hot. like the idea that she could hurt me immensely if she wanted and not knowing whether or not she would plus being met with an uncanny creature in a foreign place in the middle of nowhere with no way to flee. it's specifically a mermaid in the middle of the ocean where i'm a humble lonesome poor fisher who suddenly sees a huge thing breaking the ocean surface poking out of the water.
i had a friend that made fun of me and accused me of having a giantess fetish but i literally don't actual giant women make me feel nothing it's just mermaids, really. i'm not opposed to a giant squid woman though…

No. 305929

I don’t get it, but I do love it for you nonny

No. 305953

But what if, behind her harsh exterior, she actually wants to be dominated by someone else? Could you still accept her, anon?

No. 305958

nta but that would make it so much better. Big intimidating women who want to be held and cherished are the best.

No. 305967

I feel you nonny. Most of the time vagina doesn't do much for me but vagina on mermaids, yes please!

No. 305972

ayrt and i'm a 'mo so they definitely do it for me most of the time but i get it. mermaids are intriguingly hot
thank you for your kindness nonita…

No. 305993


Oh that would be even more gold. Tbh I’m into after care as well so in my brain, after she eats the living shit out of me, we snuggle in bed and I massage her muscles because she just had an intense workout. She’s getting wined and dined too, Ms Trunchbull is not a common whore

No. 305995

I meant “beats the living shit out of me” but I like pussy eating too so I’m not deleting

No. 306032

File: 1672648646065.jpg (58.85 KB, 795x608, lolniceills2.jpg)

I've had this knocking around in my head for a while now. It'll never happen IRL but that's a good thing.

I imagine getting hired to do graphics/editorial illustrations for a popular talk show. I come in to the office for the interview, chat with the producer, and get hired. On the second day of working, I'm introduced to the host of the show after running into him unexpectedly. (I secretly have a crush on him IRL.) I do my best to come across as being cool, professional, and charming. I tell him shit like "I'll do my best to make the art funny/well-drawn."

The excitement of seeing my art on his show that evening doubles when people on the internet screencap it, make memes from it (involving him, shooping him INTO my art, etc.), and rave about it. (For the record, this talk show DOES use art/funny Photoshopped pics, but it's so boomer-tier quality, I really could do better than whoever they currently use.) The next day, as I walk into work, the producer, my boss, and the host flag me down to come into his office to chat about what a great show last night was. I'd probably be all bashful and shit. The camaraderie would take off from there.

I'd do my best to make sure the art worked with him, and didn't take away from his monologues. Like a good comedy partner. I'd be his silent sidekick each evening. Eventually, after months of working there, I'd eventually integrate into the production crew's culture. I'd be one of the family. But still enough of an outlier that I'd only very rarely talk to the show's host, let alone see him. Then one night, after a record-breaking show, we'd get a staff-wide email that the show has been nominated for awards, or broken the Nielsen ratings. Then, later in the evening, we'd get another email saying we should "celebrate" tomorrow.

I'd show up to work the next day, and as soon as I stepped through the doors to our offices, I'd get summoned all the way to the very back of the floor, where the host's office is. His office doesn't have any glass doors or walls. It's rather big, too. I'd walk in, and see nearly everyone who works on the show crammed into the office. It's standing room only.

At the center of the crowd is a nice writing desk. Lying on his back on the desk is the host of this award-winning show, getting spitroasted. It's silent except for the heavy breathing, and the host moaning desperately. I'm one of the few women who work on the show, but some of them are wearing strap-ons. Everyone is waiting their turn, although some just want to watch forever. The host, a normally nicely-dressed man who wears a suit and a tie, is a fucking mess. He's in his suit and tie, but the jacket and shirt are open and his pants are long gone. Through the crowd I'm ushered towards the beginning of the line. My contributions to the show have garnered me a higher place, I guess. The two people fucking the host have finished, and as I move up, we make eye contact. This is how the crew thank this guy for all the work that he's done, all the flak he's gotten over the years. It's unspoken. It's like the bond soldiers in a platoon have with one another. This is my chance to show him how much I've been attracted to him for.

No. 306047

LMAO beat you and eat you, that's hilarious. What a dream woman

No. 306083

The opposite sounds much better

No. 306159

File: 1672740412355.gif (664.55 KB, 498x270, 6AEA087B-0453-4F98-983B-0F1165…)

I love being eaten out/fucked on my period, it’s so much better than regular sex. There’s more moisture and your hormones are crazy I’m doing an intentional dry spell on the bf right now, weaseling out of sex, not gonna do him until the hormones tell me to. It’s gonna be grandiose.

No. 306224

Genuine question because I've thought of trying this but won't the iron smell be unbearable for the partner to eat you out?? Or is he used to it. I just feel so self conscious and gross yet I want to try something with my bf during since it's unbearable at times. Also who's the guy in gif

No. 307147

>never yells or cries
>doesn't mope or give silent treatment, call names, or get pissy
>cool as a cucumber under pressure and knows when to control a situation
>tall, 6'1-6'4, and built as well but not fat in any way with big arms
>minimal but present body hair, small chest hair and treasure trail and not too much arm hair and 0 shoulder or back hair
>short nails and strong tan hands
>wears nice fitting jeans, has a thick firm ass, wears a belt buckle and slightly tucks his shirt on
>has a big meaty uncut cock, it's big even when it's soft and flops heavily out of his boxers when he pulls them down, and he has big balls that aren't saggy and a trimmed pubes and he's always clean and smells just like his cologne never like peepee or ballsweaty even when I kiss and smell his warm hard dick
>he has long hair but it's not stringy or disgusting like normal guys with long hair it's slightly wavy and it's soft and cascades down his built smooth shoulders
>he has an adonis belt and a well defined clavicle
>he smells like spices and his breath is fresh
>he has a few tattoos and a piercing not on the gay ear
>he moans really loud when I do anything to him
>he never hits me or is rough or sexually abusive he only wants to make me cum
>is really strong but controls his strength and never hurts me
>when I say don't stop during sex he doesn't stop and maintains the exact rythmn requested
>his dick is so big it should hurt when he's banging me but it doesn't because he made me cum 3x before he even put it in and he thrusts with powerful deep continuous strokes and doesn't make an ugly face when he cums
>he doesn't get too sweaty either and doesn't put weight on me
>holds me just enough afterwards and doesn't crowd me
>wants round 2 or 3 and has 0 refractory period
>afterwards gets me a big glass of ice water with a straw and calls me my princess
I barely ask for much why are men so fucking greedy

No. 307192

I love you size queen anon

No. 307223

File: 1673324250264.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 33.22 KB, 359x398, BF681C76-2F08-44A2-B440-ABC58A…)

One of my most common fantasies is having a date with a hot guy and just being a cute, maybe a bit obnoxious couple, the kind that wears matching clothes, spends the day looking into each other's eyes and constantly flirts.
Then, when we're back home, maybe from the beach, maybe after going back from shopping, hell, maybe we could be coming back from church. We would just kiss as if we missed each other for months, and he would take off my clothes while kissing any millimeter of skin that gets exposed.
He would take off my bra and suddenly be extremely gentle because he would know I'm sensitive, so that contrast would be sweet, from being desperate, groping me and gently biting me, to caressing me and licking me as if he was afraid of breaking me.
He would be just the perfect guy, tall, pale, preferably a blond, with green eyes maybe and a few freckles, he would be a gym rat and he would have a beautiful body, his dick would be uncut, huge, with decent sized balls, but not wrinkly balls because that's gross, and he would have some pubic hair but just trimmed, his happy trail would be really cute, not huge and bushy of course, I want to pet it, I don't know I like how artist draw them sometimes, I managed to find a nice example of what I would want to see irl.
He would feel ticklish and he would have a really cute laughter, so I would pet him more as we cuddle.
Then he would take off his clothes and he would ask for me to get comfortable, he would make me orgasm a few times, like those would be toe curling orgasms, the kinds that sometimes makes you get cramps on your leg for some reason.
He would be hard all of the time and he wouldn't even dare to touch himself because he would prefer edging and making sure I'm feeling good.
We would do it in missionary position and he would be really slow and gentle, asking if I'm okay, if he's doing good, and being a bit overwhelming but that would be cute. I like to think that he would be blushing because he wouldn't be used to looking at me like that and he would always be amazed by anything we do together.
After a while of just getting used to the sensations and what not he would be the kind that goes hard but slow, he would kiss me as much as possible and he would hold me closely, and whenever we would change the position for one reason or another, he would get even more clingy and he would hug me tightly.
I also want to feel his weight over me, he would make sure to not crush me though.
He would have some really nice moans, not too high pitched, not too low, just nice, and he would just call me cute things and tell me that he loves me.
Then at the end of the whole thing, he loses control and cums inside, then I would be like "oh no, what if I get pregnant" in a flat tone because it would be a safe day, and he would just hug me tightly and tell me that he would be the happiest man on earth.

No. 307225

his nipples are looking in two different directions

No. 307226

Aww this is so sweet I want a sweet big dick man too anon.

No. 307231

Yes, I've done this twice as a single woman. Both times were with the guy I was seeing at the time and separate friends of his who I also knew. The guys never did anything to one another, which I'm glad, I wouldn't have been into that. The second time I had a threesome, I honestly thought the guy was gay or at least bi, but he never touched the guy I was seeing.

No. 307234

File: 1673333850982.jpeg (45.1 KB, 720x295, B066B290-CA84-48AB-86FD-288DA6…)

I’ve been thinking so much about my story in my head right now, which is really just a series of scenarios to fantasize about my ideal types of men living their lives out in depravity and being sexually exploited for my pleasure. mostly the idea of my somewhat hot famous male musician showing sympathy for an unattractive disfigured young woman by giving her pity sex after meeting her on those spacious 1970s planes. im just just so particularly transfixed by this era of men and society and culture even though it was degenerate as fuck, a lot of my stories revolve around men in power being evil moids. not really a sexual thing, but more of a plot point and for my female characters to outwit and destroy them by their own form of manipulation. i’ll probably write more in this thread but this is my current fixation now lol

No. 307262

He has prey nipples.

No. 307555

Are you the Holocaust-chan from the last "fetishes you are ashamed of" thread?
I am not gonna lie, I sometimes think about asking my nigel to wear a wehrmacht uniform just to see his reaction

No. 307975

File: 1673748724945.jpg (48.56 KB, 716x800, 918283747.jpg)

I want to correctively rape a gay man and have no shame in it.

No. 307980

I'm jealous, I've always wanted to do it but my fiance would never. Brought it up to him once asking if he'd be interested and he acted like I was asking to cheat and leave him

No. 308001

A fantasy that has played out, but I would like it to continue to play out.
I got fucked up with one of friends who is a “mtf” moid, cute though definitely has something I can work with. We ended up having sex and I’m now getting texts asking if it would be strange for him to be more masculine. The sex was okay at best but the euphoria of getting him to his senses? Priceless. He’s asking what he can do to make it more enjoyable for me and I know it won’t lead anywhere but fellow nonnas, I am enjoying the hell out of this kek

No. 308083

Ew you fucked a tranny. Disgusting

No. 308112

Big buff men with small women engaging in passionate sex focused on her pleasure, there's something about the mental image of a large manly man feverishly licking and kissing the pussy of a woman half (or even less) his size to multiple orgasms that drives me wild.

No. 308245

So, did you respect his pronouns?

No. 308279

Sounds pedoish ngl

No. 308286

Nta but a size difference preference doesn't mean pedophilia. Goddamn, can't I as a womanlet enjoy the fantasy of a big buff man being gentle with me and focusing on my pleasure?

No. 308341

Sorry for being below 5'

No. 310101

File: 1674529827243.png (386.24 KB, 500x626, darkacademiadream2.png)

picrel is for inspo. There’s a lot of build up before the juicy stuff, but the yearning is what's sexually important to me. It’s got big dark academia vibes. Idc if it’s dumb zoomer shit, I love the look of it. Prepare yourself to cringe, this is literally what I imagine at night before bed. Thank you >>305475 for practically just sharing a fanfic.

>I’m a graduate student getting her M.S. in medieval art history at a prestigious college, located in the countryside of Ireland.

>Enter my self-appointed collegiate nemesis, the son of the Dean.
>Tall (6’2”) broody, raven haired, broad shouldered with wire rimmed glasses. He can be found wearing a dark brown tweed suit most days.
>He’s usually sullen, and he can barely disguise his haughtiness.
>We have heated discussions in our shared classes, and I win most of them much to his dismay.
>I get back to my dorm room only to find a wax sealed letter with the school’s insignia, and the letter instructs me to meet them in the abandoned rooftop conservatory above the library at midnight. The letter includes instructions on how to use a hidden broken door at the back of the building to avoid detection.
>I mull it over but decide to go anyway. my phone is dead so I go by candlelight
>I anxiously arrive in the middle of the once prominent conservatory; half dead plants and vines cover every surface. I see a candelabra lit up and sitting on the brick lining of a dried out fountain in the middle of the main room, with a large brooding figure’s back being illuminated in the dark
>He turns towards me, it’s him. He has a measured look on his face.
>He accuses me of intentionally trying to make him out to look like an idiot. I deny his accusations and say it’s his own fault for not being able to best me at anything.
>He slowly walks up to me and wonders aloud in a raspy tone “surely, there’s something I can bet you at”
>He plays with a lock/curl of my hair between two of his fingers, his breath brushes my face with how close he is.
>He snakes his hand around my waist and waits for my resistance.
>I’m too shocked to react, but also surprisingly aroused. Fear leaves my body and is replaced with curiosity.
>He moves away too soon for my own liking.
>I take a few steps back before quickly rushing back to my dorm, disturbed by the fire that’s just been lit in me.
>The next day, we once again have a particularly heated debate in class. As soon as the class is over, I walk outside into a long hallway leading to the usually abandoned outdoor courtyard. I can hear him quickening his pace behind me, and he traps me between his arm and the stone column behind me.
>His breathing is huffy, and I can feel myself reluctantly becoming magnetized by him.
>He grits his teeth, and I can see his jaw tighten before he manages to muster out “you are the most insufferable woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of becoming obsessed with”
>while in a state of shock from the latter half of his confession, he seizes the moment to feverishly capture my lips with his own, as he places his hand tenderly on the side of my face
>I recover from the shock and respond in kind. He takes the invitation to go further and begins to wander my body with the other hand.
>I can feel his growing excitement against my abdomen, and I can’t help but rut against him
>a low and controlled short moan can be heard escaping his mouth
>we break away at the sound of conversations in growing closer in the courtyard.

No. 310103

File: 1674531034048.gif (1.17 MB, 618x427, download (17).gif)

What the fuck

No. 310104

Nonnie, this is art.

No. 310105

They don't even fuck, they barely kiss, she doesn't go into the humiliation aspects, I think this guy's just a stand-in for Harry Potter, he didn't even moan like a slut at the end- give me something to work with

No. 310107

typo i want to correct because i'm anal and want my dream to be accurate
>“surely, there’s something I can best you at”

No. 310108

nonna, i just love longing and enemies to lovers tropes. This is my set-up before they fuck, ok? I'm too shy to actually type out the act, but this is still a sexual fantasy (to me at least)

>harry potter

ew? what part of haughty, broody, 6 foot academic is like harry potter? pick up a book, he's modeled after Henry from The Secret History.

No. 310113

That gum you like is–

No. 310114

File: 1674536063460.gif (780.31 KB, 500x380, sakura.gif)

I'm waiting for them to be paired up as partners for some sort of class debate, and at first they clash with one another, but then after getting humiliated by their opponents, they decide to stop arguing for two seconds and actually put together a well-formed counterargument. And then they both watch each other debate and act all serious and professional, and then they look like picrel

No. 310116

card captor sakura gif means you're super based nonna. im ngl, the support is making me get giddy. I want more nonna's to post their fantasies.

No. 310119

File: 1674540579400.png (Spoiler Image, 1.81 MB, 1312x835, lee.PNG)

Here's one of mine, that I think about frequently. Picrel is who I usually imagine it with.
>I enter a dark apartment, it's vast and lined with glass windows that overlook the city skyline
>There's a single light on in the kitchen, and I'm wearing a sexy, slinky black dress and heels
>Taking a bottle of wine from the rack, I pour out a glass of red and take a swig.
>Look over to him, gagged, all four limbs bound to a chair.
>There's inherent fear in his eyes.
>I slink my way up to him and remove the gag.
>Tell him how much fun I had on my date, and that I hope he was suffering the whole time he's been sitting here.
>He goes to respond and I strike him hard across the face
>"Did I say you could speak?"
>"No b-"
>I strike him again.
>"I said, did I SAY you could speak?"
>He furiously shakes his head
>I laugh, take another swig from my glass, and dump the rest on his face.
>He pleads and begs with me, a sad soulfulness in his eyes
>"What the fuck did I say about speaking?"
>I kick over his chair and knock him out

Then obviously with how pent up I was I use him for sex later, probably while he's still tied up and sticky from the wine.

No. 310122

AYRT d'awww stawp it you. I love the enemies-to-friends-to-lovers storyline, too, especially if it never quite condenses firmly into "lovers". The chase and the teasing keeps it alive and fresh, imho.

No. 310181

even if it’s not my thing, i always have to respect nonnas who enjoy humiliating and punishing men. it’s what they deserve

No. 310186

File: 1674595878719.jpg (361.14 KB, 718x1000, severian_and_the_undine.jpg)

Seems like nonna wants to meet the brides of Abaia

No. 310202

Sometimes I wish I could shrink to 20cm tall.

No. 310231

I got a retarded size difference fantasy:
>be me
>be of regular height for a woman, not too short, not too tall
>meet hot guy who is really tall
>we get along
>we start dating
>then the day comes
>it's the day in which we will have sex for the first time
>he tells me that he doesn't want me to freak out so we just make out and he fondles me
>be too retarded to know what to do
>spill spaghetti
>he asks if I've ever masturbated with a dildo
>asks how many fingers I can put in
>show him two fingers
>he looks at my hand
>he looks at his hand
>he takes my hand
>there's a ridiculously huge difference between our hands
>he politely asks if he can finger me
>he's very gentle and keeps kissing me, telling me that I'm beautiful, cute, perfect, sweet, that he loves me and that he wants to be with me forever and ever, and ever, and ever
>he licks my pussy as he keeps fingering me
>makes me cum like 4 times
>he asks if it will really be okay if he puts it in
>it's actually humongous but I'm too horny
>it actually feels really good
>he's particularly clingy and doesn't want to let go of me
>after a few rounds we spend the rest of the afternoon making out

No. 310232

i wanna lick doug walkers teeth

No. 310234

Hot and very similar to my own fantasies ilu nona

No. 310255

File: 1674649695359.png (Spoiler Image, 350.31 KB, 750x563, tumblr_e484eca2c4d027faa1ee20f…)

my bf

No. 310262

File: 1674659578913.jpg (64.16 KB, 750x747, tumblr_4e2b73863f3c3dc3474b56d…)

Based respectful love making

No. 310294

disgusting belly button

No. 310296

I also fantasize about wrestling someone bigger & stronger than me and winning and making them submit to me. I'm a fairly tall strong girl irl and the thought of dominating a manlet or womanlet does nothing for me, I guess I like a challenge lol

No. 310297

Lol I love you based Trunchbull-chans

No. 310301

forgive me if this is too degenerate of a fantasy but i want to stalk and hunt a cute muscular guy, hold him at knifepoint, smother him with my pussy, rip his clothes and use his dick for a while and then snuff him out.

is this based or am i just crazy

No. 310302

No. 310313

I wanna take a cold shower/ice bath/roll around in the snow idfk and then have a guy warm me up by fucking me, holding me close etc

Also I have cold hands all the time and my ex used to love when I jerked him off with them. He would jump from the initial touch on his cock it was so cute lulz

No. 310314

Based, I used to imagine this exact scenario with my husbando

No. 310322

Back when I had a psycho husbando I used to fantasise about the same thing. Who is yours?

No. 310329

I want to facefuck a guy. Just hold his head in place as he sticks his tongue out and I get to use him for my pleasure…

No. 310339

murder fantasies are fucked up no matter the gender.

No. 310341

> the gender

No. 310349

kek the mental image of passionate gentle sex with tf2 sound effects

No. 310386

won't someone PLEASE think of the poor helpless men??!?

No. 310407

File: 1674771625953.jpg (43.08 KB, 563x774, 4102cdfcf0b6140c54025ff2a37409…)

I can't stop thinking about handsome guys in 1920's swimsuits after one nona posted a pic like that. It's my new thing.

No. 310461

File: 1674829692186.gif (28.66 KB, 220x220, cat-blank-face.gif)

Why am I so into quiet men-not the shy, unconfident type-but the confident kind who only speaks when needed?
I thought it was because men only ever say dumb shit, but there's gotta more to it, no?

No. 310498

I know what you mean. I thought I wanted to date a shy guy, so I dated a few. They're usually very dependent on you (usually they have you, and a friend or two) & tend to dump alllll their baggage on you. Most of them were embarrassing to bring to parties b/c of how unsociable / awkward they were. So I changed my tune and went on a few dates with extroverted guys– not it either. They're loud, loves to talk over you, and oftentimes a fuckboy. I'd love a confident man who only speaks when necessary.

No. 310622

In all my fears and entwined sexuality, my thirsting and my pathetic bid for validation, I finally meet the man of my dreams and my nightmares and we have a sordid affair. From first encounter he knows exactly, exactly who I am, how resisting we both are, attracted to physicality alone. Hypothetically he's been stalking me for godknowshowlong, but likes to call me his stalker. A week of passionate, sloppy, filthy, never before seen sex, that only such a contradiction of love and hate between two intense, awful people could churn out. An intimacy between two people whose love has turned extremely acrid. It's disgusting, it's raw, it's traumatizing, and it's sexy for no explainable reason.

No. 312097

I don't know if the clown thread prohibits hornyposting so I'll put this here. don't read this
Sex with a mime bf: the wackiest sex imaginable, legs getting folded like a balloon animal just all sorts of crazy flexible sex positions, he can get very creative with his hands, sweat and grease paint flying everywhere, when he cooms a deck of cards shoots out his dick. Clown sex is the same but louder and it's a long line of handkerchiefs instead of cards. I want a threesome with The Garden so bad please kill me.

No. 312098

Nonas,,, i kept looking up if it was possible to get pregnant by xyz date and a lot of tinfoil because i have an excessive fantasy of being pregnant. I only had sex once but there would have to be a miracle by god if i were to be pregnant, i just want to be pregnant, then he would have to marry me and have a beautiful family

No. 312110

What is with this board and uncut cocks kek, am i the only one that prefers cut?

No. 312135

I wouldn't date a mangled man

No. 312139

You're not alone. Never been with uncut, wouldn't want to, personally.

No. 312148

This, granted I’m slightly dick obsessed. To me it’s a turnoff knowing the guy isn’t feeling all the feels. There was another anon posting about how cut guys are doomed to become coomers because of their numb dicks, and while it’s a bit mean and exaggerated I think there’s something to it lol. The foreskin helps with keeping a dick lubricated and also provides sensation by moving up and down, so when it’s gone you’re left with a dry and numb dickhead. Cut guys need more stimuli to get off and at the same time their dick feels more dry and painful than silky uncut dick. I also think intact dicks look cuter than cut ones when they are erect. I know not all cut dicks are the same, but there are few things more horrifying than those super crusty mushroom-like circumcised ones. There’s no excuse for circumcision unless there’s a medical reason behind it.

No. 312150

Meh. If it means they last longer and don't have that odd smell/taste it's worth it imo

No. 312152

I prefer circumcised dicks all the way, simply because most men are unhygienic degenerate freaks who don’t know how to wash their genitals properly and let weeks of dickcheese sit in the foreskin

No. 312181

I lost my virginity to an uncut guy and I thought all dicks were like that for a while kek.. I don’t necessarily mind them but I hate it when uncut dicks have that extra little bit of skin poking up at the tip…hard to describe so hopefully someone knows what I mean. it’s really hard to get past it and gives me the ick

No. 312187

Is it that hard to imagine your fantasy guy in the sexual fantasies thread would wash his dick?

No. 312431

People always say cut is dry but, uncut looks greasy/oily and i don't like that. Also can't they use lotion?

No. 312445

>There’s no excuse for circumcision unless there’s a medical reason behind it.
This is my main reason for liking uncut. I fucking hate that in this day and age, society still lets men touch infants and circumcise them against their will, all under the guise of "religion". That's absolutely fucked.

No. 312459

nta it's aidan turner

No. 312493

Men push their cum on women and don't care if it's gross, or if they do that's the appeal for them.

No. 312502

I knew this uncut dude who jerked off five times a day, i feel most cut dudes couldn't manage to do that so being that pornsick could be harder if a dude was cut.

No. 312505

>i feel most cut dudes couldn't manage to do that so being that pornsick could be harder if a dude was cut.
not really, they just use shittons of lotion

No. 312509

Uncut dick this, cut dick that, muh nerves, muh coomers. Shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up!
I don't give a fuck about my fantasy moids' dicks, they're dicks, I can describe them depending on what's appealing to me in the moment, but I'm not asking myself if he would like it if he was real because he's a fake fantasy moid and not a real moid.
Stop talking about dicks, take it to the dick thread or whatever, this thread is for posting sexual fantasies, not to discuss whether it would be factible or not that an anon would find a sexy vampire and time travel to a clean version of a period novel without polio and short life expectancy.

No. 312530

AYRT I just think it's unfair I can't ever get to experience it plus I heard they feel better

No. 312996

File: 1676543751166.gif (524.11 KB, 512x256, 5UCQ.gif)

One of the author anons from the last thread checking in. I've gotten a lot of good work done since last thread, I have several drafts half done and a filing system down for everything I'm working on. Other projects + general life stuff permitting, I'm hoping to have at least three e-books for sale by the end of this year. Thank you all for not making me feel so cringe for writing about Viking gangbangs.
Also my two cents, uncut is supreme. I don't want to fuck a guy and have it in the back of my mind that he was mutilated as a baby.

No. 312997

I'm a good country girl, I like it un-cut.
It fits in the butt better when it's un-cut.

No. 313000

No. 313019

You disgusting thing.

No. 313039

>autistic love for uncut cocks and buttsex
Faggot spotted.

No. 313045

File: 1676585326084.jpeg (15.83 KB, 218x250, nb643ae8fd530a5a56c3a5e1677760…)

Congratulations anon! I'm glad that your making your way to success in doing something you like and it's a good thing you are keeping everything organised as that is often something people don't do and get slowed by it. Wishing you luck on finishing and selling three e-books by the end of this year ♥
Loved your writing and I know that other do too.

No. 313046

samefag but what I mean with
>selling three e-books
is that you managed to but it on the market and sell many copies of it

No. 313048

wow nonnie this pretty much happened to me word for word with a 6'5 moid except he didn't make me cum he was a liar and there were no tf2 sound effects

No. 313083

I hope you can get yourself a cute moid that won't lie and will do tf2 sound effects with you, nonnie.

No. 313595

I want to talk to this anon in a thread i frequent because i get very horny when i do things that you're not supposed to do like i want to know their identity like i get super fucking horny whenever i think about this little deranged anon, like are you normal? probably not i dont care fuck me please i just i have the hugest fucking turn on to make people come out of their shells and just spill it all just like how i want them to spill into me

No. 313596

No. 313627

guy with long curvy cock, libido ever-willing and no refractory period, the dream, the dream

No. 313630

speaking from a wealth of experience: this and this.

No. 313653

I kinda hate myself for this but I want my college teacher to have sex with me as a punishment. He's mid, 5'10, and maybe in his 30s idk, but he's so weird and intimidating that it's hard to watch him squash the whole class under his thumb and not feel a bit turned on by the idea of him bending me over a table

No. 314098

I want to be an explorer and run into an indigenous tribe and they all think im exotic and cool and all the men worship me maybe even some lesbos could worship me (don't roll that way but that's very flattering) and I have all the cute (I'd like to think like this is in South America) native dudes throwing themselves at me. These dudes who are like so lean and buff and just wear little loincloths, little sluts if you will. I form a harem of the cutest ones and the big ones carry me around and act as my body guards but the smaller ones act as my servants and I sit in a hut getting my pussy eaten and having trains ran on me by these wild indigenous men

No. 314103

Maybe this kind of racism is hot

No. 314105

What do you think about Polynesian dudes? I think they're pretty hot most of the time, especially in that one tiktok of some Polynesian dudes eating papaya

No. 314238

File: 1677275293480.jpg (107.67 KB, 1023x685, 487905367_15b7a39d06_b.jpg)

No. 314243

Can't link to the specific timestamp but papaya eating starts at 5:04

No. 314261

Oh damn

No. 314262

Same nona. I’m super attracted to a certain type of indigenous men and to be honest I just wanna be railed by the hottest ones, one after another.

No. 314266


No. 314365

No. 314395

File: 1677414790311.jpg (113.33 KB, 800x442, tumblr_o70vu5fqr61qzxeqqo3_r1_…)

I want a gallant serving knight so badly…

No. 314523

Esp the loyal and sweet kind, and always concerned for his love's safety, the best kind of submission.

No. 314906

FML, yes

No. 314946

A while ago some anon posted Big Boss and when I saw him I remembered this older guy in his early thirties who used to be my oneitis a few years ago. Back then he looked a lot like Big Boss. I never met him personally, just saw him once, but I was told by a mutual friend that he's shy as fuck. It's been years and I still daydream about riding that guy while I grab his hair.

No. 314967

There’s this guy I always see n I always sit behind him, he works out clearly but his bad is so wide and sometimes I just want to hug him from the back he also has these down turned sleepy eyes and it’s so beautiful like I want him to look up at me but he’s like wayyy taller then an me so..

I’ve always had a thing for guys with downturned eyes but this guys makes me feel things (only from his physicals, he kinda anime obsessed but he also is an arts/music student so….)

No. 314969

It’s a shame bcus the few times I spoke to him was when I was doing a group project with him about a literature cliche and it was mostly about sex, Bcus my class is MOSTLY gurls we don’t talk about things like that but when I sat with him to do the work he kept obsessing/staying on the sex scenes which was kinda weird Bcus of weird the sex was, pretty kinky shit, and knowing he’s into anime was a big turn off

I watch anime just guys that are into anime LIKE THAT is weird

No. 314971

since we're sharing cringe i went to a con with this bunch random people and this one guy was so fucking ugly but like in the exact way i like, receded jaw noodle arms and weird teeth and stuff BUT he had a cringe ass anime 4chan tshirt and thats where i draw the line. well i still thought about fucking him when he sat next to me on the bus. if he didnt have the retarded tshirt i stg i would've asked for his number. sorry just needed to get it off my chest.

No. 314978

Where's the sexual fantasy tho, this is not absolutely retarded shitposting thread

No. 314980


You want me to go into detail?
I felt a bit ashamed Cus he’s such a nerd

No. 314981

i dont think anons go to /ot/ for this content…. but you're right ill have to get hornier next time.

No. 314988

This is /g/

No. 315770

i'm sooo horny, i want to get railed by the line cooks at my job. Not all at once but like i pretty much want to fuck half of them.

No. 316273

File: 1678471899712.png (419.02 KB, 680x368, neofolk twink copypasta.png)

mine is picrel
wehrmacht didn't run the camps. they were generic soldiers. you're looking for the ss. the historical illiteracy on this imageboard is very bad for my tism.

No. 317492

fuck it.
i'm thinking about my husbando. i like to imagine bathing in a lake with him, washing his big shoulders and washing his hair as he rests his head on my lap.
i imagine him being unable to hold himself back and then we have seggs, and afterwards he rests his head on my chest as i stroke his hair.
i am so done with 3dpd.

No. 317495

i think this should go in the Retarded Husbando Hornyposting Thread nona >>>/g/314785

No. 317514

File: 1679174545680.jpg (58.36 KB, 1000x1000, 2373 TALL CHEFS HAT-1000x1000.…)

I have a sexual fantasy where my head chef gets so frustrated by me messing up a recipe that he picks me up, sits me on one of our workstations, and has sex with me as punishment. I can imagine putting my head on his shoulder and holding on for dear life. Head chefs are always blessed with sperg rage so he probably fucks like an animal if you wind him up enough

No. 317516

Why would he reward you with sex if he is displeased with you? Turned on by incompetence?

No. 317517

Not the nona, but equally perverted.

It would be rough sex, almost unbearable, yet still passionate. He thinks this will correct future behaviour, but it only makes me lust for him more. Leading to fucking up simple tasks to strike his match again… all playing out like a shitty porno.
“Nona, you fucking idiot, you don’t chop the vegetables with your teeth.”
“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know.”
“Come here.”
“I promise I’ll try harder next time…”

Eventually, he catches on, becomes gentler, more of a lover, and we run away together.

No. 317518

I work with this guy in his 40s, he has tree trunks worth of hairy strong arms. I want him to hug me so bad. Maybe, as a gift, he’ll give me his warm shirt at the end of the day; still sweet from his cologne. God, he’s beautiful.

I know this isn’t sexual at all, but just imagining his soft warm body holding mine brings my yoni to the sea.

No. 317526

I’m having a reoccurring dream where I’m riding my husband and then start strangling him with black shoelaces? Is this a subconscious fantasy where I want to kill him??? Idk you tell me but it’s hot

No. 317530

You sound sexually frustrated and remind me of myself in my early 20s in a wholesome way lol

Also reminds me my bf who is an electrician came over to my place to help me drill a hole and was wearing his work gear. He looked so good. We had sex as we usually do, and afterwards he said he felt like he'd been in a porn movie because bow chika wow wow. I told him keep the good nice sexy work clothes on next time the ones with all the tools and rly hope to god he will because he is so hot and I would sexually harass him all day

No. 317531

>be me
>anti authoritarian
>loathe police
>also have an authority kink
>have dream where I get pulled over by cop for speeding in the middle of the night
>on desolate crappy area by the highway
>nona are you aware you were going 20mph over the speed limit
>cop looks and sounds like celebrity I used to have hots for
>much taller and scarier than me
>he's kind of handsome
>freeze up like a blithering idiot as I pull out license and registration
>he clocks me as suspicious
>forces me out of car
>frisks me, enjoys my discomfort, gropes me
>starts fingering me until I squeal
>before i know it he's handcuffed and shoved me into the back of his suv
>and the rest is history

well I have to say I am a walking disgusting contradiction of a human because I actually fucking hate cops irl so why

No. 317537

Suggest it next time you have sex, can’t see how it’s any different from typical choking

No. 317547

>see a cop car in my neighborhood shortly after writing this post

are you fucking kidding me

No. 317552

was it driven by a pig?

No. 317573

File: 1679213171144.jpeg (21.42 KB, 533x399, 0C7E9CFA-2955-4AAC-8C33-4C0869…)

i am not normal susceptible to celebrity crushes because there is no chance i’ll ever see them and have never been involved in fandoms, and have been in relationships for the last few years.

i must say my preoccupation with pedro pascal and needing to view content featuring him is literally taking over my life. i think about him constantly and it’s so bothersome and tiresome. i genuinely believe he’s the love of my life

i am far from the only woman. there is an indescribable quality that is endearing women en masse to him and it’s fucking freaking me out.

No. 317574

Ayrt it's a sexual fantasy, you're not supposed to poke holes in the plot kek. A lot of it is that he's such a cheerful guy and often makes nices comments about the food I make so it's kind of like "ok but what if our dynamic was dark"

No. 317659

true but there's also nothing comparable to the minimum wage line cook dick. Like you just can't deny it. Chef's dick can get crazy if you're into being submissive i guess, but line cook dick is how you get the fucking of your life. He's good with his hands, resilient, energetic (probably tweaking lets be real), disciplined, everything like the head chef but he also has that exploited man rage, that ressentment, that passion and pure male virility. anyways…

No. 317678

was this about gordon ramsay by any chance? kek

No. 317688

File: 1679273855093.jpeg (56.03 KB, 685x466, image.jpeg)

In real life I would never entertain a threesome, let alone DP but I have the best orgasms when imagining taking these two at the same time.

No. 317689

wow nona are you me? mads and viggo are def my top 2 celeb crushes

No. 317700

File: 1679284641963.jpeg (75.11 KB, 526x670, F3D8C1E9-DABF-4A34-86F1-C6AEB2…)

And my retarded fantasy of the night is: wearing something like pic related, and sleeping with a rosary on my neck because a demon wants to fuck me, but he can’t do so if I keep the rosary on. So he gets desperate and tries to tell me why he wants to fuck me, at first he would say that he’s just bored, but then he would admit that after a few nights he became obsessed with me and that he can’t stop thinking about me.
I would tease him by pretending that I’m taking off the rosary just to put it on again, and I would laugh at him while he sulks.
But one night I would actually take it off and let him touch me. At first he would be reluctant thinking that I’m tricking him so he hurts himself with holy water or something like that.
But then he would get confident, and he would start groping me and kissing any part of my body.
He would be panting and his dick would be huge, I like to think that he would be really tall and handsome but a bit bizarre, with horns and weird markings on his skin, he would have a tail as well and a split tongue.
He would let me be a pillow princess as he does all the thing he wanted to do to me like kissing my body over my clothes and then slowly taking off my underwear to touch me directly.
He would let me keep the dress on because it’s comfy and he doesn’t want me to catch a cold or something, but I would end up taking it off anyways because I would sweat a lot and things would get really steamy.
After giving him a footjob he would tell me that he wants to be my servant and he would beg for me to sign a contract with me so he could always stay next to me.
And like that he would always be around me and do whatever I would want him to do, from just cuddling to rough clingy sex.

No. 317703

File: 1679287647743.jpeg (47.02 KB, 697x678, damn.jpeg)

>split tongue

No. 317947

Are you me? The very moment I knew I was attracted to my now bf is when I saw him doing electrician work. (double for sexually harassing him KEK)

No. 318087

Ayrt it's about my own head chef, but God I bet there are women out there who see the kind of male chef insanity I see in my head chef and wish Gordon would spank them with a whisk or something. My head chef has more restraint than Gordon but I'd love to see him explode on someone (and then have sex with me)

No. 318089

File: 1679522671875.png (292.8 KB, 620x532, cranky.PNG)

>be me
>have been trying to summon a sexy brooding Wattpad mafia boss into my dreams for weeks
>finally happens last night out of the blue
>dream feels so real and vivid
>god he was so beautiful, literally no real man could compare
>romances me in all the ways I was hoping
>finally takes me to bed
>he's a terrible lay
>no talking, no kissing, no music
>I can't even dream up the feeling of a decent penis
>when he's done he gets up and leaves
>wake up mad as hell
Why would my own brain do this to me

No. 318090

File: 1679522605032.png (292.8 KB, 620x532, cranky.PNG)

>be me
>have been trying to summon a sexy brooding Wattpad mafia boss into my dreams for weeks
>finally happens last night out of the blue
>dream feels so real and vivid
>god he was so beautiful, literally no real man could compare
>romances me in all the ways I was hoping
>finally takes me to bed
>he's a terrible lay
>no talking, no kissing, no music
>I can't even dream up the feeling of a decent penis
>when he's done he gets up and leaves
>wake up mad as hell
Why would my own brain do this to me

No. 318102

> Why would my own brain do this to me
She is just keeping it real.

No. 318309

File: 1679686412850.jpg (88.19 KB, 1109x1300, 1677866579589.jpg)

Head chef crush nonnie back again. Today he showed us how to roll small buns with one in each hand and I felt my nipples ache for his touch. I've been fantasizing about him rubbing my chest over my uniform for hour now. I wish he would pick me up on the counter and feel me like he feels dough

No. 318319

tell us what he looks like nonnie

No. 318320

Gladly. Dark brunette hair cut neat but not formal, harsh brown eyes that cut through you like a knife, and warm cream skin. He keeps a medium stubble beard (also dark brunette). Medium build with good shoulders and apparently quite strong judging by the impossible length of time he can vigoursly whisk something without his arm getting tired. Nice ass (hard to see in his chef pants but I've often wanted to bite straight into the back of his thigh and pull the muscle away in my mouth like a dog) He's average height for a man. His personality is jovial but high strung and intimidating as all good head chefs are. Dublin city accent, slightly posh twang to it without being too poncy

No. 318321

Danish penis?

No. 318345

I was totally with you until the foot job. but you do you. great imagination honestly lol

No. 318442

Camille Paglia disliker?

No. 318493

There's this one pop-MMA guy who I really hate, he's stupid, materialistic, and full of himself. I find him really physically ugly as well, but for some reason I really wanna see him get gangbanged by a bunch of other men? Kinda put in his place and such. IDK why because he's genuinely repulsive to me otherwise.

Has anyone else felt something similar or am I just a retarded fujo coomer?

No. 318507

I believe it’s the latter, unfortunately.

No. 318517

I want to be railed by a dude dressed as a dbz character but he has to be hot. Not some neckbeard fatty. Goku or vegeta. Needs to be in character

No. 318546

My sexual fantasy is having sex with a man who only has eyes for me and never watched porn or has jerked off to other women before me.

No. 318576

I am Earth's cultural attaché traveling aboard the USS Enterprise in the Delta Quadrant. After humans establish first contact with an alien species, I come to establish close contact with it. Very very close contact.

No. 318580

only based fujo

No. 318583

kek nonnie. ntayrt but my sexual fantasy actually IS danish penis.

No. 318596

no, i want to fuck line cooks, not chefs.

No. 318612

Extremely relatable and very much want this now that I’m picturing it. I hate you lol

No. 318648

It makes me feel like the biggest loser weeb. I feel like though even though it's such a simple fantasy it would be near difficult to pull it off the exact way I picture it however. Like if you go looking for anime characters that women cosplay as you could probably find some sort of porn where they are in character and look just like the character. Even down to mammerisms and dirty talk. When it comes to dbz, most dudes are out of shape or the ones I have found is just some porn star with a terrible pointy wig fucking a female pornstar dressed like a shitty bulma. I want the muscles and the groans and the idea that someone as strong as Goku or Vegeta could just like pick you up and fuck you any which way. And you can have rough or romantic passionate depending on which one.
But I doubt there'd be a dude alive that could pull off the exact fantasy scenario. It's crazy too because I don't feel this way about any cartoon or anime character, it's specifically dbz. Like I barely watch anime anymore haha

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