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File: 1685223441794.jpg (35.06 KB, 725x889, peter.jpg)

No. 331213

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly, creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

Previous thread: >>>/g/308295

No. 331269

File: 1685232048568.jpeg (8.1 KB, 300x168, B12FE8D6-067E-4FBE-8C0F-475118…)

I have been in love with Obama for the last 10 yr.

No. 331273

off to a great start

No. 331282

File: 1685238673902.jpg (15.22 KB, 369x480, th-127956406.jpg)

You get it nona.

No. 331292

kek ngl i get it he's got swagger and looks good in a suit

No. 331294

File: 1685243547230.png (106.22 KB, 310x307, Screenshot 2023-05-27 231311.p…)

cameron my beloved.

No. 331296

This is unconventional? I thought Obama was literally known for being one of the only handsome presidents/not being geriatric.

No. 331297

wtf are you talking about, are you an idiot, ever heard of fucking JFK nonna

No. 331300

>one of

No. 331308

File: 1685245663686.png (9.77 KB, 932x964, how jfk looks to me.png)

Samefag but also JFK wasn't even attractive in the slightest if we're being real. Picrel is how I see him. However I will not judge you considering the thread we're in.

No. 331309

File: 1685245737410.jpg (112.43 KB, 1200x675, The-Hottest-US-Presidents-In-H…)

No. 331310

File: 1685245804244.jpg (49.51 KB, 700x400, Young-Abraham-Lincoln.jpg)

No. 331311

File: 1685245904425.jpg (53.83 KB, 970x546, rosietherovertor.jpg)

No. 331312

File: 1685245934097.jpg (25.6 KB, 338x450, reagan.jpg)

Donald Reegan

No. 331313

fucking kek who spends this much time analyzing jfk's face

No. 331314

that's a male????

No. 331315

It only takes a second of looking at any photo of him.

No. 331317

yes his name is Donnell O'Rose

No. 331319

File: 1685246338350.jpg (6.38 KB, 300x168, charlie.jpg)

No. 331320

File: 1685246501528.jpg (43.96 KB, 709x565, zizek.jpg)

No. 331321

File: 1685246562416.jpg (43.96 KB, 709x565, zizek.jpg)

No. 331335

Please guys can we stop posting this fag in every thread. Like I get it….you like moids who look like one sneeze away from dying but pls.

No. 331339

This man pissed in a girls mouth against her will, stop fucking posting him.

No. 331342

nta and I dont find him hot but what the fuck, I did not know that

No. 331349

when and how

No. 331361

Please tell me the scum is in jail.

No. 331363

File: 1685271845728.png (Spoiler Image,2.83 MB, 1638x2048, 1685207115660448.png)

so very sorry

No. 331385

Whew wait which Alien movie is this from, I don't remember it in 2 or 3?

No. 331386

alien resurrection, i already watched those scenes several times like i did with most other movies he was in, i am not ok anons..

No. 331454

Thank u I know what I'm watching when I get home. What a man…

No. 331493

File: 1685300982993.jpg (47.25 KB, 800x531, MV5BOWYzMzU0NGMtZDYxMi00Njc2LT…)

G-grimanonna is that you? Okay it must have been you in that one /ot/ thread where someone mentioned Death Machine like a month ago and I've had the movie downloaded, gonna take the time to watch that tonight too!! The actor isn't my usual type but greasy-ass long-ass haired men are so, you know.

No. 331530

File: 1685306151063.jpg (43.29 KB, 449x599, Moot_with_cat.jpg)

moot with kitty

No. 331531

File: 1685306311737.jpg (209.39 KB, 469x1259, chris.jpg)

i adore this retarded Irishman

No. 331536

File: 1685307167345.jpg (32.51 KB, 1058x458, 223389a27e5f42b8cfb69afef1d5f6…)

He's really cute in "Ragtime" by Milos Forman

No. 331562

File: 1685310569908.jpeg (102.85 KB, 1024x768, 1670101639914.jpeg)


Obligatory Zach post

No. 331563

File: 1685310883482.jpg (45.7 KB, 736x738, 391553ffe3d6828749d8b371b09bf8…)

I don't know if he's considered unconventionally attractive or not buuuut. I LUV SKINNY FEMININE MEN. look at him. when he got drunk on cold ones and got all weird… god.

No. 331568

Where's the feminine

No. 331575

File: 1685312328607.jpeg (167.1 KB, 786x1048, DA588E7E-233C-4FBE-A3DB-F100F1…)

Sorry….I hate this moid so much but he is cute.
He is so self hating and I want to bully him so bad.

No. 331578

nta and I don't know who who that is, but he has very feminine bone structure and pretty features.

No. 331585

He really doesn't. He has a massive chin, squinty male eyes, and idk what's with his nose, can op tell me if he got into an accident? His hands aren't even feminine, they are just skelly. Whatever, he's okay I guess, but not 'pretty.' Also I love Cold Ones and he acted sooo embarrassingly on that episode, he was like rolling on the floor; fuck I miss their Podcast episodes.

No. 331589

he was hot, chaotic and messy.

No. 331596

File: 1685316377301.jpeg (313.96 KB, 1280x1280, zappa.jpeg)

he was an asshole but I can't help myself


No. 331600

this guy's got a feminine figure kek

No. 331604

>this guy

No. 331616

well it's not a woman

No. 331621

Girl that is Frank Zappa

No. 331629

not everyone knows what your little twinkified inigo montoya ass husbando looks like

No. 331635

Thank you for posting this image nonnie I have looked at it for some time now and will be saving it to my computer shortly

No. 331667

He was a true man. I love him so much.

No. 331673

File: 1685348108508.jpg (221.28 KB, 1200x1200, David-Bowie-in-The-Man-Who-Fel…)

Whatever work he got done/put in before his Thin White Duke era really elevated him; went from straight up ugly to handsomely ugly.

No. 331676

File: 1685348882967.gif (154.28 KB, 541x560, 79abf12bd240289423f98e9d905d9d…)

frank from scythelord (vargskelethor joels band)
he's pretty

No. 331679

What an advantage he gave himself, simply by being the only male musician with a skincare routine.

No. 331684

I hate how true this is

No. 331696

Does he have incel-y vibes right now or is it just me. I've just noticed he laughs really hard when a women gets decked in a game but then maybe he always had a history of laughing at that shit (like kids getting hurt) that got filtered because they didn't affect me.

No. 331728

Zoomer moment

No. 331730

nta, not to rush to his defense but he laughs like a monkey at anyone or anything getting hit. he's a simple guy.

No. 331781

yes zoomers are known for making references to the princess bride, 1987 fantasy adventure film

No. 331789

File: 1685379481922.jpg (42.77 KB, 384x600, tankaarija.jpg)

beautifully sunkissed no i wont stop kaarijafagging

No. 331830

File: 1685386026831.webm (2.38 MB, 720x1280, byebye.webm)

Based and greenpilled.

No. 331912

Looks like that one incel from that one jubilee video

No. 331927

File: 1685414693220.jpg (Spoiler Image,33 KB, 440x422, 3520009757.jpg)

he may be pushing 50 but I still would

No. 331938

You're so correct.

No. 331946

lmao the pic

No. 331948

Who's on the very right? I'm almost afraid to ask

No. 331949

Me too nona

No. 331954

File: 1685428273079.jpg (67.93 KB, 500x651, db6aac948a047097b43a28a528f3ad…)

nta, that's FDR Jr. So a President's son but not actually a President. Here he is wearing Sonic the Hedgehog's Shoes.

No. 331960

File: 1685434240359.png (451.86 KB, 996x1314, Screen Shot 2023-05-30 at 6.08…)

ME TOO NONA!!! I've been thinking about him more recently he's so hot, I love him when he was younger the most (youngfag) he was so cute. I think I just want a guy who makes me laugh but I genuinely fantasise about meeting him and having a long and loving relationship.

No. 332012

File: 1685455593716.jpeg (152.68 KB, 1280x720, E3F80257-942D-4F9E-BB46-F205D8…)

They r like 7 feet tall…..which is obvi hot.

No. 332160

File: 1685513769164.jpeg (70.37 KB, 720x720, f4d5c7378fc24cb32c152b0a969b52…)

"DJ Rangster" aka Jamie
>british electrician, late 20s
>"comedy" tiktok retard
>included in like 20 tiktok cringe comps
Idgaf that he films himself acting like a toddler on meth, whenever his ass is calm he's so fuckable

No. 332161

Rhett is very hot. Link could be 8 feet tall and he’d still have an annoying faggot manlet soul, sry

No. 332165

based taste nona

No. 332169

I thought this was half of Big Time Rush before I opened it

No. 332180

No clue who this man is but he looks like a pantysniffer.

No. 332184

>I'd let him straight up sniff my pussy

No. 332223

No. 332224

LOOOL carlos and james

No. 332236

File: 1685557348838.gif (3.49 MB, 500x258, f2d92df95667504242a69a797b3482…)

tacky tattoos, big nose, not the greatest driver

No. 332243

File: 1685558548022.jpg (98.78 KB, 1500x860, 23e286cbdebd81b072f0b23c765865…)

Saw this guy on the news and my pussy started barking. I would climb him like a tree.

No. 332258

File: 1685560461921.jpg (143.41 KB, 968x1200, ces.jpg)

I have a bit of a thing for Conrad Veidt as Cesare the creepy murder Somnambulist from the Cabinet of Dr Caligari. Eerily beautiful

No. 332259

File: 1685560663679.gif (2.76 MB, 400x310, drcaligari1.gif)

those eyes

No. 332262

File: 1685561406215.jpg (70.63 KB, 700x921, ajhlkwkejhu21.jpg)

>if you don't love me as Gwynplaine, you don't deserve me as Cesare

No. 332264

File: 1685562017307.jpg (86.65 KB, 754x960, cesare2.jpg)

I love all Connies!

No. 332267

Same nonnie! I would love to meet him one day but it’s most unlikely. I’m proud of him for getting the chance to collaborate with JB. Speaking of, have you seen the afterparty? He’s so shy and cute there.

No. 332295

why is their dried cum all over his pants anon

No. 332313

Nona he is my husbando and Connie is my IRL husbando, I've never posted him because he is so niche and that makes me shy, but you have just made me so happy to see him posted, i hope all good things happen to you

No. 332323

File: 1685576705364.jpg (25.81 KB, 630x360, weimar sexyman.jpg)

You have excellent taste! He was such an amazing actor and human being, one of a kind. And there's no need to be shy, women have been thirsting for him for over a century and he's still going strong on tumblr haha

No. 332324

File: 1685576786175.gif (1.75 MB, 500x700, 9y710ojtl8ga1.gif)

and all the best to you too! <3

No. 332329

File: 1685580099433.jpeg (35.26 KB, 470x653, DC3EA476-E92F-4A86-BDEF-011168…)

The wizard of loneliness

No. 332337

File: 1685584592119.png (34.46 KB, 220x278, 57D2D0E8-D10F-4257-B30E-F9F593…)

I got Lasikbecause of this moid… but recently idk why when he talks about bears and chimp attacks I just want kiss him.
(Got lasik because he said whenever women wear glasses all moids imagine their cum on them)

No. 332338

Omg who’s that …

No. 332343

Conrad Veidt walked so all the the Tumblr sexymen could run

No. 332345

im sorry about your retardation diagnosis

No. 332346

Dude looks like a waterlogged corpse. Surely you jest.

No. 332348

Lol, this reminds me of my slight crush on joey diaz. Whenever he starts talking about getting all up in a woman’s “monkey” it gets me riled up because it’s so weirdly primal. I’d kinda die for a chance to be eaten out by him. I actually started listening to led zeppelin because of him. I never cared for them too much because the same popular songs of theirs bored me and all the dicksucking hype annoyed me, but the way he would describe their music and how he’d have the record on and just listen when he was growing up made me give them a chance.

No. 332358

File: 1685595097279.jpeg (37.33 KB, 702x437, F4D02865-22BC-4C0D-B7AA-C6E292…)

He was so cute in that it made me feel deranged, same with the fnaf videos with the camera. Any video with his face in it is the best, seriously. And the NDA part!?! He’s got exciting things coming up. I will say though I think I’d get too shy meeting him… like I would implode from how red I would get.
Agree Nona! Personally my favourite silent film man is Harold Llyod, which is only really unconventional because he looks really good in some photos and not so in others, Buster Keaton is an honourable mention too lol

No. 332363

nta but I believe it's the current latvian prime minister

No. 332370

File: 1685604550096.jpg (209.2 KB, 1440x1440, 97529258_2771694689783469_5697…)

No. 332373

Curse my taste

No. 332397

File: 1685611561882.jpeg (134.96 KB, 1200x1200, 6CC1CA26-0380-44A9-9F29-1CB972…)


No. 332399

both Harold and Buster are adorable, so charming!

No. 332408

File: 1685618725492.png (299.24 KB, 1251x817, mustard era kaarija.png)

i have unironically started digging this look help

No. 332410

File: 1685619385912.png (4.99 MB, 2048x1536, D4185B52-DDAC-42D9-86BA-AA6387…)

I just started watching his videos again after completely forgetting about them, he is so cringy and awkward but I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM. And that fucking hair loss rip

No. 332411

File: 1685619636644.jpeg (29.71 KB, 598x559, E7BDCEDE-C5CE-4A99-ACE8-ABC5F9…)

Thanks to the Nonas for letting me know this man exists….I can’t express how much I want to fuck him really.

No. 332422

File: 1685624027356.gif (917.69 KB, 500x252, 06849ADA-6217-4CF7-995B-9B4747…)

I don’t even know what to say. I think I need my head examined.

No. 332424

What the fuck is that

No. 332427


No. 332438

File: 1685631049813.jpg (49.06 KB, 900x900, AAuE7mAGvByy_8eqnqrgCE9gIImv9w…)

Jesus in my bedroom watching me consume my gay nipponese comics before my sleep

No. 332458

File: 1685635349009.jpg (Spoiler Image,16.77 KB, 475x355, Norman puppet.jpg)

Y..you sure nonna? I mean ..uh..um.. take a walk somewhere..please

No. 332468

File: 1685637888832.jpg (90.75 KB, 1500x860, 45b79047acfb7b01250388db966ef9…)

You see it. Men are too emotional to be leaders but if they insist on going against their nature they should at least look fuckable to make up for their mental deficiency.

No. 332494

Ah, I've found my people. I had a prof in my uni who looked like that but even hotter.
IMHO moids who don't gold bald after getting grey hair are exquisite. Fight me.

No. 332495

File: 1685644925454.jpeg (Spoiler Image,128.84 KB, 1834x1148, 18E7B5ED-8E98-42DE-8057-47FD9C…)

He’s been fixed!

No. 332499

File: 1685645903146.jpg (73.11 KB, 1089x628, deathmachine 3.jpg)

nonny, are you still here? i wanna know if you liked the movie

No. 332502

they look related somehow, they have the same skin texture or something

No. 332534

File: 1685657925661.jpg (50.43 KB, 639x1200, Daniel Ricciardo.jpg)

save a horse, ride a cowboy?

No. 332538

File: 1685659488099.jpeg (133.68 KB, 1200x1200, E4FF3081-003D-4AEB-BA7D-AAD59D…)

No. 332545


No. 332563

File: 1685676498473.png (128.21 KB, 947x727, 1.png)

Aw, I'm here anon. I know this isn't the thread for movie reviews but it was actually really good, cute homage to 80s sci-fi. I literally wrote down that one line 'cause I immediately thought of you "three acquittals for sexual assault, homicide, and weapons offenses" got you good didn't it? KEK. Dante was such an aggravating coombrained manchild (and somehow Brad looked sexier as Charles, maybe the bad wig didn't suit him) but "you are a hot jelly baby" still made my pussy do somersaults kek what the fuck, his voice is too good. Also when he gets down on his knees, closes his eyes like a good boy, and drags the gun to his head ooooh man. The movie probably didn't intend for such a complex emotional response but I at once wanted him to get visibly eviscerated on-screen yet also my puss his face you know etc., kind of horny even thinking about it. The naked pinups in his garbage chute basement dwelling have to go but I'd do him in that containment room. Honestly I love you and if I knew how to set up the moovie room it'd be fun to do a Dourif marathon because he was in Blue Velvet but I watched it so long ago I absolutely cannot recall if he had any major role? I'll look forward to your recommendations! Alien is up this weekend hopefully the thought of wrecking Dante carries us both through tomorrow.

No. 332572

Damn, did he age like shit
His son was fine as fuck though. R.I.P never got to pass on those genes.

No. 332626

File: 1685704328251.png (130.94 KB, 568x598, kenciggy.PNG)

uhm… the finale has me in my feels

No. 332636

File: 1685707332046.jpg (110.05 KB, 1027x1280, photo_2023-06-01_23-23-06 (2).…)

i started watching succession a couple of days ago and… yeah nonna i get it. also this is him in 2012. hottie!

No. 332772

File: 1685746834084.png (777.84 KB, 1990x1192, thisguyhasafemininefigure.png)

ayrt so glad I'm not alone. I watched the two films that came out these last few years with the unreleased home footage, and the constant smoking gave me a weird cigarette fetish

No. 332990

File: 1685830322569.jpg (72.87 KB, 474x675, tumblr_8bbe9d9dc59126b88f2fd16…)

thank you for the review anon, i'm so delighted to share this experience with someone on lc because it's such an obscure movie. i felt like the gun scene was added specifically for me. the last thing i've seen with him were the voyager episodes and i REALLY enjoyed them. i don't care much about star trek but apparently if you add brad dourif i instantly turn into a trekkie. maybe one day we could do that marathon that'd be so epic awesomesauce.. love you too xx

he was barely in blue velvet (in fact i don't even remember if he had lines?) but he looked really good

No. 332994

File: 1685833000308.jpg (32.82 KB, 736x525, 85bce33a2dbefd3576cbc4736ce411…)

Finding likeminded anons who don't just post once then dip is amazing, thank you for being here! I'm going to watch those Voyager eps later out of sheer curiousity, it's hard to imagine him in sci-fi. He looks so lithe and adorable in that image you posted it's so disconcerting considering his usual roles, kek.
He played another ratty greasetrap and it's a King adaptation, anon hold me, what's the verdict is it worth watching? Even just for him? Does he get his ass beat?

No. 332997

your pic looks like robert webb
i thought it was robert webb when i saw it on the front page kek

No. 332998

Nta but you read my mind anon KEK

No. 332999

i skimmed graveyard shift a little, but i'd say yeah it's worth it, unfortunately he doesn't get his ass beat but he is just hanging around being weird and offputting so it's great. i think i'll watch childs play (did you like it?) and the xfiles episode next then get into the the really obscure movies cause i'm neck deep now, might as well

No. 333003

File: 1685835364578.jpg (159.77 KB, 1080x1350, 350086953_919864302603416_6034…)

I'm kaarijafaggin' too
Look at Frank and Jere's nice arms

No. 333014

File: 1685837301472.jpg (174.72 KB, 1000x800, EdoTIDWXsAAXd7z.jpg)

Please do watch Child's Play it's one of my favourites despite Brad only being physically present in the first film iirc. His daughter is in the recent sequels and she is just wonderful. Kinda looks like him, too. I'm going to watch Fatal Beauty later since the caps you posted look so great, he cleans up pretty well even though I prefer him a little grimier kek. Your bottomless devotion is very sweet anon, I'll look foward to more caps from your Dourif marathon!

No. 333024

File: 1685840871076.jpg (44.66 KB, 804x456, Screenshot.jpg)

hope you enjoy! fatal beauty is honestly a great movie just on its own in my opinion. i also prefer him MUCH grimier as you probably know..

No. 333027

This is just Tommy Wiseau

No. 333029

File: 1685842010469.png (208.65 KB, 1081x580, tumblr_a87f72350bb7dd7bffd6c1a…)

KEK not to get too meta but there is a character in the fourth film who is obsessively in love with Charles and I hope you watch it because it's so easy to commiserate with her. Also looking at gifsets and he cries a lot in the X-Files…nice. OT but you make me more confident in husbando sperging so thank you, you are very cool anon.

No. 333040

this is just a regular looking attractive guy. if you posted this guy on 4c they would call him a chad. i would match with this guy on tinder and he would let me hit for being offputting and then ghost me. there are men like him in every major city near you.

No. 333047

File: 1685850725188.jpg (53.18 KB, 413x554, IMG_20230603_235123.jpg)

Omg I've met my people. Adore this dramatic arts and literature geek.
I'd absolutely fuck him both in character as Ken and out of character.

No. 333165

File: 1685891311379.jpg (109.79 KB, 1971x1125, sadmeep.jpg)

Ouuu It's a shame that he was 30 in his first movie, I would've loved to see him in his 20s
The articles about his method acting are fucking hilarious, he's either an elaborate troll or on the spectrum straight up. I love him either way.

No. 333264

File: 1685917510727.jpeg (111.04 KB, 639x900, E3Ja2RoXoAMc6NR.jpeg)

He looks good in some photos.

No. 333299

File: 1685930292301.png (83.38 KB, 400x593, 7qqtb7opw5o31.png)

For my nonnies that enjoy younger Jstrong.
I feel like he comes off as really earnest and genuine! But when that one New Yorker interviewer told him 'Succession is a comedy' and he responded 'What, like how Chekov is funny?' I feel like that was a joke or troll lol

No. 333300

Hot man

No. 333313

>His son
…or was he

No. 333332

I've seen so much of this phenotype among Indian men.

No. 333365

File: 1685964216963.jpg (35.04 KB, 640x412, 4ae7f2360aa28888a59bd65bbde07e…)

gone but never forgotten

No. 333397

File: 1685974424757.jpg (43.61 KB, 400x547, S__9289730.jpg)

These two, can't remember their names but they were in some 80s Japanese rock band together. One a singer and the other a drummer.

No. 333398

File: 1685974496421.jpg (15.85 KB, 400x300, 354465851_small.jpg)

The guitarist from rammstein, can't remember his name or bother to check.

No. 333399

Richard was hot, but bad timing having a Rammstein crush nona.

No. 333410

File: 1685979315186.gif (2.41 MB, 377x200, whiplash.gif)

Apparently intense drum playing really gets me going, bonus points for crying/sweating.
Oh, and I have a big, pathetic weak spot for painfully average chubby-faced white boys.

No. 333412

not any of the regular Dourif posters but oh my GOD why did you post this? Long hair is my weakness and I’ve always thought he was weirdly cute, but I refuse to watch Chucky movies and now I’m in pain that I won’t get to see this beautiful man in action, he looks so good here.

No. 333419

File: 1685981953134.jpg (218.97 KB, 1150x2048, Tumblr_l_368401187777120.jpg)

Don't be sorry nonna, he's my baby girl. I was gonna post him on here but thought other nonnies would tell me he doesn't belong in this thread because imo he's got a very unique face but still conventionally attractive.
He was so hot to me during his redbull stint, but the last few years there's something so off putting about him to me. Is it the haircut? That he's aging like shit? I have no idea.
I love the new influx of F1 fans in the farms lately, wish we had a thread to sperg about it kek

No. 333436

File: 1685986970004.jpg (27.54 KB, 564x692, 6787112110840a5f87a1be4dbfe9a6…)

must be a mix of both. don't think his stay at mclaren did him any favors. he's always had an unfortunate hairline either way.

No. 333439

File: 1685987149019.png (188.3 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_d3550784c48efac4bf31990…)

Wow, there's actually three of us? Relatable, thank god someone decided to consistently style him with long hair in the 90s. If we lived in a perfect world Death Machine would have gotten three sequels with the peak long haired sobbing blood-covered sweat-soaked villain kek, it hurts nonna…I'm still reeling. He was very handsome in Chucky and it's basically a convoluted audiobook if you're horny for his voice as I am. If you don't watch horror at all, he was beautiful in Istanbul and Fatal Beauty, but his appeal totally lies a lot in how well he plays pathetic idiots. I'm not the og Dourif-anon though and she has infinitely more recs.

No. 333441

File: 1685987194447.jpg (32.7 KB, 480x480, 8204063-4217345237-latest.jpg)

Samefag, meant to attach this pic but whatever he's cute.

No. 333477

File: 1686000190871.jpeg (76.02 KB, 533x800, 95224A27-87F5-4A09-A443-6BB585…)

HE LOOKS SO GOOD IN THE SECOND PIC. I’m awful about making time to watch new things, I might watch Death Machine though, and I do love horror but Chucky specifically freaks me out, hate that fucking doll. I think the first time I saw him and had a tinge of a crush was in Law & Order SVU lol

No. 333497

File: 1686003221089.jpg (440.84 KB, 1772x2048, EmotSaIXUAEdP-d.jpg-large.jpg)

Now you left me thinking about Enzo's heritage.

No. 333503

File: 1686003788371.jpg (34.59 KB, 675x526, e43763579c01f7311be61c3d070e8e…)

Anon that is so sad if I had the ability to splice only the human Charles moments from that film for you I would, kek. Please post back if you watch Death Machine because it's lowkey consumed my mind, if you were ever a weird nlog into abhorrent fictional dudes as a teen you will enjoy him in it a lot. If not then I hope you like 1,000 jokes about Robocop kek.
He looks so cute in your pic, something about his features look good at any age. You guys are growing my list of Dourif media tenfold. Posting one for sweet Grimachan, he has such pretty eyes.

No. 333527

File: 1686007420932.gif (3.24 MB, 540x300, sonny-boy-gif-6.gif)

must you use these unfair tactics to lure me here when i have to study… fun fact i’m pretty sure his eyes look weird in lotr because he’s wearing a singular contact lens. death machine is great, i watched it right away only because i sort of assumed it was gonna be similar to his lotr role, since he has long hair there too. some part of me has really latched onto the character because i used to be the type of edgelord who glorified jd from heathers, you're so right about that sis.

THREE OF US? now it's really a party! also lol i wouldn't say INFINITELY, i actually don't think that i know any more films where he's got long hair other than maybe pic rel (haven't seen it yet though)

still would

No. 333541

File: 1686013755429.gif (995.08 KB, 500x180, c60af6f10e.gif)

Study hard then come back to chum the waters, anon. I love that wonky contact lens and his big baby blues, when they try to make him look purposefully ugly he's even cuter. Are you giving permission to continue sperging about Death Machine, holy shit, for an 80s relic it was enchanting. Dante was so that archetypal YA edgelord (JD, Billy Loomis, relatable) but with no romantic charm or social intellect and I love it. I haven't been able to stop thinking about him all week…shitty ripped jeans trenchcoat gothboy wannabe motherfucker…
>since he has long hair there too
Not only are there three of us but we all share the same braincell KEK. Did you end up watching that X-Files ep? If you enjoy his Single Tear And Snot™ combo and coy psychopathy you'll adore it.

No. 333575

File: 1686025847866.jpeg (13.63 KB, 311x294, 625DD7CC-A706-4DCB-BA38-387BEA…)

Quark is weirdly sexy to me, idek
Like I wouldn’t bang him but the idea is much less repulsive than it could be. Also I’m 80% sure I had a somewhat romantic dream about him once

No. 333577

you are the only mf that would survive an alien invasion. respect.

No. 333578

File: 1686027327493.gif (724.85 KB, 400x229, 38812f8aae73e47367ac114ae1af96…)

The band is shammon if you want to go find more of them nonnie.

Four! but I'm not very active itt, kek. He's pretty cute outside the wormtongue character, but the sickly goth look is so obnoxiously hot on him. It's kind of a shame about his natural hair/hairline, but he really has such pretty, expressive eyes and a cute face.

No. 333584

File: 1686029548048.gif (4.93 MB, 540x405, tumblr_e099b3cc119b872bbffb922…)

No. 333595

Soccer is truly the ogres sport

No. 333622

File: 1686050763457.jpg (62.78 KB, 523x720, Lloyd5.jpg)

Hes cute

No. 333685

What movie is this from? Is it good? is there a lot of moid abuse?

No. 333690

File: 1686068907280.jpg (157 KB, 1170x1170, tumblr_0960245dbc7372f8d3de644…)

i didn't make this pic so idk where some of these are from but i did add saavedro, it was triggering me that he wasn't included

it's death machine (1994) which we're collectively sperging about, join us, nonna! i hesitate to call it good in the traditional sense but it's really fun. there is in fact moid abuse (it's deserved in the case of brad's character) and i like how he loses it during the finale, it's very pathetic and entertaining. the scene where that gif is from sure is something..

No. 333704

File: 1686074735647.jpg (111.69 KB, 1200x1200, hi-res-20df801118e38e8da1cba6a…)

I tried to find a handsome soccer player but you're right lol

No. 333709

File: 1686076154890.jpg (146.57 KB, 631x800, 6e360c06efa4b7cb379aac54e02024…)

He was really cute before he fucked his face with all the drugs. Of course he aged like milk.

No. 333714

You are so real for this and last thread someone posted abt Gul Dukat and honestly real as well; freaky DS9 holodeck sex is the dream

No. 333750

File: 1686089274810.jpeg (60.45 KB, 640x640, ab6761610000e5eba91405d63c9396…)

I'm sick of pretending i don't find him attractive

No. 333751

File: 1686089611972.gif (1.74 MB, 429x429, 45a0b87be336b508adb9ad9a8d450f…)

No. 333753

File: 1686089714646.jpg (98.41 KB, 1200x675, 274427_912053.jpg)

No. 333756

File: 1686089949591.jpg (25.65 KB, 400x400, image.jpg)

His eyes were so beautiful

No. 333762

I flipflop between finding him really erotic and really ugly. He just has one of those faces

No. 333775

Timestamp 2:54 I am fine and normal.

No. 333782

File: 1686099655749.gif (3.47 MB, 485x289, tumblr_d9aecb740744b574d87a850…)

nonny i just watched that episode today HOLY FUCK THAT WAS INTENSE, the voice, the crying, the drama, the absolutely insane amount of emoting he does. i'm never recovering from this. i'm so in love

No. 333784

File: 1686101108656.jpg (70.48 KB, 1322x906, brad-dourif-xxxva-luther-lee-b…)

YES the drama!!! His quivering voice! The panting wheezing groaning! Throwback to
>The actor isn't my usual type
God is punishing me for my hubris I'm fucking obsessed I'm ruined. How could Scully resist that pale tantalizingly exposed neck, she's inhuman.

No. 333787

File: 1686101840486.jpeg (91.08 KB, 593x751, queen gillian anderson and bra…)

wow this episode is destroying me. have this picture. god bless you anon for sharing my insanity. what is your usual type if you don’t mind me asking

No. 333790

File: 1686103184080.gif (588.98 KB, 500x255, tumblr_mjvbqvvkjc1s63iz9o1_500…)

It's like a deeply enjoyable disease (brainworms) thank you for transmitting it. What a cute pic…oh, to be looked at like that.
When you posted that Alien cap I didn't even realize it was Dourif, am not usually into typical Hollywood moids at all. I guess to simplify I like weird looking dudes, in hindsight he is the epitome of every unconventional 80s character actor I've liked, McDowell in Clockwork Orange, Sam Neill in Event Horizon, etc etc. also he was unfortunately 10,000% my type in Death Machine. You don't have to answer if you prefer not to but is Grima your absolute favourite role of his? Gonna rewatch LotR at some point to fully immerse in the mass psychosis kek. Obligatory shithead edgelord tax gif.

No. 333991

File: 1686166620967.jpg (30.32 KB, 540x280, awesome.jpg)

more than just my favorite role! i didn't think any flesh and blood actor could live up to the drama and intrigue that's been built up in my mind around grima's character, but still, i was watching the films and lowkey praying please god let the the evil adviser be hot… and he was. i wanna say i saw through the gray makeup and unflattering lighting and knew he was hot, but no, i'm too faceblind for that. i know i'm weird for this but i just love the greasiness and the creepiness. he's awesome.

i agree about the hollywood thing wholeheartedly. never seen clockwork orange but if i ever do i'll think of you nonny!

No. 334112

File: 1686212623864.jpg (81.09 KB, 564x1004, 49ec145fe07a47b90b7aec65402f2c…)

No. 334113

File: 1686212668126.gif (1.57 MB, 268x268, 361e97a545725218a3976fb029b43d…)

No. 334150

File: 1686232131668.png (129.98 KB, 819x560, Opera Snapshot_2023-06-08_1549…)

Where's the Warren Zevon nonna from last thread? I have developed an obsession with him too now

No. 334159

File: 1686234024997.jpg (249.26 KB, 1350x1688, travis-ryan-indiemerchstore-ca…)

Travis Ryan from Cattle Decapitation, vegan environmentalist death metal band
He even looks better now that he has facial hair

No. 334184

LMAOOOO nonny the last person i expected to see in this thread is ace, he was hot as fuckkkkk with makeup on but i don’t find him attractive at all without makeup

No. 334254

File: 1686265189489.jpg (43.84 KB, 618x960, 03e7b6e93eccd2c3d516102163efde…)

Yeah they all look 1000 times better with makeup. His design really suits his face.

No. 334261

File: 1686269398422.jpeg (28.44 KB, 408x432, CFB4A7A2-9CF2-440F-9A44-43B104…)

I’m here nonnie! I want to have a threesome with him and his fellow friend/birthday twin john belushi lmao. both of my ideal types of man

No. 334265

File: 1686272762762.jpg (118.5 KB, 904x1200, FSudsA2WIAAI43j.jpg)

>autistic glomping weeaboo while cosplaying
>a cutie while not cosplaying
Anime really does ruin everything it touches

No. 334270

Didn’t he fuck a chained up orangutan in the mouth while on holiday in Indonesia?

No. 334298

File: 1686291794975.png (200.27 KB, 1000x674, q2.png)

Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to sperg about him again (after watching Graveyard Shift). Seems like directors used to love giving him a gay little earring, also the ponytail was cuuute as hell.

OH MY GOD anon I feel like I slapped you in the face, this is your husbando we're discussing of course it's not just a favourite role, sorry- it's like the culmination of Grima's character put to celluloid and it's cool as shit that the casting ended up so perfect. Surely there were plenty of emotive weird-looking actors and yet Dourif brings that sweaty desperation like nobody else.
>i know i'm weird for this but i just love the greasiness and the creepiness
I see and feel you so deeply sis.

No. 334305

File: 1686295378234.jpeg (22.75 KB, 640x480, IMG_0019.jpeg)

If I had one chance to travel back in time I would use it to go back in time and fuck the everloving shit out of Phil Lynott before he got hooked on heroin

No. 334335

I don't even come here 'cause I'm a lesbian but I was happy to see Phil pop up when I was scrolling. You've got great taste, nona. Dude's a legend!

No. 334424

File: 1686347031110.gif (8.91 MB, 600x291, EA1BAF04-119C-4E6A-B445-DC239A…)

I’m this >>333412 >>333477 nonnie and I just watched Death Machine!
Okay so it was admittedly pretty cringy, I haven’t seen Brad in a lot of stuff but he’s a good actor and I was cringing watching him play an edgelord, also I prefer my emo boys more sad and pathetic rather than crazy and homicidal. Overall it was okay, I don’t really care for sci-fi and he wasn’t even in it that much. The few moments were he was a bit vulnerable? like when Cale was pointing a gun at his head and at the end when he said he was afraid of the dark were hot though, I do like submissive helpless men lol and gif VERY MUCH related, I just about melted hearing Brad say “I’ll be your baby” jsbsbshjsnshsunshsj. Any recommendations that fit my taste very much appreciated.

No. 334425

File: 1686347195604.jpeg (27.49 KB, 1000x533, DD133E6E-CECB-4F12-AAF0-ABB5FD…)

Samefag I was watching an interview w Brad and his daughter (who looks eerily like him) for a Chucky movie and this fucker who I also have a crush on is in it, I think I might have to power through and try to watch the Chucky movies smh.

No. 334436

File: 1686356309620.png (980.38 KB, 1000x664, Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 8.18.…)

there actually are some handsome players! mats hummels comes to mind immediately.

but i prefer the coaches like picrel

No. 334441

File: 1686359050865.jpg (43.7 KB, 710x370, tumblr_l7x7clK4Wf1qb9nsso1_128…)

I recently found DVD commentary done by my husbando for one of his early films. He laughs three times during it and it made my heart swell. (I'd never heard him laugh so clearly.)

No. 334462

File: 1686367563727.gif (2.97 MB, 540x231, 4ed2b4.gif)

Glad you gave it a chance even if it wasn't your thing, it's unfortunate that even when he's top billing his scenes are sparse. Homicidal autist is definitely a niche generally cringe trope but it truly feels like the writers bashed the recesses of my brain out onto a keyboard and Dante was born unto the script.
Speaking of your gif the visual chemistry makes me want to scream- the way his eyes dart across Cale's then go to her lips after the kiss…yeah the gun scene was sex full stop.
He was very cute in Fatal Beauty and that's a comedy, maybe give that a go? LotR is a long watch but his stage acting shines through so hard, he emotes like a motherfucker it's beautiful. Fwiw not every Chucky film is a banger but you'll probably enjoy 1, 4, and 7 a lot.

No. 334467

File: 1686372806605.jpeg (106.94 KB, 660x1024, B7DEF7C0-3553-4551-ABAD-2382C3…)

No. 334473

File: 1686377168642.gif (7.32 MB, 480x204, 64125E52-0E52-4AA2-BB36-9A592A…)

I’m definitely gonna watch whatever movies he’s in that I can find. He looks great in Istanbul so I’m looking forward to that one.

No. 334475

Ty nonna! I really wish he was as well remembered as all the saggy botched dinosaurs of rock that have been having their asses kissed for the past 30 years. I genuinely didn’t get the idea of the“sexy rockstar” until I saw him.

No. 334499

File: 1686394861415.jpg (522.56 KB, 1280x1025, ignore the guy on the right lo…)

lol don't worry, not sure i would even apply that term to grima because my feelings are so bizarre and violent. also i still can't rewatch that second scene with him because it made me feel so deeply horny and ashamed.

anon don't subject yourself to that, the fact that he decided to look the hottest and even sing in the one movie where i cannot bring myself to simp for him in any way is genuine psychological torture. btw have you seen 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest'? he's a bit too normal there for my taste, i need brad dourif to play weirdos and losers, my mom really likes that movie though!

yeah, he’s such a good actor, this scene freaked me out more than any scene with the actual death machine. while still being hot.

No. 334505

File: 1686398608424.jpeg (101.33 KB, 1231x699, 0EC0910C-B0C2-4E59-9864-626012…)

>don’t subject yourself to that
nooooooo is it bad? I don’t know how similar our tastes are so hopefully I might like it, don’t know anything about the movie but he looks just perfect in it. And where’s your picture from, it looks like Death Machine behind the scenes?
So far I’ve seen Death Machine, that law and order episode he’s in and I have watched the LOTR movies but a long time ago, I don’t really remember having a crush on Grima but I was really interested in him, he’s such a slimy little creep and very well acted. Anyone watched Spontaneous Combustion? That’s another one I’m gonna watch soon.

No. 334510

File: 1686400492772.jpg (30.94 KB, 374x398, tumblr_ba41d48020021fe5463eb65…)

Nta but yeah it's a magazine scan, up online if you wanna read the whole thing (that quote though ha). Never seen Spontaneous Combustion but please report back when you watch it do we have enough interest for an /m/ thread btw? It's getting a little ot and I feel bad for the other anons kek. I wanna watch Eyes of Laura Mars because he sounds unhinged in that one but the beard……

No. 334512

Well Dano fags and he who shall not be named got their own threads, but I don’t know if there’s enough of us to sustain a thread or if interest will last. Eyes of Laura Mars is also on my list and I too hate beards.

No. 334516

>is it bad?
you wont like it. you’ll probably watch it anyway but hey i did warn you

i feel like we're on topic, and i don't see anyone complaining! also all the actors that got their own containment threads are much younger and most of the discussion was about their new movies that were coming out.

No. 334521

File: 1686404350743.gif (9.56 MB, 540x350, tumblr_dd2321560422b9ba9cba758…)

Okay, you've assuaged me. Reasonably it would just be a bunch of circlejerking anyway (in a good way).
Thanks for filling the repies with Death Machine guys every time I scroll /g/ it puts a smile on my face.

No. 334533

>caping for Jose "Babyrage" Mourinho

No. 334609

File: 1686432647830.png (131.88 KB, 994x600, unabomber.png)

Posting ages 16 and 17 because he aged like milk


No. 334624

File: 1686437460457.jpg (144.79 KB, 1825x1217, kaczynski-1.jpg)

I see what you're saying although I disagree (he was cute when he was older too, peak West Slav phenotype tbh).

No. 334625

File: 1686437950667.png (57.82 KB, 259x287, ted in snow.png)

I came here as soon as I heard the news to post him but I see other nonnies had the same idea kek
anyway rip sweet prince

No. 334626

File: 1686438349755.png (1.6 MB, 862x1149, iwanthim.png)

I thought he was hot here kek

No. 334644

File: 1686449058949.jpg (1.06 MB, 3840x2160, s.jpg)

i love david rasche and would unironically have a threesome with his succession character karl and frank (peter friedman). because there are so many fujobait gay hints about them in the show it would be a "true bi" threesome where everyone was fucking everyone. i love jesse armstrong's writing talent but i can't forgive him for not giving me a karl and frank sauna scene.

No. 334688

Help I feel like such a degen, I’m not even a Douriffag why are these two gifs in particular doing it for me so much?

No. 334693

File: 1686471973507.jpg (178.28 KB, 875x1200, EBTexH7X4AIWZ11.jpg)

My nostalgic undead goth malewife..

No. 334717

File: 1686483790809.gif (1.37 MB, 268x248, 5A23816F-43A1-4BFE-AD26-BA4813…)

Hell yeah girls, we got another one. Anyways I was looking for a reaction pic and I found this??? Nonnies I am dying I’m such a huge priestfag, it’s over for me. The movie is called I, Desire and it looks like he’s also a vampire? I’m dying.

No. 334718

File: 1686483866491.gif (1.23 MB, 268x248, 483740AD-7AB9-4E9C-836D-C73F6D…)


No. 334722

My days off can’t come soon enough, I have so much to watch now dhcjdncbjcndbcjc

No. 334735

File: 1686489848390.gif (2.02 MB, 531x348, tumblr_o0e9wlCcit1tczux5o1_540…)

the fallout of me posting that one alien resurrection gif has been magnificent it's what i imagine in my head should happen every time i make a post about anything, like hundreds of anons just showing up and going 'wow you're SO right about this'

No. 334739

File: 1686491474803.png (358.24 KB, 1906x798, Grima_and_Eowyn_-_Two_Towers.p…)

Grimanonna reporting in as I felt the summons across time and space. ILY fellow Dourif Nonnas.

No. 334741


No. 334742

File: 1686492044661.gif (1.63 MB, 540x405, IMG_2528.gif)

I can’t stop smiling anons. I adore Brad dourif he was soooo cute in One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest. He was such a baby

No. 334744

File: 1686492259603.gif (799.57 KB, 245x130, AnchoredForcefulHomalocephale-…)

Oh yeah. I posted the OG Grima post and sperg in a thread back yonder lol. I made a fucking femme Grima cosplay… I may be obsessed.
Nonna I was literally pulling Billy Bibbit gifs. He was so sweet with Candy, aas an actor his emotive abilities are incredible.

No. 334746

wait wait wait i have so many questions now, can you link the post? did you see all the drawboard doodles? did you notice all my grimaposting in the other thread??? you're so awesome for doing that cosplay, ily nonny!

No. 334747

File: 1686492694667.jpg (4.43 KB, 290x173, images.jpeg-14.jpg)

>grimanonna samefag
Although admittedly I have a thing for his intense, crazy side. I remember seeing this scene for the first time and thought I could easily ignore the eyebrows just for his mannerisms and those gorgeous, insane eyes. As cute and sweet as Billy Babbit is, I'll go for Psycho Brad every time.

No. 334749

WHAT NO?! I've been off /g/ for a long ass while, just came back today on a whim kek. I wanna see your doodles I bet they're amazing!! Let me see if I can find that post. You're so sweet for saying so, Nonna. Thank you! Wish I could show off that cosplay here.

No. 334750

File: 1686493004433.png (286.56 KB, 1280x720, 095E3135-E20C-4474-96ED-AD03B5…)

Nooo I’m at work rn I don’t wanna miss the sperg out

No. 334752

i've been so consistently unhinged and annoying about grima in the hornyposting threads these past months he even got included in the thread pic at one point. i recently doodled him on the /ot/ board >>>/ot/1575241 but after that other anons began drawing him, presumably for me, it was WILD. everyone is so talented.. do you have any idea how insanely happy i am to see you???

sorry this is unprecedented

No. 334770

File: 1686500566861.gif (9.22 MB, 540x325, ezgif-4-bdb9733e1f.gif)


Girl I just woke up and feel like I missed the second coming of Christ what the fuck. Hope you get home soon kek.

You should watch Final Judgement. Not a vampire in that one but, indeed, a sexy priest. Bonus for the one anon who likes him with long hair also there's a Dourif sex scene.

No. 334774

File: 1686502297866.gif (1.56 MB, 500x214, tumblr_nyj9gk6h8M1rj4ls1o4_500…)

Still ashamed that the Alien gif got to me before the far superior degen basementdweller you posted first, thanks Grimachan you were SO right about him.

No. 334776

File: 1686502864583.gif (2.53 MB, 540x360, ezgif.com-optimize-5.gif)

this one was so ridiculously hard to find for some reason, i had to play the shitty quality youtube version with english audio in the background of a badly dubbed hd version from a weird russian website, it was so clunky. idc i'm down bad and it was worth it, even if it is just a generic straight to vhs movie..

lol its ok nona it was a really bad quality picture. made this gif for you btw.

No. 334777

File: 1686503019352.jpeg (49.75 KB, 887x1390, 96DA5847-343E-4549-92A4-E18C60…)

How fucking lucky am I, TWO movies where he’s a priest?? PLUS SEX SCENE?!

No. 334780

File: 1686504775254.jpg (38.23 KB, 416x520, bgkh8y.jpg)

If you're interested in ogling his naked torso in HD there's a BluRay rip up on that one popular Russian tracker site…that film def didn't earn the reaction it elicited out of me but it was like seeing a nun showing her ankles, Brad shirtless instead of swaddled in 100 layers of clothing? Wew.

YOU MADE THAT FOR ME?? Holy shit I feel like a million dollars rn new Jack content and it's just for ME brb crying and screaming. His nose in profile his baby hairs sticking to his oilslick face, gonna stare at it forever and ever amen.

No. 334781

good to know thanks! i'll go watch the first chucky movie now i think. when my fellow grima anon comes back i might actually die so hope you're enjoying my company while you can

No. 334786

Can't wait to see you two in the husbando thread poring over Tolkein subtext on how to best tear Grima apart physically and psychologically. Hope Grimafag the Elder comes back soon, I'd love to know what she thinks of his other roles too!

No. 334787

File: 1686508291042.png (22.07 KB, 786x262, Capture.PNG)

Sorry I cannot seem to stop samefagging all over the place but kek @ him empathising with the Grimachans. Recommending this article btw it reads like a coy love letter
>"I'm a total whore," he happily admits. "Give me a camera and a pay cheque and I'm there."

No. 334795

File: 1686513244990.jpg (44.03 KB, 736x479, Grima-grima-wormtongue-3572212…)

I saw a pic of Grima on the front page and it brought me here, I had no idea we had so many Brad appreciators! I do like him as an actor/in general but something about that character makes me want to do vile things. I guess I'll have to check out the husbando thread too, I thought they had been lost for some reason? Looks like I've got some catching up to do, just wanted to give my sisters a quick shout out! see you around nonas!

No. 334796

ikr, they tried SO HARD to make him ugly and all it did was make me exponentially hornier. fml. enjoy the posts nonny! still can't believe i'm not alone in my derangement this is absolutely incredible

No. 334807

File: 1686516094831.jpeg (40.6 KB, 519x436, IMG_2742.jpeg)

currently on a spree rewatching eurovision finals from the 2000s (as you do) and i’m weirdly drawn to this man, a percussionist one half of a duo representing bulgaria in esc 2007

i’m attracted to him the way he looked in 2007 specifically, he looked really hot on stage to me. i find him sexy in an older (but not too old) man / mentor kind of way. a part of me is irrationally jealous of the woman who gets to perform next to him and i’ve fantasized about being in her place

euthanize me

No. 334808

File: 1686516122512.jpeg (84.99 KB, 1200x642, IMG_2741.jpeg)

No. 334843

File: 1686535329665.png (84.87 KB, 586x593, yt.png)

Say what you will about Jordan but this post radiates big dick energy. Maybe he needs to take out his masculine frustrations on Ben.

No. 334856

File: 1686552384089.gif (4.03 MB, 640x366, kingcobrajfs.gif)

I wanna pat his dumb regarded head and bottle feed him bud light platinums

No. 334860

I mean I respect your choice in husbando but is that your definition of big dick energy? Being a catty old gay man?

No. 334867

File: 1686559225970.jpeg (53.87 KB, 1078x828, IMG_0024.jpeg)

Thanks for the recommendation nonnie! Found the whole thing on YT. He looks like a wax sculpture of a caveman from the natural history museum but at the same time I wanna ride his face

No. 334929

File: 1686579764286.gif (4.95 MB, 498x280, c99b3c063a4bf761baa9b41267d0f3…)

this. also coaches used to be players so…
I think football players are hot, Im not ashamed to say they are the best males: simple minded, emotional and hot. Himbos are peak males
gifrel is federico chiesa, he's a bit unconventional but cute

No. 334931

File: 1686580212985.jpg (64.15 KB, 564x839, 724f9aaf3639cd6d8cae8efb2d0209…)

Obligatory Nick and Blixa posting. They both seem like they'd be pretty annoying, but I appreciate them on a purely aesthetic (and musical) level. Plus their friendship was cute.

Came here to post Nick and Blixa, but Ted was cute too. I think it's cute how socially retarded he was. Nowadays a guy like that would be completely ruined by the internet. What is my taste in men.

No. 334932

File: 1686580461077.png (352.27 KB, 771x551, y7t5yxfwmgya1.png)

>ywn be privy to the western gothic lord's fragrance
TNWU nonne

No. 334937

I might be biased but Nick sounds like he'd be a thousand times more annoying than Blixa.

No. 334994

File: 1686596674168.jpg (48.78 KB, 1051x657, 0fbe91c61d37d6734cbbd8ff264835…)

wish my russian was better

No. 335017

File: 1686602244371.gif (5.04 MB, 431x458, 2690BF47-1946-4C9C-8B88-5272FB…)

Every time they upload I hope he hasn’t cut his hair yet, thank fuck he’s been letting it grow out again. Wish he would trim his beard a bit though.

No. 335024

File: 1686603921991.gif (2.71 MB, 620x348, 9662hz854028aaks.gif)

Kek I never thought he'd be posted here. I find him weirdly endearing unfortunately. I could fix him.

No. 335028

File: 1686604551939.jpg (35.57 KB, 1200x654, Clancy-1_1200_654_81_s.jpg)

Too bad he's aged out of it but am I the only one who thinks Clancy Brown could have killed a Unabomber biopic?

Btw this is me also shamelessly posting Clancy Brown because I thought about Highlander today.

No. 335030

File: 1686604650950.jpg (60.9 KB, 499x750, 8ddf895774d8d60004cdc125d09739…)

are you feeling it now mr krabs

No. 335035

Holy bazongos he’s hot as fuck

No. 335048

File: 1686606911014.jpg (76.13 KB, 1296x730, screen-shot-2015-06-26-at-9.34…)

I want to listen to his meandering, self-aggrandizing stories all night while I write insufferable copy for his impractical clothing

No. 335068

Ntayrt, but I find his laugh adorable.

No. 335084

nonnie what kekkek where’d u get this info from

No. 335124

File: 1686628629817.webm (5.11 MB, 720x720, tumblr_rw3iroawqN1zyc9ue_720 (…)

Good night and sweet dreams only to Douriffags

No. 335129

Holy fuck thank you for posting this nonnie

No. 335149

My sides. Catty gay man is the perfect description. NTA but I’d probably think JP is hot if he were an actor or something instead of whatever the hell he is

I do too. Not attracted at all but he’s definitely someone I would enjoy talking to and shoot the shit with

No. 335157

File: 1686648808610.jpg (23.52 KB, 460x276, LS0908slavoyzizek.jpg)

Zizek!! when I realized I had a crush on him I got so mad. no moid would ever find a female genius attractive, let alone one as grumpy and hideous as Zizek, it's not fair. Worst part is he gets hella laid and probably thinks he's out of my league

No. 335179

File: 1686654306788.gif (7.21 MB, 540x300, tumblr_d771f249bc97d05d4cb0d38…)

good morning to you nonnie oooh looks like someone has found the tumblr blog. i don't normally go on tumblr to collect pics of actors i like btw, i get really embarrassed about it. but i wanted to find some death machine stills/bts stuff, and it just.. spiralled from there.

No. 335186

File: 1686656438037.gif (8.62 MB, 540x343, ezgif-3-55ca0a3532.gif)

Good morning anon, thanks for the cute gif. It's okay I've lost all control of my life too(?), there's like three blogs that post so much it was hard not to start scrolling….and scrolling…the earring strikes back kekk, what's that one from? God I wish they got him to grow his actual hair out for Death Machine it's so fluffy.

No. 335192

File: 1686657634526.jpg (92.01 KB, 930x545, tumblr_mat80rMQZD1rszr3go1_128…)

it's from sonny boy i think. also i like this one i found on the tumblr, can you tell how obsessed i am with his profile

No. 335195

YES!! what a good pic, his jawline is beautiful. I get what >>334867 is saying about his Paleolithic browbone but the rest of his features are kind of pretty and then he's got this weirdly protruding chiseled facial structure. I'm also insane about his nose idk

No. 335207

File: 1686662008901.gif (5.5 MB, 268x402, tumblr_517751d3b69fa6eb9b4a8f9…)

YES I KNOW, i'm not normal at all about pointy noses, never have been i still feel so weird posting any lotr pics because everyone is probably getting sick of my shit (except you)

No. 335212

File: 1686665219730.jpeg (14.04 KB, 300x230, 8148671D-8E2E-40D4-BBE8-33F4CF…)

Nta but I don’t care what show/movie it’s from, I just wanna see Brad, yes even as Grima.

No. 335225

File: 1686671310023.jpg (30.68 KB, 371x600, 82daa676d95fef9e67f4fa8ef1364a…)

If Grimafag has a million fans I'm one of them, if Grimafag has one fan it's me, if Grimafag has no fans I'm no longer alive etc. don't you dare stop posting him

The only role of his I can't wank over is Humboldt County, they did him dirty with the styling.

No. 335241

this episode of Tales From the Crypt is great, it's super goofy, and features Brad getting bullied by Bill Paxton is he considered conventionally attractive? I think he's a little funny looking but still cute. And of course I love him when he's sleazy

bless you nona, kek I was just thinking about making my own fancam/edit/whatever these are called
ditto, grimafags rise up!!

No. 335247

File: 1686677730327.jpg (152.74 KB, 1800x1013, file.jpg)

YES I've been meaning to watch this, great show and 90s Brad…thanks for linking it anon, had no idea it was up on YT. If you make a fancam I will actually die whoever made that one picked such good shots.
Maybe it's just brainrot but I feel like Grima and Jack are two sides of a similar coin and it's weird there's not more intersection wrt fans love em both. Also here's a Grima bust you can 3D print kek.

No. 335318

File: 1686707101007.jpg (96.78 KB, 900x1200, sleepy j.jpg)

>whatever the hell jordan is

A man nearing his twilight years but still with enough energy to keep up with fashion, maintain a full head of hair, make troons seethe and own Ben's DAB (dry ass butthole)?

No. 335341

File: 1686720637740.jpg (107.65 KB, 1024x627, 1953_war_of_the_worlds_015-ann…)

Watching the original "War of the Worlds" and I forgot how somewhat cute the main character, Clayton Forrester, was. He wasn't like other protagonists of that era, either. Didn't shake the hysterical woman or any scrote shit like that. Wish he was unshaven for the whole movie, though.

No. 335360

File: 1686730099477.gif (4.36 MB, 480x360, Alex Hassell (Ross) - my favou…)

Alex Hassell. He's bri'ish so, unsurprisingly, quite a good actor who specialises in Shakespeare, and his acting as Hal/Henry V was highly praised, apparently. Recommend "The tragedy of Macbeth" and "The Miniaturist" with him and first two episodes of "the boys" if you don't mind a full frontal nude.
Idk I just really got caught with his HUGE chad jaw and pretty big greenish eyes. Though he's much more attractive on video than in photos. He's also fit and has nice shoulders/waist proportions.

No. 335369

File: 1686733741423.jpg (118.43 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-1.jpg)

No. 335370

what do you see in him? genuine question.

No. 335371

This thread has devolved into posting absolutely goblin ass moids who also are retarded rightoids to get a reaction lol like who’s next fresh and fit crew?? Roosh v..

No. 335372

Nona I am so serious right now like you don't even know. I'm genuinely not trying to bait or cause shit or anything like that. I was in fact afraid to post this LOL

No. 335373

I like his, god-awful, stupid ass silly personality…. besides the anti-feminist spergory shit. When he was in fisktank, I kinda saw a soft side of him that I grew to love. despite his mistreatment towards letty he has this masculine, intimidating personality that I can't help but to get nervous around even though he's THROUGH THE FUCKING SCREEN in the tank. Kek.
Maybe I'm misinterpreting my fear as arousal. That's a real phenomenon, you know. I watched a few of his videos where he talks to his viewers on livestream, he seems like quite a smart man beside his le ebil wamen shit he spews out but he half looks like my FUCKING FATHER. Sorta acts like him too and I can't believe I fucking connected the dots when I did aaaa I wish I wouldn't of had knew or been smart enough to spot that within myself other than that I like his personality, the way he carries himself. He has his cute moments too. I can't help but relate to him too. It's a hate-love type of (parasocial?) relationship I have going on with him

No. 335374

File: 1686735762289.jpeg (38.8 KB, 408x612, IMG_1556.jpeg)

Does he count or too popular? I want him so bad. His voice is so sexy to me

No. 335375

File: 1686735875796.png (857.31 KB, 2048x1536, B15E6602-649B-464E-89D4-A45A86…)

Is this gonna happen every time? Some dumbass who doesn’t understand the point of the UNCONVENTIONAL male attraction thread?

No. 335376

I thought you meant me (the one who posted sam) but then I realized kek

No. 335378

Post as many gnarly, unsavory men as you want nonnie.

No. 335381

R u genuinely retarted or don’t have critical thinking skills, post hitler and move on.

No. 335384

you stink

No. 335400

File: 1686747677612.jpeg (124.99 KB, 750x750, 849D7B4B-4265-47A6-B933-31DD83…)

Stephen Trask’s character from Hedwig and the Angry Inch. For me just the perfect mix of masculine and feminine goth guy

No. 335417

I just wonder how an anon can relate to a man who would dislike her straight away (relating to the anti-feminist stuff I mean).

No. 335419

Some nonas are absolutely baiting

No. 335434

This seems like a troll, genuinely

No. 335437

HOLY FUCK THAT WAS HIM? Grimanons are based

No. 335441

>devolved into
>she hasn't seen the earlier threads

No. 335445

File: 1686765243350.jpeg (130.41 KB, 867x1390, CC31805A-F85A-4E5C-84D6-7CC7AD…)

Look at this disgusting rat. I love him

No. 335449

File: 1686766433237.jpg (Spoiler Image,101.98 KB, 1000x563, flash.jpg)

No. 335454

Cant believe he didn’t go to prison

No. 335465

File: 1686771284079.gif (9.84 MB, 540x720, Tumblr_l_1138311504142902.gif)

i wont him

No. 335474

File: 1686772890384.jpg (Spoiler Image,94.3 KB, 1500x1000, ezramiller06122023-06-d2a4f114…)

Fucking shame that he looked decent on the red carpet too, although they 100% had him heavily medicated though

No. 335487

You are not welcome in these farms, Ms.Horner good taste

No. 335490

File: 1686780480286.jpeg (Spoiler Image,189.95 KB, 832x1222, IMG_2551.jpeg)

I read somewhere that he had a gag order so he couldn’t speak or something??? KEK if so. But he did do interviews? he looked good though and didn’t dress retardedly

No. 335492

File: 1686781105680.gif (Spoiler Image,1.56 MB, 300x180, tumblr_nxn01jWCvv1u8h1ydo1_400…)

Yeah I heard about the gag order, which makes total sense kek. He was ordered not to speak/interact on the red carpet which is insane to begin with, why have him there lmao???

But I saw some footage and he was just moving very slowly and idk he seemed off, just screamed heavily medicated to me.

Honestly wondering who tf will hire him after all this, I know Hollywood doesn't care about the gross shit he's done but he has to be uninsurable now surely?

No. 335497

File: 1686782861134.jpg (9.74 KB, 200x300, 256645302758050-nm_200.jpg)

Yes, I am ashamed

No. 335503

Who? Ashamed because he’s a weird old man or is he also an awful person?

No. 335504

File: 1686784397376.gif (Spoiler Image,1.79 MB, 300x180, IMG_2554.gif)

Kek hi anon. Imagine being possibly medicated in order to make a public appearance.

Why must a nice face belong to such a weirdo

No. 335505

File: 1686784626310.gif (3.77 MB, 540x304, daddysincharge.gif)

just came by to drop this for my fellow mikefags. Is it just me or have his jokes been slightly hornier recently?

No. 335506

I cringed so hard when he said this, he really deserved that wadded up ball of plastic Rich threw in his face.

No. 335509

Jonas Åkerlund. Ashamed because he’s a weird old man kek

No. 335514

I get this, I felt that way watching the tank too, apart from that I don't really watch any of his stuff. I attribute a majority of my attraction to a wet dream I had about him kek and my affinity for dog shit tier men. I won't let myself fully divulge into it though since I'd 100% find him insufferable if I found out more than I already do

No. 335517

Nonnie tell us what happened in your wet dream!

No. 335525

I had a friend who told me she LOVED Jemaine years ago and I thought she was crazy at the time, but somehow, now? I definitely get it.
Also have you seen Gentlemen Broncos? He’s in it and he’s great

No. 335534

Part of me wants to inform them, but then I wonder if maybe there should be some shaming allowed in these threads. The extreme newfaggery is honestly pretty funny.

No. 335537

oh shit I was considering posting him on here as well kek. thank you for taking the fall by posting him first

I thought he was more physically attractive back in the day (during the World Peace era) but weirdly found myself drawn to him again during fishtank.

I think what did it for me was witnessing his more gentle moments with the contestants. There was something about seeing him shift from his intimidating host persona to him getting choked up during the finale or when he had to eliminate contestants that made him feel more cuddly and intriguing to me. maybe it really is a bit of a stockholm situation like you said kek

I also don't feel as bad about his treatment towards letty now that I know that all of it was fabricated and she was in on the bit. In fact I find it compelling watching his streams with letty and josie and seeing how relatively kind he acts towards them. I've never seen him interacting with women and so I'm kinda in awe about how reserved and respectful he is around them. It's kinda cute
people have also speculated that he's got a bit of a crush on letty which I can almost see

anyways, here's a random clip that I found weirdly attractive imagine bullying sam while he gets embarrassingly aroused

No. 335539

Hahaha I'm glad I did. I'm so happy there's other nonnies who find him attractive the same way I Do. I found him shedding his "detached gameshow host" persona when he went to say goodbye to Jon amusing, endearing. And intriguing as you've said! With Sylvia though I felt it was less genuine. The finale was literally the best kek even if it was fake-acting, I could still feel Jason's emotional attachment to the show Shining through in those ending moments. Yeah letty was mentioning something like having developed Stockholm syndrome after getting out of there in her livestream with Jason and co, I guess that even extends to us, the viewers. Ehh honestly I.. feel bipolar after all of it LOL. Deep down I know it's bad, morally wrong that he did all those things to her but my emotions say otherwise, to shrug it off and pretend it never happened. I feel like sam got a bit irritated with letty throughout the livestream, but idk that's just me. Reading into things… KEK I think what convinced me that he had/has a crush on letty is how he showed off after breaking down the jammed door. What do you personally think makes him look like he has a crush on her?
Kekeke it's weirdly funny, yet cute to imagine him getting all hot faced, flustered while he has a raging boner, trying to push me away. I remember watching it when it happened live because I am a no life who sat down all day to watch itand, oh my God, the shipping material I got from this. Magnificent.

No. 335541

>reapectful towards women
That's why he beats and rapes 16 year olds I guess and uses girls nudes as blackmail to make them carve his name into their flesh and has two different babymammas in two different states.

No. 335542

Also rewatching this and he tells letty to lick the goatshit off his chest….. holllllyyyyy shiiiiiiiitt

No. 335544

Holy shit I suddenly realized who he was just as I saw your post. Holy shit. ALL THIS TIME I NEVER CONNECTED THE TWO.

No. 335546

he does look extremely different as grima compared to basically any other role. pretty cool right

No. 335549

File: 1686803536910.png (507.79 KB, 1204x1246, roy1972.png)

Every Friday, just before I go into another micromanaging, time-wasting PIP session with my scrote bosses, I look at him and feel happy.

No. 335552

File: 1686804995426.jpg (60.5 KB, 862x525, 4f2c7ac70c85ca0fa6b7bf73e2fd10…)

The makeup's intended effect was definitely sallow and toad-like but he just looks so soft kek, unmistakable crazy eyes tho

No. 335556

File: 1686805771428.jpg (58.47 KB, 561x545, the misery.jpg)

our 100 mile long discussion and my obsession has made me spend infinitely more time on lolcow than i ever have btw. he just keeps being posted and i keep falling for it and get insaner everyday

No. 335563

More for me!

No. 335569

Goddamn, the Sam rehabilitation program is really working wonders on zoomers and anyone not aware of what shit he was doing way back in the late 2000s and early 2010s or the whole Marky thing and having girls carve his name on their skin. I'd almost admire how he managed to pull of a PR overhaul if I wasn't aware just how vile he was.

However he is acceptable if you only post his twink era and not his ogre post 2015 era.

No. 335571

File: 1686817655514.jpeg (38.01 KB, 576x324, workaholics.jpeg)

I've been rewatching Workaholics and I'm ovulating right now, all I can think about is how much I suddenly want to fuck Anders. He looks like he'd be so lean and smooth, I want to ride that Norwegian dick

No. 335573

Skinny white boy dick>

No. 335575

File: 1686819249163.jpeg (40.5 KB, 566x1076, 2E09ECD6-ED19-463A-A6DA-6653F0…)

>his twink era
YES. Someone posted this in a different thread and I know nothing about this scrote but I saved it. I only knew of him from that thanks computer “moms” skit, thought it was funny at first but then watching it years later realized how stupid men are.
This shit though? Literally every time pictures of him in his current state get posted I always wonder if he’s alive, like seriously he looks like a bloated waterlogged corpse that is now being puppeted by hundreds of rats living inside his skin. What IS that thing???

No. 335576

God yes

No. 335577

File: 1686819566499.jpg (300.47 KB, 1042x1500, ES_GEH005.jpg)

I feel you, pic related is me now while a 3-4 hour long exam is waiting for me this afternoon, wink

No. 335579

I'd fuck both versions of him.

No. 335584

File: 1686826322298.jpeg (47.85 KB, 572x769, IMG_9259.jpeg)

No. 335585

File: 1686826779653.png (290.13 KB, 1280x720, 1637336275459.png)

This is only weird if you like him specifically as Voldemort. Ralph Fiennes was fine as hell (pun intended)

No. 335586

File: 1686826915626.jpg (96.5 KB, 1280x544, MV5BNDU0MGM3MDMtMTUyZC00ZTJiLW…)

>that pic
I have been summoned

No. 335588

Idk why but this guy in Red Dragon…hnnnggggggggggg

No. 335591

File: 1686830617746.jpeg (11.29 KB, 300x200, 53975264-A22B-49D2-85BC-D57782…)

Both of them

No. 335594

I want him specifically as Voldy with a nose

No. 335596

Would LOVE for them to improv on my pussy and ass

No. 335607

i'm sorry i love you nonas and your autistic obsession with this man, but can you pls move to your own thread? i'm sick of seeing his face

No. 335608

File: 1686840155262.gif (817.28 KB, 490x259, sorry for party rocking.GIF)

No. 335609

I’m glad you get it! I agree I felt like he probably felt more awkward during Slyvia’s elimination, although I still thought it was nice that he wasn’t too harsh on her and gave her a hug in the end.

I also notice him getting irritated at letty sometimes, which ngl I kinda find her voice a little annoying at times too kek

I think I noticed a crush forming because I know Sam is and I can tell he’s into degrading women. He probably felt a weird pent-up, love/hate connection toward her once she accepted and went along with their rough treatment toward her. I can also see him enjoying the fact that he was able to degrade her in a (vaguely) consensual situation where he had all the power in the situation.
It’s all a gross when I describe it like that, and very much like a stockholm situation but I brought it up in this thread for a reason.

Also there were moments on the show where you can see how much he was fixated on her. Like in the clip I sent where he towered over her and told her to lick the goatshit off of his chest AHHHHH before he seemed to compose himself and realize he was going too far.

There were also moments off the show. I think in Josie’s first stream there was a moment when she stood to show off her outfit which immediately caught Sam’s attention since she was wearing something revealing. He also offhandedly complimented her once by saying she’s good at writing ideas for sketches, which I thought was a kind thing to say coming from him.

Anyways! I’m not trying to live vicariously through her, and can also just see Sam having a general respect for her for putting up with all the show’s bullshit. I just thought the dynamics I witnessed on the show were interesting

I knew about the Marky thing but haven't heard about all the other stuff. Is that all true?
It's a shame how much he destroyed his good looks. He looked to cute and approachable before

No. 335611

Ah shit, do we really need our own thread, any other nonnies sick of him?

No. 335612

Not a bradfag though I'd rather see him than sam hyde

No. 335614

Sam's a Nice Guy after all. That reminds me, He said he was actually a good guy near the ending to letty, if you've read into Sam's past, he dated someone (a tranny, I think?) Who he exchanged emails back and fourth with, he mentioned saying how he was a good guy. Yeah Hahaha her cutesy, childish voice can be a little gear-grinding at times. Though what I find the most annoying about her is her little giggles she has to put after every other sentence. From Sam's past history, also his overall content, it wouldn't be hard to see that he's into that kind of shit. Sad to see. though I like to imagine him being a secret softie men hate women who don't respect themselves so that's probably where that 'weird pent-up, love/hate connection" is coming from. Maybe.
I agree, more than likely, he did get off to the fact that he could be so shitty to letty. He gives off major Dom vibes. It is kinda weird how we're talking about this as if it's a normal day-to-day thing but no I get it lmao. LOL I just realized how hilarious it is that we're getting excited over the thought of not milk, not chocolate or anything delicious and edible like that but GOATSHIT being licked off his chest. Like wow. We've dived down deep into the drenches of coomer lust. Funniest shit I ever seen. Oh I didn't notice that? I was too busy looking at letty's body to realize LOL. Now I've got to rewind back the footage and catch that shit. Adding fuel to my ship. He admires her intelligence I think from what I've gathered from spending all my time watching fishtank, he said that he knows what it feels like being the smartest or only smart person in the room? To her
That's another thing too, whether it's for coomer purposes (knowing how sam is.) Or he actually admires her for what she put up with. We'll never know.

No. 335616

Not those other nonnas you're replying to, long text nonna here. The allude of sam, to me, is how gross his overall life is. He looks nasty, acts nasty too. A fat bastard fetish, if you will, in real life.

No. 335617

File: 1686842333315.jpg (285.47 KB, 1800x1211, royandgeneandwilliam.jpg)

Aaaay! I'm excited for tomorrow! And good luck on your exam, hopefully you got enough sleep!

No. 335618

I don't mind it as I haven't been in this thread for a long time and besides sam is uglier than him.

No. 335623

not really sure who this guy is but this is literally so not ok guys, this is very odd behaviour and it is very weird. i’m just letting you know in case you weren’t sure.

i'm too scared to make one myself but if we do need one we should name it 'we're all watching death machine edition'

No. 335626

File: 1686843476493.jpg (21.97 KB, 500x740, large.jpg)

Shitting screaming crying throwing up I'm not leaving this mortal coil until everybody itt watches Death Machine. I wonder if we can hit post limit thru the sheer power of Dourifsperg.

No. 335631

>He looked cute and approachable before
Unfortunately, that was probably when he was at his most abrasive.

No. 335633

He'd fit in well in the nerdy guys thread if he wasn't overshadowed with his shit.

No. 335634

I don't remember this guy ever dominating a thread, let alone two. Only a portion at most.

No. 335638

sam hyde isn't spammed in this thread though, he only gets posted occasionally

No. 335654

File: 1686852638015.jpeg (Spoiler Image,94.58 KB, 1200x800, 80.jpeg)

unspoiler for a lovely surprise

No. 335659

You definitely understand the attraction LOL. He’s always struck me as a big goofball that’s just putting on a tough persona for the bit. I also do remember reading those messages he sent to that tranny kek. I recall he sounded very vulnerable and desperate which is kinda cute albeit very degenerate.
I also agree! I wish letty didn’t always forcibly grin and giggle after everything she said, it makes it really hard to take her seriously.

I can tell that Sam's got a complicated relationship with women. He’s told stories in the past about his exes and they always sounded very eccentric and mentally-ill (or at least that’s the way he described them). He seems to be drawn to women that don’t respect themselves and he’s obviously got issues of his own judging from the rumours I’ve heard online about how unhinged he is to date.
This is probably fucked up, but I find it compelling how crazy and desperate he gets for the women he likes. It's interesting to contrast the level-headed mentor side he presents to his audience and the desperate coomer he becomes behind closed doors. imagine making him cry over you

I also have a funny memory of him gushing on one of his podcasts about how hot he thinks the lead singer from Yeah Yeah Yeahs is. I wish I could find it. It gave a funny glimpse at how enamored he gets with alternative artsy-looking women.

And yeah it really is wacked out how casually we’re discussing this lolol. I just realized how nasty it is to get flustered at him telling her to lick off the goat shit. There was something coomer behind it though, he probably makes women do weird shit like that all the time. In fact a lot of the show had a weird degenerate-sexual vibe to it. There was lots degrading each other, bodily fluids, and spitting on each other. Weird stuff.

I also found the clip I was mentioning. I agree with the commenters saying its like he’s using middle-school bullying techniques to mask that he likes her kek

Ngl I get that. He looks like he smells sweaty and disgusting which is kinda hot

Such a shame. I want to believe he wasn’t tainted at that point yet

No. 335660

oops I meant to reply to >>335614

No. 335670

Yeah you're right on with that big goofball putting on a serious persona interpretation! It's just so seriously alluding seeing that act on a man. powerlevelling again to say that's just like my dad hahaha those messages he sent to that tranny he met on tinder or some shit were so endearing. He really did seem like he was in love with the pretend-woman. I feel kinda sad that he didn't get him/the relationship didn't work out. She's trying to be friendly and stuff but instead it comes off… condescending to others? I'm not sure. It's more like she's laughing, just to laugh.
Ehh. With the way scrotes are, he was mainly the villain in those relationships and made them to be mentally ill to him. I don't doubt that some of the women he dated were naturally crazy before he met them. Regardless, I dont doubt either that he has driven a few of them crazy when they originally weren't. KEK didn't he cry over that girl who took care of his rats? He went unhinged saying how much he loved her and crap. He was head-over-heels for that woman it looked like, from what she described in the 4chan(?) Posts when they broke up. yes it would absolutely be delicious if scrote sam could be mindbroken, crying, begging on his big ol knees because of me
Maybe that's why Sylvia was choosen kek cause of how alt she looked. I don't get it though. That singer from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs looks nothing like him. I don't understand why he would be attracted to her. The birds of a feather flock together eh nonna? Maybe you're seeing something I'm not. I don't think the degeneratery was that bad in the show. Besides what you mentioned…. err the spitting, oh also when viewers paid to have jet or Ben scream at letty lollll. Oh also, most importantly, the shit cup. Can't believe they let that through. He's like a middle-schooled boy trapped in a 40-year-old man, cute shit. Or like a tsundere.

No. 335687

I want to fuck him so bad nonas, I want to have his children

No. 335694

The fuck happened to this thread?

No. 335699

? What do you mean?

No. 335713

File: 1686866891589.jpg (64.65 KB, 563x573, b0555275cc646b22f283df3fa33b9a…)

here's some more max for you nonnie

No. 335726

File: 1686868945024.jpeg (69.55 KB, 1170x538, hornyderogatory.jpeg)

No. 335728

File: 1686869091979.gif (3.67 MB, 480x480, tumblr_84cfe2bc92d26e6566362d2…)

I've been watching old episodes of Mr. Show, he was such a cutie when he was young. I also wanted to fuck him in Better Call Saul though

No. 335731

His chubby ass baby hands…blegh

No. 335735

True, I hate short, fat hands on men

No. 335736

I feel like Bob Odenkirk definitely goes down on women and would be great in bed

No. 335743

The long ass paragraphs over and over are bizarre

No. 335754

It's probably just the same nona sperging out in here kek

No. 335755

File: 1686878109428.jpeg (79.99 KB, 736x1140, bellamy.jpeg)

I had the hugest fucking crush on Matt Bellamy back in the day, I wanted to fuck him so badly with his stupid spiky hair

No. 335781

off topic, but i am pretty sure that cute supergirl lady did all the heavy lifting with the press runs.

No. 335845

I KNEW this dude looked familiar, he was in humboldt county!
He was really really good. It's a comfy movie that happens to be Jeremy Strong's first time on the big screen.

No. 335871

There's something kind of sweet about Brad Dourif getting rediscovered by all these nonnies. Like a mini-renaissance about one dude.

No. 335880

File: 1686930527338.jpeg (187.06 KB, 2048x1143, 9C1797F9-5759-44CD-A961-0117E5…)

I watched Spontaneous Combustion, and well, at least he looked good in it. For me it felt a little slow, there were some nice shots though; the ending was so dumb and abrupt I actually laughed.

No. 335881

File: 1686930641895.jpg (36.12 KB, 960x540, hf.jpg)

he reminds me of nobu from nana with that hair lol

No. 335892

I've rediscovered him after completely forgetting he exists and something just snapped. Don't really care for Brad Dourif The Man but Brad Dourif The Actor in every film is cute and good.

His screaming and flailing through half the film is so fucking funny.
I rewatched Fatal Beauty and "KEVLAR, BITCH! hehe" is unforgettable kek.

No. 335916

File: 1686937351451.jpeg (157.08 KB, 1170x1210, IMG_1209.jpeg)

I’m not proud

No. 336030

File: 1686977203773.jpg (20.28 KB, 229x359, brad.jpg)

>go down rabbithole a few days ago
>see picrel
>maybe there's a guy out there who isn't degenerate, dead, or on heroin that looks like this…

No. 336031

File: 1686977837475.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.2 KB, 352x567, weliveinasociety.jpg)

>fast forward to today
>go on troonytoons
>see picrel
>forget where I was
>oogle face, upper arm muscle and hair
>see skirt and troon pose
>don't know whether to puke or schlick
sorry for doubleposting i have to get this off my chest. Going to bathe in cold bleach rn

No. 336033

UGH. I fucking hate that we can’t just have glam rock dudes without them being troons now

No. 336121

File: 1687034202955.gif (7.73 MB, 800x448, 39C1CA8C-1A6E-4BC7-9799-6DEC3D…)

Disregard the following posts…

No. 336123

File: 1687034612381.gif (12.68 MB, 800x445, A568C623-DD21-4CC4-9C90-E5CC30…)

I would get grossed out when nonnies would say things like “I wanna drink his sweat” but I get it now, lord I wanna lick this man

No. 336125

File: 1687035009059.gif (15.34 MB, 800x448, E3CDDC15-3F03-404B-9465-9C8A99…)

Okay I’m done don’t yell at me

No. 336130

File: 1687038186202.gif (4.03 MB, 540x410, tumblr_v99.gif)

>insert wildly inappropriate caption here


No. 336155

? What's so appealing about a low res photo of an average male with dyed black hair cross dressing

No. 336167

File: 1687058068136.png (537.58 KB, 1364x902, Screenshot 2023-06-17 at 8.16.…)


No. 336192

File: 1687078450616.gif (4.09 MB, 520x293, Scarecrow_1973_ORIGINAL_TRAILE…)

hackman nonnie, have you seen the scarecrow? the scenes of him flirting and the kiss when they are eating give me tummy feelings… he's so manly and cute, I have a thing for simple minde0d yet wholesome, big strong men that get into fights. also al pacino in his cute era is a bonus

No. 336194

Lmao fr I'm not a dourifanon but its fun and if anons are getting pissy about it… just click off the thread you're not forced to be here

No. 336283

Gene Hackman anon here! Yeah, I've watched it, the scene in the bar is like anything I've seen lol

No. 336324

File: 1687120623508.jpg (15.49 KB, 191x324, now_with_more_foot.jpg)

You and me both anon. This timeline is bullshit. I just want to look at men with makeup and slutty clothes without them being all uwu
You forgot the cobalt streak in his thick luxurious hair, the flirtatious peek of his toes, and the fact that he plays guitar instead of screaming at a vidya game screen for 16+ hours a day. Even though musicians and artsy males have a bad rep I would still prefer them to a stunted gamer boy any day.
>I would get grossed out when nonnies would say things like “I wanna drink his sweat” but I get it now
I want to play footsie with BradStew, sniff his hair like Joe Biden and then scalp him and wear his hair over my own kek

No. 336351

File: 1687124776911.gif (2.54 MB, 500x278, HIROY.gif)

Tagging me as Hackmananon when I'm clearly Royanon… you must be bonkers.

No. 336354

File: 1687125695708.jpg (34.58 KB, 980x490, gfhh.jpg)

oh , nonas ..

No. 336373

File: 1687129766245.jpg (415.88 KB, 1104x1500, 086ec827.jpg)

Sorry I love him when he's extra weird and ugly, sorry I'm so sexy and funny and diseased

No. 336375

File: 1687130852467.jpg (66.77 KB, 889x930, IMG_6547.JPG)

i feel like a girl who tried to summon demons for fun at a sleepover rn, covered in blood staring at the pentagram she drew on the floor shocked that it actually worked. also RARE GRIMA PIC!!!

No. 336381

Not only did you draw out every other fangirl but you've also cursed me irrevocably thx
YEA girlies on Tumblr are quick with the new content.

No. 336392

File: 1687137663490.jpg (47.56 KB, 850x478, desktop-wallpaper-a-stranger-i…)

No. 336406

File: 1687147580139.jpg (93.6 KB, 1280x720, nowkiss.jpg)

Kim definitely put up with all Jimmy's chicanery for a good reason

I can see Walt being mostly totally vanilla except he'd have one or two unexpected and maybe unusual kinks fisting

No. 336410

File: 1687152313197.jpeg (170.28 KB, 735x796, 467B9548-FF0C-4D38-8936-33DAA4…)

I need an evil country boy
I need an evil country boy
I need an evil country boy

I want to discover haunted pumpkins with him

No. 336414

Midwestern sailor senshi

No. 336427

Jacob from Twilight?

No. 336435

he looks like he would smell extremely bad but hes cute anyway

No. 336464

Damn he got rickets

No. 336491

File: 1687186531215.jpeg (44.94 KB, 1280x720, ywnbws_seething.jpeg)

not sure about all that gobbledy-gook, but have you seen the size of his arms? makes me drool fr.
that clip of him grabbing letty and telling her to lick the straw off his chest is rent free in my head.
do you think I could get him to fly me out to Rhode Island?

No. 336495

He looks like a buzzard egg covered in hamster grease wearing a hair cape. Narcs really can look like a boiled egg covered in lint and attract doormat mousey girls just from displaying trauma patterns alone. Do you really want to live your life as a letty?

No. 336499

File: 1687189030530.jpg (54.82 KB, 564x950, 7676112f401e7a3c39feaac729ab6f…)

i find him annoying but i think he's hot, fuck's sake

No. 336500

Have some self respect.

No. 336501

Funny, I know a guy who looks so much like (clean cut) Sam Hyde but he's not a freak and he's been with the same girl since middle school. I just wanted to brag about knowing The Good Ending Hyde. Keep thirsting over that grease trap though.

No. 336502

Girl that’s as conventionally attractive as it gets

No. 336503

not with a nose and a tragic hairline like his, no. plus he's still insufferable.

No. 336505

This one time, my buddy Keith and I…

No. 336515

File: 1687195572500.jpeg (70.27 KB, 960x720, 1B8AFD5B-E00B-4B70-8FAE-515E59…)

I love that he’s also a manlet, I love short men. The Peter Lorre thread pic is getting to me a little, I will never be able to get over his buggy eyes but the bottom half of his face is nice.

No. 336531

File: 1687199531067.png (375.53 KB, 1770x884, Screenshot 2023-06-19 at 19.30…)

in the video where he has a drone girlfriend

No. 336538

papa franku

No. 336546

File: 1687202820095.jpeg (17.02 KB, 350x281, 32EDABD8-6A89-4E3C-9DC4-4A78CD…)

just learned that he wore dior poison from listening to old stern episodes, which reminds me of serge gainsbourg wearing YSL opium. i love when a fat sleazy man wears fragrances typically associated with women

No. 336559

Tfw no happy ending sam in your life.

No. 336573

File: 1687214003401.gif (15.99 MB, 800x340, CC986015-0D51-4F9B-B5B7-F43B7F…)

I like him a lot more than I initially thought I did, maybe I didn’t want to embrace the cringe at first but I can’t stop thinking about him holy FUCK. I wish this socially stunted man child was obsessed with me, god I wanna rough him up, I wanna INTERFACE BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. We will never be unbearable autists together, feelsbadman.

No. 336582

File: 1687215795355.webm (885.2 KB, 1129x480, 0619.webm)

Never clicked on a front page post faster, hi anon. He is so thoroughly reprehensible but the cringe truly makes him free. I love it when he loses it and starts wailing and crying about having to point a gun at Cale, his emotional baseline is so fucked it's funny.
>I wanna rough him up
how far is too far because my ideas keep getting progressively worse every day

No. 336586

File: 1687217230787.jpeg (24.37 KB, 500x233, BA2E330A-CD52-4F60-9DD0-02F02F…)

I kind of love the way he just latches onto her and immediately starts calling her his girlfriend, he’s such an attention starved little shit.
>vid you posted
Ah fuck, you just know he’d let you do absolutely anything and everything to him. And I would.

No. 336587

File: 1687217612685.gif (969.38 KB, 300x163, DAB45B18-2EEE-43EC-8DDF-79EC12…)

Whoops I meant to post this one, mmmmmm nice and bloody

No. 336592


No. 336594

File: 1687218889115.gif (6.67 MB, 500x250, ezgif-1-934af472f5.gif)

Trying desperately not to sperg because you and I literally had the same pipeline of nonchalance to wild adoration with this guy and yes top kek at him immediately referring to her as his girl. He's so horny and makes so many sex jokes and yet can't say "hey I wanna fuck you" urghh what a cute retard. Thank you for the gifs btw greater food has never existed

No. 336612

No. 336619

File: 1687225085338.jpg (52.59 KB, 500x595, 4frycx.jpg)

No. 336637

File: 1687230932571.png (974.41 KB, 1501x1887, 7d9351dcc743d1ce806d4c9617d930…)

Was listening to some soyjak scrote Jaws fans doing commentary on Youtube. One was a co-producer of some Jaws documentary, but the point is he got to chat with Roy Scheider (who played one of the main characters). Roy was dealing with multiple myeloma at the time, and the scrote said he'd mentioned that his mother was dealing with cancer, too. Then he said, "Roy told me, 'Send your mother my love, and save some of that love for yourself.'"

I have never envied a scrote more than I will that one in particular.

No. 336674

File: 1687247132201.jpg (347.13 KB, 1260x1920, tumblr_ovludqTLdS1skn9i9o1_128…)

No. 336685

File: 1687250692375.gif (2.93 MB, 540x300, oliver in oliver.gif)

him as Bill Sykes in "Oliver!" caught my attention, why is it always the awful ones…

No. 336719

Peak Oliver Reed.

No. 336773

I’m the anon you’re responding to kek
I agree I love how big and intimidating he is. I’ve been watching more of his livestreams lately and can’t stop glancing at his massive hands during them. He’s a big guy for me
I’ve also fantasized about meeting him irl too although I’d never actually do it. I even considered applying for season two of fishtank before I came to my senses and realized how hellish it would actually be to get on there.

No. 336816


Crazy how much he looks like Bruce Willis when shaved.

No. 336821

I’m collecting all these fan fictions sam is writing about himself

No. 336828

He's so fucking hot omg does he even realize it?? I've been fantasizing about meeting him in real life too, us realizing how much we have in common… we watched the same shows, anime, played the same games. KEK I've been fantasizing about that too. Imagine how fun it would be to purposefully fuck shit up, be a rude bitch to everyone

No. 336833

File: 1687315460164.gif (4.48 MB, 500x278, ezgif-3-708478002a.gif)

Mister Rat Man
Bring Me A Rat
Make Him [redacted][redacted][redacted]

No. 336836

File: 1687316089302.jpg (22.03 KB, 247x355, tumblr_fb4e487e635b95ad9afd9ab…)

you're not helping me get off of tumblr at all

No. 336837

File: 1687316257293.png (7.78 KB, 648x176, 1.png)

These girls are clearly going through the same kind of mental illness as us and it's great he is so so so so cute in that film I've seen it three times already fml

No. 336847

LOL my sisters, seriously considering making a tumblr account to contain all my autism

No. 336880

File: 1687355994703.jpeg (29.78 KB, 735x535, B82BFC49-AADB-45D7-80B3-6800EA…)

Girls I am blessed, found him in ANOTHER role as a priest, from Moonlighting.

No. 336881

File: 1687356235742.gif (3.11 MB, 268x248, 39568277-4A02-47FE-AC8E-0B8E4A…)

Samefag I watched I, Desire, another wonderfully bad movie; the overplayed wildcat sound effects were hilarious. Not a lot of screen time but as always, simply wonderful.
Also watched Wild Blue Yonder, that one pretty meh for me, really slow alien documentary thing.

No. 336888

Kek I wonder that too. It’s interesting how long he’s committed to the bit of looking greasy and disgusting. In a recent stream he even said he didn’t want people to realize how attractive he actually is. You’d think it’s made him lose out on the pool of women that would’ve otherwise been interested in him, except when you think about it there’s at least three of us that still are into him in this thread alone KEK
I’ve also noticed that I have a lot of shared interests with him and agree with a lot of his opinions (which I know is a red flag to admit on here). He’s given advice before that a man shouldn’t expect to date a woman that completely aligns with him, so I’m not even sure if it would impress him if we had a lot in common. Tbh he’d probably just end up being rude to me since I’m not his perfect type or something lame.
I’d also love to create chaos for the sake of content on fishtank lolol. I fantasize about it too although I’m afraid of getting doxxed or getting treated like shit by the fans like how they treated slyvia and letty on the show

No. 336895

Please do.

No. 336900

this thread will be dead without them kek

No. 336905

Well we've have 20 threads before their arrival, but sure.

No. 336909


No. 336910

true, it just feels so slow these days idk

No. 336929

File: 1687383765285.gif (1.28 MB, 299x228, tumblr_offp1tOthX1tczux5o1_400…)

dw, i know im not making one because that might actually be the the final push i need to send me spiralling away from the real world. none of you are safe from me.

No. 336936

File: 1687388037656.jpg (133.92 KB, 700x1086, tumblr_5f418fc2bf9d83884dbff70…)

i know you deleted the post nonny but i wanted to say that we might as well make one, also the death machine image you posted would make a great threadpic, idk i think you should decide because i have a feeling you have more saved than anyone else lol

No. 336941

Oh no are we Dourif fags being banished? Probably for the best tbh, I don’t wanna feel like I need to hold back with the sperging. I’ll make the thread if no one else will, what should we call it?

No. 336944

there's no rush to make it right now, if we do all want one we should make sure to chose a thread pic and title we all like. something super basic like 'brad dourif enjoyers containment thread' maybe? and not a gif because gifs can be annoying for some users

No. 336947

File: 1687390155484.jpeg (45.21 KB, 555x681, FzA86-DWAAE7NHW.jpeg)

KEK sorry I got shy I'm at work but can make one when I get home (unless someone else cares to). Would a description mentioning that we can talk about him as well as his various roles be okay? I wanna movie-sperg. Can I include a go-ahead for insane unhinged hornyposting?

>I don’t wanna feel like I need to hold back with the sperging
Relatable. I still adore >>335623 's idea but I'm biased. Also >>333690 could be a funny threadpic. I'm honestly really excited guys I can't believe we're powerful enough to annoy people kekk.

No. 336948

File: 1687390537992.png (406.13 KB, 1259x1280, 72B09FC1-077B-4CF6-BEAC-7CAB41…)

Yes I want everyone’s input! That title is a little plain for me lol. I made this a few days ago when that first anon initially complained, possible thread pic?
NONNIE IM SO READY TO SPERG WITH YOU I’m even making Death Machine fan art we need our own thread lol I am losing it

No. 336950

this is amazing!!! and it's special because you made it, i would love it as a threadpic

yes that sounds like a great description, i never know what to put in those

No. 336952

That's a really cute pic nonnie, great choice of roles kek, we can use that unless someone else has other suggestions? We can wait a few hours for other anons to chime in.
>making Death Machine fanart
SHITTING AND SCREAMING can't wait to sperg unabashedly about Grima and Dante for ever and ever amen.

No. 336955

File: 1687394141167.jpeg (29.59 KB, 613x453, 161B72C0-2A88-41B6-B691-4B5A53…)

Okay I’m probably gonna fall asleep soon, can’t wait to possibly wake up to our own thread, nighty night you hot jelly babies

No. 336971

File: 1687400410228.jpeg (53.39 KB, 650x400, IMG_1667.jpeg)

Both of them from about a decade ago were so hot. I think James might be a bit of a mentally deranged sex pest but I like to pretend he’s normal

No. 336975

Who’s the guy on the left?

No. 336977

Idk if any Douriffags are awake or alive but since there was no dissent I'll assume it's okay to go with "Dourif Enjoyers Containment Thread - We're All Watching Death Machine Ed." and >>336948 's threadpic?

I Love You

No. 336979

yes sure i love that (well i kinda did suggest both halves of the title, hope everyone else is ok with it too). and no other pic could top that one, its so cute!

No. 336980

Dourif banishment zone

We all really do share the one single hyperactive braincell.

No. 336982

good bye anons its been great thank you for having and tolerating us

No. 336989

File: 1687410515873.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.18 KB, 800x600, 53 - BU2J0Pj.jpg)


No. 336990

Moon holding a pussy.

No. 336993

He's just so cute and innocent looking. I can fix him.

No. 336998

I'm deciding you mean the kitten for my own mental well-being

No. 337000

save him

No. 337003

Is this where the threads dedicated to individual ugly actors on /m/ keep coming from? I need to know, because it's annoying as fuck and happens roughly every six months. Stop banishing your retards to /m/, we don't want them, either. They'll just get bored of this flavor-of-the-week ugly white scrote and make another annoying thread dedicated to the next one. It's really getting old.

No. 337015

They’re just being annoying for attention. And I do think they’ll lose interest in like week so best to ignore.

No. 337043

You're acting like we control them. We're all hostages.

No. 337045

you can just hide the thread

No. 337046

File: 1687447571785.gif (9.84 MB, 540x810, please.gif)

i hate myself

No. 337047

I feel like those threads should stay in /g/

No. 337066

File: 1687454936263.jpg (91.39 KB, 1280x720, DkACz7tW0AEQdYq.jpg)

Thank god (female) they're gone. Back to posting men you're actually ashamed to say you'd fuck.

No. 337078

>doesn't remember the driverfagging incident

No. 337089

File: 1687465252958.jpg (133.97 KB, 1200x1200, tu.jpg)

my dad used to be obsessed w/ seinfield and id watch it with him only cuz i had a huge crush on kramer

No. 337096

Someone started to post him and then other anons who also like him started to reply to her and they realized there were a bunch of them, but they didn't want to clog the thread with huge walls of text discussing him or his characters so they made a thread about him. It's not even related to any social media trend or new movie coming out. You can just hide the threads you don't like, like the rest of us do for threads we don't like. Cope and seethe

No. 337150

Didn't he have a surprisingly toned body?

No. 337325

File: 1687552739216.jpeg (Spoiler Image,51.42 KB, 564x564, IMG_2626.jpeg)

No. 337337

I've been an ezraanon but fuck me it looks like he's going to break her neck.

No. 337373

File: 1687570518304.jpg (166.63 KB, 1200x1200, ut.jpg)

ummm based

No. 337391

File: 1687578228422.jpg (426.03 KB, 1435x813, thelordgiveth.jpg)

I love when I'm rewarded for my sleuthing.

No. 337404

Did you watch him as a kid too, nona? I thought he was so cool but also scary lol. tfw I learn he was hot the whole time
I was NOT expecting this interview to get me dripping wet- but the closeups when he's speaking- his lips look beautiful and sensual combined with his sexy voice and cute quiet kind of shy demeanor- turned me on more than porn lol

No. 337406

My former boss dated him in the 90s kek. She had some cool old pics

No. 337409

File: 1687594475286.jpg (136.23 KB, 1080x724, tumblr_44899fafe56a8ee63468f52…)

he got a little ugly due to the drugs but i still love him

No. 337410

File: 1687594644019.jpeg (47.39 KB, 770x773, e38c2a882ab4f2b234fda0909a3a15…)

He was divine young

No. 337476

File: 1687634989517.jpg (193.87 KB, 2048x1361, moot.jpg)

i need him

No. 337493

File: 1687642100669.jpg (120.76 KB, 1916x1063, 50199-odnazhdy-v-amerike-once-…)

Looking at photos of James Woods alone I wouldn't feel anything, but seeing him in movement, his beautiful eyes, and hearing his voice, especially in movies from the 80s is UGHHHHHHH… He was very magnetic in Once upon a time in America. Also love his role as Hades in Hercules, one of the best disney villains for sure. Pity he's a WHORE though. An 180 IQ whore… Now I'm watching this one Cronenberg's horror where James has a vagina in his stomach and ughhhhhhhhh

No. 337516

No. 337518

He's gay

No. 337521

File: 1687664882124.jpeg (9.99 KB, 400x224, IMG_0180.jpeg)

God help me nonas I’ve been horny for this one actor in an otherwise non-descript UK cop show/slice of life drama (Heartbeat) for fuckin decades. I cannot explain why this man makes me so feral horny. Fuck I wanna climb him like a tree.

No. 337528

File: 1687666708453.gif (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 319x219, download.gif)

I've had a glass of wine so I am up to my bullshit again.

No. 337544

Nona I understand… his boyish charm gets me every time

No. 337549

Damn, lucky! Any hot stories??

No. 337562

File: 1687690474974.jpeg (67.39 KB, 564x701, IMG_2629.jpeg)

No. 337564

File: 1687691354030.jpg (72.15 KB, 640x1136, EVaqGK5XQAILzyp.jpg)

No. 337586

black guys dressed in 1980's new wave clothes are qt

No. 337588

noooo not the hecking yellow waterino

No. 337897

File: 1687897897110.jpeg (247.93 KB, 1080x1440, IMG_1965.jpeg)

Matthew Lillard young or old. You know sex with him would be crazy

No. 337903

I wish he wasn't so fucking ugly now, way cuter when he was young

No. 337905

Is this the guy from blur? Regardless he is very conventionally attractive. Wrong thread.

No. 337908

how does he look now?

No. 337911

File: 1687909845675.png (309.53 KB, 880x520, Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 7.52.…)

No. 337912

File: 1687910252051.gif (8.17 MB, 540x448, tumblr_54946444342bc741c313ad8…)

this little faggot of Conan Gray shaking his hips in the never ending song mv…

No. 337915

I can't find the specific pic I'm thinking of, but he has this horrific beard from what I last remember seeing. It's probably been posted in an older thread if you're really bothered

No. 337917

File: 1687913549739.jpg (9.22 KB, 480x360, saganlol.jpg)

Wherever that Carl Sagan anon is, I started watching "Cosmos" today, and I just wanna say… I understand you now, anon. I totally get it. If outer space was personified, they'd be blushing constantly, just from the way he talks about it.

No. 337920

That's not a recent picture either. That one with the beard is from 2016 I think around the Trump election. There is no recent pictures of him, he hasn't posted one in years.

No. 337947

i’m glad you finally understand the appeal nonna

No. 337956

Not Sagan anon but my instagram bio is a Carl Sagan quote! He’s so cute. “a still more glorious dawn awaits”

No. 338195

File: 1688056149921.jpeg (31.19 KB, 326x477, IMG_4298.jpeg)

i’m going through my old books and found “touching from a distance” about ian curtis. peter hook is quoted throughout, i used to have a mega crush on him

No. 338245

File: 1688070427481.jpg (39.63 KB, 563x558, 94a8cc9a6f453dee7724b54d3d04e3…)

might see him back on the grid this weekend. not looking forward to it

No. 338246

File: 1688070472979.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.58 KB, 564x767, 96830deef36edec69f686bb036de06…)

No. 338272

He looks like he'd be a big hit with gay guys.

No. 338413

File: 1688179303091.jpg (452.43 KB, 1630x2048, landobuzzanca.jpg)

Found some Italian actor named Lando Buzzanca who looks like a cross between Robert De Niro and Bruce Campbell.

No. 338505

File: 1688245851204.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1124x1614, IMG_0756.jpeg)

Unconventional because of shameful reputation: I’m fully aware of how problematic Armie Hammer is and yet I still want to fuck his brains out

No. 338523

Arab prettyboys should be more common.

No. 338532

File: 1688270993948.jpg (206.17 KB, 900x1188, c26903de423eff75bc4f33f1a5d8d4…)

i want them both at the same time
josh homme is the only ginger i've ever wanted to fuck

No. 338609


No. 338611

Nona if you've seen what he looks like now you'd understand. Although I guess maybe he belongs in the wall thread too

No. 338612

>a cross between Robert De Niro and Bruce Campbell

rofl nona you're exactly right, what the hell. I can't stop laughing at this

No. 338640

File: 1688335129952.jpg (86.87 KB, 1500x1000, beau-is-afraid-review.jpg)

thought this movie was shit, but joaquin acting like a pathetic anxious virginal man really gets me going. i loved him in "joker" too, but only the parts where he's arthur and being sad and awkward. the way he acts makes me feral

No. 338642

I don't care for him, but the way you describe your attraction towards him, you should try "You Were Never Really Here", if you haven't seen that one already.

No. 338648

thank you very much anon!

No. 338827

File: 1688441276279.gif (9.65 KB, 640x360, fuckyou.gif)

I have to confess this somewhere because it weighs heavily on my soul. I hate this pretentious furry and his lazy videos so much, he really thinks he's some kind of authority on ARGs/analog horror/internet storytelling and he's so up his own ass. No idea what he looks like and frankly don't care, but god I am fucking livid that his smug ass has managed to cross the wires in my brain that make me want to utterly humiliate him. I want to let him think I'm one of his fangirls and as soon as he puts on that cringe deep dom daddy voice he's so proud of I want to grab his throat and choke him until he shuts the fuck up and mock him endlessly. There's so many embarrassing men who make horror content but I think it's the fact that NightMind goes out of his way to encourage people thirsting over his persona that makes me want to crush his ego between my thighs and make him beg for the scraps back without saying a word. Fuck me why can't I just fantasize about tempting Wendigoon away from the lord like a normal person

No. 338838

It has been forever since I last checked this guy, good to know he hasn't trooned out or something.

No. 338868

File: 1688461744958.jpg (372.6 KB, 1722x2592, latest-3294638123.jpg)

no one gets me and there are barely any sopranos fics too. life is bleak

No. 338873

I'm pretty sure he's gay and has a BF.(subjectfagging)

No. 338896

File: 1688481641581.png (4.39 MB, 2000x1303, royjawsbig.png)

Happy Fourth of July! I'm gonna spend it watching my husbando do what he does best: letting kids get mauled by a shark and then blowing the shark up.

No. 338906

File: 1688486992921.png (1.35 MB, 1106x750, Screenshot 2023-07-04 at 12.09…)

i get u nonna

No. 338986

File: 1688525461098.png (1.42 MB, 1920x1080, Untitled-1.png)

Just wanna say there's something perfect about watching a movie that takes place during the Fourth of July, and at the end of the movie, the two main characters point out that it's Tuesday. I love it when shit like that happens.

No. 339025

holy shit he looks like a math teacher these days that's so sad

No. 339027

if i ever had a math teacher that looked like that i'd be committing illegal activity with him

No. 339072

Oh God, nonny. This was me 5 years ago. I was OBSESSED with him.

No. 339100

File: 1688603393748.jpg (33.91 KB, 670x440, Cyrano-de-Bergerac-TMC-Gerard-…)

No. 339104

File: 1688612010425.jpg (35.52 KB, 585x390, SBCohen_GQ_04Sep12_pa_b_720x10…)

My confession is that i thought Borat was weirdly attractive along with all his other joke characters

No. 339105

No judgement here nonnie. I hope you enjoyed the naked hotel fight scene in Borat

No. 339190

I enjoyed it even though his assistant sort of ruins the scene with his grotesque dumpling body. At least he makes Sacha Baron Cohen look better in comparison kek, I like how lanky and tall he is

No. 339289

File: 1688764360278.jpeg (108.03 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_2979.jpeg)

Every time I post I get “why” or “what’s wrong with you”. I just like old guys…

No. 339303

first time ive seen someone who also has a crush on sacha kek love u nona

No. 339418

File: 1688859052420.jpg (146.71 KB, 837x1390, sasha-baron-cohen-and-anna-far…)

Love u too nona kek, glad im not the only one. There's just something about him that I can't stop thinking about. This movie was really dumb but he looked so fucking good after losing the beard, especially when he was all roughed up. I could fix him

No. 339429

The first contestant on cash cab season 6 episode 39 was a really cute guy wearing glasses who had dark brown hair with long bangs, and I wanted to take a photo of him but I couldn't because my mom was watching with me.

No. 339551

File: 1688936273415.png (386.16 KB, 319x486, 45544545.PNG)

i don't care that his ass is like 71

No. 339556

File: 1688940011001.jpeg (43.64 KB, 400x533, FBE1CE7E-3A3D-4E5F-AFD9-144EC9…)

>extremely fucking funny
>had one accidental punk hit as a teenager and never got famous again
>extremely funny and i’m obsessed with him

No. 339562

File: 1688941783578.jpeg (58.48 KB, 640x427, IMG_9832.jpeg)

Christopher Walken at any age would be amazing but somehow I kinda dig him more now that he’s 80. I can’t explain it but I would love to be physically or psychologically wrecked by this man.

No. 339566

He looks good for 80

No. 339589

Who is this, he's cute?
Why do some anons not give names on this thread? Is it a gatekeeping thing? It's annoying as fuck

No. 339590

People with weird faces always age better. There's a consistency to them at any age whereas traditionally good looking people have to combat with their bodies deteriorating.

No. 339594

>Why do some anons not give names on this thread? Is it a gatekeeping thing? It's annoying as fuck
because most of these men were already mentioned/posted dozens of times before and are already so known that it's kind of redundant. idk who that specific guy is tho

No. 339606

ayrt, it’s jilted john

No. 339621

File: 1688980539558.jpeg (41.99 KB, 379x512, E7FDFDEB-704F-4064-BEFA-A710B9…)

No. 339677

File: 1689014099817.jpg (138.66 KB, 744x1041, Johnnie.jpg)

I thought he was so cute in the 90s remake of Night of the Living Dead, shame he wasn't in it longer but obviously that's just the part. He looks good old, too

No. 339771

File: 1689062091590.png (6.23 MB, 2592x1991, IMG_5718.png)

He’s extremely cute to me no matter the age or role…. The shape of his face is very handsome and I like to draw him. I want to draw something of each of his characters!

No. 339772

Nona search up Jilted John.

No. 339870

File: 1689122284454.jpeg (506.43 KB, 1156x1828, 2E0E7C73-3112-458D-BDDC-4B95F7…)

No. 339874

File: 1689125780647.png (1.59 MB, 443x581, Screenshot_20230711-203655.png)

This guy who's by Chris.

No. 339877

Ewwww nazi loli comissioner

No. 339880

File: 1689127488777.gif (2.07 MB, 250x159, tumblr_pbhrnuD8b51qahdmvo4_250…)

My horror husband. Is he considered unconventional? I love his priestly face and tender eyes. I wish he had more roles in which he wore glasses, I imagine him taking them off slowly, and coming closer to scrutinise me better

No. 339919

…I get it. His face at least

No. 339923

Girl why

No. 339934

Yo I get it. He was hot as fuck. Beautiful eyes, too.

No. 339958

File: 1689186565411.jpg (46.82 KB, 564x892, 6b47e72489b4e4bf12b46579455b96…)

No. 339999

Gonna need someone to redline this freak's body

No. 340008

Why is he standing like that? looks like a 90's action figure

No. 340158

Carl Sagan is a qt 3.14

No. 340173

File: 1689318488930.jpeg (156.18 KB, 772x944, 2D3C36FD-78A7-447F-9273-9B5DB7…)

No. 340336

File: 1689426622590.jpg (341.17 KB, 1000x2126, jeff mangum.jpg)

He's so cute, even as a boomer now he is so cute.

No. 340347

File: 1689429091021.gif (9.38 MB, 631x412, 4b288e7bee9540ff29fee7bba9997c…)

fuck yes. he's so good. i first gained a crush on him from fucking choptop of all roles. charisma through the roof.

No. 340366

File: 1689437552965.gif (2.9 MB, 480x270, 1JHn.gif)

I got into him from TCM as well. He looked like Ed Neal but way hotter. Ed's only attractive to me as the hitchhiker.

No. 340421

File: 1689465549100.jpg (61.65 KB, 500x703, 2a2e98d0e62b037ab4a79d954100e1…)

I want him to unleash all his weird fleshy gorey sadistic fantasies on me.

No. 340439

File: 1689479071401.jpg (113.09 KB, 683x1024, 0528f5c3e77fa7f33756538017c985…)

i find john dwyer so fucking hot

No. 340442

File: 1689481795746.png (430.08 KB, 834x578, Screenshot 2023-07-15 232925.p…)

the boy in the video "Tongue Tied" by Grouplove! he is so gawky and cute and I love the song. so nostalgic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1x1wjGKHjBI

No. 340463

File: 1689501548922.png (731.4 KB, 530x972, Screenshot 2023-07-16 at 2.54.…)

Lord forgive me

No. 340502

The Lord forgives but I don't

No. 340508

Your only posting him here cause he's fat. In fact with some strategic cropping, he'd belong in the conventional thread

No. 340537

Anon he’s posted here because he’s a major creep with a history of flirting with underaged girls.

No. 340560

File: 1689551146112.jpg (56.05 KB, 564x734, 5c00a3d0575ebc6bc6c99c41896d3f…)

I've known him as Obi-wan since I was a kid and then saw him in 4 different films but only after seeing him starved, dirty, sweaty and at the verge of death in the Bridge on the river Kwai I started having some fucked up sado-maso thoughts with him. My tastes became normal over time and I've been only attracted to handsome young guys for a while, but sometimes shit like this happens… He always sounded so dignified and classy and I can't stop wondering how he sounded during sex, and at the same time I feel like I'm committing a crime kek there's an AI with his voice and I'm thinking about using it for malicious acts

No. 340575

File: 1689561335763.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.62 KB, 800x600, 63 - UuYjH3q.jpg)

Hello it's me again with another glass of wine. I will bully him until he cries.

No. 340578

did he have work done on his nose?

No. 340580

is that null? he's a pedo apologist

No. 340581

File: 1689564229305.gif (3 MB, 540x422, brodylook1.gif)

It's my birthday today and I received a copy of my dude's biography. I'm over the moon.

No. 340582

No he's not lol

No. 340710

File: 1689650028167.png (44.88 KB, 233x428, I CAN FIX HIM.png)

i wish my husbando, Smithers, was real.

No. 340714

I might smash

No. 340733

File: 1689678214576.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x1630, 98527BC0-EDAF-4C02-AD2B-B82D27…)

Domhnall Gleeson. I don't know if he fits in the attractive men thread because he's sorta awkward, so I guess it goes here. Also I wish I could have an android Dom to fuck me everyday just like in that episode from Black Mirror.

No. 340742

100% smash null

No. 340750

File: 1689694700966.jpg (370.05 KB, 1500x1500, DOwJk8KUIAEUKP2.jpg_large.jpg)

More recent picture

No. 340751

File: 1689694892019.jpg (151.66 KB, 1200x900, 4284.jpg)

No. 340753

why has josh moon transformed into a soulful indie singer why does he look like this now

No. 340754

That's Tom Burke as Cormoran Strike.

No. 340757

kek, way to spoil it. He does look a lot like Null tho.

No. 340763

I was about to say the null finally got hot

No. 340779

He looks like half of a Null.

No. 340859

File: 1689774717687.jpg (46.69 KB, 355x500, young-vito-corleone-149592-nor…)

He was so handsome as young Vito

No. 340904

File: 1689793511965.jpeg (5.4 MB, 6819x3829, B62EECC2-3D8E-4A42-A3BB-747173…)

i could fix him

No. 340913

File: 1689799082203.jpg (932.56 KB, 1081x1600, Noam Chomsky.jpg)

No. 341027

File: 1689859740581.jpeg (1 MB, 1170x1993, IMG_0811.jpeg)


No. 341029

why is every famous scrote a sexual abuser wtf

No. 341030

Being famous makes it easier, plus they get a big ego from success. Think about how many rapists/abusers you know who are just normal dudes and then imagine if they had fame and fortune and how many others would use that to their advantage.

No. 341043

File: 1689865607869.jpeg (26.22 KB, 500x700, IMG_3060.jpeg)

Does birth control really make you more attracted to feminine men? Why am I so attracted to this?

No. 341047

File: 1689866816303.jpeg (135.09 KB, 1024x1366, image0.jpeg)

I have to laugh, not at the expense of nonnys devastation, just knowing it's inevitable. Give a normal man fame and he will be a degenerate scrote.

No. 341051

That isn't feminine it's just shapeless

No. 341054

thats like the manliest body shape ever 9 out 10 moids have that exact body type

No. 341056

9 out of 10 modern moids are weak and fat. Not manly

No. 341060

It is not manly, it is very male though. Shapeless dough body. Too afraid and weak to work out.

No. 341062

then 9 out of 10 men need to lift more heavy things with their arms, it's such a waste of potential.

No. 341063

Literally true though

No. 341073

File: 1689875269852.jpeg (72.07 KB, 520x603, DC0A6F24-42B4-49AC-A7F4-8BF37C…)

YES I never wanted to post him because he’s a ginger male and people don’t seem to like him but I think he’s cute. I watched the black mirror episode and that shitty peter rabbit movie just for him.

No. 341075

File: 1689876416366.jpeg (144.91 KB, 866x1390, IMG_3056.jpeg)

No. 341172

i'm obsessed with brunette guys with long hair but for some reason this scrote just looks so nasty, i wonder if it's because he's short

No. 341234

File: 1689966187837.jpg (29.49 KB, 713x480, Carrey1_2500kbps_852x480_13521…)

He is so bloody cute, cutest smile ever in Hollywood

No. 341237

File: 1689970164854.jpeg (466.5 KB, 1279x853, IMG_7671.jpeg)

If there was a way to save time in a bottle, if it was possible to mend the continuum, I would try and convince him to be a better man. All that pain could've been something beautiful, if he just hadn't chosen to hurt. But as it stands, he's riddled, his dick is a worse health hazard then COVID and he's remorseless.

Throwing away your face for drugs, your opportunities for a hard cope hobby you suck ass at, your prowess for arrogance. Jim, your paintings are awful and your art is ugly!

Imagine throwing everything away you worked so hard for in the first place.

I'm sad.

No. 341238

anyway you might enjoy this song nona

No. 341255

File: 1689982238515.jpg (399.56 KB, 1000x800, genewonka.jpg)

No Timothée twink version for me, I had a strong obsession with this man playing this character specifically when I was a kid, much to the torment of my parents. I wanted him so bad. The release of this new Wonka movie trailer reminded me of this very old obsession of mine completely forgotten thanks to time and it's all I can think about ever since I rewatched the movie last week… I'll be taking some mushrooms and rewatching the interesting parts of this movie once again soon lol

No. 341288

File: 1690000785537.jpg (34.62 KB, 576x613, Z4UCNQHAKRYFMLOPV7QXP47N5A.jpg)

"Video not available"
BTW nona, if it helps you feel any better, I dont think it was ever 100% confirmed in like court or whatever that he gave that girl those diseases so I just like to keep on believing that. :)
This was the other way around for me, one of my whole family's favorite movies that we watched- and quoted lol- all the time, and while I didnt fancy Gene Wonka, my mom is a Deppfag and when his came out I could kind of see the appeal- Honestly I can see the appeal of both but I like bubbly eccentric guys more lol(:))

No. 341292

god he was so perfect it's not fucking fair

No. 341293

File: 1690003301127.png (376.84 KB, 684x501, idkwhatimdoinnomore.png)

I do believe he gave them to her, and abused other gf's, nothing was proven nor disproven, he paid the family so it wouldn't go to trial. She was dead. That's fucked up enough for me. Jenny McCarthy, much as I don't like her, alluded to him being abusive, other women too. He abandoned his daughter, first wife, and stepson with Jenny. As someone who wants to work in the industry I can't stand How he treated makeup artist Kazuhiro Tsuji on the set of the Grinch among other stuff. Other things I don't want to talk about. Like how he loves the internet.

The vid is a song by an artist named Charlotte Cardin that's titled after his name. It's a great tune

When it says "goodbye my worthless ego, without you I'm finally free though" I try to think of it as gradually leeching him out of my system, but if I pull the needle out too rapidly, it'll kill me. the sharp is still lodged in my arm. then the whole "Jim will you marry me" line is my old self groveling in submission and fantasy. unlike the songwriter, i no longer like him, I regret it

Before I knew too much, he truly was remarkable, I wish I kept my whimsy. Like he truly was beautiful to me, I wish I could find a man who looked like him (preferably 40s ish) and treated me well. Darkness, cynicism, trouble, I just didn't get the vibe saw twenty something women as disposable, which is the vibe I get now. wanted to fantasize or have a sad conversation or an encounter or an affair with someone who'd ruin my life. Who'd never see me as a human worthy of interaction, or attraction. Just worthless, objectified ugly trash wrapped in a warm body. Whoop dee doo.

if eternal sunshine memory erasure were real and worked, I'd take forgetting over the contradiction my body and mind experiences looking at him. I was raised by narcs, and my dad abandoned me for a bit when I was younger. I've been scared of men, I've been suicidal, and everything just got unburied by association. My recovery is gone. guess it's projection but someone like that reminds me too much of my own trauma. God I'm an idiot who ignored all the warning signs, just don't want others who are vulnerable to end up heartbroken too

No. 341294

I'd ride him right there, honestly

No. 341295

Genefags how do you feel about Jeremy Allen White? People think he looks like Gene kek

No. 341333

File: 1690036793462.jpg (32.01 KB, 400x422, Sir_Chris.jpg)

Based Cushing enjoyers. Always had a soft spot for him from a young age, even though Lee was my first IRL crush.
>He always sounded so dignified and classy and I can't stop wondering how he sounded during sex, and at the same time I feel like I'm committing a crime kek
I get it nona. I could never think of Lee in that way for some reason, it felt wrong because he seemed too regal kek. Fortunately I discovered other males I could think about doing depraved stuff to.

No. 341335

File: 1690038079263.png (354.17 KB, 951x788, rozz_xtian death.png)

>Does birth control really make you more attracted to feminine men?
Nah, that's scrote propaganda. Never taken BC in my life and I'm nearing the age where women are supposed to stop liking twinks, and picrel is what I've been fantasizing about for the past year or so. I don't give a shit, he looked sexy as hell and I wish more men in this day and age had the balls to do this without being an enby or full-on trooning

No. 341339

agreed, it's absolutely scrote propaganda. always been attracted to feminine men and been on BC once.

No. 341347

File: 1690045071412.jpg (142.6 KB, 1019x1280, 0.jpg)

I hate him but he is so my type just on the basis of looks

No. 341366

File: 1690053179759.gif (7.55 MB, 320x234, rozz.gif)

I guess I've always been attracted to feminine or "campy" men too but I grew up in a conservative family and I kept it secret so they wouldn't mock me. Due to this there was even a brief period where I thought I was bi, but I've never felt attracted to women. Now I've got the Rozz fever and it's outta control i know he's controversial

No. 341386

File: 1690065022886.jpg (135.86 KB, 1024x1024, jeremy-allen-white.jpg)

He's got eyelids like Serge Gainsbourg and looks perpetually on the verge of sneezing. There might be a superficial resemblance but Gene's demeanor of perfect sweetness can't be replicated.

No. 341392

File: 1690067106805.jpg (59.8 KB, 600x467, 5801506.jpg)

Yeah I had the same thing with Lee, even though I had a crush on him when I was a teen and I discovered he played count Dracula! I was just thinking about him biting me instead kek
I broke my programming when it comes to Guinness though. I find it so hot when he plays obsessed characters, non-erotic fixation driving characters mad is hot. So yeah I want that version of him that was mad, starved, dirty from mud and probably sexless for like 10 years in the military, and I want to slap him with a copy of Geneva conventions

No. 341408

File: 1690078783277.jpeg (456.95 KB, 828x818, IMG_5441.jpeg)


No. 341410

If he had a vagina he'd be hot.

No. 341413

File: 1690080650134.jpg (183.88 KB, 720x456, ww.jpg)

i hate myself and i'm sorry

No. 341416

I thought this was Mr. Rogers for a sec

No. 341419

who is this? i can't find them

No. 341439

Is this an Aiden cosplay?

No. 341451

@the_cytherean on twitter and ig

No. 341458

>Bio: Being of unfathomable beauty and power.
Kek what a cow.

No. 341490

i wish it was. it would be easier to justify

No. 341507

File: 1690140619507.jpg (34.23 KB, 640x360, genewonka5.jpg)

Ironically look wise and even some aspects of his personality, I think Depp's would be closer to what I tend to typically like, but my heart belongs to Gene's version. lol
>I'd ride him right there, honestly
Lol… Same nona, same… This photo of his is my favourite.
I think at least superficially they do look a like, but I have never watched anything with him to really have an opinion about it.
I'm pleasantly surprised that other anons share my taste here!

No. 341548

i honestly find younger linus torvalds attractive

No. 341549

good taste, Gene Wilder is super charming

No. 341554

File: 1690158083590.jpg (122.95 KB, 1920x806, c3aca7f77ab09b824d9f7e7af19329…)

I'm forced to post him on this thread to avoid getting skinned alive

No. 341556

kek, I follow him too. Definitely thought he was a tif at first, but he seems legit?

unpopular opinion maybe but I almost find him hotter now that he's looking more gaunt and aged? He was always really pretty when he was young though.

No. 341557

modern cillian is also hot I agree

yes I like my men fresh out of the morgue looking like death warmed over

No. 341558

File: 1690159264284.jpg (73.91 KB, 640x756, ugrfdwdgmfg81.jpg)

I prefer him in his younger years but he's not so horrifying now as some anons are saying. He's just never been the most photogenic guy, which is common among people who look good in a strange alien way.

No. 341563

He's one of those who's prettier in motion. I think he's pretty on camera too though. some anons are just mean kek

No. 341565

File: 1690161922984.jpg (89.7 KB, 749x1125, ac095bcd18aa4404ec85fbff46be4b…)

Abed was hot and I'm tired of pretending he wasn't.

No. 341569

File: 1690166012592.jpg (689.74 KB, 2048x1638, genewilderlying.jpg)

You're goddamn right.

No. 341570

Wow well fuck me >>341255 already posted that EXACT image.

No. 341583

He's literally gorgeous wtf

No. 341607

it is a very good image

No. 341628

sis… Ronnie is extremely cringe

No. 341730

File: 1690224054552.jpg (47.68 KB, 459x1024, 60ac4696574dfe906c8287ebfc4dd5…)

I can't understand on what world nonas would say he's unconventionally attractive, at least where I'm from he's very popular with women because of Peaky Blinders. But I get your attempt at avoiding conflict tbh I have seen way too much infighting in my life LOL
I liked him as… Dr Crane. hah He's a bit odd I guess, in a nice way, but he has many traditional beauty features like a chiseled chin, well proportionate but unique model like face.
I'm the OP of the Gene post and well, this photo is something isn't it? Always good to see it again. <3(<3)

No. 341747

File: 1690227104012.jpg (102.78 KB, 1422x800, EW2ZOrgWkAMD0TT.jpg_large.jpg)

You get it anon. Not to sound weird but his face has very nice structure. And yes, he looked so handsome as Dr. Crane! I like how careful he is with accepting roles too. He's always playing complex characters.

No. 341753

File: 1690228922126.jpg (26.89 KB, 564x518, Tumblr_l_10368329801322.jpg)

NTA but goodness he looks so beautiful and perfect in that role. I don't care much for capeshit but glasses are my Achilles heel

No. 341759

I usually hate glasses (Even though I wear them) but hngggggghhhhh

No. 341760

File: 1690230762964.jpg (206.22 KB, 1086x1600, Peter-Dinklage-publicity-shot-…)

Same fag but I honestly think peter dinklage is one of the most handsome men on earth. I had such a massive crush on him when I first saw him on 30 rock and it just compounded during got

No. 341761

This character is the closest thing to a sexy 3D megane I've ever seen. I should get into Batman

No. 341762

Are these caps from the same movie and what is the title? He is very conventionally attractive btw

No. 341768

Are you a Zoomer nonnie?
Batman Begins and The Dark Knight

No. 341776

I thought he was pretty sweet and charming in A Little Bit of Heaven. It's a small part but he did good. Would.

No. 341780

I thought he was pretty hot in GoT. lol

No. 341783

Sorry to say that, but I personally hate when men do this Anne Rice anime vampire cosplay. They always look the same, have the same cheap props, and try to look as sexy as possible. It looks fake and like they did it only to satisfy their ego. Does any of you nonnas relate?

No. 341787

Yes nonna. It's a turnoff for me when men try too hard to be sexy

No. 341789

I remember seeing him in "Anna Karenina" in a cinema and thinking he is beautiful, especially since he was a kind farmer there and was dressed eegantly, while some women nearby said loudly to themselves and laughed "omg, he so ugly!" Interesting

No. 341792

I like this long hair and beard on him! He looks like a rugged elf.

No. 341814

File: 1690268706643.gif (9.52 MB, 540x430, IMG_3865.gif)

I find it ugly and tryhard. They look like wannabe Sephiroth cosplayers. That could just be me though. I like trashy, ratty looking dudes or old men.

No. 341969

File: 1690344660348.gif (3.28 MB, 480x275, sike.gif)

>I was just thinking about him biting me instead kek
I loved it when it seemed like he would kiss his victims and then he'd bite them. It was very hot, and I'm not a huge vampire fan. I developed my crush on him around age 10 when I saw him in that Disney witch mountain movie which I still kind of find embarrassing because he was in his fifties in that movie. Never been attracted to 50+ year old guys before or since (with the exception of Cushing).
>non-erotic fixation driving characters mad is hot
Yeah, that's probably the root of my mad scientist fetish.
>I want to slap him with a copy of Geneva conventions
Please keep us updated on the AI situation. After seeing Cushing reanimated in Rogue One, I'm both horrified and intrigued to see where all this goes

No. 342048

>I can't understand on what world nonas would say he's unconventionally attractive, at least where I'm from he's very popular with women because of Peaky Blinders
Nta but I agree, nonnies on other boards are just stupidly rigid at times, like the only men they consider conventional are either roided out manly man macho types or yassifyed prettyboys, no inbetween.

No. 342074

File: 1690409031375.jpeg (80.14 KB, 900x1251, 26406A2F-E0D9-4864-B7B4-9A2756…)

No. 342076

Truly the hottest dicktator

No. 342126

File: 1690439110761.png (651.99 KB, 1280x720, 45F18BF6-ED48-431A-B45D-00D7BE…)

if you’re mentioning nolan, give a shout to david dastmalchian too, he was in the dark knight and oppenheimer

No. 342136

Embarrassing to admit but he's the reason I got into Batman.

No. 342142

Is he the last dictator to get the Mussolini treatment?

No. 342167

File: 1690466776384.jpg (33.59 KB, 564x701, 09995a99138a937c05745389e58940…)

absolutely despise the guy

No. 342171

No need to be embarrassed nonny, he is that hot

No. 342230

File: 1690498056082.jpeg (837.91 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_7001.jpeg)

No. 342243

File: 1690507000347.png (686.43 KB, 1024x683, DO-REVENGE_UNIT_024_01154r-102…)

his sociopath character in do revenge is so hot and his euphoria character is a major cutie

No. 342244

kek kissing him would give you food poisoning

No. 342252

File: 1690511015056.jpeg (201.04 KB, 1874x1475, 4A552005-872C-48C1-9A6E-31E22E…)

I love my cutie who never hit puberty

No. 342253


No. 342254

I feel this nona, usually a guy being into military memorabilia would be a red flag to me but Steve just seems so soft-spoken and gentle

No. 342261

sorry. I only said it cause it rhymed. Im younger than him.

No. 342332

File: 1690556250746.jpg (44.54 KB, 720x720, every day i wake up and still …)

i discovered 2 out of my top 5 all time celeb crushes thanks to lolcow btw, thanks guys (pic unrelated, dont ban me)

No. 342355

File: 1690572813918.jpg (26.69 KB, 498x280, heskeepingalist.jpg)

>why can't I just fantasize about tempting Wendigoon away from the lord like a normal person

No. 342358

File: 1690573846679.gif (484.37 KB, 461x330, eyesssss.gif)

Exactly nonna! Not any of the previous Cillianons but after watching Oppenheimer my long-dormant crush has been reignited.

Utterly jealous of his wife for bagging him at his peak tbh

No. 342442

File: 1690591867668.jpeg (111.7 KB, 366x411, 16E91930-B2C1-4E9C-8E8D-11E5C3…)

i just KNOW its big

No. 342443

it definitely is

No. 342446

File: 1690595481970.jpg (124.33 KB, 333x500, John-Maus-Tillmans.jpg)

John Maus and his voice

No. 342531

kek ikr but still I would never admit I got into the fandom for the purpose of writing Crane x reader fanfic
damn is that from Oppenheimer? Based on recent pictures I thought he'd started to look too old but now I might have to go watch that in the theater.

No. 342554

File: 1690663023466.jpg (1.18 MB, 1400x2099, 95267-0.jpg)

Goofy ass mf

No. 342557



No. 342593

File: 1690694051809.jpg (318.99 KB, 1571x1571, us-rapper-asap-rocky.jpg)

Atrocious personality but he's so handsome…

No. 342594

I really hope >>>/ot/1648070 wasn't with us during that time.

No. 342608

File: 1690716038218.png (688.73 KB, 622x938, Maus.png)

same, nona, same

No. 342625

File: 1690721277420.gif (2.43 MB, 498x256, cillian-murphy-jonathan-crane.…)

Anon sadly that is not from Oppenheimer it is from "On the Edge" which is from 2001 - just to illustrate how insane he looked at his peak.

Imagine being so pretty that the director not only casts you as the villain but keeps coming up with excuses to take off your glasses.

No. 342707

The arm veins, the big fat pant-bone. He's so hot and his fucked up brain makes me want him more.

No. 343160

File: 1691116487605.jpg (32.79 KB, 474x474, e095832c0e549f5dc2c095cdcc4337…)

No. 343162

File: 1691116552745.jpg (109.06 KB, 739x1024, actor-paul-reubens-poses-for-a…)

No. 343163

File: 1691116617719.jpg (55.17 KB, 399x600, b93fff88582f19f108b8f9d2a13ed7…)

>but only in the early 80s

No. 343193

File: 1691151847885.jpeg (411.64 KB, 828x542, 7F76AC8A-57DF-4950-8BBE-5DD570…)

idk if josh o connor counts but i want him

No. 343196

File: 1691153616469.jpeg (255.61 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_2978.jpeg)

Posting him here as I remember he got posted a lot in the early unconventional subs. Although I personally, kinda, don’t think he belongs here. He is so cute!!!

No. 343197

File: 1691153702050.gif (2.59 MB, 400x500, 253792445627381.gif)

Hehe taste. At least his constant winning/growing in his looks makes it so you don't get clowned as much as before for liking him.

No. 343198

File: 1691154522656.jpeg (95.06 KB, 736x516, F0E289EC-C9A3-448E-ADBF-B9466A…)

I would love me a big eyed man

No. 343205

need someone to love me like smithers loves mr burns 2bh

No. 343261

File: 1691202591611.gif (9.74 MB, 600x457, Tumblr_l_567009358256775.gif)

He's getting more handsome with time, he looked so strange when he 1st started out in F1 kek he was just a kid though, it makes sense he grew into his features

No. 343421

File: 1691325503206.jpg (27.82 KB, 500x345, e4f9aeac0752780eba782a3de2699f…)

on the topic of formula one drivers: daniel bruhl as niki lauda does things to me
i guess it's the accent

No. 343422

It's dumb maybe but he really gained in my eyes recently when some time ago while he was streaming some racing game the daughter of his girlfriend came over to spontaneously hug him; he seems to have a really good and loving relationship with her which I wouldn't necessarily expect from a young guy who is not only part of this pretty competitive, aggresive sport but also has a pretty shitty male role model father. Made me view him in a very different light.

No. 343455

File: 1691335438884.jpg (26.61 KB, 480x272, de499e4c7d9870209a832649175a78…)

No. 343468

Yes to Ricky, absolutely no to Julian.

No. 343487

Yes to Julian, absolutely no to Ricky.

No. 343496

File: 1691345936764.jpg (309.19 KB, 1280x915, Tumblr_l_568051413049607.jpg)

It always makes me chuckle when people try to paint him as a horrible person because of how he is on the track while he's out there with Penelope and his cats having tea parties kek he's really sweet with her, and yeah, surprising considering how emotionally retarded men with abusive fathers are.

No. 343510

File: 1691350067334.jpg (51.88 KB, 564x838, 9b24ffd1d4ffabffe27f030473480c…)

tattoos are a huge dealbreaker to me and yet…

No. 343528

I could go with both if I'm drunk enough. Gonna get drunk with them boys on cheap liquor on the crazy ass trailer park

No. 343545

File: 1691365423409.jpg (7.29 KB, 275x183, 1691327150662.jpg)

Posted this in the wrong thread I guess kek

No. 343550

you get me nona

No. 343551

File: 1691366729949.jpg (80.19 KB, 770x835, 261371028_646727446356941_3585…)

Raisinfuckers unite

No. 343554

File: 1691366992389.jpg (51.12 KB, 644x399, bby.jpg)

I need him to rail me

No. 343580

File: 1691379219625.jpg (50.83 KB, 564x835, b78295d9117f78a0e393fbd42680ba…)

my most shameful one… i like him way more when hes young but i still cant help but find him hot even now

ive never seen this movie but rami malek is fuckable in everything he does

No. 343586

File: 1691387533424.jpeg (61.02 KB, 959x537, A50E932F-8A74-4101-AA0E-B0026E…)

I'm legit embarrassed of how much this psycho turns me on (posting here cuz I'm afraid of getting bullied on the other thread like the Rami anon kek)

No. 343588

File: 1691388571182.jpeg (114.04 KB, 1280x720, elliot.jpeg)

Noo, did they boo you for this in the other thread? Rami is the only man I've ever found pleasant to look at. I think he looks nice in this role. The sleek monochrome outfits and collectedness worked really well on him and the scarring just made him look more charming in my opinion. I also really liked him in Mr. Robot. I think he pulls off the intelligent, tortured, vengeful sad guy role really well just in general kek

No. 343591

He seems conventional, like your average handsome German guy.

No. 343592

How are these unconventional, dumbass?

No. 343595

You get me nona

No. 343606

mcginley anon here. My friend thought it was a weird one, and I’ve never met anyone else who fancies him

No. 343607

yesss he’s so sexy

No. 343608

I get it nona. I love how over the top he is. His teeth add so much to his face too, they're like an indication he's not the friendly guy he pretends to be. Would give him some milk

No. 343620

File: 1691413828914.jpeg (394.3 KB, 1152x887, 44A3C7EF-4584-4CF6-BC4B-F90451…)

He’s so silly here

No. 343622

This was honestly his worst era I think, it really shows how even good looking men with decent bone structure look bloated when they gain excess body fat. It doesn’t matter how genetically blessed you are, even slacking off a little bit can ruin you. Men can’t be fat, because they stop being men when they get fat. But dolph managed to fix it before it got dangerous, so good for him.

No. 343623

File: 1691414495410.jpeg (647.11 KB, 793x1046, ACDAC572-5A26-4C5A-B8CE-9BA45B…)

Forgot to attach picrel

No. 343624

File: 1691414731058.gif (513.92 KB, 480x270, 3AD02093-4C63-4473-8363-2DCA34…)

the character is a violent psychopath and the actor is known for being weirdly similar to him, so I invoke the "creepy/weird or shameful for their reputation" clause. get fucked.

I love how he tries to overcompensate by smiling but ends up broadcasting his instability instead, psycho literally cannot help himself
>Would give him some milk
Homelander's mommy issues are literally the reason I started watching the show kek

No. 343666

File: 1691440138279.jpg (31.85 KB, 580x330, Q2YSNNEAY5EVHPLCFI4NU4FQQA.jpg)

KEK exactly anon. He just needs someone to care for him. Best character on the show for me, by a longshot, upping the intensity of every scene he's in. It's a wonder how his actor can nail being funny and entertaining, in control and going absolutely batshit. Picrel is us snapping photos.

No. 343683

File: 1691448725641.jpg (227.09 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_2023-08-08-01-52-53…)

They're turning honter into a budget friendly cobain as he approaches twink death and I'm not complaining

No. 343688

He could've just made that his look and not be a deranged mentally ill gay (???) trans freak and he'd have been probably way more popular and actually hot. But no, because we can't have nice things in this world.

No. 343698

File: 1691454044217.png (2.13 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (192).png)

Tonight, every single one of you better be watching Sorcerer

No. 343702

File: 1691456537329.jpg (104 KB, 640x782, 19idq2z804m61(1).jpg)

No. 343703

File: 1691456616377.jpg (243.43 KB, 1080x1113, IMG_20230807_235624.jpg)

Looks like a modern Joe dallesandro.

No. 343732

i wish he had a husky voice. hes giving crazy eyes in this pic

No. 343776

File: 1691496666117.jpg (55.65 KB, 384x462, swearimnotafurry.jpg)

Grew up watching that monty python wind in the willows movie and fell hard for one of the weasels…

No. 343777

File: 1691496776742.png (357.8 KB, 1024x576, keith-leecastle.png)

…only to then fall for the same actor years later playing Dracula on a kids show

No. 343904

File: 1691589374786.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1410x1060, 20493790-0D30-4252-A244-AB3CB9…)

Nonnas, why does it always happen to the young and beautiful ones?

No. 343905

File: 1691589582664.jpeg (Spoiler Image,924.06 KB, 1443x1035, 2ACE04CC-B177-40C1-A49A-CA7ADA…)

No. 343986

File: 1691656749277.jpg (127.86 KB, 961x1200, Ho!.jpg)


No. 344000

Heh heh.

No. 344018

File: 1691681437780.jpg (132.28 KB, 640x958, osamudazai.jpg)

he has a sort of exhausted/sad look in his eyes. i like it.

No. 344060

I feel such a strong urge to print this pic in the largest size I can and hang it on my wall.

No. 344137

File: 1691736803311.jpg (28.2 KB, 546x480, hon.JPG)

He should have stopped at the genderqueer phase

No. 344138

is this chris from mr beast

No. 344139

80s hair metal band member after drug rehab

No. 344140

i think it's hontra

No. 344141

It fucking is, holy shit is this a recent photo because I thought hrt was supposed to actually do something.

No. 344143

What the fuck. Why must the world be such a cruel place?

No. 344145

File: 1691740787681.jpg (46.64 KB, 789x476, hon2.JPG)

No it's from a 2017 video he took down called Alpha Males

No. 344154

No. 344155

Males will really have it all and then become addicted to porn anyway. When will it end? When will we be allowed to have attractive males again?

No. 344167

File: 1691764880431.jpg (18.31 KB, 380x303, fbb9a7a02d471599730c57033c48cd…)

>I'll be taking some mushrooms and rewatching the interesting parts of this movie once again soon lol
I did it twice since this post now I'm crazier than ever (don't worry I have been in this path for years now… just silly)
Here's another contribution to the thread - Both of them from the Jaws movie, something else I was also obsessed with as a kid.

No. 344169

File: 1691765684660.gif (9.1 MB, 540x473, pacinos.gif)

Still thinking of him

No. 344378

File: 1691923300177.png (712.98 KB, 844x471, scott.PNG)

i wish he was on my countertop

No. 344390

File: 1691936785870.jpg (41 KB, 1200x600, danny-devito-penguin-feature.j…)

I genuinely fantasize about De Vito Penguin taking me.

No. 344443


No. 344444

File: 1691963108391.gif (2.76 MB, 480x360, ezgif-com-gif-maker.gif)

Kek. He looks so sexy in the lifeguard outfit damn.

No. 344447

No. 344450

File: 1691967163275.gif (7.95 MB, 540x304, tsoi.gif)

Viktor Tsoi was so fucking hot

No. 344457

You have a darkness in your heart that surpasses anything I've seen here

Kek he isnt that unconventional

No. 344458

File: 1691972397145.gif (1.41 MB, 470x690, 8490c0cb556de5f7bf48df70c8ee09…)

No. 344482

We need a new cute nerds thread

No. 344484

File: 1691981598576.gif (3.41 MB, 478x360, rollup.gif)


No. 344489

the current one isn't full yet

No. 344566

File: 1692035369993.jpg (115.71 KB, 1214x796, lpsb.jpg)

I need him to penetrate my esophagus

No. 344569

Wtf is wrong with you?

No. 344580

File: 1692037669946.jpg (27.64 KB, 640x427, f643733b-0f93-464c-b92f-c4e202…)


No. 344638

He made me feel some stuff during THAT scene in Cape Fear…

No. 344686

File: 1692085725317.png (181.72 KB, 400x400, 0E8A11D4-DA66-4F46-9E8C-F63473…)

Some men are ugly in a beast way
monsterfuckers rise up

No. 344687

File: 1692085827219.jpeg (33.18 KB, 400x500, 3715B50F-0998-4DA4-8587-26E97F…)

I know I’m not the only one anons

No. 344688

File: 1692085892935.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1609x2048, 0C361BBB-1492-4415-9B7D-1DBDCD…)


No. 344689

File: 1692085959960.jpeg (84.85 KB, 812x960, 1F4B58B5-EDC6-4740-8EDD-37D6EB…)

Ted Cassidy more like Tiddy Cassidy daym I wanna motorboat those tig ol barrels

No. 344690

I feel weird for recognising the actors on the left and right but not the middle. What movie is this?

No. 344693

I feel like I should be ashamed but I'm not.

No. 344823

File: 1692142617552.png (1.26 MB, 1136x852, image (3).png)

The weird anti-aging CEO guy

No. 344862

I want to fuck sam hyde so bad

No. 344863

He looks like he was made in a video game character creator

No. 344877

Bet you he replenished and reversed the clock on that COCK

No. 344931

File: 1692197842158.png (277.4 KB, 613x399, Screenshot 2023-08-16 155955.p…)

This is a weird one but I liked Sean Lock a lot, he's got this energy that gets me going

No. 344932

same, I'm such a sucker for huge men. Seeing him next to regular size people (or weedy ones like Idubbbz) makes me feral

No. 344936

I'm one of the anons that was sperging out about him a month ago in this thread. don't even get me started kek

No. 344995

Um nona he’s conventionally attractive

No. 345061

File: 1692265708666.jpeg (31.66 KB, 381x500, 724FAC7B-29F9-48C3-AAE3-BA7720…)

Bill Hader is Edward Furlong if he aged well

No. 345062

File: 1692265846997.jpeg (40.9 KB, 240x320, 65221BF2-3B7C-4B79-97E9-832F24…)

No. 345063

File: 1692265878633.jpeg (26.51 KB, 600x400, C1E5519C-C79D-48C8-9694-C17E8F…)

Crazy eyes

No. 345064

File: 1692266009318.jpeg (101.17 KB, 1200x630, 263D1E43-55C3-4DCC-9CC1-A1A5B3…)

No. 345065

Boyishly handsome at 40 or whatever

No. 345080

i feel viscerally disgusted whenever i see this man because i once followed this person that was psychosexually obsessed with him and once posted about wanting to eat the plaque off of his teeth and from that point on anytime i see him i instantly think of that comment and feel like hurling

No. 345088

File: 1692278544296.jpg (163.31 KB, 1024x1024, by Nicki Ledermann - set of In…)

I like photos/videos that feel like you took them yourself.

No. 345119

Omg yes

No. 345136

>unconventional male attractions
>a good half of the thread is anons posting conventionally attractive men

No. 345138

Anons post here now because anons in the other thread will spit and spray shit everywhere over there and in /ot if the men aren't up to their standards

No. 345151

>conventionally attractive moid thread if a moid isn't dolph, some chad jaw roid fuckhead, or under the age of 30:

No. 345154

File: 1692311187000.jpeg (455.78 KB, 1170x740, IMG_3085.jpeg)

No. 345167

File: 1692314648543.gif (Spoiler Image,9.87 MB, 540x432, El Hormiguero 3.0.gif)

tis tiresome.

Oscar butt.

No. 345177

File: 1692317299326.jpeg (86.46 KB, 738x728, IMG_0150.jpeg)

Absolutely agree, he’s adorable and sexy at the same time. I wish real life aspie men were like him kek

No. 345188

File: 1692326739979.gif (811.32 KB, 340x205, Danny Pudi.gif)

he got to me in Mythic Quest but I didn't like him when I/he was younger… he's aging great, I have to say.

No. 345489

Who's this? Cute, kinda looks like a corpse.

No. 345599

umm Dinklagefags.. We rise.

No. 345845

File: 1692662034671.jpg (78.76 KB, 978x550, f6ac2fb1b2664af49b18948605ba1b…)

thats a weird one i think

No. 345925

File: 1692719850173.jpg (72.02 KB, 640x866, i-have-a-massive-crush-on-bill…)

I love him. He was so adorable in Casper and While You Were Sleeping. I just wanna hug and kiss him

No. 345987

I would destroy him. I would absolutely annihilate him. I find him so incredibly hot. Everything about him.

No. 346018

For a second, I thought it was Robert De Niro lol

No. 346040

File: 1692795347162.gif (1.25 MB, 498x286, tmp.gif)

I’m baaaack. I should never have based the male lead in my novel on him it’s making me a horny mess. I don’t like other old dudes!!! It’s JUST HIM.

No. 346221

File: 1692915559148.jpg (18.72 KB, 236x469, c8f89127af232fdb135fbe666e3e88…)

nonnas hear me out

No. 346240

If you've got Matzo fever, I get it. He's one of the most Jewish looking guys I've seen who at least doesn't look like an Anti-Semitic caricature.

No. 346246

Wouldn't say its strictly matzo fever but I've always found large/interestingly shaped noses really hot

No. 346256

He looks like a cute little elf

No. 346258

File: 1692955460933.jpeg (7.68 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

imo that's why I think Chalamet getting cast as him in the biopic is a good fit - both got elvish qualities to them

No. 346265

Honestly I feel this one. He was very pretty young. I also think young to 80s Springsteen was a babe heh

No. 346271

Oh nonna I totally understand. I fell in love with him when I was 11 and collected many books just to see his face.

No. 346273

Springsteen aged rather well tho

No. 346274

Same anon and yes I agree lmao he also has a special place in my heart since he married a redhead and I’m a ginger bitch

No. 346317

File: 1692997545526.jpeg (43.87 KB, 396x594, IMG_0162.jpeg)

No. 346322

File: 1692998634318.jpeg (77.03 KB, 980x653, IMG_0165.jpeg)

No. 346323

File: 1692998704230.jpeg (47.47 KB, 367x409, IMG_0166.jpeg)


No. 346453

File: 1693083338330.jpg (123.91 KB, 1920x1080, p09cs9pl.jpg)

such a nigel

No. 346458

File: 1693085641517.jpg (182.45 KB, 933x933, tumblr_ab993957391b4d0f91f46ee…)

I think he's hot irl anyway but his character in Bones and All has to be one of the hottest he's played tbh.

It's probably because of the scene where he kills sully

No. 346460

I like Internet Historian’s voice

No. 346463

File: 1693093836484.gif (4.36 MB, 540x350, IMG_2583.gif)

Being attracted to Timotheé Chalamet is not something I fully accept about myself yet, but him being incredibly hot in this scene is something I have to recognize.

No. 346464

File: 1693093938723.gif (4.75 MB, 540x350, IMG_2584.gif)

No. 346466

same has he ever revealed himself?

No. 346477

No, not that I know of.

No. 346488

File: 1693106952641.jpg (2.5 MB, 1978x2560, Laterals_Alex_Look-6-9-scaled.…)

Nonas I have a real problem. I don't even know what it is I like about his ugly(ish) face but he awakens something innate in me I can't place. Also I loved seeing him covered in blood in Hereditary

No. 346490

i mean he's objectively cute, but after seeing hereditary i could never wanna fuck him kek his face is just associated too strongly with gory shit to me

No. 346495

File: 1693114077520.jpg (151.84 KB, 1231x693, 09953f08c72067b4ba848938b02486…)

day 3324324243 of loving bill moseley

No. 346511

File: 1693128649884.gif (8.34 MB, 540x540, mothee.gif)

Oh nonna, you would not believe the amount of friends (both online and irl) tell me that cannot see why people find Timothee attractive just to watch a film with him in it, then message me and say "I get it now"

And hard agree about the gifs you posted, I got incredibly strong feelings when I saw that scene in the cinema for the first time. He really does have an incredible profile and I'm so happy so many directors realise that too.

No. 346583

File: 1693165841395.png (2.68 MB, 962x1455, Screenshot_2023-08-27-21-48-45…)

he looked extra good this weekend nonnies

No. 346588

nta he does look better in motion, but i find his body very unattractive. he's too skinny, has a long torso with short legs and a bad posture. his face is very pretty though

No. 346600

File: 1693171911146.gif (13.82 MB, 540x373, nibble.gif)

to each their own nonna! It just so happens my type is sickly, victorian heirs with pretty faces - so I cashed out pretty nicely.

I'd be posting him over in the conventional thread if I knew I wouldn't be attacked within about 5 seconds. But his character in Bones and All fits nicely here as he is a murdering cannibal

No. 346602

File: 1693173106302.jpg (152.4 KB, 2048x1366, 20230827_235231.jpg)

little meow meow or something

No. 346603

File: 1693174226362.gif (9.16 MB, 399x600, Tumblr_l_1771175481625599.gif)

him celebrating the 9 wins the same way as Seb did in 2013 has me all fucked up, he's such a sweet guy for someone who constantly gets accused of being an asshole who doesn't care about anything

No. 346605

File: 1693175795068.jpg (485.65 KB, 1536x2048, 20230828_003735.jpg)

I honestly think the general opinion is changing on him. It may be because he's not having to fight elbows deep for podiums like he had to years ago, or familiarity, or an honest attempt by the media to show his softer sides. More cute content for me so we cheer!!

No. 346620

File: 1693182279458.gif (7.86 MB, 540x408, Tumblr_l_1778436336670486.gif)

You think? I'm not sure I agree too much, I feel like he's still pretty disliked by a big part of the fans, wether it is because they're checo fans who hate him because he is clearly the #1 driver, by Lewis fans still salty about Abu Dhabi, or by those who hate him because he's dominating the sport, idk but I still see sooo many people hate on him for breathing kek
My guess is that he'll get the Vettel Treatment and people will realise he isn't actually a monster once he stops winning, then we'll see the general opinion change

No. 346623

Why do all men who look like him have to be fuck boys. I want a curly haired twink so bad

No. 346647

File: 1693213217716.gif (4.37 MB, 268x400, sluttyboy.gif)

it's because Timothee knows he is Timothee and can get away with it. Like I'm not delusional I know he's also a fuckboy. Whereas your garden variety 4/10 scrote thinks that if they just grow their hair out they'll look like him and get delusions of grandeur - not realising that the reason Timothee can pull it off is because he has an insanely angular face.

No. 346744

File: 1693285351400.webm (1.85 MB, 720x1280, 2023 Valorant Champions.webm)

Gross loser that I would stalk irl and online after we made eye contact for five seconds while passing by each other

No. 346746

He really pulls of the divorced dad look well.

No. 346753

File: 1693297012250.jpeg (122.23 KB, 996x875, IMG_7562.jpeg)

jewish left-leaning men are my kryptonite

No. 346760

I do see the appeal but he legit looks like he could be my cousin or my mom’s kid from an affair so not personally attracted kek the thought of him and Kylie Jenner potentially reproducing makes me want to punch him tho his looks are too elegant structurally for her.

No. 346797

>his looks are too elegant structurally for her
That's the appeal isn't it?

No. 346809

exactly nonna, like come on we all want to trade up lmao

No. 346810

File: 1693333447565.gif (1.94 MB, 540x295, IMG_0914.gif)

Came back to JDM post again bc I’m trash. I wish they could clone him so I could have one where is the ultra realistic android company when u need it sigh (pls no bully I’m just bein silly kek) also I just know in my heart his dick is huge he has absolutely massive dick energy. He does actual WORK on his farm he’s not just some rich poser why is that so hot?? UGH

No. 346813

File: 1693334736109.gif (1.81 MB, 500x214, IMG_0445.gif)

And one more bc I’m just. I’m so thirsty. I’m parched. I wish there were old dudes this hot near me but no there are only ugly ones. He is pretty much the only one that exists.

No. 346824

File: 1693340193802.jpeg (36.53 KB, 1200x675, Lost-Highway-feature-33557ytg7…)

he was also dark and sexy in lost highway

No. 346850

File: 1693362201091.jpeg (472.62 KB, 3600x1800, 96D55303-A216-43AB-8DF2-AFAEBD…)

He did so well as Pennywise I’m excited to see him play Nosferatu.

No. 346864

Your posts always make me happy because he looks like my grandpa who I had a crush on.

No. 346865

I wonder if we will get a handsome Nosferatu this time or if they will cover his face with a ton of makeup again.

No. 346872


No. 346875

um… I hope you’re joking pls say sike nonna

No. 346886

Now you've made it weird for everyone

No. 346898

please delete this

No. 346900

If your goal was to make me never JDM thirstpost in here again like damn you could’ve just bullied me…

No. 346920

I used to enjoy looking at him like almost every other person in the planet but I'm a Gene Wilder fag and after the Wonka trailer I can barely read his name without flinching because I thought he looked so bad in it, like the performance is just… just not feeling it. Not visually, it's the acting and feel. I can't lmao
He's got a real good facial structure though he's got many years of fame ahead of him as long as he keeps it.

No. 346927

No, you still can. I'll just ignore your posts. Sorry. Sometimes I send off my posts before I think.

No. 346981

File: 1693484141220.gif (1.71 MB, 500x281, IMG_0321.gif)

It’ll be okay, nonnietta. I’m wasn’t mad at you, just concerned.

No. 347057

File: 1693539528141.jpg (90.46 KB, 1280x720, image-w1280.jpg)

Laurence Olivier as Richard III

No. 347226

File: 1693698706459.jpg (659.46 KB, 2048x1373, tumblr_386d08c3b3b650e5a6faf3b…)

I want to fuck them both. GOD DAMN IT

No. 347310

File: 1693777256985.jpeg (406.01 KB, 2152x1152, IMG_0447.jpeg)

I’d let him drain the absolute life out of me nonnas

No. 347362

Oh my gox you are a Frrrreeeeeeeeeakkkkkk

No. 347536

File: 1693917616655.png (1.04 MB, 693x870, xqcs slut body.png)

No. 347544

cute foot

No. 347554

Now THAT is an unconventional attraction lmao I admire your boldness nonna

No. 347607

File: 1693977402277.jpg (89.32 KB, 292x428, APHEX03 292pix.jpg)

I don't have anything to say for myself, other than I seem to share the Domhnall Gleeson nonnie from upthread's affliction for scrungly gingers.

No. 347609

I feel like 90% of the time he fucks really bad like kind of lifeless and cums fast but when you catch him in that 10% mood he does that crazy male autism sex where if you close your eyes it's great but you can't open them because you'll get scared and emabrassed at the same time

No. 347638

that's probably accurate and also hilarious, he has described himself as sort of autistic in interviews

No. 347689

playing the texas chainsaw game has reignited my desire be spitroasted by these two freaks just sayin

No. 347760

Had a major crush on him because of Jaws when I was ten. good god

No. 347763

File: 1694117722218.png (573.98 KB, 615x409, Untitled.png)

Oh Doc, my doc. I love how he strides with his clenched fists swinging. What a hunk.

No. 347764

Never really thought of RDJ sexually outside of admiring his beauty but, reckon so. Ugh I want to eat his hair.

No. 347770

File: 1694122917496.jpeg (120.87 KB, 1401x828, IMG_0639.jpeg)


Thanks for acknowledging my unhinged crush, nonners. I know on some level that it’s unhinged to find Colin Robinson attractive but my brain just decided he was hot one day kek

No. 347788

File: 1694141092399.png (120.59 KB, 269x245, 6546546456546456.PNG)

Yeah, me too. the way they made ed look very cute and almost submissive in the character select triggered something in me. he looks like a lost puppy or something and it really turns me on

No. 347791

File: 1694144835344.jpg (Spoiler Image,131.39 KB, 1080x876, tumblr_5c57981e6dc919711e8582d…)

the voice actor is the same guy who played him, you know? he's really cute and creepy in game. love all his voice lines and animations. hope we get chop-top someday too, everyone is begging for it. how do you think they fuck?

No. 347793

File: 1694145650602.png (Spoiler Image,340.06 KB, 578x431, 45654654645654654.PNG)

yeah, i'm really glad they let ed play him in the game, his voice is very cute and he still does him perfectly after all these years…the way his kills are can look weirdly erotic too(pic). hopefully they do get bill in too, the texas battle land would be a perfect map for this type of game since it already has an above and below ground.

and to answer that, i think chop top tops but watching them fight for dominance would be hot too

No. 347794

yknow i was talking about taking them both at once but. that's hot too. lol. i feel like there'd def be some sibling rivalry going on!

No. 347795

OH lol, nubbins would gas out after like 30 seconds, he def would be aggressive then get way too excited too early…. i hate shittalking my husbando like that but that's how I imagine he'd be the first few times. and total permavirgin too.

No. 347796

girl no it would be weird if either of them were great in bed, total jackrabbit pump n dump style lasting no longer than about 3 minutes is what i'm expecting! but they can learn, right?!

No. 347801

File: 1694151907060.jpg (41.24 KB, 400x376, tumblr_16963f5a127ae3823a7632b…)

that's all part of the appeal for me tbh..that's kinda cute.
i want nubbins to bring me little "gifts", like little bracelets or sculptures or candid pictures

No. 347802

imagine how happy he'd be if you let him photograph you naked!

No. 347803

I'd literally fuck almost every Batman villain

No. 347804

File: 1694157138432.jpg (62.11 KB, 620x861, f1b08_rXL0yj07FJ-4fhXZ8ibv26y6…)

Okay if you guys are allowed to simp for Nubbins and Chop Top, I am allowed to simp for Bubba.

No. 347805

i would happily agree to that!

bubba a cute but i prefer his brothers' builds over his.
the scene where he grabs that chick running out the door is extremely hot so i can see the appeal
i also simp drayton, the best brother

No. 347807

File: 1694162420585.gif (532.47 KB, 500x547, 6U3MJ8r.gif)

>the scene where he grabs that chick running out the door is extremely hot so i can see the appeal
Right? Also even though the other Sawyers are not for me, I can understand their appeal as well and fully support you nonnas. I'm happy the game has brought new life into the fandom.

No. 347808

wtf is this

No. 347811

File: 1694164285230.png (1.99 MB, 1200x1200, collage99.png)

Just Bubba things

No. 347812

I'm gonna say it: Dead By Daylight is so much better. The survivors in the Texas Chainsaw game look like generic sluts, while the ones in DBD have a lot of personality. The killers in DBD are hot as f, while the ones in Texas Chainsaw are ugly.

No. 347813

I don't play any of these games to be honest, I just love that they generate more fan content of slasher villains I obsess over. I might try out this TCM one though since it's new. I regret not getting into the Ft13th one while it was still a thing, and DBD seems like it has way too steep a learning curve for me to enjoy.

No. 347815

Learning curve??? It's as simple as it gets. My complaint about these killer-vs-survivor games are that they're way too easy.

No. 347817

Yeah I've heard people say it's not very noob-friendly, there's a lot of meta, playerbase is known to be toxic, etc. I'm also just not good at video games generally, but maybe I should give it a try.

No. 347824

dbd is one of the worst games ever made and all the characters are ugly and/or boring, try again

No. 347825

File: 1694176860005.jpg (1.02 MB, 1440x1621, tumblr_2e86fbbe4acaceecdfc6cc6…)

never been into him sexually but i think you bubba fuckers are so valid.

No. 347828

File: 1694178760372.png (110.63 KB, 552x500, tumblr_inline_pigzdfnv5o1upxj6…)

They were so cute together. Also, how do nonnies feel about Thomas Hewitt? I get it, he's basically like a yassified hot anime character version of Leatherface in the 06 film, but I don't like the remake movies. So yes I find him hot, but I kind of hate that I do.

No. 347831

i feel like he barely has a personality and the mask is ugly to me, idk. he becomes this generic "ooooo scary" slasher rather than the complex, unique, multilayered character he was in the first movie (and honestly even the second despite the second being more comedy-oriented)

No. 347832

Completely agree. Except I like the way his 06 mask looks, but it is pretty boring and isn't even human skin at that point. So yes I'll save hot pics of Hewitt, but when I'm daydreaming about falling in love and marrying Leatherface and living on the farm with him, it's the OG Sawyer.

No. 347842

File: 1694187748133.gif (4.1 MB, 540x320, IMG_1712.gif)

All you Leatherface fuckers are scaring me lmao (you’re valid and ily all) but for my own sanity I’m going to Neganpost again kek if we were living in TWD world I would 100000% be part of his harem idec

No. 347844

File: 1694189462272.png (166.7 KB, 709x426, celebcows.PNG)

i love it when anons bully him in the celebritycow thread

No. 347846


No. 347890

i hate taking this bait but the base 4 dbd survivors are the most generic characters on earth, and never talk shit about nubbins ever again

No. 347891

i don't like how dumbed down he is compared to og leatherface, it feels really weird and a lot of the subtlety of the character is lost

No. 347938

This asshole reminds me way too much of my boyfriend right down to the beer belly peeking out during the ghost dancing videos and I hate it SO MUCH

No. 347949

Agreed. Like the other nonna said, he’s just generic scary guy. He’s also too mean. Sure you still see him being mistreated by his family and society, but he doesn’t have any of the gentleness or innocence of Bubba. Yet I see a million fan edits of Thomas and see more fan art of Thomas.

No. 347956

File: 1694245363768.jpg (218.72 KB, 640x480, 35529659_p16_master1200.jpg)

i don't understand his appeal i guess, having seen that movie after the original. is it people who have only seen that one? why not just like any other slasher at that point

No. 347960

File: 1694254776855.png (701.42 KB, 960x589, nguldpoitin11.png)

No. 347961

File: 1694255114531.gif (6.47 MB, 480x270, IMG_1991.gif)

I have a feeling that a lot of them have not see the original (which is truly a shame, it’s a masterpiece imo and none of the sequels live up to it). But also, I get it, he’s a big hulking masked murderer guy with exposed forearms wearing a bloody apron. I’d smash. I think they tried to give him this “cool” factor with the exposed upper face, longer hair, and demeanor that probably translates better into more conventional attractiveness than other incarnations of Leatherface, and probably appeals more to a younger crowd.

No. 347965

File: 1694257182620.jpeg (15.41 KB, 190x281, IMG_5651.jpeg)

I had a sex dream about this motherfucker ugh I’m probably like three or four inches taller than him and normally that would give me the ick but my brain will forever crush on Mac from Super Troopers ig. I can’t believe I actually watch Tacoma FD…

No. 347987

File: 1694280266624.jpg (94.39 KB, 828x1018, 48c0a47356064dd5da98872e328de5…)

yes, it's because of his voice acting for Astarion. I remember him from Detroit and back then I thought he was ugly as hell. Now he's hot ugly.

No. 348019

The long hair was probably the worst aspect of his character to me, i hated it in the next generation too. i wish they showed thomas more in that movie, i honestly found his brothers to be hotter

No. 348038

File: 1694319898313.jpg (418.14 KB, 2000x1270, prince-2000x1270-1.jpg)

I'm literally so ashamed but I can't do this any longer. He was insane but his 5'2 ass was fine as hell and the weirdness just makes it better

No. 348039

File: 1694320366817.gif (Spoiler Image,3.74 MB, 480x359, YB3t.gif)

He was such an unapologetical hoe, it fascinates me.

Oh I need him

No. 348040

File: 1694322181075.jpg (32.78 KB, 640x800, 355582813_1348559546008512_614…)

i need him so bad im gonna punch a hole in my wall and break my bones i s2g

No. 348043

your lust for prince is making you invent new words!

No. 348047

File: 1694324479947.gif (1.8 MB, 400x283, 30efae499d8b88cab51229b46366ef…)

The horniness is making me lose braincells

No. 348053

If you really think about it, Prince kind of invented the femme androgynous fuccboi look.

No. 348054

File: 1694332786240.jpg (127.7 KB, 1049x749, blehh.jpg)

I thought he might've permanently hit the wall during rona and that it was over but he redeemed himself by drinking less and working out more

also inb4
>not unconventional
he's average enough imo

No. 348069

No, you’re right and you should say it. I had a wild Prince crush as a teenager tbh

No. 348076

File: 1694353152653.gif (3.14 MB, 640x356, neil-newbon-simon-walker.gif)


No. 348113

File: 1694371557330.jpg (247.48 KB, 1280x1667, Terry.jpg)

I know most Monty Python fans liked Eric or Michael the best, but Terry Jones was my favorite.

No. 348143

File: 1694383214230.jpeg (56.97 KB, 608x765, 0EACFFFF-95F4-44C5-896B-25C76D…)

Blurry picture but his arms…the big hands ugh I wanna sit on his lap

No. 348149

>A genius
He's a brainlet who parrots other people, pretends he's a leftist while championing western imperialism and supremacy.

No. 348233

File: 1694457313699.gif (522.28 KB, 268x268, IMG_0325.gif)

God I just want to ride his face while he holds me down on his mouth with his big hands on my thighs and then hear him talk super dirty in my ear while I ride him reverse cowgirl in front of a mirror UGH

No. 348290

File: 1694490720853.jpg (157.38 KB, 1198x553, Untitled.jpg)

drayton was hot in every movie ngl (and yes i mean jim siedow too. what an adorable, hilarious old man. would smooch.) funnily, the middle one is bill moseley aka… chop-top! god this series' timelines are so fucked up

No. 348293

I was JUST about to ask why it looks like Otis is shoved in the middle of that collage

No. 348305

File: 1694505744322.png (241.8 KB, 304x376, dfdfsdfdsf.PNG)

i love bill and especially jim…. i'm glad they picked bill for drayton in that since the facial resemblance is there between him in 3 and chop top in 2 since it's the same guy, plus he just looks so cute as drayton…

drayton is the ideal house husbando

No. 348326

he has such pretty eyes. the shade of blue that doesn't freak me out.

No. 348331

File: 1694530826617.gif (1.44 MB, 301x360, d47vojv-15108986-ba0e-4517-951…)

Why was he…like this?

No. 348332

Because he was one of the only hot short men ever to live and he knew it kek. Not to musician sperg but god could he play guitar. I still get chills thinking of the solo he busted out for the rnr hall of fame tribute to George Harrison. He fucked that guitar solo with finesse, and his talent made him sexy just as much as his confidence and physical attractiveness imo

No. 348346

For reaal, his guitar solos were insane never heard something like it before

No. 348350

Because he was one horny motherfukka and he actually tried to look hot for the ladies.

No. 348392

File: 1694555972196.jpg (297.24 KB, 667x1000, MV5BN2RhZWU3YjQtNjY5ZS00YmE4LT…)

idk. he grows a unibrow

No. 348394

i fucking wish he actually was made of rubber
so like you know, no need to put one

No. 348397

No idea who this is but I would

No. 348403

he plays luffy from one piece in the live action

No. 348424

File: 1694572969696.jpg (Spoiler Image,50.47 KB, 800x600, 57 - qhTggML.jpg)

I could have fixed him.

No. 348454

i unspoilered, made a disappointed face, and put the spoiler back on

No. 348457

NTA but i genuinely think null is pretty cute

No. 348467

Kek I kinda get you but he definitely doesn't look like that anymore, last I heard he was over 300lbs

No. 348472

File: 1694604776343.webm (2.43 MB, 576x568, gabadrool.webm)

ladies please help, I know I always had feelings for this fat, bpd idiot but goddamn.

No. 348550

jawless manlet with eyes like a hammerhead shark

No. 348571

story of my life nona. i don't know how we can rid ourselves of this illness

No. 348584

File: 1694648959018.jpg (79.99 KB, 740x979, 1589991874162.jpg)

It's the hands and autism for me

No. 348595

File: 1694651908829.jpg (74.63 KB, 636x960, b146e7d2d1cfe135afdb316fe17b49…)


Nona you might enjoy facelessclown's twitch channel

Now here's my fave ugly moid Dennis "Seregor" Droomers from the symphonic black metal band Carach Angren. He actually looks hotter with the corpse paint; otherwise he looks weirder than your average Dutchman (to me Dutchmen look like god created them using The Sims 2 templates)

No. 348597

You just made like two years worth of my childhood flood back to me. A relative used to teach me some of his rifts on guitar and I hated him but they were such a fan boy I had to pretend I gave a fuck. Same with Primus kek.

No. 348620

File: 1694660907670.jpg (80.59 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

bill moseley is back again, him and buckethead did a fun TCM2-inspired collab band called cornbugs.

No. 348622

File: 1694662882075.jpeg (279.49 KB, 1000x1000, 31014B7E-0ACB-47CA-8FA4-F85304…)

I love his nose and his hair

No. 348663

BASED NONNA. He and Nadja always have my bisexual loins aflutter kek

No. 348720

File: 1694744984982.gif (2.83 MB, 500x470, url.gif)

To the nonnamaria who posted in /ot/ about all old men being hideous, I’m so sorry. I think 99.9999999% of old men are hideous, except for him…longing sigh

No. 348746

Oh yesss. Did you konw that's Kayvan's real hair? No wig. I love him so much, he's gorgeous.

No. 348788

Omg is it really…he’s even hotter now knowing that. He is really beautiful especially in historical garb like he is on the show.

No. 348805

File: 1694816516178.jpg (14.6 KB, 206x275, 1694747291475.jpg)

sorry nonnas

No. 348813

you're going to hell for this

No. 348829

File: 1694832394376.jpg (84.3 KB, 995x847, 368489948_326749253138628_7261…)

i love my husbando he's so talented

No. 348833

Thank God he's gay and can never touch a woman let alone procreate

No. 348834

>not sure who this is
>try to use google lens
>gives me "Daniel Larson Angry Tapestry" on Redbubble

No. 348837

kek, it’s Bronze Age Pervert from Post-Leftcows thread if you still wanna know

No. 348846


No. 348856

File: 1694847490159.jpg (28.18 KB, 550x296, a73f476736d260347f0c4273658515…)

Based nona, i loved him as Time in the Alice sequel. Also when he played the controller in Hugo Cabret, the sideplot where he tries to win over the florist was adorable

No. 348858

File: 1694848621886.jpg (16.32 KB, 400x400, 1694803092644468.jpg)

Self proclaimed aesthetes always look like shit

No. 348884

File: 1694864626929.jpg (458 KB, 1920x1920, 5dc126b503e374b0e08231344a7f49…)

Turns out that my favorite musical shitgoblin had a sexual harrassment allegation made against him.
He allegedly wanked it in front of a much younger woman twice and gave her a glass of semen. Of course he's denying it and claiming to have "copious evidence". He failed to pay the 830000$ his alleged victim filed. I believe the woman (Nomi Abadi) so i'm really sad.
Sorry fellow former Dannyfags

No. 348894

File: 1694869026456.gif (3.37 MB, 498x498, neil-newbon-peter-returns.gif)

Thank god someone posted him before me. I feel less guilty about it now.

No. 348907

Wikipedia said he paid the settlement but refused to admit to wrong doing. Never liked his Carrot Top looking ass anyways

No. 348909

Nothing to feel guilty about. He looks great especially for his age (45), has a great voice and his laughter is very cute. He's kinda like older Jerma

No. 348922

He does look great, a proof that moids should take care of their bodies, it improves their looks exponentially. I want to watch everything he is on now, I'm obsessed. His wife is so lucky, god. I also remember him in Detroit and thinking he looked hideous, but being fair their did him a bit dirty there.

No. 348927

I don't believe in these accusations: Released with a nice timing, right before his live shows that can make him bank were about to happen.
Then there's the creepy stuff that Abadi apparently didn't find creepy when it was happening in her presence. She's not 15, she was well into her 30s and somehow she didn't realize that if someone jacks it in front of her it's not okay (???)
Shady imo, I think Danny wasn't a creep to her, they were probably having an affair and something went wrong between the two so she decided to sue him. Still disgusting to find out he might be a cheater but at least not sex offender.

No. 348929

Tbf she did report it around when it happened (5 years ago), but updates only came earlier this year. Cheating is likely tho

No. 348947