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No. 348009

Previous thread: >>>/g/174637
Talk about sex toys, stimulation, techniques, etc.

No. 348016

my vibrator broke again and all i have is my very first cheapo battery powered one. I hate this but i also don't feel like buying ANOTHER one that will break (have had three bullet vibes break on me in the past two years or so, all in the 30 dollar ish range).

No. 348022

File: 1694307700058.jpg (74.65 KB, 449x500, Andras(demon).jpg)

Is there a downside to masturbating too often (as in, 2-3 times a day)? I tried looking up info about it and found that it's debilitating for men, but not so much women (aside from "loss of sensitivity", but I'm not that insane to risk that). I've found that I'm a lot more relaxed and outgoing, and I don't put up with my coworkers' bullshit anymore.

No. 348024

I think that depends on what you use tbh. If you’re using a high intensity vibrator every time it can lead to less sensitivity, but if you mix it up you won’t have that issue I don’t think. Plus I’m pretty sure you can get sensitivity back with time and patience if you ease up on vibe use. And this is like, Hitachi wand intense level vibes I mean re losing sensitivity. Normal ones, nah. For reference, I typically do it 2-3 times a day for about 2.5 weeks out of every month (have since I was a teenager) and I have not had any negative side effects! I usually just am a super light pressure clit rub/nipple stim only person but I do have toys for variety and funsies. Agreed I think it makes me feel more relaxed overall and less likely to be irritable with people.

No. 348025

Nonas, what are the noisiest vibrators you know of? Asking for brand names, descriptions, links.

No. 348052

i've tried sex toys but it doesn't work and at this point i have no interest in them since masturbating (externally) takes a couple minutes with just my imagination. i've always been this way, i'm glad i can finish easily

No. 348064

My favorite and only masturbation method is humping a soft blankie, who else here blankiehumper

No. 348072

Goon on, Nona! If you’re not using weird machines to zoink you’ll be absolutely fine. It does make you so much more chill.

No. 348087

As long as you're not obsessively edging to smut for hours a day I'd say it's fine

No. 348138

Does anyone use an object to rub their clit? I prefer it to my fingers and I’m using a sharpie these days

No. 348139

I’ve def tried some stuff like that! I also—and I know this might sound weird—buy those like ~finger condoms~ and sometimes will use one on my finger just for like a different sensation/to make it feel like it’s someone else or whatever.

No. 348184

Is glass or silicone better for a first time dildo?

No. 348218

Noonas i bestowed over awful revelation i might be just asexual i don't think i will ever feel climax no matter how i tried for it i feel something inside me just died after hitting puberty and going through my teens like i can't never go back to that similar feeling of being young and getting horny over watching some anime characters

No. 348222

tbh even if youre using toys and get reduced sensitivity it's only temporary from my experience. you just go cold turkey for a few weeks and then the sensitivity comes back

No. 348223

Humping never did anything for me not sure if I’m doing something wrong? The best way for me to masturbate had always been closing my vagina lips and rub my clitoris indirectly, I’ve never been a fan of fingering myself. Lately I’ve been trying to stimulate my clitoris directly with my finger but it’s easy for it to get overwhelming.

No. 348259

File: 1694474643901.png (6.86 KB, 320x294, IMG_1665.png)

I mostly syntribate and even though I know it’s probably not the best method if you want to get off with a partner, though because I’m a virgin and probably won’t be in a relationship for a long time, I was thinking of having a g-spot vibrator in me while I syntribate. This might be a dumb question but should I try to find my g-spot/ achieve a g-spot orgasm with my fingers before I go out and buy a g-spot vibrator? Also, what are some recommendations for g-spot vibrators that don’t stimulate the clit?

No. 348272

This is just my experience, but putting a vibrator in my vagina/on my g-spot doesn't feel like anything to me. It may as well not be happening. I'm one of those women who can get off just from penetration, so this surprised me but yeah, I get nada from internal vibration. IMO start with your fingers first because I'm not even convinced internal vibrators aren't just orgasm snake oil kek plus you should learn yourself inside first the usual way before shoving something up there and just praying it works. Again, just imo.

No. 348443

I have some questions: I don't masturbate very often (like once every 2 or 3 months-ish, also a virgin) so i don't have an awful lot of experience in this department. I was wondering how do I know if I've actually gotten myself to orgasm. I've made myself feel very good a few times but I have no idea what are the signs that I've "gotten there". I don't trust online sources on female sexual experiences so I'm asking other girls here. What does an orgasm generally feel/look like for you?

No. 348453

>Plus I’m pretty sure you can get sensitivity back with time and patience if you ease up on vibe use.
You can. Any time it starts to get too annoying for me to orgasm using only my fingers, I take it as sign to cut back on my vibrator usage. After a few days, I'm back to 'normal' sensitivity.

No. 348456

You'd know if you had, it's a physically observable muscular contraction. You can see and feel pulsing movements for at least a few seconds. I also get swelling and sensitivity.

No. 348535

does anyone have a favourite position for fingering themselves? personally i love laying on my front, reaching around and pumping myself w my middle and ring finger while my pointer is grinding against my clit at the same time, it’s great for when you’re feeling lazy enough to not want to use two hands but still need the double stimulation i’ll get off so intensely every time - the occasional leg cramp fucking sucks though kek

No. 348541

Anyone else compulsively stretch out your legs and lock your knees when trying to orgasm? I don't know why I do it. I find it does help me orgasm quicker, but the orgasms are usually not great and kind of a ruined version of what I could have otherwise gotten if I didn't lock my knees.

No. 348545

i think this is a really common experience! i came across a video of a sex educator once talking about training yourself out of it iirc she said it was mostly psychological so you can try tensing without locking your legs together? i’ve been able to work through it somewhat by raising my legs and only locking my knees together so my legs look like an “A” lol it helps with the feeling of wanting to clench without losing all the sensation you would if you came all locked up w your legs outstretched etc. and overtime i’ve managed to widen the distance between my knees, the orgasms are definitely better and more fulfilling

No. 348546

prev anon i think it also helps if you don’t think of orgasm as a goal to achieve and warm yourself up beforehand a lot i remember my orgasms used to feel like a race to the finish line but it really does feel better to take time with yourself

No. 348547

If, after feeling good, you lose all interest in continuing, you had an orgasm.

No. 348548

Kek that could mean literally anything. Have you even had an orgasm?

No. 348578

How come I orgasm more successfully in my sleep than I do when I'm awake and masturbation?

No. 348585

Because your body is more fully relaxed in sleep and your mind isn’t prohibiting you from any deep release…at least that would be my guess! Sleep orgasms are some of the best tho real talk.

No. 348710

Never got the humping meme either, I try doing it from time to time and I don't feel anything, pillows are way too soft to make an impression, probably because I've always directly stimulated my clit with my fingers. Fingering does nothing either, it feels more like an unpleasant tickling than anything else.

No. 350042

File: 1695705709094.jpeg (57.27 KB, 408x612, IMG_1288.jpeg)

What do you think of masturbating to non-explicit photos? Like pictures of a partner or celebrity and not even softcore like just a nice photo. I'm thinking of doing this because I keep having flashbacks to an assault which is obviously a major turn off. I'm looking for a way to stay focused on the face of someone I find attractive or lovable like literally anything but my assailant. Also I hate porn and suspect it would make everything worse so this seems like the next best thing. How weird is this? Does anyone do this on the modern age?

No. 350049

Personally I find it a bit weird, because it's a normal coomer progression where they will sexualize someone in a non-sexual situation. I don't get the feeling that's how you intend it though, it seems like you want to focus more on an emotional connection rather than overly objectifying someone. If it's a person you're already romantically involved with I think it's a sweet sentiment. My controversial take is that it's not inherently bad to sexualize others (or at the very least it's completely normal), I just find it a bit scroteish if you're taking a pic that was intended to be non sexual and decide to get off to it. I'm sorry you're currently having these struggles btw.

No. 350050

I get what you mean like it's the burden of women to be unknowingly and nonconsensually objectified and sexualised by the lecherous eyes of any man who sees us. Men will turn even the most innocent or beautiful things into sick masturbation fodder which is like just totally disturbing and sad. As the female species we deserve better. We should be able to exist as human beings not fetish fuel. But I'm not trying to argue— but doesn't that mean any sexual fantasy without explicit or at least implied permission from the "star" is scroteish? How often could that be feasibly or appropriately obtained? Would that limit us only to intentionally erotic materials with all their associated flaws or like an end to masturbatory aids in general? Honestly I prefer to use my imagination and hopefully I'll get back to that someday like to me that's the most fulfilling and spiritually clean way to go. I don't know if I could seriously schlick to magazine spreads of Sigourney Weaver but I really do need some kind of tether to the present like just anything but the flashbacks.

No. 350055

Don't think there's anything particularly odd or bad about, for example, looking at a suggestive picture of some male actor (if you're into men, if not just change it to women) and like, letting that picture fuel some imaginary scenario. No matter what you try, I hope things can get better. Though I wouldn't suggest graphic porn. I've kind of given up on arousal and sex after I was assaulted, but I hope this will not be the case for you. Best wishes.

No. 350087

I got a vibrating kegel weight thing with a remote after my pregnancy to help strengthen my pelvic floor and quickly found that it gave me vaginal orgasms (I had never had them before, only clitoral) and now my wife and I use it as a sex toy where she keeps the remote and changes the setting without warning me it’s so hot. Has anyone else used one to masturbate with? It feels better than a regular dildo/vibe to me

No. 350129

How do you even manage that? I only do it sitting down, leaning against the headboard of my bed, and spreading my legs.

No. 350675

Genuine retard question from one of us losers who can't tell if we've had an orgasm: the closest I get feels extremely similar to the release I feel after peeing when having held it in for a long time. I always thought the only feel good i could reach through masturbating wasn't an orgasm because of that, only today did it hit me that it could be the other way around and holding/releasing the pee might actually give me an orgasm which is embarrassing too but it makes sense if I'm contracting/relaxing muscles in the same area??

No. 350681

A feeling of release while masturbating that feels like peeing? I realize that everyone is different, but that sounds like a textbook definition of an orgasm. Why are you unsure?

It does sound like you're giving yourself peegasms.

No. 350701

My whole life when I've seen similar questions from girls the person asking was always ridiculed for thinking an orgasm felt even close to anything to do with peeing, paired with "you know if you've had one" that everyone says. And I know media is fake but orgasms are never portrayed as a straight face with no emotions, nor has peeing ever had any kind of sexual connotations to it for me even the times I get that feeling it still just feels like peeing. I guess I just have really weak orgasms because I can't imagine actually going out of your way to sleep with someone just for that feeling.

No. 350808

Yeah I’m sorry but it doesn’t sound like an orgasm to me. As others have said, orgasms cause muscular contractions in your vagina. You’ve probably had a fascifculation/involuntary muscle twitch at some point in your life. It’s similiar to that except in your clit and also very pleasurable. Your clit, although not a muscle, will engorge with blood and if you tried to observe it you can visibly see it twitching while orgasming (similar to it’s analogous body part, the penis). Your vaginal canal will also contract. Although it might not be your case, it’s worth noting that certain medicines such as anti-depressants/psychotics and also sometimes birth control can cause women to become inorgasmic.

No. 350824

Maybe I’m just weird but even though I’m straight I don’t find straight porn arousing in the slightest, male sexuality kind of grosses me out and I hate how violent and misogynistic most porn is. Penises don’t really arouse me. Even the softer more romantic porn or whatever I can’t really get into. So I basically just masturbate to some kind of nice erotic lesbian porn that’s made for the female gaze or lesbian POV, then when I’m about to cum I look at a pic of my crush (who is a guy) and concentrate on his face/body when I’m coming. Idk if anyone else does this lol lmk.

No. 350851

Does anyone know of vibrators that have a similar power to the Hitachi but aren't nearly as loud? The original Hitachi was one of the best purchases I made but only being able to use it when I'm home alone is a hassle.

No. 350858

>not aroused by penises
>masturbates to lesbian porn

if any male said they're not into vaginas or het sex and masturbated to gay porn no one would buy this "i'm straight" bullshit, but because lesbian sexuality is seen as less real than heterosexuality you all spew this "straight women watch lesbian porn actually" bullshit. like really ask yourself why you enjoy watching female arousal lmao

No. 350860

Lmao right I didn’t wanna be mean but…that could have been written by teenage me, who thought she was straight also. That anon might be a super female leaning bi but def sounds like lesbian to me.

No. 350880

I’m not sure how to define myself. I’m not really attracted to women irl or on a daily basis, I think I just conditioned myself through orgasm to masturbate to lesbian porn because that’s what I started out with. I get aroused a lot by lesbian porn and probably wouldn’t mind having lesbian sex irl, but I don’t really feel horny towards women in real life. I watch porn with men in it occasionally but usually it’s not PIV type porn, but more kind of fetish or psychological themed porn. Penises in general are just ugly I think a lot of straight women would say the same, but I do fantasize about giving blowjobs and having PIV irl, I just don’t like dicks aesthetically. I’ve only ever been genuinely sexually and romantically attracted to men irl. But I need lesbian porn to become aroused enough to orgasm, so yeah I’m not really sure what my sexuality is tbh. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% straight or lesbian, I guess bi is the closest thing I can think of, but that label doesn’t really fit me either I don’t think.

No. 350970

Good orgasms are worth having. I wouldn't masturbate if I couldn't have them. Like >>350808 said this can be because of medication or health problems but it can also be technique. I can't orgasm without putting strong pressure on my clit. Have you tried changing how you masturbate?

No. 350972

Straight women are attracted to the idea of a man who gives them attention/a family. You can experience 0 arousal and still be straight. Not everyone is a horny weirdo like you

No. 350974

NTA but this is extremely sad.. straight women are romantically, emotionally and sexually attracted to men, and equating female sexual arousal and receiving sexual pleasure to being a horny weirdo so you can insult a lesbian for experiencing those things makes you sound like Shirley Phelps' child. You're insulting yourself

No. 350975

No. 350984

I have never had an orgasm in my life, and I am in my early 20s. I have the rose vibrator, but every time I try to use it, it gets to be too much and I start to not feel pleasure from it anymore. I just don't really know what to do at this point. I have tried before, but I can't seem to find pleasure from clitoral stimulation. It is just so overstimulating. What should I do, nonnas?

No. 350989

Have you tried just fingers + imagination? That might be the way to go, and take your time, don't pressure yourself by thinking "oh god its not working…somethings wrong with me" - it might just take some time for you to loosen up.

No. 350991

>being attracted to the oposite sex as a straight woman to is being a horny weirdo
>not being attracted to men and only caring about having a family while bing aroused by women is being a normal straight woman

Its ok to be a lesbian and want a family anon

No. 350997

There's nothing unusual about masturbating to stuff you wouldn't want to do irl. What you like to watch or imagine and what you like to do can be very different things.

Straight women don't need lesbian porn to orgasm.

No. 351012

I think everybody is different on what their bodies can do but
>Was she just faking it for the camera?
Very likely, camgirls are almost always faking it.

No. 351015

Ew but why were you watching it… yeah I mean it’s possible but when it’s a cam girl, unlikely af.

No. 351024

>but because lesbian sexuality is seen as less real than heterosexuality you all spew this "straight women watch lesbian porn actually" bullshit.
they don't say it because of that but because many women (and men) meme themselves into thinking they like things they wouldn't actually enjoy irl especially if they were exposed to it at a young age (getting exposed to sexualizd women outside of porn in other media also contributes to this). also because lesbian porn shows women feeling pleasure more than straight porn.

No. 351060

I think my mom saw me masturbating; it was late at night and I think she tried to come into my room because the door was slightly ajar even though I always try to shut it. Honestly not sure how I'll cope with the embarrassment.

No. 351061

I second the anon who suggested trying with your fingers. For some women vibrators can be overstimulating to the point of temporarily losing sensation, inadvertently making it more difficult to achieve orgasm. If this has been the case for you, I would wait a couple of days to give your nerves a chance to rest before making another attempt.

Something interesting I learned the other day: "arousal is mediated by a relaxed parasympathetic state, which is gradually overtaken by a sympathetic state as arousal increases with heart rate, breathing etc. Orgasm is an explosive and complete shift to the sympathetic." In so many words, this is what they mean when they say you should try to relax and not be in your head too much etc. I think for a lot of people this process comes naturally when we become aroused, which can happen spontaneously or intentionally, e.g. by using erotica. But if it’s something you struggle with then trying techniques to activate a parasympathetic state could be helpful. One way to do this is by using mindfulness/meditation techniques, which is mostly just shifting your focus to intentionally allow yourself to become relaxed and gain control of your breathing. Arousal is one way to shift your focus, but you can also work on going into this relaxed state first, then once you’re there start touching yourself and building arousal. There are lots of guided meditation/relaxation etc. videos on youtube you could try out.

Maybe this advice doesn’t apply to you. When trying to orgasm, we all have different premises to work with in terms of our anatomy, mental baggage and so on, and your issue could be something entirely different. I actually stumbled upon a subreddit for women struggling with this, that may or may not be helpful to you r/BecomingOrgasmic

No. 351096

Buy a bullet and use it over your clit hood or even over your panties

No. 351112

This is true, I’ve been masturbating to lesbian porn since I was 9, and I’m pretty sure I conditioned myself through associating it with arousal. I also have sexual trauma from childhood by a moid so I hate watching porn involving men because I feel like there’s an inherent violence and nastiness about male sexuality. Unfortunately I am attracted to men but I’m still a virgin because I don’t think I’ll ever really be comfortable having sex with a man.

No. 351119

Samefag, I did find the downside: carpal tunnel. Going to the doctor today for it. I'd also like to know if there's a correlation between getting older and one's sex drive skyrocketing, 'cause this masturbating 2-3 times a day is getting to be annoying.

No. 351121

It might also just be habit. I know I get in the habit of masturbating a lot, especially to avoid doing other thingd

No. 351130

>I'd also like to know if there's a correlation between getting older and one's sex drive skyrocketing
Same! My friends reminisce about being horny teenagers but I used to think I was asexual until I was in my 20s.

No. 351140

AYRT, well it's a damn annoying habit and I'm already paying the price for it!

No. 351156

Update for anyone who gives a shit: it wasn't carpal tunnel, it was overuse of the tendon. I had to tell my doctor how I got it and she said "wow, good for you". I was fucking mortified. She also said to go mechanical and I've only ever used my hand. So if anyone has recommendations, I'm all ears.

No. 351159

If you’re gonna be doing it that frequently for the foreseeable future, invest in something from Lelo. I am obsessed with my Ora 3, want to try the new thing they just released. I also usually use my hand but it’s fantastic for when I want a little something extra. The one i use is an oral simulator type toy. They’ve got all types of toys and though pricy, they’re worth it.

No. 351163

I finally feel like I have a proper libido at 30+ than I did when I was a teenager or in my 20s. It's nuts, sometimes I don't mind it but I get frustrated why it happened now for me. I guess I'm making up for lost time since I used to never masturbate (I got a vibrator during lockdown, lmao).

No. 351192

30 and my libido is as low as in my 20s, I rarely get aroused, like a few times a year, I masturbate a few times a month and while I orgasm they are always kinda weak, I never felt the vaginal walls contracting or had my legs shaking.

No. 351468

File: 1696569055320.gif (933.29 KB, 275x275, 5D3C2E00-FE09-4E94-A930-3453BA…)

How fast can i learn to insert more than a finger? It’s been a decade and ive gotten off with 1 finger only a handful of times. I want to use toys eventually.

No. 351564

Have you ever worked out? Take the same approach. Do what is comfortable with routine and consistency and you will eventually find yourself comfortable with more. This is one of the recommended ways that vaginismus is treated.

Don't feel under pressure to rush yourself, it wont help.

No. 351673

I've never had sex or kissed anyone. I only masturbate by rubbing my thighs together while reading erotica. For some reason I m really afraid of putting anything up my pussy, even my finger, so I've never done it. I don't even rub my clit (I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but I don't know where it is exactly). Is this weird? Am I the only girl who does this?

No. 351680

You're not gonna go to hell for touching your clit. Just get a hand mirror and go look.

No. 351702

I used to do this until I got a vibrator

No. 351704

I think it's too bad but also fairly common for women to not know that much about their anatomy. don't feel bad. you should learn where your clit is though (and other parts of your pelvic area), I feel like that's important even if you don't like stimulating it directly

No. 351705

Sounds like either a severely autistic woman or again a severely autistic man larping to coom. It doesn't make much sense to consume pornographic material yet not know where your clit is so I think it's the latter and a larping man.

No. 351710

NTA but some women are just raised sheltered

No. 351718

Same anon. The thing is I have tried rubbing my pussy with my fingers and it doesn't really do anything for me. It felt awkward instead of pleasurable a few times I did it. I know that there's a very small number of women that don't really need to have their clit stimulated in order to orgasm. Maybe I'm just one of those women.

No. 351719

She'd definitely know what a clit is if she's reading sexual stuff. It's either a male or a fujo autist.

No. 351727

I know what a clit is. And what it's purpose is. I just don't know where I have it specifically. And by the way i'm not a fujo. M/M is literally the only type of pairing I don't shlick to.

No. 351729

Kek we're not that far and few between. Women who orgasm vaginally can usually do both.

No. 353567

AYRT, just now saw this, will check out the site. Thanks anon!

No. 353576

Jfc get a hand mirror

No. 353597

Look down and use your hands, you should be able to find it in approximately 5 seconds lol

No. 354517

File: 1698075417905.jpeg (30.48 KB, 600x600, IMG_1531.jpeg)

Anon are you still here? Your method has been on my mind all these months but I've never been able to make it work. I think because my toy (picrel) is curved, it's hard to keep it at the correct angle. If it helps, I use it "upside down" so the concave side is facing my body. Input from anynonny with ideas is highly appreciated. Alternatively, I'll take recommendations for one of those dildos that thrusts on its own.

No. 354553

File: 1698090811718.png (173.97 KB, 382x297, 7664F377.png)

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but can anyone else only get off in one position? I've tried but I can never orgasm in any other position than lying on my back. It's like I can get part of the way there in other positions but I can never finish that way—I just wind up overstimulated and nothing happens. I don't know how common this is or if it's a weird trait of mine kek

No. 354557

I feel really weird if I masturbate in any position other than laying on my back lol. I remember squatting in the shower with the shower head and coming and feeling really weird and off afterwards. Laying back definitely feels the best. Unfortunately I have to do everything manually because I find toys don’t give me very good orgasms and using my hands and fingers feels way better.

No. 354558

My clit is really small and hidden under the hood a lot. I would say it’s only about the size of a sunflower seed, maybe even smaller. I can’t even really feel it when I’m not aroused. I sometimes wish I had a bigger clit that I could have more fun playing with but I already have hypersensitivity issues down there so it’s probably for the best I don’t.

No. 354573

I have this same issue, I usually stimulate through the hood, and have even preferred to give myself nipple orgasms (you might be able to do it too if you have a super sensitive clit usually super sensitive nipples accompany it) it takes a little while but it feels amazing and doesn’t overstim my poor clit lol. I like using toys in the absolute lightest setting and I barely touch them to my body.

No. 354612

not to scare you, but a lot of people say that developing a habit like this affected their partnered sex life for the worse

No. 354623

True but of all the positions to be stuck with, lying on your back is the most compatible with sex. Let her be and start praying for the nonnies who have to lay flat on their stomachs or need to close their legs.

No. 354627

There’s nothing wrong with starfishing, the woman’s comfort should be tantamount, moids should think themselves lucky if they get any at all

No. 354628

have fun dying alone(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 354632

Scrote moment

No. 354637

>partnered sex life
Not a problem for me.

No. 354661

It's better to die alone than larping as an ugly moid's personal porn star.

No. 354692

That's the only other way I've been able to orgasm too, what are the odds?? But it takes me so long that the water goes cold, my legs hurt and I feel like I'm going to pass out so I don't bother kek

A bit late for that kek, it's already a habit. Not sure what to do about it though… it's not a big deal cuz I'm volcel and mostly just curious about trying out different positions to see if they feel better than my usual routine.

Moids will literally fuck a chicken sandwich or a hole in their mattress, do you really think they're going to be upset over a woman lying on her back during sex if they aren't some pornbrained coomer?? If you aren't a scrote, you're a retard— and if you are, go be useful and die in a war

No. 354806

File: 1698181691454.jpeg (128.61 KB, 411x271, 9C9C828E-224B-4570-931B-A35550…)

I got a bullet vibe from Walmart it was so embarrassing to ask the lady to open the case for me but it was worth it and only $10, I used it a few times but I’m not trying to kill my clitoris so I’m trying to only use it once a week at most.
I masturbated last night while on zaza with it and I felt like this, amazing, I wanna get a clit sucker now. Maybe a dildo

No. 354831

I feel you nonna, I swear the best orgasm I ever had was while I was on the za and used a rabbit vibe. It was crazy, I don't think I've gotten close to that bliss since kek

No. 354893

Idk if this is the right place to ask but does anyone else straight up zone out while masturbating? I don’t get super aroused often but when I do I’ll masturbate just to stop feeling that way. But while I feel initial excitement, the actual act feels less exciting and my mind starts wandering and I feel distant and like I’m not in my own body. I just want it to be over. I can orgasm, but it usually feels hollow no matter the method, and sometimes it feels almost too painful? I actually find I prefer the anticipation before masturbating to actual orgasms. I like when I get full body shivers when I read erotica and I like watching porn to watch people get off but that’s about it. I’ve never had sex and don’t have sexual trauma so idk what it could be. How broken is my sexuality kek

No. 355586

>spend over an hour performing foreplay on myself to increase blood flow and get super aroused, pinching nipples playing with my ass teasing my clit everything
>have two super weak nothing orgasms
>randomly spontaneously start masturbating
>have 7 back to back extremely powerful multiple Os

No. 355597

>sometimes it feels almost too painful?
This is what I struggle with aswell and it isn't sometimes, orgasming almost always manages to be unpleasureable/borderline painful somehow which seems to be paradoxal but it happens anyway. I always assumed it's a subconscious mental block because I literally can't think of any other explanation but just like you I don't have any trauma so idk.

No. 355872

I've written (ages ago) in a previous thread about how I've always been one of those women who don't even know if I can ever orgasm and I'm here to update y'all about it.
I got off my ssri anti-depressants and that slowly helped increase my libido, although it took like a year to settle I think.
I could masturbate and get really weak orgasms, which was the same as before except now I actually had the libido to try to do it. Before I'd go months without any kind of libido, only forcing myself to try to masturbate to feel normal.
I got a new boyfriend recently and idk how he did it, but he gave me my first real orgasm, through penetration. I've dated before but my exes couldn't ever get me there no matter what they did, and neither could I, so I was kind of in shock when it happened.
I still struggle with doing it to myself, but just the knowledge that I can orgasm like a normal person and I'm not broken is a huge relief.
I really wonder if ssri is the biggest culprit, but I since I still can't do it to myself I can't be sure how big the effect really was. It's nice to have reclaimed some kind of sexuality from having literally no libido.

No. 355888

Congrats anon! I haven’t been on ssri’s myself, but I’ve heard this is one of the most common side-effects so I’m not surprised you struggled with libido and orgasming. It’s great to hear that going off them has eased those symptoms. Best of luck with the reclaiming, it must be exciting getting the chance to rediscover this part of yourself. From the little you shared your bf sounds like a keeper.

No. 356347

When I was a inexperienced, I never self-inserted. All my masturbation fantasies were of characters I liked, and I could orgasm at whatever point in the fantasy I wanted, usually I’d wait until after I imagined the characters orgasming. Now that I have real life experience, I can’t do that anymore. I always orgasm when someone in the fantasy orgasms and it’s really frustrating and annoying. It’s like I don’t have control of my fantasies anymore and I am automatically self-inserting. My orgasms are now linked to the orgasms in the fantasy. I just want to be able to come to their beautiful post-orgasmic bliss like I used to. Or come to their pre-orgasm moans. I’m mad.

No. 356986

I’m honestly too lazy to masturbate, because it takes me a really long time to rub my clit and labia with both hands, and the feeling of masturbating itself isn’t that good, only the orgasm which lasts like 10 seconds. So instead to maximise pleasure and minimise effort I basically just hold my pee and stop and start the flow over and over again with kegels while imagining having sex. The good thing about this technique is it feels so good and I can keep the waves of pleasure coming over and over again, every few seconds, for over an hour if I want, completely hands free and it feels almost as good as an orgasm m. Downside is I’m probably fucking up my bladder but I’ve been doing it for like 10 years now and I still don’t piss myself so I guess it’s okay

No. 356999

i do something similar-ish, I only masturbate if I have a full bladder because it feels 5x better. I wonder if it has something to do with clitoral nerves being under pressure or something. but i think because of this habit, i've developed a thing for holding pee, because after reading your post all I can say is omfg I've never heard of that but wish I had a GF who would demonstrate that technique in front of me

No. 357657

I’ve always heard shower heads are like some of the best ways to get off, like I’ve heard many women say they are a game changer and better than toys. I have a detachable shower head now and it’s not great. Was I supposed to get a specific type/model or something?

No. 357687

Anytime I've tried doing it with a shower head I immediately about how much water it's going to waste and I stop using it, maybe I'm missing out on something great lmao.

No. 357734

If you got good water pressure, take the head off so you only have the hose, play around with pressure but using that on your clit is insane compared to a vibrator, especially since its cozy warm water too. (I stopped after my teen years cause I feel bad about the water usage but I had some really good memories that involved tile marks on my ass lmao)

No. 357735

Same nonna, have to add if you can do it in a bathtub it will put you to sleep no lie. Its like an elevated version of jacuzzi jet streams lmao.

No. 357765

I've tried it before and it doesn't work for me at all.

No. 357846

AYRT, I just now saw the prices. Are you out of your goddamn mind?! Why's this shit so fuckin' expensive!?

No. 357847

You need a shower head with a massage setting

No. 357906

Lmfao I’m sorry nonna. If it helps I got mine during a sale so it was half off but tbh I would have paid full price for it now that I’ve used it. It’s far superior to your run of the mill toys at least for me.

No. 358084

Shower heads are way too fast and high pressure for me and the water jetting out of the tiny holes fast hurts my clit and feels weird. The best method I find is putting the larger bath faucet on a steady but quite gentle warm gush/flow and just letting it run all over your clit. I literally start hollering when I orgasm that way like panting and ahhhing kek. It feels so good and it’s easy to imagine getting eaten out like that because the sensation is like a warm wet mouth.

No. 358085

showerheads are ok and all but panting??? i always just lie there immobile and stare at the ceiling like patrick bateman until it's over. you people are actually making sounds?

No. 358086

It seems so fake I know but sometimes it really does feel that good. When I hit my Gspot the sounds are genuinely involuntary. Maybe you should branch out and try something new?

No. 358093

That sounds so soulless kek

No. 358113

agreed. Shower heads are too precisced. Something about being directly under a bath faucet running on the side when It’s inconsistent pressure feels the best and warm, you have control. Personally right before climax I have my non dominant hand switch the faucet to ice cold. There is nothing more intimate

No. 358174

Is there any wand under $80 that you'd recommend? I'm a bit afraid of knockoffs and possible toxicity but I don't masturbate nearly enough to justify spending premium prices on it.

No. 358189

have any of you managed to overcome lifelong anorgasmia? no matter how I try to masturbate, with fingers, toys, different types of stimulation, using erotica, etc, just doesn't work.

possible causes might be csa trauma (but I'm over it), repressed upbringing, anxiety/adhd symptoms that aren't super well managed, body image issues, and honestly just nervousness that I'll be loud and someone will overhear me because the walls are thin af.

other symptoms: difficulty feeling much sensation at all or feeling any kind of build-up, occasional pain with penetration, high libido (can't tell ya why)

No. 358233

I relate very much to you nona, personally the first step I took was dealing with the difficultly of feeling no build up of sensation having a mental block. For me what helped was working with my serenity and surroundings knowing I was safe before masturbating. Pacing yourself with your own comfort will bring more confidence with your body and eased mind. I would treat myself with music beforehand that makes me happy, cook myself my favorite meal, throw in my favorite wax warmer melt, read and relax. I know it’s very hard as a CSA survivor and having ADHD but I promise you got this. Nervousness/no where build ups will eventually be a thing of the past. Patience pays

No. 358234

>stare at the ceiling like patrick bateman
Bitch me too kek

No. 358380

there's nothing wrong with it. most people will condition themselves to be quiet. maybe the moaners didn't masturbate much until adulthood

No. 360242

File: 1700530442626.jpg (15.27 KB, 474x353, 1693448912170.jpg)

pls dont bully me so my entire life ive "masturbated" by rubbing my thighs together or humping a pillow, but ive never been able to reach orgasm through that. obviously this kinda sucks for me and im scared ive been making my clit less sensitive somehow by doing that? but i cant tell since ive never tried masturbating through direct clitoral stimulation. today i tried looking at my vagina with a hand mirror (which is the first time ive ever done that, again dont bully me please kek) to find my clit but i couldnt see it??? i tried pulling back my hood but it was kinda difficult to do with only one hand. i know some women have less prominent clits and/or bigger clitoral hoods so maybe im one of them. i tried touching the area lightly, but i didnt feel anything. should i just wait until im actually physically aroused to do this?

No. 360247

I am sorry nonny but I have the EXACT same issue/experience. I bought the rose toy vibrator thing but I have never been able to orgasm from it because it gets too intense and I have to stop.

No. 360249

File: 1700533605862.jpg (26.43 KB, 629x639, d46.jpg)

a vibrator would probably make this a lot easier but i cannot buy one at the moment. are vibrators loud??? i live with my family, i dont want them to hear anything

ive tried touching myself directly before, although it was through my underwear so i wasnt able to see what i was doing and that made it difficult. still couldnt feel anything. i wasnt aroused back then and i was pretty nervous so maybe that was it?? am i just broken? im scared

No. 360265

In my experience the rose isn't very loud. You can hear it but if your door is closed I doubt anyone else can. I think you're just nervous. I also can't make myself turned on enough to really masturbate, so I just have my Nigel use the toy on me etc etc. I am 21 and have never orgasmed before because of this issue.

No. 360385

I understand where you're coming from nonnies. I syntribate too, though I'm able to cum from it. I learnt where my clit was like a year ago and I haven't really tried directly stimulating it because, on the few occasions that I've tried it, it either felt overstimulating or like nothing. Like, bringing my fingers into the equation is an instant turn off to me. I just press my thighs together and grind against my mattress.

I've been thinking about getting a relatively quiet vibrator that DOESN'T provide pinpoint stimulation like those womaniser toys. Instead, I'm interested in getting a grinding toy that I can securely put in my underwear like Foxy by OhMiBod. I might have some other ideas that I'll add in another post idk

No. 360626

is it normal to feel pain down there from masturbating too much? i masturbated daily in the past, but now trying to eventually leads to feeling discomfort and short bouts of pain (which i assume is due to irritating something). i usually masturbate by rubbing myself over my underwear, and i may be using too much pressure due to desensitization.

No. 360628

Excuse my esl while I try to walk you through the process nonna. I don't know the sexy terms for things lol
>should i just wait until im actually physically aroused to do this?
Yes. Whatever you do to get aroused, do that. Think of sexual scenarios, look at porn, do whatever that gets you wet. Hump a pillow or your hand over your clothes while doing that. Start once you're very aroused as it's the first time. Remove your clothes (stimulating your clit over your underwear can be hard so remove it too for now). Make sure you're relaxed, lay down. Take one finger (I use my middle) and touch your entrance and spread the fluid around your vulva. Once your finger slides more easily, gently stroke around with your finger. Not the exact tip of your finger, use the outer 1/3 of it (sorry esl) and flatten it against your vulva. Keep doing what gets you aroused (porn/imagination). Make sure you're relaxed again. Once you're comfortable touching around, focus on the upper part of your vulva and keep gently stroking until you feel a sharper pleasure for a moment. It might be more subdued depending on your aroused to nervousness ratio lol It doesn't feel like you've hit a spot on your skin, it feels a little deeper if this helps you identify it. Don't immediately focus all your attention there though. Take it easy and keep touching around. Also get more fluid from the hole and sometimes take a break from just focusing on the upper part. Once you're a good mix of relaxed and aroused, you will feel the sharp pleasure more comfortably and it won't feel overwhelming to keep stimulating that area. Narrow down to where you feel that pleasure and keep stroking that area. Take a break when you get overwhelmed. Don't worry if you can't orgasm from this the first few times, focus on getting to know your body more. Once you've figured out how to "activate" feeling pleasure from your clit you can focus on figuring out what pace you like and how you want to touch it. It took me some time to figure out how to make that pleasure continue. You will get a better understanding of angling your finger, humping up and whatever might help you orgasm. I go through this every time I masturbate btw, it doesn't feel good to just jump into clit stimulation. Hope this helps! Anynona that wants to add on is welcome as this is just my experience.

No. 360683

Am I the only one who gets bored while slowly "building up" and quits?

No. 360702

I emphasized it a lot because anon is new to it. As I said you get to know what you like the more you explore so maybe she'll like it too but I don't think she should jump right into it.

No. 360771

File: 1700781505491.jpeg (24.29 KB, 400x400, sigh.jpeg)

"Look at porn"(learn to greentext)

No. 360812

I don't like it myself but I don't know what anon does. There's porn for women too, mostly audio or written porn with no slavery and human trafficking behind it. I'm not just talking about pornhub type of porn.

No. 361001

I have been having some underwhelming orgasms where I can feel it coming but I can’t feel it when it happens and it just fizzles out do I have to take a break from my vibrator

No. 361009

No because I can orgasm in like 3 minutes if I do it really fast and hard

No. 361011

My clit is very sensitive and I don’t like directly touching it because it just makes me need to pee and makes my feet tingle and feels weird. I have a weird method of masturbating that I’ve never really seen another woman do. Basically I press on my outer labia with both hands, at the top, and sort of press down and release them quickly and use this method to rub the outer lips over my inner labia and my clit at the same time (I think this only works if you have quite a fat pussy mound tho) I tend to be able to orgasm very fast from this method but I need to do it very quickly and hard.

Recently I’ve been learning more about biology and I found that I’m basically just doing the female equivalent of jerking off. So kind of using my hands to rub my clitoral hood (which I guess is equivalent to foreskin) over my clit (which I guess is similar to moids dickhead) anyway it feels the best for me, I’ve tried masturbating by just rubbing my clit with one finger or using vibrators and I just didn’t like the feeling at all.

No. 361055

File: 1700915858535.jpg (Spoiler Image,55.27 KB, 600x454, 7369af_d846b04d36a64032af67077…)

This sounds exactly like clitoral phimosis / adhesions. Picrel shows it in variying severities, does yours look like this? It's such a common issue that is basically unheard of and is never spoken about. Recently I found out that I have mild / moderate adhesions, and I was able to temporarily fix it by pulling at the sides of my clitoral hood until the hood seperated from my clit, over the course of several days. It hurt and the skin was very raw at times, so it's probably not exactly a good idea, but it worked for me. I say temporarily, because unfortunately for me it ended up fusing back together, but I think that happened because I stopped masturbating, so there wasnt enough movement between the hood and my clit for it to be maintained. If you have a look on reddit you should be able to find some posts with better advice, although there are not many at all. From what I remember, some women use topical steroids to fix it.

No. 361060

God I wish I was like that. Masturbating is such a fucking chore for me that I mostly just don't do it. I can only come from bruteforcing it with a speedy toy and it isn't very satisfying, sometimes even painful (duh). (And no I haven't made myself insensitive using the toy)

Sometimes I wish I just had a dong because you never ever hear about men who struggly with pleasuring themselves unless they're pornsick or depressed and I'm neither.

No. 361109

File: 1700936132786.jpeg (59.78 KB, 558x532, CBF99C81-FD2D-4656-B200-E4F268…)

i have only one or two specific fetishes that genuinely excite me. or i thought they were fetishes, except every time i'm trying to masturbate while thinking about these things i instantly get turned off. same thing happens with men i'm attracted to/my husbandos, thinking about them just kills my mood. how can i even claim i'm attracted to them? i know i find them attractive. at the same time i have zero problems getting off in like 10 seconds to any disgusting porn fueled scenario i can think of, but it's more like a purely physical response and i feel gross afterwards. so fucking mad and pissed, why is my brain not letting me cum to things i actually like.

No. 361145

I do the same thing except I use one hand. Or maybe I’m not picturing it correctly.

No. 361150

Well you gotta tell us what these fetishes are.

No. 361151

ive heard of clitoral phimosis before but idk if i have it? i read somewhere that you can get surgery to fix it but that sounds fucking horrifying. how does that even happen??? i really hope i dont have this

No. 361154

File: 1700951579231.jpg (32.9 KB, 415x479, 1661202242564.jpg)

samefag im pretty sure i do have this. and ofc its not as researched as male phimosis so most doctors wont know what to do. fuck my life

No. 361160

wtf nayrt just passing by but that's exactly what i have (between c and d). i was so confused at one point because there just wasn't anything there that i could see whenever i pulled back that i sincerely had to ask if my mom had me FGM'd as a baby because the practice is still being done in my country though very scarcely which she confirmed that thank god i wasn't. this just settles it. ugh i give up i'm accepting my fate i don't think i'm ever going to be able to orgasm. feelsbad i feel deformed and disabled. at least now i know it's not just psychological because the issue was frustrating me to death, now in a different way. ugh sorry to be such a debbie downer i know i'm probably catastrophizing but i'm just so shocked right now

No. 361161

anon dw it can be reverted back through various methods (not just surgery) from what ive read, though there arent a lot of resources because all of our problems are severely under-researched. you WILL be able to fix it though

No. 365684

i masturbated 3 days in a row which is insane for me because i usually never masturbate more than once or twice a month AT MOST. the only difference for me right now is the fact i started taking a magnesium supplement so i wonder if thats the cause

No. 365695

Zinc makes me horny as fuck personally.

No. 365992

File: 1702789063848.jpeg (10.86 KB, 127x159, 54464F9B-1C0A-48A8-AD68-CEBBC5…)

Whats a high quality toy I can buy on Amazon? I am unfortunately limited to Amazon at the moment. I also orgasm only from clitoral stimulation. Help?

No. 366023

File: 1702798724691.jpg (59.86 KB, 1100x1100, ezgif-4-ea9c7454d7.jpg)

Sometimes I think about getting a really powerful vibrator, mostly as a way to refocus my pleasure on direct physiological sensations and not my weird porn. I've got a tiny one from Maude and it makes me feel weird as opposed to satisfied.

No. 366025

That’s how all vibrators feel to me. I know most women love them but they really don’t feel that good to me, it’s like a very intense yet completely surface level pleasure and the orgasms (which for me are hard to achieve using a vibrator since I get numb from vibration and overstimulation before I cum) are just unsatisfying. Am I the only one?

No. 366026

>surface level
That's how I feel to. Only ever had one full orgasm no vibrator and I've been chasing that high for life

No. 366027

Ayrt, What did you do that one time and what’s preventing you from just doing that again? I’m just curious since I’ve never struggled to orgasm that said, for me it’s always taken me about 30 min-1hr to achieve which I guess some might consider “struggling” but after the first one I can keep going indefinitely so I feel fine with it

No. 366028

One, I didn't eat much that day. Two, I have an unusually sensitive stomach. Any pressure deepens my pleasure. Three, I was ovulating. Four, I was getting off on smut.

I tried this formula a few times and I got off but not as good as the first time. Maybe I should avoid the smut?

No. 366031

Dae have a really retarded object they use to masturbate? As a teen living with my parents I stole a screwdriver with an appealing handle which worked super well for me, as an adult I ordered two real toys, a glass one and a silicone one, but neither of them feel nearly as good as my stupid screwdriver kek, so I never use them and am on year 10 of screwdriver handle masturbation.
The awkward part is my dad still sometimes wonders aloud where that purple screwdriver went. I think my mom knows though because last year I was super sleepy and accidentally left it in the bathroom after cleaning it and I know she went in there kek. I nearly passed out when I realized. So fucking embarrassing.
I feel like I need to graduate though because I can’t hand a gf a screwdriver and ask her to use it on me kekkkkkkkkk

No. 366045

Don’t get sex toys from Amazon. They’re never made of body safe materials

No. 366060

Little shampoo and lotion bottles from hotels lek. I'd use them like a dildo then rinse them off.
You should let at least one gf get you off with it before you retire it for good. Just seems like a good full circle moment. Plus literally being screwed sounds like the funniest thing in retrospect i'd do it for you nonny, but I'm a weirdo kek

No. 366074

I don't like them much either because it takes forever to get it into the right position and then relax enough to cum without it falling out of place again. This is mainly a tool issue, though. this never bothered me when I had a Hitachi wand with a big ass head, but now my vibe is tiny and too annoying for the mid orgasms produced. Nothing will ever be as reliable as my own two hands. Not until I get a toy I can ride cowgirl with both internal and clitoral stimulation, anyway. Once I figure that out I'll have it as a nice treat on the side.

No. 366147

I think my satisfyer dual pleasure is on its last legs and im really sad about it. I’ve had it for quite a while, one of the best toys I’ve used tbh. I few weeks ago I put it on the charger then when I went to turn it on, nothing. I was sad then too but I threw it away and searched for a substitute wasting 50 bucks on trash in the process. A few days later out of desperation I took it out the trash and pressed the power button and it WORKED! I thought maybe the magnetic charger wasn’t properly on so it didn’t get a proper charge. It worked fine for the next month until yesterday mid use, I turned it off then it wouldn’t come back on. I’m just gonna wait a while and see if it works again like last time but I don’t know. I can’t cum without clit stimulation trust me I’ve tried. They don’t sell that model anymore so I may be screwed.

No. 366149

I've never been a toy person, especially when it comes to clit stim. I've used my fingers my whole life and feel like they will always be superior to any toy. As far as I know, no machine as of yet has been able to match the fine motor skills of a human hand, and because it's my own hand I know exactly how to maximize my own pleasure. Love edging myself this way.

No. 366160

Same with me, I've never been as satisfied as with my fingers, the orgasm feels "unnatural " with a toy, and I don't like when I can't control things perfectly.

No. 366192

I abused my clit with an industrial strength wand on the highest setting for hours and it still wasn't enough. I thought I couldn't orgasm because I just wasn't good at fingering or something but now I know my pussy is broken. the only time it felt kinda good instead of meh I had to take the wand away because it somehow felt too much even though it barely felt like anything for 99% of it. I'm doomed to lifelong anorgasmia

No. 366869

Is it normal tbh to be so fucking horny everyday? I'm a very stressed out STEM college student and I don't know how would I survive without masturbation lmao. It helps me so much, however I never have tried any toys, is there any recommendation for something discrete but not trash, and where could I hide it? Mostly because the dorms where I live in get cleaned up regularly and my mom visits sometimes and she likes to look through my room and my things

No. 366908

Cheap bullet vibe. If you’re unable to hide something the size of a lipstick I don’t know what to tell you

No. 367207

It is if you're hitting your "prime", as my doctor said I was. Felt very fucking embarrassed when she told me that, kek. Also tell your mom to stop going through your fucking things if you're in COLLEGE. She sounds like a narcissist parent.

No. 367260

>Is it normal tbh to be so fucking horny everyday?
I think there’s a big range of normal. I’m a horndog too, though some weeks are worse than other depending on where I’m at in my cycle. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it as long as it doesn’t get obsessive/impacts other parts of your life.

No. 369894

I’ve never fingered myself my entire life. I’m wondering if I should get over the anxiety and just learn. I’m afraid of doing it wrong and hurting myself or something . I’m jealous of seeing woman just put their fingers so naturally. I really prefer someone else to do it….

No. 370012

I never think of other people when I masturbate, fictional or otherwise. I’ve tried just as an experiment but it legitimately ruins it for me. I’m having personal time, the sensations are more than enough and kind of the whole point. Is that unusual or no? is it just that everyone watches porn now so they have some pornographic scene playing in their head every time or what? Lack of imaginative brain on my part lol?

No. 370013

I think that's the healthiest way to do it

No. 370016

Well that’s good I guess. No judgement to anyone who does, I just see it referenced all the time and cannot relate because it takes me right out of the moment personally.

No. 370029

File: 1703980794714.jpeg (169.98 KB, 735x926, IMG_2021.jpeg)

Anyone else have fingers too short/hands too small for satisfying penetration? Is it actually hopeless or is this just a skill issue? I enjoy clitoral stimulation just fine but I'm sad to miss out on what seems to be the paragon of female masturbation. The saddest part is that I know I love penetration and I do have a dildo, but it's too tiring to use. I wonder if I would have a better time with fingering, if only it weren't for my stupid tiny hands.

No. 370032

Me, I can hardly get my fingers in there with whatever position I try and it's so annoying. The most I can do is teasing the entrance and even then I feel like I'm dislocating my arm to do it.

No. 370126

File: 1704023121352.png (4.05 KB, 277x182, comhither.png)

>I'm sad to miss out on what seems to be the paragon of female masturbation
kek. I love fingering, but judging from extensive internet research I don't think it's the paragon of female masturbation, most women seem to prefer clit stim. I haven't run into the issue you describe, maybe your fingers really are too short, but I'm gonna try to advice you on how I do it. Your vaginal canal isn't that deep, and you don't need to go far in order to pleasure yourself. Use your middle and ring finger combined, because they are the longest and have more grip strength. Venture into your own vagina using these two fingers, and right past the opening move them inwards in a "come hither" motion. This stimulates the g-spot, or buried clitoris or whatever you wanna call it. Some women are also sensitive closer to the cervix (I've seen this referred to as the a-spot), but if there's really a length issue then this might be out of reach for you.

Since there is always much debate around the validity of vaginal orgasms: I recently learned internal orgasms actually cause cervical contraction, which is how they differ from clitoral orgasms. The cervix is apparently also in part a sex organ and is neurologically connected all the way to your nipples. Women who were able to orgasm internally, who later had their cervix removed as part of a hysterectomy, reported losing their ability to have cervical contraction which made their internal orgasm dissatisfying. Clitoral orgasm remained unchanged.

No. 370132

I personally never managed to finger myself, I just feel nothing. Dildos are fine though.

No. 370145

I'm genuinely considering breaking my hymen with some sort of toy. I never wanted to actually let a man do that and I consider breaking it to be 'first time'. Also I don't want to be put in a position where I'm hurting a lot but also pressured to keep going and give someone pleasure. Should I go for it?

No. 370153

I had a really weird mental relationship with the whole hymen breaking concept in my head when I was younger. Ultimately I decided it literally didn’t matter in any meaningful way and I just masturbated however I wanted because that was my personal right. That sort of thing only has a much meaning as you want to give it. If you want to break your hymen yourself go for it, if you actually have a hymen that can be broken.
The worst thing about the hymen topic to me is that I feel like all the mythology around it conditions girls to think the first time should be painful when that’s not the case.

No. 370154

The hymen is real, as its a ring of tissue. It being supposed to break is a myth.

No. 370160

Yes completely, I know it’s real there’s just so much moid babble about it and virginity I just checked out completely. Being a virgin is real too but not being a virgin changes nothing except sexual experience so I stopped caring about it all at some point. Since this is the masturbation thread I feel like it’s worth mentioning masturbation if for your person pleasure and if breaking your hymen isn’t pleasurable I see no reason to do it unless that super important to you personally

No. 370166

Wrt this discussion I didn't give much thought about "breaking" my hymen myself, I'm still a virgin as long as I don't have sex, so using dildos is pretty the same as clitoral stimulation to me. I'm not sure I even had an hymen tbh, it didn't hurt at all the first time I penetrated myself.

No. 370206

>The worst thing about the hymen topic to me is that I feel like all the mythology around it conditions girls to think the first time should be painful when that's not the case
I don't think it should be painful, but it can be. It was painful in my case, and I don't think anything could have made it not be at least a little bit painful. I'm glad it's not the case for all women out there, but it's how my body worked. I think telling women that it should not hurt ever can paradoxically also make them feel like they are doing something wrong, when that's just how some women's bodies are. You see so many girls these days think they have vaginismus when they are literally virgins. I got my period when I was 9 and "broke" my hymen when I was 17, so it wasn't a matter of not being ready for penetration yet. I tried gently stretching it out myself and guess what it was fucking painful no matter how slow I went or how horny I was. In fact my hymen was so thick/rigid it ended up tearing a little, and I had some remnants surgically removed later on kek (they formed what my surgeon termed a "hyminal bridge" and tampon would get stuck in there once in a blue moon). My situation may have been a bit unusual, but it's not unheard of. That said once it had "broken" I've never had any issues with pain during sex ever since, it was like ripping a bandaid off and sex afterwards has been uncomplicated.

Like I said I'm happy for those who had more stretchy hymens, but you can't assume everyone's going to function the same way you did. I think using toys for first-time penetration so you can skip the part with the moid is based btw.

No. 370231

I love how clearly you explained all this. I feel like I'm being guided by a vagina scientist kek I love you, nona. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out for me and even get me a diagram, that's so kind of you. The step by step instructions are really useful. I will give this a try next time I masturbate and report back on my experience.

No. 370277

NTA (nor any other anon in the discussion) but holy shit, thank you for writing this. Blogpost incoming but my girlfriend and I tried strap-on sex for the first time days ago, and no matter how slow we went or how wet I was, it hurt so fucking badly, and it had me wondering where we went wrong. All sources online constantly say that it should never hurt, that it's either vaginismus or a matter of not being wet enough, and I knew it wasn't the latter. I'm glad that it likely is just the fact that I hadn't really put anything in there before. But in saying that, is it really the best option to just shove it in there and get it over with? It hurt to the point of tears when I let her move for maybe 5 seconds, and I even spotted afterwards, and I'm wondering if it's ok to do the bandaid-ripping method when it hurt as bad as it did. Sorry, I know this isn't masturbation, but I figured I'd ask anyway

No. 370287

Yes absolutely rip the bandaid. It was the same for me and my gf and as she kept moving, I got used to it and now it's my fave

No. 370299

I have an idea for a new sex toy that I'm pretty sure has not been made yet. I have made a prototype myself, and although I don't have all of resources to make it exactly how I want it, I can tell it will do a great job. The main selling point is its versatility. It can be used with either sex and many different ways. It's a cone with a textured, vibrating ring base, that can be separated like a compact mirror, and the cone has a suction tip. Is anyone here proficient in modeling softwares like solidworks or catia? See email field.

No. 370303

File: 1704094659274.png (39.45 KB, 816x729, ohyeah.png)

No. 370305

it looks like a medieval torture device i'm scared.

No. 370309

Ayrt, no problem. I feel kinda strongly about this because I hate body policing, as if I just didn't know my own body and did everything wrong kek. It used to be common knowledge that SOME women end up tearing and bleeding, but now these women seem to think they have vaginismus instead. While I'm happy there is more focus on how to prevent painful intercourse, and that the cultural significance around the hymen is slowly fading, you can't really will a biological reality away for ideological reasons.

>is it really the best option to just shove it in there and get it over with

I can only speak from my personal experience, so whether it is the best option idk but it's what has been done for centuries. Although you can end up tearing a little, it's exceedingly rare for it to leave long-term health complications. I guess evolution at least took care of that. We get to suffer a little but at least we we don't become mortally infected kek. I've heard that gynos can prescribe some creams that may make the hymen more flexible, but whether it's true idk. I just powered through it. You can also go the slow route and stretch it out, but how long it takes idk and in my case that would mean prolonging the hurt.

While I think "ripping the bandaid off" is generally safe, pain tolerance differs from women to women and the time it takes for you to heal may vary a bit. I think usually you'll be good within a day or two. In my case it was actually instant, I was able to have sex right away without pain, although I felt a bit meh about it at that point. Thinking back on it the guy I did it with probably had a small virgin-friendly penis lol. I think using a toy on the smallest end is wise for your first time.

There's also a cost benefit part to it. I enjoy PIV, but some women end up not enjoying penetration at all. You can't really know until you've tried tho, hence the old saying curiosity killed my virginity.

No. 370311

Don't quit your dayjob

No. 370315

Samefag. I forgot to add even if you try to stretch it out slowly, you may still tear and spot a little like you described, because again some of us are just unfortunate and have very stubborn hymens. Like I said in the vast majority of cases tearing is not dangerous although it may hurt the moment it happens. I think the "you should never bleed" adage is delulu because there are literally reports out there of girls having tore their hymen while doing gymnastics, who end up bleeding a bit. It happens to some of us. It's obviously not always a case of penetration gone wrong, but women who had an easier time tend to generalize their experience and think so.

No. 370325

No. 370327

Sounds like you might have a deformity, not saying that to be rude but a hymen that wont stretch/coveres your vagina is considered one. "Normally" it shouldn't rip or hurt if youre adequately aroused and lubricated. Anecdote but it didnt hurt my first time, however getting raped years later tore my hymen

No. 370330

My hymen didn't cover my entire vagina, but inserting anything larger than one finger was excruciating no matter how turned on I was/how slow and gentle I went, so in my case it was better to just grit my teeth for a few seconds rather than slowly torturing myself. I was fine afterwards, no pain, vaginismus or anything. Hymens are kinda like a small flesh rubber band, their elasticity differ from women to women. Some rubber bands are very elastic and stretch out far. Others are less elastic, and stretching them too far will make them give in and snap no matter how slow you go. Obviously level of arousal can have an effect, but if it's too tight it's too tight. Please read the anon I responded to, she described being very aroused, using lots of lube and going slow with her gf etc. yet still experienced pain and bleeding. I guess she is deformed as well by your standard. No offense taken btw, I just think it's misinformed or in any case not helpful to call a normal variation a deformity. Like I said some women's hymen will tear and bleed just at physical activity, there are lots of normal variations out there.

No. 370343

Somebody a few years ago started this whole 'it should never hurt if it's done right' or 'hymens just stretch and should never bleed' thing and it's spread like crazy since. It's just a blanket statement that goes against the old myths and still doesn't allow for the reality that it varies. Those new myths need to end in the same way that telling everyone it'll definitely hurt soo much wasn't right either. Two sides of the same dumb coin telling women they are abnormal because they either did bleed or didn't bleed. Did hurt or didn't hurt.

You don't know which experience you'll get til you do it. Which is I why I think exploring with toys first on your own can be best. Having a tougher hymen than some other women isn't automatically a sign of deformity or a sign that you're doing it wrong. Pain and blood are part of the deal for some. I'd lots of solo attempts, kept coming up against a pain barrier no matter what and had a similar 'bite the bullet' moment where I'd to push through the pain. Not everyone can have the gentle and oh so aroused that your hymen will just stretch experience that has weirdly been promised to us in the last handful of years by some sexperts who've turned blood into a patriachy thing where it was always just pushy men making us bleed. What about lesbians and toy users, its also just a varience in our bodies.

No. 370364

does anyone elses glute muscles tense a lot while masturbating? i feel it while in the act but also the day after a long session the muslces are always super tight and a bit painful

No. 370365

Is there any way to make your clit more sensitive? I’ve been beating this poor girl at max strength with a hitachi magic wand for the better part of 9 years, and it’s getting to the point where I can’t climax without significant help. Penetration is awful for me, and other erogenous zones don’t hit that hard, so clit stuff is the only thing that gets me going. I worry that one day, I won’t be sexually pleased by a partner because of how bad I wrecked my clit so early on

No. 370367

you could take a break for a month/a while to let your tolerance lower

No. 370377

You can get sensitivity back, but it will take a little time and patience. You’re gonna have to stop for awhile and then when you start again, you’ll have to start slow and small. I discovered showerhead masturbation at like age 12 and overdid it so I didn’t learn to do it with just a finger rubbing my clit til I was maybe 17-18, no joke. When I was able to cum on my own I was so stoked lmao. It just takes a little patience and letting the sensitivity return.

No. 370389

Im the anon who first brought up the discussion. It hurts a lot when I insert basically anything, even a tampon or just one finger. I tried once with each and it was bad. With an actual person 'helping out' it would be much more of a terrible experience because I know I'd get incredibly stressed having sex for the first time and letting someone have control over the pain, so I thought about this DIY first time solution kek. It would also help me with saving myself from the regret of potentially giving anyone the opportunity of taking my virginity. As some other nona said, it's really up to anyone what a person considers their first time, and I want it to belong to me alone. Thank you nonas for sharing your viewpoints and experiences with the pain, it helped a lot.

No. 370395

Sensitivity is still there it’s just that hitachis are really good at what they do. A partner is not a vibrating electric device designed for climax, they have to do foreplay and get you excited for their touch. You are not broken and you didn’t ruin anything. Also like the others said a break will always make you hornier and easier to stimulate so you’ll feel more sensitive; if you’re really worried, take a break and do it the old fashioned way for a while and you’ll get used to what sort of natural stimulation you require to get off.

No. 370398

has anyone ever had a lack of sensitivity for all of their life? idk if it's because of childhood trauma, short concentration span (my mind tends to wander off to other, unsexy things when I'm just lying there trying to masturbate), or if I was just born with low sensitivity, but I've never been able to climax. at first I thought I was just bad at fingering but I've tried using a dildo, a bullet vibrator that wasn't very powerful, and an expensive vibrator that was super strong and absolutely none of them worked. it would feel nice, sure, but definitely not close enough for any kind of build up

No. 370408

I don’t have a lack of sensitivity for a long time so I’m sorry if you weren’t looking for my input but it sounds like a mental block. The periods in my life where I have had difficulty with satisfaction have been due to mental issues or brain pills. Are you on SSRIs? Or maybe some other reason you can’t relax and your brain wanders. not a masturbation topic but being dissatisfied with a partner can do this too, or your environment being shitty. I think it’s pretty common.

No. 370415

Similar thing over here. But I don't have any trauma or anything else I can think of and no physical problems. I do get some enjoyment out of it but I can never get that climax so eventually I just end up falling asleep or something. The way I describe it to ppl is that I'm in a car with no known problems, I can start the engine and drive but the car never goes more than 30mph no matter what I do.

No. 370447

You might need to take a break from using the Hitachi for awhile. Alternatively, have you ever been on medication or birth control? I was on antidepressants for a long time (teens and 20s, am off now but that effect lingered) and the Hitachi on its highest setting was the only thing that worked for me years ago. Now that I masturbate less, the lowest is enough for me.

No. 370449

It’s funny you mention birth control, I have been on it for 6 years. Unfortunately, it is an essential medication because endometriosis kicks my ass real hard. I’m not a gooner or anything, but this is gonna be a little hard to stop. I kinda get into the habit of doing it really late at night, then after the climax, I get really tired and I fall asleep fast. Guess it’s time to bust out melatonin and find a better sleeping alternative

No. 370467

AYRT; I used to rely on orgasms to help me fall sleep too, but I started using melatonin on nights where I work the next day instead. I also used to edge myself by not using the Hitachi when I was just about to orgasm, I dunno about other people but my desire to masturbate goes away even when I don't climax. I feel you though, I used to use the Hitachi on the highest setting daily years ago, but now I only masturbate once a week or every other week now despite having a high libido.

No. 370623

File: 1704238903072.jpg (122.75 KB, 826x871, 1651948842980.jpg)

Anyone else had this thing that when they first masturbated, like the first period their orgasms would be really short and they progressively became bigger, reaching a more "normal" length? When I first started, at like 13, it'd only last a second, like a small peak and then, nothing. After a while, they started lasting more. It's also possible that I was just too scared or too overstimulated to continue as it was a new feeling.

No. 370661

Yeah, I used to be in a group for adult women who are trying to work through their anorgasmia and these were called "beginner orgasms". Mine started out barely noticeable when I started and now they're more intense/obvious to me.

No. 371106

That's interesting, I thought the opposite was more common. I used to have really intense full-body shaking orgasms when I first figured out at 13 and they stopped being such huge main events after a year or so.

No. 371107

Samefag actually maybe just a few months. Either way they got less intense each time until I stopped shaking every time anymore and the plateau became shorter and less obvious.

No. 372310

Is there a chance masturbating or having sex might be painful or cause issues if your urethra is right above your vagina opening? Mine isn't inside it, but it's very close

No. 372319

That sounds like where the urethra on a woman should be positioned anon, it's not supposed to be inside your vagina. I don't think it's going to be painful specifically because of that, but women are more prone to UTIs than moids because of where the urethra is located and its comparatively shorter length

No. 372392

I have a mini wand vibrator and it does the job but I’d like to find a toy that stimulates more gently or “naturally” without being shallow/weak. Would air pulse or suction toys like the rose be worth investing in?

No. 372548

the motor on my palmpower wand has died. I'm so sad, that shit was €100 and only lasted me a few months. tbf I was basically abusing it every day on the highest settings though. it was a very nice wand while it lasted

No. 372763

I rarely masturbate and I was feeling uncharacteristically horny so I tried using a dildo and vibrator at the same time and let me tell you I was cumming in less than a minute, it’s embarrassing how sensitive I am. I feel like a loser sometimes because I’m just now experimenting with myself and buying toys. The only issue is my clit gets so sensitive afterwards that even taking a shower hurts, do I just have to get used to it?

No. 372778

No, that’s unusual. Go easier next time.

No. 372785

I think you're annihilating your clit with the electric power tool. try getting used to fingers.

No. 372788

Don’t be a masturbation scold. She just shouldn’t hurt herself is all. Vibrators are fine.

No. 372789

I know and I use the lowest setting, only for a few minutes and usually through underwear. Even if I use fingers or something else to rub manually it becomes sensitive really easily and I don’t notice until afterwards that it’s so overstimulated. I used to just grind myself against my hand through clothes and there was no issue but obviously that’s a different story.

No. 373555

I relate to this alot, and if i do feel alot (esp on my clit) i feel pain instead of it feeling good. One thing that used to help me was touching through my underwear, also focusing on getting very turned on before trying anything

No. 376028

File: 1706396238758.jpg (106.52 KB, 900x900, 1648228080503.jpg)

For many years now (since leaving adolescence really. History: masturbated a lot as a teenager. Had some dubious relationships since then), I have cried after orgasming with masturbation. I don't know why I cry. It feels like an all consuming feeling that comes immediately after I orgasm. I begin shaking furiously and tearing up. I wonder if it's just the results of my orgasm, but there's a few things that make that dubious:
1) I have sex with my partner and the same thing doesn't happen; it might happen once so often, but not nearly with as certainty as masturbation.
2 ) I can feel the weight of sorrow as I cry, but I don't know where it's coming from. I'm not thinking about anything as I orgasm that would cause it. It takes an emotional chunk out of me every time. My mood nosedives for hours after. (Like now, kek).
It led me to stop masturbating entirely for several years until recently where the same thing happened again. It's depressing.
Any other nonas have experience with this, or advice? It's really fucking depressing I can't enjoy the post-glow with myself. After it happens (crying, that is), it feels so horrible and I feel so ashamed it happened that I want to keep abstaining from masturbation altogether.

No. 376148

File: 1706466171681.jpg (1.53 MB, 1115x2400, 20240128_151343.jpg)

Sexual frustration is seriously making me fucking crazy. Masturbation doesn't satisty me. I don't really feel that good when I try to touch myself and I'm not patient enough to do it until I reach the climax. I guess I'm retarded and I don't really know how to do it. I know it sounds dumb, but I feel so angry and sad over not being able to cum. I'll try buying a toy.

No. 376150

I understand. I'm too horny for masturbation alone to satisfy me. I need at least a sex toy but I don't have the privacy to get one and use it. And I don't think I'll ever get to have sex so that makes the frustration 2D.

No. 376235

real lol. i have the same issue, I can't really get off without toys or another person. even vibrators are hard for me to finish with, but i recently got one of those air pulse sex toys (like a rose toy type thing) and it's so good. i've never been able to orgasm so easily.

No. 376244

I’m a kissless hugless virgin in my 20s. i started masturbating by squeezing my thighs together at a young age until it got too boring, i started putting my hand there and squeezing my hand against my clit between my thighs. i’ve never met anyone irl or online that does this. it’s very addicting and i have points where i do it all night for hours. it has gotten so bad i have a huge dry spot on my hand that i usually can only temporarily get rid of with lotion.

i genuinely don’t ever wanna have sex because i feel most comfortable with myself and being a retard that can’t keep jobs + khhv for so long has made me hate socializing even more than i have before. i’m sure i would be penetrated by a disgusting scrote flesh stick that would just hurt me instead of actually pleasure me if i did try sex and i’m glad i’ll never do that.

masturbating this way has kind of ruined my life as it’s addicting and makes me very tired. i know no other woman like this and it’s isolating. i feel like it’s made my attraction to people drastically go down

No. 376385

File: 1706585692000.jpeg (133.96 KB, 1100x960, IMG_7361.jpeg)

Nonnies, please tell me your favorite sex toy for solo use?

I’m freshly single and realizing I want to spend some time exploring myself sexually before I start dating again. I plan to invest in a few nice new toys. I’m entertaining the idea of a Fun Factory Stronic G, which is a thrusting toy, and probably some kind of clitoral toy too.

Picrel is the last toy I bought myself 8 years ago, the Iroha Minamo. I got this I was still a virgin. I recommend this for women who are new to vaginal penetration and want to ease into it, as it’s relatively small and soft compared to a lot of phallic vibrators out there. It’s also just very cute to look at and has a great battery life.

No. 376388

>Picrel is the last toy I bought myself 8 years ago, the Iroha Minamo. I got this I was still a virgin. I recommend this for women who are new to vaginal penetration and want to ease into it, as it’s relatively small and soft compared to a lot of phallic vibrators out there. It’s also just very cute to look at and has a great battery life.
How silent is it? I was considering buying it a couple of years ago and seeing it again has me reconsidering…

No. 376392

wtf that thang has corners. does your vagina have corners?

No. 376397

It’s very quiet. Maybe not completely silent enough to use in the same room as a dorm mate or something, but your next door roommate won’t hear it.

It’s made of soft silicone and those edges are rounded. I kind of like the beveled surface shape tbh

No. 376407

I can say I've done that with my hands but I can't say i've done it THAT often.

No. 376465

Am kind of the same but much older and homosexual. I feel so smug about not needing a partner.

No. 376476

File: 1706642953659.png (887.36 KB, 749x1024, texture.png)

nyart but it reminds me of the texture inside of your vagina. It's pretty spaced out though so idk if that was the purpose

No. 377081

Random question but I've never managed to do the "masturbating by pressing your thighs" thing, could it be because my thighs are too thin? I really don't get it whil3 it seems like half this thread get off like that.

No. 377259

what the fuck, this is horrifying. I had no idea menopause fucks up your vagina this much.
Also, does anyone else think it's bizarre that this is classified as a """syndrome""" when most menopausal women get these changes? How is it a syndrome if almost every woman will experience it? That's like calling lactation after childbirth "milky breast syndrome"

No. 377263

I guess because the medical establishment is built on male understanding of things and for men, if a vagina isn't usable to them then it's defective and therefore a syndrome, even if it's a natural aging process.

No. 377271

Syndrome is just effects and symptoms associated with a condition

No. 377287

File: 1707030372891.png (57.07 KB, 810x334, muhvagina.png)

It's called a syndrome so doctors can perscribe meds and treatment for it. That said some women do find the changes unwelcome, especially if you're hitting premature menopause in your 30s or if you are a tif

No. 377348

“Omg guys am I too skinny to masturbate?” Lmao shut the fuck up, your thighs touch, unless you’re a literal skeleton anorexic.(infighting)

No. 377380

Nah I’ve never done that either it’s just not for everyone.

No. 377383

I fucking knew it I would be accused of bone rattling for this stupid question, calm the fuck down I was just being curious.
Thank you for the normal reply.

No. 377387

I’m so scared to age.

No. 377388

Honestly this is the first place I had heard it was even possible and I’m in my early 30s. Sounds cool but I need more stimulation. Maybe those women who can do it have stronger inner thigh muscles than me? No idea. I do like to have my legs kinda close together and bent back for maximum tension in the area (think cobra pose in yoga or the same pose on my back with legs hanging down off a bed or something) but I can’t get off on squeezing my legs alone. Sounds like an intriguing skill to have in spite of the warnings that it makes it harder to get off with a partner between your legs.

No. 377413

nta but yea i thought it was basically the female version of death grip syndrome or pillow humping

No. 377423

Recently started to toy with internal stimulation and it feels pretty good, but after a while it plateaus and I'm not very patient so I just give up and move on to my clit kek. Is there some sort of secret technique that I'm unaware of or should I just give up?

No. 377428

I'm gonna go off the assumption you are capable of having internal orgasms (because as you probably know, not all women can). When I learned it, I would masturbate like normal stimulating my clit using fingers until I was supper turned on and close to orgasming, then insert two fingers and apply pressure to the g-spot and was able to finish myself off that way. I just followed my instincts lol. There are two points in the vagina capable of producing orgasm, the g-spot and the c-spot, which is further back close to the cervix. I started out learning to orgasm through g-spot and I think it's the most accessible to most women, it's the interior structure of your clitoris. I recommend using your middle and ring finger and use a come-hither motion once you are super edged. It gets easier with time as your brain learns how your vagina works, after a while I could orgasm from penetration alone.

No. 377441

The post above this (maybe you're the same anon?) reminded me that I never came back to say how my attempt at fingering went. Unfortunately it is a huge nothingburger. My hands are indeed too small. I could reach as far as that ring of muscle just above the vaginal opening, but not all the way to the g-spot. Sad!

No. 377462

I never got fingering either, my hands are too small too and my wrist hurts after a few seconds. Dildos can help though.

No. 377467

>The c-spot, which is further back close to the cervix
c-spot orgasms are otherworldly, probably the most pleasure I've ever felt in my life.

Sort of related, but, I hear most women talk about how masturbating via clit stim is the best or even only way they can cum and I kind of feel the opposite way… I mean, I can cum from clit stim. But it feels sort of shallow and unsatisfying. I'm almost always disappointed by clit orgasms. I feel like I have to concentrate harder to get them than with vaginal orgasms. Like, with vaginal orgasms, they're much easier and so my brain has more bandwidth to fantasize deeply, but with clit orgasms, it takes such concentration that my fantasizing usually gets reduced down to just imagining genitals which is not nearly and immersive or satisfying. Does anyone else know what I mean?

No. 377509

Yes, clit orgasms are for when I'm feeling lazy and don't want to deal with washing toys or contorting my hands in uncomfortable ways, but G-spot and C-spot orgasms are on a different level entirely.

No. 377605

I was never aroused by anal even back when I watched a lot of porn, but after trying it and enjoying it a lot I became curious. I masturbated a few times with a plug on and the orgasms were all very deep and powerful, and in turn I now fantasize about anal and find it arousing. Funny how our mind works sometimes. Anyways, I wanted to know more and share since the topic hasn't been brought up in this thread yet. Does anyone else do this ? How is it that enjoyable when, as far as I know, women don't have a sensitive part there like the prostate for moids ? The inside seems like it's pulsating with my vagina when I'm orgasming and it's also confusing me. Is it just psychological or is there a physical reason for enhanced orgasms ? Lastly, I'm worried about physical damage from anal, especially in the long run. I'm not doing it often but I'm still worried about incontinence and tears.

No. 377617

I find anal enjoyable, but I abstain from it due to the risk of anorectal violence. I also think guys who are eager for anal have porn-induced brain damage, so being asked about it just makes me instantly lose any interest. I'm aware a lot of women find it painful, so I hate that it's become so commonplace for women to be pressured into it due to the suffering, humiliation and physical damage it can cause, and that it's practically regarded as vanilla these days. That said, I can't help that it feels good to me, so I'll use butt plugs once in a while. I remember a gf once telling me "you know you like it if you feel horny when you need to poop" and I've never related so hard to someone before or since. Sometimes I need to take a shit and get low key horny from having that full feeling, but once it's over and done with the hornyness is gone. It's like I get aroused from the internal pressure against my vagina or something. I think there is a big nerve overlap to the inside of my vagina, maybe another part of the internal clitoris but idk. I also orgasm from internal penetration so maybe there is a correlation. On a related note I had an ex rim me once because why not and it felt surprisingly great, so the sphincter itself is also sensitive.

No. 377624

I also find anal pleasurable although I can’t orgasm from it. It reminds me of the feeling I get from c-spot stimulation, which is crazy for me. I’m a lesbian so I do like my partners to finger me there but I don’t think I would get anything out of a large object being inserted.

Speaking of, wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a rabbit vibe that has a very narrow internal insertion? Like, no wider than 3 bunched fingers or so? the c-spot orgasm I was given by a handsome butch blew my mind but I can’t reach the spot and most toys are much too wide for me

No. 377628

I like playing with my ass by myself while masturbating (I find it makes my orgasms stronger) but I don’t think I’d ever let a guy fuck me in the butt. I know they’d go too hard and it would be painful rather than enjoyable. I’ve never put anything bigger than two fingers in my butt anyway, and I tend not to go deep inside.

No. 377700

>It reminds me of the feeling I get from c-spot stimulation
You're right, it's like it pushes on the upper part of the vagina or something. It really is wild
I've had buttsex with guys I trusted in the past at my own suggestion. It felt good and the guys I chose didn't overdo it, but the thing is no matter how careful you are and how much you prep there is always a small chance of tearing in the wrong place and once that happens you are screwed. I've read accounts from both men and women who were very experienced with getting it up the ass, who just did their ordinary thing and they have no idea why they ended up tearing one day, but now they are suddenly incontinent for the remainder of their life. Knowing that now, I just don't wanna take that risk anymore lol. Maybe my worries are exaggerated but the implications of having such an injury are just too much for me.

No. 378056

I used to squeeze my thighs together to get off when I was a kid and didn't even know it was masturbation. Graduated to clit stim as a teenager though. Kind of fascinating that you kept up with that because squeezing thighs together is incredibly energy intensive and exhausting.

No. 378324

File: 1707519146154.jpg (14.73 KB, 500x500, SILA_Cruise_product image_500x…)

Can I have some recommendations for bullet vibrators and air pulse toys?
I bought two Satisfyer toys last October and both are already dead. I'd like to try more expensive brands and was wondering if any nonnies could suggest something durable with batteries that don't die fast. It doesn't need to be super strong vibe-wise, and I don't really care for loads of patterns a lot of vibrators have after the main settings.
I was looking at Womanizer and Lelo, but man, I'd fucking loathe to spend that much money and have them malfunction or die on me after a month…

No. 378573

nonnies does anyone ever spot after orgasming? I got the satisfyer pro 2 and absolutely went to town this morning and had several of the most intense orgasms ive ever had and even squirted for the first time kek but about an hour later I started spotting. I normally spot around ovulation but that happened about 4 days ago. My period can be pretty irregular tho

No. 378574

samefag but forgot to mention I didnt do any penetration only clitoral so couldnt have been a cut or sth

No. 378594

Maybe you had vaginal contractions? They can be caused by masturbation and stimulate your uterus, I've had it happen before too. Did your stomach hurt a little bit after?

No. 378597

This looks like an inhaler what on earth are you guys putting on your little weens(bait)

No. 380397

File: 1708315322727.jpg (43.12 KB, 629x543, 1000008036.jpg)

reached my cervix while masturbating for the first time ever and holy fuck i was so close to just blacking out. i feel so accomplished right now. i would do it again but i get sleepy after a good orgasm.

No. 380413

mods, this is what is normally referred to as a joke

No. 380479

Does anyone ever surprise themselves masturbating? The other day I unexpectedly came so hard from using just fingers.

No. 380490

Wtf same, my fingers are really short so its never worked well for me but recently ive been able to do it and it feels really nice.. what ive been missing out on i guess

No. 380572

I had the habit of switching off toys soon after I came so I would avoid feeling overstimulated. The crazy thing about fingers is that the experience is slightly better when you keep going a little longer after you think you’ve had enough.

No. 380586

File: 1708427333047.png (135.26 KB, 474x409, gcat.png)

There's so many other weird looking sex toys, shit like that is only the tip of the iceberg. Pic related, I'm sure some genius in a boardroom really thought making a toy that looks like a stoned cat sucking you off would sell. Maybe they want the furry audience..? Is it merely a "hahah, it's a pussy you put on your pussy, get it?" thing?
All for the low, low price of 69.99 euro! (supposedly it's actually a really good air pulse vibrator, but I'd never be caught dead with this thing)

No. 380617

I hate that so much wtf. I also can’t get in the mood if a sex toy looks goofy or weird

No. 381248

Happy for you anon! Cervix-area orgasms are legit the most pleasurable sensation one can achieve in life. I’m craving one SO bad right now but I’m on my fucking period and I have white sheets. im so horny that when I went to change my tampon I was so desperate I pushed it up with my finger a few times to hit that spot and it felt so good my vision went fuzzy REEEEEEE why can’t I be at home and not on my period right now I’m going to gnaw my arm off

No. 381267

I’m really glad I’m not the only one who has done that with a tampon while horny on period. just finished mine and I legit masturbated ten times in one day wtf

No. 381270

I’ve never heard of this before? Cervical stimulation sounds so painful.

No. 381276

Yeah this wtf. I’ve only ever heard women complaining of severe pain from cervical contractions

No. 381310

I don't get it either, I once misplaced my cup in my vagina and I was almost puking due to how much it was hurting my cervix.

No. 381339

It's not directly on your cervix, it's the spot just past/around your cervix called the fornix.

No. 381361

Sounds like winx transformations

No. 381429

99% of my orgasms in and out of intercourse happen when i'm using a specific masturbation technique. I lay on my stomach and tighten my pelvic floor (??), using my thighs and ass to add pressure. The orgasm is pretty much concentrated at the 'entry' of my vagina if that makes sense. Clitoral orgasms would only happen when i'd use my thighs to put more pressure on the front (and some help from my hand) to stimulate it when i was already really close to an orgasm. That was before i discovered air pulse toys. Clitoral orgasms feel really intense, almost 'violent' in how they shake me and leave me feeling drained (in a good way). Despite this, i still prefer doing it my own way, on my stomach (important), it feels really comforting and safe for some reason. I don't have to think much about my movements, i can slowly build up the pressure to indulge in my fantasies instead of focusing on finding the perfect speed for my clitoris to orgasm (though the air pulse toys really help in that regard). I've been wondering if i should try dildos i have vaginismus because penetration and G-spot stimulation is the one thing i haven't explored at all and it seems not that different from the 'vaginal orgasms' i've had so far. Fingering is really underwhelming but maybe getting something more .. wide? or a vibrating dildo would help.

No. 381491

Do you read? listen to something? While masturbaiting, I can’t get of by just my imagination (too much anxiety). I need advice on how to masturbate because I dont want to look at porn

No. 381979

I started writing my own erotica after it was suggested to me and it works for me (nothing that I'd post, just stuff for myself). Sometimes with music playing and sometimes not. It allows me to take my mind off things and stay focused on what I want

No. 381991

I will definitely try that. Does anyone know a good forum/author for erotica? Perfectly lesbian. That isn’t written by men

No. 381999

Imo it's almost impossible to find f/f erotica that doesn't have trannies in it, doesn't have heterosexual roleplay (calling one of the women "daddy" etc), has had basic proofreading, and well-written enough to be arousing. It's far, far better to write your own thing, even if it's just a rough guideline of events to help your imagination play with a structured plot.

No. 382444

File: 1709283458979.jpg (39.89 KB, 1180x1435, 51VkAjO6ztS._AC_SL1500_(1).jpg)

Going to be really explicit but I got a vibrating dildo for the first time after exclusively getting off with my clit for years and it just does not fit in me, I can't even get the head in.
I've tried masturbating first to warm up and the best I can do is work up to three fingers, which is a stretch. I don't think it's vaginismus.
Anybody else have experience "stretching" over time? Not sure if I can get there with just my fingers or whether I should get a smaller dildo to work up to it.
Picrel is what I have; I have little to no experience with penetrative sex/masturbation and did not think that this was an ambitious purchase…

No. 382457

I do this too fuck yes! I think more women should give it a try, you get exactly what you’re after and then can reread it later too. I have hundreds in my notes app kek

No. 382459

Problem will be solved with buying and using lubricant. Be generous with how much you use

No. 382472

I don't get it either, I once accidentally pushed against my cervix and it hurt like a motherfucker, like being penetrated with a hot iron. Are these people confusing their g-spot for their cervix?


No. 382478

Most comapanies/sites still tend to only list diameter by what the widest point on a toy is but taking a toy where the head is 1.5 is alot harder for a beginner vs taking one where it has a small tip and tapers out to be 1.5 lower down. If you're buying another toy I wouldn't say you need to go tiny but look for something that eases you in and doesn't have any type of bulbous head going on. And lube if you're not alreading using it

No. 382500

Thanks nonnas, I'll get a toy that eases me into it a bit more! I've been using a lot of lube, but just no dice.

No. 382526

Relaxing your pelvic floor helps too, do some yoga before trying to insert it alongside lube. It's worked wonders for me.

No. 382532

>Are these people confusing their g-spot for their cervix?
No, and it’s not on your cervix directly, it’s around the cervix. It’s called the A spot and is much farther back from the G spot. Personally G spot stim feels okay, but I couldn’t cum from it, A-spot is the only way I can cum from penetration alone. Although now that I think about it, I’ve always felt like the G spot is sort of a myth since I don’t really have one that stands out to me, so maybe the G spot and the A spot are the same, but it is located in different depths depending on the woman?
For science: if you’re reading this, do you have a G-spot, an A-spot, both, or neither?
If we can’t find anyone with both, then maybe you were half-right, anon.

No. 382569

Oh, great to know. I keep meaning to try yoga anyways so this is as good a motivation as any, kek.

No. 382570

I feel like the C-spot at the actual cervix is still an erogenous zone, it definitely is for me. I know it's not the A-spot because I get off rubbing the cervix with my fingers.
I also can feel it from my G-spot, but not unless I'm already really turned on. And even then, I can't get off on the G-spot alone.

No. 382673

KEKKKKK I do this too it's fucking foolproof. And fast too

No. 382700

>For science: if you’re reading this, do you have a G-spot, an A-spot, both, or neither?
This is an interesting question because I only found out about the a-spot a few years ago, but I'm not sure if I "found" mine or not. I found my g-spot and stimulating it feels amazing, and there's been a few times where I accidentally poked my cervix and it felt… nice? But if so many other women describe that as painful I wonder if that was something else.

No. 382783

Does anyone have any recommendations for someone who's a complete virgin that wants to try penetration? My hands are small and my fingers are short so I don't get anywhere when I try to finger myself. I'm looking for a thin toy because anything bigger than one finger already hurts. I don't know what to look for because everything looks too big…
I'm not looking for a vibrator, just a thin dildo. I just want to see how clit stim feels while having something inside at the same time because it's so difficult trying to achieve that with my hands myself.

No. 382805

I’ll try to find you the link to my first one, nonna. It was ultra slim and about 7 usable inches long so when I got more comfy inserting deeper, there was some to insert kek. They are out there!

No. 382848

is it normal to have to imagine some scenario where im not part of it??

like it takes less than a minute if I do that but if I acknowledge my own existence its a mission (like after sex for example). feel like a troon tbh bc one of the ways I remove myself from the fantasy is by picturing myself as a moid. I have bad bdd which is probably relevant.. is this normal or what

No. 382857

File: 1709498622608.jpg (219.49 KB, 1804x1352, inya.JPG)

I bought an Inya rose after seeing memes of it and it honestly kinda sucks. It's too strong even on the lowest setting. Getting there and edging are really nice but the orgasm itself is so ruined. It just hurts and makes the orgasm way too quick. I was so excited about my first air pulsating toy too. At least it looks kinda cute on the charger.

No. 382861

Has anyone here seriously ever masturbated with a hairbrush? I'm considering it coz my fingers just aren't enough and I can't buy a toy but it's really hard so I'm scared.

No. 382867

I don't think it's a good idea, like where do you usually store the hairbrush? you have condoms so you can at least wrap the handle of the hairbrush with it? Because otherwise I'm pretty sure it would be very unhygienic.

No. 382875

Thank you for this review nona, I was considering it but this was my exact fear.

No. 382894

Yes it's normal

No. 382999

These sucker toys really do suck. The silicone is always really hard, stiff and gritty. They say the swirling thing is supposed to feel like a tongue but it doesn’t at all, it feels more like putting your clit into a mini hand dryer and is generally uncomfortable and feels somewhat cold because it’s spinning round so fast inside. I wonder when they’re going to actually make a sex toy for women that feels like a soft wet warm tongue/mouth caressing and sucking at your clit.

No. 383153

File: 1709601115288.jpg (35.36 KB, 679x638, 71FQ1WxFQjL._AC_SX679_.jpg)

Would recommend to anynonnies with a smaller clitoris, I haven't had any clitoral toys apart from a wand that work. Tried the womaniser, various rabbits and the rose toy but even at full arousal my clit barely comes out and I could never get good enough stimuli with other toys, this thing is great and quite strong aswell, I'm in love (also it's really cute)

No. 383183

>For science: if you’re reading this, do you have a G-spot, an A-spot, both, or neither?
Late reply but I have both. I'm able to isolate the different spots using my fingers, but with penetration by toy or piv there will be overlapping sensation. The A-spot took me the longest to figure out, but it's my favorite type of orgasm. A-spot is why dick size matters kek. As for people finding cervical stimuli painful, I typically have a couple of days a month related to my cycle where it's tender and painful, but other than that it's feels good. Your mileage may vary, for some women it's a no go. Like another pointed out though, the A-spot is not the cervix itself but rather the cervical fornix. I've heard especially for women with endometriosis this type of deep penetration can be painful though.

No. 383382

I sure did as a teen. Sex toys are way too expensive to just experiment. I was more a fan of the good ol carrot tho. Carrots are honestly ace but I highly recommend you wrap it in a condom or cling film coz theres probably all sorts of bacteria on the skin

No. 383440

I have never orgasmed before in my life because whenever I try it is kind of overwhelming. I don't really feel the need to masturbate by myself either, I usually just make my nigel do it. But even when he tries to make me orgasm, it gets too overstimulating and I have to tell him to stop. I have a rose vibrator thing but it actually kinda hurts sometimes and it is extremely overstimulating. What do you nonnies suggest for somebody who REALLY wants to orgasm? I was considering a wand of some sort but I want to find a cheaper one I guess.

No. 383448

I use a Hitachi wand on top of a blanket or towel so it won't overstimulate me.

No. 383450

Do you warm yourself up first? You should be extremely wet before you start doing anything, and not touching yourself to get wet. Also, try using the least amount of pressure that feels good, even if it's a very light touch or barely pressing the vibrator against you. Like >>383448 mentioned you can also keep your underwear on or clothes on if you're still too sensitive.

No. 383452

I have the exact same problem. Been anorgasmic my entire life. Most of the time I don't really feel much, not sure if it's a mental block or low sensitivity or just not being turned on enough. And on the few occasions I do feel something, it feels way too overwhelming and just uncomfortable and I need to stop.

No. 383460

I really like the satisfyer pro 3 (the black and gold one) wrt to air suction type toys. The first few settings are gentle but still stimulating and the bigger head on it is nice because the sensation is distributed over a wider area compared to other models and things like the rose toy. There's also a vibration setting on it with a good range of options. I've used it for years and only now is it starting to fail a little from wear and tear so I'll have to buy another kek

No. 384044

Nayrt but I just realized I've been doing the exact opposite of what you suggested my whole life kek no wonder it feels so tedious for the most part. What should I be doing to warm up?

No. 384126

My situation is about the samr as yours and after I read your post I got the smaller version of the pic. I can get it in fine but it doesn't really do anything kek based on what people say about it I thought it would change my life or something but all it did was make sure I can jerk off without getting carpal tunnel.

No. 385406

AYRT, man, I still can't get it in me LOL. I got a smaller dildo that maxes out at 1.4 inches and goes in just fine with its taper, but even trying with the 1.5 of the picrel after using that doesn't work. Hope it does more for me than for you if I finally pull it off after all this effort.
You're right though, it really is a decent clitoral vibrator.

No. 385423

Think and fantasize about something that really excites you, listen to audio if that's your thing, look at pin-ups if you need some visual simulation to get your imagination going (personally, I love the ideal male body thread). If you're not properly turned on and wet it's going to feel like you're touching your elbow or something, kek. If you can't get turned on enough then don't try to masturbate, else you might start to associate masturbation with tedium, boredom, frustration, etc, and it could make it even more difficult in the future.

No. 385424

Have not heard of this before. Looks amazing!

No. 385431

I think I’ve never actually masturbated in my life. I know where my clit is and I’ve rubbed it but it doesn’t make me feel anything. Is there something wrong with me?

No. 385464

1. Be aroused
2. Find the pressure and motion that works for you
Most likely youre not defective

No. 385515

Is it stiff/hard to ride though? I saw the demonstration, but it looks like the girl was using a lot of force to put the insertion part in her fist.

No. 385547

There are so many cheaper options than iroha

No. 385928

Why do so many penetration toys not have a base? if you stick this all the way in do you just have to force it out like a torpedo?

No. 386770

anyone tried the inya sonnet before? It’s a insertable g spot + clit stimulation toy and I’m really excited about trying it. I orgasm mostly from hitting my g spot.

No. 387723

Is it true that masturbating on your period can help you kind of speedrun it by making your uterus contract and push out the lining faster? I had a few times in the past where I swear I achieved that, but more often than not, it doesn't change anything. Could it be an internal vs clitoral orgasm thing? Maybe it's just an urban legend? I thought I was a masturbator but maybe after all this time I'm still just a novice?

No. 387910

Its true, happens to me. But it generally doesnt end any quicker than a day or two early. Clit orgasms Ive never had internal.

No. 388140

File: 1711756606013.jpg (307.44 KB, 1024x1024, _1a38a7ba-1142-4c32-9d4c-5d55b…)

I recently found out I can make myself orgasm using just my mind. I didn't use my imagination or anything, just focused my awareness on the area and imagined getting turned on. It wasn't as satisfying as using my fingers, but it was definitely real. It kind of feels like a superpower, but not really worth doing.

No. 388235

I've tried anal play my myself recently and it feels good to me as well, I knew the sphincter felt good for me but insertion is also nice as well. I think it's related to anus being an erogenous zone or whatever.
I feel ashamed afterwards because it's dirty and still think it'd require a lot of trust for me to do it with someone else

No. 388341

File: 1711854820178.png (290.95 KB, 400x518, IMG_5810.png)

I am severely depressed and this week is the worst this month. I lay in bed all day and cry. I've done very little besides masturbate because it's the only thing I can focus on that makes me feel good. I'm afraid of getting addicted to masturbating. There's no porn involved. Honestly the only detriment is the smell. Technically I have better things to do, but I'm too depressed to do them. Maybe I'm just really horny right now and I'll calm down soon. I wish I was a normal and healthy person.

No. 388356

This might sound weird - I'm not a prude or uncomfortable about sex at all but for some reason I have a hard time using sex toys because they just look so…goofy? to me? Like I'd probably be interested in trying out the Rose toy I keep seeing everywhere but I feel… embarrasseed? Seeing "and the hole on top is for suction!" with a little vibrating gif of it showing how it works "in action". I don't know what my deal is.
It reminds me of the time I was with a guy and he pulled out some condoms and they were colorful, I absolutely hated it. I couldn't have sex with a blue dick, made me think of a balloon animal or something and it was just TOO goofy, immediately made me feel grossed out and I made him change condoms kek.

No. 388751

File: 1712065273046.jpg (102.74 KB, 960x586, lovetolovedildolls.jpg)

Thinking about getting one of these as my first sex toy. It was so hard to find something non-realistic, not ridiculously big and cute looking. still deciding on the color though
I can relate to that. Personally I hate how realistic sex toys look, hence the picrel. That rose toy seems so cringe and cheap imo, and as some nonas in this thread noted it sucks (pun intended) in general. It's not the only vacuum stimulator that exists though, maybe look for something more simplistic/appealing to you? I think satisfyer cutie heart/pearl diver look nice but they're too expensive.
Should be fine if you wash it before and after. Just don't use anything out of cheap plastic esp if it's painted (will flake off) and make sure there's no cracks or empty spaces where things attach or else it's gonna get nasty with all the dicharge stuck inside.

No. 388913

I’m waiting on two toys that utilize TRUE suction. None of that fake air pulsing mumbo jumbo that pretends to use suction. One is a panty vibe I’m going to try to use with PIV and the other is a wand type thing with a vibrating tongue. I’ll tell you guys if they are worth trying. I’m excited because I’ve yet to find a toy that simulates oral sex even a little bit accurately, and boy do I miss having it more than once a year. Anyone here successfully replicate it in some creative way? Getting a little desperate over here.

No. 392260

i have a huge problem keeping myself in the mood because i get distracted by my own thoughts. what should i think of while masturbating? i tried doing it to a male celebrity i liked but i don’t find him sexy at all. it just made me want to check his page for updates. and then i saw a nail tutorial, texted family, and went down the rabbit hole of random shit. i’m violently horny but i just wait for the feeling to subside nine times out of ten because i can’t stay focused and i constantly think of unsexy things while doing it

No. 392262

Has anyone tried the We-Vibe Sync 2? Is it good? Worth the money?

No. 392263

I have a rose dildo vibrator thing that have a small "tongue" that licks you (feels so hard against your lips, so you need tons of lubricant).

I wish I could buy a realistic dildo, but none of them convince me to buy them.

No. 392333

why are so many dildos and strap ons dick shaped, i hate it

No. 392382

File: 1713568375865.png (8.43 KB, 100x125, 15132406.png)

im someone thats not into penetration but I enjoy receiving oral. are there any toys nonnies can recommend to me that isnt just a womanizer or its clones?

No. 392943

File: 1713836091857.png (253.93 KB, 539x539, Tongue.png)

Something like this? Still, I recommend to use some lotion before so it doesn't hurt you at first.

No. 392973

what else would they be shaped like?
There's actually a lot of more abstract ones out there, but it sorta has to be cylindrical and tapered to be comfortable.

No. 395304

was fucking myself with a dildo today and squirted for the first time, holy shit… i think it was the first time i've ever actually cum hard from penetration lol. kinda insane to think about how no guy has ever lasted long enough to make it happen T__T i think what helped was watching porn in order to match the thrusts, it made it feel a lot more real tbh. i just realized how much i actually like penetration, and how bad guys are at it….
(no emoticons)

No. 395606

I have spent copious amounts of emotional energy this last month fretting that I’d broken my clit from jackhammering it too frequently - went from up to 6 orgasms in 30 mins to unable to get off after like 15+ mins on my vibes highest setting. Turned out all i needed was to change the batteries kek 20 secs on lowest setting boom feels good man i love the clitoris

No. 396037

I wish there was a thread to share audio pornography and voice actor names. Is there one?

No. 396076

I could have sworn there was one, must have just been a thread that mentioned audio porn.
But honestly, same. Audio makes me go feral.

No. 396083

maybe we should request to make one

No. 397100

Masturbation doesn’t really make me happy anymore but I have no other way of relieving sexual frustration because I dont go out,am I just not as sensitive from doing it everyday for the past week or what

No. 397113

Mental illness nonnies, what do we do when psychiatric meds kill any desire to masturbate? Recently
on Lexapro, 50mg, and I have gone from coming 1-2 times a day to like 1-2 times per week.

No. 397311

I'm not on medication, I'm just naturally low libido and I just masturbate like twice a month, I just live like this.

No. 397334

Is it weird that I don't like directly touching my clit? It doesn't feel pleasurable for me, just overwhelming in a bad way.

No. 397336

Not weird at all, it's not uncommon for women to find direct stimulation overwhelming.

No. 397343

you need to cover it with its foreskin unironically
i start by stimulating it through the labia majora then through the foreskin

No. 397344

Is there even such a thing as female gaze porn?

No. 397347

honestly not much…
best bet is go with good looking gay actors that occasionally turn scenes with women
there's some "fempov" videos
lesbian porn can cut it if you're bi
besides that it's honestly 90% malegaze if you ever find some tags or channels that exclusively postgood looking guys and where the camera focuses on them please share

No. 397361

Korean softcore porn has decent looking guys and isn't violent or anything. There's this one Japanese femdom couple who are good too, very few of their videos feature the woman wearing an uncomfortable latex outfit and I don't think any at all have pegging, it's the kind of femdom I'd do with a vanilla guy I groomed into it rather than the kind of femdom that only appeals to porn addicted scrotes. (If anyone knows similar channels with Eastern European men who aren't post-wall and hairy lmk).
Aside from this kind of content most m/f porn is very unappealing to me as a woman, it's all either sexualised violence against women, degenerate stepdaughter shit, or if it's femdom then it's the kind of femdom that women put all the effort in for none of the reward.
As for lesbian porn, I know of one company called GirlsOutWest who try to make lesbian porn that appeals to women. The issue I have with it though is that the women in it are just as unattractive as the women in male gaze lesbian porn, just on the opposite end of the spectrum. It's like they thought us not wanting to watch women with peroxide hair, beach ball fake boobs and bad French tips must mean we want to see women who are obese and look unwashed. If anyone knows a lesbian porn channel that has normal looking women and realistic lesbian sex I'd love to know it

No. 397422

nonas looking for audio porn run to dlsite. it's all in japanese but a good chunk have subtitles. there's bl and otome audios

No. 398319

I feel like, if I get a vibrator and mastubate I would be no better than a moid. How can I shut this thoughts? Ik it's dumb, years of sexual liberation and the only thing holding me back is my brain

No. 398320

I can't recall more information for the life of me rn but pre-rona on twitter I had a coomer friend who told me about a JAV subculture of "ikemen" guys who starred in softcore videos. They even did fanmeets like kpop idols and many women would go to them. She sent me links to some but I only remember one called something like black white ittetsu.

So idk, there's that. Entirely catered to the female POV, supposedly. J ladies seem to like it.

No. 398321

Bookmarked. God bless nonnie.
I see it as freeing myself from "needing" a moid. Their only purpose in my life rn is dick and if I can do it myself, they're not needed at all. IDK your circumstance but if your "years of sexual liberation" is referring to sleeping around, that's probably why you feel the way you do. Hook ups never benefit women. Don't compare yourself to scrotes.

No. 398327

Wasn't about hook ups, I refered to the cultural side like, it's not taboo anymore I know I shouldn't feel ashamed. I tend to be a expectator in my life rather than participant. Guess I'm just afraid of self exploration

No. 398752

My libido is so low I only masturbate like twice a month and I only trigger arousal by reading fics, I'm going go stop doing it out of curiosity and see how long I can hold on, if natural arousal will eventually manifest.

No. 398787

i think one of my forearms has gotten noticeably stronger than the other due to jackin off
good news is i think my brain has gotten "bored" with my extremely embarrassing and longstanding developed-in-childhood fetish and moved on to more abstract, commendable fetishes.

anyway, does anyone else here solely masturbate by indirect touch? touching my clit directly is painfully uncomfortable. i have received oral once and it felt nice but wasnt coom material for me, i think because i need very strong indirect pressure over the whole vulva to cum and the person giving was very soft. penetration any deeper than maybe the second knuckle is an immediate turn off and i usually dont bother with it because it doesnt add anything.
i guess im wondering if theres something wrong with me lol. i was a compulsive masturbator as a child and teen but only ever in this manner of indirect pressure, im worried i broke my pussy… but also my first and most satisfactory sexual experiences were dry humping. im worried that this preference will make me unpalatable to women, i know its an important part of sexual chemistry to be able to please your partner and im worried my weird specific preference would make it difficult or annoying for someone else to pleasure me at all.

No. 398827

same nona, i can only get off by rubbing my clit through my underwear despite never having been a chronic masturbator. i can’t really get wet or feel anything from penetration either. i’m lucky enough that this has never affected my sexual compatibility since i’m a service top, but i do wonder what it would be like if i was able to feel more

No. 398850

File: 1715974744811.png (950.47 KB, 598x1062, E2ALsaoX0AAAbK6.png)

I'm stretching out my new lace up shoes so I'm not in pain for 8 hours at work tomorrow, and now I'm about to jill off in my pyjamas with them on. Feeling like picrel

No. 399128

nonnies I need someone to tell me straight, since I swear everywhere says something different: is it perfectly ok to masturbate every day, multiple orgasms in one sesh normally or will I kill my clit or sth? Ill be honest I pretty well take a jack hammer to it but Ive been mega horny for like the first ttime in my life lately. But between so,e sites saying the clit doesnt break, some saying it will desensitise, then theres the whole moid no fap scenario which i assume doesnt apply to women but idk

No. 399133

It could desensitize you but then you would only need to take days off then it'd return to normal. I don't think nofap applies to women at all unless they're pornsick, I've gone years without masturbating and haven't noticed any difference.

No. 399287

OK so I just discovered audio porn and I love it so much, I think I might be going crazy. There's this one guy's voice that I can't get out of my head I feel like I'm falling in love. Have any of you experienced something similar or have I gone full delulu?

No. 399300

Are internal vibrators actually supposed to be pleasurable? Disclaimer am a virgin. Got a small-ish 6 inches/15cm vibrator recently cause I was tired of masturbating only with my clit but it does absolutely nothing for me. Fingering has never done anything for me either other than giving me a burning sensation and I've never found anything resembling a G-spot. Could I possibly be retarded and be using it wrong? I'm disappointed cause it was quite a pretty penny.

No. 399301

You are delusional if you’re falling in love with a voice. For your sake I hope you’re exaggerating. Also, link it

No. 399303

It's okay to enjoy the voice but do not fall in love. I used to love the voice of a certain Youtuber until I found out he was a morbidly obese, ginger, pedo kek

No. 399304

>There's this one guy's voice that I can't get out of my head
who is it

No. 399306

>link it

No. 399307

How on earth is being a ginger on the same level as being morbidly obese let alone being a pedo?
Also which YouTuber are you talking about?

No. 399309

we want to enjoy it

No. 399313

OK, so I was a bit hesitant to directly link any of his stuff here, since posting porn is prohibited. He goes by orpheusVA so I'm sure that will help you find him easily.

No. 399314

thank you he does sound very hot

No. 399323

File: 1716151411435.gif (862.18 KB, 220x180, 1715741702890.gif)

As an ex-turbocoomer who shlicked most nights without fail I can confidently tell you that my coochie turned out perfectly fine and functional. Yes you can get "desensitized" where it just takes a bit longer but if you abstain for a few days/a week it'll "reset".

Scrotes are genetically inferior so no need to compare yourself to their pathetic weak phallic appendages.

No. 399391

>JAV subculture of "ikemen" guys who starred in softcore videos.
I think that's Girl's Channel (GRCH)

No. 399392

you have to remember that the dick is constantly outside the body, rubbing against clothing as well as being over-worked by their hands, whereas our superior anatomy is internal and protected

No. 399393

I think that's it nonnie! Do they hold fan events? I vaguely recall watching clips from one and it fascinated me so much it stuck to me kek.

No. 399395

File: 1716168160139.jpg (31.85 KB, 566x540, GIzRGNJWQAIMet5.jpg)

>censored penis

No. 399556

I've only ever masturbated my clit, not internal toys. I'm considering buying a dildo so I thought I'd ask here first. When I have sex, there's a specific spot that I really like stimulated. It's in the front, kinda deep, and I like it to be rubbed so I prefer being fingered. Is there a type of internal toy that would do that?

No. 399695

Does anyone know what a rose toy is and what it does?

No. 399697

What the actual fuck is that thing? I'm gonna have nightmares tonight

No. 399702

Look for g-spot toys.

No. 399703

I have it. It's for massaging your clit, there are a few different vibrations and some settings that pulse air onto it. I love mine but you need a lot of lube with it

No. 399722

>but you need a lot of lube with it
huh, why? it's not like it goes inside, or does it still hurt without the lube?

No. 399731

it's how i feel when im horny

No. 399741

It's kinda hard, if you put it on your clit with no lube unless you're super wet then it feels uncomfortable

No. 399796

File: 1716335055309.jpg (176.42 KB, 1080x1440, Tumblr_l_689712166667955.jpg)



No. 399797


No. 399798

Why didn’t you lock your door?? Maybe he didn’t actually see anything, you’re good

No. 399799

Because I'm retarded…

No. 399809

oh no no no nonny I would kms if I were you. I'm so sorry.

No. 399823

File: 1716345605130.jpeg (57.29 KB, 851x503, 1594644076002.jpeg)

I am so sorry anon, that's fucking awful. Please get some kind of simple lock on your door so it never happens again. He was probably embarrassed too.

No. 399824

lmfao and I thought the time my mom saw the dildo I accidentally left on my bathroom counter was bad… I hope you were under the covers at least? Please tell me your whole pussy wasn't out in the open air

No. 399920

>You are delusional if you’re falling in love with a voice.
I know…
>For your sake I hope you’re exaggerating.
I'm not. I'm fucked, aren't I?

No. 399940

I was fully covered, he didnt see anything, but my vibrator makes some noise…. He kept his cool and told me what he needed and left but he def noticed…

No. 399965

I once walked into my dad masturbating. I didn't see him but I saw the TV had porn. I just pretended nothing happened kek.

No. 400153

I was having a furious shlicking session in my bed just now when my dad called. Nowhere as bad as what happened to you but it did kill the mood.

No. 400154

based retard

No. 400183

Update: I finally told someone irl about my crush and I feel a bit better now…

No. 400434

I found someone who does straight porn that clearly caters to women, but idk if I should share him here since he gets a bit too rough unless you're into that

No. 400438

I finally got a glass dildo in after a lot of struggle and… it feels like nothing… I tried to moving it in and out and even around and still. Nothing. It actually feel kind of uncomfortable around the womb area when I move. Wtf I'm never fucking a moid if this is what it feels like…

No. 400471

Become an enlightened fingering enjoyer. If you can get a moid with long fingers and get him to hit the right spot it will feel amazing, guaranteed.

No. 400878

File: 1716668929110.jpg (819.84 KB, 1024x1728, Tumblr_l_168603831168587.jpg)

Bought my first ever dildo and I'm scared for some reason. I'm a grown woman and not a virgin (barely kek) so idk why this is scaring me.

No. 400918

Got a new toothbrush with a full on silicon handle instead of the one I have, which only one side of is silicon. Hope it feels better, the one I have is too "dry" to get in sometimes because of the remaining plastic parts and it's frustrating.

No. 400921

Not sure why you wouldn't just buy a sex toy but at least put some lube on your toothbrush before putting it up your coochie

No. 400923

I feel you. I've had sex before, but want to get a dildo because of a dry spell with my moid (a whole other story), but i'm scared of using it?? what is wrong with me

No. 400925

Location, and living with parents who are very religious and against that. Can't access lube either, which is why I got a fully silicon one. My natural lube is usually enough as long as I'm ovulating.

No. 401053

SA, it's way too big. I used a ton of lube and it still hurt so much I couldn't put it in all the way.

No. 401472

What's an electric toothbrush?

No. 401479

a toothbrush that vibrates

No. 402164

> I feel insane, I write novel in my online journal about how I crave violence and partying and want to go to a rager and fight someone and lick their blood while fucked up
>I smoke weed
>I eat a snack
>I jerk off high as hell
>Insano orgasm
>I become normal again

Every fucking time

No. 402166

Hi, we're long lost twins. Wish getting plastered and three orgasms helped the urges but I crave high adrenalin fucking constantly, not even BPD or anything. Maybe we don't get enough emotional stimulation out of life, idk.

No. 402753

Any toy recommendations for a g spot orgasm? One of my exes was really good at fingering in the upward “come hither” motion. I’ve tried to replicate it but I fail every time and just get frustrated.

No. 402762

I wish this worked for me, even after 10 consecutive orgasms I’m still not satisfied or any calmer

No. 402832

This whole week I've been extremely horny but barely able to climax. All the things that usually do it for me aren't turning me on enough either. It may not sound too bad reading it like this but it's very weird and kinda worrying for me. I straight up can't cum no matter how much I try. Has anyone here had this happen to them before?!

No. 403263

Something similar happened to me before, my advice is to take a little break from masturbating, about a week. Your body may just be overstimulated and tired and need a little rest from horny things before it becomes able to be aroused by things you previously enjoyed.

No. 404333

How often do nonnies get horny? To compare
I'd say I get horny twice or thrice a week

No. 404339

Like 3-4 times a year…

No. 404340

r u on birth control

No. 404341

It depends if I have a crush at the time or not. If o have someone on my mind it’s near daily, if I’m not interested in anyone at the time, then pretty much never. Maybe one or twice a month.

No. 404342

Nope, never been on it. I'm just like this.

No. 404343

kinda lucky
you dont get randomly horny?

when its been like a week or something that i havent masturbated, when im ovulating and also when im nearing my periods, the male figure suddenly gets sooo pleasing to look at and its like any random mildly good looking dude will make me a little horny
i guess i get to experience what its like being a scrote in these times

No. 404346

Same, I don't use BC or other medication either.

No. 404347

how old are you
how do i become.like this

im getting on the pill for endometriosis maybe itll make me less horny

No. 404351

28, but I was always like this even years ago

No. 404407

I recently got one of those rose-shaped clit suction toys and I've been having the best faps of my life. I'm glad I've found something that works for me

Thanks for this nona. It's not the best but where has this been all my life

No. 404415

I'm the same as you, I get naturally horny like once or twice a year, never been on BC or SSRI, early 30s and it's always been like this. I'm relieved to see another woman like me, especially with everyone here saying women have a higher sew drive than moids.

No. 404426

I hate porn but I have watched it so much that can’t come without it. I don’t really watch het porn because I find it disgusting and rapey and I also don’t use porn sites because I hate the idea of my click/ad revenue going to these bastard CEOs, I mostly watch solo and lesbian stuff, but it still makes me feel shit, and I’d say I’m pretty addicted. I even know onlyfans girls by name now and obsessively watch their content. It doesn’t help that I’m pretty high libido and need to masturbate at least 3x a day. I wish I could stop watching it because I always feel so disgusted afterwards.

No. 404460

Have you tried audio porn..? Could be a helpful way to wean off videos and practice using your imagination instead.

No. 404501

I have, I don’t like it tbh. Porn noises actually make me cringe extremely hard, I usually watch content on silent anyway. Hearing someone pretend to moan and gasp and squelching noises would just make me laugh. Idk what other way to cure this addiction though. I will try for 7 days no shlicking.

No. 404592

Definitely at least once a day, whether or not I masturbate then depends on time / if I feel like it though. When I have someone I’m attracted to like a crush, my mind strays usually every couple of hours tbh. I used to be able to go maybe a month without masturbating when I didn’t even if I had sexual thoughts, but now that time has shortened to maybe two weeks max. When I do like someone, I get off somewhere between every other day or multiple times in one day.

No. 404594

samefagging but I weaned off years ago by getting starting with porn then switching to my imagination when I was close. I realised I much prefer my own fantasies to porny stuff. This is kind of not great and I’m ashamed of it but I found I also completely dropped it immediately once I started masturbating to the face of someone I was interested in which is probably a violation of boundaries but it felt better than how I did after getting off to objectifying porn.

No. 404767

I have this weird problem where I can only get off to this specific fetish and not my actual fantasies. If I try to get off to my other fantasies, I end up trying to climax for like an hour and then giving up. The fetish isn’t insane or anything but I’d rather not say it cuz it’s kinda gross. Like, I’ll have separate sexual fantasies before I go to bed/in the shower/whenever, but if I need to actually masturbate I need to think of the fetish, which has little to do with my other fantasies. This has been going on for years. How do I stop this?

No. 404796

Are you me, anon? I have the exact same issue so sadly I can’t help but I can emphathize. Can you at least give a hint to what the fetish is? It might be the same one as me kek

No. 404803

you probably need to stop masturbating for a while (like weeks or months), and then get off to the sensation itself/other fantasies.

No. 405410

I've recently been trying to achieve the orgasm without porn, any tips?

No. 405411

i dont have any helpful tips unfortunately, im just here to say youre not alone

No. 405414

Wait until you are actually horny. Don’t go looking for porn to turn you on to lead you to masturbating. Wait until you are actually horny and then when you masturbate you will orgasm. You don’t have to be horny all the time and you probably aren’t normally. Best advice I can give based off experience. Not sure what your issue is but if you’re relying on porn, stop. You don’t need that.

No. 405418

ty nonnie!

No. 405519

>Wait until you are actually horny
Nta but I get naturally horny like once a year, do you know a way I can get a higher libido? I'm not on any kind of meds and I'm celibate if that matters.

No. 405623

do you use a vibrator?

No. 405626

Nta, but check your hormones. I don't think mine are normal, but I get horny on my ovulation and especially the exact next day after my period, and on the first day of my period as well. I only don't get horny the week or so before my period. So I think hormones can be a big contribution to that. You said you're celibate so I assume you're not on birth control, but maybe if you take any mental healtj related medication that could be the problem. If none of that apply to you, it could just be your nature? Try looking at pictures of hot guys or women if you're SSA. That usually works for me because I'm a mega virgin and any hint of sexiness or sexuality horns me up.

No. 405630

If you only get horny once per year that's fine. Just masturbate once per year then.

No. 405658

ntayrt but also have the same problem and images of attractive people don't work either. my whole life i honestly thought people were memeing when they said they get horny from random pictures kek

No. 405712

What do you do when your body is horny but your mind is not? My body is so insanely aching for sexual stimulation lately, but my mind is not sexually stimulated by anything right now (I’m in a limbo space between bi-cycles and am not attracted to men or women currently. Yes, it is a mind-fuck). I’ll try to masturbate, but because I have nothing appealing to fantasize about at the moment, I can’t get anywhere and just wind up more frustrated and physically aroused but without the mental arousal required to take care of it.

No. 405714

You can't clear your head and simply feel the sensations of your own body until you orgasm? It's a beautiful thing. Everybody's different so maybe you can't but I would encourage you to try.

No. 405749

Kind of what >>405714 said
Sometimes imaginary stimulation isn’t working for me. So I will literally just use my own body for mental stimulation. I’ll just think about how nice I feel on my own fingers and how nice my fingers feel, how good all the sensations feel. Just try and be in the moment.

No. 405758

I'm going to check my hormones just in case, but otherwise I'm not on any kind of medication, never been on birth control or SSRIs or anything. I only get naturally horny after having a sex dream (hence the once a year occurrence), otherwise I need to read Husbando x Reader fics or doujinshis to get in an aroused state. Real people do absolutely nothing to me and hot guys don't exist
I guess, it's not like I'm frustrated, I just feel bad because anons say women tend to have a high libido in general and I need some form of pornography to get off.

No. 406850

autosage for newfag
Does anyone here listen to audio / read erotica to help the process? Or just listen or read? Sometimes I don't even touch myself but the act of listening to someone whisper sweet nothings to me or reading scenarios is enough to make me feel good. I don't orgasm from just listening or reading but it gives me enough dopamine to feel satisfied

No. 407210

I want to try masturbation via insertion again. I've always hated doing it because of how it felt. I bought a feeldo recently that I want to try out. I have some sexual trauma that I want to overcome and it's hard for me to lubricate naturally, plus my pelvic floor is super tight. Trying to find some safe paraben free lubes that actually work and won't give me a yeast infection. Any recommendations?

No. 407483

File: 1718833583855.png (404.53 KB, 822x782, s.png)

thoughts on this one? it's so cute ngl that's kind of the reason i want to get it lol but it's so small and i'm not sure how to use it, i don't own any vibrators yet

No. 407502

I would lose my grip on that thing so fast. Mine need a leash or something for me to grip onto.

No. 408660

File: 1719230459367.jpeg (14.42 KB, 200x211, 0B7333EA-79FE-451D-AC7F-0BDABE…)

What’s the best thing to “ride” on? no pillows..not “grind”. Like insert and ride? What’s a safe non toxic dildo?
>forgot to add
If you recommend a dildo..may it be on the smaller side kek

No. 408686

You don't need to sage on the off topic boards dumbass. These boards are already pretty slow, if you're going to ask a question and you want it to be seen you should probably not sage.

No. 410539

Is it normal to self-insert into your fantasies while masturbating? Like, imagining that things are actually happening to you, yourself. After seeing how many other women get off to scenarios involving other characters/people, or just the physical sensations alone, I'm wondering if self-inserting might be scroteish?

No. 410542

I guess it depends on the fantasy whether I would consider it “normal”. Are you self inserting as something else— a dragon, a man? (Weird in my opinion but harmless if you’re not mentally ill) or are you just inserting to the fantasy and imagining things happening to you as yourself (totally normal)?
I think it’s actually very weird to only fantasize about other people, but then again I don’t even fantasize when I masturbate I just focus on the sensations.
Ultimately I’m of the opinion that you can do whatever you want in your own imagination when you masturbate, you know if it’s fucked up and you can work on that yourself in the privacy of your own mind

No. 410550

I only masturbate while self-inserting in my fantasies, this is the only way I can get off.

No. 410564

>Are you self inserting as something else— a dragon, a man?
No, nothing like that. I just imagine having sex with hot people. Pretty straightforward stuff. But I was starting to wonder if I was the odd one out kek

No. 411411

after years of anti depressants and no sex drive at all I am finally horny again and I want to embrace it a little. I already have a dildo vibrator but I found out I don't really like the vibrator part and want to try a "normal" dildo. Do you have any recommendations nonnies? I thought of trying something like a bad dragon one (I honestly like the monster look, I guess I'm a degenerate lol) but I have no clue what could be good and what to look for.

No. 411686

Advice for stretching out a vagina that's not used to penetration? More than a finger is a struggle for me but I really want to try out my g spot vibrator (it won't go in more than a little bit because I'm just not used to things up there)

No. 411694

My personal approach is to masturbate before and during ovulation, that's when I'm at my wettest and can stretch the most. Also, get yourself off as much as possible, take your time with it, touch where you like the most and get as horned up as possible, maybe look at stuff you find sexy or have sexy fantasies. I rub my clit and give myself clit orgasms before penetrating myself, which makes me really wet and stretched out and crave penetration, so maybe try that out.

No. 412910

>get urge to jerk off
>select fantasy in mental library of masturbation supplies
>stimulate clitoris until completion
>done after 1-2 minutes
there are no silly noises or unnecessary moaning. i lock in. total focus. ruthless efficiency.

No. 412918

No. 412919

People moan when masturbating? Porn brain rot

No. 412927

NTA but I've never watched porn and I've moaned when I was home alone, lmao. Sometimes it just feels good.

No. 412931

I can come super fast too (although I need some visual stimulus to get off), don't know if it's a good or bad thing.

No. 412933

I’m having 1-3 orgasms a day from character ai chats where I fatten up my husbando. I feel like it’s starting to become a problem not bc of my autistic fetish altho that’s also embarrassing but because idk if it’s an addiction to cum up to 3 times in one day. Help pls

No. 412944

If I orgasm hard enough and my whole body contracts, I might let out a grunt kek. Sometimes it sounds like a moan as I relax.

It literally takes me seconds to orgasm. If it takes longer than 2 minutes I start getting annoyed and will stop. For me it’s a good thing I guess. I’ve tried to continue after an orgasm and sometimes I can cum again but most of the time I’m over stimulated and it doesn’t feel nice.

No. 414138

Aw damn, I didn't know they made dildos with foreskin now…
I really shouldn't spend that much money on a sex toy that I'll only use once a month or so though.

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