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File: 1717193165709.jpeg (76.45 KB, 602x363, main-qimg-b18ac027df8ca5b77bff…)

No. 402287

Discuss plastic surgery and your plastic surgery goals here. This is not a thread to brigade on regarding your dislike of plastic surgery - please create a plastic surgery hate thread to talk about that.

Previous plastic surgery threads below:

No. 402289

File: 1717193224061.jpg (6.22 KB, 300x134, 1590149699_jawline-2-1-300x134…)

You'll actually want to look at a genioplasty which cuts the chin bone and slides it forward. The model's pic you posted doesn't have a very recessed jaw, but she does have a a "short" chin in comparison to the rest of her face. Full side view photos would give a better comparison. But anyway, it's the short chin with the low gonions which is giving her that appearance. A short chin is actually considered a more feminine/youthful trait to have than a too long chin/lower third, so I'm guessing it's the low gonions which you're perceiving as masculine. I have a similarly shaped jaw/chin and honestly the worst part is how the rest of your face/soft tissue fits onto that rather than the jaw itself.

On another tangent, I'm getting perioral liposuction so my face looks smooth in my lower third. My consultation is in two months. I'm so excited!

No. 402336

Sage for slightly OT,

My mother has always commented Taylor Swift looks like a man now, after her "new" debut with the short hair all those years ago. I wouldn't go that far, but I definitely think her surgeries were masculinizing and unnecessary. Why is that? The work done is very subtle, yet kind of unflattering.

No. 402641

File: 1717301614055.jpg (57.92 KB, 640x960, 1000008887.jpg)

This is interesting as she's generally considered a great example of how plastic surgery can be subtle and natural looking in all the plastic surgery communities I follow and I agree. She's had a rhinoplasty and definitely a blepharoplasty to give her more eyelid space. I personally think the blepharoplasty made sense, I remember how much shit she got for having too "squinty" eyes in her younger years. In 2019, she definitely got filler, but I haven't seen her get overfilled like that since. I think maybe she may have look masculine because she was anachan back in 2014.

No. 402983

Have any nonas flown abroad alone to get surgery? It sounds incredibly risky but I’ve seen quite a lot of women on YouTube talking about it and they were okay

No. 403164

you get what you pay for

No. 403600

>they were okay
For how long? Were these people talking about their surgeries three months after having it, or three years after having it? To echo the other anon, you get what you pay for.
It's possible to go abroad and have surgery that's fantastic and performed by a genuinely skilled and experienced surgeon for less than you'd pay in your home country. The odds of you finding those surgeons is close to nil. You're much more likely to find an English-speaking surgeon who advertises on Tiktok and has buy one get one free on surgeries they try to pressure you into having. And as soon as you have problems, they stop speaking English and have no recollection of you. Unless you're a local, or know a local, who knows trustworthy surgeons, stay the fuck away.

No. 405569

Does anyone have experience with carboxy shots in the leg, stomach and arm area? If yes - would you recommend it? How did it feel like and were the results noticable?

No. 405570

Depends on if abroad you mean nosejob in Italy, or bbl in mexico

No. 405609

File: 1718240605165.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1245x1981, IMG_3862.jpeg)

Say what you will about her behavior but there’s nothing masculine about this woman. What she’s gotten done has been just the right amount, it’s blended in as she’s aged and she’s never had that stiff or expressionless look.

Her makeup has always been atrocious though, why bother getting work done to open up your eyes if you’re going to layer dark eyeliner all over them.

No. 405636

Then why the hell do American surgeons charge an arm and a leg yet botch left and right IF you get any noticable results at all? Definitely go abroad but do deep research on your surgeon too

No. 406366

Has anyone had plastic surgery to get rid of the beauty marks they were born with? I was born with a pencil eraser-sized mark that is raised on my nose, then got another one that is at the point of my nose that is the size of a pencil tip and raised. I hate how it looks, I wouldn't have minded if it was not raised but it is. Are there any options to remove it being raised? I know it costs like 150 to 800$.

Anyone else want to share if they got moles removed for beauty reasons?

No. 406390

File: 1718530341998.jpeg (836.65 KB, 1170x1454, hmm.jpeg)

Do you know what Lana has done with her face besides weight loss? Seems similar to JLaws recent transformation, both look really cute, healthy and young. I know that Lana has had surgery and filler before, but this time is looks very tasteful and just better?

No. 406397

This isn't Lana it's skinny Adele

No. 406398

I thought that was Ariana Grande actually

No. 406431

It honestly looks like she’s had jaw shaving surgery or v line surgery or something. I feel like I remember her jaw being much more angular and her having a kind of butt chin. Now she has that egg shaped face that kpop idols like to get.

No. 406432

It’s called ozempic

No. 406461

I specifically wrote "besides weight loss". It is obvious that she has other things done, e.g. her nasolabial fold that was kind of prominent before is almost gone, her skin looks amazing and vital, etc. Ozempic doesn’t magically transform your face like that. If anything, Ozempic faces often look worse. But people like Christina Aguilera (who had a mini face lift in my opinion) and now LDR have had a glow-up beyond Ozempic (while obviously taking it).

No. 406489

I have one of these in my nasolabial area and I’m considering cutting it off myself but I haven’t done my research on it yet. I mean in my experience when you go to the dermatologist to get a raised mole removed on your body, they literally just take a scalpel and slice it off and slap a bandaid on. I really doubt there’s any reason to not save money and just do it yourself. I was thinking maybe those scar reducing products for healing may help prevent any scar, but again, I haven’t seriously looked into it yet.

No. 408236

File: 1719081740837.jpeg (57.88 KB, 426x600, IMG_4504.jpeg)

I have thin lips and a square jaw, right now I’m thinking about getting a lip flip and half a vial of filler or just a lip flip and I can just over line my bottom lip with lipliner kek. I just hate the look of lip filler and I’m afraid of it migrating so I feel like this would look the most natural. I think having bigger lips will balance out my features more since there are plenty of beautiful women with jaws like mine but they all have full lips. If money wasn’t a question I’d get masseter Botox so my jaw could be more v shaped.

No. 408276

File: 1719093935899.jpg (170.99 KB, 766x630, gb11.jpg)

Some Women are getting full fat relocation surgeries over their entire body now. No more implants.

No. 408644

Do you think wizardliz has gotten a nosejob? She kind of makes me want to get one

No. 408647

Ain’t no way pic on the right is real

No. 408651

It's always funny when pickmeishas fall for the plastic trap. They butcher their nose into a little porcine snub and instantly start lamenting their huge philtrum. Gee, who could've guessed you would look older? Then they get blowjob lips to compensate for the mile long space between their nose and mouth. As the filler starts migrating like a horde of huns her heavy lips are dragged down and momokun looks back at her when she stares at a mirror. Cosmic punishment for being antisocial and trying to one-up other women.(see OP - not for discussing hate of plastic surgery)

No. 408839

I feel like square jaws actually suit thinner lips better and allow for more facial harmony between the two features. I've got a more rounded jaw and thinner lips and I fucking hate how my jaw shape offsets my features, but I always thought women with thinner lips and a square jaw looked more delicate and balanced whereas I felt like a circus freak kek

No. 409419

i've gotten both a lip flip and lip filler before. if your issue is that your lips are too small, a lip flip probably won't help much. in my case, it did make my top lip look a bit bigger, but the difference was not noticeable unless i smiled. i've had 0.5ml of filler recently and i'm very happy with the results. wrt to migration and the horrible overdone filler fears, i think we're in the middle of a 'filler backlash' right now kek. people were told fillers would just go away no problem and people went crazy. fillers are also less regulated than any other kind of cosmetic procedure, so you end up with hackjobs everywhere. BUT. that doesn't mean that you need to be afraid of a small amount of filler done by an experienced professional. you are not going to end up looking botched from 0.5ml or even 1ml of filler. my friends told me they wouldn't have noticed a difference if i hadn't pointed it out. i would honestly say go for it. my biggest warning is that if you like how it looks it's very hard to not continue getting it done, so make sure you can afford that possibility kek.

No. 409601

Is there a procedure that could make my face look smaller? I hate looking at pictures or at myself in the mirror bc i have a big head and skinny body and I look so terribly unproportionate. I've been thinking of facial liposuction/jaw shave.

No. 409941

File: 1719544046985.jpg (1.49 MB, 5760x5760, 4vt7pk94pto81.jpg)

is there a way to get the female chad/bombshell face structure?

No. 409948

You're both too vague. Plastic surgery results rely on what you start with. If you want to change, ideally you would understand your features and proportions first. A big head could mean anything, wide face, big skull, small features etc. You won't look like someone else with ps. You'll look like a different version of yourself. Get to know your face and body first and formost.

No. 409957

basically if you can go from having a feminine face like Amanda Seyfried to an angelina/megan but yeah i suppose you are right it is impossible

No. 410127

File: 1719599334741.png (4.63 MB, 2349x1568, 1719540591664.png)

why did her face change so much?

she is a local celeb i kinda love since she is so pretty like i wish i was her but in a decade she looks like a different person. Her face went from chiselled and long to short and almost a chinlet?? its not weight gain and idk about bulimia since from my experience bulimia bloat is different but i might be wrong. Idk about filler but maybe. Like she looks like if she had a short beta cousin

repost cause i still want to know

No. 410484

File: 1719722431888.mp4 (2.13 MB, 480x852, z1zNoXoAO7pGYRkF.mp4)

>Ain’t no way pic on the right is real

No. 410492

Man I would pay good money to see how she actually looks in those moids candid snaps of her without the filters turned on kek. No wonder she looks so nervous and uncomfortable.

No. 410493

If it helps, the features they have are slimmer/defined cheeks, defined jaws, long heads, square chins. You can get different procedures for most of those things, but tbh it'll probably not look how you want it to unless you have their head length
OT but I hate that these
Poster Girl dresses and jumpsuits became trendy. Most of their clothing is literally meant for strippers. It's meant to be worn in dark places with a bunch of drunkards, not in public wtf. I'm choosing to believe she was edited into the video kek.

No. 410494

File: 1719724717103.jpg (40.11 KB, 600x682, graciebon_106718-600x682.jpg)

theres pics of her between procedures, this wasn't a one day job.

No. 410498

This actually is making sense now. I always assume when I see women with obvious surgery and big butts that they started off slim with little butt and hips. She's not a slim girl who got work done on her ass, she's a big girl (with lymphedema?) who got the fat sucked out of her stomach.

No. 410499

File: 1719725594839.gif (4.99 MB, 600x1067, Vidinsta_InstagramPost_665e318…)

That video is filtered as hell. She actually looks like this. She had multiple BBLs in Colombia for that extreme look. No doctor in her home country would give her what she wanted.

No. 410500

File: 1719725759406.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1080, graciegoblina.png)

she filters the shit out of her face. she looks very different in real life.

No. 410501

You mean makeup and fake lashes?

No. 410502

Her lips, her jaw, her cheeks, and her nose are different.

No. 410503

so contouring

No. 410504

I mean, if you want to believe it's just makeup since makeup can totally make your wide nose into a tiny one and give you a chieseled jaw and cheekbones when you have a round face, then fine.

No. 410505

File: 1719726637935.jpg (113.67 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (7).jpg)

just saying

No. 410507

and how do you know this woman is
using filter? if she shoops her body why wouldn't she also shoop her face? people that have seen her irl have literally said she doesn't look like her instagram photos kek

No. 410525

File: 1719739984884.webm (2.78 MB, 720x1280, 1704005293238367.webm)

>if she shoops her body

they are spending a lot on the CGI team then

No. 410526


No. 410527

Camera angles, its less makeup and more focal lenght.

No. 410530

jesus christ this is so sad and disgusting. she ruined her body for, like 5 years max of it looking "good"

No. 410532

File: 1719743184608.jpg (119.63 KB, 758x872, csouth.jpg)

jesus christ this is so sad and disgusting. she ruined her body for, like 5 years max of it looking "good"

more girls in central south america are getting into this because it gets them attention and escorting opportunities.

No. 410533

If I were shaped like this I would kill myself.

No. 410552

File: 1719751605905.jpg (126.92 KB, 361x609, Screenshot_20240630_093154.jpg)

It's a combination of camera angles, lenses, and filters. This was shown in one of her viral videos, where she was ragebaiting to promote her Onlyfans, and the airline seats were warping around her.

Yes, and shitbags are taking advantage of those girls. Gracie Bon's pimp is a Jamaican guy who used to operate a website for BBW "models" (which has since been removed), and the majority of the girls he represented were from South America. So she's promoting this guy, which is helping him take advantage of more women. I wouldn't be surprised if she underwent all of those operations because this guy told her to. Many underprivileged girls look at her success and see it as something to strive for, and her TV promotion isn't helping. I really hate how the hypersexualization of Latina women is being promoted by the media.

No. 410559

Andressa Soares the Mulher Melancia (watermelon woman) has kind of that body shape, is that a natural thing?

No. 410602

No. They have to at least get liposuction to get that look.

No. 410614

she looks like she has chipmunk cheeks from bulimia which gives the illusion of her chin being smaller.

like everyone else said it's gonna depend on what your face already looks like. but i know angelina had a chin implant and i think megan fox might have as well? or chin filler or something? if you want a longer looking face and a sharper jawline chin filler will probably help.

No. 410619

Why does she look greenscreened in kek

No. 410660

i know but i am not sure since my bulimia bloat looks different? maybe it differs from person to person

No. 410670

rarely it happens with lipedema

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nxKpN8sPPE(learn 2 embed)

No. 411362

File: 1720029182202.jpg (367.43 KB, 2430x1619, rhinoplasty-349-right-oblique-…)

Getting my rhinoplasty done in just a few days and I'm still a little scared that my nose will come out being just as big. I've had great communication with the doctor, he did morphed photos for me showing what the result will be, and he seems to genuinely understand what I want (small cute nose)… but so many of the before/after photos I see around places online still have huge noses… straighter and pointier but still big. I really hope mine will turn out significantly smaller.

Picrel shows what I mean. Like they fixed the hook part of her nose but it's still a really big nose, not a little button one.

No. 411364

that nose you posted looks fine lol, are you the type who wants the ssmall upturned snout?(don't post anti surgery comments in the literal surgery thread)

No. 411365

It's insane to me that you think her nose is big. Don't forget you breathe through your nose, so if your doctor makes your nose way too small you'll have breathing issues and higher chances of your nose collapsing.

No. 411367

That after nose is a completely regular, proportional nose no one would give a second glance. A tiny nose would look ridiculous on her face. Whoever did that knew what they were doing.(don't post anti surgery comments in the literal surgery thread)

No. 411370

No, not a fan of the pixie noses. I have a beak nose that droops downward so they will have to upturn it a little anyway, but I didn't opt for the dramatic upturn. I really just want it small more than anything else.

Eh if I am spending $18k on a surgery then I want to see a more dramatic result than that. And yes it really costs that much here, probably the most expensive place in the world to get plastic surgery done but I wanted to keep it local in case I have complications.

No. 411372

A more dramatic result doesn't mean a better looking result on your face as a whole. I think you have a skewed idea of what people generally perceive as big noses if you think that nose on the right is big, that's a completely non offensive nose. Hope it works out for you tho.

No. 411376

>Anti surgery

No. 411377

there's always been anti-surgery talk in this thread, but now there's a seperate thread for it so it's bannable I guess. sad because sometimes the anons wanting ps just need a reality check(then stop baiting infights by those comments and take it to the relevant threads)

No. 411384

But that post isn't anti surgery.

No. 411391

They just said her after nose looks fine, not that she should have kept the og nose and not gotten surgery.

No. 411410

You have body dysmorphia. Patients like you are so annoying, you'll never be satisfied and crying after your surgery that your doctor botched you because he didnt give you a voldemort nose. Annoying delulu.(infighting/unintegrated lingo)

No. 411426

Farmhands get more retarded by the picosecond(take it to /meta/)

No. 411566

I knew a girl that had a massive nose but a miniscule face. After her nose job she looked like a real life pixie. It was crazy. Like CGI.

No. 411583

Another pickme bites the dust(infighting)

No. 411775

I got one removed partially for cosmetic reasons, but my dermatologist also thought maybe it should be examined by the lab because it had grown a bit. Mine was on my shoulder. It grew back, though it's smaller and less annoying now. There was no malignancy.

I have a couple raised skin tags (but they are dark like moles idk) on my back I want removed but I need to find out the cost. I don't care that much except for the fact that these two catch on my bra.

No. 414318

Do they have a habit of regrowing?

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