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File: 1477338468822.jpg (11.55 KB, 235x212, 1477336375843.jpg)

No. 47434

Why is every Tumblr girl with blue hair and bad tats into pretending to be a child in bed? Why is daddy dom stuff the kink du jour right now? I mean, in terms of tumblr subcultures, the littles are less annoying than the SJWs because they just seem like white trash, but still. Are any of you into it?

No. 47435

I think it's the same people who used to be into BL and kawaii bishies

No. 47436

I encounter more littles than sjws these days so honestly I find littles to be much more annoying. They need to take their stuffies and cummies and shove it.

No. 47437

It seems "cuter" than normal sex because it involves pastel colors/Japanese fashion/kid movies and shows. Most of the girls into this are on the cusp of adulthood and afraid of growing up, so they think ddlg is a way to stay young. To a naive person, a "daddy dom" seems more caring than a normal boyfriend- they think it means they get to be spoiled all day, cry, and watch Disney channel while doing naughty things.

I don't like dd/lg people very much, but the anti community is equally whiny and annoying.

No. 47438

I think there are sooo many different reasons for this crap.

Some of them genuinely like the incest/paedophile aspect of it. Imo they're the grossest ones.

Some of them strike me as pretty young and scared of a mature sexual relationship. Everything in a DDLG relationship involves treating the LG like a naive child, which probably appeals to their lack of experience and maturity. They don't have to be adult about it all because they're the LGs. They get some adult stuff (sex, a relationshp) while essentially not having to grow up.

I think a lot of the time the doms are insecure and uncertain too and they get a kick out of having the power and authority. A lot of doms, especially on tumblr, are pretty embarrassing in most social curcles but still get the constant praise and attention from their littles.

I've heard of some people using it to get over traume but I've never actually seen anybody mention this as their own reason, they just mention that it's a thing.

No. 47439

I'm not in a dd/lg relationship but I do act like a child during sex. Not literally, just my demeanor and…i dont know how quite else to describe itm Not the kind of spoiled princess kind, just…I love being dominated and in turn I do turn into that "abuse me" type of person that reverts into a childlike state. I don't know how many people it applies to, but it is an (unhealthy) way to cope with past sexual trauma for myself personally. I can't speak for every girl in a relationship like that, but I feel a good majority could be doing the same thing. And as for the other half…just a trendy or popular thing to get noticed on the internet. I heard and have studied a bit that sexual trauma while young can stunt the brain and kind of keep you like that. I look at such things like through tumblr or whatever and I can't really speak for them. You never know someone's past, and many young girls can be doing the same unhealthy kind of shit I do to deal with it. It makes me feel bad. For the most part, though, it can be pretty easy to spot the ones that do it for attention.

I dunno man, I don't know if I made any sense here because I'm kinda drunk. If someone can articulate it better for me I'd be glad to at least try and explain some of the points I'm making.

No. 47440

They just want to feel cared fora and be given attention. Since they're dysfunctional fucks they can't get this from any normal relationship.

No. 47441

No, those people turned into fakebois.

No. 47442

Theres also the secret LG's, who say they are against it but secretly do it/have a "mature" boyfriend who is rly just a Daddy Dom in disguise.

I think girls see it as a way to get someone they can easily get money from but dont want the pressure of being a Sugarbunny. What Ive heard from girls havin a SugarDaddy is that its work and takes a toll on you, soetimes being "that" woman to break up a marriage/relationship. You have to rly disconnect yourself and
make strict rules with them.

DaddyDoms, whilst the incest/peodophile ones have strict rules on their rape fantasy girls, the ones the tumblr girls go after..not really. The tumblr girls want to be spoiled, have money and get to say they are in a relationship. Its gross af yes but they dont see themselves as doing anything bad. These are the ones who are mainly on tumblr, reblogging baby/pink kid shit for aesthetic and tagging sailor moon rods as dildos, then saying they are doing nothing wrong and why should they have to care if a child sees it. The only people that matter are her and her daddy.

also Melanie Martinez is fucking filth and profits off peodophelia and sexualizes kids shit to the masses. Rude af, calls lolita "grown up babydresses from japan" and has made this shit go on trend. bye.

No. 47443

this stuff was popular ages before melanie martinez got famous

No. 47444

I have no idea what the appeal is, even as a sub. My relationships follow a similar dynamic, that's not what's weirdest - the weird part is that it's become a subculture, far from the fetish part of it and closer to emo/scene/etc.

I don't mean to blog, but when I act childish with my SO it's not watching Disney movies and sucking on a pacifier, it's being playfully bossy and asking him to do minor stuff because I'm too embarrassed/clumsy to do them. It developed into that over the years. These girls seem like they downloaded a personality and ran with it - hence the similarity with alt styles.


Seriously? Because… what the fuck? None of the tumblr LGs seem like the kind who cares about a guy's money, on the contrary, they seem like the young naive kind who'll date whatever loser comes along as long as he's a good "daddy" personality-wise.

No. 47445

>calls lolita "grown up babydresses from japan"

now I hate that bitch even more.

No. 47446

I hate the fanbase so much. The other day some girl said "OMG Sia copied Melanie's hair! Two-toned hair is MELANIE'S thing!!!1" bitch gtfo. They act like Melanie invented everything, even blue lipstick. Then again, it's all 14 year old girls.

No. 47447

This. And my other problem with Melanie is most of her fan base is tween/teens and they really don't need to know/ participate in this fetish.(I'm talking about all them underage littles) Also I know it's not sexual for all littles, but if you are underage you should not be active in a fetish.

And DDLG isn't the only aspect of the community but its fucking Tumblr and you really have to take it as face vale, for not know what they're talking about.

Also, the real name for the community that DDLG falls under is caregiver/little.

No. 47448

The Melanie fanbase is the new BOTDF fanbase.

No. 47449

Sia? You mean the woman who was making music way before this Melanie bitch was BORN? That Sia?

I've never even heard of this Melanie Martinez girl and god I'm already annoyed by her fanbase.

No. 47450

>Why is daddy dom stuff the kink du jour right now?

Other people in this thread have mentioned it, but look at how immature current 20-30 year olds are, and you have your answer. Nobody wants to be an "adult" if there is no need to be.

No. 47451

i'm into light dd/lg stuff, but i'm old and have been into kink for a while. i'm not a lifestyle little, though.

idk i like recreating my past sexual abuse and i have an absent father so it sorts of satisfies me in weird freudian ways that i don't really want to think about.

i don't like/get the tumblr obsession with it though, mostly because making the sexualisation of childishness trendy really gets my hackles up, even if that makes me a bit of a hypocrite.

sorry for the blog post.

No. 47452

Yes that Sia. It was in a YouTube comment on one of her music videos.
I thought "Shit, Harley Quinn and Cruella DeVille are copycats, too!"

No. 47453

Hey no like I mentioned earlier I do the same thing. Sometimes I feel gross and weirded out by it, or numb myself to it. I don't like when people say that because I've orgasmed through rape that I MUST like it, and that sinve I have this I guess "fetish" that it must mean it's ok but it's actually unhealthy and I do get in moods where I'm like "this is fucking sick I need therapy"…buuut my whole life all my sexual relations revolved around it and I don't think think it will ever change. Or maybe deep down I don't want it to because it provides safety? Relief?

But yep, the whole tumblr cutesy thing weirds me out because it feels like it fetishizes the actual people who almost can't help it. Nothing about any of it is cute. Young, impressionable people look at it and idolize it without realizing that a lot of them aren't even mentally ready to handle that kind of relationship. And if the little is treated badly they get into the thought process of "oh this is how it must always be" and then end up in a cycle of abusive relationships because ~aesthetic~. Puke.

No. 47454

what i mean is she made it go on trend and opened the door way for many kids to see this shit. i hate the bitch for her rudeness and her being up her own ass but now 14 year olds are wearing "daddy" shirts ot knowing wtf context goes with it. Ive seen it and ugh.

No. 47455

Know a girl right know who's into the kink and brought every item to do with the aesthetic using boyfriends money. Forced him to do ddlg and now has moved on to a real Daddy Dom type.

No. 47456

As you can see from this thread, women just like being dominated. Thats it.

No. 47457

File: 1477419983161.png (50.79 KB, 200x195, 200px-Neckbeards.png)

Robot gtfo.

No. 47458

as someone who recently dated a self-described 'daddy dom', I can see the appeal: the sex was fun. However, I think a lot of guys get into 'dom' lifestyle shit because they're insecure af. This guy did not want me to go out, he disapproved of my friends, he basically thought every male I knew was trying to fuck me. Role-playing in the bedroom is one thing, but I don't think I could keep up the 'lifestyle' and anyone who does so is probably pretty sheltered and isolated. I can easily that dynamic becoming a really unhealthy codependent relationship, and it's kind of worrying how many girls on tumblr seem to think it's the hot new trend.

No. 47461

I feel like this shit is super accepted and a new trend because it's basically the same old gender role bullshit but with a cute and trendy take. Only a girl with no experience or plain dumb would fall for a relationship like >>113712 described because it's sweet having a daddy.

No. 47462

What if it isn't much deeper for you other than liking cutesy clothes and thinking its hot? I have no history of csa (except one incident I'm not affected by or upset by). I'm not traumatized, I don't have daddy issues.

I just like the color pink and sometimes calling my boyfriend daddy in bed. I think for most "littles", their interest doesn't extend beyond that, and they exaggerate for attention from the rest of the dd/lg community online. It's the same for the hardcore bdsm community online- they exaggerate for attention.

No. 47463

I feel like the sex would be the only thing I like. I couldn't live through having to drink from sippy cups, coloring books all day, and watching solely Disney movies.

No. 47464

none of the littles online are doing that, they all have "real" jobs (like working in a mall or something lets not get ahead of ourselves), they're just being ott for internet attention.

No. 47465

The lifestyle thing is what really gets me. Why do you need to make your entire life about your fetish? It's ok to like cute things without being a baby all the time.

Underage girls getting into it also skeeves me out. Like ya'll don't need to pretend to be children because you still are.

I used to read a lot of the anti tumblrs but they also have their own flavor of crazy. A bunch of them have laundry lists of identities and there are a few other kin and "systems" thrown in the mix too.

Sometimes I don't know why I still use tumblr.

No. 47466

Absent father's being commonplace in modern society is my guess.

No. 47467

Bingo. Hence why it's more of a white girl thing.

No. 47468

Is that you, Sam Hyde?

No. 47469

Go away, racebait-chan. Non-white families (especially black ones) are just as likely to have absentee father figures, at least in the US. It's even a stereotype that comes out in the form shitty jokes.

No. 47470

don't white girls have father's in their lives more often than races like black and Hispanic though?


I like the idea of it during sex and the aesthetic. I'm pretty certain it came from a brief, weird CSA period of my life, even though it was rather short lived and not especially serious. I've also probably have been told I look young too much and the shit stuck to me

No. 47471

They're actually far more likely not to have a father.

No. 47472

I don't think it has to do with race as much as it has to do with how common broken families are across all races in current society.

No. 47473

its obviously bait guys. everyone already knows the absent father stereotype is about blacks lol

No. 47474

It kinda depends, but fathers being absent from a child's life isn't limited to one race. I've met more white girls with absent fathers than people of other races, but it can happen to anybody but I guess the most common being White, Hispanic and Black. Each one has its own stereotype if you think about it (I.e underage white girls are jailbait who dress trashy, Hispanic and black girls getting pregnant at 15, etc.). But still, daddy issues is probably a factor for girls with the daddy kink.

No. 47475

** The i.e as a result of daddy issues i mean

No. 47476

I'm a sub/masochist (blame madonna), and I like cute fashion, and cute things. But I never really understood the appeal of this role. Calling someone daddy and acting like their little girl. As someone who lives with her actual dad, I really don't want to call my boyfriend anything that could potentially remind me of my actual dad during sex lol. Maybe this is a little easier for girls with absent fathers. The same way I always assumed that imouto manga mangaka probably don't have a little sister in real life.

In general I would say, to each their own, but it's annoying that anything bdsm related revolves around this theme nowadays. Can't we also just fantasize about our partner being a senpai/senior or boss instead when it comes to power positions? Heck even getting dominated by a kouhai/junior is actually appealing, since you get owned up by someone who is suppose to be beneath you. 50 shades of grey was also never about a daddy dom and little girl, but people are trying to make it so. What's wrong with it just being a rich man dominating a middle class woman? And the way the character Ana was, was perfect, being an adult but acting really cute/innocent in a way that fits an adult. lol I know the book/movie has haters, but I liked it.

No. 47477

Girls dominating guys is so much better, anyway

No. 47478

I completely disagree. Different strokes..

No. 47479

I'm into nonsexual age play but idk why people would want to be a kid in a sexual way. The pedophilia associations are gross to me, and dads aren't very sexy irl.

No. 47480

Ana is compared to a child a lot during the books. The book was a tic tac away from practically being ageplay with the amount of references to Ana being youthful/young/innocent/childlike.

No. 47481

Doesn't Lana Del Rey have a daddy kink, too?

No. 47482

I wrote this >>113808 as a white woman with a white father who abandoned me. Not baiting, I'm totally serious.

No. 47483

sage for OT but that sucks anon :/

No. 47484

Uh, for African Americans it is actually far more likely that they are raised by a single mother/grandmother instead of a two-parent household.

No. 47485

How true is the daddy issues stereotype for you? Do you date men outside of your race? Are you promiscuous? Do you seek out older men etc?

No. 47486

Did you know that children born of white women and black men are even more likely to be illegitimate and have an absent father than children born of black men and black women?

No. 47487

File: 1477553326705.png (325.09 KB, 600x456, 1476027304664.png)


No. 47488

this tbh, though femdom 'culture' is 90% garbage

No. 47489

I've never dated older men but I do see my boyfriend as a father figure and expect him to take care of me as such. I also have a lot of separation anxiety when I'm away from him. I call him my papa sometimes but I'm not entirely into the lifestyle as a fetish, I just need to feel like there is a strong male figure around me at all times.
I can see how a lot of women like me are balls deep into the fetish though, having a bad relationship with your father or no father at all really fucks you up in multiple ways.

No. 47490

What's weird to me is that there is no male equivalent. There's no mommy issues thing. It's odd.

No. 47491

This poor child has never heard of "good boy points"

No. 47492

Oh, there definitely is. For some reason, no one pays attention to it, but guys can be massive nutcases with their mommy issues. It manifests more in entitlement like you see in /r9k/ types, sensitivity to criticism, laziness/refusal to learn how to cook and clean "because that's what my girlfriend/wife is for!", whiny behavior, and demands that the woman nurture him. They're basically just looking for a second mother. They like calling their SOs "mommy", too.

No. 47493

>There's no mommy issues thing. It's odd.

yes, there is, there are plenty of men with femdom fetishes who see thier wife/gf as a sort of maternal figure.

Google 'gentle femdom'

No. 47494

That's two different things though. The first is a fetish, the second is basically having a doting mother and growing to expect certain things.

For example, I'm Greek. Many Southern European men feel as though their girlfriends should be like mothers, cooking and cleaning because it's a way of them showing love to their husbands.

That's different hating your absent dad by dating black dudes.

No. 47495

Yes but a lot of men that grow up with overly doting mother's develop the same kind of issues and fetishizing nurturing women is a way to cope.
It's just like the girls with "daddy issues" even if the circumstances are different.

No. 47496

Because childreen most of the time stay with mother when father either fucks off, or when divorce happens and judge just gives kids to mother and father just pays.

No. 47497

I guess I personally just like it because its a much softer way of being dominated. Kinder. I honestly get fucking triggered if I'm called a worthless whore. I'm pretty nervous with sex and have had nothing but bad experiences. I want it to be a lot more loving and considerate. :/ but then its mostly non sexual.. I dont impose it on anyone, but I've always acted a lot young. Liked things for children. Just nt to be looked after by someone if they enjoy that? not feel like Im asking too much or being useless..
I didn't have an especially bad childhood, but i will say I was very much brushed aside by my parents and forced to grow up pretty fast (although somehow this has definitely just resulted in m being sheltered and shit at being an adult)

idk. I met a "daddy" recently and a lot of littles and they are just the kindest people I've met and we had so much fun

No. 47498

this shit disgusts me so fucking much. Especially the 40 something year old creeps reblogging teenage girls posts. I hate them more than the annoying ass "littles"

No. 47499

Sissy's, yo.

No. 47500

Im not one to kink shame but sissies are the fucking worse. they just dont seem to have boundaries half the time.

No. 47501


He looks like a fat onision.

No. 47815

No. 47816

What in heaven's name did I just watch?

Why did they film this…

No. 47817

Fatties can't get a job, so they want to be taken care off and fed, so they get into the kink where they can pretend that being fed and provided for, and washed and diapered once they become fused to the couch, is acceptable.

No. 47818

watched their other videos

>forcing your kink on the unsuspecting public


No. 47819

Generally speaking I think it's the combination of cutesy aesthetic and wanting a sugar daddy without actually saying it. For the guy it's the same usual wanting a girl who acts really young but instead of money in an envelope he buys her cutesy shit.

Also my dad abandoned but the funny thing is I have a revulsion for this sort of shit and I even hate the word "daddy." Anecdotal as shit, I know, but so much for the "daddy issues" theory.

No. 47820

Sissies disturb me in a way usually reserved for Yumi King's sugar daddy.
It's that weird outdated aspect with all the dated satin lacey nighties and phrases that no young girl would ever say mixed with the humiliation factor that being feminine is so "pathetic" to these men that it gives them shameboners. So gross.

The worst thing is that some sjw types have started to try to "reclaim" sissy as a word, which is so laughable when the sissy fetish is a misogynistic preserve of old kinky cis white men. Sjw is one hell of a drug.

No. 47821

fuck off back to tumblr

anyways i think ddlg is disgusting and thinly veiled pedophilia

No. 47822

You do realize "cis" is not a term made by Tumblr?

No. 47823

oh yes i do
i'm tired of this fauxgressive genderist bullshit
the transactivist movement is actually regressive and reinforces gender roles

No. 47824

You literally just replied to a post that pointed out the hypocrisy of some sjws by telling them to go back to tumblr. Well done anon gold star.

No. 47825

Just stumbled over the dd/lg Tag here and ofc had to tumblr it (what a bad habit to be curious). tbh i did not find particularly many really ' weird' posts (no diaper pictures, pacifier etc even tough calling your partner daddy is kinda disturbing itself). what's surprised me big time was that certain aspects mentioned in those posts are rather 'normal'? Having someone to cuddle, open up, be giggling and childish and feeling protected. Caring for your partner, doing things together as watching a movie etc. I also watch Disney movies with my bf, love cute fashion and like giving him awfully weird nicknames and having rough sex with each other, to what extend is it normal ?
I believe to have a pretty healthy relationship and I agree with those who mentioned that it could be a trend atm because a ddlg relationship seems to have aspects of a healthy relationship while not being one.

No. 47826

The point is that you could do most if not all of those things in a regular relationship. What's creepy is the fact that childhood and parenthood are projected unto things that would normally be perfectly innocent things.

No. 55548

Welp, I'm actually kinda in such a relationship. It doesn't consist solely out of that but sometimes I dig the "little" stuff. Like coloring books and being picked up and carried around. Also from time to time I call my bf daddy in bed.
Is it really that bad? ;_; I just dislike being an adult and make my bf be the protector and the one in charge gives me lots of peace.

No. 55549

As long as you keep it to yourself and don't make it your personality, nobody cares

No. 194806


No. 194830

> I don't know how many people it applies to, but it is an (unhealthy) way to cope with past sexual trauma for myself personally.
It's not just you. Nobody actually "gets over trauma" by regressing to a childlike state during sex. It's literally just your trauma response. The people that claim that are delusional.

A little bit of that behavior isn't such a huge deal but you do have to grow up at some point. If you have trauma in your past relating to sex or parents then you should see a therapist at some point to work on some stuff but generally speaking being a bit juvenile as you're learning to be ok with aging isn't a horrible, unspeakable thing. One reason to learn to advocate for yourself instead of letting your partner become your parent is that the partner is then able to abuse you and control your life, which can lead to really bad outcomes. It takes time to accept mortality and personal responsibility, just bear in mind that you should be working towards that.

Don't let the kink become your identity and don't let it be a lifestyle, that is all.

No. 194915

Lmfao I guess we’re using this thread again. I don’t give a fuck about this kink but I wish it weren’t so mainstream. Teens really feel uncomfortable calling their fathers a normal affectionate name. Can you guys please have this fetish a little quieter…

No. 194916

Why did you bump it then dumb ass, just let it die

No. 194930

Damn you're right as fuck. I saged this

No. 194935

File: 1625018288117.png (217.83 KB, 1059x1084, collar.png)

>4 year necrobump just to say "based"
tbh that's kinda based itself

My personal two cents on the subject at hand is that it's another easy way for girls to try to get the fabled "sugar daddy," in a way that's much less work than becoming a findom or whatever.

No. 195047

it's the opposite of based, it stinks of coomer brainrot especially since there is a whole active thread about that particular degeneracy

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