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File: 1488046249900.jpg (80.05 KB, 605x586, IMG_5191.JPG)

No. 55776

The only thing in life that makes me happy is buying stuff. Anyone here have a shopping addiction?has it effected your life?how do you get money to support your habits?

No. 55783

I make just enough money to sustain myself and occasionally treat myself to outings/things I want to buy online.
I make almost less than minimum wage.. but shopping has always been my coping mechanism for stress .. :/
I'm not sure why or how it became my go to strategy but it sometimes leaves me with no money for food/transportation/fun stuff for a few weeks.
In worse cases my bank account is overdrawn pretty frequently… so my credit is shit.
I try to replace this habit with healthier/more practical things but there's just something so exhilarating about getting new clothes or new things to put around the house/play with that honestly gives my life purpose when there is none.

No. 55908

One of my coping mechanisms was buying shit off Amazon so I wouldn't have to kill myself before it arrived.
Now I constantly browse cheap online stores in the hopes that there'll be something amazing, beautiful and cheap that will change my life.
Even on magical occasions that i have walked into a shop, almost immediately seen exactly what i wanted, for a reasonable or even cheap price, and it turns out to be even better than i had imagined, the high isn't great and doesn't last more than a few hours so i don't even know why i try.
Luckily I grew up poor so I'm anxious about money and i never spend too much, just too much on useless shit. the main problem is the amount of mental energy i spend on it.

No. 55914

I literally think about stealing things all day - from stores but also from individuals too and out of people's cars. I used to steal a lot as a child, and I remember the rush it used to give me and how it felt to have something nice that you didn't even have to ask for. Lately I've come really close to actually taking something because of how damn easy it is sometimes.

No. 55916

File: 1488330002621.jpg (607.33 KB, 1500x999, 353453.jpg)

What do you guys typically buy?

I buy whatever I'm obsessed with at the moment. Awhile ago, it was makeup, then decorative stuff for my apartment, then clothes (specifically dresses that I'll probably only wear 1-2x), and now probably kid stuff like toys, so I can relive the only time in my life when I didn't want to die.

I have enough money to get by but still find myself dipping into savings to buy dumb shit. I don't even understand it because I know rationally that it won't make me happy or fix anything, and that it'll make my anxiety worse because I'm spending money I don't have, yet I can't stop myself. I guess it's just a distraction from the fact that I'm suicidal and am just counting the days until I can kill myself.

It's not worth it, anon. I dunno where you live, but in the states, people can go for months stealing from certain stores "without getting caught" without realizing that stores will let you steal a certain amount of shit until they can charge you with a felony for everything instead of for stealing one single item.

Pic related is something I've been wanting to buy, even though I know I'll only enjoy it for a week or so before I get bored

No. 55918

I have a pretty bad shopping addiction. Any money I don't need for bills goes to fucking video game cosmetics or irl cosmetics. It's bad. I've been literally itching to go to Ulta for two weeks and resisting. I need to get cat food but I've been holding out because the store is next to Ulta and I know I won't be able to resist if I go. But I'm down to the last bit of food so I'm gonna go tomorrow…

No. 55921

Just for future reference, can you buy the cat food online? I dunno what kind it is, but if it's something available in most stores, you can order online from Walmart, Amazon, etc. Sometimes it's even cheaper online, as an added bonus.

That is, unless you've got an online shopping problem like me then that probably won't help.

No. 55924

I actually usually don't shop online because I need instant gratification to boot. So that's actually a good idea, I'm going to try that next time. It's too late now because I only have one can left so I really can't wait. I need some toner anyway….(really! My face breaks out without it. The trick will be to not buy $200 of other shit that I already have dupes of. Sigh.)

No. 55925

I don't have a shopping addiction but I do have a question for you anons. If you buy a bunch of shit, I know this would not be possible for every kind of item, but say you bought something and then the high wears off in just a few hours, can't you return the stuff after that?

No. 55927

File: 1488355121443.png (50.95 KB, 320x384, 3434.png)

I hope it works out for you! That's what I do sometimes, because it helps me step back and talk myself out of it before I go through the whole check out process.

For me, I try not to buy something that I'm seriously never going to have a use for. I almost never buy knick knacks or stuff that's just going to sit there. A lot of times, I buy stuff for my apartment since I moved recently, so I'm still addictive shopping but it's stuff I'll get some use out of or "need". Plus, I'm a poorfag and still try to take my finances/purchases into some consideration because of the guilt and shame that I feel.

I can only think of a few things I've bought that have no real use yet still get stupid satisfaction from and don't want to return. Like, I impulsively bought this dumb "Grow Owl" toy from Cracker Barrel. It sucked, was a waste of money, and just sits on my shelf, but it's cute, so I still feel a little high from it a month later. I don't think the high ever completely wears off for me.

No. 55928

I was on a shopping high for a while. It might have been because I went down that dark, deep rabbit hole of watching a large volume of haul videos on youtube. Mostly some clothing, random junk from shopgoodwill, and skincare products I didn't need (but each one got used at least if it wasn't returned).

After a few months of wasting saved money I got sick of it. Those pangs of regret after getting another frivolous whatever item eventually became stronger than the shot of dopamine that it gave me.

No. 55945

File: 1488381753209.jpg (135.19 KB, 960x540, e8776715.jpg)

I feel like I'm heading this way, if I'm not already addicted. These last few months I've been buying so much video games, art books and stupid anime merch. The games aren't as bad as I can actually do something with them but art books and merch are just taking up space.

I just recently ordered some keychains only because they were cute and cheap. I'm not even a big fan of the characters featured, I just wanted it because I could afford it.

No. 55953

File: 1488405459159.jpg (135.8 KB, 500x332, bjd-4.jpg)

Much of my money has been spent on figures and similarly useless things for years. I feel so guilty still living at home with a room full of pointless shit. Thankfully, I've been setting a lot of it aside so I can sell it and put the money into savings.

I'm not sure how it even got started, to be honest. I think I just felt lonely and useless and the stuff I bought helped me feel better in some way.

Pic related, I've spent way too much fucking money on ball jointed dolls.

No. 55955

Whenever I see posts like this (not yours specifically, anon,) I feel extremely glad that I've never given in to that voice in my head telling me that I NEED certain fandom related POP figures and stuff like that. My boyfriend caved once and bought Hagrid and Voldemort POP figures because they were on sale at GameStop and I still feel a little salty about it now and then. We could've paid a bill with that money.

No. 55968

>We could've paid a bill with that money.
What? Arent't those like, $15?

No. 55972

I have literally the opposite of a shopping addiction. I go to a grocery(!) store and wander around for 20 minutes and come out empty handed. kek I'm such a cheapskate

No. 55975

He bought two, but I guess I meant more that it could've been money that went to a bill instead of toys we'll leave in the box and never fuck with. I could give them to my son when he gets old enough to be into Harry Potter, but then collectibility goes out the window. Oh well, I suppose I shouldn't be worried about that anyway.

No. 55983

Do you think it's stupid having money set aside for hobbies though?

No. 55991

is anyone else here a broke ass college student addicted to buying cheap shit? I don't even own a credit card to rack up debt on so I use what little i have leftover from rent that I should be saving for other things on useless aliexpress clothing hauls that I'm always kinda disappointed in once it all ships to me, useless cute dollar store/ daiso shit, and things I get heavily on clearance that I end up wearing maybe once.

(at least some of the stuff I waste money on I end up reselling so in that way I kind of get my money back, but like….. I feel like i'm trapped in an endless cycle of buy-sell and every time I manage to clear my closet of junk I go out and accumulate more bullshit)

No. 56013

Fellow poorfag here, I do a mix of things.

That is fun. It always feels good when you "beat" your demons by not buying something. Usually I'll start out with 10 items in my cart/basket and whittle it down to 0-2. I will also spend hours browsing eBay, Taobao, and other sites, cart-ing/bookmarking items that I want to buy (then never do.) I get a rush from it.

I used to spend my money collecting J-pop CDs and memorabilia. It was stupid expensive and pointless, but also gave me a rush. I would almost never listen to the physical CDs, either…

No. 56028

What you can do is "save up" for a big ticket item that's like $400, it'll take you a long time to save it up and by the time you have the money you probably don't want it anymore and the money can go back into a savings account.

Shopping cheap and on clearance isn't bad, just keep track of how much you're spending on it. Whenever you have an urge to splurge, just picture that expensive item you're saving up for and you'll be less tempted.

I was the exact same as you but now I'm at the point where I'm selling and donating all the stuff I went crazy buying. Good luck!

No. 56042

>>55991 fuck same its awful

No. 56059

I have money and I'm still constantly ordering cheap shit online. It's barely about the actual item of clothing anymore, it's the temporary gratification I get from buying it (especially online). I waste so much money on things I don't really want or don't fit well just because they're cheap. My closet is fucking bursting and I've gotta throw stuff I've barely worn away on a regular basis, I should sell things but I'm too lazy.

No. 56071

>That is fun. It always feels good when you "beat" your demons by not buying something.

I don't know, to be honest I always feel depressed either way. At least when I impulse buy I get something. I starve for a few days, but kek

No. 56083

File: 1488655489055.jpg (1.29 MB, 1280x1698, 1479495792024.jpg)

I have this exact same problem. I'm going to try and stop myself from buying anything that isn't strictly necessary this March. The amount of money I spent this year so far is insane.

But I do love knowing that I have a million packages that'll arrive soon!

No. 56085

Same here OP and anons. I'm moving in 3 months though, and then moving again in another 2 months, so that will probably give me some other things to be happy about. I hope.

With that said…I luckily (to me…) need some new clothes/travel supplies anyway so it gives me an excuse to go shopping for my big moves.

How has it effected my life? Well, I haven't dated in 3 years (by choice) and am excited to date again in large part because boyfriends make great ATMs. When I think about dating, free movies, restaurants, vacations, and expensive presents are the things I miss most. Right now though, I've been buying and selling stuff to make money to shop. Also, I'm a member of a couple referral program so use the referral money for shampoos/conditioners/makeup/cleaning supplies/cat food etc.

Like >>55927 I buy stuff I actually use.

Although I use referral money to buy a lot of my basic supplies such as hair/shower supplies, makeup, and cat supplies…I'm obsessed with deals on pretty much everything. I have a hard time even buying food if it's not on sale. I buy used designer clothes from eBay and Poshmark. I've also gotten into refurbishing designer bags and clothes for resale. When I get a $300 shirt for the price of something at Forever 21, it makes me feel happy. If I don't like something, I just resell it. The "rush" stays with me for the life of the item because I am a designer-whore. The thrill of knowing a dress retailed for $1,000 but I got it for $10-$20 never gets old.

>>Does anyone else have family that hates shopping? My mom hates shopping and doesn't care about designers at all. With that said, she'll pay full price for most things just to avoid having to shop around. It's weird to me, because I'm pretty sure 99% of the female population is at least prone to shopping addiction kek

For me, shopping around is half the fun…

No. 56106

Yup, I do this too. I used to do it on eBay, but ever since I discovered a Taobao shopping service I've been buying a of cute fan merch and stationery from there. I spend hours looking through pages and end up with tabs and tabs of stuff I want to buy. For the most part I weed out things I don't "need" (kek), but I still spent $100 this month. It all adds up so fast. The worst part is I got my mom into it too and she's always sending me stuff she wants me to buy.

>But I do love knowing that I have a million packages that'll arrive soon!
Why are packages so addicting? I have a huge one coming and just knowing its out there makes me happy.

No. 56277

I just started a new full time "big girl" job, also I'm married and my husband pays our rent and all I really need to worry about is my car payment, groceries and utilities. The rest of my money is "fun" money so all I do at work is shop on my phone for Lolita stuff and makeup lmao. I worked really fucking hard to get to where I'm at so I'm just reveling in it. But my life feels really shallow, I constantly need to buy a new accessory/clothes/makeup item or else I feel empty. Honestly it's because I feel really ugly most of the time so my whole life revolves around being a kawaii princessu to feel better about myself. Half the time I feel gorgeous and half the time I feel like I look like a man in a wig. Idk if that's just a normal girl thing or what

No. 56280

I have a pretty severe shopping problem and it makes me worry I'm going to turn into a massive hoarder like my mom. I have piles and piles of new stuff in my room, more clothes than I could ever fit in my closet and massive boxes upon boxes full of my stuff. It's a compulsion at this point and I end up doing it almost without thinking.

At least I feel less alone now…

No. 56305

>I'm going to turn into a hoarder
You already are anon, get to Mari Kondo-ing that shit right now

Do you have any hobbies that don't revolve around buying things or the way you look?

No. 56308

don't 99% of hobbies revolve around buying things in some form?

No. 56309

>The only thing in life that makes me happy is buying stuff.
>Anyone here have a shopping addiction?
Me lol
>has it effected your life?
Not really
>how do you get money to support your habits?
Birthday money, Christmas money, my weekend job as store support. I also save the money that's left when I have to buy shit for university.

I'm really addicted to skincare and makeup. At least I have good skin thanks to those products, so when someone tried to say I have an addition I reply that's because I want good skin.

No. 56313

File: 1489173809303.png (275.95 KB, 540x306, ad.png)

I think I have a bit of a shopping addiction.
Especially when I'm feeling sad or stressed out. Getting cute new clothes makes me feel so nice. The problem is I'm trying to save up a lot of money for a few important things so I can't let myself spend too much. Because of a new job I think I've been spending too much lately. On the way back from work I always go straight into the shopping centre just to try on clothes and it's a weird stress relief thing.

Luckily I have the sense not to buy any of the super overpriced clothing here, ( nearly $70 for some basic ass shirt ) but I do often jump on anything that's on sale- and when I'm online shopping I'll collect a BUNCH of on-sale items into the cart and go back and forth between getting them and not getting them, and then the site will tempt me with the whole "free expedited shipping at $100" thing, so I often do that and tell myself it's worth it because I'm getting a lot of things. I suppose it's better than outright buying a lot of expensive stuff, but It doesn't make too much of a difference when I'm doing it so frequently.

No. 56318

I asked my younger sister to keep my credit card with her for 3 months. I was spending too much cash and was basically broke. I know I did the right thing but it's sad when you realize you have to ask your much younger sister if she can help you control your finances. oh the money I spent on useless shit and fattening food… I don't even wanna think about that.

No. 56360

I don't really buy a lot of things, I just tend to treat myself a bit too much. I'm a student and get a scholarship because of my family being poor as fuck, and I live with my family so I only need to pay for my phone, my food, clothes and stuff for college. So I save money little by little without working , since getting a job when you're a student where I am is a miracle. I could save so much more money than I already do but I used to not have much before college so I tend to go out with friends and eat in fast food restaurant or actually pretty good restaurant pretty often, and I buy cheap and rare video games and other weeb shit while they're still available (I was too poor to get the consoles and games I always wanted to have). I'm starting to buy more makeup and skincare products so I can feel like I'm buying useful things but I still feel guilty about it. I don't even use makeup all that much.

I try not to spend too much on what I buy while still buying as much as usual. Can't wait to have a job and more money.

No. 56375

I think I'm developing a shopping addiction. But I spend other people's money on stuff that I want so it doesn't affect me as much

No. 56393

knowing that packages are on their way is SO addicting and i have no idea why it gives me so much joy??? i have a really mundane package and a fun (huge american apparel closing sale clearance haul) package on their way and both are like equally exciting to me

No. 56395

Good on you for for doing something about it, however small of temporary.

No. 56416

Me too!
I bought $200 worth of stuff from Mixxmix and so much new skincare stuff to try from Ulta. They are all coming tomorrow so Im excited as fuck.

No. 56419

File: 1489437071033.jpg (110.8 KB, 500x588, 75756757.jpg)

I'm currently doing a "no-spend challenge" for the rest of the month, because I've been so out of control for the past month or so with my spending and it's actually kind of alarming/worrying me now.

Basically, not going to spend money on anything other than groceries, rent, and other have-to's. I put a block on all the sites I usually waste money on and am only going out for work and groceries and then straight home. I'm even going out of my way to shop at a small grocery store that's in the middle of nowhere, so I can't wander over to other stores to spend money.

I'm hoping this might help with my binge eating too since I spend at least $50-100/mo ordering takeout when I've always got plenty of food at home to eat. Kinda scared, but this thread is a little motivating to work on myself.

No. 56421

good luck anon, you'll thank yourself in the future

No. 56422

Thanks, anon!

No. 56657

I've started by making a budget and tracking my purchases in a spreadsheet to keep my habits under control. If I can see all the stuff I buy in a month and the cost, it will make me think twice about buying something else. Kind of like tracking calories!

At the moment I'm trying to do a huge overhaul of all the things I have. Mostly clothing. I'm trying to get my wardrobe reduced to a more capsule like wardrobe instead of having 100s of items for the sake of having them. Also buying things for quality over quantity and making do with less.

The amount of stuff I have is ludicrous and I actually don't enjoy having so much stuff around me, I find it overwhelming and it stresses me out. It's cathartic for me to sell or get rid of the items.

So far, my methods are working, but it's painfully slow trying to get rid of things.

No. 56850

I can never save money. I made $425 dollars on friday. I'm down to 60. I don't even know what i bought outside of what i planned (which was about $200 worth of things). I spend a lot/most of my money on other people too, so I end up feeling empty from my spending most of the time. Like i said, i literally don't know where it goes.

No. 56853

Log into your bank account and add up all of your recent charges.

No. 56856

File: 1490188861682.jpg (99.18 KB, 540x848, 1b3dd55d898a22081a31f0292da235…)

I used to be REALLY bad with this, spending my entire paycheck on ridiculous things I wanted to the point where I went weeks without gas or electricity because I didn't save any money for paying the bills. I realized how ridiculous it was early on, though, thank god.

Now, I take influences from the whole 'minimalist lifestyle' and only buy things I know I'm going to use regularly, only have a few (but all high quality) clothing pieces, etc. I also cook at home all the time and only eat out once a month at most (and always with friends), I don't drink coffee or smoke so that saves a little bit, I cleared up my debt (that was my main priority for a while), I don't use credit cards and avoid ATM's (most charge a convenience fee), as soon as I get my paycheck, I take 100$ from it and put into savings. Also, I follow the general rule that if I can't pay for something in cash, I can't afford it. I learned all these tips and everything from various sources, mainly Youtube though.

Also, pic related is what I did when I started and it helped a lot.

No. 56858

that's quite the turnaround, good job!!

No. 56859

Thank you for the inspiration, anon. I hope to get where you are in the next few years. It just feels like I'm drowning in debt (none of it school related,) and I'm so shit at managing my life. If you have any other tips, they would be greatly appreciated…

No. 56860

This is rad anon, thank you.

No. 57062

>tfw got a massive tax return and started going back to work regularly after depression

I just paid off my entire Paypal credit of $850, my Target redcard bill, and I'm all caught up with my monthly bills. Not too long ago I also paid off the last of a $2k medical bill too.
I don't know if anyone else uses Paypal but their damned "hurr 6 months no interest" is a really dangerous trap to fall into, I bought so much shit because of that. But hey, at least the interest wasn't collected on my actual credit card had I made the purchases with that instead I guess. Beware.

Now all I have to do is tackle a $3.2k credit card debt and all I'll have left is my student loan to worry about. Ah hah…ha, ha, ha. Fuck. But it's progress!

No. 57084

>my addiction is buying lolita shit
>spend like $300 a month MINIMUM more like $500+
Doesn't seem like much but I only make $10 an hour before taxes.

No. 57094

Animu shit mostly, manga, games, blu-rays, figures.

The problem is I buy them to help with depression, then I'm too depressed to play/watch/read them.

Figures are nice, but after awhile I feel guilty for having them. Shopping helps me feel alive though, I love just adding to my Amazon wishlist and Etsy favorites. But on top of weeb shit, I want clothes, makeup, housewares, everything.

Can you buy happiness?

No. 59702

>Legitimately have a problem where I spend money out of stress
>Blew through a trust fund of $200K through a mix of this and family asking for money all the time (began spending MORE just to get rid of it)
>Now at 25K
>Freaking out because i haven't been working because i've been working nonstop since i was 15
>Keeps happening

Staying at home more has been helping so as long as i stay off amazon or other sites where i already have my card saved i'm fine.

Luckily my husband might be getting a good enough job to support us both so i don't have to get a shitty job while i wait for my art to get more exposure/find an art related job in general
His only stipulation is that I take on the chores in exchange (except for taking out the garbage and walking his dog) so i'm really fucking hopeful this works out.

Plus housework is easy if you keep up on it so i'll have lots of time to study and get better at my art.

Here's hoping

No. 59710

Your husband is an absolute saint, you better keep a good house

No. 60242

There are hobbies where you can learn stuff and what you're buying is knowledge and not solid things

No. 69258

I just get so overwhelmed. I follow some cows and I'm just really into the same aesthetics as they are. Then I get this burning itch like I need to have what they have, or I won't feel as cute or satisfied.. or I'm missing out on something. Whether its clothes, plushies, makeup (cute packaging a must), the best tech, whatever. Its just really satisfying to be like "Oh yeah I have this. I have that. I'm just like them." Then they post something new and the process repeats. I mean I try to stick to things that I find myself liking for a long time. It helps with stress, and it kind of feels like something to be proud of. I don't like to brag about my possessions, its more like, I am excited if other people have the same things to talk about together. Like oh this product is amazing, it makes me feel confident blah blah blah etc etc.

I just feel prettier or whatever. Like maybe people will find me interesting and alluring or it becomes a conversation starter. And materialistic things don't perish. And I do prefer to find things at a good deal if possible, no doubt. It feels more rewarding or exciting getting something seemingly expensive or overpriced for cheap.

I used to be a camgirl so I had clients gift me stuff or I just used that as a side source of income while I go to work. And I have a wonderful fiance who is very generous to me.

No. 69260

I guess I'm just the opposite. I had a stingy father, my mother wasn't stingy but she spent money either on food and then herself. So, I only got money through hard work and I appreciate every last penny. Every time I see something I'd like to buy, I ask myself if I really, really need it. Also, not buying on impulse but waiting a few days and seeing if I still feel the same towards the product or service works wonders. A lot of times I realize that I'm glad that I didn't purchase that.

On the other hand, when I do buy things, I always make sure that they are of good quality and I seldom try to go for the cheapest option, that and informing myself with all the reviews available online.

Maybe some of these methods might help you too? Unfortunately, I wish I could feel not guilty about buying things that aren't a necessity. While, not a shopping addict, now that I have money to spare, it's silly that I forbid myself even a simple pleasure. I'd like to make an appointment for a facial massage, but in my mind, it's pointless so I don't.

No. 69275

Your life sounds extremely unstressful except for the part where you wasted a tonne of money you didn't have to earn

No. 69279

How the fuck do you afford it? Do you live at home or what? I guess it's your money but have fun never having any savings or a retirement account.

No. 94444

File: 1536248619658.png (68.08 KB, 578x547, 1323497568001.png)

I have a slight addiction. I can control it and am generally a saver when it comes to my money but sometimes I get bouts of just browsing for anything and everything or "upgrading" items I already have. For me, it's about wasting time and escaping reality while I listen to music. I like looking at pretty, cool, or rare items that suit my tastes and I end up getting delusions like "this will make my life better if I buy this" or "I'll seem more appealing if I own this" when in reality no one gives a fuck except me.

When I'm shopping, I spend weeks looking for the perfect item that I want to buy before I just blow my cash and then when I'm choosing between a few similar items that I want (for example similar shades of makeup or perfumes with similar notes), it takes me even more weeks to decide which one I'm going to choose.

No. 94545

>I follow some cows and I'm just really into the same aesthetics as they are. Then I get this burning itch like I need to have what they have, or I won't feel as cute or satisfied.. or I'm missing out on something. Whether its clothes, plushies, makeup (cute packaging a must), the best tech, whatever. Its just really satisfying to be like "Oh yeah I have this. I have that. I'm just like them."

I don't understand why some farmers want to be like the cows

No. 94551

I don’t think op means she wants to be a cow (life choices or personality). She means she has their aesthetic or style.

No. 94552

File: 1536331571107.gif (928.58 KB, 470x232, 098.gif)

I don't understand why dumbass farmers like you necro a thread without contributing anything to it.

Does anyone buy clothes often then resell them? I always get giddy when I buy new clothes. Sometimes its really hard to part with old clothes (that are still in style). It helps curve my clothing spending habits by selling a few old things to buy new clothes. It feels more refreshing. I'm addicted to looking at clothes on depop. I could spend an hour or two of my day just scrolling. I sell mostly on there too. There's more J-fashion sellers on there now. I like anime merch but it gets expensive. Sometimes I regret buying anime merch since I may outgrow a series and move on to something else. Now that it's Halloween season, I'm trying to fight the urge to buy a bunch of random halloween decor I don't need. Its fun decorating, but all that shit hoards up just for to display two months of the year. Does anyone just have boxes of collectables they don't have space for? I need to stop buying random Disney stuff from Japan. I keep telling myself that if an item is exclusive, I'll never get the chance to have it again. Then they release something cooler, and I hate myself for it lol.

No. 94553

…anon, >>94444 posted yesterday you retard.

No. 94567

Dumbass spotted.

No. 94572

Why do I get the feeling this is the same anon white knighting themselves and spamming the thread with insults because they’re butt hurt. No1curr. Add something to the thread or gtfo.

No. 94722

I have always loved shopping, this year I stopped buying random things so I can save for holidays instead! I think it'd be nicer to buy something unique overseas and have a memory attached to it.

I also saw this video and learned more on fast fashion, it really opened my eyes. I stopped wanting to buy more items from Zara and H&M. I find it helps also to just play games like Covet fashion, Love Nikki, Imvu and I got back on Gaia online recently if you really love shopping haha. I spend a lot of my time on challenges in Covet also searching for cute things for my av on Gaia instead of online shopping.

No. 94726

they're trying to tell you no one necroed the thread because it was active a day before. sorry you're an idiot.

No. 94746

I do this too! I find I recycle through clothes less when I buy a more unique piece overseas or have a memory with it. It stops me from impulse buying clothes as well that I wear a few times then get bored of. Love Nikki is really cute. I wish I could easily find some pieces from the game online.


can you all shut the fuck up??? you're all dumb asses and you're spamming the thread. nobody gives a shit.

No. 94817


Yeah, it does help for sure. I don't play anymore (took too much space/battery on my phone so many updates as well) but the clothes are definitely cute!

No. 124132

File: 1569438187285.jpeg (627.99 KB, 1797x2700, 9133d0b8-247f-4577-9b19-4d7bdf…)

Hopefully this is the latest thread on the topic…

I wanted to recommend all anons struggling with the issue book in pic related. You can get it for free on libgen and it's super helpful if you commit to it. It's sort of like going through therapy by yourself. You have to do the exercises and take your time. The book not only helps you stop overshopping, but also find out wtf is wrong with you. I am not finished with it yet (to be honest, I have not even reached the halfway point…) but I am already really glad that I have found it! It's especially great if you like writing, as you will have to write down answers to many questions about your shopping habits.

I thought I would share it since I had issues finding a good self-help book on shopping addiction before someone recommended this one to me. If you are struggling with compulsive shopping, please give it a shot. It costs nothing and might help you a lot.

No. 124147

thanks so much anon, i'm going to look into this! i have been going crazy with spending on stuff i don't need or use so hopefully this will point me in the right direction.

No. 133029

I keep buying useless stuff when I'm bored even though I'm broke. My cat died.

anyways. The farmhands have been deleting my posts for a while now.


nice comeback. man /m/ and /g/ are truly fucked.

funny that you call me a radfem when i just point out the lolis and the ddlg shit

>gang bang doujins
totally not a male. this couldn't be more obvious

if only y'all could delete scat and gore as fast as my posts loll

my ban's reason was: lose some weight
why are anachans mocked when the farmhands call anyone 'hamchan' btw?
and isn't calling someone hamplanet infighting? or it's ok to insult someone you've never seen because they don't support blatant pedophilia?

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