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File: 1441160557449.jpg (21.97 KB, 500x500, grapefruit-vagina.jpg)

No. 51836

Vagina general. Talk about your vaginas, ask questions, period and other reproductive system stuff is OK too. So is masturbation talk
I'll start
My clit is really fucking small. like the average clit is supposed to be pea sized and mine is maybe a quarter of that size and it makes masturbation frustrating and fruitless (yes even with toys)

No. 51837

File: 1441164945258.jpg (4.33 KB, 240x240, hitachi-wand-massager-hv-250r-…)

I can't get off to fingering myself. I use the shower head or the hitachi wand.

No. 51838

I have a similar problem anon, it's stressful. Oddly, I've always been pretty open about sex and sexuality but I'm 23 and have never had an orgasm and that's super embarrassing. I can talk to my doctor about STIs and vaginal health no problem, but I've been too embarrassed to ever ask about orgasms. It's not like I've never had good sex, I've had great sex but still nothing. I'm terrified of new sexual endeavors because I'm afraid they'll think there's something wrong with me. I guess I should just suck it up and learn how to fake it instead of just being awkward at the end of sex.


Are these things really that great? I've tried some vibrators but it feels like I can hardly tolerate much clitoral stimulation before I get overwhelmed, it almost feels painful or something. Does this happen to anyone else?

No. 51839

Yes. However my first time with it was very overwhelming, so much that I started to cry, which I think was part of the orgasm. Do you use lube when you do clitral stimulation?

No. 51840

Not really, the only lube I had was some flavored stuff left over from my last relationship that just seems to irritate the area and leave me feeling sticky and gross. I'll gladly take any suggestions!

Interesting about the crying though, like I said I never had an orgasm but I have cried before during sex, which did feel like a cathartic build up and release. Similar feelings of overstimulation I suppose, glad I'm not the only one that's happened to.

No. 51841

I have a hard time orgasming from sex. I'm totally fine when I masturbate, however. I guess when I'm not doing it myself I just kind of check out after a while, it's really hard for me to focus and if I want get close to cumming I really have to focus. I end up faking it a lot, I guess because it's so easy to get my bf off that I feel self conscious or even bored if it starts taking too long for me.

No. 51842

Don't put flavored lube in your vagina! That's a good way to get a yeast infection

No. 51843

I wish I could feel what an orgasm feels just once. I try and keep going at it, but it gets to the point where it justs become painful and sore thst I have to quit.

No. 51844

Well I'm on my period atm, I started yesterday and today is "the day". The day where I live in sweatpants and take painkillers. First two days are the worst then it's okay but I still get slight aches here and there. My tits are tender and I just hate having my period in general.

I do masturbate, not with toys or even fingers. It's like using the side of my hand, I can't explain it but it's rubbing on my clit really hard and eventually it feels really, really good. I've been doing it years, not even ashamed, it's just masturbation?

I don't know how girls get off at fingering though. I've tried and I don't like it tbh );

No. 51845

I can't take direct stimulation to my clit so I usually have to masturbate on the hood or with my panties on. I've had orgasms vaginally maybe about five times and squirted each time. Oh my god it was so embarrassing the first time it happened. I thought I had just pissed all over the guy.

No. 51846

Just tell the person you sre fucking that you can't cum. It'll be fine.

No. 51847


i will bleed on everything u luv asshole

No. 51848

I usually don't orgasm when masturbating because I just get bored and quit. It takes too fucking long. Maybe it's the fact on Prozac and it kills my sex drive and sensitivity.
Back to your containment thread >>28460

No. 51849

I spent so long thinking there was something wrong with me because sex wasnt amazing like everyone makes it out to be. Recently I've brought it up with friends though and it was just a rush of relief/honesty from a lot of us. like "omg SAME." Sadly a lot of women just aren't able to cum from penetration. For me sex just doesn't feel like much. In the way that wearing a tampon isn't arousing either :c I still enjoy sex just or the intimacy but I think sex for a lot of women is mostly psychological and I find my mind wanders too much. Even with oral there's not enough visual stimulation or me.. like I'd get watching porn on my own.

No. 51850

Bless this thread. I always thought there was something wrong with me.


I feel this. I wish I could feel it once so I at least knew how to fake it.


Been there anon, antidepressants are terrible for your libido.

No. 51851


Yah anti's will do that to you.

I was on Prozac for a year when I suddenly got sick of behaving like a robot and went cold turkey.
5 days after coming off them my sex-drive exploded out of nowhere one night and I ended up masturbating (with multiple orgasms) 17 times in 29 minutes.

Yeah I know.

No. 51852

Go jerk off your baby carrot to your anime girl figurines, you insecure fag.

No. 51853

>baby carrot
had a hearty kek. new favorite term for micropenis

No. 51854

I have given much hopeless effort to finding my clit and I have decided I do not have one because I don't want to think about it

No. 51855

File: 1441242824437.jpg (89.43 KB, 639x907, lusciousnet_lusciousnet_0002_1…)

Wow,I have the opposite problem to most of you here. I feel like my clit is huge.

It's like 1.5 inches long and actually gets erect when I'm horny. When my boyfriend saw it, he couldn't stop talking about how big it was and now I'm afraid of him looking at it.

I'm just happy the rest of my vagina isn't abnormal. I have a cute anime vagina wee it not for the huge clit peeking out at the top. I can push it down and hide it fine when I'm whatever, but it gets really hard and pokes out during intimacy and I hate it. I wish I had a cute, tiny clit, even if it was harder to masturbate.

No. 51856

File: 1441243292473.jpg (140.41 KB, 1000x1500, Kakenes-terps-LivCo-Corsetti-F…)

I'm just like you physically, and for me enjoying sex has been an ongoing journey of self discovery. It takes time to learn to relax, to let go, to start loving the penis.

What really helped me was dressing up and BDSM. I love clothes, and I realised that I could have a 'secret closet' filled with cheap chinese lingerie from ebay…I strongly advise the crotchless fishnet bodystocking.

It makes me feel like a sexy sloot, gets me in the mood, and makes my fiance go nuts, which further helps me in feeling sexual. It's very vain, but I get off on looking sexy as hell.

I think you just have to find what works for you. Incorporate things you enjoy outside of sex, or your fetishes, into sex and enjoy yourself. Let go and allow your enjoyment to be genuine. Nothing worse than faking sexual pleasure.

No. 51857

Ugh, I'm the same. Mine is around 2 inches, but mercifully it's all tucked inside so I don't feel like a futanari. The rest is cute, but I hate my clit.

No. 51858

So do you have orgasms fairly easily?

No. 51859

Ummm, not really? It's super, super sensitive, so it has to be touched really lightly! Sometimes it hurts :( if I'm really light, it takes like, thirty seconds lol

No. 51860


I'm another girl and that's super hot.

My clitoris is the "so miniscule are we even sure it's there" kind but what's weird is that despite it being so small it's still extremely sensitive.

I wouldn't mind a larger one tbh.

No. 51861

Could you guys post pics of something similar to what you're describing? (serious question)

My gyn told me I had a bigger clit, but I'm not even sure where it is tbh. I've googled it, but I'm not seeing anything similar. I'm still a virgin, so idk what guys would think of it..

No. 51862

My labia are horrible and lopsided and I want a labiaplasty. The rest is normal, I guess. I'm really weird and prudish about it, though. I don't want anyone else to touch "down there" unless it's through clothing. I just can't stand it. It doesn't feel good physically or emotionally/mentally/whatever. However, after ~17 years of masturbating, I'm pretty good at it. Within the last year I've mastered (lol) the trick of bringing myself to orgasm three times in a row. A few weeks ago, I did that four times in an hour, and I was really impressed with myself.

I want to try out sex toys but I'm too embarrassed to buy them, even over the internet.

No. 51863

File: 1441278843051.jpg (19.78 KB, 406x387, 1291116173328.jpg)

I can't experience sexual pleasure at all.
I mean, some times in the distant past I think I've been horny and penetration has felt okay, but I've never been able to go over the edge, neither do I really… feel horny a lot?
I'm in a committed relationship right now and our sex life is seriously dead. I want to please him, but I just… don't want to have my vagina touched at all.
I'm worried because I do want to have sex with them, but either I feel nothing or I am in horrible pain.


No. 51864


No. 51865

What is the difference between a real orgasm, however weak, and a non-orgasm?

I usually just rub the hood of my clit until my body "releases", and then I relax and no longer feel horny - most of the time the "release" hardly feels like anything, and I can only tell that I've come from the latter part.

So, is this a real orgasm? Is there such a thing as a weak orgasm? Because those are the only type of sensation I've had.

No. 51866


I wonder this…

Also what does penetration actually feel like? I'm a virgin, I masturbate till I actually feel good. But I know penetration is different… I've tried fingering but it's not pleasing enough and g-spot is hard to fucking find…

Non-virgin-chans pls tell me

No. 51867

File: 1441284267615.gif (1008.37 KB, 500x299, 206.gif)

Ummm, I tried googling, but I only found monster porn clits. :(


Sex toys well change your life. Do it, anon.


That's it. That's an orgasm. Some people just don't have super intense orgasms. Start to listen to your body and just enjoy it. Stop expecting something ~mind blowing~, because must orgasms aren't, and most porn is fake or exaggerated. Just listen to your body and learn to enjoy knowing yourself in different ways. The better you know your body, the better you'll know how to reach better heights of pleasure.

No. 51868

File: 1441286182308.png (37.02 KB, 500x274, 1211276983432890.png)

>mfw I went to a doctor and they said they didn't know what the problem was
>went to another doctor and she asked if I had been raped

doctors are shit in this country

No. 51869


You need to try edging.

No. 51870


Pleasure from penetration is a totally different pleasure to clitoral pleasure.
Penetration feels almost primal and bestial in a sense, I mean it should really, but the overwhelming majority of women cannot orgasm through penetration alone. I never have and most of lolcow never will have either.

When girls talk about masturbation most of the time we're describing clitoral masturbation.

Because I can't finish through penetration I have an arrangement with my boyfriend that after sex we'll cuddle up and I'll finish myself up with my LELO whilst he plays with me/snuggles me.
Most of the time I don't even bother though because for some reason sex can be really satisfying without you finishing at all. Like after he cums something inside of you just feels really satisfied and complete and you just want to roll over and cling onto him for the next 10-20 minutes.

I guess it's that hormonal bonding shit.

No. 51871

Or you could fap during sex. I do it while he's behind me like in doggy and it makes both of us happy.

No. 51872


Eurgh I can't, the over-stimulation is too much to bear.

No. 51873

My orgasms feel like my uterus is on fire. I don't know how else to explain it. I heard that if you get a hysterectomy you may not be able to orgasm

No. 51874

File: 1441303036281.jpg (745.05 KB, 940x573, greatwallofvagina.jpg)

For any anons worried their vulva isn't 'normal looking'… presenting: The Great Wall Of Vagina http://www.greatwallofvagina.co.uk/about

No. 51875

Nice. I used to be so insecure about my vagina but now I just think it's pretty coll how they're all so different and any guy who expects a "perfect" innie from everyone is delusional and not worth bothering with :)


No. 51876

Fuck this ~muh body positivity~ nonsense. It's meaningless to people who are genuinely insecure. I <3 my labiaplasty.

No. 51877

The one with 20 piercings in it looks like it's fucking plagued wtf

No. 51878

Just because you went ahead and got sliced and diced doesn't mean that other girls aren't ~genuinely insecure~
How many people do you actually show your vagina to?

No. 51879

Agree, it's fucking disgusting.


I've been thinking of getting labiaplasty too. One of mine is rather large and gets pinched a lot. It fucking hurts man but I'm afraid recovery from surgery will hurt more. :(

No. 51880

It has nothing to do with what other people see. It's about being happy with yourself. If it was as easy as getting validation from others that your labia/tits/nose/whatever looked great, people would never get plastic surgery.

No. 51881

>I've been thinking of getting labiaplasty too. One of mine is rather large and gets pinched a lot.

No. 51882

It wasn't very painful in my experience. It was ony tender for the first 2-3 days post-surgery. After that it was just a bit itchy as the skin healed. However my labia weren't sensitive in the first place, so ymmv.

No. 51883

I can't orgasm unless I tense my muscles up and then it just feels like a release when it happens. I've been doing it that way since as far back as I can remember. Anyone else like this or am I just weird?

No. 51884

Me too. If I just lie there nothing will happen.

No. 51885

yeah this is the only way i can masturbate. i don't even touch my clit. i just lie down and tense my abdominal/pussy muscles up. i can't orgasm from normal sex because of this, i've tried to condition myself into masturbating normally but it just doesn't work.

No. 51886

You're not alone. Although the one time I didn't tense up it was the most intense orgasm I had. Haven't been able to do it since though

No. 51887

Nothing wrong with a little reasonable body positivity. I think chopping up your vag just because you're a little insecure is pretty extreme and unreasonable, no?

No. 51888

I'm jealous anon. I've seen some porn videos of guys who can have touchless orgasms

No. 51889

Still tranny logic.

No. 51890

I don't think it's any different than any other elective plastic surgery. I've never paid much attention to what my labia look like though and I haven't heard any complaints from anyone I've been with.

I know some people do it because it actually poses a health risk which is completely understandable.

No. 51891

does anyone else "squirt" when they cum?

I only did it once with a dildo though

No. 51892


I do. A lot. Like so much I purposely try not to do it anymore because it makes such a huge mess. If I ever feel it coming on, I just take a short break and change positions. I'd rather not let it explode everywhere cuz I hate cleaning huge messes.

No. 51893


What does squirting feel like?
Like how do you know when it's going to happen specifically?

No. 51894

Does anyone get vaginal itching right before their period/while they're ovulating?

ive been dealing with this for awhile, i thought it might have been an std but im clean. i use a period tracker and its always right when im ovulating or right before my period starts. is this normal?

No. 51895

Yes! But it didn't start until my first period after I had my kid. It annoys the fuck out of me

No. 51896

Squirting is literally just peeing, you dumb fuck. You are pissing all over yourself when you squirt.

No. 51897

Do you have any source for that? From what I've heard they both come from the urethra but the substance itself is different

No. 51898

I'm >>132439


I'm pretty certain that people have different sensations.
For me, it's similar to when you're just about to pee, but… a bit different. It may sound unpleasant, but if you've ever had a UTI and had aching or tingling (not burning) in your urethra, it feels like that. It's really intense and immediately subsides when I let go. It's a lot of pleasure mixed with mild pain/pressure. It bursts out all at once. Feels ok but I'd rather do clit stuff.


That anon is trolling or is butthurt that someone peed on them. Or they peed on themselves trying to learn how to squirt.

Some people cannot tell the different between squirting and peeing and accidentally piss. It happens, but they are two different things and squirting is not "literally just peeing". Even if there were miniscule traces of urine in it, my "squirt" is basically odorless hot water. Flavorless. It's not that gross. If I have to pee, I run to the bathroom. I don't piss on myself. I'm pretty repulsed by urine so I think I'd know.

I just am not the kind of person who finds dumping ANY kind of fluids, bodily or not, on themselves, their bed, the carpet, etc. to be a fun activity, so I don't do it anymore. Doesn't seem worth the hassle of the cleanup. That's all.

No. 51899

I was just going to respond to the comments about squirting. Well, I can add that it feels really amazing the first time you do it. Not to say any other time won't be.

No. 51900

Buy a pic related in >>132384
It can tickle out an orgasm out of a rock.

No. 51901

I'm that anon, I'm not trolling, and I've never tried to squirt and gotten upset that I couldn't.

It's pee, you gross cunt.

No. 51902

File: 1441455830198.jpg (9.92 KB, 480x480, LELO_Femme-Homme_ELISE-2_produ…)


I have LELO Elise 2 which has dual motors so it feels like it's pulsating (like seriously it swells and subsides in your hand when switched on) which is about as powerful as a Hitachi and I'm really into my pussy-destroying vibrations but I've yet to experience squirting.

I know all girls are supposed to be able to do it but I've just never felt anything coming on before you know, aside from the orgasm.


No. 51903

It's ok, that just means that you have normal bladder control.

No. 51904

>bitch who's angry that she can't squirt
Pee comes out of the urethra and smells like what it is, last time I checked.

No. 51905

Where do you think chicks squirt from?

No. 51906

That sounds awesome, I might have to get one

No. 51907


lol shut up, just because you tried it one day and you pissed all over yourself.
I'm sorry for your sodden sheets, I'm still going to keep trying.

No. 51908


Yeah, it literally feels like a gigantic, throbbing dick only made of plastic, but the outside is coated in this silky covering that makes it feel like silk.

The curve in it is for g-spot stimulation (although I only ever use it clitorally), it's waterproof, has a charge that lasts 3 hours and has about 10 different modes of buzzing with 10 speed settings from pleasant tingle to "holy shit my vagina is going to buzz right out the window this is amazing".

It's expensive but holy shit the best spend I've ever made.

No. 51909

Lmfao what? Not everyone is as gross as you, pissbitch. Medical research has confirmed that squirting is urine. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jsm.12799/abstract

Inb4 science isn't real because it hurts my feels. You're pissing yourself, and your pussy is most likely really loose because your pelvic floor muscles aren't even strong enough to hold urine in.

No. 51910

>>7679https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn26772-female-ejaculation-comes-in-two-forms-scientists-find/ women squirt from Skene glands. And some women pee when they orgasm. No one is squirting or peeing on anyone here so what the fuck does it matter anyway?

No. 51911

Apologies for samefagging, I realised that post might have read as being rude, and it wasn't intended that way (also, no idea why greentext, damn phones). This thread clearly shows we all have different vulvas, and we all have different experiences with them. That doesn't mean that what they do is right or wrong, and the fighting about whether it's pee or female ejaculate is just silly, and not what this thread is supposed to be about.

/sage for playing mother

No. 51912

I don't know why some odorless hot water coming from someone else's damn urethra would bother someone so deeply that they have to go out insulting people. We weren't even arguing about whether squirt was pee until they butted in. Most people are more interested in what it feels like and how to do it.

I personally don't think the fluid from squirting is "literally urine", as the study just proved it has some small amounts of the same chemicals that urine has. It's still mostly hot salt water. It goes out of the bladder as fast as it comes in. I think there is more to it than omg pee!!1! and I'd like to see more studies done. I find it somewhat irresponsible that they called it "essentially urine" in the summary of the study, since they didn't provide much to back that up, and people are going to take this study as 100% fact even though it's just one study that can be expanded on.

Anyway, the reason I fought back was more for the fact that anon was trying to shame people for doing it. Touching a tiny amount of your own pee while masturbating won't hurt you. If you're scared of pee pee cooties, I'd recommend not touching genitals or having sex, ever. No need to go around calling everyone else dumbfuck cunts.

No. 51913

Did you get a blood test also? just asking as it's generally not offered as standard. And I know a girl with herpes who doesn't get outbreaks of blisters but does get what you describe.

No. 51914

Is there anything that works really well for you guys when it comes to razor bumps? I'm looking for things to try. I don't get ingrown hairs so much, but lots of irritation. My crotch swells up so bad from itching and chafing that I can't deal with it, but… I love how I look when I shave.

My pubes are sparse but grow 2-4 hairs per follicle. Wondering if that's maybe the issue or no.

No. 51915

No I didn't but don't most std clinics not bother testing for herpes anyway since a majority of people have it? Thats what I've heard.

No. 51916

holy fuck that is expensive! looks nice though. quite jealous.
my bf bought me a 80$ body wand and it stopped working after 3 months. anybody have recommendations that are 100$ and less?

No. 51917

File: 1441509180083.jpg (79.09 KB, 700x420, image.jpg)

Where do you guys find is the best place to purchase toys? I've only ever bought from Adam&Eve, they seem like they have some pretty decent deals going on usually.

No. 51918

My clit is pretty large. The labia are small and tight but my clit juts out about an inch maybe. You can feel it and like move it around. I don't know if that's normal or not. But when I was younger it would get very stiff and it would be hard to walk. It hasn't happened in awhile. Tight pants can be painful because the crotch seam smashes it.

I'm so afraid that it looks wrong somehow. It probably doesn't. But I used to be afraid I had some kind of hormone problem because I had inner thigh hair and there was some hair on my stomach but it fell out years ago and never came back. I had a panel done and there's nothing wrong with my hormones. Doctors said the thigh hair was normal.

It's very easy to stimulate. I guess that's something.

No. 51919

Same. My first doctor told me it was because of having too much testosterone while the clitoris formed. I never really looked into it too much. but it's pretty common.

No. 51920


I haven't personally used it but my mom buys bikini zone all the time. . So maybe try that? Also try shaving with the grain instead of against the grain

No. 51921

LELO is expensive but their toys are amazing and last. You should check out their line up.

No. 51922


Yeah I love LELO, they're like, the Chanel or the Bentley of sex toys.
I also love how aesthetic they are, like you really can just leave them lying around, and unlike most garish, fluorescent sex toys their stuff looks like a range of fancy massagers.

No. 51923

This is my first time posting about this because i've been curious for a while but a little embarassed. I'm 5'3 and my boyfriend is 6'1, and every time we do doggy style i get tiny perineum tears (as some of you probably know how like a total bitch) So my question is… how do we fix this? Pillows under my knees aren't really enough

No. 51924

Use more lube? I don't think the height difference has anything to do with it

No. 51925

I've always wondered how many people (if any) have bought the $15000 gold Inez.

But yeah, I love how they look. I have a Nea and I love its cute little flower motif, and I think I'm going to buy a Gigi 2 soon since the Nea's vibrations are kind of weak now (I've had it for almost 7 years I think) and I want something insertable. I think the Iris is pretty, but it's not waterproof. :(

I agree with more lube. I'm 5'3 and my bf is 6'3 and the only time we had this happen was when I wasn't quite wet enough for him, so we keep lube handy.

No. 51926

Thanks!The only reason why i brought up the height difference is because when he gets lower and isn't rubbing against that area, it doesn't hurt but it's uncomfortable for him.

No. 51927


Christ that's quite the height difference.
Sleeping with you must be like tossing around a rag doll. Sounds kinda cute.

No. 51928

Haha, it's interesting. Doggy is the only position that can be complicated, it sucks. :c

No. 51929

If you lie on the bed face down with your legs hanging over the side do your knees touch the floor with bent legs? If not you could try that position with him kneeling on the floor behind you. It's worked for me in the past with the same problem and the support of the bed lets you lift your hips up easily if the height is not quite right. Good luck!

No. 51930

Have either of you tried ORA by LELO? I've heard mixed reviews..

No. 51931

you're just peeing a little bit you dum dum

No. 51932

File: 1441583668593.jpg (247.9 KB, 850x1237, sample-a14e5f332a66bda8dd753dc…)

Don't worry, guys don't care as long as the rest of you looks good and they're getting some. My clit is even bigger than yours and when my bf saw it (or rather felt it) for the first time, he wasn't that weirded out.

It's perfectly normal and just a genetic curio most of the time, like inverted nipples or having a straight thumb. As long as it doesn't look like a penis, I think you're fine.

No. 51933

Nah, if I'm going to spend almost $200 on a vibrator, I better be able to jam it in my cunt too.

No. 51934

Do any of you guys experience a lot of discharge throughout the day? :( Ever since I was a kid I've always had a lot of discharge, to the point where since I was a young teen, I started to wear pantyliners everyday. I know it isn't GOOD for my vagina, but having it sop through my panties and ruin them isn't really that much fun either.

No. 51935


I dont have it constantly but I do have times when it occurs a lot. Its really annoying and I agree about the soaking panties. Its not really fun to sit with all that stuff so honestly I sometimes carry an extra pair of panties so if I'm out I can switch and be more comfortable. I'll also go to the bathroom sometimes to wipe it out so it doesn't glob around everywhere.

No. 51936

Yes. I've had this problem since before puberty. I always have panty liners on hand. Some days I don't need them, but others it's almost like I've pissed myself. Both my old and new gyno said nothing is wrong with me and to just use panty liners if it's uncomfy but it sucks ass. Spontaneous sex with my bf is a nightmare sometimes because I don't want him to see/touch the liner. Ugh.

No. 51937

I have the same problem. And makes cleaning underwear harder too. And whenever I've had sex I kind of just throw my underwear on the floor as fast as possible so they don't see it. Also makes sleeping without underwear uncomfortable.

No. 51938


Not lots, here and there I guess. But I don't worry about it, I just clean it off when I go to the toilet. I guess some girls get it more than others but it's normal. Nothing you can do about it. I don't wear liners all the time, what's the point? I'd rather just change my knickers when I get home if I'm honest. Liners–it's just money wasting. I only ever use them if I'm finishing my period.

I guess I'm just not as fussy idk.

No. 51939

I used to have soggy panties all the damn time for no reason, but since I started birth-control it's a fuckin' desert. Goddamn drought up in this bitch.

No. 51940

File: 1441772569488.jpg (115.62 KB, 1106x951, image.jpg)

God this, sometimes I just wanna be cute and cuddle/sleep naked after sex but I always wake up a few hours later uncomfortable and have to put underwear on. Also the concept of going comando seems really disgusting and uncomfortable to me.

Reminds me of that scene in Obvious Child where she's talking about how her panties look like they fell into a tub of cream chese or something.

No. 51941

I had spontaneous sex with my friend and he was pulling off my panties and saw it and just looked at it before tossing it aside ; _ ; ugh so embarrassing tho i guess im fortunate that he doesnt give half a fuck

No. 51942

curious tho

am i the only virgin in this thread?

No. 51943

Nope, so am I, and I'm 22…

On a different note, I didn't have any menstrual blood loss this month, and only had two days of blood loss last month. I was on my period both times, but nothing was coming except for a few little brownish dots and that's it. Anyone had a similar experience?
(Sorry my English sucks)

No. 51944

Irregularity can be pretty common. I would say try a pregnancy test but since you're a virgin that shouldn't be the case. Have you had any changes in diet, weight gain/loss, or stress lately anon?

No. 51945

Yes, I have lost weight recently. I was 58 kilos (127 lbs) in the beginning of June, then I lost weight and was 49 kilos (108 lbs) in the beginning of July. I'm now 50 kilos (110 lbs) since the beginning of August. I'm 5'1ft tall btw. I didn't do any diet or anything, I just was (and still am) too stressed out to eat much. So yeah, lot of stress lately. That might be why.

No. 51946


No. 51947

My friend lost a lot of weight and didn't have a period for a few months. Seems normal.

No. 51948

This last month I've had spotting twice. First time it was like 3 days, this time it's the first day. I'm not supposed to bleed for another 6 days. Both times it's anywhere from pink to bright orangey-red.
I'm on the pill, and the first time I spotted, I thought it was because I had missed a pill (I had had no problems on it for the past 9 months)–but I've been taking it on time since then.
From what I've read someone said it could be stress or polyps.
Anybody have anything like this? Do stress or polyps sound like a possible reason?
I really hate having to use pads more than I need ugh.

No. 51949


Are you sexually active?
I feel it's pertinent to say if you are the spotting could be the result of a minor miscarriage.
Most sexually active women actually have dozens in their lifetime but a lot of the time they're so weeny they don't notice or just assume it's some crazy period shit.

No. 51950

Yes, I have been (last time was Aug 25). But I had missed the pill after this.
That sounds reasonable, I had urine samples examined in the past 2 weeks as a general physical, and there was nothing on the results that indicated a pregnancy though (perhaps not early enough for the hormones to show up)-
Thanks for the information.

No. 51951


Np, just more mysteries of the human vaginal canal.
People reaaaaally underestimate just how inhospitable that nightmare-mode hole is for semen.

No. 51952

Losing your virginity isn't as amazing as it sound. I lost mine at 19, and it was painful with a little blood, but nothing lifechanging.

I did feel like a 'real woman' tho but that was for about a week and then I stopped giving a shit.

No. 51953

Why are you even on the pill? Get a dermal implant.

No. 51954


Reason why is because I've just never met anyone? I don't go out, I don't like clubs, I don't even have many friends or anything. My social life is dead and I'm too lazy to bother changing that. I don't care so much though, sex doesn't look like special to me anyway.

No. 51955


>there is no possible other reason for people to be on the pill aside from birth control

No. 51956

It's pretty cool once you've found someone you really love and care for. I never understood the appeal of one night stands. Then again, people look for different things in sex.

No. 51957


No. 51958

Not the original anon your replying to, but thank you! I came into this thread to get similar advice (5' and 6'3). I know my bf was getting a little annoyed that we couldn't make the position work.

No. 51959

Who shaves their pussy and who doesn't? Put ur hands up ladies

No. 51960

Does anyone still use pads? I'm 21 and I don't like tampons, idk I just don't like I've tried them but pads just feel like I'm getting it out quicker tbh. Maybe it's just me.

Tampons are the most common thing, every one I know uses them and I feel like a black sheep.

I'm a heavy leaker tho so… yh gross

No. 51961

I hate pads because I hate the feeling of sitting around in wet gloppy shit. I have PCOS so I have really heavy periods. I'm also pretty active so wearing a pad just isn't practical for me.

It sucks that basically your only options as a woman is to either stick an absorbent cork in your vagina or wear a mini diaper. (Diva cups aren't viable for me because my periods are so heavy.)

No. 51962

pads are super uncomfortable. i wore them maybe once when i first got my period then wore tampons 24/7 until i discovered mooncup (best purchase i've made in the last 10 years)
but you can just empty the cup every hour or so. thats what i do on my first days (which are very heavy)

No. 51963

I still use them on the one day my period is heavy. I usually change it every time I go to the bathroom so it doesn't get too gross. Tampons just aren't for me and luckily my periods are light enough after that first day for me to just wear panty liners

No. 51964

Menstrual cup baby, they rule.

No. 51965

File: 1441933455458.jpg (744.41 KB, 1000x999, leeprice.jpg)

I exclusively use pads
I had tried tampons, but I remember one time inserting it incorrectly (I was like 12) and that was the first time I ever had bad cramps (I still have them now). And while that is probably not the cause of my having bad cramps, I still am very hesitant to use them because they remind me of the experience of one being inserted incorrectly, and because I don't have the mind to keep track of how long I've had 1 in for in order to change it at the right time.
Pads are pretty easy, and I don't seem to get that wet goopy feeling some women describe when wearing pads all day, although I do go to the restroom often to –set free– some of the blood and clean up a bit. I pretty much only buy overnight pads, change after taking a shower (so like once a day) and it's worked pretty well for me.
Also this, sometimes I use menstrual cups and they are pretty great. I don't get that 'did I put it in enough, and the right place' because it rests against a bone. They're reasonably sanitary (but blood gets on your hands after inserting/removing). They're comfortable, and hard to notice. You can wear one WAYYYYY longer than a tampon. And you can even have sex with one in, my boyfriend said he barely noticed it in there, and it still held in there after some reasonably rough sex.
I'd say the only downside is the -possibility- of the cup getting dislodged, which would be much worse than a tampon because all of a sudden all that blood that was collecting is dumped in 1 moment, and it will likely soak through your pants.

No. 51966

I've learned to love my pubes. I shampoo and condition that shit. I trim around the edges though.


I'm pad exclusive. I'm constantly aware when I have a tampon in and it feels dry and bruise-y. I do get paranoid that people can here it crinkle when I first put one on though, before it settles.

No. 51967

Ive always wanted to try a menstrual cup but… Ive literally never put my fingers in my vagina. I masturbate just rubbing so ive never done it and it grosses me out. Reading instructions for the cup though sounds like you have your whole hand up there to place it… Is that how it works? Or can you just slide it in like a tampon, and not put your fingers inside?

No. 51968

I use pads. My uterus is tilted weird, so tampons never worked. It also makes finding my cervix like the fucking holy grail for my doc when I get my pap done.

>gross stuff

I get huge fucking cystic zits on my mon pubis sometimes. Doesn't correspond with my period or anything. My period's not often very heavy, so I'm blessed with that. Wash my cooch with a clean washrag every day, other than showering. I don't really shave, but I trim it up so it isn't a jungle.

No. 51969

I'm the same- virgin, never really put my fingers or anything up in there and I LOVE cups. I don't know how much they differ, but I use Divacup.

No fingers. To insert it, you fold the cup (there's a ton of different ways, I just do the 'U' method) and put it in. This might hurt a little at first if you haven't stretched your opening out at all. After my 3rd month of using them I didn't hurt anymore. The trick is to get the cup to fully open which will take some practice. By month three I became a cup master.

Negatives.. it can get messy when taking it out. I accidentally dropped mine in the bowl once which was really gross. The first month, maybe second will be full of trial and error.

I can't say they will work for you too, but it really feels great to have tampons out of my life. Not to mention the $$$.

No. 51970

I'm 30 and I still use pads so don't worry about that. I've tried tampons a few times but every time they feel uncomfortable. I have a pretty heavy flow too the first two days.


What worries me most about these is that you have to wash them out every time you take them out. How would you do this at public toilets?

No. 51971

File: 1441969639779.png (1005.78 KB, 1233x692, Revy001.png)

>It's like 1.5 inches long and actually gets erect when I'm horny. When my boyfriend saw it, he couldn't stop talking about how big it was and now I'm afraid of him looking at it.
One freaky oversized clit please.
>Ugh, I'm the same. Mine is around 2 inches, but mercifully it's all tucked inside so I don't feel like a futanari. The rest is cute, but I hate my clit.
This is priceless female wizardry
yeah this is the only way i can masturbate. i don't even touch my clit. i just lie down and tense my abdominal/pussy muscles up. i can't orgasm from normal sex because of this, i've tried to condition myself into masturbating normally but it just doesn't work.
Bitch you got problems
This. Golden shower bitches.
Good god your pussy must be destroyed at this point.
>As long as it doesn't look like a penis, I think you're fine.
Good god that's disgusting.
Literally kill yourself.
With regards /cow/(ok)

No. 51972

/cow/ is monitoring this thread pretty actively now just fyi.

No. 51973

>i make a vagina thread so we can all discuss our vagsvags without shitting up the boob thread
>/cow/ comes and shits it up anyways

No. 51974

Woke up this morning and said fuck it. I'm going off my antidepressants. Time to have a good orgasm again

No. 51975

When I stopped taking Zoloft for a while, my sex drive skyrocketed. It was intense, and awesome. The withdrawal symptoms were too intense for me though, so sadly I had to go back on it. Maybe someday.

Be careful about that, it's dangerous to go cold turkey.

No. 51976


I know, but I can't use tampons anon. They're just not comfortable to me at all, I've been using pads since I started my periods at 11. Anything else now… I cannot get used to at all.

No. 51977

I know this sounds mean, I'm bi and there is a girl who I'm interested in. But like… I know you shouldn't be a cunt and judge people's bodies but her vagina just isn't… I don't like the look of it at all. My lips are tiny, she told me "You've got a cute pussy ~" and I've had boyfriends say that too. But her vagina… it looks all saggy, all disgruntled and weird. I don't really want to put my tongue near it at all if I'm honest! :(

No. 51978

It sounds like you need to grow up.

No. 51979

I agree.

No. 51980

Just tell her to get surgery, lol.
But seriously, maybe you just aren't 'vagina bi'
I mean, I feel like everyone can appreciate the womanly form

No. 51981


Why because I don't like her vagina? It doesn't do anything for me? What's so bad about being honest? Not everyone has nice body parts. Too bad so sad.

No. 51982


Yeah people can appreciate it, she can have nice vag and ugly tits or a nice ass but weird vag. Can't always win.

Not my fault I don't find it appealing.

No. 51983


some guys have ugly ass penises too tho

will say gag

No. 51984

I'm on Prozac. The withdrawal isn't that bad but it takes a while to get out of your system
Do it with the lights off (or close your eyes). The way genitals look weirds me out too but i enjoy giving oral sex. Like fun to touch, not fun to look at

No. 51985

Go back to the r9k containment thread pls

No. 51986



No. 51987

Oh boy I have a bunch of vagina/sex related issues! Let's see…
I am dry as the desert, always. I think it's because I was put on antidepressants (some antidepressants are known to cause dryness) before my puberty started, and I was on them for 8 years. I'm free of all meds now but I guess the meds fucked me up permanently because I have never gotten wet enough for sex in my life, ever. I always need copious amounts of lube, even for masturbation.
I also have the issue of not orgasming, or getting really weak non-pleasurable orgasms. Even the weak ones I can only achieve with a vibrator on max setting. I'm just not very sensitive down there, I dunno if it's because all of my parts are really small? Like for example my inner labia is practically non-existant.
Speaking of which, penetration hurts. My smallness coupled with my dryness means that unless I have sex every day (I don't), penetration pretty much always feels like losing my virginity again. I'm sore even on the day after. My bf (who is the one and only sexual partner I've ever had) is not even particularly big.
And on that note, I might be bi. I pretty much always fantasize about girls and pretend that my bf is a girl during oral.
I'm super insecure and in order to want to have sex I need to feel like I'm sexy and desireable, but I feel like a fat blob because I put on 2 pounds so my sex life is practically non-existant right now. My bf never ever initiates sex because I probably traumatized him one time when I said I felt preassured into sex, so it's always up to me to initiate it. So every 2 weeks I kinda reluctantly go "whelp I'm pretty sure bf is completely sexually deprived by now so I guess I should do something" and then we have sex that's unsatisfying for me but amazing for him because I make sure that he enjoys himself. Poor guy thinks I find him unattractive, when I definitely don't. I just find myself unattractive. Deep sigh.
Sorry for the novel but it felt pretty good to get it off my chest.

No. 51988

I like u~.
I understand.
Haven't really talked about this but I have to be super super thin in order to feel comfortable with my body although it isn't very sexually desirable, and I can fantasize about sex but I'm never satisfied enough with myself for not being perfect so I don't want anyone to touch me in real life. It's narcissistic, really, but I'm so obsessed with perfection (when it comes to myself only) that it can't be helped.

No. 51989

I can only cum via sex when I'm on my period, but my BF thinks its gross and goes limp like a noodle at the thought… What do? I'm so sexually frustrated. Am I doomed to just making him cum and then masturbating alone?

No. 51990

I think someone said you could have sex with a mooncup in. I think I might actually get a mooncup if that is actually true. Because I get really horny on my period for some reason, and my significant other is just not into that.

No. 51991

Try shower sex.
My gf gets pretty heavy periods, she's too embarrassed for period sex mostly just for the clean up factor although I don't mind it. When we're in the shower, her bloodflow reduces significantly, you don't see hardly any of it, etc. We fuck all we want in there and she doesn't feel ashamed about it.

No. 51992

File: 1442221529547.jpg (137.95 KB, 1300x866, 14427904-Hot-woman-sitting-in-…)

Would a masturbation/fantasizing/2D&3D erotica general need its own thread, or would it be categorized under here? It seems independent enough to warrant its own topic.

No. 51993

I think it's a big enough topic to warrant a thread. Go forth anon!

No. 51994

File: 1442257293210.jpg (45.4 KB, 512x512, lewd2.jpg)

I had my first orgasm without a vibrator today. Ooooohhhh my god, they are a hundred times better. The constant speed on vibes makes me oversensitive when i'm cumming, but it's like my fingers know what to do even when i'm not thinking straight. Fucking A+. Also, no $20/month for batteries.

No. 51995

The payoff from manual masturbation is great but sometimes it takes too long for me. With a vibrator I can just get it done within a minute or two and move on. Sometimes you just need that quick release. I usually do before having to do something that's causing me some anxiety.

No. 51996

Does anyone else get really sore after sex? Even in the next day? Is it also weird to spot after sex? (Condom didn't break either time)

No. 51997

Did you just start having sex? It's very normal to spot/be sore after losing your virginity.

Or if your bf has a big dick.

No. 51998

I mean, it was a year since i had sex… i guess he was just big because it hurt for him to go in too…

No. 51999

Tfw no bf to smash my cervix

No. 52000

Yeah, I have this problem with my bf sometimes. He is pretty thick (can't quite get my thumb and forefinger around him) and there are days where I just can't get wet enough for him to get in comfortably, so we use lube.

No. 52001

My menstruation are being stupid lately. Last month I only had 2 days of blood loss but at least they happened in the same week, in a row. This month I had a tiny bit of blood loss on the 3rd, on the 13th and today. I wonder wtf is uterus-chan is doing. I'll check a doctor next month if it keeps being silly. (I'm not pregnant btw, I'm the virgin mary)

No. 52002

You did. Squirting is pee. But that's OK.

No. 52003

guys ok so everytime i get horny and fantasize i literally piss myself but when i masturbate i cant get off no matter how long i masturbate for and when my boyfriend use to finger me it burns and usually anything burns in the hole like tampons and my finger, i used a showerhead before but like i said nothing gets me to orgasm

No. 52004

Not true. Squirting is a real phenomena. It's clear, it's odorless, isn't similar to urine at all however many girls fake squirting by pissing.

No. 52005

It's piss with a tiny amount of vaginal secretions.

No. 52006

I'll read through this thread in a bit but first my problems.

Like, I like sex, but it almost always hurts, and most of the time I go dry super fast.
I also seem to be really grossed out by guy's naked bodies. So finding a guy I actually want to sleep with is hella difficult, and maybe if I'm just being picky. I also ofc hate my own body so sleeping with girls is really difficult too cus then I'll compare, and the girl I'm with will always be way more beautiful, to me at least.

Idk, I like to slick and fap though, and I get horny a lot.
But having sex is difficult for me, and a lot of the time when a guy wants to bang I'll go into a "no" mode, and just not be turned on no matter what, and idk I'm probably just fucked up.

Oh also my pubi hair is very dark and I'm rather pale, so my area down there is sorta dark, idk, is there a way to fix that? I think I'll start vaxing soon to see if that helps.

No. 52007

has anyone here ever had a yeast infection? what was it like? how did it start for you, early symptoms, etc.

I'm worried I might be developing one but I've never had one before so idk if it's even that. I looked up the symptoms but I have none of them besides unusual discharge, but I don't think it's really cottage cheesy looking. It doesn't smell and it doesn't look as thick and there's not as much coming out as google images would lead me to believe (but maybe those are just particularly bad cases?).

I know they're common and pretty easy to treat but this just sucks. I hope it's just nothing, since I read that the pill can make you discharge more as well as getting your period soon. (both of which apply).

…speaking of, what's it like to get your period on a yeast infection?

No. 52008

I've had a yeast infection once and I still have no idea where I got it from, but I had really clumpy cottage cheese like discharge that smelled awful and "yeasty", my labia and vaginal opening kept itching and looking really irritated. Your case sounds more like basic discharge before your periods because yeast infection is something you'll definitely recognize. It's easy to treat though, my symptoms went away in a day after beginning the medication (a lotion I was supposed to rub and inject inside the vagina).

No. 52009

It could also be BV (Bacterial Vaginosis). I get that sometimes. I read awhile ago that it actually comes and goes forever. Some lady on some random website mentioned she's taking antibiotics for it and such but it always ends up coming back or something. I've gotten it maybe 3-4 times as far as I can remember in my 21 years of life. Normally it's super fucking itchy and it hurts to pee. On my period it was fine though. I don't have sex or do anything down there when I have BV. If it itches a lot I put yogurt down there. It's weird but it works really fucking well.


I thought I pissed everywhere too my first time. My exboyfriend was super happy about it. I just found it really gross and embarrassing. He made me do it all the time. The clean up is not fun.

No. 52010

But that's not real squirting. Like I said, there are people who piss and think they're squirting when they aren't.

REAL squirt doesn't even come from where you piss. It's clear. It's odorless. It isn't piss. There have been women who squirt, there are women who squirt. It. Isn't. Piss.

No. 52011

I got it possibly from masturbating whilst having dirty hands (disgusting, i know) there was cottage cheese discharge everywhere and my vagina kept itching. Thats all I remember

No. 52012

Oh ok, so all of the women surveyed in this medical journal were fake squirters. I'm sure you know better than the doctors and scientists who conducted this study. You're pissing on yourself, get over it.

No. 52013

I was masturbating the other day then felt something splash on my leg and it was just like a tiny bit of liquid and I'm still wondering if it was pee (bc I had to pee but was too lazy to go before I started masturbating) or if I had squirted for the first time…

I've never squirted before so it's probably pee………

No. 52014

I know it sounds absolutely retarded but I'm going to ask anyway:
Is it normal to moan during masturbation/sex or is that another porn thing? I understand a bit heavy breathing but the only situation I get the urge to moan is when I'm in extreme pain.

No. 52015

I really dislike having a vagina. If I had a dick I'd be stroking it every chance I got. Now that sticky, squishy hole, I don't know what to do with. I don't even rubbing it because it gets so gross after just a short time and doesn't feel good anymore. I often just rub over my clothes or hump sth or some shit. It's really frustrating. Even got a Hitachi-like magic wand but it doesn't do all that much for me. Might have some dysphoria, idk. Feel alienated from my body, even though it's a nice body.

No. 52016

it's a porn thing

No. 52017

It's definitely something that varies from person to person. I moan a lot naturally, even when I'm on my own (so, no, it's not just a porn thing), but plenty of people don't make any sound at all.
Don't feel pressured or anything, do what's natural.

No. 52018


i hate porn for making people think that obnoxious moaning is normal lol. when i have sex with my bf he's always like "don't hold back, make as much noise as you want" and because i don't make such noises he thinks he's not doing a good job (even though he is) so he goes harder and harder until it's painful and i have to tell him to chill

No. 52019

I use tampons and pads together. My periods are pretty heavy the first three days and pads seriously do shit for me. I sit down and blood will travel up past the pad and still get on my underwear. I also hate those moments where you just feel a bit suddenly leak out.
With tampons I feel secure and have no worries how I stand/sit/anything unless I need to change it, then the pad is my backup system.
I've tried the disposable menstrual cups because like other anons I've never put my fingers inside before and before committing to a regular cup I bought a pack. It wasn't until after did I find out that the disposable sits much higher than a regular cup and I am sticking my fingers all the way to find that bone and try to pull the cup out from where its lodged against it. The worst part is that I've tried it several times and it hasn't seemed to work- I was sure I pushed it far enough where it gets held in place by the bones but it doesn't stay.
My hands would be covered in blood from trying to use the cups, but I also get blood everywhere with tampons too. Anyone else get that?

No. 52020

So like, if this happened in a public bathroom do you just shuffle to the sink looking like you just murdered someone?

I've only ever used pads and I I'll only get blood on my hands of I wipe wrong/don't use enough toilet paper and it's easy to wipe off. Even then I don't like touching my clothes until I get my hands properly washed so I'll just use my clean one to get myself presentable enough to get to the sink

No. 52021


Pretty but other women get it.
Obviously you wipe up with tissue first though.

No. 52022

Do kegel exercises. Google it if you want to know what I mean. If you make your pelvic floor muscles stronger, you will have stronger orgasms.

No. 52023

Yes, I wipe off the excess with a tissue but I have to quickly go straight to the think to wash away the evidence and try to get rid of the smell.

No. 52024

File: 1442685897771.jpg (10.43 KB, 275x183, download (3).jpg)

Anybody here prefer the non-applicator tampons? They are all I've used since I was 13, and honestly I feel more comfortable with them than the applicator ones

No. 52025

they are all i used. i never figured out how to use an applicator tbh, it seems like such a waste.

No. 52026

I've never been able to use tampons. It hurts like hell when I try to push a dry cotton clump up my vagoo. How the hell do you guys do it without irritating the fuck out of your membrane? I hate pads and I wish I could use something like this but I've never been able to use even the smallest ones.

No. 52027

I could never get these up far enough with my short stubby fingers when I was younger. I can do it now, but I'd rather just use an applicator and not get blood on my finger.

No. 52028

The few times I had to use an applicator one it was painful as fuck. The ones I used were fucking big too. My vagina hurts just remembering it.

I also only ever buy the pro comfort pink ones. they are awesome because they are lubed up and the other colors are fucking huge and I never bleed that much.

No. 52029

try the lubricated type.

No. 52030

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years and we weren't able to have sex yet :( I'm still a virgin.
The thing is that my lady parts hurt so damn much everytime he tries to enter.
We've tried everything… super extended foreplay, lube, regular condoms, extra lubricated condoms, no condom… but it just won't go in - or better said, I don't allow him to enter.
I end up in tears everytime he tries to penetrate me. Sometimes I even scream in pain. And my pussy bleeds a little after.
I went to the gyno countless times and the last time I saw her she told me to get a set of vaginal dilators, but haven't bought it yet.
Anyone else has or had this problem?

No. 52031

Mate it shouldn't hurt at all, theres either something wrong with your vagina or you're inserting them wrong. Just sit on toilet stick plastic bit into your vagoo until it reaches the lower half part, and then push that bit in until the tampon comes fully out of the plastic. It might feel weird at first but tampons are a godsend.

No. 52032


What you're describing is a classic case of vaginismus and it is entirely psychological in nature.

People underestimate the strength of the vaginal walls but vaginismus causes these internal muscles to spasm and clamp down, denying all entry and causing pain and sometimes damage and bleeding when force is used.

Since it's psychological you're doing it subconsciously.
Treatment typically involves therapy and counselling to investigate any past sexual trauma sufferers may have experienced in their childhood.

If this doesn't apply to you you need to try other options, such as extended foreplay or physiological depressants such as alcohol.

Idk what the fuck your doctor is playing at giving you dilators. Have they even proposed it being vaginismus before?

You need to go read up on this and come back and tell me if the symptoms match, and then you can go from there.

No. 52033

File: 1442723965540.png (161 KB, 500x374, tumblr_inline_n4jv5h82gJ1sebci…)


No. 52034

Thank you so much, anon!
I read the symptons at Wikipedia and the ones that match with me are domestic violence and anxiety (which I developed because of the first one).
The episodes of violence were brutal but fortunately ended when my mum kicked my dad out of the house when I was 12. I still struggle with anxiety, but I'm hella better - it almost does not affect my everyday tasks anymore and I managed to have a social life.
Never been raped or sexually harassed though.
"[…]in the most severe form of vaginismus, the patient elevates the buttocks, retreats and tightly closes the thighs to avoid examination." This is EXACTLY what I do. I don't even do it consciously, it just hurts so much that my thighs act on their own.

No. 52035


Aw I'm glad you've found an answer to your question; it feels like a huge weight off your shoulders when you finally get a diagnosis for a problem like this huh?
Now you need to inform your boyfriend of exactly what is going on with you and you guys can start moving from there in rectifying it.

Sex will eventually happen for you, but because it's psychological you need to address the problems that are rooted in your mind. It doesn't have to be expensive therapy, even just talking about it with your boyfriend and getting your emotions out in the open can really help.

Do try visiting forums and blogs where people discuss this problem and how they were able to heal it.

Also your doctor is an idiot. If possible, switch.
I'm a Japanese Studies student and I knew what you describing immediately so I can't understand how a trained medical professional has missed this.

No. 52036

Who prefers shaved or hairy?

No. 52037


Hairy tbh because I like looking like a woman and not a child.
I don't begrudge those that do though. I know sometimes it's a case of convenience.

I only shave myself bare when I get my period; makes cleanup easier.

No. 52038

This is actually a pretty clever movie. Liked it a lot.

No. 52039

So I had sex in the first time in a few months and I just couldn't cum. I never have before with sex but I always chalked it up to my partners being inexperiened. but this guy knew what he was doing and it felt good but i just couldn't finish.

Am i doomed to a life of sex with no orgasms? is it a mental thing or physical thing?

No. 52040

You'd be surprised at the percentage of women that actually come during intercourse. It's a lot smaller than you think. Most women just physically cannot do it.

No. 52041

I was sexually active for 4 years before learning how to play with my clit during sex. I had never even gotten off masturbating

No. 52042

File: 1442806534292.jpg (28.81 KB, 650x650, mooncup.jpg)

What do menstrual cups actually feel like?
I hear they're really great and stuff but when I went to get one it was just HUGE, even the "small" ones, and I have no idea if it would really be worth it. I can slightly feel a tampon no matter how it's placed, it doesn't really bother me it's just a slightly "full" sensation - is it a lot worse with cups?

No. 52043

So I just got my period for the first time in 1,5 years.
I went on the pill when I met my bf 1,5 years ago and my periods stopped completely right away. Last week, I was traveling abroad and the different timezones combined with different daily schedule meant that I was taking the pill a good 3 hours earlier there than in my home country. 2 days after I returned home (today) my period began and.. well.. it's a bloody carnage every time I use the toilet. I guess that happens when you suddenly get your period after a long ass time of not having one.
Idk I just wanted to share, and I feel weird talking to my friends about my period, since I haven't talked about it in so long. It's weird having to go buy tampons/pads too. I hope the periods stop again once I re-establish a daily routine with the pill.

No. 52044

I'm so scared, I'm 9 days late with my period. I've only had protected sex with my bf, we only use condoms though because pills fuck up my mood terribly. We've never gotten any leaks that we're aware of.
My period has always been on time even though I'm not on birth control. I do have a lot of stress at the moment and lost some weight.
How big are the odds that I'm pregnant? Google tells me to wait 2 weeks before going to the docter…

No. 52045

Get a pregnancy test kit, 9d after your period time is long enough it shouldn't give false negatives.

No. 52046

Stress and weight loss are a big factor in your periods. I was once late for two weeks, but I never was pregnant. Just take a cheapo test, as it would be able to show up if you really were pregnant.

No. 52047


You know birth control can mess up your cycle?

No. 52048

but he went down on me and everything but i still couldn't finish. i can get off just fine on my own. i don't know whats up.

No. 52049

Thanks for the help girls, I tested it this morning and I'm not pregnant yay!! Gonna test again friday morning just to be sure.
errr…..weed doesn't have any effect on it right? because I'm a daily smoker


I know but I'm not on birth control.

No. 52050

>weed doesn't have any effect on it right?
Not any I'm aware of, but I'm not MD. I could ask my mother (she's a gynecologist) if you could find a way to word it that doesn't scream "WEIRD".

No. 52051

Ok, I went ahead and asked her anyway between two phone calls:

Say, weed has no effect on pregnancy tests right?
J-just asking since someone else was wondering and I thought it's unlikely because these have like nothing in common, right?
>Yeah, they're completely unrelated.
So just as I thought, thanks.

No. 52052

Anon you're awesome for asking, thanks so much!
I hope you don't get in trouble for it though

No. 52053

So I have super sensitive skin when it comes to shaving. every time I shave my pussy, which is like every other week or so, I'm in agony for a few days until I can at least get some stubble. I put on aloe vera, sensitive-skin-no-bullshit-additives lotion, and they kiiiind of help… for a bit. The friction from walking in pants sucks; even just panties is so irritating. Is there any hope for me? I get weird acne from it too, the irritation. My bf likes shaved pussies but it feels like such a sacrifice, and I don't like having too hairy or stubbly either. My legs and arms also get irritated from shaving…

I tried waxing once, with a shitty home waxing kit some years ago. Just burned my skin in a weird way. Like not actually burned from the wax, it was just discolored and felt burned or some shit. Jeez. If ya'll have any suggestions I'd be super grateful.

tl;dr I'm too sensitive for shaving regularly, it sucks, I don't know if professional waxing would be any better.

No. 52054

A few weeks ago my skin started getting really badly irritated from shaving. I managed to get it under control by being extra careful, and shaving on wet skin. It's not as perfectly smooth as dry shave…but whatever, no one else knows and I'd rather have that than visible inflammation. I might look into shave gels later on, they supposedly help with the smoothness and make it even comfier for the skin.

No. 52055

Yeah, I always shave on wet skin + use shaving gel or conditioner. It always feels fine in the shower but then I dry off and two hours later it's like uggghhh.

No. 52056

Well, if you're doing all this and it hurts even with new blades…I don't know what to do really.

No. 52057

I'm probably screwed. I'm gonna try to get a professional wax in a couple weeks and see if that is any better or worse for my skin.

No. 52058

I just tried epilating my vagina and oh my god.

Oh. My god.

No. 52059

Are you still bleeding?

No. 52060

File: 1443060595899.gif (1.11 MB, 250x187, 1285536151521.gif)

You poor thing

No. 52061


Didn't bleed at all surprisingly, but it was exceedingly painful.
I didn't yell out once but I gasped a couple of times.

The pain was bad but almost… good? Part of me almost enjoyed it from the sensation of relief I got once the hair was ripped out of the area I was applying it too.

You guys should try it, it's a real experience :^)

No. 52062

Uhhh stupid question but doesn't your snatch flesh get caught in the epilator? It's hard to epilate areas with subcutaneous fat like the vag region. Did you trim the hair close beforehand?

No. 52063

>scrolling through /g/ to find fashion thread
>see this

jesus christ why would you do this?

I tried epilating the area around my testes one time and wanted to fucking die. I don't want to imagine how bad it is for a vagina.

God bless you and may your skin be smooth.

No. 52064


Nah I pulled the skin taut whilst doing it, but yeah it had been shaved about 2 weeks ago.


ty smooth testicle man god bless.

No. 52065

i'm going to try this. i've tried around my asshole (gross, i know), and i love doing my underarms. my underarms don't even hurt at all. it just feels… good?

No. 52066


Yeah I enjoy doing my underarms too.

I think enjoying the pain is from the gratification you feel when there's the taut tugging, the pain, and then the release. That sweet release is addict.

tbh it's fucked up but I used to self harm a lot in my teens and although I haven't done it in like 5 years now, when I get stressed I pluck out all of my armpit hair with tweezers or rip out my pubic hair with my bare hands instead.

It's just another form of self harm huh? Humans are dumb.

No. 52067

Every shave day is pure fear with testicles. I used to tweeze but it's too much work nowadays. I should try epilating my butt, honestly. Unfortunately i got a big butt and always end up nicking myself there with the razor.

No. 52068

holy shit anon. my pubes are so thick and coarse, i can't imagine doing that wtf

No. 52069

I epilate my underarms, legs, arms and face just fine. It doesn't hurt as much once you've been doing it for a while. I tried epilating my pubes and it was too much to handle. Kudos to those who can actually do it.


Big butt anon as well. I just epilated my ass the other day. It hurt, but it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it'd be. Only downside is when I got around the anus I ended up bleeding there. Same thing happens if I epilate my upper thighs for some reason. It leaves a very painful rash, I guess you'd call it. It's worth the pain when you have a soft ass as a result though.

No. 52070

Does anybody ever get horrible insomnia before their period? Even my prescription sleeping pills don't work

No. 52071

Does anyone else just have shitty intense vagina itching? It doesn't seem to be a yeast infection because my discharge is the same as it always is. The itching has gone away for now but when it does come it's unbearable and even vagisil barely helps :(

No. 52072

oops, shouldve mentioned, it's all itching on my labia minora…

No. 52073

I commented a similar problem above >>132441 and it usually occurs for me around the same time as ovulation/right before my period. I think it has something to do with the ph of the vagina being in fluctuation due to hormones. I've read womens forums and they've given me that answer.

No. 52074

Anyone else here that has too much discharge?
It's definitely not an infection, just normal discharge but a lot of it.
It feels like I'm on my period every single day except it's not blood.
Just coming back from the toilet and suddenly a giant amount of discharge is coming out, and my underwear is completely soaked.
It sucks so much.
It's always wet down there and it just feels so uncomfortable.
Panty liners and tampons make it even worse..

No. 52075

Hey, I'm >>132481 and I experience a lot of discharge too. I probably don't have as much as you, but it sucks to deal with regardless. :( I wish I could just wear panties and have to only deal with a minimal, not panty ruining amount of discharge for once.

No. 52076

recon it has something to do with diet or maybe the material your undies are made out of??

No. 52077

I get this too and its super annoying and gross and uncomfortable. It makes me feel better knowing im not alone haha

No. 52078

nNot sure if this is the correct place to discuss it, but does anyone else suffer with low libido? If I was single I wouldnt care but I'm married and I feel awful for not being as into it as my partner.

No. 52079


I do too, it sucks working a desk job :/ I heard it can be caused by a PH imbalance in your vagina though so I'm going to get that checked out soon.


I do, but I have an IUD and I'm pretty sure that's what's causing it

No. 52080

Does somebody know how to prevent pubic hair from growing in? I already peel down there before and after shaving but it still grows in and it's so painful :(
After Shaving Creams help a little but not much

No. 52081

It sounds awful but once I get bumps from shaving I use an alcohol pad and take a few swipes over them and they usually clear up in a day or two

No. 52082

Are all vaginas supposed to have little chicken skin on the inside of the lips? I can't help but feel like I'm the only.

No. 52083

God. I can't wait to get a job. The first paycheck I receive I am going to treat myself to a bikini wax.

No. 52084


I believe they're the glands that secret vaginal lubrication actually.

No. 52085

Today on A Day in the Life of Being a Woman!

>what is this moisture in my pants?

>has a little bit of urine leaked out?
>Is it my period? HAVE I GOT MY PERIOD!!?
>Oh gross it's all squelchy fuck I need to a bathroom stat this has to be a period

No. 52086

I've never been able to use tampons. I'm well into my twenties, not a virgin and I know my vagina well but I have never, ever been able to wear them, they are immediately painful and I haven't lasted more than a few minutes wearing one. Could this just be something wrong with me?

Also, if I can't wear tampons does it mean that I can't wear a menstrual cup?

I'm so, so fucking sick of pads I hate them.

P-please help.

No. 52087


Ahh an IUD sounds so painful. Did you get the plastic or the metal? I hear they both have pros and cons, but I thought one of them didnt mess with your chemical balances/or whatever.

I want to blame my low libido on my anti-depressions but I was on absolutely no medication including birthcontrol for 8 - 12 months last year and was still having problems. I'm 21 and I feel like this shouldn't be a problem until I hit menopause

No. 52088

Ugh I want an IUD but my gyno and regular doctor refused to let me have one…

No. 52089

Don't go to the toilet and wipe before you wear them. Because you want the tampon to be lubricated upon insertion.

No. 52090

It might sound stupid, but do you push them in deep enough? When I first tried tampons I had that problem and it hurt too, I didn't know you were supposed to push them in so deep. Because if they are deep enough you shouldn't be able to feel them at all.

Also try it first with the smallest size available and like anon above said don't wipe before.

No. 52091

Different IUD anon. I had the Mirena IUD which is the one with the hormones. It's good for 5 years. The copper one lasts for 10 and has no hormones. There's also one that lasts for 3 years but it's new so I don't know much about it.

Most OBs don't like to give them to women who haven't had kids. If you've had a kid it's easier to insert because your cervix is more pliable I guess. I got mine inserted despite not having a kid (thank you military!) it fucking sucked. Took the doc 3 tried to insert it, I guess my uterus is tilted at a weird angle.

It was great to not have to worry about a pill (especially when I ended up deployed, they don't keep that shit in stock) and my husband and I could have sex without worrying about a condom but before the little strings softened they would poke him in the dick. And my period stopped after a few months (but I had more than usual vaginal discharge which was irritating)

Then I started getting chronic headaches and random severe cramps. Went back to my doc, everything was placed right and she offered to take it out but I decided to see if things would get better. 2 years later I still had the same symptoms and decided to get it taken out.

Husband and I decided to try for a baby. It took over a year to get pregnant even with using an ovulation tracker. I had my suspicions it may have been caused by the IUD but who knows.

If you're looking at getting one make sure it's covered by your insurance. I think the Mirena runs about $700-$1000.

And everybody's body is different. I know plenty of women who haven't had any issues with it and some who had the same issues I had. I think I'll pop out another kid and give the Copper T a go after that. I'm thinking the hormones in the Mirena were what caused my symptoms.

No. 52092

I did put it in deep enough, but I did clean myself off before so maybe that was it.

Still, I'd rather use a cup, I just don't want to drop $30 on one if I can't use it.

No. 52093

wont know until you try breh

No. 52094

File: 1443506386585.jpeg (24.52 KB, 266x400, image.jpeg)

Anyone else read this book? She can be a bit repetitive sometimes, but she really goes quite in-depth into matters of individualized female arousal. Might help some of you anons understand how your personal libido works. Fascinatin' stuff.

No. 52095

My labia hurt the day I will get my period. It's really strange, but it's a great warning sign.

No. 52096

I find myself wanting more affection when I'm ovulating. I guess that's normal since my body is saying "hey you're ready to have kids, go have some sex"

No. 52097

Not the anon you're replying to, but I know they came out with a new one called Skyla that's apparently supposed to be good for 3 years and it's meant for women who haven't had children before (or something along those lines I think). My OB said it would cost about $250 for me to get the IUD, and a huge part of me wanted it because having to have my parents ship my birth control overseas while I'm studying abroad is such a pain when the next option could've just been having this up in me and not having to worry/pay for postage at all.

He told me stuff about how I had a retroverted uterus and that automatically meant that I couldn't get one (but I was looking it up online and multiple women said it was fine for them…) He also started spouting more stuff above the usual "you haven't had kids so you can't have it" and started to tell me "you might ruin your chances to have kids" etc, etc, but I've pretty much decided at this point that I don't want children/they just aren't right for me…

It's just, ugh, I hate how my OB just gives me so much shit for wanting an IUD. I ended up getting the patch because my insurance covered it but all that shit about children really got on my nerves.

No. 52098

There's a lot of (bad) OBs who still have that old school mentality and refuse to keep up on the medical advancement of the field because they are so set in their ways/opinions. I worked in a hospital and the most sympathetic OBs I've encountered are the older women. They've seen all kinds of shit.

No. 52099

same haha, but I figured out how to deal with it. It's a lot of work but it's worth it:

First, use an after shaving cream everytime you're done showering.

Second, use a face toner with alcohol down there. I use one with medicinal clay in it and it works wonders. Use it at least once a day, but please be careful. You don't want that shit in your actual vagina.

Third, use an peeling glove EVERY TIME you shower. Not an actual peeling.

Fourth, put hand sanitizer on those hairs that have already grown in.

And Fifth, do a medical clay mask one day after shaving. Like I already said, be careful don't let it get in your vagina.

No. 52100

Something is wrong with my libido and I'm not sure what. 90+% of the year I have little to no sex drive. I sometimes masturbate out of boredom or to try to get to sleep but that's it. But at least once, sometimes up to 3-ish times a year, usually for a period of no less than 5 days but so far no more than 2 weeks, I will become unbearably hypersexual. This pattern has been occurring for over 2 years. The last time it happened I was actually in tears because of how intense the frustration was. It was dominating my life and it was all I could think about night and day. It impairs my judgement and I get incredibly short-tempered and angry. It doesn't seem related to my ovulation cycle as it has occurred in all different weeks of the month before. Anyone experience anything similar or have any ideas what's up?

No. 52101

How does getting turned on work for you guys?
Do you, like, see some hot stranger on the bus and imagine unchristian things until you're horny?
Do you just suddenly notice your clit trying to get your attention at a random moment?
Is there a demon you have to summon?
What does it feel like?

No. 52102

well, it could be caused by many things, but what first comes to mind is:

a.) are you on any kind of anti-depressants? anti-depressants are notorious for killing libido.

b.) are you on any kind of hormonal birth control? Certain hormonal birth controls can either elevate or completely kill libido. If you are not on any, it might be worth mentioning to your OBGYN or regular doctor. They can run hormone tests and actually recommend different routes for you to take.

No. 52103

I'm not on/have never taken either. If it helps anything I have been depressed for those 2+ years as well but haven't been on any medication of any kind. I'm supposed to meet with a psychologist some time in the future by referral from my doctor (although I didn't mention the sex drive issues) but I'm really bad with returning phone calls. I also am not seeing any kind of OBGYN right now, primarily because I have an extreme phobia of penetration and couldn't handle an exam.

No. 52104

depression can definitely play a role as well. I think certain psychologists would be able to help with this as well. And if they can't, ask for a referral to one who can.

No. 52105


Never. I never feel that way towards anyone to be honest, I've never felt that way unless I just stimulate it myself. I don't even think I have a sex drive… I don't think I've got anything tbh.

No. 52106

File: 1444258789535.jpg (66.45 KB, 897x722, image.jpg)

I feel like this board is like /k/ but sex toys

No. 52107

Bleh I hate to post this but does anyone have experience with genital warts. (statistically some of you must have) I've just been diagnosed. I didn't even realise for months seeing as it's only one and its tiny but yep. HPV! aside from feeling disgusting and like no one will ever want me what I'm mostly wondering is will I always be contagious? google is very vague on this. My doctor says sex is fine as long as I use a condom but seeing as I've never had inprotected sex anyway I don't see how thats okay? it makes no difference?

No. 52108

This anon here, back with a menstrual cup update. so this cycle, I decided to bite the bullet and try. I bought a divacup, and literally just tried putting it in for the first time. Did the type 2 fold, so it wasn't as wide going in. Anyways, turning it in one full circle is like ??????? and I tried pressing on the sides to make the seal but I just am not sure if the seal is there… How do you tell? Also, the stem is kinda poking me as I am sitting and typing this so… stem not far enough in or stem too long?

But yeah, as I expected… I got real intimate with my vagina. I went from never ever ever putting a finger in it to basically like 3 fingers up in there and well yup that was weird but actually not that bad.

No. 52109

k, so, another TMI update: decided to just take it out and try again. trimmed the stem, re-instered the same way but let it open before pushing it in all the way, heard the pop and was able to turn it and push it in at the same time so… fingers crossed that I have no leaks tomorrow!

I kinda feel like an amazon or some shit for overcoming my fear of touching my vagina kek

No. 52110

D: I clenched my legs reading this. I'll stick to my pads…

No. 52111

Actually anon, it really wasn't that bad! Like, I have a heard time have penetrative sex or using dildos and things because it hurts too much, but the cup didn't hurt at all not even a little. And right now sitting with it, I feel it but not as much as I do tampons. I think I just 'feel' more down there cause I was just…kinda rough on that area haha.

It's an experience though. Definitely will get intimate with your vag, which really freaked me out before I tried

No. 52112

I'm sorry if this is off topic also this is long but I'm so glad I found this thread because I really have no one else to talk about this with other than my boyfriend.

My boyfriend and I started having sex July of 2014, before we even had sex he got tested because his mom makes him get tested every year. He told me everything came out negative and he is clean. He has also told me that he had sex with 5 other girls before me (he was 21 at the time and he could be lying idk maybe he's had sex with more or less). My boyfriend is the only person I've ever had sex with btw. So our sex lives were fine and dandy. I was on birth control even months before we started having sex. He only used a condom like three times out of the million times we've had sex but I trusted him and his word on being clean.

In January of 2015 his mom made him get tested again, he told me everything came out negative and he's clean. (I trust my boyfriend and his word and I also believe that he is faithful). Then in April of 2015 my mom insisted that I get my first check up at the obgyn, I refused because I hate doctors and the fact that someone other than my boyfriend was going to look and touch me terrified me. I was 18 at the time btw. I ended up going to the obgyn and the fear of possibly having an std was on my mind but I also knew it was impossible because my boyfriend is clean. The doctor preformed the pap?? Test on me and then I had blood drawn. I also let her know that I've only ever had one partner which is my boyfriend.

About a week later I got a call from her and she let me know that I was diagnosed with herpes 2. I couldn't believe it honestly because my boyfriend told me he's clean. I called him and he said it's impossible that it had to be a mistake. So I called her again and let her know and she's like are you SURE you haven't had sex with anyone else, I was like yes wtf why would I lie about something so serious?? I never told my mom about this either she would flip shit and possibly attack my boyfriend. So my boyfriend told his mom and she scheduled him another appointment. He got swabbed and blood drawn. Then we waited for the results on paper. He showed them to me and it was all negative. So why the fuck am I diagnosed with herpes 2??? It ruined my life for a few months. I'm 19 now and I've never had any symptoms and neither has my boyfriend and I've never ever seen any warts or sores on his penis. Can someone please tell me wtf is going on?? Also I'm never going back to that obgyn. I'm actually terrified of ever getting another check up

No. 52113

Get over yourself and go for another check up. We aren't doctors here.

No. 52114

I have rather large labia. Not huge but definitely above average. I know most women have "outies", I'm a nurse I've seen a lot of vaginas in my day blablabla.
So yeah, I see a a lot of men going on about how large labias are gross. Is that really true? I know like 99.99999% of men would never say anything. But as a bisexual woman I find outie vaginas pretty sexy and fun. It is true that innies are cuter to look at though.
So like, is it just porn-influenced or is it real? I don't really care either way just curious.

No. 52115

It sounds really strange that you'd get diagnosed but your boyfriend doesn't if you've had sex without a condom. Get another test done.

No. 52116

Are you sure he didn't go down on you while he had a cold sore/oral herpes? If I remember correctly that's a common way to get genital herpes as well.

No. 52117

I was about to ask this, too. I'm not sure what anon considers "having sex" to be, but if someone went down on them, they could have contracted HSV2 from that. It's super unlikely, but possible.


There are two different blood tests for HSV2, one more accurate than the other. Depending on which one the lab used, your result could be a false positive. His could have been a false negative no matter which test they used. The only way to confirm your status is for you to get tested again, and maybe your boyfriend, too. Sorry.

No. 52118

Any guy worth your time isn't going to think your labia is disgusting just for being big.

No. 52119

Anyone have any issues with ovarian cysts? I had a softball sized one that ruptured a while ago so I went on birth control, that pretty much eliminated the problem but I stopped BC because of insurance issues and now they're back.

Had severe abdominal pain and more than usual discharge last night for a few hours which is indicative on a cyst rupturing. It sucks :/

No. 52120

he's never had anything i would know for sure we are together everyday but you guys could be right the test couldve come out as a false positive so im gonna suck it up and get tested again eventually

No. 52121

it might be false honestly. One time I went to my OBGYN and they told me I had Hep B and they were like "oh do you do IV drugs???" kinda thing….I was really shocked since I am a non drug user/don't have recreational random sex and had to get like 10 vials of blood taken to test again, but they were a false positive.

No. 52122

I do. I've been having them since I was 16. My mom thought I had a UTI because I was complaining of pain in my side, but the test was negative and had to get an ultrasound - bam, had a bunch of cysts, and a baseball sized one on the side that hurt.

I had the worst one of my life this summer. I thought I was pregnant, the symptoms were so bad. Nausea/vomiting, fatigue, couldn't stop peeing, etc. This went on for a month before it finally ruptured.

No. 52123

They may have seen you had a positive titer and thought you meant that it was a positive result. Did you ever have the vaccine?

No. 52124

Yeah, my worst one was a few years ago where I also thought I was pregnant because of the bloating and constipation. Took a few pregnancy tests, all negative. Went to the doc, he palpated my abdomen and rushed a CT scan. I could tell he was concerned but was doing his best to stay calm. Had to drink like, 2L of blueberry barium solution, thought I was going to puke. Then they injected contrast dye which made me feel like I peed my pants. Got the scan, doc called me in with the results same day and said I had a softball sized cyst on my left ovary. Scheduled me for a vaginal ultrasound a few days later. The day before the ultrasound the cyst ruptured leaving a huge pocket of fluid in my abdomen. Now my left ovary is basically useless.

No. 52125

I started birth control pills about a week ago after years of horrible cramps, excessive bleeding (Not even night time pads and doubling them from the front all the way to ass works), hot flashes, mood swings, last over 9 days, vomiting, and god only knows the other stuff and ever since I was little (10 years old) I been suffering like this and going doctors to doctors for answers until I decide no more and got on the pills. The nurse told me that its not very prefered that they want me to skip my period using the pills but the doctor told me if my period continues to be bad, to just skip the reminder pills and just using the horomone pills. Should I listen to the doctor or the nurse? I really hate having my period and it gives me anexity and makes me go insane mentally and I cry knowing my period is near or when I am on it. Should I skip my period or try having it for now to see if my period gets better? (Btw I am 19 going to be 20 in a few months)

No. 52126

PCOS right?

No. 52127

I always skip my white pills. Never had a problem and my doc said it's perfectly fine. Each body is different though.

If you're getting conflicting information go back to your doc and get things clairified.

No. 52128

You should probably do what they say. Id they don't want you skipping your period there's a reason for it.

I really want to skip my periods and leave my ring in for 4 weeks instead of 3, but because I have PCOS and irregular periods my dr says I can't because I'll be putting myself at risk for endometrial cancer (which I already had a scare of earlier this year).

No. 52129

titer? sorry I'm confused

My OBGYN checked my bloodwork and they told me I had to come in ASAP, I came in, they told me it was "positive" for Hep B and asked me questions, said I needed to get more labwork to confirm (maybe it is false) and it turned out to be false.

And yes, I have had all of those vaccines

No. 52130

A titer is basically a positive result due to having the antibodies of a specific virus. In your case you had the Hep B vaccine so when they run a certain test (HBsAb: hepatitis b surface antibody) it will show up as a positive titer because that vaccine left little markers indicating you are protected from it.

Not sure what test they actually ran, and false positives do happen but they might have just misinterpreted the titer results for an actual viral infection.

No. 52131

Vaginas are weird.

No. 52132


If your doctor says it's okay to skip your period, it's up to you to decide if you want to do it or not. There are risks to skipping your period, but a lot of people do it without issue, so it might be worth it. Maybe you can wait and see how your period goes this time before deciding? You might not need to skip your periods if it actually does get better just by taking the pill. Call the office and ask to talk to your nurse/doctor if you're confused about something. My nurse will usually answer questions over the phone about previous appointments.

My doctor had me skip most of my periods because I had severe PMDD. She prescribed me a pill specifically for this, which had 4 weeks of hormones and no reminders. I took 3 packs in a row and then had a period. So, only one period about every 3 months. Maybe you can ask your doctor about doing something like that.

No. 52133

No I tested for it and don't have PCOS (did it 4 times with different places and even a hospital)


I will take your advice and try to see if my period gets better after being on the pill for a month or so.

No. 52134

File: 1444626117082.png (8.61 KB, 83x83, hh.png)

Not sure if this is the right thread for it, but is anyone really dizzy/can't stand up after penetrative sex? I can have intense orgasms masturbating and still be fine after, but sex just gets my brain all kinds of fucked up.

No. 52135

Weird question, but are you breathing enough during sex? My first couple of times I kept getting dizzy afterwards, and my hands kept going numb. I googled it and found out that a bunch of girls were getting the same thing from basically hyperventilating. Concentrating a little on breathing solved the problem instantly.

No. 52136

I don't think I have trouble breathing but I could be wrong. As long as it's not too serious I guess I'm not worried.

No. 52137

i was just like you, but they gave me birth control when i was 15 (Logest) and i've been taking those until this year (i'm 23), when i switched to NuvaRing. your period will most likely get A LOT better, bleeding time will probably reduce to 5 days and cramps will get MUCH weaker. i would most definitely NOT skip!

a lot of women have periods like that, our whole women's side of the family is like that. we all got our periods when we were ~10, every 21 days, up to 10 days and insane amount of padding. the thing i don't get is, why did they only now give you birth control? you stated that you visited multiple doctors and just now, ten years later, have they given you birth control to manage your period? or was this your choice?

here's my opinion:

1. don't skip it. at least try two months, please. if you endured it for 10 years, you're strong enough to last for two months more. there's not enough research on the topic and doctors disagree on skipping period. i have a few friends that started using the pill for the same reasons and all of them reported getting much, much better (bleeding reducing even to 3 to 4 days with mild cramps)

2. get a moon cup. i guess you are a little uncomfortable with your body, but don't worry. i started using tampons when i was 21 and only this year have i managed to woman up and buy a moon cup. my mom never mustered up the courage and ended up buying pads up to her menopause. you CAN do it and it will solve your padding problems

3. visit your gyno and discuss combined oral contraception. ask him why he hasn't given you a vaginal ring. take it from me; the pill will most probably take away your libido and this doesn't happen so dramatically with a vaginal ring. discuss pros and cons of oral contraception with your doctor, discuss his clients experiences and discuss it with your friends. i absolutely love the ring

No. 52138

It takes some time to get used to the insertion if you're tight down there, but actually you don't feel nothing at all once it is placed and sealed correctly. If you feel it inside, you have to take it out and repeat.

I've been using it for 3 years so far.

No. 52139

i'm pretty sure that's normal, it just means you're having really good sex
dat oxytocin and shit

No. 52140

Does anyone else notice that their inner labia gets larger when masturbating more frequently? I have heard countless of times that sex or masturbation doesn't affect the size of your inner labia but I have noticed that if I go a week or longer without masturbating they are very small and not very noticeable but when I masturbate frequently they are larger because I can actually see them a bit in the mirror when standing up. And I don't mean right after masturbating or anything it could be like the next day after masturbating a lot. Does anyone else experience this? I like to not masturbate simply because it makes them much smaller.

No. 52141


that's because of blood circulation. It is just temporarily "enlarging" but it is not stretching out permanently or permanently enlarged

if you are aroused/touching that area/area is stimulated >blood rushes> enlarges

No. 52142

What's considered a normal/neutral smell for a vagina and for vaginal discharge? Is it supposed to have like absolutely no odor at all?

No. 52143

no there is definitely a smell to it, but it shouldnt be like super strong and bad smelliing. and your vagina will get smelly if youve gone days without showering cause of sweat build up and whatnot

No. 52144

Does somebody in this thread have any experience with sugaring? Is it really less painful than brazilian waxing?

No. 52145

Thank you i've really been wondering about that

No. 52146

My period ended like a few days ago and I've been having this dull cramp like pain since then. It started on the left side, but today switched the the right side and is sharper painwise.
What is happening in my ovaries? I'm on the pill, and have had multiple periods since the last time I had sex (long distance is ass). Can cysts or something act like this? Should I go out of my way to go see a gyn?

No. 52147

sounds like its time for a gyno appointment.

No. 52148

I haven't, but I'd be very wary of putting sugar near your junk. That's what yeast eats.

No. 52149

god, that pic in op is so gross.

No. 52150

File: 1444964387593.jpg (Spoiler Image,297 KB, 1087x670, Pudendal_Cleft_Diagram.jpg)

The area around my vagina is extremely disproportionate. I mean extremely, not just some slight difference only I can see. Not the labia but the actual skin/mound surrounding it? The labia majora

No ones ever said anything during sex but I've also always avoided positions that you could really see anything.

I can't find anything on Google about this because all that comes up is stuff about labia minora. I don't really remember when it started looking this way either or if it always did..

What is with this? I feel so weird about it.

No. 52151

Pic related? That's what mine looks like its just big labia majora. I always thought it was pretty normal.

No. 52152

What do you mean by disproportionate? Does it seem too small, big, lopsided? Honestly though, it's probably fine. I know that "pretty" labia majoras are what most people see but they can all look as different and alien as labia minoras. Your partner won't care, unless they're a major fuck nugget.

No. 52153

does anyone else have like… almost acidic discharge? That's a bad way of explaining it I suppose, but the best way I can word it. It doesn't hurt or burn my skin, but it genuinely bleaches my underwear. It's not an STD or anything because my last tests came back negative

No. 52154

>bleaches underwear
That's normal, the pH of a healthy vagina is slightly acidic (3.5 to 4.5 when neutral pH is 7). Wear panty liners to prevent ruining your panties.

No. 52155

Alright I have a couple of questions about losing your virginity. My boyfriend and I have have been together for almost 2 years now, and we are now living together but we have never had sex. He isn't a virgin, but I am. We have done other things, like oral and all that, but haven't actually had sex. I've always been too afraid to because anytime I have ever put my fingers up there it really hurts, I can get one finger in easily but two is a struggle and I get absolutely no pleasure from it so I just don't. Well recently he and I were messing around, and decided to attempt sex. So I got on top of him, and I was majorly calm so I wasn't super tense, but it still hurt like hell, and my boyfriend is about average, nothing too big. And it definitely wasn't an issue of not being wet enough. I got it almost all the way in, but had to stop because it just continued to feel like tearing. My question is, does anyone else have issues like this? Like i'm afraid I will never be able to have sex because it will just hurt too much. /: Can others please say what their first time was like and how badly it hurt or didn't hurt for them? Sorry if this isn't exactly the right thing to post in here but I didn't know where else to talk about this. Also, does this count as sex or no? The was no "grinding" or whatever when I was doing this cause I was just focusing on trying to get passed the pain….. I don't know if this means I am no longer a virgin or what. Again, sorry if this isn't the right kind of thing to be posting in here and that it's kind of long, just wanting advice.

No. 52156


my first time hurt like hell. And then i had sex with a guy who had a bigger dick and that also hurt like hell. It's normal.

But next time try foreplay so you're more aroused and wet. Fingers first so you're more stretched out.

No. 52157

My first time and all subsequent times hurt. It actually took a lot of tries, over several weeks, for my partner to finally enter me. Oral and fingering were fine, sometimes fingering hurt as well, but PIV was always painful… even though I was aroused and willing. I think it may be vaginismus. I just abstain from sex now. I hope you can get past it though! Maybe Kegels or dilators would help?

No. 52158

Pic related is super normal, I'd be so happy to look like that! But unfortunately do not.


Like crazy uneven. One side looks small and normal and the other side is huge. I wish I had some way to describe/compare it but it's like one half 'grew up' and the other half stayed small like a childs.

I haven't been able to find any picture remotely like it or with anywhere near as big of a difference…

I did finally fund a couple posts on Google saying uneven labia majora is also normal – I guess I just have a really extreme case.

And thanks Anon, you're right, my partner shouldn't give a shit if they're worth having around.

If I had a bunch of money I'd get PS for it, but since I don't I'm just going to be satisfied with that, that's how it looks and there's not much to do about it. I feel weirdly better after talking about it here.

No. 52159

That's actually what I did and it still really hurt

No. 52160

Anybody bleached or somehow lightened their vagina/anus? Most of my vagina is a light pink color except the area around the actual hole and my anus is sort of brown.

No. 52161

does it really matter? apparently it hurts

No. 52162

But why would you do that unless you make a living off of your naked body maybe? I think even the palest pinkest nordic women have brown assholes it's just the way it is…

No. 52163

You could try different positions, some hurt less than others because of the angle his penis enters in. You wrote that you were on top, and for me at least that's one of the more painful positions. Try laying on your back with him on top, and try putting a pillow under your butt so your pelvis is angled up a bit. You could also consider using lube.
It's very normal for it to be painful on the first couple of times, and you will most likely be sore even on the day after sex. But if it hurts too much, don't force it!
Only pornstars bleach their parts. Everyone's butthole is brown, that is the natural color of it and you watch way too much porn if you think it should be pink instead.

No. 52164


Nope, it's a melanin thing.
If a person has warm undertones typically they'll have a browner hued vagina, butthole and nipples.
Cooler tones typically have the reverse. SameSame applies to men in that if they're warm toned the skin of their dick will be browner than the rest of their body.
I'm white as fuck and I actually prefer how warmer skin tones looks but then I have a salmon butthole and practically invisible areolas. It's weird.

No. 52165


>everyone's butthole is brown

Not true, but then I already just explained this.

No. 52166

Sometimes my vagina just itches really bad. Like it doesn't go away and I end up vigoriously rubbing it through my clothes or whatever and today I ended up being too rough and I think I tore some skin (again). I don't think it's a yeast infection because my discharge has been the same (even a bit lighter than normal actually) and this intense itching comes and goes but it's so annoying because I end up hurting myself every once in a while because of it :( I usually rinse down there with water to clean it, and only use some vaginal wash like Summer's Eve like once or twice a week (or more on my period) but the itching still comes.

Do any of you guys have to deal with this? Ugh it's so annoying…


I have brown nipples/butthole/vagina and man, I guess it's one of those 'grass is greener' things but I wish they weren't brown. Whenever I'm sending nudes I always want to cover them because they just don't look as nice to me :( I guess guys don't give a shit, but ugh.

No. 52167


They really don't and neither should you.
You're only getting one body girl, one bod. You should enjoy it at least whilst it's young. Who gives a fuck if your nip-nops are one shade over another, they're still pretty to look at right?

No. 52168

>I don't think it's a yeast infection because my discharge has been the same

Doesn't mean anything, i've dealt with yeast infections before and my discharge were "normal", go see your obgyn

No. 52169

Last month I had a 40 days cycle, this month I'm already at day 31 and still have no blood loss. Ughhhh! I'm pissed at my uterus, seriously. I've been wearing pads for 4 days just in case, hoping for my uterus to wake up, but nothing’s coming. I have had white discharge for like a week, though. Usually it only last 3 or 4 days for me. I swear my uterus is drunk! And I don’t think my periods are coming any time soon because when they do, I always feel sad/angry/irritable 2 days before and have acne. I’m currently feeling perfectly fine and have no acne, so yeah… I don’t get it. I didn’t lose/gain any weight recently, didn’t change my diet, I’m still a virgin… I’m feeling stressed out but waaaay less than last month so I don't think that's the reason. I’ll wait and see, but I'm definitely going to see a doctor when my cycle finally ends. Just wondering, anyone here experienced something similar?

No. 52170

The guys who claim they care have never even touched a real nipple that isn't their own.

No. 52171

I think it may be vaginismus as well unfortunately, and thank you! I have been thinking of doing that to see if it will help me.


That's a good idea I will try that next time we attempt it, thank you for the advice!

No. 52172

File: 1445190256095.png (101.67 KB, 450x443, 1443736977523.png)

>pale as fuck
>pink nipples
>pink hued vagina
>brown around anus

It sucks when you have an anal and spanking fetish, but you're embarrassed to show your partner your ass.

No. 52173

File: 1445192050404.jpg (141.23 KB, 640x480, 1433187663765.jpg)

tbh i have brown skin around my anus too (and p brown-ish labia…….) but then i found out my bf has brown skin around his anus too and idc about mine anymore

No. 52174

ever heard of anal bleaching?
alot of people's assholes are a darker shade, but most porn stars just anal bleach theirs

No. 52175


Parsley tea is known to induce menstruation. Buy a big bunch of parsley and make tea by pouring hot water over it and steeping for a long time (i think 15m - google it). It doesn't taste bad (just like parsley). My period started on the second day of drinking the tea - but i drank a lot of it - a cup every hour or two while i was awake.

No. 52176

Thank you for the tip! I'll go buy some and try that. I'll come back here in a few days and tell you if it it worked :)

No. 52177

It worked!! Thanks again for the tip!

No. 52178

glad it worked!
some ppl hate the taste but i kind of like it. i've heard you can use it to make your period fome a little early (like a few days to a week early), but i've never tried it for that.

No. 52179

that doesn't sound safe anon

No. 52180

>mixed race
>pass for white as long as i avoid the sun, have orange undertone to skin
>vagina is brown and ugly and looks way too dark in comparison to the rest of my skin
>inner labia lips are long (shorter one is about an inch) and uneven as well
>very insecure about my vagina because of all this and still a virgin
i'm only into girls… a-are girls are picky about the appearance of vaginas are guys are? most guys seem hate long inner labia (or any inner labia showing beyond the outer labia) and (incorrectly) believe that they're caused by frequent penatratrive sex

No. 52181

If you don't have pink undertones, I'm sure no one is stupid enough to think you don't have a brown vagina.

No. 52182

Girls … have labia, so I hope they aren't stupid pigs about things like labia length.

also in Europe guys don't seem to care about labia (there was a big drunken conversation in my friend's group house about that subject over the summer)

No. 52183

Nah, I don't think most girls would care
(personally speaking I really wouldn't mind)
labia length seems like a silly reason not to like someone/go down on them/ etc.

No. 52184

I've never seen/heard guys being picky about vaginas. I'd expect girls to be even more picky tbh

No. 52185

The majority of women have outies anon, I have seen some women call them gross, but they're just insecure bitches and they're straight anyway. A lesbian or bisexual girl wouldn't give a fuck.
I think outies are cute and fun to to play with anyway.

No. 52186

I went to the hospital earlier this week for severe abdominal pain and it turns out i have chronic ovarian cysts!!
Any tips or tricks or stories or whatever from other people who deal with these?

No. 52187

I tried it too and it worked! Im amazed. Never heard of this. I hate when my period is late because it drags out all the shitty symptoms

No. 52188

Read these >>132666 and >>132669

No. 52189

You've clearly never been to /r9k/

No. 52190

OP here. I went off Prozac and have been off for about a month now, and despite having a tiny clit masturbation actually feels good again and holy shit I actually orgasmed (i think it was an orgasm? my uterus felt hot and tingly and clenched and i know that sounds weird) And multiple times! Sometimes even right after another. I lost count. If masturbation is this good I'm never going back on prozac. I got new batteries for my vibrator yesterday and used it so much today that I actually depleted one (they're tiny n cell batteries but still)

No. 52191


Like 3 days after I came off Prozac one night it was like somebody opened the floodgates and I ended up fapping and orgasming 19 times in 32 minutes.

I know. I don't get it either.
Never experienced anything like it since, but here's hoping it lasts for you dohoho

No. 52192

yay! i was afraid people would get no result and be mad.

No. 52193

Update: after my masturbation marathon yesterday, my vagina is dry as hell today and my clit and uterus hurts.

No. 52194

hydrate, girl

No. 52195


take a shower or bath, check your fanny is okay and don't masturbate for a while until its not sore anymore stupid

No. 52196

Fapping to this thread tbh(cool)

No. 52197

mmm yes ovarian cysts, yeast infections, and utis are so sexy!
i took a shower, drank lots of water, it's still uncomfortably dry. i put a little water based lube on it to make it more bearable. i know guys can drain their balls if they fap too much in succession, but is that even possibly for girls? i mean vaginal secretions are made by the vaginal walls, not by some organ like testicles.
i also know this isn't period symptoms because it's not time yet, and my vag gets dry and my uterus hurts right before my period starts.

No. 52198

How do you feel your uterus?

No. 52199

i know this sounds really weird but when i orgasm i feel my cervix and the lower part of my uterus clench

No. 52200

All I feel is like my vagina clenching and unclenching. Still feels real good though. Jelly of your uterus orgasms tho.

No. 52201

I only feel mine when it decides to spasm the fuck out and cause me ~8/10 pain for a few hours once a month…

No. 52202


No you don't.
Your womb cannot clench, it does not possess the muscular structure to perform such an action.

It can spasm from illness or dysmenorrhoea, but not clench.

No. 52203

The herpes virus is dormant in most humans from birth. Exposure to active herpes activates it.

If you're in the US, the HPV vaccination will prevent herpes as well. The UK gives out the non-herpes version for free.

No. 52204


> implying men from /r9k/ have ever had sex

No. 52205

Can anyone help me with a problem I have with my birth control? I was >>132672 and I took my reminder pills to get my period and it made me period so much worst. I stained all of my clothes and bedding and had to change every 45 minutes since I would bleed so much and after the 3rd day, I couldn't take all the extreme vomiting, bleeding, cramps, and hot flashes, and cold sweat (they became so much worst after taking bc) that I took my white pills instead. After the 4th day of taking the white pills, I got better however, I have not stopped bleeding since and it has been well over a month and idk what to do now. Should I go back to the clinic and ask them for stronger birth control pills? I don't want to take injections since they make you gain weight like crazy and I am already a bit chubby and trying to lose weight slowly but surely, I don't want to stick anything inside either since I am very sensitive and it hurts putting anything inside. Is there such thing as stronger birth control pills? I just need help on what should I decide to do since I am so lost.

No. 52206

If you haven't stopped bleeding in over a month you should probably go to the hospital or at least a doctor. That is not normal in the least.

No. 52207

There are varying strengths of birth control pills, yes. I don't know what strength you're on but usually you're started on a lower strength so they can increase it if they have to.

It is "normal" to have breakthrough bleeding with birth control pills as your body adjusts. Doctors say to give it up to three months before they start looking into other causes. However, if you're bleeding a lot, go to the clinic. In fact, go to the clinic anyway and let them know you're continuing to bleed for a month. You don't need to go to a hospital unless you've been bleeding very heavily and you feel weak/dizzy etc (then you might need a blood transfusion)

No. 52208

File: 1449299741427.png (369.15 KB, 680x383, bea605fe7685808e2eb42c46f57539…)

What do you guys think of these period panties? I've backed for 10 of them and I'm really excited for them honestly… I just happened to stumble across the buzzfeed video but it looks really hopeful.

(here's the link to the ks if you guys haven't seen it:

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/padkix/period-of-change )

No. 52209

never tried those but I love thinx panties. thinx+moon cup=completely stress free periods for me

No. 52210

You know guys, I often wonder how women went on back in like 1500s/1600s/1700s/1800s. I know they had the rag method, in Egyptian times women had to go in special tents and bleed on these mats. Also those garter type things in the Victorian era which looked like a saw device.

Ever feel kinda lucky we don't live in that period tho?

No. 52211

>Ever feel kinda lucky we don't live in that period tho?


But yeah, definitely. Though I'm guessing women didn't have to deal with as many periods back then as they were pregnant more often than not.

No. 52212

Sometimes I think about homeless women who have to deal with their periods and it makes me so sad…

No. 52213


Me too, I find it so sad. Bleeding and not having any sanitary products :( must be fucking awful!

No. 52214

I couldn't live without my mooncup, I'd start a campaign to get those for women in prisons and homeless women because they're reusable and will last for pretty much forever

No. 52215

I'd think if they were homeless for some time they would be malnourished enough that their periods would be highly irregular/stop…

No. 52216

So…I've got a stupid vaginal obsession. I was raped when I was 10 and I'm in my 20s now and I've avoided my downstair as much as possible up until recently. The thing is, I'm getting icreasingly obsessed with wanting my hymen back. I know it's dumb but I can't help it. Anyone else got a hymen fixation like that?

No. 52217

ugh typo, sry

No. 52218

the hymen is useless and not worth placing any value on

No. 52219

I never had a hymen, or I lost it randomly when I was a little girl or something. shrug

No. 52220

No. 52221

Does anyone have lichen sclerosus?
I haven't meet anyone else with it. It's super annoying and painful.

No. 52222

Can anyone describe the difference in feeling of a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal one? I've only ever orgasmed from my clit because I never ever masturbate in my vagina, but when having sex with my boyfriend earlier there was a spot that was super sensitive and a little over whelming, not sure if it was in a good or bad way. But I had to stop because it was that sensitive of an area. I'm not sure if that was my g-spot or if it was from orgasming? I don't know what it is supposed to feel like exactly so I just want to hear the difference in feelings. Thanks!

No. 52223

I've got a vaginal lupus lesion. I have topicals for lesions and it will eventually subside. But it hurts and I'm so annoyed. It already sucks how lupus has ruined my hair. But now I have to deal with this.

No. 52224

File: 1453402995221.jpg (72.71 KB, 800x800, kitty_carpet_female_merkin_1.j…)

What do you guys do with your pubes? Au naturel, shaved, lasered, wax, what shape etc.

I can't stand how itchy shaving is so I've been waxing most of mine, but I find it practically fucking impossible to get all the hair off in the more… concealed areas.

No. 52225

File: 1453404685510.png (374.86 KB, 600x673, f76e5466.png)

I got lasered a few years ago. The hair is growing back but it's pretty sparse, which is nice because it was really bushy before. Nowadays I shave and just leave a small patch on the mound (pic related). I've never waxed before I'm just too self-conscious to let anyone look around down there that isn't my husband or doctor.

No. 52226

Au naturel. Feels good, man.

No. 52227

Is the bias against outies legitimate? I've got no inhibitions when it comes to doing anything sexual with men because of it, but I've been completely shy with women knowing what seems to be the common opinion. I've never even felt comfortable enough to be touched there by a girl, and am always clothed from the waist down when doing anything lol

No. 52228

Are you shaving with the grain?

No. 52229

Just had yet another bartholin cyst get infected, needed it drained + catheter. Anyone else have recurring cysts there or any tips to prevent them?

No. 52230

R u overweight

No. 52231

File: 1453491389556.jpg (55.9 KB, 400x400, 2273187.jpg)

Doesn't lasering also involve someone looking around down there? I never looked into the process. I'm also vaguely scared of it like, causing vag cancer or some shit.


I am, yeah. It just always gets itchy as it grows back in no matter what. I think I just have really sensitive skin.

Pic related is a lie that does not work and burns like satan

No. 52232

honestly, unless your labia are truly medically deformed somehow, no.
the ppl that make a fuss over that online have never seen another pussy irl, I fucking guarantee it.

No. 52233

No, 5'0, 110lbs. Not a whale but avg-ish.

No. 52234

I've only had one, but it sucked ass. I didn't have to go to the doctor luckily. I soaked it with a warm washcloth several times a day to try and get it to drain, and after a couple of days, it actually wound up bursting by itself while I was at work. It was disgusting, but the relief was so, so sweet.

All I can find about prevention is safe sex/better hygiene. I already do/did both of those, so I don't know why I got one in the first place, but it's been years and I've never had one again.

No. 52235

I have these bumps around the entrance of my vagina and idk what the fuck they are. Its not like shaving bumps, and they're really hard. About the size of a small glass bead. They don't hurt or anything and I've not been exposed to any STIs since my last test came back clean.
Plz help.

No. 52236

I'm just letting it grow since I'm single anyway and don't do one-night stands. Every time I shave it just gets really itchy and grows back in a few days anyway and I'm too shy and self-conscious to go to a professional to get it waxed or lasered.

No. 52237

I think I know what you mean. Like chicken skin bumps? I'm pretty sure everyone has those. Totally normal.

No. 52238

All my issues started when my BF slipped on a rug and landed on my box off to the side slightly with his knee. I had this surgery maybe 5 months ago, before that it was a lot of hot salt water soaks, gland stimulation therapy ect. It still hasn't really stopped the glands from getting backed up or infected somehow, I'm not really sure what's going on. It seems like it works fine for awhile, but maybe after a few months + scar tissue…

I dunno, I'm rambling on insane painkillers and there's a stint in me for 7 days. Personally I think my doctors should figure out if the glands are still viable but that's just my crazy idea..

Thank you for the suggestions tho. Better hygiene is big I think my biggest problem in winter is wearing tight layers ect. If you're having issues with them too I'll give you a fair warning about bursting a cyst before it's ready, I did that once and it was a horrible idea.

No. 52239

those are called fordyce spots, both women and men can have them. it's just genetic.

No. 52240

File: 1453685615731.jpg (8.63 KB, 275x123, image.jpg)

U guys I am practically crying I am so relieved to hear that I'm normal and dont have a monster vagina. Ty so much anons.

No. 52241

remember that all gineys are beautiful in their own way

No. 52242

3 month necropost I know, but it bares repeating

prozac, like many anxiety and depression medications, will reduce your sex drive and ability to orgasm, in many cases completely

always talk to your doctor

No. 52243

I have a question: I recently started working out (I want a defined waist) and it's cold so I wear those tight yoga leggings instead of shorts. ive been at it for more than a week and I noticed some itching today. Could it be due to the tightness of the pants, the bacteria accumulating due to sweating, or both? More background info: I wear cotton undies and I wash with a clean rag daily, and I have a full bush because I'm in a long distance relationship so I don't bother (he doesn't care either way).

No. 52244

my vagina annoys me. I was microgestin for 5 years almost and then I ran out of my prescription and I don't have insurance atm to get any more. so I've been off for probably a year.

it's been nothing but hell. I now have the most painful cramps I've ever experienced and every time I just wish I'd die. it feels like someone is forcefully ripping the lining from my walls. I honestly cannot remember if they were ever this bad before the birth control…I only ever remember one cramp I had and it was hell too, but that was it. now all I know is cramps. I originally started birth control because I had a heavy flow and I would always sleep. I wouldn't eat at all when I was menstruating for fear of vomiting. I wanted help with acne and cramps too.

I've looked at PCOS and the symptoms matched me, but I am not a fan of self diagnosis so I'll bring it up with a doctor if I can ever get an appointment. I just had to rant about this because when my body goes through unwanted changes it honestly freaks me out and makes me feel as though I'm losing control and it adds more stress to my life because I can't stop worrying about it.

No. 52245

I become a monster right before/during/right after my period. I hate it because there's only one week a month I function somewhat normally.

No. 52246

Given that you wash well daily it shouldn't be anything more than sweat/heat/tight garments.

I had the same thing and found sleeping without undies helped a lot.

No. 52247

File: 1453971235891.jpg (57.91 KB, 432x504, image.jpg)

I thank the lord for my super sensitivity and the ability to have multiple orgasms. It makes masturbation and sex so much more fun, currently riding off my high of 5 o's

No. 52248

My pussy STANK. I don't know why I've always been extremely hygienic. Tried cool water washing and personal area soaps and cotton panties. Still can smell that shit just sitting down its fucking gross

No. 52249

ok thanks for the update
ok thanks for the update
you probs need to see a dr, assuming this isn't a dude posting for funsies.

No. 52250

I wish I were kidding.

No. 52251

Too much cleaning can be bad too. Probably BV. Go get checked out, if it's BV it won't be going away anytime soon.

No. 52252

Eh I mean you can knock it out in like a month of treatment. Less than that really.

No. 52253

Anyone else have such an innie that during periods the blood comes out the front near the mons and not directly below the actual vagina? I have ruined so many nice pants because I put the pad in the 'normal' place when I should like, bring it forward to actually catch stuff.

It's like a tunnel.

No. 52254

If you have pcos, a doctor is just going to want to put you back on bc, and if you have more advanced symptoms, type 2 diabetic medication too (all of this after a blood workup and ultrasound, depending how serious it is). So if you don't have insurance, you're still kind of fucked…but you can always go to planned parenthood and get bc there based on income.

No. 52255

Oh god I feel you. It was terrible during my teen years but now I've got the hang of it.

No. 52256

My doc told me I had it after 5 ultrasounds in 5 months to monitor the cysts. Doctors in general are piss poor at dealing with PCOS. Mine said "oh it's not a big deal it won't impact you at all, unless you want kids." A) Not true. Painful cramps, burst or infected cysts, slow but steady weight gain, hair growth. And B) why the fuck is the only time I should get 'treated' for this is because I want a baby?? What I don't get healthcare unless I'm wearing a "future mom" sign?

No. 52257

Does anyone else get constipated during their period? This started happening around last year and it drives me nuts.

No. 52258

Me and all my friends get that. Seems pretty common actually. My butt clenches shut and I get anal cramps from hell until the shit forces it's way out. Being a woman is beautiful.

No. 52259

I have uncontrollable diarrhea for the first couple of days.

No. 52260

Does anyone else get bad anus cramps where it's sharp and hurts so bad that no matter what you're doing, you just have to stop moving your body completely to ease the pain?


I get diarrhea for the first few days too. My period lasts 2 weeks and the first days hit really hard with horrible cramps.

No. 52261

I know what you mean.

It doesn't happen often, but it happens during my explosive period diarrhea.

No. 52262

Only bloated, but I do take an unusually large shit about halfway through my period and it cleans me right out.

If you're getting constipated, you may wanna try a laxative

No. 52263

Right before is constipation and during is shit fest.

No. 52264

File: 1454514588880.jpg (29.05 KB, 628x504, 095c94aee0d62fca5a985e9094029f…)

So…I started masturbating around 10 and it didn't feel fun with fingers or rubbing so I stuck to sticking any semi-waterproof cylinder in there and I've kept doing that. I mean, I bought dildos (lots of them) but I always end up going back to a conditioner bottle or something hard. I've learned to deal with the consistency of most things on the market now but I still like being able to sort of squeeze around it and not have any give. After 10 yrs though, my body is super set in its ways and fingers can't get me anywhere close.

Problem is I've been with my girlfriend for about 6 mo and we finally found the time to do the do. She insisted that her fingering game is so amazing that she'd cure me straight up but after 40 or so minutes, her fingers were pruney and I was starting to wonder what to make for dinner. (At the hr mark, I said fuck it and switched to finish her so I could call in chinese before the store closed but i digress)
Is there a way to maybe become more sensitive or something to make fingering feel any good? She's easy as shit and usually is fine with just about anything so I'm sure I could talk her into dildos or vibrators -or anything really- to better accommodate me but I really want to be able to get off due to her efforts at least once.

Am I just SOL or do I maybe need to put more effort into it? Is there even a way to "retrain" your body for things like this? What the hell am I doing wrong here?

No. 52265

Never ever fake an orgasm. This creates a cycle of rewarding bad performance. Tell her that what's she's doing isnt cutting it. Try having her orally stimulate you, use a vibrator on your clit (I recommend a pointed one like Rocks Off 80mm rechargeable, they take N-cell batteries so they run out quickly and it's better to spend more and get the rechargeable kind), or a g-spot vibrator inside you.

No. 52266

This is me. I don't have any friends, I don't socialize (willingly), there's no one I like enough to want to, and the desire in general is just not there, and I'm cool with that.

No. 52267

a-are you me anon?

No. 52268

That's me.

No. 52269

Been having issues with bleeding lately, past few months I've been having my periods but in between it's a constant flow of what I assume is old blood (brown). I just went for an ultrasound and it turns out one of my ovaries is a lot bigger than it should be, had blood tests for ovarian cancer today, so hopefully nothing turns out from that. Has anyone else had the experience of having an ovary enlarged? I tried to do some research, cysts and PCOS can cause it apparently, but I thought that would've been picked up on the ultrasound.

No. 52270

Typically the scans will pick up on cysts, unless they rupture (taking from my own experience).

No. 52271

so this is a really weird question. I can’t pee when I’m wearing a tampon. I mean I can but I never feel really empty. so I have to change it every time I go to the loo and because I drink a lot of water that’s way too often. I know the vagina and the urinal tract are two different things so why am I experiencing this? does anybody else have this problem?

No. 52272

It might be some type of blockage thing caused by the tampon but I'm thinking it's more likely a side effect of PMS cramps. I don't really get painful cramps but before/during my period I feel like there's always pee in my bladder that won't come out. After a while of this happening I figured it's actually the muscle pressure of mild cramps in that general area. Could be the same for you.

No. 52273

It might just be squeezing your urethra from the other side. I don't really wear tampons, but if I have to take a dump, I can't really empty my bladder until after.

No. 52274

Did you guys notice that your vagina contracts every time you cough? Try it right now.

I still can't get over this.

No. 52275

So I have been on BC since October and changed to a higher hormone one in December and was wondering,if I am just slightly spotting blood, is it safe to have sex and not worry about getting pregnant? I know you can have sex without protection after 2 weeks and I have been on my new BC for a little more than two months now. So should I not worry about the spotting and have sex?

No. 52276

Spotting is a common side effect, so you should be safe! As safe as BC is, as long as you don't miss a dose in the time after as well.

No. 52277

please h-help a clueless virgin out, /g/

I'm in my early twenties and I'm going to have sex for the first time soon. For background, I've been masturbating via clitoral stimulation since I was around 11, but I've never fingered myself. It never really occurred to me to do it because I orgasmed just fine from rubbing my clit. However, I never tried to do it when I was older because I was always too scared because of the pain. I've tried inserting tampons and it hurt very, very much. I finally had some private time and decided to take a look at my own anatomy, and I was surprised at how much I didn't know about my own vagina.

First, I'm very concerned about my hymen/vaginal opening. I was surprised how much lower it is located on the body than I thought. It is not in the center of my vagina and located very near to the bottom/end towards my anus. (Instead my urethra is located directly in the center.) I can't see the hole and I'm not sure if this is because it very low or because it is very small. I tried to finger myself to prepare for sex but I could only fit one finger comfortably. I tried to put in two fingers and stretch my hymen/make the opening bigger but they will just not fit. I felt like I was at max capacity, for lack of a better phrase. It is not incredibly painful, but it is quite uncomfortable and I'm not really enjoying the experience. I have no idea how I am going to fit something as a large as a penis. Could I possibly have a microperforate hymen i.e. is the hole in my hymen just abnormally small? Is this normal for a virgin who hasn't fingered herself? When I watch porn I see women with large openings that look very deep. In comparison, I look very shallow – maybe because I can't really see the hole. I know that I do not actually have a shallow vagina because I fit the entirety of my finger.

Also, I don't like the color of my outer lips and the skin surrounding my vagina. I understand that it is normal, but I don't like the way it looks. It is darker than the skin inside my vagina and around my pubic area; I'd like to make it lighter. Are there any recommended safe skin bleaching kits/creams without hydroquinine? I'd also like to lighten my asshole lmao

thanks, /g/

No. 52278

it's normal for the actual vaginal opening to look larger during / a while after penetration. Having no opening visible when you're unaroused is typical, especially if you've never had children via vaginal delivery.
Also, the vaginal canal (such hot terminology right?) lengthens during arousal; otherwise 3-4 inches is the average.

Even though your hymen will likely tear even more eventually (just with normal activity + time, not necessarily penetration), it is possible to stretch it without tearing, even enough to accommodate something a large as a penis.
I'd advise you to continue using fingers for penetration with yourself and/or whoever you're going to sleep with until that becomes physically comfortable. And from there use a dildo/vibrator/whatever that's slightly larger than a few fingers. Just keep working up in size, as long as it's not causing you discomfort. For me personally, it was a span of about 3 months to go from a finger to fucking a guy. The number one problem I had was trying to do shit when I wasn't physically aroused enough.

I don't know anything about bleaching, so I can't speak to that.

also not to be a huge downer, but it's entirely possible penetration just does nothing for you and never will tbh. experiment all you want, but definitely don't force yourself to like/want something you don't.
good luck anon, and invest in a lot of lube.

No. 52279

How can I get tighter for sex? After a couple sessions my bf tells me I get pretty loose and I want to make it more enjoyable

No. 52280

What are some causes of late/missed periods? Mine is about a week late now, which is unusual because my cycle was very regular, like clockwork, pretty much as far back as when I first started menstruating.

I know I'm not pregnant since the last time I had sex was last October and have had (regular) periods since then. My life is a lot busier these days, but I don't feel any more stressed out than I have been before. I'm not sure if I should be concerned at this point, or if these things just happen sometimes.

No. 52281

File: 1454885217953.jpg (115.43 KB, 458x458, love-soap-60g.jpg)

try love soap

No. 52282

Make sure your nutrition is good, but it's probably no issue since it's only a week and that is pretty normal to happen on occasion.

No. 52283

Practice kegels and work on squeezing those muscles harder during sex.

No. 52284

update: guess it was just late. hit my like a sack of bricks, I almost thought my appendix burst.

when complaining about the pain to some close friends, turns out two of them started their periods started today/yesterday too (and one was also a week late!) is the period sync thing true???

No. 52285

No idea if there's any scientific backing but I'm inclined to believe it. I'm not only synced up to a co-worker but my stepdaughter synced up to me after she started getting her period. Coincidence? Maybe, but it sure is fucking weird.

No. 52286

Am I the only one who wears a pantiliner with a tampon to catch small leakages?

Either I still haven't figured out how to properly insert a tampon, or I've been using crap tampons all these years

No. 52287

Sometimes when a tampon is inserted, depending on its size and how it's placed, it will start blocking and absorbing any further incoming blood but there may be some remaining below it that could just come out since nothing is there stopping it, if that makes sense. Also some women may just need the sports kind that has a leak guard to help when you move around

No. 52288

I do this all the time. Even if there are no leaks, it just feels cleaner to me.

No. 52289

I do it

No. 52290

I thought it was pretty normal to do this. I can't imagine not using one just in case. Especially now that I use a cup, no fucking way would I go without a liner.

No. 52291

Also consider going to a gyno and asking if you have a tipped pelvis and/or a tipped vag. I know somebody with both conditions, going in opposite directions. Tampons are still usable with those but have to be manually inserted, applicators can't get them in the right position.

No. 52292

I'm almost definitely sure I have a tilted pelvis. My lordosis is awful. Thank you for the tip, will have to speak with my doctor soon.

No. 52293

I just started eating meat again after 10+ years of vegetarianism/occasional pescatarianism, and I think my vag is starting to smell more.

Every guy I was with during my vegetarian years has complimented my vag taste/smell. So it's a minor point of pride for me (lol) and I don't want to lose it… :(

No. 52294

eat pineapple - makes it smell and taste sweet

No. 52295

I have to have a "Mirena" put inside me through my uterus (Thanks to crazy periods/hormones) and I'm a virgin. I'm really scared, is there any other way?

No. 52296

Have you considered getting Implanon or Nexplanon? It's the needle thing they put in your arm and it's basically a hormonal IUD (but for your arm) and is good for three years. Doesn't hurt at all getting it put in, they just use a local anesthetic. I have one myself and it's been pretty awesome. Hell, for the first year and a half it stopped my period completely.

No. 52297

It's definitely a personal thing. I actually used to be completely silent the whole time, but then I got used to making 'encouragement' sounds when guys were doing the right things and over time I've gotten so used to making noise that I'll accidentally let out a sound when I'm orgasming from masturbation.

Not porn screaming exactly, but sometimes after sex I'll be so embarrassed from my sounds I'll wish I were dead.

No. 52298

Same, anon. I'm not quiet but my regular sounds are very mild. But on the receiving end of oral, or when I have a little mj pre-sex I dead ass sound like a sheep.

No. 52299

Not sure where you're from but I have an IUD akin to Mirena only smaller, it's called Fleree. As I said it's smaller in size and last for three years as opposed to five for Mirena. I guess you could inquire about it with your doctor.
I've had mine for a year now and I prefer it greatly over birth control pills.
The insertion itself wasn't that bad, the night before I was given a pill to insert into my vagina in order to soften the cervix and about a few hours before the appointment I took painkillers.
The worst pain is when they dialate the cervix in order to insert the IUD and it didn't even last for a whole minute. If you feel comfortable with the doctor and are able to relax during the procedure then you should be golden - but each person is different.
Periods wise, I used to have rather heavy periods and now I just bleed very lightly and hardly have any cramping.

No. 52300

>tfw no vagina to lick right now

No. 52301

File: 1455545533319.jpeg (6.51 KB, 184x200, download.jpeg)

My 25 y/o bf had camsex with a 15 year old, and now I can only get off while thinking about him cucking me with younger girls (I'm 18). How the fuck do I stop?? I've gotten off to exclusively this for a month, and it's been getting more prevalent ever since it started 5 months ago. I had an age kink for being younger before this, but now instead of picturing myself with him it's underage petite flat girls like she was.(robot)

No. 52302

fucking robots get out, no wonder no one wants to date you

No. 52303

Sorry for this late reply I honestly forgot about this thread until now. Thank you for the info. It sucks because I had insurance for a few months And then my mother told me I didn't anymore, right when I was about to make appointments. Doesn't help that my gyno went to jail either lol. I'm not aware of any planned parenthoods in SC. Holy shit, just searched and there's 2. Wow.

I now have another problem, sadly. I had sex 9 days ago and immediately started having the heaviest discharge ever. Is that normal? This is another problem I'm facing after not being on bc for a while. The discharge is ruining my underwear!!

Not only that, but I'll shower and sometimes after showering there is still this sort of smell coming from the actual vagina, not the outside (like labia etc). When I had this problem some time ago, I had gotten the yeast infection medicine because it seemed to just seep into my panties and it helped a lot and now it's back?! This problem comes and goes for me and it's only bothersome because it humiliates me lol. I personally don't think it's a yeast infection, but it could be. Nearly all of my underwear is cotton or cotton blend, and I do wear that spandex/therma-fit material underwear, if that's of any help.

I would ask my gyno since he lives with my best friend's mother down the street, but I don't think that's professional, and I don't know if he got his license revoked or not.

No. 52304

You and me both. Had sex with a friend and was utterly embarrassed during and after. We talked afterwards, and that calmed me but oh my god I wished I could've shut up.

No. 52305

does anyone here have experiences with getting labiaplasty while in a relationship? i really hate how my vagina looks (i have the "roast beef" vag) and have been considering getting it snipped. i'm just not sure how to bring this up to the boyfriend. he doesn't seem to mind the way it looks and i don't know if it's weird to want to get labiaplasty when the guy who actually interacts with your vagina everyday doesn't have a problem with it

No. 52306

Don't do it for your boyfriend, do it for yourself

No. 52307

File: 1455929701048.jpg (19.64 KB, 400x400, ef8fdee7fbd6c86e3a9ecf306e2bb5…)

I don't normally do anything since I don't have sex or have anyone looking at my naked body, but I would shave on occasion to change it up. I stopped because I would get razor bumps and/or ingrown hairs like crazy no matter what, especially along the crease between my thighs and pubic area.
I then started using a hair removal cream, and stopped having those issues the first couple times of doing it, but now I get all bumpy along that crease again. Sucks a lot and I'm dealing with it right now.
I think I would like to try waxing, but only if there were something like those plastic sheets you can cut to shape for eyebrows, face, etc. Would make it easier to do shapes and designs with the hair.

No. 52308

Have you ever tried a razor burn cream? I have the same problem but the cream really helped out. I've also used deodorant, though I'm not quite sure if that's good to use.

No. 52309

Can I ask how you used deodorant down there and why?

No. 52310

Do you ever get concerned with the way it smells down there? I've never had any complaints… but like.. is there anything i can use? I heard pineapples work, if you eat a lot of them.

No. 52311

Pineapple in everything, lots of fruits, less sugar (but fructose is fine), probiotic drinks. Most fruity things that smell nice basically. Also LOTS of water

avoid garlic, onions, asparagus, spicy things and meat, especially red meat

No. 52312

I dont mean to be preachy but please reconsider. It's a lot of money and it may impact your sex life in the future.

No. 52313

My skin down there has been irritated for at least 6 years. Nothing I do fixes the problem. I powered through my embarrassment two years ago and tried to go to the doctor for it but all she did was send me to a male dermatologist and he just brushed it off as dry skin. It's gotten much worse since then, it's like its spreading and I hate it. I feel so uncomfortable and gross and don't want to show it to anyone.

Unrelated but masturbation has also always felt horrible and uncomfortable to me, whether it be clitoral or fingering or dildos. Nothing works without making me feel legitimately nauseous.

No. 52314

Does anyone else masturbate to music? I'm typing this in the afterglow of my latest session, I had at least three orgasms in a row that were more intense than normal and it was so damn satisfying to cum right at the end of the song. I don't mean with a sound controlled vibe or anything, the one I used was single speed. I put that thing on my clit and stuck a dildo inside me and didnt move it or anything, just let myself clench around it and it felt good to be full as I orgasmed. The kind of music I listen to when masturbating is very specific and stuff I don't even like normally; it has to be trap, dubstep, moombahton, drum n bass, or electro house.

No. 52315

You'd love that musical dildo then. It vibrates with the beats of the song

No. 52316

Someday, maybe as a birthday present to myself in July. The thing's expensive and I already bought myself two sex toys this month.
I have sensitive hearing and sometimes listening to music can overwhelm me so having auditory stimulation as well as physical really makes things better.

No. 52317

Damn anon, that song's pretty hot I can see myself masturbating to it as well. I do find that certain songs really get me in the mood but I usually just fuck my partner. I'll have try it solo some time.


This sounds pretty fucking wonderful. I will also have to get it as a birthday present.

On a side note, I know masturbation talk is all good in this thread but there's also an arousal thread in /g/ here >>8671 . Just thought I'd point it out since it's been dead for a bit.

No. 52318

There's got to be a way to make a Hitachi do that. Gotta step up my tech game

No. 52319

Some songs are just downright sexy sounding. For me those types of songs are aggressive electronic music. I'm pretty sure my friends would make fun of me if they knew the kind of stuff I listened too though because this sort of music is associated with mlg dudebro culture

No. 52320

You might really need to see a dermatologist. Get your gp to send you to a female dermatologist. It might be eczema or psoriasis, but you need a derm to confirm.

No. 52321


Closer- NIN and Sweetest perfection (either DM or Deftones cover) are my favorites for it

No. 52322

File: 1456950081731.png (87.42 KB, 684x576, 1432111315125.png)

How do I get back into the right mind to masturbate? How do I learn to relax and enjoy it again?

I'm in a sexless relationship that has ruined my sex drive and self-esteem and makes getting off nearly impossible. I have some toys and stuff, but just can't relax my mind enough to enjoy what I'm doing.

No. 52323

probably you're going to have to get out of the toxic relationship first.

No. 52324

Yeah, you're right. Easier said than done, I guess.

No. 52325

same anon as >>132870

trust me, I know exactly where you're coming from. I made the decision to stay in a similar situation for a long time, because it simply wasn't worth it to me to leave. I'm not in that relationship anymore, and I'm happier, but you gotta weigh the pros and cons and come to your own conclusions as to what's right for you currently.

No. 52326

I think the only reason I'm still sticking it out after 2 years is because part of the problem is that my bf has depression and is trying to find a doctor in his shithole of a country that'll prescribe him something. I guess I'm holding out hoping that that'll be the cure.

If it's not though, I don't think I can last any longer than I already have. Damn, I just want to feel wanted and desired again.

No. 52327

No no no. Leave him, you aren't his mother.
You can support him as a friend if you want to, but caring about someone doesn't mean you owe them your life, you only have one life.

I thought I was asexual for about three years, but actually it turns out I just wasn't interested in my boyfriend. Now with a boyfriend I care and am attracted to, I can masturbate and have great sex.

No. 52328

It's funny that you mention being his mother because for the past few months that's exactly what I feel like. Making sure he gets up and goes to bed on time, getting onto him about eating better and looking after himself, etc. It gets tiring when I've barely got enough energy for myself because of my own depression.

I'm glad things worked out for you. My sex drive is so dead that I was really worried I'd never be able to have another relationship and feel aroused again. It gives me a little hope to hear that that wasn't the case for you.

No. 52329

that's because you're aroused… he should be glad that you're so turned on, ffs

The vagina shrinks back anyway.

No. 52330

>Tampons are still usable with those but have to be manually inserted, applicators can't get them in the right position.
I thought this me because I have to carefully use manual tampons or else it will be extremely painful not just inserting but the entire time.

But I never have lower back pain and doggy style and reverse cowgirl are pretty much our only positions because I like the angle better.

No. 52331

probably a dumb question but is there an effective way to speed up my period? gonna be flying home for spring break on wednesday, today is monday and i had started my period when i woke up.
there's a boy i'll be seeing back home and i only have a few days of overlap with him and i don't want my period ruining my fun.
i don't care if it's extremely heavy and painful for a few days, i just want to get everything out as fast as possible, preferably by Friday.

No. 52332

I have a question about period cycle. My cycle seems to have gotten longer, meaning there's more time in between periods but my period takes a longer time to end too. I'm not on the pill but my cycles have always been pretty regular. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this?


are you on the pill? I don't think there's any other way of speeding it up than taking the pill.

No. 52333

Has the blood flow been consistent despite it being longer, or has it gotten lighter/spottier over a few days? I have PCOS and my periods have never really been regular, and they're not terribly long but sometimes it does take 3-4 days just for the annoying spotting to stop. Even when I think it's done, sometimes a bit more is still there. I'd say get an appt. with your gyno and talk to them, if you don't have one get one ASAP and get a pap smear. It's probably nothing terrible but it's better to know for sure.

No. 52334

I've heard parsley tea can induce menstruation and I'm sure I read somewhere that it can speed it up, not sure how effective it is but if you can bear the taste and the smell I wonder if it's worth a try?

No. 52335

I'm not sure what you mean but it's always been that the first days there's a lot and a lot of pain but after that it's just "leftovers" wich drags on for a few days. (is this what you mean with spotting?) This is still the same but now spread out over more days.
I am eating less calories since I want to lose some pudge though, could it be that?
But I'll be sure to ask my docter about it next time I see her.

No. 52336

I've finally accepted that I need to wear liners all day every day. I don't mind too much, it's only about £1 for a months worth. Plus in a push it means you can wear pants 2-3 days in a row, since nothing actually gets on them.

Sometimes the volume that comes out is ridiculous, I think it's a vaginal infection of some sort because it can smell too, which in the past would lead to hurried trips to a bathroom to try scrape it off my pants/vag and put whatever perfume on.
A small extra step when you're getting ready in the morning is way less bother than constantly checking.

No. 52337

I remember when I was young and just starting my period my mum would push me to pads, lightly implying that tampons were no good (she's really conservative).
Finally found my hole at 16 and tampons were so so much easier (when I have a heavier flow). No matted hair from blood, no sitting and feeling the warmth of your own blood pressed against your vag, etc etc.
Thing is, recently every time I put a tampon in it stings/throbs until I take it out which worries me, so I've been forced to go back to pads for a while.

I really want to move on to the diva cup, but I'm struggling. I'm not sure if it's relevant but I'm quite tight and the first (and only) time I put it in it became stuck up there due to the suction, had to use tweezers to try grip it. Bought disposable ones too and honestly they just look too wide to fit in in the first place.
Anyone have experience of them?

No. 52338

>caught an annoying fungal infection
>got prescribed vaginal suppositories
>oily and smelly and dripping every fucking where
>feel better after a week of treatment
>bladder gets infected immediately after

It's been 3 weeks of bullshit now, I just want healthy sexy times again

Curse you vaginaaaaa

No. 52339


When I got my first yeast infection I legit went full HAM and did the garlic route.

You get a glove of garlic, stab it multiple times to release the good, anti-yeast juices, then you thread some wool or something through the center and place it inside your vagina. Change the clove nightly and you'll be cleared up in like 2-4 days. Yeast gets FUCKED by garlic it's why you can't bake bread with garlic.

No. 52340

it shouldn't smell. perhaps get yourself checked for BV. I get it sometimes. it sort of comes and goes of its own accord I think but you can get antibiotics.

No. 52341

Apologies if this is seemingly unrelated or talked about already (on mobile/very difficult to search)

Does anyone have shaving or cheaper wax brands to make themselves smooth down there? Whenever I shave the razor bumps and ingrown hairs make it look gross :(

No. 52342

wait so how do they make garlic bread

No. 52343


You have to add the garlic afterwards otherwise it stops the dough from rising.

No. 52344

makes sense thanks

No. 52345

try an epilator

No. 52346

Why is everyone here meming with epilators? Is this one anon?

No. 52347

I'm wondering, does anyone else get soaking panties when they wake up? When I wake up and start moving around I can feel it coming out and my panties get really wet within minutes.
I've noticed that too

No. 52348

Used to have something similar.
Stopped when I started to sleep naked.

No. 52349

I swear by mine and havent recommended one on this thread

Has anyone used one on the stray hairs that are actually on the vagina? I'm scared to know how painful it would be and have never even plucked them. I know I'm not the only one that gets them

No. 52350


ngl, it hurts. It hurts, but it works.
That being said I've never actually taken it further than around the pubic hair, never actually around the lips. Obviously it's a sensitivity issue so I'm confident that so long as you ease into it you can get used to the pain.
I remember the first time I used my epilator I almost screamed; now I can epilate like it's nothing.

No. 52351

File: 1459650670885.gif (650.03 KB, 647x363, 1455251148.gif)

Fuck guys why is my body such a shit?
Trinessa for 6 months -> constant discharge, BV, yeast, 10 day periods. wore down my vaginal tissue until it felt like knives every time i crossed my legs
Yaz for 3 - still pain, but fixed periods
Off BC for 1 month - pain gradually fades for the first time in almost a year. still can't even finger myself though
Nexplanon - Dr recommends it because no estrogen so I shouldn't have problems. Day 3 and the vaginal pain is back in FULL force.

I haven't been able to have sex with my boyfriend all this time. And I've probably damaged myself permanently. AND now they're gonna have to slice my arm open to remove the fucking thing I spent hundreds on. I wish I was born male.

No. 52352

Anyone had experience with cerazette? Going to be my first time taking birth control. Mostly because my periods are a pain but I also want to prevent pregnancy differently.

No. 52353

I had horrible experience. I was a nervous psycho on that pill and it made my vagina smell so bad with disgusting discharge and spotting. Once I stopped it, everything went normal. And no I had no infection. I got tested afterwards.

No. 52354

Oh yay. That makes me feel loads better :)))))

No. 52355

Holy shit, yeah. I was truly devastated the first time I noticed I was getting pubes….that close….I felt disgusting for a long time, depressed even, but I got the fuck over it of course. Personally I don't think taking them out is that bad, but they make me so god damn mad that I'm satisfied to punish them lol.

No. 52356

ow, anon, my wallet cringed when I read this.
I wish you could get refunds for these kind of meds when they not only DON'T WORK but actually exacerbate the issue.

No. 52357

I've been on it for 2 years now. My periods stopped completely as soon as I started taking them but other than that I haven't noticed any ill-effects. It hasn't failed me yet, but I'm constantly paranoid about a surprise pregnancy due to the whole no periods thing, so I do a pregnancy test every now and then just to be sure. But yeah, my experience has been good and I can't say I miss having periods lol.

No. 52358

I'm about to start on this too, I think I'll be buying a lot of pregnancy tests because I don't like the idea of not having a regular period.
Hope I don't acne or bigger breasts.

No. 52359

How do I deal with shaving itch?
I've practically scratched my lips off because its so crazily itchy now that hair is growing back but I don't wanna have to keep shaving either.

No. 52360

Have you tried waxing instead?

No. 52361


What >>132907 said. Removing the hair from the root will result in less growth over time. Personally I epilate, but the method various from person to person. I prefer lots and lots of little bits of pain vs. a couple of really big, ungodly pains.

No. 52362


I take Cerazette and it's probably the only BC I've never has problems with, and now my periods have halted entirely which is excellent if you suffer from disorders such as dysmenorrhoea or endometriosis.

Most people experience spotting inbetween periods when they first start out, and sometimes they can last a considerable amount of time (in my case it was 3 straight weeks of…. sludge).
If this happens it's actually advised that you take 2 pills a day at the same time until the spotting stops. According to my gyno they don't know why 2 a day together helps stop the spotting, just that there are no ill effects and that it works, and hey, literally two days after I started taking 2 my spotting stopped. You can return to 1 a day after that.

No. 52363

Id love to buy an epilator but I'm just scraping by on my bills. Is there anything to ease my actual problem now, not just ways to prevent it?

No. 52364


Well, do you have an exfoliation glove? The itching sensation is caused by a combination of the hair breaking thin sheet of skin that has grown over the follicles since shaving, and the frequently invisible rash as a result of removing skin cells with a razor.
Exfoliating the area and helping the hairs to break through prematurely should help. I would advise moisturising the area also.

No. 52365


No. 52366

I have heavy as fuck periods with 50p sized clots which is why i'm going on it. Plus i'm in LDR so i want to have protected sex when he gets here. I hope it works out for me. I am worried about it affecting my depression however. Thanks for the advice!
Oh gosh. As much as i'd like it to stop my periods I will also be paranoid if i've had sex that month. '_'

No. 52367

I would recommend exactly the same. And moisturize the sensitive skin there with a non chemical creme. It helps a lot and even tho I get waxed I do the same to prevent ingrown hairs and itches.

No. 52368

File: 1460172703807.jpg (9.16 KB, 251x221, 1432107736035.jpg)

Has anyone else ever used a dildo they forgot to clean? I have one of those vibes that have the silicone sleeves that go over and while i'm good with cleaning my toys and using a condom I found out that I forgot to clean the inside part of the sleeve and was so disgusted with myself because god knows how long all thats been sandwiched between the silicone and the vibe. It didn't help that the condom I was using on it broke too. Its been almost 3 weeks since then though and I don't think gotten any sort of infections although I might still get myself tested. Even now i'm so disgusted I let that happen…

No. 52369

Do you guys do kegel exercises? The guy I've been with for the past month told me about it and it really makes a difference. It stops queefing under sex as well.

No. 52370

I trim pubes short with a hair clipper and then forget about it for a long time until it occurs to me I probably need to trim again. That's about as much time as I want to spend on this “problem”.


If you look at porn closeups, you'll see that models spread their legs and stretch the skin from behind. It's hard to look at yourself from that angle without a camera, and it's generally hard to see a vaginal opening in normal poses (porn poses are rarely normal). Depth at which vagina starts and amount of skin folds surrounding it also vary. You can put a big mirror on the floor vertically, lie on the floor next to it with a couple of pillows under your head, and study yourself that way.

Proportions of distance between top of the lips and clit, length of the clit and surrounding skin, distance between clit and urethra, distance between urethra and vaginal opening, end of the folds, and anus can be anything, and different body types also make vulva look different.


I hate to break the news, but some people also don't like the way scars look like on short “circumcised” lips. TUH-DUH. Time to panic!

I thought these worries should disappear after a partner willingly munches your “ham” a couple of times. Apparently, many people still consider sex a kind of social interaction for which you wear a suit (without wearing one) and should perform according to expectations and provide an aesthetically pleasing image.

No. 52371

Is discharge all day, every day normal? I have to wear a pantiliner even if I'm not on my period.

No. 52372

I've heard girls talk about this before, and experienced it a bit when I first hit puberty. I rarely have any as an adult though, so I'm no expert, but I've heard wearing cotton panties & making sure you're not washing with soap can help. Of course the area around your vag should be soaped up, but the vagina is self cleaning, and for many women any kind of soap will disturb your ph balance and can lead to yeast infections, unplesant smell and other discomforts like what you are mentioning. Honestly, if it bothers you it wouldn't hurt to talk to a doctor about it. Not saying there's anything wrong with you, but it's never a bad idea to get to know your body better!

No. 52373

Yeah I do them a lot. Makes you tighter and better at holding your pee. Make sure you do them properly though, flex and then relax, don't just flex for ages.

No. 52374

Every woman experiences some amount of discharge from her vagina every day. Some have so little that it will never be noticed because it just gets wiped away when they use the restroom, and some have enough to be visible in their panties as the day goes on.

Unless you have an alarming amount (it's coming out like a period or worse) or you notice that it has an unnatural color/texture/odor, it's just your body doing its thing. If you notice any of that you should probably talk to your doctor

No. 52375

Is that why I've never queefed during sex? I've done kegels for as long as I can remember (I started doing them before I even knew what they were, just because I noticed I could), and I've only queefed once during sex due to a really unfortunate position.

I always thought I was just lucky!

No. 52376

I've done kegels for as long as I can remember as well. I still queef during sex though, so I'm not sure.

No. 52377

What does "better at holding your pee" mean?
I queef a lot and even when just masturbating for a while in a different position…fuck should I start kegels?

No. 52378

Not really I mean queefs are just trapped air which can require muscles to keep it in.

No. 52379

Your vagina becomes strong like bull, and can hold it in. Start doing them, they don't take that much effort either.

No. 52380

I used to pee myself a little if I laughed really hard or sneezed (super rarely but still) now it never happens. I think kegels strengthens the pelvic floor which is involved in hilding your pee in (?) Or something

No. 52381

>What does "better at holding your pee" mean?
It means women with bladder control issues can get improvement for that problem.

No. 52382


>your vagina becomes strong like bull

I read this in my Slovakian friend's voice.

No. 52383

Just don't go Latvian and hoard potatoes in there.

No. 52384

Shh, you might start a new trend for 'organic' ben wa balls.

No. 52385

Check out the Peruvian movie "The Milk of Sorrow". It's about a young woman who has stuck a potato inside herself which is now growing inside and causing her medical issues

No. 52386

Just wanted to make some vodka :(

No. 52387

File: 1462167224822.png (138.58 KB, 323x267, affff.png)

Okay so weird period information incoming and I want some opinions about it.

Recently when I've got my period its been heavy-ish flow the first few days and then slight spotting,bleeding for awhile after. Before my periods used to be pretty short too, lasting 3-6 days. But near the end of my period with the spotting the blood is super SUPER dark. Like I just went to the bathroom and its thick and black like fucking tar. Ive been getting this for awhile now but I dont remember this happening when I was younger. Is this normal at all??

On my periods I've noticed the blood generally being thicker and having a few more clots come out but not enough where I think its abnormal. I spray my vagoo with the shower head and masturbate in hopes that it will get all the blood out of there (like maybe its just having issues coming out), but still its coming out like this.

No. 52388

are you shooting water actually UP your vag? if so, that's a real bad idea. you'd be fucking up the ph balance that helps keep it free from harmful bacteria.

the dark blood/discharge thing is normal. I get that sometimes, and sometimes it's all red liquid blood.
it's just the rate it comes out and how heavy your flow is that particular cycle.

No. 52389

electric toothbrush

No. 52390


Nah I'm not shooting way up in there. I know about the pH balance thing and I try my best to keep my vagina happy. Having an unhappy vagina is absolutely the worst.

Thank you for the input, I guess it isn't too abnormal ! I remember it wasn't always this way so I thought it was a little strange. I guess my period is just not as rapid as it used to be.

No. 52391

File: 1462190878834.png (8.47 KB, 377x330, 1434448469120.png)

Sounds like someone is Asexual, as in you just aren't into sex of any kind.

No. 52392


No. 52393

I have fordyce spots everywhere and my labia is ridden with these bumps and it looks gross. If I ever do I have sex I don't think I could ever have it with lights on or him ever eat me out. I just wish i didn't have those bumps it looks like a disease.

No. 52394

just make your vagoo slimey and moist by inserting a vinger in your hole and smear it all over your vulva til you come.

No. 52395

I thought treatments for fordyce exist.

No. 52396

I have the same but trust me, males don't notice it nor do they give a shit. You don't have to be insecure.

No. 52397

Well my period started today (I saw tiny amount of blood in my mooncup yesterday but today is when the floodgates opened). On Mother's Day. It's my body telling me I'm not a mother.
Anyways, I've always had painful periods and usually cry through the first set of cramps (right when I wake up and my stomach is empty so I can't take painkillers) but today the pain was so bad that I vomited several times (I had eaten some granola bars in my dorm to try and fill my stomach so I could take ibuprofen before the dining hall opens at 11). I usually get a little sick to my stomach on the first day but I've only ever vomited because of the pain once before, and it was mostly dry heaving back then.
This can't be normal. I need to do something about it. This is the last straw. I plan on talking to a gynecologist about this soon. My mom is highly against any kind of hormonal birth control (not for religious/moral reasons, but because she's convinced I'll get a blood clot or cancer and die) but I think I should seriously look into it.
The only good thing about my period is that getting your period changes the pH of your vagina enough to kill yeast infections, which I was recovering from before it arrived (had already taken the single dosage pill).

No. 52398

have you heard of the clitoris?

No. 52399

It sounds like you have endometriosis. I have it, and also throw up from pain, then pass out. I take birth control pills to postpone my periods because otherwise it feels like getting hit by a truck.

No. 52400

>Endometriosis is a disease in which tissue that normally grows inside the uterus grows outside it.
That's horrifying. It's possible. I won't know until I see a gyno. One of my friends and my mother also suggested hormone imbalance (as in, I'm making too much of the hormone that causes the uterus to contract)

No. 52401

seconding endo. i used to faint in high school from the pain.

No. 52402

can the vagina get tighter?? The last 2 times i had sex it was much tighter than normal (and no lack of arousal), so im confused. Its not like i do kegels and i can see my boyfriend didn't suddenly get bigger.

No. 52403

Yeah. Happened to me and I've had a baby. Although, I think it has to do with how often you're penetrated. Every night vs once a month or once every couple of months or even once a year.

No. 52404

Same (the baby part too). If we go long without sex, I'm just more tight than usual.

No. 52405

Penetration does not loosen the vagina

No. 52406

When I have sex regularly my vagina is looser, my bf just slips right in comfortably. When he's been gone for like a month and came back penetration hurt for a couple times and we could both feel I was much tighter. Penetration doesn't loosen the vagina, but your vagina does adjust if you're getting regular dick.

No. 52407

that's still psychosomatic, and due to your muscles contracting upon insertion.
it can't physically get bigger or smaller, barring surgery / childbirth / injury. your vagina isn't constantly reconstructing itself.

No. 52408

Does anyone else get severely bad period cramps? I don't mean the kind that're solved with some paracetamol and a hot water bottle.

I once ended up with second degree burns on my stomach because my hot water bottle was so hot & anything cooler would just end up in me being in crippling pain. The pain also made me vomit to the point I lost a lot of weight during my periods.

Well I went on the combined pill when I was 15 to counter the cramps and it helped massively, however recently my new GP changed me to the mini pill because I get migraines (100% unrelated to the pill cause I still get them) and my periods have just got almost as bad. I don't spew anymore though, but regularly end up with 1st degree burns on my stomach from the hot water bottle. I can't do anything for the first full day of my period cause it hurts so bad.

Anyone else in a similar boat/have tips?

No. 52409


Yep, and at first my doctor's suspected I might have endometriosis, and then it turned out to be ovarian cysts.
I would strongly recommend you pursue these avenues of investigation with your doctor because the latter is actually potentially fatal and put me in A&E after a spontaneous rupture last year.

No. 52410

ctrl+f the thread next time ;v)
If it's unmanageable, speak to a doc

No. 52411

I noticed that popping a pain pill then going for a walk helps/prevents my cramps. I don't know if that would help severe cramps though. Do NOT go for a bike ride, made mine worse.

I never tried it but I heard having an orgasm could help cramps?

No. 52412

My doctors have never looked into why more just how can we fix it. I never actually thought about a cause either, but I'm gonna pursue it.


I skimmed through like 140 mentions of period and it was mostly about irregular periods & what sanitary products they use. Nothing actually covered what I asked specifically.


If it's the first day I just can't bring myself to move but I'll keep that in mind for the following days where it doesn't hurt as much. Orgasms do help but the first day is just unbearable.

No. 52413

I also mentioned vomiting during my period in >>132944

No. 52414

My uterus contracts during orgasm, I guess that could help push the blood out faster? I haven't really tested it since I usually feel gross on my period and don't feel like masturbating (getting off also takes a long time for me and I rarely do it)

No. 52415

I can't orgasm ever, but I have noticed my cramps got a bit better after masturbating.

No. 52416


Definitely pursue it. Do you have gastrointestinal symptoms during your period? That can be a sign that endometriosis is on your intestines.

I ended up having laparoscopic surgery (three tiny incisions - you can't see the scars at all anymore) and before I was so afraid they wouldn't find any endo. They found a lot. My pain was much lower after the surgery.

No. 52417

samefag: I also used to lose weight before/during my period because I couldn't stand to eat most foods (terrible nausea). My period started to affect my grades in graduate school even though I'm a conscientious student. It was a mess and I should have insisted upon more rigorous investigation earlier. However, I had been told by drs a couple times that every woman has pain so I stopped bringing it up. I waited way too long…

No. 52418

File: 1463313134499.jpg (85.08 KB, 453x456, 1463257690653.jpg)

My labia have been so itchy lately. Am I gonna die?

No. 52419

could be a reaction to something it's coming into contact with, like a soap, cream, or maybe pads/panty liners?

No. 52420

Could be a yeast infection. Get a mirror and look down there, see if the inner folds (like the stuff around the actually vaginal opening) is red or irritated looking. And look for thick white discharge

No. 52421

who ever tried poppers? did it work?

I have vaginismus, and a high sex drive, so forced chasisty drives me nuts.

No. 52422

In the past few months, I've noticed that about mid-cycle, my labia becomes unbearably itchy and I experience microtearing. It goes away after my period ends and starts up again. I haven't been sexually active in 2-3 years and have no other symptoms.

I feel like I've tried eliminating everything I can think of and nothing seems to help except to apply steroid cream until my period ends, which isn't something I want to keep doing long-term because of potential side effects.

Is this just a hormonal change or something else?

No. 52423

Poppers can be nice. It makes me feel warm all over for a minute or two. Better not abuse it, though. That shit is nasty for you airways.

No. 52424

i hate my vagina so much. i literally feel sick if i look at it for too long. long distance bf is finally coming home after being away for 5 months and i almost want to just reject having sex because i feel so horrible about myself.

No. 52425

Yeah it's pretty inflamed, but no discharge at all. Sex makes it super inflamed too. And semen stings like a bitch. I feel like putting ice cubes in it tbh

No. 52426

Most vaginas are ugly, no biggie.

No. 52427


I'm pretty straight but think dicks look ridiculous. They are ugly as sin. Vagina > Dick in every way. Remember that.

No. 52428

Uh I would go to a gynecologist ASAP. That's not normal.
It's possible something you're coming in contact with is causing irritation (lube, detergent, condoms, cheap sex toys, etc) or that you have a disease or infection. Go get checked out, they'll probably swab your vagina and want to take a urine sample, so drink lots of water beforehand.
Good luck! I hope it's nothing serious
You know I felt the same way about mine before I became sexually active and learned that most guys (and girls) literally don't care what it looks like as long as you keep it clean. You could also just do it in the dark

No. 52429

You do realize you don't have to penetrate your vagina to get off, right?

No. 52430

Disagree, most vaginas are pretty. I'm sure there are lots of people who would appreciate yours.

No. 52431


Ye, I used to use them with my partner.
I never liked them much on account the way they made my heart beat and the ensuing headache afterwards, but they turned my partner straight up primitive. In a good way ofc.
They seem to affect men differently, which is why I suppose so many gay men abuse them.

No. 52432


Sorry to disagree with you but most vaginas are pretty damn ugly. Hell, dicks are ugly too af. Almost all genitals are ugly if you think of them in an aesthetic way. It's the act you associate with them that makes them attractive.

>source: ugly pussy but people are still thirsty over it

No. 52433

File: 1463514642295.gif (Spoiler Image,1.97 MB, 313x261, jiheuMO.gif)

I find dicks really hot actually, especially pale uncircumcised ones. There are some types I find absolutely disgusting though.

No. 52434

It's like a blooming flower

No. 52435

File: 1463541027390.png (557.3 KB, 1395x754, vmagic.png)

Started reading this thread yesterday. It's been extremely enlightening and my empathy levels are off the charts. I was at the HMO today and they had a few jars of this "V Magic" Vulva Cream stuff in there and I did a bit of a double take. Maybe it would be useful for someone? Pic related.

No. 52436



I love the way they market these products all sensitive and delicate like.
For once I'd love to walk past a jar that had a label like "Gunge fer ya Clunge" or "No More Fuss 4 ur Puss".

No. 52437

yes! I like both but damn they're kind of ugly and somewhat scary in a sense tbh.

No. 52438

This looks like it would give you yeast

No. 52439

>tfw finding your bfs smegma in the folds and eat it
it aint easy being this disgusting

No. 52440

>gunge fer ya clunge
Legitimately snorted, how awful I love it


It ain't easy bein' cheesy, anon

No. 52441

File: 1463594530786.png (529.77 KB, 668x504, EdGWawl.png)

W-what would you describe the smell/taste like?

No. 52442

Really bitter taste of pee and old cum.

It's sorta chewy too.

No. 52443

I totally understand that. Like that .gif, it looks rather repulsive but something about it look intriguing…

No. 52444

File: 1463745864345.jpeg (89.38 KB, 720x540, image.jpeg)


No. 52445

I just finished masturbating with a vibrator on my clit and had maybe 4-5 orgasms in a row? Then I tried to fuck myself with a dildo immediately afterwards because I'm more sensitive after orgasms (normally have very little feeling in my vagina) but it just hurt and now my cervix and the area around it hurts

No. 52446


No. 52447

i'm 25 and i've never been to a gyno/ gotten any sort of check ups at all. should i be worried? i've never had any problems other than occasionally really bad cramps but other than that everything seems normal. i'm not sexually active either, the last time i did anything sexual was at least 5 years ago.

i know i should really make an appointment and go, but what exactly should i expect? i'm honestly pretty afraid of getting touched down there/some metal clamp put in me. i feel like i'd be too anxious/freaked out to let the doctor do anything to me.

No. 52448

File: 1463877941770.jpg (22.32 KB, 468x430, vpj7em9ypb8vf5lizrsq.jpg)

Yes. The vagina is an extremely volatile environment. At the very least you NEED to go get tested for abnormality of the cervix which can detect cervical cancer early.

>but what exactly should i expect?

You'll be instructed to go behind a curtain and asked to removed your lower coverings including your underwear, and then lie down on a bed. On the bed there will either be stirrups that you place your calves in in order to give the gyno visual access, or sometimes they ask that you put your legs on the bed and arrange them into a diamond shape so that the soles of your feet are touching, again, giving visual access.
Once you're in position they'll come through and apply a clear, lubricating gel, and then they'll insert a speculum (picture related) which will push apart the walls of the vagina.
It feels cold for around 5 seconds, and then you adjust and you can't really feel it that much, you're just more aware of the pressure physically (Fun fact: the higher up the vagina the less nerves there are). They'll inspect your cervix visually and and then insert a long, cotton swab which they'll use to swab the mouth of the cervix in order to collect cells, which can be a bit uncomfortable but not painful. Afterwards they will give you some paper to wipe up the lube, you'll put your pants back on and make an awkward joke about how they should've asked you out to dinner beforehand, they'll send the swabs off to a lab to be analysed for CANCER and you're done. It's over in literally a minute, sometimes less. You'll either get a letter or a call back a week or two later informing you of the results.

And btw the people that are examining you see hordes of cocks and pussy all day, every day. You're just another patient to them, they really don't give a shit about the appearance of your vagina or yourself so long as you're healthy. Right after you're done they'll be calling in the next person to lay back and spread em'.

No. 52449

This, plus sometimes if they think there is a problem they'll feel around gently with their fingers to make sure there's nothing abnormal.

No. 52450

Just gonna chime in with my experience, I had the cotton swab and the scraping done. The cotton swab hurts like bad cramps, and it ached for about 30 minutes to an hour afterwards for me. I had a scraping done to collect cervical tissue to check for other issues because I have PCOS. That one did actually hurt like getting pinched really bad by sharp nails but it didn't lead to the same cramping pain. Had to wear a pad out of both appointments.

No. 52451

With me it hurt quite bad, because I couldn't relax. You have to relax, otherwise it does hurt.

But it's for a good cause, you'll know whether you're healthy down there or not.

No. 52452


Ah yeah, touching the cervix can actually induce contracting spasms which is probably why it felt like cramps.
Like >>132998 said, you really need to try and relax whilst you're having it done. The gyno will usually chat to you for this reason.
Last time I had it done I had a male gyno and whilst he had his face literally inches from my vulva I was having a discussion with him about how he got into gynaecology lel

No. 52453

Ah, then mine was done a bit different. They used two cotton swabs and one of them she used on the opening/right inside, which is why it hurt for me.

No. 52454


Might just be that it's different for different people. I've had 3 swabs/scrapings and each time I remember it feeling noticeably uncomfortable, but each time I did it got progressively less noticeable. I've had cervical spasms before though and they're fucking awful so I can sympathise.

No. 52455

File: 1463933046645.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.87 KB, 916x410, 3575_1.jpg)

Might also depend what kind they did. But sensitivity could be different, I've heard some girls don't find getting hit in the cervix during sex terribly painful, which isn't true for me.

No. 52456


thanks guys for your input! yeah, my main problem is that i can't relax, putting a foreign object bigger than fingers is just what freaks me out and causes me to tense up. but i am pretty good with dealing with pain, hopefully it wont so bad when i do it.

No. 52457


Just breathe slowly and try your best to rationalise the procedure. It's better for you to experience 1 minute of discomfort and monitor your health than to run from 1 minute of discomfort and find out a few months later you're going to die from terminal cervical cancer.

No. 52458

guys my vagina has dimples on the outer lips and I hate it what do I do?

No. 52459

This may sound weird, but has anyone else noticed a slight darkening of their labia and inner thighs as they get older?

I'm 22 now, and I noticed that my labia are quite red/flushed, and that my inner thighs have a light shadow to them (it's not that obvious, but I am very picky about my own body.)

Any way to improve this? I started using a skin lightening soap, hopefully that will help me a little bit. I am kind of disgusted with my body, tbh.

No. 52460

I have so many vagina problems, /g/irls.

I feel like I have a very hard time getting wet. I feel like that makes me disappointing sexually. Additionally, I have lopsided inner labia. One is larger than the other, and while it's not like, monster sized, it looks weird next to its smaller sister.

Does anyone else have an asymmetrical vagina? I just want to have a perfect, pink animu pussy. I have considered labiaplasty but $3,000 is a lot of money.

No. 52461

I thought uneven labia was common like uneven breasts, no?

No. 52462

You're not alone! I have a hard time getting wet too and rely pretty heavily on lube when having sex. My labia are also mismatched in size. I'm quite sure it's more common to have uneven labia than to have perfectly symmetrical ones. Unless you have really large labia that get caught on things and cause you pain, I would forget about labiaplasty. There's considerable risk involved and it's not even something you're going to see very much, or something your partners will care about.

No. 52463

This is extremely normal.. if anything these changes happen earlier during puberty I think. I have darkened skin on my inner thighs too (along like the crease/pantyline area?). It's been bothering me for fucking years, but I don't have the patience to consistently tend to it in hopes of it going away.

No. 52464

Do you take the birth control pill? It's a known side effect not being able to get wet anymore on the pill.

No. 52465

I do but I'm quite sure it's been an issue for me since before I even started it. My sex drive has been pretty much nonexistent forever, so I'm not really going to get wet if I'm not so into it. Only times I've felt actually horny were when I was on recreational drugs… I'm 19. Could my lack of sex drive be caused by my consistent depression since the age of 13/14? I was also anorexic ages 14 to 18 and I'm worried that may have messed up my development.

No. 52504

Somewhat recently I noticed a slight labia asymmetry and it made me feel weird about my body for a little while. But I found out labia asymmetry is so common it's actually the norm. Here's an interesting link to share: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/health/vagina-size

No. 52505

This might piss you off but you might just have not reached your developmental age yet, I swore I was asexual until I hit 22, other people here have had similar things. I was also on the pill but I never found out if that was related or not because I stayed on it. Depression can change your libido, as can any meds and even low health/fitness.
Just make sure to not do anything you don't want to even if you 'don't really care'. If ou have the lower sex drive of the relationship it's easy to feel guilty or feel you have to make up for it, but you just don't.

No. 52506

I've never had depression so I can't speak for that but the pill killed my libidos for 7 years when I was taking that shit. And then after quitting the pill I felt like I was a whole new human, with an uncontrollable libido and I could get wet so easily. Very fascinating.

No. 52507

While that's frustrating considering how many young teenagers are already super sexual it is comforting to know others are like me and that it has the potential to change. I do worry about just being defective. I definitely don't do anything I don't want to, I like sex because it makes me feel really close and emotionally connected to my partner and I enjoy making him feel good. My body just doesn't crave it physically.

No. 52508

I had depression and didn't know it until about 21 and was mostly asexual with other people. I masturbated regularly just never had the urge to find a partner. I started treatment and that fucked with my libido too, but once that got under control I started actually having sexual partners. It could be related, it could not. Like the other anon said you might hit 22 and start to figure things out.

No. 52509

Has anyone ever been gone down on during their period?

I was recently with a guy who basically stuck his tongue up my vag despite me being on a (light) period. I was like…are you sure you want to do that…and apparently it was fine for him. it's not like he'd suck on my papercut or any of my blood elsewhere so idk. It was just so weird to me.

No. 52510

This was my exact experience. I got scared because literally every guy was making me horny. I would get horny at work talking to guys on the phone (which is half my job) and have sex dreams about co-workers I hated. And I had a boyfriend the whole time but our sex life sucks tbh. Freaked me out being basically asexual for so long I went back on it.

No. 52511

My bf does it. I just rinse myself off beforehand to make myself feel better about it, like I'm not dirty. There's never any contact with blood since I'm lying down so nothing comes out, and my periods are quite light since I'm on the pill. He doesn't mind at all and he's the one that initiated it the first time.

No. 52512

Had one guy who was really into period fucking and liked going down on me during it. I could never relax enough though because I was just a bit weirded out by it.

No. 52513

Does anyone else here can't get any orgasm (or even something approaching it) from oral?
I can pleasure myself in under like, 20 minutes. And my boyfriend is enthusiastic no doubt about that, but it just feels awkward and the only thing I get is these small waves of mixture of satisfaction and the fact that there's someone's mouth on my erroneous region. Any sort of routine with my leading him doesn't lead to anything.

No. 52514

I can't even get off on it, let alone orgasm. I've only been eaten out a handful of times, 4 total I think, and every time it was just…"cool, a warm, wet substance," and that was it. The third time I rode the guys face but it was just… fine. I can't explain how indifferent my body was lmao. But your explanation is virtually what im trying to say. I've pretty much given up on receiving oral unless it's fingering.

The 4th time I barely felt it and I think that was because he had just got done fucking me senseless.

No. 52515

My vagina is always leaking. It is usually clear/light white, and it has a scent, not a bad one, but it still has a smell.

I am super self conscious about it. I am afraid of sitting on plastic chairs and leaving a slime. I am so afraid of wearing a skirt or too thin of pants and having people smell my vagina. I literally have to change my panties twice a day.

No. 52516

Honestly, that sounds like it's probably just your normal vaginal discharge, which happens to everyone, just in different amounts.
If it bothers you, you could get panty liners to swap them out so you don't have to change your underwear so often.

No. 52517

Everyone has this, but it's talked even less than periods. As the other anon said, if you feel uncomfortable with it, get panty liners. :)

No. 52518


I am actually so angry that no ones talk about this. I hate that "vagina" is still a taboo subject even on this time and period.

I was also super concious for such a long time, thinking what was wrong with me. It took me literally years to finally learn that it was just normal discharge that the vagina has while cleaning itself.

Everyone has different amounts as anon said, and once again as already said before - you could use panty liners. I wouldn't recommend it, tho; it suffocates your lady bits and can lead to some nasty things.

To be honest, if I were you, I would just try and get less self concious about it (being anxious about it can worsen any bodily fuction) and just wear one panty a day, as usual. It's not bad for your body. Also wearing light cotton helps, it's more "breathable" for your coochie.

No. 52519

Uh oh. Are you douching anon? Sounds like you're washing inside and you fucked up the bacterial flora
Just buy some lube. Easy peasy. A dry vagina is a common problem and doesn't mean you've got cancer or anything. You'll be fine.

No. 52520

Thanks anons. I might trying light pantyliners.

I wish it was talked about more. It's weird because sometimes it is a lot, sometimes it is a little, but it is always leaking. It's frustrating. :(


I've never douched, but I do wash the outer lips/area with normal bodywash, which I probably shouldn't, but I don't want to buy a gentler body wash just for my vagine.

No. 52521

You don't need any type of body wash or soap on that area at all, just water will do.

No. 52522

I feel so bad for some of you girls for being so ashamed of your own bodies! There's no reason to be ashamed for things that are completely normal and common.
-Genitals can come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Asymmetry? Normal. Darker color? Normal. Inner labia peeking out past outer labia? Normal. Only if your junk causes you physical discomfort should you consult a doctor. Oh and if a guy ever shames you about the appearance of your vagina, dump that motherfucker.
-Clear discharge? Whitish discharge? Normal, if it doesn't smell super bad. The vagina is self-cleaning. Only if the discharge is clearly yellow, clumpy and smells really bad, should you consult a doctor. Never use anything other than water to clean your vagina, soaps and stuff might disrupt the natural pH balance of the vagina.
-Hairy? Not hairy? Both normal. Sometimes women can even have little happy trails up to their belly buttons. Only if you're excessively hairy and are experiencing other symptoms such as irregular periods, should you go to a doctor (might be pcos).
-Gyno check-up scaring you? No need to be scared. While it's never exactly a fun experience, a good gyno knows how to be professional and gentle. They've seen some shit during their careers so most likely whatever you feel embarrassed about your own vagina, they've seen a billion times already. Just relax and think of happy thoughts, it'll be over in less than 5 minutes.
-Dryness and discomfort during sex? Buy some lube and ask your partner for longer foreplay. Some medication such as birth control can cause dryness. If it's affecting negatively on you and your sex life, do consult a doctor. It's an extremely common problem though, so nothing to be embarrassed about there either.
Remember to love yourself and your vagina! Peace out.

No. 52523

thanks for the cringe

No. 52524

I have this some of the time (before and during ovulation, sometimes also a few days after ovulation). I wear very thin unscented pantiliners because I don't like having wet underwear ever. My bf once asked about it and I just told him that I'm wet all the time when he's around and the liners help. Anyway, it's no big deal.

No. 52525


Yeah, using soap is not very good, but for the outer area I think it's ok. But prefer neutral ones, so the pH isn't ruined.

Also, just a reminder: Close to your period, you "leak" more, because it's not only the cleasing fluids, but also ovulation. It's like the traditional mating sign, it's also when you are the most fertile. So don't worry, completely normal. c:

No. 52526

I'm similar. i get wet very easily. It's a bit embarrassing (it's good in bed because I don't need lube) but I wear lines as well. I'm glad they're $4 for a box of 110 at least. (The unscented target brand)

No. 52527

Meant liners*

No. 52528

Lol thanks

No. 52529

I'm so fucking jealous of guys. I really really wish I had a dick.

Masturbating as a female is so fucking gross for me. I hate having to get my fingers all wet and sticky so I pretty much just rub against sth fully clothed to get it over with.

Wish I could just slowly stroke a meat sausage between my legs instead. Would do it all day.

No. 52530

I can only get off without my hands
That sucks

No. 52531

>Would do it all day.
That's exactly what sucks about dicks, guys have a much more significant refractory period. It means a massive dopamine drop, an inability to get erect or peak for ten to thirty minutes (in younger men), and a severe drop in arousal immediately after orgasm. Masturbating for anything longer than half an hour is really more a matter of willpower or stamina than anything else.

Think of masturbating to completion then having to absently fondle your junk free of pleasure for ten-or-so minutes while you do stuff like check your email. Some guys report hypersensitivity after orgasm, which isn't nearly as sexy as it sounds and feels similar to masturbating with a studded belt in your hand.

The more you know.

No. 52532

Our orgasms feel damn amazing though. And them multiple orgasms. Being a woman is great, anon. Guys get's erectile dysfunction and other issues.

No. 52533

File: 1466441892573.gif (347.49 KB, 384x306, 1465876477109.gif)

tfw you can't orgasm, take at least 30 minutes to an hour get close, don't get wet or expand until again around 30 minutes to an hour of foreplay just to get wet and expand enough to fit a finger in without extreme pain, and the vast majority of men get annoyed at even 5 minutes worth of foreplay.

Y-Yeah being a woman is great.

No. 52534

Well I never had multiple ones and I can't imagine male orgasms feel worse than female ones. I can get myself off alright but I'd prefer to comfortably wank or sth instead of having to find some creative way to get my female anatomy off.

No. 52535

I have a complete drop in arousal after orgasm. Thought that was normal. Immediately after I'm done I'm grossed out af by what I was getting off to.

>masturbating with a studded belt in your hand

B…but that sounds really hot.

No. 52536

>I hate having to get my fingers all wet and sticky

you know men ejacute right?

No. 52537

Lots of women don't get wet enough. It's called lubricant. Get some. It helps a lot.

No. 52538

Anon sounds like they're underage or just really stupid.

No. 52539

Yes I know, but that doesn't help my vag expand or make me orgasm. And I get extremely wet after around 30 minutes to an hour to the point where it's almost too much it's just delayed for some reason.

No. 52540

So my boyfriend has a really big dick, 8"+ something, and every time we have sex it really, really hurts for the first 20+ seconds or so.
He's inspected me back there following and apparently the posterior fourchette (the bit where the vagina ends), it's all red, raw and a bit torn. Sometimes it bleeds a little. You'd think that it would eventually adjust or something, but nope, it just tears a bit and heals and tears and heals and the cycle never ends.

Has anybody else ever experienced this?

No. 52541

Yeah and they can have a tissue at hand for that but as a woman you've got goo on your hands all the way through and it's fucking gross.

No. 52542

I have the same problem.

It's not as bad if you get really wet, obviously, but certain positions are better than others, missionary being the least damaging in my experience. I'd say being on top might help too but my bf also has a big penis and it ends up killing my cervix.

No. 52543

Yeah, that used to happen to me with an ex. I found using lots of lube helped slightly, but there was always some tearing and soreness. It got to the point where I could only have sex 1-2 times a week just because I needed time to recover and heal. Certain positions like from the back were worse than others too.

No. 52544

You… you do know that there's other ways to masturbate than to shove your fingers up yourself, right..? Most women get off by rubbing the clitoral hood, extremely few can get off by actual penetration of some kind. What about just keeping your clothes on and rub one out? It's not like the "goo" sprays just everywhere and somehow defies physics and go from your vagina all the way up your mound or smth… like.. i just fail to see the problem. Unless penetration is the only way you can get off that is…

No. 52545

I feel your pain anon. I hate when people say that female orgasms are what make being a woman worth it (because periods, child birth and all that shitty stuff). Never ever had one, and not for lack of trying.

No. 52546

Yes! I've been having this problem for over a year now and it won't stop. My boyfriend always tears my posterior fourchette but we kept having sex for ages and the tear got quite deep and so painful. Tried not having sex for months so that it would heal and it just teared again as soon as we had sex even though it was all healed. Seems like I'm doomed with painful sex for the rest of my life. Doctors won't do anything about it.

No. 52547

File: 1466479878307.png (120.49 KB, 225x288, 1463527529145.png)

anyone here dealing with penetration problems?

i've decided to start having sex with my boyfriend, but getting him in is so difficult. barely getting in a finger was difficult at first, but eventually with a lot of lube and effort i was able to actually get him inside me. it was pretty uncomfortable and somewhat painful. we didn't even have real sex because he just kept popping out.

anyway, i'm thinking it's a combination of vaginismus and being excessively tight from lack of penetration (being a late bloomer sucks…) advice?

No. 52548

That's a really common problem when you're first starting to have sex, your vagina isn't used to having such a large item inside it so stretching really hurts. If you start having sex regularly, it should adjust to your boyfriend's size and stop hurting. For some girls it just takes a few times, I think it took me a few months before sex stopped hurting.

No. 52549

I'm another late bloomer and I wouldn't worry too much. I was convinced I had vaginismus even before I tried having sex as I struggled to even get a finger in too. Took a bit of battering ramming (lel) from my bf but he got in eventually It still hurt a bit for a couple of months. Yeah just don't put it down to vaginismus just yet

No. 52550

Super weird question, but I was born with herpes (thanks mom,) and have issues with hair removal during break outs. Anyone here have a good alternative to shaving that won't irritate the fuck out of the blisters? Shaving just opens them up, and I'd hate to shave my cunt partially, with only one spot being hairy AF. I usually just tweeze, but if there's a good alt I'll try that route. I haven't tried hair removal creams at all, or lazer removal but am open to both.

Hope someone can help! Hubby doesn't mind a furry patch, but I do.


I know mostly trans girls use them, but have you thought about using dilation dildos? A girl friend of mine has the same issue, and she and her bf use them as a long foreplay routine to ready her for penetration.

No. 52551

Seconded. For the first few months after I started having sex, not only would my crotch feel like it was being attacked (kek), my stomach hurt like crazy. Everything down there is so close together and when the muscles aren't used to being penetrated, weird things happen. It'll go away with time.

No. 52552

Before you can do any hair removal, open wounds would have to be treated first. If any of your blisters open or look like they'll open, good places won't preform treatments on that area and you should never use hair removal creams on irritated skin.

Laser treatment might be possible. People with eczema can have laser treatments in some cases if the wounds aren't open. If your herpes break outs aren't too bad, it might be okay for you to go ahead. It varies from clinic to clinic, so you'd have to speak to the person to see how willing they would be to do it.

I think your best bet would be to do long-term hair removal while you're blister free and then hopefully you'll stay hair free long enough to avoid needing to do any removal during breakouts.

I would completely avoid hair removal creams while you have blisters. That stuff can chemically burn or irritate skin that is completely fine, so applying it to blisters would probably be painful and it might leave you with damaged skin for even longer.

No. 52553

To add to what anon said here, I'm sure shaving is already pretty hazardous because of ingrown hairs and shit that can get worse with herpes, so that might be something to get rid of entirely. I'd also say schedule an appointment with your OBGYN to talk about it, they can give lots of advice about the outside skin and treatment of the vagina and what you can do.


It'll sound stupid, but relaxing is key, and so is actually being horny. Like, playing with yourself alone/with toys horny. It's hard to have pleasurable sex if you're anxious or worried about various things, and that's true even after years of sex. Another thought (besides vaginismus) would be cysts? They're common and known to make sex awkward or painful at weird times because of their presence, could be something to look into.

No. 52554

I've got little blockages in my bartholins glands and its super gross. I didn't realize what it was at first, squeezed the lump, and it literally spurted pus. I'm so grossed out right now I could die.
I cleaned the entire area immediately but I'm worried its gonna cause pimples or something else even grosser on my labia.

Does anyone here have experience with bartholins problems?

No. 52555

Yes, I have a lot. I've had 4 awake surgeries on them in emergency, what can I help you with anon?

Stop touching them or prodding at them right now. Sadly, as gross as it is, causing it to burst underneath your skin (I mean, yeah the pus came out, but there's still stuff in there) will result in an abscess. Those are the ones that I had to have cut open several times, so you don't want that.

Have a sitz bath 2X daily, do not shave or pull on the hair there, don't press on it to make more stuff come out. It could be blocked naturally like mine is, and pressing just turns the mild blockage into a full blown abscess.

Make an appointment with your OBGYN and see them ASAP, it's something quite common but it also has a much better prognosis and comfort overall if you get it looked at sooner not later.

No. 52556

What's a sitz bath?
Also does it have to be a bath? I find taking a bath really dirty and gross.

No. 52557

Since it's sort of related to my period I guess posting here would be alright…

So I got myself a set of period underwear and I love them. I've never really been a fan of tampons and pads get nasty when they soak up too much but these babies make me feel nice, clean, and comfortable the entire time I wear them. I rinse them as thoroughly as possible (always until the water runs clear) after I change out of the previous pair before hanging them up to dry and then throwing them in the hamper until laundry day (usually right after my period ends). Once they dry they smell a little funky, but you don't notice the smell until you're up close to them. After I finish laundry and they dry from that, they usually smell like the laundry itself/odorless.

This past period, I did my usual routine of thoroughly washing all of them, then throwing them all into the washing machine when my period was done. This time, basically all of my underwear smelled fine EXCEPT one pair. It's the same old "you don't smell it at all until you're up close to it" but it bothers me that all of the other pairs were fine except this one…

Any tips on what to do to get rid of the smell? I don't want to put this single pair through the machine again (because I'm a huge cheapo student). Actually is there anything I can do to get rid of the smell when I do my initial rinse of them?

No. 52558

Sorry I don't have any advice to give, but could I ask what brand you bought?

No. 52559

Using baking soda gets rid of odours pretty well. Make a paste with it, put it on the bits that smell for half an hour or so and then rinse.

No. 52560

I bought them from Padkix through their most recent kickstarter!


Thanks anon! I'll try that out! Do you think I could make a thin, watery paste so I could submerge the entire underwear? Or would it not be as effective?

No. 52561

Not the original baking soda anon but soaking it in a baking soda solution shouldn't hurt it.

Also curious about these period panties. So do you wear regular panties over them? Do they stain? How do they hold up during sleeping and exercising?

No. 52562

File: 1466604107174.png (482.9 KB, 680x479, f9d25ae828717bc9eb6c8bbd57c2e6…)

Thanks! I'll try it out soon!

Here's what they look like! I wear them by themselves since the pad is sewn into them. Whenever I rinse them before laundry day, dark stains appear, but tend to go away once I throw them in the wash with proper soap and everything. I feel very comfortable sleeping in them! My issue when I woke up from sleep with regular pads was it leaking everywhere and feeling gross and the waterfalls that happens once you sit up, but with these period panties it feels completely dry when I sleep, wake up, basically all the time. Even when I feel the blood coming out, it still feels nice and dry down there. When I work out it isn't an issue either! I don't feel it getting nasty and (for a lack of a better word) moist down there because of the blood or anything when I work out. They don't move around very much in my sleep or during workouts either.

(For reference, my period is about a medium flow. I have my heavy days every once in a while, and have only leaked through these panties once in the three periods I've worn them through. Otherwise, they hold up extremely well and I love them so much because I've never felt so comfortable and safe on my period. I don't worry about leaks ever anymore (you can sort of feel it when you've leaked through the panties, but otherwise I always feel nice and fresh))

I sound like an ad but I really love these panties lol. It's inconvenient since I live in a dorm without a private bathroom so I usually rinse them out when I go in the shower since it's a bit embarrassing to rinse them out in the sink, but otherwise there's really no complaints about the actual panties themselves.

No. 52563

I cant find out where to order them :( i click on the "buy them" button on the kickstarter but it sends me to another page. Could you help please? I really want some

No. 52564

I don't know if this is TMI, but my cervical mucous during ovulation has a slight brown tinge to it (otherwise, it's clear and jelly-like/looks like egg-whites). I read online that it's normal. It only happens during ovulation. It doesn't smell bad and it's coming from my vagina (not another place). Does anybody else have something similar?

No. 52565

Me neither, anon. I think they're still completing their Kickstarter orders before opening up shop?


Probably old blood.

No. 52566

Just to add you this, you can buy 'menstruation panties' off of eBay/Amazon from asia very cheaply but they are different things.
They have 2 layers but have no built in pad, and so they're only good for when you are using pada/liners/tampins, but the dual layer reduces leakage.
I use them when I need to wear white/pale underwear for whatever reason but I'm on my period or without a pad when I'm lightly spotting. It just feels safer and it's nice to not have to wear black panties constantly for a week.

No. 52567

Yeah, I have the same thing. I just ignore it, it's a little gross but not dangerous.

Anyways, does anyone else have cramps when they orgasm or experience anything like it?

I read that it's from the blood flow and the uterus contracting, but damn, it makes me think I'm dying. Like worse than any cramps I've ever had, doubled over type of cramps.

I notice that it usually happens after I have a dry spell and masturbate for the first time and/or rush it.

No. 52568

Sitz bath is just a bath where you submerge your butt, hips and groin. I bought a stainless steel mixing bowl from a kitchenware store for cheap and sit in that, filled about halfway up with pretty warm water and dissolve a tablespoon or so of epsom salt into it. Gently pat dry, don't press or rub vigorously.

No. 52569

I get that, it's horrible because I never have afterglow so I just snap back to reality with only mess and cramps.
For me warmth helps, I blanket burrito for ten minutes, sometimes drink some hot tea. Maybe see a gyno if it's unbearable?

No. 52570

You don't have to finger yourself to get sticky fingers. Come on, you can't honestly claim that touching a dick vs touching a vagina makes no difference in terms of possible residue on your fingers.

No. 52571

Is it weird to just stop having your period? I'm a virgin so I'm not pregs or anything. I started on a new bc pill that FINALLY has no stupid side effects except this. I've been on it for about four months and I've only gotten one period in that time. Nothing else weird is going on though, no cramps or whatever.

No. 52572

If it's hormone based birth control then it's not unusual to miss or have late periods because of it, even if you take the pills like you should. But at the 2 month point you should go and see a doctor to see if there's underlying reasons that you could be missing your period, like other hormone imbalances or cysts.

No. 52573

Yes, it's ok.
Before I roll into it, I'm a med student, currently working at a Doctor's office - and I've been on Depo for almost two years now, no period at all, I'm 23.

It is a HUGE theory that no period = bad, which is completely untrue. At any time, you can stop taking that BC and you'll regain your period after a few months - at the most.
I actually really like not having a period, I don't want children and I suffered every month from my period. If you're similar too me, then it's nothing to worry about.

If you want to be on a BC, and still want to receive your period, just talk to your doctor and get on a different prescription.

Like >>133081 said, if you're fine with not having a period, depending on your age, diet, and what sort of toiletries you use - go in for a check up. An example would be, if you have a diet in which you're eating fast foods and tv dinners a lot, I would go in once a year because a lot of those foods contain bad ingredients that enable cysts or cancer.
I'm saying this because, when you don't have a period it might be more difficult for you to notice any signs in your body where something might be amiss - like, my period is brown - what does that mean? Etc.

No. 52574

What's a god way to prevent ingrown hairs in the future? I shaved my bikini line and trimmed a little earlier this week because I'm going on a date with my BF (we're LDR) and now I have a few red bumps where I shaved. I tried scrubbing with my sugar body scrub, but it's too fragrant so I don't think that'll help. My BF won't care because he's not immature, but I don't want to deal with this all Summer.

No. 52575

Sorry for responding so late! I think they only sell them through kickstarter campaigns and it looks like the page it sends you to is the most recent campaign that just finished up. I think you'll have to wait for their next one :( Sorry anon! I wonder if they'll really ever just open up a shop to sell them rather than doing them like pre-orders?

No. 52576


use stridex in the red box right after shaving and the use everyday on the area after.

No. 52577

My gf couldn't use tampons for a long time into ohr relationship because the way they pressed into her bone was funny snd u comfortable but now that we've progressed to using dildos and stuff its a non issue. I think it's all about relaxing, angle, and no fear of having stuff up there.

Also idk about any other girls but both of us are our horniest on our periods. I can't imagine having someone who wasn't willing to at least rub my clit and suck my tiddies while I was bleeding for me lmao but that's just me I totally understand the repulsion too. I used to be a little shy but gf devours pussy no matter what time of the month it is.

We're both pretty gross though, but neither of us have ever gotten any infections or bacterial stuff from using unwashed toys or hands or mouths or whatever. Maybe were just lucky.

To the girls having trouble orgasming having a second stimulant is super key to keeping focused enough I think. Have your boy suck on your tits or some other super sensitive part of you whole he's dicking you or fingering you or whatever it is and focus on how all the sensations are making you feel at once. Dont be ashamed to fantasize. Some people get off to imagining different things i dont think its cheating or whatever but none of my fantasises involve real people either who shrug.

No. 52578

Also samefag but the best thing I've ever started doing during my period is DIG THE BLOOD OUT just do it. Its just blood. Fuck yourself with dildo or finger yourself in the shower or however you want to do it. Get the blood out, you'll cramp less. Trust me.

No. 52579

How would less blood in the vaginal canal affect the uterus contracting? I mean, I'm sure it feels better to get the blood out but I don't see how that would help cramps.

No. 52580


I'm guessing >>133087 might be confusing the actual cause of the cramp relief. Masturbation (though more specifically triggering an orgasm) is a pretty simple and effective way to relieve menstrual cramps in a lot of women. I think it's something about the involuntary contractions orgasm triggers that seem to tell your uterus to knock it the fuck off or something.

No. 52581

I don't have to orgasm to get relief though. Once the bloods out somehow I get less cramping. I heard something about having something inside makes cramps lessen bc your pussy has something to grip onto or something? Maybe it's that,even if it's just my fingers digging around.

No. 52582

I guess if it works for you then that's great - it's just odd, because uterine contractions are what causes cramps, the contractions fuck with the blood flow to the lining of the uterus.

No. 52583

man fuck OB/GYNs that don't know shit I finally found the answer to what this weird thing is thanks.

now if only i could actually change to a doctor that doesn't suck but my HMO is apparently just all negligent chuckle fucks that think their only job is contraception

No. 52584

Sure it isn't as wet and sticky as putting fingers into vag but you can still feel something weird on your hand by just touching dick for extended period of time. I have no idea how it works but when you're horny your crotch produces smell that lasts on your hand and maybe some sweat/precum is leaking and smearing all over below the dickhead. Washing hands after fapping should be mandatory.


Depends. Some people can maintain boner after 1, sometimes even 2 loads without any waiting, some need lot of time. Whole sexual performance depends on lot of different things. For example in my best I can come 2 times without pause, then short breaks below 5-10 minutes for total 4-5 orgasms in 2 hours period, in my worst I can't get it up for 30-60 minutes after one load. Depends on died, how much I slepts, if I'm hungry or not, how tired I am, how hot is there (for example in car it gets pretty hot fast), and even position (with girl on top it feels like it's more easy to hold back if needed but doggystyle makes it much harder to not to cum faster).

Anyway, it isn't as easy and simple as it looks if you want to maintain good condition to please your partner.

No. 52585

Why do men lurk this place?

No. 52586

Because period stuff is fascinating. Also seeing different point of view to understand gf or any other woman in your life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 52587

is it weird to get bored when masterbating? i'm 21, never had an orgasm by myself or my bf. when i masterbate i get so bored i just give up. PIV is a bit different– i get wet and enjoy it, not as wet as i think is normal, but wet enough– but even playing with my clit while getting dicked i just can't. for some reason i just can't keep touching myself to save myself.

any advice?

also. BV and UTIs? how frequent do they usually come? because i have UTIs like crazy and i'm pretty sure BV too.

No. 52588

I'm pretty sure you can go your entire life without bv or a uti.

No. 52589

I don't know if it's weird but I've never had an orgasm either and I also find masturbation really boring, it never feels worth the effort. So at least we're not alone.

No. 52590

I have small hands and know what you mean. The only thing that excites me in masturbation is certain toys, and even then, its more effort than its worth sometimes cause I just want the PIV.

totally feel ya.

No. 52591

it takes me forever to orgasm so I usually give up when I masturbate and when I've been the receiver of oral sex, it felt good but it was taking forever so I just stopped my partner
Also I can't get anywhere with manual stimulation and have only ever orgasmed with vibrators right on my clit (my gspot just sort of hurts/feels sore when i try stimulating with with fingers or a dildo)

No. 52592

Some people will never have BV or a UTI and some people will have a ton in their lifetime. Sometimes you're just unlucky.

Make sure you're clean though. Don't douche but still wash down there. A lot of people just stand in the shower and sit in the bath and think that counts but you actually need to wash (not to sound rude, but some people don't realise). Wipe from front to back (another thing that some girls are never told about). Both BV and UTIs can be made worse and more frequent with scented stuff. Don't use bubble bath, shower gel, scented soaps, etc. Also, pure cotton underwear and looser clothes can help.

No. 52593

I stopped shaving my vag a while ago but noticed when I've been going to the gym/exercising that my crotch smells.

I just shaved it all off for the summer but does pubic hair usually cause that area to smell more than usual?

No. 52594

it really does, especially if you exercise a lot. however, you might also want to see if you have a yeast infection, sometimes even the light ones you barely notice cause a really distinct smell. And, with exercise clothes being tight, combined with the heat, you are certainly at risk.

No. 52595

Scents cling to hair. It's more noticable with hair like pubic hair or armpit hair because those areas generate a smell anyway and hair gives it something to cling to.

Looser clothes and cotton underwear can help. You can also get wipes if the smell is bothering you. It should be a fairly neutral vaginal smell though, not anything vomit-worthy. If it's a bad smell, go to the doctor. If it smells like your vagina normally does, only stronger, then it's likely just because of the hair.

No. 52596

Does anyone else get tranexamic acid for very heavy flow? It works great for me. Used to be like the Niagara Falls until the last day earlier.

No. 52597

I use it too. I used to have to take iron for anemia but now I don't lose enough blood for my iron leels to drop so low. It's really great.

No. 52598

>tfw diseased vaginas are my fetish
>tfw I found the goldmine of fap material
>tfw I'll never have a sick vag gf.
I'm not sure how to feel.(PLEASE LEAVE )

No. 52599

when i was 15 or so i experimented with electric toothbrushes and i peed or so i thought i dont know if i squirted or if it was pee, squirting looks like pee to me and whenever im super horny i get this feeling of needing to pee even if i havent had anything to drink

how do i know if its pee?

No. 52678

Squirting IS pee. It's been proven countless times. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jsm.12799/abstract

No. 52679

thought so, but why do people still deny it?

No. 52680

cuz they wanna believe that it's something sexy

No. 52681

Because they don't want to believe they're pissing everywhere during sex, I imagine. Denial doesn't make it not pee, though.

No. 52682

Have you ever squirted though? It's clear, it's odorless, and it's an orgasm like no other. Not the same.

No. 52683

It's still urine. Studies have been done on squirters. It comes out of your urethra. They've tested the contents in the lab. You are peeing, sorry.

No. 52684

I've been having nonstop yeast infections for almost 6 months straight now. It oddly overlaps with the time I got a started dating my current boyfriend.
He keeps getting upset and thinks that our body chemistry is incompatible and thats why I keep making baguettes instead of taking his baguette.

No. 52685

File: 1469252251073.jpg (219.54 KB, 600x600, 1374736267003.jpg)

>why I keep making baguettes instead of taking his baguette.

No. 52686

I was scrolling before writing my own experience and your message is comforting, because I too am a virgin who can't even get a finger inside and I am so afraid of the idea of being affected by vaginismus that I started avoiding any try and one time I started weeping at the umpteenth failed attempt because seriously, who needs that shit when you already got so many problems and can't afford a therapist? I wasn't even ever raped or assaulted. I hope it's just anxiety and that it's going to get better until I seriously start having sex. Any anons facing the same problem?

No. 52687

Hey you sound a lot like me. Never could insert a finger, feared i vagismis too. Took me until the age of 23 to actually try sex and while it was a fully unpleasant experience it worked. Its very unlikely if you're going to that tense and scared though. I just wouldn't write yourself off as having it yet

No. 52688

This is reassuring. I will try to not panic anymore.

No. 52689

I've been having dark bloody discharge that starts around a week after the end of my menstruation for three cycles straight. At first I ignored it but now it's so much blood that it actually scares me. Anyone had this problem?

No. 52730

No. 52731

Also, go see a gyno.

No. 52732

File: 1469487900203.jpg (36.63 KB, 600x440, 13-10-2b.jpg)

My boyfriend and I shred condoms. It's never happened to either of us with previous partners but I counted and it was 6/10 times the condom was breaking - anyone have any idea why?

No. 52733

Vagina dentata, obvi

No. 52734

1. Lack of lubrication
2. Using the wrong kind of lube that makes condoms degrade
3. Out of date condoms
4. You're storing your condoms somewhere you shouldn't, like somewhere hot or in a wallet.
5. Condom is wrong size - too big or too small increases the chance of breaking
6. Dick made of razors

No. 52735

The lubrication situation is fine down there and we've tried different condoms - my GYNO had no idea

No. 52736

Update: Been off birth control for 2 months and I still can't sit on stools. OBGYN said he couldn't do an exam on me and he can't help me.
I want to rip my vagina out of my body, kms.

Lesson: if your birth control is hurting you don't let it fester for months!!!!

No. 52737

Dude, go see another fucking gyno, don't stay like this, please. Take a third opinion if necessary but It's not ok to stay in this kind of pain ffs. Has he checked if it was endometriosis? Birth control is never supposed to have this effect. I really urge you to go elsewhere, you don't deserve this. Your gyno should have at least tried to figure it out (even if the exam was not possible), not just sent you on your merry way.

No. 52738

I've never had pain like this before birth control so that's what everyone thinks it's from. I'm negative for all STDs and infections now too…was starting to just accept this as chronic.

Thanks anon, I will try another doctor. This one didn't do anything but say I could be having problems with the exam because of psychological reasons. No my dude it's because it fucking hurts with the slightest touch!!

No. 52739

Sounds like an incompetent ass to me. You deserve to know what the problem is. Even if it's chronic weird stuff because of the birth control, there's still a pretty good chance that there is an ointment/med out there that could bring you at least some relief.

Go to a new one, insist on the pain and perhaps don't mention the first doctor opinion right away ( some doctors will just call it a day and say the same thing without trying to figure it out).
Just don't give up. You're in pain, you need to care of yourself.

No. 52740

Oestrogen almost never causes problems like excessive bleeding. Most people have this kind of problem from synthetic progesterone. You could be one of the rare outliers, but it seems more likely to me that you're sensitive to the progesterone if you still had the issue on an implant and if your periods stabilised on yazmin; It has higher oestrogen, primarily used off-label for people with acne for this reason.

Either way, you need to have an exam and probably a pap smear as a precaution.

Don't have male obgyns if you can help it, their training is fine but they lack the empathetic component crucial to being a good doctor with regards to female specific issues.

No. 52741

Needing some advice and my mind put at ease until I can get to the doctors on Thursday as I'm a nervous wreck at the moment.
Background; I've had the Mirena coil for just under 5 years, no issues and due to get it replaced in November.
It stopped my periods practically altogether except for a few days spotting literally every 6 months. Before the coil I was always very regular.

TMI warning here;
So I got my 6 monthly period 2weeks ago like clockwork. No issues, bit of bloating. It stopped last Sunday but since it stopped I've been nauseous, I can't eat without throwing it back up, I've also been very constipated but experiencing an urgency to pee but when I go, I can't. I'm drinking at least 2 litres of water a day to keep myself hydrated, I'm eating more fibre to try and get things moving and to top all the other yucky symptoms off, my period came back on Thursday, much heavier than I've ever experienced. I'm passing clots about an inch long which I've never had before (usually tiny ones) and I'm very lethargic.
I've managed to get a doctors appointment but she can't see me till Thursday and I'm freaking the fuck out as I've never experienced anything that feels like this before.
It's probably something minor but I rarely get ill outwith the common cold so to feel so completely and utterly drained and in a permanent nauseated state is pretty freaky for me.
Am I being a hypochondriac? Any advice no matter how blunt would be appreciated!

No. 52742

First thing the doc's probably going to do is have you do a pregnancy test. You might want to think about doing a home pregnancy test just to check and get it out of the way. Since you're close to the due date to replace your IUD it's not unheard of for it be less effective. There's a small chance but still a chance.

No. 52743

Meant to say in the original post >>133132 but there's absolutely no chance I'm pregnant. Haven't had sex in over 8 months after splitting from my partner; I've only kept the coil in because I liked the whole 'practically 0 period' thing!
I'll do a hometest just to be safe but unless I'm about to drop a baby in the next week or so, I'm probably not preggers

No. 52744

Fair enough kek. Any changes in diet or other meds? Been stressed out lately? Any of that can cause varying reactions. Or maybe even body adjustments to the IUD. I have nexplanon implanted and didn't have my period for the first 2 1/2 years but got it again about 5 months ago. It's been sort of weird and irregular but I'm hoping it'll sort itself out when I swap for a new implant next month. Hang in there anon, strangeness with lady bits is always concerning but hopefully it's nothing serious.

No. 52745

File: 1469645620861.png (158.9 KB, 443x561, 1445400885506.png)

Anyone feel like their libido goes to zero with pills?

I have been taking Yasmin for 2 months I feel like I am sexually braindead. If this doesnt improve I will ask doc to switch.

No. 52746

File: 1469766885854.jpg (26.68 KB, 350x320, black-sludge.jpg)

I know most of the time vaginia issues are normal, or at least common and cureable. Ever since I started my period when I was 13, my period blood hasn't been red, or liquidly. It's always brown or pitch black. I've read that it's old blood, but it's seriously never red. The consistency is very similar to cream cheese, super super thick, but I don't have yeast infections or anything. It's really disgusting and I'm not sure what the fuck is wrong with my vagina. Outside of my period, my pussy's pretty normal. Normal clear, liquid discharge and no smells/itch/etc.

No. 52747

I used to take a really low-hormone pill (Mercilon) and it still made me depressed with the libido of a dead fish. Most of my friends too. I honestly hate how they push it on us.
Period blood isn't blood, it's chunks of your uterus lining basically. If it's thick, dark and viscous, it's just congested and coming out in large clumps as opposed to dripping bit by bit. I have the same and I've been examined by multiple gynos who've all confirmed that I'm perfectly healthy.

No. 52748

It's all normal, like >>133138 said. It's flesh and blood

No. 52749

The guy I'm sleeping with (not sure if I can call him my BF or not) really wants me to go on the pill. I've told him about the side effects I'm concerned about but that doesn't seem to phase him. I'm considering it, but the lack of libido and weight gain scares the shit out of me. What if I go on the pill, lose my sex drive, get fat(ter) and he doesn't want me anyone? It'll all be for nothing.

No. 52750


pills don't magically add +15 pounds to your body, they may increase appetite but you as a rational adult can control that.

but don't go on the pills if you don't want too.

No. 52751

i've googled this to reassure myself but i still need to let it out. ive been on birth control for over a year now but i still get a bit weirded out at the fact that the pill made my discharge white. it's like the same consistency of a clear liquid and doesn't really smell strongly, but it's so odd, it looks milky.

if i masterbate the stuff is clear so i'd imagine im fine, but not once has somebody personally told me that the pill changed the colour of my discharge.

at first i was scared it was a yeast infection but it's always been perfectly smooth and my vagina hasn't felt weird a day in my life.

has anyone else expreienced this while on the pill? im on alysena, and although everything has been fine i'm thinking of maybe changing it up for shits and giggles? my sex drive got absolutely killed when i got depressed a few years back and went on zoloft for a while but i feel like it should be back by now? i blame it on my hormones not being as crazy since i'm at the end of puberty, but i feel bad that i literally feel asexual (even though im clearly not) when my boyfriend has a high sex drive. i just want to please him but i rarely get in the mood or horny. sorry for long blog post..

No. 52752

My discharge has always been white, pill or no pill, and I've been to multiple doctors over the years and had all sorts of exams done and it seems to be just how it is. Seems to be normal, I don't think you have any reason to worry.

No. 52753

Same here. Always been white. I'm incredibly annoyed by it and wear panty liners or menstrual cups every day; it's a fucking pain, but it's normal.

No. 52754

File: 1469862726831.jpg (Spoiler Image,126.23 KB, 676x789, sickpussy1207103368041.jpg)

hi /g/. i was digging in some ancient pic folders and found this classic "sick pussy" picture that i thought some of you might get a kick out of. kinda goes with some of this thread. warning, it's gross.(you should get that checked out.)

No. 52755

This isn't really relevant, is it?

No. 52756

You don't have to do anything on your body to please others. If you don't want to and he still pressures you, just tell him to fuck off and find another guy. You wouldn't want to be bloated and depressed with a chance of getting cancer for a fuck buddy.

No. 52757

Your discharge is different depending on whether you're fertile or not, When you're not ovulating its thicker and more viscous to prevent sperm from travelling up the vagina and into the cervix. When you are ovulating it's clear, thinner and full of nutrients to keep sperm alive and allow them to swim. The change that occurs during ovulation can be a window of like a day for some people, so you might have never noticed it.

The pill stops you from ovulating, so your discharge changes accordingly.

This is also why it kills your sex drive; from a reproductive standpoint, wanting to have sex when you're not going to be able to get pregnant is a waste of energy. The pill makes your normal cycle stop, so the sex drive fluctuations that come with it also stop.

No. 52758

I've got a question:
I've been on the pill for about two years now, still have a very high sex drive and I think I still ovulate (I have clear discharge most of the time, so I'm just wildly guessing I do)
Does that mean the pill isn't working or something? Because now I'm scared

No. 52759

Well, it could, but it's not very likely at all. Firstly, its mechanism of action is to stop ovulation from occurring by tricking your body into thinking it's stuck in one phase of the menstrual cycle or already pregnant, - this is what most scientists reckon is happening to most people - by making your normally fluctuating hormone levels stable.

The pill is 99% effective, meaning for every 100 people that use it properly one person will get pregnant. You could be the 1% (kek) but if you've been having otherwise unprotected sex until now pregnancy would have probably already happened. These things aren't set in stone, either. People's reproductive cycles vary wildly, just look at how much people's periods vary just in terms of duration. People's experiences and reactions to pregnancy are all over the shop too.

Honestly if you can, the best things to do is double up on contraception, and ask your mother or paternal grandmother if she had any issues if she took hormonal contraceptives if you're really worried. These things tend to be very similar - you'll usually start your periods and hit menopause at around the same age, etc etc.

Sorry for long reply but I wanted to clear everything up so you're not unnecessarily worried.

No. 52760

File: 1469896629177.gif (698.58 KB, 500x281, UU2CRis.gif)

I'm in an upsetting situation where my vagina literally tears whenever I try to have sex with my boyfriend. It's an issue that appeared seemingly out of nowhere.
We had previously had intercourse with NO issue plenty of times.

We're in an LDR, I hadn't been with him for a month or so, we got together and then almost immediately my vagina just ripped, and it's usually too painful to have sex for more than a minute now.

So we avoided having sex for weeks, waited for me to heal, tried again and I immediately tore again.

My vagina shows no other signs of infection or anything, I went to an OBGYN and they said my vagina checks out fine and I'm STD free, and they couldn't recommend anything besides more lubrication, which we have tried despite not even needing it. ( I can be drenched, it doesn't make a difference. )

He is gentle and slow, I'm lubricated, we have done it before no issue so I don't understand what the fucking problem is and it's making me so angry.

We ended up going nearly 3 months without having sex and even after all of that the same thing happened. They are PAINFUL and papercut-like fissures right around the vaginal opening but not inside.


No. 52761

Thank you a lot anon, you really calmed my nerves. I think I'm just gonna ask my gynecologist next time I need to re-new my prescription
I'm a virgin anyway, I just wanna be safe in case I somehow find someone I wanna mate with kek

No. 52762

Do you masturbate? During my first LDR I didn't use a dildo when I was alone and then penetration was hell. I recommend stretching yourself on the regular. It might help.

No. 52763

Have you ever heard of vaginismus? Maybe search it up, you might have it.

No. 52764

Are you using condoms together? If so, you could be allergic to latex. If you don't use condoms… Then I have no idea, sorry anon. I hope you are going to be fine. Doesn't sound very pleasant.

No. 52765

I sometimes get this problem, stretching it a bit before intercourse helps a lot! Lots and lots of foreplay before hand too

No. 52766

could it be that you aren't as attracted/aroused by him anymore? lube is one thing, but being horny loosens you up, so to speak.

No. 52767

Oh my god this is me! You're not alone! The skin under my vagina, the fourchette, has been a constant problem for me for over a year now. No matter how long we wait for it to heal, it just reopens again. OBGYN was no help at all, she just told me to wait and maybe apply some vitamin e oil to it which both obviously did nothing. I've tried everything else, taking supplements to speed up wound healing, salt baths, oils.

I'm currently trying perineal massages, they're what is sometimes recommended to women to do a few months before giving birth for the first time to help prevent tearing. So I'm hoping that will improve the elasticity of my skin, since the issue is that scar tissue is not as elastic as regular skin, hence when it's being stretched it's tearing. When I feel ready to try again my boyfriend and I are going to try having sex from behind at first, because I think it stretches less from the position.

So, I don't really know what the solution is yet, but I hope this gives you some ideas. While foreplay and lubrication are important, like other people said, I don't think they'll solve this issue since it isn't a matter of internal stretching, but rather the stretching of the weakened outer skin (at least it is for me, and it sounds like you have a similar problem).

No. 52768

How to make a dude more interested in giving head? I never denied him but only took one time for him to smell something weird on my downstairs and since then he never did it again. It has been more than a year and I'm going nuts. I treated whatever was happening and I don't smell anymore.


No. 52769

if it's been over a YEAR, then it's pretty clear your willing to let him be lazy / selfish in the sack, anon.

at this point you can only lay it all on the table and tell him this is a deal breaker, or… just continue to let this go on forever.

my honest opinion here is you need to get out of this relationship, this guy does not give flying fuck about your needs at all. a year is a damn long time.

No. 52770

What did he say when you talked to him about this? Did he get defensive or something?


>leave relationship
It's pretty easy to be completely turned off by something like that forever, just like with a bad meal.

No. 52771

You could ask him to try with fruity sweet tasting/smelling lubes? Or simply refuse to give him solo until you get yours

No. 52772

most people dont get any side effects. tbh I think it's quite fair that you eliminate the risk of pregnancy.

Why not just try it. and if he ends up not wanting you for those reasons then it wasn't for nothing because he's a douche.

No. 52773

Tell him to keep his condom on and his mouth shut.

I knew about a woman once who had to go through plastic surgery to make her breasts small again because the pill fucked them up and made them extra big and uncomfortable. Yes most women don't go through such side effects but the risk is still there and no one should be pushed to take them if they are not sure.

Also, why would you take such risks for a dude that you can't even call your boyfriend? For fuck's sake, some girls around here sure are dumb…

No. 52774

uhhh so my vagina has been smelling kind of bizarre but there's no red flags re: discharge or anything at all like that

i thought it might've been just typical end-of-period funk but it's sort of lingered for a few days more. any ideas what could've caused this? new medications? should i just go to the doctor?

No. 52775

Go to the doctor anon.

No. 52776

I swear… the internet was invented and no one even googles any of their problems or even goes to the Doctor.

Like WTF is the deal with people?

No. 52777

I admit it's dumb to ask this forum actual medical questions or really easily researched things, but there's comfort in asking things on your usual forum. It's likely that some of the other people that go on the same forum as me will have other similarities to me, so hearing their imput on skin routines and vaginas feels more relevant than some random from yahoo answers etc.

No. 52778

So I have a doctor's appointment today, but something happened last night that made me really grateful that I made it.

I "lost" a tampon inside myself a couple of weeks ago. I had a feeling that I'd put one in, but I felt inside of myself (really far up) and couldn't find it, so I put in a new one and chalked it up to fibro fog clouding my memory and judgment. Nope. My vagina decided to expel it last night when I was urinating. Pretty surprised I didn't get TSS, pretty relieved it's over with, pretty glad I get to see a doctor later today to make sure I don't have some fucking gnarly bacterial infection.


I just wanted input from other females about whether or not they'd experienced anything similar. That said, now that I know the cause, it's pretty safe to say the majority of the people here have not experienced why I was having the odor issue.

Frankly, I'm shocked the odor hadn't been worse. The tampon itself smelled like death. I'm feeling nauseous thinking about it.

tl;dr I'm a disgusting moron

No. 52779

Honestly I'm just in awe of the power of your vagina right now, mine can't even cope with being in a bath with bathbombs. You would think a lost wad of rotting blood would cause more damage inside of a person than just a bad smell.
Consider it a supervag and feel proud.

No. 52780

I don't know if it's true but I read somewhere that TSS only happens to girls who are genetically predisposed to it, but it's become such a boogeyman that every girl thinks she'll get it.

And yeah, the odor thing is a big key that you left a tampon in there. For any anons that think they might've left a tampon in their coochie; do the spread test. Stand up, angle one leg high like placing it on a chair or table so your vag is widely spread, and then stick two fingers in and feel around. Usually this gives you more space to go deeper into your vagina so you can see if anything is lodged up in there. Other then that, mysterious cramps, increased gas/bloating and funky vag smells are also indicators.

No. 52781

I haven't had my period in almost four months. At first I figured whatever, me being irregular is not uncommon, nor is skipping a month or two, or sometimes over 100 days. I have the last five years tracked consistently and it backs that up. But almost a year ago I had blood drawn to check my DHEA and estradiol levels and stuff, and was supposed to get an ultrasound to rule out cysts and pcos, because my body started doing unusual things, but that never happened. So now I think I should really push to get that ultrasound, though I'll freak out at the thought/right before and during, because there probably is something wrong with me, which I've treated as my normal for the last ten years.

No. 52782

There's an opposite stereotype in my country: female doctors treat you like a cow on a farm, while male ones actually care not to hurt you.

No. 52783

> implying pissing yourself during orgasm to get a stronger sensation is not sexy

No. 52784

I like my male gyno, he's very bLunt which is perect for me. I like to think a male one would benefit from not having personal experience with a vagina.. I wouldnt want a female gyno to hear me complain about hip pain and think "oh that sounds just like when I had an ovarian cyst" when I actually have a tumor or something and use her personal bias to misdiagnose me…

I'm also very paranoid of getting cancer so there's that

No. 52785

File: 1471010178701.jpg (18.37 KB, 414x414, 166615596.jpg)

I have an obnoxiously small clit, can any farmers relate?

>>literally thought it was a bug bite when first discovered it as a kid

>>pretty much concealed by clitoral hood, can't see it even if I spread my legs
>>straight up quits and powers down during almost all piv sex
>>use vibrator- likes to give up and goes straight from plateau to resolution
>>getting a decent orgasm is like playing a fucked up combo of operation and perfection

No. 52786

So… You got an alien as a primary physician?


Literally 90% of people with a clitoris can relate to what you're saying.

No. 52787

That's good to know. I have a close friend with a big clit and from what she told me her sex life seems a fuck of a lot less complicated

No. 52788

Are you suggesting that the size of the pill in pic related is obnoxiously small? Because mine is wayyy smaller. It's completely covered by the hood, and I can still barely see it even when I lift the hood since it's so tiny and embedded. I've never had an orgasm and I think the small size is probably part of the problem. It always feels like it's either being under stimulated so it doesn't really feel good, or overstimulated to the point of pain, no matter what method I try (fingers, vibrator, tongue etc.)

No. 52789

… is this turning into a dick measuring contest?

No. 52790

Meant to reply to >>133179

No. 52791


Update for >>132898
Thank you guys so much for telling me to keep trying OBGYNs. I was about to accept this pain as chronic. It turns out my boyfriend gave me trich. I was a virgin before I got into a relationship with him, and he told me his sexual history was all protected sex.

I'm lucky it didn't progress to PID and compromise my fertility after not being treated for 10 months. And I stopped all this birth control for nothing. Hundreds of dollars wasted. I want to murder him with my bare hands, obviously, but at least I finally have an answer for my pain.

No. 52792

Glad you finally have an answer and treatment, anon. Sorry it's this one, tho. I hope you'll have better luck in the future.

No. 52793

It's good that you figured it out, though I'm sorry to hear that happened to you. Did he lie about only having protected sex?

No. 52794

This. If he lies to every girl so he doesn't have to use a condom he is a huge scumbag. Wondering what happened here.

No. 52795

File: 1471907923683.jpg (147.35 KB, 590x700, 1471837572106.jpg)

Thank you, yeah, I'm so glad to be able to sit down again, anything more is a great improvement.


It's not clear what happened. He says he's only had protected PIV, but trich can in rare cases live in the mouth. You can also pick it up from a dirty pool/towel/even a toilet seat unlike other STDs. It rarely shows symptoms in men.

I also had been tested a few months ago for trich - it came up negative on the swab, but in the urine culture there were trace white blood cells (a sign of infection, especially a big sign of having this) False negatives for this infection on a swab are very common.

I'm sure I got it from him because symptoms appeared after being with him for the first time. But there's enough gray area that him cheating or lying isn't the only answer. I do really care about him, so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt here.

No. 52796

To be fair a condom isn't that likely to protect from trich, herpes or HPV.

still sounds like bullshit though. over kill to be "oh I've NEVER had unprotected sex" like, cmon..

No. 52797

man, i just found out that one of my partners gave me hsv-2.
i'd recently started seriously dating this guy who really wanted me to get on bc so that he could cum inside of me (apparently one of his fetishes) and while we were having sex last week, i started bleeding like crazy, like paint-his-dick-red. it didn't hurt, I didn't even notice it until he was done, but it got all over my bed and that was when i was like 'i…should go see a gynecologist.'
The dr. lady told me that I was still bleeding from my cervix when I went to my appointment two days later, and that I needed to be tested for either cervicitis or chlamydia. I was freaked out by the thought that it might be chlamydia, but hey, at least that one's curable, right? instead, my tests came back all clean except for fucKING HERPES
if that's not enough, my boyfriend dumped me after he found out, along with this really long moralizing lecture about how i endangered his heath, also how damaged i was or w/e for having unprotected sex with other guys. in reality, i'm pretty sure it came from the rape that i never told anyone about. i'm so miserable right now, I can't imagine starting a relationship ever again if i have to tell everyone i date, 'hey i have genital herpes btw so we gotta use a condom'

worst part is, that doesn't even explain the rampant bleeding. so now i have to go back AGAIN next week and try to sort that out. i just want to toss myself off a bridge rn.

No. 52798


No. 52799

File: 1471931612108.jpg (24.04 KB, 300x400, 1344738093001.jpg)

>the rape that i never told anyone about.


No. 52800

>cumming inside a girl is a "fetish"

No. 52801


go back to /r9k/

No. 52802

My vagina is sore and itchy,after 5 months of NoFap,I masturbated via clitoral stimulation and I tried fingering myself for the first time now im sore and itchy should I stick yogurt up in me to make it stop

No. 52803

you should stop falling for stupid memes before all else

No. 52804

Herpes isn't that big of a deal anon, don't worry.
Just use condoms from now on and everything will be fine

No. 52847

Condoms don't always protect against herpes. It depends on if there's a flare-up at the time and where it is located. Even if there's no sign of it, the person is still contagious, so anything sexual can be tricky.

But like anon said, it's not a huge deal. Apparently, herpes is far more common than anyone thinks.

No. 52848

Condoms don't prevent herpes anyway. And I'm surprised your doctor tested for it, as it's not part of the standard STD panel. My doctors (Yes, multiple doctors) have all told me if I don't have symptoms to not bother testing because of the stigma associated with herpes.

And yea, rampant bleeding isn't a sign of herpes. :/

No. 52849

Guys I'm so scared. I got a call from my gyno telling me I have mild Cervical Dysplasia and that I have to get a colposcopy and a biopsy soon…

Not only am i scared and stressed over this procedue (sounds so painful and scary) my parents keepe telling me this is because I am " a slut" even though I have never been promiscuous/sleep around (super conservative parents fml). Any comments or advice would be nice :( thank you

No. 52850

If your parents aren't joking they sound like horrible people, they sound like assholes.

I would bring my mom with me to the gyno so a doctor could say to her face it has nothing to do with sex.. but some people can be stubborn and stupid so that might be a lost cause. Sorry you have to deal with them, anon. Best wishes for your procedures.

No. 52851

Sorry to hear that anon. :( Do you have any close friends you can trust to go with you? Hope everything is ok.

No. 52852


Yeah they are just crazy (but that's a whole nother' story). I'm scared that maybe it means I have HPV (since I looked it up, cervical dysplasia is often caused by this) because if I do I'm just unlikeliest girl on the planet since I have not slept with many people at all. Although I've read that 75% of the sexually active population will get HPV at least once in their life.


My mom is going to go with me although I wish I could go with someone else. I might see if my boyfriend can go with me



Thank you both for your kind words :) honestly made me feel a lot better

No. 52853

File: 1472990894245.jpg (732.8 KB, 2832x1824, 1Yym58n.jpg)

Has anyone here ever dealt with an alternative hymen situation? I realised recently that I've got a septate, like number 7 on this diagram, but horizontal. It's also very resistant to stretching, I've been trying for at least 5 years at this point. I thought I was just tight and virgin-y. Hymenotomy here I come! I wonder how common this type of issue really is.

No. 52854

It's not weird/bad, but it is uncommon. Have you ever been to a gynocologist? Is it just skin, or do you have two vaginas?

No. 52855

On handmirror inspection, more like figure 6 actually. So a few perforations, it's all just skin, and as far as I know I have one (1) mostly inaccessible vagina. Never seen a gynaecologist, I'm 20 but haven't been invited for pap smear or anything, hopefully my gp refers me to one and I can have some snipping done soon.

No. 52856


I had this! Was kind of shocking when I figured it out and realized, shit, I have two holes and that's not the norm. Are you sexually active? I was considering snipping at first, tampons didn't work, streching didn't work, nothing did. but when I had sex the first time it all sorted itself out, tiny amount of blood but not really any pain and now I'm all good.

No. 52857

It's a bit of a surreal thing to learn, yeah! Not sexually active but not consciously abstaining either. Nothing's worked for me but I think I'm going to go the medical route because I've now found a few other holes (but with one big enough to fit 1 finger and really off-centre) and it all looks a bit messy, I like the idea of having a nice neat hole made for me, and also do not like the idea of really confusing my first sexual partner. Happy to hear it all worked out pretty simply for you though! I kinda wish this was at least mentioned in sex ed.

No. 52858

It's good that it's such an easily resolved thing really. There's no reason for anyone to be embarrassed by their former hymen but it's a normal, so it's cool you can both avoid that.

I wish that the college humour video on hymens was shown in schools because it addressed so much missinformation. You know the world is trash when college humour = better than school sex ed

No. 52859

I mean it's more uncomfortable, painful and confusing that just embarrassment, but, otherwise, yeah; thank you western medicine and also fuck you inadequate western education.

No. 52860

I had this and holy shit it would get caught on tampons and hurt so bad that I dreaded my period every month (had to use tampons- I was a dancer). I ended up snipping it myself which sounds horrible but the "center" had no nerves and didn't bleed. I had two stringy bits left then and they were there for about 6 years. When I became sexually active instead of a hymen breaking the two left over bits would get worn down and they became quite sore especially since it took about 6 years of sex for them to kinda go away.

I thought it was normal as all I knew about hymens were they are a barrier across your hole.. So mine seemed normal with that definition. Thinking back on being in the bathroom for 30 mins in highschool trying to remove a tampon without ripiing the skin (mine was about 1cm thick) was hell.

No. 52861

You keep Europe out of this
Except Ireland, but they're really British Slavs so whatcha gonna do.

No. 52862

I hate my period so much. Every time I stand up I get this unbearable pain and i just can't function hardly. I'm in uni and do ballroom dance competitively so it interfering with the ballroom club is a pain in the ass. I always want to go but if I'm on my period I feel like I want to vomit constantly and I hurt so bad just standing up make me want to collapse so I spend more time sitting at a desk in pain all day than doing much of anything.

Anyone got any tips for dealing with awful periods until I can get to the doctor for some birth control?

No. 52863

Stay away from caffeine, sugar and chocolate around the time of your period, and eat more greens and protein. Also, exercise.

Granted, if the problem isn't hormonal, it might be stress-based. Have your periods always been this painful?

No. 52864

It's like they've gotten more painful as I've gotten older. When I was younger I would get minor discomfort with the occasional bad day of cramps. In my last couple years of high school they got really bad where i'd have to leave school and stay home for a day and i would sometimes end up with diarrhea. Over the last year they've gotten to the point they are now and I really don't want them to get any worse. It might be stress like you've suggested but it never hurts to see a doctor cause getting any worse isn't something i want to imagine.

Also thanks for the tips on what to avoid and eat. I normally pop a couple pain killers and use a heating pad which doesn't always do me much good if any. Hopefully what you suggested will help.

No. 52865

Has anyone ever had experience with this weird situation?

Early this year someone I loved very much passed away. Since that happened, my periods have been off and on late. First it was about 3 weeks late and since then it has been either on time or about 1-2 weeks late, it's random each month. My dr and gyno tested me and say nothing is wrong.

I still feel horrible about what happened but it isn't on my mind every single day like it used to. Could it be the cause? Other than the late months giving me pain that trumps my normal cramps I feel okay, just worried.

No. 52866

Could be stress related

No. 52867

File: 1476570687201.jpg (6.64 KB, 275x234, 1471150697979.jpg)

Update: two weeks ago I've read an article wrote by a gyno, that talked about my problem. This because I recalled my earlier masturbations and I specifically recalled being able to insert a finger, and also having used a tampon once and successfully inserted it, so I knew something was off.
So… Basically I'm a fucking idiot because I was poking at the wrong hole. In fact, for all this time I've been poking at my urethral opening. I know this is crazy, I'm not uneducated on the matter but apparently many women have had the same problem so I feel less lonely.
So now I can insert a finger without any problem. All that time spent panicking, thinking my hymen was all closed, that I wasn't normal, when in the end it really was such a stupid thing. Vaginismus, you won't have me.

No. 52868

Yes, this is definitely stress-related. My periods are regularly late since I started school again and my PMS symptoms are sometimes unbearable. I went to see my gyno and she too, said I was fine. Chronic stress fucks up your cycle, and can have a huge impact on both physical and mental health in general.

Sorry about the death of your loved one, btw. I hope you have a good support system, or are seeing a therapist to help cope with the grief.

No. 52869

Girl, get on birth control. It seriously changed my life. I use to have periods so bad they made me sick like you. I would bleed so much I would be physically ill every damn month. I once bled through infront of someone because it was so heavy and I constantly felt faint. Now i'm on birth control - i don't get pains, my 'period' lasts 3 days at most and i don't get as emotional or moody. It is fucking brillant. I am personally on the pill with the dual hormones and it's worked a treat. Be aware of your own body though as you might not react the same as me, but please don't be fearful. I wish I had gotten on it sooner. It would have saved me so much time, stress and new undwear lmao.

No. 52870

I'm going to get a doctor's appointment as soon as I can. I hate how sick it makes me and missing classes and events when you've paid for them sucks.

> It would have saved me so much time, stress and new undwear lmao.

I lol'd but I'm looking forward to the saving underwear part. Getting stains out is a pain and with heavy bloodflow, it's one hell of a mess.

No. 52871

Thanks anons, you are both very sweet.

It's good to hear I am not the only one who is experiencing something like this. >>133217 thank you for the well wishes. Sadly I don't have either except for my partner, but I am trying to cope. You are very encouraging, thank you.

No. 52872

I've decided to just wear panty liners every day. My panties have never looked better and I dont have to deal with stupid weird bleached spots

No. 52873

I've heard that can cause issues with the "flora and fauna" of your vag since there's not a lot of breathing room. Have you noticed anything going on other than no more stains? I wonder because I've been considering it myself but was worried I'd be suffocating it.

No. 52874

I'm considering buying a menstrual cup, but I've never even used a tampon, am I just being stupid thinking I can do this?

Tampons just hurt so I never went through with using one.

No. 52875

what do you guys wash the outside of your vag area with?

I can't use just water otherwise there is a smell and that bothers me. I don't put anything inside the hole itself but I do clean the part between the folds of the outer labia/inner ( so "inside" the outer big labia but outside the small labia) but I think I may be causing myself yeast infections due to this (discharge gets super white and creamy, gross smelling).

I use body wash (dove one) in that area but worried that is bad for me. not even sure if what i described is a yeast infection or normal. Help is appreciated

No. 52876

If you're having problems with tampons don't use a cup. It's more difficult to get in there and, though it's unnoticeable when it's in place, it can be a bit uncomfortable inserting as well.


Don't use anything scented on your lady parts anon, that will cause yeast infections and it sounds like you might have one. Go get some Vagistat or something to treat it and switch to an unscented soap. I use unscented sensitive Dove soap only for washing my vulva and labia and everything is nice and lovely down there.

No. 52877

File: 1476832326108.jpg (29.88 KB, 480x395, 535454.jpg)

I stopped using body wash/heavily-scented soap after I developed some sensitivity and irritation.

Now I use regular white Dove bar soap and haven't had any issues. If you're extra worried, they make a sensitive skin/unscented one too, though I found their white bar soap isn't that heavily scented.

No. 52878

my period is coming, like tomorrow or the next day. i don't keep track anymore.
i've had the misfortune to be one of those girls that has experienced every symptom possible, and at times in the worst severities. right now i'm going through sore boobs, irrational depression despite something good happening today, and a massive craving for chocolate chip pancakes, a food i don't usually care for.

No. 52879

Does anyone have tips for making your period happen a week or so early? I'm going traveling next month and I don't want to deal with it on the plane.

No. 52880

Plan B pill, and there's 'holistic' things like eating piles of cinnamon, or shoving cilantro up your cooch.

No. 52881

I have VERY irregular periods and I have done all my life, probably only had one or two regularly arriving in 4 weeks periods in my entire life, the norm is 6 weeks for me but sometimes I'm over a month or even two late. I have a low BMI due to my metabolism which may be the cause but I eat like garbage and I always have done, I'm always eating junk food and frequent portions/snacks basically so I'm hardly starving myself.
I've never complained about it before since having my period less often is actually amazing, but it's really started to get in the way when I want to get together with my LDR boyfriend to have sex and we make plans then I end up on my period. I've been considering getting on the pill but I'm shit scared of weight gain considering I've never gained any significant weight in my entire life and I'm extremely happy with it that way. Is it just a myth or if it's true is it possible to reverse the weight gain side effects of the pill?

No. 52882

>I have a low BMI due to my metabolism which may be the cause but I eat like garbage and I always have done, I'm always eating junk food and frequent portions/snacks basically so I'm hardly starving myself.

same. and i'm very regular, exactly 30 days. so i don't think your irregularity is due to any of that, you're probably just one of those people who are simply irregular.

No. 52883

My period is a week late. Haven't been having sex, so I'm not pregnant. I need to make an appointment with my gynecologist before the year is up (insurance)but I just know that I'll end up having my period on whatever day I schedule. What do?

No. 52884

Perhaps it has less to do with how much you eat and more to do with WHAT you're eating? Try cutting the junk food and eating healthier options.

No. 53020

I don't know if you still check this thread, but I just got an e-mail that the people I bought from again are making them again!

Here's the link if you or any other anons here are interested:

No. 53021

I had a copper iud inserted just a little over a month ago because I was sick of forgetting to take my bc pills and was looking for a relatively hassle free long term option. I've been bleeding constantly for the last month and am subjected to random shooting cramps that often make me double over in pain at work, though they do not last too long it's becoming quite a hassle and I'm worried I've made a huge mistake. My doctor told me that the bleeding and cramping can last anywhere from the first two weeks to the first three months and although I want to wait it out and see its become quite a hassle. I'm hoping any other anons have some experience with this and could tell me if I will ever be normal again or if I'll just be a bloody cramping mess forever.

No. 53022


I just had skyla inserted last month too. Haven't been bleeding out, but I've been spotting a lot. I got my period the day after I got the IUD, it made my period less heavy but it lasted longer, and now I think I'm spotting again.

my doctor told me that the copper IUD makes you bleed more and makes your period last even longer, so I guess that's what happened to you

No. 53023

i use liners every day too but i do sleep with no liners or just no underwear. you should let it breathe.


some people here talked about parsley tea.

No. 53024

I have sensitivity problems, I can only use a vibrator to feel pretty much anything, it just took some time for me to find what felt good (I know it's cliche, but it's definitely true).

No. 53025

I have never had an orgasm through sex or at the hands of a guy. it's not bothersome to me, but my friends feel bad when they cum and I don't. they do finger me and hit my g spot but I can't cum no matter how good it feels or how vigorously they finger it. are there any sex positions that can stimulate it during sex or any other fingering techniques that will make it easier? I don't wanna have to rub my clit to cum even though I know it will help. I want to cum through penetration.

No. 53026

I don't think i had an orgasm from penetration before i was like 24. There is no point in aiming for it, as it is pretty rare even though i have experienced it a few times. I think the key is just to stop thinking about it and enjoy yourself. Maybe it will happen or maybe it wont. Most women say they've never experienced it, so there is def nothing wrong with you. I will ad that the first time it happened it was with someone i was madly in love with and attracted to, not in a fwb situation.

No. 53027

It makes me sad how little some women know about their vagina.

One of my friends (age 24) kept complaining about getting frequent yeast infections. I remember seeing a haul of bath bombs on her Instagram. Turns out, she's been using them like every other day for a month or two. She had no idea frequent baths, much less bath bombs, would throw off the pH of her vagina and cause her to keep a yeast infection.

No. 53028

oh, okay, great. I was curious because it looks so… heavenly? after g spot simulation I twitch and shake but it doesn't feel like an orgasm. and he feels really bad because he cums every time and I don't lol (he does take the time to take care of me).

I enjoy the act though, orgasm isn't my main goal, but if there was a way to do so, I wanted to know. thank you!

No. 53029

Hey! I was just writing about this shit somewhere else.

Yeah, so masturbating takes fucking forever and it sucks. Especially with a partner who doesn't understand why it always takes so long, no matter what. Luckily my boyfriend is very understanding of all of this and doesn't get butthurt when I can't cum.

But like, even with my hitachi it can take foreverrrrr. What is wrong with me.

Okay so every girl pretty much has the above problem. Moving on the something I pretty much don't tell ANYONE-

So does anyone else feel, idk, sensations in your clit throughout the day? Like honestly, it's always throbbing to the point where I frequent have to cross and uncross my legs to have one of those mini-tiny-orgasms just to tame the throbbing for a bit. But it's definitely not intense enough to be PAD at all, I've considered that. Some days it's not very bothersome, others it's like SHIT I need to get home and mastubate right away.

Idk, other possible relevant info is I've been maturbating since a very young age, and I used to only be able to masturbate by laying on my stomach and rubbing my clit through my underwear with a small bunched up blanket. Now I can have much more intense/better orgasms laying on my back and using my hitachi. That usually gets rid of the throbbing feeling for a few hours, but ultimately, it always returns…

Please if anyone can relate or knows what I'm talking about, speak up. I don't really talk about this with anyone cuz it's kind of weird? I've definitely googled it before, but it takes forever to find something that isn't about persistent genital arousal disorder and get to something abt ppl talking about anything even remotely similar to what I have.

My clit is definitely smaller than average, but a gyno has never said there's anything abnormal. No piercings or noteworthy STDs (had HPV despite getting the shots, but never had warts and now it's all cleared up on its own & I test negative for it now :)).

And lastly, this isn't anything new. I've had this for as long as I can remember, and I honestly think it's why I started masturbating so young. Like "ahhh! What are these feelings I need to rub them out!l lol. Can anyone relate? Is this normal?

No. 53030

>look heavenly

Do you mean in porn? Don't be fooled hun, it's honestly not /that great. Nothing is that great, kek. Try telling him to "hook" your spot with his finger, and when you feel like you're about to piss yourself, go for it. Make sure to per beforehand tho, so you don't actually urinate on him. Unless that's your thing ofc, haha.

No. 53031

Never use anything scented. Try a feminine wash without any scent or dyes.

No. 53032

Sometimes I get randomly horny throughout the day and get that feeling like I'm about to orgasm but don't. I'm the OP of this thread and masturbation is so hard for me that I haven't had an orgasm in months, it's too much effort most of the time.

No. 53033

File: 1478049927971.jpg (15.73 KB, 355x355, 714b7ArN-gL._SY355_.jpg)

So I tried using a menstrual cup for the first time today. It went in without too much trouble, and didn't leak. But now I can't get it out. What should I be doing? My fingers are not long enough to reach the base of the cup.

No. 53034

I mean…have you tried just sitting on the toilet and seeing if you can't just push it out with your vag muscles? Give birth to that menstrual cup, gurl.

No. 53035

They usually suction to your cervix and you have to break the seal to pull it out so I don't think birthing one would work

No. 53036

It won't hurt to let it stay in, as it fills up with blood it will naturally start to lower making it easier to grab.

Don't freak out though, if you can't get it, just try later. The first time I used one, I COULD NOT get it out and started to kinda panic. That makes it even harder to relax and thus harder to grab the cup as everything tightens. So relax and try again. I find it is easier for me to get out while siting on the toilet, and pushing down with my vaginal muscles so I can pinch it and pull it out. It was super hard the first time, but has become easier and easier, and now I've been using a menstrual cup for a year and it is second nature to use/get out. Another tactic to try is while in the shower, some women can grab it easier standing.


No, but you can bare down with your vag muscles to push it lower so you can grab it easier.

No. 53037

File: 1478052544573.png (899.97 KB, 900x1919, menstral cup baby.png)

I tired before, but the instructions said to simply take a deep breath and relax and push down. I tried again, following your advice
> Give birth to that menstrual cup, gurl.
this worked. Thank you so much.

No. 53038

I will keep this in mind for next time I try it. Thank you.

No. 53039

Glad to hear it :) especially since I've never even tried a menstrual cup and figured I might just be talking out of my ass lol

No. 53040

Yeah, samesies, but I'm just curious if people have these sensations throughout the day like I do? I'm also wondering if it's related to madturbation being so difficult for me, idk.

Also lol, why did ppl here feel the need to use menstrual cups? What's the benefit to it? I haven't heard that term since sex Ed in like 2001

No. 53041

$$$$ my man
Keep supporting the tampon jew tho

No. 53042

It's more sanitary, produces less waste and saves a ton of money.

No. 53043

I got a cup to avoid toxic shock syndrome, but now I read there's been a case where someone had TSS while wearing a cup.

Idk maybe pad life is the only life for me. I had a close friend go to the hospital from a tampon and since then I never used them.

No. 53044

The study that talked about the menstrual cup and TSS case said:
>High placement of a previously handled cup, an abundant volume of menstrual blood and mucosal irritation within the vagina may be considered as other probable contributing factors (for the development of TSS in this case).
To me the important bit is
>mucosal irritation within the vagina
Because the case said she cleaned her cup appropriately, but
>retrospectively reported causing a small abrasion during one of her initial insertions.

What causes TSS in women who use tampons is:
>Accumulation of blood in the polyester foam cubes and chips of carboxymethylcellulose.
>Increase of vaginal pH in menstruation from 4.2 to around 7.4.
>Existence of both oxygen and carbon dioxide in the vagina during menstruation.

Well, cups are silicone, so the top one doesn't apply. Cups also do not affect the pH, so the second doesn't either.

However, the bottom one implies bacteria growth can occur in menstrual blood which can lead to TSS. To get into the body, the bacteria likely enters an abrasion: a tampon is way more likely to cause an abrasion on insertion than a cup.

So the lady seemed to have had the bacteria, which grew in the cup either due to leaving it in too long or not cleaning it porperly, enter her system and cause TSS due to the fact she injured herself when putting in the cup. I'd guess she got a cup too big for her, and inserted it poorly, and that's what caused all of this.

Basically I guess my point is, as far as TSS goes, cups are still way safer since they are not made of polyester/carboxymethylcellulose, and do not change the pH of the vagina. Just be careful to not hurt yourself inserting it, and don't leave it in for like 10 days or something lol.

No. 53045

I'll add though I am not saying you MUST use a cup; if you prefer pads, go for it. I can understand why a woman would rather use a pad than something they have to insert, but as far as choosing between tampons and cups, the cup is far superior and more importantly, safer, so in that context, yeah i'll be a menstrual cup warrior lmao

No. 53046

If you do choose pads go for reusable cloth ones. Cleaner, less landfill material, cheaper and not a smelly plastic mess

No. 53047

I know it's always been said that a vagina can't be too small, since it's supposed to be able to birth a baby. I can barely fit a tampon, and intercourse is almost impossible. I don't have vaginismus, and even when I'm completely comfortable and use lots of lube, I still end up bleeding lots after intercourse or trying to fit anything in there. I don't have any diseases or obvious abnormalities, I've only ever been with 1 person, yes I got myself tested and I felt like I was dying when the speculum was inserted.

No. 53048

More cup experience reporting in:
I used pads for like 10 years because tampons really hurt me, until one day I was at a friend's who only had tampons, so I tried again and it finally worked without too much pain. I switched from tampons to a cup within the next year and never looked back. I feel like it's even cleaner than tampon insertion which will cover my entire index finger in blood (eurofag, so no applicators). It's comfortable and holds more than tampons. I used to have vaginismus and had to be stretched/dilated tirelessly before each attempt at sex, but I guess it got better over the years. Now tampons still hurt a bit if they're the cheap kind without silky finishing, but I never have any discomfort with my cup despite being pretty tightly built. I cut off the last part of the stem because it kept poking out, now it's perfect.


you sound like me 10 years ago. It took me a long time until I was able to have sex pretty much unprepared, and even tampons hurt too much when I was a teen. Are you still pretty young? OBGYN visits are still hell for me because I'm really sensitive and the speculum hurts like satan's dick, but sex and insertion are fine now. Maybe you just need more experience so you can be relaxed?

No. 53049

Thanks, this info actually makes me a little less nervous about it. I guess I'll just make sure my nails are cut short and I clean it real proper.

No. 53253

An important cleaning tip is to make sure you DON'T use:
>tea tree oil,
>scented/fragranced soap,
>castile/peppermint soap or any other oil based soap,
>rubbing alcohol,
>antibacterial soap,
>hand sanitizer,
>pre-moistened wipes,
>baking soda,
>hydrogen peroxide,
>dishwashing soap,
>bleach or harsh chemicals

Basically, you should just clean it by using non-scented soaps and boiling it after your period.

I personally use the soap Lady Gel from the LadyCup people, and I store it in their cotton bag, you don't want to store it in anything air-tight.

Good luck anon! I don't look back after finally getting into the swing of using the cup, but it was a learning curve, but after 3 periods, I became a pro lol. This is actually me from a year ago lmfao >>132655

No. 53254

>Also lol, why did ppl here feel the need to use menstrual cups? What's the benefit to it? I haven't heard that term since sex Ed in like 2001
I'm hoping to become comfortable using a menstrual cup for a few reasons:
>tampons give me cramps
>tampons have to be changed at least every 8 hours
>in the event of a happening, tampons will be hard to get a hold of (this scenario will probably never happen, but I'd hate to be unprepared for it)

No. 53255

Anons, does your vag feel weird after a dude comes in you?
My bf came in me like 3 days ago, I've had many showers since then, but my vag feels gross and almost yeasty. Is cum a bad pH or something?

No. 53256

Did you pee after the fact? It's a good way to prevent UTIs.

No. 53257

Some women can have allergic reactions to semen. How that is possible of millions of years of evolution remains a mystery to me.

No. 53258


It's definitely not a UTI. It's just a gross stingy feeling like his jizz is acidic or something. He has a bad diet so maybe that's why. This always happens though so I was wondering if I'm just weirdly sensitive or something.

That's bizzare

No. 53259

So i recently Got out of a very unhealthy and abusive relationship(2-3 months ago) and my period has been acting whacky. I Got it 3 days early last month and today i Got it a week early! Should i be worried or is it just stress from the breakup, have any of you experienced this?

No. 53260

It's definitely stress anon. Don't worry too much about it unless you're just bleeding nonstop for weeks at a time or something. Once you get back into a good piece of mind it should regulate itself again. But if you're really worried you can always go see your gyno.

No. 53261

oh no, I don't watch porn. if I do it's gay (sorry if tmi lol). the rare cases when I do watch straight, it's so obviously staged that I don't see the appeal in it. when I see girls orgasm from penetration or the hook method from amateur videos on twitter porn accounts, they look like they're being possessed. I don't wanna look like the victim of an exorcism but it looks hella fun lol.

he does the hook method but I get this weird tingling feeling when he does it for a long time. I try to keep from saying stop but that tingling actually turns sort of numbing (I.e when you have a back massager in the same place for a while), so I have to because it's too much. idk if that's normal. I pee beforehand but then right after sex I have to go so bad. it's annoying as hell.

No. 53262

You should take a pregnancy test, anon.

No. 53263

She's still getting a period, retard. She just said it's irregular, which is usually stress-related.

No. 53264

Seconding stress, it can screw with your hormones. Best of luck for you in the future, anon.

No. 53265

Period Anon here, thanks guys i feel a lot less freaked out now. Going to the doctors in a few days.

No. 53266

>endometriosis causes me enough pain to make me vomit on my period and interfere with daily life
>go on birth control to minimize it
>birth control causes weight gain that triggers body image issues/eating disorder and fucks with my depression
>go off birth control
>start vomiting again
i can't win

No. 53267

Has anyone ever been fucked so hard they bled? I don't mean losing your virginity. I've been sexually active for 9 years at this point and slept with a guy last night who not only has a decent sized dick but knew how to wield it. He was getting so deep that it almost hurt. After he came and I went to clean up I noticed light pink blood on the toilet paper. This has never happened to me so now I'm a little concerned. I'm not bleeding anymore tho.

No. 53268


yeah, once with ny current bf. I had just gotten my iud inserted a week prior so I figured that was why. He does have a big dick tho

No. 53269

It doesn't cause weight gain, it causes hunger. If you don't eat more you should be fine.
> Talked abt it with my doc when I started she said it had never been proven but that I may feel more hungry at first (which results in weight gain if you don't portion control)

I'm just saying, if you don't eat more you're not gonna gain weight.

No. 53270

I masturbate with toys almost daily I don't know if I've ever had an orgasm. I usually just keep going until the vagina 'contracts' like moving inwards and outwards and it feels pretty good but it's hardly the fabled orgasm I imagined. Sometimes it will feel a bit like I'm floating on a cloud down there but it doesn't last for long either. Are either of these slightly underwhelming yet pleasant experiences an orgasm or am I looking for something greater?

No. 53271

Sounds about right, orgasms don't last that long unless you're very worked up or something. What kind of reaction were you expecting?

No. 53272

People talk about how it's an out of this world experience that affects their whole body and causes them to lose grasp on reality with pleasure for a moment, I just feel kind of good down in my privates for a while and that's it. Maybe it's all overexaggurated and I fell for it though.

No. 53273

Yeah, no. Normal masturbation orgasms are supposed to be satisfactory and rekaxing tingly sensation of warmth. Someone obviously oversold it to you.

No. 53274

Really? Mine have always been crazy intense. I can't go more than once though, it hurts. None of that multiple orgasm shit for me. I think we're all different

No. 53275

Some of the stories you hear are just part of a competitive pissing contest.

>girl, my vagina contracts so hard that it could pull a passing starship out of warp. You're obviously doing something wrong!

No. 53276

Haha fucking, lol anon. Loled right out loud.

No. 53277

I feel weird because every time I have sex, it hurts. Doesn't matter how big or small the guy is… It always takes forever for them to get in and when they finally do, it just hurts the whole time to the point that it makes my stomach hurt. And then the next day, it feels like I have a tear right at the entrance and it hurts to pee and I'll have a little bit of blood. I don't even like to be fingered.

Does this happen to anyone else? Getting kind of sick of it, tbh.

No. 53278

Sounds like vaginismus to me. You should probably see a gyno, anon.

No. 53279


Holy shit, TIL this exists.

No. 53280

does anyone else experience vaginal pain while on their period? I'm not quite sure how to explain.. I guess it feels like the entrance is being pried open? I don't know. It fucking hurts though.

I've been experiencing this since my teens and rarely get actual cramps.

No. 53281

How frequently do you have sex? Going long periods without any penetration can tighten you up, so to speak. It's like not exercising a muscle in a long time and then suddenly working out with it; you are going to be sore. I've had this issue in the past and found going slow with foreplay and lube to be a life (and vagina) saver.

No. 53282

Could be endometriosis. You should definitely go see a gynecologist.

No. 53283


Not sure if anyone has had this problem but… When I sit I can feel my hymen being pushed and it is uncomfortable and at times painful. I have no idea why this happens but it does.
Also, periods so heavy one has to use overnight extra heavy pads. Changing them almost hourly.

No. 53284

I used to get super self conscious over mine, large clit and generally looks like a badly put together ham sandwich, basically means I can't wear all lace underwear and it makes me wanna die

No. 53285

I'm with you. It sucks, but that's just genetics. The worst part about it is the dumb ass men who think what your vagina looks like reflects how many people you've slept with.

No. 53286

If it's any consolation, I think big clits are hot. I even like the look of outties in see-through underwear.

No. 53287

>tfw haven't gotten off in a month because my vibrator broke and i can't afford a new one
I'm going nuts here. I've tried and tried and tried with my hands and gotten absolutely nowhere, and one night stands are near impossible for me because I'm a lesbian and there ain't a big pool

No. 53288

Ann Summers do cheap ones - their bullet vibrators are £10 and really powerful.

No. 53289

I only do ones that are rechargeable or need to be plugged in constantly (the one that broke) so I don't have to constantly spend money on batteries (I burn through those so quickly), thanks anyways though

No. 53290

Anyone had problems with smell BEFORE their period? Like, a few days before? It also burns slightly. The odd thing is also that after my period everything goes back to normal.

Showering helps only for a few hours then it's back. I guess it's also because I use pads, tampons are uncomfortable and I'm paranoid about leaking.

I'll be going to the gyno, but in a month, I can't get an appointment sooner.

No. 53291

Your vaginal pH changes throughout your cycle, inspect the texture and color of your vaginal discharge to see if it looks weird

No. 53292

I get some weird piss/chlorine crotch smell before my period

No. 53293

i feel bad for you. orgasms are indeed, mind blowing.

No. 53294

File: 1480418380338.gif (882.62 KB, 500x204, IMG_1307.GIF)

i've been reading this thread from the start and i'm in absolute awe at how little knowledge do i have about my vagina. someone said that you can't wash your pussy with soap, but i've been washing it for 5 years with shower gel. now i'm realizing that a lot of my vagina problems and quirks probably come from that. how fucked am i? will my vagina eventually fix itself or am i doomed for the rest of my life?

No. 53295


I dont think you have anything to worry about. hypochondria, maybe. Invest in some PH balanced vagina soap and continue living your life.

No. 53296

You'll be fine anon, just start using unscented/sensitive skin type soap or cleansers that are specifically for vaginas. Eventually your body's natural chemistry will set everything straight.

No. 53297

So I'm getting an IUD (Mirena) in two days. Really excited and hoping that I'll stop getting my period. I'd be happy with a lighter one, but man, it'd be a dream come true if it just stopped.

No. 53298

Dont worry dude. I buy soaps that have rose petals, lavender buds, rosemary blades, and glitter on them and use them to wash my vag all the time. Imagine how fucked I must be (if only i could be bothered to read the entire thread)

No. 53299

Just clean with water, for real. The vagina is amazing and cleans itself (on the inside) so keep cleaning with warm water and it will sort it self out! Clean ass with soap though, tbe buttcrack sadly does not clean itself, heh

No. 53300

Please don't! You can get infections and smelly discharge and all kinds of nasty. Water is your friend! Or v low hp soap

No. 53301

You could try those menstral cups?

No. 53302

Oh shit. Which of those would affect my vagina the most? Probably the glitter, right? The only thing I noticed is that my discharge smells like mcdonalds fries. I really don't want an infection though

No. 53303

This has been happening for at least a year now. In between periods I have discharge coming out of my vagina, probably blood. It's sticky and can be dark red to a mild reddish brown. Does anyone else have this? I wasn't too worried at first but I'm starting to get anxious since it's a regular thing for me.

No. 53304

Normally it's old period blood making it's way out. It's normal for a lot of women to get brown discharge for a while after their period. You can always head to the doctor to be sure though because you never know but generally if it's before or right after your period you're fine if it's normal. I'd advise the speaking to the doc about it if you're concerned.

No. 53305

Are you on BC? Some can make this stuff happen.
I'm on nexplanon and sometimes (maybe a day or two every month, I don't really take notice of it anymore), I have random brown discharge happening. It was annoying at first (it doesn't look good) but it seems to be a normal occurence now and I just live with it.

No. 53306

I never shave my pubes (just trim) and I shaved them for the first time in forever yesterday and now my vulva itches like hell and not being able to scratch it because I'm out and about is driving me nuts
How do I alleviate this while waiting for it to grow back in?

No. 53307

Thank you for your reply! Yeah, that's what I thought after googling about it. But it happens nearly every day so I think it's a little weird. I made an appointment with a doctor for thursday though so I guess I'll find out then.


Thanks for your reply! And no, I'm not on BC. I've never had any sexual intercourse either.

No. 53308

it's actually the soap! i mean, glitter shouldn't be up there either, but the ph value in scented nice soaps fucks with your vaginas natural self cleaning mechanic, and the natural bacteria that makes your vagina healthy! I also want to point out (as it took a while for someone to point this out to me) that peeing after sex or masturbation is very important to avoid getting UTIs. also cranberry, very good for vaginal health! happy cleaning, anon :)

No. 53309

>When I sit I can feel my hymen being pushed and it is uncomfortable and at times painful. I have no idea why this happens but it does.
Same, I feel relieved now

No. 53310

Exfoliate a lot in the shower.

No. 53311

same. can't insert a tampon for the life of me. tried lube, tried tiny size, tried applicator, tried no applicator. it feels like it's tearing me, i cant get it up there.

obviously im a virgin, rarely even stick a finger up there to masturbate bc clit does the job. but sticking a finger up there IS possible when im horny enough.

my vagina just puckers up tight when i'm not aroused?

No. 53313

honestly i can only really masturbate with penetration when i take like 2 hours to heat up and get comfortable. still i feel like there's hope to enjoy getting dicked considering.

but i thought the same up until i managed to enjoy a finger when i was 17 or 18. id been masturbating a whole 6 years til then and i just couldn't do it. it's a really different kind of orgasm, too.

anyway who knows, in another 5 years i might actually be able to wear tampons lol.

the thing i can't imagine is enjoying ONLY penetration. without a lot of other stimuli my vagina is very unwelcoming.

No. 53314


You have to start slow. Get relaxed and aroused, use a lot of lube, and take your time. Most people cant just jam something up there first try. And its totally normal that your vagina tightens up when you arent aroused.

No. 53315

Anyone else get heart palpitations after orgasm?

No. 53316

I don't think that's normal. You should get it checked out

No. 53317

Got Mirena today. I was so tense. I didn't expect it to hurt too badly, so I hadn't bothered to take any pain killers. Big mistake. I felt like such a weakling, literally yelping in pain a few times. The doctor finished, I sat up, got unreasonably dizzy, laid back down, and promptly started having a panic attack. Normally I'm extremely shy, but I get awful cold sweats during panic attacks and obviously I stop thinking straight, so I ended up yanking my shirt off and laid there, wearing only a bra and socks, with the blanket barely covering my crotch, shaking and gasping and apologizing. I told the doctor to basically ignore me while I got through it, but it kept getting worse so I asked for someone to go get my husband, who was waiting up front because I'm a moron and thought I'd be fine without him. As soon as he came in and put his hand on my (disgustingly sweaty) back, the panic attack started to subside. It was sort of jarring how abrupt it was. It still took a while longer for me to be able to get dressed and walk and all that, but I wanted out of there as soon as possible. I was so embarrassed. First panic attack I've had in months, and it's in front of a bunch of strangers after getting the IUD, and my husband had to rescue me from my own inability to calm down, like I'm a stupid child. Fuck.

3 hours later, I still feel like I've got unusually sharp period cramps, but it's not too bad.

And now I'm ranting to anons on lolcow, because I want to get it off my chest but I'm worried people irl will think I'm being a whiny little chickenshit. Which I probably am tbh.

No. 53318


awh, anon it's okay. I got skyla a few months ago.. I went by myself thinking it would be fine buy when it was done I kept cycling from wanting to cry and being like "fuck that I'm grown".

I ended up calling my bf and having him take me home, he couldn't stay so I just listened to music and cried a little.

It was weird

No. 53319

How long does it take you guys to orgasm?

At the very soonest, I can probably cum in like 30 minutes, but that's only if I'm watching something hot and very horny.

No. 53320

depends, tbh ive finished in under 5 minutes soonest but that's if i was building up to it all day, or havent done it in a while etc.
my average is 40-60 mins and it has taken 4 hours at most.

No. 53321

That really sucks. Was it just because it's such an awkwardly invasive procedure? Gyno stuff is always unpleasant, but that was… ugh.


If I'm actively trying to get myself off, it almost always takes less than 3 minutes, even if I wasn't at all horny when I started. Usually I can do it in under 30 seconds. Even when I'm just trying to enjoy myself, I'll often orgasm by accident within 10 minutes. I guess I'm lucky?

No. 53322

So is IUD painful? Fuck, I can't even be on the pill because of medical reasons. Am I doomed to an existence of condom?


Same. I don't like it, I feel like it's the female version of premature ejaculation.

No. 53323

For me it's very varied, sometimes a minute, sometimes an hour, usually 15-30 minutes though.

I can get off in dreams though, and I've had a few instances where I'm not doing something overly sexual, but somehow manage to orgasm from f.ex. cuddling someone. It's very weird.

No. 53324

WTF is happening to me, I randomly started bleeding but spotting tier, and when I orgasm, my discharge is all bloody

No. 53325

Anon the best advice I can give you is that sometimes vaginas be crazy and you just have to keep an eye on it.
When you orgasm it actually makes your uterus contract and spasm, and these contractions are the same that shed the uterus lining when you menstruate. So possibly you just didn't quite finish your period properly, and when you orgasm some remnants get loosened.
I know that's what happens to me if I don't get laid for a few months, I spot all the time between periods.
But it's always good idea to make a note of when you're bleeding in a calendar, so you can tell the difference between 'vagina being crazy but benign' and 'vagina being crazy and worrying, see a doctor'.

No. 53326

How far are you off your period? Were you rough with your dildos or something? Might've made a little tear.

No. 53327

Yeah, probably. My period came the very next day too, so maybe I was just more sensitive than usual. (I get bad PMS symptoms)


The insertion itself was more awkward than super painful. It felt like I was having bad period cramps the whole procedure, and after it was done it felt like I was still cramping. I'm used to painful periods so it wasn't that far off from every other month of my life.

No. 53328

I don't masturbate with an objects, nor do I insert my fingers up there, I just use clitoris stimulation
Thanks anon, probably it. Although my period was like a good 2-3 weeks ago

No. 53329

I hate fingering myself

No. 53330

Then don't do it? Most women need clitoris stimulation to orgasm, it's very rare to be able to orgasm from penetration alone

No. 53331

I orgasm maybe once every 3 months or so because it's so much goddamn work. I need to use a vibrator directly on my clit on a high setting. Nothing else gets me off. If I'm lucky, I can do it in 30 minutes. When I do orgasm, I always have multiple ones, up to 7 in a row. I'll give up after an hour usually if I don't orgasm in that time period.

No. 53332

On average it takes me about 10-15 min to reach an orgasm, but I usually edge. Is that the right term even, lol. Like I'll hold my orgasm, so it takes me 30 min to an hour till I actually climax. I can't orgasm vaginally, only through clitoral stimulation. Tbh I cringe at the thought of anything entering me besides a penis? Fingers are a no no, they're boney and have nails (ew). I even have a hard time using tampons because of this phobia. I've had sex dreams in the past as well, real awkward ones. Sometimes I'll wake up to myself masturbating and even reaching an orgasm. Last sex dream I had, I was dry humping a stuffed bunny (I think it was a bunny), and I somehow was able to get off to that. Ridiculous.

No. 53333

I don't think I ever had sex dreams before. I mean, I have had strong fantasies but never anything explicitly sexual.

No. 53335

This. I stopped masturbating for 3 weeks a few months back and had such vivid sex dreams that I was having orgasms in my sleep kek.

No. 53336

I'm a virgin and the only orgasms I've ever had from dreams were when I dreamed that I was masturbating lol, never from dreaming of actual sex. Is anyone else the same way? I was wondering if you can only have a proper orgasm from a dream if you're dreaming of something you've experienced but obviously I can't make any conclusions from my experience alone.

No. 53337

Does anyone else get super turned on during sleep sometimes even if the dream isn't sexual? This keeps happening to me and I wake up in the middle of the night half asleep wondering wtf is going on

No. 53338

File: 1481272668519.jpg (7.35 KB, 564x564, a8c664f6a2c014e79ed038fa0489d4…)

Does anyone have the weird pattern of having long periods of not wanting anything sexual, masturbating and so on, and then some day you feel all the urges and masturbate more than 4 times in a row?

No. 53339

saw some anons talking about vaginismus in here, and im just gonna add that i recently developed it due to resurfaced trauma i really didnt deal with back when it was happening. wont go into the details but for me its mostly psychological. i dont have the money or time to see a therapist to fix this but apparently physical therapy can help? idek. it sucks bc if i dont slather lube on my bf's dick or stuff myself like a damn turkey with it we both end up stinging in pain. it's bullshit bc i personally feel like i'm mostly over all that trauma and don't struggle with it much anymore.. seems like my vagina disagrees though.

No. 53340


Yes! I feel so ashamed afterwards too

No. 53341

I think it's natural pattern due to fluctuating hormones. Most people don't have perfectly homogeneous libido.

No. 53342

yep, i generally have pretty low to zero interest but then i will have what i thought was a random week of just constantly wanting too, sometimes twice a day. i eventually noticed that it was always about a week before my period would start, so i think its hormonal. its convenient bc it gives me a heads up lol im really bad at tracking my cycle.

No. 53343

I'm going through that right now, fugg I'm horny.

No. 53344

I got a dilator kit from vaginismus.com and it came with a book and work book. I was supposed to go to physical therapy for it but i can't start it until I got the DIV and lichen sclerosis under control since my vaginismus is being caused my those conditions.

No. 53345

I got out of the shower and my vag smells weird. Sort of like meat. I rinse my vulva with nothing but water every time I shower so I'm not sure what's causing it

No. 53346

could be something to do with your menstrual cycle. has this happened before?

No. 53347

Sounds hormonal. I had a weird couple of weeks after having sex with a new partner once, but it cleared itself up when my body adapted to him.

No. 53348

I've never masturbated, and have never managed to have penetrative sex. My bf is pretty big/thick so it feels like him pushing against a wall any time we try, and it's not because I'm not comfortable/relaxed/horny. Any tips? I also feel like BC took away most of my horniness, or maybe I'm just weird on my own.
Even him fingering makes me feel somewhat sore.

No. 53349

That happens to me everytime I have sex with my bf - like I'll be soaking but penetration is hard. It helps (for us at least) if he sort of thrusts at the opening of my vag until he gets in. I don't know if this happens to everyone or not though.

No. 53350

No you're not weird BC totally killed my sex drive and I'm still recovering after stopping 2 months ago. I recommend switching to something non-hormonal

No. 53351

I have a small problem…down there. It is kind of embarrassing, but in September I got sugery on my vagina, bc the…hole thing was so small that even a very very tiny tampon didn't fit in. I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now and of course we want to have sex. My vagina recovered from surgery and we tried it but she is still too small, i guess and it hurts so bad down there when we are trying it - it just doesn't fit in. I mean, what the HELL is wrong with my vagina?!

No. 53352

Is it the opening to the vagina or is it the vaginal canal that prevents you from having sex?

It could be that they made the perforation in your hymen bigger to allow for tampon use but didn't make it big enough for sex - if that's the case, you can undergo another surgery to widen the hole and make it easier.

If it's the vaginal canal, it could be vaginismus (tightening of the muscles). Treatment would depend on the cause, i.e whether it's a physical or mental issue.

No. 53353

I think it is both… I am very happy that i can at least wear tiny tampons ^^'
Thank you for your answer and your help, i guess i will go and talk about it again
with my doctor :)

No. 53354

Lube. Use lots of lube, sex used to be horrible for me until my current boyfriend suggested we use lube and now it's actually enjoyable.

No. 53355

I'm on BC for PCOS, not sure how that would work.


I tried lube with an ex, and a lot of it, however still couldn't penetrate. Do you have recommended brands?

No. 53356

Exfoliate and use a ph-balanced aftershave made for use near the vulva.

>peeing after sex or masturbation is very important to avoid getting UTIs
how soon after does it have to be?

Is paraguard similarly painful?

No. 53357

I know period blood is supposed to wash off well with cold water and soap but will throwing it in the washing machine (with cold water) work? I had a blood stain on my pants all day and I had no time to wash it off…

No. 53358

>Getting blood out of clothes

Kek, good luck

No. 53359

>peeing after sex or masturbation is very important to avoid getting UTIs
>or masturbation


No. 53360

Just chuck them in the washing machine with decent bio washing powder and cool water. If the stain is stubborn, pre-soak them first.

No. 53361

I think you're talking about the old baking powder trick, but I have never successfully removed a decent amount of blood

To clear things up, how much blood are we talking about >>53357 ??

No. 53362

i assume if you insert anything into yourself you can smash germs into your urethra and cause a UTI

No. 53363

you can get a good amount of fresh/semi fresh/ wet blood out with a soak of hydrogen peroxide, then rinsing it really well. You can scrub it with some baking soda if you like, but i think h202 and a tide stick do a good job.

if done quickly enough h202 removes blood completely.

No. 53364

Vanish works

No. 53365

File: 1482940639498.jpg (1.28 MB, 3388x3047, awesome-products-all-purpose-s…)

If you live near a dollar/discount store, this stuff is pretty good at its job. I'm almost skeptical, like it has to have some negative effect going on that I don't know about.

No. 53366

Should I be worried? The past two months I haven't had a period. Very rarely I might skip a month or two, but otherwise my periods are regular. I get nausea and cramps as a sign that my period is about to start but back in November all I got was about 4 days of spotting. It was a reddish-brown colour and looked like the blood I get right before it starts/whatever your vag flushes out plus clots… This month was the same thing, the weird clotty spotting. It might be worth noting that the spotting happens at the same time of my usual period but I really don't know if it's due to stress or if I ought to be seeking urgent care for it.

No. 53367

Is there a possibility you might be pregnant? Either way, it might be worth getting checked out.

No. 53368

If you're really stressed out it's possible. Are you on any sort of birth control? >>53367 Is right though, break through spotting is very common in early pregnancy. Go get yourself a pregnancy test before jumping over to urgent care.

No. 53369

Thanks for replying. There's 0 chance of me being pregnant, and I'm not on birth control either. The only medication I'm on is celexa and I'm seeing my doctor soon to follow up with my medications so I'll bring it up to him then.

No. 53370

Bio powder isn't baking powder. It's the stuff with enzymes that you put in your washing machine. The enzymes make it work well on bloodstains.

No. 53371

Second this. Vanish removes everything.

No. 53372

For me is the FUCKING same. I am virgin, with my boyfriend we usually do anal sex only. I am too rigid, my vagina is closed. Does anybody hase the same problem?

No. 53373

I've been having the same thing happen intermittently for years. I haven't been having sex and I'm not on bc, so I'm not sure what's causing it. My period frequently comes late (but never early) making it pretty much impossible to track.

No. 53374

File: 1483453437949.jpg (26.64 KB, 371x382, IMG-20160713-WA0047.jpg)

I noticed that I might have bacterial vaginosis so I bought some medicine, I have before used some gel you stick with small tube in to your vagina but this time I got some pills that you push in your wookie?
It felt so strange to push some little aspirin looking tabled in to yourself and also I feel now how it's tiny and hard and it's kinda poking side of my cervix and it feels horrible.
Wish me luck that this doesn't last long.

No. 53375

okay, a person i know has a large clit and she hates it. she's doing a show soon which involves wearing a bikini. she wants to know a way to tuck it so that it doesn't protrude through. i suggested tucking (drag tucking) but it's not a dick. then i thought of those pad things i've seen japanese girls wear in japanese porn. what are those, and how do you find them? if that's a no go, what should she do instead?

No. 53376

I don't know what you mean by "pad thing," but perhaps a thin pantyliner would suffice.

No. 53377

File: 1483674120894.png (3.49 KB, 272x174, IMG_0728.PNG)

What the fuck
Tuck her clitoris?
Is she a hyena?

No. 53378

I…I don't think you can tuck a clitoris like you can a dick anon. If it's that long and bendy I would wonder if she's actually a hermaphrodite or a tranny. But does it just protrude out of her outer labia or something? I'd be surprised if it pops out enough to show through a bikini, unless she's going to have her legs splayed or something. I think a regular pantyliner should be just fine though.

No. 53379

>a person I know
read: you
>has a large clit
read: is a tranny

No. 53380

yeah that works a lot of the time.

No. 53381

She could use the Cuchini or Camo Ammo. Both are basically hard pantyliners.

And does she really have a huge clit, or is she just self-conscious and/or have a distorted idea of what women are supposed to look like?

Non-hermaphrodite, non-tranny women can have huge clits. It's called clitoromegaly and has a bunch of possible causes, including steroid use and PCOS.


No. 53382

Do you mean a large clitoral hood? Like the skin covering the clit is excessive?
Because that would be a lot easier to 'tuck' than an actual large clit.

No. 53383

I have this bubble thingy above/slightly in my vaginal opening, apparently it's not supposed to be there. Either I have a fucked up hymen or a slight prolapse of some kind. It would make sense if it was my hymen since it changed alot after losing the v-card. No pain, no swelling, no holes on the "bubble", just a smooth deflated bubble that seems like it's supposed to be there but it's not (I thought it was like a nostril for the vagina, when I clench it goes in front of the opening, made sense to me). Is partial imperforate hymen a thing? Seems like my hymen created a bubble in the top of the opening instead of going around the opening like a hymen is supposed to.

I've considered going lesbian so I could compare it to another vagina and see if it's actually normal and nobody just talks about it/anatomical drawings don't show it or if I have to go to the doctor.

No. 53384

>I've considered going lesbian so I could compare it to another vagina

How fucking stupid are you?

No. 53385

>considered going lesbian

you either are a lesbian or you aren't. You can't "go lesbian" because then you would already be a fucking lesbian. Maybe its better you "go lesbian" because you should not fucking procreate, whatsoever.
Good luck with the vagina bubbles.

No. 53386

Erm, just go see a doctor?

No. 53387

I'm sorry, I said that in a wrong way. I've used to saying that in my own language, comes out very wrong in other language/culture. Basically meant "bi person to have sex with a woman instead of their usual male partner". IDK how LGBT+ communicates on that side of the puddle.

No. 53388

Agreeing you should go to a doctor
But also can you draw a basic diagram? I have no idea what you could be talking about, from that description it could be anything from your natural shape to your hymen to something actually bad.
If you search this thread you will see lots of girls have confusion about what happens to their hymens though btw

No. 53389

Does it resemble a small lump of flesh and is slightly above the vag? If the answer is yes, that's completely normal. It's just your urethral opening

No. 53390

Kind of retarded questions but can spotting happen during ovulation if it never happened before?

I've got some spotting today, it's 2 days before I'm supposed to ovulate and that never happened before.
I'm on the pill so I don't think it's implantation bleeding. I hope. Curse the day I found out about implantational bleeding.

No. 53391

What the hell is wrong with me.
I eat pretty healthy 9 times out of ten. No sugar or bread. But when my boyfriend visits I eat more trash like pizza and soda because that's what he eats. I have no idea if it's his cum, if he has a yeast infection, if his dick is just irritating my pussy like crazy (it gets extremely tense and sore after sex) or my sugary diet when I'm around him but I hate this. I want to be able to relax with my eating without this happening and even then his cum makes my pussy sting and his dick makes me hurt in a bad stinging way too. It could even be that his cum is just too sugary because he eats horribly. Am I doomed to eat fish and brown rice for the rest of my life and use condoms?

No. 53392

Maybe you're allergic to semen? I am.

No. 53393

How long have you been on the pill? It can cause random spotting here and there, specially progesterone.

No. 53394

2 years

I'm buying a pregnancy test next week and in 2 weeks I've got a gyno appt. So we'll see

No. 53395

Grapefruit is legit my favorite fruit, never thought of it looking anything like a vagina before. Of course, I've never seen one in person.

No. 53396

Sounds like it's a case of not enough lubrication not an allergy. Either sex-ed failed you or you're too young to be sexually active

No. 53397

It may be that HE has an infection, and with sex that may constantly infect you.

My boyfriend and I both needed to take a anti-infection pill because I kept having pain and he didn't because it only infects vagina's and not dicks. Ask you doc about it because it is something that can happen.