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File: 1497654827925.jpg (41.41 KB, 462x346, sekushii-bo.jpg)

No. 63152

Old thread: >>47022

We've got plenty of underrated dudes on lolcow but are there any men that you're ashamed to say you'd fuck for any reason? Men who are ugly, unattractive, average-looking, creepy, weird or just plain shameful? It doesn't have to be a big reason that you're ashamed, just say why.

Admit your thirst, farmers.

No. 63161

Joe from the impractical jokers

Dad material at its finest

No. 63170

File: 1497659182661.jpg (19.67 KB, 520x324, egon.jpg)

Egon from Ghostbusters. I had a crush on him when I was a kid, and eventually went on to have my first ever wet dream, where he was very much involved lol.

No. 63173

File: 1497660914579.gif (1.96 MB, 500x250, tumblr_oqumfnF6Eb1rz6w0do1_500…)

since anons were talking about Fargo in the last thread: I wanna fuck Yuri despite what a sexist murderous piece of shit he is. His wolf hat is supposed to be menacing but it just makes him look cuddly as fuck.

>tfw no Cossack bf to whip and strangle you

No. 63175

File: 1497661392293.jpg (111.14 KB, 1600x887, Fargo_044Pyxurz.jpg)

I wasn't understanding the Fargo references until I realized anons meant the tv show version.

Gaear is my gross pick, from the '96 movie. (Fun fact: the actor was also in Jurassic Park 2!)

No. 63176

Yesss Peter Stormare was so hot in Fargo.

No. 63183

Don't worry anon, Malvo was mentioned in the last thread. 10/10 would become partners in crime with.

No. 63209

File: 1497681400225.jpg (25.49 KB, 409x388, blacksheep-byronchung.jpg)

He was kind of cute back in the day as long as he didn't open his mouth.

No. 63223

File: 1497707674317.jpg (36.49 KB, 400x272, Connor_MacLeod_2.jpg)

I watched Highlander again recently and it all came rushing back

No. 63236

I was very attracted to Malvo too. Kinda reminds me of a guy I used to fuck.

No. 63366

File: 1497857076441.jpg (85.52 KB, 800x600, edward72.jpg)

robert patterson, twilight era

"bu-but anon, he's hot"
twilight is my guilty pleasure not to sound like a basic bitch stuck in 2009

No. 63367

File: 1497859183651.jpeg (75.67 KB, 1100x743, karsparov.jpeg)

Garry Kasparov the chess grand master.

No. 63377

File: 1497872817640.jpg (92.6 KB, 750x422, IMG_4096.JPG)

on the topic of fargo, zahn mcclaron. he's got a strange face that reminds me of a native american steve buschemi

No. 63491

File: 1497972749173.gif (1.85 MB, 500x281, hanzee.gif)

I love him.

No. 63644

Peter Jones from dragons den (UK)…it's one of the main reasons why I watch dragons den

No. 63645

Btw dragons den is the original UK version of shark tank (us TV show)

No. 63653

File: 1498076429807.jpg (33.96 KB, 200x200, Peter-Jones_1.jpg)

> im ashamed i would fuck a 6'7 self made billionaire, who is actually quite handsome anyway


No. 63797

He's not my usual type and wayy to old for me… My usual type is are cutesy kpop guys lmao

No. 63804

File: 1498253484516.jpg (14.95 KB, 180x262, 180px-Urobuchi_gen_01.jpg)

Gen urobutcher

No. 63817

File: 1498267325394.jpg (68.86 KB, 736x980, pauldano.jpg)

Paul Dano. He's….so weird looking but I'm always oddly attracted to him

No. 63820

Same, he's been one of my favourite actors ever since i saw Little miss sunshine

No. 63826

File: 1498273519412.jpg (20.45 KB, 293x440, Ivan_Drago_2.jpg)

dolph lundgren was literal perfection in the 1980s
if you google him, all you can find is homoerotic bodybuilding forum threads about him though

No. 63827

Samefag but hell yea, everybody wanted to fuck Dolph when that movie came out, even straight dudes


Break me off a piece of that daddy.

No. 63828

File: 1498282270002.jpeg (35.66 KB, 236x367, image.jpeg)

I love bo burnham… his comedy is hilarious. but his nose is kinda ugly but I've always found him oddly cute.

No. 63830

he is cute, nothing odd about it

No. 64081

anon… why… he is incredibly uneducated

No. 64694

File: 1499714082554.jpg (69.05 KB, 593x594, Tim Roth Lie Actor Tim Roth Ho…)

Tim Roth. Started liking him after seeing Pulp Fiction and reservoir dogs but eventually started to like him at any age.

Made fun of viciously by my friends for it

No. 64702

File: 1499720040757.jpg (48.15 KB, 550x400, kramer.jpg)

Kramer from Seinfeld.

I can't tell if he's considered unattractive because of how he is in the show but my boyfriend thinks its hilarious that I'd do Cosmo.

No. 64708

No. 64728

File: 1499753597314.jpg (141.21 KB, 1280x720, freddurst.jpg)

>pretended to hate this guy in the late 90s-early 00's
>everyone you hung out with made fun of his band
>"yeah he's a chubby prick, a total tryhard nu-metal fag"
>buying their cds and knowing every word

Total opposite for what my type is, but not gonna' lie .. I still would.

No. 64754

I thought I was the only one

No. 64762

Fell in love seeing him in reservoir dogs, never got over him lol

No. 64863

That's not bad I think. But every time I watch Seinfeld I think George is cute. I don't know why and I think it's really weird.

No. 64871

File: 1500040448689.png (276.4 KB, 500x317, Danny Elfman.png)

I find young, Oingo Boingo era Danny Elfman really cute

No. 64897

File: 1500085958046.jpg (366.19 KB, 1200x630, IMG_0093.JPG)

Imagine this face going down on u

No. 64902


Oldfag here. I disagree somewhat. Rutger Hauer was literal perfection back then. Apart from the looks, he had the personality and talent to match. Dolph was just a pretty boy.

No. 64903


Not a fan of his face, or really him as a person, but I do have to admit I have a thing for PSLs

No. 64906

specifically when he "cultivates mass" for mac's character. not as much ashamed when he's thinner, but god i'd wreck him when he's fat. i think i'm a chubby chaser.

No. 64907

File: 1500101671513.png (501.14 KB, 600x400, man_file_1056806_10RobMcElhenn…)

whoops! forgot to add the photo.

No. 64908

Nothing to be ashamed about, he's a qt

No. 64909

File: 1500110605530.jpg (261.77 KB, 1600x900, as.jpg)

father forgive me for i have sinned

No. 64911

He was so cute when he was fat. He put on a ton of muscle underneath which helped him look good I think.

No. 64912

File: 1500113066267.jpg (39.46 KB, 280x340, IMG_9104.JPG)

Thanks for this. I felt like the only person on this planet who thought his bowl cut was actually really cute. Good sense of style too. I am so going to hell for this…

Also Paulie Gualtieri in sopranos, hands down the funniest character on the show. I love him and his adorable silver wings.

No. 64919

i guess i should add that his personality as mac is weirdly fuckable as well…

No. 64924


Hey Boyington, I hate to shoot you when you prane no fry!

He sure didn't age well and I'm not talking about stroke or other neuro damage he had before Lost. I'd still play with his guns and wiggle his rudders! I love short chunky old school Korean guys with big old heads. I love me some bowlegged boys. You can fly a 777 through his legs.

No. 64926

What do personal seat licenses have to do with him?

No. 64933

Pussy Sucking Lips

No. 64936



No. 64943

thank you anon. i admitted to wanting to fuck a mass murderer in the last thread and i feel slightly less shitty about myself knowing now that i'm not the only one.

No. 64957

File: 1500238723973.gif (2.59 MB, 280x250, breivik smile.gif)

He's adorable and I want to see him blush.
>Most people who have met Breivik in prison say he seems happy, a person who wants to talk about his ideology like religious people talk about Jesus. On the one hand, he is an educated and polite man who hangs up the jackets of all his visitors, learns their names and questions their well-being. But he is also a heartless killer who discusses his mass murder as a formality; he blushes when he talks about his executions, doctors say.

No. 64960

File: 1500246449453.jpg (98.44 KB, 468x658, article-2023772-0D59B16C000005…)

Ashamed because it's not even about money or that he's black or whatever. I just like his baldness and how tall and big he is he's like a giant. Im 2 inches shorter than Hoopz so Idk it just hot to me. All the positions we would have to do just being 2 feet apart in height

No. 64961

It's *

No. 65033

use your imagination

No. 65071

File: 1500364302405.png (415.26 KB, 585x800, Skærmbillede_2013-08-23_kl._15…)


Luschek from Orange Is The New Black.

No. 65080

Shit I really like him too
I kept staring at him in all the scenes where he is in underwear

No. 65086

File: 1500392195226.jpg (172.68 KB, 510x383, Profile_simon.jpg)

simon from misfits, but i only like him in season one. cringey bc he's fictional, creepy, and it turns me on when he tells alisha he wants to hurt her and piss on her tits.

aha same here! especially when he got a boner from being publicly humiliated.

No. 65101

File: 1500405371968.jpg (49.79 KB, 245x285, Mason_Verger.jpg)

I find him very attractive. Yes i would fuck him with the objectively repulsive personality he has.

No. 65102

The character, not the actor. Not bashing Matt Pitt haha.

No. 65106

File: 1500410288166.jpg (80.3 KB, 1000x541, 1046952650.jpg)

Sebastian Kurz

The only reason why I follow Austrian politics as a germanfag. I can't even say why I have such a ridiculous crush on him.

No. 65107

File: 1500410466749.jpeg (77.49 KB, 1960x1307, e19ec34b-8997-42ec-a4b9-4706c5…)


such a dork. I want him.

No. 65113

No. 65122

His name isn't Michael Pitt

No. 65123

Sorry Michael Pitt. I'm on day three of my binge drinking.

No. 65152

you're so right anon

No. 65251

File: 1500665248947.jpg (242.19 KB, 495x600, 1494270622543.jpg)

>My usual type is are cutesy kpop guys lmao
>mfw this is actually far more shameful

No. 65252

Wish I could have saved him.

No. 65254

Supposedly he has a sweetheart who he used to play counterstrike with from Sweden and she's the only woman he entertains any intimacy with in his letters from prison. They're planning to marry when he gets out.

No. 65255

Why ashamed? That's a beautiful, beautiful man.

No. 65256

File: 1500671455836.png (436.33 KB, 598x598, dsadsffff.png)

I feel bad because he is a huge douche irl but I do find him attractive

No. 65258

tfw no qt autist bf
Why live?

No. 65267

File: 1500678551368.jpg (55.03 KB, 600x450, CUBmxjZWsAEj365.jpg)

paul joseph watson
He's not dumb I'll give him that, but all kinds of "global warming doesn't exist" type shit he spews out is cringey

damn I'd fuck him all night though

No. 65285

File: 1500701633047.jpg (186.37 KB, 600x450, IMG_3024.JPG)

OJ simpson. I was like 4 years old when his trial was underway in 1995. despite that, I've always been pretty decently informed on the situation and everything, like most Americans. I was watching the American Crime Story with my mom and she was saying "you don't get it, this was such a big deal because everyone was in LOVE with OJ. white people, black people, little old grandmas, I was in love with OJ and you know I don't care about football…"

the other day I just watched OJ: Made in America and I now totally understand why he was America's Sweetheart for the longest and why people have a difficult time finding him guilty of murder. he's so charismatic and handsome. I included the glove picture bc I even find it cute and endearing how he theatrically tried them on and got excited when they obviously didn't fit.

I mostly find him attractive in his prime and during the trial years. I prob wouldn't fuck him now but I still find him handsome and adorable in a dad type way.

and yes, I do believe that he prob killed Nicole and Ron. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME?!

No. 65288

I'm just glad you say you wouldn't fuck him. If you saw the tail end of that OJ Made in America doc then you've seen how trashy he's become.

No. 65289

oh and the whole murderer thing

No. 65293

File: 1500719241949.jpg (31.22 KB, 332x443, IMG_6716.JPG)

Conan O'Brien is just hot as fuck.

Everything about him is incredibly sexy, from before the Late Night era all the way to now he's attractive to me.

No. 65315

File: 1500754879583.png (977.76 KB, 905x672, 5crrcxr9uu2y.png)

I have the biggest crush on Jay from Red Letter Media. I know he's considered conventionally attractive but the fact that he's almost 20 years older then me kinda makes me feel weird about liking him so much. Plus his teeth are kinda funny looking. But I love him anyways.

No. 65316

Is Jay almost 40? Then he looks good for his age

I think it's not that weird to be attracted to him. He's cute.

No. 65317


He's 37 iirc.

No. 65384

File: 1500842747105.jpg (173.16 KB, 800x511, sebkurz.jpg)


a bit late to the party, but ashamed bc he can be quite cringey in some moments imo.

No. 66023

jesus christ i thought i was the only one who lowkey thought redneck autist dylann roof was hot….

No. 66024

oh god no a ton of the uwu columbine type tumblr girls want to fuck him. although i just thought they were into him being a murderer. do you know what about his looks you find hot? i look at him and all i see is bowlcut/dead stare/very average bone structure.

No. 66025

jesus christ i thought i was the only one who lowkey thought redneck autist dylann roof was hot…. >>66024
honestly i always thought his eyes were too close together and he had a potato nose, but i think it was more his weird emo hillbilly and dead look i thought was weirdly cute? maybe i'm just an edgelord lmfao

No. 66027

it's a little edgelord but as long as you're self-aware i think you're fine. now that i think about it i like guys with a dead look too sometimes, just usually not as severe as dylann's. but it's not like my line in the sand makes more sense than anyone else's.

No. 66054

File: 1501762994960.jpg (15.92 KB, 340x392, c7ec32eae5ae790be245998fc04943…)

I don't know why but idubbbz. I imagine he's awkward af irl but I find that endearing

No. 66055

dude same, but early kickstarter crap/idubbbzgaming ian. He got way too full of himself.

I like him in his squirrel series though, can see some of his actual personality there.

No. 66057

someone mentioned him last thread too lmao.

>liking a paedophile who shits on other paedophiles

No. 66064


Pure nightmare fuel

No. 66079

File: 1501814237264.jpg (191.96 KB, 1000x1536, kangin.jpg)

Kangin of Super Junior. He's a complete asshole and disgusting but despite all he's done I'm still super attracted to him. He was super cute when he was younger and now that he's fat and old I still think he's cute. He just has that nasty smarmy personality I like. I refuse to support him anymore but ugh, I can still look at pictures right?

No. 66080

File: 1501815734091.png (247.24 KB, 500x548, tumblr_maj1ety6Yg1qbmt99o1_500…)

He looks awful these days but for a while he was slightly chubby in a nice thick way.

My shameful attraction in kpop is Jaejoong. Fucking horrible person in so many ways and made all the worse by my love for homin but jesus christ. I even wanted to fuck him when he looked like and probably was a drug addict, he just seems so slutty and I'm into it.

No. 66081

File: 1501816388908.jpg (109.79 KB, 682x1024, QLF4L1r.jpg)

Kangin poster here, Jaejoong is hot too. His military pics got me really thirsty lol.

Shame about the other TVXQ members honestly, especially Yoochun. He looks so gross these days.

No. 66086

The army really did him good.

Luckily I never found Yoochun or Junsu attractive, so they were really easy to ignore as it became more and more obvious how shitty they are.

No. 66090

File: 1501839914181.jpg (39.66 KB, 486x604, 651cc108d3477e1c55dc7da4eb6dd5…)

Ville Valo.
I feel like such an emo shit but everything about him makes me wet, even at his current age

No. 66096

This this this this this this this this this this this this this

Although, I'm definitely not ashamed. He might be old and probably have heart disease/lung cancer from all those years of chain smoking, but he's definitely an attractive guy. And I love his Finn accent.

No. 66097

yes gurl. he can get it!!!!

No. 66098

File: 1501851647337.jpg (140.81 KB, 500x750, 090a2ce8d3da3248e1e1577c81b7d4…)

Since we're talking Koreans, mine is Oh Hyuk. There's just something about him, but I definitely get that he's super ugly to some people.

No. 66099

File: 1501851887197.jpg (34.3 KB, 408x399, hyukoh_1447811244_af.jpg)

Samefag, I just really love his piercings, tattoos, and the way he shaves his eyebrows. Makes him look sharp.

No. 66106

File: 1501876489054.jpg (47.32 KB, 1191x671, txidvr8.jpg)

No. 66107

File: 1501880188885.png (385.93 KB, 616x603, Capture3.PNG)

Post Malone 100%. I'm not even that ashamed but everyone i know think's he's so ugly but i really like his fashion sense and he's super nice (and Stoney was a good ass album)

No. 66108

I hope you mean the actor and not the character

No. 66109

o shit same

i would smash travis bickle and eat his pickle ayy lmao

No. 66110

File: 1501890161875.jpg (92.42 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

no definitely the character, hence the shame thread
i'm liking the validation anon

No. 66118

yesss same 100%

No. 66126

No. 66159

File: 1502025718786.jpg (20.4 KB, 471x313, IMG_6744.JPG)

Louis CK, ashamed because it's been alleged that he would trap female comedians in rooms with him and jerk off in front of them and he's not outwardly considered the most attractive guy.

Hearing that he once walked up to a girl grabbed the back of her neck said "I'm going to fuck you" is so fucking gross but also so incredibly hot.

No. 66181


speaking of that show, gandolfini was hotttttt

No. 66182

File: 1502063977982.jpg (105.62 KB, 1280x1024, f3c3e2b7-30b8-4acc-812d-84e82a…)

Everyone is talking about Aaron Carter now since he came out so I guess this is the time to admit my gross crush on current him. I know he looks real rough and like a crackhead…but that's my type.

Also, good taste.

No. 66183

…present-day Onion, or just Onion in general.

I'm truly sorry, please forgive me.

No. 66184

he has pretty undeniably good bone structure and some good features. he's just usually not hot enough pull off how ridiculous and awful he is as a person. i for one forgive you.

No. 66187


Thank you anon for not being so cold. :)

I also find his voice attractive as well; it has a nice, deep baritone to it. Too bad he's such a disgusting psychopath but nonetheless.

I still don't wanna be locked in his basement tho

No. 66188

yeah! i think it's a shame too. i'm not at all above being attracted to sexy jerks but his particular brand of jerk just turns me off too much.

oh well! you'll just have to get him in your own basement and punish him for all the trouble he's caused!

No. 66190


Ew that's sounds sick! Yet…pretty kinky at the same time

Shoving meat down his throat would be so much fun!!

No. 66197

LOL explore your femdom side with Onion. Don't hold back! He's been a VERY bad boy

No. 66199


Hehe.. would shoving weed pipes up his ass while tied up be too far or…?

Whelp! Gotta take dat sweet Onion cash somehow before the IRS takes it! He has patrons, he'll ~survive~. Kek

Move over Doormat, Greg's my daddy now

No. 66200

File: 1502076426103.jpg (20.25 KB, 500x295, tumblr_mps1zxtTiH1rky7pao1_500…)

hmm i think you'd need to take a page out of basher henrik's book to go too far. doesn't mean it's not a good idea!

No. 66204


Alright, I'd have Lainey tied-up and watch while crying hysterically (I'd slap the bitch a couple times, telling her to stfu just for lulz) and begging for this to stop as her sweet little Greggy-poo is being slapped; punched a couple of times while prodding and poking his micro-nuts that are caught in a cock-ring while he's simultaneously being gagged with beef jerky and sausage links to the point where he can't scream. Can't forget about the weed pipes though, probably would shove 3 or 4 at the same time while using gloves, dunno where dat bootyhole went before I got there.

Holy shit, I'm a sadist!

No. 66205

omg i'm cackling reading this. what's wrong guys? i thought you liked that cuck shit!

No. 66207


Onion's been a very bad boy anon, he needs to be severely punished.

His suffering should go live on YouTube for everyone to watch and laff

No. 66208

File: 1502084358649.jpg (12.01 KB, 269x269, r4enVzmn.jpg)

Liquid Chris

No. 66209

awh fucked up if true. i love Louis.

No. 66210

Who wouldn't fuck Liquid Chris?

No. 66215

No. 66217

File: 1502130289379.jpg (71.28 KB, 1200x800, IMG_1482.JPG)

Martin Shkreli

I haven't thought about him til recent news, but god I'm ashamed because I still would

No. 66218

Same. Although, I do believe he was trying to do a good thing by raising the price on that medication. He was basically just trying to fuck the insurance companies and fund more research for a better alternative.

No. 66219

When I was 7 years old, I had a really big crush on Jesus. I never missed church, so I could see the Jesus statue and stare at it for an entire hour. Bruh, I cried for days when I read the story on how he got killed. I even told my mum I wanted to marry him or at least a guy who has the exact same looks and personality lol. Sometimes, she mocks me with it and i have to cringe at my 7-year old self, but I have to admit, he looks kinda hot on some pictures with the long hair and the beard.
He definitely turns me on.

No. 66224

Anon…I have the perfect song for you.

Actually though, Jesus - on purely looks alone - is my exact type so…

No. 66228

File: 1502163487893.jpg (39.96 KB, 593x376, IMG_0356.JPG)

Before Edward Cullen, there was emo Peter Parker

No. 66230

This made me laugh so hard lol. Thank you anon.

No. 66233

File: 1502166946678.jpg (478.65 KB, 1600x970, SKT-Faker-2.jpg)

i think faker is pretty cute. I'd never been into esports but I watched his streams a few times. Definitely changed my image of pro gamers being all fat and ugly.

iwan rheon as ramsey snow .. gave me some good feelings.

No. 66246


>tfw hwn serenade you

No. 66248

Oh hell yeah

Pretty sure the guy (ironically his real name is Chris) works in a hospital for cancer research? So he's hot and a good person

No. 66249

Why would anyone be ashamed?
Still the cutest spidey too

No. 66254


He must've repented for his sins of trolling the real Chris, good to know :)

No. 66257

You either know nothing about the gaming community or you're ridiculously prejudiced, because
>Definitely changed my image of pro gamers being all fat and ugly.
everyone knows this isn't true and have for over 5 years. Faker is ridiculously popular among Korean girls.

No. 66258

File: 1502243209844.jpg (4.91 KB, 257x196, download.jpg)

ryan stiles….

No. 66261

File: 1502256573488.jpg (60.8 KB, 612x344, tobiasforge.jpg)

He's not particularly good looking, and it's fucked up how he's screwed over his former band members, but goddammit…I fantasize about fucking Tobias Forge every night, with or without the Papa Emeritus mask, I don't even care

No. 66262

File: 1502258558730.gif (69.83 KB, 300x451, Julian2.gif)

I've had a crush on Julian since I first watched tpb. He's just so… good.

No. 66263


Isn't that Oswald from The Drew Carey Show?

No. 66264

is that you, Lahey?

No. 66265

File: 1502264395244.jpg (12.2 KB, 259x300, 2101600-rudolph_valentino1.jpg)

um….. yeah….

No. 66266

Valentino! I second that!

No. 66267

File: 1502271654744.jpg (57.23 KB, 736x736, d3b93176591c98bf772a8faee81afe…)

My taste is disgusting

No. 66268

File: 1502273027001.jpg (21.31 KB, 333x500, bTch6mS.jpg)

I used to want to fuck Yoochun but I'm not entirely convinced he didnt actually rape that girl.

Oh Hyuk is gorgeous tbvh.

Mine is Taecyeon. Hes goofy looking but his body is bangin.

No. 66270

I hate that he is my type. I would fuck him ONLY if I got to make him my bitch and peg him hard until he's crying and begging. He's so twinky to me.

No. 66274

File: 1502294879334.png (485.76 KB, 683x386, uglykpopdude.png)

Literally none of these people have natural faces.

I'm beginning to think it's impossible for Korean people to be naturally attractive. Pic related.

He has almost certainly had plastic surgery. You need to understand Korea is a society where parents get their kids plastic surgery as a present for school graduation. Just about any public figure of prominence between the ages of 18 - 35 has had at least some work done.

The natural Korean face is actually more like a Mongolian's face (very pronounced cheekbones, tiny eyes).

It makes me sad to see so many anons adoring and kissing Korean ass, that's exactly what they want you to do. They want you to buy into this narrative of them as some sublimely beautiful elfen race, when the reality couldn't be further from the truth.

Don't feed Korean egos girls, they are big enough already.

I never knew quite how to feel about Travis' character.

No. 66275

File: 1502295563330.jpg (152.91 KB, 800x505, naturalkoreanface.jpg)

Apparently a more "natural" Korean face is someone like Sandra Oh.

It's sad how people eat up Korean propaganda. Horrible little country with horrible people in it.

No. 66276

left pic is really cute though omg.

No. 66277

You probably have yukapon-grade yellow fever. Most people wouldn't find that guy attractive. And when I say most people, I'm talking like 99%.

No. 66278

kek, you're like those white guys who think completely mediocre asian women with oily flat faces are hot.

No. 66279


He seriously look like he is missing part of his jaw.

No. 66280

File: 1502297803291.jpg (36.66 KB, 356x566, jaws.jpg)

>he is missing part of his jaw.

This is a tower in a plastic surgery clinic in Seoul that is made up entirely of jaw shavings.

No. 66282

i looked at anons post and was like "no girl, lil peep is nasty" but then i read yours and imagined him crying and now im strangely interested. my standards are at an all time low

No. 66289

i'm so glad i could convert you to the dark side, anon. tbh i think most of peep's lil crew is fuckable, espically horse head and wicca phase. my standards are non-existent tho.

No. 66302

omg he's all my friend can talk about, tbh something bout the mask tho… i can see what ya'll talking bout..

No. 66317

File: 1502359515564.jpeg (136 KB, 924x628, 1000.jpeg)

Ugly as fuck but

No. 66318

File: 1502359850885.jpeg (42.56 KB, 515x620, my neanderthal.jpeg)

No. 66319

File: 1502360304996.png (547.15 KB, 1071x605, your mcm trusts no1.png)

No. 66322

Ugly????? Mads is fucking gorgeous

No. 66323

File: 1502365282787.jpg (29.73 KB, 500x281, mm.jpg)

I can see why he'd look weird to some, but I don't understand the shame, really. he hot

No. 66325

This, but I'm pretty certain Oh Hyuk hasn't had any plastic surgery.

No. 66336

File: 1502380261874.jpg (4.38 KB, 211x239, download-1.jpg)

Joel from vinesauce……. he also got me weirdly attracted to metal heads and i hate that

No. 66341


its the long gorgeous locks

No. 66343

File: 1502386842370.jpg (244.51 KB, 1200x1635, http_a.amz.mshcdn.com_wp-conte…)

Young Stalin.

Not even sure that I'm 100% ashamed.

No. 66344

Heard he was a crater face, but he definitely looked cute in that one pic

No. 66346

i like him personally, and in a suit he looks super refined, but normal clothes kinda make him look like an old drunkard or chief areola type of guy

No. 66350

File: 1502394252661.jpg (229.64 KB, 1200x1639, http-//a.amz.mshcdn.com/wp-con…)


Not the same anon, but he looks the same in all of his young pictures, the only difference being facial hair.

No. 66352

File: 1502395138683.jpg (12.24 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I read before that those pictures were actually shopped and airbrushed to erase them but he definitely had scars all over his face from smallpox. He was still a qt tho.

No. 66375

I don't care lmao hed still be cute without the nose job. I don't understand why people feel the need to bring up plastic surgery when its small or subtle. They're cute now and they dont look like a completely different person so why does it matter?

No. 66386

He's not just had a nose job. His entire face has changed.

>why does it matter?

Well. If we're going to call people beautiful/attractive simply because they've bought an entirely new face, then the word loses all meaning, because it means anyone can be beautiful with the right amount of money.

Koreans just aren't a very attractive race of people. I know it seems harsh to state it so plainly, but their arrogance merits harsh words.

No. 66387

korea-hating anon, what's brought this on? who hurt you?

No. 66389

I used to be a massive k-drama fan and then I went to Korea and got rejected by a beautiful k-boy.

…Nah, I just get sick of koreans astroturfing their shit online and being arrogant to other races, including other asian races.

No. 66396

Aww, but anon, they've been fucked by China and Japan for so long. Just let them have this one thing.

No. 66407

He had a nose job/eyelid surgery and hes not fucking 16 anymore. Peoples faces tend to change with age. Chill the fuck out.

No. 66408

Take it easy Kim. That hwabyung of yours doesn't become you.

No. 66418

File: 1502508504686.jpg (1.04 MB, 1768x1548, adam-conover-adam-ruins-everyt…)

the whole geeky loser boi thing he plays is fucking adorable

No. 66529

This is the least understandable and most disgusting in this entire thread

No. 66538

he's so fucking annoying and his show is awful

No. 66539

File: 1502820380457.png (439.54 KB, 536x536, download.png)

I'd awkwardly flirt with Nick Robinson any day

No. 66553

File: 1502835627963.jpg (52.56 KB, 427x640, 055e8908a3288f4fe6a714113f5014…)

I want Brent Spiner so fucking bad. I'm not Crazy Gail, I just have daddy issues or something…

No. 66558

File: 1502839222300.jpg (10.05 KB, 236x338, b1415648819f534413b53c92c6c049…)

i sperged about him last night but the board went down and it didn't go through fml. inb4 turbo autismo but i'm still crazy about him in earlier seasons. his personality is hot as fuck, plus his hair and clothes are gorgeous. too they made him retarded from s4 onwards, cause before then he was GOAT also he dies so i'm ditching the show

i guess men who can fuck with my head are my type

No. 66559

File: 1502839420773.gif (991.98 KB, 300x291, BLz1s4n9xeo1_400.gif)

1 more for thirst

No. 66561

possible GOT spoiler ahead:
uh .. he dies?
how does he die?
he doesnt die in the books and so far none of the future episodes are out. there is no hint about it

No. 66566

yeah well thanks for the spoiler you shithead. hope you choke on a cherio and die.

No. 66573

Grow up, you big baby.

No. 66581

i'm guilty about briefly lusting after s01 cia too, he's not even my most retarded got crush though.

No. 66587

oo, then who is?

No. 66589

i'm legit too embarrassed to even put it on the internet.
sorry for lame "i won't teeell" post, maybe one day i'll come to terms with being in love with a character from a shitty fantasy franchise.

No. 66591

admitting your weirdest crushes can be surprisingly cathartic and self-affirming anon. i'd rather have a weird crush than no crush honestly. makes things less boring.

No. 66592

File: 1502854249570.jpg (18.42 KB, 210x210, ahjeez.jpg)

do…do you wanna fuck the dragons

No. 66596

come on anon, you gotta at least admit it if anyone gets it right.

tywin? tyrion? samwell? karl FOOKIN' tanner?

No. 66597

yes if someone gets it right you have to admit it! Walder Frey? The high Sparrow? Varys?Jeoffrey?

No. 66598

Ngl, I'd fuck Tyrion. I'd husband Tyrion in a heartbeat.

No. 66610

SAME. God damn he just really gets under my skin

No. 66613

I'd fuck Sam. No shame. He's a cutie

No. 66616

Nothing to even be ashamed of there.
Actor is charming and funny irl too

No. 66627

File: 1502922490740.jpg (37.7 KB, 618x412, Game-of-thrones-spoils-of-war-…)

All my sexual relationships have been with women but goddamn this scene made me want to turn. I want to fingerfuck his ass so bad

No. 66628

that show is shit anyway

No. 66691

File: 1503019074176.jpg (157.1 KB, 540x800, cassidy.jpg)

joseph gilgun is an absolute gremlin of a man yet he's so charming and there are times in the season season of preacher where he's a dreamboat what the flying fuck man

No. 66692

File: 1503019355444.gif (2.56 MB, 245x245, cassidy2.gif)

>season season
i meant second season. have more gilgun being inexplicably attractive. i think the grime, plus the stubble really help, as well as the fact that his eyebrows have been noticeably groomed this season, they have a defined and specific shape which makes me think it was done so he'd look more like the comic book version. crazy how important eyebrows and facial hair can be, can really change a whole face.

No. 66822

Uh. Why ashamed? He's really, really attractive.

No. 66823

hopefully a lot of these aren't genuine shame for having a typical sex drive and more that the guys you fap to thread can be a little intimidating with all the uber male models and beautiful femmeboys so they're worried they'll get an "ewwww" reaction there

No. 66824

Effeminate men are gross but I see what you mean.

No. 66826

oh i agree for the most part, but some people that are into them make themselves feel more normal by calling masculine men soooo old and fat and ugly when they're not

No. 66833

File: 1503279772865.jpg (59.57 KB, 500x714, 56464.jpg)

He looks like a giant baby, but the scenes were he has people tortured really gets me going.

No. 66834

File: 1503282089802.png (2 MB, 988x1463, CIA RISES.png)

He's a big guy

No. 66835

Some of my friends find Ramsey hot but I agree with you, there's something about Joffrey.
He's an evil bastard but he still has this boyish innocence. Ramsey is just pure evil, though I guess the actor is attractive enough.

No. 66842

File: 1503293205149.jpg (78.39 KB, 455x594, IMG_3143.JPG)

kenny hotz

probably an ass and he looks like a zombie uncle that would probably molest me

but goddamn he's cute in some weird way

No. 66843

AGREED! I always felt strange watching Kenny Vs Spenny because he's so gross, but I found him oddly cute. I also assumed it's because Spenny becomes so unbearable that Kenny becomes better in contrast. He does seem hilarious and fun to be around though. (Assuming without cameras he wouldn't be playing up his persona.)

No. 66844

File: 1503294526625.jpg (67.2 KB, 1123x633, jr.jpg)

One of the few YouTubers I aged with and enjoyed, who's made me laugh continuously. Genuine content and a great taste in films. A+ reviews about the history of things, even when doing the whole AVGN persona. I only feel shame because most people chalk him up to "that guy who curses about retro games." And I always felt weird about having a crush on him. I googled variations of "James Rolfe cute" to get validation once.

No. 66846

i'm not attracted enough to him to full on fuck him but i like him as a person and i have found him attractive at times so i'm glad he has a partner and some fangirls kek

No. 66853

File: 1503312586255.jpg (36.85 KB, 600x400, IMG_0471.JPG)

>tfw I will never cuddle with Puppey and comfort him after a big loss in Dota 2

No. 66863

ugh bless you anon. more of an arteezy girl myself but still 10/10 good taste…

(also i think dendi's kinda cute in a really weird way i kind of hate myself)

No. 66864

i feel the same, james is such a sweet and kind guy, i also find him cute i really adore him. i think he will be a good dad :')

No. 66865

File: 1503331302724.jpg (88.48 KB, 600x400, IMG_3144.JPG)

this, literally almost anyone looks better in contrast to spenny. but there's something about kenny's dark circles and hair that reminds me of a young rdj but if he continued his drug addiction.

No. 66886

File: 1503347423983.jpg (24.29 KB, 512x512, 6346.jpg)

I can't even believe myself, but Anomaly from Youtube. No idea why, but he's got a cute/stupid laugh and seems like a fun guy to be around.

No. 66902

File: 1503361868260.jpg (575.64 KB, 1548x1024, porterandmadeon.jpg)

same here, anon. And i'd also be willing to get down and dirty with his brother and madeon

No. 66903

i can't believe i got spoiled here of all places on the internet. i don't know if i should laugh or cry.

No. 66905

wooow I can't believe I never realized Nick and Porter Robinson are brothers…

No. 66961

File: 1503455760379.png (162.42 KB, 669x410, 1469205042-screen-shot-2016-07…)

Jeff Goldblum, even though he is extremely annoying to me, I still want him.

No. 67054

File: 1503635845107.jpg (26.83 KB, 534x401, Elliot Rodger.jpg)

No hybristophilia

No. 67056

You HAVE to be joking? He was the most insuffrable little cunt, autistic as fuck AND looked like he smelled of luke warm milk. Ew, anon.

No. 67057

ah he wasn't as bad looking as his incel rage would suggest. he's fucked but i was surprised he hadn't been posted yet considering dylann roof has been.

No. 67058

File: 1503637989113.jpeg (145.29 KB, 1241x677, 18673042_1381497085267557_8973…)

No. 67059

So it's just based on looks? My vag dries the fuck up at the thought of his sperging, lol. I was legit thiking his ridiculous personality was what got you going

No. 67060

oh i wasn't the person who posted him. my bad i could see why you would think that. i just felt compelled to respond to you because this is the shame thread! this is the perfect place for ol elliot since anon is into him and she's probably not the only one

No. 67065

Jack Gleeson is cute, anon! He seems like a nice genuine guy from all his off-screen stuff too

No. 67072

same tbh

No. 67100

File: 1503725395741.png (58.59 KB, 582x514, IMG_2193.PNG)

I'd fuck the brunette guy from team 10. The one who says "mag who? digi who?"
Ashamed because he's associated with Jake Paul and seems like he'd be a a douche
Sorry for bad pic. I have no clue what his name is

No. 67101

he really looks like thomas sanders. doubt it's him tho

No. 67127

File: 1503797250226.jpg (27.57 KB, 545x365, nathan_fielder.jpg.size.xxlarg…)

Oh well.

No. 67131

File: 1503807250275.png (108.66 KB, 410x230, Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 12.1…)

he can occupy my uncanny valley any time

No. 67135

File: 1503811259969.jpg (49.6 KB, 610x526, IMG_6062.JPG)

jordan b peterson

also if we could include animated characters i would put rick sanchez on my list too

No. 67137

File: 1503824531443.png (58.67 KB, 640x332, IMG_0519.PNG)

Stewart Lee
He acts like a total arrogant smart-arse and is way older than me, but still…

No. 67144

File: 1503855230020.png (406.49 KB, 635x358, Screenshot_13.png)

Jisung, it's weird lol I find him attractive even if he's being extra/overly expressive. He probably isn't into females but there's something endearing about him. There's a couple of guys from Produce 101, I find cringey but still cute lol like Moonbok (terrible rapping) and Jung Se Woon (when he tried to wink).

No. 67152

File: 1503872426571.gif (1.92 MB, 300x225, downloadfile.gif)

There's something about him that makes me want to bathe him in all kinds of affection and money. I'd even let him review me tbh

No. 67154

I love him too. I'm the least housewife-y girl but I want to make him nice dinners and mend his suits.

>I'd even let him review me tbh


No. 67156

File: 1503881523229.jpg (13.55 KB, 236x362, b385cda1e54a2c02d21f857c872618…)

I honestly don't anymore but back when I was stoned off my tits every day I really wanted to fuck Nick Cave. Wh

No. 67159

File: 1503913557742.jpg (76.59 KB, 720x480, DEEz-gLW0AEWro0.jpg)

Colin Jost from SNL

No. 67164

File: 1503941344059.jpg (33.42 KB, 680x380, IMG_6567.JPG)

Jimmie Åkersson, leader of Swedish democrats (swedens "get fuck out immigrants reeeEe" party)

I've never been so confused about whether or not to be ashamed but he's basically Hitler's in my fellow swedes eyes

No. 67197

File: 1503966063633.jpg (39.12 KB, 640x644, IMG_8573.JPG)

Old meme

But good meme

No. 67200

tbh i always thought he had a nice face when i watched H3H3 making fun of him and his brother's bradberry antics, but his brother looks like a clown though

No. 67205

OMG GOOD ONE. no he's totally cute he's just terrifying. imagine him with some life behind the eyes. stud.

No. 67422

File: 1505149555809.jpg (99.21 KB, 960x627, IMG_20170911_130330.jpg)

I would love fuck the Korean trap artist, Keith ape. He looks trashy and dirty I know but something about him is so cute

No. 67423

File: 1505149649176.jpg (124.3 KB, 867x960, IMG_20170911_130346.jpg)

Samefag, but I would love to fuck his Cohort crew member, Okasian too

No. 67442

I'd be in his underwater squad if u kno wat i'm sayin

No. 67471

YES! Nathan is a qt

No. 67477

He usually wears a grill but you can't see it in this pic, which is good. I also think he looks super feminine/girly in this pic which is really cute to me!

No. 67493

Oh god I hate his grill so much but he's still bangable with it tbh as long as he's not showing it off.

No. 67555

that's not embarrassing :/ he is a dream boat

No. 67556

File: 1505426257159.jpg (61.42 KB, 512x288, bill3.jpg)

ashamed bc he is arrogant/a libertarian but the 14 year old atheist in me's loins still blaze for this uggo

No. 67558

I didn't feel this way till I read this.
>I really want a perfect review

No. 67675

File: 1505686960291.gif (497.4 KB, 500x275, IMG_7300.GIF)

He was cute as scott pilgrim

No. 67699

Extremely ashamed but onision. Absolute shit of a person, and the stories about him in bed are terrible…. but every now and again I have dreams where we're gonna fuck, and it's not that Terrible at all. Goddamn. I need a shot

No. 67706

File: 1505755728348.jpg (69.58 KB, 650x812, Side-Swept-Bangs-with-Darkened…)

Blonde Justin Bieber.

Perhaps my greatest shame.

No. 67723

File: 1505807828765.jpg (78.43 KB, 960x692, laynestaley_mtv_1996.jpg)

millions of people want to fuck him, blonde or otherwise. no shame there anon

pic related is mine. he was probably high as hell during that show

No. 67739

File: 1505837925076.jpg (81.61 KB, 640x640, d190e645f63fb0430299aa85600afe…)

Aesop Rock. He looks really tired and high all the time, but he's obviously very intelligent and has a really hot voice, imo.

No. 67833

Yeah def.
But I'm not gonna lie I'd even fuck him now..

No. 67837

File: 1505960225567.jpg (39.92 KB, 620x413, 1492804454695.jpg)

I unironically think Emmanuel Macron is the most beautiful motherfucker alive. Objectively I know he isn't…but the first time I saw him I think I said "holy fuck" out loud.

The gap tooth…the nose…I just can't handle it man. If I had never known he existed and for some reason someone asked me to draw a picture of my dream man in detail, it would probably look exactly like him.

I'm not French and don't know much about their politics, so I don't know if he's some kind of dumpster fire of a human being. Please don't ruin this for me.

No. 67838

File: 1505963273409.jpg (46.61 KB, 714x476, macron02_355x202-714x476.jpg)

haha i don't feel as strongly as you but…i can see that. he's part of the french male genetic type that i really like.

No. 67839

a bit plain imo but the heart wants what it wants i guess. at least good thing with him is that he likes them older, so hypothetically if that was your man, you'd have a nice time aging

shit he's pretty cute

No. 67843

File: 1505977966094.jpg (108.77 KB, 1280x640, macronthirst.jpg)

Good to know I'm not alone anon. You have great taste. :')

No. 67845

I would gladly fuck him and Mathieu Gallet (his gay lover) tbh.

No. 67862

lowkey would call Rick Sanchez grandaddy

No. 67939

I almost forgot about simon but yes!! definitely

No. 67940

As a dane i can assure you that every danish woman past 30 would fuck mads mikkelsen (or his brother)

No. 67955

File: 1506131077786.jpg (33.05 KB, 225x350, 44026.jpg)

He's like three times my age and I'm still pissed from all the drama that happened.

No. 67956

Yes. Me too.

No. 67959

Who is that and what's his drama? He looks really familiar, is he a voice actor?

No. 67960

Not that anon, but yeah he's a voice actor, Kamiya Hiroshi. Levi from SnK, Natsume from Natsume Yuujinchou (which I love), Yato from Noragami, Izaya from DRRR!!… You get the drill, great roles in general.

I don't follow seiyuu drama, what happened?

No. 67964

Was it because he hid the fact that he was married and had a kid?

I honestly don't understand that whole seiyuu dramu, its like they're not allowed to have lives outside of voice acting

No. 67967

It's because he diddled a high school girl while married with kids.

No. 68074

File: 1506194765194.gif (457.64 KB, 500x283, giphy.gif)

Holy shit
into the garbage he goes

No. 68124

File: 1506291211038.jpg (47.16 KB, 709x490, IMG_1626.JPG)

James Urbaniak

Started watching Difficult People and I don't know why but I want his grandfatherly ass

No. 68149

File: 1506354047442.jpg (62 KB, 928x523, ap_17062861620084-h_2017.jpg)

Jordan Peele. Especially as Meegan. I don't know why but seeing this guy in drag really turns me on.

No. 68150

Looks like Kristen Stewart on a low dose of Testosterone.

No. 68151

File: 1506355685622.jpg (15.33 KB, 220x346, Henry_Zebrowski_by_Gage_Skidmo…)

Henry Zebrowski from Last Podcast on the Left. Love the voice, love how short he is. I'm also attracted to Louis CK so go figure.

No. 68153

I shuppose Littlefingah ish off the table ash well…

No. 68159

File: 1506377634778.png (522.14 KB, 853x480, tumblr_m9wizatle41qmrf3bo1_128…)

I thought he was cute in American Splendor. My desire wanders weird paths.
The most shameful thing about fancying Gilgun must be what an one-note actor he is.

No. 68165

File: 1506385186208.jpg (325.06 KB, 1000x667, marcus-parks-0852.jpg)

I'm not attracted to him physically but Henry is the fucking greatest. This is a cliche but ~his personality makes him attractive~ to me.

I find Marcus to be very pretty and unique looking though.

No. 68180

I guess I just have a thing for little, chubby baby-men with no shame and a great sense of humor.

No. 68198

File: 1506454083718.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.78 KB, 645x728, 20160712_084307.jpg)

I believe some paparazzi got a picture of him holding a child and everything blew up over night. He apologized on TV and admitted that the child was his and he was married. The mother of the child is Hikaru Nakamura (a manga author). The reason why fans got so butthurt (me included) was because he "lied" to us. Earlier in a radio show he said that he was single and living with his cat.

I didn't hear about that. When that'd happen?

That was my reaction too lol.

No. 68203

File: 1506463869104.jpg (168.44 KB, 1365x692, f1V5YJe.jpg)

my greatest shame. I think he's adorable.
>tfw no 5'2" leprechaun bf

No. 68204

File: 1506465814776.jpg (7.25 KB, 170x212, Ben-Kissel.jpg)


So glad to see other Last Podcast on the Left fans here!! Completing the holy trinity with Ben Kissel. I actually use to really dislike him, but I've soften up to him over the last few years, now that he can finally crack some good jokes. Plus anytime he wears a beard, I kinda melt. I'd kinda fuck Henry too.

BK for BK

No. 68205

File: 1506468008496.jpg (339.66 KB, 820x1024, 649865454.jpg)

he was so cute as Scott Pilgrim
He looks a bit rough these days though

No. 68209

If I could be a dude I'd want to look like Ben Kissel
I think he's the cutest of the three, and tall as fuck

No. 68217

File: 1506498567662.jpg (69.29 KB, 960x638, chirac2.jpg)

>this piece of shit
Physically generic, and a disaster of an human being.
You have reasons to be ashamed of this one.
Chirac in his prime, though…

No. 68220

He's cute enough but I'm not into him. I love seeing them all together though. The height difference does something for me. I get the same effect from Penn & Teller. Idk, I just love short guys. Teller is adorable.

What's the deal with most women not wanting short guys? I've always been really into that.

No. 68221

You'd have to stand on your tiptoes to suck his dick.

No. 68224

File: 1506517035233.jpg (93.52 KB, 336x340, 107625388.jpg)

Alan Davies as Jonathan Creek, not quite as arrogant as his IRL persona.

No. 68225

File: 1506517444579.jpg (53.88 KB, 401x600, bdb4a6c3adc059d48657a69d48baf3…)

Richard O'Brien

Elbow Sex!

No. 68230

File: 1506526773895.jpg (68.43 KB, 700x700, fdb88b95411a.jpg)

Yes! I especially like him as Riff Raff.

No. 68238

My childhood crush. I always had these confusing crushes where I was oddly aware that other would find them weird-looking.

Another one would be Bud Cort.

No. 68239

one of my hs boyfriends looked like him. was the first person i did anything sexual with. i had another friend at the time who was really obsessed and she tried to steal the guy away from me.

No. 68240

File: 1506538070594.png (1.7 MB, 960x1209, g6gatk.png)

I like pretty boys.

No. 68242

File: 1506540672833.gif (57.12 KB, 320x240, 12994.gif)

OH shit thanks guys. Now I don't even remember why I thought it was so weird that I think he's hot.

No. 68243

lol same sentiment here. i'm just under 6' and my #1 celeb crush is young glenn danzig. could care less about height difference and it kinda adds character. It's cool if some women legit prefer tall guys but i can't relate

No. 68244

File: 1506542769647.jpg (46.28 KB, 480x541, bill-skarsgard-a9e61c4a-67fc-4…)

Is this even anything to be ashamed of at this point? I feel like everyone wants to fuck him now. Get in line tbh.

No. 68248

If any of the Last Podcast guys come across this: I'm not ashamed to say I'd fuck you all. At once.

No. 68250


i still feel shame. i just can't get over how ugly he is but at the same time…i'd do it

No. 68251

Who has listened to the latest episode? Henry reading that black metal fanfic was a really weird turn on. Hilarious and strangely hot at the same time.

We should make a podcast thread on /ot.

No. 68252

he looks like buscemi's son lol

No. 68254

I'd fuck him, probably because I think young Buscemi was pretty cute and Bill looks a little like him lol. Plus I like that he's like a foot taller than me. It's only weird if you wanna fuck Pennywise tbh.

No. 68258

I'm wayyyy behind because I went through a period where I couldn't focus on podcasts and would have to rewind every three minutes so I just gave up.

I'm on Enfield Poltergeist part 1 right now. I'm more excited for the black metal episodes than I have been for any other episode ever, but I refuse to skip ahead.

No. 68289

My fav is probably Charles Ng. I nearly pissed myself.

No. 68307


k sorry im the ben fucker and since we're on LPOTL for a minute, i just wanted to share this video that started my horniness for ben. p.s. jackie rules

No. 68313

File: 1506642906994.gif (1.99 MB, 245x245, IMG_7591.GIF)

nah anon, he is an attractive guy. hes been my ultimate celeb crush since i watched hemlock grove (just for his sexy scenes honestly) ages ago and im pissed hes famous now. cant have him all to myself anymore kek.

Im more ashamed id fuck his character in hemlock grove, maybe there should be a characters youre ashamed to fuck thread?

No. 68404

File: 1506813598193.jpg (29.57 KB, 300x300, 300x300.jpg)

Zaric Zhakaron, the beautiful Elder Scrolls Loremaster. He'd be able to download all my mods without fail

No. 68410

Anon, is this a joke? He looks like a fucking foot, girl.

No. 68419

B-but… they look so dopey… why

No. 68427

thewhole point of this is men you'd be ASHAMED to fuck. Not everyone will understand the appeal someone has for the poster

No. 68527

At least you get it. Stop posting conventionally hot guys in here ffs.

No. 68547

While his knowledge of TES is impressive, he's hideous himself and the suit he forces his blubber into every video only makes it worse. His wife's equally as disgusting though.

I think you have a shot, anon chan

No. 68553

He sure looks like he has some glorious hair.

No. 68570

Tbh I like his voice, would def play Elder Scrolls with

No. 68571

There are way too few genuinely unattractive guys itt. Anyone got something really shameful?

No. 68573

>>68124 SAME omg i thought he was gross as the foot fetish guy on satc but he's so weirdly hot on difficult people

No. 68574

My shameful crush is Quentin Tarantino. I want to dom him.

No. 68628

File: 1507264009366.jpg (43.97 KB, 852x570, bzHeRwO.jpg)

dunno if this counts as shameful, but i'd totally smash Dendi (professional Dota 2 player). also i'm probably a huge perv because whenever i watch videos of him playing Dota with his fingers moving super fast i find it so hot… :/

No. 68652

I have no idea who this is but he's pretty. Nothing to be ashamed of tbh. Good taste anon

No. 68659

File: 1507311325096.jpg (49.93 KB, 751x436, james-rosen-fox-news.jpg)

James Rosen, Fux news contributor. I think it's rare for a grown man to be cute in the true sense of the word, but he is. And I love it. I just want to cuddle him.

Shame me, please.

No. 68660

Tucker Carlson is far cuter.

No. 68687

File: 1507376597491.jpg (39.06 KB, 361x408, IMG_7110.JPG)

I'm sure he'd love it tbh

No. 68743

I know and it turns me on.

No. 68746

File: 1507488625690.jpg (86.55 KB, 1920x1080, 1HY7MB8_214_lt.jpg)

Speaking of Buscemi, I'm not even ashamed to say that I wanna fuck him so bad.

No. 68749

File: 1507498357640.jpg (698.66 KB, 2048x1526, paisleyjr.jpg)


Oh my god, yes.

Any other N.I/UK/Ireland anons here? I would shag the ever living fuck out of Ian Paisley Jr.

There's something about these right-wing, Jesus loving oh so wholesome family type politicians that makes me want to get in there and corrupt them. Except unfortunately about 99% of them look inbred and spastic to boot.

No. 68750

File: 1507498532703.png (1.38 MB, 1170x666, g6JsGK2.png)

He's one of my favorite musicians. I just saw him in concert and he got trashed and took his shirt off revealing a gloriously dad-like bod. Something about his goofy attitude is so endearing. Not coincidentally my boyfriend has a very similar look and vibe

No. 68765

File: 1507510824638.jpg (17.67 KB, 250x250, 214225.jpg)

R.O.I here
Why am I like this

No. 68770

File: 1507515508722.jpg (119.08 KB, 1536x864, date_night.jpg)

Littlefinger looks good, anon. I really want pic related to tag team me while they have a conversation in Danish tbh. I know from Nik's nude scenes that he has a relatively small dick but I think it's cute. I get the impression from his interviews that he's pretty vanilla IRL (said once that he won't let his kids watch Game of Thrones because it has scenes of him making out with a woman who isn't his wife), I'm not sure about Pilou though

Thirding for all three of the Last Podcast on the Left hosts, btw

No. 68771

File: 1507519998933.png (1.15 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0775.PNG)

So much shame in this, this man could be my father at his current age but I never realized…

Daddy Hetfield

No. 68775

>(said once that he won't let his kids watch Game of Thrones because it has scenes of him making out with a woman who isn't his wife)
that is weirdly adorable. makes sense though, the sex scenes would just be confusing to a kid but seeing him kiss another woman would be like WTF DAD YOU ONLY KISS MOMMY

No. 68782

It is but afaik his kids are both teenagers haha. He also said that they watch Orange Is the New Black together and feels weird about it because it has "girls making out like crazy" but accepted they might know more about the world than he wanted them to. Tumblr/ONTD was like "Nik is problematic!!!" ofc https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/101576107.html

No. 68796

Fuck yes, but god i would give anything to fuck Lars or Kirk back when they were still young.
I would still fuck current Kirk though. he's eternally hot.

No. 68799

File: 1507580067491.jpg (9.41 KB, 236x354, c9807dd5cba62f5e6e9713b44400c2…)

(Young) Lars von Trier. The shame comes from the fact that he's a bizarre asshole, and also the fact that he aged terribly but I probably STILL would because it's LVT and time machines don't exist yet.

No. 68847


I'd hang with (young) Kirk, Lars young or old talks too much lol

No. 69013

File: 1507964289396.jpg (66.14 KB, 768x576, 893845.jpg)

Rik Mayall wasn't an ugly guy but I'd specifically fuck Rick from The Young Ones. He's just so…grimy and obnoxious but he's still a cute.

No. 69710

File: 1509303313660.jpeg (85.01 KB, 548x768, 539310AD-91DF-4C22-836D-70ABCB…)

I’m ashamed because if he were alive today, he’d be the exact same age as my stepfather.

River was such a handsome man, and I found him to be a badass in Dark Blood.


No. 69768

I'd fuck current Lars tbh.

No. 69773

>he won't let his kids watch Game of Thrones because it has scenes of him making out with a woman who isn't his wife

why don't men like this exist in our generation?

No. 69782

Lol for a second I thought you meant Lars Ulrich

No. 69787

File: 1509480435062.jpg (1.01 MB, 2060x1236, images.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

Nope. This one.

No. 69790

Ooh a strongman! <3

No. 69922

File: 1509837655129.png (389.35 KB, 780x490, stranger-things-steve-junkyard…)

i don't even think he's ugly at all both in & out of character, & my bf strongly resembles him/strangers have told him he looks like him constantly for the past year… but all my friends who watch the show say he's ugly/love talking about how unattractive they think he is, lol.

No. 69923

He is so cute. Jonathan is the ugly one, kid looks like a drug addict.

But hopper is the hot one.

No. 69925

he legitemateley is kek, was denied at us customs bc of coke traces in luggage

No. 69926

I think they are both kinda a cute anon! Johnathan is hotter to me tho, like >>69923 said he looks like a drug addict which I very ashamedly am drawn too (the overall tired/sad look not actual addiction lmao finding out >>69925 a couple days ago ruined him a bit for me)

No. 70061

File: 1510274700736.jpg (67.07 KB, 1024x768, 4353954.jpg)

I have an intense crush on Teller. I think it's the deliberate movements. The silence adds mystery but his voice is lovely, too.

I love it when he stands silently next to Penn like a muslim wife. Sometimes talkshow hosts don't even shake his hand and go straight to Penn. Turns me on tbh.

No. 70074

I totally agree, he's handsome AF. It freaks me out that people find Johnathan attractive tbh, he looks like a serial killer

No. 70075

what the fuck, he should be able to have a private family life. It's so entitled for people to be upset about that, of course he wanted to keep his family out of the spotlight

No. 70092

>like a muslim wife. Sometimes talkshow hosts don't even shake his hand and go straight to Penn. Turns me on tbh.

lmao anon that's pretty kooky but i kinda see the appeal

No. 70111

Fuck, I know. Sometimes it feels lonely being a kooky sadist.

No. 70160

File: 1510540146590.jpg (140.06 KB, 640x480, IMG_2460.JPG)

I feel a lot of shame about young øystein aarseth. Without the creepy facial hair he started rocking, he could smash.

(First time posting, so sorry if I mess up)

No. 70333

I wanna cuddle with him so bad.

No. 70391

File: 1511037618705.jpg (589.66 KB, 1800x1199, higher-brothers-dz-and-masiwei…)

MaSiWei from the Chinese rap group Higher Brothers (aka Asian Migos). I think he's cute but I hate his hair and he's kinda trashy, and it took me a while to get used to his voice. I think Melo from the same group is hot too but I'm not really ashamed about wanting to fuck him

No. 70428

that looks like a childs leg oml

No. 70471

File: 1511230431907.jpg (205.81 KB, 1600x1066, pm.jpg)

Post Malone anyone? Can't decide if this is shameful or not

No. 70473

File: 1511231025179.png (49.39 KB, 200x200, 84f.png)

Ew what the fuck. Euronymous looked like a 41 year old closet paedophile despite only being in his 20s, especially while he was wearing those gigantic 70s pedo glasses. Why not just go for Varg? Then you wouldn't have to be ashamed, he was really good looking back then even though he took his teenage edge to extreme levels.

No. 70475

Sorry anon, but that's shameful. Dude's ugly as sin and looks greasy. Plus, his music is shit.

No. 70483

He's so attractive and sweet in a way, I can't put my finger on it. He can definitely hmu

No. 70505

File: 1511292773070.jpg (389.28 KB, 1707x2560, e01b51b6636542b757faa4c9108d6d…)

Started watching Deadwood recently. Dont know why but Al could totally get it.

No. 70507

File: 1511293351723.jpg (91.83 KB, 800x532, rh.jpg)

He is really not my usual type. It's just the eyeliner and the attitude. I always watch those films if they're on just so I can stare at him.

No. 70509

File: 1511294229358.jpg (349.55 KB, 2558x1296, 1511040847226.jpg)

Shame levels pretty high.

No. 70511

File: 1511299803860.jpg (81.22 KB, 888x691, 1489634564954.png.jpg)

Same but no shame, young Mike as consolation

No. 70512

File: 1511300200051.jpg (54.09 KB, 570x396, 1458966157231.jpg)

jay could get it, too.

No. 70514

Oh he was incredibly hot (to me) when he was young, now not so much. Plus his taste in movies is questionable. Jay looks good now too, but even fat Mike still does it for me.

No. 70523

Joel from Vinesauce. God he's a cutie, his laugh makes me melt.

No. 70525

Guys who make me laugh don't need to be that attractive, but I don't really think he's ugly

No. 70526

wow same! He has beautiful eyes

No. 70527

I have the biggest dumbest crush on him and I’m so happy I’m not alone. Not to mention he’s just so kind to his fans ugh

No. 70530

SAME he's so goofy and his laugh and accent are so dumb and cute.

No. 70534

I don't even wanna fuck him but just hug and kiss him. He's not even ugly to me, he's just another metalhead if anything.
When he does a "gentle voice" i'm a puddle on the floor.
Also Vinny is fucking handsome god. His voice is nice too but something about him ticks me off? Maybe because I can't trust guys that look super handsome to me?

No. 70572

Ughh same I think he's adorable and I wish he was my boyfriend sometimes i'm feeling guilty about how creepy i sound

No. 70573

File: 1511383553863.jpg (139.06 KB, 972x1000, MV5BMTMyNDExMDU0NV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

I have it bad for Ralph Fiennes in Schindler's List. He's got such a beautiful face but he's also this awful human being and I just want him to pin me down and fuck me.

No. 70574


No. 70575

File: 1511384987188.png (368.89 KB, 975x527, 1496665125164.png)

Glad I'm not the only one! I felt so guilty watching that film because I was so turned on whenever he was on screen. Where do I find my sexy overpowering German boyfriend.

No. 70577

File: 1511386208410.jpg (116.81 KB, 588x867, peiper.jpg)


While we're sort of on the subject… some of the Nazis were so good looking.

No. 70578

File: 1511386280784.jpg (160.75 KB, 1024x725, ssofficers.jpg)


No. 70581

Ooooooof nibba

No. 70593

File: 1511401351974.jpg (148.13 KB, 861x929, Otto Gunsche.jpg)

Otto Günsche was painfully attractive.

No. 70600


The glasses and the creeper vibes are what gets me, that's why it's shameful.

No. 70606

File: 1511423678950.jpg (111.41 KB, 900x506, DGGSFn5VwAALxbd.jpg)

David Duke was actually really attractive when he was younger. Even now, he's in really good shape, and I'd still fuck him. I'm not a huge fan of the mustache he used to have. He looks way better with a beard, or clean shaven.

No. 70608

File: 1511432685905.gif (995.13 KB, 500x270, d7d1e93a55fe6d5e8474f1e0966116…)

Thought I was the only one.

No. 70625

This tbh. I always had a thing for James caan myself. He just seemed so nice. But there's definitely something in the cold business man thing too..

No. 70662

File: 1511530431941.jpg (139.97 KB, 624x600, Captain-Slow-james-may-3051169…)

I am ashamed

No. 70668

I'm ashamed to admit it but same. James May dresses like a grandmothers couch yet…still.

No. 70676

File: 1511543663021.jpg (123.53 KB, 1280x692, I-Pardon-You-8.jpg)

So did I anon. Ugh, that gif drives me crazy. I want to rewatch the film just for him now…

No. 70686

dude I was 13 when that movie came out, all the girls were in LOVE with rodrick lmao.

No. 70688

File: 1511557723374.gif (7.24 MB, 600x309, 843753845.gif)

in the last thread someone said they wanted to fuck Adrien Brody and I was like "lol really" but he's pretty hot in the new season of Peaky Blinders…I'm mostly just ashamed of what a sucker I am for the whole New York gangster aesthetic.

No. 70704

Omg me too girl! I've gotten myself off fantasizing about James May many a time. No shame - he's really cute for an older guy. I like his hair.

No. 70724

File: 1511605225170.gif (2.07 MB, 540x240, tumblr_opx6wjBAV11sxn2d1o1_540…)

NO I'm not alright, I thought you're older lol.
He's such a cutie, now I just appreciate him aesthetically but if we were similar age, homeboy would, like, get it

No. 70725

What a dumb Thread. 99% of the posted pics show men who are considered as attractive and good looking

No. 70728

Have you read this thread's name? Hint: it's not "fugly men".

No. 70738

He's just so jewy and whiny but I kind of get it. In The Pianist I really dug him.

No. 70739

Yeah but the title does kind of imply it. Would like to see more oddly attractive fugly men itt.

No. 70740

File: 1511628842573.jpeg (61.86 KB, 600x600, 7754463D-EE14-4288-AF6B-781A29…)

Yoo that was me anon glad you came around

No. 70741

As a German that fake as fuck German accent was a huge turn off. Saw him first in the German dubbed version and found him really hot then.

No. 70766

I'd honestly love to go on a really classy date with him. He is so talented and intelligent
I'd melt if I was the guy that james teach the piano to

No. 70775

File: 1511702981026.jpg (125.44 KB, 770x1000, MV5BMjEzNzY4OTgwOV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

God, I can't get enough of him.

I want to lock his head between my thighs as he goes down on me.

No. 70799

File: 1511731833079.jpeg (27.31 KB, 313x470, AC59B0C2-CC19-4F02-A46D-76516F…)

He’s flabby and balding and has a cro-magnon brow but I would do unspeakable things to this man.

No. 70800

File: 1511731860842.jpg (134.39 KB, 400x477, 01.jpg)

Peiper was a fucking monster but the man had no physical flaws. I'm truly ashamed to say he's the most attractive man to ever live imo.

No. 70808

same. i was so turned on while playing gta haha

No. 70810

File: 1511762164169.jpg (8.25 KB, 187x269, download (1).jpg)

i would suck the soul out of this mans dick….

No. 70829

i know why trevvvor gets all the love but michael is best choice 2bh

No. 70830

File: 1511832089586.jpg (60.01 KB, 850x633, Michael_Stevens_May_TenEighty_…)

I really want to have sex with the Vsauce guy, Michael Stevens.

No. 70836

Wow, you're not wrong and now you have me googling and admiring pictures of nazis, thanks.

No. 70847

on the subject of WWII I have a low-key crush on my great-great-grandfather who I never met because I saw an old pic of him from the 40s in-uniform and he was fucking adorable. so uhhh I'd say that's pretty shameful.

No. 70850

Neat, try to find/post the pic.

No. 70853

vsauce is surprisingly endearing tbh. no shame in it.

No. 70882

never change anons

No. 70883

File: 1511894402187.gif (1.84 MB, 500x279, 61963cab5fa368615e7e35a0a58678…)

I've got a really big crush on Aleks from Cow Chop/ImmortalHD.
Shameful because, well, youtuber crush, but there's something about the way he carries himself and his personality that is very attractive to me.

I also find it very hot when he speaks russian, wish he would do it more tbh

No. 70884

hello good-taste sis, i put him in the first thread! i'm really diggin his trashy LA alcoholism tbh, and those tacky frosted tips. also agree on the russian.

>tfw when i live in MA and he lived here until like 2 years ago

ah well~

No. 70888

Nice to see i'm not alone in this semi-shameful crush over here!

>i'm really diggin his trashy LA alcoholism

Fuck, same.
Somehow him becoming fatter, getting a bad haircut and having tacky dye job made him even more attractive to me.

No. 70889

finally, someone understands! i am kinda bummed he stopped posting/doing content his immortalhd channel, but whatevs. he's super sweet and cute on stream.

No. 70891

File: 1511900802523.png (1.52 MB, 811x1467, 9893485.png)

thirded, I love that trashy russian rat boy and his bad hair.

No. 70904

File: 1511929751053.jpeg (40.29 KB, 441x500, E3A670BF-E482-4CA7-B2A8-B8F824…)

I know

No. 70911

No anon, I actually get this. He's kinda cute, older, successful. Also he has a great voice and knows his musical theatre history which is a big turn-on for me.

No. 70913

File: 1511960098308.jpg (45.77 KB, 634x1024, 634.seth.emilia.ls.92512.jpg)

Agreed and if he was good enough for Emilia he's good enough for me lol

No. 70915


I know! He gives me caring bf vibes, you know, the type of guy that’ll serve you breakfast in bed, hear your thoughts in a comprensive manner, and make love to you in a way that’ll blow your mind.

No. 70919

File: 1511982658466.jpeg (14.87 KB, 320x320, 90ACA91A-F1E9-40DD-9CAE-558CCA…)

Fam I was practically shunned in the first thread I love you all

No. 70922

File: 1511995876469.gif (51.24 KB, 192x224, 1497659369080.gif)

i hate family guy which is why i hate myself for this but i would also… he's kind of cute? also i love musicals and i feel like we could bond over that

No. 70923


No. 70925


Kyle Hyde, tho. Husbando right there

No. 70927

I know jimmy page is 73 but I just really find him attractive for some reason. like #1 on my i'd-hit-that list attractive.

No. 70947

I keep having crushes on childlike, kooky men in suits so you I can kind of relate.

No. 70949

I get so wet watching the footage of his trial. He is defiant with a hint of humiliation. God I wish they'd executed him because I'd watch the hell out of that. Short hanging pole pls. So sorry. Really guilty pleasure right there.

No. 70950

It's not like he's an actual child, come the fuck on. Under 15 is creepy but otherwise I don't see the huge deal.

No. 70952

File: 1512080303425.jpg (12.89 KB, 240x355, joachimpeiper.jpg)


Didn't know such footage existed - thanks for enlightening me

No. 70954

The puppy dog eyes at 12:05 are just too much for me. The way he lowers his gaze warms my sadistic heart. I want to see him cry. I'll better stop before this turns into Peiper fanfiction.

No. 70955

Anyone here who shares my crush on Mr. Teller? No one understands.

No. 70958

File: 1512097507676.jpeg (60.6 KB, 401x640, 97E2228E-149F-48BA-A191-7CBBE7…)

No. 70959

I want to fuck his eyebrows like damn

No. 70960

i dont understand the thirst. he looks like my 50 year old manager at work

ill transfer my condolences from the first thread to this one. jesus, this is still worse than the guy fieri anon.

No. 70961

You guys are fucking freaks. I get it tho.

No. 70966

File: 1512125196357.jpeg (149.37 KB, 681x1024, E20F982A-6BDD-408F-A5B3-4103A2…)

I don’t find his face all that physically attractive, but his voice and character in Veep got me wet.

No. 70978

I wasn't going to be this blunt about it but I share the sentiment.

No. 70979

Introduce me?

No. 70980

File: 1512151060290.jpg (185.66 KB, 1000x667, img-walton-goggins_10020097742…)

his hairline is tragic and all of his facial features are v rodent-like and crowded together but… he can play a oddly charismatic dirtbag like nobody's business

No. 70984

File: 1512159004375.jpeg (63.88 KB, 620x413, B8D17E16-F0C1-4578-BD76-34582D…)

Kai the hitchhiker. I know, I know.

I rediscovered this guy after going back through my YT history. I did some digging and it’s such a fucking shame what happened to him (also I’m not a fan of the face tat).

Original interview: https://youtu.be/ckfBGdZoR_0

He did an interview for KMPH after the hatchet incident that made me really start crushing on him: https://youtu.be/QTNguT1a6q4

And apparently after he went viral he went on Jimmy Kimmel (https://youtu.be/Fj7hxITA9Zw), did that KMPH interview and seemed to be enjoying his popularity, until he hitched to NJ and got picked up by some rich lawyer who took him home, drugged and raped him. Kai killed him in self defense and has been sitting in jail ever since while the lawyer’s rich friends fuck up the evidence and deny him a trial.

Still- would clean up, cuddle & fuck.

No. 70985

File: 1512159713280.jpeg (59.11 KB, 534x712, 96096449-063F-49FB-87E5-D92351…)

Better pic.

No. 70988

he smells like old man and he's a miserable asshole who's also kinda creepy. im sorry, anon, but i wouldn't let him near you.

No. 71024

You sound protective, anon. I would let you near me.

No. 71062

TheReportOfTheWeek is so adorable, he gives me kinky thoughts. He seems so asexual, though. Makes me feel like a pervert.

No. 71075

File: 1512341174189.jpg (63.51 KB, 710x473, themyththelegend.jpg)

Is this a real post

No. 71118

Yes. Is this very weird?

No. 71126

Holy shit, that is so sad. I always thought he was cute too.

No. 71138


I think he's adorable too. His giggles melt my heart and I love his dry sense of humour.

No. 71144

looks like kotas shoops

No. 71151

… Trump.

No. 71153

I just want to corrupt him. And listen to shortwave radio together.

No. 71155

he'd do it too.

follow your dreams~

No. 71156

He looks like my bf tbh, and I just took a look at his channel and he's pretty qt. I don't see why anon is ashamed to say she'd fuck him.

No. 71157

I'm so jealous. I just want a guy who is unapologetic about his idiosyncrasies. Confident introverts are a gift to the world.

No. 71158

it's called autism, go for it.

No. 71160

It's truly the absolute best, and nothing beats having a guy like that show interest in you after being too aloof and oblivious to notice you at first. Great company all around as well. Hope you find one of your own, anon!

No. 71166

File: 1512515602669.png (794.62 KB, 587x579, navegante.png)

He looks like a dirty creep, but i've had Navegante from 'Narcos' on my mind.

No. 71167

File: 1512516567498.jpg (227.6 KB, 630x945, Lester_Nygaard.jpg)

No. 71169

Oh shit, I know him from La Promesa. Definitely had a crush on him while watching that

No. 71170

File: 1512519991035.jpeg (111.56 KB, 640x640, DA69C7AA-32EB-4002-9E61-F85858…)

He’s hella cute, too bad he seems like he moves through girls pretty quickly. Sigh, I’ll just die alone, lol.

But as far as what happened to Kai, It is super sad, pic related. They didn’t do a rape kit on him, test him for drugs or even test the carpet where he said the rape happened. There’s soooo much fucked up with the case. He has a Facebook page run by a close friend of his where pages of Kai’s testimony of what happened and logs of evidence that has been destroyed, court documents, stories about his life, etc.:


And you can listen to a phone interview he did where he describes what happened:


You can also help him by buying him legal books on amazon that he can study for his case, but they can get expensive. He also needs stamps to mail letters to legal advisors and fans. The media is trying to make him look like a freeloader and a murderer, and keeping him in 23/7 segregation in a windowless corner cell where he is fed through a slot in the door. He stays busy by exercising and singing/writing songs to upload to his YouTube, where he also has multiple videos detailing what’s wrong with the case and what’s been happening:


No. 71188

Anon, I want to be your best friend. Let's tagteam James May together:

A night of old record playing and witty banter about bicycle maintenance - after making sensuous love he'd perform for us on his harpsichord.

A truly classy experience <3

No. 71198

But where do you meet these autists? The ones I've met have been self-hating and unable to socialize. I'm getting mildly obsessed with ReviewBrah.

No. 71409

Despite his sperginess, he probably wouldn't fuck you unless you were a blond 9-10/10. And if you were, he still wouldn't be satisfied. He would never be satisfied. Ironically he needed a man in his life. He needed a stricter father (stepmom was strict on him).

No. 71424

you just gotta play the field, anon. it's a lot of trial and error, but it also helps you know what to look for in future guys.

No. 71455

i would 100% do han solo

No. 71468

The guy from the Jardiance commercial…his confidence when he’s telling the beetus folks they’re gonna die from a cardiac event is hot af.

No. 71568

File: 1513385337505.jpg (66.79 KB, 970x545, IMG_0708.JPG)

god I want him to hate fuck me

I don't know why he's such an ugly little bitch but just choke me

No. 71569

Same. I didn't get the hype about him in the last film but he looked hot in this one, despite his fridge body.

No. 71587

File: 1513422474084.jpg (30.61 KB, 475x600, 475full-mark-hamill.jpg)

ugh same I love large awkwardly-built weird-looking dudes.

also on the topic of star wars, I didn't think it'd be that shameful but my friends always tease me for thinking that young Mark Hamill was the cutest twink ever.

No. 71603

File: 1513447682231.jpg (164.3 KB, 1200x1804, OPOKNsY.jpg)

Young Mark Hamill (pre car accident) is top shit.

No. 71613

File: 1513460585289.jpg (23.77 KB, 460x288, Jacob_Rees-Mogg.jpg)

>ywn cuddle with a young Mogg while he teasingly tries to teach you Latin

No. 71627

File: 1513490366243.jpeg (32.61 KB, 262x319, E8C02A16-346B-497E-B833-B25A30…)

90’s Load-era Kirk Hammett was a hottie.

“Current” Metallica saddens me…

No. 71633

omg, i hate you for reminding me that i find him weirdly attractive. hes such a prick

No. 71635

File: 1513508181693.jpg (32.45 KB, 513x256, riskin.jpg)

this thread actively makes me sad that i cant post a picture of my main one for fear of being spotted by friends that might recognize him or me, but 2nd runner up is Dan Riskin from Monsters Inside Me because somewhere in life i lost the ability to have standards

No. 71637


y e s

No. 71640

File: 1513514185766.jpg (32.03 KB, 512x512, BnUUh5KE.jpg)

this nasty fucker someone help me

No. 71641

File: 1513517812744.jpg (39.15 KB, 640x360, 88d1d1e35a8d3d3e19e522f0237bb0…)

Asian Buzzfeed Guy.
I mean I know he's handsome but fuck Buzzfeed…

No. 71642

I also t-thing the "Aliens" dude was kinda cute…

No. 71645

File: 1513521375354.jpg (781.15 KB, 740x1112, 740full-mads-mikkelsen.jpg)

Long term celeb crush.
I wish he would murder me

No. 71646

i watch busfit as my guilty pleasure since a long time, and honestly Eugene is the hottest but he's so fucked in the head that he really fits the "ashamed to fuck" category. This poor man has so much issues like damn.

No. 71650

Third for Eugene, every once in awhile a friend on FB will share something with the Buzzfeed guys and I'll be reminded he exists.

What issues, anon?

No. 71656

What issues besides working for Bullfeed??

No. 71672

He doesn't belong here. Nobody should be ashamed to say they'd fuck this exquisite piece of ass.

No. 71673

File: 1513551570768.jpg (1.91 MB, 1948x1923, 20171217_165740.jpg)

>>Johnny Sims

I would totally let this man do anything he wants to me. His voice is amazing. I will never tell anyone I know irl though because, I mean, obviously.

No. 71779

File: 1513723468127.png (202.92 KB, 409x409, ChrisStuckmann.png)

chris stuckmann. he has a wife but i would definitely choke him out while i make fun of him

No. 71782

I would. He looks like a burn victim.

No. 72330

File: 1514686800829.jpg (618.03 KB, 700x1055, mortiis-1994.jpg)

muhfuckin uhhhhhhhhh

No. 72992

File: 1515382415370.jpeg (98.63 KB, 900x894, E9A2364B-D977-4F7F-90B0-DEA177…)

In all my sincerest honestly.

No. 72993

I had the biggest crush on him when I was 14 and just discovering the original trilogy. I thought he was cute after his face got busted up too. None of my friends understood.

It was him and Eric Millegan during the first season of Bones. Guys who still look like twinks in their late 20’s and 30’s are my weak spot.

No. 72994

File: 1515383055837.jpg (69.3 KB, 680x450, reid-scott-veep.jpg)

I don't know why I am obsessed with him but Dan from Veep. He's not really hot and such an asshole but that seems to be my type

No. 72996

File: 1515386224186.jpeg (99.96 KB, 800x423, image.jpeg)

Non-metal anons, this is Esa Holopainen, lead guitarist
for the band Amorphis. He's got the worst sort of 1990's tribal tattoos, he looks like he should be in the supporting bands for Kid Rock or a Lynyrd Skynard revival and he's goofy. Like he makes ridiculous faces all the time and makes it a habit to crabwalk often. I bet just eating dinner with him in a restaurant would cause everyone to turn at look at the person he's with with second-hand embarrassment.

Yet I'd ruin him like an ancient civilization if given the chance.

No. 73004

Blaire’s a girl though. Regardless of how you feel about trannies she presents as female. I’d understand if you shared some ugly obvious man in drag but Blaire actually passes so it makes no sense. She should go in the female version of this thread.

No. 73006

>Blaire actually passes

No. 73011

Posting Blaire in the thread about women would just derail it into gender critical sperging. There are obviously some trans-friendly anons on this site but the majority aren’t so there’s no use arguing this.

No. 73026

>presenting as female

that doesn't mean they -are- a girl. they just look like one.

No. 73455

I love this post and I don't even know who this guy is.

No. 73456

This is so fucking hot, I'm 100% serious.

No. 73570

Was scrolling through this thread thinking about posting him and shit fam, even after the bs I would. Even had a dream about femdomming him.

No. 73593

File: 1516370604131.jpg (79.79 KB, 1024x683, jpeterson.jpg)

It's the eyebrows. And the Canadian accent.

No. 73598

He’s beyond dreamy… and intelligent.

No. 73606

Really.. The fucking "definitions" guy?

No. 73609

File: 1516394189377.jpg (70.56 KB, 615x738, Keith-Flint[1].jpg)

i'm not even sorry

No. 73612

All this twisted firestarter needs is a DAMAGED on his forehead

No. 73648

File: 1516442427216.jpg (1.41 MB, 1419x1065, de4218ebbe3c08f73d662986ed5754…)

i have the strangest humiliation fantasy about him (with him being the humiliated one ofc) like I strangely like seeing him cry? i'm fucked

No. 73696

File: 1516571453785.jpg (95.7 KB, 736x981, 37a7b0f2968505fc68b6e7582c2de7…)

I'm very attracted to certain MTT and feel disgusted with myself. Something about a boy who looks like a pretty girl with soft skin is very hot, I can't explain it. I don't see them as women though, and consider myself straight.

YEEESS he's actually very attractive both physically and intellectually but also a tranny apologist which sucks.

No. 73711

Don't even be sorry. He was my first 'weird' crush as a kid and I still think he's fit.

No. 73713

File: 1516611806734.png (285.15 KB, 514x389, Capture2.PNG)

I feel ya anon. I genuinely have the weirdest thing for that fake DID cringe youtuber Autumn asphodel. I don't believe in nonbinary blahblah or even 99% of trans people but I legit don't see Autumn as a guy or girl and something about his voice and looks and mannerisms is so endearing to me

No. 73718

this man has abnormally short legs for how long his torso is. it's really gross to me. anon, please, love yourself.

No. 73720

File: 1516632164058.jpg (78.95 KB, 490x700, tumblr_ltum0sSzEb1qkmmkt.jpg)

Okay but what about Andrej Pejic? His torso looks alright.

Glad to know I'm not alone lol.

No. 73721

Didn’t he become a woman? I think he changed his name to Andreja iirc. Unless that’s a false memory.

No. 73722

Yes he did, hence why I referred to him as a MTT.

No. 73724

File: 1516634284822.jpg (641.19 KB, 1500x1000, 166205260.jpg)

I'm sorry but I'm weak for powerful manlets who are athletic and outdoorsmen and love cute doggos. Plus put all your ethics aside, there is something extremely hot about how unfazed he is in interviews. Kill me.

No. 73739

File: 1516645343301.png (500.31 KB, 646x478, erik.png)

this dude. with the beer belly and all. god damn. my bf just recently acquired a lil bit of belly and im like "no you dont need to lose weight… maybe even… get bigger…" im a bit ashamed

No. 73740

File: 1516645473369.png (726.69 KB, 528x709, hop pop.png)

also this. i might have type. love me some dad bod

No. 73746

File: 1516653778201.jpg (42.21 KB, 648x960, 4536651121.jpg)

I hear you anon, I love me a bear body. Big but not overly /fit/ with just a nice padding of fat.
Speaking of David Harbour have you seen the new Hellboy promo's?

Sage for no shame about hot Hellboy.

No. 73775

File: 1516697186075.gif (1.02 MB, 260x146, 8700C809-EC16-4897-9462-A40CD0…)

Don’t even ask me why

No. 73776

File: 1516698792010.jpg (95.57 KB, 600x884, i hate myself.jpg)

Peter Wolf. His dancing in a music video sealed the deal.

So much shame

No. 73779

You're not alone Putin-anon-lover, he's not my fav personally but take a look at the previous thread.

No. 73895

File: 1516794402726.jpg (52.44 KB, 500x500, b9c361513708aeb5e4d56333038a3d…)

if only he hadn't had that stupid 'daddy' tattoo. the rest were ugly, but didnt even look bad

No. 73920

File: 1516815709325.jpeg (26.32 KB, 220x344, 3E7D22EF-965B-4CDC-B6C3-4ACBF4…)

I just want him to serenade me and sing my children to sleep.

No. 73939

File: 1516822993669.jpeg (147.43 KB, 700x467, 0FDAB106-81C8-48EF-AB6D-76B59D…)

I’m not attracted to his look at all but his personality gets me so hot. I looooove happy/dopey upbeat fun loving guys who smile and laugh a lot, mmm. Such a nice contrast to the stonefaced sad sacks I’m used to.

No. 73942

File: 1516824534668.jpg (185.24 KB, 750x1075, rl.jpg)

Have you ever just looked at a face and gone "Wow, that's really gay"?

Enter Remington Leith. Nobody over the age of 14 with XY chromosomes should want to fuck this. Why am I like this?

No. 73943


With half as many tattoos and twice as much sobriety, he'd have been great.

No. 73950

File: 1516825726488.jpg (121.86 KB, 1200x1200, topqt.jpg)

>powerful manlets who love cute doggos

reminds me of someone…

No. 73982

Ayy there isn't anything wrong with Posty boi. He's cute and a down to earth guy, he seems really friendly and fun to be around.

No. 74001

Didn’t say there was! Haha I’m just not into heavyset white guys personally, he’s the opposite of my type physically but dat personality makes me wet.

No. 74035

File: 1516856368475.jpg (32.16 KB, 291x514, 65286a61f5023aa00a31510f484ada…)

I actually prefer Joe. He's got a cute/spooky face, like a character in a Tim Burton film.

No. 74043

He was actually 5'9 tho, so not even that short

No. 74055

File: 1516882833227.jpg (61.01 KB, 410x468, 1511913964581.jpg)

>not that short

No. 74115

File: 1516951553402.jpg (246.53 KB, 975x600, hackerman.jpg)

Hackerman from Kung Fury

>always thought he was incredibly handsome

>get laughed at when I tell someone
apparently I have a thing for nerds

tell me anons…he's cute, right?

No. 74133

File: 1516969324826.jpg (132.82 KB, 1200x900, 1200px-Vince_Noir_Mirrorball.j…)

Noel Fielding, any time

No. 74185

Aw yiss hackerman! Had blonde hackerman last year and the sex was bomb.

No. 74252


I went through this thread because I remembered my people here. My boyfriend watches Top Gear all the time and I've started to fantasize about threesomes with May and Hammond… mostly involving cars as well.

No. 74265

I'm ashamed to say I don't disagree with this.

No. 74351

File: 1517288070736.png (933.35 KB, 672x762, Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 8.46…)

Same. He seems like a bit of a prick, but he's cute.

Speaking of RLM, I was rewatching Best of the Worst and I ended up getting a crush on director Len Kabasinski. I have a secret thing for guys with long, metal hair.

No. 74354

why be ashamed? i think hes really foxy

No. 74361

File: 1517325659391.jpeg (96.04 KB, 250x334, 20090728_howard_250x334.jpeg)

Not best boy

No. 74388

File: 1517356471740.jpeg (75.41 KB, 630x400, EF7E9275-C041-4821-92C6-29B15F…)

Still wud fucc, but daddy Carrot Top needs a new blazer that fits!

No. 74407

File: 1517397354022.png (2.88 MB, 1536x1536, image-3.png)

I'm a shaniac

No. 74415


Why not both?

No. 74416

File: 1517424954968.jpg (111.03 KB, 703x573, image.jpg)

His craziness and obsession with death just makes me like him more.

I miss him, he died 5 years before I was born.

No. 74420

File: 1517425908142.jpg (43.62 KB, 500x754, da8eaa39e78d1f74b2e37c58bebcd1…)

Also wanna bang Jim Reid.
Whether it's 80s JR or today's (pic rel) he's older than my parents.

No. 74421

That guy looks like Cliff Burton

No. 74424

Something about his face makes him super attractive to me but idk what exactly

No. 74454

File: 1517490218929.jpeg (73.65 KB, 1200x675, cq5dam.web.1200.675.jpeg)

I am ashamed

No. 74505

File: 1517549141123.jpg (114.44 KB, 746x890, mayhem2.jpg)

Yes, finally someone I agree with! His whole story makes me so sad for him. Wish he was still alive.

No. 74506

File: 1517567649436.jpg (97.05 KB, 281x451, blogger-image-1554574042-1.jpg)

Yes! literally no friend I was close enough to tell, understands this when I talk about Pelle. I want him to be alive so much and I think about being with him. Even if he's pretty gross in his some interests, he's so precious. He'd be close to 50 now but I think I'd still like him best out of all the BM scene.

No. 74518

File: 1517607413842.jpg (92.97 KB, 490x720, f95a89bb3ede83a03d31ea401431cc…)

Same anon! I wonder what he'd be in a relationship with his weird and gross habits/interests. I also often wonder what he'd have to say about current black metal bands nowadays if he was still alive.

No. 74519

Just found out his girlfriend is pregnant… no more dreaming about him then

No. 74520


Dream, dream, dream away. That's the beauty of dreams. They don't need to take facts into account.

No. 74543

>Pig head
Crazy white guys god damn

No. 74546

File: 1517664167266.jpg (52.19 KB, 869x585, 55408_162658413759442_13909567…)

I'm literally the opposite of him when it comes to aesthetic so I think he would hate me lol (as much as he hates cats). I don't think he could have an actual relationship he seems to dislike affectation.
Me too! I think he would hate the blackgaze stuff, even if he matured I think there would be distain for the "overproduced" records too.

OT but I liked talking to you my discord is shoegaze#1727 if you want to talk

No. 74547

File: 1517666909693.png (130.83 KB, 551x376, varg-5.png)


M-My People <3
I've always had a massive thing for Young Varg too. I think I'd rather date Dead though although still 10/10 with Varg, would serve his cornflakes crispy. Kinda a weird paradox considering people blame Varg for allowing Dead access to the gun that he used. Feels bad man.

No. 74552

File: 1517674120240.png (730.38 KB, 607x723, 4545.png)

I'm not really ashamed, but I feel like I'd get a lot of shit if people realized I wasn't just being ironic about it.

There's just something really hot about Reviewbrah. He looks hot as fuck in this Lofthouse cookie review.

No. 74555

Me too, there's something really hot about him. I love his accent and his dry humor, I've always liked men in old movies. Reviewbrah would make a very good husband.

No. 74561

reviewbrah is prime

No. 74573

I agree. He seems so pure. I love his silky hair and big eyes

No. 74576

Why would you be ashamed? He's well-mannered, takes care of his appearance, and has a pleasant demeanor. Is it because you're afraid he'd review the intercourse in his charming 50s radio host voice?

No. 74583

>Why would you be ashamed?
ntayrt but the main reason he's popular is because he's peculiar aka an autist.

No. 74597

File: 1517775508822.jpg (123.47 KB, 1600x900, uqVdHqsDBCoeiKU-1600x900-noPad…)

Doug Jones, although he's looking more like a creature himself these days

No. 74599

this but preferably in full Amphibian costume

No. 74605


Yes yes yes!
I want to sit on his face.

No. 74618

File: 1517797025881.jpeg (10.36 KB, 194x259, download (2).jpeg)

Oh god, this. Id also fuck the living daylights out of him as pic related

No. 74623

File: 1517806919470.jpeg (38.21 KB, 320x320, 764AC1EA-2E3A-4622-9FCF-B1C914…)

Felix from Chapo trap house. Objectively I know his face is kind of busted. But to me he’s a beautiful flawless angel. He has the ideal male body and he’s covered in hair which is extremely my thing. And he has this vocal fry/lisp combo that melts my soul. Just want to cuddle him all day everyday forever.

No. 74691

File: 1517946624631.jpg (148.99 KB, 717x1000, doug-jones-2013-saturn-awards-…)

Ahh yes! He's precious. I love him so much.

No. 74692

All of these, but with very little shame.

No. 74776

I think you meant XX

No. 74781

File: 1518059522517.jpg (140.6 KB, 1200x900, Cyw9b5eW8AMiniM.jpg)

holy shit anon, no shame at all. he's my favorite host tbh. there's a twitter conversation he had with some of his friends that i stalked once where he basically alluded to being into girls who seemed to have a gently dominant streak (his phrasing was something like "i want a gf who doesnt seem to actually like me" lol) and it only made me want him more. i think the actual "shameful" dirtbag left podcast guy i wanna fuck is adam from cum town though, pic related lol.

No. 74788

File: 1518086431950.jpg (52.23 KB, 477x592, DEewdRzXcAQLFCT.jpg)

I wanna fuck Jungkook from BTS lmao. Not that shameful I guess considering its part of his job to be appealing to women but I don't even listen to kpop or like "cute" men typically, I just watched like one BTS video and now I wanna dom him lmao

No. 74789

File: 1518093791264.jpeg (9.02 KB, 240x210, 4C890A74-4E06-4E34-8F4B-F838E2…)

big money salvia turns me on so much, but only now that he’s chubby and hairy. not many people improve with extra weight but goddamn, this guy

No. 74792

File: 1518096686158.jpg (149.01 KB, 900x750, IMG_9034.JPG)

rhett from good mythical morning. he's super old for me and has those bug-eyes but he's so tall and cute and endearing, plus that slight southern accent just makes me sooper wet

No. 74793

get in line sis

No. 74794

Not shameful though. He is a cutie and seems so nice.

No. 74795

File: 1518098365559.jpg (31.39 KB, 412x480, 1e3d0eeeba2b3497fa8e4a56cb5398…)

He kind of reminds me of Jeremy Davis from Paramore who I've always thought was super cute.

No. 74797

File: 1518104118967.jpeg (29.51 KB, 500x282, BFB41289-2222-42DD-BD97-99B2F6…)

No. 74809

Would you seriously be ashamed to fuck these guys??

No. 74825

File: 1518160466065.jpg (179.68 KB, 805x1200, jYknaFrq5vY.jpg)

Jungkook is the ugliest out of them all, why not go for V?

No. 74837

V is definitely prettier but like I said I'm not really into pretty dudes. Idk maybe that's why I like jungkook because he's ugly lmao

No. 74840

I’m literally not into douchy white guys that do hard drugs

No. 74841

File: 1518184712280.jpeg (51.8 KB, 670x446, 73EBAC9D-D303-450A-9581-287394…)

I have a soft spot for blonde guys specially if they are rough

No. 74869

File: 1518208497644.jpg (110.36 KB, 813x960, nintchdbpict000341086542.jpg)

Macaulay Culkin. Not ashamed in the slightest, but I get a lot of shit for it when I tell people

No. 74871

File: 1518209436666.jpg (27.6 KB, 564x376, Vkook.jpg)


How is Jungkook ugly? He is quite attractive, I find he has this boy next door look going for him.
V is a lot more dolly looking.
I would do both of them, no shame.

No. 74874

both of them are ugly tbh

No. 74888

File: 1518246425042.jpg (255.68 KB, 500x278, steve buscemi.jpg)

particularly when he was in ghost world. dat aloof nature, lonesome lifestyle, quiet attitude and passion when talking about his records. what a cutie

No. 74889

File: 1518246492048.jpg (56.94 KB, 1185x668, fat mac.jpg)

oh and samefag but no shame, fat mac will always be my absolute number one.

No. 74911

File: 1518269430338.jpg (1.63 MB, 1594x1800, jk-simmons-88bfedce-ec95-4622-…)

I blame Portal 2. The voice did it for me, then it was just all over for me and now I want him to bend me over a table.

No. 74912

my phone case is covered with steve buscemi

No. 74913

i would destroy fat mac–he could do anything to me.

No. 74916

File: 1518280132728.jpg (52.93 KB, 760x514, downloadfile.jpg)

No. 74934

File: 1518298858393.jpeg (211.28 KB, 750x724, 53E4BA24-AA1B-4F6B-B1AC-EDECCF…)

So disgusting and a massive loser. Why am I like this?

No. 74936

that's really gross, anon. at least choose a slutty semi talented trashbaby like peep instead. tyler has no charisma and has such an ugly face, ffs.

No. 74995

File: 1518420891352.jpg (148.44 KB, 1484x1484, leekwangsoo.jpg)

Lee Kwang Soo from "Running Man", especially with this haircut. He isn't necessarily hideous, but very weird looking. He's one of those people who looks okay in certain photos/angles but can get fugly really quick. He also tends to have unflattering haircuts which doesn't help his case

He's oddly cute to me, his dorky/hilarious personality makes up for his face imo. Plus he's super tall which is attractive. I'd be embarrassed to admit I like him in public though. Apparently he's very popular in Asia so I guess lots of women love him??

No. 75002

He definitely has that ugly-cute appeal

No. 75004

File: 1518454217734.jpg (186.11 KB, 800x800, eVPMb.jpg)


Blessed anons! I just came here to post some pictures of BM husbandos, but I see you all have good taste so there's no need. Dead is definitely the most qt imo, but I'll add Fenriz bc he seems like a really smart and funny guy even though he's kinda gross-looking.

>tfw you aren't white so you have a 0% chance of landing any of these types of guys

>tfw you will never eat cornflakes with mentally unhinged qt scandinavian bf
>why live?x2

No. 75005

File: 1518454396998.png (70.15 KB, 500x458, ok.png)

^pic unrelated… i meant to post this picture from imgur and got that one instead?? i don't where the fuck that came from but ok

No. 75015

The goddamn Shkrellinator. Looks like my faggot ex

No. 75016

I find him so fucking cute and I get a big smile whenever I see his videos lol
Not in would-fuck territory yet tho but I know what kind of things boredom and sleep deprivation can lead to

No. 75017

File: 1518476356861.gif (1.22 MB, 500x278, Tumblr_oof0itDqDA1raqntvo1_500…)

Don't actually feel ashamed but a couple of my friends think I should.

No. 75018

I wanna see, anon

No. 75019


<i>hard</i> drugs?? Rhett?

No. 75022

File: 1518478329384.jpg (19.17 KB, 400x315, computer-could-i-get-a-printou…)

yeah i used to not get why so many people have a crush on fenriz but the more you see of him the more unbearable his charm becomes. hes such a good balance of dark/rebellious and sweet/goofy

No. 75023

File: 1518478483641.gif (333.9 KB, 329x280, tumblr_inline_npl6odxdsf1qbwpn…)

I find him cute too.

I'm actually really attracted to Ji Suk Jin. I just find him so adorable. It's starting to piss me off how they make him the punching bag of like almost every episode.

No. 75026

File: 1518480410495.jpg (54.78 KB, 298x199, e.jpg)

No one here has a more fucked up person than mine. I feel like this is too shameful to admit even on LC.

I'd only do it if he cannot physically harm me in any way, and won't have any recollections afterwards, though. Otherwise I don't ever want to be anywhere near him.

No. 75029

File: 1518482423563.jpg (56.07 KB, 484x596, pelle.jpg)


Something about Dead is just so unique to me. His mind and his disconnection from life and reality is really fascinating and frankly really relatable, he has this enigmatic aura. I would kill to just have a conversation with him. I often wonder how he would be like if he was alive today. I can only assume.

No. 75031

same anon. iirc he had Cotard's syndrome, where you think you're already dead, possibly from the NDE he had at a young age. Euronymous really exploited him. He was probably jealous because Dead was a real pioneer and his grimness was just him doing him, aunthentic, it wasn't to try to come off a certain way. Euronymous wanted so badly for people to think of him as evil, whereas I think for Dead, evil didn't really have anything to do with it.

No. 75033

He's cute, I can see it from a purely physical point of view

No. 75044

File: 1518597502849.jpg (22.45 KB, 391x366, Bernardo.jpg)

On a purely physical level…
I just really like his facial structure.

Does mine make you feel better, anon?

No. 75095

File: 1518679379476.jpeg (39.83 KB, 620x348, 477CBB21-C019-4160-8F4E-7642E7…)

He was crazy attractive. Out of all people, I can definitely see why someone like Karla was/is so obsessed with him.

No. 75115

this comment made me cry laughing ahhh

No. 75127

File: 1518732700711.gif (995.06 KB, 441x270, giphy.gif)

Young Varg is definitely top tier. He was so cute and cool at the same time and honestly really ethereal looking. I couldn't give a shit about the rest of the people that were in the bm scene to be honest. Dead isn't all that interesting and I don't like that he killed cats. Fenriz is…fenriz.

No. 75136

File: 1518753695093.jpg (46.82 KB, 651x417, euronymous-belly-shirt.jpg)

Yeah, young Varg was pretty cute, but I feel like he's ruined because he's such a lolcow now. He's suffered he same fate as Morrissey-
toptier cutie in his youth, but his current self is just so annoying that it brings him down a bunch of of notches… Well, I guess you could say that for a lot of musicians. (real question is would you fuck 2018 Varg, because that'd be actually shameful)

pic unrelated but all we need is for someone to admit they'd fuck Euronymous and the infamous black metal triad is complete… but let's be real it's not gonna happen lol

No. 75147

File: 1518777737747.jpg (66.24 KB, 728x518, Danny07.jpg)

whichever one of you fucks posted Danny Elfman earlier in the thread, i feel your pain and also hate you immensely for reminding me of it. that asshole kickstarted a love of red hair for years (wound up getting red hair because of that)

so for a split second i forgot what Carrot Top looked like and had to look him up. then i just remembered the crush i had on him when i was younger and apparently he's 52 now and still just as nasty-looking as he was back then. THANKS A TON ANON

No. 75172

1 eye on the streets, 1 eye on the kids

No. 75186

File: 1518919898155.jpg (73.82 KB, 500x263, large.jpg)

Varg gave me a fetish for men with pigtails.

No. 75254

I've heard about the church burnings before, but not of the guys and i have to say both of them were cute.
Did you guys know that Varg has a youtube channel?

No. 75305

File: 1519195665369.gif (1.98 MB, 500x387, dav.gif)

David Byrne

Sorry if it's not weird enough, but it seems fairly uncommon to me. He seems almost like he has two opposing halves, shy versus seeking attention and recognition. He's just intriguing, I guess.

No. 75320

File: 1519240224670.jpg (75.3 KB, 620x620, Byrne3_1.jpg)

I love David Byrne! Something super attractive about how his eccentric, confident stage persona translates to such a soft-spoken person in reality.

What are your thoughts on the speculation that he has autism/asperger's?

No. 75324

yeah he's turned into a bit of a meme! i gotta say tho, his most recent videos he seems to have lightened up a little and takes himself less seriously then when he first started his channel

No. 75345

Nothing to be ashamed of there! He's super hot, and so talented and creative. I thought it was a fact that he has Asperger's? It seems totally plausible, but he's clearly low on the autism spectrum. I've had the fortune of seeing him live twice (Grown Backwards tour) and he was by far the most interesting musician I've ever seen perform. His dance moves are visionary. My Talking Heads loving anons, have you seen David Byrne interviewing himself? If not, look it up on YouTube, it's fantastic!

No. 75354

File: 1519306066341.png (294.38 KB, 582x457, Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 7.27…)

Had such a crush as a kid and would still fuck today if he were a real consenting adult

No. 75365

File: 1519325112825.jpeg (336.97 KB, 1536x2560, 6609CD71-46B2-43AE-A2F5-77C1FE…)

I’m not even ashamed anymore

No. 75381

File: 1519362964227.png (48.64 KB, 750x600, love-after-lockup-dominic.png)

Fuckboy prisoner turned reality tv contestant. Smh

No. 75393

File: 1519412301120.jpg (1.8 MB, 2048x2048, 20180223185533744.jpg)

Appeared on confession tapes doc, convicted of killing his friends parents along with said friend. I honestly think they did do it. I usually really dislike people who I think are killers (lol no shit) but find him so attractive though ugh I hate myself.

No. 75394

He looks like Darren Criss

No. 75395

>Did you guys know that Varg has a youtube channel?
ur late son

this is not a man, this is a cartoon and a child.

No. 75399

Aww you’re welcome anon! <3 but I was talking about Dave Mustaine - another “soulless ginger” (I called him Carrot Top because of his red hair). That man is daddy as fuckk!

No. 75497

File: 1519612596961.png (123.55 KB, 313x322, CA9CAD6B-DC1A-4A24-A366-CE0AF8…)

Garrett from Mega64

No. 75525

I can relate. Garrett is a man that loves cats and I’m weak to that.

No. 75618

It's not that I even have shame about having a crush on him, the shame comes more from the fact that I have a crush on a man whose existence astounds me

>straight edge

>electric technician and costume designer
>has a rei ayanami tattoo

In any other case I'd be turned off, but his laid back personality and charm is what gets me
Vid related might be my favourite bit of his

No. 75731

File: 1519863201353.jpeg (17.69 KB, 299x168, 748E7A95-3300-4189-B921-DE3A99…)

I’d let him destroy me tbh

No. 75733

Yes! He's so hot but I'm not ashamed to admit that if you forget about the character he portrays lol

No. 75736

File: 1519865325102.jpg (63.48 KB, 560x330, gk2-18b.jpg)

This one's a bit odd but I feel weirdly attracted to Baron Friedrich Von Glower from the 90's videogame gabriel knight - the beast within. It's an interactive movie game with real actors and has a strange homoerotic undertone. My bf likes to make fun of me for being attracted to him (left one in the picture) cause of the aristocratic clothes and shit

No. 75770


omg anon yesss! I wish he'd shave his weird goatee though.

No. 75781

File: 1519939429286.jpg (51.6 KB, 889x469, eiji-anouma.jpg)

idk but I dreamed many times of him in the past few days and I can't really say why but I find him handsome in a oddly way. welp

No. 75782

File: 1519941242594.jpeg (2.42 MB, 4000x2662, 6686EF3D-A7C0-4B06-BFE6-641B18…)

No. 75798


In his outtake videos, where he's laughing and smiling like a dork, oh god. Why do I find this man so adorable please rip my trachea out.

No. 75807

File: 1519997114627.gif (771.07 KB, 250x334, t2.gif)

I have know idea why, but least i'm not the only one, seeing how most comments under their interviews are about how cute he is

No. 75808

He is somewhat attractive, at least when he's not completely drug addict trash looking

Oh I was really into him as a teen, had a thing for queer looking goth type of guys (not that much anymore)

No. 75848


Sad thing is that he abused his then-girlfriend Jessicka Addams (of Jack-off Jill fame) and stole the style from her in order to mock her.

>What would older, wiser Jessicka tell her wilder, 19-year-old self?

“Don't allow anybody—especially your current boyfriend—to verbally ridicule you, psychically abuse and rape you, fat-shame you, break your spirit, make you second-guess yourself and ultimately steal your identity. Don't worry: He’ll get trapped in the green dress he stole. It becomes his curse rather than a gift, trust me"

No. 75921

File: 1520248778219.jpg (80.4 KB, 900x600, Orin_Scrivello.jpg)

I have it bad for the dentist in Little Shop of Horrors. He's such a horrible person but I kind of want to be in Audrey's position so he can slap and bruise me instead.

No. 75961


Not just you! I saw a production of this in a theatre and all the time I was secretly wanting to hop into his chair and let him do bad things to me.

No. 76028

File: 1520439197820.jpg (40.83 KB, 400x400, pAGBagls_400x400.jpg)

It's just that he looks like a kind of mixture of young edward furlong and kurt cobain. The shame comes from me being about 8 years older and him being a stoner youtuber which is kind of cringey

No. 76176

File: 1520849198840.png (212.17 KB, 350x410, screenshot.png)

Just spent an hour or so reading through the thread, I got many a good chuckle.

My contribution is Grant George. I'd just want to hear him dirty talk to me in that gruff voice though. Physically he's pretty gross looking to me. Real dad-bod there, icky.

No. 76204

File: 1520915865619.jpg (12.48 KB, 250x275, 1475701977014.jpg)


No. 76216

LMAOOO, fucking dante, man. A classic.

No. 76230

I love both of you. There aren't too many og farmers around these days.

Rip 2014

Uh… anon, this guy's a rapist.

No. 76232

File: 1520984187292.jpeg (245.33 KB, 1024x621, 04BE6A48-D467-4450-9A5E-6D6BE7…)

Repost from Aly thread but lmao I was pretty amused by it

No. 76244

File: 1520999675759.png (770.67 KB, 922x910, C6F48463-0EF1-4AFF-99CA-394068…)

i’d fuck young ted kaczynski even if he smelled like spoiled milk. disappointed to say i’d also bang david koresh and young jim jones.

No. 76245

File: 1521007528240.png (261.61 KB, 500x334, downloadfile.png)

i unironically hate myself.

No. 76268

No. 76302

I thought he looked and seemed like a complete retard then I watched an interview with him and, well, he is ridiculously endearing

No. 76304

This is my favorite thing ever spawned from this website

No. 76305

7 years in heaven

No. 76679

File: 1521599739096.jpg (57.92 KB, 992x744, robert-mueller-gty-jpo-171101_…)

No. 76682

File: 1521604456805.jpg (38.54 KB, 720x480, birdhousehair.jpg)

Young John Linnell, I'm not entirely sure why, he was kind of severe features but on the whole they comes across as ridiculously attractive to me. Also something about knowing he's a clever and talented musician. Especially in the Birdhouse In Your Soul video, I don't know what the hell it is, but the hair, the turtleneck, the weird dancing, the way he goes from smiling to kind of glaring at the camera, bouncing around, so embarrassing to admit but that video especially I want to fuck him so bad. Especially with that turtleneck sweater on.

No. 76820

File: 1521753375811.png (65.41 KB, 668x600, euronymous with bird.png)

late to the black metal posting, but it's his birthday and i'd smash

i'm well aware of how gross he looks and also how shitty of a person he was, but i just find him really cute :/

No. 76825

File: 1521756614441.jpg (17.4 KB, 416x441, 1457411461138.jpg)

fucking disgusting anon. legit

No. 76842

File: 1521774769250.jpg (47.42 KB, 640x586, 274.jpg)

lmao i'm the euronymous poster and this made me laugh so damn hard

i'm sorry anon that my trash taste was too much for even this thread :')

No. 76851

lol I look like him in that pic and I'm a girl.

No. 76858

File: 1521817356890.jpg (103.06 KB, 736x951, dannytrejo.jpg)

He can wreck me any day.

No. 76861

honestly agreed

No. 76862

File: 1521818930953.jpg (80.56 KB, 720x405, Vlog-8-12-11-Final-Destination…)

I was completely in love with Spoony before he totally lost it

No. 76864

Ye, rippp indeed. They didn’t let me into the discord bc couldn’t find my post history. If i really wanted in i should have posted this. Or proffesional glitter glue.

No. 76875

>I can promise it won’t hurt
>You look hot and tight with that rope burn
>Shh Shh, don’t be shy

I am not ashamed that I find Boyinaband to be attractive. But this video is a bit edgy and cringe.

No. 76880

File: 1521827811054.jpg (37.22 KB, 450x305, IMG_1838.JPG)

the saddest part is that i even tried to post the most decent (imo) picture of him and still got roasted

also yeah he really does look like a girl esp when standing next to other guys lol (pic relevant he's on the far right) still cute tho

No. 76897

Lol that's a dumb way to gauge someone on how long they've actually been here. One could easily switch networks, routers, and ips with no problem. Discord is a fucking retarded idea for an anonymous imageboard anyway so you're not going to find anyone worth talking to in it except for cliquewankers. Don't let it get to you.

No. 77159

File: 1522101642432.jpg (23.12 KB, 620x413, hauer.jpg)

I would let old wrinkly Rutger Hauer fuck me to death.

I'd take young Rutger too but he's somehow even more impossibly hot as an old man.

No. 77169

omg yes yes yes.
but i have a soft spot for Roy Batty so either is good.

No. 77175

File: 1522112002454.png (1.99 MB, 1062x1500, 1513299251481.png)

he has the wide-set eyes of a (female) high fashion model.

No. 77252

>you'll never listen to nhk radio with him

No. 77263

File: 1522177763769.jpg (42.35 KB, 640x640, IMG_9407.JPG)

hey vsauce, michael here

No. 77274

bo is my #1 celeb daddy tbh

No. 77314

He does have really nice eyes and used to have a nice face when he was young, despite being a total fuckboi

No. 77316

seconded. All day, Any day.

No. 77318

File: 1522207059445.jpg (144.17 KB, 1280x960, UfF5QGA.jpg)

Fuck, I wish there were more weird guys like him. I wanna eat pizza and listen to shortwave with this cutie so bad.

No. 77330

Why are you ashamed anon? Michael is such a qt

No. 77341

same but his kermit the frog voice makes me do a double take all the time

No. 77351

I'd join you. I genuinely think he's amazing. His sense of humour is dry as fuck, he's interested in radio and I love that he's so passionate about his hobbies! The only thing I can't get on board with is those talons of his.

No. 77360

File: 1522266342831.jpg (28.21 KB, 1280x720, Idubbbz.jpg)

why am i like this

No. 77371

ugh same. something about douchy edgy white boys really gets me going and i want to argue with them then fuck their brains out.

No. 77397

I want him to tear me up with those feminine kitty claws. Me-ow bb

No. 77401

File: 1522292450264.jpg (14.83 KB, 480x480, b27344bd143361b27d64ecce431bce…)

Damn, I never liked them like >>77351 said, but I think you've changed my mind.

No. 77402

File: 1522294481113.png (149.87 KB, 350x319, Sips-0.png)

Big Money, Big Women, Big Fun. That SipsCo.

No. 77403

File: 1522294856916.gif (1.34 MB, 540x305, tumblr_nni7uu3kmq1sq9xy6o1_r1_…)

I'd let him do whatever he wanted to me.

No. 77404

File: 1522295149968.jpg (2.15 MB, 1412x1800, alexis-bledel-vincent-kartheis…)

I'd actually like to do both of them, really..

No. 77406

File: 1522300682654.png (553.77 KB, 479x600, chrisbroad.png)

would do drunk kareoke and go to love hotel with

No. 77410

Would have dirty sex with sarcastically, 10/10.

No. 77411

lmao i love it anon

No. 77412

File: 1522305678220.jpg (41.64 KB, 480x480, dan.jpg)

I don't know if I should be ashamed or not but I err on the side of caution and don't tell very many people how hot I think Dan Avidan is.

He's literally the most attractive man I've ever seen.

No. 77414

Monka fucking S my dude, i want to embarras him so bad.

No. 77415

Omg help, those are daves lyrics?? Jesus christ, i’m not attracted to him at all but that was quite. Um. Wow yeah haha.

No. 77416

I'm with you anon, I love men with long curled hair. Instant turn on.

No. 77417

File: 1522317620399.gif (1.68 MB, 490x305, skeeeet.gif)

for me its skeet ulritch, especially young skeet, yum. covered in delicious corn syrup. i dont know why im ashamed, hes not unattractive or anything but i just feel bad about it. dont know why. anyway he could ram me now too.

heavily agree with all of these!

No. 77419

You guys are filth! Look at his little cherubic face. As if he'd do that! jk I like the idea of that but the thought of them poking or cutting at me is a bit too much for me haha. He's a babe though.

No. 77420

Guys, we all need help. Seriously. Worst case he's reading here and laughing his head off.
(I'd still tap it)

No. 77421

File: 1522327092831.jpeg (55.45 KB, 538x799, 7ED8D014-F6CA-4F91-B10F-8655EB…)

Lex Luthor from smallville…. His calculated ways and bald head is so sexy ?? I wish they kept the same actor for BvS he plays Lex so well…

No. 77424

File: 1522334333979.jpeg (56.58 KB, 445x436, 2547DC1B-9816-4A81-B562-906546…)

No. 77444

File: 1522368836838.gif (1.84 MB, 500x278, oodwpk99wa1w7e4pdo4_500.gif)

Nothing shameful about some skeet

No. 77455

File: 1522400376690.gif (564.12 KB, 245x256, tumblr_messaging_p6eb2l411D1va…)

Blaine from Izombie, don't know if I should be ashamed or not? My friends think I'm weird for being attracted to him.

No. 77457

File: 1522402532057.jpeg (164.36 KB, 612x1176, 7236BE8D-3DF7-42FE-A6B2-57E9AA…)

I fucking hate myself for this one, but I want to make him cry

He’s just so awkward but bangable in my eyes

No. 77458

Samefag, but I’m so tired that I forgot to mention that it was Pan (Rebeltaxi).

No. 77461

But isn't he into young goth girls from cartoons?

No. 77462

File: 1522415241401.gif (220.97 KB, 320x313, 23DD794A-D7DF-4167-B626-F0A8D2…)

You’re correct anon, and I’m sadly a real life goth girl and not raven from Teen Titans…

Still. For some ungodly reason, if he asked me to step on him, I would.

No. 77490

File: 1522451359046.jpeg (6.31 KB, 236x177, 9FB72A8E-260C-48B4-87BF-53F5AF…)


No. 77513

File: 1522490149079.jpeg (83.1 KB, 1024x683, 383270ec3ce6929315dfe54e1d9604…)

That Hogg kid. I want to bully the fuck out of him, and train him to be my beta bitch slave. Everything about him screams "bully me".
Not ashamed at all to say that I think older/current Varg is attractive, possibly more attractive than young Varg. He'd probably consider me subhuman since I am not blonde, though. It makes me a bit sad on the inside, but it's not like it would ever happen anyways.

No. 77514

btw I'm pretty sure Hogg is 18, but if I am wrong then I would wait to bully him until he is a legal adult, of course.

No. 77523

I agree current varg isn't bad. Although ill always have a thing for young varg, he was really cute.

No. 77543

File: 1522522806933.jpg (294.68 KB, 770x1024, 2583074961_ffdb23a9c7_b.jpg)


No. 77544

Hahahah anon i’m cackling wtf

No. 77546

File: 1522524077417.png (129.04 KB, 277x273, ..png)

No. 77566

Honestly I fucking agree with this one so hard

No. 77567

No. 77570

File: 1522539585778.jpg (7.26 KB, 268x275, 1445589793160.jpg)

Kiki's ex

No. 77573

I don't even find him attractive, there's just something about his music that makes me want to fug. Litteraly cured my low sex drive

No. 77577

File: 1522548115974.jpg (129.83 KB, 446x299, tucker_carlson.jpg)

im really sorry

No. 77582

File: 1522550507412.jpg (147.33 KB, 500x333, WouldBangBarbossa.jpg)

No. 77603

File: 1522587687469.jpeg (36.94 KB, 400x400, 5FCBD482-8D5D-44E3-BAC4-C42117…)

I mean

No. 77604

what the fuck

she is qt asf nothing to be ashamed about

No. 77607

Slazo. He's literally 17 but like… Yes.

No. 77610

File: 1522593448665.gif (2.66 MB, 268x310, tumblr_ovtgdzFGmW1sc35b4o2_r1_…)

Ashamed because…
2.I'm probably a lot taller than him (plus his face is kind of uncomfortably young looking)

No. 77620

Not with his awful new beard. He always looked better shaved and has the jawline for it so why is he like this

No. 77628

File: 1522603189751.jpg (182.59 KB, 805x1024, DX147CVX4AA-qiR.jpg)

BTS's Suga because nobody I know likes kpop and I'd get ragged on for liking a short, feminine looking guy and they'd probably consider him ugly.

No. 77631

File: 1522610067109.jpg (81.09 KB, 1000x500, 45566.jpg)

I can relate to that. Shown Kim Jae Joong to a friend who didn't think asian men could be attractive; she told me that he looked like a girl/gay as fuck

>Tfw KJJ is the only Korean guy that you find to be genuinely attractive

>Still offended by her response

No. 77634

I get you anon. He's also my favorite one, and totally hit's the spot on my sleeping deprivation and moody fetishes.

No. 77639

File: 1522616570171.jpg (39.98 KB, 550x504, sad-truth-about-ronald-mcdonld…)

i think Ronald Mcdonald is hot, i'm so sorry

No. 77641

File: 1522619002053.jpg (84.23 KB, 300x451, a9385869452222ba416b204959ffee…)

he's such a cutie but I miss how he used to look

No. 77642

File: 1522619182012.png (868.23 KB, 960x509, jack.png)

the both of them

No. 77648

File: 1522620426241.jpeg (62.94 KB, 900x900, 08329002-D143-4667-815B-F3D8C4…)

Same esp when he’s doing this face

No. 77655

File: 1522624009028.jpg (146.09 KB, 777x1200, yoon23982934.jpg)

god I'd dom the fuck out of him he's probably weaker than me. I love his girly hardboiled egg face.

No. 77657

File: 1522625815350.jpg (92.35 KB, 1200x675, DKp0AnFUMAEIZCa.jpg)

this, to be honest

No. 77660

>born in the 2000s
anons blease I know this is the shame thread but it does specify "men"

No. 77661

File: 1522631268067.jpg (83.6 KB, 564x871, c0576dc5a2388d786e14e5b7f36020…)

Agreed. Not sure why i'm ashamed but he's the opposite of what I usually go for. He brings out dom tendencies I didn't know I had…unf.

No. 77671


Nothing to be ashamed of. I'd fuck him too, although he kind of makes me want to make him a bowl of soup and let him sleep for sixteen hours before having sex with him. I'm also a little older than him….

No. 77672

File: 1522642437032.jpg (338.7 KB, 1023x1517, 510ea6075d6cd530863d153d244308…)

While we're on Kpop… I'd fuck Gdragon (along with 90% of female Kpop listeners probably). In his Crooked era he was such a skinny little manlet and I don't know why since I usually like my guys tall and muscular but his bitchface gets me wet.

No. 77673


Scrolling through and late post but my German grandfather
(I'm adopted) was fucking handsome as a young man, blond hair and blue eyes. I'm very ashamed to say if he wasn't my grandpa and still 20, I'd do him.

No. 77675

File: 1522643404999.gif (941.74 KB, 500x281, 975674437.gif)

would absolutely do young Michael from Achievement Hunter.
i just wanna tug on his curls.

No. 77683

File: 1522652187110.gif (903.11 KB, 500x289, MJ.gif)

Same anon. Sometimes he looks really unattractive to me depending on his hair length and angles I guess but he can be pretty cute.

No. 77706

File: 1522679301426.jpg (34.77 KB, 400x400, portrait-tusk.jpg)

Nothing but love and admiration for MY Donald T.

No. 77717

Tucker is pure

No. 77729

Hey, that's why I said I'm ashamed

No. 77731

File: 1522700697165.gif (876.19 KB, 500x272, 2917fc9c576d74faf9341412723420…)


these days he's got a baby and a dadbod but I remember in 2013 I thought he was the shit. Except for when he wore beanies and had super long hair.

No. 77732

File: 1522700867337.gif (305.64 KB, 240x189, LankyParchedAmericanwigeon-max…)

No. 77733

File: 1522701370056.jpg (56.91 KB, 307x470, 2066710_2016021204425290014552…)

Abe from Good Morning Call, i guess i'm ashamed beacause i feel like such a weeb when i watch J dramas but he's so cute

No. 77734

File: 1522701788256.jpg (59.94 KB, 564x846, d2299adac55971d94ac880c408cae3…)

speaking of BTS J-Hope isn't the most attractive but he's so hot when he's dancing/on stage

No. 77735

Anon, love yourself. Look at that chin.

No. 77736


His mixtape was shit, though. Hope World was decent with the "hello to my whole world" but the rest were generic and ultimately forgettable.

No. 77738

File: 1522704991478.png (326.75 KB, 620x620, dorito_faced_bad_touch_senpai_…)

wtf nigga

No. 77739

File: 1522705280840.jpg (70.98 KB, 564x846, 80b886c3497e7a06d24016c571e847…)


No. 77740

This nigga a dorito vampire pimp. Whats he wearing thoo

No. 77743

File: 1522709783978.jpg (436.18 KB, 2048x1366, DZU-64mVwAA7-h7.jpg)


I feel you. I'd let the whole AH office run a train on me. Even Gavin, Jeremy and Lindsay. Especially Geoff, Jack, Michael and Ryan.

No. 77744

jhope looks like a middle-aged woman to me. I'd fuck him too though kek.

No. 77745

File: 1522711094828.jpg (84.22 KB, 517x705, ghost7.jpg)

Only with his mask on

No. 77747

File: 1522721175658.png (426.93 KB, 521x536, fghlfj.PNG)

For me, Suga and Jimin. I want to dom them both, mostly because they look so weak and petite AND dress like generic butch/tomboy lesbians.

Jimin particulary wakes up the demon inside me when I see him all vulnerable and feminine while crossing his legs and smiling like some shy highschooler. good god, I just want to bully him until he cries.

No. 77748

File: 1522723321737.gif (497.73 KB, 500x338, marlon.gif)

would dom the shit out of marlon, even as the godfather

No. 77749

File: 1522723925425.gif (1.5 MB, 268x215, a4d5841c38041b53a4c5464bd45a1b…)

agreed about Jimin, but then sometimes he looks like this and ???

No. 77756

File: 1522732153933.jpg (80.75 KB, 1079x702, C3uXGZTXAAAu2Xq.jpg)

That's just his stage persona anon. The first years he tried to be all mainly tho he probably feels more relaxed now without that facade

No. 77757

Suga looks so cute as a girl

No. 77759

File: 1522735143131.jpg (62.05 KB, 500x375, 1849798548745.jpg)

I actually masturbated to "a streetcar called desire" when I was a young teen, I would replay some scenes over and over again to watch his body language, Marlon awakened my sexuality lmao.
He is the ultimate sexual beast in this movie, young muscular yet plump and sexy like a wild animal.

The scene where he scream for Stella and look so upset about her leaving him was my biggest turn on, guess I already had some dom tendencies.

No. 77763

>I just want to bully him until he cries.
that part in Burn the Stage where he got frustrated and cried was arousing ngl.

god bless, I loved that scene too.

No. 77783

>tfw he will never eat your pussy like skittles

No. 77795


he's so fucking hot. i wanted him and sansa on the throne so bad, or even just for them to fuck. goddammit.

No. 77796

File: 1522781433336.jpg (44.02 KB, 540x540, nutttt.jpg)

Timothée Chalamet was ugly-cute to me for the longest time until I saw him in CMBYN. Him speaking French and Italian was hot as fuck, totally turned my perception on him around.

No. 77797

what is so shameful about this?

No. 77798

File: 1522782304347.jpg (54.42 KB, 564x847, e5c2fe1db01f879c7cbb99e8531113…)

same anon, Cole Sprouse also counts even though he seems pretentious as hell and may have abused his ex.

No. 77799

File: 1522782716149.gif (1.17 MB, 245x300, jeremy.gif)

still the same anon. Jeremy Allen White looks like a mole-rat but he's so fine as Lip in Shameless.

No. 77800

File: 1522782743744.gif (1.57 MB, 268x268, tumblr_p5ma07ue3Y1x4vryjo4_400…)

I only "discovered" him around 2 days ago, when another anon used him as a positove example for an actually attractive actor.
No shame in that, he's cute and hot at the same time!

No. 77801

File: 1522784325381.jpg (30.93 KB, 540x700, 1517701859735.jpg)

Timmy a cute! A CUTE!

No. 77804

Is that sarcasm or…?

No. 77807


No. 77812

File: 1522788179230.gif (1.34 MB, 275x275, aw.gif)

Original Tim anon. The answer is because he looks like a twink. I just want to kiss that jaw of his. He's also got wonderful hands.

No. 77813

Why would it be? He's really cute, to everyone really. Doesn't properly belong in this thread but so doesn't the 70% of the guys posted.

No. 77814

He only seems "twinky" because we're not used to seeing young actors.
Usually even actresses in their early/mid 20s get paired up with old, bearded "manly" guys already.

No. 77815

He didn't abuse her. She's an attention whoring twitch titty streamer and dragged on their break up even though he was nice enough to remain private about it.

But yes, he is fine as fuck, his brother even more so, personality-wise as well.

No. 77817

nah, no shame in twinky boys. I think burly, older looking men look gross anyway.

No. 77822

File: 1522797585977.jpeg (73.65 KB, 900x750, E8738705-9647-4ADC-B7E8-56D9F1…)

I’d sit on that dopey mongoloid face tbh

No. 77833

Girl, yes. Not as into Papa III, but II can get it. Too bad it looks like IV is going to be young and "cute".

No. 77834

File: 1522805247288.png (237.55 KB, 620x412, The-Shape-of-Water-620x412.png)

Young Kacyznski was fiiiiiiiine, I'd unironically fuck him.

For mine - Michael Shannon, specifically his character in The Shape of Water.

No. 77835

File: 1522806974080.jpg (359.57 KB, 556x701, 9b11f44a422858449acaf0e1d53873…)

I love Michael Shannon too. He was hot as fuck in the movie Bug.

No. 77838

File: 1522809050416.jpg (35.45 KB, 500x336, fdicwdqfrmg01.jpg)

i'm actually suprised that ted is a virgin still. i mean even mcveigh lost his virginity, but i guess young ted was too autistic.

anyways if people want to fuck murderers, i better see more options than the main 3 everyone says (you know who)

No. 77839

Is it bad I wanna live in a cabin in the woods with him?
And I guess he was just too autistic or something–he dated that one girl but things went bad.

Main three – Bundy, Ramirez, and Dahmer? Or Eric, Dylan, and Dylann?

No. 77840

File: 1522810688291.jpg (56.82 KB, 287x425, kacz_027.jpg)

Don't worry anon, after seeing Manhunt:Unabomber i just wanted to be his wife, living off the wilderness with him. Apparently he has schizophrenia, but he's definitely on the spectrum. I dunno if he still answers letters in ADX.

But yeah, those two main three groups. I would say the former is more common, unless you're really into barely legal teenage boys (I have no idea how old Dylann Roof is, and I don't really care).

No. 77841

File: 1522811142724.jpg (123.87 KB, 650x885, boiiiii.jpg)

Yeah, Paul Bettany was so great as him! And I wrote Ted several months back, didn't get a response though.

I get most of my true crime fix on tumblr (kill me) and I guess since it's mostly teenage girls the school shooters are more popular. Roof is actually 24 today.
[spoiler]I like your style, anon.

No. 77843

Yeah, I'm not even really into Star Wars and am not particularly drawn to his character but yeah… I'd do it.

No. 77844

File: 1522812934024.jpg (10.02 KB, 630x468, 6a00d834515c6d69e200e54f5574a5…)

Dude probably gets an insane amount of letters, and his day is very scheduled so I don't think he has a ton of time to answer letters. Apparently if you write him he always asks for you to buy him something.

But Yeah. BTK, Ridgeway, and Kemper don't answer letters either, I think the only one who does is Berkowitz, but all he does is ramble about Jesus. If there was one decent thing about Ramirez, is that he actually answered letters and was somewhat polite in them.

Back on topic, Meth is a hell of drug. I have no idea how Jim Jones went from this to fat Elvis

No. 77854

File: 1522835541192.jpg (17.33 KB, 650x366, nikolai.jpg)

Richard is the best looking in my opinion. but for some reason I find Nikolai Dzhumagaliev quite good looking and another killer called Konstantin

No. 77856

File: 1522845168069.jpeg (166.17 KB, 606x900, DC178851-61FF-4E93-9676-01B85B…)

i’m sorry anon, but he looks like jason alexander in that photo. not that george contanza isn’t a sweetie tho

underrated is robert hansen. apparently when lpotl made an episode on him lots of other girls though he was cute

No. 77857

File: 1522845277573.jpg (37.44 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

Really? Richard never did it for me.
Speaking of Russian killers, Pichushkin is a qt.

I also think Eric Harris has a certain charm.

No. 77859

File: 1522849116532.jpg (127.52 KB, 900x506, 45454.jpg)

Pichushkin is my favorite, although I do like Ramirez a bunch too. I think Pichuskin has gotten cuter over the years too.

No. 77860

File: 1522850625417.jpeg (112.11 KB, 800x420, D21A74A1-EDA9-4E25-9360-29E266…)

Richard chase was a beaut, too bad he was a serious nutjob.

>He then sliced off her nipple and drank her blood, using an empty yogurt container as a drinking glass; before leaving, he went into the yard, found a pile of dog feces, and returned to stuff it into the corpse's mouth and throat.


No. 77864

File: 1522855157179.jpeg (Spoiler Image,103.13 KB, 1000x1000, 475B3A1E-9684-4BDB-90A1-3A47E9…)

i like pichushkin’s creepy cuteness. I’m surprised he’s not executed yet with him having similar body count to chikatilo.

I don’t think Timothy was that
bad looking either, he does kind of remind me of Eric.

No. 77869

File: 1522857137322.gif (1.99 MB, 245x280, tumblr_nhcyidKU2N1u26kkho1_250…)

Yeah, he only got life although he certainly wasn't insane. I find it interesting how he said "I probably wouldn't have stopped at 64".

And Tim was def a Chad.

The guy who played Eric in Zero Hour was also seriously qt.

No. 77877

File: 1522861417270.jpeg (21.66 KB, 209x307, EC60D7A5-0D3E-42EC-80B3-F672F2…)

both actors in zero hour were ridiculously qt. i don’t want this thread to go off topic, so i made a general true crime thread >>239479

No. 77878

Thanks, anon!
Anyway sorry for all you non-hybristo anons out there who had to see this.

No. 77891

File: 1522868967273.jpg (36.32 KB, 450x600, dd1aedbda1ad7fa80c3af20aef1a69…)

Why would you guys be ashamed of this? Michael Shannon is the perfect man honestly.

Only thing prettier than his face is his voice imo.

No. 77893

No Michael Shannon is great, but specifically his antagonist character in Shape of Water turned me on.

No. 77897

>i’m sorry anon, but he looks like jason alexander in that photo.
fight me

No. 77901

File: 1522873186376.gif (1.29 MB, 480x360, 67834628764.gif)

its quite shameful, but yeah Richard in his 20-30s šwas prime boyo meat for me.

On the other hand I have never seen the appeal of Aleksandr

Konstantin Shumkov, pic related looks good. However there is not many pictures of him out there. But the ones I've seen caught my eye

No. 77914

File: 1522880175470.jpg (17.3 KB, 500x525, 412413-500w.jpg)

Neels visser.
Im not ashamed tho, hes literally perfection and his smile is just 2 cute 4 me.

No. 77934

File: 1522888228810.png (76.23 KB, 166x238, PULL (9).png)

No. 77942

go away, yumi

No. 77943

File: 1522893553379.jpeg (64.57 KB, 960x540, DEA71A07-1571-465E-82DC-E1B714…)

No. 77945

But Yumi isn't ashamed, anon

No. 77946

Doesn't belong in this thread, then. It specifies average, ugly, creepy, otherwise undesired. How hard is that.

No. 78019

File: 1522947732867.jpg (49.37 KB, 754x407, DW0_SrFW4AIa9FG.jpg)

I don't like his voice and I'm ambivalent on his politics, but something about his skinny arms, rat-like face, and smug pout really gets to me.

No. 78027

sorry, im not american, whats this buoys name

No. 78028

David Hogg, a.k.a. the Hogg, a.k.a. Boss Hogg.
(I'm trying to get that last one to catch on, it hasn't yet.

No. 78031

File: 1522954906317.jpg (148.05 KB, 800x1200, 41532.jpg)

I'm really ashamed because he probably fucked one billion women but I think he has a nice dick and I love his dirty talk.

Would gladly bang Rocco Siffredi too.

No. 78087

File: 1522981747833.jpeg (32.83 KB, 360x288, 4BC566C0-A752-41E1-9D67-776143…)

John Cleese.

Something about funny guys tickles my clit and I had a major crush on him when I was growing up watching Monty Pythons. Now he’s old and has a Santa belly but he could still get it.

No. 78088

File: 1522981831817.jpeg (39.89 KB, 460x276, 4003C9A6-3DF3-4FA9-A209-5EE98B…)

Same anon, I don’t think it’s a coincidence my ex looks just like Cleese did when he was younger. Same eyes and everything. Unf.

No. 78127

File: 1523026893846.png (151.13 KB, 300x300, devonbostick.png)

i guess my "average" would be devon bostick. he does have his ugly moments. I do remember him being my first celeb crush from the diary of a wimpy kid lmao.

No. 78129

Lol, i had a crush on Rodrick too

No. 78130

Me three, too bad he got replaced

No. 78131

Did he? It's been ages since i've watched it
Also, probably the first time i saw a guy with eyeliner (and i loved it)

No. 78133

File: 1523027686314.png (315.92 KB, 1200x675, Not-MyRodrick.png)

Yeah in the new movie that came out last year they replaced the whole damn cast. Remember #notmyrodrick?

No. 78135

Never heard of that lol
I get that he's too old now, but tbh the new guy doesn't look much younger either (and he is/looks asian…?)

No. 78163


i get into true crime and serial killers too, but this is y'all

No. 78181

File: 1523075468933.png (944.35 KB, 1154x754, rare2.png)

there's a reason why this thread is called men you're ashamed to fuck anon

No. 78201

that is funny

No. 78211

Ok this is actually really funny.

No. 78353

File: 1523143230835.jpg (55.82 KB, 540x525, vinyotvinesnauce.jpg)

He comes off as a hipster memelord who'd probably be a boring fuck but I'd still hop on it.

No. 78378

File: 1523166605188.jpg (81.11 KB, 960x500, i1.jpg)

Yeah, he looked hella weird in Misfits. But with that beard he's a solid 10/10

No. 78403

File: 1523187699332.jpg (103.11 KB, 1080x1239, 5aea4fed8d69f436e63b4fdd7a04e4…)

It's really embarrassing but I kinda have a thing for the douchey white boy (left) from the Jake Paul song.

No. 78404

File: 1523187949970.jpg (26.08 KB, 500x535, feynman.jpg)

But not in his later dorky-ass bongo drum playing years.

No. 78407


we raised you better than this.

No. 78412

Same anon, I feel like he’d be so awkward in person and I wanna make him squirm mmm. Also Joel, something about that Swedish metalhead just gets me

No. 78426

He might be stupid but he def looks cute

No. 78465

File: 1523218771031.jpg (266.03 KB, 1080x1262, blinyort.jpg)

>I wanna make him squirm
Girl yesss. He really seems like he needs a good fuck or at least a good succ. He's pretty good at keeping his life private though so I wonder if he's already got someone for those things. A big part of me says "probably not" lol.
Anyway here's another Vin picture.


You clearly have amazing taste anon.

No. 78524

File: 1523249462145.jpg (49.69 KB, 750x421, jeffrey-dahmer.jpg)

Jeffrey Dahmer was hot imo

No. 78548

File: 1523255397311.jpg (49.16 KB, 620x387, thomyorke.jpg)

Thom Yorke from Radiohead. I don't even know why. :/

No. 78607

File: 1523293016009.jpeg (31.15 KB, 278x209, AAE01F1F-4791-4C05-86F4-A8B84A…)

yes i love vinny
classic choice anon, but you missed all the other posts with murderer crushes
he looks much better with short hair imo

No. 78647

I fully agree anon. I find him extremely attractive.

No. 78978

File: 1523561080066.jpg (169.19 KB, 1024x1024, oh no.jpg)

This is shameful and I wanna kms, but I'd fucc Sam Hyde. Sorry my fellow anons for the mental image

No. 79013

File: 1523578872165.jpg (404.16 KB, 1000x563, million-dollar-extreme-present…)

You're not alone, he's been posted before many times. There's something about his stupid average face I have a thing for and his giant body dominating mine.

>tfw his over 6 foot body will never loom over you and harshly force your legs apart so he can pound you faster than the speed of Helios's chariot

Forgive me for I have sinned.

No. 79067

My thoughts exactly lmao. He also looks a lot bigger and looks like he has more muscles now than in the early days of MDE.

I saw a video of him surrounded by other people and he made them look like small children.

No. 79079

i wanted to fuck his greasy ass real bad back in the day when he was funny. once he took tha red pill i started finding him SO disgusting and now i can't even look at him. funny how the cookie crumbles

No. 79103


Not to kinkshame but ew

No. 79106

Sa but since I shat on someone else's taste I might as well open myself to being shat on

I would fuck idubbbz. I love lanky nerdy guys

No. 79110

At least my vision was mildly hot. Meanwhile you're going to get on Ian's nasty, golden, wirey-pubed ballsack and long rat face.

No. 79117

Hell yeah

No. 79129

Fuck, it's embarrassing, but me too.

No. 79140

I don't think he's all that good-looking but I'd hate-fuck him tbh. As long as he bathes first.

No. 79182

Same tbh, I love his veiny arms.
Also, to elaborate on my liking of Sam. I'd want him to slap me and dominate me. I AM SO ASHAMED HELP

No. 79242

File: 1523723918909.jpg (37.17 KB, 790x395, Radiohead-Jonny-Greenwood-3[1]…)

For me it's Jonny Greenwood

After all these years, he's still so fucking cute

No. 79395

File: 1523900495286.jpg (7.67 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

you may laugh at his "big" forehead but I think he has it all. He has a way with words, seems intelligent and super fun.

No. 79399

I hate myself for saying this but idubbbz is hot. he's got really nice facial features and is tall and slender.

No. 79402

File: 1523908261479.jpeg (79.57 KB, 563x800, 3EDB09C9-12B5-4390-AD1A-865A83…)


He also exudes confidence. Humor and confidence are two big turn ons for a lot of women

No. 79403

I like how he embraces the whole "looks like a school shooter" thing.

No. 79404

He exudes confidence when? He seems like a giant pussy according to the anisa threads here.

No. 79406

>anisa threads
Oh my, no idea we had milk of her.

I also think idubbbz is a hottie mchottie. His jaw line is 10/10 and those glasses. Umf.

No. 79410


He literally shaved an inch off his hairline to rebut an insult. If that aint ballsy.

No. 79464

He did it for the video and he's a guy, so doeent matter it he shaves his head or not. How is that ballsy?

Hahaha be prepared to be turned off.

No. 79476

Of course, who wouldn't want a sexy, slim high-functioning autistic bf who is the true and honest creator of Sonichu?

No. 79713

File: 1524191276906.jpg (11.48 KB, 280x242, 14775998111.jpg)

Really embarrassing given recent events but… I'd smash college-age Zucc

No. 79716

File: 1524192245391.jpg (22.66 KB, 500x370, ZeroDay10-Bank.jpg)

I wanna fuck Cal from Zero
Day more than any other 3DPD.

For those unfamiliar with the movie- it's a found footage movie heavily inspired by Columbine. Wanting to fuck him is barely better than wanting to fuck Dylan Klebold.

No. 79717

File: 1524192798448.gif (960.59 KB, 485x262, 8d8008a950b7459febf4e6d7686ef0…)

What a coincidence cause I wanna fuck the Eric Harris character!

My friends hate me and my mother is endlessly disappointed.

No. 79725

File: 1524194303360.jpg (74.55 KB, 600x430, Andre_Kriegman_&_Calvin_Gabrie…)

Glad to know I'm not alone in my degeneracy. We are truly a disgrace.

No. 79737

i haven't seen the movie but he looks pretty fucking cute to me

No. 79741

Well, except that he's an actor and a qt and hasn't murdered anyone?

No. 79809

I'm attracted to the character, not just the hot actor playing him. Hence why it's so shameful. Especially since the movie is really convincing found footage style. It's better than being a straight up Columbiner, but still on the spectrum.

No. 79851

>on the Columbiner spectrum
That's a good way to put it. Do you find it kinda hot when he's yelling during the shooting scene? Cause I do.
Saged for OT

No. 80563

File: 1524669835159.jpg (323.4 KB, 978x612, Screenshot_20180425-112129.jpg)

Patrick Brown.
I don't know why, but I find him kind of cute. Turns out he was being a perv to young women/underage girls or something. IDK if it's true as he is suing the news company that report it. But damn, he makes my heart flutter lol

No. 80575

He is kinda cute. I'd happily sell my virginity to him. He's got lots of money, I'm sure the price would not make a dent in his wallet.

No. 80828

File: 1524705375870.jpg (31.37 KB, 500x378, killlllllme.jpg)

heyyy y'all! i think i posted about zd in another thread

I'm in Cal Gabriel hell forever.

No. 80843

nice try zucc

No. 80883

File: 1524722393723.jpg (42.36 KB, 920x711, 920x920.jpg)

Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung Hui
these guns turn me on so much

No. 80897

File: 1524730524037.jpeg (32.03 KB, 710x702, G2T-THKG.jpeg)

I'm not usually into fatties but tbh he's adorable

No. 81004

Who is this? He looks familiar

>Do you find it kinda hot when he's yelling during the shooting scene?
… I do, actually

No. 81005

Same, too bad he's taken :P
Good to know I'm not the only one…
Do you have a throwaway? I wanna have someone to talk about zero day with :(
Saged for oT

No. 81006

I do. It's in the field. I look forward to finally having someone to talk about that movie with.

No. 81008

Dorian Chandelier/"P'tit Gros"

No. 81054

File: 1524847291563.jpg (16.95 KB, 333x450, caesar.jpg)

Jeremy Sisto when he played as Caesar ughhh. In highschool we watched this film and my heart was fluttering every time he showed up on screen tbh.

No. 81086

holy shit this is somehow worse than the guy fieri and xavier renegade angel anons. ahaha

No. 81088

Please no bully Jesse Eisenberg was really cute in that movie

No. 81144

File: 1524981217764.jpg (17.04 KB, 199x252, c7362d2f-f4e5-47e0-9575-dce8b2…)

Young B was cute with great eyebrows

No. 81164

I'm not american either. Who's that cute boy on the left?

No. 81173

Isn't that a girl?

No. 81175

File: 1525005336255.png (803.45 KB, 600x600, 6a2.png)

That's how low lolcow has sunk
>I totally don't like disgusting manly guys, kpop twinks and animu boys are the best!1!1
>Uhm, that's a girl…?

No. 81187

Yes, Barry was cute (not so much anymore tho :( )

Kek, that's a girl, Emma Gonzales

No. 81204

what a weird generalization to make

No. 81210

Wew this weird post
Take a breather, robot. Sorry no one likes crusty, rugged dirty old men.

No. 81212

Are you implying that we're lying about what we're attracted to? Good grief.

I've also seen a good number of girls on here who are attracted to manly men, and some who are attracted to cute-but-not-super-feminine guys as well. The disproportionate number of ladies into twinky east asians can be explained away by a lot of us being weebs/koreaboos in the past.

Or are you insulting feminine men? Or lesbians? I can't tell.

No. 81214

No, i'm a girl. I just found it funny that there seem to be anons who are so obsessed with twinky guys that they're even accidentally attracted to boyish looking women lol Imo there's a clear difference between her and a dude, but if one can't see that…
Also there have been anons even posting underage guys in the cute boys thread etc, that's what i was referring to with lc's general obsession with twinks.

No. 81232

it's because fat girls tend to be into that type of dude

No. 81233

Lol what.
>the shit farmers say

No. 81258

File: 1525073923208.jpg (40.27 KB, 630x472, ff_neuroscienceofmagic2_f.jpg)


i did a ctrl+f for teller. my bf and i have an agreement that if in some impossible way the opportunity arises we would jump his guts. I have no idea, he seems incredibly intelligent and his whole act is adorable and mysterious. wtf is wrong with us lol

No. 81317

any indian guy

No. 81333

I kinda like his cringey way on misfits
I came to post him. I wwouldn't admit to anyone I know but I would 100% fuck him.
I mean, the actor is pretty ok looking, I don't even feel ashamed for this one.

fucking kek, he was so weird at their podcast, he looks stoned all the time.

No. 81362

File: 1525182297227.png (349.89 KB, 600x400, hfgdhc.png)

Somewhat mood.

I'm holding out for a nice one who grew up in the west and doesn't have a nightmare family, though. I'm not even Indian, just personally find their (general) features attractive (especially Tamil guys…).

>inb4 racist anons tell me to love myself

>inb4 SJ anons call me a race-fetishist

Pic related is my contribution to the thread anyway, complete opposite to the type I just described. He also did questionable things in the past apparently?

No. 81376

File: 1525195673210.jpg (34.79 KB, 400x400, IMG_9400.JPG)

I'd fuck Charlie Kelly in a heartbeat. He's a terrible character but he's also sweet and endearing in a way?

No. 81385

Harris looks like he's gonna go bald once he turns 30 but I also would absolutely fuck him I also like his Sherlock video

He's so stupid and disgusting but also insanely adorable

No. 81389


lmao, he's definitely the nicest one out of the group tbf.

No. 81440

File: 1525268533049.gif (998.26 KB, 500x281, O74o2Ee.gif)

t h a n k y o u.

i said it earlier (in this thread specifically i believe) but i would absolutely bone fat mac.

No. 81481

>He also did questionable things in the past apparently?
Deets? I love his videos and I'd hate if that were true.

No. 81492

Fat Mac is my fucking kryptonite. I would let him stick anything anywhere he wants in me.

No. 81508

File: 1525327667256.jpg (31.92 KB, 477x480, f00b7279ceeb67bfdb7ae5bb7345e5…)

Both of the guys from They Might Be Giants when they were younger. Their weirdness just makes them so endearing to me

No. 81509

File: 1525329406190.jpg (35.44 KB, 400x400, 9_KPvzGJ_400x400.jpg)

i know we've had kpop itt before, but im SO ashamed
literally never thought i would be a kpopfag plus he's 2 years younger than me
but hes so deliciously cute i just want to get him under me and make him cry

No. 81512

>All these korean guys who could be models IF they're not models already

Yeah, super embarrassing.

No. 81515

File: 1525343634676.jpg (18.54 KB, 320x320, Kiriya Kazuaki.jpg)

Well I got an strange one, Kazuaki Kiriya. I know he's extremely plain looking as far as Japanese guys go, but I think he has a cute smile, and seems to havea nice outgoing personality. Never been into bishi asian guys and something about him hit's me right. Also he's tall I guess, that' about the only thing most people would find about him attractive.

That being said his movies are mediocre and he seems to have questionable taste in women seeing as he married Utada when she was 16.

No. 81517

Wikipedia says she was 19? But he was 34, so nevertheless it's gross

No. 81523

Apparently someone on his production team was sexually creepy towards a friend of his in the past, then when that friend confided in him hbomb didn't believe them. He did apologize about it on tumblr so, no, it wasn't just heresy:
Original callout (Klaus deleted their blog):

Take that as you will. I still think he generally means well and isn't EVIL or anything. He just seemed caught between believing one of two friends and then quickly realized he couldn't take back his incorrect immediate reaction.

No. 81564

File: 1525375930728.png (285.39 KB, 492x768, IMG_9444.PNG)

Fat Mac is cute also! He looks like he's made for hugs (and more).
Also the really shameful part comes from the fact that after a round with Charlie I'd probably go for Liam

No. 81585

Right, all these little kids who are into kpoop nowadays just want to shit up any thread they can with their boring plastic surgery korean idols. I don't see how any of these conventionally attractive national celebrities are "embarrassing". This is the ashamed thread, not the "I would fuck this guy because he's korean and famous" thread. Japs look better anyway lol.

No. 81587

File: 1525386292618.jpg (44.57 KB, 480x640, jay.jpg)

Can any other british anons relate?

No. 81617

File: 1525418131772.png (370.04 KB, 467x729, 93984938NKDJE.png)

I still find Joji cute with his bloated face and greasy emo hair. Would definitely smash.

No. 81620

File: 1525420112496.jpeg (53.37 KB, 720x800, 27C7BF43-BCBE-4364-9B41-639B85…)

You posted the wrong guy. Here. I’m sure this is what you meant

No. 81638

File: 1525443211629.jpg (28.51 KB, 1280x720, rlJxybE.jpg)

No. 81650

File: 1525451838288.jpg (57.47 KB, 500x346, QL8TtL3.jpg)

No. 81672

File: 1525479626150.jpg (12.64 KB, 400x266, 949b9651d4b5ac54d93ccb543b627f…)

The dude is a pornstar.

No. 81673

i would too tbh. even though he is married, has a child, and has banged hundreds of girls, hes damn attractive ugh

No. 81674

File: 1525481043299.jpg (23.73 KB, 420x280, hoshino01.jpg)

so? i'd fuck him until his eyes rolled back in his head

but seriously tho, it makes no sense posting these pretty/cute guys here.

No. 81675

this is exactly why people are ashamed to be attracted to kpop idols though dude. you automatically stereotyped everyone who posted a korean person as "little kids". This is the "ashamed thread" not the "ugly people" thread. The OP even says
>It doesn't have to be a big reason that you're ashamed, just say why.

No. 81676

sage for samefag, I hit reply too early, but also a lot of kpop fans are fucking freaks and thinly-veiled pedos so of course people are going to be ashamed to be lumped in with them.

No. 81677

File: 1525490751544.jpg (63.26 KB, 501x504, cjfjoifuuaeca8i2.jpg)


No. 81678

are you saying you want to fuck the Happy Merchant man?

No. 81679


>Men who are ugly, unattractive, average-looking, creepy, weird or just plain shameful

nta. idk this line makes me think OP's intention wasn't exactly posting these fuckbois but ok

i think the main difference is, if people fucked any of these ugly guys posted here they'd be truly ashamed whereas fucking these cute k-pop idols would be something they could brag about and also make their fangirls jealous af

No. 81682

maybe we should just have a guys you'd fuck general lol. there's so many that aren't shameful enough for the shame thread, but if you post them in the cute boys thread or guys you fap to thread, people that don't share your taste complain that they're not conventionally attractive enough. I feel like that's a common experience

No. 81684

>fucking these cute k-pop idols would be something they could brag about and also make their fangirls jealous af
ah I guess you have a point, a lot of people do genuinely find kpop idols ugly as fuck which is another reason why I'd say they're technically on-topic but generally speaking I guess it wouldn't really be shameful to fuck a fit successful dude with a huge admiring fanbase lol

there was a "guys you fap to" thread but even in there posting a single Korean dude would result in people accusing the poster of being an Asian incel trying to boost his own ego. maybe we need a Yellow Fever Containment Thread kek

No. 81687

File: 1525500866728.jpg (301.42 KB, 1280x720, generalhux-1280-1513800617531_…)

i Want. to Destroy Him

No. 81688

File: 1525501412754.jpg (125.06 KB, 683x1024, 14c83f762a2e63061f9a89a4f3de8f…)

i want peter tägtgren to ruin my life

No. 81694

Looks like someone been watching tvp lately

No. 81741

File: 1525545717404.jpg (15.27 KB, 312x264, tumblr_oruxufT8rX1wokec5o1_400…)

I'd hate to be his wife cuz then I'd have to realize the fact that he's fucked women so many times and he could've gotten someone pregnant.

No. 81834


>maybe we need a Yellow Fever Containment Thread kek

Ahaha I'd actually be down for this, I have Yellow Fever like crazy and it's one of the main reasons why I'm so ashamed of liking Kpop guys

No. 81943

File: 1525670646319.gif (1.71 MB, 503x281, taylor-kitsch-waco.gif)

Taylor Kitsch as David Koresh, I would be one of his wives.

No. 81975

File: 1525707784918.jpg (5.45 KB, 139x202, 565731242.jpg)

I'm unironically going to hell

No. 82501

File: 1526214739675.png (730.65 KB, 1039x1471, P8tpNIK.png)

I'm sorry, but he's exactly my type.

No. 82502

But he looks like a bleached Mr Bean…

No. 82510

I’m sorry anon, but what is your type? Coked-out bottle blonde with a square face, beak nose, and skinny body? Who else do you find attractive? No shame, just baffled

No. 82523

Agree, he's really cute. I don't care anymore since I found out he's a pos. Such a shame. Looks so nice but he's rotten inside.

No. 82525

File: 1526239667277.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.45 KB, 540x405, DVMVzKYWAAAYdVw.jpg)

No. 82527

File: 1526239921608.jpg (38.9 KB, 605x464, tumblr_p6gcpnNNhA1wwmmejo1_128…)

He was really cute back when he was still with Mars to be honest.
He's still handsome but after reading >>82502 I literally can't unsee Rowan Atkinson in a wig when I look at him

No. 82537

File: 1526249031390.jpg (14.58 KB, 300x300, fat-nick-3.jpg)

whats wrong with me ugh

No. 82551

i think there's something to this. if you're conventionally hot you can be a jerk and you'll still look hot. but if you have one of these in between faces where you have some nice features and some derpy ones, how hot you appear really does change depending on your personality. if he was a really sweet interesting guy his cute features would be more obvious and his derpy ones might just come off as quirky and maybe even endearing. instead, we know he's a piece of shit and a narc so his derpy features just seem straight up ugly. don't kill me but i also think onion has a similar phenomenon. he has a few traditional handsome features among all the greasy and caveman ones so if he wasn't a rotten narc he would probably seem a lot cuter.

i know this might all sound very uwu but i really believe it

No. 82558

File: 1526256660574.jpeg (33.48 KB, 602x379, main-qimg-d624742193a38d7c893e…)

I find him adorable like I find pugs adorable but also I'd do him

No. 82576

Now that is truly shameful.

No. 82577

seconded, his personality makes him so cute

No. 82589

File: 1526277450238.jpeg (23.51 KB, 220x288, CD7C3C57-29EF-4396-97D4-D54447…)

His hair is stupid but I love watching his dimples when he talks

No. 82590

Mike Stoklasa. I live in the same city as him and work a block from a really popular historic theatre and it’s my fantasy to run into him

No. 82597

File: 1526299332938.jpeg (11.88 KB, 511x288, images (4).jpeg)

I don't even know why

No. 82615

Man, what a POS. I knew from the moment I found out Poppy had a "master" that he was a scumbag

No. 82653

thought i was the only one who noticed his chubby/swollen face. did he gain weight or what?

No. 82654

"pug eyes" are so cute, i don't understand how people find that ugly

No. 82655

idk who this is but he's adorable.

No. 82661

It's Mesut Özil, a german soccer player of turkish origin.

No. 82666

File: 1526371681689.png (279.52 KB, 439x563, 093099834JHF09.png)

Probably gained some weight, plus constantly eating ton of carbs and greasy food, it can make your face super puffy. It looks even more dramatic because he already has a big flat face naturally.

In "yeah right" he looked like his normal old self with his short hair, but every part were he has long hair he looks super bloated.

No. 82683

File: 1526401139083.jpeg (90.62 KB, 732x549, CD4BF041-3804-4339-92AD-119C9D…)

No. 82730

File: 1526496975329.jpg (48.2 KB, 644x643, United_Bamboo_triad_mafia_1.JP…)

I'd fuck the long haired guy in the back

No. 82734

File: 1526500535062.jpg (45.28 KB, 625x415, gabe.jpg)

umm, but why would you be ashamed?

pic related is mine

No. 82736

he's one of those guys that their personality makes them so much hotter than they actually are kek

No. 82758

Well it's a random pic but the file name states he's a member of the United Bamboo triad, I first saw it when browsing worst criminal organizations. Gang members/criminals in general disgust me so I'd be ashamed and scared at the same time

No. 82766

File: 1526517680176.jpeg (5.64 KB, 299x168, download.jpeg)

In my recollection I thought he would be shameful but now that I google imaged him I don't he's bad at all. What do other anons think?

No. 82831

he could actually be cute with better hair I think

No. 82832

File: 1526618222858.jpg (67.63 KB, 710x473, 02-jared-kushner-saudi-arabia.…)

dropped my pic oops

No. 82891


love his character on Silicon Valley so much

No. 83146

File: 1526948736201.jpg (57.51 KB, 960x640, morgue.jpg)

This bottle blond edgelord tbh. His "cult" is ignorant and filled with underlying anger, seems like he has his head shoved so deep up his ass, and his face looks like an old bag of bones, but I think he looks really cool when he performs and his smile is cute. Also does anyone know how old he is? He looks like he's in his early 40s with that wrinkly ass face.

No. 83152

Who even is that?

No. 83155

read the file name retard

No. 83156

Henry Rollins has aged so well imo in both personality and appearance. I mean I'd fuck him when he was younger too, but I find the current Henry way more attractive just because he seems so insightful and down-to-earth. I listen to Black Flag but I never really paid attention to Rollins until I recently watched an episode of him on the Shirtless Painter and developed the biggest crush even though he's almost 40 years older than me lmao

No. 83157

File: 1526955865466.jpg (303.59 KB, 2235x1377, henryrollins.jpg)

whoops dropped image

No. 83158

…Why don't you just reverse image search it?

No. 83160

Cause I’m on my phone
Oh of course, I should have assumed “morgue” was that guy’s name. Silly me.

No. 83166


100% with you there anon, old henry rollins can fuck me up anyday

No. 83261

File: 1527133522956.jpeg (24.16 KB, 275x206, 1526164877592.jpeg)

He used to be kind of cute. Don't do drugs kids.

No. 83285

You can do it on your phone, just like you can browse lolcow on your phone. Lazy?

No. 83586

File: 1527443159589.jpg (107.35 KB, 1920x1080, pete-davidsons-comedic-career-…)

No. 83689

File: 1527542916739.jpeg (34.52 KB, 600x350, 6EE1E211-7CB8-42A5-8393-98B7FE…)

Deffo let him stuff his big crucifix up my asshole

No. 83728

File: 1527572341117.jpeg (425.01 KB, 1242x1538, 4E2A434A-B7C0-4C0D-8375-27AE32…)

Slovakian view hungry potato David Dobrik.

No. 84151

File: 1528044614839.jpg (112.7 KB, 1077x1077, 30079978.jpg)

This fucker.

No. 84153


the fact ariana fucking grande is dating this ugly ass motherfucker… i'm disgusted. she always date the ugliest men. i swear i see better looking guys at the fucking bus stop. WHYYY would a celebrity or anyone want to date that guy???

No. 84154

Pls tell me you would only bang him when he wasn't a troon

No. 84155

Why ? He still looks like a man, Anon.

No. 84158

Fugg u got me there

No. 84159

File: 1528046085800.png (382.89 KB, 550x550, ap,550x550,12x12,1,transparent…)

His music sucks, he snorts a fuck ton of coke and looks like a demon but for some reason I want to ride him

No. 84176

File: 1528072068627.jpg (208.87 KB, 960x946, IMG_20180603_201432.jpg)

Everything about him is cringy, and he's such a tryhard edgelord, along with his music being complete trash but I just can help but find him so sexy.
Sadly he's just one among many in a long list of trashy SoundCloud rappers I would fuck.

No. 84188

is this a fakeboi?

No. 84205

File: 1528120944630.png (158.68 KB, 404x337, 1490999721268.png)

Worst one in this thread so far. Is this thing even human? Get some help, girl.

No. 84228

File: 1528148080802.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.71 KB, 771x960, IMG_20180604_173036.jpg)

No, he's Lil Peep's old roommate and is part of that general SoundCloud scene. He just looks a little feminine

No. 84230

File: 1528148884739.jpg (100.82 KB, 800x800, GR_Circ_800_N2_1024x1024.jpg)

He looks like I feel, a big mess. Idk if it's the tattoos, his drained face or the hopeless eyes, somehow I just want to jump him

No. 84241

File: 1528155490654.jpg (22.45 KB, 523x319, _20180605_002215.JPG)

I'm another young varg fan, but specifically the moment when he smiled at the camera after being found guilty is so hot to me and I'm not even close to being a metal fan

No. 84257

Ok, I keep seeing this guy posted and something about a trial? Story? Every time I forget about it someone posts “ugh same, young varg and metal but he’s so shit bc what he did” and now I want to know.

No. 84259

He's notorious in the black metal scene because he burned down some churches, and killed Euronymous from Mayhem.

No. 84262

i ashamedly agree. i know he's got BPD and he's probably batshit (see: he already got tattoos of ariana grande's initials and they've been dating for like 2 weeks? maybe?) but he's still so hot to me

No. 84264

File: 1528170241785.jpg (16.84 KB, 220x220, 220px-Lil_Xan.jpg)

Lil Xan. He's hot as hell from certain angles and he's a sweetheart.

No. 84267

File: 1528175709794.png (156.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-05-07-09-56…)


From pic related and quick skimming of the Euronymous page I see that both of them were equally retarded.

No. 84270

oh man he looks like such a tryhard edgelord

No. 84283

>From pic related and quick skimming of the Euronymous page I see that both of them were equally retarded.

Oh yeah, he's a massive lolcow. Nowadays he has a youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/ThuleanPerspective) where he regularly make videos of inane ramblings on topics like race and magna evropa stuff. He should have a thread here.

No. 84285

Varg's not lolcow material. He's just very contradictory and his views on certain things are retarded but for the most part he just preaches survivalism and shows off his kids and home on videos now while occassionally saying something about the most random topics. He also knows he's a meme and posts threads of himself on 4chan a lot. Too boring, no milk.

No. 84286

Wow, I'm lowkey horrified people might be actually listening to him and sharing his viewpoint.
He seems to be a piece of shit.
Side note - I know that so many metalheads hate the idea that they are dangerous or satanist… and then you have Varg.

No. 84288

Sage for doubleposting, but he has children? Jesus, they are fucked with such a father. Is his gf some kind of true crime groupie?

No. 84289

Yup, 7 kids now.
His wife is 15 years younger than he is, and they got married in 2007, when she was around 19, but Varg only came out of prison in 2009. So it's likely that his wife initiated a correspondence with him as a fan, when he was in prison and she was in her teens. His first kid with her was born in 2007, before he was out of prison.

No. 84292

His wife was writing to him while he was in prison, and yes she was a fan of his. She legit has autism too so she's living her own autistic fantasy with him I guess.

No. 84297

File: 1528214126501.jpg (52.75 KB, 450x585, IMG_2545.JPG)

wanting to fuck Gackt from like 15-20 years ago isn't that embarrassing, there's a few time periods where I think he looked incredible, I just feel like I was supposed to have stopped thinking that now that I'm not a teenage weeb

the fact that I'd still fuck him now that his face looks like it's sliding off is definitely something I'm ashamed of, I KNOW he's a gross old man who definitely has a massive ego but he was such a cutie when he used to wear leather and platforms and I'd accept being about 2 decades too late for that and fuck him now

No. 84299

lol he's not a satanist. just a very stubborn "iron pill" pagan into self reliance stuff. i don't agree with a lot of what he says but he's pretty harmless these days

No. 84303

File: 1528217458439.gif (1.97 MB, 350x233, tumblr_nny2jcDwVQ1r8dxfio1_400…)

>he was such a cutie when he used to wear leather and platforms and I'd accept being about 2 decades too late for that and fuck him now
I'm gonna cry anon, he's been my main crush since forever. And I'd still die to do him, even nowadays lol

No. 84310

File: 1528221629476.jpg (121.44 KB, 750x1125, IMG_3990-1.jpg)

This motherfucker. I would 100% bone him despite being much younger than him. There's just something abt him.

No. 84316

Yeah I know but the whole burning churches and murdering fellow edgelord to see who's more deranged give metalheads a bad name. >>84289

7 kids?! Does he not know to wrap his willie before he puts it in. Why do people that should not have any kids insist on having as many as possible?
I would be calmed by the autism of his wife but the fact that they have kids… Omg… How do you even explain the bullshit that you pulled in your youth? Must be nice to have a daddy who's a murderer as well as church burner and a notorious edgelord. I feel sorry for them.

No. 84321

Well, now's your chance I guess

He looks a lot better in videos than in photos. A real cutie in my opinion

No. 84339

Would definitely also fuck Gackt, partly because I think he's still really hot and partly just out of curiosity just to see what he'd be like

No. 84348

File: 1528240936223.jpg (46.09 KB, 480x480, 6ac923b8.jpg)

He's still fine as hell specially compared to the fugs in this thread. I'd be more concerned about his personality tbh always got creepy vibes from him. Would still bang tho idk if he'd want a hafu like me he seems pretty obsessed with white girls

No. 84372

File: 1528259969989.jpg (116.99 KB, 1200x668, DRlUvQoUQAAhwts.jpg)

Jesus anon, he sure is taking care of himself but the hairstyle does his face no favors. He looks like a bitchy mother of your high school friend who's fat and spends all days watching soap operas, gossiping and arguing.

Hideo fucking Kojima looks better, and he's not trying to be a heartthrob.

No. 84398

He looks like my chinese boyfriend's mom.

tbh I've always thought Gackt was mad overrated. He wasn't ugly but there were plenty of other jrockers that were more attractive imo.

No. 84401

File: 1528280032702.gif (1.58 MB, 280x210, tumblr_p9naeqrdRJ1r8dxfio6_400…)

idk if he'd want a hafu like me he seems pretty obsessed with white girls
…that's the one thing that always gave me hope lol

I disagree. Now his styling might be horrible and he's had too much ps, but when he was younger his face was definitely extraordinary, way above the average Japanese man. And besides Atsushi Sakurai and maybe young Hyde pretty much everybody else looks shit.

No. 84424

He was incredibly pretty when he was young, but I have no idea what happened. Seeing his current photos was a shock. I'm not surprised that he decided to have lots of ps. Wonder if that was truly the best they could do. I don't get why he has that awful hairstyle. That's the worst thing about his current look.
Someone buy this man a nice wig

No. 84445

File: 1528313825346.jpg (9.4 KB, 256x256, bDl3Dvat_400x400.jpg)

Sorry but this pic really makes him look like Ahmed Angel

No. 84446

If he was fat and Arab, then yes lol

No. 84459

at first i thought someone actually wanted to fuck ahmed angel