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File: 1530505005626.jpg (13.17 KB, 268x230, jeffdisgusted.jpg)

No. 86886

Previous: >>63152

Third times a charm! Starting off with a classic.

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly,creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

No. 86893

File: 1530506556358.gif (1.71 MB, 300x224, 8CB7E9B5-812C-4B40-9E81-A97F8B…)

the one and only

No. 86895

File: 1530506685913.jpg (92.18 KB, 650x462, vince-mcmahon-bang-316.jpg)

No. 86901

File: 1530515332683.jpg (70.38 KB, 320x320, steve.jpg)

No. 86906

File: 1530518259224.jpg (29.44 KB, 575x348, Ronnie-Magro.jpg)

>>86886 He is a gross human being on so many levels but he is so narcissistic it makes me morbidly curious about his skills in bed.

No. 86933

File: 1530544166595.jpg (541.51 KB, 816x1030, Data,_2366.jpg)


>tfw no fully functional android bf

No. 86935

File: 1530545912176.jpg (155.07 KB, 1200x1200, john-wilkes-booth-9219681-1-40…)

John Wilkes Booth

No. 86936

File: 1530545980242.jpeg (45.15 KB, 630x436, 57c4a3a7180000dd10bcde55.jpeg)

Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. He was my first crush at an abnormally young age, along with Bill Nye.

No. 86937

File: 1530546037760.jpg (88.96 KB, 960x540, 058667.jpg)

a younger but still not so young Jack Nicholson circa The Shining

No. 86938

File: 1530546293473.jpg (263.36 KB, 1330x748, MV5BOGUwZGU5NDAtNTY4Zi00ZWZjLT…)

Keith Gordon in the movie Christine. Mainly cause he looks like my dick ex and I want to squeeze his dweeb face between my thighs and show him who's boss

No. 86939

File: 1530546401400.jpg (194.5 KB, 575x400, 7_3_borchardt.jpg)

Mark Borchart, he seems nasty but he's super delusional and eccentric that I'm dying to know what he's like in bed

No. 86940

File: 1530546589904.jpg (122.1 KB, 680x680, Boris Becker.jpg)

young Boris Becker. Idk why I just find his wonky, sexy-ugly German face so cute.

No. 86941

File: 1530546818676.jpg (190.79 KB, 700x525, the-little-prince.jpg)

Oh wow anon, you just brought back a long forgotten memory of my crush on Gene Wilder as the fox in The Little Prince.

No. 86942

File: 1530546918681.gif (1.86 MB, 400x221, b30db4feebc185331eac3b9ef0e1ad…)

I thought he was adorable in one flew over the cuckoo's nest. I love that he laugh and smile with his mouth wide open like a child.

No. 86943

File: 1530547092280.jpg (16.35 KB, 245x290, Tom-Green.jpg)

No. 86944

File: 1530547562625.jpg (628.17 KB, 1572x2046, 29241-1462893880.jpg)

I love me some DSL. But he looks so much like my uncle…

No. 86945

File: 1530548401210.jpg (25.4 KB, 500x373, jeffrey-dahmer-412.jpg)

i way too often find myself being attracted to guys who look like my male relatives. jeff dahmer is a bit cliche but he's my favorite example of the phenomena.

No. 86946

File: 1530549023974.jpg (29.5 KB, 480x360, mr.jpg)

Not so much ashamed of the choice but because I don't want to ruin anyone's childhood memories.
Where can I find a kind man like this?

No. 86965

File: 1530556031049.jpg (87.99 KB, 576x800, molko.jpg)

brian molko circa '97

No. 86968

File: 1530558000553.gif (406.05 KB, 396x396, eraserhead.gif)

i can't be the only one who found him weirdly cute, right?

No. 86969

File: 1530558466979.jpg (35.06 KB, 852x480, christopher-lee-wicker-man.jpg)

also christopher lee in wicker man while he's not in drag.

i also thought he was attractive in that movie too, lol.
unfortunately men like that don't exist :(
my uncle is also a dead ringer for jeff if he lived past his thirties.

No. 86970

Seminary School.

No. 86971

File: 1530560262353.jpg (23.1 KB, 401x271, h24ECD3AF.jpg)

both of them

No. 86972

File: 1530561157063.jpg (57.67 KB, 640x409, ed.jpg)

dahmer is a total cutiepie and i'd definitely fuck him but the serial killer i lust the most for is ed kemper. he looks like an obscenely large sloth but wow fuck i want him to choke me. absolute unit.

No. 86979

>not wanting to be the one choking the big sloth
to each her own i guess

No. 86980

>tfw no serial killer bf to choke out and make my bitch
I know that stuff was already posted in the fetish thread, but we should really make a community based around this particular fetish.

also what is it with girls that are outcasts and insane men

No. 86988

File: 1530579639482.jpeg (111.25 KB, 1200x900, 2F0D1487-9963-420F-B350-85086A…)

He has that same scruffy and unemotional look that dahmer does. Oh and i have a thing for this type of hooded eye shape

Thanks for not judging me lolcow

No. 86990

File: 1530583820995.jpeg (97.5 KB, 920x584, 0F68085A-A7EF-468D-8613-CE1E09…)

I find the actor from the show more attractive

No. 86994

File: 1530585824502.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 2096x3000, 1497656090092.jpg)

should i make a roll image (like pic related) but for serial killers/mass murderers?

No. 86995

File: 1530585899668.jpg (662.35 KB, 1069x800, e2279f51fb430d79689c9262ac081b…)

nope :) i'd admit even as an old man in TP he was bangable and he looks like my soon to be father in law

do we have the same uncle?

No. 86996

File: 1530585988231.jpg (211.37 KB, 840x504, principe-alberto.jpg)

Queen Victoria's hot cousin and husband Prince Albert

No. 86997

File: 1530586022849.jpg (17.01 KB, 236x372, db4a1b7bd3756febbad484a56c472a…)

No. 86998

File: 1530586097471.jpg (177.94 KB, 1140x1567, 1381175.jpg)

Also, young Johannes Brahms

No. 86999

File: 1530586125121.jpg (56.88 KB, 302x365, Young Brahms.jpg)

No. 87018

File: 1530600469319.jpeg (21.8 KB, 470x313, images (27).jpeg)

No. 87056

omg that's Luka Modrić yes? saw some of Croatia's game on Saturday and he is such an ugly cute lad, very adorable (i know nothing about football haha)

No. 87060

that would be nice

No. 87083

File: 1530640163017.jpg (65.04 KB, 1200x800, image_49d66665_a2e3_4811_b463_…)

I would 100% let him fuck me in missionary position while he covers my mouth with his bleeding/rotting hand

No. 87090

File: 1530645409646.png (492.31 KB, 680x964, lolcow.png)

here you go friendo. hopefully it isn't too bad. I tried to include the popular ones with the exception of dylann and nikolas.


No. 87092

File: 1530646429443.jpg (12.54 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

only as cheb

I've never told anyone but I always thought Elliot Rodger resembled an ex of mine. Dude liked to say he looked like Johnny Depp but they both (Rodger and my ex) look like James Franco to me.

Don't fuck dudes that look like James Franco. They are bad news.

No. 87093

rather kms yall fucking gross and nasty fetishizing mass murderers

No. 87095

A-Anon, are you me

No. 87096

File: 1530648234946.jpeg (45.57 KB, 700x509, BCDE53CA-2621-483C-AD64-C7AF17…)

No. 87097

File: 1530648673576.png (442.33 KB, 767x767, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 8.53…)

It turned me on when he said he bring girls to his mansion when his (very hot) bf is craving pussy.

No. 87098

Nice job anon. Roll

No. 87099

lmao anon I felt the same, I didn't see it coming but my pussy was "o..ok"

No. 87100

roll!! ty anon

No. 87101

not what I expected v:

No. 87102


At least you're alive anon.

No. 87103

Nice, Ramirez.

No. 87131

File: 1530673182848.jpg (10.83 KB, 235x221, 13112031970.jpg)



No. 87136

I'm ready for this. Roll.

No. 87187

when did this thread change into [hybristophilia]

No. 87190

File: 1530720789922.jpg (64.67 KB, 640x913, a8c8dd1339d7975558d7fc753a6a82…)

Probably because of op's choice.
Anyway, I'm not a hybristophiliac but ER looks like the kind of guy I'd approach irl. Kind of beta looking, but still qt. And manlet-tier.
The autistic narcissistic misogyny is still a turn-off. Unfortunate!

No. 87205


You're a real one (although I'd fuck the inbred bowlcut boy)

No. 87206

File: 1530733045417.jpg (26.23 KB, 600x450, db8ab91babe453fcdf592140826a99…)

Not even ashamed, he was QT when he was younger
LOL was just going to post him
Agreed, and not controversial but I'd also love to marry Sheriff Truman

No. 87215

oh i'm totally down for both

he's cute too but the actor isnt the real thing. it goes beyond just physical attraction tbh


No. 87216

File: 1530743725013.jpg (27.37 KB, 500x366, tumblr_inline_paeh04cFAW1vrk2j…)



this is literally the worst possible outcome.

No. 87217

File: 1530744002776.jpg (27.29 KB, 612x408, Low.jpg)

No. 87218

>thinking adam lanza actually killed anybody

No. 87219

what are you on about anon

No. 87220

File: 1530744729721.jpg (31.64 KB, 540x400, bruce-.jpg)

If you don't know then the system has succeeded in programming you.

Also I'm not sure if my entry counts because he's now a woman.

No. 87221


Bitch me too!!!

No. 87223

Same, anon. I was so surprised to see a German football pic while scrolling through here

No. 87224

File: 1530746435290.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, chxj4ToP.jpg)

>If you don't know then the system has succeeded in programming you.

whew boy you don't expect to come across conspiracy nuts in the men you'd be ashamed to fuck thread

my man is basic but I hate myself for it: Zach Braff. Why are my childhood crushes so fucking persistent?

No. 87226

File: 1530747303741.jpg (134.15 KB, 725x960, yTbL4vl.jpg)

GG anon top tier taste.

Nicolas II again with his cousin George V. Those beards, man.

No. 87228

File: 1530752632118.jpg (147.58 KB, 1028x675, http _o.aolcdn.com_hss_storage…)

Sorry officer, I will restrain the truth.

Also damn nothing to be ashamed of with your guy I would love his hot milky on my face. Pic related is who I'd secretly love to degrade. He looks so happy and innocent and gay. I would like to warm up to him and eventually fuck him. He's got a dumb maid who holds him hostage basically so it'll never happen.

No. 87232

Usually he's uggo but in that picture he's not too bad tbh

No. 87289

File: 1530831842289.jpg (32.69 KB, 400x600, 2-46.jpg)

i was literally about to post him, but young mustache + mullet joachim. cool dad joachim is hot too.

No. 87293

Go away, Alex Jones

No. 87307

File: 1530841280033.png (620.54 KB, 589x775, russianguy.png)

This guy became a meme in my country and he's not even from here, he's Russian actually.

People are calling him the 'WC psychopath' but I find him pretty hot/cute. Russian guys unf

No. 87308

File: 1530841349929.jpg (47.31 KB, 680x482, hmmm.jpg)

Same guy

No. 87309

kinda weird that after all of the nazi and serial killer talk, this is the one that got me, but…. wtf anon why

No. 87310

File: 1530841852099.png (964.89 KB, 1018x814, 12.png)

Jordan Peterson looked super attractive on the new JRE. I want to fuck him and his Kermit The Frog voice.

agreed. i have shit taste but wow…. I think some of you need to be put into an asylum. At least some of the serial killers were smoking hot in their prime.

No. 87311

File: 1530842102000.gif (847.58 KB, 245x310, ae67aaf3e8ff22907e9cbd5d74875e…)

Also, I don't give a shit about Doctor Who but I think Peter Capaldi is pretty hot. Is there a fetish for thin grey haired men in their late 50s? I don't like the majority of them because of the balding and weight gain.

No. 87323

File: 1530850266855.jpg (15.11 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Rich Evans was extremely cute (at least to me) when he was young, but I still would even as he looks now.

No. 87324

File: 1530850608901.jpeg (4.79 KB, 259x194, download.jpeg)

Looks like Liam Mcpoyle, who of course is also a big fav in this thread

No. 87443

File: 1530857906897.jpg (60.04 KB, 460x599, Franz_Liszt.jpg)

Ooh! I've never seen that photo of Brahms before. He's cute and well dressed in that one.

I'll add to your "dead composers I wanna fuck" theme with Franz Liszt.

No. 87464

Always thought he was pretty cute.. on the outside. The moment he opens his mouth it's game over. If you watch his videos it's so painfully obvious he had a serious personality disorder.

No. 87541

File: 1530890649995.jpg (139.53 KB, 1479x835, maxresdefault.jpg)

hjfreaks. i'm sorry but i would love to see him play his bass while masturbating.

No. 87600

Roll nigga

No. 87605

File: 1530920586498.jpg (139.87 KB, 950x1410, 685748-ronaldinho-gaucho-vai-s…)

He looks like my asian cousin, how is that even possible?

Always had a crush on him

No. 87620

File: 1530928011439.png (1.8 MB, 1740x963, Machiavelli-e1492184125649.png)

All these historical crushes and no mentions of this fucker? Come on lads

No. 87671

File: 1530934000822.gif (Spoiler Image,5.52 MB, 384x352, giphy-downsized-large.gif)

me to, and i'd like to smell what he's smelling

No. 87672

That is genuinely revolting

No. 87719

File: 1530943156108.png (566.46 KB, 1232x586, 7E98D387-8A47-4ADD-B6BC-FAE711…)

i posted this on cc, but lolcow and tumblr gave me a serial killer (specifically dahmer) fetish. now i’ve got to force my future bf to wear the glasses. thanks guys

No. 87912

File: 1531091116123.gif (1.91 MB, 500x281, 64d0ba25831df8a606261d5a6f6313…)

I've been into Michael Shannon for years he could do fucking anything to me. I was attracted to him back in Bug and 8 Mile and he's only getting hotter to me as he gets older.

If I could somehow have a choice of fucking one celebrity he would be the one without a doubt.

No. 87923

No. 87936

File: 1531101977067.jpg (73.15 KB, 556x701, 6456465.jpg)

He's so hot in Bug. That's the first thing I ever saw him in and have been obsessed ever since.

No. 87976

File: 1531145410278.jpg (7.09 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

I developed a crush on him cus he seems like a clingy jealous bf and that's what I wanted right after my bf broke up with me. He looks a little like him too…

No. 88011

File: 1531198457862.gif (Spoiler Image,1.74 MB, 275x217, 1479012373312.gif)

No. 88031

Data is one of the only sex dreams I have had. Totally recommend.

No. 88066

rollin curious

No. 88080

File: 1531289361667.jpg (32.12 KB, 620x348, sugartits.jpg)

i prefer him when he was younger, but this fucking kook can smash it.

No. 88089

File: 1531294180256.jpeg (5.36 KB, 194x259, 567E5FB7-2366-4213-8F40-3D1C52…)

Jacque Torres. While he is a qt in my eyes, he’s older than my parents and nearly 60 now. I internally shame couples who have huge age gaps so it makes it extra cringe I want to do a guy way older than me.

No. 88091

my ex boyfriend

No. 88094

I feel so bad because he’s such a piece of shit but 80s/90s Mel Gibson could definitely get it. Unf.

No. 88100

he’s adorable look at that smile and those eyes oh my god

No. 88124

File: 1531323726142.jpeg (87.08 KB, 800x752, Kyle Korver.jpeg)

Something about his ogre-like appearance makes me think he would be awkwardly romantic with a tendency to give bent flowers and handwritten notes with piss poor handwriting. I would love every broken and bent gift he gave cause it would match his fucked up and crooked face.

Such is living a dream.

No. 88132

That was the cutest thing I’ve ever read

No. 88164

File: 1531369758969.jpg (47.51 KB, 400x400, 9bafc0fd6a4fb4f403a6c03b4b1763…)

tbh i'd fuck dennis hopper at any point in his career when he was alive

No. 88165

File: 1531369815538.jpg (178.96 KB, 1000x562, along-for-the-ride.jpg)

especially cowboy dennis hopper, like damn

No. 88166

No. 88215

File: 1531421618253.jpg (399.19 KB, 1000x563, walking-dead-jeffrey-dean-morg…)

No. 88216

this, but also pete fonda being blatantly high and out of character in easy rider.

No. 88224

File: 1531423706945.jpg (186.86 KB, 1500x1492, cIf2H6c.jpg)

Country roads; take me home please John.

No. 88226

File: 1531425768063.jpg (258.63 KB, 1600x1200, Jack_Nicholson_1.jpg)

I feel he would have mad pussy eating skills.

No. 88228

File: 1531428238277.jpg (18.93 KB, 600x359, ALEX.jpg)

Me too anon. My favorite Jack is The Shining era Jack.
Kubrick had a good eye for actors. Pic related.

No. 88229

File: 1531428317072.jpg (383.42 KB, 935x526, nicolas-winding-refn-the-aveng…)

NWR cause I love how eccentric he is & seems like he'd be a freak in the sheets.

No. 88231

File: 1531428412456.jpg (9.53 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

but I'd literally do anything for Nicolas at whatever point this was in his career

No. 88232

File: 1531428473980.gif (3.04 MB, 444x250, lwg2rfqshlk01.gif)

steve1989mreinfo, i think he's pretty nice ;)

No. 88233

File: 1531428524471.jpg (59.32 KB, 1280x720, pussyslayer.jpg)

And another famous Steve, Bob Ross' son

No. 88234

Alex is my biggest movie crush. Shame how he aged badly but he was so handsome when he was young.

No. 88235

File: 1531428766334.jpg (39.38 KB, 415x417, terry.jpg)

terence mckenna… he's dead now and probably the ugliest man to had ever lived but i cherish his brain and would def ride into the sunset in hopes of somehow magically absorbing some of his weird esoteric psychedelic super-knowledge/delusions via bodily fluids. ../kidding. but seriously the man had a smart but kooky ass brain and its a shame he's gone because id be trying to marry him presently if he weren't

No. 88259

File: 1531451506740.jpg (17.66 KB, 240x280, 1d45e29f20345699f87177c6dcb4b5…)

There's no shame in wanting to fuck him. He's hot af, interesting, and smart.

No. 88308

File: 1531480426741.jpg (34.15 KB, 705x397, sweet-christmas-treats-with-ja…)

he somehow became more appealing as an old guy

No. 88311

jesus christ anons

No. 88334

File: 1531511462811.jpg (182.33 KB, 640x424, herzog.jpg)

Werner Herzog. He is older than my grandfather (for real) but I'd do anything for prime 1970s Werner. I want to lay on his chest while while he rambles on in his thick Bavarian accent about existentialism and how he crafts his films.

No. 88338

where was this man spawned, he has such twinkling eyes and the sweetest smile even as a young man wtf

No. 88340

File: 1531522383043.jpg (24.76 KB, 511x374, 7a91ab3a2650cfe732642a1961a32a…)

patrician taste anon.

No. 88352

i want to rub his moustache while he tells me batshit stories about klaus kinski

No. 88354

File: 1531544211572.gif (513.85 KB, 650x350, source.gif)

Mmm, me too anon

No. 88365

File: 1531556036191.gif (2.55 MB, 500x277, ugh1.gif)

Would you guys literally fuck these guys? Or are we using 'fuck' to mean 'have a crush on'?

Here's my pick. Seemingly-sensitive, but actually abusive JF Sargent from cracked.

No. 88394

File: 1531593562587.jpeg (94.63 KB, 1280x854, B881CC7F-26D1-4F86-B437-F8C96B…)

He may be a capitalist overlord and certified mysoginist workaholic buuut he’s top shelf sugar Daddy material. I can see why Grimes hitting it, everyone here knows a bitch gotta put her morals aside at times
Amazing what a new hair line, a few bench presses and several billions of dollars can do for a guy

No. 88395

File: 1531594259723.jpg (23.63 KB, 361x500, Jesus_Christ.jpg)

I like pretty dudes.

No. 88396

>Or are we using 'fuck' to mean 'have a crush on'?
whats the difference between having a crush and wanting to fuck someone?

No. 88397

I'll second that anon, everytime he stutters some shit on stage I want to kiss him

No. 88400

File: 1531600641932.jpg (102.85 KB, 681x1024, 7-681x1024.jpg)

He's gotten chubby and 99% of his candids are hideous, but in his early twenties he was a treat. My little teenage heart was aflutter seeing him in those soccer movies.

No. 88401

>wanting to fuck Jesus
Glad I'm not alone. Pretty and literally the purest man ever, so of course.

No. 88404

I bet he cries in bed, 10/10 would fuck

No. 88408

I've posted a few times here and I only posted men I would actually literally fuck and have fapped to. If I just find a guy kinda cute but probably wouldn't actually fuck, I don't post here.

No. 88459

File: 1531668650431.jpg (31.53 KB, 300x400, sachabaroncohen.jpg)

No. 88489

He is 100% my type and I go for guys that look like him irl. I don't see where the shame comes in

No. 88502

File: 1531711720597.jpeg (151.29 KB, 529x418, 0E377004-6D4D-4E4A-871F-FFCC2A…)

i’ve posted him before but early seasons kenny was beautiful (to me at least)

No. 88512

File: 1531719166246.jpg (367.89 KB, 1600x1059, Juergen_Prochnow_in_Das_Boot_B…)

The captain of my heart <3

No. 88519

File: 1531724462639.png (108.04 KB, 400x570, Philipp_Mainlaender.png)

he's a qt with glasses too

No. 88560

File: 1531748916805.png (100.68 KB, 960x953, 5343.png)

pls no bully

No. 88593

File: 1531771000995.jpg (128.11 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

same and I have no idea why
Also pic related, they look so much alike

No. 88594

File: 1531771507721.jpg (300.04 KB, 1000x625, 7822644_db013e78-88e5-11e8-a10…)

He looked so disappointed when he got his trophy for the best player of the world cup, it sent me immediately in protecc mode.

No. 88608

Not bad, my current history crush is that southern soldier from the civil war documentary

promise not to bully

No. 88610

I really wanted to hug him near the end of this video after the match with France. Poor Luka ;_;

No. 88660

Same honestly. His condescending attitude is so hot.

No. 88752

File: 1531853830476.jpg (41.63 KB, 1001x563, wQ90TF1.jpg)

I was about to post him too!
Dude is pretty ugly but in a really adorable way.

No. 88771

dahmer pls

No. 88772

See ya in hell.


No. 88838

YES it's like I know he's objectively ugly, but for some reason I'm sooo attracted to him.

No. 88840

File: 1531900937353.jpg (74.61 KB, 620x450, steve-buscemi-fdny.jpg)


No. 88848

File: 1531916302625.jpg (121.38 KB, 798x656, IMG_20180718_141721.jpg)


You are attracted to the pureness of the heart.

No. 88849

File: 1531916675062.gif (1.07 MB, 250x158, tumblr_pc23aaEOhq1v0lgjbo2_250…)

No. 88850

File: 1531916699329.gif (1.94 MB, 373x236, tumblr_pc23aaEOhq1v0lgjbo3_400…)

No. 88916

he's cute! he looks like a sweet baby bird

No. 88920

File: 1531959299942.jpg (60.14 KB, 634x644, PyroHDnial.jpg)

He's a year younger than me and not my usual 'type' in the slightest, I don't know why but I think he's adorable, even if he does look like a lesbian.

No. 88955

File: 1531988832589.jpg (55.04 KB, 564x742, 6afef3d97962bbda6f41a0dd0459dd…)

Ashamed cause he's a porn actor and I'm pretty sure he would tore open my vagina with his dick.
But he's right up my alley in term of looks and the way he moan in his older videos makes me a river.

No. 88956

File: 1531990684564.jpg (813.52 KB, 1160x653, Eli-Roth-AMC-Horror-feat.jpg)

2009 Eli Roth could have gotten it so hard and I am deeply ashamed. Anyone else remember the blueberry incident on ONTD?

No. 88957

omg yes i came across one of his vids yesterday and i've been meaning to post him itt but i realized that i'm not really ashamed to say i'd fuck him. his vocals for that death metal band made me feel really embarrased tho

No. 88958

What’s his name?

No. 88959

Xander Corvus.

No. 88961

>googled him
Thanks, anon

No. 89033

File: 1532025251246.jpg (14.19 KB, 236x377, ce355dabe2b4b0ad459c5f8ba71886…)

hermann goering when he was a young, slim ace fighter pilot.

No. 89034

File: 1532025309892.jpg (61.86 KB, 375x500, tumblr_lmkjn2rm6Y1qeu6ilo1_400…)

No. 89035

File: 1532025501487.jpg (102.99 KB, 755x1024, Freiherr_Rittmeister_von_Richt…)

also manfred von richtoften (the red baron). i'd send him my antique kodak nudes.

No. 89124

File: 1532103061226.jpg (49.8 KB, 960x640, Charlie-e-Izi.jpg)

No. 89125

sorry forgot to add the text
ashamed just because they make mainstream rap/trap music lmao

No. 89175

File: 1532129408435.png (788.54 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_ojpy8uWM511vc3502o1_128…)

I want them to fuck me at the same time tbh

No. 89177

File: 1532130283429.jpg (151.82 KB, 1105x1600, young_Stalin_8.jpg)

Young Stalin for me. Sort of looks like the Pringles man but with sex appeal and a better haircut.

No. 89182

File: 1532137353012.jpg (253.37 KB, 1174x1600, young_Stalin_1.jpg)

Apparently he had some gnarly pox scarring that were doctored out of his photos, but otherwise was a cutie.

No. 89183

File: 1532138317334.png (289.1 KB, 599x389, main-qimg-7bf148c682c7263e2e39…)

You're right, he did. You can still see them a little in the unretouched photos.

No. 89186

same but no shame

No. 89190

what do you think noel's ethnicity is since its such a hot topic??? lol

No. 89192

File: 1532149768457.png (400.07 KB, 700x423, nickfuentes.png)

As much as I hate him and his politics, I would let Nick Fuentes choke me half to death.

No. 89218

I would let noel miller literally drown me.
I'm pretty sure he's just hafu but likes to fuck with people idk. Because he doesn't look like a typical hafu

No. 89237

he looks half hispanic/south american to me tbh.

No. 89275

File: 1532241045282.jpeg (66.41 KB, 571x797, 260FAF98-D60C-4E5A-B63F-D5CC57…)

Petersweden. Fuck, his accent is just so cute to me. I want him to hold me. Why does he have to believe vaccines cause autism?

No. 89310

File: 1532272627330.png (170.86 KB, 444x471, 89U0T4J0FIN0FN.png)

His first ever movie with Julia Ann is one of my go to porn, he was young (22 yrs old I believe) and hot and he's so eager to please her, he seems to enjoy sex sooo much, a very sexy sensual scene.
At the very beginning he give her some puppies eyes (pic related) I'm really into guys looking weak or behaving in a subby way, so it drives me wild.
He also always eat girls out and he seem to really enjoy doing it which is a massive bonus.

No. 89381

File: 1532339124745.jpeg (24.38 KB, 210x299, 2C0134F2-2BA8-48C2-A471-0E713E…)

obviously jake’s attractive and not shameful at all, but i want to fuck his character in nightcrawler specifically because i like the spookiness of lou bloom

No. 89399


No. 89403

I thought he was Indian? At least that's the impression I got from the Ajit Pai video.

Good choice
I'd want Drew Gooden and Mumkey Jones to double-team me

No. 89404

File: 1532359163422.jpg (12.74 KB, 268x300, C0Uvx4jVIAAgAVR.jpg)

The guy who crashed Flight 93 into the ground

I think I win worst in the thread

No. 89409

No. 89411

File: 1532366688361.jpg (72.29 KB, 695x641, Jango_40.jpg)

I have a few. One is Matt Smith who played the Doctor in Doctor Who. He looks exactly like my 3rd Great Grandfather (I think my third gg is handsome, should I KMS?).

Just the other day I went to a sushi bar. The manager came to greet me since there was a long wait. He was incredibly timid and shy with a really sweet voice. He was a short, older Asian man. The entire time I couldn't help but find him adorable and image what he must be like in bed. Shoot me.

Oh, I also find Temuera Morrison very attractive. Had a crush on him as a kid (still kinda do). I'm not actually embarrassed of wanting to fuck him, it's just that every woman I've shown him things he's average or kinda gross.

Oh God, me too.

Someone posted on /soc/ pretending to be him for shits and giggles. "Am I ugly, why can't I get a gf?" When I first saw Elliot without knowing who he was, I thought "He's average looking, I'm sure he can get a gf. I bet he doesn't have one because he has an entitled personality." I fucking nailed my assessment apparently.

He's hot af, why be ashamed of that one?

I felt so guilty as a child for wanting to bang painting Jesus.

I love Pyro. I couldn't fuck him though, imagine him as a girl with long hair: that's exactly what I look like. We could probably pass off as siblings.

No. 89422

People think he's ugly? I always thought Jango was pretty handsome.

No. 89423

File: 1532379584177.jpg (225.06 KB, 405x607, Christoph_Waltz.jpg)

christoph waltz, and im a teenager…

No. 89424

File: 1532379666829.jpg (155.68 KB, 1200x928, johnnygalecki-bigbangresizedjp…)

oh yeah, and leonard from the big bang theory, or really just beardless johnny galecki in general.

No. 89425

File: 1532381003980.jpg (27.33 KB, 413x390, ozil.jpg)


I would do inexplicably filthy things to him.

My crush in the last world cup was Mesut Ozil, it's the bug eyes that do it for me. But Modric is a tier above Ozil, he's so fucking ugly and cute and gorgeous all at the same time.

No. 89426

File: 1532381493367.gif (1.48 MB, 341x269, 10de161ace06373a5f779e4ffe0f7b…)

I think it just may be my age group: late teens-early 20s. Most girls I know are into skinny feminine types. Nothing wrong with that, just not usually the type to like a guy who looks like Tem. I know he's considered very attractive in New Zealand though. Could be a cultural thing as well.

No. 89427

File: 1532382764329.jpg (30.95 KB, 968x681, 09-ozil.jpg)

Definitely seconding Ozil. Normally I don't go for men that don't have dark/prominent eyebrows but he is so beautiful and unique looking and his profile is to die for.

No. 89434

being attracted to men in their prime at any age isn't weird hon

No. 89444

File: 1532397073636.jpg (34.42 KB, 674x626, 91f8f19e9061f0365733d10463ec2b…)

He was also very cute when he was younger, if that makes you feel any better.

No. 89445

>men in their 60s
>in their prime

No. 89448

lol i've had a crush on him since i was like 12, never considered it shameful tho

No. 89449

File: 1532401215273.jpg (90.74 KB, 640x640, suarez.jpg)

Damn it's a shame he won't be playing at WCs anymore…

I don't think Cavani belongs to this thread since he's a hottie so I'm just going to drop the Biter himself. I love his smile for some reason

No. 89450

File: 1532401258915.jpg (53.65 KB, 566x752, mig.jpg)

Yesss, I posted him in the last thread, had a crush on him since the 2010 world cup lol
Too bad he resigned from the German national team but I guess I can comfortably go back to not caring about football again

No. 89456

i agree with that, and tbh im not really ashamed. i guess its just cuz most girls my age are like "uwu famou young conventionally attractive actor" and if im like "oh bill nye and christoph waltz" theyd be like "why, and who?" sage

No. 89463

File: 1532406121401.jpg (36.45 KB, 500x516, tumblr_min5hw08PZ1qfhvabo1_500…)

yes i know 60s technically isn't "prime", but he's still hot as fuck. i was implying it's not THAT weird for a female of any age to find a good looking mature adult attractive.

yes, he was a dreamboat (and still is)

No. 89521

File: 1532460884151.jpg (26.68 KB, 296x403, nugent013.jpg)

Unironically Ted Nugent. As a Texan American his politics give me secondhand embarrassment. But I wouldn't mind a rustic weekend with Uncle Ted huntin' and fishin' and… doing other stuff.

No. 89531

File: 1532467128298.jpg (34.74 KB, 1031x580, Percy.jpg)

Doug Hutchison's character in The Green Mile. He's such a despicable person but his effeminacy and degeneracy really turned me on.

No. 89599


Fucking Michael Shannon. I had a sex dream about him yesterday and it's been on my mind all day. He was grabbing me tightly and grumbling down my ear. It was very distracting in work when he kept popping into my head.

No. 89601

File: 1532514185628.jpeg (55.55 KB, 399x600, BEA77284-856F-4B8A-8FB6-2DBADE…)

Be still, my heart

No. 89659

File: 1532606070652.jpg (14.28 KB, 400x400, NpIHS6U.jpg)

Diplo, world's worst hair. I'd hatefuck the shit out of this smug bastard.

No. 89739

File: 1532635115177.jpg (137.33 KB, 917x1038, pans-labyrinth-movie-screencap…)

idk why I have a thing for fascists

No. 89742

Haha holy shit he went to the same school as me (BU) before he snowflaked out and moved to alabama. there were quite a few rumors he's deeeeep in the closet too…

No. 89746

File: 1532637406931.jpg (32.18 KB, 391x556, e12ae9c8d49734682945ae232ac45e…)

i've always felt this way about jermaine clement

No. 89753

File: 1532640471462.png (1015.72 KB, 980x490, legion.png)

He looked fine af in Legion. +Bonus Aubrey

No. 89768

File: 1532646518081.jpg (199.54 KB, 1280x720, Whatwedo_THUMB-1417808777714.j…)

honestly i liked his vampire styling in what we do in the shadows even though i think it was supposed to look ridiculous.

No. 89776

File: 1532652410625.gif (2.2 MB, 270x270, tumblr_ou36vwXbWL1u0f08eo1_400…)

i though that he was an absolute sex god as a vampire and i dream on him sinking his gapped teeth into my neck

No. 89801

File: 1532671241391.jpg (24.66 KB, 500x514, 642976123.jpg)

He could've modeled in his younger days

No. 89805

1) this site is full of LARP
2) Women acting like men unintentionally mistake themselves for actual women and opened up a women's club because they mistakenly believe, not to fit in with the men.

Seriously tho, which incel group of people is responsible for this PsyOp

No. 89808

File: 1532678274228.jpg (183.74 KB, 900x626, provence-private-tour-van-gogh…)

Wtf are you on about? Incels believe that women only love conventionally attractive Chads, this doesn't fit their narrative at all. Use your brain anon.

I would fuck Van Gogh, I love the idea of being the lover of an ugly, depressed but incredibly talented artist and coddling him when he cries over the academy rejecting his work.

No. 89817

tfw I genuinely find Van Gogh attractive.

Artistic gentle soul ginger men are my weakest spot.

No. 89820


It's not the fact that some of the LARP is too obvious because of the more than questionable choice, Özil in connection with an erotic thought would send the majority of german girls into a laughing frenzy, it's how brazenly they reveal their sexual thoughts. Even on an anonymous imageboard,women would have the decency to keep it to themselves.

No. 89821

Are you saying you've never encountered vulgar, openly sexual women in real life? And because they find a guy hot that you don't find hot, they can't be women?
We have cows on /snow/ who prove that women can be openly gross, and they aren't even anon. Scope that Nemu thread, if you will.

Perhaps you're the LARPer.

No. 89825


Well, just saying that in my experience, other women don't really get along well and consider it to be very rude, and men are generally more wary as well. The apparent diversity in taste is a welcome surprise, if it weren't for the fact that there's some extreme fetishization at work, which goes far beyond male to female objectification and, again, is kind of scary.

No. 89826

You're scared over this thread? Kek. And men lose their shit when we talk about fragile masculinity.

No. 89835

Where is the objectification? I like to believe the female subs in the fetish thread are men, too, if that's what you mean. But that's because it makes me personally uncomfortable.
Also sorry you had no gross female friends growing up. Literally used to draw porn in front of my close friends (female and male) in high school, myself. We also exchanged yaoi back and forth when that was a thing. And even now I know some normie women who openly speak about their sex lives.

Maybe it's a cultural difference.

No. 89845


I'm not sure the UK is so different from where you're living, culturally.

I think it's just a difference in common sense, there are unwritten social rules that you simply don't breach unless you don't know any better and want to offend people, the lower one finds itself in society the more "gross" females you will encounter, I think.

No. 89848

Imagine being so bad in bed that you find people having sexual desire gross.

No. 89851

But there's a difference between saying sexual women are less classy (true, I'll take that passive-aggressive insult with grace) and saying they don't exist at all.

No. 89878


Oh no, every woman is sexual unless she has some condition or particular mindset, just few sexual women, or men, would be so "open" with it. It's just not good manners, is all.

No. 89879

>Good maners
>On an anonymous imageboard


No. 89883

oh lmao anon, I'm currently working in UK (Scotland to be exact) and all of my female coworkers are locally born and bred and like 45+ and extremely open about their sex lives and general desires, tbh it makes me bit uncomfortable although I'd say it's also refreshing.

No. 89889


Okay, I don't have access to "that" many people, it probably happens more than I'm aware and much more than I'd like, I always loved the notion that females are more discreet and tactful, I don't think it's a bad thing, why do women want to be men :(

No. 89890

We don't, we want to be human.

No. 89891

Thanks anon, I think many men don't realize that idealizing women and thinking we're supposed to be some sort of naturally soft and kind angels is a form of misogyny too and extremely dehumanizing.

No. 89893


Well, not naturally, I don't genuinely mind how strangers behave of either sex, I suppose it's like individual women expecting their real woman's men to be assertive, strong, etc.

I also just hope you don't do it IRL when men are around, I think it would be extremely tactless if someone just pretended you weren't male and started to talk about wanting sex, with other men.

It's not that I think i should be entitled to it, or that I should be considered first due to my vicinity, only that… I would feel emasculated, really. But I'm sure you girls would also be creeped out of your male co workers started talking about how they spit-roasted that blonde chick in the office last night.

No. 89898

there is nothing indecent about talking about attractive people lol, especially not when its anonymous. get your head out of your ass

No. 89899

> I would feel emasculated
That just makes me want to do it more.
>spit roasting that blonde chick in the office
saying "these guys are hot" on an anonymous internet forum is in no way comparable to graphically describing sex with a coworker AT WORK

No. 89901


Oh okay, I was just saying that it would be very awkward if people were this open IRL, because I'd be genuinely creeped out by it, and I don't think it's fair you want to tease guys you're not interested in. I think I would retaliate by groping them if somebody did, not because i want to but just because to tell them that i could, and they're not taking my manliness away from me.

No. 89903

seems like you're trolling btw. i dont talk about wanting sex with other men because i dont want sex with men, but i can objectify them and no one gets testerical so maybe my circle is more rational than yours.

No. 89904

Your relationship with a person can help determine the level of comfort you feel disclosing personal details about yourself. If I'm close friends with a guy (shock horror, it happens) and he talks about sex things (fetishes, girls he finds hot, etc.) then I'd be fine with it. Not when either of us are in a relationship though, since that might upset our s/o's.

I personally don't comment on a guy's ass or anything in front of, say, male coworkers. But sometimes I may just make a remark about finding him good looking, since I work with a tight knit group of people in a lax environment. I'm fine with men saying the same things, I actually think it's fun to know when a male coworker finds a girl cute so we can tease him about it.

Why would you seek out this thread if it emasculates you, though? Did you not know women talk about sex, for real?

No. 89905


honestly no, never thought it would be so detailed, I always thought women cared less, not more.

No. 89907

>not more
I'm not sure it's more, we seem about equal when we do care. I still suspect more women than men are low libido (although not as many as you thought either).

No. 89909

File: 1532708907259.jpg (132.29 KB, 667x1000, james-deen-70th-venice-film-fe…)

I feel so ashamed since I found out he has been accused of abuse, but I can't find any other male pornstar that look somewhat intelectual and boy next doorish and likes to eat pussy. Life is suffering.

Fuck, me too. I hate him so much and I bet he tries his best in bed, likes to being called daddy and has a pink dick. Jesus, i'm gross lol

No. 89910

We're talking amongst ourselves,all women, about guys we find hot, anonymously, and you're pearl clutching because it would be kinda rude if you theoretically did that irl around men.
It would also be kinda rude if you constantly vented your troubles to coworkers, yet we have the vent thread. It's the fucking girl talk section of our anonymous girl board. It's a place to vent things you might not talk about in real life.
You've admitted that you had no idea we're this sexual about men, or that we had such diverse weird taste sometimes. Well, isn't it great then that now some men can learn? Instead of the age old tradition of moaning that they have no idea what women like and will never understand women? If you find women's sexual honesty scary and emasculating, I hope you're not surprised when women act prudish and tight lipped around you, leaving you clueless about what they're really like.

No. 89912

I feel you. I can't bring myself to watch his stuff anymore because of the rape allegations but he's extremely good at what he does.

No. 89926

>You will never have James Deen whispering filthy things in your ears before eating you out like a mad man

Why live

No. 89927

on the bright side, you also will not be anally raped by him

No. 89930

Why fantasize about James Deen when you can fantasize about James Dean tho

No. 89939

Oh god. I shouldn't be doing this…. but link?

No. 89945

File: 1532723564811.gif (2.73 MB, 262x275, IwwUOkL.gif)

holy shit anon

No. 89969

What the actual fuck? You want to grope women for being attracted to men that aren't you? No one is trying to take your manliness away from you, calm the hell down.

This thread is a trip now.

No. 90001

He always looks like he's been crying or looking at computer screens for too long

No. 90004

File: 1532744248466.png (58.64 KB, 194x186, 1532495728447.png)


Oh my God anon, I think you won the thread holy shit

No. 90005

File: 1532744450837.jpg (83.76 KB, 540x720, 1527554062470.jpg)

You're like a living embodiment of stereotypical English prudery

No. 90007

File: 1532745784593.png (2.16 MB, 977x1273, Screenshot_20180727-192847~2.p…)

I feel so gross. What's wrong with me.

No. 90008

yes because women who are vocal about liking sex is the same as men talking about degrading women. got it.

No. 90009

File: 1532748301191.png (383.21 KB, 847x609, God I Wish That Were Me.png)

Sam Hyde. I know he's an absolute piece of woman hating shit and he genuinely looks like a disgusting person but damn if I wouldn't let him raw me and then strangle me to death

No. 90010

he thinks women being attracted to men other than him is "emasculating" and degrading though :(

No. 90011

poor guy :( he should grope us to put us in our place

No. 90019

File: 1532761842434.jpg (372.81 KB, 1080x1189, 20180728_081029.jpg)

Oh god yes Peter Capaldi at any age.

He's done tonnes of notable work on British TV aside from Doctor Who (which I don't care for either)

I loved seeing him in Skins as Sid's dad he was the hottest guy in the show

No. 90021

Bitch what the fuck
Get some help anon, seriously.

No. 90028

why isnt this fat, shapeless shitstain in jail????

No. 90129

Holy shit same. He's cute as fuck in Spy Kids 2.

No. 90134

>some of the LARP is too obvious because of the more than questionable choice

bitch, this is literally the Men You're Ashamed To Say You'd Fuck thread, obviously the choices would be questionable

offended double-X German that posted Özil

No. 90170

File: 1532857283470.jpeg (94.81 KB, 480x480, 4F8956B2-CFBE-4BBE-8578-DFC3DA…)

It’s ok anon, I secretly found him attractive when he had his hair bleached. Sam has decent facial structure but he seems to be intent on making himself look as grotesque as possible nowadays.

No. 90308

Same. I'm pretty ashamed that I got turned on when he was blackmailing Nina for sex.

No. 90591

File: 1533147433130.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2018-08-01-20-13-18…)

No. 90594

Am I the only one who thinks Sam is a self-hating jew? Something about his appearence and sense of humor gives me that vibe. Not trying to bait or anything just curious if anyone else thinks the same.

Polite sage for being off-topic

No. 90596

Wtf happened to him

No. 90600

okay i get the nature of this thread is controversial. but anon if you actually want to fuck an admitted pedophile, you need help.

No. 90605

File: 1533155439037.jpg (77.61 KB, 627x464, 1468501231186.jpg)

i can't find sam attractive because he looks just like my gay cousin it's weird. charles (on the left) can fucking hit it though.

no you aren't the only one. my bf and i have speculated that he must be at least half jewish. can't think of any other reason he'd be so insecure about jews.

No. 90606

who the fuck even is this?

No. 90608

With the murder groupies I kind of understand the attraction from a psychological point of view but I'm not sure what about this pedo would appeal to anyone?

No. 90619

File: 1533157250595.png (716.89 KB, 830x502, 01-1.png)

soundcloud rapper 6ix9ine

No. 90621

Do we have any more deets on this pedophile incident here or no? I read a few articles but I was hoping some of my girls here can dig some shit up.

No. 90632

I feel like I could hate fuckk any of them.
Nick > Sam > charls

wtf is wrong with me lol

No. 90634

No. 90635

File: 1533160929367.png (231.79 KB, 500x375, 0CAC4F05-E537-4E98-88DF-EE6EA9…)

Charls has a perfect face, it’s almost statuesque

No. 90664

File: 1533173431622.gif (3.79 MB, 540x360, FC393A60-5BCD-4E6F-ACE2-AEA103…)

i wish he blackmailed me for sex hnggg

No. 90669

File: 1533179919087.jpeg (111.38 KB, 480x643, 7EE9BDBD-21B3-4186-BC1F-67248C…)


No. 90672

I mean jeffrey dahmer is the thread pic, and he is both a murderer and a pedo

No. 90673

This is something I've always wondered, do anons have an exact notion of what this guy did? Some years ago I looked him up out of curiosity in a crime site and what I read and saw (yeah I saw the photos he took of his victims) made me so nauseated I wasn't able to sleep well for days. I never found him handsome but after that there was zero chance of thinking he was attractive. Not to mention he was also gay. Idk if anons are trying to be edgy saying they'd fuck psychopaths and rapists but I do hope so, if not they might be actually mentally ill.

No. 90682

File: 1533192444587.jpg (35.54 KB, 900x900, bobby-burns-jpg-2_2_orig.jpg)

Ashamed cuz he's cringey and also ashamed cuz he resembles a dude I dated in college who was also annoying and kind of crazy but his dick game was too bomb…

No. 90690

File: 1533198618034.jpg (40.29 KB, 420x453, 776.jpg)

..speaking of murderers

No. 90696

File: 1533210229681.jpeg (53.31 KB, 500x531, 7CA6240F-B00C-46E7-988E-C4D2A6…)

Oh honey no

No. 90698

File: 1533210599643.jpg (6.5 KB, 215x269, 36281899_10217308728774340_396…)

Anon, please… not only is he ugly, but he's autistic as fuck.

No. 90710

who's this?

No. 90711

Issei Sagawa
Brace yourself for that google search

No. 90712

File: 1533226974365.png (201.17 KB, 383x391, lhlavat8uf401.png)

Fucking hell… just kys pls. This is not even funny.

No. 90714

File: 1533230999257.gif (1.57 MB, 500x590, lifeduringwartime.gif)

David Byrne most definitely while wearing his big suit. I still find him attractive as an old man lol.
I'm pretty numb to his crimes after comparing the shit he's done to people like the toybox killer/david parker ray. I don't think most people have hybristophilia in the literal sense, in that they'll fuck anyone who's violent, but the physical attractiveness certainly influences if people find someone who did horrible shit attractive. I don't think it's comparable to say someone is mentally ill for being ashamed to fuck a serial killer when there was literally hundreds of groupies back in the day for Ted Bundy.
Seconding Tesla, a lot of people think he's asexual, but he probably just autistic.
Even as a person who would fuck other literal murderers, wow.

No. 90716

File: 1533235724746.jpg (50.64 KB, 306x461, bubu.jpg)

I'm usually not into older men, but fuck this man is hot.

No. 90718

File: 1533237841441.jpg (34.92 KB, 589x400, 10.jpg)

I believe it's plausible. For example, when people discover shitty things about celebrities they stop supporting them (hopefully) or at least condemn them. Or when you find a guy cute and hear bad things about him, most people would be put off therefore losing attraction. So knowing the barbarities those criminals comitted and still finding them attractive or fuckable… shows there's something very wrong imo. Anyways anons are free to post whoever they want, this is the ashamed to fuck thread after all.

Not to derail any further, pic related is mine. Old and busted Gackt.

No. 90725

Tbh I wouldn't even be ashamed for Gackt, he's my goal since I was a teen lol

No. 90760

a mascot for our default theme: https://pastebin.com/d3EFdDJn By using the default Windows application it doesn't seem to find a bench to try and prepare and freak yourself out.

No. 90767

So as soon as I know it comes down to at least 3 years at this particular moment.

No. 90795

File: 1533247347292.jpg (Spoiler Image,363.8 KB, 559x860, 7476.jpg)

i am bpd obsessed with him, i can't change it sorry
i will eventually, don't worry
i probably am too tbh, maybe i just slipped past the diagnosis because i'm a gorl

No. 90858

File: 1533249675900.jpg (34.96 KB, 526x680, hobi.jpg)

The uglier he presents himself, the more I'm attracted to him, I have no idea why. 18 year old him was at his prime qtness though

No. 90875

File: 1533250787553.jpg (24.67 KB, 321x450, yamaji_002.jpg)

If you're going to post Japanese murderers at least post the cute ones, fucking pleb.

But you sound like a LARPer anyway

No. 90876

File: 1533253853416.png (412.17 KB, 931x864, 666.PNG)

is this a bot or
i'm not a "larper" nor do i really know what that means tbh, but i know i can't say anything to convince you otherwise
anyway, i don't like generic young looking men, and i'm generally not into japanese people or murderers anyway so it's not like those are fucking bonus points lol
an anon in here earlier posted christoph waltz (pictured), that is my ideal guy and he's white and not a murderer
but by obsession with issei is much different and goes beyond me just finding him attractive, i can only attribute it to my bpd because i have no other explanation
and yes i know all of this sounds fucking autistic don't hurt me

No. 90877

File: 1533255634122.png (97.09 KB, 565x904, img-doctor.png)

Terry fkn Dubrow. It's the voice andd the whole persona on botched, I have a thing for jewish looking dudes but this takes the damn cake. Daddy issues are helluva drug.

No. 90905

File: 1533285841615.gif (748.72 KB, 204x203, gackt.gif)

same~ wish he didn't get so much work done on himself though.

No. 90930

I'm the same way! When he's looking like a middle-aged lesbian it only makes me love him more.

No. 90936

File: 1533328907570.jpg (57.71 KB, 1200x675, Benicio-Del-Toro.jpg)

I want him to pin me down and fuck me so hard until I'm sore and bruised, good God.

No. 90940

File: 1533330955186.jpg (40.66 KB, 800x534, macklemore.jpg)

Macklemore. There's something about him that I find so attractive. Just wish his nose was a little less wide lol

No. 90948

File: 1533358778352.jpg (48.67 KB, 594x413, 76942530.jpg)

Lord knows I'd let em both 😭👌

No. 90949

File: 1533358919751.jpg (94.76 KB, 675x304, AdrienBrody.jpg)

He's so fucking hot. I don't know what's wrong with me. I'd let Toucan Sam hit it and never quit it.

No. 90950

File: 1533360872938.jpg (69.24 KB, 720x716, 3aeb37e3995997778ae2f188e0b56a…)

He's such a twig but he's cute.

I'm only really attracted to him when he's wearing his glasses tho

No. 90951

Saaaaaame I think Matt and Ryan are both really attractive tbh.

No. 90953

File: 1533367367673.png (429.58 KB, 799x445, Michael-Scottt-799x445.png)

steve carell as michael scott. wtf brain

No. 90962

File: 1533387717721.jpg (85.78 KB, 853x1100, James-Holmes-attorney-wants-ca…)

Im ashamed

No. 90982

File: 1533403553422.jpg (34.07 KB, 300x300, adrien-brody-chest-hair.jpg)

I've wanted to fuck this weirdo since puberty. I want to grind my clit on his nose.

At least this one is actually worthy of being ashamed of. A lot of the men in this thread are just attractive in a non conventional way.

No. 90988

Seconded anon!

No. 90990

File: 1533411444274.jpg (30.09 KB, 306x423, article-2292216-189AEC7B000005…)

He grew a beard and non he kinda looks like post malone

No. 91009

I thought this was a male free site?

No. 91010

File: 1533423683170.jpeg (489.18 KB, 2906x3000, 1DDB89FC-3D5A-4917-B93B-24EE5E…)

I know he’s a terrorist fuckhead, but I would, honestly,

No. 91023

File: 1533431410558.jpeg (216.39 KB, 1000x1503, C5E8C770-29BE-4F92-9369-E9BA40…)

Looks like comedian Brendon Walsh.

No. 91027

there isnt a single website that has 100% women or 100% men on it

No. 91029

Are they not banned like on CC?

No. 91031

File: 1533442129098.jpeg (44.62 KB, 624x352, 06B97930-AAF7-41D3-9E6A-810D4F…)

Too many murders in this thread for my liking…
I know this is the “Men you are ashamed to fuck” thread but still.

Anyway, someone mentioned Blake from Workaholics in the first thread and it reminded me that I had it pretty bad for Ders from the same show about a couple of months ago. He looks like a cross between Macaulay Culkin and frog and has man boobs but I still find him to be cute. Probably because he’s tall.

No. 91045

He looks like my grandma.
Fuck it, I'm hot.

No. 91051

Same. He’s tall, stupidly proud of his Nordic heritage, and kind of a dickish killjoy. Dunno why, but I’ve always found him cute, too.

No. 91069

Rollerino! Thanks anon!

No. 91076

His voice is amazing

No. 91080

File: 1533492833208.jpeg (24.88 KB, 313x470, 2DC20066-98DA-495A-8178-61ED36…)

I’d fuck him so hard. He’s tall too.

Pic related (non murderer) although he has shitty beliefs so I feel shame.
>mel gibson

No. 91083

File: 1533494089261.jpg (71.71 KB, 950x534, 2016-03-29-acs-header.jpg)

Mark Fuhrman in the People v OJ Simpson series

No. 91084

yeah technically but you cant catch all of them

No. 91085

File: 1533494420656.jpg (152.08 KB, 865x1390, adam-devine-workaholics-2010-C…)

For me it's Adam.

No. 91096

my friend sent me this VICE interview where they interviewed some guy who runs an incel chatroom.

>mfw i realize this guy looks like my type and has a cute laugh

>mfw my standards have dropped so fucking low that i'd fuck an incel

No. 91103

File: 1533501729807.gif (5.37 KB, 365x378, 6E0DEABE-C5CA-456E-AD0E-193DE9…)

>cute face
>cute laugh
>social recluse (like me)
Shit anon i like him too, i may or may not have been slightly jealous of the reporter

No. 91115

I mean, he’s technically not ugly. He even has a neat jaw if we go by chad ideology (lmao)

which kinda makes it more pathetic cause he gotta be a hella uncomfortable autismo to fuck up with the ladies when he’s not even ugly.

No. 91123

yeah that's fair. my friend roasted me hard for thinking he was qt, but he's got that sickly white boy look that some girls (including myself i guess) are in to.

my heart tells me he doesn't have a gf because he's just misunderstood and awkward, but i've been on enough boards to know he's probably an asshole and creepy to women irl and that's the real reason they won't talk to him. also i guess he doesn't really leave his room so that doesn't really open up many options for him :(

No. 91124

Does Matt still have a gf?

No. 91127

If that guys not just a paid actor I'll eat my hat.

No. 91128

his voice is really sexy

No. 91129

>cute face
>not fat or spoopy skellington
>awkward introvert
but he just had to submit to incel ideology. such a waste.

No. 91155

File: 1533522102469.jpg (120.93 KB, 1024x682, john maus 21.jpg)

John Maus, maybe not very shameful but he's nearly twice my age and kinda derpy and unfashionable but damn if I wouldn't let his tortured creative genius ass keep me prisoner in his home in bumfuck Minnesota and fuck me raw every day while he whispers in my ear about whatever esoteric philosophical shit he got his phD in.

I saw him live and he kept raising his arms and I would get glimpses of his hairy slightly chubby dadbod belly and that shit gets me going tbh….i love his music too! lmao

saaame, him and Blake are both so hot imo

No. 91159

File: 1533523311606.jpg (124.33 KB, 333x500, John-Maus-Tillmans.jpg)

Oh. My. God. Anon! I've literally wanted to fuck John Maus for ages. Sometimes I find myself attracted to older men like this. Smart, talented, somewhat demented?
My friend saw him live and he started punching himself on stage. Ever since, there's something that's drawn me to him. his music is great imo

No. 91172

File: 1533526199786.jpg (135.24 KB, 750x1125, john maus 6.jpg)

omg I'm glad I'm not alone. My friends all think I'm weird for thinking he's hot. His chaotic onstage energy is oddly sexy and makes me feel like he's probably a freak in the sack tbh. I was getting all hot and bothered while I saw him perform lmao. And I kinda have a thing for older men

No. 91178

File: 1533528840839.jpg (26.42 KB, 500x500, johnmaus.jpg)

you guys are validt i mean look at him when he was younger. dreamy

No. 91193


omg i'm with you anons, he's really cute to me… this was really depressing to me, honestly. i feel like i'm on the same level as one of those hybristophiliac girls who think they'd be an "exception" for the school shooters they're into

also >>91155
good taste, though i'm not ashamed of wanting to fuck him at all lol. i have a huge crush on him - he just seems so intelligent and perceptive, and that chaotic energy is a huge plus. he has a really captivating intensity to him. i would watch a bunch of his interviews constantly and on all of the youtube videos of him speaking there'd be guys commenting about how "autistic" he acted/sounded… which i guess i'm attracted to, fuck my life. i saw him live last year and got to hug him after his show when he was all covered in sweat and i kinda wanted to just marinate in it afterward, lol

No. 91236

omg same me and my mom both have a crush on him and marathon his movies together every now and then lol

No. 91247

File: 1533559641832.jpeg (83.71 KB, 890x501, B45A8074-838B-42EE-B082-D0341F…)

I still have such a big crush, even though he has revealed himself to be a huge asshole.

No. 91251

Me too, I want to fall asleep listening to his soft voice.

I was so disgusted when I learned he forbade his wife from talking about their son who died of SIDS, he's definitely a controlling asshole who refuse to take care of other people's emotions

No. 91278

File: 1533572601850.jpg (421.45 KB, 1408x1000, GagarinTitov.jpg)

Not really that shameful, but I've had a soft spot for Gagarin ever since I read some cute short story about him. He just looks so pure on most his photos and those types always make me weak.

Titov just looks hot.

No. 91305

I’ve seen some old webms and pics of him since this came out. He’s the real deal ladies.
>”he just shit his pants lol thats just his thing !!”

No. 91310

He posts on r9k and unfortunately he's 100% serious.

No. 91314

op of the incel thirst post. does he tripfag or something? how did you know it was him? for research purposes of course

(tried looking it up but all i see are threads of people assuming he's an actor as well/shitting on incels)

No. 91329

That tinychat is still active I guess. There were timestamp pics too. Not sure if they were real-real you know. I don’t r9k much, I heard about/seen it on tv.
I don’t think it’s a stretch to think he’s a real person. He was genuinely cringy.
Ill see what I can dig up.

No. 91334

No. 91339

bless you anon for following through <3

hm, so the verdict is that he's not really a 'true' incel or something? and that he's into heroin i guess. he looks really cute in some pics but terrible in others, guess that must be because of the drugs :/

No. 91343

>a death grips fan
aren't guys bored of being all the same yet?

No. 91344

File: 1533615507298.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, 573820107363528.png)

>random woman thinks man is attractive who isn't me
>must sexually assault her to assert my dominance
Lmao this has to be a troll. How can a real man be this stereotypically stupid and egotistical.

No. 91345

I heard he's just a mod on an r9k Discord or something.

Why do you even care so much? Going to try to track him down and relieve him of his inceldom?

No. 91351

eh, a girl can dream i guess. would be nice to have a qt incel bf with a nice laugh who hasn't interacted with any girls other than you, though i probably won't meet the insanely high standards most incels have. dunno i guess i also had suspicions he was an actor so i was curious to see proof that he wasn't one, since the interview was by VICE and all.

No. 91368

Mad Max 2 Mel Gibson is god tier.

No. 91421

File: 1533675163789.jpg (185.5 KB, 1200x831, The_Machinist1.jpg)

no shame in general but yes I would even fuck him in this movie

No. 91456

Shit yeahhh, ESPECIALLY in Machinist. He's very sexy as an ana-kun.

No. 91465

File: 1533715299178.jpg (13.04 KB, 331x331, Christopher-Hitchens.jpg)

Judge me anons

No. 91666

File: 1533878376697.jpeg (10.8 KB, 192x262, 28BBD015-A11F-484E-B4CE-5B0FCD…)

Hell no, I’d have fucked him six ways from Sunday. I would fuck this guy too, but probably not anymore. Sorry the picture is for ants, it was the only one out there.

No. 91786

File: 1533954796203.jpeg (36.9 KB, 1280x720, DCB422CB-380F-45EF-8B94-AF56B9…)

Sebastian Armesto, he always gets casted in awkward minion roles and I like his symmetrical face moles

No. 91879

File: 1534053409717.jpg (47.39 KB, 600x399, toad.jpg)

No. 91885

Tbh I see what you mean but his nasally 13 year old boy voice is kind of a deal breaker

No. 91924

i guess this video was made for you then. (but in the original context of the song)

No. 91942

Is this… Teller?

No. 92005

I like his voice tbh, oops.
Lol thanks for this.

No. 92275

File: 1534378169274.gif (947.29 KB, 426x320, 85866fba0b1a0e7234a9fd653f1332…)

thank you anon who commented this, i finally got round to watching the movie (not really a serial killer fucker but rather like watching/reading about that stuff) and omg cal's actor is so cute!
10/10, would wife

No. 92303

he looks like simply-kenna in a way, I was confusion at first glance

No. 92689

File: 1534798496304.jpg (95.12 KB, 720x1120, 8b5fd1ba260c00944ea4be1a8a3893…)

No. 92700


nothing shameful about best boi in history

No. 92735

File: 1534836720522.jpg (89.25 KB, 500x617, colealexander.jpg)

No. 92742

ot, but this pic made me realize a coworker of mine really resembles Kennedy. He has the same eyes and smile.
He's a good 10 inches shorter though lmao.

No. 92786

File: 1534867409963.jpg (1.36 MB, 1830x1220, craig_ferguson_late_late_show2…)

prince of my heart

No. 92789

File: 1534868920217.jpg (23.68 KB, 521x400, richard_ramirez.jpg)

I'm going to hell for this one but I've always found him ridiculously, inhumanly attractive. his cheekbones look like they were carved out by angels or some shit

No. 92810

Same. I liked his devil may care 2edgy4me attitude as well. Too bad about the whole murder thing.

No. 92812

File: 1534889001293.jpg (27.6 KB, 636x421, charlie-puth-how-long-MV-still…)

ashamed because I'm not 15yo and he's kind of ugly but I'm so attracted to him
normie af I know

No. 92837

File: 1534901025807.jpg (81.28 KB, 767x432, HWF166.jpg)

Dick Roman from Supernatural

No. 92841

File: 1534907503833.jpg (133.17 KB, 918x1024, guessiwannaparty.jpg)

my brain knows hes not cute but my eyes dont agree

No. 92890

File: 1534965221683.jpg (474.15 KB, 1273x1600, young_winston_churchill.jpg)

No. 92972


No. 92976

File: 1535046742403.jpg (20.77 KB, 446x299, shutterstock_9327712de.jpg)

I don't know what to say

No. 93001

File: 1535054850620.jpg (114.38 KB, 624x420, Jack-White-.jpg)

I would also peg him in his pasty fat ass

No. 93009

Anon same. To me he looks a lot like julian casablancas who was my biggest teenage crush lmao

No. 93010

File: 1535059291175.jpg (110.53 KB, 618x764, 34872987483748.jpg)

why do I like him so much

No. 93026

Because he fucks

No. 93038

Which other guy, there were 19 lol
Also good to know I'm not entirely insane


Shuaiby was cute, I liked his eyes
And I definitely win

No. 93041

File: 1535077587145.jpg (110.16 KB, 1100x619, 150615081319-mitt-romney-super…)

No. 93043

I would open my front door and listen to R Money talk about Mormonism any day

No. 93053

I believe he was called nami.

No. 93063

No. 93097

File: 1535116042377.jpeg (15.57 KB, 252x200, 787BDFDF-52EB-457E-B1FC-4856BC…)

Well seeing as it’s been nearly 24 hours and I haven’t been flamed yet, I suppose you do win. I feel a little better about it. And I agree, I especially loved his eyes.

No. 93127

ha, i understand anon. there's a special sort of shame that comes with finding someone attractive off of r9k. honestly most of them are pretty average-looking, but man if they aren't all batshit crazy.

No. 93145

Glad you understand anon! It’s basically shame from a combination of being from /r9k/ and what he’s known for. It’s just a little embarrassing. And yeah, most are pretty average but probably make themselves out to be worse than they are too.

No. 93156

File: 1535161470044.jpg (39.67 KB, 968x727, downloadfile.jpg)

skinner from the x-files is so hot for some reason. the more i watched the show the better he looked to me. i don't even have a thing for bald men but everything about him is so attractive to me that him balding doesn't matter. he kinda pulls it off tbh

No. 93182

Lmao not gonna lie, I actually find him pretty attractive, at least when he was younger. He looks a bit like a cross between johnny depp and gerard way imo. And I won't deny that his singing voice turns me on a little

No. 93196

same anon. I hate bald men but skinner was really sexy to me,

No. 93205

File: 1535201109612.png (171.97 KB, 346x420, Screenshot_2018-08-25_14-44-40…)

How about a Skinner with some hair on his head?

No. 93220

No. 93237

File: 1535223444589.jpg (168.98 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_o2uxnqNOb41ul0292o1_128…)

something about his face weirdly entices me even though most of the time he looks like a dead bloated body that's been in a swamp for 3 days

No. 93253

File: 1535231339022.jpeg (18.38 KB, 292x439, 80D50F1A-F0B4-4A80-B216-A6BCB6…)

A young Jaz Coleman. I know he’s batshit crazy but I’m a sucker for thick black eyebrows and like his complexion.

No. 93272

File: 1535244187035.jpg (136.66 KB, 769x1000, irons.jpg)

you got me fucked up if you say you wouldn't fuck this hunk of a saggy tea bag and he looked especially damn tasty in The Borgias

No. 93282

you aren't alone

No. 93290

File: 1535264363691.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1548x1024, 25646037-1B5D-4B8C-B002-786F5D…)

frank zappa. i suppose the fact that i think he's one of the smartest people to ever live helps the attraction. his voice is so fucking sexy and goofy and snide, like he knows he's the best… i'd love to be his groupie he fucks and travels with but at the same time i'd love to bear his children.

No. 93307

Good taste, anon. He's been my ultimate dreamboat ever since I saw "Damage" as a kid. Just gets better with age.

No. 93313

I bet you would love Dead Ringers then

No. 93326

how was he one of the smartest people alive?? he was a right wing libertarian. they aren't smart, ever. musically talented, sure, but he had no common sense at all.

No. 93346

I'd fuck old Jeremy Irons no question. Middle Aged Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers was great, but I watched the French Lieutenants Woman recently and goddamn he was a handsome fucking man back then. I'd fuck him older and saggier because he's got this weird charisma, but young, young Irons was surprisingly gorgeous.

No. 93354

File: 1535328500523.jpg (116.49 KB, 1506x1000, MV5BMTg3OTAxNDkzMF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Charlie Sheen was objectively hot as fuck in this scene and I feel icky for acknowledging it.

No. 93364

plus he gave his kids the dumbest fucking names

No. 93369

Charlie Sheen is like Mel Gibson. Both are pretty shitty people but both were fine af in the 80s, so you feel guilty lusting after them even though they were both undeniably good looking back then. My mom had a thing for Charlie back in the 80s when she was a teen but she finds him utterly repulsive now lol.

No. 93427

you mean excellent names

>tfw you will never be named Moon Unit

No. 93457

File: 1535469419140.jpg (21.92 KB, 629x354, 630.jpg)

I hate to be /that person/ but the new Florida shooter (not the one from February… or 2016… lol)
Looks kinda like an autistic Jake Abel

No. 93462

he looks like steve-o

No. 93471

omg i thought you were memeing! i love stupid names but moon unit tops everything i have heard of until now

No. 93472

This must be the only picture on the internet where he doesn't 100% look like a creepy, crazy fucker.
All of his expressions are those of a psychopath and his haircut was horrible.
Seriously it seems like every shooter has the same haircut.

No. 93484

lmao i was waiting for someone to post him. as soon as they figured out who he was i knew someone was going to post about how they thought he was cute. imo he kinda looks like lanza but with way more balanced out features (is it because they're both jewish idk)

No. 93543

He looks like Lanza to me too (though I thought Lanza was Italian.)

No. 93564

File: 1535532645657.jpg (93.98 KB, 900x899, townsends.jpg)

Jon Townsends the 18th century historical reenactment youtuber.

He's just so sweet and passionate about 18th century cooking and history. He's total husbando material.

No. 93565

There’s nothing shameful about this, Anon. He seems like a total sweetie, and like you said, very passionate.

No. 93572

No shame, anon. That's quality husbando material right there.

No. 93576

I got very happy seeing this. So wholesome.

No. 93640

lol I feel less awkward now, I hope all you ladies meet a nice cooking husbando to call your own some day.

No. 93693

File: 1535660014433.jpg (12.09 KB, 480x270, p00xgf3f.jpg)

Jamie Demetriou who stars in and cowrites the screenplay for 'Stath Lets Flats' on E4. The show is horrendously unfunny but he's around 6'6, brown eyes, tanned skin, he's pretty much exactly my type. woof

No. 93842

File: 1535763560985.png (72.95 KB, 201x226, sam_hyde_cum.png)

>Sam has decent facial structure
He looks like every uncle who's ever been arrested for child pornography combined into one person

No. 93843

i like older guys, so dudes like gordon ramsey, simon cowell, bryan cranston, david duchovny, etc. are right up my alley. i know people who think these guys are attractive, but they're typically referring to when they were younger.

No. 93844

Lol solid observation anon

No. 93846

File: 1535764807812.jpg (17.96 KB, 280x377, US_senator_robert-f-kennedy.jp…)

oh, and RFK. mmmmmmmmmm

No. 93857

this. what is good about sam's bone structure. his jaw is sharp but not very manly and its completely concealed by fat anyway. his…forehead is a nice size i guess?

literally onion has better bone structure

No. 93864

why would this be shameful

No. 93867

File: 1535776377768.jpg (59.03 KB, 540x299, wrispoQ.jpg)

you kinda have it made if you fall in love though. don't have to worry about no longer finding your partner attractive when they start to age. it's all uphill for you and by the time they're so elderly that it's no longer hot, you'll probably be post-menopausal and not care much anyway. there's no "the wall" for you, merely a doorway.

No. 93869

File: 1535777796034.jpg (32.52 KB, 383x600, aba4775fed74e6bfea94e51734aed8…)

Robert Smith used to be kind of a babe

No. 93870

File: 1535777882238.jpg (56.92 KB, 500x667, b98cc4c239e36a65c4180bc93f7730…)

No. 93916

File: 1535885396583.jpg (256.58 KB, 1024x768, 4455437843_29841fb66d_b.jpg)

>tfw ywn have a goth cartoonist bf to hate people with
Only ashamed because he's so much older. Still looks good though tbh.

No. 93927

File: 1535893857439.jpg (1019.85 KB, 2501x3355, r1293_fea_trudeau_newopener-f0…)

No. 93949

I feel you.

No. 93979

same girl

No. 93985

File: 1535925276936.jpg (58.65 KB, 460x344, 1..jpg)

No. 93986

File: 1535925481744.jpg (47 KB, 314x436, 2013-611609530-2013050936756.j…)

No. 94000

File: 1535932864557.jpeg (51.5 KB, 597x640, 4c9ac8881b0d23351f6ecf8ba35a4e…)

No. 94008


really? you're ashamed to say you'd fuck justin trudeau? okay…

No. 94030

i'd be ashamed. he's kinda cute but his absolute cuck personality and politics make it embarrassing

No. 94055

File: 1535955734959.png (99.1 KB, 612x491, 46FF4F74-9280-4894-980D-F36D63…)

By this do you mean have sex with a black guy wile he watches and then go down on you after?

No. 94103

He looks a little like my boyfriend lel
Honestly, I find him kind of cute. Who is he?

No. 94105

File: 1536011360356.jpg (107.24 KB, 775x1353, 90t305tg_oo.jpg)

Jhonen Vasquez of the Invader Zim (and JTHM) infamy. I should've put that in the file name whoops.
Here's a younger pic. He just kind of got dweebier with age instead of wrinkling.

No. 94135

There's no shame in wanting to fuck Jhonen. I would totally go for him if I was straight.
He would make a good bf too.

No. 94146


Omg, anon, me too! Everytime I mention him, people go "wait, who?"

I think I prefer him in his edgier JTHM/Squee years.

No. 94148

File: 1536043275197.jpg (35.03 KB, 352x352, 21942_lg.jpg)

Mitt Romney was my first sex dream

it ended with him crying out of shame because Mormonism. I seriously have such a fetish for spiritually conflicted Mormon boys, I'm ashamed I don't find it appealing unless they feel guilty.

No. 94158

>I seriously have such a fetish for spiritually conflicted Mormon boys
Wow, I actually have the same religious boy kink, although I prefer them to be crying at first but eventually give in (and I prefer the religion to be from further east if you catch my drift)

sage for oversharing

No. 94159

File: 1536066896284.jpeg (16.35 KB, 300x168, 4BD837C8-60D0-445B-90C0-380FAA…)

Honestly, I think Braun Strowman is a total babe. He’s big, tall, strong, and just adorable.

I have a weakness for big guys.

No. 94205

I want to corrupt a mormon missionary so badly. Too bad they all have a buddy ready to cockblock me. This is why they send them out in pairs isn't it?

No. 94206

File: 1536103051760.png (72.3 KB, 500x432, im_making_this_fucking_post_fu…)

Tom Lehrer, I honestly cant say why.

No. 94207

Yes actually. Accountability buddies. Not just to save them from freaks like us but from vices like drugs, alcohol and full court basketball.

No. 94211

File: 1536111811925.png (452.63 KB, 705x435, luschek.png)

I don't really find Luschek from OitNB physically attractive at all, and yet something deep inside very much wants to jump his bones. I've even had sex dreams about it…

i'm glad we all have the same shit-tier tastes <3

No. 94212

File: 1536112128771.png (2.64 MB, 2502x1514, Screen-Shot-2017-09-09-at-8.08…)


You guys would love the mormon episode of Room 104.

No. 94213

An alarming amount of people want to fuck Pornstache, so it could be worse.

Speaking of Pornstache, I did experience like a glimmer of attraction to him in that one scene where he finds out Daya's baby isn't dead but he was in his mom's kitchen, had different facial hair and wasn't in the middle of abusing any prisoners so that probably helped. I was seeing normal women all over the internet discussing their Pornstache lust starting from season one.

No. 94217

This screenshot is already hot so I will definitely watch this

No. 94225

Tell me more about this? I think I may have the same thing anon.

No. 94227

File: 1536127433490.png (471.34 KB, 600x600, a5494f43-dc42-4e47-8da1-9caa79…)

I honestly don't feel ashamed of it but i know a lot of people would judge me for it so i guess it counts

why? he's nice and we are both pretty damaged so i feel a weird deep connection (i know i sounds like an insane fan girl but i haven listened to way too many personal videos he made). Also he seems like the type of person that would try their hardest to please the girl.

Oh yeah and I don't give a damn about weight and appearance so i would probably get judged for a lot of my weird random crushes lol

No. 94228

I would hate fuck Onision.

No. 94238

lol i like caveman bone structure and he has nice teeth.

shame about the incurable grease disease and every single fucking thing else

No. 94245

oh he is not nice at all, just a professional fence sitter and manipulator.

No. 94248

I put it in the "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread


No. 94249

File: 1536147689072.gif (2 MB, 400x224, jimjones.gif)

i'd be on his fuck list anytime before he got fat
the masochism tango is a great song

No. 94254

File: 1536158136270.jpg (23.61 KB, 628x360, maxresdefault-3jpg-2c508d.jpg)

Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men.. his hair and deep voice!!

No. 94311

Dude, me too.

No. 94312

File: 1536207953770.png (260.23 KB, 488x636, 048944569764327.png)

Id fuck the living shit out of Max Stirner

No. 94313

So much yes

No. 94424

File: 1536235805598.jpg (168.91 KB, 696x1000, machine-gun-kelly-at-drai-s-be…)

No. 94451

Yup, thanks for confirming. I thought I was the only weirdo in the world who had that thought cross their minds.

No. 94453

File: 1536255431022.jpeg (77.55 KB, 634x1024, 96F73B28-99C4-4820-AF9B-9DAAB5…)

i’m going through some extreme ovulation rn and suddenly realised i would fuck the shit out of sacha baron cohen

No. 94456

File: 1536259282104.gif (1.99 MB, 500x207, mgk.gif)

wanting to fuck MGK all this time and not feeling an ounce of shame until now lol

No. 94476

Is this the Rape me lyric from Nirvana song?
Why, is he trying to make some kind of statement?

Seen him live and he was amazing even though I do not listen to rap usually. The live versions of his songs are so much better than CD ones

No. 94481

File: 1536268881154.jpg (11.43 KB, 260x390, Young-Bill-Clinton.jpg)


I also would totally fuck Romney, not necessarily into it cuz of the Mormonism but more from a politician-intern/employee standpoint

Honestly my fantasy is some sort of Lewinsky-type situation. Except I would use the affair as leverage for getting what I want, like a raise or promotion or special treatment etc. I've been listening to a podcast about the affair and damn Monica must've given good head because Bill couldn't stay away, even after dumping her several times and someone on his staff had her moved to a job at the Pentagon to keep them away from each other he kept calling her. Monica was stupid telling her jealous "friend" who ratted her out

No. 94485

File: 1536271690040.jpg (26.98 KB, 625x417, 1102104_334299_43_8247_17_ed20…)

He's cute AND he's 6'4"

No. 94491

File: 1536279382459.jpg (42.11 KB, 380x510, 636150546186381750-1492211.JPG)

Yo wtf there's pictures of him? I thought the only thing of him was that cartoon drawing. Consider my mind blown.

Fuck me anon I was just thinking of posting mr koolaid too. Shit, he didn't even need the glasses, he already looked good. Even in the late years he still had that something.

No. 94495

File: 1536282086353.jpg (11.25 KB, 250x333, israel5.jpg)

i'm glad someone agrees with me, i'm the worst fucking hybristophile on the planet and have posted different murderers that i'd fuck without shame. It's not that i'm sexually submissive, i actually have a domination fetish for overtaking power/dangerous men during sex.

also i would fuck the shit out of israel keyes. didn't help that he was charming like bundy too.

No. 94508


I have (shamefully) wanted to climb that like a tree since that episode of catfish he was on.

No. 94510

File: 1536294148776.jpeg (58.56 KB, 334x250, jonestown-hero-AB.jpeg)

Aw anon, if you're going to hell for your taste in men, save me a seat cause I'm right there with you. I can def see the appeal in taming a man like that, it's gotta make you feel like an even bigger fucker than him lol. I'm into the idea of these types of men being emotional, vulnerable and easily manipulated in a relationship too, feel like the contrast between the two sides is hot. now I want to make someone my bitch, thanks anon

No. 94517

>’easily manipulated’


No. 94518

Oh my god this guy is so sweet, I’m loving his channel, thank you anon!

No. 94519

yes and the three of clubs is your card

No. 94521

glad to help you anon <3 it's just my very niche fetish

No. 94546

It's supposed to be a fantasy

No. 94608

File: 1536377130802.jpg (159.48 KB, 842x712, jimplayinginflower.jpg)

this, sadly. i either want to have the higher grounds mentally (i have kink for lucid/delusional men) or physically (in this case, with my femdom/hybristophilia kink)

No. 94614


Why shamefully tho he is hot as fuck. I've heard his dick game is incredible

No. 94618

File: 1536397733304.jpg (122.77 KB, 515x640, Tom_Lehrer.jpg)


I'm always both glad and surprised to see one of my weird crushes like Lehrer mentioned in this thread.

I don't quite know why I'm attracted to him either. Maybe's it's the piano playing skills, or the sardonic wit, or the way his demeanor gives off cute, shy but loving nerd vibes.

No. 94653

File: 1536431596425.jpg (59.6 KB, 498x620, tumblr_inline_pd95mxr2yK1uajcm…)

No. 94660

File: 1536438574936.gif (627.1 KB, 400x224, image0.gif)

damn i've never seen that one before

we need a hybristophile thread to keep this to minimum TBH

No. 94672

File: 1536448654579.jpg (64.07 KB, 498x620, tumblr_inline_pd95n6KXOF1uajcm…)

I like the idea, it'd be fun to dump this shit on there. Just worried we'd get derailed to high heaven

No. 94675

File: 1536451367914.jpg (62.8 KB, 1080x608, eric andre police skit.jpg)

surprised i haven't seen eric andre on this thread, although idk if he's considered conventionally attractive

No. 94676

File: 1536451476141.gif (883.72 KB, 250x308, cricket.gif)

samefag but also keeping with the always sunny theme: rickety cricket especially in the later seasons

No. 94678

Cricket??? Later seasons?? This is by far the craziest in the thread anon haha. I get when he was a priest that was kinda hot. He is so funny in later seasons though.

For me it's Charlie even though he's gross, Glenn especially later seasons because psycho and fat Mac lol

No. 94682

dunno man, just think he's cute :)
i agree on charlie, love that little man and would ride his face in a heartbeat. i think glenn qualifies as too "conventionally attractive" tho

No. 94683

File: 1536459445441.jpg (42.64 KB, 294x400, Holman.jpg)

James Holman the Blind Traveler, and no I am not kidding.

I read his biography and travelogues and had such a crush on the guy. My weirdest crush and probably one of the weirdest in this thread.

> tfw no blind English echolocation traveler bf

No. 94686

Strangest one yet but sounds endearing. I'll have to check out his writing because the idea of a blind traveller from the 1800s is intriguing.

No. 94690

His travelogues and autobiography are all on Project Gutenberg if you are interested and there is also a really good book (A Sense of the World).

God I had so many dumb fantasies about seducing him wtf!? I hadn't even seen a picture of him until wayyy later too. I don't know what was wrong with me then or now . . .

No. 94725

Weird but definitely not the weirdest. Perhaps just because of how random it is, because he does sound like an interesting and endearing guy.

No. 94735

File: 1536524276872.png (1.42 MB, 2092x1198, muskrat.png)

No. 94738

lol i think he has a very safe, husband looking appeal in pics, but on this podcast he came off so autistic and socially inept that it ruined any appeal. his voice sucks and he doesn't even sound like a genius. he just sounds like any random person at a good university. pretty smart but nothing exceptional or mind blowing

No. 94744

right? i put it on as a bg noise yesterday but i couldn't handle it for more than the first 10 mins just bc he is so stuttery and the convo didn't flow at all. sounded like 2 awkward uni lads trying to make friends at a tutorial group kek
honestly i even sorta thought he was cute in a dorky way, but hearing him candidly speak really turned me off him

No. 94745

yup. i often think joe is an idiot but he handled the interview fine and asked decent questions and tried to help elon loosen up, to which he just had stiff delayed responses like a sperg.
what even is his voice? that's not what any canadian accent i've heard sounds like. it actually does sound like a robot trying to be human lmao

No. 94751

He's south african.
I think Elon is hot and would absolutely husband him up.

No. 94752

File: 1536539576918.jpg (105.59 KB, 1300x953, genevieve-bujold-jeremy-irons-…)

Gurl dont even…Jeremy Irons is handsome I'll sing it from the mountains, no shame.

No. 94757

File: 1536546155633.jpg (44.33 KB, 968x726, humble water filter merchant.j…)

No. 94763

same anon you replied to, i'm pretty sure he is south african but that podcast was my first exposure to it and it is such a weird accent. and like i'm esl and can't usually pick up differences in native speaker's accents lmao

wow. great file name tho

No. 94766

This is an adorable crush to have anon. It's only weird for this thread because he sounds like a wholesome person.

No. 94767

File: 1536552745347.jpeg (58.53 KB, 620x540, 1_2IHcTpd3dESAlnN1Y1TWbQ.jpeg)

he makes for good memes i'll give you that

No. 94772

File: 1536557761596.png (288.78 KB, 407x432, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.png)

hahaha…god this is so weird but I'm really attracted to young David spade, but like specifically from this one episode of Monsters, where he plays a Serial Killer meat delivery boy. I don't know, something about his acting in it was attractive to me. Plus, his role as Richard in Tommy Boy was attractive too because he was basically a sarcastic asshole the whole time. I wasn't even born when he was in any of these (I'm 20) so I haven't told anyone out of embarrassment.

No. 94773

File: 1536560414264.jpg (19.77 KB, 480x360, C4q3xC2W8AAEd8c.jpg)

he's not the most handsome man in the world but his virile energy is palpable no matter what form he takes

No. 94783

he looks very handsome in this image

I'm the same anon that also liked Townsends, I just like old timey men I guess.

No. 94804

File: 1536577128470.jpg (148.59 KB, 900x450, stath_lets_flats_single.jpg)

i want Stath Lets Flats to crush my throat and spit on my face

No. 94826

File: 1536605442094.gif (685.54 KB, 245x160, Tommy-Boy-image-tommy-boy-3645…)

100% agree anon. I can't watch Tommy Boy without staring at him whenever he's on screen. He's such a cute sarcastic asshole and I love it

No. 94829

File: 1536606650546.jpg (55.36 KB, 422x500, MIRAGE.jpg)

>i'll never get to be a groupie during the 90s to a japanese edgelord vampire with long hair and makeup
feels bad

No. 94830

File: 1536608437306.gif (991.65 KB, 350x255, Cute.gif)

I'm so glad someone agrees with me here, he is so cute. A lot of people give him a hard time about his height but I don't even care that he's short since I'm shorter than him. I read a post that said "SNL era David Spade was such a hot twink, I'm so upset that he turned into Billy Ray Cyrus" LOL I sort of wish I was born earlier so I could've been an adult when he was in these movies so I wouldn't sound so weird if I were to tell my friends. I even started watching "Just Shoot Me" because he's in it.

No. 94852

wow man,that's the oldest looking 16 years old i've ever seen.

No. 94929

File: 1536709591479.jpeg (65.81 KB, 1280x720, E2C51768-DB20-426A-B2F8-52A9BD…)

I don’t know why I’m like this

No. 94950

File: 1536727477994.png (138.5 KB, 301x446, 13385D85-22CA-4C65-B975-72C74B…)

He is such an intelligent hunk. Besides, think of the orgies…

No. 94951

File: 1536728030879.png (122.2 KB, 204x376, 7C00C75E-0225-42E3-9F23-994577…)

Birdo. Pretty self explanatory.

No. 94952

File: 1536728155447.jpg (351.18 KB, 1069x901, Blake Vogt.jpg)

For me it's magician Blake Vogt. He's really lanky and his face looks like he was beat with a stick in some photos, but something about his face I find oddly cute. ALso I find his smile and personality charming. His tricks are pretty neat too.

No. 94953

File: 1536728179793.jpeg (32.45 KB, 300x300, 6B9BAEC0-3D5A-443E-A5B8-5F243E…)

I’d let this man fuck my brains out

No. 94955

File: 1536728992923.jpeg (65.78 KB, 520x520, 48599C46-0EA8-4DC7-9D8D-6890CE…)

Antisthenes. He’s whole deal was virtue! Loyalty is important. Plus he had the whole “hot dad” look before it was cool

No. 94958

File: 1536729314409.jpeg (668.56 KB, 1652x2048, 3BC314B0-5405-453B-937D-ADA5FB…)

Alan Napier. He was such a sweet Alfred in the original show.

No. 94967

Ya know what anon? I can dig it. What a chiseled face.

No. 94993

Im right there with u tbh.

No. 95004

My cousin

No. 95006

I kind of lust after my brother… who's 2 years younger than me, and underage : |

No. 95007



No. 95009

Yall degen as duck.

No. 95025

I would never actually fuck any of my cousins because I think that's nasty but I have had sex dreams about one of them and I kind of enjoy the fantasy aspect of it. I've daydreamed about us being in a flowers in the attic type scenario on occasion. It's just taboo enough to be fun to think about without grossing myself out.

No. 95028

this reminds me of a crazy anon that kept going on about how fantasies were for posers and you either act out your fetishes irl or you're only aesthetically attracted to them.

No. 95047

So according to that anon what should someone do if the fantasy isn't physically possible? Like the person is dead or so physically distant as to be unreachable, or completely abstract like vore, flattening, oviposition or other weird /d/-tier shit?

No. 95070

File: 1536806548869.jpg (266.85 KB, 900x600, 2014RickAstley_Getty1092551932…)

Whenever I get rickrolled I can't help but think Rick Astley was pretty cute

No. 95071

Lol I think Javier Bardem is hot in general

That looks sexy

He's cute. Definitely my favorite character on the show. I love how innocent he is.

My cute friend that I've had sex with looks like him!

No. 95072

Same tbh

>My cute friend that I've had sex with looks like him!
Lucky bitch
What race is your friend?

No. 95074

He is Jewish. But a lot of people say he looks like the Boston Bomber.

No. 95078

File: 1536817670509.jpg (120.67 KB, 800x523, diversegirlslaughing.jpg)

Sorry for your friend but that is fucking hilarious. At least the Boston Bomber was easy on the eyes but its gotta suck hearing you look like him. Was he a good lay at least?

No. 95096

File: 1536835851798.jpg (70.91 KB, 1541x933, maxresdefault.jpg)

Jonathan McIntosh. Help me, I don't know what it is.

No. 95113

I can't remember in what context people were saying he looked like the Boston Bomber. Or maybe he was comparing himself to him. He is bi and likes cute guys so I think he might find the Boston Bomber cute too.

No. 95226

File: 1536932007363.png (335 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180914-062955.png)

not so much ugly, but more of embarrassing meme guy phase

No. 95246

Love urself.

No. 95253

File: 1536952754741.jpg (33.57 KB, 660x717, 2fb4904aa8db805ad03d6af91a177a…)

same with him

No. 95285

File: 1536976293041.jpg (148.04 KB, 1200x675, jimmy-fallon.jpg)

He's so pleasantly not-obnoxious for a talk show host and is really cute all around. I'd make love to him at night and share coffee with him in the morning.

No. 95287

I've been thinking about what about him attracts me so much. I just came to the conclusion that is the mix between a man with sort of power, money and intelligence (not in the social aspect because he is very aspie) and the fact that besides all that, he is super nerd and a dork. I just have a thing about men that present themselves as super alpha but end being a beta.

According to the text AB leaked, Grimes says that the accent it's a lie.

No. 95301


I am not judging you or your taste at all here anon and I think your post is wholesome and cute but he is obnoxious as fuck.

No. 95303

I simultaneously think he lacks sex appeal and think he'd make a cute husband. He's moe as fuck. Maybe he's more appealing in bed idk

No. 95306

But compared to other late night show hosts? I'm probably speaking from my own little idealized fantasy I have of what his "real" personality might be though, lmao. His instagram personality looks so awkwardly sweet.

Yeah I kinda feel that but I also wanna believe that he's pretty vanilla and soft in bed (at first) so that he doesn't need to be dripping with sex appeal right off the bat. Like if I introduced my friends to him they would think "he's an odd choice" but then they warm up to him because he's so precious.

i just really like jimmy fallon you guys

No. 95318

I would fuck him at any age. No shame here.


I like him because he looks exactly like a crush I had in HS.

No. 95327

File: 1537024538675.jpg (41.96 KB, 1268x712, walder.jpg)

There's a couple of actors I'm weirdly attracted to but not until they were over 75 years old. I totally would.

I googled "world cup psychopath" and all I got were pictures of Peter Crouch.

No. 95328

I had to look it up but the Jew Bear was pretty hot.

Ask him about his blueberry.

I'd be afraid of his eyes popping out.

No. 95329

Not this is what I call something you really need to be ashamed of. Thread win, anon.

He's 4 ft 9. I'm kinda relieved that I could probably kill him with one blow.

No. 95421

File: 1537136246346.jpg (95.43 KB, 500x392, kacz_030.jpg)

The Unabomber. I want him to take me in his big manly arms and carry me off to his dilapidated shack and make babies with me.

No. 95432

That's terrible, Anon. I kinda feel you. I heard he wrote some romantic letters from prison, they may be available online

Speaking of ancient men on GOT, von Sydow is looking good for his age

No. 95433

Sorry anon that only works in my language try searching for 'psicopata copa do mundo'

No. 95442


Joji is gross. iDubz could get it

No. 95443

File: 1537167263156.png (176.24 KB, 600x374, shkrelz.png)

There is something about his insane cockiness mixed with maximum autismo-mode troll that I have always loved.

Please tell me I'm not the only one.

No. 95444

It's not so much a man in particular, but a type.

I'm so attracted to dumb, bordering on invalid men who are happy and content driving their trucks (which I think 99% are overkill and wasteful), fishing, and drinking beer.

I have my degree in electrical engineering and I took a commissioning job on a remote construction site. I was constantly teetering between mind blowingly horny and wanting to actually blow my brains out, they were so moronic. I have these smart, successful men asking me out and they just don't do it for me like these idiots. Idk why and I'm ashamed

No. 95445

same but i'm not ashamed of loving shkreli. i think he's cute.

No. 95446

same i have mixed feelings over wanting him to plow me and wanting to peg him

No. 95451

oh god anon, same. I grew up in a hick town and I hated the boys/men there, but once I moved to a liberal college town I found myself missing hicks. There's this guy at my workplace who loves mud and beer and can barely spell, and I fantasize about him at least once a day.

No. 95452


Same tbh. He's hella cute. Socially awkward as fuck but I feel like he'd be a whole daddy in private

No. 95458

File: 1537180503399.jpeg (102.15 KB, 575x1024, E0FA541D-3F9B-4D17-84EC-25B11B…)

lmao are you me? i’ve posted my hybristo crushes in here before and ted k is by far my fav.

No. 95462

File: 1537184652727.jpg (842.64 KB, 1007x1663, Screenshot_20180917-070831_Gal…)

Oh my god, YES. He was so handsome and smart when he was young, I still can't believe he never married.
Bonus: have a shirtless Ted.

No. 95463

File: 1537184711735.png (473.42 KB, 638x626, 1531075995564.png)

(not her) Same here, I want to be his homestead wife, he can go out hunting and I can tend the garden… call me crazy but I've thought about this way too much.

No. 95478

File: 1537193893916.png (403.19 KB, 851x443, 7ad59e44-0c6b-4fe3-8096-70d273…)

On his first date with a girl they went picking apples together and baked a pie. How romantic is that?

This scene from Manhunt always tugs at my heartstrings.

No. 95657

File: 1537358220841.jpg (204.71 KB, 924x1200, pete.jpg)

I'd be willing to fuck Pete Davidson if he kept his mouth shut the entire time and left right afterwards. I really like goofy faces like his, shame about everything else

No. 95703

File: 1537450494117.jpg (17.12 KB, 600x451, 5034f3-20180309-rick-astley.jp…)

No. 95723

I'm with you on this one, anon.

No. 95729

What's wrong with liking Rick Astley? He's cute

No. 95734

>Youll never have an authentic 80s boyfriend

No. 95736

File: 1537474228767.jpg (244.39 KB, 1034x1200, jb.jpg)

Bieber in his uhh.. current phase

Agreed he was hot when he was young

No. 95741

File: 1537483666996.jpg (44.26 KB, 695x384, 290693_a1e879b713.jpg)

oh agree. i love trashy dudes that look like they forgot you can't skip school after graduating and haven't eaten anything with nutritional value in over a month (i have issues ok). lil peep had the same kind of appeal, honestly i think their faces look similar too.

No. 96334

File: 1537523632934.jpg (49.19 KB, 720x472, e3079638e624240c809865d166db48…)

Jimmy Urine
only pre-2003 though

No. 96357

Same. I saw him in concert and he went to the concession stand and stole a bunch of hot dogs and spit them on the crowd. 16 year old me was very turned on by that.

No. 96362

cool, what year was that?
I never had a chance to go to their show when I was a teenager because eastern europe

No. 96376

It was awhile ago..I would say 2004? I'm old. It was an awesome show. He was basically just running around like a maniac the whole time. He got up on the balcony and was going to jump off but security ran up and wouldn't let him so he stole the dogs and spit them on everyone.

No. 96427

Same, anon. With Jhonen Vasquez they're my dream shameful goth threesome.

No. 96444

Yes!!! He's highkey very sexy. He seems very kinky

No. 96506

File: 1537668294627.png (674.27 KB, 952x1074, 1537219022349.png)

The Shane Dawson costume Onision muppet drawing.

No. 96512

I’ve posted David before but seeing him in this vid/these clips made me want to dom him really badly.

No. 96589

File: 1537715078743.jpg (20.73 KB, 399x399, 6013538-4229997240-52302.jpg)

do fictional men count? because i was rather into rick before the show got popular. i'm embarrassed about it now but i wanted to dom him

No. 96593

No they should be in the 2D husbando thread

No. 96651

rick's not a husbando though. i am very much ashamed

No. 96664

I always found him ugly but in this clip he looks hot af ngl

No. 96838

File: 1537930924696.jpg (19 KB, 300x300, image0.jpg)

i'm so sucking ashamed. never in my life have i ever wanted to fuck ed gein but here i am. it's just for the pure mommy kink tbh.
>tfw have a muppet fetish as well
please end me
also agree with this

No. 96840

File: 1537935525659.jpg (21.38 KB, 493x365, Sam Hyde Revolution.jpg)

He really did a good job pulling off the Trotsky aesthetic here.

No. 96841

>On June 11, 1981, Sagawa, then 32, invited his Sorbonne classmate Renée Hartevelt to dinner at his apartment under the pretext of translating poetry for a school assignment. He planned to kill and eat her, having selected her for her health and beauty; characteristics he believed he lacked. He describes himself as weak, ugly, and small (he is 1.448 m (4ft 9in) tall)[5] and claims he wanted to absorb her energy. She was 25 years old and 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in).[6] After she arrived, she began reading poetry at a desk with her back to him. He shot her in the neck with a rifle. Sagawa said he fainted after the shock of shooting her, but awoke with the realization that he had to carry out his plan.[2] He raped her corpse but was unable to bite into her skin, so he left the apartment and purchased a butcher knife.[2] For two days, Sagawa ate various parts of her body, saving other parts in his refrigerator. He then attempted to dump her body in a lake in the Bois de Boulogne, but was seen in the act and arrested by French police.[2][7] When he was caught, he was carrying two suitcases. Those suitcases contained the dismembered body parts of Renée Hartevelt.

No. 96852

File: 1537946125922.png (111.6 KB, 260x194, 0A7B2C61-E1A6-4207-B9EC-A1867D…)

Clean-shaven Sam is cutest. He looks like a homeless ogre right now

No. 96898

File: 1537986621865.jpg (49.6 KB, 683x1024, ancientmethods.jpg)

Not really shameful but he's a really obscure man to lust over and I need to get it off my chest somewhere.

>tfw no qt german techno producer bf

No. 96932

>Renée Hartevelt
I typed this into google images.. now I regret it

No. 96935

I vaguely recall some headshots of her, what did you see?

No. 96936

NTA but when I googled this case I ended up looking at pics of her half eaten corpse, looked pretty real to me and made me feel really bad

No. 96937

Holy shit. For me the story itself is extremely depressing. The idea of shooting a woman who is reading poetry seems deeply perverse.

No. 96939

File: 1538025843802.jpg (28.16 KB, 500x373, 105.jpg)

Good taste. He's pretty overlooked due to the wtf-ery of his crimes but there are some good candids of him out there
>tfw Ed will never call you mommy

No. 96978

Nice taste Anons. He has a good face. Imo he's not necessarily overlooked because of the weirdness of his crimes (just look at Dahmer lol), I think if he happened today he'd be just as "popular" in true crime cause there'd be more photos available and videos

No. 97004

File: 1538117883102.jpg (907.9 KB, 1077x1408, Screenshot_20180917-082213_Gal…)

Are we discussing hot serial killers again? Here's mine.
It's not even about his looks.. something about his mannerisms and personality kills me.

No. 97005

File: 1538119496810.jpeg (51.37 KB, 321x427, 2815AAEE-001B-4CC0-9FFE-AC5CF3…)

Just googled him after seeing your post. You know what.. he does have some cute puppy eyes, lol.

No. 97008

File: 1538123209484.jpg (241.66 KB, 1057x620, Screenshot_20180928-042501_Sam…)

His song, "Mystery Rider," foretold his death. A drifter gone insane.

No. 97032

File: 1538161261271.jpg (88.98 KB, 640x853, BrowserPreview_tmp.jpg)

God help me

No. 97045

File: 1538173421082.jpeg (58.37 KB, 720x427, 571aa7551900002e0056c07e.jpeg)

You're too far gone Anon, God can't help you now. The serial killers on here are one thing, but this is too much

No. 97152

File: 1538296709284.png (460.59 KB, 377x652, eggy.png)

eggy looks kind of cute when he's not fat. and i like droopy eyes. pls no bully.

found pic related off some rando girl's twitter

No. 97307

File: 1538443889764.jpg (138.64 KB, 999x1000, img-keir-gilchrist_11225116260…)

he looks like stingy from lazytown but id ride him till the cows come home. his dead fish face i find so appealing for some reason

No. 97313

File: 1538455070407.jpg (51.39 KB, 800x450, 0009fca0-800.jpg)

domhnall gleeson, particularly in ex machina. 100% my type, down to peg
he looks like a ham with a wig strapped to it in star wars but im absolutely in love with him

No. 97314

I don't think anyone would call that shameful, a lot of people think he's cute. Or I guess I also share your shame.

No. 97317

File: 1538457014587.jpeg (36.17 KB, 760x545, 1620ED1F-FABE-49FF-8435-03DA49…)

James Jackson, the white supremacist who killed a black guy. His face is so cute imo..

No. 97318

File: 1538457999620.jpg (154.02 KB, 1600x877, whitehouse.jpg)

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of RI. It's not really "shameful" since he seems like an OK guy, but I guess he's a pretty unconventional choice since he's just some old white politician. I just… really liked the way he didn't take any shit during the Kavanaugh hearings. idk

Graham can go eat shit tho

No. 97320

File: 1538459316671.jpg (44.85 KB, 810x610, jesus fucking christ.jpg)

YES i'm right behind you on this one.

as a follow-up, adam driver. he's got the proportions of a caveman but i want to wreck him.

No. 97324

File: 1538465949467.jpeg (151.44 KB, 700x467, 673BA77A-6988-428A-82B7-85ABF0…)

Fuck, never thought I’d see this here
Same, he’s so hot
Met him once, was super friendly, which I didn’t expect since the whole scene jerks off to him, looked a bit rugged though

>tfw no german industrial techno bf

No. 97343

Agree, I wanted to fuck him after I saw "It Follows"
>looks like Stingy from lazytown

No. 97361

Holy shit, I'm so happy there's another fan here. I'm glad you had a nice experience meeting him.

>a bit rugged

That's even more attractive.

No. 97374

He is my biggest crush, no shame.

No. 97381

File: 1538527600724.png (1.2 MB, 1280x841, tumblr_pfd817iHbv1xxqb0yo1_128…)

surprised no one has said young herbert mullin yet

No. 97382

File: 1538527642734.jpg (56.89 KB, 640x800, bfa4d58204a1b3af7456d9d3b75918…)

No. 97408

ye, nice to meet another fan, hope you'll meet him/see him play one day too
going to see him and his gf play live this autumn, it's one of the things that keep me going tbh
>those piercing hazel eyes

No. 97428

File: 1538595206507.jpg (62.47 KB, 1080x1080, 8765432334.jpg)

I don't even know

No. 97432

File: 1538597193852.jpg (1.12 MB, 1536x2048, 133BELLO64.jpg)

I never really payed any mind to him until the Shane Dawson series but I actually think he's kinda cute now (just his looks not his personality.)

Ashamed because I'm an adult woman and he mainly appeals to kids + he's most well known for being an asshole

No. 97433

Oh yes anon he's exquisite sub material. Show him who's boss.

No. 97444

Yess anon. I never paid attention to him until the Shane series and he’s grown on me. Was thinking about posting him ITT.

No. 97484

File: 1538668518295.png (425.84 KB, 811x718, Adam.png)

I was rewatching the original Saw (which I still stan for) and tbh I wouldn't mind if Jigsaw locked me in a room with Adam.
Maybe I just have a thing for short snarky boys.

No. 97495

i know reviewbrah has been posted here before but honestly I've never actually seen his videos but i just watched his skin care routine and have thoroughly fallen in love
that robe

No. 97517

File: 1538748175102.gif (909.11 KB, 325x498, tenor.gif)

Ashamed because he's old as hell, but lately he's all I can think about and fap to

No. 97519

He's so angelic, I don't blame you. He has that dry wit too. No shame in finding him attractive!

No. 97522

Anon, don't be ashamed! I also think he is sexy af, especially in Hannibal

No. 97540

Absolute babe, no question about it or shame needed

No. 97548

After being listening to Hamilton I’m obsessed

I’ve started to think about lin Manuel Miranda on a day to day basis and it’s unhealthy

He isn’t bad looking but he’s almost forty :(

He’s married with a baby which I think is cute but he’s just generally attractive in terms of personality? Idk

No. 97589

File: 1538825723005.png (574.69 KB, 987x699, Mr. Wednesday.png)

Old as hell? Here's old as hell.

No. 97594

File: 1538830332010.jpg (90.38 KB, 619x1047, tumblr_pbs43yHU5j1qa4lgbo1_128…)

this is shameful for me because i am almost 30 but i am finding myself attracted to twinky, very young-looking guys more often now and it makes me feel like a huge creep. i want to dom the shit out of them and do things to them and be their "mommy". god i feel slimy about it especially since i am vocally against older men preying on young girls.

No. 97636

File: 1538860560769.jpg (45.42 KB, 500x500, Uzi.jpg)

I think he's adorable. I think have a thing for petite guys. However, I hate a lot of that mumble rap shit he makes.

No. 97642

File: 1538861887313.jpg (135.24 KB, 480x559, ross-lynch-1493064553.jpg)

I don't blame you anon, Ross lynch is hot af. I've had a celeb crush on him since I was in middle school and he was on Disney Channel. I feel weird thinking him as Dahmer was kinda hot too…

No. 97646

File: 1538866490417.jpg (89.19 KB, 640x854, ross-lynch-my-friend-dahmer-1.…)

he was insanely hot as dahmer, i would do so many things to that awkward teenage loser.

No. 97649

File: 1538867410937.png (1.16 MB, 720x1280, CD90526D-F8B4-4318-AB58-7D0E15…)

The worst part is that I was a grown woman still playing dating sims for horny preteens

No. 97658

wut. wrong thread?

No. 97660

apex taste anon

No. 97665

File: 1538876118878.jpg (224.45 KB, 800x1200, lil-uzi-vert-gq-5.jpg)

I think he's actually so handsome facially. He has so much potential without the tattoos and piercings

No. 97792

File: 1539016301504.jpg (59.02 KB, 900x600, 723855_1.1.jpg)

started watching american vandal and this dude is such a big dumb meaty jock but it somehow comes across as cute? like i want to be his gf w triple digit iq you know? shameful bc he looks like an even dumber and uglier relative of channing tatum
also chris pratt in parks and rec had the same appeal but that thirst feels more dignified kek

No. 97836

No anon you’re right. Also I love that show. He’s cute in a goofy teddy bear sort of way. Way cuter than Channing Tatum imo.

No. 97897

File: 1539096947128.jpeg (22.98 KB, 320x180, E0B6FD61-64B2-4664-9558-8C22C1…)

repzilla from youtube. god damn it i don’t know why i’m so drawn to him and why i want to fuck him so badly but i can’t control it someone please save me

No. 97901

why is he so obsessed with mars argo and poppy

No. 97908


I loved his vines back in the day when vine was still a thing. He has a yt channel too

No. 97951

Yessss he's very hot

No. 97952

File: 1539148718815.jpg (41.05 KB, 640x360, ugh.jpg)

nm, anon did you know hes a fatty?

No. 97953

I stumbled upon his vids once, what a repulsive man

No. 97956

File: 1539153164524.jpeg (71.59 KB, 750x401, 0AEE2A5E-AD08-42AD-AA01-5BC502…)


i only remembered how much i wanted to fuck him after one of his recent videos, he’s just so hot and he’s not even remotely my type. not a huge fan of his videos at all but i find myself forgetting what he’s even talking about half the time because i’m just thinking about pegging him kek

No. 97970

Started watching this because I could tell he'd be my type (also liked Chris Pratt in P&R), and he totally is. Dumb fictional guys are the best because they lack the malicious stupidity of dumb irl guys.

No. 97972

peep was a fuckin cutie, honestly.

I was never into those types of guys when I was younger because I had really low self esteem and just wanted an older guy to like, hold my hand and ~guide me. I've grown a spine since then and now 18-22 year olds appeal to me a lot. I want to be the dominant one doing the guiding and nurturing now, but like you said, I feel icky about it.

Bad take anon, Jumin is worst boy, 1/10. He could never compare to my love Yoosung.

I find him pretty obnoxious, but there is something attractive about him. Like I want to stick a ball gag in his mouth and punish him for being annoying.

No. 97973

Same here, was into older guys, got with an older guy, got over it and am now into younger men. Feels bad. For all the talk about women hitting the wall damn to most men let themselves go. Getting older sucks.

No. 98051

I want to pinch his cheeks

No. 98059

You sound super gross.

No. 98085

File: 1539323856319.jpg (48.23 KB, 872x611, Dek0j-IUEAEqbhi.jpg)

This narcissist tard

No. 98086

File: 1539326373111.jpg (67.62 KB, 422x594, jamesbuckley.jpg)

there's something about james buckley that i find super attractive. hes not even my type stereotypically, so im not sure why?? but

No. 98090

File: 1539328922123.jpeg (47.67 KB, 640x360, 46FA8996-9E4C-43B9-A256-4BC786…)

It's so shameful, but I want to fuck Jared Kushner so bad.

No. 98091

gurl, u need to love urself

No. 98096

He’s super nice irl and gets praised by EVERYONE she works with.

Aside of looks he’s super dateable

No. 98110

Imagine him screaming and crying like a banshee during the middle of sex. Lmao

No. 98120

File: 1539352532762.png (23.52 KB, 235x277, Untitled.png)

damn, jeff looks like THAT?

i could have sworn he was a lot uglier not that long ago, he looks cute in a pasty nerd way

No. 98121


jim jeff james whatever

No. 98123

File: 1539354208776.jpg (12.95 KB, 480x270, p00xbmzx.jpg)

Jack Whitehall

granted, I would ask him to not talk for the duration. But I'm weirdly attracted to skinnyfat dudes that make me laugh

No. 98131

>implying thats not hot

No. 98145

Oh fuck same tho tbh. Bad Education made me have teacher fantasies about him.
>youll never be chantelle

No. 98162

Hideo Kojima. I just wanna suck the life out his dick while his smug face looks up at me

No. 98163

looks down

No. 98172

People have posted Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal Lecter but I’d honestly fuck Anthony Hopkins. I’m not a hybristophile and don’t have a thing for old men so I genuinely don’t understand my attraction.

No. 98173

File: 1539416382168.jpg (64.17 KB, 500x608, 1943-vincent-price-in-the-song…)

Vincent Price. Young, old, I don't care. He's my ideal man.
although i guess this doesn't really belong itt because i would absolutely have no shame about it
i guess the closest equivalent these days is the cuban gigolo goth voltaire

No. 98194

I'm not even really a fangirl of his but you made this sound so hot lol

No. 98199


You wanna suck his dick while he looks UP at you??? Is he doing a handstand, anon?

No. 98204

There are full on hybristophilia fags in this thread but being into twinks and femdom is gross?

No. 98205


Men don't wanna believe it but they age much harder than women. 30 year old women look so much better than 30 year old men because they bother to take care of their skin and hair. Younger men >>>>>>> older men.

No. 98206


Men don't wanna believe it but they age much harder than women. 30 year old women look so much better than 30 year old men because they bother to take care of their skin and hair. Younger men >>>>>>> older men.

No. 98219

They said looks down.

I don't think that's what anon was referring to lmao

No. 98225

File: 1539457681007.jpg (18.5 KB, 400x254, Emo.jpg)

Not sure if this counts, but Emo Peter Parker. Only him, not Tobey Maguire, not regular Peter Parker… I cannot watch those stupid clips of him dancing without thinking that I want him. I love the look and won't be ashamed to say it. However, the personality especially when he does that stupid finger gun walk and dance to be super embarrassing but incredibly hot.

Another one would also be Eric Isenhower. Not so much ashamed at the choice, but more ashamed at how I first found him to be hella cute, which was when he played Orin in Parks & Rec.

No. 98229

Then what was it??

No. 98241

File: 1539469325982.jpg (45.2 KB, 800x500, C8snteEWAAAkAWv.jpg)


>Hideo Kojima

s-same here.

Found myself lately checking all his social media accounts religiously just to see on whatever he is doing right now, what movie he watched or what music he is listening to. I don't really care about his games tbh and never cared before.

No. 98253

File: 1539495804470.jpg (17.9 KB, 640x360, 0.jpg)

I am deeply ashamed.

No. 98254

>randy stair

No. 98256

Idk I find his personality repulsive but sometimes when I see clips of him I can't help but think if he was more of a normal guy he could have been cute

No. 98259

Yeah, I hate to admit but he could get it.

No. 98260

Younger men have more stamina in bed too and are more willing to learn things/want to please you.

Speaking from experience. You probably won’t have a long relationship with a younger guy but it’ll be fun as hell compared to older guys.

No. 98264

Me, too.
It's that skelly body that does it for me.

No. 98403

File: 1539646800034.jpg (38.55 KB, 304x304, Danny_Brown-304.jpg)

Danny Brown before he got his teeth fixed

No. 98414

Eh. At least you don’t want to fuck Trump, Eric, or Don Jr.

No. 98483

File: 1539735061679.jpg (18.03 KB, 255x411, 8Q9ugRY.jpg)

Pls no bully.

No. 98484

Would love to record him doing some kinky and embarrassing shit and blackmail him with it. And then release it to the media of course

No. 98498

File: 1539748094465.jpg (4.42 KB, 277x182, images.jpg)

Dylan Moran was such a babe when he was younger. This isn't that shameful but he hasn't aged particularly well.

No. 98512

explain please. He looks like a sweaty potato.

No. 98516

File: 1539789196684.gif (2.59 MB, 280x250, breivik smile.gif)

No. 98517

File: 1539790509772.jpg (121.09 KB, 1620x1069, 1620.jpg)

Christoph Waltz. I don't care that he's 62 he's one of the hottest men i've ever layed my eyes upon.

No. 98523

File: 1539802821695.gif (4.03 MB, 300x200, 5983604596802.gif)

That sax player from The Lost Boys…my friends would always make fun of him when we watched it and I would rewind it so we could laugh at him more. I just wanted to see him dance around longer.

Also, all the damn vampires in that movie but no shame there.

No. 98529

this is the forth or fifth time he's been posted in this thread alone, you are most definitely not alone.
this is wholesome af

No. 98530

There's a whole compilation of him doing the sexy sax grind on stage with tina turner
but you probably already knew

No. 98551

File: 1539857804323.jpg (10.61 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Any fellow frenchanons would bang Renaud?

No. 98561

File: 1539872121167.jpg (34 KB, 921x550, C8hQ8_SVwAApzrC.jpg)

Clay (main character from 13 Reasons Why)
Not necessarily that I think he's unattractive, but I'm more ashamed I like such a dumb show.

No. 98562

i want a threesome with him and asap rocky

No. 98563

File: 1539874587032.jpg (107.95 KB, 874x655, 181010-Lil-Xan-874x655.jpg)

Posting because I hate myself.

No. 98564

File: 1539874854635.jpeg (122.67 KB, 640x731, A54FE2E2-F5A8-41CB-A9DA-B50826…)

I know, I know. Idk why he’s attractive to me but he is. I can’t help it I grew up a hood rat in Chicago, this type of shit still appeals to my vagina lmao

No. 98565

>>98563 xan is the type to not even be able to get a hard on lmao flaccid fantasy

No. 98566

>>98564 yeah i love belligerent incomprehensible vapid pedophiles too. hood rats unite

No. 98567

File: 1539875337305.jpg (53.34 KB, 975x646, Billy-Bob-Thornton-calls-Golia…)


It's almost like he's a man I'm ashamed to want to fuck. Strange, right?

Posting another. Anyone else kind of want to do him in "Bad Santa" or is that just me?

No. 98568

File: 1539876968077.jpg (55.62 KB, 620x413, 2398430.jpg)

don't necessarily want to fuck either personally however i'd gladly observe billy and mark from baggage battles fucking each other, their chemistry is so weird, i love it

No. 98579


Relax. This is a board for men were ashamed we want to fuck lol.

No. 98584

No, not strange. He’s quiet fuckable imo. Fargo version would be my preferrence..

No. 98640

This guy is so disgusting looking. He was even worse in bad santa because he was just kind of an asshole slob.

No. 98705

File: 1539976812367.jpeg (491.66 KB, 2048x2048, 54CCE0D6-B8E7-43D0-9245-678C56…)

leon chiro the cosplayer. he’s apparently a total asshole irl and exudes big douche energy but his gladio cosplay is so god damn hot i want to kill myself

No. 98711

dude relatable Dylan's a cutie and has his own band separate from the show thats made me have a fat ass crush on him but its still embarrassing to mention it ever because of that sjw ass show lmaooo

No. 98915

i’m glad i’m not the only one holy shit

No. 98930

This is our deplorable secret that shall never be spoken of outside of this board, anon.

No. 98934

>he's a total asshole
Deets? This is a really good gladio cosplay fuck

No. 98942

Nta anon, I heard that he has sex with other cosplayers and ghosts them right after, huge narcissist, obsessed with his steroid body especially his abs, does cringy yaoi pandering with rumored FTM moderatelyok cosplay, claimed that riot based their character Rakan off of him and also claimed that he was the official Rakan cosplayer when none of that was true (confirmed by Riot eu) they just used him and enji for 1 event and that was all, sakemi drew gladio and this guy thought that sakemi drew him in his gladio cosplay, he reposted the pic and thanked her for drawing him, she commented and said nicely that she didnt draw him. I remember the Leon dramu alert was going off when people were coming forward with their stories of being sexually harassed by Leon, even Enji said something but deleted her comment later.

No. 98971

lmao anon we're complete opposite the fact that i grew up a hood rat in chicago makes me not want to fuck him along with him being a pedo
he looks like that annoying classmate in 5th grade who wouldn't shut up about buying a Mustang when he learns to drive and listened to Sean Paul all the time lol

No. 98975

Wow he's delusional. How embarrassing, would not fuck

No. 99001

File: 1540164258047.png (759.56 KB, 720x896, 1.png)

Leon is obsessed with himself and like his ethot counter parts he's snowflakey and lies about making his costumes when other people make it for him and no one would care about these guys and girls if they didn't have pornstar bodies

No. 99028

Late to the party but… yes. His edgelord rage and pale skeletal body. I wish I was trolling but sadly I'm not.

No. 99029

File: 1540173909280.png (140.28 KB, 210x349, Ice_screenshot_20170422-012606…)

Samefag as above. Eric Harris, Columbine shooter

I have a thing for pasty skinny edgelords

No. 99031


There's a thread for you.


No. 99052

File: 1540201201812.gif (2.93 MB, 480x640, tumblr_pgyp887QB31ulyhir_540.g…)

Oh no I'm suspecting we're gonna get people with weird crushes on the recent Eric cosplayer who shot up his school. Actually they're probably already around.

No. 99061

He was pretty cute with the hat/shades combo.
Also I have a thing for boys who are edgy on the outside but insecure and depressed on the inside.

No. 99065

He looks like a human faced dog.

No. 99066

I'm pretty disappointed that some of you find school shooters attractive, why..? Is it because they fit a animu archetype? The ~silent but deadly~ type? You wouldn't be crushing on these creeps if you were behind their barrel or if one of your family members were killed by their rampages.

No. 99070

No shit they wouldn't. Don't get preachy on a thread about the trash people have embarassing crushes on. This is what the thread is for. They literally know these people are human dump trucks. People have cringy thoughts, doesn't mean they'd really act them out or that they don't understand the situation.

No. 99071

For some reason I always think he looks like a dog in that picture.

>You wouldn't be crushing on these creeps if you were behind their barrel
Guess again

No. 99074

That's why the thread is "Men You're ASHAMED To Say You'd Fuck". You do realize being attracted someone isn't optional

No. 99081

Oops lmao! I get it. He does give off vibes of being a banger from humboldt Park who stands on the corner and calls you by your clothing trying to talk to you. “Ey red shirt, where you going ma?”

No. 99119

File: 1540231544870.jpg (118.65 KB, 660x472, justice_1.jpg)

Not a Justice fan, but Xavier De Rosnay is pretty cute for a skelly with an unibrow.

No. 99130

File: 1540236289101.jpg (61.14 KB, 599x803, gallery_28_14_305.jpg)

falcore from the birthday massacre

i dont know if im ashamed or not but considering he's not conventionally attractive, very tall and lanky with huge teeth, but he's a total sweetheart and ive met him multiple times and im in love honestly

No. 99143

I would marry him. He seems like a delightful guy. Very gentlemanly with a great sense of humour

I feel like he'd be fun in bed

0 shame, he's really cute and I feel like he'd be a total romantic

Why would anyone be ashamed of wanting to fuck Robert Smith? Then again I lost my virginity with Just Like Heaven playing, so I may be biased.

Calling no shame here too. He seems like a lovely person. I bet he gives the best movie cuddles and would make breakfast the morning after.
>thick fingers too

I love big farm boys with the personality of a golden retriever. They're cute and strong and can drive tractors, what's not to love.

I bet he's a total sub and Erica rides his face every night. I bet he cries after sex sometimes while she plays with his hair and kisses his forehead.


No. 99144

File: 1540253017805.jpg (44.13 KB, 600x325, steve-burns-from-blues-clues.j…)

He's so short but he could get it

No. 99145

File: 1540253148098.jpg (26.45 KB, 300x300, the-good-placewilliam-jackson-…)

I want to fuck Chidi more than the actor but I still find him physically very attractive

No. 99146

File: 1540253611351.jpg (9.5 KB, 220x259, Trevor_Noah_2017.jpg)

I disagree with a lot of his politics but I'll be damned if I wouldn't let Trevor Noah rail me all night long. I love his smug cheeky face.

No. 99147

Is that you in the picture? He looks fine

No. 99169

File: 1540269565325.jpg (453.95 KB, 1075x710, b84277ca592c9fdfa497bbc5afa129…)

this dude? he's practically a chad. his smile is a little goofy in some pics but big deal. i think he'd still be considered conventionally attractive by a lot of people. i think you're being unnecessarily insecure about your taste tbh

No. 99172

File: 1540274885637.jpg (10.64 KB, 300x300, benedict_cumberbatchjpg.jpg)

Can't help it. Every time I watch Sherlock, I imagine how sex would be. Pushing me against the wall and fuck me in doggystyle. I need help. If I talk with friends about actors, they all say he is ugly. Well he kinda is, but, I don't know.

No. 99179

its chibi from the birthday massacre

No. 99180

File: 1540279739230.jpg (222.4 KB, 2000x1300, stephen-colbert-donald-trump-g…)

I had a sex dream about Stephen Colbert, which isn't bad but it was a weird dream and he was dying :/

Best sex dream so far is still Mitt Romney

No. 99185

nah anon, no shame in that one, face, body, voice, he's hot

No. 99187

>R money
>sex dream

Fucking yikes anon, rip

No. 99191

File: 1540291430772.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3117x3117, 4703AF68-296F-42FF-98E0-A3640E…)

Chino Moreno of Deftones/Crosses. Back in the day he was such a goofy looking kid, but I would let him put out his cigarettes on my skin. I have a raging lady boner for 90s teenage reject douchebags. He now looks a lot like an ex that I was disgustingly obsessed with.

Also Scott Weiland. Junkie bodies really do it for me.

No. 99208

My mom's friend claims to have dated him and says he has a huge cock

No. 99245

File: 1540330971228.png (312.97 KB, 756x419, 3401169-screen shot 2018-06-12…)

If we're talking about game designers, then I would fuck the man, the myth, the legend.

No. 99255

Hell yes Anon. Godd Howard.
I feel so ashamed for admitting this.

No. 99263

File: 1540341920219.jpeg (73.7 KB, 780x519, ozark_101_unit_00130r_cc4.jpeg)

i'm watching ozark and it reawakened the weird crush i've had on him since arrested development first came out

No. 99265

File: 1540343518308.gif (765.72 KB, 454x280, tenor.gif)

fat mac

No. 99266

File: 1540344926486.jpg (16.75 KB, 259x292, 100yes.jpg)

oh hell yea!

No. 99267

I’ve lowkey had a thing for Jason Bateman since Arrested Development. So I get it.
Everybody talks about Fat Mac in these threads but am I the only one who thought he was super cute in like season1-2? I loved his haircut and the cutest smile. Charlie was also a babe back then too. It’s funny that I thought Dennis was the least appealing look wise back then but he started to look really good around season 3.

No. 99269

File: 1540346970329.png (959.03 KB, 1366x768, 232152_1327884.png)

they're all cute tbh. i just chose fat mac because he seemed best fit for this thread.

No. 99271

File: 1540347496946.jpg (387.74 KB, 2700x1800, tcdital_ec150.jpg)

i think they're cute plus the characters all have this insane chaotic slightly virile demeanor that makes them fuckable to me. scummy but attractive people who are constantly dtf without a second thought are my weakness

also whats the deal with liam mcpoyle being a fan favorite in these threads too? like somehow i totally get it but i don't know why.

No. 99274

Ugh I'm into Gob for god knows what reason.

No. 99275

Idk what it is but yeah, I'd bang him


No. 99280

I’ve always thought Liam could get it if he had basic hygiene, shaved off his unibrow, and wasn’t a total deviant who fucks his siblings. Ryan would still be totally fug though. The actor for Liam is also on Westworld and he’s apparently pretty hot in it.

I also thought pre Crackhead Cricket was cute too. Even in that one episode where he was homeless and did a bunch of coke. I’d still hit it. Everything after that though, eugh.
I find Will Arnett oddly attractive too.

No. 99292

>>97432 Jake Paul does nothing for me but I'd let Logan hit it and quit it. He has nice eyes and he's not as dumb as Jake.

No. 99306

File: 1540406460234.jpg (154.27 KB, 1000x1027, damned-the-1963-005-production…)

Oliver Reed. He was well known for being an alcoholic asshole till the day he died, but good lord, was this man fucking hot when he was young.

He just had this kind of look that calls out to the most primal parts of my brain, I guess.

No. 99308

Early cricket is undeniably a qt although probably because I have a thing for corrupting religious boys


No. 99320

ollie was gorgeous but he's not a shamefuck at all!

No. 99322

File: 1540417488762.jpg (3.22 MB, 2700x4050, MV5BOTg1NzA1MzYwNF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

jimmi simpson is cute in westworld tbh

No. 99333

Aah, should’ve been more specific. Normally I’d never get involved with a man who abuses alcohol. It’s personal stuff but kinda important, and I’m soo ashamed of myself because I know I’d throw my principles out of the window just to fuck Oliver lmao. There’s just something crazy magnetic about him specifically.

No. 99354

File: 1540451995210.jpeg (103.32 KB, 800x600, BCE9E62D-5BAA-4827-A269-B14386…)

i hear you there, nothing wrong with the principle of it being important. on that note however, i have a favorite ollie story, maybe you've heard it and maybe not.

>In one celebrated incident in 1974, Reed invited 36 rugby players to a party at his home. Between Saturday night and Sunday lunchtime, they managed to consume between them 60 gallons of beer, 32 bottles of Scotch, 17 bottles of gin, four crates of wine and a lone bottle of Babycham. The entertainment concluded with Reed leading the players on a nude dawn run through the Surrey countryside.

actually the version i read a while back spoke of their 'buttocks glistening pale in the moonlight'.

ollie was a real character, the likes of which we don't see very often any longer and the world is much poorer for his passing. plus, he was gorgeous.

No. 99361

File: 1540459208352.jpg (300.67 KB, 1200x1646, 1200px-10.8.16LoganPaulByLuigi…)

Agreed I would very shamefully fuck Logan even though he's a psycho

No. 99381

Came here literally the say this. After watching shanes series I found myself feeling very attracted to jake paul and I hate it

No. 99384

i want to shave his hair and make him cry.

No. 99385

Hahaha, no I haven’t heard this one!
Can’t help but love that beautiful bastard.

No. 99393

File: 1540497777538.jpeg (48.51 KB, 640x480, A9DD5427-3FC8-4FCF-93D2-90F80B…)

Can we form a club, please? Seriously, I love Oliver Reed so much. All those actors that showed up in the sixties are so handsome to me, they look way more masculine and unique to me than guys do now. TCM is my best friend, I swear. They might not be what people my age see as handsome but imo they are so beautiful. I want them to pick me up and throw me around. It's depressing to grow up in a world of femme dudes if that's not what you're interested in from an aesthetic standpoint.

This fucking guy was another drunk and had a sort of weird career because of it, kind of a contemporary of Oilver Reed, he is my absolute favorite. I discovered him about a year back, my friends tell me I'm crazy and on top of that I don't think anyone knows he exists. I always get his last name wrong but it's Patrick McGoohan. He was in a ton of Disney movies and had a bunch of tv shows in the UK,

Buster Keaton is gorgeous, too. I'm dying.

No. 99404

I'm hating myself some for really starting to like him. I like his recent shit posting on Twitter.

No. 99408

File: 1540530481352.gif (1005.18 KB, 494x215, original (1).gif)

Billy Corgan but ONLY on Ava Adore. I have no idea why teenager me was so into him lol full on vampire egg

No. 99414

File: 1540541179005.gif (2.7 MB, 360x189, 2l07m1.gif)

Ahahaha can't believe you said this. SAME. Not to mention he's incredibly gross now. But back then in that video. Obsessed. That's the only thing that this douche is in where I could stare at him forever. This part kills me…when he snarls like that. Goddamn.

No. 99415

Someone is going to tyink this is samefagging, because holy shit I'm thirding this opinion.

Vampires and guys in eye makeup are hot.

No. 99442

File: 1540583397782.gif (3.19 MB, 384x288, giphy.gif)

Same honestly. I mean, he was cute in other videos, but he just looks so dead and tall and lanky in this video. I could watch this music video forever.

No. 99459

File: 1540609064481.jpg (74.44 KB, 729x887, 2017-02-27_122009_carlyle_robe…)

Robert Carlyle. I have a thing for the really dark eyes, I always feel strangely hypnotized by them.

No. 99469

Ooh yes please. I had a huge crush on him in high school. I felt a bit embarrassed because I wouldn't say he's traditionally good looking, but the look he has combined with his personality and accent are a great combo!

No. 99508

File: 1540662285903.gif (1.36 MB, 320x240, D-gouQ.gif)

Oh man nostalgia. Yes please. Although he was generally quite cute back then.

I'd still go for 90s Dave Wyndorf lol

No. 99555

File: 1540720934426.jpg (61.22 KB, 1280x720, Channel.Zero.S04E04.jpg)

No. 99619

File: 1540774885736.jpeg (157.54 KB, 952x1215, 5163C3A6-75E7-4CF8-B6C9-810E3D…)

Social repose. Found him browsing the onision thread and have zero interest in his music or edgy shit personality but I watch his videos because he is so fucking hot to me.

No. 99639

Anon, you should be deeply ashamed of yourself.. (ugh me too - his skelly body and dopey face just does it for me for some reason)

No. 99653

Anon, that's a good one for this thread because he's ugly inside and out. You did pick the best possible pic of him. He looks much less hideous here than he actually is in real life.

No. 99664

File: 1540826559960.jpg (129.71 KB, 800x580, 5468453131.jpg)

I watch trashy reality TV (90 Day Fiance). This guy lives with his mother and probably shitposts on /r9k/ and /b/, but I find him so goddamn endearing. Even with him dressing up his cats, I'd fuck him.

No. 99665

he looks like a blonde egorapter with long hair.

No. 99668

File: 1540836558722.jpeg (207.33 KB, 581x545, D2EFD144-6BCA-4C49-83A4-52EDE1…)

You see that soulless (narcissistic) ginger? Daddy af!

No. 99693

bitch where? and egoraptor did have long hair lmao

No. 99708

File: 1540865120917.jpg (91.1 KB, 650x360, lil-pump-feat.jpg)

If Lil' Pump didn't style himself like….that he would be so hot. Still, I'm attracted to him even with the stupid styling.

No. 99712

I feel the same. There's a moment in the Gucci gang vid where he has his dreads pulled back and looked so fucking sexy. I wish hed dies them dark or just cut them off altogether and stop getting tattoos on his face

No. 99733

awww im kinda sad to see him on here because he's actually really nice. and attractive, as i'm clearly not alone in saying.

yes he's an "incel" but he's actually really more of a volcel bc girls do hit on him, he just has issues.

i remember he was really nervous about the vice interview.

i hadnt really talked to him in weeks bc i had to leave the internet basically but he sent me a snap not long ago saying that he hopes everything is well with me. i think he's kind. i would unironically date him if we lived on the same continent.

anyone want his snap lol?

No. 99736

he looks like Voldemort lmao

No. 99743

No girl. He looks like a young fuckable Nosferatu.

No. 99745

File: 1540915686643.jpg (242.61 KB, 900x1200, DmSImspU0AAr6ql.jpg)

No. 99773

File: 1540940014861.jpg (35.36 KB, 671x377, anthony-fantano-2017.jpg)

not sure if i'm even ashamed tbh

No. 99780

You should be. He has all the features that make someone look like a weasel.

No. 99786

he looks like a rebound I had when I was like 19 and deeply regretted

No. 99814

Young Alex Jones. He was qt before they started putting chemicals in the water that turned him gay

No. 99821

Wait he's capable of speaking in a normal voice? Because whenever I hear him speak I just wanna shove cough medicine down his throat.

No. 99828

god, me too. i'm obsessed with his cheekbones and broad shoulders and i hate myself for it more than i hate his opinions on music.

No. 99841

oh my god I hate that I find him cute here
>tfw you have a huge thing for Southern accents

No. 99843

kek this is understandable imo. he seems like he would have been good in bed. like he would go really hard when you want him to and also have a lot of stamina and patience. the dude has always been very high energy and virile. he's not attractive now but he still has an aggressive masculine quality about him that seems to massively diminish in other men his age. like sure other old men will act like they're all aggressive but they often just seem tired and insincere. maybe it's that super male vitality.

No. 99872


Yes but also grown up and when he grew the beard recently omg

No. 99873

File: 1541036750475.jpg (101.42 KB, 960x720, 1486509445059.jpg)

No. 99874

Same lmao. Sam used to be pretty cute in his early mde days. His eyes are really pretty

No. 99875

bish wtf

No. 99883

fml, now i'm thinking about fucking alex jones
he had such a cute face

No. 99884

also in this video when he says "I'm on 24 hours a day they say" his smirk Is so cute. I hate myself lmao

No. 99899

File: 1541071641505.jpg (21.97 KB, 780x520, amos01.jpg)

There's something about ratty asian guys I find hot and he is the very epitome

No. 99909

Sam is that you that keeps posting yourself in these threads?

No. 99917

Too bad he's a pedo

No. 99940

File: 1541115266227.jpg (1.48 MB, 2988x2988, glowpark.jpg)

rate this guy

No. 99949

Dating one of them is like dating a broom with a wig and bad breath.

You are not missing out I promise

No. 100020

File: 1541225188102.jpg (134.42 KB, 1086x722, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolk…)

There's one guy who is a sociopath and easily manipulated. He doesn't get out much anymore.

No. 100021

I'm no Karla stan but you're delusional anon.

No. 100324

File: 1541620102103.jpg (195.68 KB, 960x1199, CwB1LfpVYAECzIs.jpg)

Abroad in Japan. Definitely my most shameful fuck because he's so below average in looks but the dumb shit he says appeals to my lame sense of humor also I like the accent lol

No. 100355

>he’s so below average in looks
Nah anon, if that’s him in the picture he looks average to slightly above average imo. Dunno who he is but he doesn’t look like anything to be ashamed of.

No. 100357

File: 1541658095271.jpg (89.51 KB, 933x682, 11328_407587827_hr-e1456165095…)

Facts might not care about my feelings, but do you Shapiro-kun?

No. 100358

lay him out on a tray, nice!

No. 100361

lol i posted him upthread. he's cute and definitely above average for being english

No. 100362

File: 1541669972378.jpg (42.05 KB, 722x722, 541515451245.jpg)

I'm having fantasies of kissing Jin, while I sit on RM's face. I also schlicked to Suga making weird faces.

I have a 200lbs bf. Why am I like this

No. 100366

I have a tall fit bf but can't stop thinking about Tae's long fingers and Jimin's thick lips and what they can do. Sometimes the skinny manlets just win.

No. 100374

I don't know, I guess he just looks like any guy you can find at Walmart to me and he's not my usual type. But yeah he's like super average, ugly, and cute all at once to me.

No. 100376

Thanks for coming out, I appreciate it.

No. 100377

File: 1541684636118.jpg (59.5 KB, 1024x597, N6Fj9yx.jpg)

I'm becoming obsessed with climber Adam Ondra

No. 100392

File: 1541695460387.png (511.52 KB, 496x495, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 1.44…)

he was also my shameful fuck for a while but his body is kinda lame, no shape, no neck, stubby arms and legs. but i see what you mean

i truly do not understand how ppl find these literal child lookin boys fuckable, besides the "sexy" looks they give the cameras in concerts etc… of course im not gonna say pedo, i just can't see what these skinny boys could do for a girl, but you do you

i can literally smell him from here, disgusting

i love his photos in japan, he looks so dorky in orange lmao

No. 100393

believe me, i did not know either before i fell down the rabbit hole by accident. also, no pedo, the ones i listed are same age as me

No. 100396

Mads looks like his breath reeks so before you talkin to other anons about smell….girl

No. 100399

fwiw he looks very cute in his naruto cosplay anon!

No. 100401

Also a woman of good taste I see?

No. 100403

File: 1541710139607.png (98.6 KB, 237x316, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 5.49…)

>naruto cosplay
love that

how dare you insult my scandinavian naruto

do share your fave moments/gifs of those boys, let us see! (of course i didn't mean to you pedo btw) usually the industry these kpop starts work for is pretty disgusting to me so that's a big turn off but maybe i can enjoy some of them

this pic is for you, superior anon

No. 100426

File: 1541758283567.png (645.79 KB, 786x518, screen-shot-2015-01-21-at-3-27…)

Dwight from the office. Idk what the fuck is wrong with me

No. 100427

Fix the hair/remove the glasses
eh he isn't terrible

No. 100429

File: 1541764664118.jpg (53.82 KB, 500x330, office5.jpg)

He is cute! I prefer the british version of him myself

No. 100430

I don’t blame you. The only guy I dated looked like Rainn Wilson and sounded like him, too

No. 100437

File: 1541774070625.jpg (20.23 KB, 460x312, James-may-460x312.jpg)

Just admitted to some friend that I had a huge crush on James May when I was younger and they laughed. I remember being crushed when I learned that he's married.

Would still smash tho.

No. 100442

Lol anon no judgement, James May is my biggest crush.

He has a girlfriend but isn't married.

No. 100445

Lol I loved James May too. I had a very vivid romantic dream about him once. I near died when I found out he has a long term ballerina girlfriend. However they don't live together we can worm are way in together!

No. 100447

A gift for my fellow James May appreciators

No. 100457

Every incel lurking lolcow needs to look at this thread and see how varied women’s tastes really are.

No. 100459

They'd just say half are hybristophiliacs and half are only into the fame.
You can't win with 'em.

No. 100460

I'm sure they see it already. Doesn't change anything.

No. 100472

Have you watched Detectorists?

No. 100483

File: 1541858226249.jpg (38.77 KB, 400x400, young-psh-headshot.jpg)

Ever since I've watched The Big Lebowski I've had this weird thing for Seymour Hoffman, especially without his beard. Like he's not even my type and I don't usually like light-haired guys but I find his chubby face weirdly cute and his acting in the movie I mentioned really adorable

No. 100484

I like how BTS went from cute guys thread material to men you’re ashamed you’d fuck.

No. 100500

File: 1541870770433.jpg (83.13 KB, 1200x675, cq5dam.web.1200.675.jpg)

No but if it has Mackenzie Crook I need to check it out!

I really like him in Game of Thrones too

No. 100503

File: 1541873440742.gif (2.34 MB, 562x422, tumblr_pg28loQ9jC1xiptxqo2_640…)

>actually believing that paul wasn't the one who convinced karla to kill and she chose to start their rampage

anyways more jim because he a cute.

No. 100531

File: 1541894714350.jpg (23.59 KB, 213x320, 592885.jpg)

Christian 'ass muncher' Yelich. I went from liking boys that look like Richey Edwards and Elias Bender Ronnenfelt to this… this fuckboy. He looks like a horse, it's probably thick as fuck like all the other sport dudes, he always looks crusty and dirty and I swear to god I would do anything. ANYTHING. To marry Him. He's the total opposite of my usual kinda guys and idk idk man I just want him so bad.

No. 100533

File: 1541898090193.jpg (25.19 KB, 300x474, Takanohana_Koji.jpg)

No. 100555

Lmao after finishing a book on him I don't find finding him attractive weird anymore. He fucked sooo many of his followers it's ridiculous. Good face

No. 100637

File: 1542065438476.png (209.15 KB, 736x921, gay_as_frick.png)

road to jonestown? i've almost finished it, it's really good so far. he once had an 8 hour sex session with a female follower, and him being bisexual really fills in my niche.

No. 100747

Yep that's the 1! Shit I didnt know about the 8hrs marathon, that's crazy. Must've been the drugs. Tbh I was more dumbfounded when he got busted by an undercover cop for gay cruising at a cinema washroom. The thought of that was kinda hot in an odd way. The whole thing is such a fucking ride though, holy shit. What a man.

No. 100817

File: 1542249126587.gif (1.55 MB, 540x187, b58c18b3-3b48-46d9-8a33-e53b2f…)

Any farmers on here a horror fan? I recently watched the 2010 remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street, and I've a always been a Freddy fangirl, and think that Robert Englund's a cutie, Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy was sexy as fuck tbqh

No. 100821

File: 1542257851749.gif (209.69 KB, 300x127, why.gif)

Super late, but I'm the anon who posted him. I'm glad that he's actually a nice guy. I assumed the reason why he couldn't get a girlfriend was because he was an asshole or a psychopath or something, since he isn't unattractive. Ah well he has issues, but don't we all.

Anon I was just about to post a horror movie character so you aren't the only one, though I'm not sure if you mean that you want to actually fuck Freddy Krueger or just the actors.

I watched The Boy with some friends and as soon as Brahms crawled out of the wall I found him so attractive. It makes it worse that I feel like one of those stupid tumblr girls who like school shooters because they can 'change them' or something. Ugh… makes me psychoanalyze myself and really hate what I come up with.

No. 100843

Holy shit anon same, I don't know why but something about Brahms's build was really sexy to me.

No. 100869

File: 1542326891271.gif (1.89 MB, 360x151, a646752c-1a55-49b9-8d08-54cea0…)

I'd fuck Freddy(I'm in the minority than think Jackie's is cuter), I felt kinda ashamed cause the remake is detested among the horror fandom, and 2010 Freddy is a fucking pedophile. Is The Boy any good? It flew under my radar when it came out

No. 100882

its ok anon, this is the no-shame thread afterall. i don't think the remake was horrible, but i guess it had a lot to live up to and it's pretty hard to meet those expectations. the boy is pretty good. i wouldn't say it's one of my favorite movies, but worth a watch definitely. though, i may have just spoiled the end for you by posting who my shameful crush is.

No. 100950

Richard Ramirez (my fave), 6ix9ine (kinda gives me Ramirez vibes for some reason), Sam Hyde (weird asf. Also I also wanna best the fuck out him), James May, The Boy, late Michael Jackson, Jack Nicholson, Jeremy Clarkson, Prince Harry and Prince William, Jake Paul,

No. 100951

No. 101024

No. 101144

File: 1542699486716.jpeg (98.12 KB, 863x851, 6D74032A-3ED1-4789-B494-8C9600…)

I know Michael B. Jordan is considered attractive but he honestly didn’t do much for me (Doesn’t help that I usually go for pasty white guys) until I saw him as Killmonger in Black Panther. Idk why but his SoundCloud rapper haircut gets me. Unf. Even if his character was a little bitch with SJW tendencies. Also I know he looks a bit cross eyed here but still.

No. 101152

Nah he belongs here. Definitely not attractive.

No. 101177

You’re crazy. I’d fuck him for days.

No. 101184

Why? Because he’s not a Kpop pretty boy?

No. 101190

What made you assume I like kpop twinks? Projecting? How bizarre.

No. 101198

What is this site's obsession with K-pop bullshit. Shockingly we're not all obsessed with small menkids.

I don't see why Michael B. Jordan belongs on this thread only because I don't see what's shameful about liking him. He's not some cringe weirdo and I can see why someone would like him.
I think he's fucking ugly. His gigantic lips look terrible to me but he's just too normal. He's the current famous black man everyone now pretends is out of this world handsome.

No. 101216

No. 101248

Youre a retard. Not everyone likes black dudes.

No. 101253

I likewise find him much more attractive as T'challa. He isn't an unattractive man otherwise but he just doesn't stand out. T'challa has sick fits and the SoundCloud hair and somehow it works.

No. 101260

File: 1542841459334.jpg (60.25 KB, 928x523, bcs_301_ms_1007_0622-rt_-_h_20…)

No. 101264

I hate some of his views, like abortion for example, but I love how smug he is.

Same, anon. I've had a huge crush on him since Breaking Bad. So glad they did BCS.

No. 101287

wat why the shame, he is handsome

No. 101288

File: 1542878734612.jpeg (355.69 KB, 1000x563, 6D18D7FF-CA1E-4D1A-BE85-805547…)

Benicio del Toro.

No. 101301

I guess the source material is why I'm ashamed of myself.

I love Adrien Brody. Yes, he looks like a grey hound Animorph. What really turned me on to him was the later scenes in The Pianist.

It's based on a real person and I feel REALLY ashamed for finding Brody's portrayal of him in the later movie scenes arousing. I mostly care about him looking dirty, scrounging around for a meal. The Nazi soldier giving him a loaf of bread and preserves got me. I wanted to protect Brody forever. The look he gave whenever he ate something he missed long ago or asked for permission for food - I WANT TO PROTECT IT.

I have been avoiding Son of Sam because the scene I saw with him dancing in it was too much for me.

No. 101307

File: 1542915520204.jpg (65.52 KB, 824x464, snatch-del-toro.jpg)

he's so hot to me in Snatch for some reason, no shame at all

No. 101313

I don't wanna fuck him as much as I want him to be my bf lol

No. 101320

I had forgotten everything about this film. I might need to watch it again.

No. 101326

File: 1542950344735.jpeg (52.8 KB, 1200x677, 77655FDC-D3B2-4A2F-BC30-34B409…)

I have this fantasy where he decides to be my personal mentor and becomes invested in my career. And we end up having a whirlwind romance with lots of sex.

No. 101329

le classy gentleman

No. 101334

I'm guessing you like thick boys, anon?

No. 101352

File: 1543024531084.jpg (146.04 KB, 500x743, superlative laugh.jpg)

>furry inflation art
>that neckbeard outfit with the fingerless gloves and walmart work shoes

Anon I'm dying

No. 101375

what is so shameful about wanting to fuck these men?

i get it when you say that about murders but some are just nice average looking guys.

No. 101378

>Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly, creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation


No. 101379

Yep. Most pics posted here are normal looking, cute guys.this thread is so fucking cringe

No. 101382

File: 1543068654903.jpg (66.13 KB, 1024x729, ukmrertl68021[1].jpg)


He may be fat, but god, do I want to sit on his face and cuddle him afterwards.

No. 101383

File: 1543073737571.jpeg (28.23 KB, 647x363, GettyImages-985410948.jpeg)

Idk, I think Özil is a cutie but if I say that irl I get made fun of and even right here someone was convinced the thread was full of trolls because anyone actually finding him attractive is just too ridiculous.
There are a bunch of nice elderly gentleman posted that I think aren't shameful at all but for sure would get you laughed at by your friends so they fit here imo.
Who do you think didn't deserve to be posted in this thread?

No. 101672

File: 1543435361329.jpg (30.4 KB, 433x306, 0_n8pmbDh4-nLWWgja.jpg)

No. 101675

File: 1543437987106.jpg (45.95 KB, 770x463, 181024-escape-at-danemora-beni…)

I'd be his prison bitch

No. 101706

You may personally not but don’t pretend this site doesn’t have a bias towards certain type of men.

No. 101712

who is this?

No. 101713

Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs

No. 101714

ted levine

Movie is silence of the lambs he’s playing buffalo bill

No. 101722

File: 1543466958525.jpg (167.59 KB, 1320x880, 180038_vettel-1320x880.jpg)

He's a little goofy looking sometimes but his personality makes him incredibly attractive to me.

No. 101998

File: 1543776086037.jpg (22.05 KB, 480x480, 41307700_166077484313932_49912…)

I despised Filthy Frank so much, but I fancy Joji. The 13/14 year old me that wanted an East Asian bf is alive and kicking lol

No. 102024

>The 13/14 year old me that wanted an East Asian bf is alive and kicking lol
Lmfao! I shamefully relate to this so hard, but Joji is an absolute no go. He turned into the very exact fuckboy that he used to make fun of (which was warranted) and it's really bizarre. His music and singing is genuinely terrible.

No. 102074

File: 1543823186437.jpg (42.43 KB, 432x635, predatorsjpg-140a0bfb8c5a131b_…)

Maybe you'll like him in Predators, anon.
I'm not sure if you like him being buff but I can promise you he was dirty in the movie.

No. 102094

FUCK DONT SHOW ME THIS It was bad enough seeing him in The Pianist but I didn't know he was in a Predator movie..

No. 102102


Adrien Brody is hot as fuck.

Funny thing, he's super polarising: I've seen women either loving or hating him (appearance wise, I mean)

As for me, I watched all of his movies, except predator and king kong, just because he's hot. Some were really bad though lmao
I honestly didn't like the Son of Sam movie that much (can't remember why, though), but I like Brody and The Who, so I watched it. And I have a big thing for bi guys (it has to be bi, not gay), so that was also a plus for me in that movie.

No. 102106

I'd fuck them both. I loved frank. It is rather sad that he has turned to the exact thing he always made fun of. Tragic

No. 102109

same anon i'd be a sub for him actually holy shit

No. 102209

File: 1543906867772.jpg (40.26 KB, 1600x1200, Adrien-Brody-Wallpaper-5.jpg)

Enjoy the movie, anon!

No. 102252

File: 1543957926849.jpg (55.53 KB, 720x864, gilgunjoe-20181204-0001.jpg)

Trashy but I can't help it

No. 102260

File: 1543960291047.gif (946.6 KB, 245x248, tumblr_inline_o87e21E6ad1tae3h…)

No. 102269

He's hot as fuck in one of those local chavvy lad kind of ways. Have you seen This Is England? He looks great in that.

No. 102275

I'll have to check it out, thanks Anon. I've just been watching him in Preacher, he carries the show. And ye he looks like a hot chav but seems surprisingly decent in interviews

No. 102302

He is great in it. There are 3 seasons of the TV show after it if you want more of him too. He's a local to me too but that accent still makes me melt.

No. 102318

He’s also in a show called misfits, highly recommend for his character. He doesn’t show up until season 3, but the seasons before are pretty hilarious, too.

No. 102397

File: 1544097117893.png (795.21 KB, 1045x776, Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 12.1…)

No. 102402

File: 1544111431769.gif (1.45 MB, 500x250, tumblr_osbfl6Da9D1qgwp4yo1_500…)

I've loved him in everything I've seen him in. I just started Preacher last night and his accent in it is almost passable which is impressive.

No. 102437

File: 1544143604901.gif (728.13 KB, 245x160, tumblr_inline_o87e5mMY3B1tae3h…)

No. 102530

File: 1544307583580.jpg (77.78 KB, 827x620, Lil-Peep2-827x620.jpg)

he's dead but yeah.. lil peep kek
so damn trashy but so damn sexy

No. 102533

File: 1544309776127.jpg (17.91 KB, 350x266, 1.jpg)

Talking about trashy, Ronnie Radke. Definitely not the worst, but I'm deeply ashamed of being attracted to him.

No. 102535

File: 1544310431725.jpg (34.68 KB, 474x592, b743f904c865b5deeb95c3d8b963a0…)

I don't blame you anon he looks good as fuck these days. Talk about glow up

No. 102546

File: 1544322750636.jpg (78.86 KB, 1200x627, trebek2.jpg)

i cant help it

No. 102550

This is the kind of content I keep coming back to this thread for

No. 102587

File: 1544370318862.jpg (15.52 KB, 302x341, clown.jpg)

I'm not gonna fucking post his photo because I'm that ashamed but Josh/Null from Kiwi Farms, his laugh is really cute. SHIT…
also whoever this fucking guy is in the Ronald McDonald cosplay. like specifically in the Ronald McDonald suit.

honestly…. he's super cute. this younger pic is so good i love those eyes and his jaw and his fashion.
KEK I know a Japanese girl who's totally obsessed with Joji and tries to talk to him multiple times a day

No. 102590

File: 1544372545926.jpg (24.29 KB, 320x400, 8WBA-LiR.jpg)

The guy in the Ronald McDonald costume is Key from K-Pop group Shinee.

No. 102596

Oh my god yes! He's trash but I guess that prison stint did him good because his body is amazing, and I don't normally care about muscles. I wonder if he had work done too, it's crazy that he looks younger now than he did before

No. 102603

same, his smile is just so cute (well I guess was)

No. 102617

Oh anon don't even feel bad. I've been listening to some of null's streams lately and he genuinely sounds adorable

No. 102619

File: 1544388307735.jpg (95.03 KB, 978x652, bill.jpg)

Bill Hader can get it.

No. 102625

>t. null

No. 102628

File: 1544391751156.jpeg (91.11 KB, 900x900, D4289B8D-8875-4B30-B334-D7EBED…)

I hate myself

No. 102634

he kind of looks like Jimmy Carr

No. 102639

Shapiro-kun is such husband material tho

No. 102645

he would be super attractive if he wasnt a skinny manlet

No. 102651

He seems like he’d know how to treat a woman right
But anon, the skinny manletness is part of the appeal

No. 102655

I've met him in person (when I was a teen of course) and he's a huge asshole. He might be okay to look at, but he's really disgusting inside.

No. 102659

He gives off strong gay vibes. Am I the only one?

No. 102660

Autistic and gay. The way he talks and the high pitched voice are repulsive to me.

No. 102677

>I’ve met him in person (when I was a teen of course) and he was a huge asshole.

No. 102679

anon pls share the story

No. 102694

He's adorable, it's okay anon. Awful, but adorable.

No. 102741

Don't feel that bad anon, that's sort of sweet in a way.

No. 102743

I want him to punch me in the face anon. Maybe it's the confidence and the swag that is so uncharismatic that it kind of loops back to charming?

No. 102767

File: 1544495073942.png (548.72 KB, 593x707, Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 6.23…)

I love weird looking shit bag "art" guys.
>love yourself anon

No. 102771

File: 1544498342026.jpeg (395.28 KB, 1100x1513, D3547D83-6638-4B69-9B94-2A3292…)

Who is this cutie?and yes I agree pic related

No. 102773

File: 1544498572858.jpeg (320.44 KB, 1242x1432, DA325F1E-4728-4F83-979B-75F4DC…)

Please don’t call Chris Hansen on me

No. 102774

Why don't you take a seat over there.

No. 102776

Some things shouldn't be shared

No. 102777

File: 1544499391328.jpg (34.07 KB, 442x550, flat,550x550,075,f.u2.jpg)

No. 102778

ia lol he's super cute

No. 102780

Wanting to fuck an underage person is very different from thinking they're cute

No. 102781

but anon, GiRlS cAnT bE pEdOs

No. 102782

read between the lines

No. 102783

No. 102784

he reminds me of those guys from high school who joined the army because they were too feminine to be considered one of the guys

No. 102786

File: 1544505732093.jpeg (52.96 KB, 395x594, FFC38606-DE79-44F7-83FF-5E4F58…)

No. 102787

Don't be so hard on yourself, anon. He's cuter than Kit Harrington; probably a little taller than him, too.

No. 102796

is it antisemitic of me to think he looks like Randall from Recess ?

No. 102801

File: 1544543618665.jpg (13.68 KB, 305x165, IMG_2398.JPG)

honestly i'd fuck alex jones. the crazy ones are always better in bed anyway

No. 102802

Ew, girl…

Tf this nigga like 14!!!

No. 102813


No. 102829

The biggest shame and disgust anon.

No. 102851

File: 1544610652275.jpg (78.24 KB, 1920x1080, 286.jpg)

Still not buying Fallout 76 though.

No. 102854

Me too anon… Me too.

No. 102879

File: 1544635157881.gif (1.99 MB, 400x380, tumblr_inline_piri0qJyqW1vr1c7…)

I mean he's good looking but pining for him makes me feel like a bit weird since everyone else in his fanbase is like 14 years old, even though he's a year older than me. Wouldn't be too ashamed if he was just some random guy.

No. 102937

File: 1544648429445.jpeg (279.06 KB, 534x800, magnificentmillenial.jpeg)

I just want to worship every inch of him. But only if his hair is long like this and he's wearing the glasses.

No. 102941

I want Johnny Depp to destroy my vagina.

No. 102962

Anon, I must know who this is.

No. 102990

Daniel Howell

No. 102991


He used to be more commonly known as Danisnotonfire on YouTube before he realized he's pushing 30 and most of his fanbase is half his age.

I can relate tbh >>102879 - I've had the hots for this awkward fuck since he was a legit uwu MySpace-tier emo boy and I was always oddly ashamed to admit it, his Phandom was always top level autismo Tumblr cringe. Years - almost a decade - change but he attracts the same type of lonely teens.

No. 103055

File: 1544708182220.jpg (319.78 KB, 1704x1744, LSna3c2.jpg)

inb4 overzealous mod tells me to take it to the gender crit thread, I mean pre-transition contra

No. 103127

File: 1544759110193.jpeg (46.75 KB, 639x350, 4B13FEC0-9D7E-40B9-93E5-605E92…)

I finally got around to watching Oh Hello on Netflix. It’s not even John Mulaney that I’m attracted to. It’s just the character.

No. 103128

damn i didn't know this is what they looked before transition. tbh he looks pretty cute in the bottom left photo. might be a specific comparison, but he reminds me of those teenage metalheads in the early 90s, which is kinda my type kek.

No. 103161

File: 1544800891339.jpg (67.94 KB, 500x782, 6-lenny-kravitz.jpg)

Lenny Kravitz, my crush forever. I'm ashamed only because he's twice my age.

No. 103171

File: 1544810660003.gif (1.1 MB, 357x281, HandsomeSpotlessLeafbird-small…)

He makes me laugh idk

No. 103182

File: 1544822557603.jpg (18.24 KB, 300x300, mike-stoklasa.jpg)

mike was exactly my type before he became a fat alcoholic. still would hit it though.

No. 103186

File: 1544824709188.png (615.53 KB, 680x218, ED3A4079-C1BC-47E1-A12E-2FD289…)

Do you know he only takes a few baths EVERY month?!

No. 103237

File: 1544842265614.jpg (105.21 KB, 482x587, Belushi.jpg)

Are you sure that you're not just ashamed because of that weird anal prolapse belly button?

Not that I'm judging. I noticed John Belushi a couple weeks ago. He had a rowdy GG Allin vibe and I kinda hate myself for liking that sort of thing.

No. 103265

File: 1544859218860.jpeg (30.49 KB, 320x427, 8FCFC49D-6A2E-4EBA-ADCB-F20F5B…)

St.BlackOps2cel. He’s so cute to me literally never understood why incels acted like he was so deformed & hideous

No. 103267

This is poetically hilarious. The incels literally cannot win. They steal some poor kid's pic from god knows where and hold him up as the epitome of irredeemably ugly, and imortalize him as meme in the process, thus granting him a large enough audience that inevitably he's seen by enough people to have some of them find him attractive and shame or not here he is being validated as fuckable! Meanwhile the eternal incel is now less desirable than what was supposed to be the archetype of undesirable, and all through his own actions; my god I get all tingly just thinking about the cosmic beauty of it all. Hard kek, anon.

No. 103292

I think he's a fixer-upper. hope he's not an incel

No. 103294

File: 1544899950525.jpg (9.7 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)


Some newer photos of him were being circulated recently. He's from Serbia, I think, and he posted his photo on a Serbian forum and that was reposted to reddit by someone else, and it spread from there. As far as I know, he has no direct connection with the incel movement.

No. 103295

that might be a shoop because 4chan was sperging about hunter eyes for a while

No. 103296

Agree, he's pretty cute. I think the big eyes + small shoulders/frame do it for me.

No. 103297

lol, looks like a magician here. still more fuckable than the average incel

No. 103332

I think I've seen a few new pictures of him too. He looks pretty good here. I thought he was French though

No. 103358

File: 1544946891100.jpeg (69.62 KB, 700x700, 04ABD331-07D4-40DE-8866-BC4C19…)

I am so ashamed

No. 103364

File: 1544956741132.gif (2.06 MB, 268x268, 47c9e8607c1ee90f5ac260499ee444…)

hahaha holy shit same anon - i think it'd be really fun and hot to dominate a "kevin" type. all of the parts where his voice cracks like he's about to cry…

similarly from a netflix original (though a different one, the show Baby), and i'm really not ashamed because he's ridiculously hot, i just feel weird because he's two years younger than me a.k.a he was born in 2000!?!? - lorenzo zurzolo.

it's not a really big age gap… but damn does it feel weird, not sure why, it's weird when real-life 18 year olds hit on me too

No. 103365

nothing to be ashamed about anon, older men go for younger women all the time so why not do the opposite?

No. 103367

nothing to be ashamed about anon, older men go for younger women all the time so why not do the opposite?

No. 103368

nothing to be ashamed about anon, older men go for younger women all the time so why not do the opposite?

No. 103370

File: 1544961551298.jpg (5.42 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpg)

he's a plastic monster but he's so attractive

No. 103389

gdi anon, you may have given me a belly button fetish with that gif.

Also, no shame in going after younger, freshly 18 guys if the gap is only a few years. I'm 21, started uni later, and I count it as a blessing that I'm now surrounded by younger qts. If you go after asocial/shy men there's also an increased chance that they're virginal which is nice.

No. 103448

File: 1545077959118.jpg (96.73 KB, 760x720, Small-Crimes.jpg)

Unironically this. Kit is disgusting.

I'd fuck pic related but I don't like it when he's all well-groomed and in a tux. I'd much prefer it if he kept the scruffy facial hair and gained a bit of weight so he'd have a cute little belly. The fact that he was a wife and two daughters is also a turn on, tbqh.

No. 103460

File: 1545085522937.jpg (65.74 KB, 500x378, The_Pilot_00005.jpg)

Jerry Seinfeld. Specifically in that one baseball shirt in the pilot episode, or that one red shirt he wore sometimes. I know he's supposed to be a ladies man in the show but he hasn't got the most conventionally handsome features

No. 103489

File: 1545159419340.png (517.03 KB, 547x652, BD541592-46D0-4CC2-8817-3BFB26…)

Alt-lite daddy PJW

No. 103493

File: 1545162704379.jpg (47.23 KB, 900x750, oswald-mosley-1.jpg)

Even though Im very much on the left, I still think he was a cutie

No. 103500

File: 1545168121392.jpg (36.39 KB, 800x533, 800x-1.jpg)

I'm pretty sure I was dropped on my head when I was born

No. 103536

File: 1545211615702.jpg (95.97 KB, 593x591, 1544886538610.jpg)

Someone posted this photo on /fa/ yesterday. Apparently he's a namefag robot from the pre /soc/ days. I'm extremely angry at how pretty he is.

No. 103537

pre troon out contra reminded me a little of jason mewes, if he had a 3 digit iq and narcissistic personality disorder.

No. 103540

File: 1545213275642.jpg (22.97 KB, 320x480, brendan.jpg)

He looks like a brother of Brendan Fraser

No. 103544

He looks like your average white guy. Seriously, I've seen better at my local grocery store. His nose, lips, and that facial hair are really unflattering. Thats like 3/4s of his face looking bum ugly.

And you know he has mental issues to boot. Gross.

No. 103560

>I've seen better at the local grocery store
Where do you live? I must go there now.

No. 103563

Nta but where do you live where that's considered "pretty"….? He looks pretty bland to me too
like below average because he has major weasel face.

No. 103575

I live in California. It's mostly hispanic (most of which are the unattractive ghetto type), and the whites here are seniors.

No. 103577

Nta but just by not being overweight or old, he isn't an average white guy, in America at least. He's also decently groomed which counts for more than it should, again in America at least. I also think his facial aesthetics are pretty decent tbh.

No. 103785

File: 1545419185776.jpg (161.29 KB, 1140x760, TICKLED-BAFTA-8528.jpg)

this piece of shit. I find him so insufferable I don't know why but i have a soft spot for intellectual douchey insecure kind of guy. He is bisexual also with is a huge turn on for me lol i hate myself but i just want him to go down

No. 103826

who is this?

No. 103833

File: 1545459019358.gif (950.74 KB, 499x314, bob dylan puts on sunglasses.g…)

Ashamed because something about his personality seems really bad to me and he apparently has tons of children, but also because I find him attractive at almost any period in his adult life, even as an old man. His looks definitely peaked in 1965 or 1966, though.

No. 103834

he only has 6 children tho. 1 is adopted from his first wives' previous marriage, 4 are with that woman and 1 with his second marriage.

No. 103841

File: 1545473854448.jpeg (90.55 KB, 750x562, 572111F1-D16D-4E67-BABD-D9BA9D…)

He’s so cute but he’s such a piece of shit. Sad about the suicide thing tho. I just want to fix him and protect his smile.

No. 103842

File: 1545475423616.jpeg (419.15 KB, 1388x1998, 5729B6E8-2490-4AD0-BD4B-DF2D00…)

I agree lmao. I think he was ridiculously good looking when he was young

David Farrier. Not OP but I'd hit it too

No. 103852

This veterinarian I watch on youtube. he has this weird, staggered way of speaking and makes very direct eye contact with the camera which I feel like I should find offputting, but actually find kind of charming.

All I know about his personal life is that he was apparently horrible to women, but he was very cute when he was young.

No. 103853

File: 1545485162297.png (196.13 KB, 500x400, 380B9CAF-2B00-405B-84C0-1316BD…)

I want to hate fuck Varg so badly. I feel so ashamed but young (even kinda old Varg) is so fucking hot and adorable.

No. 103854

File: 1545485364542.jpeg (65.32 KB, 968x681, C651ED4D-7D28-4BB7-89C5-5606A6…)

Another picture. I fucking hate Metal and whatever, but goddamnit. The hate fuck would be a lot stronger too since I'm not white. Please unleash your white nationalism rage upon me and give me love.

No. 103855

I agree that Varg was a super qt3.14 when he was younger. I’m also not white either although I have a strong interest in European music with pagan themes. Honestly, thinking about this, I’m probably some sort of race fetishist.