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File: 1420759661969.jpg (2.15 MB, 2800x1809, Cosmetics-oa09.jpg)

No. 45820

Could we have a makeup thread that isn't shit? The last one has been dead for ages and has such an ugly OP picture.

Lolcow also seems to have a bit more traffic now after being linked to 8chan several times (which is still currently down).

No. 45821

File: 1420784372779.jpg (46.85 KB, 587x429, 1.jpg)

the other day I was looking at korean makeup reviews (call me a koreaboo, but korean bb creams are great) and came across this…thing

wtf that everything

No. 45822

You're not a Koreaboo to me. I use Korean skin care and a Korean BB cream because they've helped me more than Western products have. Shit just happens to work better.

No. 45852

Checked my inbox yesterday and Innisfree apparently just made these.


I think they're really nice and they look like they wouldn't make my lips sticky like the Sugar ones I have from Fresh.

No. 45853

No. 45854

Hello anons. Since this is a makeup thread I wanted to ask:
How do I get better at using makeup? I don't wear it often but I like to dress up once in a while. I have some good quality brushes and products. I can do very basic applications but it always looks sloppy or basic to me. I know I can watch videos but they don't usually explain things in detail and assume people know what they're doing. I don't like very heavy makeup but I prefer eye looks to anything else. Does anyone have favourite websites or tutorials to share? I would be so great full. Thank you.

No. 45855

Look at the videos made by Lisa Elridge on the Chanel YouTube Channel.
Also Lisa Elridge's own YouTube channel.

Her makeup is very simple and elegant. I highly recommend it.

No. 45856

Besame Cosmetics makes some really nice lipsticks.

No. 45857

File: 1421033945292.jpg (820.74 KB, 2322x4128, wtf.jpg)

I just went to /r/makeupaddiction and had a big laugh.
pic related

No. 45858

..Eegh. This is exactly why I don't bother with Reddit's makeup or skincare sections. It's not even because of the petty chan feud, but because these people claim to have such prowess in both subjects when everyone there is pretty inept.

No. 45859

File: 1421034533020.jpg (87.98 KB, 640x640, huh.jpg)

more courtesy of /r/makeupaddiction

No. 45860

File: 1421034694858.jpg (136.66 KB, 1000x1334, wat.jpg)


No. 45861

Are both of these bitches using Lime Crime on their lips? Those look like the shitty velveteens..

No. 45862

File: 1421036306116.jpg (177.75 KB, 980x815, contour_shaping___photoshop_ma…)

go on pinterest and type in 'makeup tutorial' I prefer those over videos.

No. 45863


Leddit gold

srsly I bet those neckbeards are kissing their feet lol

No. 45864

ugh i bet they wont even tell her how bad it looks

i tried going on mua, got banned for being honest

i was still telling them they looked good, but made jokey cracks about the lipstick themselves, not about the person wearing them/how it looks on the person, and i still got banned

worst subreddit and they fucking lie up the ass just to seem so Aw, Sweet :)

No. 45865

I really want that Pantone Marsala lipstick from Sephora. I was eying the palette, but I don't think I'd use most of the colors. The new Tarte palette looks really nice though.

No. 45866

Her mouth looks like an abused anus.

No. 45867


He's already working on a lighter pink, white, and a nude. I can't wait to see the black one he talked about.

No. 45868

File: 1421273262915.jpg (158.97 KB, 525x700, tarte palette.JPG)

No. 45869

lol at those Lime Crime dupes. In fact, that nude is exactly what LC promotes, but seeing actual swatches is much darker and unbleached asshole looking.

No. 45870

I own the pink one and it's a lot better than LC. Bigger, stays longer, doesn't dry my lips to christ, and my money didn't go to cunt like Xenia. I'm glad that he's making dupes.

No. 45871

It would be awesome if Sugarpill were sold in Sephora. I hate online ordering for makeup.

No. 45872


Made this a while ago and it's slow because I'm admittedly not one to annoy with advertising, but I know people miss the makeup threads with how they used to be in /cgl/.

No. 45873

Rather have slow and good quality than shitpost makeUpAdDiCTzXxxXxx

thank you for making it anon

No. 45874

Thank you for understanding. I really, really did not want to be a shill and spam it everywhere. I used to be one of the co-runners of the makeup /cgl/ threads, but we left halfchan. At first, I thought /fem/ would be cool, but.. well.. It sort of isn't great anymore because there are MUCH more men who post, they're betas, and I'm sorry if this sounds Tumblr but I just wanted a place where girls could go to talk about cosmetics and fashion. /fa/ is always male geared and /cgl/.. Well, not everyone wants to be lolita/gyaru/JFash and I thought it would be nice to just have a chick space.

No. 45875

I would totally buy from this guy once he releases more colors. I've been wanting to try a velvet finish lipstick but fucking hate Xenia or whatever the fuck Doe Deere's real name is. I need more neutrals in my life. But that bright red is calling my name.

No. 45876

His next release is going to be in February, he said. Not sure which colors, though. He's trying to surprise people. I've only seen a lighter pink, nude, and white so far. Still waiting on the black and blue he spoke of.

No. 45877

File: 1421843327227.jpg (147.75 KB, 736x1244, 34ddc54cf624c0618b2f568493a546…)

That's cool, good idea anon!


Ugh, tell me about it, I'm all for free speech, but they're super spammy with their beta whining. I tried having a thread about fashion or whatever and you had guys whining about how women are vapid for caring about fashion.

It's really annoying and happens all the time. Even worse are the random rants they spam in all thread. Like literally copypastas of why women suck.

Like dude, you have issues with women, but I'm not here to help you with that. I'm here to talk about contraception, high heels and to have some nice banter. You should talk to a counselor about that shit.

No. 45878

I know and sadly /fem/ allows them to do that kind of shit because they say it's debate, but it really isn't. It's shitposting and it ruins the quality of the board, derails threads, and chases women off.

No. 45879


So agree! I gave that board a scan but was really unimpressed with all the derailing and there seemed to be a LOT of anti race-mixing sentiment…which was weird to me, honestly.

That said, that eye makeup is gorgeous wow

No. 45880

File: 1421937770683.jpg (80.82 KB, 612x612, 80778c7aeb2cf06e5a739e6af38f44…)

Yeah, it's weird how they're cool with racemixing if it's a white guy plus another race, but if it's a white girl plus another race, they mock it.
Pol is fine in my opinion. At least they're open and honest about their racism, unlike those pseudointellectual beta clucks from leftypol that come on /fem/ to whine about how they're nice and feminists but girls still dont like them.

Covert racism and sexism is worse that open racist and sexism. When it's out in the open and obvious, you can engage them, discuss it etc.

No. 45881

The new Miley collection from M.A.C. looks gross..

No. 45882

Whyyyyy does all the Marsala shit look so pretty online yet so gross in person?

Also, what is the appeal of NYX as far as products go? I'd order stuff, but they're still sold out of a bunch of shit and its been months..

No. 45883

The only reason why I think nyx is great is cause Queens use it and it covers a lot for not a lot of money.

No. 45884

File: 1422002008024.jpg (136.03 KB, 640x640, ana.jpg)

No. 45885

File: 1422094492494.jpg (118.54 KB, 400x297, brushes.jpg)

Makeup related how do I go about washing my brushes? Also I can't stand strong perfume like smells.
Also is there a life span on the brushes? (more so the eye ones) And how long do those blending sponges last, and best way to clean/toss them?


No. 45886

Would anyone know what would be the best/affordable product to use on beard stubble? I know you should use orange to cover the blue hue.

No. 45887

Wtf are you a man or do you have a hormone problem?

No. 45888

You can use shampoo or dish soap to clean brushes off. It doesn't really need to be anything fancy, despite what people think. Try not to get the part where the bristles are attached to the metal part wet and you run the tips/middle under water until the water runs clear.

For sponges, most people I know wash those the same way or buy multiples. Brush life depends on where you buy from. I have ones from The Body Shop that lasted me almost two years with regular washing.

No. 45889

Any soap will do, as long as it doesn't cause you to have an allergic reaction.

You might want to experiment with using your fingers btw. A lot of proffessional makeup artists use their fingers for concealer and foundation because the warmth of your fingers melts it more easily, and it looks more 'natural'.

I wouldn't advise finger application for heavy coverage though. Only use it if you don't wear much makeup anyway.

No. 45890

Lol, no I'm trying to help a friend crossplay and it would help if his 5 o'clock shadow wasn't showing.

No. 45891

I've been using dish soap, Palmolive Soft Touch since it doesn't make my brushes feel super hard after washing. Be sure to get a brush drying rack if you haven't already. I got a cheap one off eBay for $10.

No. 45892

File: 1422173915400.gif (9.43 MB, 382x215, fuuuu.gif)

Girls, I need your help. Especially any MUA's or advanced makeup geeks.

I have a heart shaped face. I have to contour a lot according to the charts I see, that's cool. So I go to Sephora over the course of 3 months and ask the girls there to recommend me a good contouring products (because I want them allll!).
So far different employees have recommended different brands which are:

Too Faced: Milk Chocolate Soleil, Soleil Matte Bronzer, Sunny Bunny

Tart: 3 Park Ave Princess (They came in palettes), and 1 Park Ave Princess waterproof bronzer

Buxom: Tahiti bronzer

That's a lot of fucking bronzers right? Well fuck me because I just recently started seeing articles and gurus talking about how contouring powders should be Taupe (gray brown) to imitate a natural shadow.
I just looked through my bronzers and they're all brown! I'm so fucking pissed at myself for spending so much on the same shit without doing more research. I can't believe the MUA's at Sephora didn't know this.

I don't bronze.
So… I'm a neutral leaning towards warmer tones (but I can do cool sometimes). Can I get away with using these bronzers for contouring? Aside from that, I have no use for these products.

No. 45893

Bronzers have always been used for contouring. Some people even use eyeshadows, especially for the nose area. It really depends on your skin color to determine whether or not a taupe color might be best for you. I wouldn't sweat it much and keep on using the bronzers.

No. 45894

>eye shadows for contouring

Some people have luck with MAC shadows for this.

No. 45895

File: 1422176164015.jpg (96.79 KB, 640x640, js in the lab.jpg)


Pft, unlike Xenia you actually get proof that Jeffree is in a fucking lab working on his products.

>lip scrubs

>special surprise product


No. 45896

You can STILL try and use bronzers for contouring. I'm super pale and I can still use an NYX bronzer to create the illusion of shadow, but it's very subtle, don't use too much

What you can do (I do this with all the 'too dark' foundations/bb creams I have) is to use it on your legs in the summer. It'll make them look photoshop smooth if you put some darker foundation or bb cream on them, then you can swipe some bronzer over that

No. 45897

That's what I really like about this guy. Not only is he very much involved in his work, look at how sanitary this is. Lab, protective gear, hairnets, gloves… Nothing like the nasty shit Xenia pulls. Plus he seems to be a nice guy.

No. 45898

Oh, he is, but he was a shit in his teens and has an ED page so some still focus on that. Someone tried helping the girls in /cgl/ by suggesting him over Xenia and they flipped the fuck out and insisted he wasn't good enough when they hadn't even tried his his stuff, all because he 'only has three colors',

They're so ratchet, lmao.

No. 45899

File: 1422365164005.png (196.5 KB, 1024x747, 2_am__edit_buy_as_a_shirt__by_…)

For some reason, that link is being weird. Not sure if this one will work any better.


If you are unable to find the board, use the list of boards button on 8ch and CTRL + F for /beauty/. That should help if these links are still being shitty. I saw some people asking about finding it.

Also, I know many here are from /cgl/ and while I really do not want to steal any thunder from the Admin of 8ch /cgl/, I know that the board is painfully slow and going back to halfchan is a pain for some. I'm allowing generals for JFash/Lolita since it IS fashion related and I've expanded /beauty/'s content to allow more than just skin care and makeup.

Hopefully, /cgl/ does pick up though.

No. 45900

I hope he stocks soon. I really want to try the Redrum lip velour.

No. 45901

Word is that it'll be back before Valentines. I've been checking the page like crazy for word on that fucking black he promised.

No. 45902

File: 1423336359017.jpg (1.12 MB, 2048x1529, image.jpg)

Free samples I got from a Korean beauty seller on Amazon!

No. 45903

Nice. Which seller?

No. 45904

A-Poly. I usually order from package_go_fast, but they weren't selling any Missha essence at the time.

No. 45905

Also, don't be alarmed if you choose standard shipping and it takes about two weeks. I've been ordering stuff from South Korea for two years now and it always takes around a week and a half to two weeks to get over here.

No. 45906

File: 1423418936522.jpg (106.01 KB, 720x720, salem dupe.jpg)

Coming for Valentines from Jeffree Star.

No. 45907

Doesn't matter, I live in eastern Europe and it usually takes 2 weeks with standard shipping too

No. 45908

Im sorry but brown lipstick will always look like poop to me

It only looks good on black girls imo

No. 45909

I stayed up all night just so I could get my hands on the new Jeffree Star lippies. Totally worth it because they sold it in less than an hour.

No. 45910

swatches when arrive pls

No. 45911

You can just tell how excited he is about the whole make-up tours and creating new products. It is definitely something that suits him well, his singing was crap let's be honest. I genuinely feel he has found his calling with all this.

No. 45912

Mine was shipped the 13th but sadly it's been siting on "preshipment" on usps for the last 8 days. :/ I messaged Jeffree's cs to see what's up but no answer yet. might be usps being absolute garbage, they've delivered several of my packages DAYS late lately.

No. 45913

Its okay, I can wait. I hope your stuff comes safely. ;-;

No. 45914

File: 1424489259231.jpg (74.12 KB, 634x581, 244443.jpg)

No. 45915

Is that her with out all the Ps?

No. 45916



You can even tell that they used L'Oreal's shitty foundation because of how it cakes. Its well known for doing that shit and making pores visible.

No. 45917

Haha eww I've always hated her.

No. 45918

File: 1424609067279.jpg (58.76 KB, 634x475, 25CE13DA00000578-0-image-a-47_…)

hahahaha oh wow

No. 45919

I've always said she was nothing special. Meh.

No. 45920

Meh,she looks like a woman of her age.

No. 45921

She does, but it annoys me when people freak out over images like this after denying photoshop is a thing.

No. 45922

Got my velours today, and I don't really have anything else to compare them to because I've never used liquid lipstick, but they're really amazing. It's a lot of product considering how little you need for your lips. Unicorn blood is going to be my new go to. And they don't budge for shit.

No. 45923

Got my email!
Jeffree Star's black lipstick will be released Feb 28th at noon PST!
Redrum will also be back in stock.

No. 45924

I bought this and I love it. But I can't stand the names - I feel like I bought mom makeup.

No. 45925

loool I was so confused for a second

she looks pretty average without all that shoop da whoop

No. 45926

Meh, they're names who cares

No. 45927

i hate it when asians use a bb cream lighter than their skintone. i know milky white skin is kawaii but looking fake isn't.
tan yellow skin can be qt too.
and she looks very weird because she hasnt done her eyemakeup so she looks like an alien

No. 45928

now i hope her dumb fans will stop worshipping her
she's not a goddess, she's just a regular human being
her looks arent that great tbh

No. 45929

Okay, so Jeffree Star releases the colors Supreme Queen and 714 on Friday. Does he release them at 11:59PM or something? I really want 714.

No. 45930

they just justified the leak of photos as "bullying" and still kissed her ass. fans of celebs are insufferable and idiotic. you will never win.

No. 45931

The unicorn blood/nude ones were supposed to be released midnight PST but he released them an hour early.

No. 45932

File: 1426080749215.gif (698.63 KB, 500x281, 1404041951101.gif)

No. 45933

Alright, thanks!

No. 45934

No. 45935

No. 45936

Love how every single makeuo brand is jumping on the liquid lipstick bandwagon now lol

it's like bb cream all over again

No. 45937

I remember the bb craze, but Western bb creams suck. Korean ones haven't let me down.

No. 45938

Hell yeah the do. Sucks, because that fad had potenial but lazy ass western makeup compaies went an ruined it with their shitty tinted mosturizers.

No. 45939

oh god did anyone here try that maybelline bb cream shit?

holy fuck so bad

No. 45940

No, but I tried The Body Shop's and it not only was too dark for me (as all western brands have been), but it broke me the fuck out.

No. 45941

I think it's very nice. What did you not like about it?

No. 45942

Fuck my grammar is shit.

Drugstore make can be comparable to high end makeup.

No. 45943

Uh, I already know what I'm doing because of the makeup board not your basic ass. I don't know why you think you're some guru when everything you just typed showed that you know fuck all when it comes to makeup and probably just paraphrased this from blogs and videos. Also..

>that pathetic fucking lolsorandum last line

Get the fuck out, slut.

No. 45944

>Sorry for the rambling. I'm kinda high and just ate a really good ice cream bar. :D

lurk moar, newfag

No. 45945

File: 1426566285032.png (898.7 KB, 1311x776, newshit.png)

No. 45946

File: 1426566402844.jpg (88.48 KB, 640x640, 10990549_1414146335562146_1237…)


No. 45947

Whoa…periods are a bitch. I'm not some guru, just tried a lot of foundations. I also asked for some advise.

Also, you failed to insult the fact that I corrected my grammar with more shitty grammar.

You know, I've noticed most of the frumpiest women use the word "basic bitch." Just an observation.


Dinosaurs who want tacos?


Nope. Only purchased the black one. It's real nice.

No. 45948

Newfag, we literally do not give a shit. Go the fuck away.


I hope this puts the nail in the coffin for Lime Crime. The bitch doesn't deserve anything else.

No. 45949

Thanks so much for the rec! I ordered one of theirs two weeks ago and it does apply awesome. I may need a lip brush because I'm a bit heavy handed, but otherwise they're fantastic. I'd like to try their perfumes.

No. 45950

Literally? Give a shit? Literally?

And okay. Gone. :)

No. 45951

I ordered a Skin Food peach pore pact. Let's hope it works better than their sake powder. Shit broke me out.

No. 45952


Looking forward to his lip scrubs. Oh my wallet

No. 45953


Ah 714 me tooooo. I'm not a big lipstick wearer but it looked really cute and neutral enough to be worn every day.

No. 45954

That craze was annoying as hell. The only BB cream that hasn't broken me out is Salma Hayek's line called Nuance. Everything Maybelline is horrible and ruins my skin.

No. 45955

Yeah, skin food smells nice but I tend to have the same problem (I used aloe vera and mushroom stuff).

I only use skinfood for facial washes etc. now

No. 45956

I found it very orange and sticky, but meh, if it works for you that's great

No. 45957

now I'm desperate to know wtf she typed

it must've been so shameful

No. 45958

I just got my 714. I am actually a little disappointed with it. I also have unicorn blood and redrum, both of which are fucking amazing and I wear redrum almost daily, but 714 is like…super watery. And it doesn't seem to go on as evenly. I don't see anyone else having that issue yet though so I might've just gotten unlucky.

Really looking forward to his lip scrubs, though. Overall I really like his stuff so far and people are always like "omg where did u get that lipstick" when I'm out. I think he's going to get really big really quick, but it seems like he works really hard on his products, so it'll be deserved.

No. 45959

Also have any of you guys tried the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara? Maybelline is super hit or miss for me (usually miss as far as mascara goes) but I think it's my favorite mascara ever, including higher end brands.

No. 45960

I was debating on ordering some of their stuff like the pomegranate cream, egg mask, and egg pore wash but I am still on the fence. Their peach sake powder broke me out and made me greasy looking and their peach toner, while it smelled delicious, honestly didn't do anything for my pores.


It's only about to get more annoying. I saw some TonyMoly stuff on Sephora's site, but it's just the panda eye shit and lip glosses. I know Laneige is sold at Target now and some of Amorepacific's stuff is at Sephora. I wonder how much longer it'll be until we see more Korean brands popping up or even Etude House.


It was some lolsorandomXD teenager who tried to look like she was a beauty guru when her post looked like she was someone basing her "knowledge" off of one timer samples or just copypasting guru blogs and nothing more. She ended the novel with a bunch of emotes and something like


Shit was cringe, man.

No. 45961


I have their black egg pore primer, and it works ok

I think you're just going to have to order some samples on ebay (theyre cheeeap) and see if it causes you to have an allergic reaction

it really varies. I have a friend that loves skinfood and she has absolutely no problems with it, while for me it can CAUSE blackheads, rashes etc.

No. 45962

Actually that was me. Long time pixy whorshipper. I had way too many vicodins and was a bit high. My dog died recently and was self-medicating. I couldn't sleep so I posted some tl;dr off the huge amount of high end foundations I've used. Some of them were disasters and I wanted to share the experience.

Now, I would have deleted the post in the morning because it sounded like a retarded faggot douchebag had written it, but I was met with "FUCKING DIE, SLUT," etc seconds after I posted. I was pretty surprised some women in here have their vaginas filled to the brim with sand. I always thought women were cooler than guys, but some comments made in this place reinforces the idea that women dominated forums are filled with cunty hags.

Anyways, for the rest of the cool kids in this thread - sorry for posting some lame shit on make up and ruining the flow. I wanted to share some of my experiences with a bunch of foundations, but as I said before, it came off retarded.

(That ice cream was really good tho…)

No. 45963

>Now, I would have deleted the post in the morning because it sounded like a retarded faggot douchebag had written it, but I was met with "FUCKING DIE, SLUT," etc seconds after I posted. I was pretty surprised some women in here have their vaginas filled to the brim with sand. I always thought women were cooler than guys, but some comments made in this place reinforces the idea that women dominated forums are filled with cunty hags.

You're in the *chan sector of the Internet. Then you're also in a smaller subset of that which is "too extreme for 4chan" and solely dedicated to talking shit about other people. This site isn't exactly representative of all women.

No one gives a shit about how high you are or if you ate ice cream. We're not 14 year olds here. Try tumblr, or maybe reddit.

No. 45964

>too extreme for 4chan

Lol. Bitch, lose the tough guy, "we're in the wild west," attitude already. You cunt up every single thread in /b/. Fucking relax. I know you feel like you're better because you post here, but give it a rest. Love that you think you can regulate the board with your super serious, mature posting, but get over yourself.

We are also one of the few chans that are known for being female dominated, so we're representative of chan females. At least in other chans, if you're going to make a comment about a moronic post you'd see them make a great joke about it. And one, more thing - we are actually 14 year olds here, we're also in our 20s and 30s. Welcome to being Anon.

sigh I'm just shitposting, but your elevated opinion of chans is hilarious. Write a thesis about it someday.

No. 45965

It's cool no worries. Don't take ot so personally, everyone's a faggot retard by default on any chan

You could write a makeup blog

No. 45966

Why are you so sandy about her ice cream? Are you hungry?

No. 45967

Thanks, anon.

I don't know enough about make up to do a blog. I just have ooooo-pin-ions. Plus, whenever I think of non-trained or non gifted individuals running a make up blog I remember quirky looking like a bloated moon face that got into her mom's make up.

Anyways, thanks for all the tips I get in here. I'm currently trying out brightening creams, but it's all been blech for me lately.

No. 45968

Never tried those. They’re not the same as lightening creams right?

No. 45969

Depends. Lightening creams "bleach" the skin and brightening creams make your skin look fresher. I think most creams do a little mix of both. I'm guessing Asian skincare has more lightening agents, but I'm not really interested in being a ghost. I just want nice clear bright skin.

I'm going to try Chanel's Le Blanc since it's the first American line that has THX. Dunno about the details about "THX" but it's famous in Asia for being effective at skin brightening. If that turns out to be shit, I might go for Clarins since it's got the best reviews I could track down.

No. 45970

>people ITT defending this pathetic shit

Place has officially been fucked over by Tumblr. RIP Lolcow.

No. 45971

I wasn't the one calling you out for the post, I'm just saying why stupid childish shit like that is not welcome on most imageboards.

No. 45972

File: 1427120324628.gif (484.25 KB, 499x375, zzz.gif)

>people disagree with me
>therefore they're dumblr

Your mad is showing

No. 45973

ah ok

didn't know clarins does skin brightening creams

clarins has some of the best makeup and some of their skincare products are amaaaazing

have to pay an arm and a leg for some clarins products though

No. 45974

This. I don't know why all of a sudden people are defending mental retardation when this shit was never permitted before. This isn't happy girly hold hands funtime land and it never has been. That other anon made a useless, stupid post and then bawwed with WAHHHHHH SELF MEDICATIN I TOOK VICODIN MUH DAWG DIED and any other anon would have told them to get the fuck over themselves. This thread reeks of samefag white knight horseshit.

No. 45975

What does this nonsense have to do with makeup?

Everyone stahp and make peace

No. 45976

What did your stupid fucking dog and addiction have to do with makeup, cunt?

No. 45977

I haven't tried Clarins but I should! I heard their brightening creams are really, really effective. Their toner alone is $65 bucks so I'll have wait a long time to save up. Might be worth it. Didn't have any luck with drugstore brighteners.

No. 45978

I don't have a dog, but ok

No. 45979

File: 1428776186706.jpg (137.14 KB, 500x692, 79686b7c9ff47d7f91c1b679890dfc…)

No. 45980

File: 1428797909570.jpg (2.93 KB, 90x63, eye.jpg)

Since this is a makeup thread, could any kind anons help me out?

I'm pretty shit at makeup to begin with, and I'm having problems finding tutorials for my eye shape. I'm Asian and I have a hooded and mostly hidden double lid so it's almost a combination of both mono and double, and unfortunately most Asian tutorials go for one or the other. I can barely even do winged eyeliner because either the skin on the upper-outer corner of my eye or the hooded part of my lid always smudges it. Any tips/references to people with the same eye shape? Will be eternally grateful.

Pic related, thank you <3

No. 45981

Double eyelid surgery.

No. 45982

I have the exact same eyeshape as you and you can do a lot with make up there. it took me ages to figure it out for the exact same reason you mentioned: most advice is either for mono lid or double lid, not in between.

winged eyeliner works very well if you make it pointy. the wing has to start before your lid drops so it doesn't go completely to the outer corner of your eye.

always put very bright concealer on the outer corner to hide the dropping.

never merge your under lid eyeshadow/liner with your upper lid eyeshadow/liner because that emphasizes the dropping.

stretch your eyelid while applying eyeshadow and eyeliner. for some reason tutorials aways advice not to do this but with a hooded lid you have to. otherwise your make up will look dirty because you can't apply it accurately on excess lose skin.

I hope this helped you a little. I'm not very good at explaining make up in english because it's not the standard stuff you learn in your english class.


this tutorial works very good for your type of eye, you just have to keep in mind not to merge the under eye/upper lid eyeshadow like she does and instead brighten your outer eyecorner.

No. 45983

same anon.

for winged eyeliner I use the liquid eyeliner by guerlain. it's very expensive and needs a lot of practice but if you figure out how to use it it's worth it.

and I forgot to mention that you always have to use eyeshadow base and set everything with translucent powder because it easily smudges on a partly hooded eye.

No. 45984

JSC restock in minus 2 hours!

No. 45985

does anyone know good organic makeup products?

No. 45986

>>133614 here and has anyone ever tried lush's lipsticks? I heard they were really messy

No. 45987

File: 1430700164796.png (544.54 KB, 852x472, nicole mathews.png)

Kinda feel bad for this girl

No. 45988

File: 1430702303523.jpg (63.42 KB, 343x400, tumblr_m7178kBwrw1qbfa8f.jpg)

Not really make up, but beauty related.

If I wanted bby's first circle lenses, how would I go about it? Do I really need to go to an eye doctor first? I want to be safe, but I don't have insurance and circle lenses aren't worth the money to go to an eye doctor to be honest.

No. 45989

a lot of people never go to the eye doctor for lenses. it's the smart thing to do obviously, but i never did. i never had a problem because i understand what i need to do to take care of contact lenses. i've been wearing circle lenses for ~6 years? and i never wore lenses before that.

all it comes down to is taking care of them and not being stupid about wearing them (for too long, to sleep, etc)

No. 45990

File: 1430708182020.jpg (67.28 KB, 540x720, 534675_165535836924946_2076643…)

That makes sense. I've never worn lenses before either, but the taking care of them seems like just common sense. I'd probably only wear them when I got with friends and shit.

Some of the stuff I'm not really knowledgeable about is when websites list diameters, water content, and shit. What sort of numbers are good and what are bad?

No. 45991

The diameter of the lens is just how big it is. 15 mm will look bigger than 14 mm. Smaller diameters will probably look more natural. It's up to you.
Water content just means they are more breathable lenses so you can probably wear them for longer without your eyes feeling dried out. If you've never worn contacts before this might be tricky because you don't know how your eyes will react. They make them all mostly around ~%40 anyway which should be okay. If they get uncomfortable take them out.
The base curve is the curvature of the lens to fit your eyeball. This is why you need a prescription even if you just want planos. A tiny bit of deviation from your base curve is okay (like if you're 8.5 you should be okay wearing 8.6mms) but too much will probably be uncomfortable and could even damage your eyes.

No. 45992

I really don't get this circle lenses thing. Nobody wears them in europe except for weebs maybe… At least I've never seen anyone wear them and I'm sure if I'd buy some people would ask me lots of stupid questions and think it's bad taste. It's so obviously unnatural.

No. 45993

different folks, different strokes

No. 45994

File: 1430767414494.jpg (238.19 KB, 550x550, 147-Precious Mineral BB Cream …)

I'm not super makeup savvy, I'm kind of like >>133483 in that I mostly do my makeup occasionally, but I want to get better and for my first step to be skin care. I keep getting recommended Etude House for BB creams, but are they actually good or just a popular, easy Korean brand?

No. 45995

Can anyone recommend foundation/concealer for really pale skin? Most light/ivory shades in stores are too dark for my sickly white face.

No. 45996

File: 1430804501914.jpg (13.87 KB, 300x300, image.jpg)

I have been using this for years as a color corrector. I just add it to whatever foundation I'm using (usually cover girls sensitive skin in the little glass bottle because I'm a poorfag) and apply it with a brush/sponge.

Illamasqua's white foundation is better, but I haven't been able to afford it all the time.

Has anyone found any super pale concealers, possibly from sephora?

No. 45997

File: 1430861843639.jpg (42.09 KB, 423x580, Make-Your-Dark-Skin-Sparkle-Wi…)

Who wants to recommend bronzers for a black girl?

> inb4 niggers dont need bronzer, Pic related

No. 45998

Iman. Well-reviewed and designed for women of color.


No. 45999

Thanks, I'm gonna try it out.

No. 46000

No. 46001

Am I on MUACirclejerk

No. 46002

It works for a lot of people.

No. 46003

Some look more natural than others. I've worn them in Eastern Europe even and didn't get any stares.

No. 46004

Anyone know of good lip tints in the US or somewhere to order online?

No. 46005


What's a good circle lense size to avoid the eye bags? Those gross me out so much.

No. 46006

The Korean ones from ebay

No. 46007

Is it just the nature of lip gloss to just rub off almost immediately after applying or am I just bad at make up?

I also have this lipstick in a really nice color but that shit rubs off easily too. I think there's a thing to keep it from doing that but I forgot what it's called.

No. 46008


Lip primer

No. 46009

Might also just be the brand you use, some don't stain as nicely as others. I've found using a lipliner as a base and then using the lipstick can last a longer than just lipstick

No. 46010

Blotting/reapplying a few times helps my cheap lipsticks stay pretty well. Also Lipcote has a lipstick sealer, can't say I've ever used it though

No. 46011


I like it because it's been applied so well in this picture but…yeah some colors they should just label "leave this to the hot black girls online"

No. 46012

Bobbi Brown! Also I like to mix gold body powder with my foundation to make my skin dewy and glowy. Also girl in pic is intimidating/10

No. 46013

Could anyone recommend a liquid foundation for super pale skin? Right now I'm mixing light foundation with this Manic Panic pure white foundation made to achieve the vampirey, gothy look. This works, but I'd love to find something that would work for me without all the dicking around of combining multiple products.

No. 46014

If you're cool with ordering online, Korean bb creams go paler than western foundations seem to without making you look like a sickly yellow or being too orange. I have super fair/pink skin and the Missha #13 shade is a perfect match. Amazing coverage too.

No. 46015

Thanks for the tip! I'm gonna give it a try.

No. 46016


anyone got any good lip plumping recommendations? tutorials, tools or lip balms/stains/sticks ect..
I have a pretty deep cupids bow, so it looks weird when I use lip-liner or try to fill it

No. 46017

derma roller with less than 0.3 mm, run it over your lips while pressing hard, you may bleed a bit

then apply a lip plumper that will sting, soap and glory pillow plump as a random example, but there's many others and you can even make them at home. The key here is irritation which will make your lips swell

only good for an evening or so

No. 46018

i'll definitely look those up! thanks!

No. 46019


I've heard peppermint oil may help some people with that too.

No. 46020

does anyone have any recs for a really dark black liquid eyeliner? one that won't dry to something more greyish. ive heard conflicting things about both stila stay all day and the KVD tattoo one

No. 46021

The Stilla stay all day is my favourite eyeliner pen I've ever used. Been buying it for years. The tip is perfect, the colour is very dark black, and it holds up for quite a while, even with daily use.

However, I'll say that it's not 100% waterproof. If it's extremely hot out and you're sweating like a pig all day, it'll start to wear off. But I think that every eyeliner would do that, honestly.

Also, the last one I purchased a few days ago had a completely different hard tip that was impossible to use. It was like a blunt sharpie marker instead of a semi-hard brush. Hopefully that one is just defective.

No. 46022

Opinion on nyx buttergloss?

No. 46023

pretty color but so sticky

No. 46024

it's cheap as shit, but n.y.c. liquid eyeliner is the blackest eyeliner i've ever used. it can flake if you rub your eyes but you shouldn't do that when you wear eye makeup anyway sooo. it's like $2.50 at target.

stila eyeliner pen: it's okay but it can dry out if you're not careful. it does wear off easily imo.

kvd tattoo liner in trooper: my #2 fav. i use it when i'm too lazy to use actual liquid liner.

No. 46025

I know you said liquid but They're real! Push up liner by benefit (which is gel) is fucking amazing and I haven't used liquid in a year. Awesome staying power and super black. Doesn't dry out and flake. Downside is that it's kinda tricky to learn how to use, but once I figured it out I'll never use any other liner until they stop selling this one.

No. 46026

The push up liner can dry out if you don't store it right (like all gel eyeliner, don't let it get exposed to air when not in use). Maybelline makes a dupe that actually came out before Benefit's, but it seems like it's only available in Asia and the UK?


If you want drugstore options, Physician's Formula makes a great eyeliner pen in black and ultra black, with a brush tip rather then a felt tip pen. Maybelline makes some nice ones as well, right now I've been using the Stiletto one (the tip is more like a cone-shaped sponge rather then a felt tip) and it's only just started to fry up after about 9 months. I have the Loreal Slim liner one as well, but I find the tip to be a little stiff, and it doesn't come in waterproof.

Urban decay also make a nice one that's very black, but I find it's too stiff for me to use.


I have one of the intense butter glosses and that stains your lips, so when it fades it fades nicely imo. I really like their matte lip cremes as well (though I have the two darkest colors, Copenhagen and Transylvania. The latter is a bit patchy, but the former just looks amazing.)

No. 46027

I'm literally retarded when it comes to makeup, I only buy drugstore stuff cuz I never really learned and I don't want to waste on expensive stuff if I don't know what I'm doing. I always just use plain black gel eyeliner and mascara because it's easy enough.

I want to learn how to do my eyebrows and foundation though. Eyebrows I have no idea on but foundation it always ends up looking smeared and doesn't cover anything, even with primer and powder.

Is it because I don't know what I'm doing or because of the quality of the drugstore shit?

I don't know where to start learning. Youtube tutorials make everything look so easy too and it's super discouraging.

No. 46028

Could someone recommend a waterproof mascara for short, thin and straight lashes (yep, I wo the genetic lottery. and I'm not even asian)?

ideally a product I can buy in Europe

I've been using they're real by benefit for a while. it's ok but I think it's not really worth the money.

I'm willing to spend up to 40 Euro but I'd be happy with a cheap one too.

No. 46029

File: 1453479712348.jpg (12.1 KB, 450x450, k2-_47f19475-f6a2-45b5-9721-e3…)


I don't think it's waterproof but I bought this on a whim in a supermarket in the UK over a year ago and it's become my go-to mascara ever since.

It's called New York Colour Skyrise and it's very, very good.

No. 46030

I'm a makeup artist and I want to take you all that are confused and change your lives. L'Oreal Telescopic is a fabulous mascara.

No. 46031

Looked up some pics and it looks quite nice. I think I may purchase this today.

Thanks for the rec, anon. I've been looking for a decent mascara for a while. Been trying to lay off wearing falsies so much.

No. 46032

not a mascara rec, but (slightly) heating up a metal eyelash curler with a hair dryer really helps keep the curl longer.
same way curling your hair w/ heat lasts longer.

I've bought heated eyelash curlers before, and they're all shit tbh. the hair dryer thing works way better.

No. 46033

Does curling (not extreme, without crimping) damage lashes? Has heating the curler made a difference in terms of lash damage or was it the same as cold curl? (sorry, beauty noob here)

No. 46034

I think eyelash curling really only fucks you up if you put on too much mascara before curling them.

No. 46035

it's never damaged my lashes, no.
the average eyelash has a lifespan of a few months, so they don't have a lot of time to accrue enough damage to make them break off.

honestly the most damaging thing you can do to your lashes is removing mascara / false eyelash glue too roughly, which can pull the lash out at the root.

No. 46036

you're welcome. I need to edit my posts better. I usually use two mascaras, and that one is great on its own, or if you need to grab the tips, small lashes or wasn't too do your lower lashes. Finally bought it from seeing so many vlogs.

No. 46037

thanks but I do that already and it's really great but it also takes a lot of effort.

before I discovered this method my lashes would only stay curled for an hour or so. now they keep the curl for the whole day.


As long as you curl them before applying mascara it doesn't. Though accidents can happen. I once moved my arm while still holding the curler and ripped out a few lashes but they grow back anyway.
Applying oil or vaseline in the evening helps keeping lashes healthy.

No. 46038


I'm >>133657 and >>133666 and the mascara you recommended looks great but it's not waterproof so I'm not sure if it's the right one for me.

I bought the l'oreal volouminos mascara yesterday because I needed a new one quick and didn't want to spend much money. It's better than I expected but I'm still looking for recommendations.

No. 46039

Unless you'll be in the water or crying/sweating/rubbing your eyes all day you don't really need waterproof mascara.

No. 46040

Oh not me. It ends up smudged along my last line on my upper lid and then falls to my lower lid. It's probably just me.

I am using the Voluminous Superstar right now and I touch up the tips with the Telescopic.

No. 46041

As I've written earlier waterproof mascara helps holding the curl.

And I have slightly hooded lids so more potential for smudge


Combinig a water proof mascara with the Telescopic is a great idea, thanks.

No. 46042

So, I was pretty excited to try the Loreal Lumi Cushion foundation thing after several people gushed about how good it is, but it turns out that their lightest shade is too dark for me. I used to be N2 in their color range until I exfoliated my skin and now it looks like oompa loompa face paint. W2 is almost right, but it's a tad too dark and very orange.

My skin has a green undertone although I am really pale, so I assume I need a neutral toned foundation.

Can anyone recommend any brands/products that I might be able to use? I need something with at least medium coverage to cover my red cheeks, so I'm not sure about bb creams.

No. 46043

My skin has an orange undertone. Like true orange so it looks fake when I tan (I just avoid the sun now, I'm also scared of aging and the sun can damage your skin). How do I fix this? Google results for "make skin less orange" is only pulling up stuff for correcting skintones in Photoshop. Should I try skin lightening?

No. 46044

Cushion compacts are huge in Korea right now, but I'm too scared to buy one and have the color too dark. The only drugstore brand that matches my fair skin is Maybelline Fit Me! in porcelain. It blends well, builds coverage easily. I just started using it after using MAC for so long so I have one little breakout but that's too be expected. Another one I liked is Cover Girl Outlast stay Luminess, but if you're an oily girl you're going to have too much glow. I kept preferring it down with Urban Decay de-slick compact. I guess L'Oreal Infallible is good as well but I haven't tried that one. I'm looking the fact that I'm finding affordable foundation that I like. I will still use my Nars concealer though.

No. 46045

Makeup Forever makes good color correcting primers. Until I had lightened a lot of the red out of my face, I used the green. You would want to try the lavender. Yes, you could definitely try lightening your skin tone. That's what I have between doing for years.

No. 46046

Yeah. The lightest Korean foundations and bb creams I've tried were too pink for me, but then again I've only had a few. I'm going to try Loreal fit me in porcelain and see how that goes. Maybe the Maybelline fit me if that one doesn't work. I wonder why the lumi cushion doesn't come in that color.

No. 46047


lmao i mean Loreal true match, oops

No. 46048


Can someone recommend me their top 10 cruelty free go-tos? high end and/or drug store I don't mind!

No. 46049

Woah, this thread isn't helpful at all.

No. 46050


The Leaping Bunny is the gold standard for brands that are cruelty free, although not all cruelty-free brands are registered with them, but there's a large list available. Personally I like Jane Iredale

No. 46051

The lumi cushion is still fairly new, and sometimes not every store carries all of the available shades. I remember when the maybelline fit me first came out shades available varied from store to store around me. I haven't tried the lumi cushion yet, but if it's a cheaper version of the Lancome one I am in.

No. 46052

You are golden, anon. Thank you!

No. 46053

Are you fucking kidding me fucking Lime Crime has LP certificate. It means fuck all

No. 46054

Listen I hate Doe Deer and her makeup as much as anyone else. As much as it pains me to say this, that doesn't automatically make her cruelty-free status bogus. Ugh. I threw up in my mouth a little.

No. 46055

File: 1454428185844.gif (7.68 KB, 500x262, Dimethicone.gif)

Anyone else allergic to dimethicone?

It's a silicone-based ingredient that makes stuff feel really soft and non-greasy (a lot of primers and BB creams have it- oh and most sunscreens).

It makes my skin break out into a rash and my face swell up until I look like a monster. It feels really bad, since so many nice products contain it.

Any advice for a good BB cream that doesn't contain dimethicone? I tried The Body Shop's and it's really gooey.

No. 46056

ew don't try body shop makeup

try missha, the red one, best bb cream ever

No. 46057

I use this bb cream and I love it. Good coverage, doesn't break me out and #13 is the best match I've found for my pale skin. However, it does contain dimethicone, unfortunately.

No. 46058


agreed. I will never use a BB cream that isn't Missha. It's the only shit that won't break me out since I ran out of my dior (and I'm not paying $40 for it since it was a gift.)

No. 46059

File: 1454493974978.jpg (12.89 KB, 253x253, 43045809_1_1432638667_w253.jpg)

a good alternative is the magic cover BB cream from the face shop. Missha products break me out like a mofo and this one is white enough for me

No. 46060

Thank you farmers, but sadly these also contain dimethicone :(

They look amazing and it makes me so sad that I can't use them…

No. 46061

I tried to search in Korean your options but honestly there really aren't any. They use the dimethicone because it's a lot better for your skin than using silicones and such. You'd probably just be better off finding a foundation or something for coverage

No. 46062

That's pretty much what I figured… Sad days for me. Thanks for looking!

As an aside, Dimethicone is a type of silicone.

No. 46063

I'm a newbie to make up and I have currently two problems that I can't seem to find an answer. Here we go:

1) I curl my lashes but they won't stay curled longer than a few seconds. They naturally point down (not straight down but yea) and it's making my eyes look smaller and like I'm not wearing any mascara. I tried out a few tutorials and different brands but nothing is helping so far. I's also impossible to wear false lashes because I can't blend them with my real ones.

2) How do you blend out contour powder? I tried 3 different brushes and even my fingers but it won't blend. I don't apply a lot of product so it shouldn't be a problem.

Any tips?

No. 46064

Do you heat up your lash curler a bit with a blowdryer before curling? It works a lot longer than just pressing on your lashes unheated. Just don't make it burning hot obviously.

No. 46065

nope, but will try tomorrow morning, thanks!

No. 46066

Any tips on eye make up when it comes to hooded eyes

No. 46067

eyeliner to the side then up, wear eyeshadow primer if you're going to wear eyeshadow, so it doesn't bunch up in your crease, put eyeshadow on your brownbone, depends on how much lid you have visible.

No. 46068

Use a waterproof mascara, after heating the curl iron with a hair drye. Make sure it isn't so warm you will burn yourself, because you gotta curl all the way at the root. If you don't, the lashes will look a lot shorter than they are.

No. 46069

File: 1455246085337.png (737.04 KB, 1280x982, mmypzkearu1r2detio1_1280.png)

Results were mixed when I tried searching the web for this, so I'm placing my trust in lolcow.

I want to wear more lipstick, but I'm horrendous at picking out colors that don't look like shit after I put them on. I'm pale and have brown eyes/eyebrows and light brown hair. Are there any lip colors that are a yes or no with these features?

Also, any recs for brands? I kind of want to try out liquid lipstick since I want something I can't accidentally smear across my face/teeth.

No. 46070

Nude pinks look great with those features

No. 46071

Honestly, it depends on your skin tone. I think the rule of thumb is: if your veins show up green then you're better matched to warm tones and pinks skin tones suit cooler shades. Google 'skin tone lip' for some infographics if you're floundering. I'm a cool skin tone and fairly pale, and one of my favorite lip shades that's bold without being too much 'pop' is NYX's Euro Trash.

No. 46072

File: 1455254176424.jpg (156.14 KB, 1000x1000, 604214271906_lipstick_fbomb_al…)

Also, regardless of skin tone temp, when picking a red lip shade try to pick a shade that is more blue toned or cooler in tone. This is mostly because it'll make your teeth look whiter, and the right shade of a blue toned red lip rarely looks bad on anyone. If you have either an Ulta or a Sephora near you, go to the Urban Decay counter and swatch the colors 69 and Fbomb. Both are really nice reds that work on just about anyone. 69 is deeper and more neutral and Fbomb, pic related, tends to look cooler in tone on most people.

Also their Mia Wallace lipstick from the Pulp Fiction line is amazing but I don't know if it's still available.

No. 46073

Can anyone recommend a good foundation for extremely sensitive skin? I need good coverage since I have some pretty bad acne scarring, but almost every brand I try breaks my skin out or burns/causes a rash. Basically all I can use is light coverage bb cream but it never lasts very long, even with that Urban Decay all nighter spray it just… Disappears. In addition, since I haven't even been able to find a foundation yet that I can use, I don't know anything about brushes, concealer, or what to use for contouring since I'm Casper-pale. Makeup is a touchy subject for me and I get frustrated with it easily because of my skin, but I'm so tired of playing the ugly tomboy because I don't know how to use makeup. I need a makeup guru BFF to give me a makeover, sigh.

No. 46074

Not everyone can do the blue undertone of red lipstick. It's suited for cool toned skin. Warmer time skin can wear an orangish red.

But the best red ever is MAC Ruby Woo. Looks awesome on anyone. It's the red we all wear, and the one we put on everyone. It's a matte, but since it's so pigmented you can put a gloss over it. I can't think of the last time I used an entire time of lipstick and had to order a second.

No. 46075

Not same anon but I hear nothing but good things about Ruby woo. Gonna look into it.

No. 46076

I'm neutral going towards warm because of the golden undertone I have and I've never had an issue wearing a blue toned red lip. I do think cooler toned people have to work harder to wear orangey reds comparitvely, but it's rare that I've seen a cooler red not work on someone warm/yellow toned.

I actually think the tone of pinks is more fussy then the tone of reds, but that might just be my experience.

No. 46077

have you tried powder foundations? I find they irritate my skin a lot less.

No. 46078

I have, but I have dry skin and I don't like the way the powder accentuates Every flaw and fine line on my face

No. 46079

Moisturizer as a base might help

No. 46080

Moisturizer as a base might help

No. 46081

Moisturizer definitely helps, and if you have dry skin, you should be hydrating + sealing in hydration with an occlusive moisturizer.

No. 46082

in that case, you might want to look into water-based airbrush foundation. it's essentially pure pigment, so you get good coverage, and it's really unlikely to irritate your skin.
since nothing is touching your skin but the makeup itself, there's no way to spread bacteria around either (as opposed to brushes/sponges).

it's a way bigger investment obviously, but the results are worth it imo.
if there's a sephora or a makeup counter nearby that can do a demo for you, I'd really recommend checking it out.

luminess, obsessive compulsive cosmetics, and graftobian all have water-based foundations. I think temptu has come out w/ some as well.

they make silicone based airbrush foundations too (usually dewy finishes), but I'm guessing silicone based anything is probably going to irritate your skin and contribute to breakouts.

No. 46083

my nose is really flaky and dry but also oily with big pores. when I apply make up or powder it always looks patchy and makes my skin worse. what would you recommend?

No. 46084

Focus on clearing your issues so you don't have to cover them and continue the cycle of worsening your skin.

Exfoliation and proper moisturization should clear up your issue pretty quickly.
My mistake early on is that I avoided moisturizers entirely because I have oily skin. Since I've started a regimen that involves keeping moisture locked in and bacteria out, makeup has become such a breeze. Use an alcohol free toner after your skincare and finish off with 100% pure aloe vera to help shrink your pores. Avoid a lot of powders. Or mix a matte powder with a light coverage with setting powder (I use white aloe Vera powder with it) AFTER you've sloughed away the flaky skin via exfoliation and diligent skincare.

No. 46085

hm thanks but I do that already. I exfoliate, use a toner and finish with pure Aloe Vera but skin's still dry and flaky. If I use a richer moisturizer I get blackheads.

Maybe it's a hormonal issue because it gets worse and better without me changing my routine. it seems kind of random.

The skin around my nose and eyes is also very dry and harsh and nothing seems to help there. if I apply moisturizer it just lies there without really sinking in.

No. 46086

What products do you use?
It's either bunk products or hormonal.
Zinc helps with hormonal acne btw, might give it a try.

No. 46087

unless your diet is disgusting i don't really see how you could just already happen to be doing all these specific things but still have these issues? do you live on a diet of twinkies and only come in contact with water when you bathe…..? i can't really believe you're doing these things properly but still have this problem.

No. 46088

You might be overdoing it and drying out that area with too many products. I'm not 100% sure though, but I would suggest looking here for answers: http://skinacea.com/

Also, do you know if you get enough omega-3? I would highly recommend taking supplements if you don't already. In addition to helping skin, it's good for your nails and hair, too. Might also help with hormonal issues.


If a poor diet was an actual issue pertaining to acne, every fatty would have a raging pizza face.

No. 46089

What do you think of Wayne Goss? I've heard he knows what he's doing, but his videos are so damn clickbaity that I refuse to watch any more of them.

Also, who are the best, least lolcow makeup Youtubers? Besides Lisa Eldridge.

No. 46090

Not that anon, but have you seen the skin of some fatties? It's not obvious all the time but man they have crap skin from lack of proper nutrition most of the time.


I stopped being a fan a long time ago when he did three fucking videos in a row about that dumb pinterest 'hack' where you use an eyelash curler to apply eyeliner. I see lashes getting stuck and possibly ripping out.

Otherwise… I like Jackie Aina, but she's not for everyone, as well as the Pixiwoo ladies. If you stick with people are are still professionally make up artists (why I don't like Tanya Burr anymore, she's gone completely lifestyle and its boring) you'll find less lulz. Vintageortacky is another good one, but you can likely skip her haul videos (same with Jackie.)

No. 46091

I swear, I'm completely jaded when it comes to almost anyone on YouTube. lol. I've seen too many makeup channels turn into vlogs. It's like, I followed you for makeup, why do I care about your pregnancy? And I don't want to hear you talk about putting a menstrual cup in. Ew.

I will check those out, though, thank you.

No. 46092

Good point, though diet does have some (albeit limited) correlation in that caffeine and milk can affect hormone levels which in turn can cause acne. However obviously those are things that most people consume pretty regularly so I don't think it's a huge factor given that most people have alright skin.

No. 46093

chrissstttiiine, essiebutton, and daeyongs beauty drawing are my faves right now. i also follow into the gloss channel which can be hit or miss but is worth it for the really nice vids like "how to clean your face: parts 1 & 2"

No. 46094

Unfortunately I live in bumfuck, WA and the closest Sephora or Ulta is 2 hours away. Plus I just moved here so I don't have any friends yet, so I really have nobody to ask IRL about makeup and stuff. Actually my greatest wish is for a makeup guru BFF to just remake me from a cave troll to something remotely passable- maybe even cute if I'm lucky.

No. 46095

I wash my face with water every morning and evening. If it gets too oily during the day I use a thermal spring water and a cotton pad. I only use soap in the evening because otherwise my skin gets irritated.
I use high end french products for sensitive skin. Pretty expensive, actually. Except for the Aloe Vera, that one’s organic.

My diet is good but I have deficiencies which I never got under control, especially iron. But they are not bad enough to make the doctors worry or do something drastic like giving me injections. It’s always „take this or that supplement and if it doesn’t work“: ¯\_(ツ)_/

I’ve been vegan for 3 years so I cut out all diary and I still had those problems. Because of my iron levels I’m eating meat and eggs again but nothing has changed.

Actually I spend a lot of money on fresh and organic products. I just had a bowl of Quinoa with dried mango. Allegedly this should be good for my skin and hair (?)


thanks. omega-3 is a good idea. I have supplements but I forget to take them regularly. I remember my mother always fed me omega 3 as a child because of my problems.
I also have supplements for skin, hair and iron levels.
My hair is shit too btw. Again oily and dry at the same time. I really should get my hormones checked….

By the way, my skin is not shit in general. My cheeks are nice and I don't get acne only impurities and black head in those specific areas (nose, sometimes chin & forehead). I also treat the areas of my face differently, like I never apply toner to my cheeks because they don't need it.
Sorry for the novel.

No. 46096

File: 1455783769148.jpeg (33.33 KB, 640x746, image.jpeg)

Has anyone tried Étude House's Beauty Shot Face Blur? It came up in my Amazon recommendations and I'm curious, if it does what the pics claim it does then I definitely need it in my life, but if not then I don't want to waste my time with it.

No. 46097

>in that case, you might want to look into water-based airbrush foundation. it's essentially pure pigment, so you get good coverage

Could you tell me more about this? I'm definitely curious. What brands are good for a beginner? And when you say "airbrush" I assume that means I'll need one f those little electric machines too, how much would a good basic one cost?

No. 46098

I can't help laughing at the name of this, mostly because it sounds like "Photoshop-in-a-bottle" to me with the name of it and all.

No. 46099

I just got a package from Étude House that I still need to get from the post office and it happens to have this in there. I keep hearing great things so I decided to just bite the bullet. When I get a chance I'll check it out for you anon unless any more experienced farmers out there can provide some insight.

No. 46100

You've probably done this already but look up foods high in nonheme iron as well as foods that aid nonheme iron absorption. For instance eating a lot of vitamin c (in whole food form not supplement form as other acids in the fruits and vegetables are important for the process as well) can greatly boost your iron absorption. Wishing you the best anon

No. 46101

It's great! Highly recommend.

No. 46102

occ for sure

No. 46103

That doesn't look like airbrush makeup to me, and even so their lightest shade still looks way darker than my skin tone.

No. 46104

File: 1455839193103.png (76.59 KB, 341x172, image.png)


How is the coverage? BB-tier or foundation tier? Also, are there any coupon codes or discounts for Étude House that work right now? I wanna do a big order but I don't wanna break the bank in the process.

No. 46105

Can anyone recommend some makeup that has really cute/pretty packaging?
I recently bought a fancy makeup purse and now I want stuff to put in it that matches. I like princessy/victorian and gothic looking things rather than outright 'kawaii!!' stuff, personally, but I'd still be interested in seeing what other people think is cute.

No. 46106

File: 1455840390405.jpg (56.3 KB, 537x350, 2014-Les-Merveilleuses-LADUREE…)

For dark packaging, look into Anna Sui cosmetics. I always liked how her stuff looks.

On the more cutesy end, there is Etude House, Too Faced, and TheBalm have very cute packaging.

Laduree Cosmetics has some of the fanciest packaging I've seen, but they are very expensive and the products tend to be sold separate to the packaging.

No. 46107

File: 1455840457134.jpg (55.25 KB, 600x400, AnnaSui.jpg)

Here is a photo of some of Anna Sui's cosmetics.

No. 46108

are you guys fucking channeling me? i've been looking at this shit all day!

link related has best prices. I'm picking up a few things! (muh wallet)

No. 46109

oh goddammit lolcow you've done too well
I want to put this all over my FACE
whoops there goes my savings account

No. 46110


No. 46111

Don't forget Dolly Wink and Tony Moly!

No. 46112

+1 for Tony Moly, I have some of their fruit shaped handcream and it looks so cute on my desk at work

No. 46113

File: 1455845347764.jpeg (35.91 KB, 500x500, image.jpeg)

Yaaaas dat banana hand milk tho

No. 46114

What would be a good Japanese/Korean foundation for super pale skin, but also with really good coverage? I'm giving up on western cosmetics since I started taking better care of my skin, but I still don't know a lot about Asian cosmetics, just that everyone raves about it being sooo much better for your skin than western stuff (which I believe with how crappy I know they can be).

No. 46115

File: 1455849366499.jpg (80.85 KB, 646x510, 342.jpg)

pic related from missha

get n13 for palest colour

awesome nectar of the gods for a low price


wtf they've outdone themselves this time

No. 46116

how much are you looking to spend? i have hera's bb cushion and it's really wonderful, a bit pricy though at $50 USD or so.

No. 46117

lol asian makeup isn't magically better for your skin, unless you use a BB that has a high SPF(which honestly isn't this super skin godsend or anything that will help your skin in the long run). Using NARS or MAC won't be any worse for your skin in the long run than MISSHA or The face shop. In the end your just slapping stuff onto your face which is never good for your skin in the first place.

No. 46118


Missha M is really pink though. I have both 21 and 23 and the 23 stats off gray-toned but oxidizes more pink. Since my skin fully lost its summer tan I haven't been able to use 23 at all.

No. 46119

You're the only other person I've seen who's mentioned this. Missha looks super funky on me.

AC Care Bee's shield is the only BB cream, out of 20+ types, I've found that looks great on my skin. I absolutely love it and it's a bit thicker than Missha without being heavy.

No. 46120

Some people can't wear Nars and mac because it makes them look like oompa loompas. Not everyone is lucky and peach shade like you.

No. 46121

Yeah I really wouldn't advise missha unless you're super pale with pinkish undertones.

No. 46122

why do people always kneejerk about asian makeup? it's proven that most of it(other than drugstore brands) is better for your skin than western product is due to ingredients and quality control.

No. 46123

Probably because they only use western makeup. People don't like change, and they don't like to feel like the investment of their time and money has been wasted, so they will argue to themselves and to others that their choices are superior.

Even when not prompted to voice their opinion, such as that anon. Those that are insecure speak up the most.

No. 46124

Hm, I'm super pale with pink tones and it just makes me look purple. Missha is a bit pink/purple to counter yellow tones in asian skin so I'm confused how it gets so much love from white girls. I bet a lot of girls praising it look like a mess without realizing.

No. 46125

File: 1455911490230.png (552.42 KB, 900x575, Missha Perfect Cover вспышка н…)

You must be the shade of miss piggy

No. 46126

Heyy, I have a question. Whats the difference between "light" and "light plus" on mac??

No. 46127

Gotta check the lighting on that though. Natural light brings out the undertones way more in my experience.

I've been looking to try out the Hera UV Mist cushion but can't find any good swatches. My Sephora even got an AmorePacific section but when I went to check it out the cushions were all bone dry (sigh).

No. 46128

its a primer, not a base product so it doesnt have any coverage, for me i find it makes my skin appear slightly whiter but not noticeably.

No. 46129


what are you on about? I live in Korea and am surrounded by asian makeup everyday. Hell, 80% of my makeup bag is asian products. I'm just saying that it's not all magical stuff that will improve your skin or not make you break out. The point is not to go out and use ~only asian products~ because you are wanting to take care of your skin. You can break out because of certain ingredients in ANY product. I know people who can't go near MISSHA or LUNA because it gives them painful cystic acne that didn't go away for a while. I've had BB creams break me out in a rash.

Go back to /r/asianbeauty with your logic plz

No. 46130

or you can get the fuck out of our weebshit board.

No. 46131


>I live in korea

How speshul

No. 46132

File: 1455975081217.jpg (150.87 KB, 731x731, UrbanDecay_NakedSwatches_Thumb…)

Can you all get this weeaboo arguing out of this thread plz? both sides are equally annoying and if you want to talk about taking care of ur skin just take it over to the skincare thread.

Anyways back on topic, I'm thinking about asking BF for one of the NAKED pallets for my birthday since i love the quality but don't know which one is the best for basic everyday wear. Any help?

No. 46133

I have the original and it's absolutely beautiful and I use it in so many ways

No. 46134

Depends, are you white or tan? Do you like pigmented or more natural looking etc

No. 46135

I'm a bit on the whiter side, and would like something that has good pigment

No. 46136

Can anyone recommend a good matte eyeshadow palette?

No. 46137

Go with one of the Basics palettes or any matte. Shimmers are difficult to work with for neutral looks imo and don't really look good for everyday. Again, that's just my opinion. I think either would work for you honestly, but maybe the first one would be a little better. Honestly, it's up to you. The second one would be a little more subtle. If It were me, I would get the second one, but I have olive skin and green eyes.

No. 46138

I have the naked smoky but wanna get the naked 3 (the pink one) sometime soon.

No. 46139

I got Naked 3 thinking I would use it a ton but I found it not as accessible as I thought it would be. Ended up giving it away. It was actually the only Naked palette I bought, but I kind of want the first one although I'm a little hesitant. Maybe I will just get a basics one though.

No. 46140

if you're looking for a basic neutral one, the Lorac Matte Pro is pretty good. The shadows are really buttery and blend well.

No. 46141

File: 1456012118161.jpg (26.06 KB, 376x488, 2a71b5e4c75f2f1ef387f6f9d280d4…)

I've been covetting the natural matte pallete from Two Faced, if you're looking for something that can do looks that are for everyday, but could be used for deeper smokey looks, if you didn't want to incorporate any shimmers (or keep shimmers in another palette of specific singles for whatever reason.) Only thing it's missing is a matte black, but that's only really useful if you have black hair or are a deeper skin tone (or both.) Otherwise, it'd likely work for anyone.

No. 46142

File: 1456624881417.jpg (90.96 KB, 960x960, makeup2.jpg)

Going to Sephora tomorrow. Tell me what your "must haves" or Holy Grail products are.

No. 46143

File: 1456629678715.jpg (35.59 KB, 430x415, SB_C1XL_430.jpg)

roger that

No. 46144

File: 1456629752712.jpg (224.22 KB, 610x543, Smashsbox-On-The-Rocks-Photo-E…)


No. 46145

Its called a filtter.

No. 46146

well technically it's called a "filter" but, y'know.

No. 46147

Are there any picture tutorials for eyelid glue/tape for Caucasians? I see white girls talk about using them all the time online but they never post pics or share why they use it. I have heavily hooded kids and I bought some eyelid glue before and experimented with it a lot, but it always ends up looking like shit and I really don't know what I'm doing with it. Every time I try to google tutorials for it all I get are ones for Asian girls or old ass women in their 60's+.

No. 46148

>I have heavily hooded kids

Derp, *lids.

No. 46149


Holika Holika is p. kawaii

No. 46150

File: 1456841123192.png (496.55 KB, 550x550, How-Get-Taylor-Swift-Smoky-Eye…)

How much do you weigh? If you're average weight, could you stand to lose a little more? Or put on muscle and lose fat if you're not comfortable with that.

That's one thing that will demonstrably help with your hooded lids. Beyond that you're stuck with them, and acceptance is perhaps the better route than eyelid glue. If you really want to get rid of them so badly, save up for eyelid surgery, at least it'll look more convincing that the glue.

I have them too, and it's annoying but kinda charming. Rock those lids, I'm sure they look great on you. They're not the easiest eye to do makeup on, but once you learn the tricks and take a look at some tutorials, you too can be a kawaii eyeshadow queen.

Pic related, taylor swift has hooded eyes and she looks gr8 m8.

No. 46151

Eyelid glue is awful for hooded lids in my experience. I highly recommend you use either mesh eyelid "tape" or thick double sided eyelid tape.
I'd make a pic tutorial for you but it still takes me an hour or 2 to do both eyes. Generally you just want to put the tape over where your eyes start to crease.

No. 46152

I'm actually pretty skinny, it's just a generic thing. My mom and my sister have them too but both of them know fuck all about makeup. Strangely I don't think I have a single female in my family that can put on decent makeup.


Could you please? That would be awesome, thank you!

No. 46153

Fellow hooded-lid anon here, white. One of the things that's helped me is to try and keep my head and face straight on to the mirror and keep my eyes open as much as possible while trying to put on the deeper 'crease' shades. I have no idea when my eye is shut where on the lid the crease is so it's helped me to keep them open and lightly go over it before closing my eye and smoothing out the shape and such. Just keep double checking with your eyes open and relaxed.

No. 46154

Hooded eyes can be beautiful, and I highly doubt they have any relation to weight unless you're extremely obese, or so skeletal that they melted away. It's just a genetic thing.

No. 46155

File: 1456922493736.jpg (104.41 KB, 1024x768, Nicole-Kidman-nicole-kidman-17…)

nope weight makes a difference. when I'm underweight my eyes are a lot "less" hooded than at a normal weight. they are still hooded, but more taylor-swift level hooded than nicole kidman. don’t need to be an obeast to see a difference.


I wouldn't even try to keep it straight but put my chin up. or place a mirror at a significant lower level. also gently pulling your skin tight helps with the application of eyeliner.

and one more thing for all fellow hooded lids anons: eyeshadow base is the most important thing for hooded lids. everyone should use it anyway but especially people with hooded lids.

Hooded lids can be beautiful if you have nice, full lips and a small nose. but hooded eyes + thin lips and/or a big nose = witch face.

No. 46156

File: 1456941876146.jpg (19.13 KB, 500x329, Jf9KJ8E.jpg)

> I highly doubt they have any relation to weight unless you're extremely obese
That's objectively incorrect. Hooded lids are due to fat deposits in the face. They can indeed get extreme with obesity, but even at lower weights it can be an area where fat accumulates. This will vary from person to person- some people have droopy skin there more than fat, but generally losing weight will help.

For keks, extreme obesity can actually make it difficult for you to see

No. 46157

File: 1456942561518.jpg (64.13 KB, 640x480, d33af-e16.jpg)

Does anyone know where I can buy doe foot applicators like pic related? Or any super cheap brands that use them so I could just buy a couple of their products and wash the applicators off?

No. 46158

Are hooded eyes really that bad? I always thought they looked better, since it makes the eyes look more wide-open and alive. I saw before and afters of old people getting hooded eyes fixed and they always look shittier afterward to me

No. 46159

Do you know what a hooded eye is? Usually they look smaller then an eye that has a visable crease because there is an open lid space between the lash and the crease that a hooded eye generally lacks.

No. 46160

Eye with little visible eyelid like that Kidman pic above, right? Idk, I think they look good though

No. 46161

Kinda make up related but does anyone know about Sephora giving free samples of products? I've been wanting to try out some stuff from there but don't want to shell out $30+ for something I may not like

No. 46162

I usually order from them online and they do three free samples with every order regardless of amount. They also have weekly promos for deluxe samples with a minimum order, normally it's only about $25. I know their stuff can be expensive but if you check out the specials you can usually find pretty good deals. Also, if you become a Beauty Insider you wrack up those points and get more free deluxe samples.

No. 46163

You can also go in store and ask for a sample too! I've done this with a few expensive perfumes and foundations, and I've never gotten weird looks for it- I think a lot of people do it!

No. 46164

Thanks to both of you! Really appreciate it!

No. 46165

Ok guys. This is really really random but I need advice. I buy alot of makeup off ebay, mostly American stuff because i'm European and you can't get certain products over here. I bought lipsticks and ended up with a completely different item, which was unsealed and now the seller wants me to return it. Am I in my right to say no, considering that Ebay's makeup/drug policy doesn't allowed used items? How could they know I havent used it? Or if someone else has if it wasnt sealed? I tried contacting ebay support but they are useless. Their own staff don't know the regulations.

I just need advice lmao. Would you return it or nah?

No. 46166

I don't normally buy make up off ebay for this reason. What was their seller rating?

No. 46167

I don't understand why you wouldn't return it.

No. 46168

Return it, open a case with ebay and never buy from americans again. They're lazy and unprofessional. Buy kawaii korean makeup instead. Or pricey weeb makeup from japan, you'll never get scammed from japan.

No. 46169

It's good but I can't understand why sellers don't pre-seal their products.
Because it goes against ebay laws and standards that used/opened makeup cannot be sold. If i had tampered with it and sent it back, it's disgusting if that is re-sold.
This is a british seller. I don't really like korean/asian makeup.

No. 46170

File: 1457218855884.png (44.4 KB, 275x194, image.png)

Anyone had experiences buying brand knockoff makeup and such off sites like aliexpress etc? Know it can be a hit & miss and that ingredients can be shady but honestly don't mind as long my face won't get assblasted with skin diseases

No. 46171

Enjoy your lead paint makeup, anon.

No. 46172

bb cream from korea and most brands in general are inexpensive without the dangerous of what's in it. Come on, if you can't spend $20 on something you're putting on your FACE, don't wear makeup.

No. 46173

>Saphora starts selling Korean beauty products for 50$ when you can find the same shit on ebay for 7$

No. 46174

Please, dear anon, never buy any makeup items from Aliexpress, or any cheap ass no brand/ fake brand Chinese makeup in general.

I've also had some bad experiences in the past with 'Murican ebay sellers selling fake or expired products. These days I only buy from trusted online shops or reputable korean ebay sellers.

No. 46175

What is the best mascara at Ulta? My birthday's coming up and I like spending birthday money there because it's within walking distance and it feels good to walk out with a bad of shit lol. A friend recommended the Too Faced Better than Sex which was flaky garbage. I prefer featherier longer eyelashes but I'll take anything that makes my eyelashes look different that doesn't flake off like a motherfucker.

No. 46176

If they are a lancome store, the hypnose drama is one of my favorites as far as high end goes, also not as expensive as the new one with the bent wand, which is also amazing, but fuck is it expensive for mascara.

The full exposure one from smash box isn't bad either, but I still prefer the hypnose line. The other high end ones they carry are alright, but I'd just get a drugstore one instead.

No. 46177

thanks anon!

No. 46178

So here's an odd question, how does one deal with the corners of your eyes being too watery? I suspect it may have something to do with my eye shape, but the outer corners always get/are watery so that I can't put anything there. Shadow, water proof eyeliner, nothing. Even if I try using a base it all just brands down after a few minutes.

Is there anything I can try as I feel nothing seems to work.

No. 46179

ugh I would love to know this too. I can never put shadow on my lower lash line becuase I end up with a big skin coloured smudge on the outer corner.

No. 46180

Thirding. I finally learned to do my eyeliner properly but my watery eye just melts it and makes it look like I've smudged soot on myself.

No. 46181

don't they make waterproof makeup

No. 46182

You can't get waterproof eyeshadow to my knowledge, but even waterproof liner doesn't stay on if your eyes are constantly wet.

No. 46183

Waterproof makeup does jack shit when the area is already watering as you put it on.

No. 46184

No. 46185

Not hating on people who suit it, but why is almost everyone obsessed with thick caterpillar eyebrows?

Especially, why do people who have thick brows give so much shit to people who don't? There's so much stuff on my feeds making fun of people with thin to normal eyebrows (not the thin sharpie ones) and it's just really pathetic at this stage.
So many people I used to look up to for style are shitting on people who aren't about this "Kardashian" look and are shouting "YAS SLAY" when someone who doesn't suit thick brows AT ALL draws them on like fake mustaches. Don't get me started on people with light hair and dark brown fake brows.

When will it end?

No. 46186

is milani foundation any good?

No. 46187

I always had thick eyebrows, to the point of having a resting bitch face as my neutral face. People always made fun of me because of that, among other things, and now for some reason people won't stop saying that thick eyebrow is attractive? What the fuck is this shit? Fucking hypocrites, good thing I don't care about specific trends and just try to look at least presentable.

No. 46188

Yes but it's not good if you're white, if your asian, Hispanic or black but I heard if you have dry skin it does show dry patches and doesn't oxidize.

No. 46189

Oh my god, yeah. People (women) compliment mine all the time and it's so odd to me. They ask me how I do them, too, and I'm like? The occasional uni-tweeze?

No. 46190

Can anyone recommend a good high SPF primer, or a general SPF that's not super thick and sticky and won't ruin my makeup application? Preferably available in the UK.

No. 46191

Clinique super city block

No. 46192

Are there any good "cute" Caucasian eye makeup tutorials for someone without much skill when it comes to makeup? I don't mean kawaii OTT circle lense+huge false lashes stuff, but still cute and simple enough to wear every day. I have hooded lids and evert eye makeup tutorial I try ends up aging me 10-15 years, probably because western eye makeup is usually more "sexy" and mature looking rather than youthful and cute.

No. 46193

milani is great but its VERY yellow toned. I'd only use it if you are either asian or mixed / tanned

No. 46194

tbh, that 'sexy' look suits Caucasian eyes a lot more than 'cute' looks ever will. Mostly because when people try to copy the japanese/Korean cute looks, they don't take their eyeshape into consideration. With caucasian features, you really want to highlight and contour specific areas. Just follow a do's/don'ts tutorial for hooded eyes, and keep your eyes neutral and simple. Incorporate and experiment with other cute makeup, like blush styles/lip products/lashes, to get the overall look instead of making your eyes clash.

There's nothing worse than a non-asian girl trying to apply shimmery eyeshadow in a straight line without adding anything in their crease because they saw some asian girl doing it on youtube.

No. 46195

There was an eye shape thread awhile ago on here… Depending on your overall shape, "cute" may simply mean something more natural and defined. It's what I typically see on non asian yt-ers who aren't doing a sultry look.

No. 46196

I never said anything about Japanese/Korean/Asian makeup looks for Caucasian eyes. All I said was cute makeup for Caucasian eyes. Cute makeup isn't exclusive to Asian people or countries now is it? And no, mature makeup doesn't suit every white face just because it suits most of them.

No. 46197

Well what the hell did you expect when you grouped all western makeup as being mature and sexy, so one could only assume that's what you meant? And why don't you elaborate on what 'cute' makeup is then? What is your standard of cute? What do you want to model your eyeshadow after? How about a picture or two so we know what you are talking about?

Like I said, go for a neutral eye. If you aren't 16 years old, a mature neutral look will suit you no matter what race you are.

No. 46198

ot, I hate this youtuber. She makes a bunch of clickbate vids for 'hooded eyelids,' and you can see from just the thumbnail that she's only changing the angle she's looking at the camera.

also her makeup's fucking terrible in general. just look at her brows there, jesus christ.

No. 46199

File: 1458074137495.png (428.24 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mp7ses60p01qhs7xko1_500…)

I understand what you're looking for anon. I'm not sure about eyeshape, but the best way to get a more cute and less sexy look is to avoid bottom eyeliner and mascara, and just keep makeup looking more minimal. A shimmery nude eyeshadow, with some light eyeliner and mascara is a good starting point.

No. 46200

this is cute and definitely avoid bottom eyeliner. I think that makes all the difference between cute and sexy looking eyes.

No. 46201

If that vintage or tacky? Because it's a standard pin up eye look. You can still 'line' the lower lash, just don't use dramatic colors (black, dark brown, dark blue, dark purple) for a more subtle look, and use any shimmers sparingly.

No. 46202

File: 1458099556940.jpg (114.4 KB, 500x750, tumblr_nhb2uwbtM61r5njyjo1_r1_…)

I really think for most western eye shapes, any kind of lining of the bottom eye automatically makes it look more sexy or glamorous. If anon above is looking for something cute, then it should be avoided.

Pic related was just the only non-weeb gyaru shit photo of western eye makeup I have. Here is another example, but a lot more asian inspired, which anon isnt going for.

No. 46203

Let me be more clear. If you use an eyeshadow shadow that is maybe 1-2 tones darker then your actual skin color, you'll get the definition without going into that territory of it being less cute and more mature. That goes for all skin tones really (I'm medium toned, but I've down this on a friend who's white.)

In washed out pics like that it often looks like the lower lash line is undefined in that way (and only the mascara to create definition) but that doesn't work for most people, regardless of ethnicity, unless they do have amazing lower lashes that just need a coat of mascara.

No. 46204

My mistake, my dumb ass thought you were advocating for bright colors on the lower lashline (I've seen this done for lots of instagram looks). A little neutral brown on the lower lashline is fine as long as its subtle.

Like I said, my pic wasn't the best example because its weeby gyaru makeup, girl pictured has false button eyelashes (maybe?) on and brown under eye shadow like you mentioned.

sage because I'm an idiot

No. 46205

Not exactly sure where to post this but here it goes:
Do you guys know of any way to make your lips look more plump?
Ive been looking at a few diy cinnamon lip plumper vids and the only difference is that they put lipgloss on. Is lipgloss the only thing that somehow helps?
Mine are always bigger in the morning so I sort of hoped someone had some advice on how to keep them/make them that way again without fillers etc.

No. 46206

this is what helped me:
drink a shit ton of water
yes, put lipgloss on
put higlighter on the top of your upper lip (makes a hugeeee difference for me)
use lip balm so you lips will not be chapped

a good alternative would be using one of those lip plumpers. The one I use is called Candylipz. This site fucking hates it tho because it can make you look like a fish lol. I realised myself that if i hold it onto my lips for only 30secs or a bit more, my lips do get plumper but they do not end up looking fake.

No. 46207

Drink water. It sounds like bullshit but it works. I used to have nonexistent lips and a shit diet all through highschool. Now I switched to drinking only water and my lips are plump and soft.

Keeping them exfoliated and moisturizer can also give them the appearance of looking more soft.

You can also use peppermint oil if you're on a budget, most lip plumpers include that imgridient.

No. 46208


post a before & after? every customer picture i've seen has been kind of a trainwreck, so I'm curious as to what you think is the 'right' way to do it.

No. 46209

Have you tried biting your lips? If all you're looking for is for them to be swollen and for increased collagen production over time to make your lips fuller, I can see that being an easy solution.

No. 46210

File: 1458145820939.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1082x1502, image.jpeg)

has anyone ever had this problem? I just bought sleek matte me in "birthday suit", ordered online instead of irl which is mostly my fault, but anyway. it comes up really orange/brown on me - nothing like the swatches I've seen online! it's the same colour on even on my lips by the way.

No. 46211

This happens to me ALL THE TIME. Reds turn pink and nudes turn orangey pink. Very frustrating.

No. 46212

I'll try and swatch it in the store, and pray that it was just a bad batch, because I thought I'd found the perfect colour. so annoying.

No. 46213

I bought Jeffree Star's 'I'm Nude' lipstick and I thought it would be a pink nude, but it's like a weird peach/fleshy nude and makes me look dead. Waste of money.

For lipsticks now, I only swatch and buy in stores like Sephora or Ulta.

No. 46214

I did the same thing. I guess it could be ok for cosplay purposes but I wish I hadn't wasted my money like that.

No. 46215

I'm glad I didn't buy that just for the sake of having it. I bought unicorn blood and weirdo (or something, the black one). I've worn them a few times but only at home. Literally a week before I got my Jeff star lipstick my sister bought me kat von d's brand of liquid lipstick. I have a deep purple and it's amazing. Jefs sticks but it comes off on everything. I could wear kvd all day and only have to apply when I eat/drink. I kind of regret buying those other two :s

No. 46216

Feel ya, on me it looks more purple pink and it looks fuken stupid. Getting me some Anastasia pure Hollywood soon and hopefully it will be my go-to nude

No. 46217

I also have weirdo and I have worn it out, since for awhile it was the only decent black lip color. I need to get KVD's because the wear tests I've seen look pretty convincing.

No. 46218

KDV cosmestics is my go to brand. I don't have anything against Jeffree personally, but his stock is always sold out and he hypes everything up on IG. His fanbase is also insufferable. he's been a whore since the scene days of the early 2000s, so I suppose I'm not shocked. (I remember actually being on his Myspace around 2005or 2006.)

I think Kat Von D has good quality makeup and her prices are reasonable. Plus I can walk into any Sephora and get them.

No. 46219

I was pretty surprised that KVD's stuff is decent quality. I assumed it would suck due to it being a celebrity brand. (I know she is like a C list celeb but you know what I mean)

No. 46220

It's usually the collaboration ones that are shit, like the Rhianna one that was with Mac a few years ago. I think I'm just not too impressed with the shade and light palletes in terms of design as they look really boring. They are supposed to be a amazing, but I think I'd prefer to buy single shadows of some of the shades.

No. 46221

Can anyone recommend a drugstore non-comedogenic makeup remover? I don't care if it's in a bottle or like facial wipes, I just need something that works well and won't break me out.

No. 46222


Have you tried Simple Micellar Wipes? They also make just the micellar water in a bottle, but I haven't tried it. I used to use neutrogena eye makeup remover and their makeup remover wipes but they left my skin greasy af/dry/burned around my eyes and didn't take off much, just smeared it around. The simple wipes take off just abut everything and don't burn at all, and my skin feels good after.

No. 46223

File: 1459386919804.jpg (515.14 KB, 1573x1929, gnkClQM.jpg)

Is anyone else a fan of the Bardot/buxom look? I have naturally full lips, so I'm drawn to it. But I've also been told I look 15, so I haven't had the confidence to go all the way with this makeup.

What I'm saying is I just really don't want to look like Kylie Jenner trying to wear Kim's skin.

No. 46224

you have eyes similar to mine
this is what i use

No. 46225

goldish brown for highlight and black eyeshadow mixed with dark brown for contour

No. 46226

pale as shit here, whats a good way to get a smooth, no makeup looking foundation but good coverage that could come in my color?

No. 46227

No. 46228

seconding this, or if you want higher coverage go for Illamasqua Skin Base - it was inspired by BB creams. I use the shade 02.

No. 46229

What do you anons recommend for first timers for makeup? What are some cheap but good makeup. I don't want to spend big bucks on Mac and look like shit. Do you anons recommend e.l.f? Please help I get so lost in the makeup aisle…

No. 46230

e.l.f. is good, same goes to NYX.

No. 46231

Go for it. I'm a huge fan of BB, and do her look all the time. Not her later days super heavy smokey eye, but the 50's cat eye with the pouty nude lip.

No. 46232

File: 1459513299619.jpg (129.3 KB, 1920x1080, zfcLGR2.jpg)

Yeah, I was asking about the fresh cat eye/pouty lips look! I'm a big fan and am just worried about adjusting it for someone who is not buxom-sexy-woman like BB, -chuckles aloud-.

No. 46233

It's a pretty classic and versatile look, which is why you'll find a decent amount of recreations of it on YT, by people who are really into make up and make up icons (Lisa Eldridge is amazing.)

The only thing is figuring out your best wing shape which may or may not be like BB's.

No. 46234

What's the trick to not over powdering when you set your foundation? I feel like I always end up putting on too much.

No. 46235

File: 1459534335169.jpg (99.71 KB, 1600x1066, IMG_9592.JPG)


Are you still using powder? I thought everybody was doing a dewy glow atm.

No. 46236

If you over powder you can just use a setting spray and it should take care of the dusty look.

No. 46237

Maybe I'm a slob, but I get makeup all over jacket collars even when I set/powder. I can't imagine the havoc that a dewy wet face would wreak.

No. 46238

How would a hydrating mist play with a powdered fact?

No. 46239


No. 46240


Your face isn't actually wet when you do this type of makeup, it's moisturised and you play around with shimmers and highlighters to give it a dewy appearance.

No. 46241

By wet, I meme not set and will rub off when something accidentally touches your face.

No. 46242


No. 46243

It's the filters anon.

m.e.a.n. -> meme

No. 46244

Fuck,I thought just tapping the thread would get rid of the filters(mobile). I guess not -chuckles aloud-

No. 46245


I've never use them myself, but I know Tati on youtube talks about how she likes to over powder and then use a lot of setting spray so she doesn't have to reapply through the day. I assume it would be similar to that, hydrating mist vs setting spray.

No. 46246

Anyone have any experience with morphe brushes? I'm from the UK and I'm looking for a cheap(ish) contouring set, and after some googling came across 6 morphe brushes for £20.

Yay or nay?

No. 46247

File: 1459548171658.jpg (129.83 KB, 800x533, vXUgGwW.jpg)


idk about Morphe but I know that Real Techniques are usually the go-to for most people. I own a bunch myself and they're great, and they're available in Boots and Superdrug.

No. 46248


Yeah I was originally looking at real techniques brushes, I have a few and definitely love them - they're affordable(ish) but I'm pretty strapped for cash right now and one of the morphe sets I found was cheaper than the real techniques ones I'd been looking at.

No. 46249

I try to wear mascara on my lower lashes because it looks amazing on others, but for me it somehow looks smudgy/blotchy? (even though there are no smudges) Advice?

No. 46250

I often apply mascara to my lower lashes while holding the wand vertically (parallel to my lashes). I also take a damp q-tip and swipe it under them to clear up any that got on the skin. You can then use the dry end of the q-tip to poke at and declumpify your lashes a bit.

No. 46251

Before applying, wrap the mascara wand around tissue and take off excess product.
Hold a business card (or something similar) underneath your lashes to prevent the mascara from getting onto your skin below. It'll also help separate your lashes.

No. 46252

>tfw the pretty new makeup you bought is breaking you out

I really wanted Benefit and Hourglass to work for me :/

No. 46253

I am so over benefit at this point. Its all so cute but nothing ever works for me and makes me break out. Gotta stick to Vichy like some sort of grown up :(

No. 46254

My skin is really sensitive and differs between oily and dry a lot in my face, plus reactive. So far I've had decent results with Jane Iredale powder, but like everything you have to wash it off at night. Other than that, I've decided to stick with that brand for skin stuff. I'd rather just not upset the delicate balance I have going with my skin tbh.

No. 46255

The only thing from benefit I like is the fake up concealer (it's very oily and subtle, which I like) but yeah, most of their stuff is overpriced and blehhh. I've had benefit dupes from korea with borderline identical ingredients for a fraction of the price. No way am I spending more than 15 quid on a blusher or a lip tint.

No. 46256

Can any of you guys that are from Europe suggest some good make up brands?
I'm from the Balkans so it's rather hard to come across Elf/Mac etc. unless you live at the coast but even then you have to be lucky.

So far the only products I've been using were cheap af (Essence, Catrice, Wet n Wild) but they worked for me because I don't spend long hours outside and my job didn't require me too look or dress professional etc. However, I want to start using better products because of my skin but am not sure if Loreal, Bourjois and co are worth it or just over priced crap?

No. 46257

Samefag here

Yeah shits expensive. Im lucky cuz i used to work in cosmetics so i got a lot of really nice shit (and also benefit) for half the price so i never had to pay a whole lot for makeup. Even though im no longer doing that stuff, my roomate is a makeup artist so he gets a lot of free shit that i can try/keep. But im fucking allergic to everything. He got me the Urban Decay Vice eyeshadow pallete but i can only use it once or twice a week cuz it dries out my eyelids (or else its my face lotion)..

Im having a lot of trouble finding some sort of bb/cc/foundation thing that is light, doesnt sit on my face like a mask, and doesnt dry me out or make a dry ring around my mouth… Im gonna talk to a dermotologist next week but does anyone have any good leads before then? Particularly on the Vichy Idelia Bb Cream or the Biotherm CC Cream (the one in the green bottle). Just wanna know if someone who is hella allergic to everything like i apparently am have tried these.

No. 46258

>use a business card to help with lower lash application
This is great advice. I'll try it tonight.

No. 46259

Can anyone recommend anything for making your eyebrows appear thicker? Mine are naturally very sparse and it kind of sucks with the whole mega-thick eyebrows thing being in right now

No. 46260

File: 1460570754873.jpg (11.31 KB, 250x250, s1533785-main-hero.jpg)

Hmm how sparse are talking here? Do you just have very little hair or do you need something to fill it in a bit? I've got thicker eyebrows but, fml, they don't grow in evenly so it's patchy in a couple of spots. Anyways, I've been using Blinc eyebrow mousse and I'm pretty in love with it. It fills everything in and helps maintain shape with out looking overly done. If you want a more natural look I would go with this.

No. 46261

I have mildly sensitive skin and use missha perfect cover. It's extremely popular, so you should give it a go. If you want something more pricey, go with shiseido, they're known to be gentle on your skin.

No. 46262

How well does it absorb into your skin? Right now I'm using Klairs Illuminating Supple BB Cream and I hate how gummy it is. It just kind of sits on top of my skin.

No. 46263

It absorbs pretty well, looks like it's your skin basically. The finish will depend on whether your skin is dry or if you put moisturiser ubderneath, but generally mine is nice and silky after I've put my moisturising sunscreen on.

No. 46264

File: 1460680587470.jpg (28.36 KB, 550x550, TONYMOLY-Delight-Petite-Cotton…)


I used to use Missha Perfect Cover myself and whilst it is fantastic, idk of you've noticed but online imports have become scarcer and the prices have gone up. I used to buy mine from South Korea on eBay and it used to be that I could get one of the 100ml tubes for under £5, but now I'll be lucky to find one for under £10.

These days I use TonyMoly Petite Cotton. It's only avaliable in one shade, which is a pale olive tone not so different from the lightest shade of Perfect Cover, and the coverage is identical if not better than Missha. That and I can get 3-4 bundles for £10 that last foreverrrrrrr. I do have very sensitive skin including seborrheic dermatitis and this has always been great with it.

No. 46265

File: 1460680827290.jpg (131.7 KB, 1600x1066, IMG_7239.jpg)


No. 46266

Different anon but oo I'm gonna give this a go. Sometimes I use a Missha one but it's a little too pink toned for me.

I use the TonyMoly green primer in the tube that looks like this one, and that's pretty good for anyone with redness. There's a lilac one too, I believe.

I swear to god half my money ends up going to beautynetkorea.

No. 46267

File: 1460743874113.jpg (429.76 KB, 1240x840, img_3678.jpg)


>I swear to god half my money ends up going to beautynetkorea

Same fam'.

I really wish the West would adopt the South Korean cosmetic style which puts a huge emphasis on UV protection, non-dermatologically aggravating ingredients, low alcohol content and cute packaging.
I feel like Western cosmetics just chuck whatever into their shit regardless of how bad it is for your skin and dress it up as "luxury European product" with some shitty tagline like "LONDON STYLE" and a huge mark up. Most of the foundations here don't even have SPF… we are so fucking behind.

I was in Superdrug last week and I actually saw the stall for picture related and I started cracking up in the middle of the aisle because you can really tell that Maybelline just fucked up an enormous batch and decided to run with it anyway.

No. 46268

What the fuck? Now all those clumpy eyelashed bitches will think this shit is in fashion. Great.

No. 46269

Does anyone here like Revlon products?
I heard good things about their ColorStay foundation, and the Ultra HD Matte Lipstick looks interesting.

No. 46270

File: 1460822783054.jpg (403.74 KB, 1366x1023, MAVEN46-makeup-trends-ss16-alb…)

I am really digging this kind of minamalistic makeup style that's going around at the moment.
I mean, obviously it's not actually minamalistic, she will have a shit load of product on her face, but it looks it.

No. 46271

File: 1460822938218.jpg (207.65 KB, 1920x1080, sadasd.jpg)


Like, thick, fully and bushy. That hyper-defined Anastasia brow trend can't die quick enough.

No. 46272

does nail polish count? my mom likes revlon nail polish, she says it's good quality

No. 46273


tbh at this point I've pretty much boycotted all Western cosmetics. I almost all my shit from South Korea now. The quality just can't compare.

No. 46274

You have been living under a rock

No. 46275

File: 1460824688372.jpg (79.31 KB, 1152x768, maxresdefault.jpg)


Not really Anon. Have you not been on any of the social medias? People have been plugging this super-contoured, painted-on tranny brows for a few years now. People bought into it, terribly so, and I'm really only just starting to see a reemergence of the more natural, scruffy brows OUTSIDE of modelling and into the mainstream.

No. 46276

Okay, is Jefree Star lipstick actually worth it? I'm considering getting Doll Parts as soon as it's back in stock. Opinions?

No. 46277

No one can achieve this look unless you naturaly have thick eyebrows. Yes I'm implying the tranny brows will stay as girls desperately want thick eyebrows.

No. 46278

It's ok honestly. It stays on alright but you have to reapply quite often I find it if you're a person that somehow touches their lips a lot (me lol). Obviously have to reapply a lot after food. The colour is amazing though. If you want a good lip stain I would suggest kat von d. I actually got a bottle before my jstar stains came in the mail as a gift. It was amazing, I only had to reapply after certain food and I could actually kiss my boyfriend with it. I was kind of disappointed with the jstar when it came but I like the colours still.

No. 46279

How does one highlight/glow without extenuating textural problems? I don't have a lot, but the little bumps I get seem to always be on the top of my cheeks where I want to highlight.

No. 46280

File: 1461292854016.jpg (66.76 KB, 582x578, lighter blue eyes.JPG)

Can you guys help me make my dark blue/grey REALLY stand out?

I googled it, but bronze doesn't seem to do shit for me, and I'm kind of bad at eyeshadow (willing to learn if you have tips).

I kind of like tight-lining with black and smudging a little on the outer third, but what else can I do to make them really noticeable?

No. 46281

dark blue/grey EYES* of course.

No. 46282

Try a neutral bronzer

No. 46283

Wear a primer like Benefit's porefessional or Too Faced Primed n Poreless. Wear a silkier formula type for your foundation, and set with a glycerine-based setting spray (Like Mac's fix plus)

No. 46284

Sorry for this noob question, but I am interested in trying to do eye shadow and liner. I have almost no idea what I'm doing.

What order is it best to apply liner, eyeshadow, and mascara in?
And most importantly, WHEN do you curl your eyelashes so that you can both get the liner tip behind them and yet not mess up the line too much?

It's really embarrassing that I don't know how to do this stuff. And what to do with the different shadows… that's a totally different issue. :( Any good tutorials for cute looks? for me it's important to explain/show everything in the tutorial.

No. 46285

what exactly are you looking for? Foundation, lipstick, lipgloss…?

No. 46286

what kind of eyelids do you have, for one? Do you have hooded eyelids or monolids or just like normal-ish double eyelids? I usually put on eyeshadow first, then eyeliner and then mascara. I don't curl my eyelashes so i don't have any advice on that. Also what kind of look are you going for exactly?

No. 46287

File: 1461340282424.jpg (363.82 KB, 1600x1600, PFI-06238-7.jpg)

heyy does anybody has reviews on physicians formula products?? the package its super cute but i dont know anything about this brand.

No. 46288

I use the bb cream and its not bad. I find the cc cream too thick tho. All of the highlighters and blushes and bronzers work really well, i find them comparable to Smashbox products except for sensitive skin.

No. 46289

I swear by their eyeliner, face power and blush. One of the few brands you can buy at target or cvs that won't break me out. I'd try it.

No. 46290

Sorry if this came up already but how do you wing your eyeliner when you have super straight eyelashes?
I honestly don't know where to start the wing without it looking weird

No. 46291

They're one of the best drugstore brands out there. Like >>133918, I swear by their eyeliner. Face powder and blush is pretty decent as well, and their products really are gentle on your skin.
The only products I've ever disliked by them is the "organic" mascara and the BB cream. The mascara runs pretty easily and irritates my babby eyes and the BB cream is so limited on color and doesn't give outstanding coverage. It'll get patchy unless you blend into oblivion.
Overall, though, this is one of my favorite brands. They're gentle on the skin, cruelty-free, cute, and pretty decent products for the price.

No. 46292

All of their foundations are pretty limited on color, it seems. I tried their new cushion foundation in the lightest color (I'm extremely fair) and it was much too dark for me. Sucks, because the foundation itself went on really nicely and had great coverage, plus dat spf that drugstore foundations always lack.

So for people with medium warm skin tones, their foundation is probably great. I do like their bronzers and blushes though.

No. 46293


pretty normal double eyelids, I think. However my eyes are big and my eyelids look (to me) kind of puffy compared to other peoples' eyelids. I'm not sure if it's because my eyes protrude a bit or what.

The way Mila Kunis's eyes look is similar to what I mean.

I like to wear natural-looking circle lenses to cover more of the white of my eye.

Looking for cute, easy looks & maybe something more interesting for nighttime. It's hard for me to pull off anything very sexy. But I would like to try doing something, anything. I'm sure more makeup would balance the larger circle lenses I own too.

Has anyone ever had an in-person makeup tutorial?

No. 46294

Oh, then you're p lucky on the eyelid front cuz my own are double but barely and one is more creased than the other and when i do eyeliner i have to do it differently to make sure my eyes don't look ever wonkier. Idk honestly it's hard to recommend makeup tutorials without really knowing what another person looks like but im just gonna assume that you don't want the whole cut-crease super dramatic instagram kind of eye makeup or like the really korean-inspired kind of eye makeup with droopy eyeliner and aegyo sal or whatever. So basically cute normal makeup. I think your best bet here is just to go on youtube and look up eye makeup tutorials until you find something you like and practice doing it. I'm sort of the same as you because i have a v young face too and i was like "shit I can't pull off any of this". I use tape to get a clean line when doing eye makeup (idk i like having a clean line but some people think it looks kind of artificial n you might so idk) and i kind of just do a v thin, shortish eyeliner wing and like a sweep of tan shadow over the lid and then some darker brown on the outer edges. I would post a picture so you could see what i'm talking about but im not sure how useful it would be because i have like hooded asian eyes. Sorry i couldn't give super clear advice, anon.

No. 46295

Their mascara is the only one I've found that doesn't irritate my senstive eyes but I do agree it tends to run pretty badly since it's not waterproof. Are you also allergic to most mascaras? What do you use?

No. 46296

Thanks, anon! I was going to post a picture of my eyes but got scared. Your advice does help though.

No. 46297

Ok but who is this

No. 46298

I actually have the image you posted but in I guess the palette made more for contouring? It's still a nude wear one but with a blush, high light, and a couple contouring shades? idk. I'm not the best at make-up but the doing a quick swipe over all four colors with one o' those angled face brushes works well for pale skin so it isn't overpowering.

No. 46299

Does anyone else never cover up their undereye circles? For some reason I like mine and think my face would look flat without them. Granted I don't get bags under my eyes though.

No. 46300

I don't do it very often. I think concealer makes it look worse, and they add a kind of interesting look to my face anyway

No. 46301

I'm not sure, I think she used to be a suicide girl?
she's worldwarvice on instagram.

I think she's beautiful, but once I noticed her wonkey eye, I can't unsee it.
So now you can't either, sorry about that.

No. 46302

Hey farmers, the past few months I've been using the KVD lock it foundation, and it's great, it really is! I just think it might be to thick for my comfort, though. Putting it on and blending it no matter if it's a brush, beauty blender, etc is a pain. Also the coverage makes me look too flawless, to the level it looks cakey at times. So, here's my question. What are some good, long lasting, medium coverage foundations? I've heard Naked Skin by UD is good, but I'm weary, Dior Star foundation also looks pretty nice. But what do you guys recommend?

No. 46303

I normally don't because all I tend to wear is moisturiser and eyeliner/mascara, so adding any cover up tends to make my eyeliner or mascara run.
I'll do it if I'm dressing up nicely but it's not very convincing unless I put on a full coat face of makeup, I still look worn out even with peach concealer, why bother?

No. 46304

You can thin out foundation pretty wel with moisturiser sometimes. Try that if you've got foundation left to use up.

Dior star is pretty good but you need concealer for any big coverups. It lasts a while but powder is a must if you have oily skin. I use it for everyday makeup and it's quite thin and runny because it's supposed to be buildable coverage. I've never had it be cakey on my face but I don't apply a lot.

Clinique foundations are pretty good too.

No. 46305

NARS Sheer Glow.
It's buildable and very good if you are warm or neutral-toned. Do not under any circumstances buy the matte version. I have oily-combo skin and the matte version made any normal-slightly dry parts of my skin look gross and flaky.

No. 46306

has anyone used the green NYX concealer before? or any recommendations for a good green concealer please! I'm using a green primer right now but I feel like it needs more coverage.

No. 46307

Currently, I use Ecco Bella mascara. I also use Honeybee Gardens from time to time. I can't vouch for their other products, but I have extremely sensitive eyes and their mascara works so well for me. Both brands are organic, smaller name brands you'd likely find at some health food store. They aren't waterproof, but they don't run at all. If you have sensitive eyes, I thoroughly recommend trying either of them; they're great and their prices are pretty comparable to "higher-end" drugstore brands.

No. 46308

File: 1461731060342.jpeg (82.7 KB, 532x800, image.jpeg)

Any idea what brand this lipstick is?


I use the urban decay ones of under my eyes, it's amazing but I use the yellow one the formula is good tho

No. 46309

I’d also like some advice on whether to apply eyeliner before or after curling your lashes.

If I do it before curling the lash curler sometimes will mess up the eyeliner. Also if I use liquid eyeliner before I apply mascara some of it will end up on the roots of the lashes which makes the mascara look messy. I don’t have this problem if I apply the eyeliner afterwards (still ends up on the lashes but since they’re already covered in mascara it doesn’t mess them up).

If I apply liner after curling my lashes the lashes are in the way and it just doesn’t feel… right.


No. 46310

I don't curl my lashes so no help there sorry, but you can use a cotton bud or makeup wipe and run it along the underside of your lashes to get the excess eyeliner off and fan the lashes out properly, before applying mascara.

No. 46311

I use Essence Say No to Redness (pastel green) and I've found it to work pretty well so far. I have oily beige skin and minor redness and it blends into my skin pretty nicely.

No. 46312

File: 1461858846368.jpg (64.29 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.1002760889_2dvn.jpg)

What do you guys think about this highlighter? Everyone's freaking out about it apparently. The Etsy shop is completely sold out now and I guess some people who bought out the shop are selling them on ebay for $1000. It's pretty but I'm just not sure what the practical use for this would be.

No. 46313

It looks disgusting. Why would anyone want this on their face idk. I like purple highlights, even blue/green highlights but the whole ray of colours? Nah. Looks trashy.

No. 46314

File: 1461859347465.jpg (56.22 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.1002760835_a9bi.jpg)

Here's a pic of it on skin. It turns into this weird gray color when mixed up apparently. But I can't imagine anyone walking down the street with it on.

No. 46315

Sorry but I really hate it. It looks so wrong.

No. 46316

Looks nice but not on her. Nice nitpicking btw!

No. 46317

I don't know what you mean by nitpicking. That's the most popular picture f the product, at least it was when I looked it up a few days ago.

No. 46318

Super 80s! I like.

No. 46319

File: 1461862850713.png (675.5 KB, 595x595, 23bv5v2ov5[130o1.png)


Yeah, not sure what I'm nitpicking either? That's a pic of the creator from her IG. Anyways, have a shitty pic of Jeffree Star wearing it too.

No. 46320

it looks like a bruise. nagl. pretty product in the pan but it just doesn't look that good applied.

tbh I'm over highlighter obsessions. it's just overpriced, bigger pans of shimmery eyeshadows. also most people go overboard and look greasy or overly metallic

No. 46321

Don't get it personally, but for someone like Jeffree Star it makes sense. I don't like the blue highlighter he's releasing, though. At least with the rainbow you can see what they were going for, having blue cheeks is just odd.

No. 46322


everything about this product looks cheap and trashy imo.

No. 46323

I don't get it either, but I'm all about all matte everything personally. I think it works for Jeffree Star or people trying to achieve a more "alien" appearance for whatever aesthetic but looks pretty bad on the average person.

No. 46324

This was on msn like a week ago so I went on the etsy to see if I could buy it, unfortunately it was sold out at that time too.
Idk if they'll restock but I really like and would buy this.

No. 46325

I said nitpicking because the highlighter itself isn't ugly although it looks shit on them because one isnt supposed to wear makeup and the other is not even human

No. 46326

I think the highlighter looks very nice when it's applied sparingly.

Appearances aside, this is a very unique product. It's kind of cool that some random scrub came up with it and not some big cosmetics company like Revlon or L'Oréal. It won't be long before they're all plagiarising it though; I give it a month.

No. 46327

I feel like the rainbow would look cute as a subtle eyeshadow maybe? It just looks like a bruise on cheeks though.

No. 46328

So I haven't seen anyone talk about Burt's Bees stuff in this thread. Anyone else use their products?

I've been trying out their skincare recently and I have to say I'm impressed. I have really sensitive skin that's prone to irritation, it's also combination so it's oily with dry patches. I started using their sensitive daily cleanser and daily sensitive lotion and it's made such a huge difference. The cleanser doesn't lather up so it doesn't leave my face feeling all cracked and shit. The lotion feels kind of gross going on, but once it absorbs it doesn't leave a residue behind, which makes it great to put on before applying makeup.

I'm REALLY impressed with their BB cream. I'm a cool tone pale, so it's rare that you find a drug store product that's not orange. Their light shade is perfect. It's really soothing going on and smells amazing. Decent coverage for a BB cream.

I haven't tried their other products other than makeup wipes or lip balm, but I think I definitely will now.

No. 46329

They're restocking tomorrow, noon EST, on their new website, bitterlacebeauty.com.

Just a heads up for anyone interested in snagging it. I might get it. It'll be fun to experiment with, at least.

No. 46330


But also nervous, hope it isn't a bloodbath..

No. 46331

Yeah it looks pretty on the seller and jeffree, otherwise I could find other pictures of it worn? And those looked like a bruise

No. 46332

Women pay 1000 euros for a highlighter that was on fucking etsy? Aside from this highlighter it is still a nobody brand, kek! rich people. Just buy at least a brando bag!

Btw, I'm pretty sure this fat bitch is planning to restock it so lmao rich people lost.

No. 46333


Watch yourself on that edge Anon.

No. 46334

What? You should really not be here if you think my post is edgy.

No. 46335

File: 1461945338442.jpg (87.98 KB, 640x640, 13012882_816248648511109_37972…)

I thought this was kinda nice from their fb page.

No. 46336

So that release just happened and I didn't get shit even though I had the thing in my cart exactly at noon.
I'm monitoring their facebook and a lot of people are complaining.
I think the people who claimed they got it are liars, even if the product on the shop page wasn't sold out it's been saying it was sold out even at noon. I think the website glitched.

No. 46337

Now THIS looks really nice, claiming the highlighter is ugly by showing a hambeast is unfair!

No. 46338

Or someone botted.

No. 46339

Yeah, I had the same problem. Kinda disappointed.

Glam and grace on etsy has a dupe for it, I might pick that up instead.

No. 46340

Annd those are all gone too, shit.

No. 46341

Someone linked >https://www.etsy.com/listing/278119250/unicorn-kisses-pre-order
I like the press design, but something about it doesn't look near as pigmented…

No. 46342

That press design is really cute, but you're right, it looks a lot less pigmented. It's also sold out now, jesus.

Phee's makeup shop has one too…again, looks not so pigmented and kind of muddy.

No. 46343

I actually read somewhere where they said that the lighter the color is the better the rainbow highlighter looks because it gives you that pastel look or something. It was from a DIY rainbow highlighter tutorial or something lol

No. 46344

They put more up. I went ahead and bought because they said they're shipping them next week and who knows when bitterlacebeauty is going to make more. And I'm a sucker for press designs and unicorns, ok. It looks pretty pigmented on the fingers, and if what >>133972 said is true then cool.

No. 46345

i just want that lipstick

No. 46346

I bought some soft pink lipstick yesterday, tried it on today and it blended in with my skin tone so it looked like I got no mouth lol

So do you pick a lipstick color? Especially nudes? I saw some gorgeous colors today but didn't get any because of the scenario above

No. 46347

What do you you all think of Jeffree Star's cosmetics? I've heard they're okay but was wondering if farmers have tried any of their stuff. Is it worth the price or should Go elsewhere? I'm specifically interested in their black velour lipstick Weirdo.

Does anyone also have any recommendations for good grey lipsticks?

No. 46348

Phone is weird
*should I go elsewhere
Also, any recommendations for black lipsticks and gothic makeup in general?

No. 46349

I haven't tried Weirdo, just Unicorn Blood, Redrum and Celebrity Nude, all of which I absolutely love and swear by. I have no reason to buy any other lipsticks in those shades or matte because his are perfect, have amazing staying power, and aren't drying as fuck. So I would definitely recommend giving his a shot. People seem pleased with his black shades. I'd really like to snag Masochist next time it's in stock.

There was another one of his I did try that I hated - it was a coral color, don't remember the name and he doesn't sell it anymore apparently. It was super watery and looked like shit. Dunno if I got a bad batch or maybe it was ass for everyone and that's why he doesn't sell it. To my knowledge it's the only shade he's come out with and not brought back.

No. 46350

Colorpop's got some greys people were going apeshit over for awhile

No. 46351

I love Nyx's Stone Fox if you want a drugstore brand for a grey lip.

Kat Von D seems to be the go-to brand for gothic make up, however if you want something more drugstore Nyx and Elf both make black lipsticks you can order from their websites that are decent prices. A lot of other drugstore brands are doing deep purples now that are nearly black since it was such a trend this past fall/winter on the runways.

I do have Weirdo and I do think it's worth it, but Witches from KVD is likely a more accessible black liquid lipstick since you can go into any Sephora and theoretically pick it up.

Otherwise go super old school with lip balm and black eyeliner.

No. 46352


Late but thank you both! I don't think the correcting shades of the Urban Decay concealer are out in the UK yet unfortunately, but I'll definitely try the Essence one.

No. 46353

I like the highlighter since it fits with my personal weird style I wear for work, but I refuse to buy from Bitter Lace Beauty. She's immature and is turning into a Doe Deere level cunt.

No. 46354

It's so funny Nxy is a drugstore brand in the US. In my country in Europe it's sold as fancy shit for double the price. Same goes for benefit.

No. 46355

Benefit is drugstore tier? I always thought it was above that?

No. 46356

It's above that but it used to be extremely expensive in Europe. Like Dior, Chanel or something.

The They're real mascara costs 24 Dollar in the US, 31 Dollar in Europe though I think it was even more expensive a year ago. Seems like they adjusted the prices.

No. 46357

The coral color one is called 714 I think. I had the same problem, got it watery and the color looked like shit on me. Way different than the preview pictures.
I was really excited for it, I waited so I could preorder it as soon as it appeared on his site. What a shame.

No. 46358

It's likely because of import. What Nyx started out as was a company that made cheap dupes of Mac products (the single shadows have basically the same packaging.) The quality of their products have been getting better, but I wouldn't pay double the price for most of it, except for the fact that they do the weird trendy shit.

Benefit is high end and I don't see anything special with most of their products. They also have some of the most limited shade ranges I have ever seen, so I'd rather not support them.

No. 46359

I have the bahama mamma contour powder from the balm, and it looks too orangey on me. Does anybody know a good contour powder with neutral colors?

No. 46360

NYX Taupe is great if you are fair/medium toned skin

No. 46361

File: 1462659095626.jpg (118.12 KB, 1080x1080, 12106107_936309986440198_92323…)

So my skin only recently cleared up to the extent that it actually looks good without makeup on, all supple and dewy and shit.

I watched a video recently of a makeup artist applying a particular style, and one of the things she mentioned whilst applying it was that it wasn't necessary to apply foundation all over your face, just in a few key, targeted areas, like around your cheeks or under your eyes.

Call me fucking retarded, but it this common knowledge? Because I've been applying that shit like goddamn moisturiser since I was 17. I mean to be fair it was mostly because I was suffering with eczema and was trying to cover the damage, but since I began following what the MA said, my makeup really does look a hell of a lot better. No more "clogged, heavy" appearance, I look a hell of a lot more youthful too, which is exactly what I thought a full coverage was providing, but nope.

Picture unrelated, but I thought it was lovely makeup.

No. 46362

I did that for a long time, no makeup artist at sephora or mac ever said anything. I guess using all that foundation means buying it more, ect ect, so that might be why it's not talked about as much. I too found that using a bit of product in just the right place has made a huge difference for the better, in my makeup and skin. I suggest to everyone to try and find a foundation that's made to avoid clogging pores it helps a lot even if you do a full face of makeup.

No. 46363


Ah, so I'm not the only one that didn't know either then.
How did you end up discovering this information yourself?

No. 46364

Long story but basically my mom tanned, realized how bad it was, and has been to a specialist ever since to help reverse how old it made her. Actually seems to have worked but that could be because she never took care of her skin in her youth, she want from looking 65 to about 45-50 ish.

I go to the same specialist after all my breakouts (have had great skin all my life) and she saw my makeup bag and went pale. Mac and sephora everything - she went into great detail explaining why most makeup companies aren't great if you have even slightly delicate skin, most of their formulas don't really look at how the skin reacts to the product after 10 or so hours and how it sinks into the pores. Basically, makeup companies are great at makeup. Skincare is another game entirely, and now I stick to brands that have their foot firmly in skincare first, cosmetics second.

I mean, I'm 26 and I just learned this a year ago. I wish more girls 17 knew good skincare and avoided bad makeup, I'm convinced not giving a shit about your skin and slathering on makeup is where the 'white people age the worst' comes from.

No. 46365

What makeup would you recommend for skin care? I have combination skin. Oily forehead nose/dry cheeks and lips.

No. 46366


Shiet girl, can you recommend some skincare/makeup products/brands then? I pretty much exclusively use South Korean products now, Tonymoly, Missha, Etude House etc., as I find them to be very gentle on my skin, but idk maybe you know something about them I don't.

No. 46367


I've heard good things from korean brands because their look is so heavily focused on good skin, plastering on foundation would not be chic - you need good skin to pull off the effortless look most koreans love.

At the moment I'm still using Jane Iredale - PurePressed® Base Mineral Foundation. There's liquids and other formulas but powder works best for me. All their products for skin are certified non-comedogenic. Imho, I'm not convinced anything you put on your face can be truly non-comedogenic, but this is the closest I've come so far.

Easy to layer, very high SPF built in, can re-apply in specific areas throughout the day (I don't use concealer anymore which is mind boggling, I have deep set eyes and dark circles). It's expensive but worth it, I might not use as much as others, but it's lasted a long time.

It works well for combo skin too, so far it hasn't highlighted dry, patchy parts of my skin it just sits on it.

Anyone else have suggestions? I've only tried this one brand.

No. 46368

Lush got a highlighter that's apparently "skin friendly" and also looks pretty good. Their Emotional Brilliance Powder is also pretty great for oily skin.
Their foundation is shit though, has no SPF and gives almost no coverage at all

No. 46369

File: 1462726737763.jpg (47.44 KB, 960x720, MUALuxeSwatch.jpg)


It's a powder highlighter though right?
Something I've realised this year is how awful powders look on your face, all dry and cakey. They're terribly ageing.
I think if anybody is going to be using a highlighter they should definitely opt for a stick highlighter or liquid. I abandoned powder foundation and setting powder last year and my skin has legitimately never looked better.

This is not my picture but it's the same highlighter I use; MUA Undress Me.

No. 46370

everyone keeps saying this about powder but I really don't understand where it's coming from, are you just talking about powder foundations? I use a matte setting powder every day, because it helps to keep my makeup and place and leaving it 'dewy' just make people look greasy imo. I've never gotten a result that I would describe as 'cakey' unless I was using WAAAY too much of it, and even then you can just dust off the excess with a clean brush.

No. 46371

this isn't precisely uncommon knowledge, but a lot of social-media-MUAs go overboard on their makeup nowadays for selfies and video tutorials, so it's become less common than it should be. it looks really unnatural when you have a thick layer of foundation all over your face, because skin is never as uniform in color as those instagram selfies would have you believe. Usually when I do my makeup, I only use concealer or foundation on 'problem areas' like eyebags or zits, then I just blend it out until it fades seamlessly into the rest of my face.

No. 46372

File: 1462731270546.jpg (145.79 KB, 500x700, tumblr_meh2ajvsmP1qzy531o1_500…)


Because for most girls that use it they end up looking like this after a few hours on a hot day. It settles into your pores and creases terribly.

No. 46373

It can exaggerate any rough skin texture and small creases if you overdo it. Like you I'll use a light dusting of powder to set my makeup. I have oily skin and I use blotting paper for touch-ups, if I keep putting on powder I'll get cakey af.

No. 46374

Can confirm. I was one of those poor fools who powdered my face when I got shiny. Blotting papers are a godsend.

No. 46375

Different anon but I carry around blotting papers and my powder compact for touchups. Truth be told, I try to avoid full face foundation if I know it's gonna be hot and humid.

No. 46376

Err, any recommendations on what to use for contouring pale skin? I am honestly only interested in slight contouring of my nose but I don't want to put anything on that looks super obvious in person

No. 46377


You can pretty much use anything to be completely honest Anon, from eyeshadows to pencils to lipstick, it just has to be a in a colour that is ever so slightly darker than your skintone, and when I say "ever so" I really mean it. It has to be subtle.

I have a lip crayon that I actually use as a blush. It;s great.

No. 46378

File: 1462820716869.jpg (105.39 KB, 1620x1620, mureshungu_open.jpg)

I use a matte taupe eyeshadow, very sparingly. I find anything made specifically for contouring is always too orange-toned.

No. 46379

What do farmers use to remove their make up? I've been using rice water bright from the face shop because I have super oily skin and it removes make up like a mint but I'm scared it's a bit too strong.

No. 46380


Just standard makeup wipes with Cetaphil and some toner applied afterwards. I shower once everyday in the morning though.

No. 46381

Depending on how sensitive my skin feels, I use either a cleansing balm or a Korean pool cleanser (basically you massage the gel all over your face and it erases your makeup as it thickens and eventually disappears)

No. 46382

I use Holika Holika bb deep soda pore cleansing oil which is reaaaally good on my skin because it removes all of my makeup and also some of my blackheads! and I also use Effaclar Purifying Micellar Water from la roche posay. I dont really like wipes because I have seborrheic dermatitis on the sides of my nose and it stings a lot when I rub with wipes.

No. 46383

Etude House's Real Art oil cleanser. It's the tits.

No. 46384

File: 1462841855398.jpg (247.65 KB, 499x618, 1460917107753.jpg)

Someone posted about it on 4chan's /fit/ board. They were proving a point to all the super insecure beta cucks that girls get insecure too. I think it was the tall feels thread that got linked. So now there are abunch of dudes lurking and jerking.

No. 46385

The quality of the pressed pigments and mixing of products makes a powder 'sit on flakes and creases' or settle into your skin nicely. Almost ALL powder foundations NEED to be set with some kind of misting, which you then go over lightly with your fignertips to get the dew drops off of the hair on your skin.

I use a reusable makeup removing microfiber cloth. It gets rid of all my MUFE eyeliner and stuff without rubbing, and rinses well with hot water and soaps or detergent. It's great for sensitive skin because it has nothing in it, it's just the texture that lifts the makeup off. Afterwards I use a very gentle cleanser with my fingers in a circular motion and pat dry my face. My skincare routine comes an hour or two after that.

No. 46386

Ok so I have a question…I am a long time sufferer of dermatilliomania. It's been years of hell and destroying my skin. In extreme cases of anxiety, stress, or overall feelings of uneasiness I have the uncontrollable urge to pick. Sometimes I guess I even go at what are "imaginary" bumps. It has left with with quite a few scars on my face that make it so I won't even go out of the house. I have really sensitive skin, and I'm looking for a makeup (more like a bb cream?) that is good at covering the redness. Speaking of which, anything that helps with scarring or washes that soothe the face would be amazing. I'm currently on accutane and it's curbed the urge to pick a lot…but when it does happen, it's unsightly. Thanks in advance.

No. 46387

File: 1462873150776.jpg (1.25 MB, 5000x5000, b6e63482-8dcd-420f-b196-5daf9f…)


When disguising redness you need to find a coverage that negates the pigment of whatever it is you're trying to hide. So, you need to look at this colour wheel and select the redness that matches your skin the most, and whatever tone is on the opposite of this wheel is what will cover your redness, so for you it'll be a bluey/greeny bb cream.
Unless the redness is an all-over thing though, it might just be worthwhile to invest in a nice, light bb cream with SPF, and then use a colour corrector on the areas you want to tone down. If you have sensitive skin last thing you're going to want to be doing to it is slathering it in a heavy foundation.

Regarding scarring, I would super recommend looking into facial derma rolling, which you can do at home, and applying sweet almond oil after and every night (it HAS to be SWEET almond oil, the other stuff is toxic).
It's loaded with vitamin E and is also an emollient so it softens the skin. I've been using it twice a day every day for a few months now and all my skin problems have vanished with it (persistent seborrheic dermatitis that legit ruined part of my life).

Sorry to hear about your condition though Anon. I know it's not really the same, but I have keratosis pilaris on my upper and forearms, and even though I know it'll scar I keep picking at them and trying to squeeze out the build-up of keratin. I have only just started to treat my arms with sweet almond oil as a kinda "eurgh, let's see how it plays out" kinda thing, and amazingly it's fucking working, I'm elated.
I hope you find a permanent solution to your problem in the future.

No. 46388

File: 1463199469252.png (480 KB, 600x600, g0ToFFu.png)

This is my boyfriend's friend's girlfriend (lol) and I don't know her well enough to ask her about her makeup but I really like it. I know absolutely nothing about makeup, though - what's this makeup style called? What do you to make it look like that?

(I don't like her eyebrows, just everything else)

No. 46389

Her eye makeup is so satisfying to look at

No. 46390

Isn't this just a smokey eye, gradient brows, and winged eyeliner?

No. 46391

Probably, I don't know anything about makeup. I'm mostly just jealous of how even and sharp her eyeliner looks. Whenever I put on eyeliner, it ends up a uneven mess and I can never get it directly on my upper lash line.

No. 46392

She's probably spent hours over years perfecting that eyeliner, don't be hard on yourself anon! It's just a matter of practice.

No. 46393

I find that using a cake eyeliner and an angled brush works very well for it, for me at least. Can use water or some kind of mixing medium to activate it. Go slow and just practice. Some days I can do my eyeliner right away, some days it takes three tries and it still sucks.

No. 46394

You should give liner pens a go. They're pretty easy to use. Don't be scared to use tape or a credit card to ensure your line is straight.

No. 46395

File: 1463411856535.jpg (25.54 KB, 296x300, pixy.jpg)

Any good light BB/CC creams for this summer ?
I wanted to try the "Baby Pink BB Mineral Cream" (pic related)since I've heard pretty good reviews.

No. 46396


What kind of eyeliner do you use Anon?
I struggled for years with pencils, and then I found salvation in pen. So neat.

No. 46397


I like TonyMoly Petite Cotton. It's the only thing I use.

No. 46398

Any products or whatever I could use to grow my lower lashes? For some reason I have almost none there, especially on my left eye

I saw a few clear "maskaras" that are supposed to help them grow by Catrice cosmetics (or loreal idk) but Im not sure if its worth the money. Also found one that has protein in it?lol

No. 46399

File: 1463431519775.jpg (257.66 KB, 1280x1280, efekty.jpg)

Try serums such as Long4Lashes (i buy mine off ebay) not sure if its available on the us version of ebay though

its cheap and gives amazing results. I used to use Rapidlash too and it gives the same results but its £30 more expensive

dont use those magic mascaras. theyre just primers (tried many over the course of 3 years)

No. 46400


Latisse. It's expensive but it really works, but you need to keep using it.

No. 46401

It's only worth it if your eyes are brown.

No. 46402

Kind of OT but ugh this reminded me of Guy Tang who looks freakish now that he's done the Latisse thing.

No. 46403

why? I have blue eyes and it works just fine. though I use revitalash but I guess it's all the same.

No. 46404


Ooooh yeah, I forgot that detail.

No. 46405


Be careful, Latisse if known to change light eyes brown, and it's permanent. I am not shitting you.

No. 46406

File: 1463434325617.jpg (91.15 KB, 620x620, Sarah-McDaniel-(Krotchy)--Hot-…)

So if you use it on one eye only, you could go heterochromia?

No. 46407

File: 1463435024656.jpg (1.65 MB, 2560x1921, 04_onc-sarah-2_0497.jpg)


Potentially yes, but please don't start posting this bitch again, she wears a contact in one eye and blocks any body that points it out. Heterochromia doesn't work like this.

No. 46408

That's not central heterochromia, that's someone with a turquoise-blue contact in their left eye.

No. 46409

There are still people who believe this is real and who are spreading her pictures around smh

No. 46410

I use castor oil. I rub a small amount on my upper and lower lashes before bed.

No. 46411


Made a thread >>>/snow/131195

No. 46412

Yesterday I bought the Mary lou manizer and its such a good highlighter. I recommend it!

No. 46413

File: 1463441302287.jpg (261.01 KB, 2597x1771, makeup sponge wedges.jpg)

I'm a makeup pleb. How should I use pic related to apply liquid foundation? I have blemishes and too much pressure/force with the sponge just takes all the concealer off.

No. 46414

Remember that sponges are for evening out coverage, not "applying" your makeup - hope that makes sense. If you use a sponge, you'll take some of the makeup off with it.

Personally I dab foundation all over my face with my fingers, then use a sponge to buff/even/smooth it out. Then I pat concealer on with my fingers where I need it, but more skilled people use a concealer brush for that.

No. 46415


These are actually not really recommended due to the fact that the sponges absorb a massive amount of foundation so you end up paying a lot more, and they harbour bacteria like no tomorrow so you'd have throw one out after each use. I've heard stories of women going to use beauty blenders after multiple uses and having an insect crawl out.

I've used brushes, sponges, and to date I still prefer my hands. If you're not the kind of person that wants a super heavy coverage then hands are fine, you just have to be wary of tugging on the skin and try more to smooth the foundation over and pat it into a finish. Brushes and sponges are more for people who apply their makeup so heavily they look plastic in photos, but look like the surface of the moon up-close IRL. If you're the kind of person that wants a heavy finish because of bad skin, then you need to address your skin first and foremost.

No. 46416

Are you stupid? Bacteria=/=insects, and BBs are washable. They're made of a different material from sponges like >>134042

No. 46417


Kek, you tell me.
I never once made a connection between bacteria and insects, they were two entirely separate clauses, the latter serving to emphasis a potential scenario in the event of not maintaining your beauty blender, which whether you want to accept or not, is a fucking sponge.

Bak 2 skool fagit.

No. 46418

File: 1463455091720.jpg (96.34 KB, 620x439, 1245737700.jpg)


And here you dumb bitch.

No. 46419

Spread the foundation on with your fingers first. Use the sponge and dab, don't wipe, all over your face so the foundation is even. Then dab, again don't wipe, conceler over the blemish with your finger. It sounds like you might have oily skin, so get a foundation and conceler for oily skin, those are usually more dry and will "stick" to your skin better.

Id rather use these throw away wedge sponges. For the cost of one beauty blender I can have 20 packs of the disposable sponges and I'm guaranteed a clean sponge everytime.

No. 46420


True, but it's so wasteful Anon.

No. 46421

lol so srs.

I boil my beauty blender two/three times a week to disinfect it. Not cleaning makeup sponges - though I think OP's sponges are disposable anyway - is like using the same washcloth without washing it ever.

No. 46422


I use wedges I buy from target and toss them after one use. It's like $1.60 for a pack of 33 wedges, so I think it's a good deal.

No. 46423


Does it not bother you how selfishly wasteful that is? That's the kind of thing that would bother me.

No. 46424

It's anon's money, not yours. Unless you're talking about physical waste, in which case I hope you also get on people about their tissue, toilet paper, paper towel, q-tip, and sanitary pad use

No. 46425


I meant physical waste, but virtually all the stuff you just listed is biodegradable. Legit question though but, considering how much waste a single person produces in one day, are you not fearful of the total waste that 7.1 billion people are creating daily? Stuff that could easily be substituted, for example a 33 pack of makeup sponges to last little over a month vs. your hands that will last you the rest of your life?

I'm not trying to lecture or anything, but I want to understand how people aren't bothered by this kind of stuff.

No. 46426

Are the cheap wedge ones and/or knockoff beauty blenders the same as the official brand name beauty blender? I think I was watching a youtube video and the person said that the brand name one isn't the same as the others and that you can really tell a difference and that it blends better. But does it really make that much of a difference? Is it worth the price?

No. 46427



I'd check the material that the beauty blender is made of, then compare it to similarly shaped knock offs. I use a marshmallow puff from Too Cool For School which was 1/2 the price of the BB and it works fine, but the material is similar (haven't checked if it's exactly the same) and shape is close enough too. I'd say the shape is better actually.

I def think that the wedges won't be the same due to the more porous material and different, edged shape.

No. 46428


No what tho.

No. 46429

anon go ecofag somewhere else. makeup is a wasteful hobby in the first place

No. 46430


Kek somebody seems a little overly defensive. I wasn't asking WHY you did it, I was asking HOW it doesn't bother you, and it clearly does. We're all wasteful shits here Anon.

No. 46431

You really think anyone except you cares being wasteful here? Back to makeup.

No. 46432

File: 1463586730514.jpg (328.66 KB, 760x625, toofaced_bonbons002.jpg)

Have any of you bought a knockoff from ebay? Im thinking about buying a too faced knockoff because i want to see the quality and my country doesnt have too faced so, yeah. Why the fuck not? Im ready to take one for the team.

No. 46433


The fact you're getting so upset demonstrates that something is bothering you :^)


Ye, I own two Urban Decay Naked and Naked 3 knockoff paletes. My sister owns the real deal and when we compared them they were identical in formula.
What a lot of these foreign manufacturing plants do is when they're contracted to produce the product for say, Urban Decay, employees can and do smuggle out ingredient lists, samples, casings and they'll sell them on to a another manufacturer that deal in knockoffs. Sometimes they're even made in the same manufactory.

No. 46434


please do not buy counterfeit cosmetic products. If you want similar quality/colors you can find dupes from other companies (that actually have safe and tested ingredients). Why anyone would put something that could give you horrible reactions or even lose your sight near your eyes or skin is beyond me. please do not do this.

No. 46435

How do you guys perceive eye makeup vs no eye makeup?

I do base makeup (sunscreen, bb cream, setting powder) + brows + blush every day but that's it. I'm wondering if minimal eye makeup will make any tangible difference. I like Jen's no-makeup makeup tutorial but since I'm lazy I want to make sure the time investment is worth it.

No. 46436

IMO eye makeup is the most important part of makeup for the majority of women. It can change the way your whole face is perceived. However that is less so for anyone who has large eyes with long dark eyelashes to begin with

No. 46437

My eyes are on the bigger side, so idk. I have stick-straight lashes though.

No. 46438


I agree with this 100%. Eye makeup makes the most difference in my face. even just eyeliner and mascara, I look so different

No. 46439


I agree that eye makeup makes the biggest difference to an appearance, but I think in terms of what's most important in makeup application is getting the appearance of smooth, bright even skin.

I normally never wear eye makeup at all after discovering a foundation + highlight + blush routine, with a little bit of eyebrow shaping on the side. It takes me from tired-looking, mid-20's wench to glowing, hydrated qt in 5 minutes. I think eye makeup is a little too heavy for most of the Summer, I would usually only do it in the colder months.

No. 46440

Yeah, I know that, I'm just curious about how the fake product will work. Thank you!

No. 46441

How young is too young when it comes to wearing makeup?

I was at Sephora today and overheard a group of girls who couldn't be older than 12-13 talking about which Urban Decay lipsticks they were obsessed with. Maybe I'm an old fart, but isn't that a little young? I don't have a problem with girls being 'into' makeup from an artistic perspective but idk about the consumerist thing. Something about preteens buying Nars Orgasm Blush just rubs me the wrong way.

No. 46442


It's young for our era, but of course you have to recognise that we didn't have the same levels of access to the internet and subsequently the exposure to such things when we were their age. Social media and beauty blogging wasn't really a 'thing' then so I'm guessing most of us spent our time chilling on sites like Neopets or Gaia. If we had the same access then we'd probably be the same.

No. 46443

Doesn't it make it a good thing, though.

fwiw, I wasted way too much time on Internet games when I was a kid. I should have been playing a sport or learning an instrument or at the very least teaching myself HTML so I could make my Neopet's pages completely bitchin.

No. 46444


I never said it made it a good thing, only a thing, and to be fair you're also wasting a lot of your time in your adult years browsing this forum too.

No. 46445

In addition to what was said about internet access, the only "bad" side effect is that their self-esteem with no make-up might be a bit much, but I feel like everyone goes through that regardless of what age they start getting into make-up.

That and, these kids are going to cake on foundation and wonder why they have so much acne.

No. 46446

Yeah, and when they're in their 30s, they'll look more like they're in their 50s. Make up can cause premature aging of the skin.

No. 46447

Not the anon you're replying to, but I think it's too much makeup + not bothering to learn2skincare. Heavy MAC foundation is hard on your skin in the first place but can you imagine how much worse it gets when you don't remove it properly?

No. 46448

Yeah I lived that experience. Not good for my skin and it's taken 2 years of skincare with a professional to get my skin to some kind of normal, even nice. It's getting better but yeah, it takes a toll on your face.

No. 46449

Exactly. This is the main reason I don't think younger kids should even wear full make up. Lipstick, powder, eyeshadow is fine I suppose, but the layers those beauty gurus slather on should absolutely NOT be used by anyone under like 17. Like, how many 11 year olds are actually going to follow a skincare routine? I could barely force myself to brush my teeth every day at that age.

No. 46450

From 11-17 you don't really need foundation. I doubt they'd realize they don't need those layers like the gurus on youtube. The youtubers are usually older + go heavy so the camera picks it up. It's like the Instagram-makeup look, and how it is entirely drag queen makeup techniques - a lot of women didn't realize it and it looks really weird on them. They didn't realize some of the heavy contouring was done to disguise masculine aspects of the face which they didn't have and didn't need to 'fix'.

No. 46451

Should be a disclaimer saying something to that effect on every tutorial.

No. 46452

lol yeah, I blame the Instahoes.

No. 46453

I got a £4-ish Naked Basics palette from eBay and it was really shit. I bought the real thing not long after and the pigmentation definitely didn't compare. I suppose it just depends on if you get lucky, or maybe even if you have a very good shadow primer that works with it.

No. 46454

I'm rather pale, with freckles; my foundation options are limited because of this. I never learned makeup (my mom never used it). I do a not-very-good-job with stick concealer, liquid foundation (applies with a disposable slightly dampened wedge sponge), and a foundation setting powder. I use a primer underneath and a setting spray over everything. I have acne-prone skin. What can I change to improve my result?

No. 46455

Thank you. The youtube tutorials I saw all had them applying with the sponge, which I think actually turned out worse than when I used my fingertips.


That is a good point; I use the wedge sponges that come in packs of 100 and use a new one each time. Even without the insect thing, bacteria that causes acne is a concern.


Thank you so much for giving detailed directions. I have combination skin.

No. 46456

I've been looking for a decent 'no makeup makeup' tutorial on fair skin and light hair for a while now. Tried this one by Mary Greenwell that's hosted on Lisa Eldridge's channel this morning and it's pretty bloody good. Only thing I changed was adding some highlighting to the cheek and inner corner of the eyes.

No. 46457

Whats the point of filtering makeup videos?! This is why 95% of the time makeup looks bad irl, its like girls rely on their camera for their looks

No. 46458


Anon that's not a filter, it's lighting conditions.

No. 46459

I dont care what it is, it's not realistic that is what my point is.

Although thank you for letting me know! :3

No. 46460


Yeah, I get what you mean. Like when girls do a full coverage acne routine and they have the lights all the way up so they look good, and irl it looks like you could scrape their faces off with a fingernail.

No. 46461

I'm not sure exactly what you need help with, but try applying foundation with your fingers, and maybe just use a damp sponge to even it out a little. Use a mint green concealer to correct red spots. Make sure you have clean hands and throw away sponges after each use. If you're pale, make sure to use a light blush so you don't look washed out.

No. 46462

File: 1464811852990.jpg (111.99 KB, 700x467, essence-eyebrow-gel-brown-revi…)

Someone explain to me how to use eyebrow gel?
I bought the one in pic related and have the same brush. I've watched about 10 videos on how to do use/apply it but it's not exactly working? Like, none of it stays on the brush and it's just damn hard to apply - dab it in too hard, too much product, do it gently and nothing stays on.
Do I need to warm the stuff up or something lol

No. 46463

You blend it out with a spooly.

No. 46464

Im pretty new into doing makeup and have a few questions..

Whats a good brush set for around $50?

What would be a good lipstick color for very pale skin? Which colors (lipstick or eyeshadow) should I stay away from that would make me look washed out?

And I saw a youtube video of a makeup tutorial and the lady was applying numerous face primers, is it normal to do that?

Thank you ladies!!

No. 46465


I've used pencils, liquid and dry, gel and powder and to date powder with an angled brush is the best option for eyebrow shaping.

No. 46466

This is beautiful, but what about for those who are pale but don't have the porcelain thing going on? (Also, the amount of skin-tugging in that video makes me cringe.)

No. 46467

Is it possible to contour without ending up looking a completely different skin colour? I googled "contouring before and after" and the first few hits all looked significantly darker and sort of orange in the after?

No. 46468


You have to be so, so, so, so subtle with your tones. A lot of people think you can just slap on a brown that's two, three shades darker than your skin and make it blend, but it has to realistic be more like, half a shade darker than your natural pigment.

No. 46469

Depending on what you need, Real Techniques make some nice brushes at a reasonable price. If you're in the US, you can try the Sonia Kashuk brush sets as well.

If you have pale skin, try looking for nudes with peachy or pinky undertones, depending on your skin temp. Don't ignore using blush either as the right shade can keep away the washed out look too (again, pinky and peachy tones.)

Different face primers can do different things, so it depends on what you need for your skin type. Some with oily need mattifying, those with dry use dewy ones sometimes and then there are primers that help even tone. Not every primer does everything for everyone and if you know, cocktailing make up isn't hard.


They are probably doing the all over contour and highlight which you don't need to unless you want to. If you find a color that is just dark enough that's cool toned then just use that.

No. 46470

Hey farmers. I just started learning how to do makeup (23, I know, I'm a failure as a girl) but I keep running into the same problems and I was hoping someone here has some advice:

-I have terrible acne scarring from cystic acne from the ages of 14-22. The cysts are gone now thanks to accutane but the hyper pigmentation and pitted scars make me feel like an ogre, and every foundation I try sinks into them and ends up looking like shit after 2-3 hours. Setting powders and sprays don't have any effect on it.

-I don't get the cystic acne anymore, but I do get painful little white pimples sometimes, so far I've only had breakouts after trying new foundations. Missha perfect cover bb cream doesn't break me out but the coverage is shit for my skin because I also have a lot of problems with redness and dark circles

-the triangular area under my eyes on the sides of my nose, where MUAs make those big concealer triangles, has a weird texture. It's almost like plastic, and it wasn't ever like that before accutane but I guess I can't do anything about that. The problem is nothing will stay on that area no matter what primer or spray I use, I even tried a thicker concealer with an almost clay-like consistency and it nope'd the fuck right off in less than an hour. I don't know what the hell is up with that area or what to even begin doing about it.

-My face tends to sweat first when I get hot, I bought blotter papers to help me stop wiping my face with tissues hoping my makeup would last longer but I end up burning through them so fast. Is there a good way to sweat-proof your makeup other than a setting spray? Even urban decay's all nighter setting sprays don't work for me.

Halp, fam. You're the closest thing to a sister/mom I have to help me with this stuff.

No. 46471

Whoops, forgot to finish my second point. I was wondering if anyone knows of any foundations for good coverage of scarring/redness that are super gentle on the skin and non-comedogenic.

No. 46472

My eyebrows are very low-set to my eyes, would it be possible to make them look higher if I slightly plucked out the bottom hairs and let the upper area grow out?

No. 46473

Estee Lauder double wear

No. 46474

It cosmetics celebration foundation was made for people with skin like yours. Covers up redness and uneven skin without concealer. The person who created it was a news anchor with horrible rosecea so it's specifically for those kinds of issues. I have some scarring and uneven skin tone and I love the stuff, and I've seen it work wonders on even the most acne ridden.

No. 46475

Have you tried using any kind of primer? Primers can help 'fill' in gaps caused by enlarged pores and acne scars as well as helping the foundations to just blend over the skin smoother.

What other foundations have you tried? You could also try the CC cream from Purminerals, it has decent coverage and is a good alternative to Bareminerals if you aren't a fan of that brand. Otherwise I love Born This Way from Too Faced, but I don't know how good it is with sensitive skin.

No. 46476

How can I make my eyebrows fuller and which form should I shape them to give me a "stronger" look? My current eyebrows give me a "sweet" look and I don't like it. I know it's a weird thing to ask

No. 46477

Since you guys aren't just googling I'm going to assume you both want guidance specifically tailored to your face. Post photos please.
You can blur out what you need to, but you need to help us out here

No. 46478

I'm >>134105 and no I was just asking, since I've seen there are some expert anons itt, what type of brows can make you look less "soft" in general

No. 46479

Hey anon, we just mentioned this in another thread, but Mizon Snail Gel has been a godsend for many with irritated, red skin. It helps with inflammation and dries on the skin without adding the oiliness.

No. 46480

File: 1465959059915.jpg (13.85 KB, 236x269, 9ddd688c0771ae952657db4f82d0e8…)

Probably any brows with like a more pronounced arch than whatever you have, and brows that slant downward a bit (idk how to explain it well sorry but not like flat or upwards). I would also suggest thinning out your eyebrows maybe? But I can't be sure because idk i have no idea what ur eyebrows look like rn. Picture attached is what im trying to describe.

No. 46481

the shape that you need is so heavily dependent on the rest of your face, you're really just going to have to experiment.

my money would be on thick and pretty straight, with a small arch at the end. that's pretty flattering on most people. using a cheap pencil is the fastest way to experiment with shapes imo.

the most realistic way to make brows look thicker is to use wax with brow powder on top (or eye shadow, same thing).
I use a mac automatic pencil wax; lorac makes a good pan wax that's already colored. even e.l.f. has a good wax, it doesn't need to be anything special. the most important thing is the powder MUST be somewhat ash colored. you're not just matching the color to your brow hairs, it's also replicating the look of shadows.

to make it look even thicker but still natural, use a fiber brow mascara on top. there's a lot of asian brands that make fiber brow mascaras, benefit makes a nice one too.

one last option is using eyebrow dye, which will stain the skin as well as the hairs. it can make a huge difference if your hair is light, probably not worth it if your brows are naturally dark brown / black.

No. 46482

Thank you :)

No. 46483

File: 1466121971615.jpg (72.74 KB, 633x950, tumblr_nuiabqhkEO1r79qbvo1_128…)

What are some good makeup shades for people with mousey/dark blonde hair?

I'm such a big fan of heavy, smokey lids with full eyeliner, but I've come to the realisation that it compliments brunettes and black-haired people more. I used to dye my hair for years so I'm only now getting used to my natural shade and I'm still trying to figure out what works best for me. So far I've found:

>sharp black winged eyeliner

>deep red lipsticks
>highlighting from brow to cheebone (no contour)
>smokey brown eyemakeup w/ smudged brown eyeliner
>French style nudes w/ peachy/coral eyeshadows
>peachy/nude lipsticks
>coral blush

My hair and skintone is the same as pic related so if anybody has the same tones or some suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

No. 46484

Depends on your undertone and overtone. http://www.truth-is-beauty.com/ has a neat quiz you can do to determine yours.

No. 46485

I'm kind of obsessed with color draping.

No. 46486


I can't see any quiz sorry.

No. 46487

Brown and taupe are pretty universally flattering. What color are your eyes? Complimentary colors work there, I don't think it's so specific to hair so much as facial features. If you have kind of paler, "lighter" features (eyebrows are important here) I wouldn't go to heavy and I'd stick to browns and more neutral colors.

Taupe bordering on silver might be a nice new color to try.

No. 46488

It won't show up on mobile.

No. 46489


I accessed it with my computer.

No. 46490

It's under color analysis > what season are you > color analysis quiz

No. 46491


I'ms so confused. Why didn't you just link the page to the quiz in the first place?

No. 46492

Because I was on mobile where the drop down menu's fucked and it's not my fault you're too lazy to look for it.

No. 46493

What light foundation/bb-cream would you recommend that neither dries the skin out nor makes it break out? I only want it to even out my skin and hide big pores. I don’t have acne or scars I need to cover up. And I want it to last.

When I wear foundation my skin usually gets worse.

No spf needed I use sunscreen.

Oh… it has to be available in Europe (Maybeline, L’oreal, Manhattan, Benefit, Smashbox, Dior, Lancome…).

I’m currently using a hello Oxygen by benefit trial. It’s ok but it even with fixing spray it wears off quickly. 

No. 46494

File: 1466320130920.png (1016.35 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_2016-06-19-09-00-52…)

This is probably a very stupid question, but does anyone know how to fill your eyebrows in like that? I bought a make up pencil but it makes my eyebrows look just way too overdrawn and kinda … creamy?
Don't know how to describe it sorry

No. 46495

Your eyebrows might already be on the thicker side, so you'd probably do better with a powder eyebrow kit instead of a pencil, or getting a very fine eyebrow pencil to lightly shade in.

No. 46496

Yeah, a powder or pomade would probably be better. There's plenty of great tutorials on YT, but don't worry if it's not perfect - it took me a long time to be able to do it right.

But really, you're wanting to avoid "boxing" your eyebrows in and doing it really light hand-dley (esp on the inner corner) and try to draw little hairs to make it look more natural.

No. 46497

>tfw every lipstick you've tried irritates your lips

No. 46498

Putting on a lasting lip balm (like badger balm, burt's bees, chapstick) or some kind of primer before applying your lipstick can help. A tinted lip balm might even work better for you.

No. 46499

I have thick eyebrow hairs and it's stupidly easy to go over a spot that doesn't need it, and end up with massive eyebrows.

I've found trimming the length helps a lot to make it even. Plucking out strays is a must, accidentally going over a lighter colored hair on the eyebrow is a bitch. I end up with random blond patches too, so use discretion when plucking them - if it's actually in the main part of your brow it's fine to just cover it. Hope that helps anon, let us know how it goes. Clean your tools, hands, eyebrows ect to help prevent infection and ingrown hairs too.


I found some info that might be of use to you, not sure how relevant it is. http://www.dermnetnz.org/reactions/lipstick-reaction.html

It seems there's a lot that can cause a reaction in the mouth area, and it's not always because of one ingredient or such. However the website I linked to has an common allergy/irritants list, that might be a good place to start.

No. 46500

Lip balms and other highly nourishing lip treatments never cause problems for me on their own, but they don't seem to help much when I layer them underneath a lipstick.


Thanks for this, anon. After reading it, I realized that the issue is more with the area where my lips meet my face than my lips themselves. My vermilion border tends to be flaky and dry in the first place, blah, and lipsticks and lip glosses make it worse.

No. 46501

I'm not sure what can be done about it, but it sounds like it's a spectrum of the very broad term 'Cheilitis'? It can include chapped lips and such. If you've had that problem ongoing, regardless of season changes or skincare changes, you could see a doctor and ask them about it? Maybe also get allergy testing if you haven't, it's good to know if you're allergic to something common. I'm terribly allergic to aloe in all forms, and it makes buying skincare a bitch.

No. 46502

my lips get fucked up all the time too, i can never wear lipstick. i wear chapstick, but after a bit the skin on my lips gets gummy and pasty, so i have to bite or scrap it off so my lips don't look gross. and then that makes my lips feel drier, so i have to put more chapstick on. its not so bad if i dont talk, but i work at a bank so i have to constantly move my lips by smiling and talking all day. i wish i could wear lipstick but i can only imagine how disgusting it would look after a half hour.

No. 46503

I was the same way for a while. Someone gave me some lip scrub they didn't use as a gift and now I have nice soft lips. it's the jeffree star scrub but it feels like any other generic lip scrub honestly. just scrub the dead shit off, put something hydrating on like a balm then use liquid lipstick. Works for me anyway, depends on how fucked your lip skin is I suppose.

No. 46504

Has anyone tried the Etude House juice box palette?

No. 46505

Have you tried elizabeth arden 8 hour cream on your lips? works wonders on my lips aswell on my friends who got thrush (i think its called in english? Its yeast infection) on her lips. After her treatment her lips kept on flaking all the time but stopped after using the 8 hour cream and her lips are back to normal now

No. 46506

holy crap anon i love you.
missha is getting hard to get in canada and this stuff is SO CHEAP. i just ordered some for 6 CAD including shipping. hopefully its not too olive as my skin is a bit pink, but im fairly neutral and my skin is forgiving as long as it's light enough

No. 46507

File: 1466885856686.jpeg (166.33 KB, 1140x1600, image.jpeg)

Ok so I took some of the advice posted ITT and went on a little budget makeup shopping spree and here's what I got:

>Wet N Wild Dual Ended Contour Stick

I tried 3 other contour palettes before buying this and I prefer this over all of them. And the price is unbeatable at less than $4 after tax. AND the contour side isn't too dark for me which was my main problem with contour palettes (all the lightest ones were always sold out fml). It's also super creamy and I use it on top of my eyelid and under eye primer to brighten up my eyes/help hide my dark circles really well.

>E.L.F. Eye Primer & Liner Sealer

Also amazing, this is the only eyelid primer I've found so far other than Urban Decay that doesn't crease. It also makes a good under eye concealer and is about the same price as the contour stick. I haven't tried the liner sealer yet though so idk about that.

>Covergirl Aquasmooth Fondation

Godly coverage for the price. I loved it but even their lightest shade was still too dark for a ghost like me, so I guess I'll keep on re look out for something else since I'm not sure how to go about mixing white with a compact foundation and I'd really rather avoid the mess as well. But if you are looking for coverage and aren't too ghastly pale I definitely recommend giving it a try.

Also I bought one of each of E.L.F.'s brushes except the small tapered and angled contour brushes and I love them all. $3-6 per brush and nice and soft. I also have their kabuki brush and high definition powder and love it as a setting powder (idk if you're supposed to use HD powder to set buy lolwell) and they were also pretty cheap. I also tried their makeup setting spray which was decent but takes forever to dry and comes out more like a spray bottle than a mist which I didn't like.

I guess I don't have a real point to this post except it feels good to come back to the thread that inspired me to really try learning makeup for real, instead of just whining about being too pale or having too many acne scars or not knowing what I need and blah blah blah excuses. I've been playing with the makeup and brushes and watching YT videos of how other girls do their subtle daily makeup/contouring and how they use their brushes and such maybe 2 times a week, 3 if I have time over the last 3 months or so. Sadly I don't have any progress pics since I still have self esteem issues but just having a basic makeup routine with mascara and light contouring and actually trying has gotten me so many compliments at work and school and it's helping to pull me out of my awkward, depressed shell. I'm actually going to hang out with a few girls from work next weekend and we're gonna have a little spa day/makeup party and I'm so excited and nervous because I never had girly friends or a sister to do this kind of stuff with so I'm squealing like a bitch with glee. And idk I just feel like none of it would have happened if I had just ignored this thread.

No. 46508

I've tried both, and the original works much better than the knock-offs. It's different material for sure. It does suck that they're more expensive, but the application is great.

No. 46509

File: 1467441546116.jpg (211.77 KB, 1170x1170, web_chocolatebar_open_updated.…)

Sorry for being a noob here. Yesterday was my birthday and I'm planning to treat myself with a Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette since I mostly wear neutral colors.

I want to try to see if I can buy this palette for cheaper than the retail, of course if I can't find one then I'll have to end up saving a bit more to buy it in stores. I'm aware that ebay has counterfeits of this palette and I plan to avoid them as much as possible. How can you guys tell whether a Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette is authentic? By checking the batch code? serial code? etc?

Also, did Too face change the packaging of the Chocolate Bar?

No. 46510

To be honest anon the best way to go is to just get it from an authentic source. People on Ebay steal pics all the time and those ones are usually the ones going for cheap prices while the authentic ones run for normal retail price.

Also, yes they did. The earlier packaging didn't include the names of the shadows on the packaging, but on a piece of plastic that went over it. Plus the tin is thinner now I think

No. 46511

File: 1467445348980.jpg (98.37 KB, 1000x1000, 1426_real-techniques_miracle-c…)

I use makeup sponges and I've never had this problem. I have the real techniques sponge ($6 and way better than the BB which runs for $20) and I use it about 3 or 4 times maybe then I wash it out.

I do so by getting it full of water and then pouring just plain dawn dish soap all over it, then I squeeze and scrub the soap all in the sponge and repeat the process until the water runs clear. However after about 6 months give or take I get a new one, better to be safe than sorry because I am paranoid, lol.

No. 46512

File: 1467446147269.jpg (242.89 KB, 1600x1167, 2-all.jpg)

Has anyone tried the Covergirl naked dupe palettes? I've been wanting the Naked 3 palette for a while but $50 is just out of my budget right now.

No. 46513

The makeup revolution icon ones are much better quality in my opinion, and closer dupes!

No. 46514


HSN always has chocolate bar for like 30 bucks or always a sale. only show at reputable places.
all cheap chocolate bars on ebay or even amazon tend to be fake.

No. 46515


Not to be too much of a privileged bitch (if I come off that way, I really don't mean to) because I have no idea what your situation is.

But I would strongly advice to save up for that one palette you really want. Yeah it's expensive, but a high-quality makeup palette (especially a large one like TF Chocolate Bar/UD Naked) will last you for years, many many years if you take good care of your brushes and disinfect your stuff from time to time. A smaller palette of lower quality could work out alright, but it's still a wildcard. If you're unsatisifed with it you'll have to keep looking, whereas you could've gotten the one you really wanted from the start. A good eyeshadow palette could be considered an investment, because once you have something that covers a large part of what you need for doing tons of different makeup looks you really don't have to worry about much else regarding that particular product category anymore.

Sorry for long post I love makeup and I'm not a native English-speaker and I'm tired.. I also now want to get the Naked 3 and Chocolate Bon Bons palettes 100x even more thanks fam

No. 46516

This, I used to be a poorfag (as in, I had to patch up my underwear because I couldn't afford a new pair) and my mam always told me 'buy nice or buy twice'. And it really holds true, Í still own my timberlands from secondary school and wear them every winter. I only had to change the zippers last year.

No. 46517


If you're planning on shelling out money for the naked 3 i recommend looking into the lorac unzipped. I bought the naked 3 and the pigmentation was super shitty and chalky on most of the rosy colors so I returned it. I know some people really love it, but the quality of the eyeshadows doesn't even come close to the unzipped palette (and lorac is cheaper).

No. 46518

They don't sell Lorac in my country, sadly. Thanks for the rec tho anon! I personally don't mind if the eyeshadows aren't super-pigmented as long as I can build them up to the color I want, so I think I'll give it a shot still (since I don't really have any other alternative anyway) because I find the colors gorgeous. If I don't like them I'll hopefully be able to return it and find something else.

Are there any really pale warm-toned anons here? What concealer do you use/recommend? I feel like all the palest shades are always cool-toned because hurr only cool-toned people are super pale!! I use NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly for my under-eyes, and I'm thinking about getting the Immaculate Complexion one in the same shade for spots/scarring etc. I've come to dislike foundation because Korean BB creams are way better, but they don't always offer a lot of coverage and my skin is super blotchy. Do any anons know any super pale neutral concealers that could work as less expensive alternatives to the NARS ones? NARS is really expensive here.

(Sorry for personal blogpost btw)

No. 46519

File: 1467590774128.jpg (369.69 KB, 1024x682, jeffree swatches_zpsry0cmdzq.j…)

Despite all the controversy, has anyone here bought Mannequin by JS? I really REALLY like the color and I want to try it out, but I don't wanna waste $18 on something that's shit. Same thing with Rose Matter.

No. 46520

I have doll parts and it's great so I'm hoping rose matter is the same formula, I want some myself.

No. 46521

Auughhh I need help. My makeup is always really cakey on my nose/around it. No where else though! I hate it and suspect is the cold climate I live in because when I'm in a warm area, my skin is fine and glows nicely.

Is there anything I can do to stop it? Also, any general tips for foundation? I have a date this week and I want my skin to look flawless. :T

No. 46522

Are you using a primer?

No. 46523

Yes, I have a primer from Etude House. Just a little bit. Not too much to make my skin greasy.

No. 46524

It would be easier to help if you told your skin routine+ what makeup you use.

No. 46525

Oh! Okay! Thank you. I hope this isn't too long.

Day: (Before I go to the gym)
-L'Oreal 50spf Anti-Age Day Cream
-Etude House BB Cream (because I'm a little vain and don't want to be completely bare faced at the gym. Too many cute dudes.)

After Gym:
-Foaming Cleanser
-Etude House primer spf 30
-MAC studio sculpt foundation
-Vichy Setting Powder
-Light blush

-L'Oreal Oil Make up Remover
-LOreal Micellar Water
-Foaming Cleanser
-Stridex Pad (only if I have acne)
-Ladykin Ampoule
-NipFab No Needle Serum
-NipFab Viper Eye Roll on
-Nivea Regenerating Nightcream

Wew. When I write it down it seems like a lot but I know I could add more if I went full Korean.

No. 46526

Oh! I should mention I have normal/dry skin. Not too oily. And I don't get acne very often and mainly on my chin. Exfoliating tends to dry my skin out, however.

No. 46527

What do you use to apply foundation? I had the same problem for years until I started using a damp RT sponge to apply it.

No. 46528

I use just a regular beauty sponge. I do try to clean it regularly.

But damp RT sponge. I'll have to try that tomorrow! At least I have a few days to test out a few tips, so thank you!

No. 46529

If you're already using a sponge then I think your foundation might be too old.

No. 46530


Hi anons! I'm currently in a debate here.
I have both the Too Faced Chocolate Bar and the Chocolate Bon Bons. I recently visited a local Sephora store and decided to swatch some of Urban Decay's Naked 1 Palette and I almost jumped in amusement from the shimmer! I'm a fan of shimmers and neutral colors since have light golden brown skin (Maybelline's Fit Me in 310 Sun Beige)

I haven't used my Chocolate Bar palette yet so I've been comparing some swatches from the sample palette. I still have the receipt for the TF Chocolate Bar palette, but now I'm unsure. Should I consider in trading my TF Chocolate Bar for the UD Naked 1 palette?

No. 46531

You should for sure get the Naked 1 instead. The naked 3 is amazing as well!

No. 46532

Also I've forgotten to add that I used my TF Chocolate Bon Bons palette and I'm in love with it! Here is a pic of me with the swatches of the Bon Bons palette. So that's why I've been debating too much haha. Anyway.


Thanks so much, anon. I'll go ahead and jump on the UD Naked 1.

No. 46533

File: 1468388939288.jpg (2.55 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_5969.JPG)

Oops, forgot pic, sorry I'll quit yapping now.
Thanks so much again!!

No. 46534

I'm a big fan of the UD Naked 1 as well. It's a great basic palette and you can do everything from a nude look to full on shimmery smokey eyes or golden eyes.

My only complaint is that the formula isn't as good as old UD shadows. I have some of their older palettes and without primer I could wear them all day without any creasing or fading, while with the new shades they crease after a few hours and sometimes have to be reapplied (especially the shimmers).

Not sure about Too Faced shadows, I think I only have one colour from them and I haven't worn it in a while.

No. 46535

Does anyone else have comically mismatched brows? I know, I know, "sisters, not twins," and all that, but one of my brows is straight up arched while the other is straight. Idk what to do with them.

No. 46536

If they're super thin and sparse I think the only thing you can do is get them tatted. More and more places have pretty good techniques that make them look real. I think eyebrow extensions are a thing too. Never looked into it because it just sounded weird.

If you have enough hair to shape them, try going somewhere to get them threaded and you can probably just maintain it yourself. Where I live it's like $9 to get them threaded. Maybe less.

No. 46537

I have enough to get them shaped. I might try threading, thanks anon.

No. 46538

try microblading

No. 46539

Does anyone know of a good dupe of Benefit Roller Lash Mascara? It is my absolute favorite mascara of all time, but sometimes I can't justify the price of it

No. 46540

I'm super pale and have a reddish undertone and black eyeliner and mascara looks too harsh on me should I try brown?

No. 46541

Maybelline Lash Sensational is basically the same thing. Same wand shape and everything.

No. 46542

You should try thinking for yourself.

No. 46543


Wet n wild max volume plus mascara is amazing, I'm partial to the waterproof formula. It holds curl really well and adds volume nicely(the reasons I always used roller lash).

No. 46544

Has anyone on here tried the Anastasia Glow Kits? I've been eyeing the Gleam one for a while, but I'm tentative.

I've been enjoying the Soft Makeup Looks thread a lot lately and I really like the glowing, radiant looks with beautiful highlighting. I want to look radiant and ethereal, not like an Instagram drag queen.

Any thoughts? Would the kit work alright for such looks, do you think? Any personal experiences???

No. 46545

I'm ugly and very masculine looking is there any point in trying to learn makeup? I've tried eyeliner and mascara but it looks too harsh on my face and I looked like a tranny.

No. 46546


I have a pretty masculine face in some aspects (big nose/forehead/tiny eyes) and I've noticed that what makes me look more "feminine" and 100x better is fake eyelashes. I wear a little eyeliner and some nice falsies and they open up my eyes so much and actually make me look less ugly. Also something like tinted lipbalm makes me look girlier (lipstick straight up makes me look like a man in drag).

if you still think eyeliner is too harsh maybe try it in a color like brown

No. 46547

thanks, i have hooded eyes and heavy eye lids so i might try the falsies and lipstick also makes me look like im in drag.

No. 46548


Feel ya, really trying to get some lipsticks to work rn, like nudes and such but in the end tinted lip balm always looks the best. Have all this cool makeup also cause I'm an idiot but always go for neutral sparse make

No. 46549

I've been looking for more natural lipsticks that aren't like, HELLO YES THIS IS RED/BROWN/some vibrant contrast to my natural colour and I've had a lot of luck with the NYX round lipsticks. They retail for really cheap (under $5) and are really subtle colours that are really flattering. They don't stay amazingly well, but you can easily reapply without crumbling and as they fade it isn't too obvious, so you can eat/drink and no have to have to reapply because you look like you sucked off the koolaid man or something.

No. 46550


Aye man, got me some nyx and Milani shit in the mail today and can honestly say they're the bomb, I got nyx matte lipstick in Spirit and Milani matte innocence.

Also own lipsticks from Anastasia BH, sleek, MAC, dose of colors, tarte, limecrime and honestly nyx n Milani are probably my faves + they're insanely affordable.

No. 46551

I looked up those lipsticks and they are very pretty anon! I may have to pick them up.

No. 46552

File: 1469889750908.png (616.23 KB, 619x618, MTM2MDIwODc1NTI5OTgzMjUw.png)

Okay, so, my first time ever trying liquid matte lipsticks was a fucking terrible experience. I bought Colourpop's Trap and Lumière 2. I like the colors, but they look absolutely terrible on me because they suck the moisture out of my lips. They make my lips look so cracked and caked. Also, Lumière 2 is a little sticky. I might just be doing it wrong, idk. I was thinking about getting Beauty Bakerie lip whip, but I'm scared to try liquid lipsticks anymore, eveb if they aren't matte, especially since they're so damn expensive ($20 a piece.) Any advice/recs?

No. 46553

Well they're matte so you can't spect them to be moisturizing. I use a lot of lip tint and when my lips are dry they look like I peeled off the skin from my lips and now they're bleeding so what I do when I wanna wear something matte or a tint. I scrub my lips with lip scrub or just plain diy scrub (sugar and water lol) and I put a lot of lip balm for like 7 minutes until my lips feels soft and then I apply the matte lipstick and they look ok!

No. 46554

I have the same problem, my lips are like chronically dry, I apply lipbalm pretty much nonstop all the time and matte liquid lipstick always look like shit on me, BUT I find darker colours are a lot more flattering, and I really like stila's liquid lipstick because it seems to be not sticky at all, kind of chalky in texture.

I've tried a lot of NYX liquid lipstick in the past and its just not as good, kind of sticky like you described the Colourpop and makes them look cracked and caked. Honestly, my Stila liquid lipstick looks like regular matte lipstick.

No. 46555

I personally like Kat Von D's liquid lipsticks, but a great person to follow for makeup recs (she's actually honest about products) is Stephanie Nicole on Youtube.

No. 46556

Are you using a lip primer or balm? Putting that on before liquid lipstick helps immensely. (Personally, I love color pops liquid lipstick.)

No. 46557

I just recently found out about her when another anon posted her Jefree video (maybe in this thread, maybe in another, I forget.) She's pretty awesome. I subbed.


I've been using EOS, but it isn't doing anything. Any recs for good balm?

No. 46558

Does anyone know of any good cheaper (~$10 or less) concealers that offer light neutral/neutral yellow colors? I have been struggling to find any, it seems most light concealers are almost always pink undertones, which look orange on my yellow undertones.

I currently use sephora's gel serum concealer in #1 bavarian cream, but it's a shade too light for me right now, and about $14 for a tube. Similar story with nyx hd concealer in 01 porcelain being a bit too light and both always seem to be sold out.

I also tried kat von d tattoo concealer in light 18. Lovely formula and price for the amount of product but too dark :(

I really loved maybellines fit me concealer formula but damn their pink undertones. I have heard nars' formula is comparable and leans on the yellow side but it's $29 for a tube :(

Majority of the time concealer is my only face makeup, so matching is super important. But it's so hard to find something matching why do I have to be so pale and yellow.

No. 46559


I've heard really good things about rosebud salve in the tin. It's around $7 at sephora.

Also, have you tried exfoliating your lips beforehand? Elf makes a super good exfoliator in a tube for like $3

No. 46560

Hurraw is good

No. 46561

File: 1469910540028.jpg (50.86 KB, 535x535, toofacedsemisweetchocolatebar.…)

is this worth 50 dollars
i really like the colors but im hesitant about "high end" stuff because theyre usually not as great as the price leads on

No. 46562

File: 1469910736522.jpg (80.69 KB, 754x800, burt.jpg)

god damn i hate liquid lipstick it looks shit all the time on me
not to be gay but this is the best lip product for me
natural looking hydrating you can pick the intensity etc

No. 46563

Thank you for reminding me of these. I have the one in the middle and it's bomb (and mint-y!)

No. 46564

Their tinted lip balms are also good too, and without shimmer. I think there are lip crayons recently brought out aswell.

No. 46565

The NYX HD concealer in fair or porcelain comes to mind. Great coverage and can also work as a great eyeshadow primer, too!
It very much is worth the price tag, all of Too Faced products are in all honesty. Their eyeshadows are very soft and buttery and so so easy to work with.

No. 46566

im gonna get it next paycheck then will report back in this thread or the next one

No. 46567

File: 1470079009451.png (479.4 KB, 524x526, lip gradient.png)

>tfw just dropped dosh on an Etude House order

Awwww yussss. I can't wait for the cute packagings, they're also giving me a brush and mirror set since I spent over $60.
Also I know I'm three years late for the fad train but I also bought their lip concealer and lip tint so I can try out the gradient lip look like pic related.


You won't regret it anon. I've had that palette for two years now and it's the best. It's like I bought it yesterday. Plus it blends really well.

No. 46568

i hate that lip style so much
looks like you just got done eating a bunch of flaming hot cheetos

No. 46569

Prefer those over the pastel matte lips trend.

No. 46570

lmao. I really don't get it either but I do prefer a shiny lip to a matte one.

No. 46571

i have to agree i hate matte too maybe even more than the gradient
matte only ever looks good in pics irl it looks like a crusted up mess
at least the gradient is trying

No. 46572

etude house packaging is so cute but I love Shiseido's majorca majolica line the most

Their designs are more consistent with a single theme

No. 46573

My face is darker than my body because I wear lots of hoodies and I cover up my body, how should I go about makeup color?

No. 46574

If you wear full coverage foundation you'll probably want to use a lighter shade as it could look like you chose the wrong shade.
It's hard to judge without seeing you. I know I saw a black woman with burn scars that made her face a darker shade than the rest of her body and that's what she did. It looked a bit odd as she put it on but when she was done it looked perfect. Yours is probably not such an extreme difference, maybe ask a clerk when you buy the make up what they think(since they can see your face).

If it's not full coverage foundation then just match it to your face it'll look fine. No ones skin is a perfect same shade anyway.

No. 46575

Can I get some foundation help? Ive got decent skin, only problems are big nose/chin pores, slightly red chin, and dry flakey skin that foundations tend to emphasize. So i need a lightish coverage thats good for dry flakey skin. Im considering NARS tinted moisturizer or maybe MAC? Also UD naked skin. Any of those really good, or other recommendations from fellow flakey ladies?

No. 46576

I can personally vouch for the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, though UD Naked Skin is nice too. MAC in general is much fuller coverage.

No. 46577

File: 1470867828567.jpg (356.15 KB, 1080x1920, why.jpg)

color that they market the lip balm as vs actual color of the lipbalm
why does this happen always

No. 46578

Thanks anon, appreciate it! May I ask what shade you are in it? I'm pretty pale, but with warm (olive) undertones and think maybe Nude would work for me, but not sure.

No. 46579

alright, I have two questions.

first, my skin seems to always be a bit oily, and I seem prone to getting random spots on my face. It's really embarrassing. I have been using a charcoal face cleanser and exfoliant daily, as well as Burt's Bees Rose Water toner, but it hasn't seemed to help at all. Any suggestions would be very appreciated.

Second, I always seem to have chapped lips. Even when I drink a ton of water, nothing changes. I have used a lib scrub before, but it didn't seem to help much. It's annoying because I can't wear liptick or anything on my lips because it just makes my lips look worse, so any suggestions on this would be super appreciated as well.

No. 46580

File: 1470870209524.jpg (68.91 KB, 478x478, 13138114725504p.jpg)

For your lips, use plain Vaseline. A little tub of it like pic related will last you forever, because it doesn't take much at all, and it works better than anything else.

No. 46581

File: 1470870581183.jpg (14.94 KB, 600x800, Glossier-Balm-Dotcom-06.jpg)

Also, if you prefer cuter shit or whatever reason / maybe allergic to petroleum jelly, I found glossier's balm dotcom to be excellent for dry lips, and I use it on my elbows as well.

No. 46582

File: 1470873596226.jpg (332.21 KB, 800x533, 61.jpg)

Good light bronzers that aren't too dark and are somewhat sparkly?

I like the Hourglass shade on the right from the ambient lighting palette but fuck, there is too little product and my huge brush doesn't pick up enough of it because its small…

Is the actual Hourglass ALP bronzer good?

No. 46583

File: 1470877302206.png (75.17 KB, 320x316, Rosy_Share_tcm2858-1067449.png)

vaseline actually makes cuter to go tins you can put in your purse now

No. 46584

Oh shit, thanks anon! Gotta grab me a few of those now

No. 46585


I'm not really a skin care expert but I'll try to give you a few tips based off my experience.

First, you only want to exfoliate 2-3 times a week. More than that is too much and going to contribute to irritation/drying, which means more oil. An excess of oiliness generally means your skin needs more moisture. What has been working amazingly for me (I used to have extremely oily skin with occasional pimples) is a gentle hypoallergenic skin cleanser, followed by a lightweight moisturizer, and then a moisturizing sleep pack at night.

The products I've been using are the hypoallergenic Burts Bees face wash, an Etude House face moisturizer (which is more strongly fragranced than I'd typically like; however, it is extremely light, cheap, and the only lotion that doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy), and the Etude House Bubble Tea sleep pack (the black tea one - again, cheap, doesn't leave me greasy and wake up with incredibly soft, smooth skin). I exfoliate a couple times a week with cheap random drug store shit, my skin doesn't seem to care much. This routine has done wonders for my skin - no more oil, no more breakouts, and it's so much softer. I don't feel the need to wear foundation anymore.

Of course you can substitute with other products that work better for you. Hope that helps!

No. 46586

yo farmers, What is the best really natural looking BB cream with light coverage but still looking super natural?

No. 46587

A cushion, boo

No. 46588

I use etude house bb cream. It's amazing stuff, yo. I use it when I'm feeling super lazy and oddly I get more compliments on how nice my skin is than when I do 'real' foundation.

No. 46589

I think their BB cream is AMAZING coverage, it's not light coverage. I still recommend it though. In fact it made my skin look better than any foundation I've ever had.

No. 46590


Thanks anons! Will try all this out.

No. 46591

File: 1470938339169.jpg (55.19 KB, 600x600, liquidsuedecreamlipstick_main.…)

NYX finally came to Boots so I was planning to buy the Suede Cream Lipsticks and their blotting paper. Anyone got recommendations on what else I can buy?

No. 46592

Nyx Mosaic blush, nyx concealer wand, their lip pencils, brow gel, also their lip lingeries & lip cremes has better formula then the suedes imo!

No. 46593

I have the shade tea and cookies - super streaky and wierd texture.

No. 46594

I second this - the lip cremes are a much nicer lipstick than liquid suede.

I recommend the metallic gold liquid eyeliner; it looks amazing on the undereye. Their single eyeshadow pans are brill if you have a Z pallete.

No. 46595

Ahh Nyx in the UK? Awesome. I know where I'm going on the weekend. Those colours look amazing.

No. 46596

i look terrible with lipstick/liquid lip any good lip glosses or stains?

No. 46597

File: 1471016108066.jpg (132.18 KB, 1080x1080, colourpop-lip-gloss-colletion-…)

Colourpop just released a bunch of new lip glosses and they're amazing, not stick at all and have great pigmentation. Also NARS and MAC have great lip glosses.

No. 46598

File: 1471131071058.jpg (11.22 KB, 236x236, 4acb81c6299ef01f344325f760338a…)

What are some good eyeshadows/eyeshadow palettes to pull off this kind of red dramatic/grunge-y look? Pic related

No. 46599

File: 1471131482334.jpeg (86.09 KB, 750x532, image.jpeg)

I recently gotpic related from kat von d and the red is really nice. Other than that, mac has a few really great reds

No. 46600

Pic is from someone using the Venus palette by limecrime.
I'd also recommend morphe or Anastasia Renaissance palette

No. 46601

File: 1471350362795.jpg (634.84 KB, 1170x1170, web_chocolatebonbons_open.jpg)

So, I'm looking to buy a new eyeshadow palette. Currently I'm debating between the chocolate bar palette and chocolate bon bons. However I want to get the one that best matches my complexion. I'm very pale (too pale for most foundations) with cool-neutral undertones. My hair is medium blonde and my eyes are grey, if that matters at all. Which palette would be better?

No. 46602

Its fucking eyeshadow, pick whichever one you like the most.

No. 46603

You're in the wrong thread

No. 46604

I think both of these palettes work well for cool tones, so it's really which ever you like better.

No. 46605

Bon Bons is really good. If it it had either a stronger gray or black tone in there, I don't think I'd use my other palettes


You should build a 3 pot palette with Make Up Forever. They have a lot of vibrant colors you can pick from. UD has some hideously bright palettes too.


Some of those look great

No. 46606

Thanks for your advice!

No. 46607

no, literally, its fucking eye shadow.

No. 46608

Oops, accidentally hit before I finished.

Its just eyeshadow, although some colors will work better for your skin tone, at the end of the day it matters what colors you like best. Who cares if this light bronze color doesn't work well with your cool ~undertones~ If you like the fucking bronze color then wear the fucking bronze color.

No. 46609

I second this.
I mean who seriously matches eyeshadow shades to their undertones. Just slap dat shit round your eyes and get on with your day. Play around with colours. It's all personal preference.

No. 46610


>Who cares if this light bronze color doesn't work well with your cool ~undertones~ If you like the fucking bronze color then wear the fucking bronze color.

quit it with this tumblr advice because I'm tired of seeing ugly bitches wearing the most unflattering makeup and getting mad when they're shaded to hell and back

No. 46611

this one, the other one has too many warm tones

No. 46612

I looove this palette so much. The colors work for all skin types, but especially paler and medium toned ladies.

No. 46613

thanks to this thread I bought one of these bad boys online tonight, SO excited to find a cute and pretty palette suitable for pale skin with cool undertones. Everything these days seems to be for neutral/warm skin.

No. 46614

also forgot to respond to this post, to the person giving shitty advice saying "wear whatever you want", ever see a girl with obvious cool undertones with a full face of warm makeup? not cute. And the other way around can make a girl with warm undertones look sickly. Same goes for hair color not matching skin tone/undertone.

No. 46615

Has any pale ladies here had any experience with illamasqua foundation? I'm trying to decide between skin base and Rich liquid

No. 46616

File: 1471569863174.jpg (42.31 KB, 670x1005, image.jpg)

So excited to try out this felt tip style eyebrow pen. Read a bunch of reviews, apparently you can make fine hair strokes that look really natural. I have a few sparse areas and I can't wait to try it and then use my MAC brow gel on top :) thought I'd share!

No. 46617

i'm curious about these, too.
the moonchild palette looked really beautiful in promo shoots but the colors are so bizarre that I feel it would be hard to pull off anything except like clubbing/rave looks with it.

No. 46618

I have an ugly nose. It looks quite a lot like the one in the imgur link, and the rest of my face is similar to this girl's features in that particular photo. (I saw her in /b/ and thought of how unfortunate my nose really is, coupled with my hooded eyes, narrow face and strong jaw..not very girly).


I don't know what to do with this nose. I wear light makeup… a bit of mascara/eyeliner and definitely some lip colour, a bit of blush. I often get called pretty, but I just don't see it with these unlucky features.

Do you guys have any ideas/advice on how to make this kind of face look nice?

No. 46619

can anyone recommend any inexpensive highlighters that aren't shit?
i dont wanna spend like $40 on something thats only going on my nose

No. 46620

I like bourjois rice powder and, although I usually use a dusting on my cheeks just to brighten myself up, I've used it more heavily as a highlighter before. It's subtle but it gives you a fresh, healthy glow. I don't do a lot of dramatic contouring/highlighting though, so it might not be enough depending on how you do yours. It only comes in a pale pinkish colour too unfortunately.

And my friend once bought a cheap makeup revolution highlighter so she had something to use until her regular one was back in stock and she loved it. She always looks great makeup-wise so I nearly went and bought one out of admiration of her face lol

No. 46621

File: 1472086868736.jpg (70.38 KB, 1024x768, green primer #1.jpg)

what in the fresh hell is this
has anyone tried

No. 46622

it's intent is to counter red coloration. don't know if it actually does.
i've never used the colored ones but I've used the clear one for like five six years, and i like it. it does what i want it to do and my foundation powder stays on pretty well in the summer.

No. 46623

does anyone have protruding eyes? mine are also close set, so i feel a bit lost as to what eyeliner/eyeshadow options are available. usually i make a modest wing that starts at the peak of my eye. sometimes i'll make a thick wedge by drawing a line straight out from the apex, drawing a line up from the bottom lashline, and fill in that triangle. i have a flat, heavy brow, too (armenian) so idk what is and isn't flattering

No. 46624

you should try doing a wedge shape, but with shadow. basically any tone a few shades darker than your skin as a liner, then an even darker shade on the 'outer V.' doesn't need to be a black smokey eye or anything, it's basically like contouring for eyes.

using a high quality shadow with a good base helps the staying power, and it's a lot softer looking than liquid / pencil liner (provided you blend the edges with a flesh tone shade, so it had a blown out look).

No. 46625

does NYX or some other drugstore brand make a good setting spray and eyeshadow primer? I need new ones but don't really feel like dropping a ton on the UD ones I usually do (plus I just prefer drugstore generally). I have dry/normal skin with a very oily nose.

No. 46626

I didn't really notice color correction but putting it on before my foundation helped with cakeyness

No. 46627

If you're in the UK, I love the setting spray one by MUA. Otherwise it's pretty hard to fuck up that kind of thing tbh, you'll probably be fine with a generic version.
Also drag queen tip: if you really need your makeup to stay in place use hairspray over the top. I actually started using an extra flexible hairspray to prime my ultra oily eyelids and it works. But even cheap hairspray is really not uncomfortable.

No. 46628


NYX does offer a setting spray, not sure how good it is, but I'd assume that it works decently well.

No. 46629

Cheap and pale with sensitive skin, UK, trying to build a makeup bag from almost scratch whilst also knowing very little about it.
I'd just like to be able to do light, cute looks. I don't really need more coverage and I don't like eyeliner or mascara on me, so I've been looking for a pink/coral stain or gloss and pink blush. Maybe highlighter or something, I don't know. Recommendations? Other products I should consider? Decent youtube channels or other sources? Sorry for shitting up the thread.

No. 46630

Just adding that I already have a BB and eyebrow pencil that I like and I use those regularly but that's all.

No. 46631

I got the Ulta eye primer about 3 months ago and I love it! I have oily skin so I've always had issues with shadows creasing and with this mine lasts all day now. It's $12 instead of $20 for Urban Decay so I don't know if that price is much better for you but I use just a tiny amount so it will last for awhile.

No. 46632

File: 1472156642107.jpeg (138.59 KB, 1200x1200, image.jpeg)

Um I know that sleek has a pretty good highlighter palette for like 10 pounds. The solstice highlighting palette. Temptalia did a review of it: http://www.temptalia.com/sleek-makeup-solstice-highlighting-palette-review-photos-swatches/

No. 46633

I have this Palette. It is brilliant. I definately recommend it.

No. 46634

File: 1472947890363.jpg (95.57 KB, 710x391, 2.jpg)

Any pale anons with cool undertones who have the Naked 3 palette? I want to try it out but most pink eyeshadows look hideous on me. I have green eyes and black hair.

No. 46635

File: 1473086371226.jpg (56.04 KB, 679x679, Lime-Crime-Venus-the-Grunge-pa…)

I need your help /g/.

I really wanna try red eyeshadow but theres not a single red tone in any of the palettes I've accrued over the years. I fancied getting the new UD Ultimate Basics (legit just for the red, because there are similar colours in Naked2 and basics 2 which I own), but I can't afford that right now. I looked at NYX Full Throttle in Colour Riot but not a single store in the UK does it, and their site doesn't ship to the UK without some long drawn out process that includes you signing up to a site that gives you a US address or something. Then I found the Lime Crime Venus Grunge palette and it'd be perfect but I'm hesitant due to the drama (and it's £25 compared to the NYX $10). Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance looks good but I cannot afford that either really.

So tl;dr
- Where to get NYX Full Throttle Colour Riot in the UK?
- Is there any way I can convince myself to order from Lime Crime?

Thank you.

No. 46636

I know boots sells NYX but i don't know if they have the palette in yet.
Another alternative would be Makeup Revolution's palette 'newtrals vs neutrals'. I have it and honestly it's pretty good and the deep red shade is incredible along side the orangey tones. https://www.tambeauty.com/en/Makeup-Revolution-New-trals-vs-Neutrals-Palette/m-1344.aspx

No. 46637

Does anyone else only use foundation and mascara? How the hell do you guys afford all of this stuff.

If I were to invest in 2-3 more items what is most important?

No. 46638

Ah thank you, I'll go check that one out in store. I would ideally love to go and just peruse everything but I live in the middle of nowhere and can't drive yet so I rely on the internet heavily.

Yeah my sister said they may not have been released yet, unfortunately I can't find any hint of a date so I'm at a loss as whether to wait or just buy one.

No. 46639

Well if you can find a superdrug you might be able to see the Makeup Revolution palette inrl. I know my one carries it.

No. 46640

Buying high street isn't too bad, there's lots of decent affordable makeup about now. In order of importance (bar foundation and mascara which are probably top of this list anyway) I'd say;
- Concealer, but that's just because I get dark circles and the occasional spot. I'd reccommend Rimmel Lasting Finish.
- Eyebrow pencil, I was blessed with naturally well shaped dark brows but filling them in with a more brown colour to match my hair hair works wonders. I think I use Rimmel London
- Contour, You literally only need one shade really, my product of choice is currently MUA Mosaic Bronzer
- Eyeliner, Maybelline Master ink in Matte Black

I only properly started playing with eyeshadow and blushes in the last few months, they're really not neccessary. It's more of a hobby than a 'make myself look pretty' thing. Primer and skincare is also v important but if you've got by with just foundation, it sounds like your complexion is fine.


I think my local one might have a Revolution stand. My one at uni did, but if I want to be sure it's a 15min bus, then a 10-30 minute train. My driving test is next week so the first thing I do if I pass is a trip to get sushi and a proper make up peruse without the boyf nagging me to leave so he can drive me home.

No. 46641

I have a skincare routine and everything. I also have super thick eyebrows already so I've never bothered with eyebrow pencils. Can't really afford a luxury make up item like contour, just need the basics.

Concealer, primer and eyeliner I'll definitely look into though, thanks for the suggestions.

No. 46642


Well, I am a make up minimalist so if this helps, here is what I use when I go out:
After skincare routine:

I use a tinted moisturizor because I have dry skin, without too many flaws, so I only need light/medium coverage. I use bareminerals complexion rescue and I really like it. It doesn't take very much, so despite the cost, I get good mileage out of it plus you can layer it for more coverage.

Then I use glossier's stretch coverage concealer on my dark circles. it's kinda expensive, but it barely takes any to get good coverage so again, good usage out of it.

I use 3 shades of eye shadow: a light light creamy color, a light brown, and a dark brown. I don't like really dramatic looks, so I don't use eyeliner personally, I'll just use the dark brown eye shadow as a kinda eyeliner I guess, the creamy color as all over the eye, and the light brown in the crease/wing.

Finally, I use some mascara.

Basically, I guess my 3 essentials are: a tinted moisturizer, a concealer, a good neutral basic eye shadow set, and some mascara.

Hope that helps!

No. 46643

Ooops, listed 4, not 3. Haha, guess I have 4 essentials

No. 46644

It's honestly not as pink as most of the swatches would have you believe. It looks best on pale people tbh

No. 46645

File: 1473362593213.jpg (926.03 KB, 1746x1660, 2016_09_08_19_11_07_OneShot.jp…)

Newbie here.

Can I get any recommendations for dark circles concealer? I've tried loads of liquid concealers, even those brightening ones and none work. It seems that in order to cover the purple/brown (I'm very pale) color I'd have to use the opposite color, right? For a low budget, what would you suggest?

>pic related

(sorry for the potato quality of the pic)

No. 46646

Is it possible to have pale/porcelain olive-y skin with a cool undertone? I feel like I am definitely not pink on the surface, but using the veins 'test' I am cool undertone…

No. 46647

File: 1473401942527.jpeg (39.52 KB, 320x282, image.jpeg)

Olive is different than warm.

No. 46648

Despite the stupid drama the Venus palettes are very gorgeous. I bought the first one a week ago and it's a really really nice one for fall. Also the shadows are amazing quality and so easy to work with. Just go ahead and buy it if you want.

No. 46649

I've always had the best luck with cream formulas. They're more opaque and stay in place. I use a small angle brush so I can cover just the discoloration, and very slightly blend with my finger. Almost like covering up a tattoo.

My number one recommendation would be the makeup forever corrector pallet, but it's not cheap. It's pretty handy to have an orange and a yellow you can mix to get the right shade.

I've had pretty meh experiences with drugstore (elf, that maybelline age defying thing, etc) because they just don't have the level of coverage needed.

No. 46650

another fair olive checking in (the best shade I've ever found to fit me is the NARS RCC in chantilly), it is indeed possible. I find that fair olives can look cool, but not pink/beige, and the closer you get to medium/dark they look a bit more warm (but still not yellow/golden, y'know what I mean?).

No. 46651

Thanks for the tip! Sadly, that pallet is a bit too expensive for me…
I'll try to find an affordable one. Do you have any more suggestions?

No. 46652

Makeup Revolution and Kiko have corrector palettes with similar colours

No. 46653

Thanks! I'll look into it.

No. 46654

Anon, your pupil is huge. Were you rolling face when this was taken?

No. 46655

For any Sephora junkies out there:

I am a new convert, and was wondering what the seasonal sales are like, I think one is coming up in November, right? Is it store wide, etc? There is some real expensive stuff I want, but don't wanna pay full price for, will waiting till November pay off?

No. 46656

My pupils are massive also, doesn't mean we are high 24/7 lmao.

No. 46657

looking for makeup styles that are light/cute/freshfaced like is popular in a lot of asian makeup, but adapted for western faces. hints on where to start or what to search? kawaii turns up scans of japanese mags or cringe

No. 46658

Until the 17th they're doing 2x,3x and 4x points depending on your tier placement so if you want to hoard points now is the time to buy stuff (there's a KvD 500pt coming the 20th). I should be finding out what kinds of holiday sets and sales there will be within the next 2 weeks. I think Black Friday is lame with only a $10 sale table.

No. 46659

You're an angel anon, thanks!! If you couød post here when you know, i'd be forever thankful. Time to get 150 more points then for the kvd!

No. 46660

I didn't think it was normal to have pupils that large for no apparent reason, tbh.

No. 46661

I have fair skin and am just using a maybelline foundation and bronzer at the moment, but am becoming more curious about learning to contour. Does anyone have any suggestions for products to get started with this that don't completely suck and won't run me a ton of money?

Also, any suggestions for a matte lipcolor that won't dry the shit out of my lips? I unfortunately have pretty dry lips (probably from having done two rounds of accutane as a teen) and tend to not bother with anything other than moisturizing lip balm.

No. 46662

NYX blush in taupe or NYX wonderstick for contour. Wet N Wild Megalast for matte lipsticks.

No. 46663

My pupils are almost always like that. It might be a side effect from the anti depressants I take.

No. 46664

also looks like it was taken in relatively dim light (grainy and unfocused), which would make the pupil larger.

source: am photofag

No. 46665

I'm the anon of the pic, by the way.

No. 46666

I hate how long it takes for Colourpop to send out shipments. I know it says at checkout that it takes 3-5 days to process orders but why so long. My last order took 2 weeks to get to my house…I just did another order today but I can't be excited about it because I know I won't see it for awhile. Are they still considered indie or something?

I do love their stuff though. Can't complain about their liquid lips or shadows.

No. 46667

I need help picking out a good Too Faced eyeshadow palette for everyday use. I like cute simple looks where its 2 soft shades with 1 pop of color. I can't decide between the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar or Totally Cute Palette or Grand Hotel Café… I don't like having lots of palettes, I just want 1 kit to use A LOT.

No. 46668

Opinions on Mac Face and body foundation? I need the C1. How's the coverage? How long does it last?

No. 46669

Will primer and finishing spray keep my foundation from flaking/caking off during the day? I've never used it before, but I got some Nyx stuff to try. Usually I moisturize before putting on foundation because my skin is dry (I use the IT cosmetics full coverage cc cream) and setting powder after which just seems to make it look cakey even if I use sparingly…and then mere hours into wear it looks SO awful it's unsalvageable, like I just need to take it off and start over again. So I hate using powder, but without it the foundation just slides off my face. It's worse when it's hot.

So I'm hoping primer and setting spray will actually do the trick…I don't have the smoothest skin texture but it's not so craggy that it should look so awful. Ugh.

No. 46670

I don't know much but I know that the primer and foundation have to be compatible. If you're using an oil based primer, use oil based foundation. If using a water based primer, use water based foundation etc

No. 46671

I have to use tons of powder because I'm oily and shiny. Afterwards I use makeupforever mist and fix setting spray. Reduces the cakiness a lot.

I had flaking really bad but because my skin is purging. If your skin is normal your foundation seems kind of shitty or you applying a ton? Right now I put vaseline over my flaking areas as a primer which works for me. I've experimented with primers but they seem completely useless.

No. 46672

I use 2 pumps of the foundation like the directions say with a damp beauty blender. The foundation looks fine at first it just gets gross fast. I don't think it's the foundation being shitty, it's either my application or my skin…a girl at my work uses the same one and she looks flawless.

I seem to get the same problem regardless of foundation tbh, whether it's drug store or high end. I have combo skin that's "rough" and flakey in some areas and the foundation just makes those spots look worse and as the day goes on it flakes soooo bad, like in my T zone and shit.

No. 46673

Vaseline clogs my pores and make me break out hella, i cant see how people use it for anything.

But yeah i wish there was an easy way to stop flaking by my eyebrow area

No. 46674

it's probably your skincare routine that needs fixing then. what do you do? and what moisturizer are you using?

No. 46675

My routine is really basic. I use an Etude house sleep pack at night, then a Burts bees facial cleanser and moisturizer for sensitive skin. Honestly it's made my skin look better than it used to when I used to use a full Dermalogica routine, but it's still far from perfect. I still get some pimples too but it's the hormonal cystic shit from my PCOS so I don't really try to do much there except cover them up and hope for the best. I'm definitely willing to try a new skincare routine if it'll just give me a relatives smooth face.

No. 46676

Oh and I exfoliate a few times a week.

No. 46677

I was having the same problem but I just fixed it a day ago. I bought the Maybelline Baby Skin primer, NYX Matte setting spray, and NYC Smooth Skin loose powder. I used all of these things for my foundation (Revlon Colorstay) and it kept my foundation looking great for 7 hours. I even got caught in the rain at one point, and it still looked fantastic.

No. 46678

Maybe head over to the skin care thread, a good skincare routine can improve the quality of your skin and make you need less coverage (if you want) but better yet makes your make up go on better. Good skincare is the base for good make up. Gl anon!

No. 46679

I actually used the Nyx matte finishing spray today along with the primer, and my makeup looked waaaaaaay better than usual…but it's so fucking humid at my work that I literally sweated it off within an hour of being there. I dunno if I'm just fucked in that regard or what.


I might do that. Thanks!

No. 46680

Has anyone tried the too faced born this way foundation and concealer? They have very pale shades but I'm scared to fork out and hate them

No. 46681

So am I supposed to be doing anything with my eyebrows other than plucking can I just use something clear to brush them into place?

No. 46682

How do you know if it's oil or water based?

No. 46683

File: 1476950035989.png (613.11 KB, 840x586, makeupcompare.png)

Bumping with what I think could be some juicy drama.

So I watch this nail guru on Youtube, Nail Career Education. I think she's great, but she recently featured a product by "Exclusive Nail Couture" whom she bought products from at the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas.

All fine and dandy, until I realize that this ENC person is blatantly ripping off the "Etionette" series logo from Etude House.
Can't this fool get into trouble for using their brand logo or…? Afaik I haven't found evidence to prove he's in any way affiliated with EH.

Pic related is comparison. Link to his shop is more evidence of the tracing.

And he's trying to sell these Chinese products for like $20+. For the

No. 46684

Absolutely, Etude House probably has a copyright claim on the design. Have you tried sending them an e-mail about it?

No. 46685

Do you know of any good cheap long lasting (non-transferable) lip tints?

No. 46686

Tony Tint is the cheapest and it doesnt transfere as long as you let it dry completely.

No. 46687

Great suggestion, thanks!

No. 46688

I messaged them earlier today. Really hope they'll at least investigate the matter.

Seriously the guy who is running that shop is such a pretentious smugfuck too. He even does "classes" and gives out cheesy little "diplomas."

No. 46689

Is being olive/neutral a possibility? Figuring out my skin tone has been extremely confusing. With every test I do, the result is different. I'm definitely not cool, though. So, neutral, olive, or warm.

No. 46690

for the longest time I couldn't out if I was cool or warm, but turns out I'm neutral. so yea, it is possible. Which foundation do you use? If you check the product description for your shade a lot of times you can find your undertone.

No. 46691


I'm a neutral olive, so yes. My skin looks almost "green" in undertones

No. 46692

I've never really found a foundation that works for me. I'm pale, but pale shades are too white or pink. And "beige" shades make me have yellow face. That's why I've started to suspect I might be pale neutral/olive.

No. 46693

Actually, beige makes me look more orange than yellow.


I don't look very green to myself, but maybe other people can tell. My veins are both blue and green under my skin. Some in my wrist are even purple.

No. 46694


Usually olives need less "saturated" colors so beiges or warm shades can often end up looking orange even If they are right in terms of "lightness".

go to reddit.com/r/olivemua for help

my veins are blueish green/purple for reference

for base I can't use many brands due to my undertones so I stick to IT cosmetics CC cream in fair. these CC creams are "muted" in terms of undertones so it works.

Most base products look orange on me even if they fit In terms of shade but my undertone fucks it up. Warm foundations turn yellow or orange, cool ones turn neon pink, sometimes cool ones even turn orange on me haha.

I know MUFE makes olive shades and Anastasia Beverly hills has some olive undertones in their stick foundation too

No. 46695

Thanks, anon! That's all pretty helpful. I'll try some of those and if they work, well, then I'll know for sure. This is kind of a huge revelation for me. For the past 10 or so years, I've been using the wrong makeup. The day before yesterday is the first time it really clicked that my skin tone might be the reason. Feels really good that I might find the perfect foundation finally!

No. 46696

File: 1477671800860.jpg (10.71 KB, 236x303, sample.jpg)

Can you be olive if you're a pasty Anglo?
I honestly have no idea what my undertone is, but I know it's not 'cool'/pink.

I'm a poortherner with NC10-15 skin and ashy dark brown/warm black hair. In photos my skin looks pasty white but irl it can go from yellowish pale to just kind of beige-yellow depending on the lighting. The best example I've found so far for my colouring is the actor Colin Morgan, except my eyes are darker.

Whenever I look at guides online they usually say that the olive undertone is reserved for Mediterraneans, Asians, Eastern Europeans and maybe some Frogs, whilst Brits and the Irish = pink toned, freckly and burn in the sun, which I'm very much not.

No. 46697

You should do what I'm going to try, maybe? Buy a cheap foundation recommended for light olive skin. If it works better than anything else you've ever tried, there's your answer. If not, the most you're out on is $9 (give or take.)

No. 46698

If the maybelline fit me concealer in 15 is olive then that's me. Otherwise I guess I'm just warm?

No. 46699

File: 1477682262892.jpg (195.08 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_0670.JPG)

Wait nvm I used to use that one on my dark circles.
This one's warm, right?

No. 46700

The best foundation advice I've ever gotten is "test on your chest."

No. 46701

I'm >>134321
Just picked up Revlon ColorStay in 150. It's a dupe for MUFE 117. And it is SO PERFECT. I'm freaking out! I've never had a foundation that looks so flawless on me! I guess I'm pale olive after all.

No. 46702

I know it fits me perfectly, I'm just confused about the undertone of the foundation itself

No. 46703

Man I have the opposite problem. I'm Asian with a cool yellow undertone which is damn near impossible to work with.

No. 46704

**similar problem i mean

No. 46705

Not that anon but I went to that olive reddit and they recommend Nars gobi which is the only color that matches my skin (unfortunately the formulation is awful for me and I had to return it).

I just always thought I had yellow undertones. Right now I'm using urban decay naked skin in their lightest yellow shade because it goes on nice but the shade is off (too dark and pink). Still better than wearing the nars though and looking greasy as fuck and flaking all over the place.

No. 46706

Now you got me wondering because I have all symptoms of a cool toned skin (gets burned easily, pink undertones, blueish veins, the works) but I am at least 80% southern european. My entire life I bought yellow-based stuff because it kinda blocked the redness in my skin and helped with the deep-set purple eyebags (ty italian genes I guess) but I realize now I might been fucking up for a long time

No. 46707

Actually I stalked reddit for a long time and have come to a conclusion that most people are talking out of their arse. It comes down to not knowing that these 'categories' are just arbitrary and nobody's gonna fit them perfectly, most people's litmus test seems to be muh heritage which is hilariously inconsistent and inaccurate.

I asked people about 3 different skin tones on 3 different forums and they all said olive when I know for a fact two of them were not olive but fair warm and medium cool, respectively.

Olive seems to be the new 'sooper pale'.

No. 46708

But being olive sucks. It's impossible to find makeup that looks good.

No. 46709

Yes, I know.
I'm just saying people are bandwagon-hopping as usual and diagnosing everyone as 'olive' regardless of whether or not they actually are.

No. 46710

Yeah, you're probably right about that. At least olive tones are getting more recognition, I guess. Which will hopefully lead to more makeup companies catering to it.

No. 46711

File: 1477796487768.jpg (683.59 KB, 2048x2048, PicsArt_10-29-09.59.56.jpg)

Do you prefer the look of a single color eyeshadow or multiple?

No. 46712

Single, honestly. Those youtube guru looks are honestly too much.

No. 46713

>>134340 it depends really. i think double color eyeshadow looks really nice for light girly looks with browns and pink

No. 46714

certain eyeshadows look amazing as a single color on the lid, and it makes a good quick daytime look

I think I still prefer eye looks with multiple colors though. 2-3 similar shades just to help with the blending and give a bit of definition to the crease is enough. the example in the photo look gaudy tbh

No. 46715

Single but I hate the whole drag queen trend in general. Personally can't even do that single eyeshadow look because my eyes are deepset.

No. 46716

Is there any way for me to wear a bold lip without looking like a crossdresser? I have a strong jaw and thin lips, but I really like the way non-nude lip colors look on everyone else except me. I feel like a man trying to pass as a woman when I wear it.

No. 46717

Try wearing with soft eyes and peach-like blush. Use contouring to show the best of your feminine features. And please, no overdrawing on the lips.

No. 46718

File: 1478212923507.jpg (47.84 KB, 650x650, derma3d600.jpg)

What do you guys think of this foundation?
I'm looking for an affordable foundation for oily/acne prone skin with high coverage. Any other suggestions?

No. 46719

Kat Von D's Lock It foundation. I find Vichy's lightest shade to dark/orange on me.

No. 46720

I second the Kat Von D foundation. It's very thick though so applying it can be troublesome at times which is my only complaint. I don't know why it gives me so much trouble when I put my primer on underneath. However these past few days it feels like I get less oily when I wear the foundation without a primer.

MUFE Mat Velvet + is nice too. Coverage isn't as high as the the KVD foundation though.

No. 46721

Thank you so much for the recommendations! I had no idea Kat Von D's foundation was good. I'll probably buy it. Cheers.

No. 46722

Just be carfull if you have any dry patches it really makes them visable

No. 46723

I don't really have dry patches, luckily. Thanks.

No. 46724

Can I use bb cream only instead of Make-up?

No. 46725

it's a free country my man

No. 46726

Lots of people do that

No. 46727

Just pluck, shave (with an eyebrow shaver shaper) and trim them. Everything else is pointless imho.

No. 46728

File: 1480959469722.png (173.74 KB, 434x419, too_faced_collection_noel.png)

any thoughts on those? Most people love them but I've also read some mixed reviews.

No. 46729

I can vouch for this product! It's very natural and lengthens without clumping, and it looks so pretty

No. 46730

I got these about a month ago! The packaging is cute. It seems like some of the colors aren't pigmented enough (even with primer, but maybe I'm doing it wrong,) and I don't really like the way the eggnog ones smell, but I like the palettes overall.

No. 46731

the packaging is cute but the actual eye shadow is not as good as individual pallettes, very chalky

No. 46732

My friend bought the hotel shaped one. The quality is terrible, apparently. It's passable for a gift to someone new to makeup, but unless you're a collector it doesn't seem worth it to purchase for yourself.

also jfc jerrod looks like he's going to eat my eyeballs

No. 46733

I am very pale with cool undertones, what colour lipsticks and eyeshadows would suit?

No. 46734

And me like an idiot, I ordered both(hotel for me, chocolate shop for my sis). I had quickly swatched some of the colors in a shop some days before and it looked fine then so I still have a tiny hope it won't be thiiis terrible.
But fuck you jarrod, if I had known I would have invested in urban decay.

No. 46735

*jerrod, that's this creepers name.

No. 46736

Who is that bloke?

No. 46737

File: 1481036590045.jpg (220.37 KB, 1024x759, rs_1024x759-160428172719-1024-…)

Jerrod Blandino, co-founder of too faced.

No. 46738

His dog is so fucking cute

No. 46739

File: 1481040037499.jpg (642.96 KB, 1170x1170, web_bettertogether_bagset_comp…)

they will sell a make up pouch with the dogs face on it soon!

No. 46740

This guy looks like a TES npc

No. 46741

Fucking hell he looks like a Beverly Hills house wife

No. 46742

File: 1481095558840.jpg (194.6 KB, 1500x895, 71EsFNWeWYL._SL1500_.jpg)

So, I have a very strong resentment towards makeup, and I also refuse to spend lots of money on it due to how little I wear it and how much it irritates my skin and eyes.

Should I wear both foundation and BBcream together? I used to do foundation only on necessary spots, then switched to BBcream all over, but I don't feel it gives the coverage I need.

What's a good brow pen or powder that's drugstore price range? I have this Maybelline "master drama" brow pencil and it's shit. Doesn't go on smoothly and is kinda chunky and uneven. I saw something about a Stila felt tip pen that sounds nice but it's way out of my price range.

Anyone who has sensetive eyes or wears contacts, do you have any eye makeup recommendations that don't irritate your eyes? My shadows, liners, and mascaras all burn.

Also I've heard this recommended for dark circles, anyone have personal experience with it?

No. 46743

I would try the Nyx brow products brow gels. You can find them at drug stores and they work pretty well. Also, a really awesome bb cream with a lot of coverage is the Burts Bees one. It smells and feels amazing and really eliminates all the redness I have. Otherwise if you're not getting enough coverage from your bb cream switch to a nourishing primer + fuller coverage foundation.

As far as products that won't irritate your eyes, what have you tried? I'm thinking for drug store brands Physicians Formula stuff will probably be your best bet because they have gentler formulas that might be easier on your sensitivies. There are higher end brands that are totally vegan and all natural such as Tarte but I can understand if you aren't trying to spend a lot of money.

No. 46744

File: 1481150769692.jpg (328.88 KB, 986x653, ohmygod.jpg)

I looked up the Nyx brow gel on Amazon and saw this.

Thanks for the recommendations, Anon.

The mascara I've been using is Clinique. I've been tight-lining with a Nyx pencil, and most of the eyeshadows I have are Maybelline with one Jane palette. Friends who have done makeup for me use the more expensive, high-quality stuff, but I'm not sure what brands and even that's caused issues.

No. 46745

Holy shit anon, I thought I scrolled past the bad makeup thread for a minute. That is hilarious.

No. 46746

maybe your make up is too old?

No. 46747

Suggestions for a good makeup organizer that'll fit a lot of shit without breaking the bank? I've amassed a lot of brushes and palettes especially and they're just sitting on my desk (brushes in a cup). I need something with drawers that will fit the palettes but I don't wanna spend $100.

No. 46748

So you'll spend easily over $100 on the products, but not the storage? I hate this mentality. It looks trashy. Just be an adult and buy the thing.

No. 46749

Amazon, my friend. They have a lot of good organizers for cheap.

No. 46750

All I've been hearing is that the quality isn't that great and it's basically the same as last years. Buy one of their permanent palettes instead, or see if you can track down one of the big 2013/2014 holiday palettes. Maybe I've been watching too many anti hauls lately but they all seem to feature the too faced holiday stuff. If you already have something similar don't waste your money with something of inferior quality. Also are you going to use something so christmassy all year round? Think about if you'll still want this stuff in June, or will you still want to use it next christmas or will you want next year's set?

Sidenote: Am I the only one who thinks too faced has gone way downhill in the past year or so? Like they keep releasing gimmicky products like the peach palette or the rehashes of the chocolate palette but their quality isn't as great as it used to be? I have their holiday set from 2014 and it's great, I don't reach for it much anymore but in comparison their new stuff looks like gimmicky crap. I don't care about the owners dog,I don't care about the gimmicky smell, I don't care about the youtuber's name attached to it. I care that the products are good and original, lately they haven't been imo.
I don't know if I've just grown out of the brand but I can't see why anyone over 15 that has nice would buy this stuff? The pretty boxes are just going to get thrown out anyway. Even with my 2014 set I kept it for a few months then it got dented on my shelf and I threw it out.

No. 46751


try stackable trays, you can get them from any dollar/asian store


get that sand out of your vag anon.

No. 46752

You're the voice of reason anon.
I've got my hotel cafe palette yesterday, and like expected, some of the shades are really shitty/unworkable. I'll still keep it because I like the blushs & some colours and most of my stuff now is smoky eyes&nude, but my enthusiasm for the brand almost died.

No. 46753

Thirding this.
I went through their whole line in person recently and was upset to find maybe two things worth working with.

I'll go back to replace my bonbon palette one day, but beyond that…

No. 46754

File: 1481487919260.jpg (70.28 KB, 640x640, 15275606_556294567909906_32224…)

speaking of palettes, storybooks' upcoming Wizardry and Witchcraft Palette (aka the harry potter palette) make me excited as an 13yo tumblerina! the colors look so bold and pretty…
And they will also re-release their wand brushes again./fangirlsquee

No. 46755

File: 1481496448794.jpg (82.39 KB, 736x736, 6ecc6dbb1d6742d4f3c7c34c7ff2be…)

I'm excited for this.

No. 46756

I dislike all this holographic makeup trend but I still want this, lol?! too bad that when it will be released I will be broke af.

No. 46757


I know what you mean. I would never wear it anywhere but I still want it for some reason. It looks really pretty but it would never match any of my outfits or any sort of situation I'd be in.

No. 46758

I also am wondering this.

No. 46759

File: 1483886626980.jpg (245.04 KB, 625x363, 12x-FEG-Eyelash-Enhancer-Lash-…)

Has anyone any kind of experience with lash growth boosters and skin/hair/nail supplements?

Do only the high end boosters work or are there any average priced ones that work too?

Do these supplements with b6/b12 or whatever work to keep your nails/skin/healthier or do they contain only a tiny bit of the good stuff?

I've been doing research but we don't have a lot of different brands here in Europe so I'm not sure what to think and am wondering about personal experience. Not to mention in so many videos you can see that in the after part they have curled lashes and wear mascara

No. 46760

The expensive lash boosters work. I tried m2 lashes and revitalash. Liked m2lashes better.

Though the result isn't as impressive as on the picture you posted, especially if your lashes are short to begin with. I used to have very short lashes, now I have normal lashes but not super dark fake looking lashes.

No. 46761

Those look kinda gross tbh

No. 46762


Honestly castor oil on your lashes every night works too. I used to have stubs but now my lashes are normal. I stopped doing it a while back because I've been lazy but I'll start up again soon cuz I want longer lashes.

No. 46763

Castor oil helps with breakage but it won't lengthen the growth circle. I tried oil before I tried the boosters and while it did help the boosters have a bigger effect. Whenever I stop applying them I notice more lashes falling out.

No. 46764

tbh the only "eyelash grower" in my experience that has ever worked is stop applying mascara / putting on fake lashes for awhile. My lashes REALLY got thicker and longer after a period in which I was too depressed to put makeup and go out. But this is kinda missing the point, because I guess the goal is to enhance your eyelashes' look. Never tried any oil because I'm afraid it will leak into my eyeballs and make them itch…

No. 46765

uhm the serum does really enhance growth. the lashes I lost after using it were noticeably longer than before. Yes I collected my own lashes don't judge me

No. 46766

A good highlighter at a reasonable price? I love Becca ones but like hell I'm going to pay 40 bucks for a fucking highlighter.
Also, a good contouring palette for very pale skin that doesn't cost like a liver?

No. 46767

I've yet to find a good contouring palette for fair skin that isn't too orange.

As for highlighters, I like colourpops and they're super cheap.

No. 46768

File: 1484189092517.png (936.56 KB, 767x1000, IMG_1867.PNG)

I returned an xmas present i had no use for and now i have just under 100$ of store credit at one of the priciest make up stores in town and im giddy af cause i am low key really into high end brands but personally today ill just try to find a new primer / some good lip stuff anyways wish my ass luck, i love shopping with free money.
(Pic not related)

No. 46769

Have fun, anon! Also, love the bioshock photo.

No. 46770

Appreciate a farmer with good vidya taste,
/sage for being a gaming cuck

No. 46771

look into Nabla cosmetics. they have cooler toned contours. they're also cruetly-free, which is a bonus in my book.

No. 46772

I'm honestly lost.
I finally found a foundation I really really like and works for me, but I'm between two shades. One is a bit lighter and pink, while the other one is slightly darker and more orange-ish.

I'm afraid the lighter one will make me look washed out but the darker one makes me orange-ish and it's no better.

If it wasn't so expensive I'd just buy both shades ffs. Guess I'll go with the lighter one?

No. 46773

If one's pink and the other is yellowish, decide based on your undertones. If the makeup isn't an exact match to your skin colour, match it to your undertones to make it less obvious and easier to blend. You can get away with minimal difference but a pinkish face when you have olive skin or an orange face when you have rosy skin will make it stand out more.

No. 46774

What's better in general, liquid eyeliner or the eyeliner that are pencils? And I have large pores and some acne scars on my cheeks, should I get a BB cream or foundation? Someone told me MAC's fondations are good but I don't know where to start for that. I don't have a lot of money to spend on make up and skin care but I'm tired of looking like a slob.

No. 46775

So… a stupid question: what's better to apply foundation? Flat kabuki brush or beauty blender?

No. 46776

For eyeliner it depends on the look you're going for. I just use liquid eyeliner though, whether I'm doing a simple line or a wing. If I want to put eyeliner on my lower lid I just use black eyeshadow (carefully).

A blurring or pore-covering primer under foundation will minimize your pores and imperfections under your foundation. MAC is really expensive and there are plenty of other options to try that are cheaper, even in the drug store range, if you can find your shade. If you're trying to find a good foundation just go into an Ulta or Sephora and have them color match you and figure out the best foundation for your skin type and amount of coverage you're looking for.

I use a beauty blender but I use a water based foundation.

No. 46777

Thanks anon, now I finally have a foundation that actually matches my skintone (:

No. 54119

Today was my first day experimenting with makeup and bought some cheap bb cream from the drugstore, is it normal for the makeup to stay on the surface of the skin rather than to absorb? What is a good BB cream/foundation for pale skin that isnt matte but dewy and fresh looking?

No. 54161

Burts bees is dewy. You have to re apply every few hours.

No. 54176

My burts bees bb cream usually lasted all day. I loved that stuff. Maybe they came out with a new formula that doesn't last?

No. 54186

I wear it for nine hours at work. Lasts the whole time and doesn't break me out.

No. 54189

New to makeup here
is it normal that foundation sits on your skin rather than absorbing like mosturizer?

No. 54199

Yes, that is normal. Consider a primer underneath and a finishing spray so that the texture is better and less annoying.

No. 54201

File: 1485827200082.jpg (110.01 KB, 470x669, 36D65E0300000578-0-image-m-73_…)

thank you so this sort of texture is normal?

No. 54462

I never got good results with foundation brushes but beauty blender works very well. But it's a pain in the ass to clean and it absorbs too much foundation (this can be a huge deal if you use an expensive one) so most of the time I end up use my fingers for make up application.

No. 54473

Under fluorescent light, yes. It can be minimized by using primer, blending sponges, and finishing spray.

No. 54474

I use my fingers, and then wet a disposable makeup sponge, pat off the excess water with a paper towel, and use that to blend. I got a cakey texture when trying to apply with a sponge, but blending with a sponge worked wonders for me.

No. 54603

what foundations/concealers are good for oily skin? also, do you guys like using liquid contour or powder contour?

No. 54629

Are Sephora's products good? They're usually less expensive than the other well-known brands sold in their stores and some of them are on sales where I am so I'm curious.

No. 54752

File: 1486428332998.jpeg (119.35 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

So, wasn't really sure where to put this, but I thought I'd share my findings with all of you farmers.

Sometimes, occasionally, an instahoe will slip through the cracks of my psyche and make me feel jealous.

Not anymore tho. I've now seen how ridiculous it is of me to even think it's possible for any of these girls to actually look like this. I'll post before and afters.

For instance, Sahar.

No. 54754

File: 1486428377198.jpeg (51.82 KB, 640x633, image.jpeg)

This is what she really looks like under all the makeup and editing

No. 54755

File: 1486428433899.jpeg (157.12 KB, 640x793, image.jpeg)

And, especially, Kelsey. Popular and envied by many.

No. 54756

File: 1486428571312.jpeg (99.35 KB, 900x900, image.jpeg)

She actually looks like this under makeup, styling, and heavy editing. She hasn't gotten her nose done, just edits it a lot.

As most of you know, a lot of makeup we see is incredibly unrealistic to apply to real life and looks like shit without filters and shoop.

No. 54757

>instahoes don't look like that in real life
no shit?
you sound like a robot who just learned what makeup is…

No. 54770

they're as good as you think they are. just ok, not total shit, some people really like certain products so give it a shot

No. 54771


Um, what did you expect them to look like? Everyone knows it's just piles of makeup and that underneath they're average or somewhat pretty.


No. 54774

Even with makeup on she looks like a camel
She looks nice. Nothing special but nice.

Don't see how this is news.

No. 54788

How do you stop your foundation from going into the pores of your nose and make it look like a fucking strawberry? I already use primer, I don't know.
Also, why foundation always looks crusty in my face even though I scrub my skin religiously and without makeup it looks smooth and fine?

No. 54790

what brands of foundation/primer are you using?

No. 54798


i sampled some the other day. eyeshadows and brushes were good, foundations i'm not sure about. pricey but worth it. i don't recommend their products if you're a beginner though.

No. 54800

Foundation is Mac Studio Fix fluid. Primer is L'Oreal Infaillible

No. 55074

Does anyone know of a dupe for Etude Houses teardrop liner? It's my favorite for inner corner highlight, but my eyes suddenly decided they're allergic to it. It makes my eyes swell up and burn.

No. 55075

File: 1487081062517.jpg (77.99 KB, 400x400, IMG_0608.JPG)

No. 55091

Is it possible you bought a fake product by accident?
Also I like the urban debay glitter eyeliners but they might be a little too sparkly. Make up forever used to have a shimmery white liquid liner too.

No. 55092

File: 1487115085833.jpg (23.7 KB, 500x500, s-l500.jpg)

Maybe you could try the "Dollish Pearl Eye Liner" by Lioele?
I think it's a tad bit more intense than the Tear Drop Liner, but it looks quite pretty and similar, and i've personally never had any problems of irritation with Lioele products.

Also, like >>55091 said it could be you bought a fake one, or a misproduced one. I've had to throw out stuff that irritated my eyes, only to repurchase it and it working fantastically again with 0 irritation, you could try repurchasing it in a different store or something.

No. 55095

I ordered off of ebay, so it's a possibility. I bought from a US seller though- but that probably doesn't change anything since they might be reselling shit from China. How do you tell the difference between a real and fake? I got the feeling that it was fake…

No. 55096

Oh, I forgot about Lioele! Thanks, anon!

No. 55100

Maybe try using a different smoothing primer on your nose area? (Benefit Primed and Poreless, Illamasqua Hydra Veil etc)
Also your scrubbing may be agitating the skin, and mattifying primers can cling to flaky skin and make them look worse.

No. 55139

I have the same issues, no primer has ever really fixed the issue, drug store or high end.

The only thing that doesn't make me look "crusty" is 1) not using setting powder, at all and 2) avoiding matte foundations. This sucks because I have combination skin and between oiliness and sweat I tend to slough off my foundation within hours. I just have to carry some with me and reapply. Nothing else I can do. But I take that over crusty foundation.

No. 55148

File: 1487234833862.jpg (21.83 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Can someone help me out please?

I've always had problems with my makeup creasing and looking bad under my eyes like in the "before" pic. (I have a lot of wrinkles too)

I moisturize my the area under my eyes, drink 1.5L+ of water daily, go to the gym and have a good diet, blend with a sponge, use minimal powder tried using primer/moisturizer and without but it still ends up looking really really cakey. And applying one coat simply doesn't work because the under eye area is do dark.

Could it be possible that the brand I'm using is just crap?

No. 55149

Try colour correcting so you don't have to use so much concealer. And the brand you use might not be crap, but maybe doesn't work with your skin type.

No. 55151

Thanks anon, I'll give it a try (:

No. 55164

This. Bobbi Brown has some nice salmon-toned undereye correctors

No. 55166

Speaking of eye creams, do they even work? I've been using eye cream for about 6 months and I see no difference whatsoever. Will it just keep my wrinkles from getting worse as opposed to looking better?

No. 55200

I've been using mine for about a month and it did help a bit with the tiny wrinkles. The really tiny ones. And it generally looks better.

But other than that I don't think you should expect too much from these creams.

No. 55201

Nothing a regular moisturiser can't do

No. 55206

File: 1487332221556.png (262.65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170217-073939.png)

Anyone out there knows this compact powder by MAC? i really like the coverage but I only apply it with a brush otherwise it makes me look slightly powdery imo and i really like natural looking makeup

Anyway, the thing is… I've been having breakouts and idk if it's the product (because it's really the only thing I've changed recently) or the fact that I'm dieting and changing old eating habits so my skin is going crazy? I've been trying to hit my macros so I'm having more protein than I'd usually have. Can anyone help/understands anything?

No. 55207

Also, my skin rarely breaks out. I'm 24 and haven't had many problems with that since I was 18, even though my skin can get really oily.

No. 55235

I got really bad breakouts using that powder, I don't think it works well with oily skin…So I'd blame the makeup lol

No. 55242

I break out with Mac products, too… the one I used was this shimmery highlighter powder

No. 55246

Seriously what's wrong with Mac products? They're high end, I was expecting quality

No. 55252

Thank you, everyone! I like the coverage but I definitely won't repurchase a new one … Sadly. I care too much about my skin to do that.

No. 55265

High end/quality doesn't mean a product won't break you out.

No. 55267

File: 1487390587292.jpg (211.84 KB, 480x1359, gallery-1426110166-eyeliner-1.…)

what eyeliner shapes do y'all like?

i usually do a puppy eye, my eyes are a weird shape and cat eye doesn't help them.

No. 55271

Honestly, I have oily monolids so I've basically given up on eyeliner. Once in a blue moon/for special events I'll do a cat eye with liquid liner.

No. 55274

I have round eyes but do closer to the small eyes style (average to large eyes tho).

No. 55343

Man oh man I just got estee lauder double wear foundation after hearing great things about and I love it, but…god damn, even the shade "cool bone" is too orange. Why would you call an orangey shade cool bone?! Us pale pieces of shit just can't get no love. It's such an amazing foundation otherwise but it's infuriating that even their palest, "coolest" shade is so incredibly orange.

No. 55345

I feel you anon. I have yet to find a pale foundation that is… actually pale. Anyway, if you find it to be too orange on your skin it could be that it's not the right undertone for you

No. 55349

Yeah, my undertones are definitely cool toned so "porcelain" shades seem to match best, but EL didn't have any labeled that. I figured something called cool bone would be cool toned but…guess not.

So while I'm at it, foundation reqs for pale people with combination skin? I stay away from matte foundation because it makes me look crusty as hell in my dry spots. If there's something out there with a similar finish to EL Doublewear but with a better range of colors that'd be great. I was thinking of trying Toofaced Born This Way or Fiona Stiles Luminous Foundation Concentrate.

Things that have made me crusty or too orange: IT CC cream, Urban Decay Naked Skin, KVD lock it tattoo foundation.

One foundation I do like is the Tarte rainforest of the sea water foundation, but it's very sheer and doesn't cover my mild rosecea.

No. 55351

What about a Korean foundation? They're usually glowy and of a really cool pale

No. 55388

Youtube has a few ultra-fair-skinned swatch videos, that range from cool, warm, yellow, sallow, ect ect. The other thing I would say is to use a full cover, but not too much. Concentrate on evening out the discoloration around the center of the face (cheeks, nose, chin, between the brows) and feather it out towards the edges of your face. By the edges it should almost disappear completely into your skin tone. Saves product and looks more natural than having a mask on your face, looks more natural/youthful.

No. 55396

You might be reading out of date recommendations, estee lauder double wear is my pasty ass's HG but the shade is discontinued (it's called very light 11 and comes in a blue tube). I bought a bunch of it off ebay to tide me over until I find something to replace it, but I only need tiny amounts at once because it's such good coverage.

No. 55399


not the anon but as someone really pale korean foundantion/bb cream looks really yellow on my skin

No. 55402

as a fellow ghost i just got the Missha real complete bb cream in 13 and i love the texture so much, it's basically a soothing moisturiser with better coverage than most foundations i've tried. it's very very slightly too pink for me but it's actually more grey than anything.
on the cool side, i was absolutely in love with Bobbi Brown Skin foundation in 00 Alabaster but my skin got too crappy to use it.
would any pale people be interested in swatches of my personal collection? pale foundation varies so much in undertone

No. 55403

i will also add that color correction and paying real close attention to my skincare regime has helped so much, if you start off with the best base you can then even wrong colored foundations don't look so bad.
also not a foundation, but i got the Ultrasun tinted sunscreen in ivory that is what i wear most days. it's the most comfortable face sunblock i've worn and has a tint that is cool but soft, more like neutral-cool.
this is where i found out about the Missha bb cream:

No. 55432

can anyone recommend some inexpensive foundation + concealer for brown/indian skin? i live in australia but am travelling to the uk soon. thanks 4 the help

No. 55433

Swatches would be awesome

No. 55438

Ghost person here.

I finally found a solution that works for me : buying some not too shitty but easily found foundation (the ones that are usually one/two tone too dark for me) and mixing it with dreamtone by manic panic.

It takes a little time to mix it correctly and get the right shade but I find it a really good (and cheap) alternative to buy a costly foundation not sold in my country.

Dreamtone cost me like 10€ (and hourray, i can ship it from uk to my euro-hole) and it doesn't take a huge amount to lighten the foundation.

I'm pretty happy.

No. 55447

I just wanted to add, Toofaced Born This Way is a really nice foundation and comes pretty pale (snow). It's not WHITE white if that's what you need, but snow is pretty pale and will suit a cool-neutral person. It's probably my favorite I've used in awhile. I resisted going to it because I feel like Toofaced anything is grossly overrated; their eyeshadows are really bad nowadays and feel like drugstore tier while being so overpriced.

No. 55448

Samefag but LA girl also has a white foundation for mixing too. https://lagirlusa.com/products/pro-coverage-illuminating-foundation?variant=21095238405

No. 55846

It's not a "Harry Potter" palette, it's in no way endorsed or an officially licensed product… the only place I've ever heard it being referred to as such is on Buzzfeed, it's also ridiculously overpriced.

No. 55869

I want the KVD holo pallid cause its so pretty but usually my makeup is light if I wear anything beyond tinted sunscreen and idk if I can work it into my look :/

No. 55892

Same. I want it so bad but I can't really justify buying it because I do pretty tame looks and it's not a terribly tame palette, I guess. I mean, it's just highlights, but still "glam".

No. 55984

Has anyone here used Pacifica makeup? I really like their skincare products, but haven't tried anything else.

No. 55986

Alright, I'm someone who really fucking hates the way make up feels on my face. But, I need it for job interviews. Does anyone know any foundations that don't feel like shit? Maybe gentle eyeliners/mascaras? Doesn't have to look amazeballs, just enough to do the job.
Keep it in the perspective of someone who hasn't worn make up in like 4 years.
Also wondering if plucking my eyebrows other than in the middle, or otherwise getting them shaped, is really worth the time if I don't fill them in at all.

No. 55998


Try using a BB cream or powder foundation. I use the bare minerals bare pro powder foundation, it works very well with a little product, you can get full coverage with like 2 or three layers of you needed it.

And I use the two faced better than sex mascara because it's damn good, but you can probably find something to do the job at the drugstore

No. 56005

File: 1488513405048.jpg (261.69 KB, 1500x1500, s1574896-main-zoom.jpg)


this is my personal fave. very light coverage and glides on nicely, barely feels like you're wearing makeup.

No. 56012

Does anyone know a good hilighter I can get at Ulta or online? I used to use Aussie Perk-me-up from Everyday Minerals and it worked well but they don't make it anymore.

No. 56110

Clinique stuff is really good. Formula can be applied sheer but it's never caused me a breakout heavy either. this is someone who has tried mac, smash box, drug store brands too. It's called photoready!

No. 56148

k so I keep seeing these videos of Lime Crime's new 'super holographic~' lipstick/gloss circulating, but because it's Doe Deere I have no faith in the quality. Is there an alternative to these products that I could buy or recommend to the people that I see sharing the promo photos?

No. 56161

File: 1488857036223.jpg (17.73 KB, 282x415, doubt.jpg)

>camera ready

No. 56649

not really makeup, and more cosplay related,,… but does anyone have any good recommendations for body paint? suitable for both face and body ?

No. 56661

File: 1489890921281.jpg (113.27 KB, 888x682, bb-bronzed-glow-069a.jpg)

Can anyone with darker skin recommend some good cream highlighters that give off a natural finish? I bought the bobbi brown highlighting powder in bronze glow and that shit is shimmery as FUCK!

I'm thinking about buying the candlelight drops from cover fx or those cheap cream highlighters from colourpop.

No. 56665

File: 1489891912165.jpg (24.19 KB, 400x400, 2254860.jpg)

I use pic related and there's also a shade in the two faced chocolate bonbon palate I use

No. 56668

File: 1489893229747.jpg (116.31 KB, 700x700, 13391242_891421584318574_56246…)

Oh~ I've been meaning to try these, pure gold and gleam look so pretty

No. 56681

File: 1489923902206.jpg (25.83 KB, 438x489, doggo.jpg)

Give me absolutely the best mascara recommendation you could give. Best if I don't have to pay over 25USD on it and is good for tiny as fuck and flat lashes.

I am absolutely fucking tired of having to wear falsies when going to class or some menial task like that because I am unlucky with mascaras and always buy shit.

No. 56686

Can someone please explain to me the appeal of highlighting outside of like.. cosplaying or doing crazy makeup?

It just makes me think they're either sweating like crazy or that they were crafting and got glitter all over their face. I don't see it as emphasizing cheekbones at all.

No. 56688

This is my extremely cheap suggestion (as I too have been struggling to find a mascara I like and this one has gotten pretty close to what I want), I would say try the Essence Forbidden Volume Mascara. It's usually under $5 and give a solid fill and length without being clumpy. Downside is that it dries out quicker than other mascaras.

No. 56689

I'll buy it this week, god bless you anon

No. 56693

Another option is benefit rollerlash. If you buy the sample size they have by the registers it's cheaper and more cost effective than if you bought the fullsize tubes and it's my favourite mascara.

Besides that, the pink maybelline one with the green top, those ones are pretty solid.

ELF makes one that isn't total garbage but i also bought it a few years ago and I noticed when I went to buy an old product I wanted to revisit that they've seemingly changed formulas for some stuff because a lot of it is dookie compared to the old quality :(

No. 56710

A good drugstore dupe for Roller Lash is Maybelline Lash Sensational. I personally never spend more than drugstore prices on mascara anymore. Never bought a high end or luxury priced one that was worth it. Good drugstore ones do the trick.

No. 56718

I use essence too and would recommend it.
But be careful with it. I usually have something like a allergic reaction then after a week or two after not using it, it goes away.

No. 56750

Me too. Essence is the only mascara I find good. Every other one is just clumping on my lashes or it doesn't get off even tho I remove it thoroughly with oil. Never had a problem with essence.

No. 56752

File: 1490031748463.gif (973.62 KB, 245x137, tumblr_inline_n3jla9XYz51rro7a…)

Do any of you know a foundation for a pale skin with a warm undertone? Which also works with a more or less oily T-Zone? And high coverage?

I have two foundations, one that works perfect with my type of skin (Artdeco Long lasting foundation oil-free) which is sadly too pink-ish for my face and on the other side I have the "Stay Matt but not Flat" one of NYX which shade Ivory is quite perfect for me but the type of this foundation makes me after a few hours shiny af, which is gross and just doesn't work with oily skin.

Everything else I tried is too brown or pink for me welp. I would love to invest in some high end make up since everything drugstore related has been a huge disappointing.

No. 56754

Nars Siberia

No. 56757

File: 1490039181319.jpg (156.96 KB, 600x600, superstay-1.jpg)

All of them are pale-ish and I think two of them aren't really pink. Covers pretty good and stays on despite oily skin

No. 56758

When it's done in a subtle way it just brings out cheek bones and makes skins look v pretty

But like everything else ppl over do it

No. 56759

In that vein, what is an 'olive' skintone exactly?
Because Siberia, Fit Me 110 and L'Oreal Super Stay, known fair warm shades, are suddenly being recommended by people with 'olive' skintones because 'it compliments my pale olive skin. Btw I'm 1/16th Slavic and 1/200th Cherokee which is why my skin is this way as opposed to, you know, natural variation in skin undertones amongst people of the same ethnicity'.

I don't get it, a year ago there was cool and warm and now it's like there is no 'warm' anymore, every time I ask for a rec I get asked 'r u sure u aren't olive, sweetie?'

No. 56761

So, like, is it cool to self post in this thread with faces covered for skin tone advice?

No. 56763

Wtf is 1/200th cherokee?

No. 56764


Basic white girl. I'm hoping it's a typo and she meant like 1/20th or half because if not….

No. 56765

If it's not a typo I imagine it's her way of saying "I have a little bit of cherokee in me" without sounding like, or maybe even poking fun at, people who say things like "I'm 1/16th Cherokee" and actually think it's a part of their identity or something

No. 56781

Siberia in matte is the only shade that has ever matched me (I guess I'm a warm toned super-pale?) but it emphasizes dryness on my face that I didn't even know I had. I have a good skincare regimen so I'm not a flaky mess but I can't get it to look nice no matter what primer/moisturizer/applicator I use. It completely sucks and the sheer glow is just slightly the wrong tone.
Has anyone got Nars sheer matte to apply well?

No. 56796

It was the same way for me. The Sephora sales associate looked at me like I was crazy when I mentioned it during the return tho, so idk.

No. 56798

>1/16th Slavic and 1/200th Cherokee

Can we stop with this fucking white girl shit? Less than 1/4th and it doesn't fucking count.

No. 56799

Have you trieda watered beautyblender? My skin is very dry with makeup on if I apply it without watering up the beautyblender first. There's a maaaassive difference in how the foundation looks if you use it vs. don't use it.

No. 56800

I'm white as hell and use True Ivory, it has a pink undertone and it's quite good.

No. 56801

Anyone here ever try lash perming? Cons, pros? Recommended?

No. 56804

Jfc of course I wasn't serious. Can you not see the quotes there? I'm not even American, I wasn't speaking for myself.

No. 56808

Huh. No I haven't tried that, I had a bad experience with a knock-off beautyblender so I haven't really looked back into them.
I suppose I should fork out for a real one and try it out. Thanks for the tip.

No. 56809

Just a quick question: I still don't get the undertone thing. My foundation has a warm undertone because I look like shit with a cold one, does that mean that my undertone is warm or cold?

No. 56810

Samefagging, I mean I think it's warm because it has a W (it's a Mac one) but idk if it's supposed to mean that the foundation is warm or it's for a warm undertoned skin

No. 56833

is it NW because that means "not warm"

No. 56835

I could link you to some but it's probably a better idea to google stuff about finding your undertone. Most people are cool, warm or neutral.
If your foundation looks orange, you're cooler than it, if it looks too purple you're warmer than it.
You might want to go to a makeup store and test some colours on your wrist or ask for advice from a clerk if that's your jam.

No. 56837

Maybe youre more neutral or olive skinned? I have light olive skin and I had a very hard time pinning down my undertone.

No. 56840

does anyone shave their face? is it ok to do? my baby hairs fuck my foundation no matter what way I apply or set it

No. 56841

I use my epilator for the fluff on my cheeks and jawline without any problems but I'd never put that anywhere near my top lip or anything. It's kind of annoying though, I wish there was an easy painless way to defluff faces, I've heard from darker-haired women that you shouldn't s