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File: 1646506409179.jpg (440.27 KB, 828x1601, 1645974888322.jpg)

No. 187240

Hi nonners until /m/ is cured can we use this thread to rate art

No. 187243

File: 1646508807528.png (63.9 KB, 257x275, 1645817661864.png)

Whoever drew this ily

No. 187247

File: 1646509329514.png (411.62 KB, 2048x2048, Untitled91_20220305150738.png)

I'm trying to figure out how to do the lineart but pls rate the sketch before it's too late

No. 187248

the wall looks weird, more wall pics?

No. 187252

Lord help me resist the urge to post my cringe ass OC yaoi here…

No. 187254

Gimme your OCs NOW nonnie

No. 187255

File: 1646512431789.gif (156.36 KB, 220x166, 1607268533824.gif)

Won't even be upset if I cop a ban for this. I deserve it tbh. (NSFW warning)

No. 187257


No. 187261

I swear I've seen you on /ic/. Not to my taste, but definitely charming.

No. 187263

Anon I don't even like yaoi but these are great, I love the way you draw hands and expressions especially. Do you take commissions?

No. 187268

Sorry nonnie
Yea I'm usually on there (until my patience with 4channers runs out lol)
Thank you sm!
>Do you take commissions?
Not officially(haven't set up a commission sheet or paypal business acc or anything hghh), but I do a few here and there for fun. pretty sure this is against the rules but my email is there in case you're interested anyways

No. 187279

This gives off tumblr vibes with them being dorky men but it's cute! the naked first pic was very jarring, kek. I like the drawing of them kissing the best, the hands are nice.

No. 187291

>cringe ass
It's certainly embarrassing cuz it's porn, but I wouldn't call it bad art.
They're both very cute and your style is nice. But you only posted pencil sketches. Don't you have a tablet?

No. 187295

I'm just embracing it tbh. I love drawing goofy looking tumblr-people and shit
I do have a tablet and usually do a lot of digital painting. These were more just spontaneous sketches to quell my inner fujo

No. 187305

This is awesome

No. 187310

File: 1646536195983.png (514.32 KB, 6047x8598, sprigatito.png)

here's some degenerate furry art i made of sprigatito's inevitable 2 legged form

No. 187313

Aww this is cute!

I would advice muting colours that are as saturated as that violet so they’re not that ms paint-like, since they’re a bit jarring.

I absolutely looooove the big cute fluffy paw, and the detail on the furred face! Super cool! However I also feel it kinda clashes with how rushed and plain the tail looks in comparison, especially since it’s such a big subject in the piece. If you put the amount of care you put in the paw and fluffy cheeks towards the tail as well, it’s gonna look even more amazing.

Finally, completely up to your taste, but a blank background can make it feel pretty boring, poor kitty just floating there in infinite blank space. But just even a square or triangle of solid color for the background could make your art stand out more.

No. 187315

File: 1646538286392.jpg (76.3 KB, 1024x538, spanish shawl.jpg)

yeah, i had a hard time trying to make it not super detailed (like canon pokemon), but this was the end result lmao

also the the pink i just nabbed from the plant spanish shawl, but i definately could've put more demension (?) in the colors

No. 187348

He's so charming, I love it! He's leaning a bit though. Try flipping your canvas and you'll see what I mean.

No. 187394

Too cute and too anthro to be a Pokemon, I also love your idea here >>187315

No. 187841

I like your style, I'm no fujo but if I were this would be my jam

No. 188466

ur a good artist but you draw unattractive characters

No. 188498

They're pretty cute, wtf you're talking about?

No. 188508


No. 188539

File: 1646941524834.png (276.16 KB, 700x1000, STACY STRONK.png)


i posted this in the oc drawing thread, but i would like some feedback for the muscles and stuff. i used a model reference, so i'm hoping it still looks nice with my artstyle™

No. 188844

She looks amazing, I think there may be something weird with the shoulder muscle on the right arm but I'm not sure

No. 188858

File: 1647044905706.jpeg (473.4 KB, 1147x1248, 085BF85D-26CC-4AB7-96E5-D08C40…)

i’m glad that this thread is back, so here’s my shitty contribution. just a random sketch portrait, reference was a screenshot from a film. the weird thing on his head is some kind of a furry hat, i always struggle to do hair or fur lol

No. 188860

this is great! as the nonna above me stated before, the only problem is the shoulder-arm thing, but that is just a minor detail. you did a wonderful job on this. i really hate to use the /ic/ speak, but this is sovl!

No. 188861

It looks very very nice. For fur try drawing many short lines instead of scribbles

No. 189187

File: 1647236715393.jpg (241 KB, 1144x785, 1647234571782.jpg)

Excellent taste, love some old fashion gays

No. 189188

yes, the issue is the right arm's (our left) deltoid muscle is overlapping the bicep muscle, when it should be nestled behind the bicep and in front of the triceps.

No. 190546

File: 1647675378918.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 700x1000, Inkedmonster bf_LI.jpg)

spoilered because it's "sexy"(?)

No. 190549

left nip seems too high up, and why are his horns fuzzy?

No. 190683


lmao you're right, why havent i noticed how bad it was before ffff

as for the horns, i was going for a chipped growth effect. whould it look better if the lineart was thinner? or should i just scrap the horn texter and make them smooth?

No. 190730

He’s very hot anon and the way you drew the hair is beautiful! I really like your style

No. 190767

>pretty boy

No. 191484

File: 1648000244413.png (1.73 MB, 1511x2236, angle.png)

I've been dipping my toes into a painterly style, it's a bit fun actually!

No. 191485

File: 1648000469647.png (972.13 KB, 1670x1131, birfdayborb.png)

Another one I did in this style. I find working with blues and purples fun.

No. 191504

NONNIE THESE ARE SO CUTE!!! i love your brush work so much and the colors are beautiful

No. 191507

File: 1648008431164.png (2.34 MB, 1683x1889, portrait.png)

Thanks nona, it means a lot!!! I love using bright saturated colors and I love using "traditional" digital brushes even more!

No. 191509

it’s extremely beautiful i really love your work, the colors are so so beautiful and also perfect for your subject matter! The way you render reminds me of Marco Bucci whose work I really love. Keep it up nonna!!

No. 191514

I love kirby too nonnie!!!!! Your art is fantastic!!!!!!1

No. 191556

Thank you! That's one of the other reasons I like Kirby, it's full of very bright and varied colors to play around with! like instead of using bright pink for Kirby's skin I can use a pale reddish orange and soft orange which gives off a more summery "vibe". I did not know who Marco is, his face scares me but I like his art so thank you!
Oh nice, it's rare that I get to meet others into Kirby outside of twitter! which is both a curse and a blessing Are you excited for FL? Who are your favorite characters?

No. 194833

File: 1649128159819.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 700x1000, Inkedmonster bf_LI.jpg)

hey nonnas, thought you guys would wanna see updated/fixed demonboy tiddies

No. 194836

File: 1649128426740.png (516.32 KB, 900x1400, WIP FOUL TARNISHED.png)

also, i'm working on my elden ring husband, so here's the WIP

No. 194933

Cute cute both are cute I got nothing else to add

No. 195069

He's fantastic and I also love how you gave him such a winning smile. Don't always want to see a sub anxious or in pain, sometimes it's nice when they're just happy to be here kek
Love your style and subject matter. The design of the staff(?) is really beautiful. Wish I could see more of your work without you having to out yourself but thanks for sharing!

No. 195078

File: 1649203366466.png (87.98 KB, 500x500, blushblush.png)

that's probably the nicest thing any stranger on the internet has ever said to me, thank you nonnie

No. 196291

File: 1649572124001.png (1.01 MB, 900x1400, WIP FOUL TARNISHED.png)


No. 196304

I love it nonnie! what was the movie ?

This is an amazing style, how did you create the pattern on the sleeves

No. 196336

I'm not the anon you're asking this to but I'm 90% sure this is the character Mikhail Polyakov from Morphine/Морфий, a 2008 Russian movie about a doctor during the early days of the Russian civil war.

No. 196380

i used a lace pattern that came with clip studio and layered it to hell

No. 196384

File: 1649615119043.jpg (1.98 MB, 900x1400, FOUL TARNISHED.jpg)


No. 196385

I want to tell him that everything will be alright.

No. 196400

I love him anon

No. 196511

File: 1649645973866.png (1 MB, 1460x1328, fnasplace.png)

I got around to making some art again! The Space Ranger ability is so so fun, it's super cool looking too. Very surprised it wasn't found in the Invasion of the House of Horrors stage.

No. 196512

File: 1649646053262.png (1.28 MB, 816x2464, clumsydee.png)

I also re-vamped a MSPaint doodle I did, Waddle Dees are way too clumsy.

No. 196513

File: 1649646134426.png (216.05 KB, 1056x803, galactaclothes.png)

and finally, a simple doodle based off of a God-like phrase.

No. 196547

this is sick as hell, love it

No. 196601

Aaaawwwwww this thing is so cute I love it poor little thing hold my hand so you don't trip again

No. 196750

File: 1649715434019.png (10.46 MB, 1976x1846, waifu1.png)

this is beautiful i love the details
your kirbies are so cute anon

this is the first time i've ever tried to do something painterly and the first time i've touched my tablet in months. she's based off a waifulabs creation lmao. one day i'll make something that isn't a pretty, emotionless bust

No. 196755

hell yeah, very cute!

No. 197153

File: 1649893557343.jpeg (2.21 MB, 4032x3024, D6E4ADCF-8B83-41FF-AE71-B74261…)

Super quick self portrait (5 min. for the sketch, maybe 15 for the coloring). I stopped drawing for a year or so (still did it occasionally, but not much) and have been getting back into it the past few months. I think I added too much purple on the skin, I wish I left more white showing so the cartoony blush didn’t look so out of place but oh well. The hair has some purple in it too but it doesn’t show up on camera very well. I think in the future I will try less shading and make it more solid colors, using my sketching pen to do most of the shading (red ballpoint). Also the Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolors are the best, I got a starter set and purchased some indivual colors to add and it’s the perfect set now! Especially the teal color (no. 57) is so good, smooth and pigmented.

No. 197154

i love it, i wanna see more

No. 197158

File: 1649894973223.jpeg (2.5 MB, 4032x3024, E1AA7DB0-0E0E-4D07-B2B6-DD38B8…)

Thanks nonna, that means a lot ♥ I don’t do finished pieces really so here’s a page from my sketchbook!

No. 197159

File: 1649895082877.jpeg (2.16 MB, 4032x3024, 8126CEE6-368A-4A5B-8F70-DE951D…)

My phone camera is a bit shit, also lol at the feet on the far left. I’m trying to do more character design but I never really learned anatomy well. I’ll continue drawing though, only way to get better!

No. 197213

i absolutely love you're use of colors <3 if you want to practice, doing some figure drawing will help you get a good feel for anatomy

No. 197251

Thank you ♥ I'm trying to do figure drawing yes! I'm looking for some life drawing classes too but can't find any in my area and it's kind of awkward to ask your one friend to get naked in front of you lol.

No. 197408

This kind of sketchbook - with colors, text, big two page spreads - is always such a pleasure to go through, your art is lovely anon, keep at it! How many sketchbooks have you finished so far?

No. 197449

This is so sweet, thank you nonna ♥ I'm 19 now and have been using sketchbooks since I was about 12. I used to do a lot of finished pieces and used my sketchbooks mostly for concepts so I'm not sure. I have a ton of old ones and I don't even know where they are lol (I think I gave them to my mom?). I pretty much completely stopped doing 'finished' pieces about a year ago and just used my sketchbook for colorful things, regular sketches, studies, figure drawings, thoughts, inspiring lyrics, writing, and whatever else. Ever since I've gotten into the habit of drawing every day again, I think I've gone through 2 other ones and have this one half finished (my sketchbooks I use have 50 pages and I use both sides of the paper). Thank you so much for the compliment by the way, I graduated high school a year ago and my art teachers hated me because I have quite a messy style and they saw it as laziness/low effort work, I didn't have the guts at the time to tell them I felt it made my work more lively and it made me enjoy the proces a lot more than my old approach which was sketch, ink and color. It made me stop enjoying art for a while because I just associated it with people telling me it wasn't good enough, low effort, this and that. I don't really care anymore though, if these people really knew how to make art they wouldn't be teaching it. I don't do art for others anyway, it's just a hobby I really enjoy, something I use to get my emotions out sometimes and that's fine imo.

No. 198230

File: 1650241867317.png (3.78 MB, 2224x2037, eastercardfinal1.png)

Happy Easter nonnies!

No. 198271

This is so cute!

No. 200246

File: 1650855816442.png (298.2 KB, 645x927, goodjob.png)

Going to post some more stuff! Here's a cute Morpho Knight.

No. 200247

File: 1650855853284.png (1.07 MB, 1417x1248, dudeweedlmao.png)

Something I drew for 4/20, it's Kirby with the Leaf Ability.

No. 200248

File: 1650855932177.png (2.21 MB, 2187x2416, rkgk2.png)

Some doodles! One of them featuring one of my favorite ships, MetaSusie.

No. 200249

File: 1650856024794.png (332.17 KB, 1111x959, paintingthiswillbeapainintheas…)

And I'll end my posts with a work in progress. I plan to go simple but colorful with this one.
Thank you! Drawing the main gang is always a joy!

No. 201200

Somewhat related to thread topic: I really want to get better at drawing male bodies. How can I find good reference photos for this? Full disclosure, I want to draw cute men in suggestive poses.

No. 201210

No. 207344

File: 1652901818750.png (Spoiler Image, 79.27 KB, 589x551, cake.png)

Did I give him too much cake? Any weird anatomy you can see?

No. 207345

cute kirby!!! he looks so cool

No. 207346

I love this

No. 207348

can I be your friend

No. 207367

Nonas I have a question. Do you guys tend to post the art you post on lolcow elsewhere too or just here? Are you ever afraid of people recognizing your style and outing yourself as an anon? I always want to share because I feel like nonas are generally helpful and nice with art advice but I’m too terrified to actually post art in case someone recognizes it.

No. 207384

I am afraid of posting my art here and people recognizing my style (I've posted art a couple of times although not in this thread), or recognizing my taste, but I would never post anything here that I've posted elsewhere.
Still, I would say do it anyways (post art for critique, not something you've posted elsewhere, I mean). If you have practically no audience on your social media/art accounts, it's extremely unlikely that anyone will care about cancelling you or something, or if someone recognizes you here, I doubt she'll make a big deal out of it.
And btw I've heard that some artists have posted or promoted their art here. I know one of them, but it seems that nothing bad happened to her.

No. 207396

Ty for the encouragement. Maybe sometime I’ll try and just see how it goes. I love seeing everyone else’s work, there are so many talented anons here.

No. 207444

File: 1652919186105.png (372.57 KB, 690x1600, leafgreen nuzlocke 02.png)


i could be wrong, but i believe the etiquette is that if you recognize someone's art outside of lolcow is that you don't call them out (don't quote me on this tho lmao). being active on an anonymous forum doesn't mean you're thoughts and views are the same as everyone else's on said forum (does that make sense?) so unless you've said some INSANE shit and it's traced back to you (example: creepshowart), i dont see why you'd be called out for being on lolcow or whatever.

and if someone who's lurking calls you out on it - wtf were THEY doing on lolcow?

/rant end

ANYWAY here's a random page from a nuzlocke comic i've been working on, maybe you guys will see it offsite lmao

No. 207467

File: 1652925481500.png (456.57 KB, 739x1049, Taranzaisfuckingpissed.png)

Going to post some art again.
Thank you Nonas, I'm glad you like it!
Who's your favorite Kirby character and or ship?
Yeah, I post the art I post here on twitter all the time. Not particularly scared, as I've accidentally sperged out about KirDedede during the time /ot/ shit itself so I've long since lost any shame. If someone were to call me out, I'd just say "So? Piss off.". Anyone with enough ambition or tism can trace anything you say or do online, so when I type something online I make sure to mean it.

No. 207469

File: 1652925558592.png (714.17 KB, 1915x1371, leolol.png)

Kirby recently made a promotion featuring a bunch of Kirbys in various horoscope themed costumes.

No. 207470

File: 1652925647886.png (2.86 MB, 1734x2842, queenrippleandherpet.png)

Queen Ripple is cute but I think 02 is cuter.

No. 207472

File: 1652925798039.png (99.88 KB, 399x361, kirbysummer.png)

A doodle I did in a paint-chat.

No. 207474

File: 1652925972694.png (98.81 KB, 1277x1111, MARXPAINTING.png)

Marx, he's okay but I got some brushes and I wanted to paint him.

No. 207477

File: 1652926602426.png (8.9 MB, 1763x2711, CAKE CAKE.png)

And to finally end my art train, the finished card.

No. 207478

File: 1652926938953.png (127.44 KB, 2500x3000, 78348234457_7e7r78er78_hgduys7…)

never had a furry/warriorcats phase as a kid so I wanted to make my own character, I'm not going to finish it, but I liked the base and colours I picked

No. 207499

This isn’t that bad, but the neck and shoulders are a bit odd and awkward. Decent overall though

No. 207507

I don't ship Kirby characters, but all my faves are in Kirby 64.

No. 207509

I knew you were kirdede anon just by looking at your art.

No. 207512

>no ships
>but all my faves are in Kirby 64.
Just from this alone I can tell you're amazing. Kirby Super Star is my favorite by K64 is a close second just from it's OST. I consider you a friend nonnie.
Yeah, I figured as such. I sincerely apologize.

No. 207526

No it's nice, however the other guy's broken
Cool, my best friend used to draw just like this
I love it, I love everything but my favorite part is the panel with the grass, it's so cool

No. 207531

File: 1652956881069.jpg (36.02 KB, 305x735, rthbsrthnb.JPG)

Probably neva eva gonna finish this bc I have no patience with drawing these days. It's my Skyrim Altmer player character power fantasy lady. Is it too coomerish? I know the anatomy is a bit wonky. My works always have a weird aura of uncanny valley with the anatomy mistakes, maybe because I make them too "polished" so the mistakes show up more than in a more painterly/sketchy style.

No. 207534

I don't mean to be rude, but this drawing looks like you've never drawn a woman not splayed out on a bed. Each of her thighs is 130% as wide as her waist, she's about to topple over from the sheer mass. Also she seems to have sprouted anemones in place of hands. I would understand a man drawing like this, but a woman? You can do better anon I believe in you.

No. 207537


Ok, I'll take it it's a bit too coomerish then lmao? Also I was actually proud of those hands, now you come here to crush my dreams! No it's fine, thanks for your input nonna, I appreciate it

No. 207539

I actually like how you drew her thighs even if they’re obviously stylized to be larger and wider i think even from this I can tell you have a good grasp on anatomy to be able to stylize it like this, the other anon was unnecessarily rude imo, the hand by her head could use some work but the one by her belly is very well drawn and nice, I also like how you drew the little bits off boob coming off the side and how the gloves squish her arms, nice work nonnie!
I always enjoy seeing your kirby art, so beautiful!
This is actually very cute! I agree the neck is a bit off but if it’s your first time drawing more furry characters it’s incredibly impressive tbh and I think the eye is very cute and pretty!

No. 207555

I get that she’s probably a dwarf or some shit, but it doesn’t hurt to not make her have those porn-y thick thighs, you can make her skinny and muscular anon it’s ok you can make her thighs proportional to her chest

No. 207556

File: 1652967824765.jpeg (272.27 KB, 1601x959, 68D9C3A7-1991-409C-8B8D-64B440…)

Im here to be obnoxious with my ocs, absolutely cannot stop drawing them.

Also I absolutely adore all the kirbies, made my day

No. 207558

Nta but if you look for images of women with thick thighs you will see that they won't have such a tiny waist in comparison, I think those proportions make it a bit coomerish, especially with the thigh spill. The hands are different sizes and it looks like the fingers have random lengths. The middle finger should be the longest and yet it somehow isn't. And I feel like the nose is too high up, drawing the bridge like that also makes the face look older but maybe that's just my preference. And the little sack on her waist looks awkward and out of place and like you're drawing your first idea of a little bag. Just look up references instead of making it up. It looks cute overall though, I hope you can have some fun with it!

No. 207564

I think I might be a coomer because I like it.

No. 207565

Poor girl, you’ve dislocated her legs.

No. 207592

I love bunny guy anon, the shading on his hair is also really good

No. 207747

Thank you! I’m very cheesed to hear that, because I’m happy how he and his hair turned out as well

No. 207959


give me more ffxiv content OR ELSE–

i will cry

No. 208111

File: 1653153720917.jpeg (546.38 KB, 1225x1012, E385AB17-1111-4309-BDF3-012CBA…)

I’m a total ffxiv sperg (extremely salty I had to stop playing right before adventurer plates came out thought rip), so I’ll gladly waterboard you anon

No. 208249

File: 1653191208934.jpg (36.23 KB, 846x585, FKznt2TXMAEj5wl.jpg)

I have posted my drawings in many places and have been ignored so many times that I no longer care if someone recognizes me.

No. 208250

what sort of refs do you use to learn the muscles? I'm getting better at them but still struggle to draw them from my head, especially the little ones around the sides of the torso and lower arms

No. 208264

File: 1653193496679.jpg (256.16 KB, 1200x901, illust_60981175_20220521_22112…)

I use a lot of references mainly from pixiv (sometimes I practice drawing the references I find and from pictures with real people), and I also look at drawings that resemble the pose I want to draw to get an idea of how to draw it "right".

No. 208279

Nta but I had the same problem and I solved it by looking at a lot of pictures of the muscles you're unsure about, as well as videos (things like sports videos or anything with half-naked people going around) to get how they work in movement and above the skin. After you copy and study them enough times it just clicks and you'll remember how to do it even from memory.

No. 208282

P-post moar…

No. 208390

Nonnies, how the heck do you draw hair highlights on anime characters?

No. 208391


No. 208431

as a ~PROFFESIONAL~ artist my advice is

bullshit everything.

my REAL advice is to pick your anime hair color and then pick a lighter color that looks really pretty with it to use as a highlight. maybe experiment with overlay. go nuts. it's anime. (when my wrist stops hurting, i'll come back to this with some examples)

No. 208433


No. 208444

File: 1653257322120.jpg (27.58 KB, 596x607, FB_IMG_1652806253837.jpg)

This has been a terrible year for my drawings, I can't finish things. I hope to encourage myself to publish the best of 2021

No. 208449

File: 1653259351161.png (1.31 MB, 1500x1500, standalone.png)

still working on this but wanted to share the progress with you nonnies <3(emoticons/ emojis aren't allowed)

No. 208455

I can tell you traced over a picture. Those eyes are kinda too close together, and their noses are not placed that well. Also, mods don't like emoticons, so don't use those next time you post newfag.

No. 208456

underage twitter user/10

No. 208458

Words straight out of my mouth, love you so much. I hate emoticons and every kind of emote there is

No. 208466

Hearts have been allowed for a long time, though. Usually as # <3 but I'd say that banning someone for using without it would be nitpicking

No. 208468

>I can tell you traced over a picture
Nta but how?

No. 208470

this, as long as they aren't emojis quit being speds about them. makes you look like a newfag in your own right.

No. 208471

File: 1653267902059.png (2.39 MB, 1919x1988, ringmastermeta2.png)

Quickie fanart I made of the Kirby Horoscope Collection, specifically of the Leo rubber keychain.

No. 208473

The proportions of the figure's outline is way too realistic and stiff in comparison to how the facial features are drawn.

No. 208478

sometimes people can have a better grasp of broader anatomy but be worse at detailing or vice versa. i do think OP's pic could be traced but it could also be a newcomer who over-focused in one area but neglected others

if it isn't tracing: there's an uneven distribution of realism here that looks uncanny. the shading on the clothing is good but clashes with the hair, which looks much stiffer. the generally realistic proportions really clash with the cartoony look of the facial features. blending realism w/ stylization has to be done with a deeper sense of anatomy or the elements just look like they're conflicting with each other

if it is traced: that's fine to practice anatomical proportions but don't post it without clarification that it's practice or you will get reamed kek

No. 208484

I don't really care for ♥ although I was surprised to see it in colour when I started to browse lc on moblie since I'm more of a pcfag. Whenever I see a farmer do an emoticon for a heart without the hashtag I get reminded on the fact a lot of the newfags don't bother to read /rules/ or /meta/ and just post video links or just write about what happened without properly embedding or simply posting caps since this is an imageboard
>>208471 Keep up the good work! It's fun to see how passionate you are about the Kirby franchise. While Metaknight's right leg is a bit wonky compared to his left, awkwardly grasped staff and his top hat would look a bit better if it tipped down more as he is looking downwards to Kirby other then that I can see the improvements along with you trying to have the characters a bit more dynamic then usual which always a good thing to see.

No. 208486

Nona, her picture is clearly traced. Her skill level is obviously way below that of someone who would be capable of drawing the bodies. If she had the actual understanding of anatomy and form that it would take to do the bodies she wouldn't have drawn the eyes, noses, and inner ears like that; they're too simplified, and off with everything else. Also, her shading is like an amateurs, yet she was capable of getting the placement right in a realistic way, which makes this look more like it was traced. Someone is going to have to find the original picture, or op should just post it.

No. 208489

File: 1653272159282.png (240.84 KB, 715x725, metafeet.png)

Thank you nona! I am extraordinarily passionate about the Kirby franchise so I want to get better and improve. Yeah, admittedly, compared to my other works this is one I'm a little less proud of. Throughout drawing it I several times thought, "I should scrap this". I was trying to have Meta Knight do a cool pose that's fitting to the whole magician thing he had going on. You're right, his right foot is just kinda dangling off at the heel and I think putting it into the foreground (in-front of his body) would've made it look better perspective wise. I also feel the left foot is a little wonky too since the front of the foot is facing the viewer directly so it looks like the foot as a whole is melded to Meta Knight's back rather than the heel and due to the size not being smaller (along with his hand too) it lacks perspective in a way maybe and angling it upwards would help? I see what you mean by the way he's grasping his staff, I'm still struggling with drawing gloved hands rather than just hands with fingers, working with mass blobs as hands is a little difficult. I'm tempted to buy large winter gloves and use those as references. Thanks, with Kirby characters it's a bit hard to do dynamic poses since you have so little to work with depending on the character so I try to look at other art, official art works and in-game sprite-sheets to gather inspiration and to study from.

No. 208497

File: 1653273276207.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1420x1640, 82FDBAC1-6B9C-4A63-A6EC-068584…)

No. 208504

From your post alone I can see that you have but a lot of thought and effort into drawing Kirby and co, especially since you have clearly done research about perspective as that is really important when drawing simple blobs that doesn't have a wide range of movements and the fact you still continued on drawing despite disliking the placement of Meta Knights feet as I like to think that every piece of work that I dislike is just practise that I should finish so that I can learn from my mistakes and try better next time. You could also look up Disney hand that are gloved like Mickey mouse as there is a ton of tutorial about that for sure otherwise purchasing gloves are a good idea too since you can always pose them yourself for reference. I posted a bunch of Kirby wallpapers here >>>/m/208400 I think you would like them, although they are mostly just Kirby himself

No. 208509

I don't think you understood what you were looking at

No. 208511

I actually like the aggressively sketchy look, ignore that anon because it's not bad. But the feathers are a little too round and you should consider blunting the edges of them a bit.

No. 208515

Why is this thread full of avatarfags or whatever the fuck? Stay anonymous you dumb binches

No. 208517

w0t? this is a fucking draw thread of course ppl are gonna be identifiable you retard

No. 208525

File: 1653282254971.png (160.62 KB, 500x500, example 1.png)

No. 208526

File: 1653282375585.png (176.03 KB, 600x600, example2.png)

No. 208543

>think ppl can't tell when trace
Underage beg be like

No. 208566

Thank you! I actually see a lot of both female and male art but the women tend to be very moeblobby which annoys me lol

No. 208632

File: 1653334263511.jpeg (18.22 KB, 299x168, D84740D9-6723-4514-9F68-5BDCDC…)

Thank you anon, I don’t usually draw animals or anything like that I am trying to expand on what I do I like the look of early 2000s sketchy anime picrel ( breaking the habit -linkin park music video)

I’ll be dambed. I did this drawing really fast and I have a tendency to jumble things and rush.

No. 208635

File: 1653335344514.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 2764x3686, law.png)

lawrence my beloved

(spoilered for some blood/implied dismemberment)

No. 208664

It's really cool I like the poppies, his arm is too long, usually your elbow should be at the height of your waist but his elbow is at the height of his hips. And I know it's muh style and everything but I think the eyes are too wide, or rather not too wide but too close together.

No. 208672

I like your idea for this, you're good at hands and the flowers. But the line work, and proportions for some parts of this are not that good. The upper part of the head is too small in comparison with the ears and facial features. Their eyes are too big, and too close together. Also their arm is a bit of an odd shape, it's abnormally pointy. Your line work is inconsistent, their features get progressively thinner towards their eye, which makes it a bit jarring to look at.

No. 208696

I don’t understand how you guys are able to draw this shit my mind is incapable of this kek, this is good nonna

Everything in this thread is good! <3(<3)

No. 208698


dang, and i used a poser for reference too ;; the arm length is an easy fix, i might fix the eyes if i can get them to look aesthetically better lmao

also, please elaborate on what you mean by lineart around the eye so i can have a better understanding on how to fix it. do i make the lineart for eyelashes thicker? the irises? or the whole thing?

No. 208705

With the line art you should make it around the same width for the most part, especially where you have such thin lines for the eyes, but it's right next to a thicker line for the nose, and hands.

No. 208765

The other anons gave great tips, but I would also try to get consistent with the shapes. His torso, shoulders and face are pretty soft-looking but then you have the left arm that's pointy and made up of mostly straight lines.

No. 208776


thank you nonnitas, i'll work on it as soon as possible!!

No. 208780

Woah his face looks really… squished. Nice muscles though, nnnnice.

No. 208876

File: 1653430436669.jpeg (661.29 KB, 2045x2048, 3C08CDAD-DA5D-469F-9AD9-08F57C…)

I’ve tried different color palette on this portrait. I usually do realistic or black and white only because I’m scared of fucking up the values. Not really sure if it’s any good, but I think I need to leave my comfort zone.
Any critique is welcomed!
I love all the original artwork here btw, I rarely draw without reference, so to the nonnas posting here - you have my deepest admiration!

No. 208911

hey, babe? what the fuck? this is so good??? i cant think of any critique to give; please show me more

No. 208913

It looks like you have a nice grasp on values to start with. Once you get to the rendering portion of drawing it is a lot of work just studying which spots of values need hard and soft edges. I'm about the same place as you when it comes to coloring- I start in black and white and then add a tone but it ends up looking flat unless I fuss with it. Once you move on from edge and shadow studying you'll want to move onto skintone and color studies (especially in the face because of the color nuance gets crazy)

No. 208931

Thank you!
I probably described my painting badly but I never do the shades of grey to color technique, because I kinda don’t know how to make it work lol. I either do real skin tone or b&w. But you’re right that this one looks like I did just that and I don’t know why. On my iPad the picture looks way more saturated. I did this one like an oil painting - started with the orange background and adding the blues on one layer.
And thanks for the mention of hard and soft edges, it’s something I struggle to do properly, unless the source picture is in very contrasting lighting. I need to practice more!

No. 209851

File: 1653846323221.png (293.07 KB, 700x703, MagicalDraw.png)

Posting some stuff again! This is something I did in a Magical Draw session that I cleaned up in CSP.

No. 209852

File: 1653846389256.png (125.46 KB, 642x971, daraoch.png)

Daroach! Posting the black and white version since I like it a lot more than the colored version.

No. 209854

File: 1653846588232.png (196.59 KB, 564x537, cafededede.png)

I know I fucked up on the hands, but I still liked how this came out. I was testing out a new set of brushes.

No. 216314

File: 1655941325955.png (2.13 MB, 2943x2195, styles.png)

Back again with some more Kirby right back at ya.

No. 216315

File: 1655941382721.png (1.28 MB, 1389x2048, IDK.png)

I don't feel proud of this one, I'm probably gonna re-do the composition but keep the colors.

No. 216316

File: 1655941623314.png (332.87 KB, 1118x1277, tripled.png)

Quickie Dedede sketch

No. 216318

I love you anonaninacina.

No. 216321


No. 216335

File: 1655948897279.png (204.29 KB, 900x881, trainkiss.png)

Thank you nonnies, I am glad you like my art of varying quality!

No. 216781

May I ask what CSP brushes you use nonna?

No. 217038

File: 1656214911143.png (667.25 KB, 1551x870, ekichouu.png)

Another one! I did this to relax before bed, while drawing this I primarily wanted to test if I can do a more 'lazier' but cohesive painterly style. I need to practice the method a bit more

No. 217039

File: 1656215053969.png (858.05 KB, 2043x1434, kirbys.png)

A buncha different kirbys I made for my commission sheet.
I use a bunch of brushes but if you're talking about the ones I use for coloring.
Here are the ones I use for painterly like rendering and coloring.
And here are the ones I use for watercolor/marker like coloring.

No. 217374

File: 1656326537077.png (219.76 KB, 726x648, bt.png)

this was going to be a full body but i got lazy hehe

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