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No. 205288

The villainess genre is one where the cliches in fantasy otome games are flipped and the villainess character is made more sympathetic. This is a thread to discuss all webtoons, anime, novels, manga and other media related to the villainess genre.

Examples of villainess media:
>Kill the villainess
>Your Throne
>My next life as a villainess: all routes lead to doom

No. 205289

Samefag, i hate how the genre was originally about deconstructing cliches but turned into its own cliche. Now villainess books don't show how female characters in otome games are written without depth, the villainess origin is just used as a tool to make boring cookie cutter MC's more sympathetic.
To make it worse the female lead character gets turned into the cliche that used to belong to villainess characters.
Even when novels like kill the villainess try to give all characters depth, readers start treating the female lead characters with the same misogyny that used to be given to the villainess characters.

No. 205293

File: 1652284734758.jpg (143.59 KB, 422x600, 107061l.jpg)

Is HameFura worth watching? Was it the first series in the "Villainess" niche that popularized this "genre"?
I know the fanbase is full of scrotes because muh cute girl and muh yuri harem, but other than those two things is it fine?
Also how close is it to actual otome tropes?

When it was new and exploded in popularity, I was happy but also felt weird about something otome-related becoming so well-known, it was kind of icky. The last time I felt like this was when WataMote came out and every cringe weeb in my language was joking about it, and that one also has a huge, gross scrote fanbase. I don't even know if the LN was written by a woman or who the main audience is supposed to be.

No. 205294

I really like the villainess genre but almost all of those webtoons have a business arc or chapter where the mc earns a lot of money by inventing some shit she learned by time traveling and all of the other side character then are like "wow what an amazing idea" it is so boring I always skip those chapters.

No. 205295

Samefag, iris the lady with the smartphone, the abandoned empress and the villainess turns the hourglass have those business arcs if i remember correctly

No. 205297

That honestly sounds fun

No. 205302

I don't understand the villainess trope in the first place, I heard about that angelique game but that's pretty much all of it? An entire genre spawned over one old otome game? Pretty much all otome games focus on the protag + the boys, I've never seen any rival or anything like that… this gente actually reminds me more of over the top kdramas and telenovelas that grandmas love to watch kek
And this one, I don't think I've seen any popular otome game feature so many girls. Very bizarre

No. 205309

File: 1652289973057.jpg (31.98 KB, 215x288, Rosalia de Cartagena.jpg)

>I heard about that angelique game but that's pretty much all of it? An entire genre spawned over one old otome game?
Angelique is not just "one old otome game", it's THE original otome game. I haven't played any games in that series, but that one anon did say that there is a villainess in the first Angelique, and that this villainess genre started as a parody of that specific game, which I assume is relatively well-known by non-otoge fans, hence why the villainess parodies are not otome parodies, but Angelique parodies specifically.
Funnily enough, in an improved re-release called Angelique Duet, you can play as the rival.
>Pretty much all otome games focus on the protag + the boys, I've never seen any rival or anything like that…
There are some games that have rivals, like Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side and Storm Lover, but from the looks of it, modern (2010+) otome games don't have them. Probably, in part, because there aren't any dating sims anymore, either, and all otome games are now just VNs, so there's not much you can do with a rival character if there's no gameplay to take advantage of it.
>And this one, I don't think I've seen any popular otome game feature so many girls
TMGS used to have 4 rivals, and there are a few otome games that have one female love interest, but yeah. I wonder if HameFura was written by a male, that would explain it and why it's so popular. Having half of the main cast be female when the setting is supposed to be an otome game is indeed pretty weird.

No. 205313

Yeah I posted about that long ago and that's pretty much it. It's the exact same thing with jrpg isekai reincarnation stories. It's nog actually taking inspiration from JRPGs as a whole, it's always copying Dragon Quest specifically. You never see things that parody FF or Megaten or Xenogears or Pokemon, it's always Dragon Quest. And in both cases it's often done by people who have no idea what the source material is because they're copying other parodies.

No. 205333

File: 1652295326603.jpg (29.72 KB, 225x350, GCQoya5.jpg)

Not in otomes but I have seen this trope in shoujo mangas/animes like yuka in 12 kingdoms.

No. 205340

This shit is an anime invention, she appears for like 3 lines in the novel. No idea why she became more important, good thing I didn't bother with the anime.

No. 205362

I liked Kill the Villainess a lot. I read some of The Remarried Empress after seeing a bunch of posts on the otome isekai subreddit complaining about readers hating on Rashta so I thought she was going to be like that brown haired girl from who made me a princess. I wasn't expecting her to be the husbands girlfriend.

No. 205463

The "Bakarina" manga is good and worth reading but I did not care for the anime. I think when you read the manga you are reading faster than the anime can convey the same information so the manga allows you to breeze through the less interesting parts of the story while the anime feels more like a slog. I think the timing of the humor is also affected and the voicework felt more overacted than I had imagined in my head. Visually the show is also just fine so there isn't anything really standout about it to recommend. Nonetheless I still recommend the manga, I think it is the perfect medium for the story.

No. 207865

File: 1653068472721.jpeg (167.13 KB, 600x849, image_concentration-of-malice_…)

Concentration of malice or Depths of Malice.

She is a true villainess. I really like that she avenge everyone who rubbed her in the wrong way.
I love a good story with a badass female. It's very hard to find tho

No. 298639

As with most LN trash, I hate this trope too.

No. 298681

I like guy on the right. It's rare for a generic blond bishie to pique my interest. And if the protagonist is actually evil and badass I'll gladly read it.

No. 299794

File: 1685581890516.png (109.96 KB, 600x853, nice.png)

I just read this to completion cause it was thankfully only 4 volumes and while the story itself was kinda frustrating to get through, the ending was satisfying and cute.

So it's apparently written by Satoru Yamaguchi which sounds like a moid. I know this is a late reply, but I wouldn't recommend it. I remember this being my first step into the villainess genre and I was desperate to find something better after a few chapters.

No. 300305

this looks cute, thanks for the rec

No. 300306

this looks cute, thanks for the rec

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