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File: 1524192122624.png (298.19 KB, 800x600, 1493346319784.png)

No. 243951

Post artwork that's been fixed, red-lined, redrawn, etc.

This is in part to stop the art cow threads from getting derailed. If you want to post a redline of Holly Brown's work, post it here. If you want to post liquefied art of Spechie's, post it here. If you recently fixed your own art work or redrew it, post it here.

All art posted on here is open to critique, so don't post anything you'll get touchy about.

The point is to have a "before" and "after" for those of us who find those picture satisfying or a detailed explanation of why the work is incorrect for those of us who are not artistically inclined.

No. 243983

File: 1524209887299.jpg (239.68 KB, 821x1200, alsoitsfullbright.jpg)

yes! finally this thread! I mean I like to see these rather than I want to do them, but I did amuse myself making this before. I'm not sure what to do about the horizon. Btw holly brown posted with the comment "yes i fucked up the perspective, here's an edit" (i think implying the perspective was supposed to be fixed)

No. 244005

There's already a thread for this, though.

No. 244006

No. 244007


This thread isn’t just for cow’s art: it’s for art in general. Could be your own, stuff you found on deviant art, etc.

No. 244018

File: 1524240522991.png (1.4 MB, 1280x1280, B9CA61E2-73BD-475D-A948-02AF91…)

Does anyone else get a kick out of art improvement pictures?

No. 244019

File: 1524240685587.jpeg (166.52 KB, 784x784, 2BCC0B36-3F6E-4191-ABD6-62E410…)

It makes me sad when there’s barely any improvement, though.

No. 244026

did… did someone subtly edit in one Holly Brown shoe to 2014?! The other shoe is normal

No. 244027

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people do these "Draw this again" memes and there's no improvement at all, but instead they ditched the generic anime style for a generic tumblr/calarts one while thinking that's a massive advancement. Like no bitch, your proportions are still messed up and you haven't fixed even the simplest anatomy mistakes.

No. 244039

I think I actually prefer the older one.

No. 244056

File: 1524252040320.png (123.73 KB, 556x572, 2A55E913-8FAA-4F9C-B787-D1A455…)

Nine years… damn.

No. 244077

lol i was shook seeing my redline as an OP image
ppl got so mad at it that i stopped posting in those threads

HB's stuff is so nonsensical that its v hard for artists to resist manually showing whats wrong w it instead of typing it out bullet by bullet point, glad u made a thread

No. 244078

Huh… the one from 2007 was better.

No. 244096

File: 1524266580762.jpeg (26.01 KB, 275x248, 08B4E6A5-C514-477E-9AA3-EE5BBA…)


Yeah! I really appreciated that pic when I saw it because I’m not an artist so I don’t know why an art piece looks wrong, I just know it does.

This is another fav of mine from the Holly threads. If you put your hands to your face, your thumb is near your ear. Idk why she doesn’t just try these things before she draws them.

No. 244102

File: 1524267562481.png (757.18 KB, 1000x1000, spechie redraw half.png)

hey i drew something

No. 244106

File: 1524268168107.jpeg (391.05 KB, 1936x1452, F39F6619-18A3-430A-B0BD-27D027…)


Holy shit anon. That’s miles better. Made a quick side by side of Spechie’s original and yours.

No. 244263

File: 1524370096375.png (1.15 MB, 2000x1000, honestly why did I.png)

No. 244343

Hope you can contribute again here now there's a dedicated thread for it.

No. 244345

Sorry, forgot to sage.

No. 244673

File: 1524499848723.png (684.64 KB, 737x1080, pERNSPECTIv.png)

No. 244681

File: 1524502648806.jpg (178.67 KB, 737x1080, 1524499848723_.jpg)

I think by the time you're looking that far down, you have to start hinting at a third vanishing point at the bottom

No. 250236

File: 1526508205551.png (331.08 KB, 740x700, E7D9A120-F8AF-4319-8DB7-8A46F6…)

Redline spotted in the Holly thread

No. 250273

File: 1526522905233.png (757.64 KB, 1500x894, mercy_commission_by_spechie-dc…)

just tried to fix anatomy and use more vibrant colours etc, i didn't try to keep any of the details. still not worth $30 imo

No. 250286

File: 1526526616157.gif (466.8 KB, 982x1200, not_even_better_tbh.gif)

I messed with it in a beauty app just for laughs but it's still such garbage. Does Holly actually know what humans look like?

No. 250307

File: 1526532937189.png (235.46 KB, 1000x1250, 39.png)

No shading.
Critiques welcome.

No. 250313

ugh, this is worse!

No. 250314

legs are still a bit too long. and the shading is wonky, try to visualize what's beneath the clothing first, it looks like she's flat with a beer belly. also for the hands, try looking at your hand doing the same motion, the thumb and 1st finger are fine but the last few are too stiff and it's uncomfortable to do that irl.

No. 250325


… How is the shading wonky if there is no shading, though?

I do think the eyes are too big (even for animu, kinda like kanon or air) and the head is too small, though.

No. 250348

That’s adorable and a huge improvement. I didn’t realize how broken the arms looked in the OP but in comparison it’s really bad. Thanks for posting! Helps art newbs to see the difference and what’s wrong

No. 250438

sorry i didn't mean shading, i meant like the folds.

No. 250482

I’m sorry you feel that way, like I said, I was really just trying to fix the anatomy

No. 250487

>I’m sorry you feel that way,
Lol wut. You asked for critique and anon gave it. Why are you sorry they feel like the folds are wonky?

No. 250497

I’m not the one who drew the anime thing lol, different anon. I didn’t ask for critiques.

No. 250501

ohh haha my bad. Got confused. The one of the right looks like a dress up doll, whereas yours look more painterly. I don't think its worse at all.

No. 250542

your anatomy is worse. proportions went from bad to terrible and both of the legs/feet are broken. also don't post ITT if you don't want critiques. you can fuck off back to tumblr anyway with your shitty rednose blurred garbage.

No. 250548

Anon this is genuinely worse. Yours has more "effort" because you painted it, but it's like polishing a turd. Study your fundamentals before trying to do sorta chibi anime style stuff.

No. 250551

Kinda want to do redraws on here so you guys can roast me (see above)

No sarcasm

No. 250560

alright, thanks. kinda went out of my league because i don't usually do chibi stuff. i'd probably do better with something more realistic, and if i try again i'll probably just redraw instead of editing cuz i think thats what threw me off most

No. 250561

Thanks for the feedback, it's not that i didn't want critiques i was just correcting the anon who thought i was someone else.

No. 250563

Yeah I definitely think redrawing is the way to go. Better to start fresh than to try to fix something so broken.

No. 250575

File: 1526614654146.png (930.57 KB, 2000x1000, mercy on us.png)

No. 250576

File: 1526614805688.jpg (2.06 MB, 4088x2348, redrawpt2.jpg)

how's this? the forehead just irked me.

No. 250595

File: 1526619389309.jpeg (1.47 MB, 2048x1024, 0C10B398-E1D6-4C95-9799-A6963B…)

Spechie’s art Facetuned.

No. 250596

you're taking away a lot of what made these designs interesting to make them super generic and boring. stylization is what most online cartoonists are notable for.

No. 250603

Interesting? They were boring before

No. 250604

File: 1526620774007.jpg (85.49 KB, 715x1117, chillin_by_spechie-daxe7x1.jpg)

I'm the facetune anon (which was just for fun), but I didn't do any of the others.

You can't stylize until you know the basics. Spechie has absolutely awful technical and stylistic skills. She doesn't understand basic anatomy, line work, lighting, coloring, ect. You can't go "oh but style" for any of that. Her work is shit. That's pretty much a universally agreed with opinion on this site (check the general art thread and her thread on snow). If you wanna disagree, you can, but just know most people are going to think your opinion is shit- because she's shit. If you honestly look at >>250576 and think the left looks better than the right, then yikes. Idk what to say to that.

She can't draw a normal face, the alien bug-eyed with no chin look isn't an intentional style choice, its a lack of skill. The shitty line quality, unrefined edges, poorly rendered and detailed features, etc aren't a choice. They're cause she's baaaad. I never thought I'd see someone defend Spechie's "style" on here, its like defending Holly's. I'm kinda like just shocked.

But, regardless, this is a thread for fun. Contribute your own redraws, redlines, or revised work. Its fun.

(And kek at calling Spechie a "cartoonist." She's a shitty youtube "artist" who is just famous for her spergy rants and edgelord attitude.)

No. 250605

you're worse than her and on top of that you're cringy as hell.(infighting)

No. 250607

how am I worse than her when I don't even do digital art? I just used facetune one time to edit one of her pictures. Chill. Its not that deep.

No. 250625

I dont care about or know of any of these artists. in my field it just grinds my gears when laymen try to criticize modern work when you have absolutely no tools to do that.

she doodles story cartoons. shes not studying from roberto ferri's atelier as a neo-baroque painter, or designing for a functional use, these people are delusional at worst or just doing casual digital outsider works on her non monetized channel, which you'd specifically need go out of your way to see any mention of. shes telling personal stories with doodles because she likes to.

every "fix" in this thread is objectively and equally "bad", with no potential for improvement. you'd need to construct an entirely new original foundation using hundreds of 3-dimensional geometric shapes from the perspective point(s). you cant just warp or blend over it and say its better on those arbitrarily chosen points because you made it look smooth and flat or put things into "place". you're not "correcting" it. you're doing things you personally like which look just as bad.

No. 250627

File: 1526628388588.jpeg (641.02 KB, 1080x566, 6C654574-D635-4F7A-94F4-918EF8…)

This isn’t the vent or unpopular opinion thread. People are having fun. And there’s no way you can look at these side by sides and say they’re “objectively” just as bad.
Sorry the thread struck a nerve with you cause of your job, but that doesn’t mean anons’ works are bad.
>laymen try to criticize modern work
>modern work
Kek. So far it’s been fucking Holly and Spechie. You projecting?
>shes telling personal stories with doodles because she likes to.
That’s nice. Good for her. She’s still a whiney cow with no talent.
>you'd need to construct an entirely new original foundation using hundreds of 3-dimensional geometric shapes from the perspective point(s).
Kek what?
>say its better on those arbitrarily chosen points because you made it look smooth and flat or put things into "place".
Anatomy don’t real. Only geometric shapes and “style”

Why so triggered, anon? You’re the only cringey one here. Everyone else is just having fun and fucking about with art. What “field” are you even in where you think Spechie/Holly’s work is “objectively” just as good as the edits? And even if everyone’s work is just based on what they personally like, who fucking cares? Why does it bother you that they’re playing around with art and what they like? It’s not that serious.

I played around in Facetune again for like five minutes. Hope it doesn’t trigger you again.

No. 250662

what a sperg lmao, how did you even find this site

No. 250692

>the difference between Chad and non-Chad (incel) is literally a few millimeters of bone

No. 250726

kek the "fixed version" looks like shit and yet it somehow still looks miles better than the original

No. 250727

this absolutely looks better, I would genuinely buy that charm, the posing is really cute. Nice job anon!

No. 250735

File: 1526672968408.jpeg (3.22 MB, 1536x2048, 439298F3-782C-4822-AF3B-51FAF8…)

This Facetune bullshit is so fun and quick. I can see why Istebrak has built a career on fucking about with other people’s work. It’s pretty satisfying, even if the end result is still shit. Found this pic on ugly art thread.

No. 250785

Aww look who found istebrak and really wants to be like her even though they dont understand anatomy.

No. 250790

For someone that doesn't understand anatomy, those proportions are still miles better.

No. 250795

Kek why so salty? I don’t wanna be Istebrak. I was just playing in facetune. Some anons take this shit too seriously. It’s pretty pathetic. Just chill.

No. 250796

are you spechie?

No. 250800

What? You think I’m Spechie cause I used a free beauty app to edit her pictures for fun? Are you retarded?

No. 250802

mainly because you act like a sperg when people criticise you

No. 250803

Asking if you’re retarded cause you asked a stupid question doesn’t make me triggered. 0/10 bad troll, go away.

No. 250804

Anon please don't be too salty, it's just that your facetunes kinda look shit

No. 250806

Holy shit dude. It’s for fun. There’s no need to be so hostile. No one is trying to be Istebrak (kek) and I even said the facetunes still look crap. Not everything is super serious. Why are you so mad?

No. 250807

>calling people retards
>calling people trolls
>calling people salty
>walls of text
this is lolcow behaviour, please stop it

No. 250808

>Aww look who found istebrak and really wants to be like her even though they dont understand anatomy.
Nah man, being a bitch, infighting, and deleting replies in a casual thread is cow behavior. It’s not that damn deep, dude.

No. 250809

why are you so triggered by someone calling you istebrak? tbh her facial anatomy is way better than yours

No. 250810

Hopefully she’s much much better. I’m not an artist, and that’s her job. How am I triggered? I’m just baffled that you’re so mad I fucked around in a free beauty app. Why does it bother you so much? I’m not mad or hurt that some anon is sperging out over my five minute facetunes. It was for fun. I encourage you to try it yourself, as mine are so shit and you know much better, and cause it’s actually really satisfying and fun (like I’ve said over and over).

No. 250848

No. 252809

File: 1527161825790.png (87.06 KB, 261x142, 33075246_266086930601418_73151…)

Are you MAD im not MAD are you really TRIGGERED

No. 252810

File: 1527162067500.jpg (42.31 KB, 640x640, trollface.jpg)

No. 256061

File: 1528078644099.png (343.75 KB, 590x684, 53DCE3B5-3548-4B96-A3A1-41AF2B…)

Ik it’s still jacked but you know what they say about polishing a turd lmao

>first is “hc BRowns

>second is trying to warp
>impossible, decide to paint over and fix mood and poses

Tfw your art is so bad not even photoshop can fix it

No. 256064

this isn't much of an improvement, it looks just as bad but in a different way.

2nd one definitely looks better than the other two, but why did you give them tits?

No. 256078

File: 1528084786901.png (504.69 KB, 573x587, E4747E93-E71F-4FCF-8474-397A66…)

Last one

>first is spechie

>second is warping it
>third is paint over

Spechie reminds me of half the weeb art kids I went to school with, awful

Lmao they’re meant to be pecs, but it’s such a shit angle that it makes the whole thing look off, idk I hate when men’s chests are draw super flat it just bugs me

No. 256079

File: 1528084825470.png (1.21 MB, 573x1761, C90B9D84-24CC-4CA4-8CCD-A0F262…)

Whoops, wrong image

No. 256081

anon, this is awful.

No. 256083

File: 1528085638364.jpg (101.8 KB, 1080x1096, 2eb53343-d896-41bd-a27c-155008…)

It looks way worse lmao, reminds me of something you'd find in the "girls like us" tag on tunglr

No. 256084

File: 1528085642215.jpg (25.88 KB, 600x450, snapshot_1a39aeb4_3abd79f0.jpg)

congratulations it's somehow worse
reminds me of pic related

No. 256086


Thanks, Mind telling me why exactly you think so?


It is spechie after all, she already looks like one, but I guess I like them caterpillar eyebrows so there’s that


Haha sims is a big inspiration of mine, how’d ya know?

No. 256091

File: 1528088145411.png (82.72 KB, 545x581, lensEmoter.png)

It's more than just the eyebrows, gorl… The only thing that looks okay is the nose, literally everything else is giving me awkward, uncanny valley wikihow troon selfie that was taken with the DSi camera and edited in the emoter lens + meitu

No. 256092

The hair in the last one is so satisfying compared to her clusterfuck hair styles.
Hey yeah so you need to work on your edges. The hair doesn’t have any weight or structure. And you also need to work on facial anatomy. The issues from the first are still there (strange eyes, awkward chin, etc) but then you added some like the strange lip expression and tiny teeth. I do like how you’ve colored the cheeks. Work on refining your edges, like making them more concrete and not so blurry and vague.

No. 256096

Someone should do a redraw of this

No. 256132

File: 1528104529438.png (1.34 MB, 573x2428, lmao.png)

i done one

pls let this become a meme

No. 256134

sorry about how unfinished/messy everything is. This is all I had time to do, but i'm petty af and will jump at any chance to overdraw for the keks

>mfw her neck is still not connected to her head correctly just like spechies version

a true homage

No. 256135

File: 1528106226519.jpg (44.91 KB, 500x500, artworks-000156558639-65ebfh-t…)

Damn your a great artist but you basically destroyed that dumpster fire of original artwork and created your own that bares a vague resemblance to the original trash and replicated trash.

Your art kind of reminds me of a mix between steins gate and the letter visual novels.

No. 256139

thank you anon!
I'm new to artfagging on this site but i'll try do some more things in threads like these

No. 256148


Anon what program did you use, that is gorgeous.(yes I know the program doesn't make art good.)

No. 256152

File: 1528111641820.png (1.99 MB, 573x2998, xYBhg6F.png)

i deleted my post to add to this lmao sorry it's scribbly garbage

No. 256154

yay i like your style frien

i find photoshop is all i need, if i'm doing linework then clip studio. I actually don't use this style much, I'm more a fan on textured brushes and ps handles them really well

No. 256161


Thank you for the reply! Ah I can't get used to Photoshop even with tutorials. I think I'm just an idiot and not understanding how to paint and blend things in it.

No. 256177

Pls keep this going

No. 256240

File: 1528141904144.jpg (1000.16 KB, 2000x2000, ohwell.jpg)

i didnt bother putting it into the row, but i tried my hand at redrawing the spechie pic. white bg bcuz lazy.

No. 256255

File: 1528146785007.jpg (1.86 MB, 573x4173, 1528111641820.jpg)

Added yours. I like the expression.

These are pretty sweet too.

No. 256360

oh dang that last one reminds me of seriousbreakfasttime/amsbtt's art (which i love), super cute! i wish my tablet wasn't busted, i wanna join in too.

No. 256646

File: 1528260719619.jpeg (694.58 KB, 1772x1772, 0E3F5365-AC63-46D6-A6C1-5E587F…)

A different flavour of Spechie.
Does this even count as a redraw at this point

No. 256655

lol why is this turning into a spechie fanart thread

No. 256668

these are great, someone should send them to her

No. 256676

File: 1528269512856.png (2.6 MB, 573x4795, updated.png)

This seemed fun so I did one too, it was an awesome practice sketch before work, so thanks.

No. 256678

Um you missed the best one >>256646
Include it and it’s perf.
Cause is funny. And interesting. And shows how awful her “style” is. Shhh. Don’t question brilliance

No. 256679

File: 1528270526074.png (3.06 MB, 573x5356, wwww.png)


Ah sorry I wasn't the person who started to collect these so I hadn't thought about adding the others

Here fixed it!

No. 256680

oh wow anon this is so adorable, not to go too off topic here but do you have some sort of social media? id love to see more of your stuff

No. 256689

thanks I’m glad you like it!

And I do but I’m really unsure about sharing it on lolcow of all places

No. 256709

As a fellow artist I advice strongly against sharing your sc on lolcow. This site reputation is not something you wish to associate in professional field.

No. 256712

you need to work on your edgework, your drawing is just one blurred mess. Also you use 1 pixel at a time for hair which is something you should never do. The facial anatomy makes her look aged, i think its the very high nose that has a big gap between ithe lips. Also it could be the way you colored the sking making her look like shes flushed.

No. 260054

File: 1529113004981.png (4.11 MB, 573x5929, Illustration.png)

No. 260638

File: 1529297052140.jpg (1014.15 KB, 2000x1000, redraw3.jpg)

redrew her cherry because it sucked ass :) critiques welcome, just tried to stay on model.

No. 260653

Idk which one is worse. They're just different kinds of incredibly ugly.

No. 260660

Fair enough. Tbh I was just going for accuracy and nothing else

No. 260665

hey at least yours actually fits the character design. The only thing throwing me off is her belly area. The grey shirt is making her look pregnant. If you fixed that area, cleaned up your lines a tad, and bumped up color/contrast, it really would be a huge improvement

No. 260667

Yeah it’s just hard to translate Cherry’s body type into that pose and have it look decent. I was going to just change the pose but it wouldn’t look like much of a redraw anymore

No. 260668

File: 1529309779614.png (164.72 KB, 640x356, 6A7A8406-64F5-4A6C-B4B1-8EFE0C…)

I think it’d help if you pushed her thighs further apart and also made it more stylized like attached pic

No. 260710


Sorry but the original is better

No. 260769

nta, I disagree

No. 260774

Your light technique is very good.

No. 261475

File: 1529611601013.jpg (177.24 KB, 560x306, Capture22.jpg)

redraw on the right. sorry that its so messy my pen pressure was not working at all last night. made the hoodie not airtight and tried to fix the hands best i could

No. 261513

tbh Im also always triggered in animes when any kind of shirt is airtight on the breasts and chest. Like thats not how clothing works ffs. not even latex clothing.

No. 261550

Style wise I think the airtight clothing looks better. It's not logical, but gives her otherwise very lacking body structure some flow. The one on the right looks very shapeless.

I would suggest you try to redraw the whole thing with your own underlines and builds rather than drawing and trying to correct over hers.

No. 261683

I don’t think it looks shapeless at all. I think anon did a good job with the structuring of the shadows so it doesn’t look frumpy. Tbh you probably prefer the left because you’re more used to seeing art of women with figures like that.

No. 261920

File: 1529693974769.png (220.43 KB, 585x306, oml.png)

I tried to tune up this piece too and yeah, its almost not worth saving, the most I was able to fix was the fingers, the chin, and the hoodie, but anatomically this drawing is so fucked up, im not an expert but that hand placement is so weird anyone with eyes can see that, not to mention but so many of the colors clash together, there's no contrast or value, I understand it was probably a simple sketch but there's no excuse for the drawing to look so messed up.

No. 261924

Yeah, the eyes especially are so wonky I would have probably constructed the whole face from the beginning instead of trying to save what was there.

But I think you did a good job on giving the body shape without the sweater looking like it's plastered on. It looks more natural now while still keeping a little curve that leads the eye through the drawing.

No. 276987

I think that no matter how many times that you try to fix her banner, how she posed her avatar is so fundamentally wrong. The way her back bends with her arm resting on it while giving the bunny ears. It probably, in her style, would’ve looked better if her character gave gave the peace sign with both of her hands

No. 276990

I love how we basically created fan art of this girl by trying to prove a point in how much her art sucks

No. 277012

File: 1533610270671.png (1.1 MB, 1339x844, 32435.png)

it's not perfect, but i gave it a shot. i hate the alien heads that tearzah draws. i think they could be a really good artist if they didn't rely so heavily on stylization. i recall them answering an tumblr ask with something along the lines of "if it's personal, you don't have to improve your art" and… i guess? but she does commissions, so she should really care more about the quality of her art.

No. 277031

Even just lowering the top of the hair down so there's not so much skull up there would work. She seems to have a massive problem with crazily poofy hair that makes her characters look like their face is relegated to their mouth region. And it doesn't help that she draws shoulders to fit the hair rather than the head, like in your redline. It's like every tumblr artist ever who draws clothes instead of the body underneath first, so everything looks proportionally wrong.

No. 277042

yeah, with the first edit I was just planning on lowering the hair. then i went "hmm, this part looks off… and this part… and this one." there's just so much wrong with their art, fundamentally

No. 277202

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen many art rant videos on this girl yet (since you know that’s a thing right now)
Like, not only is she distasteful as a person but her art seems like the same plastered piece over and over again, only coloured differently

No. 279298

File: 1534053697153.png (4.8 MB, 3588x2542, 1534052295841.png)

Just wanted to edit out the blush everywhere from the op

No. 279299

anon, i cannot tell a lie: i prefer the original with the blush and thicker brows

No. 279301

same. left looks like actual face skin and right looks caked in foundation. i would've gotten rid of the stupid tumblr knee and elbow blush but left the face alone. i also greatly prefer the arched brows to that reverse arch but i guess that's just personal taste.

No. 279305

I really hate super blush, especially red noses. Unless you're blushing, red in anger, or your face is having an allergic reaction, it's stupid to draw like that as a default face. Same goes for those busted up looking red knees and elbows, as if it's normal to have them look like they're about to ooze blood.

No. 279311

It's astonishing how removing the blush makes it look so much better. The extreme tumblr blushing looks always so tacky and gross.

What are you talking about? If your face was red like that you'd have a severe skin condition.

No. 279315

File: 1534066206314.png (503.34 KB, 1280x720, Upclosepollen.png)

The original reminds me of this

No. 279587

I can understand why people like either or, but to me the girl looks sick on the left but lifeless on the right.
(Totally laughed at the Steven comparison)

No. 279634

>It's astonishing how removing the blush makes it look so much better.

You’re joking…

No. 279748

agreed. Not sure why the brows were changed.
Also removing blush also removed freckles.

I've seen the blush placements in manga art long before tumblr style. The only thing I hate of the blush concept is red noses, especially when in most tumblr art it's the only red part of the skin. The red nose in the original is a little OTT but I agree with the anon who said the blush removal makes the piece look much more lifeless by comparison.

No. 279753

I changed the brows because I thought her original expression didn't look all that happy
But yeah, that backfired and she does look lifeless in the edit
She's still kinda blushing but it's really faint because I lowered the opacity

No. 279764

I don't think she was intended to look happy in the drawing

No. 279951

File: 1534203115846.png (4.82 MB, 3588x2542, Illustration.png)

i wanted to remove the blush from her nose, and tone it down on her cheeks so it looks more natural. i removed almost all the blush from the rest of her, leaving only a tiny bit of color since some people do have slightly darker elbows/knees. though i don't think it's actually noticeable

No. 279954

That's still way too much blush for a normal face and Usagi doesn't have freckles.

Why it looks a bit better with super blush is because this artist has no idea how to make a face without that.

No. 279956

what i want to fix is all those objects suspended in air above her hair. the perspective in this is all over the place.

No. 279967

really? i thought it looked pretty natural. was probably the comparison between the original that made me think so. i don't think adding freckles is a big deal so i didn't bother removing them.

i didn't even notice that at first, but now i can't stop looking at her pigtail and how it lays completely flat when it should be falling off the pillow

No. 279970

Sorry, I didn't mean you did badly. You still did a good job. It's really just the artists problem in the end. It's hard to build upon someone's art when there's so many small, deep flaws that show itself elsewhere. For example, she shouldn't be using that soft shading brush on the face and knees when literally no other part of the artwork has that shading. The rest of the pic has very flat shadows.

No. 279974

nta but i feel like you literally have to redraw the entire picture to make it look nice.

No. 280727

I love your style anon, actually it's very similar to how I want my art style to be. Any tips/guides?

No. 281375

are we allowed to post redraws (like those improvement memes) we find that we think are bad? Or should we keep it to fixing bigger artists stuff?

No. 281380

But thats not the bad art thread tho

No. 281383

crap i copied the wrong page link. my bad, it's this one: >>>/ot/268249

No. 283843

File: 1534892314618.jpg (67.45 KB, 486x538, topbeforebottomafter.jpg)

sorry for crossposting but here's my fix from the bad art thread

No. 283849

better but still looks wrong

No. 283934

all she had to do was copy paste the right eye and move it around a bit to fix that god awful left eye. is this artist blind?

No. 283944

I’d like to give a heads up to all art anons we have made a official art thread in /meta/!
If you are interested in making some OC

No. 284089

File: 1534952763374.jpg (171.84 KB, 486x538, fixs.jpg)

No. 284106

It honestly looks like the bottom ones were the original and someone fucked with them to create the top one for a giggle.

No. 284757

I was so convinced that the top was edited just so someone could try and say they edited something
But checked her Twitter and look and behold she really put that sketch out there looking like that fuckin lol

No. 286247

This has always been a personal pet peeve of mine in art, and I don’t understand why or whether if it’s too hard for the artist to draw the nose more centered rather than in a 3/4ths look

No. 286248

May be a little off topic, but would this be a page where a person could get some art critiques on their own work, Or maybe a link to another page with that topic?

No. 286376

I think >>282896 would be okay for that sort of stuff

No. 296889

File: 1537227422683.jpg (267.6 KB, 737x559, fuck.jpg)

when im bored, i redraw spechie for a nice no-effort ego boost (sans pants)

No. 296925

File: 1537237477035.png (908.24 KB, 2200x1100, A1F5CC0F-5DD6-4785-AACE-B798DA…)

I was bored

No. 296933

I have to be honest, Holly's version has more life to it

No. 296943

Agreed. Anons anatomy is leagues better tho.

No. 296966

File: 1537245356590.png (1.16 MB, 2200x1100, holly redraw reese.png)

bandwagoning. hope holly appreciates all the free fanart

No. 296968

Looks good anon, the arm holding the candy apple looks so much better in that pose then holly's. The hat too, looks better all around I would say.

No. 296977

Thanks, looking back the shoulder is too narrow since I changed the pose. I wish I understood how she thought that arm was acceptable. He looks like a T. Rex.

No. 297020

pretty but she looks like she could throw a cinderblock over a house

No. 297025

File: 1537260273142.png (2.03 MB, 2000x1954, another holly reese redraw.png)

idk a sketchy beef boi idk

No. 297053

thanks lol. maybe i was overcompensating for the complete lack of muscle on the original

No. 297079

this doesn't look that much better

No. 297233

aww you made him look so cute! The way you drew his hair and expression makes him look handsome, which is what Holly tries to do but fails miserably at.

No. 297239

This one Is actually good! You could use some work on the stifness of the arm pose tho. But it is looking lovely overall

Is actually a blessing to see, since 99% of the remakes on thir thread look like shit, even worse than the original.

Love urselves and stop trying to showcase a skill you don't have anons. We don't need 2 shitty remakes to see

No. 297259

that's really an exaggeration. like 40% are worse than the original.

No. 297263


I guess is a matter of taste and being used to art then.
Because a lot of anons show to be amateurs trying to fix other people mistakes.

No. 297318

ot, can anyone recommend artists similar to anon's contribution because I really adore this art style

No. 297830

hmm maybe @yanjunchengart or @eafrns on insta?

No. 299875

File: 1537852776555.png (498.35 KB, 911x510, lazy redraw.png)

I don't really draw dudes much, but I figured I'd give this a go for some practice.

No. 299876

Well there's no accounting for taste, I like it. Her drawing looks like it could snap me in half.

No. 300018

yeah its obvious you don't draw guys often but it's still an improvement.

No. 300168

I sctually really dig the sketchy style, do you have any art accounts?

No. 300181

lmao I aint linking my socials to an lolcow thread

No. 300357

File: 1537948554435.png (2.68 MB, 3070x1510, redraw with slightly more effo…)

No. 300550

Which one's the redraw lol?

No. 300682

ha ha

The one on the left. It was like 5am here gimme a break lmao

No. 300690

It's late here and I can't tell if you're joking because

1) It was really obvious to me which one was the redraw- It's not great, but it's still an improvement over the vacuum-suctioned tits and the weird face
2) the original literally has spechie's name (faded) at the bottom from where the tweet banner thing was.

No. 300919

Anon these are both fucking garbage. There's very little improvement, the styles are just different.

No. 301614

i had the same issue upon first glance, I assume the right one is the redraw?

No. 301727

Artist anon here - left one is the redraw. Shit, if nobody can tell I re-drew spechie's art here I need to rethink my life ambitions lmao

No. 302183

thing is that your redraw doesn't really improve what was bad about the original except a few anatomy improvements. the real problem was that the colours are ugly and it's so messy that it's hard to read

No. 302305

Yeah, I got that. I just didn't feel like spending a whole lot of time. It was more of a warm up tbh.

No. 302395

Thats fair tbh, fwiw I thought yours was obviously an improvement

No. 302404

You need to train more tbh.

No. 302542

If the redraw is the one on the left, I like it

No. 302675

Thats a completely fair assesment

No. 303042

your art is really nice, I hope I eventually find it outside of this place XD

No. 304817

File: 1538623355287.png (1.12 MB, 1843x2000, chair guy.png)

Drew this a while ago, but forgot to post it.

No. 304850

still looks like a woman, but now, a muppet woman

No. 304867

have you ever seen another human being irl

No. 304869

I hope i'm not wrong in assuming the artist because I will say don't try that attitude when your art looks ugly as sin. Well - to be specific, the body is perfectly good and a vast improvement on Holly's. The face is an abomination though. It actually makes me uncomfortable to look at it

No. 304872

I'm not the artist lol

No. 304880

fuk well sorry to artist, maybe the main thing that's upsetting me is the ambiguous gender of the various features. Probably that it looks like a female with sideburns is what gives me the heebie jeebies. And the muppetness seems to come from what looks like a flat tongue

No. 304895

While the pose and body are a lot better, the face looks like an ugly woman and the shading in Holly’s is genuinely better as the contrast creates more interest. Yours is pretty flat tbh

No. 304945

you're not going to point out that anon clearly has no idea how clothes work?

No. 304947

people in this thread are so negative. i think it's really cute, though a little stiff, and as another anon said, there's a lot less contrast here. the wrinkles are off, but otherwise it's a really cute piece and a major improvement, imo, anon. i like it, anon.

No. 304954

Loads better than the original, only complaint is the chair seemed like an afterthought.

Also you negative anons need to chill tf out like this is something that is supposed to be fun and maybe pick up a trick or two.

No. 304962


boohoo. read the OP.

>All art posted on here is open to critique, so don't post anything you'll get touchy about.

No. 304963

i get that, but sometimes anons are a little needlessly mean about stuff when the redraws aren't even bad and just need minor improvements. there's just no incentive to post anything and keep this thread alive if people are just snarky to be snarky.

No. 304965

eh, the main point of the thread is to one-up annoying artcows.

it's not really that out of step for anons to be snarky about people who can't really deliver.

No. 304967

>That's not how you draw a men's ass
>Draws a woman instead
What a fuggly, contrast-less, lesbian you drew anon.

No. 304968

but it's possible to improve an artist's work in one area but still be similarly 'eh' in another. it doesn't necessarily make the entire piece bad or just as bad, and can still be an improvement and often is, imo. i see people hyperfocusing on minor flaws as if it's just as bad or just bad in general, when the piece is often much improved.

No. 304975

>minor flaws
I'm sorry but drawing what was supposed to look like a man with long her as a woman is not a minor flaw.

No. 305154

File: 1538694707013.png (328.86 KB, 1000x775, holly redraw reese chair.png)

Happy Hoctober?

No. 305175

this. anon drew a total woman face. tiny chin, jaw supposed to be angular but still tiny, barely any space between nose and mouth, woman

No. 305177

anyone with a tablet and a program other than GIMP can do better than any of these artists posted ITT. stop whining.

No. 305206

now he actually looks the age he is probably supposed to be (teen/20) given the way he acts

No. 305233

>people in this thread are so negative
this is literally a community based around shitting on other women

No. 305249

shitting on each other isn't the same thing as criticizing actual cows. come on.

No. 305272

>>304817 is better than >>305154 yall

No. 305290

I like both of them! They are pretty great in their own right even if you can't tell the gender in the first one lol
They are nice break from farmers postingtheir half-assed doodles looking for undeserved asspats.

No. 305299

File: 1538744097833.png (2.1 MB, 1843x2000, holly brown reese critique.png)

You over-corrected Holly's mistakes. You show good understanding of volume in a 3D space, it just isn't appealing.

No. 305312


I mean they all look better than the original, but they're still bad.

No. 305328

Cute, I'm actually saving this one.

No. 305451

i rly like this one! its cute.

No. 306430

This is an interesting style, and I like it because he does appear male without looking like a completely different character.
Also the pose doesn't look super stiff like some other redraws.

Oooh anon you nailed it. The jacket I didn't mind too much but I didn't like the face and couldn't figure out why.
And yeah I guess it also makes it look like Reese put on like 20 pounds.

No. 307820

I'm the person who drew >>304817

None of the other posts in this thread are mine; I literally dropped the picture here and forgot about it until now.

I think all the criticism here is legitimate, especially the ones >>305299 outlines. My only disagreement is that I don't like how animu your revised face is. I'm not a manga artist- if you're going to critique me, do it based on normal human anatomy.

I agree that I drew his face a little too feminine and his legs too thick, as several anons observed. The mouth is a bit too wide, and the shading needs more contrast.

Thanks to everybody who gave actual critique, instead of just vaguely calling it "fuggly" (nice spelling, retard).

This one looks way more like a chick than mine. No human male over ten years old has proportions like this. Also, the lineart is sloppy and feathery as hell. Am I supposed to be impressed by this?

Having a preference for manga styles =/= observing an objective difference in skill. Yes, this one is cuter than mine, but it's less anatomically correct.

People mostly weren't "shitting on me", anon. I agree with the sentiment as it pertains to the site in general, though.

Might repost with a fixed face. I'm thinking I overworked the face.

No. 307822

This is why this thread is shit.

No. 307824



No. 307857

nta but i think anons who try to defend themselves when they could just quietly slip away are fucking stupid.

plus >>307820 is all over the place trying to act like she agrees with the critiques while still trying to defend her shit drawing and also being passive aggressive.

just a bad mix all around.

No. 307859

well, let's let the re-redraw speak for itself (i wanna see)

No. 307861

It's a good effort pose-wise and looks a lot more appealing, but it simply looks like a completely different character from the original and the jacket of that length should be spilling out a lot more from under him. >>305299 Anon here nailed the face a lot better while explaining why, in the original redraw it honestly looks like jeff goldblum from jurassic park.

No. 307864


Salty drawanon, just shut up and don't make yourself look more of a dumbass. Especially when you start throwing a tantrum about your work being ~more anatomically correct because it's "not manga"~ like a pretentious asshole. The source material is trying to imitate the manga bishie style so it's only justified to have the redraw fix that aspect too by making an actually attractive manga-styled hottie male. And still, the original character clearly has an angular face with slim features, your redraw has a gnome face.

No. 307869

80% of the people here fucking suck just as much as the cows and are in no place to criticize each other's art.

Nobody here is capable of drawing anything other than gnome faces or shitty animu bishonen garbage.

This thread should be titled "artists too shitty for /co/"

No. 307871

Honestly, Thats real talk though. Everyone is being annoyingly defensive AND offensive. And nearly most of the anons seem like weebs so that doesnt help. This could have been a decent thread but everyone is all agressive and sobby so go off i guess, its now kinda entertaining.

No. 307876

Yeah, shit's getting way too infight-y- it just seems like everyone here has a chip on their shoulder.

To give you a gauge of how much of a shit thread this is, compare it to the cow redraw thread on Kiwifarms. There's a lot more art and a lot less bickering.

No. 308497

File: 1539342577428.png (421.59 KB, 1250x600, reese redraw upgrade 2.0.png)

Critiques welcome.
Didn't draw the hair covering his chest.

No. 308498


The KF thread could do with a bit more criticism though. Too many posters posting their crappy middle-school pencil sketches of generic anime girls as if that "fixes" anything.

No. 308499

No. 308509

File: 1539345205499.gif (251.26 KB, 444x563, Webp.net-gifmaker.gif)

No. 308521

Now THIS is the content I want to see itt.
10/10 anon-chan

No. 308566

ftm Bayonetta/10

No. 308712

kek this is exactly what i thought

No. 308976

Best redraw, everyone else go home.

No. 309374

File: 1539487769140.png (277.95 KB, 1037x690, 98ff5ab08b9ae293c846f8d0bf1b73…)

wanted to change the pose to something less bad

No. 309375

shit actually i think i made it worse

No. 309378

Is the thread taking a turn where artists roast themselves now?

No. 309380

File: 1539491883575.png (277.43 KB, 1026x639, a675ed8b07998ce36877887f041d2b…)

i saw so many mistakes after posting it so i had to fix it

goddammit holly just use a reference for pecs they change when you lift your arms up reeee

No. 309385

it still sucks. not an improvement from holly's, maybe on the same level. the chin looked better the first time btw. the new one gives me marcus oglesby vibes.

No. 309386

i'm curious. could you point out the technical flaws in it instead of saying it just sucks? it doesn't really give me anything to work off of since i dont really see what you're talking about.

No. 309388

wow its even harder to look at lmao

No. 309390

not that anon but for example, where is the clavicle?

neither holly nor any anons has figured out nipple is on pec so arm up pec up nipple up.

It's funny because reese is such a disgusting subject in the first place, making him look good is probably beyond the abilities of a professional so good luck amateur anons lol

No. 309559

100 percent agree. The thing about redrawing Hollys art is that you have to completely start FRESH and vaguely reference hers (just for general shit like eyeshape, hairstyle, build, ect) and even thats janky in itself. Trying to copy the pose and expressions (and muscle/fat mass and distribution) is counterproductive becuase its so fucked. Its like trying to bake a cake with spoiled ingredients, half the recipe and a broken oven.

No. 309634


What I like about this redraw is how gestural it is. The twist really gives it life. You guys are being way too harsh to this person, as usual.

The clavicle is right where it should be? Look at the lines coming down from the deltoids, dumbass.

Also, are you implying that YOU'RE a professional?

I bet the most critical anons here are actually weebs who think they know more than they actually do and just want to trash artists better than them lmao

No. 309744

>Also, are you implying that YOU'RE a professional?
No? so fuck off

there isn't room for a clavicle because the shoulder is attached to the neck. I know it's supposed to be posed forward, but it's too far in.

No. 309768

i think this is better than the second redraw, a minor complaint is that you've made him too buff

No. 309769


the only way to settle this is to redraw the redraws

No. 309782

File: 1539566836957.png (84.71 KB, 514x670, ddd.png)

a harsh anon here. so i'm not an artist but all i mean is, shouldn't the arm be more like here? maybe i'm wrong

No. 309784

i thought the arm is more foreshortened since it's pointing towards us

No. 309919

Theoretically it could be either, it looks more natural but less dynamic the way you have it.

However, you forgot to fix the clavicle in accordance with your editing. By which I mean you erased a chunk of the other artists and didn't draw in a new one.

Also if you're not an artist, please get out of this thread.

No. 309970

its just to show the arm position- I only mentioned clavicles missing to mean the shoulder was directly joined to the neck, so don't try to own me be sperging about the visiblity of the actual bone ffs

No. 310259

>Also if you're not an artist, please get out of this thread.
nice b8

No. 310284

It's not bait. I was being serious.

Unless a piece a art is bad in a really obvious way, how the hell is someone with no art background going to know what to say? Is this not common sense?

Sure, on some level a non-artist can sense a problem with the piece, but with no knowledge of the discipline, they can't articulate the problem. I think this is why a few anons are just saying "this sucks," while other anons are able to talk about things like proportion, gesture, value, etc.

It's all well and good if you think a piece sucks, but it's not helpful. The most relevant information is the stuff that follows, "this sucks because".

No. 310303

how do you even define what an ''''artiste'''' is? this thread alone tells you how retarded most of the artists are, both original and redraw artists are shit

No. 310313

That's subjective, but for our intents and purposes, it's someone with at least a little bit of formal art education.

This is kind of the problem with art critiques on an anonymous board, because someone who couldn't draw a stick person could be blindly lecturing you about anatomy and you would never know.

No. 310318

so someone who's technically competent but self-taught isn't allowed to comment on this thread?

you do know this is an image board for gossip right?

No. 310319

>it's someone with at least a little bit of formal art education.

So someone like Superraedizzle lol

No. 310452

Nah anon, it's just the uppity drawfags being salty because anons aren't head over heels praising their sugoi redraws so they MUST be people with no "formal art education". I swear the Holly thread has the worst influx of "I can do that better!!" anons who are just as amateurish and delusional as her.

Here's a protip - use redrawing as a way to point out flaws (such as by redlining the original or doing what anon here did >>305299 ), not to shill your own shitty drawings.

No. 313250

File: 1540003363181.png (46.89 KB, 566x297, stillgay.png)

now i'm not saying this looks good. but vaguely human? in like two clicks. holly y u no

No. 313287

if they eyes were a little smaller it'd look pretty ok. amazing how Holly already draws her art stretched out.

No. 313416

it's a cartoon

No. 313419

waddya mean

No. 313422

cartoons can be stylized as whatever

No. 313447

ah that's true. it's just that with this artist's lack of confidence and competence it's reasonable to believe the stretch look is to some degree unintentional

No. 313457

File: 1540046214460.png (264.06 KB, 452x709, Nick.png)

stylization isn't always good, anon

No. 313641

Probably a derail/unpopular opinion but it reminds me of people who like artists just because they draw characters super geometrically. How innovative, you turned some tv/anime characters into triangles and orbs

No. 314983

File: 1540245903905.png (870.81 KB, 800x1142, tumblr_ol53asf1gM1rha9roo1_128…)

like this?

No. 315048

The one on the right is just as bad

No. 316101

I disagree, the one on the right has way more flow and just looks less like melting silly putty.

No. 316104

File: 1540453850357.png (172.29 KB, 600x639, uhh.png)

quick attempt to fix this…tried to keep holly's expression and general face shape so it's still butt ugly lmao

No. 316106

end result: cute

but i just really have a pet peeve when ppl try to "QUICK" fix holly's heart and just totally redraw it in their own style

holly's current style is more anime than anything, so stick to anime proportions ya know? geez

No. 316109

People can redraw in whatever style they want to so long as it looks good, you fucking weeb.

Anon's redraw was good. Sorry it wasn't kawaii sugoi animu enough for you.

No. 316112

File: 1540457571053.jpg (429.52 KB, 1026x1264, liquify.jpg)

good job, nice pose! but always keep practicing, you'll be way better than holly

liquified in photoshop a little

No. 316114

meh to me, the face length dosent stand out as a problem to me? squashing it just makes it look more foreshortened/ younger

its the long neck/clavicle and the weird, not in perspective/sticking straight out from the cheek, plug ears AND maybe she could add more of the back part cranium cause it looks strangely flat back there

No. 316116

What are "anime proportions"?? The face holly drew is broken, doesn't matter what style she's attempting to draw in

No. 316117

i was just saying that a "fix" should stick to the same area of stylization of the original for good context on how to improve og

its a cute redraw thoo

No. 316119

File: 1540459606218.jpg (91.94 KB, 566x297, liquify2.jpg)

ive adjusted to holly's art style so much that looking at the way she styles the face doesn't jar me as much as her bodies.

No. 316120

someone else can fix the hairline/hair, im bad at that

No. 316126

File: 1540461955674.gif (1.69 MB, 330x280, anigif_enhanced-buzz-19058-134…)

liquify anon ere'
technically not much wrong but you could of used more of a gesture line cause it feels kinda like a unbalanced jenga tower. I just made him lil more straightened but i could've pushed the gesture more by: having him lean backwards OR having him arch back and push his tooch out

also just felt you made him a lil too buff, but that aint wrong its just character design.

No. 316253

thank you for the input! i definitely agree, and i think i could have made him more "reese" if i kept him thinner. ill keep your advice in mind for future poses

No. 316481

>but i just really have a pet peeve when ppl try to "QUICK" fix holly's heart and just totally redraw it in their own style
this, anon here >>316104 just made a completely new character or aged the original for like 20 years. It's obvious the original character is pretty youthful looking with slicked, head-hugging hair with a very slight pompadour, why did anon just draw a 48-year old sitcom actor with a poofed daddy hair?

I'm also sick of people wahhing about "weebs" when they're being told that Holly is trying to imitate the anime bishie style (and failing horribly) and they probably should utilize that in their redlines/redraws but instead go for their own generic style, completely ignoring the source context because m-m-m-muh realism. Would you redraw a Simpsons fanart with flesh-colored skin too?

No. 316505

File: 1540547013845.jpg (45.22 KB, 960x540, south-park-s10e04c06-bad-bart-…)

>Would you redraw a Simpsons fanart with flesh-colored skin too?

People have literally done this countless times before, Anon. It's called artistic license.

Holly's style is garbage. There's no point in trying to adhere to it.

No. 316509

>holly art=garbage, no point adhering to it
this makes me frustrated, we're simply advocating for people to take into account the stylization when they fix art

redrawing in another style is just fan art and dosent help people learn what was wrong/what to fix with the original

redraws are fine and dandy here, i just dont like it when people are like "here! fixed!" because redraws are an entirely different piece just referencing the og

its like if i asked you to fix the leg of a desk and then you went and made me a brand new desk of a different design
thats cool! …but wheres my desk?

No. 316516

agree. this redraw thread is "her's how holly/whoever could fix her piece" not "here's my piece which is better."
If you like drawing her characters in your style, that's fanart and you should post it on instagram and tag her with the other fans doing that. (I note that if you look on her tagged tab on insta there are about 20 reese chair fanarts and only about two of them aren't better than the ones here)

No. 318448

please, we all know even if holly looked in this thread, she wouldnt follow any of the advice.

No. 320180

File: 1541326178372.png (1.06 MB, 2000x1200, mansette.png)

did a pretty true to definition redraw/trace over spechies bowestte piece that was obviously shit out judging by how lazy it is.

even though i did draw this in a pretty animu style i did try to make the general anatomy and style more appealing vs hers which looks very stiff and heavily referenced.
considering i directly traced over her art and managed to give somewhat better fluidity to the piece just means that spechie just really needs to focus on laying out better basic shapes (those spiky bands and shell lmao) and also pay attention to female anatomy more because how she does her females and males is the same to be honest.
its like she learned how to draw basic male body shape and head and just uses that for all her base art and it just gives all the females she draws an unfortunate aesthetic. her art would benefit a lot more if she stopped with the fucking useless painting studies and actually learned basic form and anatomy first because the way shes trying to get better at art will always leave her shit looking stiff and askew when she does any art that isnt heavily referenced and traced

No. 324254

File: 1542107799045.png (1.05 MB, 2640x852, Screenshot (17).png)

Redraw of Spechie's recent post. I think the demon was meant to be lit by neon lights? I drew one using the same colors and shading and one with more "realistic" neon lighting. (I'm also not happy with how the more complicated one turned out so please don't be too mean about it)

No. 324306

File: 1542118109509.jpg (1.02 MB, 1740x1080, Untitled271.jpg)

attempted to fix a weird painting from the renaissance

No. 324311

they did really flat faces with odd features back then. pretty typical of the time, no? she looks downs or fas-y in yours, anon.

No. 324313

Anon…did you mean to give her a gangnam unnie makeover?

No. 324319

File: 1542121408975.jpg (126.67 KB, 1024x576, Untitled272.jpg)

redrew spechie art. feel free to critique.

No. 324320

in the og image she had no eyelashes and thin eyebrows so she still looks weird. i was only facetuning so i had to work with what i had

No. 324322

which one is the redraw again? they're both absolutely hideous but the one on the right is worse.

No. 324323


Not familiar with Spechie's art. Which one is hers?

Either way the right one is worse. It's a blurry mess, like someone went crazy with the Smudge tool.

No. 324324

i did it on my phone 100% with the airbrush tool so i have to admit it was half-assed

No. 324341

You've sucked all of the personality out of it. It's like looking at a mannequin with my glasses off.

No. 324343

>feel free to critique

I'll give some.

So the two most glaring issues of Spechie's piece on the left are her color selection and the hair. Her colors are too bright, it's painful to look at. Some bright colors are fine else all art would just be grey and lifeless, but every color she's selected is bright, and as a result they are not in harmony with each other. The other issue is the hair, which features too high a shine when compared to the rest of the piece. You would need very bright, harsh lighting to achieve such a high shine on the hair, and that lighting would give the face a similarly high-contrast look. Instead, the face has a more subtle contrast between its light and shade, and it makes it look like it has no connection to the hair.

Your piece fixes the color issues somewhat. The colors you've chosen don't hurt my eyes nearly as much, but because they are all similar values it also means that there's no point of color interest. I'd have made the eyes brigher to try and counteract this.

And as someone else pointed out, you really overdid it with the blending. The nose has a good level of definition, but the rest of the face and especially the hair is overblended to hell, making it feel like I'm looking at the image through glasses someone rubbed butter all over. I would allow more brush strokes and harder lines to exist within the piece to give definition, particularly to the darkest and lightest areas.

No. 324347

This is much better. The body still feels a bit off but the shell, the spike and the body look loads better

No. 324348

not a lot of talent itt, huh?

No. 324352

why would you even do that? that's a dumb excuse either way, no one's on the edge of their seat waiting for you to draw it, just do it later.

No. 324356

File: 1542126519488.png (551.5 KB, 1482x758, spechie's shit demon.png)

Anon please post your fan art somewhere else. And I don't think it's supposed to be a girl.

The lean is so bad he's basically falling over. I widened the jaw, made the eyes smaller, moved the mouth higher, moved the shoulders a bit, and centered the neck and head.

No. 324358

nta but yours doesn't look like a dude either you sperg.

No. 324365

anon, thats not what collar bones are supposed to look like kek

No. 324369


Anons who can't draw getting on their high horse about how their edits are the only true fixes is so embarrassing.

No. 324385

i'd love to see these nitpicking farmers' drawings. they insult art but dont do any of their own

No. 324387

ah, the classic "if u don't do art, u have no rite 2 criticize mine!"

you guys really are embarrassing. you aren't much better than the cows you shit on, especially not in the skill department.

No. 324389

well you really cant tbh

No. 324390


Of course you can criticize art if you don't do art, anon. Don't be silly.

What's dumb is acting like using the lasso tool and moving bits of a drawing someone else did in Photoshop is superior to actually being able to redraw something.

No. 324407

But it's true. You don't have to be an artist yourself to recognize bad art.

No. 324408

they never point out what is actually wrong with the art, they just say it sucks. there's a difference anon

No. 324414

taking off eyelashes and keeping very tin eyebrows was part of the fashion of the time. Made women look more pearly

No. 324421

Most of the redraws seem like the artists are trying to get asspats for being as good or slightly better than a famous cow (which isn't really an achievement) . You don't need to be good artist to critisize a cows art but putting your own and not showing/explaining the changes made like drawing a shorter neck, or a better pose, is also pointless. It's just adding more subpar art to the thread. At least with the edits it's easier to see what was changed and what was wrong with the original.

No. 324423

Why should everyone have to clarify exactly why these anons' art sucks? If they don't feel like doing that, should they just take it directly to the bad art thread?(stop)

No. 324438

>Why should everyone have to clarify exactly why these anons' art sucks?

because you cant just say something sucks and not say why. you have to have a reason to dislike something, even if you just hate its guts. didn't you learn this in 3rd grade english?(stop)

No. 324439

this thread is such a shit show i love it.

>art anons trying to prove they're better artists than cows

>constant flow of shitty redraws, whining and salt

imagine getting offended on anon about "muh redraw" and bawwing about anons saying it sucks.

you art cunts are whack.

No. 324440

this whole website is a shitshow of petty cyberbullying and infighting tbh kek

No. 324447

You absolutely can, especially when the flaws are so obvious. Everyone does in the bad art thread. So again, if we don't want to thoroughly critique your art here should we just save it and post it there?

No. 324455

how is this thread still alive? why do people actually keep posting their art itt when every single redraw gets absolutely torn to shreds? ego or masochism?

No. 324516

Yeah this is much closer to a redraw than most stuff in this thread.
>Similar style
>Similar color scheme
>Same expression
>Same pose
>Similar proportions but more realistic and appealing
>More depth and detail but only to highlight the flaws of the original piece such as the angle of the spikes and the shape of the shell
This is also a pretty good example of a nice redraw that serves its purpose. >>324356

Anon I seriously had to wonder if this was a troll post and actually gotten from that godawful kiwifarms redraw thread. It's not even remotely similar to the original character or drawing.
>Completely different expression
>Completely different color scheme
>Original one has way harsher shadows and lighting
>The redraw has inferior anatomy and dynamic with the setting
>The eye shape is droopy and sleepy-like in the original, completely different cat eye style in the redraw
>Why am I even writing this list, it's a waste of my time

No. 324563

File: 1542146488515.png (571.24 KB, 1024x576, spechie redraw blue.png)

No. 324594

oh nice one! you actually made it clear how the artist could have better executed what they were trying to do instead of "hurr what if this ugly stylized drawing were in MY ugly style instead?"

No. 324605

you widened the jaw but the chin is still really short so it reads female. the traps/shoulders also look very female structured, more than spechie's actually. anon's is cute because it's supposed to be a girl and it looks like a girl. yours looks like you tried to draw a man using yourself as a reference or something. i bet you're great at drawing girls but you should probably use photos of men for references instead of slightly tweaking a woman because even after you did what you knew would technically make the character more masculine, the eyes are still big and feminine looking, the chin is still tiny, the jaw is narrow for a guy, the neck and shoulders are delicate, no brow bone. There's no visual signals to point to anything but female.

No. 324622

Whatever brush you used, I like it a lot.

No. 324623

looks like an albino african woman now

No. 324624

nice anon i love shitty dreamworks CG!

No. 324626

the expression is part of the original.. what do you want anon to do?

No. 324676

File: 1542167310506.png (541.98 KB, 1500x576, anon.png)

No. 324702

File: 1542179275039.png (663.35 KB, 3000x758, spechie redraw purple.png)

Can't tell what it's supposed to be.

No. 324743

Is yours the nice looking one or the ugly one?

No. 324747

File: 1542200643417.jpg (110.48 KB, 576x1024, Untitled274.jpg)

I tried to fix anon's drawing, still looks like shit though.

No. 324749

did you amp up the DreamWorks face? regardless, it does look better

No. 324753

Every time I see anons bitch about artist cows' skill level I think of this thread and how 4/5 redraws are just as bad as the original, just with different stylization choices. Paintovers like >>324563 or red lines are more than enough to point out flaws.

No. 324946

its all just for fun take a chill pill

No. 324953

tell that to the artists who sperg about their shitty art.

No. 324964

lmao its just art not a war youre the one sperging. can we all just calmy critique art instead of flat out insulting it and keep our negativity to ourselves? it isnt helping, anon.

No. 324976

kek you wasted time drawing that as a bad insult to a 13yo sperg on the internet thats honestly sad no joke

No. 324982

nta but do you know what fucking website you're on? if you wanted a borderline hugbox, you should've posted your shit art on another site.

how much you wanna bet all of the shitty artists itt who are crying about le meanies turn around and do the exact same shit to holly, spechie, etc.?

No. 324999

sorry for circlejerking, but theres a difference between critiquing and insulting. people who criticize cows' art are mostly artist and know what they're doing, and they actually point out whats wrong instead of 'huehue yer art sux kys!!!!!1!1!111'

No. 325048

File: 1542238898106.png (5.02 MB, 2273x1702, ''mostly artist''.png)

>mostly artist who know what they're doing
anon pls

and this is /ot/ not /snow/. we're allowed to make 'huehue yer art sux kys!!!!!1!1!111' comments all we want.

No. 325164

i still think that reese chair pic got way too much flak

No. 325539

did you also graduate top of your class in the navy seals and train in gorilla warfare?

No. 325543

what a joke. most people who criticize art cows are more butthurt over their success despite being shitty, than they are concerned about critiquing their art in a serious way. why do you think baylee's thread is always full of people reeing about her disney obsession?

No. 325547

this whole website is a bunch of jealous teenage white girls throwing around bad insults at weeaboos kek(stop)

No. 325548

damn you hoes are mean. you guys act like the girls who post these think they're the next titians

No. 325556

Quit sperging and infighting.

No. 325587

kek anon, if we ever get another redraw thread, I vote for this as the thread pic

No. 325614

We all agree that a lot of cows' art sucks, but then if you're going to "fix" it after mocking it relentlessly, but it's not technically any better, you're just asking to get what you just dished out.
If it was just a "post your art!" thread and people were being really mean i would agree that it's too much, but it's literally supposed to be a thread where you post better art than the original.
It's like if you claimed you were thinner than some cow, then posted a pic, turns out you're just as fat or fatter, but then when called out you went "wtf i'm not trying to be a spoop or a supermodel!! you guys are mean!"

Like this is not the thread for respecting subjective taste. If it was, we wouldn't be mocking spechie or holly in the first place.

No. 325651

I agree, the Reese doesn't really belong in there. Some of the other spechie ones do though

No. 325655

This, notice how the ones that get the most flak don't add anything besides the implied "look, mine's better", or get defensive as fuck when the asspats don't roll in. Just make an art general if you want to post your shit.

No. 325736

I like most of the redraws/repaints here. Some of them are complete garbage but most are fine. Y'all are picky af

No. 325841

are you a mediocre-at-best artist too?

No. 325938

The red lines are fine but the people who redo the entire piece are try-hards who usually are no better than the original artist.

No. 326060

And I thought /ic/ was bad, lol guess I was wrong.

No. 326062

Nah /ic/ is still worse lmao
At least most anons here actually draw

No. 326065

/ic/ has like 3 good artists and some pros, and plenty draw threads. no one one in this thread is above beginner level including myself

No. 326128

theres so much negativity and fighting. is everyone itt on their period? please stop sperging over drawings, you do realize what a drawing is, right? a bunch of lines put together to look good. this is coming from an artist. calm the FUCK down.

No. 326131

No. 326144

the only people sperging are the ones who want asspats for their better art.

No. 326147

i disagree


maybe not sperging but people are taking everything too seriously

No. 326165

how tf are they "taking everything too seriously"?

No. 326369

File: 1542455048848.png (493.69 KB, 940x708, holly.png)

is posting holly's art cheating at this point?

No. 326389

I honestly don't get it with her. Like that box on the top is so blatantly off how does she miss that even if she is just eyeballing perspective?

No. 326501


That trashcan in the corner tho

No. 326685


>Post artwork that's been fixed, red-lined, redrawn, etc.

>If you want to post a redline of Holly Brown's work, post it here. If you want to post liquefied art of Spechie's, post it here. If you recently fixed your own art work or redrew it, post it here.

stop sperging out because people aren't staying to the same style as the originals you fuckin dipshits. Half the original styles of these pieces look like flaming hot garbage.

No. 327376

File: 1542657474457.png (184.88 KB, 446x394, 1542623004474.png)

found in the holly thread

No. 328193

This thread is ridiculous. People are posting art with clear anatomical improvements and the weeb anons are screeching Holly’s shit is better because…anime? Yeah I think I’ll check out kiwi farms redraw thread because the people here think anime faces > actual human anatomy. Don’t even know where clavicals go smh.

No. 329108

I wanted to edit or redraw this but Holly's art is so jacked are can't figure out how to fix it without drastically changing the poses. Ash isn't looking at Hershel?? And is he bending down because it looks like he's standing straight? Ash is sitting down so is Hershel really short?

Holly's art melts my brain trying to figure out what's happening

No. 331493

File: 1543514202663.jpg (213.94 KB, 815x459, sp.thumb.jpg.af7efb5273554b72b…)

Found this on spechie's newest sprite

No. 331560

File: 1543524907487.jpg (234.18 KB, 815x459, lamegreen.jpg)

I tried to redo it

No. 331562

well try again and stop samefagging, bronto-chan.

No. 331563


No. 331567

I don't understand, please speak a clear language.

No. 331574

It's an anonymous board, you don't have to put your name or your e-mail address in.

No. 331576

I didn't know that, that wasn't my name but the title of the image but, is there a way I can remove my e-mail?

No. 331583

Nope, you can only delete your posts within 30 minutes of making them.

No. 331765

why did you draw a turtle?

No. 331904

Because Spechie tends to label herself as chubby/overweight and I usually lean to drawing chubbier females anyways.

No. 331927

Yours is worse and looks like you're less skilled. Original is pretty cute.

No. 331930

Idk what you are smoking, original is terrible. The fixed one is bad as well, but at least has a weird drawing style

No. 331945

I’d honestly like this redo if it weren’t for the feral alcohol syndrome face

No. 331977

You could improve by shrinking the neck and moving the face up a bit on the head. The eyes seems a bit too far apart. I think your doing the "fit 1 eye in between the eyes" thing which works for some things but you're should be a bit closer together.
It's obvious you know more than spechie art wise though.

No. 332016

Redo looks like a wikihow character.

No. 332022

Thanks, I appreciate it a lot.
Actually I didn't do the one eye thing but I will try and make eyes closer next time (although I used to make them way further apart, It is kinda a thing I'm into TBH).
Also correct, I have studied art to some extent.
I would like to defend myself and say that you got it the other way round, the original is closer to wikiHow, but if what you're saying is the case then you got some good wikiHow art, please share some.

No. 332025

For the last time: stop namefagging and read the fucking rules. By the way, your art is shit. It's no better than Spechie's.

No. 332026

File: 1543609145192.png (647.86 KB, 900x675, 2HxG3HN.png)

are you really gonna argue with someone's subjective take on your art? Accept that the asspats aren't coming and move on instead of making butthurt comments.
While I am NTA, I can see what they mean when they compare your drawing to wikihow art…
Also stop with the namefagging.

No. 332035

File: 1543610518863.png (438.59 KB, 892x492, reedit.png)

The body and coloring is good and shows a better understanding of how clothes and bodies work than Spechie's, especially for what looks like a rough sketch, but the face could use some work. The neck is too long, eyes and mouth too low (she has no chin). I've attached a quick edit of the face to try and show what I mean.

No. 332038

I like this. Anon's version tried too hard to look ~uwu unique~ 0 appeal

No. 332058

The redo of the redo looks so much better. Good job

No. 332115

No matter how good your art is, the people on this thread are going to throw out random insults. I'm sorry but most people on this site are negative and this thread is the worst place to get an honest critique. You're definitely new here so I don't blame you but this site is literally dedicated to making fun of people. I could be mistaken but by the way you're typing you seem underage, and this imageboard is 18+ so the art is held to a higher standard.

No. 332192

Leaving you email here is a very bad idea because it's super easy to find your art accounts using this email. Judging from some of your other works, you seem to be very young, this place is not for you.

No. 332396

File: 1543676732817.jpeg (34.53 KB, 636x482, 9BFE801B-7ECB-4A9A-96AC-D061AC…)

No. 335752

File: 1544209963608.png (228.96 KB, 634x952, what.png)

While looking at stuff on tapas to see how holly's stuff ranked I found this terrible series called "Where's My BL Story"
It's a gold mine of terrible

No. 339614

i don't think the redline adds anything but stick this in the bad art thread, it's fuarked

No. 340538

Can we make a personal rule for this page in particular- Because a lot of the sperging and infighting is caused by ‘stylistic’ preferences (using this lightly).
If you’re going to shit talk an interpretation of a piece, explain what in particular is shit or use colored lines to prove your point. Not that hard. And those whose going to post their interpretation- for the love of god, remember what site you’re posing on.

No. 340545

seeing weird medieval beauty standards photoshopped into weird modern ones is funny and also scary

No. 343469

File: 1545607392386.png (349.32 KB, 600x400, shego.png)

This was on the front page of dA. The face bothered me so I tried a 5 minute edit. Made the nose 10% bigger, resized the far eye by 5% and moved eyebrow closer to the bridge.

No. 343472

looks like an improvement. that face on the left is wack.

No. 343479

How do artists do beautiful color, shading, and rendering but then fuck up basic anatomy like this??? Baffles me.

No. 343671


sakimichans art is like that too. she renders skin stupidly well but the anatomy kills it for me. sameface sexy uwu girls are boring too.

No. 346871

File: 1546277519028.png (249.54 KB, 638x675, fix.png)

Tried fixing last version of >>346661
They would be pretty cute, if their heads weren't that big tbh + lips too low

No. 371451

File: 1549870403557.png (418.55 KB, 1024x576, redraw blue anon.png)

No. 371542

Why did you use the skin brush in the hair?
Pretty good besides that.

No. 371584

NTA or any kind of artist so maybe I don't get it but the hair looks awesome in my opinion… What's wrong with it?

No. 375347

File: 1550437633180.png (1.41 MB, 2228x1466, zelda fixed.png)

sloppy editing but I wanted to try and fix >>375164 because I felt like it was… almost good?

No. 375351

… which is the "fix"? Both look horrible.

No. 375359

I'm assuming they mean the texture/bits in the hair when hair should be smooth looking

Good fix though I agree

No. 375360

Good fix anon, they should hire you to edit their art

No. 375366

yeah, they're still both dreadful. if you were going to fix it, you should've started by making her look less like a man

No. 375371

kek my bad clearly, left was supposed to be the "fix"

No. 375446

I don’t see the issue in making both the hair and skin textured, that’s just personal choice in the end not a mistake

No. 375543

File: 1550463544837.png (1000.56 KB, 1331x1024, 2017.08.20.png)

I wanted to redraw the same picture because the whole picture for me was so awkward
im not a true zelda fan so its not all that accurate

No. 375546

File: 1550463922588.png (1.67 MB, 2228x1466, yikes.png)

idk if I should go ahead and paint over this… didn't realize it was Zelda until I read the file name
I thought it looked fine, I could have used a hair brush instead.

No. 375547

This looks cute anon, but at the same time it looks like her head is too heavy for her body and she’s about to catch it. Easy fix by shrinking it a bit to better fit the rest of her proportions

No. 375553

Thanks! Yeah I noticed as soon as I posted that her hands and is smaller compared to her head, really need to catch that stuff before I post

No. 375590

question: how do you guys get your lineart so clean?

No. 375595

ntayrt stabilizer tool works best for me

No. 398165

File: 1555133764426.png (70.78 KB, 584x272, lazee edit.png)

a quick edit of bj's new icon

No. 398194

Is the one on the right the redraw? Because I like the one on the left more.

No. 398226

The hate boner for Bj and a bunch of stupid artist is so strong, that they think they can do better, lmao

BJ's design is better than yours, fuck off anon.

No. 398231

Yours looks way more accurate in terms of how she looks. And to me your proportions are more appealing.

No. 398418

Yeah I like Anon's edit but there's not really anything wrong with Baylee's version

No. 398421

‘Ogre proportions’ lol found the weeb

No. 398999

I'm a weeb for sure, but lots of women have cuter facial proportions. This drawing has almost no forehead, a long jaw and the mouth is wide.

No. 402334

File: 1556155322727.png (1.11 MB, 1158x1212, Holly Brown Art edit.png)

not sure if anyone's posted this specific Holly Brown edit yet but I just felt like fixing the faces

No. 402538

Can you post the original?

No. 404068

File: 1556479263208.png (104.23 KB, 263x275, holly.png)

sorry I guess I forgot

No. 404071

File: 1556479684036.png (135.97 KB, 400x405, 400px-Ogre_image.png)

Nigga those are some peak ogre proportions there's no arguing otherwise.

No. 404097

File: 1556482534354.png (289.37 KB, 330x525, rz.png)


>that old Reese


I mean, I dislike Holly's antics as much as the next anon, but to say she didn't get better at all is a big lie
Is just that she's still stiff as all fuck and don't understand anatomy beyond like two poses

No. 404145

Old Reese was literally a self insert, damn

No. 404178

Anon, you didn’t fix anything.. they just look like generic ‘how to draw anime’ men now, and looking at the original pic you took away almost every single feature this character had, everything except his glasses tbh. Redrawing an ugly character as a bland one isn’t a fix

No. 404382


Gave him girl eyebrows and removed his low brow. Changed his eye and nose shape… looks like an attempt at genderbending kek

You destroyed the feeling of the original pic and ruined everything that was good about it

No. 405122

>>404382 what was ever good about in the first place? honest question

No. 406398

Nothing wrong with "anatomy" of first picture. I mean it makes sense ffs.

No. 406890

File: 1557082812864.png (460.17 KB, 500x560, old reese redraw face.png)

Tried redrawing his face based on her newer style.

No. 406929

This looks pretty good anon! You fixed the composition while going for the style she was aiming for. Nice job.

No. 407933


Damnit, Bobby!

No. 408362

Only thing really bad about it is the face proportions. The pose is ok, the shading looks and clothes look nice… the redraw looks awkward, stuff, and flat. The face looks like shit and the neck looks like it twisted all the way around and like the giant head is about to break off

No. 408449

File: 1557426002787.png (2.02 MB, 2200x1467, redraw elf.png)

Quick animu redraw

No. 408657

Now this is a proper redraw. You kept the same shading and feel of the original piece but fixed that ogre face. Love it.

No. 408906

File: 1557592937992.png (848.59 KB, 1950x1024, redraw zelda alttp.png)

Hope this helps. Didn't know what to do with the hand.

No. 408926

fucking amazing

No. 409117

Oh hey it actually looks like Zelda now

No. 409393

Nice redraw!
It was literally just the face. I notice that some artists are only good at one thing.
Like some artists are great with faces, but bad with bodies and vice versa.

No. 409876

Love this so much! Such a shame you can't share usernames on lolcow ugh

No. 409918

If you want to talk to me, you can find me in the lolcow discord with the username Alibaba (only for the next 3 days - dm me)

No. 429425

He actually looks Hispanic in you're redraw

No. 440466

File: 1564278122235.png (387.15 KB, 839x697, aps redline.png)

From the discussion in the General Artist Salt thread.
I traced over the face to show the construction.
Also by the way, she's holding a "draw it in your style" contest with this drawing. It ends tomorrow.

No. 444456

what the hell is going on with that chin?

No. 445242

Wow…it actually looks like her and not some tranny Zelda.

No. 483951

Someone should remake this thread. Scrolling through all the infighting makes me want to die.

No. 487256

File: 1574720528022.jpg (106.13 KB, 768x768, Untitled322.jpg)

im back bitches

No. 487268

anon this art is worse than before kek

No. 487286

I love the shit art in this thread.

No. 487297

its not finished all the way
give honest critique, i will not freak out my emotional intelligence has improved over the last year…

No. 487298

i do recognize tho it looks kind of flat and lifeless i am working on improving that

No. 487299

i know we be big ol bitches here but legit keep doing this. i dont frequent the art threads but do your thing lol

No. 487300

i haven't been on this site in a year lol

No. 487303

I highkey love this thread because of how much it proves the prevalent dunning kruger in artfags, it should be published in a scientific journal

No. 487327

okey you

the color of the sink is to bright, you can't really see the face , the eyes are much better , i will say that for now it looks better, at last better than the original

No. 487349

Im getting real tired of seeing this smug blue bitch itt lmao

No. 487376

try establishing your values in black and white first. starting in color will only make it more difficult to keep your values consistent.

No. 487407

File: 1574771229510.png (386.26 KB, 446x330, C4B53750-0007-4A60-A19B-A8C081…)

this thread was a FUNNY ass ride

No. 487458

File: 1574782748698.png (3.46 MB, 2273x1702, hurrrrrpredraw.png)

ok fun thread so far,
but the many fundamental issues within most of the redraws triggered me.

such like hinting a light source which wasn't fully executed throughout the drawing,
anatomical/perspective issues etc.

heres my shitty attempt at fixing this mess,
toned down for reduced eyecancer.

No. 487467

I'd recommend you look up Istebrak on YouTube… You don't have to listen to every rule of hers, and she rambles a lot because she's doing these videos without editing, but it helped me learn how to draw portraits and fix mistakes during the process.

No. 487477

Anon i cant tell what the fuck is going on why did you make it into a shitty ass collage

No. 487597

File: 1574814203537.jpg (97.92 KB, 576x1024, Untitled319-2.jpg)

No. 487598

File: 1574815105452.png (156.74 KB, 546x562, lol.png)

No. 487599

I’m really enjoying how this thread is essentially turning into an artist’s telephone game of making this drawing worse and worse.

No. 487603

it took me 1000 hours on my art tablet dont hate

No. 487630

truly like watching a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis

No. 487634

Anon, your redlines fixed literally nothing.

No. 487645

File: 1574822580526.jpg (185.74 KB, 971x1063, 20191126_204141.jpg)

No. 487671

File: 1574826298251.png (134.58 KB, 1500x1500, lol.png)

No. 487712

File: 1574833858686.jpeg (55.81 KB, 770x740, A3138EA7-2492-4B3E-BB28-19B0F4…)

No. 487789

File: 1574862509196.jpeg (35.87 KB, 1000x1000, blue lady.jpeg)

No. 487975

File: 1574902750234.png (285.96 KB, 432x768, uwu blue alien uwu.png)

Let's redraw something that isn't blue.
Also this looks so much better upside down.

No. 487981

File: 1574905748910.jpeg (27.34 KB, 1000x1000, final form.jpeg)

No. 487985

fuck anon, you're too talented for this thread! rothko is quaking in his grave!

No. 488089

This actually hurts my eyes. It looks like a 3d movie when you're not wearing 3d glasses.

The anatomy is improved but jfc you need to fix the saturation on your computer screen or something.

No. 488322

File: 1574979386138.png (191.06 KB, 324x576, toned down.png)

White backgrounds tend to have that effect. I added a lot of glow dodge at the end.
Here, more layer effects.

No. 488325

Oh shit, that's an original Zima Blue

No. 488332

I love that i know what you're referencing hehe…

No. 488396

oooh someone pays for netflix

No. 488412

It’s amazing how much a toned background can do for a piece

No. 488443

You can cash me ousside with my dollar bills babaaay

No. 488646

File: 1575056402760.png (3.76 MB, 2035x2533, 06DBC173-16A0-4EFE-B35A-4865B4…)

It was difficult making this as shitty as the original tbh

No. 488714

>making it as shitty
Somehow you still nailed it.

No. 488733

Damn I wonder how op of bluegirl.jpeg feels that their art is still being used itt a year later

No. 488765

File: 1575074762288.png (53.16 KB, 300x300, 354356576.png)

No. 488775

Wtf anon you won

No. 488779

Goddammit this made me burst out laughing. 10/10 anon.

No. 488783

No. 488789


No. 488847


No. 488914

I love how shit this thread has become
Oh wait redraw threads are already shit to begin with

No. 489184

ok wet blanket

No. 489190

I keked so hard

No. 489313

At least it's shit on purpose now.

No. 491675

File: 1575705561337.png (3.59 MB, 4093x2894, Rosheruu.png)

Edited some of rosheruu's art,(original on the left edit on the right) its not a perfect edit but its still better than the long faced mess the original was

No. 491677

No. 491681

Left one looks better imo

No. 491688

Agreed, I thought the left was the edit. Why’d you make her into a dwarf, shit edit anon

No. 491702

Left looks better. A long face isn't automatically a bad thing.

No. 491817

File: 1575745385720.jpeg (866.02 KB, 1920x2560, DF43E6CF-F987-4DC7-B72F-17C7BA…)

While i wouldnt say the new one is a good drawing i feel like its an improvement and what holly is probably striving for aka shit anime boy aesthetic

No. 491849

As much as I hate Holly’s stylistic choices, you took away all the life from the expression

No. 491852

what exactly was the original expression tho

No. 491903

I think the expression lost its sharpness because you didn't adjust the iris in relation to the sclera size. His small irides in the original makes him look very focused and angry/violent, and in your edit the irides are bigger giving him a much more relaxed expression. Just an idea tho, I might be gravely wrong.

No. 491911

It looks manic and riled up, the redo looks relaxed.

No. 492103

Holly's is muuuuuch better, yours is generic, boring and just as ugly

No. 492224

>lolcow-tan with pillow shading
Truly a masterpiece

No. 493179

File: 1576055617405.png (716.09 KB, 1000x1408, ad.png)

I know it's profoundly arrogant and shitty to redesign other peoples' characters, which is why I'm posting it here, anonymously. The only reason I'm not posting it to /co/ is because I hate /co/.

So rip into me anons! Literally some of the most valuable critique I've read is some of the stuff I've read here.

Autism on the changes:

A lot of the decisions I made were to make it more obvious what time period he's from. His name seems to imply that he's from the seventies or eighties, and I went with eighties simply because hot pink was more common then, and I tried to keep the palette of the original design as much as possible. I was looking at the guys in bands like Hanoi Rocks, Judas Priest, and Cinderella. So what I came up with was a bright pink, cropped leather vest instead of a suit jacket, and a choker instead of a bowtie. The vest exposes his flank more so his arms have somewhere to grow from. I also wanted to make him look more pointy overall.

So in terms of things I removed, I made him look less like a furry, which I concede might be more boring (?) So now he's got a mohawk instead of random fur sticking off of his head, and the bizarre fur-boobs are gone. The problem with giving him actual hair though is that he looked really weird without ears, so I added pointed ears. Removed all the things I felt were unnecessary or scene-kid-ish (heterochromia, stripes everywhere, freckles.) I wanted to keep the gold tooth but it just… didn't look right no matter what I tried.

I also wanted to make him look more spider-like, but that didn't really work out either. All of the drawings I tried where he had eight eyes or mandibles made the character unrecognizable. Like if what Vivienne was going for was "promiscuous spider", than the design needs a total overhaul, which I didn't want to do.

No. 493207

I enjoy this. Good colours and the character actually looks like a demon and pornstar now

No. 493263

Its supposed to be 40s which is fucking stupid, but this redesign actually looks good and makes sense. Congratulations on making the design look charming and actually like a 20-something year old man instead of a vaguely humanoid creature with no identity or age pointing to their earth life.

No. 493292

I posted about this at length in the art salt thread, but nothing about him makes sense for the forties:

1) Porn was underground and illegal, so there were no porn "stars." 2) PCP (Angel Dust) wasn't even used by hospitals yet, let alone recreationally at that time. 3) No one was wearing hot pants and thigh high boots– not even hookers. 4) His color palette is very neon, which makes more sense for the 80s than the 40s.

Having him be from the eighties makes more sense. Viv would even be able to keep the part about him being in the mob, since not only was it around in the eighties, but it had a hand in porn production.

No. 493293

I posted about this at length in the art salt thread, but nothing about him makes sense for the forties:

1) Porn was underground and illegal, so there were no porn "stars." 2) PCP (Angel Dust) wasn't even used by hospitals yet, let alone recreationally at that time. 3) No one was wearing hot pants and thigh high boots– not even hookers. 4) His color palette is very neon, which makes more sense for the 80s than the 40s.

Having him be from the eighties makes more sense. Viv would even be able to keep the part about him being in the mob, since not only was it around in the eighties, but it had a hand in porn production.

No. 493303

You put far more thought into this redesign than Vivz did into any of her ocs.

No. 493342

much better look for a coked out spider twink than that weird "sexy" pile of lint viv designed

No. 493370

Holy crap,an actual gay demon hooker in which Viz is incapable of drawing because her character designs are shit! color me surprised (you can make his hair poofy and add striped leg warmers and arm warmers for a nice touch

No. 493395

I hate the mohawk and think this whole design is just "meh", but thank you for removing the fur boobs.

No. 493429

My only gripes are:
1) Hate the mohawk. It just doesn't fit with the character and reads more as a biker than a pornstar.
2) He's not a spider. His species is literally a spider demon and this just looks like a boring, normal demon when he's SUPPOSED to stand out with him being a main character and all. He just looks like another background biker chick with some masculine-ish features.
3) The ears? Confusing. Hate them. He's not an elf and it again, doesn't read spider just generic demon or nymph.
4)This also doesn't read as eighties. At all. If you didn't point out that he was from the eighties, I wouldn't have known. It's one thing to research the clothes they wore, but it's another to take the basic most recognizable to the time period features and using them. This is for animation, the audience needs to be able to know everything about the character in their first appearence with an equally as readable silhouette. You knocked the nail right on the head with saying beforehand that it's boring.

A for effort anon, but this looks like another generic background demon rather than a spider demon main character.

No. 493432

That Angel Dust character is boring anyways. it would be more interesting to have him a bisexual than a full on flaming homo but no, gotta always make guys full on gay and girls bisexual.

No. 493442

He was. And I believe he was actually paired with Vaggie.

But Vivziepop wanted to be a pandering little shit and said "NO!! HE GAY!!!"

No. 494699

File: 1576446062210.png (1.36 MB, 2080x720, edit edit edit.png)

Just some more polishing.

No. 494704

The face looks fine, you dumbos. Why is no one fixing the tiny cranium?

No. 494749

File: 1576452615614.jpg (111.96 KB, 520x720, 1576446062210.jpg)

The neck needs to be wider.

No. 494757

KEK I was waiting for this

No. 494761

I'd like to see your fucking art. Jesus the art fags on here are full retard

No. 494789

Sorry we forgot anon no fun allowed here only serious discussion on whether sakimichan is drawing the left or the right breasts incorrectly

No. 494881

File: 1576497028432.jpg (234.48 KB, 520x720, fixed it!.jpg)

No. 495058

Feebs is that you

No. 495595


I don't see how him being bisexual would've added anything that being homosexual wouldn't.

No. 495698

More shipping fuel which, judging by the intended audience, would probably be appealing.

No. 496041

No. 498133

File: 1577277374097.png (3.09 MB, 1064x1758, becca.png)

No. 498148

10/10 good job anon. It actually looks cute now. Also I really hate how Becca draws noses, Jesus.

No. 498831

Super cute, anon! Keep up the good work

No. 499235

File: 1577643693777.png (1.04 MB, 1300x781, hb.png)

got lazy toward the end

No. 499260

Nice work, anon. My only note would be that the text is still a little screwy, especially towards the right.

No. 499305

tbf, what's the point of this redraw? left looked nice as it is.

No. 499325

You’re joking right..? The difference is night and day between the redraw

good job anon taking a holly turd and making it nice to look at

No. 499326

File: 1577665871487.jpg (376.09 KB, 2228x1466, 1550437633180.jpg)

took a whack at zelda's face
this one is super weird in particular because when i started re-drawing from forehead-down i felt like i ended up at a completely different angle from when i was drawing chin-up and had to redo it. tried to keep the eyeline and general face shape consistent, at least. i think the cheek area is what drives the original into ogre-territory like that other anon said.

No. 499632

File: 1577762946979.png (114.51 KB, 600x550, attack helicopter.png)

Tried to fix this trainwreck.

In the fixed version, she's just a lesbian, like she should have been in the first place.

No. 499641

Wtf is non binary?
I know you can be lesbian or gay
But what the hell is non binary??
No they're getting rubbish out of their asses

No. 499646

Nonbinary is when you don't identify as a man or woman but from what I have seen it's just boring people wanting to be special by sometimes wearing a dress and sometimes wearing boy shorts

No. 499648

isnt the character just voiced by a man in a dress? sidenote this made me realize just how much i fucking hate those gross puffy lips

No. 499650

I don't know and I don't care. It looks like a badly drawn bio woman to me.

No. 499651

What character is this? Is this from Rebecca Sugar?

No. 499658

No, Shep (the character's name) is voiced by Indya Moore who is a woman lmao

No. 499662

Samefag I just googled Indya and yeah seems they're a man in a dress lmao my mistake

No. 499664

I could understand Stevonnie being a "they" because Stevonnie was a fusion of two people of the opposite sex, making "they appropriate on both counts- it's plurality and it's neutrality.

But "Shep" is just the show-runners desperately trying to bring back their old Tumbrlina fans. She even looks like a Tumblrina with her stupid septum piercing.

No, Sadie is apparently Rebecca's self-insert. I don't remember where she said it, but in one of her shit-zillion interviews she said Sadie was a character she made in college and is based off of what she was like as a teenager.

With a retarded name like Indya I can only assume it's a troon. Why do they pick such stupid names for themselves?

No. 500831

File: 1578083715530.jpg (78.79 KB, 494x598, viperman.jpg)

No. 500929

File: 1578100145015.gif (1.22 MB, 375x250, EasyGranularDuckbillcat-small.…)

Amazing job, anon.

No. 504065

File: 1579057692683.jpg (378.21 KB, 2289x2289, 01-14-10.01.37.jpg)

Took a shot at making sense of the form in Baylee Jae's recent charcoal thing

No. 504229

your art is gorgeous anon

No. 512549

File: 1581096938516.jpeg (420.87 KB, 2048x2048, 3A572832-4B7E-4F85-A52A-F193F2…)

I don’t want this thread to die, so I thought I’d throw in a month old re draw of Vaggie from hazbin hotel. I felt that her design was really close to being decent, but the stupid scene hair, and ugly colors threw me off. Plus the unsymmetrical design is hell to animate. My drawing still isn’t particularly animation friendly, but imo it’s a step up. I also added in her spear, since Vaggies original spear changes it’s design twice in the 30 minute pilot. Btw sorry it’s kinda unfinished but I’m way too lazy to go back and finish this.

No. 512587

>>512549 your art isn't bad anon, I quite like it, but this is so off. Its unrecognizable as Vaggie, all of the elements of her design were changed too much. It looks almost like an Avatar: The last airbender character. Cute for sure but it looks like a completely different character. If you kept the 3 x's on the top of the dress, hair style and color, shape of dress (form fitting) and the asymmetry of the sock colors from the original it would be more recognizable. As it stands this isn't a redraw it's more of an entirely new character with certain small elements from the original.

No. 512591

I like your outfit better, the devil horn bow was absolutely a missed opportunity.
But I agree with anon that it looks like a completely different character. Not to say that the original wasn't totally uninspired because damn it's boring.

No. 512592

Samefag to clarify by hairstyle I meant the general shape and size. I find the scene hair annoying too, but it would be better if in yours you kept the relative size/shape.
>>512591 Agreed I think anons character is 1000% better designed and cuter.

No. 512714

File: 1581116160884.jpeg (26.17 KB, 300x300, D6386478-BCE6-483C-AB0B-57812C…)

Same anon who did the redesign, I see what y’all mean, and I agree! I did make it look a little too different. incorporating more X’s into the design, and changing the hair to fit the original design would be more fitting. I wanted to incorporate some of the colors from earlier designs of vaggie (the dark blue hair and somewhat similar dress, the image attached is what I’m referring to) but I think the blue makes her look too different, and almost blends in with her skin tone. Also I might redraw this since it’s been a minute, and I’ll try my best to mimic the style of hazbin hotel! My style is kinda anime, and I did watch avatar as a kid so I see the avatar comparison lmao. Thanks for the advice anons!!

No. 512721

I've seen this redesign on the bad webcomics forum where they ACTUALLY gave her wings and I think antennas too,I'm confused she's supposed to be a moth demon or a grey humanoid?

No. 512723

Redesign? I’m assuming you mean the original design anon (same anon again who made the original) because I’ve only posted this here lmao. But that character is called vaggie and she’s from a cartoon show pilot called Hazbin Hotel. It’s set in hell and she’s supposed to be a demon.

No. 512738

No no i meant to say I saw another person's design from another site though

No. 512741

Oop sorry anon

No. 515102

File: 1581790527504.png (1.86 MB, 1262x853, becc.png)

Tried to clean up Becca's strange lighting/shadows. I'd change the colors entirely because the entire thing is so saturated but I wanted to see it with as little of my own style injected as possible. Maybe it's an unfair comparison because I edited it digitally, but white highlights everywhere does not improve anything.

No. 515105

Looks much cuter anon

No. 515118

She no longer looks like the victim of domestic violence. Nice fix-up.

No. 518369

File: 1582715545109.jpg (611.83 KB, 998x842, redraw.jpg)

I saw this on the Bad art thread and I thought I'd give it a go

Majority is just using the liquify tool and changing some colours

No. 518399

both are equally bad

No. 518446

It looks kinda better. She no longer looks like an asphyxiation victim, but those cold,dead eyes are beyond saving.

No. 518509

You could've at least removed that fever blush and added pupils

No. 518574

File: 1582757007644.png (950.04 KB, 998x842, op.png)

I gave a shot too, mostly face there are still lots of things wrong, but it's tho am and I have lectures in morning. Little piece I noticed is that nose, lips and chin doesn't really add up, and lips are pretty detailed by themselves, so I would say it might be traced/heavily referenced.

No. 519952

File: 1583091902345.png (1.76 MB, 1233x1113, E707D61C-F6A6-49AA-BCCB-5204EC…)

I wanted to fix the values rather than redraw it cause I don't know how to draw anime. I think the original artist intended sailor moon to be high so I tried adding to that vibe.

No. 520430

these both look great, way better than the original. nice job anons!

No. 520473

before and after death

No. 521017

File: 1583353116548.jpg (78.62 KB, 532x275, holly's_ugly_fuck_face_before-…)

Edited Holly Brown's new icon. Just as I suspected, if she just moved the mouth up and added a nose, it would look a lot less creepy.

No. 521189

huh, that's actually a real improvement well done

No. 521240

Holly’s original looked intentionally silly before and now it looks kinda generic to be honest

No. 521594

File: 1583504065461.jpg (209.57 KB, 981x622, 20200306_151202.jpg)

I was scrolling through art redraw thread on Kiwi Farms earlier and I'm schocked but half of the redraws are soo ugly. Sometimes even worse than tumblr-art they trying to "fix"

No. 521600

File: 1583505268411.png (487.66 KB, 1041x827, orginals on the left.PNG)

The original is better. More dynamic, better colors, and the style meshes well (The hair and ears fit better than on the re draws). The only mistake is the low nose, which can be excused because it's a sketch, and oddly places ears, which is most likely style. The funniest part is how what looks like a 5 minute sketch somehow GTFO what looks like a final sketch.
And oh god the Kiwi farm delusions. /IC/ isn't as delusional. People were praising this

No. 521602

File: 1583505777500.png (479.83 KB, 1219x929, 3456.PNG)

The delusion holly shit. Left is the "crappy" original and right is the superior kiwi farms verison

No. 521618

how do you manage to do worse than rcdart holy shit

No. 521990

File: 1583583163655.png (1.46 MB, 2000x2000, sketch2.png)


I tried redrawing again, this time Holly's character.

No. 522084

Honest critique anon?

Folds are pretty bad and most of them are not in the right places, the arms and legs look like limp noodles. (Holly's looking slightly better in comparison)
Hands are just as bad if not slightly worse, and the anatomy is a step better than Holly's but that's not saying much considering just how low a bar she holds.

My consensus?
More anatomy and fold studies anon, gain that confidence in your lines before trying to redraw someone's art.

If Holly's art was an F- this would just barely be a D-.

No. 522354

File: 1583641578555.png (1.2 MB, 2000x2000, holly redraw.png)

Not really a redraw but I was thinking something like this would be a cooler pose/angle.
Too lazy to redraw it properly sorry.

No. 522366

cute style anon! i don't think it looks much like holly's character but i think it's a vast improvement in comparison to how stiff her fabric looks, and the face looks nice

No. 522772

File: 1583729455419.png (762.81 KB, 1235x1026, redrawh.png)

God I just saw this on the artist salt/discussion thread and I wanted to redraw this, I tried to make it not so stiff like the other 2

No. 522773

really? i like the way anon drew the legs a lot more. it looks like there's actual weight being put on them and you can tell the character is squatting and relatively still. holly's character's legs are so wonky you can't really tell if the character is supposed to be getting up or squatting down or doing a weird weak squat or what.

No. 522785

Really love how dynamic this is! The hair makes sense and still is similar to Holly's style, nice work anon.

No. 522804

The angle is nice and she's cute, looks good.

No. 523010

Isn't she wearing pants in the original one? I thought those were seams on the legs. Like a shorts/pants combo.

No. 523074

Nah, Holly just adds those weird fucking lines as if they were muscle definition. She puts them on pretty much every one of her characters lol.

No. 523237

Holy shit, this is pretty impressive. You actually kept it somewhat in her style, which is a huge step up from most redraws I see of her art, and its dynamic and stylish. I love the shirt especially.

Its not perfect, it gets weird the lower down you get, but def my favorite redraw of her art that I've seen lately

No. 523433

Well duh it's not perfect and it "gets weird" it's obviously a sketch

No. 523495

File: 1583880310784.png (723.13 KB, 1358x899, 3DDD5348-67E3-4025-BE05-F9D1A9…)

Guess another anon had the same idea. I didn’t want to replicate holly’s style, just show that shifting weight even slightly can improve the pose marginally.

No. 533797

how did you went about shading that.

No. 533884

Here's a file (1/2 resolution) with the layers if you want to look at it. Drawn in Clip Studio Paint.
Not sure exactly what you want to know.

No. 539972

File: 1586654057716.png (3.53 MB, 3400x1418, cyarine_redline.png)

the neck in this cyarine post was really bothering me when I saw >>539846 because the head looks like it's floating. I tried to fix it but it looks slightly mannish and def not perfect. If anyone else wants to give it a shot please do.

No. 540298

File: 1586738323911.png (1.81 MB, 2236x1106, idk cyarine.png)

I think she might have been going for this sort of pose with the arm? Sorry I'm not good at drawing bodies. Didn't try to do the neck

No. 540325

that may be it! The way she drew it is still pretty weird, but maybe her not cutting it off at the wrist might have made it clearer.

No. 540804

You did a lot better job than the anon you replied to. lol.
>>309374 late reply but the Anatomy on this redraw is very correct? What the hell is wrong with anons here.

No. 546138

Love that there is much more movement in your figure Anon,
As >>522084 said, just work on clothes folds to further that movement!
The face, I love, but maybe try more emotion? I can’t really understand what his face is trying to describe, apathy or worry.
But overall, really like the direction of your sketch :)

No. 546139

Hey anon, if this is your post, I really like how you deconstructed the pose while also providing substitutes to how it could have been made. You make it seem very intuitive

No. 548403

File: 1588378491546.png (5.1 MB, 3461x2018, AB62003D-D6C9-47DD-91D9-C3FA13…)

Followed the tutorial in the salty artist thread

No. 548454

This is cute as fuck anon

No. 548523

File: 1588393917112.jpg (2.89 MB, 1500x1500, meyoco copy w noise.jpg)

Drew my own one hour knock off, based off that salty tutorial. This was pretty fun. I shouldn't have put the umbrella over the face. It's more random looking than her stuff, I just put elements I saw in a few drawings.

No. 548539

Holy shit anon, you could make some big IG bucks with that lol. Nice work

No. 548556

I disagree. Putting the umbrella over her face was a very good style choice. Even the colored water is pleasing. This is lofi levels of calm/pleasing

No. 548570

it's rly cute

No. 548588

File: 1588406497812.png (1.12 MB, 2048x2048, image-1.png)

I'm gonna hop on this bandwagon. This might be the most obnoxious thing I've ever done but I think I got it down kind of.

No. 548595

> Start a content farm where we knock off meyoco art
> Profit

No. 548602

Now this looks like an actual Meyoco knockoff right down to the linework and expression, nice work anon.

No. 548620

Wow, anon you should start a full ripoff instagram and make some money off this.

No. 548633

File: 1588416580386.png (2.44 MB, 2048x2048, Untitled_Artwork-2.png)

Samefag (obviously) but just wanted to see how far I could take it, I actually like Meyoco's line art a lot.

I like that her stuff is very uniform, I can't replicate it but it's fun to try.

No. 548736

To replicate her linework set stabilizer to max and remove pen pressure (except at the tips). You can replicate the lines quite easily in paint tool sai or procreate.

No. 548737

everything looks good cept for the water, it looks like jello

those shoulders tho

No. 548768

File: 1588437906161.jpg (280.71 KB, 1024x1024, redline meyoco.jpg)

You need to think of the skull that's underneath (round) and then put big clumps/ribbons that originate mostly from the top of the head. I changed the hairstyle a bit.
My stabilizer is at 0. I admit my lineart (more like a sketch) doesn't quite look like hers because of the brush I used. High stabilizer makes it even harder to control your pen pressure though.
>>548539 >>548556 >>548570 >>548595 >>548602 >>548620 >>548737
Thanks. I'm too lazy to make a rip off IG account. How would you even monetize that?
The jello water makes more sense in the image I took it from which had a watermelon umbrella.

No. 548823

your art is a lot better than some of the other overrated meyoco copycats on instagram tbh.

if you posted more art like that you could easily grow a following??
or if you already have an insta you could get popular thru that

No. 548856

Not saying it's a good thing to do - I just think meyoco amps her stabilizer to max

No. 548895

Thanks anon! I'm still pretty new to art so my anatomy and composition still needs a lot of work. These are actually super helpful tips.

No. 549033

File: 1588476481173.png (6.84 MB, 20000x20000, and_thats_why_i_quit_art_jfk_s…)

I was also trying to follow that Meyoco tutorial but got tired mid drawing.
I'm trying to pick art again as a hobby, but holly shit I have a new found respect toward Meyoco and her copycats, this shit is hard to do.

Feel free to red line this if you want anons.

No. 549046

File: 1588478424318.png (584.53 KB, 2000x2000, 90s.png)

I saw some art improvement stuff from earlier so I thought I'd post mine although I'm gonna get eaten alive for my face blushing lol.

So this is from 2 years ago.

No. 549049

File: 1588478478411.png (4.26 MB, 5666x5808, acnl.png)

and this is from a week ago.(namefag)

No. 549067

I really think you should work on anatomy and general skill development before you do any stylization. If you do different studies on anatomy, shading, colour, practice drawing proportional faces and hands etc. your art will improve much quicker than with just regular doodle practice alone. It will make it easier to draw art in your own style that is executed well. To work on your line art skills, try practicing drawing a line in one go instead of sketching back and forth because it makes it look nicer and is easier to colour.
Also don't namefag pls

No. 549076

go back :(

No. 549079

I think you’ve lost a lot of fun in your work. If I saw these both side by side my eye would be drawn to the first one. I personally find that piece to be a lot more whimsical and weird, where as the second one appears to be a little more lifeless. Now, I don’t think that you can necessarily choose exactly what your style comes out to be, and I definitely don’t want to discourage you by any means because god knows people on anon forums can say and do anything they want which in turn can leave little brain bugs that nestle in your head for years— but I think >>549067 had it spot on. Work on those fundamentals, but don’t forget what makes you want to draw, your roots, your core self. Sage for the shitty ramble, I see a lot of potential in you

No. 549242

Yeah its supposed to look like a family portrait of so that's why its kinda lifeless but I still do some things like the one before. I've been doodling a lot in my sketchbook so I don't have a lot of digital art to share.

No. 549269

Jesus Christ anon lurk moar. Also your art is the kind style people here usually dislike, so you didn't pick an easy crowd.

Anyway, learn anatomy before you try to stylize things. The faces on these characters are terrifying.

No. 549282

First of all: This isn't what this thread is for anon, what the fuck. Secondly: Your style looks so annoying that I can't even give you fair critique because I'm too distracted by how much it pisses me off. Are you a 17-year old lockdown snowflake with they/them on your Twitter bio and an Animal Crossing character with a asexual flag background avatar because those are the vibes I'm getting.

No. 549299

Calm down, it's just a newfag.

No. 549333

Did you draw this with a mouse?

unrelated but I swear i've seen another post refer to an asexual flag animal crossing profile pic before. Do you just reuse the same insults over and over?

No. 549367

File: 1588519110907.png (1.61 MB, 720x2127, 1568847680634.png)

well I think you should learn the basics first, the artist salt thread (older ones) had this image and I can only recommend these books
The colours in the first one are cool but it just seems without 'purpose'
Maybe get on Facebook and join the level up! group to get further feedback because lc isn't the place

No. 549400

The drawing itself isn't too bad, although the wrinkles look awkward. You shouldn't draw with that big of a canvas, it's 10x bigger than it needs to be. The colored lineart is usually done by drawing the lines in black on their own layer and then using a clipping layer/locking opacity to color in the lines.

No. 552376

i fucking hate myself

No. 552726

is there a discord or something where I can post my shitty art along with other people? I draw to practice all the time and then never post it anywhere, so the cycle can be demoralising. sage for off topic.

No. 552852

i'd love to join if someone wants to make one

No. 552866

Ok, here then https://discord.gg/7F5Mqe
I'll try to help anyone with their art.

No. 553265

File: 1589309179978.png (320.87 KB, 1176x444, horror.png)

this webtoon is a study on odd faces, it might because its mostly google sketch up? it ruins the mood when the characters have snap turtle-like faces.

No. 553270

wtf. which webtoon is this?

No. 553289

No. 553912

this looks like racist uncle's arstyle

No. 555301

File: 1589832142232.png (1.4 MB, 1580x2224, tracing is easy.png)

Traced the body from hers and then changed the head and pancakes. Didn't bother doing clean lineart or coloring.

No. 555384

File: 1589845149253.png (285.71 KB, 907x2046, kasumi redraw.png)

Another one. Didn't shade.

No. 555542

did u just trace the body of a trace?

No. 555580

very cute i like it

No. 555679

File: 1589918821325.png (1.17 MB, 1814x903, redraw.png)

Sometimes I wonder what the western art scene on the internet would have looked like if tumblr never existed…

No. 555685

Judging by your redraw it would be much worse so thanks for proving tumblr is actually doing something good, even if not always aesthetically pleasant.

No. 555687

Yeah I wanted to see how hard it was to trace the head but I ended up mostly drawing it myself. I didn't want to spend time doing the body. From this experience I feel like tracing makes stuff look almost correct but still wonky, so it's easier to just draw it myself (since I kinda know how to draw). It was helpful for getting a pose and proportions though.

No. 555690

idk what you're talking about, it looks much better but the original drawing is pretty basic and boring so there's not much to do w it

No. 555693

the cheek and nose blush was weird so I get taking it out, and the ear also seemed strange with such thick hair. But tbh the arm hair fit with the hair/wall texture and the character has a much different expression after your eyebrow change and the nose being smaller was not necessary.

No. 555695

At least the first one had some life to it. Yours lacks any charm and the only thing redeeming it is the original color palette.

No. 555705

anything thats ugly has charm nowadays huh

No. 555710

it's okay if no one liked ur redraw

No. 555716

Seeing these gives me hope that the artist salt thread actually has competent artists posting in it. Nice work, anon.

No. 555717

yea you're right newfag, everyone who disagrees with you is the same person

No. 555722

Is there any chance of a new invite for this?

No. 555729

Haha, well I only lurk on the artist salt thread, I don't actually post.
Sure, https://discord.gg/Ks58HF

No. 555736

Pls no. The critiques are fair I definitely changed too much, I think I should have just removed the jelly noses/red shit and fixed the heads, or just picked a better subject all together. I don't think anyone should post any art/redraws that they're emotionally invested in enough to sperg out if an anon says it's bad.

No. 556512

is it possible to set an invite link that doesn't expire? Either way, would like to join. Ready to get my art torn apart.

No. 556525

It's possible but I don't want to do it. Here's a link that's good for 5 uses.

No. 556752

are those existing characters or their ocs? because i don't see a problem if they want to have ocs like that

No. 556986

File: 1590191756467.jpg (65.9 KB, 622x172, ripmoon.jpg)

watch holly turn sailormoon into a sheep
left =just stuck a normal nose for comparison

No. 556995

You didn't make it better, actually

No. 556997

eh oh well. any idea what else to do?

No. 557007

I really like the way you did the hair!
any tips/tutorials on how to paint that way? Not so much the colors used, but where the lights/shadows are

I hope that makes sense, english is not my first language

No. 557085

File: 1590204711167.jpg (35.15 KB, 320x320, 2933950-3223192599-goro-.jpg)

Umm I used another pic as ref and I took some of the shading from it. The top is darker and the bottom gets darker in a gradient. A bit like a sphere. There's shadows where the hair is turned away from the light. I made the hair turn lighter at the tips in the middle of the face to make it look more transparent/the face looks brighter. My example isn't super well done.

No. 557095

File: 1590207087239.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1920x2560, 9F34E233-1D89-4F0E-B368-9EABD3…)

Tried using one of those chinese beauty apps to move her around
Tbh its really stiff but what can you do when you have that as a base

No. 557098

File: 1590207306801.png (11.23 MB, 2562x1532, island.png)

my attempt from a while ago to fix this wretched design

No. 557110

File: 1590209659742.jpg (752.78 KB, 1280x922, lock-406-5993-1__42939.1521078…)


Not sure which one is the final design between the middle and the right, but I like him! I prefer the middle one though, I think he looks better with eyebrows. It makes him look less like one of the kids from Nightmare Before Christmas

No. 557156

the second was kind of a compromise, trying to lean into the hazben hotel style a little bit without making the character as indistinguishable as the original design makes him.

No. 557254

sorry is there a chance for another link?

No. 557313

Nice! Thanks anon, your reply was actually very helpful.

No. 557345

No. 557771

File: 1590311128234.png (98.44 KB, 390x255, redrawLLC.png)

No. 557798

i love this so much, you've got a really nice JJBA kinda style going on
who's the original artist? i'm cringing at the botched botox face

No. 557883

you made josh dun turn into a bishonen boy

No. 559843

Anons, idk what you’re talking about with this piece, the right image has much better read. It isn’t sexy, but idk how to describe it because you can actually read the relationship here (kinda shows what unnecessary details does to a pic)

No. 559856

I actually like this one anon, there’s much more of a figure/sharp angles, making him look much more like an antagonist .
And I also agree with >>557110 lol

No. 564108

File: 1591136551953.jpeg (322.04 KB, 2048x1536, 9FE4EA8D-D0A0-4F16-AC93-74CB00…)

Repost from the artist salt thread, but basically I want to figure out how to make the pose more fluid

No. 564127

File: 1591139765532.jpg (559.08 KB, 2048x1536, volleyball anon.jpg)

Here's what I think. The pelvis is angled differently. the original has her pelvis angled as it it's tilted back and you can tell she's putting her weight more on one leg. Your shapes aren't showing the same orientation in space. To show that she's putting more weight on the leg that's drawn on the right, you need there to be more mass above that leg. The different body parts also need to follow curves (motion/action lines) for the pose to look good as another anon said. Hope this helps.

No. 564146

doing gestures really helps with dynamic poses

No. 564372

No clue sorry, just grabbed it from here: >>>/m/86200

No. 564714

File: 1591191959315.jpg (30.48 KB, 368x446, crispy.jpg)


how could anyone have left out this gem that was the panel right before the fixed one

No. 564758


No. 564915

File: 1591220853628.png (65.25 KB, 227x275, webtoon.png)

How hard is it to just move the features…

No. 567483

Dont know where else to ask this.

So i've picked up drawing again and this time i want to be somewhat decent at it. I drew for hours everyday and on my most productive day i always end up with searing pain on my elbow joints. I did exercises and took break once it gets real bad but sometimes i went over my limit and its just too painful to continue.

Am i doing something wrong? I drew on chest level table and switch back and forth from digital to trad.

No. 567491

Sounds strange, never got pain from drawing myself. Are you pressing down hard when you draw?

No. 570115

Nah, at max like 70% probably? Still, hasn't figured out completely how to pressure sensitivity.

Also found myself a makeshift treatment, shitton thermacare/icy hot and bandage.

No. 572092

File: 1592526011001.png (627.67 KB, 1924x886, idk.png)

tried my best with ms paint lol. the blush still looks a bit weird but oh well.

No. 572111

Her left eye still looks a bit off, but the face overall is a lot better. Good job anon!

No. 572128

I was about to rag on you because it still looks like ass fixed, then I saw the original and understood lol. Good job anon! But god what the fuck is that original, seriously?

No. 572142

lol thanks. i usually dont draw moe girls or stuff like that (i tried to replicate the og artist's style as much as i could) so i guess it makes sense that it looks a bit weird hehe

No. 575749

File: 1593241697514.jpg (493.7 KB, 1000x707, 2020-06-27_02.57.00.jpg)

not a redraw, just a super shitty redline done on my phone, but I felt it was necessary to truely visualise what meyoco's hydrocephalus skulls look like. I think the combination of the thick neck and bobblehead with a tiny face is really something.

I kind of want to Photoshop a normal human face to meyoco proportions using this as a base, but I don't know if that's allowed in this thread.

No. 576738

File: 1593446155458.jpg (2.85 MB, 2132x3647, 20200629_115340.jpg)

I saw someone else post something like this and thought I would to something about this pose still feels a bit stiff is their anyway to make it more fluid

No. 576746

I mean, in the reference itself the pose isn't really fluid, but you should move the head to the right more. There's too much shoulder on the right.

No. 577104

File: 1593472208743.png (4.36 MB, 1800x2763, rl.png)

If you want your work to have a better sense of movement, you should do 30 or 60 second gestures on a large piece of paper, preferably from a live model, but there are online resources you can use for gesture drawing, too.

Your biggest mistake early on is that you didn't draw a line for the spine. The line of the spine is important because it tells you where to place the neck, ribcage, and pelvis relative to each other. As a result the neck doesn't line up with the rest of the body. In general, you need to do more anatomy studies. I would recommend looking at some Burne Hogarth books for that. Like >>576746 said, this isn't a very good reference photo if you're trying to improve your gestures, because she's wearing baggy clothing that obscures her body and is doing a stiff pose for the camera. You need to use nude models for this sort of practice so you can see their anatomy and musculature.

No. 577306

Aren't anime girls supposed to look like that?

No. 577485

Thanks so much for the advise lol definitely keep that on mind for anatomy and figure practice I've mostly been trying to reference
Micheal Hampton's book honestly

No. 578551

File: 1593727470469.jpg (282.88 KB, 800x349, kinda fix.jpg)

I don't know if it's any better but I felt like adding more to her top skull.

No. 578671

File: 1593746150070.png (723.84 KB, 1052x349, unknownrrwewer.png)

here is mine

No. 578804

You made her looks so cute, the highlight in her eye really helps. She doesn’t have the face proportions of a 60 year old man now!

No. 587434

File: 1595326349425.png (259.47 KB, 844x421, lovesickcharacter.png)

It's a shame this thread is kind of dead, so let me bump it.

The new Yandere Simulator clone, Love Sick, has a pretty incompetent artist, so I redrew some of the face proportions. Ideally, they would just find a new artist, lol.

Sry about the jagged lines, I don't really do much digital art.

No. 587439

Still hate the mouth on both pieces ngl…how can the original artist find it pretty anyway

No. 587447

the first one is wonky but it conveys more emotion/excitement than your redraw. yours is pretty lifeless.

No. 587522

so is one of the eyes supposed to be closed? it just.. looks like an eye lost. on both

No. 587603

File: 1595347442664.png (224.96 KB, 839x416, LoveLetter.png)

tbh I like the original but meh, here's mine anyway

No. 591389

3rd was fine no need to make her looking like she belongs in anime fapart

No. 592931

which artist thread? Im having trouble finding it.

No. 593018

You guys really are wild sometimes lmao

No. 593101

File: 1596106504986.png (281.4 KB, 786x413, lovesick_protag.png)

anon posting their redraw made me want to post mine

No. 593118

Dam this is pretty! Love the eyes

No. 593144

this is good! you kept what the original was going for but…much better.

No. 593148

I second (or third?) previous anons, this is wonderful and a joy to look at. I would play her game inna heartbeat!

No. 593164

Everyone is being so nice so I feel bad for this but

She looks like a pin head in your version. Heads are fuller than that, and her face is massive compared to the rest of her head.

No. 593171

fair, guess i stylised too far

No. 593998

File: 1596217269330.png (139.89 KB, 786x413, edit lovesick.png)

Tried seeing what it would look like with the mouth shrunk a bit.

No. 594000

Not bad that either, but the bigger mouth makes it so much more expressive.

No. 594059

>>593998 the original redraw was way better.

No. 594284

File: 1596246706985.png (284.09 KB, 972x575, lovesick_senpai.png)

No. 594292

I can't get over how ugly his hair is, why did they go with that hairstyle of all hairstyles?

No. 594302

its a good serial killer hairstyle, you have to admit

No. 594304

It just looks like a big glob of… Whatever

I'm equally disgusted by the hair.

No. 594305

I like the hairstyle, he's a vast improvement design wise over the original game's "senpai".

No. 594313

cake set the bar pretty low so it was pretty easy to fix

No. 594512

she looks like an autist in both versions

No. 596316

File: 1596530052940.jpg (234.32 KB, 540x837, 20200804_032456.jpg)

Someone fix this

No. 596397

it's beyond repair

No. 596731

Well it's from a webcomic that's getting featured.

No. 596763

The first step would be to stop using MS Paint's circle tool to draw faces. Jesus Christ, it looks like a parody.

No. 596824

File: 1596581676697.jpg (590.6 KB, 1678x1748, lol.jpg)

Okay but I followed the original framing and posing

No. 596847

no offense anon but this looks like Holly browns art

No. 596896

is that matt? from supermega?

No. 596918

Left is just Onision. Right is what he thinks he is.

No. 597057

File: 1596595454191.jpeg (Spoiler Image,174.13 KB, 672x1720, 5BE95788-3B5C-44AA-893B-43C768…)

I chicken scratched how I would lay it out, but looking it over two panels would probably be fine instead of three.

No. 597176

File: 1596602739978.jpg (191.31 KB, 540x859, 20200804_234411.jpg)

He kind of looks like a woman, I agree that the panels are badly paced, though.

No. 597239

I tried to stick to the style of the original panel. My normal art looks nothing like this, so none taken, kek.

Who? From what? (No, lol.)

No. 597248

I thought that was a woman, my bad

No. 597346

john redcorn?

No. 597627

Oh well that's the fault of the artists and me not telling you, sorry
Holy shit he does! Hes apparently black and native American, too

No. 597739

which webtoon is this? is the art usually this egregious?

No. 598530

Its called lovebot on webtoon. It's made by miranda mundt and her wife/gf chase. Miranda does muted, another featured comic. And just in comparison to muted I know the art could be better than it is. I also managed to find chase's old insta, and she has skill at drawing, so it surprises me the art is such shit.

No. 600222

File: 1596969153710.png (2.81 MB, 3406x2041, lazy redraw.png)

I did a paintover of a piece from the raedizzle thread bc everything about it made my brain feel like it was melting.

why does this bitch use only high saturated colors and shade with black. why.

redraw is on the left bc im a dumbass who didnt unflip my view of the canvas.

No. 600250

Yours looks so much more natural pose wise and colour wise! I love the changes you made to the neck/collar area. The bottom portion of the legs look a little long tho.
I cant get over the weird colour choices of the original. That skin tone?

No. 600252

File: 1596974849793.png (539.36 KB, 962x1151, 1596969153710(1).png)

I changed the colors a bit, hope you don't mind

No. 600278

Thanks! I noticed the leg proportions on mine a little too late. It initially started as a quick little tweak then I realized I couldn’t fix it with tweaks bc the entire thing was fucked up and I got carried away.

This looks so much nicer! I don’t know why I didn’t futz with the colors more, but this looks much nicer lol

No. 629688

File: 1600028823039.png (1.12 MB, 1081x725, D05C8947-8B3B-4CE1-8F11-6D4BA8…)

My redraw

No. 629724

i love this anon

No. 632513

File: 1600370078038.png (81.68 KB, 384x402, paint2.png)

just make her full on anime already lol

No. 633221

File: 1600453913990.jpg (75.34 KB, 632x754, Op_satsuki.jpg)

ya'll hate any kind of face that isn't anime so bad. damn can't even have a bigger nose. wait no even anime girls can have big eyebrows. this is pathetic lol

No. 633235

>tumblr is actually doing something good, even if not always aesthetically pleasant
I don't get why this is so hard for people to understand. I mean, 1990s western animation was butt-ugly but well-respected from an artistic standpoint and remains influential.

No. 633240

It was a decent attempt. Hard to save that one though.
It's just too fucking hideous

No. 633271

it would be if they left the features to be honest. it's not like it looks unreal

No. 633359

File: 1600463434584.png (953.34 KB, 1814x903, redraw_.png)

I gave up on the body tho

No. 633362

cant you keep the body hair and change it into normal looking hair? the original makes it look like she only has a handful of arm hairs that grew too thick from shaving weeks ago…same w the happy trail.

No. 633388

ugly 90s art was unique though. Tumblr art is generic as fuck

No. 633389

Agreed, op shoulda kept it! Imo, it's cool when artists draw ladies with body hair. Wish more artists did it tbh.

No. 633400

File: 1600466323947.jpg (538.44 KB, 1944x896, fixed art .jpg)


No. 633437

No. 633491

I don't have my tablet atm, I edited with the mouse. Guess if the body hair was her hair color and less thick and spread out it could work, but idk.
Body hair is very tricky to draw tbh, since most of it is not visible from a distance it's just easier to not draw it. It's tricky to no make it look like some weird misplaced shadow or the thick sparse hair from the original art.

No. 633846

File: 1600520448285.jpeg (228.11 KB, 987x856, 78557C16-C234-4F0A-A962-B79D44…)

Shitty sketch over I’m sorry for those who recognize my art LOL

No. 634057

What's the point of even posting redraws in this thread if people are just gonna be like "actually yours suck, this one is more expressive" lmao. It's been like this for literally years. Masochism?

No. 634077

The joke posts are pretty great, and we get to see how delusional a lot of lc artists who think they’re hot shit are. What’s not to love?

No. 634461

The original is ugly but at least it was showing expression. The face is devoid of any emotion. Why is the nose a big black blob?

No. 634509

File: 1600611999659.jpeg (105 KB, 1124x599, DD6750C6-F35F-4456-A910-CCF6B2…)

Tbh I have a preference for more neutral expressions

And here’s an explanation for the “black blob”

No. 634514

File: 1600613010146.jpeg (386.49 KB, 1584x781, 08674877-6155-41D1-923B-547B30…)

and a touched up version just for u

No. 634515

>sorry for those who recognize my art LOL
I don’t think there’s anything about this that distinguishes it from any other amateur anime girl art

No. 634516

File: 1600613405399.jpg (221.33 KB, 1200x1526, 1598256013808.jpg)

nta, but here's other explanation. also off topic, i think it's interesting how japanese creators know what they're doing, and every part of anime character body is anatomically correct - but a lot westerners just put dot in the midlle of the face and think it's ok

No. 634517

kek nonny I thought it was a weird humblebrag too

No. 634521

and that’s fine if you can’t distinguish art styles

No. 634523

Yes! This explains it very well

No. 634534

>every part of anime character body is anatomically correct

Weebs really are delusional

No. 634540

I'm referring to respected creators, bcs there is proper form, it's just stylized

No. 635163

That's not what you did. You drew a black blob and thought it looked good. At least the original had a nose. See >>634516 on how to do minimalist features correctly.


It looks like every other generic low quality art on twitter at the moment. Wouldn't be surprised if they also slam "do not repost" disclaimers everywhere because these subpar weebs seem to think they're distinctive or good enough for people to recognise/steal their art

No. 635728

you sound retarded. sure it's generic but still better than the original or the pinhead

No. 635748

There's a million Tumblr artists who draw women to look like the wolfman, I think we've met the quota for cartoon ladies with body hair for a while.

I agree with >>635163 honestly. It IS better than the original but, it's not much different from any other weeb anime art you'd find on Twitter or Pixiv. Unless you're deep into that kind of art, you won't be able to single out the artists who do this kinda stuff.
But this is starting to become derailing.

No. 635836

i bet you're the one who drew the shallow skulled pinhead lol

No. 636519

lol I'm just here for the shitshow. I am smart enough to not post my artwork here.

No. 638109

File: 1600995246531.png (379.99 KB, 900x509, jfk_redraw.png)

no that was me lol

new one from the /m/ thread

No. 638130

File: 1600998258717.png (353.37 KB, 900x512, jfk_redraw2.png)

No. 638289

fucking NICE

No. 645751

File: 1601790726379.png (385.69 KB, 1192x554, redraw lolcow.png)

Here you go, edited their features to be smaller (mostly the eyes).

No. 645811

File: 1601804553786.jpg (78.44 KB, 240x554, eye.jpg)

this guy's eye was making me go nuts looking like that.

No. 645867

I kinda liked his eye before. Something about crossed eyes males. Also, I don't know if it was intentional or not, but maybe the character is supposed to be crossed eye

No. 646749

File: 1601920796811.png (1.75 MB, 1423x2191, long torsos lolcow.png)

Here's why I think the anatomy is strange.

No. 654498

File: 1602606877876.png (1.83 MB, 2820x2000, recolor.png)

I just felt like making her less pink, idk.

No. 654502

Huge improvement

No. 654593

This looks good anon! It also makes her look more brown.

No. 660084

File: 1603246290285.jpg (792.31 KB, 2246x1392, ec2c66d6985fe66301fc9e6ca7993d…)

Can any art fag tell me what's wrong with her feet? The vanishing points and background seem fine, but her feet look fucking weird. I've been trying to improve my art with perspective, and this shot is bothering me…any explanation would be appreciated.

No. 660087

File: 1603250466679.jpg (770.99 KB, 2246x1392, lolcow foot.jpg)

I tried to edit it to look more foot shaped but I don't know if it makes a different. It's just her feet, I don't think anyone really cares. Maybe it looks weird because there are no shadows below the characters.

No. 661844

File: 1603912425658.jpg (700.52 KB, 2246x1392, perspective fix.jpg)

I think the issue is that the characters aren't drawn in quite the same perspective as the characters. I tried to align it roughly with perspective warp, using the girl as a guide. It seems to fix her feet issue. But the guy in front has hilariously short legs now and should probably be moved back a bit.

No. 661865

eh… it ruins the color palette
if you are going to change her skin then change other colors. The original had a better color harmony and looks more consistent. if you make one color different then you would need to tone the other colors to match. Idea is there the attempt isn't good

No. 662123

File: 1603936267079.jpg (787.19 KB, 2246x1392, Illustration.jpg)

I see what you mean by the perspective, but I think that if you consider the side of the car to be vertical and then make perspective lines based off that, the girl should only be a bit more tilted to be in perspective. The vanishing point would be at the bottom of the image.

No. 662230

By color harmony do you mean the analagous color scheme? If the remake changed all the colors to maintain the same harmony it would completely change the outfit and it could clash with the original character. You are welcome to try to show an example of what you meant.

No. 665585

File: 1604372487770.png (132.42 KB, 500x466, redraw.png)

came across this and the balloon hips and hair skeeved me out, so i took a swing at redrawing it

No. 665586

File: 1604372761074.png (191.32 KB, 997x466, redraw 2.png)


whoops, my autism slipped out, here's the side by side comparison

No. 665651

Your version is actually pretty cute.

No. 665830

File: 1604410030746.png (5.81 MB, 2000x1630, cable.png)

I know Rob Liefeld is an easy target (there's even a dialogue bubble in this panel making fun of him) but it's fun to edit his art, if only to see what his style would look like without all the tangents and anatomical issues. Obviously I couldn't fix everything– Cable's pose here is really stiff and that can't really be helped without redrawing it entirely, which I didn't want to do. I wanted to edit this one because it was so close to being passable were it not for how misaligned his torso, head, and legs are with each other.

No. 665864

he is w i d e

No. 667724

File: 1604622724334.jpg (131.76 KB, 1306x1216, design.jpg)

I saw this piece in the Bad/Hideous Art Thread but I thought the design was really cute and fundamentally good but damn there's too much thicc.

If anyone knows can they link me the artist?

No. 683154

Anon, I think I know you because you were that split second artist for a failed video game. If I recall, you’re 19, “fixing” art of a dating sim you joined. How proud you must be on the lolcow forums where your art can be tracked back to you. Lol, remember art doesn’t equal personality, and pls grow out of your delusional phase because art won’t take you far like this

No. 710810

Not the same artist, do you think every talented artist is fucking the same person? lmao
stop derailing the thread

No. 710819

That was a month ago stupid

No. 710824

Bold of you to call that artist talented. But I have no idea why anyone could "recognize" some line drawing like that, just seems so generic.

No. 712710

Is your the left one?

No. 712717

File: 1610438487966.jpg (Spoiler Image,708.16 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210112_025505.jpg)

Deleted because forgot to spoiler so reposting:

The minute I saw this, I had to drop everything to fix this. Would you all day mine is more anatomically correct? The only thing I edited was the hips/pubis.

To answer your question, >>712710, mine is on the right.

No. 712720

Hey, I may be on crack and have coomer brain syndrome but I definitely felt the area below the bellybutton was too elongated.

No. 712735

I do agree that the belly button distance is better, but I feel like the anatomy isn't really improved. You just made the hips wider (which I like more tbh), but the hips before weren't wrong. Imo, the only thing on the left that looks bad is the boobs.

No. 712759


The bellybutton and pubic area distance is better in your fixed one but why did you make her tooth shaped with those hips, there was nothing wrong with the original hip area. Should've spent the time to fix the wonky stuck together tits that make no sense in this pose…

No. 712767

File: 1610445390563.jpeg (202.87 KB, 907x903, 343AA4C3-B13E-4480-904F-65E612…)

I’ve never drawn for a game before but thanks for indirectly thinking my art is good enough for one teehee

No. 712770


No. 712773

Anon was referring to your style being similar to that one artists who was redrawing Love Letter character, otherwise though these messy lines betray your lack of ability to render clean shapes, so dont get ahead of yourself with attention seeking

No. 712787

Yeah I'd like to see you do a finished piece instead of scribbling lines teehee

No. 712891

Sorry, I really just used a body editing app with severe limitations. I'm not a pro artist, just did some warping and shifting to fix the low pussy

No. 713083

Don't be salty

No. 713103

anime artists are so boring especially ones who draw in this style, no one cares

awesome work anon

No. 713147


>spending 2+ hours of my time to prove some random anon wrong

no thank you!!

No. 713203

I might just be dumb, but I don't see the issue.

No. 713207

idk man sounds based

No. 713572

I know i'm replying to an old post so I'm not sure it's worth it but you slimmed her down too much and removed the appeal and I hate fat bitches.

Seething like this over a drawing…

No. 713643

What do you mean? The slimmed down version is still very curvy. I think the best part is that her head isn't incredibly small in the edited version

No. 764042

new copypasta

No. 764054

I barely even remember what it said, why give it that much credit?

No. 764056

it's a joke autismo sis

No. 786757

File: 1618813756144.png (610.59 KB, 640x512, Untitled67_20210419022635.png)

Tried to fix the face from >>138175 from the bad art thread. Just a lazy paint over to try to make her look like a kid rather than a midget

No. 786759

Oops, post link goes to the wrong post but oh well

No. 800648

File: 1620337311141.png (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 2029x1239, Tired.png)

I give up

No. 800920

Those hands look fucking awful. Weeb anons will praise any generic uwu moeblob art won't they lmao.

No. 1023623

File: 1641927503945.png (3.29 MB, 2540x1141, Picsart_22-01-12_01-49-09-171.…)

No. 1023633

alright attempt but the woman's expression was lost, needed to adjust mouth and eyebrows.

No. 1023664

File: 1641929149759.png (1.64 MB, 1863x564, Picsart_22-01-12_02-21-03-661.…)

Thank you nonita.

No. 1023667

Why are the faces so blodgy? Honestly bothers me more than the noses

No. 1023692

Gonna say a lot of these pieces aren’t even racist it’s just that these people kind of suck at color matching/mixing, that’s why the color looks so muddy and dark. They don’t have to draw the characters beautiful and pleasing to the eye lol, the canon characters will always exist and will be the original it’s just ugly fanart. Tired of the same /ic/fag whining about MUH PROGRESSIVE ART when it’s likely an amateur making art how an amateur would what a surprise

No. 1023695

Why if the characters are cute they like drawing them so weird?

No. 1023731

oh, I'm glad this thread exists. I like giving constructive feedbacks on the art thread in /m/, idk the anonymity puts less pressure on me & I just like to explain things that makes sense to me. Throw any art you want to be fixed here nonnas. I will visit this thread frequently.
(my art style stands out too much so I can't promise on redrawing)

No. 1023743

Its very obvious the artist drew these characters ugly on purpose

No. 1023747

File: 1641932664802.png (505.97 KB, 631x564, ah.png)

contributing to the attempt

No. 1031977

File: 1642541125154.png (1.14 MB, 1008x914, lel.png)

Late but i tried, used reference and shit i thought Camilo was darker but he's actually lighter than i remember

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