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File: 1554004478044.jpg (31.52 KB, 500x488, fotoefectos.com__final_4205931…)

No. 22820

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970

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No. 22826

No. 22834

File: 1554024112064.png (19.92 KB, 902x147, onehallyu.png)

>that number of replies
>seokjin's wife username
>far more interest in male idols

kpop fans are pathetic. i can't imagine someone with a social life doing this shit

No. 22835

this "which idol is gay/lesbian" conversation never fucking ends. when will kpoppies realize that sk is extremely homophobic, gays and lesbians are a minority of the population, if there is a lgb idol out there they will probably never come out and the chance of them having another lgb bandmate and openly dating is incredibly slim? just give it up. your oppars and unnies are never going to upload a selca kissing and waving a rainbow flag around.

No. 22836

This really shows how performative this whole wokeness thing is cause onehallyu is dominanted by sjw's who love policing others and telling them what's acceptable and what not, but have no problem discussing and assuming stranger's sexualities who would be 100% uncomfortable with that thread.

No. 22839

I want to reply to >>22802 from the last thread

This comment kinda makes sense tho

>The problems with this case are-

It's 2019 and the assault happened in 2010
>She was already seeing the guy in 2010
>Even if they weren't in a relationship, they had had consensual sexual intercourse before.
>She didn't report it after it happened, didn't takk about it to anyone else
>And if it wasn't rough, and she didn't go to a hospital and have a rape kit test, then that's even less evidence in her favor.

>It's very easy to make her claims seem like a smear campaign, and the guy could counter sue her for defamation, in the event that there isn't enough evidence to substantiate her claims

>I'm not saying rape is okay, or that husbands can't rape their wives. I'm stating how the law in most countries work and that they are not in favor of victims of such sexual assault cases.

No. 22841

File: 1554030071966.jpg (10.63 KB, 225x224, download.jpeg.jpg)

And when there is a hard evidence like this they turn a blind eye just because it doesn't fit their uwu gay fantasies.

No. 22843

tfw most real gay relationships with an age gap aren't between ~a not too old looking handsome manly daddy with big hands and an extremely feminine childish innocent bawby bwoy with a pink collar~

No. 22844

He looks like yg…

No. 22845

Is that Sehun and his sugar daddy?
Didn't he also take some pictures in bed with Donghae?

No. 22846

File: 1554032650805.jpeg (59.35 KB, 600x591, C239FEC2-048D-4781-85CA-7CC767…)

No. 22847

File: 1554032805619.jpg (468.82 KB, 1080x1330, 20190331_184456.jpg)

Sehun's fan in denial kek

Yeah that guy hangs out with many male kpop idols. Idk how ppl dont see it as weird that he's close with them, like intimately close as seen in pictures. Especially with SM idols.

No. 22848

Sorry i thought you were referring to suke (sehun's sugar daddy)

No. 22849

Looks like a post sex selfie

No. 22850

File: 1554033410513.jpg (502.27 KB, 1080x1582, 20190331_185447.jpg)

No. 22851

sehun has also talked about liking men like several times. dude is actually pretty blunt

No. 22852

Isn't the Kai dude muslim?

No. 22853

his second name and his father's name are in arabic, they might be

No. 22856

what is his father's name

No. 22857

nabil huening. he's brazilian and has done acting in china. having an arabic name doesn't necessarily mean that he's a practicing muslim but idk

No. 22860

His daz is baha'i from what i read here, bahaism is more like a sect?


This is his dad kek

No. 22861

The reason I can't believe those saesang accounts that claim to have milk is because a lot of them have claimed Sehun has a girlfriend. Lmao in what world?

No. 22864

Lets not turn this into a gay guessing thread but he's one of the most obvious cases along with jo kwon and some others that's have been previously discussed here.

No. 22866

File: 1554054081171.jpeg (593.45 KB, 828x1161, 266972C2-74B7-4746-911C-956F5F…)

what’s up with his eyes

No. 22868

File: 1554054417682.jpg (285.78 KB, 1067x1600, IMG_20190330_182050.jpg)

I read that his father is american of german descent? He definitely looks rather white

No. 22869

File: 1554054747055.jpg (55.8 KB, 800x500, kakak-kai-eb79b507185b6e7f9bc7…)

His sister is also an idol, but absolutely nugu

No. 22870

File: 1554054884707.jpeg (80.93 KB, 1024x791, D05Ls6rWwAA9ujB.jpeg)

i looked it up and this is what his uncle (??) said about their ethnicity. bahaism is a persian belief too so they just seem extremely mixed. there was some vid where a txt member was trying to do fanservice and he just looked confused lol. i wonder what these idols who didn't grow up in sk feel like when they get into the industry.

No. 22872

So, a half-white, half-asian dude who grew up in the US and lived for a short time in China, before going to Korea? How poc, how woke…
Their standards are so low, any idiot can learn a few phrases in any language, that doesn't mean anything.
I hate how the same people who praise him probably scream racism if somebody dares to say the "I have black friends"-line, but him saying a few words in arabic makes him a social justice king.

No. 22876

This was the SS501 member who I thought was sorta cute. Yikes, first Kim Hyun Joong and now this guy. After all of these stories I wouldn't be surprised if each male kpop group has 1 member who has tried to take advantage of a woman or flat-out raped a woman.

It's really no wonder considering how sexist and now anti-feminist Korea is that these men grow up with male privilege and feel entitled to women's bodies given their privilege.

No. 22878

File: 1554059930045.jpg (90.87 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20190331_211439.jpg)

It's cute and all, but fuck, her face????

No. 22879

I'm not familiar with thyroid disease but I think she suffers from it and had some sort of surgery, that's why her eyes are like that?But she does look very different nonetheless, and I can't tell what it is. Did she get a nose job and cheek fillers?

No. 22880

File: 1554061783447.jpg (71.82 KB, 576x150, 473.jpg)

the connection between bts and armycels is so deep

No. 22881

why can't they do that with regular dudes lol

No. 22882

This sounds so lonely and friendless.

OT: Kpoppies are annoyingly obnoxious but I can't blame sea and muslim fans. If I was a girl trapped in a traditional misogynist third world country with no chance or education of moving abroad out of societal and family pressure, I would crazily fantasize about feminine fake flower boys over some fat old fuck I might be married off to.

No. 22883


Thanks, now I'm depressed.

No. 22884

omg get laid, sister

No. 22885

File: 1554063822574.jpg (145.59 KB, 1410x725, D2_vIqeU8AEk4VD.jpg)

ratmon looks miles better than suga now, rip

No. 22886

he's honestly a fucking moron

No. 22887

what is it with korean ps and making normal people look worse

No. 22888

what do you mean by that? i just want cute suga back, he looks like an egg with this styling (and ps)

No. 22889

it's because he wanted to look like a qt doll like other male idols but he doesn't have the bone structure for it
he got his cheekbones, jaw, and chin shaved down (last year i believe?)

No. 22890

He seemed to have some kind of obsession with Miranda Kerr though? Maybe he's bi or it was a cover up

No. 22891

looks like he got his nose done too
shame he doesn't do anything about them teeth

No. 22892

File: 1554064657429.jpg (121.98 KB, 1200x843, adad.jpg)

you're probably right, i tried comparing it to pic related and your comment seems on point

No. 22893

File: 1554064725536.gif (1.7 MB, 177x300, 1f54f6046495a995ce1837a07c7faa…)

he got his nose done multiple times

No. 22894

i know this has been talked about like a million times already but i don't understand how armys are still in complete denial about anyone in bts getting plastic surgery. how do you look at these guys every day and can't tell the difference? i thought the mostly ps free ones were jin and v but even they look like they got lip fillers and nosejobs idk

No. 22895

There is an obvious market for bts waifu pillows. Someone should tap into that

No. 22897

why has he done this? I'm so confused, did knetz say he was ugly or something? cause ifans seem to love how he looked i just don't see where the pressure to get surgery would have come from

No. 22898

probs talked into it by the fat fuck ceo

No. 22899

in attempt to be more popular lol. idols are in an uncomfortable position because their popularity is mostly based on looks while idol popularity is very flash in the pan. he's trying to go the qt boy look a la jimin but yea no one cares and he looks terrible. jimin, v and jk are getting more and more popular from their looks while he's not as popular anymore (outside of their fandom).

No. 22901

to be fair suga never seemed to me like the person to be pressured because of popularity, but the fillers are really obvious. does anyone actually have any dirt on him? seems like he's the one not usually talked about critically.

No. 22902

all idols are pressured by popularity. it's the whole reason idols exist. those aren't fillers, he fully got them shaved down. they're not coming back unless he gets implants.

he used to date suran. suran had a post on her ig of a girl in a collar with a leash or something so maybe he's into that lol. other members also said he's the "heartbreaker" of the group.

No. 22903

can somebody explain how one gets their cheeks shaved? like the actual cheek bones? or has he had the meat taken out? like they get muscle reduction?

No. 22904

zygoma reduction

No. 22905

I can't belive he looks lyke aunty J-hope now

No. 22906

underrated post

No. 22907


> while he's not as popular anymore (outside of their fandom)

Damn I noticed this as well. Suga used to be one of the more popular members back in the day. He was the BTS member with the most people using his badge on Onehallyu and I couldn't go anywhere without people going on about how he's a genius & the only one in the group they liked. But now I hardly ever hear people, even armys, bringing him up outside of their circles. They're much more quick to talk about RM for the same reasons they brought up Suga nowadays, which is surreal to me.

No. 22908

i was thinking more of teenage girls in sk when typing that but that checks out. he was one of the more popular members in bts because of his tsundere looks (looking sweet but masculine at the same time) but even rm is overshadowing him who used to be completely irrelevant in sk. rm and jin getting a solo intro thing for love yourself before suga is hilarious.

remember, idols aren't just in competition with other groups but with the members in their own groups as well. groups disband and only a few have careers after.

No. 22910

oops map the soul or whatever the fuck its called as well as love yourself

No. 22911

File: 1554069906688.jpg (216.11 KB, 714x455, 20190331_180021.jpg)

Jesus Christ I didnt even recognize him. Is this surgery or just reallly shopped

No. 22913

he looks like dk from seventeen

No. 22914

they did him so dirty holy fuck

No. 22915

imo he used to be quite handsome, i can't stand the whole flowerboy schtick.
sage for fangirl

No. 22917


Is that Jhope?

No. 22918

No. 22919

looks like photoshop but I haven't seen any pictures of his face in awhile
do you have a picture of the ig post?

No. 22920

she deleted it. iirc she captioned it with "Yes." lmao

No. 22921

They'd get slammed with Bighit copyright claims

No. 22922

i thought the suran things were just rumours? and wouldnt it be so obvious for them to date consider they had a song together and all. i doubt it a bit.

No. 22923

source music tried to sell gfriend body pillows but removed them after their fans got angry. maybe if source music merges with bighit they'll try it with bts instead

No. 22924

idk man she used "yoongi" unnaturally in a post on ig and they both had love song mvs in the same location i believe

No. 22927

….that’s your proof?

No. 22928

bro it's korea. there's no reason why should would use "yoongi" instead of using the common word for brightly. the fact that dispatch all of a sudden stopped reporting about it makes it obvious that bighit paid them to hush. that's more evidence than oreos connecting taeyeon and that exo dude.

No. 22929

The fuck would 30 something year old Suran want with some idol in his early 20s? Weird, if true.

She was born in 1986.

No. 22930

Yeah…please post tangible proof to back up these claims

No. 22931

money? connections? he produced her breakout single

No. 22932

Maybe she was trying to be quirky or some shit.

Did dispatch really report on that shit or did they report the rumours coming from fans? Either way, no solid proof exist atm. Get a sasaeng friend and come back.

No. 22933

Was that her breakout single…? Lol.

Again, weird if true. Probably not dating now.

No. 22934

Forgot to add but I want dirt on Bang Shit PD because I just don’t like that dude.

No. 22935

Same but for Zico. I just know the fucker knew something.

No. 22937

no solid proof of idols secretly dating exist, moron. of course it's speculation. they're from a culture that has "couple rings" and couples wearing the same shirt when out together.

yes and agreed. idk who would want to date suga now looking like he does. probably some plastic instathot.

No. 22938

File: 1554074406475.png (778.01 KB, 1036x475, Bang-Shi-Hyuk-Sohee-Rumor.png)

we just know about that gangnam unnie w big tits.

No. 22940


Found this. Apparently he has family members in the government. God help Korea.

No. 22941

Don’t have dirt on him except what’s going on now but yeah, he probably knew and was most likely into that shit.

No. 22942

File: 1554076352083.png (343.17 KB, 412x541, KARD - [밤밤 Bomb Bomb M V - Y…)

what is it about kard's somin that makes her look like an insect from space

she is so hard to look at

No. 22943

wide set eyes, long midface

No. 22945

i thought that was hyuna until i read the desc

No. 22946

File: 1554086794276.jpg (809.72 KB, 1080x1620, ZNeU2u4gGn0.jpg)

Lisa's hair is horrible but at least they fucked up Jennie's as well

No. 22948

I swear if i found anyone on tinder/wherever on the net claiming to have such diverse background i'd think they're a catfish lol

No. 22949

Outdated fashion yikes

No. 22950

Kek yeah he was cute back in 2005. Do you think we'll hear something like this from a BTS member in 10 years? I really can't wait

No. 22951

DDD remix cause they ran out of ideas

No. 22952

I cant stand kardfags with their "uri edgy qween and kings yass!!!

No. 22953

Doesn't the disease cause eye bukdging and also bloating? I feel bad for her tbh

No. 22955

Has he dropped his idgaf attitude? That's probably why he used to be popular, I've noticed current armys don't pay much attention to him too, I only see Jungkook/V/Jimin now, sometimes RM and nobody cares about Jhope as usual

No. 22956

idk. his new thing is latching onto v for popularity.

No. 22957

File: 1554093393687.png (368.54 KB, 587x532, Screenshot_1.png)

did he really

No. 22959

Oh well that's make sense, sorry.

No. 22960


No. 23141


Haven't jimin, jk and v always been popular though? I don't think that's such a surprise.

No. 23142

he's boring and doesn't try to pander to fans as much as jimin, jungkook and v do. bts aren't also as rap focused now so it's no surprise he's not as popular anymore.

No. 23144

Lol is there a suga-chan here? I've seen him being called cute in some previous threads as well.

No. 23145

So does no one give a fuck about Jin? I never hear about him compared to JK, Jimin and V which is strange considering he’s supposed to be the best looking of tue group. His voice is pretty weak and he doesn’t offer anything to the group imo but we all know how focused on looks the idol industry is, so why isn’t he as popular as the others?

How many fucking times are they going to milk that underwhelming piece of shit song. I’m sure they have plenty of people who would send in a demo for a basic song which they could just slap Teddy’s name on. The fact that they’ve been a group for like 3+ years now and probably have less than 20 songs with no full album is sad. 2NE1 released a full album with their debut and had la handful of hits within their first year, and even they got shafted with releasing stuff but managed to have some goddamn stage presence.

No. 23146

Because they don't market him as pedobait and fujobait

No. 23147

Because despite le "worldwide handsome" shilling, he looks like he has downs syndrome. He debatably looksmatches Jimin.

No. 23149

Dara got and still gets so much shit for being untalented but at least she never had a lazy controversy and even though she didn't match the "badass" concepts, she still tried to make her performances interesting. Same goes for bom. And cl and minzy were aces so…

No. 23150

is it possible that he's just too grown up looking by their standards? jin is good at mcing stuff like run, but sadly flops in variety when he's just a guest (i can only remember knowing brothers at the top of my head and that wad painful to watch). also it would help him to learn how to actually pose and milk his looks

several, but he keeps ruining it. first came his spoopyness and now he's an egg

No. 23194

it’s wild how 2NE1’s performance complaints were that CL was too energetic and was dancing too hard and shouting too much, then you get her ‘equivalent’ in BP barely even trying. BlackPink don’t have any member who’s at bad at dancing as Bom was, Dara at least got better over time but Bom was so terrible that CL and Minzy had different choreo from the other 2. BP’s weakest dancers are better than 2NE1’s so there’s no excuse for their dancing to be weak

No. 23200

File: 1554115175763.png (1.1 MB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20190401-123745.png)

No. 23201

they look like a transbian couple

No. 23204

Honestly, I think they’ve just gained a lot of young fans and they latch onto the more accessible members.

Suga seems like he wants to retreat from the cameras/fans imo. Doesn’t tweet unless he has to, doesn’t engage as much online anymore. Unlike Jimin, he’s probably disturbed and annoyed by fans.

Also, you all seem to think he’s somehow not being manipulated by his shit company. Dude would do anything for music and/or money, he’s desperate. You heard Beenzino’s song haven’t you? He was offered a spot in BTS but only if he got a jaw shave and he told them to fuck off. Suga didn’t have the guts to do that. Probably thinks it’s normal to sacrifice his face for his future in music. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s weak to that type of manipulation.

No. 23205

Like that isn’t scripted af

No. 23206


Is this recent? What's up with Jhope's face it looks really tight and stiff.

No. 23207

bts members do cringy gay fanservice with each other all the time to stay relevant, it probably comes naturally by now.

No. 23208

File: 1554121694784.png (1.92 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-04-01-08-17-17…)

What the fuck is with Luna's neck lmfaoo.

No. 23209

this is one of the most obnoxious army tweets i've ever seen. they want their oppas to be woke so bad

No. 23210

Exactly, armys keep saying how he's ~not like other idol rappers~ cause he was underground but if he wasn't desperate for fame he wouldn't have decided to join a fucking kpop group. He clearly enjoyed that shit until he got overshadowed by rm thanks to his english and the sjw pandering, and I think someone like suga, who seems to be a covert narcissist, doesn't take that well.

No. 23211

wow wtf.

>sir, we have you under arrest for drug use, violence against women, rape and possible other things

>but here's some tickets to our show

This sounds like some bullshit side quest in a video game.

No. 23212

do they really think kpop boys wearing makeup and feminine stuff does anything to the toxic masculinity and misogyny in south korea? these self-hating western sjws are pathetic. ot but i'm not even living in a western country and you always see sjws who have always lived in the west talking shit about western society as if there is any other more accepting society to women and lgbt. literally no one cares about bts members wearing a choker other than fujo armys. these people need to go out of kpop stan twitter and take a look at the real world.

No. 23214

File: 1554123005060.jpeg (76.61 KB, 461x784, 6571B399-8F30-4D35-8F05-3F9D92…)

is it just me or are solo stans somehow extra obnoxious?

>inb4 waaaah nct

No. 23215

Its kinda sad that there are these young talented female photographers with expensive cameras and shit that go run after sexist losers who don't give two fucks about them, instead of doing something better with their hobby/talent.

No. 23216

i'm gonna laugh at the notion of kpop ending toxic masculinity at least as long as flamboyant gays like heechul and jo kwon have to pretend to be straight

No. 23217

>women are extremely pressured and objectified, multiple abuse scandals have happened, sexism is still very much alive
>"b-but namjoon wore a skirt!!"

No. 23218

??? the kind of westerners to talk about breaking gender roles, men wearing makeup etc etc would be the kind of people to like kpop would they not? I've never seen someone talk about breaking gender roles and then shit on kpop because ~they all look like girls~. kpop fans aren't the only ones that do this but I hate when people make up these conversations that never happened to look woke

No. 23220

Personally I wasn’t being too critical of him in that way. I think he’s strong about some things and weak and impressionable about other things. Like he literally calls himself smegma in some of the lyrics he wrote (I forget which song). I’m far more critical of the much older people who clearly manipulate kids like him.
Could be entirely wrong tho, don’t know his real personality. Gotta wait a few years for some dirt to finally leak.

I don’t know where the him being bitter about rm comes from but I’d be annoyed by that smug fucker too.

No. 23221

Fans insert their own narratives into shit, that’s 98% of what idol popularity is. Idols do the bare minimum and fans do the rest and then marketing picks up on it, they play to that, fans do more nonsense, snake eating it’s own tail, no one is free, we’re going to hell, etc.

No. 23222

File: 1554129878362.jpeg (Spoiler Image,132.89 KB, 823x536, 84DCD727-83F3-4542-BF87-AD7A3E…)

No. 23224

I don't understand why koreans obsess over both small faces and v line. Doesn't having a v line face make it look longer?

No. 23226

It's because Koreans tend to have big heads and very square jaws, anon. They fetishize small faces and slim jaws because very very few Koreans have those, so it's a rare novelty.

No. 23227

I think it's also related to his rap style. When BTS debuted, most bg had an edgy badboy concept, and he totally fit into it. Now that flower boys and cute concepts are popular he's not pushed by BigHit as much because he sounds too aggressive/sad/not cute enough. Could you imagine him having a bigger part in Love Yourself ? He would sound so out of place.

No. 23228

They can't be the only country with large heads though. It's just that their society is particularly obsessed with narrow standards that's almost impossible for the average citizen to achieve.
Honestly, I never noticed head sizes and all that before kpop, it's so ridiculous.

No. 23230

Lol bro its been like 6 years since his debut. He chose to get that surgery. And Suga has been on vlive a lot lately which goes against your claim that he's distancing him from fans.

No. 23231

>>23228 I remember some of the K international students at my school would often comment on how small American heads were, which was weird to me at the time but after seeing Ivanka next to Exo I can't un-see it lol

No. 23234

Things like this make me rage…
This are the same people who end up posting those "Why I hated living in Korea"-videos some time later. I seriously wish them only the worst experiences when actually meeting some Oppas.
How ungrateful do you have to be to constantly shit on not only your country but all "westerners" (what even is this? should we call koreans "easterners" now?!), when they're just spoiled brats sitting in their comfy rooms on their new macbooks.
When k-netizens use "westerners" it's often meant in a degrading way, but of course they don't get that and use it too - but never on themselves, because they're different than all those dirty westerners around them…

Hippies had long hair since the 60s, american musicians already wore makeup and dressed very sparesly during the 70s and 80s and emo bands with guys in eyeliner and skinny jeans boomed in europe of the 2000s.
Meanwhile in Korea not too long ago they could have arrested you for being a too long haired guy (or shave you on the street) or a women with a too short skirt and in the year of 2019 students still can't have their hair dyed or wear makeup.
But yes, so woke and perfect.

No. 23239

Also, the average Korean dude does not wear makeup and the public generally doesn't see these male idols as manly. I've seen them actually shame them for wearing makeup.
These koreaboo's have such a completely false image of Korea it's sad.

No. 23240

yeah like they think every single guy they'll see when they arrive at seoul is going to be jimin. your average korean guy doesn't go around in heavy stage makeup, chokers, and weirdly colored hair, speaking in an aegyo voice and attempting to kiss his friends. it's like thinking every single american is a disney star.

No. 23242

Seriously lol. Men in South Korea don't wear BB cream and shit.

No. 23245

But judging by how much koreaboos are willing to "date down" they're really so blinded by yellow fever that any korean guy is idol-tier. (example, all those girls creaming themselves in the comments of korean youtubers)

No. 23261

Definite nosejob, maybe multiple? Fillers around the jaw, not sure about the lips but I think he has a weird lip line overall. Eyelids? Yes yes all very natural kek

No. 23262

People aren't sure about heechul though. There's already been some discussion in previous threads that he might just be putting on an act to get closer to women

No. 23263

I also think he acts like that, so that he can just date in peace and I've read that Koreans suspect the same. Acting like this would be too obvious otherwise - unlike that Jokwon guy, he's so such a flaming fag, he couldn't even hide it if he tried.

No. 23265

ryeowook from the same group is 100% gay but no one ever talks about it because he’s so introverted.

heechul being as obnoxious as he is is playing his cards pretty well if he isn’t gay. at the same time, though, homosexuality is stigmatized as all hell in sk so i’m not sure how he gets away with it even if it is just an act…

No. 23268

The country is obviously super homophobic but I remember seeing some shows with Hong Seok-cheon and he's stated he's gay, so I don't think it's the biggest issue in the world unless you're an idol. I'm also pretty sure I've seen some dramas with gay characters.

I'm not saying that other entertainers don't have a terrible time when coming out, but I think there's a lot of stigma with idols in particular being gay? Considering they have to pander to girls, so it's clearly not the best for them to state their sexuality.

I remember seeing a Knowing Bros episode with that guy and they seemed to have a good time, they were not stoning him or something. But who knows, maybe behind scenes it wasn't as nice. He clearly has a good career as a gay man, so it's not impossible.

No. 23270

I believe Hong Seok Cheons career was pretty much destroyed after he came out. He started a restaurant after that. He only made a comeback on variety shows in recent years.

No. 23271

I figured, but it's nice to see he's at least featured on some shows and fellow comedians seem OK with him? It must had sucked so much, poor guy. I really hope SK changes, are younger generations super homophobic too?

sorry sage for Korea talk, I'll stop if not appropiate.

No. 23272


Jin was trained as an actor and even graduated from a good university with an acting degree (he did well too). If Bighit put him in more acting projects he'd probably do a lot better. He probably wouldn't be a huge star but he'd be better off than screeching high notes he can't reach and being in the background. But even in the acting stuff Bighit has for BTS in their trailers, videos etc the big roles go to other people, especially V and JK.

I think Jin reminds me of Got7's Mark in that even though he's the main visual he just doesn't really stand out as the other visual members. On top of that, like Jisoo of BP he's not given any opportunities to shine except his once a year MC gig. JK and RM are Bang's favorites so that shouldn't be surprising.

No. 23273

while i think the possibility of two idols from the same group dating is realistically very low, fans wouldn't be able to stop invading their privacy if a gay or lesbian idol couple came out. they would always try to learn every detail about their relationship and sexualize everything they do. not to mention it would fuck the group up when they eventually broke up. however, an idol being gay doesn't mean that they would constantly hit on their bandmates like fans wish it was. people like that one twice member who always goes around groping the other members or nct and bts member clinging on each other like kindergarteners is obviously for fanservice and not some woke pro lgbt act.

No. 23274


2NE1 often didn't have hard choreo so they didn't need to do complex steps they just needed energy and Bom and Dara gave that. Bom was kind of like the Posh spice of the group but she still served when she needed to.

BlackPink just have zero passion and they're likely out of practice. Their company, fans, the industry emphasize their looks so they likely spend more time making sure they look good on stage than actually getting their steps right….and they're all going to suffer for it in the end career-wise.

No. 23279

because no one expected v to glow up like he did. He was a goofy looking guy when they debuted. Plus Jin has literally 0 stage presence.

No. 23280

Screaming at how bighit spends more time, care and money promoting their merchandise than BTS's actual comeback. Armys are going to lose it if/when Blackpink jumps over them in America

No. 23281

blackpink will never get on bts's level because bts has the power of femcels on their side.

No. 23282


history has shown that that only works for album sales and touring. bts wants american recognition from the gp for that they need to have a hit on the Hot100 but their label doesn't do any promo and nobody takes them seriously.

Nobody will take BP seriously either but their label is promoting the shit out of them and probably have radio deals in place. Don't be surprised when you hear Kiss and Kill or whatever the fuck their song is called on your local radio station. When that happens the same armys who laugh about BTS not needing promo to get good results are going to lose their ever living minds

No. 23284

>bts wants american recognition from the gp
no they don't. they want the illusion of the american gp caring about them so koreans will report on them more and give them more commercial and sponsorship deals.

No. 23285

Looks like bts idol plagiarized off this music video, it was released one month before idol. The edits and effects are basically the same

No. 23290

I feel like there are probably hundreds of videos like this.

Korea is incredibly obsessed with trends.

No. 23291

Good find, tho

No. 23293

whenever i see black kpop fans i can't even this is some distopic shit

No. 23294

Can you find any videos that are like this then?

No. 23299

I don’t care enough to do so, so you’re probably right. Continue.

No. 23300

File: 1554170484244.png (816.79 KB, 1128x548, Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 9.55…)

kpop idols look like aliens when you put them next to ordinary people

No. 23305

Can't wait for this train wreck to drop

No. 23313

Whatever happened to that rap show that was supposed to get Korean rappers on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts? And DJ Khalid was supposed to be attached?

No. 23314

Fuck off.

No. 23318

>supports kpop groups for being woke poc artists
>oppar gets exposed for being a racist numerous times
>"b-but he educated himself!! he changed!!"
this is more of a sjw thing rather than a black fan thing though

No. 23325

Oh god, this species of tryhard hip hop "rappers" also exist in Japan?

No. 23326

Iirc, something similar did happen with an old unknown group.

No. 23329

I feel a bit bad for Jin in that he wanted to act but ended being one of the least popular members of an idol group instead. However, with BTS being as popular as they are now, Jin’s doing better as an idol than he probably ever would have as an actor. I assume it’s tought to break into acting in South Korea if it’s anything like Hollywood, although feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Jin may very well be dying on the inside from having to sing silly songs and pandee to annoying tweens, but he’s probably better off financially as a BTS member than an actor.

No. 23330

I didn’t realize that V had a nose job until seeing these pics. Holy shit, every member of BTS very well could have messed with their faces then. Well I’m not too sure about Jimin since he looks pretty natural to me.

No. 23331

Glow up? You mean his visits to Dr Kim?

No. 23332

It's fascinating how many Korean celebrities look like an entirely different person…like… how can you not feel some type of way when you look at yourself and there's not a bit of your previous self left. That's scary.

No. 23333

pick one.

No. 23334

File: 1554200492224.png (240.19 KB, 1080x1482, Screenshot_2019-04-02-16-20-48…)

No. 23336

wtf i would've never guessed. disappointed

No. 23337


this makes sense since he and JJY are best friends and spent a lot of time together. tbh would have been more shocking if he wasn't in the chat with his trash bff. such a shame.

No. 23338

i knew that they are friends but my impression on roy was pretty chill and i liked some of his songs. it's a shame. these men are disgusting

No. 23341

His face looks quite punchable right now. This is why you can't trust any man, regardless of how they appear. This fucker sings love ballads.

No. 23342

File: 1554206180139.jpg (35.75 KB, 600x351, BTS-Jimin-Plastic-Surgery.jpg)

Same anon you're responding to. Without the freaky colored contacts he wear sometimes, he looks pretty much the same as he did before he became an idol. He might have lost weight as well but I don't really see any notable differences in how his face as changed.

No. 23343

Damn what the hell. Roy Kim's had a fairly clean image so this seems like a bit of a shock.

No. 23345

Oh what the fuck, I actually liked him.

Gross fucker.

No. 23346

Obvious nosejob is obvious.

No. 23348


Are you serious? He got the classic eyes/nose job combo. Come on man. It's obvious.

No. 23349

wasn’t he one of the men who was originally rumored but then cleared? does that mean zico (who was also rumored) will turn out to be involved too? kang daniel?

No. 23350

Kang Daniel? How is he involved?

No. 23352

I've only listened to his songs and never looked into his personal life, but damn he didn't seem to be the type to do such things. I mean he sings coffee shop songs kek, with seungri or jonghoon you could actually tell.

No. 23353

he was rumored to be involved but then cleared along with zico and this guy (iirc).

because roy kim turned out to be involved despite initially being cleared, who’s to say the other “innocent” men won’t turn out to be involved anyway?

No. 23354

i would guess that he probably got a nose job, lip fillers and maybe a double eyelid surgery. he has such a sharp jawline too but it might be because of weight loss

No. 23355

I hope more and more pure uwu oppas get busted seriously (for justice), fans keep hoping it won't be their biases, well let's shock them all while we're at it

Rip roy kim's career kek he's only been in the industry for 5 years

No. 23357

imagine the army meltdowns if a bts member turned out to be involved. (it would be rapmon, obvi.)

suddenly the entire thing would be a misunderstanding and their poor oppar was pressured and blackmailed into laughing at raped women.

No. 23358

That already happened with Seungri.

No. 23359

This song too. The opening sounds similar to bts' idol.

No. 23360

and if it happened with a bts member it would be even more insane and tinfoil-y.

No. 23361

More on "idol" plagiarism. It's like the producer ripped off parts of other songs/MVs and mixed them all, thinking nobody would have noticed it

No. 23362

if there were other people then they should get busted too but i really hope no one else was included than the people we know so far. the more it comes out the more i get disgusted with the men in the industry and how innocent they try to portray themselves. no man in his 20s that works in the entertainment industry is a pure childish virgin smol bean, kpoppies need to wake up.

No. 23363

didn't they also steal ed sheeran and the weeknd's hit songs' flow in some songs? it was shape of you and i feel it coming iirc

No. 23365

Let's see how much of a rip off their next comeback is. What i cant stand is armys attitude really, its not that hard to admit that their idols' works arent so original, but they insist on making bts appear different from kpop in general and that theyre a whole different genre, they dont need inspiration from anywhere else (which is stupid) kek.

No. 23372

Anon please, the nosejob is obvious. His nose wasn't that awful to begin with which is why it can look like he didn't get work done on it. And the jaw shave is literally staring us all in the face, come on

No. 23373

File: 1554217770775.jpeg (274.44 KB, 2048x1365, D3J5bYiU4AEB8sW.jpeg)

Looks like Aunty Jhope got a new nose job.

No. 23376

In the midst of this whole group chat scandal, the burning sun one seems to be slowly being swiped under the rug.
Is it because too many prominent men are involved? Do they wanna avoid this becoming a political issue?

No. 23378

File: 1554218939953.png (74.6 KB, 640x711, IMG_0390.PNG)

Can someone enlighten me? Is this about his alleged sugar mama?

No. 23380

these "concept photos" are blowing my mind. the styling is awful and outdated at best. any kind of texture obliterated from their skin

No. 23382

File: 1554219265730.jpg (66.67 KB, 602x401, main-qimg-dfe351a498fceebe797c…)

just when i was starting to think he couldn't stoop lower than this>>23373

No. 23383

he should be making his nose bigger, not narrower, it's already out of proportion with his face…

No. 23389

Most likely? The Chinese/Taiwanese lady known as "Shim Madame" is like some grande dame in the criminal world and is probably the one Seungri introduced to him

No. 23390

Album sales and touring are what makes cash in the long term though, BTS are their label's moneymakers while BP's high-budget comebacks are so costly it's probably why YG doesn't give them too many, because they don't earn enough profit to justify the high costs.

Ikon and Winner aren't as well known as BP - they only have one hit song each - but they produce their own music and make good money from touring, so they get more comebacks.

No. 23391

While we're talking plagiarism, BTS ripped off the beat of this far better song for "Mic Drop

No. 23392

Omg…that's why it sounded so familiar! Why is no one talking about these?

No. 23393

Hope all you want but there’s definitely more. This kind of shit is a plague among male celebrities.

No. 23394

Because Bastarz are pretty much inactive now and Zico, who produced this song, is rich enough to look the other way I guess.

No. 23395

Because ripping other artists/songs off is so goddamn common that’s it’s barely even noteworthy anymore. It’s a shame but that’s pop music for you.

No. 23397

File: 1554225378619.jpg (41.63 KB, 521x357, abc.JPG)

This is what the comments say, this could just be a fangirl defending her oppa though so believe at your own risk

No. 23398

Omg it’s so blantant too lol.

No. 23399

Meh, looks the same ol' botched job to me

No. 23401

File: 1554226431252.jpg (99.36 KB, 610x877, 2019040201000214200016391.jpg)

No. 23402

Today nct 127 had a hi-touch event in japan and there were lots of fan accounts talking about how "small" yuta's head/face is. I was like omg, how BIG are the other members (all korean) heads/faces if yuta's face looks small in comparison? Damn they really do have big faces and giant heads lmao

No. 23405

why does the 14 yrr old look like she has already started on her cheek filler doses

No. 23408

Because she has

No. 23409

File: 1554230074401.jpg (133.67 KB, 1200x800, D3J5MfHU4AAedBM.jpg)

i checked these pics to see what bighit is up to and all the brainlet armys were crying in comments because uwu taekook and yoonmin are sitting together. it really shows that armys truly don't give a fuck about the rest of the group lol

No. 23411

I wonder if the Natefags hyping Wonyoung because Hitomi is a filthy Jap know that Wonyoung's half-Taiwanese?

No. 23412

they just had a comeback tho, if anyone is interested. idk how much bastarz has to do with zico cause it's a subunit.

lol at all the triggered fans in the comments like…the person literally titled the vid "or just similar", jfc.

No. 23413

Wow, the public really turned on him fast. The issue is not him having a sugar mummy, but rather that he was trying to break out of his contract (with the help of that older women, who supposedly offered him more money than they did).

I feel so sorry for her, people can be cruel and men very nasty to a tall, somewhat mature looking young girl. She must get disgusting comments daily. And if her agency is really already forcing her to go under the knife…

No. 23414

Zico and rm used to know each other from the rap scene. I've heard about it long time ago so I'm not sure.
I truly despise Zico but that guy is way more talented than ratmon in both production and rapping.

No. 23416

>So i noticed that there was this thing on the corner which says NEWYORK 1903 and i googled it up to see if there was something huge that happened back then and guess what THE FIRST ANTI GAY RAID TOOK PLACE IN NEW YORK THAT YEAR
Omg, woke kings slay again!
Seriously, that has to be somebody who's working for bighit. Place virtue signaling hints in video - pay somebody to point them out.

>BTS breaking gender stereotypes by wearing accessories ‘for women’


Lurking stan twitter

uwu our baby boy

No. 23417

Very interesting stuff, but this is an imageboard, not fucking twitter.

No. 23418

Screenshots or GTFO

No. 23419

Lmao armies were busting their heads open trying to "decipher" all the "messages" and "meanings" the effects and edits in idol held, but it was all just plagiarized off this j-hiphop music video

No. 23420

File: 1554232734508.jpg (116.11 KB, 630x501, 4.jpg)

i am 100% sure that the straight fuckboys who are afraid to even say anything about openly supporting lgbt are going to make a pro-lgbt album.

No. 23421

btsfags are so fucking annoying, get out

No. 23423

They're probably NCTfags who are jealous. I mean, nobody cares about their group after all.

No. 23426

zico produced bastarz songs like conduct zero

No. 23427

Since this is the corrupt CEO edition, I’d just like to remind everyone of this:

> 9.The rampant prostitution isn't going away. It's just hiding better.

I told you point 9 would be depressing.

>Back in 2009-2012, managers who worked for "sponsors" basically did their business out in the open with no repercussions. Girls were traded like playing cards, and for the right price you could get a "date" with just about any girl (or boy!) you wanted. No one was safe; even certain members of the big groups have been offered for "sale", although apparently the prices were a bit too high for most men's taste and, disturbingly enough, were often too old to be considered.

>The "prime" (ugghh) age for "acquisition" (and here I am quoting directly) "appears to be idols aged 16-19 or trainees as young as 12". The bigger the agency, the heavier the price. All agencies are guilty of this. All of them. SM Trainees go for (again, I am quoting direcly) "at least 1 million won/hour, with idols costing upwards of 10 to 100 million won, of which the idol may see 10% of that". Younger idols from small agencies can go "for as little as a few thousand won for the whole night, if the agency is desperate enough".
>Once "bought" (I'm going to puke), the victim basically has to do whatever the buyer wants. 95% of the time this is sex, but other men (and it's almost always men) have more… unconventional tastes. I'm going to stop there before I actually do puke.
>And yes, I do have (some) names, despite them being closely guarded secrets. No, I'm not going to engage in victim-shaming and drop those names, so don't even fucking ask. Who are the buyers? No one really knows. It's believed that Korean buyers are the minority since they have a lot more to lose, but Japanese and Americans seem to be among the biggest buyers.
>After several prostitution stings, the entire business went underground, and now it's believed that it mostly happens in places where the Korean government has less influence.
>Rumor has it that MNet has "a large share" in this underground business.
Think about that next time you watch an episode of Idol School.

>The girls are probably way more "popular" (they usually are in crime rings like this), but there are plenty of buyers for males; in these cases, it's usually men from ultra-conservative countries, so I would imagine its the same in Korea, who are getting them.

Since delusional BTS fans are a hot topic here:
>From what I've been told, there's no agency that isn't guilty of at least trying this at some point. Even international favorites like BigHit and Pledis have done this at some point (and there's some speculation that the reason Eunha and SinB left BigHit for Source is because Bang Sihyuk either tried to sell them or did sell them to some fat cats since they were going nowhere under the agency, but that's never been explicitly confirmed.

No. 23429

didn't they find some connections with lgbtq in the last comeback outfits? bts wore a pro-lgbt brand or something and that was like the maximum they did for lgbt lol

No. 23430

wearing these for wokeness points is actually the most insulting thing they could do because they were the ugliest outfits i have ever seen

No. 23432

>Rumor has it that MNet has "a large share" in this underground business.
Explains a lot about what's going on with Kang Daniel.

No. 23434

Why do armies assume everything regarding or relating to BTS is gay or that they are something equivalent to gay rights activist fighting againt the homophobia in South Korea? The book thing is about baseball..Lmao what has BTS even done for armies to think like this? Rm watching a lesbian movie doesn't mean shit.

No. 23435

File: 1554235522078.jpg (Spoiler Image,115.39 KB, 1080x588, IMG_20190402_160300.jpg)

This is what precious idols look like "off the job" Kek he was probably out all night getting drunk and fucking around

No. 23436

because they are delusional fujos under the disguise of an sjw but what's new. they want to make their skinny boy sex fantasies out to be some woke act and say "i am gay too and this is lgbt representation!!" despite being a completely straight girl that swoons over bts 24/7.

No. 23437

Saw that you mentioned RM and JK being the favorites of BTS and wanted to share this Steve Aoki and BTS collab. It's literally just JK and RM, with supposedly Jimin singing, too.

No. 23438

Who's the guy in the thumbnail? He looks like a toad

No. 23443

Oops, should have mentioned it. Steve Aoki's music video for this collab just features a bunch of Asian celebrities to give them equal representation. The dude in the thumbnail is Dr. Ken Jeong, a comedian/actor/physician. Here's a website that explains all the people in the music video if you're curious: https://www.wmagazine.com/story/steve-aoki-bts-waste-it-on-me-music-video-cast

No. 23445

stop trying to mention Utah all the time ffs he looks the same as always >>23435

I wonder is the blatant favoritism has ever caused severe inter-band conflict (s). It's weird that it's just those three singing and not all of them. I remember a while ago armies where talking about how Jin is supposedly mistreated and was talking about how he gets barely any lines in the songs and armies were mentioning it's BTS members themselves who dictate who gets what line to sing in their songs… But why would they leave V out even though he's part of the vocal line? I'm thinking about this way to hard kek

No. 23446

Why do you keep doing this? GO THIRSTPOST ABOUT HIM IN THE IDOL SPAM THREAD, geez…

No. 23447

Too bad that they have too many members to only have one obvious favorite like bp, that would've caused shit. Rn all the fame and success seems too good to be true for them, so even if they hate each other's guts they'll just endure it.

No. 23450

File: 1554237900437.jpg (13.23 KB, 300x300, 11142617.jpg)

He was in the show Community and the The Hangover movies. You might know him because of the "Ha, gay!" meme as well as pic related.

No. 23454

File: 1554238619172.jpg (291.22 KB, 1080x1263, 452.jpg)

No. 23455

How do they even notice shit like this

No. 23457

File: 1554240655763.jpeg (67.87 KB, 500x500, 381D32E6-27C3-43DA-8551-DB68CC…)

First off, how dare you.

No. 23459

Probably even if it's to a small degree.

No. 23461

Oh I recognize him now, thanks. I guess it was the face he was making in the thumbnail that made him look different to me lol

No. 23462

File: 1554243859620.jpg (260.99 KB, 1080x895, 20190403_051749.jpg)

Oh shit have they no shame? Ripping off beats/lyrics from stuff that came out a decade ago/another genre is common but taking out the beat from a song that came out only 3 years before (also in the same genre) is something. So much for these "geniuz uwu producer and songwriters". I hate that bang pd calls himself "hitman bang". Checked block b's zero for conduct and their composers are zico and pop time, so no affiliation with pdogg whatsoever.

No. 23463

File: 1554244141151.jpg (212.89 KB, 532x800, 20190403_052638.jpg)

Might as well fire the other 3 kek, stupid armys

No. 23464

It's true though, no1curr about the irredeemably scuffed duo or Jin. I bet most armies who "stan" those three do it out of pity.

No. 23465

If you really wanna see how little lines they give Jin, I've attached a YouTube Link to BTS 3rd Muster: House of Army, musters are basically BTS's way of entertaining fans at fan meetups. In this skit, they gave Jin the role of a delivery boy, banana, flower, and clock with 1-2 lines and he just made cringey faces in the background kek

No. 23466

Even Lisa's teaser count on YT is much higher than Jennie's. She's got 4.9M views while Jennie 3.4M, and YG still will never acknowledge the power of uwu SEA fans til BP disband. The other 2 got 1.9M (Jisoo) and 1.5M (Rosé), so Rosé is really the least popular member despite her sad attempt to alter her voice.

No. 23467

Holy shit they really made Jin play as a clock LMAOOOOOO… really amplifies how useless he is in BTS. You telling me they couldn't find one role for him other than useless objects? Damn..that's tough..

No. 23472

Hitomi's already got plumpy cheeks, I wonder if they'll force her to take fillers too. The Japanese girls in IZONE mayve already had PS tho

First Yuna and now Wonyoung I feel so bad for these underage, sexualized makane girls

No. 23474

He's like the Kevin Jonas of BTS but like… less talented

No. 23477

bp just posted this and holy fuck is it just me or is this like an exact rehash of the ddu du ddu du teaser? it sounds like just another shitty trumpet hook song. i hope they prove me wrong but i highly doubt it tbh

No. 23479

Using brass in the melody is a recent trend, no doubt they just threw this song together recently. The end of the teaser is so cringey too yikes

No. 23480


yawn. same ol same ol. But the gheys and their sea fans will eat it up even if it's the same ol shit.

No. 23481

File: 1554251573418.jpeg (21.39 KB, 338x600, 8D41B84A-B65D-4CDE-A09E-4726FE…)

Sage for irrelevance(?) but
pic related is apparently from suga’s private ig a few years ago or something and the meaning is roughy equivalent to “I’m getting a lot of pussy these days…”

Can’t find the meaning for 포로 beyond captive, captivity
More literally it means “i’m afraid i’ve been in captivity a lot these days” which sounds in line with weird Korean slang for getting some but ??

anyway it sounds legit like something he’d say because we know he’s all about that braggadocio but I wonder if it’s real…

No. 23482

Damn and he's the only member with an acting degree. Maybe he had too much pride to do one of the even cringier roles.

No. 23483

File: 1554251761127.png (191.74 KB, 480x639, Screenshot_20190402-173244.png)

turns out, jennie had motion sickness all along!!1 poor baby :(

No. 23485

Eh. I'd treat any Instagram account with black screens & ominous text that's claimed to be an "idol's secret instagram" as a glorified roleplay account.

No. 23487

yeah, I think so too, considering that the account had less than 200 followers and followed very few people. suga probably knows more people than that, no idol can be that lame

still I’m filing this away under potential pervert

No. 23488

how many more times are they going to do the same thing

No. 23492

you can already see some of their out of sync dancing in the teaser lmao

No. 23495

Ok I know this is seriously reaching but when I first heard I trumpets in the beginning, I couldn't help but think about Cl's mama performance.

Also it looks like "blackpink is the revolution" or whatever is gonna be their know catchphrase.

No. 23498

Hold on, do people actually use it when they're not on a transportation/in the sea? Does she need it because she always feels dizzy when she's walking? Kek. The way she showed it on her selfie is like she wanted people to notice it and excuse her lazyass dancing bcs she has motion sickness all along.

No. 23499

Oh wait, it's not a selfie but still

No. 23500

Why is she even an idol then if she has motion sickness?

No. 23501



>mixed reviews

That's actually surprising to me considering how fucking crazy and dedicated they appeared to be.

No. 23502

She might have chronic vertigo

No. 23507

File: 1554270673167.png (2.85 MB, 1125x2436, 70959CEE-F1D9-49AA-8D51-26F241…)

jinwoon & kangin now involved potentially
anyone surprised at kangin? i used to be into 2pm/2am & thought jinwoon was the most attractive but it was such a boring group i dont even remember the other members other than the fag

No. 23508

No. 23509

Interesting theory lol
One guy from ss501 was also on we got married and ended up beating his gf
Suju Siwon's dog bit a women which caused her to die and he was also on we got married
And Taemin, Key and Jokwon were probably sent there to cover up that they're gay

No. 23510

they're all going to deny being part of the molka ring when overseas prostitution was the reason they're involved in the first place kek

No. 23511

File: 1554276278424.jpg (37.36 KB, 499x605, images.jpeg.jpg)

That shiny face tho

No. 23512

2am was a really boring ballad group until the very end, jjw was in it. On the other hand, 2pm's music kinda helped them. They were meant to have different styles anyway.

No. 23513

Kill This Love is going to be another snoozefest followed by Binge/Purge’s fans claiming how fierce their Gucci Halloween skellys look while giving some run of the mill middle school talent show vibes on stage.

No. 23514

Ah…and there it is. I was already wondering why one of our favorite trashes kangin wasn't involved in all of this.

No. 23516

top kek

No. 23519

File: 1554284254759.jpeg (302.59 KB, 750x691, 4C927840-50E2-453B-829F-965547…)

No. 23527

Lol I made this post >>23402 Some other anon made this post >>23435
Just to be clear

No. 23531

I kinda lost track of this case, care to elaborate on your comment?

No. 23532

Lisa looks there like yumi king

No. 23535

Sakura had already had "a lot" of PS done when she was in AKB apparently, at least that's what her colleague Mayu Watanabe said when she shittalked her in her private instagram.

No. 23537

For any nctfags here, the beginning of this sounds an awful lot like limitless lol

No. 23540

File: 1554302430322.jpg (81.31 KB, 500x721, D2f82IWVAAElHSb.jpg)

wtf is going on with this woman? a year or two ago, she was one of the prettiest idols. did her anorexia catch up to her face or is she just aging like a skeleton?

No. 23541

she addicted to plastic surgery

No. 23542

File: 1554303545002.jpg (68.87 KB, 581x316, IMG_0006.JPG)

Imo she was only pretty when she was natural. Now she has an obvious plastic surgery face that's not attractive at all.

No. 23545

File: 1554304449616.jpg (135.8 KB, 683x1024, IMG_0007.JPG)

Really? A remix of a song that's been used to death for the past year? That means only four new songs which is ridiculous.
YG giving fans yet again the bare minimum because (SEA)fans eat that shit up anyway.
Also interesting to note how Rosé and Lisa have been pushed aside again lol.

No. 23546

check the last 2 threads anon, ctrl + f

oh i know 2pm really well, i think it’s hilarious how theyve turned out fairly decent compared to other 2nd gen boy groups (except nichkhun? drunk driving? correct me if im wrong & theyre all shitty, i havent paid attention for a few years) reading the articles about taec on netizenbuzz are pretty hilarious compared to any other idols mentioned here.

No. 23550

File: 1554305440166.jpg (469.61 KB, 1080x1620, A546ERi.jpg)

This is some really lazy photoshopping

No. 23552

File: 1554306095427.jpeg (65.33 KB, 453x680, DxP4JUnVYAATXuC.jpg large.jpeg)

Honestly it can only improve their current setlist

>6 covers

>playing dududu and stay twice
>ticket prices go from 70 euros and up

l-e-l how delusional do people have to be to pay for that shit and not feel scammed

No. 23553

What in the world is Jennie wearing?

No. 23554

And then on top of that have subpar, messy performances.
I really wish I could get their appeal. I just find them so bland and boring - on-stage as well as off-stage.

No. 23555

File: 1554306823566.gif (4.77 MB, 450x450, Taeyeon_1478060972_3.gif)

I never liked her but I used to think she was one of the better looking girls in snsd but she looks hideous now. She's probably addicted to plastic surgery. Everytime I see her she looks different or her face looks really tight and stiff . Every since she got her mouth corners cut her mouth looks similar to The joker and it makes her face look weird and off.

Pic related

No. 23556

This must be the first time she's wearing something that's plainer and less pretty than the others.

No. 23557

mouth corners…cut?

No. 23558

File: 1554307342658.gif (652.47 KB, 400x399, tae6.gif)

Probably the wrong term I dunno but yeah she got the corners of her mouth extended lmao here's a before and after

No. 23559

Looks like it. You probably wouldn't believe how many idols get that procedure so that people can gush over their "cute mouth corners

No. 23560

kinda ot but korean tv show editing is kindergarten-tier. they all do the same edits. playing the same clip from different angles over and over again, the childish little animations, adding squishy sounds for no reason and the thing that i still don't get, adding korean subtitles to a korean video. why? after a while it just comes off as annoying.

No. 23561

the editing and shit is just a cultural difference and i honestly hate korea's general idea of cutesy shit. as with the subs, most asian countries add subs to their own shows so people can understand it better. most chinese programs and some japanese ones do as well.

No. 23565

They copied it from japanese shows and just made it mores cutesy and cringey

No. 23575

File: 1554309555808.jpg (94.84 KB, 662x1024, 464daa59-89b2-43fc-a67e-cc521f…)

Uneven nostrils

No. 23582

imo it's really annoying when they apply that kind of editing to mnets survival shows during the performance segments

why loop some girls hair flipping five times while cutting into the audio track? it ruins the point of your audience trying to watch the perf by constantly interrupting it.

actually fuck mnets angel/evil editing in general with reality shows, they clearly know what sells otherwise they wouldn't keep making survival shows but they're filming everything 24/7 and their editing is not only technically garbage but overall garbage, you think they'd at least find more interesting content than the storylines they often decide to go with for trainees on these survival shows- that's how the talentless ones end up in the final group, if it were any trainee from the bottom 50 with a shred of talent who got the same sob storyline as the talentless hack trainees who get them they'd probably win too lmao

No. 23584

That sounds so annoying. I never watch any korean tv shows. No variety, survival, or kdramas. Nope nope can't stand that shit

No. 23595

It's called a smile lift and it's terrifying.

No. 23597

>I never watch any korean tv shows. No variety, survival, or kdramas.

I never did either, even when I was into k-pop. Watching small YouTube clips of whatever groups I liked on weekly idol was overwhelmingly annoying, and the dramas are so boring. snoozeville.

No. 23598

I feel like I still don't understand the extent of plastic surgery, I had no idea this was even a thing

No. 23603

File: 1554314152696.jpg (46.15 KB, 788x960, 56440218_444186149649960_90074…)

So what image is Psy's label going for at this point because honestly I dont see it amounting to anything in Korea? People already think Jessi is trash over there. And lets be real, Hyuna is as well and now that she doesnt have 4minute to back her up, she's literally just got her ~sexy image~. This is gonna be a disaster.

No. 23604

why did he sign edawn as well? he'll definitely be dead weight. i doubt hyuna will be successful again bc she seems to be choosing her own style now and it's horrible, it'll probably be the same with music.

No. 23605

I hate it when a performance or something is cut just to show the fake reactions of the other contestants or the judges. It's so pointless.
Idk if it's just me but i feel like their society has a weird voyeuristic tendency. That would explain why boring, meaningless shows such as "I Live Alone" are so popular. They're literally just watching a person's day while making trivial comments.
Another example are mukbangs, ( and if we go darker: spy cams).
I know that this is probably way worse in Japan but I just found that interesting, so I'm not trying to racebait.

No. 23606

The part about overseas prostitution wasn't discussed here, or am I wrong?

No. 23610

File: 1554317300266.jpg (133.12 KB, 1000x696, 222.jpg)

eunha's eyelids disturb me

No. 23611

wheres that anon that claimed triple eyelids are normal lmao

No. 23612

Yeah we need her excellent observation skills and judgement here

No. 23615

Jessi looks like she tags her insta pics with #NovaBabe

No. 23622

File: 1554326988216.jpg (341.24 KB, 1280x3584, yikes.jpg)

stay classy

No. 23624

this is way more attractive than all the layers of editing they do to keep idols looking perfect though, we WANT more real looking idols and moments anon

No. 23631

i'm starting to think the only reason sunmi or loona has any international fans is because everyone assumes they're lesbians. sunmi is definitely aware of this too. i bet she has a boyfriend.

No. 23635

Yes, she's definitely aware. Her baits were successful, if videos like this exist

No. 23636

I'm confused, what is this?
It reminds me of the start of the Wonder Girls 'I Feel You' MV lol

No. 23638

The first time I ever paid any attention to her was when I watched secret unnie and she had me convinced she was gay. Afterwards I looked into her more and now I think it was an act. She can be pretty convincing.

No. 23649

File: 1554337729836.jpg (38.49 KB, 639x685, 1554337714714.jpg)

I can't…

No. 23650

How do they not realize when bts are just pandering to their audience of preteen girls who like kawiiwii bs?

No. 23651

and that k-pop groups like to use pantone's color of the year as a style guide sometimes lol pantone already declared that 2019's color is coral and other k-pop groups released merch in that color as well. armys read way too hard into things

No. 23652

I've never been to a kpop concert but I'm curious how legit the vocals are? Do they use pre recorded vocals in concerts?

No. 23653

That intro was weird as hell kek

No. 23654

Yeah, it's the same as pretty much all pop stars. Sometimes they flip between live vocals and prerecorded. Like prerecorded for a song with a lot of dancing and live for a ballad or whatever.

No. 23656

i went to the RedMare concert in Miami and it sounded mostly live to me, but it could've very well been prerecorded.

No. 23657

When the song sounds perfect they're usually lip syncing. Even when they are singing they often have prerecorded backing vocals to make them sound better. When they sing without backing vocals you can usually hear small mistakes or differences from the recorded version.

No. 23659

Are you the same person commenting over and over again about female idols "looking like the Joker"?

No. 23660

anon that's like…bright bubblegum pink, not coral

i accompanied my younger sister to a bts show a few years back before they really let the fame get to them, and they sang live and had pretty good stage presence. mind you this was before any of their shitty newer songs came out so i wasn't forced to listen to jimin and jin try and screech out their "high notes". i've also seen red velvet and they were pure 100% lip synching…i don't think their mics were even on during the performance parts.

No. 23661

File: 1554345573900.jpg (463.45 KB, 1075x1434, 20190404_093846.jpg)

Nta, but apparently the media also refers to the post surgery result as "looking like the joker" kek

No. 23662

…what exactly is going on with her bangs?

No. 23663

i feel like they're attempting to look like a cat like this :3 but it looks retarded

No. 23664


No. 23667

are rapmon's korean verses as nonsense as his attempts at writing english lines? is he bad at english or is he just a terrible songwriter?

No. 23668

What is it with kpopfags using "(bias name) protection squad" to call themselves? I've seen it everywhere on twitter. It's super cringey.

No. 23669

don't stan him only for his looks, he is a talented artist with multiple talents and is a wokehuman rights advocate. he is extremely hardworking and loves his fans so much. our baby boy has been through a lot. haters said that he got a nose job but he stayed strong. he is a smol bean that must be protected.

No. 23675

Bahahah, fuck, I love Taeyeon but her lopsided nose is fucking hilarious.

No. 23676

Lol no, I'm not that anon

Having a pink album cover is definitely not equal to "fuck gender roles". How much you wanna bet they didn't even choose the color lmao.

Steer clear of those "xyz protection squad people" they are like rabid dogs and will mercilessly attack you. Overall just shitty people who don't go outside and think anything other than constant praise for x idol is like a direct personal attack to them and they'll harrass you constantly.

No. 23680

idols should start doing this they're so painfully fake - at least they'll be mailing all the time

No. 23681


No. 23683

File: 1554375190565.png (197.43 KB, 1080x1393, IMG_20190404_125220.png)

No. 23686

Where was this? Please tell me commenters tore this apart? Really infuriating that anyone would say that Seungri did “nothing” and that a woman would say it….

No. 23688

how old is this post? sounds like it was made before the scandal came to light. i can’t imagine anyone, no matter how stupid, claiming this isn’t a scandal.

No. 23689

Never mind I found it. Wow. Now I can’t stop reading. The craziness of rabid fans….

No. 23690

No- if you go to her twitter she is still defending him/in love with him. Maybe more now. (Ps don’t go to her twitter if you value your sanity)

No. 23691

I know people keep saying "this is an imageboard so post a screenshot" but a link would have been necessary too in case we were interested in reading the responses. So pic + link pls.

No. 23692

Plus that person's username isnt making it any easier to go to their tweets kek. I'll still look it up tho.

No. 23693

File: 1554377800981.png (65.11 KB, 720x364, Screenshot_2019-04-04-18-34-35…)

Ok so this is one of the responses i found on the replies. Muslim kpopfags cant stop being crazy

No. 23694

No. 23695

File: 1554378856244.jpg (255.24 KB, 1080x1672, IMG_20190404_135216.jpg)

I can't!

And why do the majority of people in this thread agree with her?! Has she 10 extra accounts to like her comments? Knowing kpop stans, probably yes.

No. 23696

she’s apparently 16 which makes both her statement and the threats she’s receiving extra disturbing

No. 23698

>>23697 crawl back into the general ew

No. 23700

Some people should be denied the access to social media…

No. 23701

Idk why this thread all of the sudden became a haven for obvious fans and solo stans who are just here to bash "rival" groups or members they hate. Some even low key try to make their idols more likable to us.
Most of us are somewhat in touch with the kpop world because we're casual listeners , ex-fans, or we like the milk but holy shit, here are too many hardcore stans in disguise.
Take that shit to allkpop or something.
I know this has been mentioned a lot, so I'm sorry about the rant but I don't want this thread to lose its original purpose.

No. 23703

File: 1554381235753.png (89.88 KB, 225x236, oppa the raper.png)

i sometimes feel sad for young Muslim fangirls living in a culture and religion where all woman get treated like shit by ugly, disgusting, misogynistic, Muslim men. That's why they have to turn to kpop UWU boys because oppa is or looks non-threatening, handsome, kind and is respectful towards them. Oppa is their escapism from their reality and shitty Muslim men that are basically incels. They believe this lie that kpop is selling so much that they believe nothing and no one but oppa. I'm glad this scandal blew up, it just shows that men are trash no matter who they are or what they look like.

No. 23704

What post? I don’t see it.

No. 23705

In this case I guess the truth is better overall but it sure is depressing.

No. 23706

most of them like kpop because it's very politically correct, they promote male idols as these polite, shy, innocent and celibate boys who work hard, don't curse, don't look at girls so it's appealing for them. it's not as openly sexual as american pop. but the reality is most korean men, including idols tend to be conservative and misogynistic. sjw kpop stans need a reality check.

No. 23710

I made a post but deleted it because it came across as something else, not what I meant at all. Basically my intention was that I don't get why people have to get so defensive about negative things said about people they like. It can be a good thing, and that helped me when I was younger anyway. As a young teen seeing other people's perception of certain celebs really gives you a escape from the delusional perspectives you might have had of them. Only seeing and thinking positive things about other people is never good. I wasn't talking about this thread at all, and I'm not here to do any of those things >>23701

No. 23711

I wasn't specifically referring to that deleted post but the anon said they like to read criticism about celebrities they like.

No. 23712

who is this?

No. 23713

I get what you mean. I'm sorry if my post came off as attacking to you. I just get annoyed by the childish stans here.

No. 23715

To be honest sometimes this thread seems like a place some stans use to bash and even a-log a certain group because they can't do it anywhere else.

No. 23716

This feels like racebait.

No. 23721

muslim is not a race

No. 23722

File: 1554389092233.png (706.04 KB, 1267x805, blackpinkwantsyourmoney.PNG)

Blackpink is actually charging their 2nd mini-album for $50.99, and it only has 4 songs

No. 23723

how much of a fool do you have to be to actually pay 50 bucks for 4 shitty songs

No. 23724


it is overpriced and only idiots buy it but they don't buy it for the CD y'know

they buy it so they can collects cards and shit and fap to exclusive photoshoots

No. 23725

lol seriously? other sites have both versions together for $50, yg is really something

No. 23728

The really sad part is that people will buy multiple copies to get all the rare photocards.

No. 23729

so the mv has been released. thoughts?

No. 23730

I'm familiar with muslims and it applies to a large portion of them actually. Of course it's not the case with everyone, but it's enough to make a stereotype that is usually true

No. 23731

What the hell did i just watch

No. 23732

Girl my exact thoughts
It is just soo bad on soo many levels. The music, singing, outfits, styling, quality, effects…..the list goes on. Well, trash music from a trash group from a trash company

No. 23733

it’s a Teddy track again, isn’t it? if so it’s his best for a while after his weird rut, it’s still got the same Teddy-isms that make it feel a stale and already done, but it’s got enough new in it that it feels like a track made for BlackPink and not a 2NE1/Sunmi reject (unless you’re going to try to claim Dara and Minzy would’ve realistically fit in this track). I never really like the people Teddy produces for but I like his general style. some of the MV was cool, I don’t mind a video that’s just unrelated scenes and outfits instead of trying to claim it’s a 3 year project actually based on the Stonewall riots with references to Karl Marx or something. if Jennie puts in that effort in lives too then it could be good for the group, she comes off more charismatic in this video than in others. it’s a nice enough track to go on a gym playlist but it’s not going to make me become a real fan

No. 23734

File: 1554391732930.png (166.66 KB, 365x314, nasty.png)

who did she hurt in yg kek

No. 23735

it’s like he always gives her the worst styling so she won’t outshine jennie, same with the ridiculous hair throughout the mv

No. 23736

Billboard nominations have been announced. The nominees for Top Social Artist are Exo, BTS, GOT7, Ariana and some 1D guy. The nominees for Top Group are Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons, Panic at the Disco, Dan & Shay and fucking BTS.
I don't care about the Top Social award except the eventual shitshow between kpoppies but BTS really doesn't deserve to win the Best Group when they would cut off a limb to sing half as good as Brendon Urie lmao.

No. 23737

same ol' same ol'

No. 23738

This is just sad. Not only is Lisa the most popular BP member in Asia, she also seems like the only one who gives half a fuck about her career. This is straight up xenophobia. Also see how she is the only one whose hair is constantly bleached while the others are allowed to have brown/black hair?

No. 23739


By far their worst title track and MV. By far.

No. 23740

She looks like a junkie hannah montana

No. 23741


This comment sounds like it was written by a delusional blink trying to save face. The song is hot garbage.

No. 23742

not at all, I just like that kind of song in a certain time and place. there’s no point in pretending I think it’s garbage just because I don’t really like the group. I prefer it to most kpop tracks I hear, I don’t think it’s some masterpiece or anything close to that. I also didn’t have high expectations because Teddy tracks have been stale for a couple of years so that helps

No. 23744

i like the overall aesthetics of the mv but the outfits, hairstyles and the song itself is horrible

No. 23745

I don't even know where to start with this
> starts with jennie's shrill voice as always
> Jisoo barely has lines
> Lisa and Jennie are on screen for like 70%
> weak, boring choreo
> Jarring, incoherent mess

No. 23746

Lol the disrespect to the other bands…

No. 23747

Damn this fuckin sucks. Like you said top sociak artist is one thing but now theyre going against actually talented singers and musicians in a music category? No one here gives a shit about there music anyway but theyre still gonna win. This shit is disgusting

No. 23748

jennie’s throaty shouting is like a hundred donkey kicks to my eardrums; why does she always get like 60% of the song

we talk a lot of shit about rosé’s indie girl voice but at least she doesn’t seem tone deaf

No. 23750

Wow the song is hot garbage, it's worse than i expected. And just like in dddd i can't help but get 2ne1 vibes from the outfits and the decor, it's really fucking pissing me off lmao

No. 23751


I was cringing so hard, I couldn't finish the video. It's like watching little girls play dress-up. And I'm pretty sure this is the worst song they've released so far

No. 23752

Jisoo is such a pointless member. She can't sing, she looks really old for her age and is really awkward. I mean they're all shit but she just baffles me.

No. 23753

Sounds the same as every other BP song, tbh. I would have liked the idea of the lovekilling-concept, if it would have been more elaborated, but they were to busy to shove Jennies face into the MV.
Dancewise it also looks like every other BP song.

Sad when a group never surprises or expands repertoire.
Seems more and more like a cheap try to cover up the Seungri-mess.

No. 23754

File: 1554395725527.jpg (297.36 KB, 768x1024, 8344682620_f2130b2f5a_b.jpg)

Lisa looks like betty spaghetty with those braids, stick legs and all. Watch blinks NOT drag lisa for this

No. 23755

Even the song itself… it feels like with every bp song, teddy is trying to recreate something like "I am the best".

No. 23756

i kinda like the video but the lyrics don't make sense and the beatdrop is boring as fuck. why not come up with something catchier for the title track?

No. 23757


I gasped when I saw how skinny Rose was too. Is this what Korean guys like? I'm so baffled.

No. 23758

File: 1554396554628.jpeg (167.22 KB, 1080x1079, 38F7E514-FD73-4B63-8FE5-16DE6B…)

i liked the idea of rose and jisoo killing off their weaker selves, even if it’s kinda fucked up as a message. unfortunately this was only a tiny sidenote since jennie has to be the center of the universe.

No. 23759

double chin side-effect of jawshaving is showing

No. 23761

Rose looks like a skeleton. No muscle or fat. Disgusting.

No. 23762

they finally morphed into 2ne1

No. 23764

Honestly, if I were a somewhat talented and passionate vocalist I'd never join yg ( well, I wouldn't do kpop at all) cause it's obviously heavily focused on hip hop and rap so the vocalists in the group are kinda irrelevant and barely get to shine with the few repetitive lines.
And yg generally doesn't give a fuck about them cause he's too obsessed with the rappers.

No. 23766

With all the spycam frenzy going on in sk , I'm not sure if its "worse" in japan. At least not in that aspect

No. 23768

women in SK are at least trying to get something done about it unlike japan has. japan was where SK men stole the idea from iirc and it makes up like half of irl japanese porn.

No. 23769

i get the song and the decor, but the clothes? i can’t imagine 2ne1 ever being dressed that feminine, and it was rare they went for the ‘luxury’ thing that bp try for with the flashy jewellery. i think more of sportswear and streetstyles and bright colours for 2ne1, but with bom in a minidress and huge heels. adidas, jeremy scott, moschino were more 2ne1’s thing when bp is gucci and chanel mixed with some dollskill tier pieces, 2ne1 went for fun and bp go for edgy. only lisa's first outfit with the fur coat and hair really seemed cl appropriate. i know stylists like to make lisa and jennie look unique and quirky and original but bp are never going to be wearing the hairstyles dara had and an outfit of completely baggy clothes. it's even more noticeable at award shows, i can't imagine 2ne1 all showing up in short formal dresses without some sort of weird catch. blackpink are just typical yg more than they're another 2ne1, there's other 'not like the other girls' girlgroups that have more obvious 2ne1 clone outfits

No. 23770

File: 1554401284785.png (682.39 KB, 750x1334, 40680EE9-97F5-4943-BE20-9D6DB7…)

the person who said that the group chat was made up of people from we got married might have been right

No. 23771

Why does this sound like 3 rejected 2NE1 songs mashed into one?

I really don't understand why Yg won't give Blackpink their own unique sound instead of trying to shill them as some kind of 2NE1 2.0.

No. 23772

imagine taemin is in it

No. 23773

You're right about 2ne1 being more fun and them not wearing the same brands, but there's bits and pieces that just pop up like jisoo with the pink bob wig in dddd being pretty much the same one that minzy wore in falling in love. It's mostly the focus on fashion and expensive edgy shit in their vids that are the same

No. 23774

True, but it's hard to make the talent out of nowhere

No. 23777

I feel like with 2ne1 yg thought they're ugly so we might as well dress them weirdly; it's not like it's gonna ruin their image.
Whereas with bp, they're supposed to have a pretty, chic image so these experimental outfits are a no-no (though they sometimes do use Lisa for that), and Jennie would go apeshit on the stylist if they gave her something that doesn't make her look sexy.

No. 23778

>Jennie would go apeshit on the stylist if they gave her something that doesn't make her look sexy.
The fact that she gets away with acting like a spoiled ungrateful brat in a social climate that’s so extremely focused on respect and age hierarchy baffles me.

Either fire the stylist if they’re so useless or just make her suck it up.

No. 23781

Yeah, japanese women are fucking pathetic. Koreans in general seem so much better

No. 23782

Wait has Jennie actually done that before?

No. 23783

That eyeshadow makes her look with conjuntivitis.

No. 23785

this is dumb. what makes you think jennie gets to choose her outfits and act like a brat? to me it always seemed like she got treated better than the others because YG has a hard on for her

No. 23786

Her mother is a YG invenstor, which is probably why she is treated like she is the second coming of jesus

No. 23787

it’s basically common knowledge that she rejects outfits stylists bring to her because she’s “picky” and braindead stans treat it as a cute quirk instead of spoiled brat behavior.

No. 23788

File: 1554404736591.png (1.07 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-04-04-15-04-10…)

Found this article which says Jennie participates in choosing what outfit she wears lol

No. 23789

There was also a radio interview where she talked about it I think (or the other members did?) if I find it I'll post it.

No. 23790

Anyone else thinks Krystal also seems like a total brat? I remember a fan account on reddit from a person who said that she seemed super arrogant and was pampered by SM employees.

No. 23791

Only found this

No. 23792

In my opinion she seems more or less like one of those people who seem mean but are real nice once you get to know them. But I have no doubt in my mind she was given special treatment by SM.

No. 23793

But somehow she still ends up wearing the ugliest shit I've ever seen…yikes.

No. 23794

Since we're on the topic jennie: a while ago someone found a fb account that seemed to be hers but some of her alleged friends denied it. I don't know if it's a fake account or not but I thought you guys might find it interesting, and maybe you guys know more. https://mobile.twitter.com/shiningjk___/status/1085928264516812801?lang=en

No. 23796

don't be obtuse. a good chunk of this thread (and most other threads) is dedicated to trashing SEAs and middle easterners. at least own up to it.

No. 23797

people are such stalkers it's scary

No. 23798

File: 1554406460942.png (261.28 KB, 530x690, 1.png)


Blackpink stans are so hilariously pathetic. They are so desperate to set youtube records because that's the only area where they can make BP actually succeed.

No. 23799

Imagine paying nearly 13 bucks for 1 song…

At first I thought that it's only her crazy SEA stans, but Jesus, this can't be a coincidence. If you have 1000s to shill on Gucci and Chanel, then you could have also given that girl a normal hairstyle.
Either Jennies's parents are paying or she's fucking somebody.

To me Jisoo also looks super unforgetable, but maybe that bland look appeals to kids? My little sister and all her friends constantly talk about how she's the most beautiful girl ever.

People always say that she's just got a resting bitch face, but slowly I've started to believe that this is just an excuse.

No. 23800

I've never heard of of spycams related to Japan, even when I search for any info on it nothing comes up. Also iirc their porn doesn't really work like that, it's a big industry that includes popular pornstars and whatnot. Yea, they'll be some stuff here and there that could be similar to spycams, but not enough to say it's what makes up their porn

No. 23801

I don't mind the opening verse with Jennie and Lisa (it's not amazing but not the worst thing ever) but then it slows right down with Jisoo and Rose. Feels like they tried to jam two songs together and it's just a car crash.

Definitely not good enough to direct attention away from the scandals.

No. 23802

japan had to pass laws to make phone cameras noisy so men would stop upskirting women going about their day….

No. 23803

Jisoo looks like a goddamn turtle.

No. 23804

you sound like a complete weeb who doesn't actually know dick about japan.

No. 23806

I quickly went through BP's "album" and it's just as shitty as the title track so I'll give you guys a quick summary to spare you from listening.
The tracks are all a bunch of lazily produced, forgettable songs which all unfortunately start with Jennie. She (main rapper)also mostly sings in them, so maybe YG really wants us to take her seriously as a singer so she can go solo in the future or something. Oh, and the ddu du ddu du remix is shit too.

No. 23807

Borefest, same stuff as always. After some videos I've realized that even their choreographies are always the same - compare this to DDDD, AIIYL and even Lisa's solo stage Swalla. You will find that every single move is present in all of their choreographies at some point.
Also probably an unpopular opinion, but Jennie's voice is the only actually pleasant sounding one in BP to me

No. 23808

Can they come up with something else? Can they PLEASE come up with something else?

No. 23809

She'll probably wear literal shit if it's got Chanel or Gucci labels on it, someone tell her liking clothes purely because they're expensive isn't a personality trait

No. 23810

Thank you for your service anon.

>>23801 That's exactly what they did and it sounds like hot garbage. The whole song is bad and blinks know it but they just can't admit it

No. 23811


I wonder how much of her jaw she hacked off.

Rose's acting was hilarious during this scene maybe that's what she did when Jungkook dumped her.

No. 23812


Not even close 2NE1 had charisma and (usually) choruses.

No. 23813


Not to mention YG training kills vocals. Their vocalists always get worse with the exception of Minzy who levelled up.

No. 23814

File: 1554411059936.jpeg (250.29 KB, 726x1583, F7B4E5F9-8087-4D0D-A668-8596E6…)

No. 23815


What else do they have? This comeback has already come on gone. It had zero impact on the American general public. Everyone is talking about John Cho as Cowboy Bebop which only reinforces that Korea's soft power is absolute trash next to Japan's. No one is going to listen to this song on the radio if they dare play it, their performance at Coachella will probably get dragged given what we've seen from the lame choreo and their concert is almost desperate to be poorly reviewed. Their album hasn't even been released. The digital is releasing almost a month from now and the physical two weeks after that so goodbye Billboard 200 results. So in lieu of this Blinks have no other recourse than to make BP break some meaningless youtube record no one will care about because those who even know about it will assume most of the views came from Indonesia.

Their American take over died before it even began the second this dropped. But Blinks fell for the mediaplay in thinking they were ever going to get out of the Kpop bubble and make an actual impact in America. Welp. Next.

No. 23816

Lol I thought someone would say that. Guess I deserve it though. So is it really much more horrible in japan (with these things) than it is in korea? Or are they pretty much on the same level of bad?
I like this

No. 23817


I feel like Jisoo mostly appeal to Asians, particularly Koreans and SEA who follow Korean beauty trends. She disappeared completely during their interview in America. Plain, forgettable face that sometimes looks mannish.

No. 23818

lol I've already seen countless blinks on twitter admit that they think the song is disappointing.

Also apparently a couple weeks ago there was an official statement from YG that It will be "much more intense than 'DDU-DU DDU-DU'." It also took FOUR choreographers kek
source: https://www.nme.com/news/music/blackpink-kill-this-love-new-single-ep-2466427

No. 23819


As long as blinks keep supporting this shit they never will. But I don't see them lasting long and their American dreams are practically dead with this release.

No. 23820

I will never understand Koreans thinking Nicole Kidman is an ideal beauty, a lot of Chinese people think she is too.

No. 23824

i think it's because she's pale

No. 23825

that's just how asians dress

No. 23826

He's failing miserably, I'm amazed at how bad BP's title tracks have been. 2ne1's music got shitty towards the end of their run so maybe he's just all out of ideas.

No. 23827

Yea, she's nowhere near a "beauty" especially not with her weird plastic face. They're so obsessive over pale skin it's pathetic
Especially with koreans, brand dropping is a huge thing there

No. 23828

how the fuck is "BTS PAVED THE WAY" trending on twitter holy shit

No. 23829

What's the occasion this time…

No. 23830


I just checked and I don't see it trending…

No. 23831

stans are probably salty that some other boy groups got nominated for a billboard award or that blackpink managed to beat BTS record on fastest video to get 10m views on youtube.

No. 23832

Lisa reminds me of the cash me outside girl


If they ever met I imagine they would have to fight to the death but neither are really about that life so I wonder how that fight would go.

No. 23833

bbmas nominations came out
exo and got7 got nominated for the same social award now bts fans are getting all salty because they got made fun of for it and are trying to victimize themselves lol

No. 23835

File: 1554413651770.png (252.16 KB, 768x636, ns.png)

newsweek even wrote an article on it lol. people are still stroking army's ego for clicks. hopefully people stop caring about these stupid social awards after this.

No. 23836


sorry I can't post screencaps right now but reading through these tweets, so much salt…

No. 23837

Does anybody else get the impression Jennie is secretly jealous of Lisa because of her popularity or at least hates her to some degree? Every clip I see of Blackpink together Jennie (sometimes the other members too) always treats Lisa like shit or like she is beneath her. Sometimes I think she treats her so bad just bc Lisa is sea.

No. 23838

why can't they understand that the reason why they got made fun of was because they were getting cocky about the award and kept putting down most groups

No. 23839

anon if you're gonna tinfoil about idol relationships show a vid

But yeah don't we all get the feeling that Jennie is full of herself

No. 23840

With an ego like hers it's probably like that. I don't know about her treating Lisa like shit tho. Only thing I've noticed is how she's all giggly and close to Lisa during concerts or whenever the camera is on.
It's almost like she wants to show the international fans that she doesn't hate Lisa or she just wants to pander to SEA fans cause it looks fake af.

No. 23841

File: 1554415481448.png (61.89 KB, 640x574, IMG_0395.PNG)

16 mio. views…wtf…

No. 23842

Cash me outside girl would send lisa to the emergency ward no question

No. 23843

File: 1554415919351.png (309.27 KB, 575x541, 5678.PNG)

Not surprising

No. 23844

>The nominees for Top Social Artist are Exo, BTS, GOT7, Ariana and some 1D guy.
I hate Ariana and have no idea About 1D, but please, please let them win.
Imagine any the other 2 groups winning, their fandom would transfrom into Army 2.0 in terms of smugness and superiority complex.
And Korea as a whole would also take this as a sign that they're really taking over the US/the world…

No. 23845

exo's fandom seems dead nowadays and idk anything about got7's.

does anyone think bts will get the top group award?

No. 23846

Honestly…they might. I’m praying for Panic tho because I’m genuinely surprised those guys are still around.

No. 23847

Funny how they hyped up BLONDE JENNIE in the trailer but there's no blonde jennie in the actual MV

No. 23849

I thought the band was literally down to one member kek

No. 23850

Maybe you just weren't using the right keywords. Believe me or not, i have a friend who's obsessed with literal piss and shit, stuff like that and japanese porn is a secret haven for that. There are millions of vids of girls peeing/pooping in the girls' bathroom (using spycams ofc), even high school students.

No. 23851

File: 1554420079495.jpg (66.51 KB, 1080x1080, DxIA1HLUcAAMwns.jpeg.jpg)

This is 1st degree stalking. They didn't even hide her friends' names. Not everyone wants to be associated with a kpop star, like you know how crazy kpopfags could get if they knew you happened to befriend jennie in mid school. Like it's not fucking relevant to them anymore. Ofc they would all have denied it. And as much as i dont like jennie but i think her friends deserve some privacy. Theres one pic that made me wonder tho, is it really jennie (the one with glasses)?

No. 23852

>maybe that's what she did when Jungkook dumped her.
Ok armychan

No. 23853


shippers on twitter say they're still dating. then again they also say taekook is transgender or something

No. 23854

File: 1554421154040.jpg (45.79 KB, 454x334, Jennie8.jpg)

It can't be Jennie, she has much weaker eyebrows in all old NZ photos.

No. 23857

Yikes….how come no one talks about that?

No. 23858

File: 1554422921958.png (458.15 KB, 668x499, jennie.png)

She has barely there eyebrows in every single pre-debut photo. Drawing thick insta eyebrows wasn't a thing couple of years ago.

No. 23859

This. Its gone on for way longer and its always been a much bigger epidemic there, yet theres been nowhere near as much objection to it as there has been in Korea. Thats what makes it seem like its not as big of a deal.

No. 23862

Are Japanese people/women that fucking pathetic? Those people don't give a damn about themselves

No. 23863

i have the feeling this is racebait but i feel like replying anyway, go fuck yourself kboo

No. 23864

They do. I knew about Japan’s spycam problem before I knew about Korea’s problem.
There are women only subway cars to avoid groping and filming.

No. 23865

What’s your damage, anon

No. 23866

There's so much xenophobia ITT, gross.

No. 23869

The ratata part is straight up a rip off from "i am the best" (the raa part) but both are teddy's songs anyway so he's running out of ideas/trying hard to revive a 2ne1 feel but failed miserably as always

No. 23870

Probably coming from a greasy kboo who doesn't know jackshit about Japan

No. 23871

wow she straight up looked like sooyoung then (NOT a compliment)

No. 23872

File: 1554427594876.png (183.22 KB, 745x594, Screenshot_3.png)

predebut Jennie was wild
I remember blinks denying this was jennie's facebook

No. 23873

File: 1554428016172.jpg (421.64 KB, 1080x1556, IMG_20190404_200006.jpg)

No. 23874

File: 1554428044392.jpg (822.34 KB, 1080x1778, IMG_20190404_200021.jpg)

One more

No. 23875


I actually think she looks pretty…what’s the complaint?

No. 23876

He head looks photoshopped on another woman's body thanks to how full of fillers & white her face is compared to her skin colour.

No. 23878

I never said anything…I just posted it to see what other people thought
I agree with this though

No. 23879

File: 1554429098131.png (398.36 KB, 412x574, Screenshot_4.png)

can kpop idols stop lying about their heights?? siwon 1.83 but still looks so small beside Liam Hemsworth lol

No. 23880

OT but the woman next to her looks like a troon

No. 23881

but liam is 1.91 according to google

No. 23883

No. 23884

Lmao not that anon but she kinda does

No. 23885

dark pink makeup isnt for everyone, and by not for everyone i mean anybody who isnt going for a punk no fucks given ugly is my aesthetic~ style

No. 23886

Thats the first thing i noticed

No. 23887

File: 1554431361114.jpg (199.69 KB, 688x1080, 20190405_092903.jpg)

This could become a meme

No. 23888

Anon, the brunt of pornography fits into about 6 categories more or less. Upskirts, subway molestation, incest especially between mother and son and sister and brother, teacher/student, massage and gynecologist spy cameras, and bodily fluid shit. You clearly havent been exposed to Japanese porn because even in all of those categories the main concept tends to be force, nonconsensuality and voyeurism against the woman's will or unbeknownst to the female.

No. 23889

Samefag to say Im specifically talking about Japanese porn. Sorry for the OT though.

No. 23890

>The nominees for Top Social Artist are Exo, BTS, GOT7, Ariana and some 1D guy

They are loading up on kpop acts in hope to raise their numbers because viewership falls year after year. Music award shows are boring and pointless, so instead of drumming up real interest they target kpop fans for EZ views? I kind of get it with BTS, plus they're probably an automatic nomination after winning last year, but are Exo and GOT7 really going to bring in a ton of viewers in the US? People might vaguely know of Exo, but afaik GOT7 is a no-name here. Of course you can vote no matter where you live though I think, so maybe they are somehow going to cash in on the inevitable kboo drama. They should just let companies pay for these spots and they would at least get BP and NCT money kek

Bring it home, Ariana and some 1D guy

>The nominees for Top Group are Maroon 5, Imagine Dragons, Panic at the Disco, Dan & Shay and fucking BTS

It is just a pity nomination like BTS' grammy nomination. They're throwing armies a bone because they always complain about wanting BTS to be taken seriously for their "deep", "inspirational" and "life saving" music and not just army views. One of the other groups will win, but armies will be satisfied anyway because their baby boys are finally considered serious artists! They were nominated for their MUSIC alongside well known groups like Maroon 5 and PATD after all!!!! And of course they remain more speshul than the other kpop boys that were invited.

No. 23892

File: 1554431762976.jpg (33.65 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg-2.jpg)

Ik kpop idols lie about their heights all the time but that one you showed was just a bad angle. Siwon is really around 1.83 unlike bts twinks (not a sujufag). Liam is 1.91 and Wu Chun (the chinese dude beside him) is 1.81.

No. 23893

That's Cara Delevigne, the face of the new Dior campaign

No. 23894

File: 1554433679995.jpg (5.27 KB, 95x206, download.jpg)

I saw a lot of people arguing about Lisa's box braids in the mv btw. Like how it's culture appropriation and stuff. I don't have the energy or time to include details of some ridiculous nonsense I've seen people who are defending her say lol

No. 23895

bts is no name too. only people who are fans of bts know them. except for people who hate them

No. 23896

Politics aside this style obviously isn’t made for her hair type and it looks ridiculous. Her scalp is screaming for mercy

No. 23897

I think this conversation has been happening for a while. Other kpop fans and fans of older groups were saying that 2nd gen paved the way for BTS and armys have been really pressed about it ever since. They think that because BTS have more achievements in America it means they laid the groundwork? Kpop was already getting popular in the west before they debuted and groups were having shows in Europe and America (SMTown and Super Junior tours off the top of my head). I dont know why armys are so mad about people claiming other groups "paved the way". Sunmi was even trending recently because she basically said BTS paved the way, they need validation so bad lol

No. 23900

File: 1554436728900.gif (2.03 MB, 480x270, getittogether.gif)

How can they be out of sync even in the fucking MV? God I can't wait for tomorrow's performance. It frustrates me, you have so much fame, just practice more! They are all over the place, and the choreo looked so similar to older ones, nothing new.

No. 23901

companies clearly dont care anymore, honestly
it used to be you'd have one or two in a group whos "charm" was their laziness or stupidness, now its entire groups

No. 23902

If BTS (or anyone for that matter) paved the way to success for kpop groups in Europe/America, wouldn't there be some sort of current mainstream interest in kpop in the Europe/America? The way remains unpaved as far as I can tell. There aren't any mainstream kpop hits besides gangnam style, which also didn't really "pave the way" because there hasn't been one since. A wacky 2012 meme is the most impactful thing to come out of kpop.

Armies need to take a good look at BTS and ask themselves what they think they've actually achieved. They don't have a popular song, critical acclaim or any considerable achievements. All the time spent circlejerking on twitter alters reality I guess, because in their minds BTS are not only woke trans gay kings but also a household name in every country! BTS need to actually become successful themselves before they can cause anyone else's success.

Oh, definitely. I think this probably goes for probably all kpop acts, no normal person knows who they are despite what fans would like to think. I articulated it poorly, but I was just wondering if GOT7 had a substantial amount of existing fans in the US that could make having them on the show worthwhile.

No. 23903

I'll be honest and say I like their MVs usually, but the members outside of the MVs are really lackluster. Makes you realize that they are good models but not good performers.

I did enjoy Lisa and Jennie's parts, especially their "duo". Jisoo and Rosé feel really unnecessary. They should add more members or just create a duo with the rappers, although I highly doubt they like each other kek

No. 23904

This is just Boombayah 2.0 but more blue instead of pink

No. 23905

AS far as I can tell the only mainstream European interest they got was when some based Greek TV host called Jimin and Jungkook ugly

No. 23908


I did a double take when I saw blinks praising this scene. It was corny as hell.

Meanwhile Jisoo, the supposed actress, showed zero emotion throughout the mv

No. 23909

jisoo is similar to yoona tbh
boring af but kida pretty, not really a good actress but will be forced hard just because shes a ~visual~

No. 23910


I actually agree that this group should have been much larger which I think was the original plan before Twice debuted and YG decided he wanted a Pretty Group to compete. The four don't have what it takes carry the charisma needed.

No. 23911


She certainly won't be forced into acting by YG. Jennie will have several acting roles before Jisoo does.

No. 23912

isnt jennie supposed to be more of a model type than actress?

No. 23913

I really started to notice how out of sync they were after watching Itzy. BP looks so sloppy when comparing to a group who is really working for it. I did enjoy some of their past songs but they're boring now that it's all sounding and even looking the same. With how mediocre they've become their current fame is ridiculous.

No. 23916

Not for nothing but most of the anons in this thread are guilty of the exact same things they complain knets do. Just as hyper-fixated on looks and doing weird pissing contests about the asian countries, like for fuck's sake who keeps saying "well Japan is better/worse for this" did anyone ask… to not even bring up the weird superiority complex you all apparently have about South east Asia. For a "critical" thread it sure feels like u guys internalized kpop's bullshit

No. 23917

Can't tell if anon was being serious or not lmao

No. 23918

>some based Greek TV host called Jimin and Jungkook ugly

No. 23919

the whole rose and jungkook dating thing is just fanfiction and i don't think anyone that isn't a twitter stan unironically believes in that

No. 23920

A couple of Greek talk show hosts were discussing that world most handsome list, and were surprised how bts made it on there. They said some stuff about too much makeup and them looking like women kek

No. 23921

Literally everything she says is true, they're not deserving of being named the most beautiful in the world, they look feminine, their dyed hair looks awful and why are their lips coral? lol
Stans ignored this point she made, because otherwise they wouldn't be able to call her racist: korean men are attractive but those idol boys are not, why don't they show real good-looking korean guys?

>Big Hit will sue!1!1

>She's jealous!

No. 23922

That is true, anon. Sometimes I catch myself doing that (so thanks for the call-out)even though I've left kpop. But many here are legit kpop fans, or many just have spent too much time in Kpop-related communities, and it shows in their posts.
Personally, I don't like seeing posts that make fun of things that those people can't change, or the casual racist undertones in some "critical" posts. But that's lolcow for you, I guess.

No. 23923

File: 1554452351089.jpg (118.16 KB, 1080x462, IMG_20190405_101751.jpg)

Saying that my Oppa looks ugly is homophobia

No. 23924

I don't know this show or these people so I don't wanna blindly defend them but are the fans illiterate or something? The lady even pointed out that she doesn't care about their sexualities; she said she finds them specifically unattractive. but when there's no way to argue back we just pull the victim card, I see.

No. 23925

They've too busy watching netflix huh

No. 23931

This looks goofy to me somehow. Maybe it’s Jennie’s Lara Croft cosplay

No. 23934

>did anyone ask… to not even bring up the weird superiority complex you all apparently have about South east Asia.

I noticed that too. I agree with most of the stuff said about SEA kpopfags, but it irks me whenever someone tries to "explain" it with their superior uwu 1st world brain that it's because they live in such mysogynistic and backwards countries. Like seriously? Why don't they just leave out the unnecessary parts and focus on the topic in hand. Not wking SEA, just sharing my POV.

No. 23935

nobody is pointint out that vts v is friends with roy kim and jungkook covered one of his songs

can bts please be included in this scandal we all know they are monsters behind the fake woke aRtIsT image

No. 23936

Lisa's part in the song reminded me a bit of this song(especially the girl with gray hair and braids) Blackpink should try doing something like this but whatever

No. 23937

Dunno about V’s “friendship” but covering a singer’s song before any of this broke out is not relevant to…anything, really.

No. 23938

I wouldn't be surprised if teddy yet again got "inspiration" from other songs. He's notorious for that.
Vid related is a song that has a similar beat to solo. I think mostly sea fans knew about this. What do you guys think?

No. 23941

Fuck off ratmy

No. 23942

Lol I didn't know about this, that's obvious plagarism people

No. 23944

That is pretty blatant. It is really interesting how kpop doesn't try to hide its plagiarism. The BTS songwriters definitely seem to like stealing from the Weekend. It doesn't hurt them so maybe they are right not to care.

No. 23945


House of Cards/Worth It
Singularity/Call out my Name

Maybe others?

No. 23946

you have to be an army to see that covering song isn't a crime?
We have to wait for them to fuck up for real, nitpicking is stupid

No. 23948

For that block b song that was previously posted some armys online argued that both songs were sampled from "get your freak on" but the thing is, we never know whether they have bought the rights or if it's just simply stolen.
Does anyone know if you're supposed to credit the artist you sample?
But yeah kpop isn't really innovative. Here's a list of all the songs sampled by bts if you guys are interested: https://www.whosampled.com/BTS/

No. 23949

File: 1554478139687.png (296.35 KB, 764x441, sample.PNG)

this was unexpected

No. 23952

Lol I knew about that a long time ago. But seriously, do the producers just scroll thru YouTube for stuff to cram in their crappy songs? Lmao

No. 23953

You have to at least get permission before you sample music. You don’t have to credit them. Crediting is more of a moral issue than a legal one, at least in the US.

It seems messy and confusing.

No. 23955

They blatantly stole I Feel It Coming's flow in some song too

No. 23956

don't forget about this one…

No. 23958

It's not like sampling is rare is US music but in kpop its in fucking abundance.
There's just so much blatant copies of other songs that it would fill up the entire thread if we were to post them but here's another one that hasn't really been talked about. Lol lets see if guy guys can guess it. Starts at 1.25

No. 23959

That drop really does sound like Kokobop tho

No. 23961

File: 1554486604287.png (177.42 KB, 489x433, felix.PNG)

This is supposed to be Felix from Stray Kids, he looks alien as fuck. Did he do something to his face? Because I remember him having a more squarish jaw. If not it's a huge weight loss, god, idols really are in a toxic environment… it's sad as fuck.


I saw so many people praising Blackpink's bodies too the other day too, ugh…

No. 23962

File: 1554486952307.png (3.05 MB, 2552x2000, felixwtf.png)

Sorry but how is this the same fucking person wtf. I don't even follow Stray Kids but I noticed the difference intermediately. How can fans not notice their bias is completely different from one comeback to the other?

No. 23964

File: 1554487674222.jpg (280.31 KB, 1800x2400, IMG_0008.JPG)

I legit thought that was yuta for a second. There was nothing wrong with his face and he just ruined it…
Why are they all so afraid of jaws lol

No. 23965

Also Sudannayuzuyully write their own lyrics, when will Rap God Lisa???

No. 23966

Kek the comments on this video are literal gold! Also, I've noticed something that seems to a copy pasta at this point with kpoppies, but when someone says something they don't like, they immediately assume that person is "uneducated," which is hilarious coming from teen girls and young adults who have yet to live much life yet. Idk, it just made me laugh a bit.

No. 23967

Literally every other female kpop "rapper" writes her own lyrics (LE, Moonbyul, soyeon, just to name a few), or takes part in the production so I really don't know why blinks think Jennie and Lisa, who don't do shit and have really have unsuitable voices for rapping, are lil Kim tier.

No. 23975

Can you post a link?

No. 23976

Link doesn’t work.

No. 23977

Lisa isn't even fluent in English, all she can do is imitate AAVE like Ratmon

No. 23978

File: 1554493507046.jpg (45.38 KB, 434x764, 9e99df4d1a0cbe2267c226f006f1e7…)

This was even before that. Looked like such a normal dude

No. 23979

"You gon' finna catch me" pls yg I know you're obsessed with black culture so at least imitate it correctly…

No. 23980

Yeesh, the first round of ps sure did him good. Even St. Elliot had better visuals than pre ps Felix tbh kek. It's unfortunate his face is weird now…

No. 23981

I couldn't really pinpoint what it was that made all these idols look so…off(besides the eyelid surgery and all) but this thread made me realize that it's that damn jaw surgery. It instantly gives you that idol face.

No. 23983

File: 1554497628878.gif (1.56 MB, 230x230, 1516244886529.gif)

This is the same dude?! ps is wild. You gotta take guys to doctor kim on the first date, these hoes lyin.

No. 23986

Different angles and in the second picture her lower jaw is shifted. Still you can see the obvious procedures, especially on the nose

No. 23987

dude who gives this much of a shit about a kpop thread on lolcow? get some hobbies please

No. 23988

Looks like he also got hair transplants

No. 23989

You could be right, but his hairline still looks fucked up. I think he just learned to conceal it better.

No. 23990

Probably makeup, it's not hard to hide hairline with some contouring. I know almost all idols get ps but let's not get carried away, I really doubt he had hair transplants. It's almost always photoshop or makeup before the extreme, especially when the difference is minor. I don't even know if it's jaw shave, looks like weightloss and fillers?

I really don't see why he changed his look. Don't they realize they have fans before the ps that already worship them? Same for BTS, they were always the ugly group, and have one of the biggest fandoms, why the need to change their faces to look "pretty" now?

No. 24001


blinks/undercover blinks make up these kind of rumors because they want to live vicariously trough their female bias and that involves fucking the male idols they wish they could fuck. They want to believe this romantic narrative when in reality these idols probably f their fans and have multiple non-celeb gfs at a time.

No. 24002


it's clear delusion is not just the defining feature of people that love groups, but people that hate them too.

No. 24007

Highly doubt idols fuck fans…can you imagine any of these kpoppies being able to keep their mouth shut after getting oppas dick? They'd be announcing it all over socials and giving the rest of their fandoms collective seizures. P sure they stick to people within their industry or hookers

No. 24010


they fuck saesangs who usually don't spill anything.

No. 24017

there's an anon who has kept claiming that idols fuck fans for a few weeks now. sounds like wishful thinking to me

No. 24022

This is awful. I haven't disliked BP's singles until now (except Stay which is kind of boring) and this seriously reminds me of a late 2NE1 or 4minute castoff but worse. Dalla Dalla and Bon Bon Chocolat are way better in execution and that's kind of saying something

No. 24024

File: 1554514208049.gif (801.3 KB, 225x221, hataeyeon3.gif)

That seems more her lips drooping slightly because they shaved off too much supporting bone from the jaw and maybe because of anorexia. Yes, drooping happens to everyone throughout your twenties but Taeyeon started with a really nice jaw/teeth

No. 24027

Anon, you hit the nail on the head when you said Kill this Love has a 4minute sound. The whole thing is so tacky, especially the brass, and I still can't believe they let ((made)) Lisa look like this >>23734

No. 24028


wasn't there a day6 member and an nflying member who dated a fan and got kicked out

plus v was caught with a fansite master early when bts debuted and got chewed out by other fans

finally haechan from nct was caught talking shit about taeyong to his fansite masters who he called noonas. Who knows maybe they were suga mommas

yall really think western artists are the only ones who fuck groupies. How embarrassing

No. 24030

File: 1554518115835.jpg (19.46 KB, 281x179, images.jpg)

most kpop fans are ugly as sin

No. 24031

well yeah. It obviously sounds like a shittier version of Hate. Also I have no idea what the hell they are going for with Lisa but they seem obsessed with making her look like a Ukrainian prostitute
I cannot listen to that line without cringing

No. 24032

File: 1554519294913.jpg (62.28 KB, 679x620, 6c8c1da0d0465d76e040b347139b27…)

is that really her in the left picture?

No. 24033

oh god this is bad. YG probably threw this whole comeback together in a week…

No. 24035

yes lol

No. 24036

Those teeth are still veneers though

No. 24039

God what is with kpop and the rap+terrible vocal method of song making? I actually don't mind the raps here and in most BP songs but then the vocals come in and it's just so jarring.
This whole song was just a mess and so incoherent. Why can't kpop producers make song that sounds like one complete piece and not a bunch of small pieces jumbled together christ

No. 24040

this has got to be the most awkward thing i’ve ever seen

No. 24043

They really suck at acting. Jisoo is especially bad though.

No. 24044

So is this supposed to be their PINK concept? 3 years and only now their duality concept shows. They still don't fit the outfits/mood though. And Rosé's voice is so damn annoying.

No. 24045

lol @ arms flailing in every direction
and Jisoo's wide-eyed look of panic when choreo picks up the pace
Jennie will skip half of these moves during concerts

No. 24046

They look so empty. I seriously don't understand why YG won't invest in some backup dancers like the Loona subunits do lmao.

He had a whole army to carry Jennie.

No. 24047

is bp's audience mostly female? you usually hear male fan cheers in girl group performances. that's cool for them tho, they probably don't have to deal with creepy uncle fans.

No. 24049

The only good side to this is that jennie isn't the main focus in this song. I barely noticed her presence cause she wasn't shoved into our faces this time, maybe it's cause this song is a bit fast-paced and Lisa and Rosé are better with the dancing.

No. 24052

They look so weird in those girly outfits, that doesn't suit them at all…

No. 24053

File: 1554548614347.jpeg (159.57 KB, 750x750, A0CD32D8-E3C1-4703-9588-0B6FBD…)

p sure aiiyl and forever young are supposed to be pink concepts too.

No. 24054

Not a stan but ngl that I kind of like this song

No. 24055

File: 1554555488557.png (38.45 KB, 619x418, pantene_oppa.png)

what the fuck

No. 24056

Same, at least it has an actual chorus

No. 24057

File: 1554555759658.jpeg (227.51 KB, 750x685, 47DEF40E-8EB4-439B-A962-698307…)

No. 24058

Pantene pandering to armys is ridiculous

No. 24059

The devil works hard but Dr Kim works harder

That car is painfully tacky…

No. 24060

Ya’ll know there’s a decent amount of staged voyeurism porn, right? Course, it’s nearly impossible to separate from anything genuine.

No. 24061

File: 1554556514642.jpg (400.74 KB, 1080x1507, 20190406_201426.jpg)


No. 24063

fuck yes

No. 24064

people say they feel sorry for the parents of these criminals but idk, aren't they the ones who raised these monsters? these men didn't become misogynists out of nowhere

No. 24065

this is so cringy. is pantene's owner's daughter a 12 year old kboo or something?

No. 24066

Likely just disowning him because he embarrassed his family publicly. Good ol’ dad wouldn’t give a fuck as long as his son didn’t get caught.

No. 24068

disagree anon, these outfits actually look put together and not like weird mashes of whatever edgy designer pieces their stylists could find.
I hate myself for this but I actually feel bad for his dad. He seems genuine, a well respected professor and he begged his son not to go into the music industry iirc. On the other hand, can't say I feel bad for the parents of other celebs caught in this scandal. Hana Hwang's rich parents probably raised her super spoiled.

No. 24069

I have to disagree
>Recently, a clip wherein Roy Kim talks about Jung Joon Young’s “corrupting” influence on him gained attention from netizens, but now another telling clip has resurfaced. In it, Roy Kim says that his parents opposed his friendship with Jung Joon Young

No. 24070

Alright, now that makes me feel a little bit bad for his parents. They saw it coming.

No. 24071

Nta but probably because we've only seen them in heavily arranged designer outfits on stages, it feels weird to see them in plain, girly outfits

No. 24072

Wasn't sure where to post this and I guess was linked to an older thread..

I wanted to add some buzz about Korean Englishman (Joshua)

He may have deleted his videos with JJY but I remember very clearly.

There was a koreaboo girl Ali Abbot who appears to be inactive these days on youtube. I don't know if elsewhere because I don't follow social media. I guess she left because she got slammed pretty hard for her koreabooness then her bf dumped her and she found a dopey looking Korean boy to date and who knows where she is now.

However, at the time she was active she a young teenager. I think 16 and had an even younger sister. She lives in England and knew Joshua, another koreaboo from England.

So the thing is, he invited her to a date with JJY. Like he was trying to set them up. JJY gave his same dead fish eye stare and she looked like a nervous wreck, partly because she couldn't edit the video to fix her poor Korean, but likely also because she was being setup with an older famous Korean guy through someone she trusted.

Anyone who has records of this video should reupload it but I have little doubt he at least tried to take advantage of a little koreaboo and that Joshua knew about this since the beginning and said nothing. It would damage his korea obsessed image and his money flow.

No. 24073

Sometimes parents can do their very best to instill a good moral compass in their kids and they grow up to be monsters anyway, it happens.

No. 24074

There are crazy fucking armys who've reclaimed the loaded word supremacists as if thats anything good. I don't get fandom wars honestly bc at the end of the day it's all good press for the companies ready to take advantage of it.

No. 24075

File: 1554561580694.jpg (66.44 KB, 685x378, sdacs.jpg)

Unpopular opinion but I seriously think they look much much better with tans. I know this is lighter than their natural colors but this still looks better than the ghost look they've given them since debut. Jennie seriously looks like the fucking Joker in AIIYL and it unnerves me. With her natural skintone she has an early Amuro vibe

No. 24077

Wtf aren't 3 of them fluent in english? They sound like those asian stand in models (but worse) who literally stand next to a retarded product with shitty "me so fine" broken english

No. 24078

Rosé was born and raised in Australia, there's no way in hell she (if no one else) couldn't have been more charismatic with her lines. It really seems as if they were specifically instructed to act and sound like autists

No. 24079

BY that logic people should punish you and your future kids because of what your ancestors did then

No. 24080

I don't know anything about that dude (or the girl) but I assume he's a missionary? I wanted to know what you were talking about so I finally found this https://www.instagram.com/starhope155/p/7qiKaGCzKY/

No. 24081

File: 1554563392562.gif (363.47 KB, 220x220, IMG_0009.GIF)

They exactly sound like that meme looool. Must've been cringey for them too.

No. 24083


Wow.. that's crazy that you found that. The video is quite a bit longer but I just remember weird vibes about it. I know a lot of sketchy people and behaviors, and the timeline of it aligns with the chatroom logs in the news. Btw who do you mean is a missionary? Joshua??

No. 24084

The new marketing tactic is for these companies to randomly use kpop slang on Twitter for Youth Appeal. It comes off as cringey because I'm sure these are underpaid interns that did a quick search and are trying to imitate 'stan language'. It's like a worse form of that era where these brand social media accounts were obsessed with quirky clapbacks/millennial depression.

You can tell it's working because of how high the engagements on these tweets are. It's honestly funny to me how the "omg my fave is anti capitalist!" woke stans are engaging with this obvious marketing bait.

Chips Ahoy said Stan Loona 😍👏

No. 24085

So, Harry Styles followed Jennie and only Jennie on Instagram.

Blinks are already freaking out over the fact he's an 'OT1' that only followed Jennie and not the other 3. The others are tinfoiling over potential dating news to help kickstart Blackpink's career in the west.

No. 24086

I remember seeing this video on youtube.I don't remember exactly what was up,but I remember feeling uncomfortable.Ali was barely 18 with a bf at the time and her sister was so much younger

No. 24087

lmao throwback to blinks ruining a possible collab between dj snake and bp by attacking him for only following lisa. harry is probably used to fandom insanity so i don't think he'll care about fans yelling "harry is ot1!!!

No. 24088

only lisa looks weird because of her giant wide af shoulders

No. 24089

Engrish and babytalk in it (for women) is a selling point in some places

No. 24090

Yeah the white guy. I saw one or two videos of his and he seemed religious and all (and had a priest friend?) so it gave me that impression cause I know people like him.

No. 24091

Lmao so something people are talking about now:one those treasure box yg trainees sent a vid to his friends on his private I instagram where he was flipping his friend while kill this love was playing saying they care more about the song than his birthday. So stalkers saw that video and got all mad because he's a normal teenager and not an "uwu angel" kid. Lmao get a liiife

No. 24092

Samefag but it's also trending number one on pann. It was also trending on Twitter in some places

No. 24093

Caps? Sounds milky but this is an imageboard

No. 24094

what does "bts paved the way" even mean lmao? the only way they paved was the cringy queerbaitey depressive tumblr aesthetic in kpop.

No. 24096

File: 1554566504788.jpg (472.92 KB, 1449x2172, ukl6jstjz2m21.jpg)

I think lisa is really pretty, but she should have her shoulders and/or neck covered in some way

No. 24097

keep her shoulders under protect before sjw stan twitter starts transvestigating her

No. 24098

Not to sound cynical but it could be that they're both gonna model for something, or something else that's brand related. Or he really just found her pretty, interesting etc. either way, blinks are gonna lose their shit again.

No. 24099

It's plausible he's been paid to follow her, if it was any other member maybe no but it's always Jennie getting promos

No. 24101

Not saying anything negative about her looks but every idol picture is heavily retouched and lightened so they probably don't look like that at all.

No. 24102

sjw twitter hasn't even clocked hani yet, it'll take them a while before they get desperate and reach for lisa

No. 24103

Jesus, i remember when fans jokingly called her oppa way back and it was no big deal but recently whenever I see female "tomboyish" idols being called oppa every sjw jumps out and tells others to not misgender them. It's not that deep.
Many gays, especially those who do drag, call objects by "she" all the time and no one cares.

No. 24104

don't misgender our oppas and unnies and NEVER assume their sexuality, anons. end cishetnormativity. this is why idols can't come out…

No. 24105

File: 1554567817273.png (47.17 KB, 669x216, F8wVJay.png)

No. 24106

File: 1554567830531.webm (1.81 MB, 720x1280, haruto.webm)

It's Haruto from YG Treasure Box. This is the video

No. 24107

seriously, i've never thought you could fit so much arm waving into a choreo, they need to change their choreographer or something. boombayah was a masterpiece compared to this.

No. 24108

I just found out that he's Japanese lol does that mean it's already over for him?

No. 24109

ewww i don't like either of them so hopefully this backfires.

No. 24111

File: 1554570036981.jpg (76.89 KB, 900x895, DtROpa1WsAUZd1-.jpg)

I bet lots of koreans are so happy that they got "something" on this kid to prove their point that Japanese kids/trainees are no good. Especially since he has good visuals and they really like his face (jealousy)

No. 24112

i've found out that companies are the ones releasing the fanchants lmao. they give out some specific fanchants in fancafes and that's why fans' screams are so organized. i've never seen anyone do it other than kpop groups.

No. 24113

Is he signed to BP's label? It's possible he's just following her because he thinks she's hot, nothing else. A follow doesn't always equal a collab

No. 24114

I'm glad you posted this because the live to TV performance with their 360 degree 1000 cameras NEVER give us the real view and I will always hate Korea for it.

No. 24115

I used to be mutuals with the Orbit who's the social media intern for Chips Ahoy lol, he absolutely planned to get the gig just to spread his Loona propaganda

No. 24116

This is not new they have done it for years, SNSD and SM were big on this.

Fans will literally be given cards at music shows for what to say and at what time. Same with cheering

No. 24117

Their choreos probably have so much arm movement because they don't have the skills to pull off complex footwork

No. 24118

What's the point of going to these fucking performances if they're just going to show off to the camera and not to the audience in front of them.

No. 24120

i don't know if it's because they have only 4 members but they are the most out of sync kpop group i have ever seen

No. 24121

I really liked whistle's choreography.The older choreographies overall were better and more interesting to look at until dddd came…

No. 24122

your comment reminds me of this. the way they awkwardly ran behind the cameraman gave me second hand embarrassment

No. 24124

Or the dumb, nitpicking motherfuckers on this thread.

No. 24125

So they just perform for the camera and not for the audience. Won't it be awkward for them once they go on tour and then during the concerts they don't know where to look?

No. 24128

File: 1554574184447.jpeg (229.48 KB, 640x912, 6619C9E7-70F8-4391-9B55-0389AF…)

and I thought this was bad

No. 24129

these companies are pathetic but i get what they are trying to do. as much as they cry about clout chasers, kpop fans are ready to give attention to anyone for mentioning anything kpop related. of course companies are going to jump into that.

No. 24130

Bet, how long do you think it will take for Jennie's motion sickness (laziness) to kick in and start half assing the choreo again

No. 24131

he was just playing around with his friends and aimed the finger at /them/, not bp.

a sasaeng creep literally hacked into a minor’s ig acc and THIS is the scandal to these fucks?

No. 24132

If she cares enough about her image and the fans who pay for those overpriced concerts then she won't let that happen again but I feel like it's gonna start again once some time passes.
It's mostly during the concerts where she lets herself go cause it probably feels more safe.

No. 24136

File: 1554578106239.jpg (60.64 KB, 531x680, DzA7H83VAAA1y6G.jpg)

this is old but they really act like an egotistical cult.

No. 24137

omg who cares delulu fan.
guess what? your fav probably hates women and doesn't care about you

No. 24139

i had no idea this kid existed before now retard, anyone with half a brain and basic empathy can see the situation is fucked up.

also learn to sage.

No. 24140

I want a reporter to compile shit like this and write a popular article on kpops cultish behavior complete with a glossary for the cult lingo for "locals" to understand.

No. 24141

It's not stan twitter here. What's disturbing is parents selling their young children to the entertainment industry, not ''oh no meanie saesaeng have found my baby's private instagram account!!''. Moreover if they don't feel like being stalked, they can just go to school like any regular teen, doubtful YG is forcing them to debut as idols.

No. 24143

i love how they act like they dont count as "kpoppies" lmao. following this list isnt going to help their appearance to everyone else when they act like retards every other day of the year

No. 24144

That sounds plausible, harry has modelled for gucci before so maybe thats it. What with jennie being "human gucci" and all lol

No. 24145

No. 24146

Nah the human gucci thing is for bts' V, Jennie is the ~human Chanel~.
I feel so cringey typing this.

No. 24215

jennie was human gucci when they first debuted but it switched to human chanel after she got the sponsorship deal. also, v wears chanel mostly now wtf is up with that

No. 24216

they're prolly out of sync because it takes so much energy to just move on their skelly frame

No. 24218

gucci is so tacky, i'd take this title as an offense

No. 24220

I don't know what Chanel was thinking when they made her their ambassador. She doesn't have the model height and her babyface makes her look like a teenager wearing her wealthy mom's clothes to look older.

No. 24227

What? This is literally how one-takes are filmed in every form of media, not just kpop. And there obviously wasn't an audience here since it's a rehearsal/prerecording. They just do their regular choreo when the camera isn't present. I guess it's awkward if you've never seen it before but directors have been doing this since film was invented lol

No. 24232

Honestly, a good number of idols from big companies prove that being rich/coming from an upper-class upbringing can get you to so many places regardless of merit. As said before, Jennie's family is well-off and probably had enough money/power to help catapult her career as successful idol. I mean, she probably didn't have to worry about trainee debts like other idols and probably had a leg up into entering a big three company.

It's evident that she possesses less charisma that a potted plant, is plain-looking without an idol makeover, and can't really dance, sing, or rap–yet she's out here living as a model with rabid, adoring fans that excuse her failures at being a competent entertainer/artist. Feel free to call me bitter but I feel bad for other naiive idols/trainees who likely work themselves a hundred times harder to the bone and never succeed, whereas Miss Human Chanel gets asspats regularly for existing.

No. 24234

Lately I've been thinking the same thing after watching the livestream. He must've gone to the same surgeon as Yuta.

No. 24235

I agree. Not everyone call pull off pale skin. Read somewhere that way way back before humans evolved, unnaturally pale skin used to indicate that someone was unhealthy/not fit for survival and reproduction–and yet it's now celebrated as a beauty standard in Asia kek

And holy crap, Jennie looks super plain here–like she wouldn't stand out in a crowd at all if no one knew who she was. I've seen way prettier Asian girls without makeup here on a regular basis (live in an Asian enclave). Really shows that any fucker can become an idol lauded for their looks with just enough makeup, marketing, and plastic surgery.

No. 24236

File: 1554590053835.png (91.59 KB, 898x554, creep.png)

No. 24239

Ew. If he's in a White-Asian relationship and has a daughter, I wouldn't be surprised if this guy turns out to be like Somi's dad. Straight guys who are into K-pop girl groups above the age of twenty tend to be weirdos/creeps from my experience. Their enjoyment from K-pop is primarily sexual and nothing else. My condolences go out to his wife and future child(ren).

No. 24240

File: 1554590736842.png (146.19 KB, 2116x712, Screen Shot 2019-04-06 at 3.44…)

Wanted to add on with another cringe-inducing reply form this guy. No doubt that he's a K-fapper.

No. 24242

File: 1554591775418.jpg (64.28 KB, 500x505, 3.jpg)

does anyone else remember Secret? they were a second gen girl group. their members were all healthy weights. it's sad thinking idols like them will never debut again. they'll get shamed out of the industry like pristin's kyla was.

No. 24243

I do. They went from super famous to completely nugu. The only one who's still semi-relevant is Hyosung (hope I spelled that right), who was known for her big tits and even she got skinny now.

No. 24244

K-pop's never been progressive and has always been trashy to an extent, but I definitely feel that the standards idols have to meet have gotten more unrealistic/extreme/worse over the years. I also can't think of any popular 'sexy' girl groups like SECRET or SISTAR from the past few years. We're only seeing "girl crush" or loli-lite groups being popular now–and all of them consist of pale, stick-thin members with doe eyes.

No. 24245

File: 1554592377285.jpg (62.73 KB, 699x527, adc959b556a7027067fe3e22aa2f7a…)

The only "thicc" idol nowadays is Whasa, but even she is rather thin in real life.

No. 24247

damn that's scary i don't want to even think about what sunmi or blackpink's rose & lisa look like in person

No. 24248

File: 1554593152984.jpg (44.28 KB, 1000x500, wendy.jpg)

Jesus, how do they manage to perform and do other activities? I would faint all the time if I ate so little for sure

No. 24249

I think they do experience a lot of weakness and fainting and that is part of what makes the job so much more difficult than it needs to be.

No. 24252

They do faint all the time.

No. 24255


…..so these are the next big stars in America, eh?

No. 24264

He should get an expensive lacefront like Jaehyun's

No. 24265

??? What ?

No. 24268

Eww saged for blog post. He reminds me of my ex boyfriend in high school, he's 25 now and i happened to see his twitter a few days back. He had a jo yuri's izone pic and called himself a part of izone protection squad, also retweeted every single tweet about jo yuri. Like 30 tweets/hr. And jo yuri is fucking 17. I won't be surprised if he ends up in jail for molesting an asian teenager.

No. 24269

Your post reminded me of when I was in a group chat with some kpoppies. I wasn't really into it at this point but figured it wouldn't hurt to shit post some memes. Boi the things I had seen. The drama was all day every day. If you didn't like someone's selfie on kpop selfie day then they were threatening to hurt themselves because mah depression and anxiety. If you weren't sucking the dick of someone's bias then more drama ensued. One of my high school friends had been apart of it too and it was pretty sad to see her turn into an unhinged kpop stan, which is what promoted me to quick the whole things and never look back.

No. 24270

Song ji eun was somewhat relevant in 2014-2015 when she starred in a drama. Not a stan but i find her really pretty and talented compared to girls like jennie.

No. 24271

File: 1554601197131.jpg (440.98 KB, 1080x1465, 20190407_083844.jpg)

If kpop made them more depressed, maybe they should do BTS

Just kidding ofc

No. 24272

god this is disturbing… can kpop please be cancelled

No. 24276

>>24114 i'm amazed nobody get nauseous from the ever changing camera angles… i tried watching a performance from a group my friend liked and well I almost puke out my lunch… what's the point of dancing if we can't truly see it as a whole?

No. 24280

It is to my understanding that he wears lacefronts lol. If you have proof I'm wrong feel free to provide it

No. 24281

File: 1554605325314.gif (2.65 MB, 606x616, Jaehyun_1.gif)

Do you have proof you're right? Feel free to provide it, I'm genuinely curious.

No. 24284

there was an audience there lmao it's from dream concert 2018. it was mainly the fault of KBS for making dream concert their debut stage but that doesn't make it any less stupid

No. 24294

That and their unhealthy weight yo yo's in between comebacks. Wendy's weight fluctuates in between comebacks iirc, that's terrible for her body. Lots of other gg's are the same, they look skelly during filming and promotional times and gain weight during the off-season, that's even more unhealthy than being consistently skelly.

if any of them show they aren't skelly all the time (like Krystal having seemingly gained weight in recent candids, even though she is nowhere near "fat" now, she has more weight in her thighs, god forbid) knetz fucking crucify them

No. 24297

File: 1554614421989.png (231.92 KB, 683x543, z.png)

No. 24299

im laughing my fucking ass off anon

No. 24300

Because openly sexy girl groups were slutshamed to high heavens by the public, even as they enjoyed their songs.

"Girl crush" is just a marketing tactic to try and make girl groups dress a bit sexier to appeal to men (what the itzy girls wear makes me very uncomfortable) without alienating their main audience of young kids and girls

No. 24301

File: 1554616494560.png (98.41 KB, 720x638, Screenshot_2019-04-07-12-53-39…)

Hahaha idk why the pic is censored on my phone

No. 24302

I can't tell whether this is a joke or real lol I'd believe both.
Well, it is sensitive content. Twitter did you a favor.

No. 24303

File: 1554619013326.jpg (42.73 KB, 276x400, IMG_0011.JPG)

How the hell is this gfriend's umji? I barely recognized her…
Poor girl must be insanely aware of all the hate comments, she even used to hide her face with her hair iirc.

No. 24305

File: 1554622853624.png (623.5 KB, 443x532, Screenshot_1.png)

do they look like that or this pic is edited???

No. 24306

Umji's not even ugly if we're using non-Korean/non-K-pop beauty standards. She's average below average in a pool of every day Asians. It's just that she looks SEA and doesn't have the alien eyes, MJ nose, and joker mouth that Koreans expect–so she's automatically uggo in their eyes.

No. 24317

spoiler this shit

No. 24322

That should go viral. Gross.

No. 24323

It’s just because they make her starve- with slightly bigger hips and arms her shoulders would look really good imo. Who likes that skeleton look?

No. 24324

Nta but why? Yeah they look gross, but nothing new.

No. 24329

File: 1554643806394.png (24.71 KB, 782x509, jeeknfn.PNG)

No. 24330

too many boy groups with social controversies

No. 24331

>one/some of the members in the boy group was/were already involved in social controversies before
>1. [+277, -27] It's not Wanna One, BTS, or EXO since they weren't involved in social controversies before.

wanna one wasn't involved in a social controversy?? lol. it could be anyone, really. i won't be surprised by any male idol's bullshit at this point.

No. 24332

this is just as vague as most kpop blind items are. I'm not sure what social controversies is supposed to mean in this case.

No. 24339

I don't know if this includes groups whose members have already been exposed by the seungri scandal.
Sj and maybe 2pm come to my mind.
I wish they'd just release everything at once.

No. 24343

Wanna one had that vlive incident but that probably doesn't count as a social issue.
Pretty sure the bts t shirt incident does, though

No. 24344

some of their fans are already reeing over the fact that their pure angels are collabing with someone as ~problematic~ as Halsey lmao.

No. 24345

if this person wanted to give some clue about bts they'd say something else probably, the t shirt incident wasn't scandalous enough

No. 24348

lmao what a shitty matchup

No. 24349

"Controversies that are frowned upon socially. Like drunk driving, sexual assault, things like that. Not fandom-related stuff such as dating or fan discrimination.

No. 24351

tf is that dumbass title lol. i bet this is going to be a chainsmokers-ey generic and boring edm song.

No. 24352

File: 1554650892994.png (37.44 KB, 626x268, o7jzmx4OVW1sxm9e3.png)

No. 24354

File: 1554651201088.jpeg (804.63 KB, 1242x2205, 8ADABA60-BA77-4635-B1CE-A2932C…)

Some fun I found on quora lads

No. 24355

File: 1554651243450.jpeg (995.58 KB, 1242x2208, 5373E852-79E8-46F3-A2FC-BBE819…)

No. 24356

File: 1554651479691.jpeg (942.94 KB, 1242x2205, 052FA7B6-0B4B-4F8C-92A5-417158…)

No. 24358

File: 1554651577527.jpeg (412.55 KB, 1242x2208, 6A85F33C-FC25-4364-876F-27A474…)

No. 24360

why didn't you just link it or copy/paste it instead of posting all these caps?

tl;dr pls

No. 24362

cause if it wasn't screenshoted yall would lose your shit cause muh image board. no one cares you're too lazy to read, fucking hell.

No. 24365

File: 1554653588881.png (156.42 KB, 258x389, ph0qurjncw2qbwe-1.png)


>Halsey is going to ruin our precious an innocent oppas reeee

No. 24368


clutches pearls oh my is this what i think it is!!!!!!!!!!!1!!

also she legit looks like jhope in this pic

No. 24369

gay and boring as fuck

No. 24374

cope ratmy

No. 24378

I can literally confirm this cause my cousin told me the exact same thing (screaming, crying, lightsticks, fan chants…)when she took her little sister to that movie.

No. 24380

literally no one would have objected to you not flooding the thread with caps of this fucking novel that no one is going to bother reading, asshurt newfag.

No. 24382

Jesus is there no pleasing you people?
> stop posting links post screenshots
> stop posting screenshots newfag

I've been on this board for years and what the fuck is happening to this thread? It's been dead even though more information is coming out about this scandal. Anytime someone tries to post people are trying to shut each other down.

There are too many koreaboos in this thread

No. 24384

Update from Netizenbuzz (if anyone cares at this point):

No. 24385

Ignore them, they're not contributing anything to the thread.

No. 24386

File: 1554665050169.png (157.52 KB, 564x514, wtf.png)

No. 24387

Jesus Christ, I hate this streaming bullshit.

No. 24388

He had better go to jail. I think he's been naming Roy Kim and others as part of his plea deal to get off easy, but hopefully the evidence against him is strong enough to keep him behind bars

No. 24389

> Steals credit card
> Gets suspended
And they wonder why people which Kpop never existed.

No. 24394

File: 1554666731699.png (65.39 KB, 1178x408, Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 12.5…)

Might be late to the party so apologies if this is the case. Just saw this on Crazy Days and Nights ( a reputable gossip blog) and it's speculated that this is about BTS. Might be bullshit but wonder which member would do this if true.

No. 24395

I watched other work by Blackpink's choreographer and it's more interesting than Kill This Love, Blackpink are so talentless he wasn't able to give them anything decent lol

No. 24396

You might not have seen the previous threads cause this already has been discussed. If you're interested you can check it out.
Don't know which thread it was though.

No. 24398

>a reputable gossip blog
no it's not lol

No. 24400

that’s a pretty weak excuse, even the worst dancer in BP (Jisoo) can dance fine. they’re very uncoordinated as a group but none of them are noticeably bad individually. there’s some terrible dancers who manage to pull of the right choreography (half of 2NE1, some of SNSD, Mina from Twice when she has to do anything other than stiff basic ballet). it’s bad choreography that highlights their absolute worst qualities for some reason. it’s always weird when choreographers, songwriters, stylists etc choose to do something that only draws attention to an idol’s worst features (Yeri’s styling comes to mind). stans have a lot of fuel for their conspiracies that everyone’s out to get their faves

No. 24402

Is there any hope Seungri and friends spend time in jail?

No. 24403

there will be a lot of backlash if the public figures don't recieve some punishment, but I feel like the super rich people involved will get away just fine.

No. 24404

File: 1554669325263.jpg (35.07 KB, 620x976, DewwKBqVAAA8bj6.jpg)


>Moms Google history

>It is to late to abort my 15 year old daughter?

No. 24405

File: 1554669587105.jpg (Spoiler Image,86.86 KB, 1080x402, IMG_20190408_013517.jpg)

Bts saved the whole lgbt community, I'm so thankful

No. 24407

i doubt that half of these straight blokes bts even know what bisexual is

No. 24408

Why hasn't this shit gone viral yet

>can't sing

>missing lines
>no stage presence

No. 24409

It is supposed to be a message board and links get lost. Stop policing the board.

No. 24412

So many female idols support the LGBT community much more openly so why is it that when bts breaths these delusional fans write whole essays about how supportive bts is of the community…
If they are such big advocates for LGBT rights then why don't they specifically talk about the discrimination gays face in South Korea, now that they've gotten so big in their country? Or why didn't they talk about that in their UN "speech", instead of giving that embarrassing speech that sounded like 2013 tumblr self-love quotes.

No. 24413

they said something troony in that cringy libtard speech but didn't say anything about lgb. as much as armys praise them for their pro-lgbt wokeness, they've never, ever said anything openly about supporting lgbt. i wonder why.

No. 24414

No. 24415

>jonghyun's lesbian
Not wking but that's just disrespectful, he's deceased already

No. 24416

0:56 she MISSED a fuckin note, what the hell.

No. 24417

I wonder how netizens would react to Dan Blizerian or whatever his name is. Do instathots count as prostitutes?

No. 24423

Why do so many male group kpop fans pretend to be lesbians?

No. 24427

so people believe that they love oppar for his talent not because they want his dick

No. 24428

Maybe they ship their biases with one another? I see so many cringey gg fans and their pseudoships with female group members. shipping two real life people unironically, esp in a fetishitic way, makes me gag, it's so disgusting. female fans do it with male groups too. I don't really understand the phenomenon at all, there's no appeal to shipping two real life people who will never be together and likely aren't gay.

No. 24429

pretending to be gay is trendy nowadays. you see these girls talking about how much of a lesbian they are and then they start sperging about how much they want to fuck some male idol. they don't want to be like these cringy cishet fangirls so they just end up a fake lesbian for oppression points instead.

No. 24430

I actually read the title as "Blackpink Jennie can't sing" kek

No. 24431

File: 1554675461426.jpg (233.86 KB, 800x814, hyolee-stylish-makeup-how-to.j…)

I'd say it's become ridiculously more pedomorphic/neotenic every year. The way idols act is also becoming more and more childish. Even with the male groups, that NCT DREAM video creeps me the fuck out.

No. 24432

The only explicit remarks they've made were in a tweet from 2013 where rm and suga gave their support. And even then they were just saying they liked the lyrics to "Same Love." It's honestly discomforting how little they've spoken on it explicitly for the amount of faith armeries have in their supposed wokeness. Western fans really just love to forget that they're from Korea.

No. 24433

this song by zico creeps me out for that reason. calling his girlfriend a baby and telling her to "sleep well". ew i just can't find this endearing at all.

No. 24435

Idgi. Kpop fans especially male kpop fans are fucking stupid. Taeyeon writes a heartfelt letter to LGBT fans and Loona openly supports LGBT fans and say they want to represent everyone yet they simply are ignored bc theyre females, and then they go ahead and make theories like this as if BTS aren't your typical homophobic korean men.

No. 24440

File: 1554681295464.png (41.97 KB, 628x325, Screenshot_4.png)

No. 24441

The closest they’ve come is Suga.

>Suga, though, is clear on where he stands: “There’s nothing wrong. Everyone is equal.”

Far from an icon…

No. 24443

File: 1554685169892.jpeg (Spoiler Image,68.43 KB, 750x635, fullsizeoutput_a34.jpeg)

I'm surprised TXT hasn't blown up like Big Hit predicted smh.

No. 24444

Do you think when the BTS train inevitably ends ratmys will jump ship to TXT?

No. 24447

Is this BoA? God I missed her looking like this

No. 24448

>I want BTS to have abused and raped women so badly and if you think any part of me hoping for something like that is wrong then you're ARMY scum and need to be eradicated!
Instead of letting hate cloud your brain to the point of wanting women to have been hurt and assaulted just so you have the superiority over fans of some dumb boy group is really just something, anon.

No. 24449


Halsey's bandwagoning kpop which is as sad as her pretending to be black

No. 24450

He didn't get anything done, it's the blonde hair and styling that's making him look really washed out. Plus the photoshopping pale skin when he's naturally darker. Stray Kids are all pretty natural (the most I've seen from one group at least), and you can tell because many of the members are incredibly ugly by Korean standards (Bang Chan, Changbin, etc.) but they didn't get procedures to fix it. I think part of the reason why is because they appeal more to boys than to girls.

No. 24451


I'm just baffled that people think BP are going to legitimately pop in America.

No. 24452


During the golden era of kpop and before, adults were allowed to look like adults. Now look at someone like Nayeon who during Knock Knock era was sucking her thumb in pictorials. Korea needs to take a good look at itself.

I also remember it was okay and even normal for some people to look a bit darker. They weren't dragged for it if they were a bit tan. Now everyone has to be ghost white. I always wondered what Taemin would have looked like today if the beauty standards hadn't changed so drastically.

No. 24453


TXT was a non event. They were overshadowed by the Burning Sun/Molka scandal but even before then only i-Armys were giving them a bit of attention. They're boring.

No. 24454

Thanks, anon.

No. 24458

I think her shoulders look wider because her head is smaller than Koreans' usually are. If she had a larger head and/or hips it would look much more balanced.

No. 24459

Her Dad is black. I don’t think she is pretending anything.

No. 24460

Nta but her dad is half black and she looks 100% white. She plays it up for sjw points.

No. 24461

nah those are some wide shoulders

No. 24462

This, that bitch ain't black

No. 24464

But she doesn’t pretend she doesn’t look black- that is what I meant by not pretending. She knows it is complicated. You can hate her but it isn’t true she pretends to be unambiguously black.

No. 24465

Yea Halsey is like one of those openly SJW artists, so I’m not surprised BTS collab with her. She’s known for her idiotic outrages about shampoo but I don’t think BTS’ marketing team dug that far.

No. 24466

Why are they so desperate for anything queerbaitey these straight men do

No. 24468

I don't know anything about her but 1/4 is still a significant amount of black DNA. I'm guessing some anons are just overly sensitive about who can claim what heritage. This girl has black grandparents and people really wanna say she can't claim it like… ok.

No. 24469

She's less black than Lauren Southern is Scandi, fuck off.

No. 24470

File: 1554699240215.jpg (205.47 KB, 1000x1000, 20190407-izonejpg.jpg)


Can you all shut the fuck up about this one drop black / not black bullshit? That has nothing to do with BTS.


How the fuck is I*zone still relevant? I thought they fucked off to Japan.

No. 24476

i'm actually surprised that BTS of all groups has blown up it makes me lose faith in humanity… before i could get why ppl liked big bang and 2ne1 cuz they were fresh groups with addictive songs and even BTS in the early days but now they 'stan' a pretentious garbage group

this is legitimately one of the worst girl groups i've seen, it combines the cringiness of jpop style with terrible souless kpop crap

No. 24478

yesterday i visited one of these hellholes where kpoppers gather and besides the cringy stuff there was a store playing heartbreaker by gdragon.. i saw one girl walking by saying 'that's so autotuned my head hurts' and it seriously cracked me up
we should just admit that kpop has always been bad but i just didn't think that when i was fourteen.. that's why it's so good to bash groups like BTS, BP and the other trash when you don't have rose-colored glasses on
some bitches are helpless tho and should know better considering their age at some point it's just sad

No. 24480

File: 1554702935954.jpeg (99.12 KB, 800x1000, 5F8E2104-4F56-482F-B05D-ED391E…)

Just wanted to post this here because ????

I know a lot of people in Asia tend to buy clothes with English words and phrases, and have no idea what they actually mean because brand or aesthetic or whatever but come on……

No. 24481

File: 1554702968541.jpeg (47.34 KB, 668x664, 62A24B82-80A2-466B-B73E-1C3C3D…)

No. 24482

I know music taste is subjective but a lot of big groups' (Blackpink,BTS,etc) music is subpar. The lyrics are bad and are just really basic. These groups try to emulate American music but butcher their attempt so bad it looks like a parody and is almost offensive.

No. 24488

Wasn’t even referring to her being black anon.

I’m pretty sure a good amount of Koreans, or non-native English speakers know what “show me your boobs” mean. That idol probably didn’t even notice it

No. 24489

You’re probably right that he didn’t notice but
if I were in such a position, I’d be trying to figure out what something says before I goddamn wear it and get my dumb ass photographed at the airport.

No. 24490

File: 1554706270537.jpg (147.51 KB, 635x1030, nct-127_1467942883_tz.jpg)

It's more on the shitty stylists. Idols rarely dress themselves if they're going out in public, even to airports.

No. 24492

That’s…so sad. So sad and kind of funny, if you’re the stylist.

No. 24501

Yeah but this was what…2009?? Autotune was fucking everywhere at the time. A lot of people don’t realize how shit music was 10 years ago in general, not just kpop.

No. 24503

File: 1554715213912.jpg (39.7 KB, 500x667, Cm9KLfOVIAAMVmM.jpg)

It's nothing cringier than what this lizard wore though
"Blood and sperm all over the place

No. 24504

File: 1554715259148.jpg (48.37 KB, 798x484, Cm9JRcTUsAEPxdW.jpg)

No. 24508

I looked up the shirt and it is a policeman throwing up presumably about a crime scene with blood and sperm all over the place. This was supposed to seem tough or something to wear- interesting tie-in with the current molka crisis and treatment of women. Not cool.

No. 24511

in the 90s we had japanese rock musicians from big bands saying they supported lgbt people in interviews, using makeup and nail polish, wearing women’s clothes etc despite japan’s fame of being a conservative country and now in 2019 we have these kpop boys doing basically nothing and being labeled as “woke”

No. 24515

Posting his pic reminded me of something nct-related. I remember during an interview the woman asked who has the best fashion out of them all, and all of them said Taeyong except one of them who protested that it's only because Taeyong gets the best clothes, and I only wear "what I get". He basically said that Taeyong is given the best clothes, and they can only wear whats given to them by whoever is in charge

No. 24516

Taeyong is given the best clothes? Huh…I couldn't even tell

No. 24518

File: 1554726396499.jpg (122.45 KB, 800x771, IMG_0012.JPG)

I've never noticed that though. All I know is that all of them get equally ugly clothes.
But that sort of thing seems common considering how members' popularity in their own groups differ. For example, i see that Nayeon imo gets prettier clothes most of the time. There are many cases but it's not as obvious as it is with bp that's why no one discusses it.

No. 24519


No Halsey is an quadroon

Her dad is the biracial one and she’s more white than black

Basically how Megan and Harry’s baby will look like

No. 24520

File: 1554726791273.jpg (240.21 KB, 1500x1363, bad9375ae89684178f1cfe810bcf3a…)

Bp's styling tends to be really shit, jennie and lisa's clothes in pic related are criminal

No. 24521

Jennie's dress would've been fine it wasn't so wrinkled. Probably happened from sitting in the car.

No. 24522

Lmao, at least by crappy korean standards, but you get the point. I personally think his "fashion" is mostly shite

No. 24523

File: 1554727795536.jpg (771.52 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190408-194831_You…)

Speaking of worst outfit in kpop ever, I still couldn't forget irene's cookie monster top for some reason. It's so top kek.

No. 24524

Lol it’s a Supreme shirt so yeah.

No. 24525

File: 1554727920069.jpg (705.17 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190408-194814_You…)

Bonus pic: average koreans cheering on red velvet at mbc gayo

No. 24526

I hope i dont sound like an rvfag but i discovered this by accident on yt. Whats with the kpop x western collabs nowadays, its so cringeworthy when everyone does it. Kpop is so damn desperate for western validation (not that western is better, just pointing that out). Also western artists/media in general milking any chance they can get with kpop fans is hilarious.

No. 24527

I saw that too and i like it without them, cause that's only a remix version. There was a time (still is) when dj's and producers wanted to collab with kpop groups cause it was a new, fresh thing. And Diplo has been doing that for a long time with CL. Same with skrillex.

No. 24528

It's Lee Hyo Ri

No. 24533

Ellie Goulding is still a somewhat known name, NCT supposedly have songs written by like social media influencers on their next album which is a whole other tier of desperate.

SM needs to stop forcing this "global" concept and focus on making hits for the Asian market, that's been their bread and butter for ages now

No. 24536

File: 1554729065818.png (482.37 KB, 799x449, IMG_0013.PNG)

I'd rather have a normal audience that includes women rather than twice's obsessed loser fanboys and creepy uncle fans.

No. 24546

I'm pretty sure that anon meant that the people in the audience look soo different from the idols on stage. But yeah frumpy women over creepy guys any day

No. 24553

File: 1554729845475.jpeg (62.83 KB, 235x352, E06F46B3-AA6E-4FE0-86AC-ABCE75…)

I know a few anons here have s massive hate boner for Jimin but I actually don’t hate the way he looks because he reminds me of Ryu Seung Ryong.

No. 24554

Agreed. I get that it's partially because k-pop's domestic audience has shifted to tweens and whatever the Korean equivalent of a wota is. But now it's just become weird. I'm not trying to stigmatise cute concepts but everyone having a lollipop head with big features and being rail thin, white sheet pale and short in combination dressing in childish outfits and given endlessly weird infantilising situations is getting weird. And the 'woke' idiots on twitter endlessly attributing positive socio-political characteristics to the k-pop industry makes this feel even worse

No. 24557

I wonder why that is though? If the whole concept of kpop was an imitation of jpop shouldn't it be the other way where it's first pedo bait and cuetsy teen concepts with skinny, tiny girls and then become more mature and diverse? Hell, even jpop is way more diverse with biracial idols that are not only half white, and different body types etc.
is it cause they're now primarily influenced by the west?

No. 24558

File: 1554731643327.gif (488.22 KB, 275x184, 1412469411290.gif)

You forgot "puberty and weight loss

No. 24559

What's the resemblance aside from flat face and azn? not funny/10

No. 24562

Rather have women than old men desperate to jack off to me singing and dancing to baby songs

No. 24563

Her hair is also styled beautifully here and others' looks plain in comparison wtf

No. 24564

You offended?

No. 24567

File: 1554734346099.jpg (Spoiler Image,214.6 KB, 1262x1683, IMG_0014.JPG)

lol I can't tell whether you're trolling or not but in this pic I do see some resemblance in the eyes.

No. 24573


Rose's head always looks like a melon and her body a collection of match sticks. Such a weird combination.

I'm wondering if the people who find her pretty also find her proportions to be terrifying because it's like sticking a blimp on a stick figure.

No. 24581

I really don't think it's too much about western validation so much as western money. Korea is a fairly small country and it needs money from elsewhere to keep propping it up and to help their industry grow. T-ara pretty much became d-listers at home but they were able to keep going because they were still huge in China. Red Velvet, Twice, and a slew of other groups routinely do tours in Japan. There's that kpop convention that happens in the USA too.
The western market is huge and its not surprising they want a piece of the pie. Kpop has a quickly growing (rabid) audience that will consume any piece of media they're in, so of course the western media will want to try and get some hits off them too. It's mutually beneficial and even if not much money is made it still drums up publicity. I know mentioning them sends people into a tizzy, but Bts is the only group I can think of that really needed the west. Their fame shot up a lot in their home country thanks to that sudden explosion of hardcore international fans.

Damn, sorry turned into a long ass tangent.

No. 24583

I personally find her super pretty but think she'd look a lot better if she weighed a bit more. A lower weight highlights that she looks like a stick insect with scoliosis. She has a really nice body shape but the proportions are so strange and I think she would look a lot less odd at a more normal weight. She's still very thin in old photos too so I can't see her gaining much weight soon the way an idol might if they became really underweight out of nowhere. Any idol is going to be better off with a BMI that isn't 15.2 but I think Rosé would really benefit from weighing a little more

No. 24584

Face shape, eyes and nose look similar imo.

>“I think these two celebrities have similar features.”

>lol u dumb bitch it’s bcuz they’re both azn right?!???????

No. 24586

you need to see her pre-debut pics if you think she is pretty - looking "pretty" after getting surgery andony looking good when wearing lots of makeup doesn't count as real beauty

No. 24588

Yeah. Eyes and jaw imo.
If Jimin can get out of the whole poisonous idol image and embrace growing older, I don’t think he’d be bad looking at all.

>inb4 fuck off ratmy why don’t you have the same irrational hatred that I do!!!!

No. 24589

Yea I don't think people who got plastic surgery to drastically change their looks can be considered pretty/handsome

No. 24590

On second thought, maybe eyes and nose bridge?

No. 24592

I hope the mv is the typical boy group all pines for the same girl, with Halsey as that girl

No. 24593

I don't think you have to have a hateboner for bts to consider Jimin ugly, but to each their own

No. 24599

File: 1554750391744.jpg (365.23 KB, 1080x1186, 20190408_200439.jpg)

I guess bts are woke gay kings for having a song called dionysus now

No. 24600

I find it funny how creepy Korean males will openly fawn over Twice. I have never met a straight western male that will admit to being a fan of Ariana Grande, Little Mix etc., even if they fap over them.

No. 24602

Kek, sure "only-ever-dated-men" Halsey counts as gay leverage now. A fake bi for a fake woke group, pretty fitting if you ask me.

No. 24603

I've seen armys complain about her bad vocals but… she matches BTS perfectly music-wise

No. 24604

I get an aneurysm every time i see a twitter post like this. Can someone who's familiar with Greek mythology confirm this?

No. 24609

Anon, I'm not an expert in Greek mythology but I do know the basics lmao. I did some quick research and on his official Wikipedia page there is no mention of him being the god of trans and intersex people. That would be more or less Hemaphroditus it seems. But if you Google anything relating to Dionysus and transgender people a alot of lgbt centered articles come up referring to him as the god of transgender and intersex ppl with absolutely no source. The only thing I can find that links him to the elements of transgenderism is a story about how he was born male and then raised as a girl for a period of his life.

No. 24610

File: 1554753791049.png (1.18 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_2019-04-08-15-19-53…)

The bisexual flag as a background is a reach. Was curious about that and this is what armies are referring to. It's not even the bisexual flag colors lmao

No. 24612

Another element : Dionysus is known for his androgynous appearance. But one of his main symbols is the phallus, so he's very much a man and not the god of intersex/transgender people.
Btw Dionysus is the god of Furor (meaning frenzy) which inspires the poet or causes chaos and leads to orgies. That with the wine, I think BTS' song will either be about being 'such great songwriters' (not sure about that though, it would mean they actually did some researches, which is unlikely) or being 'drunk in love', but without the sexual aspect ofc, that would ruin their UwU babyboy image.

No. 24616

File: 1554755895690.png (223.52 KB, 384x434, asd.png)

so i was watching a show with yoona and her family in it. during lunch i guess the lighting hit her just right and exposed some bubble??? above her eyebrow… i thought maybe it was humid and the camera got blurry but nope. is that a filler because god help her

No. 24617

It's her forehead implant LMAO

No. 24619

is that what they do to make their foreheads look more 'round'?

No. 24621

It's pretty much known that she had various procedures but she got away with it cause she doesn't look like a gangnam unnie. From the beginning of the video you can easily tell that this is not simply "puberty" or whatever people use as an excuse.

No. 24622

Yeah and to make their face look less "flat".

No. 24623

File: 1554758166794.png (64.63 KB, 610x607, wish.png)

I wish they were joking

No. 24624

their face shape and noses don't look even remotely similar. all they have in common are puffy monolidded eyes. you're weird. no1curr anyways

No. 24629

they are grasping at straws to make bts look pro lgbt at this point. no one cares about such subtle things like bts having blue purple pink colors in the background or having a song after the greek god of wine and sex. if they really are that much of a lgbt advocate they can start by saying something sincere and not extremely vague but it's never going to happen. if bts actually does something openly pro lgbt literally watch me buying 10 copies of their album. it's never going to happen because these straight men don't actually care.

No. 24632

And most of them are either straight girls who otherwise don't know shit about the lgbt and ignore the existence of lesbians, but they watch rupaul's drag race and think that connects them the gay culture, or they're trans and, as usual, want everything and everyone to be trans, and claim things for themselves without any basis.

No. 24633

Bts are turning them into crazy irresponsible adults, of course they are lifer than life itself.

No. 24634

File: 1554764056069.jpg (53.43 KB, 640x719, 729d0e028d6aafb65b1fa8f597b329…)

Speaking of forehead implants, yeri was caught having it in a show. I guess it's okay because she had no other choice other than showing up despite having a fresh implant, and people probably wouldn't have really noticed it cause the camera was always moving, but then she decided to take a selfie with it…

No. 24635

File: 1554764486445.jpg (239.03 KB, 1041x1363, PicsArt_04-09-01.57.58.jpg)

No1curr but they both have that gaunt giant head on a stick figure look

No. 24636

File: 1554764833319.jpg (61.41 KB, 650x400, HaniSixFingers.jpg)

Kpop photoshop fails are hilarious

No. 24637

just when i think i've seen all of the horrible shit koreans do to their faces i find out about another one. thanks, anon

No. 24638

this has to be fake. she has 6 fingers ffs

No. 24641

File: 1554766486999.png (248.41 KB, 540x792, Screenshot_2019-04-08-18-29-54…)

I guess I'm late to the party but I didn't know that Blackpink was going to be in Coachella. I'm curious to watch them withouth Korea fancy editing.

No. 24649

File: 1554771621621.png (66.02 KB, 618x479, damnma.png)

Kpop fans are incredibly retarded. This woman didn't become famous because of her talent or brains or any other quality but because she fit incredibly narrow beauty standards. But they see her as some feminist icon. I'm speechless.

No. 24650

speaks to the conservatism of kpop that an idol simply talking about reading a feminist book is seen by the gp as some statement. I'm pretty sure she didn't even give her opinion on it.

No. 24651

Plus most kpop idols are basically softcore sex workers kek.

No. 24652

What makes you think it's just "softcore?

No. 24653

they (officially) don't have sex against money

No. 24654

That might not be in a list of their "official" responsibilities but everyone knows that these sponsors aren't just taking them out to dinner not expecting more than that.

No. 24655

kek I can't name a "singer" in BTS with vocals that are on par with even 99% of other groups' main vocals. Halsey maybe pseudo-deep and an awful vocalist…but it's clear that like attracts like.

No. 24656

Blackpink dancing has never bothered me till this. You can literally see Lisa’s and Rose’s ribcages, and you could probably see Jennie’s if she wasn’t hiding it.

No. 24658

Koreafag reporting, that book sucks tho. I love how people equate it as being some super pro-feminism piece of literature and say things like “yaaaassss slay queeeen”’ whenever some idol endorses it when its just 300 pages of the main character not even subtly complaining about men throughout her life. The character never actually does anything of value or stand ups for womens issues kek she never even really suffers

No. 24660

Omg Lisa is truly skinny in this video, i can't believe there are even comments talking about how "thicc" she is and how she's "gaining weight again", bitch where? (Maybe Jisoo is the only one actually gaining weight, at least her legs didn't look gross)

No. 24666

File: 1554784926805.jpg (683.44 KB, 1920x1080, youtu.be-MOwaUlXZxkI.jpg)

this is so gross

No. 24669


She looks basic and ugly unless there are a million filters and that's after the several pounds of make up slapped on to a face that's been cut and shaved in half. Get some standards.

No. 24670


threw up at both pictures

No. 24671


will these girls even make it through their american tour in one piece? They look like they live on respirators when they're not performing or posting selfies.

No. 24672

I don't care about gfriend but they recently held a fanmeeting in indonesia and this is what happened

No. 24674

but didn't you know anon, japanese people are bad now because koreans hold an eternal grudge for things from the past no one cares about /s

No. 24675

File: 1554790434945.jpg (54.65 KB, 683x1024, bb8827a4671a2d94d8e87d8ffa6c22…)

It's incredible how other people's perception of what's cute and beautiful can make you change your own perception. One my friends loves Jimin and I started kinda liking him too and thinking he was handsome. I have changed my mind since then but holy fuck - seeing this pic made me realize how utterly hideous he is. I don't even feel bad for bashing his looks since he seems unsufferable too.

No. 24680

jimin and v think shoving their tongues up to the cam is the sexiest thing ever

No. 24691

Same, but with other idols. Looking back now I just can't understand how I could find them physically attractive. This infatuation really makes you blind.

No. 24693

This happened so many times with other groups. Can't they just organize that shit better?
I'd never go back there if I were them.

No. 24698

I could list some of it
1) taeyeon's groping accident
2) vip seats got stolen by people in the back, fans keep screaming at blackpink when performing
3) lee jongsuk's visa problem due to mismanagement

No. 24701

Lol this is kinda unrelated but iirc, there was also an incident where a girl group was detained under suspicion of sex trafficking or something.

No. 24703

Ikr? Jpop even has quite a few blasians. Heck, even Johnnys has a black kid. There was male jpop idol said he wasn't sure if he was bi or not yet. And a couple years I remember there was a female jpop idol that came out as bisexual (in a interview. Kpop could never

No. 24704

it was oh my girl

No. 24705

File: 1554812545806.jpeg (104.4 KB, 750x738, 8D454A0D-25C1-40EB-B776-82F135…)

i find her pretty now too, although i agree about the stick insect with scoliosis thing kek. if we were to go by the logic that she’s ugly by default without ps + makeup + filters then all of bp would be ugly since all of them use it and none are completely natural. the only one who looked above average as a teen was jisoo iirc. this would go for most idols obviously.

anyway armys are still creaming themselves over how superior bts is in america while very few other groups even promote there.

No. 24707

Are you talking about that one akb member?
But yeah no fucking way that a young idol who actively works can admit to being homosexual/bisexual.
The jpop industry also fucked up in its own ways but they are way more inclusive.
I wonder what'll happen to all these gay 3rd generation idols once they retire. Would be horrible if they faked being straight for their entire life.

No. 24708

they can't choose between
>omg BTS slay america, better than other kpop groups
when it come to sales and tv appearances and
>BTS doesn't NEED your western validation
if people point out any negative reception towards them in the US

No. 24709

Armys are the personification of cognitive dissonance.

No. 24710

lol kpop fans (especially armys) want western validation so much that they put words in their oppas mouth to make them appear woke and more genuine to the western public… “BUT BTS IS NOT A MANUFACTURED BOYBAND OK!!!! THEY WEAR MAKEUP AND WOMENS CLOTHES THEY CARE ABOUT HOMOPHOBIA, RACISM AND-“

No. 24711

File: 1554815221511.jpg (168.98 KB, 1080x803, 0533.jpg)

they're activists

No. 24713

File: 1554820899872.jpg (167.34 KB, 1200x799, tumblr_ppmrdxYtUH1xooftyo1_128…)

he really went and fucked himself up huh

No. 24714

I remember seeing someone complaining that under an exile (ldh jpop group) video she saw so many korean comments saying they don't want "black monkeys" and saying lots of disgusting racist things about the blaisan members. The comments ended up getting deleted but seriously, can't they find somewhere else to say that shit? It's annoying seeing it right at the top of the youtube comments

No. 24715

File: 1554823231285.jpg (34.86 KB, 400x400, tumblr_ppo8j7EUWN1uzd48t_400.j…)

He used to be so handsome

No. 24717

>unironically calling bts gay kings
autism. i hate how they constantly get credit for their wokeness while doing the bare minimum. sjw army twitter thinks they are in a chronic depression for being in a closeted uwu polyamorous pansexual bigender relationship while they're all just fucking hookers and gangnam unnies on the down low.

No. 24719

"Gay kings" who have yet to publicly donate to LGBT charities out of the hundreds of organizations they patronize

No. 24720

You have shit taste

No. 24721

Irene stans desperation to portray her as interesting will never get old. If she didn't have her face, she would have never debuted because she literally has nothing else to offer.

No. 24729

he wouldn't have half this face if he took his makeup off tho

No. 24730

Now that yuta-chan is gone pls no more of this kind.

No. 24731

little ot but when you are familiar with both Korean and Japanese (pop) culture it's really easy to see the juxtaposition between confident Japan and insecure Korea. No wonder Korea is so keen on showing "the best" in everything to the world.
That's why we'll most likely never see real diversity cause that would mean giving people that are largely seen as unattractive a chance.
Not a weeb btw, just a disillusioned ex kpop fan.

No. 24732

Suga-chan has been around for quite a while lol. I'm suprised she got a bit bold with that post

No. 24733

>friend thinks he’s handsome
>lol I think he’s handsome
>one very unfortunate picture seen on kpop nitpicking thread
>lol I hate him now

Christ, you’re impressionable.

No. 24734

It’s sad, right?

No. 24735

Neither would you

No. 24736

Not same anon but I had the same experience to be honest, I got into kpop around BTS's fame and I also found some of the members good looking. Now I don't know what I saw in them, but I do think the excesive plastic surgery/paper white skin had a lot to do with me not liking them anymore. I've seen older photos of Jimin and I think he had some good looks but he looks dreadful now.

Seeing these types of threads and realizing the amount of ps they do really drives home how unnatural idols can get. I still a find a lot of idols cute, but they are usually the ones that look the most natural, or are natural like Wooseok from Pentagon.

No. 24737

Triggered army detected

No. 24738

Lol I'm convinced Suga-chan is the same anon that was drunk posting last thread because they were depressed oppa will never like them. Get a life anon, stop obsessing over someone you don't know, especially someone even you admit is not good looking anymore.

No. 24741

they are trying way too hard with their social justice agenda and victim complex, it all comes off as very off-putting. bts has always been doing whatever the trend was at the time, i don't know how armys actually buy into the whole "other kpop groups are manufactured but we are actually humble and sincere!!" thing. they are just as manufactured as any other kpop group. they went through a high school dropout fuckboy phase when other kpop groups were doing it, they went through a tumblr-ey depression phase when all that shit was popular, now they are going through a sjw phase because it's the trendy thing now.

No. 24742

I just think it’s weird how some of you claim that you’re aware that idols are manufactured to hell and back and yet also believe that their idol personalities are…you know, real enough to conclude that they’re such a disgusting person~!!! or whatever

Most people here don’t seem to have a clear and level headed view of the idol industry. Or just pop music in general.

Fans vs anti-fans. Two sides of the same delusional coin.

No. 24743

i never see anyone here claim that idol personalities are real? everyone always talks about how fake they are so i dont know what youre talking about here

No. 24744

it tends to be the fans who think a grown ass rich man in his 20s is actually an innocent pure baby that can do no wrong lol

No. 24745

I don't want to beat a dead horse here but it's infuriating that Bts does below the bare minimum and are toted as some kind of woke Kings. All they do is say the same repetitive "love yourself" schtick but never go into the nitty gritty details of how hard it actually is to "love yourself" especially if you have extreme low self-esteem. For some reason fans eat it up though and it's like why should anybody listen to them when BTS don't even love themselves?

No. 24746

>preaches about self-love to an extremely impressionable audience
>gets plastic surgery and skin bleaching to the point he becomes unrecognizable

No. 24747

now that they've collabed with openly bisexual halsey there's no way back, they'll be gay kings forever. they won't need to make un speeches and other pandering bs, the fans make all the necessary statements for them

No. 24748

File: 1554834736179.jpg (100.41 KB, 1080x664, IMG_20190409_143013.jpg)

Apparently now James Charles is now a blackpink stan. Lmao kpoppies are creaming themselves over how K-pop is getting more "international attention

No. 24749

I said the word "now" twice. Dammit

No. 24750

Maybe I’m just confusing nitpicking with valid criticism? I just mean, I’ve seen some thoughtful things said here, particularly in the earlier threads, but it’s also mixed with a lot of “I know the industry is bullshit but lol isn’t [idol name here] so fucking bland and ugly? It’s all [idol name here]’s fault lololooololllllll so skelly, so PS, soooo disgusting.” If they’ve entirely forgotten to step back to see that there are PEOPLE underneath all the abuse and exploitation and marketing, etc.

Sorry if I’m not being clear, I have a difficult time organizing my thoughts because I’m an idiot but I hope you get the gist of it.

No. 24751

>assuming that the idol isn’t also victim of a much larger societal problem that pop music (as it stands now) is entirely incapable of handling

No. 24752

Nobody's denying this, the thing is that delusional i-fans buy into this bullshit

No. 24753

idols who got into the industry over 18 with their own will aren't victims

No. 24755

And honestly if it's too much for them they can just leave once the contract expires. There will be initial backlash, especially if they're popular but at the end of the day nobody is forcing them to stay. And they're young so it's not like they don't have any other job perspectives.

No. 24756

so we're this close to calling adult men from bts uwu poor babies in this thread, i see

No. 24757

yeah like you see fans whiteknighting suga about how not into idol life he is and it's like.. rappers in bighit who didn't want to be involved with the idol life did quit before debuting and he could've left with them if he wanted to. he can still leave at this point if he wants to but he won't because he loves the money that he always flexes about.

No. 24758


I think bp is the worst example of this right now. the amount of money being spent on them has to be astronomical and I don't know if their output will pay all of it back bc no matter how much money they spend ppl just aren't interested.

it reminds me of the college scam where celebrity parents paid top dollar to force their kids into ivy league schools when they were dumb as bricks.

No. 24759


it'll be like the colbert report and gma. a nonevent.

No. 24760

Right, because when you turn 18, naïveté completely disappears, all the life experience of someone triple your age somehow manifests in your now fully adult brain and it’s impossible for people to take advantage of you.

Okay, anon.

No. 24761

Easier said than done. I think it’s bit more complicated than that, especially if you’re the person actually in that situation but go off, anon. The world is black and white and everyone is as strong, brave and wise as you are.

No. 24762

the post you were initially replying to was about goo goo gaga pure babies bts so let's talk about them in particular. how are they being take advantage of? do you really think that they regret idol life after becoming a millionaire for doing the bare minimum? they are probably grateful that they didn't end up broke in the streets as some underground rapper. especially nowadays, they aren't obliged to do anything.

No. 24764

even if they wait until the contract expires then they're still likely to be met with accusations of being a traitor, betraying the company, find it tough to find a new agency, and still have a few light blocks when it comes to promoting. there's a stupid level of loyalty that's expected even in the extremely rare situations where it's legally found that a company needs to change their contracts, like after the jyj fiasco that overhauled contract lengths. fans might claim that it's best for darling oppa to move to a company that gives him better haircuts but the general public is going to call you a traitor unless you have some serious proof that it was terrible. i have less sympathy for idols signing these contracts at 19+ years old, but i still don't think that them being an adult means they're totally to blame for signing bad contracts. it's not like companies pick 19 year olds off the street and they're dumb enough to sign, i imagine you'd be a lot more naive and vulnerable if you had been training under the company since you first started highschool and have it drilled into you that you're replaceable to the company but that they made you what you are. kpop contracts remind me of old hollywood (like 30s and 40s) film studio contracts, if anyone ever reads about those. the pre-2011 13 year contracts are especially fucked.

the risks of leaving shouldn't matter much if you're really suffering under your contract and have the money to take the risk, but if your only problem there is not having quite as much creative freedom as you want then it's worth just sucking it up and dealing with it instead of risking leaving, especially if they can negotiate a better contract after the first 7 years.

No. 24765

very little is spent on bp. most of their stuff is sponsored

No. 24767

There's a few openly bisexual female Japanese idols, two in AKB48 alone

No. 24769

Can you tell us what you found good looking about him?

No. 24773

He's only saying that because his career is dying and nobody gives a shit about him bc he's no longer unique for being a boy mua.

No. 24774

really? who?

No. 24782

Specifically ex-fans since they like to treat this thread like some kpop red pill. It’s get to the point where they are just as delusional as kpop fans, expect they see only negatives and try to only see negatives. Honestly, it’s worst of a mindset that the uwu my woke kings, because people will eventually fall out of that when groups like BTS enlist and get exposed

No. 24783

Right, I forgot you idiots see two pictures and think you're the plastic surgery experts. And if someone says anything to refute it, they get accused of being a "stan." The absolute state of this thread.

No. 24785

All of this. The name change from "anti-kpop" to "kpop critical" was unnecessary, this thread contains just as much bitterness and sperging as the name "anti-kpop" implies.

No. 24789

not to mention it conveniently still gets called the “anti” thread by the same idiots who attack you for posting anything that isn’t 100% hatesperging

No. 24790

File: 1554847576931.jpg (145.98 KB, 799x1199, D2lVXNIUkAA7Mzs.jpg)


No. 24792

Don't you all have nothing better to do than policing the thread again? These discussions are repetitive and pointless

No. 24795

Two? I know of Nana Okada, who's the other one?

No. 24798

You guys were literally nitpicking about how boring and bland Irene was and how she has nothing going on for her except for her looks like a few posts ago.

No. 24800

It doesn't take an expert to tell this dude got plastic surgery. He has a whole new nose for fucksake.

No. 24801

99% of the discussions in this thread are repetitive and pointless. If we don't police it ourselves, no one will because the mods couldn't give any less of a fuck about this thread.

No. 24802

Every fucking post in this thread is repetitive and pointless at this point, I come back here every once in a while to check up and it's still the same annoying garbage as always.

No. 24803

His nose looks the same in the predebut photos? Maybe I'm just looking at more than the two images posted IIT?

No. 24804

Why do you take this thread so seriously? Nobody said we're offering some thorough analysis of the industry or whatever, wth do you expect from this place? It's fun for me to read literally anything here except when some anons start complaining about what's being posted, it's so tiring jfc. Can you just post what you want to discuss or fuck off?

No. 24805

This is the only place on the internet to be bitter and sperg though, there are lots of other places to discuss stuff. If people can't talk shit here than where else?

No. 24806

Undertone+shade denial is so real. I hope the industry and the country can someday move on to broaden their beauty standards to ones that actually cover traits their race naturally has bc these mutilated faces and clownish stylings are doing nobody any favors. Even the attractive idols get shafted by how narrow the standards are.

The Jpop thread isn't called anti and has a pretty healthy mix of critical posts and some positive ones too ,though I admit to not reading every single post. I skim these threads usually. It's a shame kpop fans/antis can't tone their obsessions down to have some more nuanced discussion. I'd say nitpicks are fine bc it's part of the fun of gossip (outside of cow boards especially) but it's a bit frustrating to be called a stan just bc one isn't explosively hateful about a kpop idol. I'm not a fan of the genre and the fake faces do nothing for me but there are a few songs I've jammed to here and there, mainly from groups that get mentioned here bc I don't actually seek out kpop related content aside from this thread. Red Velvet comes to mind as an example. Sappy was a cute little pop song that I came across bc I searched their name on YT.

I have even less interest in consuming jpop but I've enjoyed that thread as well, it's interesting to talk about how the genre evolved and what the older artists are up to these days etc.

I think you're talking about how kpop fan spaces are extremely common online and it's really obnoxious. I would agree with that sentiment. Often times I'm more interested in laughing at the incredibly vapid fans rather than the actual artists bc they latter are just manufactured pop products in the end. Maybe more formulaic but no less creatively bankrupt than western pop acts. The fans are fascinating, though.

No. 24807

You can be bitter and sperg anywhere on the internet if you aren't a pussy. Also it's kpop critical, as in things posted here can be discussed and debunked. Just because you can talk shit doesn't mean people have to respect or share some random anons opinions.

No. 24808

Okay Felix-chan.

No. 24810

Yeah I agree with that part as long as nobody acts like a delusional fangirl. I forgot to mention that

No. 24811

Try PULL, LSA, plebbit, or the vigilant citizen forums. Hell, make an anti 8chan board. No one wants your bullshit here.

No. 24812

File: 1554850314473.jpg (42.75 KB, 709x681, DnEu2jsXgAIChWN.jpg)

You think it looks taller than the original nose? Hmm, I didn't quite catch that but maybe you're right.
Googling someone's name and looking at a few images to fact check does not equate to stanning, sperg.

No. 24813

Stans on twitter are just a bitter so there’s really no difference. Heck it’s even worst since people openly degrade female idols there 24/7.

No. 24814

Yeah he probably just got a little filler, nothing to drastic (I'm just talking about his nose)

No. 24815

Wouldn't it be wild if it actually was Felix and he was white knighting himself? Also he's signed under JYP so getting some kind of ps is mandatory.

No. 24819

I'm the spreg but you're the one wking him and frothing out the mouth trying to defend him even though it's evident he got ps. Hmm…okay Felix-chan.

I wouldn't even be surprised lmao

No. 24820

I mean, the English speakers in groups read stan twitter so would it be that much of a tinfoil to assume that they look at English gossip about themselves?

No. 24821

Yes. You guys sound completely retarded.

Antis and stans really are two sides of the same shit coin.

No. 24823

Idols admit to reading hate articles and even <gay> fanfictions about themselves what that anon said is not too farfetched.

No. 24824

I agree. They talk about searching themselves up all the time, and from the way they behave and the things they say over time it's obvious they know what people on the internet say about them (not just knetz)

No. 24828

I stand corrected: you guys don't just sound retarded, you are retarded.
>inb4 hi felix-chan/stan
I've never made a single post about him

No. 24833

I wrote this post >>24824, and I wasn't even talking about felix, heck I forgot all about him. I was just talking about idols in general
>>inb4 hi felix-chan/stan
saying stuff like that is so tiresome honestly

No. 24835

Lol I'm not "frothing" I just don't think literally every single idol has gotten surgery just because someone wants to compare an over exposed and shooped fansite pic to a bad quality predebut photo. Also not even wking because I don't care if he actually got surgery or not, I don't think plastic surgery is as much of a sin as everyone else in this thread and I don't think its a morally terrible decision to do it, I just think you guys are straight up retarded most of the time.

No. 24836

Just want to be clear I meant continuously calling people x memeber-chan/stan is tiresome

No. 24838

Samefag, but I really hate the demonization of plastic surgery. I don't think idols being forced or pressured by their society to get it isn't disturbing, but they way you guys talk about people who get it (or straight up saying if someone gets plastic surgery at all, they don't deserve to be called beautiful/handsome) is pretty terrible. Especially considering the saddening culture behind idols and other Koreans getting work done. Really, most people in this thread aren't any better than knetz and stans in regards to lookism. And before I get "Felix-chan-ed" again, I'm not talking about him, I'm talking in general. Particularly in regards to female idols, since you bunch get particularly nitpicky regarding them.

No. 24842

Not samefag, but I agree.

It’s just as stupid to nitpick idols as it is to worship them.

No. 24844

People have always nitpicked at idols ever since thread ine so if you have a probLem with it why are you still here? Plus it literally says "nitpick some idols" so you knew ahead of time people will be doing that so why are you complaining?

No. 24846

Yuta-chan deserved it but no one else has

No. 24847

Not everyone has the same opinions about plastic surgery. I'm not going to call you out for your opinion so I don't think you have the right to either
I know right? I assumed people on here knew what was this thread was for but it looks like they don't? I don't like some things on here sometimes but I'd feel more stupid complaining about it all the time
Lol I thought of that too

No. 24848

Nta but I was the one who originally added it to the OP 17 or so threads ago and I meant it sarcastically. I didn't think the nitpicking would get so bad at the time. I've been hoping someone would remove it for a while now.

No. 24849

So it was all your fault all along!? Lol you should've made it more obvious you meant it sarcastically.
So does this mean nitpicking is not allowed here anymore?

No. 24850

He kinda looks like the tomboy from Twice

No. 24851

NTA but I usually just ignore the nitpicking and get to the fan shit and industry exposes, but it's getting really insufferable again.

No. 24853

>I don't like some things on here sometimes but I'd feel more stupid complaining about it all the time
You're complaining right now.

No. 24854

I did say "all the time

No. 24855

File: 1554863631856.gif (2.99 MB, 268x360, 56adbaf0b88257e59b21bd264d328b…)

Out of Loona, I find Hyunjin so detestable. Something I noticed about these people who seem to fit perfectly the beauty standard of koreans is that they seem scared to death to show any expressions. I wonder if this is because they're trying to look elegant, or they're afraid people will think they're ugly when they don't have that standard blank face that makes me want to punch them. This goes for Hyunjin but also Suzy, Irene, Tzuyu etc

No. 24858

The only retard is you for thinking Felix is plastic surgery free. He looks completely different from 2017 - now. Let me guess puberty right?

No. 24859

I always thought they tried to keep from emoting in order to prevent wrinkles

No. 24860

File: 1554864842319.jpg (18.61 KB, 640x462, ShadowyYellowFish-mobile.jpg)

this girl is so damn ugly

No. 24861

>people who fit beauty standard of koreans >scared to death to show any expressions
>they're afraid people will think they're ugly

Pretty much gave yourself the answer.

No. 24862

File: 1554865180867.jpg (51.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

hani is the opposite and it's quite weird tbh. but i don't think she fits korean beauty standards that mmuch

No. 24863

Someone who cares should go make a thread about ugly idols or whatever.

Leave critical threads for industry dirt & discussion.

No. 24864

Yeah. Earlier threads were a little better wrt nitpicking. Seems like anyone who actually had something interesting to say was chased away by these poisonous heffers who have nothing on their minds but an absurd hatred for the way people look.

No. 24866

what's up with all the whiteknighting and moralfaggotry? literally go to any other kpop related place if you want to see a circlejerk about how great your bawbie bois are.

No. 24870

File: 1554866774617.jpg (111.72 KB, 1642x924, gettyimages-874869026.jpg)

they're going to report us to bighit

No. 24872


No. 24873

File: 1554868347779.png (196.88 KB, 756x497, Screenshot_2019-04-09-23-50-58…)

Did Jisoo get a forehead implant or am I bugging?

No. 24874

People were calling Hwasa ugly as fuck and a tranny in the first thread. Stop pretending anything has 'devolved' because someone picked on Stray Kids oppar

No. 24875

File: 1554869269237.jpg (Spoiler Image,305.46 KB, 655x924, Screenshot_20190410-000625_Ins…)

His face just get worse

No. 24879

File: 1554871770162.jpeg (1.48 MB, 2048x3707, 483337A0-A49D-4083-BD96-73F1CD…)

i know this horse has been beaten to death but i really can’t get over how skelly rosé looks. i found this video on twitter with the caption “YEEEEESS WORK IT BABY” and i’m stunned that her own fans show zero concern towards her weight. she has so little stomach fat that from a side view you can see her ribcage hanging over her abdomen, and her ribs are visible even in a relaxed pose. i’m surprised she hasn’t had a fainting incident yet.

No. 24883

i think blackpink fans have really convinced themselves that she is naturally this thin because she hasn't gained any weight since debut she just keeps losing it little by little. i'm surprised too that she hasn't fainted or went on hiatus for being "sick". i don't see how she can keep losing weight like this and be able to perform.

No. 24885

That's one obvious implant right there

No. 24886


LSA has blackaboos obsessed with NCTwinks no thanks

No. 24888


Wow she looks like an old man here.

No. 24889


I wonder if ugly idols like RM are hard on women for not fitting beauty standards. I wonder how that conversation would go.

No. 24890

Not wking but i don't think she can be compared to irene, suzy, and the likes

No. 24891


Wow I thought you were exaggerating but…indeed, those are her ribs. Her legs are very freaky and her head just doesn't match her body, it's too big. Not to mention her proportions are shit.

I can't imagine these girls are in a healthy place mentally or physically but the fans will ignore because fans today see any honest criticism or anything that isn't praise as HATE that they have to defeat through the power of delusion. Nobody will do anything until one of these girls ends up in a hospital on life support.

No. 24892


Most blinks are delusional and say Rose is so thin because she has a fast metabolism and eats tons and tons of food.

No. 24893


In the old days idols would never sleep yet still perform multiple times a day because they were on IV drips and probably some uppers.

No. 24894

Would be a hilarious story to tell people
1 of the reasons I want to meet idols

Bc I want to fight them

No. 24895

I'm dumb Can someone explain me why the hell you need a forehead transplant? It seems the most useless plastic surgery ever.

No. 24896

In general the ugliest men always think they deserve supermodels just for existing, I wouldn't be surprised if RM thinks the same way.

No. 24897