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Discussions for anything video games related. However, some topics and games have their own thread which is linked below.
Topic suggestions to help you get started.
>Favourite games whether it is a older or a newer released one
>Multiplayer or single player games
>Preferred way to play on? PC, console or mobile? Currently playing on?
>Game recommendations
>Discounted games or deals
>Horrible games and why it deserves to be shit upon

Other game related threads
Animal Crossing thread >>>/m/194143
Cookie Run General Thread >>>/m/220653
Danganronpa thread >>>/m/246630
Elder Scrolls / Skyrim General #2 >>>/m/225157
Fromsoft thread >>>/m/197446
Genshin Impact General Thread #10 >>>/m/261231
Kirby Thread >>>/m/237062
Nikki Games General >>>/m/260895
Otome Gaming General >>>/m/192885
Splatoon general #1>>>/m/247501
Stardew Valley general >>>/m/193441
Touken Ranbu thread >>>/m/191809
Visual Novels Thread >>>/m/191784
Yakuza & Judgment General !KIWAMI! >>>/m/213879

Topics related to gaming
Awful Character Design #2 >>>/m/189168
Battlestation: PC setup thread >>>/m/216287
Mobage Thread >>>/m/186848
Sexism and Videogames Thread >>>/m/259351

Previous threads, older threads from before can be found with the search function.
Thread #7 >>>/m/231080
Thread #6 >>>/m/186571
Thread #5 >>>/m/162268
Thread #4 >>>/m/122390
Thread #3 >>>/m/101951
Thread #2 >>>/m/39880
Thread #1 >>>/m/1850

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File: 1670870090237.jpeg (568.4 KB, 1170x1580, 30CC0CEE-2158-4DDD-B824-22CDB4…)

Shut up aiden

No. 263078

File: 1670877596253.jpeg (239.23 KB, 960x983, 1648681039165.jpeg)

Video Game Awards. Valkyrae and Fuslie announce an award for innovation in accessibility and it's accepted by a tranny with a wonder woman purse and mickey mouse voice.

No. 263094

>fat and disabled people
they're gods…

No. 263107

Imagine a land whale god

No. 263540

File: 1671044600308.jpeg (474.33 KB, 1170x1330, 945CB360-B9D1-4ED1-ACEA-53260B…)

No comment

No. 263545

Fat people need to stop coping. Fat and obese people are not attractive.

No. 263549

why are there two active video game threads with the same op picture?

No. 263573

Holy shit i can't believe i didn't notice that there are two until you pointed it out lmao

No. 263589

Cry more, fatty

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