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File: 1682671429984.png (77.71 KB, 5000x3333, cute cats vector.png)

No. 1561582

Can't remember where you saw that thing? Want to know the name of someone? Ask here.

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No. 1561960

File: 1682714320677.jpeg (147.55 KB, 733x894, 7F4560AB-DA2A-43F0-A8D1-B08145…)

Can someone please help me find barbie coloring books similar in style to this? For reference these would be books from the early 2000s say like 2003-2004ish. I used to have coloring competitions with my mom who passed when I was a teen and I wish I could color in one again or at least see the scanlations. Please help!! I know there’s a barbie stan out there!!

No. 1562108

File: 1682726459315.jpg (103.13 KB, 735x1044, 6c70252acdfd258e016f5a67f7a85a…)

BITCH you just unlocked that this was the best barbie book art style. My older cousin had these and I would stare at the pictures, the colored outlines were great. That style was more 90s-2000s, especially in the Little Golden Books books. I tried Google but it looks like your best bet would be getting a vintage coloring book from that time period.

No. 1562400

Hey does anyone know this food I shall describe, I think it's a ration food.
It's made with minimal ingredients maybe even just flour and water? They're incredibly hard like be careful about your teeth hard, it's kinda like a hard cracker usually in square or rectangle.
I have made it before but I know it has a specific name. Thanks.

No. 1562405

Nta but aw I miss this style, definitely had some coloring pages like that myself. brings to mind this Barbie Story Maker computer game I had as a kid

No. 1562422


No. 1562430

Barbie Story Maker was the absolute shit. I used to spend HOURS creating silly commercials and creating scenarios with voice acting. I remember making an "ad" for my mom's job and she lost her shit laughing. Good times.

No. 1562491

Thank you so much and the more I think about it was probably 90s coloring books like you said I’m def gonna look into buying vintage coloring books. The art style of the barbie coloring books now are so bland and halfassed.

No. 1562900

Ahhh yes! Thank you!

No. 1564509

Reposting from a year ago because I still haven't found it: A jpop song from likely before 2010. The MV looked somewhat similar to aikos hanabi, just that the singer was dressed in pink and instead of singing about fireworks, she was singing about sun flowers. The chorus was something like himawari no naka but I can't find anything like that googling, so I'm asking here. The artist had short hair, and might have worn something on her head, but I'm not too sure about that. I remember finding it again unexpectedly some years ago, and I wanna hit my past self for not saving it.

No. 1564544

File: 1682955399606.png (519.58 KB, 2560x1080, Screenshot_20201011_191406.png)

bit different help me
have a few signs made of corrugated plastic/coroplast
need a way to temporarily attach them to a table with a tablecloth on it, remove, and do again indefinitely
Needs to be strong enough to not blow off by wind or moving the cloth
I was thinking affixing adhesive magnets to the back of the sign, then having another piece of plastic with a magnet on it placed under the tablecloth. Placing that second piece on the table, tablecloth over, then aligning the sign over the second piece.

Any anons have a better idea?

Alternatively I can glue a heavy plywood piece to the back of signs but that seems clunkier (plus have to find a way to cut it in my apartment bedroom)

No. 1564627

flash game where you torment celebrities and have them look really bad in paparazzi pictures and or the news. i think there was justin bieber in this and this other guy i forgot the name of where i specifically remember you had to put something spicy in his drink or food to make him drink alcohol so that you would get a picture of him taken drinking frantically captioned "[celeb] drinking like there's no tomorrow !!!". the art style was caricature

No. 1564630

Was it Himawari by Hearts Grow?

No. 1564634

YES, I don't know why I was 100% sure the MV was pink, thank you so much.

No. 1564664

magnets are a great idea if you want it to be super seamless and clean, but if it doesn't need to be clean, use velcro

No. 1565659

this paint program that made it intentionally hard to paint in, part of the appeal or "gimmick" was that since the brushes were so unwieldy you had to step back and really start from the basic shapes instead of getting caught up in detail. i swear it was called "messypaint" or something but thats giving no results

No. 1565667

Heavypaint maybe? I'm always so impressed with what people can produce out of it

No. 1568000

someone this week posted on here a recent looking picture of lana del rey saying something among the lines of how she likes the way she looks now. ive tried looking for it but dont know where or in which thread it was posted. i also cant find by googling it. its a nice picture im a bit bummed i lost it

No. 1569175

There was this gamer on Youtube my sister showed me about 10 years ago, he had a very dry and flat voice and that made his gaming even funnier. This one particular video I remember cuz I was laughing so hard was him playing this bonkers low res wrestling game. I'm sorry if this is too vague but it's all I can recall, I've never been able to find his channel again

No. 1569286

File: 1683377722072.jpg (125.65 KB, 720x960, lana del nonny.jpg)

Could it be this one? >>>/ot/1565748

No. 1569650

Her face looks really bad. All that plastic surgery has fucked her up. I'm glad she's embracing her real nose and now you can see her bump (got rid of fillers in between her brows to make it look button nosed) but her cheeks and the rest of her face look like dogshit.

No. 1569654

Picture of a normal looking white guy with his head turned dramatically against his own shoulder with his eyes closed. The bottom says something like "But I'm Non Binary…." In a cursivy font.

No. 1569708

I'm not sure if this is real or something I made up but years ago there was a picture of Marina(the singer) at a costume party where she was dressed up as Cartman from South Park. I vividly remember that the photo created a minor shitstorm on tumblr but I can't find the photo no matter what I search

No. 1569713

File: 1683416532438.png (97.09 KB, 962x688, whysoexpensive.png)

my purse is dying, i got it at a thrift store for $3 5 or 6 years ago. is there somewhere i can find something similar that isn't $100 or should i cross my fingers and hope i find another one at a thrift store? or is there something similar that is similar quality so i can just keep it forever? i don't mind paying around $100-200 for something new if i can use it for the next ten years. it's a tossup if whatever i order used will be in good condition leather wise

No. 1569717

i should have posted this in /g/ sorry i'm mentally handicapped i never use that board

No. 1569744

Have you tried thredup? They have tons of old coach purses.

No. 1569750

Cat edits to 80s 90s and early 2000s pop songs, if not I will keep making them myself

No. 1569753

I also buy vintage coach because I got one at a goodwill for $7 and it’s the perfect purse for me but they are getting harder and harder to find and the price is climbing like crazy especially for ones in good condition. Sorry you’re suffering the same curse.

No. 1569831

sorry if this is not the right thread but im trying to remember a manga i read a few years ago. it was some psychological horror manga (not really in terms of art, not junji ito or anything). it was about a group of 4 students who were friends, 2 were boys 2 were girls. they had this sort of game going on where i think one of them was a killer (or like, they were trying to out someone in the group). the manga used aliases for them (so like A-kun, B-chan) or whatever instead of actual names. i remember A (the mc) did that japanese curse game at his house (hitori kakurenbo). also that one of the girls had a doppeldanger? KEK sorry if i sound like a schizo

No. 1569925

File: 1683438376419.png (129.52 KB, 1342x597, 656n56n56n5.png)

sorry if I'm not telling you anything new, nona, but have you tried Goodwill Auctions, as well? I typed in "Vintage Coach Leather Bag" just now and it seems like they're listing lower prices than your screenshot from Ebay (I'm guessing). I go on Goodwill auctions for some specific things. Honestly I feel like their prices are better than other places and they usually ship fast. Sometimes you can buy stuff without bidding, as well. Maybe worth a shot?

No. 1569937

nta but how did you even load this? all I get on there is 404 error

No. 1569961

File: 1683443987674.jpg (26.45 KB, 450x610, bbgs.jpg)

Throwing this out into the dark, does anyone know the specific model number of this Baby-G Shock watch?

No. 1569969

File: 1683445012551.png (93.85 KB, 861x531, watch.png)

Casio Baby-G Bg-140 though the color doesn't look as nice all these years later

No. 1569970

File: 1683445076159.png (221.46 KB, 1832x862, d'fsdkfdkf'sfk.png)

Not sure… where are you browsing from? I just typed the search in my post, and I'm vanilla surfing (no VPN) from the US (but I am using adblock). Not sure what's going on on your end, hope you can fiddle around with browser settings and work it out!

No. 1569978

Damn, what a shame. Truly a product of its time.

No. 1570000

File: 1683449714602.jpg (113.07 KB, 1280x845, tumblr_63f3be1e5cc8bf8159d6d60…)

Reposting cuz I still can't find it kek. I’ve been trying to find an animated short film for years. I think I saw it on a cartoon channel like nickelodeon. It was a young girl and her pet (or maybe it was a robot?)and she lived in an underground city. Everyone lives underground for some reason, and the world above is taboo. At the end she escapes through a hatch to the surface and leaves to explore on a flying skateboard thing. Also I'm pretty sure the pet talked.

No. 1570067

File: 1683459764829.jpg (31.98 KB, 1000x851, a9vc2a3erxj01.jpg)

unfortunately that's just silicone, think picrel. baby-g watches being made today are still pretty cute just don't get a transparent silicone one if you want it to hold up for a long time

No. 1570376

File: 1683484775130.jpeg (229.44 KB, 2828x2828, brand.jpeg)

anyone know what brand this is? i asked in the fashion thread but no one answered

No. 1570396

Can you describe the style of the show? It could've been a short or pilot episode of a show that was never made

It also sounds like a book/movie called City of Ember, though it wasn't made into a cartoon that i know of and she didn't have a pet in it

No. 1570552

File: 1683502918724.jpg (119.18 KB, 600x829, 1174383.jpg)

It was very 'cartoony' style. Not anime or realistic. Kinda similar to pic. And I'm pretty sure the main character was a white girl with short hair. I've heard of city of ember but I'm pretty sure this was not related

No. 1571317

File: 1683567581450.png (2.26 MB, 1702x1044, Screen Shot 2023-05-08 at 10.3…)

can anyone ID this camera?

No. 1571352

Is it Subway to Paradise nonnie?

No. 1571353

File: 1683569756272.jpg (51.5 KB, 1500x1500, UWS_13_White.0001_1500x.jpg)

Reto slim

No. 1571741

File: 1683606719532.jpeg (54.74 KB, 683x569, FGdyZ3kWYAE0j-K.jpeg)

Never heard of this movie before. Tbh it does seem very similar. It's possible my brain mixed memories of Subway to Paradise with something else and invented a cartoon that isn't real kek. Cuz I've been looking for this thing for literal years and Subway to Paradise seems like the closest thing to what I remember. Thanks for helping me (maybe) find it nona!

No. 1571776

File: 1683610658838.webm (4.55 MB, 608x1080, moYBA-30X7oSA0dW.webm)

Anyone know the channel @ of the big guy

No. 1571779

moistcr1tikal/penguinz0 sumotori?

No. 1571780

File: 1683611469422.jpg (64.95 KB, 660x598, marina cartman.jpg)

No. 1571825

File: 1683617223424.png (256.66 KB, 803x1070, Capture.PNG)

What would you call the dress/style of dress Else is wearing in this photo? I would like to find an image of the actual historical equivalent (not aliexpress).

No. 1572616

File: 1683673792542.jpg (68.42 KB, 720x1132, STRIPED-COTTON-DAY-DRESS-c.-18…)

It looks like a leg of mutton sleeve dress, or puff sleeve dress, sort of like picrel. The high neckline and long sleeves were common for daytime wear in that era, I'm sure you can find something similar nowadays.

No. 1572651

I owe you my life nonnie I have been searching for that forever

No. 1572656

damn he used to be funny when no one knew he wasn't an obese truck driver

No. 1572663

he genuinely was hilarious in his older videos me and my sister always quoted them all the time. We barely watch him at all now because he’s so lame and boring

No. 1572665

I'm looking for a mid to early 2000's song about two rabbits and a wolf. I can remember anime cover art, and a chorus line of, "Who is killing me?" but I can't remember the name or artist. The plot of the song I think is the wolf and rabbit one are close and rabbit two kills the first rabbit and frames the wolf. This is driving me nuts so if you can help I'd be very grateful.

No. 1572671

The cinching below the puff means they're Juliet sleeves. If you don't like the cinching and just want them to get narrower until the wrist, you want like the other woman said, the muttonleg sleeves.

No. 1572680

Holy shit I remember I wanted one of these so bad, I would have rocked the hell out of it with my gigantic platform skechers

No. 1573258

Hello Nonnies, I'm searching for a song, i never knew the name, but i believe it was popular when it came out. I don't remember any of the lyrics either, but I do remember it was a woman singing and the music video was people opening closing different color umbrellas. I hope someone knows what I'm talking about

No. 1573290

I'm looking for this girl's channel that had only 2 uploads but like millions of the views. In the first video she all spontaneously shaves her head bald and in the other she runs off to Paris. I think it might've been some art school project honestly.

No. 1573296

File: 1683744828612.jpeg (286.97 KB, 1668x2194, 08C58263-A3B4-4EAB-BCAB-F5CB85…)

I'm 100% sure there's an artist who does the same style of these character sketches but I can't remember their name please remind me

No. 1573298

No. 1573316

There was a Naruto doujin where Hinata used her technique on Naruto to see his dick and it had two endings. One where she is like "aww it's so cute it looks like a drill" and I think Neji understood what she did and was like wtf and another where she doesn't like the shape of and is like "ew what is that" but Neji is oblivious. It feels like a fake memory but knowing doujin artists it's not unlikely it existed

No. 1573328

I swear this was a comic on DeviantArt, and it was badly drawn as well.

No. 1573605

Female Korean artist who really likes the color purple and makes journals and stationary, fairly popular I think, relaxing videos

No. 1573717

my very cloudy memory remembers I saw it on google search and was a translated doujin or it at least had a decent artstyle. Maybe I could look on dA but it's highly unlikely I'll find it let alone the site seems to have gone to shit

No. 1574269

Any song that sounds similar to #7, tsuki ni suwaru hitori/futari, starting at 7:25. Might be a jpop song from up until the 80s, might be a game BGM, might be a vocaloid song. I myself am not sure what I'm looking for, only, that it sounds similar to it, so please hit me up with anything you can think of.

No. 1574614

File: 1683873784265.jpeg (106.66 KB, 720x910, 9BEF137D-92A7-4121-B4D3-042CE8…)

Looking for an Anorexia Documentary that followed some women in the UK in the early 2000s. One was obsessed with Mary-Kate Olsen and shows her going to prom and posting on live journal and another women with dark red hair who invites another girl to live with her. I know they followed one more woman whose name was Theodora but that’s about all I remember. I think it was made by “look human” on YouTube or something but I think it’s been removed and I’ve been looking for it!

No. 1574631

cant remember which one but reminds me of undertale songs

No. 1574737

Manga about 3 teens finding a dead body, two girls and a guy.
One of the girls has short dark hair and is an idol with an bulimia. The guy is gay, I think.
I think of it often but can't recall the name.

No. 1575207

File: 1683914500875.png (101.17 KB, 694x1000, bd5c2fce-b809-4e9b-9b12-76f04a…)

sounds like River's Edge by Okazaki Kyoko

No. 1575544

This is probably the stupidest help me find I couldn't find her account but maybe nonas active on radfem twitter can help. there's a girl who goes by taylor jean I think or something like that she's black and the bow emoji in her bio she used to be active on rf spaces but I'm not sure if she is anymore

No. 1575894

Yes! Thank you so much, nona.

No. 1576323

File: 1683982848623.png (67.56 KB, 5394x2854, website.png)

Experimental website that could identify ethnicity based on photo. Made by some students.

No. 1577173

File: 1684041241839.jpg (44.11 KB, 1268x639, photo-ethnicity-analyzer.jpg)

there was kairos that was hugely popular but they shut it down

No. 1577174

and gradient app but that wasn't a website

No. 1577575

So this is a long shot, but about nine months ago nonna asked for help finding a movie that had a creature coming out of a wound on a woman's leg. Also mentioned the leg wound getting worse through the movie and people dying in a pit. Anyway, that stuck in my mind because I'm a big horror movie person and today it clicked that I think nonna was trying to find the 2008 box office bomb "The Ruins". Idk if she's still here but I think that was it.

No. 1578003

File: 1684128614022.jpeg (263.95 KB, 1200x1782, The Ruins (2008).jpeg)

the old thread still has some posts left, maybe you can reply to that nonny with your find? ( >>1295286 )

No. 1578007

File: 1684128961022.png (Spoiler Image, 170.91 KB, 1366x615, michaelhussar_daddysgirl.png)

Super old post but I was excited to know the answer lol. The artist is Michael Hussar, the painting is unfortunately called Daddy's Girl.

No. 1578008

File: 1684129094859.jpg (169.16 KB, 1080x1423, annahaifisch_odefeder.jpg)

Not b&w, but I think it's this? The artist is Anna Haifisch, it's in her book The Artist Ode an die Feder

No. 1578058

File: 1684139890779.jpg (12.65 KB, 800x800, Paustian-Wolfard-Oil-Lamp_6-to…)

that's an oil lamp

No. 1578059

I was tricked

No. 1578085

yeah you got it, deleted cause I found a listing with its title.

No. 1578353

A website that allowed me to watch YouTube without it being youtube, it was something like YTude or something.

No. 1578356

No. 1578371

Thanks but it wasn't these two, it had a Y at its starting.

No. 1578392

Thin Club. It's on vimeo but you have to log in to watch

No. 1578889

ANON IM SO GLAD I FOUND YOU! I was scouting the internet for this years ago, I believe it’s this? Called Thin Club, it was scrubbed off the internet for some reason. I tried to upload it here but the .mov is too large:

No. 1578893

File: 1684215624030.jpg (159.53 KB, 1280x1280, IMG_20230516_003821_900.jpg)

Can anyone help me find an old painting of a demon like monster dude standing in a field of flowers? It has a melancholy vibe, the demon looks very out of place and odd and he has a shadowy expression on his face like he knows he doesn't belong in the field. I tried to recreate how I remember it looking, picrel.

No. 1580286

File: 1684353852428.jpg (53.99 KB, 784x530, 8355-A7FF5.jpg)

Does anyone know where this is from?

No. 1580292

move to Russia ad

No. 1580317

Thank you, Christ I thought this was a parody when I first watched it.

No. 1580322

>no cancel culture
Yeah, people just mysteriously disappear instead…

No. 1580343

The ad text should have been

No. 1580348

File: 1684357677648.jpg (97.33 KB, 1000x666, 16_sandbox-1024x682.jpg)

maybe it has nothing to do with what you are looking for but it reminded me of katy towell's illustrations.

No. 1580421

Yeah this definitely isn't related to what I'm looking for but it's still very cute kek.

No. 1580435

File: 1684367853845.jpg (21.56 KB, 540x307, 87500ba_540.jpg)

BASED thank you anon you're the best!!

No. 1580639

File: 1684396705458.jpeg (18.65 KB, 240x339, 84C3DE7B-BE7D-42F3-A8FF-E17228…)


No. 1580654

I saw this picture of Devon Aoki in one of the threads where anons were discussing short models on the runway. I checked the fashion thread but it wasn't there. The lighting in the image was very blue

No. 1580707

File: 1684406485991.jpg (75.46 KB, 598x830, Devon Aoki.jpg)

No. 1580708

yesss thank you!!! it's so pretty

No. 1580725

File: 1684409932718.png (3.46 KB, 452x138, lcf search function.png)

Lovely to hear nonny! PSA to nonnies looking for lcf posts: there's a search function at the bottom of the board generals. Link is https://cse.google.com/cse?cx=015039435983255579989:ewpleqypgn0

No. 1580728

television(? or maybe streaming) series of two women in the city, i think one of them was black but idk. has to be made in or after 2015 because the intro features the famous black and blue/white and gold dress worn by both protagonists

No. 1580943

Does anybody have that mspaintrelationship comic where the girl gets rejected by a guy for being fat so she gives him a soda (already opened with roofies in it) and when he passes out she rapes him

No. 1581072

File: 1684440101160.jpg (32.41 KB, 800x800, ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა.JPG)

Hopefully this request is appropriate for this thread, if it isn’t could someone point me in the right direction?
I’m looking for stores (ideally with international shipping options) in which to buy “aesthetic” if I hear aesthetic once again, specially when I know they mean cute school supplies and/or stationery for my niece. Preferably not part of a franchise, e.g. Sanrio.
I know I could Google but I want firsthand experiences with stores, a lot seem a bit sus. Thank in advanced, nonitas!

No. 1581083


No. 1581084

anyone have a version of house of leaves i can read on pc/phone but it preserves the format of the print version?

No. 1581115

Thanks nonita, I considered it. If it were for me/not a gift, I’d be more keen but I find Ali to be very hit or miss.
I know Temu is Ali rebranded for the US, do you think it’s a bit better in their quality control?
I was just looking at JetPens (for pencil cases) and OOLY, would love more options.

No. 1581231

File: 1684450851102.jpeg (37.53 KB, 810x539, 1_Screenshot_20201016_193232_o…)

I'm looking for a picture or a screenshot (maybe from 4chan?) of a removed sticker with 2-4 razor blades underneath with the caption "german engineering" on it.

No. 1581246

I'm the anon you're replying to, this is it!!!! Thank you so much

No. 1581596

File: 1684505630465.jpg (129.83 KB, 750x1124, German engineering.jpg)

here you go nonny

No. 1581610

File: 1684507118664.png (562.69 KB, 1897x730, House of Leaves, Copies Compar…)

Photo on the left is one I found online of the print version and the photo on the right is of a screenshot of a pdf I grabbed off libgen.

No. 1581635

holy cow nonners tysm! ♥

No. 1581641

no worries nonnie! i actually only know about that post because i saw it here on lc lol

No. 1581649

Oh I thought the libgen pdfs were all the same with cleaned up formatting, nice. I've been reading it like that but I feel like I'm not getting the full experience. Thank you!!!!

No. 1581661

>libgen pdfs were all the same with cleaned up formatting
I think it usually just depends on the uploader and the book. This one is quite old and it's formatted very uniquely so it's be easier for the original uploader to scan the entire thing. Glad to be of help!

No. 1581803

Where is the celebcow thread? Catalogue keeps crashing my browser on mobile so I can't search.

No. 1581804

No. 1582223

File: 1684558520160.gif (421.74 KB, 220x152, IMG_0007.gif)

Is there a comic book where Superman flies Lois into the sky above Metropolis for date night and they have sex midair above the city or did I imagine that in coombrained haze?

No. 1582259

File: 1684561889365.jpeg (261.74 KB, 791x1200, Man of Steel, Action Comics #1…)

Is it picrel?

No. 1582278

Very close! The one I’m remembering was above sky skyline of the city and slightly more direct as to what was going on. This is probably the one I was thinking of but if it’s happened more than once I’ll genuinely lose it.

No. 1582295

Sorry nonny, this is the only one I know of. Maybe you saw it in a fan-made comic? I'm not sure the official comics would include that (could be wrong but that's what I'd assume for comic books that are supposed to appeal to children)

No. 1582430

What's that song that goes "oooooohhhh ae-aiaaahhyo abababa" with a kinda latin beat

No. 1582508

I'm not completely sure if it's this one, but your description reminded me of it (could also be because I was looking for this song recently by searching up 'aiyaya' everywhere kek). There's a chance of it being Makeba by Jain too though, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=59Q_lhgGANc

No. 1582580

Thank you anon, but I actually ended up finding it! It's Mas Que Nada. Nothing worse than not being able to remember a song in a different language

No. 1582720

That's a great song! Happy to know that you found it.

No. 1582791

File: 1684617412250.gif (9.04 MB, 355x200, 2FD62DC1-DF24-4A1F-8345-793DAC…)

Where is this from and what is the context? Is she a closeted lesbian or a homophobe?

No. 1582794

She's afraid she's a lesbian

No. 1582795

But who is she and where is this from?

No. 1582896

It's Kath from Aussie TV Show Kath and Kim. It's a comedy.

No. 1582903


No. 1584735

File: 1684815179555.png (11 KB, 222x309, Sans Pill.png)

Nonnies did any of you ever came across the "sans pill" post? every once in a while I think about it but my memories are hazy. I remember it was before the bunker, but I don't know if I read the actual post or a screenshot of it, I lean more towards the former. It said something among the lines of:
>"Do you think moids believe in a sans pill like they believe in the dog pill? do they realise there are women out there willing to fuck sans but not a moid?"
I used the LC search engine and regular Google and the closest thing I found was some ko-chan/sans impregnation debauchery in a caps thread.

No. 1584767

Maybe you mean this post?

No. 1584768

nonny you found it!! jeez is from 2 years ago, you are the real VMP ♥ thank u

No. 1584777

You're welcome. I just used the search function and searched for "sanspill" including the double quotes. That's how you get exact matches on Google.

No. 1584778

I see! thank you for the hack, I'll use it from now on.

No. 1585587

Might as well expand the meaning to any wacky cartoon/video game sexyman. A goofy animated man is more fuckable to foids than an incel. But to catch on it will require them speaking to actual women so not a chance.

No. 1585590

Related to this would be the Nemupill: if an incel was an animated fictional character there could be at least one mentally ill woman who would have him as a husbando.

No. 1585801

that one wojak comic where someone's like i want to amputate my arm and the doctor goes clearly you are mentally unwell but then a tranny says he wants to cut his dick off or whatever the doctor's like yes of course this is very normal

No. 1585823

File: 1684937982481.jpg (242.03 KB, 1499x1536, mental illness.jpg)

No. 1585912

An image of a kitten skipping in a filed with the text above it being something like "don't care + this is literally"

No. 1586662

File: 1684994452838.jpg (52.12 KB, 750x498, bb884997f0867565d6f2011ca58f1d…)

No. 1586679

File: 1684996899749.jpg (48.82 KB, 827x789, EnZpyIOXEAIaSWE.jpg)

Thank you

No. 1586766

File: 1685007326167.png (4.12 MB, 828x1792, 5D13235B-5630-41D9-A2A6-CD36CE…)

Where can I buy clothing like this? It seems to be modern traditional Indian clothing

No. 1586815

I feel like I'm losing my mind. Anons, does a music video of a Japanese singer exist where she's wearing a (red?) plaid shirt and a cowboy hat with boots, and is singing inside of a barn with band members who are also wearing cowboy hats?
It's not 大塚 愛 / バイバイ

No. 1589106

A song, it's a guy singing, its him singing about a girl, genre is pop or pop-alternative and he said "god only knows" but I'm decently sure that is not the title because I've heard the song before. Pls anons its driving me nuts.

No. 1589223

A friend of mine her family bussiness makes clothing modern traditional clothing (not Indian tho and mostly for weddings) and they don't have a website or instagram but thrive on word of mouth advertisement, basically you have to be in their community to know where to purchase clothing like that. Since you didn't get any info here, it might be worth asking around in an Indian community instead.

No. 1590441

File: 1685305627341.gif (1.19 MB, 220x150, 7706243D-095F-453A-84B0-C240C2…)

Where is this from?

No. 1590772

gif starts around 02:26

No. 1590797

Did some digging and found out that it’s never been digitized because the director only wants it shown without breaks in the theatrical format. The last time it showed in Tokyo was sometime around 2018 I think. Sorry Nona.

No. 1590798

You are a legend. Not to be a redditor but could you link me the source where he said that? (the search was driving me crazy)

No. 1590801

File: 1685335425089.jpeg (42.04 KB, 750x446, 4915A308-CEBC-46A6-B902-8BDD8E…)

Trying to re-find the blog that specifically mentions the theater-only thing, but I’m on the worlds shittiest mobile data at the moment. I’ll post it when I can get it to load. Took a screen cap of the single Yahoo! movies review from 2018 where the reviewer mentions that the movie isn’t available on DVD though. Left off the part with minor spoilers. Sorry, I was doing all of the searching in JP.

No. 1590892

Thank you so much, I did my own digging about it and couldn't find any evidence of a digital release, but having official confirmation from the director gives me closure.

No. 1590955

Does anyone have the meme of a small cat being pet by a lot of hands and the caption says "when everyone likes your instagram story"
thanks nonnies

No. 1590997

File: 1685359986813.png (282.94 KB, 560x305, okqwd4ynwla91.png)

Nonnies please help I am going CRAZY - this picture of a kitchen is from Stepford Wives 2004. I absolutely love this style of over the top American (?) kitchens with lots of food. My brain craves more images like this, but Pinterest and Google Image Search results are shit. Any ideas on what phrases and words I can search to see pics like this?

No. 1591017

Maybe try cornucopia

No. 1591304

i'm looking for a photo of one dress i found on vinted and i loved but i forgot to buy it and it was gone when i checked again. i decided to recreate it but my memory is hazy and only things i remember it was from monsoon, was linen, had flower embroidery or applique which was in similar color like fabric, dress itself was lilac, i think more muted shade or in melange fabric with lighter and darker threads. i was looking for similar one on image search, ebay, vinted, etc but i can't find it again. thanks for any nona who can help

No. 1591417

File: 1685394709971.jpg (143.29 KB, 752x1012, asdasd.JPG)

I love retro food and kitchens. The 70's was peak over the top for food, parties and interior design. I collect old cookbooks and lifestyle magazines and there's tons of pics like these in them. Check archive.org for scans. Good Housekeeping, Southern Living and Gourmet are good. If you really want to get into it you could check thrift stores and antique shops for vintage books with this aesthetic. The vast majority of old printed media like that isn't online anywhere. sorry if this isn't what you're looking for, I am too passionate about retro decadent dinner party spreads

No. 1592784

File: 1685502847717.jpg (89.35 KB, 465x750, 1473654286479.jpg)

Hope you're still hanging around nona; I believe this is the image you're looking for.
It's the book cover for Chamiel by Edward Pearson.

No. 1593119

There is that interview where Meghan Markle stares at her mother menacingly for interrupting her but I can only find silly edits of it. Can anyone link the original video?

No. 1593310

I'm pretty sure I've heard a Gourmet Race version where instead of the normal melody being played by an instrument, it sounds like Captain Falcon or another SSBM/SSBB character making an attack noise or something. And sadly I can't for the life of me find it on YouTube. And no I don't mean the one where Kirby says "Falcon punch" a lot, that was the one thing YouTube found, but that's not the one I mean.
I hope someone knows what I mean and can link me, I have the feeling it's got to be some old af thing that only people who've been on the internet for a while can remember.
Thanks in advance

No. 1593417

a music video for an alternative band that has a female singer that also plays guitar.
the concept of the music video is that they're performing on a public access tv show.
different guests come on the public access show and one guy is a conspiracy theorist so they put on tinfoil hats
can't remember the name of the band or song and it's been killing me

No. 1594082

I can't think of any off the top of my head but there are Tumblrs that post retro book and magazine scans, it's mostly fashion and interiors so you'll have to do a bit of digging to get to the kitchen photos.

No. 1594206

No. 1594634

File: 1685654286729.jpg (55.88 KB, 563x946, 236ad7c844b8bd99c7e933e8bba25b…)

this picture without the text

No. 1595032

File: 1685703793453.jpg (287.49 KB, 1913x1033, Leon Cop Costume 3D model.jpg)

No. 1595038

I can understand why you don't want that dreadful text on it.

No. 1595154

No. 1595315

This might be a shot in the dark but I remember a song that was somewhat of a hit in Europe in the mid 2000s (at least some European countries? not sure which ones but I've heard it quite a few times in mine), kinda ballad-y/slower and kinda melancholic but still very much a pop song. A man sings the verses and a woman sings the chorus/hook. I remember a video in a mansion or at a poolside I think? I never knew the language but I remember it was definitely not English or French or German or Spanish or Italian and probably not a Slavic language either, might not even be a European language but I'm not that sure.

No. 1595343

this is french but it might be this

No. 1595350

Lovely but definitely not this one, sorry.

No. 1595703

File: 1685785006419.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 22.52 KB, 300x557, images (9).jpeg)

i see this pic on the internet from time to time back then. does anyone know its origin? spoiler: spoopy horror face

No. 1595733

Could an edit of the Jeff the killer creepypasta photo or the Japanese doll

No. 1595737

This is in English but I remember it being popular in the mid 2000s and has a pool in it?

No. 1595738

Just look through the #1 hits lists of the 2000s in your country, should be pretty easy to spot if it's not English, French or Spanish.

No. 1596108

I didn't find it, I don't think it actually was a #1 hit, I just know I heard it enough times on the radio and TV that it probably was still popular enough, just not #1.

No. 1596199

Nope, never played Undertale and only know Megalovania from the memes. Found it myself actually, it was Gekkouka by Jeanne Da Arc. Thanks though.

No. 1596618

Found it accidentally, thank you youchewbe music and also everynonny who tried

No. 1598892

It was a video posted here, sorry if I’m completely off but I think it was Indian, Pakistani or something like that. It was from a movie that looked to be from the 70’s, it was a group of men singing in a mall and then everyone else eventually joined in, I thought I saved it but I can’t find it anywhere pls help nonnies

No. 1602672

help please

No. 1603330

Ok. Old dumb comedy skit of a (kinda) handsome guy arguing with a cat in a old ga gangsters outfit. Man argues with cat about cat stealing his girl, and ends wiith a shoot out. I think he yells “YOU SMOOOCHED MY GAL”
I will award 500000000 points* to whoever finds it
*terms and condtions apply. Points cannot be exchange for anything sorry, love you

No. 1603352

Nevermind it clicked in my head
Enjoy it OR NOT

No. 1603375

I feel like I've seen an MV like that some time, but I can't remember whose it is for the life of mine. If it's actually a group, maybe you could try looking through single medleys ([group name, eg Berryz工房] シングルメドレー) for various groups? The only one that I can think of right now that sounds vaguely related is Matsuura Ayas Momoiro no Kataomoi, but that's only the boot + hat combo.

No. 1603395

File: 1686452931768.png (1.76 KB, 574x369, 1639000788291.png)

Reposting this from over a year ago bc I'm still looking:
>Do any of you guys remember the web address to that mock-jigoku tsuushin from jigoku shoujo? I remember finding one once which looked exactly like the one from the anime, and just like canon you could only ever use it at midnight Japanese time. I think otherwise it would show a 404 page? I know there's jigokutsushin.it but you can access it around the clock, so that's not it.

No. 1603430

this reminded me so much of the NPCs on pokemon colosseum and also weird british kids tv shows at the same time

No. 1603586

No. 1603592


No. 1604755

File: 1686595373032.jpg (60.51 KB, 500x625, o.JPG)

Hi >>>/snow/1845220 Nonita, I don’t know the exact brand she is wearing but searching for “puff sleeve embossed floral baby doll dress”, yields a few very similar dresses. Hopefully this helps you with your search. Good luck!

No. 1604987

This TikTok of a group of cosplayers and then it’s like the cute one the funny one, it’s ouran high school host club and all of them look accurate but the last one is a fat black dude in like an orange wig and it’s like the strong silent type

No. 1608393

File: 1686875677328.jpg (153.4 KB, 1000x667, sssonic.jpg)

Hopefully more Sonic spergs who were around the internet a decade ago can find what I'm looking for. I remember there being a YouTube video labeling some jungle / techno song as an unreleased hidden song from Sonic Adventure, the video used a 100x100 photo of the Japanese Sonic Adventure disc, basically pic attached. As it turns out, the song was NOT from Sonic Adventure, but some obscure Sonic YouTuber did use the song for his opening graphic. I just want to find this song. From what I'm aware, the video has been taken down.

No. 1608406

I have to stop asking, because I keep finding what I'm looking for in a few minutes

No. 1611045

File: 1687110721552.jpg (109.79 KB, 1242x1228, ErbjJ86UcAEpeYX.jpg_large.jpg)

Looking for picrel but with the male symbol crossed out in the thought bubble

No. 1611220

File: 1687120139567.jpg (105.88 KB, 850x850, sample_8370ff877af0023f2f10402…)

Can someone find me that video of the Chris-chan bootleg troon dancing and saying "TRANSISTIC PRIDE"?
I think it got deleted from yt..

No. 1611606

File: 1687148018323.jpeg (370.83 KB, 2048x2048, 0E08A310-53FB-4ADC-B3E8-27F391…)

What is this thing?
I saw it on a car windscreen
Scoured the internet for any key words like “caterpillar windscreen toy plush” etc etc
Any nonnies know what or where to find it?

No. 1611618

File: 1687149330228.jpg (62.02 KB, 1384x414, robohashes.jpg)

Several people I've worked with have had these generated robot profile pictures. I thought they were knockoff Futurama NFTs at first, but apparently they're from this site https://robohash.org/

This left me with more questions than answers though. Why the would you use this shit as a profile picture? Were these popularized by something less overtly autistic?

No. 1613830

File: 1687369964105.png (3.32 KB, 247x101, Untitled.png)

Does anybody have the meme that looks sort of like picrel? It should be a deep fried screencap of a tweet or a facebook post. The train of thought never resolves, it's all sentence fragments and lovey emojis. I often used to see it on Tumblr when people were gushing about their favourite characters.

No. 1614715

File: 1687453514498.jpeg (157.82 KB, 1125x1384, IMG_0836.jpeg)

does anybody know where this bathing suit is from? ofc she's gatekeeping

No. 1614721

File: 1687454019261.jpg (254.25 KB, 1600x1600, Worm-From-Labyrinths-Handmade-…)

Found it nonna

No. 1614827

it's realistically gonna be shein or one of those dropshipping/chinese sites - it looks quite cheap, especially where you can see the seaming around the strawberries on the bottoms. try reverse image searching if you haven't already

No. 1615306

someone help me find the yungcynical thread please, i know a moid who might have been involved in that whole debacle and need to look through it.

No. 1615312

No. 1615331

thank you kind nonita

No. 1615340

File: 1687519307325.jpg (25.19 KB, 600x600, cfae66935d0d6509e899e0efe09ee3…)

it's a nici brand green worm keychain. i only found pink and blue on shopee (picrel), but there's a second hand one on some brazillian(?) website, i found it with lens: https://www.enjoei.com.br/p/chaveiro-fofo-30593857?rsid=c1af2900-f805-4cd7-9e16-042042d51e95-1687519029351&rsp=1&rspix=10

No. 1615348

No. 1616836

Was there a home & health show about teens with eating disorders/anorexia or am i misremembering/imagining it?
I tried looking it up on youtube but it didn't came up

No. 1618515

thank you so much this is it

No. 1619832

There's a song in spanish that's quite aggressive and angry and in the music video it has a part where the singer who is a woman is on the toilet, please help me find it, i don't want to google angry latina woman singing on toilet.

No. 1620128

File: 1688019205648.jpg (6.14 KB, 300x168, 00-14-56-Z.jpg)

Y'all i got an actual imposible one.

So, for YEARS i've been trying on and off searching for this one creepypasta/horror/spooky story i heard on a youtube video once. Thing is, said video was from a spanish-speaking youtuber who narrated the story (classic stealing creepypastas and reading them on your channel type of content). So i tried multiple times to find this story in every possible english combination of words with absolutely no results.

The story was about a guy who finds the PS3 account of a deceased friend log in as he played GTA 4 online. He tried to speak to him thinking it was a hacker but then the dead guy's character started to approach his character in like a black car or something going full speed. So the guy ups and unplugs the PS3 and never touches GTA 4 again lol.

This is literally me scraping at the bottom of the barrel atm. I doubt the story is even real, or maybe it was taken from another game and the youtuber just switched up details. I honestly dfk anymore.

No. 1620136

You still got the video you watched? Post it

No. 1620139

Anon are you lost

No. 1620145

I want to see the video so I can attempt to reverse-search the creepypasta in English, or find out if that youtuber made it up themselves instead of stealing it

No. 1620400


Story starts at 10:48

No. 1625976

There's this expensive pink briefcase bag with a large, long bow in the middle, except I can't remember the brand name. One thing I remember it's not Japanese (because those briefcase backpacks are popular in jfashion and this wasn't a jfashion brand), and I think it was nordic? But it expensive, and it came in black and pink, good quality and long bows. Anybody know?

No. 1626025

>vegan leather
So just plastic? What a shame, those ecousi bags were so cute.

No. 1626238

I randomly remembered this game i used to play as a kid. It was some sort of a maze game where I had to move boxes, collect shiny stuff and find the exit with this purple alien character that kinda looks like the purple teletubbie (it had trumpet ears iirc). It was 2.5D and probably is from around '97 - '01, as my bootleg copies had games from that era.

No. 1626405

File: 1688672554438.jpg (32.48 KB, 735x444, i believe in unicorns.jpg)

PLEASE does anyone remember this book titled something along the lines of "guide to [something]" made around 2012 and it was filled with tumblr girl aesthetics and it was formatted like a magazine iirc like lots of pictures collages and such i don't think it was text heavy at all. there were volumes made after it too. the cover was beige but with other graphics some of which were girls. the title IF i'm right was written in that one thin long/tall font you know the one (rae dunn?) but i'm not 100% on that. it had the visuals similar to picrel (which is also a tumblr inspired movie from around the same "era")
it's killing me that i forgot the name and i'm praying that one of you know what i'm talking about

No. 1626412

File: 1688672970872.jpg (81.31 KB, 474x842, ibiu.jpg)

samefag i found an even better example i'm almost certain the graphics on there were similar to picrel

No. 1626501

File: 1688679083806.jpg (211.54 KB, 825x1000, rookie yearbook one.jpg)

last samefag i found it it was rookie yearbook one !!!! kek nothing to do with the title i remembered but i was in the right direction

No. 1627041

I have never heard of this but I'm intrigued and want to read it, 2012 me would've loved this I think. Does someone have a pdf?

No. 1627046

never mind I found it on webarchive, I unironically love it. Takes me right back to the early 10s.

No. 1627047

>Zooey Deschanel
>Joss Whedon
I've been transported

No. 1627099

File: 1688736953410.jpg (1015.55 KB, 888x1245, Screenshot_20230706-013801_Ins…)

Fuckkk yes Rookie. So comfy, excellent interviews. Cute fashions.

No. 1627200

My coworker was telling me about a video game she watched a friend play when she was a kid, she's guessing she was around 8 years old and she's 29 now so sometime around the 2000s, it was on a console but she doesn't remember which one. She says you had to fight monsters and that your character was the only human around, aside from a mysterious person that was always behind a door that you could talk to. That's all she remembers but it sounded interesting so I wanted to find it.

No. 1627209

ayrt wait anon really? i can only find the free trial version and it's pissing me off. can't find it anywhere else. can anyone help me out i'm dying to read the full thing

No. 1627247

File: 1688748230767.png (712.25 KB, 1080x776, Screenshot_20230707-114424.png)

I'm looking for another video game cheats website that shared a lot of imported cheat lists that were also on CheatCC. The site I want had a tan or gray-ish user interface. Black and blue hyperlink text. I remember it focused on Easter eggs too.

No. 1627269

You have to make a free account though to "loan" it, you can't download it or anything

No. 1627291

do you remember which console it was?

No. 1627319

File: 1688753086547.jpeg (40.92 KB, 265x375, 3F801EB4-724C-443E-B351-A3D227…)

Ask your coworker if they remember the logos of the game companies involved. Since most games could be released for all consoles under different port ins so it might be hard to know which one has it exclusively. The art style helps a lot too, if its more cutesy like pokemon, edgy like digimon or if its realistic and had a more intense atmosphere. Dark Cloud for the ps2 is a popular rpg with the same premise it could be that

No. 1627456

Posted it already 5 months ago with no results so I decited to try again: I watched a tv show many years ago, I'm not sure how many, but I think around 15 years ago. Main character was a teenage girl. I only remember that in one of the episodes her parents would be performing in the "hair" musical and they were stressed out about getting naked on stage. Does anyone know the name of the show? I've been trying to find it since forever.

No. 1627501

I'll ask her when I see her next. I think she said it was a horror game, or at the very least freaked her out as a kid

No. 1627515

nta but nah, there was a lot of other humans in dark cloud (amazing game btw)

No. 1627714

File: 1688775932142.png (229.36 KB, 351x431, ErnestBFAW.png)

This sounds like silent hill 2: born from a wish. It's a short side story where you play as maria alone in silent hill. The only person you meet is a voice behind a door that won't reveal itself. I think it was in the special edition of the game

No. 1628297

She said it looks familiar, she originally thought the protagonist was male but figures she probably saw her friend play the main story as well and mixed it up in her memories. Thanks anons!

No. 1628329

There's this crunchy/poor resolution islamic meme of the main character from Peaky Blinders wearing his hat and looking up to the sky (in side profile view) in the daylight with a sepia tone over the image that says "good morning I hate women" does anyone have it?

No. 1628535

File: 1688856254061.jpg (85.39 KB, 720x883, FEKeB00WYA4dq-e.jpg)

Is this it?

No. 1628561

Thank uuuuuu it was actually exactly that

No. 1629545

Does anyone know of this one youtuber who talked about some DeviantArt Drama she was involved in and used images of Edward Elric from Full Metal Alchemist as reactions while talking about said drama? It was peak background noise for me and I'd like to find it again, newer drama commentary channels don't hit the same.

No. 1629573

kinda making me kek that you had to check it was the right meme. Like no, it's the other crunchy/poor resolution islamic meme of the main character from Peaky Blinders wearing his hat and looking up to the sky (in side profile view) in the daylight with a sepia tone over the image that says "good morning I hate women"

No. 1629980

File: 1688997998510.png (2.81 MB, 2186x1625, 1535463590239.png)

Accidentally posted this in the old thread so reposting here.

Where can I get picrel lamp or similar?

Reverse image search isn't working because of the blinds.

Looks like a Vietnamese silk lantern crossed with a modern lamp.

All I can find are hanging lanterns without the lamp part or a few table lantern lamps that are plain.

No. 1630092

File: 1689010447828.jpeg (9.72 KB, 395x180, IMG_9104.jpeg)

I want to copy-paste this emoticon but I can’t find it and I’m in despair nonas

No. 1630120

ᙏ i tried to post it but lc won’t display the face

No. 1630282

Thank you for the ears nona I’ll try to find the face

No. 1630329

Is it a real emoji? not sure what website that is but it seems like the html wouldn't normally allow the mouth and nose there to be so close to the text underneath (sorry can't remember the html terms for how far apart lines and text characters are from eachother but their zones don't normally overlap like that). Unless it's like creepy Zalgo text and drips down.

No. 1630487

Looking for the Youtube video about trans shit with clips of this spliced in and the music of it playing throughout. I think it was 40 minutes long or something and may have been unlisted since the last time I watched it. sorry for bumping the old thread

No. 1630543

File: 1689048549437.jpg (90 KB, 640x640, 1688751403541700.jpg)

Who is him

No. 1630748

Any fictional radio recommendations for background listening? Something like Welcome to Night Vale, or from games, GTA San Andreas or VTM Bloodlines. Request thread is dead so posting here instead.

No. 1631112

Im looking for the name of a video of a woman who wore glasses and had a gummy smile? I think she was considered a lolcow a long time ago but I can't remember her name. She mentions her lip gloss or makeup or something and does a kiss noise. I think her name might've been kaitlynn or something. The vid had to be from like 2007-09 because of the quality.

No. 1631118

samefag but it's not foreverkailyn btw I think I may be mixing two different people up.

No. 1631274

File: 1689122289300.png (3.17 MB, 2048x1152, 1683870887672646.png)

What episode of Succession is this picture from? It's kind of become a meme but I don't remember this in the show.

No. 1631303


No. 1631329

File: 1689125828131.jpg (17.67 KB, 384x408, fc0758ff09bc522be632226392bbb9…)


No. 1631341

Who the fuck else could it be.

No. 1631557

the ears and face can be copied from here https://emojicombos.com/twitter-display-name-symbols

No. 1631758

What's that AI website that everyone used like two years ago to turn pics of their sims into real looking people?

No. 1632561

There's this French-sounding song that goes like exotique biologique érotique fantastique and it's pretty upbeat. I've tried looking for it but to no avail. I heard it in a runway fancam video if that helps.

No. 1632660

File: 1689256085611.jpg (27.97 KB, 700x224, face.jpg)

Any idea how I could find the character that's the mouth of this face? Someone in an online game had it and I've been trying to find a way to recreate it for months. I tried the link the above nona gave but it doesn't have anything similar.

No. 1632830


I don't know if you can see that because it doesn't show up on my computer but it's the

Glagolitic capital letter otu
Unicode hexadecimal: 0x2c19

No. 1632834

That one post on here where one aiden-adjacent anon talks about wanting to be like in one of her yaois but problem being that all her husbandos are bottoms, just like she is, so all they'd do is pathetically wiggle their butts at each other while crying. Pretty sure it got posted in one of the caps threads once.

No. 1632842

Thank you so much!

No. 1632852

There is an image with an Asian professor using a slideshow to explain that he is not swearing at them, it’s just his accent. It had something like “Sheet =/= Sh!t” and “Focus =/= F0ckers”. I need this back in my life nonnas

No. 1632994

File: 1689283048477.jpg (141.57 KB, 1355x259, BGSpeacialFeature.jpg)

Does anyone remember this? I was like 11 when this came out and when I put it in the PC, a sounds mixer came up. Remember when CD's had cool shit like this?? Anyways, does anyone know where I can see screenshots or recordings of this?

No. 1633071

it’s kind of a known picture of a cross-eyed siamese kitten wearing, i think, a purple coloured collar, it’s so cute and i can’t find it

No. 1633353

File: 1689315173177.jpg (93.65 KB, 582x873, kotttt.jpg)

this one?

No. 1633642

yes!!! thank you so much anon

No. 1633924

appreciate you, anon! i will start looking at this weekly. I actually found a basically unused old leather coach purse at a thrift store for $7 but it's three times the size of the one i posted. i just need room for my phone, tiny wallet, pack of cigarettes, a lighter, and chapstick. so the one i found annoys the shit out of me, and i very poorly tried to sew back on the arm from my old purse. i wish i could just trade this purse i found for my tiny one

No. 1633929

File: 1689376863252.png (434.58 KB, 1338x830, halp.png)

is there anywhere I can get a cover for my 15" macbook pro air? i want a cover that is drop rated so when i travel it doesn't get fucked up. or are their computers the same size that i can just use until they make one? I wouldn't have ordered a new computer if I didn't need to out of necessity if I had known there were no fucking covers!!! I had a military graded drop proof case for my last laptop which is still spotless (display broke, better to just buy a new laptop). since i got this three weeks ago the cat has already scratched it twice and i just want a drop proof case, not a file or padded thing because I normally use my laptop in public, in bed, or other not desktop areas.

No. 1633930

macbook air sorry i used to have a pro but that was stolen

No. 1633933

the fallout 4 radio stations are nice to listen to. they get super annoying after two or three weeks but i still enjoy listening to them every few months

No. 1633943

File: 1689378183627.png (4.19 MB, 1366x1628, budweiser1960.png)

>>1591417 >>1590997
hey anons i just wanted to share, google actually has a lot of older magazines scanned online. the 60s ebony magazines are great. there are a lot of older architecture magazines and cooking magazines. i also collect old magazines for the pictures so i get it lmao.
this is a list of them in alphabetical order, click 'browse all issues' under because there are usually a lot

the picture i attached is from the June 1960 Ebony

No. 1633945

new vegas radios are generally better

No. 1633981

I’m trying to find a webcomic that I read a few years back. It’s about a girl named Daisy who works at a grocery store, one day after work she falls through a portal and ends up in another world were she accidentally (?) kills a beast. I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it and searching for it using what plot I remember just gives me DC/Marvel search results.

No. 1634190

Samefag, I finally found it. A lot slipped from my memory kek.

No. 1634231

File: 1689400141308.jpeg (98.31 KB, 1080x923, IMG_9355.jpeg)

is it this??? kek

No. 1634380

File: 1689420854153.jpeg (397.54 KB, 1580x2238, 59B76B7A-30D7-4C18-B5E4-B1C2FD…)

Does anyone have the iceberg meme that uses this template, but with the stick figure girl from the gf meme and misandry themed? It becomes completely unhinged at some point, with things about man maid experiments (?) and something called PENWAS. It’s been stuck in my head for ages. It was posted either here or on crystal cafe

No. 1637895

File: 1689783269605.jpg (373.95 KB, 1122x1589, pinkpill iceberg.jpg)

I remember seeing this too! I think this is the one since it matches these parts
>man maid experiments

but not this, so there might be another version?
>stick figure girl from the gf meme

No. 1637911

File: 1689784257861.jpg (98.54 KB, 1200x711, SUC_210_07212019_gh_3093.jpg)

I haven't watched the show myself, but from what I looked up, it seems to be from "This is Not for Tears" (Season 2, Episode 10)

No. 1637962

>She-owl scriptures
would read

No. 1638079

File: 1689794061401.jpg (27.13 KB, 1024x718, 1542152135132.jpg)

Looking for a mexican meme of Pusheen and la virgin outside of a club
pls does anyone have it

No. 1638126

Can someone help me find a music video? It was an electronic music track set to compilations of old commercials. If I remember correctly, most of the lyrics were remixed commercials also and they had a line like 'buy more coke' (drink more coke?) and the video ended with that 'i'd like to buy the world a coke' ad.

I watched it several years ago but it was probably much older than that. Unfortunately since it was 100% edited commercial footage then I have no idea how to find it again.

No. 1638811

A female country singer who had a minor hit in 2020. Her name begins with the letter W.

No. 1639278

Maybe not vid rel, but has to be vaporwave? Saint Pepsi has got a few videos like that…

No. 1640043

I found it! Waxahatchee - fire.
2020 had so many good alternative songs.

No. 1640479

File: 1690019035851.jpeg (110.04 KB, 1535x1023, 77676938-4229-4C39-9169-A5F22E…)

Looking for a French song that I heard on a video of a scene girl doing her makeup. It had dirty lyrics I think and was probably made in the 90s-2000s. It was sung by a woman and had a simple beat. Pretty sure she says penis at one point

Also looking for a song of a woman naming lipstick colors I think. She was almost talking in the song. One of the colors she mentioned was called “almost nude”

No. 1640661

oh my god that cat is so cute

No. 1641031

>Looking for a French song that I heard on a video of a scene girl doing her makeup. It had dirty lyrics I think and was probably made in the 90s-2000s. It was sung by a woman and had a simple beat. Pretty sure she says penis at one point
is it tu es fotou? https://open.spotify.com/track/5TX4QkyawyBAjNjwF2qBzG?si=3f32514edd854654>>1640479

>Also looking for a song of a woman naming lipstick colors I think. She was almost talking in the song. One of the colors she mentioned was called “almost nude”

is it a kpop song? if so, it could be nxde https://open.spotify.com/track/6NnCWIWV740gP7DQ8kqdIE?si=760bdcae957243d5

No. 1641039

File: 1690063221061.jpg (130.55 KB, 1493x995, FJ1fXmXWYAQ8PGD.jpg)

his name is Uni, look up uni the cat for more nona!

No. 1641052

Is this the French song you were looking for?

No. 1641080

>Ce jeu is 14 years old
JFC times flies

No. 1641294

Whats the anime with the talking sentient lizard that ate dumplings made by the giant muscular blonde woman with huge pecs? It used to be my fav but I lost the title to the depressive isolation fog of the time

No. 1641337


No. 1641342

Thank you, going through several stages of grief that it never got a second season

No. 1641396

No, it’s not a kpop song but thanks anyway anon! The woman in the song was speaking in English and it was a slow song. It sounded like something maybe a gay man would listen to if that makes sense.

YES ANON THIS IS IT!!! Thank you!!!

No. 1641542

Same anon, I found it! It’s Snarlbear by Natalie Riess.

No. 1642534

long shot but can someone help me find an image where it showcases the difference between the fit of clothes to highlight its importance, photo shot from torso up not pointing forwards (from the side? but she was looking at the camera). the example she was wearing was a white blouse wherein the one that didn't fit was oversized. also the comparison was side by side . almost certain the model also had short hair like buzzed off

No. 1642546

No. 1642583

omg yes that was fast anon, thanks !

No. 1642667

Yes this is it! Thank you so much Nona, I feel so relieved

No. 1642968

lipstick song: is it lipstique (silencefiction)? it's kind of an annoying song but fits the almost talking/almost nude parts of your query!

No. 1642995

There was a years old celebrity podcast called Viva Nepotista. The links are still active but the actual audio clips for the episodes are dead. It's not on Spotify or any streaming services either so I'm wondering if it's truly lost to time. Does anyone know if there are live links for this series anywhere

No. 1643546

File: 1690270646571.png (15.93 KB, 252x224, 1617108613595.png)

YES ANON! Thank you!!

No. 1645127

File: 1690383741797.jpeg (37.46 KB, 296x629, shoes.jpeg)

Anyone know where to find shoes like picrel? the original ones are from Prada and they cost 950 but i can't afford them rn

No. 1645137

aren't these platform creepers? You should be able to find something similiar by googling that.

No. 1645142

what >>1645137 said, maybe demonia? I'd like to know too they're so cute!
gurokawaii anons come through, I've been trying to find quality creepers of the like that were in abundance in 2012 wtf happened?
nice taste nona

No. 1645143

samefag sorry, these are the closest I can find so far. I'm on the hunt too nona I'll post if I find closer (and not a fucken amazon link jfc)

fingers crossed cause I want them too haha

No. 1645831

Does anyone have that gif of this one fat cat running on one of those giant wheels but it gets tired immediately and flops on its side?

No. 1645835

File: 1690428803748.gif (1.07 MB, 220x391, lockdown-workout.gif)

No. 1645845

Thank you nonnie!

No. 1645878

Not the most helpful but I almost bought a pair of shoes that looked very similar at Nordstrom Rack last weekend kek if you have one near you

No. 1645892

I bought shoes that look like that and funnily enough just like the other anon, they were also from nordstrom rack. The brand is circus ny.

No. 1645914

File: 1690436242024.jpg (15.84 KB, 418x336, F0_-jJRaYAA94Gf.jpg)

Looking for a page from a Japanese "how to draw manga panel" type book, about the different types of Bishonens in the world in weird racial terms, i.e Caucasian Bishōnen, East/Asian Bishonens and African Bishonens

No. 1645926

File: 1690436833902.jpg (92.34 KB, 995x777, ye.jpg)

Prada Monolith brushed leather lace-up shoes

No. 1645947

samefag. Oh my fucking god I am an idiot KEk
t. reading comprehension

No. 1645972

Does someone have the cap or link to the post of an anon stretching the back of her baby sister? I can't remember if she folded her or what, but she was alone with her on the couch/in the living room and she snapped her back upright or something lmfao I crack up thinking about it still.

No. 1645987

No. 1646290

Holy shit thanks for the replies nonnas lol i didn't expect so much help. the one's i'm considering are the princess polly ones idk they seem the most accurate

i don't have a nordstrom rack anywhere near me and when i searched for creeper or chunky shoes in circus ny it just appeared mary-jane shoes so if you could sned pictures (just curious on how they look)

anyway thanks everyone <3(<3)

No. 1646496

Kinda random, but does anyone else remember a deviantart user who made a Sonic OC that she basically used to self-insert and ship herself with sonic and Shadow? Literally all I can remember was that the OC was red, she made some art or wrote a fic where the OC was raped by Shadow (or maybe being raped by both Shadow and Sonic? Idk but abuse was a common theme), and she had beef with Amy Rose. I remember there were a few youtube videos made about her antics and that's how I found her. She was French I think, but this all happened in English.

No. 1646582

File: 1690491101467.png (267.73 KB, 1278x1280, 1405191158.akaidalia_triangle.…)

I'm pretty sure it was Akai Dalia.

No. 1646639

Thankns anon! I'm gonna go down this rabbithole again for the nostalgia.

No. 1648196

Okay so there's this website that basically classes celebrities on how jewish they are, from a scale from 'totally jewish' to 'not jewish at all' or something like that. I forget what it's called. I remember seeing Daniel Radcliffe on it as Total Jew. What's the website called????

No. 1648555

Jew or Not Jew

No. 1648576

Thank you!! I forget which celebrity i was going to look up now though..

No. 1648602


No. 1648606

can you help me find that post that said "i'm like a pick me but for old people" nodding along and saying "yeah modern music doesn't even make sense to me either" or something. it was funny and literally me.

No. 1649146

Nonnies there was this pandemic youtuber, he looked like Robert DeNiro but with a beard, had a 2007 intro and vibe and always opened his videos with 'hey speedscribers'. It was a scrote channel but I thought it was funny, he did rankings with his friends and stuff. His name was speed something 0 but I can't find it.

No. 1649154

Thank you thank you thank you nonna! It’s absolutely this one!
>prostate piranha extravaganza

No. 1649331

Looking for an old music video that I saw on youtube as a kid. I think it was some sort of adult swim thing but I could be wrong. It was poppy/rock and had a japanese or asian girl singing. I only remember one part that doesn't come up on searches.
She chants "I'm with stupid, I'm with stupid, I'm too drunk to (clap) F. U. C. K."

No. 1649928

Some anime where the guy would shoot himself in the head, brown hair, fluffy, then a fire would appear on his head or something.
Also an anime that had a white haired guy, scar symbol going down the right eye, he may have worn a mask. Both of these were pre 2014 or so.

No. 1649930

>where the guy would shoot himself in the head, brown hair, fluffy, then a fire would appear on his head
Katekyo Hitman Reborn

No. 1650134

What is the name of that fairytale where a girl falls into a well and ends up in a perfect, calm place? I had this in a book when I was a kid but I can't for the life of me find it. Pretty sure it's a Grimm brothers tale.

No. 1650163

>Also an anime that had a white haired guy, scar symbol going down the right eye, he may have worn a mask.


No. 1650202


that's from Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine show! it's the song at the end of this episode. you really brought some memories back nona, i can't believe i was able to pull this from the recesses of my mind

No. 1650303

File: 1690831426991.png (217.64 KB, 685x351, image.png)

does anyone know what artist this is? for context the print is from dakota rose's apartment tour video

No. 1650305

Audrey Kawasaki

No. 1650311

she followed my tumblr like 2 years before she became famous. I didn't post anything original just art and photos, plus I always linked original source and artist (all deleted now, dont have a tumblr anymore) but for some reason I was one of a couple hundred people she followed and I posted every day so I know she saw it… I'm afraid to look up if she's a cow because I still appreciate the follow lol

No. 1650348

It's both these thank you anons!

No. 1650518

File: 1690848620640.jpeg (43.93 KB, 231x356, 1A8AD9F2-61CD-470D-9187-F18B8E…)

Gay moids' art collective or duo (idk) that kinda reminds me of fierce pussy's style (picrel) because one of their exhibitions/projects was a collection of childhood photographs of gays and lesbians from all over the world, with censor bars & homophobic slurs over their eyes written in different languages. Another project of theirs that I remember was just two dudes in a bed wearing matching pajamas?

No. 1650719

wow this is amazing. This is it! I've been trying to find this for years lol

No. 1650764

there's also a lot on rookiemag dot com
since it was first and foremost an online magazine

No. 1650934

Either an anime, manga, drama or all of it, I know it's Japanese because that's where I learnt the word harachira lol.
I think friend-chan says something along the lines of "Let's go watch the basketball club practice, Protagonist-chan, maybe they'll flash their abs", to which iirc designated-loser-character-of-the-friend-group-kun responds "That's so unfair, if I said 'Hey guys, let's go watch the tennis club practice, maybe they'll flash their panties tehehe~~' I'd immediately be called a perv". Cue friend-chan, but maybe all of them, idr, telling him to shut up. Might have been different clubs but I think it sounds about right.

No. 1651430

Does anyone know where I can find a program of some sort that'll allow me to create 'cute garbled speak' similar to that of Animal Crossing's "animalese" language? It doesn't have to be exactly that but something similar. I want to make animations where characters talk in a similar manner. Bonus points if it has a pitch slider.

No. 1651575

I mean, any audio software like Audacity should work.

No. 1651639

File: 1690955223679.jpg (27.18 KB, 500x281, 1684536936131.jpeg.jpg)

1-Origin of and story behind picrel
2- good bara and yaoi manga with good art styles and handsome adult characters with no gross fetishes and weird kinky sex
3-same as above but yuri
4-free vpn with no subscriptions that covers countries from different continents (like china or a country close to it)
5-websites like soaptoday, free and I can download stuff from it and public, no private torrent invite bullshit

No. 1651640

Samefag but
6-an aesthetic that looks like kidpix but 2000s, not aero furtigo or whatever it was called, but something kiddy or/and colorful and retro looking

No. 1651647

2 doesnt exist kek

No. 1651652

Samefag, sorry but I remembered one more thing, a music video from the 2010s of a kpop song, the singer is a solo singer, and she's a rich famous girl in the music video who goes out shopping and stuff happens and water spills everywhere but the water drops fall in slow motion close up because the music video was 3D. It came in cheap chinese tablets that had 3D glasses with them at the time and watching the music video with them was fun, I also remember the song being good. Iirc the title had "girl" in it or something.

No. 1651660

Found it!
Top girl by G.Na

No. 1652160

i've looked but i can't find an old LC post that was really funny to me, it was some anon who reeeed about a football anime and how retarded it was. i really wish i could read it again. idk why but it was so hilarious.

No. 1652176

1 https://www.instagram.com/p/Bs91ZoqnYYx/
2 stop looking for yaoi without weird kinky shit, that's like looking for porn but like wholesome. oxymoron, you can't find the good stuff that way it's goes together…. that said: Gift (Ichinose Yuma), Yumemiru Vampire, Toumei na Ai no Utsuwa, Canis (short stories by Zakk)
3 go to the yuri thread on /m/, someone just asked for this read the replies >>>/m/309185 I recommend run away with me girl
5 https://goku.sx/ maybe haven't used it a lot, https://archive.org/ use inspect element thing to get direct link
ew no

No. 1653090

Thanks! Also I needed number 6 to make a wallpaper collage art of Tecna from winx club kek, the only stuff I managed to find were more modern looking and have that ugly minimalist look, I want something more detailed and retro to fit the show aesthetics and art style when I put it beside the character.

No. 1653093

Forgot to say, regarding number 2, I did read some yaoi/shounen ai with nice stories and wholesome and minimal sex scenes like "here U are" and "given", so I believe it's possible, I just don't know how to look for that specific kind of writing. But thanks for the suggestions nonetheless.

No. 1654629

Nonitas I was trying to find this doll repaint YouTuber but I couldn’t remember her name, she had a european accent kinda like Swedish or something to that affect and spoke somewhat softly.. I can’t remember her YouTube name and when I searched I couldn’t find her, she lowkey gave me ASMR and she didn’t, at the time, come off snooty like the other doll repaint creators. Does anyone happen to know who I’m talking about?

No. 1654653

skeuomorphic, kidcore (if you're willing to look past the tranny bastardization)

No. 1654673

Is the one your looking for her? She's Swedish and a handmaiden lesbian 99% sure. While pretty great at repainting and strives to improve that one video took me out.

No. 1656371

Ship art of two hetalia characters, I think it was RusAme and it was the two getting into a fight with sexual tension, kek. It was drawn so well I can't get it out my mind. It wasn't nsfw or anything, just bloody

No. 1656420


No. 1657205

File: 1691439148159.jpg (82.95 KB, 435x577, braids tights.jpg)

anyone know where i can find these tights or something similar? i'm at a loss. google's retarded lens can't ever find anything and tin eye can't find the source of it either

No. 1657214

these used to be popular in jfashion circles, you can probably still find them on aliexpress or taobao or similiar websites that sell jfashion

No. 1657236

These were from a japanese brand like Grimoire or Ahcacum but I can't remember exactly which one. It was a popular element of the short lived Cult Party Kei style, your best bet is going on Tokyo Fashion to find a snap that features them.

No. 1658872

Does anyone know if a song by a Mexican (?) singer that goes something like "la mejor venganza..sera..SERRAAAAAAAA"? I remember it was about cheating and saying that the other woman could have him. Excuse any Spanish typos, I don't speak Spanish so it's kinda hard for me to find it.

No. 1658893

>>1658872 is this one? I just googled what you posted

No. 1658914

Thank you anon! Idk why I couldn't find it, i love you.

No. 1658923

No problem, I always get so giddy when I can help anynona!

No. 1659004

File: 1691601082404.png (Spoiler Image, 2.96 MB, 2825x2160, CHEESY’S Braid Tights.PNG)

Nona, I’m completely clueless when it comes to Japanese language and fashion but I like a challenge. I’m happy to report I found them! They are from a brand called CHEESY’S https://matka-cheesys.jimdofree.com/cheesy-s/ and were JPY 5,000.
> 'CHEESY'S' was founded in 2008 by two Japanese women eager to make 
accessories that they themselves wanted to wear. The brand's name reflects their 
desire to make something special and unique, yet at the same time slightly cheesy. 
'CHEESY'S' creates pieces that are inspired by the weirdness and peculiarity that 
we see around us in everything during our day to day lives.
> […] they play with this idea by misplacing 
human body parts, sometimes mixing them with tassels or fringes as to 
emphasise and bring attention to the strange beauty of human body shape itself.
Perhaps these other sources (and images) can help you track them. I’ll start with the official images of the campaign (?). They feature the tights in full. Since they show the tights as a skirt is pulled up above the bum, I’ve added a spoiler.
Good luck on your search!

No. 1659006

File: 1691601194974.png (9.7 MB, 2880x2160, STREET STYLE : No. 5290.PNG)

No. 1659010

File: 1691601467277.jpg (168.81 KB, 454x750, KERA. January 2013.JPG)

No. 1659015

File: 1691601745451.png (7.81 MB, 2875x2160, AUTUMN 2013.PNG)

No. 1659017

File: 1691601959634.png (4.7 MB, 2883x2160, Unsourced CHEESY’S Braid Tight…)

I was unable to find a source for these but hopefully with the brand name and more images in hand, you find your tights, Nona. Again, good luck! And if you feel comfortable, keep us updated on your search.

No. 1659026

Love the braided rapunzel pubes look

No. 1659031

File: 1691602867257.png (3.44 MB, 3601x2160, bortsprungt 2013AW.PNG)

Nona, while searching, I also found these from another Japanese brand called bortsprungt. They were part of their 2013AW release (?). While not identical, they follow the same theme (?)/motif (?) and perhaps you’d be interested.

No. 1659034

that one copypasta or 4chan (dark background so could've been a different site) going off about trans ideology how it's just lying and pretending. it's two separate posts after one another. one might allude to "you are your father's son and that's how you'll be buried" but i could also be confusing memes at this point.

No. 1659038

maybe something about how trans can be seen as an aggression since it's a constant lying or pretending?

No. 1659039

It looks like you fell over and ripped your tights and your knees are bleeding from a distance, and up close it's?? >>1659004
I mean it's artistic but also deeply unflattering

No. 1659045

Per >>1659004 I think the braids are meant to be worn in the back. I assumed they were meant to look like “hidden” long hair that was tucked when worn with clothes. Without them, the bum is meant to be the back of a head.

No. 1659089

File: 1691608132002.png (785.25 KB, 741x891, 1654253613946.png)

found it, kek

No. 1662252

does anyone have that (tumblr?) post where it's like age is circular ( as in that's why you still feel a certain age like 13 at 21 etc ) and someone drew a spiral diagram of it

No. 1663052

Science videos from the 2000s where the intro is a white room with random stuff going across like lava, rocks, dinosaur. Ends with going in a window of the subject I think.

No. 1663055

No. 1663185

No. 1663637

Excuse me for the cringe but Big hugs to anyone that can help me find big guys username, the description doesn't say it and
My YouTube doesn't display comments anymore after the update

No. 1664262

File: 1692020848521.jpg (164.19 KB, 1079x1079, bigboi.jpg)

Bumping because I'm curious now. Can a nonita with an IG account see if he's tagged in this post, please?

No. 1664269

No. 1664275

oh, wow! ty, nona ♥

No. 1664600

File: 1692044399525.jpg (567.17 KB, 1080x1619, Bigboyy.jpg)

Thank you so much nonnies, I love you! It's sad he doesn't have much up, I'd be a bit shy following him since he has little followers and would think I'm a weirdo. I guess I'll just have to watch the other videos this YouTuber has up of him.

No. 1664891

This is going to be nightmare mode difficulty because I know next to nothing about Kpop and there was no sound, but I saw a Kpop music video that looked pretty interesting recently. It was recent (this year at least, last year at the earliest), was from a girl group, had little to no shots of mass dancing, and had a lot of moody shots of flowers blooming interspersed with closeups of girls mugging the camera. There were several shots of a female singer's face from behind a monstera leaf and the filters and styling used gave a very soft, late 90's to early 2000's atmosphere to the closeups. One shot looked like a billboard with a glamour closeup and some weird English slogan, and there was a repeated motif of a dead tree with a girl sitting under it. I apologize for the fever dream of a description but that's just about all I remember of what I saw.

No. 1664931

dubstep (or some kind of electronic music idk) song that came out around 2011ish, give or take, that goes like 'do you wanna push the button? push the button' and then the bass drops.

No. 1665829

So I saw this clip of a war movie on tiktok. It said "this scene was completely improvised!" And the scene was a bunch of soldiers running to the left in a field, and one soldier is running through those bunch of soldiers, perpendicularly. That soldier bumps into another, they fall, but they get back up and start running again. I like war movies and want to know what that movie is.

No. 1665841

File: 1692144305927.jpg (663 KB, 1079x1147, Screenshot_20230729_024145_Tik…)

Which movie is this photo of Cillian Murphy from?

No. 1665847


No. 1665851

The edge of love

No. 1665959

it was a drawing of an alien woman holding onto an orb or a sphere with two smaller male aliens in the back. it was in black and white. the woman alien had long black hair and was wearing a robe. i saw it on tumblr not that long ago but i havent been able to find it since.

No. 1666147

This one?

No. 1667627

his side profile is so good wow

No. 1667962

Please share the pic of the girl laying in her computer chair on her old ass computer wearing happy bunny pjs gracias

No. 1667991

File: 1692307292067.jpg (116.5 KB, 1024x768, 1616284472839.jpg)

No. 1668057

does any nonna have any idea what could be the name of this one 3d wolf game where you traveled through worlds and one of the worlds was like a hell with hell horses or some shit and another was just a rave and one was like a beach or some shit and the game looked very awful and unity asset store robbery-like.. and ig you could chat there. as if you'd want to when you could be killing hell horses and getting hatsune miku hair colored horns as loot.
i don't have any screenshots, but i remember it being very bad and fun at the same time. maybe one of you even played it…

No. 1668294

FeralHeart? Impressive Title?

No. 1668584

An artist who posted two seperate animated short clips of their OCs. One was a boy who took off a pig head from his head and the other clip was a girl drinking gasoline.

No. 1668599

Video of people at a office dancing to the ‘stop don’t touch me there, this is my no-no square’ song but they were looking pretty stoic and it was filmed at night. The way it was filmed was as if it was from another building,

No. 1668807

was it this one?

No. 1668821

the guy at the bottom left is the only one that doesnt look like its being held at gun point, good for him

No. 1670393

Haha thank you but it isn’t! The video captured the building the people were in too; it was filmed from outside.

No. 1670521

What thread had that chiro that was being sexual as hell cracking her neck right by his crotch

No. 1670551

is it galvanize by the chemical brothers?

No. 1670552

i still do not know who the fuck she is kek

No. 1670570

Someone please help me find the name some tasty chocolate. It was either german, austrian or swiss. It came on a creamy cardboard box (roughly the size of 2 palms) and inside of it were two packs with red wrappers. The brand's name was printed all over these two packs in white letters. I'm not so sure but I think the brand's name contained two or three words and one of them started with a k. The chocolate inside was crunchy and cut in uneven pieces. It looked like it was made by putting together (in a messy way) spheres of chocolate with a texture similar but more jagged to the outside part of a ferrero.

No. 1670722

thanks for asking this, nonnie. everytime I get lightly drunk, I am RANTING at people about this series. No one ever knows what I am talking about. I feel way less loony now.
Thanks for finding this, nonnie!!

No. 1671727

Reaction pic - it's an emoji but not any of the actual ones, it's drawn, the perspective is like an ultra wide and the expression shows extreme doubt, eyes are squinting, making eye contact, and the mouth is slightly open with a slight smile.

No. 1671903

Somewhat of a gross request but I remember seeing a screenshot of a troon describing a scene where he’s being a degenerate puppy play faggot until suddenly an alarm goes off and the troon changes into a Subway uniform and says “I’m sorry, I must go to work” and then proceeds to try to use it as an argument in favor of communism? I need to put it in my cringe compilation

No. 1672044

Been trying to find this song I heard while working but I was too late to Shazam it. Even searching a part of its notable lyrics doesn't help. It goes like,

Baby I could put a record on ya
Dance until we forget

It's not rap or country which I end up finding but the singer sounds like Justin Beiber?

No. 1672287

I found it. It's called Melo by Colin Mags but it looks like the song is completely wiped out from the internet.

No. 1672444

File: 1692668674626.jpg (921.13 KB, 1753x2480, 1692292074845395.jpg)

Whats this artists handle again? I love them

No. 1672463

kek this is oddly cute

No. 1672614

Damn what the fuck, I want to hear it now. It's on Spotify but unavailable to play; it doesn't come up when you search for it on there, either.

No. 1672643


No. 1674409

File: 1692796625097.jpg (159.09 KB, 681x1024, 9dba67feb40be806ea6961fc44efe4…)

Peruvian and/or Andean nonnies, please help me out
I went to Peru this Sunday and saw some dance performances that I really liked, and one of my favorites was this dance that had both men and women with leg rattles and they danced in a really rhythmic and agressive way, kinda looked like a hunting thing. I'm not sure if it is of Inca origin. I've searched and searched on Google, but no dice.

No. 1674527

File: 1692803528962.jpeg (56.5 KB, 720x519, IMG_1871.jpeg)

Were they wearing boots with “bells” in them similar to these? If so, it’s called Caporales. It’s Bolivian but practiced (?) all over the Andean region.

No. 1674540

File: 1692804501385.jpeg (181.74 KB, 2880x1620, IMG_1876.jpeg)

If they “rattles” you describe look similar to these, then they’re ayoyotes/chachayotes. They’re Aztec in origins.

No. 1674552

Page from some "how to draw a manga-esque" book about the different types of bishonen in the world and used out-dated racial terms.

No. 1674621

File: 1692809198596.png (188.47 KB, 600x700, IMG_1878.png)

Perú seems to have their own version (?) of these seed pods “rattles”, for the life of me I cannot find their “official” name though I suspect they’re the seed pods of the Cascabela thevetia (yellow oleander)
Names I’ve found: cachos, chach-chas and chajchas.
Anyway, I couldn’t find a specific dance associated with them but did come across references of them being used either as handheld instruments (shaker or maracas) or worn in the body (wristlets and anklets) in ceremonies (unfortunately no names given). I also saw a lot of gringo references to shamanistic rituals and the like. Perhaps this information will help you in your quest? I also thought it’d be good if you could describe what they wore. In my search I found other Peruvian dances that use bells/rattles but either they didn’t include women or wore masks, so I didn’t mention them.

No. 1675077

Thank you to all of you that helped me! I've found it by searching "chachas dance" on YouTube!
I can't believe this is actually a dance created to parody the Spanish settlers, that makes me love it even more.
The performance I watched had a guy that was really on beat and into it, he was almost floating! It was so hypnotic, he stole the show. Also the song is a banger.
I also really liked Valicha, Huayla, some carnaval dances as well. I really wish I got to see the scissor dance.
I love how colorful the clothes and hair are, also the embroidery work in it.

Makes me wish my own country had more cool traditional dances like those!

No. 1675097

I'm not sure if anyone's going to know who I'm talking about but she has been discussed here yearsss ago. I forgot what she went by online but I'm looking for a girl who used to be on tumblr with blonde hair named Hannah? Her tumblr blog background was a picture of a forest and she posted nudes that 4channers jerked off to. I forgot why she was discussed here besides anons thinking she was cute maybe. She posted a lot of selfies and I used to think she was really pretty. I'm just looking for what she went by online and I'm curious. This is like ancient Acacia Brinley era of tumblr so probably not going to have anyone here who knows.

No. 1675224

File: 1692837752007.jpg (440.76 KB, 900x458, Abuelitos de Quipán.jpg)

“We” are so happy it helped, Nona! The dance you linked to is Contradanza, from Huamachuco. I dismissed it because I was trying to find something with more prominent “leg rattles”. Other dances I came across that I dismissed for one reason or another are:
- Danza Shacshas, performed by 15 to 20 men and they wear headgear.
- Danza Abuelitos de Quipán as they wear masks like the ones featured here.
- Danza de las Tijeras as they don’t wear rattlers in their bodies but fit the “aggressive” bill.
- Los Chunchos de Cajamarca, typically performed only by men. They wear maichiles (dried seed pods) on their knees.
- La Guayabina, also from Cajamarca, and also typically performed only by men. They also wear some costumes which you didn’t mention.
- Danza de Los Guerreros Cascabeleleros de Kañaris/Cañaris, only twelve men dance.
- Danza Diablos de Cajabamba, as they carry their rattlers in their hand and they wear elaborate devil masks, which you didn’t mention.
- Danza Pujllay, it’s Bolivian and to my knowledge not performed in other regions unlike Caporales >>1674527
I’m sure there are others but it’s were I stopped as I realised there were a lot of regions and a lot of dances that borrow elements from each other.
I didn’t want to come back and just go on and on about the “rattlers”, but after I posted >>1674540 and >>1674621 I realised the chajchas (also known as chapchas) are made from animal hooves and that the ones made from dried seed pods are mostly referred to as maichiles (though I also encountered shinshiles and shilshiles). These names may assist you if you want to find other dances that I failed to mention and that you might also like. A mis nonitas Peruanas, un “lo siento” preventivo por si he descrito o escrito algo incorrectamente, ya que no fue mi intención. Sólo me emociona aprender, en especial de nuestros increíbles culturas y tradiciones ♥

No. 1676848

Does anyone have that screencap(I think from the Tinfoil pr /2X/) of a nonna complaining about how gay men rule the word for centuries and hate women and rape boys and girls cause they hate women.

No. 1676916

No. 1678189

Old schoolish black and white photo of a saxophonist playing at an intimate venue. I think he is playing the sax so hard he is lying on his back, meanwhile these three guys are so into it they look like they are jizzing in progressively harder degrees

No. 1678194

A collage of pictures that showed women could often pass as men but almost impossible for men to pass as the opposite sex, it looked like it was from some research.

No. 1678198

Idk about this but I saw a video of an agent saying women can fake being man like shorter people can fake being taller to avoid beings identified but the other way around is impossible, don't think this is a new concept. In the old times, a lot of women had to fake their identities to get jobs or titles they wouldn't be able to do so otherwise.

No. 1678203

It's not just research, it's a standard practice for the glowies. In intelligence agencies, they know that women can pass as men, but men can't pass as women.

No. 1678223

anyone have that picture of the stud in a pink suit(?) ensemble holding a big flower bouquet with a cigarette hanging out her mouth, and i think the picture is taken a little from a above like those new york doorsteps? she had braids iirc if that helps

No. 1678227

File: 1693084389166.jpg (65.11 KB, 880x542, big jay mcneely.jpg)

doublepost, here it is. as soon as i read saxophonist i knew exactly which photograph you were talking about

No. 1678250

I feel like I know what you're talking about. It was used as a threadpic for one of the tim threads on /snow/. It was originally posted in the thread before that one, and nonnas were talking about the source (an intelligence officer discussing cross gender undercover disguises). I can't look through right now, but I can find it for you when I'm back if you stil haven't got it by then.

No. 1678270

it's in this video, at around 3:17

No. 1678290

Thank you! This is what I was looking for.

No. 1678336

Please nonnies. I'm searching for an old manga, can't remember its name. It was something like Ilogenes (or not, idk).
It was a light BL/insinuated BL manga, one of the guys had black hair and eye color of a peacock feather, the other guy had blond hair. I remember them being in some kind of military uniforms but the story wasn't outright about war. I think there was something special about the main guy. The art was very pretty. I read this like 10 years ago, it was still ongoing and I'm trying to find it again so I can finish it.

No. 1678361

can't find the art resources thread in /m/

No. 1678371

File: 1693095478645.jpg (49.14 KB, 384x683, 1610497596376.jpg)

I know you got the vid already but here's the collage too

No. 1678379

You were already close, nonny. Ilegenes is the title; there are two of them, one is the sequel. Haven't read it but they're on my read list.

No. 1678381

What was that game called or what were its exact rules where you sit in a circle and A whispers B a question that involves another player, and B has to say their answer out loud, and something decides whether it gets revealed what question A asked?

No. 1678446

File: 1693103009822.gif (440.84 KB, 498x342, IMG_6281.gif)

Could somebody please help me find a blog that may or may not exist anymore? It was a Gyaru/Hime blog from a girl in Finland. I was obsessed with her when I was really young, think she was popular in like 2008ish? Her brother passed away suddenly and she stopped blogging in English after that, iirc. I loved her and would love to see that old blog I was obsessed with. I know it’s vague, but maybe someone remembers. Thank you!

No. 1679045

Thank yoooou!

No. 1679059

Does anyone remember that one fakeboi on tumblr who was androgynous first who posted a storytime video about 2 percent milk? Iirc it was shot in her bedroom and another one of her videos involved a Harry Styles cutout. I checked up on her a few years ago and saw she trooned out completely but the videos were still up, she might have taken them all down now but I can't remember and can't find anything now matter how hard I try googling/dorking. Her name was Dylan iirc, she was the typical short slightly chubby enby right before there was an enby with glasses and a men's crew with the hair left on top.

No. 1679069

No. 1679219

I'm thinking about Pin/Pikkupin but I think that was 2012-ish

No. 1679283

She’s not the girl I am thinking of, maybe her name was Sonija or Silija? I do remember Pikkupin though! Crazy to look back at this scene.

No. 1679310

File: 1693150969848.png (56.57 KB, 610x681, carina90.PNG)

Hi nonnies.
This one's a doozy, and I hope you'll help me. I love writing, and the major inspiration for the way that I write comes from one particular woman. I only remember the name of the book she wrote, which she named a word press page of. Her prose is beautiful, unique, and emotionally driven. I regret so bad not buying her poetry book when she released it. I'm wondering if she has any social media accounts now that might be linked to her, or if there's anything you can find that might link me to a way that can contact her. I really want to get in touch with her and let her know what an impact she's had on me, and if I can still buy her book. This is a link to the word press account, and picrel is a section of her prose. Her old deviantart account (where I found her) was carina 90, but I'm sure it's changed now.


No. 1679329

to add, her full name is Megan Madgwick. She went under both the firefly liberation, corina90, and starfish and seafires.

No. 1680061

Lady Gaga singing Paparazzi at 2009 MTV awards video

No. 1680243

does anyone know the word for that political(?) stance where a person wants countries to merge/become one ? all i can find is patriot and diplomat and obviously that's not at all what i mean, maybe it's because i used the word "unite" in my query but i meant literally uniting. can't find anything when i look up things related to not wanting borders either

No. 1680245


No. 1680246

No. 1680860

File: 1693270058496.jpg (222.95 KB, 427x660, or76rftd.jpg)

Wondering if anons can help me find this illustration or what the costume/outfit is from in terms of her stuff

No. 1681278

File: 1693294115764.jpeg (97.81 KB, 450x601, IMG_1427.jpeg)

Does anyone have that image of the genderbent king if the hill cast? It’s just the genderbent version of the guys sitting around a table outdoors. I just wanna see middle aged women

No. 1681283

File: 1693294361593.jpg (147.22 KB, 1280x1117, XE4Aw2C.jpg)

No. 1681292

i approve of a female koh remake

No. 1681321

File: 1693297697118.png (90.98 KB, 540x548, IMG_1207.png)

Thanks Nonna!

No. 1682188

that meme of the goodfellas(or sopranos) guys being surrounded by pink flowers and sparkles and other girly shit it cracks me up everytime, i think they have flowercrowns too

No. 1682193

omfg this is fucking amazing i wish i knew the artist

No. 1682298

This is cozy.

No. 1682301

It is, I imagine they're a bunch of farmers having an irl meet up and gossiping.

No. 1682310

Video of these Russians or from some other Eastern European country. It was a bald man in a tracksuit holding a bottle of vodka bobbing with his head and then he had two ladies dancing by him and he was sitting on a car and they were just in the woods listening to Mr. Saxobeat, he says something too.

No. 1682643

File: 1693413025788.jpeg (332.58 KB, 1169x1678, IMG_0429.jpeg)

Can ANYONE PLEASE help me find this top AND/OR what the style is called? I love this almost-halter but not-halter look

No. 1682714

File: 1693418009107.png (730.41 KB, 1349x641, gogo.png)

chinese style backless crop top

For future reference, you can find it with Google Lens, on both desktop and mobile. Just go to Google and search by image and upload your pic. It might even automatically select the item in the picture that you're looking for, but if it doesn't, you can crop it out yourself right there.

No. 1682729

There was a game that I played many years ago, it was sort of an experimental puzzle game with incredibly beautiful piano music. It took place in a building with sunlight coming in through the windows and there were plants but I don't remember anything else

No. 1682744

Can you give us more info? The art style, the medium, was it a flash game, console or pc, time period or when you played it, pov?

No. 1682758

File: 1693420914424.jpg (46.77 KB, 634x474, 9b410196771e9a37d1206cad60946e…)

>a custom emoji of 3 people holding hands but they all have the clown emoji as heads
>picrel but a meme edit of her face, pretty sure the eyes and mouth were edited to be bigger and the nose removed?

No. 1683132

File: 1693456282953.jpg (998.01 KB, 1166x836, Hatsune Miku (?) by @sentiment…)

Nonatella, the illustration was made by:
- https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/155285
- https://kzntagdf.fanbox.cc/
- @ancotakuch.4906 on YouTube
- @sentiment_color on Twitter
From what I gather, it was made for an event (?) and used in merchandise per: https://www.vocaloidnews.net/hatsune-miku-birthday-party-event-announced-nanba-marui-shibuya-marui/
When it comes to the outfit(s), I don’t think I understand the question. To me her outfit looks like an embroidered broderie anglaise pinafore dress (sometimes I see this style referred to as apron) with flutter sleeves. As far as the colourful embroidery on it, it’s generic to me as I’ve seen it on traditional “costumes” from a bunch of different countries. None of the other outfits and their embroideries seem distinct enough for me to help you pinpoint them further. Sorry!

No. 1683464

pc, 2010s, first person

No. 1684211

File: 1693561450835.jpg (1.64 MB, 2268x4032, 20230901_123842.jpg)

Anyone know what type of jellyfish is this? It's in Black Sea and it's flat like a waffle. It was white/transparent and had these gold stripes that looked like they were flickering or just having bubbles go up and down. I saw two them today.

No. 1684499

File: 1693592151945.jpeg (88.59 KB, 828x532, A7C64DCE-2CD8-4A0A-9FDD-1EB652…)

An anon’s drawing of Elsie and the engineer from TF2 laughing together I NEED TO SAVE IT AGAIN SOMEONE PLEASE

No. 1684539

File: 1693594647877.png (417.17 KB, 765x430, Jellyfish_ID_-_Compass_GOm6Z8X…)

like this nona?

No. 1684689

I remembered it wrong lol but I found them.

No. 1685999

No. 1686138

This was back on tumblr but it was a video of an Asian lady at an airport and she looks sad/upset? And this random white guy passes by and she’s looking at him but doesn’t notice her and she looks upset afterwards. Anyways, there’s a song overlayed the video and all I can remember is it was called “apathy” and the cover art was black with a red rose I believe ?? And I’m trying to remember the artists name

No. 1686152

Late reply but that's the one! Thank you nona

No. 1687184

File: 1693819125078.png (168.56 KB, 394x390, p.png)

here u go, nona: >>1654299
this is it: >>596437

No. 1688169

No. 1688717

File: 1693950592611.png (104.2 KB, 559x279, Immagine.png)

does anyone know where can i buy shoes like this? they don't need to be exactly the ones in the pic, just black platform boots without the zipper.
i live in italy

No. 1688773

That video where it's an English? Guy being arrested for public intoxication and they keep asking for his name but he gives total gibberish. they're like you're under arrest and he's like for what what.

No. 1688842

File: 1693960341900.jpg (723.52 KB, 3072x3072, botitasparalanonita.JPG)

These seem to be Vagabond Dioons, I just found a few sizes in Amazon.se (38, 39 and 40) perhaps they ship to Italy? Alternatively, and if you’re not opposed to AliExpress, I found these which are uglier but don’t have zippers and are patent “leather”. In the image “yours” are on top and the ones from Ali are on the bottom.

No. 1689123

thanks, i couldn't find them on amazon so perhaps they don't ship to italy. you're right the aliexpress ones are uglier but i will resort to them if i can't find anything better. thanks a lot anyway!

No. 1689356

I’m sorry I couldn’t help you, Nonatella. Earlier I saw them on Sweden’s Amazon but now they only appear on Belgium’s site. Buying from Amazon in other countries has been hit or miss for me so far but in the off chance you’re able to purchase them from Italy, here’s Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com.be/dp/B00VHX5D10
Buona fortuna on your continued search!

No. 1689481

no need to go through amazon, the brand themsleves seem to ship to italy

i bope you get your shoes nona

No. 1689590

File: 1694045636862.jpg (858.12 KB, 3072x3072, botitas para la nonita - the s…)

Nonatella, if you’re a size 38, you’re in luck! I found these: https://zibru.com/en/ankle-boots/1117-4731-sedai-nd41-black-patent.html#/385-size-38 from a Polish site, which are a bit closer to yours than the Ali ones. Unfortunately, still uglier than “yours”. On the plus side, they are on sale.
These seem to be an older style that is not available on their website or any other European site from my searches. Which is why I pointed her to Amazon.

No. 1689822

File: 1694065009160.png (15.26 KB, 735x583, sh0rt.png)

can some anon help me find the shorts like I've drawn? paperbag, made by h&m, 30% linen, very large front faced pockets. they were bought at a thrift store and I want more for walks.

No. 1689837

uniqlo had paperbag waist linen shorts this past summer but the website only has a few odd sizes left. they tend to stock the same type each year so you may be able to get next summer. old navy sells women's linen shorts in general but idk if they have any as close to yours as the uniqlo ones are.

No. 1690310

File: 1694106030851.jpg (66.68 KB, 800x800, koi-footwear-nd41-black.jpg)

thanks but like the other nona site they don't sell them here anymore
thank you, i'm not a size 38 but on that site i could find these in a size 39 that are pretty much what i wanted. they're not shiny but i'll live with that! thank you sm!

No. 1691125

You’re welcome, Nonatella! I’m so happy I was able to help you. As silly as it might sound this made my day. Grazie for coming back and sharing. May you have a lovely weekend! ♥

No. 1692106

File: 1694250501148.jpg (702.42 KB, 1500x1000, Mt-Fuji-in-Winter.jpg)

I'm trying to remember an anime I watched that had a scene where the characters visited a snowy location that looked very similar to this valley by Mt Fuji. They also stayed in a place that looked very similar to the building in picrel.
Part of me keeps thinking it is from Haganai/Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, but that's not it. I feel like it might've come from a similar anime that I watched around the same time.

No. 1692166

Looking for an anime, I don't remember anything at all except for the fact that the protagonist was a teen girl with dark skin and short-ish blue(?) hair. It was probably some late 90s/early 00s anime, likely shounen. I think it was aired in some European countries, too.

No. 1692171

File: 1694259270462.png (805.32 KB, 1080x1567, IMG_1640.png)

Anyone know what ib this is? Doesn’t seem to be indexed.

No. 1692182

Nadia and the secret of blue water ?

No. 1692185

Oh my god yes, thanks for the fast reply

No. 1692477

File: 1694281014688.png (1.6 MB, 1080x2400, image0.png)

Anyone can help me find these shoes ooor very very similar? I've been coveting them for a looong time.. Help pls! Ty in advance

No. 1692480

the look like demonia stomps. they have different models

No. 1692486

Ah, crap! Any sites you know that safely ship them to Europe and maybe aren't 100 dollars?

No. 1692487

sorry, no. maybe you can find them second hand? the original ones will be around that price point, but second hand will be cheaper. you can find knock-offs on places like aliexpress, but i have no idea how safe the shipping will be, never got anything that bigger than an envelope from there.

No. 1692701

the name of these small coconut cakes i found at the store. i can't find anything even close when i look them up because literal frosting and all big cakes come up and they didn't look anything like that. they have almost a muffin-like shape but not quite (sharper? smoother?). i'm not sure if they are european but an elderly neighbor once got me those from germany as a child, and they were one of the best cakes i have ever eaten tbh. the ones at the store had several european language translations on it so i assume it must be an import from there. i can only remember one of the translations being kokos-something, and i know that just means coconut so it's not really helpful… sorry for my shit description skills but please help !!! they were a pale beige color

No. 1692781

Maybe coconut macaroons/kokosanki?

No. 1692785

omg YES !!! thank you anon !!

No. 1692793

Chick fil a drive thru driver

No. 1692821

No. 1693917

Does anyone know a Japanese streetwear brand (not from Japan or Asia at all preferably) that isn't head to toe weebstuff? Something more wearable outside.

No. 1693926

A Japanese streetwear brand that isn't Japanese?

No. 1693968

TokiDoki? It’s actually an Italian brand, I used to collect the little blind box unicornos.

No. 1694452

I guess I don't want to ship from Japan or deal with their sizing, if they were global but Japanese (if that makes sense) it would be fine. I already know some Japanese brands, as a last resort I will go for them.

I don't really have a cutesy clothing style but yeah super cute, great option for anyone into that, thanks.

No. 1696349

Need a period cup that's at least 60+ml. I have a 30 ml cup that I have to empty like every other hour the first few days of my period. The last half of my period though I only have to empty it 2-3 times a day

No. 1696375


No. 1697375

File: 1694657315870.png (1.46 MB, 1022x768, song.png)

Please help me find the singer of this japanese song! I have no idea what this says because I can't read kanji nor hiragana. Here's the song (it's in an advertisement compilation)

No. 1697398

File: 1694658161373.png (657.13 KB, 820x614, text.png)

there's also this text

No. 1697410

Ok I found her name is さとう珠緒 Tamao Sato and the campaign is アートネイチャー but I still don't know what the song is and now I'm looking for this one too.

No. 1697470

nvm found them here: https://sonichits.com/video/さとう珠緒/恋をしよう_(Koi_O_Shiyou)?track=1
titles are 不機嫌なくちびる and Tokyoムーランルージュ

No. 1697667

File: 1694676025634.png (31.39 KB, 1745x322, B26.png)

is it this one?

No. 1698304

File: 1694729163331.png (1.46 MB, 872x1208, 4090788_737148641348305_908906…)

Can anyone help me find the original artist of this ? (i tried reverse image search and i found nothing). I'm 99% sure the artist who made this acrylic stand is not the one who drew it.

No. 1698305

File: 1694729223750.png (1.99 MB, 952x948, ep3RFds.png)

Fore reference, this is what she usually post, there is no way it's the same artist

No. 1698351

does anyone have that 4fags greentext where an anon tries therapy and talks about self harm tendencies and then on his next appointment his therapist has a box cutter in her pen holder kek

No. 1699195

Nonas, I'd love you dearly if you helped me find that one autistic artist who made Mario vent art about getting mildly bullied in a discord server.

No. 1699201

anyone know the name of that one schizo female youtuber? last video of hers i recall watching she was like "the ideal relationship between me and my shrink is me telling him what meds i need and him giving to me" lol

No. 1699454

File: 1694853140156.png (567.65 KB, 768x999, prawnm33gojo.png)

Couldn't find the og artist but the face is suspiciously similar to this prawnm33 drawing. Maybe they traced over the face and glued to a generic anime boy body. This is just an assumption on my part though.

No. 1700230

File: 1694946819507.webm (2.14 MB, 576x1024, dalida paroles paroles.webm)

does anyone have the full performance of this song by dalida and alain delon ? i swear it used to be the first video to pop up when you looked it up but for some reason the only trace i could find of it is vidrel as a clip on tiktok. it's not on INA's youtube channel, and i can't even find any images of it when i search it up! wtf is going on, i'm so frustrated. can anyone help me find it? i've had no luck searching on archive.org but maybe i just don't know how to look things up efficiently on there

No. 1700245

here nonnie

No. 1700257

omg, thank you so much anon ! i can finally rest my mind kek, i literally started thinking it was lost to time.

No. 1702433

It's like an early 2000s toonstyle 3D animation made in like rudimentary blendr or something of a furry animal voring another furry animal and there's some really calming lullabyish dramatic Enya type song in the background

No. 1703406

I'm looking for a high resolution picture of a paiting with several women dancing around in long white dresses (they all had one breast out). It was light green-ish overall. It was used as a thread picture on lolcow for a while but now I can't find it anymore and I don't really remember what the thread was for. I have no idea who the artist is either, and I can't find it from google.

No. 1703426

but why do you wanna find that…

No. 1703436

A website where I could view tiktoks without having an account, sort of like nitter.net.

No. 1704698

thank youuuu now i can go and harass her for tracing !!

No. 1704717


No. 1705011

Thanks, but do you know any other ones? This one doesn't let me view the videos unless I download them to my device.

No. 1705368

ntayrt but let us know how it goes please lol

No. 1705574

I'm looking for a tumblr post that had a young black woman wearing yellow roller skating. A reply on the post had a perfectly balanced snapshot of the video and was edited to be a representation of the The World in the tarot deck. I really loved it but I don't have a tumblr anymore and can't find it via google.

No. 1705637

Rock Sound Magazine used to make these sample cds and i am asking help to find the playlist (or list so i can make playlists) for years 2000-2007
Thank you love u nonna of infinite research patience

No. 1705783

I just looked up how to watch tiktok videos without a tiktok account on Google and clicked on one of the first articles so maybe you can find more on Google and try them out

No. 1706096

I found it for me but hope others enjoy (maybe)

No. 1707377

File: 1695681469051.jpeg (183.66 KB, 940x1200, IMG_1938.jpeg)

Could someone help me find a website that provides knitting patterns? I got some pretty yarn today and really want to try making an oversized cardigan.

No. 1707380

Have you looked on Etsy?

No. 1707388

Ravelry and youtube.

No. 1707396

A cardigan is not a beginners item, have you made anything else yet?

No. 1707746

File: 1695720113230.gif (169.08 KB, 220x220, IMG_1939.gif)

Thank you both!

Yes, this won’t be my first project so I’m looking for something a bit more challenging.

No. 1707747

christopher watermeier

No. 1707846

This was posted on lolcow before but it was an art piece of a man being eating by a woman on a bed and he’s in a dark room surrounded by photos of the woman eating him.

No. 1707892

kek no but i really wanna see it. have you tried searching 4chan greentext therapist?

No. 1707894

File: 1695736160915.png (684.08 KB, 573x762, cuppy.PNG)

No. 1707899

Tumblr post that goes like “she so pale” and then the next tumblr post is an ugly white chihuahua. Please and thank you mwah

No. 1707940

The nixit cup is similar to flex but reusable. It has really saved my life as someone with heavy periods and low cervix. Not only is it 70 ml, it can empty itself when you pee (but doesnt leak easily in other situations). And to not sound like a commercial bot there are other brands with similar cups like lumma, saalt and cora. Some call them menstrual discs.

No. 1707986

File: 1695748265381.jpg (69.99 KB, 565x565, Mobestiary_Cover.jpg)

PLEASE help me find Minecraft: Mobestiary .pdf! I wanna read it SO bad but I can't physically get a copy and I don't wanna give Mojang money…

No. 1708029

you need an account if you want to read the full book

No. 1708055

>>1708029 Thank you! It was so close.. But no cigar.. It says that book is unavailable to be borrowed and "Book available to patrons with print disabilities.". Any other places? Maybe with just the .pdf alone?

No. 1708074

I don't know enough about minecraft to know if this is what you're looking for or if it the "full" pdf but I tried annas-archive and it came up

No. 1708088

File: 1695757521605.png (643.87 KB, 816x843, Screenshot from 2023-09-26 22-…)

>>1708074 YES! Thank you! This is it! Thank you so so much, I'll be bookmarking this site. Any future nonnas who want to find Mobestiary; the pictures are crap like picrel (I suppose so you can't flat out steal them), but for the lore purposes it works.

No. 1708323

File: 1695789444067.png (805.9 KB, 832x631, Oumi Janta - The World (Tarot)…)

I think this might be it, Nona. In case it’s not, the skater’s name is Oumi Janta.

No. 1710113

An internet safety website shown in UK primary schools ~2010. Had a cartoon you could click through where there was a guy called 'meatcider' who some boys were talking to thinking he was also a child.

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