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No. 346212

What are you watching? What do you recommend watching?
Discuss your favorite (or not) series ITT!

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No. 346228

I'm finally watching Breaking Bad, and I'm only on season 3 but I don't know why everyone online hates Skylar. She's the only reasonable character in the entire show kek

No. 346229

because she's a woman and she gets in the way of walt's gay moid power fantasy

No. 346230

I just started the prequel spin-off “better call Saul”. It’s been so long since I’ve watched BB but going to revisit afterwards

Exactly this

No. 346240

After months of refusing to do so because they changed the original story so much, I finally started watching Interview with the Vampire and I love it!

Or rather loved it, because Claudia is annoying af, I hope she will be gone fast. I get that casting a young adult to play a teen is easier than keeping the original child role, but did they have to make her into a walking quirky zoomer stereotype? Kirsten Dunst (who was great despite being super young) also made you hate her because she was an intelligent cunning little sociopath but new Claudia looks 18 yet behaves like a retarded 11yo boy who's stomping through the world. Her worries about never being a proper woman also aren't believable because she does look like a young woman? Especially a 100 years ago nobody would have refered to her as a little child, they might not even have bought that young-looking Louis could be her father, oftentimes they look more like a couple which is uncomfortable to watch.

It's interesting that back then Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt didn't even kiss, meanwhile now they can have sex and share a coffin…but it's nice that their love is shown more.
All in all it does seem like a high quality production to me, the costumes are nice and New Orleans is of course always lovely, no matter the century. Sometimes it's a bit too woke (e.g. why would they have used the word "queer" back then?) but in general the change from Louis being a slave owner to being a brothel owner was done well enough.

No. 346252

It's this >>346229 and I've seen a lot of moids infuriated that she had an affair on poor sick dying (abusive piece of shit drug lord) Walt

No. 346262

Skylar is my favorite character. She's based and and so brave to stand up to Walt's constant bullshit just to protect her family. He constantly gaslights her too and makes her entire family think she's some huge bitch but somehow moids side with Walt over her.

No. 346269

Is Tape Face kept in a cage beneath the Pasedena Civic Auditorium? It's as if AGT is his own personal purgatory.

No. 346301

Thanks for basically warning me not to watch this garbage

No. 346344

File: 1704293879275.jpg (2.96 MB, 4096x3072, F2Fa82rWcAI9HJC.jpg)

I'm watching Sopranos for the first time and while I do love Melfi, especially after the ending of season 3 Episode 4, it's interesting to see just how awkward her approach to therapy is at times.
Obviously nowadays we have more guidance on how to go about certain situations, but I'm on the verge of pulling out my hair when she doesn't even bother to initiate a further conversation after Tony says something that has a lot of potential of getting him to open up.

No. 346360

File: 1704302263747.jpg (250.54 KB, 1175x1763, images (3).jpg)

I just finished season 1 of this show called From. First of all it's a really stupid name, and it makes looking up discussions on an already less popular series pretty much impossible.
But anyways I think it's a nice concept I just wish there was even a small explanation of literally anything, but I'm gonna start watching season 2 and see what comes up lol. I think shows like this really benefit from being more typical 22 episode type shows, because there's so many characters, and they each get time to be more fleshed out, but somehow there was enough boring filler in these 10 episodes

No. 346365

Nta but anon's criticisms are so minor. It's a really good show outside of the things she mentioned. And I never personally got the impression that Claudia talked like a zoomer (though I agree thar her actress is too old for the part.) As someone who loved VC as a teenager, I was really happy with the show. It stays true to the characterization and themes of the book while also adding some fresh ideas.

No. 346370

>stays true to the characterization and themes of the book
Is that true? I haven't read the books but I watched the new show with a big Anne Rice fan and apparently the reporter is acting completely out of character right from the start because in the books he was obsessed with becoming immortal immediately after the events of Interview With a Vampire. Like he's so obsessed that after hearing Louis' story he immediately drives 24 hours or something to search for Lestat because he wants to be a vampire so badly (eventually he gets someone else to turn him) and the idea that he would have lived a normal life and let himself age into an old man when he knows vampires are real is absurd, he would have died trying.

No. 346374

I started watching it also for the first time a few months ago. I find the show a bit frustrating at times(just the characters not so much the show itself) and also expected it to be more violent , but I’m not complaining about that part. It’s an interesting show and I enjoy the dry humor of it.
I so badly wanted Carmela to boink the priest tho kek

No. 346390

File: 1704318036572.gif (1.52 MB, 498x374, newguy-12-oz.gif)

I watched 12oz Mouse for the first time the other day and a few episodes into the second season it started to click and now I can't get it out of my head.

I only watched the original 2 seasons, It was revived for a 3rd season in 2020 but we all know how that kind of thing goes and I heard it was no good so I'm ignoring season 3. There's a version of the first two seasons of episodes that was recut into a movie and I'd like to find that and watch it next.

It gets a lot of hate from animation nerds for being "low effort" but I came to realize that the low effort character designs and animation are part of the point, like how the play Our Town is performed on a bare stage. The writing and voice acting is also not what I expected at all, I imagined that the low-effort animation was meant to carry improv comedy like in ATHF or Home Movies but it's really not comedic and funny-haha as much as it is funny-weird and bizarre and unsettling. The pacing is extremely slow and the first few episodes are just throwaway gags, I had a hard time believing that it was David Lynch influenced but then at a certain point it really becomes more than the sum of its parts in a way I can only describe as Lynchian. It's a lot like Twin Peaks in how it throws random situations and visuals and characters and snippets of conversation at you and you kindof have to feel out what the point they're making is. There is a plot of sorts, but it's buried in all that other stuff and the plot isn't necessarily the point. Before you ask, no I was not smoking weed and that is not why I came to enjoy it.

Has anyone else watched this show and do you think you "got it"?

No. 346401

No pls watch it, it is still nice! lol

Imo she definitely behaves and also talks in a very stereotypical nowadays kid way, being bratty, sassy and they even have her do a vampire version of self harm. It's especially annoying and offputting because she still behaves that way years after becoming a vampire, like inside she's 25 and yet does things like smashing a macaron on the wall for fun…? Even if they now spoil her, she still grew up as a poor and abused black girl in 1900, in reality at 14 she would be basically considered an adult already, so it's just unrealistic that she'd turn this way immediately after becoming a vampire.
Book Claudia is smart and evil beyond her years in how she kills and gets her way, and this one is the total opposite.

I was so focused on the other 3 that I totally forgot that his story makes zero sense. You're absolutely right, he'd have rather killed himself than not becoming a vampire as soon as possible after the interview. I guess in my mind I kind of started mixing him up with David (he's very similar to him now, maybe this was even the shows intention?), so I thought Oh well, he will get turned before he's so old that he dies.

No. 346407

Claudia is devious and relatively smart in the book, but she was still impulsive and short-sided. Of the three leads, she's the most different from the books in terms of personality, but I just didn't get the impression that she was super anachronistic in terms of performance. I will say though that Kirsten Dunst gave a better performance.

I can't really argue with your point about Daniel, it's a pretty big difference that he chose to move on. However I think the show uses that difference as an opportunity to take his character in interesting directions. It makes the issue of his mortality more urgent, for one, and his jaded sarcasm while giving the interview is a nice contrast to Louis' narration. Idk, that's definitely subjective though.

No. 346492

File: 1704369044890.png (229 KB, 1470x744, redditmoment.png)

Has anyone here been keeping up with the new Percy Jackson Disney+ show? It was hyped up for so long by fans who wanted a decent adaption of the story after the movies dropped the ball, but it's turned out to be almost as divisive as the movies. The pacing is horrible, the acting is wooden and nobody behaves like a real life human, and the episodes are sanitized to hell and back with muddled conflicts and zero action even though they're each being made on a 10+ million dollar budget.

Picrel the entire fanbase is on turbocope mode about how badly the show has turned out. It’s become impossible to criticize any aspect of the show without the discussion going to shit because fans feel like they need to defend it. Whenever you want to point out a flaw, the response is always “it’s for kids, who cares if it’s lazy?” and “the author is involved this time, so we have to respect his vision!” As a kid who used to be obsessed with the series, I remember seething over how disloyal the first two movie adaptations were to the books, but honestly… the movies are much more watchable and coherent than this new show, which is insane.

Even though the show is trash, I feel bad for the child actors. They haven’t done very well, but I think that’s mostly the fault of a terrible script and even worse direction. There’s only so much they can do with what little they’re given. I think it was especially retarded to cast a black actress to play an unambiguously blonde-haired, blue-eyed character, but that’s not that little girl’s fault. If anything, Riordan set her up for failure. Annabeth’s physical appearance is mentioned constantly in the books, so it was incredibly naive to think a colorblind casting for this role wouldn’t receive any flack whatsoever. I can’t help but find it callous that he basically put a child in a position to receive so much racist hatred and his only real response to any of it was, “don’t listen to the haters, I chose you.” Like, thanks? What fucking good does that do?

Idk, I am pretty bummed out about this, and I was wondering what other anons had to say about it. I was holding out hope that this would turn out good because I have so much nostalgia for the books, but it might be a lost cause at this point. In my opinion, the PJO books are already very dated and don’t have any of the same timeless charm as something like Harry Potter, so maybe that’s why an adaptation was always doomed to fail.

No. 346551

File: 1704402423412.jpeg (373.64 KB, 1440x1080, IMG_3061.jpeg)

I need to go back to The Borgias, I was on season 2. I enjoy Jeremy Irons as Rodrigo and the political plots (some things are painfully stupid though), the costumes are great. I didn’t get to incest yet but I don’t like Lucrezia or Cesare that much so I don’t really care. Sucks that they cancelled it before last season, it deserved grand finale.

No. 346553

File: 1704402782249.jpeg (247 KB, 1200x670, IMG_3062.jpeg)

Samefag, I’m also on the last season of Sex and the City. Can’t wait to finish it, the seasons 1-2 are good and have more gritty mood than the rest of the series, then it goes between clever and painfully stupid sometimes. I have couple more episodes left, then I’m hopping onto Girls (which has very mixed reviews).

No. 346554

Shit nona I loved 12 oz mouse, I really fucking miss the Adult Swim renaissance of the late 2000s

No. 346555

File: 1704403376526.jpeg (37.1 KB, 500x282, IMG_3064.jpeg)

I don’t want to nitpick but it’s SkylEr (sorry, the spelling with an a just particularly annoys me). And yes, she’s great and has one of the best lines in the show. Moids hate her because of the 'cheating' with Ted (which she was absolutely justified in) and because she doesn’t let Walt play up his little drug lord fantasy as freely as he wants to.

No. 346557

File: 1704403707858.png (3.01 MB, 1130x1350, Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 1.29…)

Is anyone else watching The Curse? I had no idea what to expect going in, but I love it and can't wait to see where the story is going. It's a dark comedy/slow burn 'horror' (kinda) written by Nathan Fielder and one of the Safdie brothers (Uncut Gems) and it really shows. If you like anything Nathan Fielder has been involved with then you'd appreciate the cringe/humor/tension of the show.

No. 346559

Q: Is this released weekly? Because I'd love to jump on a Paramount+ account for a trial, or a month, just to watch everything in bulk.

No. 346566

Yes, they release weekly. It's almost at the end, I think tomorrow is the drop of episode 9 (out of 10 total)

No. 346577

My issue with Skyler is that she shouldn't have cooperated with Walt at all. If she knew Walt was a drug dealer and he wasn't going to stop, there wasn't any reason for her to not tell the police.

No. 346579

Thank you for the validation nona, I also miss those days! They took some wild chances on experimental ideas.

No. 346591

At first she didn’t want her kids to remember their dad as criminal and then the longer she knew the more complicit she was.I think? The lawyer explanation was too muddly for me but yeah, I don’t think her hands were that tied at the start. I enjoy her criminal shenanigans though, especially her intelligence and cunning in comparison to Walt getting progressively dumber.

No. 346602

Enjoy, nona! It's so worth it. Season 3 is when things really start to turn up.

I still haven't watched BCS but I really need to, so thanks for the reminder. I love Bob Odenkirk and his journey from comedy into prestige TV.

Anna Gunn is so brilliant as Skyler. In the famous "I am the one who knocks" scene she gives a thousand conflicting feelings without saying anything. Exasperated, over it, can't fucking believe Walt thinks he's cool or something, but at the same time still overwhelmed and scared and trapped.

No. 346607

File: 1704417534404.jpeg (333.32 KB, 1059x1448, IMG_3065.jpeg)

She is a great actress, I love Cranston and Paul but I’m kinda mad they got the most recognition while moids make fun of Anna’s weight gain (even though the guy who played Hank sports two chins now). Breaking Bad is a good show but it has the worst fanbase made up of Redditor/MRA moid types with jokes repeated to death.

No. 346648

I just finished breaking bad yesterday. Never understood why Skyler gets so much hate as she isn't the most annoying character in the series and a lot of her actions can be understood. Honestly, I think Jesse was the most annoying character for me.
And the opinion of moids does influence my decision. They hate Skyler but just love Jesse for some reason and excuse everything he did as "being manipulated".

No. 346979

Does it have any jumpscares? I'm such a wuss but i like Nathan Fielder's work

No. 347283

I'm obsessed with this skit show they are so funny

No. 347316

File: 1704738554321.jpg (71.9 KB, 736x736, ce680ca086c4ad38d3597e0fcd20ae…)

Friends gets called overrated and basic but it's such a good comfort show/great for background noise. I got to the weird episode where Ross is thirsting over Denise Richards who plays his cousin, and what's going on with her pick me self and her OF daughter right now is just so wild. Like who would've thought back then

No. 347318

It's pure sexism. I watched the show a few years ago and while I enjoyed it, I noticed Skyler only got hate because she questioned Walter and his end goal. He was mean and gaslighting to her, as well as a liar. If he told her the truth from the beginning, they could have figured something out together. I also agree the worst character is Jesse, but moids would rather empathize with a literal drug addict/drug seller than a woman who makes sense. I bet they all cheered when Walter killed Jesse's girlfriend too. I fucking hate moids

No. 347320

Friends was a fun show, with good rewatchability. I feel like people just hated on it because majority of viewers were women.

No. 347324

It's been so long since I watched it. I watched a rerun on TV when I was in middle school with the French dub and I remember missing a lot of episodes. Someday I think I should rewatch it and some other American sitcoms I really enjoyed like The Nanny or Malcolm in the Middle but in English.

No. 347346

>I feel like people just hated on it because majority of viewers were women.
Or maybe some people just didn't find it funny. Can't you understand seeing people push the same show for decades, and when you finally watch it it's nothing? Same with The Office, Seinfeld, pretty much every show that's considered a classic.

No. 347990

File: 1705013099952.jpeg (156.26 KB, 1200x675, IMG_5906.jpeg)

Not sure if this belongs in here or the anime thread, but was Scott Pilgrim Takes Off any good?

No. 348006

Nona, I was so into this show years ago, I hope you enjoy it. I'm severely disappointed that it didn't get a last season, the cast was great. I feel a bit disappointed that they didn't include Adriana de Mila but that's just my Borgia autism showing up.

No. 348087

File: 1705067679448.jpg (126.23 KB, 691x1024, key-art-1-691x1024.jpg)

any other nonnas planning on watching this? i watched the other three seasons, the first one had a compelling storyline but the other two were underwhelming. i like jodie foster so i'm hoping it'll be good.

No. 348102

Season two was not as good as season one and season three was even worse. I still watched them though so I might watch this one. I wonder if jodie foster can save it?

No. 348136

I'm gonna watch it. I watched season 1 but not the others cus they seemed boring, I hope this one is as good as it looks.

No. 348215

No. 348462

Anyone else watching The trust rn? its pretty good and interesting to watch the social dynamics

No. 348478

Old news but I just finished Succession and yeah good series, really made by the actors.
ending was bad for everyone but also not really because they're all rich and comfortable so it's kinda fun

No. 348479

Just finished The Curse. What the fuck was that ending

No. 348781

I'm watching next in fashion and when gigi starts crying because the one person is eliminated you can kind of tell she liked them a lot and was hoping they'd make it further were her speech and stuff because she doesn't do it later for anyone else lol

No. 348867

There are many theories about it and strangely so many of them fit really well. Definitely a tv show i'll not easily forget.

No. 348967

File: 1705371281144.png (386.05 KB, 1062x788, Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 5.54.…)

Ugh.I thought I'd have some laughs and revisit some nostalgia from my high school days, turns out Jackass was completely recut for Paramount/Amazon. There's a warning about "outdated social norms" at the beginning of every episode, kek. In just the first episode they removed Johnny being shot out of a cannon and used the intro to Episode 2 for Episode 1 instead, (and reused the same intro again for Episode 2…?) The entire Wee-Man segment is cut out. A ton of the stunts are cut out now like Johnny jumping over the LA river, Naked Dave is cut out. ALL of the music (CKY and everything else) was removed and replaced by stock music, even the added sound effects are different. It's weird and it sucks now.

No. 349028

i'm watching love & death, only at ep 1 but elizabeth olsen, i like her but she be shaking her head a lot in many scenes, which kinda annoys me. i noticed some american actors do that a lot, idk if actors in other countries also do that or not, i haven't really noticed

No. 349060

Who can we blame for this?

No. 349074

File: 1705418484231.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1278x1017, IMG_2673.jpeg)

I love the topic it brings up, especially for being the 90s. Being a surrogate thinking it will be fine, but mentally being scarred after. Turning 30 without a stable relationship compared to your high school friends. Reading a book about feminism and bonding with your friends about it. Yearning for motherhood and ending up being infertile. It’s just all such important conversations about womanhood. It’s also female friendship goals. I really want to be roomies with a girl group in my 30s!!

No. 349077

Streaming services. Netflix removed one of the best episodes of Community because of Chang dressing up as a Drow.

No. 349081

> new murder mystery show with high production values
> full frontal female nudity in a sex scene not even 15 minutes in

ugh i'm so tired, nonnies. it felt so sudden and out of place. it's "death and other details" on hulu.

No. 349123

I finally finished all episodes of Interview with the Vampire and the ending was so surprising to me! I can't wait for the second season now, hopefully it won't take long…

No. 349143

…episodes? The only one I know is the tom cruise and brad pitt version

No. 349242

man episode one…. i think we're in for some reddit shit unfortunately. the magic of s1 is in its subtlety, the moments revealing some unfathomable metaphysics are few and far between and all questionable as rust's unreliable perspective. its like he and us as the audience are taking sideways glances at something unknowable hidden beneath the grit and mundanity of human lives, human violence, human suffering. the fact that the script is always played unflinchingly straight is also so unique and special in a time of tv that seems to fucking mock you for watching it in its ugly shallow dialogue. this last point may be just a problem with trying to write realistic dialogue for this moment in time, where, it is true, people talk in stupid internet memetic cliches. they could work around the decay of contemporary language in the 2012 segments of s1 because rust and marty are out of touch and stuck in their past, unable to move forward, and rust is antisocial anyway.
i think the scope is also key to s1s success. episode one is laser focused on rust and marty and their relationship, and this is the core of the show. nothing happens that isnt important to that dynamic in one way or another, every interaction they have comes back to them.

already in s4e1 they have introduced way too many characters. our focal point is liz and navarro but i could hardly pay attention to what we were getting told about them because another fucking character and relationship and dynamic was introduced every two seconds.
wrt what i said about s1 dialogue, the dialogue was the first thing that jumped out at me as grating in this episode (aside from the music, whoever was in charge of that needs to be shot). fucking hell, "my spirit animal eats old white ladies like you"??? "how did i fall for a white boy"????? the entire interaction between the father-son cop duo at the fathers house??????? FUCKING "SHE'S AWAKE". just awful, stilted, weighed down so heavily by twitter memespeech or just shallow nothingness. there was not a single line in the episode that struck me with the same immediate charm and intrigue that was so engrossing in s1. the only ones that stood out for me were the former ones that made me physically cringe to hear. and like i said, i know that it is not uncommon to come across people who unironically speak like that in current year, so i dont really know how id work around it if i wanted to write realistic contemporary dialogue. but to be honest, s1s dialogue went way off the rails of realism nearly every time rust spoke lol. but it was only possible for that to work with marty as the ultranormie straight man to rust's depressive shit. s4e1 characters hardly even seem like theyre talking to each other at all. i dont know how else to describe it. its so self conscious.

the supernatural shit happening ever 2 seconds just tired it out too!!!! if i was editing that episode down, i would keep the supernatural stuff to the ghost husband interpretive dance thing happening right after the dead wolf moves a bit. that was great. maybe i would start the episode with that (the beginning with the native man watching those terrible CGI reindeer run away from a MYSTERIOUS SOMETHING was uninspired and gave kind of a noble savage impression in an odd way) and have the police discover the bodies of the scientists frozen in the ice, and then move to investigate the abandoned lab. thered be so much more space to actually establish characters. i did really like navarro's run in with the polar bear at the end so i'd keep that but all the other gay little supernatural bits begone. and jesus christ, CUT the "SHE'S AWAKE" crap that was unbearable. if they had done it ONCE i may have let it slide. but they had to repeat it a million times because they have no respect for the audience. even if this does become a plot point where those who heard it bring it up and talk about it, which it won't, it's just so uninspired. a way better way to use that phrase would be to cut all the audio of it and have it written on the whiteboard in the lab instead of we're all dead or whatever.

anyway i liked jodie foster's performance especially when she was doing a little police brutality and being mildly racist. shes so hot so ill keep watching but i will also keep complaining. i never watched s2-3 but if anything this is really making me feel good about that decision.

No. 349244

whoops didnt realise i sperged out that hard. anyway in my defence i was just really hoping wed get something with interesting problematic women leads who were treated with the level of complexity and respect as rust and marty and it simply doesnt look like things will turn out that way. but it was probably crazy to hope for that lol.

No. 349251

This shit is why I don't care about streaming. Even if stuff on broadcast isn't that great either the ratings board keeps the writers in check.

No. 349270

File: 1705510449350.gif (9.5 MB, 540x460, b4ee14fbadc4ecd68cea3d0ce93563…)

kek sis where have you been? When they started filming there was quite some drama because they made Louis and Claudia black and they changed the setting to early 20th century. I thought it's gonna be trash and when I finally watched it there were some things that annoyed me >>346240 but in hindsight I loved it.

No. 349279

I refuse to watch this out of principle. Vampires should be ethereal 20-year-olds, not 40-year-old men who belong in a mid-tier police procedurals.

No. 349304

File: 1705523183022.jpeg (17.74 KB, 320x287, smack_the_pony.jpeg)

so happy to see smack the pony here! my all-time favourite show and a huge inspiration to me as a kid during the turn of the millenium - seeing funny women behave like idiots on TV.

No. 349337

You're so missing out, the chemistry between Lestat and Louis is insane

No. 349409

autistic pet peeve but even if it's period appropriate i don't like that they have short hair

No. 349440

Saw this for the first time during our lolcow mooovie night and thought it was hilarious, I never knew there was a female-oriented sketch show on the bbc

No. 349467

File: 1705569148732.png (4.92 MB, 2175x3223, IMG_6622.png)

I'm about halfway through and wondering where the plot is going next. Hamish as Father Paul is really delivering with the sermons and sexy in his tight pants. the first couple episodes I was skeptical (the alcoholic convict main character is a little dry compared to the rest of the cast and Bev is an annoying Karen) if I want to continue but it picked up. If I end up enjoying the ending of the series I may check out the directors other works. I'm not usually big on shows where the episodes are an hour if they span too long but it's kept my attention.

No. 349471

>I'm about halfway through and wondering where the plot is going next.
I said the exact same thing when I was watching it. Keep going, you’re in for a treat.
I’m convinced the majority of people who were shitting on it never actually finished it.

No. 349472

I remember when I wast watching BB I wasn’t surprised that Skylar was hated she fits into that box of unfortunately being a woman who tries to sway her man from doing dumb shit but unfortunately the dumb shit is what the show is about.
She’s being rational and normal in a show about making and selling drugs.

No. 349474

Westerners have been getting conditioned for the better part of a decade to accept colour blind casting because ~ diversity ~ instead of just making black (lets be honest that’s really the only race Westerners really care about championing for) characters.
I’ve seen some fans attacking Viera …she drew Annabeth as blonde.
I’m sure the show will have a sizable dedicated audience but idk it doesn’t come off as an unpopular show. Funniest thing has been people praising the movies now lol

No. 349482

I recently went to watch the aristocats on disney plus because it was one of my favorites growing up and it had like a 10 second sign up saying how it had racist stereotypes in it and that instead of removing it they decided to keep it to educate people on america's racist history. disney apparently thinks we're so fucking stupid that we can't tell if something is racist or not or understand that the social and political climate was wildly different in the 1970's. I just wanna watch my goddamn cat movie, damn it.

No. 349485

three or four episode rule should apply to most series, even if it's a short. I find there are worse ways to waste my time than on a fairly brief show, and I complete things so episode 1-2 wont work a cutoff. Unless a show or movie is a total bore or lags in latter seasons if it's long I won't drop it

people are too accustomed to jumpscare horror, some slower burn horror is boring but not this one. also I have a strange fondness as a former church school kid for its subject of religion

No. 349733

File: 1705662013984.jpg (120.79 KB, 1024x512, satc.jpg)

i'm watching sex and the city and it's so annoying and infuriatingly misogynistic but idk at the same time this is maybe a combination of what normie women are really like (i've never been friends with them) and a product of it's time, i wouldn't know. can't stop watching even though i'm not really enjoying it kek, i'm on season 3 right now. i found it at least more compelling than HBO girls shockingly, that one i quit watching about halfway in because i suddenly realized i wasn't interested in any of the characters and i wasn't engaged in the story at all. i just really love media surrounding female friendship and i'll admit it's refreshing watching a story about women in their 30s(+) having a good time (for the most part). wish there was a similar show today but also not really kek

No. 349750

Have you heard of Grace and Frankie? It stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin and is about two Golden Girls age women becoming friends after they get divorced and just dealing with life. It's more comedy than drama.

No. 349754

>can't stop watching
Yeah, that's SATC, it's so out of touch and fabulous it's addictive, and I think it's pretty funny sometimes.

No. 349757

File: 1705672917261.png (1.18 MB, 690x864, fargo.png)

did anyone else watch season five of fargo? the finale aired a couple days ago. i enjoyed it. jon hamm played one of the most despicable moid characters i've seen in recent memory though he certainly gets his comeuppance in the finale kek

No. 349759

Seconding Grace and Frankie. It was really wholesome for me.

No. 349766

I don't get all the youtube vids atm making out like its so awful and problematic and the characters are terrible and everyone sucks through the super serious lens of current year like
> They were in their thiiirties though, they should've known better and picked better and been smarter and done this! Over 30! If they were 20 maybe but they..
So woke to be freaking out over women (characters) over a certain age not being perfect. How the changing times have improved us all and made us better.

Back then them having rabbit vibes and magic wands in episodes was the most controversial thing. You could show people having one night stands but a sex toy being shown and its a woman talking about it or shopping for it and she's not doing so at the request of a man.. That was worthy of endless news articles shaming it. Thats the time it was made in

No. 349875

File: 1705699236952.jpeg (9.93 KB, 259x194, images (2).jpeg)

it was on channel 4 in the UK but there was another all-female sketch show on the BBC years before this one with French and Saunders. equally brilliant, but more 80s/early 90s. one of their sketches was actually the pre-cursor to Ab Fab (with Dawn French playing Saffy's character)

No. 349879

File: 1705699876023.jpeg (164.62 KB, 1080x1080, De__QJfWsAEmizu.jpeg)

I watched it all the way through recently. I was 10-16 whilst it aired so it was one of those shows that the girls at my school started to watch as they got closer to 16 and began to show an interest in sex. But I thought I was too much of an NLOG idiot so avoided it.
>wish there was a similar show today but also not really kek
I actually feel the same. it's hard to explain just how much I hate and enjoy it at the same time. there is something so warm about it even though it's soooo shallow and materialistic, and I cannot relate to them or their lives. maybe it's just a snapshot of that era that feels nostalgic for me idk. Did you watch any of the 'And Just Like That'? It's so fucking insanely bad that I actually became fascinated/obsessed. It makes SATC look like a work of art in comparison. and it destroyed Miranda's character by turning her from a smart, sarcastic woman who the audience respects into the most hated character imaginable.
I quite like Grace and Frankie but find the men really annoying, especially Sol (very punchable face) and Jane Fonda's surgery and filters become a bit too uncanny valley in the later seasons. Other than that, it's a cute and comfy show.

No. 350077

File: 1705778129619.jpeg (458.15 KB, 1160x653, IMG_0915.jpeg)

Just finished Derry Girls and absolutely loved it. It’s nice to watch a show about teenagers just doing dumb teenage shit. Also I’m an ignorant American so I had no idea of the shit Irish people were dealing with because of the British so that part of the show was eye opening to me.

No. 350078

File: 1705778411688.jpg (495.98 KB, 1192x1500, A1oPs7hyH3L._SL1500_.jpg)

I'm enjoying it plenty and I'm waiting to watch the final episode with my so. There's a one week delay on euro hbo. But I did sneak peek online. Ole Munch is hilarious.
Sidebar -I liked the first three seasons so much I embroidered the cover of Noah Hawley's book. I changed the text so it was our names instead and I'm using it as a personalized name sign for our apartment door. I try not to think about season four.

No. 350086

I've seen every Mike Flanagan show so far and this one was the worst. It was boring and to the end I was so annoyed that I was very happy it was finally over. I honestly don't get why people love the show, the end wasn't surprising at all

No. 350090

loved it too. the girls are hilarious (although I should say women as they're all over 30 years old IRL, which is mad)

No. 350091

replying late but I'm a wuss too and currently on episode 4. so far no jump scares. i get the feeling it's more psychological thriller/tension building, so there is a background feeling of dread but no sense that there will be anything to make you jump or scared. it's pretty good so far imo, lemme know if you end up watching it

No. 350092

File: 1705781956458.jpg (39.97 KB, 640x360, somegirls.jpg)

You might like Some Girls (2012-2014) too. Another show about some teen girls in the UK. They crack me up though I think I've only seen up until somewhere in the 2nd season. Also enjoyed seeing Mandeep Dhillon in an earlier role after liking her on-screen in After Life.

No. 350107

Girl they're in their 30s (same as Cruise and Pitt back then) and they're handsome. Not as hot as Queen of the Damned Lestat because that's impossible but nevertheless pleasing to the eye.
Armand's actor is a different color too but he definitely fits much better than Antonia Banderas back then lol

I felt so excited when they actually slept in a coffin together because that scene was cut out in the 94 movie and child me was so disappointed kek They have many scenes that portray how much they love each other which was clear in the novels yet not shown before.

No. 350143

I second Some Girls! The third series isn't as good as the first two but it has a nice nostalgic feeling that always reminds me of being a dumb sixteen year old.

No. 350450

OK I've just watched all 10 episodes. loved it but am also so confused. the ending was mad. felt like a nightmare i've had a few times where i felt like i was stuck on the ceiling. what did you think it meant?

No. 350457

File: 1705873686715.jpeg (86.27 KB, 540x540, IMG_5973.jpeg)

I need to watch his other shows, but I enjoyed it now that I'm done. Recommendations as to which Flannigan I should watch next? Was thinking of the Haunting series.

>mfw I mostly watched for hamish as sexy monologue priest and was not disappointed

No. 350580

File: 1705907322441.png (779.85 KB, 768x576, IMG_3234.png)

It’s dumb as a whole but it’s well written with good/funny dialogue, does heartfelt moments with ease and has realistic, well-acted characters. Some dating advice still holds up to this day (the „he’s just not that into you” ep should be essential watch for every straight woman), besides the main storyline of chasing the scrote who shows time and time again that he’s not interested in committing to you. I still love the fashion, even Carrie’s more eccentric looks because you can see the thought behind every of it, it’s not just putting random pieces together to be quirky. In summary it was a well-written and witty escapist fantasy with nice visuals which wasn’t pretending to be anything more than that, but still was revolutionary in some ways.
I’m looking forward to watching Girls tbh. I’ve seen some clips on YouTube and I love how trashy they all are and how shitty their friendship is, I also like Jemima Kirke.

No. 350658

I watched the shows in chronological order, starting with Hill House, than Bly Manor, Midnight Mass, The Midnight Club and The Fall of the House of Usher. I liked Hill House the most, followed by The Fall of the House Usher and Midnight Club, Bly Manor was okay, but too close to Hill House, so nothing new and I found Midnight Mass to be very annoying, probably because of the whole religious monologues, kek.
So yes, I would watch Hill House next, it's very different to Midnight Mass, but an enjoyable show and if you like easy, spooky stuff, you will like it.

No. 350776

File: 1706013222110.jpg (100.69 KB, 257x386, Monarch- Legacy of Monsters.jp…)

I'm a little late (it premiered in November) but I'm really enjoying Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. Wyatt Russell and Kurt Russell play the same character in different decades which is really entertaining to me kek

No. 350777

File: 1706013384869.jpeg (10.13 KB, 259x194, download.jpeg)

speaking of Wyatt Russel if you haven't seen Lodge 49 I recommend it, just wish it had more episodes

No. 351721

File: 1706396485852.gif (997.66 KB, 400x226, parkour.gif)

is there anything from a TV series that you find yourself referencing all the time?
I find myself yelling "parkour" when my cat starts jumping off the walls.

No. 351746

File: 1706413959420.jpg (1.68 MB, 3840x2160, egw.jpg)

Started watching Lena Dunham's Girls for the first time cause I saw pictures of Jemima Kirke and thought she was hot. I'm halfway through the pilot and haven't laughed or smiled once

No. 351749

Love this show. Can't bring myself to watch the final episode bc don't want it to end.

No. 351781

Don't worry, it doesn't.

No. 351789

File: 1706449258185.gif (4.91 MB, 720x404, RD4Nqu.gif)

whenever i get a mosquito bite or something similarly itchy i think of paulie walnuts and his hysterical outburst over getting into poison ivy

No. 352041

I literally referenced this today with my cat kek
i couldn't get past the pilot either. i had high hopes but couldn't get into it.

No. 352697

File: 1706818389199.jpg (134 KB, 1280x720, rome.jpg)

I've been watching Rome for a few days. It's very decent, I laugh quite a lot and enjoy the costumes and cultural ambience they managed to portray. It's a bit gore sometimes. Female character are interesting and complex, some male actors are hot, not bad at all.

No. 352763

I never got around to the second season but the first was a lot of fun. You could watch The Terror for another series with Tobias Menzies and Ciarán Hinds

No. 352827

File: 1706845947716.jpg (71.92 KB, 760x428, average boymom.jpg)

Absolutely insufferable, not sure if she was supposed to be an empathetic character? but i never felt any sort of sympathy for her or her retarded weeb degenerate son.
She was too dense, but i'm guessing it was to portray the religious looney mentality

No. 352831

You can instantly tell it's a show about rich women which makes it pretty unrelatable from the start, everything else aside. Flea bag had the same problem (I'm a britbong so it was extra obvious to me she was from a wealthy family) but unlike Girls, Fleabag actually made me kek a few times

No. 352832

Cobra Kai is so silly and funny

No. 352884

Thanks! The plot seems interesting and I actually really liked those two actors in Rome. I couldn't watch more than 8 episodes of Outlander because I didn't quite like the main characters but Menzies caught my eye right away, not sure if I'd give the Crown a go.

No. 352930

NTA but I'm embarrassed to admit that the main character of Fleabag being from a wealthy family completely flew over my head when I watched the first season. It was a little more obvious in the second when we got to see more of her family, though in hindsight there's no way she'd have been able to keep an unprofitable niche cafe open in fucking London for so long without a financial safety net.

No. 352936

Watched the first episode yesterday and was underwhelmed too. It's not as atmospheric as the first season, and these attempts at seeming more… modern?actual? gives "how do you do, fellow kids?" vibe a little. Is there no other way to show racial tensions in the community? These are people living side by side in a small town, not some randos talking on twitter. It's like they've just woken up and realized they're different and have different cultures. So far it kind of reminds me of Fortitude (which I didn't particularly like and watched only because of ex) and Mare of Easttown (which I liked), which is not bad but it's not what I expected.

No. 352939

i love this show but i hate how rushed the second season was. supposedly hbo was in a hurry to finish up rome so they could throw more money towards game of thrones and as a result what should have been at least a couple of seasons' worth of storylines were crammed into a single season. i read that a few of the actors from rome were so pissed over hbo's decision that they refused to appear in game of thrones but that could just be a rumor
seconding this excellent recommendation

No. 352949

That makes sense, I've only read that Rome was extremely expensive to make so it wasn't profitable despite it's success. Well, I'm enjoying season 2 so far but the first one is clearly better in terms of storytelling and character development.

No. 353930

have any of you guys seen this? the trailer came out 2 months ago and i havent heard a thing about it. it honestly looks better than most adaptations coming out these days but i dont really have high hopes, but i guess we'll see when it comes out.

No. 355363

File: 1707743442641.jpg (616.55 KB, 800x800, northwater.jpg)

for any nonnas that enjoyed the first season of the terror i highly recommend the north water. i watched it when it was first released a few years ago and watched it again recently. basically the show follows a disgraced military doctor who has severely limited career options due to an incident in his past and has to take a job on a whaling ship. the journey is a rough, many bad things happen, and eventually the expedition goes horribly wrong. one of the whalers is a particularly nasty moid played by an unrecognizable colin farrell and he is the story's primary antagonist. i liked it so much that i read the book it was based on (overall it's a very faithful adaption).

No. 355425

Thanks for the rec nona! I finished S1 of The Terror and was wanting something similar, I'll have to give this a try soon.

No. 356626

File: 1708112058991.jpg (190.68 KB, 700x450, Nihon_Touitsu-_Kanto_Hen-p1.jp…)

Is there any way to watch Nihon Touitsu with English subtitles online? Is it the same type of tacky cringe guilty pleasure that was Tokyo Dragon Chef?

No. 356628

File: 1708112202645.png (1.45 MB, 729x940, Sg1.png)

Currently watching SG-1 for the first time, on season 3 now. Very enjoyable cheesy 90s sci-fi, would recommend

No. 356631

Love this show! It’s fun to watch the styling change for the female characters (makeup/outfits) and the way the narrative style changes as censorship rules changed. Are you planning to watch Atlantis or Universe?

No. 356644

watching succession and i can't get over how poorly cast the role of comfrey was. how on earth did dasha get that role? her acting is so stilted compared to the rest of them and she doesn't fit in the show at all

No. 356648

File: 1708122716997.gif (2.29 MB, 270x155, IMG_3399.gif)

I love Jack O’Connell and I’ve read another positive opinion on this, definitely gonna give it a try.

No. 356650

>you planning to watch Atlantis or Universe?
Eventually yes

No. 356990

Watching season 1 of The Terror. Love the atmosphere of it and creepiness it oozes

No. 357015

The first season of The Terror was so good, I wish the showrunners could have had their way and just made a bunch of miniseries about disastrous ship expeditions.

S1 for anyone that still needs to watch it:

No. 357023

File: 1708295259646.gif (2.6 MB, 540x304, IMG_8598.gif)

It’s great I really liked it. I really want an explainer of exactly what was going on for parts of it but I also appreciate it didn’t spell everything out.
Season two is kinda garbage I don’t know why it’s the same show, it’s a totally different story and setting.

No. 357054

File: 1708307010110.png (2.59 MB, 3840x2160, d6f78qe90.png)

This is my favourite show ever. I've rewatched five times so far. I really enjoyed the book too, it's not for everyone though.

No. 357073

Hey guys what did you think of the ending of true detective? I thought it was so underwhelming and the pace was all over the place, like, it started really slow and then went too fast but not in a positive way, it was more like things were happening all at once because they had no time anymore and it was disappointing. Also all the sex scenes really ruin it, it was the same during season 1, they have no need for that crap, call me prude all you want but that shit is so annoying and uncomfortable and it adds nothing of value to the narrative that you can't show without having some actors making nasty sounds and humping each other. Also christopher eccleston appears like twice only to have sex and act annoying kek he was better in the leftovers

No. 357321

they're making another season of it next year. it's about a man sent to an insane asylum in new york that's home to a demon but i'm not sure what time period it takes place in. i felt like season two had the potential to be quite creepy but put too much emphasis on drama for my liking.

No. 357379

File: 1708464497691.gif (13.47 MB, 540x500, IMG_6830.gif)

I can’t lie I loved Night Country. I think the season finale was great, it felt much like a “reveal” chapter in a detective story where cards get turned over one by one. The slow pacing IMO was a good choice for the setting of an isolated town seemingly frozen in perpetual night, where it seems like nothing happens, where its people live uncomplicated routined lives, but reality is entirely opposite. I felt very immersed in the cold, dark, isolated and harsh environment, it gives me a hypothermia-induced drowsiness like I could hibernate until the ice thawed. Every time it shows them driving on invisible roads in total whiteout darkness, it deepens the otherworldly mood. And by contrast I am made very aware of the warmth and passion the town people have for such a hostile depressing living environment and each other, they were here first.
For much of the season I was concerned about the overt supernatural tones, but after the resolution, it was close to a perfect amount of supernatural/sci-fi elements that I loved similarly in Fargo. I admit I wanted to see a lot more of the mine company, ancient DNA stuff, indigenous mystic stuff, I’m sure there were big narrative potentials that couldn’t be realized within 6 episodes. But the story about world-changing discoveries and related questions are meant for another show.
I’m not surprised that the reviews have been mixed. Maybe I’ve grown fatigued of limited series format where every episode has to be pumped full of actions and progress to retain viewing interest. I always felt True Detective was supposed to be character driven more than a gripping plot, I see Night Country gave good effort in doing that as “returning to form” of ss01 so to speak. I don’t agree that a character can only be “fleshed out” if we spell out their every trauma and sin. I could appreciate depth in most of the major characters even though we don’t get to know all their stories. What has happened is less important than how it has changed each town inhabitant.
Anyway it’s funny the rose-colored glasses people have about ss01, in spite of the scrotey shit and r/Iam14andthisisdeep cringe, saying this as someone who liked it a lot. Yes I did find some of the sex scenes uncomfortable, Danvers’ particularly bordered on sacrilege buuut in consolation, the mindbreak of Peter Prior was peak, made for the anons into cute boy suffering, completed with underwear fanservice. Sorry for sperg, the final note is probably that I like stuff that makes men mad.

No. 357657

File: 1708587534377.gif (8.14 MB, 540x375, 5648674.gif)

I just started watching The Terror because of this thread and it's so good, I've binged half of it so far. Any anons who liked it and also like video games should play Return of the Obra Dinn, it takes place in the same time period but you play as an investigator trying to find out what happened to the crew of a derelict merchant ship which mysteriously reappears after going missing five years prior. I'll definitely be watching The North Water, too.

No. 357954

Thanks for the rec nona!

No. 358733

File: 1709017926411.gif (2.22 MB, 268x160, 3153453.gif)

I finished The Terror. Shot to my top twenty, maybe my top ten. So tight and thrilling. I love Goodsir.

No. 358736

File: 1709019014419.gif (2.51 MB, 268x320, IMG_9235.gif)

man i miss succession

No. 358767

I never watched the last season, got tired of the repetitive nature of the plot. Does the dad ever pick a successor and die or not?

No. 358769

he dies suddenly and the second half of the season is spent trying to replace him. tom ends up becoming the ceo.

No. 358770

lmao! That fits. thank you

No. 359650

File: 1709379384746.gif (3.74 MB, 498x275, uzumaki-anime.gif)

my despair continues to grow as time passes by without any sign that uzumaki will be released

No. 359652

Were they making a live action Uzumaki for TV?

No. 359657

adult swim is releasing an animated series. it was announced back in 2019 but covid derailed it and now they're saying the current delay is so they can make as high quality an adaption as possible, which i do appreciate but at the same time i've waited so long already kek

No. 361280

Is euphoria worth the watch? I come from the era of Skins so I really want another show thats grungey and shows the dark reality of being a teen, but I read theres a troon in euphoria and I cant tell if it seems worth the time or not. Or if anyone knows any show that's like Skins that would be great.

No. 361286

>dark reality of being a teen
Euphoria has that deep social commentary thing going on, but if you're a real scholar you should watch Boku no Pico.(bait)

No. 361287

It's messy and enjoyable even though so many things are over the top; definitely a guilty pleasure watch for me. I'd say give it a shot.

No. 361316

the pedo anime??

No. 361365

>the dark reality of being a teen
Kek no, it's worse than Skins. Don't bother.

No. 361635

File: 1710131748544.jpg (62.63 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lvp1qpdGIN1qcmpnao1_500…)

Forget skins and euphoria, come watch degrassi, now that's the shit.
Degrassi the next generation was really good, it peaked on season 3 and 4 drake getting shot ftw, but a while after that it becomes a pile of flaming crap with only some episodes worth watching. Now if you're feeling the 80s, there is degrassi junior/high, it was nice too and some of the characters there are the parents of the kids in dtng, I mean the same actors and all (though the adult characters in dtng are boring as fuck, even when they try to make them interesting it fails. Very baffling when it comes to spike, and speaking of spike, emma is annoying, imagine going through all the hardships of teen pregnancy only to birth a little shit, yep, that's emma). Don't waste time with dtng post season 9 cus you get a troon but it's a tif at least (nice casting though, she looks exactly like most ssa tifs) but doesn't really matter as it's overall bad, it's not just the tif and she gets killed off later anyway. Then there is next class, don't watch that.

No. 361646

op here, sounds great and just what im looking for. So you recommend stopping at around season 5?

No. 362970

File: 1710566352450.jpg (10.79 KB, 275x206, 882191.jpg)

I used to love Superstore, I think it's mostly accurate to the retail experience. However, after a few years of working retail it becomes depressing. I was very much an Amy and I met a guy who was so much like Johah…but realistically, Jonah doesn't actually like Amy. Jonah will abandon the store during 4th quarter, ghost Amy, and move to Wisconsin without explanation!!

No. 363852

What are some good vintage tv shows? I want to watch something like I Dream of Jeannie, in that kind of era

No. 363859

if you want really good 60s tv there's always the prisoner. it's a bit of a mindfuck though

No. 364409

I honestly really liked the original Star Trek. I remember liking Gunsmoke too but haven’t seen it since I was a kid, it’s a western.

No. 364449

Scifi - Red Dwarf (1988), Outer Limits (1963), Thunderbirds (1965) if you can tolerate goofy looking puppets, Lost in Space (1965)
Comedy / Sitcom - Laverne & Shirley (1976), Dad's Army (1968), MASH (1972), Only Fools and Horses (1981), Blackadder (1983), Father Ted (1995), Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970)
Drama - Columbo (1968), The Prisoner (1967)

No. 364951

>The Penguin Series
This is literally just a gritty mob story with a fucking Batman villain, but I mean considering the failure and fatigue of modern superhero shows, this could be actually somewhat interesting at least.

No. 367563

The twilight zone is great

No. 367621

File: 1712184459457.jpeg (42.95 KB, 297x425, the-bob-newhart-show-movie-cov…)

I'm currently watching The Bob Newhart Show (a sitcom) from 1972. It's from the same company that did The Mary Tyler Moore Show but it isn't remembered as much. I find it has a very cozy vibe.

No. 367762

File: 1712234946675.jpg (430.96 KB, 1920x1080, f32e4bcbaaa28536ccbf46436c7611…)


No. 368243

File: 1712368414114.jpeg (95.57 KB, 800x534, IMG_1646.jpeg)

Patricia Arquette and Joey King really knocked it out of the park with their performances in this show, and despite it being partially fictionalized I thought it accurately portrayed the impact of generational trauma so well, specially in the last few episodes that show Gypsy's childhood and Deedee's behavior with her own mother.

No. 368386

File: 1712418016338.jpg (65.62 KB, 1232x693, miranda.JPG)

I'm rewatching sex and the city after more than 5 years, it gets even better the older I get lol.
All of the women except Carrie are career goals. Charlotte has the style I love and I always liked how she looked.
Samantha is the absolute best though and the best friend out of the 4.

No. 369426

File: 1712710281936.gif (7.12 MB, 540x350, 6e76e84c8.gif)

I want to rewatch Malcolm In The Middle again, it's my comfort TV show but i'm a spoiled weeb who is used to not pay for what i watch and keep track of my watchlist on animu sites, ugh.

Everytime i try to watch it for free i forget at what episode i am and start again, also i'm a bit worried because i remember that the later seasons get kind of disappointing and i don't want it to ruin my perspective of the entire show…
I love a lot of different series but not when it comes to TV shows and i never loved something as much as this, it feels like i'm 8 and i understand the dialogue of Sims 2 characters.

No. 369429

you can't just bookmark the episode you're on? I feel like that's possible with most free streaming sites. or if you're downloading it can't you label the files with a color? just right click and add a red tag to it when you're done watching an episode.

No. 369433

Yeah the sites i've used didn't let me bookmark or in some cases they wanted me to create accounts and i didn't want to. The color label is a wonderful idea! But i can't really find how to do it, i just managed to learn about tags (which is weird because i've been trying to do it before kek) i think that i will just download it again and as i continue i'll put the episodes i've seen in another folder.

No. 369449

Nta, but you can probably bookmark in your internet browser.
There are also sites out there you can use to track western tv, just like MAL or whatever.

No. 369470

File: 1712725732356.jpeg (446.87 KB, 1440x1440, IMG_8798.jpeg)

I’ve been rewatching Desperate Housewives. It’s so fun with all the crazy plot twists and mysteries. I love how all the characters are multifaceted, they have their strengths and weaknesses, they don’t feel like caricatures even though it’s a comedy show. Definitely one of my favourite shows of all time.

My bf said he’ll only watch a couple episodes with me but here we are 6 seasons later, he’s invested now too kekkk

No. 369472

we're on the same wavelength nonnie i'm watching s1e17 as i'm typing this kek, carlos deserves to go to jail

No. 369475

Very based

No. 369824

I didn't like the new fallout. I liked the visuals at times when it wasnt cgi garbage but I hated the writing mostly.

No. 369828

I love a rewatch but I'm always sad Tom never gets his comeuppance for being a delusional moid and Susan never gets truly humbled, the closest she gets is when Julie is like 'actually I was the parent the whole time'. Susan should have died instead of Mike, then he finds his way as a single dad and stepdad

No. 369830

I tried to watch it but I couldn't keep going after one of them sleeps with the artist guy who secretly films all the women he sleeps with and she just watches his tapes like 'how risque and amusing!'. Also Carrie is just too annoying kek

No. 369854

File: 1712893872457.jpeg (114.95 KB, 1160x1158, IMG_4569.jpeg)

Rewatching Hannibal, I got to the middle of season 2 a few years ago and never finished because I have a bad habit of abandoning shows kek. The dialogue is a bit overwritten but it makes sense when all the characters are educated. I love red dragon/the hannibal books and while a lot of things are toned down for tv I think it really captures the essence of it well. Still disappointed that Clarice isn’t a character in it but I guess they couldn’t get the rights for her or anything in silence of the lambs. She was way more interesting than book will graham but I think they did a great job of fleshing out his character more (even if most of it is just taken from Clarice’s interactions with hannibal). And yes, I love that will and Hannibal’s romantic relationship is teased from the very beginning and they actually had the balls to go through with it. Apologies to ugly old man psyoppers but I genuinely think hugh dancy and mads mikkelsen were nice to look at

No. 369933

they gave Mads very good clothes in Hannibal, it was fashion eye candy.

No. 369997

File: 1712955327015.gif (928.54 KB, 419x498, hannibal.gif)

Really think you should finish the season. The finale of season 2 is probably my favorite episode of the entire series and it's something I go to rewatch just for it's beauty and emotional impact.

No. 370025

File: 1712964392338.jpeg (148.23 KB, 800x1200, theregime.jpeg)

did anyone watch The Regime? 6 episode HBO mini series starring Kate Winslet as the crazy chancellor of an unnamed central european nation. dark comedy and very strange but fascinating too. the reviews are so mixed, so i'm curious to see what nonas here thought of it.

No. 370027

File: 1712964940309.png (690.05 KB, 767x512, hannigram.png)

If you liked the Red dragon, stay with the movie adaptation. The Red Dragon in Season 3 looks so rushed and not worthy to watch, even if the fandom is so over it.

No. 370031

I disagree, the Brett Ratner movie is shit

No. 370078

Manhunter is a way better adaptation.

No. 370553

I’ve seen manhunter, it was pretty good. not as good of a movie as silence of the lambs though.
Haven’t gotten to s3 yet but that sounds disappointing, I wonder if it’s because they knew the show would be cancelled so they tried to wrap it up. I would’ve liked to see their take on the silence of the lambs if they got the rights eventually.

No. 370735

I just finished ep 6 and I like it so far myself! I’m not a Fallout purist by any means though so my view may be skewed to the ””normie”” audience who’s never played the games. I only finished FO4 myself kekk

Nooo I wasn’t that far in yet

No. 371556

I played Fallout 1 and 2 and New Vegas and I dread watching it tbh, Fallout stopped being Fallout a long,long time ago

No. 372155

>watch Fallout
>woman has short hair
>she's a thembie
of course

No. 372778

After watching all the episodes I'm not sure it was THAT good after all. Idk why but the final episodes weren't as good imo.

No. 372779

File: 1713785619379.webp (428.63 KB, 3000x1953, weeds-1.webp)

On my early 2000s show era, started rewatching Weeds. It's been so long I have basically forgot the whole plot.

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